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36347175showderp: goth edition UGH >>36340420 dogars.ml showderp.booru.org info https://pastebin.com/Q…[View]
36350482Do you ever feel like your team is always too similar? I usually have the generic bird and other com…[View]
36352472I know we're not supposed to take Metacritic that seriously, but what the fuck is this?[View]
36350629I'm gonna start a new run of White soon, how's this team? Honestly aside from Elesa I don…[View]
36348697Electrode is pretty good right?[View]
36352739>Scroll the bulbapaedo page on shippings >mfw there is neither a Ash x Delia shipping nor a Ga…[View]
36345461I want to catch a nice Pokémon and raise it to be my gf[View]
36352657I'm looking for more similar to this. Also silly gifs in general are fine too.[View]
36352509Bulbasaur Plantforme[View]
36349737someday... https://twitter.com/animator1965/status/1028980461148598272[View]
36347920Wants and desires for gen 8?[View]
36352166This is your Pokemon representative in Smash Ultimate. Based Sakurai bringing her back after GF forg…[View]
36337061Drawthread: Previous Drawthread: >>36324202 >Resources https://pastebin.com/PgTRmi1y >NS…[View]
36335665/cat/ - Caturday #32: Better late than never edition You know the drill. Post cats.[View]
36352193PKS: They're staring each other down![View]
36352290I've been out of the injection scene for a while. Is PKSM on the 3DS still safe?[View]
36342246Do you think LGPE will introduce new megas? Do you WANT them to? Personally, I'm torn. Having n…[View]
36349286/pgg/ - Pokémon GO General: Celebi Special Research Edition >Official Pokémon Go Updates http://…[View]
36347980This person is probably trolling, but they bring up a good point.[View]
36349636I've never played Gen 1, should I give it a shot? I love FRLG to death but I never felt like I …[View]
36349979Pokkén Tournament DLC Pack 3 and 4?! KANTO: Pokkén Tournament DX DLC could be coming in 2019 and it …[View]
36352127Take that, Serena![View]
36351905Are there any ROM hacks that are >FRLG with traditional starters >trade evos changed to be obt…[View]
36351599Masuda was on our side, years ago, now he is old and greedy. We need to change this. Any suggestions…[View]
36351496Get out owls and baras this is your real gen 7 newcomer[View]
36349171How would Pokemon benefit from Newgame+?[View]
36349502Best Looking Pokemon: Post, in your opinion, the most beautiful looking pokemon. Pic related, it…[View]
36351222What's the general fandom opinion on Hydreigon?: Might just be me, but so far it's the lea…[View]
36351737Who would win martial arts tournament between all fighting type pokemon? They are allowed only to us…[View]
36328725/ef/ - Eevee Friday - Chill edition: hows ur day been bros[View]
36351571Is a waste of deck slot even a legit argument? It isn't like gamefreak can run out of them or s…[View]
36349277How can we fix Masuda, so that creating games is not so hard for him anymore?[View]
36348487Is he the true villian of the pokemon franchise?[View]
36349815Genwars must be hilarious from an outsider's perspective. Many of those who play the games yet …[View]
36351233HD artwork: Are these the best quality artwork released for these Pokemon and Characters? https://ww…[View]
36345723Remember when Tentaquil officially made it into Scribblenauts that one time?[View]
36350793>LGPEfags will defend this[View]
36349396explain/defend this[View]
36349010Jupiter is thick[View]
36347020Hello Ed Boy: Many doors, yes?[View]
36345440WORSHIP HER[View]
36341410>Electric Terrain Breloom[View]
36350139ITT: ugly mons: not necessarily bad design just ugly. I feel it could be improved with a better colo…[View]
36345366post good fakemons[View]
36350604Pokemon: I fucking need that pokemon[View]
36348828Pokemon: Cool thing I made today[View]
36349239A wolf does not concern itself with the opinion of sheep[View]
36346980Pikachu is a squirrel: The designers of Pikachu said it's based off a squirrel, not a mouse. Fo…[View]
36349365Is it really that hard to make a great game when you have all the ingredients?: Do any of you work d…[View]
36349724Can anyone honestly tell me what the point of lets go is? It's not like gen 1 needed an update …[View]
36343280fairy appreciation thread: What is the best type and why is it fairy?[View]
36350060Golden Zygarde: Say hello to her[View]
36349449Do you think they'll blast off in LGPE?[View]
36350161BUY IT.[View]
36349331this is my daughter[View]
36346813What Yōkai based Pokemon would you like to see in gen 8?[View]
36349758Stop complaining about LGPE. These games are for childrens, not for vet...[View]
36348810Candice is the best Ice-type Gym Leader of all pokémon games. Say something nice about her.[View]
36347255This nigga invades your room and steal your food. What to do?[View]
36337844Woah it's fucking nothing[View]
36349570Does the switch have their own version of achievements/trophies? Will LGPE and Gen 8 have them?[View]
36349418Mfw you shit all over yourself trying to convince me LGPE isnt going to be the best made game in the…[View]
36348731Cursed Pikachus: Post cursed Pikachus[View]
36349374This image is CURSED. Do not open it.[View]
36345509Who is this Pokémon character[View]
36349084>/vp/ during year gaps and dry seasons[View]
36349475>graphics are made shit on purpose to not scare parents but cockfighting to death with your pet i…[View]
36347911Has a day/night cycle been confirmed/deconfirmed for Let's Go?[View]
36346795Which Pokemon would win a battle royale?[View]
