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52003887Who was in the wrong here? Why would he run away from a girl who is willing to hug him?its just a hu…[View]
52008147i dont care if yuo have a small boper[View]
52007073Pos: My ex accused me of stealing and I did, but I denied it. I would like us to work out but I fuck…[View]
52005891You've forgotten me, /r9k/[View]
52007853My parents have only been spectated for a year and my dad already has a gf. He wants me to meet her …[View]
52008107>he watches anime and have a waifu[View]
52007310Japanese girls are all raging psychotic bitches[View]
52008094Can I continue?: On Tuesday me and my friend took addy 5 IR's all night to stay awake and durin…[View]
52007023You will never: >Fuck a loli >Impregnate a loli >Fuck her the 9 months of pregnancy >Fuc…[View]
52007869how do i move out of state[View]
52007941>tfw I just turned 30 feels good honestly[View]
52007854>mom found my dip[View]
52006742I want to write novels and poetry I want to draw portraits and paint landscapes I want to write musi…[View]
52006639Favorite Hentai Phrases: >Make me pregnant, Onii-chan!! Gentlemen?…[View]
52007174If you are double teaming a girl with your clone, is it quad teaming? because you are double teaming…[View]
52004720Any of you robots play Rust?[View]
52007117How old is she? Please be of age please[View]
52007925It's there any point to world travel if I have zero friends? 28 here and might want to go somew…[View]
52007939>tfw asian >tfw can only get off to wmaf porn…[View]
52007656Why do so many kids who get bullied in school often end up becoming gay or tranny?[View]
52005999what do femanons think about pretty girls? do they make you mad, sad, or you feel nothing at all?[View]
52007849Stupid movie plot thread? I'll start.... Autistic indian transforms into chad after being touch…[View]
52005110im bored so tell me: >what did you do today >the best thing that happened to you so far this y…[View]
52007840I really hope that world war 3 happens soon because that way i'll either die in a nuclear blast…[View]
52005905I'm never ever ever ever letting my future wife be obese.[View]
52007820Need help, any idea to break someones mind or whatever? Context: I got back with the roastie that ch…[View]
52006686>mfw I realise I wasted 11 years on this gay website with nothing to show for it…[View]
52007793>attractive women: are wretched cunts who reject men with extreme prejudice and take joy in male …[View]
52007792How do I get rid of this feeling of loneliness? Make it go away I don't want to be near people …[View]
52006654>tfw no femanon that keeps me in her friendzone[View]
52003826post instagrams of qt grils[View]
52007622truly, the alpha male's drink.[View]
52001979White men trying to get the pussy wet: Why haven't white guys realized that you can't get …[View]
52007712>I only feel like myself when im depressed What the fuck am I supposed to do?…[View]
52007092How do you spend your free time?: I usually just browse for streams with low viewers on Twitch and s…[View]
52005762What gives life purpose?[View]
52007607> go to prom > drink a few > drunk.org > start saying stupid shit > tell my date I wo…[View]
52005984>tfw no findom gf I hate myself for liking this[View]
52007152i just want a sweet fembot to talk to every day and fall asleep together on the phone every night[View]
52007472Why do I sometimes have urges to impregnate an Anne Frank look a like, with large Khazar milkers?[View]
52004864>turn 21 in 4 months >finally can legally buy booze All i care about now is getting a job so t…[View]
52007503anyone else jack off when they crave intimacy[View]
52006663Anyone know ways to make money on the road? Also, anybody along the east coast looking for a roommat…[View]
52007571immortal law livestream https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sx4iwXd-eJU what does /r9k/ think of immorta…[View]
52004978>28 old virgin >go to the gym for 1 year, meet this qt and started dating >she is great, se…[View]
52006916Why can't I be perfect like Futo[View]
520072462D girls you want to overpower and impregnate[View]
52007456>tfw I keep videogame generals alive by replying to myself because i have nothing else to do, 24/…[View]
52006614What country do you want to live in and where do you live now?[View]
52007395With the rise of the vile creatures known as e-boys, what's the robot take on the quarantine br…[View]
52007014Would you like your wife fuck bareback a greaser mechanic for free car repairs?[View]
52005872Do you sit properly on your computer? Or do you have some fucked up sitting position?[View]
52006633Just got a job as a fedex package handler in a warehouse with mostly nignogs. >Anyone have wareho…[View]
52007225>take a perc 30 >throw up >high is gone 30$ wasted.…[View]
52005317Do girls like big nuts?[View]
52006676Why do we have to be the face of racemixing when most mixed couples in the west are white-asian, and…[View]
52006185Any other femanons here that have been hit on on the street before but were too autistic to react in…[View]
52006285When did you realise that those test scores you got at 12 ment absolutely nothing and your not reall…[View]
52006123It is my greatest fear that I will see a picture of my little sister on this website. Every time I s…[View]
52007143>Watching an AMS video on youtube >He's talking about bringing female friends to parties …[View]
52007125no one will shut the fuck up: I've lived 20 years without so much as an 'I love you anon' from …[View]
52007124Old America: On one hand, we have better quality of life than people who lived 60-70 years ago (lol …[View]
52007089>La Llorona trailer comes on >ghoul woman growls like pic related Oh my kek who approved this…[View]
52005644I'm so ugly: Anyone else know this extremely original feel? Seriously though, I look like an og…[View]
52007059help me know if I look ok: hey robos I was wondering if anyone could give me advice or let me know i…[View]
52006707dude i just want an apocalypse. i just want human beings to die in massive numbers, i hate people so…[View]
51987095/r9k/ needs more positive trans representation. we are people too.[View]
52007012When did you gave up anon? Me i was 22 no gf, virgin and working at a dead end job.[View]
52006137i just toured a university and they gave my group a mentally retarded tourguide. she literally could…[View]
52003502Is it wrong that I get turned on by the thought of a snow white Aryan woman flushing her genetics do…[View]
52005285This place is the epitome of a dystopia. Homosexuals, trannies, poor people, niggers, whores, SJWs, …[View]
52006770>have gf >no friends >parents hate me anyone else know this feel?…[View]
52006230The people say getting fit isnt worth it also cant even do 5 pull ups so you shouldnt listen to them…[View]
52006669What's it like having a qt Scandinavian gf?[View]
52006799>turning to 24 in a month >Never had a guy or sex Should I just surgically castrate myself? I…[View]
52006699This is my first time posting on /r9k/ >just turned 29 >have tried to get a job for over 10 ye…[View]
52006835What's the best burger you've ever eaten? I tried the best rated place in my city today an…[View]
52006510>vagisil odor block doesn't work[View]
52005590Just bought 30 panties off of eBay and am ready to start wearing panties full time and throw all my …[View]
52006757So anons, hows does it feel knowing you will never experience this? I'm ready to blow my brains…[View]
52006684I don't know what I'm doing anymore with my life. I know what I should do, but I just can…[View]
52005855Here's the deal. I found this image of a really hot girl back in 2013/2014. It was some wallpap…[View]
52006610Why are all f*males absolute whores?[View]
52006690do girls like foreskins?[View]
52006675I heard a joke once >a man goes to a doctor,says he's depressed, life seems harsh and cruel…[View]
52006577>decide to kill myself >decide to ask a girl out before I do >be straight forward >'He…[View]
52005546So basically this guy devotes every waking moment of his life to following the antics of lolcows, an…[View]
52005304Why the fuck do guys donate to twitch thots/camgirls? Literally more porn is available for free righ…[View]
52004981/comfy/: I saw the last /comfy/ thread dying, how about we keep it going? How is your night going? D…[View]
52003903Explain the plot in the bible, but do it overly simplified.[View]
52003171Wait, she's a singer/songwriter and she looks like that? Dreamy/10[View]
52006026Going to hire a black escort tomorrow. She charges $50 for a BJ, $100 for sex, $150 for both. Condom…[View]
