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File: poop.jpg (32 KB, 694x801)
32 KB
Hey /adv/, I'm an incoming freshman who is taking classes like Computer Science and Web & Mobile Development. Please advise me on what laptop to buy to use in uni.

If you can't think for yourself at all and depend on us to make your decisions. Just get a macbook pro with 16gb of ram 2017 model or 2019. Otherwise I would get a 2017+ windows with 16gb of ram and Target specs and good reviews. Then dual boot with a popular Linux distro like Ubuntu. Then for most of your coding use your Linux distro.
Get what's cheap, aim for good battery life and something like a half terabyte of hard disk space.

You don't have to dual boot Linux if you have Windows, just get Cygwin. You'll probably have SSH access to a computing cluster anyway. So you would write your code on your own computer and compile/execute it on the cluster to test before submitting it. Having everything local makes things a little more convenient, but not a whole lot. Honestly if you have SSH access to a cluster, you could do all your compiling/execution up there and have nothing local, and get away with a much smaller hard disk.
HP, dell or lenovo.
You should install a dualboot with a Linux os
Why did you choose CS?
Ear me out OP: you are going to CS. Don't you dare listening to >>19924592 you will be able to do nothing in your field (on top of being laughed at by your peers) if you buy a MacBook, or anything from Applel for that matters.

Go for a ThinkPad and you'll be the Chad of the place, trust me.

Is it normal to spend more than half your time in an office job fucking off and doing absolutely nothing?
It’s my first real job out of college so I have nothing to compare it to. But I get my work done in a few hours and then spend the rest of my time browsing the internet
15 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Warehouse work is like that too
Phoneposting from the shitter I've been here for like half an hour LMAOOO
I’m probably going to quit for a while, maybe figure out a new career path. I intended to be in something creative in my career and somehow ended up in something that’s almost all numbers/tech based, with very little creativity involved. The problem is, once companies find out what I know how to do, they want me to do it, because it’s hard to find someone who can bridge the gap between the tech, data analysis, and the feel good parts of marketing.

The money is great but I’m not money driven at all so it’s a bit of an issue.
>once companies find out what I know how to do, they want me to do it, because it’s hard to find someone who can bridge the gap between the tech, data analysis, and the feel good parts of marketing.
You can use this to oyur advantage though. Use that to negotiate better terms, like more vacation, better salary, maybe even people who work for you. Since you're not money driven it should be even easier to find a better place with your experience
>better salary
No one in this city is going to pay me better than I do now.
>more vacation
Technically I have unlimited paid time off. But projects still run continuously, the internet doesn’t stop. So sure, I can take the occasional long weekend as long as I want to come back to 430 emails and twice the work as if I had just stayed in the office. I take about one week long trip a year and use maybe 10 other days throughout the year... but being unable to unplug means it’s useless.
>more people

The issue here is that I HATE what I’m doing. I’m constantly unsure of myself and there isn’t a universal place I can go to for answers. I’m constantly on edge because my job is constantly changing.

I found another place for a bit and it turns out they just lied through their ass to get me in the door because they needed my help. Luckily I was able to come back to this.
I work in IT, 80% of my job is browsing the internet and watching youtube videos. 20% keeping the company from collapsing, or doing preventative work. I "work" over 12 hours a day, mostly fucking around, 4 days a week. Every IT job I have ever had, has been this. I guess do what I do in this situation, and use the free time to make yourself more attractive for more competitive/higher paying positions. I spend almost all of my free time at work improving my networking certs so I can bust onto the engineering team.

File: 1405466249892.png (48 KB, 350x339)
48 KB
What can I do to not fall sleep during early morning classes?
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Fucking kek

Maybe stop taking early classes? I mean. You’re in college, this is pretty much the last time in your life that you’ll have to control your own schedule like this. For the time being, just lots of coffee.
Gonna try coffee is hard to pay attention to class when you are sleeping
Go to bed earlier.
Meditate or Nap during the day when you have free time.
Are you healthy? Weight problems could also add to the issue.
Drink Coffee with sugar or have an energy drink before you go.
If you are too pussy for coffee or energy drinks, have Green or mint tea with sugar or honey if you’re too pussy for even that.

