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/cgl/ - Cosplay & EGL

Displaying 20 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
9594648Getting to know /cgl/: Share the story of what brought you here, gulls. >Are you here for cosplay…[View]
9579892Dutch Thread: 'Warm Milk is for Baby's' Edition: Previously, on The Epic Dutch Conquest Through…[View]
9587735Artist Alley General: Previous thread: >>9572991 >Please read the FAQ https://docs.google.c…[View]
9597919Saboten Con: Who all is going to Sabo? Any guests or panels you're looking forward to? What cos…[View]
9597722Dr.Slump Cosplay: I am desperatly looking for some Dr.Slump (Arale) cosplay. is there anyone who mig…[View]
9597432Comiket 92 Cosplay: Figured we should get a good old fashioned cosplay dump going- Share what you…[View]
9565294Cosplay Injuries!: Haven't had one in a while and I just injured myself SPECTACULARLY last week…[View]
9589440Photo editing Tips: Can we share some tutorial/tips/videos about Photoshop, Lightroom, posing or Pho…[View]
95970545 people cosplay as what?: We're pretty new to cosplay and we're going to a con pretty soo…[View]
9594153Colorado / Basically just nan desu kan, thread. NDK is only about three weeks away! Being basically …[View]
9578998Anime Revolution 2017: What will you be cosplaying as? The schedule was just released, what are you …[View]
9578898What category does this kind of cosplay fall under?[View]
9595717We haven't had any in a while Post everything sweet: pastel or not, prints or not, oldschool, O…[View]
9596590[spoiler]morrigan cosplay[/spoiler][View]
9511278Gyaru Thread: Summer Edition: Old thread is dead. Are any of you entering the new Amino contest? Exc…[View]
9558553Otome Kei Thread - Quirky Ads Edition: >>9529547 Last thread hit image limit. What is otome-ke…[View]
9591593The International 2017: http://blog.dota2.com/2017/03/cosplay-competition-at-the-international/ Dota…[View]
9582318Metrocon 2017: A few days left, who's going?[View]
9591834Otakon 2017: New thread Con is in about 3 days you guys ready? Will it be a shit show or will it go …[View]
9546032Boku no Hero Academia: Who is your favourite character? Who would you like to cosplay as? Struggling…[View]

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