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34974659itt we make Froslass OU viable.[View]
34972510Acerola > Lana > Mina > Ilima > Mallow > Kiawe >>>>>>>> Sopho…[View]
34973605POKENCHI EPISODE 123: What is Pokenchi? Read this info guide: http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthrea…[View]
34975591I want to make a countdown timer for Pokemon day, but should I make it so it counts down to the 27th…[View]
34975534Imagine this... > Apparently on Pokemon Day there is a Pokemon Direct >It starts showing slowl…[View]
34970754Quick! I need some ideas for grass type fakemon! Plants, fungi, algae, whatever you've got![View]
34972023>wishiwashi's ability doesn't activate until the end of the turn so it can still get of…[View]
34974052wizu wizu[View]
34974986They just revealed Ash's love interest for sun and moon. Say something nice to her.[View]
34973588Why does Gen 7 feel so.. dull? Is it the same for younger anons or am I just getting old?[View]
34966872Cringe thread https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCyCYq9hQL85FovJpASMsXvg?view_as=subscriber[View]
34972878Nightmare fuel: Something terrible just happened to me. Let me share this cruel story with you /vp/:…[View]
34975175Sea of Clouds TOO GOOD LEAK?!: P O K E M O N / S W I T C H: New Gen 8 Region far, far, across the va…[View]
34973667About pokemon Sage: 1- How can I be part of the team (it there is a way)?; 2- Is there a expected da…[View]
34974719'Leak' the date of Generation VIII's reveal.[View]
34972644Should GF add avatar weight customization?[View]
34974792Region 8 in 3 DAYS?!: The games are called Sand and Cloud. It’s an epic new journey to a region far …[View]
34969959Help me finish my fakemon pokedex![View]
34971549Who is your fav Pokemon?: Reply and tell me! My favorite Pokémon is Fennekin.[View]
34972643>252+ Atk Swampert-Mega Earthquake vs. 248 HP / 252+ Def Toxapex: 216-254 (71.2 - 83.8%) -- guara…[View]
34974662The Switch game will have a real-time battle system. Type effectiveness will still exist, but tit wo…[View]
34969103They are doing a countdown: https://mobile.twitter.com/Pokemon/status/967212924052766722[View]
34963911>draw a Pokemon from memory that the person above you requests >request a pokemon yourself Sal…[View]
34969102Here's a redesign of Dragonite I've made for you Dragonair fans out there.[View]
34974241>next gen is called Pokemon Fake and Pokemon Gay your reaction?[View]
34974319when the fuck is pokemon switch going to be announced i'm sick of waiting for the next generati…[View]
34973885These are the real starters. You must pick one. Grass - Twigel - Bug/Grass evolves into Dark/Grass a…[View]
34967816Drawthread: Previous Thread: >>34966112 >Resources https://pastebin.com/5gmwCiRq >NSFW r…[View]
34974059You walk into a target and this guy slaps your ass and says 'you're genwunner pandering!' What …[View]
34968765/pgg/ - Pokémon GO General: Community Day 2: Dragon Boogaloo Edition >Official Pokémon Go Updates…[View]
34970031How is your irl pokemon friend like? Do they like the same pokemon like you?[View]
34972882>he encourages rushing the games out[View]
34974179>pokemon STILL doesnt have a new game plus feature or additional save slots >when literally ev…[View]
34973129gen 8 release: In all honesty, it's most likely that gen 8 will be released late 2019.[View]
34974160haven't been on this board for more than a year but heard on /qa/ that there's a new leak …[View]
34965152*Blocks your path*[View]
34973822/vpd/ - vp draws together: https://aggie.io/wamoc2xw lets have some fun[View]
34970466Pokemon merch thread. Post your toys/plushies/models etc. here.[View]
34970688Goodnight babies[View]
34968298>Roark's Cranidos used Headbutt![View]
34974060el pescado de alolano[View]
34972969Reaction image thread? I need a fuck ton of stuff for my folder due to a wipe. Things I'm looki…[View]
34972360I will play when they add Gen 5[View]
34972963Keep in mind that we had Pokemon Day celebrations last year and there was no announcement at all on …[View]
34973817It's in the Kanto Pokédex but the first time you can catch a wild one is next of Mahogany Town …[View]
34953156Casual/comfy artwork thread: Could we have a thread for art of trainers just hanging out and not bat…[View]
34973481Conquest Thread: I haven't seen a Conquest thread in forever. Post legendaries who should have …[View]
34972478Was Alolan Muk a repurposed Mega Muk design? >The shiny is the same purple color as regular Muk, …[View]
34973293Gen 8 in Sri Lanka like region?: Saw that it was hinting at a Sri Lanka region. Anyone know where th…[View]
34969957How rare is this item?: I had this item for more than 10 years so just kinda interested[View]
34971636What the fuck is wrong with 2018fags: >people want a quality pokemon game >want it to come out…[View]
34971329This Pokemon is Strange[View]
34971483ampharos appreciation thread: bc ampharos art is needed[View]
34972199A wolf does not concern itself with the opinion of sheep.[View]
34964666Who's that Pokémon??[View]
34972755>How GOOD was Garchomp ACTUALLY? - History of Garchomp in Competitive Pokemon (Gens 4-6)…[View]
34971297Fuck this autistic Darkrai cosplaying twat. How was this shit allowed? Where'd he even get a Da…[View]
34971787So who is going to be his next mon?[View]
34959951A little leak for you poor souls.: Gen 8 will introduce a fusion mechanic that allows two Pokemon to…[View]
34972863ITT: What type would you add if you could?: As lame as this is, I think sound could really function …[View]
34970824>Ash Greninja >Ash and Pikachu photo in the mimikyuh challenge >Alan references in ORas pos…[View]
34972336Non-mainline nuzlocke: What pokemon spinoff games are compatible with the standard nuzlocke rules, o…[View]
34973178Hey /vp/, is it possible to catch Raikou in route 48? I'm playing Heartgold, and route 48 is th…[View]
34970828ITT Pokemon only you like[View]
34962596>hispanic-looking guy >named pablo >has a ludicolo Come on now.…[View]
34968886What's her team? Post teams for random fictional characters.[View]
34973172how was this guy so fucking influential?[View]
34972853Now that gen 8 is confirmed for 2019...: was Piuk a fake? or was he 'legit'?[View]
34973036Groudon kyogre tells me you were caught slippin is that true my dear child ?[View]
34972195Reminder that bank subscriptions are renewable for the year now.[View]
34972887How does it feel being a fan of this stagnated franchise lead by incompetent morons?[View]
34971993GROUDON FANS BTFO: IT'S HAPPENING Don't have a switch tho..[View]
34972688What a cocky asshole.[View]
34960696ITT thread we post a positive quote and a Pokémon picture that matches: You are awesome![View]
34969483What do you think he up too in the current timeline ?[View]
34971595What if: What would happen if Nintendo developed the Pokémon games instead of GF? Would they do it b…[View]
34968390Starter Friends: Post Starters being friends.[View]
34967910Master... The hotdog...[View]
34971972non believers btfo: history repeats itself![View]
34972084ITS HAPPENINGGGGG!!!!![View]
34971718Hey /vp/, bet you can't post a better picture of this beauty.[View]
34972317How tf do I download a ROM on mobile? I got the app I just can’t download a ROM.[View]
34970307I wish Pokemon was still somewhat experimental/mysterious.[View]
34971888Salamence is pretty[View]
34965580Things that show how utterly incompetent Game Freak is: >Collect the 40 stickers >Get hype for…[View]
349713033 days until pokémon day, we all know what will happen don't we?[View]
