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19770300Inception: So I woke up this morning with an inception, an idea that I'd got in a dream last ni…[View]
19768732Schizophrenia?: Hey guys last night I was browsing /x/ and saw a comment mentioning Donald Marshall …[View]
19770712Condition of /x/: What the hell is wrong with /x/? I want you to look at the catalog and tell me wha…[View]
19769937Shapeshifting: Hello /x/, I(male) am obsessed with becoming feminine but I don't want to be a s…[View]
19767622Learning Psychokenesis: I've grown curious and wish to learn how to use psychokinesis. While I …[View]
19769483Why do they hide the coordinates for this?[View]
19768842Ship missing after 29 years: August 13, 1962. Los Angeles. A mysterious ship appeared in the docks t…[View]
19768817recognizable, but hard to find source cartoons?: any spooky old /x/ comics like these itt?[View]
1977000106072027: I can’t believe they’ve actually done it. Not long left. They were warned, but they just h…[View]
19769950UNMANNED UFO: Hello /x/ I'm looking for a story some anon posted a while ago. Basically what he…[View]
19767563Lost media specific: So, here is a friend of Jonathan King. Jimmy Seville, whom was involved in the …[View]
19768869Why is it that the mandela effect theories only ever involve trivial things like the spelling of a k…[View]
19769848What is nature's problem? Why do we tolerate a reality that has to eat itself to survive? Is th…[View]
19768184Spooky Posters: Hey, /x/. I'm requesting to find posters that look visually similar to this. So…[View]
19767595What really happened to this guy? It's clear that the media never gave us the facts.[View]
19770191Is Donald Trump a Russian plant? Evidence seems to be mounting.[View]
19769085How Do I Get Employed to Gang Stalk?: Seems like easy money desu senpai How do I apply?[View]
19768372Information on Selling of Souls: My brother in law recently passed away (very unexpected) and his wi…[View]
19769830The disclosure!: Hello ladies and gentlemen, I am revealing a secret way to clone yourself into futu…[View]
19770071Need your help /x/, some time maybe last year there was a painting thread with something like pic re…[View]
19766389If you discovered that you had super powers, would you use them for good? In a world with no super h…[View]
19769541Blow my mind by the single most paranormal consciousness shattering redpill you know.[View]
19767754Have you found your purpose yet? do you know your place and role?: it is imperative that you do. do …[View]
19769934Both choices are a fluke. Keep calm and carry on.[View]
19769478HAPPENING: Nibiru!!!!!! http://www.foxnews.com/science/2017/10/18/nasa-says-evidence-for-planet-nine…[View]
19769450infographs, theories, mystery pictures: Hello /x/, I want to get myself more educated with new infor…[View]
19769659Existential crisis: Does reality exist or are we just interpreting it as 'real' because we…[View]
19769773/x/ Symbols: What are your visually favourite /x/ related symbols and their meaning/origin?[View]
19769772Redpill me on Ouija boards: Have you ever used them or know someone who has? What are your thoughts …[View]
19769674when i was kid i had telokanetic powers i canot do it anymore how do i get my powers back?/[View]
19768391The Reddest of Pills: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VGk4ZgiCbsA[View]
19766702There's a machine on the moon that can't be turned off: 'We could not get close enough to …[View]
19769522Grab this and eat it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ieU-tNtkvIo[View]
19769603who want's to be blatant about this charade?[View]
19765216>Weeknd's album name is Starboy >in Sarboy video, he's trudging around carrying a ne…[View]
19769572Lost Knowledge: Did the ancients know more than we give them credit? if so, what would be an example…[View]
19763856/pol/ isnt cutting it for me anymore. infinite chan is dead, and iv lost my good IRC connections. Ca…[View]
19769045Immortality: Can a human really escape the constructs that bound him/herself to the small desolate p…[View]
19769377Crap creepy pastas: Does anyone have any creepy pastas that are trying to be serious but they are ju…[View]
19766339I heard there is a guy on the west coast with telepathy[View]
19741531/x/ Approved Movies: Well /x/, About this time last year an anon on /x/ recommended The VVitch as a …[View]
19769294shh... it's ok <333[View]
19769211COP AMA: Tonight is the night boys It's late so I'm really just hoping to catch one of you…[View]
19768735recruiting lucid dreamers: I need an interview of a dream character: Are they conscious? Are some aw…[View]
19766987Is there any way to go back in time /x/[View]
19769163im excited to obe/sleepy [aralysis, any tips or tricks? also, another lucid dreaming thread[View]
19769161/x/ tv series.: Alright so I have been thinking about this every time I go into a greentext thread. …[View]
19758795What are your thoughts on the Vedas? Why is Vedic religion so much more interesting than Abrahamic r…[View]
19769123witch lies: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nG4OHCMFNBk[View]
19768919Ex-victim of Gang stalking: 10 years ago, I was subject of an old psychological oeration/gangstalkin…[View]
19767298Photoshop: Can someone photoshop a ghost in this pic?[View]
19768816/x/pill me on seizures. I had an event a couple weeks ago and I'm going to get some tests tomor…[View]
19767952Favorite SCPs?: What are your favorite SCPs?[View]
19767571Do we need to revamp/ simplify the catalogue?: many people still seem to need introductions to a lot…[View]
19768857how do we beat the pokemon trainer?[View]
19764416Nasca mummies: Has anyone been following this better than I have? In the spring of 2017, Gaia filmm…[View]
19768969I have a 15 euro itunes gift card. Which book should I get to blow my mind?[View]
