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19173327Red pill me on orgonites: So I bought a orgone crystal, and videos like this tell me there might be …[View]
19198306>watching a scary movie >think it's too loud in my headset and don't want to be jump…[View]
19198348Angel. Time for fucking.[View]
19196924The shitehounds, or, as I was reminded of this morning, by the first reference of the day coming-in …[View]
19192861Tell us your experience with alien/human hybrids. Alien experiences are ok too[View]
19194121/div/ - Divination General: Welcome to Divination General! Come here for readings and discussion of …[View]
19193144Ask the Demiurge anything.[View]
19196574isolation: I'm gonna be in a water filled isolation chamber for an hour today. Any suggestions …[View]
19192552Body Horror: Death to the Genotype/Phenotype! Long live the new flesh...[View]
19194899If so, does anyone have any stories about their experiences with it?[View]
19197567DNA REPLICATION VIDEO PROVES NEW DIMENSION!: Jacking a guys thread idea from /sci/ >>8988033 a…[View]
19196486Watching porn and nude people makes your blind, even your soul. When you watch porn, you feel a blas…[View]
19196983I heard the Bogpill is actually about Janus, is it true? Janus is a Saturn satellite and I heard wei…[View]
19195893Haven't been on here for a long time; did we ever figure out what was with Yvette's bridal…[View]
19194932I feel as though I'm an old, tired mule that's lived for forever, and I want it to end, an…[View]
19197519tree worship: Give me everything you know about worshiping trees > not worshiping what provides y…[View]
19196884How do I strengthen my qi? How to stop people from stealing it?[View]
19196027for the sake of an argument ,lets assume that all that has been said on this board or elsewhere is t…[View]
19197615best reptilian tongue on the net: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=15V32a60lD0[View]
19196070Is the world ending?[View]
19197568Do you think the qualify of /x/ is directly related to the subjects of /x/? Like why it's garba…[View]
19197416PROOF: Tor is useless for UFO research: http://nsa.govt.com/ufo-research-dubunked-once-and-for-all.h…[View]
19193606https://www.gaia.com/lp/unearthing-nazca-members/ Pic related!!!! What does x think of this?[View]
19188674Freemasons: Can anybody tell me about masons without it being conspiracy theories? What is it actual…[View]
19186215Abandoned police headquarter: Okay, so today im gonna make my last trío to the site. If you need me …[View]
19197325t↦c≡ (t+n)mod26: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QwhI2GX6xVY[View]
19197184Demons General: I always wondered what the danger of summoning a demon is. What is so bad about sell…[View]
19195481Why are so many conspiracy theories that follow Christian belief/thought when Christianity is bullsh…[View]
19192084/x: Ḩ̢̨̨̧͇̻͇͉̹̳͙̻̘̘͈͓̩̻̫͕̙̼̗̰̺̇͂̇̏͒̂̀̊̐͋͋̓̽͐͌͆̍̿͛̃̈́̍̓͛͒̊̓̔͜͜͝ͅȩ̧̛̼̫̺͉̗̰͎̟̩̹̰̼̮͊͐̌́̂̆̊̈́̋̉̀̽̊̉́̉̈́͗͊͘…[View]
19196947Was Stevie Nicks actually a witch? Or was it all just rumours[View]
19197191My name is Zak Bagans. I never believed in ghosts until I came face to face with one.[View]
19194706How does one achieve immortality?[View]
19196962lima peru¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿,,,,,,,,..............--------------------------------------------'…[View]
19195825WHAT happened to Donald Marshall thing?: What happened with the whole story? Did he get exposed as a…[View]
19191495suppose we're living in a simulation, how would you attempt to contact the creators via compute…[View]
19193642Stuff that turned out less spooky than it started: ITT: Things that spooped us that turned out to be…[View]
19197048Enter tenant https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZJRZa6j8N80[View]
19196218Kabbalah, experiences with the returns for the time and effort invested in its practice?: Have been …[View]
19196440Stardust ranch: What do you guys think of pic related, and about the place in general? Does he seem …[View]
19196094Why this deleted?: ?[View]
19196671this isnt a meme at all is it https://youtu.be/u_IB7p5KJ7o?t=4m11s oh wowzas revelation 12 sign seem…[View]
19196683The bill comes due, always.: https://www.rt.com/viral/393710-mysterio...tary-mass/ A mysterious, uns…[View]
19195205Auditory Hallucination: So I'm listening to this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EvYh3uQpqXc in…[View]
19196695Do we all know he is an ayyy lmao? Why wont buy him a shirt? its going to be an intergalactic T.[View]
19194296I've noticed a lot of people on /div/ ask about love/romance/relationship queries. So why not a…[View]
19193569who exactly is 'bob' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OaU2Qky_At4[View]
19196160Do you have a strong argument that aliens are real?[View]
19194623Taken in Mexico[View]
19196347Reminder! Tingling chakras, open third eyes, psychic sensitivity, spiritual experiences, it's a…[View]
19186045Where do our pets go?: My elderly cat recently passed away and I've been just devastated. My he…[View]
19196307DA FUG?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sQn4T0BK3xs[View]
19175181Spooky images: Haven't seen one of these threads in while, so how about start one up and post s…[View]
19196148The entity mystery: The being wants people to know about its existence and comprehend it so it feels…[View]
19196336Truckee Ghost Train: https://www.google.no/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&c…[View]
19194617>clairvoyant here >tried posting this to /pol/. Got deleted within minutes The gulf of Mexico…[View]
