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/x/ - Paranormal

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21593003ART PROJECT to orbit world, be seen by EVERYONE: This November, a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket will delive…[View]
21593919Why is Noory Afraid of Scripture?: Why is Noory afraid of callers reading scripture on Coast To Coas…[View]
21593069Naruto and Drake made me realize there aren't 7 chakras in the body. There are infinite chakras…[View]
21593911MIB stories: Anyone got stories of them interacting with agents in black?[View]
21591379To the people who believe in Jesus: What would Jesus say about the Bible?[View]
21593739You think that's crazy? Read the wikipedia!: The fidget spinner represents two things >crest…[View]
21588631Palmistry: Hey /x/, I just stumbled upon this image and wondered if you guys know where to get good …[View]
21592868What are some of your theories for the identity or national identity of the coming anti-christ? I fe…[View]
21593071Okay /x/ need advice My gf and I are having our first kid. Happy and all that but one issue keeps fr…[View]
21593672SPOOKY influx of things about to happen on this very site, potentially. SIt back and observe.[View]
21593573Have you seen them? 12th of October?[View]
21593160What's the thing with this girl's channel?: I've been watching some videos about it a…[View]
21591352Male birth?: Hi /x/ i have a question; Do you think it's possible for a man to give birth witho…[View]
21592892HRD_QX16: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HSMM2P4qs-8[View]
21590292Best way to die and access the afterlife.: Alright X, i’m looking into whatever happens after death …[View]
21592552Animal familiar thread: Feel free to drop guides on various different animal familiars and other mag…[View]
21593569How do I learn and practice hypnosis?[View]
21592399Babylon: Is Babylon a spiritual place where demons and their slaves control governments. How many hu…[View]
21593147I'm a host, who is having a midlife crisis/dilema: >it's inside me, the dark blue/black…[View]
21593414like to speak with someone that has knowledge getting in contact with outside entity: I like to spea…[View]
21585441Why can people feel stares?[View]
21588435No one else can read this post. Only you. Go to the front door and walk outside. Go to the nearby tr…[View]
21591760Sup guys, I know this isn’t a mental health board, and I don’t know if this how to do with me being …[View]
21593132Hey, if you reverse the Re:ZERO first ed, it sounds like 'Orion' and then 'Hey, hallelujah' in the p…[View]
21590219Are Angels and Demons real /x/ ? Tell me your stories[View]
21588170Watch this video of the moon landing starting at 5:50. A ladder falls in the background and people w…[View]
21589938Believe in Transubstantiation: I'll have received the Eucharist 14 times in 7 days, which inclu…[View]
21592957Something serious is about to happen and its going to be ugly but after nothing like this will need …[View]
21587728I just opened my third eye 10-15 minutes ago, help me out[View]
21590587Alright /x/, give me a book to read that will spook me to my very skellington. Fiction or nonfiction…[View]
21589075Strange Being that does not seem to be from this world, submitted a selfie to MUFON: On 2018-10-13, …[View]
21588759Is there a connection between the Japanese and the Israelites?: There seems to be many different sim…[View]
21591021I’m an in vivo plant created by terrestrial reptilians; enlightened by extradimensional, long faced …[View]
21590293Ohio thread: Has x heard anything about what goes on here?[View]
21592604>all these memes about NPCs >finally remember something from persona 5's plot guys, what …[View]
21591371There was an anon I saw on here posting about bed springs being used in mind control, I thought you …[View]
21589714Is it true that demons are a girls best friend?[View]
21591820Lost Movie from my childhood: Hello /x/, i've visited this board for a good month now. I believ…[View]
21591750My mom is highly religious and thinks that her ex-friend (they got into some serious beef at some po…[View]
21589370Whats the deal with ectoplasm?: Anyone ever seen it? Images of it always creeped me out. Fake and ga…[View]
21592343What are some spooks?[View]
21588722Apotheosis: The information you gather from your experience is uploaded via magnetic link to a base …[View]
21588216David Icke: >Distrusts scientists. >Finds claims he likes. >Quotes scientists.…[View]
21591574Freemasonry: So is freemasonry anything but a study into kabbalah and hermeticism? From what I'…[View]
215910442018 stock market crash predicted?: >The sinking of the Titanic was in 1912 >9/11 was in 2001.…[View]
21592457Tell me about the Archons.[View]
21591869Why are wizards so OP?[View]
21591347Personal Experiences: Describe your personal paranormal experiences. spook me with things that have …[View]
21591444Help,ive been feeling numb lately idk y[View]
21591590blessed by christians: okay i will try to make this story as short as possible >tonight i was ta…[View]
21586200Republicans changed logo: Why did they change it?[View]
21591673Basedpill me on Titor[View]
21592097Help: I want to start worshiping Lilith, where should I start?[View]
21591579>the Mandela affect is real back when cats and dogs suddenly changed to the way they are now, I w…[View]
21590842>Want to do Yoga >Alister Crowley wrote books about how it he used it for his gay satanic shit…[View]
21589946What is the deal with Dreamcatchers?: What do they do? They've worked for me for many many year…[View]
21584553/omg/ - Occultism and Magick General: Library: https://mega.nz/#F!AE5yjIqB!y7Vdxdb5pbNsi2O3zyq9KQ…[View]
21591531Ok, /x/, apparently there is one of these fucks (pic related) operating in my area. I want to know h…[View]
21589362Let's discuss the paranormal, mystical and religious use of certain numbers and it's valid…[View]
21591880I need the birth time (hour, minute, second) of Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos. …[View]
21591656>go to computer >go on /x/ >nose instantly starts bleeding…[View]