19767369I found out skeletons live inside us. Tell me your spooky facts and questions.[View]
19765073Gangstalking is real: All deniers read these wikipedia pages https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zersetzun…[View]
19765901Ailen Thread: Post pics of ailens/Tell storys of ufos and/or ailen encounters[View]
19768384ok thats it what is this site. are u all ayys or some shit? and for the love of all that is sane, wh…[View]
19768411/div/ - Divination General: Welcome to Divination General! Come here for readings and discussion of …[View]
19766898How do I do it and what could it be used for?[View]
19767974Isn't it kind of odd the that modern mass media and medical technology has so desensitized us t…[View]
19768688How do I have sex with a spirit /x/?[View]
19765406UFO shot down: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QLtVyGcupFE[View]
19764412The Swastika, Janus, Metamaterials and the Chans: I had an occult experience a couple years ago that…[View]
19768331To all of these magic threads: I'm a bit skeptical myself but I'm open to anything and tru…[View]
19768838NOT roleplay: succubi: Why y'all even bother with succubi if you're not vampires? You know…[View]
19768766its sentient: https://youtu.be/8O52o2wyqY0 >too creative. >the paranormal controls it! ayy lma…[View]
19755949What conspiracy theories do you genuinely believe in? There was definitely something up with 9/11 fo…[View]
19766737Creepy youtube channels: Give me some good legit spoopy youtube channels to check out. I enjoy Top 5…[View]
19766663Which one of you /x/ chaps built a time machine to put this shit on Disney Channel and expose us at …[View]
19762569Vampire Thread: So... what does /x/ know about vampires? Everything you can share. How does a human…[View]
19768570What type of supernatural being does Oiwa fall under? She reminds me of something that has been both…[View]
19766832Serious talk about memes: Hello again, i wanted to know if you have had any experiences with memes i…[View]
19764659You are Cast Out: In the name of Jesus Christ I cast you OUT from the person you are possessing. You…[View]
19767107Something about screaming in space: Playlist Oculus The Faculty Body Snatchers The Thing Alien 1-3 …[View]
19768531158.69.226.12:25590 1.12.2[View]
19766237Rosicrucianism: Can I get a quick rundown on Rosicrucianism ? there is an institute for it in my are…[View]
19767215EXPLOITATION OF REALITY: I want to talk to you about something that has the potential to change your…[View]
19767917i heard that scientologists working with the Neopets team tried to put scientology beliefs and pract…[View]
19767112Washington Spookies: Hey y'all I'm going deep innawoods with some guns to LARP and whateve…[View]
19768456Hello /x/ what are your favourite simple spells to do? Maybe its a money spell, or a spell for your …[View]
19767838Why do we overlook the most obvious evidence of alien contact (pic)?[View]
19764119Saturn Worship?: Hi /x/, I keep hearing /pol/ talk about modern Saturn worship and I was wondering …[View]
19768352possible to communicate with a sixth sense?: recently, i happened upon a wikihow guide on this but a…[View]
19766994You are Summoned To Occupy These Vessels: Attenrobendum eos, ad ligandum eos, potiter eos, coram me.…[View]
19767132Up On Melancholy Hill: https://youtu.be/04mfKJWDSzI Up on Melancholy Hill There's a plastic tre…[View]
19767652Hare Krsna General: Krishna.com Purebhakti.com Vedabase.com Guidance, questions & discussion Ju…[View]
19766723Dead skinwalker found: Hey x. Found the possible dumped body of a dead skin walker. https://youtu.b…[View]
19763091>carrying an umbrella outdoors in clear sunny weather What was his endgame?…[View]
19767506Sad Satan: Was anyone able to finish the game Sad Satan? what happened at the end and did you get h…[View]
19766124What do you know about Sad Satan game?[View]
19768121Left ear ringing/popped after listening to prayer?: I was listening to this video https://www.youtub…[View]
19767475Illuminati Harvest: http://www.illuminati-news.com/00363.html Hidden Hand was right. We are experien…[View]
19755160Anyone have experience with the Hare Krishnas/iskcon? I went to a service today and it was pretty aw…[View]
19763358/div/ - Divination General: Welcome to Divination General! Come here for readings and discussion of …[View]
19755548Time to cut the bullshit, I want the best stuff /x/ has in regards to the true nature of reality. An…[View]
19767914Pedo stalkers: I found this show that has a pedo who stalks small children. It is really creepy. We …[View]
19767624The Sixth Extinction: Fellow members of the 42. Perhaps we were not trapped here against our Wills. …[View]
19767459HELP A /B/ROTHER OUT: ATTENTION /X/ US AT /B/ HAVE FOUND SOMETHING we cannot yet figure out what / w…[View]
19766334Hello /x/ I'm looking for a story some anon posted a while ago. Basically what he said was that…[View]
19763256Is Kanye West becoming president the second coming of the messiah.[View]
19766948Help with this: Someone knocks at the door at exactly 03:00 AM... I know because it's been both…[View]
19763418How has x postivley impacted your life[View]
19766985What magick spells or whatever can I do to protect my heart? My actual Heart, the muscle. I worry of…[View]
19762513you show interest in talk us we light is different yours your home very beautiful in picture low 1-b…[View]
19767509Blood red sun sets On Shadowed One's brow Mixing tones of earth and fire Until awakening again …[View]
19767587Healing Spell/Ritual: Hey, i am looking for a healing spell or ritual and found on wicca sides somet…[View]
19765924ama: Saw an alien, it had crash landed on a tall rural hill and I was just there when it happened. I…[View]