36336559>first battle in sprout tower is 3 fucking level 3 Bellsprout Please tell me Trainers get stronge…[View]
36348746>Banishes Giratina: >Doesn't just use god powers to erase him or just zap him into being …[View]
36348122What the fuck was his problem?[View]
36345562/pgg/ - Pokémon GO General: 'Twas The Night Before Celebi Edition >Official Pokémon Go Upda…[View]
36346418Viability: Is Mega Metagross even good in Ubers?[View]
36347579Friendly reminder that >Le gaem for Japanese chiruduren Is a lie and should die…[View]
36344581Why did this line get assloads of hate again? I'm starting to appreciate their goofy charm and …[View]
36341548Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread: Welcome to the Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread. Talk about new epis…[View]
36348970What did they mean by this?[View]
36348762Have you ever played The Sims 2 and remember these games? Yeah, this is basically what LGPE is compa…[View]
36348987Halcyon Days!! What's your peak time? Where everything about Pokemon was perfect. The Game, The…[View]
36348944 [View]
36343607Minor things only you care about: I'm not sure why, but I miss when Eevee was the only Pokémon …[View]
36348877HEY GUYS, DO YOU HAVE A PIKACHU FROM THE MONTHLY 2015-2016 COLLECTION?: Post pics here if you have s…[View]
36348560Headcanon thread?: Do you have any game based headcannons for you team or trainer? Just caught Solga…[View]
36347546>Rewatch Pokemon Heroes >Latios drowned a Kabutops >Drowned a Kabutops >Drowned a water …[View]
36348707Just make this fucking site a Digimon/Pokémon board. Why the fuck would anyone come here between now…[View]
36347835If male Primarina had short hair (i.e. pic related) would that fix the species?[View]
36341848holy shit it really is just sun and moon hd[View]
36344151Does anyone else hope LGPE sell well so hardcore fans stop acting so privileged?: It's time to …[View]
36346758Is anyone else here still playing Magikarp Jump? I spent more time than I'm comfortable in admi…[View]
36338586ITT: Games we’re buying instead of LGPE[View]
36345752Is there any pokemon that you consider to be 'over-designed'? Pic related its the closest thing of o…[View]
36347537No way they will let this slide in. How bad it will be?[View]
36347645What trainer class is this? I checked on Bulbapedia and there isn't a single trainer that uses …[View]
36345763Buy LGPE[View]
36348306Why hasn't the Pokemon Franchise found another developer instead of Gamefreak?: Is there a legi…[View]
36338206Why Are You So Obsessed With Attack Animations: Literally stop. It's not going to happen, get o…[View]
36346958Thoughts on ferrothorn?[View]
36345147Plant appreciation thread.[View]
36347995 [View]
36347447Find a flaw.[View]
36342688Can you believe that this trailer belongs to the most soulless games in the franchise? https://youtu…[View]
36340962Fakemon Thread: We post our fav fakemon here.[View]
36347988Milotic thread: How GOOD was Milotic ACTUALLY?[View]
36348092It is possible to complete the Pokédex in Gen 3 without GameCube games as all Gen 2 Pokémon are avai…[View]
36346642DP subs: Where can I get DP fully subbed pocket monsters fansubs only has the later half of it subbe…[View]
36340106Pokemon rom hacks thread: Post the best rom hack you have ever played.gba or nds doesn't matter…[View]
36347890I missed out on Ultra Sun and Moon, but man is there no other name they could have used? Why not ju…[View]
36346682Hey, I stopped watching pokemon anime during season 2 and I wanted to catch up, but I've heard …[View]
36346484Pokemon's Most Evil Villain: Ghetsis is the most evil and intimidating villain in the main seri…[View]
36347784>Huge Power Slaking[View]
36319005Raichu Thread: Pikachu and Pichu are welcome too[View]
36347205Meanwhile Yokai Watch is going to kill Pokemon[View]
36335253Metagame predictions: So, supposing there are only Mega evolutions we know already, that there are n…[View]
36347473Shutto za fackku up gaijin scum. Yuu wiiru bai my geimu, jastto laiku oruwazu. Sucku mai boruzu pure…[View]
36341051How come /vp/ gives Ohmori a free pass?[View]
36347540Future of PMD: Do you guys think next year we'll get a PMD game for the Switch with the main st…[View]
36343230>current month >still thinking there will be a new Pokémon fighter for Smash…[View]
36345410Can someone explain all the shilling for Let's Go lately?: Why has there been an increase in pe…[View]
36347474What if Ultra Beasts are actually Gen VIII Pokemon? What if Ultra Space is the new region?[View]
36347344Whose butt do you stare at when you play Platinum?[View]
36340506>there hasn't been a pokemon with a gender difference since Pyroar and Meowstic >only two…[View]
36346787You have 10 seconds to give this man ideas for his next game (the one for mobile users) before he ki…[View]
36342605For the first time, a mainline pokemon game ins't in gamefaqs top 10 games of it's current…[View]
36346933On the road far from home[View]
36347186Why has he never appeared in Smash in any degree despite his popularity.[View]
36345159Did you play through the game with your actual Pokemon from RBY? Or did you just use rentals?[View]
36347280>we will never have another generation that has better pokemon designs than gen 5 Why even live?…[View]
36346751this is a shellfish[View]
36345895ITT ACTUALLY unpopular opinions I think seasons are fucking dumb and I'm glad they're gone…[View]
36344854Where to get ROMs?: Where the fuck do I go to get working ROMs? I've tried a couple of differen…[View]
