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52999647Incels say that it is all about Looks, Money and Status. But wtf is status? Isn't it the ultima…[View]
53000198I've never typoed before. (Seriously). I type in a very rhythmical way and I follow that rhythm…[View]
53000030does anyone else here wanna kill themselves when they see rappers? maybe its just cause im black but…[View]
53000295>female friend and I exchanged our favorite hentai over snapchat last night I practically had sex…[View]
53000624>meet a girl off of Hinge >go on a date with her >she's pretty nice and funny >go t…[View]
52999268>tfw no gf to wear cat ears and be catboy for >tfw no gf to wear cow horns and be cowgirl for …[View]
52997823>reddit bad >why[View]
52998232Did our favourite failed tranny Aiste kill itself? Didn't see any stupid threads.[View]
52999036Tell me your biggest fetish /r9k/. For me it's getting cucked by white guys a.k.a bleached[View]
52999524Dubs decides if i buy my own computer worth about 1700 euros[View]
53000541>no trannies >no fags >no roasties >neets preferred new, sizeable server for meeting oth…[View]
52999667What kind of steps would I conceivably have to take to sufficiently soundproof my bedroom window so …[View]
52999717>tfw you will never roll down a South LA street in your lowrider, 3 wheels on the ground while li…[View]
53000464Le superficial gee eff: I'm tired of girls using me for my body. I spend years getting myself t…[View]
52996279Post your most unique traits >resting heart rate of 55-57 for no apparent reason >3 passports …[View]
53000384>ywn defend your gf by knocking out roastie after roastie https://twitter.com/Too_Luxury/status/6…[View]
52998683I'm a femoid so I know most of you hate me but I only come here when I'm super horny. I fe…[View]
53000286>live in UK >get bitten by grass snake >ok >live in Australia >get bitten by ant >…[View]
53000390>mfw Chad feels good not being an incel[View]
52999186>remember the time when no one knew what autism was >remember the time when no one knew what a…[View]
52997112>breed made especially for killing humans >vicious strength and instincts of a killer >norm…[View]
52998270A girl I was talking to on discord was my 'e-gf' recently told me that she was flirting with another…[View]
52996654You are able to restart your life - this time with extremely high intelligence, but will be very ugl…[View]
52998241I fucking hate my parents. I wish they were dead. I fucking hate my parents. I wish they were dead. …[View]
52998369KILL ME: >meet girl at uni >great first impression >2nd time I meet her I want to ask her o…[View]
52999896Too lazy to go to driving school. What should I do[View]
52999291>tfw no longer care about white women I'm free![View]
52999493Hey anon wanna be my fren[View]
52997442my son: found this on my son,s computer while checkin for nudes of my wife wat do?[View]
52997780>live in rural area >on probation for being black >no good will to pick up cheap video game…[View]
52998686>complain about lack of partner to an asian girl I know >she tells me I can find a black girl…[View]
52999764>'Damn dude, you hit your head pretty hard! Are you okay? D-Do I need to perform CPR or something…[View]
52999458Anyone else feel sad they'll never get to experience everything in life before they die? There…[View]
52999956who will get all the nines?[View]
52998577>lives in Algeria yet not chad what the fuck is wrong with me ? everyone chad as fuck around me,…[View]
53000097/reminder/ sexhavers are normalfags normalfags GTFO[View]
52999121Heatwave: Fucking weather forecasts are wrong all the time here in Finland. They've been saying…[View]
53000037>>52999999 here we go originaleset[View]
53000088Qt3.14 single: >be me >Found that one special girl >Never say anything to her just stare bl…[View]
52999038Poor people are pretty chad: > be me > out for a walk > walk into the ghetto > decide i …[View]
52998370>'Diana why don't you date anon?' >No he's weird an ugly >'Girl, you're abou…[View]
52987566Well /r9k/, I finally did it. I finally started HRT. I am pretty excited for what's to come. An…[View]
52998388How do you troll black metal?[View]
53000027Would you have relationship with single moms? I wouldnt. Only because of the fact she wouldnt give …[View]
52998991I watched too much anime and now I act like a complete effeminate faggot, is this a normal side effe…[View]
52998394>Wake up everyday at 6AM >Go to work from Monday to Friday until 5PM >Repeat every single d…[View]
52999520>want to start living on your own in your own place >new place requires some renovation >yo…[View]
52999331What did you study in college and are you satisfied (financially, job-wise)?[View]
52999925I have a phobia for needles but I kinda wanna try injecting myself[View]
52999657Why yes I study botany, how did you know?[View]
52999441anybody here have an alpha mom?[View]
52999502I lost my job. I wanna say fuck it and go homeless. I can live in my car (I've done it before).…[View]
52999786how do i passively tell people that i am actually not ok and need someone in my life?[View]
52994502>she keeps liking my post to remind me she still exist Just let me be alone, holy fuck. Go fuck y…[View]
52998912Post Robot-core https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BYFDRFv5g2Q >song about losing your virginity to …[View]
52998479Back to 4Chan, and away from Social Interactions.: >tfw everything goes well socially for weeks …[View]
52998874Hey anons, I've been off r9k for 6or7 years now, and I've returned. I was an awkward khhv …[View]
52999731sometimes i think i am not a real person and just impersonating this weak bodys owner 9YWyn3f im sor…[View]
52998263FEEL STORIES THREAD: I'll start. >teenage girl i fell in love with broke up after three mont…[View]
52997271>be me >want to be a cute girl >do some mdma >something snaps in my head, feel like I hi…[View]
52999215Who was the worse person at your school and why was it you?[View]
52999636What have you been reading lately? I've been reading this werewolf book, the Nightwalker by Tho…[View]
52995230Does anyone here have a Youtube channel? Why do some people get so much views, even if they don…[View]
52999332John. Boi. 23. I have depression, anxiety, and ADHD. I pop pills all the time. I live on coffee. I l…[View]
52999629She doesn't want to have relationship cause a guy has a crush on her: I've done it robots …[View]
52997574Some of the greatest men in history were incels or NEETs for their entire teens, young adulthood and…[View]
52997226All threads about christianity on /r9k/ and /pol/ are always flooded with fedorafag baiting. Is 4cha…[View]
52999282I really want to fuck this hostess at work (I'm a servercuck) who is into me at work but I care…[View]
52999179>you will never have hair as good as when you were young why even living…[View]
52999448I'm about to go to chipotle, do you want anything?[View]
52999127Think I just found the definition of clickbait. Title: Billie Joe Armstrong reveals his new super ho…[View]
52997782>there is a femanon posting here right now that got creampied last night and she's still lea…[View]
52998766>mfw I'm still pure and wholesome after all these years[View]
52999389ALERT: This person rang your doorbell at 3:03AM[View]
52998196Which one would you say is a better path to take for the average /r9k/ lurker?[View]
52999272>3/10 (at best) obese american khv robot >traveling overseas >in germany >/nightwalk/ …[View]
52998131I had jaw surgery on June 10th and I haven't eaten solid food since June 9th. I want pizza, ste…[View]
52999224can 'saving sex' magically fix my personality?[View]
52996070I DON'T WANNA GO TO WORK FUUUUUUUUUUCK Why the fuck did they have to change my schedule to a fu…[View]
52995785i'm thinking about honestly killing myself in school today, we have the final exam and i did te…[View]
52998927What the fuck is wrong with black people? >in an Uber right now going to work >have to pick up…[View]
52999147My whole family hates me for being a faggot who sits in his room on the computer all day I am a cowa…[View]
52996399If incel became such a hated word, should we start calling ourselves 'invirgs'?[View]
52998550what do i have to do to get a cute shut in hapa gf? i'm so tired of being alone[View]
52989081How do most fembots make money since they don't work?[View]
52998245why is it so hard to get one fucking Job! >Be me >Apply to lots of places >rejected or igno…[View]
52998069Girls, I just wanna be your adorable derpy little cuteboy with beanies and snapbacks and cute neckla…[View]
52996980>he isnt passionate about something that will make him lots & lots of money…[View]
52999004Remind that this is what footfags want[View]
52996554Earth is a human farm where aliens farm human energy: Earth is a farm. Earth was not intended to be …[View]
52997243MR9KGA: Make /r9k/ great again, boys! Gas the incels, gas the trannies, gas the goyims, gas the neck…[View]
52995329What feeling does this image evoke in you, fembots?[View]
52998902>leave gf for another girl >new girl is now paranoid that Ill leave her for another girl too W…[View]
52997371>My brother got his practice gf pregnant and now he's going to have to pay child support Wh…[View]
52998903>tfw your parents are poor/ugly/annoying people[View]
52998772What is the best type of clothing to wear during the summer and why is it the polo shirt[View]
52998866look how delusional some of these people are HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
52997882The Broken Generation: Youths today, especially girls, are fucked up beyond saving. In Finland, cold…[View]
52995975Why arent you cumming inside of 5/10 teenie boppers? Pic related was a high school senior this year …[View]
52994290Would you guys date a Indian girl i would date any color women but i want check with you guys[View]
52998668Friendless?: Are you friendless? If so when and what made you realise this. I'll go first. I…[View]
52998020Are any femanons/femcels here actually attractive?[View]
52998681>tfw you can never go back to highschool and befriend a cute loner girl who always sat by herself…[View]
52990127I'm sick of all the fucking tranny shit on this board. /R9K/ IS FOR SISSIES ONLY![View]
52997254>never had a girl interested in me >never had a girl even act as a friend there's always …[View]
52996788reminder that everyone loved you at school,anon,you fucking schizo[View]
52997943>want a bf >work 50 hours a week i have to choose between food and romance…[View]
52995478Incels should just have sex.: Come on incels, just have sex. What's the big deal?[View]
52994180She kinda cute for a murderer ngl[View]
52998535>tfw no Japanese mummy gf[View]
52998488>'Anon, why don't you just lose your virginity to me?'[View]
52998445how often do womeme acknowledge height-ism? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PksJ2kDyIg8[View]
52998407> be me > have a girlfriend > we get ready for sexy time > before sexy time girlfriend …[View]
52995819Why haven't you watched The End of Evangelion yet?[View]
52997722Hamburger Steak in Japan[View]
52997745Hi anons I've managed to go another few years without ending it all but i still haven't lo…[View]
52996078how do I deal with the fact that I'll never be able to stretch a girls pussy out?[View]
52997002>see anon,horse dicks arent that scary! They taste pretty good as well,give it a taste!…[View]
52997492haha i wanna get married and have kids and a nice family and a yard and a dog and go ride bikes in t…[View]
52997775Okay robots ill get a picture from this person does not exist and you say if you would date them and…[View]
52997729>talking to girl on discord >we're both socially awkward and struggle to connect with peo…[View]
52997583>3 years old discord friend replaced you within a week worst feel ever[View]
52998093Do you ever not recognize yourself? This is mainly aimed at other young adults I only just turned 18…[View]
52997933It feels good to be a female manager in a male dominated workplace. You can treat your male subordi…[View]
52996237How are you supposed to deal with the fact that all women past the age of 18 are used up whores?[View]
52998022Dont be afraid to let a girl lick your butthole it feels really good[View]
52997950My grandad just died /r9k/. He was a solitary kind of man. I regret that I never really got to know …[View]
52998248Her name is aphrodite and she rides a crimson sheIl[View]
52998237>tfw anhedonia Just bought new video game (something I usually love) and I feel like there's…[View]
52998157I dont see how throwing away your human desires could make you a better person. It actually makes yo…[View]
52993176/britfeel/: A very comfy Thursday morning /britfeel/ thread edition[View]
52995883>Got my first girlfriend You'll be okay anons[View]
52997995How are people okay with working their whole lives? I've only been working full time since 2016…[View]
52997852God: Gentle reminder that even if everyone else abandons you, Jesus still loves you and will be ther…[View]
52989523Room Thread: Hello my associates, post your rooms.[View]
52993872ITT we post robot albums[View]
52994100Hey robots,tell me how you guys are holding up[View]
52995179what is it like to have Stacy mom?[View]
52995277Dumbest argument: >you'd still be ooga booga people if it wasn't for us Yeah and? I…[View]
52997820happy birthday to me. should I wait another 25 years before I kill myself?[View]
52997307B how can i find a pure gf non intoxicated by the ideas of feminism and marxist shit?[View]
52997840Who here had a really strange childhood and upbringing? >born into wealth >parents were dead …[View]
52994624Why aren't you playing eroge VNs anons? It's much more immersive and arousing than real po…[View]
52997157Have sex, incels.: Incels are literally everything that is wrong with the world. All incels should j…[View]
52997515Have you ever been in a relationship/married with someone you don't love? Ever loved him/her? H…[View]
52985732post what boards you brows and judge others. >/r9k/ >/x/ >/v/ >/k/ >/gif/…[View]
52997548Normalfags: What is normalfaggots reason for being here? Seriously I want to know because all they…[View]
52996084this isnt really a r9k themed question, but i see it frequently here for some reason. can anybody of…[View]
52997376Feels Thread: >ywn slide your fat cock into mavis tight vampire pussy why even live bros…[View]
52996453does anyone Know If LLoads of T Rated Unique aMazing games will show uP later this year?[View]
52997028Fembot sneaking my phone at work, bored as hell and thinking about quitting to become a neet like th…[View]
52996662What's it like going on a date with a girl? I've only asked one girl on a date 4 years ago…[View]
52997659>be me >talk to normie/chad friend about girls >explain to him that I get rejected by even …[View]
52997650>be me, 20 >in group therapy >don't really remember what i was saying, but remember a …[View]
52992973Why do girls take pictures like these? Do they know what they are doing?[View]
52997586>tfw /fit/ is passing around my giga stacy collage[View]
52993787Would you date a girl with acne, robots?[View]
52996606Uwotm8: So I live in an apartment with 4 other ppl. 3 single Bois and a room for the lovebirds. So t…[View]
52996466>'Oh anon I forgot to tell you, you're fired for being bald. :)'[View]
52997546>there are countless ways to make good money >I am still not talking advantage of it Whats wro…[View]
52995807>be me >first job after college >receptionist i sit next to is a single colombian milf …[View]
52992829Female dissapointment thread: >Like a girl >we get along >Shes hot too >Not intimidated …[View]
52995773>boyfriend of 3 years broke up with me because he says he feels like I'm more of a distant f…[View]
52997545hmmm >list >mist >pist >pisc- >pesc- >pescatarian >episcopalian >robin willi…[View]
52997530Sit down, have a drink, get it off your soul. How are you holding up anon?[View]
52996239Who has it worse, retail cucks or fast food cucks? People complain about office jobs being soul-crus…[View]
52996704does anyone else ever think this world is run by demons and shit or am I just crazy? I keep thinking…[View]
52995600>be me talking >randomly snap out into third person wtf am i doing here and start feeling awkw…[View]
52997086ITT anime characters who would lurk /r9k/. For me, it's L from the Death Note >very intelige…[View]
52994602How do I find a cute girl with a nice butt to sit on my face and let me sniff her asshole when I get…[View]
52996990How do you feel that you have to tick that you're not a robot every time before posting on this…[View]
52996306>only notifications I get are from the weather app[View]
52996642>making fun of transgenders is NOT cool! how do you respond?[View]
52996448A bearded wizard offers you a deal. If you accept it, you will be able to instantly kill ALL members…[View]
52995742i'm 34 years old and my sex drive is non existent. i masturbate maybe once a week just to keep …[View]
52995758Reddit's mobile app sucks. Just fix your shit, reddit. I can't use saved post because my a…[View]
52994272kek dumb roasties[View]
52995103Hey, Anon, what's on your mind? Jump in the thread and tell me! Whether you want advice, judgem…[View]
52995651why do normans here think that robot=incel?[View]
52997087why are millennials too lazy to stop being poor?[View]
52995843why do i feel like such an alien unloved ignored stunted immature evil freak?[View]
52994999uh what about creating a tulpa: hey robots how you doing ahem I have notice so much misery on this b…[View]
52997247were anyone of you ever ashamed of having a purple shaded Penis: seriously I thought I was a freak a…[View]
52997209If half of the male population was to just be Thanos snapped out of existence and a reproductive dis…[View]
52995052>Tfw no mommy gf .ord[View]
52996299will i ever feel good again anons, or is it all downhill from here?[View]
52995018Free will is an illusion. As you read this, the universe has determined your fate to be intertwined…[View]
52995851My gf is looking great today, how about yours? Pic related, my gf[View]
52993483Someone play on the ps4 with me or something I'm lonely and bored, I made a thread but no one a…[View]
52995679all I want is a yandere stalker girlfriend is that really too much to ask for?[View]
52993526>tfw was that kid in school who was addicted to video games and had no friends whatsoever How did…[View]
52996953/reminder/ sexhavers are normalfags this place is not for normalfags[View]
52996566i haven't had sex in eight hundred years[View]
52995536I hate artists.... I myself enjoy drawing and like the idea of art, I like going to art museums and …[View]
52996835American women on suicide watch: Less illegal cock for women in America. https://www.dailywire.com/n…[View]
52993079Can u explain this Twitter post? I'm confused. Is this real or some kind of larping?[View]
52992037>tfw mommy and daddy have amped up the 'we're thinking of kicking you out' rhetoric wtf do I…[View]
52990237>get job >imminently quit anyone else did this?…[View]
52996319I wish I weren't such a romantic. I wish I could be fine with mindless sex and not viewing my p…[View]
52996809>fell for the /nightwalk/ meme >get mugged thanks guys…[View]
52987620Antifa femdom fetish: /pol/tard here. Don't get me wrong: I'm a nationalist who believes i…[View]
52995684Guys I'm 30 next year and I've never even held a girls hand or gone on a date.[View]
52993789Do you prefer a society that punish criminals or one that helps them? Also i wanna see if the opinio…[View]
52995565why is everything so god damn artificial and synthetic? fucking whites and jews making everything fu…[View]
52993713im a girl ask me something[View]
52994344>stoned af >start thinking about the situation with my girlfriend, shes acting cold, weird and…[View]
52996767Did you know people still believe the earth is flat? How outlandish is that? What kind of faggot bel…[View]
52993627what games are you currently playing robot? im playing dragon's dogma, rimworld, custom hotline…[View]
52996738Once, in an English class, the teacher had the students read aloud and, when it was Cho's turn,…[View]
52995476>bites your dick off[View]
52996687>be me >asleep >****bzzzztt**** (phone vibrating sound, not mosquito or vibrator, let me cl…[View]
52988227hey r9k, whats your opinion on this movie?[View]
52996457tfw no chubby wide/hard faced mentally ill white gf why do i make these fucking posts i hate this f…[View]
52996565I'm alone even on 4chan. I don't wanna be alone robots. Why anyone responds to my posts[View]
52996612Holy shit guys the funniest thing just happened >Making sandwich for later >Go to wrap with cl…[View]
52994074have you ever been made fun of for being an incel?[View]
52996451>Got to take nude pics of my highschool crush >Still haven't fucked or kissed her End my …[View]
52991400why do normalfags with girlfriends and friends irl use the 'I've been longer than you' argument…[View]
52994124Why don't white British women like this phenotype but American ones do?: I am this phenotype an…[View]
52995830hey guys im a le epic 4chan troll[View]
52992026Are you quiet at work?[View]
52995659Where my maghribi bros at ? show yourselves ! tahia dz obviously[View]
52994058kinkshaming thread: Get in here faggot, it's time for a good ol' kinkshaming thread. tell …[View]
52994724here's a joke, knock knock: As I hear the knock on the door, I frantically run over to open it …[View]
52989197/c9k/ general #10: It's regular r9k except we all post like we're in the Wild West. Welcom…[View]
52995534anons will it get better? Is it too late for you? also any AIC fans here?[View]
52995447>June 20th, 2019 >half the year is already over >I want off this ride bros…[View]
52995336I just want a girl that occasionally gets fucked by dogs while I watch, anyone else know this feel?[View]
52993760Do people still use irc, or did they all hop onto Discord?[View]
52996176Oh, you're a NEET? Why don't you make videos off of popular 4chins and plebbit threads wit…[View]
52995095One of my favorite things about life is waking up from bad dreams. I have nightmares a lot, dreams w…[View]
52995204>Scroll through 10 pages of 4chan >Eleventh page doesn't exist >Realize you are one of…[View]
52995745do women realize how impregnable they are?[View]
52996097Halp! It has been a while since I fell in love.[View]
52995760>tfw no gf to engage in my degenerate fetishes with[View]
52995491why are incels so fucking stupid[View]
52994847I can't stop thinking about you. It bothers me so much my life quality deteriorates. I can…[View]
52994896I hate women I just hate them[View]
52995674Femanons what experience do you have with anal hooks[View]
52994753How the funk do you go from this...[View]
52995623GOSPEL OF THE DAY: From the Gospel according to Matthew MT 6:7-15 Jesus said to his disciples: 'In p…[View]
52994032why the fuck cant i post about eight chan or ask what happened to it without it saying its spam wha…[View]
52995067>tfw all types of cute girls around the world really just want to be with white guys >they wou…[View]
52993609The Wall Wednesday - Thursday edition: Post Walls[View]
52993814Is a dude still a cuck if he watches two lesbians have intimacy in front of him?[View]
52993494ideas for robots to start making money and do something with their lives without getting off your co…[View]
52995365> have a match in bumble > she does not write me and it's gone It is all so laughable til…[View]
52995624I can't stop touching and fidgeting with my penis. How do I make it stop?[View]
52995347>sister moved back home because she quit her job >loose blouse and no bra >nipples clearly …[View]
52994391>be me in summer 2014 >get sent to mental ward inpatient for a few weeks (suicidal) >am abl…[View]
52990771What are your thoughts on group sex, anon?[View]
529950464chan is where losers go to feel like badasses because they're using le epin free speech hurtbo…[View]
52991215Doomer Hours: Another doomer hours thread. How are other doomers and broken anons in general coping …[View]
52995276Bada bing bada boom for me it's the Wynn[View]
52991177>tfw my mom is setting me up with a wife >Plot-twist: she's ugly…[View]
52994145Join are somewhat comfy mineman serberer. No rules at all. Version 1.14, java edition and no plugins…[View]
52959449/MBTI/ - Sensors Edition: MBTI thread, sensors edition. Enough with all the feelers/intuitives/think…[View]
52994755is it really wrong to exterminate normalcattle?[View]
52994567I just got two matches on tinder, what do I do now? My profile was just a shitpost.[View]
52990586Is this perhaps the most prophetic and most important video of the 21st century? https://www.youtube…[View]
52993443Should I cocktribute beautiful angel ciara?[View]
52994945will there ever be accurate documentation of 4chan?[View]
52993395>he thinks he can just 'draw furry porn' and not be 100% into it and make money Do normies actual…[View]
52993552Is selling stuff on ebay worth the effort? I hear people make thousands selling junk, but when I thi…[View]
52992680God, reading is just so freaking fun![View]
52993856>tfw no submissive sissy femboy to pump my load into after working out[View]
52994054>tfw not american this sucks bros, i just want to own guns and have a mcdonalds near my house…[View]
52992569somebody talk to me while the dxm kicks in[View]
52995054>no trannies >no fags >no roasties >neets preferred new, sizeable server for meeting oth…[View]
52994705>be me >doctor >hot girls comes in my clinic >says she thinks she broke her foot …[View]
52991668>tfw no sissy gf (male) Sissy gfs (male) post contact.[View]
52993741>'anon, you wanna be my boyfriend? when I make it big in the music industry we'll be set for…[View]
52994639Robots with actual clinical depression, not this self-diagnosed crap, I have a question. Have you ev…[View]
52993817I hate anime posters, but some of the images they post are too cute to resist saving[View]
52993642Any of you ever watched Grand Budapest Hotel?[View]
52994775hi friends im really bored lets talk about something how are you? what are you thinking about? how…[View]
52994795>I'm under FOUR blankets right now[View]
52994655How do you get the courage to view your oneitis' social media profile? Insecurities and guilt a…[View]
52993245>You just gottsa work out, take a shower and be confident, breh![View]
52993918what do I do if god ruined my life? did god ruin anyone elses life? are you specifically targeted by…[View]
52994199im a 25 year old male and im a victim of bullying on my work place, there is this female who constan…[View]
52990376How do you know if you are attractive? Are most people attractive if they aren't skinny but ar…[View]
52994583>not a prostitute >with a customer hm[View]
52993115>wake up >hate myself >look into the mirror >'hey at least its not that bad' >mother …[View]
52992149Is there any hermits left on this board? By that I mean people who have absolutely no one - no famil…[View]
52993895It's 5 am, why are you still up anon?[View]
52993434Do you think its possible for a person to fall in love with a doll or virtual person?[View]
52994401I wonder if my oneitis will ever find out that i write smut about her and post it on the internet. I…[View]
52993027I want to have irl friends but I can't relate at all to 99% of the people I meet. What do?[View]
52993201>normalfags bully you everyday physically and mentally >you cant retaliate without getting bea…[View]
52993141Anyone else here married and how does your partner make you feel? I am 28 and have been married 3 ye…[View]
52993305Is it possible for a white and a black cat to have 3 white kittens and one black one?[View]
52993495Why do a lot of NEET threads devolve into a wagie dick measuring contest of who works the longest ho…[View]
52991429Is there such a thing as alpha or beta in females?Or are they not complex enough to display such cha…[View]
52992787>tfw beer bellyfag why does beer have to taste so fucking nice[View]
52991861I'm looking for a good rts to play. Something with oldschool mechanics. Do you bots have any su…[View]
52994077>mfw when >be me >spend more than 30h learning SQL to school cuz I have bad grades >arog…[View]
52993636>tfw no spooky daughter[View]
52993419How common is it for a teen boy or and an adult male to have had sexual attraction to a female cousi…[View]
52991661I worked a job for the first time in my life just for 4 hours and im extremely sore, exhausted and I…[View]
52993945i cant be the only one who pees in his sink >its much easier and handy.. comeone…[View]
52990480You, along with 2 billion others deemed worldwide as irrevocably degenerate upon review of your pers…[View]
52993478Okay anons, I typically talk about issues about my life and about suicide. But right now I just want…[View]
52993372would r9k anally rape a fat hiv+ unpassing tranny?[View]
52993253The true redpill is that both Reddit and 4chan are cancer.[View]
52993291get crunk or get dunked on son preach junk and you outta luck blowin up my line yeah that nokia chec…[View]
52991874im 22 and things are getting worse im unemployed and i cant hide in a room unlike the rest of you be…[View]
52994007I disapprove of you and you care. You want me to approve of you. I'll just keep laughing at you…[View]
52992365I'm going to start lifting for her bros[View]
52985137Depressed anons - general thread: This is place where you say what is on your depressed mind right n…[View]
52992767>be me >upstate anon >just randomly woke up >too sad to sleep >basically crying in be…[View]
52993249Anyone surprised at how easy everything is? I was under the impression that making friends was hard,…[View]
52990949Im lonely frens what do I do how does one cope?[View]
52993184does anyone here juul? I started smoking cigarettes around 17 because everyone around me smoked them…[View]
52993804https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T99j7bw9eWo amazing video[View]
52992031Driving test: Guys I cant fucking pass my driving test, I dont know why, i can drive by myself witho…[View]
52992772How do we stop W*MEN MENACE? They will ruin our Civilization !!![View]
52989929Wouldn't you like a qt Jewish girlfriend?[View]
52993154>tfw you'll never go to japan or be japanese https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8wmnuZHzUeo…[View]
52993391Post genderbend selves. as an anime avatar of course[View]
52993710>tfw I somehow lucked into a STEM master and now realise how much of a gigabrainlet I am >tfw …[View]
52993698So i recently lost my job as a handyman apprentice, my boss ended up being a massive druggy and lost…[View]
52993644How do I stop thinking about horse penis?[View]
52991092wheres your misaki?[View]
52992924Self-help books: >got a comfy new job and I can listen to music whilst I work all day What are so…[View]
52992087>tfw no qt billie eilish looking camwhore gf[View]
52993525uhh, so women really like penises don't they?[View]
52993606do row-boots enjoy black metal music? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n5qqn5uBMWw[View]
52993047Thread of life failures that actually happened >be 4 y.o me >mom is the only that actually car…[View]
52993524why should I have to grow up if i never had a childhood? i never got to experience any of the things…[View]
52992439r9k is full of 4/10s who THINK they need 10/10s to be happy when all they REALLY need is a 3/10. I b…[View]
52993297Fembot here. I will do BJ to anyone who gets trips if this thread gets more than 100 replies.[View]
52992906Internet and media ruined my life[View]
52993169It's 4AM, I need to wake up at 7-8, how do I get enough energy for the day?[View]
52991693wage cope: What keeps you all going? How do any of you get up to go work a job you hate? Im legitima…[View]
52993179I love all of you: This board is so fucking funny to me. I relate to all of you, you make the boredo…[View]
52993378homeless: Whats so bad about being homeless? aside from no internet/no place to sleep? >Don'…[View]
52993366>nerd, loser, faggot, weeb, neet, incel *yawn* I sleep >you will never be woken up by your ado…[View]
52993163It is near that time again. My master is away again. How can I please my esteemed handsome and radia…[View]
52992356I am 24 years old and I have never had a job. full time shut-in NEET since I was 18. Ask me anything…[View]
52993356Hints: Drop any pearls of wisdom you might have in this thread. 1. Never turn down a mint 2. If they…[View]
52993292Heil Plank[View]
52992976>ugly girls they don't want me. not even the ugliest ones. like 0.5/10 >step dad not dumb…[View]
