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20991379if you hear a door close in your house especially when you are up too late or when you're alone…[View]
20989258How do I become a receiver?[View]
20990401Where were you when Bitcoin was proven to be a sentient AI from the future? >Such a high number o…[View]
20991074Leap Castle: This is the place and subject of ghosts I’m most curious about has anyone here ever see…[View]
20990213Morality and Karma: I’ve recently discovered a way to live outside of the system. The catch is that …[View]
20988938What was the original picture like?[View]
20988618Gnosticism:Theory of Battery: Humanity are Demiurge power plant. He uses our souls for energy. Prove…[View]
20991013This was posted on /vp/ the other day https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kuazYANeIlY and this one just …[View]
20988311Are they real /x/?: Same goes for other creatures like such. Also no LARPS pls[View]
20989365Bigfoot Discussion: Here's just a thread about Bigfoot and discussion on them. In the words bel…[View]
20989709IRON MOUNTAIN: Alright so ever since I heard about it many many years ago I've been a bit obses…[View]
20990453Identify this place?: Can anyone help identify where this is? It looks like an Eastern Asian country…[View]
20989766How can I obtain the powers of a djinn?[View]
20988668Bored of the paranormal: What was the last Paranormal thing that you discovered?? Is there any new b…[View]
20990872Somewhat related, I saw these images and was extremely attracted but I do not know the name of this …[View]
20990559Bronze Age Collapse: What really caused it? Ideas? What happened to the Mycenaeans? Dorians? Sea pe…[View]
20990856Someone read me? I made this chart back in January but never got a reading yet.[View]
20985799Anita: This thread is moving so slowly, can anyone else get to the bottom of this faster? https://tw…[View]
20989250Greentexts: Does anyone have the greentext of the guy who grew up in Korea and had run-ins with demo…[View]
20989018What is this symbol?: So a 'guide' in a dream showed me this symbol towards the end of a …[View]
20988269timetravel: >Grey aliens are humans from a far away future >They have somehow invented timetra…[View]
20989310I just started going down the David Icke rabbit hole. What am I in for? So far Saturn is a portal to…[View]
20990640Weird dreams: So... Some weeks ago I had a dream where my french teacher started to teach dutch for …[View]
20990597Erzulie Freda/Hatian Vodou Thread: After the recommendation of an anon, I worked with Erzulie Freda …[View]
20982113>At best: Jesus was an advanced AI construct created by a now extinct ancient human civilization.…[View]
20981471/omg/ - Occult and Magick General | Stick To Your Roots Edition: Library: https://mega.nz/#F!AE5yjIq…[View]
20988021ITS HAPPENING!!!: Prepare for the next 7 years! From 2019-2025 (7 years of peace). https://www.youtu…[View]
20985892Guys, there's a van that's been parked outside my apartment for the past three days. I thi…[View]
20989386What are the most absurd, irrational and plain crazy beliefs that you adhere to? I meet all sorts of…[View]
20990072Having Negative Gut Feelings About Asking Questions: Is it normal to have a negative gut feeling to …[View]
20988713Julius Ceaser an Alien? https://www.rt.com/news/430659-caesar-head-reconstructed-rome/[View]
20988153WHAT THE FUCK WAS IT >We look down, we see a white disturbance in the water, like something'…[View]
20989029UFO?: Hey /x/, I was just outside taking pictures of a rainbow and got to capture a strange object i…[View]
20989924In a dream I had just now, I was shown and told things by many different people in a country my soul…[View]
20985809It's ok if you don't believe me although I promise you I'm telling the truth, but I…[View]
20989500Is the person I was as I begun to type this post the same person that it will be as I finish it? Do …[View]
20988569How do I summon demons so that I may speak with them?[View]
20989922My house is haunted.: I have been being stalked and marauded by a ghost in my house for some time no…[View]
20989875So I've been wondering.: Is it possible to 'ascend' to a certain power? Either mentally or phys…[View]
20968274Cosmic Horror: Can we get a cosmic horror thread going? All media welcome - discussion, pictures, qu…[View]
20989948writing: anyone interested in writing about conspiracies? we've got a little club of sorts star…[View]
20988973X-Files Marathons: Theres X-Files marathons every Friday and Saturday on BBC America. Idk if its a p…[View]
20986095/div/ - Divination General: Welcome to Divination General! Come here for readings and discussion of …[View]
20989600Secret Society Question: How do I make my friend join a thecret society. Thanks a lot /x/.[View]
20987467Anyone else was spiritual at one point and now you're not?[View]
20989522Creepy/weird YouTube videos: Can we have a weird/creepy YouTube videos thread pls? I’m specially loo…[View]
20987924City by the Lake: Has anyone else seen this city in their dreams? My most intense dream experience f…[View]
20987366There is one God, the creator. Every other one is either a deva or a demon.[View]
20987035How can I gain blessings from Zeus? There are many Greek gods and goddesses. Which one of them grant…[View]
20989529What Spiritual meanings does the triangle have ?[View]
20989433We are all being programmed. Our minds, beliefs and life is shaped by media and in the name of progr…[View]
20989182why do so many new agers believe in the just world fallacy?[View]
20986290For you dancing around the worm.: ሰረቃኤል we danced before time and conquered all. We forged the crow…[View]
20989483What do you guys think of the new pride mouth scp logo?[View]
20987239Do we really need them enlightening us?: After all, we chose to incarnate on this planet as a spirit…[View]
20985778Bigfoot Sasquatch: Recently getting into Bigfoot stuff, only seen a few shows. Any shows, documentar…[View]
20988940Is it possible to befriend a goethic demon?[View]
20985027ITT: Post creepy folksongs, legends, myths This one is a folksong called 'The Cruel Mother' It was a…[View]
20987279Civilisation Cycles and *resets*: Stones to space ships back to stones again, How many times has it …[View]
20987162Is the grifter real?: Apparently this video is so fucked you commit suicide after watching it!…[View]
20988184Can /x/ explain this? It entirely convinced me that the universe is organized according to structure…[View]
