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File: 1518213666917.jpg (67 KB, 480x602)
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Right /adv/, so recently this girl added me on Facebook, she found me after a freind showed her my dead YouTube channel now I never met her but know she lives close ish we've talked a bit. What should I do i think she likes me should I go for it or what?
be straightforward and call her for a date nigga, you aren't inviting her to fuck... just to know each other

File: 1514990147075.jpg (76 KB, 1024x576)
76 KB
Is military experience a good and necessary experience for a man? I've been rejected by my country's obligatory military service due to my OCD, but my effort to be accepted was noted by the officers. I feel that if i go there the quickest possible, i can maybe convince them to let me join before this year's activities start.

The question is; Is it worth it? Is it really a solid personality-building/foundation experience that may improve me as a person?
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Thank you. I was afraid i was sounding like a lunatic.
Bump for more. Also for possible anon's experience with mental improvements in the military.
File: 027.jpg (39 KB, 640x512)
39 KB
Do it anon.
Service guarantees citizenship.
If you enlist to a combat role you can expect many changes. You'll be put through harsh conditions, be treated like shit and have your physical and mental capacity challenged.

It can also be a wake up call to grow the fuck up and have responsibility which can greatly affect your personality. It does wonders on some people as it makes them more responsible, tough, smart and skilled but it can do the opposite on others.

t. Someone who does mandatory service in a combat unit
Thank you for the insight, anon. Much appreciated.
True, bro. I fucking hate my country, but the experience may make me more whole.

Should I see a therapist if I get so anxious and paranoid in social settings that I bounce?

I've had anxiety attacks in clubs, flights, concerts and even movies because Im scared some insane fucker is going to try to shoot up the place. I have quite literally left mid-event because of it.

The recurring atrocities in the news make it worse. I literally make up an escape plan in every room I walk to, work from home more often, and I general hide in my apartment.

This shit is actively messing with my life. I purposely ditched out of flying home for the holidays because I was paranoid some Allah akbar shit would go down. I avoid large crowds. I can't enjoy my favorite bands at a concert or new movies in theaters without clenching my seat. Sometimes I'll pay for a ticket, show up to a venue, imagine someone shooting up the whole place, and I will get in my car and leave.

What do?
Pls respond
See a therapist. The probability that you will be the victim of a television-worthy terror attack are are so incredibly small that it shouldn't affect your day to day activities.
>The probability that you will be the victim of a television-worthy terror attack are are so incredibly small that it shouldn't affect your day to day activities.

I'm sure the people who suffered from those attacks thought the same thing "everything is fine"
I have a friend who was the same way when in enclosed public settings. He was also an anxious individual in general with a somewhat chaotic home-life. He went to therapy and is now in the military. Seek help.

File: Advice[1].jpg (24 KB, 640x430)
24 KB
So I started going back to church this week was first week and I went to the youth program. Some grills looked back to me from time to time and interestingly two to the left one row in front of me who looked back quite a few times in a row as they got up to left said

>oh he didn't care

was that a good sign? Also more importantly I have refound my faith pretty happy right now

Also any tips on starting conversations with the people in the youth group? Everyone is all buddied up in there friend groups
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Church girls are a chore and 99.9% not worth the stress and work. They come with a lot of baggage, their everything and everyone (family, friends, their thousands of cousins) will judge everything about you, to the last ounce.
They themselves are boring, lack desire and hype about anything, are also unnaturally vapid (you won't believe) and easy to dissatisfy.
They are glued to their phones but instead of chatting with Chad, they are looking at pictures. I wager the majority of the quiet girls that are always with the phone in their hands? That's a church girl.
There's more to it but can't think of anything specific.

Feel free to ask, but you wouldn't because you have your mind set (you lack female attention, which they gave to you even a small bit, and now you want more). You don't want to hear and believe anything other than the stuff you made up in your head.
I'm still here for an hour or so tho...

t. ex church guy who got fed up with all the vanity and hypocrisy and bullshit and left the church behind. Still love God and Jesus, but abhorre everyone related to the "church"
As opposed to the girls you meet in clubs who are so much better, huh?
You'd be surprised. I actually value honesty, and there's none more vapid liars and hypocrites than in the church.
I'd take a slut in the club any day over the "chaste" liar who coats her words in sugar and pretends she's perfect.

But I'm not a weak-willed twat who can only see in black or white (sluts in clubs or pretty girls in church)
You do you man, just told ya that I've been there and the experience hasn't been stellar. But do take my words with a grain of salt, I've gotten a pretty cynical view on humanity as of late.
I will keep your words in mind as I go back week to week.
I wonder if there aren't more mentally disturbed people in churches, not because of the theology but because they know inside they're sick and trying somehow to actually get help, kinda how they say counselors are all really looking for help for themselves.