34970574Do Trainers spank their Pokémon?[View]
34970540>blackface in my Pokemon Very problematic[View]
34971032So is Generation 8 for 2018 unconfirmed?: Mystery dungeon 5 was just confirmed, did we just win?…[View]
34971742Does this guy have something against 4chan?[View]
34968357Oh no! Ultra Necrozma is crying![View]
34968681friendly reminder that the pokemon adventures manga is better than the anime[View]
34969139I want a game where everybody has this old broad's shittastic Gen I AI.[View]
34971505Reply to the previous poster with a weird pic of your favorite Pokemon from the following region. I…[View]
34969060So Spike Chunsoft is announcing four new ones on March 23rd and apparently one of them is for the Sw…[View]
34971985Guys http://www.pokemonacademylife.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=278 You know what this means ht…[View]
34967613showderp: step right up come on (You) know, time to do the showderpo dogars.ml are the sets showderp…[View]
34971743Why the first season of Pokèmon Sun and Moon is composed by 43 episodes and not by 49-50 episodes li…[View]
34964507Generation 8 news.: -The games first trailer will be March 12th. -Masuda is directing. -Pokémon Pri…[View]
34971217Find a flaw[View]
34969620If Pokemon were real, which do you think would be the thiccest?[View]
349688752019 Confirmed 2018fags BTFO[View]
34966206How did Gladion manage to get a place among all these cute lolis? And not just any place, the second…[View]
34971121This is now a Mantine Thread!: Why am i so underrated?[View]
34952568Post some evolutionary lines that start out great, then completely shit the bed by the final stage, …[View]
34966432(You) Tried Guys: https://twitter.com/NintendoNYC/status/967156488975208448 >Celebrate #PokemonDa…[View]
34969715>Life Orb Lucario >Rocky Helmet Garchomp with Rough Skin >Rotom-Wash with Will-O-Wisp and V…[View]
34970913What's the best Pokemon PC game?[View]
34970553Late night Pokemon browsing[View]
34969743You now realize this is how slakoth should actually look[View]
34962379>Wicke this low Why?[View]
34963986Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread: Welcome to the Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread. Talk about new epis…[View]
34970313/vp/ is Shit Now: >inb4 /vp/ was ever a good place Sure, but it was never as shit as it is now. A…[View]
34967916Channel Recommendations?: Anyone can recommend me youtube channels that create decent pokemon conten…[View]
34969513Alright I don't know how many people know how to exploit the Tweaking Glitch but I still want t…[View]
34969231Whats the relationship between these two trainers?[View]
34949920What does /vp/ think of Necrozma?[View]
34971022>searching for games... >no matches found at this time, try again later Not even sinnoh hype c…[View]
34968409>my face when you're so bored and high you're throwing together an Ubers team with rand…[View]
34968031>2018 >Still not Kangaroo Pokemon GF fuck you! I have been waiting so long for this!…[View]
34969577The real Pokemon Switch leak: Hello people of /vp/. I have some information to share about the upco…[View]
34966936/vp/ is slutty[View]
34970798>/vp/ two years ago >dude gf is rushing these game they need to take their time >/vp/ now …[View]
34961804Is /vp/ full of sociopaths?[View]
34970809>Catch and train Pokémon >Share victory, share defeat >Become Champion >Visit IV Judge …[View]
34970713Please help.: I'm new to the Pokemon games and I don't know all your lingo so I need some …[View]
34969031The masters of disguise[View]
34970263ITT: creatures from other franchises as pokemon[View]
34969157La bruja del 71...[View]
34958064Plush Thread: Post what you got[View]
34968951How do you feel about this pokemon having an entire episode about itself?[View]
34966473Answer these questions: Do you think Pokemon Switch will be revealed at the time Jared Poster said? …[View]
34968629booty had me like[View]
34970199The next pokemon movie will have Team Rainbow Rocket as it's villains.[View]
34965259would you play R/S with online multiplayer and bank compatibility?[View]
34968354Cute Pokegirls thread: Cute Pokegirls thread[View]
34970328cursed image[View]
34970385>when you freezeframe the part where Incineroar defeats Marowak, he actually just flicks him than…[View]
34970176literally who?[View]
34969446The Sun and Moon anime has its best moments from time to time[View]
34969644I can simply destroy everything with this.[View]
34968538>make a black character >force him into a pre-existing, white character's family line …[View]
34970299>finally get around to playing gen vii >get the rotomdex >tells me to tap it >tap the ro…[View]
34968637This picture is true.[View]
34970227Post tranny seal getting hurt[View]
34968257does gamefreak not know how to draw kids or something?[View]
34965166>Misty is scared of bugs because it's a girly quirk that contrasts with her brusk tomboy per…[View]
34968563Yes, they are all idiots, aren't they?[View]
34970110Just Curious. Are there any other pokemon that completely lose all of their original types when they…[View]
34970056Just interested in it's age and value[View]
34954044Zinnia is the only pokegirl worth a damn.[View]
34968141fuck hau,she should challenge you for the champion title[View]
34965494Is there any reason to use Mismagius?[View]
34966464>People are already hyping up 'Pokemon Day' despite >The announcement will be something like t…[View]
34962182Laugh at him, /vp/![View]
34958286This is the least popular Kahuna according to the official poll, say something mean to her.[View]
34967604Let's have a thread where we appreciate Lugia and discuss how we wanna apreciate Lugia[View]
34969505It's over, Kyogrefags. Prepare for NOTHING by the end of this God forsaken month.[View]
34968645I Predict Switch 1 Year B-Day Direct with the 8 Gen Pokemon[View]
34969393So......vp are we friends ?[View]
34968398Greninja Thread: It's been a while since the last Greninja Thread. Froakie and Frogadier are we…[View]
34963234Post yfw a new Pokemon game is announced in 5 days and it's a shitty spin off[View]
34967497Real Leak To WATCH OUT: Real Leak: 'Special Move' will perform like Hm's after the correspondin…[View]
34965539What was its name again, /vp/?[View]
34965448Alright, 'fess up, because I know I'm not the only one How many of you named this asshole …[View]
34969651Is Satoshi Tajiri real? whenever I try to find photos of him I get pics of Tsunekazu Ishihara. even …[View]
34968581Olivia: So Olivia is fucking the trial-goers, right? Think about it. She's a dime, but game dia…[View]
34969649How do you get through grinding?[View]
34966211/vp/ vs /v/: Which board has better taste?[View]
34969339Why do they make this fucker so hard to catch?[View]
34969566Is it time for one of THOSE threads yet?[View]
34966844Stop posting porn you degenerate fucks[View]
34966083Marshadow Event Codes: Here /vp/. Enjoy some extra Marshadow codes I had laying around. They're…[View]
34961574kukui? more like cuckui[View]
34965848Can't we all just agree that every Gen has its good points and bad points instead of just fling…[View]
34969286where's the spino?[View]
34968306Is there a better steel type for dealing with fire types? I hate having a pokemon on my team who ser…[View]
34969328when the fuck are we gonna get another game all about battling? Everything else in the main games is…[View]
34962147Disputed Pokemon Discussion: Lets have a discussion on disputed Pokemon and Pokemon that were reveal…[View]
