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File: 1471752153440.jpg (25 KB, 480x595)
25 KB
i have a 6x5 dick and im self conscious, my gf says its perfect and i make her cum from sex most of the time but shes the only person i have experience with. what yall think? too small? good enough? what qualifies as satisfying. i understand sex w women is more emotional but it helps to have a nice cock ya kno?
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Stop being obsessed about your dick.
If you make her cum, that's all that fucking matters. Holy fuck are you stupid.
Nice humblebrag bro.
Watch your mouth

File: cold sore.jpg (56 KB, 490x420)
56 KB
Would you dump your girlfriend if she all of a sudden got an outbreak of cold sores?

My girlfriend did. Should I dump her?
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File: anBNjQL_700b.jpg (66 KB, 491x690)
66 KB
>would you dump a herpes ridden female
good point but the fact you guys are incels and create a false air of superiority to protect your fragilr egos ought to be taken into account

way I see it is that you're gonna get oral herpes from her if you continue being with her, so only stay with her if you see a future with her like marriage or something.

and if you have kids don't pretend it's not contagious and share cups or some shit. best they don't get it.

if it's just someone you're having a fling with, I don't see the point in getting oral herpes over it. if you have several flings, the likelihood you're gonna get herpes from someone hiding it is fine.

>is it a pimple?
we all know what a pimple is. you don't have to ask if it's a pimple
Just get her on acyclovir and abreva and they'll be over within a week. No make outs or blowies till they're over.
Some people just get cold sores a lot. It's not something they can help.

If anything, she deserves better if you're considering dumping her over something this petty and insignificant.

I think you should dump her. She's better off without some beta that considers dumping her because of a damn cold sore lol

File: IMG_6366.jpg (39 KB, 640x480)
39 KB
>be me 19/bf 19
>only together 6 months, but talks of staying together throughout college and moving into an apartment after college
>me in school for business, him teaching
>found out i was pregnant last week
>about 2 months
>boyfriend and I agreed right away to abort
>can't financially take care of baby
>in school, don't have time for it and kid would have shitty life
>go to abortion clinic 30 min from school
>about to go inside
>bf says he can't do it
>breaks down crying
>tells me to keep it
>leave clinic

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There's a difference between aborting a child who's going to be healthy and a child who's going to live in perpetual agony until they finally die when there 6-7...
OP you know that after he's done being sentimental over his baby, the odds say he's going to continue fucking clubsluts and living it up while you can actually make sure the kid remains alive and grows into a well-rounded human being.

There's a reason the father doesn't get equal say. It's not just your body, it is guaranteed that this baby will shackle you down and you'll have to keep your fingers crossed to find out whether he'll put in any effort at all. I wouldn't take the risk.
The child I posted is 15

File: N.png (65 KB, 800x600)
65 KB
What books to read?

What skills, intillect to learn?
Most private detectives are people who are retired or semi-retired from a career in law enforcement, like ex cops, security guards etc. People in their 20s don't go in and become a private detective.
You need 6000 hours of on the job experience working underneath a licenced PI, performing investigations, working in law enforcement, process serving or bounty hunting. The hours are transferable from working law enforcement which is why a lot of ex cops become PI's, but I wouldn't recommend it. The market is in low demand with a lot of competition and shit pay.

File: IMG_3117.jpg (178 KB, 900x675)
178 KB
178 KB JPG
Is porn bad for the mental health of older virgins?
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Porn can and does mess with you in a multitude of ways.

Not only does it mess with your views on sex and intimacy, it affects your views on gender roles, societal/social norms and can even generate issues of body dismorphia.

You honestly can not truly know the ways in which porn fucks with your head until you're in a relationship, but it's good to be aware of the fact that it can.
No only virgins think that
The good is porn fucked up many girls I know so they fuck real good ... so porn can positive sides :D
Yes. You're wiring your brain to be a cuck.
You get used to the sensation of your own hand while watching other people have sex..
Then when you go to actually have sex, you end up with ED. Your brain thinks you're supposed to be watching instead of participating, because you trained it that way.

File: FB_IMG_1508746179810.jpg (31 KB, 480x622)
31 KB
How to not be stupid?

Maths and chemistry are my problems. I'm writing my exams this year in here in Poland.

What do?
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Coś jeszcze?
Staraj sie byc aktywny na lekcji jezeli mozesz i Rob male doswiadczenia w mozliwym zakresie
Z matmy może e-trapez Ci pomoże, a co do chemii, to "CHemia Ogólna" Petera Atkinsa posiada w chuj materiału. Ewentualnie coś mniejszego formatu - "Chemia dla kandydatów na wyższe uczelnie" K. Pazdro - tylko to stara książka i miej na uwadze że niektóre kwestie mogą być nieaktualne.
File: 1471752153440.jpg (25 KB, 480x595)
25 KB
Dziękuję bardzo

File: hqdefault.jpg (21 KB, 480x360)
21 KB
How do I quit smoking? I'm so addicted to these things
First off by stop buying them. Don't keep them in your house, the urge will be too difficult to resist.