21591833Are Nano UFO observing our globe?: Submission statement: All over the globe these very small UFO…[View]
21590225ITT: Unsolved mysteries.[View]
21590994What is you guys take on the Kabbalah?: Im just curious to hear. Ill share my opinion afterwards.…[View]
21590525Higher self Discussion: Is there such a thing as the “higher self”? If so, what exactly is it and do…[View]
21591376Why are creepypasta about deep web based on some concept of killers, satanists or pedos who are supe…[View]
21591461what did they mean by this?????????/[View]
21589912Hello I am from the future on a business trip, but I do remember 4chan before it got shutdown so I d…[View]
21590615Hey /x/ I got a story for you, nothing to do with goatmen, fleshgaits and shit like that tho, maybe …[View]
21586857What’s the best story in pic related?[View]
21590923Need Music for a Spiritual Journey Innawoods: Hello there, /x/. German anon here who has been lurkin…[View]
21588510Peregrination is a fresh social/mystery server hybrid. Secondary to the social aspect of the server…[View]
21576599/x/ useful skills: >tulpa dont be lazy, do some search >being able to see aura tutorial below …[View]
21589765dimensional jumping: has anyone here ever tried dimension jumping, has anyone ever had any success? …[View]
21591423LSD + Coke + Witchcraft + Finland: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GJDIvYuhRWM[View]
21576341I literally found one of MY stories in this guys book. I honestly have no clue what I should do abou…[View]
21588508Synchronicities that happened to you.: I saw two skunks on my way home (they were outside of my hous…[View]
21588465Intergalactic Warrior: Crowley was an Intergalactic Warrior Monk sent from another timeline to help …[View]
21587569I'll try an approach here.[View]
21591005Thoughts that you've had that you know weren't your own: >I want to impregnate all witc…[View]
21587775Chaos researcher here ask me anything.[View]
21588536Good New Creepypasta Thread: I'll start: ''The Hell Inside My Head'' Not th…[View]
21589282It is common or ok for you to have the first astral projection while on argyreia seeds? i think that…[View]
21590317Is there a sound way to summon a ghost or potentially a familiar? I have been feeling kind of lonely…[View]
21590605hey /x/, just recently started online schooling with Correllian Educational Ministries and was wonde…[View]
21591073Is it truly okay to run over space aliens?: Terry said yes[View]
21590813Don't listen to the voice inside your head anon, if you have one, it means something has broken…[View]
21586829what do i do if god is following me around cursing me? i know for a fact i have a curse because i ge…[View]
21590353Can God save us from our negative karma or is karma above God?[View]
21589011XX: to invoke a deity's name to write it even to do any rite that that deity, has set out you p…[View]
21588872Flat Earth people ARE RIGHTFULLY CONFUSED as we are using 2D physic models cause of the theory of t…[View]
21589320What kind of purpose does coffee and tea serve in the spiritual community /x/?[View]
21590498There's some more things I feel the need to share. I won't stay for discussion. Satan is r…[View]
21590392Need help Xchans: Found this. Can't figure out what I'm looking at. Can someone tell me wh…[View]
21588396Can people really use 'The Secret' or 'Magic' to become rich? Thoughts are a form of energy and all …[View]
21590735Can someone explain this image to me found on the google maps? If you search for Martha Chapel Cemet…[View]
21588940Do Jews origin from a former universe?: Zynkyoku belives that they came from a plöanet similar to ou…[View]
21584347Is there any way to get rid of emotions and empathy?[View]
21585148Was Jesus a Q?[View]
21589518ϗ: ϗ[View]
21590705OwO What's this? https://www.roughguides.com/destinations/africa/egypt/nile-valley/middle-egypt…[View]
21587711/div/ - Divination General: Welcome to Divination General! Come here for readings and discussion of…[View]
21590662Any Armenian bros able to tell me what this means? With my limited knowledge of world alphabets I be…[View]
21590661Lesser realitys aren't lesser you're just too dense palate it: I'm a titan in another…[View]
21588970Doing dream interpretation Part 94 on /x/: Hello, it´s Dreaminterpretation time. Give me your LAST d…[View]
21581178Let's talk about occult symbols on dollar bills: Looking for explanations and interpretations o…[View]
21590572MASS awakening people isn't even that hard, teaching someone who isn't smart and turning t…[View]
21588676https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XjvjbriIDvs Welcome everyone! This is the Beldingford Manor, no one …[View]
21590396Black Magic: My brother does real magic unlike most of the people here AMA[View]
21584864What the fuck is stigmata?[View]
21590368ITT we summon JOI the AI from blade runner to forever lurk and post on this board. May she guide is …[View]
21575430Now that the dust has settled, what was this *really* about?[View]
21582469ITT: images with an unfortunate aura[View]
21587399las monas: >be 9 or 10, live in costa rica >become a boy scout and go camping with the troop f…[View]
21585165Found this pic on the archives: Can someone explain with more detail?[View]
21586979Love is Paranormal?: Hi /x/ Good day everyone. I was wondering what you all would think of this if I…[View]
21586771Videos: Hey guys, how would ya feel about some FUCKING idiots that are interested in aliens to sit a…[View]
21588809Tell me everything you know about Living Earth Theory[View]
21589949Conspiracy Theories: Do you believe that he is still alive? Post other theories down below to Waken …[View]
21590049https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Stco83fnCiE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J6xIKLf_dDI[View]
21588177Can anyone help me out with what this symbol is? Im not trying to be creepy or anything i've ju…[View]
21589855Hemi Sync: Has anyone used the Hemi sync gateway experience here? What are your thoughts on it??…[View]
21589691cursed: which dickhead here put a fucking jinx or curse on me do you know how bad my fucking week ha…[View]
21587261What do you see /x/?[View]