19196287Stocksbridge Monk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6FY_6I9tAss There has been a lot of paranormal ac…[View]
19189673Invocation / evocation might as well just be self-deception. Name one magical thing he ever did.[View]
19189366hey /x/ come get snug with us and watch some goosebumps or AYAOTD, right now we're watching arm…[View]
19179638Zodiac Thread: Post your signs and your thoughts on other signs. >Sun >Moon >Rissing >Mi…[View]
19196133Witchery help: My close friend who I had use to live in a homeless shelter with is coming over to bl…[View]
19196113Flying shadows in the night sky... has anyone here seen them? It's happened twice now, for me. …[View]
19196093Spooky images general. Post spooky images[View]
19194854“Giant of Kandahar” Have u seen the stories of it?[View]
19195725How does Psychokinesis work?: And can it be used in a tactical situation? https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
19195927Our Lady of Zeitoun apparition seen by dozens and even photographed evidence of the phenomena. https…[View]
19195749Just seen some report from the Anonymous neckbeards that Disclosure is about to happen... This is fa…[View]
19175889Skeleton Thread: Post your skeleton pics of all kinds. I will be dumping mine.[View]
19195734shilling movies.: Dr strangelove: How I learned to stop worrying and love the Shill.[View]
19188779UTAH GENERAL: share your paranormal experiences in utah! personally i only had one spooky experienc…[View]
19195771Alright, first time greentext so, sorry about that guys. Got a story about a creepy park. >be me,…[View]
19194265When I always think about the subjects proposed by David Wilcock and Corey Goode, I always think abo…[View]
19193061Let's talk about Wicca[View]
19195702Spurdo Spärde :DD: Can someone redpill me on gondola? the spoopy white ones, I cant find any videos.…[View]
191951441st dimension 2nd dimension 3rd dimension 4th dimension in between each is a percent that percent re…[View]
19192983Hey /x/ Im really in the mood for a new Lovecraftian, Dread, or lovecraftian detective horror novel.…[View]
19194295Guy turns into a bug: Anyone have the full comic?[View]
19195175Where can I find more edgy shit like this? http://agoraroad.com/from-the-darknet/step-by-step-on-how…[View]
19195461So what if there is no good guy?[View]
19191779USA: What is the scariest state in the United States? Stories welcome[View]
1919513541723423923724317 01000010101 # 4 2 49 20 64 6f 6e 74 20 6b 6e 6f 77 20 69 66 20 79 6f 75 20 67 6f 7…[View]
19194978t↦c≡ (t+n)mod26: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QwhI2GX6xVY[View]
19194862How likely is paganism to become the new world religion?: Wikipedia says that paganism is the fastes…[View]
19194075Red pill me on Dagon, /x/. He is referenced in the bible as though he is a real, though lesser, god.…[View]
19191264The Black Coke: The Black Coke ( without bad wordplay ) was one of those versions of coca-cola , lik…[View]
19195286why not, dude?: do you even?[View]
19195051I was having fun trying please add more to the puzzle[View]
19194636So, /x/, do you believe in the existence of ghosts, spirits, or a spiritual world? Why?[View]
19195016Hey / x / Do you remember that post from an anon saying that a friend of yours had problems with his…[View]
19190365Anyone have any stories about Scandinavian spooky shit? trolls, draugr, runes, etc[View]
19194584Nega-zone: Since I performed a failed magical ritual, I feel like my energies have inverted; the pos…[View]
19193391Why do the mods think we all want to see this shitty steaming dump of dead YouTube links pinned to t…[View]
19192715Can the NWO/Illuminati takeover the Blockchain?[View]
19186633Dark Media: It's another recommendation thread, but this time with a more specific theme than '…[View]
19193153It's weird to exist. Consciousness and awareness.: The universe, or everything besides me suppo…[View]
19194705Anyone have any good cryptid/skinwalker, etc stories?[View]
19184645How do I stop wanting to be a women? I have tried sigils, repression, chaos magic, therapy, and gene…[View]
19193290Anunnki here. Not taking questions. I am awarding Donald Trump and Elon Musk each with hero awards. …[View]
19193491Stop posting bad threads, stop asking how you can become a vampire, you can't, they aren't…[View]
19193821Grenfell Tower: thoughts on this?[View]
19193955targeted individuals: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=62s3FinAoC0 Just schizophrenics?[View]
19194426Is the government hunting Bigfoot?: So me and my friend were talking about conspiracies, ayylmaos an…[View]
19194458CRAZY DOCTOR & A GUN: https://amirealtony.wixsite.com/mindle55/copy-of-entry-18-06-2017-the-eye-…[View]
19194313dreaming: Let's make a list of things to do while dreaming so we can ask the astral. So it…[View]
19192053Conscious control of autonomic nervous system: Is anybody else able to do this? I can control heart …[View]
19194348So as a Christian, I understand logic behind predestination within a theological concept. I don…[View]
19193885How do I curse someone? I want someone to suffer so pls[View]
19194335Found these at an estate sale, can anybody give me more information so I can do some more research. …[View]
19187439Urban/Suburban/City/Urban Exploration Horror Thread: ITT: Stories, Personal Experiences, Legends, an…[View]
19192784I want to exchange all but one of the remaining years left of my life for infinite wealth. How do i …[View]
19190692I know this board is full of roleplaying teenagers, but I've had some very strange occurrences …[View]
19194337Thoughts on Dione Fortune?: I really enjoyed her book of self defense against psychic attack. Have a…[View]
