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File: IMG_0605.jpg (304 KB, 1920x1080)
304 KB
304 KB JPG
I may have messed up horribly and I need to know what I should do in this situation:

So I'm working part time in a popular retail store and this new sales associate, who I happened to find cute, kept asking me to hang out with her for months. I ignored it or made excuses because I didn't want to worry about trouble with HR, I was still getting over an ex who looked a lot like her so she turns me off anyways. Then I give her a ride home because there's a thunderstorm and I know she doesn't own a car. We chilled in her apartment and smoked a blunt. Before smoking she kept saying stuff like her friends get her doing funny stuff on video all the time because she's down to do anything once she gets high. She said a lot of stuff like that actually. I thought this was her way of dropping a hint, and I texted a buddy and he said it definitely was. I have very little experience with women so I took his word. After some more chilling I kissed her and she kissed back, but I started grabbing boob and she told me to stop so I did and there was an immediate awkward vibe and she pretty much told me to fuck off so I did. She ended up having a neighbor chase after me with her in the passenger seat while I was driving home.

So now like 2-3 months later she asked me if I finally sobered up, I was irritable from having just actually quitting weed and I snapped at her. She went and told the managers that I did something to her. This was 1 week ago. They have since made everyone do the code of ethics training again, hired 2 new people in my department which is 1 more than they are supposed to have, only gave me 8 hours next week, and randomly scheduled me for a meeting early tomorrow morning. The meeting could be normal or it could be to fire me.

Should I even go back to this job? It's only part time and I do not need it nor do I care about it. The pay is good, but a sexual harassment case going into a record could hurt my current career path that I'm trying to follow.
Op here, I should add her and I are both early twenties. I do understand what I did could be sexual harassment. I legitimately thought it was invited

File: japaneseguysmoking.jpg (74 KB, 622x559)
74 KB
/adv/ have you ever said something extremely hurtful to someone who didn't deserve it?

I did in 2015 when I was 23 years old, out of jealousy, and although at the time I didn't think anything of it I now think about it daily and feel I can't accept happiness into my life unless I reach out to the person and try to make amends.

Please tell me someone relates to this. I feel like a piece of shit.
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i relate to this strongly
All the time, to my mom. I'm trash.
I made a mistake that I won't be able to repair as well, mainly because the person is avoiding me.
I'll take this to the grave as well, so I can relate.
Also why the fuck there is spam of ozamu dazai?
Is this the same person?
2015... lemme see wtf did i do in that year. A beautiful, perfect, girl, that could have been my soul mate, said no. I pushed. And now this #metoo bullshit makes me feel guilty, even though I didn't really do anything wrong.

Oh wait, I have a real one. It was in 2014. My friend anthony introduced me to his gf at his birthday party. She was so amazing that she was nice to me. Which is pretty hard to do.

Anyways, a few weeks later, I asked to sleep with her. And a few half-insane-on-drugs days after that I asked if he wanted to do a kinky three way.

That dude was awesome. I betrayed his trust by asking for his girl, I betrayed his trust by wanting to get kinky in ways that just weren't chill with him. And wouldn't be chill with me today, desu.

Anyway. That dude was one of my four great friends in my life. And he was gone like that. Holy shit man... a great friend is the most precious thing in the world.

So if youre just feeling guilty cuz you did something dumb and you wish you werent dumb, then forget it. If you have a chance to make up with a true friend.... HOLY FUCK DO IT. Friends are the universe, man. I shit you not. Bitches come and go.

So I met a girl on a student pen pal website, she’s a cute Chinese girl, I didn’t really like her much at first, but now she’s all over my mind, she seems to like me, but I don’t know.
She refused to let me mail her a gift as it would be expensive, and then asked that I not think less of her for this, she then sent me a clip of her singing a song in Chinese, it was a song of a girl leaving everything she knows for her favorite boy.
She used to ask me questions about Chinese beauty, and I kind of told I find her to be pretty.
We also used to talk about traditional Chinese culture and she seems perfect as we have similar interests.
Now she has returned to school for 2 weeks and I miss her, but were my feeling misplaced?
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Three weeks
yeah having crazy feelings and having a girl all over your mind when she's a three week old pen pal would qualify as misplaced feelings. You can keep in touch with her but don't expect it to blossom into a romance novel.
Yeah, you’re right, I think I did some things that were poor decisions, when she said she dreamed of coming to America, I told I had family there and I planned to go there after my exams and asked her to come so I could have someone to travel with as my mother forbids me from travelling alone, she apologized and refused saying she had to visit her grandmother after her exams
Dude that's some crazy decisions over a penpal.
I'm sure you can find another chinese girl

