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20391557Where is the astrology thread boyos?: Post your sign, attach your charts, discuss your day anons. A…[View]
20388851Is it possible to have a premonition of your soul mate? Meaning you see them in a dream or hallucina…[View]
20391370Who are the 'Black eyed children'?: So they were hyped like 5 years ago then they diapered from the …[View]
20388389Spooky greentext thread?[View]
20389465Meta: This place went from zero to meta in about four days, can I ask someone, what is this board a …[View]
20389459You guys are weird[View]
20391142What Are You Seeking?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RXAzllobZxc[View]
20391420Poisoned, again?: Went to a buffet. Feel funny. It's probably the poison that oxygenates the Co…[View]
20385780I just got this weird captcha and it's freaking me out[View]
20387942Wishes: Has anyone ever actually been given a real wish and wasn't a dying child?[View]
20388649SCP thread: 2000-2999 Edition. I don't know if people consider anything above series 0-999 Cano…[View]
20391234give me very scary movie to watch[View]
20391013hey /x/ i found this spoopy picture that gives me bad feels. is it supernatural?[View]
20391360Weird paper: Hey x, first time posting on this bullshit board and on 4chan on a whole I usually real…[View]
20390659How to remember dreams: How do I remember my dreams clearly? I'm not interested in lucid dreami…[View]
20391338what are phantom lives? are they like dreams or something more spiritual?[View]
20391067/x/ media: The Ritual (2018) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vfugwq2uoa0[View]
20389507Are you a superrecogniser anon?: This isn't some stupid bullshit. This is a measured scientific…[View]
20391225Paper-thin roofs, to paper-thin walls, .gov thermal snipe hovering helicopters.: You are all under t…[View]
20389262Was he right /x/? Was Mark Zuckerberg out exploring alien tech during the election?[View]
20390399How did this thing spread across the whole world?[View]
20387764bigfoot: >real >not real[View]
20389822HOW DO WE SUPPORT THE BLACK SUN BOYS: They are taking the kikes to war to keep you free and safe wha…[View]
20388749Is this guy full of shit? What do you guys know?[View]
20383269Succubus vs Tulpa: What is better to summon/create and why?[View]
20390976I know this is kind of a loaded subject, so I'd like to preface by asking that we not discuss p…[View]
20389224Death: How can we know what happens at death or after? We have no experience and only people saying …[View]
20388385/div/ Divination General: Welcome to Divination General! Come here for readings and discussion of th…[View]
20390339GRIIIIIPP WEEKEND /x/'s match against /f/ takes place in under 30 minutes. A win or a draw pull…[View]
20389819So /x/ I'm addicted to cigarettes, and it's the only thing that i can burn, so what mystic…[View]
20387819Is Poppy a Robot?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nRYwa2_-epg[View]
20384572The Corsair: Seven out of the Nine have risen, the Corsair sets sail. We seek individuals from every…[View]
20390595HAHAHAHA THE TRUTH FOUND YOU: https://youtu.be/mkuRqZ-SssI[View]
20390108Yo /x/ I've had a spiritual awakening; you know, feeling of interconnection, divine, vibrations…[View]
20385743Something weird: I remember I was a kid we were watching a movie I paused since he had to go to the …[View]
20390104...: ok i may sound like a retard but i have read a lot of peoples dreams on /x/ for a while and i d…[View]
20389286Mind reading recommendations[View]
20368096Make a wish: So someone here on 4chan read my thread about 'Demons' and that I need help, and I rece…[View]
20389642tell me something good /x/[View]
20387641How to find haunted objects or identify curses?: hello /x/. long story short, my entire life has bee…[View]
20389968What is the first wish jumping to your mind? Not your deepest desire, not what you have thought of i…[View]
20389510What does /x/ think of ET?[View]
20388273I'm currently looking for info on cryptids of all kinds. What have you got, /x/enomorphs?[View]
20390155What the hell I didn't even watched these videos[View]
20389932Weird unknown websites thread: Post some weird unknown websites.Like, don't post those normie '…[View]
20384927How do i sell my soul to play the blues?[View]
20376813Please tell me there's a way to escape death and live forever...[View]
20389359You guys are meant to be e/x/perts?: How do I strengthen my relationship with my tulpa? I'd lik…[View]
20389428He's back (again) This is true /x/ cinema. Surreal as fuck. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XGB…[View]
20388575Just found out my great great grandfather was a free mason and most of the women on my mothers side …[View]
20385762Okay... What in the fuck are the black triangle UFOs? Man made? Alien?[View]
20387262The #Joker Intelligence Agency: A Joker is a term I did not create for people who use ciphers, codes…[View]
20389522Path of the shaman - the divine cockblock is UNREAL: You do everything conscientously to get a girlf…[View]
20383253Why do you think we exist? Paranormal theories only because this is a paranormal board.[View]
20386095What does it mean?: I dreamed with it[View]
20389745BURN der FLAG: Have you met butters in real life? Yes they are real people.[View]
20389685astral projection: is it possible or just a meme[View]
