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19461247Golf Rumors?: Anyone here can red pull me on golf rumors? Even if it isn't real, I would still …[View]
19459956I need a red pill. Are Obama and Hillary fucking demons? We know they harvest baby organs.[View]
19457575Do you believe in Dragons?: Lets be real, you cannot prove that dragons never existed through this t…[View]
19452765I am the Biblical Anti-Christ AMA[View]
19454748what does /x/ think of ghost adventures ? scripted or real ?[View]
19460542Bigfoot Thread: I never see any good Bigfoot threads. Anyone want to dump some redpills in here? I…[View]
19461232Alright lads, /c/ cross poster here. I found out today about an alleged haunted village in my countr…[View]
19460381Diphenhydramine for divination/spirit contact?: Has anyone tried using 700+ mg doses of benadryl to …[View]
19460870I recently rediscovered this series. Although it's probably close to 30 years old, I enjoy it…[View]
19460629i keep seeing this entity around my house my friend photographed it and now im really scared is ther…[View]
19456096/x/ tier academic's and recommended reading.: I really like pic related, as it shows what the a…[View]
19461243Disturbing Horrors: I haven't seen one that's left me feeling uneasy in a long time. List …[View]
19444597>The 'star of David' is actually the star of remphan >Remphan is an Egyptian God that represen…[View]
19460587Chi and other energy: Okay, I'm open minded, but generally skeptical. It's fun to believe …[View]
19460999Gremlins: anyone have any clue how find a gremlin.[View]
19460410ITT: magicians reveal their tricks[View]
19461132Creepy vids: Anyone have creepy or odd music videos that make ya feel uncomfortable? Pls share!!…[View]
19457273what rituals will you fags be doing as the big ball of light in the sky is temporarily covered by th…[View]
19453850Turns out most of Buddhism material on the web made by normies and for normies. The traditional Sutr…[View]
19458956Things like this? Maybe alittle better graphics And don't say Yumme Nikke or whatever I already…[View]
19460106Numerology / Tesla: Greetings /x I've decided to study numerology, specifically everything rela…[View]
19460594, why was the occult such a big thing in the late 60's- 70's?[View]
19460990whats some spooky shit to read about and watch? Anything goes pic unrelated[View]
19457059The Rapture is coming. How can I be a Paladin? Or some other type of Holy fighter?[View]
19454680Has anyone her have a cat put a curse on them? I think a neighborhood cat that I hate put a curse on…[View]
19453455Dream thread: Not lucid dreaming, just normal dreaming Post your dreams guys and we'll post opi…[View]
19460823Sludge Science: No use for a name Just 10-56[View]
19460235meatsuit: If anyone would like to be possessed by a god or angel (gods and angels only) let me know …[View]
19454457Shilling: Post examples of shills Pic related: The Ultimate T-Shillt[View]
19457186Does Christ condone pineal gland meditation? If so, why???[View]
19453908Is it immoral to employ the supernatural to find love? Where do you draw the line?[View]
19457142The Tribulations start RIGHT NOW, you're left behind, 1/3rd of the human race is gonna be rekt,…[View]
19459800Redpill me on scrote magic[View]
19458111飧: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ehlsPawdHOk[View]
19459390Who would be interested in following a religion that is structured like the Jedi Order from Star War…[View]
19460376So I was called into the living room by my mom to see something on the newest episode of 20/20 and t…[View]
19459016Transhumanism: Why does no one care for transhumanism or gnosis? ^ Well Maybe Man is not Yet ready t…[View]
19460243alien/alien hybrid stories: tell us your stories about alien encounters, abductions, ufo sightings, …[View]
19442545Why are mirrors so fucking scary?: I dont fucking know what it is about mirrors that are just so ter…[View]
19458438how likely is it that some religious organizations have weaponized divisions?[View]
19460204https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCy-PHu0Sa0FIBZ9hpeIFCzA This is an amateur ARG I made about paranor…[View]
19459831What does /x/ think of this guy?: sorry, I'm new here.[View]
19459059what's happen to noc+10?[View]
19455524ZyzzGate/September 23rd: Its pretty much confirmed he's coming back on the 23rd Anyone else hav…[View]
19459890I need a basic gestalt on what the FUCK the giant squid is up to.[View]
19459867so... what do you guys think about carbon mono/x/ide?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AYSy5n21ZL8…[View]
19458644kek vult[View]
19459741weird house: >be me >go on holiday to village with church outside for many years >one time …[View]
19458662Aliens and UFO's: I recently saw what i think was an asteroid over my house. It got me thinking…[View]
