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File: 1531931000178.jpg (1.94 MB, 1333x1897)
1.94 MB
1.94 MB JPG
My room, particularly my bed, smells like shit
And it doesn't have a window so letting fresh air and sunlight in is out of the question
Any tips?
Also closet and clothes inside it also smells bad, I need help with that too
All I get so far are stuff I can do with baking soda, vinegar and coffee. Anything else I'm missing
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Wash your clothes. Get some cedar hangers or something to go in your closet
Sprinkle baking soda on carpet, bed, curtains. Let sit then vacuum.
Wash the walls, get some kind of air freshener like an oil diffuser

Start showering before bed you disgusting fuck
Is there like a substitute for vacuum?
I don't have one
Stop shitting in your room and playing and eating it you poor retard
Buy one from the fucking thrift store
>change sheets weekly
>change pyjamas twice weekly
>wash duvet cover every couple of months
>leave duvet and pillows out in strong sunlight for several hours once per quarter
>vacuum floors
>dust surfaces
>don't keep dirty clothes in the room
>don't keep a full trash can in the room
>don't eat in the room
>hire someone to wash the carpet

File: 1453088807895.png (5 KB, 238x212)
5 KB
how fucked am I if I took a few hits of weed and have a drug test 6 days after it? being completely clean before the few hits

everything I read online says it takes 2 days to be out but those studies were with really weak crappy weed. I looked through forums for hours and people were saying they passed in 4 days and it took 3-5 days and stuff like that but i've read it can take longer.

i've been jogging and sweatning non stop chugging water and sitting in a steam room to sweat it out and i've been taking mega pisses non stop even drinking so much water I wake up in my sleep and piss like 3-4 times.

I have a detox drink or some certo but im afraid to try it and have my piss come up some weird color or backfire or some shit. am I fucked?

for reference one time I smoked 4-5 joints of really good weed in 2 days and took a drug test a week later and I passed it but I pissed like fucking crazy before the test and I chugged a ton more water so I could piss for the test and my piss was basically water. I had like 5 hits or so
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no its completely true I wasn't lying. my friend told me thats what he does he goes in having to pee so you dont have to sit there for a half hour chugging water waiting to piss in a lobby so I did that I was clean then and trying to dilute

I dont see how they can hit you for having clear piss I mean you have to use their water fountain to piss if you dont have to already
You're fucking retarded op
I know...
lots of water
lots of pissing
lots of sweating
Sauna can knock a day off
Eating healthy
8hrs of sleep (no more or less)
Just buy fake pee at the smoke shop....

So I might be pregnant and guy wants to pay me to get an abortion. How do I ask for $30k without sounding like I’m blackmailing him? He’s European citizen

and i need it to care for myself because i want to have the baby without him knowing and i need the money to raise the baby he doesnt want the baby he wants the abortion so ill tell him i had the abortion and dissapear from his life

im in real trouble and need help thank you
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The majority of people work and raise kids simultaneously, or works out fine. Only a very small group of wealthy people can ever afford to stay at home and raise their kids full time
Sue him for much more than that for even asking you to do it so we can eventually get rid of the blight on the integrity of the Supreme Court known as Roe v. Wade.
how do i tell him ill have the abortion if he gives me $100K?

my health is at risk
Just stop being a whore
Why not just tell us what you want to hear since you're clearly just fishing for aproval

File: 1534090411607.jpg (130 KB, 1124x1098)
130 KB
130 KB JPG
I was making a left turn in a green (not an arrow, because those semaphores can't make a green arrow), and this car turned right in a red (we both turned around same time but I turned first he did a little after). I was going to merge onto the rightmost lane, (or the lane he made a right into) and I kept going thinking he was going to stop, but I noticed he kept going and so I halted slowly. What happened was our cars bumped and the way they bumped was that my right headlight's side was fucked up and his driver's side was hit.
I'm wondering if it's my fault because of the fact that I was making a turn onto the rightmost lane (there were only two lanes btw).
But the fact that he didn't even try to call the police and kept going makes me think he's in the wrong.
I also called the police (40 min after accident) but they redirected me to the campus police, and they said I should come in tomorrow in the police buiding (so idk if can just not report it, because of the fact that they have my phone number (which is tied to my name in the school's records))
What do you guys think? Who's at fault?