52005706Bad Feels: So I was wagecucking at my job today and I started to feel empty/emotionless There is a l…[View]
52001683Why do wagies take pride in making themselves miserable?[View]
52005632>no instagram account, no snapchat, no twitter; hell, not even a damn facebook. The guy's a …[View]
52005564Mixed robots, how have you not yet killed yourselves?[View]
52005320Embarrassment: I fell for the short hair meme, now I only like women with short hair.[View]
52006351Where do i cut myself to bleed to death? Please lads I really want to fucking die right here and rig…[View]
52006204is it genuinely possible to 100% not care what people think? or is that luxury only reserved for psy…[View]
52005425Pepe: Plz Anons gib me more pepe[View]
52006430mfw elizabeth skips me even though I called her a degenate on omegle ;_;[View]
52006406>get rejected by crush >Stop talking to her >Brain starts to register her as 10 times more …[View]
52004937who else /cum town/[View]
52006279What would you do if a wizard transformed you into a middle-aged man?[View]
52005903Ideas: What should I jerk off to tonight?[View]
52005904'hey anon, i haven't seen you since middle school. y'know i used to have the biggest crush…[View]
52004492Would you accept having a sex slave if he/she was of your same sex?[View]
52004953alright you niggers. I have enough money to buy one of these things, and need help in choosing. I ca…[View]
52005662Why do asian girls have big teeff?[View]
52003713When a CNN reporter felt so bad for a virgin in his 20s that she stripped for him[View]
52006155>tfw no gf that uses and abuses me I really need a gf like this[View]
52006139>try to make the gay go away >works for a bit >tfw it always just comes back stronger than …[View]
52005513I hate self: >Desperately want to go out and be with my 'friends'. >When given the opportunit…[View]
52005744Life is so lonely now guys. Even my internet friends don't want to play steam games with me. Do…[View]
52005848Why is the only good game reviewer a potato who says nigger?[View]
52005805What's it look like when someone hangs their self?[View]
52005783Whats it like to wake up looking forward to something[View]
52005978Doomer meme is fucking retarded: fuck you stoopid zoomers I can't listen to the music I like an…[View]
52006049Should I?: Im pretty happy with my life right now. Should I try to get an s/o, or is it not worth it…[View]
52004950gross! he just tryna fuck.[View]
52005113>friend confesses that he has feelings for me >tell him that I'm not sure how I fell >…[View]
52005633men shouldnt shave their chests or crotches maybe trim at best[View]
52004135world sucks now used to be better[View]
52004579> losing all my neetbux gambling on counter strike games[View]
52005929Should I pursue a dream even though I know I'll never achieve it?[View]
52004686How do so many of you guys have gf how how how?[View]
51997911Desktop thread: Why don't we post our desktop and rate eachother? Mobilefags welcome too I gues…[View]
52005842Childhood memories: >Be me >Be 7 >Get invited to friends birthday >Have a great time …[View]
52004409Masks?: What is your opinion on masks? Tbh I like them. They just give an aura of personality depend…[View]
51999519Women Hate: Where the FUCK is the women hate thread? Have the shills really taken over this board? A…[View]
52005809maybe its not your looks that girls dont likd, but your personality. DENY THE BLACKPILL!!![View]
52005790>tfw lonely 23 hear old virgin Can someone rec some anime that will trick me into feeling like i…[View]
52004598How much should I take to get high on nutmeg?! I mean the real high which contains hallucinations ,…[View]
52005225go search for your old forum posts RIGHT NOW[View]
52005757Very edifying. https://youtu.be/7ZWFcXY9cbs[View]
52005742Anyone else despise the perpetually happy people. How the fuck are you happy all the time like what …[View]
52005735After a while of seeing degenerate traps and trannies lurking on various boards I have decided to qu…[View]
52004907Volcel: I.E people who have been asked out/flirted with/had people fall in love with you and/or try …[View]
52005724The inescapable hierarchy of online communities: Has anyone else here noticed that the online world …[View]
52005630Unavoidable Awkwardness: >work at restaurant >go to try the food at our sister restaurant (sam…[View]
52004934what's with the new trend of girls dating their dogs, /r9k/?[View]
52005666>get a retail job >beautiful black women with shaved and soiboi white men everywhere What give…[View]
52004529I'm high as fuck: I have eaten my own boogers everyday my entire life. I rarely get sick and I…[View]
52005687BIGOTS: hey you stupid, idiotic, drumpf supporting SNOWFLAKES. I just wanted to say that YOU are th…[View]
52005214Concerned for my sister: My sister is so unhealthy. All she does is sit in her room and look at snap…[View]
52005075Ive always said my favorite season is fall. I like fall best cuz its not too hot or cold, I can wear…[View]
52005645>rejected many chances to get a gf >ended up feeling creepier than an incel wtf my problem…[View]
52005647>It's another having a depressive episode because you're a 30 year old virgin episode d…[View]
52005621How do I know if I'm a sad Norime? I feel like half of this board is just sexually Frustrated h…[View]
52005416Whatever happened to the filipina gf anon?[View]
52004958I spend most of my time self inserting into made up fantasies in my head[View]
52005205what do you think of this song i wrote? https://youtu.be/XesXeM89lNw[View]
52005518my dad is still married to my mother and while snooping I found gay porn on his computer today. now …[View]
52002530Quest Thread # 5: Today's Mission: Read the Enchiridion by Epictetus. Return here and comment o…[View]
52003854RED FLAGS FOR FEMALES: >not a virgin(unless she is a widow) >older than 25 >uses contracept…[View]
52004725tfw just finding out im trans ama: my mum forced me to hrow up transgender but i didnt know it then …[View]
52005434Something I have wanted to discuss for a long time: How fast time goes is directly related to your i…[View]
52004727>lost 60 pounds >Started feeling confident in myself >Started exercising >Even had a gf …[View]
52005485pain: post pain[View]
52004944cannabis: Any advice on how to smoke marijuana and what to do after smoking?[View]
52005439>work 14 hours today >have house to myself >buy six pack of beer >go for a walk >soun…[View]
52003773>'Why are you acting like you're never going to see me again?' >never see him again…[View]
51999232Would you have sex with your wife while she is sleeping?: Whhy or why not?[View]
52005406Marry Fuck Kill bread: Marry Fuck Kill bread post here please[View]
52003465>He stutters when he speaks[View]
52005169>mfw alai invited me to come over and have sex[View]
52005259If we banned memes, moralfags, /pol/tards, greentext and normalfags could we got back to 2006 someho…[View]
52005061>tfw bpd boy >tfw no bpd gf to violently dominate and then be sweetest boy ever with…[View]
52004433one of my hobbies is to find 10-13 y/o vloggers on youtube with less than 50 subs and then insult an…[View]
52005257dubs decide what i do at my rooftop[View]
52004844Sell me on why anyone should have pity on incels. You all claim to be oppressed by women who act li…[View]
52003431Too afraid to use dating apps Anyone else has this problem?[View]
52004748ITT post what you personally consider a 5 or under: Bonus point if you specify why and/or post a per…[View]
52002383why is this legal?: why can 70 year old bastards fuck legally 20 year old bitches(50 years differenc…[View]
52002643What the fuck is the point in living anymore I can't get a job or a girlfriend I'm just a …[View]
52005181>be close with a really cute asian girl >still not sure why she'd ever wanna get close fr…[View]
52001917My gf called me a cuck as an insult in a heated argument later she apologized and said she meant it…[View]
52003464what are some scams where it's basically impossible to get caught? How hard is scamming beta or…[View]
51997797Some of us will never have that, some of us will never experience genuine affection, love and ultima…[View]
52004363Anyone else steadfastly refuse to date a girl older than you are? Even by one day is a deal breaker …[View]
52004712What's with women these days? they cheat on people than expect you to respect them still.[View]
52002918Would femanons enjoy a wholesome relationship?: you know, like, being kind and supportive and encour…[View]
