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File: del.jpg (55 KB, 640x640)
55 KB
Troubled boyfriend here. Is it wrong of me to be insecure when my girlfriend wears something like pic related in public (with her friends as well, not me)? T-shirt, thigh highs, and skirt. I'm pretty sure this is generally considered promiscuous. She's attractive and knows she'll get looks. I'm not angry or controlling, just insecure and I don't trust her anyway. Are these feelings generally considered valid? Any tips for being more secure about my relationship, or maybe more trusting?
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I would stay around to fuck her and make social contacts, but I see your point. Just don't mistake her for wife material. She's got a lot of growing up to do, and she might never get around to it.
That sounds really bad.

I know it sucks but it might be easier to break it off and save time. You'll be miserable for a while but one day you won't be and you can date someone else.

The shitty thing is that someone will always tell you you are just being paranoid or whatever. But it sounds like she's displaying the kind of behavior people use when they cheat, she's cheated before when relationships weren't great, and she has opportunity.

I'm sorry, OP.
File: 1338755534501.jpg (31 KB, 526x300)
31 KB
>people itt think that this is an acceptable outfit

Ok then faggot give into your insecure feelings and start putting spyware on her computer and phone. Maybe you will discover her secret folder of 50+ men she's fucked and made videos with while you're watching ghostbusters and eating peanut butter and potato chip sandwiches.
Sorry Muhammad, women don't need to cover everything.

File: 1494604944329.png (86 KB, 773x591)
86 KB
So my gf of 4 months just spent 5 weeks in Queensland with her familiy and got upset about leaving and decided she wanted to stay. When she saw me two days ago she was in tears and told me about it. Just over an hour ago today she met me and ended our relationship as she said she couldn't continue the relationship as I lived in Melbourne, then went off with her friend and acted like nothing happened(she lives with this friend and their familiy). I told her how much I loved her and how we did so much together in so little time, how she wouldn't let go of me when I first told her I loved her when she opened up her emotions to me for the first time. I feel like I should let her go but at the same time I really wanted her to be apart of my life and I wanted to be apart of her life. I remember when she called me while she was up there and her niece got a hold of her phone and told me that she wouldn't stop talking about me and asked me "how long will you be together wit her" and I replied by saying "forever" and heard her reaction which filled me with happiness. What do I do?
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>Brand new relationship ends for dumb reasons
Advice: Get over it. Come back when you have some real problems.
That's not going to work for a whole number of reasons. It could take a while to get a job as the only work experience I have is small volunteer work. Her place is already cramped as her parents, sister, sister's fiance and niece all live in the same house hold and her sister is having a baby this year. She had to sleep on the couch while she was up there and she complained to me how she couldn't always go to sleep. If anything happened to our relationship if I lived up there I would be out the door and all alone in a state that I don't know very well with no family or friends.
Cause she's throwing your ass away and not being communicative about it. She does not value you much.
She was being pragmatic about the breakup, if she didn't value me she would have waited until she settled back with her family to tell me or kept me in the dark. Instead she told me to my face twice.

File: 1515432763518.png (48 KB, 800x729)
48 KB
some redflags are wise to follow, but i don't get why high intelligence in a girl is often frowned upon.
please explain the reason you fucking chads, it is my understanding that such girls aren't that boring to begin with, but then again i have never been in a relationship.
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Because they are more likely to want a career on their own instead of having a job to support the family and most men don't want a double-career relationship.

For some men, it's just control issues and being afraid of being outsmarted by their gf
What's wrong with a double career relationship? I would love a wife who bought in money so we could both have nicer things and an easier life.
>it's just control issues
Why are so many couples like that it's ridiculous how many girls tell me their bf or ex was controlling.

Sort your lives out you insecure betas.
>What's wrong with a double career relationship? I would love a wife who bought in money so we could both have nicer things and an easier life.
By career I mean that you want to get to the top in your field, or at least move up as far as possible.
In most fields, you are required to be flexible, maybe move into another country for a while, have a lot of stress and overtime during some phases.
And there are problems if the partner has the same problems, image working 80h in a week because of some stupid project you have to supervise, come home and your wife/husband is just as bitchy and stressed out as you. Or having to move to another country for 2-3 years - but your partner can't because his or her career requires to stay. And now add in children - she wants to get back into the job as fast as possible and you have even more problems because you can't rely on her if the child is for example sick.