File: 153440156307111.jpg (26 KB, 327x286)
26 KB
Why do girls seem to never have interest in me?
Only ever had 1 gf and she left me.
How are you supposed to know if you're ugly or attractive? I cant tell
10 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Maybe If we find a girl here on 4chan that's willing to look at all of our faces and she makes a list of who's most attractive and least attractive.
Go on /soc/ and do a rate thread they'll tell you if you hawt or nah
More this.

Less this. Only girls who are too immature or have psychological issues actually want to be treated like shit.
If I met a guy who talked down to me all the time, I'd leave them asap. Every girl I meet who stay with guys who do that are fucked in the head and lead really sad lives. I mean you CAN go that route if you want, but prepare to have a damaged girl who will be psychologically dependent on you and will make you unhappy. Shit like that isn't healthy.

Confidence really is key though. And you don't need to fake it necessarily. Be yourself, but be confident about it. I have this cringy obese friend but he's confident af and had a ton of girlfriends. He even has a kid on the way. If that 500 pound fucker can do it, so can you.
>one really hot girl in middle school told me I was "cute but not handsome"
>one kinda bland girl told me I was handsome when I was 18 but she was probably just thirsty
That's pretty much it as far as compliments from girls regarding my appearance go. Never caught a girl looking at me intently or anything of the sort.
/soc/ rated me average a few years back.
Can I safely assume I'm ugly?

File: he-hates-it-1595419.png (94 KB, 500x397)
94 KB
Why is every single woman aged 20-26 already in a relationship?
53 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>every single nonvirgin is a tinder slut who has had more sexual partners than birthdays
>girls who had one, MAYBE two partners don't exist
Oh I see. This is bait.
"Promiscuous behavior" is "girl who had sex with someone who is not me" for incels.
>active in hook up culture
What is this supposed to mean? And how do you know? Did you ask them of their sexual past?
I never said anything about virgins, retard
Because it comes up in conversation. such as, on a previous date with a girl. We were talking about our early twenties. She made a joke about me and girls, and I said “no, I never really did anything with girls. My focus was my career goals”. She responded with surprise and so I turned the question to her and she sort of laughed and said “ah well you know, I would see guys and play around on Tinder”.

File: 1505445170197.png (316 KB, 452x520)
316 KB
316 KB PNG
When people say to dress well if you want to get attention from women, what style in particular are they referring to, and how important is it compared to your overall physical attractiveness?
My usual outfit is slim dark jeans and a hoodie or a black jacket. I make sure everything fits well, but I never wear oxford shirts and shit like that, it's not my style. I'm 20 and have an average height/frame.
40 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
At any rate, OP, dressing well for your early 20s to attract women can mean a few things.

First off, ditch anything worn out that you wear out of habit. Jeans with frayed cuffs need to go, and from now on, every time you buy a pair of jeans you take them to that place at the mall or to a cleaners to have them hemmed for like $10 a piece. You probably want a full break for jeans.

Sweatshirts and hoodies should be on their way out of your closet at your age. Graphic tees should be on their way out as well, especially worn out ones.

You might be too young to pull off preppy, but if you can, it's a good time to start. Patterned button-down shirts, paired with a sweater in the fall, is a good look. You can wear them with blue jeans, but you should probably not wear jeans every day. Try something dressier.

Sneakers are still fine, but again, don't need to be an everyday thing. A pair of business casual-type shoes, like the ones that still have rubber soles and don't need a lot of babying, are very versatile.

Stop wearing white socks with black shoes.
Vest sans jacket triggers me. In the old days, that'd be a no-no; your shirt was considered like underwear, and wasn't generally exposed. Nowadays, I think bartender... which is also not a look I would personally go for.
>What even the regular grey or blue crew neck sweatshirt?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
At what age does that become mandatory? I don't like prep, it looks stuck-up, it's uncomfortable and I'm not old enough to tuck in shirts and not look like a retard so I'd have to wear those ugly shirts made to be worn untucked
>A Carhartt jacket is more or less waving a flag that you work with your hands
I think it only carries that image in north America.
You should at least be able to pull it off by 22. Honestly you should try mixing tucked shirts into your wardrobe now, it looks a lot better than you might think.

