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File: 1404761861006s.jpg (3 KB, 125x125)
3 KB
>be me, 18
>Live in small Arizona town, about 7,000 people
>Just graduated high school in may 2017
>Due to being young for my grade failed to land a job most of high school
>Never got accepted the year and a half I could apply
>3.5 GPA, was lazy first two years but got straight A's my Junior and Senior year didnt get accepted for scholarships but still ranked #8 of 250 kids in my grade
> cant afford university poor fag, currently taking English and math at local community college
>Local community college is fucked rn due to half the teachers quitting last semester so very limited class options
>Every job I've applied for since I turned 18 in August has chosen someone else
>Due to size of town job opportunities are rare and usually get filled within days of opening
>lack of job prevents me from moving out of parents house
>cant move to another town/city because cant afford a place to live because no job
>all my classes are in the afternoon so I spend most of my day working out trying to get fit in my room and scavenging what food I can from my parents fridge (again I'm poor) and applying for jobs

How do I get out of this loop? I cant afford to move because no job, cant even afford university because scholarships don't want me. Getting a job is honestly down to a lotto pull at this point and luck hasn't been on my side for a while now, how the hell do I get out of this?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
You could go military, or you could take out some student loans and use them for housing in a different town and technical training for something like IT, a medical technician, or a trade. I think you can take loans out for technical training. You'll end up with way less debt taking loans for that sort of education instead of a degree anyways.
You can get a pell grant and that will pay for college. so get out there and continue

fyi. also from arizona
Take out a government loan. Don't fall for the privatized shit.

Move the fuck outta there. Its not hard to get like $500 and move away, you could also look for jobs in other places before moving so you could get right into it as soon as you get there.

Whatever is keeping you there, know you can build something better elsewhere with more opportunities.

Recognize that you're young as fuck and this isn't the rest of your life.

Be proactive and not lazy.

File: 1476567827351.jpg (103 KB, 720x641)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
Since I lost my virginity earlier this year, I've become increasingly sexually driven, to the point that some days my mind becomes exhausted by the monomania of it. Like, a few weeks ago I found myself thinking "this is the first time I've thought about something other than fucking for eleven hours". All the days I'm not having sex point towards the days when I do. Does this wear off eventually? I feel like I could give up speaking altogether and just live like a caveman somewhere.
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Bump. People who fuck - does this obsessiveness wear off?
It kinda did after I talked to my ex girlfriend, who was the love of my life, and she told me one of the things she hated the most in me was that I was all about sex all the time and I wouldn't respect her space because I wanted to have sex.

I haven't masturbated since that day she told me that. Also, Had sex once during this time and it was awful.

Stop masturbating, son. Learn some self control.
It's an on and off thing, it will wear off but it will come back. Some days I don't care about it but on others I could fuck all day long
>haven't masturbated since that day she told me that.

That doesn't even make sense. Why would you cut off your only other outlet after being told to cool it by your gf?

This sounds like me.

Thanks to you both for your replies.
>Since I lost my virginity earlier this year, I've become increasingly sexually driven
damn the ride never ends... it's a trap
I'm staying virgin just in case :^) xdd

File: download.jpg (16 KB, 208x242)
16 KB
but i am happy being around people that hate humanity as much as me but for most people thats a faze for me its a constant how do i find people that wont change
Hating something and not doing something about it is as immature as it is boring after a while. Bitching about stuff is too. Not to mention hating humanity is something an edgelord would say. Can't say many people wanna be seen as that.

As for finding people like that, 4chan is your best bet. You'll always find people here who think like that or fake it pretty well. In any case you're set.
an edgelord is a complament for me what if u need money to do the thing u wana do that u dont have i am not the .01% i cant just bribe my way throw life btw i am working on geting to big money but the higher the risk the higher the reword

File: 3g74awswt9tz.png (547 KB, 540x540)
547 KB
547 KB PNG
I was turned on by and jacked off to gay porn despite being a historically straight guy on all accounts, only ever masturbating to straight porn and being turned off by anything gay. I haven't kept myself from gay porn or anything so it's not like I'm realizing I'm gay or anything. This happened after going a few days without fapping, after which I was hornier than usual. I still see gay porn as disgusting and can't get off, but and rather turned off, except for that one time?

