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What do you do when these hit? I've had a few in the past that weren't too bad, but now, I'm not sure what to do.

Ever since my friend let me take a hit of some REALLY strong vape weed juice (and then another friend goaded me on to do far too much in one sitting), I had, what I can only think to describe as a really bad trip. I thought I was dead, that we were all in a living hell, that I could fly, morph into a video game character, yadda yadda... I woke up the next day in a hospital bed, felt dead as a zombie inside, and was crushed that all the lunacy I had thought was a dream was all very real.

Getting to the point, the biggest thing was this profound sense that reality isn't what I thought or think it is. That's there's something deeper hidden in plain sight.

This lingers to this day and it scares the living shit out of me.
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You'll be fine but it's going to suck until you find the thing that puts you at ease. I basically had to accept that I'll just deal with whatever bullshit life throws at me until I die even if none of it started to make sense.

Does it actually matter if reality fell apart infront of you? We're going to die anyways so might as well adapt to it if it ever happens and squeeze out what enjoyment you can before it all ends.
Accept that there are a lot of things in life you won't be able to explain to yourself or logically understand.

Panic attacks are fear manifested. That fear that you could possibly have the same unpleasant experience again, is what triggers the attack and you need to come to terms with it. Accept the thing you think is most horrible, accept that sometimes it just be like that, so you can stop your fear from it. In the end you survived, and you can take measures that the probability of it happening will be very small. If it happens again you will survive again, no biggie.

Chill my friend. There's nothing scarier than fear itself.
This is the smartest, most helpful thing I've ever read on this website.

Thank you. I'm taking that to heart.
Glad to be of help, hope this is the first step of a self-discovery journey that will leave you living your life happier.

Remember, there have been billions of people before us who have tackled the same age old exsistentialistic questions, some have found religion as their saviour, other the nihilism and all nuances of philosophy and moralities. That's just a part of life.
Don't be too hard on yourself for not finding out the answer to these, if your brain pushes you to find "logic", and that the most "logical" answer you can currently think of is the one that is hurting you the most and making you fear more, that's a bold ass lie your brain is coming up with so you feel even more miserable. If the biggest geniuses in any given time have not found a solid answer, why is it your job to find it?

We are all humans with very limited senses and maybe we've not yet evolved enough to understand the grand scheme of things if there is one. Why should you poison your everyday life and feel so bad about something you can't help? It's just masochism we all as a species are very aware of and we indulge in for some reason.

Thing is, you can think about all those things without having panic attacks or other anxiety-related responses. You can still debate with yourself freely without feeling miserable. Sure you can feel bad, sometimes a lil depressed or sad, it's a part of things. But outward stress caused by your inability to prevent the scary things that are beyond your reach as a human is a thing your own brain creates as a punishment uppon yourself. You definitely don't deserve to feel miserable and fearful, no matter what your brain automatically tells you to. The brain learns very easily from bad experiences, so it tries to protect you from potential future harm. Often times it's unreasonable even though you logically know that's not the case, but feelings are feelings you know. You just need to differentiate your feelings from the reality of the situation.
Your feelings however are absolutely valid. You just need to figure out the thin line that feelings do not equate danger or something that is truly logical. You just need to accept them for what they are and know that in the end you'll be fine.

This has been my experience with panic attacks and I hope it has helped in some way. It's a long path of understanding what causes what, still have them, but now I have it under control you know. Once you realize where it comes from, when you've accepted that you'll be fine and you will have to remind yourself constantly until it becomes second nature, so your brain unwires the bad juju of adrenaline-danger response. It takes some time, but it's worth it. True acceptance is a very difficult thing to obtain and it's a long hard process that we have to undertake individually.

For those of you with a boyfriend or girlfriend (assuming you don’t live together) how often do you see them?

My buddy only sees his girlfriend like once every 2-3 months and it’s not even an LDR. She’s always making excuses and standing him up and I’m trying to make him realize this isn’t normal and that she’s probably cheating.

