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/vp/ - Pokémon

Displaying 538 expired threads from the past 3 days

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36809816Lusamine thread: Post best MILF![View]
36812291You faggots caused this to happen. Fucking die.[View]
36811999>two copies of Pokémon Let's Go Pikachu and Pokémon Let's Go Eevee, please…[View]
36809848>LGPE tries to attract Pkmn Go players to the franchise >the game is made specifically for tod…[View]
36813895>Every Pokemon game allows you to choose from 3 starters >LGPE forces you to buy both versions…[View]
36807997Showderp: Ducc Edition: Welcome to Showderp! Where (we) give mother duck (dubbed champ) six duckling…[View]
36812086Electric type thread[View]
36813257Being cold sucks. Post pokémon feeling cool instead.[View]
36810113Fire type thread.[View]
36810913This is the design that won the 4chan Virtual Youtuber competition. What would her signature mon be?…[View]
36803168Shiny Poipole Code: I don't want it, so you can have it, nerds[View]
36813458Fighting type thread[View]
36813728You come to the wrong neighborhood pokefucker[View]
36808696What's with the Elite 4 in this game[View]
36803994>completely outclasses the original form in every way[View]
36813136Hi /vp/, here are some free Zeraora codes (I'm US so not sure where they will work). Have a nic…[View]
36813352Flying type thread[View]
36659070For me, it’s Gold.[View]
36809817>burgers wake up >masuda shitposting starts…[View]
36809830Smug Pokemon thread. Post really smug Pokemon.[View]
36809628I need good fangames or romhacks, I've played through Storm Silver, Clover and Glazed, normal p…[View]
36812215Holo present: Hey /vp/ I would like to make a gift to my nephew who is 7 years old and is a collecto…[View]
36811993Fairy type thread[View]
36812048Normal type thread[View]
36813338Ghost type thread[View]
36809648>you suddenly turn into your favorite pokemon >your moves are based off of your personality …[View]
36746966/nuzgen/ Nuzlocke General: nuzgen-/nuzlocke general/ Alpha AF Ruby Edition Previous: >>3673327…[View]
36811254Is this dude dumb[View]
36813227Ice type thread[View]
36811480Ghost types: Ghost types are now immune to fairy moves. How does the meta change?[View]
36799050>Every pokemon is now three times bigger >Every pokemon would still not be as tall as you is n…[View]
36813186>tfw happy LGPE is happening because Gamefreak is putting everything wrong with the series into o…[View]
36812587Alright /vp/ let’s see which pokégirl is best girl In pokemon no pokemilfs that’s a poll for another…[View]
36813075What if we just made our own pokemon games? Not clover, not sage, just a genuine attempt at making a…[View]
36809449Why is this stupid bitch so goddamn useless in the Battle Tree[View]
36811545Buy LGPE[View]
36811079gen 5 it's no masterpiece[View]
36809294Is it cheating if I used 4 max revives to beat Cynthia?[View]
36812683What Pokemon like Magnet Rise the most? Pic related[View]
36811287Who's her and why have the best doujins? She have 6 doujins and 5/6 are excellent, that's …[View]
36808933>Silvally >PorygonZ >Crobat >Lucario >Zoroark >Weavile >Kanto Starter How can g…[View]
36801970ITT: Pokemon used by Chads[View]
36802951How is this even allowed?[View]
36810538ITT: Flavor of the gen Pokemon: >Hyped up in Gen 6 >Nowhere to be seen in Gen 7, has already f…[View]
36800111Dont care what gamefreak apologists & Masudafags have to say. this fucking abomination is gen 8,…[View]
36811137Fuck Inshiteroar, Can Delphox be promoted again instead?: Our lovable and precious queen phox.…[View]
36809298Fan MMOs: Have any of you messed around with any of the big fan MMOs (PokeMMO, Revolution Online, Po…[View]
36795992/cat/ - Caturday #41: [View]
36812190Make Masuda Happy[View]
36810711TWITCH - Pokemon Marathon: >starts in roughly 1 hour Are you hyped for the _entire_ cast having c…[View]
36811800Does anyone else love OHKO moves?[View]
36809682What is happening to this franchise?[View]
36810449I wonder if all of you will still be laughing if Pokémon actually dies, because the you will have no…[View]
36808559best girl: can we get a courtney thread going?[View]
36811600Rowlet is in love[View]
36805338So why exactly a flying chandelier is very popular?[View]
36811281Are Rescue Team Red and Explorers of Sky unironically the best overall Pokemon related games?[View]
36806219Have you ever caught a pokemon that made you literally shake?[View]
36807667Rock (or Ice) will be buffed only if Game Freak decides to make a Lucario with either of those two t…[View]
36799688Charizard fire starter Greninja water starter Decidueye grass starter Smash already has a fire and w…[View]
36809217Thinking about getting pic related. I've never played a mystery dungeon game before. What am I …[View]
36809518Ein gruseliges Halloween kommt zu Pokemon GO!: Ein gruseliges Halloween kommt diese Woche zu Pokemon…[View]
36809612i know it's in fashion to shit on gen 7 now but i loved the story of SM to bits! i played USUM …[View]
36810068With mid-gen Pokémon now being a thing, I think he has a chance. Wouldn't it be cool if a Pokém…[View]
36810440Why is Ground-type so awesome, /vp/?[View]
