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18933166Which conspiracy theories are actually true ?[View]
18939161Does anyone have any experience with demons? I've had an encounter with one and wanted to talk …[View]
1893538324489 Taken Aprox 24 miles north west of Luke Airforce Base Phoenix Az. Lab H4C: Disclosure is near …[View]
18938856So, something strange happened yesterday. Some dude was saying random shit on the street to me and a…[View]
18936761Do any anons remember the Incredible Hulk tv show? It had an episode that was called Equinox. It had…[View]
1893761511: they are twins[View]
18939239For some reason the video and the song itself gave me so much anxiety. Why, /x/? Is the song demonic…[View]
18939413Flat earthers won't show you this: https://youtu.be/DZe1khHqWkI[View]
18939491Vampires: So, /x/, if vampires are real I am definitely one of them. Got any questions? Or ways to f…[View]
18939498I wanna play a game with you... https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGC3L40FKn3tXwuPZWfcNPA[View]
18934569Why do people not see the magic in the world?[View]
18939463What's your favorite /x/-esque music? Been diggin worrytrain, and looking for more spooooky tun…[View]
18937619How is sex magick used in worship?[View]
18939402Nope thread: >Feb 2017 >Alone babysitting half sister for the weekend >She's in my roo…[View]
18930986Hey /x/, I'm gonna tell you the story of some of the craziest shit that has ever happened to me…[View]
18939262So wheres the x content on youtube like alana g? I search and search but its all bullshit videos and…[View]
18938917Tulpa autism: How does one even make a tulpa? Unless it's all a meme, of course.[View]
18917207Terrifying Theories Thread: Shit like Roko's Basilisk, the Great Filter, False Vacuum, Brain in…[View]
18938695Dying in dreams: I want to know other people's experience of dying in your dreams. Usually most…[View]
18923368Been awhile since we've had an /x/-tan thread[View]
18934916What symbol is this?[View]
18935156Underground/underwater incidents? The Last Dive Of David Shaw: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mF4iF…[View]
18938780Anyone got some good creepy stories?[View]
18935396Occult parties: How does one get invited to an elite party? What happens at these gatherings?[View]
18937659Car Ghost: Guys, I think my car might be haunted. >Be me >Couple of years ago >As a present…[View]
18938297we are the dancing crap of this world.: >Chemtrails >Subliminal >Popaganda >MainstreamMe…[View]
18927357Roko's Basilisk: Is it possible?[View]
18925734I want to see all the images of Area 51 that you guys have. and no fake looking shitty 'alien' cadav…[View]
18938613Have you ever encountered non-corporeal intelligent entities? If so, what did they teach you? If not…[View]
18938512Missing time?: Hey /x/, I really have no idea where to post this but I figure if anyone, you guys w…[View]
18938366Hi guys. I never really looked at this board for more than five seconds despite using 4chan on and o…[View]
18938354I was mediating the other day, and found myself standing in a large grass area, when suddenly this l…[View]
18938994SYMBOLISM: Does anyone have any book recommendations on learning symbolism 101? I want to learn abou…[View]
18937751Any good /x/ vidya thats not a spoopy simulator?[View]
18932892Movie prop or real?: Saw this on /pol/, some guy said the US government dug it up. Real or movie pro…[View]
18937483What did they mean by this?[View]
18937688ask me anything: hello, i work in the MIB. iv been working with them since 2006 when i was recruited…[View]
18934268Favorite YouTube Series: Yes, I know there's a sticky. What's your favorite /x/ related Y…[View]
18935737Post yfw you realized you were God and this entire universe is in your mind.: I'll start[View]
18936728Emergency Broadcasts: Can we have a thread about these? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mw_HKzo9Ync …[View]
18938594Hey /x/ > TL;DR Help me find a really good movie based on life/destiny/bovarysm/totalitarian reg…[View]
18938980Is this the end for Hatss? ;-; Anyway, this affects all of the groups like gate, indigo and rainbow …[View]
18934443/xlit/: Hello! Welcome to /xlit/, your source for the production and distribution of /x/ related lit…[View]
18936150Is there any ritual , magick or some sort of secret to improve mental ability(memory, deduction,wit)…[View]
18937254Could Christ have been risen from the dead through Pagan methods?[View]
18937644Emergency Band Hi-Jack Prediction April 26th: Hey all. Surprised I haven't seen anything posted…[View]
18933258The ASATRU PILL: So X recently I have gotten into The Rune Poems and Eddas as well as Beowulf. It…[View]