36348817-: Pokemon you want to fuck[View]
36342876Professor Thread: If you were a Professor in a Pokemon game, what would be your: >Name >What y…[View]
36346531ITT: Pokemon types you wish existed or had more pokemon of that same type. Water/Fire Steel/Fairy Dr…[View]
36345383Childhood is stopping Cyrus because he's a villain. Adulthood is accepting that Cyrus was right…[View]
36344499Why is she so perfect?[View]
36344125Defend this[View]
36346911When I was playing pokemon emerald at a friend's house a long time ago, I swear I encountered a…[View]
36344866Man, the new pokmeon cards have very good art[View]
36340420showderp: masterpiece edition: welcome to showderp, where champ gets 6 masterpieces of art to go aro…[View]
36342505Lillie or chicken?[View]
36346913This has to STOP[View]
36343160Gym Leader Sheet: My team is based on cryptids. The gym would be a spooky forest, with traps that le…[View]
36346840friend who doesnt like pokemon drew a tapu koko by my description. thoughts?[View]
36333487post them[View]
36346623Childhood is idolizing Let's Go. Adulthood is realizing Gen 6 and 7 weren't so bad.[View]
36344734Which one, /vp/?[View]
36343791How many of you guys even enjoy the games any more? I realised recently that despite me considering …[View]
36342015Remember when /vp/eople hated him? God, were we stupid.[View]
36344551Adding overworld pokemon could have been nice on a real scaled map But not on a simplified Game Boy …[View]
36344273What's its name again?[View]
36346515What mythical pokemon would you fix and why?: i choose Arceus because God deserves something better.…[View]
36345502What do you think Gen 8 graphics will be like? Will they just recycle LGPE stuff and stick to that s…[View]
36345929Just looked at thread on /v/ about gen 8 being about space and aliens it got paged 10 super quick of…[View]
363458274 favorite pokemon others guess something about you >Krookodile >Croagunk >Darmanitan >D…[View]
36342452>Mew is behind a $50 pay wall or requires you to trade with an online subscription (that's g…[View]
36346194Weird stuff: I found this thing[View]
36337319-: Starter should have split evos[View]
36346117What did you guys put under Essential Items?[View]
36346026Game Story: I don't get any of you /VP/ why do you want these ridiculous plots like time travel…[View]
36345799Why didn't you stop?[View]
36335460Why was Zoroark such a failure?[View]
36328719Phox Phriday: Potencial Waifus Edition[View]
36339020How did you beat ultra necrozma?: This thing just one-shots everything, appreciate any sugestions an…[View]
36345773>>36345318 >A large interest in something means people actually ending up liking it Sales d…[View]
36345748>started 1 year younger than Ash >I'm now 20 years older than Ash…[View]
36338189Is the only reason people hate Lillie is because she's really the main character of S/M not the…[View]
36345319here's a mega i made a few years back; what do y'all think?[View]
36344703Why is this motherfucker so impossible to find in US/UM? I've done Ultra Warp Ride nonstop over…[View]
36341604There shall be only one post for each Pokemon species in this thread. Once someone else posts a Poke…[View]
36345642Can we have a thread about stupid questions? Can you take photos in Sun's Thrifty Megamart afte…[View]
36343007Reminder that this is what the LGPE rival looks like. Literally a 5 year old child.: And it's a…[View]
36340453/pgg/ - Pokémon GO General: One Day Until Celebi Edition >Official Pokémon Go Updates http://pok…[View]
36344925Reminder that Game Freak can do no wrong and that anyone that any makes valid criticisms whatsoever …[View]
36339769Emboar is the worst starter in Pokemon history. It's so ugly that it appealed to absolutely no …[View]
36345279> Sight > Hearing > Taste > Smell > Touch Which pokemon feels better in each categor…[View]
36342358Miss us yet?[View]
36344613How will it tie into the anime?: Is Ash going back to Kanto? Will there be a new girl to replace Lil…[View]
36344883>RomHack with both Kanto and Hoenn: >There's DBZ characters in the lategame as pokemon…[View]
36339736Create the Ultimate Pokemon Experience: You've just became the head CEO for the next major Poke…[View]
36336847Smogon Sprite Fixes: Some dude on the smogon forums is fixing the XY 3D sprites, looks intersting ht…[View]
36344271It's Pokétube time. post you best pokémon youtube vids you can find, i'll start https://yo…[View]
36344819>still no legit shiny lunala JUST LET ME HAVE IT JEWFREAK[View]
36339746Anon from a another board here i just wan't to know why is pic related so hated here ?[View]
36342059What's the best moveset and ability for this big guy in doubles?[View]
36344781Gamescom and Worlds Everything will come together.[View]
36343077>Uses the English names fore Every Character Except Blue[View]
36341687ITT: Moves that should chill out already. I start with scald. It shouldn't burn more than actua…[View]
36343750Replay thread: Post showdown replays http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen7anythinggoes-792934363…[View]
36343710Anyone else think Water Shuriken is fucking stupid? Why is a frog fighter able to manipulate water i…[View]
36344341Does PKhex affect your online status? I'm not sure, but I think my game sync is kinda banned me…[View]
36343890What human personality traits do you associate with each of the 18 Types? Template for the lazy: …[View]
36341847where did all the good times go?[View]