36809832The Rival was originally friendly due to system limitations: >Pokémon series director Junichi Mas…[View]
36810226have a pokemon tcg greentext on the house: >be me >go to weekly league >have like 4 decks b…[View]
36807023Post art of Pokémon characters without their official outfits.[View]
36808962Piplup is next build a bear[View]
36807545>Bunny pokemon >High influence from bunny suits >Isn't invisible to everyone except th…[View]
36810553May we please have a Bianca thread? no brapfags allowed[View]
36808229Would they ever censor anhtbing in a pokemon game?[View]
36807940Just started playing Pokemon Jessie version I picked Jessie as my starter and got caught Jessie and …[View]
36808325ITT: a pokemon which should've been categorized as a baby pokemon: why larvae can lay eggs and …[View]
36809976What if Gamefreak sells Pokemon to Niantic[View]
36807453Anyone can help me transfering this mon to s/m? didnt find a thread to post this[View]
36809957Pokemon team: flygon (ground, dragon)(ability-levitate) >dragon claw >stone edge >thunder p…[View]
36809097I hate Cosmog.: I hate it's design. I hate it's shiny. I hate it's stats. I hate it…[View]
36809740He needs to be killed: http://www.siliconera.com/2018/10/21/pokemon-director-junichi-masuda-explains…[View]
36804092I still want those D/P/PT remakes[View]
36810291U mad gaijin ?[View]
36803046B/W1 Elesa Thread: This is the superior design and no-one can prove me wrong.[View]
36807486Name my band[View]
36810154Get in here and draw some fucking pokemon. https://skribbl.io/?Q76fQVSyan List used: https://pastebi…[View]
36809650I just got wrecked by Fantina wtf[View]
36809782ITT: pokeMEN[View]
36803870>physical Electric type[View]
36809484So what’s the fucking hold up now? The Zeroara event is now live but Aus/NZ don’t have anything and …[View]
36688182Is he the greatest character?[View]
36809646PoGo shiny spawn pattern thread: Does anyone know how shiny pokemon spawn in Pokemon Go specially in…[View]
36804171this is your protagonist(male) for gen 8: say something nice about him[View]
36809607I've did it. I just preordered LGP + Pokeball. Just to become Slowpoke Master. AMA[View]
36808250>we will never get a Gen 3 remake in the style/engine of Gen 5 >got a rushed out the door slap…[View]
36807749/pgg/ - Pokémon GO General: Fighting Normies Edition >Official Pokémon Go Updates http://pokemon…[View]
36808285It's OK for a Pokemon to basically be a walking(?) joke. Games are supposed to be fun, therefo…[View]
36806613Masuda here, AMA: Hello, it’s me Masuda. Ask me life’s questions and I’ll answer them[View]
36809327I'm a genwunner AMA[View]
36803404>we want the Gintama audience[View]
36809358mods are asleep, post fat piakchu[View]
36807857Jesus. These LGPE shills are something else I tell you.[View]
36808745>Badly poisoned >No badly burned/paralyzed/frozen…[View]
36808648You know.. Pokemon is the only...the ONLY franchise that repeated spits in the face of it's aud…[View]
36804206Any news about this?[View]
36803616Masuda explains why rivals are your friends now: 'I think the biggest reason that rivals were more o…[View]
36809229i feel bad using their alternate forms because they require absorbing another mon[View]
36807669lets have a thread where we just post our favorite pokemon and say something nice about eachother[View]
36809035ITT: describe plots or other events as vaguely as possible. I'll start alphabet soup turns the …[View]
36803397Your /vp/ and Pokémon confessions and unpopular opinions, hand em over[View]
36809130Is this guy retarded? It totally does the opposite of what people want.[View]
36809128So, anons, what's the current way to prepare your system for injecting? I've never done th…[View]
36809146Damn /vp/ I miss pokemon: I immigrate from /tv/, how are you[View]
36807345What is the most brutal looking Z Move?[View]
36809103>Pokemon Special: B2/W2 chapters >characters suck, it sucks, the only one who comes off as dec…[View]
36808824>tfw no hurricane[View]
36808256I want to hug a Vulpix.[View]
36798310The Arceus Problem: Does anyone else feel like Game Freak played themself by making Arceus? I mean t…[View]
36808833How soon do you think the LGPE switch nsp will get leaked? Few days? A week? Which one do you think …[View]
36808837Monotype playthrough thread. What type and what gen did you do? Which do you want to do in the futur…[View]
36808748Would you read it?[View]
36808774Is there anything related to Pokémon that you are blackpilled about, /vp/?[View]
36808845How would you feel if they brought back the Game Corner complete with Slot Machines and everything i…[View]
36807101>things from LGPE that gen 8 shoukd keep Walking with pokémon Overworld pokemon >Thinks they s…[View]
36802723>Forgotten Pokemon doomed forever with terrible movepools[View]
36805566New Moves/Abilities Ideas: ITT: Come up with a new move or ability, and think of what pokemon would …[View]
36806536Name Rater won't let me rename my Pokemon: I'm playing Crystal and decided to trade my Wee…[View]
36807416For me, it's Ash and Charmander sharing a menacing laugh.[View]
36805115What was his point? or even exist?[View]
36805644Pokémon that undisputably deserve a cross-gen evo in Gen VIII.[View]
36803631China is the new region:: Tell me 3 pros and 3 cons about this decision.[View]
