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Can young love last?

I’m graduating high school next year and live in a really small town.

We’re completely infatuated with one another and confessed our love.

She’s not a whore, virgin. And I don’t even look at other girls. They don’t compare to her.

We don’t fight, have same political views, even if we don’t agree we just agree to disagree, both have messed up families. She’s pretty insecure though. She makes up by complimenting me(obviously i reciprocate).

i really want this to last. she’s perfect. i could see myself marrying her.

Could it last ?????
Who knows. Depends on the people.
My parents met when they were like 16 and are still together 30 years later.
Too perfect of a relationship can also be a bad things though, many couples start to get bored.

But definitely won’t.

Especially if either of you are going away for college.
That is out of my expertise.
There is not one thing you need to do and every relationship is different.

Don't know what to do at this point.

I've spoken to so many girls, almost every single kind of girl out there (regarding looks, personality, status, wealth) and can't get any of them.

At this point I can ALMOST sympathize with that Elliot guy even though I've actually spoken to a lot of girls.

I guess some guys have charm and some don't.

We all know personality obviously isn't enough to get a girl.

If I had to be completely honest then I believe I need to get some plastic surgery or at least get as fit as pic related to score.

I swear if (for whatever reason) getting this fit won't help then I can sympathize with the guy I mentioned above.
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Gtfo gay
>I've spoken to so many girls, almost every single kind of girl out there
Your approach is probably the problem.

>I can ALMOST sympathize with that Elliot guy
He didn't approach women, he thought a nice car and branded clothes would make women fall at his feet, he wasn't talking to anyone outside of his camera or the bodybuilding forums.

>I guess some guys have charm and some don't.
You answered your own question.

>If I had to be completely honest then I believe I need to get some plastic surgery or at least get as fit
There's plenty of /fit/ autists who can't get laid or talk to women, even if women approach them first.
It's because you just want to get a girl
Every girl knows you're sizing them up as a prospect

It's called girlFRIEND, boyFRIEND for a reason
>what context are you chasing girls? tinder? facebook? real life?

Just real life.

Tinder doesn't sound bad but my text game is much worse.

>summarize to me what you talk about with these girls.

I just say stuff like:

Hi, my name's .....

What's yours ?

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We need to see your face / haircut / face expression / fashion. Otherwise bee yourself.

Badoo is online dating app.

File: 0_zwq-ZJyJxqo-F2ye.jpg (41 KB, 512x225)
41 KB

Instead it's a thread where we share knowledge with each other. Ideally you learn how to deal with females through experience but some of us are late bloomers. Only post insight that you have experienced personally, no PUA or internet dating shit.

learned this past winter:
>if a friend rejects your feelings, drop her immediately. By keeping in contact with her you only open up yourself to psychological abuse and getting strung along. If you're attractive enough, she will come back and give you another chance.
>give up on tinder or other similar internet dating sites. They're rigged against the average to slightly above average male. Instead, get involved and put yourself out there. If you're in uni, join some clubs or groups. If not, try thing like meet.com or even volunteer at animal shelters.
>read up on body language, girls can tell when you're being yourself or confident.

obligatory: favorite exercise for chest, arms, and calves?
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Fuck a few and realize they aren't worth obsessing over, a guy needs some amount of female contact to be satisfied with life but you can go a long time without it and be way happier than with a cunt of a gf. Learning to go without pussy for a while is also a great tool for establishing fair and valuable relationships later on, it's a basic trade strategy that you have to be able to walk away from a deal.
rofl ok buddy whatever helps you sleep
dont actually bring up sex or say you want to fuck, use closeness and touch to meter their feelings. women have a hard time saying they want to fuck, and get uncomfortable if i tell them what i want. they prefer many times a kind of sweeping off of the feet, a spontinuity which she can direct.