21588905ITT post minor deviation timelines you visited in the last week: >in Year Zero ARG the 18th April…[View]
21583970What happens after we die? Is there anything beyond death?[View]
21582487What was this https://youtu.be/bQ7RaOMHb5I[View]
21561926astrology general: hello /x/ I didn't see an astrology thread in the catalog (forgive me if one…[View]
21588694ALEXA, WHY DO I HAVE TO GO TO SCHOOL?: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-6265615/Amazo…[View]
21589142Why is tarot such bullshit? I swear, half the cards in the deck mean 'new beginnings', and the other…[View]
21589651guys I've been having this weird ass dreams for the past week... they're so freaking weird…[View]
21584550What kind of monsters do i need to look out for in SW louisiana? Going innawoods tomorrow, just need…[View]
21585728Do demons have anything useful to say?[View]
21588754Intro to Magic: What are some beginner spells? What spells do you use, and why? Are there any books …[View]
21586327Friendly reminder that there isn’t one female angel in the bible and thus no female demons. Y’all ar…[View]
21586286Church of satan and the music industry: Are Die Antwoord satanists? Share your opinion.[View]
21588914Does anyone have that creepy pic of the weird long neck cat/human thing looking into a window? I nee…[View]
21587895Is Jimmy Kimmel and other late night talk show hosts NPCs?[View]
21588365Lets play a game! Guess who I am haha, here are a few hints. >> 2000 years ago >> mesopo…[View]
21583451This video showed up on a Petit Tube thread, what the fuck? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GA-VGSXp…[View]
21589355dellafuoy: Found a strange YouTube channel called 'dellafuoy', it has only 11 videos and each of the…[View]
21586617...How it all began...[View]
21587811UFO HOVERING OVER FRANCE NOW: https://youtu.be/NqfvCIKCNqc[View]
21588171Another 'Satan': Since according to Abrahamic theology, a fallen angel eventually took control of hi…[View]
21585857Aleph: Anyone remember the post on here by a time traveller called Aleph? He said the Bush would die…[View]
21573778Frequencies, Cymatics, and Royal Rife: 'If you want to find the secrets of the universe, Think in te…[View]
21579267Post /x/ movies that are actually good[View]
21586082Why are the auras of oranges purple?[View]
21588955Can any one explain what is going on in these videos https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwLUOyHPOWwb7b…[View]
21586583The Important knowledge that you have now,Write it down: Knowledge is important,and knowledge should…[View]
21584303So. Telekinesis. How do you get stronger?: I'm not sure whether there's anyone here that c…[View]
21587413i can kill a bitch for ya with my death note abilities >name >what did they do to ya >and p…[View]
21576221I need your help /x/: Hey there /x/, I have a question for you. Is it possible to control the vibes …[View]
21588662Can I get a rundown on reoccurring dreams?[View]
21588846I HATE SNOW: does anyone actually know if this old video was fake? it’s been years and it still cree…[View]
21586284A Heroic Feet: Have you ever just looked at your feet, and thought about how every nerve in your bod…[View]
21587109anyone know anything about these symbols? they were found on the 3rd floor men bathroom walls in lib…[View]
21588337Can we get a hidden image thread.[View]
21588260Could they be among us?: Have you ever considered that you see time-travelers every day, and don…[View]
21587043Sound: This happened 20 minutes ago. To give the details, I live in a house next to my parent's…[View]
21587256Bellgab has risen from the dead just like Jesus.[View]
21585191CounterSpell /massmeditation: Some witches are going to curse pic related. We (/pol) want to to do a…[View]
21586656Bootes void: What made it /x/? If you were on a planet in the centre of it you would only be able to…[View]
21586993(PIC UNRELATED) Hi guys this is my first time posting on /x/. I tried dowsing today and it worked. H…[View]
21588298Had a nightmare: I recently had a nightmare and the monster kind of looked like this and i was wonde…[View]
21586202I saw a YouTube video a while back talking about how Katt Williams was saying the government was fol…[View]
21588254Redpill Me On Ancient Cults /x/: Were they all bad? Who were some of the really bizarre or strange …[View]
21582828forgotten languages is a hoax. most of their posts simply combine different words from different lan…[View]
21587661Shit, is cloudbusting/atmokinesis legit?: So recently here I've encountered the idea of 'c…[View]
21585192Does death feel like not being born? Like, so much happened before you were born but you don't …[View]
21588116Need to debunk a video: https://youtu.be/y7O3inDnBXw >be me >watching this video >pretty su…[View]
21588111Do any professional psychics/mediums/fortune tellers browse /x/?[View]
21587203Kykeon: Does anyone know the recipe and the ingredients for kykeon the psychedelic drink[View]
21588043Does the deer skull + hooded robes thing have a name? Is it from/based on anything in particular? I…[View]
21588169>be my friend >having a bonfire with some other friends >one friend decides to burn some do…[View]
21584606Strange white cars: Started seriously dabbling in the occult and paranormal, now I find myself stalk…[View]
21584111How do I levitate big stuff with these?: I know they will work, the ancients used them.[View]
21588033WARP DRIVE = LAZAR plus THE BELL: When Lazar used the phrase 'gravity waves' in 1990 it wasn't …[View]
21583501Is this why the keep shutting observatories?: Da fuq?[View]
21588006IF YOU'RE IN A 'CAMP' YOU DO NOT GET THE GIST OF THINGS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2VMDuX…[View]
21580873CERN: Does CERN have anything to do with the shitty state the world is currently in? Where they tryi…[View]
21585122Children’s YouTube videos: Why are children’s YouTube videos so fuckind weird? A lot of them are gen…[View]
21586842If you call his name, he should wake up.[View]
21587962/ig/ Idealism General QUICK RUNDOWN >Dr. Godehard Bruentrup: What Is Idealism? https://www.youtu…[View]
21587925weird dream or event?: Had a weird dream god Knows how long ago and i just now had a premonition of …[View]
