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18814928What effect does this image have on you? Is it particularly spooky?[View]
18787340Post YOUR Universal understanding/Learnings: Stay constructive. I want out of the game, and into the…[View]
18818992Spooky stuff: Where can I find some?[View]
18816432Let's have one of these. Haven't seen one in a while.[View]
18817943Hey /x/, could you anyone here recommend me some good books on esoteric / Hermetic Christianity?[View]
18818880The Demiurge/Gnosticism: Came across a few of these memes on /lit/, but from what I can tell, they o…[View]
18817941my sister passed away a little over a week ago. i feel like a piece of me is missing. is there is a …[View]
18818236A gift for your homosexuals here in /x/: wanna be a vampire? pay.[View]
18817191Absence: I am human, as are you. I have 42 years worth of insight and education. I am a thoughtful …[View]
18816749abduction: Anyone who has lived experiences of abduction?, I have recently had one, I need to know h…[View]
18814682/div/ - Divination General: Welcome to Divination General! Come here for readings and discussion of …[View]
18818179Has anyone else been watching Kolchak: The Night Stalker reruns on Me-TV? What are your thoughts abo…[View]
18812168I want to sell my soul: for musical and creative abilities, and success with those abilities. Who/wh…[View]
18816005So Sinbad is dying this year...: he is now 60 years old and as a unhealthy African-American, his lif…[View]
18816642Hypsnosis Video: This video can actually induce suicidal thoughts! Only watch if you're sure yo…[View]
18818048Stealing someones luck: >be me >at casino with friend ( we'll call him P >winning ~$30…[View]
18818331can somebody please redpill me on Jainism?[View]
18817671fuck up or overactive imagination?: I'd like some thoughts on this. Since around 4 years ago I …[View]
18817329ok which one of you was it[View]
18818192Can we get a CH/SS discussion board going?: I just recently finished watching what has been released…[View]
18817198Questions thread. No coincidences, only synchronicity. Every thing for a reason. Ask something you…[View]
18817633https://www.docdroid.net/9wcc/alien-race-book-arb.pdf.html#page=55 Ayy lmao Finally something that…[View]
18817864Why is love seen as the ultimate good?: Hey /x/ Do you know why an overly generous kind of love (sim…[View]
18815294Leap Castle 'Elemental': https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UtnNmA5rKBs What is this thing, /x/? >en…[View]
18810667Occultism & Magick General: The 'No I am Not Ape of Th0tH, sorry' edition. /sum/ pastebin: http:…[View]
18816153Vampire species and there power.: Who could list off of the most interesting species of bloodsucker …[View]
18818016Men in Black: I recently saw an interesting video on youtube, and it got me curious as to whether /x…[View]
18814359'Life': How does the game work, /x/?[View]
18807801Marshal Law exercise in NYC?: Grabbed this video on twitter before the post was deleted. Looks like …[View]
18817724Tiffany Jenks Murder: This page was suggested on my Facebook feed. Been digging around for a few hou…[View]
18817428READ PROMETHEUS RISING. I read 3/4's through so far, I don't get why this book chart isn…[View]
18817371Cosmic spiders: >be me >39yo >at 17yo, find my great or great great grandmothers 'Mary Bake…[View]
18811078Bob Lazar: Was this Guy telling the truth?[View]
18816956>Be me, 38 years old currently >work hard all my life >get shitty job at some company when …[View]
18816130Zoroastrianism: I was at work last night and I saw some brown girl wearing this symbol around her ne…[View]
18816819Is it posible to do an equation to know if the extraterrestrials visited the earth in the past? Or a…[View]
18817143I'm getting sick of the 'biblical prophecy' that are just posted with no 'research' placed behi…[View]
18814586Good Spooks: Ok 4chan, just give me the best spooks you have come across on the internet. Dump it al…[View]
18816928time travels: How can I travel to the past?[View]
18816345Clockman: Hey people, someone has a rip of a supposed lost short animation form Nickelodeon called …[View]
