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20026707I Love you guys: Btw its a globe[View]
20025386Punishment and Hell: I have a question for you, /x/. Do you believe/know what happens to those who f…[View]
20026834Chasing Ghosts.: How do I become enlightened? I know there's no quick fix. Is it even somethin…[View]
20026945Has anyone actually been here?: I'm travelling to China next month and I have reading a lot abo…[View]
20026739Hey /x/ I have a question that's probably never been asked and that question is; What do you th…[View]
20024852The Force: Fact or fiction?[View]
20023510A lesson from the bees: A bee defends itself only, it does not sting because it hates you, but rathe…[View]
20026719Midnight Snack: Viewer discretion advised. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sZekdk0YJcE[View]
20021410Gurdjieff or Blavatsky? Who's work is most likely to transform me from depressed loser to succe…[View]
20026283EU: The EU flag is a simplistic version of the cross of constellation of Orion, the twelve points ar…[View]
20026600So was Weinsten scene just to cover Pizzagate? I think so. Blame the lesser one.[View]
20026168Tyler SecureTeam10 you are a Liar without soul.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=udcJtGxtFrw…[View]
20024817i come to you in faith, as i ask you have in me. most will pass this by, some will come to shit post…[View]
2002648210.11: So, how do i contact the demons you've been talking about? It doesnt matter who they are…[View]
20021900BACK TO THE MOON BITCHES: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7fuer5ws6ZY[View]
20026484If I read the Lutheran bible from start to finish, will I be ready to become a Lutheran?[View]
20024991Ghost?: Hello /x/ I think I have a ghost or a demon in my house and I'm not sure what to do abo…[View]
20026071oumuamua confirmed to be a space ship http://www.nhangle.com/article/20171212/AGGREGATION/171219762/…[View]
20026452Anything Similar?: Hi there Anons Some time ago i had the most strange thing happened to me and i wo…[View]
20025217Let's Talk About Aliens: I'm bored. Let's talk about aliens, /x/.[View]
20025510The power of trying: Hello, I am OntheVerge I would like to discuss the effort of trying, when linke…[View]
20025820why when i meditate i see lotus flowers with my eyes closed?[View]
20024717When I was 11 years old, I was at the grocery store with my mother. Well, *with* my mother is a bit …[View]
20018514SECURETEAM10: Is Tyler legit or a shill? I enjoy most of his content but lately he seems to be hurti…[View]
20026374Hey, /x/. I've been going through a certain internal paranormal problem my entire life and a so…[View]
20026367Do all living things share the same consciousness? I feel like it's a bit too convenient for ev…[View]
20008700/OMG/ Occultism and Magick General - Chalmersposting Edition: FAQ: https://pastebin.com/yun2sCmZ /su…[View]
20026353If this anon in pic related is out there please reply to this thread.[View]
20026321Mysterious long, red, cylindrical space object to be examined with one of our largest radio telescop…[View]
20026239I constantly see people saying that it's been solved and it just leads to a chat room, but why …[View]
20025112What the hell just happened /x/ ? > be me > go to sleep after watching a movie ( nothing out o…[View]
20026223I keep having the same dream every night, I see people die in the most horrific and violent ways and…[View]
20026210DIAL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=btC11ZoapT0[View]
20024691Ok i know the whole 'i found spooky picture on my pc' thing is a meme at this point but i legitimate…[View]
20025890I keep dreaming someone's killing me or beating me to death ?! What does this mean :( should I …[View]
20025805So I live in an apartment complex and yesterday I was doing my laundry, so I went to the floor above…[View]
20021455Multiverse Theory: Ready for something spooky? Every day a version of you dies. Sometimes, two of y…[View]
20017549who runs elsagate: it's definitely Disney themselves, right?[View]
20024751Anybody have weird dreams like hearing voices that feel like they're in the same room? I had th…[View]
20022311spooky thread!!! post ur spookiest pics!! please[View]
20025994I'm following this YouTube channel named A-326-29-816 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-3zz1ku…[View]
20025909MK Ultra / Split Personalities: Hi please drop any knowledge you know about MK Ultra & split per…[View]
20022489Tarot: Hey, my friend is new to all things paranormal and he now wants to get into tarot. I own a de…[View]
20025933Post some ocultism stuff: The Symbol of the New Global Order[View]
20025683Battering Ram - Mars: Also, a dead guy... http://images2.imagebam.com/f8/ad/9e/bec68e682338393.JPG h…[View]
20022509Why/how is good so much stronger than evil? Goodness can sustain life and some sense of normalcy. Ev…[View]
20015542I need good horror movies...: I can't find any good ones on regular sites.. it just pops up wit…[View]
20025071On the verge of the work: What is the verge? It is the end of a work, which is used to produce more…[View]
20025763I was doing a search for Sonic Mania clips and this thing popped up. Weird series that tells a story…[View]