36808362Can we have a pokemon crossover thread[View]
36780025Was it leaked on purpose?[View]
36800424i feel bad for the next-gen rival gladion raised the bar way too high[View]
36808173Hopefully we have a trailer like the BW2 again some day... Every time I see it I get excited. https…[View]
36807972Design A Mega: GameFreak's never gonna make another so we might as well Mega Infenape Fire/Flyi…[View]
36805352Reminder that they're more popular than your favorite mon.[View]
36807329Apologize. Apologize RIGHT now and Masuda will stop.[View]
36804220Sequel when?[View]
36807959Does anyone have a quick rundown on viable homebrew/PKHEX methods available rn?[View]
36807799How often do you mash through npc dialogue? I do it a lot, I kind of regret it.[View]
36807871muh dick[View]
36807829Why did they waste this sexy design in such a shit game?[View]
36801322showderp: dogars.ml showderp.booru.org !kKmFDaUd1s >>36794604 lurk more[View]
36806665Do you want more color variants to pokemon like stadium did?[View]
36800718Favorite Mythical: https://www.strawpoll.me/16686157 Also feel free to rank them[View]
36807717Would current GF do something like this again? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l2swP0AxYLo[View]
36805880/pgg/ - Pokémon GO General: Community Day Edition >Official Pokémon Go Updates http://pokemongol…[View]
36807354>Rage quit >At the end of the series[View]
36807199Welcome to the Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread. Talk about new episodes, old episodes, upcoming epis…[View]
36807442hey /vp/, i wanna get into pokemon,i've only ever finished sapphire and only played a few hours…[View]
36797711The next games should feature Zinnia.[View]
36795463Celesteel thread? I realized I really love this thing but I have almost no pics of it.[View]
36807074Mega electivire Ability: electric surge hp 75 attack 148 +25 defense 87 +20 sp.attack 125 +30 sp.def…[View]
36802207Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread: Welcome to the Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread. Talk about new epis…[View]
36793099Honestly, I love Emboar. Sure, he's a another fire/fighting type and is not the best stat wise.…[View]
36803016Serebii was created 19 years ago today.[View]
36806921Two of each of these First I need you to send me some good shiny juju[View]
36805928is there a romhack that speeds up the Gen 4 battle engine? is this even possible?[View]
36807024Haven't edited pokemon in a while and wondering if possible, My firmware is V11.8.0-041U help a…[View]
36796844Honestly? We were extremely lucky in this timeline.[View]
36805824Got pic related from EBGames for $24 USD. How did I do /vp/? I tested it, it's legit[View]
36806429Kirby location: Hello everyone, i just picked up a copy of Pokemon Fire Red version because i was re…[View]
36790727PTCG/O General: CakePop Edition Old >>36773321 New Player? >https://imgur.com/a/xqVNUmD …[View]
36805348Is this the worst pokemon game of all time? The answer is yes.[View]
36805237Masuda Interview: This guy predicted it all in 2016. Just change a few words. https://www.youtube.co…[View]
36804678Trainers kissing pokemon.: ABOSOLUTELY NO LEWDS. This is a wholesome thread.[View]
36803370>guys check out my super rare cards! I even have all the starters![View]
36804714Reminder that you'll never get a water/fighting or a dragon starter[View]
36806279The graphic for lets go pikachu looks amazing, so real[View]
36805602What if we took Pokémon and made it better?[View]
36804054>Gamestop event[View]
36803530Zeraora and Shiny Poipole codes for Trade: I've got 4 Zeraora and 2 Shiny Poipole codes! I…[View]
36806498Did Game Freak stop putting effort into their games because they realize no matter how shitty the ga…[View]
36805304>Oh yeah...that was a thing.[View]
36806357How would you feel about Procedurally generated shinies?[View]
36789442vulpine vriday: every week, here at phox phriday, fox friday, or whatever we gather to celebrate the…[View]
36805900Wallace is the obvious Jannetty, but who was the Michaels?[View]
36805795Masuda is laughing at us[View]
36806344An earlier thread inspired me to breed up my own Chandelure. Which ability is best? My Litwick is Bo…[View]
36800005What could have been...[View]
36698276Pink Thread: ITT we post anything pink[View]
36800791>We need gen 4 remakes!! Are you sure about that?[View]
36800351Say something nice about your most hated gen and something mean about your favorite gen.[View]
36802549Monotype Team Thread: Which games have you done a monotype playthrough of? Which type did you pick? …[View]
36805126let's play pokemon thread: hey /vp/, let's play some pokemon together, the rules are you c…[View]
36803127ITT: Post designs ruined by 1 bad decision: Why can I see its eyes[View]
36806130ITT: Best Boys of their respective generation[View]
36805994the blatant DISRESPECT for Junichi Masuda I have been seeing online is disgusting, just because peop…[View]
36805882>Lando therian came from B2W2 >/vp/ likes B2W2…[View]
36806059Find a flaw.[View]
36804699Design details you like: >Alolan meowth's coin is bigger then kantonian meowth's coin …[View]
36805699Is Masuda an NPC?[View]
