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34435048>Gen 8 >Pokémon Violet and Pokémon Scarlet >Q3 2019 >Folklore motif Britain >Takes p…[View]
34432257>Team Flare is the worst vi-[View]
34436707ITT: Customs you've come to do in most Pokemon games For me I always keep the main quartet of T…[View]
34425635ITT: It’s Gen I and everything is broken again #2: Previous thread: >>34415146 Last thread ble…[View]
34433173you can timetravel but you can change only things related to pokemon: what will you do? pic unrelate…[View]
34429631>first Switch game turns out to be a Yellow remake that takes place in the movie universe…[View]
34436222>It's good in <tier that isn't OU>![View]
34436069Just woke up now at 5 am to evolve this thing. Fuck you Gamefreak[View]
34435299>Pokemon can learn Psychic but not Telekinesis[View]
34433764>The wild Lugia is exerting its pressure! >The wild Lugia used Skill Swap! Turns later... >…[View]
34424118>Pokémon used to be har--[View]
34425689Porychan: The Pokémon world version of 4chan.[View]
34436261Showderping but I'm too lazy to find the last thread[View]
34436158SunMoon Shiny Silvally Code: so I got this when I bought US but when I tried it I realised it's…[View]
34429717>Glares at You: Reply to This and i'll tell you what pokemon you were in your past life.…[View]
34435664Hey, Take it from be, you guys. If you want to bring the inner strength of your Pokemon out, your he…[View]
34434727>People cheat in a kid's game >People run around in circles playing a kid's game …[View]
34435810*blocks your path*[View]
34435123Need 6 if foreign ditto for Mazda method: Is there anyone willing to give one out? Pic unrelated…[View]
34404776/shw/ SHINY HUNT WEEKEND: Friendship ended edition It's that time of the week again! Get in her…[View]
34431114showderp: showderp showderp: showderp is where showderp gives showderp 6 showderps to showderp on th…[View]
34435895Does anyone know or has anyone bothered finding out why Ultra Moon is a few megs bigger than Ultra S…[View]
34429813Why is your favourite Pokémon your favourite /vp/?[View]
34434585Neil Patrick Harris as N: GO![View]
34411949I thought fangames couldn't get any cringier. Then I played Pokemon insurgence. In this game th…[View]
34435654>78 more days until the Gen 8 denialfags get blown out of existence I don't care if you fil…[View]
34429641Would you?[View]
34435743Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread: Welcome to the Pokemon Anime Discussion Thread. Talk about new epis…[View]
34435409>3 days untill gen 8 denial fags get blown out of existence[View]
34429490Zeraora Thread: All worshipping of this majestic beast goes here. Tell /vp/ what you would like to d…[View]
34433851Is he /ourboy/? What would his team be?[View]
34422774Think of a pokemon, any pokemon. Got it? Now draw it in mspaint or whatever drawing software from me…[View]
34434968How do I puck this?[View]
34435586I just got White 2 and I have an R4. I am going to download event cartridge files and distribute Pok…[View]
34435268Meanwhile in /vip/[View]
34433138???: ?????????????[View]
34431786Where the F U C K is he He has not shown up as a challenger at all.[View]
34434780Starly: Starly is cute. What should go on a Sash-Endeavor-Quick-Attack Starly, other than the obviou…[View]
34432435How much would the meta change if pokemon were able to use all of their abilities? Example intimidat…[View]
34432299>Battling Ultra Necrozma >Send in disguised Zoroark with Punishment and Toxic >Ultra Necroz…[View]
34432854What if GF added in additional Effort Values? 252 could still be the limit for any single stat, but …[View]
34428837Pity she's already getting upstaged by Gyarugal.: She had nice chemistry with Ash, though.…[View]
34434231im bored as shit /vp/ what are some rom hacks i can play that are either similar to sacred gold and…[View]
34434767Pokémon Amie/Refresh is bad content. It feels like putting a coin (puff/bean) into an animatronic (t…[View]
34432630when are we getting the switch game /vp/?: tell me smartasses, use compelling evidence[View]
34434709Detective pikachu slated for may 10th: A month before toy story 4 2 months before live action lion …[View]
34434598Zygarde 56% Forme[View]
34434406>New pokemon mistery dungeon released for switch on the e-shop for reduced price feautring hd spr…[View]
34434764Is Hidden Power Ice necessary in pic related?[View]
34433857ITT: Characters that will not appear in a Pokemon movie.[View]
34419466Gen 4 was Hokkaido, Japan Gen 5 was the US Gen 6 was France Gen 7 was Hawaii Where will Gen 8 be? I…[View]
34434523Make my queen good /vp/ without removing the x4 weakness to rocks[View]
34430667So the new Pokemon Movie Trailer came out looks like we in for another year of generation 7. Looks l…[View]
34433215What did Mallow mean by this?[View]
34432442What Pokémon are they looking at, /vp/?[View]
34434421Why people think we're getting a region based on Spain?: There won't be new pokemon since …[View]
34431835Has the passage of time made it seem like Misty/the original trio were short lived?: Now that the an…[View]
34434491ho-oh is wicked fast and loyal to whatever end!!! the rainbow legendary is the best![View]
34434340Now I'm the king of the VGC. The meta VIP. I've taught attack, and was suspect. And that…[View]
34433013>take the site down to renovate it for a 'few hours' >takes much longer than expected >reno…[View]
34434044>We get Spain instead of Australia feelsbadman[View]
34431544Rate my Battle Agency rental, /vp/[View]
34434305>not getting both Y and Moon/Ultra Moon Is like you don't want to get the superior versions …[View]
34426031>every Poketuber ever >top ten lists >top five lists >shitty 3D intros >featuring ano…[View]
34433847Is it cheating or not? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RyLsS7XdUUg[View]
34427624It's one of these threads, r8 and h8[View]
34433811All this talk of what country gen 8 is gonna be based on makes me wonder what each of the continents…[View]
34430882they weren't that bad.[View]
34433317No games, no Switch leaks, 6 months......[View]
34430679/vp/ plays Roaming Red: Hello /vp/, i think its time for a new edition of /vp/ plays, and i think we…[View]
34432900Will gen 8 be in Spain??[View]
34430643Trying to make the most EZ mode team for USUM. Who are the final 3?[View]
34431827Hey Brock, I made some pizza from scratch! Let’s dig in and tell me what you think![View]
34411077ITT: post your favorite shiny.[View]
34423157>*Blocks your path*[View]
34427591What's a good ball to catch fug in?[View]
34430150Generation 8 Leaks: Here some leaks... - Tentative titles are Pokemon Thunder And Pokemon Lightning …[View]
34419691Okay, the trolling has gotten out of hand and I’m honestly starting to get pissed off. I’m done with…[View]
34433319>insert current year >STILL no good special attacking ice types…[View]
34433692Anyone playing the Emerald 386 Double Version?: What does /vp/ think of it? Anyone know where the he…[View]
34431410>beast boost is a god tier ability >still don't like it because every UB has the exact sa…[View]
