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File: greener-grass.001.jpg (77 KB, 800x600)
77 KB
I'm married but the wife has mental health issues that she refused to get treated. Long story short, I'm involved with a swinger couple because I need human touch and affection. I know that's shitty but I've litteraly done everything any good man could to help my wife but she stands in her own way. I do what I need to to stay sane.

But that's not the issue.

The issue is that I'm losing all sense of love for my wife. It's not because I'm falling for my FWB. It's because I see what a healthy, vibrant relationship looks like. I know I'll never have that with my wife. I always thought we could get along in a campanionate relationship but lately I just can't rustle up any feelings for my wife. I can't fake it forever. Financially it would be disasterous to divorce, both for her, me, and our kids.

What should I do?
get her family to come and fix her

File: Ugliest_spongebob.jpg (132 KB, 1152x864)
132 KB
132 KB JPG
Is there any site like 4chan but for "normies"?

I really like the format but I've outgrown the weird shit and get really pissed off at all the incels, weebs and alt-righters on here
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I wonder how the average frogposter would respond to bachelor frog
I still think feels era /r9k/ was the best. We were all sad fucks complaining about the world, but we weren't bitter and hateful about it. We didn't despise the normalfags but we didn't envy them either, we just knew things were a little different for us.
Man that's just the internet in general these days.

Those tech barriers actually kept the riff-raff away.
Anything pre-2012 is considered "reddit". They probably literally think it comes from reddit.

Hell, most of them don't know who Lowtax is. I'm almost sure that they're forgeting who moot is and probably think jmoot is just a weird spelling.
The problem us that the out society has become extremely politically fragmented and people want to cling to political identities like they're religions.
This isn't a 4chan exclusive problem, but 4chan is an edgier website due to the anonymous system so those types are attracted

File: 30.jpg (138 KB, 500x363)
138 KB
138 KB JPG
30+ people
everything and anything
talk, advice, lash out, anything
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Hello 30+. I’m a 21 year old anon and I’m looking for advice from people who’ve been further in life than I. I go to hard uni and have a gf of 1 year who I believe I want to spend the rest of my life with. I’ve had sex with 5 women including her, but sometimes I feel like I am missing out of a life of young care free sexual conquering. I am handsome and girls like me and I know I could be with many girls if I please. I have been with girls in the past and have rarely been rejected, I always wind up getting what I want. What Im really getting at is abadonding the relationship for this idealized single young life worth it at all? I want a family and struggle with depression and anxiety already. I would be very happy being with her forever but I do have urges.
You would be bad husband material so yes break up and live your degenerate life while she finds someone suitable....not a depressed fuck.
File: 1526584434903.jpg (47 KB, 750x500)
47 KB
Don't go into debt for college without a lucrative STEM field planned out.
My dad regretted not going to college andade me go no matter what, but I got a shit degree then fell in an ok job in a field I hate and don't want to move up in, but still have the debt so I can't even kms myself
If STEM isn't for you do a trade.
>Hello 30+. I’m a 21 year old anon
Like why? You can make you're own thread and yet you impose on us older anons.
I came to you guys because you can provide me unique foresight other anons can’t.
so because I have urges I’m a degenerate?

File: 1372519476345.jpg (51 KB, 500x379)
51 KB
I lost a friend today because I was defending 4chan. He was so adamant in hating on it despite never going on it because of what he heard about /b/.

Now I'm not that autistic to push what he should like or hate. But he went on a tangent on how Reddit is so much better. I fucking lost it and called him out on his bullshit and now he won't talk to me.

Should I apologize? I mean he spoke of Reddit's open mind but I called him a hypocrite for saying all of 4chan is filled with sick disgusting perverts.
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Thanks guys for the helpful advice...I guess I'll wait it out.
You're an embarrassment.
Are you serious? 4chan takes very seriously what websites people go to
>inb4 but they’re just memeing
Your friends should be worth way more than fucking 4chan man. Yes, you should apologize.
>caring this much about 4chan
>letting it be known that you browse 4chan
pic related it's an image depicting my emotions in reaction to this post

File: 1491666217168.jpg (771 KB, 2764x2073)
771 KB
771 KB JPG
GF dumped me 3 weeks ago, she lives in a different town but comes to my town 1-2x per month. While we were together (in separate conversations), I mentioned wanting to go to an event for awhile but that I kept missing it. She also mentioned a bar that she goes to all the time.