18815684What are some occult rituals/practices to implement in your daily life? I am practicing daily breath…[View]
18816943SCP thread? SCP thread.[View]
18816850The Deity: https://www.liveleak.com/view?i=5fe_1490472085 Don't trust any physical form being. …[View]
18812255Do any of you believe that your dreams are actually just more then a dream that connects to somethin…[View]
18814985Hails Has anyone here ever tried evoking a reptilian ET?[View]
18816383They're trying to slow one of us down. This site is anonymous enough to make it less definite, …[View]
18814256Was there any truth in what he/they believed? 20th anniversary on Sunday.[View]
18816824Antichrist: Somebody pls explain to me the great endgame of the Antichrist,why would he creat global…[View]
18816575Remember me![View]
18815555Who/what is Cicada 3301. Are they Wikileaks Any theories on the Barnd pyramid in California[View]
18809873are chakras real? how do you know?[View]
18815960OCCULT GREENS - DOCUMENTARY by Thomas Sheridan: The Watermelon Agenda and Its Bizarre Origins. https…[View]
18810532What's the most profound truth /x/ has uncovered that normies don't know about?[View]
18814174cryptographic message: wtf does this mean? i know it can have many different meanings so tell me the…[View]
18813655Let's get another secret/hidden knowledge thread going. The last one got some really diverse an…[View]
18812082_: _[View]
18816037Pompei Hoax: >buried by volcanic ash and lava >not a single preserved building Who else believ…[View]
18814369Alien encounters: >Alien encounters through meditation My buddy was telling me about an article …[View]
18814510The feeling of death: i somehow started thinking about what happens when we die. do we really see no…[View]
18815821how do we know that god is not some kind of cosmic horror ready to devoure all life on earth with hi…[View]
18814711Binaural Beats: Does the auditory illusion of binaural beats, when listened to properly through two …[View]
18809960In the memory of the 2/22/17 incident: One month have passed since the ayy lmao selfie incident, and…[View]
18807004Nephilim annunaki stasis chamber: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=S0GI4anp4jU[View]
18805967God tier asian horror movies?[View]
18816163About 2 months ago I took some pics of the sky and some streets near my house. Never looked into the…[View]
18816088Haunted artwork???: >be me >installing artwork at woman's house >awesome place >g…[View]
18813316tell me about Odin's horn: Pic is everything[View]
18814591System Space: Alright fuckers, any of you know of our lord and savior Tsuki? systemspace.link/index…[View]
18805744Band Recommendations?: Got any CURRENT bands with supernatural elements to their lyrics or theirs so…[View]
18812726Distance Healing.: What's your take on distance healing /x/? Personally it's something tha…[View]
18809056Illuminatiam: Hello, Anyone here a member? Mind telling me what it's like? Does it feel good to…[View]
18812813Life Prison Matrix: Existence is a prison Did we come from beyond this universe? Are we refugees to…[View]
18814304Does anyone have any more info on Heaven's Gate?: I've been doing a lot of research on it …[View]
18813981So tell me /x/, what's going on with artifical intelligence lately? When are we gonna have inte…[View]
18809410Abandoned Places: Once a year, I return to my hometown to wander through the abandoned mall, for the…[View]
18810321Emergency Alert System, Creepy Broadcastings: It is human instinct to become fearful after a warning…[View]
18806389What did Kubrick mean by this? This always bothered me because it feels so out of place.[View]
18815180Any updates on this story? http://now8news.com/woman-claims-she-has-just-given-birth-to-satan-the-l…[View]
18814788Proof of more to life than our own reality?: Hey guys, do you believe there's more to life than…[View]
18815521The ticking ghost in the closet: When i was young i was watching tv with my younger brother my baby …[View]
188120562 billion pixel UFO photo - Mount Everest: This real? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ui9_EV01k1I…[View]
18813910Doesn't this movie remind you of /X/[View]
18812156Alien Organizations & Federations: I'm looking for information on federations of intelligen…[View]