34432150retarded AI thread: >playing UM >fight team skull grunt >he has a golbat wich only uses haz…[View]
34432394So Necrozma is the Antagonist of USUM right?[View]
34431308Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread: Welcome to the Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread. Talk about new epis…[View]
34430751What ball for Lycarrot?[View]
34432930Why the mum in Ultra Moon asks me how is Lillie in Kanto although she is still in Alola?[View]
34431732downloading this piece of shit what i'm in for /vp/?[View]
34432932what happened?[View]
34433006Aipom is dead[View]
34432660gay: wjat a gay little faggot homo. little piece of cocksucker - i would kill to hang this 'pokemon'…[View]
34432963>Nothing seems to be biting... >Nothing seems to be biting... >Nothing seems to be biting..…[View]
34423251HOSTIA CHAVAL! La nueva película de Pokémon ocurrirá en la Poké-Espania![View]
34432303Whats the best way to carry a Pokemon all the way through the Super battles in the Battle Maison to …[View]
34427906/prr/ - Pokémon Roaming: >What's this? An open world rom hack of Red and Blue with features …[View]
34430863Magikarp Jump: give me one good reason why this isn't the greatest game on the planet. you can…[View]
34432155RANK 'EM ALL!: Looking to get back into the Pokemon games but have no idea where to start. Have…[View]
34432822mimikyu's better design[View]
34427392Wholesome love thread[View]
34429463/vp/ Favorite Pokémon Tournament DAY 3 (061 - 090): >Today's Poll http://www.strawpoll.me/14…[View]
34428929I was thinking about how Game Freak started Pokemon knowing literally nothing about game development…[View]
34430897SUMO vs USUUMO[View]
34431872So what does /vp/ think of these chucklefucks?[View]
34432584>tfw you have sex with your own lugia[View]
34424556ITT: pokemons that only YOU like.: I'm pretty sure I'm the sole Ash-Greninja fag here.…[View]
34429414why are there two of them?: why are there two mewtwos, what happened to the old one from the first m…[View]
34429743Diancie is crying[View]
34430576Question I can not answer.: If smeargle has Flying Press, Freeze Dry, Earthquake and Dark Pulse whil…[View]
34427422Ash looks so cute now[View]
34431826>Gen 6's movies were so shit that they killed non-AU Pokemon movies F…[View]
34431142When are they going to buff Relic Song's sleep chance to 30% so it's actually usable?[View]
34430116Post truly kino moments of the franchise[View]
34429958Dusk Mane Necrozma Gif: Sup. After my Poipole and Naganadel Gif... here's the Dusk Mane Necrozm…[View]
34431320AMA about Pokemon Switch: I have many credible sources, they will be proven correct starting january…[View]
34430711Abrandontothepast is cringe: is this the cringiest poketuber ever? yes. yes he is. I hate his conten…[View]
34430470Welcome to the Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread. Talk about new episodes, old episodes, upcoming epis…[View]
34431519I thought I only liked it because of nostalgia, but I recently watched the first movie (in Japanese)…[View]
34424018Literally nothing comes from this cutscene. It has no impact on the world whatsoever and the charact…[View]
34421402/pgg/ - Pokémon GO General: Get In Faggot, We're Going Raiding Edition >Official Pokémon Go …[View]
34423388>Lucario 3.0 Electric Boogaloo yeah...no[View]
34421198Ghetsis easily overshadowed Giovanni who was surprisingly boring and overhyped in the RR episode[View]
34426405add or remove a small part of this pikachu 1 post at a time[View]
34429382Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread: Welcome to the Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread. Talk about new epis…[View]
34431472deoxys gets beast boost as its hidden ability: who'd get wrecked by this change the most[View]
34431089I time travelled a month ahead, I beat RR episode, I got type null. Why will this dick not appear? D…[View]
34430410>Lucario is Fighting/Steel, a type combo that's still fairly unique, with the only other Pok…[View]
34413624Post a Pokemon that starts with the last letter of the one above: I start: Toucnnon8[View]
34425887Can we expect this new art style to follow after SM ends?[View]
34429073Man fuck this fucker game, the entire run is just text and following the mark on youre map. Im at E4…[View]
34428188the leaks are real 2019 fags btfo[View]
34430195Guess who designed the two new poison type UBs[View]
34429962SM anime will be rushed: The Switch game will release next year so that means the anime will have le…[View]
34347013/heg/-Hacking and Essentials General: Please Answer Question Edition: Discord: https://discord.gg/Hf…[View]
34427968Watch the SM anime: do it, it's amazing. As someone who has watched the whole thing since the f…[View]
34429551I'm tired breedie. I'm tired of trying to convence you to ascend towards injecthood. I may…[View]
34426211Showderp: I'm gay edition: I'm gay my various lovers: dogars.ml current champ: Zilla is th…[View]
34428774Hello, I am representation of GAME FREAK inc. They given me starter designs to turn into computer gr…[View]
34430579>Just finished Lana's trial >Find a lillipup >Hold on, it's shiny (shiny lillipup…[View]
34429684Tfw this January will be 5 years since the reveal of XY[View]
34429569Pokemans are sentient battle slaves..[View]
34429898My Predictions for Pokemon Switch: Ok, assuming the rumor of GameFreak trying to shake things up is …[View]
34426175Confusion with Nuzlocke Rule: I wanted to start a nuzlocke of Pokémon X tonight, but I'm not su…[View]
34430349SHE'LL NEVER BE A POKEMON NURSE. :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-…[View]
34429961This is not real[View]
34429621Will Moon change her hairstyle in the manga?: If so, how long do you think till it happens?[View]
34430061>Professor Kukui has told Ash he has something important to tell him... Is it happening? Is Ash g…[View]
34427667Why is Ash so cute?[View]
34429981How does one become a true PokéDachi, /vp/?[View]
34428496>2017 Gen 1 Movie (20th Birthday) >2018 Gen 2 Movie (8th Gen titles the earlier) >2019 Gen …[View]
34428713Pokemon Cutscene and Ultra Cutscene: LOL[View]
34429824>find 2 awesome looking pokemon hentai images with Sabrina and Erika getting tentacle fucked with…[View]
34427129scans fucking when[View]
34424717>Rayquaza served to calm Groudon and Kyogre >Giratina has control over antimatter >Kyurem w…[View]
34428276>Pikachu >Charizard What's the rest of his team gonna be?…[View]
34420647What should we expect from new Smogon?[View]
34426215Why the fuck is Vulpix getting pushed so hard lately[View]
34402136Fox Friday: Foxy Fashion Edition: Post fox Pokémon in this thread. Bonus points for foxes wearing pr…[View]
34427798What does /vp/ think of this?[View]
34428363Ash’s SM artstyle is shit compared to his predecessors. What are your opinions on Movie 21 Ash’s art…[View]
34429379I still relevant[View]
34429215Are you ready for gen 8 next year, r/Pokemon?: 2018 release boys. Corocoro will confirm with showing…[View]
34427913Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread: Welcome to the Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread. Talk about new epis…[View]
