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File: 1521061349037.jpg (13 KB, 650x793)
13 KB
Hey guys I just quit my job, I've been working as system administrator for 7years and ended depressed because of the boredom.

Work as admin doesn't cut it anymore.

I've started to look for job with title "consultant and Manager" do you guys think that it's a good idea to go this way? Or should I consider other ways?

I'm a high school teacher. I teach only to senior years. This student always liked my class a lot. She comes to see me at the end of every class, compliments me, ask me personal questions. I'm 29, she's 18.
Just to be clear : I'm not planning to do anything with her as long as she's my student. She'll graduate in 3-4 months basically.
A few weeks ago, she gave me one of her papers and wanted me to review it in detail so she knows how to improve (she's pretty good but I still took it). When I got home I saw a lipstick mark on the paper.
So I'm pretty sure she's into me, too. It's probably just a fantasy but she seems to be curious about me and my personality. She also digs philosophy, which is what I'm teaching.
I broke up with my 4 years GF in december. I've only had casual flings with 24-27 girls since and I had absolutely no interest in them except for sex. However this girl's youth turns me on for some reason. I've always preferred younger girls, altough not that young. I do think she's mature and interesting as a person and would like to maybe try something with her after she graduates. I won't be working in this school next year so I won't be judged for it. Besides it's perfectly legal here and my new school would have no way of knowing. I've got a (young) teacher friend who bangs like 4-5 students each year when they graduate and leave school.
What should I do and how should I do it ?
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this is because of power dynamics. To her you're kinda like a new daddy, the person who she needs to please in order to get good grades. Once she graduates and the dynamic changes, you stop being her teacher, she stops needing your approval, I'm sure she'll stop liking you quite a lot. You need to ask yourself, is she really attracted romantically to you or is it just politics? I wouldn't date someone that young , at least not for anything other than sex. Fuck and throw away
It's an abuse of authority. You should be looking for someone you can relate to as an equal.
you're a piece of shit OP
File: 1504879549382.jpg (73 KB, 721x960)
73 KB
You got this in the bag, teach. Just let her know your interested, wait till she's out of school and fuck like rabbits. I'm rooting for you op.
>The only thing I'm worried about is hurting her
Keked hard

Just fuck her OP, no biggie.

Tomorrow I’m going to the movie theater with a friend. It’ll be the first time I’ve hung out with someone in over a year. How do I not fuck this up? What should I talk about? How do I quit being so nervous?

pic unrelated
Maybe discuss this problem with the person you are meeting up with. I know it sounds silly but perhaps they can help you develope some skills or confidence to help you meet up with more people in the future? Just be honest about how your feeling and how you are anxious about not doing it often enough, if they are decent they will hear you out & put small talk asside.

>how do i not fuck this up?

by being your most authentic self.

>what should I talk about

mostly them, you, current events, the movie, and other movies. dont try to script. its okay to let a silence be a silence. its not your job to entertain other people. people dont meet you under the condition of you being solely repsonsible for how it goes.

>how do i quit being so nervous

realize that if it goes horribly wrong your life will still be exactly the same as it was yesterday.
>realize that if it goes horribly wrong your life will still be exactly the same as it was yesterday.

this is actually really good advice

Thanks for the advice. I’ll try and stay calm about this, and just be myself. Wish me luck anons.
Jesus don't do this, there is a really high chance it's going to bore the fuck out of them and/or make them uncomfortable.

File: 1519416511161.png (544 KB, 500x706)
544 KB
544 KB PNG
How do you get a gf as a NEET?
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Lower you standards.
NEET don't talk about gf
you NEET you no want gf
you want gf you no NEET
You find a neet girl online and romance her.
>dont be a neet
>get a job

File: aYxeyvx_700b.jpg (31 KB, 632x458)
31 KB
>be me
>be a eurofag with social anxiety amd cronic depression
>see a qt3.14159 in a school event (erasmus)
>decide to talk to her despite having social anxiety
>we talk and start to flirt a bit
>she doesn't reject me on the spot
>we talk till the day ends
>a friend of mine tells me she already has a boyfriend
>move on, go home and jerk off thinking about her
>next day qt3.1415 starts to ask everybody for my number during a field trip to some shitty place
>the same guy who told me she had a bf gives her my number
>she starts to talk to me over whatsapp and decide to talk to her cuz i have nothing better to do knowing we would be more than just friends
>get to know her more and more

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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She is the first woman who you have fallen in love with. If you take a look from 3rd person she is a fucked up bitch. You will never get the relationship of your dreams from that girl. You will probably not even be able to have children or start a family because she is so depressed.

