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First off, I've been on 4chan way too long now.

Second off...

I've been really laying it on thick with my sister. Its just been relentless flirting, day in, day out.

At first it was to see if I could do it and so I kept it aware of the fact we're related. So, for example, the one time I said our family had great asses, she said Huh? and I grabbed hers, thus kinda opening the window to touch her in those places(she returned the favor too, in more mocking ways).

She has a slutty ass instagram too so I made a joke about getting caught fapping to it by her. Obviously I framed it more as a way to tease her about her photos than anything else (I was the one that pretty much called her to my room).

I mean, I could go on but really what has me fucked up is yesterday I told her to sit on my lap. She did. I told her to turn around and face me. She did.

Now I could be projecting but I swear, there was a moment where -- if she was any one but my sister -- we would have been moments away from making out. It was just this look she had, it really just felt like I was in.

We haven't said anything to eachother since it happened...

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What the fucks wrong with you dude. Half the world population is female. Are you so much of a retard that you have to fuck your younger sister because your a waste of space sperg who can't get a proper GF. She plays your fucked up games because she TRUSTS HER OLDER BROTHER. Any connection you think is there in in your head.
Get a dog and make it sit on your lap. Fuck up your own life shithead. Don't fuck up your sisters future.
I know, and I do have a fwb right now so its not like she's the only girl I have a chance with.

I just find her really attractive these days.
So your best friend says he finds your mom really attractive and starts flirting with her and your mom plays along.
Your logic says that's OK.
File: 1507729050732.jpg (16 KB, 360x360)
16 KB
Nigga, you gotta have sex with her, given that it is legal and both are in on it.
Well, I'd be happy for her but I get your point.

Is stoicism a good way to get though bad shit in life?
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>Eventually you will need to hope again
Stoicism is not mutually exclusive with hope. It's about self control, not lobotomizing yourself in some attempt to escape your emotions.

>Why do you hunger for length of days? The point of life is to follow reason and the divine spirit and to accept whatever nature sends you. To live in this way is not to fear death, but to hold it in contempt. Death is only a thing of terror for those unable to live in the present. Pass on your way, then, with a smiling face, under the smile of him who bids you go

if you can deal with it and be happy why not. my early 20s i had a rough go, my 2nd year of college my dad got diagnosed with lung cancer, died right before i graduated and i was only 21. my boss was a dick and gave me 4 days off work for it, single child with small family so it wasnt easy and i never had time to process it

forward that a few years i got sick of that boss and quit, by that time i was an alcoholic and smoked cigars like a chimney to cope. almost died of alcohol poisoning and quit drinking and smoking by the time i was 25 on my own, started working in loss prevention after firing out my resume to random different employers. saw so much shit in that job from almost being killed a few times to being called every swear under the sun to seeing people i arrested in my nightmares it was horrid to my family but i remained neutral through it all and accepting

stoicism has mainly affected my relationships, my girlfriend sees me as a completely different person versus years ago when we first met and my mom has said the same thing that ive changed in the last decade but accepts why i think
Changed how anon?
To clear things up for some of the dumbasses in this thread, do you mean the school of philosophy?
haha oh ive done much worse, but thanks for the sentiment

File: _20171019_011014.jpg (72 KB, 609x696)
72 KB
So my boyfriend apparently is flirting on insta.is there anyone that knows russian that can help me translate a conversation? Sorry for the creepy request but my heart broke when I realized,I just need to be sure and what they say exactly :( random photo of the conversation in description.I'll upload from the beginning if someone helps
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In Russia we have "vpiska". Basically a party with alcohol and fucking. Maybe that hoe got fucked there hard and isn't ready for a relationships yet. Can't say foro sure though.
Got fucked or he fucked her?
Thanks for sugarcoating it

Reading these:

Nothing sounds definitively incriminating.

All the same, ya'll got issues you need to work out if you're having to dig through his phone.
His terrible writing makes me puke. The only thing I'm sure about are my translations.
You have to talk to him about it. Just like >>18839211 said.

File: 1267710529840.jpg (24 KB, 208x210)
24 KB
A girl likes me but shes pretty ugly and I'm not very attracted to her. I don't see myself being comfortable when with her in a public place

However I am a kissless handholdless virgin with no experience with women. How do I respond to her?
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Just come to the realization that sex is only fucking a meat pocket for 10 minutes and that it's not worth it to have someone you're not attracted to biologically bond with you.
Op if you're still here. I had this situation. I fucked her to lose virginity.

It ruined sex for me and killed my urge for it because she was so unattractive. Not worth.
File: shona.jpg (38 KB, 604x456)
38 KB
Women are meant to be used. Fuck the shit out of that bitch, lead her on, and dump her when you have become comfortable and skilled at fucking, then move on to someone better.
I could not have said it any better!
Use her for experience. She's a training chick.

