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File: 8allp1fj56m01.jpg (96 KB, 638x749)
96 KB
If you're a complete loser than of course women have it easier cause you can just marry and leech from someone But now let's look at a successful person.

They graduate valedictorian and go to Harvard. This is extremely attractive to women, completely irrelevant compared to looks for men. They become a world famous researcher. Same thing again. Own a paid off house at 25, same thing again.

Then to top it off women's looks fade, they have a time limit for having children and are expected to look after children more. Completely ruins their career, meanwhile for men it's expected they work on their career. Even little things like men being expected to pay for dates, it's just treating them like they're incompetent losers incapable of affording it.

In conclusion while you're young for the bottom 20 percent of success, being female it's far better, 20-50 slightly better, 50-60 same, 60-85 beibg male is slightly better, 85-95 being male is far better, 95-99 being make it's ridiculously better, top 1 percent of general success and it's miles better than being a female supermodel
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Are you sure you are a guy? Doesnt sound like one.
I give drinks and food to people all the time. Men usually give me drinks or food back, but women never do.
Do you go to the bar and only order for yourself?
Maybe stop giving drinks to random women then? Yes I have bought drinks for men and women, and I have been given drinks by men and women. All people I worked with or knew casually. It’s not “free drinks” it’s taking turns. If someone doesn’t take turns just don’t fuckin do it?
well its true that women have it a lot easier in the dating world. Its as simple as that. People who say women have it easier everywhere are just retarded
Love how you're still ignoring my post.
And even if 1 individual man decides not to buy women shit, you know what that gets him? Being alone, because 1000 other men will always eagerly be waiting to buy women whatever the 1 man doesn't, and the women will reward the men who give them shit over men who dont'.

File: 004536 2212 X9X.jpg (116 KB, 800x1149)
116 KB
116 KB JPG
Good Evening Anonymous! It's Sunday night again! Got a problem with sex and relationships? Job driving you up the wall? Maybe you'd just like to rant! Maybe you'd just like to stop by and say hello! You can do all of that here!
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File: MNTS 443 6656 0.jpg (58 KB, 688x720)
58 KB
But now you are aware of it. And you know what to expect when you're in different moods. Now you know when you're most likely to be approached. I must say, I don't know of a way to change it. But I don't think it's gonna cause any serious problems..
There's a girl I've had a crush on for a long time I've seen for the first time in ages recently. I'm seeing her again soon and I'd like to ask her out, but in a few months I'm going to be living in another state for a little under a year, but I'd still prefer to ask her now because I don't want to come back and have her be in a relationship, selfish as that may be. We get along well, but I have no idea if she's interested in me romantically or not. Any advice for this situation? I'm next seeing her tomorrow and would like to ask her out then, but am still thinking about it.
I say, go for it! Just make sure she knows you'll be moving out of state. Just be truthful, and sincere!
File: op need slep.gif (1.51 MB, 656x368)
1.51 MB
1.51 MB GIF
It's Zero Dark Thirty here in Op City. Bedtime for me! I strongly suggest we all get snuggly and get some good sleeps! I will check in tomorrow some time. If we get pruned or archived, I'll be back next Sunday! Goodnight Anonymous, wherever you are!
Yeah, I think I should give it a shot. Thanks friendo.

Hey /adv/ 23 female here bored at home trying to figure out what’s wrong with me...

I have a BF that I love and haven’t actually cheated on, but I love to come on 4chan normally post on /b/ and post pics of myself , ask everyone what they want to see and so forth. My BF and I have great sex but I love to post my pics on /b/ normally do it before we have sex to work myself up and it makes me feel even more naughty taking pics while he’s in the other room.
Is there something wrong with me?
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>hasn't posted pics yet
>he’s shy
Try to get him fuck you with mirrors around, see if he likes to seeyou and himself from a diferent angle and thus slowly ease him into banging on camera.
If he likes it but is still too shy, shoot it in Bane masks.
Your boyfriend deserves a much better person in his life desu.
this. You're not literally cheating on him but you're still breaching his trust by sharing your body with other men. If I found out my gf did that I'd strongly consider breaking up.
Sounds healthy to me.

