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I just had the weirdest dream ever. I was on my computer playing PUBG when all of the sudden I actually was in the game. I got shot and all my mates died, then I escaped to some house where I was attacked by some kind of zombies. I remember trying to wake up but I couldn't. I ran away from the zombies and somehow ended up in a flat with realistic people. There was a woman on a bed which was about to get married, but her husband didn't show up, so we started making out, having sex almost instantly. We both enjoyed it, until all of a sudden the PUBG theme started playing and she pushed me away, screaming "HOLY SHIT IS THAT THE PUBG MUSICS?" Don't remember anything that happened after that.

Is something wrong with me?
>plays PubeG
Yes, something is very wrong with you
>complete nonsense
>some actual events/'references'
>no real beginning and ending
sounds like a normal dream
This. Dreams don't really mean anything, OP.

Currently almost a NEET(taking online classes but not really participating). I withdrew from my schooling 3 months ago and have only been able to find one temporary job during the summer. My days have been pretty much wake up, go to mcdonalds to get coffee with NEET friend, go to the gym, watch anime and play dota. I stopped eating properly too and I can feel my gains starting to stagnate. I'm tired of this lifestyle and i'm worried because I just turned 20 years old and feels like i'm wasting the best years of my life. i don't want my life to keep going like this and i don't really have anybody i know to ask for help. I've started to try to get my life together by trying to find a job in order to make money and meet people but nobody's called me back after multple weeks(granted I haven't applied IRL yet, just online). can somebody throw me a bone and give my resume a look & give me some advice to help get my life together? idk where i`m fucking up.
File: Capture.png (86 KB, 642x858)
86 KB
resume also self bump.
1. Don't stop keeping a routine and taking care of yourself. Going to the gym, eating properly, and personal hygiene will keep you afloat even if things are dry for a while.

2. Tailor your resume to the type of job you're applying for. If you're applying for unskilled jobs, then education/skills is less important than experience, ie. the most important thing is showing them that you're capable of basic work and will actually show up.

For unskilled work, I recommend:

1. Previous job experience
2. Education / Certifications
3. Achievements (awards) / Volunteer work
4. Hobbies interests / personality points

For blue-collar skilled work, I recommend:

1. Previous job experience

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File: blu-j - caster.png (1.11 MB, 835x760)
1.11 MB
1.11 MB PNG
I was told recently to go their by my apartment manager and I'm still 23 but I'm wondering if it's like internship work. I don't wanna jump into something where I'm an apprentice or intern for free to the point that the time that passes by breaks my bank. Or is it on a basis of how fast of a learner you are and in that case I'll just go.

File: dYHdd54.jpg (196 KB, 1024x689)
196 KB
196 KB JPG
how do you guys get motivated to do your HW?
I sit at my desk for hours and can only complete like one math problem.

feels batman.
If this is a legitimate persistent problem for you, then you need to train yourself similar to the way you would train anything else.

Get a timer. Start with 10 minutes of homework, take a 30 minute break and fuck around.

Gradually increase the amount of time you spend working, decrease the amount of time you spend fucking around.

Ideally, also make sure you are comfortable before you start. IE, not hungry/thirsty/cold/hot, although you can train yourself to ignore that as well.

Eventually, with a little bit of dedication, you will stop being a bitch.
Yeah after getting off your ass, it's likely for your goals to change, but first you have to get off your ass lol

File: stv0m3yj92sz.jpg (1.19 MB, 3024x4032)
1.19 MB
1.19 MB JPG
I didn't know I had Aspergers until I got fired for the 5th time in a row. I can't follow directions, can't work in noisy enviroments because I'm too distracted, get bored easily and I'm not good at anything. I can't work with tools without being a hazard either. My relationships all go to.shit because I sperg out sometimes. Now I'm 22 and unemployed unsure what to do. Feelsbadman. Any tips anons? I don't think I can afford a psychologist right now
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get proactive
get yourself together
fuck girls
get friends
use your "disability" as a superhero power in any direction it might be profitable
What kinds of jobs were they? Restaurant? Delivery? Maybe there's a common factor between them that would explain the firings.

Also my hunch is that you don't have the burgers, but rather ADHD. Would highly recommend attempting to get a real diagnosis for it, since you might be able to get meds that will help you focus (and also because I'm not a doctor).

Weird follow up video:

>Godspeed You! Black OP

you can't be all bad
This could easily be part of the autism spectrum, coming from a diagnosed guy who regularly meets up with others in the spectrum.

File: 1500919234535.jpg (138 KB, 720x720)
138 KB
138 KB JPG
I understand the procedure for the Bucking pi theorem but I don't understand why it works.. what do I do to fully understand it? (study techniques, types of reasoning to look at?)

