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Here's a scenario I can't get out or my head:

>state a conservative opinion
>try to back it up with facts and reason (I'm not the best debater)
>get called a shit lord ostracized etc.

>conservative friend
>states similar opinion
>does a better job of defending it than I do with mine
>liberal women: "I disagree with you but I respect where you're coming from. I like that ;)"

No fucking lie I felt cucked and ashamed. It's frustrating when I have to be constantly on guard and watch what I say otherwise I'll trigger someone

But a good looking charismatic dude can say that exact same thing, not have to worry about thought police, and hell get REWARDED for it.

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Simple. Halo effect.

tl:dr; even if you state your opinion well, how they feel about you affects how they feel about your argument. But there's more.
>conservative friend
>states similar opinion
>does a better job of defending it than I do with mine
If you admit he did a better job defending his point, then of course people would react better.
I mean if you're crap at arguments, don't get into them.
>tfw argumentative types struggle with arguing/debating
Read how to win friends and influence people.
Fuck that book. That book just says to smile and avoid conflict and not get into an argument in the first place. That just makes you look like an avoidant meek bitch.

I want to argue with someone, dominate them and fucking win
Typically speaking as long as you don't over step your bounds people are willing to listen.

Don't go all
a simple
>Yeah I really don't think we need to put money into putting extra bathrooms in every single building, lines are already long enough aren't they?

but regardless
>admit you're bad at defending your point
>admit the other person is better at defending their point
>blame their good looks
you're just a faggot anon, nothing you say will ever be respected because you're a shit eating faggot who says edgy things he heard on 4chan without doing any external studying on it to better defend his own position.

I feel undescribable rage dwelling in me. How do I get rid of it?
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You need an outlet. Going to the gym or riding a bike might help alot.
What causes it? Get a voice recorder app on your smartphone, wait until you're alone, cut any form of distraction off and let it out. If you can't get drunk. Drunk people speak in 75% of all cases the truth. Then come back or try to fix the root of your problems.
File: gouk.png (182 KB, 400x540)
182 KB
182 KB PNG
The Satsui no Hado can only be overcome by embracing true emptiness.
Listen to St Anger by Metallica or Welcome Home by Limo Bizkit

File: download.png (7 KB, 230x219)
7 KB
>be huge underachiever in high school
>parents are overbearing leading to lack of motivation in anything
>smoke weed, do drugs etc.
>want to prove to myself im not a loser
>get excited for college watch videos on how to study
>time comes and do the same things from highschool
>tell everyone i know that im doing great and they can be proud of me
>im not
>currently failing most of my classes

What do I do? I don't want to be a loser anymore.
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Join the fucking military you civilianfag
Same here brother, what branch?
>army 11b
Your mistake was not going for the Marines, were the most likely to see combat, fucker
FPBP. Ignore the paid military shills unless you want a future of depression, alcoholism, and divorce.
You’re ignoring the benefits dude,
>free healthcare, free dental, help with housing, no student loans, etc

Have you ever hated yourself so much

You glow up from a 3/10 nobody NEET to a 9/10 making $60k +

As you have glowed up, other 9s and 10s of the opposite sex want you so bad

But you can’t enter relationships or even one night stands

Because you still don’t believe you deserve it, you still hate yourself, and still find yourself in that dark hole you tried so hard to escape from.

I went to /fit/ to “make it”, but I’m still here, alone, tired, and contemplating suicide via charcoal in my car every day.

I want to talk to people that physically, financially, key word EXTERNALLY “glo’d” up but still are in a place of mental anguish. How do I get over not feeling like I deserve any of this?
Impostor syndrome
As a side note, taking the plunge into a relationship is the likeliest help imo, but that's just imo
Overeat and get fat.

File: Wizard.jpg (39 KB, 500x395)
39 KB
I've finally got a wageslave job after being NEET for a while and I'm 30 (also wizard) in a few months. Now I have some money and a bit of time to look for a job that doesn't break my already weak body.

Trouble is, I'm finding it difficult to motivate myself or remove myself from 4chan since it's basically the only place I get social interaction. I've been sitting in my room on off days just wasting time here, til today when I wandered about the town centre hoping for some conversation somehow. Obviously it didn't pan out.