34965553Been playing Emerald on my phone lately, and so far my team is Swampert, Breloom, Gardevoir, Flygon …[View]
34968790/vp/ help: Should I get the Dragon's Den Dratini or stick with my team. Said team is: Feraliga…[View]
34960250Best fake starters so far?: https://www.strawpoll.me/15130934 >inb4 they're all shit…[View]
34967529what if time passed?: pic unrelated. what if ash had been allowed to age real time with the viewers?…[View]
34947584PTCG/O General: Old >>34926051 New Player? >https://imgur.com/a/4rigA >https://pastebin.…[View]
34956501/pgg/ - Pokémon GO General: Nest Migration #47 Edition >Official Pokémon Go Updates http://pokemo…[View]
34968002/vp/ Draws Pokemon: Hey /vp/, it was pretty fun the last time around, so lets continue doing this! h…[View]
34956139Gijinka thread pt.2: Previous thread >>34916689[View]
34964874Does /vp/ buy Pokemon merch?[View]
34967536this shot[View]
34965168I have been very sick for almost a week now, not feeling any better. Can we have a flying type threa…[View]
34966609This is the average /vp/ owlkek, a fuckig fursuiter.[View]
34968575I need help, can you draw a Bellossom without hula skirt and flower ear?[View]
34968559Tcg art and requests: I'll start Looking to get the text and border off this but keep the ball …[View]
34968157why all the sudden hate for the fire birb?[View]
34967151Find a Flaw[View]
34968242Managed to get some codes for you /vp/.[View]
34954319fakemon starter thread?: post good fakemon starters or bad ones[View]
34965968How's /vp/ feel about Cheren? He's one of the few characters who had a tangible character …[View]
34968124r8 my team >Fug >Tentaquil >Lilfella >Stingulor >Cassowary >Ballio Should I replac…[View]
34964039Reminder that Slaking is so bad that GF gave this guy two at the 5th gym and he still isn't a c…[View]
34965426Underrated pokemon thread[View]
34967541ITT: Unpopular Opinions[View]
34967982>pokemon yellow 2 >ash is now an elderly man living in a foreign land and is the pokemon leagu…[View]
34967715Should I try Pokémon Revolution Online?[View]
34965702What is Leechur hanging from?[View]
34966794What is Popplio blushing about?[View]
34965226Best Families in Pokemon[View]
34967020Starter pokemon are one of the most common fakemons on the web, and yet somehow most of them are 'of…[View]
34966112Drawthread: Previous Thread: >>34961914 >Resources https://pastebin.com/5gmwCiRq >NSFW r…[View]
34967717A wolf does not concern itself with the opinion of sheep.[View]
34967461https://youtu.be/CzLYrwUStdA?t=4s I honestly expected midnight Lycanroc's cry to be a bit more …[View]
34965523Ummm guys????????????????????????????[View]
34966337Certainly not a leaker: These are your gen 8 starters, say something nice to them![View]
34964042La liona...[View]
34961689showderp: champing requirements: mons of picking if requirements are met >dogars.ml artwork and i…[View]
34966496Don't mind me just washing to the Page 10[View]
34957293Find [one] flaw.[View]
34967356>Implying there wont be a new pokemon in the trailer for the new movie/pikachu short Who here rea…[View]
34931424/vpedits/ Edit Thread: editors needed edition: Post edits or make requests. Previous: >>347249…[View]
34963280Laughing Thread: Laugh at people on /vp/ in this thread! >There are people on this board RIGHT NO…[View]
34966886>muh gen 8[View]
34967464Anybody who needs a spare Marshadow code. here you go. best of luck to the person who can figure th…[View]
34967185Denialchads Thread:: February 27th is the big day, brothers. The day when Jaredfags get BTFO for all…[View]
34966798Think you can do better starter fake leaks? Tough shit draw them anyway.[View]
34966035Holy shit! first gen 5 pokemon confirmed: Zorua: Gen V hype, let's go boys![View]
34966964What does it mean?[View]
34964396Leak: February 27th is Pokemon day and a special video will be released showcasing the all the games…[View]
34966916where do you think day doggo is?[View]
34967228mfw it's pokemon day and it's fucking nothing[View]
34922699/nuzgen/ - nulocke general: Nuzlocke general: cute plants edition Old thread: >>34880181 >W…[View]
34964885My tea's gone cold, I'm wondering why I got out of bed at all[View]
34961946the fuck?[View]
34963605.: https://www.strawpoll.me/15133622[View]
34964807Have Switch games been datamined before? Because if it hasn't, that means the Pokemon game that…[View]
34966711Will the gen 8 starter war be as bad as the gen 7 one? Or is there hope for this board yet?[View]
34966976No leaks: It's incredible without leaks in this board happens nothing, pokefuckers invasion a p…[View]
34966160What /vp/ thinks of Pokemon Duel?: I love it despite being p2w[View]
34963493I have a Larvitar! Can I have a Tyranitar line thread? Also it's my birthday and my cat died.[View]
34964915That's what we should have got in the first place. Fuck GF for still making dual versions of th…[View]
34964053Don't mind me, just being the antagonist of the game being announced in 4 days.[View]
34965302As a reminder, because a lot of people still don't know this, every single Generation VII Pokém…[View]
34966542Groudon Thread to celebrate the fall of Kyogrefags once again![View]
34960724I just want the Switch Pokemon games to get announced so you'll all be slightly less insane, ev…[View]
34965257Why the FUCK thought this was acceptable in a game for kids?[View]
34964639>'Look mom! I made my blantantly feminine Pokemon male! Take that /vp/! Aren't I such a rebe…[View]
34966406Wait a minute. We're supposed to be BTFO'd in 4 days. Pokemon Day is in 4 days.[View]
34965622>post yfw they reveal another shitty f2p mobile game[View]
34964548ITT: Pokemon that could not possibly get more normie I'll start.[View]
34965082Pokemon Orange and Pokemon Purple: Hi guys, I just want to share with you some infos i got about nex…[View]
34964906>Waaaah, Unova is linear >Those same people have a boner for Alola…[View]
34963391>Walk into the gym >This guy smacks your Primarinas ass. What do?…[View]
34964570She's right you know, why has the Pokemon fanbase become filled with impatient children these p…[View]
34965931Admit it: Gamefreak and TPC are running by furfags and they only love the furfags. Pokemon has been …[View]
34965263/Ekx/ injection general.: I need a really pro injector to try their hand at this challenge. Make me …[View]
34961914Drawthread: Previous Thread: >>34955436 >Resources https://pastebin.com/5gmwCiRq >NSFW r…[View]
34962875Now that the dust has settled, are these games any better than SuMo, I have played every single poke…[View]
34961532>Trainer looks like a gijinka of their Pokemon[View]
34963667What regions and generations do you prefer?: please don't fight https://docs.google.com/forms/d…[View]
34964453Silly Anons jared is wrong the only person on vp who has real information is infinite look out for A…[View]
34965809>there are actual people on this board who believe February 27th is the last chance for a new gen…[View]
34965522How did gamefreak allow a bug to stay in every gen 7 game and not fix it?[View]
3496467802/27/2018: .[View]
34963455They will not release a new gen this year:: > Gen 7 is just 2 years old > Gen 7 is a massive c…[View]
34965688What would his team be?[View]
34963669This is the worst and most cucked Pokémon of Gen 7. Say something mean to it.[View]
34964208What are Joe and his cronies so antifun? People like this kind of stuff but he always complains abou…[View]
34958662>2018 >still no grasshopper pokemon[View]
34964214I miss them, anons[View]