19193686Request for a documentary I saw a year ago: There was this documentary I saw a year ago, that spoke …[View]
19192858monsters: Is there anything more to the lore of monsters in children's closets? And if so, what…[View]
19191927What's your midichlorian count?: Have you ever believed in the concept that people innately hav…[View]
19174146Angel: Have any of you encountered angels before?[View]
19193874This really weird box that doesn't show up anywhere on the internet.: My dad is a part time DJ …[View]
19193879Does Chaos Magick Work: Well does it tho?[View]
19193152What are the blackest blackpills you know? I'll start: >Evil is more primordial than Good.…[View]
19194203Where's the suit?: Well, /x/, if it really is a guy in a monkey suit, where's the suit? Pa…[View]
19193815What are your favorite documentaries?: I've been watching a bunch of stuff on MK-ultra, MJ-12, …[View]
19193547Just finished watching a really good documentary on the Dylatov Pass incident. Can you guys reccomen…[View]
19189942Redpill me on the red dragon anomaly[View]
19193578Alright, this is the last place on this forsaken planet i believe i will get help, but its a zero su…[View]
19193960Five upside down stars over a windmill: Five upside down stars over a windmill I live in a really sm…[View]
19193107̮̙̠͔̗̮̥̆̆̈́̓͘͠H̢̡̧̨̛̱̤͎̭̜̙̮̱͇̰̮͙̦̜̖͖̊̾́̈́͌́̏̓̃̌̇̏̎̌͘͠e̢̫̭̝̪̫̮͉̜̹͎͉͌͑̊̓̊͊̒̈́̋́̋͘ͅ ̨͈̜̣̩̙̮͍͕̓͐̀̉̈́̾̿̑̐̀̕͘͜…[View]
19193726First time poster, what is up with Sirius Disclosure? I don't care about that debunked alien be…[View]
19191843hollow earth: Is hollow earth real?[View]
19191138Lets have an extraterrestrial encounter/stories thread. No UFO stories unless they're really in…[View]
19191751Since there's a sale going What are some /x/ related games worth buying?[View]
19190596Obsure Paranormal/Folklore stories and experiences: I am very new to this strange place and the inte…[View]
19191920INDIAN MYTHOLOGY GENERAL. -MAHABHARATA EDITION. Who was your favorite character? Mine was either Bhi…[View]
19191664PHYS.ORG :Unseen 'planetary mass object' signalled by warped Kuiper Belt https://phys.org/…[View]
19193643I have begun to be confronted with this issue almost every night when I'm lying in bed. I'…[View]
19190660What is in the Martian triangle?[View]
19193017What is this ritual supposed to accomplish?[View]
19191122Contacting Satan: How to contacting Satan. How to sell your soul. How to live for Satan. Please help…[View]
19187995Tell me about Titor /x/ Did he really come from the future to warn us?[View]
19193291Who here /targeted individual/ Say hi or share a story if you're feeling up to it[View]
19192369Hey /x/ have you ever had an experience with the 'men in black?'[View]
19192840All the occult began in Babylon, and spread outward. This demonic trinity is present in all pagan re…[View]
19192886I'm not a regular of /x/. Around election time, due to te leaked Podesta emails, I spent some l…[View]
19193306Just notice this on antarctica in my weather app Was it hollow earth?[View]
19193309Brad Johnson - Adronis Channeling: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TFa-1ePe8G4 https://www.youtube.c…[View]
19190954How would you counter the 'We are all God' argument /x/ ?[View]
19192254I saw something in my dream, but it wasn't like usual. I think I was having a vision. I want to…[View]
19191580Anything and Everything Slenderman: post your favourite Slenderman picture, videos and stories here…[View]
19193160>>>/sci/8992349 Keep getting told to take any heliocentric skepticism to /x/, thoughts on w…[View]
19192138Hey /x/ how do I get rid of a Ghost/Haunting?: Two of my fiance's friends have moved in with us…[View]
19192556Origins of demons: How do we, pathetic humans, know about the demons ? How is it possible to know th…[View]
19190012Welcome to Divination General! Come here for readings and discussion of theory/practice. Every metho…[View]
19193120Ghost adventures season 14: Drama queen zack says skinwalkers are real. What do you say?[View]
19193104t↦c≡ (t+n)mod26: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QwhI2GX6xVY[View]
19192096Hi /x/ How's your understanding of reality coming along?[View]
19192870What happened to Donald Marshall?: What happened with the whole story? Did he get exposed as a nutte…[View]
19192684Inawoods: Where the hell are all the the inawood threads? I'm going inawoods tomorrow. Want som…[View]
19193031Aliens: Lets have a good old fashioned ayy thread Alien encounters, UFOs in history, alien heirarchi…[View]
19192766This Mandela effect thing was not being talked about on /x/ at all half a year ago, and the videos j…[View]
19190097Do Soulmates Exist?: Well, that's my question. I have two stories that make me believe they mig…[View]
19185286What did you do on the solstice?[View]
19187399About to smoke DMT for the first time. Should I aim for a breakthough?[View]
19192431A while back I found the word 'leave' carved in my leg upside down from my perspective and done in l…[View]
19190873Just learned that you need to have manners when it comes to contacting spirits any advice or links f…[View]
19191290How do we properly use and respect runes? > At that point, the twins of the church shall destroy …[View]
19177327Is our world secretly ruled by enigmatic entities beyond our control or understanding?[View]
19192410Talking backwards: Is there a spell to let someone talk backwards?[View]
19190745If you wouldn't mind /x/, meditate for me. Help me. I'm trying to start a movement. I want…[View]
19192689remember this? did anyone get to the bottom of it?[View]