19766885Why are people here afraid of aliens ? They are are our soulmates.[View]
19766308people staring at me: 2 things I've been doing lately: dieting and qigong. This means two big c…[View]
19762210Is it time?[View]
19766736This is China Lake Naval Air Base in California. Look to the right. I showed this to /pol/ in a Skyk…[View]
19766437What does being an Libra mean?[View]
19767183Wanna do an ouija board? I guess it's possible through an encryption method like A1Z26 (planetc…[View]
19766781Consiousness Transfer/Immortality: I once heard of a form of magick, (Asian in origin, if I remember…[View]
19767092Gut Thread: >We have lost touch with our guts on many scales. >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
19767148The will of God: Reminder that God and only God has a will.[View]
19764740Spirit Gazing: Do you see visual snow or static? It looks similar to pic related and covers the whol…[View]
19767047ROOM 42: Answer of the Universe Just find it... https://roomfortytwo.wixsite.com/index[View]
19767044How do others call the dead to possess a person in other countries? In my country we uses energy fro…[View]
19766715Hey /x/, anyone knows where I can watch the Twilight Zone, the old one? Can't fucking find a pr…[View]
19767034UFO: I don't suppose anyone happens to be north-west hungary and have been looking up at the sk…[View]
19766897Cryptid hunting /chg/: Alright guys /k/ here, share best methods for hunting down and killing crypti…[View]
19763297Does God rule by His strength or by His compassion, /x/?: Let's have a real talk about God. On…[View]
19766677what is this shit..: so..many many years ago in the 2006-2008 period i got interested in orgonite fo…[View]
19766657What have you been reading?: How you doing /x/? Finding some reason to be afraid since we are in the…[View]
19766913Shitty Arg Cave of Shadows: Why do they still do this shit, the ARG is absolute trash. And they have…[View]
19764346>you didn't watch this series during halloween time this year[View]
19765966Was the constant harassment they received gangstalking? Brooks Brown has said that they'd even …[View]
19764384More channelings/symbols/spiritual drawing thread.: Post your Channels/draws. don't care if the…[View]
19764997Satan: How does one make a deal with /worship Satan? I hear a lot about Pizzagate, and how the elit…[View]
19764761anyone have the 'mojave desert nope.jpeg' in the thumbnail of pic related? also camping/skinwalker …[View]
19766694Body double or....: This ability to self recover, allowing the dying Hillary and her husband to keep…[View]
19763193Beach bridge: Hey /x/ currently at a desolate overpass by a beach in the middle of no where. About 5…[View]
19763552How do I get business as an animal psychic?[View]
19764881I have the ability to create and train general artificial intelligences that will surpass/enhance hu…[View]
19765691Bears are humans genetically modified[View]
19763906LSD & Metaphysical: Dropped some lsd a month back, shirt got trippy, had a bad one experienced e…[View]
19764764Anyone familiar with the Shadow boxing curse? I came across it in my mothers magik book Does it real…[View]
19765308apocalypse??: so the sun is here shining red through the clouds ive never seen anything like this So…[View]
19766346Redpill me on redpilling on redpilling redpill redpilll redpill....[View]
19761813Deep Web Game: Several months ago someone made this thread: 'Fuck guys, i don't know what to do…[View]
19766209/lit/ here, looking for some help. what big names are missing from the 'historical occult canon' bel…[View]
19763676>tfw brain feels foggy a lot Is something secretly picking my brain?[View]
19766408https://youtu.be/Vt7QJB02BVU 1984 Audiobook. 9:38:08[View]
19762039Messages in a Bible: I found some spooky crack head ravings in my hotel room in the bible when I was…[View]
19766192I was friends with a girl who had schizophrenia. She confided in me before I was aware what schizoph…[View]
19766143dreams: I've been a lot more in touch with my dreams lately. I used to rarely ever remember the…[View]
19766320Have any of you schizophrenic fucks read The Red Book by Carl Jung? If not, how the fuck do you want…[View]
19766252how do i stop being deaf to his words? how do i stop being unaware of his intentions? how do i stop …[View]
19764984Sup /x/ I rarely lurk this board, but now i think i'm stuck in a legitimate /x/ event. Let me e…[View]
19766027Hillary Clinton fall yesterday.: Hi, can anyone here tell me what time EST exactly or what hour it w…[View]
19766136動物が解放されます: https://youtu.be/h0f00uIx7rg[View]
19766145Do people really kidnap black cats around Halloween to do nasty ritual stuff to them? Asking for a f…[View]
19766085Hey /x/ I know occultism is your thing on this website I wanted to ask What would be the best way to…[View]
19763721Brits in the UK baffled as two suns appear in the sky: Star Wars fans stunned after ‘two suns’ are s…[View]
19765544I have an ability to kill any topic that's popular, like a thread on the chins or music etc. I …[View]
19761223Do spiders have paranormal abilities, or are they simply attracted to the paranormal? There's a…[View]
19760943This place sucks. Greentext thread. Let's get real spooky shit going[View]
19763401Angels: Why does everybody believe in Ghost and spirit hauntings but show a photo of an Angel and yo…[View]
19766028Let's say that I want to get into UFO investigation. What is some essential reading?[View]
19763489Drew this on a shamanic trance: Any idea of what it might be?[View]
19765961/x/ Approved Documentaries: Ghost/demon/mythical themed. The more analytical the better. Need someth…[View]
19762193Hello, all. Due to a family crisis, I couldn't keep my promise to dump the next arc last weeken…[View]
19764895Buddhas and Bodhisattvas decided some months ago to stop helping beings because I am on Earth helpin…[View]