Where do people my age congregate or is it like I think and most people have their social circles already formed? And since we're talking about social relations, is this also true for romantic relationship, as in most women my age are already in a relationship and probably not open to the idea of a dude with no experience?
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>I don't think they're as socially stunted and inexperienced as me.
Maybe not, but it doesn't hurt to try instead of just sitting inside and being sad, insisting that it's all for naught.
It might be a strange thing to say but I don't really feel comfortable among young professionals, they're always beautiful, well-off and charismatic and a bunch of hipsters.
Maybe post on /fit the type and duration of your exercises. It could be that you're doing it wrong in some way, you never know
Not really exercising, I just lift heavy shit at work for most of the day to fill shelves. I remember reading posts about how some anons didn't need to go to the gym since work was enough.

File: image.jpg (1.84 MB, 4032x3024)
1.84 MB
1.84 MB JPG
While moving out of the place I’m renting a room from I accedentally ripped a command hook off the wall, taking some drywall paper with it. (Pic related). When I confront the couple whose house it is, should I straight up offer to fix it assuming they have extra paint? Only problem is I haven’t the slightest clue on patching or filling if that’s what’s needed here. They recently renovated the entire house, so it’s pretty noticeable. I’d offer to pay, but how much? What should I say?
accidents happen, just fix it.
Just pay imo. They probably have your bond? have them take it out of that.

Maybe call some plasterers to see hoe much is a standard price for fixing, so that the landlords don't take too much of your money.
Just pay. Some handyman would probably charge $100 to fix it.

They'll probably just do it themselves but if you have no idea what you're doing you should just leave it up to them. Plastering isn't hard or anything but you can fuck it up and be left with an obvious patch job if you suck.
It's called spackle and matching paint no way that's 100 dollars in labor fix btw maybe 20 dollars
Yeah it's $20 worth of materials to do it yourself but a handyman will charge $100 for it. It takes time for him to call out to you, assess the job, sand the wall, apply the filler, wait 20 minutes for it to dry, sand the filler, maybe repeat, paint the wall 2 coats, clean his roller or brush, leave.

I can promise you it's $80-$100 to have someone come and do this.

File: XXXabuse.png (245 KB, 1265x394)
245 KB
245 KB PNG
Psychologists of /adv/: redpill me on the link between BPD/ASPD and childhood trauma. Is it possible for something like childhood abuse to turn one psychotic or borderline?
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I see.
>making excuses for a known abuser
Diathesis-stress model
Yeah of course it happens,
Have you ever heard “Harvester of Sorrow” by Metallica? It’s piterally about that: a man is abused as child and grows up, goes nuts, and kills his entire family when they’re sleeping

File: Need.jpg (592 KB, 4096x3072)
592 KB
592 KB JPG
How do you find the market for what people need? I lack creative ideas to something productive that would help people at a large amount.

Even if the market is small, I would like to put my skills of programming put to something useful. I keep going back to square one where I just
build a website to some small restaurants in my hometown, but I wouldn't know how to charge them or if they would even accept the website(there's a website with the same name but in the directory it just says "RestaurantName.com/test.html", which tells me someone started one but didn't succeed in the sale.

Without lingering on, how do I find what people need or want?
Keep learning new things in regards to website design. Build a portfolio, find people online that need websites. Look for artists on social media, new online businesses, musicians, etc. It's a competitive field, so you have to really put an effort to put yourself out there and build relationships and all that. Best of luck OP.
Nesessity is the mother of invention. What do you need and can you sell it?

File: 7Ia4I7W.jpg (148 KB, 419x610)
148 KB
148 KB JPG
I have three options for Saturday night:

>Hang out w friends I haven't seen in a while

>Go to a frat party with one or two people I haven't seen in a while

>Stay home

What should I do?
The first. Small group dynamics will always be more meaningful than large events unless you're legitimately the life of the party.
depends on what your goal is, anon
Have fun

File: FB_IMG_1539785474593.jpg (10 KB, 720x720)
10 KB
My flatmate wants to sleep with me wdyd
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Prepare for it to be weird at first unless you want to date tho
don't listen to this goober

just fuck her
Don't shit where you eat.
fuck her
Based and bropilled.

File: 1535851802263.png (514 KB, 810x810)
514 KB
514 KB PNG
I've been browsing /pol/ for a while and as a 'roach' I've started to hate myself
How do i stop?
8 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
I don't know
I should probably grow a thicker skin and leave pol for a while
OP, when you say you want to blue-pill yourself, what you are saying is you want to make yourself intentionally ignorant.You are upset because anons shitpost about Turks being subhuman. I'm a Canadian, we cannot post on that board without being bombarded with cuck memes or Trudeau memes or anons telling us to stop fucking dogs. If it really bothers you that much, I would suggest you change your flag, so you can actually participate in discussions.

