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File: 1526676006397.gif (1.74 MB, 390x285)
1.74 MB
1.74 MB GIF
Ok /adv/ I've goofled the shit outta this and still no help, I'm writing a program in c++ on online GBD, and I keep getting this error:

> (.text+0x20): undefined reference to `main'
collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status

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No, its intended to be a function for a switch "-s" being one of the switches, like if the user used -s it would print the right code onto a .py file.
Eh? I don't think you can use cin that way my dude.

Usage, as I recall, is "cin >> [variable];" and when the code reaches that point, cin polls the user for input, it does not read command line switches.

Shit, even if cin DID work that way, the -s you have there, not being in quotes, is interpreted as "negative of the variable named s". I presume no such variable has been declared.
Oh shit thanks anon saved my ass.
>tfw lawyer in his 30s
>haven't written a line of code in over 10 years
>haven't touched C/C++ in over 15 years
I still fuckin' got it.
yeah anon thx.

File: susf.jpg (5 KB, 300x168)
5 KB
How do I get my crush to notice me and give me attention? She's a coworker btw

File: 298.jpg (476 KB, 1500x1101)
476 KB
476 KB JPG
TL;DR: My bf of 4 years and I broke up months ago, but I was still so much into him. Few weeks ago I met another guy in Tinder. Now my ex wants to win me back and I don't know if I should try with the new guy or go back with my ex.

Long version:
I [F/26] have been dating this guy [M/28] for 5 years, and living together for almost 3. Everything was perfect at the beginning but around 1,5 years ago our relationship started to get damaged (not his fault, not my fault, it was more like different life expectances). The situation got way worse and at the end he said I should move away (the flat we were living is his propierty). I was so devastated, it really broke me to the point of crying day and night and I even begged that I could change and everything would go better. But anyway, at the end I found a shared flat with a female friend and I moved away last February.

When I left my (ex)bf's flat I still was sure we could fix our thing so we were still in contact and we met some times. He was still cold and not very receptive. I was so blindly in love that I still tried.

My new flatmate [F/25] convinced me one night that we got drunk to make a Tinder account. That happened around 1 month ago. I've been always against meeting people through dating apps but that particular day I was so drunk and so hurted because I had another "ex-bf crisis", that I accepted and made an account.

Anyway, along the random matches I got there was this particular guy [M/27]. I kinda felt an automatic connection with him, we've been in some dates and just everything goes so smoothly, just the opposite as it happened with my ex.

Things would have been so easy but also around 5 weeks ago or so my ex kinda realized that I was the love of his life (or something like that) and now he's the one sending me messages, asking to meet and being super-sweet. I still have so strong feelings towards him, but also I remember how bad were our times together in the past. (continues)
I would say give the new guy a try.

You said you weren't compatible with the ex. The ex didn't treat you well when he had you, he didn't appreciate you and when things got hard he bails. That's his true colors. He wants you back because you moved on and he lost control. If a guy wants to work on a relationship they cannot just break up and expect you to come back. If it's over then it's over.

And if he wants to chanhe it will take a lot more time, tell him you were hurt and want to move on and if he wants to wait for you he can but it would be better for him to move on.

Let time heal and enjoy life.
You never know the future.

File: IMG_85k338.jpg (54 KB, 318x318)
54 KB
So in kind of trapped in my current terrible lifestyle. Not sure where to begin.

>mom lost job in 2013 right when I graduated college
>she took out a bunch of credit cards under my name without me knowing. Maxed them out and didn't say anything
>2015 I start new job finally, unaware of these cards.
>meet a girl in online game. Start dating, it goes horribly bad
>learn about $8,000 of debt I have
>lose all my friends irl and in online game
>get tortured into depression
>job is miserable, underpaid me, get injured (broken fingers, injured back etc)
>basically got hired for office job and they defaulted me to warehouse work while doing office work and literally fucking everything
>in terrified to go into work because something new and terrible awaits me everyday
>had to get on meds for depression and gf left me (this was 2016)
>got back on my feet, kept trying to make friends and kept failing horribly
>everytime I got on an upswing and everything went well someone would show up to ruin everything and lose all progress

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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False. Lenders will line up around the block to give you credit because you can't declare again for a certain period of time.

You literally have no idea what you're talking about. Get the fuck out of this thread.
Wow, you're literally the reason there are kids out there who are "But it's my mom!"