Or maybe it’s normal and I’m the one who’s wrong here?
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It ain't normal. What really matters in the end is if he's actually fine with his situation and if he isn't he shouldn't be a pussy about it and should confront her then ditch her if she doesn't care.
He’s definitely not, I wouldn’t care myself if he didn’t. He’s depressed all the time recently and seems to take it personally and thinks its his fault for some reason that she doesn’t want to see him.
Just give it up. Dude's cucked like this are fucked in the head, and won't change because of you.
You’re probably right, just sucks to see my friend being such a pussy and refusing to stand up for himself.
Everyone is different...
That being said she’s fucking someone else. Your friend is a nigga ass side bitch, homie.

File: 1534435433653.jpg (68 KB, 658x662)
68 KB
Is it wrong to look at your neighbors if every once in a while they have their whole window open and you can see inside their living room
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What are they doing?
I never look long enough to find out if they;re even there
I dont want to be a creep but usually they never open anything but now its open again, i want to see but they'll see me looking if they are there
Don't stand in the window and look out, instead get deeper into your room, in the shadows and then look. They'll be less likely to see you.
Go to the very other side of your room and watch them with binoculars. If you're far enough they won't notice you
Lurking in the deep shadows he watches you.

File: Dkvj49aXcAI-ntF.jpg (42 KB, 720x704)
42 KB
How do I make my gf fall in love with me again? Honeymoon phase is over.
It's not love during the honeymoon phase. If she doesn't love you 'anymore', she never loved you.
Spice things up. Go to new places, try new things together, go on dates again, try new positions in the bedroom, etc. This happens to everyone so don't feel too bad. Also, she may not necessarily not be in love with you anymore, but rather have settled because she's comfortable. It's boring but it's normal. I mean look at married couples: they argue and go months without having sex and everything is different. But they stay together and when push comes to shove, the love is still there. It's just different and harder to see.

>friend trying to take me to court cause i punched him in a bar
>sending texts saying “youre going to jail”
>sending videos of him kissing his new gf to make me mad
>he took it too far
>sent me video of his gf sucking his dick
>got so mad i drove to his house
>took a shit on his car
>mailed a death threat through his door
>threw brick through the window
>no one did anything
>drove home

i just did this. im not proud of it but i was so mad and hes trying to ruin my life. he wasnt home so he must be at his gfs house. will he know it was me and how much will this effect my future??
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I need to know how this pans out. Sometimes I fucking hate that threads have to get archived.
>dont be just a vandal make a robbery too so you spend more time in jail

you are one dumb person joe
See also:
12 year olds losing at Fortnite
>everyone uses shit as a weapon in OPs town
>inb4 OP is an actual chimp
This is one of the funniest threads in a while, but really, seek help.
The delusion of op is boundless both in entertainment and frustration

Im totally numb to the world. Ive repressed my emotions for so long i cannot physically cry or let out my emotions when i feel something intense inside boiling away. My parents are lesbians. My step-mother is a total control freak. She keeps insinuating that I'm somehow interested in little girls and claims i talk to little girls to "help them through hard times" giving me the old "im only saying this to protect you" obviously none of its true. Shes just a sociopathic crazy lady and wants to control my mental state and how i behave around her. She has already succeeded in doing this with my mother, brainwashing her to believe every word out of her mouth. And yes i have given them both the benefit of the doubt for the 20 years they've been in my life. I am genuinely always trying to better myself and be a good person. But this last altercation has stirred up some really miserable, destructive emotions that i just can't hold but i can't process either. So like the retard i am. I seek help from 4chan to give me some ideas on how to process this as crying about isnt and option. I literally cannot cry.

