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/vp/ - Pokémon

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35952658Male protagonist x female protagonist thread[View]
35966972/pgg/ - Pokémon GO General: Swapping Gifts Edition >Submit Your Friend Code Here https://docs.goo…[View]
35968471Does /vp/ like this game?[View]
35965601The death of mainline Pokemon: Is this the beginning of the end of the core series? It has gotten to…[View]
35969418I'm trying to make a decent rain team for doubles and I know I need Pelipper for Drizzle and Ta…[View]
35965112Showderp: High Edition: high! you have entered our den called showderp, where we challenge our homie…[View]
35967829/vp/ votes for Best Pokémon of All Time: ROUND 1.37: >Tyrantrum vs Escavalier https://strawpoll.c…[View]
35949835pkmn腐 thread[View]
359642503DS opinion thread: Despite their flaws, do you like or at least enjoy the 3DS era overall? Remember…[View]
35969683>play Pokemon on fast forward for a few hours to grind >move noticeably faster in real life af…[View]
35969691Let's Go Hype: Dawg, Pokemon literally has made the same game over 20 times. You have to be TWI…[View]
35969463BUY LGPE[View]
35968989>giving the only legit shiny zygarde aura break instead of power construct >shiny zygarde will…[View]
35968292Sometimes it feels good to be a n33t[View]
35969364Do you think /vp/ ruins the fun of Pokemon games for anyone who likes the 3DS games? What's wro…[View]
35968957I'm NOT a Mr. Mime! I just play one on TV...[View]
35966865Fakemon Thread: so bad is good edition[View]
35967603ABSOLUTE SHITEMON: 'Cause I have nothing better to do, I did a list, based only on its design, …[View]
35967589The Pokemon Company needs to stop with this delusion that Pokemon is a driving factor for the sales …[View]
35968181>we will never have another event like this[View]
35968148Just finished a 0 exp run of silver. Johto was fun but Kanto was braindead easy. Anyway, are there a…[View]
35969096How do I fix this? is it even possible to make this acceptable?[View]
35968065POKENCHI EPISODE 140: What is Pokenchi? Read this info guide: http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthrea…[View]
35965756Boycott PoLeGoPiPoLeGoEe: If all the members of this Bangladeshi wood-burning board don't buy p…[View]
35968973This is the start of my collection. Post yours.[View]
35966002>Steel type gets Steelworker[View]
35966570Which PokéMen is the hairiest?[View]
35968525ITT: Give ideas how to nuzlocke these games, or just make them more challenging, given the informati…[View]
35963289What would you like to see the next starters to be?[View]
35965826Just felt the compulsion to share this ((((new)))) image with you, /vp/, I pissed myself laughing at…[View]
35966508Has /vp/ ever been mocked by various parts of the Pokemon community?[View]
35968441The fuck is this thing: What the fuck is this?[View]
35964380>biggest video game franchise on the entire planet >the actual games have low production value…[View]
35968694What is happening to dawn?[View]
35967094Is Mewtwo how Mew would look like if it would actually age?[View]
35968750I can't wait for LGPE to come out because mere months after they're out, we're gonna …[View]
35968660Aegislash Appreciation Thread: ~~Previous Appreci𝕒tions~~ ---Shedninja ---Swanna ---Decidueye ---E…[View]
35968613Streaming Pokemon clover nuzloke: Streaming some pokemon clover nuzlocke for those of you that haven…[View]
35967358Back in my day, we had 151 pokemon and we liked them. You nugenner shits are pathetic.[View]
35967671its up https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S7TfEcvi378 ALSO SHES SPONSORED BY TPCI! [View]
35963040It's not fair bros[View]
35965879Mewtwo is not real.: >people think Mewtwo is a real pokémon Mewtwo isn’t real. Get over it, anon.…[View]
35966367>Mightyena used Fire Fang! >Critical Hit! >Burn >Flinch…[View]
35965902Mistakes that GF made?: Post the worst[View]
35965701I had a dream about a nintendo direct and they revealed Braixen as the new Pokemon rep for smash bro…[View]
35964833Find a flaw.[View]
35968023Pokemon Creepy: Mention the most creepy success in Pokemon: Ghost Girl in Phoebe elite room[View]
35967990Wonder Trade Thread: Best gets? What did you trade for them?[View]
35967767Trailer's up. https://youtu.be/wFZwsfHrlm4[View]
35967878Is adding the Battle Frontier theme in the ORAS demo the biggest false flag Gamefreak has ever done[View]
35967896This is Pachirisu. He is a tanky boy Say something nice about him[View]
35965961Pokemon's CEO on Switch's Success: https://nintendoeverything.com/pokemon-ceo-on-switchs-s…[View]
35962926Why aren't you getting rich by selling rom hacks on etsy?[View]
35966524Pokemon: Dad loves pokemon[View]
35966750Where is my Sinnoh remake?[View]
35966258Was Hyper Beam ever viable, or is this a case of overhyping by the anime? If so, how do we make it v…[View]
35967236/wfg/ Wi-Fi General Multi-battle edition[View]
35965482Why are the girls so sexy this gen?[View]
35967309Clover keeps crashing, need help: Hello /vp/, I recently wanted to start my playthrough of Pokémon C…[View]
35966983I'm having a real hard time trying to find an answer. So all encounter battles have been remove…[View]
35963586Pikachu Libre: Why is she so perfect?[View]
