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Met girl, we hang a bit. Then we text and hang out every waking hour. Going out, dinners etc. This goes on all summer she acts incredibly interested in me. We fuck, I ask if she wants to date. She says no. Not wanting to date. But she keeps acting super interested and spending all time with me. The summer ends and she goes to college. I tell her I would move up there for her, she says it would be weird. I visit her each weekend for 4 weeks and we fuck a few times. She starts seeing guy telling me how he's just nothing to her, he spends money on her etc. I end up moving in "for a job." And we keep fucking on the DL. She acts uninterested at this point and we still good but time together not as important to her. It's like I'm emotional support boy, with sex, and best friend. All at the same time. I give her ultimatum. She says she drops the guy, I fuck up and leave because she doesn't do it immediately she was gonna go fuck him one more time. So now she's like, I was never interested in you in that way. You are dumb, fat, and aren't attractive to me. So I'm living 3 hours away from my hometown like wtf... What do I do now... I love her but can't do anything about it. She wants us to stay living together, but now I can't take her out as a date anymore. I'm so upset. Help.

File: 1501963327333.png (494 KB, 738x677)
494 KB
494 KB PNG
Erectile Dysfunction.

Embarrassing topic but I'm pretty young (22) and I've only been a virgin til recently, my girlfriend was also a virgin but I've been finding difficulty keeping hard. I don't know why because I'm in the mood, its only worked properly twice and it goes down super quickly if I put a condom on.

She's not bothered by it because she has a low sex drive and we can have fun anyway but its bothering me because I want to do it and its infuriating that my body won't perform.

Does anyone have any tips or help or experiences in this area that they can share? I kinda want to hold off going to a doctors if possible.
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You mean like three days right?
What kind of sissy faggot are you?
Oh she does thats the thing.
I'm perfectly hard for handjobs and blowjobs which she gives cos she knows I like them.

But I just falter at full shagging. We got it go proper once and it was a fucking amazing time.
Part of it is probably that you've built it up to be this huge thing, performing and having sex. I had the same problem, but I also had problems with premature ejaculation.

My partner is very patient and what helped me with sagging after putting on the condom was having her give me a little head through the condom just to get me excited again, or having her do that just before I put it on which is what you can work your way up to.

Just keep trying at it, it worked the one time right? Just stay positive and don't stress about it, mindset is a huge part of this. Don't think about "oh shit what if I don't perform", think about "this is gonna be great and we're both gonna have a great time"
It could be the condoms, get her on the pill, men fucks pussies not a peace of plastics.
Yeah I'm getting that impression. It worked when we were drunk so that probably numbed any anxieties.
This too, I couldn't feel much with the condom on. Might bring it up in a bit.

When I get stressed out about something, my balls start to hurt. Anyone else?

File: 1477413036207.jpg (788 KB, 1920x1200)
788 KB
788 KB JPG
just turned 18, already failing at life, give me advice/things you wish you knew when you were young.
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Learn a trade and you'll be making great money inside 5 years. Join the Electrician's guild. Plumbing is also insane money for simple work.
There is no such thing as failing at life. The only thing that matters is happiness, and taking decisions that lead you there. Sometimes that involves doing things you might not feel like doing in the short term, but that's life.
I wish I had enough faith that I did not waste time worrying about the future. OP whatever you fucking do don't worry because even though life is tough and scary sometimes, you just have to do what's important to you and don't let the world pressure you into doing shit for success or money. You do at all times what you think you ought to do and if the whole universe rise up against you in protest then pay no attention because the universe is temporary and you are eternal.
Also read Aquinas and Boethius you'll probably become one of the elect if you start now.
OP here thanks everyone for the advice.
Hard work and diligence gets you a hell of a lot farther than intelligence and talent.

File: 20171021_081500.jpg (3.68 MB, 5312x2988)
3.68 MB
3.68 MB JPG
I'm not sure why the fuck my shit is green. I haven't drake any type of soda or soft drink just water
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Reminder, your body gets rid of infections by draining the lymphatic system into your intestines. Also, too much bile production can be green, some dyed foods like corn chips, etc.

>don't worry, it's normal
Thanks anon
Trips don't lie
could possibly be from ingesting more chlorophyll
Have you eaten frozen seafood lately? This happened every time I had a frozen fetuccine alfredo with shrimp tv dinner. I stopped eating them

File: ok.png (184 KB, 270x264)
184 KB
184 KB PNG
> be me
> 8 years old
> live in east europe
> my birthday soon
> mom asks me what i want for birthday
> i say chicken pet
> she is like "wtf what, are you serious?"
> i say yes
> she refuses
> im sad
> few days later im not sad anymore
> now im angry
> go to the shop
>buy 3 eggs
> go to to neighbour

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

Do you want advice, or do you want to tell us how you're a moron and can't care for a pet because you forgot that they need food, water, and fresh air in order to live?
Sorry I am using 4chan for the first time in my life, just realized I am in the wrong section.
damn that's fucked up, poor chicken.