19189127Can we trigger ayyys to respond to this thread? you know, the ones who always lurk on here and shitp…[View]
19192537Why am I not also conscious and aware inside the minds of the people I meet in my dreams /x/? If the…[View]
19191557fuck this shit: i don't normally come on x but some fucked up shit has been happening this is c…[View]
19191868How to rid self of the great deceiver?: The Great Deceiver is real It's a telepathic entity tha…[View]
19185940Scary Texas Shit: Haven't seen much myself, but there's an abandoned hospital where I live…[View]
19188807All throughout the day I've been falling into what I can only call 'stasis', or maybe a trance.…[View]
19191426Healing P. O Healing P. O Healing P. O Healing P. O Healing P. O[View]
19134926Last podcast on the left: Any other fans of the show?[View]
19181512Gnostics of /x/, convince me to become a gnostic. what arguments in favor of your belief do you have…[View]
19188649Kanye West Body Double: I recall a post discussing how Kanye's widely projected 'mental spiral'…[View]
19191685Blockages: Any1 knows of a quick and efficient way to remove them?[View]
19191663Looking for evidences that Mandela effect / CERN reality shift is real: Anyone got evidence? And I d…[View]
19189697Clairvoyance / Remote Viewing Thread: A sealed envelope with written coordenates [2210/2121] has a p…[View]
19191054Clairvoyance Thread: Clairvoyance/Remote viewing thread, I am sitting in an office. To the left of m…[View]
19192106Deep sea creatures: Does anyone has any images or videos of unknown deep sea creature that look legi…[View]
19175962the akashic records: The records are real I just had one of the single most beautiful and most serio…[View]
19190553Pure enlightenment thread. All mysteries of the supernatural Godhead revealed. Who will partake of t…[View]
19188999Experiencing one's 'Shadow' while exploring the desert of the soul?: I would wager th…[View]
19189403Immortality: Would you choose to live forever? Are there any good stories or urban legends of modern…[View]
19191743West Virginia: What goes on here?[View]
19191859Found this very strange Youtube channel...: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7nRUev5h7cSjbTEPnKdQzw…[View]
19191560It seems the sevens exposed page has updated again with what looks like anagrams. 1711141131131.xyz…[View]
19189489Katie IndiCrow: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1BDqJbZaBk4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p23P_8OL…[View]
19191984Remember the Photo Mystery we had on here a while back? Where has all the good stuff gone from /x/ .…[View]
19173821victoryofthelight: is this guy a larp?[View]
19191417How do I get the elves off my property?[View]
19178304This one is 2 spootzie 5 m3 Wat Do \x\ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xZPDhPeQnRY&t=310s[View]
19191504Question: You know how like, ghosts are like, white, right? So like, if a black person dies, is thei…[View]
19183578I took a photo of a ufo: So this is it /x/ I am from Seville, southern spain, this was taken the 2/3…[View]
19189726Lately /x/, I've been having recurring memories of this show, particularly a specific segment d…[View]
19189563Dose Anybody have any Paranormal mysteries That I can solve in /x/?[View]
19190378Coffee and depersonalization?: Recently only for a month since snapping out of depersonalization ive…[View]
19165184What are some conspiracy theories you actually believe?[View]
19189936my time in paris: okey dokey, not sure if this is /x/ worthey but heck it So I went to Paris with my…[View]
19190327I think I've been the victim of hypnosis / programming; how can I confirm it? I can go deeper i…[View]
19191470Is B.o.B right? Is the earth flat? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hCA8HofWsxc[View]
19189565Experiences with entities while on psychedelics? I've had a salvia trip where I experienced th…[View]
19190256Was WWII paranormal?[View]
19187718Sleep paralysis experiences: So I've had sleep paralysis about 6 times total in life. Only 3 of…[View]
19185033how can i summon a demon/spirit/creature to just talk? do i need to sell my soul? im not interested …[View]
19188095One Punch Man mandela effect... Saitama's cape: Saitama's famous red cape has turned white…[View]
19184784Is black metal paranormal?[View]
19189820Is Latin the most /x/ language?[View]
19187714how does one make contact with the outside realm? I'm under the impression we are living in a m…[View]
19191263Is one's soul gendered?: The trannie thread got me thinking, and there is no way to have this d…[View]
19190702Creepy: What's some of the creepy stories that got you believing in paranormal activity?[View]
19191240Jew dʒuː/ noun A member of the people and cultural community whose traditional religion is Judaism a…[View]
19191030What if we( Matter) were just fuel for a Massive Cosmic Gravity Engine? Our Universe exists inside a…[View]
19185573Beyond the fourth material state of plasma exists what is known as the sphere of influence an abstra…[View]
19177315Who here believes in the christian god?[View]
19190559Give me the truth on necromancy /x/[View]
19188901I just woke up from a nightmare and I need help interpreting it. A girl I used to date died. I can…[View]
19189120Why do so many people struggle understanding spiritual concepts?[View]
19188710Is this the authentic /x/ alien?[View]
19188756i'm at the step where i realize i'm Jesus the circumstances of my birth, my violent depart…[View]
19186917my bird died and i am very sad, feels thread? named her pikachu, had her for 3 years until i gave he…[View]
19185829Let's talk about Erratas.[View]
