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File: 4kykxim.jpg (887 KB, 2700x1803)
887 KB
887 KB JPG
I've lived as a dairy farmer in Delaware most of my life. As life has gone on, and I've gotten older, everyone around me has moved on or died. I have no immediate family left - I have a cousin in the Czech Republic and her children.

Everyone else is gone.

I'm closer to 60 than I'd like to be. I've never taken a vacation since I was a teenager. My family used to own the land here, but my father made some questionable business decisions - I just work the farm now.

The only thing I have in life is my dog, my bank account and music. I play guitar and collect them. I've saved about 80k so far in actual cash, have more tied up in IRA's and my 401k.

What I'm looking to do is just take a year off. I know that after I tell the owner of the farm I work at that I want to do that, he'll flip out. Well, I'm not that concerned. I've lived in the same house most of my life - I don't even know how most things work, like finding a new place to live.

I've acquired quite a few skills that make me employable anywhere there's agriculture or machinery that needs to be fixed. I'm a certified diesel mechanic, I can weld - MIG, TIG, stick, gas, drive a truck (I have a CDL A) so I'm not worried about finding employment after I take a year off.

How do you find a place? It has to be dog friendly, with a yard. It's just me and the dog. I'd like something with a fence. My friends tell me the coastal area of Oregon is nice. Some people tell me they love Maine. Being outdoors all the time, I prefer a cooler climate.

I've tried craigslist - most of the ads are scams. They try to sell you a list of homes, and most of those aren't the ones being advertised.
Google for real estate agents in the areas you're interested in. Tell them your requirements and ask what's available. You probably won't want to commit yourself long distance, but at least you'll know if what you want exists.
I have no advice to give, just replying to say I wish your year off goes great and that everything goes as planned! Good luck farmer anon!
>I'm a certified diesel mechanic, I can weld - MIG, TIG, stick, gas, drive a truck (I have a CDL A)
Holy hell, you could move just about anywhere.
>I don't even know how most things work, like finding a new place to live.
If you get advice from ten people, you will get different responses, but a lot will correlate. As >>19033540 said talk to agents, get advice from 10(or just a few) and see what correlates the most. The most common denominator if you will.

Also, as you are talking to the real estate agents, talk to some mechanic shops in the same said areas, get something set up before you head out. If you are going to be working on your year off.
>My friends tell me the coastal area of Oregon is nice. Some people tell me they love Maine.
Don't know about Maine but parts of the Oregon coast I've been too are very nice. The Willamette valley in Oregon has a lot of agricultural and related work. There are also very large dairy farms on the coast around Tillamook.

>How do you find a place?
Realtor sites or local newspaper sites maybe. I don't really know I'm in college.
Why not buy a van, fix it to where you have a place to shit, sleep, and cook, and travel the country for a year until you find a place you like?

I’m gonna be having sex for the first time soon and I’m worried I won’t be able to reach an orgasm. I masturbate quite aggressively and I’m worried that I won’t be able to orgasm or even stay hard without the pressure that my grip gives me.

I have tried masturbating with my left hand once but it doesn’t work. Help? FYI, I am uncircumcised.
can relate to thread, help the guy
Don't jerk off for IDEALLY three days or more before you're gonna do the deed.

I won't lie, I kinda have a hard time orgasming if I've jerked off within about a day prior to seeing my girl. Through trial and error three days no fap is the minimum for me to not have any issues, plus at that point I'm usually chomping at the bit to blow my load.

I hope you keep us updated anon.
I just noticed the part about grip. Once you've gone without blowing your load for a few days, that will be a non-issue.
Thanks for your advice about waiting 3 or more days. I usually fap 2-3 times a day so I definitely think that’ll help.