19459123Strange Encounter: I live in an upper class neighbourhood in the south of Canada. My community is ti…[View]
19455846Good old fashion creepypasta thread. Is it just me, or do these not show up on /x/ anymore? Too bee…[View]
19459615MADNESS ... November..[View]
19459577Can this become the future of what it might feel like to be in a simulation?: >https://cointelegr…[View]
19458716Curiosity: For the past months(?) I've been seeing lights in my vision, at first only when I cl…[View]
19459378Is there an /x/ discord[View]
19449911Saw a UFO at close range. Missing Time. Anyone else?: This UFO sighting occurred in Lake Havasu City…[View]
19458100/x/: paranormal activities in my house[View]
19457051What extraterestrial material can i obtain?[View]
19456623hey /x/ lets make some sigils/symbols/pictures out of dubs meme magic![View]
19457694So is the NWO still a thing? I remember hearing about fema camps and Marshall law a lot but now not …[View]
19457281so uh area 51 is the aliums area 52 is hell area 53 is heaven area 54 is the internet area 55 is the…[View]
19458978Any wiccans here? How can I learn your mage arts?[View]
19459127hillo, i am the master poster what? not that why ? no reason when? not now , then, or gonaa be who? …[View]
19453647/omg/ - Occultism & Magick General: Library link: https://mega.nz/#F!AE5yjIqB!y7Vdxdb5pbNsi2O3zy…[View]
19451902I know >pizzagate threads are a /pol/ thing, but I was curious if any magick practicioners on her…[View]
19456380Is anyone here pro NWO?[View]
19457406I have opened the third cube the grey they gre theyre g[View]
19458912So, was this ever found, or was it made up by the guy who posted it?[View]
19458502is my friend a cultist/witch or was I high af?: I know this sounds crazy and maybe it is but let me …[View]
19456194/div/ - Divination General: Welcome to Divination General! Come here for readings and discussion of …[View]
19454395any /psychic/ here?: can you tell us what price of bitcoin will be in 2019?[View]
19458263how to find purpose in life: ex-occultist here. I think I fucked up by following Crowley teaching fo…[View]
19458479Are elves real? Is it possible to befriend them? I've been having recurring dreams about them[View]
19457693why did they punish Prometheus for helping us ?[View]
19458359my Girlfriend a genetically engineered android: My girlfriend told me something weird that made me t…[View]
19458623When did you realize this is one big human farm and we're basically an entertainment foder of a…[View]
19450901CHAOS MAGIC GENERAL: In this thread, we discuss about chaos magic. Topics include the practice of si…[View]
19453339THEY NEED /x/ HELP !!: Hey /x/ These guys are being hacked and facing death treats just for telling …[View]
19458433At The Lakes: What are you, Markhor. What are you. You’re still unsure if an Eurasian. You’re still …[View]
19458533scary TV event (from around 2008): >be me >going to grandparents >spooky.png >goes to sl…[View]
19452239What kind of lame lives do you all live?: or are you all here to ask others the same question, and a…[View]
19453834What is up with That Poppy, /x/? It's fucking unnerving and her video is full of satanic imager…[View]
19458406>rainy day, pretty dark. >lightings very low >its basiclly nightime on drugs perfect day to…[View]
19457120How can I get a double personality?[View]
19456412MIB: Paranormal interactions/interceding with real Men in Black >Please no intercourse Inb4 Bla…[View]
19454710DOC DUMP THREAD: New device /x/ - philes dump your juiciest .docs infographics, and leaks. Bonus po…[View]
19440378Stories: Greentext, NOPE, whatever: Lost my old archive, somehow only retained a few creepypasta. Lo…[View]
19458289Do you guys have any info on lycanthropy?: I've heard rumors, but just that.[View]
19456289Charles Harrelson was a CIA operative and one of the assassins who shot JFK. He is also father to th…[View]
19458270/meme magic/: can i get uhhh help? >tfw kek and satan are literally a month away >tfw they mig…[View]
19457501Trees: What's the deal with trees? What are their magical and spiritual properties?[View]
19445534answering any questions: im not claiming to be the one or one of the 'ones' and im not claiming to b…[View]
19454011Can anybody redpill me on the Bogdanoff Brothers?[View]
19454037What are the creepiest towns/cities in the USA? Strangest one I've been is to Alexandria, Louis…[View]
19458047Transmutation: Does anyone have any books or videos on Hermetic transmutation or transformation? Eit…[View]
19455602I'm nearly in tears writing this up. I've felt completely sick to my stomach the past few …[View]
19456657Fantastic Daily: Fantastic Daily recently uploaded a video saying the truth. People are extremely up…[View]
19455567symbolz: what is your favorite symbol, and what does it mean? i really like the satanic star thing, …[View]