34961761Why does the game crank up this fucking difficulty to an 11 during the Fugitive and Meteor Arc[View]
34964227Hi /vp/, today is my birthday and I haven't been very happy since a while due to anxiety and st…[View]
34965355How do Pokemon with no apparent mouths eat? Obviously Pokemon that can't eat anything in Amie/R…[View]
34965503The VP is boring today. Where are the interesting threads?[View]
34964079Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky: I plan to play it but I'm not sure which Pokemon to p…[View]
34963937Look at this legendary dog![View]
34964239Where's the scan?!?[View]
34965316>Incineroar used Bulk Up What do?[View]
34963823It's Happening: /vp/ it's happening[View]
34965380What pokemon best represents each emoji face? For example, Hitmontop could be the upside-down face e…[View]
34965354I liked Sun/Moon but hated how laggy it got in some parts. I bought a N2DS thinking it'd help i…[View]
34965207Mega Stone Bullshitery: What if Mega Stones were more like 'signature items' (Light Ball, Thick Club…[View]
34965130godlike music post them below. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=KGE2hzmz7W0[View]
34964628friend sent me these, said he got them from 'some japanese board'. thoughts /vp/?[View]
34963197└༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┐ O E I A U E U E A └༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┐[View]
34964781Hi, just wanted to tell you my Azurill evolved for the billionth time![View]
34959498>the SM anime is ba-[View]
34964909>gen 8 releases >tutorial longer than SM's >more cutscenes than SM >real time actio…[View]
349639874 days until pokemon day, you know what's gonna happen[View]
34960209Can Detective Pikachu solve the case? >>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5VQeuwQdfgc…[View]
34964894>Magmar >Breloom >Whishcash >Gardevoir >Tyranitar What should my 6th mon be? 1st, 2nd…[View]
34962058Why does it feel so big?[View]
34964740Hikari is crying!![View]
34964748Is there any Romhack that puts a complete later gen dex into the game successfully? I wanna replay o…[View]
34964776Karenfags thread > Sacred Gold > Light Platinum > Blaze Black 2…[View]
34959726Why does this old hag make me feel funny in my pants after defeating her and saying 'This is ho…[View]
34964717>Regirock gets Solid Rock & Recover >Regice & Registeel get Filter & Recover >R…[View]
34962873*blocks your path*[View]
34953492Who's the cutest NPC trainer, and why is it the female Sightseer? Seriously why is there no por…[View]
34964503>Goldenrod and Celadon both have the largest store in their respective regions >Both have gyms…[View]
34964461>Actually obsessing over starters >Actually liking and using the starters of the region of the…[View]
34964224Post gen 8 Pokemon region without posting it[View]
34964348Talk shit get hit, be careful who you call ugly next time.[View]
34964257This is what's coming on Pokemon day[View]
34964137Tumblr: The Pokemon[View]
34963372>Steel/Fighting Shell Smasher with Adaptability and Bullet punch >High Defense Normal/Ghost ty…[View]
34964346Dear diary these past few day were terrible went to the ghost dimension to visit my stupid father an…[View]
34962205Pokemon Gold, Silver and Crystal thread: gold, silver, crystal thread I just got crystal from the es…[View]
34964098So these expire today. Have fun.[View]
34963651Aipom is dead[View]
34964121defend THIS[View]
34963512>bottom: episode preview >top: actual episode why would they remove those characters? is it be…[View]
34963670Starbucks Dragon: Would Stardust Dragon be Dragon/Flying or Dragon/Fairy?[View]
34963418Direct confirmed for the 26th https://twitter.com/Pokemon/status/702464218386325505[View]
34964140Dialga and Palkia codes:: Can someone give me a code before the distribution ends?[View]
34962650>go, a fucking mobile game, uses the 3ds era models and has not only a better lighting system, bu…[View]
34957154ITT: Legendary Revamps: >Solgaleo Type: Psychic/Steel Stats: 107/137/137/111/91/97 (BST: 680) Abi…[View]
34962369Okay, so if Gen 5 was so great, why hasn't anyone made a fake Dream World server and found a wa…[View]
34956035This has a chance to get real nasty but, how would you improve the mainline games?[View]
34962715>This game goes from trash to uber by just changing it ability What's their name /vp/?…[View]
34959252>Intimidate Incineroar[View]
34963533Liam Robertson retweeted the 2016 direct announcement tweet: https://twitter.com/Pokemon/status/7024…[View]
34959090Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread: Welcome to the Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread. Talk about new epis…[View]
34963973isn't he cute, /vp/?[View]
34963123Anti-Decidueye Conspiracy: Dear Owlbros, there was a major conspiracy in the anime and polls that tr…[View]
34963892best team since the DP era[View]
34956246Remember this scene?[View]
34963889Post ruse foxes and other fox pokemon[View]
34962971>Good! Then listen up! My favorite Rapidash... It... cute... lovely... smart... plus... amazing..…[View]
34957256Is Braviary a vulture?[View]
34954847Diantha finally have some tits[View]
34963785Will gamefreak be able to top Lillie as the bestest girl ever?[View]
34960237Gen 8 should just take place on a joint Kanto-Johto adventure that isn't a remake but a 20-year…[View]
34963696Leaks were fake: An Italian artist did them Search 50 sfumature di Heliolisk on FB[View]
34961728How do I make it good, /vp/? Too much glass, not enough cannon.[View]
34963650What's Chicken-chan telling us?[View]
34963259I miss when Ash's Pikachu was special because he didn't want to go inside his ball. Now ev…[View]
34963331>blatant starter shilling Why is this allowed?[View]
34961391Played through gen 1-4 back to back How come hoenn and sinnoh feel so lifeless and boring compared t…[View]
34962440zodiac theory: one of the common arguments against the zodiac theory is that zodiac fags can do ment…[View]
34963624leak legit: Okay guys here me out I work at TPCC and am translating the new games. The game is comin…[View]
34960846New Riddler Hints?: The Riddler simply posted this pic. What does it mean /VP/??[View]
34963070THEY WILL NOT DIVIDE US: TPCi may not like Primarina and it doesn't matter the amount of bullsh…[View]
34963292What would his team be?[View]
34961565PoorFags it’s okay.: Listen, I’m a PoorFag. Struggling in college and I bought a Switch just for Pok…[View]
34963245Team Rocket is the best thing about the show[View]
34963128Can we have an old style fanart thread?[View]
34962341>People are already hyping up 'Pokemon Day' despite >The announcement will be something like t…[View]
34962755>be Joe >Hype game up as GotY >I think people are gonna be disappointed https://twitter.com…[View]
34963191>ywn get to tightly hug papa kukui after he returns home from research work ; all tired and sweat…[View]
34963092/ub/: Ultra Beasts thread[View]
34962237is this legit?: https://twitter.com/hashtag/pokemonday?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr…[View]
34961161winky face[View]
34961298Switch: How would you feel if the first Pokemon game for the switch was a shadow game? Imagine going…[View]
34961303Have there always been this many starterfags on this board? I mean, I like Infernape and Swampert as…[View]
34958854Fakemon Figurines: Some fans really go the extra mile with these. So sad he later found out they wer…[View]
34962872I'm a generous god: 6PN-LWQZ-JXZ-VHY 2MW-2B6K-GQJ-NQZ[View]
34962309Diancie is not crying.[View]
34961027It's been 13 years: Why hasn't he reeapeared?[View]