So I do custom jewerly for a living. My pieces usually range between 100-500 dollars. Up until now, I've had a friend manage the accounts, but now I'm managing everything myself and finally got a PayPal.

This guys ordered a $300 piece for his fiance. I take his money and begin planning.

Less and 2 hours later, he asks to cancel his order because of an emergency issue that has popped up. He says he wants to commission me after he gets paid. I say fine, no worries, and send him the money back.

At this point, I didn't realize there was a "refund" option, so I just sent him money like normal.

Fast forward 3 weeks later, he's opened a dispute and now trying to get an additional $300 from me!

I called PayPal and they've said they made note of the situation and my documentation. It can take awhile, but the woman says I'm likely to get my money back no problem.

My concern is this: He hasn't responded to my e-mails and such yet, but it's only just happened.

If he never responds to me, would it be considered tacky for me to post about him as a warning to others using his photographs? (This was arranged over instagram,)

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Maybe he didn't notice you send 300 dollars as he was expecting a refund on his original payment? Also, why didn't you just refund the 300 dollar you send him and let his dispute go ahead
> At this point, I didn't realize there was a "refund" option, so I just sent him money like normal.

As I said, it was my mistake, I have not used this service before I didn't realize there were different ways to send things.

Also at this point he's blocked me on instagram or deleted so I cannot get ahold of him through there. I do, however, have his e-mail and a google search showed me a voting registration with that e-mail and name matching. It also has his telephone number and address. Should I write him a letter?

File: IMG_0354.jpg (277 KB, 1920x1080)
277 KB
277 KB JPG
I don't have much luck with women. I like interacting and having conversations but I feel I must "white lie" so much. Example, I asked a woman to meet me at a diner at like 1am. I told her I would be coming from a friends house and just wanted to grab a bite and chat. The reality is, I will probably be coming from my apartment after jacking off like 4 times because I have nothing better to do.

You see what I mean? I hate having to lie to seem less... boring. When I was younger, I use to steal things from women and give it back while faking like I found it on the ground just so I could talk to them. I can't talk to them with no reason. I am tired of lying but if I don't, I probably won't ever get a girlfriend.
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make your life better so you don't have to lie to women? dumbass
at the very least just be honest. if you have nothing to do just say so. theres nothing more unattractive than insecurity.
Then you're dating the wrong women. There are more homebody chicks out there than you think, they just tend to stay off apps/hookup sites and usually lie about being female to avoid harassment. "opposites attract :)))" is a fake and gay meme contrived by Hollywood faggots to slap together a formulaic romcom blockbuster without investing in the little things like "storytelling" or "character development."

Let's unpack this scenario a bit more: what are you going to do if your dates land you a relationship? You can't keep up a fake persona with fake interests forever, you will drive yourself insane or she'll get a "something is wrong" feeling and dump you to protect herself. You're setting yourself up for failure.
I see. My failsafe has been that I don't lie critical shit. Like I wouldn't lie about my job or car etc. I just don't know how to be myself anymore I guess.
If you're not upfront about who you are, they'll eventually find out anyways and be pissed about it. just be you and that way if they're interested you know it's because of you and it's maintainable. How can you expect a good relationship built on lies? There's billions of people out there, chances as you'll find a girl just as degenerate as yourself one day
I really don't mean to sound pretentious saying this, but remember that other people are as perceptive as you. You yourself can tell if someone is a sperg by their mannerisms. If you put up a fake personality, they'll see through it. You might be wanting a long-time girlfriend, and they'll want to see the true you, in the same way that you wouldn't a girlfriend who lies about everything. Try being honest; not in a pathetic way (eg don't say you don't have many friends), but don't drag them on with a load of false bullshit.
Also R.I.P paragon, Riktor was so fucking fun

File: 1307577375001.jpg (31 KB, 680x765)
31 KB
Guys, I need help. Me and my gf have had some... rough time. She fucked up and wasn't quite sure of her feelings, so I basically ended the relationship telling her I love her a lot and all, but I'm ending this and how me might begin again one day.

Well I got over it all and I think she might have rethought some things as we haven't spoken for almost a month now. However I think she may think I'm still mad at her.

How can I reapproach her to let her know that my doors are still open for her, but also do it without actually asking her to come back? I don't think we're both ready to come back to each other yet, but I want her to know that if she's ready she can come back.
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>I've been a rebound a few times already
But OP this last one was a rebound for her too. You unfortunately keep going for the emotionally unavailable. If there is a recent ex don't do it.
Don't. If you try to get her back, you will be in a very shitty position for the rest of the relationship onward. A doormat. If she isn't coming back on her own, she doesn't want the relationship as much.
You are in complete denial.
Cut your losses and move on to better options.
>If there is a recent ex don't do it.
There's always a recent ex. I've yet to meet a girl who'd spend a longer period alone after a relationship, for reasons other than still loving her exbf. All women I've always seen were swinging from one branch to another.