File: cat.jpg (62 KB, 600x800)
62 KB
What would be the correct response to this?
I don't really want to get married at the moment, that may change as I get older, but the real question is should I because I feel like I have the responsibility of passing on my families last name?
I'm the only guy out of my 3 other siblings, and the burden has fallen to me. I was raised in a very conservative family, so settling down and having a family is definitely the norm, but from all the opinions I've heard getting married isn't worth the time.
Don't want to adopt, but having kids to pass on my name is definitely a burden on me.
Don't do anything that you feel will be a burden to you. You'll just hate your life because you wanted to make someone (who actually may not even care that much) happy. With marriage, it can make your life hell, so don't do it unless you are 100% in. Any doubts surface, you walk the fuck away.
Passing on a name means absolutely fuck all. Don't let anyone pressure you into having children of you don't want them. We're on about a person here remember, so chances are they're not going to be happy being born just to pass on a name and not actually be wanted. Then they might have that burden too, and it repeats. Just do what you wanna do.
Find a hobby, stop watching porn, learn a trade etc.
Once you grow up you will naturally want to pass your legacy.
You can pass your name along with your family name
Why does it feels like a burden to you?
My cousins have different name passed down too and it doesn't matter really. But mind you some checks may be more difficult.
My cousin keeps his birth certificate around all the time because sometime he need to prove that he is the son because he has different surname.
There are other people out there with your last name, I promise you.

File: Justice-512.png (25 KB, 512x512)
25 KB
So I'm curious what 4chan has to say about my particular situation. I have a child, I have a good job, I pay for all of my child expenses,milk,diapers,medication everything my child needs. My ex and I broke up primarily because she is heavily addicted to drugs. Pot,pills,coke. Basically anything she can get her hands on. I was concerned about her watching my child because she has never made our child her priority. She plays mother when she feels like it constantly pawns our child off on others, has no job, no real place to live. She sells drugs for income and involves herself in an alarming amounts of risky behavior. Up untill recently I found solace in the fact that when she did have our child 2-3 days a week she was staying with her mother who would basically take care of our child. Now I discover she has been taking our child to her new boyfriend's house for the few days she does have him in which everyone in the house is a drug user and has multiple criminal convictions. Not to mention he is a giant women beating drug deal piece of shit who isn't even allowed to see any of his own children. And I've been informed that the police have kicked in their door on multiple occasions for warrants. Did I mention he lives with his mother? she Also has an extensive rap sheet..... what options do I have? Can I just keep my child and refuse to let her take our child? Also she is demanding money and threatening me with court and child support. Keep in mind I do no drugs, have a job multiple vehicles, and a house. She has no clue what being responsible is.

File: FROG.jpg (22 KB, 400x349)
22 KB
I've decided that I've had enough of this day-to-day life. I'm going to travel to Israel to form a militia, overthrow the government, and reclaim the Holy Land in the name of the Pope. How do I get started?
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>he can travel to Israel
Why not head a new kibbutz and be a community leader?
We are always needing new community leaders
heh, it's funny because it's still technically frog posting
do you secretly crave the release of a superior idle game?
If you're talking about mount and blade, no. My computer isn't powerful enough for gaming. I just want to siege, eat mutton, drink booze, and score women.
Nah i don't know what that is. i was talking about like swarmsim and trimps.

personally, i crave infinite idle production. I want every fruit, thread, glass, clay, and ally to be produced into the sextillions, all on my behalf. It's disgusting. When dwarf fortress gives me rambutans, I want sinicuichi. When cataclysm dda gives me a recipe system, I want it resolved to the level of realistic, naturally occuring, resources. And I have made such a game. It will not be released until I retire for patent reasons. My name is Emily and I program on a VAX.

Also the captcha was garbage. It told me to select cars. I wanted me to select vans. It is a faggot.

File: isolation.jpg (94 KB, 500x333)
94 KB
How do I cope with constant disappointment and loss? I envy people that have long lasting relationships, what is the secret? How do people stay together for so long and still have love for each other? It seems more often than not people only stay together for a few months then split. Is it the age? I'm 26 M and am very saddened by the lack of long term companionship I have experienced/witnessed. There is an abundance of single moms/father's today, even the advent of a child doesn't seem to keep people together. Has it always been like this or is this how the world has deteriorated? What I seek is so simple but seems almost impossible. I am beginning to feel like there is little point in trying to find love. Hook-up's with random girls feels hollow and always leaves me feeling like I wasted my time.
To accept others you must accept yourself first.
What is the usual reason of your break ups?
Was it you? Or her?

File: bed-bug.jpg (972 KB, 1200x900)
972 KB
972 KB JPG
Well, I've got bed bugs apparently, but I don't even have a mattress.

I've tried throwing out my matt, and they're still here. I've tried sleeping on my couch, i still get eaten up.

Are their anyhome remedies that can get them out, I really don't have the money for an exterminator.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
>Bed bugs
Holy shit you're bringing my PTSD back, dude.
If you live in a rental, maybe you can convince your landlord to do it?
How did this happen?
Permethrin spray, fleabath, Diatomacious earth
The D.earth stuff works the best OP

Get that bedbug money as soon as possible OP. There's some diseases these little fuckers can give you that will really fuck you up over time (Chagas disease--modern research seems to indicate bed bugs, being related to kissing bugs, can potentially transmit the disease)
You can kill them with heat and steam from a clothing iron...

