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File: jl.jpg (134 KB, 1919x917)
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File: secretturkey07_sm.jpg (150 KB, 700x529)
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Homestuck was secretly a PHPBB forum on the backend and he just watched the post count.
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File: 1342901130264.gif (57 KB, 532x386)
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What a cutie
File: cattier jade.png (50 KB, 900x900)
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If I remember correctly, there are 3 parts, and the third one doesn't have an ending.

File: innocence.png (224 KB, 468x360)
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>characters become aware of their show's formula and try to avoid the usual outcome, only to fail miserably
>hyper, bubbly character
>Actually has development rather than just being an annoying one note joke machine
Unless the mystery character is actually steve jobs, in which case it becomes genius.

File: image.jpg (92 KB, 588x353)
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Find a better Adult Cartoon than The Flintstones

Protip: You Can't
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did Barney have a job
I could've sworn I vaguely remembered an episode where Fred and Barney go to a Strip Club.

Could somebody tell me whether or not it was actually real or was I just having a fever dream?
Please, the only adult thing that this show got close to was selling cigarettes.
he worked with fred at the stone factory

File: 1460169388883 (1).jpg (149 KB, 960x898)
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149 KB JPG

What are the best cartoons from the 90s?

Kids cartoons to be specific
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>Not watching G1 Transformers, Robotech, Voltron or Thundercats.
>Or The Maxx, The Head, Aeon Flux, or Beavis and Butthead
Damn shame.
Huh, I wasn't aware that it aired during the mid 90s. Thanks anon.

I didn't personally watch it when it originally premiered as I only watched the reruns during the early 2000s and through file sharing.
Only replied to the shows referenced in OP's picture.

I watched all of the shows in your first sentence. However, I never watched The Maxx or Aeon Flux when their originally aired.

I didn't have MTV2 on my family's cable package so I never saw the Head and wasn't a fan of Beavis & Butthead until I was way older.
Warner Bros put out some good shit back then. Freakazoid also comes to mind.

I also loved Mighty Max and both Sonic cartoons back then.
Freakazoid > Pinky & The Brain series > Animaniacs = Tiny Toons

Animaniacs was great as a kid and not getting all the references. As an adult who is currently on medical leave from work. I've been rewatching various shows and Animaniacs humor is still present but not as great as I remembered it.

File: Claim Waifu3.jpg (881 KB, 1892x1891)
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881 KB JPG
Post your charts or your one true waifu.
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File: 0125246.png (1.66 MB, 1078x1076)
1.66 MB
1.66 MB PNG
I approve
File: waifuchart.png (1.08 MB, 922x922)
1.08 MB
1.08 MB PNG
File: Toph_Beifong.png (96 KB, 333x250)
96 KB
Not /co/ but tatsumaki best girl
>Lying Cat on council

File: SA_1032_small[1].jpg (95 KB, 900x290)
95 KB
>Scarlet is Agent 47
Not surprised

File: that-butt.jpg (56 KB, 1139x348)
56 KB

I want to fuck the squirrel
No that's lewd.

Do you see that ass?

What happens when kids make their own toys?
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wha hapen
File: 21.jpg (33 KB, 400x301)
33 KB
wow, RUDE
He doesn't have a face or saw anything, he's an extra but he's clearly moving on his own.
File: CURSED IMAGE.gif (50 KB, 290x354)
50 KB
It's not exactly explained. Things like Etch-A-Sketch and Speak and Spell are shown to be alive but some toy cars and trucks aren't. And I say some because Lotso's toy trucks in TS3 are sentient.

It seems the vast majority of toys are sentient and there are just some that are not.

I want to see something like this happen in the fourth movie, like a chase scene involving a giant gundam statue, chasing cars and destroying public property, that'd be sweet.
I think where people lie on the "should Kingdom Hearts focus on Disney or OCs" line is entirely determined by if you played KH1 first or not.

None of the other games focus on the Disney parts as much.

File: honeydew_monkey.jpg (26 KB, 600x315)
26 KB
Why was bestiality so acceptable in cartoons?
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Who knows? She hasn't appear for years in the Marvel Comics.
Either you guys want to fuck a formly human being who is forever stuck in her bestial transformation or a non-human furry. Might as well complain to the producers of Bojack Horseman to do one.
File: rigby_mom .jpg (78 KB, 706x613)
78 KB
what if the anthro has huge tits?
The cuddles would be godteir
No dumbass it would have to be 102%. Monkies are chromosomally lesser than humans not the opposite.

