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33851180US/UM leak :)[View]
33845478Showderp: Circlejerk Edition: Welcome to the most autistic circlejerk in the entire board--Welcome t…[View]
33850978I'm going to be handing out codes for the North American EB Games/Gamestop Salazzle that was di…[View]
33851269Leaked scenes from the next game. Thoughts?[View]
33827954Cursed Images[View]
33846048what are some edible pokemon[View]
33849956The only way that the Ice-type would be saved is if an Ice-type Pseudo exists. This is my idea for a…[View]
33849523I don't get it. Maybe someone on /vp/ can explain. >Everyone here defends Platinum as one of…[View]
33846116Nothin personnel...: Kid...[View]
33850165Mustachio, Feutiki or Laquin?[View]
33851214name a better pokemon romhack protip: you literally fucking can't[View]
33848041>yfw you won't be able to shiny hunt ultra beasts because you see them in the cutscenes in t…[View]
33851635https://forresn.deviantart.com/journal/Pokemon-Prof-Perry-s-Pokemon-Thesis-708588139 Is porygon rela…[View]
33848386So I've been hearing about how Rayquaza is the only legendary that does its damn job (keeping G…[View]
33851565Why don’t Evil Teams hypnotize Gym Leaders and other powerful trainers into become Grunts and Admins…[View]
33848854Swapdoodle: does anyone here use or still use this shit? also, you can use Pokémon Badges as sticker…[View]
33851456Pikachu on the front page[View]
33850248Does a Snorlax float? (In water?)[View]
33848788New pokemon[View]
33849385You purchased a GAME. Not a 'POST GAME'. Post games are a PRIVILEGE, not a RIGHT! With all of your c…[View]
33847090For those who misunderstood Torterra for 10 years. Torterra is base on this turtle. Not base on Anky…[View]
33851019The plot of USM was literally stolen from Kingdom Hearts. Bravo, GameFreak.[View]
33849222why do we never talk about this game?[View]
33850261Any of you work retail? Retailers will obviously get their USUM shipments early, someone that gets t…[View]
33849516They can go back and remove that shit, r-right?[View]
33851248>Moon ball Lunatone >illegal[View]
33851020A brief history on the roles of the 'Third Legendary'[View]
33851189Create a Pokemon! Include stats(obviously) and possible abilities. Here's what I was thinking a…[View]
33839988Tsareena Tuesday: Post that juicy Queen[View]
33851069>be shinyhunting cleffa for 3 days >shiny cleffa finally shows up >ko sos cleffa >shiny …[View]
33848999Guys. I need a ditto friend safari code for my moms dog. Please give. I will swap nudes[View]
33841703Drawthread: Getting /fit/ Edition: Previously >>33834026 >Resources https://pastebin.com/5g…[View]
33849640Happening?: https://twitter.com/ProfMahogany/status/920813408093704193 Legit, or no?[View]
33819885Serena Sunday: .[View]
33850522why is it so hard for people to tell the difference?[View]
33848008So I picked up Sun again to finally beat it (already beat moon). I started just before Cosmoem evolv…[View]
33849814Karp: When you were here before Couldn't look you in the eye You're just like an angel You…[View]
33850384Alolan Oddish Leaks: >It's fire/grass, its body is red but its leaves is lighter red and on …[View]
33844689How did someone immature like Whitney became a gym leader?[View]
33850764>Boomburst Liquid Voice Primarina[View]
33849836Guess the Pokemon: 1. Open paint 2. Close your eyes 3. Draw the Pokemon 4. Have others guess it I…[View]
33849117Theory: the Ultra Beasts are based on planets.[View]
33846182Find A Flaw.[View]
33849588Why is Blue considered a 'Battle Legend'? He champion for all of 5 minutes.[View]
33846611Hmmmm Nice Bike![View]
33847453Would you punch Bonnie?[View]
33850347Marshadow Code: I've got one North American Marshadow code. Which lucky anon shall get it? Get …[View]
33847858Hey /VP/, just a drawfag here I got got a few minutes, so I'd gladly take any requests, granted…[View]
33846911Target-Exclusive Charizard Codes Giveaway Part III: Too Many FUCKING Codes Edition: Still haven…[View]
33850118I FINALLY UNDERSTAND WHY THIS SHIT IS IN ALOLA: >Mongoose breakout in Hawaii >Alola is the Haw…[View]
33850041Did you ever wear a Pokémon costume for Halloween?[View]
33849292Nuzlocke/Fan Modes: I'm trying to create a rule list for an ORAS randomized Nuzlocke run some f…[View]
33847167>one bara, one faggot, one cuck >gen 6 = grass bara, fire faggot, water cuck >gen 7 = grass…[View]
33849888post best Pokemon music: ill start, Cynthia's Battle Theme https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rXef…[View]
33849547Hi, anon! I just came back from the doctor's office and I just found out I have cancer. That…[View]
33850040What makes for an animated character to be decidedly cuter than another?[View]
33849320Do people actually use legendaries in their team?[View]
33849458Tonight or early tomorrow morning marks the 1 year anniversary of the demo leak where we saw these f…[View]
33842041/pgg/ - Pokémon GO General: The Waiting Is The Hardest Part Edition >Official Pokémon Go Updates …[View]
33849438Zygarde is sad :([View]
33849275Gen 8 needs to reintroduce in-game events like Arceus giving you an egg or the e-reader islands[View]
33843688Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread: Welcome to the Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread. Talk about new epis…[View]
33847985Give me a quick rundown on Mega Lucario[View]
33849757Not shill anybody's chanel but this is how half of vp would be if they were in the the pokemon …[View]
33849002>Draw a thing >add an evil grin This is what genwunners defend so much?…[View]
33849491How would you feel if you stumbled upon the ruins of the Battle Frontier while traveling through the…[View]
33846710Zygarde has no counters[View]
33849290Things I want for the third version of SM: >New pokes, new alola forms, new UBs >more baddies …[View]
33849441Your on a island you know no one is going to save you you see pic related to do leave her alone or s…[View]
33846541What are some Pokemon games with this asthetic? Include ROMs if they fit.[View]
338412394 WEEKS TIL' USUM: Post your hype.[View]
33846829What if Pokemon failed?: Since Gamefreak are terrible programmers where would they be if Pokemon fai…[View]
33846896Why do you want USUM to fail /vp/? Is the thought of anything surpassing your genwun/bw2/nostalgiage…[View]
33849210What do you think of the new pokemon games coming out?: I think i'm going with ride but gun loo…[View]
33846545So are you buying or pirating this shit and why?[View]
33837458Add your drawing of a mon using no reference picture. Also, I believe it's mime time.[View]
33837144Pokemon favourite by type thread: http://www.cpokemon.com/seccion/herramientas/tipos/en/[View]
33838491Gen 2 difficulty: >gen 2 was the last of the first three gens that I played as a kid >out of t…[View]
33848460Blaziken Tendies (SHITPOST): >be me >be mummy's 500lb chubby 28-year old big boy politoed…[View]
33848422If they limit the Pokemon (or just the catchable legendaries) in USM, would that mean Diamond and Pe…[View]
33845344Pokemon score: Please help me!! /vp/ The Cerulean city theme when officer jenny arrives at 1x07 htt…[View]
33848446Someone explain to me about Groudon's joke and nothing new?: I do not understand the relationsh…[View]
33848200Palkia is exclusive to Ultra Sun, while Dialga is exclusive to Ultra Moon. Giratina is obtainable in…[View]
33847924Discussion thread: Hi, I'm a bit new to /vp/ so I don't know if this has been done to deat…[View]
33844439NEW ALOLA FORM LEAKED: Source: Former GameFreak employee[View]
33848280What's on the screen /vp/?[View]
33846982Does anybody know the source?[View]
33845521>No Battle Girls in Sun & Moon Truly a travesty.[View]
33847416Could we ever get a Pokemon that weighs 0kg or would it mess with weight-based moves?[View]
33846933what is this: what is this[View]
33837627Lusamine and guzma[View]
33846492Reminder that there is basically nothing special about these Pokemon. They are no different than Red…[View]