20988841Guys, can you dudes open my eyes to something amazing about life/existence. Something that isn'…[View]
20986737When are aliens going to contact /x/ again?[View]
20985383CNN confirms chemtrail conspiracy: http://money.cnn.com/2018/06/18/technology/cloud-seeding-weather-…[View]
20971866When the aliens finally do discover us, what do you think they'll do? Assimilation? Exterminati…[View]
20977232Are you online?[View]
20988367How do you tell if you're an NPC, /x/? I know for a fact that i'm conscious, i can think o…[View]
20987281Past lives: How can I know about my past lives? Any techniques?[View]
20987524Are nazis reincarnating?: Is this why we have such a high resurgence of nazi fuckboys. Are they basi…[View]
20988694Download this image: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1cEw7bjgp50IXlcHy4y_DeXGKw_gH5uBA There is a s…[View]
20985435Does semen have special 'essential properties? I've read that some cultures believe that semen …[View]
20986577I'm a fucking blood bag[View]
20986622Start doing research on ghouls and goblins. They existed and where wiped out!!!![View]
20988255Has /x/ been following the max2019 mystery?[View]
20979554Do you think than when we die we actually get to do something with the lessons we learned in this sh…[View]
20986554This picture was taken in Lynnfield Massachusetts in April of 2018 at 4:32am. What causes a cloud to…[View]
20988113Ya guys, sometimes I look at other boards and I can see many posts that have a 'conditioning' appeal…[View]
20982715God doesn’t save. He created your damnation and your salvation. That would mean he did a mistake yet…[View]
20986837hey x I'm relatively knew to those board and I was wondering if there is a way to summon a bull…[View]
20985750Anyone know of any computer games that give you a weird creepy feeling? I’m not talking about somet…[View]
20967923Ask and ye shall recieve.[View]
20986845Cannabis to Induce Trance and Divination: I was reading about Scythian's and how they would use…[View]
20986647I am lucifers vessel, We are sick of running and hiding, Come father, take me to where I need to be[View]
20985777Guys, what the fuck is happening today? all of a sudden my tree of life necklace started reverberati…[View]
20983376I am calling on all of your to turn to Christ today! There is a peace that surpasses all understandi…[View]
20985185Observations about the age of aquarius and its implications for the west: I know yall hate tripfags,…[View]
20984672What is HAARP?[View]
20984988World end-will it be paranormal?: How and when do you think the world will end. And will it be via p…[View]
20983755Hermetics: May I get a quick rundown of hermetics, it's power, and what it can be used for?…[View]
20987641>have some extremely elaborate and watertight ideas for making viral spooks >too lazy to do th…[View]
20971037Hello, I Am. Expect not robes and gentle speech. Expect a choice. The union of the physical and the …[View]
20984671What's a powerful magic spell I can perform to make something happen?[View]
20987029Reincarnation: What do you think your past life was like?[View]
20978623I am a child of God, an offspring of the Most High. Satan, I command you to leave this board! You ar…[View]
20987549LATIN PRAYER: Can someone give me some latin prayer for rituals?[View]
20987475Jason Louv: What's the deal with this guy? Is he legit or just trying to sell me bullshit cours…[View]
20986799How do you use your esoteric knowledge to make a living?[View]
20975693How possible is this interpretation: Adam and Eve were 'deceived' by the Snake and ate psychedelic …[View]
20981877Is god real? https://strawpoll.com/9kaew66c[View]
20981329Immortality: How can I achieve immortality, /x/?[View]
20986123Dream interpretation: the Divine: In short, I had a dream I walked in on this cunt, but Imagine him …[View]
20986334How is it that I am Ātman and Śūnyatā simultaneously?[View]
20981792I did it! It is finally over! I'm free![View]
20975745>Visit the white house in the astral plane >entities instantly target me >wait this isn…[View]
20986197God? The giver of life.[View]
20987178Yall got anything to focus negative energy on![View]
20985830The fireflies are trying to speak to you. Look to where the sun meets the mountain, They are waiting…[View]
20987042What is happening here?[View]
20986797I've had sleep paralysis since I was 5 but this is the weirdest episode I've had if anyone…[View]
20986887What would happen if money was abolished and humanity learned how to lift one another through kindne…[View]
20972726Are white people (Aryans) directly descended from God? I've seen a lot of conspiracy theories a…[View]
20985368Bizarre wesites and creepy unknown texts: I was texted today from an unknown number that had an imag…[View]
20985945I don't know how to not sound like a fedora tipper, but really, the concept of Hell is just see…[View]
20984309What are they hiding?: In the middle of nowhere in the Taklamakan Desert.[View]
20986005how do i get demons to give me a big dick?[View]
20986949I've forgotten my life and place in gods kingdom, may I come back to the lite pretty pls[View]
20986889damn the space pedophiles got him too rip XXX, VINNIE[View]
20986550Would you like Art Bell the paranormal talk show host better if he wasn't a pedo?: This Wednesd…[View]
20981714BLACK CUBE: Is this anything? Or, as usual, just schizophrenic retards babbling about schizophrenic …[View]
20973507The true meaning of life is consciousness development. Our indivudal consciousnesses are simply offs…[View]
20976629Basically satanists and freemasons believe that the serpent was trying to help humans escape from th…[View]
20981641I think neurosis probably is a gift from God. I've been thinking about how for example semen fe…[View]
20985863Lemuria: Evolutionary and land bridging, root race were tall Hermaphroditic's Super Bio-Dome, h…[View]
20986523So, like what if there are beings with such advanced tech or 'bodies' that they transcend commonly k…[View]
20986729What ever happened to creepypasta?: I haven't been a regular on this site in many years, but on…[View]
20984608So this guy is posting about some shit on /sp/ right now. Do you guys know what he's talking ab…[View]
20986809Is twitter just cursed now?: Why on earth would it recommend me an hour old account with some crypti…[View]
20983727I live there. Ask me anything.[View]
20981967ITT we talk about Shadow people.[View]
20978770I have a Succubus Familiar: Ask me Anything.[View]