36339439Tapu Koko thread?: Tapu Koko need love! Also, She/He/It is so cute right?[View]
36338501>Last 2 Gens and ORAS were shit >LGEP looks like shit So, what does /vp/ do when there aren…[View]
36343831Post yfw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YGTgsMm1QS0[View]
36343965Battle! (Trainer Battle) Fire Red/Leaf Green vs. Heart Gold/Soul Silver: https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
36340305>late night contemplating random things about pokemon >wonder why primeape is a fighting type,…[View]
36340077So a common thread of thought I've seen around /vp/ is this insistence that people who like Pok…[View]
36341521Did you notice that Pikachu Libre is a girl?[View]
36342778What is it with this pokemon that attracts the worst kind of poeple?[View]
36339273Is it possible to monotype normal and not lose more than 50% of the time? I'm convinced it…[View]
36343226look at this silly billy[View]
36339524Whats his end game?[View]
36341580>HGSS had large Pokemon go back into their balls when you entered a building >LGPE just lets y…[View]
36341729LGPE is not meant for you. It is not meant for diehard fans that would *care* about all of the simpl…[View]
36341271>tfw opponent has no fairy types on their team and you have Clangerous Soulblaze…[View]
36341154Would you all have reacted better to LGPE if it had been on the 3DS instead of the Switch?[View]
36342018Where were you when Red started playing another children's game and also dominated it?[View]
36343465What happened to injection threads?[View]
36343359>Looks Up Classic Pokemon Episode: >First 3 Links are illegal Why isn't Nintendo stopping…[View]
36343419What's the best way to play the Gen 1 games at this point? FR/LG? One of the many RBY hacks? Th…[View]
36340705And the award for worst gen in the entire series goes too... Gen 5. Easily. >Ugly abomination tie…[View]
36341178Cringe pokemon theories thread.[View]
36312218Did you know Pory-Z is such a nice and cute mon?[View]
36336416What's your opinion on alternate shinies anon?[View]
36331482Fake Eeveelution thread: Post some fake eeveelutions and rate others.[View]
36342499Was May supposed to mirror Ash?: >Bulbasaur >Squirtle >Butterfly-based Pokemon >Munchlax…[View]
36341945You know what I don't like about this thing?[View]
36342668So how come we stopped getting babby Pokemon after Gen IV?[View]
36343086Imagine if they removed abilities in Pokemon games, how useless a lot of the Pokemon would be.[View]
36342758Nothing special, just the best looking badge in the entire franchise.[View]
36341892ITT we improve pokemon: >emergency exit gives you the choice to switch out or not is my bro good …[View]
36342470Remember when Gen 1 remakes had abilities, held items, and all Pokemon up to that point?[View]
36340141>shit pokemon compared to rest of cast that's fully evolved >stats are high enough to out…[View]
36342060What happens when Gamefreak runs out of nouns to use for the series?[View]
36340294So are they really putting RSE on the 3DS virtual console?[View]
36338008How would you buff the Ice and Ground types?[View]
36342014Post yfw let's go pee games bombs so hard that gamefreak never dares to touch kanto again.[View]
36341919>they include mega evolution >they leave out all cross-gen evolutions JUST…[View]
36335959-: Sequel to >>36322508 Braixen finally made to 3000+pics say something nice or mean to her(fe…[View]
36339491Lillie has arrived to banish the shitposters! All shitposting is banned by decree of Lillie![View]
36342214Let's say some good things about gen one that aren't 'it was genwun so it was better!' i…[View]
36340846Leaked Gen 9 bug Pokemon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7zV-OhAl0Cc[View]
36333918>Hyped up during XY pre-release >Made out to play a prominent role in the games and anime >…[View]
36338562Cursed pokemon images thread[View]
36342387>its a pokemon romhack for the gbc or gba that has more pokrmon, more features, and more story th…[View]
36338941What is your favorite Ultra friend and why?[View]
36342324Catch every pokemon Let's go and you will see a shooting star fall down to earth looks like you…[View]
36336256This is a good game director[View]
36342203Haha... I think Kanto would sell 50 mirrion copy. M-maybe put Rirrie in game for more sale.[View]
36339741Do Pokemon belong in the bed?[View]
36339503>generation has less than 90 new pokemon, excluding legendaries.[View]
36342126>muh remakes when[View]
36337972game looks like a pile of shit but at least the NPCs are still cute[View]
36336862The year is 20XX. After widespread incompetence and dwindling sales, Pokemon is no more. The last ev…[View]
36341636LGPE Simplification: What other things will they simplify in LGPE? >A NPC will block the entrance…[View]
36336849<--what did she mean by this?[View]
36337248post yfw kanto, mine is pic related[View]
36341774Adding overworld pokemon could have been nice on a real scaled map But not on a simplified Game Boy …[View]
36339855Why does /vp/ celebrate LGPE selling poorly (allegedly) but they revel in the fantastic sales of USU…[View]
36341348What are they looking at?[View]
36337929*breathes* HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA: > No abilities > No Parental Bond M-Kang is fucking useless…[View]
36338578I hope I'm not the only one who has no intentions on getting this crap.[View]
36336508Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread: Welcome to the Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread. Talk about new epis…[View]