But I'm trying to allow her to come back on her own. Since I've ended it the way I did, she might think I'm mad and don't want her so even if she does want me back, she would still not do it.
OP here, I still didn't get an answer to the question I asked in the OP. Can anyone please answer without digging too much into the whole thing?

File: FW4.png (924 KB, 1959x1469)
924 KB
924 KB PNG
Looking for some advice or opinions on the situation, femanons preferred but anyone who isn't socially retarded like me is welcome to comment

>be 19 y/o virgin, just entered college
>my last girlfriend was 4 years ago
>started lifting during that time, got contacts, haircut, feeling pretty confident
>in my classes meet a girl
>we chat a bit, get along pretty well
>every day in class she starts sitting next to me
>realize I have more and more in common with her, start to fall for her hard
>have lunch every week, send snaps back and forth a bit
>start obsessing over her in my mind, don't do anything about it

Once the first semester wrapped up, winter break rolled around. Decided that for my own well being I just need to stop talking to her, I was obsessing over her and I figured she was way out of my league

>don't talk for a few weeks, then she starts to message me

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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You take er easy anon
I shall indeed try to not let the sound of my own wheels drive me crazy...

File: 1490399506636.png (164 KB, 320x400)
164 KB
164 KB PNG
I'll be real with you, I'm not polyamorous I'm just desperate for any sort of affection and fall in love with any girl who shows me a drop of interest. In my head there is no dividing line between friendship and relationship
Lol - that also sounds pretty polyamorous to me... maybe *I* don't know what it means...
This is the opinion of a slightly spergy dude. You're cancelling a perfectly good friendship because they don't want to fuck you. It's childish. I can't give any advice other then get over it. All the fun experiences you could have with her as a friend won't happen if you simply run away.

File: 1516299711755.jpg (38 KB, 720x707)
38 KB
I am working up to suicide.
But it is very important to me to have my bod disintegrate as completely as possible.
What would be a method/the logistics regarding that?
Please only refer to the question, no use talking me out of this!
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Why are you trying to keep people from knowing you killed yourself? Seems like there is a reason to keep living eh?
aesthetic reasons, my ideal is to vanish completely
Pls advise soon ...
Dig a large grave, get into grave and blow your brains out. Have fred whi you have aleeady paid a nice sum finish rhe job and fully bury you.

Before this wright contradictory letters to everyone you know telling each person that youve moving to a different international city.

Fuck the system.
anon, that's not aesthetic. It's stupid.
Nobody cares, nobody will stop for a moment and say 'anon suer died a clean/interesting/whatever death. The people you are close with will mourn you, the people you aren't will be sad for a moment or not care at all. Nothing else will happen and the way you die won't change the outcome. And as the other anon said, it's just a matter of time anyway - your body will disintegrate 100% given enough time. And you're going to be timeless anyway, forever.

the only thing that makes sense to me in such situation is for you to die psychologically.
chane your apperance, change your name, change your ways, change your lifestyle, change location, friends, job, everything. Become a new person completely. This will erase your previous existence in a meaningful way.

File: 1503378093999.jpg (27 KB, 480x480)
27 KB
My sister's husband has a sister too, about my age.
Is it ever ok to try to pursue her? They are religious and quite conservative (so is my sister) but I'm a typical "bad guy" in their eyes and the black sheep of my family and I don't think many people like me. Anyway I've been visiting this weekend and had a good time together and even though I still don't think she really likes me, I like her and I'd be willing to change myself for her for all that's worth.
But she's the sister of my own sister's husband and by the gods that comes with a bit of baggage and expectations.
I'm in very good terms with her parents (they really like me for some odd reason).
And basically how do I get her to give me a chance?
you really, really need to move away.
So it's a definite no? got it, which is why I asked just to make sure.
It's just that I like her family so much and my family hates me for being so out of place (problem child/moved to another country at a young age/drink and smoke/not religious).
So I guess it's just me trying to get close to the people that at least try to accept me (thought as I said, I don't think she likes me either so whatever)

Should I just forget it then?
>she really doesn't like me
Come on guy, that plus the family thing. Leave it alone.

what are my options if i'm too stupid for college and too much of a pussy for the trades
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>accounting requires a 20 hour course

That's pretty fucking funny. I was lucky enough to fall into it, but most people need degrees - no accounting firm will hire you for an accounting position without one. You can get an accounts clerk position without a degree but it's pretty rare to transition from there to accountant without getting a degree on the side.
This, if you don't inherit a fortune it won't fall into your hands
I did tradeschool for accountant/clerk. It was like normal school life there
Work a menial retail job and maybe one day become a manager or move into corporate. Ask yourself if this is what you want.
I thought I wanted to be rich and famous when I did an entire year of games design at uni. Life is one long slew of work, and you have one long stream of consciousness. Since you're posting minecraft pepe images on a Maltese skincare forum, you're probably young (no offence by that,) and unless you start introducing positive changes to your life right now, you get nothing. If you don't work hard, you get nothing.