18938160My friend told me to post this here, I'll go with it I guess. I don't really believe in pa…[View]
18938751What is the most creepy video (YouTube,Dailymotion...) you've seen?[View]
18937521How accurate is this?[View]
18937109Do plesiosaurs still exist plesiosaurs have been reported being spotted in lakes all around the worl…[View]
18938753Upo Mael COMING!!!!!!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IT2b_wHX-8E Upo Mael Coming ask him…[View]
18928507Could Deja Vu be your consciousness jumping through time?: I've had many experiences of deja vu…[View]
18937082So what's going down ?[View]
18937133Amazing UFO sighting prediction!!!: Within the next 24 hours /x/ will have threads about UFOs over C…[View]
18937998Knowing: Scraping, cloven momentum, canopic skewering antlers, scaled carapace a collection of empti…[View]
18932870stories: Can we get a comfy scary shit that happened to you thread? Doens't have to be paranorm…[View]
18936307I think I found a glitch in the matrix today, allow me to greentext: >Be me >Sitting in class …[View]
18931152Research into Paranormal Ability to Break Through Spatial Barriers: I thought you all would find the…[View]
18938429Old paintings/statue and their meaning. Most paintings/statue were made decades later as representat…[View]
18938350What evidence would you need to abandon your belief in the paranormal/conspiracies theories.[View]
18937425https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HwM2Wqkh3XI&t=56s Satanist gets drunk and goes nuts.[View]
18933713Egodeath: What do you make of it?: Egodeath: What do you make of it? Have you experienced it? Was it…[View]
18924376Morgellons disease: Anyone have any experience with Morgellons disease? Very strange and mysterious …[View]
18937819How close are we to WW3 according to the seers?[View]
18933805Does /x/ have any good stuff on the reptilians?[View]
18933499ball deception = Ba'al deception. scientists are propagating Satan's agenda!!![View]
18931669Apep thread: don't listen to the mad egyptian haters apep is ur frend[View]
18938216Ever experienced a time where you weren't tired then you suddenly fell into deep sleep?[View]
18938269What are your thoughts on this and it's potential applications. I've often wondered if it …[View]
18936107ARG: Some interesting ARG i found on Youtube called Petscop. This channel investigates a weird PS1 G…[View]
18936175Sexual Energy: How does one transmute sexual energy? Perhaps a quick primer if one has read Mantak C…[View]
18937956Diane, It's currently 10 to 10 here in Twin Peaks and I have made a discovery that could change…[View]
18938011Guy films stalker in house: What does /x/ think about this. The guy has been documenting a guy stalk…[View]
18933395Jehovah's Witness: I think they're secretly dangerous and sinister. They don't believ…[View]
18937838I need to know if I'm cursed/possessed/plagued by demons or ghosts, or just crazy. How do I fin…[View]
18937624My Scary Story: (Part 01/02) Hi there, I'm going to share the most and only creepy/scary thing …[View]
18935858Where do people go when they die?[View]
18937846> https://mars.jpl.nasa.gov/msp98/msss/mardi_hardware/releases/98_launch_release/edl4_index.html …[View]
18937857Paranormies thread. What does /x/ think of them? Are they good, bad, hit or miss? https://radio.ther…[View]
18925323So I know Baphomet is supposedly a 'made up' demon but what is the truth about this? What was the de…[View]
18936996So this is the trinity deception photo that is supposed to be the uncropped version of the photo of …[View]
18937616So i have been in HK for like a week, in october 2016 and when i was walking through a bridge i foun…[View]
18937658So, research, plaza, or development? discord.gg/mhy4jm5 Plaza is where the casuals citizens represen…[View]
18934743Supernatural Painting: Has anyone tried becoming in tune with the paranormal entities while producin…[View]
18936809>Indestructible lizard that adapts to anything >Stopped by some hydrochloric acid Wow, what a …[View]
18936024Catholic appreciation: Anyone here Catholic and have had a paranormal encounter where you think your…[View]
18932584Helping a spirit ?: Tl;dr I need help to help a spirit move on to 'the next place'. so how do I? I h…[View]
18936425Starting a Cult: This summer I'll be starting a cult with around 10 other friends. I need advic…[View]
18932939Sup /x/, /k/ here. I'm gonna go summon me up a succubus this winter and I was planning on doing…[View]
18933649Who is Ashtar Sheran? Is he real? Does he want to help us?[View]
18921267Would anybody like to cause a natural disaster with me tomorrow? Purely through REAL neural network…[View]