19765893Oogie boogie boogie boogie[View]
19764935Is there a legit way to wish for something without negativite consequences?[View]
19761970Mystery of the Solway Firth Spaceman photo: http://www.freaklore.com/mystery-of-the-solway-firth-spa…[View]
19764655Let's talk about JANET: Currently in /pol we are discussing the air strip as a possible connect…[View]
19765858Nebraska Spoops: I've come to the realization my state has very little paranormal shit and urba…[View]
19764480How can I summon a succubus? I think that shit would be hot[View]
19762172JFK assassination video anomaly: Has anyone noticed the strange anomaly/creature(?) that comes from …[View]
19763930Creepy shit is always happening in Florida: So here i am to share some stories with you faggots, and…[View]
19765764Creepy MOD meme seen only in /x/: May I just say that the ethics of those creepy memes are reaching …[View]
19765246How did Jesus perform the miracles and healings?[View]
19742776on november 13th, a 4 mile wide meteor will hit the earth at 80,000 mph and end all life on this pla…[View]
19762380New project blue book alien video - Is this real?: Not sure what I just watched but scared the shit …[View]
19765506mutilated body by beast: mutilated body by beast https://youtu.be/kV5bjdtnELk[View]
19763023Raise the Bar 10/20/17: What do you think will happen this Friday?[View]
19758737Chart sharing and comparisons Could someone help me understand mine? I have no idea what any of thes…[View]
19765215Calls from this number. Creepy town. Purple static whenever I record stuff. Phone has been deactivat…[View]
19765602Cursed Images: This image is cursed[View]
19763555Native American lore: Where can I go to find the mohegan, Pequot, etc. dieties.[View]
19764341370: What happened to it?[View]
19765507Night of the never more dream.: Last night I dreamed that a magic practitioner turned off my ability…[View]
19762793I just have one question: What the fuck is happening right now?[View]
19765075Telekinesis: I can do small-scale telekinesis and don't bother asking for proof because i'…[View]
19760537What is this creature? (photo attached): Weird creature spotted at Google Street View (see photo att…[View]
19762102Overlords?: This was in a thread on /pol/ about architecture. Anon was ignored, and by the time I as…[View]
19756286How do we cure this generations nihilism/ existentialism: Im getting tired of the angsty posting, bu…[View]
19763581What is the true nature of the Sagittarius?[View]
19763397the september 23 sign was a legitimate biblical sign showing us whats about to take place... its not…[View]
19765139Creepy true stories time: After reading /x/ for a few months now, I finally decided to share with yo…[View]
19765104I am God and I received a sign to pray, from the previous God. What the fuck does it mean? It is cle…[View]
19750016We left the jewel of knowledge with an enthusiastic desire to create a complex and interesting unive…[View]
19765252Nazis & Antarctica just honest discussion plz: What's the deal with Nazis and Antarctica? C…[View]
19762091Why can’t I wake up?[View]
19763265Red pill me on freemasonry: >fraternity >must believe in a higher power >push each other to…[View]
19763530Hi /x I am a 24 years old guy and I need some advices for improve my (spiritual) life. I dont know m…[View]
19764783anything goes: show me you.[View]
19761750Souls: Do humans and animals have the same type of soul? what about insects? plants? does anything a…[View]
19765085Vehmic courts: Anyone know anything about these people besides what google says?[View]
19762741Have you ever encountered a nature spirit or local god, /x/? I'm not talking about capital-G Go…[View]
19764978In case you forgot: In case you forget https://youtu.be/YAGq2lBG5eE[View]
19764814Help. There is something disturbing me on my sleep. I've woken up shouting 'Yes? Excuse me' (B…[View]
19755984NOT roleplay: Vampires will never be safe if we can't admit it to others. I'm not waging w…[View]
19760989In southern england right now and my house is pitch black. it has been since 14:30. it's finall…[View]
19764862CHRISTIANITY: >Be God >Be filled with Goodness and love >can tell the future, since I'…[View]
197648312 spooky cold case files thread? >colleen stan was a fabrication by feminists…[View]
19764779/x/ give me your best paranormal copy pastas. I've gone through 12 hours of evp recordings and …[View]
19763522I see a bunch of spoopky threads about Vampires, boogie men, and other childish things but what abou…[View]
19764711Yesterday at around 11am or so something weird happened. Considering we were meant to have a hurrica…[View]
19764098important: hey guys[View]
19752425Secureteam10: Hi guys. Tyler here... Heres this video of a BLUE orb floating in the sky..just...wow.…[View]
19761731The pin prick that ends the world. Ego is the willingness to attack another's ego. It doesn…[View]
19764483I am in my 4th day of 9 days doing the Cassiel purifying with the Alchemy paste. What should I expec…[View]
19764477Actually for an explanation. I dicked around with runes tulpas Ouija and anything edgy even slightly…[View]
19764471Horror Web Series: What kinda things would y'all fellas wanna see out of a new horror webseries…[View]
19763820Who were they working for and to what end?[View]
19764432Julia thread?[View]
19763668Ghosts: I have never seen a ghost>ghosts aren't real.[View]
19760960Astral projection: It's fake or not?[View]
19761610How legit is MUFON? Is it more than just a money grab? Are their Field Agents actually a thing?[View]
19762206How to counter the creator: You have probably heard of the Mandela effect which is people claiming t…[View]
19763211MKUltra thread I can't believe no one online is talking about Colin Firth in Kingsman 2. He…[View]
