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46304757I figured it out,it isnt real. Love isnt real,it cant be.How can someone like someone to the degree …[View]
46301174do you have a job? do you like your job? what is your job? job? job[View]
46304162>that 20 year old boomer making all the boomer threads[View]
46304260drunk thread: What are you drinking and what are you doing while drinking? How are you feeling?…[View]
46303070Post your most awe inspiring, abyssal, truly monumental Wojaks. Wojaks that give the impression of '…[View]
46303176Ive heared some info's about a shooting taking place today at 3 PM in San Fransisco, take care …[View]
46302956How do you deal with racist family members? I can't believe the disgusting things my dad says a…[View]
46304736>tfw fatherhood[View]
46300070>be balding >still make fun of balding/bald ppl who /bald-on-bald crime/ here…[View]
46302175What if you were to have sex with a girl and she were to save your cum then used it to get herself p…[View]
46302475Any one else sad high school came to an end? It's been two years and I still haven't let g…[View]
46303386Remember robots, if you ever get a gf and want to have awesome post-marital sex be sure to get her a…[View]
46302599who /manic/ here: >tfw Bipolar 2 >my hypomanic episode makes me feel like im a mini chad and I…[View]
46302940Are girls able to have sex 5 times aday? i don't think any woman will be able to satisfy my urg…[View]
46304176'What's wrong, Anon? You seem like you have a lot on your mind, but haven't had anyone to …[View]
46304528>look up free passwords to access videos on obscure porn website >none of them work what the f…[View]
46302836Late night catgirl/kemonomimi thread: Was posting last night before I went to sleep, I am back with …[View]
46304540Anyone else ironic cancer?: >playing pubg >turn mic on >blast party rockers from phone down…[View]
46303954does anyone else wish they could legally murder babies or is that just me?[View]
46304581Step back.[View]
46298283Heya /r9k/! Me again, I had an advice thread a couple days ago that went pretty alright, so I though…[View]
46302484>you will never find a girl who will stay by your side and love you for who you are…[View]
46304379r9k is a noir city: >it's been years since I lost everything >my partner, my job, my fian…[View]
46304519obtain wholesome qt3.14 how?[View]
46302306Does anybody else feel lonely tonight?[View]
46299090post homescreens[View]
46301725>tfw no hung brap bf[View]
46304390waka waka walking in a winter wonderland[View]
46304246>shotgun gifted by granddad before he died (daly 101) >old man must've been senile, since…[View]
46304185>tfw not in a relationship with a cute twink where we force fem each other by shoving estrogen do…[View]
46304269>tfw ywn beat the shit out of traps for ruining this board[View]
46288235>wife denied me sex again >went out drinking with the girls and says i cant come >i tried g…[View]
46303904Took ecstasy with a couple of friends last night and felt depressed for the first time ever on it, b…[View]
46304069>oneitis slaps my ass every time I hang out with her >this pleases my femdom fetish >howe…[View]
46303892i have spent 6 hours shitposting and no one will stop me[View]
46302722I will literally never have a girlfriend. I will never have a girlfriend.[View]
46303941>try to fall asleep at bedtime >11am >get angry at the sun for interfering with my sleep …[View]
46303034At what point did you realize that chads and stacys were not all shallow human beings without a soul…[View]
46303239How can anyone approach a girl when you are essentially asking a stranger for sex no matter how tact…[View]
46303940>tfw one of my old youtube videos back from when i lacked any self-awareness was recently starred…[View]
46304121Is it impossible to enjoy photos of attractive women if they're with their boyfriends?[View]
46301289A different kind of waifu thread: Post waifus that aren't popular, So no muffy, kelly etc.…[View]
46303676Super Powers: If you could have a super power what would i be /r9k/? Id have like lightning/electric…[View]
46303457Who is the gang weed man pictured in the memes like this one?[View]
46302812Anyone else stutter?: Usually, in a conversation, I'll either get speech blocks, or just go int…[View]
46302907neets are the perfect guy but they're so hard to find i met my ex-boyfriend through someone i m…[View]
46301469So there's this girl in my public speaking class and I think she likes me. I was giving my midt…[View]
46304087Anyone here have Eliza's discord server?: Would be nice, haven't talked to her in a year…[View]
46303521>tfw just took a ton of DXM and benadryl What am I in for?[View]
46303665Empirical science: There's someone who's trying to start an edit war with my across multip…[View]
46303623Reminder he has gf and you dont whats your excuse? https://youtu.be/cgtyXsKjHIg[View]
46302953Can we have a foreskin/uncut thread? Which does /r9k/'s penis look like? Mine is a B but I…[View]
46301829ITT your favorite doujinshi(s)of all time. I'll start. https://nhentai.net/g/118213/ https://nh…[View]
46303856>be me >coming home after long day at school >homealone.jpeg >run to the computer >se…[View]
46302472I just got my fucking dick sucked 2 times in a row; and I didn't bust for either of them. I fee…[View]
46303969>Results How was it? Passed 1st year Computer Engineering. Meme course.…[View]
46301210You are the last man alive in the world: Gangs of women are chasing you, with flashlights and dogs. …[View]
46303582I won't give up.: The drill is the drill... You believed in me as I believed in you. But anon, …[View]
46300664Why are black guys becoming cuck sissy slaves nowadays?[View]
46303706'Don't stress, Anon.'[View]
46303899i've shit three times today now and bled twice. is this how its gonna fucking end?[View]
46303580>Good morning! What do you need so much pipes for mr. Anon?[View]
46299543This fucking whore chose a white guy over me. I spent four fucking years observing Islam hoping to b…[View]
46301708Am going biking tomorrow but I dont know how to ride a bike. Any tios to save myself from embarrassm…[View]
46297604> Do you like my room anon? w-what say!??![View]
46303832>be in college >learn cs >learn ethics I DONT WANT TO LEARN ABOUT HUMANITIES I WANT TO HACK…[View]
46302311> Be me > Be uncircumcised, and my foreskin doesn't really go all the way back and my gla…[View]
46302950I want to feel the warmth of a women cuddling me in bed, I get so jealous whenever I see it in movie…[View]
46303536> be college freshman > hard to form any other circles > literature major housemates don…[View]
46300882Is this the power of white cock?[View]
46303364Dark Sider: Fuck yeah i'm a dark sider undeniable victor unbeatable mentor unpredictable alcind…[View]
46303685autistic faggot feels: >nobody knows your diagnosis >have to sit and watch a roastie that regu…[View]
46301837>tfw she calls you 'dude' its over, isnt it boys?[View]
46302664Give me an ENTJ gf now. Why must the personality type I want be impossible to obtain I'm sure …[View]
46303560Should it be a concern for my mental health that my main goal and purpose for living is to one day f…[View]
46303606>be me >suck at life >that's all…[View]
46303269i am going to explode i am at a dead end i feel stuck i can't move on with my life i am dying a…[View]
46302887They're now making incel fetish porn. Could this be the next big fad?[View]
46303372Fuck, I just realized how much I miss being held. Some girl at work tickled me today and it's t…[View]
46303525My life has been objectively better since wearing girl clothes and being with boys[View]
4630298230 ALONE AND SINGLE: To make friends at 30, the important thing is to get opportunities. To start th…[View]
46300866Anon goes to Seattle: Hello fellow robots. My life is shit. There is nothing in my cirrent life wort…[View]
46303293is getting constantly mad at videogames low iq? asking for a friend for sure[View]
46303203This is Michael my friend. Say something nice about him.[View]
46303413How do I become military inerrogator? abusing people seems like fun job[View]
46303165>have tinder gold for 2 months >never once get a preemptive 'like' that wasn't a bot >…[View]
46303259>fun >active >spicy Come join~ https://discord .gg/xGYZxg9…[View]
46301672Happy 21st birthday to me lads[View]
46303331Need incel-themed infinity war poster: Can somebody give me the incel-themed I city war poster? Than…[View]
46302738How come most people on this board are such elitists? Seems you guys are just as judgemental as the …[View]
46303284>be me >studied abroad in India >fucking hated the place >was taking out that trash one …[View]
46302408ITT: use adjectives that describe incels[View]
46302672SOS: I'm at a party and acting awkward. HELP![View]
46299339what are some good jobs for people who are dumb, lazy, have no energy, and who cant multitask[View]
46303089suicide buddy: find your suicide buddy in this thread[View]
46302429Is smoking creatine a meme or nah?: I was talking to one of my gym buddies about supplements and he …[View]
46301199Going to the water park with my little brother tomorrow but I, uhhh have a problem (pic related). I …[View]
46302626>Be me >Open frontdoor, see 50 year old male neighbour >Tells me I can fuck him between his…[View]
46302327why are they so similar?[View]
46299820Tell me your breakup stories. Why and how. I need to hear them.[View]
46303223What cereal do you think of when you see this photo?: Sometimes I truly question my existence you kn…[View]
46302015Anybody got gore of this bitch?[View]
46303198>ywn have an emo christian gamer girl who genuinely cares for you[View]
46302694What do: Hey guys. I have my wisdom teeth from a few months. What should I do with them.[View]
46303157Say it with me 'Looks based caste system' (LBCS)[View]
46302415i feel so sad my dudes there is a huge weight in my chest and i really want it to go away does anyon…[View]
46303103I got fired today because i insulted the boss' son[View]
46303078EVEN THIS FUCKING CRIPPLE CAN GET A QT GF https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cgtyXsKjHIg HAHAHAHAHAHA…[View]
46299600Does liking legal girls that look younger than they are make you a pedophile[View]
46301010Wholesome Thread: This thread is for wholesome images and discussion.[View]
46302373Innovation thread: You do shit when you're horny >Be me >15/16 years old >Parents aren…[View]
46303073Alright so If you're fat, obese, disfigured, and/or mentally retarded, this puts you on the bot…[View]
46298546Is the world headed towards dark times? It feels like it. I don't know anyone who is actually o…[View]
46302886Have job interview sunday. Lady sounded like a total cunt on the phone. I dont wanna go but im sick …[View]
46302980>talking to friend about country music > make a joke about not liking country music because i …[View]
46301358Its over for ugly fembots: Ugly women get nearly 0% of messages from males, according to a OK Cupid …[View]
46302975>have tiniest most miniscule form of communication with any qt >immediately think of her as a…[View]
46301107who here /smokesquad/[View]
46302880MEXIBOIS LOVE BWC: Mexican bois are meant to be sissies, their mongoloid genes make them short &…[View]
46302868>tfw no mess bf[View]
46302890How to Properly Slash Tires: Hello, robots, Angry at a specified person? Slash their tires! Make sur…[View]
46302889Does honor among peers have any place in the world anymore?[View]
46301015i was sitting on a bench with my dog and a 9yo girl petted him, i got mad bc she will be a degenerat…[View]
46302615Anyone in the Toronto area know of really high places that are easy to get too? like high-rise/skysc…[View]
46302761>be me >eurofag >really fucking smart and interested in sciences from a young age >live …[View]
46299912AMA: Ask a former robot who now has a girlfriend anything.[View]
46302809White bitches belong to black men AND women. What are you cuck as whitebois gonna do about it?[View]
46302530Help: Why won't my boyfriend fuck me?[View]
46302511has anyone here actually tried going gay cuz no luck with women? asked this gay guy to the movies re…[View]
46302573What is wrong with me? How do i fix this?[View]
46302696I know this shit happened 2 years ago but why the fuck hasnt anybody lost their mind over tay this A…[View]
46302576>be me >Hang out with this ftm tranny for first time >Wow he's actually not as cring…[View]
46302367/rr/- Robot Radio: Hey /r9k/ get in here and come listen to my comfy internet radio station for robo…[View]
46302680>Female friend wants to have a threesome with her boyfriend and i so i can lose my virginity …[View]
46301254>havent hugged a girl in 5 years[View]
46296356wat does the perfect brapper look like guys?[View]
46302139Whats a good way to kill myself without much pain? was thinking: Drug cocktail recipe Switzerland Di…[View]
46302671Toes: >another night of asking girls on Tinder to let me worship their feet How is your night goi…[View]
46301359Does anyone else wish they were gay? Not in the trap way of wanting to get fucked, but just attracte…[View]
4630243125+ thread: Where my fellow 25+ chads at?[View]
46302524Is being panromantic the ultimate stacy/chad way to be? And you can piss off your parents, but you c…[View]
46293201this situation is more common than you guys will ever know.[View]
46299672>tfw muffy is taller than you and would never accept a short bf[View]
46300842Is Justin Trudeau the most robot leader/politician in history?[View]
46301844Any other robots only interested in black women? After years of being rejected and bullied by white …[View]
46298621> do sexual with a girl > later found out she's a boy is this okay?…[View]
46302075>that 20 year old zoomer listening to blink 182 and playing cavestory on his latitude d620 while …[View]
46301306I want to fuck an incel, only to make all of the other incels jealous they didn't have the luck…[View]
46301230Do roast- I mean women act differently towards men with big penises?[View]
46301813If I castrate myself in order to prove my dedication, do you think any million or billionaires would…[View]
46302532How the fuck I'm a suppose to smile genuinely. The most I can do is a sarcastic one.[View]
46297046Why do white people on here automatically get so triggered when someone mentions anything about bein…[View]
46301877Shakespeare: Does R9K have a favorite Shakespeare play?[View]
46293429>Apply for a job and put Black when they ask for my race >No call for a week >Withdraw my a…[View]
46302474Hey, Champ. Your mom and I are sending you to Guangzhou (a city in China, Champ) for your own good. …[View]
46302463I got blood in my poop and my butt is sticky Why does anal hurt so much[View]
46302325>Tfw dicklet >There's no surgery, no exercise, nothing I can ever do to get past 4 inches…[View]
46301790hypersonically edgy music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZGNhXiAkyE0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
46301949If nature wants man and woman to have sex then why isn't it easier to happen? Why is there to b…[View]
46302219Wht the FUCK do people think that I need to pay attention to them 24/7?: I'M FUCKING TRYING TO …[View]
46302357Guys, I have ever spent 7 plus years in only LDRs, do I get any wizard powers?[View]
46302348Friday night music: Hey anons what music are you currently listening to? Come and discuss share or v…[View]
46302232*sigh...* Another kissless handholdless day wasted eating fast food and watching let's plays. W…[View]
46302237>week 4 of nofap >mostly feel exactly the same >the only difference is the urge to fap has …[View]
46302255ughhh: ur all really rude the end[View]
46302243We must build the kingdom of god from the ruins of America.[View]
46300941I'm fucking done with dealing with other people. I don't want to kill myself but I also do…[View]
46301253i bought shit online from some camwhore roastie, and now i have sores on my lips and in my mouth. i …[View]
46298969here comes Eugenia: what a sweet, little girl[View]
46299875Where my drunk robots at? Life is still shit, only alcohol can fix that, it really takes a lot of fu…[View]
46302152be me, infamous for ldrs: I'm a ~fully grown adult~ now and finally my parents accept my ldrs, …[View]
46301171Hey robots, another Friday night spent alone, let me tell you about my week >be me, 22 y/o kissle…[View]
46284519/r9gay/ - #351: when did you realized you caught the gay? edition previously: >>46271293…[View]
46301988>mom yelled at me for being 28 and neet again >stuck a coke bottle up my rectum until it bled …[View]
46298364ITT: we're all from 1945 America >pic unrelated[View]
46298281> why are you still a virgin, kid?[View]
46299960Kill: I was harshly rejected by the girl of my dreams ( along with her family ) I was so in love wit…[View]
46300636When was the last time you had a genuine laugh?[View]
46296202Poetry thread: Does anyone here into poetry? Here's one I just wrote but am not keeping: >to…[View]
46301776>Turbochad from my old HS killed himself and a bunch of Stacies and normies in a drunk driving ac…[View]
46299810Will I ever get to experience a girl riding my face?[View]
46301920Why aren't you drunk robots? I'm shitfaced on whiskey and I feel great.[View]
46301912Come to Jesus: Revelation 22:17 And the Spirit and the bride say, Come. And let him that heareth say…[View]
46301773Why don't you just date an ugly, hairy girl?[View]
46298937INTJ: Are we the baddies? Everyone else seems to think so.[View]
46301874What would you anons do if you had similar powers to Hiro Shishigami from Inuyashiki? Post your answ…[View]
46299782So blackbots, we have differences but can we all at least agree that this is objective fact?[View]
46301695Anyone else just not talk and go completely silent when your in a bad mood? As soon as some bs happe…[View]
46301318This is your date tonight. What do?[View]
46299253what are your first thoughts when you see this?[View]
46301769What's the point of living when you die anyway? can't take riches with you good looks fade…[View]
46301594Why could he not get a girlfriend? He is really good looking. He is basically a chad if he toned up …[View]
46301011>mom has a more defined brow ridge than I do Wtf brehs, how do I compensate or cope?…[View]
46301529>There are people on this board who think they're entitled to reproduce…[View]
46301040What is r9ks opinion on cuckoldry?[View]
46301716It's been 2 and a half years since ive seen her, im starting to fear i never will again.[View]
46292933obsession with genetic legacy is usually a single step above crippling nihilism. How uninspired do y…[View]
46300832How do I stop liking NTR, femdom, SPH and premature ejaculation humiliation so much?[View]
46298172This bitch rejected me for a drug dealer She was the shy girl at the back of the class, she was the …[View]
46301108>tfw meeting someone who's even more of a beta dweeb than you and for a brief moment you kno…[View]
46300018SOCIAL ANXIETY: What are your experiences with social anxiety? I have the opportunity to go to an ep…[View]
46299424Pepe Health Advisory Alert:: Daily reminder to give yourself a quick [sterile] enema after every poo…[View]
46301544>be graduating majority white school >top 3 ranked of my year were arab and indians really mad…[View]
46300901fembots dont ex-[View]
46300712why do innocent girls become slutty as time goes by? It makes me so sad :([View]
46300362What's the fastest less painful way to kill myself?[View]
46301570>thinking getting a gf will grant you eternal happiness Anon, I have some bad news for you...…[View]
46298690INCEL BOOMER BTFO'd: https://www.liveleak.com/view?t=uRdoJ_1529347238 https://www.fox25boston.c…[View]
46300544>finally start Testosterone >can masturbate to literally anything and cum (had no sex drive w…[View]
46301546Whatever happened with Eliza?: did she kill herself or something , I've been out of the loop…[View]
46299878>one chance at life >born male, middle class, and white…[View]
46300452CART THREAD NIGGAAAAAAAAAAS What do I add? 50 or 60 euro budget. I like Isaac, Darkest Dungeon, Ori…[View]
46301526With all the controversy around immigration policy, is the BMC going to replace the BBC as white gir…[View]
46300312Why do I want to fuck squids so badly[View]
46301450I want a girlfriend that will indulge my desire to sniff her buttcrack everyday.[View]
46301248Lord have mercy, I can't believe this girl is real. Utterly speechless... goddess... beauty que…[View]
46300727Is it true the drier the willy the better the sex?[View]
46300734F R E S H Northdale in 0d 07h 31m 44s, who ready here?? F R E S H[View]
46301296Be me, only get into online relationships: I never actually managed to meet any of them irl, welp, g…[View]
46301225> be me in biology class during finals week > get called a POS by qt3.14 (I might of kicked he…[View]
46292315/LDG/ lucid dreaming general: /LDG/ - lucid dreaming general the ultimate escapism https://www.str…[View]
46301115>be me >make a discord server >nobody joins two milliseconds after i make it >this is fu…[View]
46301091Person who lives in America but loves a serbia boy: Ask me anything, he even browses r9k[View]
46294242Enjoy your two days of freedom wagebitch.[View]
46300872How do you resist the urge?[View]
46296552Masculinity: I've started to realize that many of the problems I have are tangled up in my lack…[View]
46300313Hey guys don't give up True love will find you sooner or later. I used to be a robot thinking t…[View]
46300080Be me 12 yo on field trip Same bus as all my friends and my fav teacher. (Let's call him mr hor…[View]
46300380Do you think time travel is possible? If it was wouldn't they travel back and improve the lives…[View]
46299269Why is it so easy for men to remain virgins well into their 20s?[View]
46300969Hey, Champ. Your mom and I are sending you to Guangzhou (a city in China, Champ) for your own good. …[View]
46300392I ate an entire dozen of pot brownies. ama[View]
46300935>Walking down hallway to elevator >Turn the corner >See a lush bodied, fleshy little yoga g…[View]
46300387'Thats just how it be' - random black guy: ITT: Thats just how it be what makes you miserable beyond…[View]
46299893Would punching these on the reg help tone my body (or parts of it)? How long should I punch them for…[View]
46300869Hiii Echo here, I'm the one who keeps talking about my serbia friend and saying I love him, AMA…[View]
46300774Best Pizza Flavour: For me, lt's the cheese pizza.[View]
46300835>the happinesslet How does it feel happinessbros[View]
46300810>realize you're bisexual >still only want to date woman…[View]
46300347What's her name robots? For me it's Alondra and yes she's Mexican[View]
46293942>tfw brainlet feels bad maan[View]
46300370Sexual Frustration: How the hell do you get rid of sexual frustration when you can't masturbate…[View]
46299460What's white collar work like?: Like the subject says, what's white collar work like? I…[View]
46299289I've decided I'm going to take a vacation. maybe for 2 or 3 weeks. where is the best plac…[View]
46300481does jesus hate niggers ?[View]
46297039How is your mental health on a scale of 1 to 10?[View]
46299115According to /mu/, metal is for emotionally stunted manchildren. So /r9k/, what is your favorite met…[View]
46300161does anyone come here just to feel better about themselves? be honest[View]
46300574Stop blaming other people for not liking and having relationship with your ugly face and personality…[View]
46283547Who's your favourite pornstar, /r9k/? Let's have a comfy porn discussion thread, shall we?[View]
46297048Is peak male body??[View]
46300115>trying to adopt a car >fill up paperwork with shelter, set up date for home inspection >yo…[View]
46299877Pick a power: >Emotional Control Amplify, negate or weaken any emotion you feel. With practice y…[View]
46300459>Could go to an anime convention dressed like this >Could build a metal spacer that gives my l…[View]
46300345>Wait..... I know you >Youre the one posting illegal loli all over Skyrim Wat do?…[View]
46298409ITT: Post robotcore albums[View]
46285408Fembots, who bullied you at school? What did they do?[View]
46300390We are only interested in females for their body. If a man would be in the form of a toaster, men wo…[View]
46299556Femanons would you date someone like this?[View]
46299252I can't be alone in this. >be me >starting to do good at job. Make monies >work so muc…[View]
46298554Let's have a lovely music thread! Post the first LP/cassette/CD/whatever that you bought with y…[View]
46299978You pitiful 25+ anons. Don't tell me you still fantasize about meeting a sweet qt your own age …[View]
46300241My Job: >Free apartment >Company Car >Free alcohol >work alone >not hard >listen t…[View]
46300451Echo here reporting live What's with all the drama with Hippy and I? omg? he's fourteen wh…[View]
46300360>want to cover a song for my first upload to Soundcloud >need female vocals >remember that …[View]
46300448Live Leak Thread: ITT:Post dope liveleak and world star vids https://www.liveleak.com/view?t=a7qRR_1…[View]
46300092U mad white boi??: dis gorilla dick nigga is hungry[View]
46300272>be normally soft-spoken >try raising the volume and deepening voice >people seem more resp…[View]
46299909It has only just dawned on me that sending memes in a group chat does not constitute real socializin…[View]
46300256Most mature in friend group: Who else here knows that feel >Friends with three neets >Two live…[View]
46299840Is being physically attractive, and likeable, and both asexual and aromantic the ultimate cuck/ultim…[View]
46300376Quints: >Be me >never get anything when shitposting even dubs >just got quints >>46…[View]
46300342>spent two decades or more on this planet >jerks off to japanese cartoons How did this happen…[View]
46300319>tfw finally a normie: a girl just invited me to go clubbing two years ago I was a shut in loser …[View]
46300309I really need a girl to give me some tough love and take care of me. I wish I knew how to do this in…[View]
46300275>be 31 neet >never had a job in his entire life >starting to have this desire to become a s…[View]
46300148>mom found the diaper stash I'M RUINED[View]
46300237greentext: >be me >be 10 >eat entire can of beans for lunch >go to 2 hour english class …[View]
46300190Comfy childhood memories thread: >dad takes me to tim hortons when I was 5 >it's 11am and…[View]
46300226>18 >live with parents >no financial means to leave, still in high school >working to mo…[View]
46298718FUCK FUCK FUCK I accidentally ran a red light. There might have been a camera. I don't know rem…[View]
46298090Hey serious thread i need some fucking help. Lately, I've been having some really disgusting an…[View]
46300154Somebody come get her, she dancin like a stripper[View]
46300136>Be me >robot, mostly neet but content and somewhat happy >lurk on here once or twice a wee…[View]
46300135>using discord i hope you homosexuals dont do this![View]
46300112things that ruined your day recently: >tfw out in public and a girl who looks no older than 13 or…[View]
46298437>hs dropout >khhv >autistic >poor >might be homeless soon…[View]
46298970who else here cannot brag about themselves either online or IRL? why can't we act like normies …[View]
46298241At what age are females the most breedable?[View]
46300056They won1t stopp talking to me, make emm stop[View]
46299181Spending too much time here: How do I get over the fear of missing out?[View]
46299656friendly reminder that (((fembots))) aren't real, no woman will never know the pain and humilia…[View]
46298415>hey robot get over here i want you[View]
46299359Thoughts? Oringals[View]
46299399So, now that the air has (long) cleared, what do you think was his endgame?[View]
46298762>Tfw born in 1992 and parent's named me DYLAN I fucking hate myself.…[View]
46297880>finally go to a real party >help yourself to a beer in the fridge, anon >go in kitchen …[View]
46299584Alright guys. This is it. This is the story of how I unintentionally became a chad. >be me >bo…[View]
46299607>TFW: >manlet >voicelet >dicklet >chinlet >footlet >leglet >armlet >wrist…[View]
46299890How do I get a job if I'm socially retarded?[View]
46299447Do not fall for the lower /10 gf meme: Hey guys failed normalfag/cyborg here, i came here to tell yo…[View]
46290851Letter Thread: You know what to do. Write a letter to someone who may never get to read it.[View]
46297908Rose: I wonder what my good friend Rose is up to right now. Also rosebuds come home[View]
46299842Why are korean dramas so addicting?[View]
46299819if your mother watches cringe compilations when you*re in the womb, do you born gay?[View]
46298972Is it true that East Asians are the least desirable race?[View]
46298076Anyone else like to take their pants/shorts off and spread their legs wide open when they take a dum…[View]
46299791friendly reminder that you don't have to pick up your own trash, there are people who will just…[View]
46299788>tfw the more retarded I make myself, the easier it is to socialize[View]
46298489Hell on Mars: Anyone still play the old Doom?[View]
46297170>First year >Just realized that I have like 6k in actual student loans >Only 15k in the ban…[View]
46299746How do robots get together to erase society and build a new one from scratch, one that's friend…[View]
46299417Tell me about your day anon. Origi[View]
46298986>a bunch of people add me >still end up drunk and alone Whys it so hard to find one femanon to…[View]
46298792Tard stories: >be me >work on a ranch >checking cows one day >one of the owners buys a l…[View]
46299513Hey R9k,I've got a problem. Shivering constantly,but body temp rising steadily Feel a pain in m…[View]
46298559femanons, what fetishes that are common among men on this board/4chan do you like and hate the most?[View]
46299128What is the most Chad thing you have ever done fellow robots >Be me kv >coming home tonight an…[View]
46299291is the whole idea of 'it's basically impossible to not lose your virginity in college' just a m…[View]
46298253Anyone else like to just go on tinder and swipe through all the qts? Its sad too though because I ha…[View]
46299623please: have this gold[View]
46297361IDI2MDE6MTU0OjgwMDE6YjlkMjo1NTI6ODQyNzphODEyOjgxMjE= very bored, try to find me boys[View]
46297771am i a cuck for believing that some women (I.e only women i personally find attractive) DO in fact d…[View]
46296171That kid thread: It's time to have another 'that kid' thread anon. I'll start! >That ki…[View]
46299501>that 26 year old boomer who sings Billy Joel at the karaoke bar[View]
46297742>ONE chance at life >Born with a soft, weak voice as a male…[View]
46299474sleep?????: How do i fix my sleep schedule? i just spent 13 hours sleeping[View]
46297942>tfw I have a wide chest so I look ridiculous when I wear girls clothes All I want in life is to…[View]
46295434getting a consultation for stem cell and fat injections into my dick, lads. it's the only choic…[View]
46299488Fembot from dead thread: Thread died long before I got back (Pic related). Is the fembot that was in…[View]
462994872 Days: Over 48 hours down, lads. Nofap bliss incoming, I can feel it. Regularly waking up hard, hav…[View]
46298905Minecraft hardcore server: Minecraft hardcore server to hang out and have fun with others anons, IP:…[View]
46297300Post your favorite bird or one of your favorites, including picture and reasoning to why it's y…[View]
46299475Fuck Weed: >literally kicked the fuck out of Gang Weed for disagreeing on praxis See, this? This,…[View]
46299435Becoming human: Anons that used to be robots and still lurk around, do you actualy feel like you…[View]
46298737I'm going to a tech meetup today frens. I'm going out of my house on a weekend after many …[View]
46298512>tfw ywn have a a super busty teen brunette gf why live[View]
46299423Dis gril, what do[View]
46298486>captcha won't load in firefox >clear all cookies and cache >captcha still won't …[View]
46299403>grandma found the cum cynosural field fack[View]
46299041How many Canadians care about bill C-45?[View]
46299142Nothing makes you hate women more than when you get laid off. Because you know that women are untouc…[View]
46297857So... Fucking... Beautiful... it... hurts...[View]
46294138Weekend Creative Robot Thread: If you are creative in any shape or form please post your work in thi…[View]
46299284>tfw no big-punch-in-a-small-package gf[View]
46294524We have to talk, anon. Come sit down.: >I know we aren't friends, but I have to talk to some…[View]
46295348Virgin thread, no roleplaying: Virgins by choice preferably, I'm waiting for my one and only wh…[View]
46299245>sitting in my sweltering apartment >casually swatting mosquitoes >have loud music playing…[View]
46298671Should I just give up? On everything? Today as I walked home from work I felt nothing but anxiety, h…[View]
46299195wow i am amaze https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7V4NbBmqHEg[View]
46299012> hey anon, are you ready for our date? what do[View]
46279751My chad neighbor is cheating on his Stacy gf, do I tell her?: I am a full time NEET who has never ha…[View]
46292507Hey traps how does it feel to know you'll never be an actual girl It's pretty shitty innit[View]
46298694>the only 'friends' I had in hs just acted nice so they could copy my homework and cheat off me …[View]
46288107YOU'RE WORRIED ABOUT THE WRONG SHIT!: You are failing in life because you have piss-poor emotio…[View]
46293038The things I'd do to have a qt daughter...[View]
46298894Nigger. Heh, that's right bitch, I said it. NIGGER!!!!!![View]
46299099a cups: a cups[View]
46297930Why do normalfags love fat nigger asses so much?[View]
46297575how does the idea of having sex with little boys make you feel?[View]
46298967Every day until you like it.: Requesting Chads only please. Virgin spergs will be bullied. /MsQu44…[View]
46298832I thought things were on the up: >be me >be today >help dad do food deliveries >end of …[View]
46298909>moms ask if I'm gay >tfw I'm bi but would only have sex with a woman…[View]
46298388Best pop coming through[View]
46298875Steam friend thread Expand friends list https://steamcommunity.com/id/sneal_/[View]
46298566Would you rather go to prison for 5 years or get fucked in the ass in front of a crowd like pic rela…[View]
46298830Come on girls, just do it /3bDNvr[View]
46298778I know in India there are a multitude of cases of boys who look feminine getting gangraped. I need …[View]
46298704If the girl I like starts talking to me about the boy who likes her, it's a bad sign, right?[View]
46298688Anime traps: Can we please get some anime traps in here please post some :)[View]
46298368how hairy are femanon snatches?[View]
46298545Imagine being so ugly that everyone look at you with disgust[View]
46298743What is in the word stupid to you?: What utter stupidity has gotten robots in their predicament and …[View]
46297779Post your comfy home ITT https://planner.roomsketcher.com[View]
46298702I've been awake for 36 hours and I'm not even tired. When should I start worrying anons ca…[View]
46298526Sometimes I chug an entire bottle of prune juice and shit all day.[View]
46298662>spotify plays condom ads based off music choices Later virgins.[View]
46298595How does this originally makes you feel robots? Pic related[View]
46296382>Anon, what are you getting for food on our date?[View]
46297414god I am so sick of fucking life I hate working I hate school I hate coworkers and peers and ever…[View]
46298589Tuba Scat?: Where's the Tuba Scat thread robots?[View]
46295371Tinder thread: Super-liked this slut and she actually swiped right. What should my first message be?…[View]
46298540God my entire life has been one goddamn waste of time Why did I have to be born?[View]
46298170How common are all you can eat buffets in America? Do they have any special ones like sushi/seafood?[View]
46297262>poop >it's kinda green >same thing yesterday oh no…[View]
46297795Are fashion models anything more than objects? It seems that they are just pretty faces for magazine…[View]
46298513>countless years of bullying and rejection made you an edgy faggot without empathy >normalfags…[View]
46298408You guys play any MMOs?[View]
46296541Why do I always feel like killing myself 'cause of little things? Never big things. example1: …[View]
46298472>when you're in a unisex bathroom and a girl sits in the stall next to you and you hear thes…[View]
46298471>interacting with people you don't even know and indulging all of these stupid college activ…[View]
46297905>this incel has had sex yet you haven't What's you're excuse?…[View]
46298399>tfw 4chan successfully turned my into an ass sniffing fetishist[View]
46298219Is life even worth living if you were born ugly and dumb?[View]
46298378Reiko: Hero, villain, or autistic?[View]
46298280Why are women so emotionally fucking retarded?[View]
46296653i have been obsessing over the assassination of JFK and the columbine high school massacre for the p…[View]
46298330Greentext embarrassing/cringeworthy stories: >be me about 15 mins ago >be downstairs all alone…[View]
46295067>accidentally downloaded CP a few weeks ago (thanks /b/) >mom found it on my computer >remo…[View]
46298264>tfw no matching set of supreme gfs[View]
46298060>try to do something >fail[View]
46298294synthwave is the best genre of music wXGwuQC https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLjXxjAll7bwvL5Uy…[View]
46298287>ok anon, so I'm so happy to come in a date with you. What would you like to talk about? …[View]
46295820>I will never be white most nonwhites know this feeling too well[View]
46298265Gonna go on a family holiday for 3 weeks in the wilderness with no internet. wat do without r9k[View]
46296752You should check out your local dollar tree. I got these amazing deals at my Dtree![View]
46297840Turning 26 in two months Realizing that for the 13 years I've been interested in dating girls,…[View]
46298224Why do ugly/fat girls get jealous when a guy starts dating a hot chick with whom he actually had a c…[View]
46295900HAI ANON!!!: Hai anon! ^^ I want to tease u and hurt u and then tell allllll about how much I luv lu…[View]
46297652>At my favorite diner >A girl from my hs senior class 2014 comes in >She sits a few tables …[View]
46297913Are these even advertisements anymore.[View]
46298233We miss you, anon: Simple like that![View]
46298175What does this pose usually mean?[View]
46298197post shit you made idk https://vocaroo.com/i/s0zyg9BwaQbK[View]
46298173True teachings: Let us all take a moment from our time to remember the teachings of our one true lor…[View]
46296610You have ten seconds to explain exactly why you are alone on this Friday night? Why are you not at t…[View]
46296244Sounds and Thoughts: Post what you're listening to and what you're thinking about... https…[View]
46296911What do you suppose is the average IQ of a mass shooter?[View]
46298082>tfw no thicc fertile black fembot gf[View]
46298125Chances of getting a girl like her? Heh, try never, bro.[View]
46298046This board is retarded. Only faggots go here.[View]
46298148>tfw no smelly, unshowered, virgin, womanchild neet gf[View]
46297152Lifestyle Thread: What's a typical week like for you guys? Mon-Fri >wake up go to class >…[View]
46297094What is the reason for you being such a degenerate?[View]
46297149I never noticed how similar the cultures of Italy and the Balkans (the area where Yugoslavia was, mo…[View]
46296635>manlet 5'4' >obese, 184lbs >ugly face >shitty curly hair >turkey neck dick >…[View]
46296523>tfw the violence is only going to accelerate from here Taking bets, how long until the next shoo…[View]
46298026>tfw banned from going within 500m of a primary school It's not easy being me. How am I mean…[View]
46296918POLL: Cure cancer or gf for life? https://www.strawpoll.me/15949015/r[View]
46295790>took me 30 years to figure out that I'm a SOB is there any cure? suicide?…[View]
46297394>heart rate is abnormally high >feel constant pressure in chest >can't fucking relax n…[View]
46297058I lost my virginity to a robot last night ama[View]
46297991How do they us find out?: We emulate them, but they always find us out in 2-3 days.[View]
46297213Fuck you. I have been an outcast my whole Is battling depression Have social anxiety Doesn't fi…[View]
46297834The female dominates the male.[View]
46296757who do you hate more: yourself everyone around you[View]
46296039What do you do when nothing good comes from waking up?[View]
46297566just woke up naked covered in my own vomit what do r9k? was weird there wasnt any stomach acid in th…[View]
46297392I made a little somethin somethin to help eliminate the normie infestation. Please use it wisely, th…[View]
46296355i fucked up real bad and now i: >hate current web design job >decide to try out making money a…[View]
46297854I'm gonna be the strongest![View]
46297753>tfw catching feelings for my side bitch[View]
46294447The weekend finally came wagecuck, now you get to enjoy two WHOLE DAYS of freedom. Fortunately for m…[View]
46292364Oh my goodness, what is wrong with this man?[View]
46294950>wake up >open eyes >see dis wat do…[View]
46292373ITT: We say what age girls we would date/marry and then say our current age. 11-17 I'm 32[View]
46295329My gf got super drunk recently and she made out with another girl. She told me like she was super as…[View]
46297838>can't stop opening tabs of porn >Already have 100+ already So much porn,so little time.…[View]
46294417Please post some good reaction images.[View]
46297037Any robots from Newfoundland Canada If so, please post your opinions about this place[View]
46294722What are some of the downsides to having a gf that you didn't know existed until you got a gf?[View]
46297680anybody else had a dad with smelly ass balls and dick?: like during middle school if a friend slept …[View]
46295617How do you get a discussion going with a girl ? People are always saying that you should be yourself…[View]
46297750>go for a night walk >see this wat do?[View]