18931542Creepy YouTube Channel - HighlandFog: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKV7SFjv5fxPmlDBDyJrb9Q…[View]
18936961Ever seen him?: Long story short I was talking to a friend of mine who sees this figure both during …[View]
18932862Looking for a picture: Hello, I'm desperately looking for a creepy image I found in this board …[View]
18934376What if God doesn't think?[View]
18903072Zodiac thread: Since there's none >your signs >signs your like >signs you hate >opi…[View]
18936951Does anyone here but me understands the concept of post-real or supra-reality?[View]
18936716Thrill seeking: Anyone Know of any 'ritual games' that work or have some value. If so post stories o…[View]
18932751What does /x/ think of the CIA release about ancient aliens on mars? Apparently in 1984 the CIA gave…[View]
18936823Ryan Buell Back in Jail: Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not be…[View]
18936449Destiny, is it a thing?: Are we all predetermined to achieve(or not) something in life? Do ww influe…[View]
18936763Are there any curators online?[View]
18933488Humanity has been seeded for decades. Alien invasion?No Envisioning weapons to take insurmountable o…[View]
18936729Brazilian UFOs: Apparently there are many UFO sightings in Brazil. What do you think about this? htt…[View]
18933144Crytpid general / all innawoods experiences / stories from relatives: Weekly continuation of the cry…[View]
18935754Nightmares and sleepwalking help: Hi /x/. I've been having occasional super-nightmares ever sin…[View]
18915434Lucid Dreaming/Astral Projection: Share your stories, tips, and/or help for me. I'll start my f…[View]
18932887Ghost airplanes: Alright /x/ I've been thinking a lot about this theory of mine and wanted your…[View]
18936387I think I had a paranormal experience last week I don't usually post here, and Im not religious…[View]
18935568What does /x/ know about the Gateway Process? https://www.cia.gov/library/readingroom/docs/CIA-RDP96…[View]
18936237Reptilian Fake Invasion - who the fuck is Charles Bolden: http://alien-ufo-sightings.com/2017/04/nas…[View]
18931741Horror games: What are some /x/ related or just generally good horror games. Games that aren't …[View]
18931948AJNA LIGHT: >claims to produce DMT >dennis mckenna confirmed it felt like doing DMT >$3,300…[View]
18936077>tfw chip chan webcams still works anyone remember her? http://aassd.viewnetcam.com:50000/CgiStar…[View]
18933084What is the elevator game? Have any of you played it? Also hotel spooks I guess[View]
18933216How can I cure myself of an incurable disease using magick?[View]
18935799What do you think about this pic and vid? For me this seems like a dark matter creature or a huge al…[View]
18935291Invocation: Basic Banishing Rituals: Does anybody know how to do a proper banishment ritual? I'…[View]
18935043Prove to me that he moon landing was fake[View]
18932532Earthquake Predicted: Magnitude 7.1 Earthquake Hits Chile He Was Right!! http://www.telegraph.co.uk/…[View]
18935757What could this be /x/?: Hey /x/ This happened today between 12 AM and 1 AM. I was on my computer wh…[View]
18935072Fear is the mind killer.[View]
18935361Is it possible to practice magic unconciously? I recently started researching chaos magic from /x/ a…[View]
18935627Greentext stories 2.0: Things you experience yourself, I'll start off[View]
1893111124489 Taken Aprox 24 miles north west of Luke Airforce Base Phoenix Az. Lab H4C: I have recieved som…[View]
18934196What is this?: What is this circle called?[View]
18935217Creepy/scary audio recordings?: Let's get this thread going![View]
18933553>ITT zombies and virus theories ya'll remember when the CDC tried to warn us about a 'z…[View]
18935473Girl encounters staircase ghost: Read more here: http://www.freaklore.com/girl-encounters-staircase…[View]
18935145Paranormal riddle time >You are in a room >There are four people in there with you >All fou…[View]
18935366The hooded man ritual weird experience: Has anyone heard of this ritual. Me and my friend tried it a…[View]
18933001can someone please explain me this dream i had? It happened 2 weeks ago >go to sleep at 5 AM >…[View]
18935330ITT: Paranormal Spiritual Awakenings: What woke you up to the world outside of our own? >Be me …[View]
18931580Help Identifying a Spirit: Hey Anons, I've been encountering the same malicious spirit over and…[View]
18930716>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nEpcY5JU120&feature=youtu.be [Embed] Holy fucking shit this …[View]
18931778how do i stop being depressed /x/? >healthy >attractive >have gf >employed >not stres…[View]
