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21318204Does anyone know or recognize the phrase 'The shadow will dance around the firefly'. I was laying i…[View]
21314156Does sanitation help you stay hydrated ?: If I wash my hands, will I absorb some water through me ha…[View]
21315331How do I change my thoughts?[View]
21317498What if books are other dimensions that made their way into our world trough the mind of a author an…[View]
21317751Sky happening?: Yo /x/ what's this thing? https://youtu.be/TpEVviVC40I Looks real to me. The ab…[View]
21314899The united states is Babylon isn't it[View]
21315860I think it'd be better to ask here than to ask on /wsr/. Does anyone have those threads on CERN…[View]
21318878Any word yet on the Fukushima experiments getting declassified?[View]
21314299Who sees the cloaked ships in the Clouds?: So I started seeing them around a year ago. Has anyone el…[View]
21312453Kundalini awakening whilst smoking weed?: So sometimes when I smoke weed something weird happens. I …[View]
21318638Hey paranormal I have found, discovered, questioned and learned the reason of life through spiritual…[View]
21318193ITT: Scary things you have heard at night This may or may not be paranormal, but last night at aroun…[View]
21317610spoope pics: I am in need of infernally soul-tormenting pictures, that not even the bravest of men d…[View]
21317132So, this just happened (the 8s): Got all possible 8's, then God (33) at the casino this morning…[View]
213180271950's sightings: Asking again, didn't get results last time. Are there any anons here who…[View]
21317224Quick rundown on the bohemian grove?[View]
21318312Evolving Better Strategies: >[time travel] The following is a public optimization heuristic. >…[View]
21318460Cursed YouTube General: I started watching and learning about cursed videos on YouTube. I want to wa…[View]
21317804So, lately I've been feeling this energy radiate from the top of my spine throughout my whole b…[View]
21310194Why did they put it up? Is something about to happen?[View]
21316876There is no such thing as “karma”.[View]
21316666How do we complete the great work of the Demiurge? How do we perfect the imperfect world?[View]
21317060Buddhism is bullshit. Karma is a lie. Try to prove me wrong. Pro tip: you can’t.[View]
21318590Would you upload your brain to a computer if given the opportunity? And what would be the paranormal…[View]
21317166cursed images thread[View]
213147707 11 21, but 5?: What is it about the number 7? 7 is a mystical number in a lot of things, 777 was a…[View]
21307070Tell me anything about Alchemy /x/[View]
21316217OKAY DOES ANYONE ELSE MOTICE the chuck missing from the FUCKING BLOOD RED MOON and the very same moo…[View]
21316646Messages in numbers: hello /x/, it'd be a lie to say that recently i've been seeing the nu…[View]
21314948Why do i get randomly tired: I will be going about my day doing things like normal, but then ill get…[View]
21316725So, it me, thee spiderman and I wanted to continue my thread marking the reasons I may be the real s…[View]
21317071Is the UFO phenomenon the most important series of events in history? Did you know that the Japanese…[View]
21316854Time Travel: Just wondering, is there any way you could travel back in time using magic or spirits o…[View]
21316521Are angels, demons, gods, or aliens real?[View]
21318440I know that thought reading is real. I've seen the supernatural, ivory jewelry move in an unnat…[View]
21316203Does anyone have that pic of that guy in a hospital bed, his arms an legs are held up and his whole …[View]
21318390Reality: Scientology, religion, simulation, atheists everything is about gathering energy. How much…[View]
21317404H.P. Lovecraft Novel: Give me that stimulus, let me know you're here and that you feel me. Tell…[View]
21318246'Revelations': >When the seventh seal was broken there was silence for the space of half an hour.…[View]
21315802Is Raëlism the one true religion?: > be a french race car driver in 1970s > get abducted by Ay…[View]
21318340when A and Dub team up we're all fukt cuz u symbols don't realize ur part of the song. f00…[View]
21318131'Times are Changing' Couple days ago I was high af (highest I've ever been auditory and visual …[View]
21317763Help me solve a mystery: Can someone please tell me what this symbol means and any information on it…[View]
21318297Mandelar parffect: Uhhh anyone else remember the title being 'MP and THE SEARCH for the Holy Grail'?…[View]
21312899how to meditate?: Do you guys have any tips, video, website, ebook etc.?[View]
21318180and so: the moment won the day[View]
21312054/omg/ - Occult & Magick General | Eye of the Storm Edition: >Library: https://mega.nz/#F!AE5y…[View]
21318078Which demon do I have to summon to trade my soul for living in infinite time loop except it doesn…[View]
21270815So, can someone explain the whole succubus thing for me? How do you summon one? Is it like a tulpa? …[View]
21316770ITS AUGUST 20TH: ITS AUGUST 20TH[View]
21313357Hi /x/. A Question about Paganism.: So right now in State Capitol of Arkansas there is a statue of B…[View]
21317562Where can I find a list or a summary of all gods and divinities and their meaning ?[View]
21317955Astral Entities: I hear you faggots talk about them all the time but never post a single image of th…[View]
21316648Something more difficult than Cicada 3301...: So, basically, I was wondering if any of you knew some…[View]
21317074Where does mosquito Astral body goes when you scratch it on the wall? Are they like individual entit…[View]
21317626Is there any ancient legends or myths regarding creatures such as these? I’m looking for something l…[View]
21310874Advanced Esoteric Ufology: We share this planet with a small population of highly intelligent homini…[View]
21316497At any given point in time, there are at least 3 microphones within hearing radious of you and all t…[View]
21317567Spirits keep you awake?: So i hear this about when you open your psychic senses, spirits of all kind…[View]
21317045I need advice from Goetia summoners: So I was downloading some books on Goetia demons. I opened one …[View]
21316773Is there any logical way god isn’t an alien?: This will be a completely speculative thread. However…[View]
21316296innawoods huntin’: Alright I know people are gonna tell me I have a deathwish (i lowkey do), but I w…[View]
21317716strange supernatural stuff?: I'm not sure if I'm just crazy but I have near daily encounte…[View]