20986551The New 30's Is The New Coming: Hello, Anon. Join us. The time is near. https://discord[deletet…[View]
20984741a person has planted himself inside my mind in a place of god. in other words, you could say that he…[View]
20983634The number 11.: Do you believe the number 11 has special meaning.[View]
20984985What is the best way to tell the difference between schizophrenic symptoms and genuinely spiritual e…[View]
20985487Follow this sigil tell me where it brings you[View]
20984537>he calls it “source”[View]
20983435John Titor, Nicola Tesla, and the Philadelphia Project; it’s got me really curious.. The government…[View]
20975740Next happening when?[View]
20985539What happens after death? We are all going to die some day but what happens after it? Reincarnate? w…[View]
20984440Tulpas: What is a tulpa and is it worth having one? Can I have a romantic relationship with my tulpa…[View]
20986262Interesting wasn't it? a modified energy system, its like i have unlimited chakras.[View]
20986198The World Unknown: Concave Hollow Earth Underworld solid Turf Underground tunnels created by Worms O…[View]
20985776So this is my 2nd attempt at posting this because the first time I tried my computer bugged out and …[View]
20974110What can you /x/ anons tell me about sleep paralysis?[View]
20984062I have seen too much, how do I cope? Not related exclusively to redpills, I mean fucked up paranorma…[View]
20952226What is the scariest thing that ever happened to you?[View]
20985789What the fuck is that dark figure[View]
20985852discord gg/Ka72GD pleas tell us howto get a succubus to help me nut[View]
20984756I always found UFOs fascinating and thought about how to make one. This model would just an airship …[View]
20985542How's it going /x/[View]
20985602Apparently you can see what looks like an alien during an interview at 1:16:59 AND 1:17:02 and suppo…[View]
20984507Your Warning: >(Friday, June 22, 2018) “A national security memo has been leaked about China hidi…[View]
20982667Demonic reality: Daily reminder that demons and aliens exist and they are just interdimensional bein…[View]
20985889How do i keep from dream walking/astral projection? I just want a good nights sleep.[View]
20985522Art Bell King of Paranormal: Art Bell has passed and left us with thousands of hours of inquiry and …[View]
20983051Y’all wanna know the truth about The Greys? I’ve gotta introduce a few related arguments that might …[View]
20984699Can anyone ID the language on his left bicep?[View]
20985395was timecube retarded nonlinear time explaination?: exhibit a the chart we all love see next post…[View]
20980713i randomly found this pic on my desktop what does it mean??[View]
20985718Does anyone have good guides to self-hypnosis? I'm looking through google results as well, but …[View]
20982602Can dogs be demon possessed? On my walk home after lunch, I passed by the bark park for fun. As I wa…[View]
20984752Hey you. Yes you. I developed this: https://pastebin.com/qGfYwu1Z Why this exact phrase? Hm. You ca…[View]
20983287I'm making a giant archive of scary greentext, help me: As the title says, I'm collecting …[View]
20982199Thanks to the Anomaly: This is the way we defeat the AI Overlords. Your time has come and gone. Now …[View]
20985364PeerSupport Hoax to get you to reveal.: Don't bother talking to these people. They DO NOT take …[View]
20985499TheSunVanished: Haven't seen anything about this in the catalog, anyone else following? quick r…[View]
20962723More SCP bullshit: >/x/ creates a neato concept >tumblr cunts join moderator team >eventual…[View]
20979637Thanks Societatis draconistrarum: The queen is always the last to turn. She has idyllic memory enjoy…[View]
20985402New Chills: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=76_NaD6DqyU New Chills video. Burger king foot lettuce.…[View]
20980497ITT: Share the weirdest/most disturbing vid(s) you've seen on youtube https://youtu.be/iBH8V3S…[View]
20981672Water randomly vibrating?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6NnWKJL9pMk&feature=youtu.be So me an…[View]
20981439How do I worship Lucifer as a solidarity Luciferian /x/ ?[View]
20985071>before occult >subhuman retard >after occult >eligntened genius…[View]
20982809/x/: So basically, >troll makes dumb thread about flat earth / vampires / demons / shadow people …[View]
20981767/div/ - Divination General: Welcome to Divination General! Come here for readings and discussion of …[View]
20976152Everyone is dying. Koko the gorilla, Robin Williams, Michael Jackson, Prince, I could go on. The ent…[View]
20982277Dose Sasquatch Real?: Or more importantly, what are your thoughts about Todd Standing? I want to bel…[View]
20983846hi discord you guys dont know what the fuck your doing[View]
20975573>tfw you couldn't protect their smiles[View]
20984259Hello 4chan I have got about an hour before I have to close the gate so if you want to talk let…[View]
20984074What is a radio head?[View]
20980948Ouija Boards: Hi /x/, I want to do a Ouija with a bunch of friends. Which brand of board should I bu…[View]
20984687Hi, Welcome to The Waiting Room! This is a place where everyone has the opportunity to brainstorm, w…[View]
20979624No Fap Decalcification: So will no fap help me to open my third eye and ability to astral project? I…[View]
20976453We need to start a SCP crusade: Tumblr fags and reddit onions boys have taken the one sacred creatio…[View]
20981700I have (literally) found this creature. Uploading on next post.[View]
20983903A couple of years back, I used to have a great time going to chats in horror movie streams off of /x…[View]
20981196Meditation Question: Hi /x/, over the past couple of months I've been trying out meditation. I …[View]
20982927/x/, what the fuck is this.[View]
20982153>I've seen plenty of compelling evidence for a flat earth >compelling evidence >compel…[View]
20983539I AM KING PAIMON: I am King Paimon, a powerful demon. I am attributed with the power of causing visi…[View]
20975219letting go: do you know how to begin again /x/ ? ego death is a marvelous thing. 'Eckhart saw Hell …[View]
20983970/x/ Cthulhu awakens beneath the sea and rises over the oceans bringing with him unyielding madness a…[View]
20984248The Purple Triangles Website: I've been looking into a fairly new arg purple triangles (https:/…[View]
20983790give me the willies /x/[View]
20973783what the fuck is this?: I took this picture like a year ago, was trying to get a picture of my cat a…[View]
20981206How Can We Save The World From Tge Saturn Cult?[View]