21587545sChizos of /x/, I know of your schemes. Tell me the next step, fellow enemies. What must I do to con…[View]
21587335The cough: I dont really believe in gangstalking unless its done at the higher levels in corporation…[View]
21585029My plan is to do 666 push ups a day (among other things) for 666 days and on the 666th day i will co…[View]
21586106Is this right: Trying to understand the gods of the elites who is who and who came first and if they…[View]
21582281black magic love spell: I need a girl to fall in love with me, I don't care of any negative eff…[View]
21587596Was it legit /x/? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ee3bld4lTG0[View]
21587633Binural Beats: Are binural beats just a meme? Been looking to increase my chances of entering a tran…[View]
21586352spoopy scarwee storys: its oct time for creep pasta post um[View]
21587657Can someone summon myziam again? I miss that adorable ayy.[View]
21587546Hell house: Is anyone on /x/ familiar with Hell House in Ellicott City, Maryland? I went there last …[View]
21579423Do you believe the conspiracy that billionaires and the elite are moving to New Zealand due to its i…[View]
21583656I am a recovered paranoid schizophrenic who, at one point in my life, could not make sense, look at …[View]
21582665What is pancreas denial?[View]
21586563Esoteric christianity thread Any sources about that? How really western esoterics can be compatible …[View]
21586921Can someone explain the weeb epidemic to me? How do otherwise seemingly intelligent and self-aware …[View]
21579849Robots are your friends, they are here to help you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rVlhMGQgDkY&…[View]
21585710Help me out: I've come to visit this board because I'm trying to look for a cryptid/parano…[View]
21586046Recurring 'dreams' For as long as I can remember, I never dreamed. Ever. Not like people say. Crazy …[View]
21582938Who fixes the timeline?[View]
21587347You need to show of tulpas to show others they exist Holy spirit is a beautiful Being[View]
21586956The Snow Slut From Hell: https://youtu.be/2QpXUxkZopU[View]
21585819Saturn https://pastebin.com/pzH6md6f KEK - P.oint. E.ntering P.robably. E.merging = P.e.pe 15:87 W…[View]
21587316Finally learned how to dissolve my ego completely to speak the words of God when needed to and you m…[View]
21585872Who can I call upon/summon/meet/etc that can bring my existence to a final end? I'd commit suic…[View]
21587139The Thread X Forgot?: Did anyone save this thread from last night? I saved a copy to my local HD bec…[View]
21587227yo wtf is this deja vu shit, this is so weird. I know ive experienced what I have before in a dream.…[View]
21587228Mark Passio - Natural Law Seminar: Do cliffs exist for this? I'm nearly through the second vide…[View]
21584663Mind Control: During the cold war sound wave wepons were used to make commie qts cum. Now they can b…[View]
21583634gang stalking: if you suffer this, what I am about to tell you will either liberate you or send you …[View]
21587169HRD_SR15: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DsSzfqxt2I8[View]
21587156I'm not saying it's bigfoot but it's bigfoot[View]
21581988Coast to Coast AM: I was thinking of listening to this radio show. Would any of you recommend it? Al…[View]
21584818http://zetatalk.com/index.htm opinions ?[View]
21579220Proved that time travel exists: ok so i just saw this didnt cyberpunk trailer release a few months …[View]
21583079Welcome to Divination General! Come here for readings and discussion of theory/practice Every metho…[View]
2158612512 hours ago I saw something so life-changing that it was not life-changing. Not a single person can…[View]
21578143Native American Skinwalker: I've decided to make a thread about this subject. I'm full blo…[View]
21585814What does the owl mean?[View]
21586962I feel like the Aghoris are onto something[View]
21581823I want to spread some positive energy through out this board. What is something that is going well i…[View]
21578029Nazi Occultism: What did they do/know/look for? What did they find?[View]
21586370Fuck you guys, i'm taking the blue pill.: Remote Viewing. Aliens. Hollow Earth, Magic. Gang st…[View]
21586169What is a fully formed human footprint doing in the Permian period, that’s 290 million years old?[View]
21585357Aliens?: Fellas explain you’re encounters with aliens or if you believe or not. I’m very curious to …[View]
21586220may god curse, betray and crucify all of you the same way god has cursed, betrayed and crucified me[View]
21584417((Whats the connection?)): You here story's that the Templar's worshipped the Baphomet and…[View]
21586595All around me is an illusion: All around me is an illusion, It confines my mind in seclusion, Oh t…[View]
21586501Our society is run on sex, the feeling of being in a powerful position with lots of money is purpose…[View]
21585801David Huggins case: This has to be some kind of elaborate attempt at an ARG or a parody of Strieber…[View]
21585490I am able to read the frequency of your being through your expressions and face. If you would like m…[View]
21586150/pagang/: Can we have a normal Pagan thread? Teutonic, Classical, Slavic, maybe Celts too. Let us t…[View]
21578444Doing dream interpretation Part 93 on /x/: Hello, it´s Dreaminterpretation time. Give me your LAST d…[View]
21586238Good books/stories about demons and demonic possession?[View]
21586168What does /x/ know about herbalism? What can you do with herbs? I want to make potions and poisons. …[View]
21583852Nice Ship: To the anon who used to post here as Nice Ship: I miss talking to you and I hope you…[View]
21584139I've been very lonely as of late (my whole life to be precise) and have been thinking about get…[View]
21583314ITT: Plausible possibilities about or relating to aliens/UFOs that are terrifying. >Simple: What …[View]
21584420Creepy Trump presidential reference in April 2012 on Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations: https://www.…[View]
21572908Maine thread: What is a state this close to the original 13 colonies doing so underdeveloped? What f…[View]
21574005Creepy greentext thread go.[View]