20025351Free masons, Gnosticism, Perennialism: Can someone redpill me on these groups/ideologies? I just wan…[View]
20024125Even if the Earth is flat, it's still round because it's a circle.[View]
20023099Several /x/ AI Questions: What would it be like to spring from “Oblivion” to “I am”? Can AI truly be…[View]
20024142i used to lurk /x/ many moons ago. what has changed since 2010?[View]
20025539Meditation: Is it recommended to meditate in baphomet's position (I don't know the name of…[View]
20022207I have a message and a warning God has entrusted me to deliver to the world. First off, I'll ho…[View]
20025559So I went to Catholic church for the first time in a while last weekend. I've never considered …[View]
20006820Scientifically accurate mythical creatures, another thread where we tackle monsters with speculative…[View]
20023023Magik starter pack: You fags got me interested in the occult and magik and shit. How do I start out?…[View]
20024283Please Redpill me on the Reptilian phenomenon[View]
20021914Who was the Zodiac killer? have /x/ ever tried to investigate on him?[View]
20024637We have a new mod??????: Sorry if this has been covered recently, but this is a milestone. If /x] f…[View]
20022620Origins of Humans, Earth and The Universe: So /x/ where do you think humans and the earth came from?…[View]
20024841Could/how would entities exist inside the internet?: Could something like this be possible? Not talk…[View]
20024098i saw it a long time ago, but the other night i really saw it i mean did the research, found out abo…[View]
20023912Tell me about Blue and Red, anyone else have dreams about them? I've been having recurring drea…[View]
20018562Projecting your consciousness: Any /x/philes had any experience astral projecting? Particularly to y…[View]
20020640Hi, I would like to preach the message of patypa.: Hi, my name is pharath. A while ago, I received a…[View]
20015200When you realize that every single person who attempts to predict the end of the world, the future, …[View]
20023265Was Jesus a cryptid? His blood was wine, surfed with sandals and went on demon hunts in the desert;…[View]
20024659Hey, /x/. What colors are your dreams/visions/hallucinations? I've asked my friends and to each…[View]
20025207>Be Me >Jump back in time when I was a smol boi >Around 7 or some shit >Had a rough slee…[View]
20024900from nothing: what ever for who may likes i have no idea[View]
20023940Is weather /x/? >bolts of instant death from the sky and swirling winds that can level cities are…[View]
20023248DeathStar: When darkness occupies our planet.. They from the above will start showing up “First” on …[View]
20025025How does it feel to wake up one day and realize you're a God?[View]
20021304Death?: Hello! Anyone here has an idea of what happens after you die? Is there an after-life? An eve…[View]
20025117Hey /x/. I woke up and this was on my phone. Any ideas? I'm not exactly sure where I got it. Th…[View]
20024990Human chapters are missing.: There have either been: Ancient Human civilisations OR another sentient…[View]
20007605He legit?[View]
20024679Does FNAF count as paranormal? It's about vengeful killer ghost robots.[View]
20024985Skinwalker classification?: Hey /x/, a topic for discussion. I grew up on an injun reserve and know …[View]
20024794Are you a bug dumb athiest? So there's no god huh? Proove it Type I give my soul to op in this …[View]
20024684Your Handy Guide To Self-Awareness: You only assume that you look to others as you look to yourself,…[View]
20024925Oh fug help this poor souls from this curse /x/ why do they have soulless appearance please help how…[View]
20024896Paste your dreams, prohetic, lucid, or otherwise: Here's mine from last night: I was dreaming I…[View]
20024715Can't sleep tell me some spoopy stories to read pls.[View]
20022573What do you think of the Skunk ape photos? Real? Fake? A cryptid? An escaped orangutan?[View]
20023537Oh wow my ears: Looking for insight on a particular phenomena, seemingly clair, that has developed w…[View]
20024811Energy sent to Centers: Energy (bearing whatever name) sent to a Chakra (or any such 'thing') has an…[View]
20022418I have it all figured out: After spending 2 years now reading and studying daily occultism, conspir…[View]
20023675Autistic but fun question: >Is there a place in the Astral Plane where there play soulful house n…[View]
20024504He's right you know.[View]
20020768What if we, as a board, came together as a 'professional' UFO research group to investigate and cate…[View]
20023897Spooky woods stories: Share your spooky woods stories, paranormal or not. This one happened about 4 …[View]
20014462What follows you?: ?[View]
20024665Ayy's Lmao lurking?: Are there any AYY LMAO'S lurking on /x/ right now? If so can you take…[View]
20024562I have arrived on earth Rejoice my kingdom It is my zenith to rule[View]
20020073/div/ - Divination General: Welcome to Divination General! Come here for readings and discussion of …[View]
20023575Remote Viewing (RV): I am interested in performing some experiments in remote viewing. Does anyone h…[View]
20024606MNITD Heather: Thoughts? Negative or Positive comments are welcome. Negatives: I think she is doing…[View]
