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File: WHAT AM I LOOKING AT..jpg (39 KB, 256x359)
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where the kek is the greentexts?



File: sadboy.jpg (128 KB, 960x1280)
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128 KB JPG
I don't know how to keep going. I'm tired at every waking moment. I have no energy despite sleeping all of the time.

As a NEET I should hypothetically have all the time in the world to exercise, clean, take care of myself, and develop skills, and yet I can't bring myself to do the most basic chores. It's like I'm living in a constant haze.

Caffeine, nicotine, even heavy stimulants don't help, even temporarily, so I just avoid everything except a bit of coffee because there's no point. Taking sleeping pills at night to try and trigger/form some kind of sleeping pattern regularity even if I'm oversleeping didn't help either.

I've talked to doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists, and specialists about it, none of which have been able to help me. I've had sleep studies and many blood tests done, nobody can figure out what's wrong with me. From a medical standpoint I'm physically healthy.

I have the desire to make my situation better, but naught the energy to complete the simplest tasks. If things don't improve they'll have to end. I have no friends and nowhere else to talk about this, idk what to do.

The moment where you will have a reason to wake up, eat, go sleep and pressure to actually do something will be the monent where you will be "cured".
I already have reasons to live, finna teach myself some linux and I lurk /g/ all of the time
Since I made the first post I finally got i3wm up and running, would rather learn that and maybe get some real future employment than throw my bux away to flip mc d's burgers, thanks for the push though
Talking it out has made me feel better about my situation today, thanks
Diagnosis : Depression

File: Squid_Kid.jpg (38 KB, 500x500)
38 KB
I started living with my older brother in the UK last September, we're both in uni and he's a second year but he's taking his Bachelor's straight to a PhD so I'm with him all of my degree. We're from a very close-knit family, we call our family and siblings back home at least every other day and have been friendly since we were kids (we did bicker but it was kid stuff).
Being my older bro I tend to look up to him a lot; he always send money home even though dad insists that he doesn't, he's humble and reliable and he's marrying my best friend when we get home.

Thing is, my friends here think that it's weird that I'm that close enough to my brother that I'd live with him, they keep insisting that I should move in with one of the other girls and bugging me about being too touchy with him (I'm touchy with everyone I'm comfortable with).
It's getting annoying honestly, I know they mean well but it's getting annoying and they're being really stubborn about it even when I explain it. I heard western families tend to be more distant but I can't seem to get them to see it from a my pov and I find myself avoiding them sometimes, which is unfair honestly.
There's also the fact that I heard a "bad" rumor about the topic was getting passed around the society I go to when I'm not around, it was forgotten as fast as it came but I realised how fast this stuff spreads.
>and bugging me about being too touchy with him (I'm touchy with everyone I'm comfortable with).
Touchy how, like just a hug?
File: two types of people.png (21 KB, 540x134)
21 KB
Why do you let strangers to dictate how you should live your life?
File: 106697-004-F0FF3D7C.jpg (22 KB, 306x450)
22 KB
Nah we don't hug, when I come in the house we greet each other like in pic, it's just cultural.
They also say I cling to him too much when we're in public when I'm arm in arm but it's only bc I hate crowds and he's someone I feel okay touching
they're friends and they mean well, I just can't get through to them sometimes
So its literally nothing and your friends are just bossy. Stop explaining to them, instead tell them no. If they ask why tell them that's what you want to do. Under no circumstances explain your decision to them.

How do I combat loneliness?

There’s no clubs at my uni that interest me and my hobbies aren’t exactly social ones.
I made a tinder a week ago but I’ve only come close to actually getting a date but always falls through.

What do?
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>there are no clubs at uni that interest me

Join one anyway. I transferred from community college too a big uni not close to home last year. The first semester I hated it because I didn't know anyone and everyone else already had freind groups and I was lonely af. I thought the same as you about having no clubs that interested me but I joined one anyway and ended up making a few friends that made living in a new town away from home much more bearable.
>you have to actually make positive effort to be lonely nowadays

not op but i find that insulting
loneliness isn't an achievement to strive for and yet here i am
Buy a deck of cards. Find where people are. Sit among them shuffling cards and playing solitaire.
stop giving a fuck
people are the problem not the solution
Take up a useful hobby.