18811317Do you believe in fairies, /x/? Do you think they're dangerous?[View]
18812996So last October I overdosed on some pills. For around 33 seconds I was legally dead. To be honest I …[View]
18814912https://youtu.be/_Ew-RdhmiKI /x/ albums[View]
18814292explain this plz: Heres something interesting. Alabama cessna apparently hits something that wasnt o…[View]
18813885HEY YALL. im waiting around on a friday night not getting drunk because i have to pick my girlie up …[View]
18814823Looking for creepy easter rabbit pic: Few years back I saw this one picture of a easter rabbit looki…[View]
18813340I dreamed that I have a death date: This is the first time that I've dreamt about having a date…[View]
18814440So,what are dreams?: Our inconscious tryin to send messages to us through symbolism?Or are subsconsc…[View]
18811828nightmare lucid dream: has anyone had a nightmare will having a lucid dream[View]
18814686There's some mildly intersting spoopy shit happening on /b/ right now. Coded messages and lonel…[View]
18812840/div/ - Divination General: Welcome to Divination General! Come here for readings and discussion of …[View]
18814580Whats up /x/, does anybody have any paranormal pictures that they have captured?[View]
18810458Redpill me on Alchemy[View]
18813385>no ghost gf[View]
18814568/x/ post kreepy grave pix n stories here[View]
18814537Ghost hunters Live: Kirkwood Paranormal at Posttown Elementary https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lj-z…[View]
18814438ars goetia: demonology 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R3MNFBFVRBk[View]
18803268Post the one thing that, above all other /x/ tier shit, you believe with utter certainty. I believe …[View]
18814275i am searching for the bigges and most accuratechakra system + explanation and different dimensions …[View]
18809704Post Black hooded man memes: It's been a while since we had this[View]
18814296Phobias: What are or was your guys phobias? When i was a kid,i has a serial fear of dogs,cynophobia.…[View]
18814267Hey /x/, I don't think this is paranormal, but maybe some of you urban explorers know about thi…[View]
18813084Urbex exploring tips: What should i bring, some tips maybe storeis[View]
18814196Hey /x/, can we have a weird/creepy old website thread? Preferably from the early days of the net. L…[View]
18808871HAPPENING! NEW WIKILEAKS RELEASE VAULT 7: DARK MATTER https://twitter.com/wikileaks/status/844897244…[View]
18813951There will never be a half life 3 because We are half life 3. CERN IS black mesa. The Large Hardron …[View]
18811280Theories about 'Lyle Stevik': What do you think went on, /x/? Long story short: guy is found hanging…[View]
18814030A little pointer for you folks: massive wisdom is condensed here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wLn…[View]
18811996Odic Force - Magic - Energy: Good day /x/, I generally don't browse here, but I wanted to discu…[View]
18811506Egyptian Godes: Can someone give me a crash course on egyption gods and why everyone is freaking out…[View]
18812110Who was responsible for 9/11?[View]
18803175/ap/ - Astral Travel General: ITT: Share any astral travel stories and experiences with astral proje…[View]
18809519Any real ayy lmao pictures?: Is there any authentic not debunked alien (not UFO) pictureS that may b…[View]
18807664Paranormal hookup thread! Meet up with anons to do /x/-related stuff. >country/state/city >/x/…[View]
18813934Post your spookiest spoogs Von_Spookers[View]
18813930You guys know that feeling right? When you find out about 'it'? You try to convince yourself that it…[View]
18813854guys what is this race: I have a theory though. >the bi'gdadipu'rps are a race of ether…[View]
18807897Someone redpill me on the tree of life, please? I recently got 'The Book of Lies' thinking it was ph…[View]
18813452what are the best david icke books and in what order should i read them? currently reading The Robot…[View]
18813375Is Mugwort legit for inducing lucid dreaming?[View]
18813024I ran into real ET being in the Russian wilderness 3 hours ago.[View]
18808269Anyone else tired of FL getting shilled?: Welcome to Remembered Languages, the English version of FL…[View]