File: 51yIzSxXmEL._SS500.jpg (40 KB, 500x500)
40 KB
I feel like I'm that peripheral friend that people enjoy being around but never really reach out to and doesn't really 'belong'. I always make people laugh and they seem to enjoy being around me and are more than happy to have me along when I make an effort but I'm not really 'In' the group if that makes sense. Like I won't get an invite to big events like camping trips, and I'm usually the last guy to get invited to events if they even remember me, unless I make an effort. It's like they never think to invite me or I'm not really part of like the core. This always leads me to having a lot of friends but no real 'connections' or deeper friendships. I'm just so sick of being the clown and not really belonging anywhere. Any ideas on why this may be and how I can change it?
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Hell yeah dude, ever since I first listened to his Alien Boy EP I've been hooked. Hoping he releases another EP or a full length album soon.

I do at times but I'm really not trying to feel like I'm intruding and just be a clown to entertain everyone. When we do chill I'm included but it still feels like I'm just there to put on a performance and make them laugh. It's the making genuine connections and feeling like I'm part of the group I struggle with. And it just feels shitty to be an afterthought and have to ask to be invited to everything.
Eventually, you'll BECOME that person. First thing you gotta accept is that you might ACTUALLY end up alone for a while if your friends don't care about you and it'll take time to find quality friends. Remember 1 quality freind equals 1000 shit friends. And also, you gotta become comfortable being by yourself. Constantly needing other people just to feel fulfilled is borderline parasitic and not a healthy mindsite.
Not giving a fuck isn't about ignoring that THEY are doing. It's about becoming so invested in yourself that others become thought in the back of your head.
Listen, when was the last time you worked out? Or learned another language? Or cooked something new?
When you become interesting people will become interested in you. Until then just work on improving yourself and don't worry about other people.
Yeah I suppose you're right, it's just the idea of having no friends really fucks with me and makes me feel hopeless. But I need to be about myself before people are about me. I don't know it's so lame, but I've always just wanted to be cool and have everyone like me, I feel like Micheal from The Office sometimes LOL.

But I really think you're right, I need to start just being about myself and do what I want first without worrying about entertaining others and being liked.
he's dropped that he's been working on another EP or album, i forget which. but there is another project of his that should be coming out soon. he did something weed related with viceland i think recently that was promoting an upcoming project (kinda).

also if you feel like the peripheral friend, maybe the groups of people you've been hanging around with aren't the best group of people for you. not every one is going to vibe with everyone else and that is okay. it seems like you got some major self esteem and anxiety problems so you might be trying with the first group of people who are nice. i think it would be important to work on whatever is the root cause of your anxiety and you'll get better from there.
Oh shit that's sick I'm hyped. I know he's touring with Hobo Johnson right now til like mid January. Hopefully after that he'll drop some new stuff.

I definitely think you're right with the self-esteem and anxiety issues needing to be tackled first. I do appreciate my friends a lot and they do reach out at times, I think it's the self-esteem issues that keep me from pursuing it more since I feel like I need to play a character and worry I can't do it. I really appreciate the insight man, thanks.

File: maxresdefault.jpg (87 KB, 954x716)
87 KB
>Feeling tired from work, study and all that shit, go to a friend's house to unwind.
>I meet one of his friends, since he's kinda busy doing stuff on his own so I talk it out with the girl and she ends up being very understanding.
>We end up getting very drunk and banging on my car late at night.
>A few weeks later she hits me up asking if I want to go out with her for a friend's graduation party.
>Everything was fine and dandy until she started getting very touchy feely and lewd.
>Constantly told her to stop and how she was making me uncomfortable and she replied by admitting she was stalking me and threw every little thing I did against me because she knew it would make me feel like shit.
>Things went on like this for the rest of the night until we both got kicked out of the party.
>She wailed and screamed at me while I was too exhausted to react, until she hit me and we got into a pretty heated fight.
>Leave her ass on her house and go home.
>Wake up the next day and get the news that she an hero'd.
How the fuck do you react to that? What's the thought process of someone who hurts you this badly after you open up to them? This is the type of shit that makes me want to stay in my room 24/7 and not meet anyone new. How do I avoid people like that from getting intimate with me?
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she failed to take her own life into her hands, but ended up taking it anyways

