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File: 49492.jpg (34 KB, 615x420)
34 KB
I do have friends and I have few issues talking to people but the act of having a conversation is really tiring. I don't understand why, it makes me feel really exhausted after and so I've been avoiding having conversations with people because it's just not fun

Problem with that is I actually get lonely when I don't talk to people for a long time also I'm pretty sure this is the reason why I don't have a gf. How do I get over this?
Do you get excited thinking about the possibilities of a potential relationship? Is there anyone in your life you wish you were closer with?

If not you might need to surround yourself with new people

File: 433.png (550 KB, 1024x517)
550 KB
550 KB PNG
It doesn't make sense how died parents have children, did they think this thru?
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It doesn't make sense, what is going on in this world?
I don’t really know, I’m just rolling with it

You roll with it? are you fat or something? Just don't roll like normal people, what is going on? this is too much internet for me today!
I meant rolling on wheels. A break is needed
Well duh if they were alive he could never have been born because his grandparents wouldn't have met.

Hey all. For some reason, i screw up things i shouldnt be screwing up when its some sort of exam where im being watched by the instructor or whatever. I dont get it. Its whats holding me back in a couple of things in life and it worries me sometimes.

For example, i cant get my fucking driver's license. Been driving nearly a decade without it and the only time i've been stopped was because of a taillight that died mid trip. But once a nitpicky instructor sits next to me, i forget how to turn on the fucking windshield wipers.

Im studying to become an MA and i can take vital signs from people with no awkwardness, but once my instructor's there, i screw up the most basic shit that i have already practiced tons of times.

Is there some sort of state of mind i have to have beforehand or something? I camt figure it out and its irritating. I dont want my life to plateu because my mind turns into jelly.

Can anyone give some insight into dealing with a shy/scared kitten?

I just got a new kitten, she’s 4 months old I’ve had her for maybe around two weeks. She’s very sweet but she seems so depressed. She doesn’t play, she doesn’t walk around the house, when she’s not hiding she just sits still life-less. I get her out of hiding with stuff like food and try and spend some time with her but it doesn’t seem to be working. She doesn’t try to run off and doesn’t act hostile towards me. She’s not very skittish, I hold her and have her sit with me and she seems very calm. But as soon as she is able to she just goes back into hiding. I’m also starting to get concerned about how much she is eating and drinking. She apparently wasn’t like this at all before she came here. Can anyone with experience give some tips to maybe get her out of her shell and adjust to the new home?
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OP here, thank you for all the replies, I’ll do some research for self reassurances but will ultimately still try to bottle feed her regardless, I hope this at least helps her feel attachment to me and helps adjust, thank you all
Well the cat doesn’t deserve the shits for being antisocial.
Any excess of formula will cause that, but goats milk is not anything similar to cows milk and you shouldn't treat it as such.
File: cat-eat-meat.jpg (60 KB, 500x406)
60 KB
>had her for maybe around two weeks

A cat needs at least 2 wks to adjust to a new home. That's normal.

And stop with the fucking canned food! A cat deserves raw meat.
The cat doesn’t need goats milk.

File: delet_diana.png (271 KB, 604x566)
271 KB
271 KB PNG
>try getting a gf
>seek advice
>"you need to get out more!"
>do so
>no success
>"try online dating!"
>no success
>"you need to get out more!"
and it's been like this for the past 6 months.
Is there a single piece of advice when it comes to this that ISN'T complete dogshit?
10 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>what are some other places you can look for advice outside 4chan?
aside from places like reddit idk, and refuse to post there
>do you know anyone who’s good with women?
Was basically thinking this right now. Fucking sucks.
You need to LIVE YOUR LIFE without your main focus being finding a woman. Women can smell that shit a mile away and it makes you undesirable to be so desperate.
Listen anon, just because it hasnt happened yet doesnt mean its shit advice. There is NO set of conditions which, if met, guarantee you a GF. There is NO combination of random traits about you which are sufficient for a GF magically appearing.

The only thing your actions do is increase the ease with which you might find one or your chances of having access to enough chicks to meet a girl who will pair with you.

The only thing that truly causes gaining a GF is just meeting the specific fucking girl who is suited to be your GF.

File: 1536279776347.jpg (31 KB, 450x600)
31 KB
So there's this qt girl that i've been miring for a little while in my class, today when class ended, she stood up and adjusted her shorts and whilst adjusting she immediately glanced over at me, i wasn't even looking at her, i just caught her head moving in my peripheral vision and our eyes met, i looked away immediately. what does this mean? am i creep or?...
She wants to marry you, clearly.
She was picturing your life together in that moment.
Go buy a ring already, silly.
File: 1536869303963.jpg (13 KB, 212x238)
13 KB
very funny
she thought you were looking at her. She barely knows you exist dude.
it means nothing, sorry. I used to be hopeful like this back when I didn't have anyone. Don't make it awkward in class, you'll regret it.

File: 360.webm (740 KB, 640x800)
740 KB
I mean, it's always either bait threads that reach the post limit or simple problems that will either solve themselves or get solved if OP puts in a little effort.