She is toxic. Get away from her OP.
Make her go to psychotherapy or to a psychologist. Make a reservation for her.
Encourage her to talk about the rape with her parents.

Maybe she will notice why she is in that kind of relationship and end it. She has to make the decision on her own. You cannot force that.
You latched onto her because she's the first girl who's ever showed you even a little bit of attention.

She's not a project that you can fix and rescue from her boyfriend.

The fact that she blames you for shit she chose to do should be a huge red flag. That's a toxic behaviour that won't magically get better even if she somehow decides to start dating you (which she won't).

Get out of your bubble and talk to women. Find out that more people exist than her. Find out that BETTER people exist.

You can leave the door open if she wants support leaving her rapist boyfriend, but only as a friend, not as her new lover. Leave it to her whether or not she takes you up on that offer, and just move on with life

You already have a reputation for fingerbanging a cute girl. This will probably Stoke other girls' interest in you. Take advantage of that.
Thnks for the advice anon
I will try to see other ppl than just her
And i hope that if i ever meet you to buy you a drink(My name's Anthony just in case)
DESU OP, just move on w/o her, she sounds like a mental case and even if she is one of your first, use this experience for future girls, Girls that are not pseudo psycho cases.

File: 1467308578495.jpg (1.15 MB, 2160x1440)
1.15 MB
1.15 MB JPG
Need actual advice. I'll start with the short of it.
>Dad got cancer 5 years ago
>went into remission year later
>his mom/my grandma died
>cancer came back the following year after above happened
>beat its ass again (still in remission today)
>time skip 2 years to now
>few weeks ago, mom died suddenly from illness (it was over in a week)
>dad obviously in shock days following and a couple days after the funeral.
>following week, he seems better, and I moved back in to make sure he keeps his health in order.
>this week he had done nothing and laid in bed all week.

Older brother is no help to me, extended family are cunts, constantly patronizing us. If you want proof, my mom's sister flatly asked me if I thought she was faking it, as she laid brain dead with a breathing tube in.

I'm mainly asking about my dad. Idk what to do to make him get up and do something, anything. I've talked to him and besides forcibly getting him out of bed, I've tried everything. I'm at a loss. I know he's grieving. But I don't want his already fragile health to suffer further from him not taking care of himself. I can't babysit him because I have to work, and he claims he wants to go back to work but he has not shown me anything that he wants to. I'm at a complete loss. Somehow I'm not grieving as much as I should be about mom and maybe that's affecting him? I'm going to call his doctor and see how he feels being put on an anti-depressant, because he's been like this for a long time, and mom passing away like that seemed to be the final nail in the coffin.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Thats rough dude.

When my dad died what helped alot was that there was family to do things with. Not neccessarily talk about it but play board games, watch movies and just have time with people who cared about each other.

I would suggest to try making him get up and go for a walk with you where you can talk about what ever. Do stuff both of you enjoy like watch sports and talk about it or what ever. Its probably not that easy to do though and cat really force someone if they dont want to. But sometimes in that situation what the person needs is someone strongly telling them whats going to happen next. So dont ask "would you like to do this thing" but rather "We are gonna go for a walk now because I need this dad". Show that its not just that you feel sorry for him but that you actually want and need him in your life right now.
I wish you and your dad well anon
I don't know how to help you anon. I hope you and your father get better with time. Personally I wouldn't give him meds, I believe you should just give him time, He'll soon realize he can't stay in bed all day forever. Use it as a last resort. (My opinion) Get well soon anon and anons father

Hey guys I need advice what I can do for my girlfriend who is a doctor and did not match. She is really bummed out and she is looking/scrambling for options. We really need all the help we can get to through this.

This is gonna be a pretty long one, sorry for the bomb drop.