Is it possible to be gay like this? Does not fapping for a while increase this?
Self hating gays are very common indeed.
If you never had a gf/didnt have for a long time, you become sort of prison gay out of necessity. Thats the case for all the trap posting and what not.
Maybe just stop watching porn. Porn addiction will lead you to seek out things that are weirder for you.

Just try fapping without porn and see what pops up in your head.
Homosexuality is a spectrum, and sometimes you feel a little gay even if you’re mostly straight. Minds aren’t so simple as to only be programmed to be straight or gay. Chill — it’s nothing to be worried about honestly.

File: 1505946331079.png (3.28 MB, 1800x1440)
3.28 MB
3.28 MB PNG
Where do you go to meet friends online?

I've tried various online communities but I've only attracted individuals with serious red flags. Depression, suicidal tendencies, narcissistic or controlling personality traits, disassociation, not including all the sorts of manipulative, dishonest, or deceitful people. People that are morally bankrupt. My "Best Friend" who I'm considering cutting ties with has been cheating on her boyfriend with three different guys. Is there anyone who doesn't have any glaring issues who just doesn't want to get something out of the other person?
Well where did you meet these people
Beats me OP. I feel like you do. I'm of good moral value, y'know. I don't litter. I don't brag. I hate myself, but I'm always being considerate of others. I can't help not to because I also don't trust them. If I'm not looking out for them, I'm also doing it for myself. But still, I hold doors and shit, even if everyone takes every opportunity to get in my way and not return the favor. I clean up after lazy fucks and keep it to myself because at least I can say I'm better than them to myself and try to get some validation out of that. I don't know why I bother treating others by the golden rule when no one else does, but I can't stop now.

I've learned to keep to myself, because no one can meet even these simple fucking standards and everyone is crazy in some way, or wired to hurt you. Even friends you make will have issues you can't communicate on, and it sucks. I can't help but get frustrated with people now, because everyone disappoints me in some small way.
Good rule of thumb is dont make friends with people you cant drive out and beat the shit out of.
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The best successes I've had is where I don't get to know the other people really well through MMO's, but one day those people stop coming online altogether. It seems like people are generally awful to each other and only want to use them to carry their emotional baggage or they're solely motivated by what they can get from them. I just want someone who's content with themselves and has their priorities in order to form a long-lasting friendship with.
People who resort to online communities are people who don't fit in well with regular society. You will always have to deal with this.

ok so i cant seem to pass the asvab and ive taken it twice already and friday will be my thirdtime. i have study alot but it seems that i feel like that no matter what ill fail. im 18 and really need a 30 are higher for marine corp my mom is counting on me since our whole family have fallen on very hard times
Dude I got a 93 and I didn’t even realize I’d be taking it that day

You fucking suck
i was like pic related in highschool, now in college just the top half lol. sad
I got a 61 and I just wanted to leave that disgusting cafeteria and go to Subway with my friends

File: IMG_0567.jpg (213 KB, 750x617)
213 KB
213 KB JPG
I don't see people as people, but rather objects or just humans. Predictable in some ways and all do the same shit. I feel incredibly alone. Does anyone else know what I'm feeling? I'm not saying I'm different either, I act just like other people too in the same way, but it still doesn't make me feel any less lonely.
Yep, that's life. They differ more when you objectify them sexually - the different between ones you want to fuck and ones you don't break up the monotony, and it can get quite fun to see how easily you can make them feel like their needs are being met.