36803776Like poetry Serebii will be simplified to appeal to the masses on its 20th anniversary[View]
36803798Oddish and Bulbasaur are version exclusives in LGPE: https://www.pokemon.com/us/pokemon-news/lets-go…[View]
36803001We still hype?[View]
36804212/vpk/: Why aren't more people in the Pokemon world travelling with their raifus? Also what wou…[View]
36803161/pgg/ - Pokémon GO General: Community Day Edition >Official Pokémon Go Updates http://pokemongol…[View]
36805863>evolves into the 3rd Fire Fighting, Chinese based, Fire starter >doesn´t evolve into some sor…[View]
36805828he cute[View]
36803730It's time. It's time to unban Genesect[View]
36804857mods are asleep post fug mega fug is acceptable too[View]
36802429Die Masuda! You don't berongu in zisu warudo![View]
36803977question: do suspect IV stats result in ban?[View]
36803965Jesus and i thought Kalos was terrible (and it is) but SM is getting despite with these forced refer…[View]
36797904Lgpe cuts out: >wild battles >double battles >triple battles >rotation battles >inve…[View]
36802162Vileplume: My favorite Pokémon is Vileplume. Post any and all art of best flower. Oddish, Gloom, Bel…[View]
36803725Marvelous Bridge Magicarp: You know how in Gen V, in BW2 you can only get a Gyarados by buying a Mag…[View]
36802770Manectric thread: What does /vp/ think of Manectric?[View]
36804523What's her team /vp/?[View]
36802667What's your favorite type and what's your top 3 from that type, anon?: Mine is Poison, fol…[View]
36801853Bros now with the internet of payment in the Switch we will have to pay in 8gen 20 $ to be able to e…[View]
36799309Sinnoh should get a prequel: Of course shitfreak would and could never do it but imagine how neat a …[View]
36804775Choose One Mon: >you're walking through the pokemon world >this motherfucker appears You …[View]
36803386Primarina hate thread: This Tumblrwhale deserves more hate[View]
36804517do we still do redraw threads, /vp/?[View]
36803733Generation 8 will have minimum 124 Pokemon. Here is the explanation: Every gen has a number with th…[View]
36803752TWITCH - Pokemon Marathon: >10/21 - Pokémon: Zoroark: Master of Illusions >30 mins Get in here…[View]
36766176/pmdg/ - Pokémon Mystery Dungeon general: Divine Cybermancy edition Last thread: >>36743230 …[View]
36792631Did anyone actually beat this as a child?[View]
36804537can someone explain why the anime and in its art , Alolan dugtrio as vastly different from base dugt…[View]
36801496The faggot nigger 'A' pokemon can SUCK MY COCK fuck whoever likes these shitty kike bitches. Abomasn…[View]
36802640While I still hate their typings, these guys grew on me allot[View]
36798680itt: final stages that ruin the entire evolution line[View]
36804118>friend just said Alolan Vulpix was the 'shiny evolution of vulpix' What do I do, /vp/?…[View]
36803164The Zubat line has no reason to be Poison type other than the fact that the Dark type didn't ex…[View]
36803561wtf I love object mons now. also general fakemon thread - what's missing as a pkm or type comb…[View]
36802285?: The truth is always one[View]
36800077Is this for real?: https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/boards/240025-pokemon-lets-go-pikachu/77093525/9108…[View]
36801627This is what a real fan looks like. Honestly, /could/ would be a lot better if it was more positive …[View]
36803449ITT: Things Pokémon NPCs say[View]
36777338Blue dog?[View]
36793797Cynthia thread?: >tfw my big tittied, 10/10, naturally blonde twin sister is dressing up as cynth…[View]
36788643Underrated Themes?: what are some cream of the crop themes from the franchise? Gen I to Gen VII are …[View]
36785571You can go to the Pokemon world but the downside is you have to date a Yandere[View]
36802605At last, we know who Ash's father is.[View]
36802880If Gen 5 killed Pokemon, why did they only start global releases AFTER it? Wouldnt it be the opposit…[View]
36803436Should I even bother playing let's go if I'm new to the series or should I just wait for 2…[View]
36798820He actually fixed decidueye[View]
36803246Officer Lana and Officer Sophocles here. You guys aren't up to any illegal activities, are you?[View]
36801933Why the fuck did they change them? It's so good.[View]
36800421Just curious about something: post >first ever pokemon game you played/owned >favorite starter…[View]
36794963Itt: we post what wont make it into LGPE just to see how big the thread can get[View]
36802664>Splishy Splash[View]
36803249>le epic reference What happened to nu-anime?[View]
36795595I want to believe[View]
36800430So why does Game Freak not do cross-gen evos anymore? the last cross-gen we got was Sylveon, and tha…[View]
36802969> Being a child > Wanting to evolve a Pokémon > Needs to search on internet how it evolves …[View]
36801127USUM > LGPE[View]
36803163Kanto AGAIN reeeeeeeeeee[View]
36800775/pgg/ - Pokémon GO General: >yfw someone hands you these edition >Official Pokémon Go Updates …[View]
36801906ITT: terrible middle stage evoultions[View]
36803152LGPE Challenges: Do you think these games will have fun challenge runs? Say you didn't use tha…[View]
36803044Here's the deal Anon: Your least favorite Pokémon will be exterminated, shattered to pieces, to…[View]
36801347Is pokebank a bad idea? Has anyone actually lost pokemon because of it?[View]