File: IMG_0255.jpg (36 KB, 345x385)
36 KB
I lost my virginity last night and I cannot fucking forgive myself. I've only been dating the guy for about two months and after wanting to wait for marriage my entire life I just gave it up because my hormones got the best of me. Was raised Christian and my parents really drove home that this was the worst thing I could do. Now I've disappointed God, my parents, and myself. I am fucking ruined and I don't know what to do.
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>implying Christians didn't get circumcised
nice barbarian meme
have fun invading france again u fuckin nazi
Only jewish christians and americucks get circumsized you mong
>I sinned so much I stopped caring
>all the people who still care about morality aren't worth talking to, so you should do the same as me
What is wrong with you people? Fapping in and of itself isn't bad, but fucking before marriage is, very much so.
Says who? Fapping is bad, you fucking degenerate.
There's no evidence of that, and I've been railing against whores and fornication for months. Porn is degenerate--but that's not the same thing.

Are there *any* advantages to being a man? Any reasons to live based only on the comparison between male and female? Males are stronger but only to be used as workhorses. I can't exactly go around enforcing my will upon women, so that pretty much makes that aspect null (you know if women were stronger than men they'd brutalize us for game).

Seriously, are there any heart-lifting advantages? They get away with stealing our children in divorce court, have in-group bias towards each other (something that men don't have; if you're a man you'll have to compete with other men unless you make a friend, which is rare and statistically insignificant), plus can always cry out for help from the other fucking gender whereas if you're a man and you ask for help from either men or women you'll be laughed at and/or targeted for being weak.
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>Are there *any* advantages to being a man? Any reasons to live based only on the comparison between male and female?
Are you fucking kidding?
>Aggregately speaking:
>Bigger; stronger
>More logical; emotionally stable
>Don't leak fluids everywhere
>More resilient reproductive system
>Don't have to biologically deal with physical horrors of childbirth
>Age better
>Less social judgment
>Less societal expectations
>No basic hatred from own gender

>have in-group bias towards each other (something that men don't have; if you're a man you'll have to compete with other men unless you make a friend, which is rare and statistically insignificant),

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Can I just say that I fucking hate the idea that men are less emotional than women. Jesus Christ, men can be some of the most angry, petty, joyful, despondent, enthusiastic, jealous, and determined motherfuckers on the planet.

There are certain kinds of emotion that men are trained not to express, like sadness and gratitude, for example, but that doesn't mean men don't feel these emotions! Also, they are not the only emotions in the world! It's just that these particular emotions are coded feminine and used to denigrate both women and men who actually express them in a healthy way.

Men are just as emotional as women. Accept it and you'll be healthier for it.
Are we talking in relative or absolute terms?
Relative = yes, probably.
Absolute = for very few.
She said she doesn't want to be raped
Jeez darlin, don't throw a fit, you're gonna faint.

How do I stop letting other people's opinions on things I like affect me so much?
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Who are these "other people" and why do you value what they say? Really the opinions of some randoms on the internet should not effect you enjoying something.
it depends on the specifics

a. who's opinion?
b. what is it?
c. why do they hold it?
d. how does it involve you?
e. why do you feel that way about it?
I know they shouldn't, but they do. I feel like shit whenever I see a bunch of people saying how and why they don't like something I like.
a. No specific people, can be anybody. Especially if they seem to know what they're talking about.
b. Again, nothing specific. It usually involves things I have a strong attachment to.

And I'm not sure how to answer the rest.
Realize they're just specters.

File: christian.png (1.31 MB, 1079x1137)
1.31 MB
1.31 MB PNG
Before I say anything just want to mention that I'm talking about this because it seems like the only problem I can actually solve with your help.

So my dad keeps spying on my internet history on all my devices (laptop, phone, tablet) with a super expensive spyware (literally hundreds of $$$) he used for his ex-wife when she was cheating on him, and makes awkward out of context and really cringe "jokes" about my porn history if we ever talk about anything which could be vaguely related to sex or something related to a topic I've been frequently googling, or even private Facebook conversations with my friends, and I can't just say "stop spying on me" because if I do that he just avoids the question and it makes me look even weirder i.e

>"hey did u see this person Rachael on insertnameofsomething.jpg?"
>"yeah insertcommenthere all girls named Rachael are almost always nasty"
>"haha yeah maybe, but I guess girls with porn star names would probably be a better example"
>"Or a cute fuzzy animal and lizard with big titties *awkward grin, gaze shift to floor randomly*"
>(I had been googling furry and pterodactyl hentai which I spammed to my friend as a gag because he was trying to justify it)