34961448But dont look back in anger[View]
34958712GF is hyping up Pokemon day: already more than they did last year. the next five days will be a cele…[View]
34962983Gen 1-7 Run through up til the release of Switch Games: Hey /vp/ i'm doing a complete run from …[View]
34962742>see this >what do?[View]
34961963Very detailed, I'm actually impressed. https://jcling.deviantart.com/art/Pokemon-Trainer-Creato…[View]
34960092I want to believe[View]
34962905https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9I6434Kyi9s DENIALS BTFO[View]
34957515>yfw doomed to evolve into an ugly bara fursuiter[View]
34957704Page 10 is Pyukumuku's favorite spot![View]
34962284Just got Pokémon Unown's Battle Grounds. Where do I drop?[View]
34960647This is the first shillmon designed by a filthy gaijin. Say something rude to it![View]
34962817El corujo...[View]
34961447Now that the dust has settled: Can we all agree that meme magic is real?[View]
34962642Masuda thread: Post Masudas[View]
34962628Cringe Thread: I'll start with this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NrK7uYhmKvE[View]
34962382Baltoy is cute! Cute![View]
34961219Gen 8 has 3 versions: Three versions has been confirmed. First version focuses on single battle. A c…[View]
34962115Man, he's gotta be continuing this out of sheer spite now, no one could stay sane writing this …[View]
34949085Choose one.[View]
34962460Were the linear dungeons/caves in Gen 7 a design choice, or a hardware limitation?[View]
34960171>Tfw no Injection General[View]
34962142Hey, you've been shining your badges, right /vp/?[View]
34951394post favorite first stage pokemon[View]
34961522>people wanting DiaPer remakes for 3ds >after the shitstorm it was OrAs I seriously hope I…[View]
34959952Pokémon Direct: It’s Hoopaning! #PokemonDay[View]
34961034Reminder that gamefreak does not deserve any money they get so do your part and PIRATE their game wh…[View]
34950630Best Pokemon Couples: I'll start with an obvious one[View]
34961166Is there any Poketuber out there whose taste Pokemon isn't complete and utter dogshit? Better y…[View]
34960836Vent thread: Let’s have a vent thread that is related to this board and share our thoughts on other …[View]
34961871They expire tonight! Did you get your Mar-mar /vp./?[View]
34962233R I[View]
34959477Best Pokemon: It just is.[View]
34962235Anyone else get kinda surprised when you realize that people actually choose to watch the Pokemon an…[View]
34958003Marshadow codes: They expire tomorrow. Who wants one[View]
34960228Anyone have an extra marshadow event card i need one for my pokedex thanks[View]
34957438Give me some mythological creatures to base my fakemon on[View]
34958950What are the absolute best and most full-featured pokeyman games including romhacks? I've playe…[View]
34961178Since GF is so stupid...: Lets say Gen VIII is 2018. That would mean Gen IX for 2021, the 25th Anniv…[View]
34962056/shw/ - Shiny Hunt Weekend: It's officially Friday here on the east coast, might as well get th…[View]
34962153This was immensely satisfying.[View]
34960536>Smells like a case. NOW it's getting interesting[View]
34962105Hey guys; I got 4 Marshadow cards from Gamestop back when the event was happening. I used the codes …[View]
34961877>tfw the starter wars will never end[View]
34960959So what is preventing someone like this guy from existing in the pokemon world?[View]
34961231I still believe in Ash-Decidueye. Stay strong, owlbros. We'll be the best yet.[View]
34961338Which places got Brionne and Popplio?[View]
34961023Hey /vp/: Let's draw pokemon together! https://aggie.io/0d4h7dae https://aggie.io/0d4h7dae http…[View]
34955436Drawthread: Previous: >>34949577 >Resources https://pastebin.com/5gmwCiRq >NSFW requests…[View]
34958196Pokemon Switch: All THE LEAKS: All THE LEAKS: Leaks to Keep. >Spain Region >Royal Theme >80…[View]
34959824>download a save file from the internet >spend a hour to make it work >spend 3 more hours m…[View]
34961778welp. its canon now Kukui is supposed to get Litten Hau is supposed to get Popplio and the MC is sup…[View]
34960722you fucking did it, /vp/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HuwqoTe836s hope you're proud of yours…[View]
34949074/yehaw/ - (You)'s, Essentials, Hacking, Autism and Whining General: Previous: >>34928817 …[View]
34959922Why is UU so slow and dull as a meta? And why is BL so retardedly huge and full of offensive mons an…[View]
34961665You see Barafags[View]
34960866Stadium: I've completed the first Stadium, Mewtwo and all, and it's definitely one of the …[View]
34959541/vpmd/- /VP/ mystery dungeon: Cry Edition Previous Thread: >>34939645 Screencaps of previous t…[View]
34961192do you guys think if pokemon was real there would be an unwritten rule against blatant type counteri…[View]
34959930TIME FOR BEST BOY: Instead of focusing on owlfags and leakfags, let's discuss the pokemon boys.…[View]
34957266What do you expect for the next evil boss in the Pokemon Switch games?[View]
34961282KING QUEEN 2018: KING QUEEN 2018[View]
34961499This is the best Pokémon generations episode, say something nice about it. https://m.youtube.com/wat…[View]
34961400Oh no no no no: 240 SpA Choice Specs Snivy Leaf Storm vs. 248 HP / 244 SpD Solid Rock Rhyperior: 567…[View]
34958040>exclusively play with smogon sample teams How do u stop this?[View]
34957816Remember how owlfags and barafags wasted their lives endlessly fighting a shitpost/falseflag war try…[View]
34961274hey vp tell me a story im so bored will you keep me company ? ;)[View]
34960831Gym leaders: Leaked[View]
34953996showderp: enlightened edition: enlightened mons >dogars.ml documents and records of arceus not ex…[View]
34960318Is Machop reptilian or mammalian? If Venonat, Butterfree, Beedril, Scyther, and Pinsir are insects, …[View]
34960107Fucking leaks faggots: Hey there everyone! I’m not trying to rain on anybody’s parade or anything b…[View]
34960488>mfw wanted to catch a Riolu in USUM after finishing the league but before begining the RR subplo…[View]
34954178Gen 8 Hopes and Dreams: >100+ New Pokemon >15~ Cross-Gen evolutions >Good Starters, prefer…[View]
34959308Black 2 monotype: Dubs get to choose the type for my B2 monotype run, also monotype runs thread I gu…[View]
34955293>Litten actually hates Decidueye what did they mean by this[View]
34960692I don't care about the elite four, trial captains, or kahunas. I'll take them all on I won…[View]
34960422Which generation should I re-play after so many years of absence? >#1 Generation: Pokemon Red, Bl…[View]
34957909Does it hold up to today's standards?[View]
34958930Why is she so thicc?[View]
34960675Truth: Speak truth to power[View]
34958273>Focus Impact >170 Base Damage >40% accuracy >has a high to flinch >the higher the le…[View]
34960630If you'd peel off Togepi's eggshell, would it die?[View]
34960455https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HuwqoTe836s New Detective Pikachu trailers! If they didn't have…[View]
34960520Ultra Sinnoh Classic: Thread for this weekend's competition. Post your teams, talk about battle…[View]
34960503Ideas for mythical creatures that should be pokemon: Seen these threads in the past. Lay it all out …[View]
34958233What's a good pokemon to trade for Poipole? I'd like another one that I won't evolve …[View]
34957880>new starters leak >they're really good >they end up being fake >tfw you realize th…[View]
34952983It's almost Pokemon day: I'm so nervous. I strongly believe that the switch games are comi…[View]