36341460Mizuki is getting Decidueye: Okay, so we're finally getting a Dartrix/Decidueye(speaking more f…[View]
36341425Pokemon Center: I will be going to Tokyo in a few weeks. Natually I want to visit a pokemon center. …[View]
36339718So can Onix regenerate from having its segments broken up? Or did Brock just get a new Onix later af…[View]
36339894Replaying XD right now, holy shit it's so edgy its almost cringy. Still loving the whole game b…[View]
36341362>*phone ringing* hai? hee pureeohda? >erimineitto sutahtah eevorushionsu >erimineitto cashi…[View]
36340177ITT: Things in let's go you ARE excited about: post things that you are looking forward to, eve…[View]
36338319Post your all-time favorite fakémon.[View]
36339725Pokemon now only get STAB from their primary typing. How does this change the game?[View]
36334095So, who's it gonna be?[View]
36341014How can we stop the abuse?[View]
36338054Prease buy LGPE, we covered this train in advertisements for it[View]
36340348We have a common enemy. So why the fuck are we fighting amongst ourselves when it’s clear as day if …[View]
36339756Pokemon Let's Go Games ARE NOT Underperforming: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CCOf-loMaTU…[View]
36340027game when?[View]
36339473>We got a transgender seal starter over this beauty *Sigh*[View]
36336959Previous Drawthread: >>36324202 >Resources https://pastebin.com/PgTRmi1y >NSFW requests …[View]
36340773You may post in this thread if you are a man of patrician taste, such as myself.[View]
36319551ITT: Autistic elements in ROM hacks/fan games: >E4 is the dev team >champion is the creator’s …[View]
36340091Soooo I'm at the end of the 3rd island, managed to beat bored dude kahuna (didn't learn hi…[View]
36340763Hydreigon is cute! CUTE![View]
36340071Cringe thread[View]
36339783Is anyone else getting sick of them reusing the Gen 1 sound effects for Hyper Beam?[View]
36337986WHERE THE FUCK IS SHE?[View]
36332117Starmie thread: post and discuss starmie/yu[View]
36317108Buzzwole is nice and good yes indeed[View]
36339809Thoughts on liquid crystal? I just started playing it and am really enjoying it. Definitely a little…[View]
36338396Who are they putting in Mega Evolutions for? >Genwunners don't want them because muh ruined …[View]
36336403/pgg/ - Pokémon GO General: Weekend Edition >Official Pokémon Go Updates http://pokemongolive.co…[View]
36336247Post your favorite pokemon: How did you meet your favorite pokemon? >Black and white 2, lucario w…[View]
36340434Why is she so perfect?[View]
36334742Showderp - DICKS edition: Welcome to Showderp, where YOU (yes, you!) have to power to suggest SIX Di…[View]
36338859Where are they going, /vp/?[View]
36320824Confessions: Your confessions. Go. All NSFW in spoilers please I never played anything after ruby an…[View]
36338897>I killed fitty men![View]
36340256>Mega Evolutions return >No cross gen Evolutions But why? I’m sure even genwunners would prefe…[View]
36339804what would her team be?[View]
36338991Can i get a challenge that isnt just a nuzlocke variant/monotype run?[View]
36339853Starterwars aren't real anon. That's just something that /vp/ trolls try to push for the m…[View]
36340057Mendel Palace Hack The Game before Pokemon: https://www.romhacking.net/hacks/4115/[View]
36339841Hey /vp/. Is this true?[View]
36319955>Alola forms were Delta Species[View]
36335462So how does it feel knowing you'll most likely have to pay nintendo just to be able to trade po…[View]
36316939Woof Wednesday: Woof Wednesday /WW/ Every now and then there's a thread for just one random can…[View]
36339709Why no one is talking about this?: Nintendo just revealed a new mega evolution thing and two (2) new…[View]
36330506Why does every new game need its own regional bird, bug, rodent, etc? Instead of making yet another …[View]
36337762where the fuck is my new pmd[View]
36339011Are these all the features we want to have in one game?: >Following Pokémon >Fun minigames and…[View]
36335197What was the point of this? Is there any way of using it?[View]
36339676Something good about this whole prof oak thing is that we will stop having that obnoxious fuck known…[View]
36338683Bad plushie thread: Post the worst you can find official or custom.[View]
36338686Why do LGPE look like mobile phone games?[View]
36331449nintendo just fucking with us[View]
36335806>tfw Lillie wont be in Gen 8[View]
36336478>You can literally give Eevee a poop hairstyle[View]
36336309Hi, I have the most generic taste imaginable.[View]
36336051If you were the leader of an exploration team in the PMD world, what would it be? Mine would be pic …[View]
36337109He's in[View]
36339177>Pokémon removed >wild battles removed >abilities and held items removed >puzzles and ch…[View]
36336620Hey /vp/ i have some news on gen 8 nothing big but still worth sharing. The man in the dessert was a…[View]
36339365The one thing that Gen 8 needs to keep from LGPE is the lack of random encounters. The DexNav in ORA…[View]
36338153Feeling down, how about you cuddle with me anon?[View]
36333664>they remove features we know and love >but shit like team preview gets to stay…[View]
36330809Anyone ever seen an updated version of this?[View]
36339105In LGPE, Mega Mewtwo X will be the best Pokémon.[View]
36336955Where the hell is that “Special Pokemon” they promised us months ago? That’s literally the only hype…[View]
36337894hey: wanna grab a coffee[View]
36331269Autistic things you do that you developed due to Pokemon? Image unrelated[View]