34424396>there will never be a movie on the Ultra Beasts[View]
34425936Oranguru and Wishiwashi are literally the only good Pokémon to come out of the seventh generation.[View]
34408020Injection General: Event Pokemon and Pokemon holding Mega Stones can't be traded over the GTS. …[View]
34350456Saturday Ralts line thread: Best friends edition. Post cute and rare Ralts, Kirlias, Gardevoirs and …[View]
34428740I've been playing The Mystery Dungeon games recently, mostly Red. I've wondered, what does…[View]
34429124>beat necrozma >go on ultra space >catch 6 pokémon >you're now overleveled for the …[View]
34428686How to make gen 8 hard: Let's face it: hate it or not, gen 7 did an excellent job making a vani…[View]
34427936>not a fighting type I..I don't understand...[View]
34427050Are you ready for Kanto in Gen 8?[View]
34428955What makes gen VII the sexiest gen?[View]
34424354>First we remake the games XD >Now we remake the movies XDDD What's next? Remaking rema- …[View]
34424847I hope I don’t fall into a portal that takes me back to page 1.[View]
34397159Time for Cutie Patooties! - Pokeboys[View]
34424270The culprit is drayden[View]
34429046The European video game rating board, PEGI, has put out a rating for the Nintendo 3DS title, Detecti…[View]
34424840So with I Choose You and now the 2018 Movie are the movies forming their own canon now?[View]
34425520>steel/flying type[View]
34426603How do you go from this...[View]
34418163WHO IS YOUR FAVORITE CHARACTER FROM SM/USUM?: Mine is Kukui and our boi Guzma.[View]
34412435villain thread: it's time[View]
34424590Has Ash been salvaged?[View]
34428657My Rowlet is level 31. I don't hate Decidueye but I like Rowlet a lot. I'm running Eviolit…[View]
34428596Get it through your thick skulls: THE XY ANIME WAS TERRIBLE. Too many people on this site claiming o…[View]
34425596Pokemon mystery dungeon switch 2018: What are some things you want in it[View]
34423620say something nice![View]
34427626Why does it exist?[View]
34428732Holy shit Dalí is Zeraora[View]
34401446Celesteela thread![View]
34415078Found Favorites Thread: >https://www.dragonflycave.com/favorite.html Find your favorites here. S…[View]
34428434>SM anime is so bad he movies are refusing to ise its artstyle, storyline, or characters in it Is…[View]
34428169Why the fuck was this allowed?[View]
34426076why do they have such perfect genes?[View]
34428099QoL changes in Pokemon games: What are some changes that would drastically improve pokemon overall? …[View]
34425930Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread: Welcome to the Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread. Talk about new epis…[View]
34426024You can hate the SM anime, and you can hate Dusk Lycanroc, but you have to admit the dog has some pr…[View]
34425951What are your thoughts on this battle? https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/uu-477401092[View]
34425704>there won't be a 3ds successor aside from the switch >touch screen dependent gaming from…[View]
34426896>he has bad taste in Pokémon[View]
34408077/ss/ - Seal Saturday: It's Seal Saturday again! You know what to do. Post Seel line, Spheal lin…[View]
34402459/pcg/ - Pokemon Clover General: Black Market Crude edition: Pokemon Clover is a slick romhack featur…[View]
34425914So the 21th movie is a sequel to the 20th movie what are the chances of new new pokemon appearing[View]
34425997Well, despite getting VC Gold on its release date for muh Celebi, I forgot to actually play it. But …[View]
34423210WE DID IT ANONS I just hope Gamefreak doesn't focus too much in Catalunya.[View]
34425911Snake lady. Also Seviper/Zangoose thread.[View]
34425379Sunaho Tobe designs the characters for a spin-off game of Pokémon. What would you imagine?[View]
34425935Gen 1 wrap makes me so FUCKING mad[View]
34426123Arevthere any good completed English ROM hacks with gen 7 and/or gen 6/Mega Evolution Pokemon in the…[View]
34423666Pokespain confirmed for gen 8![View]
34425081Did anyone else forget that they 'had' this guy with them? Was wandering Malie city until the cutsce…[View]
34425006vote my girlfirend[View]
34422114This is YGO, what would be the Pokemon version of this?[View]
34422854porn when[View]
34426834>Electric type >Highest stat is speed >Furry Is this the Sonichu pokemon?…[View]
34425960NEW pokemon movie: What to expect?[View]
34425484WIT STUDIO: how come no one is talking about the fact that the same studio that animated AoT and kab…[View]
34427202What do think is most likely gonna happen for me soft reboot again[View]
34425792Help us write a story, /vp/! https://docs.google.com/document/d/1AYebmMwdaLhybzbQ0nBlDWBiRagwu4gTPJt…[View]
34427160Itt: Post a mon, give it a move, then the next person posts a mon that has that move and gives it an…[View]
34426516This is Akari.[View]
34425781So what became of Silver in the world where Giovanni won?[View]
34423887Take a look in the mirror. Consider your outfit, your personality, your physique. You are actually t…[View]
34427158Why did ashy boy get so sexy: Holy shit. He is kawai. I'm gay now[View]
34427244Best Girl: So, who is it really?[View]
34427230I want to romance a lizard[View]
34424551This will be the only fully-evolved Gen VII starter to be seen in animation.[View]
34427157If I were gonna make a team based on the breath of the wild divine beasts which mons would suit each…[View]
34425151This is probably Ash's best outfit yet.[View]
34426864This is the best bear, prove me wrong. don't mind the girl[View]
34421010Caught pic related recently after a few hours of hunting, what should I name him?[View]
34422933trainer customization thread? rate & hate.[View]
34426631>2017 >still no Ice-type sweeper with Focus Energy and Sniper based Simo Hayha…[View]
34413773Your 2 favorite types Your 2 least favorite types Judge the poster above you I'll start Water, …[View]
34424861>Pokemon I Chose You 2, 2018 The switch game is gonna be Alola for a 3rd fucking time.…[View]
34423814New Gen, in next year?[View]
34418936Are there fangames with good character designs? Post em.: Pic very unrelated[View]
34419742Canon teams for male protagonists: >I made canon teams for all the male protagonists. >Teams a…[View]
34423941>instead of remaking games movies will be remade now[View]
34411930Battle Agency Thread: Can we get one of these going?[View]
34422180>Thunderbolt is locked behind Elite Four Are you fucking serious?[View]
34426034Mistake: I let a Totem boost just for fun... i regret it[View]
34377847Wifi General: Trade - Battle - Breed This thread isn't for Hacks, Clones, or Injections. There …[View]
34415523Ground-type has the cutest Pokémon.[View]
34417436I can't be the only weirdo/autist freak who has OTPs for Pokemon, right? I mean the concept alo…[View]
34425435>shitty character design >bootleg Lillie The only thing could save this shitty excuse of a mov…[View]
34421878>walk into room during christmas >see this wat do?…[View]
34425497Anime Bullshit: >Literally the only reason the showed u in the anime was because Ash had high cha…[View]
34424831Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread: Welcome to the Pokemon Anime Discussion Thread. Talk about new epis…[View]