you react to it by accepting death is just a part of life and grieve for as long as need be; imagine if you were working night shift for several months, imagine if you were suddenly and without warning told you would be working overtime, several hours past when you're meant to finish - in the middle of all that, what you should think about, is not how ridiculous what you're doing is and that you hate it, but that it's just a one time thing and does not reflect the rest of your time spent working there, that not all nights are like that and that they are merely a rarity, a happenstance that simply managed to involve you

you will get through the night feeling better with that kind of steadfast mentality, and you will get through life the same way, don't give up just because of one bad night
>How do I avoid people like that from getting intimate with me?
get better at reading people
be thankful, at least, that you didnt waste 3 years of your life with her
Maybe stop thinking everything is about you? People with mental illness don't just suddenly decide to kill themselves. They do it after straws and straws piling up on their backs. Stop whining about you. You're a perfectly sane individual and can handle the drama of life. She couldnt. Be thankful you can.
File: catSherlock.jpg (65 KB, 251x249)
65 KB
you don't say...
Well, you could ask if the person you might open to up to, if they have BPD, and if they do have it, move on.

That is one way.

Also, I recommend search on YouTube this video:

Why you will marry the wrong person,
Channel: school of life.

File: IMG_2386.png (733 KB, 861x763)
733 KB
733 KB PNG
I love my bf but it really bothers me how weak and afraid he always is.

whens theres a bug, i kill it. when the car is having issues,
i fix it. when there's something heavy to move, i carry it.

i'm also emotionally stronger than him, he's pretty clingy and is always asking me to help him when someone is bothering him. also he hates sports, weapons, and the outdoors (all of which i love).

what do i do?? i always dreamed of having a really strong tough husband but he's the opposite
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thank you for this honesty, youre so right
then break up with him, you dumb bitch
Based, redpilled, AND high IQ posts
the contents of this thread do not align with my worldview and as a result I have to ignore it or face opposition to my beliefs, so I'll just strawman what I see and state my beliefs accordingly

I think in most situations a person can only change, if they themselves wish to change as a person and something just goes off in their head. Before you dig deep and really reach for that speck of contrarian optimism, when it's not most of the time, the only situation where anybody can change is if it's me and that's cause I change personalities like money hands, unless it's one of those weirdo novelty coin collectors, but I am one hundred percent not a novelty coin, so the analogy remains intact.

so clearly your best course of action is to focus very intensively on the part of your brain that's responsible for all this love and emotional bond nonsense, then deprive yourself of sleep for several weeks and convince yourself that you are incapable of love, after this is done you should live a comparatively more emotionally stable life fully devoid of asinine questions about out of context situations

it's like if instead of a buffet where the starter is tea so sweet you wonder if you're just drinking literal syrup and a bowl full of potatoes brining in oil, you're the chef(?) who preps all that syrup and oil for the consumer, ala man behind the curtains except there's a set of curtains and feet underneath behind yours and you ponder very deeply if there is a set of curtains with its own accompanying man behind them as well, a reflection which causes you great grief and empathy for the poor man who most likely does not realize this fact, you live a fulfilled life and don't need to worry about these machinations, though you know that high on the curtain ladder, a man cannot survive without contemplating these things every waking hour (and sometimes even sleeping hours)

tl;dr take it for granted and get outta there
Nice blogpost

Hey adv,
Got something a little different for you guys today. I am trying to get my brother into reading. He enjoyed listening to a book on ww1 with me while driving. He expressed interest in it.
What are some beginner level (for lack of a better word) books on history a 12yr old might like. He's a good student capable of straight A's. I'm just looking on people's opinions on entry level history books.

File: Get_c405db_1272309.jpg (23 KB, 500x440)
23 KB
Let's start a new one since the other thread is dying.
391 replies and 25 images omitted. Click here to view.
I love how you feel you’re not involved in this and it’s all me. How delusional can you be? Do you feel this way? You present it to me as if it’s all me. “Caught”? Seriously? You’re caught...
I’m hurt.
Senseless waste of time
I’m over it. Leave me alone...
Anon who you asked, here.
She admitted to me that she can feel people's fear and anger. I can certainly feel her fear.
My definition of empath is one who can feel another's emotions, with or without the desire to.
The girl who is a self admitted empath finds herself drawn to me and as much as I try to fight against it I'm drawn to her as well.