19190425How to become a real paranormal investigator: Hello /x/, i started lurking here from time on time, a…[View]
19178233Spooky face generator: http://fotogenerator.npocloud.nl/ Go here and post your creepiest faces.…[View]
19187776This faggot is such a fucking try hard. fuackface's recipe for success consists of surrounding …[View]
19187779there's something supernatural / 'off' about this album: At first I got nothing from …[View]
19188224Hey /x/, so Im going camping deep into the Georgia mountains near blueridge. I really want to just h…[View]
19187949Hey /x/ Im going camping at blue ridge Georgia. Im curious if theres anything creepy, or cryptids? S…[View]
19189772ITT: Post cursed images from where you live: Just took this outside of my house. Thought it'd b…[View]
19190889Any Juan got more 3spooky5me shit like dis? Rabies in humans https://youtu.be/Pa35K5n20hc[View]
19190837People acting like animals WTFF: I was going to back to my house when I saw a person that was coming…[View]
19190415I haven't seen a movie that has actually scared me in a while. Suggestions?[View]
19190613Hey /x/, so I was hanging on omegle cause I bored, and got get messeged by someone who was talking i…[View]
19188548Witches: Let's talk about witches. You know the drill. Brujas, wise women, hags, crones.[View]
19189015The 'This is only a test' vídeo: I remember I sad that vídeo like 2 years algo in youtube but now I …[View]
19189511Alright /x/, im kind of a skeptical person. Ive had a few unexplainable experiences in my life, but …[View]
19190599Mother Civilization and Evidence of Early Atomic Theory: What are your thoughts on a Mother Civiliza…[View]
19190581First humanoid/alien/unknown discovered?!?!?!? https://www.gaia.com/lp/unearthing-nazca-members/…[View]
19190001Hey. TOT Ok so >let's just say I recently studied code >I got this problem that if let…[View]
19189741'The Comfiest Thread on /x': Old Post: >>19183789 Just an anon dumping OC and sharing paranorm…[View]
19188300I'm relatively new to the paranormal and paranormal happening in general, but something just ha…[View]
19188550Recorded Audio: So this recording was emailed to my Mom just over a year ago by a friend of hers (wo…[View]
19188949/X/ related thread: ITT: we post whatever /x/ related; aliens, ghosts, unsolved mysteries, greentext…[View]
19189846Hey /x/philes, I want to share an experience with all of you. Take it for what it is... When I was y…[View]
19188518ALIEN MUMMY!?: Discuss about this 3 finger dead thing http://www.snopes.com/alien-mummy-peru/ https:…[View]
19189700Help: Help me become enlightened, one way or another. It is urgent, thank you.[View]
19189470the red book: what do you know about the red book by carl jung?[View]
19186886https://soundcloud.com/user-444863711 Are you guys listening to this podcast? The Pedotube one has m…[View]
19189138Anyone here summoned Camio before? I'm kinda scared and I wanna know if there's anything I…[View]
19187632Hey guys, I usually try to stay away from this board but I have a true story I want to share and wan…[View]
19178825Are there any paranormal 'Furries' creatures out there?: So basicaly do youbelieve there are any hum…[View]
19189661Alistair Larmour Channeling: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OfHeIlS-2lw https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
19189586Pamela Aaralyn Chaneling: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dd08-Z5DOw0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
19189140Ghost in my Home: Hey /x/, So I just moved into my new duplex. For some reason everywhere I go see…[View]
19182714/omg/ - Occultism & Magick General:: The 'If You Are Not Here to Have Topical Discussions or Ask…[View]
19189402Magenta Pixie - The White Winged Collective Consciousness of Nine: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3…[View]
19187728What if dark matter is how we're able to perceive spirits?[View]
19189372'Ok Google' triggered itself the other day. Has something similar happened to any of you?[View]
19189334Ocyphius - Odyssey of Ascension: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iN9Jg-KArOI https://www.youtube.com…[View]
19189281Discuss: Think it's worth forking over $11 for their book? Any other thoughts on the 'official'…[View]
19188426What the fuck happened?: >be me, 2 months ago >in bed, sister sleeping next to me >can…[View]
19187542help: not really normal, more like paranormally bad luck >Be me >18 yo betafag kissless virgin…[View]
19187741What is your scariest paranormal experience?: It can be ghosts or aliens. Or anything. I'll say…[View]
19185908Hey guys, I experienced enlightenment, it was real tough but I did it and before I experienced this …[View]
19188832We are being mind controlled: I am in telepathic communication with a being and this is the latest e…[View]
19188137Just a heads Up - Beware of Free Money: -English is not my native language, Hi, i have been followin…[View]
19188223http://exopolitics.org/world-religions-unite-as-prelude-to-extraterrestrial-disclosure/ It's ob…[View]
19189024Hey, /x/, can Saint Expedite help me get a job interview? If not, is there anything else I can do to…[View]
19187707Did highly intellectual beings ACTUALLY build such 'convoluted' pieces of shit?[View]
19185470Currently reading tons of skinwalker/innawoods/fleshgait/goatman/cryptid stories and came accross th…[View]
19188610Could you guys give me some chakra pdfs or any resources related to opening chakras? I know opening…[View]
19185882Welcome to Divination General! Come here for readings and discussion of theory/practice. Every metho…[View]