Well, the event is this weekend, I can make it, but plot twist, it's at the bar she frequents.

I'm going to go anyway, but should I give her a heads up? Or just say fuck it and what happens happens? I'm going with friends so it's not like I'm going to be isolated or anything. Chances are I won't even see her there.
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meanwhile in her life:
>has been riding another dudes penner for over a year
>no longer even thinks about you
>forgot what you look like except vague memories about how you would pay all her meals when she visited your town

youre only going to the place because you want to "spontaneously" have an "accidental" run in with her. Just leave it alone and move on.
lol, OP. You know what you're really doing man. Does this event occur often? Are you going to regret it if she sees you and doesn't talk to you or show any interest? Can you not just go when she's there? What it is that's so important?
it happens like 2-3x per year. If I wasn't dating her or never knew her I would definitely go, like I said it's something I wanted to do for awhile.

Yeah it's weird. I don't want to run into her. You've suggested I'm trying to spontaneously meet her, by the same token, since she knows that I've wanted to go to this event, wouldn't she be "spontaneously" trying to meet me? It's not logical.

There was in event in her home town that I wanted to go to, but I didn't because I think chances are high I'd see her. I got a front row seat so if anything she'd be looking at the back of my head.
>and what happens happens?
What the fuck could possibly happen? Just go. Don't let her know - it's none of her business.
yeah, good point. Thanks anon

I wanna know the best way to do this, i mean i hace tried but I don't know if my cutter is not sharp or I don't use enough strength idk help please
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Who are you to know what I can or can't do?
Is not because of you, I'm not trying to offend you, I mean that I have tried to get out of this state of mind, my mom tried to help me, my friends tried, no one can and it's not them it's me, I'm sorry
vertically, not horizontally
I was abused by my parents, bullied and I was angry as well. I lost most of my friends. My parents did not teach me any life skills. I am 26 now and I feel with each day I have been away from them I have healed into a very unique person. (at age 21 I moved out) pain can be used to become very strong. I recommend finding a therapist or someone who will truly listen to you. When you come from an abusive home you can't imagine anyone will listen to you, and when it happened to me I actually cried. I have faith in you and i'd give you a hug from one human to another. I know your pain.
I can relate to you so much holy fuck. My parents never taught me shit and let me go out looking like a homeless perdon. It fucking sucks when literally all your parents do is drive you to school and feed you every day. It's nor as if I knew what would happen, you need to nurture your kids. I honestly wish I had strict psrents growing up

File: DMC5.jpg (87 KB, 740x416)
87 KB
whats a good way for a newcomer to get into Devil May Cry? the 5th one looks really cool.

I've tried playing the first one that was remastered on ps3 but I'm really bad at it. Some say to start with the remake of it, /adv/?

Alternatively keep playing it until you git gud
wrong board? Figured I could ask anything on /adv/ my bad
Technically you can, but /v/ will probably be more helpful.
I suppose I'll ask there too then, thanks

I love my wife more than anyone in the entire world. I am interested in others in a sexual sense but only to satisfy those needs. I can't imagine being romantic with anyone but my wife but, I don't know what to do with those feelings. Is this normal?
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Its just a sexual urge to be satisfied. My wife has had two children with me and her sex-drive is kill. Its not her fault. My sexual thoughts are so far separated from my romantic feelings for my wife that its almost like they aren't from the same person.
can you elaborate on that a little more?
Men are animals, I swear, your lives revolve around sex and that's really sad. Op, can't you want these feelings away?
Both men and women are literally animals, and the neocortex isn't the entirety of our brain.
Almost everyone finds lifelong fidelity difficult, you choose to be faithful to the person you love because you prioritize that relationship above some of your less important wants & desires. But it's a choice and a priority, it isn't necessarily going to feel like the MOST fun & pleasurable option every single day. Love requires effort & sacrifice sometimes, that's part of the deal.

tl;dr - Just jerk off.