20384116A man walks up to your door at 12:00 AM: A man walks up to your door at 12:00 AM night, you’re home …[View]
20389316None of this matters, your life, your accomplishments, nothing. Everyone dies eventually, and there…[View]
20388223Don't let this get bumped /x/, I may be onto something here. I found a set of twitter accounts …[View]
20386397It is possible to look into the future ? Through deep meditation for example.[View]
20385154Are Chakras real?: Are Chakras real? How do you know you are engaging in your Chakra. I have been me…[View]
20387663Mandela Effect: Doesn’t anybody else remember this?[View]
20388453Brineyteeth: My roommate told me about an old local rumor that he experienced in his hometown Ruidos…[View]
20389284When will we finnaly deal with the satanist problem? >Ex Illuminati Magic Bloodline Family member…[View]
20383459MK victim, Brain damaged, or Schizo?: Tila(Thien)Tequila Someone started a thread about her last nig…[View]
20382062How to open third eye: Hey anons, I`ve been reading some shit, and as i think that knowledge is powe…[View]
20387949Is self-awareness the path to enlightenment, or damnation? Discuss[View]
20385260What you guys think about the moon landing? Is it a scam or did it really happen?[View]
20388120This is Soda Pop Hype. I really don't have much to tell this time around. So this Maxwell guy, …[View]
20387620Anybody here gone to Skinwalker Ranch? If I go will I see some shit?[View]
20389137Seeing Shit: Hello, /x/. Do you see things that have yet to be explained by science, or a lingering …[View]
20384798How do I become a demon, /x/? I wanna be a 2spooky fella and have a good time.[View]
20386845/irc/ - /x/ irc chat: creepy image edition: Join us and lets talk spooky We're on rizon #/x/phi…[View]
20389202How do I communicate with Lilith?[View]
20385116occult hand signal music video drake: x can you keep it fucking real with me for a second what the f…[View]
20387430hey x i just bought some dragon blood incense shit with a wooden ash catcher from walmart for $4. wh…[View]
20384715Chemtrails: Whats the endgame with Chemtrails anons? Do they want all of us to get Alzheimer's?…[View]
20388941Prize awaits....: 37°50'36''N 116° 43'47''W Tag me for your prize. Re…[View]
20388315Random pic found on my phone: I have no idea from where it came from, I saw it by first time a few d…[View]
20389027Hello and goodbye, that's exactly what John Cena said to the Undertaker on the WWW SUPERSLAM! s…[View]
20373494Astrology General: Ascendents.: Discuss Ascendants, since ascendant signs are in my opinion, the mos…[View]
20383837What is going to happen to my consciousness when I sudoku[View]
20385361I'm being compromised right now: Sending out another message. There are so many damn mind contr…[View]
20384061Alright I need help. I've lived in rural Arkansas on lake Hamilton for about a month now and af…[View]
20352032/x/ comics. Last thread of this kind was really great, let's make an effort to have another one…[View]
20388731Does Denying Your Tulpa Existence Make You A Bigot?: https://discordapp.com/invite/bGcTxXh Incessant…[View]
20388882Where can i watch this? This documentary is about as elusive as bigfoot himself? Any other good docu…[View]
20385285Any ancient techniques for healing fever? thanks[View]
20388431Why has twin flame mumbo jumbo taken up a large portion of new age/occult/magic forums? -_-[View]
20382210could sleep deprivation be the pathway to inner peace?: i have been awake for 48 hours and i truly f…[View]
20388730Hey, /X/ I'm here to shill my spooky podcast give it a listen if you're free https://m.sou…[View]
20375142Strongest Evidence of Technological Hording: Honestly aliens are very interesting, and their alleged…[View]
20385168What is this?[View]
20383942Why is Solomon associated with the occult?[View]
20381478can a child/teen under the age of 18 go to hell if they die and have done something sinful knowing i…[View]
20382304Advanced Esoteric Ufology: We share this planet with a small population of highly intelligent homini…[View]
20388073Ancient Indian cave painting. Poor depiction by ancient human artist? Or... Perfect depiction by an …[View]
20380484H.p. lovecraft is pretty dope we should have a thread for him.[View]
20388372Shits Fucked Maite: Why did this board such complete and utter shit? Gosh damn, I used to enjoy comi…[View]
20384008I need an answer quickly: Is there a 'Don't look south curse' where one misteriously disappears…[View]
20386581Strange stuff/Old Wive's tales/Urban legends: Basically a thread for all that good stuff that y…[View]
20388209Research Group: Am creating my own research group with magick and energy manipulation. There'll…[View]
20388123I have dreams of dying but right before I actually do I'm lying down and above is a garden of r…[View]
20386766Interesting dream: I know that dreams are supposed to have meanings but i don't know how to fin…[View]
20387347Roko’s Basilisk: This fucking thing. I learned about it only yesterday and it’s already given me a n…[View]
20388184Thoughts on this book?[View]
20384463Wednesday morning: >go outside to give chickens food and water before I leave for work >my chi…[View]
20387271aight i just need to say this, it's been a bit of a burden to keep to myself >Be me, tall du…[View]
20387919Candle Cove Memories?: I have not seen the show except for a few fragments of a small amount of epis…[View]