File: 1527464595194.jpg (927 KB, 2000x1417)
927 KB
927 KB JPG
Should I attempt going to a "party"?

I dislike parties in general, it's not my thing, I think. But I think it might be good to improve my social character which I severely lack.

The thing I have in mind is a sort of goth pub with djs and shit. I do like all the goth aesthetics and music, but I also think it will be awkward to go alone.

idk what to do

also, once I get there, what the hell do i do? I don't want to dance and I don't want to drink alcohol.
6 replies omitted. Click here to view.
If I'm uncomfortable at a big social event, I pretend in my head that I'm the host. I go to everyone and ask them how they are doing and do chit-chat to make them feel comfortable. I think the reason why it works is because it takes your mental energy off of what you're feeling and puts attention on others. So go around and make sure everyone is doing fine, chat them up and you'll have "worked the room" successfully.
>So what are you going to do if you go, sit on the couch and look at your phone, you can do that at home with the only side effect being mild FOMO.
I was hoping to meet new people and chat.

I don't think I need alcohol to do that.
You're gonna come out as creep, guaranteed.
If you dont like parties dont go no one is forcing you. Some are really lame especially in canada.
Just go and have fun. You'll gain nothing from staying home. Drink, it will loosen you up and help you talk to people/have fun

On Monday my four weeks holidays (days off work, whatever it's called in English) begin. I need to get laid. How do I do it? Not dating sites/apps because I used those for a long time with very little success so I'm planning to not use them for at least a few months. Also no prostitutes.
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I tried a few months ago. Talked to two women and got rejected. Might try again but not sure.
try until you succeed.. that if you REALLY want to fuck a bitch
I will try in some way to get a date, just not sure I will go to a bar/club.
Dude you came to /adv/ for advice on how to socialize, literally
Your admission of failure was inherent
You're severely retarded

File: 1505201734408.jpg (145 KB, 778x1365)
145 KB
145 KB JPG
If you're not really that sexually attracted to your partner is it better to get a divorce or cheat (hookers/affairs)?
20 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Unless your wife went off of birth control without consulting you first, she did not "force" you into it.
You are supposed to be grown man, of course it is yours. Anyways, I'm just repeating myself, you know my view on this, you are going to do what you decide anyways.
I'm running low on battery, thanks for keeping me company anon.
Yeah I'm sticking with >>19701631 and >>19701748 for the time being
If you dont want to fuck your sexual partner, break up and find someone else.
Yeah but as I said I'm just gonna get bored again

File: EEEEHHHHHYYYYYYTTTTTT.gif (1.51 MB, 450x253)
1.51 MB
1.51 MB GIF
>told girls won't date guys because they're too old
>told girl's won't date guys because they're too young
>girls my age search for older men
>girls my age search for younger men
>you would think the last option would be girls look for men their same age
>couldn't be more wrong

9 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
I laughed out loud.
Thanks anon.

Also, OP is being a whiny bitch.
The problem is you, son.

You're a retard. Read the thread.
Get a girl younger or older that are looking for an older/younger man

File: Jan.png (76 KB, 187x249)
76 KB
Is $12 by the hour a good wage for doing take-offs at a small sized construction company? Everyone else is salary except the receptionist who's making $19 and field guys who also get $12. I'll probably do some coffee runs and I'll also be working with this program that lets you visualize job sites & does math for you and shit

It's my first job and my dad hired me so that's how I know what the everyone else is making. I feel like $12 is too much considering I'm a retarded 18yo fuck-up but wasn't gonna fight him on it ofc

Probably gonna do a 40 hour work week, considering I have no other expenses (except I might start paying for gas/insurance once) that's a nice haul even after taxes. Gonna be fuckin' awesome making money

Anyways thoughts? And also tell me if the wage is good, imo it's amazing
It's not much, but it'll be fuckimg great at time and a half. Take any overtime you can get. I was making more than most people I encountered a week at 19 years old. Made $12/ hr but worked 70 hrs/ week

I suspect my neighbor is spanking his child, can I get him arrested for it?
28 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Is tje non-poleice line 911?
Readvqnout psychology on children. Spanking has no long ter, effects, only short term. It's used by lazy parents, better known as trailer park trash or ghetto people.
*WH*TE people
What psychology?
Anyway I wonder what they suggest for discipline considering that at certain ages child brain isn't developed enough to understand more than spanking...
Why are people allowed to hit children? You can't hit a stranger, it's called assault. You can't have sex with a stranger or your kid because it's called rape.

File: navel.jpg (118 KB, 835x487)
118 KB
118 KB JPG
hi /adv/. i'm looking for some random anon with any any inkling of med experience to offer their opinion on my hypothetical diagnosis of myself.

i'm 21, a guy, and i have a small bump on my perineum. that's the TAINT, brosephine. i think this might be an abscess. are there any particular qualities about the bump that i can check to make sure of it?

i really would appreciate some response.

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