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Displaying 18 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
9713943Paradise city comic Con miami: Paradise city is a little over a month away! >Host Hotel or Nah? …[View]
9709947GLISH: Surprised this wasn't here. The Challenge list was just released! Did you get what you w…[View]
9706802Cosplay Deviants: Has anyone shot for them in the past? Is it worth it?[View]
9698201AnimeNYC thread since last one is gone >How is the con for you so far? >What should they impro…[View]
9688191Net-idol/Odottemita/Cover Groups: Old thread - >>9674268 /cgl/ Idol Spreadsheet (NEW!) - https…[View]
9662416Worried I might not look good in lolita: I've been thinking about trying out lolita fashion but…[View]
9711286old thread-> >>9698060[View]
9711733Cosplay Identification: So I was watching a weeaboo at school cringe comp and this girl was cosplayi…[View]
9703243Dutch Thread: 'Exclusive BTS Sandbags Shots' Edition: Previous thread >>9687216 >OP got DCC…[View]
9695307Fursuit thread: Post fursuit/mascot pics, questions, stories and anything else fursuit related. Freq…[View]
9706007Looking for info on cyberpunk cosplayers, communities or cons (uk) Not many places to show my work …[View]
9680994/Fat Cosplay Ideas/ So you don't have to fatbend a normal/small character. >Madame Broode a…[View]
9710351Megumins hat: Any one know of what a real option of what the red threading on megumins hat is, dosnt…[View]
9701073left or right? Which one is cuter and which one would you cosplay as?[View]
9711628Harajuku style: What do you think of the random fashion Harajuku became famous for? Why does it work…[View]
9704739Lolita Fashion - Black Friday Edition: Old thread >>9694745[View]
9711456Hello swedish friends I'm an american going to närcon next summer since i'll be in the cou…[View]
9704074Yama-con: Are there any folks going to be attending Yama-con this upcoming December? The ticket pric…[View]

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