File: MadMagazine-378-001.jpg (270 KB, 1235x1586)
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270 KB JPG
Now starting the last week of our Classic MAD marathon with five fantastic issues, back to back. How fantastic are they, you ask? You'll only get your answer if you'll sit back, grab a snack and BUMP if you're reading!
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File: MadMagazine-382-050.jpg (322 KB, 1235x1586)
322 KB
322 KB JPG
File: MadMagazine-382-051.jpg (291 KB, 1235x1586)
291 KB
291 KB JPG
File: MadMagazine-382-052.jpg (266 KB, 1235x1586)
266 KB
266 KB JPG
...our Tour de MAD continues tomorrow, but until then, thank you for reading and BUMP for others!
the world deserves more people like OP. thank you for making all these treasures available to read for everyone here

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decent short,
only the voice casting choice, didn't quite work. but it's tolerable enough to get to the end.
They make Baman Piderman.
File: 1421247264167.png (57 KB, 159x156)
57 KB
something about a cat and a dog getting married and they have a plan to build a bakery so they can sell cupcakes and stuff but since they don't have enough money they have to put their dream aside and work in some temporal jobs but they become so good at their work that they get promoted and eventually forget about their dream because they are making mad money and have a big house with lots of cool stuff but they barely have time to spend with each other and that develops in marital problems which end in a possible divorce but in the end they remember how much they love each other and finally sell their house to buy a bakery and they lived happily ever after THE END
It annoys me that the character dont move their ears

File: 20171010.jpg (408 KB, 1000x337)
408 KB
408 KB JPG
Guess who's a feminist now???
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Oh wait, you segwayed into some vidya.
>if you see something, say something

maybe he should try telling them that
File: Native-American jpg.jpg (60 KB, 550x550)
60 KB
Nice job stealing all those farms from the natives with violence and then mostly making your money renting out the farms you stole from productive, hardworking, innovative (coming up with "3 sisters" farming method and agricultural strategies) people with force, geniuses. Super consistent.
> let's discuss video games through the lens of real world politics so we can get mad about something

why are you here
>why no one did anything
Selfishness. "If I say something, I'll get blacklisted and it'll fuck over my career, so I'll keep my mouth shut, play the Hollywood game, and let the cesspool continue to fester. Someone else will blow the lid eventually, why should I risk my livelihood?"

File: ThiccCarol.jpg (107 KB, 865x923)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
Looking like a woman again. Say something nice about her (hot bod).
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Anon, those were the ending years of the Ult!U. You should be glad they weren't cuckolding each other with Vietnamese Futas while drinking piss.
>UltCarol and UltMahr-Vehl on the other hand had a lot of chemistry and were fun.
holy shit, is that the fucking Justin Bieber?

Is there another example of a comic book adaptation just completely butchering the story and arcs of the thing it's based on? I don't mean simply a bad adaptation (there have been worse) I mean something trying to retell the story it was based on but fucks up in every regard of doing it.
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Barry having grown up with Iris and basically being her foster brother just seems so... weird.
So because Groot is a tree you obviously think Guardians is a pretty faithful series too, right?

Blue Atom and Booster Silver
Their personality are swapped too. Ray is the childish one having fun, Nate is the knowledgeable serious one.
If your page implies Flashpoint then would you say it's a bad thing that it was butchered, considering the original story is absolute garbage?

File: 0poZ39m.jpg (1.35 MB, 1920x1080)
1.35 MB
1.35 MB JPG
Wanted to start reading Supes from Rebirth, so caught up on Convergence mini and Final Days of Superman. The thing I'm confused about is where do I go after reading Superman: Rebirth ? It said to go to Action Comics #957 and I did, bu the Action Comics stuff seems totally disconnected from the main Superman series. Like, is it supposed to be a timeskip or something? Action Comics taking place before Superman #1?
7 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.

I think they don't want the 2 Superman books to be too directly related or similar.

kind of like how Batman is BATMAN, and Detective Comics is Batman&friends, Action Comics is SUPERMAN and "plot", while Superman is more the family
File: league.jpg (521 KB, 1008x1600)
521 KB
521 KB JPG
>I find Superman a lot better and think Tomasi is a leagues better writer than Jurgens, but if you just want the continuation of that pre-Rebirth stuff, that's going on in Action, while Superman is a completely separate thing.
>However when it gets to the Superman Reborn story arc, you will have to read Superman #18 and 19 because it's a crossover.
>I'd recommend reading both because Superman is a great book but like I said Action is the one that's a direct continuation.

I was one of the ones deeply disappointed with Reborn, since that story merged Pre-Flashpoint Superdad with N52 Superbro, and made continuity a mess.

Also we can no longer have moments like pic related, where the older continuity is referenced in a way they can learn from it.

Precisely. Also Hal & Pals and Simon & Jess's Excellent Adventure, Justice League & JLA, Titans and Teen Titans, etc. DC has been really great at having both books for the longtime fans at the same time as ones that are for people who might want something a little different with newer characters.

I think if Marvel did the same thing people wouldn't be so upset with them.

Having one Superman is way less complicated than having 2. There was no way of getting him and Lois back at the planet.
>Having one Superman is way less complicated than having 2. There was no way of getting him and Lois back at the planet.

I agree it's less complicated, but still kind of disappointing.

Was it really necessary to get them back at the Planet? Is it really necessary to make Lex Luthor a villian again?

I guess it's about the "iconic" status quo more than anything at this point.

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