Any actual problem just gets pity replies and told to buck up.
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>Is she a trap or what?
does it matter
File: 1508326591750.jpg (153 KB, 1442x2048)
153 KB
153 KB JPG
It's a chick you fags.
Basically people are idiots, so there is a blind leading the blind issue here. The hope is that in numbers you'll find a few people who can actually help and/or are willing to.

If she's not a trap, then she's not American. No American woman has been that feminine since the 70s.
>No American woman has been that feminine since the 70s.
Is 4chan some sort of social experiment on beta males? Are you blind?
File: 1508326456680.jpg (203 KB, 1618x2048)
203 KB
203 KB JPG

So after opening our home to this bitch, she's now threatening my brother in law. She's telling complete strangers that he slapped her. He works in a town of people who'd jump him without getting the truth first. I've got screenshots of her agreeing with me about the truth and I can tell the whole story of anyone is interested. I just want to get back at her, she's gotten away with so much, and I can't let her get away with anymore. I, though can't do anything because my uncle in law is infatuated with her and has the title to my car under his name, since it is my finaces car. If I touch her I can totally see him not giving me the title :)) help me please??
It’s always best to dig a grave twice as deep as you think “it’s deep enough”...
Trust me, if I think I could get away with murdering her, it'd be done already :\
i mean you could name drop her here and have someone try accusing her of something and blowing it up....... but we arent your army and somebody would probably screencap and send it to her and expose you. Its up to you, the choice is yours.
1:tell the story
2: spread rumors about her and also tell them that shes a lying bitch who will accuse you fo domestic violence and probably rape

I havent smoked weed in 48 days and have a urine test on friday. I tested myself with a home kit and got something like pic related but maybe a little more faint which is supposedly negative (passing). I honestly cant remember anymore though how faint it was, I’m paranoid that I might not pass. Any advice?
that's a pass.

are they using a 50ng/mL test?
I have no clue. Thats somewhat comforting but again it may have been even fainter then that so its overall doesn’t seem like it’s that set whether its negative or positive to me.
here are things you can do the day of the test that might help.

don't exercise
drink a shit ton of water
eat fatty foods maybe 1-2 hours before the test and maybe even a little bit (chips etc) during
don't collect the beginning or end of the pee stream, collect the middle
You'll pass no doubt. I just had a drug test a week ago after smoking a blunt a month before that. The job I was testing for called me yesterday to tell me I passed and got the job.
>don't collect the beginning or end of the pee stream, collect the middle

Yes because the metabolites of THC are both lighter and heavier than water.

File: 1536615362497.jpg (113 KB, 500x592)
113 KB
113 KB JPG
How do women feel about dicks? I've heard all from they're scary to they're ugly to they're disgusting but never anything positive. Yet men clearly love pussies and breast. How come?
32 replies omitted. Click here to view.
just have your way with her dude, wth shes your wife
some vags are quite pretty. others... no
I can't understand how someone wouldn't like the way a pussy looks...when I see one I want it against my face and my mouth on it.
Im female, some dicks are ugly, some are neutral, some look 'good' if Im in the mood. Pussy ALWAYS grosses me out. I dislike breasts and dislike having them.
They're ugly.

I've never been.
I want a tech type job in a big city but I want to stay in Trump country.
Is there a tech heavy area in a suburb? I'd rather not live or commute downtown.
I'd like to buy a little house or a condo from $90 to $105k.
Is there a smallish town maybe 15 minutes outside of the developed area that's nice? Maybe more scenic with no smog?

>I see the SE area is Black. Any massive influx on 3rd worlders happening I should avoid?
(Speaking of which, avoid Worthington in the Columbus, OH area. Totally Somalian now.)
Dallas is fucking huge with a bunch of smaller suburbs. So I believe you could find a house but you can’t escape the commute
>the commute
Can't commute.
Maybe there's a tech companies clustered in some suburb next to the TGI fridays and shit box stores I could move near.
why don't you focus on getting a job out in the suburbs of dallas first and then just move to the same suburb. if not you'll either have to put up with minorities or have to put up with a commute.

File: giphy.gif (3.75 MB, 864x360)
3.75 MB
3.75 MB GIF
First ever post here, so hopefully I don't break some kind of etiquette that I'm not aware of...

I'm an 19 y/o old who just graduated high school this year. All of my friends are off at college on their parents dime, which is good for them, but I'm still back in my home town trying to save up (which is proving a slow process with insurance payments and everything else, even working as a CPT II). I know I eventually COULD save up, over a few years, but I'm a bit of a type A overachiever, so I feel like I'm lagging behind, and it's really starting to get to me.

I've always been interested in the military anyway, so I'm looking ROTC as a viable option for financial support, as I am not willing to take out any sort of student loan. I've done general research about it, and know the gist of how it functions and what will be expected of me, but I would be interested in hearing the thoughts of some people who have personal experience with it.

It seems that the Air Force offers the best financial aid? I have an associate's in gen-ed, that I got through concurrent enrollment during high school and I'm looking to finish it as a bachelor's in molecular biology/biotechnology, which I believe should fall under their STEM scholarship category. I couldn't find much about choosing an MOS, in terms of what is available to ROTC students and how your major effects your options, or if it does. My preference would be STO or CRO, if possible; I figure if I'm going to do this I don't want to half ass it with an MOS I wouldn't be proud of.