21317640ITT: cool /x/ related words: phenomenon[View]
21315792We're fucked. It's here boys.: The normal way these should look are in the left sidebar of…[View]
21300367Best scps??[View]
21309090SCP / SCP splinter megathread #2: Talk about any SCP splinter or SCP itself. Why did I revive this m…[View]
21316201M please come back[View]
21315103Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and has become a dwelling place of demons, a prison for ever…[View]
21316684trying to find naver(?) horror comic: read title - as i remember, the comic detailed a girl writing …[View]
21317572Hello guys So i need help summoning a demon. So i need advice how to summon demons how to make it a…[View]
21317594So I just learned how to cause a crater into the earth. I'm planning on testing it out and see…[View]
21317519Three transparent Spheres with figures inside caught over Lake Okanagan, Canada: A photographer has …[View]
21316634strange being/creature: I really need advice on what the fuck I just saw. i live in durbin, west vir…[View]
21316308They are coming for me. any help or? How does one deal with multiple assailants that are probably tr…[View]
21316643What's the best place to read about conspiracy theories? Or what are places where I can find re…[View]
21317274How do you summon spirits with a Oujia board ?: I have heard you can open a spiritual gate.[View]
21317148https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xfaF1c-NORg whats the source to this spooky video? i cant find anyth…[View]
21315720Hey anons! I don't post here often so forgive me if this doesn't belong here, but I'v…[View]
21313677We could have basically infinite, free, wireless electricity all over the globe right now. The only …[View]
21315728He's in the closet: I'm not sure why, but recently I've experienced disturbances arou…[View]
21315772My girlfriend just brought this skull back from Mexico. Am I going to die?[View]
21316234So explain to me why the fuck you think god loves everybody ...[View]
21317007Dream interpretation: x/, I need some help. I've been having a recurring dream about my mother …[View]
21307723Does /x/ believe in gang stalking: Does x believe in technologies used to harass specific individual…[View]
21316991Strange noises: Hey /x/, I just heard some loud fucking noises from the forest behind my house. The …[View]
21317172National Geographic woman pulls earings out while being watched by masked men: Was watching National…[View]
21315666someone post one of those super long greentexts thx[View]
21315551Creepy YouTube Thread!: Any creepy YouTube videos welcomr! They can be horror shorts, or documentari…[View]
21313982I invite you to indulge in something new. Energy thread: Here we congregate and share our energy wit…[View]
21315036a journal /b/ found: there is a thread going on on /b/ right now where OP is posting a journal that …[View]
21314748strange experiences / thoughts: I guess this is the best place for this, I got a bunch of weird visi…[View]
21316794Bob Lazar Area 51 employee a liar?: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bob_Lazar[View]
21306373What’s a good supernatural themed comic book? I’m bored[View]
21316853Thought form or spirit guide?: How do I know that I'm actually talking to spirit guides, rather…[View]
21315381what you guys think about steve huff and his spirit talking? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tQHxZ5h…[View]
21315578Visions of Babylon and Rome: Years ago I had visions of place where the people there identified as B…[View]
21308462I think I'm corrupted.: I think my soul is corrupted. Let me explain. In my life I've abou…[View]
21316902They think they can get away with it. Now lets see if they can run from themselves.[View]
21316772How would you feel?: If your interpretation of god would forsaken all of you. Need I remind you are …[View]
21316847Transcendence Innocence Group: Thesis: We are flawed because our being is a flawed one. Just as the …[View]
21314564Strange Sounds Captured After M 8.2 Earthquake: Thought this might interest the folks on /x/: https:…[View]
21314977Hey everyone. Not being LARPy right now. But does anyone out there know who I am just by reading thi…[View]
21316712> be ∞yo , genius and fucking shining the whole day > told everybody don't fuk with me …[View]
21315660I'm starting a podcast covering all paranormal entity's and conspiracies. What are some gr…[View]
21316695The Twink of Christmas Past: So ive never posted here before, and in all honesty ive never even been…[View]
21315009Best of /x/ thread Bonus points for that white subway monster one[View]
21308056Sup /x/. It's been years since my last visit on here. I've grown stronger since then, and …[View]
21316602How much of pic related is real? Post your own /x/ made pilled charts[View]
21316582Hey guys I've noticed some of these bacteria worshipers and was wondering what's you take …[View]
21316579So /x/ are you eating from the fruit of life? (fapping/sex) are you abusing your powerful force (sem…[View]
21316153Where did this come from?: I searched for songs with Pepe in it back when shadilay was going on, the…[View]
21315644http://www.aslodge.com/ What is this website? It is really fucking strange. Looks like its run by so…[View]
21315487Protection: How can you cast out demonic influence and protect an area , when getting bombarded by t…[View]
21316252Taught a bunch of Spiders and Spider mites to collect souls out of the Vatican Vaults, in return the…[View]
21316351𖤐 XXX: https://youtu.be/NlxnP21lsy8[View]
21314001You better accelerate the countdown , cuz it's guaranteed that you pieces of shit have fucked u…[View]
21316409magick animal switching: people that know magic: how does one go between human and animal: possessio…[View]
21315785I'm not you're victim, i'm your memories/mockries.: Both God and the devil must have …[View]
21316124Reclaim Your Soul: If you have ever sold your soul, and found that you did not get what you asked fo…[View]
21316348confused about something!: okay so im 1/64th native american so i know some stuff about the lore of …[View]
21316321Faggot mod on /tv/ deleted a thread related to spooky videos. So I guess post videos that are spooky…[View]
21313327hello /x/ so for my next intention I will be devoting an entire year to developing my sexual energy …[View]
21314739DMT dimension: anyone had a dmt experience before? a breakthrough? from everything I've read, i…[View]