36338773What's that one Pokemon you'd keep out at all times. I wouldn't be able to resist hug…[View]
36338763Bored, anyone wanna play showdown? here's my username: Gradster[View]
36332700Find a flaw.[View]
36337941>'Oh, its you, wimp. You're not even worth fighting, but I'll take you down quick' >…[View]
363361591. Who would win? 2. Who's the better character?[View]
36337105This is your Smash representative for tonight. Say something nice about xer.[View]
3633615410 days ago, Mimikyufags got BTFO'd. Post yfw Mimikyufags got BTFO'd.[View]
36337424Underrated pokemon?[View]
36333315This is her. The most forgettable gym leader in the history of pokemon. I dont even know her name an…[View]
36338114Daily reminder Its been 2 years. Are you kalosfags and ashfags still mad?[View]
36335721So in the end it was a victory for Groudon then right? LGPE is NOTHING: The game.[View]
36336700Hi there! It's been a while since we first met, hasn't it? You've had some amazing ad…[View]
36333266ITT: Post your favorite pokemon, why its your favorite, and your fetish. I'll start. Favorite P…[View]
36336885Dawn Figure: admit it. you need it[View]
36337217Blacephalon ultraworld revealed. It looks like a medieval city with a little bit of M.C. Escher.[View]
36338350Not sure if this is the right place to ask this so sorry about that. But how do I know if i've …[View]
36338064Assuming they use Let's Go over USUM, VGC might be the only way to show GameFreak how bad LGPE …[View]
36335130Seasonal Variations: How would you feel if every Grass Type got Spring/Summer/Fall/Winter aesthetic …[View]
36335201Let's say, hypothetically, that a Gen 7 Pokémon makes it to Super Smash Bros Ultimate as a figh…[View]
36337803new let's go footage: it's nothing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K9Tk3NBlteg[View]
36337705Go to deviantart or some shit. Search up Fakemon, Scroll down or go to most recent, Post the most ov…[View]
36338266Rate-a-team thread: Here are my teams for Pokémon X and Y. Top is X while bottom is Y. Rate them!…[View]
36332268Gen 8 Poke Concepts: ok VP what kind of Pokemon concepts do you wanna see in Gen 8? (for me, I wante…[View]
36338094>wears the skull of it's mother What did they mean by this?[View]
36331782One is not like the others[View]
363350692 Years Later: I'm still mad[View]
36335950Just realized poison jab isn't boosted by iron fist. discuss.[View]
36337583Post your favorite fully evolved Pokemon[View]
36335063Let's Be Realistic Here.: Why are people so anal about attack animations of all things when the…[View]
36311093Wifi General: Trade - Battle - Breed This thread isn't for Hacks, Clones, or Injections. Ther…[View]
36337926IT Wonder Trade: Tell the best pokemon you've ever gotten off of wondertrade. I'll start S…[View]
36336846POKENCHI EPISODE 148: What is Pokenchi? Read this info guide: http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthrea…[View]
36332849Find a flaw.[View]
36337891>trailer showcasing mega evolution >twice You can grasp how much actual content the game has b…[View]
36337576>want a gf who'd be up for some kinky cosplay every now and again of scizor, among other see…[View]
36335166If you lose against Lenora and you don't have any money, would she take seminal reparations fro…[View]
36336415Give me one reason why this is not a Dark/Fairy type[View]
36337715Hidden reveals: Z moves were confirmed in XY. Searching USUM for hidden reveals for gen8 now.[View]
36337664>Gen 8 games now ask you about your experience in Pokemon before starting your adventure, your as…[View]
36335123ITT: Most obscure PokéWaifus ever: pic related[View]
36335731What if Pokemon was real?[View]
36336526Imagine a Mystery Dungeon scenario where you are plucked from the human world and turned into a Poke…[View]
36335211Are they, dare I say, the best?[View]
36329663Lopunny thread: Post your cutest Mimiroppus[View]
36337283Team Advice/Rate: Still in very early game in X, does this team look like it will hold up late game,…[View]
36337353>Gardevoir for Gen 3 >Gothitelle for Gen 5 >Incineroar for Gen 7 >DLC newcomer from Gen …[View]
36333027is this the proper ranking of the starters?[View]
36337287Just got gifted this game. What should I expect? Thought the original rsl was decent, is there a goo…[View]
36336443Venusaur is the best gen 1 starter, change my mind.[View]
36334951Alolan forms thread?[View]
36336369We really don't need another pokemon in smash[View]
36336657>We are making LGPE casual-friendly to attract newcomers and GO players to the core main series e…[View]
36312142Fighting Type Thread: Fight! Fight! Fight!![View]
36337119hey guys i'm just wondering how do you do to have perfect iv / shinny and legendary pokemons 10…[View]
36317895Le epic maymays[View]
36324202Drawthread: Previous Drawthread: >>36311897 >Resources https://pastebin.com/PgTRmi1y >NS…[View]
36329856i'm gonna miss them next gen, bros[View]
36336818Any know if the 'username' on the Pokemmo registration is just an account name or your in-game chara…[View]
36332944Post your comfy boys and then comfy boys all grown up[View]
36324510What's the idea behind making Surge and Sabrina Rockets? I don't dislike it, I just don…[View]
36336195ITT Pokemon that deserve to be more popular.[View]
36336493Now Gen 7 *sip* that was a real gen[View]
36332400Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread: Welcome to the Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread. Talk about new epis…[View]