>unless the topic comes up, obviously dont be a prude

hope this will help anons who dont know how to go from friendly convo to down n dirty. the real redpill is you arent in a porno, you dont have to say anything. use your intuition and trust yourself.
Women fucking hate being treated like an equal.
It doesn't matter if she's a progressive feminist, the #1 mistake guys make with women is coming even close to treating them like equals.
This #MeToo shit is making it worse too, it has a lot of guys thinking they are supposed to respect women's boundaries and shit. Don't rape her or anything but you need to be dominant.
Treat women like retarded children who need you to do everything. Go for the kiss on the first or at the latest the second date, even if you don't think she wants it.
File: emma watson equality.jpg (105 KB, 1311x338)
105 KB
105 KB JPG

How come tinder gets worse every year? As an early adopter getting dates was quick and painless, then every time I go back on the women get progressively indifferent to the point that its basically an outlet to ‘like’ people and nothing more

multiple reasons. first and foreomst, it got 'social media'ized. most apps and websites served a particular purpose at first, and people used it for that purpose. But then unrelated interests tend to creep in. Twitter was about connecting with people you wanted to hear from, but now its about followers. Facebook was about connecting with people you wanted to hear from, but now its become about likes. Youtube was about making fun videos, but now its about subscribers and money. Its no longer about posting videos you like, and more about posting videos that will be profitable.

So thus tinder falls victim to the same problem. what started as a legit way for women to date online slowly transitioned into another form of personal validation. women do use it for dating too, but now that men greatly outnumber women, women will swipe right on any guy who is reasonably attractive, but only respond to a guy who is exceptionally exceptional.
Maybe it’s when they implemented Instagram into the application, a lot of girls just want followers. I’ve never looked on the male side of tinder before, my guess is it became oversaturated with undesirables

I would imagine you aren't wrong. I remember watching a guy hit on a girl at the beach and she was NOT interested, would not give her number, avoiding him at all cost. finally he brought up instagram and she raced over, took his phone, typed in her instagram, and got him to follow her. a lot of profiles do also say 'follow me on snapchat / instagram' with the account name as well.
Tinder is for pussies. Hire an escort instead.

File: fasting-1200x800.jpg (140 KB, 1200x800)
140 KB
140 KB JPG
Could stop eating for a week cure my depression?
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Consult your psychologist dude
Unless your food contains shrooms, weed or other psychedelic stuff, it isnt possible.
It is not the food.
You are mentally fucked in the head and your shits all retarded.
Go see a therapist.
If I can go a week with only drinking water my body will purify from all the shit I've been eating for years, which will make me get used to healthy food more easily
No if you do that you will just starve and become nutrient deficient. You may develop ulcers and will for sure get more depressed.
After 2 or 3 days of no food the stomach aches become horrible i have been there.

File: arock.gif (449 KB, 1244x714)
449 KB
449 KB GIF
Hey /adv/, I was wondering what should I do in the situation I'm in?
For the first time I find myself emotionally attracted to a guy, who I was going to tell but then just before I did he told me he was attracted to someone (here's a hint, not me). So, of course, I tell him I'm happy for him and such etc etc. Now, he's openly gay. He, myself and everyone I know assumed I was straight because well, for the longest time I thought I was.
So, I'm just supporting him on and such, haven't managed to get it off my chest because I personally believe it wouldn't be fair to him after he's said that. He's got his own issues to deal with because the guy he confessed to said he needs to think about it.
Is it better I just don't tell him, or tell him anyway?
Like fuck, he pulls at my heart and tonight was just painful.

File: 1_oqKlGz1gIuaYqPWE11LseA.jpg (126 KB, 1536x1089)
126 KB
126 KB JPG
Preferably in pdf format, epub is fine.
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the internet archive have tons of pdfs
Go to /lit/ and read the sticky. Sometimes /t/ has torrents available.
File: lupin.jpg (29 KB, 480x360)
29 KB
public domain books

File: g-man.jpg (10 KB, 666x375)
10 KB
What is wrong ?everybody fucks around but I just want a fuckbuddy to stick with. why is it impossible to get a human to fuck who is not spreading disease?
>i want cake and eat it too
First decide if you want monogamy or not. And anybody capable of monogamy automatically requires commitment.
Just get a girlfriend.
An exclusive fuckbuddy is called a girlfriend/boyfriend
Hope that helps
Lol what are you on about?
You can't have sex with anyone you want but expect the person you are having sex with to only do it with you.

how to make friends in a game as a noob who just started and will probably suck at playing for a while?
Go to vg, find the game you are playing and check the thread for any players list. As an example, Destiny thread used to have a Google spreadsheet of players for raids and I met a few good people there. Other than that irl friends or people you know but not well. Try to just hint at playing sometime to them and things might hit it off.
Depends on type of game. But general rule is to spam invites / add everybody you see and talk to them without reason and someone will eventually stick.

Admit to sucking and say you're in it for the good company
That's how I roll, I just want people who are okay to carry on after a loss.