File: images.jpg (5 KB, 225x224)
5 KB
My girlfriend is being blackmailed by her ex.
- They'd been together for two years till they broke up last year.
- Her ex has photos of her kissing her & very private text messages which she is using to blackmail her.
- My girlfriend has very religious parents and they'd basically disown her of she found she was gay- she'd be sent back to her native country. *This is important*
- These two had an emotionally abusive relationship. Her ex manipulated her constantly & made her feel like she was dirt beneath her feet. My girl was so manipulated by her to the point she dealt with this for two years till they inevitably separated because her ex got 'bored'. This devastated my girl.
- My girlfriend now has come to terms with the emotional abusive person this girl was & is 100% aware with no doubt in her mind that this girl is a horrible person.

**continued in the comments**
File: Snapchat-1380585670.jpg (43 KB, 640x1136)
43 KB
- Even after they seperated her ex despite apparently being 'bored' by my girl obviously still had an interest in my girl's life. Not the interest you think I'm talking about, she wanted to have complete control over my girl's life is the conclusion I've came too.
- My girl was A M A Z I N G to her ex she loved her, treated her like a queen, basically the only reason she isn't a suicidal kid anymore is because of my girl's amazing support system she created for her, my girl gave her lots of friends now, helped her open up, she now has a better relationship with her parents because of the contributions my girl made in her life, did her homework, helped her get good grades etc. She basically had good intentions but created a now smart manipulative monster. Everything her ex got from my girl she now has figured out away to turn it against her.
- Anytime they're doing their club activities & I'm mentioned her ex gets very hostile (storms off, lots of eyerolling and shittalking) That is nothing- it's stuff that can be dealt with.
- They are stuck in the same club that's a huge part of my girlfriend's life. My girlfriend worked hard for her position and simply just can't leave or what she's worked so hard is entirely out the window. If my girlfriend left that club it'd be a win for her ex. At the moment this is one of the only good thing's left in my girl's life.
- Her ex is trying to destroy every good thing in her life even to this day.
- If her ex feels threatened in any way (even to the point of a weird tone of voice) she'll unleash all hell on my girl's life by releasing these photos and conversations to her parents.
- In this club she's in the position to kick her out but refuses to kick her out or say anything that'll aggrevate her. In exchange for that she makes my girlfriends life a living hell by taking her friends.
- All my girlfriend wants is her out of her life yet her ex always finds a way to weed herself back into it.
- Her ex likes to act psychotic & says she is to the point where she is becoming genuinely pyschotic.
- I feel powerless to help her because she lives a country away right now.
- In my opinion her ex is insecure & a scared child who has no control over her own life & wants to have some aspect of control by controlling somebody else's life.
- We've talked about going to the police but then her ex will reveal these photos & that's a one way ticket for her back to her home country from her parents. She'd rather not exist than get sent back to the place she's worked so hard to leave from.
Do you have any advice or support resources which are possible to help in this situation. Anything will be greatly appreciated p.s If you have any questions please feel free to ask. I feel so helpless to help her & she's tried so hard to just live her life but her ex is holding her back at this point. Please help, anything advice is greatly appreciated once again.
>she lives a country away right now.
LDR doesnt work.
if you are male present the parents what she has now. Then talk about what is going on. cant really get rid of the chance of her going back to her native country. openness is the highest chance. you could also try to get physical access to her ex. talk with her, what does she want. because if its her that way will not work even if she came back. cause its how it works.
honestly? i see more important issues than a blackmailing ex here. but i am not here to talk about this.

File: minstupid.jpg (112 KB, 400x400)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
I worry that I'm only crushing on this Chinese girl because I know her country will rule the world in a few years.

Am I a bad person? I swear this isn't bait.
Not bad just stupid
Should I ass her out?
Do you like her as a person?
Yes you should, and then continue on the front

I really want to get a job as a professor at a small university but all I have right now is a bachelor's in sociology.