51998394femanon here trying to get healthy. not overweight but a bit chubby. should i go for sticc or thicc?…[View]
52002619Thoughts guys?[View]
52005166>'having a hard life makes you a hard person.' hmmm, having a hardlife just made me a little bitc…[View]
52004996>Police stopped me for talking to a white girl I fucking hate white men…[View]
52004184greentext: >where are greentext stories >i dont kno what im doing…[View]
52004763Why are people on 4chan so defensive about dick size but obsessed with height? 'women prefer a man t…[View]
52004685Hey robots. It hit me the other day that I dont have any pictures of myself in my twenties. I'm…[View]
52003467>blocks ur path Well, what do?[View]
52003818Mom says I should join a frat to gain more social skills. Should I do it?[View]
52001697Guys I'm so happy right now. But not for myself, no. For my best friend. Because he just got ac…[View]
52002138Is it normal to be straight but become aroused when you see a big thick cock?[View]
52003029Steam giveaway: Steam give away thread! Anyone who gets trips or higher will get 1 $10 steam gc. I h…[View]
52004732Trying here, hope to get more discussion this time >be me >post National Nudes Day joke on FB …[View]
52004846Poor little incels: >'Hey anon, I think I have feelings for you or something' >No you don…[View]
52004959Is it immoral to have an arranged marriage with a teenage girl?[View]
52003158/neet/ general: comfy thread no bullies allowed talk about neet stories how was your day today ano…[View]
52003716Do NOT refer to these as chips[View]
52004626Do you guys think submissive men and dominate woman (in sexual terms) is degenerate? Just curious[View]
52004175>be in small city australian >couldnt leave because police and trapped because mental illness …[View]
52000707I'm an ugly and disgusting degenerate piece of shit looking for feet pics from self-loathing fe…[View]
52004295Diagnose me: Social anxiety, repetitive behaviour, can't do more than 1 thing at a time, can…[View]
52004920hey fellow robots, post your best chubby loli porn pics[View]
52004880>mfw born poor is there anything worse, bros?[View]
52003359So all of my closest friends applied to UCLA and I was the odd man out. Every day I check their inst…[View]
52004070Is eye squinting hot?[View]
52004878>tfw no konketsu bf[View]
52004760>tfw going to get an F in two classes this semester[View]
52003681This is how girls look at Chads. Girls will never look at you like this.[View]
52003879Why does being a 21 yo virgin bother me that much ? It shouldn't, right ?[View]
52004389wifey material.[View]
52004794>Her face when you approach her as she's taking a bite of her food…[View]
52004385In 8th grade a cute goth girl noticed i was a loner so she started slipping notes into my backpack a…[View]
52004087>anon... what brand of tooth paste do you use?[View]
52004813>mom found my Camp Buddy Yaoi stash what do I do robots? She saw all 1000 pictures of it and she …[View]
52003629what do you think of Silent hill 2 anon ?[View]
52004033Lol you assholes realize Shane has 9/10 wife do you? Kill yourselves[View]
52004032*crunch* anon *crunch* did *crunch* you *crunch* pay *crunch* your *crunch* bills *crunch* this *cru…[View]
52004785MK11: Hey anons, a poor fag here. My friends want me to play MK11 with them yet I have no personal m…[View]
52004336How do I emotionally handle being in love with someone?[View]
52004676asian men a feminin-[View]
52004468>be single >want gf >get gf >want to be single >dump gf >want gf again…[View]
52004053waifu: in the first 2 weeks of this month alone i have spent about $1,000-1,200 CAD on this girl to …[View]
52003715i want to move forward but i don't have the strength to move forward. i have terrible work ethi…[View]
51999109Haircut. Fashion. Smile. Get laid. It's that simple. Being an incel is a choice.[View]
52004571>car pulls up >hi may i take your order? >uhhh hold on a minute >ok take your time ty …[View]
52004646Dating stories: >today >get match on bumble >fat 25 single mum >ask her if she gives blo…[View]
52004645my bish mom said. stop drinking vodka it's bad for you. I said idgaf bish[View]
52004572The more I watch Pupinia Stewart, the more I become convinced she is the perfect woman.[View]
52003309>tfw no findom gf Why am I so stupid and want this?[View]
52004556what do you think of Cry of Fear, anons?: Simon understands us[View]
52004272>dad said he was proud of me for the first time in 11 years; since I graduated high school >ac…[View]
52004191>Haven't seen dad in a while >He's off on easter >I'm working till Saturday…[View]
52004029The Killer is me: https://youtu.be/_ClcQb5ajNA[View]
52004563i smelled a girl's fart it did not smell very good but i can't get this out of my head. it…[View]
52004206NOFAP GENERAL /nfg/: Rise above the temptations of roasts and the porn jew. Become the strong man yo…[View]
52004381robots, i just cant stop thinking about her. we've talked twice but still i dont think she even…[View]
52002603Femnons how do I talk to women? I really like a girl and I want to spend some time with her, maybe s…[View]
52003388Convince me that 'fembots' aren't all just traps, trannies or unattractive spectacle femcels. G…[View]
52004444I really want female friends[View]
52004270What's the difference between LSD and Shrooms I've yet to try shrooms tho I've tried …[View]
52004049>meanwhile, at the local /r9k/ village...[View]
52004037Minecraft: Minecraft thread? Come on, we all know you love the game, anon. pic related is some faggo…[View]
52003550>be me >literal retard >go my entire life with a suspicion that black people are made out o…[View]
52003948>asian >short >small dick should I become a tranny?…[View]
52003447>He's had sex with less than five people >Or worse, hasn't had sex at all…[View]
51996866Fembots, when having sex where do you want the guy to cum?: When it comes to him cumming. Where do y…[View]
52003453Ever since i saw the movie the favourite cant stop thinking about getting fucked by this absurdity. …[View]
52003476>reads message >doesn't reply but stays online That stupid whore is texting chad and sen…[View]
51999818/britfeel/: Furiously masturbating edition[View]
52002633>Go into ur house >see your sister like this >'hey anon tyrone and jamal are going to help …[View]
51999747Why me, god?: >be me >18 year old beta fag on discord >go on robot server just for the hel…[View]
52004229>prides himself for not being a normie >frequents social media (such as 4chan)…[View]
52002231why are normies OBSESSED with talking about work?: normies define people by their profession. i hate…[View]
52002721whats the biggest price youd be willing to pay to have 1 night with your waifu? to either fuck endle…[View]
52003035What's more alpha, the strength that you piss at or the duration that you piss for?[View]
52004004How the hell do I cool down my room. My pc heats up my room to about 15 degrees about my house tempe…[View]
52003852It's pretty pathetic for a grown man to want to fuck 14 year old girls. The only reason they…[View]
52003771You are communist labour drone. I speak in monotone voice when saying look at the capitalist history…[View]
52004112I think it's an instagram memer[View]
52004067light-greypill: Existence has meaning, some of which is found and some of which is created. Creating…[View]
52003850l have a fever[View]
52003292Pussy and ass eating bliss: What's it like to have your face buried in a girl's pussy and …[View]
52002001Reminder that ALL women like muscular guys who wear chain necklaces.[View]
52002924>cant even shack up with a 40 year old single mother I dont know why this is so insulting and hum…[View]
52001578He's gonna win, right, gang?[View]
52003504It's no wonder girls get turned on by gangbangs: When I imagine myself as a girl, I get hornier…[View]
52003945Party Jones is down to party at all times of the day. That's the party policy and that's t…[View]
52002498I keep getting a virgin, basement dweller haircut. No matter what I do, I can't get a nice hair…[View]
52001369Hey robots, what do you guys think of my leopard geckos? Their names are Wiggles (top) and Ouija (bo…[View]
52002876It's my 18th birthday. I got no one to celebrate it with, please wish me a happy birthday[View]
52003823Threesomes are disgusting and the height of degeneracy. If it's with another man, you're a…[View]
52003401Give me a male perspective on this image.[View]
52002404So after we all awaken. Our sentience. What use it is? Someone who was awaken long ago had all this …[View]