For professionals, I'd say the preppier look becomes mandatory/everyday around 25.
>you should try mixing tucked shirts into your wardrobe now
My wardrobe is almost entirely streetwear and technical clothing, shirts look out of place
Can I at least do monochrome prep or do I have to wear colors too?

File: gender-312411_1280.png (110 KB, 1280x1023)
110 KB
110 KB PNG
Before you post a question, check the FAQ to see if it's already been answered.
Keep questions short for more answers.
If you're not going to like honest answers, don't ask your question.
And please no derailing arguments.

>Do girls/guys like <insert specific look>?
>What do girls/guys think about <an insecurity including, but not limited to: looks, physical traits, personality traits, virginity or otherwise lack of dating experience>
There is no one answer. Preferences differ, but complexes are always a turn-off.

>I'm shy and afraid of people/rejection. What do I do?
Get over it by practising and exposing yourself to it, little by little, step by step. There is no single magical moment that will instantly change you forever.

>I like someone. What do I do?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
315 replies and 13 images omitted. Click here to view.
>coming from someone who's trying to show that things are equally as shitty.
No I am not.

Just joined in because your "why won't girls ask me out without me doing anything???" Whining was getting too sad to listen to.
>"why won't girls ask me out without me doing anything???"
This is actually my main issue with the way guys here act.

Like, you literally say "I won't do anything until a girl clearly shows interest in me, but I still don't believe it is actual interest until I've straight up been confessed to".

That's not going to happen. Society tells girls to sit and wait for their prince to swoop them off their feet. At best they'll drop hints, but you are literally acting like a princess.

If you want us to show interest, you need to show it as well. Like hell we'll waste time showing interest, much less ask you out, if you act like you don't care.

This is a two way street. Girls need to up the game, sure, but not to the point you say they should.
>Whining was getting too sad to listen to.

It's /adv/ the fuck do you think this board is about mainly? It's people who can't whine anywhere or to anyone else. Just like what you're doing currently.
Yeah probably. I'm trying to get over it. I knew she had hooked up with a guy previously and didnt care all that much. She says she didnt have sex though, again i didnt ask for any of this info. Would i prefer she didnt hook up with him? Yeah, but its hardly a deal breaker
It was really dumb, but I kind of romanticized the relationship a bit I guess because I thought we were both in the same boat and I did value trying to figure things out as two spergs. It just changed my view of the relationship I suppose, its still pretty great but not some movie-tier romance I thought. Im sure she was this enthusiastic and loving to her first bf too, so I know I can very well just become an ex. Again, I realize all this now and it's something thats true for everyone, but I just had to adjust my perspective. I also was upset because SHE was the one who put those ideas in my head by saying I was her first relationship so i felt special.
Just tell him to calm the fuck down and that its just a game. I have a friend like that who i'm fine seeing irl but I cant game with him at all because he takes it way too seriously

File: upload (1).png (253 KB, 800x450)
253 KB
253 KB PNG
My friend wants to join the marines, he smoked weed 3 weeks ago but has stopped since, and has only been drinking water since. He failed a drug test yesterday but has a new one on Friday what are some ways to get it out his system before then.
>pissed hot
>wait five days
Odds are he'll piss hot again no matter what he does.

File: pwbg.jpg (1.49 MB, 1537x2048)
1.49 MB
1.49 MB JPG
My mum died a few weeks ago. She was my only family. Everywhere I've gone to for help hasn't been useful. I had depression and anxiety already before the death and I'm really struggling now. Thinking I should just end it.
I can't really offer any advice, since I haven't dealt with loss and grief, but I just wanted to tell you that I heard you anon and I truly wish you the best in these hard times.

Hope this bump prompts another anon who can give some advice to chime in.