19760025So, we're all God, and we're just fucking around like this? Let's get our shit togeth…[View]
19758617Orichalcum: Thread on Orichalcum does anyone know where to find any?[View]
19760041How long must I suffer?[View]
19764123I always see this picture in paranormal websites. What's so spooky about it?[View]
19759963Curses, Hexes, and other lesser Magicks: Trying to learn how to preform rituals that result in cursi…[View]
19763378Hey /x/, congrats! You're now the third most referenced board in the most important series on s…[View]
19760459I had a panic attack after smoking weed and reality stopped making sense to me. I know it was proba…[View]
19763994Hey /x/ give me the criteria for a prophesied figure if know any. (pic unrelated)[View]
19761298I need to know: I am fucking sick of candles, thumbr rituals, spells. I have been looking for years …[View]
19763263Billy Corgan of Smashing Pumpkins claims he saw a shapeshifter: Today Billy Corgan went on the Howar…[View]
19758251Body horror art/thread: Anyone else think body horror is best horror?[View]
19763114Old School /x/: Can we get a good/old school /x/ thread going please? NOT allowed: >divination bu…[View]
19761531What's the most eerie feeling you've ever had? What caused it?[View]
19761773What kind of stimulation does /x/ use to reach some state of mild or optimized Astral Projection or …[View]
19762670Space Invaders from Uranus: From the nearby galaxy somewhere in between a moon and Uranus. Sorry bab…[View]
19761007UNMANNED UFO: Hello /x/ I'm looking for a story some anon posted a while ago. Basically what he…[View]
19763334Sup /x/: Anybody snag these today? They're both pretty interesting reads. I can post copies if …[View]
19763553Public Figures: Are all Famous people evil?[View]
19763454What is going on?: Hey x, i was walking down my hallway and i heard something hit a wall in my house…[View]
19763527Believe and you will find your way[View]
19761064Future knowledge given to me by dimensional kind: Future knowledge, Secrets of the Universe Please t…[View]
19763481Reptoids: Have you ever come into contact with an authority figure - teacher/politician/government w…[View]
19750360SOLOMON THE KING: He was supposed to be the smartest -- THE SMARTEST -- motherfucker ever to walk th…[View]
19761712How can I use a computer or computer program to summon or commune with the paranormal?[View]
19762857What's /x/'s thoughts on beserkers, ulfhednarr, svynvilking, etc.[View]
19760665Pink sun in Britbong land, any anons got an idea of what's causing it?[View]
19763437Shitthathappened2me/x/: >be me >be 15 >live in quite small town, in Alabama where crazy sh…[View]
19763417well know what?[View]
19762255To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Star Trek:Discovery: To be fair, you have …[View]
19759352Has anyone here really ever seen a ghost[View]
19762308Help to decipher coded tweets: So I wrote an article about Anne Faber and a strange tweet from a now…[View]
19762593expand and complete: help me make an /x/ related iceberg theory on economics,money-realted theories,…[View]
19763292A while back, this board seemed to go crazy over CERN. I'm a going to school for chemical engin…[View]
19760275I have started training for telekenisis a couple of weeks now. Any advice or tricks to advance quick…[View]
19763276KEK https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nMFUkbr7ymY[View]
19762385What sort of were creatures do you believe exist?[View]
19762729how can i get a gf...[View]
19762267Hello, X: Hello, X My name is Akemi, and I experience the paranormal all the time. I used to wonder …[View]
19762789EAMs: The increasing number of Air Force EAMs has really been causing me some anxiety, i got a 52 ch…[View]
19753574Cyberpunk- how much longer until we reach it?: we are getting close, but I think we have a longer ti…[View]
19762607Strange new breast cancer: Not really paranormal, but weird. Pic unrelated. So I was on the phone wi…[View]
19758954/div/ - Divination General: Welcome to Divination General! Come here for readings and discussion of …[View]
19761554Music of The Underworld: I'm researching the various versions of the underworld and trying to c…[View]
19761770How can one discover their purpose?[View]
19758663REAL AYY????: I haven't seen this. It got snuck in on JA posts. download quick[View]
19761913Santiago Flight 513: Was that real ? any one got serious source about this ?[View]
19762624Strange things you saw on the internet and never found again >around 12 years old >receive ema…[View]
19762557is Tom Delonge building an army of autists? https://youtu.be/tUOu9RpzwJI[View]
19762553HELP: Help me please. I've been possessed by a demon that makes me shitpost on imageboards! I t…[View]
19761389Aldebaran: Give me the run down on the Aryan race, Aldebrans, Thule, the Black Sun, and whatever els…[View]
19756025What are you guys exactly. I come here from pol looking for spooky stories and i see all this 'im po…[View]
19760156Could the earth have been flat? could it be made into a globe? What really happened on the eclipse? …[View]
19757551Jumpers: I know that some jumpers are watch at this board. I am stuck in Poland and lost my communic…[View]
19760670Can I please get an astro reading? thanks[View]
19762700What is your opinion /x/?: https://youtu.be/ypXqqdPrYQQ[View]
19759687Herbalism Thread: Is herbalism /x/? I think I've seen threads about it on here before. Thinking…[View]
19762078Ayy Stalker Alert Most Wanted /x/ fag: If you are on this board and into the paranormal than you mig…[View]
19761556why are so many people on /x/ into Krishna ?[View]
19761624Secureteam10: Hi guys Tyler here So wow...uh..we got some very interesting news today. But..uhh look…[View]
19761491Happiness: When did you realize that, when pursuing relevant knowledge, you would never be happy aga…[View]