Having both partner works mostly without problems, but not if both have ambition

File: images.jpg (10 KB, 159x318)
10 KB
im feeling crazy. My boyfriend has only slept with one girl before we started dating. he wants to marry me but im afraid he will cheat on me later on when he regrets not sleeping around more. i love him with all my heart and i cant think about being with someone else. is this a crazy thought?
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i would never cheat on him. i even think about him when i play with myself. i wasnt this happy with my ex
he seems very happy with our sex life. i dont know why i cant shake this feeling
You’re going to ruin your relationship by being insecure.
That's retarded, men don't think like that.
IF he ever cheats on you, and that's a big if, it won't be over this. Don't sweat it OP.

File: 1504293440388.jpg (179 KB, 1000x1500)
179 KB
179 KB JPG
How do I get over my dislike of relationships?

I have a very negative view of being in a relationship. It feels like it's just a huge burden on your time and freedom, and that you never really get what you want, you're just compromising. Not only that, but kids seem horrifying with someone you've stopped caring about over time.

But I don't hate women at all, and part of me says I would like at least one kid, even if that's just society conditioning me. I'm 31, so it's not like I haven't had time - I haven't been passionate about a girl in years. Girls like me... I just can't be bothered.

Diagnosis : Depression
I'm in therapy right now, so no surprise. I don't know if that's all though.
Diagnosis: commitment issues
It is more healthy for you to just stay single if being in a less than perfect relationship is not your cup of tea. You can always adopt later on down the road if you feel you missed some chance at raising a child.
If you don't want a relationship, don't get one. It is not your duty.
If you want a Kid- ever thought of co-parenting?

File: suprdo couch.jpg (48 KB, 640x360)
48 KB
Dating shitty women and rejecting nice ones...How to break this cycle?
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File: image.jpg (14 KB, 240x227)
14 KB
>eliminating any kind of women one way or another
Sounds like you need to date men, OP.
No, I want the nice ones. Maybe my self-esteem is too low.
Find a crazy that at least can hold a job and has good taste in music.
Optimal imo

File: mfw msw.png (26 KB, 462x320)
26 KB
I think I'm crushing hard on a girl - even though I barely know her. Please bear with me, it’s probably going to be a long ass introduction before the actual questions but I think it’s necessary to understand the whole situation.

My sister and her boyfriend, M. (who happens to be a very good friend of mine) organized a ski week-end [spoiler]it's pretty easy when you leave in the east of France[/spoiler]. They invited a few friends (including me) and, for some reasons I can't fathom and I'm not sure I should try and understand (more on this later), one of M.'s ex-girlfriend. Who happens to be a cutie. We've barely been introduced to each other, but I interacted quite a few times with her across the whole day (it was her first time skiing): I gave her some tips, and I was the one to pick her up everytime she fell (which didn’t happen that much [spoiler]unfortunately?[/spoiler], she seems to be a natural). She commented on how my advice was actually better than M.’s (who was a ski teacher not so long ago and is one of the best skier I’ve seen in my life - and I really like skiing - so I tried to play modest but was pretty pleased).
When we came back at the ‘base camp’ at my sister’s place, I unfortunately couldn’t interact much more with her, as I had to leave just after the first beer (my ride had to wake up early the next morning, and I had some work too anyway, but still, I felt bad about leaving her). Since we were already organizing a 2nd session of ski next week-end, I asked if she was coming (as genuiny as possible), but she had other plans [spoiler]seeing a friend at the other side of France if that matters[/spoiler]. Didn’t have the nerves to ask for her number just yet, especially before the assembly, so I simply left after the usual goodbyes.

All of this happened on saturday. It's thursday now, and I can't get her out of my mind.
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Try to get infos of the girl through your sister.
If she stayed, she may know if the girl is interested, is single...
Then, try to organize another group meeting, because you all had such a good time, with the same people.
Une bonne raclette, ca se refuse pas quoi.
File: Why.gif (1002 KB, 250x251)
1002 KB
1002 KB GIF
OK, so I didn't talk with my sister yet (will most probably do this evening). I did however talk to M. Here's what he said:
>yeah sure, go for it
>she's a bit of a crazy person, try and be spontaneous and avoid being shy
that might be a problem, but I did manage to pull out some crazy things in the last few days so we'll see
>her previous relationship just ended badly, so don't push it too far for now
>part of the problem was distance
Should I tell her how I feel or just invite her to events as a friend then?
>here's her number

>Then, try to organize another group meeting, because you all had such a good time, with the same people.
That seems like a good plan - albeit a slow one. She's unavailable this week-end as I said, and I'm not sure how many of my friends would come on a third consecutive week-end of ski... I'll definitely invite her to the next thing anyway, I just hope I'll be able to initiate something before that.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: We smart.gif (1018 KB, 500x250)
1018 KB
1018 KB GIF
OP here, for a last question I guess.