19188696T H U L E S O C I E T Y: I would like to discuss the Thule Society apparently the Nazi occult was si…[View]
19188659Bloody Mary Footage: The video says it all but im gonna make a brief explanation anyway. The other d…[View]
19188679Corn Field (true story): When I was about 10 or so I lived with my cousin. My cousin had a friend th…[View]
19188673I started at a wandering star, and as the star disappeared from my sight, streams of light crashed d…[View]
19188163Astral Projection/Remote Viewing Study: Hey guys, I'm organizing a study on astral projection t…[View]
19188638hi anon. I'm looking information about mission apollo 19 and apollo 20. and especially deep inf…[View]
19188488Enlightenment: Consciousness is the forth dimension. The reason why we will never find the forth dim…[View]
19188593Thoughts on mysticism?: I'm religious and I'm thinking of beginning a pattern of meditatio…[View]
19187246Redpill me on a scientific possibility for an afterlife: Never believed in God or organized religion…[View]
19186896The whole idea of the conspiracy of 'crisis actors' is a psyop: The government itself started the co…[View]
19180939Vatican Secret Archives: Thread about the Secret Archives in the Vatican City. It is well known that…[View]
19180422What do you know of Santa Muerte[View]
19186779im thinking of starting tantric technique on my own, inventing my own tantric method, like doing cra…[View]
19188439Poltergeist?: I live with my girlfriend In my mothers old house, she and my dad moved into an smalle…[View]
19188182http://www.severe-weather.eu/recent-events/severe-thunderstorm-outbreak-in-germany-june-22-2017/ …[View]
19187648sometimes wake up thinking I've diedI: Can anyone relate? Maybe once a month or so, I wake up s…[View]
19188446t↦c≡ (t+n)mod26: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qTJKDi3U3o4[View]
19188378Looking for a explanation: so today i just wake up at 7:00 AM very rare for me now cause we're …[View]
19188364Is anybody have a clue what could it be? It looks like space ship for me https://www.google.pl/maps…[View]
19188207Shadow Figures: When I was in elementary school, I was horribly afraid of the dark. The main reason …[View]
19187533does /x/ knows how to teleport like some kind of magic and shit[View]
19187849What doesn't the government hide from you?[View]
19188177> be 21 > 1 in the morning > walking through these woods by my house that a dead body was f…[View]
19188073odd drug experiences thread: hey /x/ lets share our weirdest/best/whatever stories when u were high,…[View]
19186751Haunted Castle: This is a castle build by a father in the memory of his daughter who died at the age…[View]
19187933hey /x/, is there any way to erase every trace of myself from the earth? i want to die but i dont wa…[View]
19186504Eight US soldiers go missing while unearthing an ancient flying machine in Afghan cave: Absolutely i…[View]
19171089Official Aliens Leaks 6/18: OFFICIAL NEW Wikileaks dump on Aliens. What are everybody's thought…[View]
19186339Hmm. Really makes you think, eh?[View]
19187061>be uni student >be working at a psychiatric hospital as a part time job >night shifts only…[View]
19185591preminitions: I have memories from up to 6 years ago about certain things happening in a video game …[View]
19185264Good coast to coast am stuff?: Heard a bit about the radio show. Wondering if there's any good …[View]
19186259Clairvoyance Thread: Clairvoyance/Remote viewing thread, I am sitting in an office. To the left of m…[View]
19182952Hello /x/ Recently, my Nintendo 3DS XL has completley vanished from existence. I took a trip to New …[View]
19187557Son I summon you. I don't give a shit that this a publik thread I dont fucking care that this h…[View]
19187645Ok /x/, I can't explain the feelings I get when thinking about this Keep in mind I don't b…[View]
19187690Was the beast of gevaudan a werewolf, just a large wolf or something else?[View]
19187572how do i become a targeted individual: it looks fun[View]
19180324Spooky stories? Spooky stories. So this is a spook happened to my buddy and a couple of our friends,…[View]
19187440Does /x/ believe that, at least at some point, somewhere, there were magicians or a single magician …[View]
19184621Old Gods are rising.: If you haven't made the link yet between Druidism and the Grenfel fire th…[View]
19187411Why I quit the Illuminati: I don't mean to reveal any secrets to the people here, I'm just…[View]
19179729Who is the crimson king?[View]
19187383Touching Truth in dreams?: I have vague recollection of touching deep, universal truth within my dre…[View]
19187343Do you feel this too? This pressure on your ear: Since a few days I have somehow pressure on the ear…[View]
19187579Sickness Curse: A friend of mine beat stage 3 cancer about a year and a half ago after some full on …[View]
19170332Reality glitch thread. Have you ever experienced a reality glitch?[View]
19186965Slenderman Dream: For the past Year i have been dreaming about Slenderman. I am not scared of him, n…[View]
19179247Why has nobody on /x/ gone Sorcerer Supreme?: If magic is real, why haven't any of you trained …[View]
19184966Why is Magick seen as something negative in Catholicism and associated with Satan? Why can't th…[View]
19187309Some spoop for ye: Howdy, heres a little greentext for all >Dad and his buds out hunting >Dus…[View]
19185786Kek, and whenever or not it's real.: Is Kek a actual entity or is this just some dumb 4chan LAR…[View]
19171212Spooky Secret Society Stories: Lets talk about a few things. Mainly the Masononic lodge. But also so…[View]