19762690Are ghosts real? What's the best way to describe the phenomenon of ghosts that many people have…[View]
19762256Are telephones paranormal? They existed for over 100 years Back in old days how can your voice be st…[View]
19759021any tips for achieving vacancy of mind?[View]
19762463is the book 'the emerald tablets of thoth' by maurice doreal legit? people are saying that…[View]
19760606Calling Bonebro/The Underground Man: Does Bonebro still lurk? Anyone have any more screenshotted pos…[View]
19762184Just summoned my first imp, thanks to the anon who told me how to. It was nice fucking this guys men…[View]
19761333Reincarnation: Do you remember your other life?[View]
19762480Is the holy grail /X/ enough? Do you believe it exists as physical object or that it means Jesus had…[View]
19757546Gateway Process: Has anyone here actually tried hemisync in order to achieve astral projection? Or w…[View]
19761837https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lAD6Obi7Cag Is there anything paranormal or /x/ about this? Especial…[View]
19761484動物が解放されます: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h0f00uIx7rg[View]
19759627Please wake up.[View]
19760813I've been possessed since I was 6: Ask me anything about being possessed. Also this isn't …[View]
19762096Boring and Trivial life: Anyone else have these feelings of meaninglessness some days? Don't ge…[View]
19759428EWS Star of Venus: Eyes Wide Shut shows the Star of Venus at the initial holiday party. What did Kub…[View]
19757496OCCULT SECRET RELIGION: The actress Marilyn Monroe is a man. https://hooktube.com/watch?v=oe_btfW9n5…[View]
19760734Whatever I do is pure. Whatever you do against me is impure. You shall be in hell if you do so. Hav…[View]
19761651Instructions for resurrection of filthy Negros on Halloween[View]
19758726This video's great, some of you have probably seen it already. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
19759274Hell-o /x/ , What does this symbol really mean? Is it christian? What is it?[View]
19761642Is magic? Real if so how can you prove it? I do believe that /x/ is just a Larp/bait board so prove …[View]
19760312Would I become a machine if I couldnt distinguish myself from a 1:1 synthetic copy of me?[View]
19754675are the 4th and 5th dimensions etc mental states or physical places in terms of ascension?[View]
19761787ARG: Anyone on /x/ want to make an ARG?[View]
19759121A thought: What if you open your front door to find every single light on, shining red.[View]
19755708Am I everything in this universe? Yes I think so.: So, the big bang came out of nowhere containing e…[View]
19761911Anyone here /creepy captcha/ I think the captcha we been solving are part of a crime scene database …[View]
19761865Redpill me on the Archons.[View]
19761806Once, I was 7 years old. I made a deal with extraterrestrial and interdimensional beings, that I wou…[View]
19761428noko: Remember blackdog? https://hooktube.com/embed/0WDAdtn0SgM[View]
19760712HAPPENING: Nibiru is Real: It has begun >https://m.economictimes.com/news/science/planet-nine-doe…[View]
19761774Stole Time Machine BOLO: Have you seen the car in this picture. It was stolen from my sister a while…[View]
19760772/x/ helps start a cult: ITT we try to put together some basic things for a cult revolving around nat…[View]
19759530Anime is just preconditioning for the alien hybrid invasion. Prove me wrong, you can't.[View]
19760357What are some good occult books for someone new to the concept?[View]
19757340I keep having existential nightmares. Tell me, why do you think the state of existence, exists? I do…[View]
19758547some movie to shit in my pants?[View]
19760621I have a recurring dream that I need to ask about. There's a spiritualist person that I've…[View]
19761322this happened two days ago >grandma and aunt come over for a few days >I have to sleep in litt…[View]
19761601>mfw we are all God and we are essentially killing ourselves when we kill others >mfw God is …[View]
19761468ATTENTION: This message is addressed to the ones who are watching this space. Cease all operations i…[View]
19761140What happened on Sept 23rd then afterall?[View]
19761033What meditation techniques will help me open the the third eye[View]
19760100Sometimes, I wish I never woke up.: god bless you all.[View]
19760949This is an image showing the storm moving over Ireland right now. Tell me Meme Magic isn't real…[View]
19760683could reading the emerald tablets be dangerous[View]
19760365fox lightbulb: An art collector commissioned a young artist residing in the poorer parts of London, …[View]
19761337So I had the weirdest dream or incident last night. I still live at home while I attend college. Not…[View]
19761362HALLOWEEN Radio Show: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=78pFU-RoqUc[View]
19757775Reality glitches: Reality glitches thread, post your glitching experiences.[View]
19761090WHAT THE HELL: Before the last hour the sky was clean. Now the air is heavy af.[View]
19761161JEWS GROUNDING UP KIDS: 46:00 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=18uQEymsCrY [Embed] 2% of all meat in …[View]
19760296is the jewish cabala your business /x/? i'm going to do my thesis for the degree on this, can y…[View]
19760145Drawing nightmares: Sup /x/, drawfag here. Usually just a lurker but thought this would be a sweet s…[View]
19755186If you post something nice in this thread: something nice will happen to you in your life. If you po…[View]
19760823Are there any techniques to enhance my intuition? I do meditation but I don't know what exact d…[View]
19758905Is there any way to completey rid yourself of being a social animal? All I want to be is isolated ho…[View]
19756893Post your disturbing pictures: add some more disturbing pics please[View]