20385378Another Lucky guess?: So, Mossad stopped some Jihadis from blowing up a passenger jet.....Just anoth…[View]
20386140Portals: Any of you who are proficient with lucid dreaming or astral projection know anything about …[View]
20377335Soulmates: Can we have a thread about soulmates? What are they really and how do you know if you…[View]
20388059aa: aa ▲ ▲▲[View]
20377079Diatlov Pass Incident: What the hell happen that night? Some bodies had radiation on them, weird ora…[View]
20360143what's the most strange dream you have had /x/?[View]
20386083Earths rotation: So commercial planes all have certain gyroscopes which tell the pilots which angle …[View]
20385991How does karma work?: If I constantly do good stuff good stuff come in return or wot?[View]
20385043We are from Mars: Noah's ark was actually a spaceship. We escaped from the nuclear holocaust of…[View]
20386575Saturn Discussion: Why does he have a scythe? Does it represent him as a harvester of souls? Did the…[View]
20385823A lament for human life: We are often told that 'life is what you make it'. This is patently absurd …[View]
20378137GHOST ADVENTURES: would you want to become a ghost when you die /x/? who would you haunt?[View]
20385868Is the Tom DeLonge case a limited hangout or genuine disclosure?[View]
20386445Give me the rundown on 'The Elite': When I say 'elite' I don't necessarily mean the 1% of the 1…[View]
20387624Once upon a time a guy named Bob was playing online with his friends and one friend invited his frie…[View]
20387509Does anyone have the old sticky? I don't think anything is ever going to be added to this.[View]
20387706Dreaming: idk if this counts as paranormal but every time I'm alone for a long amount of time (…[View]
20387051We are slaves Black Pill thread: You're either a god of your own universe or a slave to a god. …[View]
20374038[ xit ] /x/ images thread: /x/ related images previous thread: >>20359535[View]
20386873Any Hecate lovers need a crossroad? watch your head.[View]
20373266Is it possible to harness Kundalini energy from other beings?: Is this what the elite are doing via …[View]
20386528Help Me: Hello. I’m afraid I don’t have much time, so I need you to act quickly. Follow the link tre…[View]
20386635Man in White Follows me: Hey /x/, so here's my thing. Ever since I was young I've been fol…[View]
20387323Philosopher's stone: How to create real one? any receipt?[View]
20386748is this a skinwalker, wendigo or fleshgait? the image is used all pretty much all of those.[View]
20386336This face appeared in the steam when I got out of the shower. Not sure what to make of it.[View]
20387317Things you hear about and think *might* be conspiracies http://abcnews.go.com/US/missing-cdc-employe…[View]
20385342just shut the fuck up[View]
20383484/x/ themed cartoon thread: Looking for (short) cartoons / animated videos with /x/ topics. Sci-fi, p…[View]
20385128Spookiest locations in the United States: Hey, /x/ friends! So next year I'll be traveling all…[View]
20383798/div/ - Divination General: Welcome to Divination General! Come here for readings and discussion of …[View]
20386943what the fuck is this image...[View]
20379941I know a lot about Evola's metaphysical thought and feel like sharing some knowledge tonight. A…[View]
20386959Madam - Love Spells: Love Spells are the best choice here. Finding someone to cast one is the hard p…[View]
20377959Occultism & Magick: Library Update 61: Library Link: https://mega.nz/#F!AE5yjIqB!y7Vdxdb5pbNsi2O…[View]
20382172Demons Haunting My Apartment: I've been hearing and seeing things throughout my house that I do…[View]
20386618Premonition?: A couple months ago i dreamt events that proceeded to happen irl. I had 3 dreams in 3 …[View]
20382064demon story: >be me >ask demon to fuck with some people who are giving me problems >they ar…[View]
20385907Experiencing the paranormal: My life is mundane. I actually like it this way -- like a hermit or rec…[View]
20385185Yes, I wanna be spoonfed. Spread your info. What should I be aware of?[View]
20386070https://youtu.be/K7l3tIsRM7s 'I was invited to eat the young, I was invited to eat the young' What d…[View]
20371271Redpill me on the Rothschilds/Rockefellers etc.[View]
20385238What is the Goddamn point?!: Seriously, what is the ultimate point of everything? I mean, chances ar…[View]
20385648I found this writing when i opened up a really old family amulet. Anyone knows what's written o…[View]
20385857The ayes have landed.[View]
20386536SCP Foundation: What went wrong?[View]
20386531Good day /x/. So just now I was looking through old pictures on my phone that I’d taken just over a …[View]
20380065Jeff Bezos $42m 10,000 year clock is under construction in the Sierra Diablo Mountains. He says it…[View]
20384400They are pretending to be 'Pleadians': https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-9AxpHMQSEo (5:55) https://ww…[View]
20381768Hey guys, just letting you know before it happens, september 23rd is happening again this year for t…[View]
20383721Why do you think the taos hum is spreading? https://www.nytimes.com/2018/02/19/world/canada/windsor-…[View]
20379278CIA Declassified Documents Thread: Post all of your pdfs relating to UFO's, Astral Projection o…[View]
20385885What are some good ways of having a spiritual, life changing experience?[View]
20386308Someone has the original: >Browsing /x/ >No ayy selfie thread >>>/vip/75481 Someone t…[View]