46297156Go Out -- Or Stay In?: Sup, lads. Should I go out? I'm in Baltimore right now, and I'm bo…[View]
46290014Normal thread: hobbies: Can we have one fucking thread that isn't about sex, girls, gay shit, a…[View]
46297132Ultimate brainlet test... Ever wonder if you're a literal brainlet? Well now you can find out. …[View]
46297684Just started a 2.5 month long internship with no pay. Went on a duo mission with a paid employee sli…[View]
46297295Pokemon Go: First person who gets dubs gets all my pokemon, but another can friend be regardless. ju…[View]
46297669How do you personally cope with being ugly? Im planning to get plastic surgery soon.[View]
46295631My crush left some cryptic messages in my yearbook. Wtf does this mean. I'm too autistic to fig…[View]
46297542Anyone play chess AND Go? Usually it's one or the other.[View]
46296480Man, first time I puked in years, help me feel better r9k[View]
46296190The Doc Is Back: Take your dose.[View]
46297644>starting to sleep more now sleep cycle is bad >had dream i found old guitar I had when I was …[View]
46297017The virgin god, damn, fuck, shit, piss, cunt, bitch, asshole The chad gosh, darn, dang, frick, shizz…[View]
46296920Why do I always feel like killing myself 'cause of little things? Never big things. >Doesn…[View]
46297386Would you let a 5/10 save you from your virginity?[View]
46296775>cannabis jobs opening up near my area, related to my major >tfw want to spend a few years wor…[View]
46297413will this be a victory for the race cucks or a victory for the robots who just hate chads?[View]
46291548Aspies and Friendship: Can someone with Asperger's help me out? I have a guy who comes to see m…[View]
46284904/eef/ - Easten Euro Feels: You can only post ITT if you are form one of these countries. People who …[View]
46297521Wagefuck? Yeah hes got no fucking life let me call him in to open tomorrow morning.[View]
46277272Ideal BF thread: Hey fembots, we know you're there. Write what your ideal boyfriend/husband is!…[View]
46296307Has any of you ever tried getting some small money(<$1000) via some donation site like gofundme a…[View]
46295717Help a robot out: I go to college in Boston and I'm planning on practicing my social skills ton…[View]
46296283What is there even to do on a Friday night?[View]
46297453>when the best word to describe your body is 'doughy'[View]
46297118What's the difference between a neet and a freeter?[View]
46295888>all these normalfags posting about their gfs, friends and families Where the fuck are all the re…[View]
46297084Is it a good idea for me to keep a condom and a ring hidden in my room?: Guys I have been fixating o…[View]
46291488How much does race matter to you in your dating life?[View]
46297204>tell a girl that I like her >she ignores me for a while >texts me and tells me she was int…[View]
46296969Hey guys Can flexing my muscles make them bigger if I do it hours a day?[View]
46296823>That 30yo Boomer who's never had sex[View]
46296015>5 pedo threads on /r9k/ >FUCKING 5 If more appear I'll fucking migrate to /pol/…[View]
46296898A girlfriend is a meme, isn't it? I'm pretty sure I'll still be depressed af if I ge…[View]
46297077What apps do you robots use regularly?[View]
46295688Why is this muscle build so fucking hot?[View]
46296520Fembots, what does it feel like to be shared by multiple men? Empowering or degrading?[View]
46296641Playing ark with some friends its boring. Why video games with friends so bad?[View]
46297140What is the: Alright /r9k/, gimme some of the best porn youve ever seen, your favorite. Also some go…[View]
46297128No Fap Day 1: Hasn't quite been 24 hours yet, but whatever. Ran through a typical day of work w…[View]
46292522i fucking hate this board and never come here, but today my depression is off the charts and im unus…[View]
46297100Kami sama, please give me the strength to strike down this boomer, to smite him and send him directl…[View]
46297073I hang out with a virgin Incel alot. He asked me to drive to his 'girlfriend's' house and sneak…[View]
46295258>tfw wristlet, anklet, jawlet, chinlet, hairlet and worst of all dicklet Only thing I have gong …[View]
46295536How old were your parents when they had you? >Dad: 42 >Mom: 40…[View]
46296619That Kid Thread-Nice Edition: >that turbo-autistic kid everyone actually liked because he just di…[View]
46294548>local shops won't accept gbp[View]
46262821Hikikomori thread: Is anyone else here a hikikomori? How's life? New documentary: https://www.y…[View]
46296965r9k music thread: You cant do a whole lot right, but you cant possibly fuck up posting music, right?…[View]
46296187Why doesnt /r9k/ just get a professional video game playing gf?[View]
46296544henlo r 9 gey where 2 lern military training without joining military respond pla[View]
46295331Do men have sensitive nipples?[View]
46296632>My entire life was a red herring[View]
46294843I keep buying shit but it's not making me happy[View]
46296877>tfw no mana beast gf >tfw no lavos gf >tfw no zeromus gf >tfw no exdeath gf >tfw no …[View]
46296137I'm retarded.: >Be me, today >at store with friend >decide to get paysafecard cuz Stea…[View]
46295208I want a cute girlfriend so bad, I'd do pretty much anything.[View]
46296839Is being asexual the ultimate rejection?: Even more so if you're physically attractive, and peo…[View]
46293066Let's get a /momcest/ general going. Greentexts and pics are welcome, but general discussion is…[View]
46296437how accurate is this? You dont see men doing this[View]
46295532What does /r9k/ think about the creation of a true muttnostate? A country by and for mutts, and only…[View]
46296814Comfy Thread: how are you tonight anon?[View]
46296769A guy might want me for his new entrepreneur venture. It seems reasonably solid, I'm not sellin…[View]
46293198How many dorm orgies did you go to in college? What do you mean 'none'?? WTF did you do?[View]
46295753why are you at r9k right now[View]
46296777Is anyone else here frustrated that you can't tell your normie friends/acquaintances how much y…[View]
46296089Found my old PSP while looking through my stuff. Can r9k recommend some games or other cool things t…[View]
46294657>qualified for medicaid thank fuck i'm about to abuse this service and get everything checked o…[View]
46296725What got you caught up in this mess? Why are you here?[View]
46296164Zeke,a hot bombshell will be your flight attendant today.It's a 10 hours flight and she didn…[View]
46296318My dad is that guy that yells at his dog and gets argumentative with cashiers all the time and only …[View]
46294399Virgin, I.... I'm sorry.[View]
46294702>tfw I have high physical standards while being below average looking myself At least you robots …[View]
46295937>What I see when someone makes a '>why don't you just get a trap gf' thread…[View]
46294889>ordered food twice in one day again[View]
46296374>yfw you realize this board is infested with under 23 year old infant faggots disgusting. where m…[View]
46295147>recently lost job because company I was working for just completely collapsed >keep applying …[View]
46296371/Roommate thread/: What's it like to be have a roommate? with someone non-related? does it make…[View]
46295756>/r9k/ right now[View]
46296268Her beauty can not be matched.[View]
46296287>tfw ironic but not actually ironic and actually super sincere honest tinder bio about how I just…[View]
46293015It's funny how leftists decide to care about the young all of a sudden. Are they gonna crack do…[View]
46296281whats johnny been up to lately /r9k//[View]
46294529I REEK so fucking much. It's been really hot and I haven't showered in over a week. My bus…[View]
46291372is it unreasonable to want to marry a virgin?: i dont think it is. whats wrong with wanting to be wi…[View]
46294619Would you show your bare pussy and ass in front of a bunch of fat ugly old men while they record you…[View]
46292084>Dateline NBC to catch a predator >implying there's anything wrong with dating someone wh…[View]
46296250>go through the day very normal >a bit happier and more positive than usual >get reminded w…[View]
46294693You guys are so stupid. I wonder what it is like to be so stupid. Do you walk around in a constant h…[View]
46295982You guys all talking about suicide, drugs and stuff... y'all gotta take the tastypill and enjoy…[View]
46288501/25+ general/: You can only post in this thread if you've left the red area[View]
46292068/britfeel/: Yet another friday night in with the lads edition[View]
46295581How does Nikki Minaj's pussy smell?[View]
46296168How do I know if I'm autistic or simply asocial?[View]
46295153How do i find a mentally retarded uneducated girl? High IQs get the fuck out[View]
46296147Just reminder 2/3 of autistic men die without even one relationship from start to finish[View]
46295473Might be going on my very first date tomorrow Hold me bros, I'm scared as fuck[View]
46295748>ywn kill another man with your bare hands >ywn fell the excitement, adrenalin and fear befor…[View]
46296113I feel that I am doing okay right now but that I am inevitably going to snap and kill myself, kill o…[View]
46293714I need 7 hours worth of shit to watch, give me your best, faucets.[View]
46296045A corporate executive led a secret double life -- as Australia’s 'poo jogger': >by Clev…[View]
46295117I can't start trying to remedy my depression now, it's the last remaining source of identi…[View]
46295892>take shit >only a little gunshot >wipe ass with amount of toilet paper that is the equival…[View]
46295386>2018 >thinks Jim Carrey exists Get woke.…[View]
46290065>8 inch dick >post on /soc/ rate thread and always get very positive comments >get women ad…[View]
46294847>tfw face masculinized I wanted a gentleman's face not a bony caveman autist face FUCKKKKKK …[View]
46295996>be me >6th form cos britfag >forced to leave bedroom >get lunch from school >acciden…[View]
46294122Location: How far away are you from the poster above you? I am in Melbourne, Australia. >Example …[View]
46295865/comfee/: /xdRP92[View]
46295138just found a bottle of 5mg capsules that had weird golden looking liquid inside of them, found out i…[View]
46295405>see girl >think of all the shit I'd have to do to get her and keep her >think of all …[View]
46295656Robots are more likely to have chad friends than normie friends because chads get to chad-dom by bei…[View]
46295856>he's sad that he's alone >he's crying himself to sleep >he's mad that …[View]
46295494Birthday: Todays the day today I'm 18 when I look back at it all everything starts to blend tog…[View]
46295814hello frens please take this poll so i know if i should keep browsing this board or not https://www…[View]
46295288>calls pedophile on /r9k/ a pedophile >'Haha, back to plebbit with you'…[View]
46294394i have a big nose and skinny neck and big head[View]
46292297>be me >have major depression >always act happy and shit with my friends and known as that…[View]
46294759Do you believe >1. that our universe was created by a big bang and bacteria evolved into humans o…[View]
46294849She has an IQ of 140. Yes, this dumb stacy whore who makes shit-tier music for a living will always …[View]
46295469Hello. I am looking for a original name to use as a League of Legends account. Exactly how vulgar or…[View]
46295754>having good week so far >decide to go get some food and treat myself >see attractive girl …[View]
46295752How do these K-pop guys get to be so fucking white? Asian guys aren't that pale, so they have t…[View]
46295214This board is retarded. If you like it you're fucking gay.[View]
46293028What are your experiences with dakis? If you don't own one do you plan/want to?[View]
46291945What do I tell the haircut person if I want this haircut without actually showing them a picture of …[View]
46294704So I keep seeing posts from this avatarfag, that uses a girl from some shitty generic romcom. What…[View]
46294125Virgin Chad: I'm curious is it possible for Chad or quasi-Chad to be a khhv after, let's s…[View]
46292826>Most people have never had a suicide thought before Oh...[View]
462948554 pedo threads on the front page. This board didn't used to be like this. You faggots are lost …[View]
46295428>tfw any place or at any situation I get bullied, it's just a matter of time And it's n…[View]
46289914Good afternoon, /r9k/. My name is Dr Normie and I'll be your therapist today. So tell me, what …[View]
46294420What do we call people on this board who are complete failures and have given up on ever having a de…[View]
46295447I did it: Been a longtime Robot but that all changes tonight I did it. I did it faggots, I lost my v…[View]
46295486Unrequited love: Hello robots.. I don't want just any woman, I want her. > our personalitie…[View]
46295009How creepy was Star Trek's James Doohan marrying his fan, Wende Braunberger, when they were 54 …[View]
46295273>tfw my greatest accomplishment in life is having phone sex with around 100 random girls I met on…[View]
46294443Today I got the urge to hold raw ramen noddles in the shower with the water on really hot, to see if…[View]
46293631Hegesias of Cyrene: He argued that happiness is impossible to achieve, and that the goal of life was…[View]
46295015Do you guys keep someone as a 'Back up' while dating someone?: I would never do that, that's sh…[View]
46295423>sitting home alone friday night >old crush starts instagram livestream >she probably doesn…[View]
46295774Stop harassing people: This is brookes only trip code. Anyone else who posts saying they are brooke …[View]
46294488Why not just get a trap GF?[View]
46294287Girlfriend ASMR: Is anyone else not able to watch girlfriend ASMR without cringing? Really do not li…[View]
46294637>get qt 8/10 gf >starts off good, have a lot in common, but quickly find out she's high m…[View]
46295210TFW you get cucked by Chad Thundertrot[View]
46295155femanons why do women have to form harems why cant you just be monogamous and not hypergamous[View]
46294151What are video games for normies?[View]
46295081What are robots eating this Friday afternoon? Pic related is what im having.[View]
46287730What's your favorite classical song, anon? Mine'd be Fantasie Impromptu (Opus. 66) by Fred…[View]
46294481>be me >fucked in the head >gender dysphoria >decide to not transition >realize i…[View]
46290546What are some phrases that make you automatically correct in arguments? >Not really, >Actually…[View]
46294999How do I stop being infatuated with a girl that I haven't even spoken to in over 2 years? We us…[View]
46279088> Met multiple guys this year > None of them enjoy gentle femdom Are submissive men just a mem…[View]
46292879Misaki Friday: I couldn't find the thread, so I made this one. Has everyone had a good Friday?…[View]
46294887>He isnt a vegan feminist Whats your excuse anon?[View]
46294901EU's ARTICLE 13 and 11: Hey guys I want you guys to hear about this. Since I haven't seen …[View]
46294902C'mon guys. Give a cyborg the saddest greentext, images you got. I have a sadness absorption ne…[View]
46294336Why aren't you a lobster boi already anon? What are you doing here in the underworld?[View]
46294231GO TO RUSSIA RIGHT NOW, robots, incel, neets - Polaks eating a russian at in the middle of the stree…[View]
46294761robot like pokemon? https://youtu.be/dAP0_pRp1Do[View]
46293444Do females exist?[View]
46294628Why is it so hard for me to connect with anyone these days. Everything just feels so empty. I hate b…[View]
46294547I just finished reading oyasumi punpun and I have a question. Why the fuck did aiko kill herself so …[View]
46294684>tfw got 89 games, 40 of which I haven't beaten on my ps4 >tfw won't have time to pl…[View]
46294638>get to know girl over a period of months >eventually work up courage to ask her out >she s…[View]
46293025What is he listening to? Originally[View]
46294639What's up with autists and cats?[View]
46292177Drug Thread: What are you taking tonight robots ? I'm taking 360 mg of DXM in 3 times and i…[View]
46292723Anyone else have these fetishes?: >Young King with one or more gorgeous women attracted to his st…[View]
46294596Well now, its been 2.1 months since Ive done her store. We still hang out and talk on the phone thou…[View]
46291315Love strikes when you least expect it.[View]
46294357Where do my fellow non-neets work? I'm a cook at a decent chain restaurant (not fast food)[View]
46294196Do stacies regret having so many sexual partners? Surely it can't be good for the health mental…[View]
46288727So, I have been in contact with an organisation, and they have supposedly found a therapist in my ar…[View]
46294482>be me >rough childhood >seen some shit >get adopted by single father >he's grea…[View]
46294504>Why you don't guys just go for the average 10/10 girl? Who the fuck keeps posting this?…[View]
46294495Online buying problem: You know when someone online offers to buy something from you and never shows…[View]
46292985If you 'unlearned' your learned helplessness you'd never learned it to begin with.[View]
46292162How do I get my gf to lose weight? I am not even sexually attracted to her anymore because its gotte…[View]
46289070This is my president. Say something nice about him /r9k/[View]
46292441Favourite drug?: What's your favourite drug r9k? I'll start with mine: speed(amphetamine)…[View]
46292815According to the STD risk sites I am reading I am no longer interested in sexual relationships. And …[View]
46294361>Come home >Dog smells crotch Not yet, buddy, not yet...…[View]
46294354What's your opinion on UBI, /r9k/? Is it good, is it bad, is it something we need, etc.?[View]
46293224I CANT FUCKIN TAKE THIS ANYMORE GOD FUCKIN DAMNIT >look outside the window >its nice cold and …[View]
46294347>when you are a god fearing republican with a tranny fetish and you finsih fucking a tranny prost…[View]
46294108What's going to happen in the next 20 years when robots/A.I. have taken a huge section of the p…[View]
46292166>meet a girl who's roughly as autistic as me >she's also a NEET, doesn't have …[View]
46294299Fembots, why don't you get /fit/?[View]
46287652vocaroo fridays: https://vocaroo.com/i/s0Rxp0CyoUQR i also took a bunch of pills so that might be it…[View]
46294071Honestly, why even bother with women?[View]
46294094Hey robots! What are your plans for this weekend?? What are you doing/drinking/taking??[View]
46290115Am I the only anon in this country that actually feels remorse?: What the hell is up with people and…[View]
46294064>had autogynephilic fantasies again Is this normal?[View]
46292593Are you comfortable with masturbating while your pet is still in the room? My dog has really intense…[View]
46292721What percentage of Hispanics are actually white: This whole Muh white hispanic thing sounds like a t…[View]
46294040Why don't you settle for a 0/10 girlfriend?[View]
46294095Does anybody else think that this board has gotten worse lately? It's mostly fembot threads, tr…[View]
46293908>he dismisses opinions he disagrees with as 'high school'/'sixth form'/'…[View]
46292521>be neet >make a few thousand $ >tell discord friend >he ask for money Not sure what to …[View]
46293593Being an ugly male anon is bad, but being an ugly femanon? It's infinitely worse. I salute you …[View]
46293168Was just thinking, if Mother died I would get the house, a house way too big just for me, I could se…[View]
46293991>schizophrenic mother thinks you're trying to read her mind again FUCK OFF MOM THIS IS WHY D…[View]
46291715ITT: We All Live In a Medieval Village pic unrelated LAST THREAD: >>>46285159[View]
46293651Autism Thread: >Be an hour ago >Like to twirl things between my fingers >Get my dinner …[View]
46293173will society ever truly accept trans people? like at least to the level of gays or samoans?[View]
46285047Femanon, are you envious of other girls bodies often?[View]
46294054>girls always grab my ass in crowded areas >girls always catcall me in the streets yelling st…[View]
46293902>tempted to say 'desu' instead of 'to be honest' IRL[View]
46293994What stereotypes do you fit? >white >hate self for being white >anti-gay >actually clos…[View]
46292676Daily Orbiting Thread: Get in here fellow orbiters[View]
46293950Obtain wholesome qt when?[View]
46290760What if one day people started calling you 'cliff'? No particular reason why. Just they called you c…[View]
46293871>mfw a Fembot says she's not a virgin[View]
46293683Do you think she could've been saved? My dick wants to breed but my mind knows she's proba…[View]
46293450Swallow the black pill, ugly fembots: Ugly women get nearly 0% of messages from males, according to …[View]
46291570Post true stories that will make robots jealous: I love that envious feeling when a 'robot' posts. I…[View]
46292020I tried the 'keto' diet for shits and giggles since I read people claiming they could get high off k…[View]
46293803I'm not supposed to like this kind of music but it has well and truly ruined me. maybe its the …[View]
46292105Want to feel inspired guys?: Jack Johnson. >Just a poor American negro. >Learns how to box. …[View]
46293196Is it unreasonable to want to be with someone who you find physically attractive if you aren't …[View]
46293702>that 16 year old zoomer who posts on /r9k/[View]
46293664Teens in Finland have started racemixing already. Why is it always that the guy is black or middle e…[View]
46293710Had a weird dream and it's been weirding me the fuck out It starts and I am watching a line of …[View]
46290454Why do women browse this place, they're clearly not robots. And if they're fake why do ano…[View]
46292093>be me >in uni, taking an exam >suddenly, phone starts buzzing >think 'Who tf is calling…[View]
46292519>selling our house, my sister is our real estate agent, very successful with tons of experience …[View]
46290173Would you a fat peice of shit with small breast?[View]
46293049She has nice boobs but whhhyyyy does she have a buzzcut I cant even get erect looking at her because…[View]
46292450Do normies ACTUALLY enjoy clubbing?: Or does everyone just pretend they do? Drinking with mates at t…[View]
46288509Found this site that give shit but funny quotes http://inspirobot.me Hopefully some of these make y…[View]
46293524New fags: As gay as it sounds will new fags become robots and shit on the other new fags and the cyc…[View]
46293129>get sick >can suddenly sing[View]
46293497**T H E U P R I S I N G O F E U R O P E** Anons, Mock me for however you desire in the comments of t…[View]
46292001Why don't you guys just wear ugly clothes so girls want to get you out of them?[View]
46293428> no friends, no social skills, no everything > live alone > go outside for weekly shopping…[View]
46293330How do normies flirt?[View]
46287376games: Post your top 8 most played steam games, I know mine aren't impressive at all which is w…[View]
46293437Reminder that black fembots have it worse than every robot here[View]
46293440Things that creeped you out in games: Everyone thought that lavender town was scary, but I myself th…[View]
46293308Feeling extra suicidal tonight, might actually blow my head off in a couple. Good idea?[View]
46290444Big downcurved veiny cocks![View]
46291405why are women so hard to impress?[View]
46293314Chads and stacys are degenerates I thought most of them were actually alright people but I was catch…[View]
46293343>tfw can go back to my home country and get a virgin wife any time I want anyone else know these …[View]
46293298Why arent you a sporty alternative slut taking BBC at this very moment?[View]
46293046>Why are you randomly smiling? >Why are you such an idiot? >Why would you say that? >Wha…[View]
46293295If you just donate your semen you don't even have to lose your wizard powers, and you'll o…[View]
46292121Everything is going perfectly except it isn't: >be me >birthday yesterday >was really …[View]
46293179seeing my father eat makes me completely furious. He eats like a pig, and makes noises too, there is…[View]
46293018>tfw your dad's sister's uncle's friend's 3rd cousin thrice removed finds the…[View]
46287512*facing away from everyone* 'I don't want your recognition, I don't want your congratulati…[View]
46293238Your mom enters your room without knocking. You turn around so fast your headphones unplug. 'OH YEAH…[View]
46293042When did you end up in this shithole, robots? https://www.strawpoll.me/15947933 >https://www.stra…[View]
46293029Almost getting caught stories: >be me >be 14 >having a good day so make it better by jackin…[View]
46292789>tfw 90% of your thoughts are just vicious insults to yourself[View]
46292033>tulpa's accusing me of rape >is threatening to possess me and call the cops What the fuc…[View]
46292466Where do I find a significant other that will allow me to dress him up, tie his shoes, wash him, fee…[View]
46291139>that 27 year old boomer who still plays melee[View]
46293160>be me, 6th grade >have a school project in wich classes from 6th to 11th grade would have to …[View]
46293097I'm such a loser that ive been kicked out of multiple McDonalds[View]
46293107hey, friends. what're you up to? how have you been feeling? i'm currently smoking a bone a…[View]
46291634/r9k/ rate my minifridge with all the contents in it.[View]
46293019How does he look like now?[View]
46291728>searching closet for a gun to shoot myself >find edibles instead cool i guess…[View]
46284269Is this a trap? I see this all the time on Music.ly ads and I'm unsure bots.[View]
46292809lvl99 friendzone: >Go to the other side of the country to hang out with friend >Girl >Easy …[View]
46292533It's almost over. The beast has just about finished eating itself. Nothing lasts forever, thank…[View]
46293003>Be me >Enter the job centre >Lady spots me >Lady gives me weird look >'Youre too bea…[View]
46292605birbillius originallus[View]
46289125Do women really find pic related attractive?[View]
46292970Just got fired from my job of one year Guess its back to being a NEET[View]
46287160What's the best political philosophy for big titted blondes?[View]
46292498What's with you guys saying all Trans girls are gay men?: It makes me nervous do y'all thi…[View]
46292562/drugfeels/: Candyflipping today, anyone else drugging today?[View]
46290053what are your thoughts on iceland vs nigeria match?[View]
46292774>there will come a day where it is common for trannies to get surgery that allows them to have ch…[View]
46288041You can't fix /r9k/ entirely but you can always make it a more pleasurable browsing experience[View]
46292787Be me, fembot: Each time I cry or look sad my parents and brother say the same thing 'you must have …[View]
46286117Why does this pic infuriate you all so much?[View]
46291357if beauty ideals are influenced by culture and memes are the building block of our culture, does 4ch…[View]
46292273ahahaha I laugh when i think I used to be like you guys[View]
46291100I'm starting to come to terms I'm never going to get a gf. Honestly, it's kinda a re…[View]
46291563/catgirl/ general: Why are catgirls best girls? Leave your best catgirl itt.[View]
46283084Post your favorite anime, r9k. This is an anime website, so you should have at least one, after all.[View]
4628682930+ Thread: 30+ Thread - Layers of irony /r9k/ is getting worse, as usual, and full of idiot childr…[View]
46286149what would you do if you had $500 to burn[View]
46292611I am friends with my own shadow since I was a child. He has his own personality and sometimes we hav…[View]
46292534if you are reading this then traps are gay and there is nothing you can do about it.[View]
46290768Would you enjoy/want to have sex with a girl like pic related??[View]
46287173>starting dating a trap >4chan will call me a faggot, but I don't care It's a nice r…[View]
46292520>That feel when you reminisce how you thought you had reached 'rock bottom' and it was really not…[View]
46289492>I want a bf >He can't be fat, broke, ugly, owns a nice car, has nice home, goes to the g…[View]
46292323What game from TES series is the best in your opinion?[View]
46291808I'm like bitch, who is your mans?, aye Can't keep my dick in my pants, aye My bitch don…[View]
46289894I feeI like shit all the time[View]
46285159ITT: We all live in a medieval village: Inquisition is back in town edition[View]
46291018I'm shitting out my organs ama[View]
46290280>that 15 year old zoomer who had his phone taken by his classmates and his contact numbers were c…[View]
46291015How can biocunts even compete with superior android waifus?[View]
46292288Do any fellow robots have severe anger issues? I am afraid to get it checked out since they might fo…[View]
46291455>Be me >White Amerifag >Sees white girls being total whores and a shitstain on society >…[View]
46283212>geting a gf will fix all my prob-[View]
46292274>be me >need gf >tell myself that im gonna change my ways everyday >been like this for 2…[View]
462901214cahn is an absolute shithole. I don't mean shit hole as in 'oh yeah this place is so bad but I…[View]
46292171Ah i remember in the good ol' days yeah, back then we didnt have no fancy smancy computers i …[View]
46291539>feel lonely and incredibly bored >clean my whole apartment >do the dishes, wash the kitc…[View]
46291496Why do guys in porn look like their balls shrunk? Their scrotums look nearly empty. >pic unrelate…[View]
46291278lost my cuddle virginity and kiss virginity yesterday[View]
46287710>cures your depression and addictions in a single session What's your excuse?…[View]
46288683/britfeel/: Frogs are frens edition[View]
46290072Theres a huge market for females selling their nudes, but is their anywhere a guy could sell their n…[View]
46290054It's hard for me to love. I don't want to be a sociopath, but I'm not too far from qu…[View]
46287916how does one get a sugar momma[View]
46291103Who would you pick to be your gf? You have to choose one[View]
46291718How do I get a nerdy, introverted gf that just wants to play games and watch series/movies together …[View]
46288102lost all hope: is suicide by short drop/simple suspension/hanging yourself with a belt a good way to…[View]
46286045Dating on /r9k/: Is it possible to actually find a bf on here? Or is it just memes and desperation?…[View]
46291601Why don't girls like this exist outside of the internet[View]
46290258>want to get into the military >to much of a pussy to talk to a recruit…[View]
46291947I've been active here mostly in 2014/2015. After that, it stopped being enjoyable to me persona…[View]
46291395>make a thread on /biz/ that isn't about bitcoin >archived, zero replies…[View]
46291722If i stop fapping, do i just stop caring about women at some point?[View]
46289404ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST: Why am I hearing about this nigger so much? When I googled his name the …[View]
46289622/Cuckold general discussion May 22/: Fellow cuckolds: Is it gay to prep the bull? I say no, because…[View]
46291855Is there a higher form of sexual intelligence than cuckoldry?[View]
46291712>when he's tickling you and you accidentally fart[View]
46288281Step-Brother is literally the guy from tendies stories.: > Be me > Dad re-marries > Step-Br…[View]
46290037do you see girls in midsummer or no do you go to date[View]
46291830Why am I so angry?: I have no reason to be man....but I am I am fucking angry Reeeee!!![View]
46291786Why is it so easy for people to datamine on this board? I don't understand why people are so ea…[View]
46290372Would you rather marry a fat girl who will love nobody but you and stay with you forever, or an attr…[View]
46291744Have you ever felt loved?[View]
46291680how about not going for only 10/10 girls to finally get a gf you fucking loser?[View]
46290874End of the world: In this thread we pray for the second comig, post your favourite prayers: Pater no…[View]
46291097>muh cinematic games >muh lengthy cutscenes >muh focus on narrative and characters Why is e…[View]
46290200>spending my 23rd birthday on 4chan again its not getting better isnt it?…[View]
46291248Why do american young people hate their grandparents so much?[View]
46290588>dude just go to therapy bro and all ur problems will be solved[View]
46291578find amusing porn videos and post them[View]
46291332>that time a teacher found you when you were getting beaten up but instead of stopping the beatin…[View]
46290503So /r9k/, in your mind, what is it that makes her OBLIGATED to be your gf?[View]
46290174>go on /sp/ >its all cuckposting >go on /pol/ >its all nigger/mutt posting >go on /mu…[View]
46289520Any other anons out there that deal with this shit regularly too?: >be me >be very confident a…[View]
46288989What are my homies drinking this morning?[View]
46290653Former Incel feels: >tfw gf comes over for the weekend >she puts her bag down and grabs my dic…[View]
46291036>jerk off so much my cock hurts >dry skin becomes super itchy >can't stop jerking off…[View]
46290668>Be 9 years old >Had a 6 year old friend that I used to play real football with >Would alwa…[View]
46290979What does r9k think about my oneitis?[View]
46290524Would you date a woman that is a known dogfucker?[View]
46291062is there a cuter meme than Apu?[View]
46283637discord friends thread, can we get people that actually wanna talk.[View]
46287449How do I make money from home: I want to stop going to work or leaving the house too often, I dont h…[View]
46291298qt 3.14 mail lady: >new mail lady when outside cutting grass. >young 20 year old qt blonde/sli…[View]
46291309Anons hold your dicks and count to three This nigga is about to fulfill all your chocolate fantasies…[View]
46291233Adventure: >be me >first year of highschool >we organize to make Instagram group for commun…[View]
46290144>music that give you nostalgia over things you never even experienced https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
46291115Should I open an AMA thread?: This is a thread for civil discussion, should I or shouldn't I? …[View]
46289295What it's like to have sex when you haven't jacked off for several days? I haven't n…[View]
46290522I'm looking for autistic discord serves. Link me.[View]
46289330How the fuck am I supposed to get a guy like this?[View]
46291154Devilish: >frequently shitpost on /fit/ >not even /fit/…[View]
46291150Is there a point to even trying in the dating market as an Asian male with already very bad social s…[View]
46291076>tfw summer schol again[View]
46290633be me, bonafide loner: all the people I can unconditionally be with, in any way shape or form, all b…[View]
46289426The n i g g e r dick shills are sleeping.[View]
46290480keyboard vvoices: howwwwcome my keyboard keeeep repeating keysss when i type? i tried unplugging the…[View]
46290543ITT i want to be verbally humiliated. I feel better when I am verbally humiliated when I'm depr…[View]
46290884Real talk: I'm having a nice day and I would like to have a conversation with anyone who wants …[View]
46290570>move into new apartment >at night trying to sleep >hear a rat scuttle across the room >…[View]
46290790is ASMR sin and sexual? help me pls /r9k/[View]
46288059What are some things you've always wanted to say? Regardless of how autistic it may be. I'…[View]
46286507Post the insides of your underwear. Mine are gross because I have hemorrhoids and that causes anal s…[View]
46290099Are there any other Chad incels here? I've got the looks of a Chad but social skills of an ince…[View]
46288393tomboychan: do you have any links to videos where the girls are crying and begging the guy to stop?…[View]
46285970>get one life in this world >parents named me Seymour…[View]
46290286>be NEET >talking to someone on the phone about conspiracy stuff, kabbalah cults, etc >star…[View]
46289955Is it normal that women entirely ignore me, even for the most basic things? Like, from high scool to…[View]
46290448Lost a friend: >be me >15, going to highschool >2 friends, lets call them 'pajeet' and 'joh…[View]
46286199Anyone else having a cold? It feels so horrible every time. I should have listened to my grandmother…[View]
46286406Do people really find this fun?[View]
46288036Alright NEETs of /r9k/, I got some questions for you: 1. How long have you been a NEET? 2. What do y…[View]
46290549>playing touhou on my beat up hp laptop i've had for 9 years >hear my name being called b…[View]
46290515It's been 23 days since i last spoke to another human being. What's your record?[View]
46290507When you realize how easy it is to just let go and stop caring about anything, that annoying voice i…[View]
46289744Do women actually enjoy sucking cock or just what they can get out of it?[View]
46289902SERVER RAID MOTHERFUCKERS (replace the comma and semicolon with a dot and colon respectively) https;…[View]
46289868Guys, i have a question so in an episode of Rick and Morty (yeah I know..shut the fuck up) Rick sai…[View]
46286927Being alone in public fucks me up. I'm walking and talking to myself. There is no escape. I…[View]
46283529Why are smart people not getting laid constantly? REEEEE[View]
46287992>Take once glance at catalog >Don't come here for a few days >Rinse and repeat I'…[View]
46287864Any other robots have troubles with acne on their chest? How do you deal with it?[View]
46288983Take the 2D pill: I feel better knowing Kaede is always here for me, when I look at her I feel warm.…[View]
46286518>qt girl keeps looking at you in lecture >never approach her or do anything about it…[View]
46289714I did, fellas.: have i done it guys? Or is this just bait made by spam?[View]
46290016so how do i get a tomboy gf?: no memes. i prefer the plain look, non of that caked up in makeup with…[View]
46289870Someone asked me to send a picture of my pussy, I haven't even seen it myself. Who here deeply …[View]
46289384NEETbux: this thread is for American NEET's who have successfully gone the route of getting pro…[View]
46290102>be me >chad See ya later virgins[View]
46290082the goal is to embrace the darkest realities , therefore nothing anyone ever says can shake or bothe…[View]
46289324My searing hate for women finally took me full circle, now I'm chad lite. I'm talking to m…[View]
46288485my gf is cheating on me: i just saw my gf messenger my day chatting some chad fuck her!!!! i just g…[View]
46289505yo niggers, I clean my teeth, scrape my tongue and floss twice every day but I still have bad breath…[View]
46289664Femanons, are your sexual fantasies degrading?[View]
46275684Who else here /ChubbyOnPurpose/? I used to be fairly thin but now I stick around 200 and I couldn…[View]
46288390tinder?: What should I say next??? Help me robots[View]
46289825Comfy Robot Discord // Everyone welcome //: Well moderated, active and open-minded Discord server op…[View]
46288524So all this support for illegal immigration and stuff, our parents and all the older generations jus…[View]
46289794You have a soul: I used to be an Incel no friend loser like most of you. Then I cleaned my room, got…[View]
46289477little roasite gets toastie https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Ol79p7orxE lmfao her screams are satisf…[View]
46289259What would you from 10-5 years ago say to you if he met you right now, you dont get to do yourself u…[View]
46289054Is it a good idea to make an investment and date a fat girl who is in the process of losing a lot of…[View]
46288684>fun, single, and ready to mingel[View]
46289131fuck: just failed my 11th grade math because this stupid fucking replacement teacher[View]
46289773Dear women, you were all meant to be ruled by men: One way or another, this is the fate that awaits …[View]
46289157>be semi fat fem anon for years /nothing too bad but also no muscle definition > decide to be…[View]
46289724you sickos[View]
46288438Fembot Thread: Why is there a correlation between girls who are into games and anime and girls with …[View]
46289723>tfw no thick trap to play video games with Why even live, bros!?!?[View]
46289506*eats 60 year old pork near you*: nice... is he /ourchad/[View]
46286975why not just settle for thicc latina gf?[View]
46287738High school feels: >just finished high school >literally regret not asking out every girl…[View]
46289394Take the red pill anon. Realize 3D women are worthless and only good for fucking.[View]
46288714fuuckkkk. I just ate two chinese takeout lunch specials (one shrimp fried rice, the other chicken cu…[View]
46289623>stress gets worse >can't do anything but /r9k/ >used to spend a ton of time on video …[View]
46286742I fell for the discord meme >any girl that does add you is so used up, half of 4chan has her nude…[View]
46289261>be 15-18 >NEET >live with single dad, he's depressed and just goes out drinking most …[View]
46288797who else dont know what to think of women? there is all this evidence on the internet and women on t…[View]
46288248obtain wholesome qt how?[View]
46289507How many of you have actually read the sticky post all the way through?[View]
46279470Any other robots /LinkinPark/ here?[View]
46285716I <3 Little Girls https://youtu.be/H2LQMElLoLs[View]
46287397Spill your beans and tell good ol' anon about your dreams. >I want to be a polyglot knowing …[View]
46272704ITT: Post your real name and rate other peoples names. My name is John.[View]
46289275>watching modern thriller >no snapchat, no instagram.. hell not even a facebook account. >j…[View]
46281751Some one you wish you can see agian: All the threads right now are trash so I'm here to improve…[View]
46289063why is being a 'basic bitch' a bad thing? it makes it sound like that girls can't be allowed to…[View]
46286579Should I go to the hospital?: Anyway I'll give you guys a quick run down of who I am and what I…[View]
46286819Why are there so many christfags on this website? Its like the most degenerate place on the internet…[View]
46285276Do women even find men attractive? Every girl I talk to prefers how girls look and only like men bec…[View]
46286473Is there a worse fate than being born an ugly male in the modern era, where male looks are valued ab…[View]
46289231i.. i need a vagina... a wet lubed warm vagina i need to procreate with a vagina give me vagina lube…[View]