34424890Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread: Welcome to the Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread. Talk about new epis…[View]
34418717Showderp: dumb ass thread died while people were suggesting champ: me (in doubles ou) current team: …[View]
34423599Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread: Welcome to the Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread. Talk about new epis…[View]
34415106/gag/ Give Away General - yay it's winter: New GA! This time it is a winter themed giveaway! Th…[View]
34421819Auslove.tv: Auslove is a Twitch streamer who injects Pokemon then trades them over Wonder Trade. The…[View]
34424214>pokemon has gotten so lazy, that they're now remaking movies[View]
34414675Pokemon the Movie - I Choose You!: The fuck were they thinking making a Ho-Oh! movie that it barely …[View]
344239378th gen confirmed for 2019?: So does this mean 8th gen is coming 2019?[View]
34422769What was his endgame? Why did he make a mecha groudon and then only rides it?[View]
34416480AUTISTIC POST WARNING. I'm bored and want do something. You wake up and find yourself to have b…[View]
34422073No Pokemon Movie[View]
34421523Megas you forgot existed.[View]
34424172Hey there, breedie. In the autismbox again, I see. Whatcha ya hatchin' there? Oh... 6 IV Torchi…[View]
34421011What's the most annoying Pokemon move, in your opinion?[View]
34419810just now coming to terms with the fact that his name is ethan and not gold >fuck what do i do /vp…[View]
34424111>Reminder /vp/ Pokémon Reloaded >>>>>>>>> any Pokémon Fangames (not in…[View]
34422018Sans Slyveon, we have not had a single cross-gen evo since Gen IV, in 2006. I think Gen VIII is almo…[View]
34420161/vp/ Favorite Pokémon Tournament DAY 2 (031 - 060): >Today's Poll http://www.strawpoll.me/14…[View]
34416319Best Pokemon OST thread?[View]
34423922Reaction Images: Post 'Em[View]
34423827Name a trainer with a more cancer team than this. You can't.[View]
34424009>literally created to help Lillie Defend this[View]
34421244Gen 7 has been the worst Generation: Do you agree? Yes or No?[View]
34423048>green eyes >trainer >blonde hair she's lillie you dumbos…[View]
34423591>Amourfags get cucked >Lilliefags get cucked Why is there so much damage control today?…[View]
34421627If you had the choice of eating any Pokémon you wanted, what would it be?[View]
34422720Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread: Welcome to the Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread. Talk about new epis…[View]
34418928Ace Trainer Thread: Post Ace Trainers.[View]
34417165Here's a proposal. Would it greatly improve the current state of affairs if Ice Beam was retcon…[View]
34422476/cpg/ - Competitive Pokemon General - Stall edition: Now that USUM is out, time for the revival of /…[View]
34420437Has anyone else had absolutely no inclination to finish these games? I picked up Ultra Moon weeks ag…[View]
34422708Speed Boost Torchic Giveaway: I just bred a box full of Speed Boost Torchics just to get a single on…[View]
34423213>Movie takes Lillie features and putsthem into new gril >Meanwhile in the Anime we get more As…[View]
34423407So does she leave for Kanto at some point in the USUM postgame?[View]
34422755This is your new Lillie, say something nice to her.[View]
34408004>Press F to Pay Respect What when SO wrong?[View]
34423339Naganadel thread?[View]
34422775Does anyone know if the swap breeding method works on USUM?[View]
34418802Alright /vp/, Pokemon just became real and you were declined to get a starter from a Professor. You …[View]
34422306Good Ideas, Disappointing Execution: Black cats are considered lucky in Japan, not unlucky. So when …[View]
34423019>Blonde hair >Green Eyes >Literally new Lillie >They didnt give a fuck about Shit-Rena t…[View]
34423124I just got 56 Zygarde cells. Isn’t it beautiful?[View]
34422957I hope in the Pokemon Switch game you can do stuff like this with your pokemon outside of battle. Ri…[View]
34420669>finally get to the big nezcroma fight (haven't been able to play much) >the fight every…[View]
34422312>Z-Moves, Mega Stones, Plates, Memories, Drives, and Type Gems now have their own dedicated hold …[View]
34411174Ultra Beast Thread: post best UBs.[View]
34422760Tye new movie is made by olm an the fucking WIT studio[View]
34420880Hi, I just got done breeding a shiny Honedge and I have a box with 14 6iv honedges and 16 5iv ones. …[View]
34419754Yso predictions for next week in japan: Yo kai watch busters 2 190k Week 1 Pokemon ultra sun and moo…[View]
34421929Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread: Welcome to the Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread. Talk about new epis…[View]
34417837Whats the oldest Pokemon you still have, and as something more than just livingdex filler? I still h…[View]
34421284pic related are the most bland, boring, generic white bread starter designs. They even have basic as…[View]
34412705What will his Black/White team be?[View]
34422541Black 1 and 2: I was thinking of playing on my freshly-purchased B2 and I want to trade over gen 1 s…[View]
34419607What would their types be?[View]
34420639Manectric became one of my top favorite Electric types purely because of Intimidate and Overheat[View]
34422238fuck kill marry[View]
34418995Zenaora silhouette on bottom left: Corcoro December cover[View]
34422128Rain Team: Help me round out my rain team please! I'm including detailed info on the team in a …[View]
34422074If you choose the black protagonist, does that make the mom a roasty racemixer? Why does Nintendo pr…[View]
34420324What does she see in him?[View]
34422080Listen, I'm not even a groudon fag. I don't hate usum, they're alright at least. But …[View]
34421802Pyroar is cool and I wish it sucked to a lesser degree that which it does.[View]
34421128does anyone know of other hidden messages in pokémon? this is a graphical representation of the team…[View]
34421836>USUM are the best mid gen games because no other mid gen game introduces whole new Pokemon Why d…[View]
34421446Just inject lol[View]
34420019Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread: Welcome to the Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread. Talk about new epis…[View]
34419576For fucks sake gamefreak buff him already[View]
34414123>Kanto is the only region we haven't played in 3D yet You know it's coming…[View]
34421713I enjoy playing Pokemon legitimately, please give me attention![View]
34419178ITT: New Ability Ideas: I'll start: >Radioactive Deals 1/16 max HP damage to all Pokemon on …[View]
34421567What's with the influx of insufferable Sinnohfags?[View]
34419140Why is everyone in Festival Plaza grade 0? Is no one playing the Battle Agency or something?[View]
34419833I don't like Serena.[View]
34415146ITT: It’s Gen I and everything is broken again: >Sucker Punch now cancels whatever move would’ve …[View]
34420533>Say something to me After two week of SR, i have encoutered Blacephalon shiny but i SR for mista…[View]