File: 1530284872094.jpg (18 KB, 526x335)
18 KB
Disease is killing me and I only get until December tops, lucky enough I can still do most stuff unless it is too physically exhausting. My wife passed a few years ago so I'm not even mad about it.

What are some fun things I should do before that time comes? I want to at least try something before it is time.
you could skydive and shit like that
Heroin and you dont want to die anymore
But I would start with marijuana and LSD

File: Olak.png (589 KB, 600x575)
589 KB
589 KB PNG
How the fuck do you handle someone in your close family/friends claiming that they are able to communicate with the dead or that they are an "empath"?

Specifically, what words or phrases do you use in dissuading them out of their bullshit?

Specifically, my sibling's coworkers have told them that they are are "special and sensitive" and that they are able to communicate with the dead, and they ate it all up because I guess it felt good to hear.

I really like my sibling, but they are making it really awkward when they autistically announce this shit out loud to others, and I am put on the spot.

What the fuck do I do?
If you care about his person then put up with their bullshit. If they aren't doing anything to hurt themselves or anybody else then you'll just have to chalk this up to run of the mill weirdness.Put as many barriers as you need to in order to maintain your sanity and avoid embarrassment but everyone has a family eccentric, OP.

If you don't give a shit about this person or your relationship with them then continue on the path of trying to dissuade and contradict. It will lead to a lot of arguing and conflict and will most likely end in the destruction of your relationship. You can't change people, OP. You either volunteer to pay the price that having a relationship with them costs or you refuse. I don't know how open to conversation your sibling is about this issue is but I don't suspect there is a circumstance in which they'll just listen to your words and decide that the things they are feeling and experiencing aren't real. If awkwardness is the most you have to put up with from your sibling then count yourself lucky. It could be much much worse.
Wow, holy shit! Thank you so much, anon. I wasn't expecting such a direct and sincere answer so quickly.

I'll definitely keep that in mind. Our other siblings are assholes, so I guess I gotta deal with it and maybe gradually dissuade them over time.

It's real fucked up when people won't listen to reason. It's also awkwardly cringey because it's a really blatant and obvious plea for gratification to feel special.
trick them into communicating with someone who isnt dead yet
>If they aren't doing anything to hurt themselves or anybody else then you'll just have to chalk this up to run of the mill weirdness.
Not OP, but I have a situation that might be kinda similar. A member of my family appears to be in a cult. From the research I've done it doesn't really look like a "poisoned Kool-Aid" situation, but more like a for-profit operation where they've got their followers paying membership rates, a bunch of little fees, etc.

The difficult thing is that this relative has been in kind of a fragile state for the last 2 years or so, in terms of emotional/mental health, and he really seems to feel that this organization has been good for him. He has seemed to be doing a little better over the last year, so idk.

Should I try to talk him out of it? Should I just let him be and let him figure it out on his own? I don't think he's especially dumb or anything so I doubt he'll give them his life savings, but he's been in a vulnerable state and I think cults like this prey on that. Kinda seems similar to Scientology, on a much smaller scale

File: download123.jpg (283 KB, 903x503)
283 KB
283 KB JPG
>be me
>suburb with a twist
>2 neighbors don't like my family, beef has been there for entire childhood, so on.
>Come home one day
>We have fans set up in garage to stop heat from building up.
>Dad finds one fan that's mis-wired
>Basically tried to set house on fire.
>No-one in family is actually knowledgeable on electricity and wires except dad.
>dad tested it before and didn't work.
>Conclusion: Someone broke into the garage and rewired it wrong on purpose.
>Our garage doesn't have a lock, so you can lift it up.
>Entirely possible

I've been on the sidelines for this beef for a long time. I'm going onto the field and getting revenge. I need advice on what to do to neighbor's stuff, here's the info.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
14 replies omitted. Click here to view.
No extra monies, also not worth it.
I might have a stackout tho, maybe.
Do it OP so we can read about your dumb ass in the news tomorrow
Set their lawn on fire
You're retarded. You honestly believe that someone had the time, intelligence and expertise to break into your garage, "rewire" your fan into some kind of booby trap device that will explode into flames and burn down your house? You've been watching too many movies. You and your entire family need psychiatric help.
It happens.