19457427I search for real scary post from 4chan / reddit. Any suggestions guys?[View]
19457554How do you all feel about people who read/narrate crrepy stories? Do you enjoy them? What type of s…[View]
19453318opinions on free masons and their ties with other organizations https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M_L…[View]
19449975Tell me 'The Truth' /x/[View]
19457614how to summon succubus¿ pls respond[View]
19454779what do you guys know about demonic possession? How do i know if i am truly alone?[View]
19447302How to become a shaman?[View]
19456984Anybody got the high res?[View]
19454827I saw this banner for a year and was CONVINCED it said 'You can't make fun of me' but now it lo…[View]
19454142North American Witch Cults: I've been very curious on the subject of witches in North America p…[View]
19455805orgone: what is orgone? is orgone real? (if not,ignore questions below) how to measure/prove it? wha…[View]
19457333For entertainment purposes: Did not see a thread about this.[View]
19454610Alright faggots, it's time to get laid. Someone provide me with the Magick spell needed in orde…[View]
19453955Show me some real signs of mendela e ffect not shitty logo changes Pic is random[View]
19457214#Pizzagate and EWO anons, get up and join the hunt! Major shit going down over in /pol/. Possible ma…[View]
19436680Which horror game would be the scariest to be in IRL?[View]
19456882music to meditate: could i use music like hans zimmer interstellar ost to meditate?[View]
19455618>be me >come to /x/ expecting some people who I can discuss things such as ghosts and cryptic…[View]
19453776this is the concept that was channeled to me thru an unknown higher-entity minutes ago.... feel free…[View]
19454944What kind of spirits can heal?: I've experienced healing from a spirit I believe. I don't …[View]
19429454Mothman sighted in Chicago: 30 occurrences in 2017: Mothman was sighted in Chicago guys. A lot of di…[View]
19455599Question for friends dad: Long time lurker first time poster. So the other night I was drinking at m…[View]
19441891why is the devil mostly portrayed as red, with horns, and ugly? satan was said to be the most beauti…[View]
19456145el chupacabras: https://youtu.be/29HA3WTyGO0[View]
19455999Back TF up Kundry: Watching Wagner. Good shit boi[View]
19457367hey guys i found an ayy lmao, ama[View]
19456796Gearing up for The Hunt: Hey /x/, I want to hunt cryptids and the paranormal. What gear do you have,…[View]
19455491Light a candle and have a seat. You want knowledge and enlightenment? this is where you start: It wo…[View]
19457132CREEP ME OUT (Video Edition): Long time /X/Phile. Creep me out, /x/. Seriously, please creep me out.…[View]
19457198Was Satan good?: Is Satan a bad guy, or is that what just the Abrahamic religions want us to believe…[View]
19452802Wild wild west: Where now[View]
19453372What is the most convincing proof of alien life?[View]
19457138Can you fucking feel it? The frequencies are all over the place as if anything can happen and the am…[View]
19457159ITS IN THE PROCESS OF HAPPENING:: NORMIES ARE BECOMING AWARE saw a relative post this on FB, what c…[View]
19451606Precognitive Abilities: Does anyone have these? I'm not sure if I have a true psychic ability (…[View]
19455675In search of a particular video: >tldr- I (very) drunkenly found a video (possibly a music video)…[View]
19456078Name that spoop!: What kind of supernatural is this then x? Clearly not the smartest to take the bu…[View]
19457209why have i been getting mad deja vu, im starting to think im psychic pic unrelated[View]
19456987Anyone else terrified of stars? I can't help but think they'll all blow up at once, and we…[View]
19455316Demons/Eldritch Horrors: Alright, let's have a discussion on demons. Not those red skinned crea…[View]
19452547Indonesian river turns blood red.: http://strangesounds.org/2017/08/blood-red-river-sumatra-indonesi…[View]
19456857Murder Audio: Hoping you can help me, /x/. I'm looking for this audio that made the rounds a fe…[View]
19457165Getting into the esoteric: Hello /X/ I am in need of spirituality. What do i need to do or read to g…[View]
19455631Nymph or Succubus?: I think I have one.She has a female voice and appears as female in most of my dr…[View]
19452645Black Eyed Children. What are they? What do they want? Have you ever seen one yourself? Stories, exp…[View]
19452080what do you want to do once you find the knowledge you are looking for?: do you want to achieve some…[View]
19457104Achieving a 'Light body' or purely metaphysical pressence: Red pills and success stories would be in…[View]
19455242Could you summon meteor,would you do it?[View]
19456083Hi /x/, I've been clinically depressed for the past 6 years. Recently, it's only gotten wo…[View]
19456776is Sludge Science paranormaler?: what is reality[View]