36802791What's your favourite?[View]
36801914Where is the porn[View]
36802135What was up with all those little place holder pokemon?[View]
36796853Severely underrated waifus thread[View]
36793794new pokemon, check serebii![View]
36802832Where can I watch this with English subs? Has anyone watched it? How would you rate it /10?[View]
36801707How many pokemon do you actually level ? I try to do 3 or 4 because it's more fun, but even th…[View]
36776619/woof/ wednesday: where the fuck is my biweekly dog thread? last one was made 2 weeks ago[View]
36801220here's your new smash rep bro[View]
36802617They're using thunder as armor![View]
36798664Fuck you, it's a Lillie thread: sweetest/purest pokegirl You can't change my mind[View]
36801646Is it worth $75 bros?[View]
36799453Your Reaction: Game Freak creates a villain that's a Take That towards /vp/. What would your th…[View]
36799282Anyone else unironically hyped for leak season next year?[View]
36797123Is Joe stupid?[View]
36799839what would your job most likely be if pokemon were real? >tfw working as an apricorn maker in a b…[View]
36802345Find a flaw.[View]
36791868I can't wait until this shitty piece of trash is completely forgotten by Gen 8 next year. Worst…[View]
36794315very rare leaks[View]
36799154who /soft reset hell/ for jolly/naive in here[View]
36801379Who is Ash’s best Pokémon, and why is it Bulbasaur?[View]
36802515A thread for us fellow girls. >which gen was your first >favorite vs trainer melody >least …[View]
36801244Jolly or Adamant Zeraora?: Does jolly nature make sense for Zeraora considering it's already so…[View]
36800764Lets see how they stack up huh? Yokai Watch's 3d Models >Bouncy and Expressive >Properly …[View]
36800595Pancham thread. Pangoro is welcome.[View]
36802004Why are all of the special pokemon only available via Gamestop/Target/Best Buy codes? What happened …[View]
36795400Post characters who would make excellent Pokémons.[View]
36792093>It took him 6 generations to become viable. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA[View]
36801417Can Owlfags be ANY more cringey?[View]
36796169Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread: Welcome to the Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread. Talk about new epis…[View]
36799761Need something to help me complete this trio.[View]
36798871Ultra Space: This shit has forever ruined any chance of Pokémon having decent worldbuilding or lore …[View]
36801011GETTA BAN BAN[View]
36799070Why would you use triple kick over double kick?[View]
36798997What went wrong?: The exception being Ash capturing Heracross.[View]
36801688dawn thread frens[View]
36801732Today my nephew asked me if Brock likes Joy or Jenny more. Im pretty sure Brock has feelings for ne…[View]
36800656Why has the best item never made a return after Platinum? Is it just too much extra dialogue for Gam…[View]
36801601Question: Do the Denjuu from Telefang remind you of Gen 1 Pokémon?[View]
36801556You are now accutely aware that Roserade's flowers look like fidget spinners.[View]
36801281What does /vp/ think of trap Meowth?[View]
36798883What is the best pokemon game released on the GBA, DS, and 3DS and why? And I mean out of all of tho…[View]
36801255These games, including Platinum, have suprisingly good dialogue compared to the others.: What went r…[View]
36801095For the love of god don't pee on your pokemon, they don't deserve this fate[View]
36801271Daily reminder that all of the 3DS games are good and it's ok to like them, except for SM becau…[View]
36791928Zeraora codes thread (US): Can someone spare a code? There's a lot of places where they won…[View]
36801237Just bought a $99 eShop card for both LGPE and Smash Ultimate, lads. We in there. Only a few weeks u…[View]
36791874Be honest... Fire starters keep getting better and better how will that ever top Incineroar?[View]
36800450Poll Time, Baby: https://www.strawpoll.me/16685982[View]
36787714Plushie thread[View]
36799572Who else is jumping ship to the CHAD game studio?[View]
36787759Did Gen II have the worst girls? >Whitney cries when you beat her >Jasmine is a genuine autis…[View]
36800987Pokemon Switch Eeveelution come in 3 in 2019! Gen 8 LEAK: > There's more than one Eeveelutio…[View]
36800740>tfw I work for Gamefreak >tfw Sevii Islands on Let's Go >tfw DLC with 2nd Gen ready f…[View]
36798233NT: Mons, who has his stolen places by another pokemon in his generation Thief: Gardevoir[View]
36800895I just caught a Shiny Minccino, but I’m not sure if I want to evolve it or not[View]
36795022What was the thought process?[View]
36797428>You're just a kid! Would Iris have gotten as moist as Serena if she traveled with Kalos Ash…[View]
36799927Here's the pizza that you ordered anon.[View]
36798566I think Zekrom has the best tail of all pokemon. People don't realize how hardcore it is for a …[View]
36795946Baby pokemon are born[View]
36798569Comfy Gen 8 Hype Thread: Fuck it. Now that Gen 7 is on its way out the door and LGPE turned out to …[View]
36800182Find a flaw.[View]
36798293/pgg/ - Pokémon GO General: Halloween Event When Edition >Official Pokémon Go Updates http://pok…[View]
36790284What went right ?[View]