No, what OP's mom did is fucking despicable. It isn't about the amount, she did this and didn't even talk to him about it. It's fucked up. You don't decide to just ruin your kid's credit because you can't get your shit together.
OP luckily has paid it off, but think about it, ruining someones credit in America can ruin your fucking life: Renting, houses, cars, etc.
Seriously no one has the right to just do this, it's illegal but unfortunately there isn't much recourse OP can take since he's paid it off. She also took all his stocks that he had since he was 12 for HIS future, so that's more than 8k.

OP, start exercising and stop eating like a piece of shit. Start productive hobbies, look for new jobs, start reading self help books, find a therapist, etc. Slow, baby steps. If I was you, I'd cut your mom so far out your life that she will barely remember what you looked like. Of course only when you're in a good place. Do what you must, but take it slowly, and believe in yourself. You dug yourself out, you can do it again.
You're seemingly implying that bankruptcy is something that lets people get away absolutely free with no punishment. You're absolutely fucking retarded holy shit
This. If she had at least maybe asked for OP's consent/help that would have been fine, but she went ahead and stole his money and credit for herself with even tellung. Too many parents have this idea that "I raised them, so I'm entitled to their money." Hell fucking no. It was your choice to have the kid.
Please tell me you're just a cuck or something. Please tell me you don't have kids

File: CJgHb1JUMAA2Vra.jpg (58 KB, 960x960)
58 KB
So, I've started the delicate art of fingering the unironic virgin big tiddy goth gf lately. Problem is, I can't go more than a centimeter or two inside with my finger without it hurting her. Is she too tense, is this the hymen causing trouble, what the hell is up? She's worried that something is "wrong with her," the poor thing, and I want to get to the bottom of the problem. I've searched the internet for answers, and everything is conflicting or vague, and the sex education in my state sucked.

So, oh wise ones. The few of you who aren't virgins, help a man out.
23 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
She wants me to.
That's totally doable. And I'm in no rush, neither is she. Thanks for the help, I appreciate it. I thought there'd be a more clear answer, such as the hymen just being sensitive, but I guess not.
And the doctor visit is the plan if we can't figure it out ourselves.
Young, sure. Successful and happy too. But not underage.

Well, if she doesn't want to hear about it, I'd guess she wouldn't ask me to look it up. And then she went on to explain some of her ideas, while I listened. She's the one who wanted me to try, and now wants to figure things out a little. She, not me. I'm content with just clitoris stuff, she wants me to try more.

I'm arguing cause I'm pretty sure you're either wrong or your experience is so far different from mine that its useless in my situation.
You're a fucking 16 year old, asking 4chan advice on vaginas in the middle of the night. I don't think you figuring things out on your own is much of a worry.

File: so close.jpg (493 KB, 1536x2048)
493 KB
493 KB JPG
My GF is perfect in every way except in that we can't have satisfying sex. Great chemistry, lots in common, etc, but I can barely fit the head of my dick in her without it cause her serious pain.

I've been in relationships before where the sex life went south and they turned toxic so I feel like I should leave, but we get along so well I want to give it a chance.

I'm her first so inexperience is a factor. She's been trying to use dilators and it's somewhat working, but I've still yet to be able to fit myself entirely inside her and it's really frustrating. I feel compelled to stay because she's trying to make it work but I almost wonder if this isn't making it worse if at the end of all her efforts, it doesn't make a difference and we break up anyway.

Anyone been in a similar experience? I feel like a shallow prick for feeling like unsatisfying sex is a deal breaker (especially since it's not her fault and she's making the effort). We get a long so well that if sex wasn't an issue, I'd probably marry her which is why this is so hard,

Any advise would help

(pic related, it's her)
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She probably has some condition, she should see a gyno.
>he was 26 she was 18
I'm 26 and want nothing in the world more than an 18 year old girlfriend, how did they meet?
What's your foreplay like?
Do you finger and rub and lick her to completion?
Does she jerk and suck you to completion?
I actually had the same situation in highschool a couple years ago with my first gf. Stayed with her though because I liked her and lost my virginity to her so I never really knew the value of sex in relationships until we broke up before college.
Yeah, had this with my ex, despite her being quite experienced. It was actually quite a problem. She hated cowgirl but it was the only position where it didn't hurt and we could successfully get it in (fat sex sucks).