Can anyone help me with the ins and outs of the hiring process? I want to fake a masters degree somehow by either buying one online or some other suggested way.
100% , you find a local university, and apply to a masters program, work on it maybe 1 1/2 years. and blam! Masters Degree
That would be a great idea if I had the time to spare right now. Clearly I don't key word "faking"

File: image.jpg (121 KB, 360x450)
121 KB
121 KB JPG
Ever since I’ve been preparing for the Navy, I’ve noticed women that used to hate me and treat me like garbage are now treating me better and are checking out my body. This sort of behavior had made me feel as though women only care for my looks and don’t care of the contents of my character. What annoys me is that these women are feminists who say that women are objectified yet they objectify me. It honestly has left me with a bad taste in my mouth thinking that women are the sexist ones and that they only care for men who look good. What doesn’t help is that all the women in my high school and college classes environments are fat and lazy and do nothing to better themselves. Their are days where I think that I can’t find a what I’d call a “high quality” women who has manners, takes care of herself (physically and mentally), and is fit. I desperately want to be wrong and believe that theirs a woman out there in my life or in my future that will make it worth my time and energy to dedicate to that won’t be so bothersome and be as abhorrent as the women I see in my high school and college classes. I don’t want to hate women but I’m scared that I’m starting to give up on them.
31 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.

>Wow you are literally my least favorite type of person. The hypocrisy of your logic is unbearable.

Care to share with the class?


Yeah no problem. Perhaps I could of worded it better. The general theme of my post I suppose was that young kids are very prone to aimlessness so trying to find someone your age who has the wherewithal to properly zero in on the same life targets you are is a pretty rare occurrence. I definitely felt a lot of the same feelings when I was a teenager. I knew I wanted to be an audio engineer and work in music and what my passion was and trying to find that similar kind of mindset in my peers was extremely difficult and disheartening.

I only bring up the issue with "degeneracy" because its a bit of a hot button topic these days and sometimes in life what things look like often takes precedence over what it actually is.

Its my personally policy to distance myself as much as possible from /pol/ and/or /r9k/ ideology. I'd rather cut a few words from my vocabulary than try to explain to people that I'm not a /pol/ack. Thats just my person preference and suggestion.
Yep, the biggest reasons why these feminists in my school and college class is because I’m the only conservative and they are liberals. They don’t like the fact that I think differently from them
>care the share with the class?

You say dont generalize women and then you generalize all young people and /pol/ users as being autistic basement dwellers. It would terrify you if you knew who /pol/ Anons really were. You're obviously a feminist male TM and I've been hearing your talking points my entire life. I have no purpose of LARPing as a bisexual femanon, I just want to share my experience because I have dealt closely with both men and women and used to be the most raging feminist I couldve possibly been. The endoctrination of that ideology led me to waste a large chunk of my early 20s dating lazy betas, trying drugs, and generally putting off my true dreams of having a traditional healthy family. I am not self hating, Im realistic, and your moral high horse is disgusting and the most antifeminist thing. To say I, as a woman, can't be critical of how women have been brainwashed is one of the most sexist things Ive heard today. Also there is no shame in being a /pol/ user and your ad hom attacks dont prove anything.

>You say dont generalize women and then you generalize all young people and /pol/ users as being autistic basement dwellers.

Firstly, women are 3.5 billion people. /pol/ users are a much smaller minority. Secondly, being a /pol/ user and either adopting or associating with the toxic ideology that permeates that place is a conscious choice, being a woman is not. Thirdly, I never called /pol/ users all autistic /pol/acks, I said that if anon spoke like one people were going to assume he was.

If you're going to try to use my own words against me make sure you read a little more carefully next time.

>I have no purpose of LARPing as a bisexual femanon, I just want to share my experience because I have dealt closely with both men and women and used to be the most raging feminist I couldve possibly been

I have still never met a self-hating woman before who negatively generalizes women.

>To say I, as a woman, can't be critical of how women have been brainwashed is one of the most sexist things Ive heard today.

