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Displaying 28 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
9517872Halloween Coords: Since Halloween is coming up I'd love to see a thread about Halloween Coords.…[View]
9478012Ugly brand: Ugly/wtf brand thread? Ugly/wtf brand thread! Post things that major brands have put out…[View]
9515799Ita Thread: Previous thread is saging[View]
9488492Lifestyle lolita thread: Lifestyle thread? What do you consider the requirements or tenants of …[View]
9522766First Con coming up and I'd like to finally get my cosplay on. Does anyone have any pointers on…[View]
9509054General Help Thread: Beggar Edition: Previous thread saging >>9494186 It should be pretty self…[View]
9521210Lolita leg wear thread: Tights, OTKs, UTKs, anklet socks, everything you wear on your legs. Post you…[View]
9495445Disucssion and predictions: What do you think lolita will look like in the future? Will The Rules be…[View]
9517354How does she do it?: How does she hide her pantylines? She's going commando, isn't she?…[View]
9517546Feels thread: Old thread hit bump limit. >>9512391 Comm being bitchy? Parents give your burand…[View]
9520130Beowulf (skullgirls): Hey cgl, first timer here. Im going to Katsucon in Febuary, and want to pull a…[View]
9520141So I want ask about Hair dye Colorings ones hair vs hair color I have so many question about this st…[View]
9514230Kimono General: Post beautiful kimono coordinates[View]
9512438Guess the photographer: ITT we post photos from cosplay photographers without their watermarks, and …[View]
9515524Lolita General - spica light edition: Previous thread: >>9511864 Previously in Lolita General:…[View]
9504580Fire Emblem Cosplay Thread: Hey /cgl/ show me your Fire Emblem cosplays. This is mine, my friends sa…[View]
9513710Elaborate costumes: Im looking for a real challenge this year - big costumes, armor, huge props, win…[View]
9519152Baby & A/P thread: I'm AP fan girl getting disappointed on every release print after print …[View]
9482175Overwatch Cosplay General: Last ones saging >>9433009 She has finally listened to our pleas. B…[View]
9514965alright /cgl/ In need of some inspo. What kind of costume would be great for someone who is: - Nord…[View]
9487438Thing they ought to know: Have you ever seen someone attempt something and you know right off the ba…[View]
9492567Dutch Thread: '/cgl/ is not /sp/' edition: To those posting about sports, because of you the previou…[View]
9512680AKon Fort Worth: >Whose here? >What are you looking forward to? >Who is dressing up/what ar…[View]
9508920Colossalcon thread, post-con exhaustion edition: Old one is in auto-sage. >>9502392 Discuss, p…[View]
9483795Anyone going to Project A-kon?: What are they thinking with those 90 dollar tickets though?[View]
9514921What happens to your lolita wardrobe when you die: While I was shopping around for home insurance, I…[View]
9518805Masks thread: Post cool cosplay masks here! Also looking to get one of pic related for a cosplay I w…[View]
9514551CoF Thread: Old One Saging >>9509427[View]

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