19456063Soulmates: Tell me about your personal experiences and what do you know about the subject. How can y…[View]
19457035To Hell and Back: Growing and harvesting some Atropa Belladonna. Wondering if anyone has any experie…[View]
19454349Redpill on dreams: Someone redpill me on dreams Recently I started dreaming a ton which is uncommon …[View]
19456065飧: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ehlsPawdHOk[View]
19453831What is /x/ take on meditation ? How did this develop historically, is it a meme or really effective…[View]
19456647Anyone else feeling incredibly nervous about the upcoming eclipse on the 21st? I've been having…[View]
19456928Idk what the fuck to do: Around 2 months ago my friend was staying over and me and him got into a fi…[View]
19454517Hey /x/, I live near church and I every night I go past that church with my friends when we go out. …[View]
19441162AMA: I'm a Freemason, ask me anything.[View]
19453557What did i do wrong[View]
19456768How to regain the 'confidence'/I am the one vibe? I seem to have lost it and I let other n…[View]
19453770Redpill me on universe-b.[View]
19454277Comfy horror stream: As is the tradition, every evening we meet at cytu dot be/r/sleepsnug to watch …[View]
19418627What would you do in this guy's pocket dimension?[View]
19456325redpill me on the interdimensional shapeshifting psychic satanic pedophile vampire lizard alien glob…[View]
19455075What does X think about the Illuminati?[View]
19452505Is it possible to intentionally move yourself to an alternate reality?[View]
19456341How to use black magic?[View]
19454644You crazy kids still doing Erratas?: I've been looking into this... thing lately, and if there…[View]
19453007How can I entice Greys to abduct me?[View]
19455646FD Was A Fake: https://youtu.be/MEVQwBlIDT8 It was a social experiment in story telling. Everything …[View]
19456500Tell me how this is anything short of modern day vampirism?? Siphoning blood from the young to enabl…[View]
19453690we need a new board: why dont we start /god/ a board about spirituality and enlightenment and love a…[View]
19454074/x/'s Opinion on karma: I've seen a good deal of stuff on /x/ in pertenance to the concept…[View]
19452648Vampire Thread: How does a human become a vampire? What do real vampires look like and what kind of …[View]
19449191Is the huge increase in Transgenderism and increased confusion regarding gender and sexuality in gen…[View]
19454426Seeing through the matrix: Ive been seeing through this world as if its the matrix recently. I'…[View]
19455179Offering 20k Quatloos for an alien bounty Hunter to find the aliens that are responsible for the pro…[View]
19451733/div/ - Divination General: Welcome to Divination General! Come here for readings and discussion of …[View]
19453640Ouija: Tell me your experiences with the Ouija, is it danger? You can post pics or videos related…[View]
19452266effect mandela: I have memories of watching documentaries, videos, and reading that Hitler died of a…[View]
19453956Is Fox News our real source of UFO's? https://youtu.be/X93-SDrsTrg[View]
19450906deja vu: Do you feel like you're constantly having deja vu? share your stories, and what yours …[View]
19449550Is there a conspiracy working towards the disenchantment of the world? Have they already won?[View]
19455121Several times today, at the gym, I heard someone whisper my name. At one point I realized that it wa…[View]
19454499God: Does anyone else have similar beliefs about God as me? I realize none of us can know God's…[View]
19455182Alien messages: Cases where aliens gave information to the people abducted. >there's no corr…[View]
19454702Levi or Pike: question for someone who has read both: are they really that similiar? Is it worth rea…[View]
19453818Paranormal painting freaks people out: http://www.freaklore.com/paranormal-painting-freaks-people-ou…[View]
19452303Need to wipe a memory from my mind, how do I do it?[View]
19453774Do you believe in the second reality of music? The first is already proven scientifically even thoug…[View]
19449633September 23 General - IT'S NOT A NEBULA: RUNDOWN http://imgur.com/a/yRyRi TRACKING THE MOVEM…[View]
19454374Fiddler's Green: Is Fiddler's Green real? Fiddler's Green was said to be a place wher…[View]
19454132Let's talk about Whitley Strieber. How full of shit is he? I just got done watching Communion l…[View]
19454227Haunted rock: I got this gem from a friend, saying it's moonstone but I've looked it up an…[View]
19453741Voynich Manuscript: Opinions on this manuscript or any sort of explanation[View]
19454866Hey, /X/. I'm trying to get those good times back. Hit me with it. Green texts, innawoods, skin…[View]
19454862Why did the Deep state/Shadow gov. attack the natural habitat of ayyy's? Are they provoking an …[View]