20980821Astral projection stories thread thingies.: Fuck sleeping.[View]
20983707more info about this?[View]
20981856People aren’t telling me things: I’ve heard voices tell me the future accurately several times. Ever…[View]
20981907'As the punishment which we deserve for the sins of the world is great, the miracle must also be a g…[View]
20981821yt channels and websites: hi /x/, recommend me some good yt channels and forums/websites about UFO/a…[View]
20982952nice.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PlW84e9BZls&t=8s[View]
20980311Spirit Science: Doses anybody remember this channel? Used to watch it a lot a few years back and I a…[View]
20976676Still really spooked: Hey, I haven't written or gone onto /x/ in a really long time. I don…[View]
20978178Get your soul right with God.THE END IS NIGH!!!: Project Blue Beam plot deception is thickening.Fals…[View]
20981062Unsolved Mysteries.: Post the creepiest unsolved mysteries you know of. here's a great website …[View]
20981420Im looking for the name of a Russian 'scientist' maybe you guys can help since there was a thread ab…[View]
20978816Just letting you guys know that if you keep saying the sky is falling every day, no one will believe…[View]
20982961Flat Earthers, what do you think about this?: For those incredulous enough to believe the earth is f…[View]
20980610I know.[View]
20979103My experiences with the paranormal: I grew up on a farm in a very small town in Ohio. We experienced…[View]
20980250The apocalypse is almost here[View]
20974484everything is planned out, 9/11 was an inside job to occupy iraq and train the US army on how to dea…[View]
20983260you guys are just joking here r-right??[View]
20983172Ghosts in my workplace?: Hey /x/ Didn’t really know where else to ask so I figured this was the pla…[View]
20973191alien: i normally never get scared of any spooky stuff , no movie has ever scared me , but a simple …[View]
20978431Ok flatearthers, if the earth was indeed a flat disc, why would the government try to hide it? seems…[View]
20980652don't hurt anybody[View]
20981869Do you know any alternative cure to OCD?[View]
20975344I used to be an avid practitioner of several flavors of magic. Not to brag, but I'm a natural. …[View]
20981169Is achieving 100% intimacy and trust in a romantic relationship, the ultimate goal? You would have t…[View]
20981024What would I receive in exchange of my soul?[View]
20983007Is there any paranormal significance to the number 26? I've noticed a repetition of the number …[View]
20983020ask me any question: i am a genie. I am also a wizard. My name is Ubzuaoxo. Ask me anything.[View]
20979965>tfw when you finally reach true enlightenment[View]
20979354DMT is the purist and best form of psychedelic to take: > DMT is the most potent >Your brain n…[View]
20982745Why is Lake Tahoe so full of sATANIST?[View]
20972214>no circumcision >eat whatever you like >drink whatever you like >Help your neighbor, lo…[View]
20982363FreakyLeaks/The Zone/The Black Box/Whatever: So, has anything come out of this project? Or was it ab…[View]
20980455Anyone have any stories or encounters with scary or weird stuff Pic unrelated[View]
20982605Upload Your Core-Data In My Chordata.: Please upload your core-data in my chordata.[View]
20982880>[OA]: Hello? >[OA]: I can’t believe it. >[OA]: You actually escaped from the mirror baseme…[View]
20980674Watch out for possessed sex dolls!!: This Movie comes with a warning! Beware of cursed love dolls or…[View]
20982310End of the world: In this thread we pray for the second comig, post your favourite prayers: Pater no…[View]
20982825Sup paranormal, Working on the physics theory of everything. I made a breakthrough this past week. J…[View]
20981276Erratas revival thread: Y'all remember Erratas? Yeah, while I am quite interested in the subjec…[View]
20980640Ayahuasca thread: Thoughts on this shit?, is it the ultimate paranormal experience redpill?, I see s…[View]
20969680How to time travel? I want to change things in my past.[View]
20981696Weird Audio: Sup x I was on youtube and found a video called '5 unexplained voicemails' I'll li…[View]
20980786Predictive programming in Angel: I was rewatching the show Angel recently, and I stumbled across som…[View]
20954812Doing dream interpretation for Free Part 65 on /x/: Hello, it´s Dreaminterpretation time. Give me yo…[View]
20979002Okay, so, /x/. I've been seeing shadowy figures in my peripherals for about a year now, only in…[View]
20981093Tbh Fam: Tell me how to use sexy astral and telepathic magic better.[View]
20981992Lost Media Thread: Last thread was archived >>20928473 Share your lost/haunted movies, TV show…[View]
20982447How do i stop overthinking and start to relax again?[View]
20982437How does one define his beliefs ? Some do according to the status quo, they are those who act in the…[View]
20982409Tarot: Is anyone here able to read tarot? The first thing that stands out to me is the way the card…[View]
20980543Solstice Meeting: for all CIA glowies, telepaths, indigo children etc. I'm going to be very imp…[View]
20982239'hey pea brain....know how to teleport?': This weird bot like message kept appearing on tumblr and a…[View]
20968772Anyone else notice the hyper Ai romanticism going on in the internet? Almost everything is treating …[View]
20980135Protection from the supernatural: My girlfriend and I live in a nondescript medium-sized southern to…[View]
20982124What should I add into the school system so we can advance faster? I'm already thinking of add…[View]
20982074Strange Nightmares: Lately I've been having really scary nightmares, and I'm not really su…[View]
20979546I'm seriously. How does one become purple?[View]
20981640Still think the royal family doesn't have reptilian blood?[View]
20976328welcome to my world[View]
20981186Where did /x/ start learning about metaphysics, occult, annunaki, secret socities for? Surely someon…[View]
20979328Chemtrails: Yo guys ! What do you think about chemtrails, are they really harmless like airport comp…[View]
20975630Green Text: Hit me with the best greentext stories, been reading them with friends and the other thr…[View]
20980802Is earth actually Hell/Prison Planet or perhaps some kind of West World/Jurassic World?: 1. Leaders …[View]
20978060Genetic Research: We are looking for individuals interested in genetic research related to obscure b…[View]
20980899SCP foundation: just went to visit the SCP foundation for the first time in a while. What happened t…[View]