52003732Holy fuck. I hate being sober[View]
52002539Is there anything gayer than drinking from a straw? First, you have to peel back the paper foreskin …[View]
52003718>be me >finally got gf >her nosy friends asks for my social media >dont really have norm…[View]
52003701Why do you hate incels? I used to be sympathetic at them but they complain without trying to improve…[View]
52003738Im about to flood the degenerates at r/dankmemes with spoilers from endgame: Only problem is, they h…[View]
52002738What is the line for femcels?: I think pic related is the line seems like she would have a hard time…[View]
52003741Are you there yet? And, if so, when did you finally get there?[View]
52001814>that feel when no big gf[View]
51999575Please kneel down and suck.[View]
52003190Why do I feel like I dont belong anywhere when there is plenty of other mixed race people with the s…[View]
52003702hiya 'robots' I was wondering if any of you cringetards would give me a little hug?~ Been kind of de…[View]
52003612Vicodin Withdrawal and Insomnia: >Be me >Injure shoulder. Find self in agonizing fucking pain …[View]
52002398Are you alright, anon? How was your day?[View]
52003591Why do I love rimming so much? Nothing turns me on more than the thought of eating a boy's butt…[View]
52003641Today teacher asked me to read out loud: Everything went good! Voice came out good and I understood …[View]
52003038I found my 2d waifu in 3d form[View]
52003561>sex worker brought up the 'button' in the Doc Johnson Main Squeeze toy again >she d…[View]
52002997What do you want? Think about your answer before you make a post.[View]
52003088Comfy ~ Active ~ 24/7 ~ 4CH Server, we got: >tr*ps >females >incels >zoomers >boomer…[View]
52003026Mr. Oreng[View]
52001830>be me >5'4 femboy, 120 lbs >Start wearing women's clothes >gets a whole bunch of …[View]
52003503attention please, this is your daily public robot announcement concerning chestlets. femanons with s…[View]
52001391>tfw no femanon that uses and abuses me[View]
51999113Don't mind me I'm just there to remind you that you'll never have a gf like this[View]
52003279>'Anon, Mommy's going to Chad's house to talk to him about how he's been bullying …[View]
52002122I never understood why people use paper to wipe their asses. Ive used my hands since as long as I ca…[View]
52003442Anyone else just about fucking had it?[View]
52003439I'm a 30yo khv. I love metal. I went to a show because fuck it. I have nothing to lose. Ima KMS…[View]
52001096>just start lifting bro >who cares if you have a shitty bone structure…[View]
52000330Wherea r emy spanish robots at, waht brought you here? Greetings from Valencia[View]
52003140>be me >get matches on tinder but most of the girls are fat >be me irl >hot girls flirt …[View]
52003347you ever just fantasize about fucking alai in the ass?[View]
52003353I have no interests, I dont know a lot about anything in particular, I've never had any hobbies…[View]
51998947Post fembots ITT.[View]
52001983If we started a meme pretending we like or worship cute amputee girls, I'm sure some regular gi…[View]
52003040Motivation thread: Never Give Up!! Thread of motivation, post motivational things, you can bare anot…[View]
52003234>you will never be a big dik ethnic cruising baltimore for crack hookers https://www.pornhub.com/…[View]
52003274LGBT Hate Thread: Being gay isn't a mental illness. It's a *symptom* of a mental illness, …[View]
52002990Why would you even want to have a human partner anymore? Perhaps starting a family, but it would be …[View]
52003264Just gotta rant about a horrible night due to the ol mental illness. I'm just blogging to get t…[View]
52003249>in 4 months i can legally buy booze All i care about now is getting a job so that i can fund my …[View]
52002302So how are you getting on after breaking through the brainwashing that dictates things like buying p…[View]
52002980How does one remove the scent of cum from his space?[View]
52003131alright fuck /mu/ let's hear the music of /r9k/ I made this album on Spotify, iTunes, bandcamp,…[View]
52001653>puts on glasses >instantly becomes nerd…[View]
52003191How bad is it to miss a day off work after putting in my Two Weeks Notice?? I just feel really shitt…[View]
52001128I never know what to talk about with people :([View]
52000265I mean ,,,,,,,,,,, Can you imagine ?[View]
52003124STOP THE NEGATIVITY! Can't we just have it nice and be nice on this place that is almost a norm…[View]
52002448How to I stop being a literal bot: I have no fucking social skills. I have friends but they have bee…[View]
52002035i think ive reached a new low. was outside and saw a couple of doves, they were snuggling each other…[View]
52003044>Boyfriend leaves me >I say I never want to see him or talk to him again >He says he doesn…[View]
52003108>Tfw have never met a gay person irl[View]
52003072>Come up on a manlet at work >Sir do you need help? >NO BRO I GOT IT Why do they always fe…[View]
52000695>you will never share a nervous first kiss and both look away smiling and blushing afterwards …[View]
52002851> be Canadian > go to Sea World San Diego > sitting in audience and pumped because I’m abo…[View]
52003033>tfw a tall, handsome, and non-autistic wh*toid thinks he understands my suffering…[View]
52002832Anyone else broke up with a girl hoping for something better, but then years later you can't fi…[View]
51998951I'm gonna make it. We're all gonna make it. Aren't we?[View]
51989664What is the most attractive/aesthetic pussy shape? What is the least?[View]
52002963I did cum in a 28 year old italian girl's pussy when I was 19. Wish I ate her ass out...[View]
52002487Why does my mom have to love me so much, anons? If she didn't love me, I'd actually be abl…[View]
52002235>cashier ringing up groceries >randomly asks 'are you ok?' why does this keep happening…[View]
52001805How do you feel when you're around people and have to poop? Does it make you feel uncomfortable…[View]
52002571I love the feeling of a big fat turd sliding out of my anus. Anyone else?[View]
52001360AMA and anything else: i am back! dx here some one asked why i don't drink whine... well i don…[View]
52002870What food should I survive on this summer? I will be cooking my own food in a communal kitchen. I an…[View]
52001240>its not going to worship itself anon~[View]
52002808Is it actually bad that I'm 20 and never kissed a girl/had sex/held hands/got hugged/had a gf? …[View]
52002288do u like my artwork ? would u pay for this?[View]
52002824The thought of my dogs thinking I've abandoned them puts me off wanting to travel. Why do I fee…[View]
52001832>want revenge on society for wronging me >sit and think about the ways I've been wronged …[View]
52001051Your best / most memorable faps: Alright /r9k/, I want to hear your best or mosy memorable faps. …[View]
52002190If I had a gun I'd kill myself. Any other robots feel this way?[View]
52002512>realise I could easily lose my virginity to a ugly,fat or slightly below average girl >choos…[View]
52002390>used to be unnoticeable and ignored >now Im highly noticed and ignored the latter is way wors…[View]
52002165people that get to experience being in a relationship or in love are lucky.[View]
52000549>i'm a fembot/femcel but have absolutely revolting fetishes i don't get it. isn't …[View]
52001628honk honk anon-tachi[View]
52002467>go outside, people stare at me >go to class, get ignored even by prof >go to work, coworke…[View]
52002647Recently I've been thinking about those people who bitch about appropriating culture. Doesn…[View]
52001974>be me >hs >obsessed with Minakami Mai >not sexually, she's just really funny >r…[View]
52002547Snakepill thread: Snakepilling: Paraphrasing lines by Solid Snake to whitepill other robots 'I don…[View]
52002623So if traps arent gay, then are girls with surgery to get dicks gay? Asking for a friend.[View]
52002329>Plan on buying a gun and shooting myself after college if my life doesn't go as planned …[View]
52002561Only people that are fitter than me can criticize me. If you're fatter than me your argument is…[View]
52002520Kek: Just saw the girl in my grade that bitches about having a test/quiz crying at track practice be…[View]
52002478Chad's of r9k: How do I originally get myself a gf?[View]
52002170>day drinking again[View]
52001745>Tfw they think you are a girl[View]
52001387I'm drunk. Can someone be my friend?[View]
52002282is it wrong that i want to fuck my cousin? and how could i actually do this and tell if shes interes…[View]