36800399Would you add it to your team?: Skullarv - Level 25 (nighttime) -> Capsoul - Level 45 (nighttime)…[View]
36799666Find a flaw.[View]
36799488I'm glad this thot is gone forever, worst character ever[View]
36799623ITT: we draw shitty MS Paint comics detailing stupid ways to kill Masuda: Subject says it.[View]
36796315>stop Team Rockets take over of silph co >stop Team Rockets takes over of the radio tower >…[View]
36799167i've suffered from depression for a long time. pokemon used to give me a positive outlet and fo…[View]
36798135So have the mods just given up on this board? There's literally like one specific rule for /vp/…[View]
36800088riolu is gay gay!![View]
36799744so cuuuuuuuute![View]
36794604Showderp: Imperalist Edition: Here we give the emperor 6 samurai for him to overthrow the bakufu …[View]
36797613Code for a shiny Poipole, first come first serve, good luck /vp/ A879SD24PNJPUHWW[View]
36799752Find a flaw.[View]
36799643Honestly, Pokemon people are the best people They'll help you evolve your Magmar, they'll…[View]
36798815So I've been hearing that LGPE is gonna be the last game Masuda is directing but is it true? I …[View]
36796552Where are your certificates, /vp/?[View]
36794861Rate my Cactune Team: I made a Cacturne team on Showdown. Please rate it. Please also say which is y…[View]
36794962>Ash will never have this pure connection with his Pokemon The one he has now is fake and unjust.…[View]
36799058Starter Wars Are Over!: well fellas we finally figured it out. turns out the person in the fursuit w…[View]
36797948Lycanroc has appeared in the anime more than any Alolan Pokemon. Being owned by Cross, Olivia, Gladi…[View]
36799600>Literally a carbon copy of Santalune Forest from XY Why are these games so lazy?…[View]
36799614Songs that could be pokemon songs https://youtu.be/ds4gZ6pwg6U[View]
36798292POKENCHI EPISODE 157: What is Pokenchi? Read this info guide: http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthrea…[View]
36799404In LeafGreen Is there any places you could leave a Pokémon other than the two day cares? I’m trying …[View]
36794343Anyone else here /don't miss crossgen evolutions?/[View]
36794914Fuck you, I liked it[View]
36787278ITT: Pokemon references in other games: Pic related: The Staff of Ideals, a DLC weapon in Hyperdimen…[View]
36796263*rings* Would you answer, /vp/?[View]
36798243Treecko is green[View]
36797093gen 8 leaks[View]
36798083Comfy Trainer Thread: If you were a travelling trainer, what Pokemon would you have and why? You hav…[View]
36798901Positive points about UM: Is it worth buying for the event-free legendaries and mega evolutions?…[View]
36798284>tfw looking more foward to the datamine than the actual game[View]
36796940>people actually like this collection of shitmons[View]
36789126So Pokémans are technically Digimonz right?[View]
36798313What if Let's Go had a 'fight' option? >Every encounter starts as now >You can choose to …[View]
36797128What were they thinking with this redesign? He looks like a gay stripper[View]
36796343Blackachu (part of the Thunderbolt Project merchandise line)[View]
36798981I just found out my copy of emerald is a bootleg how do i stop the game from getting erased?[View]
36798554is this the best battle tower reskin?[View]
36796282Anyone changed their mind on Pokémon go switch? I'm thinking of getting it[View]
36793686Why did ORAS flop?[View]
36798739It could be that Platinum is the best Pokémon game, as it knows how to properly distribute the extra…[View]
36797399>Be me >in high school >love vidya and music >have a crush on 10/10 qt3.14 >one day s…[View]
36798656Does liking Pokémon bring pain to your life?[View]
36798161What is/are the first pokemon that come to your mind when you think about each generation?[View]
36798493Is there any good hack that successfully adapted the anime to the games? I've heard of Naranja/…[View]
36798316Is this what they call a headcanon?[View]
36798535>She will never ever be back ;-;[View]
36798047Mew's New Island!: No one will vote but eh....worth a try i guess.... http://www.strawpoll.me/1…[View]
36797688Code for Reshiram and Zekrom: Here ya go! A8753KPZQ8TKK3FT[View]
36797862How would you feel if Pokemon gets a Live Action Movie directed by M Night Shyamalan?[View]
36798217>Incineroar is fursuiter Sore wa douka na?[View]
36796537Help me design the CORROS region.: Where should each icon go? Should I start over? Should I expand t…[View]
3679346018 days before the datamine[View]
36794946/pgg/ - Pokémon GO General: Hunting Pokéthots Edition >Official Pokémon Go Updates http://pokemo…[View]
36791438Gen 7 is about to end...and we still don't know which character is inside this fursuit: Any spe…[View]
36795277Will we ever get away from the urban style pokemon maps? Mauville was 'okay' but I wanna go back to …[View]
36793623i want a pokémon game with a soundtrack composed by shoji meguro[View]
36797500What moveset would have Naruto characters ?: In my opinion Naruto: Fighting Type - Aura Sphere (Rase…[View]
36797852Pick a team based on pokemon that represent your interests, career and personality. Explain your cho…[View]
36748460/shw/ - Shiny Hunt Weekends: Shiny Hunt Weekends - copied posts from nyafuu archive because we could…[View]
