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/d/ - Hentai/Alternative

Displaying 33 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
7926465Do as you please. (Too casual, emotionless or multi tasking): Post: 1) Emotionless sex or touching/g…[View]
8128256Futasub Continued: Need more submissive dickgirls or shemales or futas or whatevs[View]
8130984I'm into 'real' dragon cocks going into my waifus, lets start a thread for the real m…[View]
8134480Merge / Fusion[View]
8132646Remote dicks: Is this a thing? Feels like it should be but I've never really seen it classified…[View]
8120867trap/femboy with old man: I few days ago I got molested by some old man in his car and for some reas…[View]
8135681Lucky Girl Cannibal Feast: Post content related with TacoTaco's art[View]
8112975Monstergirl Thread No. 62[View]
8085108So apparently there is a new fetish called fellatians? Id like to know more. Ill dump all I have[View]
8116688Pic below is your new body: Old thread >>8100382[View]
8128483/dgg/ - /d/ Games General: Pink Jelly Toys Edition previous thread: >>8121008 Discuss lewd gam…[View]
8111761Bizarre Transformations (TF'd and Ruined): Demonman, Mode Seven, Fellatians, and Dhorses (oh my…[View]
8124862Attribute swap thread: Hi, I'm drawing a variety of swap series on the pixiv. Now I have many r…[View]
8130020(Non-Futa) Monstergirl Thread 54: Old thread: >>8125466[View]
8125771Medical Bondage: Bondage but medical. Tubes, syringes, IVs, catheters, and more! Just make sure the …[View]
8120596Inanimate transformation: Post girls and boys transformed into various objects.[View]
8105574ugly girls/uglification[View]
8131690Handholding Thread: For the most degenerate of fetishes.[View]
8131110Kissing hentai Deep passion lewd kissing Bonus points for traps Dont have much but I'll post wh…[View]
8127488Draw Thread: THREAD GUIDELINES - All artists welcome! - Respect /d/ and global rules. - Only request…[View]
8080562Recent Things - /d/ Edition: Previous Thread: >>8025605 How to quickly get the sauce for image…[View]
8096644Monster/creature vore: >>8054818[View]
8111896/onara/ #37 - Gas General: Back on track edition Previous thread: >>8077687 Onara/Eproctophili…[View]
8127122Endowed & Smug: Posting in /d/ to accept all sizes.[View]
8090339New Tentacle Thread: Old one hit image limit, so I'll continue my dumping here.[View]
8095333Color and E/d/it Thread: All Editors Welcome! - Respect /d/ and global rules. - Request in moderatio…[View]
8120458Fantastic Feats: Strong gals doing strong things[View]
8123138Futas Fucking Traps[View]
8127132Girls being beaten up thread[View]
8071842Huge Asses / Ass Expansion: This thread is for the biggest butts you've got. Whether they'…[View]
8130861Look at my /d/orse[View]
8095317Pic below is you: Vore Edition: To keep things interesting, you are the pred of the picture you post…[View]
8129776(non-futa) monster girl thread: Let's-not-fight-there's-plenty-of+mammono-love-for-everbod…[View]

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