What can I do to get rid of this /adv/? What free anti spyware programs work best to get rid of quote on quote "super expensive ex-wife level spyware" and how can I prevent him from installing it again after I remove it? Is there any way I can get evidence of him spying on me and just slap it in his face? I was thinking wireshark packet sniffing, but will that work?
9 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
If you have no other option, I would suggest just doing a fresh reinstall of windows and factory reset for your other devices. Although it will get rid of your stuff, the spyware will go bye bye and he would have to somehow reinstall it. I would suggest changing the passwords to literally everything you have after the fact as well as making sure he isn't snooping on your computer while you are gone. Not sure what kind of spyware he is using, but you could try and use programs such as super anti spyware (free edition) or malwarebytes to attempt and get rid of it.
Tell him to stop? You're such a faggot. And your dad is a fucking creep.
You guys are adorable, and fox news called 4chan hackers on steroids lol
Just start looking up heaps of incest dad son porn, he'll soon back off. Unless that's what he's looking for
top kek,
possibly cuck.

File deleted.
>inb4 reverse SJWs insult my parents
Yep, they're an interracial couple. Thats life.

Now, hopefully if you're still reading you can look past that.

In essence, I'm a victim of Freudian psychology. Essentially, I mainly find well put together(my mother was an internet boom entrepeneur) white girls attractive enough to date. Sure, I love trashy white girls too, but thats purely an aesthetic thing. The issue is, I feel, the same way mothers can effect who their son is attracted to, fathers do to their daughters.

In short. I like white girls, but 'good' white girls mainly seem to like white guslys.

I make sure I'm the best I can possibly be, making films, excelling in my sport and maintaining discipline in my studies.

The thing is, I wonder if that even matters. I wonder if, in the same way I find fully black girls unattractive near regardless of their accomplishments and /fit/ness, white girls can just find black guys unattractive.

I do get white girls, it does happen, though so far only one girl has ever felt I was worth introducing to her parents and this was at a time where I was far too young to be sexually active/in a relationship in the first place.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I have a higher IQ than 95% of the population, whites included, according to the NHS.

So, in a ranking, could I safely say it goes whites > mulattoe/all the other mixes > east & west asians > blacks > indians.

I only slap Indians down at the bottom because I've seen a lot of threads about Indian guys struggling to get pussy. That and, on averagr, black dudes are taller. Otherwise, I'd guess they're equally ranked.

Lol, alright my man. Anyway,

>Do you even do math and statistics
I noted my objection was anectdotal and then noted why the scores may have undergone a significant change over the last 3 years.

Relax dude, if you're so superior why are you trying so hard to prove it? We're not even enemies.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: fertility_and_age.jpg (38 KB, 500x500)
38 KB
Two of my friends used tinder to find long term relationship. One is already planning to get married to his tinder match.

>so superior
I didnt bring race first, you did nigga.
>pro tip
Young girls are looking just for sex and use relationships as an excuse to get sex and avoid status whore. Your brain wont get finished until ~25 and before that happens, it is free game called fuck everything what moves for anybody. The most stable marriages are in age range 25-35. You can literally marry too young. I dont know how BIG family you want, but women is capable to have 1 baby per 2 years easily. That means you can make 5 babies under 10 years and she will still be fertile enough for more.

But good luck finding some which will be willing to be your broodmother. I want 3 babies and most girls want 0 kids these days or just one.

Maybe stop getting your dick wet and try to find real gf. It isnt that easy as it sounds.
My man, the nature of the thread required I discuss my ethnicity.

If that graph is accurate, I've reasonably got until 25-26 to get married, assuming my wife'll be the same age as me.

Regardless, this was actual solid advice though, so thanks.
>I have a higher IQ than 95% of the population, whites included, according to the NHS
Wow, such a high IQ that you don't understand what an average is. Truly inspiring, you a good boy, gonna get your high school diploma and shheeeiit.
Will you fuck off from white women? I don't care how smart you are, you're still a nigger, and any whore dumb enough to shack up with you will be dangling right next to your spot on the lamppost.
>for some reason

File: spaceghost_0.jpg (100 KB, 1100x685)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
Im 18yrs old and i havent kissed or held hands with a girl, is this normal, should i still be hopeful that I would find someone.
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Got it I think I feel more confident about it and was probably worrying about nothing
no one wants to be near a ponyfucker you diaperfag
you're going to die alone you fucking bitch
It's not really "normal" (most people have had a sweetheart at some point during high school) but you shouldn't worry about it.

Worry in five years.
It is fine OP don't worry, I did nit have any real experiences until I was 19 and off to college. Had good times there!