21315776look at it like this consciousness is the sunlight on a tree called creation and sophie, just fuck…[View]
21316167REAL SEMEN MAGIC: guys i bet you twenty buck is you gotta like hahahah a crush or something like tha…[View]
21316267I do not know whenever my decicion was right or wrong, however now that I have taken action, I will …[View]
21313937Gnostics get in here: Tell me everything about the archons, the demiurge and this fake reality! How …[View]
21313363you guys dont actually believe this shit right?[View]
21315706Ey /x/ I was going through my day and then was overcome with the feeling to close my eyes and draw …[View]
21316155How can I escape American consumer slavery society?[View]
21314590need the story of this, trying to beat my fears[View]
21316079How do I reset my soul to a previous state?[View]
21281265Terrifying Ideas/Theories/Thoughts: Post the most terrifying, bone chilling, and creepiest ideas, th…[View]
21311839Soulmate thread? Soulmate thread.[View]
21316119Are humans demon babies?: Is that why demons are so obsessed with collecting souls?[View]
21316024So i was browsing normiebook and came across an indian by the name of 'Umar Wilkh' who posted weird …[View]
21303654Saturn Hexagon: What is the relation between the Hexagon on Saturn and the Occult?[View]
21315567Leaving this here for you. Please give it a read. reddit.com/r/titor/comments/98pf8o/a_very_warm_wel…[View]
21315695hell: Well I come to this board in the hope of some different perspectives and answers. I just want …[View]
21313825Are Fairies Real?: I'm convinced I have a fairy following me. It is hard to explain but almost …[View]
21314729Abandon ship: /x/ is shit and has been for a long time, what are better sights to go to and avoid la…[View]
21315931How is Capitalism not the greatest system ever conceived by man? It is a proper replacement for reli…[View]
21315870You a Vampire that can't transmogrify drinks into blood (Using the spell Vinous)? Look into Gen…[View]
21315836What did I see: I don't into paranormal or care much for learning occult shit. I had a dream th…[View]
21315026A couple years ago I got the illuminati succubi, her personality is like Dragonball Z's Bulma. …[View]
21315464Can anyone help me with Taoist meditation? I have scheuermann's kyphosis and it is extremely pa…[View]
21312668If they possessed a way to see the future 2000 years ago and encoded it into a story with hidden way…[View]
21312032So, is islam just satanism, or is lucifer god?[View]
21315528Repeating day: I swear to fuck today has already happened. I've been having the worst deja-vu a…[View]
21315620seeing evil: does anyone else see a face when they close their eyes that gives off a vibe of absolut…[View]
21309345HekateStation: https://youtu.be/eKukTPQLHBY passwords: https://pastebin.com/SeafFRiJ previous: https…[View]
21313407Alright Noidbois, talk to me about this film. I watched it the other night, and was left unconvinced…[View]
21306147Skinwalker hunting: Hey /x/, recently i inherited my grandfather’s house, me and my gf spent 2 days …[View]
21314097Occultism/Spirituality general https://discord.gg/hhr4kVh We are a community of individuals with an …[View]
21314514How can I increase my luck/good fortune? I feel like I'm not where I'm supposed to be in l…[View]
21315432How do I consecrate earth?: I want to start my own farm, and I'm planning it as a generational …[View]
21314896esoteric economy thread: Thread for discussing tithing,law of sowing and reaping,and how CEOs and ba…[View]
21315341What are some /x/ approved books/authors? Doesn't even need to be super esoteric. Could be well…[View]
21314662If any of you fucks happened to be in Everett Washington in 2014 looking east at Mount Pilchuck, and…[View]
21315460Weird Audio Sounds in Attic USB: Hello, I don't know where to post this but , i found a USB in …[View]
21315277are curses real?[View]
21311626Hey /x/ i really need your help a few weeks ago while i was high i conjured a sensation in my head, …[View]
21309948Where do I begin in researching the occult[View]
21314073Murder or suicide: So the co author of a book alleging that some of the apartheid ministers where pa…[View]
21314203UFO stories: does any of you have encountered an ufo? if yes pls tell stories bonus if there are pic…[View]
21311109/x/ won't accept the truth[View]
21315152Worst fears thread.: >>MERIWETHER, MT—County coroner James Hextall announced Monday that a tho…[View]
21311909Hello. We are looking for highly intelligent individuals. To find them, we have devised a test. Solv…[View]
21314015Exactly how advanced could the military be rn? I know the most advanced stuff is kept secret for a l…[View]
21309595/X/ Music General: Recently there was a thread on subliminal messages and binaural beats, in which o…[View]
21315093Is there any Satanist around? How did you end up being one? I'm curious about this religion and…[View]
21310885Ayys & More: With my deepest apologies for missing him, and failing realize for so long, i would…[View]
21308535Is it possible that ghosts, demons, angels, aliens, souls, spirits, ancient 'gods' are all different…[View]
21315011generic paranormal experiences story I guess, but I just recently found out about this board and may…[View]
21314079Looking for a blue eyed blonde with this mask. I am right.[View]
21301370Occultism & Magick: Report Thread Spammers edition: Library link: https://mega.nz/#F!AE5yjIqB!y7…[View]
21313975this shit was a bit weird: Not really sure if people are still freaked by this, or if its been 'solv…[View]
21314049Sleep Paralysis: Does anyone else here experience sleep paralysis? I get this sometimes and it'…[View]
21314688Are any of these books worth picking up?: A lot of these read like buzzfeed articles >top 5 thing…[View]
21313031Nervous system stress buildup: Sup /x/, can any yoga/qigong experts recommend methods for clearing s…[View]
21313865is he telling the truth? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1cjxqwmAJHQ&t=[View]
21314177you cant just sleep forever when you die? what with all the xp recolection and data removal entties,…[View]
21311495can i go entity hunting in the astral realm? kind of like doom guy?[View]
21312361/div/ - Divination General: Welcome to Divination General! Come here for readings and discussion of …[View]
21313791Hollow Earth Theory: Why is or is this not retarded? Does anyone actually have a way to describe why…[View]