File: 1506887707286.gif (1.32 MB, 145x134)
1.32 MB
1.32 MB GIF
i need to know how i can have a cop lose his job. i was sitting in my car after work in a macd parking lot. after a nice meal i like 2 toke up. the state i am in does no allow medical marihuana however it should be sense it would impose on my constitutional right to pursuit whatever medical treatment i see fit. anyhow this cop came, so i tossed the joint out the window and he asked if he could search m car and i said no i do not consent and he insisted and i sad i do not consent to a search but he kept asking why and i just said i do not consent. he said he had reasonable cause i asked why and he said he could smell illegal drugs and i said that could of been someone else smoking nearby befofe i parked. also he pointed to a roach on the ground and i said i didt know anything about it. short story he broke my window and pulled a gun on me saying get on the ground and when i refuses he tazed me and put cuffs on me. i wanna take the pig to court and get him fired.
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Really doing wonders for the legalization movement, dumbass.
>i need to know how i can have a cop lose his job.
Short answer is that you can't.
>he state i am in does no allow medical marihuana however it should be
Not the way the law works.
>my constitutional right to pursuit whatever medical treatment I see fit
What Amendment would that be?
>He had reasonable cause
He did, any court in the country will tell you he did. "I smelled marijuana" is the go-to cop pretext and SCOTUS has backed it time and again.
>short story he broke my window and pulled a gun on me saying get on the ground and when i refuses he tazed me and put cuffs on me.
You resisted arrest.
>What Amendment would that be?
the riht to pursuit happiness
File: Smug.jpg (65 KB, 438x423)
65 KB
File: autism.gif (68 KB, 500x293)
68 KB
100% shitpost

I don’t really know how to start this. But I’ve been single for a great amount of time (5 years). I’ve tried date people but I either come off too pushy for someone or I don’t show them enough interest. I don’t know what the happy medium is. Another thing I run into is that people constantly are flakey in what they truly want. I’m not a bad looking guy at all. I have a full time job and my own place. I just want to know what I should do?

File: 1477025594711.png (544 KB, 640x455)
544 KB
544 KB PNG
don't get me wrong, I think I feel bad for him and his family but I can't get over my envy for him having the balls to do it
even when I was at his funeral I felt an unshakable sense of jealousy with everyone there grieving for him
like he wasn't even the most interesting/funny one out of our group, I thought it would just be his family and the rest of us there but at least a hundered people from college turned up and I didn't even recognise most of them
do people crash funerals what the fuck?

is this feeling irrational ?
has anyone else ever had a similar feeling ??
Either you have a fixation with death you really need to talk to someone about or you're simply jealous of the attention/affection he received that you don't imagine yourself ever having. The dilemma, though, is if he's the guy you say he is, he'll never actually know how many cared. The same holds true for you - nothing to be jealous of. You have the same.
It really seems like you're using this "envious of a friends suicide" as a misnomer for something else you're trying to express without being direct or clear about. What are you trying to say
File: 1519478350613.jpg (375 KB, 905x649)
375 KB
375 KB JPG
When I take the bus to my uni there's a street with tons of flowers and messages left there for someone who died there. Easily over £200's worth of bouquets. There's such a strong sense of three others, a small handful of close friends, and then a bunch of acquaintances. The memorial shows that they were truly accepted by a community, and it's that which I am envious of, that powerful sense of love, as retarded as that sounds.
You're most likely jealous of the overwhelming love of them as they were, while you (I'm assuming) has tried in the past to act unnaturally to appease others and fit societal standards. You may also be jealous of their ability to make sudden large changes, which I myself dream of but never do.
ignore third sentence, I fucked up

File: 7bf5d7c-1.jpg (392 KB, 787x670)
392 KB
392 KB JPG
Long story short, a few years ago, I made several twitter accounts and started posting dumb and offensive stuff that lets just say an employer would not like to see. Now im trying to have them deleted but Twitter loves having suspended accounts put on display and preventing the owners from deleting them, im fucking terrified that I may have ruined all my future job opportunities, what do I do?
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Well my real name and contact infos not on there but still, im scared it'll still come back and haunt me in some way.
Im trying to appeal the suspension to delete it myself because suspended accounts just stay up and cant be deleted until unsuspended.
>I'm just saying that Jews really do own the majority of the media
Except that's literally factual.
Did you connect it to your real email?

I've done it too. Just try to delete it and hide your power level until the pendulum of society swings back to conservative. Liberals don't reproduce so they'll die out soon.
Bump for interest

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