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File: harpy.jpg (601 KB, 2426x881)
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601 KB JPG
What are some good example of harpies in Western comics and cartoons? They seem like such an underutilized race.
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File: pegg_hill.jpg (44 KB, 690x500)
44 KB
File: qZgs7XB.jpg (14 KB, 736x411)
14 KB
Not exactly /co/ but here's a happy type from the Swedish film version of Ronja Robber's Daughter
File: VQr4glq.jpg (93 KB, 500x559)
93 KB
And the Ghibli CG version.
Can you have more than one snek without snex happening?
>Ghibli CG
never combine those two words again

File: peridot.jpg (38 KB, 768x422)
38 KB
Why is OK KO so cringe and shitty?
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You know if a female predator ever were caught on that show, I think I would have just felt sorry for her.
>But K.O has no plot, no serious themes, and no story to tell
Skeleton Remotes.
This was never an argument, and we were never discussing whether we liked the show or not. You're defending the point that it deserves the criticism of an actual piece of art, which it doesn't and the creators would probably agree

You're going to be much happier in life if you don't tie your internal worth to what cartoons you watch
See my point about how an 11 minute moral on gun control isn't a story theme
Looks like someone started a thread in /trash/.

Mite b fun?

File: Sp33dy.jpg (89 KB, 721x702)
89 KB
What did South Park mean by this?
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Mexicans love Mexican stereotype characters just as much as Americans love over-the-top American characters because they realize they're just fucking jokes.
Pretty much. The response is basically "oh fuck that's so true hahaha"
File: 1531329061557.jpg (45 KB, 600x480)
45 KB
>kyles just keeps getting consistantly screwed over
>over and over again whenever he tries to help he just ends up getting the short end of the shit stick through mostly no fault of his own
>stan is cannonically a sad husk of the child he once was and need to drink to stay happy
>when given screentime its used to show how annoyed he is in a given situation
>thier friendship has deteriorated over the years and they are never shown to go the lenghts they used to to help eachother
This kills the angst fag
The people who complain are often ordinary Americans with ethnic minority background, they are born and raised in USA and have no attachment to other cultures but have some kind of fucked up identity crisis and think they are constantly attacked.

It’s same shit as some kids thinking they are sons of vikings because their ancestors came from Scandinavia.
They say he's offensive to Mexicans, but real Mexicans fucking love Speedy.

File: unnamed.jpg (32 KB, 900x900)
32 KB
He's back
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Make that sequel to Bikini Cowboy, Luke and stop being a bitch.
>Just listen to this bitter garbage based on Luke's ass devastation
The reason someone shits in a bucket in their office is because they entered the building before it closed, stayed after the security system was armed, and knew if they walked from their office to the restrooms motion detectors would call the police assuming a breakin had occurred. I wish I weren't speaking from experience here. And like the other anon said, work on your fucking portfolio Luke instead of being mad that Dana Terrace won't hop on your cock.
You are wrong.
by himself he's only funny for his accent, his convenience store and hindu things
niggers man

File: 1516528650365.png (83 KB, 278x260)
83 KB
>marathon your favorite show
>Get to "that" episode

File: 1540048297377.jpg (967 KB, 2000x2000)
967 KB
967 KB JPG
Does your favorite princess get proper representation?
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File: 1540049164698.jpg (72 KB, 1280x720)
72 KB
They changed all of them's eyebrow color to match the hair color. Why tho.
I don't have a favorite princess, and my favorite disney girl isn't a princess so no. That aside that Mulan looks pretty cool.
Any Asian Indian princess? Jasmine is Arab and Mulan is Asian Chinese
No proper princess, but there is the “sexy little girl, Ollie.”

Dove is beautiful
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File: Aquaman.png (2.77 MB, 967x1450)
2.77 MB
2.77 MB PNG
Oh hey, it's Aquachad.
Anon she was dating Jesse Williams. She's already gotten some of that bbc
>Jesse Williams
>Not Bryan Dechart
They look like they come from a show that isn't ashamed of it's source material.

File: lost girls.jpg (60 KB, 339x474)
60 KB
Remember when Alan Moore did a porn comicbook with underage girls and nobody cared?
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The style is not erotic at all. Cringe.
Is this legal in Canada? Lolicon is illegal there but maybe it has 'artistic merit' so it's allowed.
>Moore needed an ego boost after his wives left him
You idiot, Gebbie is the woman he subsequently married and who left him with their live-in gimp after that. You got the chronology completely backwards.

