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I need help 4chan
My Girlfriend just said she wants a break (when asked how long, she said "a week? a few weeks maybe, hopefully less than a month", She said she needs to clear her head because of some stuff going on, kinda understandable because a family friend of hers who she was very close with died a few weeks or so ago, she just wants to be kinda friends in the "break" in between, we've been talking on discord like usual, have i just been friendzoned after dating for 7 months? what should i do?
She’s gonna get fugged by another guy and see what she feels afterward. Maybe she’ll still feel for you, maybe for him. Women are cruel, but he’s probably been on her mind for a while now.
Ah, been here before...

Do you love this girl or how exactly do you describe your relationship with her
I think i love her, our relationship is quite online, we aren't very physical, that's why i'm thinking she might see things aren't that different now that we're just friends and might not want to get back together
If you love her tell her you do not accept taking a break. Tell her you love her and are not comfortable being just friends with someone you with the be romantic with. Tell.her to shoot you a message if she changes her mind.
Never go on a "break". She's either sick of you, or wants to fuck another guy. Either way she isn't worth waiting for.

File: 1497732932066.jpg (104 KB, 1200x670)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
So ive been put in charge of selling 2 broken refrigerators. If it comes to it, I can just drag them to the street corner but aside from not working anymore, they're in good physical condition. Ive seen them selling used for $200-$300

What's a good price that'll get takers on them?
Idk shit about buying fridges. You should look into what's wrong with them, see if you can fix them for cheap, then sell them to someone while it works.
Almost nobody wants to pay for broken shit unless it's a crazy easy fix

File: slickpepe.jpg (8 KB, 222x204)
8 KB
How can I get revenge on the bitch who has been slandering me at my workplace?
File: 1515851245956.jpg (192 KB, 1015x852)
192 KB
192 KB JPG
Fuck her friends.
Try to become her boss, or get into some kind of position where you'd have authority over her.
Make friends with her boss.

How should I react in the theoretical situation that a girl confesses romantic feelings for me?
(pic unrelated - I'm a dumb virgin, but not an angry one)
Sometimes I think angry virgins have it easier than us dumb virgins.
Look at that guy, he's probably happier thinking he's got it all figured out.
Self-awareness is a curse.
Well if you like her take her out and talk to her more, if you hate her turn her down.
I've only ever had one girl confess her feelings to me, and I turned her down. I feel bad about it too this day, but she wasn't interesting to me at all, I didn't like how she looked either. Girls can feel the same feelings towards men.
You can safely assume she's lying to you and just wants your dick.

File: not today.png (199 KB, 720x404)
199 KB
199 KB PNG
What does it mean if a girl tells you she likes your hands and touches them
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I love my boyfriends hands & i tell him that all the time. it's a sexual thing, A guys hands are so much more manly than our own and that's so attractive to us. It could make her feel safe or protected or she could be fantasizing about your hands touching her. I know it sounds dumb. lol But in my opinion this is the things i feel and think about when i tell my boyfriend i like his hands.
This isn't the first time I've read this, and I've noticed erotic shit for girls usually does have a big focus on men's hands. What the fuck is it with women and hands?
she likes you, retard
Hands are the things that men use to do things with.

Women want men to do them.
>no big, rugged, masculine sausages
>just dainty digits with a bit of hair

It’s too late to look for internshis, and I’m probably underqualified anyways until next summer.
I hate working in foods, I’ve worked there 5 years at 4 different places and I need a change in pace.
Where can I do thats not retail or foods? I’m good with numbers, I’m an electrical engineer major who has finished Mechanics, Electricity and Magnetistm, Calc 2, and differential equations. That’s pretty much all I have and i guess customer service from working in foods for years.

File: apyr.jpg (46 KB, 800x450)
46 KB
Okay so, I'm just discovering the apyr/дpyг meme today, and I kinda like it. It's weird as hell. But due to it's growing popularity, I feel that it's at risk of becoming Normiebait. What do you guys think?
Sorry pal but its a bit beyond normiebait
Anyone who uses the term normie is quite the normie themselves.
It's not normiebait yet.
Share it lad and enjoy meme without worrying about them being "too normie" I have a friend that regularly spams me with fucking Harambe memes and he knows just how outdated it is
Just do you anon
Who fucking cares, enjoy yourself instead of being an edgy kid, normie doesn't necessarily mean bad

File: 1489242206040.jpg (81 KB, 600x800)
81 KB
>Roommate is reason I can't get a 3rd roommate because none of my friends want to live with him
>Bite the bullet and pay for the extra room and turn it into a guest room and furnish it
>Roommate invites random guy I've met once to come live here
>Guy seems to really need a place to live, so I feel bad

What the fuck do I do here? I could use the money, but it's gonna be impossible for me to get a feel for this guy, and I don't really know how I feel about my furnished room going to someone else's use full time.
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I don't want to throw away the shit I just bought (more or less). It wasn't super expensive, but meh.