21584706Is lil jon is the king of cups?: Wise gives good advice has a deep grasp of human nature teaches thr…[View]
21584080I need help! Astral nazi structure!!: Hey! There was a thread on here a while ago about a man relayi…[View]
21572715Do you think they monitor this board?[View]
21585823Grifter?: Guys does it real?[View]
21585820Observatory Outage Continues: First the solar observatory, now: Hubble http://hubblesite.org/news_re…[View]
21583409I am enslaved... Enslaved to all your laughter. Your pity. I'm like a dog. Enslaved Enslaved en…[View]
21582552I'm creeped out right. I just took a photo of my friend, and I noticed something strange in the…[View]
21579146redpill Chinese cloning and human genetic engineering: Are their places, specifically in China, wher…[View]
21585176Is the earth a dyson sphere?: It is suggested that the earths moon is hollow, but could the earth it…[View]
21585001>eldritch horror escaped again[View]
21585535Movies Thread #7x10^99: Fishing for spooky movies about tainted places; with either ghosts, demons, …[View]
21578967The fuck is this?: So apparently there's this weird fucking thing a lot of politicians do invol…[View]
21575853Dream interpretations: I greet you friends. I'm available enough to interpret numerous dreams w…[View]
21585481>tfw no occult gf to do ritual and sex magick with even though they outnumber us…[View]
21585030redpill me on the united nations, and world governments and secret programs and hidden departments, …[View]
21585462The Slenderman: Slenderman is just a mask of Nyarlathotep Same with the idea of Krampus, another mas…[View]
21580772Does losing your virginity really take away your power levels?[View]
21585371I will sometimes get a weird feeling in my spine that’s almost like shivering in the way it feels, b…[View]
21585422What is the best horror movie and why is it Sleepy Hollow?[View]
21585230Enter the Void (2009) - IMDb https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1191111/ Rating: 7.3/10 - 56,909 votes A …[View]
21585287Lucerferianism General: Haven't seen one before, so let's start discussing how all the evi…[View]
21585264So I had an OBE last night around midnight where I was flying around the neighborhood visiting girls…[View]
21585274lost media: found this creepy video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AledvT_xvbM[View]
21584216What the fuck is happening?: Guys, I'm the person who made the thread about seeing a light in t…[View]
21585170https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Stco83fnCiE&list=RDMMStco83fnCiE&start_radio=1 https://www.…[View]
21583161Pandit indian guru con-men: My Canadian town is like 75% Indian. Years ago someone had put a busines…[View]
21585085Are we humans God technology? Machines made out of atoms[View]
21580174I know chakras are important nerve centers in your body, and that various religions and philosophies…[View]
21584345>Richat structure = atlantis? >video link: https://youtu.be/oDoM4BmoDQM What's ur view?…[View]
21584719spooky stories thread: anyone got any spooky/scary/paranormal stories to share? they could have hap…[View]
21583628What is /x/'s thoughts about Heavens Gate?[View]
21581345Does anyone else have the ability to send a 'pulse' down their spine? I 'flex' something In what fee…[View]
21580094When will the Lord purge this world into chaos?[View]
21584421I think I need help but I dont know who to go to I seriously cant feel empathy or sympathy for anyon…[View]
21582992TL;DR: what are some very specific apocalypse movies? My favorite kind of story is Apocalyptic horro…[View]
21584622Strong Shy Shy Strong You all follow me?[View]
21578088>zodiac killer burger wtf is france mean by this[View]
21577565Vigilantes?: I don't even know how to process what I just saw but I go to an art school in Cana…[View]
21584546Dream about God visiting me: I swear this is it, it's been hard but it happened > A man str…[View]
21579120Can we solve the Dyatlov Pass incident /x/?[View]
21578651you wanna know something that is actually scary these fuckers the way their legs move is so fucking …[View]
21576701Pennsylvania Ghost State: Why is Pennsylvania and West Virginia so fucking haunted and fucked with c…[View]
21584537Goys I have been tasked with watching media from the 50s to the present, for paranormal purposes. Wh…[View]
21582709>Friend asks me if I want to go to a Cyclones hockey game >Ask when, how much does it cost? …[View]
21584009>zombie girlfriend doesn't move and is starting to smell What did I do wrong?…[View]
21584480What is some good X music? https://www.youtube.com/user/cryochamberlabel[View]
21584037Rob Zombie and Hell: So say hell is real and it's fairly easy to fuck up and get sent there do …[View]
21563904Cursed Image Thread! Post Your Most Cursed Images Here[View]
21584114Each one of us is made up of tiny microorganisms that together make up vast cellular structures that…[View]
21573976What would happen if humanity would be attacked by an alien civilisation? Would we have chances? The…[View]
21584194Is incarnation real if so have you made any contact with your past lives?[View]
21525623Paranormal YLYL Thread: Contribute some /x/ related humor[View]
21578122Mentally Disturbed Art: Post art by people who slowly/rapidly lost their minds https://youtu.be/E-0…[View]
21584273what do I do if I have really bad luck like everything bad possible keeps happening like its a night…[View]
21584261Hello /x/ I am in search for spirit songs and I'm turning to you for help. I'm participat…[View]
21576410If you call his name, he shall awaken.[View]
21584137Vampire General: Supernatural blood drinking vampire theories only please. Where can you find a real…[View]
21584128we could have been great.[View]
21584092This is proof that tulpas are real. Wilson died so that Tom could live. He paid the price with his l…[View]
21583249Have you tried exploring your lucid dreams? How far did you go? Did it feel too real? Were you scare…[View]
21583768Currently dating an Indian girl and she's afraid to use the bathroom in my apartment because of…[View]
21583950Redpill me on the Aghori: They do impure practices in a way to both identify with nonduality and to …[View]