File: 1474698295639.jpg (19 KB, 500x375)
19 KB
i'm 34 and broke. worked a lot of shitty dead-end jobs and just been treading water since high school. i was about ready to give up when i suddenly got an offer from my grandfather: he'll pay for any education i want if i pick a career, figure out how to get it, then get my shit together and follow through. i'm pretty sure he thinks i'm a fucking moron (and i can't blame him), and he strongly suggested i consider trade school and become a carpenter or pipefitter. i wonder if it's smarter to do something more modern and technical. i honestly don't care what i end up doing as long as the pay is decent and i can get my shit together and stop being a waste of oxygen, ideally as quickly as possible. i'm already fucking old, but if a 5-year paid apprenticeship puts me in a good spot then maybe that's the right call.

what do? what's the not-stupid logical next step?
I think its a good idea to choose a career you want to really do
And have hopes please
Keep up having hope its good to do so
what are your interests
OP you spent a good 15 years of your life doing nothing. You are a moron. Got some deep soul searching to do if you want to figure out what interests you. Does your grandfather recommend anything? What about your family? Have you asked them?
not him but
>You are a moron

>deep soul searching
>recommendation is right there in the OP
you are not qualified to talk about adult business little shit

File: ifptpqaqemjzplyxpayf.png (268 KB, 800x405)
268 KB
268 KB PNG
girlfriend and I had unprotected anal sex last month but i accidentally slipped my penis halfway in her vagina once or twice
now she's 5 days late for her period but she has pms symptoms.. she also has pcos

could she be pregnant?
Chances are extremely low. Best not to get a pregnancy test you wouldn't want to end up knowing or something stupid like that.

I love the snark, and am in full agreement.
op here

we're planning on taking a test this weekend just waiting for the chance she gets her period since she has all the pms symptoms but still no period
Hope she's well and everyone works out fine
Please don't abort the baby and just get a job and work it out.

Hey everyone. Bipolar guy here. Just relapsed. Stop taking my medication and started drinking. I’ve already been to the psych ward the last time I over drank cus it makes me feel super fucken worthless and depressed so i attempted suicide. Feel like shit. Girl I’m dating just keeps talking shit to me and putting me down. I feel even more fucken worthless. I can feel my body aching with a blanket of depression. Soon I’ll be thinking of killing my self again.

Why does life suck.
Why can’t I just be normal?
How do I become normal.
I feel like when I tell someone I am bipolar they react as if it’s aids .
File: 1529440757329.png (293 KB, 540x718)
293 KB
293 KB PNG
Hey my man, Son of a single Bipolar mother here. First of all get back on your medication and ditch the girl that's giving you problems. It's only going to make things worse over time, and you don't believe it but TRUST me when I say that there are people who will love you for whatever you're made of. It's not a meme, it's not a gag, it's the realization that it's not YOU that's bad, it's the situation and surroundings that currently accompany you. You have the power and the strength to get up right now and plan to make it better, and 100% of the time that means vacationing or moving to a new setting for a while. Please believe me.
>Why does life suck.
It blows ass because it's meant to. It's designed that way so when you come across something wonderful and meaningful to you, you will have that much more love and appreciation for it.

>Why can’t I just be normal?
It's not just you who asks that question. Everyone I know, successful of not, at some point in time has asked this question and come to me with it. People feel out of place at some point. We're all there with you; we're all the same, man.

>How do I become normal.
You will never ever be normal. Ever.
Your disorder has made you unique in the sense that it's gifted you with a heavy heart. It may sound crazy to plenty, but I thank the heavens my Mother was born bipolar. She was able to show me what pure human emotion was where most other people shelter themselves even from their own kids. She's able to see the world much more vibrant and mich more dark than anybody else, and both sides of those spectrums are important because they both teach great lessens.
Find people who will love you for you.
Believe me, they are there, so never stop looking and take care of yourself.

But seriously, take your meds and revisit your problems after 6 months or so of regular (AKA as prescribed) use. GF may never not be shitty, but it sounds like she's not even making you happy or fulfilled with her shittiness. But now may not be the time to visit that. Alcohol is a bitch that requires medication to get off of or your body will literally shut down, once you get far enough. That may be a more pressing issue, but not one you can deal with yourself. It's ok if you can't deal with things yourself. People generally can't, but are good at hiding it or have really good support networks and actually use them.