Some info:
1. She did one year of TRI because she did not match the first time I think.
2. She is a DO and applied to MD, DO programs trying to get in. However, she tried for a late program and she did not match so all the scramble spots are gone and now she is left for dead (no other spots available this late in the game).
3. She is considering couple of options:
a. Research
b. Doctors without borders
c. Military residency

What I want to know is:
1. What other options does she have that she can apply to?
2. What can I do to help her?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>did not match
What in the world does this mean?
Have her read this:
She has a penis

File: IMG_0193.jpg (1.9 MB, 3264x2448)
1.9 MB
1.9 MB JPG
One thing I have noticed about dating is how much power women have over me. For example, I texted this woman and she got back to me hours later. I was so fucking anxious. It's crazy women can even do that to you. My question is... how do I take back some control? I want a 50/50 power split. Right now women hold like 80 percent power on me. I feel like they don't give a shit. Why would they? I am just some over anxious retard trying to date them. My friend told me to just calm down and text her back at the same duration. If she takes hours, you take hours etc. that sounds childish as fuck though. Is that what dating is like. I am 25 and haven't done much of it. I just hate feeling like I am the only one putting effort in.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
I understand what you typed but I can't comphrend it. I think what gets me is that I feel I have exhausted my options. I don't have the disicipline to cut contact with women who give me some attention. I am a fucking wreck thirsty for a relationship. I want to to just tell this girl off and say she is being a fucking bitch. But then I am the bad guy.
Texting back hours later doesn't make someone a bitch, so yes, you would be the bad guy, and rightly so. People have lives they're busy with, so it's perfectly understandable if someone takes their time to reply
That's definitely not the way to go about it and you know it. Yeah it fucking sucks that the ball is in their court and they can call the game whenever they please, but it's up to you to have options in case one doesn't pan out. Try to make yourself care as little as possible, and if that doesn't work then take a break. I know how exhausting it can be chasing leads and having them go nowhere, sometimes It's refreshing to take a breather and do shit you've been wanting to do. ALSO, and i hate to say it, you may not be attractive enough for these women to hold interest in you. Try going after different girls or slowly ween yourself off of the idea of a relationship
I see. The thing is, I am acutely aware of my attractiveness and I don't ever "overshoot". Believe me.

I think I should just dial things back a bit. It's just frustrating because I feel crippled as a human being. I have no experience with relationships. This is bad for an adult.
Woman have more value than men by default, so the only way to shift the power balance is to raise your own value.

Don't chase woman, chase success, or else you'll just be in line with 100 other dicks waiting to fuck.

File: 20180310_140509.jpg (231 KB, 528x720)
231 KB
231 KB JPG
So heres my situation
Im 18 and living in ME with my aunt and uncle and to be honest my life has drasticly improved over the last year since that change ive gotten a job good grades made friends etc however although i know i should be grateful for all this i still cant help but feel sad most the time. I think it may be inpart to the fact that my girlfriend and i have never met in person or even spent time with each other despite dating for a year because we met online and im just lonely i also hurt her feelings a bit because i asked her to lose weight because shes about 5'7 and 170-180 lbs and apearently really hurt her so that didnt help either so tldr im a kissless virgin whos just sad about not living near his girlfriend

Pic unrelated
LDR is stupid. Get a life. Once you have one, you'll have more options with women, and you'll probably be happier.
Any other sugestions

File: 1514997240862.jpg (33 KB, 329x329)
33 KB
>Know I'll have a happier and fuller life if I go outside and get involved with people
>Don't feel a strong desire to go and do that even if it makes me feel alive, and it's easier to sluff off on the internet

Woah, life is hard.
How do people even get married?

I'm a mixed-raced man in the United States, and I think this could be why I don't want to talk anyone. I'm not tired of being alone, but I know that a better life is around the bend if I move myself.

I just don't see the people around me as people. I see them as walking talking inanimate objects, and I think it's because I'm very racist.

I'd rather push people away than bring them close.

Does anyone else have this issue?

File: 3310wp7slim.jpg (55 KB, 192x357)
55 KB
>Be me
>3rd world country
>90% of the people are brain dead with no plans for the future other than drinking their neurons off
>6/10 girl sees me reading a book before every class at uni
>She introduces, we talk for 3 hours
>One of the smartest persons I've ever met
>Likes to read, has plans for the future, knows at least 2 languages, science, literature, geography and math etc.
>Open minded
>Has a very very old cellphone, must be poor

Why do I mention her wealth? Because unlike many places in the world, we have a 30% poverty rate. That means a very huge number of people are straight out gold diggers, who take advantage of people like me. Therefore I am not used to identifying white hearted people.