File: 1512357959314.jpg (249 KB, 908x714)
249 KB
249 KB JPG
>be me
>have the ability to manipulate, control, and gain the trust of large groups of people
>extensive traumatic life experience and bizarre situations fit for a movie and book left me with the ability to understand everyone, including both the rich and the poor
>thought I had to redpill to fix myself
>literally everything, every book, every youtube video, every source of redpill info I see I already knew before even finding it out, including the entire philosophy of machiavellianism
>wtf I thought this was common sense I want to be happy not fuck my soul over.png
>doing anything revolving control power and wealth drains me
>so drained sometimes I can't even move
>all I value is personal contentment and happiness (to me that's deep honest connections with people, strong relationships and...yeah basically just authenticity and honesty)

I found and know what I truly want, and like everything else I know how to do it, but this is different...because this isn't just...envisioning and creating, empowering etc...it's something I've never experienced before, it's something that actually makes me feel... true human connection, not just method acting falsifying emotions, it's the only thing that shows me my literal dead borderline beyond psycopathic faceless soul is alive and burning, and that's the only high worth getting to me

I see the world around me and I notice all the people who are in power and wealth immeasurable to the average person are empty, soulless, they are the most fucked up of fucked up people, because not only are they extremely fucked up, but they also know how to flawlessly hide their said fucked up ness, I see all the methods I use to use to get what I wanted and I just sort of stare, think, re-assure myself and smirk at how it will never feel as good as being honest and opening my heart

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You are just why as fuck, should grow out of this in your late 20s
File: 1497428637478.jpg (279 KB, 1116x628)
279 KB
279 KB JPG
Flat-earth is a psy-ops used to discredit actual conspiracy theories

This is pasta right?

have fun
>>extensive traumatic life experience and bizarre situations fit for a movie and book left me with the ability to understand everyone, including both the rich and the poor
It's good that you're lucky enough not to know how full of shit your larping sounds.

My girlfriend is graduating from the police academy and I was considering getting her a stuffed pig. I think it would be funny and she adores stuffed animals anyway. But my coworker said that would be offensive.

I don’t really see how it is very insulting. Do you think it is?
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Being blessed with looks, charisma, intelligence, and money helps. Most male cops are greater betas and lesser alphas. Prone to oneitis and whiteknighting which dries up pussies like nothing else.
>She says they make
They make jokes about themselves which is normal, you making them might not be funny.
OP, I hate to ask this question, but is your gf on the heavier side? If she's not I would say it's hilarious, if it is you're taking a chance.
Nah, she’s average
You should know her sense of humor to know already.

Should I find a job or continue masters after I graduate?
Why not both? That's my general idea at least.
Do you mean I go masters while looking for a job?
sounds like a good thought. Thanks anon haha

File: 1512533905886.jpg (9 KB, 288x175)
9 KB
How do I not show my hand so fast?

I feel like I'm relatively honest and straightforward. And so I tend to reveal everything upfront which has not paid off honestly. I just want a qt to stay interested

How do I take it slower?
Be the guy who asks the questions. That is a position of power. Let her do the talking and don't give your opinion until explicitly asked.

And trust me,when you start paying attention to how many questions you yourself get you're gonna notice that chicks just straight out fucking blab and rarely ask for more than stuff like "Why are you asking me?" which can be rolled into something playful and her answering anyway. You're pretty much never gonna get something on the level of "Hey Anon can you teach me how to drive a car?"
What exactly is it that you want to hide?
File: 1486443010932.png (397 KB, 845x476)
397 KB
397 KB PNG
Look, I am sending you out as sheep in the midst of wolves. Therefore be wise as serpents and harmless as doves. (Matthew 10:16)
Learn to not blurt out every single thing on your mind. Just cause you think it doesn't mean you have to say it.

File: 0.jpg (1.46 MB, 2000x2820)
1.46 MB
1.46 MB JPG
If I read through the Lutheran Bible from start to finish without any help, will I comprehend most things contained within?
What do you mean by 'comprehend'?

You should be able to 'follow the story' though there are dull parts. But much of any religion is based on interpretations of the meanings or morals of the stories, and you may understand them differently from your pastor. (But that - direct engagement with God without the intercession of a priest-interpreter - is the essence of Lutheranism)
First you have to rely on the fact the translators comprehended.

TLDR: I recently found out that a girl I sort of knew in high school is basically a whore. Should I message her and ask if you would be willing to take my virginity?

Long Version:
In high school there was this girl that was in my mythology class. We made small talk once in awhile, but that was it. I thought she was pretty, but I didn't really like her as a person. I haven't seen or talked to her in about three years.

