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File: 1488890464189.jpg (45 KB, 700x394)
45 KB
I never had any real friends, or any girl I liked. I thought there were many nice girls (physically attractive I mean) but never really got into them... to give you an example: I've had close acquaintances indirectly ask me if I was gay because they never saw me interested in women.

That has changed however, I saw a girl in church (Im VERY religious), I've seen her for alot of times, she usually sat next to me or nearby (since Im part of that church in a way, I help out the youth etc, it appears she's in the choir -which is only 3 people lol.)

She caught my fancy at once, she was so pure, so innocent, her voice was so sweet...everything about her made my like her instantly, she takes good care of her image, is not too talkative, seeing her knee and pray filled me with glee inside. I talked to her once and asked her name, then I told her mine. Last time I saw her (around early December) she said Goodbye , kissed me on the cheek and never came back again. I couldn't forget her and kept going to church in the hopes of seeing her again, I thought that much would make me happy. This is not a rare occurrence given that people tend to go on holidays around Dec-Feb in here, and I thought she was probably vacationing, at least for the first few weeks.

I had almost given up and quit church (to forget her... otherwise going there just made me depressed, I couldn't focus on praying and she was the only thing I thought throughout mass), but then the other day I saw her friend in church, the only other girl she seemed to talk to, apparently they are somewhat close.
The dialogue went something like this:

>Do you remember (girl I like name's)?,she used to come to church every sunday.
>Ahh yeah, yes I do.
>Could you please tell her to come back?
>Ahh (giggles) yes, alright! I will! haha... (and she walked away, I got a strong feeling that she realised I desperately wanted to see her again)
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even though i dont have a cellphone? is giving her my email alright? do you reckon i should do this this sunday (assuming she does go) or next?
As someone who was in the same position, I'd say stop focusing on her so much. Setting yourself up for devastation
You sound like a 10 year old that hasn't popped a boner yet. It's clear you are either a troll or are lying to yourself to cover up the basics of being a human to put the pussy on a pedestal.

Grow up.
what would the Lord think about your language.

Is Autism different for girls than guys? What's the difference?

Pic unrelated
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Girls like that do pretty might he same things as guys who fit the description: sit at home and almost never leave. That's why they're difficult to find.
then they must be on the internet too. But where ? they're definitely not on vidya as far as I know.
An autismo grill here, can confirm. I never go outside aside from my classes and medical appointments.
will you date me pls? I don't go outside either
there are games with giant female populations, like ffxiv for example.
also communities like tumblr and shit
lot's of girls also just sit at home, listen to music and watch shows non-stop, without much internet interaction

File: IMG_2177.jpg (76 KB, 578x420)
76 KB
Why's my tinder not giving ANY matches at all? I swipe through dozens of women, more rights than lefts, never get a match. My pictures are dogs, friends, all that shit. Description mentions sports, languages I speak, brief biography etc. I'm not hugely attractive but I'm not too bad, expect to at least get a few matches haha. Got it on a 2 mile radius but I'm in the middle of a city. Any thoughts/advice?

File: maxresdefault.jpg (81 KB, 1280x720)
81 KB
I've been sitting in my apartment for 8 years, doing nothing, barely leaving except when extremely necessary. All I have done is play video games and watch anime. I was horrifically obese (500+ pounds), until recently when I have lost dozens of pounds from having no food. I am afraid of people, I have no money (I was never adopted), no family (I was never adopted), and did not make the best of my situation. I honestly always thought I'd eventually just die of starvation, and I guess I was right, but am (un)surprisingly not okay with this.

How do I quickly rectify this situation? I am getting desperate, but my fear of going outside cripples me.
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Watch Welcome to the NHK if you haven't.
It might help.
Your life is so sad and pathetic that it's actually quite funny. Plz be bait.
i fucking love this anime every time I see something referencing it I get said because anime isnt real I just want a relationship like that with a tsundere gf fuck my life

Theres this really gay dude I've known for 6 or 7 years. He gets too into me sometimes and I end up not talking to him for a bit.