File: smile.png (159 KB, 673x690)
159 KB
159 KB PNG
/adv/, I just don't know what to do anymore, everything in my life fell apart in the manner of a month, I'll go through the list now and I apologize for if there's any errors (im sort of intoxicated):

>Girlfriend broke up with me after 3 years
>Was robbed twice
>someone attempted to sexually assault me and I was laughed at when I reported it
>My father and grandmother died in a car accident because of a drunk driver
>I'm in constant pain because of an undiagnosed illness that's stumped all doctors I've seen
>I had to quit my job due to inability to perform at work from stress
>I may have colon cancer but they cant run the confirmation test for another 3 weeks.

I just don't know anymore, my world has fallen part, I've lost reputation, friends, family everything. I'll never be suicidal but I don't know what to do. I went to therapy but they just reiterate shit I already know/offer me false sympathy. I just feel so lost at this point, I'm scared.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
Don't be scared. It's a long life and things now may not matter in 10-15yrs from now or even a year from now if you're lucky.

The girlfriend thing and robberies are terrible but they will pass. Sorry about your family but time heals all wounds. There's your corny answer but it's true.

Be happy the sexual harassment didn't go extremely far where you were scarred for life.

It sucks but since everything is shit you might as well try to look on the brightside of things.

You probably don't even have cancer.
I would say, enjoy the things you can still enjoy. Do some drinking and gaming or whatever pleases you. Anything to pass the time. Drugs if you can. Nothing crazy. Try to chill out and sort out your health.
Weed can literally cure any ailment if you haven't tried it. I'm not even a stoner but that shit healed my herniated disc and hemorrhoids plus it's fun.

Once you're leveled again try looking for work and maybe a gf or something to unload your stress in the form of cumming on someone. Just don't apply for jobs if you think they'll make you do the drug test.

Everything is shit but all of its happened and done with at least so things can only improve unless you really have cancer. Just be glad that shit is over with and you can move on. You only have better things ahead of you. Work on yourself and then get back on your feet.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: 1462150843512.jpg (34 KB, 540x540)
34 KB
Yeah Anon, lets look at cool shit. Thank you.

Only rebuttal I have to what you said is that I actually probably do I have cancer, there were a lot of white blood cells which is apparently a bad sign. But other than that, thank you anon, I try to avoid drugs in general but just having the support is helpful so your words help. My family is sort of there but my mother has never been the emotionally strong one so she's been useless (sorry mommy), and others in the family haven't been doing well either (and they don't even know about my potential diagnosis). So like I said, thanks for the help.
I think if you had colon cancer you'd have a lot of physical symptoms. Like bloody stools and other weird stuff. Idk, not a doctor but people only die from it because it's diagnosed too late. It's not the worst thing to recover from.

I highly recommend weed. Someone showed me a website that delivered medical Marijuana through the mail to me in NYC. The website got shut down but for half a year I had stashes of chocolate and Gummis and it was fantastic.

My back fixed. I enjoyed video games and TV. My stress waned. Everything was more fun. I slept better.

Weed also kills cancer cells. In my opinion it's a panacea for the human body and its perfectly healthy. I was usually just relaxed watching TV and enjoying the enhanced taste of food. And seriously, I was super high and did an involuntary motion with my back and it gave me a sharp pain. Thought I was done for good. Next morning all my pain was gone completely. I snapped everything back into place after a year of terrible back pain. Also I don't ever recommend smoking but it couldn't hurt to try it.
Oh no, my stool has been black recently and yadda yadda yadda about stool in general and stomach pain, its worse because of the whole lack of correlation with the unexplained I have apparently. Idk, maybe I won't die but I feel like I may have it and have to go through the shitty (pun kind of intended) treatment process. Its just been a lot you know, thanks though anon, like I said, just having kindness of strangers is appreciated.
Colon cancer isnt what causes black stools m8. Black stool indicates a bleed much higher up in the GI tract. A bleeding stomach ulcer would be my guess, especially when paired with stomach pain. If you had colon cancer you'd be shitting dark red/bright red blood clots non stop. Also you'd be spending like 80% of your time on the toilet. Colon cancer symptoms are basically IBS plus bleeding

File: fbfkwejfjfj.jpg (133 KB, 1080x816)
133 KB
133 KB JPG
I fell in love with a girl almost 4 years ago and she broke up with me after 6 months, somewhat out of the blue in a pretty retarded manner. When I asked her why, she answered something between the lines of "I don't have to justify myself to you" and "let's stay friends". I got angry and accused her of not really trying to make the relationship work and called her miss rediculous for not explaining for acting this retarded.