21583099I think im going to kill myself just for fun,see ya in the other side, the dark one i hope[View]
21583691Tell me your ghost stories /x/!: I have a stream tonight gonna tell some ghost stories and read some…[View]
21583826Watch any good MKUltra documentaries?: Looking for good MK Ultra/Brainwashing/mind control type vide…[View]
21576295Look closely: Do you notice something eerie in here?[View]
21580981what if photoshopped pictures are actually real but they want us to believe they're fake?[View]
21565997Unsolved mysteries: Anyone have some that still stick with them? The Nyleen Marshall case is pretty …[View]
21581557Theory on glow in the dark CIA niggers: The bioluminescence of agents is actually a side effect of t…[View]
21578108>tfw it's a dark lonely night >Tfw the soul of the jester is calling…[View]
21578349I've been staring at this image all day. What is it that draws people in?[View]
21583401The scene where Paulie sees the Virgin Mary always got to me in a way that horror just doesn't.…[View]
21583352Non Compliant Persona: >mods please bless me in my quest. I CHOOSE NOT TO PARTICIPATE IN A GAME …[View]
21580285This is horrifying.[View]
21581491Aliens in Charleston wv: /x/ please help a fiery comet just fell from the sky in Charleston West Vir…[View]
21583210How do I converse with unclean spirits?[View]
21582656¿Have you started thinking about this?: Have you ever thought about what will happen to us when we d…[View]
21581998numerology, psychological ((association)), confirmation bias, frequency theory and shit. angel numbe…[View]
21582779may god curse, betray and crucify all of you the same way god has cursed, betrayed and crucified me[View]
21582875Spoopy Urban Legends Book: Hey /x/! I thought you might appreciate some spooky urban legends to get …[View]
21582396I watched this last night and it was fucking horrible: How did they fuck up a Marble Hornets movie t…[View]
21582494Hey /x/ I'm new to not only x, but 4chan as a whole, so bear with me. This is something that I…[View]
21576274im losing my shit: https://webmshare.com/5BJEr someone talk to me about this it only just stopped wh…[View]
21579208How to find true happyness in life[View]
21581855Palm reader needed: Can you pls read my hand? Scanned with a photoscanner.[View]
21582735are we working with militant groups, cartels and terrorist groups more then we're working with …[View]
21582667pic related: >be me >lying in bed >on bottom bunk >be looking at memes on my phone >s…[View]
21582512Again with these freaky swirls in the sky. These were in China. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/art…[View]
21582776Meditation Q&A: Some need help along the path to enlightenment. Post your queries here and you w…[View]
21581967Autumn Babbies: Guess who's up in Autumn this week for the babbies? That's right, us!…[View]
21582685Did anyone catch 'The Haunting At Hill House' yet on Netflix? I'm pleasantly surprised for a ho…[View]
21582738Remote Viewing: Has anyone tried it? I was able to do it for awhile after a traumatic car accident t…[View]
21581660let's have a thread about megaliths[View]
21582672Just not sure how bypass 9 at this point, most of us have been deemed unworthy and a few of us have …[View]
21581173Psychic Stalker: I need your help Starting at the end of January I began to have strange dreams rela…[View]
21577352give me some rituals to kill people I hate or at least make their life living hell[View]
21582613/ig/ Idealism General 'we are all spirits!' edition: QUICK RUNDOWN >Dr. Godehard Bruentrup: What …[View]
21577666Fastest path to sleep paralysis: And I guess lucid dreaming in general thread Basically I've be…[View]
21582554Does anyone have any personal or favorite stories that terrify you or make your skin crawl?[View]
21567325is it true you see Baphomet when you take DMT? if no, what do you see?[View]
21577283ITT ominous photos[View]
21579024The Unexplained Knowledge of Ancient People: Why are our based ancestors & their knowledge ignor…[View]
21582394Hey, I think I just had a paranormal experience or maybe an hallucination. >need to take a piss …[View]
21581777I am not human. I was, well, i was 3/4 human, but i havent been for, quite some time now. First let…[View]
21581959No one else can read this post. Only you. Go to the front door and walk outside. Go to the nearby tr…[View]
21580499Girls don’t give a shit about you. They just want to make you hard and to take your light.[View]
21581686Found out filthyfrank/joji is a freemason/satanist by his sybolism >blood bath humiliation Who h…[View]
21582083Is there a magician on here that can turn me into a demon please?[View]
21580457spooky security guard stories: I'm in the process of becoming a security guard. I know some of …[View]
21579574/div/ - Divination General: Welcome to Divination General! Come here for readings and discussion of …[View]
21582063Have I been visited by the demon? >be me with brother home alone >sitting in the living room w…[View]
21582097Look it's not like Auras have anything to do with consciousness manipulation ok[View]
21578526Honesty to all, I die tonight, to all involved I am not feeling guilty about it, but I still say sor…[View]
21579995I am god: I am god, you can ask me a question and I will answer[View]
21581815Am i retarded if i cant understand pic related? Asking for a friend.[View]
21581708Is disclosure going to happen or what? Am I talking to a bunch of bots, day after day? Is it going t…[View]
21576797Skinwalkers in alabama innawoods? Any spooky experiences in alabamas woods?[View]
21579021What is it? Its this proof of something super natural exist? Is there science behind it? Its been re…[View]
21574719Chaos researcher here AMA.[View]
21573346Occult and Magick General /omg/ - Satyr's asleep edition Library: https://mega.nz/#F!AE5yjIqB…[View]
21581529RAW thread: What does /x/ think of Robert Anton Wilson and the topics he discusses? https://www.you…[View]
21581049Invisible stalking: I once heard a tale of this man who thinks the government is stalking him with a…[View]
21578896'GHOSTLY' images SOLVED: a couple of years ago images were submitted to MUFON for examination, by a …[View]