But i've always knew he really had a thing for my roommate. My roommate started acting real weird a couple months ago, dyed his hair, got some piercings, started listening to metal, and leaving suicide notes from 2014 laying around the house.

He got a girlfriend and recently told me he was blocking this dude and never wanted his gf to find out about him. Now the gay dude is messaging me saying that my roommate has a bad side, and he wont say if they fucked, but he said that my roommate drives over to his house secretly and beats him and chokes him.

Should mention this guy is borderline autistic.

Im trying to move april 1st. I'm honestly scared for my safety. What should I do about this?
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Well you obviously you will need to move out eventually so just do it. Don't know what to say about this "safety" issue just deal with it? IDK?
I think my roommate is gonna come in here and kill me or himself or both when I move out
carry a knife then, and/or get another impartial friend or family member to help you move out so you aren't alone.
Then don't tell him ahead of time and make sure to have other people with you when you move or move out when he's gone. If it doesn't feel safe leave sooner.

I think you should stop being nosy and act like you don't know anything, you've only heard what one guy said so you just heard gossip.
this wouldnt work, i need to tell my landlord a month ahead of time.

File: 1508267112614.png (383 KB, 640x480)
383 KB
383 KB PNG
Need some advice, not sure whether i'm being overbearing or not.

I was hanging out with my girlfriend on Sunday and she told me about how she had been to a club with her cousin on the Friday. Her cousin ended up separating and she was at the bar talking with a guy who she described as flawless and really handsome, she was basically drooling. She said he was gay and said his boyfriend was over there and pointed to some guy making out with another guy. Then they keep talking and he's telling her how gorgeous she is and how beautiful her hair looks and when she mentions me, he makes one of those small insults towards me and then compliments my girlfriend again according to her. Then they get on the dance floor and start dancing and he grabs her hips so she nopes out of there.

I was pissed to hear about it. I had to explain to her that he wasn't gay (obviously). I didn't raise my voice or anything like that, and said a thousand times I didn't want to be controlling and i'm fine with her flirting as long as it doesn't get to that point where another man is touching her. Now it's days later and she's upset about how condescending I was, and about how mad I got.

She thinks it's fine to go to clubs, flirt with guys, and dance with whoever she wants. I don't think that's right, considering she would be VERY upset if I did the same thing, which I wouldn't do. I make a conscious effort not to lead anyone on because we're in a relationship. Now she's calling me a controlling asshole even though i've explained my feelings over and over. She won't even concede a little on this point.

Am I wrong for thinking this is fucked up?
Your "girlfriend" goes to guys to flirt with guys and then she gushes about them at you? Then she gets upset when you try to speak up? How exactly is she your girlfriend and why are you with her?
Dump her ass and completely cut her off desu. Either she wants to cheat/has cheated or wants to make you jealous or angry by making it look like she wants to then turning it back on you and making herself the victim.

Either of those is about as big and red as a flag can get.
Any girl you want a future with doesn’t go out to clubs and do that anon. If you are looking for long term, you might want to split

File: problem.png (23 KB, 670x538)
23 KB
Can anyone explain this to a brainlet?

I just don't understand where these numbers are coming from. It seems like they are being pulled randomly.

Like I can see 7 going into 14 but how it goes into 56, 8 times. So where is it getting 7x2 from? Are we just ignoring 56?
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Dude yeah this fucked me up because they did all of the expansion in a single step. That shit was kinda wack.


Now you have 14(x-2)(x+2) and 21(x+2)

Divide both with 7 and you get 2(x-2)(x+2) and 3(x+2)
Cross the (x+2) on top and bottom and you get the result
Factor. That's how you simplify.
underaged b&
this is like 9th grade level factoring

File: pepetales.jpg (93 KB, 500x585)
93 KB
>turn 30 next year
Is it even worth it to try and turn my life around this late in life?
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It will ALWAYS be worth it to turn your life around Anon.
age is arbitrary. you can change your life any day you fucking want to and the only thing in the way is yourself.
File: 1511396433081.png (20 KB, 282x326)
20 KB
This, holy shit.
>Another I'm 30 I'm too old thread xD
>late in life

say that when you are 80 not 30

Is it wrong to fuck a married woman? Like not date her just swoop in fuck and leave?
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Oh I’m sooooo scared! Quick! Somebody protect me from the big strong mate-guarding beta whose woman doesn’t love him!
Seconding this.
Just make sure you aren't traceable. Who wants to deal with the husbands rage.
>If you’d honestly be more mad...
Not who you replied to but clearly you don't understand what he means.
Well from a utilitarian point of view it probably causes more grief on the wife and husband part than happiness on yours