35967497Don't mind me. I'm just taking my wife to page 10.[View]
35967199If a hacker trades you an injected Pokémon (without you noticing that it's hacked) and you use …[View]
35967336gold BETA redpill me on this how is it called? is there a place I can keep up to date with the news …[View]
35952097ITT: Forgotten routes[View]
35965769Do you remember what Pokemons you had when you beat your very first Pokemon game? I know for sure I …[View]
35966037They should've brought back 4 fingered Mr. Mime as a gender difference.[View]
35959739The 3DS era definitively proved there are people that will defend any of Gamefreak's choices: P…[View]
35967297Beast boost now uses the *opponent's* highest stat for the boost. How does this make or break c…[View]
35962668>pikachu is the mouse pokemon >mice dont exist in the pokemon world…[View]
35918217Regional Variant Thread: Rock / Poison[View]
35966462What is your opinion of this Pokemon[View]
35964279Okay let's be honest, this is the best line in pokemon.[View]
35966995Crossovers: Crossovers thread >yfw you have to put a kitten in a box…[View]
35964113/pgg/ - Pokémon GO General: Use The Top Two Links Edition >Submit Your Friend Code Here https://d…[View]
35966857/vp/ votes for Best Pokémon of All Time: ROUND 1.36: >Xurkitree vs Type: Null https://strawpoll.c…[View]
35966916>Type Stone: This held item bestows the type of the stone onto the Pokemon. Affected by Knock-Off…[View]
35966655Which character not named Red would you most want to make an appearance in the next game?[View]
35966615How the H*CK do fish and obvious underwater Pokemon survive on land?[View]
35961962Name ONE (one) thing Nu-Pokemon does better than old Pokemon.[View]
35960461What kind of power creep will gen 8 introduce to surpass these assholes?[View]
35965023In the future, do you think Gen 6 will be vindicated by history?[View]
35961413>switch already hacked >tfw hackfags will be a plague from day 1 of gen 8 Its not fucking fair…[View]
35965830>Showdown >Hit that battle timer when opponent's first pokemon faints >Hit that battle…[View]
35957297Nanu Thread: Can we get a Nanu Thread going? Post images of the most apathetic kahuna.[View]
35966677The transition from sprites to 3D models really fucked Gamefreak X and Y felt so unfinished from the…[View]
35966600Ugh, this game has gotten so casualized since when I was a kid. Remember how hard it was? They shoul…[View]
35966448Think of your least favorite Pokemon. Got it? Now go to https://randompokemon.com and generate 1 Pok…[View]
35965636>buying LGPE[View]
35966248>Sun legendary >Weak to fire What a thrill With Fire types and sunlight through the night What…[View]
35961247I miss being able to actually go to new ingame locations for events, even if the areas were sparse. …[View]
35964322The literal definition of c o m f y[View]
35965173The Bravest Bird was a legitimately interesting concept and didn't need to be nerfed, specially…[View]
35966161>desert Pokémon that can live on nothing but solar energy >2 out of 3 of its abilities hurt it…[View]
35966292>Cursed Body[View]
35957868What happened to this thing?[View]
35963940Happy birthday B2W2![View]
35968298Not saying this is true but..: Why that thread was deleted? Also it may possibly be true because we …[View]
35961998>Wastes all pokeballs >Defeats all trainers and spends all the money on potions >Can't…[View]
35963413Pretty good selection no?[View]
35964108What's it like to be hit by Vulpix's Icy Wind?[View]
35964470>create a thread shitting on Sinnoh >100+ replies…[View]
35963004Will /vp/ ever admit they're a vocal minority and that there's nothing for them to do to c…[View]
35964367Appreciating the unappreciated: I guess I'll start....[View]
35955914How do rock moves work: How do rock types use their rock moves when there are no rocks around? Do th…[View]
35965801Somebody know's or somebody have a tauros or heracross or corsola for trading across fly accoun…[View]
35965257i have been thinking of watching the first three movies again. not watched them since i was a child …[View]
35944644Help me /vp/, I'm having a shit night. Reaction image thread.[View]
35964770Is pikachu yummy?: I have never eat it.[View]
35962521Golisopod Appreciation Thread: ~~Previous Appreci𝕒tions~~ ---Shedninja ---Swanna ---Decidueye ---E…[View]
35965684Anyone interested in PoGo trading? Searching for Torkoal, Heracross, Relicanth or Corsola. Offering …[View]
35965514>When half your team is legends and you have a UB and still get rekt by people who use the Pokemo…[View]
35965297>lose showdown game after being swept and leave >person PMs you saying gg…[View]
35963893/vp/ votes for Best Pokémon of All Time: ROUND 1.35: >Empoleon vs Torterra https://strawpoll.com/…[View]
35963070Pokemon 2019 realistic wish list: Name things game freak could do in the next pokemon game that woul…[View]
35960219Post the last pokemon related image you saved[View]
35963969Will Action Replay/Powersave pokemon upload to the Pokebank? I'm not trying to shit up GTS, I…[View]
35944990Hexy Bestie thread, give your graces and head pats[View]
35965138Add me[View]
35964485Ampharos thread: I need a thread for the best Pokemon ever, stat! In other words, a Flipper Giraffe …[View]
35963909Diancie is crying[View]
35963527Give him a face.[View]
