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File: sTOP.jpg (348 KB, 560x560)
348 KB
348 KB JPG
>be me
> have a bf of half a year
>I'm less of a 4chan shitposter/meme lord as him; but I know he has lots of online friends and in a number of discord servers (not super relevant)
>has caught him in petty lies before, builds up secret distrust
>i also am aware he has cheated in previous relationships due to them being toxic and neither party cared
>I am the only gf he has genuinely loved, cares for, and puts effort towards (I can attest to this being true) and has made it clear I would not get cucked
>not proud of it, but I occasionally lurk thru his phone and laptop
>finds out he's secretly ab/dl, a furry (who isn't though), prob has a sex addiction (just by looking at the time stamps of how often he has diaper porn pulled up in his history when I'm not with him), found he wants to find others locally in our area who are into ab/dl and created a fetlife account specifically for that
>find that he ordered a diaper online, plans to wear it privately I guess
>he does not know that i am aware of his fetish (duh)

What do I do? I understand he probably feels a lot of shame towards his interest in ab/dl due to the fact he hasn't shared it with me. I honestly don't really care, he can wear a diaper in his own time but I am not particularly interested in being a part of it myself. I'm more so upset at the fact he feels the need to meet up with others locally who are into it? I feel like I'm going to get cucked, and I don't think I'm being ridiculous by having this concern. I just think if you truly love the person in a relationship, you clearly communicate your fetishes/kinks before looking for anons online. trust me, I have opened this conversation for him to do so multiple times when discussing what I'm into; but all I get from him is that I fit the bill in what he is 'into' (smol, small breasted, pixie cut girl). I wish he would just be transparent with me, but I can't open up this conversation since it involved me invading his privacy.

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lemme hit you with some real shit in a second.
You say you're empathetic and a romantic, which is fine but you gotta look out for yourself too. There are so many red flags you pointed out yourself and desu it's fine if you want to keep going with this but that love shit needs to be reduced. The amount of degenerate things you listed about this guy, he's going to end up hurting you and might get hurt himself. It's really not a good relationship from an outside POV. Stay in it if you want but protect yourself.
You also said you love =each other= but you said he cheated before and you've currently found him trying to cheat so what does that say about him? What does that say about how he actually feels about you because if you look at it, he's doing all this not knowing that you know. You said you can attest to him loving you to be true but again, you're finding all this shit on his laptop that he doesn't know you know.
Something else you should know is that fetishes don't go away. He's going to keep doing this and since he's not admitting it then he's going to do it without you and you have to admit, it's a weird af fetish.
You cannot possibly bring this up without him thinking you went through his shit because diaper fetish isn't something the normal person thinks is sexy.
You're going to get cheated on.
You need to decide if you want this or not because you already said you can't be into diaper stuff.
Also he's a furry tho wtf
>cheated in previous relations
>into furry
>into diapers

Please stop seeing this man. Those fetishes are not normal, he meets up with likeminded people too? What the fuck are you doing still with me shit what.

He's interested in shitting/pissing himself and carrying that while he goes about on his day. I don't think I should explain the furry part too. Any normal person would immediately see those as red flags, I think You're justifying his interests as "each to their own" as an excuse to still stay with him.

I know some anons will be sympathetic to this guy but I don't, I think that it was bad already that he cheated on previous relationships (mind the plural word), but top it off he has fucked fetishes. Also, whats to disapprove that he "worked hard on past relationships"? What if in his mind that the previous girls were the keepers but then he started seeing somebody else? Whos to say that he won't do it again.

I can list off more, but I think you've already made your mind about the topic even before posting here.
>I occasionally lurk thru his phone and laptop
trust is already gone. Its a bitch to get that back. When someone else snoops through your stuff you feel like your privacy is violated, it clearly was. Even in a relationship two people still need their own bits of privacy.

>Still not wanting to break it off when he is looking
Something to think about, is there a fetish that you have that he is not comfortable with? Once a month or something work with each others weird fetish as a compromise.
Break the cycle of mutual lying if you really want to save this relationship. What you're doing right now is destructive.

File: 37c203f.jpg (43 KB, 880x440)
43 KB
What's an easy way I can earn some extra cash online and what things would I need for it? Anyone have any suggestions
try this http://susan.cds1mall.com

works for me
Go to garage sales near closing time. Offer them $5 for everything. Then sell the items individually on ebay. Slow but steady money-maker
Have s shower first.