Before I throw myself into the abyss.. What is a good way to tell if someone is or not a gold digger? I never notice before I'm already in the relationship.

Her being or not poor is the least of my concerns by the way.
>What is a good way to tell if someone is or not a gold digger?
If you give her a sentimental gift and she is happy about it.
>how to tell if someone is a gold digger
First off anyone from any wealth can be a gold digger.
If she knows about books and speaks multiple languages then she probably wasn't studying that specifically to fool people into liking her.
Also it doesn't really matter if she is only dating you for your money since you like her and she obviously can't pull the same stunt with multiple dudes because she has niche interests as you claim 90% of dudes wouldn't give a fuck about her accomplishments.
Being poor doesn't automatically make someone a gold digger. And you're not doing your country any favors by perpetuating the "third world" meme.
Educated people will often choose old dumb phones. It can make calls and send messages, that's all you fucking need.

How do I stop being shitty to women
I've thought about this. It's easier to be shitty to women because they're more agreeable, less aggressive, and less interested in hard ideas of right and wrong. Women are less likely to fuck you up or bring justice on you when you treat them badly.

Try being more someone who is good to people because of morals rather than good to people because of consequences. It's easier said than done, I know. Maybe you're not doing well. People in rough situations tend to act out.

File: 1466758753852.jpg (44 KB, 529x502)
44 KB
I feel pretty depressed about how my life went on so far.

Recently got 28, doing a masters in a data analytics and marketing related to be finished in september, so far very good grades.

Got ripped from my best years, 18-23 because of a drug induced psychosis, still finished my undergraduate under these circumstances, which I am kinda proud of.

But being surrounded by classmates, who are often significantly younger than me, kinda makes me depressed for said reason.

Also balding...I don't really see a perspective in middle age life...probably won't be able to pull anything as a bald 5"10 manlet.

Is it just me, or have I dun goofed. What is a rational way to maintain a positive perspective?

File: 061016browimage.jpg (87 KB, 450x300)
87 KB
Im 32, 77k a year income

When will human relationships be of value?

I woke up to this morning alone. My wife walks in an hour after I have woken only to tell me that she slept with another last night. I was very fastidious when she wanted to go every now and then. I finally let my guard down and she goes and does this. She didn't even seem genuinely upset and it almost felt like an act.

3 years of marriage and its ready for divorce, I feel absolutely torn to say the least. Why is it women that are the most least remorseful?
9 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Not OP nor do I want to steal his thread, but why are women cheating so frequently nowadays ?

I've honestly seen way too many of these kinds of posts not only here on 4Chan, but even at Reddit, Youtube, Fb,etc.

Hell, I even have a few friends who have been cheated on recently.

It's a bit crazy to say the least.

I also hate to say this, but do women even care about a man's feelings in this day and age ?

Why don't today's women talk to their men about losing interest ?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
It's always been like this. I think statistically women cheat more than men, but not much more. Cheating has been happening since the concept of marriage came up.
I'd disagree, in the past, Men cheated more than women, because it was social suicide for women to cheat, and men who cheated could stay in marriages, since women could not divorce and had no job opportunities and shit.

Men would fuck their secretary and women would stay at home.
Do you have a source for this or are you making this up?
OP i agree here, sounds like some feminism bullshit

provide a source please

File: v1_unsupported.png (3 KB, 300x57)
3 KB
Built a pc, everything is compatible. Mobo beeps if theres no RAM, but wont POST or display anything on monitor. Not sure if its bc I havent installed the driver or if my Power supply is too weak. any tips guys?
8 replies omitted. Click here to view.
500w could be too little depending on GPU .. if your board has internal GPU, unplug the dedicated one and test again. Still no joy it's bad RAM or board
What is the exact make and model of your motherboard? What is the exact clock frequency of the ram you are using? Is it ECC?
What is the exact type of your processor?
It can .. I've seen similar symptoms before .. all lights up, no POST
any suggestions? im pretty new to this stuff
Well .. I'd probably take the board back to point of sales for test and possibly replacement

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