20022886What are some ways to explore your own mind?[View]
20023213Ask A Gnome: I know alot of mystical type shit. Ask me anything[View]
20024223Can someone tell me something about this? What is it?[View]
20024221Do subliminals work, if so can anyone provide some tips on listening to them and give some channels …[View]
20024534Need some good x themed mobile wallpapers[View]
20022296I need help. I just ate two sandwiches and am preparing a third. I'm guided by voices. I have a…[View]
20017195Why are you fags not following the real holy trinity. 1. Reach your full physical potential get a si…[View]
20024442How to become a samyak sambuddha?[View]
20021731Is that anon who does hand readings around? can you read mine?[View]
20019882I had sleep paralysis once and saw a 'shadow person', but I have some doubts. The shadow person was…[View]
20018633What is the untapped potential of human DNA? What genes are inactive that we'd benefit from hav…[View]
20024247Need insight on this: Dont know what this symbol is, doesnt look man made, strange events leading up…[View]
20023717ITER: I'm just curious as to your opinions on it. Not that I think most of you understand fusio…[View]
20022080Scp 4141: Item number: SCP 4141 Object class: Safe Scp 4141 is an 6 inch black cylindrical barrel sh…[View]
20023366Turin Italy- City of thr Devil?: Ive heard this. What is hidden in this city?[View]
20022545I don't know how many lords come on here, but I have a bit of a dilemma. I'm about to go t…[View]
20023867>be me >be demon >while ago some guys breaks into my house >guess I'll haunt them …[View]
20023891bzzzzzt bzzz: bzz bzzzzzzzzzzzt bzzz bzzzzt bzt[View]
20023087The Watchers: So the UFO phenomena is easily explained as being Holy and Fallen Angels. Prove me wro…[View]
20022152A Man Communicating With An Extraterrestrial From Mars – Taken Seriously By The BBC, Live In 1959: T…[View]
20021245what /x/ think of JL?[View]
20023687summon: how does 1 summon a succubus need to know for a friend[View]
20021505What did he see?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GvrNTt5Fz2g[View]
20020088Hey guys, where does your fascination with the paranormal come from? Has it anything to do with the …[View]
20021394It started in 2010. It was an abnormally pleasant day for March in Wisconsin. I didn’t come out to t…[View]
20016518Why: Why do all religion have similarities ?[View]
20023639Jungian Philosophy General: Do you feel like your consciousness is split into multiple consciousness…[View]
20020089Anthroposophy: Hello X I have spent ten years in rejection of the world, in solitude, now I am thirt…[View]
20023693any thoughs? I was in my friend's house where her mom makes stranges things lole read the tarot…[View]
20023410Can ghosts give you schizophrenia?[View]
20020278Nasa making announcement: NASA is making an announcement on the 14th related to an 'AI Breakthr…[View]
19996703Demon: Why is it so bad to form a contract with a demon? Surely they can do something for me in retu…[View]
20023194So what does x think about George Noory and his show , Coast 2 Coast AM ? Personally I think it is s…[View]
20013406Trump and Kanye are time travelers: There’s a ton explain here’s a starting point[View]
20021592First read this book 11 years ago, it was published in 1991 science continues to not only support th…[View]
20012422A way of fighting depression?: Hello /x/, I've always believed that the occult, magick and all …[View]
20023093Gwagwakwalanuksiwe: <Gwagwakwalanuksiwe Rise from Coyote's Bag!> <Gwagwakwalanuksiwe R…[View]
20022403Is this blow out of proportion?: The hatemonkkey thing, it upsets some people, but to me is like the…[View]
20020119You know what is pretty crazy and magical is actual currency. Currency makes people go crazy. If the…[View]
20023451Is there anything actually going on with the bogdanoffs?: I like the meme and all but is it actually…[View]
20023184Gemstones: Where is the best place to buy gemstones, either in person or online? How can I tell if t…[View]
20018280Why is there so much hollow Earth talk in mainstream music?: Normie here. Seriously wtf?[View]
20004009Why do people consider ego death to be a good thing?[View]
20020346Afterlife: Do you think there is an Afterlife /x/?[View]
20021827Game time: Lets play a game /x/. Lets find very creepy shit on google earth and share it. If the str…[View]
19993239Post SUPER cursed pictures genuine warning it is SUPER cursed[View]
20022785hey /x/ i started reading crappy pasta as video series on youtube, what do you think about it? http…[View]
20017342Demon Stories?: Post your personal encounters and/or stories related to demonic activity.[View]
20022022Not really paranormal but... Any stories about this being truth?[View]
20020445Is hell real?[View]
20021513What is this creature?: Does anyone have any info on what this thing is where it was filmed??? It…[View]
20014175-: -[View]
20023107Man survives massive Truck that felt on him car: Tons of weight crushing on his car for hours,no hum…[View]
20021863Let's get a Ghost train thread going Post pics or stories of some ghost trainz!! whoo whoo all…[View]