19165858Richard C.Hoagland: How is the show anons. Like to hear unexplained stories about Mars that always s…[View]
19167424Lets talk about this film and its meaning. I think it's completely obvious that this film is ab…[View]
19187238Potentially Magic Phenomena?: Hey /x/, normally i just lurk here but some things have been happening…[View]
19179017FLAT EARTH/CLOSE SUN DISCUSSION: old thread >>19171414 Lets discuss/debate flat earth, fake NA…[View]
19183541/x/ have you ever been present for an Exorcism?: Tell me your experiences. Witnessed an attempted 'e…[View]
19186628Reoccurring Nightmare: For the past month I've been having a horrible reoccurring dream and I n…[View]
19186564Anyone here meditate? Chant? Mantras? What's your practice like? What does it do for you? Thank…[View]
19184632Are any of you familiar with Berserk? It's interesting to think about the parallels between its…[View]
19186878Which building would you haunt?: Aftre you die you get to haunt one building in the world for the ne…[View]
19185085They're full of shit thread: Starting off with these young ladies with very active imaginations…[View]
19182680>Anon, how is your spiritual unfoldment going? What do you say?[View]
19186551About Summoning: I have a few question in regards of summoning (Ars Goetia) I have read the Lesser k…[View]
19169276MANDELA EFFECT PROOF - THE THINKER: There is some very interesting residue for 'The Thinker' sculptu…[View]
19186744I think the more important question isn't why did they crash but why did they come here in the …[View]
19186851Australian UFO sightings: Recently I was driving in Geelong last Wednesday evening at about 530 and …[View]
19186822Strange object seen in the skies of Ontario, Canada. It came out of no where, this thing. I was walk…[View]
19178984We don't have a vampire thread right now so I made one. Can we discuss vampires. I would like t…[View]
19179450I'm a Skinwalker; AMA: Found this board a while back, decided y'all might enjoy hearing fi…[View]
19184636whats /x/'s opinion on gingers? ive been thinking about the whole 'no soul' and 'steal your sou…[View]
19186705Nuntism General: Nuntism is a religion I founded not long ago. I'm here to answer any questions…[View]
19186862Can anyone give me advice and/or personal experiences with abandoned places/facilities in Switzerlan…[View]
19186775So what does this mean? Is it even true?[View]
19186750Yoga: Can anyone recommend me some good sources (books I guess) on the practice of yoga? Also, whic…[View]
19184674Lived in Haunted Cabin. AMA: I lived in a haunted cabin for roughly six years of my childhood (From …[View]
19186748Universal, live, continuous, recording, and long-term monitoring FMRI devices would provide abundant…[View]
19186659Numerology: Born on Trips in Hawaii.... >be me >born at 4:44 >Maui, Hawaii (Hana Maui known…[View]
19186677What unsolved mystery/case creeps you out the most? For me Hinterkaifeck murders takes the cake. The…[View]
19185639do blessed steel/iron weapons kill vampires?[View]
19185950YXdhcmU=: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9cNdeQQZ6Sc[View]
19186522The forces of good: Here's an experiment that says a lot about your soul Read this pdf file (te…[View]
19186405Does /x/ like deus ex? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C8kZ3HfeqtA[View]
19182932Has anyone been able to find this book online or a scan? It's supposed to be really important, …[View]
19180761Wtf is this?: No I don't think its a lava lamp, the guy that I was talking to said its a incuba…[View]
19185488Hey does anyone know any /x/ tier phone numbers to call late at night?[View]
19186465I'm out here trying to make 'eerie' videos. ARG or not, I'm trying to just make some foota…[View]
191843781:14 am seeing a lot of flashing lights in the sky, hearing no thunder/ no clouds in the sky either.…[View]
19186433What are some of the most fucked up ways to die? And by fucked up I don't mean by most painful,…[View]
19169914Creepy pics thread: post the most unnerving shit you've got so I can fill up my creepy pics fol…[View]
19182869GF2y9INWDw/eOH/Ld9R3kfwKR7Gt2DcZzY3RFhFbdTOfaISTAhatoUstdGGxShPHq 2SRfzfEtO8PxJhseVYVjVcr0yswRjZtH9Z…[View]
19185753What are some creepy movies i can watch with my gf?[View]
19184484/x/ I have a problem and I'm really not sure which board to go to. Please help guys. >be me …[View]
19169793IIT: Scariest shit you've experienced in an urban area.[View]
19174625Make Me Believe Aliens Are Real: UFO's and alien stories have fascinated me since I was child a…[View]
19186044What does it feel like to have your 3rd eye open? How do I know when my 3rd eye is open? I think it …[View]
19186440NASA 2025 plan: Has anyone seen or heard about the NASA 2025 plan? https://youtu.be/LPon4znZbJU…[View]
19172053Realistically,what are the chances of Adolf Hitler being alive?[View]
19183789I've been lurking on /x for about four years now, and I have plenty of stories and pictures to …[View]
19181205Been invited to a solstice event and in the invite people are asked to 'dress accordingly'. I just m…[View]
19177784Alright /x/, redpillme on die glocke. Was it really a secret nazi weapon powered by xerum 525 capabl…[View]
19166304Mandela Effect: Revelation 21:1 >Then I saw 'a new heaven and a new earth,' The world didn't…[View]
19184856Create a new religion: Ideas[View]
19183693found this while on a camping trip with my mom a couple months back, was hanging on a tree with old …[View]
19185595In accordance with religious judeo-christian tradition, I was hugely abused in my infant to toddler …[View]
19185787How do I attain godhood /x/?[View]
