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File: Capture.png (1 MB, 673x688)
1 MB
>pursue shy guy who is also a marine
>ask him out
>says yes
>set up time and date
>whole time he doesn't make much eye contact
>grabs himself a beer and starts to talk to me and open up
>at the end of the date I ask him for a hug
>run home
>I called a marine "adorable"

Did I mess up?
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Im adding periods to everything in spite now. Fuck that gay shit punctuation is important.
Handsome should apply to both genders just as cute should
>punctuation is important
fucking this

These are all things I've been called before the girl tells me she's sure I'll make some lucky girl happy one day (but not her), so it has become a cue for a lack of sexual interest and I typically pull away after receiving these compliments. In all cases the girls didn't reach out again, so it's a pretty good indicator.
I feel the need to add that this only applies to the final statement. Obviously you're allowed to separate your sentences, but in texting it has become common practice not to full stop your last statement. It really does make you come off as angry or snooty

File: Kermit_the_Frog.jpg (10 KB, 220x254)
10 KB
Hey guys. My family and I have recently acquired a lot of Cannabis. Two of them are large plants like around 4 feet tall. and a couple of 6'' like maybe like 5 of them. So to focus, I want to get rid of these plants, my family agrees. Im considering just tossing them out. I dont know how to profit from it in a safe manner. I live in California. What do i do.
Smoke that shit bruh

Hey all I could REALLY use some advice here..
My girlfriend and I have been together all throughout high school. We have a strong bond with each other and really love eachother. Just recently we got into talking about sexual fantasies and things we would like to try, I of course said I wanted to try a 3some with 2 girls. Her fantasy however was a bit shocking. She told me about how she has always wanted to hook with with one of the guys from our HS. I know the guy very well and was shocked when she told me this. First of all the guy is black, which I never knew she was even attracted too, second thing is I was on the football team with him and I have seen his dick....there is no way he is any less than 10 inches and as thick as soda bottle!

What do I do? I really love her and its her fantasy. My fear is if I dont let her do it she will start to resent me and eventually leave me or do it behind my back.

She wants me to be there and watch what do I do? should I let this happen?
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You fuck other people=meh...
She fucks other people=AHHHH!!
!n defence of the exclamat!on po!nt, ! m!ght add you suck..
This shit is so dumb I won't be surprised it's bait
If you say no you're racist and you hate your girlfriend

I just got scammed out of half of my money by an online trickster. It was BTC too so there is no way of getting it back.

I'm a fucking idiot. What should I do?
learn from it.
This. It’s all you can do if the money has already been removed from your account. I guess you might be able to get some back if you tell them it’s stolen but idk.

File: pimple.webm (1.37 MB, 563x1000)
1.37 MB
1.37 MB WEBM
does anyone have a step for step guide on how to ask out a girl?
t. sperg
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i have autism, i need a formula.
there is no formula. being autistic won't make one magically appear because you want one.
will i die alone then? i don't know how to execute all of this, it seems so complicated and is making me super anxious.
>will I die alone then?

not as a rule. autistic people over come this sort of issue all the time and even date each other. you might be single when you die, but you can definitely date inbetween.
>it seems so complicated and is making me super anxious.
everything seem complicated if you know nothing about something even for normal people, you just have to start from something simple

File: Capture100.png (1.46 MB, 1075x594)
1.46 MB
1.46 MB PNG
I'm in my first year as a CS student and I'm battled on what I should focus for my future career

I've been in love with everything related to rendering algorithms, and implemented myself a physically accurate path tracer last year. But going this route won't probably land me a job anywhere in the future (Italy) and I'm not really sure how much competition there's in the field

On the other hand, I'd like to start researching AI, since let's face it that's the future and most jobs will be replaced by machines, BUT it seems AI is all the rage today and my fear is to focus on a very crowded field and be overwhelmed by competition

Doing both is out of the question, I'd really like to put 100% of my efforts on just one of these two things

what would /adv/ do?

File: thanks sakurai.jpg (59 KB, 384x446)
59 KB
Fuck both of my parents. My mother is a borderline midget measuring at about 4'10 or something and my father just so happens to be at the chad height of 6'1. I have no problems with my acne, my hair is fine not messy looking, and I'm not fat. My problem is that I'm 19 and sitting at an awkward 5'7,this isn't soul shattering but the majority of my pals are taller than me, which kinda sucks. I just want to know if their are any anons that are also somewhat bothered by their height and if there is any hope for growing at least a couple inches.
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Yes, but are you conventionally attractive anon?
Hope I never have a son.
I don't believe you. I don't even believe you're female. I wish people like you were real though.
>am short guy
>why no girls go with me
>girl approach
>not 10/10
>next day
>why no gril like me, literally no one ever approach me
So here we have a couple short, average/below average guys expecting the world. You can't really afford to have your standards high, boys. I'm not the person you were replying to, but I'm "conventionally attractive", so please take my words to heart, since they obviously mean more than the words of an unattractive girl