File: pic.jpg (210 KB, 1290x726)
210 KB
210 KB JPG
>hate retail/mcdicks
>want to be at school
>can never muster the motivation to study and do assignments on time
what is wrong with me
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File: nupepe.png (328 KB, 800x778)
328 KB
328 KB PNG
Step 4 is to never, ever, under any circumstance, skip class. It's a death sentence. Never do it. It promotes bad habits and will make you think you can do it. It makes you think you can slack. You can't slack. Go to class, motherfucker, you paid to be here. And whenever anyone brags about not going to class, remember that they simply won't make it.

You might miss a quiz. You might miss a new assignment. You might miss an important lecture. You might miss seeing stacy, who today wore leggings and a low cut tanktop.

Even if you're barely engaged, go to fucking class. It builds brownie points with professors, so if you need an extra leg up at the end of the semester you can go to their office (since you'll be on campus all day), and ask for some work you can do for extra credit. If you've been punctual they might throw you a bone.
File: b nice.jpg (68 KB, 813x484)
68 KB
Step 5, the final step, is so important you won't believe it. You'll laugh. You won't trust me. But after a while, you'll realize how important this shit is.

MAKE A FUCKING SLEEP SCHEDULE. Your brain works better this way. Sleep 9 hours each night. Always. Always. Always. Do not break this. If Stacy wants you to come over after class for a "study session" because "you're so smart, anon!" and she needs you to show her exactly what part is the powerhouse of the cell, tell her you gotta be back by 9 so you can brush your teeth and put on your jammies before laying down to sleep by 10.

A good sleep schedule will promote mental health. It will promote good habits. As well as going to bed at the same time, wake up at the same time. Eat breakfast every day. Don't fuck this up, it's important.

And please, don't assume I'm leaving out the weekends. I'm not. Do the same thing on the weekends. From now on, anon, you're a good boy who goes nighty night when the sun goes down. Even on the days when you don't have school.

Anyway. That's all I've got. I hope this helped.
File: sushi-cats-2.jpg (50 KB, 590x554)
50 KB
This helps a ton. God bless, anon
File: love.png (26 KB, 354x286)
26 KB
No need to thank me, I did it for the dubs. And don't you dare let me see you slacking. If you make another thread about this next semester, I'll be pretty disappointed.
Can we switch places? I have the motivation, but no money or job. I would much rather have the pleasure of affordable sloth.

File: body hurtie.jpg (261 KB, 1024x883)
261 KB
261 KB JPG
When ever i sit/stand straight or if i breath in deep, aswell when the right foot hits the ground when walking, i get a stabbing pain where i drew on the picture.

Don't even know what the area is called, tried google all i get is posture shit or some inflamation in the lungs, don't think it's either.

Happened yestoday, thought i was a stretch or someshit, but it's gotten worse after i slept.

Any ideas? cba going to the doctor right now
>but it's gotten worse after i slept.
You sleep on your side? Your right side?
It sounds like samata

File: ryu_ending.png (264 KB, 768x448)
264 KB
264 KB PNG
For the last year or so, I've been thinking about just setting off on my own and traveling the world to "find myself". I'm 20, in uni, but have absolutely no idea what I want to do with my life, nor do I know what kind of career I want. What do I need to know about this, and how bad an idea is it?
Open google and type there
>career test
If you are studying something you dont want to end up doing for 40 years or doesnt exists jobs for, then you are ultimately wasting your time there.

And dont forget the older you get the worse it will be to return back to school. You think the school sucks now? Just wait until you will get first decent job where you do nothing but flirting with coworkers and getting paid for it. Stay in school as long as possible and get some degree which will allow you to have bearable high paying job.

Travelling is huge money sink and meme. Open google maps and switch to street view: there you are travelling now.

I have trouble sleeping and falling asleep

It’s gotten to the point where I sometimes go three nights in a row without sleeping

I used to be really calm but now I have trouble regulating emotional spikes

I am suddenly losing all my hair even though all my male relatives had full heads into old age

What could this be?

I’m 24 so I fear I’m at the age mental issues appear
Three days of not sleeping sounds fucking awful
Have you gone to a doctor yet? If not, you really need to.
I’m afraid I have a severe mental health issue

I have an appointment today
Mental issues appear much earlier than 24 anon.