46284623Christianity: Is anyone from /r9k/ a christian ?, if so can you tell if it helped you in your proble…[View]
46289204>be me >Sleep >Have a dream about banging a girl >Wake up next to my uncle See ya later …[View]
46288499I haven't left my house since April[View]
46286659My Beta Male Cuck of a Dad: Alright, /r9k/. You've heard of liberal cuckolds before. But none h…[View]
46287323Do trannies unironically think that they're the future?[View]
46288424Why is it so hard to even just get a 5/10 GF. I just gave up on even trying to get a GF because I am…[View]
46288472I just wanted to say, have a great day guys.[View]
46284364share your stories: I'll start >be me 3 years ago >19 at time >had just started what …[View]
46289034>when you think you've moved past depression and suicide but it keeps coming back…[View]
46288950Why are women allowed to drool over Chads on social media? They're shamelessly posting their sn…[View]
46287791XXXTentacions Death AKA:Nigger with Talent: Am i realy the only one here who is actually ,,Sad' that…[View]
46288503>you're at the club and this guy slaps your gf's ass what do originally?…[View]
46286343How do I stop feeling hateful and bitter towards women, especially women who have sexual experience?…[View]
46288824beggar thread: if you have any paysafecard leftovers please give me them. i'm a poor neet boy t…[View]
46288772Ehehe... only twenty years... and then i can retire for life EhehehHEHE... ONLY TWENTY YEARS AND I…[View]
46288787>Lost my $5[View]
46288337>mom never taught me how to wipe my own ass >for all I know I've been doing it wrong for …[View]
46287574Am I in the wrong here? I told my mother that she didn't need to come with me to get my school …[View]
46287929> tfw no poo wheyfu How many circuits are on this ride?[View]
46288087Where do I meet nice, non-judgmental friends that possibly share my interests, but aren't so no…[View]
46288310>That realization that our collective perception of reality isn't even close to what reality…[View]
46285038You stumble upon this dead body while crossing the street. What do?[View]
46288676https://youtu.be/AMWIAAhOS3k This is how you pick up women tutorial. Feel bad man[View]
46286039/britfeel/: Ding dong diddly edition[View]
46288488Why cant I post from my tablet? What are the mods afraid of?[View]
46288560Isn't it about time you started learning Japanese?[View]
46285331Fembots, what are your absolute most fucked up sexual fantasies?[View]
46287872META9K: What do you think about the robots, robots? Also what do you think about robots in general?…[View]
46287236How much insulin does a Type 1 diabetic needs to kill himself ?[View]
46288518>tfw no camaldolese bf[View]
46285848>be me >at the club >group of hotties approach me >'hey anon! could you take a picture o…[View]
46284865The only thing I look forward to is drinking alone in my room[View]
46288406What should I do about my neet tier life: In the spring I took a few classes at my local college but…[View]
46288359fembots of r9k, what are your sexual fantasies? have you ever made them into reality?[View]
46287939>at hotel >place earbuds on a table >go to sleep >wake up >earbuds no longer there …[View]
46288306>brush the inside of my ass to with a toothbrush to make it bleed >put tampon in >mfw…[View]
46288293discord: discord 7sCU5se come for the banter[View]
46288276Chadlet here. Have a date with Stacy later, pic related. AMA.[View]
46288153wagecucks without uni/college degree. what work do you do? i have to look for a job soon[View]
46287153>parental figure found my ejaculation station fuck[View]
46286919>be me >be only fapping a few times per week >hear about a site called 4 chan >decided t…[View]
46279789https://www.theschooloflife.com/thebookoflife/self-knowledge-questionnaire/ >your age >your 3 …[View]
46288195Japanese commercials are the only thing that keep me from killing myself.[View]
46284552Is there an uglier robot?[View]
46288169>date women your own age date men your own species[View]
462881059gaggers: So I've been talking to this girl who has this meme page and it's been going wel…[View]
46286949What's the point of it all? Why are we here? Who put us here?[View]
46283903Hey /r9k/ get in here and come listen to my comfy internet radio station for robots! Comfyradio.blog…[View]
46286766Happiness is directly and mostly related to IQ and EQ. Humans are creatures motivated by primitive a…[View]
46288009My life consists of a few days of struggling to better myself followed by weeks of rolling around on…[View]
46287858When was the last time you hugged your mother and told her you love her? She won't be there for…[View]
46287438>Tfw you pretty much have no life[View]
46287868>Summer begins >The cluster headaches are back >Now every morning So how is your summer so …[View]
46286126Discord server shit: I just wanna have some internet friends again.[View]
46287979Is screaming as loud, and hard, as you can, a good way to relieve anger and stress? I've been d…[View]
46287578>be me >watching Brazil's game just now >friends mention Nigeria x Iceland 'They'…[View]
46287963>that 15 year old zoomer that donates his allowance to tell livestreamers how real they are…[View]
46287556>the neet spends hours on 4chan arguing and trying to make himself feel better in this group of p…[View]
46287882Say there are two people. Guy 1: >degree educated >employed >decent looking, has had one or…[View]
46285724Any good emo haircuts? Have the same haircut as Shinji. It's the autism phase.[View]
46287507Should I masturbate right now? I got really horny all of a sudden and currently have a streak of 2 w…[View]
46287265>''''''''''fembots''''''''''' >hrt fags >fags > porn fags >orbiters >normalniggers…[View]
46287119I am going to be dead within the next 3 hours.[View]
46286825Who else smoking today ? :/[View]
46286987tfw your crush and best friend of 8 years leaves you for a chad because you used a bad word[View]
46287740>jerk off to interracial bbc porn >make nigger hate thread on /pol/ afterwards who else here /…[View]
46286739Okay anons my prom is starting in 2 hours, fist we're taking pictures with our family and shit …[View]
46286318how would you guys make money at home? I'm not talking about big bucks money in the thousands a…[View]
46287386>have internet gf >do sexting with her almost every third day >decide we should meet >co…[View]
46286753NEET Thread: NEETs, report: >age >last job/education phase >how long are you a NEET >par…[View]
46285737I am disfigured. Any questions /r9k/ ?[View]
46286770Minecraft hardcore server for anons high and wide, you die you die, IP: it'…[View]
46285800im getting druink alone another friday night r9k, what is there to do around here? i want some pople…[View]
46287571http://boards.4chan.org/po/archive look how cute it is!…[View]
46285883whose the biggest person on this board?[View]
46287473is this original? >sorry if it seems like i'm forcing a meme >just wanted to test my orig…[View]
46287537I really fucking want toga to rape me[View]
46286900anybody got any good mangas to suggest[View]
46285773ITT: Autistic things that your family members do.: I'll start. Dad: >Is 55 and subscribes to…[View]
46284112Letter Thread: Modern Edition: Otherwise known as the 'people may be lurking' edition. Wri…[View]
46287266I'm in the school bathroom taking a shit right now.[View]
46286472Is it wrong to go on Tinder and catfish Chads and incels alike for money? The only ones I have mercy…[View]
46287219i cant stop ordering curry from Chinese takeout places I need help its too fuckung good[View]
46286511How I became a chad: >be me >14 >annoying autistic kid in class >smells like actual shit…[View]
46285160Haven't spoken to my brother in months< I need his help so I can replace a part in my pc …[View]
46286395>nigger 'friend' stole a hundred dollars from me >find out a week later he got arrested for we…[View]
46286431Fembots, would you share your baby daddy with friends?[View]
46287259Small, chill server with 150+ members. Come one, come all. Invite code is: aBxpgcm[View]
46287247Love.: so in an episode of Rick and Morty (yeah I know..) Rick said:'...love is an expression of fam…[View]
46285949I just want to have sex with a 10/10 24/7. Anyone else know that feel?[View]
46285071What's better for a typical robot, the army or police? I think i might be a really really mild…[View]
46284648>tfw no shy masochistc younger bf with blue eyes[View]
46282237my favorite kind of cocks are the ones that are like 6.5 inches, thick and veiny, where the foreskin…[View]
46284415ITT: Robot livestreamers: What are some r9k approved livestreamers? I'll start with an obvious …[View]
46286946>Be me >Be 15 >Finnish >Holding a presentation about the winter war in history class …[View]
46284702What's the next event you're looking for, robots? Personally I can't wait for LGBTGDQ…[View]
46286327Wh*Tes are genetically inferior: and they always will be[View]
46280108Help me guys: I'm getting into a fight with some kid my age in about a month. He's respons…[View]
46286963I can't get over how perfect Lilypink is. Everything about her is just incredible.[View]
46286926who else here got a practice gf once and then never had a real gf later[View]
46286869How exactly am i meant to figure out if a girl is staring at me because she's attracted to Me, …[View]
46285987My biggest problem is that I don't take any risks. I know I could go out and make friends or ge…[View]
46284708Why not use tickling as a punishment method? Pretty sure it has positive consequences in comparison …[View]
46284547Is he better before or after?[View]
46286030Server links: Get in discordfags.[View]
46285614If you are a male and you do not find a fully developed good looking 13-16 year old girl attractive …[View]
46286307How do you guys cope with being alone?[View]
46286658>Delta P[View]
46286553Roasties btfo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d-RjYj6VO28[View]
46284862Father, forgive me for I have done something wrong I have found a goldmine of cp pictures and saved …[View]
46285796>cant say savory food names like 'steak' without cringing >always eat alone >hate…[View]
46286556>PROVE ME RIGHT[View]
46285131>be me >be Russian cyka >get raped by a bear >mfw >pic not related…[View]
46284816why do thots always post photos like this?[View]
46285012This just happened to me a few hours ago >be me >18 >used to work at a restaurant, boss cal…[View]
46285986Robot music general: Post what are you listening to right now. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AR-sM…[View]
46286286Is it normal to take a cold shower, shave and then slap yourself hard on each cheek after putting yo…[View]
46285343>you're at the local swimming pool late at night and decide it's time to leave >it…[View]
46286492tfw no dominant strapon gf[View]
46286506>wake up day ruined I fucking hate everything. I'm at the verge of raping this whore at work…[View]
46285525do any of y'all have a nigga named laughy on your discord friends list if not. do you have anyo…[View]
46285176Do you even realize that when somebody claims to be a female here, it's much more likely to be …[View]
46285704>tfw 27 in 3 months >literally approaching Bateman age How do I really make this year mine?…[View]
46285840How do I cope with my brain falling apart >finals are coming in less than a month >I can barel…[View]
46285097>tfw you find yourself having more fun on sims inviting friends over, going on vacations, and tak…[View]
46286300>washed my mouth out with a homeless man's arse How else do you start your day, robots?…[View]
46285971be me, inexperienced and Naive: >thought the 'Trans people being exceptionally mentally ill was a…[View]
46286198Why must life be cruel: > be me > hear rumours that a girl may like me > i begin to pay mor…[View]
46281962Asian boys look like this Why don't you have an Asian bf yet?[View]
46286171>get a gf >lose interest in porn and fetishy shit…[View]
46285613SCAM Thread: Have you ever been scammed? Ripped off? Taken advantage of in the name of serious love?…[View]
46275961Feminisation of Western Males: Isn't it so wonderful? How all of the traditionally brutish part…[View]
46286125Free For 24 Hours: https://www.humblebundle.com/store/shadowrun-returns-deluxe Gives you a steam key…[View]
46285780>White >Hasnt donated to Black Lives Matter What in the fuck is your excuse?…[View]
46285686Reddit: any of you faggots comming from reddit? is that safeplace too safe for you? have you conside…[View]
46286020no NO NO!! You've thwarted my plans yet again! I'll be back! I'll be baaaaaaaaaaaaa…[View]
46284383>be me >about 6 years old at the time >at some kind of summer camp which wasn't really…[View]
46279523/britfeel/: Just busted my nut to doujin, time for toast, tea, trek and rollie edition >>46272…[View]
46285854Almost blinded myself just now. I froze a fizzy drink, opened it 5 seconds it blew up right in my ey…[View]
46285215>take delorazepam >feel like a zombie every fucking time…[View]
46283722Ayo white boi, we hear you hate blacks. Get over here and apologise by breedin' us or else we…[View]
46285458Has a woman ever looked into your eyes with this much admiration and appreciation?[View]
46285837the cashiers are starting to recognize me[View]
46285826>mfw I browse r9k[View]
46285249krisztian molnar: are there any hungarians? redpill me on this guy[View]
46284649>That innocent looking girl you noticed the other day alrady had dick inside her ass since then …[View]
46284951>during the big bang the universe was infinitely dense >literally everything originated from t…[View]
46285789>go to corner store >see gaijin It can't be helped.…[View]
46285269Femanons, what if a guy that looks like this asks you out?[View]
46283862>tfw you're healthy but also you have compulsive obsessive thoughts and get so severe panic …[View]
46282512Lads, will send every pic here to group with normalfags, GO[View]
46284410Is he dare I say it /ourguy/? >incel >nazi >pedo…[View]
46285644What do you do when getting drunk isn't enough anymroe? I've drank as much in the last 90 …[View]
46284121ITT: Post feels and a reaction image, others relate >When using Tinder you swipe left on the hot …[View]
46283249Any Jews here? Do you participate in the Jewish community? If so what are you experience? Is it easi…[View]
46283380Normalfag genocide when? We need a purge.[View]
46285575cummies thread: semen ITT[View]
46285075The ABSOLUTE state of roasties: Haven't laughed this hard in about 5 years[View]
46285483fembots, how does it feel being a 250 lb 40 year old man?[View]
46285382This site tries to make me gaj every single day[View]
46283786And lo the Lord did say; Let there be spaghetti porn.[View]
46285365What does 'female (male)' and 'female (female)' mean? Is this a standard thing now because of traps?…[View]
46285375OP: Tell me your location, your name, your age, your hair color and a bunch of other uninteresting f…[View]
46256111Ideal GF thread. Sadly, none of you can top pic related. You can try though.[View]
46282987I hate being a non chad so fucking much god, I hate not being tall or having a big dick or having a …[View]
46283062Is this normal after a full week of tinder or am I just ugly?[View]
46284628I have a constant screaming in my head only when I'm out in public. Sometimes it dies down to a…[View]
46284955This was the exact moment feminism won. I remember being completely disgusted the first time I was f…[View]
46267172Hello anons its time for your yearly robot test if you score 82+ get the FUCK out[View]
46284933Fembots, do you have sexual fantasies about being nude in public? What are they about, and what abou…[View]
46285003my hrt just arrived anons, why am I doing this to myself, why did you all shill this bullshit[View]
46283370Personal blog entry: My boobs hurt. They are becoming noticeable visually, and I'm glad, but th…[View]
46282949Post greentexts of whatever you're doing in this very moment: >be me >take a shit >it…[View]
46284204'straight' fembots, would you eat a girl's pussy?[View]
46285081Why does he always look so weird? >inb4goebbelssimilarity Yeah, whatever. The question still rema…[View]
46284840Embarrassing posts: I'm sure most here have memories that make you feel intense embarrassment a…[View]
46280272>went to subway for the fourth time this week >'hi, footlong steak and cheese on italian, righ…[View]
46285027crush: i am feeling like not going out or doing anything she invited me tho and im feeling ugly af w…[View]
46283874/Nightfeel/ - Anime Edition: How's everybody doing tonight, it's time for another exciting…[View]
46284967Turning 10 was the hardest thing anybody had to do - you had to give your Pokemon stuff to your youn…[View]
46285004Anons Biopolar[View]
46282549>tfw too old to get molested its not fuckin fair bros, i wanted a milf in a nurse costume to milk…[View]
46284596Well r9k, I got my first relationship and then immediately got dumped. It wasn't even a month b…[View]
46274199/awake/ Stay Awake Tonight: >What is /awake/? This is a general thread for people like me right n…[View]
46284633How do we stop the shaved pussy meme? Seriously a bit of hair is so fucking hot and stimulating comp…[View]
46284693another day has passed that i lack improvement[View]
46284920Help me anons. My until recently conservative household mom after getting a new job started having s…[View]
46283148Waifus/Husbandus: Do you have a waifu, r9k? I think I'm becoming infatuated with a cartoon char…[View]
46284829>tfw no skelly pale blue eyed sadistic dom bf[View]
46284330post anti-normie songs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Q1xRZERXlM[View]
46282673>'ayo! you mad white bo-' s-sorry massa! I gon be a gud n-nigga now![View]
46281752Where have all the good games gone[View]
46280603When did you finally decide to give up?[View]
46284445My first lucid dream: Alright robots, this is story of love, a story of passion, a story of heartbre…[View]
46283781How do you get past this robots?[View]
46284694>so many sexually frustrated youths today >no one realises that sexual frustration is also a r…[View]
46284705>tfw YUGIOH training card contraband days are long gone[View]
46284150DMT or Ayahuasca: DMT or Ayahuasca? Which one is going to turn me into a normal?[View]
46258811ITT robots post your minimum requirements for women: Robots post your 10 minimum requirements for a …[View]
46283543Why can't some people stand being alone and enjoy their own company? Are they weak-minded?[View]
46284493Why am I so attracted to my neighbour? Her face is a 5 at best, but she is thin. She is also at leas…[View]
46283494post your discord things and ill add. add other anons too thats cool[View]
46284097When I look at the mirror, I see a 7/10 man. I don't know, I think it's because I'm q…[View]
46283203My name is Sasuke Uchiha. I hate a lot of things, and I don't particularly like anything. What …[View]
46282791Are any of you robots working towards a goal? >I want to gain an opera voice similar to vitas or …[View]
46284165>Dont need drugs because get enough self destructive satisfaction from this site. >start sayin…[View]
46284031>tfw no 5/10 girIfriend[View]
46284198I may or may not just have eaten cat shit[View]
46283777prev. thread: >>46213678 it's been about a week since i've gotten a response. she…[View]
46284211Reminder that rem is a literal piece of shit who spreads misinformation about someone i know named k…[View]
46284337My 18yo dog is dying: How should I prepare for his death? Should I put him down or something?[View]
46271293/r9gay/ - #350: 'three fifty isn't a special number' edition How's everyone's day goi…[View]
46283134GIRL POWER!!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gJLIiF15wjQ[View]
46284308Gold digging cunt dates real life Patrick Bateman goes as you would expect: https://www.bbc.com/news…[View]
46284307When did white men turn into sissy faggots?[View]
46284012it's comfy to have only fun shitposts once a while what is YOUR hidden/filter list?[View]
46284135I can't stand to be around my friends anymore. All they fucking talk about is sex and typical n…[View]
46282534Anyone else here Chad in all ways except for sexually/romantically? It pisses me off. Sorry in advan…[View]
46283580im gonna get my gyros. last time i went some cikans (sib species of black) wanted frm my 20 kcs ( th…[View]
46281237Mexibois love BWC: Mexican bois are meant to be sissies, their mongoloid genes make them short &…[View]
46283757>think about going on HRT >fap >realize that's a stupid idea How do you maintain the p…[View]
46278423i'm 6'3, 240 pounds, and i hit the gym tell me why i couldnt kill you with my bare hands i…[View]
46283892'just get a tinder bro' hmm, let's examine this a bit further >I've never been on a dat…[View]
46284092My waifu is pure. Of that I'm sure.[View]
46282945If you are sad, buy a Nintendo Switch. It will make your life happier.[View]
46281565My boyfriend likes to wear a mouth mask or motorcycle helmet whenever he rides his bike.[View]
46283206Why do most women have fantasies of being treated like garbage by some dominant sadistic Chad in bed…[View]
46284076How many times can you fap and cum in a hour?[View]
46277927the fuck is this? is it good?[View]
46282814I hate women but I hate the fact my genetics make me attracted to them even more[View]
46280328The real reason you're not popular is because you smell bad.[View]
46282837Why is caffeine use so ubiquitous these days? It's not even good, if I drink coffee the effect …[View]
46281920I am a goetic preist AMA[View]
46282268Heidi Heidi Heidi flice[View]
46281098>hey anon, I know we've never spoken before.. but.. well I actually always liked you - Just …[View]
46283256niggers smeII bad[View]
46281795God I want to jack off and its only the first night. This nofap better not be a meme.[View]
46283907How do guys with ASD find love?[View]
46283931>riding my bike on a windy day >wind is blowing against me and making it really hard to pedal …[View]
46283783Is it possible for cats to feel sexually harassed?: Asking for a friend of a friend.[View]
46282626>get a job >get a gf Literally how?[View]
46283436>Too crazy to get a gf[View]
46282249No matter how I spend my time by the end of the week I'm miserable and depressed and just want …[View]
46283359Has Shrek become somewhat of a father-figure for disenfranchised millennials? From what I gather, hi…[View]
46282362I don't need this shit: >Be me >have problems with memory >wake up this morning >it…[View]
46283363Do any of you all get tired of talking/dating/sleeping with women only to find out their not your ty…[View]
46283019Have to finish a final essay today, went to sleep at midnight. It's 10:30AM and I still haven…[View]
46278749drugs: any of you robotos do any illegal substances if so what an why do you like it? I just smoke w…[View]
46283484What do I have for dinner tonight /r9k/?[View]
46283501this is your tinder match for tonight[View]
46283664>big black thug is forcing my face in his ass to lick it clean Is there a better feel?…[View]
46282433>when you whip your dick out to fap and you can smell your own unwashed musk Just Robot Things…[View]
46282498I'm afraid of joining the gym again episode. It's been 1 month since I lifted and ate 3k c…[View]
46282316When are you going yo get a child, robots?[View]
46282598ITT: blood boiling sentences >My wife's son/daughter >My wife's boyfriend…[View]
46281824how do i stop raping my wife /r/9k[View]
46282812In the 2D realm, even black girls can be cute.[View]
46282984IM 28 years old and my gf is 21 i also went on a date with an 18 year old what does this mean?[View]
46283509Who else recruiting incels so non-retarded men have an easier time?[View]
46283216DXM NIGGAS: https://www.amazon.com/Cough-Suppressant-RoboCough-2-pack/dp/B079NSZZ33?keywords=dxm…[View]
46282073>tfw everything online is boring[View]
46282684tfw a goauld symbiote enters your butt and controls your weiener to make you cumm all your sperm all…[View]
46283478Later losers: >Playing Overwatch Competitive >There's a girl in the server >She's…[View]
46283056Anyone know what bra cup a bust of 85cm would be? I'm looking to buy the silicone breasts you c…[View]
46283090REEE: just went and measured myself lads, 165cm, what do?[View]
46283108That weird kid thread >burned pencils in physics >wore a red jacket always >followed loner…[View]
46280105I am a girl (female) let us have a conversation about anything.[View]
46281714My fetish is to drink milk from an mtf's tiddies but it'll never come true...[View]
46283154what would you do to this little 18 y/o?[View]
46278900If you ever watched any of these tags, that's your future. There's no coming back.[View]
46282518>had another pedofilic wet dream Why does this keep happening FBI if you're reading this, it…[View]
46280483I got warts from a hooker(s) in 2009 So how do I ever explain that to my sex parttner? How do I tell…[View]
46283231>'bro, let's hit the pool. we can play vydia later after night fall…[View]
46283161>tfw no female friends OC[View]
46283269poem: Wrote a poem. let me sleep please let me sleep i'm tired and alone wired to be wrong i…[View]
46281854I thought it was just a meme, but the only thing anyone talks about at my new job is sex. I just wan…[View]
46282030How do I get a depressed GF?[View]
46283192I want to fuck a cute boy and make him my secret boyfriend, but I'm pretty average in looks and…[View]
46283124greentext: >Going on trip to Niagara Falls for 5 days with family and QT3.14 GF of 4 years >Ge…[View]
46276469What podcasts does /r9k/ listen to? Pic related is pretty comfy but not as good as the old Yogpod[View]
46281425>install New Vegas again >save Goodsprings from the Powder Gangers >make it to Primm, rescu…[View]
46281354i'm going over to my girlfriend's house tomorrow and we're gonna get stoned and fuck …[View]
46280480post ITT late 90's/early 2000's pics[View]
46282878Anyone else feel stuck in the past? I don't follow new tv shows or video games anymore, I don…[View]
46283016>have a day off, boss told me I dont need to go in today to wagecuck all the day >I bet normie…[View]
46282893Shes 19 bro You really think shes gonna notice you? Youre old as fuck lol[View]
46282281>be me >always wanted a cute asian gf >cant talk to women >some how get a qt's numb…[View]
46280369Another roastie tits thread. /r9k/ was never good.[View]
46282929>that 15 year old zoomer who confessed his love for his crush in front of the whole class…[View]
46281325If your snap score is over 100k you're a fucking queer.[View]
46282818I just reached the conclusion that i'm low IQ How do i cope now?[View]
46282920Fallout 4 REEEE: >be me, mid 20s >pic related, is me >at home >bombs drop, oof >goes …[View]
46281679who /going to win the lottery this time/ here? I won a bonus ticket when purchasing, so my luck is d…[View]
46282601>tfw just barely passed my CS final exams >dont know what do next >wont get an IT job (neit…[View]
46281222Does penis size really matter to girls?[View]
46282835Burn it to the fucking ground: >be me >transported into a furry fever dream >i have no idea…[View]
46281837>old guard of /r9k/ from before the normalfags flooded this board >been away for a while >n…[View]
46281556lets hack conservapedia.com join me: help me r9k we must hack them now[View]
46277967I love NEETs so much. they're so adorable and messy and cute I especially love group fapping wi…[View]
46277936Day 1: Just over 24 hours (27 hours 37 minutes to be exact) into my permanent nofap, begun at almost…[View]
46280213Taking pic requests minniekitty at protonmail dot com[View]
46277549how do you cope with blackpill/redpill? do you just not leave your house?[View]
46282681>tfw no asian gf to gib me milky[View]
46282409>you will never perform your favorite songs in front everyone who thinks you're a loser…[View]
46280291What do you think would help prevent school shooting from happening /r9k/?[View]
46282545Why spend thousands on a sex doll when you can spend a couple hundred dollars on a busty mannequin?[View]
46282394What causes grey tongue? Alcohol?[View]
46282413>be beta faggot >have impossible crush on hot girl from my school >So hot my school uses he…[View]
46282396>be me >19 >at work Talking to qt 3.14 that I work with while we are sweeping the floor …[View]
46282471I don't get it, I don't get it at all. for the final 2.5 years of highschool I read pua fo…[View]
46280321What's the deal with white kids trying to be niggers, hating law enforcement for no reason?[View]
46274214>You don't smoke, you don't drink, you don't do drugs, you don't party. Do yo…[View]
46281693>mess around with EQ on new headset >make everything sound live and echoey >listen to favor…[View]
46281472I'm really sad and things are spiraling I need your help robots >be me >best friend at th…[View]
46282368>There are Normies on this board right this second, Just as planned, now go fight stupid roaches,…[View]
46282344Put 'wtf' in moon speak in the provided image. Or something funnier.[View]
46281005Without my 40 ounces of social skills I'm just an ass in the crack of humanity. I'm just a…[View]
46280255>trying not to fap >/r9k/ is always full of porn…[View]
46280890I just got some ice cream robots! Today was a good day :D[View]
46282070Virgins Make Synth Wave: Wanna learn how to get some sweat pussy. We can teach you how to make some …[View]
46282304>mother comes in to clean my room as usual. (i force her to because im an alpha) >sees cum cup…[View]
46279281my life is over because i was born in a small town: my life is over and theres no escape and suicide…[View]
46281629Any Netflix movies/shows you guys would recommend?[View]
46279941>anon why haven't you brought home a girl yet? Are you gay? We still love you if you're…[View]
46281760Why is physics so much harder than math?: I've studied up to calculus on Khan Academy, but even…[View]
46280089You're a bootyhole. Lol idiot. Stupid as fucking hell.[View]
46280693Oooh, look! A shutin loser virgin retard who has never went on a date with a girl thinks he understa…[View]
46280805ok robots what have i done[View]
46278119FREE IQ TESTING: >Take this test giqtest.com >Save your Test ID >Complete the test >Don…[View]
46282048>go to Spencer's >go to back >Forgot what was in the back >I'm underage …[View]
46279321/LDG/ lucid dreaming general: /LDG/ - lucid dreaming general the ultimate escapism >today…[View]
46281686>be me, enjoying burger in restaurant >dont worry im not normie i was sitting in the corner b…[View]
46281228Alcoholic finnish robot here. Today is nightless night (sun will not set) normies will party with th…[View]
46281411If you guys want to make some really cool crystals (not edible unfortunately) mix 5-7 pennies or oth…[View]
46281636This is the best year in my fucking life. I feel happier than even when I was a child. I feel like I…[View]
46281518>have 6+ facebook accounts >all very thoroughly tailored to look on the surface like a real gr…[View]
46250631ITT: describe your secret alternate life fantasy: Don't fucking lie we've all done it.…[View]
46282016datt: I ain't watching Leprechaun: Back 2 tha hood with my hands in my pants[View]
46281976Welcome to the Weary Sun Tango! A unique server with a twentieth century futurism theme inspired by …[View]
46281504>My conversation with my parents a minute ago >Anon ws talked to your granparents and were sen…[View]
46280090We live in a nightmare world. How far can you disassociate? How far do you retreat into your fantasi…[View]
46278020How hard did Stacy reject you? she told me to never talk to her ever again[View]
46281597This happened 10-15ish minutes ago >know this total slut >lets anyone diddly her >got her s…[View]
46281012Anons, what do you think is necessary in order to have everything that you could want, and to achiev…[View]
46267800what celebs have people said you look like?[View]
46281096Are you baseline?: Just a routine baseline test to make sure none of you robots are devopling any un…[View]
46281813I just had a nightmare where I was a chinlet and had a weak jaw. Then I woke up. Thank God it was j…[View]
46279395Thing's I've learned about heterosexual female desire from decades of reading[View]
46281388>there are unironically femniggers who browse this sight Why do you torture us with your presence…[View]
46280589This may be baby's first philosophical thought, but does anyone else ever stop to admire how th…[View]
46281027how is that stream coming along, anon?[View]
46280629>Engaged to Ariana Grande Daily reminder you're fucked with women if you aren't natural…[View]
46280811are therapy and medication worth it, anons? help me[View]
46281024Wherewere u when u accept Jeus as you rLor and savioru?[View]
46280595'Alright, we're here. Just sittin' in your room. I want you to tell me why you feel so glo…[View]
46281262Do u ever get frustrated and yell at people?[View]
46281656anyone have any funny may mays?[View]
46278680>Hi anon, I'm your new Government Mandated Girlfriend. I hope you don't mind that I…[View]
46277299OCD thread.: Any other 'OCD' anons out there? (ill just call it 'being OCD' even though it…[View]
46281602I've never masturbated to people having sex, only my abscure fetish. Anyone else relate?[View]
46280685Making Friends?: How does /r9k/ make friends? Despite being employeed, the only real contact I have…[View]
46281525Anyone else here /addicted to laxatives/ ?[View]
46278103Constantly sleeping: For the past 2 days I have been sleeping about 13 hours a day. What is wrong wi…[View]
46281157why not become a weed dealer, anon? you can make friends, at least as far as people buying off you g…[View]
46280977We playin 3D scramble up in this bitch[View]
46280620>tfw when you never thought you'd still be this way after 30 but you are Real talk, you guys…[View]
46281267ITT: Hilarious incel cringe/delusion. I'll start.[View]
46281206>tfw too attractive for women I thought you said they wanted Chad.[View]
46280880>daydreaming about people's reactions to my potential suicide again…[View]
46281000>Move into new city >Meet new people >City is great >Everything is great >Family is g…[View]
46280722Am I the only one who constantly thinks about the future deaths of people close to me? I constantly …[View]
46280954>post interesting and thought provoking thread >no replies >gets overshadowed by all the no…[View]
46278922How rare is it to be friendless and a virgin at age 35? 1 in 10? 1 in 100? 1 in 10,000? Are there…[View]
46281232source on her insta or something[View]
46278708HEY! What happened to you today? YEAH YOU. Tell me what is going on with you, I'm listening.[View]
46280836These two slap your gf ass in eb games Wat do?[View]
46280071>be me >gay sperg >look like a chad but am a virgin >real life harem of girls try to get…[View]
46280574Ok let's do dis. What is the accurate translation of this picture ?[View]
46278455How does this image make you virgin incels feel?[View]
46278814How can someone hang themselves with a belt where they just kneel and pass out and die in less than …[View]
46277689/r9k/ minecraft: Last thread archived, so here it is again. Come check ou this cracked minecraft ser…[View]
46281126/LDG/ - lucid dreaming general the ultimate escapism >today's message https://pastebin.com/S…[View]
46281122I am pic related >be me >evolving Betafag in beta convention >Mostly chads and roastie nor…[View]
46280130I love her and I will resist the urge to spread her images on r9k during an adderall shitposting spr…[View]
46280782not even a trap shill or a gay but this guy is so cute and has a really cool personality and I wante…[View]
46281103>got a bad haircut >crush at work asks if i got a haircut and says it looks good in an obvious…[View]
46281002Rules: If a Chad wants to fuck you, does that make you a Stacey?[View]
46278889How much better would the world be if the allies lost WW2?[View]
46278765hey, friends. how are you feeling tonight?[View]
46280939>3rd cat this month got stolen >Nothing I can do about it Why do people do this? I don't …[View]
46280770How do I get autismbux / mentalbux or whatever I can leech from the zog[View]
46280440Daily reminder that /pol/ is Germany and /r9k/ is Austria-Hungary edition.[View]
46280763>gonna be a 26 yo virgin tomorrow[View]
46279813Remember, for every single thing you did only YOU could've done it the way you did it, when you…[View]
46279956Autism Thread: >went to convenience store a few days ago to buy a few Monsters >come back toni…[View]
46280107>be cute and kinky asian girl >have NO cute bf that lives in america or europe and is not a ne…[View]
46280854how do i move to a big warm city from my small shitty town? i just want to live in a big warm sunny …[View]
46280682Robots why do you reply to obvious bait threads? I see the same shit every day >lazy racebaiting …[View]
46280181>get kicked from my house >leach wifi to continue playing wow…[View]
46279838>tfw south american >tfw I dont care at all about football Beautiful.…[View]
46279093Would you date an asexual fembot?: Would you go out with a girl who was 100% repulsed by sex? Why or…[View]
46280657When did you realize you have a thing for Nubian goddesses?[View]
46279944Prankcall threads? >be me >smoking some dank while talking with friends in discord >decide …[View]
46279901Is it normal for places to give you a raise without saying anything? I been working for Target for 6…[View]
46280457>inb4 normie get out I just got a girl to be my girlfriend Ask a robot escaping this board anythi…[View]
46280659Today I have become Normie: Virgins of the world. Don't look down upon yourselves,You still hav…[View]
46277625Scream your favorite lyrics from your favorite artist: I TAKE 7 KIDS FROM COLUMBINE, STAND EM ALL IN…[View]
46279711Has e-dating/LDRs worked for anyone here? Any good experiences with it at all?[View]
46279743Anon App: Decentish anon app like Candid and Yikyak https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=co…[View]
46279147Anyone else just accepted who we are We can't be chads guys We wouldnt enjoy it like chad does …[View]
46280518I've come to the realization that my NEET lifestyle is amplified by the geographically isolated…[View]
46278932>think about streaming >computer doesn't have a video capture card nevermind then…[View]
46280491What did I ever do to deserve NOT having a gf like this?[View]
46266638All you have to do is settle for a 4/10 girl. Why is this so hard for robots to accept?[View]
46280428heartbreak really sucks guys[View]
46280284There's not much left to love Too tired today to hate I feel the empty I feel the minute of dec…[View]
46279874>try to get in shape >try to dress better >try to fix hair >none of it matters cause my …[View]
46280407/robotvideos/, share stuff you've made here, and give feedback to others.[View]
46280364Robots, if you had a femdom gf, would you let her peg you? Why? Why not?[View]
4627969299% of the time , when someones openly into something obscure, its for the sake of seeming weird and…[View]
46274191Post characters that are IiteraIIy you[View]
46280300Well now, its been 2.1 months since Ive done her store. We still hang out and talk on the phone thou…[View]
46280190>be me >with my gf >can't believe how great she is, she looks so cute and beautiful, a…[View]
46279851>no quality boyfriend like me https://steamcommunity.com/id/Aaahhrealmonsters/…[View]
46277803>tfw 27, fat, virgin, still living with parents, and have no plan whatsoever for any kind of care…[View]
46279588Make roblox raids again!: Come join us make the ceo of roblox look racist along with their employees…[View]
46277133A.I. 4 U: I don't hold any animosity to those who view themselves as social 'outsiders…[View]
46275128Robots with cars, have you ever encountered anything odd while driving at night? Spoopy stories from…[View]
46280094>tfw wifey gives me a massage and washes my feet after lifting[View]
46280076Damnit Robots I dont understand the women. I've been hitting the gym for less than a yr now, fe…[View]
46278676How do you reject girls? >tfw incel and have rejected half a dozen creepy asian girls in class th…[View]
46279826If you hate women, if you're racist, and also insult healthy happy people on the internet, you …[View]
46278944>that kid who had a book bag full of shitty self drawn hentai[View]
46278248Napoléon: Was he a robot? >described as solitary >teased by peers…[View]
46278168I have such a huge crush on this guy: Like 99,000% sure he's gay He's not really physicall…[View]
46279128>you are approached by someone from an adoption agency >they want you to be the adoptive fathe…[View]
46278380While ugly fembots rot, their looksmatch is worshipping Stacy.[View]
46277893I just put mouthwash in my eyes so I could see better. My eyes are starting to burn, does this mean …[View]
46276254How would you raise your daughter? >inb4 as sex slave[View]
46279914I refreshed /r9k/ 260 times today[View]
46279894Friend is depressed. How to help?: He seems to be getting worse despite eating the doctors' pil…[View]
46279701What does life mean to you /r9k/? Do you think life is useless and stupid and humans are unless piec…[View]
46279859Oh, it's the 'remember something embarrassing from your teenage years and feel shame as if it h…[View]
46279433basic math for nudes: I have an exam tomorrow,. I was given a study guide with 5 possible exam quest…[View]
46278673Just found out my friends fiance broke it off with him. They were dating for 8 years and bought a ho…[View]
46279615New sheep village server: haBuPgH Come through and hang out[View]
46279759>hide threads where OP is greentexing a story involving sex >hide threads that involve stories…[View]
46278730>Graduation's coming in a week. >College will be starting in a few months. >I will nee…[View]
46279163How would you feel if your future son was an autistic incel just like his ol' dad?[View]
46276418>get really fucking high >jerk off to anime >biggest nut of my life Never have I expereince…[View]