18807214innawoods: post your favorite greentexts. im spending the weekend in a cabin in bumfuck kentucky. wh…[View]
18811508scary you tube channel: I am looking for the scariest youtube channel that you have ever found, mayb…[View]
18813040Hey so this is the same guy who was posting those 'prophecy' posts, explaining the Mandala effect an…[View]
18813172the illuminati and ariana: the illuminati wanted to control humans just think of it who is the perso…[View]
18812747What do you guys think of Tarl?: >inb4 quit posting about yourself styx…[View]
18812657Duality: Does duality exist or is it a form of indoctrination? >in and out are separate >or th…[View]
18810641What is the limit of Human magic? at what points are we incapable of changing this universe/ourselve…[View]
18808624Demon Haunting My Dreams: Hey /x/, there's been something bothering me for quite awhile that I …[View]
18812486Sacred Heart: This might be related to the Mandela Effect. I know this existed in old Earth. Because…[View]
18799529Addiction: anyone ever been visited i had this implant all my life afraid to remove one me and my mo…[View]
18811454I'm currently preparing an Echinopsis pachanoi ritual. So, general shamanic mescaline rituals t…[View]
18811643Time Travel/Matrix Glitches bread[View]
18791591What are some conspiracy theories I have probably never heard of though are actually believed by peo…[View]
18812886so i found a creepy periscope this day. anyone else found any scary shit on periscope?[View]
18812155Read my mind and guess the card: I've uploaded the card to https://i.imgur.com/ZYkeq**.png Good…[View]
18779073yo, post fearsome critters[View]
18809508I don't know where else to go for this, everybody is telling me I'm being paranoid and loo…[View]
18811462So I used to go Urbexing with my sister about five years ago. I've since moved away from home f…[View]
18812603Hey /x/ I'm going to a friend's house this weekend, and I was told there may be an Ouija b…[View]
18808781Is this booklist ironic?[View]
18812498ursa major will bite (bind) the triumphant hand which feeds it while the sloth of may decays in the …[View]
18812449Pact with The Devil General Thread: What you guys think about the theory that world famous artists(M…[View]
18808322Synchronicity: Why does it exist? I stumble across this phenomenon quite often >Weezer - Buddy Ho…[View]
18809801What's the deal with chem trails?[View]
18807825/ X / you have to help me, there was an old TV commercial about jacques cousteau; It started with th…[View]
18795085Thoughts/experiences playing the ouija board: Believers/Non-Believers, I wanna see some experiences …[View]
18810899Hey /x/ I am in the Tennessee area. Any ghosts, creatures or general scary shit around here? Bonus p…[View]
18812399Can somebody link that Smiling face thing that was found under censored bars with a telescope or som…[View]
18807121>when you see it yule shit rocks[View]
18807081Tulpas: What the fuck are they?: Could someone give me an actual rundown on what a tulpa is? The sub…[View]
18811407Can we once and for all decide on what this fucking symbol means ? I know people are just memeing i…[View]
18811175Tips on how to communicate with the living?[View]
18812059can i use astrology to profit, for example in betting?[View]
18793153sleep paralysis survey: >Have you ever experienced sleep paralysis? >What was it like? >How…[View]
18812051What is this? And why is it Illuminati? http://www.119ministries.com[View]
18810527Black things that move and disappear: I rarely post here but after having my second personal experie…[View]
18811958Old Skype Shit: Does anyone remember Jake (diosmortasi) and his Skype group? He kept claiming he was…[View]
18805523Who is the modern day Terrence Mckenna?[View]
18811915Send me somewhere /x/ approved.: I want to spend about a month in the woods, preferably in a cabin. …[View]
18811877Need some advice /x/ related. I am a natural born shaman / psionic. I won't go into details of …[View]
18811904there is a weird feeling when I do something sometimes I don't know how I fell like I did this …[View]
18811628Seeking guidance on as to what may be lurking in the woods. Little backstory; I've been walki…[View]