35962941Trying to make a 6ix9ine themed team any suggestions?: So far i have lickyonmyblickyuh and bloodclop…[View]
35964726How do you come up with ideas for fakemons? I keep trying to think of things but apparently I have a…[View]
35962277What can i chance about my team guys. Im a stupid for this type of this things (Always trouble Whit …[View]
35960783What gen would you consider the peak?: I'd say in terms of overall quality, Gen 4 kicks ass. - …[View]
35964793If you could be any Pokemon, which one would it be?[View]
35964031Goodnight /vp/[View]
35964069How do you build a competitive team? Do you start with an aspect you want to emphasize, like Rain Da…[View]
35964565Help me build an XY team: Gonna replay X soon, as I have no memory of it, and want to play something…[View]
35962608Rate my team in Black 2. Just beat Elesa.[View]
35939709Decidueye Appreciation Thread: Decidueye fires arrow quills from its wings with such precision, they…[View]
35964587So, how do I get good IVs in gen 4?[View]
35964702buy Lillie's book[View]
35964414I know this is a sudden question but, does anyone happen to have a Stakataka that likes to run?[View]
35963276Is Pikachu Libre Mexican?[View]
35961311>Grass, Bug Why not Nature? >Rock, Ground Why not Mineral? Would you rather keep bloating the …[View]
35963684>tfw your favorite characters come from spinoffs and will never be mentioned again.…[View]
35962603What prehistoric Pokemon are there besides the obvious fossils? I can think of Relicanth, Yanmega (w…[View]
35954720>last main game rival battle just before the pokemon league >doesn't have a full team why…[View]
35964415Lets by pogo fiendszone 1098 2043 2007 CCC[View]
35935277Pokegirl Thread[View]
35958675Showderp: Mudbray Edition: Champ: me Resource: dogars.ml https://play.pokemonshowdown.com/battle-gen…[View]
35961709/vp/ votes for Best Pokémon of All Time: ROUND 1.34: >Entei vs Zapdos https://strawpoll.com/1yb4c…[View]
35963966Camerupt is commiting suicide. Press F to pay respects.[View]
35964323Leaks: The games will be called pokemon you and i. Proof? Pixelpars tweet: You'll kick yourselv…[View]
35957902>Absol named Lucifer[View]
35954312Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread: Welcome to the Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread. Talk about new epis…[View]
35961980/pgg/ - Pokémon GO General: Use The Google Doc Edition >Official /pgg/ Friend Code List https://d…[View]
35963343fakemon: working on a rom hack. Are any of these worth keeping?[View]
35961017Find a flaw[View]
35963582Comfy music thread: Why. Why must this be so good. I don't care what anyone says, these were gr…[View]
35962731I haven't played Pokemon since X and Y, but I was looking at the Gen 7 Pokemon recently. Is it …[View]
35962499>owns a rockruff >gives it to satoshit >rockruff evolves into a super rare never before see…[View]
35963898help: im 19 and my dad just walked in on me doodling fakemon tldr: had to explain to him the appeal …[View]
35961859which miltank bro should I use for my hgss play format: nature ability IVs (hp attack defense sp. at…[View]
35963786F I G H T O F T H E Y E A R: i can't handle it anymore someone has to know, whos better nidoque…[View]
35948926ITT: non pokemon creatures that would make good pokemon[View]
35961126Am I the only one that doesn’t mind Sky Pillar trading the puzzle floor for lore regarding Mega Rayq…[View]
35963876Are there any fangames out there that let you play as a Pokemon?: I want to meteor mash some fools.…[View]
35957726Post a non-Pokemon character, other anons assign them a signature mon or team.[View]
35963308Post-game thread: Can some of us agree that while the post-game of ORAS isn't amazing like BW2,…[View]
35952932Have you ever cried over a Pokémon game, movie, episode, whatever?[View]
35962312>' Oh my god anon hahaha, pokemon is a game for kids! Jesus christ hahaha' >Pokemon Lets Go is…[View]
35958780Post only good fakemon[View]
35963543Bug pseudo when?[View]
35962864it s happening[View]
35962151How many of you guys are gonna buy Let's Go now that you know it's the only major Switch r…[View]
35958479Which board has the best taste?[View]
35957959Fuck this, I am done. Gen2 a shit: I can replay gen1/gen3/gen6 fine just fine but holy hot shit like…[View]
35961328What does this mean? A level 13 wild pokemon in Kanto, they intended us to start anew with level 5 p…[View]
35962169Anyone excited for the new phone release for Quest: Who's excited for the mobile release for Qu…[View]
35961035Kusoplay thread.[View]
35960833Which feature is better?: I fucking hate Z moves.[View]
35963150Poll - Move pokemon go to /trash/: we demand the mods permanently remove pokemon go to >>>/…[View]
35961199Remember to fluff your Mareep[View]
35952874It's like game freak gave up about adventure In gen 4, Mt Coronet was epic, it was long, you go…[View]
35962978are these worth playing? how difficult are they compared to vanilla b2/w2?[View]
35961729Whats this suppose to be?[View]
35962486Is she right, /vp/?[View]
35962983I can't believe it, my boy is finally back in Smash[View]
35919110Saturday Ralts line thread: 'This will end in tears' edition. Post rare and cute Ralts, Kirlias, Gar…[View]
35960708What's your favorite type, /vp/?: https://www.strawpoll.me/15946607[View]