19454081Tried meditation and it didn't help. Attempted to banish my feelings with a moon ritual and tha…[View]
19448504Spiritual drawing/ Automatic Drawing thread: post what you've done in the past or recently.…[View]
19454764Can any of you guys please give me some information on this symbol, and what the related runes on ea…[View]
19454826Working with the Dead to Time Travel | Repurpose Ghost Hunting Technology: Perhaps the dead in paran…[View]
19453182Recieved this in an email to a no longer available email account. Any thoughts and help are apprecia…[View]
19453434So has anyone here ever played with magic?[View]
19447062Discordians: WTF Is the principia discordia: can someone give me a breakdown on discoridans ? are th…[View]
19454598Creepy String Game: >generate random strings >copy paste into search engine >post strange u…[View]
19442548Hell is never referred to as a firey place in the bible. Its only referred to a place of torment bec…[View]
19454465Does anyone on X predict or monitor the weekly or monthly scare? Last week was North Korea, this wee…[View]
19454193Good afternoon, /x/.: Generally speaking I almost exclusively browse and post on /pol/. Not too much…[View]
19454190Weird symbols: Hello 4chan When my house was built 11 years ago a heating system was added.On the fu…[View]
19454351This is a cursed image[View]
19453812What is the meaning of this ......' 4638ABK24ALGMOR3YX2489RPSTOVAL'.......[View]
19450039Are you experienced in Sigil Magic?[View]
19448290does anyone know how to summon a REAL Cthulhu? been looking at magicks for 8 hours and i KNOW there …[View]
19430979what was the most sinister thing that has happened on 4chan: I've been wondering recently what …[View]
19451631Redpill me on pic-related.[View]
19454007cursed image / spooky story thread: >be me, must have been about 13yo >be in woods >been wa…[View]
19453258X-pill me on the many world interpretation[View]
19453498Can we be honest about social media in general? I think it's a been a ploy to mine data from th…[View]
19452343Are aliens real? What do you know about them and the different types we have? Are they coming to ear…[View]
19453966Paranormal Media: Local 58 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FdyknT4uchM Exit https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
19449664Coast-to-Coast AM: Any of you listen to this? I like to tune in whenever I happen to be driving home…[View]
19445046Apparently schools are closing for the August 21st solar eclipse. What the fuckin hell? What are th…[View]
19453901Closing in on a decade ago I was reading minds and telepathically placing thoughts in peoples heads.…[View]
19451075Skeptic here - How should I use the eclipse?: Should I try a Goetica summoning? It's hard to te…[View]
19448440Alright guys, I'm sure this question has been posted multiple times. With the events that have …[View]
19453703Current Defcon Status: Does any person have current Defcon information, as of the last 24 hours? Thi…[View]
19453302Was Alex Jones right?[View]
19453533What is the Book of Soyga?[View]
19447858Strange discoveries thread: I found a slew of youtube channels making a bunch of weird/cryptic conte…[View]
19453326What are Greys?[View]
19451764Does anyone here know what this symbol is used for?[View]
19452122Death: Friends, there is nothing to fear in death. Truly, when you have advanced to such an old age …[View]
19451204What is an Archon?: Like what form do they actually take and what powers do they have?[View]
19449363so some normie ended up having a popular thread on twitter which im curious about the validity of an…[View]
19453299Is there a life-force? i see much of material alchemy involved refining materials to the primal form…[View]
19453263Redpill me on 'whatever the fuck is going with sun':: -Picrelated https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h8…[View]
19451172Considering new a new demon to work with. I recently left the one I had been dealing with when I lef…[View]
19451256ARE YOU READY?[View]
19451363Yuri Gagarin wasn't the first man in space. In fact, he wasn't even the first Russian in s…[View]
19450156Has anyone else noticed some people's eyes being like pic related? I work in a field where I co…[View]
19453453Does anyone recognize the top left and bottom right sigils? I know the bottom left one is Ellis and …[View]
19450972If you have no consciousness after you die, then what proof is there that you ever existed in the fi…[View]
19453056Does infinity exist?: And if so, what is its relation to humanity? I used to think eternity in heave…[View]
19453355If the circle triangles are the big secret why does everyone and their dog know about them? Does the…[View]
19445312Good Australia stories: Something about that continent is creepy as shit. Also if anybody has the fu…[View]
19453156Got talking about aliums in the pub the other night with some friends which gave me a sudden flashba…[View]