18806221Bad Dreams: I'm a 19 year old German student.I started having night terrors since I was 14 they…[View]
18808936Evil demon theory: Every day I check /x/ to get spooked or skeleton threads. But I can't help b…[View]
18801676Removing spirits/exorcism: How do you remove spirits or demons in your body? How do you do a self ex…[View]
18809205Haven't seen one in a while, I'll start with one that happened to me like 2 years ago >…[View]
18810615This audio file mysteriously appeared in iTunes music on my mac: https://www.mediafire.com/?piiypitc…[View]
18807688HELP REMEMBERING X LEGEND: Guys you gotta help me. There was an x thread 2 years ago, it talked abou…[View]
18811416So I bought this amulet at an apothecary/trinket shop today, because it really stood out to my psych…[View]
18805631Do any of you worship pagan, or otherwise non-Abrahamic gods?: Do you worship the old gods? Or even …[View]
18811383Paul McCartney was replaced in 1966.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3QtRk1OUYuU[View]
18809869Small White Figure: This was when I was about 10 years old and it was night outside. My parents were…[View]
18795394Can you save a suicidal from hell?: So my childhood friend killed himself a week ago by jumping from…[View]
18810926https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SGP6Y0Pnhe4 Flat Earth morons. How can you possibly debunk this vide…[View]
18799829Uncanny Valley: Post uncanny pictures[View]
18808525Nostradamus, epiphany I had while dosing off.: Nostradamus. From Monaco to near Sicily (california) …[View]
18806018Hey! I'm new in 4chan and I've come for a question: few days ago I went to an abandoned pl…[View]
18805063Mysterious figure outside my house: Hey guys, so I wanna start of by saying we've been having p…[View]
18811170/pol/ has been freaking out lately about how something relating to Kek their deity is going to happe…[View]
18810722Is Mao paranormal?[View]
18810082Random occurences and events not so random after all?: I can't stop noticing this phenomenon as…[View]
18805999He's back: Sniffles https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jjoMWNRXgYw&t=0s[View]
18806038Waverly Hills: Yesterday the wife and I reserved a 6 hour tour of the facility scheduled for next mo…[View]
18810389Haven't been to /x/ in a while. Are you guys still Discordians?[View]
18807024Youtube Paranormal Spoopy thread: Yo niggas hit me up with them spoopy youtube videos plz.[View]
18810191Duality thread?[View]
18806077Where do I travel to find gnomes, goblins, trolls, and other folklore creatures?: Looking to do some…[View]
18809459Why exactly do we dream? Does it serve any higher purpose?[View]
18808123/div/ - Divination General: Welcome to Divination General! Come here for readings and discussion of …[View]
18805645Sorry to bother but there was once this thread. An anon posted a picture of the back of a head of a …[View]
18810500Hey /x/, I wanted to have a good 'unsecured ip camera' thread so here's some good inf…[View]
18802151Occult & Magick General, Respectfully waiting for Ape Edition: While we are patiently waiting fo…[View]
18807178call it: z[View]
18808608Neumayer Station Antarctica: Have a look from today[View]
18807346Telekinesis/Psychokinesis thread: Anyone have any experience with telekinesis and or any other branc…[View]
18808990AYE YO: Could the Baykok be what we've been calling a fleshgait? Its described a lot like one. …[View]
18809683Mariela: Mariela[View]
18798720ITT: Shit that traumatized you as a kid.[View]
18809896I wan to conduct chaos magic: Also sigal magic. How do I into these things?[View]
18809088Is psychic protection a real thing? For what reason would it need to be learned?[View]
18808006Debate.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RPfcW24qmT0 Real, fake: you debate. I'll start, >Fo…[View]
18809692/x/ view on reincarnation[View]
18808066PARANORMAL VIDEOS THREAD. Post your favorite ghostly videos here. What do you make of this one I jus…[View]
18793884Sigil thread: Post your own sigils, for sake![View]
18809677Creepy/Unsettling TV Commercials: Post em https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Svt2mqPIzew https://www.y…[View]