File: Keloids.jpg (129 KB, 640x480)
129 KB
129 KB JPG
Anyone know any non-docter/non surgical remedy for these,had one that appeared from nowhere right on the right side of my cheek,should I be worried it's going to get any bigger?

The night before it appeared I felt like something have tightened my face like a "scrounging" sensation
Treating a keloid, however, can be involved. To reduce the chance of another keloid forming after treatment, more than one type of treatment may be necessary.

No one treatment is best for all keloids. To give their patients the best results, dermatologists choose treatment based on the patient’s age, type of keloid, and other considerations. For example, one patient with a keloid on an earlobe may get better results if the scar is surgically removed in layers (called shaving) than surgically cut out.
Unless you have access to prednisone injection or topical chemo, probably not. It's not a big deal to go to the doctor for.
looks like herpes. go see a doctor.

Hi OP, Med student here.
MS-Biomedical Science

Keloids are generally genetic and the result of an injury or wound, but you have doesn't sound entirely keloid-like.

Go to a dermatologist, investigate it and have it diagnosed, don't lie.

Second: Make sure you tell the dermatologist that it's extremely painful, a derm will only remove a 'superficial' blemish if it's painful, because that's what the insurance companies will cover.

Good luck.

How do I become more sceptical?

I've always been naive. I won't get into it too much here but I've always been super suceptible to manipulative people and I always get convinced by arguments on either side of a discussion. I'll believe anythibg as long as it's told to me in a convincing manner. How do I become more sceptical?
Just ask for proof/citations. Review the citations looking for biases from the publishers.
I'm not very smart and I usually can't make sense of papers. Even long texts scare me off. I feel so useless when it comes to discussions and I'm too stupid to fact check. I feel so unqualified to review anything. It really feeds into my insecurity and inability to do things for myself. I'm 20 and I still live with my big brother and he's getting married and told me that I should be looking for a new place to stay before they get married but I don't know how to take care of myself.
Always ask "why?"
Start trolling people even if you have no arguments:
-"I don't believe you."
-"That sounds stupid."
-"Yeah, whatever."
Until you piss everyone off and realize you're ultimately in control of your beliefs and if something feels wrong to you, you aren't forced to agree.
Only then you can move on.

File: 1508391578744-144732531.jpg (3.01 MB, 4128x3096)
3.01 MB
3.01 MB JPG
Does anyone know what this is?
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
That was my first thought didn't work in my car tho.
isnt that one of those things that extinguishes half a cigarette so you can save it for later?
It's a one hitter, for marijuana
That’s for weed man.
its a mini vaporizer you daft cunt !

File: 1299696566349.jpg (83 KB, 470x800)
83 KB
I will die within the next 4 years, either by my own hand or somebody elses.

I figured to help my parents with my suicide, I would write them a letter to know how I came about my decision.

I believe I was abused as a child and I then imposed this upon others. I now see everybody as a sex object. Growing up I sucked many of my friends dicks, and then later propositioned two of my sisters. Since then my fetishes have moved further afield, namely trannies amongst others.

My current occupation shows me the worst of society and I expect it will destroy/corrupt me in the long run. No one can do this forever - they eventually break/quit. I never really saw a long term to this, only a temporary position to save somebody else from doing it for a time - I'm going to die anyway.

My question is how forthcoming should I be with my honesty to my parents in this letter. The bare basics, or complete. Do they need to know everything?
11 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Would you want to know his inner most secrets, like if he was into cats aresholes>
Your english is 8/10
Are u a guy or girl?
Just don't leave anything unanswered. If they wouldn't ask themselves if you're into cats assholes then there's no reason to tell them you are.
File: 1304726280603.jpg (106 KB, 800x754)
106 KB
106 KB JPG

30yo guy

some old black guy at my church when I was a child

where are you?

flesh eating disease. pic related

File: 1493402520845.png (246 KB, 356x364)
246 KB
246 KB PNG
My butthole is purple and swollen. I'm also having minor perennial pain. Is this hemorrhoids or something more sinister?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
>My butthole is purple and swollen
Even though that sounds fucked up, it doesn't sound sinister.

I'd be more worried by a tiny mole which looks and feels unusual than a huge oozing pus wound.
I don't know, anon, it might be a demon escaping your gastrointestinal tract. Have you eaten any mexican food lately? Those spaniards have a lot of spooky shit around their culture. I'd recommend contacting a local priest/shaman/latinamerican maid's grandmother/witch/witchdoctor/doctor
File: 563.jpg (19 KB, 640x640)
19 KB
Does is smell?
Any recent anal play? If so what was it? Maybe you overdid it - too big of toy or cock? Any blood in your stool?

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