33844699>It confirms that the game is further detailed than people believe with there being further post-…[View]
33847527>people actually think gen 8 will come out in 2018 despite there always being 3-4 year gaps betwe…[View]
33847992Type Chart: You can make 5 changes to the current type chart in an attemot to balance it better. The…[View]
33844729How do we fix sneaky pebbles?[View]
33846470is this supposed to be a regional form of shellder? how come you can never catch it independently fr…[View]
33848157Ok so I bought white 2 and I just now found out that you can't get challenge mode in white 2, w…[View]
33846426Rate my fakemon. Would you train them?[View]
33846425>hey guys, i'm a female machamp[View]
33847285New to EV training so I need a bit of help with the math. How many EV's do I get if my pokemon …[View]
33835581You lived enough to see Stall die in your lifetime. How does it feel /vp/?[View]
33797741Did you buy the milk, Anon?[View]
33847833how the FUCK am I supposed to find my secret ID to get shiny Pokémon if I can only deduce it after y…[View]
33847412When will Zinnia appear again?[View]
33847717>tfw swept whitney with a lvl 17 paras. Why do you faggots act like this shit is hard?…[View]
33847585post cute pokemon[View]
33839323aaaaaaa i want to hug everyone in /vp/![View]
33847780#mewtwo: Post Mewtwo pics I need them for memeing and I can't believe all these threads have di…[View]
33847705Poke-Pic Reaction Thread: Post your best Pokemon reaction pics.[View]
33847336Who is the 'bad-guy-who-is-actually-a-good-guy-corrupted-by-the-true-villain' in /vp/'s JRPG?…[View]
33844289Let's try to create the most broken Pokemon that could ever exist using existing moves/abilitie…[View]
33847330Can someone give me a quick rundown on these guys?[View]
33842276Post yfw USUM ends up having a Battle Frontier[View]
33835429SHINY TYPE: NULL **GIVEAWAY**: Hello /vp/, to commemorate Type: Null and Silvally's LEGENDARY s…[View]
33847623When's the Next USUM Trailer?[View]
33846876........: http://pokejungle.net/2017/10/18/rumor-new-alolan-forms-in-ultra-sun-moon-more/…[View]
33847617As someone who didn't like Sun and moon. I'm excited about USUM: More Pokemon to catch Su…[View]
33842947Inside Info on Pokemon UsUm: Good day/evening, I already know I'll get little to no people to b…[View]
33846371>tfw you realize that you will be able to pet your Ultra Beats in their homeworlds…[View]
33847526Leak / Hint / Whatever: Wanna know why there's 2 Alola in SM¿ Because in USUM Megalopolis is ju…[View]
33847563Stop responding to groudonposters[View]
33846688>20 hours until trailer revealing new Alola Forms and a new battle facility…[View]
33843573what went wrong?[View]
33846879Gimmicks Game Freak will need to include in every subsequent Pokemon game: >48 Mega Stones >18…[View]
33844709Childhood is waifuing anime Misty Adulthood is realizing HG/SS is the only correct choice[View]
33846477How badly would an item that makes STAB moves hit as hard as SE moves break the meta?[View]
33847387I told ash that our baby is shiny he fell for it[View]
33812348Seal Saturday: Late start, but let's post anything that has to do with the Seel, Spheal, and Po…[View]
33842027Just got a used White 2 game, I've never played a gen 5 game before. What am I in for bros?[View]
33847136So, are sessions gonna be a thing again? Or do we have to wait for the inevitable BW remake? Until t…[View]
33847047Pikachu Thread: Today is the 18th anniversary of Pokemon yellow's release in North America. Pos…[View]
33842270Marshadow code begging thread: here we F5 countless times, waiting for kind anons who will hopefully…[View]
33844201New ultra beast leak?[View]
33843822Drawfag here. Testing out a new style. Requests?[View]
33843422>team you wanted to use going into SuMo >team you ended up using in SuMo…[View]
33846845What are some anxious/scared-looking Pokémon? I need to know.[View]
33845522Morning /vp/ I stopped at Target after work and they still had five full wrapped packs of cards for …[View]
33846733Post the ultimate Pokémon covers and remixes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VG8Pd4qFvwU[View]
33844043So I am running through XD on Dolphin and the game has soft locked. I haven't saved in awgile, …[View]
33846162>cutscenes are better than pokemon battling facilities in a pokemon game!…[View]
33846326How do you pronounce each set of games? >RBY = rubby >GSC = gussuck >RSE = russy >FRLG =…[View]
33846008Least favorite Pokemon: So, I've seen a thread for favorite Pokemon of each type so here's…[View]
33845455In USUM, Necrozma will capture Nebby (at the altar), so you will need the help of the other legendar…[View]
33846039Are the 3 fully evolved Alola starters the only Pokemon designs Joe has admitted to disliking? Why e…[View]
33845747Shitty distribution Pokemon: Post Pokemon whose distribution in the games is more shit than you…[View]
33842620Pokemon Communities: So, other than /vp/, what are the main communities for Pokemon? Just to talk ab…[View]
33839415The legendary answer[View]
33843806New UBs for USUM UB:Cannon Steel/Electric Move: Spectrum Beam Similar to fly move, but except that i…[View]
33845899playing online is the real postgame kiddos[View]
33844147Say something nice about Gen 4 right now or I'm cancelling Sun and Moon 2. I'll start: Qui…[View]
33846051Hello I am a private QA tester intern. I have played the game to some extent so here's somethin…[View]
33845988will there be a new gen?[View]
33846230Here's two new UB's for USUM: UB Feels: Ultra Sun exclusive Type=Normal/Fighting Ability=B…[View]
33842889Fakemon thread: Post fakemons What do you think about my pokemoms? I think they're pretty good…[View]
33846213>feels good to be part of a rich and powerfull family,so i can try with anticipation the newest g…[View]
33843577Do any of you still play HG/SS regularly? I can't get enough of them. I think these were the pe…[View]
33845210Am i going to have the best experience with this game if I skipped out on the original sun/moon?[View]
33845742Legendary in you ingame team?: Have you ever used a legend in in game team? When I was younger I alw…[View]
33841110lol how can you faggots like her. just look at this piece of shit.[View]
33844242>i like lando-t because it reminds me of my forced meme[View]
33845698>X pokemon called for help >every time it's a success >this happened for multiple time…[View]
33845824Where the fuck is my giveaway thread niggers[View]
33842741Opinion on my artwork: You remember my Olivia artwork, right? I'm posting it here because I wan…[View]
33845196I'm trying to get a shiny beldum on my sapphire game. Thing is, battery is dead. Give that, wou…[View]
33830452One of these threads. ITT: Post your team and some context. If its from a playthrough, tell us which…[View]
33845941Why does Mareanie look so down?[View]
33840425>your reaction when US/UM is better then B2/W2[View]
33845392Jynx appreciation thread. Say some nice things about Jynx.[View]
33843938>GF releases an interview where they say that the game will be great >Majority of fanbase just…[View]
3384438021st century Pokemon designs killed the series. You cant deny this[View]
33841202Post your signature Pokemon[View]
33844786>lazy freak[View]
33844267Any suggestions for what to use to Represent Missingno/Glitchmons in my Pokébank living dex? None of…[View]
33842847what pokemon related mods do you use on the non-pokemon games you play?[View]
33845440Create a Signature Move for Celebi.: It's unfair that all the Legendary cutemons have one excep…[View]
33840485Create a defensive power house with the base states of 480 and abilities that exist It can't ha…[View]
33845260ART & DRAW THREAD Pokemon ( no humans included ) as JoJo characters. Art not by me.[View]
33842950Pokemon is Dead: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a0XEzxULCDg And that trailer proves it. Seriously, …[View]
33842923Still being a unhyped little cunt?[View]