34959696I can't believe that Primarina is fucking dead[View]
34960229 so incineroar is the top, right? [View]
34959921Incineroar and decidueye: am I the only who wants to see incineroar and decidueye in the ash team?…[View]
34953520Gen 8 confirmed: Trademark was applied for on January 3rd pertaining to a cartridge game. https://ww…[View]
34959237Been smashing rocks in B2F of Granite Cave in Ruby for an hour. Haven't even encountered a Geod…[View]
34960139You know, i'm actually pretty happy that Decidueye isn't he new Greninja. I have affection…[View]
34960039>still the only Alola starter to get into Pokken and the most likely to get into the next Smash b…[View]
34955598What's the point of a fake leak? Is hours worth of Photoshop/drawing worth it to fool a handful…[View]
34959560why are they so petty?[View]
34959687*giggles hysterically* so what are your mysterious predictions for the switch game*: *thinks nerviou…[View]
34957308What pokemon do you think could pass for legendaries or mythicals? (forms and megas included, pic re…[View]
34958745Are there any actual good Pokemon romhacks? I'd like to do stuff like play G1 with hold items o…[View]
34959926still cant be topped[View]
34959684I feel like you could make a decently lengthy character analysis entirely on Paul Inthe context of t…[View]
34959769Did it ever exist?[View]
34959379Just a friendly reminder that there is 6 more days left in this month and a huge direct is expected …[View]
34958702>hard mode enabled >experience share option removed >set mode is mandatory With proper leve…[View]
34956919What was the point of Richie? >Basically Ash clone >Even use same Pokemon >Set up to be bes…[View]
34956744Evolution in the Pokémon world: You know how in our world, the primitive man started hunting for ani…[View]
34946761>gen 3 sprites[View]
34951253They evolved[View]
34958722Remember when Lillie was almost impaled?[View]
34958927Realistic Pokemon: How do you feel about the concept of realistic Pokémon? Have you ever liked the i…[View]
34958324Who am I if... >Expecting Gen 8 to come out 2019, but want it to be 2018 or >Expecting Gen 8 t…[View]
34959462Pokemon games[View]
34959444It's been 24 hours. Are the leaked starters confirmed real or fictional yet?[View]
34959395Was going through my cards and noticed something I found odd. This Froslass card has very interestin…[View]
34956830Wooper... Thursday?: Sorry about taking so long for Wooper Wednesday, had self harm issues for all d…[View]
34958688>look in bag >find this What do?[View]
34959350Groudon Thread: Let's prepare for the Pokemon Day fallout by collecting the very finest Groudon…[View]
34952584Why is psychic weak to bug?[View]
34958701Why do you subhumans still watch a glorified advertisement for Pokémon aimed at toddlers?[View]
34957865Shadow Lugia: Will she ever come back /vp/?[View]
34958408'''gg''' owlfags: OWLFAGS BTFO OF EXISTENCE HOLY SHIT!![View]
34959266Pokemon switch.: Just to know what you think. https://strawpoll.com/497r1csk[View]
34954959>this kangaroo still hasn't dropped from Ubers Are Smogon's mods Aussies or something? …[View]
34957322How does soft resetting mystery gift pokemon work?: So I got a code for Palkia and Dialga over myste…[View]
34959157News: https://twitter.com/ohast_jp/status/966564750422257666 we'll get some news on sunday 04. …[View]
34959024Where is the fan art of the best new NPC girl?[View]
34958114>When a fakemon artist draws another fakemon artist's fakemon 10x better…[View]
34958376What's the worst gen on the Pokemon anime and why is it Black/White?[View]
34958301The broken egg of exeggcute is actually a togepi. *smacks gum* DASS RITE. WE WUZ EXEGGCUTES FIRST.[View]
34955680Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread: Welcome to the Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread. Talk about new epis…[View]
34959077Krows thread[View]
34957311so ive been able to find some art and information on taijiri's capsule monster stuff online. bu…[View]
34958792It's over for groudons: >5 days until BTFO >big news next week >gamefreak starting pok…[View]
34958569absol: post best doggo[View]
34958673Gladion and Lillie are clones of Lusamine created in order to harness the power of Type: Null and Co…[View]
34958364Stadium & Battle Revolution: >gives you something to do with your teams after exhausting the …[View]
34958857What would his team be? Don't just copy Nanu's team and call it a day.[View]
34958601Name my band[View]
34956170JaredPosterFags: How does it feel knowing your Prophet is a fraud and you’ll be BTFO in just 5 days?…[View]
34958111>tfw 8 years ago I'm already nostaglic[View]
34957380Remove Shiny Locks.[View]
34958599Is it safe to conclude Deshitueye shills got BTFO?[View]
34956568since we are so close at pokemon day, and the switch announcement, let me remind you /vp/...[View]
34958180CT Thread: Arceus Edition: Post CT and Arceus.[View]
34958667Find a Flaw[View]
34958269Reminder that Decidueye was the only Alola starter to get into Pokken. Nobody worth their salt gives…[View]
34957856Meloetta thread: Time for a thread about Meloetta! Come sing and dance to her beautiful music. Other…[View]
34958436>still using owl[View]
34956706This is the boss. I'm SICK of waiting! I WANT PIKACHU! And this time, don't screw it up.[View]
34955363>'I was holding back'[View]
34937380ITT: characters you'd like to see meet each other in the games or anime.[View]
34958201jynx is a crossdressing haunter: look at it its a haunter with a dress wig and lipstick[View]
34955859>watching pokemon anime[View]
34957015remember when people thought this was going to be the next greninja?[View]
34957498Who can defeat El grande Incineroar?[View]
34958211Your next line is 'Gen 8 release date will not be revealed on the 27th' TO YOU[View]
34951610>/vp/ is currently being invaded by Italianfags trying to hype up their shitty artist We need fl…[View]
34956784Dialga and Palkia codes:: Can someone give me a code before the distribution ends?[View]
34955860I think I just hate every starter in gen 7. I just hate them all and they reflect how worse Pokemon …[View]
34958008Isn't it great that Game Freak is catering to its most devoted fans by making its starters much…[View]
34957184> 2 more years of Alola[View]
34956698I'm ready for Pokemon day[View]
34957176Leaked evolution???: Confidential hype is over 9000[View]
34952201Feraligatr is cooking![View]
34956696>more sinnoh mon pushing[View]
34957891Did Necrozma and the Cosmog line have any relation before the URS fucked everything up?[View]
34957017Moves that (seemingly) lie about their accuracy: I'll start Hydro pump Also general thread abou…[View]
34957954I knew Bulbapedo was bad but now they're just putting blatantly false info on their wiki.[View]
34955584>the battle royal will never have a last man standing mode[View]
34946906So if the leak is real, I guess this means the Zodiac theory is real right?[View]
34953642Just bought a Switch and a 20,000 mAh battery pack ama[View]
34957848Gen 8 new pokemon leak!!!: O M G[View]
34947260ITT unnecessary but immersive features you want in gen 8 I want to see Pokemon have little nuances a…[View]
34954640Decidueye and Primarina's first appearance in animation is to get beat up by Incineroar and mak…[View]
34953295BUG CATCHING CONTEST: Will it ever return? Will it get a more sensible scoring system?[View]
34955276please post good proportion incineroar with normal arms non-bloated chests: thank[View]
34957414What did Lana mean by this?[View]