19186121At hospital with friend is he gonna die?[View]
19186109I Reunited The Clash With Banksy: Everyone listen to my record its not mastered yet but its great tr…[View]
19185858What is the truth behind this /x/? I've come across it several times, but I can not find a sour…[View]
19178928Starlight 122. AMA: Starlight 122 has been high jacked in my current year. I was given the option to…[View]
19185898Whats the deal with whtie noise?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p9q0_0SAaOg[View]
19185291What the actual fuck does this mean?: I found three of these pieces of paper on the ground in my nei…[View]
19185946Fucking spooky: >be me >be 10 at some random middle school >between classes I used to go th…[View]
19185322Anne Discussion General - (ADG) -: Let's discuss Anne, and our current guide Tanisia! Links: ht…[View]
19185603Can anyone tell me anything about astral projection? Pic unrelated[View]
19177833What kind of tropes do you hate in creepypastas/spoopy stories? What are things you like? I love sca…[View]
19182532Nazca mummy: Good evening /x/, I'm quite disappointed to see no one has brought this up yet. S…[View]
19180742Are giants real?[View]
19185821Memes: Memes were a really clever way of throwing off the NSA, now they have to sift through million…[View]
19183724'Grey Ape' hypothesis: I just had the weirdest idea. What if the Greys are the genetically modified …[View]
19182051Redpill me on the sphinx please. There are many theories.[View]
19185045Can anyone recommend me any horrifying novels? I want to feel dread and utter terror/despair. Kind o…[View]
19185757Why is nobody talking about this!!!! http://www.snopes.com/alien-mummy-peru/ Video https://youtu.be/…[View]
19183886This psychic told me I need buy her 2 rolex watches for her to fix my love life.[View]
19182488Heaven aint hard to find when you are dead?[View]
19184812crazy guy - god entered my body like a body: So, I found this channel of some guy with schizophrenia…[View]
19183077Premonition: I had a dream last night. A large rock will strike the Earth on September tenth of this…[View]
19183514GATE and marble children?: Does anyone have information on GATE/marble children theories/conspiracie…[View]
19185270Consider the following. As science continues to improve, it will start to align more with magic. Pos…[View]
19185025Ok, i have something to you that i need explaining. I am aproaching my mid-twenties and i have this …[View]
19181583ITT: Post cryptids, monsters, and urban legends. Bonus points for: Stories, Personal Experiences, a…[View]
19185331so I'm guessing that whole doctor hunt meme ended up being nothing[View]
19185482Has /x/ already talked about this? Why did I find it on /pol/ and not /x/? You're not doing you…[View]
19180404Subterranean Washington, D.C.: What lies beneath all that masonic symbolism /x/?[View]
19185030Unknown mummified humanoid found near Nazca, Peru. Carbon tests dating it back from 245 to 410 AD. …[View]
19184482Enochian sigils: Post useful enochian sigils,and tell me what they're for.[View]
19184549Tell me the truth on Santa Claus /x/[View]
19182525Herbalism:Where do I start? I do not necessarily believe in all that stuff, i am not into alternativ…[View]
19183401I practice voodoo. Ask me anything Also magick/witchcraft general[View]
19184437What happened to this nigga?[View]
19184998What do you think of the Smithsonian Institution - do they know things we dont?: do they need fresh …[View]
19185077Weird tree: I was just walking through the park and this tree caught my eye and kind of weirded me o…[View]
19180459weird phone album: I never use the annunciation for 'you'. It says 'u'. I never made this folder... …[View]
19183267Why did the thread get deleted? Also does anyone have the infograph with the full gestalt on this, o…[View]
19181919Luci4chan: Alright /x/, redpill me on the OG archangel Lucifer. Is he really the one we should be w…[View]
19182002Y'all got interesting legends/monsters/conspiracies: I need inspiration for a personal project …[View]
19184721What are your saftey precautions?: Hey /x/, when you go innabuildings that are old and ruined/rotten…[View]
19182501tried /pol/ no reply Is this a Free-Macon logo we see ? That is the Russian situation room in the Kr…[View]
19183171/x/ is Randy Stair an example of Tulpamancy gone wrong: There are so many threads on /x/ regarding T…[View]
19184822Russian radio transmissions.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JdquYvWwEts What do you make of this? …[View]
19184729Post about one of the scariest movies ever made.[View]
19184684Black Magic: Okay so black magic. Is it real? Do you believe in it?[View]
19184576Demonology: What does a real demon look like, /x? I've heard that in their truest form they loo…[View]
191724272012 was supposed to be the end of the Dark Ages. The human race is supposedly going through a shift…[View]
19184587Holders parodies: Hello, /x/. I ask that in this thread you make parodies of The Holders creepypasta…[View]
19183657What is the reason for a secret? Is a philosophical discussion possible about this question. Not loo…[View]
19170193So how did Elisa die, /x/?[View]
19178830What's the most haunted/filled with paranormal stuff country in the world ?[View]
19184351Opening your third eye: Does anyone have any advice for a noob on how to awaken your third eye?…[View]
19184329Spooky/Creepy Story Thread: Haven't seen one in a while. > few days ago > wake up in a ha…[View]
19181551Welcome to Divination General! Come here for readings and discussion of theory/practice. Every metho…[View]

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