File: begone THOT.jpg (93 KB, 820x640)
93 KB
so any more ideas on how too kill boredem
why, self flagellation, of course
Download Unity, learn the basics, make a game.
Do something
Confucius say to kill boredom you must first kill yourself
File: soviet army.jpg (55 KB, 600x450)
55 KB
wtf. self flagellation really?
fuck you. thumbs down

File: 1510865343806 - Copy.jpg (871 KB, 1277x849)
871 KB
871 KB JPG
How do I stop daydreaming? I have this fucking problem. I can't do anything because I always thinking/dreaming about future and about things that could happened if I would do something. I just want to make it stop.

File: 454.gif (16 KB, 251x200)
16 KB
how come i always hate it when i fap but every once in a week i can't stop myself from doing it?

>real pleasure only kicks in when i'm cumming
>cumming isn't even that pleasant and only last for 1.5 seconds
>feel exhausted afterwards
>no energy for two days
>have to clean everything including myself right after

i'm amazed at how i hate it so much but i keep baiting myself over and over, at least once in a week. how do i quit for good? it's harming my mental, like, i bet i'm gonna cum in less than 10 seconds if i ever lose my v-card (highly unlikely but still)

I feel embarrassed asking this, but how do you shower at a gym?

I've been going to my university gym for a while, and was living in an apartment across the street and could shower before classes. Now that I'll be working full time, this is unfeasible.

>Do I need to wear sandals or something? It's a "nicer" gym, with private shower stalls.
>Do I need to bring my own towel? Should I bring one anyways if they provide towels?
>Do I bring my clothes into the shower stall and dress before exiting? Or exit wearing my towel and quickly throw on underwear at my locker?
>I assume I bring my own soap and shampoo etc?

thanks anons
>>Do I need to wear sandals or something? It's a "nicer" gym, with private shower stalls.
you can. you don't have to, but you can. a lot of people do, a lot of people won't. it depends on what your resources are. are you gonna be bale to safely bag them up in a way that won't ruin anything you need for school for instance? but most people recommend it, those floors got to be filthy. your own shower is filthy, but it was filth already on you, not literally everyone else.

>Do I need to bring my own towel? Should I bring one anyways if they provide towels?
ive only ever been to one gym that provided towels, it was equinox. i dont imagine a university hsower would, but why don't you take a day to go in and find out, do a workout on a weekend or something and just see for yourself. if they have towells, check out two or three, see how they feel. im sure they're clean but if they feel crusty or just bad, bring your own.


>Do I bring my clothes into the shower stall and dress before exiting? Or exit wearing my towel and quickly throw on underwear at my locker?
everyones different. some people will dress in the stall, but it is purely for their own benefit. I lived a lot of places and never saw a place where this was the norm outside of one middle school locker room during a particularly homophobic time in america's recent history. at the gym i go to everyones different. some never take off their shorts, some go buck naked quite a bit. everyones diferent and its more about THEIR comfort and not about rules for everyone else. I even go naked in the sauna and am generally the only one. no one has ever given me shit for it, but i have been acknowledged for it and told people wish they were as ballsy as me (excuse the pun). again, it comes down to what you want, not what others want.

>>I assume I bring my own soap and shampoo etc?
I would. some places have dispensers. for most people, an after gym shower is more about just rinsing off and they take a 'real shower' at home. but its up to you. again, check to see if they have soap and shampoo. try it out, see if you're okay with it.
>are you gonna be bale to safely bag them up in a way that won't ruin anything you need for school for instance?
Sorry, didn't mention that I graduated/will be working full time and going to a private gym.

Thanks for all the help, seriously.

same but for work, but i guess if you have a car this is a non issue. I'm a blvd boy, so its the kind of question i ask myself anytime i add something new to my life.

either way glad I can help. like with anything in life try not to take it too seriously. everyones been 'new' at this before, and no one expects you to just magically ignore this. you could literally call the gym anonymously and ask these sorts of questions and get a straight up answer. they might giggle or think it funny, but tis just a phone call.

but even if you go in and try to figure out in the moment, the worst case scenario is a few awkward moments that no one will remember in an hour.