36331472Why can't this motherfucker bring back multiple difficulty options?[View]
36334942Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee: 'Meet interesting characters' It's so pixelated.[View]
36336118How do I name my female Trapinch in Black 2? I want to evolve it into a Flygon during my playthrough[View]
36333294Leave PU to me.[View]
36335517I've told you already to not raise your expectation. I already warned before, so be fair and go…[View]
36334495>hee pureeohda? >eriminate sutahtah evorusionsu >eriminate casinou ando safari zon >eri…[View]
36334905I will never forget <3[View]
36332202Has the bad frame rate been fixed yet?[View]
36329782Post amazing Pokémon music -- that ISN'T from any of the mainline games. https://www.youtube.co…[View]
36336179This 'Spanish laughing guy' video was made in 2016 about Niantic's Pokemon Go. Kinda …[View]
36334582These two chucklefucks wanted to spice things up and decided to head into Dracula's Castle brin…[View]
36335174Gamefreak can't even make a good spin-off game. this game is quite literally a trash.[View]
36325530>Venasaurfags bicker about whether it's a frog or dinosaur >Charizardfags debate about wh…[View]
36334110Why isn't it Psychic/Dark?[View]
36322508-: Pokemon with the most amount of porn Lucario >8500+ pics Pikachu >6100+pics Gardevoir >…[View]
36333108This is the best route Pokémon has to offer.[View]
36332334So fucking tired of the backlash for Pokémon on a Pokémon related board. NEVER, EVER THREATEN MASUDA…[View]
36331941/pgg/ - Pokémon GO General: Get Hype Edition >Official Pokémon Go Updates http://pokemongolive.c…[View]
36332861Friendly PSA for all trainers that if you box your starter you are a villain. Dont be a villain (:[View]
36327408https://randompokemon.com/ Generate one random Pokemon. You now have to kill said pokemon in a fight…[View]
36335395ITT: pokemon you like, but can’t/won’t use >only brcomes seadra at lvl 32 (mid-late game), dragon…[View]
36335669Can someone here translate this?[View]
36335729Rest in peace: Say it ain't so...[View]
36334053She's finally in Smash![View]
36330959Don't mind me, I'm just posting the ideal starter Pokemon.[View]
36332075In the Japanese Pokémon Red, Green, and Blue, if both the player’s Bag and Pokémon Storage System ar…[View]
36332592Create Pokemon moves. I'll start with some Sun moves. Sun Burn 15 PP Special 100% Accuracy 40 B…[View]
36335511Wet Altaria: Wet Altaria[View]
36333128he's in[View]
36335316Pokémen: Poké Men thread. No boys allowed, only fully-grown men please[View]
36335193Remember when the SM Pokédex sprites leaked and we all were confident Tapu Bulu was going to be Fair…[View]
36331147>Close combat >No open combat[View]
36334282Power thread: Post Pokémons who's sheer force can make anyone shiver at the idea of even taking…[View]
36320059Which Pokemon game has the best exploration? Just beat Sun/Moon and was disappointed by how linear e…[View]
36332403Why am I the ONLY one ho ever suggests these two should be part Fighting Type? The reasoning for thi…[View]
36334876Mienshao thread[View]
36335093>Champion is a smogon drone[View]
36334957PMD Explorers of Sky is the best Pokemon game in the franchise. Blue/Gates/Superfags need not apply,…[View]
36327438Press F to pay respects. https://nijimen.net/topics/18261[View]
36309193PTCG/O General: Old >>36282107 New Player? >https://imgur.com/a/4rigA >https://pastebin.…[View]
36334467they are literally the same what were they thinking[View]
36334484>Game called Pokémon Blue >Red is the main character…[View]
36323932Are there more images like this?[View]
36328901Ghost type trainer thread. Post your Acerola's, your Morty's and your Hex Maniac's.[View]
36326408Post images of Pokemon with food[View]
36332859Find a flaw.[View]
36330737ITT: We name alola forms as if they were new pokemon[View]
36334528Why TPCi? Literally everytime I want to login I have to reset my password even money storage sites d…[View]
36334769So do we know who the ghost girl in x and y is yet orrr[View]
36328963Pokegirls have been lacking tights in recent games, one of humanity's greatest creations. This …[View]
36329025Project8 Wishlist & Realistic Expectations: wishlist >region is two islands connected by unde…[View]
36333289when is this year tanabata jirachi event distribution?: seems like it's getting late just want …[View]
36317989Make a Gen 8 counterpart of an archetypal family/line[View]
36314744neural network attempting to generate pokemon: thought you lovely lot might find this interesting ht…[View]
36332874Object Mons Thread[View]
36334326>tfw she's gonna be back with more pointless cutscenes about insipid bullshit that drag on f…[View]
36312016Time for a Rock Type thread! Feel free to post pics and talk about anything related to the type. Bon…[View]
36331294Are you ready for Pokemon Lets go Pikachu/Eevee?[View]
36334222Fellas, I have found a pure fuckin RELIC. https://youtu.be/XjGWrIH1-bc[View]
36331736I do not know but I feel that Drayden is the best gym leader they think?[View]
36333562mainline but not core[View]
36334079Did you faggots have anything to do with Showdown being down?[View]
36334072Code Giveaway Thread: Here ya go. Say which one you're taking so everyone else doesn't was…[View]
36328906Showderp: Fug edition: Welcome to showderp, where the almighty FUG soars above keeping the balance b…[View]
36321647FUCK SHOWDOWN: Does anyone else feel like showdown was a mistake? Thanks to this piece of shit battl…[View]
36330786PokeTubers: Why does /vp/ hate Pokemon youtubers so much?[View]