34420706Why doesn't it have Earth Power? Does MatsudaFreak hate yellow humans?[View]
34412773Why aren't they doing cross gen evos anymore? I feel like pokemon such as zangoose or seviper c…[View]
34418126Thoughts on this guy?[View]
34376572/comfy/ environmental & characters: share your pics, I'm working on something and I really …[View]
34420908miss me yet?[View]
34416664/pgg/ - Pokémon GO General: Extreme Weather Edition >Official Pokémon Go Updates http://pokemongo…[View]
34415328It's Cosmog!: It's Cosmog![View]
34421249LOL: >He cheats in a kid's game >He wastes time running in circles on a kid's game …[View]
34420828Sinnoh FUCKING CONFIRMED lads[View]
34419863ITT: Breediecucks buttblasted once again[View]
34421056sup guys, thinking of hunting these guys to make an awesome team during my gold playthrough. im not …[View]
34417289>replaying gen 6 after not touching in 3 years >everything is fast and smooth >regardless o…[View]
34421104>people actually buying into the lie that they gave Lillie a happy ending to please waifufags It …[View]
34418171>no daily USUM bashing threads here Why?[View]
34420439bid00f is the best mon, anon.[View]
34404919>I want a Pokemon whose color palette goes with a Master Ball![View]
34412854jesUS CHRIST[View]
34418443Why would anyone ever choose to live in Orre? Why don't they just move to one of the far better…[View]
34420076Not including vp but why are people just now starting to hate 3rd versions.USUM no different or even…[View]
34419126ITT: images that haven’t aged well[View]
34416784Y'all said that UltraSun and UltraMoon fucked up Lusamine's story, but...I just finished U…[View]
34417404Pokken: Post your: >main >rank >favorite assist >most hated opponent…[View]
34417647Will she really stay a (((regional variant))) or will she just become the Tundra form Ninetales? The…[View]
34419983Sand Attack and Acrobatics are the only Ground/Flying moves it learns by level up. Why was it not th…[View]
34419420why is that snow yellow[View]
34419758Ever since Gen V poison, not toxic/badly poisoned, as a status condition has lost its niche. It does…[View]
34419000https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s7RJNKr8SCs Do they even know what company they are talking about?…[View]
34415966Fug should date fatty. I think they'll get along very well.[View]
34420292What the fuck is the point of this stupid asshole anyway? This fucking faggot is supposed to 'w…[View]
34413411i wanna hunt for a shiny ub dex but i dont wanna waste time on getting a shiny charm, so would it be…[View]
34420397Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread: Welcome to the Pokemon Anime Discussion Thread. Talk about new epis…[View]
34420145Gen 8 hopes? Opinions? Ideas? This is my personal wish list. >Switch Exclusive >A superior tra…[View]
34420212Where can I watch TV Tokyo tonight? fuji tv and sherming's streams are fucked[View]
34419733>2017 >Still not kangaroo Pokemon[View]
34416682Charmander is my favorite pokemon, anon. Please be n!ce111[View]
34419474>no Johto champion ribbon >no Unova champion ribbon >no Kanto champion ribbon because the g…[View]
34418590What the fuck was his problem?[View]
34420268I don't have Ultra SuMo myself, but my long-time Pokemon hating friend decided to cave and grab…[View]
34411733What personality traits do you associate with the 18 types?[View]
34419614>Solar Beam is literally a beam of large amount of heat from the sun >catagorized as a 'Grass'…[View]
34419837hello where is my game?[View]
34420088post some of these[View]
34419130Post your gen 8 UU bros: Too bad him and Fini dont pair well cause theyre my favorite UU mons[View]
34420027Favorite: What's your favorite pokemon /vp/? https://www.dragonflycave.com/favorite.html it too…[View]
34417111Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread: Welcome to the Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread. Talk about new epis…[View]
34419905Wow pokken dx is 28th on Amazon usa chart now: Thought people would stop buying it but seems like pa…[View]
34419633how do i not lose my mind soft reseting for this thing also what are you hunting? which gen?[View]
34418575Christmas-Themed Team: I want to spend the holiday season spreading joy and laughter to all the girl…[View]
34417838>it's not a grass type[View]
34413063weird fake pokemon cards you find on google images thread[View]
34418714What did he mean by this?[View]
34418495Catching them all in previous generations: I’m going to go through playing ALL the Pokemon Games by …[View]
34417864ITT: Post your team and your rival team. Hard mode: Each Pokemon in the team must be from different …[View]
34417394Help me decide my USUM Team: Help me decide my USUM Team /vp/ I want my next playthrough to be weird…[View]
34414227Twins Lea & Pia break the game story: Pokémon Crystal's story makes no sense. In Pokémon Cr…[View]
34419211Pokemon Retypes: >Fighting / Rock Gave him a niche in Sand Teams.…[View]
34411246Sheer Force 5IV+ Lure Ball Totodile Giveaway: To celebrate the new king of RU and Johto x Alola Comp…[View]
34419166Alolan Raichu: I just got a 31/X/31/29/30/31 Timid Surfing Pikachu on my first try. Should I run Thu…[View]
34418870hey guys, i got usum on the 17th and have been playing since, but there's two things i don…[View]
34419127Pokemon Ultra Sun Randimizer: https://youtu.be/klYl-tEQ2EI[View]
34411492Can we get some Ultra Recon Squad fanart? My folder is lacking.[View]
34417853Whose that pokemon?[View]
34415208Will Gen8 fix it?: If not, how would you? For me, very least would be water actually coming from his…[View]
34417199>lets give it zubat tier stats until level 48 lmao fuck you gamefreak i regret to not choose bago…[View]
3441347324 hours until movie 21 is revealed: Predictions?[View]
34416866>UBs don't have their own Z-Move >UBs don't have a signature move >No ice type UB…[View]
34407397Drawthread: Previous: >>34399441 >Resources https://pastebin.com/5gmwCiRq >NSFW requests…[View]
34413176fav pokes: H-hey anon..! What do you think of my favorite pokemon?[View]
34416460If the beast trio isn't your favorite legendary trio and among your favorite legendaries in gen…[View]
34373715Trainer Customization Thread: Post trainers; tell everyone else how shit theirs is.[View]
34417890>Rock types now gain 15% health from SR have i fixed them?[View]
34418032If Pokemon had a Tournament of Power, who would be part of Universe /VP/s team?[View]
34418931>no best boy thread Let's fix that[View]
34418329This is my thread. I'm gonna use it to post a few builds and document my experiences with the g…[View]
34410519>solgaleo >sun legendary >weak to fire…[View]
34414001/vpmd/- /VP/ mystery dungeon: Sleepy Time Chicken Edition Previous Thread: >>34397878 Screenca…[View]
34380307/Shuffle/ General - New Main Stages SOON Edition: Last Thread: >>34343529 New Events for this …[View]
34412611So how long until we can make our own games using the Gen 4 and Gen 5 engines? 10 years? 15 years? M…[View]
34416844The virgin Gohan The chad Marshadow[View]
34413175Hey, what's Hapuning?[View]
34416738you want to ___ lillie[View]
34391629>He doesn't like Umbreon[View]