I remember one time when I was a kid my older brother stole a duck egg from a nest and didn't want to wait for it to hatch so he just opened it. Saw the poor half-developed baby duck. Still think about it to this day, kinda fucked me up as a 6 year old.

Anyway, did you want advice or what?

I would advise not to do that again.
I just posted this into wrong section but thanks for the advice.
Also. that shit is nasty dude...

File: 1507309970418.png (146 KB, 341x335)
146 KB
146 KB PNG
>See something people want out of this world
>Really look at it and blow it apart to see if I want it to
>See all of the negative and realize it's really not worth trying to get it
>Go through life not feeling anything good because I know what's real
>Feel totally lost because I have nothing I want out of this world except for an early retirement

Does anyone else do this?

>generic statements
>I know what's real
>I only want to stop working


File: 1506739118271.jpg (185 KB, 658x581)
185 KB
185 KB JPG
>girl calls you "cute"
>girl talks about guys she likes, and brings you up saying she's not interested out of nowhere
>girl makes assumptions about you liking her or orbiting her
How do you deal with condescending women?
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goddamnit this so much
>talking just normally with a group of friends to a hot girl and her friend at a party
>I don't do anything to try and get her and definitely no more than my friends
>next day her friends says " oh and is anon in love with her?"
is she just a daft ho thinking everyone falls in love with her or did she only say it to get a ruse out of me
The other roast is jealous of the more attractive roast and is projecting that you like the more attractive one
go drink some shit and stop giving a fuck

pick one

File: 1447887381530.jpg (7 KB, 231x218)
7 KB
Has anyone here gone to clubs or bars alone? How was your experience with it and what should I do if I see someone I know there?
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>Has anyone here gone to clubs or bars alone?

Bars yes, clubs no.

> How was your experience with it

Fine, but I generally go to relax and enjoy a beer.

>what should I do if I see someone I know there?

Say hello.
where were you exactly in Mexico
I love going to bars alone. I'll get a drink and bring my notebook and write if there isn't anyone interesting around. It's really quite fun and you shouldn't worry about it. No one is going to care. Go and mind your own business or pick up conversation with randos (a lot of people go to bars alone).

Playa del carmen
File: 1476318925080.jpg (111 KB, 359x478)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
I showed up to a party alone where I didn't know anyone and felt like a raging faggot.
Then I saw a qt that I did know and she asked who I was there with.
>salt on the wound
>pic related is how I thought every one was looking at me

File: 1498255064883.jpg (23 KB, 437x437)
23 KB
Have any of you used a public records search site and if so which one is best and what made you do it? My family never talks about my grandfather and whenever I ask they refuse to tell me why we act like he doesn't exist. All I know is he did something so bad he was removed from our extended family tree. I've found him on multiple public records sites and I know it's him because my mother and aunt always appear in the relatives section on the preview profile page, but I can't see the full report cuz you have to pay for it. That's why I asked which one which site is considered the most trustworthy.
Pic not related

File: 1508380622116.jpg (16 KB, 228x186)
16 KB
femanons, how do you guys feel about jokes/rap/etc. about pussy, getting laid, etc.? Do you guys do that with dicks and stuff too? It seems like there's so much in mainstream media but I never hear girls make those types of jokes..
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how do you feel about it when men do it tho? like jokes about "getting pussy" and stuff
My BFF is jewish and a proud one too and he make jokes about shekelberg all the time.
A good chunk of the jokes I make with my closest friends are dick/sex jokes, but I tone it down in front of everyone else
File: 1392702559859.jpg (91 KB, 613x517)
91 KB

I think this poster >>18848141 is agreeing with your concepts and you're just too daft to realize it. What he means by "the jokes do not always represent the person making them" is that a comedian can get on stage and joke about child molestation or terrorism but his jokes don't actually represent any ideology he holds inside of him that thinks a child being raped or a building being blown up is inherently amusing.

Making a racist joke doesn't necessarily make on a racist. Make a joke about rape doesn't necessarily mean you think rape is funny. Making a joke about pussy and getting laid as a woman doesn't necessarily mean you're a slut. You understand? What he's saying is the opposite of PC culture you doof.


>What other driving forces are there for making a joke if not internal?

Because jokes have a way of minimizing the horrors of humanity in a manageable way. Some people deal with pain and suffering through jokes. Being able to laugh at them makes it easier to confront. Being able to laugh at them, to many people, is their way of overcoming the sheer weight of it. If no one joked about the holocaust or rape or murder all we would be stuck with is the misery. Painting horror in a comedic light is often a lot of people's defense mechanisms. If you've ever known someone who starts making jokes whenever conversations get too serious or emotional then you know what I'm talking about. Laughing feels better than misery so, even at the cost of seeming insensitive, some people choose laughter. The "sad clown" is sometimes real. Its not a completely unknown concept to people that sometimes those who laugh and joke the most are often the saddest.
I don't really like sexual humor. I'm not against crude/gross jokes it's just not something I really find funny? Sex is just a normal thing people do sometimes, I don't really get it.

A lot of it just seems lazy to me, personally. It's so awkward when I'm around someone (boy or girl) and they make some joke about their genitals or something and I have to pretend to chuckle politely but in reality it's really alienating.