18934638Is it possible for someone to know something that defies all reason for them to know it? Not like se…[View]
18925862Occultism and Magic General /omg/: I want to be the person edition /sum/ pastebin: http://pastebin.c…[View]
18935003How can I tell if I'm possessed by my demonic side/tulpa Or an actual external entity? The thin…[View]
18934840Who here /spiritual X/ But not /physical X/? I believe in all spiritual beings, demons, angels, ghos…[View]
18933896Order of The Eye open house: Since I am bored, and about to go to sleep I am linking my Occult disco…[View]
18934643This is one thing I want to have my tulpa do to me against my will[View]
1892676824489 Taken Aprox 24 miles north west of Luke Airforce Base Phoenix Az. Lab H4C: Here is the picture…[View]
18934418How much shit is in our life that's controlled by society?: Weird question, has anyone dug into…[View]
18932361Deep Space Thoughts: The earth is doomed to die by 2050 if we dont correct our ways. How do we rever…[View]
18930933meaning of life: What is the meaning of life?[View]
18934704Glass Camera Project and Golf Rumors link explained: The Glass Camera Project was the clandestine ef…[View]
18910324Forbidden/Secret Martial Arts Techniques: What do you guys know about them. I will give some informa…[View]
18934149Perhaps Christianity is the true Anti-Christ[View]
18927989The /x/ Files, Issue Seventy-One: Greetings, and welcome to The /x/ Files, the weekly news digest fo…[View]
18934411Pictures that make you feel uneasy: Maybe it's obvious why, or maybe there's just somethin…[View]
18934501I got a spook: Hey /x/ I'm a /k/ommando but always dug spoopy stories & have had a few run-…[View]
18924865America claimed they went to the moon almost 50 years ago, filmed it on live TV, and had five more m…[View]
18928398What if grey aliens are actually humans from another dimension where humanity is a couple of million…[View]
18934206Hi /x/ I just want to verify if this picture has any truth on it or just ramblings of old madman[View]
18912165Archangels Thread: No time for explanations, I need photos, paintings and information about the best…[View]
18931136Why am I lately feeling like we (as a whole) aren't living in the 'real world'. Not l…[View]
18933731June 5th.[View]
18934159Sydney Roosters v St George Illawarra Dragons.Roosters vs Dragons Live: Sydney Roosters v St George …[View]
18931926my mother can see some weird ass shit: my mother is currently 61, at the age of 50 she got dragged i…[View]
18933452Yo /x/, I have a college assignment due that we can all have fun with. I'm supposed to write a…[View]
18933946Lucky Charms: Can sticking your feet in a circle cause good luck? Are there ways to increase your lu…[View]
18932635Welcome to the rabbit hole... Beware: spherebeingalliance com[View]
18933461Found these all across my campus. It links to this video on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
18933426The end of Days: With all the chaos and talk of nuclear war. Do you all think this is the start of t…[View]
18932004Guys where did the blue whale game come from?[View]
18932374how to survive! (armageddon): How to survive armageddon: follow the First guy that says these r bad:…[View]
18931189Was there ever a solid debunk for this? Some of the new videos are weird as fuck and don't fit …[View]
18929992Antarctica: ITT: We discuss Antarctica. I watched a video within the last few days, that peeked my c…[View]
18932989Ghostbros and gals. There's no beating around the bush. /x/ is dying. It's only a matter o…[View]
18928159/x/planation for mindfog: The past 2 or 3 or 4 days I'm not sure how long it's been I have…[View]
18931006Any ideas on what these things are?: So, my grandparents grew up during the early 20th century in sm…[View]
18930444Mathematics: Is math a form of magic?[View]
18925589An unbaptised sinner who experienced all 7 deadly sins at once, practiced witch craft & the occu…[View]
18930951RH Blood = Alien Hybrid: I heard about how a Rhesus blood thread got 404 pwned, once people started …[View]
18932735Religion thread I guess? I've been thinking a lot more lately than normal about religion and s…[View]
18930574>is he the real deal or is he just making bank on the E.T/UFO world? He's redpilled me on a …[View]
18931673can someone explain how the fuck cubensis mushrooms got in pic related? russia 1899 author uknown; …[View]
18929599Paranormal OD hallucinations: Last night, I ODed on diphenhydramine. I took 25mg more than the letha…[View]
18923630Mind blown: I've spent too many nights laying in bed thinking about this and still it blows my …[View]
18931383Hey /x/ does anybody know the story about those photos? Google images doesn't help. I know that…[View]