52993339poorfag thread: poorfags only. how much money do you have total? im at about 7k but no car and dont …[View]
52993302Why is it so difficult to feel like a human being these days.[View]
52992978It's your favorite time of the week, anons! Bully time! Abuse me, or just say mean things in ge…[View]
52993197What would you do if you were woke up female: with body like pic related[View]
52990368i am self studying for the A+ hardware exams right now.... 1001 and 1002... anyone else take them?[View]
52992937>Have youtube channel >Want to make videos >No inspiration????? Ideas????…[View]
52992027WELLLLLLLLLL I'm a big dumb nigger from Tennessee A big dumb nigger oh yes thats me A yippie ka…[View]
52992062Self-Insertion: Does /r9k/ like self-insertion anime? If so.... How is Kodaka supposed to be self-in…[View]
52992782thinking of going to a prostitute to lose my virginity desu I'm 23, more of a cyborg just cant …[View]
52992482>tfw itchy under your foreskin[View]
52983767/britfeel/: Big fat NEET touching his small fishy penis to pictures of teenage girls from Japanese c…[View]
52991294this people, is how you recognize a normalfag on 4chan redditor is just another way of saying normie…[View]
52993009>Hate half the shit on /r9k/ >LMAO JUST HIDE IT YOU STUPID INCEL >Hide every tranny, fembot…[View]
52992105for a limited time only you get a free small server with a new beginning !! what a deal !!! come in …[View]
52993119/creativegeneral/: Hello anons, post your art and things here and I'll stay up and talk to you/…[View]
52992043Have you ever been lucky enough to smell a cute girl's soles? I want to do it so bad and am wil…[View]
52993008All I want is a happy family, a truck, and a two story house in a small town. Is that really too muc…[View]
52992935Why don't you just try lifting 3-5 days a week to get ripped and also walking around being cock…[View]
52990728>avatarfags >tripfags >niggerfags >orbitfags…[View]
52992807'RIIIIIING': Hello, Anon. What are you doing?[View]
52992061secrit female goblin society: How many goblin femanons from /r9k/ have you talked to? I've only…[View]
52991562It's the 4th night straight now of sleep that I've skipped tell me some interesting storie…[View]
52990793Any schizos with dysphoria here? Want to form a suicide pact? I'm in Norway right now. We both …[View]
52991526How do we know god was not an incel?[View]
52992982Why haven't you procreated yet goyim? You must spawn at least a couple of product consumers, it…[View]
52992614>Be minding my own business >Having evening cigarette outside apartment >Feelsgoodman.jpeg…[View]
52992122You dumb boys had to jump aboard a female movement again, huh?: Why can't men create anything t…[View]
52992632>Posting images of yourself and linking to Discord is banned because there's a board for it …[View]
52992110>tfw no Bailey Jay gf[View]
52992099If somebody were to write a portion of a highschool history textbook about 2010-present, what would …[View]
52992555mfw it's been years since I've been here and r9k is still having girl problems[View]
52991391Hey guys, I don't really have anyone else to tell this to so I'm coming here. >In high…[View]
52992441Got any questions about sex? Feel free to ask me, a non-virgin.[View]
52991230The only reason most white and Asian guys get triggered by black men dating their women is because o…[View]
52990246fembot here, I want to try the whole no fap thing but I SUPER cope with weed and alcohol and it does…[View]
52992487You do realize no one gives a fuck about you right?: I'm just pointing out the obvious Anon, no…[View]
52991819>Can't we just be friends anon? I love you too much to jeopardize our relationship ^-^…[View]
52992716Drugs you tried and are about to try. If you want specify also why did you try them. > Alcohol …[View]
52991620Would you sniff a German grill's butt?[View]
52990872big kat will we ever talk again one day. id like if i could get closure[View]
52992520is drinking a 6 pack a night bad? Am I on the path to alcoholism?[View]
52991450I finally managed to get a job a week ago but things are getting worse again, i dont think i can car…[View]
52992686tfw you deny your robotdom daily[View]
52992662what's more important about school: the money, the grades or the effort? >Money >pros Ca…[View]
52991371Does anything good ever come from this app? I used it once before and messaged 3 girls. They agreed …[View]
52990898I just took three ambien ask me anything[View]
52991004You should read shoujo.: If you're going to be a weeb, why not watch/read shoujo once in a whil…[View]
52989704how does it feel anon, no girl will ever look at you this way?[View]
52991782I wish I could I have intercourse with a women[View]
52992427Why do girls always say the things that hurt you the most? Can you even trust them with your feeling…[View]
52991277Anyone else feel ugly and hate their own race?: >Be Mediterranean >am manlet like many others…[View]
52992420girls, why wont you let strangers in public give your ass a sniff if they ask?[View]
52991999OC I made feel free to use it.[View]
52988783Do you ever use smiley faces? I feel like a beta using them[View]
52991746Question for the fembots. Have you ever found a mass shooter attractive before?[View]
52990321Parents walked in on me watching naked brothers band i'm 24 how do I even explain this shit[View]
52991903Why? Just why?: Okay so 2 years ago I came outta the closet as being bi. I've liked women and m…[View]
52992338Just brushed my teeth for the first time in a week. Holy shit this feels amazing[View]
529901471. Would you cum on a feminine guy's dick? 2. Would you rub your dick against a feminine guy…[View]
52991561>I love you so much, Anon. Kiss me.[View]
52992268>Guten Morgen, Dear Anon. I'm Dr. Questionablecredientials, PhD in psychoanalytic theory (*g…[View]
52991481How does one go about anal fucking a Rabbi?[View]
52992312Who else lost all friends after middle school? I have a lot of friends in middle schools but now all…[View]
52992289v178 Some days, some nights Some live some die ln the way of the samurai Some fight, some bleed Sun …[View]
52992306What happened to mom fucker op? https://desuarchive.org/r9k/thread/52480586/#52480586 https://vocaro…[View]
52990856>just lost my last few friends >gf long gone I need to talk to someone. I'm this close to…[View]
52991142the bars open, im drunk on fernet and cola. share thoughts and feels, whatever. i might go to the ca…[View]
52987581Has anyone here actually ever been caught masturbating before?[View]
52991156I think I got beaned, this is a test[View]
52992188How much do I need to pay a neet to be my friend, I work from home but my work is boring and tiring.[View]
52991715How unreasonable is it for me to only want to date STEM women? Or women that have a career that does…[View]
52992055I find enjoyment in doing simple arithmetic tasks on a calculator otherwise I ampretty crippled in m…[View]
52991958This is my 8th day without a cig and I dont have the money to go buy a pack right now does anyone kn…[View]
52990749>get girlfriend >never offers to pay for anything >always have to pay for her things >du…[View]
52990632Am I a good looking if I get 50 likes and 36 matches in two days? I actually have no context for wha…[View]
52992117Changing Wikipedia articles: I've been spending all day changing bits of wikipedia articles and…[View]
52991616Who else here enjoys bullying social outcasts for things they cant control and making their lives mo…[View]
52990987How do I get a fembot gf to vomit on me?[View]
52992065daily reminder that if you have a girlfriend you need to leave this board or else i will find you an…[View]
52990629How much would it cost me per month to fully cover a fembot's financial expenses?[View]
52991673>Finally alone with HER >accidentally sneak up on her (idunno how she didn't hear me) …[View]
52991211Progamming: If you do not know any programming languages at all is C++ the best one to learn nowaday…[View]
52991356How do we know god isn't an incel?[View]
52990524>haven't smoked a cigarette in 24 hours >even WATER tastes better jesus christ…[View]
52989215Gooey, squishy, and smelly. Nature's greatest invention. Amirite?[View]
52990242Don't mind me, just posting best girl. Prove me wrong.[View]
52991587I lost my friends and my boyfriend. I have no reason to care about decency anymore, I'll never …[View]
52991840>tfw im so fucking lonely i got up to be on 4chan rather than alone with my thoughts in bed even …[View]
52990087What's your favorite hotel casino in Vegas? For me, it's the Wynn.[View]
52991379How come everyone that has Aspergers likes anime? Is anime correlated with being on the spectrum?[View]
52990857I love sex and I wish I was having it right now[View]
52990564>yfw it's almost 2020 How bad will the next decade be?[View]
52991679>Ive been here since 2017 new fag >Girls can be robots too >Read the rules faggot >R9k w…[View]
52991774Kek doodily wop, pidily pop This isn't nonsense, I something to say You outta stay, gotta story…[View]
52991599If you met someone great but lived across the country from you would you drop everything to be with …[View]
52991178spent half the night jackin off and edging and didn't even enjoy it. got me through the night. …[View]
52990850Jewish robot thread: Any jews here who hate being jewish? >Yfw circumcised >yfw massive nose, …[View]
52991729I miss how you used to make me hard at inconvenient times. No other femanon was capable of that.[View]
52991719holy fuck, ligotti gets it[View]
52991707>no trannies >no fags >no roasties >neets preferred join for meeting other neets, hikkis…[View]
52991494>tfw no girlfriend to tease and make fun of why even live[View]
52990861Any of you faggots ever taken phenibut or kratom for anxiety. Does this shit actually work.[View]
52991104top 78% of women competing for top 20% of men: If you're in the top 20% of men for attractivene…[View]
52989842Should I just force a girl to be my gf? I feel like this is the only way its going to happen. I coul…[View]
52990427Happy birthday: i never browse this board but I feel like I need to vent this from my chest and ther…[View]
52991370Make sure you're hydrated, Anons!: 64oz! Or about 4 water bottles! Did you brush your teeth to…[View]
52990779Is it weird to start taking swimming lessons at 22?: I never learned to swim and i want to learn. M…[View]
52991427Have you ever been so sad that you want to cry but you have no more tears left to shed because you a…[View]
52990382What feelings does this image give you? You can be honest.[View]
52973480/r9gay/-#775: height difference edition Last thread:>>52954748[View]
52990972>go onto chatroullete >Girl says I'm cute >Hit next since idk what to say…[View]
52989961I'm gonna fuck myself up the ass in probably like 45 minutes to and hour. Ask me anything.[View]
52991354Nimses general: Just saw someordinarygamer do a video on this. I want to know more about this app. I…[View]
52989473Why don't you just become a liberal? Liberals, feminists and SJWs are the most accepting and to…[View]
52989036I have been force-feeding a mentally retarded woman: I have been force-feeding a mentally retarded w…[View]
52988996Is there anything a straight healthy male loves more than big tiddies?[View]
52991373I think we should change 4chan to vir chan[View]
52991361this is where we are as a society. and if you give money to any ethots you are part of the problem[View]
52991300I wrote a cringe ass smut story for a femanon on r9k.[View]
52991242>he doesn't like ariana grande DROPPED[View]
52991194What other robots /smoke/? I use it to cope I like these[View]
52990649Ok, no panic, but I just shit out a significant amount of bright red blood. From what I just looked…[View]
52989093what is your personal criteria for defining intelligence, anon?[View]
52982492>'anon, how come you don't have a driver's license?'[View]
52989035>Yo Anon, if you can pin me, you can fuck me.[View]
52990355> hey big bro, the back of my throat is so itchy. Do you know any good ways to scratch it? what d…[View]
52978056>your age >your gender >your favourite movie…[View]
52991143>dude just like stop eating lmao[View]
52991192What is the most gorgeous human face imaginable?[View]
52990561should i fuck a chubby girl tonight: haven't had sex in like 2 weeks need to release my load in…[View]
52990579AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH scream thread, let it out bros[View]
52990840I am the best person in the world.[View]
52991098What are some good clit stimulators? Do girls like them? Do girls prefer dildos?[View]
52989255>r9k goes to McDonalds[View]
52988437how long do you think it'll be before she gets killed by some obsessed stalker? these extreme c…[View]
52982353Wageslave thread what do robots do?[View]
52990195>job interview tomorrow for forklift driving >they will drug test me probably and see i'm…[View]
52987642Why do we hate them again?[View]
52990212Do you incels like ASMR?[View]
52990890Vision issues: When i wake up i see a grid made of red dots does anybody know what this is, sometime…[View]
52989917>gf wants to eat out >she suggest panda express Uhhh where all those bums hang out? No thanks.…[View]
52982785intense degeneracy thread: I just edged for like 3-4 hours straight while looking for degenerate 2D …[View]
52990676when I pull my foreskin back, is it supposed to come back easily? I'm uncut btw[View]
52990910Hello bois time to cry[View]
52990788Tfw no farmer GF. Tfw virgin in my young farmers and ranchers club[View]
52988623FEMBOT GENERAL -- NO BOYS ALLOWED: Would having a bf make your life better? I like looking at pretty…[View]
52990141WMAF is fucking overblown: White guy here with crazy yellow fever. Back when I was in college almost…[View]
52990791pointless thread: Hey guys. I posted this in another thread but that was before I put the finishing …[View]
52990812How do you Anons get the mask to be the actual face? I mean this in the metaphorical sense of course…[View]
52990545Skinny Kashii with no soul and a big pole Twin Dracos Twin Glocks with extendos I declare war fair g…[View]
52989914Isolation is a gift, not a curse. Realize this and pursue the intellectual, mold the psyche to do yo…[View]
52990691What are some things only autists understand?: I'll start. >sex is only a short-term cope in…[View]
52990803the seasonal pump and dump: 2 different women I've gone on 1st dates with have shut me down onl…[View]
52990707robots, how would you feel if a girl asked you to punch her in the face in the middle of sex?[View]
52990367mixing?: should i drink? i took adderall xr about an hour ago and am not sure how bad it is for you…[View]
52989058incel positivity: r9k needs to be more positive towards incels. This is a serious issue that needs t…[View]
52990634Living on auto-mode: Should I continue full-NPC? Blogposting ahead >19 >No life project or asp…[View]
52990621>every non-crazy woman i meet seems to be in a long term relationship with a loser who is an alco…[View]
52988846I'd be content with having a chubby girlfriend/wife if didn't get fatter than this.[View]
52988250>bullied by family for dating girl 8 years younger than me[View]
52990571>mom denies me fulfillment in life by constantly existing as a reminder that I'm just an imp…[View]
52990466so here i am again, another night in my dark ass room spent on this website[View]
52990040fuck off peepeepoopoomers[View]
52990377who else here a /troll/ >tfw playing slender man with my gf >tell her its a calm story game …[View]
52988589Trans positivity: r9k needs to be more positive towards trans. This is a serious issue that needs to…[View]
52990316I could kill myself right now. But I'm high on my couch.[View]
52990463Goodbye virgins: I finally got a gf and it fucking rocks. We're apart right now but she's …[View]
52988729So... Considering I have given up on trying to get a social life, I might as well become a hardcore …[View]
52990456IF I could shut the gate against my thoughts And keep out sorrow from this room within, Or memory…[View]
52989847I really just cant take it anymore anons[View]
52990403>'why yes, my only counter argument is to tell the other person to have sex and call them an inke…[View]
52989856ITT: Post what you consider to be your looksmatch of the opposite sex. I recently saw pic related on…[View]
52989242Looking for a robot friend to play monter hunter with Either GU or world[View]
52990406>too beta to hang out with alphas >too alpha to hang out with betas…[View]
52990072Hey guys, I just lost my virginity to a prostitute and think it's just about time I end my path…[View]
52990083>my new fucking job that my parents forced me to get starts tomorrow at 8am AAAAAAAHHHHH I DONT…[View]
52990075>tfw gfs son beats the shit out of you >came at me out of nowhere when arguing about tv select…[View]
52990071im sorry femanons ive just had really miserable experiences with girls and i just lash out at you be…[View]
52984582Give me an actual reason youre not fucking landwhales. >muh standards These are your looksmatches…[View]
52990340anyone else absolutely despise how they look? I could be having a good day or be in an OK mood but t…[View]
52989832You can do it anon.: The sun will rise tomorrow, and so will you. Take a deep breathe and let it out…[View]
52988505>dude >man >bro >homie >nigga >dog >bruv >lad If you use any of these yo…[View]
52990302What does it feel like to be appreciated by a woman?[View]
52989384why does the female asshole hold such power over the hearts of man?[View]
52989020why don't you just get a /cgl/ lolita gf for a sugar baby?[View]
52989648Posting this thread every day until I get a gf Day 22[View]
52990053Just finished watching Alita battle angel. Heard all this praise about how it was so good and I deci…[View]
52990192hey guys i cant really fit in irl or here so what do i do.[View]
52987912It's scary how fast she hit the wall Imagine marrying a girl, who looks like the first picture,…[View]
52989684everyone welcome. I just want friends. > discord xfs3e4[View]
52987425/autism/: >just took a questionnaire at my psychiatrist >checking for autism >answered all …[View]
52989189The only girl I have and will ever love, her abusive, terrible faggot of a boyfriend is now making h…[View]
52987395Post Autistic foods/snacks you like, that any sane person should hate. Also a small part of the reas…[View]
52990165women are literal subhumans: They are retarded children that don't live on the same plane of ex…[View]
52988797are incels actually becoming prison gay now? are trannies and traps highly sought after by robots no…[View]
52989866>his flaccid penis is lower than 5 inches[View]
52989912>be femanon >do frottage with bf >days later I get the urge to vomit >go to a pharmacy t…[View]
52989629IM FEMALE ok now that I've got your attention, and yes the first part is true. German anons pl…[View]
52985938Just ordered heroin. My plan is as soon as it comes to buy pizza, turn on my favorite music and inje…[View]
52988764>he thinks talking about science and politics is entertaining me[View]
52989865What's the matter anon? See something you like?[View]
52984680>110 IQ >Too smart to be a wagecuck. >Too dumb to be anything but.…[View]
52988916How are those side quests coming along?[View]
52983478Can you close, then reopen a black hole in a different location?[View]
52986917Goddamned normalfags are destroying /r9k/, it's time we drive those worthless dogs out of our t…[View]
52989159why is /r9k/ so trans phobic[View]
52989103Music Thread: Post your favorite song(s) and rate others. I'll start: https://youtu.be/I6SIHlK3…[View]
52989897I don't want to work. I don't want to go to school.[View]
52988336just realised I'm in love with my GF AMA[View]
52989857Should I buy silicone feet to masturbate with?: Coming to terms with the fact I will probably never …[View]
52981123>'... I just want to be able to take care of him' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_BhLIOHjiI8 giv…[View]
52987958Why are you alone today anon?[View]
52988053LIFE IS A FUCKING SHIT: >Realize I could've been taller than a measly 5'10 if I had eat…[View]
52989563It's another episode of Anon forgot what reality is. Schizo feels thread[View]
52989641>So it says here' you're 27 and have never had a job before. Why is that? What were you…[View]
52985549He seems like a self-important cunt rather than a typical robot. He's not even an incel. Just a…[View]
52989422Do any german robots want to be this lousy burger's friend? I only know about five sentences in…[View]
52989959>boys who Iike dick[View]
52988413Subversion: Watch out for people like this. Not a 4chan user but thought you should be careful not t…[View]
52989333how's your evening so far kathy? im just listening to some of the music youve sent me before. a…[View]
52987267I want kashii to make love to my mom while i watch.[View]
52989910greentext: >be me >sit in car with dad and mom >ask dad if I can play music >dad says ye…[View]
52989768I woke up this morning to a 11 page essay of ways I am permiating rape culture stabled to my door. I…[View]
52989310my violent thoughts of shooting people in the face are back[View]
52989262I am getting fat.[View]
52988727>tfw no tranny gf to play stardew valley and pokemon wtih[View]
52989498Fat girls are an open letter apology to incels for making their lives harser than it needs to he sex…[View]
52989868People think I'm stupid. That I'm slow or mentally deficient, because I ask a lot of quest…[View]
52989666Am I gay if I would fuck this[View]
52988329>daily reminder that behind every single 'muh panafrican black pride' black girl is a complete wh…[View]
52988426Get out of here, this place fucks with your head. The longer you stay here, the more miserable you w…[View]
52989002How do i make friends online just to talk about stuff and maybe play vidya? I don't have a disc…[View]
52989808>get app that gives you fake numbers for a limited period of time >text yourself and create hi…[View]
52988262I just cried in freezer at work because evryone here hates me. They all think im a rude asshole but …[View]
52988607>tfw /Tv/ is the last good and funny board on 4chan[View]
52989626Why do girls think it's okay to ghost people? Makes me want to die[View]
52988989>TFW you spent last 2 hours commenting on a low tier youtubers stream about a game you enjoy.. …[View]
52988652>bought some nice cologne >will never get to use it…[View]
52987915>2.5 inch penis Is it over for me anons?[View]
52989607>be me >just started new job on monday >gf broke up with me few days ago >just called an…[View]
52989336Can't cope with death. Help me robots, what do you do?[View]
52989514Hey cute little incels:3 I'm streaming minecraft:3 come on virgins! https://twitch.tv/osmurr[View]
52987893What exactly does 'dilate' mean? I've seen it used on here several times over the past few days…[View]
52989174Hello American neet[View]
52985448the truth is... game was rigged from the start[View]
52988962Is there anything more pretentious than killing yourself?: > ***I*** was born into this world! …[View]
52989545>suppose to be working right now >shitposting on 4chan…[View]
52986854Name a better fiIm[View]
52989429love blooms from rape I'm right ur wrong.[View]
52987637>family is disappointed in 'the way i turned out' >no real friends near me >live …[View]
52988740Who here is afraid to take drugs or drink alcohol because they feel like it'll cause an addicti…[View]
52989526Oi aiste you... you aiste, if you want somebody to vent to add this nigga Silly Goose#2980[View]
52984604What is the most important event on this board history?[View]
52989497Anyone else afraid of being caught up in being a normie and then feel trapped like there's no w…[View]
52989487How do I find cummies donor[View]
52988407>tfw when no fushigi bf to watch tiktoks with[View]
52988521any of you upstanding young lads have experience with lithium orotate? i just bought some, hoping it…[View]
52989387>use virgin/incel as an insult to validate his/her opinions (points). Is this insecurity. project…[View]
52988992Why is it that fat women have zero issues with dating and sex and can even get with men leagues abov…[View]
52988001>I'm sorry that l'm not like you. I'm sorry that I'm not a person who stinks …[View]
52989229Betabux is a meme if youre white: Betabux is a meme. If you are an autistic manlet programmer workin…[View]
52988414>tfw PTSD >tfw doc told me it's actually CPTSD (was apperantly a thing) >nightmares ev…[View]
52988529>see a girl with a nice ass >fight the urge to stare but do anyways >fantasize about buryin…[View]
52987481>grow up in an asian church >most of the youth split off after we went to college >fell out…[View]
52989128Thoughts on Karma and Samsara realms if they where just our current mindset rather than a next life?[View]
52987677Stop following the law created by rich people to opress poor people[View]
52987167Wish I were a girl so I could wear cute clothes.....Im not trans or a fag so I can only dream :c. Im…[View]
52989092Missed opportunity thread Greentext your biggest regret involving a missed opportunity >Be me …[View]
52988778Do you taste yourself?: So it seems a lot of women taste their own juices, is this true femanons? Do…[View]
52986445>father thinks im his friend or something[View]
52988725If you go ass to mouth with a girl, could you suck a piece of poop out of her ass or would she have …[View]
52986540This anon has been posting in literally every thread and is responsible for all the bait threads.: D…[View]
52988899Are gay guys even seen as men?[View]
52988015>based >seethe >cope >dilate >yikes >basedboy >incel >who hurt you >trann…[View]
52987238Went out to my local hood: And talked to some niggers. They arent eeally all that bad. Just approach…[View]
52986903femanon here, very lonely, anyone just want to talk? Preferably someone who wont call me a slut/roas…[View]
52988299Do guys like women whom are a little bit on the dom side rather than the sub side or is it a turn of…[View]
52988693>never craved a relationship in my 24 years of life >spend all my money on myself >buy anyt…[View]
52988757First time drunk: Tasted alcohol before (beer) but never got drunk from it and wanted to know what…[View]
52985760>former incel >think that having sex with multiple women would better my mood >get tinder …[View]
52988872Favourite sex position? For me it's spoons. Allows for maximum penetration with minimal effort[View]
52987103Fuck niggers and their reparations The worst lynching in american happened to the Italians with 11 …[View]
52988847Did I make it? >gf's feet[View]
52986873is anyone here fucking poor? like fucking seriously god damn poor I live in the middle of nowhere li…[View]
52984485God: Daily reminder that even if everyone else abandons you, Jesus still loves you and will be there…[View]
52988722>sniffsniff... sniffsniffsniffsnifff... SQUEEK! SQUEEK! SQUEEK! SQUEEK! SQUEEK! SQUEEK! SQUEEK! S…[View]
52988616Anyone else ever seriously consider trying to go gay because they are simply too unattractive to get…[View]
52988225>tfw no sagamore bf[View]
52988231How do i convince gf to start thotting around on pornhub for pocket money? Shes very conservative bu…[View]
52988269am i ugly?: if i dont have a gf that means im ugly right? straight up? im on 3 dating apps and have …[View]
52985650How did this place become a Haven for incels? I thought the whole point of this board was to elimina…[View]
52988719I live on neetbux because i'm schizo. I used to have a car and a house that my mom bought me, b…[View]
52988735Contribute to your city. Get rid of the homeless scum by smashing their faces in with a bat.[View]
52988090D A M ! Hold up. Asian men look like -ThAT-?[View]
52979144Why do people make fun of Asian guys?[View]
52988699>tfw no girl will ever purposely wet the bed so that you would spank her then start crying when s…[View]
52986372I used to work as sysadmin and some fat (like picrelaited) not very smart girl was making hints to m…[View]
52988613i've gotten past the point that i dont want my lil bro to be traumatized by my suicide. i'…[View]
52988574>No hpv >No hsv Who here a pure one?[View]
52988554Just saw my crush (white) holding hands with a Hispanic manlet, feels bad man. ( I'm Hispanic).…[View]
52984059sometimes I clean out the discharge from my vagina and lick it off my fingers randomly during the da…[View]
52982694Why are some people bothered by interracial relationships in 2019?[View]
52988379My mother wiped my ass until I was 12 years. My father was emotionally distant. I am 25, unemployed,…[View]
52988331Is no fap worth it bros? I want to start but the temptation to fap is already creeping up on me.[View]
52985867Hey any black women here? Why do black girls get so shy when a cute white guy smiles at them or says…[View]
52986071/nightwalk/ doc: Hi again, I'm gonna act like I haven't posted this before. So we have a p…[View]
52988199I took a piss this morning and I gotta say it feels great to be a healthy man who isnt a tranny. No …[View]
52986129Height inflation: Should you just tell people you're taller than you are since 99% of normie me…[View]
52988021In what ways are you coping?[View]
52988335wwwatching my discord bf pla e half lifde i hate him so muc i hate i harwe i will kill him :3[View]
52984890My dream in life is to make the first rehabilitation center for Incels/Robots/Neets[View]
52988185Addiction?: I want to stop Im becoming 19 in the 28th of June, and been smokin weed hasj and cigaret…[View]
52988293Who else refuses to waste time by listening to music, playing video games or watching TV?[View]
52987767is there anyone who wanna recommend any good movie? feeling lonely af and bored[View]
52984335Sympathy for Hos: Is it really fair to judge woman for being whores when they are unfortunate enough…[View]
52985681Am I the only one who thnks of their posts as marketing or propaganda? Gotta think of an appealing t…[View]
52988120>be me >turn down girl that likes me who I also like back, because I feel like she could do be…[View]
52988201reminder to femanons that being slightly pudgy and having a bit of a muffin top is really cute[View]
52985481kenny: >A-anon quest que c'est un 'incel'? What say you r9k?…[View]
52988175Janny are you okay, are you okay, are you okay Janny?[View]
52988168y'all got a comfy setup like this? seems nice.[View]
52988192Come become a new friend in this small house 9YWyn3f[View]
52987419Why are you still a virgin r9k? For me it's that I have such low self confidence. I'm over…[View]
52988007Who wilI play her in the inevitable biopic?[View]
52987029i wonder if you still hate me kathy[View]
52986727Do girls keep the nudes they got from their ex-boyfriend?[View]
52988135>join college republicans club >they fucking abandon me after graduation FUCKING CHADS…[View]
52987255so, how do i meet new people and get a new group of friends? near the end of high school everything …[View]
52987809without posting lo-fi meme tier music, share some comfy songs and comfy pics ill start. https://www…[View]
52986273I am bored of everything.[View]
52987498Failed tinder/whatever other dating app thread. Post a conversation you had with a girl that didn…[View]
52987731Reminder your mother's womb gets wrecked each time she had a child. https://www.newscientist.co…[View]
52987762how do i tell my internet crush i like him?[View]
52985571Who is the true king/queen of avatarniggers?: Let's solve this once and for all: https://www.st…[View]
52986551I'm so sick of being alone No matter what I try it's fucking pointless Fuck this world and…[View]
52988051>be pretty attractive >generally told im a nice person, easy to get along with and bond with e…[View]
52988020>you think she likes you because she's being nice to you and a girl hasn't been nice to…[View]
52988004Uh uh... turn me up in the headphones Uh uh Okay... Okay Yo yo, check it... Yo my name is NEET Your …[View]
52988003Fk my life: >on a cruise > at bar > remember someone one time telling me to say something q…[View]
52985825Am I delusional or are people in r9k actually better than people irl? They are more encouraging and …[View]
52984527Post some pictures where you took one look and YOU JUST KNEW[View]
52987445>tfw you can't tell your therapist about your rape fantasies because she would judge you and…[View]
52987436Pls Anons help me Today i lost a person with whom I once considered to have a best friendship my wh…[View]
52984065I miss her bros: what are the odds she might come back?[View]
