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File: 1473181322508075529.jpg (185 KB, 1280x960)
185 KB
185 KB JPG
Hey /adv/.
Sooooooo, I might have cheated on my boyfriend.
Here's what happened:

>bf really busy with uni work over the last couple of weeks
>feel like he hasn't been paying enough attention to me, he's only been fucking me twice a week
>last saturday tell him that I'm going to a female friend's house
>he's okay with it, which I found pretty disappointing since he didn't show any signs of worry or distrust
>go clubbing with a bunch of female friends instead
>plenty of beta orbiters buying me drinks, I'm really enjoying the constant attention that my boyfriend hasn't been giving me
>feel very sexy and desired
>suddenly, a cute hunk walks up to me and starts chatting me up
>he's different than all the others
>within 10 minutes we're in the toilets, he's fucking me hard and calling me his little slut
>orgasm twice and suck him off afterwards

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*Sigh* I knew all the bitter virgins would flock here.
I don't need your reeeeeeeeing, just rewl advice from actual well-adjusted sex-having people on how I can make sure that my bf won't find out.
I love him and he doesn't need to know because he'd be upset.
You write shitty bait son. Don't use "beta orbiters" next time cuz that pol-level shit gives it away
fuck you mean, just dont tell him?

he'll find out eventually tho, it always happens. milk him while you can.
Based bait poster

File: 1523555909872.jpg (81 KB, 1280x720)
81 KB
im a lazy person
times when Im supposed to study most ,I stay at home doing nothing
if I keep on acting careless and don't work for things I have then my life is wasted
where to find motivation
Finding something bigger than yourself. For 90% of people kids do that. A few others its the death of their parents.

If you’re smart youll figure this all out before you have major life changes that require you to change.
>I stay at home doing nothing
That's your comfort zone, motivation doesn't happen in the comfort zone. You need to get out, go outside, go study in the library or find a spot in the school.
no-one is lazy, I think I am because I never needed to study hard to pass.

But we just have to fine what motivates us. you might as well drop out and join the military at that point. learn some discipline / Zen and find what is closer to your core

File: authorofdubliners.jpg (238 KB, 940x635)
238 KB
238 KB JPG
I like getting hammered alone but I'm also afraid of becoming an alcoholic. How often can I do this and stay relatively safe?
never. If you need a drink to work off most day's stress you are fine. If you need to get plastered every night and some mornings, you are a alcoholic, and should seek help
It's too late, you're already any alcoholic
I'm not talking about every night, let alone every morning, but every x weeks.

I currently do this probably once in two months, so no, I don't think I am.
three times a week and you should be fine. STOP worrying then
Do it very close to when you'd go to bed, you wont consume much and wont be useless as long and you'll get solid sleep.

I have been out of the dating game for close to a decade and finally broke up with my gf. Returning to the world of the single is..... ugggghhhh.
Things have changed a lot, the main 2 things is I'm noticing women now have short attention spans and everything seems to be done online now.
My online Game is.... weird. I'm a passable 7 which means online dating sites are a mess for me. I surprisingly do really well on sites like Omegle, which I attribute to the site having a random factor where even if you are a 10 if you are not interesting you will get rolled on (I'm fairly good at holding interest once I get it)
I wanna meet more girls IRL but the people I run into IRL I have nothing in common with, or very clearly do not wanna be bothered (I'm decent at reading people).
One type of chick I miss meeting are low self esteem girls. They were super easy, really agreeable and I was usually able to get in their head and make them feel amazing which I got off on (I have co-dependency issues)
I hate club and bar scenes. I prefer meeting girls at parties or hangouts
>Where do I meet single women now a days?
>Where do I meet low self esteem chicks? (not to be confused with bitchy pseudo confidence cunts)
>Is it just me or in the past 10 years have women honestly become that much more vapid and uninteresting?
cheers same boat. doubt you are a 7 if
>or very clearly do not wanna be bothered
Same fucking type too. Public Library?
I also found girls are rather uncultured / strait up stupid, I though it would not be a downer, but they value what others fake on their profiles more. these days they can fall in love without even knowing someone is not really a dog IRL.
Tough times

File: wp-1469815423518.jpg (32 KB, 474x593)
32 KB
>be me
>basically autistic socially awkward/anxious SWE girl
>pretty decently attractive and good at faking confidence so people think I'm a normal person
>likes another socially awkward SWE, on and off fwb relationship, currently off
>mentally fucked and have a script that parses FB online status and when someone clicks my name in messenger
>crush checks my online status sorta often without saying anything
>crush hardly says much when i try and start a convo
>not sure if 2 awk af people that are afraid of rejection or misreading
>should I keep trying or chill?

pic sorta related, looks like me
Tranny detected
Are convos in person better?