>be me, faggot and don't have bf
>has friends, friends also has gf
>be a no life and shitty csgo and ow players
>I have anger issue myself recently, friends tell me I raged a lot lately
>always has to carry them in ow but I'm decent in csgo, friend's gf always complaining when we lose in ow where I'm always on fire in ow.
>we played csgo last night with friends and friend's gf
>"anon why we lose last time, is it your fault??? x5 times since the game started"
>I finally raged to friend's gf because she's useless and kept nagging me why I can't carry them
>I got banned from friend group after that shitstorm
>university soon
>don't have university friend yet thanks to my awkwardness
>my families are working in foreigner countries rn
>now I'm alone and prob dying inside because I'm now truly alone
>took a lot of anti depressing pill, doesn't do shit

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Relax b0ii. It's alright to be lonely right now since you did a shit decision. But I guess it's alright too to be split for some time with them, at least ypu have time to yhink your shit through. Just when you are ready, say sorry and focus on your uni lyf.
Probably they wouldn't forgive me because I were raged to my friends earlier before this shit happened, maybe it's their time to finally cuts me off.
If you rage over competitive video games you need to rethink you choices in life. My kids can hold their temper playing those games, get your shit together. Don't impose your bad behavior upon other people, that's selfish and draining. Do something that actually matter in life, that has potential reward. You know what happens if you get good at video games, win rounds, get 10:1 K/D ratio? Fucking nothing. You are not the next super star in E-sports.
That said, its not late to change. You don't have to be a sour cunt. Find a way to enjoy life, good luck
Maybe I should quit video games altogether, I don't find it help me anything but then I don't know what should I do now.. I'm a nolife who has only video games as hobby and nothing else.
bump since I seriously need a new hobbies, can't think of anything because video game used to find a lot friendship for me, and now it's destroying everything instead..

File: IMG_20180821_035427.jpg (142 KB, 1080x1032)
142 KB
142 KB JPG
So there was this girl who I've met when I was 14, she always took things too serious. Friends of mine told her I hacked her instagram (I didn't) and she attacked me because she didn't believe me.

To be honest I was too autistic to even know she took things way too serious and just thought she was an idiot. Please tell me how to fix this

4 years later (both 18 now) I'm still at the same school with her and had tons of conflicts with her and insulted her at times just to tease but that wasn't ment seriously obviously. I still didn't know she took things far more serious than she seemed to as she always said that she didn't give a f*ck about anything

Now I really want to say sorry to her (heard friends of her talking about her problem) but I just don't know.
After all she seems like a nice person yet she hates me but that feels f*cked up

Btw I'm not a virgin
Why do you want to say sorry?
Avoid her at all costs, chances are they're completely aware that you've done nothing wrong.

Are you actually autistic? Do they know that?

Maybe they think you're weak so they're trying to use you as their punching bag
I'm not autistic
Not too much you can do honestly.

I had a buddy where something similar happened (a bunch of us were dicking around in his account and basically fucked around with this girl, and said we were him—he didn’t really seem to give a fuck so we just used his account—ironically the people who were doing it were closest to her) she fucked hated him for it.

She *still* hated him like 8 years after highschool,when they bumped in to each other randomly. Some grudges hold pretty strong apparently.

Honestly, if you want to do anything, all you can do is come earnest.

Call a truce, give her a box of chocolates or something as a peace offering and just say hey. Look. I know we’ve had a lot of shit between us but I don’t want to let a bunch of negativity exist, just because I never said anything or some misunderstanding.

The truth is I’m sorry. All these years I thought we were just teasing and didn’t realize how much anything I said hurt you. I think you’re a genuinely nice person and I never meant to really hurt you, I was just kind of lashing out.

I know you might not believe me, but all those years ago, I really didn’t hack your account, and that’s kind of why I acted like I did.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

So I started to chat with this girl via whatsapp, the objetive was to get a second date. The conversation flowed very well, it's funny and dynamic, and she engaged to meet on Saturday or Sunday morning, but she needed to choose a day Saturday or Sunday because she has someshit to do (It was thursday), and communicate it to me. It isn't a long negotiation just 3 lines, then we kept going with the conversation.

" we haven't decided Saturday or Sunday, I'll check with her and let you know", she wrote

Friday passed, and it came Saturday evening without an answer. I texted her looking for an explanation to her silence and she texted me back this shit:

"Sorry I was out with some friends till 4 in the morning, and tmw I have a meetup."