52985765Probably starting as young as age 12, girls wear undies that nestle straight into their ass cracks a…[View]
52987754What does /r9k/ thinks about the Hedgehog dillema?[View]
52987833r9k mentally disabled looser faggots[View]
52987519>be 24 yo >5'11' 180 cm >consider doing leg lengthening surgery to feel more manly is …[View]
52986675Tinder: Guys wtf is going on. Im in Toronto for the summer and installed Tinder out of pure curiosit…[View]
52987815>leave gf for another girl >new girl is now paranoid that Ill leave her for another girl too W…[View]
52986752Fuck I hate my mother because I'm so jealous of her. She gets to be good-looking, intelligent a…[View]
52987310Tfw no qt punk gf who just wants to drink cheap beer and dance in dirty basements[View]
52981248On a scale from 1-10 how much do you hate 'normie speech' examples: >nobody owes you anything …[View]
52987646Dear /r9k/ How do I date a black girl? -OP P.S. Pic Unrelated.[View]
52982472Is Islam actually bad? Seems pretty biased to me.[View]
52987594Stay away from mainstream social media Decided to check facebook after about 6 years and literally e…[View]
52987675Fuck you robots IRL: I try to make friends with you IRL but all you do is deflect and avoid me like …[View]
52984974French princess of r9k: We got ourselves a new resident e-girl.Say something nice about kenny.…[View]
52986591is it normal for your ears to ring after an orgasm? >male >28…[View]
52986384Not on my watch...!: Would /r9k/ protect a semen demon? Why, or why not?[View]
52987514Who here /dicklet/?: >tfw Asian stereotypes are true[View]
52987619>with the first overall pick in the 2019 NBA draft, the New Orleans Pelicans select... oh... oh m…[View]
52986453who else /aquamasterrace/ here?[View]
52983360help me: >listen black metal >browse 4chan >drink coors light >so alone >want to cry …[View]
52987042Any anons in Indiana? Add yourself to tagmap and I'll invite you to our super secret group of m…[View]
52985996Fatbots Hear Me Out: All you have to do is go keto. Eat less than 20 grams of carbs per day. Read up…[View]
52987356>I didnt get any (You)'s on the thread I posted this in, so I am making my own thread. Pleas…[View]
52987484Normalfags need to stop shitting up /r9k/ with their normalfag bullshit[View]
52987511>My race doesn't exist >Chorotega-to-Arawak is 0.11 FST, almost black-to-white genetic di…[View]
52987507/r9k/ asks 'Why don't you just fuck your mom?' BECAUSE! They only want Chadson.[View]
52986906I jerked off in my room and now it smells like semen. Its really strong, I think its rotting and I c…[View]
52985676Anyone else have pent up rage that slips out sometimes? I hate this shit bros. I gotta go to counsel…[View]
52987141What are some good non-gaming places and comunities to make online friends'??[View]
52987422This is fucking MKUltra mind control 2.0 Fuck the jews[View]
52987432>girl who likes me tells me she was raped but it didn't affect her because she's a stro…[View]
52982352What's your excuse for not having a girlfriend, faggots? Pic related is me[View]
52987294It's my birthday. Besides that nobody in real life gives a fuck. It's my yearly reminder o…[View]
52987074I have been force-feeding a mentally retarded woman: I have been force-feeding a mentally retarded w…[View]
52987199Whenever I speak to someone irl, I think of the dumbest thing I can say, then get a massive urge to …[View]
52986900Not even my family wants to talk to me gn[View]
52986670I can hear my parents talking shit about me,thinking im asleep[View]
52980493How old are you? How old do you feel?[View]
52987246>26, I keep getting older >4chan stays the same, 19-23 year old college kid >rest of intern…[View]
52987117Girls, I just wanna be your adorable derpy little cuteboy with beanies and snapbacks and cute neckla…[View]
52985279Why is that sweet boy ghosting me? He seems to be a NEET does he really have that many better option…[View]
52987245Trap voice: So have any of you guys had luck doing a trap voice? Before you call me a tranny, I kind…[View]
52978523Hey, anybody wanna talk? Tell me what's on your mind[View]
52985300left or right?: left or right? be fastidious whilst making this choice[View]
52985067Young mothers: >mom marries richfag dad while still pretty young >they have me soon after >…[View]
52985792all my poops come out like droplets little rabbit poos What is going on? It's been like that fo…[View]
52987180depression 100 sometimes If i Close my eyes i can See and thats fucking that Shit is Kind of depres…[View]
52987158My negativity makes me feel so immature. All my friends are bloomers or give zero fucks. >one fri…[View]
52985949What is your ultimate sexual fantasy?: And why? >Line up 2-3 virgin girls with their butts put to…[View]
52986325Uni thread: >Been attending Uni for 9 years >Still no degree…[View]
52985960My posting has turned to shit as of the last months. Why is that?[View]
52986688Is April O'neil your waifu?[View]
52986478grieving over foreskin: i was circumcised, and my head is dry as fuck. Is there anything I can do to…[View]
52986557I want to die in my sleep bros[View]
52985524May 17 2021 is the day I deposit $10k into her Patreon account. >RAD[View]
52928103Weekly Family Stories Thread Share stories, discuss, or ask for advice about your family. Previous P…[View]
52986777Would Star Wars really be any different if Luke lost his penis instead of his hand?[View]
52979241Why am I supposed to give a fuck about the troops and respect them when their job is to literally in…[View]
52983843Psychology of Affairs?: What makes so many people cheat on their significant others, married or othe…[View]
52986577Stop masturbating. Origanali[View]
52982970What do girls do in their free time? Except mindlessly scrolling through social media[View]
52986579Is paying for boosts on tinder worth it or a waste of money?[View]
52986747How many maghribi use this board ? Tahia dz btw[View]
52986742H: I love you all, even the slimy neckbeards. I know it sounds really fucking stupid, but it feels n…[View]
52984857How do asian guys cope with this?[View]
52986030I want to scuttle myself, how do?[View]
52985939does anyone else here fucking hate god? I cant believe how fucking evil this world. aside from ASIDE…[View]
52985895We are all Derrick.[View]
52986655A Y O! hold up. hang on a minute. wait up. chill for a second. D A M N! WeEb GiRls LoOk LiKe - T H …[View]
52986449I have a premature ejaculation problem and I told my friend about it. She's been letting me put…[View]
52986654I want a fembot gf. Me not dum dum, me buff, me have hobbies, great pay, manly job etc. why do only …[View]
52985581what are robots gonna be like when they're 65?[View]
52981001/c9k/ general #9: It's regular r9k except we all post like we're in the Wild West. Welcome…[View]
52983191How many girls percentage wise like skinny boys over /fit/ chads?[View]
52986549>before we go can you say 'Surrey Creep Catchers Got Me'? How do you proceed?…[View]
52979126MBTI Cognitive functions: The least evolved cognitive function of your personality type (the demon) …[View]
52984596anyone here know the stages and cycles of being fat? holy fuck this is hell >im fat I shouldn…[View]
52983747>went out to buy dresses >shaved entire body. help. im starting to not feel like a man anymore…[View]
52982094Why do we give the /pol/s a free pass?: Why do we let /pol/ and sometimes/leftypol/ rant on and dera…[View]
52985953>gay >too tall to be cute bottom >too short to be dom top Please how do I shrink >inb4 k…[View]
52986442>be me >be at work >decide to start talking to qt latina coworker >she started talking …[View]
529861191 happiness pls[View]
52986543Losers club <former member relapse>: Had sex once on tinder to lose Virginity now I get zero m…[View]
52985720>you just have to exercise bro![View]
52986476Still got pictures of frens on the wall I suppose we aren't really frens anymore Maybe I should…[View]
52979189Is enlisting in the military a good way to get away from your oneitis(s) and your shitty family and …[View]
52985954>be me >crush qt >she likes me back >then some random fucktard comes and she falls in lo…[View]
52983483Got my first MRE? Anyone else into MRE's)?[View]
52981978How do I get a virgin Japanese gf?[View]
52985820It actually is that easy: YWN have it this easy, unless you are a BBC in a pozzed area. feels bad m…[View]
52986077/drugfeel/ Acieed! Edition.: Previous thread was found unresponsive in the alley behind a sex shop W…[View]
52985292im doing a bike trip from western austria to slovakia, through slovakia and back, am currently lying…[View]
52985764Suicide: Easy and painless way to do it? My life sucks and I'm constantly harassed at my job fo…[View]
52983627Lads why do egirls exist? Why do they choose to be vapid whores. What makes them not look for altern…[View]
52986176>last class of semester ends >go back to dorm >exersize >get some fucking cucumbers >…[View]
52961705>confessed my feelings to one of my closest friends about 20 minutes ago >known her for almost…[View]
52985983What'd you guys do today?: >watched streamers with 0 viewers and they were thankful and kept…[View]
52985744I hate looking in the mirror robots: where has that cute smart and dreamy boy gone? All I see there …[View]
52986171I have a problem robots I love my girlfriend and would never cheat or break up with her in the futur…[View]
52986125existential crisis quota: Row row row your boat gently in your bed Merrily merrily merrily life is f…[View]
52986142hey guys, who wants to build a time machine? with the rise of incels wanting a conservative non-whor…[View]
52983600Dream demons.: Every night, I face off with an entity I've named 'Mongo.' If I take him on unde…[View]
52985706>go to sleep at 4am >wake up at 8am for 5 hour final exam >3pm, finaially think i get to re…[View]
52985315My life would be so much better if my parents worked normal jobs >be 18 >dad works at home as …[View]
52985392Small rant >I want to join the army when I get out of college to help with debt I know it's …[View]
52985071why dont you guys just make money on fiverr? people will just pay you to record yourself saying a me…[View]
52985927This guy from my class has: >2 websites >works for google >studies in the capital city >…[View]
52984980depress: >tfw your depression comes back[View]
52985719Who killed Ana Kriegel /r9k/?[View]
52983306Did anyone talk to Anne last night? Thread died before I could catch her Discord. How is she?[View]
52983358>be me >8 >spacing out in class , then suddenly a girl who was infront of me shouts at me …[View]
52983206how the fuck do you use 4chan this is my first time[View]
52985830Does r9k like bald pussies?[View]
52985739>have to wait 7 years from now when i have a job and house before i can have a females love and a…[View]
52985766Fucked up a real chance with a girl tonight. Feeling extra autistic, share your stories so I can rel…[View]
529849084CHAN REDDIT AND 8CH CONNECTION ISSUES: I've been going on all of these sites and I've bee…[View]
52985437who was on the wrong here guys? it think she has s point[View]
52985565what is the most comfy medical field and why is it radiology?[View]
52985212How do you tell if you're a girl or not?[View]
52985066Ameribros, have you had your daily active shooter check in with your family today?[View]
52984482good afternoon kathy i ended up getting used by another person recently but the signs were already t…[View]
52983153aren't you ashamed of yourself for taking birth control you cock sucking slobs?[View]
52980642Wallpapers: Post wallpapers mane[View]
52985606It could be that easy fembots. Just slap me every once in a while when we fuck and you can have an a…[View]
52983762>Other fembot gets more attention in a thread than I do[View]
52984523>3 day off day ends in 2 1/2 hrs I don't wanna go to work. I don't wanna go to work. I …[View]
52979123/varbie/: growth edition[View]
52984867>eugenics via government programs driven by science bad >eugenics via female sexual selection …[View]
52983379Why do people act like a healthy fetus isnt human? It has 23 chromosomes If you sequenced its DNA yo…[View]
52985517>mfw can barely remember my dreams that i enjoyed >mfw i can't remember happy memories w…[View]
52983456All animeposters deserve to be publicly lynched with their mutilated corpses left to rot in public. …[View]
52982367Ever wonder if anyone would miss you if you killed yourself[View]
52985323beta stomping stories?: >be me >in high school >fairly popular have a good amount of friend…[View]
52984845I have chronic fatigue and live in small town I dont fucking want to go out like this. but im so fuc…[View]
52985409why do people keep reducing sex to something phisical and related only to lust? just look at the ads…[View]
52985180>Be American >Be born >Tip the surgeon…[View]
52983195Men are garbage[View]
52980317How do average guys cope with the fact that their girl would leave them for a better looking guy or …[View]
52984923>really want to learn to dance >too ugly to be taken seriously…[View]
52982321Imagine driving down the street with a paint ball gun shooting bums. Would be a great sport![View]
52985037Not having a job Not worried about money right now It's really amazing how stress-free the NEET…[View]
52984100https://youtu.be/Ch2aIrP5Dns SynthCool thread[View]
52943993/drugfeel/: It's good to be in /addygang/[View]
52984228Is Grindr poster a bot? Or are they paid shills?[View]
52984831So Bored: >Haven't worked in a month >Just sit at home >All my videogames are boring t…[View]
52985038Hand over the origional (you)'s and nobody gets hurt[View]
52983415Fucking baby faced kike[View]
52984986Why do femanons hate chicken so much?[View]
52984413I start uni in 4 days and I'm a KHV dateless touchless. It's over.[View]
52984996>that feeling of clarity and freedom from horniness just after you fap Does anyone know a way oth…[View]
52984979>tfw feel a shounen protagonist >feels like everyone around me are irrelevant side characters …[View]
52984878How does a college graduate get a job if they are not white?[View]
52969726Autist Bingo: Autist Bingo[View]
52984897belly gf thread: post and admire the female belly[View]
52984885In all honesty, I'm a 27 yo guy and I've never had a good relationship. None lasted more t…[View]
52984829Kill niggs[View]
52983775>be me >18 years old >none of the men in my family struggle with baldness >even grandpa …[View]
52984647>our male ape brains make us yearn for females >females are fucking boring what did god mean b…[View]
52983533Dat: If I hypothetically I had 9g weed what would I best do with it? Sell it? Smoke it? Throw away?…[View]
52983157>He doesn't shower twice a day[View]
52984708While you cucks hide from the work because you are 'ugly', 'short', and 'autistic', this woman is li…[View]
52984329What happened to 4chan? It went down for a while. usually that only happens when the Admins go on da…[View]
52983186Has anyone made a serious book/research/documentary about phenomenons such as incels and depressed r…[View]
52983386I am an empty NEET On the imageboard of broken feels[View]
52984639This is some top tier bait >muted[View]
52982506how should I kys myself?[View]
52983714Does anyone know what Burger King's transgender policy is?: I want to come out as a girl, but I…[View]
52984093>just lower your standards bro IM NEVER FUCKING FALLING FOR ANY OF YOUR ADVICES YOU FUCKS I TRIED…[View]
52982603Missed opportunity thread Greentext your biggest regret involving a missed opportunity Tried this on…[View]
52984538>19-year-old Chads think they're better than you because they have muscles >they disregar…[View]
52983082Any tips for repressing/removing gay thoughts? I don't want to be a faggot and nofap just made …[View]
52984426HEALTH ALERTS: (D)EEP (V)EIN (T)HROMBOSIS EDITION #1: >What is a thrombus? Put simply, a thrombus…[View]
52984540>masturbate >shake a girl's hand >that girl touches her vagina Technically I just lo…[View]
52983760could be pen-friendship a thing?: should I write a pretty girl I met irl? two days ago I had this ex…[View]
52984166I just want the entire fucking world to burn already[View]
52984524all non-commercial twitter users should be gassed[View]
52983685When I was kid I used to think Misty from pokemon was cute and now I masturbate to porn of her getti…[View]
52984366>people who visit your place of residence without telling you first what the fuck is their proble…[View]
52984084How would people comment on your appearance? https://youtu.be/4sqXosXzpbY[View]
52982041Don't reply, I don't care what you have to say.[View]
52968129Are Nice Guys really all that bad or is the hatred against them just a meme?[View]
52983222>approach the shyest and most plain girl you can think of >turns out even she has 1,000 follow…[View]
52983968>Be me >27 yo living with gf >extra horny today but gf is gone to work >found a video on…[View]
52973519>be me >ugly mutt >try out tinder >somehow match with a few girls on tinder >don…[View]
52980694abandoning someone who loves you is truly evil and people who do it deserve to die agonizing deaths[View]
52984073She left me for her ex of 4 years in which they broke up a year ago. Feels man. We were a situation…[View]
52982214dating and mating is completely dead now. back around 2012 even I used to get dates and talk to girl…[View]
52982152This was two days ago. She said to me 'sorry for being inconsiderate of your feelings' and then proc…[View]
52983506Growing up is settling for a dinner and a fuck[View]
52983314I'm gonna post memes I found on reddit and none of you can stop me[View]
52983964All i want is to make enough money to support my addictions. Is that wrong?[View]
52984064White people: >will have their full name, place of employment, school they attend to in their @s …[View]
52984060https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=5CUyWJ7UINM D A M! like ThAt? [View]
52983982>gym twink smiled at me today[View]
52983973*unhappy and don't know why* trannies: are you unhappy and don't know why? it's proba…[View]
52983908>adults are overmedicated >anyone who questions children taking 58765489 medications is anti-s…[View]
52982725is being gay wrong and/or a mental disorder?[View]
52983137Have you ever been cucked? Have you ever cucked someone?[View]
52983675>the no dororo gf[View]
52983603kaiji fun game time!!: download kaiji game we're fucking shit up https://googumproduce.itch.io/…[View]
52979084/britfeel/: Gary Numan edition https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ldyx3KHOFXw[View]
52981601Sexy black goddesses: Why is it that black females have absolutely dominated the ultra-feminized thi…[View]
52960867post a single word, if you are muted you must nofap 1 week: efficacious[View]
52983698I just want a cute NEET loser boyfriend. You'd think that wouldn't be hard to find. You wo…[View]
52981064My post goes beyond the text limit. How do I share it?[View]
52983676>taking immunology class >prof explaining how stds can cause serious and even deadly consequen…[View]
52983706Watch my anime review please. https://youtu.be/hjhI2NO5NU0[View]
52983459How annoying is kierkefag?[View]
52982038Reminder that trans robots do more to keep summerfags off this board than anyone else does. You…[View]
52982235why do balls look cute but vaginas look scary? what did god mean by this?[View]
52981675NEETbots: Who /NEET/ here? Why do you do it and how are you holding up? Myself? Fucking lazy. I can…[View]
52977763are you drunk again?[View]
52983642>someone in thread arguing with me >call them an incel >mfw they keep talking…[View]
52981831Nomadic robots thread? Any robots out there who have lived on the move? In a van, hopping trains, or…[View]
52983136Why do Stacies get plastic surgery?[View]
52977901How much money do you neets and wagies have saved up? Trying to see how many of us actually have a f…[View]
52983499Hey bots, if you post some of your lyrics or angsty poems I'll try to make a song out of them a…[View]
52982088Just moved into a new place that allows cats. I've always wanted one and this is the first time…[View]
52983525roastie national flag: if they have one of these they've had a minimum of nine inside and proba…[View]
52983185All I want is a friend. I'm too ugly for that though[View]
52981682Nothing is fun anymore. I just want to fap all day. Nutting is the only thing that keeps me alive no…[View]
52982610Post sentences that would make your day a little less worse >inb4 'H-hey anon...so I was wonderin…[View]
529834824chan died for a hot minute there[View]
52983351For those who hate their moms, do you have any good memories with them at all?: I recall one instanc…[View]
52983198Tought 4chan was shutted down. Hopefully is not.[View]
52983420>in the same fucking article what did they mean by this? https://www.washingtonpost.com/us-polic…[View]
52983166>in love with a girl >I went and talked to her >'hi, can I talk to you just one sec' >'I…[View]
52982784by definition, stay at home mothers are NEETS.[View]
52983347Existential crisis: Every day, multiple times you claim you're not a robot, yet here you are Wh…[View]
52983322>go on a night walk >stab a hobo Destroy the down trodden.…[View]
52983227how do I get an unskilled menial job where I can avoid people all day and make just enough to get by[View]
52983246Blackpill me /r9k/. How do i become a frustrated angsty incel?[View]
52982422Why is twitter so based? Facebook and Instagram are garbage.[View]
52983219Why don't I get a girlfriend? I look above average, blond and emerald green eyes, am very intel…[View]
52982029I'm currently a student in college but I worry about ending up homeless every single day. Anyon…[View]
52983287I went to Phoenix Fan Fusion recently and found a line stretching down the hallway. 'What's thi…[View]
52981196would you let a girl relentlessly bully you day in and day out?[View]
52983247What kind of stuff do you do for fun, that requires you to leave your house? Outside is a mystery to…[View]
52983189race bait me. you will lose[View]
52983202Fucking whores have and easier life: >Be girl >be pretty because yes >find rich chad >ma…[View]
52981617>go into sisters room to tell her dinners ready >this happens to you what do you do?…[View]
52983121Just blah my shit up senpai.[View]
52983156Almost hoped they finally found a way to ban me.[View]
52979466So did slav bartender really die of cancer? It's been a few years right? I do not remember anym…[View]
52983140https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jsrnW2URD7I why are blacks so superior to every race? holy fuck. tho…[View]
52982538>Literal autist trying to blend in with normie society when needed >The second I show even the…[View]
52981508There is nothing that you can do about your nature: You have your nature and you can't change i…[View]
52983107>there's no gender in success How can you come up with a slogan this bad? How could you poss…[View]
52978239What are your honest thoughts on the modern Western woman.[View]
52982679how do i get my friends to give up on me? to the point where they won't be upset if i kill myse…[View]
52981883>tfw 178cm How come manlets like me aren't entitled to vertical disability benefits? I feel …[View]
52982677If i were to shoot myself, the most fullproof way is hitting the brainstem. After look at pictures o…[View]
52983011I have fucking deviant art teir fetishes (preg, inflation, fat) and I fucking hate it. I hate how wh…[View]
52982789Anyone else feel that people automatically hate you before you have even said a word? I have not had…[View]
52982976Ok im going to college i want to be a translator now the only languages im fluent in are english/pol…[View]
52981192How can we compete?: The black man is superior in every way. They are more masculine and have huge, …[View]
52982654>think about upgrading pc >when you realize you are wellfare cuck >all online shops have ab…[View]
52982356>be me >text girl >'hey thanks haha' >mfw…[View]
52982962>tfw 4 more months until I am no longer NEET and get a job How should I prepare myself for the wa…[View]
52982215>drive shit cars my whole life >inherit money and spend it on a nice 2017 car that I won'…[View]
52981089holy fuck I am doing anything to get out of this work horse bull shit system every single job applic…[View]
52979196I DONT WANNA BECOME A LOLI RAPIST: >be me >Highschool qt who I commute with looks 100% like my…[View]
52979402thoughts on Life is Strange?[View]
52982899lol im actually bored without hardcore anti asian race bait ._. do i win? have i outlasted the baite…[View]
52982907What about creating a tulpa: hey robots how you doing ahem I have notice there so misery on this boa…[View]
52979795Why don't you learn to draw fellow neets? In 5 years you could be working comfy from home inste…[View]
52982622>meet girl through friends >become close somehow over time >she doesn't mind that i wa…[View]
52981114>Teacher's reaction to the shy kid being bullied[View]
52982715Femanons what's your opinion on the scenario where you are engaged unexpectedly by a superior e…[View]
52978718Holy FUCK, my sleeping schedule is fucked. Been falling asleep at around 10 am and then wake up at 4…[View]
52982315femanon whats the best male body type to you[View]
52982419>tfw no gf I was numb for months but for some reason the pain is back. I've been watching Th…[View]
52982741Why am i blocked in /v/? I have never posted there before.[View]
52978132Fuck you lib cunts, all ISP's have blocked 4chan and other sites. Fucking taking our freedoms. …[View]
52982645parents always ask me what I want to do I don't know should I just tell them something[View]
52978924It is absolutely obvious to all of us that men are extremely shallow in terms of how they judge wome…[View]
52980029>tfw spic never going to make it, hold me bros[View]
52982583Got attacked by yoga pants teen: Gotta be careful around women bros they are violent primates with o…[View]
52981268Are you 'cool' with your normalfag relatives?[View]
52982530I thought you will appreciate this film since it is about you. Please DO NOT watch this if you are t…[View]
52979851good morn big kathy still doing the starving routine to cope its been helping alot what was yesterda…[View]
52980801/creativegeneral/: Sunset edition What are you guys working on?[View]
52982558Yuropoor sperg going to the US: >be uni student >join W&T program >i'm gonna live …[View]
52980216Where do I find a bf who will do this[View]
52982534YouTube footfag ad: How the hell did they get away with putting such blatant footfag shit in an ad?…[View]
52981889Official Rating System (0 to 10): List and description is here https://pastebin.com/N2k4d1ft[View]
52982310my internet is so slow, i dont know how to fix it because i am techlet and i am too dizzy to call to…[View]
52980457>Well anon... If you want the job you've gotta lick my armpits.[View]
52982407This is probably a bad place to ask this but here goes >apply for job in the evening >next da…[View]
52982056>be me >attend a language course over the summer >fall in love with a girl for the first ti…[View]
52980905do femanons like getting choked? why?[View]
52981769>horrible at vidya >struggle with kid's games >addicted to fighting games Worst combin…[View]
52981921>5'11' korean guy >virgin most of my life >just got a koreaboo gf Thank you BTS.…[View]
52980153How's the tinder grind going for you fellas?[View]
52979839Do trannies hate incels like me?[View]
52972700/yfg/-yellow fever general: ITT we discuss Asian women and their natural superior beauty How will po…[View]
52980230Guys I need a quick way to stop being an incel for like 5 hours please. Im going out with a bunch of…[View]
52980360robots from third world countries: tell us what you'd do and how grateful you'd be if you …[View]
52980018>dude you just have to exercise and take care of yourself face it guys, the game was rigged from …[View]
52982264Omg anon...that VM farm is...huge...[View]
52981893>talk to normies about homeless people >'omg there so sad people should help them but everyone…[View]
52982263Shrekpill???: Can someone explain the Shrekpill to me? I've seen it mentioned on some threads b…[View]
52981416Betting that humans will all die by 2040. There's so much I would like to do. I'm scared b…[View]
52981510I get that people don't deserve a gf or financial success for being nice, but do we not at leas…[View]
52979973/reminder/ sexhavers are normalfags please go away normalfags[View]
52980274Shower/bath frequency?: How often do you shower or take a bath? >Everyday here…[View]
52981043If you can't differentiate between Discord bait and legit robots with dysphoria just having a d…[View]
52981685How do i make it seem like im crazy so that no one aproaches me on the street?[View]
52981379Is this an accurate representation of what women talk about when there are no men around?[View]
52981923if you hate virgins so much, then why are you on 4chan?[View]
52982021gsdryeab: gdpazihg[View]
52981935TOR can't be used on 4chan. Why?[View]
52979521How do you even enter a relationship knowing they might stop liking you at any moment?[View]
52981964does anyone else here not like black women? >see big breasted ugly girl on kik >she is selling…[View]
52981932>tfw actually fucking stupid[View]
52981942Nigger alert! Nigger alert! The interracial/BBC nigger porn threads raid have started! Ready the sag…[View]
52981904If British people spell Theater 'Theatre', do they spell nigger 'niggre'?[View]
52981911No Abusive gf to take care of my near Louisiana make it change pls[View]
52981342>go to dentist >its a women >around 30 years old >tells me she's not married >h…[View]
52979833>women poop i still can't get over this[View]
52980660Fuck you guys: Had a job lined up Was gonna get my liscence today Was gonna go to the second interv…[View]
52981825Repeat after me... >FEMBOTS >DON'T >FUCKING >EXIST Can we please stop the larping? …[View]
52977714fatbots I think I did something...I think I did something!!!!!!!!!! keep some frozen fruit in your f…[View]
52981028What's up bots I wanna buy land and establish a town. Fuck the government. What do y'all t…[View]
52979224this country disgusts me[View]
52978571Would you sniff a German girl's butt?[View]
52981423Daily reminder this is your competition on Tinder[View]
52979960would you settle for a 4/10 rural girl who wears a choker?[View]
52979336do girls like pic related like gingers?[View]
52981652Any anons whitened their teeth? My teeth are so yellow it looks disgusting, I wanna know if whitenin…[View]
52979035Is being a robot becoming so mainstream it could be considered normie? What do we have left?[View]
52981281In need of some advice. Had sex for the first t few times at a legal brothel, and failed to enjoy it…[View]
52981668You had a good run, janny... But unfortunately, old dogs need to be put down.[View]
52981612I've been exercising, meditating, have a decent job, I don't drink, etc. What the fuck am …[View]
52981608why are girls so perfect?[View]
52978202if you guys spent as much time going out and doing shit instead of sitting inside complaining and ta…[View]
52980814Funny how if you say you dont care about looks people always think youre coping or some shit but if …[View]
52981151>'why yes, my only counter argument is to tell the other person to have sex and call them an ince…[View]
52981567Do you ever get that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach when you have something that sets of…[View]
52976266>So devoid of human contact that youtube girlfriend roleplay videos make you cry. Anyone know tha…[View]
52980392I need to get a filling in my molar tomorrow. Is the dentist needle painful anons? I'm already …[View]
52981047>Mom I want you to meet my wife Ling Ling Well fembot? What's your course of action?…[View]
52971909/r9k/ seriously needs more positive transgender representation. Iess fetishisation of trans people, …[View]
52981468Games aren't fun anymore. Should I do drugs as my pastime activity? I can't think of anyth…[View]
52980663Just got up and my hot gf sent me pic related, why dont you have a gf?[View]
52979743Why I don't care about anything anons? I don't want to work, I don't want to study, I…[View]
52975838>that girl who fucked the teacher because they were genuinely in love, and she wasn't fishin…[View]
52980406>someone talks about astrology with the slightest bit of seriousness[View]
52978791I hate women. I hate them a lot you have no idea. I can't help but clench my teeth whenever I t…[View]