46278519I am not a kid anymore. I am only 18 but I feel like I am wasting away, I can feel the fine lines on…[View]
46279390girth > length girth is superior to length in every way. something 9 inch pencil dick faggots lik…[View]
46279585>be me, 19 >have gf somehow >both her and my parents are super catholic >Force us to g…[View]
46279538Take Catan back we don't want him[View]
46251670bedroom thread: my room is really ugly and bland. post yours so i can get a taste of neetliving and …[View]
46272668Listen robots, I require your age and some basic details on your current situation right now. With t…[View]
46275508Joining the army in 2 months ama.[View]
46278603>be me >hanging out in a family friendly museum >suddenly think about how muscular and powe…[View]
46279596Just got dem new Supreme Jordans. Das right my niggas I be fresh[View]
46271771So a thread about rieko just got deleted, and the anti-r9gay threads usually get deleted aswell. Are…[View]
46279015MGTOW for 10 year and just paid off my house! No entitled single moms for this robot![View]
46267237Make an actual argument, explaining why men physically controlling women's sexuality is bad: Do…[View]
46277802Panic attack: here we go again, can feel it building, those that suffer know what I'm talking a…[View]
46278805Probably my last post on here: Aunt just told me the saddest thing i ever heard i haven't left …[View]
46277658>be ugly, skinny, dark skinned indian >women hate me for what I am and how I look >one gir…[View]
46279558Bradd in a nutshell :DD: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jF6ezpFhRq0[View]
46279228>be 6'1 >fit, go to the gym daily >well paying job >have legitimate hobbies like re…[View]
46278567Can i get some (You)'s so I can feel like I accomplished something in my life[View]
46279207>moms a shemale[View]
46279459Who hasn't seen their own genitals/understand their own body?: Echo here reporting live, I…[View]
46274546>tfw black and make 80k >take in alternative and hipster white chicks and wine and dine them r…[View]
46274541Making pizza: Good evening robots Today I'm making some pizza and I wanna bring you all along f…[View]
46279428Reminder that Rem is a literal autist and a liar. He will post anything he can to make himself seem …[View]
46278669I posted my meme in pic related on reddit (fucking normie reeee) so far no one has upvoted it so I w…[View]
46275600>she calls herself a femanon but doesn't have a jungle bush pfffffffffffffft…[View]
46279184Is he /ourguy/? >incel >white nationalist >chomo…[View]
46278918>tfw tech at local community theatre >get local 18 year old talent drunk and fuck them for ove…[View]
46278818Anyone else start getting anxious while smoking weed in their early 20's: I started smoking at …[View]
46276947>I will never get an asian Chad as a below average azn girl Why live?[View]
46276340You will never be chad You will never have access to thousands of willing SEC sorority girls You wi…[View]
46276729>was bullied through my entire school life >now people just ignore me and leave me alone >s…[View]
46279047>ugly tall asian tranny >mentally ill christmas cake >trying to marry a korean or japanese …[View]
46276114>tfw they're not gonna figure out touch and smell for VR >tfw you can't just totally…[View]
46277954Jealous?: I can lift a 35 pound weight above my head and hold it there.[View]
46277374/ancestry/ and cucked by great grandparents edition: >Be me >From Central America, But of most…[View]
46276957Disorder Thread: This morning I was diagnosed with DID (Dissociative identity disorder) feel like sh…[View]
46278443>Be me, work in a high-class restaurant >No one wants to be friends with me here >Boss glar…[View]
46278917why the fuck when I call a hotline to talk they always talk to me in a baby voice? pisses me off. it…[View]
46279031Started with 2 happy parents, 2 story house in the middle of nowhere with a farm and land, family un…[View]
46274673> dress like this > gets mad when groped do women have logic circuit?…[View]
46277220Hedonic Treadmill: >tfw no amount of self-improvement or alphaness will make you happier than you…[View]
46277694I think my dogs hate anime: Whenever I try to watch anime my dogs go ballistic and refuse to stop ba…[View]
46276855Which flavor do you like?[View]
46278255Post some comfy tracks: Here's my current favorite: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XVsucS0rU3s…[View]
46276831How do I get a gf robots? I'm 6 foot even, go to parties, don't act like a shut in. I can …[View]
46278440>peeing standing up >some urine bounces off toilet bowl >feel a bit hit my leg >if I act…[View]
46277582post what you did today right fucking now you dumb fucks or do something interesting this board is d…[View]
46278767M: Whqtgs Honestly the easiest way to off myself . I don't want sympathy I'm just so tired…[View]
46278710Would you pay $25.95 + tax and forty dollars for refreshments to see this?[View]
46278256What's a site where I can just pay a woman to bdsm me. I just want it I don't care if it…[View]
46278702is meme magic reals?[View]
46278183Hey anons! Today is a new day! How are you feeling, are you fucking awesome right now? I am feeling …[View]
46276693i was having a bad day today, but then i remembered at least im not short.[View]
46277060How do I learn to respect women and not want to have sex with them?[View]
46278677Come play Cards Against Humanity with me pls: http://pyx-3.pretendyoure.xyz/zy/game.jsp#game=21 Pass…[View]
46278671>20 years old >going to uni for stem >somewhat intelligent but only motivated by duty >d…[View]
46278653Autistic Mincecraft faggotry: Hey robots come join me on this server Our calling card to recognize o…[View]
46278215tfw I'm a beta autistic blackboi and I've fucked 2 white women I'm not the type to pu…[View]
46278312how do i move to a new city? i can't pick a city first of all and i don't know wtf im doin…[View]
46277010>just found out my aunt and uncle are getting a divorce great, I was already having a shitty week…[View]
46276343why cant i just lose the weight why does it have to be so hard why cant i climb out of this hole why[View]
46277197Be honest, would you be willing to be the bull in a couple's cuckoldry fantasy?[View]
46273304Do guys ever cum in their pants without touching themselves? Let's say you're a virgin and…[View]
46276936I just got a new wifi hotspot and it needs a name. Dubs decide.[View]
46276234To all suicidal robots, have you tried to cope with heroin/crack and simillar drugs?[View]
46278569Fracture, Place, Mechanic: What thoughts keep you awake at night? What is waiting for you in your dr…[View]
46278563'Karen, may I please smell your cunt?' 'Sorry but I think you should go home.' That was as close as …[View]
46277995I just remembered the time in kindergarden when I was playing with colored shapes and my kindergarde…[View]
46278549>There is a castle on a cloud >I like to go there in my sleep >Aren't any floors for m…[View]
46278159>Sister says she needs to ask me stuff in private >Makes me promise not to tell my parents …[View]
46277383my girlfriend won't let me buy a fleshlight she says she will be 'jealous' because it's a …[View]
46278529>be nice to woman >she labels you pussy whipped >confront her about it and ask am I suppose…[View]
46278516I unironically support establishing The Republic of Gilead: This is probably our best bet at the mom…[View]
46277097What's the thing that makes you obsess about and makes you euphorically happy? to me it's …[View]
46278470>be redditor >be bored >want easy karma >go to /r9k/ >make greentext about losing vir…[View]
46276600Guys, it's just sex. Imagine if she overreacted and called you used goods everytime you hangout…[View]
46277661Small island nation: Robots have been transported to another world. Everyone spawns on a continent h…[View]
46277260neet master race: >10 PM Better get to bed, wageslave. You don't want to be tired for work t…[View]
46278135Why is nicotine so good?[View]
46277275Bought a new amp/DAC today.[View]
46276938>small and skinny >timid >boderline retarded >like nature >like cutesy things why was…[View]
46278334>24.8 BMI >not overweight damn it feels good to be a big boy…[View]
46277956What should I do tomorrow? I have the day off and I don't want to just sit around and play vidy…[View]
46277762>mfw I keep slipping into daydreams about killing women what have you people done to me?…[View]
46278314>Thin dick >Realize can't get pleasure with penetration Where do i go lads…[View]
46278307>be me >last year in engineering class >whole class in assigned seats and not allowed to ta…[View]
46277797pathetic. You pathetic little manlets will never have a schlong big enough to match thanos. FACT eve…[View]
46277462There are people on this board RIGHT NOW who have put their penis in a girl's vagina![View]
46278106I got yelled at by another coworker for leaving a cup of water in the break room help me feel better…[View]
46275893big black cocks. why have you put this in my mind? BBC[View]
46276625>Turning 20 >Realizing I'm getting older >Realizing that there are less and less women…[View]
46272255/britfeel/: Real prison gay hours apparently edition[View]
46278155>chicago rapper RONDONUMBANINE posing with a rocket launcher >' Officer safety bulletin was is…[View]
46274162>therapist says I need to have a normiebook account >tell him I don't want to >'well, …[View]
46277091I'm new here. Can anyone tell me what the best boards are?[View]
46278026be me, pursuing someone: They happen to live near me, but it reminds me of my ex-boyfriend who also …[View]
46276375Admit it, if you were a girl you'd do porn.[View]
46271960Eyyy: But hello there r9k chan I made this dread to explain that I've never faceposted since I …[View]
46277517Currently taking an online sociology class against my free will, ama[View]
46276843>Get message from Bumble >Go to copy and paste my intro message >Copy and paste this post …[View]
46277373How do I become more talkative? A coworker wants to go on a picnic alone with me and I am terrible w…[View]
46277825Insulting women: Is it true this gets them wet? How do I even go about treating them like shit or te…[View]
46274904Why is pussy worshipping so prevalent on this board now? Every time a poster so much as insinuates t…[View]
46277470r9kdeathcult: tinychat com /room/r9kdeathcult nice place to kick off the shoes, settle down, have a …[View]
46276861If reincarnation were real, and I want to be born again but in Finland, how many times would I have …[View]
46276128I turn 30 next month. Life is over. Seriously, if you haven't achieved anything at this point,…[View]
46276944Hi guys! I'm new to 4chan and I was wondering what some good boards are. I don't want to g…[View]
46271104Is it wierd that I never had a crush on anyone?[View]
46277224>be watching detective thriller >cop walks in >'I did a background check on this guy - >…[View]
46277721welcome to the nh.... uh hhhhhhh fuck me harder daddy[View]
46276311>24m/white/autistic/ugly I'm seriously considering paying for a prostitute but I have no ide…[View]
46276690I'm done: I finally got a gf. 20 years old KV, and I got a gf. Fuck this website. Fuck all of y…[View]
46277683Why are you stupid Americans all about white supremacy but you're less than 50 percent white yo…[View]
46277145When was the last time a girl made you happy[View]
46277430So you're ugly. Now what? Even if you don't 'feel' ugly or 'see' it, when you add it all u…[View]
46273152Who /dysfunctionalfamily/ here? >Dad yells at mom, makes her cry >Ask dad why he always has to…[View]
46277168How do you keep women entertained in a conversation? I was a 3/10 growing up so my social skills are…[View]
46277478>Haven't drank in 6+ months. Used to drink heavily. >Have two beers tonight >Feel like…[View]
46277503chart shit: lads fill this chart up >inb4 faggot[View]
46275429How does anon feel about coon tunes?[View]
46277398'Men are such horrible messagers, women are more interesting and uniqu-'[View]
46277476Post your best BRAAAAAPs[View]
46277449>be me 14 year old >taking shit >annoying fly pops up that ive been seeing for couple of w…[View]
46277421ITT: just dumb stuff man: >be me >while ago >coming back from bombass waterpark on schoolbu…[View]
46271716You realize if you lived in a large city all your problems would be solved right?[View]
46276451>Traps get more attention than black fembots[View]
46277238I'm beginning to think this whole not having a girlfriend thing isn't just a phase.[View]
46274921>let us watch you play diablo 2 or we're telling mom you snuck out last night to stay at Sta…[View]
46275638Where my autism-shoe bros at?[View]
46277139>You're gonna give me $20 to smell my feet? Seems pretty weird mister...but ok, I guess?…[View]
46277192'No, Anon, we're not going to go on a second date until you learn to keep your hands to yoursel…[View]
46276964reminder that this is the absolute state of white males, I feel bad for stacie having to mediate thi…[View]
46276967It's only going to get worse as you get older, anon. No one is going to want anything to do wit…[View]
46271059sexbot gf: I'm going to do it /r9k/. I'm going to buy her and then I'm going to marry…[View]
46276487I want pics and webms of women bullying nerds[View]
46276899Why do people, especially females, make me so uncomfortable?[View]
46274581>73% European, 15% Negroid, 12% Ameri-indian >22 years old >Feel incredibly angry that I wa…[View]
46275064My girlfriend is off to an artsy college, she is kinda dweeby, Nerdy, plump, and has thick glasses. …[View]
46275841im a handsome boy! handsome!!!!![View]
46272707Femanons describe what your ideal lover looks like: Create an image.[View]
46277110>tfw you will never be apart of the scum gang https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UC6USOV4ewc…[View]
46276784MGTOW thread: Face it. Women are the problem in today's society. If you never get a gf or marri…[View]
46275120Why do you people treat us asian guys like absolute shit?[View]
46276698*blocks your path* Rethink your life kid, and heh, I'll see you on the other side. >/tJ82Ydv…[View]
46277083I wish to transition my arse into a fanny. Watdo?[View]
46276611She's with Harambe now Press F to pay respect[View]
46277026if you blame girls for not being attracted to you, you're actually retarded. change my mind[View]
46276115> I prefer asian gir-[View]
46276099Damn look at this nibba[View]
46276810PROTESTS IN PITTSBURGH, HIGHWAY BLOCKED: Jesus christ they are blocking traffic for miles https://ww…[View]
46276905I only like muscular black chicks what do I do[View]
46274475The new Diet Coke commercials with Dupinder and the hot girl from Community, have you guys noticed a…[View]
46276890Wheres the friend finder map?: Hey so it's been like maybe a whole YEAR since I last had a look…[View]
46267202Im a hispanic trap & I was looking for a spic bf but they are all dumb & ignorant...I guess …[View]
46276043Why is /r9k/ such a hateful place? And robots are so hateful.[View]
46275749How different would your life be if you had big willy?[View]
46275988Black bots check the FUCK in. Where you guys at? Sacramento here. Ready for this heat to kill me.[View]
46274909>I have an anime wallpaper[View]
46276857If you think you have it bad just know that I now feel horrible because I just fapped to someone oth…[View]
46276712ughhh... I just started my period. On the longest day no less.[View]
46273878Femanons, why don't you just date a younger guy?[View]
46275655How do you socialize?: this board is of course a form of socializing anonymously in the digital plan…[View]
46275928Even as a tranny, the tiny white penis can't compete with the big black cock.[View]
46271654I have pinworms and my ass is itching so much it hurts so bad aaaaaaaaaaaaah. HOW DO I KILL THESE FU…[View]
46276306Robots with eating disorders (where you lose weight), what's your routine? How successful has i…[View]
46276362help me get some digits: I know this is probably a terrible place to ask for this kind of advice but…[View]
46276717why is this so common nowadays?[View]
46276461>tfw videogames were just a way to hang out with people >tfw all of my internet friends have m…[View]
46276424Why aren't you working on improving your appearance? Even if you're not good looking, girl…[View]
46270343choose a super power!: what super power would you choose guys? >Strength. Lift 1000x your own bo…[View]
46275556Next Level Shit here lads: >be me >very strong photographic-like memory >take my monthly tr…[View]
46276647BBC porn is degenerate: Stick with your own race you disgusting retards. Blacks are inferior, BBC is…[View]
46276152I fucking hate transfags . They are living mimicry. Who in their right mind would want a man that fa…[View]
46274500Write a letter to somebody who will never read it: Letter Thread #9001 Dear Anna, It's becoming…[View]
46273732How can women actually be attracted to men?: I never understood this. The male body is extremely bor…[View]
46276126>Primary attractor of women is a man's normalfag level Why are all women after the same 5 fl…[View]
46276096>going homeless again >no money >actually feel relived I don't like being homeless, bu…[View]
46276182You guys Really fucked me up.: I've finally realized why normies hate this place so much. It…[View]
46274698>Driving to get tendies. >See Stacy jogging down sidewalk >Slow car and watch her for a bit…[View]
46276318>taking a 4 week summer calc 3 class >some Dominican nigger laughs whenever someone asks a que…[View]
46274885Reading on Discord?: If I were to read a book about mens and womans differences would you guys join …[View]
46276419Why are men so possessive of their mothers, sisters, and daughters? They can do what they want and b…[View]
46276171>family is visiting tomorrow why the fuck do people to this? literally everyone in our house is m…[View]
46274768I don't have the strength anymore. I can't put up with anymore bullshit. I need an escape.…[View]
46273413Been training in Kyokushin Karate for about a month. These guys go pretty hard. Will they make me to…[View]
46275725You wake up next morning and you find out that your best friend has magically transformed into a lol…[View]
46275651>all of those endless race bait threads Why do burgers care so much about race, anyway? Are you j…[View]
46276350Stop breeding white women, white man.[View]
46275833Blade Runner 2049: Is there a comfier /r9k/ film in recent times than the movie that is literally ab…[View]
46274899My interaction with a robot type today, being an awkward retard myself >this kid always sits alon…[View]
46276245>Little bro! I told you not to just come into my room like this! >Well, since you're in h…[View]
46275824>you will never try to explain video games to a cute MILF who hasn't really played them much…[View]
46275018/drunk general/: Who else completely drunk rn? Share your feelings. I'm fucking depressed again…[View]
46276056why does he feels the need to lie so fucking much? I don't get it[View]
46272315Dealbreakers for girls: >she's under 5'6'[View]
46274570>poop sock found the mom[View]
46275663IQ tests are bullshit: So I did an IQ test and got and IQ of 136, IQ tests are mainly memory and per…[View]
46275714It just hit me like a truck that countless millions of women have wholeheartedly given themselves to…[View]
46274700When did you realize democracy was actually bad?[View]
46273197anyone here looking to join a rebellion? like how anonymous was before it was corrupted. It was atta…[View]
46275942Is he, dare I say... The most influential intellectual of the modern age?[View]
46275312ITT: comfy youtubers whom are buff and roastie chad incel beta cuck https://youtu.be/14H586nvavQ can…[View]
46276107My wife is threatening to leave me if I don't buy her a new car. Normally I would buy her a new…[View]
46275733>'What are you looking at, anon? Have you never seen a pair of tits before?'…[View]
46275363r9k is full of incels prove me wrong. Pro-tip: you can't :^)[View]
46271726What's it like having a mentally retarded gf?[View]
46276076Well now, its been 2.1 months since Ive done her store. We still hang out and talk on the phone thou…[View]
46276038>2018 >not playing the banjer so you can be a traveling bard when society collapses…[View]
46274729Songs that make you cry https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y8AWFf7EAc4[View]
46276051Any finish robots here? How did you become a robot and a shut-in? What happened to you to give up on…[View]
46275859Are these autism shoes, r9k? My mom bought me them online and they arrived to my house eariler today…[View]
46274779NEET vs Wageslaves // sabbaticals // living with parents temporarily // vacations: fuck wageslaving.…[View]
46275633>make a post >pass the recaptcha test >'I'm not a robot' Later virgins…[View]
46275879>mom acts like a sweet old lady in front of others >bullies me to shit when we're alone I…[View]
46275997Wheres the Discord-Shitlist? Lets get to feeding it with suggestions[View]
46275786Anyone interested in hearing the story of Selene, the yandere goddess? 'Cause I'm about to…[View]
46275223If gamers are mentally handicapped then Gamer Girl Pee is just Retard Pee[View]
46275868what kind of pretty girl is this[View]
46270882Vroom vroom :D pum :D[View]
46275815Right I need to get this off my chest: Economics is sociology and philosophy but with added math…[View]
46273416Cyka blyat. Fuck russia.[View]
46275175>wake up in mom's apartment >I start getting ready for work >something goes mildly wro…[View]
46269453>fell in love with a girl at 14 >got rejected >ff 9 years >STILL get physical pain, when…[View]
46275659>ywn live in a large city Why should I continue living when I'll only ever be irrelevant?…[View]
46273330Would you date a smoker (cigarettes)? Why or why not?[View]
46275647Dog Thread: Just a dog thread since maybe it'll cheer people up. What kind of dogs do you guys …[View]
46275617MBTI theread: why is this chart lying to me and everyone else?[View]
46274747Best part about having a GF is waking up in the morning and sniffing her hair sweat and that fresh a…[View]
46274837>fall for the therapy meme >think it will help me work my issues and become a happier individu…[View]
46274886I hate you all. I hate you *breaks down crying*[View]
46274527HAHAHA HOLY SHIT 18 years old and still a fucking virgin!? How is that even possible??![View]
46269345How to make YouTube money: Pic related appeals to literal children and makes an upper-middle class l…[View]
46275163>mfw everyone makes a special effort to not let me be alone with children at family gatherings I…[View]
46275387>parents tell me to get a job after being neet for a year after finishing school or they'll …[View]
46274232posadism: i finally decided to become a posadist. Everyone can go to hell, burn them all in a glorio…[View]
46275485>have a list of preferred towns I want to move to >regularly check wanted ads in them >noti…[View]
46274470When did you lose it?: >23 >Never lost it >That23yearoldboomervirgin.png…[View]
46273563How can a woman claim to love a man if she doesn't accept him inside all of her orifices?[View]
46275174its summer and i havent taken a shower in 10 days i smell like shit, i literally can smell my penis …[View]
46274733>it's another 'pedophiles who don't molest children are evil, even if they don't w…[View]
46274770LOL based XXXtentacion btfoing a cringy fanboy redditor this nigga sent him 3 paragraphs and all he …[View]
46274973Go ahead anon, take it: ...you looked so tired just sitting there. I bought this for you, I hope it …[View]
46273730What are things that you really believe (in)?[View]
46275327They should really let you smoke weed while getting high.[View]
46274606>that 24 year old boomer who goes to bars on his own[View]
46274598>What's the matter, Anon? >Can't handle a real man? >You're not some kinda …[View]
46274829How true is pic related?[View]
46275097>decide to burn all my money before i commit sudoku >go to a starbucks in california >see …[View]
46273497>Gross, is that old guy staring at us? Dude, you're clearly over 25 and probably a virgin, k…[View]
46275176>me and my gf having breakfast (lol)[View]
46271563A girl has invited you to sleep in her bed because you keep having nightmares. In the middle of the …[View]
46273204Men who cry are fucking pathetic.[View]
46275049>tfw your practice kids get uppity >tfw you accidently yell 'YOU WERE ONLY MEANT TO BE PRACTIC…[View]
46275075ah yes, good ol photoshop[View]
46274314Normie stuff you do.[View]
46274366this unironically happened[View]
46274661I unironically might kill myself because i can't be with my waifu: >Fall in love with emi fr…[View]
46272629You faggots realize having a GF isn't all sunshine and flowers right? It's hard fucking wo…[View]
46274925>boyfriend isn't home yet[View]
46273460Why do normies always exaggerate everything its so infuriating.[View]
46274958What's a movie I haven't seen yet? Possibly one like pic related[View]
46274901ITT abstract kind of feels: anyone else sometimes attempting to make a post or thread about the bad …[View]
46274464https://www.twitch.tv/ogkeglord420 hey guys come watch me play Nier, I don't talk but I can typ…[View]
46271368Does White Privilege exist? If so, why? If not, why not?[View]
46272350so this is the Anime girl you guys are obsessed over?! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gf3uW8cJiyI…[View]
46273808Where were you when Vento Aureo anime got announced?[View]
46268850ITT: obscure things that piss you off: >When white people start talking in ebonics when they get …[View]
46273623I'm 21 and a virgin. I have zero luck with girls but for whatever reason, I've been hit on…[View]
46273351>make a thread on /adv/ asking where to meet virgin women >thread is derailed immediately, 300…[View]
46272164>you need to accept yourself >you need to improve yourself Pick one, normies, and stick with i…[View]
46274735>unironically believing in christianity[View]
46271120Backup plan > go to russia > bring back slav qt to us > live happily after…[View]
46270114who here /cyborg/? too robot for normalfags, too normalfag for robots.[View]
46273703>dont get a job >get neetbux >play vidya all day >take drugs whenever >no kids >no…[View]
46274708Did you know that I love Kotori Minami?[View]
46274553What seperates a robot from an incel? Pic unrelated[View]
46274643What most intimidates you? Big Dick or Tall Man?[View]
46274671I was always Depressed and now I turned into a Rice eating Ritalin poppin Alcoholic piece of Shit. I…[View]
46274281I have a gf but she's bitchy most days and I'm just kind of over being in a relationship. …[View]
46272500Bored with Life: >Be me >be 24 >be previously the head of household, 3 years, have a daught…[View]
46269385The dolls are really starting to make my peepee move.[View]
46274038How does one make themselves cry?[View]
46273234is enslaving the human proprietor of a vagina to your own personal will the ultimate adventure and p…[View]
46274602There's a bunch of girls sitting in front of my dorms basically right under my window. It'…[View]
46270893How can I cope with not having a Muffy gf?[View]
46274531Horror stories with ugly girls and catfishing: >meet girl in university via group work unit in CS…[View]
46274428Come into my office anon, i have an injection for you to help you get a gf.[View]
46273961Do you believe that love has no racial boundaries? Its about personality right?[View]
46274376feels: >You need to live your youth Anon, I want you to >Why do you keep staying closed inside…[View]
46272918Unpopular Opinion Thread: It had to be said edition I'll start. >Coffee is not a dessert, a…[View]
46267478>every incel is a mentalcel discuss[View]
46271304>its a shame that anon is so reserved >id love to befriend him, he seems like an interesting p…[View]
46274172why is samie so hott? and worth getting depressed over?[View]
46273984gordon ramsay Is funny! Lmao SCREAMING FOOD GUY![View]
46271968say someone has abused you your whole life. Physically, mentally and sexually. how would one get bac…[View]
46274335>tfw it's your birthday and you have no qt 3.14 gf to celebrate it with I know I shouldn…[View]
46273590It's 6/21 bois!!!: uwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwu[View]
46273848Question for Robots: Would Robot enjoy being stripped naked, restrained on all fours, and have his c…[View]
46273052Where are my comrades? Where are you?[View]
46274206>ancestors fought for 1000's of years for survival, >fought in many wars >survived man…[View]
46272148Who here /invisible/? >nobody talks to, looks at me or otherwise acknowledge my existence >eve…[View]
46274057How does a fembot get a fembot gf? I'm lonely and done with men desu[View]
46272558>diet >end of day 1 >it was a struggle making it this far Am I thin yet…[View]
46272974Motherless now requires membership I don't want to live in this world any more[View]
46269611Anyone here killed any animals before? What about your own pets? How did it make you feel?[View]
46273541I just signed up for a welding class what should I expect?????[View]
46274120>that gross old 27 year old dude creepy to be honest[View]
46273566Escorts: Hookers, escorts, prostitutes, trannies: Where do you guys find girls/trannies/traps for se…[View]
46274090post chad vs virgin images please[View]
46274088>ANON HOW MANY WHITE BABIES SHOULD WE MAKE???? what do r9k?[View]
46272665Frog post: >rebbit is for newts[View]
46269598What do I need to work on to be able to do this?[View]
46273611>he thinks his parents yelling at him is emotional abuse[View]
46272285how do I get out of my dad's shadow?[View]
46271972Self Saboteur Thread: Anyone else here a self-saboteur in relationships or have a tendency to sabota…[View]
46273751>the feel of all of the feels you never felt and won't feel Fuck anons why couldn't I j…[View]
46272694Anybody else cry during the first episode of animes? I was rewatching Yu Yu Hakusho and couldn'…[View]
46271913Please tell me you're not a handlet...[View]
46269938>uninstall some multiplayer game i've been playing for quite a while with a group of friend …[View]
46273312Are you becoming your parents? I'm becoming my dad more everyday.[View]
46267415High IQ: Do you have high IQ? Would you give up your high IQ to be a chad?[View]
46273874Who here has a deep existential fear of being known?: like, your very existence? I hate it since I d…[View]
46273692>Move in with girlfriend couple months ago >First time living in own place >Absolute sperg…[View]
46272108hey space robots, i see shit like this in videos all the time and never thought id actually take par…[View]
46273731>20 >khv >never tried to get a gf because I think I'm hella ugly Do I count as incel ?…[View]
46267355Stay cute /r9k/ hehe[View]
46271988can anyone suggest me some /r9k/ aproved movies[View]
46273684>so far behind others my age >missed out on so much >pretty sure it's impossible to ca…[View]
46269573A little rant about the absolute state of this board. Why on earth do normalfags who don't coun…[View]
46273323All you gotta do to be happy is to settle for 6/10 (example pictured on the left) who can cook[View]
46273650get out of here anon. humanity is lost[View]
46273670Feels thread? When does this ride stop. I want to get off. >Be me, 22 years old >Have a group …[View]
46272239Rejection: Robots post excuses why roasties have rejected you: >only likes me as a friend >alr…[View]
46273509What does /r9k/ think of naturist/nudism?[View]
46273063>tfw no (light skinned black) gf[View]
46273439>tfw just finished my research about my elementary school bully's small business (including …[View]
46270264>be non-roastie qt3.14 >loves classic vidya >talented and charming >doesn't cuss …[View]
46273571Who else had a diverse group of retards in highschool? >A anarchist >A skinny gay kid >A lo…[View]
46271755BLACKED: Does anyone else unironically love BLACKED porn videos?[View]
46273094is it normal for your mom to take all your meds and give them to you when your supposed to get them?…[View]
46271957i just had sex for the first time last night, ask me anything.[View]
46271780Drug Thread: >ate 2 edibles while drinking some nice water to stave off the heat >watching Su…[View]
46273003Is there anything more pathetic than a tfw no gf poster? Even if those maggots could somehow attract…[View]
46271034I just want a sexually frustrated horny robot bf that'll cum on my face, fuck my throat, degrad…[View]
46273329How do I get orbiters? Pic unrelated.[View]
46272590Femanons, what do you think about grandpas with big cocks?[View]
46272941>reddit is now praising literal whores https://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/8stb8o/im_liara_rou…[View]
46273035Have femanons ever had sexual fantasies about beign nude in public?[View]
46271516how do i move to a new city? i can't pick a city first of all and i don't know wtf im doin…[View]
46273279Nice going, gamers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9spsRW3-mZE[View]
46273198I hope you guys are not virgins. Virgins get beaten around here.[View]
46271122What's your excuse guys? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RRa3hBGYZ-w[View]
46270422Friendly reminder that whites are incapable of love. White men who are interested in non-white women…[View]
46272074Describe your Gf/Bf: Normies of r9k, describe your Gf/Bf (actual one not an ideal one). >How Long…[View]
46271600It's been a while dudes but let's do it again. Time to laugh at women Wo- HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…[View]
46272067>Get message from Bumble >Go to copy and paste my intro message >Copy and paste this post …[View]
46272200Really makes you think, huh? fdghdhjdghj[View]
46267077Anyone here want to play on a comfy Minecraft server? I saw a thread yesterday that got quite a few …[View]
46270014Post your steam profile if you like a profile add that person and talk to eachother.[View]
46201513Write letters to people you love, hate, Anna, and Pretty Girl Grey Kitty Poppy.[View]
46273006>tfw no carthusian bf[View]
46272955>be me >almost 18 year old kissless virgin >go out to get ice cream with an 8/10 grill ive …[View]
46272881autism??: can you imagine being responsible for a young almost teenage girl with crippling autism? A…[View]
46271482So a girl Ive been talking to on a dating site for a few days sent me a weird picture today and (obv…[View]
46272906Asian girls' femininity compliments the black men's masculinity perfectly.[View]
46272498dodged a bullet, a gay rapist bullet: >several weeks ago was at gas station >card got declined…[View]
46272682I'm never productive: How do you get rid of rumination and negative thoughts? I'm in thera…[View]
46272192Shit school/college teachers: >2011, In college >Have a young Stacy teacher but (I think) she…[View]
46269775>doing nofap and thinking about trying to seduce my mom into masturbating with me again. I gotta …[View]
46272750Make up is the real reason we hate women. If we were able to see the real female face every time we…[View]
46272362>be me >kissless virgin >hear about 'four chan' on a franku vid >check it out >go on …[View]
46271731>in class at uni, bored af >qt grill one row behind me >think to myself 'fuck it I…[View]
46272605im gonna succ ur bals ;>[View]
46269673Videogames: So what are you guys playing right now? Do you ever play online/multiplayer stuff? I…[View]
46272494I made it years ago. I can play the role of Chad and all the good that comes with it. I can get girl…[View]
46271218Anyone feel at home in fictional worlds more than they do the real one?[View]
46272327Why did I had to be born with a small dick? What kind of cosmic joke is this? Why do I have to suffe…[View]
46271428Sersiously is there any reason to continue living? Should I just end my life? What's the point …[View]
46271557>go overseas for first time >fucking italy, yeah! >still iffy on the customs >hotel has …[View]
46271886>tfw someday you will die and you will never get to visit this world again how do you cope with t…[View]
46272304you NEETs dont know how lucky you are. you have been given an easy life with decent parents. cherish…[View]
46272457Temporary escape from loneliness: VR ASMR when? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Re2iI7XuqAo Just ima…[View]
46272280GODS CHOSEN RACE.[View]
46270453Chad AMA: Ask a fellow robot turned Chad anything. I was once one of you and I see that a lot of you…[View]
46269125Why do I see this drink being posted all the time?[View]
46270547What is it about this body type that I find most attractive? Literally the best body type there is. …[View]
46271949alright robots i think ive finally sunken to my ultimate low. >literally this morning >woke u…[View]
46272335>that 15 year old zoomer who sent flowers to his crush[View]
46271264>at the mall >staring at some cutie's feet in flip flops >chad approaches me >says,…[View]
46272317good, semi-easy songs to play on guitar: I'M A PUPPWET ON A STWING TWACE THE ISAND TIME TOLERAN…[View]
46272289>be 20-25 >dream of being successful in my career, having a shitload of money, having fun >…[View]
46271993Being Successful is depressing: >be me 19 Cool and Asian; Known breakdancer around California …[View]
46267934/britfeel/: It'll be dark soon enough edition[View]
46266579Hug Frustration: Right, I swear this is a thing; >go for months without hug >start to get urge…[View]
46271098Why should I improve myself if I'm happy the way I am?[View]
46272186>tfw just said hello to someone when I was leaving instead of bye who else here /rebeljustforkick…[View]
46272154When using your computer, do you sit with your face as close as possible to the monitor or do you si…[View]
46272133>tfw VR doesn't exist >have to hang out with real people instead of fake VR people >re…[View]
46270866>it's another episode of her ex-bf wanting her back after your and her's first date why…[View]
46270885>went to the dentist for the first time since I was born >she said I need to get rid of 9 teet…[View]
46269975What's your ideal romance lads?: Mine is with someone who understands my asexuality, I have thi…[View]
46271408Normie world is such a shitfest. It's all about cheating, parties, going outside, getting drunk…[View]
46268309What are some videogames I can make friends in?[View]
46272058Can someone neck me?pleaseee[View]
46271160Hi guys I made a song do you want to hear it?: I would never be happy Cause I'm an ugly fat bit…[View]
46272026>mental health stigma[View]
46271992i've been fapping twice a day lately up from once a day[View]
46268749So how's that tulpa coming along?[View]
46271950>mfw summerfags already shat up this board why don't you go back to fucking facebook you und…[View]
46270755My pee pee hasnt gotten hard in 2 months. Should I tell my therapist? (She a qt)[View]
46270069>Mom thinks my only friend is my boyfriend again. A part of me thinks that she rather wants her k…[View]
46271902>look at Summer Steam Sale >don't get tempted to buy games just because they are cheap be…[View]
46271721What should I do in the pool to get fit?[View]
46271767how should i deal with the fact that i would like to have some stable job and live alone but have no…[View]
46269302thoughts on gif related?[View]
46269903If you could choose ONE of these super powers, what would it be: Choose ONE of these superpowers- …[View]
46271823Ghosting story: What's some ghosting experience you guys went through before? >tfw exhanged …[View]
46271816Bros. This year is my year. I'm gonna fucking make it, you'll see. This year everything wi…[View]
46271786>*cuts off your foreskin to be used in women's cosmetics* >*makes you pay for the procedu…[View]
46271035Is it weird that with every single one of my friends ive watched porn and fapped with. Its been goin…[View]
46271773Who else here a attention whore? I crave attention so badly that i wil slowly go sad if i don't…[View]
46271496i have >never been in a fight >never been in an argument with somebody outside of my family …[View]
46271025ITT: Things only you sperg about For me its dogs. 99% of dog owners won't put in the required w…[View]
46271675The Village People: Hey all, Recently I and my server have been under attack from certain individual…[View]
46271604Girls who think they like dank memes are so fucking annoying: If u put Pepe's on your fucking I…[View]
46269474The Robot Republic: Still holding from the days of the 2015 Uprising. Went through numerous crisis b…[View]
46271184Things you wish you were told about ''dating'': >text girl >'hey, how r u' >responds with '…[View]
46271419This is probably nothing, but I have extremely vague while still terrifying memories of a 'nightmare…[View]
46268640anyone got the nudes of a BLACK GIRL who posted them here?[View]
46271547the only girl thats worth it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sWtlaQ3G4Eg[View]
46270618If looks could kill I'd be in fucking leavenworth[View]
46269678Do you guys pick your skin off?[View]
46271107>be me >have pretty strong crush on a girl in my class >build up courage, talk to her, we …[View]
46267081lets all love kelly: morning kewi thread thinking of kewi in the morning[View]
46270733>tfw no qt comfy relatable non trash top quality ebf to screen share games with and chat and list…[View]
46271470If you aren't 6 foot in 2018 it is over for you. Leave r9k and go to incels.me[View]
46266269Sons of Elliot Rodger | ER General: Thread for all Elliot discussion! Keep it r9k people![View]
46271446>That 60 year old millennial who makes threads about 20 year old boomers >That 400 year old Ge…[View]
46270710This woman is responsible for the designs of multiple buildings in the city you live in. What have y…[View]
46264020Any femanons ever got curious and fooled around with their male pets?[View]
46270626>be me >be outside >be next to qt3.14 >she breathes out >plants turn carbon dioxide t…[View]
46257544Why haven't you fulfilled your moral obligation to bring children into the world, you lazy shit…[View]
46270472>That 16 year old boomer that's obsessed with facial structure[View]