Second stop hanging out with people who smoke, the ease of access of the social drug in your circle of friends isn't doing anything favors

Third: sex or exorcise, both will replace the dopamine and neurotransmitters generated by smoking and you'll eventually start getting your conditioning up and will notice a difference when doing simple things like walking up a flight of stairs.

Go straight up cold turkey, right now. Make decisions that bring concistent happiness into your life where cigarettes aren't a coping mechanism.
You don't, because nicotine makes the world more tolerable

File: image.jpg (23 KB, 320x320)
23 KB
How do I like sex again? I'm married and love my husband very much but I don't enjoy sex at all any more. I had our second child not long ago. I started being less into sex about 6 months ago but chocked it up to being pregnant and uncomfertable. Now that I'm not I thought things would go back to normal but they just arnt. I have like no sex drive at all and it dosen't even feel good like it used to. I feel so fake, I still do it when ever my husband wants because I don't want him to feel unwanted or hurt. How do I get my sex drive back and actually like sex again?
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Ahhhh no, I've never put it all on him. I'm the one sucking dick every day because I wasn't healed enough yet to have sex. I'm the one who watched my weight through all my pregnancies so he dosen't have a fat ass for a wife. I'm the one who gets dressed up sexy to clean house because I know he likes that. I worked till I was at least 8months pregnant with each kid to help make money for us. He's not "supporting me" I have savings from working myself. If I didn't have him I would still be able to support myself and our kids. I do a lot, a whole lot and I'm not going to be told I should be doing even more. That's a bunch of bs.
And he's plenty turned on already that's not the problem. I'm not turned on, maybe he should do more so I feel more turned on? Your outlook makes it all about his needs and not about mine. I'm not just some toy that needs to perform for him. I needed advice on how to increase my sex dive and enjoy sex again, not on how to please him more.
This isn't an attack dude, I'm giving you advice on what you can possibly do since you're the one seeking help here.
You weren't tho, I asked for advice on how I can like sex again not on how I can do more to please my husband. You just assumed I'm not doing my part
>sleep 3 hours a day
>eat little
Not a doc, but if I followed your routine, probably I would have non existent libido as well, so I dunno, try eating and sleeping more?

I have general anxiety disorder that is wreaking havoc on my life.

Anyone have experience with this and ant depressants?
I have some personal experience with antidepressants. what would you like to know
for anxiety?

are they worth taking?
I'm curious as well.

Looking to get on prozac to help with my crippling mood swings/lack of motivation to do anything ever.
Response to antidepressants is wildly variable. They help some people a lot, they don't help others.

If anxiety is really affecting your life it's worth it to try them. You can always go off of them.
I take 60mg to help with OCD and anxiety. Helps some. I'm thinking of getting something stronger but I'm afraid (ironic) to because I haven't had any side effects from Prozac but if I switch to another, more strong medication who knows what effects that will have.

Any advice on other non drug related things to do for general anxiety?

File: Capture.jpg (43 KB, 410x572)
43 KB
so I met this girl at a party, she was all over me called me attractive etc, but seems really blunt over messenger and seemed to avoid the question when I asked to meet. She also takes hours replying to a message despite being online?
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I'm confused though without being cocky, I am better looking then her so why wouldn't she want to meet when she specifically messaged me first as well that night
spot on bro
We simply cannot abswer this question.

If I were you I'd just try end the convo asap in a way where she can start a new one of her own volition.
>that's so peak!

Never going to make it.

File: maxresdefault.jpg (152 KB, 1280x720)
152 KB
152 KB JPG
Not really advice, but what is the best branch? Personal military stories also welcomed
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Air Force if you score high enough.

Navy if you don't but you seriously feel you're good at learning.

Army if you don't, and you just want a simple job.

Marines if you just plain belong in the Marines; either you do or you don't.

Coast guard if you love boats but hate Navy for some reason.
what does it mean to "belong" in the marines
Air force definitely
USMC so you can get real training and get to kill some sand naggers
Mindlessly follow orders. Essentially the jocks of the military, most aren't too bright.

AF if you want to sit around and maybe get lucky and end up at a base that doesn't ever service your planes so you sit around for the one day a month they have them (friend in AF sat in Hawaii until he got too fat, lol)
Navy if you want to be more hands on and learn something at least Slightly more useful for civilian stuff.
Army if you want to be a bad ass like Ranger or Green Beret, but you better know you'll be otherwise you just end up infantry most likely. If you do you'll work with cool equipment.