35960095Why do Gamefreak keep making their work harder with some stupid bullshit? How can we help them get t…[View]
35959160Suiren is the best new character we've had in the past few years, right?[View]
35961744Jovi is sad: What did they toke /vp/?[View]
35958902you don't pick chimchar, chimchar picks you[View]
35960721Primarina: Primarina[View]
35961940So, how does /vp/ feel about totems? Would you wish to see them again? Should they be implemented th…[View]
35962747Who wants a free pokemon tcgo code https://youtu.be/AtMJv43jHyI 4WD-K5FB-QT7-DNA[View]
35958887Which one /vp/?[View]
35962729ITT: Johto[View]
35962623What they mean by this?[View]
35962653Will Gale Wings get buffed next gen?[View]
35960780How comes the best Game Freak Titles for 3DS hasn't even been a pokémon title. Also, Should Jam…[View]
35955955I like seeing Pokemon evolve in detail. Post gifs[View]
35960635ITT: Cursed Images[View]
35958943Is there a market for life size plushies? Should the Pokemon Co. start licensing and selling officia…[View]
35961402Why didn't Gamefreak give Arcanine actual legendary status?[View]
35937896Leaf thread: I love Leaf.[View]
35960533Is a big post-game all Pokemon games need?: 'Within the games themselves, you'll find plenty of…[View]
35960460What could possibly draw a trainer to become a NORMAL type specialist?[View]
35958922Prove me wrong: Psychic type: brain intelligence telekinesis mind control divination cosmic energy f…[View]
35958069This is sylveon's official gijinka. Say something nice to him.[View]
35958362Remove a type, make the game better.[View]
35961203>Alolan Exeggutor >No Alolan Exeggcute >Every Alolan Pokémon has an Alolan base stage exce…[View]
35955660Why are her boobs so gigantic?[View]
35959725Trainer card thread?[View]
35961198Splash has now a power of 5. How does this affect the meta?[View]
35962002Are these the most jarringly bad pokemon designs thus far?[View]
35961583classic pokefusions: Do you remember those old days, when there were only the GBA games, and when yo…[View]
35960375I have clean copies of Platinum and Soul Silver .nds, tested with desmume. Just copped a new r4i car…[View]
35962047Is it still one of the most powerful moves out of in all the games?[View]
35959579Pokemon Y Nuzlock Fail: Just blacked out in my Y Nuzlock against Clemont. I feel ashamed as a fan…[View]
35954980Here's where I give you advice you didn't ask for! Zzzzt.[View]
35960197/pgg/ - Pokémon GO General: Best Friends Forever Edition >Official Pokémon Go Updates http://poke…[View]
35957642Who's your PokeMatch? http://www.pokemon-movie.jp/sindan/[View]
35961835What's the point of making something only to never release it?[View]
35961900>tfw no director will ever be as kawaii as tajiri[View]
35961337Is it even possible to fill out your pokedex anymore? Like, can you actually find a trading partner …[View]
35920736/vp/ixelmon: 'Autistic thoughts translated into virtual cubes' Edition: Welcome to the /vp/ixelmon g…[View]
35948595/rheg/ - ROM Hacking and Essentials General: >/red/ Edition Discord: https://discord.gg/HfWa4Dg R…[View]
35958138>they'll never be real How are you coping?[View]
35958973Ditto: Is this what perfection looks like?[View]
35960259>Mitsuharu Misawa's favorite pokemon was Venusaur >His favorite pokemon game was Mystery…[View]
35957433Deep lore thread: I know I’m a slowpoke here but I just finished Ultra Sun. I know the lore has been…[View]
35960548Name the missing types (if any) you have 10 seconds, after that you have can't look at the imag…[View]
35959855Chicken chan is getting married![View]
35958001OK. It is 10 before midnight and you have to take a shower/wash yourself before going to sleep but y…[View]
359603603DS Pokemon question: Just a question, do Pokémon fans really do hate the 3DS games or is it a /vp/-…[View]
35960938>no new side games >mobile game in Q4 what a shit year…[View]
35960736He is the Hero that we Pokemon fans deserve[View]
35960437who else is really enjoying pokemon quest? Do you think they'll do more gens?[View]
35959695Pokemon Randomizer: Anyone have any good memories with Pokemon Randomizers? This happened to me yest…[View]
35958022What was his problem? Why can't he leave Team Plasma alone?[View]
35958108>Superpowered monsters, nothing too crazy past that >battles last maybe 3 turns, rarely any bu…[View]
35960962Question to all pokemon go players here: Are you a legit player or spoofer/hacker?[View]
35958590cat fags on suicide watch[View]
35960668ITT: Pokemon that rip off the designs of other pokemon: Seriously, fuck Oshawott, this thing is like…[View]
35960384>Gen 7 Pokemon designs are shi-[View]
35953335Cringe Compilation: You've all been busy snapping pictures for your cringe compilation. Well le…[View]
35957548>Blaze Kick >No Frost Kick[View]
35960508This faggot won't let me save in front of him[View]
35959312Does anyone here remember back in the Gen 3 days, when the buildup to Gen 4 was incredibly long? The…[View]
35959012Metapod is popular in Japan: So let's vote for Graveler http://www.bandai.co.jp/candy/special/p…[View]
35958798Buy LeGoPiLeGoEe[View]
35960434How can perfection exist?[View]
35954739/vp/ plays Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red Episode 6: previous thread: >>35847276 AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA…[View]