5297616825+ Thread: I have a home and a Kings sized bed, yet I still occasionally sleep in my car. Way back …[View]
52979914Is casey frey considered normie humor?[View]
52979181>women can tell that you're a virgin just by looking at you[View]
52980983You do realize that this board is satire right?[View]
52981156Anyone hate the way some normies type? they like to use ellipses a lot.... and it's just.... an…[View]
52976649Comfy thread: ITT: I will dump my comfy folder and you will feel slightly more happy[View]
52980971>watched pic related before bed >now cant sleep >tfw 30 year old man that's now scared…[View]
5298100225 more years till i can finally retire in Thailand with a cutiepie gf, drinking cheap beer, looking…[View]
52978920Boredom: Anyone else just bored of life? No matter what opportunities open up, no matter the possibi…[View]
52980880>normies tell us 'hitler was evil. eugenics doesn't work' >then they say 'you should kill…[View]
52978675>god creates world with capacity for evil to exist and thrive >forces us into existence >e…[View]
52980699How do I stop being so obsessed with buttholes? Male or female I don't care I just want to tong…[View]
52980932>tfw allergies get worse each year >wake up with sneezing fits where I can only breathe in to…[View]
52980907>finally get blood work done and talk with doctor about it >just what I thought, test levels a…[View]
52980899>just lift br- >it is not all about loo- >work on yourse- Gigacope.…[View]
52980587What kind of stuff do you do not at home? Hobby thread[View]
52978656why do normalfags who interact with people in real life even come here?[View]
52979838https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=62SB_4JFLMg Why is it so hard to understand that the only reason gir…[View]
52977771I think I'm becoming Kuwabara. I just wanna fight someone to test out my enchanced muscles. Som…[View]
5298035490% of you don't deserve women because you're assholes, 8% of you deserve a woman but don…[View]
52980690I drank too much last night, got bills to pay, my head just feels in pain[View]
52980747>tfw ginger never had a chance[View]
52980735Should we have a bi general? I see a lot of butthurt about bis around.[View]
52979515Juneteenth: Happy Black Independence Day, y'all.[View]
52976942wtf guys... So much for the tolerant left![View]
52979931Anyone else hates formal wear? Suits and the likes. It boggles my mind that we're still stuck w…[View]
52977494>Girl I know of the internet who Ive been good friends with still hasnt asked how I am after I go…[View]
52978783>So... anon, are you gonna... punish me? No >what? Why not? Because you pissed yourself so i…[View]
52979805net gain of 'life'?: lets say everyone has their number of 'life'. we start at 1…[View]
52980100i only fap to really petite girls. they're all legal but does that make me a pedo?[View]
52978908Why don't you join the military to become a real man?[View]
52980649>tfw you never had a Chadformation[View]
52979925>turning 25 today celebrating with myself and a bottle of whiskey anyone else know this shitty f…[View]
52980629>So, what do you do all day? >Surely, you don't just sit in front of a computer?…[View]
52978234why do alpha bitches scare you, /r9k/?[View]
52980235Do trannies not realize that chasers are their only true hope of getting laid?[View]
52980456Do I lose nofap if I fapped for like 2 and a half seconds[View]
52976618Why are men so obnoxious and loud?[View]
52979792>Ewww this creepy guy on the Internet messaged me. I feel so violated. I think he wants to hurt m…[View]
52979442abandoning someone after having sex with them is literally worse than murder. what kind of person wo…[View]
52976566Look at yourself. Honestly, look at yourself. Shit, who could ever love someone like you?[View]
52976611>he wants to spend time with friends outside of me DROPPED[View]
52979195GOSPEL OF THE DAY: From the Gospel according to Matthew MT 6:1-6, 16-18 Jesus said to his disciples:…[View]
52977739>want to keep up with my running >today is the day i should run >my path passes a nearby sc…[View]
52978872>be NEET >singing corny pop punk song at the top of my lungs while mocking an American accent …[View]
52979980how do i stop being sad, robots?[View]
52978933Does facebook send some kind of notifications when someone downloads your pictures or looks at your …[View]
52978957What should I make my yearbook quote?[View]
52979163what does it mean if she mimics words I use when she speaks[View]
52979020>So wait, you're Chad's OLDER brother?![View]
52980302hey pizmo. i dont know if you an hero or not. but I cant stop listening to overdose. please come bac…[View]
52980220Do you like to dance when there's nobody around?[View]
52980006Age is just a number: Reminder that it was a 21 year old who commanded the destruction of the Roman …[View]
52979167>buy everything all natural >refuse to give into the chemical synthetic jew >have to spend …[View]
52978854Are the majority of women like this?[View]
52980198why hasnt he been sent to a mental institution yet? hes still active on youtube harassing us with hi…[View]
52979518closetfags: Anyone else love fapping to dicks but would never date/fuck a guy because its degenerate…[View]
52979201When a robot decides to leave the plantation ...[View]
52979779Its funny that those yellow posting fags on b thought they could do anything about anything. It didn…[View]
52980203Why aren't you taking steroids? It would literally fix your life[View]
52980162バーチャル彼女: Virtual girlfriends are the best![View]
52980113Things you did IRL and you don;t know why. >Go to the store today to buy snacks >Really need t…[View]
52971359Fucking Christ what is wrong with people? The replies in this are horrible and they call is the mons…[View]
52980072>get underage roastie to send me nudes >report her to fbi for distribution of child pornograph…[View]
52977878Would you robots date Pokimaine?[View]
52980005what do I do if im super fucking tired? but in a weird way >cant sleep at night >only time I f…[View]
52977333Why do you guys complain?: Okay, I get the ones that got a shitty deal from the moment they were bor…[View]
52979218Lost my love, lost my life, in this garden of fear[View]
52978845>tfw the CIA agent browsing your computer finds your porn folder and starts jacking off…[View]
52979821Ate a whole box of dominos last night and now my throat feels like I have cancer God Im alone[View]
52979783Want to be feminised?: The world deserves more cute traps and/or trans girls desu. I have some money…[View]
52979885How can fembots dare to call themselves women if they don't have a puffy vulva?[View]
52978517Does visiting 4chan make you a worse person? [spoiler/]Yes it does[View]
52979023thank you /r9k/ anon: >jerk off to gayer and more disgusting shit every day >post about it on …[View]
52979309Is there a picture that you look at every day?: For me, it's a picture of me and my high school…[View]
52979085Reminder that we are all the same subject of experience and separateness is an illusion cultivated f…[View]
52978613I fucking did it bros I befriended some Stacy and we have a bro tier friendship, now she takes me to…[View]
52979053i am male and my chest is narrower than my legs' widest point. not my pelvis but my femur bone…[View]
52979422Do you wish for more in your life? or are you content where you are right now? I just want a nice to…[View]
52973335Drawing advice: Drawanons Give advice on where to begin with drawing so other anons like me can post…[View]
52979426Doomer General: How are you holding up Gonna try learning the bass guitar next week to keep me busy …[View]
52979281Why do so many people on here have such a hard time accepting the reality of relationships? >Wome…[View]
52979548How do you deal with the fact that you've wasted my life skimming imageboard?[View]
52976760Fembots: If I got a six-pack, would you lick my body as demonstration of affection?[View]
52966357What's your opinion on this picture, anons and femanons?[View]
52974295its pretty much over if you are born in a small town holy fuck >everyones poor >everyone never…[View]
52975790>How do I get a girlfriend? >You just wait for one to come to you This is what everyone keeps …[View]
52979382>that's not your actual measurement because you're pushing it into your pubic bone Wha…[View]
52978112ITT: We bully each other. Fuck you.[View]
52978190Happiness is now Illegal stop being happy or youll get the death penalty[View]
52976534Alright boys and girls, it's Tuesday again. That means it's time for a draw thread. Post y…[View]
52978849For those who think you shouldn't worry about Amazon or Google spying on you: >Alexa calls c…[View]
52979360>Had yet another dream about being in a tender loving relationship with my sister…[View]
52974462what would femanons do to fix the incel situation? would you put them in camps and re-educate them? …[View]
52979091> Black Autism: Why are there so few black men with autism?[View]
52976751Autogynephillia is torture: Imagine being a very horny male, but instead of being into girls, the en…[View]
52979300How to get a pet monkey? Specifically an obese one.[View]
52978821why dont you have any friends anons? for me its because I like school shootings and serial killers.[View]
52970283How can I find a fembot willing to use me like this?[View]
52979284I would like you to talk to me: Me and my will to live, walking together[View]
52979244what would you do if your crush married your brother right now and lived with you at home? I honstly…[View]
52978992Who /autisticfamily/ here: >Brother is unironically blasting the halo theme in our front garden w…[View]
52977407Does the summer heat make you less productive?[View]
52979171Whats the college experience like for robots? What about after college?[View]
52979135fucking normies, discus[View]
52979209Anyone been in a coma?: >Be me >Three years ago >Wake up from coma >Wtf.jpeg >Before …[View]
52975432How much hentai do you have on your PC?: I have around 400 GB including doujins, eroges, gifs, rando…[View]
52969855/britfeel/: police knocking on my door i've done my time wake me up at 7 just to fuck with my g…[View]
52978969Girls, I wanna be your adorable derpy little cuteboy with beanies and snapbacks and cute necklaces a…[View]
52978952>you are good at computers son[View]
52978987Will I be happy when I achieve The Thing?[View]
52978923I like 4chan because its a place where i can be with other social outcasts :)[View]
52979071>tfw going super virgin level 27 in a few days Its time...[View]
52978965Guys I know how to live forever and not age >don't have sex >watch movies where the mai…[View]
52978917Anyone else whose just given up on this world? Like giving up on socialising and having friends? Why…[View]
52978563show me fucked up sexual stuff: Come one. Show me your worst. I wanna see it. Pic related, if you kn…[View]
52978610Tomato Paste[View]
52978148Let's imagine that we have a faggot. He has a kink for penises. Let's say that we make the…[View]
52978785Girls initiating conversation: The only girl my age who has ever initiated a conversation with me wa…[View]
52978624i had sex for the first time in my 7 year long relationship and my period is late and if i am pregna…[View]
52978892>developing oneitis again >know it's just going to end up hurting me again How do I stop …[View]
52977394Why are most incels statistically white? if there is anyone that is subject to inceldom it is ethnic…[View]
52975912/c9k/ general #8: It's regular r9k except we all post like we're in the Wild West. Welcome…[View]
52976373Anyone else feel like they're 'making it': God it's 3 AM but and I'm sitting on my be…[View]
52975894I'm not gay but I really love futas.[View]
52978648oh lawdy, why i's so fat? i's only eat a single pizza every day![View]
52978713>having a traumatic childhood didn't make him stronger and confident >dropped…[View]
52978736chuu2: >he hasn't embraced the chuunibyou mindset This mindset makes you better at striving …[View]
52978763I have to work this night[View]
52977855>tfw no girl will ever beg you to spank her, pulling down her own pants and throwing herself over…[View]
52974896Are you a tits, ass, face or legs guy?[View]
52976485Women are EVIL!!!: >Marry high school 'sweetheart' >Be successful programmer >Everything is…[View]
52978632I have two cans of monster a fren gave me as a joke for Christmas that I still haven't drank ye…[View]
52976075>be me >compliment a girl's choice of book >she's reading it for class >we end…[View]
52977615Physically unable to watch movies or play video games Is there a solution to this robots I haven…[View]
52978136>he still wants a white gf who will abort his child >he doesnt want to be happy and start a f…[View]
52975560Mommy! Baby want milk milk[View]
52977320Do you have the time to listen to me whine? Specifically, about nothing and everything, but somehow …[View]
52977444*disappears as soon as you grab the swatter* *reappears as soon as you sit back down*[View]
52971275Anon, Imma play a song for you. What do you want me to play?[View]
52977217I'm going to go to work today and I'm gonna like it. I'm gonna be productive and make…[View]
52977065>Called at a place and made an appointment to introduce myself to get a job Yep, I'm screwed…[View]
52978555Cant sleep thread: What's keeping you up anon? Its 7:10 in the morning here.[View]
52977246I am a 26yo collage dropout without work experience whatsoever AMA[View]
52978574/NEET/ - #2: Broke and having to prepare for Friday's welfare check edition[View]
52978128When I look into people's eyes they cry Why is this /r9k/[View]
52978097>woke up early because Tuesdays are busy >bosses show up and have me sign a paper >leave j…[View]
52977895Think about this before you start doing any form of therapy.. One day it will end and you will be on…[View]
52978554Offering a T-shirt design to any up and coming bands out there. Design: Grim Reaper riding a flying …[View]
52978536>tfw no neet gf to make fun of wagies with[View]
52974553How do I learn to not be an autist? I overlook the text messages once every year, and I still don…[View]
52978171lncels are retarded[View]
52975397>diagnosed with schizophrenia >Doc wants me to take meds >Don't want to take them…[View]
52973241I'm not a Discord tranny. I'm not asking to be accepted as a woman. I don't take hrt.…[View]
52978094>everyone is having sex but not you[View]
52976357Why are women always cramming these things into their cunts?[View]
52977236ENTP THREAD Only ENTP niggas can post here[View]
52978111>Porn is so common now that you see actual normal people commenting funny things on videos now We…[View]
52977899Does anybody else has normalfags asking him if he's a virgin, and has them assuming him to be f…[View]
52978107Can someone please come over here and kill me!: FML. What's the best way to kill yourself, pain…[View]
52977962https://vocaroo.com/i/s0yP9e6vKm3E Yeah that's the sound of my vape. Oh? You didn't know I…[View]
52973381What's the youngest you would date?[View]
52977957I started >Sleeping regular hours >Eating healthy >Working out >Socializing And is till …[View]
52977551sleep well big kathy it hurts to be laughed at by you at times[View]
52976333Want to talk to some guys: Femanon here. I just want to talk to some nice guys who want to talk to m…[View]
52975245I hate Instagram thots. When people post pictures of them all perfect looking it pisses me the fuck …[View]
52977936is teaching english online a good way to make money? how do you find foreigners willing to pay?[View]
52976187I'm not supposed to be happy. Not that I'm happy very often. The vast majority of the time…[View]
52977985You bought it, right?[View]
52977644what are you still doing browsing the tranny board anon?[View]
52976094Why is it acceptable for girls to be dressing like whores when going out with their bfs? That's…[View]
52976147lonely feels thread: Suddenly got hit with the strongest feel that I'll be alone forever due to…[View]
52977822not into any religion but this music takes me back to another world. rate, anons https://www.youtube…[View]
52975992U guys really just a bunch of incels? Lmao[View]
52977241hey normalfags. FUCK OFF AND DIE[View]
52977810Have you ever been put into a group that you feel like you just don't belong in? Like, people d…[View]
52977702Anime and bideogames suck.[View]
52977848>no fags >no woman >no trannies >neets preferred new, sizeable server for neets and hikk…[View]
52976561Serious question, now. If lesbians, who have no penises, can sexually gratify each other, why the fu…[View]
52977277Asian girls BTFO: >Asian women are top tier make the best wife, white women are fucking degenerat…[View]
52977716Tfw even birds get cucked[View]
52977498Saw these girls on Omegle and they skipped me :/// If you are going to use r9k omegle you should use…[View]
52972765*appears in your room in a cloud of pink smoke* What is thy bidding master?[View]
52977339There's shit happening in this world while I sit here an type.[View]
52977041Anyone else found Dr. Maru from Wonder Woman hot?[View]
52977629I have a crush on this girl at work and I cant ignore it any longer. I think she likes me too but I …[View]
52976969WHY AREN'T YOU HAVING SEX YOU'RE KILLING THE ECONOMY https://www.forbes.com/sites/williamp…[View]
52977221Girls, I wanna be your adorable little cuteboy with beanies and snapbacks and cute necklaces and bra…[View]
52977518What are some of the ways in which women show dominance? Both sexually and in general. For example,…[View]
52977502Have you ever been caught masturbating or having sex?[View]
52976564If people never change, there's really nothing I can do to avoid going to Hell, huh? Try as I m…[View]
52976896Brainlet Thread: The Quest for Smartness Edition: Post times you were a dumbass. >inb4 all the ti…[View]
52977527Bruh we need to start up an omegle thread right here and now You know the drill, the tags are r9k om…[View]
52976994Feeling down and beside meself already and me ps4's external drive just failed so I can't …[View]
52977391>chair broke in the middle of me fapping Oww...[View]
52977147>tfw near constant night terrors >tfw sleeping aids only keep me in the nightmares for longer…[View]
52977153I feel shame during every waking moment. Insecurity is something I experience every day. I wish I c…[View]
52977385According to Vedic philosophy a soul is reborn because it has unfinished desires that were left unfu…[View]
52976953So I guess in order to achieve meme status as a mass shooter you either have to kill over 30 people …[View]
52976396If you wouldn't eat this out, you are probably gay. Enjoy pride month.[View]
52974436I was just thinking how useless women really are. Like, I don't even hate women. I'm not a…[View]
52975032I got blocked by a guy I really liked because I ASKED if he'd punch in the face during sex if i…[View]
52966469Take the test and shame others for their results http://dichotomytests.com/test.html?id=0[View]
52976143>wanted a gf >got a gf >'im very loyal, i let go very hard anon, i hope that doesnt scare y…[View]
52977315These niggas tryna be crate[View]
52977129>tfw I yawned and got a jaw cramp This is fucking awful.[View]
52977051Shut the fuck up bitch, DON'T post in this thread if you know what's good for you. I'…[View]
52976963Personally, I keep it simple with sweat pants, a sweater, black hoodie and a beanie. Post what you w…[View]
52976021>Got a job in a magazine full of sjws >Come back home and jack it to lolis with onaholes they …[View]
52977058Why should I help a female with anything when they wont help me cum?[View]
52976026*clears throat* ahem FUCK NEUROTYPICALS AND FUCK NONVIRGINS[View]
52976329>be me >talk with hot girl online >don't want to talk with her anymore What even is th…[View]
52976109Living in Sao Paulo is hell itself.[View]
52977097i wanna kill myself every time I see rappers. they are literally the ones that dont have a shit job …[View]
52976977whats on your mind /r/ i care to listen to your problems if you'd like[View]
52972401I LOVE WILLIES![View]
52977061>go outside to night-cycle >barely any cars and its 57 degrees >cycle around gas station an…[View]
52976757>Well, Anon. I'm glad you're enjoying my sausages. But why do you have to shove them al…[View]
52974932fuck. i just wanna kiss a girl again[View]
52976087VR Sex Will Never Happen: So after watching Black Mirror Striking Vipers episode, I realized that ga…[View]
52976895I wish i could kill every single human on earth and it pains me that I cant :([View]
52975764>this is what 6'1 males are doing with their bodies now[View]
52974906What's your favorite black-centric movie?[View]
52976383i fucking pissed alll over my bed wtf: >be me >couple of minutes ago >got really horny at n…[View]
52976463Why is it impossible for w*men to experience sadness and depression?[View]
52976687I'm tired r9k, I'm tired of life I'm tired of everything, I have a few pills im gonna…[View]
52976902Why are americans literally the fucking worst when it comes to relationships? Not even specifically …[View]
52976934>he pays for pussy[View]
52974776Neanderthals: Reminder that Neanderthal men were Manlets with small dicks. Their women were probably…[View]
52976425Why do women of color show no interest towards white guys?: Everyday I often see white women happily…[View]
52975721Worst and most depressing thing you've heard or seen someone underage do or say?: >was on om…[View]
52970648post your dream bedroom[View]
52976388Is kierkegaard the worst namefag on r9k and why?[View]
52976717Im too introverted for marriage. I think it would be cool to have a wife thats loyal but we just see…[View]
52976240>in Finland an 18-year-old psycho brutally murders another man >gets released from prison at 2…[View]
52976035Im a 18 year old currently seducing a 38 year old. AMA[View]
52976652>tfw moving into my own place tomorrow >have to cook my own meals >it's a shared kitch…[View]
52973329Night Walk Documentary Project!: Hi again, I'm gonna act like I haven't posted this before…[View]
52976259Look at what I found guys[View]
52976602> Talking to my mom > Realize how old she's getting No... Not like this....…[View]
52975706>steal a girls nudes and wanna share them with the world but don't wanna leak them yourself …[View]
52976585Azumanga hate thread: Azumanga doesn't have a plot. There is nothing in Azumanga that even vagu…[View]
52976701was he one of you guys?[View]
52976692>tfw no longer want a gf or a femboi bf I think i finally broke myself. For the past week I'…[View]
52976069Bros how do you fix having a small phimosis penis and gyno titties. I want to fix my abhorrent form.[View]
52976293>Anon how are you so fast at those? >Me: u-um…[View]
52975842Why dont you just shoot up your school anon? you would get lots of girls worshipping you and sending…[View]
52975989I'm so sick of being lonely[View]
52976304You guys smoking?[View]
52976599has anyone here ever killed their neighbors dogs? >my neighbors are shit >old as fuck bumpkin …[View]
52974642How difficult would it be to suicide by mixing a fair amount of klonopin with a lot of alchohol? I…[View]
52975250>no fags >no woman >no trannies >neets preferred sizeable server for neets and hikkis an…[View]
52975464Reminder that she will never love you.[View]
52976559what are some good youtube good channels that someone whom browses r9k would be interested in[View]
52976545The real bully: I've been always bullied by some idiot who thinks he's smart or strong whe…[View]
52972788Its fucking over: I've orbited this whore since the start, thinking that she would always stay …[View]
52976535Come on, Anon! Get to work! My bare feet aren't gonna lick themselves clean![View]
52976488big kathy i hope your new job is easy on you. accounting seems hard in california[View]
52976458Who is your favorite male English voice actor? Why? >pic unrelated[View]
52966680Jojo hate thread: I got through about 5 episodes, what a load of trash. And I have strong stomach fo…[View]
52976423Feed me with (you)s please[View]
52974788>'you look like a serial killer' Fuck you[View]
52976267I just replied to the wrong fucking thread and now it makes no sense. Holy fuck how am I this stupid…[View]
52975602>normies bully and ostracize you >then they are shocked when you come to school with a gun exp…[View]
52974939How many of you fellas have clicked 4chan ads? My porn addiction is pretty bad so admittedly clicked…[View]
52974814You came to the wrong neighbourhood gaijin.[View]
52976157GF is on her period so I gotta whack it: I've been doin' nofap for three months, but today…[View]
52975629What can I smoke when I've run out of cigarettes and have no money to buy more until Friday?[View]
52976200We all know a situation we had no confidence in[View]
52975298What's it like to be an interesting person that people actually like talking to and won't …[View]
52976033Am I the only one here who finds the ads here absolutely abhorrent? I want to personally strangle th…[View]
52975994i need a job so baddd ahhhhhhhh[View]
52974233Are furries the next 'trendy' thing? Ever since elon musk came out as a weeb/catgirl lover…[View]
52975933Have anime girls made you a better or a worse person? > Served as motivation and support in hard…[View]
52975239smokers: smoked my first cigarette tonight a marlboro red, what are the chances ill get addicted if …[View]
52966449r9k's favorite e-whore is finally doing porn. Who here about to destroy their dick?[View]
52975057If /r9k/ is about OC according to invaders then why the fuck do we have the same thread every goddam…[View]
52970970JOB INTERVIEW HELP: Fembot here, what do you guys say when they ask you about your hobbies or 'tell …[View]
52976111One day I was so depressed that I woke up and just laid in bed for about 18 hours in the same positi…[View]
52974531do blackbots like paramore? https://nylon.com/articles/black-people-loving-paramore[View]
52975878Are there any ugly girls here who managed to find a guy? How did you do it? What's your secret?[View]
52976018is my house killing me? what do I do if im dying? >house is 300 years old >parents are unfit t…[View]
52973105Asian bots: would you ever date an asian girl who has been with a white man in the past?[View]
52975998Why so much hate on this board? I support trans rights![View]
52976031Imagine if this was your gf[View]
52976064Self Confidence from the third person: Found a perfect example of being confident while someone else…[View]
52975899This guy has two robots you can control online in his room with webcam: Two robots with webcam and T…[View]
52975590>was always seen as the depressed guy in middle and high school >was actually diagnosed as dep…[View]
52966613FATPOSTING 5: SON OF FATPOSTING The last one died, here's a new one![View]
52975646>showed myself to my roommate's friends without all my make up and stuff on >look like a …[View]
52956991Black bot thread: How y'all holding up tonight?[View]
52974284Pc is broke: >playing borderlands 2 >both of my monitors crash >static noises >turn off …[View]
52975952>girl flirts with me >even though she has a bf Why do roasties do this?…[View]
52972220FUCK!! I just dropped a fucking blob of mercury on my room floor! I have collected most of it (pic r…[View]
52975772>World Population: 7.7 billion How did the human race fuck up so badly? Can anything save us?…[View]
52975501I remember that I started watching lesbian porn when I was like 12. Havent watched it in years now, …[View]
52975913When she rejects you but you're a good person so you just wish her well and move on[View]
52974954if you watch porn or smoke weed youre a jewish Neanderthal faggot lol[View]
52975535BWC: What do fembots think of this thread? >>>/gif/15132081[View]
52975824How do you define a failed normalfag. Why is a robot defined as a neet shut-in weeb? I am in uni. I …[View]
52972057What are you going to do with your $1000 neetbux a month?[View]
52974049Fucked up again: I think I iust fucked my relationship up with a girl...I was on the phone woth her …[View]
52974372>wanted to smoke a joint >go to a trail I haven't been in a while >find a pile of shot…[View]
52975283Posting this thread every day until I get a gf Day 21[View]
52975736Anyone got any deepfakes of her?[View]
52975817rip pimp c im taking dope to the brain[View]
52974346Does anyone else have rape fantasies?: Like you see some slutty girl prancing around in public in a …[View]
52975366I hear of cases of foreign women marrying US citizens just so they can be granted a green card this …[View]
52975786Neet or Wagie thread: How in the fuck is someone supposed to work?[View]
52974968Why am I? Where do my thoughts end and my body begin? Where does consciousness end and matter begin?…[View]
52975165do men usually love their mothers or wives more? like if they had to feed one to the sharks who woul…[View]
52974128Redeemer: >Second person of the Trinity >Fulfilled the law >Performed miracles >Died in…[View]
52975027>middle aged woman approaches me at my wageslave job >'were you the same boy here yesterday' …[View]
52975368>Cop pulls you over, asks you to step out of the vehicle >Cop questions you, asks for your dri…[View]
52975697Why do I have to masturbate 6-8 times a day to remain sane?[View]
52975413So if i become a doctor fembots will date me, and robots will want to be my friends right?[View]
52974302filtered: >normie >norman >normalfag >normgroid >neurotypical >normalnigger I…[View]
52973237Anyone feel like like life is pointless?: I'm not depressed, I'm not suicidal, but for som…[View]
52975579ls this statement true orenji?[View]
52975429I just found out about anna delvey's story. I think I've fallen in love bros.[View]
52975626Clean up my mess jannie.: Clean it up. Now.[View]
52975568>looking through old photos >see my grade 1 class photo >remember how I got my first boner …[View]
52970085>Anon, I sprained my ankle. You have to carry me to the nurse's office. How do you respond?…[View]
52974540any trannies wanna play minecraft with me?[View]
52974025Retard world: Is everybody on this earth a fucking retard? Everybody is just obsessed with sex now. …[View]
52975122In uni, finally got a girlfriend: She was a pretty attractive short Arabic girl. we were gonna fuck …[View]
52975475Old movies: Jus watched Monster Hous and it was more fun than I remember Any movies you like rewatch…[View]
52975496>tfw no slut bag bf[View]
52975380Post youre memes in this thread[View]
52974866have good night kathy sorry to kathy's friends too. im having a less than ideal day again if it…[View]
52975384fallen hero: honestly its really fucked up how everyone is talking about this tragedy. if femoids we…[View]
52974616Off-planet Colony Harem: The world is a fuark in the year 79XXX. You and a large group were sent int…[View]
52974671I need some advice anons >I bought Jimmy Eat World tickets so I could go with my crush who really…[View]
52973772>masturbate because don't have a romantic partner or a friend with benefits to help out…[View]
52975319Saw my ex today to exchange the last of the things we had of each other's. She didn't want…[View]
52975109McDonalds: Whats your favorite meal from McDonalds /r9k/? For me, it's the McChicken. The best …[View]
52974851first time: >be me >be redditfag >constantly browse r/greentext >figure i might as well …[View]
52974850Will we ever be able to see and experience an A.I. that behaves similarly to the human beings /r9k/?…[View]
52975229Hey anon have you considered dating a convict?[View]
52974331Damn, is that all it really takes to attract a girl?[View]
52974876Look I'm just gonna say what we're all thinking, Mario and Sonic at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic…[View]
52973649imagine living through your entire life from infant to adulthood and by the time you're dead th…[View]
52975001r9k niggas be like >hol up, I'm: cute, good personality, tall, big dick, smart, nice, lots o…[View]
52975180>be me, private pilot >live near SeaTac >Jet sounds 24/7 with huge airplanes that make the…[View]
52973733>tfw being into girl clothes is too costly[View]
52974765Why no just date a chubby girl?[View]
52973389I am a white guy and I hate other whites for making me look bad. I have actually lived in the ghetto…[View]
52971625Why the interest?: Why do some men, mostly /r9k/ incel-types, love Rukka and similar autistic, LARPi…[View]
52974804>That one girl you couldn't save[View]
52975007>considering spending my last $6 on a taco bell box Should I lads? Ill get to leave my room and s…[View]
52975018I'm constantly having super realistic lucid dreams about people appearing in my house and steal…[View]