Got her number, but can't ask her out directly without great risk because of her recent break-up (confirmed by my sister). I still want to know her better though, and hopefully make it happen more organically.
I know (because she actually added me as a friend on normiebook) that she's looking for a stroller (she works with kids). I thought I had one in the attic but apparently don't.
Would that be pushing too far to buy one on the local eBay, just so I can go 'heeey, got a stroller for you, why wouldn't we visit your city so I didn't make a 5 hour trip for nothing'?
Is that even a sane comportment? [spoiler]Am I supposed to be sane?[/spoiler]
You could try mentioning that you have a stroller but dont say you bought it on ebay it will make you like a creep.
If you two end up in a long term relationship by some miracle you could mention it on anniversary it will be a funny story
Yeah I didn't plan on telling her that just yet. And yes, I also thought it would make for a funny anecdote

File: IMG_9937.jpg (123 KB, 750x1089)
123 KB
123 KB JPG
I want to flirt with fat women but first I have to know if this is what your typical overweight woman in her 20s that you find at college would look like naked? Or are they more gross looking.. let me know!
They are all different, find one that still has shape, and a cute face. Most of them are desperate to please so they make fun and submissive partners.

Use food as a tactic.
There is fat, where the chub accents the curves and frankly isn't too bad to behold, then there is fat.... rolls of it that overtake her natural shape and looks awful.

You need to see her in clothes that show whether it's the first or second kind of fat.
Depeds on your taste. Most of them don't have a waist. If you see pictures of beautiful fat girls on the internet, they usually have a nice round butt, big full breast and less belly.
Real fat girls usually have a loooot of belly, breast and ass hang a bit.
But depending on your taste you might also like this.
Jeez, I wonder if this is my boyfriend's tactic O.O

File: A_helping_hand.jpg (67 KB, 827x718)
67 KB
So i broke up whit this chick, because i realize that she was cheating on me. Being the beta that i am, i was still being "his friend", and so i get to know "why" she was such a pathological bitch.

Recently she start dating another guy, who seems and is a really good guy. But i know for a fact that she will, or already has, cheat on him.
He is a real cool guy, and don't deserve to lose time with that bitch, but in the other hand, that's none of my business, so, i should tell him or don't even waste my time on it?
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Same pic? Probably.
File: image.jpg (542 KB, 1600x900)
542 KB
542 KB JPG
I posted this one.
Uh, maybe. You said something about the colour choices in a gif of a building?
Yeah yeah
That was me lol.

File: job-interview-3.jpg (60 KB, 750x750)
60 KB
Hello anons got my first job interview today as a IT technician. Any interview tips
What would you do with a jar of dirt?

File: image.jpg (32 KB, 639x475)
32 KB
I'm nearing college now. I got all my hs credits in like sophomore year and desu I'm just dicking around at this point. I want to go to college but on the one hand I'm just looking to move to Texas or Seattle with a buddy of mine and I've been pondering just living a calm somewhat homoerotic life over immediately going into college.

Adults shove it all down your throat, but I wanted to hear what some real fucking people thought about how useful secondary education is.

For reference I'd probably major in graphic design or computer science. I already freelance the former and make as much cash as I want to so long as I actively look for commissions.
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it probably varies based on the subject and how enthusiastic they are about it. you know, some topics are really obscure and others a person can study just by reading free articles and some books.

I don't think he was talking about graphic art. he's talking about beard-stroking stuff.
You're right, though. Around academics, I would definitely want to be an academic. One time, my friends went into a museum and started having an "I know what that is" competition. Boy, was I lucky they brought a fellow plebian to be my playmate. I recognized one of those holocaust art things and a roman column, but that was it.
Yes, of course it varies on the subject. For instance, in engineering it’s considered useless to get a PhD, and so having an MS is fine. However, in most fields having a PhD is what people should really shoot for. For the record, Fine Art is the only art degree worth having. The other ones are meme degrees for pseudointellectuals who just want to have a college degree for the sake of having one, and in my mind are no better than people who don’t have one at all, maybe worse.
I have a BS in computer science and its very difficult for me to find a job in the bay area

employers like experience and a solid portfolio over a degree

I felt like a lot of the curriculum was a waste of time if you want to develop python/java/other high level language code in industry. If you want to program C or embedded systems it would help a lot. The only classes I learned a lot from was upper division cs core and cs electives

If I would do it again, I would drop out of high school at 16 via a GED and start attending local community college

id do 6 units a semester for the first year, 9 credits a semester for second year, year round until I got an associates degree in computer science

Id then try to take the CCNA and see if I passed, then get a job. If I couldnt find a relevant cs job, Id be a soccer referree($30/game) plus tutor kids at community college while focusing on building a portfolio and networking
File: image.jpg (67 KB, 827x718)
67 KB
The fact that you echoed almost my exact plan is chilling.