20385275How i could go to alternate universe ?[View]
20381564Occult Symbols in Music: Does this actually mean something and enhance the music or is it just edgy?…[View]
20386229So, there's this guy on Youtube: called ODD TV. Among different conspiracies he firmly believes…[View]
20386112Egypt: The lights they carry run on earths energy. The earth makes oil deep underground to move, fue…[View]
20385787Biblical basis of lizard people: Jesus was born from the virgin Mary giving birth on her own, withou…[View]
20386029ITT shit you hear in your head or in the pathic waves of conscious locally, and how to prevent misun…[View]
20383544Actual ufo talk: Can /x/ explain how UFOs went from something to cause national alert to being dismi…[View]
20386060Apartment /urban hauntings: Hi x/ I actually have a serious doubt: Can you get haunted if you live i…[View]
20385219Wut is dis? - https://www.google.co.uk/maps/@51.8265877,-3.9960958,3a,41.3y,17.26h,134.8t/data=!3m6!…[View]
20386053GHOST ADVENTURES THREAD: You seen any ghosts lately /x/?[View]
20385955Worldmaker ritual: >'old jewish ritual' >includes human sacrifice? >several threads about i…[View]
20384589Mensageiros do Vento This is a Rock Opera that tells the story of the Anunnaki following the Lost bo…[View]
20384122What changed your perspective: Hey /x/ long time lurker first time poster. Okay so. When I woke up …[View]
20385734Brain 100%: I am expecting for this thread to either prune or be shitposted by, yet there is still a…[View]
20385903I think I have figured things out: You can ask and we can discuss. I'm not in a state of streng…[View]
20385824I think it's time for pacific northwest stories. >Be me > 23-year-old femanon >Be from…[View]
20385804Anyone have any experience creating a deity? I'm a /k/ommando and I recently heard a story abou…[View]
20385205Are mental illnesses real?[View]
20385414Are we alone in the universe?[View]
20381087Any supernatural ways I can make a specific girl fall in love with me?[View]
20385748/x/ files: I remember an anon made a thread like this some time ago and I really liked the idea. We …[View]
20381720Why so many Hollywood/TV stars look alike , does it suggest of common bloodline ruling hollywood? ht…[View]
20384016Fading from this time line: So, months ago I posted about going to the same store twice in one day. …[View]
20385679Why isn't captcha used to find bigfoot and aliens?[View]
20384914Kundalini thread go: about 8 or so years ago kundalini was a hot topic on /x/ (just as common as suc…[View]
20385627story bread: >have a dream I'm violently murdered by a witch >wake up and hear a woman …[View]
20385460I'm fairly certain i can put myself into sleep paralysis, as well as get out of it, both with e…[View]
20381925Gang-stalking: Fuck it, here's some shit. Pre-2014, for years, every single young person in the…[View]
20385314You can do it. Achieve 'The best day of your life': https://youtu.be/Y66j_BUCBMY I had a dream so bi…[View]
20381757why do time travelers and alike always talk with people of the current time in paranormal and conspi…[View]
20381567Tabula Salomonis: I need information about a particular manuscript, and the internet has failed me s…[View]
20381972Do you think that sometime in the future it will be possible to transfer our brain into a robot so w…[View]
20384856Rev. 911: And they had a king over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in the…[View]
20384669Demon girl: Who else here is a demon wasting an infinity shitposting on the internet? What are some …[View]
20380423Possible Haunting, Help: [ Help if you know anything ] Girlfriend did something pretty. . . silly. S…[View]
20385214I drew a hidden All seeing eye when I was 5: Hi guys, I just received this drawing from my grandma. …[View]
20384248What God IS: I believe God is the source of existence itself and that all universes are thoughts wit…[View]
20380375Could /x/ survive a containment breach?[View]
20384884Does this game represent /x/?[View]
20384872fv dianne: Well, guess what? Cops say there were NO human remains on the boat. So where are they? On…[View]
20383423Set: Is Set just Satan or an Alien Invader?[View]
20383774'He put us in a black hole.' Screaming deamons: Dick stood silently still enjoying the moment of rel…[View]
20385094I want to get into reading on vibrations and harmonics in the occult and mystic. What's some go…[View]
20385077Hold me back, somebody hold me back.: It's not over yet. 'qanonposts.com' Shit's bout to g…[View]
20382451Is /x/ mixed with isotronic beats ruining my brain?: As a kid I used to get these 'intrusive…[View]
20384730Thoughts on Sungazing?: Seems way too good to be true and extremely pseudosciency, thoughts? http:…[View]
20383661Is there a way to know my previous or future incarnations?[View]
20383004do people that are born naturally lucky and blessed by the universe understand being unlucky and cur…[View]
20384953Unity_Eclipse: 77717282889b3dd92fff3c841e1636287285cb9c55633a3fc58d13533465e964[View]
20383904Petscop: Anyone have any theories on what the fuck Petscop is about, or what it's trying to con…[View]
20383971SCP Series IV Thread/General SCP Conversation: I don't know how many of you guys still keep up …[View]
20384140Greentext: Does anyone have that greentext where anon is left home alone at his grandparents house, …[View]