A couple of days ago I happened to run across her Twitter. She was advertising her Insta so I clicked on it and HOLY SHIT! She's now a bikini barista and she uploads a bunch of semi nudes pics of herself on Insta. I have never been so hard in my life, it was surreal finding these pictures. After I jacked off I remembered something, bikini barista coffee stands are known for being a front for prostitution. So, that means that I could potentially have sex with her, maybe even for free. I'm a 20 year old kissless virgin and I want to have sex so bad, but I don't want to walk into a bad/awkward situation with this girl. Going through her Twitter it does seem like she has a bf, but I guess he doesn't mind her being a whore.

Should I message her or should I not let my dick make me do something that I might regret?
Even if we talk and she said yes I would be super nervous.

Pic related is her.
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
No, don't do that. I know a slut in high school that fucked pretty much every single dude in the school but she likes to play the 'innocent girl' shit even though every single person has cummed inside of her by now. If you treat like a slut she'll just get offended and say shit like "I only sucked 200 dicks in primary school, that's not a lot" and she'll go off on a rant about how women are not whoares who will suck anything, after that you say sorry and pretend to actually apologise then she sucks your dick. Save yourself the bullshit and learn to go after women that are actually worth going after, not some high school sluts.
Also to add onto my post, she probably has AIDS by now or some sort of STD. 90% of sex workers have this shit, that's why you always see them wear condoms in porn.
yes dude, hot sluts love to fuck with 20yo virgin losers, all the chad stuff is just a meme

she wont laugh at you with her friends
If you do ask, at least be funny.

Self aware and funny.
Ask if she has room for cream and point to your wiener

File: 2u00.gif (1.05 MB, 364x200)
1.05 MB
1.05 MB GIF
I know its a big ass TL;DR but if any of you feel bored and up for a 2 POST story then you're most welcome

Hello I need life advice I live in a shithole commie block ghetto in yurop and I'm trying to become an active member to society.
Will try to sum up pretty fast.

>Live in a flat
>Pretty much normal life until six years ago some gypos move just on top of my flat.
>loud music and dancing and partying 24/7
>first year me and my family try to keep it cool with them because its the hood and all the poor people get along
>second year tired of their shit we start calling the cops.
>Turn out the gypsies in particular are friends with the equivalent of the "sheriff" from the local police, so they come here and cops always told us they couldn't do anything about it.
>year 3 My parents and I develop a nasty alcohol addiction just trying to live in our house under constant noises and music
>I could write a book about all the stupid shit they've been doing (power tools,moving furniture, pounding the ground with several rubber tipped hammers and tons of other shit until I won't bother explaining because nobody ever believed us)
>even if we call the cops they don't come half the times we call them.
>year 4 worst case scenario ensues police gives us an ultimatum telling us its we have several accusations of racism and threating to them with the ending statement from the cops that racism won't be tolerated (turns out all their accusations are bogus but it would be police dept word against ours).

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
any reason you didn't just move out?
Yup, that's what I'm waiting for.

File: mortgage-3.jpg (77 KB, 1024x853)
77 KB
Is there a way to find out how much is on my parents mortgage?

I know the won't tell me for reasons that I understand. I live across the country from them and I'm very curious as to how much they have left on their mortgage as I hope to help them pay it off in the near future. They're in their mid 50's and I want them to have financial freedom as they struggled the entire time i've been alive to make it in this world.
Are you a single child?
My Parents own a 3 story house and want my sister and me to inherit it. since it is being spit up i would have to give my sister 80k. maybe you can pay so you have to share less with your silblings.
its a pretty shitty/old house, they've never mentioned anything about inheritance.
no, i have two younger brothers who still live with them (17 and 21)
With interest, a typical mortgage will come to roughly four times the amount originally borrowed. Work out how much the house cost, multiply by 4, and then subtract 1/30th (or however long the mortgage was) for each years since they bought it, and you'll be somewhere in the general region of correct.

File: maxresdefault.jpg (64 KB, 1280x720)
64 KB
Baldfag here. Shaved it all a few months back and not planning on going back. I'm 6'3 and reasonably fit, active in the local metal scene and not too concerned what chads or race-baiters think about me.

The problem is that I love doing blue-collar work. I've was doing landscaping for a few years for a private contractor and I'm struggling to give a fuck about the labour crew/corporate jobs that are open to me now. I stick out like a sore thumb around the sort of people that generally gravitate towards these jobs. I don't want to commit career suicide but the expectations of conformity are pushing me further and further away from my political center (I'm an ecofag too.)