Hahahaha. "Reverse" sexism. Thats cute. Also, being critical of a specific person's ideologies and making sweeping generalizations about all women based on your bullshit amalgamation of anti-feminist stereotypes is nowhere near the same thing. You being a woman has very little to do with your capacity for idiocy but its just a little surprising that, as a woman who has most likely been unfairly generalized because you were a woman, you would be so quick to do it to other women. I also feel its important to say that I still don't believe you.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>I don’t want to hate women but I’m scared that I’m starting to give up on them.

Don't talk such abject shit, nobody is nice or generous, we're animals who want to fuck and get fucked. Your character doesn't matter to anyone, nor should you care about theirs. Unless you're turning queer, you could never give up on women, so stop this nonsense of looking for a good person, there are no good people, only wet, hungry holes aching to be filled, and hard, lusty cocks aching to fill them.

File: you'reamongfriends.jpg (42 KB, 587x452)
42 KB
I have a bad case of deathgrip. I am 21 years old and have an uncircumcised penis.

I began masturbating in 8th grade and soon realized that I preferred the method of using paper towels to completely wrap around my penis so that all the semen goes right into the towel and all I have to do is conveniently flush paper towel and be done with it. I developed a liking for a something wrapped around my entire penis. I cannot remember the last time I've fapped with my bare hand touching my dick. Because of this, I also developed a liking to fapping fast and rough, I've found blood within the paper towel's quite a few times and small scabs/cuts from friction against the towel, under the foreskin of my penis.

I lost my virginity when I was 19 and began having sex with a girl for a couple of months. The only time I ever ejaculated during sex with her was when I jerked myself off to finish the job. I took a 2.5 year long dry spell and now I'm having sex with a girl again.

Glass half full, I can last for hours. Glass half empty, I cannot cum for a girl. The strange thing is that my penis is still very sensitive under the foreskin.

What do I do? I am currently nofapping, and have completely sworn off my nearly decade old method of cumming into paper towels.
You're doing all that you can. We break down over time, we're constantly degenerating and being worn away with use. Use your sensitivity and youth wisely.
I actually had never even heard of deathgrip until someone told me that this was my issue on some random thread. When I looked into it it completely made sense why I have this issue. All those years being into intense masturbation and only using a towel to completely cover my penis, god fucking dammit. I just hope I haven't done anything near permanent.

Retrain your body. abstain from fapping for a week or two then try masturbating 'normally'
If you cannot cum wait another week then try again.

File: chestletsbtfo.jpg (82 KB, 459x678)
82 KB
Any advice on how to get over a crush I have on my gfs little sister?
This was me 3 years ago and it didn't go away before I actually fucked her. Broke up with gf 2 weeks later because of guilt.

No regrets.
That Braphog in the left looks amazing
Don't fight it, accept it but don't act on it.

File: 1508073063830.jpg (193 KB, 1080x1349)
193 KB
193 KB JPG
Masturbating several times each day has finally taken its toll on me, but I think I'm ready for the next level. I want to become hornier than before and to blow loads, and I don't care about my personal health or longevity if it produces the ultimate orgasm.

What kinds of drugs (legal and illegal) should I use to push me into the next dimension of climaxing?
Cabergoline - multiple orgasms
mdma - empathogen will make things feel better
l-arganine - will make your dick feel better
zinc, lecithin - will increase load volume which will increase the 'feeling' of a good ejaculation
poppers - inhaled just before an orgasm makes it 'better'

File: 1508725568267.jpg (12 KB, 228x221)
12 KB
When I have a girlfriend, I feel suffocated and want to spend time on my own to study, work on projects, etc. Eventually, the relationship ends because of that. When I'm single, I can't focus on the things I want to do because I want a girlfriend. I feel like I'm always reaching for things I dont have and suffer from that "grass is greener on the other side" syndrome. How can I break this cycle?
I want to improve myself as a person, fuck you
learn to value the present moment over imaginary prospects
Find a girlfriend that accepts your need for alone time, then balance that shit out

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