46271067ask a 'successful' person anything: I just took >>46267172 and got a score of 135. I have half…[View]
46271407What do you do when you lose all of your friends and have nobody? I feel like I can't depend on…[View]
46269828mfw I realise I am a loser[View]
46271256>passed ' i am not a robot ' captcha >post this its been good anons i am no longer a…[View]
46268780My mother was a prostitute and I seem to have no hope of being successful on my own. Should I consid…[View]
46271177age 10 >when I grow up I want to help people! age 20 >when I grow up I want to kill people! an…[View]
46270985Why do all of you want to settle with a girl? Girls have tons of sex with other guys in their early …[View]
46271054My erect penis is 5.5 inches standing and 6.5 inches seated. Why? Is this natures way of telling me …[View]
46268012any college educated robot here? what is your major?[View]
46258242Have you ever had your way with a MILF?[View]
46269612>usually a lazy, groggy piece of shit >take one of these >become a work engine, completing …[View]
46270756What is a college major for robots?[View]
46270821How do you deal with rejection? Do you keep telling yourself there's always next time?[View]
46270996>people choose to be unhappy[View]
46270668Bye: All I ever want to do is sleep. I just turned 18 and feel like this is where my life ends. My…[View]
46269354Last thread got archived, let's have a Kumiko thread![View]
46270844What do robots, its currently 11am, and i am unable to go home until like 2am at least cause my fath…[View]
46270546>that 1 year old boomer that's obsessed with IPads[View]
46271027Ok time for a time waster Decifer it 48 01000001 32 4E 01101001 67 67 01100001 32 55 32 47 01000001…[View]
46269890Where my / S I P B O I S / at? 98654[View]
46270575I was looking at some posts about the dark web cause i live a lonely hellish life and came across so…[View]
46264484Hey hey hey folks it is PAY DAY today the best time of the week by far! Post your balances! Reflect …[View]
46270987>tfw my depression finally killed my sex drive altogether >tfw I actually feel loads better be…[View]
46261335Let's do something simple. You get a billion dollars. What do you do with it?[View]
46270960I have a pretty shit pc and a decent smartphone. Can you guys suggest me good single player + multi…[View]
46267995>Best high school memories Eating lunch alone in the corridor[View]
46270607>wanting a long-term relationship >wanting to get married >wanting to have kids You do real…[View]
46270873how can everyone else put shit into their mouth?: So I rinse the tops of cans before opening and dri…[View]
46269544ITT: post a song/album and an image you deem fitting https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ORLs3JifI1U…[View]
46270774They're real brobots! We still have a chance to get a virgin wife and not a used up thot! This …[View]
46270853Post best replies from buthurt wormies[View]
46270789Elder scrolls VI coming out in 2022 Ill be 32 by the time And i will probably have no interest in vi…[View]
46268489I cut a scab on my hand an it doesn't stop bleeding What do Am i gonna bleed out[View]
46270641The best fetish? Black women using heels, stockings and long nails with bright colors.[View]
46267069>honor >piety >family >women are women >men are men Is islam dare i say it /ourreligi…[View]
46268845>nephew borrows money from his friends (over $100) and blows it all on Fortnite >needs money b…[View]
46268869I'm sad about XXXTENTACION's death He was such a good artist Idc if he's a cunt I lov…[View]
46269882This is the year lads Frog squad six reporting in[View]
46255998/r9gay/ - #349: what have you been doing recently to find a bf? edition previous thread: >>46…[View]
46270623/Panromantic general/: The best and most wholesome orientation, you can fall in love with anyone, at…[View]
46269391how can i make some neetbux online? has anyone done transcribing before?[View]
46270593What is more normie: > doing normal people things like watching tv or enjoying a drink Or > se…[View]
46270619>women telling you they have rape fantasies >people telling you theyd still love you if you be…[View]
46269800pic related; Younger brother's high school teacher Why didn't *I* have qt teachers? Or ev…[View]
46269723>only anime I've ever watched was DBZ and princess monoke as a kid >caught an episode of …[View]
46269331Do you ever get urges to do sudden and over the top things? Some examples: >in a job interview, s…[View]
46270602>all i have to do to make robots/incels angry is to say i have a gf who loves me AHHAHAHAHAHAHHAH…[View]
46270538>people who keep an almost completely empty soft drink cup just so they can slurp nothing and mak…[View]
46270241Are you the local autistic?: I'm prof'dxed with autism and everyone can tell I'm actu…[View]
46270573Can someone explain why theres these fandoms on r9k for women? Like its pretty creepy in my opinion …[View]
46269599Its amazing how different people treat you depending on what you wear.[View]
46266581What's the most heroic thing you've ever done? and the most evil?[View]
46270440>once chance at life >born with ptosis Is there a worse fate?…[View]
46269674>tfw someone says something nice to you[View]
46269215SHE REPLIED BROS. I did not expect to get this far, what now?[View]
46268121>too unattractive for 'standard' relationships >accept that >but can't accept the no s…[View]
46269384Don't mind me, just posting songs I personally find the feelsiest. For some reason I find it th…[View]
46269557Would you take life seriously if a guy with a cringe camera followed you?[View]
46270491Post your steam profile if you like a profile you have to add that person talk to that person. https…[View]
46269164>on other boards >blink >back on r9k we're gunna die here.…[View]
46270437>born in small town really poor >the weather here is fucking stupid its like -30 to -70 all wi…[View]
46270367As a depressed wageslave with gaming burnout syndrome, recommend me a game to buy. I'm fuckin b…[View]
46269284>Desktop icons just refreshed themselves[View]
46269747>Croatia leading Argentina 2 to 0 Holy fuck I can hear people from the outskirts of my town, it…[View]
46269463post your dream life r9k: This is mine of course[View]
46269122>work as an intern >desk is right by the door >handful of guys always turn back to look at …[View]
46270015Is it okay to cry over your crush? Idk, I've failed to get a gf for like 5 times already.[View]
46267994So I re uploaded a couple of anime reviews I did on YouTube and they were banned universally. I fina…[View]
46269716>Family thinks I'm a bitter, lonely, spiteful person for thinking all women are manipulative…[View]
46270246>when you taste the glue on an envelope[View]
46269578>'Sis, I love you' >'Awww! I love you too' >(she hugs me) >'Thanks for being always ther…[View]
46269004koko is dead F: Koko died--she died as so many young men of her generation, before her time. In your…[View]
46269226Tinder: I have had Tinder for a year. And I have not had a single right swipe. (And my right swipe s…[View]
46270196/comfy/: /ZBvFRw[View]
46269875>be me >live in europe in year 2020 >memes are banned >go to back alley in search for so…[View]
46270131>it is the Year 2018: >memes are 100% illegal and judges are giving out 300-year sentences for…[View]
46269689When was the last time you showered/bathed anon? As well as brushing your teeth. Are you keeping up …[View]
46269272>that 15 year old zoomer who thinks that his crush is his gf because they're sitting on the …[View]
46269940intuition: >hungry >see McDonald's bag by the fence > construction workers > take t…[View]
46268842>that 31 year old boomer who takes a 4 hour nap in the middle of the day.…[View]
46268705Does race matter in dating?: Do certain races have it easier than others and does race matter when y…[View]
46268757What is /britfeel/: I haven't been around this board for a long time but I see at least one /br…[View]
46268706So what do you want out of life and what's important to you?[View]
46268719I think i need therapy. Therapy is good. Therapy may help but for sure wont cause harm. Therapy is f…[View]
46269667You are now thinking of her. Would you let her shit on your face or not?[View]
46269697hey donatello bud I just want you to know that I miss you and hope you're safe, I'm sorry …[View]
46269889Finding a friend at normie school: >Be me >Be at shit gym >7th grade in the late 2000s …[View]
46269415Would any of you date this girl? Is she pretty? How old does she look? A-asking for a friend...[View]
46269055>tfw no wife to cook me food after work >no one handing me beer after work >no one to cheer…[View]
46268337God I wish that were me bros.... oh how I wish....[View]
46267667!!: I'm renting a car /r9k/. where should I drive it? inb4 over a cliff, that's a possibil…[View]
46268922why not settle for a comfy winter asian gf?[View]
46269131Reality glitch thread >dark outside >lie down in bed, close my eyes >open em, not even 5 se…[View]
46269670>closest (only) friend doesnt actually care about me and doesnt even want to talk to me anymore W…[View]
46269231Discord Callout: Alright. So, I assume you are all aware of the recent Discord drama. Well, I'v…[View]
46268059ask a stacy cyborg anything[View]
46261240>tfw found a real life loli 4'9 gf i did it as an absolute sperg what's your excuse?…[View]
46268473Anon's time at school: >be me >be 13 >be in grade 7 >have the best grades in class …[View]
46269600How do I become a Hikineet?[View]
46269580Is Trucebaldazzi /ourguy/ ??[View]
46267823You have the power to achieve greatness! Stay strong and don't give up![View]
46268260Anyone else want to die haha who else can relate?[View]
46269540Any one of you bots ever tried citalopram recreationally before and how was it?[View]
46269512R9k ive lost my faith in humanity wat do?[View]
46268051>highlight of my job search day is getting a rejection message[View]
46269440SSRI withdrawal thread: Quit Paxil cold Turkey last week because fuck that mind control bullshit and…[View]
46268736mfw mom wants me to help her in the house.[View]
46267358don't wonder why wanna die! wanna die![View]
46268226Ayy guys,are there any russian robots who would want to come to my apartment and stab me in the thro…[View]
46268145>boss told me i have to work saturday[View]
46268234>be me >be middle school >for some reason I used to do autistic shit >some kid gave me a…[View]
46269066Who here dated a Trans girl before it was a trend? It feels weird looking back on it. She was 13 and…[View]
46269305>consistently 90 with high humidity >no ac HOW THE FUCK CAN COLLEGE NORMIES DTAND THIS SHIT?…[View]
46264729What's it like to fuck a black woman?[View]
46267871I was given a weighted blanket when visiting my in-laws.: How the fuck do they even know? I should p…[View]
46269190>Sonic fanboy as a kid >didn't make an oc Thanks past me…[View]
46269072>brother came back form university after being gone all year >laughed at how pale skinny and w…[View]
46264631>all women are whores >I cant get laid Pick one!…[View]
46269032>Hears my dick is like sponge >Is bleeding >Puts dick on cut >Dick doesn't absorb b…[View]
46265569Thepiratebay is down, and I don't trust any other site, anyone have a Medieval 2 total war Magn…[View]
46265761i went to a church meetup yesterday; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ka-4ku7-88w[View]
46266266Why do folks even like fast food: With the exception of NY Pizza, Chinese, and white castle if eat e…[View]
46268909ugly but popular: >be me >ugly as shit 2/10 >still confident and funny >have tons of fri…[View]
46269067>think women are sexless angels >get a gf who has a higher sex drive than me Why did no one te…[View]
46265160/wheyfu/ game you describe your ideal wheyfu (white, black, azn, small, medium, large, body parts yo…[View]
46267780Why do normies give shit advice like 'Just b urself' and tell lies like 'It gets better'? Why can…[View]
46269035I really tired, bored, unhappy, lonely, sad, anxious and fed up. Anyone else?[View]
46269025>be me >be at friends house >closet in parents' room is on >'hey anon did you leave…[View]
46268720Have a lighter?[View]
46266498tinychat/r9kdeathcult Come and chat with fellow robots, make fun of spackers, and flirt with hot lad…[View]
46256122Chess Thread: Who wants to play some chess? I'm just trying to learn, I'm not so good. …[View]
46267273>get gf >become wagecuck coz I need $$ >work retarded hours >have to work on weekends a …[View]
46267798I think the IQ test has failed me, there's no way I have an IQ that's above 90[View]
46268096I do not have a facebook account Is that normal?[View]
46266363>decide to finally stop giving a shit about what others think of me and just do my job >get fi…[View]
46266647morning robots, how goes the search? post your progress and experiences[View]
46265813>called my grandpa a boomer on his birthday and told him that he ruined our generation forever …[View]
46267716>tfw manual walking >tfw eye contact is non existent >tfw people are looking at you >tfw…[View]
46268905>saw a scientific drawing of a vagina on a slide for my online summer semester class Later virgin…[View]
46268693Does anyone here know stuff about onaholes? I want to buy an onahole since using my hand has become …[View]
46259586Hw do we fix female degeneracy?[View]
46268523>on my way home walking >little girl laughs at me as she walks by for no fucking reason Things…[View]
46268496Is there anything inherently wrong with cuckoldry? If its a couple making a choice to seek out other…[View]
46268844>going to kiss my mom on the head while walking through the kitchen >trip and kiss side of ne…[View]
46267399>https://lonelystreams.com Watch lonely streamers and post interesting stuff you find /r9k/…[View]
46264964vocaroo thursdays: https://vocaroo.com/i/s0sToGcrNvUZ when does it start[View]
46268806I don't like how I feel. I'm going to be a creator. If I die, I will be reincarnated &…[View]
46268514>r9k wants to do something >instead of doing something goes on 4 chan and tells board what the…[View]
46268592who /impotent/ here? curious.[View]
46268709How do i break the ice with my (probably) stoner neighbor?[View]
46268756Is being asexual the ultimate rejection/cuck? Even more so if they're physically attractive and…[View]
46268476What thread do you usually like?[View]
46268634>tfw no butch gf why even live?[View]
46266190Woke up today and realized I just wasted what was supposed to be the best years of my life. I spent …[View]
46268517Guys is it Stacy or pathetic if someone goes out of their way to flirt with you?: Okay, so my ex BF …[View]
46266500>Live in Germany >Mother refuses to work >Live from welfare >The government takes over 5…[View]
46268408What are your feelings on going ass to mouth?[View]
46266441tfw u're 18 want a job before college starts for funds gets rejected as a dishwahser[View]
46268072Liberals: >Want recycling and no pollution >Want niggers rights, although niggers litter every…[View]
46267590my favorite kind of cocks are the ones that are like 6.5 inches, thick and veiny, where the foreskin…[View]
46268011Is bisexuality the most chad sexuality? (Provided you're a top) >slays pussy >fucks even …[View]
46267564Fuck it I'm getting a daki. Fuck 3D women. I'm joining the weebs![View]
46267348>tfw born in 2000 How does it feel to be 20th century boomers, /r9k/?[View]
46268351>start chatting with a lady online >she seems nice and sends me photos >all our tastes alig…[View]
46267645what jobs can a '''computer''' '''engineering''' dropout retard get my only real 'skill' is being ab…[View]
46265563How do you cope with a low IQ? >100-120 IQ >Never able to get STEM education…[View]
46267413>live most of my life as a fat, weaboo, with cystic acne, and zero game >full incel mode >D…[View]
46268093Is he the greatest musician in history /r9k/?[View]
46265365All those redditors makes me want to do a mass shooting[View]
46267592So if i become a furry will the chances of finding a cutie autist gf increase significantly?[View]
46268244I get the weirdest vibes when I look into a girls eyes and she look into mine. It's like someth…[View]
46266094Film = Literature > Music > Static visual art > others[View]
46267364Thanks for attending my wedding, Anon.[View]
46268139as long as you remain a virgin you will keep getting dominated and cucked by chads. not all of us ca…[View]
46267418tfw no enfp gp Any ENFP fembots here?[View]
46268083Help, my internet is acting weird. It slightly works but I cant load any Netflix shows, twitch strea…[View]
46265398What is your opinion on Mexiqts? Have you ever dated one?[View]
46263375Why Fembots Don't Date Robots: This question comes up a lot so I'll try to help you unders…[View]
46266767>Start new school/job/forced group activity >Gravitate towards the other spergs, they accept m…[View]
46262903Having dreams about having a girlfriend might be one of the worst things in existence, I'd rath…[View]
46267439unironic thread: i know there are a lot of young people on this board/site so ama as an anon who tur…[View]
46264567Ask an Eastern Euro Anonette anything: Basic info: >I'm 19 years old >I'm from Roma…[View]
46267656>be non-roastie qt3.14 >loves classic vidya >talented and charming >doesn't cuss …[View]
46261825Kumiko has best feets! BEST FEETS![View]
46267913do you think its fun to have your little holes filled? owo[View]
46266510>go to omegle.com >type'r9k' in interests field >hit enter go go go...…[View]
46266112>Just got an internship for the rest of summer and a co-op in engineering for the fall semester. …[View]
46266922should i kill my family 4chan[View]
46267862Police officers on Zoo outreach duty: Is it a legitimate use of taxpayer resources to send cops to p…[View]
46267761I don't even like lolis. It's just that I have a thing for short, petite, flat-chested gir…[View]
46266520How did I grow up in the early 90s and still end up a 31 year old robot? I was literally going outs…[View]
46262464/britfeel/: Couch to /r9k/ edition[View]
46267807Self Cockblocking: >Be me >Senior year of college >Have qt girl over to apartment to watch …[View]
46267356>be me, 20 y o neckbeard >be in town with gf >get a pack of ice cream in a shop >eat hal…[View]
46267795Anyone else a /skeleton/ here? >179cm 45kg >Dont look anorexic, just really skinny I should pr…[View]
46263500Confess: Confess your secrets /r9k/. Here's mine... I shop on Craigslist frequently whenever I …[View]
46267789I fixed my phimosys by using a set of stretching rings, but my foreskin doesn't go back on its …[View]
46265918I just cut off the last remaining people who care about me.[View]
46267635>offer my body to my mother in response to her screaming at me Who here literally fucked beyond r…[View]
46263286What!? You aren't dating a trap, anon? Why not? You don't want to be a virgin incel foreve…[View]
46263746>people unironically using the term incel what happened here[View]
46267731Has anyone ever been with a girl who enjoyed holding her pee in for pleasure?[View]
46267188>when you go to make way to make a farting >but when you didnt go did that only fisses release…[View]
46267618>Go to Wendy's daily for lunch/dinner >QT 3.14 cashier begins to notice me >Greets me…[View]
46267309>coworker landwhale girls asks me out in september >even I am 28 khv I say no because she is a…[View]
46265699Oooh, look! A shutin loser virgin retard who has never went on a date with a girl thinks he understa…[View]
46264836You don't have to be like Elliot Rodgers I just read his manifesto, and god damn was he fucking…[View]
46266162How do you make life easier for depressed people living with you?[View]
46267121Why don't you better yourse: >start working out >Realize I don't need a gf to be hap…[View]
46267157>black guy pounding our femboi >slouch into my desk chair, holler 'YO DIS BOY FINNA GET TURNT'…[View]
46263689Does this eye look like an eye of a beta man? Also eyes thread[View]
46267484>tfw no asian gamer gf[View]
46267128You guys said all I needed to get a QT gf was to be attractive: I've always had bad self esteem…[View]
46267486Shitskin genocide when?[View]
46267381>he doesn't exploit sissy white bois who love findom Feels good having a thick cock that fag…[View]
46267465>tfw asymmetric face But originally of course[View]
46266286will we ever find love?[View]
46265129Non virgins should have COMPLETE authority over virgins, no matter their age and intelligence. >T…[View]
46266152>americans are such weaklings they had to get big daddy government to tell them it's okay to…[View]
46267329Morality & The Law: What do you think is worse? >It's legal so [action] is okay/it'…[View]
46265416>commuting in a public transport >6\10 girl sits beside me >heartbeat.mp3 >debates inter…[View]
46267150why does reddit get so much hate on here? Yea most of the communities are sensitive fags but its sti…[View]
46267174>watching porn >actor has huge penor >feel envy >notice he's cut >instantly fee…[View]
46266596>be me >be a weeb >talk about weeb things with my weeb friend >a 8/10 notices us and sta…[View]
46266163I need advice /r9k/, tinder recently screwed me out of what i believe couldve been a great and my fi…[View]
46266737Is it reasonable to say that NEETs have no goals or dreams because of their depression? Or is it tha…[View]
46266878How do I get a blow job?[View]
46267199I think I might be asexual but I might just be afraid of sex. How do I know the difference?[View]
46267219>be me >start to download porn because lots of videos I like are getting taken down >can…[View]
46266657Found a rich, innocent, and pure European girl online. She's 16, how do I approach this senpais[View]
46267133Virgins, how do you imagine your first time to be like irl? I imagine it with me, embarrassed and no…[View]
46266097>thanks for helping me jizz in my bro's bed, bro! >this fag's gonna be sleeping in m…[View]
46266373literally take your job and shove it, maybe if you have 40 vacancies you should hire some full-time …[View]
46266533>he's never tried cummie soup before Come right over, Anon. We're giving out free sampl…[View]
46266379>Friends with people with ADD >Best friends for life for a few days >They never talk to me …[View]
46267155Should i buy some gemstones? I'm legitimately like them, not for spiritual healing or any of th…[View]
46264006How do you feel about the fact that girls like pic related browse this board?[View]
46267109>Be me >Going to Germany for the summer >See friend, raise arm >Yell out HELL HIP-LAD! …[View]
46266800i turned on one time when i moved its hand when it was at my neck D: so it went on my willy itds han…[View]
46266470need help plz: 20yr aus neet here, ccan you guys give me some advice on how or where to get a job, m…[View]
46260064pick a name everyone with that name dies do that now[View]
46263388What's it like to have parents who love each other and who love you and are never fighting or y…[View]
46265752>25 >brain already hardened >locked in at level of intelligence,ingrained habits and past m…[View]
46263625Add a word after Trans and then explain the condition, how it makes you feel and a story about a tim…[View]
46266185>tfw fapped so often tonight I'm now cumming straight-up water How are you, /r9k/?…[View]
46260366What the fuck is their problem? VERY original comment. Now fuck off[View]
46266403>atheist friends are making it >i'm collapsing >parents insist my situation is due t…[View]
46262629Dick Size - calcSD: https://calcsd.bitballoon.com on this site you can type your parameters and see …[View]
46265198>tfw no gf >tfw no girl has ever shown interest in me How do you know when a girl is checking …[View]
46266038How accurate is this? this is an original post fuck you[View]
46266976Being in a conflict with this Chad.How do I take care of him without anyone knowing? Pic semi-relate…[View]
46266345i have debilitating anxiety and it's been ruining my life for the last 6 years[View]
46266945>a qt alien girl will never keep you as her pet >she'll never put you in a cage and take …[View]
46266301What was your first anal experience like?[View]
46264623Anybody else want to see their waifu get blacked?[View]
46264325A friend's death: How would you feel if a very special person, a close friend of you, ended his…[View]
46266092Incel epidemic hits the US: Someone explain these trends and what it means?[View]
46266754tfw you're cute and try to make cute friends but they're all just average-at-most guys who…[View]
46265816Blue Pill > Red Pill Better a life of ignorance and bliss rather then just living and dying while…[View]
46261862>tens of billions of cows raped to be inseminated, their children stolen, they eventually get all…[View]
46266545>The whole damn world is just as obsessed with whos the best dressed and whos having sex >Whos…[View]
46263406>need to shit >open the bathroom door >see this que faire?…[View]
46265675Thoughts on kratom robots?[View]
46266258Robots, tell me one cringy moment you wish you would erase from your life. I'll start >8th g…[View]
46262854Women are so terrible in life threatening situations. No wonder we didn't let them be in charge…[View]
46257783Robots: do men care for stretch marks/body hair? I went through puberty pretty quickly and thus got …[View]
46264095Make a thread about suicide, get banned by mods: the absolute state of this newfag underage board…[View]
46265666The normies won I can't endure this site anymore[View]
46266186>ur racism is showing whitey >muh discrimination >white privilege >sweetie youre white …[View]
46263788Why are men so thirsty?: There are literally 8+/10 Chads that are willing to settle with a psycho ba…[View]
46265788How often do you anally masturbate, anons?[View]
46266397>be 5 year old anon >live in place >move to different place >don't like new place …[View]
46265979abandon r9k: why havent you moved to /qa/ yet robots? do you enjoy being on /b/ 2.0? if all robots m…[View]
46266364>accidentally superlike on tinder >delete account…[View]
46264473What did you feel when you were at your worst? For me I felt an really strange sense of freedom and …[View]
46261762Have you ever thought about shooting up a school?[View]
46265740>on date with girl >can't open my beer bottle >she opened it for me…[View]
46266313>don't use discord, tumblr, facebook, orkut, myspace, instagram, soundcloud, steamgroups, or…[View]
46265643>that 15 year old zoomer who proposed to his crush on messenger[View]
46265848So, this article has been published in this month's COSMO (ie. Popular womans magazine). Incel…[View]
46265865I'm never going to find a gf[View]
46265578H-how do I become an electrician? Electrician apprentice. I am really confused how to start. I read …[View]
46265418theres something id like to know, why is anime generally liked ironically nowadays? i feel like iron…[View]
46266244fuck: >18, 19 next month >slightly overweight (when i look down i can't see my crotch, b…[View]
46263612ITT: weird behavior around other people I'll start: >sweating excessively when around people…[View]
46265894Alternative to SERM's: Gynecomastia reduction & REBIRTH?: I bought these pills a week ago a…[View]
46263651ok, so the chaddiest chad can be called Chad Chaddington what can you call the most virgin virgin?[View]
46263454It looks like they're onto our scheme to nullify our competition.[View]
46265338>you will never, literally NEVER, find a girl this pretty IRL[View]
46264495I want a guy that'll degrade me and fuck my throat and cum on my face and just use my body as s…[View]
46265955If i pretend to be a twitch whore will i get a fortune? I'm a high-t dude but i'm sure i…[View]
46265554Tinder red flags? >Single mom >identifies as cisgender >poly/bi >'no hookups' >'hates…[View]
46264838How can one make ones dick completely desensatized. Considering cutting off my gland to still have a…[View]
46264128As a NEET with a game burnout syndrome, recommend me a game to pirate right now. i'm fuckin bor…[View]
46263435Why would anyone use a cumrag (sock, t shirt) over tissues? Seriously, explain yourselves.[View]
46260349I lost all of my Pepe's r9k. Please, share your Pepe's to help an anon in need.[View]
46265213Fuck all yall traps gay ass trannies: Im fucking livid with all the autistic rage my manlet body can…[View]
46265796I had hope for the future and a dream to follow How do I come back to this after seeing reality?[View]
46265164how do you feel about mark wahlberg?[View]
46264426Who here empty shell?: Share your feelings and discussion lads, this is a safe space. I'm compl…[View]
46264148How exactly does one write their Tinder profile to include that you're looking for casual fling…[View]
46265127I fucked up my life: >be highschool senior (19) >get A's all year >come finals >onl…[View]
46262402Does social isolation actually affect you in any way? I saw some videos where people said it makes y…[View]
46265565>ywn ever even be able to talk to your waifu[View]
46265494My parents think I'm sad/crying because I'm single: I was a loner all my life and this is …[View]
46262860Tranny and Trap Hate: It's been a while we told these mentally ill people the truth.[View]
46265670>weak chin >back of head too >looking like a fucking mongoloid in profile >fucking hate…[View]
46265597I have no desire to have friends but I feel lonely That fuels my cycle of misery How do I stop it?[View]
46265010Why haven't you become the gf yet robots?[View]
46265612Join my Kik group chat #sumgangmofos[View]
46262570I'm an IRL manlet >5'8 AMA[View]
46265445i think my penis is getting smaller[View]
46265585Hey robots if you're bored with nothing to do but browse the chans and jerk off, a private vani…[View]
4626366610/10 qt 3.14 blonde asked me out for lunch next week how do I not fuck this up?[View]
46265372Did I do bad fembots?: This was back in high school but I was on the trampoline with a few friends a…[View]
46265142are more whites robots than we thought?[View]
46263565Best way to become an hero: I have nothing to live for and I have been hating everything I used to l…[View]
46265384>buy family size box of cereal >I live by myself >mfw…[View]
46265456>tfw no vallombrosian bf[View]
46263583How the fuck can we even compete to bears?[View]
46265261put your pisscord names so we can make friends. no invites to your pathetic servers please; i dont c…[View]
46265131Welcome to /r9k/: /r9k/ is an imageboard where there are no exact reposts. 1. If you attempt to pos…[View]
46263685How we doing?: How are you guys doing this whole 4 chan thing Is it just shoot messages into the voi…[View]
46264785What video games does /r9k/ play?--[View]
46259015>get a computer with a GTX-1070 and Intel i7 >too tired from work to put time into videogames …[View]
46265340>182cm is considered manlet >185cm and up is Chad Damn you men and your irrational beauty stan…[View]
46263925>had dream i was looking for job since i'm neet now >normie couple starts harassing me …[View]
46264313Come on Anon you'll probably kill your self at 30 any way so why not try and see if take some p…[View]
46265047Be me, loner: I'm at dinner with my mom and her friend, makes me feel less lonely even though I…[View]
46263842https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0l8nJ_liqrw Why aren't you playing Minecraft with your black tr…[View]
46265221[PLEASE] make my moderating dream come true: Hey guys I have always been dreaming about being a mod …[View]
46264634Restoring Favourite Videos and Channels After Account Ban: Since my account got banned for publicizi…[View]
46249774Ideal bf thread: Fembots post your ideal 11/10 bf ITT (doesn't have to be realistic) I'll …[View]
46265021Do you know these random situations where you have eye contact with someone else? What should you do…[View]
46264640'stop objectifying me!' >Objectfy herself Why women are such hypocritical creatures?…[View]
46264552I made this: Am I (originally) autistic?[View]
46264744HAS THIS HAPPENED TO ANY OF YOU BEFORE? I was about to lose my virginity and took my clothes off an…[View]
46265148What I wouldn't give for a gf like that[View]
46264971tfw no asian GF + living in a town without asian girls is the worst feeling of all time. change my m…[View]
46265073I just want to sleep forever. Yesterday, I realized that going to sleep is my favorite part of the d…[View]
46264787How does this make you feel? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5w3cYtJekpw[View]
46248211ITT:: Things only fembots will understand >Knowing not even a robot will date you because you…[View]
46260563Are 'innie' vaginas just a case of the labia majora not being as separated as those with …[View]
46264935Why don't you just admit to people that you're a virgin? If they can't accept you for…[View]
46263289>June 21, 2018[View]
46263076What are your hobbies, robots? Pic related is mine.[View]
46264267>Having a gf will momentarily give you euphoria from validation >you'll eventually become…[View]
46261057this is a sad thread. say whatever sad things you want[View]
46262926give illegal immigrant [girl] children to incels: >complain about little kids being separated fro…[View]
46260146ITT:That kid thread >that kid who would walk around with his hands out in front of him like in DO…[View]
46263971@ yt people[View]
46261991Hi I work in toys r us and we need a good assholish sign to tell people to keep kids off the play ho…[View]
46264596tfw when thinking back to that time so long ago when the girl you loved and good connection with tol…[View]
46262960Why couldn't the guy who shot XXXTentacion have shot this guy instead?[View]
46263063Is it true whitebots? Are you really that much of insecure scumbag that you get butthurt at asian wo…[View]
46264211>day 81 of nofap >see myself in the mirror >instant boner AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA…[View]
46263543>soft fur >loyal >always happy to see you >loyal >quiet >will protect you >loy…[View]
46264464/druggay/ #99999: i am do drug draaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…[View]
46263973>tfw it's too late to be passionate about your hobbies once you actually can afford them aft…[View]
46263593Question to fembots: Out of sheer curiosity, do any women find shy nerds attractive? I've had t…[View]
46263604ideal bf vs ideal gf threads really makes you think[View]
46264412>Interviewer gives you that fuck off facial expression[View]
46263948guys I've frozen my milk since ice cream is made out of milk but it tastes bad can I let it tha…[View]
46263053>Something happens that makes me depressed or angry >Go out and buy a ton of junk food >Eat…[View]
46256563/LDG/ lucid dreaming general: /LDG/ - the 'i meant to post at 12:00 but played to much HOI4 and lost…[View]
46259637>4am >just popped a pizza in the oven A week ago i'd be in bed trying to get a 'good nigh…[View]
46264197>failed exam >dropped out of hs on the last fucking day of grade 12 now what. do I kill mysel…[View]
46262798Party's over, folks. Go home. The '''roastie''' myth has been debunked. Incels eternally BTFO[View]
46264264I confessed to a girl that I lost five kilos because of constantly thinking about her and stuff. The…[View]
46261113>are you from the UK? >No I'm from Norway, why? >Oh you just speak with a perfect Brit…[View]
46263042You could have skin cancer on the back of your body right now, and you would never until its too lat…[View]
46263769Often getting a gf won't ever solve your problems: probably most of you will bash me for saying…[View]
46264149>found out recently instagram lets people know when you play or replay their stories >girls sh…[View]
46264031Comfy stuff: Comfy images thread[View]
46259696*FashyTrap1488 has logged on* 'K-kill the jews, Mr. Anon!'[View]
46260388vocaroo thread talk about your day or whatever your minds thinking of right now https://vocaroo.com/…[View]
46262432womp womp: Only poor people watch TV[View]
46263987Anyone else wanna eat out a girl so bad? I wanna bury my face in between her legs and make her shamb…[View]
46263986>feeling good with life >go to bed >have another 'dead oneitus is alive again dream' >sh…[View]
462639456 inch is big[View]
46263008If a girl fucks one guy, she should have to fuck all of them: Everyone is equal and if she's wi…[View]
46258303nofap: Is there a point to nofap if you have a gf? >inb4 REEEEEEEE get out normie She's a fa…[View]
46263914alright robots, 4chan and some other sites have been near-unbrowsable for me and i need help. keep i…[View]
46263900Wear the grudge like a crown, negativity Calculate what you will and will not tolerate Desperate to …[View]
46263841>wife denied me sex again >went out drinking with the girls and said i cant come give me fap m…[View]
46261331i got caught touching panties in my dorm laundry. what do i do.[View]
46256235Anime is trash: What's the best anime niggers Start the arguments[View]
46258603How would you raise your daughter?[View]
46263831>be normal >raise money for autism >make fun of every autistic kid they see and call him we…[View]
46263723How do I enjoy things like watching movies, playing video games, masturbating, going for a walk, tal…[View]
46263352How many robots have an actual cringe compilation?[View]
46263813Motorcycle Thread: >At what age did you start riding? >At what age did you fell in love with b…[View]
46260323Waking up at 3am will make you happier and healthier. Do it bruh[View]
46263150Anyone else who really likes Apu Apustaja?[View]
46263687>think I posted with a typo >verify I didn't…[View]
46262962NEETs not living with parents: is there such a breed? how do you achieve this?[View]
46262915What are some bad habits you must overcome to become more socially well-adjusted? This is one of the…[View]
46260637What is the most depressing thing that happened in your life? Let it out. Everyone needs a place to …[View]
46261990>little sister is blasting and singing along to pumped up kicks[View]
46261020Are you ready, anon? Let's go to the park first, then we can eat lunch together![View]
46263192If we kill every woman on the planet they won't be able to reject us anymore. BETA UPRISING WHE…[View]
4626292810/10 asian 3.14qts: post your asian 10/10 waifus[View]
46262376Autism: >Be in new job 2 month in >Call a potential client who seems very interested and is bi…[View]
46263507Baseline: Just a routine baseline test to make sure none of you robots are devopling any unnecessary…[View]
46263501Anyone else waiting for something? I don't know what it is, but it feels like i'm waiting …[View]
46263018anyone else see cumnugget guys thread?[View]
46262465>be me >19 >use this old black shirt as a cum rag >never fit so why not >accumulate c…[View]
46262606Do you guys have any black friends? If so, why?[View]
46263309Is the perfectly shaved innie the gold standard of pussies?[View]
46262497My friend got hospitalised trying to help me in a home invasion. Feel awkward and guilty. He's …[View]
46260029I'm so tired of life I can't even muster up the energy to go out and buy tons of junk food…[View]
46257504If you are in a relationship with a girl, is it acceptable for her to have guy friends/dms etc?[View]
46261324What are your favourite fictional worlds for escapism?[View]
46260310Why is literally no womyn on earth into femdom? Every girl I've spoken to has been some ultra s…[View]
46262154>born to late to enjoy trad women >born to early to enjoy robot waifus >born just in time t…[View]
46260853Why not just fuck post-wall roasties from dating apps? Pic related is 34 and divorced. Matched her y…[View]
46263101ANHEDONIA: im bored of everything. all the joy has gone[View]
46262004>try to lose my virginity, but couldn't get an erection because of decades of fapping >go…[View]
46254650Who here a /cancer/ bro?[View]
46260902I love morning sex, but it depletes me for the whole day. Evening sex combined with morning sex only…[View]
46257698What are your thoughts and experiences with weed /r9k/? How does it make you feel? I've smoked …[View]
46262403what is wrong with women[View]
46261274>be Autsralian >talk to girls from America on skype and they always say my accent's hot. …[View]
46262512Can I have head pats for being a good boy?[View]
46259513Ask a cyborg Stacy anything: Go on and ask me questions.[View]
46261701I want to killmyself. How many days do I have to not consume anything so no pee or feces leave my bo…[View]
46261626What's with all the constant threads asking about how to get a gf? don't you realize where…[View]
46261541How can you get a gf without the fear of death?: You guys want a gf without risking anything. Stake …[View]
46260952Surely you dont steal porn after the actresses put their hearts into their work, right anon?[View]
46262906>I now have more years of emptiness and misery behind me than happy years…[View]
46257524I really want an attractive boyfriend, but I have nothing to give.[View]
46262845>Whats up anon! U mind helping me with my stretches?[View]
46261200Do you eat Doritos with chopsticks? Eating Doritos with chopsticks is the only right way[View]
46261878first driving lesson in 1 hour >born to late to travel on horseback >born to early for self d…[View]
46257179> Me > 2013 > In military cause local Best Buy wouldn't hire me > not chad / hate w…[View]
46258585okay guys, how the fuck do I get a fembot gf what do they want[View]
46261359reply to this thread with whatever you want and you'll have a gf by tomorrow trust me i'm …[View]
46262575>yfw when you see a (!) in one of the threads you have open[View]
46258020I'm 25 and fucking bored to death of life. Video games, anime, movies, internet. None of it is …[View]
46262335imagine the smell conceptualize the aroma[View]
46259309>be non-roastie qt >loves vidya, talented, and good christian + virgin >dies why is it so h…[View]
46257201Anon, where do you see yourself in 5 years?[View]
46261070y dos this happen 2 me: ITT: Stupid Feminists >be me >be at school >be quoting 4chan post …[View]
46261588Has anyone else here got a really bad side profile? I look like a slug. (Pic is not me but close)[View]