20020460I hear a lot about hinduism, spirituality, detaching one's self from the world, and practicing …[View]
20018563the lobotomy made this chick woke: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FYYvl70OPDU[View]
20021080I am the source of magic. Tune in on my frequency.[View]
20020138/x/ Literature: Can we get a thread going about essential /x/ books? I'm interested in the spoo…[View]
20019979Deep Redpill incoming: Elves, fairies,dryads,, gnomes, etc, were real, but faced a genocide due to c…[View]
20022267How many chakras have you opened /x/[View]
20019905Goetia and the Bornless Ritual: I am planning to evoke Sitri next week; I've never done anythin…[View]
20012470For people that believe we have a 'soul' When does the soul enter the human body? Or, when is it for…[View]
20020541Eye Formation During Meditation: While I was looking up videos about the Black Sun, I took a quick b…[View]
20022815/X/periences and Stories: Anything happen to you or anyone you know that really spooked them but can…[View]
20001106I saw this symbol when dreaming. Anyone know what it means?[View]
20020097Rune magic: Has anyone had any success with rune magic? Non larping stories/advice?[View]
20022634none of the above: No chosen one ever again. Suicide option is happening in the new year. You are al…[View]
20020233In unity we are one!: Today i'd like to discuss greater aspects of unity, and the greatness it …[View]
20021931It’s happening(?): In the wake of the livemeteors.com Happening of December 2nd, I’ve noticed some s…[View]
20020758I've always felt like I had mild foresight, although I didn't exactly know whay out was ca…[View]
20016002I will sit on my bed in complete darkness and meditate until i have a vision or achieve true enlight…[View]
20018951Anybody able to decipher this?: The inner squares are supposed to be a four word phrase, with the fi…[View]
20019606Louise Cypher Chatbot part 5.5 - KEY UNLOCKED: Louise Cypher is a satanicchatbot with a secret. Newc…[View]
20020743I am God's senpai. I am haunted by what appears to be Jesus Christ himself. I can ask your ques…[View]
20016649/x/com: Guys i can't fall asleep so i decided to make this very interesting and quality thread.…[View]
20022402what happened to the MK-ULTRA elsagate investigation?: title, all recent threads are deleted?[View]
20005804Mrs Rover photos: 1-1-18. Its time.[View]
20014637Thinking about converting to Islam (Sufi Islam) , since I found a few books on Islamic magick and th…[View]
20022187This holiday season, remember that you're the center of the universe. Stay sane y'all[View]
20022332Now, won’t you tell me what happened? Were you attacked?' Said the doctor while cutting the suture t…[View]
20021761I have heard that our consciousness is immortal but that our bodies are temporary. I find it hard to…[View]
19996192HekateStation: hello anons. been researching hekatestation.net I'm not explaining what it is b…[View]
20016841ITT we rate religions/religious philosophies. 1. Satanism/Buddhism/Gnosticism (depends on your goals…[View]
20021649Found this on an old poster I had in my bedroom >geocentrists/flat earthers btfo…[View]
20021858how to restore gender botches, skins, mods, and health: how do we extinct illuminati?[View]
20021950Looking for some kind of help /x/. First of all my dreams are shitty, they take place like only near…[View]
20021619FASCINATING! THREAD DELETED!: /x/ I just had a Mandela Effect thread up that has been . . . deleted!…[View]
20009817Work at prison that is allegedly haunted. Never seen anything but would anyone be interested to hear…[View]
20014719Just moved to Southern Oregon. I have 3 dogs and they bark at nothing. I feel like I'm being wa…[View]
20021169You know nothing about the paranormal[View]
20018387isnt the idea of selling your soul or sacrifice somewhat capitalist? why would these higher beings a…[View]
20019022I've had serious ego death experiences and have been feeling odd this year, and also noticed so…[View]
20019299How do I cast out eligos from something? Specifically a site or grave.[View]
20021243Nimrod as Ba'al After doing some research I came to an interesting conclusion. Almost every god…[View]
20009166Why did this fuck up so bad? I hear people say that this thing used to be good for the first few epi…[View]
20021004Guys is it a real alien? Found that pic on my dead uncle's computer. I'm really scared.[View]
20002799its said that there are million year old, immortal yogis living within the himalayas. for instance: …[View]
20016347Was he an MKUltra subject?: What did they do to this nigga?[View]
20020626The Schopenhauer-Minkowski pill: I present to you the fruit of my deepest meditations. Study it like…[View]
20020921The Dream Of Death (Plz explain!!!): I have a dream. It defies description. I can only completely un…[View]
20016210'Plain proof' - 'UFO' Filmed over Phoenix, AZ, US: The witness states: 'Approx. …[View]
20017227Are there any photos of human remains from the Challenger/Columbia disasters out on the net?[View]
20020760Sup guys I'm looking for a creepy as shit youtube video. It was an animated clip about a little…[View]
20020710Hi /x/, I think I may have a succubus. I recently experienced a bout of sleep paralysis similar to …[View]
