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/cgl/ - Cosplay & EGL

Displaying 28 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
9757236Even More Bad Cosplay: Previous thread >>9743076 Gotta keep this going.[View]
9756520Dolls: Do you have any? Post lolitas with dolls and dolls wearing lolita[View]
9785412Feels thread: I like this box Edition[View]
9790042Lolita & Dandy: Is there space in the fashion to dress dragged ouji aceesories in dandy?[View]
9767056Dutch Thread: 'Smoke Wouldn't Stop Bothering me to Make a New Thread' Edition: Previous thread …[View]
9710678Friend Finder Thread #8: >Last one ded Old thread! >>9654852 Whether you're a cosplaye…[View]
9785143>people find out I like Lolita fashion and anime >pinned as a pedophile because I'm male …[View]
9768792ALA Anime Los Angeles 2018 Thread: Post ALA thread. Dump your pics and stories! Last thread: >…[View]
9754508Taobao General: MirrorCat Review Edition: Old thread: >>9724755 FAQ (Please Read!): >https:…[View]
9752193Sexy cosplays[View]
9789086I never post on here at all so mods if this isn't allowed do what you gotta do but I'm loo…[View]
9758592Lolita Horror Stories: Post 'horror' stories of your bad experiences at cons, meet ups, th…[View]
9783532Can someone help me recreate the mensis cage? (helmet in pic for people that don't know) I need…[View]
9780519Have you ever been dealing with harrasment in community/at the cons/meetups? Share your stories and …[View]
9770382ITT: Ridiculous 'Sexy' Cosplays: WHY DON'T YOU COME DOWN TO GIRL'S COSTUME WAREHOUSE. WE G…[View]
9752891Local Lolita Community Thread: Previous thread: >>9734352 We're a couple weeks into the n…[View]
9784089Closet of Frills: Only Contribute if You're not a Cunt Edition: I love everything about this bu…[View]
9788868Aliexpress: Its better than buying from taobao? The app is useful? Beauty, fashion, cosplay stores…[View]
9783955Lolita: guilt out of not wearing brand because of upkeep and I don't want to get it dirty: Refe…[View]
9788806Disaster cons nostalghia[View]
9779709I just don't understand these types of panels at cons. just why?[View]
9786169Joyce Poring: A legal Loli[View]
9779727Anime Crossroads 2018: Less than 1 month out from Anime Crossroads 2018! Who's hyped?! When : …[View]
9754947Draw Thread: Old thread >>9690765 >All J-fashion styles (lolita, mori, otome, gyaru, deco, …[View]
9787768Any good cons in NC?[View]
9779397Do any of you do The Witcher cosplay?[View]
9783880Do you ever wear cosplay around the house and maybe pretend you're the character?[View]
9787834Ushicon 2018: Who's going?[View]

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