Take your meds, OP.
Steps you need to take:
1. Begin taking medicine again. It will do you wonders for maintaining the harsh cycle of manic-depressive episodes. You need to stay on it for your entire life.
2. Ditch the girl. She sounds negative and you deserve better OP. You need to go to the grocery store and buy some Thot Begone.
3. Seek a psychologist AND psychiatrist to make sure you are doing alright. BPD is very serious and without professional help your life will (most likely) lack any semblance of balance and progress. Manic-depressive episodes cause you to take 2 steps forward and 3 steps back if they aren't managed.
4. Accept the reality that "being normal" isn't possible for you. It sucks, but it is your life. You seem like an amazing person and if you seek professional help, along with taking medication, you will have a wonderful life. Being normal isn't all it is cracked up to be, trust me. We are all unique in our own ways.

Source:Psychology fag.. not an expert in this area, but I have taken upper-division classes pertaining to abnormal psychology disorders such as BPD.

Wish you the best OP

Thanks anons. It just gets so hard to see the end of the tunnel. My thoughts are so clouded and make me feel like crap. I feel like I keep sinking when I’m trying to stay afloat
Drink 100oz or water a day, get 20minutes of sunshine and exercise a day.
No more social media.

I forgot a fluorescent lamp (4 tubes arrangement) ON
Now I am 3,500 miles away from home and I will return in 35 days
Nobody has access to my home for turning the lamp off

Can it cause a fire? Should I contact the electric company to cut me off?
No it can't cause a fire. You could leave an incandescent on and it won't likely start a fire.

Honestly most people leave a light or two on to make it look like the place is inhabited so you don' get robbed. Considering how little energy fluorescents use, it's cheap security.
Great you bring me peace of mind
Many businesses never turn their lights off. You’re fine.

File: 1398099815620.gif (1017 KB, 170x247)
1017 KB
1017 KB GIF
Hello, I would like to take heroin. Could this board advice me on how to go about finding a trusted source for that, and how to know I will be getting the real pure deal, without added bullshit like fentanyl.
32 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
But you guys are talking about all the bad stories about heroin use that you see repeated in the media and movies again and again, you never get to hear the good success stories though.
If you were addicted, or knew someone addicted, then I'm sorry that happened to you, but it doesn't apply to me. I am not an addictive kind on guy, you know? I have tried coke and I'm not addicted to it I have tried X and I'm not addicted to it either, same with alcohol, and some other stuff
The media isn’t misrepresenting heroin when they show it to be an extremely addicting and life-ruining substance. You think because you’ve dealt with drugs before you’re somehow better suited to handle it. This is irrational. Pure wishful thinking, you’re searching desperately for some rationale to make this absolutely foolish risk somehow more tolerable to yourself. Drug users experienced and green have all died by the needle and you’ll be the next if you don’t snap out of this erroneous curiosity. You have no clue what you’re in for.
There is no “success story” because the closest thing to one you get is someone taking the drug, being lucky enough to not have access to it again, and living the rest of their life being scared as fuck of needles, because they likely know well that one more exposure will get them right back on the hook. NO ONE tries this shit once and never has urges again. And these urges won’t be overcome through force of will. The only people who make it are people who through circumstance cannot get it again, likely in jail. Addiction means YEARS of battling yourself. I’m honestly sick of having to detail this out, too many people have fallen victim to this for people like you to continue acting this stupid.
I wonder how many times this has been said
here's some advice. dont do heroin

File: giphy[1].gif (543 KB, 500x372)
543 KB
543 KB GIF
I hope that some anon will just help give me a frame of reference here.
My boyfriend (Fresh relationship only a few weeks old) -he doesn't wanna see me everyday. Sometimes we skip days (because he is "busy" maybe sometimes legitimate or partial truth)
I have an example to give of why I think he doesn't want to see me aside from the fact that we don't see each other everyday.

In example I asked to hangout with him Thursday and he says "I don't know if I have plans that day"

We live 40 mins away from each other and he usually drives to see me.

Is this normal that he doesn't want to see me everyday this early in the relationship? Is it a red flag? What do you guys make of this? Am I just too clingy?
37 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Okay, so you are retarded.

Is my example wrong? Your first few dates are spread out over a matter of weeks, and then you go out together more often, a couple of times every week mostly on the weekends, and then you increase the number of days to include weekdays and so on and so forth.