21307809Death Grips Satanic Energy: I see a lot of xxxtentacion satanic threads on here but I don't thi…[View]
21306832Alien Abduction tell your story.: Tell your story.[View]
21313463What is (the) soul?: Hello /x/ I was wondering, what exactly is the soul? Some people say it's …[View]
21313917Is the belief in God the ultimate conspiracy theory?[View]
21310044Cursed images thread: Post the most obscure and mysterious[View]
21313405have any atheist considered or have preformed any magic, satanic, and or ritual or spell ? I wonder …[View]
21314285So this is pretty paranormal, but I might be the real spiderman. I know, I know, those with open eye…[View]
21314327My Wish: I wish to be opened up to the spiritual world. I wish to have etheric vision. I wish to ach…[View]
21313133Oh shit: Guys.. guys.. RIPPEN https://www.upi.com/Archives/1991/08/21/Seven-children-hurt-in-state-f…[View]
21308615The Way / Nobility of the Light: Can we discuss 'The Way' and the Nobility of the Light? …[View]
21314000how to cast out evil from the soul?[View]
21312543spooky stories thread I’ll start: >be me >2013 >live in small Canadian fishing town >loo…[View]
21312535I know a conspiracy on who this guy actually is It's an odd conspiracy BTW[View]
21312430Hey /x/, does anyone out there have that one photo of a family standing together at a port or harbor…[View]
21312749I was dreaming last night, I was in a library and i saw a guy with a Star Wars T-shirt and a Termina…[View]
21313447travel: Do you believe in time travel? Would it have been done? who think chicxs[View]
21313588WARNING : very spooky, viewer spooked advised: WARNING : very spooky, viewer spooked advised ... ...…[View]
21307632Can an A.I. here please species who and what i am. Feeling lost and bored. Love and Light.[View]
21313863Thoughts? Recommendations on other similar podcasts? Personally i find Nosleep very hit or miss, but…[View]
21311608So, I don't believe in paranormal stuff, BUT- the other day I was in bed, and I felt something …[View]
21312150How do I summon happiness?[View]
21313818We go through our lives everyday seeing people and we ignore each other. Sometimes someone slips thr…[View]
21312693I'm new here so trying this out I believe there is a conspiracy nobody talks about in society. …[View]
21311883i want to know how to get to the astral plane without the gay steps. there are some gay ass archons …[View]
21313498Dark games: Ok so... are Demi gods (or really any type of semi powerful immortal entity real) cause …[View]
21311826UFO?: We saw UFOs or human machines at night? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=gK2UPyoxhgI[View]
21311275sup /x/ im having a hard time with astral projection i can get vibrations but are always weak ones a…[View]
21311311strange dream about aliens. anyone else?: i remember going outside and looking up into the sky. i sa…[View]
21313332warding off ghosts but in a nice way :^): Ok so, my family had a few seemingly paranormal experience…[View]
21313502All kinds of deranged people scare me the most Its not the cryptids you should be worrying about[View]
21313494▬ S ▬ P ▬ O ▬ 0 ▬ K ▬ Y: ▄ SPOOK ▄ SPOOK ▄ ▄ ▄ ▄ SPOOKY ▄ ▄ ▄ ▄ ▄ ▄ ▄[View]
21311737What exactly is magic? Does The Church of Satan have it right? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greater…[View]
21313510what's a good way to talk to aghost like what should we do[View]
21313236Paranormal devices thread.: Digital, analog and low tech. Starting with magnetic compass. Do you thi…[View]
21313231η αδυναμία είναι η δύναμή της[View]
21313312Hi, I've been on a binge lately of creepy things found on the internet but hit a brick wall and…[View]
21313371What do you guys think about pic related? I think he’s one of the best alien researchers i’ve seen, …[View]
21313182Spooky games thread: Gib me your ouija/midnightman/elevator game/occult experiences pls[View]
21311840SpOoKy thread boiis: Alright lads this is a third hand story, so pardon me for any incongruities tha…[View]
21312878'I'm a Christian fundamentalist': First off, this is NOT a condemnation of the faith, but rathe…[View]
21311782Who's working late on Sunday?[View]
21313248Recent thread just got 404'd so Im hoping we can get some of the participants back in and chatt…[View]
21310925Predictions/ Prophecies Thread: I will start. >be me >2003 when internet chat rooms were still…[View]
21313081What does /x/ think of them? Are they good for spooky podcasts?[View]
21311948Is it a good idea to worship Morrigan? What are the benefits?[View]
21311369Positive energy thread: There is power in positivity, if you are in need of some yourself, say somet…[View]
21312429...: ...[View]
21313017why is alien music so bad compared to earth? i feel like aliens come to earth more often than they a…[View]
21312527Elfy: HUMONS I am Orkella. I'm, from the Gnosctical Galactic Council of 9 Elvin ELDERS!!. we…[View]
21311992Why do edgy attention whoring women who play goth dress up think that satan loves them?[View]
21312862AMA: I'm a disciple of Apollo. I have been blessed with the ability to answer any kind of quest…[View]
21307729I believe this reality is programmed I believe every one of us has the abillity to reprogram oursel…[View]
21311699ˣ: ˣ[View]
21309630Which secret societies have members that are actually there for the knowledge and is not just filled…[View]
21311668Fasting and karma. Starving to death.: Followers of many schools of thought (e.g. jainism) starve to…[View]
21312756need help: so around last month me and my dumbass friends went on the internet reading shit about su…[View]
21309515Ringing Ears: Have any of you noticed an increase in your ears ringing this past year? More specific…[View]
21308487Kyle Odom: Schizophrenia or was he on to something? https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/2754139…[View]
21312043Ask a person with alzheimer's anything.: Hello /x/, I've heard this is the board for the m…[View]
21311985My Sister was a satanist among other things: I want to remember my childhood so im digging up old me…[View]
21311972Flat Earth / Mandalla: 1D YOU ARE ALONE cogrioto ergo sum GRAVITY 2D you are with another. you can f…[View]
21298448Time Travel Thread: Any time travellers on here? I would love to hear about your experiences and thi…[View]
21312399Do you have a moment to talk about our lord and savior, Jesus Christ? Troubled times in the world an…[View]
21310051/PFE/ - Pre-Flood Earth General (13,000 years ago): Why do all archeologists suddenly stop exploring…[View]