I'm tired of looking old, I'm 19 and get commonly mistaken for a 30 year old.
It fucking sucks, I want to date girls my age but I can't because they all think I'm a lab assistant/teacher/some old shit. I joke about it with people and actually ended up with the nickname "Old man"(it doesn't translate well) because of the misconception but it really fucking gets to me
I exercise and eat healthy literally all my life and all I get is this shit? What's the fucking point?

Hi /adv/, this will be my first time posting anything so bear with me please. I just need advice or some sort of guidance to keep me away from committing suicide.

I'll start with green text about why I feel this way
>Severely depressed
>Major anxiety issues
>I may be autistic
>Never had a gf or any girl that cared for me
>Haven't had sex in 9 years
>Have trust issues
>No one gives a fuck about me, except for my mom of course
>Constant thoughts of suicide
>Have a shit personality that's difficult to change
>I'm ugly
>I'm stupid

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
The world is full of corrupt psychos. Their job was to build a world that worked for everyone. Instead they destroy people for their own selfish gain. By not doing good in shit world, you are actually doing better. I have no friends or family, yet push on. Why? Because there are good people still out there, and why would I want the approval of ignorant fucks with no life goal other than consuming?
*50 people murdered* "aw no big deal" *millions starving* "aw no big deal" *millions are homeless/hopeless* "aw no big deal"

Those people are monsters. Let them die off and join the new wavelength. Talk to people on Chans and don't let fear rule you. My bpd mother who used to beat the shit out of me and corner me even when I was 8 to scream at me until I dissociated just screamed at me PUSSY LOSER YOU DONT MAKE MONEY DUMBASS LOSER FUCKING PUSSY while waving her hands like a witch. I'm stuck living here because my body is fucked currently, but I don't give a fuck. I push on. This person knows I tried to kill myself because of her abuse multiple times, and rather than chill she pushes harder. She wants my death. She "HATES ME" Nah. If I die these shitheads win and I will just end up dealing with more of them. I'd rather fight and win.
She probably doesnt hate you for being you, but because your sole existence reminds her some of these
>face of your father who "destroyed" her life by X
>her getting old
>seeing all her dreams beibg crushed and you being final nail in the coffin
I know that their are good people out there but I haven't found them yet. I mean what the fuck is the point anymore, killing myself will give me great relief because I won't have to deal with this shit any longer. No more mental anguish, no more suffering, no more self-loathing, etc. Shit, if I killed myself now, anyone that knew me would get over it in a month (except for my mom). If things don't turn up after my mom passes, suicide is bound to happen.

By the way, I'm sorry what you're going through right now man. I sincerely hope things get better for you, for real. You sound like you have very strong willpower to live and succeed, something I wish I had.
Brother let me show you to the great Shepherd, he completely changed me when I was broken from despair and when I thought there was nothing but darkness, a black sea of sorrow, then he came and showed me the real light of this world, God showed himself to me and completely changed my life, please let him change your's, lay your burdens on his shoulders and let his love be your joy, let him wipe the tears from your eyes and give you hope in his promise. if you want to talk send me a discord link but if not I pray that you let God be a shoulder for you to cry on for surely it is to his glory, God bless you brother, 1 Timothy 6:12 Fight the good fight of faith, lay hold on eternal life, whereunto thou art also called, and hast professed a good profession before many witnesses.

File: 1503318625840.png (832 KB, 459x650)
832 KB
832 KB PNG
How do I stop being a pussy-slave to a really fucking attractive young lady?

>sit at home, laugh at stupid roasties while playing vidya & studying
>go to school/gym/hang out with friends whatever
>everything is good.jpg
>suddenly some attractive bitch walks in the door
>tell my brain that I should not pay attention to her....
>............but I'm already talking to her
>start to hang out regularly with said bitch
>makes me do all this shit for her
>get some fucking out of her, feels great
>basically owns me at this point
>use me as an emotional tampoon while giving me great sex in exchange (she enjoys it too)
>*fast forward*

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 1c3.jpg (97 KB, 1000x891)
97 KB
>She can't keep getting away with this!!
She's been getting away with it since we came down from the trees.
Just be thankful you're at least getting something in exchange for your slavery.
Humble brag the post. Obviously she is sucking some other dudes dick right now and you need an ego boost from anime losers. Go fuck yourself faggot.
This OP.
If you're the utilitarian being rewarded with some sex, there's a high degree of chance that someone else is the guy around just for sex's sake.
how do I stop being a pussy slave to ANY attractive lady?
Do you actually fuck them, though.