46262254Why this place?: I don't think any of us actually like this website, yet we stick around. What …[View]
46261367ITT we find new pieces for our cringe compilation >go to 9gag/reddit >come back with fresh cri…[View]
46257279/britfeel/: Can't believe you let the thread die you absolute pillocks edition[View]
46262159I'm training in karate at the moment. It's pretty hardcore.[View]
46261939Hardcore server: hello everybody, how would you like to play some hardcore survival minecraft, do wh…[View]
46259091How does this make you sith lords feel?[View]
46260903post your favorite songs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sdBEwe1KKmg[View]
46261587split personality?: I have something like bipolar but not just mood swings. Sometimes I am completel…[View]
46262328ITT: Times you've witnessed (or been the subject of) crushing humiliation >Last year at summ…[View]
46261970Am I strange for enjoying the collection and organising of porn a thousand times more than actually …[View]
46262240>171 cm >175 kg I feel like a bloated corpse. I'm literally 'oh fug american dorist, quic…[View]
46262389>if I grew my hair out it would look like this And I'm only twenty. Truly a hairlet. You wil…[View]
46261415I have a boner, and I don't know why. I didn't wake up like this, and I haven't been …[View]
46261901>be christian father >home invaded by nogs >my wife's being raped >turn my cheek …[View]
46261326Story time ig >be me when i was about 7-8 years old, used to be very sickly lil faggit >often …[View]
46260108>meet grill online >hit it off immediately >99% chance autist like me >almost everything…[View]
46260646“That Kid” thread?: >that unbearable kid in college who constantly interrupted classes to ask stu…[View]
46261860Is it just me or are things changing too fast: It's just too much change I can't handle it…[View]
46250666>tfw no guys want a yandere fembot gf Every time I try to get a bf they end up intimidated or thi…[View]
46262238>My entire life was a Hebraic trick[View]
46262029could you do this job robots? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yK86Rzo_iHA[View]
46261143>Oh, you're here for the job interview? >Well I'll tell you now you haven't got…[View]
46261916Reminder that 'robot' and 'incel' are the exact same thing and giving a shit about which one people …[View]
46262139>be depressed shit univ students >4th year >there's this qt I've stalked in socia…[View]
46261691>tfw no pure virgin bride to honour and protect[View]
46260365How do people make e-friends in here? I have been kinda low profile for many years and don't ha…[View]
46260596I'll barely be able to pay my rent this month, pretty sure won't be able to pay other bill…[View]
46261732hey anons I just brought a minecraft server for us to play on, it spent $15 on it so their should al…[View]
46261928What is /r9k/'s opinion on this jew and this TEDx topic? https://youtu.be/EwGnsUWLqKM[View]
46260312Need help with 4chan: so guys im pretty new to 4chan i only been here for 6 months and i only luked …[View]
46260331Do you have delusions of grandeur?[View]
46261686>steam has anime What the heck bros? How late am I?[View]
46261235happy go skateboarding day fuckers get outside and to some cool shit[View]
46259293How would the world change if Yellowstone park blew up and destroyed America? Do you think that worl…[View]
46261166How do I convince my mom to stop trying to talk to me when she's in the shower?[View]
46261834>watering my backyard garden >neighbour comes out >internally sperg out, stop what I'm…[View]
46261690Hey bots. Have any of you tried edating while working on bettering yourself irl? Im tired of being a…[View]
46261431hey anon, I just brought a minecraft server and i'm wondering what type of world you guys would…[View]
46259676>just shave it off! Ladies love a shaved head[View]
46261779Why have gf when you can have a 10/10 pillow or hotwater bottle[View]
46261770>be me one day at school >have huge crush on girl in my class >in one subject we move to an…[View]
46261761Fucking Jordan Peterson: Fucking JP made me fucking insecure as fuck about my IQ https://youtu.be/9R…[View]
46261370Hey Robots! There's no one with me on omegle so come join under the tags r9k r9komegle[View]
46260008mayates mean niggers[View]
46260084I've been cucked at least 3 times now i don't know how i don't have a fetish for this…[View]
46261465How to move your consciousness into a visual novel?[View]
46261220>my balls are so tiny I look like an eunuch >both have been hurting almost everyday for the pa…[View]
46257775I'm going to change the world but I need some help: I'm aware I'm going to get cooked…[View]
46261361Who else >got a message in to that bitch who the two threads about were deleted?…[View]
46256520>Anon, have ever pIayed willy wars before? >The boy who can wank their willy and make the most…[View]
46256766what do you think of a guy who really wants his mom to be fucked?[View]
46259763who here never had a job?: I'm 25 almost 26 and have never worked a day in my life. I rely 100%…[View]
46261104Have you ever tried making a Youtube or Twitch Channel? If so, how did it do?[View]
46261287>be me >2001 >5 years old…[View]
46259150is anyone else here pissed off that their life isn't an awesome adventure like final fantasy, p…[View]
46256098my 18 year old cat died today[View]
46261144>You mean anon!?: But he is booring! BOOOOOOOOOOOORING![View]
46261170Is this some kind of fetish thing? I'm a perfectly healthy human being and even below average w…[View]
46260626Allergies: >you are intolerant to the world itself, it is nature's way of saying you shouldn…[View]
46261152>be me >cousin in the shower >attack with oddly shape nigger dildo >i win…[View]
46260956Why is it ok for women to make fun of men under 6ft (~182.5cm)?[View]
46260433>tfw I fell for the /fit/ meme now I'm just an autistic virgin with big shoulders…[View]
46260769I feel sick I'm 6'0' & used to be chubby but I've been cutting and I went from 22…[View]
46261081See a 6.5/10 skinny girl at the till. Boy she is beautiful.[View]
46260710> Fembot > Managed to make two few friends this year at uni but they are both vacationing …[View]
46260701Why are we not allowed to smile continuously in the presence of other people without having to expla…[View]
46258836Did you ever have an outburst and attack your bully?[View]
46260843did/do your parents smoke cigarettes?: >Having parents that smoke I don't know why but it wa…[View]
46260939Post comfy things itt[View]
46254498>be asian fembot >can't compete with white stacies >have to wait until they start rott…[View]
46260914why am i so stupid and easy to hurt i won a free beer and asked my sister to redeem it since she was…[View]
46260641Rape: Aren't you tired of living with constant anxiety? All those people constantly laughing at…[View]
46259711/Nighfeel/ - Free Rides Edition: Turn on those monitors, open those laptops, and phonefags commit ri…[View]
46260824>be me >be 5 years ago (15 at the time) >girls from our class doing some shitty end of the …[View]
46260810Is it possible for someone to become a completely productive person? I can't bring myself to do…[View]
46260318So what do I do if I get fucked over. (Anxiety/Drug thread): >ffs I'm afraid I'll have …[View]
46258725Reminder that rem is a liar and spreads lies about whoever slights him. Do not believe his lies he s…[View]
46260699This server is now under direct control of a bunch autists which is a good thing now come on in and …[View]
46260627Why aren't you getting a 9/10 gf?[View]
46258317I'm positive that I'm living in hell. I remember watching horror movies when I was younger…[View]
46259455Haven't been outside or in the gym in 1 month. I hate summer. My body is in so much pain, I ca…[View]
46260633Stop making discord threads you fucking pathetic losers. No one gives a fuck about your discord dram…[View]
46259618Please help: When are you supposed to get over someone ghosting you? I can't stop thinking abou…[View]
46260616>he's on /r9k/[View]
46257140y no britfeel thread?: mmmmokkhjhghgjhgjhg[View]
46259215Boards with out of control mods, /v/ and /g/ so many threads which are on topic are simply deleted …[View]
46260534Are volcels actually vol or are they in with sour grapes? Outside of religious volcels I mean. Relig…[View]
46260582Everyone is having irl FUN right now.[View]
46260565Who did it better - ADF or CWC?[View]
46260415Weiss, you dumbass! Start making sense, you rotten book, or you're gonna be sorry! Maybe I…[View]
46258474At what age did your life completely fall apart? Or has it yet to happen?[View]
46256484>hit it off with a girl in MMO >start voice chatting with her >seems like she's diggin…[View]
46260436Am I an Incel?: Lost my virginity at 18, to my 17 year old girlfriend. Maybe I have sex 15 times max…[View]
46257470how do I get a cute plane girlfriend like this?[View]
46254309>wife is denying me sex again >is going out drinking with the girls and says i cant come give …[View]
46259472Is it just in movies or is is really easier to get a gf in america as an introvert. I imagine girls …[View]
46260431CS:GO: Any EUfags want to play cs:go? I am unranked just started playing the game and all the Russi…[View]
46260025That feel when no cute daughter to raise properly. Does anyone else here want kids?[View]
46258827Injustice thread: >2006 >9th grade >everyone either doesn't like me or doesn't kn…[View]
46259932are stacys good or bad? stacys are the girl versions of chad, as you might know chad thundercock is …[View]
46259850Ok, robots, what is the general consensus on band nerds. This got brought up on a thread and now I c…[View]
46260161Pepboi Sucks: >be me >drive 2007 Suzuki Forenza >was my moms car >had sat for three year…[View]
46259138how can she spend one night cuddling and kissing me and the next night she's won't even re…[View]
46258748Robots should watch Love Island.: Love Island is basically a show where they put good looking guys w…[View]
46257872Add a word after Trans and then explain the condition, how it makes you feel and a story about a tim…[View]
46260207>tfw you're too insecure and afraid to download Tinder[View]
46259906Why don't you just get a crazy wiccan girlfriend?[View]
46260162Pretty sure every discord shill is actually a Honeypot of some sort. Am I wrong for thinking this?[View]
46260178Given enough freedom, humans will develop ways to undermine that freedom in the form of hierarchical…[View]
46255713Boogie is a perfect example of warrior skull vs wimpy skull. Not only is this man like 400+ pounds, …[View]
46259928>playing video games is a mental illness now >men dressing as women and mutilating their own g…[View]
46258923how do i get that qt autist boy to like me back? how can you tell if an autist likes you?[View]
46259113soup: If you put sauce in soup does it become souce or saup?[View]
46250022ITT: Vein popping sentences: >You are not entitled to [ ___ ][View]
46259753how many times have you tried to an hero? not just thought about it. Why did it fail the first time?[View]
46258416Tiny girls are the best.[View]
46258679Schizo disorders and Weed: Anyone else with experience?[View]
46259007Is there anybody here who has achieved pretty much all they wanted and still feels depressed and emp…[View]
46259878I post other peoples snaps as my own story to make it look like Im super popular and fun to be aroun…[View]
46256139discord thread post your names or add new people >too shy to post mine first…[View]
46259778>men should be more open with their emotions >if they are open up I'll actually have a ha…[View]
46259822Raging slut Hildegard Koch joined the nazis as a pretense to get laid a lot: http://spartacus-educat…[View]
46256278big anime titties[View]
46258883>be me >28 year old khv incel NEET >2 years ago have mental breakdown after dropping acid …[View]
46258722>This kills the manchild: https://www.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/8sktif/when_was_youroh_shit…[View]
46259485what happened?: I haven't been on /r9k/ since 2013-2014. I don't know what is going on. P…[View]
46261005Come be friends with me plox owo: Hoi I'm looking for some new best friends to chat with, so pl…[View]
46259761I've realized that most of humanity, bout 90%, deserve to die and are exceptionally useless and…[View]
46258493Prove me wrong: All normies should be shot and killed[View]
46259631spend all ur time online bruting about how sad ur life is ? Google it[View]
46258363Remember: White American women don't matter. Every white female is selfish,greedy, and prone to…[View]
46259084Comfy Thread: Comfy Thread >AC on >Empty house >Tendies for lunch…[View]
46259562Advice me robots. I finally got my first legit gf, yeah I know first gf at 18 is pathetic. But I rea…[View]
46258079Crying cats bread go[View]
46257445The voices are back telling me to hurt myself[View]
46257925Mouth breathing: I'm a mouth breather and it's caused me to have a slight overbite. Instea…[View]
46258244Anon rooster: >be rooster >live in shed >get food from humans >get 10 bitches to fuck …[View]
46259517>Lose all of my internet friends who lived in my state because they were all in a discord and a f…[View]
46259417Vegan men are puss-: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QdTc2Gv52uI&[View]
46258288if u live in melbourne dont go school tommorow reeeeeeeeeeeee pic unrelated[View]
46256505Why does butthole get me so diamonds?[View]
46258561>purchase a new bike so I can get to work and back faster >have to deal with people trying to …[View]
46257053/rr/- Robot Radio -Duplicate Post Edition: Hello /r9k/, lets have some comfy music! Listen here to …[View]
46256699Hey /r9k/ just a femanon wanting to help out some I know a lot of you guys got a lot of stress and p…[View]
46258839I don't get it. Why am I being treated like the asshole? We recently had this discussion about …[View]
46258414>start watching a series about people farming for a living with only 19th century tech >feels …[View]
46255034Please post some suicide fuel. I wanna feel like shit.[View]
46258956IT'S HERE https://twitter.com/anime_jojo/status/1009694497570078720[View]
46257854Where do you fall on the looks chart /r9k/[View]
46257971how do i move to a big city from my shit small town? i can't pick a city first of all and i don…[View]
46251602Hello everyone. would you like to play hardcore minecraft server? If you're die, you're ou…[View]
46257033Would you date a fat girl robots? I would, as long she takes care of her personal hygiene and isn…[View]
46259110A Chad former exchange student was in my town two days ago He invited me to hang out with him I…[View]
46259026I FUCKED UP: ive been driving for about 2 months now nd i just scraped my fucking car all down my dr…[View]
46256063is the military a good choice?: Has any robot served in the military, how did you find the experienc…[View]
46259079Suicidal ideation thread: I have always kept back from suiciding, despite picturing it every day sin…[View]
46255804Why aren't you slamming some sweaty somalian pussu right now?[View]
46258260>be me >24yo femanon >meet guy on tinder >he's super cute >possiblebf.jpeg >w…[View]
46257286What do you do when you see a creeper looking at someone minding their own buisness?[View]
46255313Can a human male actually call himself a man if he doesn't known how to operate a piece of heav…[View]
46258870https://discord .gg/M8vDR3 bored? new server with totally new people and some surprising content.[View]
46257802I want to stream vidyas and not worrying about my offensive language, is that possible? Twitch is mo…[View]
46258074How are you feeling anons? Great? I am feeling awesome, thank you. This year is gonna be the one. Th…[View]
46257929Nothing on Earth really matters.[View]
46258888kathy is a bitch: KATHY, I SWEAR TO GOD, COME HOME. IT'S TOO LATE. I'LL CALL WORK, I'…[View]
46257097Reminder that BBC is a hoax[View]
46258861Being female should be a bannable offence.[View]
46258781 https://twitter.com/anime_jojo/status/1009694497570078720 IT'S HERE [View]
46257880I wouldnt mind beating the fuck out of an annoying dog. Yet anything a cat does, I will protect it. …[View]
46256402Lads, should I just say fuck it and DM a cute girl who goes to my Uni and lives in the same town as …[View]
46258430>tfw no gf: >tfw no nose-picking-booger-eating gf that wants you to eat her boogers. https://d…[View]
46258115I've been away from a healthy relationship for about a week and I'm suddenly thirsting for…[View]
46258726I have finally managed to install windows 7 on a modern chipset. Feels good not to use 10.[View]
46257794me and the fiancee broke up and now im alone and its getting too late to find another woman do I nec…[View]
46258211I am very tired of being exclusively a dom and never being able to find a man who can truly dominate…[View]
46258701Anyone play the balalaika?[View]
46258511Will women rights be ever taken away, robots? Even some Muslim countries are sort of cucked. Will gl…[View]
46258648Please come back based Wanderer. We need you more than ever[View]
46258562>tfw robots hate you and shun you, because you're not robot enough >normalfags hate you, …[View]
46257797Original comedy is dead: >reposts funny joke >adds 'original lel' at end >praise…[View]
46257188How much wood would a wood chuck chuck, if a wood chuck could chuck wood: SERIOUS REPLY'S ONLY …[View]
46258487How many autists have you guys gotten to kill themselves?[View]
46257973This is trash, we need a new haven: Can any of the non-normgroids left point me to a better website?…[View]
46257779>be talking to floor workers in appe store >feel like im being treated more childish than I sh…[View]
46258311I'm a fucking pussy but I want to talk to my former best friend. I really want to be friends wi…[View]
46257508If white women are so terrible, why do black men go after them? If white women are so terrible, why …[View]
46257912Was Marlon Brando /ourguy/? >Even before he let himself get obese and balloon up to over 350 lb.,…[View]
46258286Are historical events and 'global happenings' overblown? i mean, is it not possible to kic…[View]
46258328Tattoo Ideas: I've never been able to think of anything I would like enough to ink permanently …[View]
46258043I started taking pride in the fact im still a virgin. How far have I fallen, brothers? Yes me commen…[View]
46256352With XXXFAGTION or whatever the fuck is dead,maybe ya'll should get into better rap. Like wu-ta…[View]
46258305>You're up next bro, have fun.[View]
46257965Some of you guys are alright. Don't go on 4chan tomorrow. So long space robots[View]
46257089Have any of you ever considered getting a 'massage' from an Asian before? They offer some pretty dec…[View]
46257449r8 my frsona: constructve critsism plox[View]
46258235>be me 9 >watch nickelodeon daily >love naked brothers band >ask dad for a tshirt >ok…[View]
46256331I hate not being taken seriously because of my gender[View]
46258186KSI rhymes with /ourguy/[View]
46258065I think too much anons: >be me >listen to sad music >start deep thinking > ' why is our …[View]
46258137There is a girl at a party I'm going to who is apparently interested in me. How do I woo her r9…[View]
46258054Hey, uh anon could you look at this for me?: | || || |_ Welcome, authorized personnel. Please select…[View]
46258056>19 years old I grew from 5'8 to 5'9 in the last year. Some people say you can grow up …[View]
46257795>bf caught me eating my boogers[View]
46257995What goes through the mind of people who call others 'bruh' unironically?[View]
46256053>there are people who will post ITT that arent OP and will never be OP of this thread You cant ma…[View]
46253511What are you sipping on, brahs? Bout to get comfy, get something to eat and crack open one of these.[View]
46256711Are roasties becoming self aware?[View]
46257242Who here /actualRobot/? >natural loner >don't desire relationships >don't talk to…[View]
46257910Are white people naturally violent and criminal and untrustworthy?[View]
46256547Comfy Goals Thread: What are your current dreams, Anon?[View]
46256706Hmmmm yes hmmmm girl problem haha ya i know >but shes perfect I go to a Catholic Highschool so th…[View]
46256887Should I get off the meds that keep me dead and stable to lose weight in hopes of getting a gf?[View]
46256018Is there any greater high than the approval of a woman?[View]
46257139>post YFW millions of people who've been stockpiling guns in case of government atrocities d…[View]
46255924>social project on my identity was due a week ago >'what are the most important aspects of you…[View]
46257866Game over women, for generations men have tried to make the perfect woman but to his surprise it tur…[View]
46255772>be teacher >years later >kid I used to teach joins school staff as a janitor >mfw Is th…[View]
46256671Is no fap real can it really get rid of fetishes?[View]
46257048i just finished masturbating, had one of the most intense climaxes of my life, but now my chest hurt…[View]
46255161How can anyone on this board be addicted to masturbation? If you ever feel the urge, go work the hea…[View]
46256737When you look in my eyes, I go soft inside and the sound of your voice sends shivers up my spine.[View]
46256839>People are nothing more than a game to me. >Spend months at a time strategically planting ide…[View]
46256844someone please tell me that everything will be o k[View]
46255238Any of you tried any fetish dating sites?[View]
46255871Do things have a purpose of their own? Like, would a physicist read physics textbooks if he were loc…[View]
46250476The ultimate joy in life. That you will never get to experience.[View]
46256486>Been orbiting a girl for a while 'Anon, I'm les' >'That's okay' >Gradually lose …[View]
46256638Robot animes: What are some good animes about robots/robot themes? I really liked Yahari and eva…[View]
46257654I need to get the fuck off of this fucking site. Every year I become worse and I become even more de…[View]
46257301weeb cringe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jZWtSppTcmw Look at this weeb shit lmaoooo (trap)…[View]
46257363>tfw no male wants a ridiculously clingy, insane gf that wants to hurt others and be hurt I want …[View]
46257632>enter mental health thread >'depression is a meme' >100+ (You)s who here /devilish/?…[View]
46257003who else /stillwetsthebed/ here?[View]
46257519>be me, delivery driver for local pizza place >first week on the job >'anon, there's a…[View]
46257278ITT: school feels (past or present) >12 sentence paper due by tomorrow and if I don't do it,…[View]
46256616WIll I be put in a ward if I open up to my therapist and say that I have homocidal and suicidal thou…[View]
46257567that feel when your the mightiest dog in the yard[View]
46247633Handwriting is the mirror of your soul <3: So, how about you share your soul ITT?[View]
46256332Post essential boomer movies >Jaws[View]
46257321>spent $17 at carls jr >still hungry can anyone relate?…[View]
46257171Happy thoughts: I'm having happy thoughts and I don't know what to do. I am used to being …[View]
46257480i'm krillin myself[View]
46256424Did everyone else use to 'double pee' with their sister when they were kids? I mentioned it to my fr…[View]
46256851I've never masturbated in my entire 19 years of life AMA.[View]
46257241NIGGER!!! nigger niggers!!!! hahahaa nigger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NIGGER[View]
46257493>be me >browse reddit when u roll r9k despacito style…[View]
46256673>be me >be going to friend's house for some dumb reason >see that he has a hot punk si…[View]
46243542Tinder bread: ITT: We help eachother out on what to say to our few matches[View]
46257254I have unironically fallen for the auto-brapppp meme: >sit with sweaty ass on computer chair >…[View]
46256808What is a Normie?: What defines a Normie? You would assume to most a 'Normie' means just someone wh…[View]
46256439Normies say genetics have nothing to do with how u turn out if that is true how can you have 2 boys …[View]
46256938*finna bouta dabs the fuck outta virgin incel retards*[View]
46256539l Fuck[View]
46257256>Hey anon~ Just 'cause I have fur, doesn't mean you won't date me, right?…[View]
46257342Why don't you just date grannies?[View]
46257282Fuck 100% Orange Juice. It's nothing but RNG garbage. So fucking tired of getting 5 stars and d…[View]
46256459>once chance at life >born ugly and brainlet I hate living…[View]
46256473>be me, 27 >going through old family photos tonight >find photos of me when one year old o…[View]
46256758>High School >Get urge to do stupid shit >Decide it would be funny to put Vienna sausages …[View]
46257239no chaotic bf - day 295[View]
46257236>be >month in to new job >work at QuikTrip >was making pep pizza >didn't have ti…[View]
46256354>be me >high school awkward loser >depression >it's OK I'll be cool in college…[View]
46257187>How come you never talk, Anon? Because every time I have to talk to someone I haven't know …[View]
46256384>go to highschool >run as a hobby >PE teacher likes the way I'm always the in the top …[View]
46256883Why is r9gay so cucked?[View]
46257152why the fuck aren't you in bed. get the fuck back there and think about our life together. cont…[View]
46257146>that 39 year old boomer whose wife you jerk off to.[View]
46257144What in tarnation happened to all the good, classic rock tunes ? Back in my day, all they played on …[View]
46251175r9k, how do i become chadpreet?[View]
46256975Alright I'm tired of being a useless neet. I want to become a wagecuck. BUT how am I supposed t…[View]
46257052Do you want an ugly asian GF??[View]
46256952'I stay alive to keep everyone happy, but I'm not happy and I want to die.'[View]
46256112Please anon, do as this video says[View]
46255893This is my gf shizu, say something nice about her[View]
46256901Why Blackies have big dicks: After being cucked for generations, We've finally found out the re…[View]
46256190I quit smoking weed: fuck that shit my guy, it makes you super lazy and stupid and forgetful. Instea…[View]
46256256Beautiful Vidya music thread: Need sum beautiful/sad/atmospheric video game music. Please send links…[View]
46257015>In a music school in new zealand >fat 1st year hears that xxxtentacion ded >hyperventilate…[View]
46257013>Nearly a decade ago >Google my high school crush's name >Find out from a public Ance…[View]
46256976me when i see a brooke thread[View]
46256357whats the deal with this chorizo guy? i see him all over the place nowadays[View]
46256751real r9k Greentext: >be me >male >take shit on toilet >neighbor girl comes over and use…[View]
46254986>having an actually good conversation with someone on here for once >thread dies before i can …[View]
46256345>tfw chilling in mcd's parking lot eating a double royal with cheese, large fries and sippin…[View]
46249006ITT: Fembots post your typical day: Fembots, post how you spend your day. I'll start >wake u…[View]
46256697>when I look at a female >all i feel is rejection…[View]
46256709Am I the only fembot around here who thinks that life is extremely tough and not worth all the excru…[View]
46254633IM TIRED OF THIS: >wash face with exfoliating cleanser once a day >spray on a rose water toner…[View]
46256710Ello govna[View]
46255891What are your honest views on the institution of marriage?[View]
46256694Which one would you fug, /r9k/?[View]
46256649you're all a bunch of jerks[View]
46256684>mating patterns haven't changed at all since caveman times >even with thousands of years…[View]
46256664university physics student here spend 99% of my time in the lab have to head back to school soon gim…[View]
46248029New muffy thread: Anyone here likes muffy? What do you like about her?[View]
46255256>be me >be autistic black boi >be bored and annoyed with the state of the world >call a…[View]
46252301Redpill me on 6ix9ine. whats his endgame?[View]
46256628>girl says hello >I say hi heh, later nerds. Pic related its me now…[View]
46256385What are some lies TV told you > people hang out with friends IRL[View]
46256608Anons, I finally made it. I got my first part-time job at a Gap factory store. This was after 5 inte…[View]
46256576Sorry, /adv/ is a dead board so I'm repostan What looks better on a resume, being unemployed or…[View]
46256262We're gonna make it and become like Chad, won't we? Please tell me we will. We HAVE to mak…[View]
46254607Is this what it's like to be fembot?[View]
46255333if people don't need to have sex to have babies, then why should anybody care about being sexua…[View]
46256540>that boomer dad who is always 7 meters ahead of his family when walking in a park or in the airp…[View]
46254647OH GOD I JUST HAD SEX: >go to student festival as uneducated neet being drunk as fuck so i got th…[View]
46256521>get a 4am -2pm shift for learning a grocery department I don't even really want to do >g…[View]
46255843Things that make us feel feels: >was rejected by a girl again What do I do anons? I want you to t…[View]
46254143>tfw no netplay bf https://steamcommunity.com/id/Aaahhrealmonsters/…[View]
46256317i sat on my ginny pig[View]
46253387>tfw my 37 yr old robot cousin finally moved out Im so proud of him[View]
46256195>Be me >Chilling with 2 of my friends, one of whom is gay >The gay friend is named Tony …[View]
46256310I've often wondered, would it be possible to have an adults-only country? Some would still have…[View]
46253792Do fembots from New York even exist? Ive yet to see a single one post here[View]
46256467how to deal with (internet) social anxiety? how to deal with ppl eventually calling you autistic whe…[View]
46254840Ok so how do I meet female if I dont go to bars? And not in school? And dont work?[View]
46254880I want to kill myself everyday because ill never wake up to a cute animu waif[View]
46255469>beats wife >gets shot typical niggery afoot…[View]
46254184Aduthood: I am 19, when do you start to feel like an 'adult'? I feel like an oversized 16 year old.…[View]
46255218>actually manage to not spill my spaghetti and talk normally with someone for the first time >…[View]
46255786I've run into a problem that I've never had before - How do I get a girl to LOSE interest …[View]
46256342Blind girls: Have you guys ever considered dating a blind qt? I'm pretty hideous and think that…[View]
46255638>tfw you will never grab a cute girl from behind in an ally and make her breath chloroform, ywn t…[View]
46254067can you guys bully me into cutting myself, please?[View]
46256044I have a cute gf who loves me for who I am but i still struggle with giving her the physical affecti…[View]
46255046my fellow robots, I come from /b/ to rally support for a raid on tana mongeau details can be found o…[View]
46256307Shipping: Are there any toon couples you particularly like, r9k? Why?[View]
46256272When will the communists from the milennial generation get into a bloody war with all the alt right …[View]
46255624Tinder Bread: Is this a good opener, fellas? I can post the rest if anyone is interested[View]
46253920I am so fucking lonely holy shit. >live alone >no friends >text mom like once a month >s…[View]
46255576fembots(male): What are the fembots(male) here like? Are some of you real and actually transitioning…[View]
46254539Dont stay up too late wagie. Mr. Noseburg is expecting you there bright and early tomorrow ready to …[View]
46254503>be me >hopeless NEET >brush the inside of my ass with a toothbrush to make it bleed so i c…[View]
46255796Whenever I talk to a girl the conversation seems to die out way faster than it would with a guy. Whe…[View]
46255900I've been losing sleep over the news, so I drew this today. I call it, 'Are We Great Yet?'[View]
46255260Do you like any roasties?: Have one you can actually stand despite your robot-hood?[View]
46255738ive masturbated at least 14 times today and i want to go again even though i just jacked off like 15…[View]
46255722>held back a year in grade 12 >failed again >going to be 20 years old still in high school …[View]
46255739people want to talk to me but I'm uncomfortable and nervous I project myself as intimidating an…[View]
46253435>Hey nephew, why don't you have a girlfriend? You're a tall and handsome young man.…[View]
46255181I don't know what to do. Help! >be freshman in college >been experimenting with crossdres…[View]
46253961Why are modern conservatives so hellbent on pissing people off? It seems like the left are just try…[View]
46254196Help: Please tell me how to cope with being a manlet. This meme is honestly destroying my life. I fe…[View]
46255985Where do I find a breeding sow gf[View]
46255613Story Thread: ITT: Stories we would otherwise never get a chance to tell >be me >be BLK w/ fet…[View]
46249452Im a trap and I want to become a submissive cock hungry housewife for a man but I dont want a man wi…[View]
46255461Was derek jeter a robot?[View]
46255959/DHxCyz - greatest but loneliness discord server to exist[View]
46255908I've notice normalfags 'talk by themselves in group', if that makes sense. They're not rea…[View]
46255951Which city do you femanons live in? Im a come find me a waifu[View]
46255809>he disassociated for the 5th time today[View]
46254572I am tired of suffering because of no gf. How can I become gay?[View]
46255890my first thread that got over 10 replies was deleted bye r9k. you fucking suck. your threads suck, 4…[View]
46254465Who's the best ASMRist out there and why is it asmr darling also requesting good girlfriend exp…[View]
46253938I talked to 2 girls today[View]
46254676I am obsessed with women. help me.[View]
46254899So I'm finally at a point where I can longer depend on my parents. I have no real skills or job…[View]
46255887fuk ths life[View]
46255655>want to die >every method except gun seems like too much of a hassle >have to undergo trai…[View]
46255425>Hey, trap anon, my eyes are up here.[View]
46255336the dank memes: hello I am from 9gag I heard about how on this website they have the best memes so w…[View]
46255558To the tune of 'I Need A Hero': Doo doo doo doooo Doo doo doo doooo Doo doo doo doooo REEEEEEEEEE…[View]
46253782My Aunt: So robots, today I'm going to tell you abouy a secret that I've never told anyone…[View]
46255764How do I make out with my mom without making it seem weird?[View]
46255630Im honestly so fucking lonely. I havent had an actual conversation with someone in weeks. Someone pl…[View]
46255561Robot Music: Post a song or album that describes how you're feeling at this very moment. I…[View]
46255790how can you be apart of the quote on quote superior race and still have trouble getting pussy in thi…[View]
46255816>brother is off to college at the end of the summer[View]
46254529Has anyone here had experience with a suicidal gf?[View]
46255140pinche mayates[View]
46254691If there is a fucking (((God))), I want him to come down from his heavenly ivory fucking tower and t…[View]
46255012Anons with a bf/gf How do i find a cute shut in to play games and eventually meet[View]
46254356v125 Some days, some nights Some live, some die In the way of the Samurai Some fight, some bleed Sun…[View]
46255466>Think about life of a deer >They're born, they live, they enjoy eating food and enjoy ha…[View]
46248367/britfeel/: I don't care about the wrong image, I need to escape the other thread edition…[View]
46255185Medfag here, got an important exam in 3.5 hours. I'm freaking the fuck out, wish me luck robots[View]
46246559/r9gay/ - #348: No more tripfags edition. Tripfags are STRICTLY BANNED. Avatarfags are STRICTLY BAN…[View]
46253790I think im addicted to this, i need to stop watching it[View]
46255566How lazy are you /b/: >replys to post >forgets to fill out captcha >too lazy to write reply…[View]
46255592Who else comes from an English speaking country, but has a fucked up non-native accent? I was born a…[View]
46254355Have you come to terms with the fact that you will never be happy?[View]
46255426Guys... Are we going to be alone forever?[View]
46255354>all the threads on /r9k/ suck >all the threads on /tv/ suck >all the threads on /v/ suck …[View]
46252801Kiss me anon!: According to the National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior 2010 , the following p…[View]
46254752>be young roastie in college >use credit cards to get your boobs blown up to the size of baske…[View]
46255554>tfw no libres penseur bf[View]
46255553Create a caption for this image immediately.[View]
46250101Fembots post red flags for males: >he isn't a virgin >is shorter than 5'10 >is at…[View]
46254776what do you guys think of people who spend large amounts of time on their balcony/pateo doing nothin…[View]
46255341>Ankther day, another 5000 calories Want to feel deaths warm embrace[View]
46255507is everything alright?: i wonder if i'm gonna be alright life is scary. time is going by and my…[View]
46254716>anxiety attack >mental breakdown >no friends >no one to talk to It hurts so much what …[View]
46249669So, what actually happened to these girls in the jungles of Panama?[View]
46253796What age is too young to date a girl? to fuck?[View]
46255288Devilish Thread: >Working food service at a family owned place >Do mainly sandwiches and salad…[View]
46255032Ask anything a pretty straight guy who just came with a carrot in his butt and achieved a great orga…[View]
46255173>tfw no horse boyfriend Where do you go to meet horses?[View]
46255326Spamming update on my dead thread[View]
46254038What is you power, robots? Me, I can instantly kill and archive a thread just by posting on it.[View]
46255153what are sum games you guys play?: ive been out of the loop since advanced warfare came out. no rpgs…[View]
46255309>tfw sexual performance anxiety >tfw either cum too fast or can't get hard the first time…[View]
46254584For the past week ive been trying to better myself. Ive started a diet and ive started jogging 30 mi…[View]
46254629>just talk to girls bro What does this even mean? Where would I even talk to women if I don'…[View]
46252771Is it wrong that I enjoy seeing 13yos wearing cute pink clothing's so much? It doesn't tur…[View]
46254859Every 'cute pure girl' smells like shit if they don't shower for two days. Every 'cute pure gi…[View]
46244211I got caught with child porn a little over a year ago and went to jail for it. My parents don't…[View]
46254389There are tens of millions of people having sex right now.[View]
46253945went out for the first time and I absolutely hated it. Pretty girls everywhere, attractive couple ho…[View]
46254545Self Help: Mike RLM: How did Mike go from a skelly[View]
462523221000-Pack of beer: >Be me >Live in Finland >I ran out of soda so I go to the shop >I dr…[View]
46254415How 2 shot ponos in vagoo???[View]
46255092What is a comfy movie to watch? No real people please[View]
46254270>get elusive 'fembot gf' >completely apathetic to me at first >eventually press her into c…[View]
46254673How do you give up on your dreams?: >All I wanted to do in life was get a girlfriend and become a…[View]
46255056I just picked this up from amazon locker at 7-11. I walked past the indian cashier in his turban, wa…[View]
46255018>parents are waking up soon >still browse 4chan…[View]
46255007I work four years for her in construction and landscaping. She had to choose me a macho & pure b…[View]
46254852My eyes feel heavy... I think I'm going to quit my job tomorrow...[View]
46254065Just go to a coding school man[View]
46254720My jaw hurts when I chew gum and clicks whenever I yawn, should I get it shaved down? It is a bit wi…[View]
46252296thoughts about murder: Everything in my life goes wrong, even though I have tried over and over agai…[View]
46253673STOP FALLING FOR SHIT BAIT: Can everyone just stop replying to femanon threads? Do you know how reta…[View]
46254855school advice: I fucked up and could use some college related advice >be me, 19 years old, gradua…[View]
46254699Hello robots, heading to an interview soon, freaking out a bit. What issues do normies have in their…[View]
46253734tfw no black gf and this is an original comment.[View]
46254779Fuck TV shows >be me >playing vidya >TV on some stupid computer hacking show >basically …[View]
46254489Feminist can have babies. That baby will become a modern Frankenstein oozing of s o i and liberalism…[View]
46254675Imagine spilling your guts out to your favorite teenage hearthrob rapper for 20 paragraphs and him j…[View]
46253888How do you NEETS do it? I just quit my job a few weeks ago after coming into a sizable inheritance a…[View]
46254347Another day another dolIar.[View]
46253784Should I get braces? I think I could be lovable with straight teeth. Im just 21[View]
46252816If you can get a job, or have anything to put on your resume / CV, you are NOT a robot.[View]
46253185Why do I love 14yos SO GODDAMN MUCH? Should I talk to a therapist about it or would I be arrested?…[View]
46249852Why are American consent laws so fucking retarded?: >Can't fuck a 17 year old in California …[View]
46254540Why didn't your sexual attraction age scale up with your own age? When you get past the age of …[View]
46254497WHY GOD WHY FUUUUCK: I will never get to hear 'Please cum on my face Anon'. NEVER. Why live knowing …[View]
46254556>can't find a fembot as lonely as me but not ugly >just want some cute lookin girl to pla…[View]
46254628Florida Thread: Lesbian eating Gators Edition: THATS RIGHT U CUNTS FLORIDA THREAD BEST STATE YEET T…[View]
46254578Got new laptop: it makes moonkitti's art look so good, god damn, It doesn't have touchscre…[View]
46254134Why can't I kill myself: I just want to not be in pain anymore. It hurts but I'm too scare…[View]
46253618roasties why won't you let your brother fuck you, stupid whores[View]
46253617>too scared to ask girls out >too scared to apply for internships >perpetually afraid of fa…[View]
46253835Why haven't you bots gotten a Chinese gf yet? >lower language skills and cultural awareness …[View]
46251669American Hate Thread: Whenever I see an American attempt to lose weight, I cringe. I can't help…[View]
46253791I have made at least 7 trips to the bathroom today: And each time have either peed a lot, pooped a s…[View]