197610929/11 Was A Masonic/Jewish Ritual Sacrifice for World Mind Control: https://youtu.be/8j1pH8Ll5fw…[View]
19761005**Serious**: Just heard of the 'Nephilism Protocols,' anyone have any information on them? Is this …[View]
19758255https://www.eso.org/public/announcements/ann17071/ >ESO will hold a press conference on 16 Octobe…[View]
19759391The Other Side of Midnight - Richard C. Hoagland: Last year theONE posted on Bellgab that he cursed …[View]
19758013To The Stars Academy is a Scientology BlueBeam Scheme spread the word: Did anyone else notice that t…[View]
19752747Halloween spooky music: What the hell /x/? Where’s the usual spooky music thread we have for Hallowe…[View]
19746349Give me something scarier than the Dyatlov incident. I lost 2 nights of sleep because of it. True st…[View]
19760327Uh... I think I might of discovered something.[View]
19757044Woke up this morning and looked into the mirror I was shocked to discover I somehow transformed into…[View]
19759174Can I do some weird /x/ spell or some shit to summon a monster or creature for a party trick[View]
19759468I saw a dream thread already up, but the one I had not that long ago was slightly different. I don…[View]
19760749Is anybody here also playing games from serotoninphobia? Which one is your favourite?Can you briefly…[View]
19759194Divination and the Tarot: Is the arcana the means by which all is revealed /x/?[View]
19756982Redpill me on Astarte.[View]
19760225>when you realize this is all a cruel joke and we are eternally hier on this prison plane for arc…[View]
19760174Have you guy's heard about the story about Julia the painting? I've seen it through a few …[View]
19736078Creepypasta Newb: Hey all 2009-2014fag here, I'm just getting into creepypastas and SCPs and th…[View]
19760189Creepypasta: show me really scary Creepypastas /x/[View]
19760009are aliens real? post alien and ufo pics here[View]
19757248Tero and Dero?: What do you guys think about the Hollow Earth and Tero and Dero data vailable? Post …[View]
19752307What's the most compelling proof of vampires being real?[View]
19757799Stories of Death: Tell us about the time[s] you saw someone die or found someone dead. Personally, I…[View]
19760271Shit i have to deal with.: Hey /x/ as it turns out I really like to post here about shit so ima star…[View]
19758634hello, i think i might be a gray[View]
19758753Alternate realities: How do you open a door to an alternate reality? How do you close it? How do you…[View]
19760339Zion is in Florida.[View]
19759156How can I summon a keyblade, I know it's possible.[View]
19760078Hey /x/ just stopping by to tell my spooky story and I want your advice. Probably a thread regarding…[View]
19760186Wolfman/ Werewolf Sightings: Maybe It's a campfire story you heard from a good friend or perhap…[View]
19760203Draw a dream I've had, /x/[View]
19756390Astrology General: Another Bump Limit Reached: Old thread >>19727518 Hello /x/ What's yo…[View]
19755615Post the scariest shit you have: Tell me something scary /x/[View]
19760177what does everyone think of the L.A incident? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KSzlBl2indU&t=59s…[View]
19758534Tfw you're trying to read about demons on /x/ and two CIA goons turn up in UFOs and beat your l…[View]
19759976'Vampires aren't real': Sound like anyone you know?[View]
19753980Missing 411 (hundreds of missing people in the United States, Canada etc): I'm interested to he…[View]
19759992fs: come visit me - i want to see what happens here https://discord.gg/trp3VbB[View]
19759924I drew this that appeared in the back of one of my selfies[View]
19759517Anons, are we gonna 'make it?' I'm worried about us, about what we're doing. I want to mak…[View]
19757774hey guys the movie i'm watching is in commercial and i have a few minutes to kill, how can i su…[View]
19758631As children, we are told when we lose a tooth, to leave it underneath our pillow. For in that night,…[View]
19757899Is electrity inherently satanic?: I don't have much to say about this, but it seems that every …[View]
19757277NOT roleplay: Anyone else here a son of a witch? Did she hide it from you? Why, and for how long? P…[View]
19757406Are you guys for real? Don't get me wrong I love reading through these threads, for the same re…[View]
19756332Ask the Demiurge Anything. ITT we discuss paranormal experiences with demons,cryptids, etc.[View]
19758858How do you get a ghost to leave you alone[View]
19758206Do ancestors matter?: Do (dead/living) ancestors have any (spiritual/mental) influence on people? Be…[View]
19757028What is the relation between sperm, kundalini and chakras?[View]
19758052Just had a dream, i died, there was an explosion and then all i can see was white. This on the Frida…[View]
19759668Lemon consipracy: >gif showing lemon separator device by indian man goes viral on imgur then late…[View]
19749543God and AI: Would God love or care for a fully sentient AI like he loves humans? Would AI be able to…[View]
19759132If Live Action Role Playing includes posting on /x/, what does regular Role-Playing mean? I could go…[View]
19758379Movie Magic: Anybody ever played the movie game, the stars are watching. https://m.youtube.com/watc…[View]
19759217J.A.: If you're here, I'd like to speak with you[View]
19745440Dragon fascination thread: What is the origin of dragons? Were they ever real? Why are they so fasci…[View]
19759122How do you plan to spend halloween?: more mainstream normie materialism and hookup bullshit? or payi…[View]
19759520it's never ends is it?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E_Vez_aKIyI[View]
19759350I know there are better demons to summon that takes a lot of time, but I need to scare someone reall…[View]
19759423Does anyone here know how to summon an Imp? It can be a very weak one, but someone thinks demons, im…[View]