Reading comprehension is important. None of my friends wanted to live with my existing roommate.
>Reading comprehension is important. None of my friends wanted to live with my existing roommate.
Common sense is important. No one says you have to live with one of your friends.
Well, I'm clearly paying the extra money to pay for the house and subsidize my currently shitty roommate, so I don't HAVE to have someone. A friend is a bonus as opposed to a total stranger I picked off of Craigslist.
Then quit your whining if you're happy to have that room empty
Why don't they want to live with your roommate, and what red flags could it set off if he is

File: Antarctica.jpg (305 KB, 1600x1200)
305 KB
305 KB JPG
Am I faking, or just not being insecure?

I'm talking to this girl that lives about 100mi away. We have been talking for 2 months at this point.

I am really into this girl, desu she is a bit slutty (or at least for me), but she's always super nice and drama free.

She is really kinky, she likes pet play, ddlg, and is a masochist. I am also really into this stuff as well. She has already offered for us to be FwB.

Now to the issue. I am very inexperienced. I've only been in one long term relationship and we never got the sex right. I had a problem keeping my dick up, and in general the sex was just bad.

She knows I've only been with one girl, but in general my confidence is a lot better over texting and video chatting. I am afraid when we actually meet I am not going to be as good at sex as she expects.
then tell her up front about your shtick. Communicate the issue and you both can work it out. For fucks sake, you act like this is the end of the world when it isn't that bad.

Someone I worked with a couple years ago talked to a family member I knew. I thought she kind of liked me then but I’m a bit autistic so I could never tell. She said she knew me (to my family member) and said everyone from that job thought I was a “sweetheart”.

I thought some of the girls would think I was cute or something at least based on how they acted around me. I guess I overestimated myself again. Does that mean they think of me a nonsexual nice guy cuck? Or does that word imply something more? I was always kind of sarcastic so maybe that comment was made in jest?
There's too little information to make a judgement like that. It could be either way. It's not conclusive, and you shouldn't assume that it is.
I wouldn't think too much about it, if you're really interested in this girl talk to her, go talk to her
So more of me not knowing how I’m perceived by others. This really sucks bros, I always get it wrong.
Straight up, what this guy said

Anyone wanna talk to me? I'm feeling down. Moved to a new place and am having trouble making friends or meeting people. I feel kinda lost. The reason I moved was because I wanted to start over and live the life I've always wanted to and break free of the old social hierarchies of my high school friend group. I've been here six months and I've just felt kind of lonely, sad and empty. No friends, no girls/dating/sex, not enough playing music (something I love). I read, I go to the gym, I work hard towards my goals but it still feels like I'm not getting anywhere and I feel down a lot. Maybe this isn't the place to ask seeing as a lot of people on here aren't really any better
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I dont have enough space on my phone for discord
They're not going to rape you. Discord hides the IP and all personal info, can't see where you live, email and that shit. It's actually very fucking safe and it would take a top-level hacker and you being worth so much hassle to get any relevant info.
You need to find people that share your hobbies and then do those hobbies.
Are you in college or something? Because from what I see in college usually people actually seek new friends and it may not be easy but you gotta put yourself out there

I'm honestly in kinda the same situation, where all this people I met at college not a month ago are having a blast with whatever friends they had from before, but i kinda fucking hate all the people I went to high school with except 1 or 2 ppl, and rite now I'm not either with my two old friends or the new group of people

Damn I'm lonely as a motherfucker
Damn OP. What kind of shit are you keeping on your phone. Discord not even that large. Not even on PC. It's oksy if you don't wanna download it OP.

what the fuck is wrong with me
>start taking things seriously
>update portfolio
>update resume AND its design
>find every office around me and in neighboring cities wtihin 1hr commute radius via google ziprecruiter linkedin whatever
>send out to all of them with CVs
>finally get a response
>they want an interview
>oh shit
>suddenly stop giving a fuck
>supposed to prepare but not doing it
>just lying in bed all day
>if this was before, Id lie in bed for 30 minutes before feeling like shit and then getting up and finding something to do, anything
>now i am relishing going into the interview with zero prep

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
So what you're saying is, that an irrational fear can be key to a real drive towards success.

not agreeing nor disagreeing. Just really wanna stop being such a goof. I guess if we are talking irrational fears, there is one, that motivated me to make this thread: life catching up on me.