19452589Romanticism is Dead, so what comes after?: is the current state of x the last dying breaths of reall…[View]
19452545>The Rothschild Collection The banker Charles Rothschild devoted much of his time to entomology, …[View]
19453213He himself often played nightmares. It is played so that the lights are switched off, wrapped in bla…[View]
19452972Would someone here please give me a basic reading of mine and my partner's synastry? I am very …[View]
19450249> Be ghost hunter > travel around the country finding ghosts > have tons of documented audi…[View]
19448303>tfw you fell for the 16 GiB of ram meme[View]
19453129There will be no rapture on September 23rd. Those who set a date for it are the Devil's agents.[View]
19453175https://soundcloud.com/fly-king-chris/king-chris-graveyard-shift I made an /x/instrumental am I on t…[View]
19446150How can I jump to a dimension where I'm rich?[View]
19450634do you sense trends that most people don't?[View]
19444697this women fled into the WILDERNESS for a month september 23 is in about a month found on a saturday…[View]
19451317/bigfoot/: /bigfoot/ general Post any pictures, stories, or any other information about bigfoot…[View]
19451917paranormal: Para mí eso recuerda una flor de loto, como se trata de flor, quiere decir pureza del cu…[View]
19450229what am i doing wrong: I have a ouija board that i cannot seem to make spell out anything remotely i…[View]
19447605Pic related: Scrutinize & discuss[View]
19448188How to stop time?: I've been wondering how to stop time for a while now. Do any of you know how…[View]
19452143>sips breakfast coffee >looks at date where's the apocalypse nerds?…[View]
1944815399% sure house is haunted: /x/ I think my house is haunted. I'm not religious by ANY means, not…[View]
19451769I think i have a ghost /x/ > hear gasping and whispers >doors close and open > lights an…[View]
19446302Please tell me about the Hinduism/dharma. Is it the natural order as they imply? Am I correct in my …[View]
19452743I am a general in the Meme Corps, an army of memetic entities fighting against the archons (archetyp…[View]
19452527Why do I have premonitions?: Why do I premonitions? I don't understand it. Ever since the summe…[View]
19449620Subconcious Frequency: TLDR; That feeling you get before you get a text is happening more and just a…[View]
19446204Last night I had a dream where I met Dylan Klebold in the afterlife. All he does now is play what lo…[View]
19451189Can I see my past life or who I was before, /x/?[View]
19450570OP IS A fag: scary stories (real ones)[View]
19448176The Return to 4th Density: 4th Density consciousness is a mastery of the physical realm. It's l…[View]
19445895Why are you here?: You are here because you know something. What you know you can't explain, bu…[View]
19450289Have you ever heard a voice in your mind, that you are certain is not your own? In the future, time …[View]
19450056I'm curious about what the users of /x/ think represents the board. I created a survey in the r…[View]
19449018A real ghost sighting captured on camera. What does /x/ think? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=d8FAhoo…[View]
19451480Lovecraft: Ok I've read a few of this guys stories now, red pill me on him.[View]
19450470What spell do I cast to turn water into sheckles?[View]
19431388Are you calcified, /x/?[View]
19450335ᐊᑯᑕᖅ ᐃᓄᕕᓂᖅ: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YCA5qb8b_TM[View]
19445955So much controversy made this man that by far it is noticed that only wanted to draw the attention w…[View]
19452475idk what to do: I pick up the phone, my hands trembling as a wipe sweat from my brow. I have been an…[View]
19450994Different reality in the Astral plan: Ok, i recently started my journey into meditation and Astral p…[View]
19452509These new threads are shit Just post shit that keeps people awake at night. That might make /x/ tole…[View]
19452453Is there a way to go back in time 'mentally'? Like, posses myself from the past and keep going from …[View]
19447159I know this is from a cartoon, but does a product like this actually exist? I'm worried that al…[View]
19450846Premonitions: Since I was a small child, I've had premonition dreams. I've predicted death…[View]
19452513Hypnosis: I don't even know if this falls under this thread but does anyone know what this is: …[View]
19450737> No Man Know's The Day Or Hour > Still trying to make predictions > Wrong Again > …[View]
19442647Monthly Enlightenment Thread: Mysteries of the supernatural Godhead revealed inside.[View]
1944936023 August 2017[View]
19449262Are aliens really among us?: Are we really being invaded? Look at all the stuff going on: ISIS, blac…[View]
19452419Coming Shortly: Fifth Bowl: Darkness and Pain Revelation 16:10 Then the fifth angel poured out his b…[View]