35959593Fix their team thread: Do whatever you want; gyms challenged in any order, fixed evil teams and riva…[View]
35950436Beta Mons' whereabouts?: I have a question that has been on my mind since the end of last month…[View]
35958299/pgg/ - Pokémon GO General: Friends With Benefits Edition >Official Pokémon Go Updates http://pok…[View]
35957515>Immolate (fire pixelate) >Let Eevee learn Fake Out >Let jolteon learn Extreme Speed and be…[View]
35926482How do I beat Gladion at Mount Lanakila in Sun? This is my team.[View]
35953154/vp/ template: Every year around April, we usually have these threads to make friends. Seems like th…[View]
35957910Are there any romhacks or fan games set in a real place outside of Japan, like North America, South …[View]
35959127Am I fucking retarded or is there no way to do random 6v6 battles in ultra sun & moon?[View]
35959975does anyone have one of the korean/japanese shiny poipoles? i'll give my left nut for one[View]
35959828I haven't played a Pokemon Game since 2014, has the series gotten any better? Is S/M and US/UM …[View]
35959770How do I run a Power Trip Incineroar in Doubles? I’m thinking using Assault Vest Flame Charge and Ta…[View]
35957254Altering Cave: This is Altering Cave. Found north of Six Island in the Sevii Islands and on the east…[View]
35943744>injecting is not cheting it dont gibe me a advantage[View]
35957209Now that LEAF has come back, isn't it time for her to have a glorious return too?[View]
35954480chicken-chan thread: post chicken-chan[View]
35957443Fuck potions (when applicable): Water Lemonade Milk Berries If you use anything else to heal your mo…[View]
35939741PTCG/O General Back to 1 Coin Edition: Old >>35905668 New Player? >https://imgur.com/a/4rig…[View]
35959512ITT: 'Opinions' that are unironically objectively true Cynthia is the best champion. Steve…[View]
35959499Mewtwo's Disable: This move seems to have been changed significantly. The animation no longer h…[View]
35953718Hitmon(4)chan: New mascot of /VP/. Spread the word.[View]
35959043Goodnight babies[View]
35959219>XY&Z's japanese opening song is the best Pokemon op ever Literal nardo-tier shit…[View]
35953606How would you buff Regigigas?[View]
35956645What gender is Ash's Charizard?[View]
35959018Do you agree with Masuda?: >'Releasing games in short time intervals is always a race against tim…[View]
35953969It now gets Delta Stream, Brave Bird and Thousand Arrows How does John Smogon still justify it being…[View]
35954221What does N stand for?[View]
35959002>water type >its blue[View]
35959033What is the slutiest clothe style in USUM? I want a thot as avatar.[View]
35958878This is Pattern Bush It is heavily hinted that this grass means something and may be related to alie…[View]
35958980Pokemon Soda: Discuss, this was posted by the project_eevee twitter account yesterday.[View]
35953144>ninetales will never be fire/ghost[View]
35957334Is Masada right?[View]
35956199Wtf ultra sun/moon Lillie is less present throughout leaving the romance they intend you as the prot…[View]
35958778It's my birthday can we get a ho-oh thread started please.[View]
35958361working on a rom hack. any of these worth keeping?[View]
35956752W-why aren't you excited for LGPE Anon-kun??![View]
35958582Pokemon 3ds become difficult?: Does pokemon ruby 3ds have high difficulty if I get further in the ga…[View]
35957422Why is she so perfect[View]
35957390Evil team thread[View]
35958274Imagine any mega stone worked on any Pokemon, giving the Pokemon the same changes it gives to the or…[View]
35958259remember when these were the supposed starters for x/y. >you will never have Balio as your bro. *…[View]
35952260Are they the most forgettable E4 ever?: Kalos e4, too[View]
35958277Going to play a Fire Red Nuzlocke till WC starts. Should I choose Bulbasaur or Squirtle?[View]
35952347Showderp: Sadakoderp Edition: Welcome to Japan! Our investigative journalist, named Champ, just watc…[View]
35954346Alright, let's do this again Do to deviantart and search up your favourite pokemon Post the wor…[View]
35958330reaction image thread: New phone, I'm lacking in some reaction images send some my way[View]
35940947ITT: Music that gets your blood pumping https://youtu.be/-jIda604OuQ[View]
35954517Crossover thread: But mostly jojo. I'm hyped as fuck[View]
35956319/pgg/ - Pokémon GO General: Frozen Nigga Edition >Official Pokémon Go Updates http://pokemongoliv…[View]
35958197Cockfights: Competitive Play[View]
35957373Goodnight /vp/[View]
35957402look at this dude[View]
35958106Emerald Thread: Best team for Treecko? I have only played the first generations and watching on the …[View]
35950952What are some surprisingly good typing combinations?[View]
35958098Post character Pokemon Teams: Ridley: Naganadel Stakataka Blacephalon Guzzlord Buzzwole Deoxys S Sh…[View]
35957684Something old but new, I guess: Alright I haven't seen one of these in a while so let's ge…[View]
35955172Do you think ORAS would be vindicated by history in the future?[View]
35957775To date, X is the only Pokemon game I haven't finished, I stopped after 7 badges... and I don…[View]
35950449Give me one reason why there should DP remakes when just bringing the originals to Switch VC can do …[View]