Here comes the Beta aspect or whatever. So, this is in Germany and while I am German, she is Turkish. Most Turkish people here are not really integrated and very low class but she came from a somewhat moderate family and was pretty intelligent. Non the less we do have problems here with honor killings even from moderate familys like hers, so I had that in the back of my mind She told me she was still a virgin and I believed her because of her backstory and while her family believed in Allah she was agnostic at best, if not even atheistic.

Anyway we never got further then heavy petting/dry humping, because she wouldn't let me. I remember making her cum, playing with her pussy while she still had her leggings on, she wouldn't let me touch her raw pussy but since fully clothed sex is a kink of mine i was into it. That was a week or two before she broke it of with me. It left me very confused and angry and I can't stop thinking about her. Recently I kinda fell in love with another girl but I think only because she is somewhat like her. It makes me sad and for the first time since then I wanted to contact her again but angry old me blocked and deleted her everywhere. I don't even remember her last name, which probably wouldn't help that much because she kinda operates under the radar. I want to know why she broke up with me to mabye get some peace.
I wanna tell myself she acted like she did because her brother was about to kill me or something, so she broke up with me to save me ...but Arkhams razor.

Should I actively try looking for her?
NO. She's sucked a hundred cocks since you, you fucking Jewish pleb. You mean so little to her she will break your heart again.
>'dated' girl for almost 4 years
>don't even know her last name
You didn't date her, you were just her guilty secret.
>I want to know why she broke up with me to mabye get some peace.
Why would she tell you now? She didn't tell you four years ago. Even then, you have a pretty good idea of why: You wanted something beyond heavy petting, she let you have heavy petting (despite probably not even wanting to let you do that), after a week or two of soul searching she broke it off. She probably realized that it wouldn't work because you were from outside her culture, and going further with you would only end badly. I seriously doubt she was threatened by anybody. She just knew better than to let you sleep with her when she'd get no benefit from staying with you.

What you should be worried about is your current girl finding out you're pining for your ex and dumping you.

>I don't even remember her last name
That is just sad.
I guess she will tell me because it was a long time ago and she wouldn't be opposed for me to cope with it since I meant alot to her at some point and she is not a bad person, I assume.
Its way easier to look and explain what happened from a non emotional loaded state of mind. There are still emotions but they are different now. It might bother her as well somehow although something forces me to doubt it.

She actively picked me out and wanted to be with me. I didn't even really liked her and thought of her as annoying, before I got to know her better.

File: 1529812151508.jpg (10 KB, 224x224)
10 KB
>Serious question

I went outside tonight and saw some girl walking by herself smoking and drinking something out of a bottle

Anyway, is this odd? She's walking around by herself at night
7 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Yes. In the real world there are stupid questions.
I'm also high right now.
Anyway so is it acceptable to say hi if she walks by you?

What's another word for good night but to a stranger..
Because you're posting about some thot you never bothered to talk to. How could we answer your question anymore than you could? You likely have social anxiety, this thread is stupid, you sound underage.

I think I'm fine. Just asking a question

Anyway how's your night. You same anon as before? Do you go out for walks often??
she's assed out about something. she may want attention since she isn't in a private place, or shes just getting air or whatever. use your judgement skills can't tell u how to live your life my man

File: 20180622_024844.jpg (1.1 MB, 2160x2160)
1.1 MB
1.1 MB JPG
Sister got married 8 months ago and her husband broke her heart, they are now getting a divorce. Before I beat his ass I wanna make his life a living hell! Suggestions?
Pic for attention
10 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>>19702341 (OP)
He will receive his punishment through the natural course of things. Being divorced hurts him, having people like you or her friends shun/dislike him hurts him.
Attempting pointless revenge on something that's done and over with will only make your life worse and probably make his better.

Also stop focusing on hating people at all. That's how dumb close-minded people (or people punishing really important people in a political context) think.
It's completely pointless and showcases your unwillingness to understand the practicalities of proper moral and empathic judgement that understands the purpose of punitive action rather than sees it as a necessary ritual. Not to mention you're meddling in the life of your sister that you probably don't fully understand. Does she even want you to fight him?
>You want to act like an ape go fuck off in the woods and rip down some birds nests.
That was strangely well said.
They been together for 7 years, got married, now he wants to come out the closet. Marriage was a cover up for his stupid gay ass. He deserves shit for putting my little sister through shit.

I like the hog idea!
>surprise surprise
>Cletus is a homophobe
At this point you're baiting.
Be pissed at your sister. She was such a terrible wife she turned a man gay.