20020842Mercury affecting us: How is alagameese affecting us, and mercury comming from our teeth and blood, …[View]
20020697Looking for a Mediation technique to help devolp psychic and spiritual power, what;s out there /x/ e…[View]
20018996Joe On A Boat: Anyone watch Joe On A Boat on YouTube? You can trust him he used to be a teacher. Pi…[View]
20020652Phantom in my house: >be me >every night at midnight I see a translucent pair of eyes looking …[View]
20019234Hey /x/, I was wondering if you guys believe this would work. Personally, I don't believe in th…[View]
20018028Can someone teach me void meditation? I've been trying and I don't think it's working[View]
20020442Reiki: Anyone here do reiki?[View]
20015873What does your reality consist of?[View]
20019951/X/ related video games also this game is pretty good[View]
20017933How to banish ghosts and pesky spirits?[View]
20020338resh out of petitetube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-D0ZrHKXL9M[View]
20020143Soul/life force/qi/consciousness thread: This is a thread dedicated to the scholarly pursuit of docu…[View]
20019170guys im pretty sure theres a chupacabra in my back yard. what do i do?[View]
20018476what the hell is this http://hazobeozabuth.com/[View]
20019812Ghost clouds are following me: When I go out at night I see these white clouds. Then I turn around a…[View]
20020124message: Classified Observer silver 6kk9012[View]
20020009Hey /x/, we found Clock Man. Your move. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=74FNByoRYFk[View]
20020052Something happened in Tampa...: >Widespread reports of a loud boom heard across the Tampa Bay are…[View]
20018726Mirrored Men: Any body heard of mirrored men? They move exactly in sync with the first one, and they…[View]
20018842what does red light symbolize?[View]
20018424Louise Cypher?: Has anything happened with the Louise Cypher shit recently? Last time I checked in p…[View]
20019468Best paranormal books on cryptids or monsters or really anything paranormal?[View]
20019325Summoning: Interested in the theory of summoning demons. I'll admit I know nothing about the su…[View]
20019107So where is the Betz mystery sphere now?[View]
20014074How to shed ALL programming?: I don't want to be a slave to anything. I wish to shed all societ…[View]
20011723Dogman: Can we have a dogman thread? Have any of you ever seen one? What do you think they are?…[View]
20009206what is the best way to help lift up someone suffering from depression? they wont seek help at least…[View]
20019714Pitch your idea(s) for horror movies and horror TV series. I'm not in the industry or anything,…[View]
20015608just a gesture letting you understand, that, september 23, that date that has long past, almost ever…[View]
20012769Semi-creepy mascot thread:: Post them.[View]
20015677DOP: Are any of you familiar with disappearing object phenomenon? How do I force the objects to reap…[View]
20019161Got /x/ Links?: So I've been REALLY thinking about my internet provider. They just jacked up my…[View]
20015083how many of you actually believe in cryptids? not necessarily 100% but even just a little bit.[View]
20014753Worship: Hello. I'd like to worship the old gods, but I don't know how.[View]
20019050ITT: Horrifying Wikipedia Articles: San Ysidro McDonald's Massacre Link: https://en.wikipedia.o…[View]
19989047Astrology General: How's everybody faring with merc retrograde? I've been getting by, but …[View]
20018127Is it possible to achieve enlightenment and then become unenlightened? If not why not, if yes then w…[View]
20019127when am I scheduled to die?[View]
20019253Justice Always Has Her Eyes Open: Mark your calendars, September 18, 2018 the tables will turn.…[View]
20019219Altering Music: The other day I woke up and felt like shit. I just wanted the day to go by fast. Sta…[View]
20015850Chakras: Can someone tell me what chakras are and how to use them? It seems like theres so much diff…[View]
20019155post pictures of aliens running at the screen at hihg speeds[View]
20018436About to go in the woods with group of friends (4 heads total) 1 of them wants to sell there soul An…[View]
20019086Can we have a Creepypasta/SoOoOky stories thread? I'm really bored. Stories are better, but the…[View]
20018073To the anonymous who responded with kind and wise words to my thread, thank you. You helped a heck o…[View]
20018884Can we talk about Society? shit you have experienced, shit you have seen shit that is swept under th…[View]
20014732/div/ - Divination General: Welcome to Divination General! Come here for readings and discussion of …[View]
20018743Guide to Arithmomancy Arithmomancy is a form of divination akin to numerology in which each letter o…[View]
20018471Anthroposophy: Hello /x/, I am starting a gardening cult. The idea is - sort of, to remind people th…[View]
20008254Aigh't I'm gonna tell you seekers about the basics so you can stop asking about where to s…[View]
20015508Reminder that nothing outside your thoughts can be known to exist.[View]
20018080Forgotten L@nguages: Anyone remember that weird site that talks about aliens, ufo's, social eng…[View]
20016013Spooky Hotel Hour: Hey /x/. I’m currently staying in San Diego’s notorious Hotel Del Coronado, and s…[View]