33844567>NO NEW ALOLA FORMS The game comes out in a month, they would have teased at least one by now How…[View]
33841707>You will never get something like this in Your Dimension >Instead you got a Ugly seal IT…[View]
33844544Wheres this frame from?[View]
33844124>oh neat, I guess I'll go EV train my pokemon using this awesome new pokepelageo feature …[View]
33844726So they tease there will be a big post game story in USUM. What said story will be about? I have 3 g…[View]
33845442I just got back into Pokemon with Pokemon Moon and dear lord. What is up with the pacing in this gam…[View]
33842563>Japanese game >main character has 3 Ls in her name GG, GAMEFREAK!…[View]
33843487I’m very drunk and all I want is a favorite Pokémon thread. Post your favorite Pokémon and r8 and h8…[View]
33843753Detective pikachu movie will have different story than in the game[View]
33844694Flying types are the best types[View]
33844927New leaks[View]
33840688Who’s the best PokeMom and why is it Delia?[View]
33842619Ultra Beast reflection: So it's been a year now. What's everyone's opinions on the Ul…[View]
33841345Primarina is ug-[View]
33839729Which character looks the best in a swimsuit and why is it Skyla?[View]
33837449Showderp: Whirly Edition: OI, this is Showderp! Where a spinster dubbed 'champ' spirals out of contr…[View]
33841485>*Gives her a Mega Mushroom What happens next?/vp/[View]
33844113ask someone who just beat the elite 4 of USUM anything[View]
33840550You know the game is bad when they have to damage control it upon release[View]
33802901What does /vp/ think of the diamond princess?[View]
33843823hey guise did yuo kno that dialga is based on a sea slug and ditto is a blobfish? https://www.youtub…[View]
33841598>Nasty plot Weavile[View]
33842552Weavile Wednesday: You know the drill.[View]
33844295Would you worship a Legendary Pokemon?[View]
33844114One thing I seen from all the leaks is return of old villains: Alot there was stickers of teams logo…[View]
33844293Drawing a Dex for fun: So my friend and I started this random dex and we made the 3 starter Pokemon.…[View]
33844533Do you guys feel it too? there's something in the air.... a trailer or something is coming[View]
33842457Rate my team, /vp/.[View]
33836969>Genies are coming back[View]
33841666The rock Ryan Reynolds, Hugh Jackman, and Mark Wahlberg. Among getting considered: For Detective Pik…[View]
33841873Is there a way to change OT? I got a Volcarona from wt, and I've been using it for about a week…[View]
33830882>ITT: Pokémon confessions[View]
33841287This board must be cleansed.[View]
33843198>use the GTS >trade for the pokemon i want >oh yes so happy.... >OT name is ASH. >MFW…[View]
33843863TRUE LEAKS: Hey guys i m here for leak you some features in pokemon USUM > New alolan forms will…[View]
33843008Let's settle this once and for all. Groupon or Kroger?[View]
33840881Do you like receiving gifts from your mother, anon?[View]
33843807'This isnt the Alola you thought you knew...' Because now it has FIVE MORE BUILDINGS! WOO![View]
33842661is it possible to trade between the GS and the RBY virtual console games using the old time capsule?[View]
33842227Hi mom say hello to my new gf and her pets[View]
33841371Is anyone else getting promoted tweets from Pokemon Twitter account ?[View]
33837157Porygon is in FACT in Eevee evolution https://forresn.deviantart.com/journal/Pokemon-Prof-Perry-s-P…[View]
33835154Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread: Welcome to the Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread. Talk about new epis…[View]
33843665Mewtwo appreciation thread: MOOTOOOOOOOOOOOOO[View]
33842565Why is she such a hoity-toity, snobby bitch? Is it due to her cold personality?[View]
33843532USUM story sequence: Story sequence from trailer Game starts with UCS (instead of Aether) trying to …[View]
33842498Incineroar used Darkest Lariat!!!: https://s4.ezgif.com/save/ezgif-4-ea2924e1e9.gif[View]
33838903What are some mons that would be cool for early/mid game but always seem to be available too late to…[View]
33843475Has pokemon ever inspired you to do something that would help you benefit from a defunct society?[View]
33843363Are Japanese fans not hyped for USUM either: ' It confirms that the game is further detailed than pe…[View]
33843319Shameless Begging Thread: Does anyone have a spare Marshadow code? I'm fucced and the 3 nearest…[View]
33840108What are your hopes for USUM?: -A third form for necrozma -More alola forms -Something equivalent to…[View]
33843234What would you do with a pikachu?[View]
33842850Now that the dust has settled....[View]
33840092well... what was his name?[View]
33842487>be me >play Pokemon Gold >pick Chikorita >wonder what should be my next fun pokemon …[View]
33842332Bring back lolita clothing.[View]
33842826Currently playing Alpha Sapphire after beginning my replay of Sun and the differences are very notic…[View]
33840505What does /vp/ think of the new news?[View]
33840768VGC2018: >SOON[View]
33842856Target Charizard Codes: Hi /vp/ I have I big stack of Charizard codes from Target if anyone wants th…[View]
33841356If there is a third Necrozma form, what would you want her typing to be?[View]
33838841Was the darker colour palette one of the reasons why Gen 5 dex wasn't that well recieved? Would…[View]
33837243what is this moment's legacy[View]
33842691Marshadow Event Code: Went to the GS earlier to get a Marshadow code only to come home and find my w…[View]
33837971Take this whole load of 'nothing', Groudon![View]
33841471cubone is charmander[View]
33842587Pokemon One Hundred.: Planning on making a rom-hack where EVERY pokemon is at level 100, they will e…[View]
33841936I don't want a Pokemon MMO, I just want a single player non-linear game in proper full 3D, so y…[View]
33829958>Hey anon, is that a 3DS? Watcha playing?[View]
33842247Who is gonna save you know ?[View]
33841961https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=2k0SmqbBIpQ: Stop with sinnoh in general pls people (not here really) …[View]
33841338These Games are irrefutably unexciting: What has happened to /vp/? It has come to my attention that …[View]
33842144This is the best Pokemon in the series.[View]
33840918>Delivery bird >Deli bird Holy shit[View]
33838941Leave her alone anon >:([View]
33840899Perfection doesn't exi-[View]
33838236What did they mean by this...?: Surely it wont happen right-t-t anon?[View]
33838292Chinese Riddler: https://youtu.be/AKNfFDUkysQ What do you think?[View]
33842003Dialga/Palkia?: Anyone notice how the colors of the lights flying in the following scene sort of res…[View]
33841938What does /vp/ think of Necrozma? And has Necrozmaposting affected this view in any way?[View]
33839614I don't remember /vp/ being this negative and cynical before, what happened?[View]
33841612What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you see sexy little Chicken-chan?[View]
33840810Trade me Unova Pokemon please. Unova is one of my favorite regions. My friend code is 2423-7295-7058…[View]
33841896PARTY THREAD: Only pokemon that like to party can be in this thread.[View]
33840997>USUM has twice the content of SM >2 regions is twice 1 region GUYS…[View]
33840168>Kyogrefags won >Joe won >GFshillers won >USUM will probably become the best Pokemon Gam…[View]
33840397This is Type:Null, say something legendary about her.[View]
33834026Drawthread: Previously >>33826467 >Resources https://pastebin.com/5gmwCiRq >NSFW request…[View]
33840804You have 10 seconds to be as Junichi Masuda as possible.[View]
33841771Make a pokedex description based on a picture of an animal Dalmarino Ground/Water This Pokemon can c…[View]
33840832>hgss rayquaza pokedex entry >'until recently, no one had ever seen it' >until recently…[View]
33841684Stop making broad judgements on the new games before they come out.[View]
33841622Mythical proof: I've been trying to find proof of Ash-Greninja being coded as a Mythical in the…[View]