19758657/x/ Vengeance: How would I go about laying a curse on someone? A lot of the methods I've heard …[View]
19759164time: how do i time travel?[View]
19759446Alpha returns at Omega, not to reset, but to fulfill and is also the end. The same who is the end, i…[View]
19757313Abduction films are tonight's theme The address is in the pic Playlist: Communion Dark skies Ni…[View]
19753793I Am: >MFW I had a dream about dying on the cross and rising from the dead >MFW I realize it w…[View]
19755772What if when you die, you start from the beginning of your existence(like reseting a video game) and…[View]
19758182What have you learned from /x/?: >The elites are shapeshifting lizard people. >Above them are…[View]
19745109Occult Hollywood/ Music: Can I get some examples of occult pop culture? The shit is absolutely every…[View]
19757539what the fuck is this /x/. stumbled upon this via tor[View]
19756764Demon Summoning: Hey, so simple How can I summon a demon!!![View]
19757865The15experience: What is this /x/ seems pretty fake to me?? Is it an arg?[View]
19759236Ancient Pyramid for Queen Pepy - Meme Magic?: Alright, Egypt has discovered the top of a previously …[View]
19759176Alien recorded on top of The White House: http://www.freaklore.com/alien-recorded-on-top-of-the-whit…[View]
19752734what are /x/'s opinions on Spirit Science? not sure if i should buy a lot of his claims. a lot …[View]
19753940How do I become pure?[View]
19759077is this the Truth?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9R5VwxvUUvI[View]
19759142Ves algo extraño en este vdeo?: Fui a una casa abandonada y supuestamente embrujada de mi ciudad y q…[View]
19754331Hello /x/ I am hoping to open a discussion and hoping that you might help me with my journey tonight…[View]
19755107How does one summon a yokai?[View]
19758876Spooky greentext: Drop some of ur best greentext[View]
19758741World Peace: I'm planning to assassinate the demiurge. Where do I start? I was thinking Washing…[View]
19757065What are the names of the highest most powerful demons and angels and what would happen if they had …[View]
19758805mad man: how can i talk to the archons?[View]
19756944Meta thread: The only way to save /x/ is to shame posters who contribute nothing to the topics discu…[View]
19754084INterdiminsonal parasities.: Dose anyone else know about these things? I can see them on my shoulder…[View]
19758553Need to communicate with something: So what book in the library that occult library that tripfag is …[View]
19758437Any cool haunted .exe games i could play? its 2 AM and I don't feel like going to sleep[View]
19757220After-death thread.: Is there life after death? Or does it all end when the brain dies? Do we return…[View]
19755690Silent Sound Spread Spectrum: MIND CONTROL WITH SILENT SOUNDS The mind-altering mechanism is based o…[View]
19756446Does voodoo actually work?[View]
19756096power of God: who is laughing now?? hahahahahahaah[View]
19745342Isolation: Any one else at the point where you really can't relate to 'normies' at all anymore …[View]
19758374Shapeshifting Reptilians: If this picture reflects society then are the 'Outer Party' and …[View]
19758219Hey /x/ based on doing some berserk readings I found that alot of you are intellegent, and have grea…[View]
19758131Magic objects: Alright /x/ is there such a thing as enchanted/cursed objects that give the owner a b…[View]
19758335Slowed Time: Since last weekend the time slowed down drastically! I'm not sure if returned to o…[View]
19756166Classified US advanced technology: Does /x/ have any proof the US gov has advanced classified techno…[View]
19758254Establishment Figures: Is it pretty much impossible for an average person to expose/bring to justice…[View]
19756843Actually Phone Calls YOU experienced: Anyone got any first hand experiences of even mildy disturbing…[View]
19757680What is 'kuznar'? Does anyone know what this means? I've been sleepwalking and sleeptalking to …[View]
19754214Share your scariest Ouiji board stories[View]
19757096Unmanned UFO: Hello /x/ I'm looking for a story some anon posted a while ago. Basically what he…[View]
19754768Why Is Stanley Kubrick's adaptation of The Shinning so Popular and over analysed?: I also wante…[View]
19754454It's habbening /x/[View]
19754656How To Find Likeminded People?: Hello /x/, this is a serious question that has been bugging me latel…[View]
19754356How relevant is pic related to the true nature of our reality?[View]
19757354Haven’t heard anything about this twitter account what about you guys?[View]
19753738I got this shit sent at 1 am. What should i do /x/?[View]
19758136I was looking at liberal colleges around the world and got this message on the University of South A…[View]
19757879>be me >woke up this morning at 12 when I usually wake up at 7 >feel really banged up >w…[View]
19755490Update?: Does anybody have any updates on the whole chip Chan story (any new streams)[View]
19757970Can a demon possess your body and make you have impure/sinful thoughts and actions? My story: >La…[View]
19745738'Chakra Removal' bullshit: Are you guys truly aware of how braindead these Newage hippies truly are?…[View]
19757670lol remember this[View]
19757688AMA: I have recently discovered that I am a Boltzmann Brain. This has given me insight into the natu…[View]
19757579Do any Western mystical/esoteric traditions have the idea of a battle aura or internal energy, or is…[View]
19758023I've even fascinated - consumed -by thoughts ranging from the afterlife,u purpose on this earth…[View]
19757765your opinions?[View]
19756870Deja vu: What does it mean?[View]
19756667Do mushrooms want to take over the world? Yesterday on a 5g trip I saw gigantic towering mushrooms o…[View]

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