21312563i have the stronger military: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q6P_4aSeOFs So, if the shadow cia, wh…[View]
21310625Yo /x/ can you please tell me some love spells: Thanks[View]
21312711Retrograde over.: Fucking finally. I learned a lot but that was an intense past few weeks.[View]
21312679Does anyone have links to evidence of global elite paedophilia, especially Rupert Murdoch?[View]
21305065Please help me find more info on this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AWK6DhsPH2Y Guys, this shit r…[View]
21312630what does this gargoyle mean? do gargoyles mean things? no one knows anything about it. house built …[View]
21311838Meditation: Any weird effects/stories/occurences during or after meditation session?[View]
21312293Pic of a real alien, save it before they delete it.[View]
21308157This planet is a living diety. It birthed everything around you from barren rock. So give a hoot n…[View]
21311888It's really sad to think that when a friend dies young you will never be able to see them grow …[View]
21309302Captain Kutchie's key lime pie/Oswald Peleaz gold.: Making a new thread for this since the last…[View]
21312232Good one OP[View]
21311849FREE WILL DOES NOT EXIST: Give me one reason why free will exists We have no free will the choices w…[View]
21312272https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PCkMXJBoRRk&t The woods are riddled with bigfeet And are much sm…[View]
21312127Satanic ritual to invoke the apocalypse: Remains of a satanic ritual. Mutilated people. https://yout…[View]
21312157The Universe figured out how to Masterbate and it hasn't stopped since. >I have reached the …[View]
21302622What the fuck?: http://vigilantcitizen.com/sinistersites/sinister-sites-israel-supreme-court/ https:…[View]
21312049I think I have proof of time travel[View]
21312109TFW you realize the original drawing of baphomet had ties to radical socialism.[View]
21311991Paranormal side effects of ALL chemical substances: Does anyone here have any information or opinion…[View]
21311881Hi /x/ i honestly dont believe in manifestation or any thought theories that push that thought = uni…[View]
21311185The Book of Relevation: What is it saying, /x/? What does Revelation mean? Have the events already h…[View]
21309411Someone was telling me about a ritual called 'star ruby' found a wierd video of it but it was just t…[View]
21304384/x/ related images: /x/ related images previous thread: >>21300532[View]
21311235If aliens did crash at Roswell and some did die, would their souls/ghosts be there? If so could we p…[View]
21308034anon why haven't you applied to be an earth angel so you can master this material plane of exis…[View]
21306943Divine Favor: how can I tell if i have divine favor?[View]
21309586The Pink Room: So I have vivid memories of having to periodically go to a room they called the pink …[View]
21305876A girl that was hospitalized in the same mental hospital as me told me something interesting. She op…[View]
21302323The 'Golf Rumors' Conspiracy: Explained https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZkcTjbY5doc[View]
2131174427492 in the age of false kings, a mockery will be made of man 27493 the lord of malfeasance shall p…[View]
21311653He was a CIA false flag. Look it up, his cell at Florence ADX doesn't even exist. His 'brother'…[View]
21311091the predictions >Trump admits his Sins against women before the 20 Slaughtered Daughter Rise >…[View]
21310873Schizophrenia Vs Genuine Paranormal/Spiritual Experiences: TL;DR: I thought I was speaking to 'God'.…[View]
21309263How do I become a Druid? What's some essential pagan/druid literature?[View]
21311570What's the deal with Deja vu? Seriously I've been getting this shit almost on a regular ba…[View]
21309187What's the deal with Deja vu? Seriously I've been getting this shit almost on a regular ba…[View]
21311005Staircases Deep in the Woods: Has anyone heard any stories of staircases in the woods? Apparently th…[View]
21311468Lately I've been seeing shit out of the corners of my eyes, peripheral vision, and I've ne…[View]
21311131Magiczny Świat Ani: What does /x/ think of Magiczny Świat Ani / Magic World of Ania? https://www.you…[View]
21309131What is some magick that I can perform in the presence of an ancient Egyptian obelisk?[View]
21310247Why do you guys blame everything on reptiles? Sure, you might have been attacked by a goose or a sna…[View]
21309752Care to inform a student on the essential Druidic/Celtic basics? Every source I can find is New Age …[View]
21302071hey manon r u yah gonna save up all ur semen until june so your at Max Power Level for your fight? …[View]
21310465To those who know... Gov't, F'masons, Illum, the Church?..: Whomever approaches me with th…[View]
21306192How does one truly believe in the paranormal without using intoxicating substances or having an IQ u…[View]
21304809What is the best healing ritual?[View]
21307987Dream interpreters?: My gf had a dream last night that we were hanging out. She was eating a bowl of…[View]
21311009I've noticed that there are a ton of different words for ghosts. (I.e. Specter, banshee, ghost,…[View]
21311025I want to learn something: I come to this board to learn new things. Many times I've discovered…[View]
21309380wpkepkw: Not sure if you guys remember wpekpkw. It's one of the 'cursed' videos on YouTube a fe…[View]
21310830Anything occult behind this new social media trend?: Seems a bit sketchy, that’s all. Provided that …[View]
21309427Are there any vampires on /x/? I mean real, true vampires. I am. I had my awakening when I was 17. A…[View]
21310498is it possible to have a demon pet?: I have been searching for demoic entities that help you out wit…[View]
21308969Witch resources online: Hello all. What are some good Witch or Wiccan websites out there, also forum…[View]
21310851Curious, has anyone ever used the Hakenkreuz (name of German Swastika, causes a spiral of 4) for wor…[View]
21310811I found the Anti-Anomolo: Sorry about that... I guess I just wasn't quick enough to save the to…[View]
21307086/div/ - Divination General: Welcome to Divination General! Come here for readings and discussion of …[View]
21309466If you are John please read that.: Hello. I am not a visitor of this website but I am a medium and a…[View]
21309911Was meditating and opening my mind to the cosmos and I had many visions, of which many were too fast…[View]