33841638Anyone has the images of the games where it says that UB, Type Null, Sylvally and Tapus are semi leg…[View]
33841088Any oldfags here?: How do you find time to play? Pokemon was a big part of my childhood, but after f…[View]
33841601One Month: One Month n e M o n t h[View]
33840298>mfw pokemon switch is half Kanto[View]
33837969Who was the stronger overpowered mon? Gen 1 Mewtwo or Gen 6+ Mega Ray[View]
33841457Maybe necrozma is stealing light to fight off a bigger threat[View]
33838358He says this like it’s a good thing[View]
33838125Kyogrefags are actually retarded. Kyogre doesn't mean the info was good just that there was inf…[View]
33841258Pokemon Complaining thread /pct/: bitch i'm buddhist. dump your hate here and stop making threa…[View]
33841044I don't need to go into how mediocre the 3D games are. Given the huge amount of cynicism and ne…[View]
33841159Something BIG is coming...[View]
33837034Still no words about alola forms, new battle facility, extra hidden island or anything substantial B…[View]
33840879>this is what fire types are these days Fucking laughable. The other Gen 7 ones aren't reall…[View]
33840139Does /vp/ have a normal social life?[View]
33814180PTCG/O General: '>teleports behind you >devolves your lead to basic' edition Old Thread >…[View]
33840413Do you think Olivia looks good in the jacket?[View]
33840105What is this? And if it is the jap poster for the 2017 movie then where are misty and brock? And who…[View]
33839547>40 hour main story Woah, like a real RPG?[View]
33841054Mareanie/Toxapex Thread: A year ago today we first saw Mareanie in the Amazon JP TCG 'leak.' Less th…[View]
33835048Cringe thread: 'Art' by an autistic millennial with a Misty fetish https://otnesse.deviantart.com…[View]
33838437What in the absolute fuck has happened to this board, and how do we fix it?[View]
33838414Stop it Fanbases shouldn´t fight All pokemon games are good[View]
33840798New facility!: GYMS! GYMS FOR EVERYONE!!! https://youtu.be/OwX32tOCDIA[View]
33840090Can someone explain to why the flying shitty dildo does fucking beldum have a catch rate of 0.4% in …[View]
33840831Don't bully my pokébro /vp/ :([View]
33838651what does /vp/ think of this pretty boy?? also hau thread[View]
33840585NANI!: https://www.vg247.com/2017/10/17/pokemon-ultra-sun-and-moons-story-isnt-a-sequel-and-doubles-…[View]
33838307Dragon types are weak to Fair-[View]
33837577Target-Exclusive Charizard Codes Giveaway: Part II: Got even more of the Charizard codes from work s…[View]
33840642>Ultra Beasts are Legendary Pokémon[View]
33839896It's dead, right?[View]
33839900What will VGC18 bring to the table?[View]
33839916#mewtoo: POST MEWTWO PLEASE AND THANKS[View]
33840508Mimikyu Z Move confirmed: Super Bracelet Z by Takara Tomy[View]
33839599Double the amount of cut scenes: Portals like Oras to catch legendaries Delta episode lite post gam…[View]
33831062Apparently /vp/ prefers these shit mons to what we actually got. All I have to say is that I didn…[View]
33840369rate my wife[View]
33840237Pokemon Go ruined Pokemon Sun/Moon. There's too many Kanto Pokemon all over the place. This is…[View]
33828332/pgg/ - Pokémon GO General: Waiting For Halloween Edition >Official Pokémon Go Updates http://pok…[View]
33831165Pokémon with extremely mediocre stat spreads: Post Pokémon and their stats who have really mediocre …[View]
33838037>kalos never got a third version >no delta episode about the king,AZ and the kalos wars…[View]
33838296So, why exactly is this thing Fairy type? All other retcons make some sort of sense, Mr. Mime tho...…[View]
33840211Can we have a thread for pictures that make you laugh or smile? Or even just a smirk, or one of thos…[View]
33839915So why didn't X and Y get a third installment?[View]
33839633At the Ferry Terminal at Hau'oli City in Pokemon Sun/Moon, is that Unown lettering on the elect…[View]
33839240>My name is ASH KETCHUM from PALLET TOWN (wearing the clothes of red) and I'm gonna be a pok…[View]
33839786>october >still no new alolan forms pack it up guys. We're only getting orange dog, 3 ult…[View]
33839914Why is there no news about the battle tree?[View]
33834697Why dont we get an actual good anime and ditch that boring fuck ash? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
33830712Where were you when Bulbapedia was BTFO yet again?[View]
33839391We got our trailer for the week. Even though it's English version of old trailer: 4 weeks left …[View]
33838078Gold/Silver Teams: other games teams allowed too I guess just don't forget to rate and hate…[View]
33838807http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showpost.php?p=252288455&postcount=165 Kek.[View]
33837465> there are literally no accurate cosplays out there like this of Ash and Serena together. > …[View]
33837147>More proof USUM is worthy of it's existance >WAAAAAAH BUT THE CUTSCENES!!!!!!!!!!!!…[View]
33838945Pokemon is kill: >Compared to Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon, Pokemon catching and training is much…[View]
33839373I've got 4 codes to give away and will post them in this thread at the following times (in EST)…[View]
33837323All this USM news I legitimately have no idea how to feel about all this. I didnt like SM and told m…[View]
33837183Last time I was on /vp/ was during the pre SM roothoot/owlposting. What autism have I missed?[View]
33839255this is drampa he is a good pokemon and i like him the best will i be able to get him before the las…[View]
33838827BattleSpot Experiment Tuesday: Pick one of these two: >Contrary Malamar >QuiverDance Bellossom…[View]
33838144BUY USUM[View]
33837168Why has a Mystery Dunegon game not been announced for the Switch? Arguably the most fun I’ve had on …[View]
33838906So is Necrozma gonna be the bad guy?[View]
33838487>he still believes there will be a main series game on Switch[View]
33837135hey /vp/: i have an extra marshadow code, but i'm gonna give it out in a dumb way this way will…[View]
33838802he has Chespin in USUM?[View]
33834444>strongest pseudo first evolves at 24 >weakest pseudo first evolves at 40 What the hell were t…[View]
33817441I want more mega evolutins[View]
33837519'It confirms that the game is further detailed than people believe with there being further post-gam…[View]
33835912Is it ironic to have turtonator as my favorite pokemon as a middle eastern? (i also like fire types …[View]
33836983>tfw your pokebro not appear in Alolan US/UM dex[View]
33838293Diancie is crying[View]
33834568Why do brainlets hate stall so much?[View]
33834346>Gen 7 remake >still no new fossil mons Am I missing something here?…[View]
33836538How were these little sculptures done?[View]
33831335Okay, so let's hold the fucking poke`phone for a sec here. I can see them charging full price f…[View]
33838187Get out of here /v/[View]
33837407Frontierfags are really just vorefags that want to see this in 3D, right?[View]
33838359Switch game coming in 2019: Junichi masuda supervised USUM So ohmori is directing switch game. Devel…[View]
33811299/guz/: Hey, /vp/. Today's my Birthday, so can we please have a thread dedicated to my favorite …[View]
33838336HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Groudon forever BTFO! Where is your nothing now, cucks?[View]
33836381Moviefags won. Pokémon is no longer a video game.[View]
33834364>anno domini 2000+17 >STILL no multiple save files in pokemon games…[View]
33838254Silvally HA: >Beastslayer: >All it's Normal-Type moves become super effective against Pok…[View]
33837958reminder that every time you purchase a Pokemon game 5% of your money goes to him[View]
33837462>>We live in a timeline where the Digimon meme is real Pkmn like thrash bag or Voltorb look be…[View]
33838228Why does the new trailer feel like one of those 'EPIK' fanmade generic trailer trash?[View]
33837587Tell me why people want a battle facility so bad, nothing will ever be like battle frontier so what’…[View]