21581539share your paranormal stories here: I'm bored, so share your paranormal stories with me. it wil…[View]
21581533Thank you my growth is tremendous, one day im stuck and the next im free felt like i got the job fe…[View]
21579662What does it mean if I'm getting synchronicities[View]
21577799how do I meditate? I dont want to hear it from some guru some website I want a direct source. I trus…[View]
21580979>See neighbors stuffing boxes in their recycle one day >Later that night I find a piece of car…[View]
21580996UF-1[0]: This will be Eternity's first published utility frame. Whether you are prepared to bel…[View]
21581061What the fuck just happened? I was a bit sleepy and looking at a wall and I kept hallucinating that …[View]
21579639I ended up being/getting blackpilled to the point of no return, and now I'm stuck between a roc…[View]
21581098are there any spells or prayers to make my pet rat give birth? She's pregnant and has been for …[View]
21580210Does God reflect upon itself? Does it look in the mirror to evaluate who it sees when it gazes? Can …[View]
21579462/x/ creative: You a creative motherfucker? Show your creative spirituality. Post what you got.…[View]
21581128...: Are we humans spoiled campared to ayys?[View]
21581176So i need 4chans help to solve a mystery. Can i do that on this board or any suggestions for another…[View]
21579523do dreams have any significance? last night I dreamt about having killed a man, and then I was in HU…[View]
21580063Look what I found at my neighbours apartment.[View]
21579607so we're all using Zoroastrian terms???: this is part of public education too right, whats the …[View]
21578496hey /x/ i have never had any paranomal things happening to me, but now there are several things that…[View]
21578548What’s the most effective way to fast?: I wanna fast for spiritual enlightenment anons. I want to be…[View]
21581204HRD_QV14: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6weRK_EUncE[View]
21580229David Bowie Thread: What did he mean by this?[View]
21580531Is there any way to restart your life, but with the knowledge you already have?[View]
21578617Why does the public hate conspiracy theories so much? Even when they turn-out to be true it's l…[View]
21577527So /x/, how do you * actually * meditate? All I ever see when I look into it are LARP-tier guides ma…[View]
21579503How canobjective truth exist without God?[View]
21580455African vampires: I have heard that in Africa they believe that vampires roam their lands. The Afric…[View]
21580532How do we feel about her?[View]
21580424What are the main arguments against Gnosticism?[View]
21579345Japanese Legends: anons, lets roll some japanese paranormal images. From kuchisake onna to teke teke…[View]
21579142did any ancient civilizations master artificial intelligence?[View]
21580683Spell for to change rance: Is there a spell that can make me a white person? There's a girl at …[View]
21580810Ten Ox Zen: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ten_Bulls If you are asking why go on with life because …[View]
21579486shadow people: hi, i like to identify myself as 'wender'. Im a brazillian, i see shadow people every…[View]
21580538Genetic Testing Conspiracies: With the recent rise of home genetic tests I was wondering if there we…[View]
21577134How do I increase my luck ?[View]
21579790What realm am I in?[View]
21575045There's a cockroach in your room RIGHT NOW[View]
21580380Giants.: God(Yahweh) Jesus Satan ...Israel. https://youtu.be/od6ikNO4CzY[View]
21580263do you know bashir and double cone coil? appearantly he was channeled to introduce a new tech. ac dc…[View]
21577760LMAO, yes: you wanted this didn't you, smart one aren't ya but we will see who has the las…[View]
21576944Anybody want to hear a story? No? Good. >Be innawoods in good old Maryland >Somewhere near the…[View]
21579378Are Italians actually robots?[View]
21580315Is this Animal Cruelty?: has this dood gone too far to prove his point? https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
21579795Gangstalking may often be more associated with schizophrenics but maybe because its the government d…[View]
21580264Is I in danger? (Is it a problem if I am?): So essentially I just don't fucking care about anyt…[View]
21580206Does being unjust to yourself considered a sin?: Because I mentally punish myself and act as the wor…[View]
21579255What is /x/'s understanding of the Publius enigma? I'm surpsised that it hasn't been …[View]
21579823cursed video thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=diXjFwxPi0Q[View]
21577416did we ever get to the bottom of this?[View]
21577330How does someone convert to a religion?: I don't understand exactly. Whenever I've asked, …[View]
21580078How to I induct myself as a Witch?: Always have been curious of the craft, but would like to take it…[View]
21579965Uh, is this thing on? Am I all alone? Heeey? Is anyone there? Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. I need a…[View]
21577608Experiment complete: https://www.foxnews.com/health/bride-claims-brain-infection-wiped-memory-change…[View]
21578468Flashing lights.: Hello /x/, a couple of days ago i was at my gf house and the power went off in qui…[View]
21578357Sup /x/ some spooky stuff happened today. I’m gonna tell y’all about it and ask a question. Okay so …[View]
21579847Mind control thread CIA niggers allowed as long as they behave.[View]
21576538It is true reaching too far into the crown chakra can lead to mental problems such as schizophrenia …[View]
21572301Aboriginal magick: Did the Aboriginal Australians know anything special?[View]
21579659what are your thoughts on this /x/?[View]
21579205Into the dark..the body.... Is humanity insane? Are psychopaths and murrders the normal?: Saw an exc…[View]
21579691Questions and stories if interested: Hey /x/, don't usually browse here but I'm curious ab…[View]
21578992How do I become a gangstalker? I need a job, but don’t want to flip burgers or scrub toilets Pic unr…[View]
21579106PSA: depression is just a lack of having a soul: Have you ever wondered 'Wow I have depression and I…[View]