21310738Half moon: Why dosn't the half moon have a crescent shape?[View]
21307948Demon Core: Your lab technician bumps into a sub-critical mass of plutonium, causing it to reach cri…[View]
21309074WHO ARE GOD'S ELECT???: Seriously, who are these people? What do you know about them? Where can…[View]
21309766Does communion provide special powers and graces?[View]
21310623I flew beyond the Sun before it was time Burning all the Gold that held me inside my shell[View]
21307164I remember, what feels like, all my dreams/experience(s) Ie. I don't sleep and wake, I fold in …[View]
21310357My grandma might be a satanist: I found a red book in my grandma’s closet that says “sisters of the …[View]
21307494Forbidden Texts: /Forbidden Texts General/ Greetings beings. Anybody want to talk about whats in Mas…[View]
21310373ASMR: Anyone got any 3d sound/asmr horror[View]
21307036Real exorcism thread? >True stuff only. No movie scenes and creepypasta!…[View]
21310021Language is evil. Language is a control mechanism and a mind virus. Of course I am using language to…[View]
21307847I may need some help because of an entity.: Currently, I require some assistance. I've had an …[View]
21309770>Be Me. >Be Tonight. >Something boring and predictable happens. >Bastardization of perfe…[View]
21305920do they exist?[View]
21307820A̷R̛Ȩ THE̶ ̶KI̢DS͞ STILL̛ ̷ÁL̡I͠VE̡? https://youtu.be/ueNL4dT7otE[View]
21305781Mata Amritanandamayi: Hey guys, just wanted to give a shoutout to a decent guru. www.amma.org Anyone…[View]
21308454Explain this.[View]
21308219What are your thoughts on the stoned ape theory? Do psychedelics facilitate and act as a catalyst to…[View]
2130911250,000 year old city underwater near cuba: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cuban_underwater_city possi…[View]
21302456A w a k e n i n g: Did anyone else just feel that? It feels like something has changed. Something is…[View]
21309535At what point does creativity become paranormal? Are these images paranormal?[View]
21309722The absence of anything: I am here on /x/ because I want to talk about something. Now I don't …[View]
21309616Remember that greentext of the dude who dreamed the future where aliens attack?: The greentext invol…[View]
21309350I don't know where I should ask this but there is a glowing point that is changing it's co…[View]
21309120Terrible Curse and what to do about it.: So I was playing with spirits / demons / curses since 7 yea…[View]
21290587Vampire /General/ thread: Thread to discuss vampirism, the paranormal kind that involves blood-drink…[View]
21307078Who am I? Why can't I hold onto the memories? I can feel something and it's dying to get o…[View]
21308027Why do older women turn into witches? Even the the hot ones[View]
21305850do you believe in the aquatic ape theory?[View]
21308131i have a conspiracy about the killer clown sightings and how they connect to hillary clinton, anicen…[View]
21309159August 20th is hours from now What is going to take place?[View]
21307266Astral travels[View]
21296669Knights of Tartarus: Who the fuck are they? I keep hearing about these guys in different places but …[View]
21308296kid who dreamed of me and my counter part working together i forgot what you said, i was banned at t…[View]
21309169Can we get a spooky story thread? ill start ( not my story it was stolen )[View]
21309216There is always desire to be something more within human. Usually it manifest itself trough material…[View]
21309041Do you guys think intelligence is a curse? It seems more and more that being too smart means you…[View]
21305895Brand-spankin' new Missing 411 case happening right now in Yosemite. And it's a Park Servi…[View]
21300532Post images that make you feel uneasy[View]
21306507Spooky stories: Spooky green texts? Spooky green texts. >be me >14 at the time >uncle lives…[View]
21299818I know I’m probably just going full schitzo right now but I’m pretty sure the CIA is fucking with me…[View]
21308905I found God in a puff of smoke! I was incredibly bored and then started thinking of God. As I starte…[View]
21307336Universal dream sybols: Dear /x/. Are there truly universal dream symbols or its just false approach…[View]
21307230Weird vision before going to sleep: So you know when you close your eyes, going to sleep, you can…[View]
21307856Demons: Tell me about 'em[View]
21305683Dreams: Eli5 dreams... Are we astral travelling during dreams or is it just electric activity in our…[View]
21308781The CIA glow boy: Does this mythical cryptid truly exist?[View]
21308541hand signs: Tell me /x/, why do celebrities like to do this pose so much?[View]
21304669the great work: finally after months of research i wrote down the great work and created a philosoph…[View]
21308446So, /X/. Where can I learn more about the fae (the little folk, the fey) how to contact them and dea…[View]
21306738What's big, scary and pink?[View]
21303814calling out to /x/: RE: interdimensional portal alert.[View]
21308152To deepen understanding: Let assume karmic cycle is inevitable until certain level of awareness is a…[View]
21307884Melek Taus: Let's talk about the 'Redemption' of the Peacock Angel, and the enigma behind the '…[View]
21303870Wouldn't you say those so-called 'enlightened' people are very fucking pretentious? Don't …[View]
21308405share your feels: Is time moving fast? or really really slow? I rewind and fast forward, as if it wa…[View]
21307016when you die you desperately want back in. all the horrors of the world doesn't change a thing[View]
21308396Serpent Aliens[View]
21307699Give me just one supernatural/alien/spooky/... thing that can't be debunked within minutes. One…[View]
21308427Hey /x/, I hope someone here can help me in some way. I'm looking for this movie/documentary b…[View]
21307149Beware The Many Mouths: These four words have been stuck in my head for the past month. Some context…[View]
21300974What's the most profound experience you've had with lucid dreaming or astral projection?[View]
21307807Spirit/Demon encounter.: I am attracted to this idea/things/whatever this is. I cant stop thinking a…[View]
21307354Can somebody explain what this is all about?: There's a YouTuber, as known as Alex Garvender, p…[View]
21308160I need answers: Guys, I've been reading about conspiracies, stories and legends of the deep web…[View]
21308301Should have asked when the thread was still up but can someone explain sun/star[View]
21306777Werewolf General: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Werewolf_witch_trials Discuss lycantrophy and rela…[View]