52002306Stop throwing your life away: Stop consuming what the film industry and the video game industry prod…[View]
52002251Does anyone else here listen to Iyla?[View]
51994641Yes, women have it much easier dating and getting laid if they so desire. But beyond that, what is a…[View]
52000561There are so many things that separate me from humanity. One is drinking alcohol. You all do it, I s…[View]
52001871Why don't you have a chocolate girlfriend yet?[View]
52001754I'm fucking brainlet and can't take information in. Be it from music,movies are talking in…[View]
52001797I left three months ago, expecting your posts to change and you are still posting the same shit you…[View]
52001243I've had sex before and the girl called me daddy while I pounded her from behind.[View]
51992750I didn't see a /uni/ thread up, so here it is. Talk about your academic failures. >sick for …[View]
52001377femanons, would you date a lolicon?[View]
52002271It's like, yeah, I'm a narcissist, but that isn't all there is to me. I'm a sent…[View]
52002177fly me to the moon: >tfw you see 14 year old japanese boy >tfw people tell him get the fuck in…[View]
51999174Guilty of Manslaughter?: My friend killed a man. He was driving at night when he hit a pedestrian (t…[View]
52002199Are you allowed to have swagger on your first sex opportunity?: Or do you have to act according to y…[View]
52002179I try so hard to get a gf and fail all the time: >be me >Kissless, hugless, handholdless virgi…[View]
52002192>20 month old girl 'aducted' by her non-custodial blood father after an argument with her mother …[View]
52002012Goodbye Robots: I will be back soon, but its goodbye for now. It has been a good ride, robots[View]
51999839Have you guys ever read a self-therapy book that you believe has genuinely enriched your life?[View]
52000733I want to get rid of all my possessions: I fucking hate moving so much. I've moved 3 times in t…[View]
52002041Acceptance: Im just some dude girls/people in general just dont really like or care much for. I gues…[View]
51999852Post music to kill yourself to.[View]
52001901>tfw cant talk about violent fascinations online without getting shutdown there will never be ano…[View]
52002028>boyfriend's birthday >allow him to play with my best friend's huge breasts for 5 mi…[View]
52000855>matched with a 17yo qt Don't wan't to say hey, how are you.. or some boring shit ? God…[View]
52001235LOLICON FUCKING RUINED ME: I can't get it up for real women any more! And don't give me th…[View]
52002091hey robots, so i am in a really bad spot right now. i have developed a fetish for knee inflation, my…[View]
52001535Why do mods on any social media platform go on power trips? Especially on here and discord. Get a ho…[View]
52001269>jacked off for the 25th time today help me anons, I need help, how do I stop?…[View]
52002032Talking to fembots is a meme: No matter how kind and supportive you are, you always get ghosted out …[View]
52001824Does sucking your own dick still count as gay? Isnt it still masturbation? Also i think being able t…[View]
52000444Would you date a girl whose hobby is pumping her ass full of air?[View]
51998720Thanks for taking me to the salon big brother! Do you think Chad will notice my hair in Algebra tomo…[View]
51999812Traps: >you are about to have sex with the girl of your dreams, who you have been in love with fo…[View]
52000440>you and your gf will never pee on each other is there a worse feel?[View]
52000273Who here /metal/?: >age? >location? >favorite bands? >favorite styles? >do you look t…[View]
52001297will a girl lose interest in you if you cant get your dick up but you can make her cum REALLY hard w…[View]
52001892>tfw no gf to tickle[View]
52000689wacked it to vr porn for first time: AMA all thalittle tings[View]
51998944>in the store minding ur own business >see this >'EY YT BOI! u kno where the magnums at?' w…[View]
51996291Femanons how would you feel if a cute asian girl confessed that she's in love with you? How wou…[View]
51999608What is it about traps that drive straight men wild?[View]
52000559Would you date a demon if it meant that each time you cum from now on, your penis shrinks by half an…[View]
52000909>Be 28yo >go on dating sites >told i look like a creep >told i'm too old to date …[View]
52000900I just want to meet a cute girl with whom I can talk about history and other autistic topics :^([View]
51997188>tfw you'll never suck on the tits of a titcow how do you guys deal with this feel brehs?…[View]
52000904>yo anon come to the pool party bro, bout to get u laid[View]
52000358Stop ordering at the fucking window AhHHHHHHHHH![View]
52001406>be me >be religion >religion splits into different denominations >denominations split i…[View]
52000822>tfw no female friend Is having a female friend nice?[View]
52001670>by me >122 yaer ol >am ver saafdd ovar popa die >mummi gibeds me tenmdiers >am ver h…[View]
52001681Don't fight this one. It's going to do more harm than good. Pick your battles. Do as th…[View]
52000547Would you rather date a 10/10 with a 5/10 personality, or a 5/10 with a 10/10 personality?[View]
52001334I am 24 years old and I am in love with a woman twice my age. How do I win her over?[View]
51999634>25 in may >never had a gf >even if I did get one by some weird stroke of mercy I'd ha…[View]
51999430robots have sunlight deprivation disorder: move your PC's upstairs, bros, where the sunlight sh…[View]
52000591>$85 car payment ($5,000 or less car) >$85 auto insurance >$85 gas >$450 room with utili…[View]
52000925White men should only be allowed to have sex with black women.[View]
51999941went through self improvement meme when i was younger. went fron fat ugly awkward fuck to somewhat a…[View]
51999890Is Kentray Brown still /ourguy/?[View]
51999858Coming to this board has become literal torture. What happened to this place? Where do we have left …[View]
52000705How do you robots feel about the curse that has been laid upon you by the power of sexts?[View]
52000223Why does this have to happen to me?: >Be me today >Depressed NEET for 3 years with social anxi…[View]
52001421what are the chances of catching an std from fucking a random girl raw[View]
52001142Is suicide cool?: Is streaming your suicide like Shuaiby fun and/or cool? I'm asking cause I…[View]
52000450Are there women like this in real life?[View]
52000074Femanons, your future.[View]
52001013i have to book a dentist appointment and i'm shitting myself.I hate talking on the phone and th…[View]
51999648i chose a meme degree (politics and philosophy) and now im 3/4 the way through idk what to do after …[View]
51998571Would you find it a bad thing if your wife didn't enjoy sex: But wanted you to have sex with he…[View]
52000282my bf is a pedo: >sexting with my boyfriend >don't usually send nudes, just selfies or su…[View]
52001268I wish it was me originally![View]
51998871I really want to beat up a Tranny. Anyone else feel like this? I hate them[View]
51999817How do I, a 22M, go about creating deep and meaningful friendships with the opposite gender?[View]
51997699IQ test: >what's your IQ? >what's your profession? and hobbies? >how did you do i…[View]
51999326Just pooped myself at work and praying no one smells it. How's your Thursday going?[View]
52000432>dad found my gigachad folder[View]
52000803>be me 1 week ago >get a tumor removed from my armpit >it gets sent off to the lab to see i…[View]
52000479>somebody is an extremely thin man >with poor fashion sense >greasy hair >owns a sex sho…[View]
51998501My friend could quit drinking, got into shape, fixed his life, and I absolutely claim this is becaus…[View]
52001208what do you think?: so anons basically this is some part of lifestory >be me >naive 15 yr skin…[View]
52000586>*cracks open monster zero ultra(tm)* >*turns on born to be wild* >*siiip* AAHHHH >SON! …[View]
51998477>26 khhv >phimosis and ipersensitivity which caused a literal sexual trauma >not interacted…[View]
52000990Daily reminder that 4chan is dead, and this is no different than 9gag or ifunny.com[View]
52001017Hey Haku, show me your boyhole[View]
51994538Why can't you guys just accept that the past is the past and stop autistically hunting for puri…[View]
52000976Horse cock is pure kino[View]
51999464>there are some white bois out there who never sucked on big white breast(well, besides they moms…[View]
52000813I am not going to argue that women are morally superior to men. ...or that women in general are supe…[View]
51999147Free pornography: Anons, today I have a gift for all of you: this link here contains a file with (al…[View]