52974599Holy shit guys I'm going over to a girls house who has EXPRESSIVELY SAID SHE WANTS TO FUCK what…[View]
52971160I've reached the end of my rope so here i am: I want to buy an e-gf. You must: >Be 18-22 …[View]
52974226My life right now. Anybody else?[View]
52974591How do I numb my emotions for a bit? Drugs and alcohol are way too hard to obtain where I live, any …[View]
52973832>Been trying to lose weight, last time I weighed myself a year ago i was the heaviest Ive ever be…[View]
5297459525+ Robots. How do you guys even cope?: >Am 27 >Never had a gf >Constantly ghosted on tinde…[View]
52974886>wake up >still have a penis phew[View]
52974827hey /r9k/ I've been making an album recently and I'm trying to make it as comfy as possibl…[View]
52974405>having fun posting in a thread >some fag replies 'have sex' >close the thread and seethe …[View]
52974836Why do you guys still come here?[View]
52973601How do you find discord servers to join?[View]
52974696Small town robots what are some stories you have of your town here's one of mine >around 3 …[View]
52974576I have ascended: Robots, I have jump fucking ascended into knowing the truth about life its self. To…[View]
52973838I just got surgery and I can't drink alcohol, smoke, or fap for a WEEK. I can't do anythin…[View]
52974276I give up. I am no longer babysitting my mom. I am 34 years old. I deserve a life of my own. She is …[View]
52974031I havent showered in 2 weeks. Should i shower tonight. Havent gone outside in months so it doesnt r…[View]
52974191>tfw you have accepted that we live in a meaningless mass-consumerist dystopia, and that it is no…[View]
52974489>tfw autistic >stable, flat mood and response >be in living room alone >family member co…[View]
52974546wow you all are fucking losers, can you just like stop complaining?[View]
52973622Fast food stories: Alright Anons, sit down, get comfy, and let me tell you the story of my fast food…[View]
52974408>mfw matching with a 3.5/10 white guy on tinder[View]
52973854/r9k/ choice: (1) Rape and torture anyone (2) Be raped and tortured by anyone (3) Consensual, lov…[View]
52974335Name my band originally[View]
52974269Being ghosted hurts so much[View]
52973992Why is cool to normies to fuck single moms?[View]
52973716Am confused >Friends only think I'm funny when I'm high. >Only reason I have friends…[View]
52972983>ywn tower over your smol gf fml why even live[View]
52974341>'honey, that's the creep who's been orbiting me'[View]
52971978FUCK parents are visiting me this weekend: >parents insist i am 'depressed' because i a…[View]
52974260Why don't you just become a sugar daddy and get yourself a sugar baby[View]
52974238I fucked up >At work a girl I like has her own office. >We chit chat and she likes things I li…[View]
52973788I would like to make a full scale model of the earth. Where do they sell them?[View]
52972396Al I want to do with my life is make a fembot happy.[View]
52967102/comfy/: Let's see if we can get one of these running lads[View]
52973674would r9k anally rape a fat unpassing tranny?[View]
52968889>wake up >look up >see pic related >'We have been assigned to provide you ultimate pleas…[View]
52973580Women feel the same way for ugly men that you feel for men in general, assuming that you are a heter…[View]
52973706Why do you retards obsess over women so much? Are you mere Beast or Man?[View]
52972198I have a theory that this website is secretly run by corvids[View]
52971617Name a better country[View]
52974160What exactly is the point of living if you can't have a qt anime gf to spend your time with?[View]
52973738>its 10:00 pm right now >mom is in the phone with my dad and talking shit about me just in fro…[View]
52973323If a female, 20, kind, hard working, maternal, approached you right now and asked you to marry her a…[View]
52973962the concept of a woman giving me a handjob makes me angry. does the retarded whore honestly think sh…[View]
52972910How much money do you have in the bank /r9k/? I've reached the under 1k mark[View]
52974082What does directly radiating your probate feel like?[View]
52974037>tfw no diminished bf[View]
52939870Waifu General - /waifu/ #186: No pre-marital coitus edition Previous >>52912483[View]
52973729>be me >On craigslist looking around for gigs >One lady needs old mattress out and is will…[View]
52973879pls help: want to get stoned for the first time, but dont know where to get weed, wat do >inb4 'i…[View]
52973727>this normie got BTFO for being a dumb shit anyone else just love it when they don't get wha…[View]
52973243D A M ! weeb girls look like -THaT-? its not fairrr they only date weeb Chad their yellow fever is a…[View]
52970422I shitpost 24/7 (minus sleep times which are just dreaimg recollection of my shitposts) and I feel l…[View]
52973753Do dakis have internal heaters, or are they just long pillows with pictures? Thinking of getting one…[View]
52972838>little sister wants me to help her get into anime[View]
52972689Is there some website where you can auction your body parts or something in order to make money? I n…[View]
52973236ITT: dreams you didnt want to wake up from: >be apocalypse >people scattered >no family any…[View]
52973167>have tinder for months >no matches >finally get a match >she's perfect, we have s…[View]
52973527Why are there more males out in public? In grocery stories, resturants, banks, all males and very fe…[View]
52972337>be me 14 >me and my cousin are downstairs in the basement playing games on my xbox 360 playin…[View]
52972243Was he, in an utmost original way, based?[View]
52973272/creative/: Post music,photography and anything creative you have been working on recently. I'v…[View]
52971919>be >20yo goodboy virgin who has never drank alcohol for real (had a few sips of beer but that…[View]
52973644Why are robots treated like this: and why does this pic hit me in the feels[View]
52973333Haha yes: Hey guys, I have an idea. We should do something cool and illegal like an epic hacker, my …[View]
52973549hey friends. Should I try getting a Russian qt here in South Dakota, or Travel to Ukraine to find a …[View]
52972874When you kiss the lips of a non-virgin woman, how do you not feel sick inside knowing the same lips …[View]
52972648I put a hat on that says I HAVE AUTISM, and went outside to film people without asking. https://yout…[View]
52971923My big nose is ruining my romantic and social life. How do I convince someone to pay for my nose job…[View]
52973533>be me >on probation for being black >have a shameful scam >make more money than most pe…[View]
52972671Hello. I have a very important question that cannot be answered by simple googling. If people avoid …[View]
52970535Why do I love rimming so much? Nothing turns me on more than the thought of eating a boy's butt…[View]
52971779what is your viewpoint on abortion? I'm curious to see what you pathetic incels think of it.[View]
52973515Any of you ever try to work as a firefighter ?[View]
52971469Lets be friends!: post your discord tag, age, and gender and what youre looking for in an anon to be…[View]
52973173Therapy is a Scam: >See some some guy get electrocuted as a kid >Was pretty scary but never bo…[View]
52973520s3x.: >s3x[View]
52973239How much precious time have you wasted on this piece of shit app full of incels and trannies that ma…[View]
52973171>about to make 90k a year doing remote web development >self taught >friends think im livin…[View]
52973392yall got retard stories: tell me some boys[View]
52973430Robots recomend the best way to get fucked up. I just wasted one year of my life on a girl who ghost…[View]
52973137Why is it so much fun to suck on titties? I get no physically pleasure from it, but I can't hel…[View]
52973301>it's a 'Japanese girl cheats on her husband' episode[View]
52973016Does anyone else feel the urge to self-harm after drinking alcohol? It feels like it has the same re…[View]
52970899its been a while so id thougth id repost about one of the more interesting living situations i had. …[View]
52972471Is there anything actually wrong with trannies other than be gross and annoying? If it doesn't …[View]
52972786How to obtain NEETbux? Tired of normie life[View]
52973198I had a lucid dream today where I walked in front of a mirror and turned into a girl when I blinked.…[View]
52973267Unoriginally unique reminder that there are former atoms of Carl Sagan's ass in your body right…[View]
52972718spoompy gaem[View]
52973234how's your evening big kat i was studying and fell asleep[View]
52969435What's like being loved and desired by a beautiful girl?: Such a feeling is so alien to me I ca…[View]
52970665how fucked are robots if WW3 happens and we get drafted?[View]
52972836>You have full control over how your face looks. You just gotta be positive bro. When you're…[View]
52972999>try to tap sister on the shoulder >tap her boob instead JUST…[View]
52972748Advice on fat girl: So I'm emotionally pretty invested in this girl at the moment and I know sh…[View]
52971846Girls laughed at me again today :([View]
52972915how can you call yourself a robot if you've never been in the slammer?[View]
52972020The truest post on r9k[View]
52973103Do you think warriors in ancient times decapitated women and had sex with their exposed orifices? Li…[View]
52973014H: Guys, help. I'm a straight guy, but I jerk off to C9 Sneaky. I'm of the opinion that tr…[View]
52973059>I scratch my nuts and SNIFF[View]
52971173>be 11 yo me >dad tells me my stepmom is pregnant >fuck >be 13 yo me >having a sister…[View]
52972661Fembots, how do you deal with not being attractive?[View]
52970518>isolate from society >feels comfy but lonely as fuck at the same time >try to interact wit…[View]
52972495>have a friend over >it's hot so not bothering wearing a bra under my tank top >friend…[View]
52972655Things you Accomplished today: I finished my programming homework before goofing off on r9k. What di…[View]
52972937Anyone else have a huge disconnect between their thoughts and their actions? I'm always feeling…[View]
52954748/r9gay/-#774: ignore the last one edition Last thread: >>52937070[View]
52972901/family taboo/: >your friends loved to come to your house for games >they love to chit chat wi…[View]
52972769why do asian females play the victim/act like they are fetishsized when it comes to dating white guy…[View]
52972816>qt teen girls said hi and giggled to themselves when they saw me jogging on the beach today I li…[View]
52972399Is ray romano based?[View]
52971928how come everytime i see a cut pineapple my face starts sweating. does anyone else feel this way?[View]
52972250>be talking to 7/10 online for few days >she starts hinting at sexual stuff she likes >conf…[View]
52972442Oh my god anons im so FUCKED >have jizz rag >use it to wipe up jizz from the floor when I splu…[View]
52972803ThErE iS nO sUcH tHiNg As FeMaLe PrIvIlEgE sWeAtY[View]
52972794>Hey Frodo, is that a Butter Golem in the midst? Call Forth Gandalf, we will need help with this …[View]
52970611I masturbate 3 times a day. The first time is immediately upon waking up. I'll usually queue po…[View]
52971862How do fembots get through life when they struggle to complete simple tasks? It seems to me like the…[View]
52972722>sad >bathe in sulphurus water >drink sulphurus water >poop smells like sulphur for a we…[View]
52972298Is Kierkegaard the best namefag on /r9k? I find his posts rather amusing. https://desuarchive.org/_…[View]
52970792>senior year of high school >18 >5'7' >ffw to 20 >5'8' >ffw to 22 >5…[View]
52972073I had a dream about eating a doner kebab I have been eating less lately and I think my brain is tryi…[View]
52970376>You will never pass as a tran- What was that /pol/cels?[View]
52972614Yeah ight niggas, I've been sleeping at 5AM recently, how do I go back to a normal sleeping sch…[View]
52971801If you and your mother were black would you be okay with her seeing a black guy because you don…[View]
52972608question 4 omegle anons: does anyone have pics of kiki? every person i match with on the r9k tag thi…[View]
52972566The Archive Discord Server: Can someone invite me to The Archive Discord Server, my old account got …[View]
52970530Holy fuck, is this sign for real? are wageslaves this fucked?[View]
52971129Holy shit guys I started taking antidepressants (sertraline) and my endurance has been off the chart…[View]
52972589I'm about to start taking hrt, but I'm scared of becoming a cute girl and getting tons of …[View]
52968983ask the ex-stacey-roastie anything[View]
52972205how did you meet your current (or most recent) girlfriend? i am starting to lose hope[View]
52966334daily reminder that if someone calls you edgy that they are a normalfag. >be me >express dark…[View]
52972547every night >that's it, i'm getting my shit together TOMORROW every day >time for 4c…[View]
52966768robot sports: Recommend me some robot-core sports. I've been training rock climbing/bouldering …[View]
52972526Fuck these MBTI tests. Try a personality inventory based on traits from brain chemistry and neurotra…[View]
52972525>you just have to apply yourself! Firm handshake and door to door knocking is how I got my job.…[View]
52967722I just want to fuck a swole varbie before I die[View]
52971768My name is not important. What is important is what I came here to do...[View]
52971914what does a girl's anus taste like?[View]
52969935Adventure Quest Worlds: Did any of you anons play aqw? I made a new account and now im playing a rog…[View]
52972313Anybody know any Vietnam vets? Crazy stuff.[View]
52969796what happened to the modern man[View]
52972385Hontrapoints: Can we permanently ban anyone who shills for H*ntra[View]
52972410Is anyone else a complete outlier in their family? >father is full of social energy, flamboyant, …[View]
52972402Fantasy Feels: What are some feels you have, but won't ever be possible? >ywn lead a pmc of …[View]
52972273so did you guys get your beach bods ready for summer? you are going to the beach to pick up hot babe…[View]
52972116>tfw window cleaner >want to throw myself off the balconies every day…[View]
52972341If men have no say whether their child is aborted or not, why then, do they have to pay child suppor…[View]
52972375post meals/foods you have cooked. ive reposted my old pics again and again but its in hopes of seein…[View]
52969652>this guy could get laid while you're still a virgin[View]
52970544>some dumbass almost hits my car forcing his way into my lane >had to completely stop moving s…[View]
52972139I wish I was born a girl so I could make people happy[View]
52970171Would you fly out to another state or country for pussy?[View]
52972308A new thread: How many underground threads can we get today.[View]
52972285>tfw you will never have a group of equally successful and good looking male friends who all have…[View]
52972284How do I get a qt aryan trap gf?[View]
52968930What does work feel like? What is it like doing something you don't want to do for 8 hours a da…[View]
52972260>be me >be chad >depression.avi >hate myself >chad features mean nothing anymore …[View]
52972229Remember when someone called Haiti a shithole and everyone got mad?[View]
52971493>Back in 2015, zoomers born in 98-99 were universally hated on 4chan >Now in 2019, zoomers bor…[View]
52968154*record scratch* *freeze frame* Yup, that's me. You're probably wondering about how I got …[View]
52970972Hey incels who want to 'looksmaxx'-- You do know you can identify as trans and get free facial surge…[View]
52971601When I wake up, I just want to wash myself. Clean my wrists. Scrub my brains out.[View]
52972211update: saw some cuties at the mall today, and I actually did see a girl with booty shorts just like…[View]
52972136Alright robots, I have a question for you all. Let's say that you're given the option to s…[View]
52966033/Paganpill/: Robots, why have you not taken the pagan pill yet? kristjanity is a joke, who would liv…[View]
52971220What's the most ballsiest way to commit suicide?[View]
52972054You're all a bunch of phonies.[View]
52971932how do people even get gfs: like the logistical process of the matter, I legitimately don't kno…[View]
52971135what the fuck are you supposed to do on weekends when you have no friends, no gf, don't give a …[View]
52970976Yang wants to implement GBP: >Volunteering at a local community center. Mentoring an at-risk yout…[View]
52969606Why do people want relationships like this? Can somebody explain to me where the appeal lies?[View]
52970729>Be me, a 30 year old autistic man working at a grocery store >Decently tall and good looking…[View]
52971053Do wagies really humiliate themselves for tips like this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EHIlRy_Hmm…[View]
52971989people that have a deep hatred of tattoos are boring autists[View]
52970942Roommate kicked me out because he's having sex with some random chick tonight. Why am I such a…[View]
52971468Why do we hate women for being whores? If the roles were reversed and you could fuck any hot woman y…[View]
52971346>He thinks he has a say in 'MY' reproductive rights[View]
52971243has a tall guy ever picked u up and carried you around? did you try to fight back?[View]
52971985>all of my drug habits are converging on heart issues and should soon result in some sort of fata…[View]
52971328>'ey Anon, Im freaked out that Trump is gonna try and deport me. How bout we get married so I can…[View]
52971470something something sumthing dark side[View]
52971169>Chubby LDR American latina girlfriend is being a bitch and wants me to get a bigger apartment wh…[View]
52971869What's your opinion on Yanda?[View]
52970436oh no... I haven't fuckeD![View]
52970102>tfw no aiste gf/bf These feels are gonna be the death of me.[View]
52970713Why 2D transgirls are so hot but 99,9% of 3D are so fucking ugly?[View]
52971800some random server got my dick lowkey hard: https://codimd.atriox.io/XIRrHO3iQ7-rLVKCe9amZQ?both som…[View]
52971692what do balls smell like?[View]
52971696Daily remainder that you can all do it nigs.[View]
52971370Name a better pornography studio than Legalporno. You can't.[View]
52969779Hate whites[View]
52971451>ywn save Karlee from porn and impregnate her 5 times on a farm in South Dakota Why didn't y…[View]
52969852What would you do?: Lets say you have an army of 5000 internet warriors that can do anything for you…[View]
52969913/sex toys/ Obviously none of us are getting laid so why not have us much fun as we can on our own? I…[View]
52971400>'Mom, this is my boyfreind, anon!'[View]
52966550ITT: Steven Universe Edits 2: Electric Boogaloo (Pokemon Edition): Twitter is losing their shit over…[View]
52971050Women will defend fatasses because muh body positivity and muh all body types should be accepted but…[View]
52967129Take a break from the tranny shit and bait posts and ask an oldfag anything.[View]
52971306How come whenever I see a AMWF he is always rich as fuck?[View]
52965926Greentext your average day and anons can rate you or give advice[View]
52971602I don't see what the big deal is with kids your age and not being able to get a job. Get a hai…[View]
52970670>finally get date with pretty girl after 4 years of incellery >goes well, kiss >2nd date …[View]
52971082r9k chess thread: https://lichess.org/rO7k8JL9 aren't autistic people supposed to be good at ga…[View]
52971528https://balkanchan.ga/b/ Site was made 3 months ago, help us populate it.[View]
52971218>pay my credit card bill manually >bank takes it out again as an automatic withdrawal >-$11…[View]
52970928How do we save brendan?[View]
52971389I wish I was normal so bad, you never really notice how much of an autist you are until you are arou…[View]
52971374/reminder/ Sexhavers are normalfags and don't have place on this board[View]
52969000How do I deal with the fact that some people are objectively better organisms than me?[View]
52971217So I want to see how much this board wants to die. I want you to complete this strawpoll and in your…[View]
5296713520 vs 1 Speed dating: >he's got to be tall >older than me (26) >doesn't want chil…[View]
52971329post about one of the most sublime memories you have >be me >18 >second semester senior …[View]
52970184Were you alive in the 90s, or are you a subhuman[View]
52971183Early life regret: Is there any way to relive your teenage years in a sense? Talking about the nosta…[View]
52971289Saints and other famous robots: Post em >remember when this board wasn't for normies…[View]
52971206>tfw register a new account ever time I order food just to get the sign up bonus Anyone else do t…[View]
52968672out buying wymyns clothes and i dont think i can do it its nerve wrecking[View]
52971187This is you /r9k/ you can't convince me otherwise[View]
52970270Old times: In the old times: A woman having sexy before marriage was considered a mentally illness …[View]
52971224Heard this today: 'It's no wonder you're a virgin' Thanks my supposed friend.[View]
52971210>It is really most absurd to wish to turn this scene of misery into a pleasure spot and set ourse…[View]
52970876/army9k/: Jesus, how can any degenerate join the army with all this disqualifying health shit? I…[View]
52971190I shit you not: >be me >pulling out of a parking lot >guy smashes into the back of me >b…[View]
52970627>He doesn't answer the JQ[View]
52970798I'm afraid this board isn't big enough for both of us, pardner[View]
52971116ladies! UGH!!! Right??[View]
52971157What do you think will become of us?[View]
52970722girls have to wipe when they pee LMAOOOO[View]
52970604wwhhyy: I am circumcised, and I guess I am more delicate than most, the part of my glans that is exp…[View]
52971070Dicks: Fag from spain here feeling fucking lonely and sad, i cant handle all my prolems in my head a…[View]
52971043any of you lads know any good gumbo tips?[View]
52970986'get help' is incredibly condescending[View]
52969394when i end with high school i need to find a job >tfw parents will kick me out of the house if i …[View]
52970114ive been suppressing every emotion i had, including fear suddenly the barriers broke and i feel the …[View]
52970139My GF constantly seems to have something wrong with her, some pain in her body like migraines, stoma…[View]
52970964Room Thread: Post your rooms in this thread[View]
52970967>YA male w/BPD PTSD from sex abuse by parents and bullying, Bipolar II, GAD + AS comorbidity How …[View]
52970003>Come on, anon. Join mommy before your brother Chad kicks you out![View]
52970730Would you ever move in with another robot? My lease is about to be up and they're raising my re…[View]
52970735No hot water for two weeks... the slow deterioration of my living environment rhymes with my spiritu…[View]
52970891>Boring, dull, fat, ugly high school dropout becomes a popular streamer >Starts getting drowne…[View]
52969709What doth nofap?: Can someone honestly explain nofap to me with truth and not post a seven page arti…[View]
52969994>be me >19yo >5'6 110lbs >actually look like some kind of Asian idol >Knew a gir…[View]
52968990Do you have a trustworthy face?[View]
52970744lets talk about some of the best years of our lives >18 or so >minecraft comes out >find ou…[View]
52969997idk if this is the place for it. can't seem to remember if it was /r9k/ or /wsg/ that had the t…[View]
52970706>tfw speak harsh truths in a funny way for a living[View]
52966418/mbti/: Where are all the ISTPs at? I would've thought this board would have some but their num…[View]
52970212>be me >18th birthday >nice >not really excited >dont want big party or anything >…[View]
52970677Incels don't know how2sage[View]
52970508I am making a resume and I need a bullshit extra curricular to put on my resume. I need something th…[View]
52962416Lets do this. http://www.mraverage.com/sizer.php[View]
52970607Have you ever hated a seemingly inconspicuous drawfag?[View]
52967855p0 report to the neet heap immediately: p0 come back! BEjvR9T We all miss you.[View]
52970058Autists of reddit: how do you stop having the need to stim in public or at work? Or is there at leas…[View]
52970204While you sit on your fat ass, screeching racist terms and ideology, the real men are laying pipe to…[View]
52970532Reminder, there is NO such thing as a purely dominant woman. Dominant women are a myth. I have exten…[View]
52967256Movies, games, and 4chan all feel like a waste of time. Yet when I try to study or do something prod…[View]
52970185drinking: happy tuesdays bros. hows it going?[View]
52969792Anyone else here have Schizoid Personality Disorder? How are things for you right now?[View]
52970404>tfw you will never meet a yandere gf online who is willing to kill for you…[View]
52969644This person is biologically male. Thoughts?[View]
52967230What's wrong with owning slaves? You feed them, cloth them and all they have to do is work for …[View]
52969521>come home from long day of work >take big shit >have ice cold shower >vape some dabs Ah…[View]
52964136Paid a girl $75 to cuddle while we watched a movie.[View]
52968962Omegle fucking sucks: >Stranger: M >You: Hey, also M >Stranger has disconnected >Happens…[View]
52967547>agree to fuck a robot >he wants to do brother and older sister roleplay…[View]
52970236You ever have this dream?: Where you meet this girl and for some reason youre not autistic and kinda…[View]
52966402>first day of tinder after a while >15 matches So what's the secret to hooking up with ch…[View]
52970015I feel lonely and lost, not sure what to do... Those chaturbate ads don't help with the addicti…[View]
52970263Come stuff your nose in my crotch, anon![View]
52970254/friend's house/: No hierarchy, roles or usual discord shit. Just people making friends, chatti…[View]
52968345daily reminder that 100% of bullying is facilitated by females rewarding them for sex in exchange fo…[View]
52967911Would you date a femanon? Why / why not?[View]
52969629/creative/: Come fellow neets, post your >art >stories >music >photos And anything else…[View]
52969966Cucked in life: How did you get fucked over in life Anons? I'll start >be me >male, age 1…[View]
52967553Femanons, have you ever had a very young boy have a crush on you? What would you do if it happened?[View]
52969172Political Compass: Hey, robots. What are your opinions on the political compass?[View]
52969416Why do women of color show no interest towards white guys: Everyday I see white women happily enjoyi…[View]
52970056Any reason i shouldnt have sex with the single mom me and my grandmother are living with?[View]
52969369Honestly white girls are just comfy.[View]
52969575>be me >normally a redditfag >go to 4chan for once >goto /r9k/ because /b/ is just porn …[View]
52967077whens the last time femanons shaved their pit hair[View]
52969210>havent fapped in two days >feel extremely depressed whats the point of nofap again?…[View]
5296953425 more years till i can finally retire in Thailand with a cutiepie gf, drinking cheap beer, looking…[View]
52969550What to do in this situation?: I know 4chan isn't exactly the place to post this but here i go …[View]
52968745blackbots, why dont you just get a lot of tats and move to a european city? that is unless youre not…[View]
52970043>be me >going for run with wife >beautiful summer day >wake up >be me…[View]
52964315is Hayley Williams the ultimate Stacy?[View]
52970014<these people>: >have 5000 hours on amorus on steam >post an owo in chat hourly in disco…[View]
52969976Women are avsolute thrash and if it were up to me I'd murder them all on coldblood.[View]
52969914'Yo, Anon, get up! We still have one more mile to go! '[View]
52965053how did we get to this point?[View]
52969209>Ewww that creepy guy said hi to me. He gives me rapist vibes. I don't feel safe near him. H…[View]
52966908>that time a cute nurse put a condom on my dick to teach me the process Waste of her time sadly.…[View]
52967289THE MODS HAVE BEEN COMPROMISED BY THE NORMALFAGS! ROBOTS, only together can we overthrow the oppress…[View]
52967738>Virgin qt turning 18 wants me to deflower her for her birthday Should I do it /r9k/?…[View]
52969850Imagine being in a square relationship where you don't have to blackmail her by threatening to …[View]
52969645Honestly if you arent born hightest you should kill your self. It doesnt matter how tall you are,or …[View]
52969529Greetings and salutations good users of the website 4chan.org! I am here to provide you with a great…[View]
52969460>be me just turned 18 >sign up for tinder because broke up with normie ex 3 weeks ago >get …[View]
52967033MGTOW commune thread: What have you done lately to promote MGTOW to your normal friends ?[View]
52966780Life is all about eyes. Normies don't understand people can have deformed eyes and their person…[View]
52965541/britfeel/: A mere fortnight until we are halfway through 2019 edition[View]
52966206Footfags absolutely btfo[View]
52969746r9k, how can I manipulate my ex into fucking me? we see each other in public but dont talk to each o…[View]
52968978Hey uh so to make this easy r9k, you can call me Sus-Anon. I've really been thinking about goin…[View]
52969288Why do femanons always ghost people all of a sudden please stop.[View]
52969673Do You Have the Traits of an Alpha Male?: Do you have these traits?[View]
52969063What is your excuse again?[View]
52964963Why are modern men literally turning into women? What or who causes this mass feminization effect? I…[View]
52968948omg yasssshh!! Total perfect date material for me. <3 I love coffee, energy drinks, and cigarette…[View]
52969330>tfw live in small town >mfw on probation for being black…[View]
52967685how come every single person that ive ever met irl who looks like this is a complete normalfag? >…[View]
52967922My fellow beta's post your favorite pictures of you trolling guys on discord as a girl, I'…[View]
52969428How do I overcome my desire for a gf. I've done nofap and have for the most part feel like I ca…[View]
52969224What's the point of existence if you can't be with those whom you love?[View]
52969564>log on to 4chan >see post i dont like >day immediately ruined >come back the next day a…[View]
52969489indian bot thread: how are y'all holding up?[View]
52968454Why do young normies think a man is successful if he's tall and muscular? In front of my apartm…[View]
52965831About how much time do you spend on 4chan each day? I can spend almost all day on it sometimes.[View]
52969187Why wouldn't you stab an old homeless guy in your city[View]
52969371Which subchan on here is most likely to get me a GF, fellow robots?[View]
52969481How do I curb my porn addiction? I've been watching it for years now and my fetishes have gotte…[View]
52964363Why do people hate lolis[View]
52968922Stop Porn: Hey anons, I decided that I will stop watching porn. I jerked off to a porno for the last…[View]
52968232Why not just got a trailerpark wife?[View]
52968462I recently got on neetbux, but something inside me doesn't feel right. I feel like I should be …[View]
52966313>I don't believe in evolution[View]
52968548Are Turks white or black? They dont seem to fit either category[View]
52968097Why are americans so emotional, like normie americans get offended ao easily. Im with a group of ame…[View]
52969308do you vape duder?[View]
52967180What the fuck should I do if I have a history of having unrequited love?: I think it's happenin…[View]
52967705Join the longstanding official r9k minecraft server 1.14.2 IP: robot9k.club[View]
52950686do femanons have cute hairstyles or is your hair gross and greasy[View]
52969076When I vvas... a ywong boy![View]
52967958How do you cope with being ugly? I just don't get it, it's not just about social settings …[View]
52969204How sensitive is your hood, femanons?[View]
52968019What are lesbos like? Have you ever known any? What did they look like and act like?[View]
52969214>Ive honestly lost half of my friends in the past 2 months because im mad at one of my friends fo…[View]
52969164There are girls browsing /r9k/ RIGHT NOW[View]
52967859is it risky to practice autofellatio? I wouldn't want to break my back or neck while doing it. …[View]
52968538memetic cyberwarfare website: just take a look about this website : https://www.security-clearance-o…[View]
52967676>have to retake one final >have almost a month to prepare >decide to start studying 2 weeks…[View]
52966665My mom again argued with me yesterday about me Still being a friendless virgin at 24 who stays home …[View]
52968720>get off work early >daysgoingwell.png >three buses don't show up, end up waiting 20 m…[View]