Religion has corrupted my sense of reality and is ruining my life. Being a Christian turns this world into a stupid hellworld where everything has an arbitrary value judgement. what can I do to detox my mind of it?
6 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
You mean you have morals? Can't really get rid of em. I grew up Christian and am now an agnostic atheist, still follow most of the morals I've been taught, because they make sense.
>still follow the morals I was taught.
desu morals are more of a social thing than a religious thing. Like my parents are both hardcore atheists but I have virtually the same morals as my religious friends.
Eh... to a point that's true. Most of the "friends," I had in high school were complete and utter fucking degenerates I just couldn't stand after a certain point though. I didn't adopt their morals or change my views because I saw a bunch of other people who didn't have them.
Stop thinking about it lol
lmao that ain't an aspect of religion but rather your own hypernymical n emotionally fragile psychopathology... no causal relationship there bro.

My father got me the number of a cute single girl.
How the fuck do I call/text her to set up a date? Shit is awkward
6 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Digits confirm
Your dad got the number lol does he think your gay and is she a prostitue??
Prepare to be ghosted. Probably only gave out her number to be nice.
Oof. Well. Hopefully she's not just a hooker.

File: 1529755293419.jpg (65 KB, 635x1167)
65 KB
my gf has pre mestruation stress and she has post menstruation stress too. her mood is completly crazy. she got mad at me over nothing (in fact i was just telling her how my job works, she said i was complaining and i was just saying that what i do is just follow orders as i go them)
wtf shall i do?
14 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
thanks a lot for that resource.
today i was saying my job is stressfull, im a call center operator (technical suport), then she said that all jobs are stressfull, then i told her how some costumers complained without reason she interrupted me she said that if i dont forget about job that im bringing that stress home and irritating her and she said that costumers got irritated because of the way i talk, and then i started telling her my script , in this case my introduction "hello my name is X Y how may i help you" and asked if i was talking wrong and that i was following procedures. she went nuts, she told me to stop and she started acting cold as fuck ignoring my texts.
i havent talk to her since she went sleep but im now having anxiety because i hate when she acts like that
That's kind of nutty
That sounds like psychopath emotional abuse type shit.
You should drop her asap.
Find a girl who actually loves you.
No, they're just mentally ill 100% of the time.
sure will do.

File: JUST.jpg (56 KB, 992x558)
56 KB
Hi /adv/,

First time on this board here. Im a completely broken man and I need your help.

Earlier this year, I lost my job in January and made some bad decisions that cost me over $200,000. Im sitting in my apartment now, with the most numbing depression Ive ever had in my life, $15k of my lfie savings left and bills to pay every month ($1,500 for food+rent).

28 years old and I feel like I completely fucked up my future. Im single, lost my girl last year, and lay in bed for hours everyday. How the fuck do I fix my life? I lost all self confidence I had from losing a ton of money, my job, and functioning at baseline level for months. I want to get a job again, want to move out of this place in this shitty city, and start dating again. Most of my friends are settling down and have kids and I feel like a god damn fucking loser.

There's days when I seriously considered just using the rest of my money and dying in another country somewhere. Im too ashamed to visit my family because they know I made it big earlier last year financially and I lost it all. Is there any hope for me? Any of you guys been at the surface of absolute JUST'ing rock bottom and gotten out of it? What did you do to overcome depression?
11 replies omitted. Click here to view.
okay, but remember to take care of yourself. finding healthcare and counseling is more important than finding a new job at this time.
to expand on this if you aren’t really functionig and youre doing drugs and not reaching out to friends or family for help then you may need intensive therapy, like maybe an all-day thing to center you and get you involved with people again.
What's this 200.000$ about-is it debt, or is it a loss?
What is your job field?
Either you buckle down and get back to where you were so you can keep dating and hanging out with friends at your rung of society, or you move down a rung.
are you that nigga from twitter?

File: unnamed.jpg (84 KB, 900x900)
84 KB
I scraped plaque from me teeth with my finger nail. After wiping it off, I picked my nose with the same fingernail. Can I get any kind of infection?
No. There's pretty open communication between the mouth and nose. Stuff definitely spreads from the sinuses into the tonsils/throat/mouth; I wouldn't be surprised if an infection further back could spread up to the sinuses.

You might worry if you'd been working in someone else's mouth, or a dog's mouth, and then picked your nose. But even then... I'd say probably not.
Looks like you already caught a crippling case of stupid.
This book is literally about you. At one point, the main character eats hand sanitizer to prevent “invection”. Shits fucked, desu.

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