46254391poetry thread: >you're the shoulder she always cries on >at night she strokes Chad's…[View]
46254206Oh spank me daddy SPANK ME HARDER[View]
46253092fembots please rate me: >27yo >6'0' >222lbs >white, natural skin color is slightly …[View]
46252707I'm an atheist. To what god or deity shall I pray, that can actually hear me and grant my praye…[View]
46253698Roasties are about to see their final days: >Don't have to have the cunt leave you for chad …[View]
46254405Be me, be a shut in: notice that my ex e-gf is still relevant on twitter and tumblr, looks like its …[View]
46250649Fembots, what's your opinion on cum eating[View]
46254325If Edward Elric, Light, or Lelouch were real they would end up on /pol/. Shinji would end up on /r9k…[View]
46252234Where can I find picture of qt black girls? You guys have so many in those black girl threads also p…[View]
46254256>Yeah I own cat check it out[View]
46254166>someone adds me >have an actual engaging chat about things we like >voice chat happens, ma…[View]
46254187>haven't had sex in three months Any other robots know this suffering?…[View]
46252694I'm fairly sure that internet is why everyone is so fucked up. I'm a 33 year old boomer an…[View]
46254156Is schizoid PD the most /r9k/-tier mental disorder? >inb4 AvPD normies get in and think they…[View]
46254250Self sabotage: Hey schizobots How do you deal with self sabotaging your relationships? I attempt to …[View]
46254059>be American >it is literally ILLEGAL to purchase sex from a consenting adult woman >polic…[View]
46253165Well that's it. I think the pressure of being thin has given me an eating disorder. I can'…[View]
46252678>tfw Chad comes and destroys your robowaifu but he only gets charged with destruction of property…[View]
46253282yo give me discord links poopman#1092[View]
46252877Do fembots like dancing?[View]
46253334Bad Bad Dream: guys i had a one of those dreams where you realize it's a dream and start fuckin…[View]
46253393What's the point of living if you can't come home to this every day?[View]
46253994Euro fags, is it normal for strangers to greet you on the street?[View]
46253692Many of you say, 'Oh, but I am not blind. I have never been blind,' ... But when you truly see just …[View]
462541452 century masterrace: >tfw born in 20th century >now living through 21st century >experienc…[View]
46253912Why do incel girls struggle to get boyfriends?[View]
46253650How's that channel doing? Do you have a decent amount of people following you yet?[View]
46253094In the off chance one of you might know this, I'm trying to do an abortion with pills, is this …[View]
46251836[Spoiler] i want to kiss a girl. [Spoiler][View]
46253416> Low quality meme template i made > Have fun…[View]
46254002my fellow gays, what will it take to get a long haired chubby bf ???[View]
46246320Why dont you flirt with girls? You might actually get laid for once.[View]
46251345Fembot here why do men pretend they're the only ones that can be lonely or incels? women have a…[View]
46253934No longer a virgin but might be a sociopath: me and adopted sister got really drunk and high and end…[View]
46252551Is there any way to 'develop' a Chad jaw or something similar? Asking for a friend.[View]
46253947>that feel when you lose your will to be productive for days-weeks straight and don't do any…[View]
46253974>its time for sleep >fem friend i was so used to passing out on vc chat with is gone >becom…[View]
46253213Is it technically possible to make human caviar? Instead of fish eggs, it's semen.[View]
46253112Just got a new laptop, need a good survival minecraft server to play on. just give me a ip senpai[View]
46253809Desire to be bleached-: Any other femanons know this feel?[View]
46253160does anyone else feel insecure in their online relationships? the idea of being easily replaced alwa…[View]
46253134Todays the first day of the rest of your life: Feeling full of vigour and ready to take on the world…[View]
46253375hey anon. I know its hard and that it may seem like no one understands but if you need to talk then …[View]
46253507>dozens of amerifriends will die in shootings tomorrow Why does the world have to be so cruel? Wh…[View]
46252802Post in this thread and I will give you a reply, no matter who you are. Get a free (You) if you desi…[View]
46252294what is your BMI robots?: 20.1 apparently for me. never knew it before this week[View]
46252653How's your Wednesday going robots?: I've been waiting on my friend to wake up so I can vis…[View]
46249177Male hate thread: ITT: Fembots post why we hate men[View]
46253089Do you ever feel like everything's just gonna be absolutely freaking fine? That everything is j…[View]
46253519>every board i post on i end up getting banned in why does everyone hate me…[View]
46252991Why do men need women anyway? We can do everything they can do but better. If men wanted to we coul…[View]
46252978Any of you guys here listen to apop?[View]
46249454>walk into your bathroom >see this wat do, whiteboi?…[View]
46252423Who else /GoodBoy/. Whenever i take a walk and see something i can steal, i remind myself that i am …[View]
46252439Why I'm DONE with weed: I'm tired of being complacent with not achieving anything, feeling…[View]
46250271Women hate thread: >you're not allowed to hit me like that I'm a woman! >you're…[View]
46253676>There's people on this board who have had sex multiple times >Yet to be in the same room…[View]
46253391> be me, femanon > have very very tiny thing for this one kid that i know might grow into a cr…[View]
46253384How is your day going?: I spilled coke on the bottom of my laptop and its not turning on.[View]
46252797>make new friend >he's a dr*mpf supporter damn nigga i thought we were gonna get to know …[View]
46252254My boss at my new job is bullying me: I don't know what I can do. in my workplace bathroom. I d…[View]
46253605Cici and Big Bird PART THREE!: I've come back my lovely anons, with more tales about the two la…[View]
46253060Why don't you like anal femanons?[View]
46252554Idk how I did it guys Here is a list of facts about me >23 >6ft4, 160 lb lanklet >college d…[View]
46251996Any tips on dietary supplements to make my depression fuck off? Fish oil capsules and stuff like tha…[View]
46250639>just competed the written, drivers permit test at 21 Should I kill myself as a reward?…[View]
46252427>ywn have an elf gf why even live bros[View]
46253480>search my own name on kikebook >find pictures of me that I thought I had deleted AAAAAHHHHHHH…[View]
46253025How do we go about getting r9k turned into a blue board?[View]
46252384Comfy porn thread: Let's relax and discuss this pastime of ours. >tfw the scene feels like a…[View]
46253262>does anyone know where to find all the greentext stories on 4chan? >I need some fello anons…[View]
46236444Feels: Share 'em, let 'em out[View]
46252926i make girls do super slutty things to me like lick my ass and swallow my spit, and then slut shame …[View]
46252663>meet girl on here >hit it off and click really well >both acting lovedovey and shit >ge…[View]
46250232ITS OVER FOR RETARDCELS!!!!![View]
46252955Asian massage parlours: Have any of you ever considered getting a 'massage' from an Asian before? Th…[View]
46252872>Mom and brother Chad are fucking >Can hear Chad insulting me >Mom laughing while telling h…[View]
46253199[XYZ] Hate Thread: Wow guys, um wow. Can we get an epic [XYZ] Hate Thread? Cause General threads are…[View]
46244740Blackbot Thread: bored edition The Midwest is fucking trash.[View]
46252559Femanon here. Why do men always sound like fucking retards when they try to sound either sexy or alp…[View]
46252914oh my god this shit is so fucking retarded. my scd drive just opened by tiself because my knee hgit …[View]
46242079REAL IQ TEST: >Take this IQ test https://www.queendom.com/tests/access_page/index.htm?idRegTest=3…[View]
46251356Who /poverty/ here?: Nothing triggers me harder than when well-off people say... >money doesnt bu…[View]
46252560Guys, I have a confession to make: For the last few months, people have been nothing more than a gam…[View]
46252585I sure do love it when the first thing I see when I get on /r9k/ is an /r9gay/ thread and a fembot t…[View]
46250458how the fuck am i supposed to do this[View]
46252096>tfw you realize you're addicted to r9k because it's the only place where you fit in an…[View]
46251862Has Facebook or something changed human activity? Didn't there used to be teenagers hanging out…[View]
46252317No matter what you say or what you do... When I'm alone I'd rather be with you...[View]
46253189google_plus.exe: >be me >make memes about the mods of a community >kinda get accepted by th…[View]
46251263>This is what white girls look like now a days >this is why white guys are mentally ill >th…[View]
46251260Well, that's something that is disturbing me for a while. I'm a 110lb 5'6''…[View]
46243160Why don't you robots just settle for a poor girlfriend?[View]
46253120hello r9gay frens, I came here to say that I'm good for nothing and hate myself for it. that…[View]
46250683this has got to stop: >there are 12 fembot threads up right now Let that sink…[View]
46253063White woman hate thread: Post photos of average white women[View]
46251907So um... After seeing this pic, what possible excuse is there for you to not be getting laid other t…[View]
46249311What do you fantasize about? I often daydream about becoming a powerful little vampire girl who prot…[View]
46253090>next door neighbors are laughing and having fun[View]
46252834>driving is nothing more than a game to me >spend months at a time strategically learning drif…[View]
46252701Stop drinking alcohol NOW.[View]
46252843Drunk guy comes in my taxi: >Be me >Work for a taxi company >Get a call to pick a guy up …[View]
46250805Ignorant fembots: Why so many fembots here don't wanna start relationship. They are always like…[View]
46252954Unpopular Opinions Thread: Alright so here's a thread to state your unpopular opinions. Here…[View]
46252501How do you make friends in a new town as an adult?[View]
46253004starting fires: Story about starting a fire >Be me 15 year old >Last week >sleeping over at…[View]
46252476What would you do if you were one of the three on board the Saturn V rocket in 1969, you're hea…[View]
46251267Why should women accept you over Chad? What do you have to offer that Chad doesn't?[View]
46250751>tfw no skelly pale dominant bf to tell me that there is no such thing as a fembot Life is suffer…[View]
46252348why people nowadays are such a faggots? no talking just here, on this river of piss, everywhere woma…[View]
46251940Real talk: Flat earth: Is the earth flat? Who holds the burden of proof, the rounders or flatters?…[View]
46251307> be japanese salaryman > *blocks your path* w-what do!!??…[View]
46252875If you're all robots then how did you get past the fucking captcha? Check fucking mate. Go back…[View]
46252742>you will never be the seemingly sole survivor of an apocalypse only to stumble upon a colony of …[View]
46252727how many of you had chad dads and did it make you want to be beta as a 'fuck you' to him? >pic re…[View]
46252810how did ciara, sunny, and muffy manage to invade this board even with the no pictures of yourself ru…[View]
46252627>parents ask what I want for my birthday >want socks >Lol anon ask for something you want, …[View]
46252036>tfw no vidya quality introvert bf https://steamcommunity.com/id/Aaahhrealmonsters/…[View]
46251567>ywn be happy because of things outside your controll[View]
46252104Do dopamine receptors peak at a certain age and then just burn out? I'm only 22 but I no longer…[View]
46251664>people younger than me achieving more than me >continuing their education and developing thei…[View]
46252677how do I find a girl that hates going out?[View]
46250713>pic related me irl I'm going to kill myself soon, what's the most excruciatingly painf…[View]
46252311>when your mom says 'reeeeee' at you Why is this happening to me[View]
46251229Anyone ever just view porn just to view it? It's a good anxiety reliever, try it some time. Whe…[View]
46252469A while back I deleted my porn folder (mostly drawn), big mistake I regret it a bunch. Help me fill …[View]
46252463im a girl and even I know that there are chubby girls who guys ignore[View]
46252468Tinder Depression: >be me >38 half-years old >trying to get over oneitis >download tind…[View]
46252494> if you have a crush on me just say so I'm not a lonely bitch!! I DID SAY AND YOU REJECTED…[View]
46251921Why am I so fucking happy all the time while on Ritalin? It fucking feels like my life had been been…[View]
46251135should I do it lads? originalio[View]
46252472Why do robots have higher standards than chads?[View]
46252278>Go onto /r9k/ like usual >MBTI threads are still getting loads of replies If you think MBTI t…[View]
46250052MBTI thread: what makes ENTPs so insufferable?[View]
46251898Which is the better duo?[View]
46252402Anyone else here fantasize about being a police officer so you can beat the fuck out of stoners and …[View]
46252250OK so why is the board like 99% 'fembot' threads now?[View]
46252401>Those girls that get uppity and believe they're good people because they get a lot of sex …[View]
46251589>Start listening to a true crime podcast >Start fantasizing about what I'd do as a serial…[View]
46251562Anyone had to deal with hoarders?: I just took some 2 full delivery vans of junk from a single room.…[View]
46252355>baking is nothing more than a game to me >spend months at a time strategicaIIy baking cakes i…[View]
46251601Have you ever started a fight? Have you ever felt enough need/hatred that you had to assert dominanc…[View]
46251930I made a feminist commie SJW drink my urine: >you have been blocked for 2 seconds because 'AMA' w…[View]
46252167>there are robots who think fembots aren't real even though they've posted their faces …[View]
46252340>the feeling that everyone is trying to kill you comes back[View]
46251791Did you ever try to be a chad but ended up making a fool of yourself and attracting more unwanted at…[View]
46252070Any other robots here have moms with perfect bodies? How did you cope when chads would make rude rem…[View]
46250869Fembots fembots fembots fembots fembots fembots fembots fembots fembots fembots fembots fembots femb…[View]
46252100If I reach page 10, I'll finally be free[View]
46250011So i just lost my virginity to an escort. Ask away.[View]
46249991>thinking back to my school days >trying to remember any bullying that happened >always kin…[View]
46250850Fembot Obsession: >cant stop thinking about fembots[View]
46252208What the hell is up with the f*mbot spamming today? We get it, you don't have a gf - none of us…[View]
46251990>there are people browsing the board RIGHT NOW who unironically think Metro 2033 anywhere close i…[View]
46250261I am a fembot ask me anything. I woll try to answer all of your questions.[View]
46252196I'm bored and looking for friends Ren #8097[View]
46249400R9fembot: There's r9straight, r9gay, and britfeels. I think it's time that us fembots get …[View]
46251780ITT: the wonders of capitalism >be me >fucking love those whoppers candies (malted milk balls …[View]
46251206all women are scum and you can not possibly change my mind[View]
46252124There are like five or so 'fembot' threads on the first page alone. I didn't count them because…[View]
46251856>try hard to supress love feeling or any feeling normalcunts could relate to. Went to cinema alon…[View]
46252075I'm a sad boy with a weird taste in music and a weirder sense of humor. I like hugs, coffee, vo…[View]
46252038My oneitis dyed her hair blonde.[View]
46247440Amerifags, how does it feel to be living under the Fourth Reich? We tried to warn you he was like Hi…[View]
46251604I can't handle depression anymore lads, see you in another universe[View]
46248028Another nigga with face tattos gone. Hahaha whoever killed him Good Job dude[View]
46251387>4 more days of dealing with normies in group therapy[View]
46251303How do i get a normie girl to feel bad without being directly mean to her?[View]
46251959I reach that point where I think 'I can't wait until I'm dead' and I feel free and justifi…[View]
46244929Mexican girls are so fucking hot. I wish Mr. Trump would let the female refugees stay at my house. I…[View]
46247876who else /no poop/ here? >tfw on my 6th day right now[View]
46249366What kinds of jobs did you have as a teenager? I worked as a dishwasher in a diner when I was 17. Do…[View]
46251439How has it effected you growing up without a dad? Are you successful? Has your life changed for the …[View]
46251854I asked her out on a date over slack because im that autistic / socially anxious saying that stuff i…[View]
46244417Why dont you settle for a dirty spic chick? They want to be your loyal wife but you only focus on wh…[View]
46251873>1.5 years ago >finally talk aspie housemate into quitting starbucks and getting a better job …[View]
46248417Fembot Fetishes: Fembots, post your fetishes in this thread I'll start with my ultimate fetish:…[View]
46251798who's your favorite rapper? for me, it's bones also 6ix9ine is garbage[View]
46250579I want a manipulative bf who controls my life desu[View]
46251727>tfw no swabian bf[View]
46251759How come I do everything i like yet I feel nothing?[View]
46250908I'm tired of pissing myself[View]
46251682r9k officially dead All these generals make this board so unfun by being so homogeneous.[View]
46245901Hey what up can you post some more suicide fuel webms and images?[View]
46250134Incels who fucking cry about being 'manlets' seriously make me fucking furious. I am a 5'8 fema…[View]
46251534I won the Euromillions this week. A few millions.[View]
46245827INFJ/ENFJ Hate Thread: >>46233097 She did a lot of shit, anon. A lot of shit. >May 2011 …[View]
46250302Camp: Anti fembot thread spam camp. Only real robots and incels. No roasties or niggers OR kikes. Po…[View]
46251574can we please stop with the fucking fembot threads[View]
46251215Avoiding Women: Does anyone else here spend inordinate amounts of time and effort avoiding women? I…[View]
46251038>born in small town really poor >the weather here is fucking stupid its like -30 to -70 all wi…[View]
46250550Monster Date: >Oni Olika is a hard-headed Oni! She can be a little stubborn her favorite thing to…[View]
46251551help: i can't stop shitting my pants and laughing[View]
46249836>'ohayoooo anon-chan!!' >'i am your government assigned girrfriend owo' >'can we get some c…[View]
46251542Meme Factory: Purpose: to propose and create memes Ill start, there needs to be an Apu version of th…[View]
46249021Discuss your depression and anxiety. NOW![View]
46250396how do i move to a big city from my shit small town? i can't pick a city first of all and i don…[View]
46251451Race and Mbti types: Is there a correlation between race/ethnicity and mbti? Pic unrelated >Be M…[View]
46248697Why do incels say that fembots don't exist?: It's like hello, I'm right here sweetie.…[View]
46251400Boy sandwich: Saudi Arabia vs. Uruguay was a pretty lit game I also enjoy watching my wife get fucke…[View]
46249603Are girls into femdom[View]
46250506Alien Seating Arrangements: > Out of nowhere, humanity is discovered by a species of intelligent …[View]
46250119When did you realize that you were the one with the problem all along?[View]
46248994>had a 110 pound gf in 2005 >weighted 550 himself >was literally nobody back then https://w…[View]
46251323i am so bored with everything, fugg my life into pieces. please post some ebony cuties so i have som…[View]
46251342Oooooooopen the curtains! Birds tell me! 'TEAAR THE BUILDINGS DOWN' You felt blessed to receive thei…[View]
46247489WHY do I keep fantasizing about going to my high school reunion where I show off my million $ car an…[View]
46249362>your mom has had sex[View]
46251305>girls can't be autismal robots[View]
46250947Can I have your attention pls: You can't be a robot unless I say so.[View]
46245947Please share, how does your cum nuggets look like. I've made this two in one month of hard work…[View]
46250568So, should I wait for miss Right or go for miss Good Enough?[View]
46251262>tfw wasn't born as a qt Japanese girl[View]
46242914VIRGIN THREAD: Age? Do you still have hope of losing your virginity? If not, what age did you lose h…[View]
46250408What the average white girl look like these days.[View]
46248752With the sudden increase in popularity in kpop. White girls are more open to dating Asian males. Es…[View]
46244027Is Double Penetration something that normal people actually do or does it only happen in porn?[View]
46246140>the kid at school who tried to make chlorine gas in the bathroom but panicked when someone walke…[View]
46250995This is it, This is finally it!: Happy Summer Solstice, /r9k/, the clock has just struck midnight an…[View]
46250644What are robots up to today? Im currently at the fair.[View]
46246674Let's face it. Most of you are alone because you're boring and have zero self-esteem. Non…[View]
46250903>That kid named Christopher that everyone would look at when Christopher Columbus was mentioned i…[View]
46250533Ok, which one of you fucks did this?[View]
46250960Okay now seriously how do I increase dick size?[View]
46250816>the existential nihilism wasn't a phase[View]
46250911>mom buys me pic related >go through it >turns out my perfect job is to be a writer >thi…[View]
46249487>ask random bitch i matched up with on tinder to add me on fb >She adds me wtf.jpg >tell he…[View]
46249994What's keeping you from ending it today anon?: I've been, for some reason, finding a littl…[View]
46250906*opens mouth and takes deep breath*[View]
46249444>just discovered you can order marijuana delivered here in California >only ever had alcohol b…[View]
46247666Lost my virginity last night with cute 7.5 girl. Feels good, we gf/bf now :)[View]
46250899>That 17 year old boomer that's obsessed with facial structure[View]
46250615>just realised I turned 20 >khv >no job or friends fuck ..…[View]
46250437Hey Robots, what is your Dick size? >13cm (it was 14cm about 3 years ago)…[View]
46250864I don't browse or even post in /r9k/ at all, I'm a 22 y/o virgin but today I feel like thi…[View]
46244137Guys, when will we do the beta uprising?[View]
46250557>Be me >Be Freshman in college >Share a small room with a chad >One night he brought a g…[View]
46247281>tfw spiritual aristocrat born into a lower-middle class existence I wasn't meant to work fo…[View]
46249997>Anri quits porn just before her tits become colossal IT'S NOT FUCKING FAIR…[View]
46249274SOCIAL ANXIETY TEST: Take this test and tell me what you got http://www.socialanxietysupport.com/dis…[View]
46250272Femanons why don't you just date other women? You obviously despise men but you still want to d…[View]
46250079>steals soerm from your dead body without your permission Wwyd? https://www.theaustralian.com.au…[View]
46248421most painless way of killing self?: i don't have access to guns where i'm from. i'm a…[View]
46249937>Disney is seen as family friendly >every one of their movies has someone dying in it Wtf…[View]
46250463You want a GF ? just become a christian, plenty of good-looking strict girls there.[View]
46249521Do you miss Boxxy , robots? What did you think of her?[View]
46250177>22 years old >Never kissed a girl >Mixed-raced in the USA Should I just start using money …[View]
46250057When was the moment you realized your lair was a fucking cesspit? Pic related[View]
46249092How often do you get drive-by laughed at?[View]
46249275Boys do you pee standing up or sitting down and why?[View]
46249680Who else here wants to lynch that Muffy roastie? Tired of seeing her everywhere[View]
46250600>When you remember it's possible you may never have kids[View]
46250446https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8-5ITh8wo5w it's literally this easy to make friends, why aren…[View]
46249558What's an unethical but legal way to make money?[View]
46249619why dont you setttle for a 5/10 gf?[View]
46248017What is your college major robots ?: Aslo, what do you want to be in the future ?[View]
46249934Porn is fucking hilarious[View]
46249900Perfect Tier: Katya Crispy Muffy Good Tier: Agatha Miru Kennedi Ok Tier: Kelly Anzu Bad Tier: Rose K…[View]
46250403Who is this aero guy[View]
46250420can I get some examples of unconventional chads in here?[View]
46250405Hey I'm fucking addicted to powder toy most of the time I destroy cities that people create and…[View]
46250308>Fell for the Mexican girls meme >Wife is now 175 lbs after our first kid(was 122 lbs @ 5…[View]
46247353Did a little girl ever tell you she wants to marry you when she's older?[View]
46250378I have Tinder passport. Does anyone want to play 'ladyboy or not?' I'll set my location to Thai…[View]
46244885Longest dry spell? For me didnt smash from 2013 to 2016[View]
46246668How do you imagine your first ever real date with a girl will go r9k?[View]
46250355What is up guys, welcome to another game review, this is actually a pretty special episode because i…[View]
46248975>tfw no gf Anon, if you're so god damn lonely, man up and settle for an ugly 4/10 gf like pi…[View]
46247132would anyone's life improve if you died today?[View]
46249283Are any of you robots into philosophy? I'm asking because I've always liked hearing people…[View]
46249765Have you ever tried Pickup artistry , robots? I'm thinking of going to a bootcamp or buying one…[View]
46249843Stories about being autistic: story about me ruining my life >Be me >14 starting at new highsc…[View]
46250205Robots, would you date a thai ladyboy?[View]
46230338What JUSTed u? What made you a robot?[View]
46238455/fit/ gave me the power.: I can do whatever I want and still get my dick wet.[View]
46249708>struggle with bacne >take the initiative of taking care of myself >drink more water, eat l…[View]
46247596A simple BJ could singlehandedly stop school shootings from happening. Why are girls so selfish?[View]
46246867If you could champion any daedric prince who'ld you do it to? For me,it's gonna have to be…[View]
46250074Did any of u robots try rushing a fraternity in college? Did you get any bids? Or did you get laughe…[View]
46246269>so anon why won't you get yourself a nice girlfriend?[View]
46249701If a teacher calls me 'a teacher's dream' is that good or bad? as a boy.[View]
46247037Do black men get cucked? Or is it just what happens to whites?[View]
46249109The police have raided his house and took his computer. Just a matter of time now boys[View]
46249815Feels thread: Feels thread? I'll start >be me >opening door >ram foot with door for 2 …[View]
46247506I'm 25 and fucking bored to death of life. Video games, anime, movies, internet. None of it is …[View]
46249256>Oh hi anon, want to watch a movie with mommy and Chad?[View]
46249004anyone going with his fan on to sleep in this heat?[View]
46244068At what age are you gonna leave this place?[View]
46249791>tfw you do nofap and become very health and fashion conscience because it's the only thing …[View]
46249773just found out about XXXTENTACION. ah shit he was really good. RIP https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p…[View]
46237270If you can't even get the fat nerdy girl with glasses to be loyal and loving and not humiliate …[View]
46246519I'm doing a no weed for a week challenge because i smoke way to much and im almost broke(Just t…[View]
46246253Why do brown men put white women on such a pedestal? There is nothing inherently special about them,…[View]
46249542I admit I haven't tried to get a gf It's hard to think anyone would ever accept me with my…[View]
46248991I lost a friend today.: >be me >antisocial >decide to join a discord server >join a Detr…[View]
46248388Housewife General: Any other shut-in housewives in here?[View]
46249577Why the fuck do people feel the need to talk to me?: Talk to somebody fucking else, you're not …[View]
46250018Fembot Discord Thread:: Fembots post your discord to find other fembot friends to play vidya and wat…[View]
46245809anybody here have lewd teacher stories?[View]
46249518>you hear a knock at the door >you open your door >'hey bro I just took a shit and I think …[View]
46249430I AM CLEARLY THE SMARTEST INDIVIDUAL HERE: Ha, ha, ha, foolish /r9k/ peasants. It is I, the most int…[View]
46249029Low res jpeg thread.: The lower the resolution the more points[View]
46249285I want to make a YouTube but the current algorithm makes it impossible for anyone to see your videos…[View]
46249589Hey gang do any of you know a websites where people are looking for foreigners to marry, then the fo…[View]
46246031non-depressed fags are lucky: >tfw looking at myself in the mirror >start forcing myself to th…[View]
46243538>brother slipped whats basically weed extract into my sandwich >again thats it, how do i get b…[View]
46248687I had sex 5 years ago and it was one of the greatest things to ever happen to me besides my first ki…[View]
46249068>be me >at my dad's office there is a ping pong table >go there to play some pingpongi…[View]
46249424>he listens to deathgrips or metal OH NONONONONONONONONO[View]
46246642Tell me, anons, your deepest, darkest most disturbing secrets.[View]
46246482rip eu: >mfw memes are about to be banned here >mfw I dont wanna pay 100$ per month for vpn fu…[View]
46248594A 45 year old Filipino cleaning lady smiled at me and touched my shoulder today see ya later, losers[View]
46246060i require someone to explain to me why my iq is 150 i require psychologist anons get in here[View]
46246933>All women are whores! >I cant get laid somehow! Pick one, Incels…[View]
46248569Why don't you white robots just get an asian girlfriend? You don't even have to try, pic r…[View]
46246406Why is Apu so comfy? Also Apu thread[View]
46249315I haven't had a proper fap/ejaculation in years. I'm on heavy antidepressants/antipsychoti…[View]
46248939Hath not an incel genitals? Hath not an incel stones, a member, dimensions, senses, affections, pass…[View]
46249210>tfw your only college friends have their own main friends I miss my old friend, he was a one in …[View]
46249231>he blames his penis size for him being a virgin >he blames chad for him being a virgin >he…[View]
46248302So are they all like this or was this cherry-picked / fake?[View]
46247952>manic phase >happy as fuck despite KNOWING it's going to go straight to hell in a few mi…[View]
46245385hi unemployed new-friends! Here's a secret job seeking success tip: Pay a female to write your …[View]
46247139FtM 'Robots': Anyone notice how many 'robots' on here are almost certainly female to male trannies? …[View]
46247967Are people who think life is genuinely worth living serious or just lying to themselves? If they are…[View]
46249086It is over. There is no point in trying.[View]
46247565Why don't robots just castrate themselves? You won't lust after any kind of woman ever aga…[View]
46249156>Be me >Full time memer, and by that i mean i watch memes 25/8 >fuckingautist.wav >Got 3…[View]
46248255why do reddit fags find h3h3 so funny i don't get it[View]
46237579Robots what is your favorite Pokemon For me it's Heracross[View]
46245060/creativerobot/ thread? Last one died so let's keep it going. Share stuff you've made, giv…[View]
46248702ROBOT OMEGLE THREAD: come have a chat omegle.com[View]
46239295Its over for manlets[View]
46249040Why do you care about 3D women, once again?[View]
46249024being a high-conscientiousness person on the internet is fucking hell >constant bullshit buggers …[View]
46248965Am I still a khv if I've gotten nudes from a girl before?[View]
46245980Would you date a girl who's a necrophiliac?[View]
46248747Need unique ways to masturbate, good ol hand 'n' lotion isn't working for me.[View]
46248350*clears throat loudly*[View]
46247360I have a week long vacation and thousands of dollars in disposable income in September, what should …[View]
46247559Weird childhood stories thread. If you want I can share my own.[View]
46247446Memes used in court?: Could a meme be a valid reason to get sued by a celebrity? No offensive langua…[View]
46248352>havent slept properly for months ever since my younger brother moved back in with his girlfriend…[View]
46247486Are most guys on /r9k/ into femdom now?[View]
46246445>steam sale starts in 20 hours What you buying anon?[View]
46247790>133.4 hours past two weeks I have nothing better to do except waste my youth away…[View]
46248743Why do you faggots like Asian women so much? This is what they look like without makeup. Don't …[View]
46248313Ask someone who just had a dream where he hung out with his onenitis (pic related) anything.[View]
46246241I live in an apartment building and just noticed that my tap water looks like this when it settles. …[View]
46248724Creative bots thread https://m.soundcloud.com/mintyfres420/guitar-beats-are-fun I would really like …[View]
46242333Why do /pol/tards stop talking their racist shit when I start beating them?[View]
46248206if /r9k/ ran a country what would it be like ?[View]
46245649how much do you fucking hate your parents? i hate mine so much that it kills me that i won't be…[View]
46247094>kissing other boys[View]
46243583Post your cats robots, I love cats[View]
46247219is this bitch crazy?: do I am depressed in my profile picture or something. what the fuck.[View]
46247088I'm a sad boy with a weird taste in music and weirder sense of humor. I like hugs, coffee, vodk…[View]
46245954somebody stop me from buying this help[View]
46248021how did your first job expierience look like and taught you?[View]
46246496>i masturbated and came into the bathtub >now my sister is bathing in it…[View]
46245242>tfw twice married >Once divorced >Had more sex than I can remember >tfw I've never…[View]
46246757>literally 5'5' >skinny Should I go ahead and take the Rider of Black pill?…[View]
46245663>sister just said to me 'women are just as good as men! women can achieve anything, just like men…[View]
46241117What's it like having enough money to not have to worry about money?[View]
46248063If you don't mind I'll spend my time In the warm light and the love in her eyes[View]
46247526>want to die >terrified of death if i knew there was an afterlife i wouldn't hesitate…[View]
46247804Am I an Incel???: Lost my virginity when I was 18 to my 17year old girlfriend. I think I had sex 15 …[View]
46245994STOP WATCHING PORN: You don't have to stop fapping, but stop watching porn right now, next time…[View]
46245540>therapist tells me I would be happier if I got a girlfriend[View]
46247777So fucking choked /r9k/. Haven't worked in almost 4 months Finally got a new job as a cashier a…[View]
46246461what is the point?: Ever since 'waking up' to the reality of what is happening in the world and what…[View]
46246380When are you going to grow out of being a virgin? It's not cute anymore, especially after 18. I…[View]
46246442>Everybody have fun tonight Every body have fun tonight >Everybody wang chung tonight Everybod…[View]
46244383/britfeel/: No one could be fucked making it edition[View]
46245256Would you a nice girl?[View]
46242396vocaroo: https://vocaroo.com/i/s1cxlUXmXaXy its vocaroo wednesday[View]
46247277people who snore belong in a concentration camp[View]
46247435>decide to give in to the coffee meme because I need a pick-me-up at work >now I get a migrain…[View]
46247427Are girls actually even attracted to guys? I have just never actually seen it happen irl, you just n…[View]
46246501>that 18 year old neighbour that already owns a drivers license[View]
46247585Would any of you watch a robot's spiritual life advice/life coach/shitlords videos? I'm ti…[View]
46246954Femcels dont exis- https://www.reddit.com/r/Trufemcels/comments/8sgrks/am_i_understanding_femcels_co…[View]
46246948How do I get more people to watch my stream ? Do I really have to get a cam and talk the entire time…[View]
46246451>apply for a job online >already give my life's story via the resume, showing off what a …[View]
46247311>dad found the dilation dildo[View]
46247229discord is literally just IRC with inline images disprove me or don't bonus: there is no fuckin…[View]
46242737Are there any downsides to mostly masturbating to femdom humiliation porn?[View]
46243068>get home from school >mom says she got something for me in the backyard >go in backyard …[View]
46245794I just want love i dont care female or male anymore...[View]
46246489just a rant read if you want to mindlessly talk about mindpess things: why would you do nice things …[View]
46245671ITT: We're GI's in Vietnam: Goooooood morning, Vietnam! How's the week been, marines?…[View]
46243498only 34 hours and 56 minutes until your two days of freedom wagie[View]
46246412>priest foundeth thy pleasure polearm[View]
46242996Why do girls pretend to be attracted to confidence?[View]
46245617Any nativebots here? Why do many natives hold on to left leaning beliefs like open borders? I person…[View]
46247218just be yourself brah hahah[View]
46246987There is virtually no difference between 4chan in 2018 and meme facebook groups the change is subtl…[View]
46245735>every post you've ever made on 4chan is cataloged and posted on a website attached to your …[View]
46246984Why would you have a girlfriend when you don't even have friends?[View]
46247082>mfw I realize I want only anal sex because I want my cummies that are trapped by a condom to imp…[View]
46236362Jordan Peterson BTFO'd by Creationist Cat: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h1Hqg3Yv0ug…[View]
46247064Robot Highs: Getting high to Torture Yourelf. What has been your most fucked up high? Share your mos…[View]
46243285Drug General: What is the best combo? My vote goes to candy flipping[View]
46247032Ok, I know she's a Twitch thot but damn. Her ass is to die for.[View]
46244629What kind of person edits wikipedia articles?[View]
46239026How does it feel knowing this chimpanzee is more alpha than you?[View]
46246084Spore feels: Why aren't you playing Spore right now? You could be making Chad creations, like t…[View]
46245207Is they're a difference between a robot and an incel?[View]
46246904Why shouldn't I kill myself? Fuck you piece of shit let me post[View]
46246788Are you a Chalky or Rusty?[View]
46246544My dad looks exactly like Niko: Ask me anything, pic very related.[View]
46246667>ANOTHER fembot ghosted me[View]
46246722Hold me lads: I don't see the point of living[View]
46246673Tinder: How the fuck do you not get matches on tinder? I just made a meme profile where the photos a…[View]
46246401Could your life be more worthless?: > be me > 20-year-old pal > middle-easterner > ugly …[View]
46246831pic unrelated Welp, time to walk off to the gulag anons. >be me >sign on facebook >see tras…[View]
46245479I don't understand any man can be homosexual. It makes absolutely zero sense. Do you appreciate…[View]
46245782Why are women looked down on around here for following their instincts and choosing the best genes f…[View]
46241022I just came back from the therapist for the first time and I feel like shit, I have shown to another…[View]
46239839How can we return to the patriarchy?[View]
46246739>Come into this earth >2 years before I existed, this album was released https://www.youtube.c…[View]
46246738Oi, m8 why u so fucking trash?[View]
46245432Hello, I Am. Expect not robes and gentle speech. Expect a choice. The union of the physical and the …[View]
46242201>kid in class is mildly autistic or an aspie or some shit >occasionally spergs out and has tro…[View]
46242163Sons of Elliot Rodger | ER General: Discuss Elliot's legacy, life, themes, and his overall affe…[View]
46244861That kid thread: That kid who flushed a chicken wing down the toilet and clogged it[View]
46238279Why is a girl being virgin so important to you?: Some screeching autists in this board can literally…[View]
46246381I just apologised to a girl I liked when I got mad at her for cucking me. AMA[View]
46246430So why shouldn't brown kids from shithole countries be locked up in cages and separated from th…[View]
46238621>'hey handsome, you Iookin' for a good time? why don't you take me back to your place, …[View]
46237553>practice gf is still pregnant FUCKING HELL WHAT DO I DO i was practicing secks with her and my p…[View]
46246452>tfw no supercalifragilisticexpialidocious gf[View]
46244998I’m going to kill myselfd: Fuck the hate Fuck the Negativity I quit This game is Over I cant not wai…[View]
46246323fucking good work mods remove the terrible british clique circlejerk threads too please[View]
46246363>((fembot)) makes thread: >'tfw no _____ bf' >half a dozen guys: uh i fill in those require…[View]
46245982>Goes to gym >Wanna work my fat ass on some cardio to burn off the butter dogs >Work out ne…[View]
46246350I just can't keep coping with my sister's wokeness: Context: Before entering the primary s…[View]
46245830>be me in LA >sitting outside smoking with a puppy in my lap >objectively good looking guy…[View]
46246276in 1.5 hours i'm ridin a dirty broom over to the poolhouse to get 1 hour of laps of tha bluez b…[View]
46246262space force drill instructors probably wont be able to command PT sessions or traditionally smoke yo…[View]
46242825>oneitis I haven't seen in a year just sent a bunch of messages >too nervous to even look…[View]
46244609>when she's taller than you when she wears heels.[View]
46246198if i wanted to leave my country ass town for the big city which one should i go to? i really want to…[View]
46239280a-anyone else a liberal here?[View]
46245739Where are my right wing robots?: i want an ethnostate tbqh you?[View]
46246126We need purple daddy: https://www.change.org/p/nintendo-add-waluigi-to-smash-bros-switch[View]
46244293investing: What do you invest in, robots? I invest in Nivida stock, Amazon stock, some video game co…[View]
46246033>2018 >the absolute state of incels How do we solve the incel problem?…[View]
46244897mother found the zombie mouth fleshlight[View]