52968998Red pill me on long distance relationships. Are they good for a robot to get the practice or are the…[View]
52966201thrown I miss you and hope you're ok[View]
52967078Barely 19 and already balding reee[View]
52963191What will happen to /pol/tards when they get older?[View]
52968968Have you played bandersnatch yet? I got all the endings. I wish there was more movie games like this…[View]
52968201literally what even is this exisitance, billions of years lead up to this present moment shitposting…[View]
52968166>Can't talk to friends without arguing with them Time to give up making friends?…[View]
52967321my misanthropy is genuine but everyone thinks im being 'edgy' oh well...[View]
52969032thought of a new funny thing to say whenever youre really hungry >im starvin like a sub-saharan…[View]
52965034/escort/ general: >I am incel >all my self value is being determined by how many women I bed I…[View]
52968348Is there anyone here whos completely isolated from society? Like no human interaction irl at all? Wh…[View]
52967271What are you most afraid of? For me, it's black holes, their insatiable appetite, world eaters…[View]
52968010>Almost 30 >Still nobody in you're life FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKk…[View]
52968611My flat mate gave me a bunch of cbd weed before she left. What should I do with it? I dont wanna smo…[View]
52968105How do you bots go on, i use to live a sexual life (masturbation only kinda sexual) and i was so car…[View]
52968708why are niggers even allowed to be alive? All they do is eat up the governments money on welfare and…[View]
52967852The perfect woman.... I don't believe she exis-[View]
52968381Will we ever have real friends?[View]
52968926Wyatt Rider Nelson: Who is this guy? I seem to remember seeing him pop up a lot back in '11/…[View]
52968910Ever since i can remember i've always just hated existing. I Remember being like 6 and still ju…[View]
52968785the state of Asian 'males' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qZXpgf8N6hs[View]
52968588My life summed up in 4 pictures[View]
52967258>muh dick Why do black guys do this?[View]
52968285>tfw 32, and still suck at making friends as much as when he was a lad Anyway, is it weird to fal…[View]
52965049/c9k/ general #7: It's regular r9k except we all post like we're in the Wild West. Welcome…[View]
52967311im tryna make e-bux livestreaming problem is i have nothing to say what do?[View]
52968643i literally can't stop cumming in my girlfriend[View]
52968585An Indiana man allegedly posed as a millionaire and offered big bucks to a group of Alaska teens to …[View]
52967378Would r9k hang out with 3 kawaii anime girls or nah[View]
52967966I fucked up hard at work and got called in on my day off so I could get chewed out. I got out of the…[View]
52967159my life is bad >be me >wake up one day, see that my stomach is a little fat >i've got …[View]
52968586I went bald when I was 15. Overnight I literally went from being a cute popular guy in class all the…[View]
52956825/namelets general/ I'LL START >tfw ernesto[View]
52967569>one shot at life >named Kevin[View]
52968618>work office job >catch co-worker (pic related) staring at you >she's also run errands…[View]
52968480>You're such a good boy anon. *pats head*[View]
52968535Guys, it just hit me it is very possible I might die a virgin[View]
52964956Q and A for everyone: What kind of job do you have? Are you happy with that job? Do you want/ not wa…[View]
52967188Femanons what's your opinion on the scenario where you are tasked with defending a bridge that …[View]
52968069> Moved out a few years ago into apartment > Recently mother keeps coming over constantly >…[View]
52965841What would ya do if the earth's population decreased by 90% overnight? The effect would be spre…[View]
52966372Reminder that you need to be at least twice as tall as a grill is[View]
52953504/letter thread/: Here, write a letter to someone who might or might not care! To your mum! To your u…[View]
52967348So bros whats the weirdest way you have ever ended I friendship I'll start >Be me in 1st gr…[View]
52968070Why don't you defy the social conventions that actually matter?[View]
52967709night owl feels: >entire time at work tired, just want to lay down and sleep >get off work: bu…[View]
52966580What have you done to try and get a gf recently?[View]
52968068FBI: Quick reminder that this board, just like /pol/, glows in the dark[View]
52965332>fap to porn of women with giant tits >come >suddenly feel disgusted with women and those s…[View]
52966903>thought I didn't have a chance with this one qt girl I meet online, mostly just wanted to g…[View]
52967409Look at these two incels. Hahahahahaha!!![View]
52967016A bearded wizard offers you a deal: you can receive the most awesome blowjob human mind can imagine,…[View]
52957349wall of broken dreams: you read the title, just share dreams you had that have since been broken.…[View]
52965976Hey bunnycat, I miss you so so much. I'm sorry for making you angry, there's no excuse abo…[View]
52967917Relaxing videos: ITT we share relaxing videos while having respect for the creators https://www.you…[View]
52966656/reminder/ Sexhavers are normalfags Normalfags don't belong here[View]
52967871>is actually based >no favors needed >decides to be modest instead of annoying pleb >goe…[View]
52966821Why don't you want a cute, bonafide curryborn pajeeta gf?[View]
52967541My dad was 6 ft 4 and im 5 ft 6: My mom wasnt that short she was like 5 ft 4. Whered it go so wrong?…[View]
52967100>be drunk the day my mom gets out of prision >go to pick her up while it rains >get in my p…[View]
52967658put my tongue down a girls throat yesterday, some of yall are gonna make it or something idk lots of…[View]
52966678Why does everyone like her so much just because she's a loli? She's boring. Aqua is better…[View]
52966870>have a thought >think im real smart (cause I am) >after some time hear or read it expresse…[View]
52966100>you wake up >see this next to you What do?…[View]
52966497Are Fleshlights better or equal to sex?[View]
52967572Do you think you're introverted as a personality trait always inherent to you, or would you att…[View]
52930984What is the true masterrace and why is it INTP?[View]
52966021Is it true that most humans only keep themselves alive for the 'what if's' in life?[View]
52966743>got BTFO by authorities today for being a neet for 7 years the end is near for me anons, the jew…[View]
52967158Incels why not lose your virginity to your car?[View]
52967464Highschool Regrets: Post your regrets from highschool in this thread >Never got the cute white ra…[View]
52967199>ran out of lithium >realize how insane i am aaargh i wanna kill someone…[View]
52967602How do you do it?: All my life I used to think I was pretty smart compared to everyone else >com…[View]
52966777Yall ever been loved by someone whos name you didnt even know[View]
52967449>friend gets gf >turns into an immediate faggot anyone else know this feel?…[View]
52967474reminder that normalfags with social lives and girlfriends need to leave PERMANENTLY or you will die…[View]
52967570Is he /ourguy/? I really think so.[View]
52966905Why?: Talking to a cute grill on the way home from work. She is talking about some concert she is g…[View]
52961397room thread: you know how it works[View]
52965460yea I would kiss this man on the lips no homo of course[View]
52967253>get a job, anon and stop being lazy! Go to hell ya old bitch[View]
52967429Is an excessive interest with anime associated with autism?[View]
52965998Would you date an escaped sex slave?[View]
52967423Have an interview at fedex tomorrow for a package handler. Any of you faggots know anything about th…[View]
52960498Are any fembots interested in, or open to cuckolding?[View]
52963428>be me >38 years old >not a wizard because I had sex a couple of times in my late 20s >n…[View]
52964718Honestly, why do white women hate asian women so much? This girls claims to have a happy life and g…[View]
52967302I can't relate to people. They're just too different. I have hobbies, sure and I know othe…[View]
52967286afternoon big kathy how are you doing today[View]
52966873Femanons what's your opinion on the scenario where you sleep together in bed with your bf and h…[View]
52967069Life becomes so much easier when you realise that long-term happiness and fulfilment is unsustainabl…[View]
52965760>'humans are social creatures bro it's not healthy to be a loner' >mfw many humans, inclu…[View]
52965728What are some good ways of fucking with normies without getting into trouble? I'm thinking of t…[View]
52965914I found out im allergic to apricot scrub It causes swelling So I started putting it on my penis Now …[View]
52966066That's it, I'm ovulating. Breed me.[View]
52965583i dont have a driver's license but i want to travel my country in a van. lessons and insurance …[View]
52967005u-uuhhh.. ch-chijo...? are you there...?[View]
52966898Discord: boys i am bored let's chat Discord: Marmot #6297[View]
52966818What's your favorite anime or manga, /r9k/?[View]
52966240>penis inspection day tomorrow third fucking time this month, why are these still obligatory i wa…[View]
52966760What do these girls do with all these dildoes? Seriously, I know a girl who's relatively low on…[View]
52941276bros... im so happy[View]
52965410people are not meant to live in cold climates. living in cold climates it literally fucking retarded…[View]
52966188Does anybody else wish they weren't so goddamned ugly?[View]
52966014ITT: Mexican Girls: Talk about why they are the sexiest girls on planet Earth.[View]
52963172>not dating someone at least 10 years older than you are you even trying?…[View]
52958856creative r9k: come share your works in this thread here's a jam i done recently https://www.you…[View]
52966703I just want a big breasted girlfriend. Apparently that's too much asked. No matter what I achie…[View]
52966187Guys i need your help. >be me, just chilling >random as fuck girl i've literally never se…[View]
52966689Jeffrey Dahmer thread posting the hottest pics and gifs[View]
52966621Never go full turbo autist: Never go full turbo autist.[View]
52966359desktop thread: post your desktops. bonus points if there's bishoujo[View]
52965944Im a boy whos 23. I just wanna be a cute flippy haired skater boy forever.[View]
52965334Anyone else have Paruresis?[View]
52966625New Sum 41 song. Im not crying... Youre stupid... Youre crying...[View]
52966557colleague asked me what i did on my weekend, i replied i watched some movies and spent time with my …[View]
52966604Why can't we just admit that some people are screwed from finding love because of their genes a…[View]
52966598>skinny toothpick arms that are the same size as 7th graders >fat belly and gyno from shit di…[View]
52966005what is the value in being happy? untill this question came into my mind i was an extremely extremel…[View]
52959749Why are majority of people overweight? is it really that hard to eat normal? finding a normal health…[View]
52966512how does one become happy?[View]
52966472How many of you have a mini existential crisis each time you click this[View]
52965688I might have a GF?: >be me >Never had a gf >Kinda good looking I'm not sure desu >T…[View]
52964501people who have really hot slut mothers.. how does it feel?[View]
52955788Why don't you just get a /cgl/ lolita gf? >already knows about 4chan culture so no need to h…[View]
52962121My tummy hurts OwO[View]
52966375Give me your best psychiatric memes to print and hang on the wall of the mental hospital hospital[View]
52966087>Phone rings >Anxiety kicks in[View]
52966141So what's your excuse, r9k? Let me guess, women only care about looks, right?[View]
52965806I got a little paint in the electric outlet: How fucked am I? Noot Noot.[View]
52966446reminder there are hundreds of women on this board right now and many of them are bleeding out of th…[View]
52965328>tfw finally in a committed relationship with an awesome girl I very much love, but still want to…[View]
52966225I'll never get laid bros. Only 3/10s want me and my brother who's a chad always asks aroun…[View]
52966378>got completely wasted yesterday >while drunk decided it was a good idea to call my mother out…[View]
52965748filtered: >normie >normalfag >normalnigger I'm untouchable.…[View]
52963514Does anyone still have dreams[View]
52964854>tfw you finnaly understand the meaning of lovesongs[View]
52966370Was gonna make a cool thread but I saw i was still vanned, forgot so this all i have to offer. Fuck…[View]
52965083Strong Men: For some reason everyone here seems like a blind woman-worshipper and attacks me when I …[View]
52966302explain this social interaction to a sperg: >go to lunch with some recruiter lady who found me a …[View]
52964403its so fucking unfair you are just born with a shit body I see people with a full hairline skinny bo…[View]
52964182>tfw so attention starved that i had a dream about cuddling with a guy >im not bi wtf bros i m…[View]
52964556https://vocaroo.com/i/s02wGCktlULg :)[View]
52966226I just realized that NoFap does nothing if you're actually sad[View]
52965741>day hasn't even started yet >edge just a LITTLE bit >stop edging >dick starts to …[View]
52966257How to be a grown-up without being an asshole?[View]
52965246>this kid is literally the future of humanity Where did it all go wrong?…[View]
52964261can I take those tranny hormone things like JUST enough to stop being a gross pile of shit. like tak…[View]
52963221Fembots, why not settle for an 8/10 bf? At some point you have to realize a 10/10 Chad isnt going to…[View]
52964132*check catalogue* *theres no asian race bait on the first 4 pages* *sippps* well? shall we get start…[View]
52966170>live in a small town >no one lives here except for old people and teens, and me a 26 year old…[View]
52965854Notice parts of my iris missing. Like they've been chipped away. Not to the point that my pupil…[View]
52965192Interactions with real people - cancer Everyone's passive aggressive all the time. How the fuck…[View]
52965699>mfw i unironically preferred nyannyan from belle delphine what's wrong with me…[View]
52965952I wish i could exterminate all of humanity this parasitic species needs to fucking die. except for m…[View]
52965349why cant normalfags who are in relationships just leave already? you have no place on r9k so FUCK OF…[View]
52965538>imagine the red blood running through her fragile little white skin[View]
52961912What is /r9k/s thoughts on futanaris?[View]
52965967hello kathy oneesan good morning[View]
52965949>make a offtopic thread on a 'serious' board watched by cuck jannies >report every post itt fo…[View]
52965402What do your parents and relatives really think of you ? Me being a neet i am typecast as the deadbe…[View]
52965913>Be me >Mom moved in with her boyfriend, sister and her kid move into mom's house where I…[View]
52962062imagine looking like this at the age of 28[View]
52965851Opinions on my Helen and Violet Parr story? https://archiveofourown.org/works/19241608 https://archi…[View]
52964689Maybe should I be trap or trans and fuck with some horny weebs? Maybe giving someone happiness I wil…[View]
52965756Recently, youtube is suggesting me a shit ton of graffiti related videos. I've actually been co…[View]
52965254>genetic diseases are never fixed by the body >they only keep piling up whenever two humans re…[View]
52964908Discuss.: >+Don't be a whore[View]
52965615Youth suicide rates highest since the year 2000..Males four times more likely to commit suicide. ht…[View]
52965726I'm a fat beta and I deserve to be punished[View]
52963103Fuck the people who created you: I despise people, but I can avoid thinking about them by not intera…[View]
52965567Will girl streamers find me less attractive if I sub and donate to them?[View]
52965201tfw ill never have a high functioning autistic bf to obesess over... it hurts[View]
52963351If MBTI is a meme and shouldn't be taken seriously why does the 'INTP' type fit me so much? …[View]
52960985>*tingtiintingtingtingtingting* >fatasses the table over stuffing food into their mouths >t…[View]
52965363I don't feel like myself. OwO[View]
52963250how is this guy this ugly? how the fuck does he fuck a girl whos 16 and a virgin? when hes like 35[View]
52965224I woke up to a pee puddle on my bed, but all my clothes are dry. This implies I've been sleepin…[View]
52965552reminder that if you have ever been in a romantic relationship you dont belong on this board and nee…[View]
52962618Do you use shampoo?[View]
52962461About to detox off 15 grams a day. Im so fucking scarred but i have to do this. I finally fpund a gf…[View]
52963544It's horrifying how much depression depletes physical energy. Looking back five years in my lif…[View]
52965543>tfw you play an mmo >you always hear about complete retards making friends in these games …[View]
52965535How do I stop feeling like this. Today I've been in bed for 22 hours, no energy even to play Vi…[View]
52965264>me and cat are starving >parents wait till the last possible second to go to store it takes…[View]
52965468Give the fag his money /r9k/[View]
52964866>Exfoliate my face regularly >Cleanse it every day >Still have oily skin anyway >Still s…[View]
52965256ive grown into my looks: ive always been weird grew up around a bunch of tough guy suburban thugs wh…[View]
52928534FATPOSTING: RESURRECTION: Tranny extermination edition, we're back and stronger than ever…[View]
52964484is there an alternative to r9k? im so sick and tired of the same shitty fucking threads everyday …[View]
52965437>girls flirt with me regularly >have caught even hot girls staring at me >could easily go o…[View]
52964407Why is she so fucking cute bros? Cutest Egirl Ive seen. I think I love her[View]
52964161Steam/Vidya Fren Thread: >what games you play >what you are like >contact (steam ID, discor…[View]
52964924Is it just me, or is there something wrong with girls?[View]
52965325unfair: >a truck can basically evaporate a car and kill everyone while leaving the driver of the …[View]
52964480>she's insecure STUPID BITCH GET AHOLD OF YOURSELF LMAO[View]
52965089I have a bottle of red wine, should I drink it all today? I might just watch videos or read[View]
52957608/britfeel/: Bad bad Leroy Brown edition[View]
52963577Boy, I sure do love Western women![View]
52963360H-hey you virgin! Y-you dumb virgin! I'm here to bully you!~[View]
52965228woke up to another day of looking fabulous, feeling great and being high energy. going into town aga…[View]
52964464>global warming is not re https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2019/jun/18/arctic-permafrost-c…[View]
52964482How do we make normalfags understand our pain?[View]
52965017Post dumb shit you believed as a kid. All those crime tv shows were actual footage of the crime and …[View]
52965171chess club: https://lichess.org/XxTuUbQC play chess with me, anon. post your own games and play with…[View]
52960689Do we live in the worse generation to be a man in?[View]
52963260I'm fucking obsessed with a woman I've never even met irl. Everytime I think of her I feel…[View]
52964306Any fitfags here want to help me look max? I'm not planning on doing any serious lifting, but I…[View]
52961477All monogamous relationships are necessarily based on conditional love. If something bad happens lik…[View]
52964498Lifting meme: >Why don't you just lift bro lol Do you think a woman would choose any 'fit' g…[View]
52964833anybody have this without the circle?[View]
52964627>9/10 >No gf Life is a cruel joke[View]
52964792so, why is this real? I don't get it. wtf is all this?[View]
52964114Just got this shirt in the mail. Im actually related to the creator of Felix The Cat. Not closely. H…[View]
52964802>no trannies >no roasties >no gays >neets preferred new, sizeable server for neets and h…[View]
52964803hey faggots i finally got a gf see ya[View]
52964947>be me >Just got off work >Sitting on the oval office, shitting and eating tender strips …[View]
52964923Im going to visit my gf and stay with her parents how do I not fuck this up theyre also throwing a p…[View]
52963934why are jobs made to be so hard to get? i have no problem with getting up and going somewhere and wo…[View]
52964900Do you consider /r9k/ a board strictly for users that are on the autistic spectrum? Honest question.[View]
52964806That one robot whose name was Dongler[View]
52964881>ywn again go back to high school in 2008 and spend the entire class staring at the hot emo chick…[View]
52964548Retiring from wageslavery:: 25 more years till i can finally retire in Thailand with a cutiepie gf, …[View]
52963122Who is the coolest chick that ever visited this shithole?[View]
52964217>be me >almost 18 >incel >virgin >found a gf >cutie, virgin, shy, Christian >s…[View]
52964817and the lord said let thier be furry Nazis[View]
52961893How do I stop jerking off to female supremacy, femdom, female worship, high heels, feet, high heels …[View]
52964278>too autistic for work >too normal for NEET Is there a worse way of living…[View]
52964530>tfw not having a half scottish/half japanese girlfriend, who wakes up at 9:21 every morning and …[View]
52964520search r9k on twitch ???? profit[View]
52961063>Whole world tells me I'm a piece of shit for refusing to get a job, spending all day on art…[View]
52964749>decide to bite the bullet, make an okcupid account >spend an hour setting up pictures and my …[View]
52964722I have a huge crush on my boss. Every time I think about her my heart starts to pound and I get erec…[View]
52961863TED psychologist on what makes people creepy: This describes me almost perfectly, why the fuck do I …[View]
52964678If I didnt have all those traumatic things that happened in my life i wouldnt be a severely depresse…[View]
52964577>mfw traded my slutty fat fembot practice gf for a petite loving asian real gf So long and thanks…[View]
52964390>he only listens to audiobooks because he's too lazy to read[View]
52961347>bro, can you feel something now? >no chad, you just snatched my earbuds >that's what …[View]
52962922lncels r fucking retarded[View]
52963847/Comfy thread/ time for a new comfy time, come in and share your stories,music and comfy images. *si…[View]
52964090Haven't showered in two days Who else here /stinky/[View]
52960397whats wrong with normalfags?: they treat you with contempt, bully you and act condescendingly toward…[View]
52963506So I need a robots opinion What am I Im 31 have 2 kids 3 long term relationships 2x 2 years and 1x …[View]
52963382Feels thread: My grandma is dying, she doesnt have much time left. Are your grandparents still alive…[View]
52963951>start exercising a lot >endorphins make me feel good >start feeling good about my self …[View]
52964003>you will never make a girl happy by making her breakfast in bed is there a worse feel?…[View]
52964057those are some POWERFULL confessions what do you robots think do you agree with them[View]
52964340will I ever get a kana gf? she's perfect...[View]
52963675Whitecel here. Things are not going so well with White women and Hispanic women on dating apps. I am…[View]
52960523Is this common: So at my school they had a anime club do most schools have this or is it just me…[View]
52964212Who is she?: Do she have other pics as well? Or videos? Help pleasue[View]
52964203>used to work with a clearly gay mustachio'd middle aged man with a lisp >told me on his …[View]
52964011>'So, you are leaving me? You're turning your back on me, for HER? Don't you remember y…[View]
52962689>ideal men during the late 1950s what changed?[View]
52964139Embrace this moment, remember, we are eternal All this pain is an illusion[View]
52959909Is she a femcel but only acts slutty online for money?: she obviously claims to be single which is m…[View]
52963373could you beat spider-nonce in a fight?[View]
52963824Daily Reminder that fat people are subhuman and deplorable.[View]
52962737guys how do i acquire $1500 before the end of the summer[View]
52964010>girl asks if I'm free a couple night ago >wasn't >text her asking if she's …[View]
52961842a thread, once again: i giveth, thy taketh[View]
52964040fucking females line em up and impregnant them thhen discard their bodies I say[View]
52960079does anyone want to constantly kill themselves because they dont have awesome jobs? I constantly see…[View]
52964026Reminder that women, (includes trans girls) arent capable of truly loving you. they see you as an in…[View]
52964025Hey, femanons! Do you find Handsome Squidward attractive? I just want to know if this is at all clos…[View]
52961518A bearded wizard allows you to modify your biggest phisical flaw. The catch is, the modified part wi…[View]
52957730I need a mission in life. Dubs decides what that is.[View]
52963427You could have gone to Harvard but you decided to be a retard online because they told you it was 'f…[View]
52961591>hate trannies and all their gender subversive bullshit, just wish I could murder them all >st…[View]
52963631incels.co is down again[View]
52963908What's your health like? Do you have relatives who've died of heart attacks or strokes?[View]
52963213Do you like good little boys with flippy hair? :3c[View]
52959037You receive three million dollars, but everytime you shit it comes instantly and in to your pants. Y…[View]
52963940INSTAGRAM IS DOWN! what do brobots? where I can stalk qts online?[View]
52963265>PERFECT GIRLS DON'T EXI- https://www.instagram.com/sweetest.lullaby/…[View]
52962091I hate working, i want to be a neet again[View]
52963876Reminder that normalfags with social lives are not welcome here and never will be now fuck off befor…[View]
52963873ITT post images you never get the opportunity to post[View]
52963869There are at least three independent psyops being carried out on this board as we speak.[View]
52961592Anybody else like girls who wear very little or no makeup?[View]
52960448>get a cute, skinny girl to marry you >get her pregnant, somehow she ends up with triplets …[View]
52963682good morning robots how are you guys doing? I am very bored and lonely so i made this thread. I wish…[View]
52963857People who have sex should LEAVE NOW[View]
52963468>mfw i've gone so far into gross fetishes that i've loop back around to being vanilla…[View]
52963620Is there any active r9k discord server with active voice chat too?[View]
52963720Some people are just naturally dirty looking and no amount of 'just take a shower bro' can fix it.[View]
52963656R9k whats you dream to end it? Mine is to get a car crash into macdonalds and die. Not when people a…[View]
52963500why do 4chan normalfags love to berate social outcasts and autistic people so much?[View]
52962653Operation Lebensborn: Ive found a genius way to make that meme ours. The enemy is literally giving u…[View]
52963194>aspergers >ASS[View]
52963716is there somewhere i can watch videos of nude models? pref hot ones that are being drawn[View]
52963230Do women age faster than men?: Hey guys, I just turned 31, white dude. I feel a little older but not…[View]
52963665Imagine having a big manly Orc sit on your face haha that'd sure be funny right guys haha imagi…[View]
52962764Productivity: Are you doing anything productive? Working, investing, exercise, socialising, personal…[View]
52958964Islam will save you: >tranny threads >gay threads >porn threads >drug addict threads …[View]
52963557why dont the whites just let people smoke weed bro. the whites are the fucking devil for throwing an…[View]
52963189I've finally begun to experience true doom. I've struggled with depression for a long time…[View]
52962665Black Bot General /bbg/: Hanging in there blackbots? I really fucking hate not being white. All race…[View]
52959842why are you all so against feminism, /r9k/?[View]
52962856what exactly is considered a 'severe mental illness'?[View]
52963533/family taboo/: >you cant take bath with your sister cause your cock gets hard like any other coc…[View]
52963450Tell me /r9k/, what is the point? Why should i even try? I'm not tall, I'm not attractive,…[View]
52963397Ehi robots! I don't have friends or gf to share the news with so here I am, sharing it with you…[View]
52959616>crypto >precious metals I'm investing in both, but im a poorfag wagie. Gold or silver? R…[View]
52963483When will the white boys learn? Just get rid of them already.[View]
52961045why do you niggers bump only the most primitive retarded threads?[View]
52962406Why do girls deny sex to males so easily why are girls in general dont want to have sex as much as g…[View]
52963386>feel like some girl is an absolute perfect match >I'm not their perfect match why is lif…[View]
52960850what is your viewpoint on abortion? I'm interested in what you pathetic incels think of it.[View]
52957307>see a stray kitten in my neighborhood >really skinny and doesn't let anyone get close …[View]
52963093>be virgin >get associated as an incel just because im a virgin Just end me. Things weren…[View]
52963320I've masturbated for 2 hours a day for the past 15 years. My right hand is noticeably larger th…[View]
52962083any tips? pls no black pill bs frens[View]
52962783Boobfags disgust me with their tittie fetish: How can you sickos justify putting your dick anywhere …[View]
52962890/reminder/ Sexhavers are normalfags Eat shit[View]
52963064You have 10 seconds to explain why you haven't gotten yourself a cute trap gf yet.[View]
52962860I've had s tinder for a month and have gotten 0 matches. I'm not even ugly but defs no cha…[View]
52957858Anyone else want to dominate these roided out women? The average man could easily overpower them des…[View]
52963193>watch out boys I'm sliding in[View]
52962796i plugged in my graphics tablet 6 months ago with the intent of finally learning how to draw and i h…[View]
52963198men are disgusting pigs I'm a straight guy but I just realized this by taking a good look at ho…[View]
52961170I am another casualty to Asian women: I saw another post about Asian women last night and after anot…[View]
52963155Why does american culture try so hard to push you increasingly down the path of being a bad person w…[View]
52963152/cocklust/ is it gay?: Post your hot dick fetishes[View]
52963156Wow being lonely is hard. I feel like everyone has been avoiding me lately. No one on my scord wants…[View]
52963132>Mom's Stacy friends are coming over to 'babysit' me, so she can try for a baby with Chadson…[View]
52963020> hey big bro, can you help me apply this lotion to the rash in my butt crack? I can't reach…[View]
52963059>got my first girlfriend this year >am 21 years old >she liked me first >we go out for a…[View]
52963030>anon,what do you mean 'do you play as a girl character in vidoe games?'? Of course i do,do i loo…[View]
52963001Who else here uses hella weed? I smoke a little but mostly use tinctures and edibles. High every oth…[View]
52962316Do girls regret rejecting a guy bcs he is a loser when later he becomes successful?[View]
52962557Why do people smile at me? I don't get it. And it's not the polite 'white people smile'. A…[View]
52960922/c9k/ general #6: It's regular r9k except we all post like we're in the Wild West. Welcome…[View]
52962952what does /r9k/ think of city morgue?[View]
52962743>too normie for the robots >too robot for the normies anyone else ktf…[View]
52962933Whatever happened to her? Anyone still talking to her?[View]
52962899GOSPEL OF THE DAY: From the Gospel according to Matthew MT 5:43-48 Jesus said to his disciples: 'You…[View]
52962380Dudes I'm about to fuck the one the right what y'all think about her?[View]
52962209>be me, 8-12 year old >like drawing, reading, crafting stuff sometimes, content being alone …[View]
52962387the whole chad thing is bull shit. its literally depression. thats why we are alone its depression I…[View]
52962740guys, i want to make it as a rapper soooooo bad[View]
52962540ahhh i wanted to get fast food but there were people inside so i just walked past and tried another …[View]
52962798>It's an Anon acts throughout the day as if his oneitis was watching him episode.…[View]
52962410>turned 19 today >still thinking about ex gf…[View]
52961708You know even mr Roger's could get laid I'm just saying[View]
52962687What's the difference between self-betrayal and self-improvement?[View]
52962669Shouldn't you be studying by now, you lazy bastards?[View]
52962135>When you secretly like your son's bully because he's hot Any momanons know this feel?…[View]