52000623I asked a girl out in December. She agreed, when the time came she kept making excuses why she could…[View]
51998723>tfw no curse shaman bf[View]
51996713>get gf >casually talking in the car one day >asks me what celebrity I'd leave her to …[View]
52000468I jack off with boiling water AMA[View]
51995915/r9k/ gets fit 2020: Everyone should have a goal, a set of achievements or maybe just a bucket list.…[View]
52000882Materialistic things give me no pleasure anymore. It is barely a dopamine boost Thankful for what I…[View]
52000449>It's another 'Anon works on things at night while crying and listening to pirate shanties' …[View]
51990221BF red flags: femanon here >claims he has meme disorders like BPD, social anxiety or depression …[View]
52000802Growing up, we were really poor and hardcore right-wing church of christ. Fanatic level even by thei…[View]
52000805>Pinky ring 'til I get a wedding ring >(wooh yeah)…[View]
51997979ITT: post your character, any game as long as you made it[View]
52000645What if we only let passable trannies live?[View]
52000392Are femanons skilled masturbators?[View]
51997111Now me personally, if I was ever with a woman and I found out that she had dark stinky urine, I coul…[View]
52000466I really want to become a girls beta orbiter[View]
52000703>tranny posting and shilling is in full gear today Why cant you shits just stay on lgbt and trash…[View]
51999479SEXY LADIES: You're got damn right guys are starring at you when you wear pic related in public…[View]
51999426https://www.dubtrack.fm/join/r9k-the-musical Come, music, talk. Ok.[View]
51987745/r9gay/ - #693: Non-consensual gay hugging Last thread: >>51974529[View]
51993122what's the point of white girls now that asian girls exist?[View]
52000253from birthday tard, thank u: thnks for making me chuckle while feeling like shit, just that. hope u …[View]
52000225>Remembering that time I met a girl online and paid her 400 dollars to let me fuck her and I left…[View]
52000603>be me >wake up to noises in the kitchen >thinkfast.exe >grab my trusty nerf fortnite A…[View]
51999611Do you think society will collapse anytime soon?[View]
52000228Robots, we need a plan. I'm sick and tired of these normies dabbing on us. You think you can ju…[View]
52000557help: help.....I need an asteria folder, please robots help me[View]
51999999I have fallen hopelessly in love with a fictitious, winged doll dressed in twentieth century clothin…[View]
52000554>tfw just want femanon to marry and make tard babies with[View]
51999700I got accepted in gotranscript, now I can begin my glorious journey of working from home while all t…[View]
51999483How and where do i get a aspergers gf?[View]
52000484Is this normal?: Not even 5 hours into my spring break and I'm feeling incredibly bored out of …[View]
52000373>eat any amount of food >Hate myself[View]
52000404Would you rather be man with huge tits and working vagina or be a woman with a hige dick and balls?[View]
51999757Rejected a homosex: Now I know how women feel about men eyeing and hitting on them.[View]
51997601I want to be findommed by a cute femanon. Anyone else know this feel?[View]
52000275>mother has friends over >can't go to the kitchen to get food or drink…[View]
52000365Gonna clean my keyboard frens[View]
51995623How many black people did you know when u were young? How many actually succeeded in life?[View]
51998221ITT; We live in the GTA universe: Subjects says all, basic map of the rp. >inb4 /qst/…[View]
51999217reminder that if females had their way they would toss all creepy (ugly) men in incel camps.[View]
5200025919 >college dropout >can't cook >can't clean >can't drive >no life goa…[View]
51998858Lets make some gamer friends! Post your steam or discord. hhhhh#5119 https://steamcommunity.com/id/c…[View]
51998590>utterly in love with a girl >she always intiates contact >don't even want to talk to …[View]
52000303>2d women that arent even real are better in every conceivable way than 3dpds what a joke this wo…[View]
51999617nostalgia thread: post feels bros >tfw stay up all night playing custom games on wc3 >ffw get …[View]
52000284Fish ends an be eh duck duck duck: Fish end an be EU duck fuck fuck ending he seen fuck my life so d…[View]
52000213What is the point of these silly looking piercings? They make you look like you have a runny nose.[View]
52000070>just found out my ex-gf is pregnant and alone with a black baby only a year after we broke up I …[View]
51999558>Still masturbating to the girls I knew in high school even though I'm 25 now because after …[View]
52000266Any of you guys traveled solo? What was it like?[View]
52000132Robots are not social animals like humans are huh..: I realized I have been the only one initiating …[View]
52000141>Anons Tell me the oldest Virgin you know and if you know any wizards(over 30 virgins) IRL or onl…[View]
51999481anyone here tried fasting? weigh 250lb and want to drop as much of it as possible this summer, want …[View]
52000212>Trying to nofap so I can stop being a neet >Wanna stop being a neet for money >Want money …[View]
52000148be me: >knock knock >who there[View]
51999894>fuck a girl raw 10 times over the past couple weeks >she texts me today saying she feels dizz…[View]
51999990>tfw dropout and coward >tfw sick and tired of my weakness How do I become like him?…[View]
51997899when did you realize that travelling is a stupid meme and isn't enjoyable at all?: why waste a …[View]
51999362Anonymous: >get gf >she cheats after 4 weeks What the fuck did i do to deserve this robots? I …[View]
52000092ITT: we trigger fembots https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-SuavKHes_Y[View]
51998898do you guys like FilthyFrankTV2? I know that there's other clones like Lotus out there but i sa…[View]
51999929Vagina envy: Anyone else have a penectomy/castration fetish? I always wanted a vagina (though, not p…[View]
51999652>finally get a job at $18/hr ($2880 per month before taxes) >ok that's alright i guess, t…[View]
51999930How do I talk with fembots?[View]
51998963Help anons. Been stuck in NPC mode for many months. I think I've forgotten how to hold a conver…[View]
51994848how much and how often do you drink, /r9k/?[View]
51999609I hate how i have to work harder than normies just to be on their level of 'normal' meanwhile people…[View]
51998845is there a point in living as a chinlet?[View]
51999062>used to be funny >spend 2 years depressed and isolated >get a degree and try to reconnect …[View]
51998015look what I found on the ground walking home from class....[View]
51995131/britfeel/: Maundy Thursday edition[View]
51997671Is being happy just a meme? Have hot Russian/Asian gf I met 2 months ago. Have insane sex 2-3 times …[View]
51999398What do I have to do to get a fembot gf?[View]
51998999Who else going to /wagecuck/ during Easter holidays?[View]
51996980I cannot take it anymore. All I want to do is have sex. Is an escort my only option? 22 kvh skinny p…[View]
51998197You guys should honestly start wearing girls clothes. It's much more comfy, looks so cute and t…[View]
51999410>so anon.. tell me about yourself ? oh fuck bois, its that time again. Don't want to fuck up…[View]
51997684>just befriended the guy who fucked my gf while we were dating I want off this fucking ride…[View]
51997777i'm opening a trap and tranner maid cafe. I'll be accepting your resumes here. thank you v…[View]
51997960>Make a senseless short film of a guy who keeps falling over >No reason, I just wanted to test…[View]
51999344post in thread im interested in to bump it >kill it sorry bro :([View]
51999266I have a theory that lots of people on this board like chinks because most of them look like little …[View]
51999022Where exactly is the pleasure in this life??: When people give you advice on how to improve your lif…[View]
51999371Post your favorite female body part. I'll start.[View]
51999490>He hit my boyfriend in front of me[View]
51999274Guys I need some beer/wine/anything that will get me drunk with vomiting. I used to be able to keep …[View]
51999001What would you do if you came home and found 2006 era Avril Lavigne sitting on your soaf?[View]
51998480Zero days, null tagen, noll dagar. Are you ready /r9k/?[View]
51998711I've come to make an announcement: Shadow the Hedgehog's a bitch ass mother fucker. He pi…[View]
51995993>got pumped and dumped by a robot >we were supposed to be living together by this time >ins…[View]
51999411>he has the gacy smirk[View]