33830530Can someone redpill me on Gen 1? What do you find horrible about first generation games? What do you…[View]
33837851Take this, Groudon![View]
33837843I just realized that this is the only image I have of Mewtwo. Post Mewtwo I need them for memeing[View]
33838132Just got back from getting my ultra dick sucked what going on we got news ?[View]
33837866forgot to take my meds: >In USUM you can catch new UBs >In USUM you can surf between Islands o…[View]
33832340Alola starters: Knowing what you know now, which of these will you pick for Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon?…[View]
33837582Hey faggots, look at this sneak peak of the next VGC[View]
33837945Pikachu has died for your sins![View]
33837767>Land of Light >Light got stolen >Invades another world Where have I heard this one before…[View]
33837000Stop being not hyped for the upcoming new games.[View]
33836138NEW INFORMATIONS FROM FAMITSU INTERVIEW: -Not a sequel to S/M but the story with 'different divergen…[View]
33837461Amateur spritefag here. I want to add something to my portfolio so describe me a fakemon you want cr…[View]
33831950Scizor Thread![View]
33837758Wait: If legendary pokemon are available in Ultraspace and it is implied that Ultraspace is a rift b…[View]
33837524WOW! IT'S LEGIT INFO![View]
33836609Think we'll get the Island Scan again in USUM? What are your hopes for it? I was pleasantly sur…[View]
33831650Who in their right mind thought this was a good idea? I have spent HOURS just trying to view the dam…[View]
33836526Post things about Nihilego's ultra space, pls...[View]
33836319So, what are some good Silvally sets?[View]
33837490So I'm fucking hyped and all cause GF admitted how bland SM was, but why does such a reasoning …[View]
33836663>USUM is just going to be a carbon copy of SM[View]
33837350Is there a place on the internet that hates Pokémon more than /vp/?[View]
33837508please tell me something that genuinely excited you about the news today, and give a reason. I was e…[View]
33837469The end is nigh: In 30 days all usum haters will be btfo, repent heathens....repent of your treacher…[View]
33837261What I wish would happen: >Cyrus wanted to create a world without Spirit >The Moon represents …[View]
33836844Why is she so sad?[View]
33831269Lilligant is for slavery[View]
33834473>USUM is great >Pokemon Switch is casual shit post your reaction if this happens…[View]
33836956Is anyone else finally starting to get hype for USUM? I might actually go to the midnight release fo…[View]
33836898How many fully evolved Pokemon were added each gen? Counting for its time, so Scyther and Onix count…[View]
33837290Need a shiny Noctowl and Azumarill: I've been trying to breed one for a while and still nothing…[View]
33823247What's their political ideaology?[View]
33836560'''new''' trailer: it's not actually new https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a0XEzxULCDg&t=0s…[View]
33836725Game Freak please do not stay in USUM[View]
33835091> On hitaus, again Fucking shoot me[View]
33837120>Opponent used Swagger >Your pokemon Own Tempo prevents it from being confused…[View]
33835764This is a Rock-type gym leader. Remember when they were badass and not fucking female?[View]
33833885Post your favorite fake mega evolutions and debate if saying nigger is racist [View]
33837078How would you feel about a new thing which I am for now dubbing Mega Zvolution introduced in Gen 8 w…[View]
33836598New English Story Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a0XEzxULCDg[View]
33836468Disappointment: >Still no mention of new alola forms.[View]
33831819Dear dairy i found out im having a baby on the way i just dont know how to tell ash that it kiawe…[View]
33835572Can we, as a community, ever recover from the disappointment?[View]
33836247Do we really need a new Mewtwo every gen?[View]
33823369/pcg/-Pokemon Clover General: Watchin' Edition: Pokémon Clover is a paragon-like romhack featur…[View]
33836881Guys, new season has been started![View]
33827862What's your opinion on the Alola Elite Four?[View]
33835487USUM Version exclusives: Can anyone outline main differences and version exclusives? I don't kn…[View]
33836924>it is said that Volcarona's fire provided a replacement for the sun Alola's savior is …[View]
33836690was it rape?[View]
33836795/vp/ needs to chill: I see a lot of you sayin sun and moon is just an interactive movie, and now tha…[View]
33836790If Ultra Beasts are supposed to 'exceed the limits of what a Pokémon can be,' might that also apply …[View]
33836779I want Niggerozma to hug the light out of me with his prismatic arms[View]
33836465Incentivized comfy thread: I have some Mashmallow codes, I'll reply with them to the comfiest c…[View]
33836748Why was he so retarded?: >literally runs away from his mom, just to join the fuckers working for …[View]
33836569ITT: necessary retcons: Make these split evos Grass/Dark and Grass/Fire[View]
33835287>People think this is new PWT or new Frontier facility See this be just photo club stage with fak…[View]
33835108Australian Marshadow codes???: If anyone has a spare EU code they don't want I'd get reall…[View]
33836442>he bought the beta versions[View]
33836370>Mewtwo is gonna become the new three birds and be shoved in as many games as possible NNNOOOOOOO…[View]
33836336>first poison-type 'legendary' >it's not actually a legendary >first dark-type 'gym le…[View]
33833394What does /vp/ think about my beautiful Eevee?[View]
33831131showderp: color edition: >blue dogars.ml >dark gray showderp.booru.org >red PatricioPatric…[View]
33836309>can be found in Ultra Wormhole Is officially an Ultra Beast, bitches!!!…[View]
33825589Marshadow codes?: Hey, sorry if this isn't the place for it but does anybody happen to have spa…[View]
33836270Just face it vp, usum is going to be the epitome of the groudon meme[View]
33831875Does anyone still disagree that Venusaur is a toad? I want to laugh in your face if so.[View]
33834603What's with the notion that only /vp/ is upset about the Battle Frontier not being in ORAS. Eve…[View]
33835480UB Thread. Discuss and share your faves: UB thread Daily reminder they're not legendary additi…[View]
33834395I am going to hug everyone on /vp/[View]
33836091if we did get new alola forms for US/UM what alola forms do you think we are gonna get[View]
33834919What exactly are the new features of Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon?: Visit Ultra Beast corridors, likely …[View]
33814330Is this accurate?[View]
33834167Friday Leaks: This Friday there will be a trailer showing off the Johto Alolan forms. Some will be s…[View]
33832587How about we do a little thing eh /vp/? ITT we post the last song we listened to and other anons ass…[View]
33835732Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon: Will they be worth a pirate?[View]
33835844Gamefreak is so blatantly incompetent. They only know how to 'balance' in extremes which is why so m…[View]
33835920SM>XY>BW>DiaPer>RS>GSC>RD I´m glad we can agree on this[View]
33835714Ultra Beasts look like trash and made me hate Unova Pokemon less and appreciate them a lot more.[View]
33835867Mega typholosion[View]
33828186Dusclops pushing a trolly[View]
33835219So, why do you guys suppose they retconned Ash's Pikachu's nature anyway? The past events …[View]
33835710Hey Fellas! Since pokemon ultra sun and pokemon ultra moon are releasing in like, nothing, I've…[View]
33833641>Bourgice >Steel/Ice >Analyctic, Sturdy, Download >60 >100 >120 >145 >70 …[View]
33828903Chinese Leaker according to Matt ONell: Cidalia Cidalia, Woman fall Father tall Cidalia Cidalia, Odd…[View]
33835618>kanto gym leader >ace was introduced in gen 2…[View]
33835377Reminder that pic related could destroy any and all of the Pokémon timelines if he knew they existed[View]
33827899Mawile Monday: I want a mawile on my desk[View]
33835617A boy was wandering far from home with his loyal Gtowliyhe, Growlie. They were both freezing, and th…[View]