File: 20171023_090643.png (156 KB, 1080x1920)
156 KB
156 KB PNG
My ex sent me this last night

I really love him and I don't think I will ever get over him. We have broken up in the past before and I tried to see other people but I never got over him and would always compare the new guy I'm seeing to him. I truly think he is the one for me and I wouldn't change a thing about him, but obviously he doesn't want to be with me anymore.

Obviously I want to respect his decision, but every part of me wants to right back. After he sent me that, I responded telling him that I hand wrote him a letter awhile back when we were going through the process of our break up, and never gave it to him because I thought there was a chance of reconciliation. The letter pretty much states how much I love him, how I think he's amazing, how I would do anything for him, etc. We agreed to meet up tonight so I could give him the letter.

My question is, when I see him should I try to fight for it (like I've done every time I've seen him since our break up) or would that push him away even further? Does it sound like there's a way we could possibly get back together in the future? From a guys point of view, what would be the best thing for me to do if I'm still trying to be in his life, even just as a friend?

Thanks in sorry in advance if my writing is terrible rn, currently typing this on my phone and crying.
7 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>my ex
Stopped reading right there
Delete that shit and ignore, don't even think about anything else
>kickin it and fuckin each other
yeah bye
Thanks for the input. & thanks to everyone else too

Should I even try to be his friend? We have helped each other out a lot and have been a huge part of each other's lives.

No. Cut contact. That email sounds like an overly emotional, deliberately manipulative attempt to keep your attention.

I'm sure you have had that conversation several times, about how great you are, how much he loves you, but how it's just "too much" for him to deal with. If he actually wanted to be with you then he wouldn't speak to you in such a condescending manner and you'd be working together to fix things. My guess is that he wants to play the field a bit and keep his options open.

He doesn't respect you and he probably doesn't even love you as he says he does. You're a reliable option who will constantly be there to hang off his dick when he needs a back up. Is that honestly how you want to be seen?

You may have been a big part of each other's lives but if he isn't willing to be in a relationship with you (and he obviously isn't) then it is a complete waste of time and incredibly detrimental to both your mental health and potential future relationships.

He isn't coming back. Stop betting on this happening, cut contact and get on with your life.
>I’ll never forget you

Good enough for me tbqh

File: Ugly-Man-Funny-Face.jpg (72 KB, 675x900)
72 KB
How to talk to girls Tinder without fucking it up and making it awkward?
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thats because the inner card is a foil card, outer cards are just common. not shoop, its real.
Message her when ever the fuck you want, if she's interested she will reply, trust me. I ghost bitches all the time, text them a month later they still reply.
>you dont need experience to get laid.
But you do need experience to have sex well, to know what to do in the build-up to sex, to know how to escalate physically in the first place. If you claim to "just know these things naturally" then you were always a normie, mentally speaking.

>most women are closet sluts that pretend sex isnt a big deal, but the first chance they get they will be willing to fuck a fat rat.
So how does this help those of us who are too terrified of rejection to proposition a girl in the first place?
the only way to get experience to have sex well is by having sex idiot. now go get laid already. there is a point of no return. at some point not even hookers are going to want to have sex with a 40 year old virgin. stop fucking around.

>So how does this help those of us who are too terrified of rejection to proposition a girl in the first place?
>afraid of rejection

ehh, i guess you are just fucked. nvm carry on.
>ehh, i guess you are just fucked. nvm carry on.

That's it? So unless I'm a magic normie who can just muster up courage out of thin air, I'm fucked?

What a cruel world we live in.

File: true_pain.png (90 KB, 345x450)
90 KB
So, I live with my dad, its pretty fucking awful, he's a serious asshole, but he told me i needed to do some history work before monday. I stay up till 7am on saturday getting some done, i get 4 hours of sleep. i do it again last night but i passed out at 7am this time, my dad woke me up by yelling at me at 9:30, he left shortly after and he called me alot around 1pm, i missed them all bc i was asleep. He told me im in trouble when he gets home, what do i do?

File: 100_0289.jpg (2.49 MB, 4608x3456)
2.49 MB
2.49 MB JPG
Hi there /adv/. I'm 20 years old, soon to be starting university. I didn't get held back or anything, I just took a gap year which ended up lasting a little longer than expected. I got accepted to the first school I applied to, which is nice I guess, and I'll be attending that one since it is the cheapest option out of all the ones I applied to.
I'll be starting next year, but I'd just like to know from any unifags or former unifags, what should I expect? I've been wageslaving for two years and have been out of the education loop for a while. I did well in high school and on my standardized tests, but I'm very concerned that these two years have eroded me in a way and I don't know what university or college is like at all, both in terms of education and campus life.
I'd like to know what I can expect, how survivable it is for someone like me, and any tips for surviving. Please and thank you.

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