I fucked up in college and landed a bullshit job that pays 56k a year in an expensive city.

my friends/peer group are quite literally making double my salary with their BS in CS working for microsoft/facebook etc. or some big fancy consulting/banking job (we went to a good uni)

it's been 2 years since graduation and out of shame i've cut myself off of them. there's no fucking way in hell i'm going to roll with a bunch of dudes my age who have twice the social power i do, that's just setting myself up to be the follower beta bitchboi.

surely their lives must suck? maybe money's not everything?

or do they just objectively have it better than me and i should continue my apathy / anger at life until i do something drastic like killing myself or harming other people
They objectively have it better because you're being busy a bitch and worrying about what other people have instead of thinking about what you yourself have.

It doesn't matter how much money you have, someone else will have more. Learn to be happy with what you have or just kill yourself already.
>just kill yourself already
k watch the news tomorrow

It's stupid that you cut them out. People take different paths, and it's not worth worrying about where you are versus them as long as you have drive.

For a quick example - I was in a bunch of gifted programs at one of the best schools in the state, and I took a full ride scholarship to a lesser school instead of getting into debt or something. I graduated and got stuck in a shitty retail job because the economy had crashed. Meanwhile, my friend went to an Ivy League, got a job in finance at Bank of America, and spent 6 nights a week sleeping under her desk, working 20 hour days. Yeah, she outearned me, but that was garbage for her.

Eventually we ended up at the same company. I'm now in a major corporate marketing leadership position, and she she got fired and couldn't find a job outside of a small mom & pop shop that pays way less than me.

But we're still friends, and none of that shit is important.
>thinking you'll be on the news

No one cares when Mr. 56k commits suicide.
I've made 30k when friends of mine were making more than double that. I've made 90k when friends of mine were making less than a third of that.

If you are going to compare yourself to others, don't just compare yourself to those who are better than you. Compare yourself to everyone throughout human history. Despite your "modest" income, you have access to a better quality of living than English nobility had a mere 100 years ago.

Who cares if they make more than you? Who cares if you make more than them? All that matters is that you are happy. You have one life, and you never know when its going to end. It would be a real shame to focus on the parts of life that don't matter.

is there any good books on manipulation? I wanna get better versed on techniques and actions to get my way more in life (not srsly like winning over friends and that sorta jaz)
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just a general thought on it, when planning before a debate or discussion, think of the arguments they will use against you, and also don't let them try to confuse you with overextending points, get them to simply explain everything (probably don't wanna do this when ur at a presidential debate)
grow a pair of boobs, become slut trap, always play the victim, cry alot, make excuses for everything and the world is like 80% beta males that would get walked over and shit on if it ment they could have a girlfriend, the key is to fully convince yourself your perfect and everyone else is at fault
you can sexually manipulate people as a guy as well
though you need to be a Chad for that
Having narc parents, and initially having high empathy and low confidence, I know what it's like to be in the other side of the fence.

With that said usually posts like these put a bad taste in my mouth but I can understand the psychological need.

So there's been a few good points made here about learning your environment to take advantage. So I'll just add that an important step in manipulating is first learning to maintain a healthy amount of ego. To stretch it even further, you might even imagine that you always have a crowd of people on your side. This is a method my dad used on me and it took me until my 20s to figure it out completely. Though this method can come with consequences, and chances are, with a healthy ego, you'll feel you have enough.
well i guess OP has a choice, become slut ugmo trap and manipulate 2/10 fat betas or lift weights and become ugmo chad and mind control 2/10 land whales + 3/10 twink bois. Both are good choices.

File: 1508391578744-144732531.jpg (3.01 MB, 4128x3096)
3.01 MB
3.01 MB JPG
Does anyone know what this is?
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That’s for weed man.
its a mini vaporizer you daft cunt !
its a metallic green male buttplug, would defs cut your hand off

My friend has developed this concept that he can live his life anyway he wants and doesn't care about the consequences because well, anytime he could kill himself.

This is not a good philosophy, especially after tonight where he had a crisis about going to holding cell again, because he was giving alcohol to not majority age kids (I'm 20, the girl was 18.)

Worried about him now as he went home crying. He was speaking of suicide in my car and I told him to not because that's not appropriate. Whole lotta shit went down.

How do I help my friend develop a better ideology on living life and keep him off a rope?
need more info.

Feel for you. That doesnt even count as a philosophy. Equiv is I can have as much debt as I want and when the banks come to reposess I can just kill myself.

Im a guy, best advice Ive ever taken on board as a man is "sort your shit out, stop being a pussy, stop blaming others for everything, accept that shit happens, but you need to move forward.

Also, holding cell again? That doesnt paint a good picture.

Some people are toxic and beyond helping, some people are troubled but worth the effort, thats a call you have to make but dont be weak. Dont give endlessly. draw a line, and if he crossess it, then walk away.
he was put in a holding cell for accidentally stumbling upon a car pound, which was no trespassing and got shot at when he was like, 17.

Yeah he developed this idea that since he can kill himself anytime he wants to, he can basically live out his life (e.g. drinking during school on campus). I know when to walk away but now isn't the time to do that. He hasn't gone as far as just using me or anyone else, but he's just trying to be happy with his own strange logic, which I find like a worse influence.