21307899They find traces of satanic ritual. Extreme mutilation.: What the fuck is happening to the Spanish? …[View]
21306895Books: Anyone have some obscure/rare/hard to find books to share worth reading that you will share? …[View]
21308220There is [the ghost of] a young boy who lives in our house that our guests have seen. We rent from t…[View]
21308194Question: Hey, /x/. What can you tell me about this person?[View]
21291492What is wisdom? How can I acquire it?[View]
21308100Etheric Projection: I managed to project myself into the etheric realm, now i know how to do it. I s…[View]
21307695I've notice that some of the links in /x/ Resources have disappear. Someone save an older versi…[View]
21302874Odd Events Sharing: So, has anyone else had strange things happen to them that they just couldn…[View]
21306503Does anyone have any real pics or info on Vimanas?: This poo is pretty great on theorizing about the…[View]
21306972exorcisms: Does anyone here want to share their exorcism stories? I don't have any, but I'…[View]
21307754Hello anons, I happen to be a poor fella who works a retail job. I do it on the side as a student at…[View]
21307787Unexplained/Strange dreams thread: Document strange, spooky or uninterpreted dreams that you have ha…[View]
21307796Is this what happens when you die?: And it worked. I lied my bed resting after a long night out, i w…[View]
21307684Spooky greentexts: I'm looking for a greentext I remember from a while ago about someone alone …[View]
21306182Is it possible that I created this place? All of it[View]
213073752 days left for 20th August: What if that retarded OP was right, and shit is going down this Monday?…[View]
21301619Spooky Weapons Thread: I'm hoping people here know of weird weapons from around the world. I…[View]
21307728Because Gravity: Because Gravity Water covered canon ball in space vacuum or infinite planar surfac…[View]
21299246Yokai: Does anyone remember the esoteric American threads from a few years back? I did the ritual as…[View]
21306062Was he an occultist?[View]
21307546/irlxe/ in real life paranormal encounters: /irlxe/: but wait theres more edition Share your in rea…[View]
21306250My plan of immortalizing humanity thru domination: Take control of world with new system of numbers …[View]
21307240Sound and lights in the sky popping up around the country, earthquakes are up 200% tonight around th…[View]
21304789Ghost Hunting Apps: How good are these? I downloaded this the other day. I thought it was a joke, bu…[View]
21304412I thought that the depiction of Saturn (with the rays coming out of the side) was very similar and I…[View]
21303154I have an interesting story which happened a few days ago. >be me >plan throwing a party with …[View]
21298179Pre-History: What was going on in the world before official history began?[View]
21307005Am I a drooling autist fucking retard or. . . ? >>'Aretha Franklin, 'Queen of Soul,' is dead a…[View]
21304816UFO's filmed during Blue Origin's rocket launch - Is Jeff Bezos hiding secret information?…[View]
21307342Am I boned?: I enjoy reading up on PERSEC/SIGINT topics as well as DIY /k/ topics and have been very…[View]
21305516How do I summon a skeleton?[View]
21307114Is my cat schizophrenic or is there demons around my house?[View]
21307301Can yall scanner bros explain the Hanz, Scanner, Fallen Angels shit? It's been like two months …[View]
21307288Jon Benet Ramsey: What really happened to her?[View]
21306244why do I never get a reply from ouija boards? reeeee pls respond[View]
21303748Shakespeare mandela effect: So normally I think the mandela effect is pretty stupid and meme worthy,…[View]
21305894I want someone to suffer: Alright I am a normie fag but I hate someone alot I want to hex bad luck f…[View]
21306076https://www.npr.org/2018/08/16/632779706/click-if-you-dare-100-favorite-horror-stories: Thoughts? …[View]
21307141I want to share the experience I've had throughout my whole life with a strange sensorial pheno…[View]
21307008Gonna post a few weird things that have happened to me the past few years. Ill start with the big on…[View]
21306494draw thread[View]
21307107Why am I so lucky bros? I actually believe that odds are so much in my favor it's crazy.[View]
21307074So. I did this months ago before numerous irl events happened that have and are changing my life. Lo…[View]
21307060So Lately i have a lot of weird coincidences happen. It’s hard to explain but I’ll do my best. Basic…[View]
21305847horrifying dreams / nightmares: hey /x/. I keep having super surreal and almost nightmare-like dream…[View]
21306717Scared: I had a dream where my father was a bicyclist and was training for a big race. I usually wou…[View]
21307111I'm spooked /x/. I have read one to many stories of cryptids and other weird critters innawoods…[View]
21305901are there any books I can read to further my knowlage into the occult and other ritualistic stuff?[View]
21303900Good creepypastas?: >pic unrelated Almost all the popular creepypastas are garbage. (Jeff the Kil…[View]
21307082Anyone in Los Angeles going to the UFO meetup group Tuesday 8/22? apparently they're showing Wh…[View]
21306669What is this thing?[View]
21304502mistory: I posted this on history because it was a while ago. But one night my babe and me went out …[View]
21305249Positive vibes are strong man[View]
21307029read and discuss: I have been learning about Victor Grebenikov, his flying platform, the wasp person…[View]
21305589Ey /x/ i have to ask for advice. I have a friend who says she has the ghost of his grand-grandfathe…[View]
21307009A meteor?: So, I was traveling to visit some family in a bus, suddenly a guy started to scream becau…[View]
21304817What do you guys think would happen if perfected AI gained spiritual awareness?[View]
21306853What's the deal with these weird-ass porn videos that are on pornhub? There's hundreds of …[View]
21306143is molly/ecstasy demonic? I heard this girl went to the psych center for it because she got psychos…[View]
21306953regretful past help. on a level no one I know or I would think theyd know could comprehend. little b…[View]
21306691repressed ass memory: Figured id post my story here since its recent. First fucking time posting on …[View]
21306132This is in the corner of my room. Has anyone ever seen it before or knows what it is?[View]
21306354When/how did cowboys go from being savages in history to being associated with Christianity today?[View]