/pol/ is 98% satire, but there is a lot of truth in that board. The reason you are miserable is because you are being exposed to the unvarnished truth. You are being educated, force-fed knowledge that has not been distilled and filtered like what you would get in a public school textbook. They are talking shit about you and your people, and you don't like it because there is an element of truth to it, so it is difficult for you to reject their message.

Ultimately, you are a free man. You determine your own fate in this world. I hope, for your sake, that people calling you a roach and a faggot on the internet is something you can get over without mollycoddling in the future.

Godspeed Anon.
Why on earth would you feel ashamed? Just remind them that your people are literally set to inherit Germany in 3-4 generations and they’ll chimp out. Guarantee you.
I wish they wouldn't
I don't know anymore if people on /pol/ are actual stormfront-tier neo nazis or just shitposters now
Ataturk is rolling in his grave

File: 81FuiByap6L._SL1500_.jpg (205 KB, 1500x1079)
205 KB
205 KB JPG
I'm really, really high and I just ate a entire thing of oreos. i'm average weight female no diabetes or physical illnesses will there be any bad health effects to this mistake. I'm scared.
tummy cramps and some very smelly poo poo
I heard that causes aneurysms
Possible sugar crash and headache.
I can help diagnose potential dangers if you post tits and time stamp

File: 1538309296576s.jpg (9 KB, 250x156)
9 KB
>be me
>19 y/o virgin collegefag
>coming out of depression and hardest period of life involving homelessness as well
>10 hour drive from family and true friends back home
>I don't even drive
>Recently isolated myself from former fake friends I have in new city I've been living in for 2 years to focus
>realize how toxic former friends were because all they do is gossip and can't even hold a conversation
>they aren't capable of coming up with thoughts on their own
>the npc meme has emerged at the right time, because when describing trying to converse with them that's all it is
>I've been on both sides of the spectrum of sjw and conservative poltard, and now I just kinda don't care anymore but still enjoy discussing it
>Have to livehere and not do drugs or party because of a choice in life I made where that won't be possible for another 10 years
>recently come to appreciate myself and not hate everyday of my existence
>self confident as a motherfucker and avoiding/openly being a dick to former friends so they can take the hint I hate them
>still forced to occasionally interact with them due to club we are in
>fully embraced optimistic nihilism and that's my reason to live and to be honest except for my family and friends back home Idgaf about anyone feelings but my own

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Man, aside from few things - literally me.
I've been so happy lately with myself and the world, it feels great. I can't really give any advice since I'm kind of in the same position, but my goal is to fully embrace myself and disregard my past anxieties and worries and just exist for my pleasure. Take up a hobby or interest you really wanna do and practice maybe. Despite being happy with yourself, you still have to fill your life with something, right? So why not just that
any recommendations for hobbies? I've started just browsing Groupon and hoping something exciting comes up. Was prolly gonna start with one of those rooms where you just go, they supply a bunch of stuff and you break it
Can't really recommend hobbies, since it's very personalized, but for me it's art. I study animation rn and wanna try myself at graphic design and fashion. Been inspired by street art and street aesthetics recently, so wanna try and dip into this stuff. But again, that's me, you can be different.
Try different things, maybe there was something in your life you always wanted to try out but couldn't for some reasons. Also if you fail at something, don't give up instantly, just like going to the gym the results will come with practice and time

File: suicide.jpg (43 KB, 750x500)
43 KB
Is suicide the only way to achieve freedom?
7 replies omitted. Click here to view.
No, it doesn't let you gain freedom at all. I was once suicidal but I didn't do it and the real freedom was when I got on an antidepressant. It turned into freedom from suicidal thoughts and depression and now I roam around earth laughing at people for how they hate their lives because of how free I feel and how it's like I got a second chance. I would go see a doctor and tell them you're depressed and then they will prescribe you some medicine and things will get better. You just have to make the first move to go see a doctor and then everything will get easier and better. I've been there, listen to me when I tell you that things WILL get better.
Suicide actually brings the exact opposite.
As always, the answer is in Necro's song You Did It
If you’re going to commit suicide, atleast do it with honor and join the military
Dying in combat is the greatest honor one can have, especially if you posthumously win a Purple Heart or Medal of Honor, etc.
Make sure you go infantry tho and don’t tell them you’re suicidal
not win

> Be me
> Anon’s landlord
> See bloody footprints coming from doorway
> walk in on a dead anon tied to a chair, with the remains of a cross made from table legs in the corner
> cum and polyester fur everywhere
> computer open on 4chan asking how to make a cross
what detergents should I use? Can’t have the police come, my building is already called the murder palace
Pics or I don't believe shit.

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