52960835isn't it weird how anonymous this shit is? someone we hate in one thread could be our friends i…[View]
52960777Not a christfag, but I decided that I wanna see what a church service is like at one of my local chu…[View]
52962107i'm starting therapy this saturday, what can i expect? she doesn't work weekends but says …[View]
52962157i'm so sick of ppl judging me for my metal illness[View]
52961314>finally get a gf >she's not trans[View]
52962472fetish general: i'll start: >weight gain >ass inflation >bbw >watching women eat a …[View]
52962498earning money from home: how does one make money from home? any ideas? so far i know about these: …[View]
52960727>de depressed >Hate my life >No motivation >Want to kill myself >Decide to become rel…[View]
52962496>finished school last week >literally all my friends have drifted away from me Fucking hell th…[View]
52961114It's almost 7 AM, do I pull an all-nighter and go to the gym or do I sleep? I'm confused[View]
52962419>why yes I do believe that all people who have social lives should be permabanned from 4chan how …[View]
52961091How do we stop this faggot from making his endless threads?[View]
52962393https://youtu.be/coJjo3NmAEI Any robots ever read the works of Michel Houellebecq?[View]
52959738Do liberals hate Asians?[View]
52947879RuneScape Robot Thread /r9r/: Hey fellow robots I was wondering if any of you played RuneScape and w…[View]
52960793Why is rope so expensive? I just wanna kill myself ffs[View]
52960402>soul of someone who 6'5 >body is 5'6…[View]
52960706get out porncels[View]
52962137Are women capable of feeling genuine, romantic love and acting so[View]
52961527>be me >sit in cafeteria by myself >cute girl approaches my table >8/10 easily >she p…[View]
52961064Last 2 digits is how long I have before I kill myself, if 00 I keep pushing and don't do it. Yo…[View]
52959043Confrontations with females: Anyone here ever had a physical or intense verbal confrontation with a …[View]
52961505>girl apologized for rejecting me does this mean she likes me[View]
52957185>zoomers asking me why I wear a watch >zoomers asking why I download music…[View]
52960276>you go back in time to high school >your mind is the way it is now Think you could get laid t…[View]
52962296Just a reminder for anyone who wants to purge all the summer and normies: don't reply to their …[View]
52960749>'So whiteboi, I heard you like feet'[View]
52962003Who was in the wrong here? >be me >lanklet but lift and box >2nd day of new job >sleepin…[View]
52960701Is he /ourhero/? He can't even kill anyone even with his autism and militar training. He is as …[View]
52962195>caught feelings for a girl I barely know and obviously doesn't care about me because she sh…[View]
52959432Subhumans born after 1999: Faggots who were born after 1999 will never understand this feel[View]
52962170>he prefers mayo instead of cheese on his chicken sandwich[View]
52959483I cant sleep because I am anxious about tomorrow. What should I do?[View]
52960565Relationships: I'm 30 and pretty sure I'll never marry. Not only do modern women find me u…[View]
52960796I saw VERY cute girl today and she looked at me and I looked at her and then she looked away. And th…[View]
52961140Saw someone else posting tendies their mom made them so i'm doing the same. Fries and chicken n…[View]
52961339why i am live all life i sit and play games and i got bad skill everybudy killing me why i am alife …[View]
52961188why don't you get an outdoorsy hammock gf?[View]
52961493ITT:Post the red pill and black pills that changed your life for the best or worse: >Being afraid…[View]
52958616>be me >virgin looser >there is not a single girl that likes me >suddenly meet 10/10 qt3…[View]
52955751It's November 21, 2004. Where are you in life?[View]
52961057normalfags are such hypocrites. they tell you that your happiness shouldnt be dependant on another p…[View]
52961915I want to get married soon.[View]
52959775why is every nerd an ass hole? every nerd I talk to always answers everything in a sarcastic bitchy …[View]
52961846>get up early or late >get on computer >get sleepy >play CS >browse 4chan >talk to…[View]
52961295/drug feel/: >tfw no uppers only downers Got some seroquel today, took 400mg compared to my usual…[View]
52961643/r9k/: Growbot edition. There is a lot to talk about today. >Do you think there is still hope tha…[View]
52960138>6'2 ft >8 inch dick >incel…[View]
52961389>be me, few months ago, 18, virgin, wish for a girlfriend >meet qt3.14, talk for a while, its …[View]
52960874>tfw I greet every tranny with 'Hey Bro!'[View]
52960778>no trannies >no roasties >no gays >neets preferred new, sizeable server for neets and h…[View]
52961378Why are westernized Indian girls so neurotic?[View]
52960878Have you found her yet or are you still looking?[View]
52960677Went to the grocery store today, it's sunny and the birds are chirping, feels comfy as fuck. Gr…[View]
52956505are women really like this?[View]
52961723If this Chad can commit suicide, why can't you? > good looking > in his physical prime …[View]
52961300Is it good idea to pleasure myself with one of these?[View]
52961636>remember THAT moment trying to dance at my cousins wedding[View]
52959941does anyone else here get personally attacked and cursed by god? I cant be the only one dude. what t…[View]
52960589How do I stop from feeling empty and lonely, for the longest time I've been using memes to cope…[View]
52961386Woking is the ultimate cucking: Think on it. By working most of the times you're essentially do…[View]
52961473/Tea/: Hey you. Yeah, you. Are you tired of all this negativity plaguing /r9k/? Tired of all the bit…[View]
52960408Mosquitoes: I'm from Finland where mosquitoes are an insanely big issue. They ruin summer for e…[View]
52961331Cant reply to this anymore and wanted to say 'this' but i want to Take it a bit further listen, this…[View]
52961119Spider rp garden thread: This thread is for lols I want to see if it goes anywhere[View]
52960720the only thing i do is sit on the computer and im not even good at that, im terrible at video games.[View]
52961212>/r9k/ is an imageboard where there are no exact reposts. >but generals are allowed >genera…[View]
52960253Solving problems of robots thru /adv/: So I have been doing my anthropological on /adv/ for a year n…[View]
52960387Being alpha is more important than you think: So obviously if you're a 2/10 or below you'r…[View]
52960824I am defeated. I'm done. Game over. 21 year old virgin, going bald, failed my uni exams, scolio…[View]
52960984Important moral question: Am I incel if I want only try sex not have girlfriend?[View]
52961156Everyone here should start scuba diving and then get into cave diving, forget depression, women ect …[View]
52960592Just have sex, incel! It's that easy.[View]
52959416>foreskin restoration do people seriously believe that if you can somehow stretch whats left of y…[View]
52958982ok robots show me the song that's going to play in your head when you're out there killing…[View]
52958908for me it's bbc hypno[View]
52957792This is the new chad. Do you measure up to the new standard of beauty?[View]
52957467The End: I will purchase a shotgun in 3 years, and on 25th birthday, I will end my life with it if I…[View]
52957905r9k reconquista on /b/ the yellow uprising against the pornfags happened to its now time to revolt a…[View]
52960545>people think you can manage to get laid as a female whenever you want tfw still a virgin, am I n…[View]
52959101lonely females exist too.. we're just not outspoken about it because we gave up trying..[View]
52959747Do you think telling people to fuck off an anonymous board is gonna do anything LOL. you're pro…[View]
52960574You ever see a post here or on another board that really just unsettles you? Like properly puts a ho…[View]
52959329>Phone bricked itself for no fucking reason >I left it charging while I went kayaking for a fe…[View]
52958826''''Fembots'''' why don't you just get a low self esteem robot bf? Mine worships the ground I w…[View]
52960789>tfw no dilapidated bf[View]
52954674Hikkichan Leaked Videos: New leaked videos of Hikkichan. At a con with friend in 2017. https://www.y…[View]
52960388Today was the best day of my life: >traveling in a very crowded bus >group of very cute, neatl…[View]
52960702everything is luck of the draw[View]
52960547Goodby e cruul wuurld. -an hero[View]
52960377WHY DO I HAVE TO BE SO WEIRD AND RETARDED Just how much social isolation affects you negatively?[View]
52955657l wish l looked like this[View]
52960478what does it mean if she always talks about another guy[View]
52959348who else here is an omega male? >have never had irl friends who care about me >never had a gir…[View]
52959345>can't choose the sex before you were born >can't choose the location before you we…[View]
52960571SHIT! FUCKING GOYIM! That post didnt work either. Ok try calling them losees for wanting to restore …[View]
52960333All my friends started balding a little before hitting 30. Literally all of them. I'm the least…[View]
52960310I don't even have friends to be sad with[View]
52959555i fucking hate this site and everyone for lying to me >femanon >have had 3 boyfriends >firs…[View]
52959986The world doesn't feel real to me anymore anons. It feels more like a dream that's difficu…[View]
52960443we will die and cease to exist forever. that thought scares the shit out of me. ive spent the last 4…[View]
52959961Imagine trying to gatekeep an anonymous imageboard with no topic.[View]
52960364how much would it cost to make a fallout shelter under your house? preferably one which is hidden an…[View]
52959891Gf wishes: >be me >want a big fanged black widow gf >milf for you filthy vertebrates >m…[View]
52960477why dont robots just become crypto investing masters and get rich while living neet and sitting arou…[View]
52960440Bisexuality proves that being gay is a choice. Also reminder that gays are fucking creeps. Most have…[View]
52960456Any females(girl) in the bay area looking for their knight in shining armor?[View]
52957439>made thread about wanting to be more manly >anons told me to do sports >went to yoga with …[View]
52959558Hate: There hasn't been a mass shooting in Australia for roughly 20 years, I think I would be a…[View]
52958708/reminder/ sexhavers are normalfags[View]
52959971Only those that seek the truth and wake up by their own decision are worth saving. This world is hea…[View]
52959907The internet and the social medias associated with it are the most darwinistic inventions I have eve…[View]
52960214Honest question for everyone on here. If you read the following post, would you genuinely think that…[View]
52960097is it true americans cut off an important part of their cock just because some jew told them too? an…[View]
52958864>so worried about chad taking your trad waifu >oblivious to the HORSES fucking her Time to tak…[View]
52960304>noooooooo you can't be here >this board is supposed to be a safe haven for tards…[View]
52960285If I could watch as the world ended and my life and billions of others were taken away, I'd wan…[View]
52959275>tfw oneitis told me I need to stop being pathetic and actually have confidence in myself for onc…[View]
52959281ITT share ur most alpha moments: Today I want into an empty womens bathroom, jerked off, came on the…[View]
52960189>that edgy kid who pretended to have schizophrenia during an exam he asked to leave because the …[View]
52960181Imagine getting upset that incels are openly mocking you[View]
52959753>Get summoned for jury duty Anyway I can get out of this? I don't care about the system or j…[View]
52959130I'm 31 year old kissless friendless virgin who never has worked a day in his life and just shit…[View]
52960176why the fuck do i always have to pee when i finish masturbating??[View]
52960012>Hahaha thank god I am not an NPC >Tfwnogf >I just want a gf >Goddammit, FUCK women, the…[View]
52960135People say celebrities are depressed despite being rich because they never got to be a kid and no am…[View]
52959232This woman finds you and informs you that all of humanity is living in a simulation a la matrix, sho…[View]
52960096is ksenia your favorite 4chan girl or no[View]
52960148>imagine not having sex[View]
52958126I was out riding my bike when some girls said something to me. Luckily I was recording and I want to…[View]
52956789How do I make friends online?: I posted this on /adv/, but it's been 20 minutes and it's s…[View]
52958831>get egf >everything seems so perfect >she loses interest >calls me autistic and a sperg…[View]
52959824What causes the smell under fingernails?: I wash my hands every day, but it still stinks really bad …[View]
52958849>boyfriend only does oral on me on my birthday because he says he doens't like liking pussy …[View]
52960082how does it feel knowing you're actually worth less in the eyes of normies than actual autists?[View]
52959552Are these decades of wageslaving ahead of me worth it?[View]
52959899>photo of 6/10 average looking girl gets posted on here >PLZ BE MY GF >LITERAL GODESS >…[View]
52957534is it just over if i'm an asian male?: legitimately cannot think of any redeeming factors about…[View]
52958057goodnight kathy tomorrow will be better than the last for you. im sure of it[View]
52960027>camwhoring anc pictures belong on /soc/ >but gay and tranny shit doesnt belong on /lgbt/ ????…[View]
52957970/uni/ thread: Stopped going to lectures edition. How have you been holding up bros? Going to lecture…[View]
52959186thrown I hope you're ok I wish I could talk to you again[View]
52957939Is this the board for autistic loner virgin reject?[View]
52957923Do autistic girls really exist? It's my only chance[View]
52959591Can someome explain this joke to me please???[View]
52958600Wtf even is reddit: >be me, see the reddit memes talking about how shit it is >decide to give …[View]
52959765hi: how to grow penis?[View]
52959755>want to masturbate >have to save cummies for girl coming over in a few hours Is there a worse…[View]
52957872Played any good videogames lately bros? Looking forward to anything?[View]
52959516>good >bad I'm getting really sick of hearing so many people paint the world black and wh…[View]
52958581Who here is the biggest failure?[View]
52958874Anyone here balding in their early 20s? How do you cope?[View]
52956141>be literal 8/10 >stupid roastie sluts don't ever give me the time of day…[View]
52959379>if I was as obsessed with being masculine as I am with destroying my masculinity, I'd be th…[View]
52957925I'm not gay but I can't stop thinking about cock.[View]
52959598Accomplishment: Finally threw all my cum socks from under my bed away! It feels like a weight has be…[View]
52959544Why is abusing females so satisfying?: They are like cute, dumb little fuck puppets. You can slap th…[View]
52958663>there are mommygfs browsing 4chan(nel) right now It makes me so happy I can hardly stand it!…[View]
52959563>tfw no sadistic arab gf[View]
52955856I will never in my life experience this because God had to make me a nigger[View]
52957787>hot chick 'molests' kid >gets 10 years in prison >bus driver rapes a fucking 14 …[View]
52956677when are you anons going to start being prison gay and fuck trannies?[View]
52959015Read pic related and vote http://www.strawpoll.me/18186016[View]
52957519When does your Real Life start?[View]
52959442First Love Never Dies: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uZBaf3SHR8I or does it? Has yours died bros?…[View]
52959427read it and weep you fuckin yuppies[View]
52959107omegle: Omegle thread. QT mutt edition. post qt omegle girls you have screencapped![View]
52958876/r9k/ learns thing: Are you learning anything in your own time for fun or otherwise? I've start…[View]
52958561Your girl wants me because I'm a rockstar[View]
52959390Bend over and grab your ankles. It's time for a good old fashion bootyblast[View]
52957280Posting this thread every day until I get a gf Day 20[View]
52957564The Promised Reunion: Is /r9k/ hyped for the FF7 Remake? Or at least part one? Midgar is supposed t…[View]
52955723Will we ever achieve Black Mirror tier VR?: Will we ever see VR on a intense scale of realistic feel…[View]
52959076>Live with mom and her bf >Mom's bf has a daughter I used to be friends with when we were…[View]
52959235whats your excuse incel?[View]
52959293why is everything so boring and void of life now?[View]
52959077>make it to 20 as a virgin, mage status acquired >finally meet fwb on tinder this semester …[View]
52959297The only reason us 30+ people are still here is because there is nowhere else to go.[View]
52959089Rename Nagasaki To Nukasaki: http://chng.it/pnMNKsJKF5 Here ya go fags![View]
52955785Some girl who hates my guts found my camwhore profile and is threatening to post everything on lolco…[View]
52959214Women are the cause of all social problems and contribute next to nothing. If all males could become…[View]
52959164If you look like this please post your discord/contact if you are single - I want a bf that looks li…[View]
52959177me and the boys[View]
52958761well fellow robots, i have done the impossible today. a real, living, breathing girl gave me head.[View]
52957101Feels: What if I'm just honest with women? What if I just walk up to them and tell them I find …[View]
52958996>tfw you let Chad cum on your face but he still won't commit[View]
52954787Typical match profile of an Asian woman in NYC: It's good to be a tall White Chad-like dude in …[View]
52957217What were some good times in your childhood I'll start >used wake up to my mom cooking waffl…[View]
52958941Dicklet anons, if you had a chance to lose your virginity to a 10/10 in an MMF threesome with a guy …[View]
52958762Living in an American suburb is hell. >Can't walk anywhere. Half of the streets don't e…[View]
52956949Have you ever had to deal with a benzo withdrawal? How bad is it.[View]
52959007I didn't even make it 24 hours NoFap.[View]
52957783Times good chat roulette conversations ended because you weren't a certain gender: First greent…[View]
52958984>tfw no miga bf[View]
52958211My cousin is fucking his gf in the living room. Ask me anything.[View]
52955399>stand up too quickly >briefly disassociate from this place of reality Why does this happen?…[View]
52958232Terrible jokes thread. I'll start. >What's your least favorite part about eating veget…[View]
52958886DnD Story: >Be my character, (I used a Homebrew class) My character was a plague doctor. >My p…[View]
52958153Roasting roasties: >Bait a roasty into replying >She calls me an incel >Quote what she said…[View]
52958844There is a person I don't know very well who I've met online but never actually talked to.…[View]
52958816>yfw you have become the otaku who never had a quarter or mid-life crisis because your entire lif…[View]
52957969Health Conditions Dick Measuring Contest: What health problems and mental disorders do you have, rob…[View]
52956649Anyone have any scary stories to share. I want to feel fear.[View]
52954755Incest Thread: What does r9k think about incest? Is it the next big social movement after trannies? …[View]
52947537Asking tbe bi guys here, sincerely, who do would you prefer for long term relationships, dudes or gi…[View]
52954453>tfw got fired from my mcjob for being incompetent when I was trying my hardest…[View]
52958288Robots, i come from biz bearing gifts. Remember cryptocurrency? It's been under the radar for t…[View]
52958505happy people should be permabanned from r9k dont you think?[View]
52955739disabilitybux: how much do you niggers get in disabilitybux ?[View]
52957346What even is the point of life if I'm just tired and anxious all the time? Literally any time I…[View]
52958109Just thinking about having a girlfriend and getting cutesy and close with her and doing the usual lo…[View]
52955972How I discovered drinkable piss: >Be me, 15 y/o aspy, never felt any sexual attraction in my life…[View]
52957444Has anyone here licked and/or sniffed a girl's butthole? what do they taste like[View]
52957379reminder that if you fit any of these characteristics you need to fuck off from r9k forever[View]
52958364Finally lost my virginity to my 3/10 practice gf >Penis grew to 8 inches >More confident >N…[View]
52956595>be me >want pizza >orders pizza from dominos, normally very nice old lady on the phone, fo…[View]
52958465Thoughts on hapa females?[View]
52958620Goddamn it yankees. Goddamn it again. What's the problem with you?[View]
52958619>live with father >apply for a bunch of jobs went to a couple of interviews >nothing >mo…[View]
52956577>Aw dang, not again! Hey Anon, would you mind tucking me back in?[View]
52958536Why am I only able to make friends with autists?[View]
52956216>tfw im drunk right now what the fuck do i do lads[View]
52956236I just matched with a qt that I used to be friends with in highschool What the fuck do I say now?[View]
52958549>tfw you will never own a large piece of land in a remote place, kidnap a variety of women to be …[View]
52958403Take this sluts. >yfw thats what chad says to roasties when he pounds them…[View]
52958500One of my aunts was a no-show to my grandfather's funeral. After it, it was revealed that she h…[View]
52958059>Do femanons x >Do femanons y >Why don't you just become gay? >Cock lust >Take t…[View]
52956870What is the most normalfag board? My vote goes to /mu/[View]
52958416/r9k/ is a dump, but will never become a porn dump, right?[View]
52958106It's time for the robots to reclaim /r9k/ from the normalfag insurgency[View]
52957254Who's your pick for coolest chick ever[View]
52958324anyone else here want a chill job? I have narcolepsy and chronic fatigue so its so god damn hard for…[View]
52957988Fucked my first gf in school got really addicted to it remember fucking at 4am, fuck im pretty sure…[View]
52958248>browsing tinder >get notified i got super liked >it's a cute girl >DM her >'nic…[View]
52956672How do I get a gf like her?: media.humblr.social/humblr/media_attachments/files/002/767/370/original…[View]
52957183sup /r9k/, why haven't you taken the /birdpill/ yet? Benefits of devouting yourself romanticall…[View]
52958133What are Yalls long term plans to fill the void[View]
52957896*cums on /r9k/'s face*[View]
52957878Who /abused/ here? >it's another rape flashbacks episode[View]
52958118lets have a discussion about my cute wife pic related[View]
52957947How do I become a cool jaded post-society goth e-girl?[View]
52958007>getting banned from every server >friends dont like me anymore >everyone hates me >egf…[View]
52956904god I fucking hate my life all I can think about is my life before god struck me down and being on p…[View]
52957201Any other robots attracted to tall women?: 5 ft 10 is the ideal female height[View]
52957200does anyone here have gross parents? I dont know what to do. yeah yeah move out >dad is gross …[View]
52958020What does it feel like to touch breasts?[View]
52958087Where can an uncool normie go to meet a wholesome femanon? Dating sites are suffering and I don…[View]
52957539Read it and weep normal shits. You are not welcome here. Especially if you are a cunt.[View]
52958040black upstate anon here. anyone here actually like good music? is there one person here with a good …[View]
52957998Just saying - if someone breaks up with you, that means they're already over you. They did all …[View]
52957971consider this: You focus on getting a girlfriend too much. In doing so you neglect all other aspect…[View]
52956774How many robots here are from Eastern Europe?[View]
52957529Does anyone want to play games on the ps4/league I'm pretty bored and lonely, you can add me on…[View]
52956996>when she has to start threads about herself on other chans and samefag to try to remain relevant…[View]
52956427>feel down >go out to get some ice cream at a good ice cream place >It's chocked full …[View]
52957738is anyone else here unfortunate enough to have both borderline personality disorder and aspergers? I…[View]
52957602NORMALFAGS GET OUT: This is OUR board, you've taken everything from us, we won't let you t…[View]
52957274I wish I lived life as an attractive person. God I'm so fucking vain it hurts. Can you imagine …[View]
52956313i hate my coworkers. i hate them so much. they are so fucking annoying. i go to work every day and t…[View]
52957762You have now acquired Ricardo's looks. How does your life change?[View]
52957767Out of the corner of my eye, I'd see guys with big girth cocks at gym change rooms or washrooms…[View]
52957773How do gay guys feel about lesbian porn?[View]
52957541normalfags fuck off and die: reminder that you dont belong on r9k if: >you are a happy person …[View]
52957007Why do boomers and xers keep telling us we should enjoy being young? There's nothing fun about …[View]
52957681>mfw just engaged someone who started an internet argument with me I've only done this a han…[View]
52955983why bother?: what gets you out of bed, anon? genuine question, idk what im doing anymore[View]
52953891Holy shit I want friends so bad. I miss social interaction so much.[View]
52956459All animeposters deserve to be publicly lynched and burned alive. Change my mind.[View]
52951869/playerselect/ general: hopefully no interruptions this time edition. i'm going to be opening u…[View]
52956495nomommygf: tfw no mommy gf to suck your weiner clean[View]
52954375>Hey, anon! I dropped my soap. Can you pick it up for me? Wat do?[View]
52956646>women do this >but you can't get them to hold hands with u ????????????…[View]
52957270One day someone will ask me out. One day[View]
52940915What made you hate women?: What was the event or events that caused you to be permanently jaded by f…[View]
52955139pros/cons of no gf: cons: >nobody to cuddle with at night >have to jerk off >nobody to do a…[View]
52957450Anons, I need help. I feel that I identify as a boomer but am chronologically a zoomer (18M). What…[View]
52954254If I get to age of 25 and I still haven't kissed a girl, I'm gonna hire an escort to lose …[View]
52956899tfw no girl to molest me in my sleep[View]
52955397>be me as a teen >start shaving my legs >no clue how I got that idea >go on vacation …[View]
52957196How do I stop going to this shite for good? I really wanna leave but it's just fucking impossib…[View]
52957094Month two being homeless: I just wanna be safe and warm. I'm generally a happy person with thos…[View]
52957427Whether you're a scumganger... a gangweeder... or a gamergator... or just another nice guy that…[View]
52955615>'anon, this place is really nice. what are you having?' how do you respond? remember you're…[View]
52956812>been fucking this black girl i met on tinder >go wild for hours with her riding my dick >…[View]
52956418The perfect woman... I don't think she exis-[View]
52956458This is never happening! This will never be on my face, the sticky juices rolling down my cheek, as …[View]
52956382>be friends with mormon >he lives with his mormon parents >he invites me over to hang becau…[View]
52953402Fell for the college meme and still unemployed: >graduate chemical engineering >summa cum laud…[View]
52957313any weird customer experience stories? im starting work tomorrow in a restaurant[View]
52957255I just don't care anymore. I've lost faith in everything and everyone. I don't even c…[View]
52956391Imagine if shrinking were possible? It would then be possible to get swallowed by a beautiful woman …[View]
52957140why is race bait not affecting me tonight?[View]
52957285Can someone draw her and wojak holding hands[View]
52957242I'm sorry for using your board as a pornless /b/: But I only feel comfortable around two types …[View]
52956165I haven't showered or brushed my teeth in 5 days. Love the scent I'm putting out.[View]
52957056where were all the attractive/average looking female child molesters when i was a kid?[View]
52957264The spermball on my nut has shrunk![View]
52957216Teen M with Dissociative identity disorder (Currently 4 personalities including the base), AMA.[View]
52950208/britfeel/: Timothy James Byrne here again posting a new /britfeel/ thread in /r9k/ on the 17th June…[View]
52954810>Hey kid, what do you think of these bad boys?[View]
52955183you know what they say, good times never last[View]
52956721Is it a cope?[View]
52953318why are girls butts so great?[View]
52957107I wore an -I have autism-cap in public and filmed people without asking. https://youtu.be/VZhWuLhOo5…[View]
52953133Would femanons date a guy who provided for her financially, yet also allowed her to have sex with ot…[View]
52957082Another day off from work wasted on 4chan. Same as every other day off. Same as every weekend back i…[View]
52957077>Got rejected by a boy I like because I dated one of his friends a year ago How do I cope? He…[View]
52957092To the suicide Selphie poster: Thread archived, but I need to tell you, post what you said to >…[View]
52955065What happened in 2011/2012? It looks about the same for all age groups. Huge increase after 2010.[View]
52954047I'm gonna be getting a drawing tablet, recommend me some that are cheap and not a big load of c…[View]
52957076I want more pictures like this, where the girl is feeding me. No 3d please[View]
52956510Would you be better or worse off never being able to use 4chan ever again in your life?[View]
52957039Femanon, how would you react if the guy you like rejected you because he is not interested in women …[View]
52956997>subtly friendzoned sheeeeesh[View]
52956909/Self Help/ General: Hi guys, Brad here. I can almost promise that I'll try to help you with yo…[View]
52956980Somewhere in Japan, my future 40 year old childless future wife is waiting for me to learn Japanese[View]
52956975>2019 Hoping we can defeat the leftists before white people turn on each other again. What a time…[View]
52955354I shot a cat today /r9k/ >be me >not a NEET but still live at home >have a beautiful garden…[View]
52956832poorfag hacks: hello there I have created a poorfag hack for you all.! Share yours! I made a keyboar…[View]
52956887About to get laid See ya later virgins[View]
52954628Have you ever turned down a girl before. Be honest: I have but mainly because I wasnt interesting in…[View]
52956839Why is there so much screaming about the gays and trans in the media? The last time I checked the st…[View]
52956782>That popular chad who was still nice to you in school what was his name /r9k/? Mine was kyle…[View]
52954176Video Games Thread: What is everyone playing? Just started this yesterday, dunno what I'm doing…[View]
52956784Why are you guys so hateful? Why can't we all just love eachother?[View]
52951985do you alcohol today or no why[View]
52956778You know there's essentially an /r9k/ for girls, right?: Why don't you go find a qt3.14 gf…[View]
52954876>tfw no neetdom bf[View]
52956683Fembots, what if your lesbian GF became a boy? Would you let <<<him>>> fuck you wi…[View]
52954585does anyone else ever feel envious of female sexual pleasure? I don't think l want to be a woma…[View]
52954440>be me >Ruthlessly abandoned by the one and only person who's ever 'cared' about me >I…[View]
52953286Are you legitimately racist and/or homophobic?[View]
52954493How many of you have made an actual effort to learn relationship dynamics and improve your dating sk…[View]
52949867Post your red flags: Post your opposite gender red flags, I'll start >he follows instagram m…[View]
52955343Boner petting cats: Anyone else ever have this happen to them? I am pretty horny and know when I am …[View]
52949163Your time here is running out you god damned norman posers.[View]
52956507Bus-hair-feeler here. Got an easy one to feel up today but it's a short, chubby shitskin. What …[View]
52956403hi fellow anons, this is gunji base were he collected his trannys amry to scam poor anons, lets unti…[View]
52955699does anyone else here hate nerds? every nerdy person I talk to is a dick head. they always say rude…[View]
52956386is it bad that im 20 and playing with hotwheels is still appealing to me? Am I the only one???[View]
52953087Ugly Girl Thread: Why don't you just settle for a girl you don't find attractive? If you …[View]
52956627Anybody else feel like they might die at any point?[View]
52956212The 2nd Chance: >been knowing each other for 2 years >not sure if were in a relationship >…[View]
52953968I remember wanting a gf like pic related throughout middle and high school. havent had a girlfriend …[View]
52953500Mail Order Bride?: What would it take for you to settle for a mail order bride? Also, what country w…[View]