36331299How much more do you have left in you?: Serious discussion, /vp/. When do you see yourself quitting …[View]
36334039>Duplica, that's right![View]
36314329Edgy pokemon thread. Post your favorite pokemon but as edgy as possible and then write something cri…[View]
36333704Advice: Hey /vp/ I'll try to keep this short and to the point. Recently school and work have be…[View]
36333267Since I can no longer access Nyanfuu (idk why), and I am accessing from a smartphone, how can I see …[View]
36330787you get to start your life over in the pokemon world as an aspiring trainer...but you have to eat yo…[View]
36333647Where do I get muh pokemon roms now? I just want to play comfy blue[View]
36331087>get crystal VC after putting it off for months >instantly lose all desire to play it Help me …[View]
36326247missed shinies: Anyone here ever miss a shiny? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jjB5USTKu6g Stories? …[View]
36324414Trainer card thread: Since the board seems dead right now.[View]
36324218There are peoples on this board who unironically believe they are 10.[View]
36326791What the actual fuck.[View]
36333297Hey boys, I'm wondering if somebody can help me find this site I found here basically forever a…[View]
36325854All the coolest Pokemon are purple. How do you feel about that?[View]
36333154Question for you guys I'm not a big Pokemon fan so excuse me for not knowing Trying to remember…[View]
36332689Pokémon should not be a story focused game. It's meant to be about exploration first and foremo…[View]
36317079Why is she so soft[View]
36330163Been playing Pokémon since 2011 or so but I never played Gen 5. Should I play Black or White?[View]
36333184Can anyone think of a single logical use for this card? I'm absolutely stumped. Keep in mind th…[View]
36329118The Japanese Pokemon Center is re-releasing ALL the starters.[View]
36333014Life in Poketopia: Whats it like living in Poketopia? What do you think exists in there beyond the b…[View]
36333091So I messed up. I wanted to start a new soul silver game but I have the Spike eared Pichu and didn…[View]
36331640Can you complete the National Dex in Gen 3 between these five games or do you need the GCN spin offs…[View]
36326878you're welcome[View]
36331651Should there be more chimera pokemon in near future, like Type-Null? And could it work as a new game…[View]
36330889Do you prefer Pokemon or real life animals? I mean, i like Pokemon, but i like regular Earth animals…[View]
36332522Reminder that Masuda was once the savior of the Pokemon franchise. https://www.gameinformer.com/b/fe…[View]
36310211PokeMMO: Ok so a few days ago mentioned PokeMMO and I thought I’d give it a try. I’m having lots of …[View]
36325071Name one Gen 7 Pokémon deserving of a reveal trailer as epic as Ridley’s, Simon’s and K Rool’s. Prot…[View]
36330015Prism Orphanage Not Working: >play pokemon prism >donate enough pokemon to orphanage to get ch…[View]
36328600Raichu as Pikachu echo![View]
36325925What if the next games didn't have starter pokemon?[View]
36332543Who's this chill daddy?[View]
36325188*sweating intensifies*[View]
36326136What Pokemon is the sluttiest?[View]
36329956What are you're bets for the next Let's Go games? Mine are: >Togepi and Marril >Plus…[View]
36283151Let's relax with a chill thread: Alright /vp/. Lot of shit posts going down with Smash, Startew…[View]
36332784rip in peace sweet prince https://gamerant.com/pokemon-professor-oak-voice-dies/[View]
36330860Why doesn't Pokemon have official single-battle tournaments?[View]
36330579>https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Talk:Moon_(game) >it's been two years with multi…[View]
36330559Find a Floor[View]
36332641Why are there sea giraffes?[View]
36331901Stop holding on, it's time to let go[View]
36332665Childhood Pokémon Stories: !shitty greentext incoming! >get pokemon silver from parents >pop i…[View]
36332585did anyone use ditto in actual battles?: the only use for ditto is to breed nowadays. have any of yo…[View]
36326682Go to: https://stephaneginier.com/sculptgl/ and try to draw your favorite pokemon. Post results.…[View]
36332316If you could pick one feature to be in every Pokemon game which would it be and why. I pick Pokemon …[View]
36325548alright /vp/ lets do this your favorite pokemon type your favorite color your most extreme sexual fa…[View]
36325490a new move is introduced: it works like thunder wave, toxic, will-o-wisp etc., but inflicts the 'fro…[View]
36324415How does it feel to be so retarded to buy a game that keeps getting exposed to have so many flaws th…[View]
36329797>Claydol, Aggron, Nidoking and Metagross are good Pokem- OH NO NO NO NO NO…[View]
36331109>female pokemon evolves into a male What the fuck?[View]
36332514>Smash Logo Jingle >Trailers opens with a shot of the Altar of the Sunne in broad daylight …[View]
36330471Give Nidoqueen some respect![View]
36310892Shiritori: Name a Pokemon whose name begins with the last letter of the Pokemon posted before you I…[View]
36330903Pokemon Team: Guys what do you think about my team? I'm not sure if Dragalgue and Stakataka are…[View]
36328603Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread: Welcome to the Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread. Talk about new epis…[View]
36331031Selling games: Someone wants to buy all these games off of me for $250 is that a good deal?[View]
36331773Should we boycott LGPE?[View]

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