18809612Magic of blood: Does anyone know something about it? I heard its forbidden and there will be consequ…[View]
18807553Green pill pharmecy: Tell me about E.B.E's >Who owns the Dulce base?…[View]
18767011Removing Sleep: I hate sleeping. I believe it's a waste of time. I want to be able to function …[View]
18807457Why have my dreams been so fucked and vivid as of late.[View]
18806640Was Marina Joyce kidnapped in 2016 or was it a way to get views[View]
18809101Where's all the good mysteries at? I miss us investigating random shit and forming random IRCs …[View]
18806645Precognition: So, like i can see things that happen soon, i never know how soon, just that it will h…[View]
18800483Mass Thought Experiment 2: You know who I am. We made an ESP Viper go missing in the mail about a mo…[View]
18808203Dreams: Hey /x/ there's something that has been happening to me for a while now, from time to t…[View]
18809257Mysterious world blog in finnish http://www.mysteerienmaailma.com[View]
18809254Paranormal is normal.: Paranormal, religious testaments, mythologies, and parapsychology are records…[View]
18800997Okay /x/, /k/ommando here so I don't really know the procedure on this board. But I've wan…[View]
18808902U.S.NewCoastlineMaps: John Moore is a retired Navy Intelligence guy/radio host. He's claimed to…[View]
18809135Hello. Did anyone read the books written out of the Dyatlov Pass incident? I want to start reading t…[View]
18795549haunted dolls?: anyone have any good haunted doll stories? not even just the malevolent kinds, but a…[View]
18806894Are there any ww2 related hauntings or /x/ tier stuff?[View]
18807447Am I really lucky or really unlucky: So for nearly my entire life I have been experiencing a series …[View]
18808687Fist off, i am not saying this is paranormal in any way, i am more curious on to what, if any folklo…[View]
18805975Doctor extracts RFID chip from human trafficking victim: http://www.thedailysheeple.com/they-thought…[View]
18806230SCP Foundation: Guys, hear me out on this. The SCP Foundation is real. I mean what better disguise i…[View]
18796446The 13,000 year old Black Knight sattelite shot down 17th March 2017 https://youtu.be/Ese3BRsjdyg[View]
18807698Skinwalker Ranch: I believe there is legitimately something extraterrestrial or paranormal going on …[View]
18808380Unwanted dreams: Hello x I just woke up from another dream where I'm back in high school again.…[View]
18801914Is anyone else really conscious? It's pretty hard to tell, I know I'm conscious because i…[View]
18804283Starting a discord channel: Hey I made a discord server and just wants to see spooky shit and shit p…[View]
18808165Ep. 8.11 aka the Bar-trivia episode. This reference only makes sense if it's regarding a certa…[View]
18806123So I'm convinced I might possibly be part Eldrich monster or something. Now I just need a way t…[View]
18806163/div/ - Divination General: Welcome to Divination General! Come here for readings and discussion of …[View]
18808060This thing keeps popping up for me. I draw it when I'm bored or I just constantly trace it with…[View]
18807863looking for spooky audiobooks and creepypasta. In the vein of scary stories to tell at dark preferab…[View]
18805851What do you know about Seith Magick: https://youtu.be/lpTkDuQI5Uc[View]
18788304GATE: I was scumming around 8ch/x and saw this, what's your word? GATE = Gifted and Talented Ed…[View]
18807838I was just messing around and after a few tries of saying the exact same thing, all she said was the…[View]
18806560Would it be possible or feasible for one to create a pocket dimension outside of this reality? That …[View]
18807466Spell stories: I want to hear some stories about spells that you have actually done and their result…[View]
18807773Can you guys help me figure out what this this? The language I'm thinking is Enochian but I may…[View]
18806692Astral projection and Remote Viewing: So we know that the CIA conducted extensive research on remote…[View]
18807842X Points Used for Time Travel?: Hidden Portals in Earth's Magnetic Field http://www.bibliotecap…[View]

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