On the other hand to you at least your happiness should weigh more than the husband and wifes grief
And there is always the chance of the husband not finding out

So I'd say go for it. Thinking about other people is rarely a recipe for success in society. if she's willing to cheat with you she's gonna cheat sooner or later.

Yes, you're an asshole.

However, she's really the asshole for cheating.

Still, just don't do it. Come on, what good is going to come from this? You're going to orgasm, and for that same price you can have many orgasms; you're gonna pay for this in drama, conscience if you have one, potentially violence from her husband.

Get a fucking clue.

File: 1505956797335.png (157 KB, 324x406)
157 KB
157 KB PNG
I enjoy being kind to people, but I subconsciously avoid conflict (and by extension, people sometimes) when I should be facing that conflict head on. I feel like years of bullying crippled my self-esteem and made me lose my ability to be aggressive about things I care about. I'm sick of being like this and I need a change before I go full-on numb.

Any tips? I'm ready for a change, but I don't know where to start.
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Lift weights
Drink coffee
Watch Scarface
I'll check it out, thanks!

Dominance is a drive ingrained in us on a cellular level. Things were easier when we were young since we didn't have primal drives to worry about, like how baby animals are sheltered by their parents until they develop enough. I feel that the ability to deviate from that is one of us humans' greatest abilities. At the same time, I also feel that you need to be able to dominate to succeed, whether that's over others, or yourself. I lost my ability to be aggressive towards what I want, and I'm suffering because of it, so you need both kindness and aggressiveness to be whole in my opinion.

Doing two of those things, Scarface is on the backlog
be kind, be courteous, and have a plan to kill everyone you meet
Matis quote up in here

You practice

Ideally you get into the trades and let the brutishness of blue-collar'ness wear off on you

I went from a wet noodle, the meek fly-on-the-wall, to an assertive man, a leader even, from the beginning of my apprenticeship at the factory to the present day almost 10 years later (still employed the same place)

The most important thing is to state your wishes Firmly.
No need to shout or throw a tantrum, just state things firmly.
Be able to argue.
Be able to say: "I dissagree. And here is why..."
Control your voice. You can have the thinnest and meekest voice all the time, as long as you know how to summon your inner caveman and drop and octave and say "NO"
If people are discussing with you, and it goes to shouting-level from their side, you MUST raise your voice as well. Someone murmering in response to a raised voice screams weakness and powerlessness.

Who cares?
>understand that gratitude is a thing
>feeling emotionally incompetent
>study religions for the logical value
>get somewhere
>laypeople don't really care
>years are passing
>have a few relationships with people who actually ask real questions
>feel like I never truly connect with any of them when asked the real question of why
>be depressed
>try not to kill myself
...system shutdown
Brother, I will tell you spirtual knowledge is as salt and pepper and love as a juicy steak, the steak tastes good by itself but a little salt and pepper and it's better but salt and pepper without meat is not only not nutritious but if you eat too much you'll become sick. Life isn't about what you know or how deep you converse or how much money you make but rather is about love, not romantic love but charity, to give, that's what love is, the meaning of life is to love God with all your heart, mind and soul and to love your neighbour as yourself, strive to be warm, kind, loving, forgiving, these things will give you meaning. A state of gnosis is not what life is about, life isn't about what you have but rather what you give. God bless.
It just seems like most people live like it's gonna just be alright. I understand the world isn't perfect but to accept the habits of ordinary life in the society we've built is incomprehensible. It's unsustainable. The U. S. 'merged' nations a few centuries ago, nations with conservative ideas are either converting or pissed; U. S. is beyond retarded with what to do socially. Who actually understands it? Why not a universal ethos? A nation wide religion is seen as cultural heritage and is something to be valued. I feel that people understand this but social mentoring is being a hinderance...