34417724I don't quite consider myself to be a leaker that much, but here's stuff for the future si…[View]
34418471What's his team?[View]
34415663Give him a full team of six[View]
34409203This is proof USUM were shat out quickly and with no effort right?[View]
34417274>In Gen 8 we can have one Pokemon from each generation in pur team excluding Gen 1 and 2 so no mo…[View]
34416030OWLFAGS BTFO: Owlfags BTFO out of existence!![View]
34411572Can we have a thread dedicated to images with this kind of effect on them?[View]
34414268>Necrozma is 10 levels stronger than you Yikes! Any tips?[View]
34417087*blocks your path*[View]
34408203SEAL WIFE[View]
34418537>update coming up soon >existing replays will inevitably be unplayable in said update VS. Reco…[View]
34418706What were the creators' intention when they made this scene?[View]
34412405*blocks your path*[View]
34413276He's cute[View]
34417571Did anyone here read the pokemon adventures manga? If you did what is your favourite part?[View]
34416748changes to current pokemon (NOT evos, mega evos, etc.): hey /vp/! lets talk about how youd change ce…[View]
34418716Did anybody else enjoy Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby more than Pokemon Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun,…[View]
34416474/MUSIC/: favorite pokemon music thread, ill post mine https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yq83rW7uHVc…[View]
34415054>Not only am I not able to finish US, I can't even muster up the energy to play games anymor…[View]
34390621Have GF ever revealed any of their design rules for Pokemon that make it so no fakemon ever looks le…[View]
34414208Mallow would be a cute mom[View]
34418613How do I Hack USUM?[View]
34416629Is fennnekin the cutest pokemon?[View]
34410884/vp/ Favorite Pokémon Tournament DAY 1 (001 - 030): >Today's Poll http://www.strawpoll.me/14…[View]
34418656>Umm... anon, will you be kind to me?[View]
34413169GEN 7 POKEMON IN SMASH 5: www.strawpoll.me/14585233/ www.strawpoll.me/14585233/ www.strawpoll.me/145…[View]
34414799My Emerald Team.: What do you all think about this team that i used to beat the E4? I used Ninetales…[View]
34412636Why did they remove it?[View]
34418300What Pokémon would be BLU(Borderline Ubers) if it became a thing?[View]
34418432Grass types now get Earth Power to complement Water's Ice Beam and Fire's Solar Beam: How …[View]
34416423It's not DEL-ee-burd, it's de-LIB-urd. It's a pun on delivered. Delibird.[View]
34418076You did buy all of her merch, right?[View]
34415613Darkest Secret: It's that time again >Favorite Pokemon >Darkest Secret >Favorite Pokem…[View]
34417889Got a nice crisp Pokemon Showdown account with a 10/0 win ratio in Gen7 OU for you: User hellothere2…[View]
34415671>Can also sketch any ability now. What happens next?[View]
34415560What does it's 56% form look like?[View]
34410411USUM Hack Ideas: Progress is going smooth, according to hacker.[View]
34417492>Kiawe literally says 'Want me to share some with you?' before this frame What did they mean by t…[View]
34418527Cosmo! Wanda! I wish GameFreak would stop making such shitty Pokemon games that have an actual consi…[View]
34416173Breeding Pokemon: just got into breeding pokemon for competitive. which ones are essential to have? …[View]
34416168We play as the protags children for black and white 3 for sure right ? Also i know not anytime soon …[View]
34418256>Playing through ultramoon >55 levels in realize my Arcanine has flash fire instead of intimid…[View]
34413013I find it cool that these two were able to become friends again after the events of RBY. I want more…[View]
34414036Welcome to the Pokemon Anime Discussion Thread. Talk about new episodes, old episodes, upcoming epis…[View]
34406891>Pokemon >Biggest JRPG ever >Every other franchise besides Final Fantasy owes its roots to …[View]
34404232make a mega thread: here's what I came up with for aurorus: Mega Aurorus Refrigerate,Snow Warni…[View]
34415780Cutiefly thread: Post your bumblebee here[View]
34411188Why are they getting hate all of a sudden ?[View]
34416198Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread: Welcome to the Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread. Talk about new epis…[View]
34410828Showderp - Listen to Death Grips Edition: You should listen to Death Grips desu. Theyre really fucki…[View]
34411310/pgg/ - Pokémon GO General: Welcome To Hoenn Edition >Official Pokémon Go Updates http://pokemong…[View]
34414786New Pokemon Showdown Simulator: http://spectra.reachinghalcyon.com/ A totally new Pokemon Showdown e…[View]
34414031Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread: Welcome to the Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread. Talk about new epis…[View]
34415897Draft Format: Ever tried it? It's great fun if you have enough people in the league. It makes y…[View]
34413436>they added this useless area instead of fleshing out Ultra Megalopolis or Wela Volcano absolutel…[View]
344128903:36! 3:36! Oh no, i'm late![View]
34412507When’s Pokemon getting a tactics game like Fire Emblem?[View]
34413491Do you guys like Swanna? I like Swanna! Swanna is a nice Pocket Monster! I love Swanna! Swanna is ve…[View]
34413764Are You Ready?: For the new King of OU?[View]
34414038Merry christmas /vp/[View]
34407423>this thing is smash 5's pokemon rep How would you react?[View]
34413323>people said the mimikyu event in pikachu valley was a lie https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vTe81I…[View]
34411645Was this nasty fartmachine ever good?[View]
34414138Will Gen 8 have a god-tier soundtrack like the anime?[View]
34416005I want to make a team of all reptile pokemon, one from each Gen if possible. Can wanna help me out, …[View]
34414399Your Pokemon dream world: http://spectra.reachinghalcyon.com/[View]
34410576Dark souls + Pokemon =epic[View]
34410604What do you think ?[View]
34415689You have bad taste in Pokémon, anon.[View]
34415926Why is the level design in Alola so goddamn terrible? >Wela Volcano Park has no dungeon >Tide …[View]
34412495>2 weeks ago /vp/ hates USUM >now Business as usual, /vp/ either likes or is neutral on USUM …[View]
34414415What makes a good Pokémon game? What makes a bad Pokémon game?[View]
34413015Since it is now possible, do you think it is wrong to use UBs in a normal playthrough? Really consid…[View]
34415908There is at least 1 alternate universe where the protagonists joined the villain team[View]
34415471Fuck having an original team of Pokemon that I actually like. I'm tired of being low-ladder: it…[View]
34415762How long do shiny hunts usually take you?[View]
34413439I didn't finish Moon yet (second island almost finished). Can i play Ultra Moon and enjoy it or…[View]
34412925Fucking Finally: I need only the best set for my shiny buzz-bro here. Suggestions? I ran a set back …[View]
34414524dispute this[View]
34413874>Ultra Necrozma called for help![View]
34409637>click swords dance >win[View]
34414892Why didn't they evolve it?[View]
34413345Diamond/Pearl Bike Speed: I'm working on a little pet project of mine, and I need to figure out…[View]