File: 1523779677726.png (474 KB, 1280x720)
474 KB
474 KB PNG
This is one of those posts that come form pathetic losers. It'srather made for me to reflect upon myy life than to get actual advice and iam from germany so my english is shitty.

Iam 26 and I feel like shit, but not this emo kid kinda sadness thing, where you enjoying weltschmerz and flirt with sorrow and despair without actually feeling it. I have hit rock bottom i feel like the person in Edgar Allan Poes the Raven, who lies on the ground at the end of the poem. I had this feeling once before, while writing my master thesis, it was so god damn paralyzing that I couldnt keep working on it. I went to the Doctor and he prescribed me antidepressant, but I dont think I was depressive. Nevertheless it helped and I could finish my degree. I got a pretty nice Job after that and felt genuinly happy, so i stopped taking these drugs. This hold on for about 8 Months, than my best friend got a new girlfriend and everything changed.....

I was never interested in relationships all too much had a few girls here and there but honestly I was happy beeing single. Than my friend asked me to come with him and his girlfriend to a party which her best friend hostet. This girl was the most beautiful girl I have ever seen and I was intrigued by how she moved, spoke and looked..... but she is a lesbian and i knew it. nevertheless I tried to get involved into a conversation with her. While talking we kinda clicked and we noticed that we have alot in common. This started the most intense "friendship" i ever had with anyone, we almost meet 4 times every week. I never in my life had such an active lifestyle before, where I go partying every weekend and almost every day go to a social or cultural event with her. Naturally I fall for her pretty hard. We kissed 2 times and she even said if I was a girl I would be her dream girl.... but Iam a man.
The part that crushed me is that 3 Weeks ago she got a girlfriend seeing them together just destroys me and (cont)
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
You need to apart yourself from her, mate. This situation is only making you suffer.
Also, give it a try to religion, it has helped many people in despair so maybe it helps you as well.
Good luck, anon.

think about it this way, german anon, you were meant to meet the lesbian, not have her. You got to see all the characteristics you never knew you were missing in someone.

now you know what you're looking for,
I never looked at it that way. The thought, that this is fate and needed to happen in order to set me on the right path makes it easier.
maybe she can even lead me to the right person, but even if I look at it from your suggested angle one thing still remains unchanged, Iam still in love with her. Is there a way how I can overcome this and just be friends with her? I dont mean this fake lurking kinda stuff, I mena a way where I can genuinly just become friends with her
op is a faggot loser

How do I stop being such a boring person? In my mid 20s, living with my parents in a country town for the time being but just started my career in engineering so my situation isn't too bad. At my old job one of my co workers told me to my face that I was a "plain Ass nigga". I laughed it off but it hurt pretty bad.
He was complimenting you. Get on with your life and stay away from troublemakers like your former coworker at the pizza place.

File: 980x.jpg (57 KB, 960x528)
57 KB
Living with my girlfriend is now starting to feel like I'm living with a roommate. We fuck every 4 months because she was molested as a kid. She never says I love you unless I say it first. And I'll test this by going a week without even saying, to where she gives me shit about it. Things like this keep happening. Finding out we really don't have anything in common besides humor and food. I don't fucking know what to do. I feel like I've tried as hard as a man should given this situation, but I'm at my end. I don't want to cheat, but I'm a pussy when it comes to huge decisions like this.
Talk to her idiot
I have dumbass. Everything just goes back the same way, after a month.
Dump her then. Youre not happy so dump her.
She will not change, if you could not "help" her to the point where you are both happy. You have to break it off and find someone who can keep you happy. She got molested, that fucked her up, but having you both suffer won't help, maybe she finds a priest who can "help" her more or a older man who is happy with once in 4 months

File: vjyngugak9r01.jpg (11 KB, 750x377)
11 KB
My boyfriends tax return seems way too high.