I've been taking SSRIs for years now and they've helped a lot, but I've got the constant brain fog that affects my memory and ability to focus. Before I try seeing a psychiatrist to try and get some adderall (which I likely won't get), I started looking into alternatives for it and came across nootropics.

Does anyone have any experience with any kind of nootropics or pic related? Or anything else that can help with concentration/focus while on SSRIs? Anyone regularly used adderall? Seems like a lot of people say it's just a bad cycle of taking more and more to combat the tolerance levels and it might be better to not take it.

Btw, this is mostly for reading and writing, especially the latter. If I know what I want to write I can reach a large output so I was looking into trying something every other day in case it does affect creative abilities negatively, like I've read other places.
I tried piracetam and pramiracetam, didnt notice much from either
Phenibut helps me as a study and focus drug, but I only take it as a "boost" for the day and try not to take it too often
how much do you take?

Seems like I either take not enough to feel anything, or too much and i get that high/dizzy feeling.
750mg to 1000mg

File: 1505779293254.jpg (222 KB, 1280x720)
222 KB
222 KB JPG
So I took a girl out on a date on Sunday night. I had a great time, and she said she did too. When I dropped her off at her house, I told her how I feel about her and expressed that I want to see her more. She said she's busy with classes, but proposed to get together again during Spring Break.

Is this a good sign? I didn't get an "I like you too" from her, but I don't think it was a flat out rejection? What do I do now?
Just keep up, i see no problem with that to be honest
> What do I do now?

Exactly what she told you, freeze that one for now, chat her up once spring break rolls around.
Don't get hung up on her, as you don't know if she'll still be interested by now, so just freeze that "relationship" for now

File: images.png (7 KB, 224x225)
7 KB
(Pic Unrelated)
Where can I find deep fakes?

File: IMG_0414.jpg (24 KB, 365x403)
24 KB
>hook up with a good friend >end up catching feels
>good friend says she doesn't feel the same way
>I say "thanks for your honesty" and try to pretend that it didn't hurt me
>start distancing myself
>desu I'm sure she's had feelings at one point or another
>I live out of state and didn't contact her for a week
>out of no where, she and her friend call me at 1 AM but I'm too sleepy so they apologize and hang up
>don't hit her up for another two weeks because I need my space
>she stops viewing my stories on normiechat
>she comments on one of my instagram posts and just started viewing my stories again

What do I make of this fellas? I've never let a girl walk over me, but I legitimately want her as a friend. Do I come off as salty for distancing myself?
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Gotcha. I'll probably end up seeing her this summer. Is there any chance of our friendship ever being the same again?
Kinda same deal here just happened to me except she's being really distant and obviously trying to ghost. I kind of hurt my ego by being a bluepilled beta bitch through text but at the same time I'm not all that dissapointed. Anyone know this feel of being a Chad/virgin hybrid?
Nope. But that’s the nature of all friendships. They change. Sometimes you can get friendly again. I’ve had a few girls I was into become friends again. But in every case the friendship ended eventually, often as not because my feelings came back.

Maybe I’d be able to manage it better now that I’m in my 30s, but in my early 20s, it was hopeless.
I agree, a little salty but if she's not a cunt she'll understand. The fact that she's tried to touch base a few times shows she still wants you around as a friend and I'd suggest that means she's a pretty good person.

>But if I keep talking to her I'll never heal/ get over her.
You will. I think you'd be surprised at how easy it is not to be in love with someone who doesn't love you back, especially when you know that beyond a doubt.

>She used to send me a lot of pics of her new puppy. In like two weeks I was thinking about shooting a text "so no more puppie updates huh?... I see how it is)
>Is that autistic

A little. I definitely know some girls that would be annoyed at me for doing something like this because it implies it's their fault for us not talking when they actually tried to reach out or some shit. I'd weigh that one carefully. More like
>need some of that good shit, pls send doggo pics
might go down better
I’d just go with
>how’s the doggo doing?
No need to be cute. Cute comes off forced often.

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