36789977They are just few characters but LazyFreak didn't even bother to make them look unique. Good Go…[View]
36794846LGPE: Some gyms will have level barriers. 'Although the conditions of each Gym vary—such as having P…[View]
36796638Garbceus Nature: Naive, Jolly, or Timid? On the one hand, he learns a lot of special attacks, but on…[View]
36797130Best Pokémon Champion in the Pokémon series! How did she do it, /vp/?[View]
36796639This was posted on the 15th on the official site, but I haven't anyone bring it up here: https:…[View]
36797107BASED masuda MANSPREADING and showing that bitch whos in charge[View]
36796850>Randomly coming across a mememon Man what are the chances?[View]
36784498Pure kino[View]
36794050>Year 6 of Landorus-T in OU >not using a hail team What's your excuse?…[View]
36797236Which character is the most blatant fujobait?[View]
36794941Help: What does the third one mean????[View]
36758408/rheg/ - ROM Hacking, Pokémon Essentials and Fan Game Development General: This thread's questi…[View]
36797081why are the 3d models in 6gen + so shit? even gale had better models[View]
36757176/fsg/ - Funmon Solorun General: This is our lives now edition Old thread >>36744635 Finish a g…[View]
36796481>I use Pokemon people on the internet tell me are good for competitive play…[View]
36795152>ruins you're anime[View]
36797005Browsing /vp/ on a Saturday? God you're pathetic[View]
36796437The Owl and the Pussy-cat: The Owl and the Pussy-cat went to sea In a beautiful pea-green boat, They…[View]
36786935Wonder why they cant let go of Kanto hmmm[View]
36796996AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YPdINxosWjw[View]
36771639ITT: Cool Pokemon merch[View]
36796754Let us suppose that humans also had types. Although, instead of manipulating elements, they were jus…[View]
36794082What was the point of the Island Scan Pokemon?: They serve no purpose in the context of the story an…[View]
36790336Would the meta benefit from all moves doing less damage? Majority of Pokemon are too frail, and die …[View]
36795420>in an alternate dimension, all pokemon games were sequels to their past games >gen 1 & 2 …[View]
36796439fug thread: groudon and kyorge also allowed, I'm starting a folder[View]
36796927Should I replay it? I only played it when it came out and don't remember much of it at all, onl…[View]
36795528PAL Code for a shiny Poipole. First come first serve.[View]
36796875I feel like voice acting Eevee was a mistake for the international release. Pikachu was fine because…[View]
36791008Would you agree that Johto had the best looking starters and Hoenn had the ugliest?[View]
36795419OK, guys, we gotta rap some Pokémon. You just do the singing. I'll take care of the hard part. …[View]
36796304If you use Glalie online you dont deserve to exist. >winning 3-1 lead >asshole protects >do…[View]
36796438Is he the most redpilled poketuber? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g9iHLYdLp4g[View]
36794922>even if gen 8 turns out to be good, they'll most likely dumb down the control scheme in ord…[View]
36796377>Greninja used Ice Beam! >The foe's Chansey is frozen! >Chansey switched out, x sent o…[View]
36791776Why did Gen 1 pokemon have so many recycled features. Shit like how Arbok's body is just Nidoki…[View]
36794134Today I will remind them[View]
36795326some men just want to watch the world burn[View]
36794831Yo guys, I wanted to know if we ever knew the evolution conditions, movesets and towns/cities from t…[View]
36796123How do I make money from Pokemon?[View]
36790481fixed Lillie: fixed Lillie[View]
36793002>play crystal and yellow VC after more than a decade, almost 2 >absolutely horrible My two fav…[View]
36793602I hope that GameFreak goes bankrupt and Monolith Soft takes over for the mainline Pokemon games. A m…[View]
36796266I need a European Poipole code: I really need a Poipole code if you want I can give you Zeraora code…[View]
36793905This is him[View]
36795888>TemTem has a better type chart than Pokemon[View]
36791784The new game's Pikachu is as strong as a Timid 31 IV Mega Charizard Y with fully invested SpAtk…[View]
36796059hey, who the fuck put the Mewtwo sticker on my car???[View]
36781611Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread: Welcome to the Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread. Talk about new epis…[View]
36796072Leave Gladion to us![View]
36795563>the board is completely overrun by LGPE hate >instead of reflecting on what caused that shitt…[View]
36793695The development of gen 1/2 is well-documented here, but what about gen 3? When did the development a…[View]
36795902Lusamine thread: Best MILF coming through![View]
36795849I'll borrow a Town Map from my sis! I'll tell her not to lend you one[View]
36794001guys incineroar is the best starter so far[View]
36795807as much as I love the guy, I'm glad he exists to be ignored: At the very least, his suffering h…[View]
36795764What would happen if you combined a Pokemon with a human child?[View]
36795773Funmon Run Thread where?: Hey guys, I'm the guy who was doing a Snubbull solo run in HeartGold.…[View]
36795427Masuda will cut the first appearance of my waifu in the Sinnoh remakes?[View]