52956574I am going on a quest to edge for 3 hours straight. God help me.[View]
52955000does anyone here have the shittiest life possible? do you blame god? do you hate god? >live in ru…[View]
52949918What the hell did I do wrong?[View]
52955975Most Men Are Fathers: 60% of men have kids. How does that make you feel?[View]
52955460was anyone else sheltered as a kid?[View]
52956562hello big kathy. how is your evening going[View]
52953991/c9k/ general #5: It's regular r9k except we all post like we're in the Wild West. Welcome…[View]
52956188Would you date a 8/10, pretty good vibes with good moral fiber girl, in exchange for being unable to…[View]
52955333can someone explain females to me please[View]
52955145(((Legalize Weed))): Why are (((they))) pushing marijuana consumption so much in recent years? I rem…[View]
52953778People make a choice to be gay. This is proven by the very existence of ex-gays and bisexuals.[View]
52955517Show this to your liberal family members[View]
52956350>Parents are Nigerian immigrants >Currently live in the US >Hanging with her and my (9 year…[View]
52956059My mom is black and was born in the South in the early 60s, so she experienced the last bit of segre…[View]
52955935>you are walking on a trail minding your own business >u see this what do you do?…[View]
52956422>be me >always have had trouble empathizing with other people >but always have had an extre…[View]
52953863why do girls use exclamation marks when they text you?[View]
52954651WHY ARE YOU ALL LIKE THIS: I wish you fucking weeb cunts were not so embarrassing so I could not be …[View]
52956378I don't want a girlfriend. I don't want sex. I just want women to treat me like any normal…[View]
52952756legitimate question about children with lack of humanity in them today.: I just got done watching mo…[View]
52955787Is it possible to make a living as a commercial thief with little risk of being caught?[View]
52955645>The setting is your classic shitty American middle school >8th Grade >No real friends but …[View]
52955571Why do men like this get hot women? I was at the the grocery store and there wre 7/10s with their ma…[View]
52953981I want to burry my nose in candace owens ass desu[View]
52955497gf bullying: give me ways I can bully gf more so far I've done the following >lick her face …[View]
52954972There is an entire world out there where people meet new people every day, just ask them out, flirt,…[View]
52955807>it started raining I love this kind of weather bros, cloudy, rainy, cold. It's so damn cozy…[View]
52954795I just wish I could find an innocent qt gf who has an easy job and I have an easy job and we just cu…[View]
52954979Why did internet get so shitty? Why isn't it chill anymore? Now everything boils down to dick s…[View]
52951307Night Walk Documentary Project!: It's been a bit, but, we are still open for submissions. -Can …[View]
52954227why are y'all so rude and hateful? I thought this was the last refuge from this world filled wi…[View]
52954932I got a big bag of one of these fuckers again. Didn't dig in yet, I'll probably demolish t…[View]
52954957Comfy friendly thread here. Been alone for almost four weeks now.[View]
52953347Healing from porn?: Is there even a way to do this? I feel like the depravity is just getting to be …[View]
52955790How do all these people make it through the day? What do they have to live for?[View]
52956047>she only wanted you for your looks and sex[View]
52954320Help me wagecucks, what's the correct answer to this?[View]
52955069'When you try to kick off the bugaloo but get smoked before you get inside.' LMAO[View]
52955882bah baaaah bah bah[View]
52954950Hey lads, I need to get diagnosed with a mental illness, which I believe is bipolar depression. This…[View]
52955526IQ: How long did it take before you realized you were addicted to coming to a website to argue with …[View]
52955893>Why yes, I do only have a dumbphone and only use my computer to research information once in a w…[View]
52955164How were jews treated in Imperial japan[View]
52955135HELP!!: >be you >born in a first world country >somehow still end up a NEET or a failure Ha…[View]
52954030What role does Kurt Cobain play in your life?: He is my father figure. I regard his music as gospel.…[View]
52955450should i attend my dead fathers' memorial?: my family wants me to attend some shat ass memorial…[View]
52955319kratom is amazing I like taking it. it makes video games amazing, I feel euphoric, I feel happy, it …[View]
52955131Look guys, I'm a hardcore FF8 fan, so many times I would even try to escape reality with lucid …[View]
52953339Why does stoicism fail for doomers?[View]
52953709>mommy is making tendies as we speak will post pictures when tendies are ready frens.…[View]
52955590>upload porn i made >tfw people have fapped to it >tfw chad…[View]
52955266why haven't u gotten a slim black gf yet anon its basically free if ur white[View]
52953229What would /r9k/ rather have; more police and police dogs or legal cannabis?[View]
52955700All you need to get pussy is buy some expensive trendy glasses and a decent hair cut[View]
52955644>Anon, youve never had any friends, have you?[View]
52955528curryfags' sisters have it worse[View]
52955503I kind of miss the 90s and early 2000s. did social media kinda kill anyone elses joy off? its like..…[View]
52955553>Tfw Kiernan Shipka will never rub her feet on my face while spitting on me Why live?…[View]
52955543what does it fel like[View]
52951618I just had a really eye opening chat with someone and now know that I must become a full blown out C…[View]
52955152I wore an I HAVE AUTISM-hat outside. And filmed people without asking. https://youtu.be/VZhWuLhOo5M[View]
52955375Skinny Kashii with no soul and a big pole Twin Dracos Twin Glocks with extendos I declare war fair g…[View]
52930395how did life punish you anon? I'll start >ginger[View]
52955451God I wish this was me. Where do I find another sheltered femboy on HRT and explore our sexuality t…[View]
52955432Who is the Doomer? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aaz4jdlqhSk[View]
52955233are there any other crybabies here? I react to every negative emotion with a strong urge to cry, I c…[View]
52955378>his younger siblings act more adult than him[View]
52952124Does anyone else keep a journal or a text file or anything like that? I don't want to bother pe…[View]
52955342Start of an ARG idk: Anyone knows the password to the website gustavo.com?[View]
52954098kathy i made green hot chocolate[View]
52955153Sometimes I forget vaginas are vertical and not horizontal[View]
52937791ITT: Tell us about your dad[View]
52955163>tfw want to wear short sleeves but don't want mum to see self harm scars…[View]
52953511Daily reminder to shoot your load to 2D feet.[View]
52954435Everything is never-ending. Sports. Food. Comics. Gaming. It's just a cycle of nothing that goe…[View]
52954220Dogs by definition are not for robots, they are attention seeking normalnigger bait.[View]
52955191Lust for a retard gf: Anyone else kind of attracted to girls that look like they might have some ret…[View]
52955149>he graduated from college without losing his virginity What the fuck? How is that even possible…[View]
52955142anybody here tried selling tshirts, mugs, etc. to supplement your neetbux?[View]
52949964Why does everyone want me to be their boyfriend im not gay they call me feminine and tell me to be g…[View]
52955113https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0JNsumNsFfY Why do i want to hit him so badly even though he seems l…[View]
52954523Whatever happened to him anons[View]
52954898Why do people in prison get to have free food, housing, electricity, running water, and healthcare b…[View]
52954143What types of age-gaps are considered inappropriate? Can I be with a 17 y/o if I'm 22. Would th…[View]
52952987>currently no racebait against asians >cant let my guard down owo…[View]
52953510How do you white boy zoomers cope with the fact that everyone hates you?: Well whats it like with al…[View]
52954762I've a coffee date with a girl 1 hour after getting a tooth filling? Am I gonna be numb and dro…[View]
52954078Bro's & Ho's: I think i'm falling for my best friend's girlfriend. what do /…[View]
52952606There was a thread the other day in which some anons recommended I listen Type O Negative, just want…[View]
52954896>i was edgy enough to reject a qt outcast gf 6 years Ago I Wonder How my life would be like now I…[View]
52954416i have an interview tomorrow which is the first step on leaving neetdom behind. i am expecting to lo…[View]
52954862>When you fall asleep on her tummy and she farts....[View]
52951665What is the ultimate point of living? Up to this point my life has been nothing but suffering, with …[View]
52954233ITT: Hot Takes: small tiddy emo gf > big tiddy goth gf[View]
52953554Censored / Cuck Thread: Let them rollin' baby![View]
52954596Hello my friends, I am the loving one and I am here to grant you your hearts desire and all it will…[View]
52954246Why are fat people so fucking disgusting?[View]
52952665Is there hope for any manlet robots?: Srs, all femanons want tallfags. Even the short femonanons. Is…[View]
52954183koreanons get in here. drinking again but lets talk about bullshit[View]
52953920Why are lesbian teens twice as likely to get pregnant compared to straight teens?[View]
52953513Is this in any way accurate?[View]
52954706>walking down the street >see a hot girl >brown hair, nice eyes, 7/10 >kind of got lost …[View]
52954308>bored >go to local CL Rants and Raves section >it's literally /r9k/ and /pol/ on ster…[View]
52952181Why do I feel like someone punched me in the gut when I get mocked or insulted? Why is it that I can…[View]
52954516I WANT A FUCKING ASIAN GF: On a trip to Seattle and theres so many goddamn asian qts here. Not havin…[View]
52953577>you will never find someone that will love you and accept your mistakes…[View]
52954606bf snuggles edition last thread: >>52937070[View]
52953812I'm stuck a manlet: my only chance to get out of manlet hood was hgh turns out its illegal in t…[View]
52953565Good Ol Times/Greentext Thread: Ive got a greentext for you newfags who werent here, or for the poor…[View]
52953066Where the fuck were these young, sexy teachers who wanted to suck and fuck 14 year old cock when I w…[View]
52954321>no goth gf to listen to Nosferatu and The Cruxshadows with me Is there even a point in living, l…[View]
52953655>tfw even the jonas brothers are starting to look old Just put a bullet through my brain…[View]
52951551Jojo hate thread: - Imagine you're a nerd and you watch a lot of anime - You start to pick up a…[View]
52954536>Anon... What are all these 'cuckcest' threads about? >And who's 'Chadson'?…[View]
52954203fuck trannies hahaa[View]
52954505Just had the most amazing fap of my life sniffing my roommate's crusted panties, AMA.[View]
52954457What do you prefer when it come to a shower style? I always preferred the stall types, makes me feel…[View]
52953921anyone else have family member who have wikipedia pages or fill up the first page of google results …[View]
52954495I broke up with my girlfriend that I used to mentally abuse and that i've been with for 11 mont…[View]
52937070/r9gay/: Sunday loneliness edition - #773 Are you doing anything nice this week anons?[View]
529510183 weeks ago I went on my first date ever and it made me realize I will never be able to escalate to …[View]
52954461Bloomer music: Let's have a Blommer music thread. 25 year old Blommer here, post what you have …[View]
52954356Ah, the beauty of anonymity. Fuck niggers desu[View]
52954424>ywn tower over a smol gf while holding her hand why even live[View]
52954324>What are those scratches on your arm? >Oh I don't know, must have been a branch.…[View]
52954430I WANT A SONG https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EHIlRy_Hmmg[View]
52952429Reminder to be nice to transgender anons, they go through enough. I'm gonna get a lot of hate f…[View]
52954329Who is devoid of empathy and is driven by hate and disdain for other humans, even for their own fami…[View]
52953233this couple pop up on my FB feed occasionally and i'm normally taken aback by how ugly he is, s…[View]
52951032>tfw theres no point in talking with normies >tfw if you say something that they don't li…[View]
52952200>tfw the whole point of the book is Achilles' anger at the death of Patroclus more than the …[View]
52954253>girl likes me >match with her >have a good conversation for a couple hours >try to ask …[View]
52953159impossible to not get a gf: Hold on to 25, Been checking census data and it seems that men outnumbe…[View]
52953423>Grew up in the hood >Went to a private school in a popular city for middle school >Had to …[View]
52951652Hiki thread: to all the hikikomoris, shut-ins, hermits, agoraphobes etc, what is your daily routine …[View]
52953592I didnt choose the girl (male) life It chose me. Dont like it? Too bad. You angry incels need to ac…[View]
52951288/r9k/: You die and live in a rpg world of your choice >name it you are given a single skill by an…[View]
52954014>Sir, this is a legitimate massage parlor. I'm going to call the police now.…[View]
52953757Young Woman Hate Thread: I fucking want to kill every young, not obese roastie I see. Why the fuck d…[View]
52954087Capitalism is a failure: Capitalism is a failure and I'm gonna tell you why. It is because the …[View]
52953717>get girlfriend >gets mad when I don't grab her ass in public What the fuck?…[View]
52953938Does anyone think these shoes r sexy[View]
52952205Why caused women to be like this?[View]
52953443I need more music. I will listen to most stuff. I like 60s-90s shit, but just throw out what you lik…[View]
52953573Are women socially shamed for being virgins over the age of 17 like men are?[View]
52953308If it makes you less sad I will die by your hand I hope you find out what you want I already know wh…[View]
52951588That weirdo in high-school who was charismatic enough to be openly weird and he didn't give a s…[View]
52953755Before I start this story I would like to mention I went to a Christian school at the time >in t…[View]
52953625I want to be a hero but with style. Any tips anons?[View]
52953449is this the fast food of Chads?[View]
52953866Why do current r9k threads look like they were made by a bot?[View]
52953362As a Chad I'd like to get to know the people of r9k. Come chat. https://twitch.tv/osmurr[View]
52953685>therapist says you look visually upset >this just upsets you more…[View]
52953782https://www.instagram.com/p/BybEm0xBttZ/ thoughts? would you hit the bong out of her butt? personal…[View]
52953775>Go to the library >Ask if I can sign up for the library >She corrects me and says 'si…[View]
52951100>be me >havent gotten more than 50 replies in my entire time using r9k Can someone tell me wha…[View]
52953701>cum on gf's face >suddenly I'm no longer horny and feel weird about it…[View]
52952849>he procrastinated again >he said he's gonna do it tomorrow >he knows he won't…[View]
52952473>tfw gf unironically reads this shit[View]
52952862BPD Feels: How do I stop taking out my bad moods on my boyfriend? He can say the most innocuous thin…[View]
52953201>vapes >poops This be the life[View]
52948130Fucking hell, I stayed up to watch that thread. Dumb cunts deleting it.[View]
52951879is it possible to get a cute husband if you are an ugly girl: im askin theaoreticly pls jus answer…[View]
52953289The most beautiful woman alive isn't Rianne va-[View]
52949314Sometimes I hear random shit in my head. Like a scream or a vibration.[View]
52953394Post-irony: Why don't Americans understand irony or sarcasm? Is that because they are stupid, o…[View]
52952732I fucking wish I was bisexual. Gay men seem way more accepting of potential partners regarding looks…[View]
52953572Is anybody else not gay but love cock? I mean, I'm as straight as a ruler, but I love futas and…[View]
52952525>talk to a chick for a month online >she ghosts me without reason. It wasn't extremely pe…[View]
52948890What are the chances of having heart failure at 22?[View]
52953156Would you settle for a previous thot if she felt sorry and apologized for her behavior and wanted to…[View]
52953541So quit smoking, slow turkey...[View]
52951561Sexual abuse has made me into femdom and it is destroying my relationship: This month has been absol…[View]
52952930>found out that my 2011 crush is now depressed and suicidal wtf she was almost a stacy…[View]
52953048I feel like killing myself and it's hard to breathe and I want to talk to somebody but I just r…[View]
52951253Judging ONLY from what you can see from the picture (yes, it's small). What can you tell me abo…[View]
52952354Why do some men allow themselves to get cucked by their own girlfriend?[View]
52952507there is nothing wrong with women being experimental in their youth and then settling down with a go…[View]
52953097my depression has reached a point where i don't even enjoy listening to music anymore, this was…[View]
52952472welp, after having no gf all my life, being an alcoholic, no job, family hates me, i've finally…[View]
52952747>2 girls that I think are interested in me and who are friends >can't decide which one to…[View]
52951102Why don't you have a gf yet, anon? It's easy, just date someone your own level![View]
52949888has anyone here ever stolen anything?[View]
52953407>there is always this stereotype that girls like bad boys because they want to turn them good …[View]
52939215How did you quit your porn addiction?[View]
52953261Is it possible to be friends with a girl you have feelings for when you know she likes someone else?…[View]
52950946My grandfather was like 5'5 or 5'6 and he got married and had a kid Height is a meme[View]
52953185>on holiday >find this in your fapseat wat do?…[View]
52951348Is 'based' just 4chan's version of upvoting?[View]
52947684This is a male in 2019. What's your excuse to still being a virgin? If girls reject you, just h…[View]
52947335She has a point you know /r9k/? Why on Earth are you all still single?[View]
52953228I can't tell if I'm depressed or bored with life[View]
52953044>think my mom isn't home >make farting noises with my mouth >she's home…[View]
52952283Thoughts on this Youtube channel?[View]
52952769>Finally found an attractive female that likes to talk to me and we talk and hang out every day …[View]
52952860Would you date a fat chick? Not obese, but decently fat.[View]
52951851Go outside and mow your lawn: it floods your neurons with endorphins[View]
52952605>Imagine being uncircumcised >imagine your dick looking like an ear of corn >imagine your d…[View]
52952899How old were you when you finally ditched the tighty-whities?[View]
52951383How do I not end up like cwc??: Do you guys have the fear of ending up really fucked up in life? I h…[View]
52951541What has your experience been with the police?[View]
52952890>tfw no machine learning practitioner bf[View]
52953062I suddenly came across the pokemon song and got nostalgic. I can see why this show can have such an …[View]
52946209Femanons, do you realize this when you go out in public?[View]
52953076>tfw the nice girl you've been talking too for a while suddenly mentions her 'boyfriend…[View]
52953024Describe the worst human being you personally know. If it's yourself, say so.[View]
52953016lookin for a thread about a week or a few days ago, where the anon was talking about in order for th…[View]
52952021Why do single girls not bother keeping their place clean? Does it only kick in once married?[View]
52952979>Anon... What are all these 'cuckcest' threads about? >Who's 'Chadson'?…[View]
52952976What happened to the tinychat room?: Is it all over, guys? Did the crackman finally crack down on ch…[View]
52946796what do you think actually happens in dates and relationships, /r9k/?[View]
52950788how come weeb girls are so '''racist''' when it comes to dating? for all the memes about their suppo…[View]
52952943>at McDonald's >ask for chocolate chip cookie >they accidentally give me an extra Hell…[View]
52950553My depression is either gone or it is drastically reduced. I'm feeling so calm, something I hav…[View]
52952917>there are people who think this comic represents how life actually goes >there are people wh…[View]
52952902>Finally manage to get a gf and graduate inceldom after 23 sad years >She doesn't want ki…[View]
52950699as a kid i would rape my imaginary friend. am i fucked in the head?[View]
52949504I'm an angry incel who's angry at girls who ignore people in their league in order to have…[View]
52941554>reminder that this 19yo makes in 3 months more than you will make in your lifetime…[View]
52947601>hes not a race traitor[View]
52952830There's no such thing as being manipulated into being gay. The matter of fact is that you were …[View]
52950430>When your son tells you his bully beat him up again >You tend to his wounds but you feel your…[View]
52951314I want people to fuck my mom[View]
52950902If I self-publish a 250 page novel on Amazon, how must should I price it for? I asked /lit/, but I d…[View]
52952663You guys know that pic related is all that truly matters when it comes to meeting people right?[View]
52949584>Little brother and me watching the TV and snuggling under a soft quilt >We got no school tomo…[View]
52949581What is the point of real women?[View]
52952024Summary of being outside for 1 hour: >women on a bike shouted at me because I didnt look to the l…[View]
52951719>want to get into /nightwalks/ but live in my town's ghetto How do anons living in shit neig…[View]
52951427>tfw no abusive gf Why even live?[View]
52952549But Katrina will kiss and run To her a romance is fun[View]
52950169God: Daily reminder that even if everyone else abandons you Jesus still loves you and will be there …[View]
52951905Have you ever fantasised about milking a horse(male)?[View]
52952431>hang out with cringe goth girl cause shes hot and Im tryna get some >meet her younger sister …[View]
52950690I fucking hate being an ugly virgin. I wanna beat the shit out a girl that rejects me.[View]
52947336>'Anon, I'm sorry for being so blunt, but I want you.. really bad. Whenever I think of you I…[View]
52952100How many hours does it take the body to fully digest food?[View]
52952288Was Napoleon /ourguy/?: >We treat women too well, and in this way have spoiled everything. We hav…[View]
52950105we should make this board blue to get rid of the trannies just as /b/ has their own yellowposting mo…[View]
52952267>be me >only drummer in high school other than hot female drummer >8/10 dummy thick and you…[View]
52951771How do girls fuck up life on easy mode.[View]
52951727what are some great robot games to play on your phone? Lets share some goo games! Mine is dungeon ma…[View]
52951850>tfw not gay but want to dominate and fuck a cute sissy trap[View]
52951245I can't feel.: I don't really enjoy anything anymore and nothing interests me. I'd sa…[View]
52948417I accidentally drank my older sisters breast milk There is not enough bleach on this earth for this[View]
52946802What went wrong with Mal Malloy?[View]
52951999How do I pollinate flowers without being arrested for indecent exposure again?[View]
52952253Nothing is worse than being a fucking wristlet[View]
52952216so a short while back i talked about how i asked a girl out and she said no, well she recently said …[View]
52952201you can't be a robot if you're a female, fuck outta here all of you bitches YOU ARE A FUCK…[View]
52951359What kind of fucking retard would do something like this? What happened to privacy and mystery? Why …[View]
52952169I stopped thinking traps were sexy when I fucked a girl. Am I heterosexual now or was I homosexual b…[View]
52951801Hey guys, I'm looking for a friendly discord server without any concrete topic or something whe…[View]
52948826you incels need to stop being creepy[View]
52951614Yknow when youre getting into an Uber and they ask you your name like >John? and youre like …[View]
52951338So i just got buzzcut last friday to like 1cm lenght on top and shorter on sides looks like pic rela…[View]
52949094What is the secret to courting women?[View]
52952065Will be at a party this weekend. How do I get a girl drunk enough to do anything? She's a Musli…[View]
52947222How low is my T if all I can ejaculate is a small drop of clear liquid? Should I get it checked?[View]
52949443>like women that are taller than me >i'm 6'0 YOU MANLETS ARE LUCKY REEEEEE…[View]
52951994>the year is 6969 >it is the 9th day of the 6th month >the time is 06:08 >you open your …[View]
52949753lanklet feels: >6'4 >get invited to night out with co-workers >end up in club >QT c…[View]
52952032Post ITT if you wasted this entire fucking decade on this site: There hasn't been a single day …[View]
52950867>*tink tink tink* >*AHEM* >FUCK ALTMER >FUCK DUNMER >FUCK BOSMER >FUCK DWEMER …[View]
52951432Elliot should have watched more porn. He could have worked in the industry.[View]
52951109Nofap: Does nofap really change your life around? Im about 4 days in and temptation is starting to s…[View]
52950362What are some weird turn ons for you??[View]
52951442>missed out on bonding with my mom I can't stand her, but she's the only person who…[View]
52950079>teenagers are having a party in my neighbour garden Just let me fucking be stop taunting me…[View]
52950471I'm going to be depressed forever, aren't I?[View]
52951484Why do women have so much more freedom compared to men? More masculine women are perceived as tomboy…[View]
52951826>Post in a thread >My being trans gets brought up by another poster >WOW FUCKING TRANNIES G…[View]
52951135How do applefags browse r9k?: I lost my s6 ages ago and have been using my iphone as my daily driver…[View]
52949611WebMD is fucking useless. Anybody know what's wrong with me?[View]
52950806Thrown I'm still really sad and miss you[View]
52951792big kat im going to make my hot chocolate now. happy afternoon too[View]
52951215>there are anons on /r9k/ who have never jacked it to Wifey[View]
52951167I want to impregnate some random cute chick that I'll never see again, then 18 years later I me…[View]
52951382ahhhhhhh why did I have to be a born a meek faggot who is to cowardly to talk to gorls[View]
52948930LovelyLilith: Loves movies Loves video games Loves comics Loves Star Wars Loves art Loves music Love…[View]
52951655>He still believes there are 'fembots' on here[View]
52951420>he,at any point in time,browsed pol,s4s,v,mu,tv, or b in an unironic sense…[View]
52948787What's the endgame here?: I'm trying to understand what the apotheosis of this board'…[View]
52951435>got my first human interaction for weeks today >It was a nigger trying to scam me >It only…[View]
52951248My girl and I are Unemployed...: Green text, need some light >Moved to the US a year ago >Work…[View]
52950470Another robot went ER and died a hero[View]
52951396Why haven't you swallowed the prim-pill yet? >healthy peaceful outdoors activities >meani…[View]
52950567>me >autistic 0 social skill reject >off to college in a week >peak loneliness >extre…[View]
52948843>was given an IQ test >am in the bottom 6th percentile of intelligence So that's why I ca…[View]
52951092V-card insurance thread: How likely will it be for you to get a gf if you owned this?[View]
52950004Working is such a waste of time: I took today off of work. Every time I take a day off and decide to…[View]
52950991>spends a fuckton of time writing a post >error : no file selected >Mimi wont save your pro…[View]
52951305I am a kv, a mutt. a tranny, I have a fat brown dick with tight foreskin, ghostly pale body, big ugl…[View]
52951057>mother was a legit 9/10 Stacy >dad was 8/10 Chad-lite >i'm a 3/10 autistic manlet rob…[View]
52951116who else is completely fucked thanks to their parents? >Doctor warns parents that I have a high r…[View]
52951016>fell in love with a whore[View]
52949695Its great being a black bull and having a BBC: Whether or not you believe this post, idc. Its for re…[View]
52948172Women don't like doing blowj-[View]
52950165cashier girl brushed my hand when she gave me my change. another couple girls at the bus stop waited…[View]
52950962lncels are fucking retarded[View]
52948110how do I do this? just want to look young forever[View]
52950783Doesn't anybody else just wish they had a normal mom? That bitch is a total and complete shamel…[View]
52950235nothing you accomplish can really help: > spending 4 days in Edinburgh attending scientific confe…[View]
52950300Women are absolute inhuman thrash that deserve death. If they want to lead, they are Machiavellian d…[View]
52951051>never had an orgasm while conscious only in sleep >never masturbate >rarely think about se…[View]
52950985>Girlfriend and I had a moment like pic related >I leave the country for a while >ff few …[View]
52951002Anon is back from a month long ban: Hi Anons, I'm back again. I haven't been able to post …[View]
52946749Annoying things NPCs say. Feel free to contribute. >Smash >Slay >Bro >Savage >Fuck bu…[View]
52949618>had an ideal body type gf for 3 months >break up with her >realize the day after that I di…[View]
52950908How do I get rid of an autistic obsession? What are you obsessed with? >Have 413 mechanical penci…[View]
52950327>hear the slightest mean thing said about me >feel like shit for days >insecure about it un…[View]
52950116Fembots, have you ever made out with your girl friends?[View]
52950013>be in non-english speaking country >join very niche and comfy gaming groupchat >use trans…[View]
52950358why do wite pepl make such good music?[View]
52950156im considering becoming a clergyman should I?[View]
52946164>parents making me go to therapist/counselor for depression >gonna tell them depressed because…[View]
52949752All you bitchmade hoes are so mad because us chads take everything away from you Im sorry bitch[View]
52949716guide to do shit thread: the internet is one of the greatest inventions on modern history and we…[View]
52950062>actually thinking women can be lonely >actually thinking that women can be undesirable enough…[View]
52950857Who else thinks this world isnt' real?: I go outside, and see people doing things that seem imp…[View]
52950767>a thread died for this i hope it was made by a j(ew)[View]
52948623Im asian and i never considered dating out of my race until recently, i find white girls comfy to ta…[View]
52950242/yandere/ is leaking: I wonder if we will see a series of copycat yandere murder attempts in the fut…[View]
52950712general FEELS thread i miss her and i fucked up the relationship because i thougt >muh i wanna b…[View]
52943416Sigh... why do I bother...[View]
52950272Do you know how to tie the simple knot without instructions?[View]
52946348Americans are more productive than ever but we work harder and get paid less than the generations be…[View]
52949746Even the anime characters in the ads of the top this site dick mog me to hell and back[View]
52949731Anyone got more similar?[View]
52950592>be me >get work done when i should be sleeping, feeling god like while doing it because its s…[View]
52950245Ask a guy who jacked off in a school stall during high school without getting caught anything[View]
52950186I had a dream last night I was with people like me and I was happy: They were werewolves who liked S…[View]
52950541teacher: >be me >15 yr old eurokid >on a classtrip for a week >chads ask me to join thei…[View]
52949189Scientists calculated the ideal face from questioning different men and women for each gender respec…[View]
52945826African features are really cute at times.[View]
52950086What prevents you from refusing the wagie life and become a chad military man?[View]
52950425I hate my mother so much I enjoy slapping her in the face.[View]
52950321Does anyone in your family or friend circle know you browse this website?[View]
52947738I had a one night stand with an art hoe and now I'm sad because she was just using me for dick …[View]
52950371post gf feels >tfw go grocery shopping and cook dinner together >tfw her body heat under the c…[View]
52949309It really sucks seeing girls that i crushed on in high school be hit with some combination of pierci…[View]
52950241Why are zoomers so obsessed with sex?[View]
52949774I fucking hate women because none of them want me. I fucking hate them because zero of them would ev…[View]
52943136/britfeel/: This ain't the end of me or the things that I could be, this is the end of you afte…[View]

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