File: 1504590774816.jpg (77 KB, 500x464)
77 KB
Is it /adv/ move to reveal feelings of attraction to a female friend on your birthday after a year of knowing each other?
This isn't /fa/.
But go ahead, could go either way. Regardless of what you do tonight, you should commit to telling her eventually.

File: pepefrog_delet.jpg (89 KB, 1127x685)
89 KB
>be me
>middle-aged army veteran
>don't like the public
>wearing jeans and a thin green jacket
>scraggly goatee and sideburns
>shopping for groceries
>~24yo thicc thot on iphone is shopping a bit ahead of me
>having dumb conversation about ghost hunters
>keep shopping, she keeps being ahead of me
>i respect women. go to other part of the store to not seem like i'm following her
>be in the baking aisle, picking up flour and yeast to make bread at home
>thot comes around the corner into my aisle
>whispering into phone, I hear "...I'm scared...", she leaves immediately

Ok /adv/. How can I be less intimidating to useless normies?
1 reply and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>caring what normies think
You should've said "I know" as she was walking away, pussy.
Why is a middle-aged man using teenage language and memes?
Thank you for your service but holy shit dude could it be that you look homeless?

so long as you actually aren't violently psychotic who cares what they think (and if you aren't black you most likely aren't going to get into legal troubles for it0.

find people who will accept you for who you are, probably bros first from fellow vets and work your way up from there.
This. Get over it. You’ll be dead soon enough. Enjoy the time you have.

File: wtfshouldido.jpg (148 KB, 1500x1000)
148 KB
148 KB JPG
I have to run a "session"for a group I'm traveling with. A "session" is basically a hour with the group and you decide what to do in it. Some of my friends are teaching something, some are playing games. I cant think of anything fun. Id love for it to be something meaning full. Like learning about each other or some team bonding thing.

How big is the group, just play a game, if it's 5 to 10 people buy and play resistance: Avalon its fun and cheap if your group is bigger get a mafia type game. If smaller get an actual bored game.

File: Back-Acne.jpg (47 KB, 300x198)
47 KB
How the fuck do you get rid of acne??
Used to have it on my face, none on my back. Now I barely have any on my face, a ton on my back. Its bad to the point where I dont even want to hug people, as they might feel it a few bumps. Let alone go swimming. Shit is persistent as hell. Im 20 years old if that matters.

Pic isnt me, mines not quite as bad, but pretty close.
13 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Depends. I got to stay at a beach and went in the ocean every day, I never had clearer skin. I think it was the salt + sun. Chlorine makes my skin irritated.

Depends on the person.
1. eat a paleo diet. no grains, no dairy, no sugar, no processed food, no vegetable oil
2. do not eat more than 100 grams of carbs a day
3. supplement zinc (Jarrow Zinc Balance is a good choice)
If you want more pointers, email me at freeacneadvice@gmail.com
Op, don't take this personally, but if you have anything close to pic related you need to go to the doctor.
This isn't an occasional pimple when you get your period or get dirt on your face.

If you have insurance, you need to get thee to a dermatologist and get prescription strength medicine.
It will probably be less expensive in the long run than trying endless over the counter shit that doesn't work.

Also, shampoo and condition your hair first before you wash your skin, and get something like Neutrogena body clear body wash.
Just a phase. I'm pretty lazy and didn't do anything about it, and it just went away after a while. Maybe it's because I started eating healthier, though unintentionally. You could try that. Also, take Safi every day for 21ish days. They have the instructions on the amount you should take on the back of their bottles. I'm not certain if it works, but there's no harm to it if you take it with a lot of water, which you should be drinking a lot of anyways.
Not OP but I'm pushing 40, tried all of this including antibiotics and laser. Nothing worked. FML

I've admittedly skipped Accutane because there's a history of osteoporosis in my family, and retinoids are not great for bone density.

I officially stopped watching porn this February and my GF confronted me about it in May, which flipped shit upside down and almost killed our relationship. I feel happy to be done with porn, both for myself and my relationship, but I still have a deep urge to watch it, and sometimes I look around old USB drives to find some old stashed porn, that I am just ''reviewing'' in order to ''know what to delete next''. I honestly feel horrible for doing this, but I can't hold myself back. I really don't know how I should morally process this.
6 replies omitted. Click here to view.

Why did she think you enjoyed porn stars more? Was she aware of your porn habits?
adding on to this, can u give more detail, were you way to open about it or what, what was the deal, it seems like she was really self conscious
>having a gf
>stoping porn
>am really horny
>having a gf?
Your gf needs to get over her insecurities and you need you grow a pair
Just delete all of it, if you ever get the urge to watch just don't go crazy and honestly you should probably look at hentai because real life porn is horrible for you. Definitely try not to watch it, make it like a once every 2-3 months thing and don't go too crazy when you do.

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