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/cgl/ - Cosplay & EGL

Displaying 23 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
9647512Neo lolita thread: No rules lolita inspired street style[View]
9622567Previous thread in autosage, new larp thread Blargh edition previous thread >>9602289[View]
9651169Feels thread: Old one hit limit. >>9644767 Don't reply to bait and keep it cgl-related.…[View]
9642591New costume help thread: Old one is saging >>9619600 Lolita and j-fashion questions should go …[View]
9622854Britthread/ukthread: WE ARE WINNING edition prev thread here >>9607974[View]
9655279Where is the best place to find colored contacts? and what are the best brands?[View]
9652887Looking for a poncho like this for a Spyke cosplay. Anybody able to help?[View]
9610833Terrible Photoshop: Previous thread. >>9594104 Post shitty or absurd edited works of Photoshop…[View]
9655014Jewelry making/metal work gen?: Haven't seen one of these and I'm interested in incorporat…[View]
9640750So how many of these are we going to see at cons this year?[View]
9653275Cosplay/Con foot car: Does anyone have tips on what the best way is to help sore feet during long co…[View]
9631656Dream Dress Thread: Man, that didn't take long to sage the old one: >>9620350[View]
9623013Trainers only![View]
9654224When does style go from 'inspired by' to 'copycat'? Who's style do you admire and do you ever e…[View]
9648568Cosplay suggestions: >no cosplay chart thread help me choose my first cosplay ever, /cgl/ also s…[View]
9648718Etsy j fashion and lolita shops: Etsy shops that are j fashion and lolita inspired.[View]
9650793Lolita General - AtePie edition: Previous thread >>9645201[View]
9499126MSPA General: So anyway, at what point are we just gonna give up with the Homestuck threads, you guy…[View]
9660101What's a better material for a robe to lounge around the house in winter, fleece or cotton?[View]
9653758Comic--Con: Best cosplay I have seen in a while...[View]
9634092Halloween Costume Thread: Post monstrosities we call 'costumes' on Halloween. I'll start.…[View]
9648255AWA 2017 pt3 <Butts edition>: >Costhots with thongs as far as the eyes could see >UV Pho…[View]
9647286Japan Weekend 2017: Did you enjoy it guys? Any thoughts of this mighty convention? What do you think…[View]

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