19450435Greetings /x/. I have something that may gain you're interest. A while back ago there had been …[View]
19449684Hillo hello the time has come for you to break your icy prison rise my old friend show these people …[View]
19446721A simple survey: How many of you fellow anons have ever visited GLP? If so, would you agree that the…[View]
19447659Demons and Angels alike, speak no lies. T What is this site, really? What is a post/spell? WHO REALL…[View]
19452302Where does the line end between reality and roleplay?[View]
19441291Summoning Goetia General: Easy to understand guides to start out with the Goetia: https://pastebin.c…[View]
19450149Are you hyped for season 2? >The No-End House (2017) A young woman named Margot Sleator (Amy Fors…[View]
19451993what do i have to do to undoubtedly secure my place in the afterlife? i dont care what i have to do.…[View]
19448571Alright /x/ My Fiance has suffered sleep paralysis and all sorts of odd behaviour her entire life. N…[View]
19450460The Video I saw yesterday: Iwas lurking the site yesterday and saw a post with just a youtube link. …[View]
19451793Lucid Dreaming General: post experiences/techniques/info[View]
19452037Can you scry the Enochian angels without the tools used by Dee? That is, without the tablets and eve…[View]
19444749IMPORTANCE OF POSITIVE ENERGY: Daily reminder that (((they))) are negative energy vampires who are m…[View]
19448814Weird Video Thread: Alright, /x/. Gimme what you got. Post weird, ARG, or real ritual curse videos h…[View]
19450236join our discord server: https://discord.gg/Nv3Jvvd https://discord.gg/Nv3Jvvd https://discord.gg/Nv…[View]
19444604okay /x/, let's assume wendigo/fleshgait/skinwalkers whatever exist in case they do, i wonder w…[View]
19452064Can love be paranormal?: I started going on 4chan for about 2 months now and it has completely chang…[View]
19452004>having a fire with friends >hear whispering in left ear >think its my friend G >'wtf st…[View]
19449687Weird shit happening, /x/. >be me, just moved into new house >just me and my dog, parents left…[View]
19449689Tim Wood Livescifi: Does anyone think his stuff is fake?[View]
19451276Anyone got any good spooky onion links?[View]
19451974One year ago a girl who is a friend of a friend started talking to me through Facebook, asking me pr…[View]
19448700Gnosticism: Surely there's more to experiencing existence than just being, what perception esca…[View]
19452011Anyone remember that ARG from a few years ago about some guy in Europe trying to get money from a ma…[View]
19447189Existential Dread: tfw you are nothing but intricate electrical impulses and complex molecular stru…[View]
19449950Whats supposed to happen August 21st? Every time i see the eclipse mentioned, everyone has some BS a…[View]
19451910Ovilus: I recently found one of these in my deceased uncle's possessions. I've done some r…[View]
19449923Hitler is alive: proof[View]
19451405When I was 3 years old I was in my crib, looking off to the side, and this figures walk past. Looks …[View]
19450004Knowledge: Is there a limit to how much man can know? Can man ever understand God while within this …[View]
19440718Grizzly Tales for Gruesome Kids: Pretty surer this fucked me up as a kid. ITT: Shit that moulded you…[View]
194488725 days[View]
19449334Muhammad the Mage: How did 'prophet' Muhammad unite and conquer successfully all while having everyo…[View]
19451121how do I teleport my wife to my home?[View]
19447216Vampire Thread: Hello. We need all the info you have on real vampires. Post what you know about them…[View]
19445254astral projection tips/tricks/secrets please! I accidentally existenced is years back and would like…[View]
19449469Alright you fucks, lets get an IRL homunculous and chimera thread going on. Stories, pics,lores, lin…[View]
19434082Is reincarnation real? I keep wondering because of dreams I've been having lately where I becom…[View]
19450976Hey guy I need to find the original ' The Illuminati card game ', I can't find the original car…[View]
19448877Flies: Hello X's >I not had flies at home since a year round. >I have filters on the wind…[View]
19444025/omg/ - Occultism and Magick General: Library link: https://mega.nz/#F!AE5yjIqB!y7Vdxdb5pbNsi2O3zyq9…[View]
19449912Idk if this is the right place to post this but here goes. Im a horror author/writer and im looking …[View]
19450602(picture unrealated) Hey what was that space fish that had been seen recently? on nasa?[View]
19450264I inadvertently created a Tulpa that is in the form of a blonde girl. She manifests herself physical…[View]
19449940QUICK You're being attacked by the paranormal ! What gun do you CC for this express purpose?[View]
19448797Images of hell?[View]
19448775Can anyone here prove John Titor isn't a time traveler? Can you prove he is?[View]