Anyway. Get to a sleep doctor and maybe a psychiatrist asap.

Ive been where you are at your age (30 now).

You wont believe the amount of mental damage no sleep can do. If youre unlucky like me youll even end up thinking your house is possessed by demons. It got really bad for me. Hallucinations and all. (inb4 schizophrenia. This is consistent with chronic sleep deprivation and im totally fine now.)

I have good news. All damage associated with poor sleep is 100% reversible and *very fast*.

Once you get it sorted youll be in tip top shape within weeks.
Tell me your story

Nignog here. There's this girl I'm interested in, but it's difficult to hold a conversation. I'm a normie 4chan lurker and I've never met someone that lacks social activity to this degree. I've shared a class with her for 4 months and my attempts at talking last all of 5 seconds with little substance. Tl;dr How do I talk to girl I don't know? What should I talk about? How should I start a conversation with someone that lacks interest?
It is called questions you ignorant nirmie. If you actually were decent at convo, you would be able to carry it no matter how shit is your convo partner.

>what is your favorite subject?
>me too because
>really, what about X?
>what are you doing on weekend?
>can i do it too?

And honestly if somebody doesnt put effort back into convo they either arent interested in you / are bad at it. Ask her out, get rejected and move one. Get her phone number first.

Also why did you state your skin color? Try to spend less time on cancer boards like /pol.
If a girl is interested she will make a conversation easy. She isn't obviously. The only way because you want to talk to her is because of her looks as you oviously don't know her personaly. If she's asian, forgett it. If she's white, she will only date you if indoctrinated into the lefts meme of we're all the same. If she's black she might have this bitchy attitude which most latinas have as well, in which case get primal.

Okay fuck me guys, so ive been sort of seeing this girl for four months, really cute, and cool to be with. Whatever. But only recently I found out she was like a die hard social justice warrior chick. Had no clue, never met her friends or seen what she does outside of being around me really. I knew she was in university, but I saw her transcripts and its all like gender studies, women studies, all that shit, with no real academic classes. Like its such a liberal school pepe was fucking banned on campus. I dont know what to do, do u tell her im a 0/10 shitposter, do i just keep going with her until she finds out im literally someone who she hates without her knowing, or just keep getting it in while I can. I do like her but we dont know eachother at all, and i dont think we could start thinking about being serious until we do.
You sound like a typical asshole, considering you’re already looking down on her for following subjects she’s interested in

Find some brainless 10/10 that you can have a stimulating conversation with about Pepe and Trump and leave the poor woman alone. She’ll find out eventually and by that time the response will be worse
Stop falling for the memes, drop the "us vs them" mentality and for the love of God don't let 4chan do all of your political thinking for you.
You said she's cool to hang around with so that's all that should matter, you clearly have some common ground and I'll bet that you probably agree with eachother on more issues than you think.
My gf is left and I'm right, we work out but she does say she wishes I was more liberal.
You sound like you came straight from the bowels of Tumblr.

Get this: people with that mindset (aka you) are insufferable and never shut up about politics/feminism or whatever else they're obsessed with. Even if we agree it gets fucking tiring around the 70th time they bring it up that day
I don't get it, OP. Are you AGAINST social justice? If not, what's the problem?

File: 1512006929499.jpg (30 KB, 357x499)
30 KB
Hello Frens,
I'm 18 years old, relatively attractive to the point where girls approach me. However I've been browsing 4chan for about 4 years now, most specifically /fa/ and /mu/. Because of this I find it extremely difficult to have any sort of attraction to most girls, due to the whole "pleb" and "patrician" 4chan mentality when it comes to tastes as you all should be familiar with. I find it extremely tedious to hold conversations with "normies" as conversation topic is usually extremely vapid and based on rapport.
I guess what i'm asking is wether i should pretty much force myself to becoming a "normie" or just wait it out because i'm getting impatient on finding a girl that I actually enjoy talking to.
Finding girls you enjoy talking to is so rare even for normie guys.

Just be patient and keep getting your dick wet.
Realize that if you brow /fa/ and /mu/ both your tasts are probably shitty echo-chamber approved memes. Realize you aren't patrician but autistic mainstreaming what your ingroup dumps on there. You are just as vapid as any other basic bitch.