46244526Just be confident bro: Women HATE when ugly guys are confident and approach them. Smh it's rea…[View]
46245956What helps with depression? I cant take it anymore i just want to be happy for one day. I wish I ha…[View]
46244585>Be me >NEET >Living with my one friend from high school and his family for the past year w…[View]
46245504literally am only making this post to tell the faggots on r/greentext that SAYING FAKE AND GAY ISNT …[View]
46245701THEY ARE FORCING ME TO GO OUTSIDE REEE: They said if I don't follow up with my case worker and …[View]
46241042ITT: life troubles >done BSC >doing MSc >coming to end of it >have no idea what the fuck…[View]
46244865Do what you love. Life's too short to fret over trivial things.[View]
46245311Drugs: Has any robot here done drugs? What are they like?[View]
46245181Any other NEETS obsessed with being healthy?: I do everything to stay completely healthy. It is like…[View]
46242441does anyone else cum in their coworkers food? share stories and tips >fap daily into cup >free…[View]
46243301So why haven't you pansy ass faggots converted to the religion of peace? It seems right up your…[View]
46245295Anyone else got clinical low testosterone?[View]
46244265help: help help me, please Was just about to celebrate anniversary with gf. A ton of flowers and cho…[View]
46240743M7rkb7r Touhou, general anime, videogame and bantering discord seeking participants in social experi…[View]
46243409>customers always upset and complain about their day >try to help them look on the bright side…[View]
46243811How real is the wall?: I just moved to a liberal college town and see all these 20yo qts, but I…[View]
46245382What's the best board for quick and easy shitposting?[View]
46240765m a sad boy with a weird taste in music and weirder sense of humor. I like hugs, coffee, vodka, Baca…[View]
46245424what is this frog thinking?[View]
46243531-Would you take her to prom?[View]
46245467>Tfw no black queen to comfort you in these times of utter despair[View]
46245496Hey guys weird question but do some of you guys ever get made fun of on the street by randoms? I som…[View]
46245280ITT: We post our best pics of traps: you madafackas got me into this degenerate fetish, so take some…[View]
46244986Go out to buy weed or sit in living room with parents? i'm practically broke but weed is the on…[View]
46245185>tfw no successful asian doctor gf Are white women obsolete at this point?…[View]
46244937Fembots, would you let wealthy gulf arabs shit on you or get fucked by dogs while they watch if it g…[View]
46244226Does sex seem surreal to anyone else? It doesn't seem real even though most of the planet does …[View]
46244533go for a girl less attractive than you: its so much less work, if you went for an attractive one she…[View]
46245383>tfw no medium titty good-sized ass emo elf gf[View]
46244769I'm bored at work. AMA[View]
46245293I used to have a GF in my teens, AMA![View]
46244927>Freshman in STEM >Only 3/4 creds of the year >6k debt of which 2k used >Studying moral/…[View]
46243476Boipucci > Roasties[View]
46245253oh wowzee, would you look at that?: >a 12 year old gets laid and procreates >meanwhile on /r9k…[View]
46245278have you ever been attracted to a close relative?[View]
46245267How do I become more assertive while not coming off as pugnacious? Basically, today, I was in a situ…[View]
46244288>antidepressants wont let me cum[View]
46245074mom says im a disappointment. says i should be like all the other kids. I watched a pewdiepie video …[View]
46245199Tfw dated someone who checked themselves into the psych ward for their own reasons: Being vague sinc…[View]
46245079do people here use discord? do people add others as friends here?[View]
46244188the thread I was going to post this in was nixed: intermittent reminder that you can literally devot…[View]
46241966>tfw all that's left for me to do is take my own life. >you will never be chad >you wi…[View]
46242096>I like someone who is honest >I like a guy who is honest Why do normies always say this? who …[View]
46245109new poll guys i'm interested in your sexual orientation. If you're trans it counts as gay.…[View]
46244963'Sup Ladies: Look at this kid. Thinks he's 007 on the beach at something like 6 years old.…[View]
46241238Molested Fembots: Who hurt you? How do you love with the memories?[View]
46244224why are white women such whores? >The study reveals that a whopping 87% of white women dream of h…[View]
46242235random thoughts / conversation thread: basically post what's on your mind, strike up a chat, et…[View]
46243642What is with the disturbing amount of /fit/ people who intend to never have children? Narcissism? T…[View]
46243268Femanon, why don't you become the mommy gf of a petite cute asian girl?[View]
46244555Asian girls should date black men[View]
46244919Black Feels thread. Gay feels thread. Trap feels thread. Fucking Fembot feels thread. Britfeel threa…[View]
46244909End my suffering: Tfw no 6 ft. beefy muscle-chub mommy-dom gf...[View]
46244812How do I make a fake tinder account for experiments?[View]
46242310/r9gay/ - #347: Walking back from the store while holding his hand, talking, laughing, enjoying the …[View]
46244221Jewtube just closed the only channel i watch[View]
46244591Where do I redeem my whiteness for a non-white gf? All of the non-whitebots keep claiming it's …[View]
46241534Will my family eventually get over it and move on if I kill myself? We're all pretty close so I…[View]
46244475>retards suddenly using 'cope' for everything Why are people who wouldn't be caught dead on …[View]
46244737>tfw no gf(male) in Russia[View]
46244706Newfriends, robuts, countrymen, lend me your ears: >Tfw no gf? >Tfw depressed? >Tfw khv? …[View]
46244700*kills your server*[View]
46244681>oneitis saw me eating she must have been repulsed[View]
46242589Neet/jobless anons, where do you get your money from?[View]
46244697group therapy: Another group therapy session today, topic was mindfulness. Well, what can I say, the…[View]
46244604Always think poorly of myself.[View]
46244403>Flirt with cashier at store near to me regularly. >Click really well. >She always complim…[View]
46244465Is it worth going to psychiatrist? I mean I am depressed as fuck, always in pain due to some autoim…[View]
46244104Are you the reacher or the settler of your relationship?[View]
46241104Comfy thread. I started growing this little bamboo plant. Anyone have any advice on how to take care…[View]
46241402>have dream with gf >wake up >no gf…[View]
46244509ITT: weird intrusive thoughts/fantasies you have: i have 2, 1 not lewd and the other very lewd (oops…[View]
46243424So what you didnt get lucky? Wasnt born as attractive or had some awful shit happen in your life? We…[View]
46239085What's dating an asian girl like?[View]
46240930>he doesn't shave with a safety razor Yes goyim, keep paying ridiculous prices for cartriges…[View]
46239089>'And then I said to anon: >'Mommy loves you and your brother Chad equally!'…[View]
46244422What happened to him guys? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WJbnEMo6Inw[View]
46241843I got drunk last night and accidentally tried to hang myself, now I've got this big red mark ar…[View]
46244358Destruction, chaos, all swirls around my head![View]
46244268>just ripped ass in front of my crush mother of neptune what have I done…[View]
46243628I miss all the /neet/ threads, I don't think there exists on all of 4chan a cozier set of threa…[View]
46244297I think my dad is funny in the head: >Be me >Dad moved in with me when mom kicked him out >…[View]
46244166who else /scaredy cat/ here? >couple of years ago >highschool >hey anon can you lend me an …[View]
46243169Is it abnormal to be sexually attracted to your sister's 12 year old friends?[View]
46243111Would you be able to love someone for no reason other than he/she loves you?[View]
46242792>matched a cute girl on tinder >telling her about myself >'you really are amazing' >text…[View]
46241533Do women really like assholes? I thought this was a meme but a few monthes back i decided to messag…[View]
46244148>femcels don't exi...[View]
46243394there are so many kinds of suffering in the world, granted I haven't experienced even half of t…[View]
46244217> Last day of final exam at school > I worked for it for 6 whole years > No friend, live al…[View]
46242570anyone /huglet/ here?[View]
46244153I pretend to be autistic because I can be as based and retarded as I want.[View]
46243071Mfw I can never have a normal pregnancy: My family says I'm too autistic to have a child, it…[View]
46243478>be me >post on instagram about how i dont give two fucks about XXXTendicksupmyass >wake up…[View]
46244098spent all of last night cuddling my soon to be gf jealous yet?[View]
46238854Im a trap and I want to become a submissive cockslut for a man but I dont want a man with autistic o…[View]
46239384> the main fantasy in porn is freedom from guilt and allowing yourself your dark desires debate m…[View]
46243793I just figured out women. I cracked the code. Let me just say I don't ever dress fancy. I…[View]
46242410I'm ready for a serious relationship now anon. I want to settle down with you.[View]
46239200>Anon, did you hear? Xxxtentacion is dead! >'who?' >Come on Anon, you don't know Xxxte…[View]
46242836>mom mentions applying to uni what the hell i'm only 26!!!!!!![View]
46240030/britfeel/: Cheeky cider in the park with the lads edition[View]
46241820Comfy heterocord server VC often and autistic members to shoot the shit with, feelz welcome. wySuNVK…[View]
46239749>tfw 50% of her messages consist of 'hahahaha' why are girls so bad at talking, I always thought …[View]
46243475posting this as a thread cause it didn't get enough attention -3- >be me >new girl at bus…[View]
46242439any robots watch new westworld season: Just watched the new season of Westworld on HBO. Anyone feel …[View]
46243101How picky is the gay community? since I'm never gonna be able to attract a female maybe I have …[View]
46241779I want to fist a woman I want to completly destroy all her holes and make her unusable to anybody bu…[View]
46243067>tfw graduated from humanities I was young and naive. There is nowhere to go, right? Time to an h…[View]
46243195Let's say that hypothetically I'm a 6'3' 150 pound 20 year old lanklet from the very …[View]
46242055>mfw I'm at the barber shop to get a haircut Can anyone relate? I just get so fucking nervou…[View]
46241917>mother tries to indoctrinate me to be less racist >tries to set up family therapy >im not …[View]
46243266Scum gang general[View]
46242823>tfw no mulao bf[View]
46241686How do I make someone realize that they have bad breath without being fucking rude?[View]
46242449I've only had 1 gf in my entire life, when I was 14. I'm 26 now. I haven't had anothe…[View]
46242516Why not just settle for 4/10 who can cook and be happy?[View]
46243045Say something nice about our new queen[View]
46241013second summer down the drain: Last summer I had to move and spend my whole summer doing nothing beca…[View]
46242890>Niggas is monsters >And I am a nigga >Curves under her dress... >She can't compreh…[View]
46242770>be me, 19 >unifag.rar >it's exam period in my country, so i've been studying a l…[View]
46243137>peeing at the urinal >always do a massive fart without fail It's so embarrassing bros. C…[View]
4624270695% of the women aged 18-30 are 8/10 to me or higher. I am so fucking desperate[View]
46243037Mmmm, doesn't that look tasty?[View]
46242841Why are normies and women so afraid of dying?[View]
46242241You Have a New Friend Suggestion: [Anon]: Creeps BTFO. Thank you, Facebook.[View]
46242972me on the right hbu?[View]
46242272>tfw anime is not real why are gods so cruel lads?[View]
46240925is sex even fun?[View]
46242738>1 chance at life >born a virgin IT'S NOT FUCKING FAIR…[View]
46240638My favorite bands are oasis, The Sex Pistols, The Replacements, blink-182, Fall Out Boy, Weezer, and…[View]
46241735Who the hell AM I ?: Since I left Islam, I still believe in Allah/God , afterlife , only heaven but …[View]
46231691Why is leftypol trying to convert us into communism[View]
46242023If you could get this feel would your anger and depression go away? Or would you still hate the worl…[View]
46241894I've only had sex with east Asian women Does that make me a beta?[View]
46240897Female here: I'm very horny and have no one to even talk dirty with I've been edging myse…[View]
46242530Be me, slowly growing confident in my gender all my own: A friend's friend says something like …[View]
46242702I don't wanna hurt nobody We just came here to party See a few dames, exchange some names I…[View]
46242014I CAN NEVER HAVE SEX!!! All you fags think you got it bad but imagine having a small broken flimsy d…[View]
46242749You can only post in this thread if you are a person of light. So my PoL robots, how do we fix the n…[View]
46242113>put on antidepressants when I was a teenager >stop taking them >see everyone talking about…[View]
46242325minimum amount of sleep required before a multiple choice exam?[View]
46242659So what does it say about me as a person that all the friends I've ever been able to keep have …[View]
46242233>work as a hotel porter >easy job but have to socialise with guests >one guest comes up to …[View]
46242648>tfw China will conquer the West in your lifetime should I find a chinese girl to marry and switc…[View]
46242256>be me >23 yr old NEET >dropped out of highschool >last job was at supermarket when I…[View]
46242227>You're on that computer all the time anon, why don't you just get a job working with c…[View]
46242002>it's a 'mom asks me about my future plans' I told you for the last time, you cunt that I do…[View]
46242513I'm thinking about taking up shoplifting as a hobby just to challenge myself and have physical …[View]
46242191TIL my waifu Daria (pic related) and a tattoo behind her right ankle. Normally I would stop orbiting…[View]
46242463my mom 5 mins ago >wait you dont have any friends *proceeds to laugh*[View]
46242247How does a robot achieve this?[View]
46241208I absolutely ADORE his hair. He looks like a lion! So hot[View]
46241782TFW 2018 is halfway over: All I've done this year is been a wagecuck for a couple months. It…[View]
46241356>try to look a girl in the eyes when passing her >she instantly turns her eyes away every time…[View]
46240952Guys what do you think is degenerate?: I only think masturbation, consuming porn is degenerate.…[View]
46241607how do I get back my soul?: I was a very stupid and timid kid with a lot of dumb autistic problems, …[View]
46241345a-are there any girls here ? Can I please hear your voice ? I promise I won't be weird https://…[View]
46233245/r9gay/ - #346: I want to cuddle edition Previous >>46218803[View]
46241870How does this picture make you feeI?[View]
46242240Why do women have a greater sex appeal than men? Like if a guy saw a cheap slut he might take it if …[View]
46239314>tfw no girl to fap to hentai together with[View]
46239418is anyone else here pissed off that they never got to go on a life adventure? something like in vide…[View]
46235264What's it like having a dick: Does it get in the way a lot? Do you have to position it so it do…[View]
46234404Who unironically doesn't use Reddit here?[View]
46242139> be me in middle school > had a crush on a girl > very smart and pretty but super competit…[View]
46239504i just want a smart gf is that too much to ask? are all girls just sluts?[View]
46241555Should I jerk off today /r9k/?[View]
46241934>ftw can't play team games because afraid of teammates yelling at me who /sensitive/ here?…[View]
46241262Man 40, devastated as wife 21, has affair 6 days after 30k pounds wedding.: This is what you get whe…[View]
46239116>1/3 How the fuck do you get rid of a rape accusation? Ever since college, I've always been …[View]
46240877Why do normies laugh at the smallest things ever? I'm trying to fit in and its fucking tiring g…[View]
46240455>just shave that shit! women love a bald man[View]
46240119Enhanced learning: You just discovered you have the uncanny ability to learn and understand any theo…[View]
46241361>summer hits with 30 degree weather >walking in leisure pace for even 200 meters makes me star…[View]
46241950hey fellow incels[View]
46240533>mom came out as trans[View]
46237415Do you hate all women or just most?[View]
46241773>tfw parents are never home and you're forced to make food It all tastes like shit.…[View]
46240842Hello there /r9k/ I made a brand new server and I'm looking for people to help grow the server.…[View]
46239289Escaping poorfag hell: How do we do this fellow poorfags?[View]
46241724Thiscord Server [Comfy Edition]: hey robots, so I've just made this server, bread just came out…[View]
46241653Alright which of you fags is spamming megumin Stop it[View]
46241906Formula for Happiness: Hello robots. I know a formula for happiness. It can be said cryptically. Her…[View]
46240467I couldn't stop thinking about Julius Caesar when I jerked off.[View]
46241883I love how Brit feels are the only threads here with any real substance. T. American uncultured Im …[View]
46240915How do people enjoy themselves on holiday? I'm just in a constant state of anxiety[View]
46241771>MGTOW since I was born Don't compare me to you virgin beta losers…[View]
46241043Hello anon Do you even know why you have depression? And why it even got you in this shit life? Why …[View]
46241570White girls are so beautiful.[View]
46241616Is there anyone here who does not have mental illnesses?[View]
46238897FUCKING LMAO Jesus Christ, the gymcels never learn... You know what makes guys sexually attractive t…[View]
46241054>message friend if they wanna play games >they immediately go offline…[View]
46241640lmao why am I even alive it's like paying for some subscription that I never use gym wow smartp…[View]
46241568Do I stay the same old NEET or change? I'm at a crossroads. I've been a NEET for 8 years b…[View]
46240193My dog went on a killing spree so I had to put her down. How do I get over this? I feel like I just …[View]
46240768Define memelord[View]
46241041It never gets better, does it?: Some times things seem to improve, and you get the illusion that may…[View]
46240907An older relative/family friend of mine passed away today. He was diagnosed with late stage gastric …[View]
46240095Hey guys: How was your day? What did you do? Let it out here friends[View]
46239717Ask a boring disinterested girl anything.: Just bored I guess, don't be rude please.[View]
46237740How can biocunts even compete with superior android gfs?[View]
46241220How does it feel knowing women hate you?[View]
46241311/r9k/ Theme Song: If an audio file was played every time you opened /r9k/ what would play? What do y…[View]
46240882who else here /teamsodamid/[View]
46239939>in high school art class >sitting with one of my friends at a table >girl sitting with her…[View]
46237312How can I improve my place? :([View]
46239255Want to feel 'happy' or rather better?: You need to take the 2D pill and stop fapping to roasties. F…[View]
46240714Furries aren't all that bad: At least we're not weebs[View]
46231769>boyfriend sends you this text How do you respond?[View]
46241331I need to tell someone: I know this girl, probably only a 6 but to me she's a perfect 11. She…[View]
46240636I have not cried since puberty. Is there something wrong with me?[View]
46240803I got fired today over some ridiculous internal politics at work. What are your stories of being fuc…[View]
46241189At what age do you fully comprehend the fact you have an indifference to social norms and convention…[View]
46239483Am I a good boy? Can I have a good boy head pat? Do I get good boy treats and tummy rubs?[View]
46239679leave a song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XbdHxmqKpt0[View]
46240734>tfw people call you goodies two shoes Got called that in school for being silent and helpful. G…[View]
46239534Why is there no body positivity movement for men? Feminist hypocrisy.[View]
46241138One more day until every board becomes completely intolerable.[View]
46240426what's a good batting average for getting girls? .35?[View]
46239178Nigger nigger nigger nigger!!!!!!!!! Niggers[View]
46235741NEET and Hikikomori general Thread: Would you define yourself as a NEET or are you more of a hikikom…[View]
46222887Let's talk about our childhood sexual experiences, and how we turned out. My memory is shitty, …[View]
46236910>one chance at life >born American Literally the worst first world nationality you can be bor…[View]
46241004You snail skulled little rabbit. Would that a hawk pick you up, drive its beak into your brain, and …[View]
46240989>be cute, kinky again girl >get banned Silly boys! ;-; why does this keep happening to memmn??…[View]
46240662How do i become less boring anons? Ive met a personal 10/10 who started to talk to me recently and i…[View]
46237870I just had a dream where daria was living in my house and we hung out together. Ask me anything.[View]
46239060You can't fuck with classic oasis. The first 3 records and The Masterplan are just undeniable. …[View]
46240681What's a good sport for a robot? I'm quite athletic but hate chads and their dudebro perso…[View]
46240427i'm starting a normie job on monday do any robots have any advice? i've been a neet for so…[View]
46238310>get out of relationship where they were lying to me the whole time about the kind of person they…[View]
46239238If you could choose one time and place to live in, what would it be: You're guaranteed to live …[View]
46240502i cant take this anymore bros >wake up >go to the pc >browse boards i dont even care about …[View]
46238400Internet Censorship: Europe is fucked anons. Articles 11 and 13 have been approved.[View]
46240545>in class >people spend most of their time whispering and laughing >professor covers a conc…[View]
46240713I do not like going to the doctors >be 19 >be 30 minutes ago >walk into the doctors office …[View]
46238369Noporn: Nofap is the start, but Noporn is the cure. Whats the longest /r9k/ has gone without watchin…[View]
46239677>download OkCupid >get 10 or so matches >schedule 3 dates >get bored of talking to them …[View]
46220193i don't have any desire to follow what society might perceive as 'improving oneself', neither b…[View]
46237824What does /r9k/ think about feet? Have you had any feet experiences?[View]
46239362An important question: If the world doesn't owe me anything, why should I owe the world anythin…[View]
46239694Eurofag here. Are Americans really fat? Serious question. I know online sources show a big obesity r…[View]
46240281What are all these traps going to do about aging? They just gonna kill themselves once they're …[View]
46240306Where do people find drugs? I have no friends[View]
46240419any lewd teacher stories?[View]
46240317Why are everyone of you weebs or asking how to kill yourself... Im a full time memer with no social …[View]
46240592How can I get a chad for my rape fetish?[View]
46240310happy hump day robots!!!!! only a few more days until the big weekend![View]
46236087I want to better my understanding of depression. Can tell me about your experiences with it, please?[View]
46238339So why haven't you transferred money to a dom yet, /r9k/?[View]
46233399hes fucking dead, I still can't believe it[View]
46236916Hey anons how do I become a clean emo or a goth. Already a skeleton. >tfw no Emo GF…[View]
46239281>Decided to change my life around >Decide to get a job >Get one after looking for a while …[View]
46239326How do I find a horny as fuck gf that would be willing to have sex in public with me?[View]
46240324Birthday Thread: Hello fellow anons, its my birthday today, I am now a lvl 23 wizard. Im not gonna h…[View]
46240247Been juuling for about 2.5 weeks. On my 5th pack of pods. Shit is so comfy.[View]
46240395Loneliness disappears along with the need for self-validity. It's common and deeply natural for…[View]
46231240BASED MEN.: Why can't Women get enough of us[View]
46239804help me I fucked up: >be me >at a friend's house >friend has trans sister with depres…[View]
46239732Hello /r9k/! This is the average 21st century white male. Say something nice about him.[View]
46240171Why life is stupid and pointless Don't tell me, life is suppose to be hard because all those th…[View]
46238132.................: >life has been ruined for around 3 years now >go for months without going o…[View]
46239385Anybody here seriously conteplating suicide? Depending on the day, I think a lot about it. Even 'tri…[View]
46240072Hoes.: Oh boy, it's another episode of attractive women who have life on easymode telling u how…[View]
46239571Why are most girls on dating sites so fucking boring? This shit is making me mad. >hurr I'm …[View]
46240047I'm going to sign up for a college in a hour: The anxiety really kicks in, I wasn't anywhe…[View]
46240012Someone said I'm not a robot.[View]
46227875/britfeel/: street view driving edition[View]
46239753dont call yourself a robot if you arent racist fuck niggers fuck spics fuck jews[View]
46238866So how do you guys actually post here?[View]
46234930/comfy/ thread: Don't see an active one. Let's bask in the comfy. Also noticed the robot w…[View]
46238260When did your First World Depression start?: for me, it was when Lego Universe got cancelled.[View]
46239224When did you first realize that there indeed is a gender inequality? For me it was like this: >be…[View]
46239877I guess it's decided.[View]
46239742Your Waifu is your Guardian Angel.[View]
46239816'that which is objectively repressed (unspeakable) soon becomes subjectively repressed (unthinkable)…[View]
46239796>make relatable thread about incel problems >everybody insults me REEEEEEEEE IS THIS HOW YOU F…[View]
46238098There are LITERALLY man made structures and machines floating around our planet and in the furthest …[View]
46235080/rr/- Robot Radio - Suprise Edition: Hello /r9k/, lets have some comfy music! Listen here to my int…[View]
46239740>tfw not ugly enough so women date you to virtue signal[View]
46238324BDSM: I have been browsing BDSM websites but I just find it too rigid, too extreme. I'm a sadom…[View]
46239735Times you fucked up: ITT - Times you fucked up. I'll start. >Be me >be 16 >just gettin…[View]
46239517Itt: Autistic things you love to do >I learn everyday every language there is to learn at duolin…[View]
46239663Would you rather be a >9/10 with 9 inch dick ripped chad with a 85 I.Q and ADHD, constant brain f…[View]
46239650noko: Suck it, wagecucks[View]
46239563This is not a drill. I repeat : this is not a drill.[View]
46239627Imagine if it was him who awkwardly licked her face for this pic. His career would be over he'd…[View]
46239372Why do robots always take things so personally?[View]
46237792if women dress slutty, then they're asking for rape, so why do they still cry? ive been accused…[View]
46239537post boom booms[View]
46239516https://youtu.be/C00igZTktfc?t=44m20s So what's your excuse now?[View]
46238139'Hey, Anon, I just got this new app and it says you've saved a bunch of pictures of me.'[View]
46239479Yall need to realize that incest is wincest[View]
46237743hey guys, im a white male. I got a big white cock and shit lol. Fuck niggers amirite? dumb roasties …[View]
46239426Who wants to put a penis and ejaculate in my belly button, please raise your hand. https://www.youtu…[View]
46237513How can I get $75 in BTC? I'd use it to get a gram of heroin off the deepweb to kill myself wit…[View]
46237354>try tinder >like one match a month >usually get ghosted anyway >just like real life …[View]
4623936830% of girls here are overweight (not even amerifag, they have 50%) isnt that fun? Getting the life…[View]
46239363*sip*ahhhhhh Morning wagies! Goodnight good boys.[View]
46239188Had an argument with my father and he scolded me for playing video game, claiming it is a waste of t…[View]
46239248Getting bored of shaving my dick every week.[View]
46239196>be me >go outside for some pop >get stared at >run back home this is truly the life…[View]
46238100Just a reminder. Looks, height, build, mean everything.[View]
46238069>put on coast to coast >load Arma 2 >create mission late at night with a civilian car, lots…[View]
46239288you dont seem depressed[View]
46237449Do normalfags accept the world is degenerate and heading towards oblivion or have they not come out …[View]
4623031925+ >How are you doing anons?[View]
46239198Say what you will but dreaming is my hobby.[View]
46239191Books: Hey boys, someone about 2 days ago mentioned this book in a thread and I picked up a copy yes…[View]
46236903/r9k/ late night gaming: What games are you bots playing tonight?[View]
46237859>tfw I know for a fact I could get a girlfriend from Thailand or similar but don't want to 1…[View]
46236653I'm a sad boy with a weird taste in music and weirder sense of humor. I like hugs, coffee, vodk…[View]
46239180Daily reminder that women age like shit: Still want to settle down with a woman, robots?[View]
46239037What will we do robots?: >be us >say we do the impossible >say we even get a family >we …[View]
46238289Forgiving A Parent: My parents divorced when I was 10. They've always tried to maintain a good …[View]
46237386/mommy general/: share your mommy fantasy here. can be momcest or mom ntr or anything weird as long …[View]
46238968>ripped bald guys aren’t attrac—-[View]
46239140Made it faggotz[View]
46239120>your 20s are supposed to be the best years of your life and you're wasting them…[View]
46238046INCEL PRIDE: Can we get an incel pride thread going? Discuss reasons you're proud to be incel. …[View]
46235386At what age did you realize that 2D females are inherently superior in every aspect to 3DPD scum?[View]
46235670Am I the only girl around here who doesn't think that being a housewife is a bad thing? I'…[View]
46237929>hang out with girl, cuddle for a bit >instantly get fuckhuge boner when she touches me >n…[View]
46238843>intrusive thoughts about how I'm useless as a man and how I'll never get a gf and how …[View]
46238630How often do you cry /fit/?[View]
46238438>'hey, anon, why are all your figures female?'[View]
46238619black 'people' are pathetic >claim to be superhuman >'we gonna kill all y'all crakkkas' …[View]
46237387>roastie ghosts me on snapchat after my first message to her >get really upset that I wasn…[View]
46238191>be me at birthday party >get bored >some girl gets bored too >we gerrarrahere >have …[View]
46234617Late night Canadian Feels: How are my fellow leafs[View]
46235986Misunderstood Outcasts: Now that another 'misunderstood outcast' bit the dust, what can one say abou…[View]
46237094>Your GF tells you she will be hanging out with her classmates without you >her ex is in the g…[View]
46237388Anyone here into the latest trends? the medical mask is the perfect disguise for a robot.[View]
46237987Women are fucking abysmal workers, why can't they just stay at home, cook food and do chores? I…[View]
46236892>be me >bored >lonely >and gay can anyone relate?…[View]
46238323>Taking L-arginine, zinc, Pygeum and Lecithin Big cummies soon lads, and I'll have all that …[View]
46237712Sorry bros I had to do it, I'm going on the pink pill. Maybe my life will improve with female p…[View]
46231367ITT, we summarize normalfag advice >Stop being insecure, you piece of shit…[View]
46238177Look at this disgusting whore. She had the potential to be anything she wanted to, and she chose to …[View]
46237858Roastie admits to Chad what we all know already...: Convo posted here.. http://boards.4chan.org/fit/…[View]
46235337'So principal Anon it's almost the 1980s. How do you wanna celebrate?'[View]
46236462>Make thread >Instantly dies >Post in someone's thread >Becomes a ghost town and di…[View]
46237868https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sh9Vt02hvkI i unironically like Little Girls by Oingo Boingo, does t…[View]
46236621Why not just literally fuck yourself? >bussi on demand >get to give and receive at the same ti…[View]
46236711>be me >staying in gf's house while mine gets tented >thirsty, drink water >still t…[View]
46237992>be me >27yo anon >long term NEET >starting first job on Monday >mfw…[View]
46237980Do any bots remember the good old days of MSN and AIM?[View]
46237804>current year >put '4chan.org/psy' in the search bar >404 page not found comes up…[View]
46233326Why don't you tip your favorite female streamer tonight?[View]
46237307Is there a good streaming platform that doesn't punish you for offensive language? I wanna stre…[View]
46232160>tfw no nice gf[View]
46238116hi unemployed new-friends!: Here's a secret job seeking success tip: Pay a female to write your…[View]
46237867Really aint no hope buddy. Just sitting here contemplating shit...birthday comin up ill be 30...then…[View]
46238031So, who else got diddled as a kid[View]
46234611>3-4 coworkers start a conversation near you[View]
46236022>white 'robot' >why do tyrones steal all our women? I guess i'll settle for this 6/10 asi…[View]
46237817>got mistaken for an arab There goes any self esteem I had left.[View]
46237635How do you stop feeling others pain and kill off all your emotions?[View]
46236224Is physical attractiveness really that important?[View]
46237211How do I go about getting rid of Autism? No more constantly fucking up interactions or not understa…[View]
46235817>watch video on how to pronounce stuff in Irish >fall in love with the girl…[View]
46235521Why are latinas so thirsty for white men?[View]
46237910how do i move away from my small shitty town to a big city? if i have a savings and i have a ton of …[View]
46237638Anyone else have a sissy fetish?[View]
46236785IRA memes: Is the IRA funny? Yes this is me first time on 4 Chan Despisito[View]
46232217>tell girl I'm wanting to date that I have mental health issues >immediately loses intere…[View]
46236541>be me >see sjw libtard on the street >ask him to count the genders >when he reaches mal…[View]
46235941Her uncle had sex with her: >Before she met me, my gf visited her uncle >They're alone at…[View]
46235284Why do women act like sluts in public and the cry about being raped?[View]
46237809I want friend and I don't want friends and fuck, its complicated. How do I arm my soul with th…[View]
46235580Music thread, post what you're listening to[View]
46236810Conservatives think that everyone on the left is not only wrong, but a fucking idiot. Liberals think…[View]
46237605>my 4chan friends teaching me about life and the world and stuff thanks 4chan friends…[View]
46236069This 1/10 mongoloid subhuman managed to get a 10/10 goddess as a gf, what's your excuse for bei…[View]
46235799Is homicide objectively superior to suicide?: I've been thinking that if you're depressed …[View]
46230433stereotype feels: >be me >be half spic >disappointment to Hispanic side of family for not s…[View]
46237041I want to eat but I don't want to get fat. I'm so fucking bored of life, eating was my onl…[View]
46237330so i want to move to a dangerous place with a lot of danger, gangs, crime and action and live a life…[View]
46237391This is my first time posting in 2 years. I thought by leaving back then, by some miracle my life wo…[View]
46237672If you attend family social events (name-days, birthdays, Easter, Christmas, weddings, funerals) you…[View]
46234833>poorfag >get warning from ISP for pirating games >can't afford a VPN what do?…[View]
46237584im 5 foot 4 and weigh 100.5 lbs. Should I strive to gain more weight or am I good where im at? im a …[View]
46234413Give me the best alternative to capitalism and I'll support it. But also keep in mind pic relat…[View]
46237477MANLETS BTFO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ldpWKL4-KCE[View]
46235959dubs names the piece of art[View]
46237572>be Italian >be 1347 >looking to get more into Asian culture so I go in travels to Mongolia…[View]
46232577I don't wanna shower I don't wanna pay bills I don't wanna run errands I don't w…[View]
46236272how to get a girl to platonically cuddle with you?[View]
46237185>16 years old >Spending the summer with my grandfather who drives a taxi all night >First t…[View]
46237418https://youtu.be/rSbHqq3_PGo Share a song. Some witch, electronic[View]
46237061Who here /out of touch/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s_8KR-n2fBQ[View]
46237024If this site is about degeneracy, why is cuckoldry (the best fetish) so maligned?[View]
46233807Today I practiced not putting my hands in my pockets, speaking louder, and maintaining eye contact/n…[View]
46236684>used to have friends in elementary school and middle school >fucked it up >have to watch t…[View]
46236538>be a youngling in HS, a few years ago >friend texts me complaining about his depression and h…[View]
46237353I have to go to dentist now send help[View]
46237242>poopsweat soaked thru my boxers and got all over my furniture. Noooo it happened again.…[View]
46237268What are good games to distract me from a distressful personal life where I'm scared about the …[View]
46237256This website, this board, has become so fucking gay. Where's the degeneracy? Why is everything …[View]
46237059>tfw no eastern european fembot gf sigh[View]
46236893State of /r9k/: I can't quite describe it. Every post on this board is so very mediocre, so uno…[View]
46237102I hate shaving my no existent facial hair. It grows fast especially my neck but my sides are almost …[View]
46237229>say something harsh to a gril but feel it was justified >she gets annoyed >i care about he…[View]
46237214Your little sister walks into your room: >Hey onii-chan, what do you think of my orgasm face?…[View]
46236909EVerything is so fucking boring my life is fucking whit shit shit and boring fuck fuck fuck fuck fuc…[View]
46234029Do you think you're better than everyone? Why?[View]
46235634Hey again!: It's me again, I'm the guy who made the thread about his abusive stepmom and s…[View]
46234560i'm 29 years old an have never had a girlfriend. what's the point of living like this? i…[View]
46235844Any other robots grow up in a cluttered house?: Anyone else here feel that their house affected the …[View]
46236630>adopted as a baby >birthmom had two kids later, only times I have spoken to her she has been …[View]
46233250>'hey handsome, you lookin' for a good time? why don't you take me back to your place, …[View]
46236516>tfw no coconut bf Where do I find Polynesian boys?? I want one.[View]
46235682any robots ever buy a dildo? pic unrelated- no clue what it is[View]
46237021Pepe thread Go go juice[View]
46213727>MBTI is astrolo-[View]
46233167What's it like getting head? Does it actually feel really good? Is deepthroating better?[View]
46236994I wish the phone stopped ringing why is there so much communication my job isn't even important…[View]
46228437If you are not white don't read. i only look out for my own tribe. The problem with modern soci…[View]
46234893/Nightfeel/ - Corporate Shill Edition: Just got back from my local 7-11, and you know what that mean…[View]
46236496>some rapper dies the other day Nice[View]
46235464I really wish I wasn't gay. I've tried no porn for a month and nothing has changed.[View]
46236416Life is easier for women. Everyone knows the most votes for Hitler were female. Correlation?[View]
46235217>started a new job >meet new people >woman works at a desk near me >her daughter works …[View]
46236589>tfw stinky breath[View]
46235739What goes through your mind upon inspecting this image, anon?[View]
46235189>that kid that orders burgers plain keep chewing that dry ass burger lmao…[View]
46236322I NEED A FEMBOT GF, I NEED A FEMBOT GF NOW!!! ADD ME ON DISCORD PLEASE throwawayaccount#6672[View]
46235914Notice I have social anxiety. Start putting all the pieces from my past together. Start thinking th…[View]
46236427>sniff my balls >pretend it's the stink from a cute girl does anybody else do this?…[View]
46236517Jordan peterson has invaded asia: >Mfw the lobster army has tainted East >Mfw the like to disl…[View]
46231507>/b/ - porn >/s4s/ - anime shit >/R9K/ - depresso espresso Robots, do good boards exist?…[View]
46236674amerindian girls are such cuties, I cant stop looking at pics of them[View]
46234736The BLACK man is the epitome of male dominance and masculinity. _Let's start by looking at his …[View]
46236565Who here /on withdrawal/ ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=teLyoKBxbCU[View]
46236551>gotta make important call for getting new job >call #1 bad reception (buzzing sound) >call…[View]
46236156>get first job >make all my paychecks get deposited into my savings >whenever I have to pay…[View]
46236418>tfw you remember when you were bragging about talking to chicks on dating sites to your friends…[View]
46236461I tried to write a rap song to express myself Bitch theres demons in my head I can't fight Th…[View]
46235904How do I get a tall girlfriend? I'm 5'8'.[View]
46235111im so fucking depressed today that my head physically hurts. what do?[View]
46235879>tfw no summus philosophus bf[View]
46236243why are women so desperate with keeping up with fashion trends? nowadays hairbuns and high jeans and…[View]
46235952friend no.1 >fun to talk to, funny, enjoy playing games with, talk to him daily and enjoy doing s…[View]
46235606What does /r9k/ think about goutham sundaram? Or this incident altogether? Felt like roasties were o…[View]
46236385class shit post: >be me >in class bored shitless with mate >decide to mess with normie sjw …[View]
46236372>be me >before first period as a senior I would go to math room where my friends had class and…[View]
46235781>Post about relationship problems on this board >Everyone just makes fun of me rather than mak…[View]
46233762'There's a darkness, but there's also a light. We all got some demons inside.'[View]
46226799>Ese sentimiento cuando no tengo novia (macho)[View]
46235966>no gf that ignores you in public but is head over heels in love with you in private…[View]

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