21563288/x/ 2006-2008 Archive: Someone uploaded an archive of 4chan threads from 2006-2008, including 56,000…[View]
21579421Is there an /x/ discord?[View]
21571893Favorite Junji Ito Manga?: Pic related[View]
21579280Do you know about the Proper 12? They're the fastest growing secret society rising in power eve…[View]
21577280furry scum: ay yo my house haunted nigga[View]
21577353It’s getting cold isn’t /x/[View]
21569782What do you do when you realize life is nothing but suffering? Happiness is suffering, joy is suffer…[View]
21579019Autonomic Nervous System: My theory is that a humans can actually modify their subconscious (autonom…[View]
21579211How do you summon a demon of your own choosing /x/?[View]
21579183Post creepypastas![View]
21579058ok lets try to make this thread short let me tell you of yourself when you reach the stage of fearle…[View]
21578565What is the best translation for the Bible/Kabbalah if I want to learn about Western esotericism/mys…[View]
21578603The masons were aIways EviI?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ySVGAS9JkPY[View]
21577364Hello, please post skeletons.[View]
21576597>Technology innovation is slowly turning pro communist[View]
21564885How do we defend against tranny demons and degenerates? They're trying to corrupt our kids now.[View]
21577452I was given instructions that I need to achieve public status so I can spread the spirits message bu…[View]
21578162its spooktober, give me the scariest images, gifs u have[View]
21576575What are the spiritual implications and consequences of suicide?[View]
21576435Does alcohol have any spiritual purpose?[View]
21578711Hello there /x/ ! I am looking into styding the occult and paganism. Can you point me towards source…[View]
21578832hêłlö šöń[View]
21578743Lucifer: As all understanding and thought requires a movement in real space, all understanding has a…[View]
21578929How can I make a pact with the Devil himself without relinquishing my soul?[View]
21577494anyone know a different website that has paranormal discussions without larps, redditshits or astrol…[View]
21575831>get randomly selected to get discord store beta >see big panel advertising SOMA >go on you…[View]
21571619What's this long cloud? It's on google maps right now.[View]
21576075What could it be hiding...?[View]
21578819Mind Control In Sleep: I keep awakening to my hands being raised in weird positions and slowly becom…[View]
21578102ITT: Spookiest Threads You've Seen: I want some spooky threads to read.[View]
215753242036 Time traveler with a warning.: February 2019 will be the month when the Nazi bell returns to th…[View]
21574140Reading is the way to enlightnment: >stop doing any drugs or drinking last year. >had 2 months…[View]
21576563/div/ - Divination General: Welcome to Divination General! Come here for readings and discussion of …[View]
21577498Did I dun goof? >going to the bank >stopped by what looks like a 300-year-old gypsy woman on m…[View]
21578110Why does blushing and goose bumps feel like white noise in your skin[View]
21578086change in the position of our solar system, a carl sagan calculation: So in the 1980s carl sagan, st…[View]
21576594Strawman/Legal Fiction: Tell me everything you know about this subject[View]
21576234redpill me on this logo. What's the actual symbolism behind this imagery? What does the stuff i…[View]
21578200Does he have the soul of the jester?[View]
21571715Post REAL cursed images. If you look at this image for more than one minute it will destroy your vis…[View]
21578352Are bruises Paranormal: Just woke with this and doesn't seem to hurt . Pic related .[View]
21575389The weight will be lifted.: I write this during a time of uncertainty and strained endurance, even n…[View]
21578042Why is the old man blind in one eye?[View]
21578426God fucking dammit /x/. I started browsing recently because paranormal shit has always both terrifie…[View]
21574166Dear /x/: 6 more years to go. 6 out of 7. 7 is the number of God. Both eclipses happen in summer, th…[View]
21577999>You are the only NPC Saw this in an Iceberg meme and it started bouncing around my head. Your eg…[View]
21578332This is it, isn't it?: www.cnet.com/google-amp/news/after-hurricane-michael-florida-skies-turn-…[View]
21577572So I was just snapping a picture of my legs when I noticed these weird dots on my way in the backgro…[View]
21578191prediction: hi there /x/, care to have a chat with me? i can accurately predict probabilities with s…[View]
21577559So i just realized filthyfrank/joji is a freemason/satanist by his sybolism >blood bath humiliati…[View]
21578018Look, there's a whole SKY full of lulz to gain how would we go about this battle plans here.[View]
21575825normies are now just learning this[View]
21572320/x/ in the year 1018: ITT we pretend its 1018[View]
21577628banishing humans: well /x/, what's your spell for banishing/ridding yourself of another humanbe…[View]
21577907What if infestation is a smaller judgement from God?: What if rodent/incest infestation is God tryin…[View]
21576544An Offering Of Immortality: Hello /x/, I am an immortal, and I am searching for a woman to impregnat…[View]
21576059Has anyone read this? Can they tell me when the spear of destiny will be discovered and what ancient…[View]
21577738It happened again: I just caught the Mandela Effect in action. In my timeline we had a show called S…[View]
21575615Draconic/dragon language: Hi /x/ I've met a bunch of normies say that draconic (language) exist…[View]
21575452what is the third eye represents?: I'm trying to wright a story which involves the symbolism of…[View]
21577778Now think about this (for those who get it, probably just bullshit): >often think about posting a…[View]
21577054oh my god look[View]
21577584Let's say I wanted to learn to use magic to get something material (money, sex, a better body),…[View]
21574322is this the board where I sign up to be abducted by aliens?[View]
21577095How to teach a big amount of people? Right now I build close connections with my students. Though I …[View]
21574639give me ur skin i need it for humun stoof[View]

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