I'm having trouble thinking of what to ask for for Christmas. It has to be under 500 dollars. The only thing I can think of to ask for are leatherbound books by easton press, like the jk tolkien complete works. I also was going to ask for the complete works of Fritz Wunderlich on deutsche grammophon records, he's my favorite classical vocalist. I feel like I have everything that I could want that's under 1000 dollars, anime plushies, computer stuff, appliances. If anyone knows of anything that's just cool, please let me know.
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>under $500
It's so much money. The most I can ask for is $70
Just get anything you can easily sell and then use the money for drugs and/or hookers
Those editions are for displaying in your shelves, not for reading. You're much better off getting five times as many books in ordinary reading editions.
>under 500$
I wouldn't dare to ask so fucking much even tho my family literaly can swim in money like Dagobert Duck. Christmas isn't about getting free shit but thinking of what someone else would enjoy, which mostly doesn't have to be expansive.

I get antique books for like 20$ most of the times or some nice kiddo stuff like fake dino-skelletons du burry out from "stone". Get humble anon instead of literaly saying what you want for a shitton for money, like a Finanzjude.

File: settling.png (18 KB, 318x285)
18 KB
how do i get my girl into teasing me

shes usually pretty submissive, i tie her up, spit on her, spank, slap her, etc, she calls me daddy publicly

i like the idea of pining for her and her being in control of how she gets fucked basically. how do i ask her to do this role? like what are some exercises/things to try to get her to understand how to be dominant/controlling?
Almost all girls are subs by default. You can try to bring her dom tendencies out by serving her instead. But i doubt she has any. You cant just turn somebody dom.

Ask her and do some roleplaying. Call her madam or something like that and just serve her. See if it will lead anywhere.

File: speechless.png (337 KB, 500x681)
337 KB
337 KB PNG
I'm about to send an email to a couple escorts to (hopefully) schedule a session. But even with their communication guides, and the fact this isn't my first time with an escort (last one was in 2014), I don't know what to say, or where to begin ._.

I assume this is in response to online listings? (also I assume this isn't in some retarded country where prostitution is illegal)

I've never booked an escort via email, but if I did then I'd do something like, "Hi there,

This email is in response to your listing on <website>. I really like your look and am interested in setting up a session.


It's just like contacting a plumber or responding to some kind of online listing. There's nothing to it

Why are you stuck for words?

File: The Source of Success.jpg (673 KB, 1920x1080)
673 KB
673 KB JPG
I want to be able to work all day for most days indefinitely, but my motivation is low a lot of times. I can't tell whether or not I'm pushing myself too hard or not enough, but I want to believe that I can do better, that I could sit down and actually do the work. I have to. Is 12 hours a day guaranteed to break me? I'm completely willing to go through hell if I can just get through this wall as many times as I have to.

Pic related, I want to be like this and get used to it.
Stop being retarded.

File: IMG_4905.jpg (57 KB, 350x299)
57 KB
What are some nice things I can do for my bf (other than cooking, cleaning, and sex)? My bf and I have a good relationship, but I just wanted to know if anyone had any ideas.
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
When he's getting out the shower walk into bathroom looking really sexy and give him amazing long surprise blowjob and swallow. Guys are really that simple. That is enough to make us happy we don't require much.
Plan for the future and find a financial plan to invest and grow your money
We don't always want sex believe it or not. Sometimes we just want to nut, then go about the rest of our day. Food for thought.

Good advice, I would prefer it IN the shower so I don't have to wash my dick again(I'm weird like that).
What a surprise, yet another homogay. Enjoy your "relationship", he is fucking other guys and has aids by now and probably gave it to you already.
Watch movies together, play coop games and invite him to weird ass dates like opera or dancing lessons.

File: worry.jpg (15 KB, 329x364)
15 KB
henlo /adv/, so next week im going to meet my girlfriend's parents and im just wondering what would be the proper answer if the dad/brother will ask something like promise them to not hurt her daughter/sister kind of line. Because my ex gf's dad was not really cool with me promising to not hurt my her ( which i did at the end), told me that at one point i will really hurt her bad and calling me bullshit on promising (what was the point of him asking anyway?). So, what would be a good response then?
File: u have to be 18.gif (22 KB, 400x300)
22 KB
'I do not intent on hurting your precious vagina sir.'

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