36794848>The EV reducing berries were completely unavailable in pokemon black and white. jesus, no wonder…[View]
36785512You will learn to accept and love Pokemon LGBT: >Among those who have tried the game, some may fe…[View]
36792327I tink Pokemon get stale, so I make Burakku and Waito You hate Burakku and Waito, so I forrow RB and…[View]
36793374Why isn't it possible to have a Pokémon themed room without looking like the world's bigge…[View]
36778166Wooper Wednesday!: It's been too long. Happy Wooper Wednesday![View]
36795361chaining HA jamango-o first good picture decides what ball will give away any rejects with 4EM+HA+Ba…[View]
36755816I haven't slept all night and need to be up in an hour and a half.: Can we have a sleepy Pokémo…[View]
36785265These cats are cute[View]
36795072Which one of you did this?[View]
36790793Perfect 100 iv dragonite with high CP and i can't catch it :([View]
36795178>Go online >Face entire moody team with Double team…[View]
36793175gen 5 is to pokemon what tamers was to digimon: prove me wrong[View]
36795065South of the Board[View]
36790711Hey /vp/ A friend of mine just passed away pretty suddenly. Can we get a cutiefly/ribombee thread pl…[View]
36793889The Christmas merchandise promotion has begun.[View]
36789937>There are no evil pokemon, only evil people who use pokemon Pokemon are intelligent creatures so…[View]
36788552Champion thread?: Champion thread.[View]
36794204Comfy Thread: Post your comfiest images.[View]
36791662/pgg/ - Pokémon GO General: New Loading Screen When? Edition >Official Pokémon Go Updates http:/…[View]
36794565I watched the new We Bare Bears episode and one of the stories was about piracy and then this happen…[View]
36742095SHINKA LEAK !!: ........................................................................ ...........…[View]
36791291Did GF just forget about this?[View]
36794387What Gen does /vp/ loves the most?[View]
36788957Post disappointments.[View]
36791687A legitimate selling point: brutalise masuda[View]
36794538Space shuttle Colombia[View]
36793941Palkia is happy about your suggestion![View]
36786859Showderp: Z-Conversion Electric Soldier Porygon Edition: 1 champ, 6 seizure inducing memes >banne…[View]
36793859>Splishy splash[View]
36793471What went wrong?[View]
36793189>you need to buy this trash to get Mew in the new games Pokemon... DLCs...…[View]
36794014Anyone else hacked Pokemon X?: For all my niggers, have any of you hacked Pokemon for easy money to …[View]
36793613Why is Pokémon's flavor text so weak? Biggest multimedia franchise in the world but the pokedex…[View]
36771964ITT: Moves that exist.[View]
36784805Masuda Thread: I'm building a Masuda folder, post Masuda images[View]
36793112Uhm... have you played it? Kids today are different from 20 years ago, they're more into the ma…[View]
36789890The comfiest place for a Secret Base in ORAS is ___[View]
36785980It's a helmet![View]
36786805Twitch Pokemon Marathon:: End of your Childhood edition twitchpresents Reruns have started.[View]
36791018go for it[View]
36792980>I want an open world Pokémon game >I want a Pokémon game every year PICK ONE…[View]
36793228What went ''right''?[View]
36788987Which other crossovers would sell better than LGPE?[View]
36793334Post music you put on when playing pokémon (vidya or not): I'll start: https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
36791035Prepare for trouble! And make it double! To protect the world from devastation! To unite all peoples…[View]
36778411May we PLEASE have a Lana thread?: Pretty please with a cherry on top?[View]
36785612what went wrong[View]
36793281What would make a good Pokémon game?[View]
36792387Can anyone be more autistic than this?[View]
36790019What's her deal?[View]
36791485Why can’t Pokemon be real?[View]
36791512The absolute state of /vp/[View]
36791372ITT: Pokemon that would be affected most by removal of abilities[View]
36776508>ITT: universally liked pokemon designs, note only taking into account the actual design. not gam…[View]
36792904A Porygon that used Sharpen still wouldn't be even close to being as edgy as Absol.[View]
36792205What did he mean by this?[View]
36793059reshiram/zekrom code: somebody have a code for reshiram and zekrom legends 2018 event i want one pl…[View]
36790737Ash is a fucking idiot.[View]
36793050reshiram/zekrom code: somebody have a code for reshiram and zekrom legends 2018 event i want one pl…[View]
36793025Frog Friday: Post frogs and toads.[View]
36791654Pokémon Let's Go might be 'Bad', but it is not as bad as Harry Potter, one of the dullest franc…[View]
36787489Anyone else glad Lusamine wasn't a Yandere in the Anime[View]
36792852Alienmon Thread: Can we have an alienmon thread?[View]
36792821If you had to guess, which do you think is the most likely mechanic to return in Gen VIII? 1.)New me…[View]
36792804reshiram/zekrom code: somebody have a code for reshiram/zekrom legends 2018 event i want one please…[View]
36792648so what is it they exclaim before battling[View]
36785975I swear to god the people at Bulbapedia just get off on doing shit like this[View]
36790069Which one will you buy?[View]
36792600>Erases every gen except Gen 1 >Makes LGPE afterwards…[View]

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