I can further clarify the scenario if you want.
also im in florida

File: 1528602959834.jpg (213 KB, 994x906)
213 KB
213 KB JPG
I recently found out that my great aunt had left me some in a trust. I have to sign some waiver to contest it, or was provided the waiver by a lawyer with the option to do it. I unfortunately had lost touch with my aunt because of family issues and trying to escape my parents. I feel really guilty because of this because I hadn't seen her in so long. I thought she hated me but apparently she couldn't have so much. I don't really know if I should sign this waiver, from what I've read the stuff will be dispersed regardless of that after another month or so.

I realize this probably isn't where I should be going to for advice on this but if anyone is familiar with this kind of stuff from experienced I'd be interested in what your opinions are on it.
Invest in my biz..

Hello 4chan, it's been a while since I posted here.

Basically, when me and my sibling were younger we had sex and fooled around regularly and now that we are adults, she is having delusions about what happened. She is not completely set on ruining my life by spreading slander, but when she drinks it comes out for everyone to hear. She's trying to call me a rapist and is fabricating scenarios that lend credence to her side of things that are factually false. She has accused me of molesting my other siblings, which is also false. So my first question is how should I approach this? I feel very bad for her and hate myself for having sex with her; it has ruined my mental health and any hope for stability in my life. I want her to know that her feelings are valid and that I'm willing to do whatever I can to make things right, but she seems to be set on punishing me. My next question is what will I do if she ends up destroying my life? How do I continue on? Has anybody else been affected by incest or had to go through something similar? I need to know that I'm not the only one.
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Yes, I'm taking appropriate steps to make sure I come out of this alive.
nope, sorry. Perhaps you can make a thread asking other anons. I imagine it would be a big and well-known precedent for lawyers
no probs
Seems typical that a woman would call it rape when she regrets it later.

My advice is to have a talk with her and explain to her that you were both underage and you both agreed to do it and it’s fucked up how, for things you both participated in, she’s trying to ruin your life and slander you with rape accusations.
>older sibling grooms younger one into incestual exploitation
>she finally starts to come out with word of what happened during her childhood when she lost her innocence

The French Foreign Legion

File: 011.png (101 KB, 396x385)
101 KB
101 KB PNG
pls tell me how to block the ads with Ublock
>Get the uBlock origin extension
it doesnt block the new ads

File: Galaxy.jpg (921 KB, 2560x1600)
921 KB
921 KB JPG
>Be me 19
>Currently in college
>Studying physics and love it
>Losing motivation though don't know why
>Grades slipped a couple of points at the end of last school year
>Want to stop it before it gets bad

Any effective motivation boosters? Its affecting my overall life and attitude also. Not just my school ethic
File: 1536279584334.jpg (82 KB, 1200x815)
82 KB
>get a 74 on an exam I studied my butt off for
>tfw when I will never see a 4.0 again
>tell myself "it's ok you can just kys"
might actually do it if I'm too much of a fucking brainlet at my best

How do I stop treating life as a competition? This idea causes me to be almost constantly in a state of emotional ugliness. Feelings of I rrational fear, anxiety, inferiority/superiority, judgement, disdain, and envy. I have a hard time seeing the upside. Is it necessary to treat life as a competition to succeed in this world?
Not all the time, not in all situations. Sometimes it will be beneficial to be competitive in your career, sometimes you will have to "compete" with other guys for a girl that you like. But if you treat every single conversation or social interaction like a competition, if you're just relaxing with friends/family and you're STILL trying to one-up everyone and "dominate" the conversation, that shit gets obnoxious fast. Learn the right time & place to exercise those impulses, and the right time & place to chill the fuck out a bit.

File: wallpaperfinal.jpg (294 KB, 1440x900)
294 KB
294 KB JPG
If you're sitting at a table with a girl and her leg presses up against yours, and she has ample room to move it away but chooses not to, could this be a sign that she's into you? Happened to me today and I was just wondering
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shameless self bump time
Deftones are fantastic
Yes, absolutely. (I have done that before as a girl who likes a boy. I would pull away if I didn't want my thigh touching yours.)
Yeah, or you’re just close. If she’s like a really close friend she probably is just doing it for comfort and not thinking too much about it. I have female friends that will literally lay their head on my chest and put their hand up my shirt for warmth. But like, there’s 0% chance between us.

If you don’t really know her though then yeah, she’s into you.