34415693/vp/ deleted when?[View]
34415634Anyone have Necrozma TCG hq artwork?: Need this image in high quality. Thank you.[View]
34410155I want to buy this. Am 24 year old twink male. Stop me /vp/.[View]
34410978The more I look at it the angrier I am. Who thought that putting a disgusting human mime would be a …[View]
34415408The switch game will be gen 8 or gen 4 with kanto in the post game to stop giovanni one last time. 5…[View]
34415533>Pokemon will never be good again[View]
34413262>Bright light is pouring out of Mega Rayquaza![View]
34411335Name a better fire and water starter. You can’t[View]
34415338Im trying to SR for shiny Blacephalon while trying to sync a timid nature, how can I negate the reco…[View]
34414685>Phox Friday get archived >Eevee Friday and Seal Saturday are still up For what reason?…[View]
34415440>Ash dies[View]
34415401Post times GF fucked up the names >Infernape >inferior rape >isn't that bad competitiv…[View]
34415076>doubles all stats at the start of battle >summons a Pokemon designed to be a thorn in your si…[View]
34415182Yes. Hello. This slate-haired beauty is my future wife. Some day our children will venture against…[View]
34414747Ultra or Regular?: I want to get back into pokemon, haven't played since Red/Blue. Should I get…[View]
34412025Hey anon, ur dance moves are fucking shit[View]
34404930Post animals that would make great Pokemon. Hardmode: No dolphin.[View]
34415096Sup anon, I see you only got your starter with, even after 8 fucking badges. Oh me? I have 696 pokem…[View]
34399350Eevee Friday /ef/: Giant Eons Edition[View]
34413963If Gen 8 relases in 2018...: wouldn't be the biggest turd GF relases? At least we'd have a…[View]
34412215Tapu Koko best __Waifu_ Prove me wrong: protip you can't[View]
34410851Cringe thread[View]
34414522I miss 'em, bros.[View]
34414951Can you legally jet shiny Tapus now? What is the stuff you can't get but want?[View]
34412511POKENCHI EPISODE 113: What is Pokenchi? Read this info guide: http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthrea…[View]
34411954Whats so bad about this game?: So i'm playing USUM and i think it's a good game. The regio…[View]
34413496Editing/modding models for Sun/Moon: Does anyone know how to do what is described in the title? I…[View]
34410050Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread: Welcome to the Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread. Talk about new epis…[View]
34412908ITT pokepuns I'll start >me la komo-o[View]
34413697Is Midnas shiny status and nature determined when you first battle Soliera or after you beat Necrozm…[View]
34391639Zinnia: What was her fucking problem?[View]
34412218Itt: Abilities that should exist >Tangibility Makes all special moves physical >Enchanted Make…[View]
34405911ITT: Post flawless Pokemon[View]
34411415Ive never actually played a pokemans game before I just really like the porn[View]
34411217You are challenged by Aether President Lusamine![View]
34413464Is it time to give up? The games are coming too fast and at his pace, two more will be out while he…[View]
34402989So what the fuck are Lugia and Ho-oh meant to represent? I assume most people thought, when Gen 2 ca…[View]
34413049If you trade a Pokemon away and then get it back 24 hours later does its affection reset?[View]
34397570Trainer Card Thread: Post your 'official' team(s). Rate others. http://tc.hnys.jp[View]
34412743The second Blacephalon can be shiny?[View]
34409268ITT we combine good things we liked from different pokemon games into one: I was thinking how good i…[View]
34413116A fallen hero.[View]
34412671I have been searching for a Guzzlord wormhole for days. Please share your stories about how you foun…[View]
34408475Will Hitmontop ever again?[View]
34412506Do you guys also got the feeling that ORAS didn't catched the right mood from ruby, sapphire or…[View]
34411876Why the fuck can't this fucking nigger learn Dazzling Gleam or even fucking Focus Miss? Literal…[View]
34412702Saturday Ralts line thread: Family fun edition, post rare and cute Ralts, Kirlias, Gardevoirs and Ga…[View]
34398093You know what to do.[View]
34407766>Pokémon that will be erased from the collective memory in the next few generations >Hitmonwho…[View]
34412409I swear to god, if you don't think hoenn is based off of australia[View]
34412279If I returned from an ultra space(in this case ultra desert) because I forgot to restock on beast ba…[View]
34410674Can anybody give me a source on this adorable comic? I don't have all the pages and reverse ima…[View]
34409722Abandoned and forgotten[View]
34408402>Incinerate is now a single target move that functions like a fire type, special Knock Off How do…[View]
344115452 hours in and I'm sick of too much dialogue and cutscenes. I just want to play without getting…[View]
34412514Digimon is good: i think Digimon is better because it has pikiachu and sqirtle and pokemon only has …[View]
34408569Do you consider Elekid a Johto Pokemon? Do you consider Electivire a Sinnoh Pokemon? Is it a Johto …[View]
34411907>”Anon! You’re here, meow!! I’m you’re therapist now!! Let me take a look at the notes right meow…[View]
34410783Courtney thread[View]
34412398pokemoa: anyone feel like having a pokemoa thread try not to post too much ecchi stuff[View]
34411219When will the worldwide sells for Pokemon US/UM release?[View]
34410362Will we ever get a sequel like this ever again? I'm playing through my Black 2 and I had a lon…[View]
34408238Gen8 ideas: I had a great idea of mechanics change in Pokémon so I post it here cus i want gamefreak…[View]
34411195Cool Fakemons thread?: Cool fakemons thead. alternate forms counts[View]
34410766>it's a literal fursuit >IT IS A LITERAL FUR SUIT I thought game freak went too far with …[View]
34408401What the fuck is his problem?[View]
34412083Will USUM have a Super Music Collection™ just like all the other previous games?[View]
34411967If you hack in a mega evolved pokemon or in battle forms like ultra necrozma can you take pictures w…[View]
34411792If we don't get constant leaks i loose it[View]
34410357USUM Teams: Post teams (+rate) in any format you'd like. >tmw this team has been working goo…[View]
34411846These are not pokemon games. Do what you will with this information.[View]
34405713You get to design the starters, hm slave, and Pseudo legend for gen 8.[View]
34411799Legendary is a stupid, arbitrary classification: >Strong (at least in base stat total) Nope. Phio…[View]
34398098ITT: make a trio of starters: I've had this idea on my mind about conceptualizing a tiro of sta…[View]
34410510These are your Gen 8 Starters: >Grass Rabbit >Fire Bear >Water Alligator Which will you ch…[View]
34411560WAIT WAIT OK WHAT IF...only the moves that Pokemon learned naturally were allowed in the competitive…[View]
34410396Joe Merrick #serebii: Bulbapedia doing a great job updating the USUM page.[View]
34411279Seen this in a thread could gamefreak ever consider making cybernetic pokemon in the future ?[View]
34410018>Garchomp >sudo-legendary >has mega evo >doesn't get dragon dance You had one job g…[View]