35946388You/You as a trainer/rival/Companion: Lets do this[View]
35955656>Just as plants die and regrow through the seasons so to does the antlers of deer >Xerneas is …[View]
35951510>at friends house playing vidya >we're both on his bed >he goes to the kitchen to grab…[View]
35957880Come up with some gender differences with Pokemon who don't have one yet. >charizards horns …[View]
35954968>Wait 2 years for trading >FINALLY gets implemented >Only for the biggest no lifes, 99% of …[View]
35950602>tfw it's gonna drop in UU soon just give her dragon dance gamefreak…[View]
35955952what happens to baby pokemon that are born in the wild and no trainer ever catches and befriends the…[View]
35953108You better not google image 'Cyndaquil', /vp/ ! I'm telling you![View]
35957631Corsola Appreciation Thread: ~~Previous Appreci𝕒tions~~ ---Shedninja ---Swanna ---Decidueye ---Ele…[View]
35952382Find a flaw.[View]
35954847> | 62 | Dhelmise | 3.20713% | > | 67 | Decidueye | 2.66277% | About time the RU ladder realiz…[View]
35956619I see many people here put down saying their ELO is like 1300 or 1200. Alright hot shots here on vp,…[View]
35954944Gen 8 region wish list: What real world place do you hope for gen 8 to be based off of? Any mechanic…[View]
35957391How do the Johto and Sinnoh frontiers stay running at the same time?[View]
35957476Is it any good /vp/?: I enjoyed Sun as much as I enjoyed X, which is not greatly. I liked the select…[View]
35956197Official Shiny Art: I'm curious to see which shinies have official art. TCG art is acceptable a…[View]
35950055Best gen 1 Mon post them: Has to be the old artwork[View]
35956928How does one protect her smile?[View]
35957203Shipping Thread: Are there to OK mons you personally ship?[View]
35920693Husbando Thread: Claim your husbandos I've already got Swampy claimed Oh and there's a cou…[View]
35957371Let's come up with another Smash Pokemon Trainer!: Okay anons. Since Pokemon Trainer is coming …[View]
35957348Mine-9095 0127 6344[View]
35957165This is stupid! Primarina is female only[View]
35946102Fakemon thread: Post your fav’s and other anons will rate them[View]
35957197>tfw no GF 22796[View]
35956138This is Dirk, say hello to Dirk![View]
35950476Does anyone else think May's gloves are awesome?[View]
35946702was she a stoner?[View]
35952068Searching for LGPE hype, where is it?: Plebbit: nope /vp/: nope Serebii: nope Bulbapedo:nope Where i…[View]
35956704Why is that fucked up thread still there God damn janitor do your fucking job[View]
35954046ITT: pokemon that look better in 3d than they do in 2d[View]
35954606What Pokémon benefit from Delta Stream in Doubles?[View]
35955505>And then I told him it’s cheating to inject >It’s not fair to us that spend 400 hours trying …[View]
35955913Retarded complaints from /vp/: What complaints of the 3DS games from /vp/ do you find stupid? For me…[View]
35954514How will they casualize her team in the remakes?[View]
35949283Reminder on what direction the series has been going on.[View]
35956795For shits and giggles. Post OP Pokemon with a buff that would break them even more. >Name >Pi…[View]
35943367Drawthread: Previous Drawthread: >>35925494 >Resources https://pastebin.com/PgTRmi1y >NS…[View]
35955795Espeon, Umbreon Trainers Join Eevee Character Design Project: What is the best Trainer? Espeon and A…[View]
35953327r8 h8: 3 Favorite Pokemon, rate everyone elses choices, make wild assumptions about them based on it…[View]
35956753Post the most unique or absurd ones, I'll start[View]
35949195These are your ONLY fully evolved Steel types. >Legend >Mega >Klinklank How does this make …[View]
35956739imagine a every starter is here in a Mystery dungeon game[View]
35956695Showderp: dogars.ml showderp.booru.org https://pastebin.com/Q3ZKqPUa[View]
35949168Is it the greatest Pokémon of all time?[View]
35954445What could replace PP and make the ether/elixir garbage system worthwhile? I've heard suggestio…[View]
35949304Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread: Welcome to the Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread. Talk about new epis…[View]
35956447How did the game know that you had been saved in someone else’s game I remember it working with WiF…[View]
35953289>Spirit Shackle >Darkest Lariat >Sparkling Aria Assuming they lose their signature move sta…[View]
35956359Detective Pikachu movie reminder: Tim Goodman will be played by a 22-year-old black man.[View]
35954737/pgg/ - Pokémon GO General: Ice Ice Baby Edition >Official Pokémon Go Updates http://pokemongoliv…[View]
35956153Gen 7/Modern Pokemon Ultimate Hate Thread: >Boot up USUM >Start new game >Get into game …[View]
35955701Gonna try and conquer the Battle Frontier. Between Emerald and FireRed, are there any particularly u…[View]
35954931Hey you, loser. Yeah, you. Hello? Do you see any other losers around here? I hope you've bought…[View]
35953053Find a flaw.[View]
35954219Conquest: >Highest HP >Best Move What were they thinking here? They should have given it Water…[View]
35954267What the best game to play for the definitive pokemon experience? And by game, I don't just mea…[View]
35954556Our boi Ridley made it into Pokemon, Naganadel thread[View]
35955762>Believing they will do regional versions for anything but Generation 1.…[View]