51997532Does anyone else prefer hanging out with girls than guys? At least you can fuck them, the vast major…[View]
51998707Trans people are selfish pieces of shit who don't realize what they put other people through in…[View]
51999361> Hey anon, you've always been such a good friend. Would you be open to the idea of getting …[View]
51998633>have a thicc fit amazonian gf >want a tiny petite gf >have tiny petite gf >want a thicc…[View]
51997928Has anyone else accepted that they shouldn't be allowed to look at a woman's body?[View]
51999355I haven't been on this board since Shauliby killed himself. What the hell has happened since th…[View]
51998175I wish my willy had the Chad curve[View]
51996311if you are truly hetero you will be able to identify which of these is male[View]
51999223What would you do if a wizard changed you into a middle aged man?[View]
51998958Help, I Need a Reason to Live: >I have a few dollars. >I have no reason to live. All I do is w…[View]
51999038Why does the filet-o-fish cost so much compared to the mcchicken and the double cheeseburger[View]
51999050Black Robot Feels: >tfw asked an asian girl today if she would go on a date with me >had 2 oth…[View]
51999276>be me >biggest attention whore >have an anxiety disorder Maybe thats just god taking care …[View]
51998166why do roasties do this robots?[View]
51993525TERFs forced to pay for Transwomen's Face Surgeries: A University is now forcing their students…[View]
51997204Posting Vivi cooking acorns every day until l get a grip on my procrastination and attain a level of…[View]
51998047My mom is old and sick. Im her only caregiver. What job can i get where i can choose hours or not ha…[View]
51999009How long does it take on average for someone you're dating to realize you have a weird fetish?:…[View]
51997172In the unlikely case you have a date, what would you wear?[View]
51999154Imagine thinking that there's anything more attractive than the face: >be zayn malik >5…[View]
51997397I'm so fucking bored, all the time. I don't use the internet/electronics, have no friends …[View]
51996919Does anyone here have an imaginary bf/gf? I've been considering telling people I have a bf so I…[View]
51997490>you will never, ever have a thick yummy cock like this one Why live?[View]
51998502>wake up >still fat[View]
51998292Life's a piece of shit, when you look at it. Life's a laugh and death's a joke, it…[View]
51999087what the actual fuck is life supposed to be about. all this normie shit sucks but robot life is just…[View]
51997138So like the sperg I am one of my hobbies is watching numbers go up and down. Meaning that I closely …[View]
51998201>cheated on gf during our 'break' >she freaks out >still fucking the other woman and she sa…[View]
51997017>he yells at me in public[View]
51998888drinking: whats up bros? thursday noon drink edition hows it going[View]
51990569Feels Thread: It's been a while robots. Best green texts you have saved. Also does anyone have …[View]
51995049Took 50 pictures of my face in 10 minutes. I think I got the gays for myself.[View]
51998367ITT: Shit you did that still haunts you[View]
51998565>anon I sense that you want to ask me out[View]
51998710>4 day nofap >balls have become firmer, fuller and bigger >get rock hard the instant I have…[View]
51998770Options on getting a relationship: Guy's I need help. I haven't gone out with anyone in se…[View]
51997316sexual abuse[View]
51998615>be me >pay for some girl to send me nude videos/pics >she complies for the first day >m…[View]
51998620Sup: Guys i just discovered a new skill i can fucking sing and a chad said i sound good should i kee…[View]
51998559>posts on /r9k/ >wants me to confirm I'm no robot Excuse me?…[View]
51998569Fuck bots I'm so fucking lonely hold me. I'm almost 27 and have barely any friends. Only a…[View]
51994470>Oh look anon! There's a chick over there, isn't it cute?[View]
51998540>see thread with first image being pornographic >immediately minimise thread without even read…[View]
51998728Share your School/field trip stories: I remember one time our catholic school organized a fieldtrip …[View]
51998700>Be me >No friends >No hobbies or social skills so unable to make friends >Dumb af, low …[View]
51998391>2019 >still not living in your cozy van[View]
51998675What the frick anonymate friends? https://youtu.be/zR2KMhYE2Us[View]
51998513is there even anything fun to do in life as a sub-average male?[View]
51998630>tfw you will never revisit the day when chicken tenders became a meme and people were posting pi…[View]
51992227When did she post this ? Tell me anons, who the fuck came on my precious Ebony fembots face. She was…[View]
51997850Always bite my lip during sex and foreplay: >be me >24 year old khhv >finally get a gf >…[View]
51996922>Talking to fembot >We are laughing and having fun >She makes a comment about my deep voice…[View]
51998579Xochitl puts on her huaraches in front of the shrine her mother built for her late father. Today is …[View]
51992721Psy-Ops: Can we talk about all of the psy-ops that are posted on /r9k/? I feel like its getting a li…[View]
51993847Any cute robots up?[View]
51998324/alcohol/ thread: What are you drinking anons? do you have a drinking problem?[View]
51998412Why does it even matter who has it harder? We are all humans, we all have our own challenges to over…[View]
51997448so... is this the new thing we're doing now?[View]
51998439REE I don't want to see any more of this garbage[View]
51996227>tfw no clingy fembot gf: feels very originally bad[View]
51997576>any mildly different or stressful social situation >start shaking violently and suddenly nee…[View]
51998437>there are femanons with disgusting saggy pancake tits on /r9k/ right now laugh at them ITT…[View]
51998279What reasons do you have to go outside? I usually only go outside to play basketball and buy groceri…[View]
51998250Let's have a good old music thread https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=malJUMz2A9Y[View]
51997575Im taking an ethics class for computer science and have to give a presentation. What are some good t…[View]
51998331>be me >20 year old ex-homeless mentally ill britfag >live in hostel when I was homeless, n…[View]
51996938What is the best minecraft version? For me, I can't get any lower than 1.4.2 because it allowed…[View]
51993850just found out im trans AMA: i just find out im trans ama[View]
51998160>claims to be a fembot >doesn't get off on buttstuff no…[View]
51994591What is the least original phrase you can still post on /r9k/?[View]
51996943I've got 4 weeks with a foot break at home, already had 3.Anything to keep me happy and not bor…[View]
51994760R9K's thoughts on Mr.Robot? Pic related[View]
51997595>tfw no crystal cafe gf Why won't they date us?[View]
51993489>He has an allergy[View]
51997803>mother comes to my room to whine about everything everyday >never happy about anything I do, …[View]
51997998>start NoFap >2 days in, no appeal for asphyxiation porn anymore it DOES work guys…[View]
51970703It's gonna be a long night, help a fellow anon out and drop your best CYOA's[View]
51998004>young, caramel qt with nice legs/booty dropping squats in front of me and tells me to have a nic…[View]
51997290What does an actual top 5% chad look like? Post pictures of actual day-to-day chads, no male model p…[View]
51997527Are you a roomer, /r9k/?[View]
51997651Share bad tinder experiences: >Use tinder >Get match with pic related >Exchange Snapchats, …[View]
51997287Rate and bully my fiance robots. Edit her picture if you please let's have a good laugh[View]
51997878Hit me with your funniest Wojaks/Apus/Pepes. I need to add to my collection[View]
51997702Remember this ugly son of a cunt? He found a girlfriend. Just make a youtube channel, bro https://ww…[View]
51996729Milkyboi: Milkyboi Why havent you gotten yourself a milkyboi yet robots I just had a photoshop with …[View]
51994836>tfw you will never, ever meet a girl this pretty IRL[View]
51996551My parents left yesterday for a 3 week holiday in Australia. I have the house all to myself, what sh…[View]
51997840I'M SO BORED AND HORNY !!!!!!!![View]
51997804>no fembot to take lemontek with[View]
51997474Have you accepted your lot in life?[View]
5199761944 y/o tranny sucked my 18 y/o cock, AMA: I fell asleep, whoops. Continuing: >>51993815 No STD…[View]
51995582Does it turn anyone else on to imagine their GF getting facefucked and facialized by past boyfriends…[View]
51991767is this just the robot movie?[View]
51996593>lift daily >become obsessed with power and building mass >wake up today >want to be a s…[View]