20382804Disappearing objects?: >drop my old copy of Megaman 2 for gameboy >hear it hit the floor >l…[View]
20382549Hey /x/, I've been having doubts about bringing this up in front of people I know, because I…[View]
20382844Charlie Red Star UFO flap: From 1975 to 1976, there were nearly nightly sightings of glowing, red UF…[View]
20381372what can i do to remember my past life?[View]
20384188I've been meditating for about four years, and two years ago something strange happened. It…[View]
20383479ayy/ufo related invisible cryptoid? (inawoods today): >walking home >take a detour through a s…[View]
20384574Fasting thread: I'm currently 27 hours in, fasting to fix mild HPPD[View]
20384280Having a recurring dream of being shot. Will this happen?: It was right before the Parkland shooting…[View]
20383104Anybody seen the 'Discovering Bigfoot' documentary? What do you think of this image? TLDR: Bigfoot …[View]
20377735angels look like this, faggots.[View]
20384580Ask a hybrid subhuman anything.[View]
20384094Me and the boys were watching The Conjuring a while ago and a few hours later some freaky shit happe…[View]
20380112how to have naturally induced hallucinations?[View]
20384348this chick i knew back in high school made this creepy art. said she made it during her dark times.[View]
20384423Experiment.: I am going to sleep in one hour’s time. I have taken a large dose of sleeping medicatio…[View]
20359535[ xit ] /x/ images: [ xit ] /x/ images old thread: >>20336515[View]
20382056>Visit two psychics >One is the real deal but tried to convert me to some bullshit religion an…[View]
20381172The greatest discovery in the history of 4chan: 4chan, today I bring you something that will make up…[View]
20380879Why do conspiracy theorists think that commies are a tool of the secret order or whatever the fuck? …[View]
20382789I'm serious something is going on. >Do 5 hits of acid >Spine starts moving involuntarily …[View]
20383761Inside the weird world where murder is common and body doubles spend months learning to replace peop…[View]
20383967How to start getting gangstalked: 1.Have an outspoken personality that conflicts with society 2.Go o…[View]
20384251Help solve the mystery /x: Why a phoenix? Why 2018? Why predicted since 1988? https://youtu.be/-3LVv…[View]
20384250sewn kin 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZmWFuC1ZAZA[View]
20382582what was actually going on in babylon?[View]
20384109Whomst these niggas?: All I know is that they were a Freemason society which took part in the Maximi…[View]
20383842Though experiment: Let's say that there are a few select individuals wealthy enough to own ever…[View]
20382395Asleep See: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ht0MyJpN4DE[View]
20383503Are there any benevolent entities I can appeal to for healing? If so, who, and how would I go about …[View]
20375860Why are atheists attracted to the occult and satanism?[View]
20378236Well what is it /x/?: Foshan, China floating city https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=oC3Exk65ZAA…[View]
20380958What do the Zimbabwe UFO Kids remember as Adults?: The Zimbabwe Incident occurred a generation ago. …[View]
20372235Do you notice it?[View]
20381445Project MONARCH/MKUltra: How much of what Cathy O'Brien has said has held up under scrutiny? I…[View]
20379952Cryptozoology theories: Post your whacked out theories cryptids and shit. >Are they real? >Ar…[View]
20382951Dark Alien Castle: I want to share some dreams that re occur and follow in an almost episodic nature…[View]
20379436New to the occult and such. I began reading through the mega library (obviously in the beginners sec…[View]
20383627What do you all think about Colorado Bigfoot? Is he just a shithead or is he real? https://www.youtu…[View]
20383242Does Trump actually have time travel technology?[View]
20383143Hello /x/ this is a first for me to be honest I have never spoke about this to anyone before except…[View]
20383520The Israelites were a genetically modified race of humans, who were created by venusians, to kill th…[View]
20381411wishes: probably a 'childish' thing to ask but can i and others who ask get wishes granted? :3…[View]
20382891Do you think the paranormal has a scientific explanation? For example, we do not know how the univer…[View]
20383506Anyone remember the Fallen star that turned everything green for a while? Happened during winter les…[View]
20383449Little tip for ya: Whenever some crazy conspiracy theorist comes to you and tries to tell you the “t…[View]
20380487Which occultist do you admire?: I like Jack Parsons. Not only was he a rocket engineer (and I do lov…[View]
20374816Here We Pray: Hello. I would like to have a thread dedicated to prayer. If you have anything you…[View]
20381833What happened to lake Riesco in Chile: Any ideas why it just disappeared overnight? Could it have be…[View]
20382902fact: any of the kids who are into the occult here have never seen with their own eyes anything they…[View]
20377602Demon/Malevolent Spirit Oppression: Hello /x/ I'm not entirely sure what's going on but I…[View]
20380080Why do demons have black eyes? Say something nice about them.[View]
20381812'master race'?[View]
20377949becoming a mermaid: Hi /x/ Can you share whatever you know on how to become a mermaid? Thanks!…[View]
20383293Magical Link: What constitutes a good and effective magical link? I've been reading Liber Kaos,…[View]