File: roderick.jpg (124 KB, 1920x1080)
124 KB
124 KB JPG
My friend mentioned driving down the street with his truck spraying kids with a water hose. I told him it was illegal and not to do it and he said there's no law against it. Eventually he said "ok it's probably illegal but no big deal" and im trying to tell him he's an assault charge. So /adv/ you tell us who's right


I don't think its an assault charge but it is most certainly illegal.
If they wanted to press charges, it could be considered assault.

An assault is an offensive touching or attempt to touch. A poke with a finger could be considered an assault as could a swing of a fist that misses. A person spraying people with water as they drive or ride by would be considered an offensive touching by those people and potentially could cause an accident.
Your friend will have a lot of angry parents on his ass if he does this. Forget the law--angry dads (and possibly moms) are gonna whoop his ass.

File: 1296xg.jpg (126 KB, 500x338)
126 KB
126 KB JPG
/adv/ I could really use some help right now as this seems to be the only place I feel comfterbal saying this..I feel alone and lost in this world. I have a great family with both parents and two sister (I'm middle child, only guy).I feel like the black sheep of my family, to me it feels as if I'm not even apart of this family. I can barely even hold a conversation with any family members and have barely opened up to them at all my entire life,they barely even know who I truly am ,the rest of my extended family is also included in this. Ive always struggled in school no matter the effort I've put in, now starting my first semester of college I have grown a strong hatred of academics due to my constant struggling thus I have zero clue as what I want to do with my life pertaining to a major. If I were to be emotionally described by my family I would be less than a rock, nothing makes me happy, nothing anyone does can seem to give me any emotion weather it be anger or happiness. The only constant I feel is sadness, the thought of suicide resides heavily within my mind. The only thing stopping me is the effects it would have on my mom. I know she loves me and she constantly shows it yet I feel nothing from it thus its very hard for me to show loving emotions back to my parents. I truly feel like a let down to my entire family and constantly think how much better of they would be without me. I seem to be the only one who causes issues within our family, legit all of my cousins are either playing college/nfl football or top ranking doctors and I just feel like an utter failure with nothing to show for my life. I no longer smile, sleep, barely eat and just in general have no motivation. I've taken all those bullshit online mental health surveys and I know those are far from accurate but everyone always comes back to some form of Aspergers or some type of down syndrome. idk if thats means anything but if it does I have zero clue how to talk about it to anyone.
Lol go to the gym pump some irons try a ton of weird different shit find something you like major in that quit fapping so you have motivation to get a girl and figure it out from there
you are loved
Anon, if your 20s don't completely suck you aren't doing it right or you're really sheltered.
don't think this will solve your problems.
Why not see if you can't get diagnosed by a professional? Or at least go to some therapy. And before you say you can't afford it or your health insurance wont cover it--there are online resources that a relatively low-fee. Either way, you need to talk to a professional.

Hang in there, anon. You're young, and being young comes with a lot of shitty feelings. It's part of the process.

File: Mr_Nasty.png (187 KB, 437x381)
187 KB
187 KB PNG
How do one stop being so hateful and negative to other people. I do have friends and people often find me funny, but in the last year my humor has focused on being mean towards people.

At first I justified myself saying that there're many ways of being humorous. But now every time I see someone I just think of the cruelest darkest joke about them.

People still laugh at my jokes, so far, no expressed complain of my humor. But I feel just bad, like I cannot think of anything positive.

This has translated in my day to day way of thinking. I always have to find something negative in anything. I don't want to be like that.

Is there a way of changing this?
i have a way but it became a problem

find someone of the opposite sex who just doesnt like dark jokes and try to change it in an attempt to impress them

im in the same situation as you and i tried this but its a shit load of effort and now i cant think of any jokes at all because im only actually telling jokes i think she will like

if you do this be careful

File: nosleep.gif (755 KB, 500x333)
755 KB
755 KB GIF
So this is the third night of not sleeping. It's not that I'm trying to I just cant fall asleep. I have laid in my bed for hours and nothing. I have heard stories of people who die from cardiac arrest if they don't sleep enough.

wat do?
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Approximately three nights of absolutely no sleep whatsoever causes problems like hallucinations that disappear with actual sleep and recovery time.

The biggest health concerns about sleep deprivation are much more extended. Being sleep deprived a medium amount for a long time causes the most issue.
I stayed awake for 19 days as a result of psychotic depression and delerium tremens. At the end of that period I suffered a hypertensive crisis, and a stroke. I will probably die decades before my time as a result. I know exactly how you feel, and the answer is this: Go to the ER now. You need chemical support to reset your system, in the form of tranquilizers. Do it now.
First, prep: stop eating. Reduce all exposure to light, particularly blue light. Don't exercise to wear yourself out, it'll just wake your body up.

Then spend time in bed, eliminate all distractions. Lay perfectly still, and actively try not to fall asleep, focus your mind on staying awake. Sound strange, but works for me on my most difficult nights.
Statistically speaking, you will not die from insomnia. There's like 100 people in the world with that condition.

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