Well, I did work, but really selectively. Anything that interested me, I pursued no problem, but when it suddenly start sounding really 'school-y,' I just lost all interest and shifted gears into embodying a giant human middle-finger. I feel like profs do get that when a student slaps down a messy test in 10 min and walks away slapping their flip flops loudly. I had nothing but spite for certain classes...

I want to become an honest hard worker but life suddenly seems to lose all its glamor if I go that route. Maybe I have some veil over my eyes that I'm better off sweeping away, asap. Or it could just be as simple as not being interested in something. But then why the hell did I try so hard to get that interview? I will probably get more responses later on, too. What then?
im 120% sure that being the image of the aloof genius is extremely important

Then I have to accept that the job I am interviewing for doesn't appreciate the aloof genius

So now, I have two choices: suck it up and take the interview seriously knowing it does nothing for me, or B, accept that there's no halfway and just skip the interview, skip the job altogether, find some way to continue living as an aloof genius for the rest of your life.
That's retarded. Study. Prepare. Or you're going to get fucked. You don't need to study that hard, but to do nothing at all is stupid.
I feel that part of life is embracing mediocrity and routine, as that is the most (mentally) healthy thing. Literally the first recommendation for most mental illnesses is a set schedule for sleep and wake, as well as consistent work, and consistent play(life) thus the work/life balance that seems to be ignored by corporate America

Work makes you appreciate your non work time.

I am stuck in bed because of an injury and I have been for the past 2 weeks I've been fucking bored out of my skull. I never thought I would get tired of watching anime and 4chan. I thought it would be a nice break from life, but I just feel helpless here and I can't do shit and I can't even work.

The job gives you money, and something to do. I wouldn't skip out on the interview.
Being an "aloof genius" is nothing to aspire to be
I know. I think what you said stuck out to me: I dont need to study that hard. When it comes to my ideas of prep, I always plan out a 110% style prep. But from my experience now, I can safely say that I don't need to wear myself out that much, and I'm not in highschool anymore - I don't need a 4.5 gpa, or any ridiculous standard of excellence. That's just not there anymore in my life. Which, to be honest, I have not really considered until now.

Sorry to hear about your injury anon. I hope you stay bored tho, and willing to return to work. And I admit I don't sleep regularly, and my ideas shift around manically. I probably shouldn't be touching coffee but I drink 3 cups a day at least.

I'll prepare what's asked for. I'll go buy some clothes tomorrow. But as for the interview, I won't prep too much. And I guess I'll be happy with that. If I ask myself whether or not I tried enough to succeed, I'll just leave that question be. I'm pretty sure that's my strict mother talking.

File: IMG_21111.jpg (15 KB, 200x240)
15 KB
Can someone explain to me wtf happened with this girl?

>meet on bumble
>go grab a drink together, goes very well (talked for a few hours)
>night ends, didn't try to escalate anything because it was late on a work night
>she texts me the next day about something we were talking about the day before
>I respond, and we exchange a few trxts. I was at the gym and she sent 2-3 at different times before I could respond
>I found a cheeky way to say she owes me a drink
>she responds playfully
>I ask when she's free
>no response

Seriously makes no sense. So she had a good time with me, felt the need to contact me the next day for small chat. When I try to turn it into date 2 for the following week she goes ghost? Do I go for any follow up contact or do I just leave it be?
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
A little while more
That's enough waiting, cuz her out.
So, OP, still no answer from her?
She wants you to chase.. I hate these kinds of games. If you need to bust a nut, go to a club. The only game you need to play is who can drink the most
Just pick a day. If she doesn't respond give up.

File: bolt.jpg (85 KB, 900x1376)
85 KB
Hello everyone,

I'm a 23 guy, currently with an awesome job, and an awesome girlfriend, and it goes on. But I got a problem, which I feel is eating from the inside.

I'm what you can call a "gifted" individual. In school, I always had extremely high grades without working much (basically, 30mins per day at max). I'm a really fast learner, I get concepts really easily... You get it. I'm not a fan of socializing, due to a little sociopathy (I basically don't care about the almost-totality of individuals), but when I DO want to socialize, I'm good at it, if not a neverending manipulator.