Thanks for the replies

File: 1488740907712.png (142 KB, 415x367)
142 KB
142 KB PNG
How do I not fap right fucking now?
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Are you the same anon who made a post a day or two ago about not jacking off? Either way, someone asked that and someone answered basically saying anywhere but 4chan

No matter what board your on there will be something that’ll make you want to jack off. 4chan is basically a porn site in the struggle of not jacking off
nah i've been fapping a lot recently but my dick feels kinda sore or swollen and i need to stop touching it for at least 3 days
Think about your grandma
go shave or something, i'm also running the no fap/no porn exe at the moment, just about to finish off a complete week, feels good. Although i've been grumpier than usual. could be my testosterone going back to normal... who knows, i certainly don't.
I did the push ups, did some homework... and now I'm horny again.

File: greener-grass.001.jpg (77 KB, 800x600)
77 KB
I'm married but the wife has mental health issues that she refused to get treated. Long story short, I'm involved with a swinger couple because I need human touch and affection. I know that's shitty but I've litteraly done everything any good man could to help my wife but she stands in her own way. I do what I need to to stay sane.

But that's not the issue.

The issue is that I'm losing all sense of love for my wife. It's not because I'm falling for my FWB. It's because I see what a healthy, vibrant relationship looks like. I know I'll never have that with my wife. I always thought we could get along in a campanionate relationship but lately I just can't rustle up any feelings for my wife. I can't fake it forever. Financially it would be disasterous to divorce, both for her, me, and our kids.

What should I do?
get her family to come and fix her

File: Ugliest_spongebob.jpg (132 KB, 1152x864)
132 KB
132 KB JPG
Is there any site like 4chan but for "normies"?

I really like the format but I've outgrown the weird shit and get really pissed off at all the incels, weebs and alt-righters on here
41 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
I wonder how the average frogposter would respond to bachelor frog
I still think feels era /r9k/ was the best. We were all sad fucks complaining about the world, but we weren't bitter and hateful about it. We didn't despise the normalfags but we didn't envy them either, we just knew things were a little different for us.
Man that's just the internet in general these days.

Those tech barriers actually kept the riff-raff away.
Anything pre-2012 is considered "reddit". They probably literally think it comes from reddit.

Hell, most of them don't know who Lowtax is. I'm almost sure that they're forgeting who moot is and probably think jmoot is just a weird spelling.
The problem us that the out society has become extremely politically fragmented and people want to cling to political identities like they're religions.
This isn't a 4chan exclusive problem, but 4chan is an edgier website due to the anonymous system so those types are attracted

File: 30.jpg (138 KB, 500x363)
138 KB
138 KB JPG
30+ people
everything and anything
talk, advice, lash out, anything
33 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
Hello 30+. I’m a 21 year old anon and I’m looking for advice from people who’ve been further in life than I. I go to hard uni and have a gf of 1 year who I believe I want to spend the rest of my life with. I’ve had sex with 5 women including her, but sometimes I feel like I am missing out of a life of young care free sexual conquering. I am handsome and girls like me and I know I could be with many girls if I please. I have been with girls in the past and have rarely been rejected, I always wind up getting what I want. What Im really getting at is abadonding the relationship for this idealized single young life worth it at all? I want a family and struggle with depression and anxiety already. I would be very happy being with her forever but I do have urges.
You would be bad husband material so yes break up and live your degenerate life while she finds someone suitable....not a depressed fuck.
File: 1526584434903.jpg (47 KB, 750x500)
47 KB
Don't go into debt for college without a lucrative STEM field planned out.
My dad regretted not going to college andade me go no matter what, but I got a shit degree then fell in an ok job in a field I hate and don't want to move up in, but still have the debt so I can't even kms myself
If STEM isn't for you do a trade.
>Hello 30+. I’m a 21 year old anon
Like why? You can make you're own thread and yet you impose on us older anons.
I came to you guys because you can provide me unique foresight other anons can’t.
so because I have urges I’m a degenerate?

File: 1372519476345.jpg (51 KB, 500x379)
51 KB
I lost a friend today because I was defending 4chan. He was so adamant in hating on it despite never going on it because of what he heard about /b/.

Now I'm not that autistic to push what he should like or hate. But he went on a tangent on how Reddit is so much better. I fucking lost it and called him out on his bullshit and now he won't talk to me.

Should I apologize? I mean he spoke of Reddit's open mind but I called him a hypocrite for saying all of 4chan is filled with sick disgusting perverts.
9 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Thanks guys for the helpful advice...I guess I'll wait it out.
You're an embarrassment.
Are you serious? 4chan takes very seriously what websites people go to
>inb4 but they’re just memeing
Your friends should be worth way more than fucking 4chan man. Yes, you should apologize.
>caring this much about 4chan
>letting it be known that you browse 4chan
pic related it's an image depicting my emotions in reaction to this post

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