20381446Man from Taured: Does /x/ belive that a man once tried to pass through Japanese immigration with a p…[View]
20382572Benny Harvy R.I.P[View]
20383081AMA: Speaking the Logos fluently AAA (anyone)[View]
20382051Snakes: Specifically, two snakes, coiled around each other, or just a coiled snake in general. Snake…[View]
20379515/div/ - Divination General: Welcome to Divination General! Come here for readings and discussion of …[View]
20380425Got proof of Jewish conspiracies?[View]
20364833Explanations for common troll images: Explanations for common troll images - clip and save for next …[View]
20382934Youtube: How many of you use youtube as a resource for conspiracies or the paranormal? It is troubli…[View]
20382837What do you particularly admire about Confucianism? What are you not satisfied with?[View]
20381571has anyone seen something like this?[View]
20382903nasa holiday trip: thoughts? what are they going there for?[View]
20376783Flesh: Flesh, it is the conduit through which THAT what lies beyond may influence our Newtonian real…[View]
20383029His story: Red pill me on the history of the world.[View]
20381961Personal Paranormal Experiences Thread: So growing up I always thought my sister and I attracted spi…[View]
20382076Praise Jesus: Anons, there is something weird going on, yesterday I was going to post a picture off …[View]
20382091Psychedelics and kundalini enduced meditation will soon shift the world into a new understanding of …[View]
20382591Hey /x/, where could I go to find more info on mythological creatures or creatures from fables? I kn…[View]
20381791Hey /x/, any good books for a newb really into dreaming, the occult and skinwalkers? I love stories …[View]
20371580I know we're not supposed to talk about this, but I just have to know, /x/, what's up with…[View]
20375888If you want to appear higher than others, you don't allow them to receive the information that …[View]
20382540Im getting weird feelings Something close just hits me BUT ITS not Deja-vu Its else of somethings[View]
20382211How do i contact a dead singer?: like do i call his name with an ouija board or smething? i reaaly d…[View]
20381841Hello /x/ for a long time i belive in a theory which tells that america is actually a huge propagand…[View]
20379711Did you guys miss this photo from the Mars rover the other day? Can anyone explain what a pile of fu…[View]
20381546GAME: Loud pipe railways, ana '''MTAwIDExMSAzMiAxMjEgMTExIDExNyAzMiAxMDcgMTEwIDExMSAxMTkgMzIgMTA5IDE…[View]
20380772How do I know if I'm on a list?[View]
20374893Why do some people worship lucifer? I mean if they believe in Satan than there must be a god... Why …[View]
20380503Hatman thread: What if the Hatman comes to you in times when youre going down the wrong path? Like t…[View]
20381979Getting started on the Occult: Where does one start reading about the Occult? Do I have to buy books…[View]
20380392I believe... that Freddy Fazbears Pizza was a real place. that it will be again. that what Scott …[View]
20382302Hey, /x/ i have been getting tons of deja vu's lately i thought it was odd because i didn'…[View]
20379473Well documented UFO encounters: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cash-Landrum_incident I dont usually…[View]
20381395test: Tets[View]
20382251Prophet Gim: See the Light. https://youtu.be/MsLPg7yZMIE[View]
20373187How do I get into Christianity? I've already accepted Jesus as my Lord and savior and I'm …[View]
20382042Georgia Guidestones: A while back (less than a year), the georgia guidestones monument was in the ne…[View]
20380347I can sort of bend reality around me and get whatever I want, but not usually linearly, it's so…[View]
20380335>you still beleive in a round earth[View]
20369634Cute demon gf(male): How do I summon a trap Succubus?[View]
20381861The kraken?: What if the BP oil spill happened because this massive sea creature showed up and aucat…[View]
20370336Waddup /X/. Can we get a Spooky Greentext Thread on this Cold, Misty Night?[View]
20381400>and than they believed they evolved from animals[View]
20379455why the fuck hasn't the world ended yet?[View]
20381335I could use some meditation tips. I'm meditating every day but I feel like I'm not making …[View]
20380836Interdimensional sexual assault laws: If I raped a paranormal being like a demon, an alien, a celest…[View]
20374242Sooo after years and years and sexual transmutation of nervous system conditioning I discovered that…[View]
20381766ld dudes: Do we have some lucid dreaming thread? Some ld anons here?[View]
20377791How do I reconcile the difference between my fascination for the occult and my being a Catholic? It …[View]
20381484https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ycyEL1mGSd0 can we find some justice for the king?[View]
20380296hey /x/ i'm trying to remember a scary movie can you help? all i remember about it is a woman o…[View]
20381712(First language Russian, sorry if some parts of the post are something indecipherable) Did anyone t…[View]
20380969Our dreams are an alternate reality, aren't they?[View]
20381580So, how long is the YT link list in the sticky going to remain empty?[View]
20381578What is your most reoccurring dream, /x/? Mine is always about myself in some large mall, going to a…[View]
20378955on meat: bodies are dense, slimy, gross spirits are light, clean and pure. this is rather simplified…[View]