But at my 16, my life went... bad. I got very sick from a hurting and life-threatening illness, my mother got cancer which she eventually died from, and we were so poor that for 4 years, I didn't know if I'd be able to have a roof to sleep the coming month.

It was really bad, but I survived. Of course, I got sequels : sociopathy didn't decrease, got huge spending anxiety, and the fear of life turning to shit again at any time. But hey, I think that's the less you can have from all of this.

As of today, I'm brilliant, again. I have a wonderful girlfriend for 2 and a half years, my job is wonderful, got a raise during my first year which never happened in the history of the company, and they're already thinking of a leader position for me.

But the thing is : everything is blank. Mostly my passions : gaming, reading, learning... It doesn't excite me, or much less than before. And it's eating me progressively, I feel it coming to important stuff.

Did anyone have this feeling ? Like a "too good, too blank" depression (or smth like that) ? What did you to calm it, if you had it ?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
11 replies omitted. Click here to view.
If you're so smart you figure out how to achieve zen yourself
I take few risks in life. I try to plan everything, when I can have a major impact on it, of course.

It sure doesn't lead to exciting situations.
I understand all of your answers. Even the not-so-kind ones.

I would have hated a guy posting something like I did, a few years back. But "depressions" can catch us, even we are at our best or when we seem fulfilled. That's what I'm learning, right now
So you think life is too easy.

I'm your age. I've recently started my first job and I make a bit less $200k/yr. I'm a bit of a messed up person so it was a fucking challenge to get to where I am today. I know people people who started off earning $300k/yr. A good friend of mine also around the same age has a masters and is earning almost half a million (though part of it was luck in his case). This isn't rare among the people that I know.

We are aiming for excellence. We didn't settle for just "average" or just "really fine for a first job". You did though, and thats why it all seems easy for you. You have a low bar on what success means and don't know how much better you could be doing. You've become complacent and stagnant; you don't know about the bigger fish in the sea because you don't even register in their radar.

I'm smart. I graduated at the top of my class. But I feel inadequate every day, because I know that I'm very incomplete as a person. How can you call yourself "too good" when you are empty inside? "Too good" means success on that end as well. You have a lot of work to do, and not enough time to do it. Theres always some way to improve, regardless of whether you realize it or not.
Don't talk about life being easy unless you get 250k as your first job with no effort. Why the fuck are you competing with the average person? Compete with people on your level.

File: bloop.png (227 KB, 564x580)
227 KB
227 KB PNG
So I just got rejected HARD by the only girl I've ever really loved, and it's insanely brutally painful. As soon as I start thinking about her, my heart feels like it's about to shrivel up and die. For a week I have been non-stop having the worst chest pain of my life. How do I know I won't get the "octopus trap" heartbreak disease and die?

Most importantly, how do I move on? She was literally the perfect girl for me, everything I ever wanted from a mate; extremely beautiful, extremely intelligent, extremely perceptive. Without her I don't see the point of anything. I will never meet a girl like this ever again.

Is there any chance at all, if I profusely apologize in person for confessing my feelings via text (something that made her very uncomfortable) that we can still be friends? Or is it best for me to forget about her completely?
31 replies omitted. Click here to view.
She did want to be with me at first! I waited too long to ask her out and I lost my chance. FML
Missing the point. She's not perfect, and you pretending she is will just keep you emotionally trapped.

And she didn't like you half as much as you think. You know how I know that? She lost interest in you. You don't just magically stop liking someone you're head over heels about.
I'm positive that the only reason she lost interest was because I wasn't showing enough interest in her to keep her attracted! I tried to fix this by confessing my love for her but it backfired terribly. What should I have done instead in this situation? How do I show a girl I love her without being creepy?
I can relate to this anon
Was in similar situation, she got bored because i didnt act or i did something bad which im not aware of.

6 months later it still hurts so theres that
Thinking about other girls id easiest way to forget
I'm >>19490924

Don't overwhelm whatever girl you're interested; be cool and test the waters. Start by small shit like going to a bar or something, the first times make it as a group of friends and don't be over her, be cool so it's not that apparent that youre head over heels, and go slowly progressing into more seriousness you know? Maybe one day when you're dating and have some level of commitment you can tell her you liked her since the first day you met

And guess's what, throughout this whole approach situation youll learn a lot more about her and about yourself and wheter you really wanna have a thing with her or just maybe you wanna leave it as a casual fling and just stay friends

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