19445884Return the slab Or suffer my curse[View]
19450320Vampirism serum and cure experience: Vampirism- satiation vs serum vs cure. I guess I'm going t…[View]
19449249Angels: An angel keeps appearing to me. Everything it tells me comes true. It also matches the descr…[View]
19446733/div/ - Divination General: Welcome to Divination General! Come here for readings and discussion of …[View]
19447986Succubus Summoning: Not sure if this is the proper board for this, but.. Any anons ever successfully…[View]
19412660Spoopy alien thread: Post your spookiest alien stuff, pictures, videos, or greentests. Nothing spoo…[View]
19447514Strange Idol: Hello /x/, Found this strange idol during my travels in Asia, at an oddity market. Can…[View]
19447889How do I use magik to gain one's affection?* *by affection i mean i'm specifically trying …[View]
19444674thalassophobia: >Ctrl+f >no deep sea spook thread let's fix this…[View]
19449645It birthed from the underdeep. Something stronger than the stone that held it still. A crack was for…[View]
19445196What's gonna happen during Judgment Day?[View]
19445827Got Abducted, Need to remember the dark bits: Aliens abducted me senpai, having a hard time remember…[View]
19449477Solipsism: How do you know that I am real?[View]
19445939Were they murdered?[View]
19445604The best way to describe schizophrenia is picture related.[View]
19449449Goetia Demon for Luck?[View]
19441142Is there any way I can become limitless? Like memorizing everything real fast, understanding social…[View]
19448893what does it mean?I keep seeing it all the time now and keep making a wish.[View]
19448972Paging Orion: 3 1/2 years ago, you gave me a very accurate reading containing 3 pieces of informatio…[View]
19448657How do I experience the supernatural? I've always been very skeptical, but daily life is boring…[View]
19448358Transhuminism, net neutrality and concepts similar taken to furthest imaginable extremes. Go![View]
19449321okey fuckers its been a long time since i was op but what ever i need opinions like i have a conditi…[View]
19449345So I went on a trip to Astoria to check out the eclipse, any spooky stuff going on in the area?[View]
1944941716 KB JPG Hi x New with magic here if anyone knows any good title for books on astral projection, c…[View]
19444411House Guest?: Okay I think I might have pissed something off. Here's the backstory, I married c…[View]
19445847The Mayans were right, /x/ There is some sort of cosmological effect on the way Humans and many anim…[View]
19447578bugs and animal omens: do they have paranormal significance? for eg. someone who practices forms of …[View]
19447455The fuck is this website?: https://mhab.neocities.org/docs/9377/9377.html[View]
19439103Uintah Valley, Utah: Uintah 'Valley', Utah What the actual fuck is happening there 2nd time trying …[View]
19432908Post your favorite murder: Who is your favourite murder? Starkwheater, Ted Bundy, Eric Harris and Dy…[View]
19447074I want to talk about some fuckin' aliens!! I'll post my story once I finishing eating.[View]
19448028The Black Sun and 33: >Donald Trump supposedly a 33rd degree mason. >Starts at Oregon, The 33…[View]
19444291Zozo Ouija Demon real or fake?: Does anyone actually believe in the Zozo Demon out of the Ouija Boar…[View]
19435737The fucking thing is a gateway out to Saturn.: > Read anons post about not being able to penetrat…[View]
19445284Can anyone crack this code? Objnofn fh jz jiz fia Apparently its using some of the most common codes…[View]
19445899hidden in plain sight?: no wonder latin is a dead language pic related[View]
19441565TV Ghosts: So I've seen a lot of photos of 'ghosts' appearing to be inside the screens of TV…[View]
19442172How do I sell my soul for money?[View]
19448881Is this fake? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jtu76LBwzXY[View]
19448573Nothing, the one thing that Humanity as a whole fears: Take a Moment, and imagine absolute nothingne…[View]
19448821Curses/hexes: How can one know if they've been cursed? >pic unrelated…[View]
19446033holf fuck >I see skies of blue >and clouds of white. >The bright blessed day, >the dar…[View]
19447528AMA: I have seen the fnords[View]
19444381David Icke: Conman or Madman?[View]
19448532Let's talk about those little weird things that can be dismissed as coincidence or your mind pl…[View]
19448033Live your life as if you would be reborn as everybody else. If you think you are better than someone…[View]
19448707Hi x New with magic here if anyone knows any good title for books on astral projection contacting e…[View]
19444799I checked the sticky and all the book recommendations have been deleted I was going to buy Chariots …[View]
19446871Planes and Drones near Texas Border: >be name related >40 years old now >grew up on ranch a…[View]

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