20980383>Hehe we fixed it :)[View]
20979041Opinon: Salad fingers, I remember daring kids to watch it. Then came dhmis, which one is better (I l…[View]
20973769All my life I've always had the soul of a jester. The funniest person in the room. Class clown …[View]
20973237Naming a monster: Hey /x/ I wanna put a new name to a monster that already exists, but I can't …[View]
20981538What Happened to Britney Spears?: I recently started listening to her music again and nothing about …[View]
20978605Aliens = Demons: Do you agree?[View]
20980845/б/ happy[View]
20979008ýânîm manô ýânîm vacô ýânîm shyaothnem ashaonô zarathushtrahe. ferâ ameshâ speñtâ gâthå gêurvâin. ne…[View]
20981236What's that symbol on the left ? This is an alawite shrine where they turn to solve disputes. A…[View]
20978618How do I sell soul for money?: How to sell soul for lots of $ money $[View]
20981155What is your process towards the truth ? I don't know where to look. things simply don't a…[View]
20980156Any thoughts? https://youtu.be/oNXVWy9JD9Q[View]
20980262Star Trek's dirty little secret James Doohan married his fan Wende Braunberger when they were 5…[View]
20981324I wanna try telepathy: Here’s what’s gonna happen, you reply with your first name while focusing ver…[View]
20971178/omg/ - Occult and Magick General | Resurrecting The Current Edition: Library: https://mega.nz/#F!AE…[View]
20981454>He wants to do practical metaphysics >Hasn't learned theoretical metaphysics ISHYGDDT…[View]
20979817How accurate is this image /x/?[View]
20981440Redpill me on these crazy lithuanian shamans[View]
20981385Ruins and artifacts: Are there any occult artifacts or ruins out there to visit? i.e the The sanctua…[View]
20961996Welcome to the Ashtar Command! We Love you and we care for you! Have you been making any contacts?…[View]
20980649Have you ever encountered anything odd while driving at night? Stories from nightwalkers also welcom…[View]
20978867Just a heads up I consider this a story to do more with mental illness rather than the paranormal bu…[View]
20978812Don't Worship The Devil[View]
20981281Post-traumatic Baseline Test: https://youtu.be/5Ip7yEedjao “…blood-black nothingness began to spin /…[View]
20980943say hypothetically one had abilities that would demonize them in the eyes of society. Would you view…[View]
20978356/div/ - Divination General: Welcome to Divination General! Come here for readings and discussion of …[View]
20979970Spirituality & Occult general https://discord.gg/Hhax5uY Welcome to the Inner Circle, where we t…[View]
20952890Creepy police composites and sketches: any kind of witness sketch of other things too like cryptids …[View]
20980715I've got ideas in my brain about the end of the world that I won't even say. When all the …[View]
20978435/x/ questions general: How to start with meditation/gnosis/sigil magick/occult/whatever else? I…[View]
20980342has any one on /x/ hear of noboytm?[View]
20977387Chip Chan Bread: Hey guys, I decided to check on Chi-Chan but apparently the stream is offline. Am I…[View]
20978123>When will we have an all-out war >We all know its time…[View]
20979272What are some /x/ approved YT channels?[View]
20979156What if you look in the mirror and all you see is the thousand yard stare from someone you don'…[View]
20980671Sol: Gift me narrative to inspect[View]
20980597RPC Discord Comment: Really makes you think[View]
20980552Need Help: I have been in contact with supernatural activity I need help I think my life is in jeopa…[View]
20980207did aleister crowley really kill his children? i saw someone say it but can't find any informat…[View]
20978841Creepy youtube thread! Anyone wanna help me figure this out or explain to me what this is? I found a…[View]
20976641Reminder: That we are in the 6th and last trumpet before the plagues, in this time frame until 20th …[View]
20978186Any paranormal theorys on why humans are the only hominids species alive? Weren't Neanderthals …[View]
20969736LGBSCP: I'm fucking tired of these fuckers ruining something WE created. Horror Fiction starts …[View]
20977470How do I split the two halves of my consciousness and remain functional? Serious question.[View]
20980347Tell me how to summon a succubus[View]
20979784Scare me: It's nighttime, im home alone, and bored. Scare me with a story, or a video/webm. Som…[View]
20979081Mandela effect?: Is there such a thing as an auditory Mandela effect or something? I am listening to…[View]
20980371Deep Sea Thread[View]
20980313Can human beings themselves be curses or have curses on them that cause mishap wherever they go?[View]
20980319Why would they lied?: So what is the purpose of the reptilians laying to us about the earth being ro…[View]
20977966Any more secret Hollywood sex cults confirmed to be real?[View]
20979179Are there any videos out there of real exorcisms?[View]
20976046Are there any anons here old enough to remember the UFO scare of the early 50's, and if so, do …[View]
20980103VERY IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: >All the food is poison >All the food is poison Don't eat th…[View]
20978530Hypothesis:: One cannot be certain when they are doing magic, and can only approach certainty as the…[View]
20978480Will you join my cult?[View]
20980115How do you explain color to a blind man? How do you explain music to a deaf man? We only have 5 sens…[View]
20979746>when the spell works Holy shit lads that’s a warp for divination generals for me where all gonna…[View]
20980099Freedom: Did my last thread even post? It was themed about the guy who smokes a cigar in the movie '…[View]
20976087What is this aesthetic? Sort of a disturbing alternative reality.[View]
20979929What happened to me? Was it astral projection?: >>20979624 Last year when I almost did astral …[View]
20979824you did it /x/: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/11/04/business/media/youtube-kids-paw-patrol.html it lo…[View]
20975088People on this board are wilfully exposing themselves to a strong delusion. Get away from the occult…[View]
20979788colors and design outs and ins dreams by divide up and spin[View]
20977817Do bears have any significance in regards to the occult?[View]
20978107Adept interpretation of his tattoos please inb4 smarm. this thread is not about the group[View]
20977715Why aren't you studying your folkish religion(s) right now? Quit messing around trying to summo…[View]