33832838https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Talk:Type:_Null_(Pokémon) What went so horribly, horribly fu…[View]
33833900so, uh... can it open its eyes, or what?[View]
33822960/nzg/ - Nuzlocke General: Dead General Edition >Nuzlocke Info http://pastebin.com/8b3rHGuX >Li…[View]
33832544Underrated Pokeboys: Post pokeboys only you seem to have a boner for.[View]
33828387fuk u lusamine nebby is too cute to be a ub she is a REAL pokemon[View]
338316523 more trailers. October 29 New Alola forms in Pokemon Ultra Sun Moon Alolan Jynx Water/Psychic Abil…[View]
33834854>This is a real Pokemon card They know what they're doing[View]
33835026Artificial Pokemon: Who are your favorite artificial pokemon? Will we get a new artificial legendary…[View]
33835434This WebM: I really like this WebM.[View]
33833231Mantine Club Thread: Rescue Edition: Come with me friend! I will fly you to safety[View]
33829219Does /vp/ like Zinnia?[View]
33833385>tfw not a furfag and think furaffinity is disgusting but attracted to delphox anyways HELP…[View]
33835194>load VC Pokemon Gold >save is behind 20 hours >Lost 30 levels on each Pokemon What the fuc…[View]
33833311>almost an year later >alola starters HAs still unreleased JUST…[View]
33833574Oh god this is just... embarrassing[View]
33834588This is, in practice, an uber pokemon. Really makes you think.[View]
33831728Animated trailer when[View]
33834446Post what a Pokémon is based on and have others guess.[View]
33831439ITT: Give Slaking a Proper Mega: i.e. a 100+ BST increase. I'll start. Type: Normal/Ice Ability…[View]
33834692Why are people saying pwt was revealed close to release of BW2: BW2 released June 23nd 2012 PWT was …[View]
33825022Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread: Welcome to the Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread. Talk about new epis…[View]
33831286Is Ash's Charizard a girl?[View]
33833721Instead of type specialization, gym leaders should just have a theme. This would make it more of a c…[View]
33834962Is there a pokemon you didn't like, but fanart made you like it? Mine is pic related[View]
33833769Think of a Pokemon. Got one? That's an interesting choice, hope it works for you. A Horde of…[View]
33828207Fucking GameStop. Just do regular fucking Internet. Hell, do literally ANYTHING ELSE except these du…[View]
33834876Today will be relased another trailer of Pokémon Ultrasun and Ultramoon, it will cast Mimikyu’s Z mo…[View]
33797944Gold/Silver Thread: Just beat Red with this team and now it's time to shiny hunt. How fares yo…[View]
33834906NEW SUPER MARIO SUN AND MOON LEAKS: Step right up! Genuine leaks right here! Next pokemon trailer is…[View]
33834661Do you ever just think that your pokemon are on a public server in game and not accessible through y…[View]
33826213>the state of /vp/[View]
33834072Why are people hyped for Pokemon on the Switch? Just because of fucking graphics? Are you fags forge…[View]
33833926Why do you guys hate him so much?[View]
33832758Unova horoscope shows they have a zodiac, what would other region's horoscope, or a universal P…[View]
33832972Possible new alolan form?: http://youtu.be/XiQ2LOXy8gg[View]
33832027How does /vp/ feel about the Rotomdex?[View]
33834547Give them typings, stats and moves.[View]
33832824I taste just like icecream Bitch i am so icy im cold Like a ice queen that why They dont like me[View]
33830999Is lusamine a roastie?[View]
33832506Pokemon USUM Leak Halloween Pikachu is a real Pokemon: This is supposed to be announced next week be…[View]
33834370Post your current game, I'm playing black 2 just at the 2nd gym.[View]
33834359How much of a big deal was the hypothetical sixth evolution of Eevee before Gen IV? I remember how a…[View]
33832364Detective pikachu has fun premise: The badguy is a billionaire that has created technology to allow …[View]
33828948Confirmed to be a legendary Pokémon. TheyDidTheSameWithZoroarkFags can now finally shut up. You guys…[View]
33833913Olivia thread: Here is a digital artwork of Olivia wearing a bikini underneath her jacket. Aside fro…[View]
33834274What's the best general on this board?[View]
33833750Redpill me /vp/bros Why 80% of this board hate this lizard?[View]
33833369You better do your best /vp/[View]
33803838/shw/ SHINY HUNT WEEKEND: Autism Box edition. It's that time of the week again! Get in here and…[View]
33834140Updated version of this when?[View]
33833166Playing HD Pokemon on 60 inch tv soon: Reality in a year or 2[View]
33828695Krabby & Kingler Thread: >My bros have been neglected since the get-go. >Werent chosen for…[View]
33833227Exactly 1 month until Ultra sun and moon: Is anyone hyped. Have they shown anything to make you exci…[View]
33826467Drawthread: Previously >>33818265 >Resources https://pastebin.com/5gmwCiRq >NSFW request…[View]
33833045Gamefreak will make your idea of a perfect pokemon game but only if you drink salazzle's discha…[View]
33832056about to play gen 5. which game would be optimal to start with? also, are the starters worth keeping…[View]
33832025Ultra Amourshipping Thread: Everything AshxKiawe related. Post amour.[View]
33831530Is the MC supposed to be autistic?[View]
33831664Meanwhile at vp's gym...[View]
33832084Shiny wooper female any nickname ideas?[View]
33833546>STILL not bulking bulu[View]
33833538Pokemon Never Caught: Try to think of a Pokemon or line you have never bothered to catch, let alone …[View]
33832443SO! /v/'s been rampant about games not aging. What's /vp/'s stance on this? If a game…[View]
33832523ITT: Post the last Pokemon related image you saved[View]
33832793Lizard thread? Lizard thread! Post your favorite lizard[View]
33833171Name a Shiny Pokemon better than Politoed. You can't[View]
33831037>2017 >STILL cannot nickname event Pokémon…[View]
33833127WARNING スイレン = Suiren, Lana's Japanese name サイレン = Siren Please beware of potentially malicious…[View]
33828539We could have had it allllllll..... Rolling in the deeeeeeeep...............[View]
33832175Why does this mega exist? It's complete trash, it's not a shillmon and it doesn't eve…[View]
33832973Gen 10: >Listen here kiddo you see there's this thing called Mega Evolution that allows a po…[View]
33829019Have you ever had a rough time battling or trying to catch a Pokémon?[View]
33832092What happens to Reshiram and Zekrom during this?[View]
33832867Smogon is very stupid![View]
33832722>only ability is Shell Armor If it were to get a Hidden Ability, what should it be? General threa…[View]
33829960Nebby is going to get FAT[View]
33830633Why Unovabortions get triggered by this?[View]
33829981Pokémon Directors: You know this is true.[View]
33830289Misconception thread. Post misconceptions. I'll start: >Until a week ago, thought Wormadam w…[View]
33831312How do we stop Poketubers from doing shit like this? Jesus christ.[View]
33831940>Battery dies right as youre saving[View]
33831511Are these going to be the first third versions that dont add a fucking battle facility? >Crystal:…[View]
33831994anyone knows where to watch pokemon movie 20?: I wanna see that movie, but I can`t find any stream s…[View]
33831924Ultra sun or Ultra moon? For me probably moon[View]
33821732Generation r8 thread: Rate each generation, talk about its pros and cons. Rank on best to worse. For…[View]
33827614Are there any pokemon trainers without hair out there? what about people in wheelchair? if not why …[View]
33831425tfw too intelligent for my powers to even work on simple minded bug-types[View]
33830497Why do we call him grenigger?[View]
33830782Marshadow Code Game: I've got one US Marshadow code, so let's play a guessing game Guess m…[View]
33832257>Draw a boy >Make it a girl Wtf GF?[View]
33824184What is /vp/'s opinion regarding this handsome boy?[View]
33832160>yfw you will never hear this from a real girl[View]
33831408GF should just make a daughter raising sim since they're better at making cute little girls tha…[View]