Do I have to grow a fucking beard? Asking for my mother's health.
Start your own landscaping business.
other than the bald fag thing i am you. i was just lucky enough to get paid very well
File: swish.jpg (167 KB, 863x1300)
167 KB
167 KB JPG
I'm in school. I'd like to go into medical or industrial mycology but it's a few years off. Not dealing with clients and not having to invest in all of the requisite equipments was one of the perks of working for someone with experience, but even he was struggling to hold clients near the end there. I'm totally shit at small talk.
Well. Cheers.
How did you get involved in the metal scene? I'm trying to get hired at several venues as a part time stage hand
I went to shows for bands I like and supported them.

File: maxresdefault (2).jpg (167 KB, 1920x1080)
167 KB
167 KB JPG
did you mean to type this into google?

I would advise you to post more info if you expect good answers here

File: maxresdefault.jpg (161 KB, 1280x720)
161 KB
161 KB JPG
How do you find the will to live when you have no family or friends?

>moves across country by himself
>starts school, students only come to school for class then commute back home
>lives in city full of homeless people
>roommate is a fucking loser
>only social interaction really happens at work, but its just small talk
This is weird post

you assume your roomate is a loser
and small talk at work?
File: 1509107507459.png (350 KB, 824x684)
350 KB
350 KB PNG
sounds like you and your loser roommate should get a long great friendo

and desu, if you can't really enjoy your own company or entertain yourself, why do you think more friends would help? Don't you think you would just bore and repell them? Work on loving yourself before you try to make others to it mate, or it will never last.

So I’ve never been the type of guy to hook up with girls, I’ve always had girlfriends. Anyway a year ago my gf who I dated for 2 years broke up with me. At the same time I had to move back in with my parents because of some other reasons. This killed my love life, I tried dating and every time I told a girl I lived with my parents I could tell they were disgusted. So for a year I was pretty depressed because I loved my gf and I couldn’t date around to try to move on.

I moved in with a friend 2 weeks ago. I’ve gone kind of crazy, had sex with 3 girls multiple times each. I feel bad because they all seem to have feelings for me. A female friend of mine once told me I’m boyfriend material not bang sluts material, and I can see what she means because I feel like all these girls want me to date them. Should I feel bad or is this just normal dating culture that I’ve missed out on for a long time? I don’t want to lead these girls on and none of us have talked about actually dating so I’m not sure if that’s what I’m doing. And I don’t really have any interest in seriously dating any of the 3. Should I continue to ride it out or will that make things worse
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
By having casual sex you're cheapening something meant to bond two people who care about each other down to a few minutes of physical pleasure. You take a very personal thing and make it impersonal and meaningless.
Does this make you a bad person though? There’s another person involved who chose to do the same thing. Are you both bad people?
Making you worse=/=making you a bad person. You will probably feel less fulfilled in the long run, same as the other person.
>very personal thing

Who said so?
Wait, I was wrong. Nothing matters. #YOLO, right?

File: 1OWxdea.gif (225 KB, 640x360)
225 KB
225 KB GIF
I have an exam in 8 hours. It's 1 am. I fucked up the first midterm and failed, fucked up the second midterm and barely passed it. The anxiety is eating me alive what do I do
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Go with your first gut instinct when you come across a question. People fuck up when they start to second guess themselves and their answer. Usually its right the first time.
If that is the only exam you have tomorrow then grab 2 red bull and drink one cram your ass off then drink second about an hour before exam time. Then go home and crash.
>Like mentioned earlier it's past 1 am so any chance of a restful night are out of the window at this point.
You'll probably do worse if you go in there tired. Plus, you won't retain much on a tired mind.

You may want to rest just a few hours and then cram the rest in on a halfway rested mind.
How do I learn to trust the inner voice ? On every test I always do the gut reaction thing but confuse myself halfway it miss something crucial in the question

Walking around at night is sketch af, would rather not.

That's the thing though, I can't even get myself to relax right now. And if I oversleep, game over.
if you haven't studied and think you're gonna fail for sure, just go to sleep and stay in bed

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