35955999/vp/ votes for Best Pokémon of All Time: ROUND 1.33: >Moltres vs Latias https://strawpoll.com/543…[View]
35950683What do you think is the single least popular Pokemon ever? If a ranking based on all Pokemon fans w…[View]
35955631Is there a save file editor for pic related? I know about Sky Editor, but that only seems to be for …[View]
35953825does any one else have this problem: i just started a new game of alpha sapphire and i got halfway t…[View]
35955536Got a 25 hours bus ride coming up, is it worth getting?[View]
35955251do you like my beta evos recreations?[View]
35954854Caecilian Pokemon: Do you think we could get a caecilian Pokémon? Terralian (イモアース) Classification: …[View]
35954981Pokémon questions with no concrete answer: >Do we have a Poison-type Legendary besides Silvally?…[View]
35948955How the fuck did Sakurai do it?[View]
35955437Legendary heroine: The legendary heroine is getting her own book. https://www.shogakukan.co.jp/books…[View]
35952455This is an early design for a scraped pokemon in gold/silver. Some of you may recognize it but does …[View]
35954226ITT: Pokemon Art Dump Post any pokemon related art All are welcome[View]
35945842Is this the best thing to come out of pokemon mainline?[View]
35950214There hasn't been a good Pokemon game since Pokemon Platinum[View]
35954674Why do YOU continue to defend these games?[View]
35952773>The minimum timespan between the last acceptable Pokémon game (SM) and the (hopefully) next acce…[View]
35940241Why do you play as another sex?: I play as a girl only because I want to have shoulder length hair, …[View]
35952993>they weren't made fairy types fucking explain th is, GF fairies have all the moon shit…[View]
35955111Anime logic ages: Pokemon edition: I'll start. These pokemon are in the same evolutionary stage…[View]
35954795What if Steel and Fighting were super-effective against Dragons?[View]
35955095In battle facilities, why does gamefreak go out of their way to make 2-4 sets for almost every pokem…[View]
35955010What: Excuse me? I named my Octillery kekoa and there’s an ace trainer with that name ?![View]
35952912Will you buy Pokemon LeGit BaiT: So faggot will you buy it.[View]
35952224Choose your starter[View]
35951761Rowlet is the best sun/moon starter.[View]
35948354>7 generations >20 years >Still the best grass starter >Also one of the top beside Blazi…[View]
35954055ITT We design the first gym of a pokemon game Why? just because.... >Water type gym >TM - Ra…[View]
35954513ITT: Shameful opinons: I like tythlosion's 3D model.[View]
35951975incineshit hate thread[View]
35951708/pgg/ - Pokémon GO General: Regi Trio On The Horizon Edition >Official Pokémon Go Updates http://…[View]
35943796Now that the dust has settled, which is the worst Pokemon game? https://www.strawpoll.me/15930636 ht…[View]
35946611Name a better complex character produced since then[View]
35953939Do you think they regret not calling it 'Metamorphosis' instead of 'Evolution' now that they have al…[View]
35951446Which Pokémon would be the girthiest?[View]
35953406Today is World Giraffe Day. Post Girafarig.[View]
35952378This is Dawn.[View]
35954290Is it really that hard to keep little animations like this across gens?[View]
35950694Charizard is mad at you anon[View]
35948779GF is going to ruin Dawn in the DP remakes?[View]
35954025Will gen 8 take the spot as having the worst villains team after team Flare?[View]
35952172Can we have a thread dedicated to our favourite 2D/before 3D Pokemon sprites?[View]
35952129Favorite of every legendary duo/trio/quartet?: Mine are: Articuno, mewtwo, suicune, lugia, regirock,…[View]
35951858GTS Negotiations: Why did this go away? I miss this a lot, it was really cool. You could tell people…[View]
35951204Don't mind me guys. I'm just claiming the single greatest Pokémon waifu.[View]
35950768>Gen 8 will be awesome![View]
35952199pokemon with pectorals[View]
35943165>Red's balls hanging out of his pants >Pikachu has to cover Lillie's eyes I can…[View]
35951913Why is she so perfect?[View]
35943521Chad Pokemon[View]
35953276Making a 'Drayano' edit for Gen 5 with the goal of making each Pokémon have more or less their own n…[View]
35948925Chicken-chan is big!: REALLY big![View]
35953251It's been a while since I visited /vp/ maybe too long Help me out anons Is there any good pro…[View]
35936790Candice!: I love Candice![View]
35947372Simple question: What's your favorite Pokemon?[View]
35951049Music Thread: Post your favorite music. It doesn't matter where it's from or what kind of …[View]
35945604ITT: post artwork of 2+ Pokémon which are NOT counterparts in anyway. The more unrelated they are th…[View]
35946146Top 3[View]
35952339Aaaahh crawling in my skin[View]
35951707>playing this shit finally >spend hours collecting my favorite Pokemon so I can play the game …[View]
35950471Haxorus Thread: This is Haxorus. Say something nice about him[View]
35955469Meta: Has there ever been a /vp/ thread without an insult in it? Genuinely curious.[View]
35951592Starting to not like gen2: Team: feralgator heracross raticate jolteon arcanine noctowl Jumped in bl…[View]
35952456With Pokemon permanently going to bigger consoles, do you think future Pokemon cities will be big, i…[View]