18923659So, thought broadcasting is real for me. Does anyone know something about this? What should I do? Wh…[View]
18932093are there any sigils/signs/anything of that sort that induce fear? i want to get a tattoo, so when i…[View]
18929159are the simpsons predicting something?: In the last episode in the 26th season, springfield elementa…[View]
18932742Deep.web: Any deep Web sites senpaitachi ;-)[View]
18927135Men in Black in Germany: Some German guy is posting about the men in black showing up to his house a…[View]
18932631Difference between Demons and Demonics: Beyond a doubt Demons and Demonics are the some of the most …[View]
18922873Will intergalactic space travel ever be possible? They say the distances are simply to gigantic to b…[View]
18932607Hey /x/ Can you recommend some actually scary shit to watch? YouTube, movies, shows, doesn't ma…[View]
18932427Weird dream: So I had a weird dream last night. It was extremely graphic and detailed, but Here…[View]
18932147How do I determine if tag from Area 51 is real or not? I had an old neighbor giving me an old box of…[View]
18932033commencement: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mPBYboJNk6E[View]
18932436Anons, for some years i just wanted to study about accultism, but i didn't have some one to hol…[View]
18930923Bigfoot files.: I made an access to information request to the RCMP for all sightings of bigfoot in …[View]
18932372Dragons: Do/Did they exist?[View]
18925882I've been having an existential crisis for the past 10 years. Show me there is a god somewhere.…[View]
18932376Are Germs for real?: Conspiracy watch alert.[View]
18930557Is AdBlock really just spying on me? Also, how do I raise my power level?[View]
18930351On Decline Of Wicca: I remember back in early to mid 2000s Wicca was pretty popular. It rode the wav…[View]
18931563Freedom is nigh. If you can grab it.: The swarm is gaining traction. I love what i see. CAN YOU SEE …[View]
18932293When did Micah Hanks become an insufferable douche?[View]
18926091So...Say I die. And i'm a ghost haunting my house because i'm still a shut-in in the after…[View]
18929270Radical science: Will science take the role that religion had before as the dogma of 'absolute truth…[View]
18932068Alien distress call recorded deep beneath ocean: More found here: http://www.freaklore.com/alien-dis…[View]
18930238Why Did The Vault 7 Countdown Page Change Again?: http://www.1711141131131.xyz/ >Guilty 'In the a…[View]
18925522Lets get a thread about werewolves, /x/: Stuff about werewolves. Like how to become one, what form t…[View]
18930057Hey /x/, how do you view death? I use to view it as an eternal black void where you will spend etern…[View]
18932024/x/ music: I've been listening to this song a lot recently. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xwN…[View]
18931613Can we start a extranges dreams thread? Half of my dreams are very extranges so I want to hear yours…[View]
18932085accident: inci[View]
18930725Last night at around 3am I heard some strange sounds coming from outside my house. The closest descr…[View]
18932071I need your help /x/. A friend of mine told me about how Djinns looked like according to the qu…[View]
18927066Has any of you made or aim to make a career out of something /x/ related?[View]
18930810What can I do with a quantum computer if I had one?[View]
18925038If the Universe (and Time) are infinite, then EVERY possible Universal configuration will eventually…[View]
18931664WTF /x/ I found some residual memory. In this reality Oscar Meyer is Oscar Mayer. But if you remembe…[View]
18931472Odd Facebook Page: Found this weird Facebook page...is this a real missing person's case?…[View]
18931277Swift moves: Is teleportation real? >get back home really, really tired after a long day at work …[View]
18924004n a swampy area of the Parana Delta near northeastern Argentina, lies an island with a difference. N…[View]
18918976Can i get a spell that will make money more attracted to me? Im tired of being poor.[View]
18930596How is believing in the Christian God different from asking of another God? How do you know you…[View]
18925400These are all 3 different pictures from 3 different sources.: Notice anything weird? All websites cl…[View]
18929848What is fire ?: Why is that the one thing that we created will destroy us also but also will save us…[View]
18930420can anyone give me the run down on the lesser key of solomon and what the book names are actually ca…[View]
18931455Your soul is in the vatican: I'm not even lying! https://youtu.be/n_3VRugw7Gk They took you sou…[View]