34957650when will officer jenny be as popular as other pokegirls?[View]
34957129ITT: Pokémon only Aussies like[View]
34954779KA KA KACHI DAZE! GUN GU GUN WO MUKI! Jan jan byan byan kyuukyoku no batoru Imi wa nai sa Tatakau da…[View]
34956982>enters a shining warp hole with two rings around it >traveled 4,000+ lightyears >no legend…[View]
34949381Stealth Rocks: Why does /vp/ hate Stealth Rock? There should be a penalty for switching so that stal…[View]
34952941>75% accuracy[View]
34956305Oha Suta says they'll have very big Pokemon news next week. https://twitter.com/ohast_jp/status…[View]
34957149These are the best walls in the game. Say something nice to them![View]
34955967Why is he so fucking hot[View]
34957136NA Marshadow Codes: I still have 2 codes I never got around to posting. They expire tomorrow. A7A95…[View]
34956904Prepare for Pokémon day: https://www.pokemon.com/us/pokemon-news/prepare-for-pokemon-day/…[View]
34955961Show me your top 3 of each gen: > Gen I Hitmonlee Electabuzz Omastar > Gen II Totodile Swinub …[View]
34955391Reminder that Pokemon anime is absolutely shit and if you are wacthing it you are literally a manchi…[View]
34952472>Talon-flame Seriously who in the hell thought this was a good or even half clever name?…[View]
34956659>Ash chose primarina[View]
34956973Jojo pose[View]
34956360> Post a Pokemon > Now that Pokemon has a regional form with the typing of the previous one Ho…[View]
34953509>there will never be a golden age like Gens 3-4 again >ywn get to experience the best Pokemon …[View]
34955561>does not even appear in the episode preview >its treated like some random filler pokemon What…[View]
34956838Is it there really good fanart about these little fellows? Also fakemon thread.[View]
34956880jfc,energy is free in this game, you cretins.[View]
34956857Jirachi new form[View]
34955707Post pokémon you WOULDN'T give fugg. Sorry Druddigon! You're too spikey. Also mr mime[View]
34949120>Wake up >See this >What do?…[View]
34956603Be quiet, everyone. Chikun is sleeping.[View]
34954534Name my band[View]
34955837>tfw I love Pokemon and I want the switch games to be good but I know it's just going to a s…[View]
34953390>only pop into /vp/ once in a long while >game gets announced >leak season starts >enjoy…[View]
34956629Pokemon needs more cowmons[View]
34956135We won. Kukui's Incineroar uses its Z-move, directly confirming that Ash's Litten won…[View]
34956222Post funniest looking CotD's from the Anime: I just found out a guy who looks like he's ju…[View]
34952265what went rigth?[View]
34940666/pgg/ - Pokémon GO General: New EX Invites Are Out Edition >Official Pokémon Go Updates http://po…[View]
34953913What would be her team /VP/?[View]
34956472It's your girl guzma![View]
34951566These are the worst Pokemon every made. Say something bad to them.[View]
34955721Remember inciniroar still has a terrible design.[View]
34916689Gijinka thread[View]
34955769We did it catbros[View]
34956060Pokemon Fusion Generator adds a FUSIONDEX! Unique descriptions for every fusion plus height etc.. ht…[View]
34956056upskirt thread[View]
34955119what do people eat in the Pokemon universe?[View]
34955894Where the fuck is this furry shit: It's almost the date where gen 8 has to be revealed and a ze…[View]
34955669is there any significance in Pokemon turning 22 next week?[View]
34955644This is my board now! I want owlfags/sealfags to leave immediately.[View]
34954668This pokemon only appered to get beat up by Incineroar. Say something mean to him[View]
34952704What would his team be?[View]
34953962>'New Bark Town' >'Bark Town' is nowhere to be found in any region…[View]
34940024Not a leak thread but a template thread![View]
34955744ITT: post Pokemon that in their anime debut had an episode centered around them and did not get beat…[View]
34955283Has anyone seen the (cat)alog? It's like 70% Incineroar wtf is going on? Is TPCI shilling him …[View]
34955692Don't groups of starters usually have one member with atleast base 100 Speed? Why is almost eve…[View]
34954535Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread: Welcome to the Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread. Talk about new epis…[View]
34955514haha XD[View]
34954500OH NO NO NO[View]
34949800Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread: Welcome to the Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread. Talk about new epis…[View]
34955258I never come here but i've been looking everywhere and can't find any info so might as wel…[View]
34954975True Champion[View]
34948629Rank the starters![View]
34954220once intimidate will kick in, prepare for cancer with partner tapu bulu or tapu lele... Z snatch for…[View]
34955475Primarina is dead[View]
34954754Is this the most shilled mon in the anime and the games? >got the most and most OP move tutor mov…[View]
34955495I REMEMBER!: https://youtu.be/sCKlctijzhg I REMEMBER![View]
34955236New Detective Pikachu Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rJzNtpQAVJY[View]
34955070I will miss incineroar when gen 8 kicks in, probably the best thing by far, wish it had more screent…[View]
34954343Guess what is coming[View]
34949577Drawthread: Previous: >>34942557 >Resources https://pastebin.com/5gmwCiRq >NSFW requests…[View]
34954695prepare guys, upcoming hours will be full of the owlspam[View]
34954700HA WHEN????[View]
34953038Not jack shit is happening in 5 days.: LeaksFags you already took one huge loss these past 24 hours.…[View]
34949523OWLFAGS BTFO: How the fuck will Owlfags EVER recover??? Decidueye is officially the LEAST favorite a…[View]
34955334A colleague from work has bought FIVE Generation VII Pokémon games. He owns Moon twice because he …[View]
34955188Can you please stop calling legal injected pokemons hacks? There's a much better term for them:…[View]
34955300tips: Can we get a thread like this going? We post how to's/tips/etc. For any of the games…[View]
34954698NEW POKEMON LEAKS!!!: I found a new VERY detailed leak that will BLOW YOUR MIND!!! First of all the …[View]
34955252Roothoot thread? Roothoot thread.[View]
34955243woah, what pokemon are these?[View]
34954051Who is the best brown girl and why is it Sina?[View]
34955074>he genuinely believes Gen 8 won't release this year >he thinks it won't release in …[View]
34947139This is your waifu. Say something nice about her![View]
34954784Why TPCi threat us like shit. It's not fair sealbros.[View]
34952203Why are y'all at eachother's throats about these fake-ass starters[View]
34952426>slow >sounds like shit >clunky mess >unmemorable Why is pic related so shit? Look close…[View]
34954080I'm not a leaker but everything I predicted for the past 2 regions has been right so far, the r…[View]
34951881Pokemon 2 new info: I got some info on the sequel to the popular pokemon red and blue games takes pl…[View]
34953854>tfw we will never get games with even half the features of these again…[View]
34951837>I think they should make this very minor change to the Pokemon formula >Oh wow so you just wa…[View]
34953354Official release when[View]
34951414Omg guys its happening 8 gen is right here![View]
34954672Hotglue when?[View]
34953936Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread: Welcome to the Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread. Talk about new epis…[View]
34954349hello to all user i come bearing leak apology for poor english, i am of malaysian descent this leak …[View]
34954520Reminder that Lana loves Baras[View]