I know I need to talk to a recruiter, and I will, I just like to be prepared when entering a situation if at all possible, especially considering recruiters are known for saying anything that will get you to sign that paper... Although this stereotype might be different for ROTC recruiters.

Thanks in advance.
I'm in Navy ROTC but I know a bit about it for other branches so I should be able to answer some of these

>It seems that the Air Force offers the best financial aid?
The scholarships are the same for every branch of ROTC, it covers everything expect room and board, but some schools will cover room and board for you if you have a scholarship. Anyway from what I've heard Army has the most scholarships, at my Uni Army had more scholarships to give out than there were eligible cadets last year. Be warned that Army is a lot different for service selection (What you'll do in the militarily), there's plenty of shitty assignments and unlike the other branches' ROTC Army sometimes sends people directly to reserve duty or national guard.

>I couldn't find much about choosing an MOS, in terms of what is available to ROTC students and how your major effects your options, or if it does.
Your major doesn't really affect what you assigned after commissioning, the only way it really matters that certain majors get a higher priority for scholarships. Most officers don't have majors that are relevant to their jobs.

>My preference would be STO or CRO
These are incredibly hard to get (probably about as hard as getting SEAL from Navy ROTC) so I wouldn't get my sights to set on it. You have to be on the best cadets in the country and incredibly lucky, I knew a guy who wanted something similar for Navy and didn't get despite having done pretty much everything right, good GPA in a difficult major, perfect PT scores, participation in a bunch of ROTC clubs. If you want pilot it's actually really not that hard to get. Also be aware the Air Force doesn't have many jobs like STO or CRO, so if you really wanna do something infantry like you're best off doing Army or Marine option ROTC.
>especially considering recruiters are known for saying anything that will get you to sign that paper...
Those are enlisted recruiters. What you can do is just go to the website of whatever school's ROTC unit you wanna join, there should be an officer listed there you can call/email.

File: google.jpg (60 KB, 767x431)
60 KB
So I'm a 30 year old male, and between 20-27 I was a shut in because of severe depression and social anxiety.
I have gotten significantly better in the last 3 years, and completely moved on with my life.
However, I have started to get new friends because of work and other situations, which I am enjoying. Weird problem is I haven't really drank a lot of alcohol and I'm awkwardly self conscious about it.

I drank a little bit in high school, but I just know I always hated beer of any kind and could only tolerate really sweet drinks, or stuff like Vodka mixed with pop. I mostly hung out with girls and that's what they liked it, and its all I could really stomach.

Was going to try and drink by myself when I had the time to try and figure out what I liked, and to see what I'm actually like drunk, so I know how much is too much, and not to act like an asshole in public.

Is there anything specific I should try as a "beginner"? Or any useful insight if anyone has had this issue? Also is it still weird for guys to order girly fruity drinks in social situations?
Bacardi and Coke is probably the lightest you should go without looking like a faggot.
Rum and coke.
Tequila sunrise.

Learn to like beer though. Start with budweisers/bud lights and start moving up to IPAs. It's helpful for socializing with other guys.
At a bar order a vodka collins. It'll be weak as shit so you can nurse a couple without worrying. Plus nobody drinks them so it's a conversation starter. And it's not a girl drink nor tastes like water buffalo ass. Win win all around until you find a better drink. It's a starter drink.
You should try beer and stuff again. It's definitely an acquired taste and there are dozens of varieties. Now that you're older you may find you like it better. Go into it assuming you might like it rather than being sure you won't as your attitude will definitely change your perception. Also, as an acquired taste, you might have to drink it on a few occasions before you start to see the appeal.

If not, just stick with your plan of trying stuff. Drinking rum/bourbon and coke is pretty common for dudes and no one would mock you for it if that's what you're worried about.

>how much is too much
For an average size/fitness male you will be tipsy at around 3 standard drinks, and drunk after about 5 or 6. If you're in respectable company that 3-4 over a couple of hours should be your limit if you'd like to maintain some sort of control over yourself.

File: forgivemefirestone.jpg (59 KB, 480x615)
59 KB
i dont want to keep living like i am rn with my family and shit. i saved about 10k and want to runaway into a country where i can work in a shady business and cant get traced. The problem is i dont know which country and how i get in contact with people who work in such a business. just want to live somewhere in my own little apartment and dont know what tomorrow happens. european country prefered
OP here. i am a male and 19yo if that helps.
at this point i am down for whatever. doing the dirty job that nobody likes to do

File: minoru.png (30 KB, 156x432)
30 KB
How do you know that you're ugly or not?
33 replies omitted. Click here to view.
No, it just means you're lazy
using a phone camera is a bad idea because the focal length will make anyone look bad
post height and weight and i can tell you how bad it is
Do girls regularly flirt/hit on you/try to get to know you/be with you? If yes, you're not ugly. If no, you're ugly.
>girls never approach you

>girls approach you sometime
Average to above average.

>girls approach you (semi)frequently
Very attractive.

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