What dya play

File: 1483286344294.gif (9 KB, 200x200)
9 KB
how do i become a really cool dude /adv/?

any married guys here? why'd you get married?

how did you feel about her when you were getting married?

how do you feel about her now?
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God, you people are faggots. I'm the cripple and, while I feel that way, I'd never say it like that. It's the love of your life, for fuck's sake. Get poetic!

I love my wife enough to not splatter my cripple brains all over five states. Every day, she pulls me kicking and screaming inches further away from that grisly precipice, that yawning void. In return for such kindness, I keep her M.C. Escher-esque crazy headspace tethered to terra-firma, lest she carbomb (she's Irish) her mother on her way back from church for the seventh time this week.

"I love you more every day" is something you say to each other. This is 4chan. We're jaded cynical assholes, remember? If you want the love to show, you gotta pomp and circumstance that mewling cunt.

Fun fact, she introduced me to 4chan, not the other way around. I introduced her to Shad and Stardew Valley though so... we're pretty even.
>any married guys here? why'd you get married?
It's a normal progression in the life cycle of any healthy man.
I personally was bored out of my mind about the dating scene and I want kids. Marriage is a strong institution for that.

>how did you feel about her when you were getting married?
I loved her and it felt just right. Marriage wasn't that important to me, it was the commitment that was important.

>how do you feel about her now?
I love her just as much as the day I met her.
didn't know /adv/ had this many resident slaves
>I chose to date her
>I chose to take her along the ride
>I proposed
>I want children
>I want a compatible and similarly minded-partner to raise kids
Clearly, my own choices make me a slave.
I guess I will cry myself to sleep tonight while looking at everything else going right.
I totally knew /adv/ had this many bitter incels.

File: 2344.jpg (70 KB, 599x800)
70 KB
just found out my GF dated a black guy last year.

im a little disgusted
not sure what to do.. any advice?
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File: Show her who's boss.png (181 KB, 793x570)
181 KB
181 KB PNG
Capped, made me laugh. OP is a faggot as usual.
respectable black or trashy nigger?
>hid my quality post
Not even going to bother saving this image as temporary browser cache

Human beings is deceiving me. Family, friends, boyfriend. I want to work with them on their negative sides because it’s hurting their progression in life with me but it’s like impossible to do it without being hurt or full of regret. I cannot deal with it anymore.
Work on yourself first

File: Screenshot_82.jpg (32 KB, 600x600)
32 KB
>going to see endoscopy
>give me moviprep to clear insides
>take it today thinking appointment is tomorrow
>mfw it was actually this Thursday the appointment is set, not Monday.

Have I fucked up the appointment? Or can I still request another moviprep and do it this Wednesday? Reason for concern is because this stuff severely dehydrates you so using two in a week might be too much.

Yes I am shooting liquid as I type this lol (fucking end this)
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Yeah it is weird stuff, feels like it fills you up and need to drink more water. Unfortunately I have to be awake through it all as I need to be able to drive home, I might try and see if someone could drive me up there instead but if not I will have to stay awake through it.

I know, it is just because of this recent fat arses death that /v/ kept on larping about and I have experienced a family death recently so it has been on my mind that this could be cancer, this is it, I am fucked you know?
I work on the same type of place you're going. Listen to me... Go get one bottle (they're small) of mag citrate and drink it the day of the appointment. No biggie.
Actually, I said get one... Get two bottles of mag citrate. Drink them the day before the appointment. 12 hours apart. Finish the second one about 8 hours before the procedure. Your colon doesn't have to be pristine. But your shit needs to be liquid and fairly clear with no chunks.
Small intestinal cancer is like the easiest to treat dude, theres so much of it in there that losing half would have no ill effect other than frequenter bowel movements.
You're a fucking idiot

File: M4Z6AME.png (74 KB, 184x188)
74 KB
I have been submissive my whole life, letting myself be walked over by everyone, it ruined my first relationship and it may be starting the downfall of my second and current, what can i do to stop before I cant change anything.

TLDR: How to stop being a little bitch
Start making your own decisions instead of looking for other people to lead you.

Don’t spend so much energy on avoiding discomfort. Get uncomfortable, it builds you up.
What was your life like to be this way?
He's probably not as gay as you
Start by walking away.
Walking away is one of the strongest positions to be in. Because guess what, people can't walk all over you if you aren't there.

The next step, once you figured out you can walk away, is to threaten to walk away as leverage for negotiations. That is how you can compromise better. Don't like the compromise? Walk away.

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