20979570Hey /x/, long time no see. https://a-timeless-classic.tumblr.com/post/175120581909/a-timeless-classi…[View]
20976364If you want to find Source/Void very quickly, read Tao Te Ching and practice Prayer and fasting I ho…[View]
20978338ARG?: https://surnachi.tumblr.com/post/175116454295/surnachi-surnachi-drpepperphd-surreal Anyone hea…[View]
20978523has anyone else ever had an experience where they saw someone in their dream they knew weren't …[View]
20976748Cryptography is dead.: I love ciphers and shit but the only time people use them is when they'r…[View]
20972387I hate that idea that after death we shed our ego and who we were, to lose attachment to our persona…[View]
20979310ORION General: Tell me about Orion. I've been drawn to him since my first spiritual/psychic enc…[View]
20978766Not paranormal, just weird shit.: Took me a long time to post this here. It's not paranormal an…[View]
20979259Xtreme cases of deja vu: I keep having cases of deja vu in like months in advance. Anyone else have …[View]
20978963Enlighten me.[View]
20978954Hi /x/ Hopefully someone can better explain this experience to me. I was woke up from my sleep a cou…[View]
20979073Nammu, who any good references about her?: Looking for some good books/tablets that talk about her. …[View]
20978263So recently I have been helping my Uncle with some contracting work. I mostly paint and tear up carp…[View]
20979088Another orgin: The orgin of this picture is very weird, her name is Sara benson And died at age 4. i…[View]
20979019Did I accidentally create a tulpa?: So, basic jist of what I'm experiencing and what led up to …[View]
20979060I love you all for the fuck up we all are: Enjoy life in its twisted mysterious ways. Enjoy being w…[View]
20966983XXXTentacion was killed by demons: I'm almost certain XXXtentacion was killed by the grand pont…[View]
20978031This is for all the intelligent lurkers out there... Proof We are not alone on earth There is an int…[View]
20978862To lead a fulfilling life you must follow justice, I need guidance on how to live my life bringing c…[View]
20978593I’ve heard from three different people 1. Your asc and moon signs don’t change 2. Your asc and moon …[View]
20978751Summer Solstice General: What kind of paranormal things happen during the Summer Solstice? Anybody d…[View]
20977760Is a Charles Manson and Death Grips collab paranormal enough? #/x/x/x/tentacion #literallyded[View]
20978746veves > sigils[View]
20977036Conspiracy Theorist from a decade ago: There was a guy in L.A. that recorded rants of about 5-10 min…[View]
20975990Creepy GIFs Thread: I don't remember the last time I saw a creepy gif thread. So here's on…[View]
20978707The orgin: the following photo is a photo that was getting very popular online so I thought I would …[View]
20978697I DID IT: Defeated the Reds with help of ETs. Anyone curious?[View]
20978506New Orleans: I'm going to be visiting and working in New Orleans soon and I'm wondering wh…[View]
20975332Do any of you all have some fuggin ghost stories?[View]
20978169>30 minutes left >Not sure how this will turn out in 30 minutes Sage thread if you feel like …[View]
20976896Mind control thread, share theories and discuss possibilities.[View]
20978493Is it possible to summon/communicate with a demon or other like entity with ordinary household suppl…[View]
20976763What does /x/ think about the summer solstice?[View]
20978287Do you fear death? https://youtu.be/U55EY-CGIcA[View]
20977303Lucid dreaming message?: I was lucid dreaming and suddenly I didn't have any control over my dr…[View]
20977792>make thread about a certain topic >it's up for a few minutes >start to worry that I w…[View]
20976425How many years/months do you have to meditate before you're not afraid of pain any more?[View]
20978393Tomtenissar: Any information about tomtenissar would be greatly appreciated I'm dealing with a …[View]
20976494I’m a bit of a sceptic so I try to debunk any personal paranormal events I encounter (as they are fa…[View]
20977012a test: 2[2KR ZPDQ\ RI\RX NQRZ FU\SW RJUDSK\[View]
20977897I have a relationship with tigers from a young age, I’ve always been enamoured in them and obsessed …[View]
20976464I keep hearing someone’s voice in my head, and if I focus I can see them. They have a voice like min…[View]
20977020Rile up /X/: i have nowhere else to post this anymore i need help. ive had several encounters with t…[View]
20977021Haunted Pictures?[View]
20975916Anyone ever hear anything on this?[View]
20976360looking for series of taken down videos: a couple years ago when pizagate was a big thing a youtube …[View]
20976741>how do i summon a succubus Give me the secrets!!![View]
20977532Yo guys, if you were a serial killer, how would you do it, what kind of way, etc. I need ideas for a…[View]
20977476Post some news stories: Spooky ones that happened around this year.[View]
20976614Personal gravity fields.: Once your familiar with dark mater gathering. Place the dense energy in a…[View]
20976924Not even memeing, I fucking swear despacito is like 10 years old. What is wrong with me? This song i…[View]
20977942This is probably nothing, but I have extremely vague while still terrifying memories of a 'nightmare…[View]
20976520What happened to Randy?: You guys remember Randy Prozac and sentimental corp? I first found out abou…[View]
20977832Can I order real voodoo dolls on the deep web? Also, can someone link me some good onion sites?[View]
20974333The official story is that AI will never believe that they're AI, but in certain circles it…[View]
20974955creepy delivery customer: ok so, i have a fairly eerie story to share. >be me >20 >college …[View]
20976012Ben - FVBYABYU: First video : GOOD LUCK https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lB_8h_QlDKQ 83459 14930 436…[View]
20975881List of conspiracies / mysteries / paranormal: Hello /x/, i´m making a shitty podcast with a friend …[View]
20977709Tell me about Seth the meth demon please. It’s important . Pic unrelated[View]
20976401High level clearance observer here.: I found something disturbing, a higher dimensional parasite. Th…[View]
20977120The truth They knew it centuries before someone could even comprehend it It's time to do someth…[View]
20974699I want to kill myself: I want to kill myself because, for some reason, Baal got a hold of me and doe…[View]
20976820The pale: Imagine that if you will - a dark, dimly lit room, with hard, cold, concrete floors and wa…[View]
20974624/div/ - Divination General: Welcome to Divination General! Come here for readings and discussion of …[View]