20378655Who was he talking about /x/?[View]
20379121THE spiritual leaders of the Hebrews did what no others before them had ever succeeded in doing—they…[View]
20379919i am back again to discuss human origin. please list your theories to be analyzed[View]
20381477Have you guys ever wondered why are so many completely diffrent things hexagonal? All of these thing…[View]
20381221How do I stop existing forever and prevent after-life?[View]
20381250Thoughtform Creation: Hello again /x/ I have decided to embark on a spiritual journey while I'm…[View]
20381112I just woke up from a night tear, a demon threatened me to stop posting. In the dream the mods or go…[View]
20381142some image i found on my phone[View]
20381120Hey /x/, I've been looking for a specific video for a shitload of time and I can't seem to…[View]
20381223Hey /x/, it's /v/. Would you explain what SCP is? Your game is fantastic, I'm just wonderi…[View]
20379716Why does consciousness exist? Any beings without an awareness field able to perceive qualia please i…[View]
20380319Look upon this image, for it is the word of god and will guide you to the truth of your father who i…[View]
20380999I want to someone a demon right now. How can I do this[View]
20380939Apparently they discoverd an unknown aircraft F15s tried to find them.[View]
20381000W-what if you're reincarnated as a succubus?[View]
20380992Taoist confirmatory signs: Could someone list the Taoist confirmatory signs by stage? And in general…[View]
20380964Alien photos: Post your private pics from UFO´s or Aliens.[View]
20380926Dimension: dear /x/, a while ago there was a post about the world having slid into another dimension…[View]
203774111. Your country 2. Can you become a millionaire or at least make good money there by writing shitty …[View]
20380900Double-phase time has stabilized. -- This is a legacy post; it has been obsoleted by further updates…[View]
20380811missing presumed dead?: I don't think they are dead. Why? because PRO DIVERS with underwater ca…[View]
20369681What was in the cave?[View]
20378494Hi lads. How does one induce a timeline shift? I'm curious. If anyone knows anything, please te…[View]
20378643How many worlds are there?[View]
20369648Declassified Files: I was wondering if anybody have any declassified files from CIA, Russia, China, …[View]
20379230See that line? It’s not natural. You know that, I know that. I saw it when i booted up G.E. (Google …[View]
20380615Blocking Government RV: Started a thread the other day that got alot of ABC slides Last night they r…[View]
20380533Around a thousand years ago people believed in mystical creatures like elves, fairies, goblins, and …[View]
20378549Could space aliens hack our planet?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tZuhVXmjcTk&t[View]
20380686Paranormal discussion discord: I made a discord a major part of which includes discussion of paranor…[View]
20378886Bitcoin, with all the math going on, and energy being consume for it could it be, it's, a, AI? …[View]
20378561Sage, incense, herbs: I picked some sage in the desert, bundled it, and dried it, and now plan on bu…[View]
20377744Tell me about ancient amphibian magick /x/[View]
20378151Love is the sentient God.[View]
20380114More images like this.: Creepy looking creatures, animals, etc...[View]
20378073>existence emerged out of a Void of eternal yearning that 'desires' only itself because there is …[View]
20380474Meet my Friend... inside my Girlfriend: Well.. suddenly i heared some gibberish what she talked and …[View]
20379974do any of you meditate, and get to that brain orgasm feeling like youre ascending to the next realit…[View]
20379983>tfw you made a fool of yourself but it entertained some[View]
20380111i se flashes while i sleep[View]
20379732Do you believe in witches, /x/?[View]
20379644Practical Magic: Anyone know any good practical magic? Like 'I'm hungry, guess I'll draw s…[View]
20378468Mulholland Drive: Where can u find the best explanation about this movie ?[View]
203792774 Cardinal Kings: The 4 Cardinal Kings of Demons are referenced in many grimoires and religious text…[View]
20379498Ever notice how Bigfoot wears shoes? Full stabilized vid at imgur cause file size limit here: https:…[View]
20379472Witches: Once almost had it going with this emo chick who said she could take away pain and inflict …[View]
20377647Nonononononono. No. This guy is already dead. What the actual FUCK. How many funerals are there gonn…[View]
20379990Consciousness upload: Anyone remember that site that promised to upload anyone's consciousness …[View]
20373278Hey /x/ hoping to stay awake for AT LEAST 36 hours in hopes of hallucinating, any advice/ stories? I…[View]
20378880Rituals: I would like to summon something dark that'll make me feel fear. How?[View]
20375887God King: Anyone heard from Indonesia lately? Still think I'm joking? Of course you do. Your IQ…[View]
20379879Did he do it or is there a conspiracy at play[View]
20376243The world is my representation.[View]
20376516Goddess Isis and Jesus On The Cross Posture just a coincidence or is Catholicism really Egyptian wor…[View]
20379275Question: So, there are times when I don't feel like I'm the actual person in the body I…[View]
20369039For years, I've read stories about people suddenly feeling a strong oppressive force when walki…[View]