File: crash_A.png (408 KB, 549x501)
408 KB
408 KB PNG
I recently moved from the south up to Massachusetts looking for IT work, more specifically desktop support.
All of these places want around 4 years of experience, which I do have, but I was working in my high school while also attending it. (Vocational school).
I have an A+ equivalent certification. I also did PC repair out of my own home for about a year.

There seemingly are no entry level IT jobs, how do you get experience in something that requires experience.
Any stories about how you or someone else did it?
My uncle got a fat IT job with none IT experience

He had managerial experience at previous jobs and went back to school at 40 for an IT degree
Lie on your CV. Everybody does it.

File: 2010-1.jpg (1.38 MB, 1707x2560)
1.38 MB
1.38 MB JPG
I need help getting over this girl /adv/.

I started talking to this girl back in July and I really got into her at the time. I asked her out like 3 times and she said no so I said fuck it and just became friends with her. We've been talking for a while now and I've just been trying to get over her while staying friends because I enjoy talking to her. But I'm stuck in this endless loop of getting over her and falling for her again. I'm tired of it, I don't want to date this girl anymore but this girl just keeps making me fall for her again

What can I do?
I've tried ignoring her and I just get depressed and go back to her.

Pic not related
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Date other women, best thing you can do. Don't end up like me bitter of a breakup from 3 years ago.
Thing is this is the closest I've ever gotten with a girl which doesn't help me want to move on.

I've wanted to move on for a while but I don't see or talk to many other girls other than her
it's a hopeless situation. you will not get with her. stop wasting your time and look for new opportunities.
Moving on is tough. Do tough manly things. Like rock climb and rappel of cliffs and bridges and ride bulls. Seriously ride on a bull and you won't remember anything else for eight seconds. Go beer jousting like these guys. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B-bk1qugYmo&t=25s

File: 1516082599470.jpg (20 KB, 320x341)
20 KB
I have a phone interview tomorrow for an IT support job with a trendy company. Any advice or ideas on questions they'll ask?
Forgot to mention it's a tech company.
Try looking up the questions on Glassdoor. Think to yourself be the person you want them to think you are. Also, make sure you have an answer for retarded questions like "what is your greatest weakness?"

There is a lot of variability in interviewing nowadays. Most companies don't train people to interview properly anymore, so expect a shitshow, but you probably will be pleasantly surprised.

Finally, try indicate that all you ever wanted to do with your life is be an IT support person. Companies are obsessed with commitment, so they will hire people who will stay with them forever.
Also, research the company. Try to include some of that research when you respond to questions
Thanks, anon. I forgot you can look that up on Glassdoor.

I am a horrible shell of a person.

My mental illness is ravaging my life to the point that I say such horrible things that I cannot even fathom where they came from, and I even raised my hand at him which disgusts me.

My husband has been my only support system and he is still as kind as ever which I think makes it worse.

I want to be better but I don't know what to do. Everything feels so hard, and I'm running out of time.

Is there a reason to bother at all anymore?
Get professional help, this is beyond what you're able to control and work at
Have you tried asking God for help? Wanting to be better is the first step, through wanting to be better, in a different sense than you I suppose I was down in the rags so to speak, at a really hard point in my life, then I called upon God and had this wonderful experience and I don't know how to explain it but everything bad in my life just vanished, all my sorrow, all my worry. Fight the good fight sister, God bless you. 1 Timothy 6:12 Fight the good fight of faith, lay hold on eternal life, whereunto thou art also called, and hast professed a good profession before many witnesses.