Thanks anon.

File: My pain is greater.jpg (33 KB, 1024x589)
33 KB
Need major advice regarding sexual pain!
Been with my girlfriend (soon to be fiance) for almost a year now, and have run into intense intimacy problems.
First off, when i took her virginity it took 5 days and multiple tries to break the hymen. She bled profusely every time.
Secondly, we used to be able to have sex multiple times a day. Now, we can only have sex once every few weeks.
She complains of a massive stabbing pain down there and says it feels like she can't open up no matter how hard she tries. The pain has escalated to whenever we attempt penetration, it results in her crying and me feeling awful for her. I love her and i hate how she feels like a failure whenever this happens.
To avoid typical answers, here is what we have tried: going to the doctor, more lubrication, more foreplay, lidocaine gel, different positions, not having sex for months, and inflammation pills (for a potential yeast infection, but there was none) from the gynecologist. NOTHING has worked. The gyno said that their best guess was vaginismus, ( due to an abusive past with her ex), but my girlfriend seems to have no control over the pain.
Today i managed to put the tip of my head in, and afterwards she had tiny skin particles that fell out of her. Does this mean that she could still potentially have part of her hymen left?The pain seems to be near the hole around the opening but not really anyplace else. Vaginismus is supposed to be more of a reaction issue, so i dont believe that is the issue here. i cant touch my own girlfriend near the hole without her feeling extreme pain, in fact its painful to even put a finger near the hole now. Any ideas since the gyno was a bust?
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
*cough read what he typed baka
Fid a different one ya turd
I searched the web for you, you lazy fuck.
vulvar vestibulitis
Reading this now makes it sound crazy accurate. Every time I researched the symptoms before only vaginismus would really pop up.
OP I'm sorry but there's no guarantee she will ever recover. Learn to love hand-jobs or find a different girl.

Got a job at a Wal-Mart distribution center. How is it working there does. Want to know what I'm getting into.
You're getting into a wageslave job doing manual labor. How do you think it is?
Get ready for
>punch in
>work for 2 hours physical labor on your feet
>15 minute break
>hour 45 of more labour
>lunch with a bunch of degenerates
>two more hours of work
>15 minute break
>hour 45 of work
>punch out
>think about killing yourself

repeat 5 times a week
I work at one while I go to school right now, you get some decent benefits and after being with the company for 3 months you get a discount card and get 10%off all general merchandise excluding clearance and rollbacks as well as some grocery products. If your full time you get a one hour lunch break and if your part time half an hour, overall it’s your typically wage job as long as you do your work you’ll be fine every store is different so keep that in mind.

File: 1506824004165.jpg (9 KB, 199x268)
9 KB
19 female never dated, kissless virgin.

What are some pickup techniques you other girls use to get guys. I never tried and I'm gaining the confidence to finally ask out a guy.

I don't know what I'm doing wrong I just can't seem to get a guy's number? My weight is 135. White, average girl. I don't think I'm that bad. Pickup tips girls I need em.
13 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Sounds like butterface issues...
ill date you anon
>just bee urself
Seriously though, if you make friends with a single guy, you can ask him out with pretty good odds.
If talking in a group, find a reason to separate the one you like. For example the other ones are smoking and you say let's go get some fresh air. If the two of you are alone he will be focused on you, even if you just talk innocently then.

Generally say things like-let's go over there and have a look at this. Guys like to be led. Also he sees you in a different setting and makes him feel like he knew you for longer.

But don't do all the work alone. If you started the flirting, don't be the one to initiate the first kiss if you're not desperate for a passive dick.
They like to Stella in passive behaviour if too much comes from you.
They like to settle into passive behaviour. Fucking autocorrect.

File: no_results.jpg (84 KB, 819x461)
84 KB
You can fix many things about yourself, but can you really fix a boring personality?
"if perception is the world, then what world do you live in?"

you can always fix the way you see things

you can always fix the way you do things

go on an adventure my guy
You could do anything you set your mind to. But seriously, yes you can. Start doing exciting things
>hurr durr people don't enjoy the same things

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