I did my boyfriends taxes for him since he was without a computer.
When I filled mine out I made about 22k (in the army) and 2k was withheld. In return it said I had made only 300$ from this.
When my boyfriends was filled out he made 10k (joined the army half way through the year) and 700$ was withheld. He made the full $700 back. He also had another job before where he made 3k and 300$ was withheld. He also made the full 300$ back. Thus in total makes a full 1k in tax returns.

Although I made more than double him he somehow gets 3times the bigger tax return? He is from colorado and me from texas. How is this possible? I dont understand.
There is probably a threshold below which no tax is taken.

For example, if the tax free threshold was $15k, your boyfriend would owe $0 tax. Because most tax is PAYG (pay as you go) tax is taken out of each pay cheque to match the projected earnings in 12 months. If he earned $15k in 6 months, he would earn $30k in 12 months so they take X amount of tax every week because he's on $30k a year. When tax time comes and he's only earned $15k that financial year he's below the threshold so he gets it all back.
So had I of filled out a 3rd job where he passed this cap of 15k he would of had much less of a return?
But you said for example. So this is purely hypothetical?
His withheld amounts were too large, while yours were accurate.

If he had a 3rd job and his earnings went over the tax free threshold, yes he would have less of a return. You can't usually fill out a tax return with earnings you didn't actually make, because you should have a tax file number or similar that the government uses to track your earnings. That's why if a person makes money without declaring it to the gov, it is tax evasion and most governments treat this as worse than murder.

I used those numbers as examples because I don't know the tax laws in your country, you should look up for yourself what the tax free threshold in your country/state is.
I definitely wasnt going to put a fake 3rd job to give him less of a tax break

They seem pretty accurate to me

>earned - withheld - returned
>22k - 2k - 300
>10k - 700 - 700

Why do I never feel my gf’s pussy? After the initial push, I feel like it’s out, when it’s still in and sometimes I lose my hard on.
25 replies omitted. Click here to view.
The truth is that most experiences in life are pretty underwhelming and your body essentially forgets whats happening to it after the initial shock. Sex is cool but feeling isnt the thing, its the sport, imagery, and power that's fun. To be happy you have to try not to think so hard about if something is as good as it was supposed to be and instead just enjoy what you do and keep trying new things.
How tight is your grip on your dick when you masturbate, you've probably desensitized yourself.. Start masturbating with lube and be more gentle, then it will start to feel better with sex.. Also are you cut, cut guys naturally start off with less sensitivity, cause glans is used to clothes friction
Toys should be a bonus, not something you have to rely on to enjoy sex.
all this desensitize shit is bs, tight pussy is infinitely better than tight hand and you'd know if it was tight

congrats your gf is a whore dump her

she was fucking dudes every day for years
Possible causes
>Very wet vagina
>a large number of previous sexual partners (or a few with larger penises than you)
>loose pussy by nature
>death grip fapping on your end
>you let air get in her cooter before or during penetration

Possible solutions
>Figure out a way to dry her out a bit (medication/ointments)
>go nofap for a few months
>Get used to the idea that she feels as little as you do
>have her do kegels
>Push on her lower abdomen to get that pussyfart

How/where can I fall in love with an older woman? I’m tired of playing with these childish girls and need someone real and wise.
Bars. Night classes. Gyms. Parks. Coffee shops.

File: monika.gif (684 KB, 400x600)
684 KB
684 KB GIF
I do better with IRL interactions with women than online where women want a stat sheet check box rather than a human.
I have had success making friends off sites like plenty of fish, craigslist, ok cupid, etc. and then meeting a chick friend through them.
But POF is dead in my area, craigslist is shut down and OK Cupid is kinda tapped out for me.
Any suggestions on dating apps I can use to make friends?