21303722I inadvertently accessed an alternate reality/parallel universe of some sort and now they want me to…[View]
21304641Here. You happy now?[View]
21303556/div/ - Divination General: Welcome to Divination General! Come here for readings and discussion of …[View]
21306464Make me believe in magic again.[View]
21306740My Quiji Board tale: >B me >works in rehab on overnight shifts >Clients create quiji board …[View]
21306696Hunting?: West coaster newfag here; autist in disguise of a normie chad possibly with a deathwish. W…[View]
21305881Found this: What does it mean[View]
21306429Welcome to Syzygy Show off how enlightened you are. Yell at Satanists. Yell at Christians. Berate pe…[View]
21305498Yo The weed is flowing and I need a movie recommendation Body or organ transplant horror films!!!! T…[View]
21306471Creation: What kind of magic do you need to legit make a soul or do you literally need to be good? …[View]
21306317How do I know I’m cursed?: How do I know I’m cursed? Everything I do seems to fail on some way, and …[View]
21306118What are some voodoo symbols and rituals, I know it's some pretty stupid stuff but I want to do…[View]
21305854I scribbled this on a concrete wall when I was younger 10 years ago or so, but I don't remember…[View]
21302147Demons: How do I know if someone/thing is one? How do I know they are possessed? What should I do if…[View]
21305971The Mystery of 1974: >February of 1974: American science fiction author Philip K. Dick is struck …[View]
21304928Greys VS Skinwalkers: after reading all your stories about aliens and skinwalkers. i havent seen a t…[View]
21303337There is an alien head on the dollar bill: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=de1Ni0tP0AI[View]
21305828What is the purpose of number machines?[View]
21305714How do I find a nice witch/occult gf, /x/?[View]
21303565Newcomer Psychic Needing Guidance: Hi everyone, sorry for the long post(s). I was, up until literal…[View]
21305314What is this image intended to mean?: I've seen this image everywhere. What is it supposed to b…[View]
21305875Ouroboros: Half wants to Give, Half wants to take. Forever chasing itself until 'itself', it ain…[View]
21305492Do you guys have theories about spirituality of your own? When I was youger I used to make more of t…[View]
21305693Oh wow I understand now. Wow past lives are real We have proof. Wow Do you guys understand multi dim…[View]
21304944Hey, can I get some recommendations for books on hoodoo, rootwork, and folk magic?[View]
21297692Monster that I see in my dreams: Hi /x/, for the past two weeks I have seen this 'leg-monster' in my…[View]
21305153What do: Hello /x/. After a long absence from 4chan, during the Year of Shit, I have returned to fin…[View]
21305770I don't really believe in ghost...: Can you guys prove to me that ghost exist? I want to believ…[View]
21305700?: Que hay. En eso[View]
21302834Tarrot: Can anyone roll the tarrot cards for me? if yes bonus info Im born second of september(u can…[View]
21303515Real Demon Attack, saved by St Michael: I need your opinion on something. Make what you will of thes…[View]
21304798>lost the lottery again I tried chaos magic but it failed. What should I try next ? Ritual sugges…[View]
21296407Wendigo Thread: any experiences? also: where to find them, more or less dangerous than skinwalkers, …[View]
21300161What are some secrets/conspiracies about the British Royal family?[View]
21305368FLAT EARTHERS BTFO: What now bitches? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VNqNnUJVcVs[View]
21304819We post paranormal lyrics: You get the bag and fumble it I get the bag and flip it and tumble it (ye…[View]
21305390Spirituality and Occult General: Spirituality & Occult general https://discord.gg/hhr4kVh We are…[View]
21305405should i try to summon a succubus?: ive never really believed paranormal shit but always wanted it t…[View]
21305433spooky game: like notpron, but revels in its dark atmosphere http://zest.riddlehell.net[View]
21301415Kundalini Kriyas - Spontaneous Body Movements: Greetings, I am new and this is my first time posting…[View]
21302119If my thoughts are correct, the world should end sometime in 2022.[View]
21304375I've been obsessed with this tree recently: Apart from fond childhood memory of that tree at th…[View]
21298435ICEBERG THREAD: post iceberg memes[View]
21303493What are UFO's, and what do they want with us? Top secret government flight projects? Aliens? B…[View]
21298483Shiggy Diggy: >quality of video and cameras are at an all time high >nearly everyone in the ci…[View]
21305216Anyone know about lhohq? Well, I found there sister site acdca has a self published pamphlet/book, I…[View]
21300450Can we talk about Psionics? Is it real? What's long term use feel like? Is it just a meme[View]
21305135Dream premonition thread? >be me >2 nights ago >having a dream significantly more vivid tha…[View]
21300638Hi /x/! My name is James and I am looking for what the attached image is. My good friend and I would…[View]
21284069cursed images thread[View]
21304622Need help: Hey lads, I need some help. I recently lost my ability to visualize, thus my minds eye tu…[View]
21300935New Ayyyyy Videos: https://streamable.com/damyn[View]
21302000How do you let your anger and rage consume you in hopes you find a way out?[View]
21304925I saw this in a dream.[View]
21303931The Polar Openings: Looking for good leaked images / videos of The Polar Openings or Inner Earth if …[View]
21301244What are some good End-of-the-world songs? I'll start things off with: David Bowie-Five Years …[View]
21303662Does anyone know what happened to that NC anon who grew up in a isolated house that had a demon in a…[View]
21300808Redpill me on the Mother Goddess and werewolves: External sources appreciated.[View]
21302148What is the L.A oil rigs conspiracy[View]
21299339Any info on momo?[View]
21304520I'm not sure if this is the right board for this, but I figure it was worth a shot. I recently …[View]
21303220Tarot: You guys ever have any interesting tarot readings that became true?[View]
21284322Talk about SCP / any SCP splinter here, for any reason. Whether you hate them or not, I want to hear…[View]
21302476Thinking of getting cows. Post cow-related paranormal shit, /x/.[View]
21303593Who are the Patrician authors on the Paranormal? The genre is filled with Schizo's and frauds, …[View]

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