What you're thinking of is that the passion is at its most acute early on and then wanes/tempers as the relationship progresses, but by no means would you be seeing someone less often the longer you're together. I don't even know where you get that idea from since you say you've lived with boyfriends before, surely it should be apparent that the progression of a normal relationship involves living together somewhere down the line, until which point you don't see each other every day.
well with my ex that i lived with even in the beginning I got to see him a lot because we lived somewhat close so I don't know actually.

Can you guys give me a healthy range for what I should be okay with as far as frequency for what is normal in the first 3 months? I don't want to be a turnoff like everyone is saying.
File: thread.jpg (55 KB, 960x720)
55 KB
3 times per week.
4 times per week after the first 6 months.

More often when you're close to moving in together.
its oke then, 40mins driving is kinda alot you know

File: 1506449645683.png (4 KB, 180x180)
4 KB
A girl I was with for the past five months began college in another state. We're both 18. She's sociable, outgoing, and loves to meet new people, and even though she felt anxious and overwhelmed her first few days, her statuses today showed her surrounded by guys, and attending different parties.

I told her I didn't want a long distance relationship, and I know that I'd be anxious as fuck thinking of the fact that she's far away surrounded by new people.

I don't know what to do. I feel jealous over someone I don't want to be with. I told her I didn't want anything romantic with her, and she tried making me jealous, and that just made me want her less, but also be more jealous. Normally when I feel bad I would talk to her, but I don't want to reach out to her. I don't have any friends to talk to about this.

I don't know what to do. I think I'm just venting right now, but if anyone would like to offer any advice or guidance, I'm all ears.
I see no benefits, I'd say cut contact and move on.

>currently on other side of the country away from friends, family and boyfriend for month long contract job
>birthday is in one hour (it's technically already my birthday on the east coast)
>feel horribly depressed, alone and isolated.

This job may be a 9 to 11 hour work day tomorrow, so even if I wanted to celebrate with my coworkers, everyone may be too tired to go out after work.

That and I would feel weird bringing attention to everyone that it's my birthday. But I always like to start the next year of my life celebrating with others. How can I tastefully bring up my birthday and/or ask if anyone wants to go out for drinks after work...?
File: 1485918868591.jpg (27 KB, 377x325)
27 KB
I've been spending my birthdays alone for the last 2 years. For the past 7, I haven't done anything out of the norm. How is this a fucking problem that makes you feel "depressed" ? You have friends, a boyfriend and a job. Jesus...
Tbh I dont really have any friends back home. All the friends I ever had have just become acquaintances.
>Imagine being a grown adult claiming depression over a missed birthday party.
Yeah, well, I have neither friends, nor acquaintances. Jesus, it's a Birthday, what's the big deal ? Only birthday party I got as a kid (I'm ignoring the ones where I was 5 or so and my two friends came home), it rained so much, that nobody came.

File: 1532365619699.jpg (50 KB, 449x393)
50 KB
>Think about will to power
>Realize as a living being I should be fixated on growing and being free
>Don't do this
>Instead sit at home and watch cartoons because there's nothing I want to grow toward
>There's no power I want to wield
>Just waiting to die

I hate existing in this way, but the framework I should've been born into was absent, so here I am. 22 years old, a 1/4 through my life, with nothing good in my mind or hands.
2 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Yup. We're all pretty much buttfucked indefinitely by our predecessors. Nice knowing you OP. I hope your suicide is clean and painless.
I've already got a good plan.
I'm just going to wait 30 years to do it.

Everyone of value in my life will be dead from old-age. I can't go out and get anyone of value into my life.

It's already too late.
File: 1508976195981.png (206 KB, 469x506)
206 KB
206 KB PNG
Welp might as well do something with those 30 years. Hell, who knows, you accidentally find a reason for living.
File: Me2.jpg (204 KB, 812x593)
204 KB
204 KB JPG
I'm not white, mestizo, or black, so that's not coming or it would've by now

Pic related.
I'm also half Anglo instead of pure Iberian, and I'm not genetically conscientious, so there is no way out for me.
What in the actually buttfucking hell are you on about son?

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