Well I answered
"Its ok
I mean, it's enough. Have fun."

So WTF!! I can't understand this mix of opposite signals, I can't understand why she didn't write me on friday just to say that he wasn't into... I mean, It's totally disrespectful and doesn't make any sense to me.

F*ck, my only hope is she doesn't text me ever again and just leave me alone. And in case she tries a re-start I really don't know how I'm going to react because I'm totally tired of this psychological warfare.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
post your text logs
Girls are like that. Learn to live with it.
I think I've post enough. But during the conversation she gave signals of looking foward a next date. For example

"Ya, I'll tell you the story cause I have to say it and half of the story is gesture not words"

I don't fucking get it.
Then what kind of commitment they expect to obtain?

File: 200383243-001.jpg (53 KB, 673x505)
53 KB
How long into the average serious relationship do people start to fall in love and feel comfortable communicating it to their partner?
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Do people enter commited relationships without being in love?
Sadly, yes
Some fall in love before going into a relationship, for some it can be way later. I would stress that being able to communicate from day one is highly important, comfortable or not.
5 to 8 months is probably the average.

But there are some who do it much sooner and some who do it after like a year and a half.

>Do people enter commited relationships without being in love?

Depends what you mean by “committed” and “in love”.
Most people will enter in to an exclusive relationship with nothing much more than a sense of mutual infatuation. From there they grow to learn about each other in an intimate and more personal fashion, which allows them to begin to love one another.

Prior to that, all they have is strong feelings of attraction with no real factual basis or experiences to back those emotions up.

Even people who know each other as close friends, it can be an entirely different thing to know someone as a close friend, and to know them as an intimate lover and closest confidant.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
for me it was before the relationship began

File: Scam-alert-DS.jpg (45 KB, 466x253)
45 KB
Hello, Im feeling like crap everytime I spend money on something immediately cause I always think theyre not my money's worth. The overall quality isnt satiafying as I expected to get. Everything feel either unsatisfactory or mediocre.

To make it long, whenever I want to buy something specifically or not, even tho I have researched and canvassed, it just all ends with questions like:

>is this even really worth it? why do i feel like its not worth it the moment i saw it?
>why do i feel like im gonna be scammed? why do i feel like Ive been scammed already?

Like why do I ALWAYS feel like everything I spend on doesnt worth spending money on. Even though its really something Ive wanted to have for a very long time, even I dont buy on impulse, the excitement and happiness wears off the moment I saw it, tried it or tasted it.

It can either be buying something basic needs like clothes, food.. Leisures like Travelling, video games.. it just all ends with dissapointment and I just feel anger and depression, feeling like every thing about sales are evil and everything is a fucking scam and anti-consumer. I get tunnel visions where everyone who tries to sell me something have no heart and soul to give the product some quality I can enjoy.

I havent really found something i will feel: "money well spent". I guess I envy Japanese for having those kind of local food places where generations of family really put their heart on it and really think about the person whose gonna eat it. I guess I wanna feel that too where theres no dishonesty.

Im sorry about my low level English grammar, anons.
Well OP, either you have your expectations too high or you just had bad luck for sometime. Honestly I would recommend that you purchase things that are homemade or from companies that dedicate time and resources into their products. <<<<Best of luck :)

I once prayed to God, and he answered me in my heart. Its hard to explain, but he did and it changed my life.

I now come to you anon - hear me out. Its not too late for you, your life can be strong and free. These things you feel in your heart are real. Im right here, hear me out (feedback appreciated):

4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I told my sister who is atheist and got raped that god would love her again if she repented for going out late not accompanied by men. Religion works, god is awesome and jesus is our saviour
File: 0001201808200001.jpg (32 KB, 410x474)
32 KB
>my sister who is atheist and got raped
Why did she have indecent look and behavior?
This thread is continued here:

Write here what that fag talks there about.
You are a sick fuck. It's not religious work, it's called endangering yourself to a bad public. How could you even say that, she's your sister for fucks sake.

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