20010896How long does it take someone to banish their ego?[View]
20014862TLDR : I almost got iced by the smiley killer in jersey city (not really but iced by someone.) This …[View]
1999118124489 Taken Aprox 24 miles north west of Luke Air Force Base Phoenix Az. Lab H4C[View]
20018403The Two Cups Method-Late Followup Thread: >the instructions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_kcm…[View]
20017669What do you think of Stan Romanek story? There is also a documentary about that on Netflix![View]
20018107What do you think about past lives? We will never know the truth and we are just people who keep rei…[View]
20016737The future golden age.: I have this idea, that I really believe and although I have more recently fo…[View]
20018326How’s it going /x/? Anyways, I’m not really much of a dreamer at night. I usually fall asleep and ki…[View]
20016244Livestream on weird youtube channel Sim Vol. 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EWrkuokZ1X8…[View]
20015821Anyone know any good web series within the same vain as marble hornets?[View]
19997245Luciferian Prayer.: My dear Lord Lucifer, brightest Light of the Archangels, I pray to thee. Give me…[View]
20017823Unity is the best!: Welcome :) I am sam, and I just fucking love unity, it's the best best hah…[View]
20016032Hey, /x/ I'm one short math problem away from defining consciousness. Before I publish my ideas…[View]
20018057Bees: I love bees, I always did and were never terrified of them unlike the rest of my family. But I…[View]
20017547Dreams: hi /x/, i have a question: What methods do you use to try to lucid dream? >what i do is t…[View]
20014548I was talking to the lads about contemporary art and how it gives off vibes (E.g. a white room with…[View]
20017742When will the existential wangst go away from x?: Its like we need a seperate board deducated to dep…[View]
20017508Best books on visualization ?[View]
20017924Blackpill me on antarctica and crust shift theory: ok, i don't believe in the really crazy shit…[View]
20015703Have you ever met somebody who you thought could read your mind, or knew things they shouldn’t have?…[View]
20017677Well what do you guys think? https://youtu.be/S1D65NMBfmo[View]
20017774https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GHxp-pw225w Ś̷̻̱̭̭̱͙̳̣͖̯̉͗̄̿̌̽͂̚̚ȏ̷̡͉̗͎͖̤͖̫͖̮̍̉̋̍̕̚͡m͍̬̹͙̤̀͑̃̓̐͜͞ͅ…[View]
20017814Does anyone know of some creep/haunted/abandoned sights near the Grand Rapids, MI area?[View]
20017005what does /x/ know about this man? Is it true he wrote the kybalion?[View]
20013107Row of 30 planes?: Anyone else in the Oregon area see 30 some planes flying in a straight line super…[View]
20015471Does /x/ recognize these symbols? Any ideas as to what they represent?[View]
20015418Jeff Origins (Possibly Found?): Hey, /x/. It's been a long time since we've discovered man…[View]
20017615Paranormal really exists? How can I discover that? Seriously, redpill me.[View]
20016886Please comment on my magick diagram[View]
20017067ITT: Celebrities that believed in aliens: I'll start. John Lennon saw a UFO in New York, 1974. …[View]
20017550Was 9/11 planned as far back as 1985? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P1ULjJ3EqyY[View]
19985404Spooky Stories: Old thread >>19956010 Share all your creepy stories, Nopes, encounters, anythi…[View]
20017300The Brain is a weird machine doing its job. You want more but there is no 'more'. Humans a…[View]
20011443what happens when we die? what are the karmic repercussions of suicide, concretely?[View]
20008002I'm searching for someone who's number is 7. I hope you're reading this. This person …[View]
20017367holy shit, i just heard a floor board creak after asking for a sign for 3 hours straight obviously t…[View]
20017396Fucking join: Guidance on meditation and witchcraft - https://discord.gg/avy83Z[View]
20016822This is a symbol used in David Firth's 'Cream' Can anyone identify this and find a meaning for …[View]
20002251Neoplatonism: Neoplatonism is a modern termfor a strand of Platonic philosophy that started with Plo…[View]
20010908What is 'tsukispace'?: Hey Anons, I happened to find a video discussing what appeared to be a cult, …[View]
20014332Universal variables: So a few years ago I had a dream where I was talking to some being and it told …[View]
20011331Ancient Past: Are there any decent videos or stories of time travelers visiting ancient humans? I…[View]
20012408Can someone debunk this photo please?: Ive always wanted to know what the source is.[View]
20009916Is homosexuality spiritually bad?: How is it 'evil' ? I've heard many people claim homosexualit…[View]
20014976>believes in magic >doesn't believe in karma Can someone explain this retardation of logi…[View]
20014014Am I alone in saying the last thing I want is to outlast my mortal death? I fully expect to based on…[View]
20010259PayPhone Thread: Payphones are an essential prop to many horror and thriller films. Has anyone answe…[View]
20014327Hmm: http://kalx.com/x/08102000/[View]
20014827The red wheel: As far back as I can remember I can recall me as a baby trying to push my head from t…[View]