File: 46897597597.jpg (9 KB, 260x194)
9 KB
Sure I like to play video games, watch movies and travel any now and then. But I find a turn off the insta-aspect of everything, conversations revolve around latest game or movie news, gadgets, wearing bermuda pants, using emoji and messenger language, ALWAYS needing to DO something. These bored unimpressed people are overwhelming for me, I don't know how to feel comfortable and meaningful with them even if we share common interests.

Like, can't people sit still on a bench in the park, listen to the birds and contemplate the scenery? Or not talk about the latest [insert] for a few hours? Everything and everyone, no matter how eccentric or alternative they look, are still bland and meangliness... I'm only 25 by the way
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>OP isn’t one of the many hive-mind hedonistic manikins
>OP finds it depressing that he cannot find anyone like him and the idea that he is alone
>OP merely wants to talk to some /out/ or /an/ cutie about “muh trees”
>OP finds the majority of people are artificial
OP is not at fault for liking a different personality than is majorly held in society
I found myself overwhelmed with that "insta-aspect" or to be more precise social media and always be connected aspect too, OP.
I don't really blame them though, since I accepted that as part of our nature as human. I just find some comfort that as you grow older, it'll start slowing down.
Sure the stream of 'contents' from media will still be going strong, but by then you'll find yourself to give less attention to what's not interesting to you.
Younger people will always eat those up though. It's because they're still full of energy to chase lots of things and in search of things that do really matter to them. Don't be surprised when youngsters jumping through and unfocused. It's always like that.

You're in middle spot where you're beginning to grow mature to pick what's matter to you most and filtering the other clutter/noise.
That's why you sound so frustrated. Chill and just give attention to what matters to you while keep being open minded.
>for liking a different personality than is majorly held in society
The issue is that he probably isn't. What he's at fault for is just assuming that no one else wants what he does because it doesn't seem like that when he's just meeting people. Because of course that's what it's like if the goal is to get to know someone. You have to go out and do shit with them and talk about what you're into, otherwise there would be no way to see what someone's personality is like, or what they're into.

Sure, what he's talking about sounds nice, but that's the kind of thing that can only happen when you've gone through the trouble to actually find a person you like and can do that with. Do you actually expect a first date centered on sitting in a park silently and looking at trees to be productive?
Me and my gf hang out at the park for hours just laying on a blanket. She’s a keeper. They are out there you just have to get lucky
>Like, can't people sit still on a bench in the park, listen to the birds and contemplate the scenery?

How many times a week, and for how long, do YOU do this, OP? Frequent park goers are in close, tight knit communities and all know each other. Sounds like you're using that as an example to be pretentious.

File: cri.jpg (28 KB, 619x453)
28 KB
Okay so about a month ago I lose my job washing dishes in a pub because 'they weren't getting many customers', even though it was pretty busy when I was working there, they said the fired all the other dish washers and I asked them and they said they were. I went in a few weeks ago to ask when I'd be getting my job back and they said soon, and that they'd be really busy by July.
I'm starting to worry that they're never going to call me, which is upsetting because that job was really close to my house and it payed well, and there's no other jobs in my area. Should I wait a bit or should I phone them now?
Also a week before I was fired I took a day off to go to a concert, but the manager was nice and said d she'd pay me for that day, I still haven't been payed and when I asked her she said she'd pay it next week but there's no money going in.
I live with my parents so I don't NEED this money but it's nice to be able to buy stuff.

2 days ago i saw some disturbing shit in a thread on /sp/ and now i'm mildly shocked, i couldn't sleep that night
what can i do to calm myself?
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stop being a pussy and get over it
Literally this, so what if u saw CP, worlds a fucked place
>worlds a fucked place
true that
The first time(s) I saw gore/ rekt stuff, that put me in a bad mood for a while. But after a day or so, I got over it. So will you. Just lurk in a few YLYL threads on /gif/ for a few hours, too, desu.
Heh, that reminds me actually.
I stumbled upon a treasure trove of 'proper' CP the FIRST time I went onto 4chan. You'll get over it, just look at some fun stuff or something idk

File: images.jpg (4 KB, 183x275)
4 KB
I haven't made a friend in over a decade. I have talked to the same one reluctant friend and my sibling exclusively for the last few years. I don't remember what having friends or just anyone to talk to is like.
I don't really have a life. I don't stand out. I'm not really humorous or talkative.
I work, eat, watch youtube and sleep. Occasionally I find a videogame I can enjoy for some days before I lose interest. Nothing else interests me. I'm a boring, sad existance and I can't comprehend even the idea that someone would want to go through the effort of being friends with me.

How do you make a friend? When is it appropriate to delete people that don't seem friendly? What do friends do, talk about, share?
What IS friendship?
Join a local club or interest group and make up some stories and anecdotes to have something to tell

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