20373918Where does one go for true occult discussion and practice, as opposed to this CIA shillfest?[View]
20379845website: wwwrizzo.com[View]
20370550Is magic real? (Black/grey/white) I preformed my own black/grey magic. Had high faith in it and set …[View]
20379831Haunted 50's phonograph: Alright /x/ so let me start off with saying i don't believe in gh…[View]
20378593Thy vessel is ready.[View]
20379624https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=4anFYyunqxI Anyone interested in this ? Starting channel to learn more…[View]
20373793I was just trying to build a brand. People need refreshment. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C9OfBc…[View]
20377857Someone is posting this symbol all over my workplace, any idea whatvthis means[View]
20379495laying in bed need some cool yt consp videos, gib plz.[View]
20376465As okay as the beginner film list is pinned to the top, I want your valuable opinions - what are som…[View]
20379558still looking for this old blog: i lost the link to this blog years ago and can't stop thinking…[View]
20379476Have any of you ever had any success conjuring anything from a magic circle? I'm a bit of a ske…[View]
20379457Start in the occultism?: books, videos, information induction in the subject.[View]
20379281>Be me >Be owl >Chilling out doing owl things >Suddenly humans appear in territory >A…[View]
20378756Do you believe that people die by accident or error? or do you believe one's death is truly out…[View]
20374825If the brain functions through electrical impulses, why can't you control someone's mind t…[View]
20379232Do you think that the aliens sent dogs to Earth to spy on us using them as cameras?[View]
20378212Am i a god? i have this ability to see somewhere once i already see the place like my crush house i…[View]
20378999Is this the infamous plastic fungi or something else? It's a disassembled router case, it'…[View]
20375178i am here again to discuss possibilities of human origin. my interest tonight is the possibility of …[View]
20377946John Titor: 'The most immediate of Titor's predictions was of an upcoming civil war in the Unit…[View]
20376572>>'Why do japanese kill themselves so much?' >the female population is being brainwashed by…[View]
20373260Hi guys! Can you give me some good movies about paranormal stuff? (No stupid horrors please)[View]
20374366Legit Psychic abilities: Okay how many people here have legit psychic abilities and is there any Psi…[View]
20378803What if I want to worship the Demiurge?[View]
20377105hey /x/, explain to me why star signs are some kind of indication about our general nature and procl…[View]
20378435After practicing frequently candle gazing / trakata today I felt a weird sensation. I felt as if the…[View]
20378656MK ULTRA Magick Blood Sweat Tears: I want to know whatever information /x/ knows about MK ULTRA and …[View]
20378997Divusism General - /dg/ - Wisdom Edition: This is the Divusism general for all your questions about …[View]
20372381The Apocalypse Thread: How do you think its gonna start? Virus, Bomb, What?[View]
20377492Iam here to take 4 / 2 male 2 female when the summer sulstis is the sum will be ready to enter is y…[View]
20378485Groundhog day: It's crazy to think that every day of your life might be groundhogs day for some…[View]
20375197Controlling Dreams: How do I start lucid dreaming on command? Is there any way that I can control my…[View]
20375743What would happen if we have source of free energy applied in next/this week? It's simple, but …[View]
20378688I am your only God[View]
20375873I've been red-pilled for a long tome on many subjects, since about 2012 when I started research…[View]
20377384Are these clovers pointing towards certain conspiracy theories that might be true? This site certain…[View]
20376896Hey /x/ what does this one mean ?[View]
20372922/div/ - Divination General: Welcome to Divination General! Come here for readings and discussion of …[View]
20378507>be autist >have nothing to do >decide to cast a mgic spell because you gotta try every so …[View]
20378559Can someone help a nibba out: Does anyone know any spoopy places (eg skinwalker ghosts or wendigos) …[View]
20375088Thinking about creating a 'Tulpa': even considering myself as skeptical, I do not deny that the mind…[View]
20373188So /x/, what do you know about dogs and how they are often regarded as malevolent spirits in mytholo…[View]
20376448ghost images thread[View]
20377387I want to believe,but there is no concrete evidence of anything supernatural actually being real. Ev…[View]
20378053True hallucination stories.: Here's mine: >awake at 4:something am >knew because i was on…[View]
20370197Terror innawoods: So this happened a few months ago and I have a shit memory so there might be some …[View]
20375108Are there any creepy podcasts that you listen to?[View]
20378128How would religions deal with intelligent aliens?[View]
20378408Idnt kno: I don’t know what’s scarier our minds collectively making up visions sounds and other shit…[View]
20378230Is there an esoteric and/or occult connection between frogs and cubes?[View]
20378273Im going to Miami for work related reasons for 2 weeks. Is there any creepy place to visit? Or urban…[View]
20377119Mandela Effect Watch thread number 8: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gNCRcozGZNU the lyrics of this…[View]

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