33831867Why are these Fire/Normal? Why are Helioptile and Heliolisk Electric/Normal? What's the point o…[View]
33830645>>33830613 Continued thread[View]
33830001What's Necrozma's endgame?[View]
33827082You know you want it bavk in your life. You know that it's never gonna come back.[View]
33829607So Gamefreak decided to redesign Zoroark and Mawile after some complaints about their design. Here…[View]
33828162Who did it better: Fakémon vs UBs: Poison/Rock Fakémon[View]
33829614Why do some Team Skull grunts use Fomantis?[View]
33829663Why does this thing already have a baby when it hatches?[View]
33831487Roserade is 100% male and you cannot convince me otherwise![View]
33831735This is Gladion now.[View]
33827129Just a reminder to you /vp/ that this is what an Ultra Beast should look like. Having a coherent and…[View]
33830877dis nigga been a fucking kid for 21 years now what the fuck[View]
33830356Ugh.: Reminder that THIS is going to be the live-action Pokemon movie we've been waiting (in mo…[View]
33826716Silver: Why are its sprites so fucking shit?[View]
33831663we wuz mews n shiet[View]
33828765USUM exclusive amiibo[View]
33829037Ultra Sun / Moon Team Plans: Post your team predictions and plans for USUM. Use Gen 7 mons only (alo…[View]
33830817Battle Maison: So does the battle maison AI cheat? Is it well known that they cheat or are people no…[View]
33824982That Poke-Kid Thread: 'Uh if you stay on the S.S.Anne for exactly 1 hour after you beat blue, it…[View]
33826422>there are ''''people'''''' on this board that think Cynthia is best girl LMAOing @ ur life…[View]
33831216I always see people saying amiibo are just glorified dlc. Im pretty sure you're just paying fo…[View]
33830924>gen 8 >the gts now allows multiple pokemon to be deposited at once (i.e. deposit 1 pokemon wh…[View]
33830940Cissy thread: What does /vp/ think of my obscure pokewaifu?[View]
33830729what's his end game?[View]
33830972This is Dawn Wings Necrozma, say something nice about him.[View]
33831107ITT: post good luck stories >completing the SM Pokedex >need to evolve my Sneasel which involv…[View]
33828668Try to find a flaw. Protip : you probably could if you structured your argument well enough.[View]
33829392What pokemon do you think isn't the correct typing and what typing do you think it should have?[View]
33830610Hello /vp/ friendly reminder that i'm the best Pokémon ever[View]
33831019Bored and pontificating creating a YT Channel: What sort of content would /vp/ like -- hypotheticall…[View]
33821548Post environmental art from pokemon regions[View]
33828982What do you think they're talking about?[View]
33824780Come up with an evolution for a lesser-known Pokemon that would put their line on the radar. It coul…[View]
33827463First time playing gen 4, why is the elite 4 so hard...[View]
33828922Its a fix the ice type thread. Give it resist to grass water bug and super effect bug Hail now heal…[View]
33827821This is Dusk Mane Necrozma, say something nice about her.[View]
33828364This board is mine now! Gimme all yo money right now![View]
33829785Say something nice about Chatot.[View]
33825804>>33811621 >Smogonfags make a thread about one (1) pokemon moving up one (1) subrank on som…[View]
33830196Post a Pokemon and have others say what they think the Pokedex entry for it is and what they think i…[View]
33826678Will we ever have a griffon pokemon? I am admittedly surprised that there isn't one yet. Are th…[View]
33827986>These aren't the same person: Missed opportunity. One of many.[View]
33826942My tortoise is about to die. Can we have a carracosta thread?[View]
33827684What's your opinion on this monke? Had any success using it? And most importantly, how could US…[View]
33827578What are some anxious looking Pokémon? I need to know.[View]
33829321Daily reminder /vp/, in less than 3 weeks the USM cia is gonna be leaked[View]
33827548https://www.fanfiction.net/s/4112682/1/The-Subspace-Emissary-s-Worlds-Conquest this is the longest p…[View]
33829034Post animals that look like pokemon[View]
33825000Showderp: 1989 Edition: party like it's 1989 >80's kids dogars.ml >berlin wall showd…[View]
33823736>In the games, the 'Z-Powered form' was symbolic for Lillie's newfound confidence >She…[View]
33826784Mew Monday - Another Battle Edition: This is a Mew/Mewtwo thread. You know the drill. Post, discuss,…[View]
33818258Oh Boi[View]
33827770Drawing world: Hi guys! I would like to know how much time do you take to draw a pic like this? How …[View]
33824639/trainer card/: I have been waiting days for a trainer card thread might as well make it myself Poke…[View]
33825128WHERES THE LEAKS[View]
33828385>Your favorite mainline pokemon game is now non linear >After you get your starter and pokedex…[View]
33815881/FKMN/ fakemon general: can we get a good ol fake pokemon thread? I'm down to sprite some stuff…[View]
33827483Is it possible to make a rom hack pokemon colosseum: Is it possible I mean we could make a potentire…[View]
338287041 month till the release! Final month >still no new alola forms >still no new battle facility …[View]
33829111>Only a singe Pokemon with 4 moves Defend this Hard mode: Don't bring up Genwun…[View]
33816444Iris Hate Thread? Iris Hate Thread.[View]
33825775This is Decidueye. Say something nice about her[View]
33818415hey: fuck you, gimme your phone number, dork[View]
33826787Reminder that with exactly 30 days till USUM come out, we still have these to expect >At least 2-…[View]
33802973/Shuffle/ General - Hope You Didn't Grind Feraligatr Edition: Last Thread: >>33774726 New…[View]
33828750New Silvally distribution event description indicates that Silvally is a legendary pokemon.: 'Power …[View]
33799271Pokemon You Hate: Post your most despised Pokemon here.[View]
33829262Do popular pokemon know that their popular in the pokemon world ? Keep me up at night[View]
33827257Would you marry a bug?[View]
33824631In this thread we are elite four members. Post your teams. Only the top 4 can call themselves elite[View]
33826306What the fuck was her problem?[View]
33829380Would you train?[View]
33811621Welcome to S-rankville Population: 3[View]
33829236Appropriate Surf Pokémon: You wouldn't want to travel to Cianwood on a Poliwag, would you? What…[View]
33829525Find a flaw: Protip: You fucking can't[View]
33829520Feels good man: Caught a modest Ralts with trace within 2 hours on Emerald AMA.[View]
33829234R8 their clay modeling skills[View]
33827599why do u guys always misspell numel as numale???????? its numel u dumbs.[View]
33828489Game Corners: Can we have a game corner thread? Which region had your favorite game corners and whic…[View]
33829000How to make it not shit? It's a shame to see such a great concept and design wasted.[View]
33828811ZYGARDE GUZZLORD GYZEARD ZZUGORDL >Both dragon types >Both biggest stat is HP >Both have a …[View]
33827527>Owlcucks actually think that comedy relief owl will evolve in the anime when the confirmed start…[View]
33827725fucking gamestop newsletter confirms only 3 new ultrabeasts in USUM.[View]
33828983Why is he so overrated?[View]
33829168Post your champion trainer card and rate others, while explaining why did you choose that team. In m…[View]
33826774ORAS has completely ruined expectations of veterans and competitive players: People aren't even…[View]
33825888Before ORAS, the battle frontier was universally loved. There was virtually no hate, and it was alwa…[View]
33828437I'm lazy: I updated my 3DS, and it's the only one I own. Would someone be willing to injec…[View]
33824600I am currently 21 years old, and the first game I got into as a kid was Pokemon Red. It was revoluti…[View]
33828719Friend Safari Thread: Can we have one of these? Plz? I had to restart my copy of Y, and really wanma…[View]
33821837Porygon is in jail![View]
33827083Be honest, how many of you will be SR'ing USUM for a shiny starter this time around? I know I w…[View]
33827284ITT: things that ruin a Pokémon for you[View]
33826637FAGS BARRA[View]