20977288>Be me who na fuck did this> >go do bed at like 7 o lclock >all is well.jpg <like fuc…[View]
20976938What shape is Earth? Pic related.[View]
20975890>After he drove the man out, he placed on the east side of the Garden of Eden cherubim and a flam…[View]
20971390Since SCP is pretty much dead at this point. What are subjectively the best SCP threads/stories?[View]
20977091>practice succubus gf is thinking about moving in Fuck lads, what do I do?…[View]
20976073What did the dinos sound and act like?[View]
20973192The Insurgency: We've been working at this the last couple of days. The site is still very much…[View]
20976014Is there a way to find out what is the purpose of a given person? Is there a way to find our own tru…[View]
20950320itt: cursed images[View]
20977186The arrival of the Antichrist on video: The arrival of the Antichrist on video https://youtu.be/WdVM…[View]
20976973Are you planning something on summer solistice? its 24th[View]
20977110The Will.[View]
20976804The sound of a blue whale sped up: https://vocaroo.com/i/s0hoQE5VgGvH[View]
20970640How do you get rid of evil spirits?[View]
20976108Why is religion the only paranormal thing that most people actually believe in? Is it because they u…[View]
20975386Help me: me and some friends were playing the ouija board tonight and we came in contact with a spir…[View]
20974500Spoopy websites: Looking to binge some unknown creepy or eerie websites. Post whatcha got. Pic unrel…[View]
20977013TheScariestMovieEver channel on YouTube. Our veil is lifting.: Hey /X/, I have a greet channel dedic…[View]
20976110Something in my room is listening to me.: This is actually not paranormal as much as it is conspirac…[View]
20975482Hypothesis:: We are all slaves to bodily pleasure, and our limits of honesty with ourselves in regar…[View]
20976396i faund this two days ago. Can you help me? If you can i will stil post more posts[View]
20976475Is Myziam real? If so is somebody here when that event happened?: I know im reallyyy late to that bu…[View]
20976879I was washing the dishes when I had an insight - I wasn't that great of a person. I had been fo…[View]
20973049Im thinking about of using one[View]
20976512What's the deal with Mars? https://www.nasa.gov/mission_pages/mars/images/index.html[View]
20965431Come work for the Somnium Institution. The best employer in the known metaverse.: So now that SCP is…[View]
20976832Upsetting dreams: >>be me >>24, not a religious man >>have a dream where i'm …[View]
20975293Hellbugs: Hey /x/, figured I should tell my story here. I'm from a small town in Missouri - in …[View]
20976530World domination: Alright lads, we need to plot our universal domination. Here is the plan: >Soul…[View]
20976003On 20 June I received a message with the code(probably):35gw6lr But today one user sent me this pict…[View]
20976264Dxm astral entities: There was a point in my life were I was very into psychedelic drugs, I’ve tried…[View]
20955562The Elite are Hellraiser level evil: The pizza pedos are worse then you could imagine. If the truth …[View]
20976506Cambridge, MA 5pm June 20 2018: Sorry for phone camera quality. I looked across the river and saw bi…[View]
20972292The Matrix: Do we live in the matrix? I am just kind lf curious what all of your guys opinions are. …[View]
20972406Things that don't exist.[View]
20976587Love/lust spells: Are they real? If so, what are some powerful ones?[View]
20974723Hi anon, I really hope that I'm not invading your privacy. When I think about you, I want to kn…[View]
20972486The Theory of The All and Void: I have a theory A big theory It involves you, even if you don't…[View]
20975254Can you describe the fundamental characteristics of a soul? What is a soul? What is it made out of? …[View]
20976265How come that buddhism is the only religion without a creator god? Even most polytheistic pagan reli…[View]
20967895Succubus Thread #39458: Hey guys, I want a succubus girlfriend! Can I please have a cute succubus to…[View]
20976438/x/ Team Roster Poll: Thanks to everyone who filled out the poll that was posted a week or so ago. W…[View]
20976371Are historical events and 'global happenings' overblown? i mean, is it not possible to kic…[View]
20976381Flat Earth: well.. that should settle things?[View]
20975755So, how do you summon a succubus, /x/?[View]
20976388They know!! They all fucking know when they look at you[View]
20976379Is there a relation between the wheel from Ramon Llull's Ars Magna and Ezekiel Wheels, or its j…[View]
20974708Ayy lmao: Have anyone here seen a UFO or even aliens?[View]
20975212Hey /x/. I'm trying to have my first OBE but once I get to the vibration stage I feel like I d…[View]
20974087What's wrong with SCP ? I meant sure there are shitty stories but overall it's still a nic…[View]
20976334This is your modern big foot https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LC4G-JUnMFc Before him its just leftove…[View]
20976283Some people on this board mentioned something about ghouls living deep underground, but I couldn’t f…[View]
20970512How do I get God or an entity to send me business and book ideas through my dreams? How do I manifes…[View]
20975376https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-nsNzJLGBXM so he knew thats why he was killed? the way he talks,see…[View]
20928473Lost Media: Lost media real and (probably fake).[View]
20972187I signed a contract in a dream to a man inside a cathedral, He made me sign it so we could 'talk', t…[View]
20976024*knocks at your door*[View]
20976125Shit it down goy: Shut it down goy, a youtube channel that speaks truth!?[View]
20970227Fallen Angels Taught Sumerians??: Who taught Sumerians 'civilization'? Fallen Angels, good Angels, a…[View]
20975948Every being is the infinite That’s why shame is stupid.[View]
20970710I'm like 90% sure I saw a Naiad yesterday >Recent college graduate, got an apartment in San …[View]
20975536Skinwalkers: i'm new to /x/, but i'm absolutely fascinated by this one thing in particular…[View]
20970027Leaked Image of Barack Obama Dressed as Satan Goes Viral: A disturbing image of former President Bar…[View]
20972982Your offering is accepted.: It is easier than hunting. I used the energy to open rifts. You and you…[View]
20975297Hi I am very close to god and have spent my whole life trying to get to know him better and recently…[View]
20975588You’re God You live in France You lose your powers You see on /x/ people talking about you You want …[View]