18931020So I did some chaos magick a while back and it seems to have worked but the cost is overwhelming. I …[View]
18931353I need some understanding on this. I've astral projected twice before but haven't been abl…[View]
18921132This is pretty bizarre if you think about it. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hard_problem_of_consciou…[View]
18931380Alien Human Hybrid Babies: Who'd have though there was a secret alien hybridization program in …[View]
18925160Manifestation and Intention 101: Hey everyone, it' my intention to pass on some knowedge about …[View]
18923951Remeber that time in 2000 when Alex Jones exposed the Bohemian Grove? https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
18930712Simply Magic?: This guy Cyril Takayama. There are some videos of him on joutube. He's a magicia…[View]
18931249The best proof of reptilians shapeshifters: https://youtu.be/GRidV0Vd6eM If your not familiar with t…[View]
18928824I posted something about the Basque in a thread. Then I went to read the thread fully (I had hit ret…[View]
18929489Wikipedia: How about some fresh /x/ wiki? Articles which are not included in the sticky, but are sti…[View]
18929639I'm looking for you: Alright, cut the bullishit and be straight for once. You've been roam…[View]
18926668Terran News: 'The Terran I request, the higher understanding, since we humbly want to learn, we want…[View]
18929682Emerald tablets: What do you think about the emerald tablets?? Please red pill me on this topic.…[View]
18925330Hey guys, my friend and I are in desperate need of some serious spooking. Anyone have any movie info…[View]
18931079Was this just a roleplay?: Remember this thread /x/? >>18923343 Op told us a story about how h…[View]
18931168Holographic Disclosure Discussion: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLi9idxoGLzKc47S97ZGH7hLEgp…[View]
18928098Trancendental Meditation: Does anyone have any info on TM or links to get me started? Does your 'cha…[View]
18927630Anyone else really love scenes that play with your mind and leave you feeling slightly disturbed? Th…[View]
18929732A spiritual calling: Does anyone here feel called to a spiritual life or profession? I have thought …[View]
18928974When you ask the tarot if you will impregnate a girl this year Damn...[View]
18917601We are an alien ant farm. Wake the fuck up. The 'War in Heaven' described in the Bible was the rebel…[View]
18926751Tropical Creeps And general /x/files story thread GUESS WHO'S BACK KWAK KWAK§§ Reunion island f…[View]
18930861So what's the deal with the Chimera base under long island? Is that where Gotham Sheild is bein…[View]
18929946As a NEET how do I get into some paranormal shit that will expand my understanding of existence beyo…[View]
18928581Japanese Urban Legends: They're fucking terrifying! https://youtu.be/xmkyIVRKkwU[View]
189307984th hour on Zombo.com. But nothing is happening[View]
18930625Screaming in Terror: i am seeking pictures of people screaming in terror, pain, despair, anger or fr…[View]
18930547FLAT EARTHERS BTFO: joe rogen fucken owns flat earth conspiracy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tek8…[View]
18930697ITT we discuss ways to get superpowers and if they are even real/obtainable[View]
18930699ITT: YFW: yfw you realized WE are the AI[View]
18929329Spiritual VS Psychological?: Hey all, posting this story again because I'm still very curious a…[View]
18925724Is there any way to increase the amount of dreams you have, without have to learn how to lucid dream…[View]
18930654Astral Projection and Remote Viewing: Is it easy to do /x/? I heard during it right when you wake up…[View]
18929334>be 2017 >Everyone in civilized world has access to a camera, on hand at all times. >Number…[View]
18921169the Shitpost Catalogue of Ghost and Mystical beings in Indonesia: Indonfag here, hailed from a ricen…[View]
18926552Have we created our own masquerade?: With the progression of technology and a ridiculously high amou…[View]
18930556El comunismo paranormal: The comunism is paranormal.[View]
18927679/div/ - Divination General: Welcome to Divination General! Come here for readings and discussion of …[View]
18929531Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn: Just heard about this in my early musings into theosophy and the …[View]
18930051she was pregnant with the ants[View]
18929777Decide my fate: I'm a handsome young white man (not Aryan, I have brown hair and my family tech…[View]
18929781Masturbation.: Where does the power dissipated via masturbation go?[View]
18928985Shadow people-Gente sombra: Yesterday I was playing dark souls 1 with my Girlfriend when she saw the…[View]