What do you do if you need to do something, but are very, very anxious about it. I have one shot to do something and I can’t bring myself to do it because my heart starts racing and I feel terrible when I think about it, but it’s a once in a life time opportunity.
What is the thing you have a chance to do anon?
You said it yourself. You won't get the opportunity again. The only way to overcome anxiety is to gradually face it.
Tell him already, it'll be fine

File: tengafliphole.jpg (17 KB, 522x522)
17 KB
So, I figure at age 31, considering my overall state(financial, physical, emotional, situational, educational, psychological), I am not eligible for a girlfriend or lover of any kind. I am very likely a omega male, but maybe, if I push myself more, I can be a gamma and be a successful virgin.

That said, I'm investing into masturabtion toys and things that simulate the warmth, touch and gratification that a girlfriend gives.

Though interesting, I find realldolls too expensive, and wonder if they are worth the price, I mean, are they warm and comfortable? Do they feel like or at least similarly to real flesh?

I'm thinking about purchasing something called a "Tenga Flip hole," now I need to know from some non virgins who tested it out. How does it compare to actual intercourse? At least just penis to vagina wise? Does it feel like your penis is in a vagina?
None of them compare to actual intercourse, they've got their own unique feeling.

Besides that, they're way too much effort to use on a regular basis. Easier just to use your hand.
Go to >>>/jp/, look for /ona/ ( if there isn't a current thread up, search the archive), and READ THE PASTEBIN before you make a post there. It tells you all about male sex toys, where to order them, how to order them, what precautions to take if you're Australian/Canadian, how to measure your own dick, maintenance, recommended fucktoys and all that other shit.
Can a guy with a horizontally curved dick use a male sex toy?

File: 1523727070026.png (2.66 MB, 1076x1105)
2.66 MB
2.66 MB PNG
This is to anybody who is confident that they are at least reasonably happy with their life.

What got you to this point of happiness and how do you maintain it?
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1523793264536.jpg (170 KB, 1365x2048)
170 KB
170 KB JPG

I don't really care anymore what people think of me. I got nothing to prove to anyone but to me.

I used to compare myself with others. I still do it, but I realise that we all have our own paths and our own pace.

As long as you are happy with what you have accomplished, and you are happy with your progress, you are doing great. You don't have to prove anything to anyone. You don't have to conform to what society thinks and says. Because society is mediocre. I have removed the word "mediocre" from my vocabulary.
Happiness is simply the ability to love yourself, the world and the people in it at any moment, without wanting to change a thing.
Well I'd be lying if I said I didn't start in a place of relative privilege, but that's not to say I've had everything handed to me; I've definitely had setbacks in my life. I don't know, I think the main reason I'm happy with my life is how I approach things is just my nature and my personality; I'm someone who is naturally resilient and I don't take things personally. I also don't need others' validation to be confident in myself, I know I have self worth and I don't need others to tell me that. The ability to put things into perspective also really helps, and I think this comes from the fact that I was brought up conscious of the fact that I have a lot of things other people don't.
i set up priorities for myself, things i enjoy and i aim to get those things

i like sex, so i have a girlfriend
i like cute girls so my gf is cute, the one i wanted, it was alot of hit and miss but eventually succeed
i like reading, playing football and playing games so i buy books, go play football and have a pc thats sufficient to play them
i like to live alone so i live alone
i like a certain type of car so im aiming to get that car

for all the above i need money so i have a job to cover my expenses, id probably like some other job better, so im taking steps towards it

theres also things that i dont like so i try to stay away from those, its relatively easy but you cant make it vanish

i dont like vapid whores and popular culture, so i dont go to places to meet such ppl
i dont like my mother so i keep away from her
i dislike crowded places so i dont live in the middle of a town

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
going to college after finishing high school

no joke. every restaurant/grocery store in my hometown is run by my graduating class. some of my closest friends are also running dollar stores since high school (about seven years now) and they're not even store managers. They apply to other shitty stores and can't even get accepted there.
the friends that i know that finished college all have steady incomes. one less thing to worry about. then you have all the time in the world to go out with friends, learn to cook, maintain a house, meet someone. i found happiness in the form of self-fulfillment and a bit of pride. being able to do things on my own and take credit for them. it's the best feeling ever

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