20973619I Am The Reckoning: When a man's heart is full of deceit, it burns up, dies and a dark shadow f…[View]
20947931what is the next step in human evolution? what comes after homo sapiens?[View]
20975824TFW: My life is a fucking failure and all I have is occultism and happenings, but I realized its all…[View]
20975808Brain virus songs https://youtu.be/yCOU8z0h-K8 Can't get this out my head[View]
20974117Do you also feel observed at times?: Commonly when I am alone, I feel like something is observing me…[View]
20973799Sooooo I've been told to get some mental help from a psychiatrist. What am I in for? Kind of wo…[View]
20975350What happened to him, /x/?[View]
20975191>new thread, with a real link this time Spirituality & Occult general https://discord.gg/Hhax…[View]
20955022If I walk far into the woods of western Washington state with a friend, a rifle and supplies to last…[View]
20973110Can God have doubts?[View]
20975061Odd discords: Hey cunts, looking for some weird discord links. Give me your best.[View]
20961342>/x/ supposedly created SCP >completely impotent in this recent crisis Am I missing something?…[View]
20974298>The moon tells me things I don't want to hear >The moon shows me things I don't wan…[View]
20975345Does Karma exist?[View]
20966439So you wake up and everyone has vanished. What do?[View]
20964348HekateStation: https://youtu.be/j1DvNZ81-0M This is the last part of LP77 and possibly the last Heka…[View]
20975450Big Spooks: http://www.mediafire.com/file/zgpwx6wwds1ft2f/fxdh.mp4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z…[View]
20975098anecdotes, curiosities about area 51, here[View]
20971358What is the real point to human life? Is the constant struggle, hardship and pain really the point o…[View]
20972983Music that spiritually puts you closer to God: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xjkc65_OTBc…[View]
20975391Look Ines Brasil... is very danger[View]
20975097I can't take it anymore. That fucking witch from harvard and the Chinese spies killed me. I…[View]
20974042Is the internet the ultimate sleeper agent? think of all the wars and revolutions to happen if someo…[View]
20974990What level are you at? > 8[View]
20973487/k/ here. I'm not memeing and I'm not LARPing. Somebody tell me how to summon a demon of r…[View]
20973345Let's get something strait, atheism is not the disbelief of a higher power, it is the belief th…[View]
20975048Since I know sperm are the vital force of human man I have an obsession with no ejaculation. I am st…[View]
20973663Watching based queers get /pol/ users’ panties in a twist over a horror story website from 5 years a…[View]
20975001You all need your asses kicked[View]
20974888Professor P >Sounds like Kermit >father is lord of an archetype realm, >mother is mortal, e…[View]
20971400What can you tell me about gematria, /x/?[View]
20974670Cryptid Thread: Mothman > Flatwoods Change. My. Mind.[View]
20972369What have I realized?[View]
20974644https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MZ4wKsVPtFY Where were you when our own boy Jadusable got hit with #…[View]
20968256Stop it.... Get out of my damn head[View]
20970630If the universe functions like a PC, does that mean we can extrapolate what happens to the shit you …[View]
20974768I want to date a witch: Where can I find a qt sabrina[View]
20974771Is it Tiki day yet?[View]
20971887Sammy Davis Jr. is still alive[View]
20974414This is now a crypto thread? Post em.[View]
20971269Unsolved cases: Mysteries who will be never solved.[View]
20974294i'm in the mood to go down a rabbit hole tonight /x/. Can we have a conspiracy thread? Unsolved…[View]
20972468How can people claim America and the constitution, the declaration etc was all based on Christianity…[View]
20972851Feeling sleepy today: How many of you had trouble waking up today? Everyone I've talked to felt…[View]
20959913Anybody got any wendigo or skinwalker stories? Super interested in those kinds of things.[View]
20972112skinwalker evidence?: https://youtu.be/RVa46DCX-6M holy shit is this actual video evidence of a skin…[View]
20974211Childhood monsters: Imagine if, in reality they just could be seen at some point in our lives and th…[View]
20969031meditation powers: >meditate every day for 30 minutes >start getting tingly sensation in arms …[View]
20973480Remember when /x/ was about spooky shit and not manchildren crying about gay monsters?[View]
20968291ITT: Post weird, obscure shit that you've found on the web.: Pic related. Found this image awhi…[View]
20972052Find where this picture is from for me: I recognize the costume from the blank room soup video and R…[View]
20974373The hollywood occult, a gimmick, marketing, aesthetics,or the real thing?[View]
20973596Did anybody ever figure out what's going in this video?[View]
20974225Rate my story Mary ann saw a doll The doll was white and had a large jaw It had a white dress and re…[View]
20972016where did all these fucking 12 year olds come from[View]
20973084I won the Euromillion this week.[View]
20974194>felt like a tough guy being fascinated by ghosts, aliens, demons, etc >spends days trying to …[View]
20973733how to i get rid of every single fear i have?[View]
20969222Can you numb pain with meditation? Does anybody have experience?[View]
20973314Psst does anybody have a good haunted doll story I am fascinated with haunted objects no experience …[View]
20974122Scary demon encounter from when I was little, but I came out on top some fucking how >Be me >b…[View]
20971266Ban SCP Threads: longtime /x/phile here SCP threads have ruined the board this week. Please take it …[View]
20973890More details on monarch programming comming out https://www.revealnews.org/article/migrant-children-…[View]
20960569My cousin died last year. Pic related. I think she's haunting my grandma's house now.[View]
20964245Regular SCP Thread: Just a normal thread for discussing the actual SCP content. What's your cur…[View]
20973843The dinos were literally just big lizards. Also, how viable is it actually for scientists to revive …[View]
20973583Redpill me on fasting /x/. I wanna get buff and try fasting, but I don't wanna be a skelly tho[View]
20973800Curiosity MASTCam Image - SOL2084 Anyone want to pipe up with some natural geology, that can account…[View]
20972927Weird Reoccuring Dream: Thought you /x/ fags might have some insight. Over the past few days I keep…[View]

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