34954492/rheg/ - ROM Hacking and Essentials General: Based Japan Edition: Previous: >>34928817 Discord…[View]
34947241The starters are fake: The leaked starters are fake, they were made by an italian guy who works with…[View]
34954156Is six pokemon too much for your in game team?[View]
34954043>Dsrk he’s finished[View]
34950997We should start checking for trademarks[View]
34948364JP Morgan finances Pokemon Anime: Director Kazuyoshi Yaginuma blames Jews for state of Pokemon anime…[View]
34952603What would his team be?[View]
34949419Here's your real Gen 8 starters.[View]
34953578Does anybody here has any experience with adding lighting and proper shadows to 3ds games? i have be…[View]
34952270Goodnight babies[View]
34949333>These are the most popular girls in gen VII according to Japan Why are they so popular? Is it be…[View]
34946301How likely is a Shiny Jirachi event coming to Europe? Just checked and the only events were two in J…[View]
34948993Where the FUCK are they?: RREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE[View]
34950644How embarrassing...[View]
34949848Do you play full games with stall players? https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen6ou-688125707[View]
34947469showderp: dogars.ml showderp.booru.org >>34940250[View]
34953478What exactly was Jaredposter predicting? That Gen 8 will be announced at end of month for 2018 relea…[View]
34952468>Kiawe finally realizes that he's surrounded by idiots[View]
34953282How is it possible for one game to be so comfy? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RF8iHFM5mBI https://…[View]
34953393>A new Pokemon game came out three months ago >People are literally already writing fan fictio…[View]
34953558Ice now resists Ground and Water (scald is still 2X effective). How does the Meta change?[View]
34953561>2 days (exactly 64 hours) until Pokemon Direct announcement Screencap this.…[View]
34951165>/vp/ during leak season is there a better time?[View]
34951357>/vp/ is going to be nothing but shitty forged leaks for a year[View]
34950901Pokemon get hats when[View]
34952860Goodbye /VP/: It’s been a fun ride guys. But Generation 8 isn’t happening for awhile. We have no lea…[View]
34953135>Ash never win a league ever again >>>/pol/161418998[View]
34952612what age should you stop playing pokemon?[View]
34951704Didn't Brock become a doctor or something? And wasn't Misty taller?[View]
34952332So lets say in a gen or two I want to try making fake leaks, what would be the best way to do so? Ho…[View]
34951563Real or fake /vp/? forget the bad Japanese just tell me. Real or Fake.[View]
34952123ITT: The Peak of pokemon: Want to remember when the anime was actually good and not this terribly an…[View]
34953174Which rank got Brionne and Popplio?[View]
34952929The Masked Royal really let himself go[View]
34952675uhhh guys: hey /vp/ i just wanted to let you know greninja is fake. sorry, although i am flatted tha…[View]
34953078Togepi is crying![View]
34950315All theses leaks + staff hunting is disgusting: >Leaks >People trying to get some attention by…[View]
34953054Generation 8 Leaks???[View]
34952289Fake Leaks Discussion thread: Now that these have been basically confirmed to be fake, I wanna hear …[View]
34952780It's not fair[View]
34922183ITT: Prove you're an oldfag.[View]
34952969Feeling a bit lonely tonight will keep me company vp ?[View]
34951355Guys, look at this.[View]
34950481Pyukumuku is happy![View]
34951532describe your ideal waifu in 6 pokemon[View]
34949611It's never gonna evolve, is it?[View]
34951821Found these 2. Don't know what they mean[View]
34951007Can we get a gary thread going?[View]
34950526If I wanted to watch all of the Pokemon episodes from when Ash picks up Pikachu to whatever is the c…[View]
34948726It's been a long while since I've last seen an Eon thread, so let's get one going![View]
34950940UB-09: Yokai Watch[View]
34952547Should I even bother playing the Sun i've had sitting around or should i skip straight to Ultra…[View]
34951717If you leakfags are getting tired of being so pathetically BTFO every fucking year, maybe stop belie…[View]
34950807品質スターター: / vp /実際にこれらのおしゃれな絵が好きです。 あなたは彼のことを信じていました。 益田が今夜寝るとき、私は彼を殺すつもりだから、彼はもう気をつけてポケモンのゲームを作ってはいけ…[View]
34952637Why do people want leaks in the first place? Wouldn't be better to discover playing the game?[View]
34951227AMA: hero vp i Masuda I hosting AMA for the new game[View]
34951734which one?[View]
34952498Haven't been here for months/weeks What you all been up to in Pokémon?[View]
34952040ITT: it's 2016 and all of the SM reference sheets leaked: Would you have been a denialfag or no…[View]
34952399takin a shit right now lads[View]
34952379>tfw I was an adamant leakfag when Luchalitten and Co. we're leaked. >tfw I became an ad…[View]
34951941Who team /justherefortheshow/? >tfw waiting for the eventual breaking fight between leakfags and …[View]
34952061.: I'm still mad [View]
34950036Here's the truth, no one has proven these real or fake. So autists on both sides, shut the fuck…[View]
34950942Did anyone find the full list yet? I want to see how the tapu and Kommo-o did[View]
34944529Bad news.: Alright, /vp/. Hate to break it to you, but the beloved platypus isn't real. I'…[View]
34951543Dawn Wings Necrozma minus Lunala: Dawn Wings Necrozma looks pretty cool, but I'm not a fan of r…[View]
34948487BASED A S E D[View]
34951960Im going to find a dimension were the leaks are real wish me luck guys ![View]
34952136Why is she looking at the doughnuts like that?[View]
34951675Joe - 1 denialfags - 0[View]
34951755Who's your favorite protaginist from any form of Pokemon media? Mine is Dia.[View]
34949981the titles leaked a day before their announcement, should we expect the same with those that will co…[View]
34943574>not shilled like the other two >still the most popular final evo What did they mean by this?…[View]
34950617Physical Attackers > Special Attackers[View]
34952024>not learning how to draw so you can troll /vp/ during the next fake leak season…[View]
34948980In time, you will know what it's like to lose. To feel so desperately that you're right, y…[View]
34950680Even if it's fake, I still want my porn.[View]
34951207What generation had the best Pokémon sprites and why was it Gen I?[View]
34943507but wait, theres more[View]
34951809Winghead and pals OG fake leaks: History proves that leakfags will never learn Who remembers based w…[View]
34951430Which is the best HGSS romhack? I need something to play on my phone[View]
34949774>you will never, EVER receive a lovely kiss from a Jynx How do I fucking cope /vp/?…[View]
34951254Nah, he didn't draw the starters. That doesn't mean the starters are real though.[View]
34950858*BLOCKS YOUR PATH*[View]
34949947Pokemon that ned evolutions.: I'll start.[View]
34950120Fuck this shit guys! I hate everything. Real leaks when!? I’m struggling to give a shit about this s…[View]
34948614BW2 Thread: It's been years since I played pokemon white and I never revisited it because I rem…[View]
34947698>leaks I don't like always end up real >leaks I do like always end up fake why…[View]
34944193How about a thread for some fakemons that aren't currently claiming to be legit leaks because I…[View]
34951241Remember /vp/ REMEMBER no trio[View]
34951454Should I play crystal or heartgold/soul silver first?[View]
34951436leak: I saw the evos and they look something like this[View]
34944393Anyone got all the results for the humans and pokemon?[View]

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