>You can’t be controversial if you don’t do anything funny at all-the show
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File: sci_Hedgehog_ENHANCED.png (391 KB, 600x900)
391 KB
391 KB PNG
hedgehog is a KEK haha
Is Susie a gilf?
File: It's Me Susie.png (389 KB, 1280x720)
389 KB
389 KB PNG

Think of a /co/ related character you absolutely despise. A character who's so repulsive to you that you try to think about them as little as possible. A character whose sheer existence makes your blood boil. A character that makes you want to rage like an autist. Got it? Great.

You've been offered 1 million dollars to take that character on a date. You don't get the money if you make your chosen character feel like you're not enjoying their company. In full detail, how do you go about completing this challenge?
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He's probably the character I come closest to hating, but I still feel like I could manage to have an okay hang with him.
File: Connie_On_Kevin_Party.png (39 KB, 272x499)
39 KB
That bitch or Peridot
I guess taking her to some nerd movie, then ask her to teach/show me some swordfighting and compliment the shit out of her, also sympathise about her controlling mother
I'm really bad at hiding contempt so I would still fail most likely
File: suyin.png (87 KB, 333x250)
87 KB
We all know this bitch is easy. Our "date" would be the parking lot of a jack in the box
I think just mirror her could be enough. However with slut like that it will be gambling anyways.
You got her on the food and movies part.

Pardon me, but could you help out a fellow American who's down on his luck?
File: 1505413964298.gif (1005 KB, 220x260)
1005 KB
1005 KB GIF
Can't even help myself man. You're askin the wrong guy.
>get a job

lol good joke. All the jobs are taken by Mexicans and Indians.
helping with a bump

File: ghetto fabulous.jpg (360 KB, 1440x1079)
360 KB
360 KB JPG
Underrated vechicle. A million time better-looking than that thing from Forever.

What do you think would of happened if she survived?
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Only specific scene that stands out to me in Feat of Clay 1 was the part where they hold Hagen down and pour gallons of that shit down his throat in order to kill him by overdose. It was brutal and it creeped me out a bit. Great show.
>that webm

that was the coolest shit
File: 1451183438171.jpg (12 KB, 284x276)
12 KB
animated by japan lmao
I forgot why I fucking hate ICS sometimes
Watch the scene with the batplane chasing the car again. No music. Almost no moving parts. Absolute minimum everything.

Saw this thought I'd share.
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File: primal.gif (71 KB, 400x300)
71 KB
well that's just prime
I like it.
makes me want a new BW cartoon to be quite honest...
that's cool
I'm surprised this thread's not having a feathered dinosaur argument yet
Did you guys know Dinosaur's had feathers?

Vaping is safer then “AUTISTIC SCREECH”
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Oh they call you a faggot. They just don't like to be near you, as well.
Sure the south park ep will change that
Big if true.
File: 1494894340525.gif (1.44 MB, 500x277)
1.44 MB
1.44 MB GIF
I get the question vaping raises. "What if Nicotine was really just as harmless and functional of a drug as caffeine but previously the only way of getting it to your system caused all sorts of cancer for reasons that had nothing to do with Nicotine, but now we found a better way?" Except that's a half-truth at best. Nicotine. Well, if nothing more it's a hell of a lot harder to kick than caffeine and let's not bother with the more for now. And then the other side says "we had almost killed smoking, and now it looks like vaping is telling people 'maybe Nicotine isn't the pure evil and you can do it without killing puppies'", well if this undermines the bullshit that people have been spouting about things they don't like then all power to it.

Now, if I were a smoker I would probably see vaping as something heaven-sent. A fix that has only 1% of the health risks? Sounds like no matter what the social stigma, if you don't sign the fuck up fort that, then you are quite simply a weak willed social slave. Now this one. It's more of a 95% truth. Not 100%, but closer.

The whole using unregulated flavored oils to sell to kids? Yeah, that's not going to last 5 years. Ask Joe Camel how well you can hide under plausible deniability when it comes to moralist tripe. But vaping as a whole? Well, having exactly zero stakes in this thing, and maybe it's not entirely there yet with all the unregulated shit circling, but I can safely say vaping is the future.

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