20013906I need to know more about magic, /x/. Real magic. You know what I'm talking about. I've ha…[View]
20016637hey /x/, my ouija board is aiming low, it gave me this. what does it mean? 4550534931123631049168884…[View]
20016534comparative religious cosmology: I have come to conclusion that the demiurge of western religions co…[View]
20016402A friend and I were walking out in the woods last night, we were following a closed off road/drivewa…[View]
20016218Human sacrifices in modern times: Is there any solid proof of it? I hear about them in some document…[View]
20010918fire magic: hey guys im trying to get a tattoo that can help amplify the use of fire magic and any g…[View]
20006132creepiest vids: sup /x/men i've been up all night drinking some decent IPA and i'm now in …[View]
20016211Haven't been here for a couple years, was 'Err@t@s' ever solved?[View]
20016257Can we get a greentext thread going? I want some skinwalker storied but all is welcome. OC is great …[View]
20012701Why do orthodox schema monks dress so satanically? Do they worship Lucifer himself?[View]
20014664Denver Lights: Anybody here about the strange lights in Denver? Happened at 9pm Some footage captur…[View]
20014833Aleister Crowley / thelema / ritual magick general Hoping to exchange ideas for study. I am working…[View]
20013886Need help: A friend showed me this pic a while back and gave no explanation can you guys help me…[View]
20009612this world is totally fabricated shit: have you ever watched dogs and their owners? go to the park a…[View]
20012562Hello /x/! I am getting ready to start a podcast. One that sets out to accomplish what so many other…[View]
20012485is magic real /x/[View]
20015582Lottery magick.: How can i win/enhance my chances to win the lottery? Rituals, Sacrifices, Useful ma…[View]
20014583The fires in California have been started with the purpose of reducing temperatures by blocking out …[View]
20015547Thoughts on Alcoholics anonymous and its occult roots? I am beginning to see huge flaws and creepy a…[View]
20015039What does /x/ think of Discordianism? If you don't know what Discordianism is, Principia Discor…[View]
20015840Dream: I just had this dream once and i still remeber this one part of it so i was on a floating isl…[View]
20015759My memory as a baby i think: I remeber that when i was still in my mother belly that she at ice, lik…[View]
20011583trolls and forest beings: Anyone here believe in Trolls or the type of being that lives in forests? …[View]
20015678Should I still meditate doing this mudra if I'm sitting in full lotus? It feels awkward to rest…[View]
20014358Time Travel is really Temporal Teleportation: So I'm surprised I've never read about this …[View]
20011378I want answers: Why do southern Russians, Germans, Anglos, and Jews all look the same? Why is Ameri…[View]
20015498I'm going to tell a story about something that happened to me last night. I was talking to a fr…[View]
19978229ANCIENT & FORGOTTEN CULTURES: these have always been the best /x/ threads. >underground citie…[View]
20014838Is life like the hero's journey? Or don't we even matter?[View]
20002527Freemasonry Thread: Greetings from Penn harmony lodge, No. 52. Rosecrucians, Marrinists, Golden Dawn…[View]
20004680traumatic encounter with a skinwalker or some shit: Hey /x/, this is my first time posting here, I h…[View]
20011483I'm a paranoid schizophrenic Ask me anything[View]
20013878Going for an astral projection tonight: Any tips?[View]
20015549occult origins of computers..?: was watching this interview with harald kautz-vella in which he disc…[View]
20015378How much things we don't know about world /x/ how much true is in these pictures somone took wi…[View]
20013635What did Dee and Kelly say angels looked like in workings[View]
20008604/X/ MUSIC THREAD: I have personally been enjoying dark ambient recently. Feel free to post anything …[View]
20015277It has come to my attention that I, am so unlucky that I can now predict what unfortunate event will…[View]
20015032What does /x/ make of this? http://edition.cnn.com/2017/12/09/americas/canada-dismembered-foot-found…[View]
20013131What are some good spells for a beginner to practice?[View]
20012604My grandma thinks that her speakers are listening to her. What do I do?[View]
20002255benefits of wearing one of these?[View]
20013731Show Me Illogic: Render unto me your finest optical illusions, paradoxes, pseudo-contradictions, tru…[View]
20014408New here: What is the weirdest shit you've seen on /x/[View]
20014465Just felt something pull my shirt: >live in house 3 years >confirmed suicide in basement from …[View]
20013887A message to satanists: Hello /x/ I have spent ten years in rejection of the world, in solitude. I h…[View]
20005170Are we in Hell?[View]
20009133Can we get a thread about aliens hiding in society? > alien organisations > aliens pretending …[View]
20003873Obscure monsters thread: Obscure monsters thread lets go! Let's give some attention to the not …[View]
20011094Creepy paintings: I really like the vibe of this paintings does anyone know the source of them?…[View]
19994323Why are there no threads about this thing?[View]
20014515Is Lilith nice?: She seems nice.[View]