My new gf is white (im black) and shes a sweetheart in public but as soon as I insert my bbc inside her pussy, she starts dirty talking hard! (Like calling me a n-word beast) i told her to calm it down but she insist that she gets lost in the moment due to her having mostly puny white bfs in the past. how do i politely get her to stop without her feeling awkward in bed?
Nice race bait
File: 1514348977037.jpg (321 KB, 552x561)
321 KB
321 KB JPG
Keep this kind of bait on >>>/pol/

File: Bjorn_S04E20_promo.jpg (361 KB, 1359x1359)
361 KB
361 KB JPG
How the fuck do I stop being so stubborn about my health?

No need to go into details, but I've got an obscure medical condition which makes me (very) anemic. The red cell deficiency kind of anemia that you can't fix with iron tablets. I receive treatment and am mostly stable and everything, but about once a year shit goes sideways and I end up spending 4-6 weeks really battling it.

Problem is I've got all the fucking medical help I could ever ask for at my finger tips, but I can't get out of tough guy mode most of the time. Unless it's really fucking bad I can't stop myself from brushing it off as a "I'll just harden up and deal with it til it gets better" kind of thing. And it does get better slowly, but it'd get better faster if I took the help. Blood transfusions are inconvenient and time consuming and carry a couple of risks of their own, which is some of my reasoning for turning them down when I'm in a bad way, but mostly I just don't like to admit I need it, even to myself.

Even writing this out I know I'm not going to put a message in with my doc to get those transfusions I turned down last week because I'll get to see her next week and accept them then (which there's a good chance I'll turn them down then too if my blood numbers are at all improved from last time).

TL;DR I guess how the fuck do I stop being so stubborn just because of my own stupid principles? Like no one is impressed, everyone who knows thinks I'm being dumb.

I'm nervous about starting college, and don't know if I will be able to make friends. Anybody have experiences or advice on meeting people in a college where you know nobody?

Why do I hate ameriturds sooo much.
I know everyone hates americunts because they are fat and don't have there own language. It's basically Africa without the famine
you answered your own question
You're jealous.
i like Americans , i wish i was american fuck its the greatest country on earth freedom motherfucker

I agree that America is a shithole of a country, but the Americans I've met have consistently been some of the friendliest, nicest people I've met.

I have half a joint left and don’t know whether to

A. Smoke it before school in the 10 minute window I have before getting the bus and my parents leaving


B. Smoke it when I get home and mong out for 2 hours before my mum gets home

I’m leaning more towards option a but don’t know if being high at school is a good idea
rip that shit open and pop it in a bubbler it will keep you going a lot longer.
why are you smoking joints when low on weed?

File: Inception.png (707 KB, 1024x683)
707 KB
707 KB PNG
I keep seeing girls I'm dating as transgender in my dreams?

What does this mean?

Normally I'd google it, but it just pulls up porn sites and such.
It means you're uncomfortable with vaginas.
Probably made your asshole clench just reading the word.
>Normally I'd google it, but it just pulls up porn sites and such.
Took me less than a minute without even seeing porn sites. Learn to be more digitally literate.
>dating multiple girls at once
fucking manwhores and their polyamrous bullshit, no wonder you like tranny penis you degenerate
File: RubeCream.png (234 KB, 800x889)
234 KB
234 KB PNG
>I keep dreaming about being in romantic relationships with men, what does it mean?

Isn't that normal tho?

File: 1541762736207.jpg (8 KB, 236x147)
8 KB
Hi I have had sleep problems sleeping at seemingly random times for years and whenever I try to fix it and go to sleep at 9-midnight like normal person then I wake up at 2-5 in the morning in a sweat, feeling like shit. My head aches, I'm dehydrated, my eyes sting, I feel groggy and I get heart palpitations/chest pain. I can't get back to sleep for at least 3 or 4 hours then even tho I feel so tired, and often no chance because I gotta stay up then to do something. This pretty much only happens if I go to sleep in the evening, it feels like my, body resisting me getting my life back on track lol. Is there anything I can do? Or just ride it out until my body adjusts... pic unrelated
sleep apnea
ok that could be it, I will go ask doctor about it soon, thankyou
np anon

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