So I am at a crossroads, there are 4 girls in my life currently who I am interested in. Candidate #1 is the girl I went to prom with, got flirty with before but she started dating another guy and moved to a different school for senior year. She has since broken up with this guy for about 8 months now and lives nearby still. She is very athletic and cute and has a bubbly, happy, personality. Candidate #2 is two years younger than me and is my best friends sister, I find her difficult to read and often question my compatibility with her, however, she is very attractive and seems fun to do activities with such as hiking or skiing. Candidate #3 is an ex girlfriend of mine from way back and lives very far away from me, I've talked with her quite a bit and have flirted around with her someone often. She is also very attractive, but her personality is fairly opposite to mine (stoner, gloomy type) but still has some good qualities. Candidate #4 is a girl one year below me, she's shy and is somewhat difficult to read if she's attracted to me like I think she most likely is, the catch is she is somewhat recently my friends ex and I question the quality of relationship I would have with her as she doesn't seem like she's one to have good conversations with due to her shy-ish nature.

So, there are the general pros and cons of each, I am simply asking your opinion as to which girl you would or would not choose and why
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Absolutely avoid numbers 3 and 4, I would explain why but I think you and all of us here understand that this would not end good for your personal life under any circumstances there is just too many things wrong
It is either number 1 or 2, you should concentrate on them and get to know each of them a bit more, under that happy number one's personality some serious problems could be hiding, from my experience such girls are real drama queens once they connect to you, so I lean towards number 2 the most, for something serious.
Is #1 still talking to you in a friendly and occasionally way? Or would you be approaching her without her expecting it?

If the former then #1 for sure.
OP here
I don't see her often anymore as she went to a different school, I have talked to her at an event a couple months ago but no otherwise, there's been no contact since and would probably start with a simple hey how have you been to start.
OP here
So it would be better to date my friends sister?, Also as far as I can tell #1 isn't really like that but more bookworm and Christian like, #1 isn't really the annoying bubbly where she's saying hi to everyone inanimate objects but more like talking in an excited upbeat voice when she talks to you.

File: 1515743155106.jpg (50 KB, 396x720)
50 KB
How do I stop leading guys on for fun? I know it's cruel, but there's nothing more satisfying than making someone obsessed with you. It's like a drug. The more lovesick I make someone, the happier I am.
166 replies and 25 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Isn't that one of the signs of psycopathy?

It's also the sign of 20 other mental disorders.
you're a cunt

if you still do this after graduating high-school you are a total irrefutable cunt.
I'm 22, anon.
Yeah but it is fun to larp with the OP.
Kill yourself LARPing robot

File: Sigmund-Freud.jpg (48 KB, 595x335)
48 KB
Nearly 24 male, fell for the psychology meme. I'm currently out of school and jobless, looking for advice in regards to my financial stability.
I have an associates in Psychology, but nothing else. Debating whether to simply try to find a decent job unrelated or possibly going back to school.

I soon won't have the financial safety-net of my family, and my time of being a lazy manchild is coming to an end quickly

Would going back to college be an absolute time waste (with or without changing my major), and should I possibly pursue a different major/trade?

Would appreciate any other psych-anons opinion on continuing an education/career in Psychology/dropping it
I studied history and try to get into online marketing. My sister works in this sector, there's a guy at her place who studied philosophy. It's not uncommon to work in a different field then what you've studied. My best advice I can give you is using the internet research skill you have to find out what fields of work other people who studied psychology get into and what your skills apply to. You're not alone in your struggle. You can read and write well, have analytical skills, that has to be worth something if you sell yourself right.
File: freud2.jpg (14 KB, 220x309)
14 KB
So you would assume best choice scenario would be to try to bank on my associates to at least get me noticed in a lower end occupation, then work up from there?
The results of my generation sticking around in college and racking up debt is something I really wanted to avoid, but I'm not so sure just an associates would cut it in finding a decent entry-level job that I can rise within.
Better than hobo

hia /adv/, what have you drawn from your experiences with meditation? is it truly helpful?

I feel incredibly tranquil after I meditate, even for just ten minutes. is this a sign that i am mentally distressed constantly?
No, you're just overloaded with stimulus in your day to day life (just like everybody else today). Meditate more often and you'll be less likely to be overloaded by your life all the time, which will make you happier and better. If you can narrow your sphere of concern, you'll likely be less stressed all the time.
thanks anon, do you meditate often? is there a particular technique that makes it more effective or does it work any way as long as you focus on breathing

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