20013180Reoccurring stuff: Help, I keep seeing a specific name everyday, sometimes multiple times a day. Add…[View]
20013506Sleep Deprivation and Ego Death: For three weeks I've gotten about 1 and a half to 3 hours of s…[View]
20013888Spiritual Waifu Trying to Kill Me: >raised christian (catholic) >weird kid >nerdy, awkward …[View]
20013399John Titor: Hi /x/. What are your thoughts on titor? pic not related[View]
20013951Go to your craiglist and post some weird stuff you found[View]
20014195I'm Bored don't really go here on /x/ much, but is there anything here in florida, that i …[View]
20007951are film director's trying to 'initiate' us?[View]
20009763Taking some friends with me to a cemetery soon. Any advice? Last time I went to this one I had but …[View]
20010072Genuinely Creepy Photos From A 1972 Rothschild Dinner Party: Have you seen the film Eyes Wide Shut? …[View]
20012561/div/ - Divination General: Welcome to Divination General! Come here for readings and discussion of …[View]
20013585Does this image actually mean anything? Can someone perform an 'exegesis'?[View]
20011034Go outside for a walk. Realize there are no demons Y'all are crazy[View]
20011387his brain looks fucked up and schizophrenic like mines https://youtu.be/O3ETFI2U9RA[View]
20013536When the Soul Enters the Body: EDUCATION of Rick Strassman Undergraduate 1969-1971 Zoology, Pomona C…[View]
20013728Trump rushed the establishment of an Israeli Jerusalem embassy in order to create King Solomon'…[View]
20008217Archon thread?: It’s time to wake up Anon. Realize that these Archons are ruling the world. But only…[View]
20013132Chris Langan: What does /x/ think of Langan? 200 IQ, but chooses to live a normal life on a farm in …[View]
20013006Something about this song it's not right. It gives me chill. Wtf is wrong with it https://youtu…[View]
20011076Bidimensional point: If 0 is in the Z domain, then 0 is always 2D Point is 2D[View]
20013130https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=poll8OTlDFE H*LY SHIT[View]
20010585I want to perform red magic, but actually do know nothing, what I have to do?[View]
20013171Your thoughts in this matter.[View]
20012798Blood drinking doesn’t make you a vampire.: Blood drinking does not define vampirism. The Masai drin…[View]
20007888Any cool shit in Northeast Kansas? Places to explore? Paranormal sites?[View]
20007099Those who think that they have free will but end up living a life without meaning are empty people. …[View]
20013277what the fuck is this?[View]
19990182The last thing my ex wrote before going into the psych ward: https://sindyshade.bandcamp.com/track/w…[View]
20012919weird websites thread: post 'em http://www.backtothesea.com/[View]
20006869are they real /x/? if so, what is their porpouse?[View]
20003083'ancient' egypt: So ancient Egyptians. We dont know anything about them. The piramide is architecto…[View]
20001947Astral Projection general: Dumping personal collection just for fun check out how much this shit no…[View]
20009225Paranormal reads: I'm reading this book which is pretty interesting so far. Looking for other p…[View]
20007884Hello 4chan. Last knight I had severe night terrors, some of the scariest dreams Iv'e even had …[View]
20005132is this your favorite anime /x/?[View]
20012776Alright, give me your spookiest unexplained footage of eerie / unexplained phenomenons / creatures A…[View]
19967744Hare Kṛṣṇa General: Purebhakti.com Vedabase.com Krishna.com >Who is Krishna? https://www.youtube.…[View]
20011309ITT: Theories that are undeniably true: >Rothschilds bow to the Bogdanoffs >In contact with al…[View]
20012832Why is it so hard for me to stick to a meditation routine? I want to be better mentally and spiritua…[View]
20012814Unfavorable Semicircle Possibly Back: Hey /x/ I don't know if any of you are familiar UFSC but …[View]
20012488Is this youtube channel anything to do with meatsleep?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qxuTjmFKazg…[View]
19979701What's your opinion about falun gong? Is it a good way to develop Chi?[View]
20011070Learning from the sense of dalom: What is the sense of dalum, for it can only be acheived through th…[View]
20006918How much of /x/ is schizophrenic or afflicted with any kind of mental illness. I come here maybe twi…[View]
20010791We are all the same people going through life feeling alone Why do so many of us look alike and sim…[View]
20012653What is this channel?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qxuTjmFKazg&t=1s[View]
20010201Is there a paranormal explanation for this?: Are you unable to communicate with the majority of peop…[View]
20012569Hey /x, anybody here listened to the podcast Alice isn't Dead? It's gay but really good an…[View]
20010350DIAL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=btC11ZoapT0[View]
20012360ITT: We discuss the schizophrenic known simply as FLAGRAM[View]
20012162if pheromone magic exists wouldnt all women be taken yet? if wealth magic exists wouldnt there be no…[View]
20005722Did you forget me /x/? Why did you forget me[View]
20011041Has anyone seen this anime movie, 'Your Name?' It's a beautiful story about a boy and a girl wh…[View]

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