34409944>You finnd a rippling area of water >And cast your line >It hits the surface with a splash …[View]
34406466/pgg/ Pokemon Gays General: Gen 3 No Aggron No Flygon No Salamance No Metagross Lapras nerfed, again…[View]
34410915>uses 6iv pokemon with egg moves, good nature, items, on switch mode, exp share, refresh and exp …[View]
34409034>Go to http://www.springhole.net/writing_roleplaying_randomators/madeupanimal.htm >Generate an…[View]
34407776Owlfags BTFO: Owlfags are on suicide watch[View]
34410445is there an event arceus in a pokeball? my ocd kills me[View]
34410762>Masuda isn't handso-[View]
34410917salazze thread: anyone has any salazzle screencaps/webms from the latest sm episode?[View]
34411021So does burnet actually not know Kukui is the masked royal and therefore actually cheating on her hu…[View]
34406826I skipped the Unova sequels. Are they worth buying and playing if I already bought and played the or…[View]
34408266>Serene Grace Power-Up Punch[View]
34408710give them stats, typings, and movepools[View]
34409277>Gamefreak didn't know about the Litten bug because none of the testers chose it and chose t…[View]
34407968Based Feraligatr: This is the new king of RU. Say something nice to him.[View]
34409715has anyone tried a no pokeball run? what game did you play? what pokemon did you use? what was the t…[View]
34410633Choose your starter.[View]
34406226How can Gamefreak even compete with their Switch game?[View]
34410750Best fairy and you know it[View]
34410760Was this the most wasted potential Pokémon GameFreak have introduced?[View]
34408549What's the point of a pokemon that can't do anything that a normal human can't do?[View]
34410502ultra necrozma was easy: I posted this in the wrong channel but it is okay i just wanted to share th…[View]
34409442Can somebody make this a clear sprite?[View]
34410421What went wrong with them?[View]
34408626>Virgin Hau >Alolan Raichu Shit. Fast, but shit. >Noivern Shit. Fast, but shit >Crabomin…[View]
34408836Why does GF hate the grass type so much? -Grass starters always gets shafted in favor of the other t…[View]
34409669No matter how many times I see it...it still gets me...[View]
34408174Can you do it?: Rules- No Megas, No Aloan Forms, Has to incorporate Gens 1-7 on your Team, Cannot ha…[View]
34410028>He likes trials more than gyms[View]
34408721>reckless increases the power of recoil moves by 20% >iron fist increases the power of punchin…[View]
34408878>think /vp/ is just shitposting about Verlisify and creating fake screenshots of him >search u…[View]
34405733showderp: omgon edition: omgon banes swagge. Champ fights omgon losers with 6 verlisify sets. dogars…[View]
34410495Unlike pikachu I don't speak at you *dabs Yare yare my nigger[View]
34409363We need more Orre. They should make another game in the series, or do an Update Port of Colleseum an…[View]
34406189>RSE weren't remade during Gen 5 >Gen 6 didn't use an updated Gen 5 engine >Game …[View]
34410118why does she do that pose? why is she so goddamn smug?[View]
34407545This will be the 2nd Western character in Smash Bros. Say something neutral about her.[View]
34409672The dialogue in these games is 90% white noise. It rarely moves the plot forward, it's not in a…[View]
34409710I stopped playing in Gen V to focus on life stuff, I used to be a pretty good player, climbed pretty…[View]
34408865>Rest Talk Psycho Shift Sigilyph[View]
34410145Help me find my body.[View]
34408759>gen 8 introduces at least 100 new pokemon >but they're all babymons, cross-gen evolution…[View]
34410273Magikarp thread: MAGIKARP IS THE BEST POKEMON[View]
34410210Pokemon absolutely needs more Meganekko![View]
34408107Help: What should I play?[View]
34409159>Next gen has 120 new pokemon but >James Turner designs all of them Good or bad?…[View]
34404644Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread: Welcome to the Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread. Talk about new epis…[View]
34409991What the fuck was this meant to be?[View]
34407686Is his outfit teasing a Gen 8 Pokemon?[View]
34407922ITT: pokemon who are missing thematically fitting moves why doesn't this dumb fucking thing lea…[View]
34409833Name a better region: Come ahead anons, try to name a better region than Hoenn without sounding like…[View]
34409870'The developers made Platinum with the intent of making it a stronger version of Diamond and Pearl, …[View]
34406783*crashes your 3DS*[View]
34404584Say hello to the new prince of Rain Teams[View]
34409750why cant we just get along? ;_;[View]
34409718>faggots still cant tell the difference[View]
34409425Who is your Pokemon waifu?[View]
34409647Favourite USUM dex entries?: UM Gengar >Even your home isn't safe. Gengar will lurk in whate…[View]
34409120ITT: We Post a Pokemon and music that matches it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fMdUsEtaS-c…[View]
34403842ITT: Unpopular opinions. Best remakes. Best gen.[View]
34409407>browsing GTS for the USUM island scan starters in Johto balls >plenty of gen 1, 3 and 6 start…[View]
34401576Pokemon learning to talk: Is it just me or are Pokemon in this game actually coming close to human l…[View]
34405898tfw smogon dropped you off in ubers in gen 5 but forgot to pick you up[View]
34408803i drew zeraora tell me what you think but hurry i gotta go to bed by 10:30[View]
34405136This Gen never existed for me...[View]
34405606>I liked X & Y ..should we take them seriously?[View]
34409290pokemon best friend: you know how in pokemon movies the characters usually only have one pokemon and…[View]
34407514I feel like all this board ever talks about is Pokemon. Let's talk about something else for onc…[View]
34406775Welcome to the Salty Smogoon! How viable is yer team?![View]
34407751Do your best, /vp/[View]
34409071Would Blaziken and Metagross work good in a team? Which one should be the mega?[View]
34407697>Everyone else just uses regular Poke Balls >Gladion has a different ball for all of his Pokem…[View]
34403630CAN YOU SEE ALL OF ME[View]
34409073Hey faggot it's me you dad Stop looking at Pokemon go characters Go practice that guitar I gi…[View]
34408954Not so important thing, but has anyone seen the full version of this little picture around? One of m…[View]
34408943I just started a no pokeball run in pokemon yellow my planned team is pikachu, gyarados, venusaur, c…[View]
34408293Is Platinum still worth playing? I skipped it back when it came out because I already had Pearl, but…[View]
34408027Why can't he ever win? 3 times.. 3 fucking times It just isn't fair[View]
34408771Why do I think that Gardevoir looks nice wearing tennis shoes?[View]
34408292>Gen 1 already HAD remakes >There's literally no reason to make new ones…[View]
34407152Darkest timeline[View]
34408560Post her[View]
34408696>BSD >Facing off against Tapu Koko at 25% and Kommo-O at 50% >have omastar and Raichu >F…[View]
34402698Phox Phriday: That day of the week again. We post Phoxes here.[View]
34408614>tfw You will never be sexually harassed by a Shiny Naganadel.[View]
34408184Post your favourite PokéFusion[View]

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