File: 1535812299163.jpg (38 KB, 588x403)
38 KB
I kind of want to get a surrogate with my bf. Anyone know how the process works?

Can we use his sister's eggs or something?
4 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
kill yourself faggot
I've heard of this, I'm also scared of some kind of future legislation taking the kid away from me.
>I'm also scared of some kind of future legislation taking the kid away from me.
If you're in the U.S. that'd be the equivalent of worrying about the government setting up death camps to liquidate Jews. If you know how American constitutionalism functions, especially in practice, you should understand that it'd take nothing short of revolutionary changes in the culture and society to violate any group's legally-established parental rights en masse.

It's literally as reasonable as worrying about mass gun confiscations.
This dude gets it 1000%, the US gov won't pass shit like that ever. Or rather they can't because of how it works, so your completely fine to have your egg baby
I'm in the soviet republic of Canada, god knows what our government will do.

So as a young Marine surrounded by nothing but dudes all day you tend to get a little woman deprived. On instagram this Asian lady messages me to rate her nude performance on skype asking me to judge and I agree. I go on and it is legit her naked doing a show and she asks me to show her my dick to get her wet. I agree and then she cuts off her cam and shows that she recorded that footage of me and threatened to share it with my friends and family. She demands 750 dollars for her rent but I lie and tell her I only have 100. She agrees to 100 meaning she must be really desperate. I send her 100 dollars through western union to the Philippines. She said she would have deleted the video after she got the money but is now asking for 50 more. I figure she will pull the same thing after I give her 50 so I made her believe that I have absolutely no money left and that I don’t get paid until a month from now. She said she will wait. I have her landlords information that she sent for me to put in. What do I do? Anything that y’all can help with?
10 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
are you fucking 60? loooool only old ass people get scammed this easily
He's a crayon eating Marine, it's expected of him
Post the vid please
Of her or of him jerking off? Also just dont pay her? $100 is like 40 days of food over there.
Realistically, did you think that she would actually delete the video? What reason would she have to do that if she knew you would actually give her money? Christ, it shames me that people like you are who we trust to make good decisions while representing our fucking country.

What does a relationship-building conversation look/sound like?
File: maho3902-2.jpg (23 KB, 390x369)
23 KB
>wanna have sex?
>you up?
>*sends dick pic
That depends on the stage of relationship you're in currently. Be more specific with your question and we'll try to be more specific with our answer

File: IMG_3881.jpg (158 KB, 850x1082)
158 KB
158 KB JPG
>last Friday
>meet girl in gallery
>talk with her for an hour about paintings and stuff
>get her Facebook in person
>only adds me back now
Good sign or bad? What's the next course of action?
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>only adds me back now
should’ve just gotten her number. did it to yourself
A lot of people don't use Facebook as often as they used to either. She could just be the type that checks her Facebook once a week. I have a friend who is so busy with med school that he only messages me once a month.
All women have piles and piles of friend requests at all times. The fact that you got it in person is meaningless. She didn't delay for any particular reason, she's just that busy.

That said, if it's a "sign" of anything it's that she didn't find you attractive enough to think of you as a mating prospect. It doesn't mean you have no hope, but it does mean you shouldn't do a bunch of cringe shit like start sliding into her DMs with a bunch of cute stickers or asking her to hang out immediately.

Like literally be friendly if you want to be anything towards her.
>I have a friend who is so busy with med school that he only messages me once a month.
Med school isn't that much work anon. I'm very sorry for your loss.

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