35952706Your favorite pokemon is the worst pokemon. try to prove me wrong. you can't btw[View]
35952683こんにちは: かっこいいですね。[View]
35951238Hey vp, i'm looking for a good rpg maker fan game. I tried Uranium but it didn't work prop…[View]
35949534Chipmunk: Chipmunk[View]
35950165Does Lana need new clothes? Preferably, skintight ones? Her current ones are very unfeminine, she lo…[View]
35952474Can we get a Lunala thread going, please? Post your favorite space bat.[View]
35954185why did they make it sexy[View]
35943996ITT: Your Pokemon storyline and your favorite Pokemon and why My favorite Pokemon is Machoke! I neve…[View]
35948271WTF GAMEFREAK.: How is it that steel is not weak agaits water, where is the logic of that WATER LITE…[View]
35950642Do you feel anything when you listen the original Viridian City theme? Does it bring any particular …[View]
35951618I went to hard on my Spritzee, how do I fix it?[View]
35951961alright /vp/ i need someone with scanner and heartgold copy to scan the cartridge front and post it …[View]
35952193>'Gen 5 is the worst Gen!' >'Black and White are the worst games because I can't just use…[View]
35952269Anyone willing to trade an aromatisse for a spritzee holding the sachet item it is on the GTS under …[View]
35952247This is the best elite four[View]
35949395Hilda thread!: Best girl.[View]
35944218How will they ruin these?[View]
35944194What are the chances that Gorochu and the Silver beta mons are gen 8? I heard this rumour somewhere[View]
35951608Favourite Pokémon that you never use?: Here's one of mine.[View]
35949451What's your current team? What do you plan to add? How far along are you?[View]
35946585Lillie is getting married![View]
35951898this is my bromon hes been witb me since he was a little popplio say something heartwarming to him[View]
35947178why isnt he wearing a shirt or something? ahouldnt theu have designed him with a shirt or a hawaii c…[View]
35943548There was an interesting thread on /vr/ about how people first discovered Pokemon, and I told my sto…[View]
35949246Dusk Mane Necrozma: This is Dusk Mane Necrozma's Party Icon in higher resolution. Say something…[View]
35942752Where did the soul go?[View]
35950430Celebi: The Voice of the Forest: Did you like the ending twist in M04? Was Celebi attracted to Sam?…[View]
35951409Goodnight /vp/: No plushie tonight :( but I got a Masterball[View]
35951658hello i was wondering if someone could inject a tapu lele for me since my laptop is acting wonky, th…[View]
35947837/pgg/ - Pokémon GO General: Water Festival Ending Soon Edition >Official Pokémon Go Updates http:…[View]
35947012Showderp:Yugioh Edition: Welcome to the Shadow Realm! Our pharaoh, named Champ, is going to duel the…[View]
35943943Why Heliolisk is so underrated /vp/ Also Heliolisk thread?[View]
35951578I'm going to leave my pokefu here for a sec. Watch her for me, m'kay? I'll brb[View]
35950722Objectively Wrong Opinions: Wormadam is the best Pokemon.[View]
35949219Has this been scanned? Do any non-h doujins get scanned and translated?[View]
35936939What is your Pokesona, /vp/?[View]
35948052Ambipom: This is Ambipom. Say something nice to[View]
35946609That'll be $110 plus tip[View]
35950910Yo kai watch copying Pokémon go[View]
35947803Swearing: Swearing would make the games better. Think of how cool it would be if an NPC said fuck or…[View]
35913443Villain Thread: It's finally friday[View]
35950965Genwun: What defines a 'genwunner' ? I heavily prefer the pokemon from gen 1 and 2, am I a genwunner…[View]
35946371How do i bring myself to erase game saves? Im tired of buying extra copies.[View]
35950259Diancie is crying[View]
35950564I demand more art for best betamon![View]
35950878https://youtu.be/dAP0_pRp1Do member this[View]
35948416ITT: pokemon who were created solely to show off mechanics and nothing more[View]
35947173Electivire Appreciation Thread: Before I start the thread, i'd like to say that, these threads …[View]
35949547CRINGE THREAD: >Buying Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon Ultimate cringe.[View]
35950597This is nutty I know I'm late but sliver version was my favorite, good memories of it and it wa…[View]
35950358Is there a Pokemon that has a shittier life than Paras/Parasect? >born infected with a fungus tha…[View]
35945935Fix their teams: Revamp an entire region gym roster. Do it in any order...just, for the love of God,…[View]
35950143Dream Ball Genies: Is there a place that can gen some therian formes Landorus, Thundurus and Tornadu…[View]
35946846How would you get out of a situation like this?[View]
35950283What is Hilda dancing to?[View]
35946164Buff UU and lower mons: >Fire/Fairy typing >Magic Guard >Rough Play Magic physical sweeping…[View]
35948081>she may possibly get banned from Ubers along with her evolved form Say something nice to this ba…[View]
35948500Hex Maniac? More like... TROLL MANIAC. This bitch annoyed us with that stupid 'you're not the o…[View]
35950187/vp/ votes for Best Pokémon of All Time: ROUND 1.32: >Tangrowth vs Probopass https://strawpoll.co…[View]
35949139Lucario Image Thread: You know the drill. Post dragon Pokemon.[View]
35946359>Most popular Gen 7 game girl >Most popular Gen 7 anime girl How do we stop this madwoman?…[View]

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