33821378>Go to https://randompokemon.com >Generate 1 pokemon >Congratulations on your marriage! H…[View]
33827939satoshi-owl-ninja-lucarion!: you fucking made it![View]
33826488Why are they all just copies of gen 1 mons? is it supposed to be commentary on how the U.S. stole al…[View]
33824305I want to protect this smile.[View]
33825470Professor Oak, I'm Scraggy[View]
33828035WHERES THE LEAKS[View]
33828013Whats the name if that hackrom where you fight in real time instead of turn base? You could choose r…[View]
33818816/pgg/ - Pokémon GO General: Spooky Gen 3 Soon Edition >Official Pokémon Go Updates http://pokemon…[View]
33826945I hope you have a good day full of luck and happiness and and know that I love you too[View]
33828278Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon is such a stellar and rad cartoon. But like any cartoon, it needs…[View]
33825784For the Last Time: The Sun and Moon ANIME has GOOD ANIMATION, but A TERRIBLE ART STYLE.[View]
33827626I choose you: Is there anywhere to watch this atm? The jap one obviously[View]
33827764Hamilton thread? Hamilton thread.[View]
33827616>yfw this guy isn't just a memer, but a legitimate leaker with real inside info…[View]
33827388When will GameFreak retcon MissingNo and other glitch pokèmons from gen I as Ultra Beasts? Just imag…[View]
33827571>It hurt itself in its confusion! >A critical hit!…[View]
33826480Best SM character by a long mile yet usually the most underrated >She's traveling to get exp…[View]
33827694The leader of the Ultra Recon Squad is a dog![View]
33825415What is /vp/'s opinion on Rick and Morty's Pokemon parody?[View]
33826001Excuse me, /vp/oreons, who are your opinion the top 3 most known pokemon characters from the games? …[View]
33827636>TFW you go through a Baton Pass fag's multiple layers of bullshit to score a crit and end h…[View]
33819314Gamefreak, please, give Decidueye an Ash-Decidueye forme. He needs it more than anything.[View]
33827372Fuck the smogonfags. Stick to your bros, /vp/oreons.[View]
33827480Yeah the smogonfags are fucking retarded[View]
33825651I think there's a very strong possibility of Team Rocket returning as the main evil team in Pok…[View]
33827043Lmao, somebody fucked up. In BW2 hard mode the initial match with Marshal has a flame orb guts Conke…[View]
33733734/heg/ - Hacking and Essentials General: Discord: https://discord.gg/HfWa4Dg ROM Hacking: >Notable…[View]
33822088If you could say one thing to Lumiose City Ghost Girl, what would you say?[View]
33825294>they planned it from the start[View]
33807706How about a friendly Lucario thread?[View]
33825962People always complain about Rhyperior or Magnezone 'ruining' their lines, but can we talk about the…[View]
33826231>Brendan gets a lame ass Slugma >May gets a fucking Torkoal Who thought this was OK?…[View]
33816270ITT: We try and think up the most annoying evolution gimmick imaginable while still within the realm…[View]
33825334Is there a more forgettable Pokemon in the series?[View]
33813533Can I get a Fusion Thread?[View]
33820912Anybody got a spare code?[View]
33824250Will we ever have a game where we are a part of a evil team ......sorry just feeling a bit edgy[View]
33825979I'll call him Hamilton.[View]
33824135Cute Pokemon Pairings: Post cute Pokemon pairings[View]
33822959>can't settle on one favorite pokemon[View]
33819179>Charmander used Air Cutter![View]
33826926>why is kalos pikachu wearing red's hat? >they actually disgraced the hat for no fucking …[View]
33822898Why is Miltank aloud to wave its nipples around in public, but when I do it I'm labeled a slut?[View]
33823393ITT: pokemon who should get retypings: so many people have wondered why this thing isn't electr…[View]
33826036How is she so attractive?[View]
33823612This Thursday will be the release of a new trailer for USUM showcasing updates to the Poké Pelago im…[View]
33824011Holy shit. GameFreak literally ripped off the Spice Girls in Gold and Silver. https://www.youtube.co…[View]
33826812Trying to play Theta Emerald, but something is bugging me. During every wild encounter the top of th…[View]
33824323Make your own battle frontier/battle facility[View]
33826489How do you pick your Pokemon you use in casual runs? Monotype? Well balanced? Solo? Native region on…[View]
33826457Has anyone considered that Cosmof might evolve into Necrozma too: I mean, if were playing with the i…[View]
33819852This is Cynthia. Please say somthing nice about her.[View]
33801774Fighting Friday. It's been a while. Rev up those brawlers, boxers, wrestlers and warriors. Star…[View]
33818265Drawthread: Previously >>33806969 >Resources https://pastebin.com/5gmwCiRq >NSFW request…[View]
33800606/ef/ Eevee Friday: Spooktactular Friday the 13th Edition: Welcome to /ef/ This is a place where we …[View]
33823625Marshmellows: You guys are alright... A7A844U4SRDSYYFT A7A843Y9NNW9YTE7 A7A83ZDLX38RXRFP A7A83XRDLWQ…[View]
33821260What will the empty spots be?[View]
33822816>in addition to all the form changing items, tutors for legendaries, and rocks for area-based evo…[View]
33816037Is the Fire Starter Chinese Zodiac theme just a meme, or is there some truth behind it?[View]
33825682Gold Egg ? Helpmenerds: This is the thing, if i save the game before the old man of the daycare give…[View]
33821382*Blocks You're Path*[View]
33826237Was the Ultra Recon Squad responsible for the Ultra Beast attack on old-universe Hoenn? I think they…[View]
33824587what was lusamine's ace[View]
33820019Be honest, what's your favorite pokemon?[View]
33826282what do you guys think of my original pokemon? :DD[View]
33825558Who will be the final boss in USUM? How can they possibly surpass Kukui?[View]
33820180Who else hype as fuck for the huge post-game? Third versions always have killer post-games[View]
33821030Who wants sum?: Sup. I love cheating shiny legendaries and stuff just to give them out on wondertra…[View]
33824081This is an official Cubone Plush with a removable helmet. This is what it looks like underneath[View]
33825985Should have been a OS.[View]
33824183What aspects of Gen 1 and 2 have yet to be eclipsed by newer games?[View]
33814105Don't you wish you were a girl so guys from the internet could send you free Pokemon goodies? Y…[View]
33823420Ash Hat Pikachu: So whats the deal with these? Which one should I get? Should I wait for the QR code…[View]
33823770If you had to add a new type, what would it be called and how would you balance it ie weaknesse/stre…[View]
33824146i cant believe i used to go on this board[View]
33823819North American Salazzle Event Giveaway. Level 50. Cherish Ball. Corrosion. Focus sash. Fake Out/Tox…[View]
33823066Do they actually appear in game? This makes me want to buy a 3ds and learn Japanese[View]
33820056cringe thread[View]
33823450Can any card beat this one[View]
33824513this shit was much better than the one we got.[View]
33825583These three have extremely shallow movepools but for some reason they all get Shadow Ball. Seems kin…[View]
33774991/pmdg/ - Pokémon Mystery Dungeon General: French helper for PAL player edition. Old thread: >>…[View]
33825538friend code: 0104-3475-6432 i need this for my friend safari[View]
33825040If I have an egg that I know will be shiny because I already hatched it but didnt save and I trade i…[View]
33824073Why is Reshiram aloud to strut around with his weeny out, but when I do it I'm 'Ruining little …[View]
33825256How do I go about reading pokemon manga?: On all the sites adventures seems to end on a B2W2 chapter…[View]
33825453Why the fuck can't it learn/relearn Discharge? Literally no other pokemon in the entire game (b…[View]
33822257With detective pikachu starts shooting in January: I guess for 2019 release. Do you think the the sp…[View]
33825306>Oranguru used Strength![View]
33716244/vpedits/ Edit Thread: Incomplete Mina edition: Post edits or make requests. Previous Thread: >…[View]

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