18930230can someone redpill me[View]
18930232Ok guys I'm fairly new to this board but I don't know where else to turn. I've lived …[View]
18924356There's something wrong with me. I don't know why, but I can see eyes. It's not like …[View]
18930203Come one, come all! Names and faces, you know what to do.[View]
18929891Can you recommend any good paranormal/occult Discord Servers?[View]
18929265Does anyone have any resources on black mathematics?[View]
18929000Let's talk sex magicks. Quoting Crowley 'The best blood is of the moon, monthly: then the fresh…[View]
18930076story of my father: my father once told me that when he was in a band, he and one friend of him woul…[View]
18929069Atlanta: What does /x/ think of https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=zlmZY4wFSsE[View]
18929964You're inside a simulation of a simulation inside a simulation of a simulation inside the matri…[View]
18919567A new cicada thread, Continuation for >>18909940 Did anyone really visit the location? Found…[View]
18929601Anyone got any experience with tantric meditation techniques? I want to take my path to enlightenmen…[View]
18929597flat earth sub-topic: What does /x/ think of the volcanic rock all over the world being ancient tree…[View]
18929342Writer here. Simple question, no need for big discussion on what I write or who publishes it, just w…[View]
18929365Hey, /x/. I've got a dream question. Last night I had a very VERY vivid dream about a girl I ki…[View]
18929680I knew they were out there![View]
18929579I just emailed LHOHQ and they said they would put me on a ''list''. How fucked a…[View]
18928612Literal cyberdemon: There's a demon in my backup computer. I know how to get rid of it, I have …[View]
18929138When I was a baby my father killed a man. The family of the victim swore to put voodoo on my life an…[View]
18929173Is it normal for me to have a phobia of London or the UK? I'm not sure what I'm afraid of …[View]
18929149Just in case you weren't feeling extremely small and insignificant today. http://joshworth.com/…[View]
18929544Simulation Theory: My current theory: >Matter is made up of mostly empty space. >The detectabl…[View]
18924533Contract thread: How can I sell my soul?[View]
18925338Today my deactivated mobile phone called myself at home. It ringed for a very long time and when I p…[View]
18926119TSUKI and the Systemspace project: Came across this site the other day that looks like it could be e…[View]
18929186Pickle Lake: Pickle Lake Ontario >CSIS Black site? So guys I stumbled across this article talking…[View]
18929377Saki Sanobashi/ Go for a punch: Its been a while since ive seen any mention of it. Do you guys think…[View]
18929251Those Conspiracy Guys HAARP: Do you guys listen to Those Conspiracy Guys? Discovered them recently t…[View]
18929336http://ufo-blogg.blogspot.com.br/2012/04/colares-brazil-ufo-invasion-1977.html https://en.wikipedia.…[View]
18929298Time and Every Anything: Any new info on this book?[View]
18927173Spoopy Videos: All kinds of spooky videos welcome. My favorite kind is the emergency alerts where it…[View]
18927387I need to enter the third realm, but I am stuck mostly in the first, and sometimes in the second. Do…[View]
18927735Why does literally every system of Astrology around the world regard Saturn as evil planet?[View]
18926805Where was the gold hidden under the WTC moved too?[View]
18925812Let's talk about life and death, /x/. I'm doing some research. I don't care about you…[View]
18921618Is there a hell?[View]
18913255I'm ready. Tell me the secrets of the universe.[View]
18924906Kundalini and Deja Vu: This thread is in conjunction with my past thread: >>18864816 In the ot…[View]
18925024I'm not into astrology, can someone read/translate it for me?[View]
18926187If our world is a simulation then the reality simulating us is almost certainly a simulation as well…[View]
18928261What if aliens are the path to enlightenment[View]
18928027So /x/ redpill me on the Ayyys... >any abductions or experiences >any experiences from friends…[View]
18926538hey guys, it's my first post on /x/, I don't usually come here, but I think you might find…[View]
18926397Can demons be passed from one person to another? I think my ex gave me a demon, and I'm sure sh…[View]
18927018Think: If you had undeniable proof of something that could change everything, would you share it? Wh…[View]
18928413Hey /x/ would you guys help me make a horror story a few lines at a time? I think it would be fun to…[View]
18928548Kecksburg, PA: Ok /x/ we got a strange ufo crash in a place called kecksburg a whIle back We need to…[View]

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