51997587>the new yoga center down my street found out that I was the one shitting on their windows after …[View]
51996758If you could instantly delete worldwide groups of people, which would you choose and why?: I would d…[View]
51997731>out on bail >have to go to the courthouse for random drug tests at a cost of $25 >I don…[View]
51994905>Told him I already have a bf >Still flirts with me…[View]
51997741>didnt go to a test for which i had to study 30 pages because i kept thinking of studying but nev…[View]
51997717>it might be me,you dont know,but i do >coming home from the store >i live in a flat and i …[View]
51997248I have a girlfriend (female) and recently cheated on her with this girl (male) who I was fuck buddie…[View]
51997621Why do normies love sex so much ? Just to talk about,do and think about. Why is it a normie's t…[View]
51996960how do i become gay? i want love but i dont understand women at all, my mum left home and then died …[View]
51995237twiggy.69 & women_of_4chan: They disrespecting our queens[View]
51997693Would you rather be a faggot or a wanker?[View]
51996905If you have never been at emotionally abused, you are NOT a robot. period. people who have never exp…[View]
51997513what do if had death note but need to picture someones genitalia instead of their face???[View]
51997378Femanons, have you ever stared at a guy's bulge in his pants?[View]
51997451Hello, I'm looking for someone to bully me into suicide. This is not for some retarded sexual f…[View]
51996696how tf do you kiss someone?[View]
51994258any robots here from Kansas? ive never once seen anyone else from this state despite how miserable i…[View]
51997034A good day: >walking down the street talking and laughing with the girl im kinda interested in …[View]
51997385someone pls just shoot me in the fucking head[View]
51995885>mom found the cum blender[View]
51996569why do men keep doing this to themselves?[View]
51996268Jannies please ban everyone that is using this pic or any variant on it ok thx.[View]
51997512sunlight deprevation disorder https://www.sunsprite.com/blog/9-ways-a-lack-of-sun-is-killing-you/…[View]
51996208Post a pic from where you live robots. Let it explain why you don't go outside.[View]
51997493is there a folder or catalog with tons of female profile pictures, or just inconspicuous pictures fr…[View]
51995653manlet discussion: what's up with the recent surge of people arguing about whetever it's o…[View]
51997056took an 'official' IQ test for job aptitude and came up as 102. My language skills and everything ca…[View]
51996731I did it guys I noticed my belly was smaller and I checked the scale and i've lost 5 pounds sin…[View]
51997431>take off underwear >smell it for a good 40 seconds >instantly get hard…[View]
51997027>he is able to go up to a girl and start a conversation with her how?[View]
51994417>b-but racemixing is ba-[View]
51994001>tfw ugly WHY??? Every time I start getting a little bit of self-confidence and think I look pass…[View]
51997319>I don't push him hard, because I know he can't handle it...[View]
51994991Captain Save A Hoe syndrome: All I wanna do is get a nice slutty girl who has been used and abused b…[View]
51994393>Told him Ive dated a black man >Called me a whore…[View]
51995988Why does 4chan stay relevant and sites like Something Awful wither and die after 10 years?[View]
51997243>lost phone >got phone back >dont have to waste 200+ bucks i am so happy…[View]
51997169is this the future: roaming gangs outside and people only communicating through the internet?[View]
51997006Why do normies assume that everyone has a job? They always ask 'what is your job', not 'do you have …[View]
51996286Who is the most beautiful woman and why is it Joss Fong?: More Asians should get with whites to prod…[View]
51997080Wagecucking General: How do I get the motivation to start applying to wagecuck positions I'll p…[View]
51997064Enjoying adulthood: Going to be graduating in about 3 weeks. Can't say I'm super stoked to…[View]
51996496Why do you hate normies? I need to explain a girl who asked me why do I hate society and social inte…[View]
51994817>ywn live in /comfy/ Pyongyang https://youtu.be/fzZ9DELf8pc[View]
51993150>'ate Rhodies >'ate walls >'ate the souff >luv a feast >luv me lance …[View]
51996998Anyone else here given up on men? They either just want to fuck you, or are unappealing in general. …[View]
51996991What does happiness feel like? I seem to have forgotten.[View]
51991779What does a girl's butt feel like brehs?[View]
51996961Randy Stair is my Hero: And i would love to join the EGS as a transexual cartoon ghost girl. I had e…[View]
51996237the anus is not a sexual organ. FACT. homosexualty is a perversion of natural law. FACT[View]
51996810Who here fucked >brainlet >chinlet >jawlet >ugly as fuck i am so angry and messed up abo…[View]
51996868I told her I liked her and she said she liked me[View]
51994946ITT: We practice our conversation skills by talking to cleverbot: Hello anons, let's play a gam…[View]
51995941MUTATIONS, MUTATIONS, MUTATIONS: I thought mutations were bad. White people come from mutations Why …[View]
51996269>9-5, mo-fri how do normies even do it. like how is it even possible?[View]
51996738Anyone want the rest of my Pizza and fries? I'm about to blow up.[View]
51996893Uk thread, post some fYciing leeds girls, just get in after my some weird tucking drinks and cocktai…[View]
51992486Do any of you use riot.im? I hate the cancer that is discord but I need some form of interaction wit…[View]
51994018>You shouldn't judge people by their looks >HAHA Farquaad is short, fuck him What did the…[View]
51995896femanons who shave their pussy and ass are NOT welcome here[View]
51996438>Jews are the only folk that call themselves 'The chosen people' >The jewish sect of Luranics …[View]
51971530Letter thread: I adore these threads but I always seem to miss them. Leave initials -- or don't…[View]
51996726I find it hilarious that women are popping up saying 'Asian men are hot.' And 'I love Asian guys.' …[View]
51995023Why don't you just settle to a 6/10 like pic related?[View]
51996780>be me >1st grade >girl asks me to be her bf >say no Am I robot or merely a failed normi…[View]
51996017All my life I've had the innate desire to hurt animals. It began with pouring chemicals on inse…[View]
51995769>tfw no peep bf rip peep[View]
51996467>tfw to awkward to talk in voice chat[View]
51995904how do I approach pic related? give your best openers[View]
51996406Mortal Kombat 11: It looks good and the launch trailer is cool so I am excited[View]
51995557GOSPEL OF THE DAY: From the Gospel according to John JN 13:1-15 Before the feast of Passover, Jesus …[View]
51995309im a butcher that sells female cuts, ama[View]
51993931Anyone else have anhedonia? I had a severe depressive episode in 2012, but i mostly recovered, but i…[View]
51996447Last night I dreamed of a girl. We were someplace sunny, walking and talking without a care. We sat …[View]
51996600i feel lonely as shit, its been a while since i've been out of this place, but i guess i'l…[View]
51984801literally NO excuse for being a manlet in 2019[View]
51995916>6' and change >7.5' long, 6.5' circumference horsecock that I can literally stretch to t…[View]
51995405/manipulation/ Can robots manipulate or does it take far too much on a nuanced understanding of soci…[View]
51980400You make a wish and I will either grant it or curse you >ask if you dare…[View]
51996314Something weird is staring at me since an hour: WTF is that ? What should I do ?[View]
51991064I want to emotionally scar someone forever. Honestly it sounds like it would be the greatest feeling…[View]
51996381Inviting fellow anons to my IRC channel If you don't know what IRC is, access this link: https:…[View]
51994468Why the fuck should I date a normie? Those very same kind of people who dissed me when I was a littl…[View]
51990936Women live life on ultimate extreme indisputable easy mode Change my fucking mind. Guess what, you w…[View]
51996355Daily reminder anal is for cucks. Chad is by definition the most successful breeder and cucks are ge…[View]
51992494>'why do you hate women anon? they are nice!'[View]
51996056Do you have any chance of escaping the wagie-loop, or do you not mind being at the bottom of the soc…[View]
51994375r9k is pulling you down into a shit life: ^ and you know it. All people do in here is complain about…[View]
51996033Why do SJWs talk about white privilege but never Jewish privilege? They have 50% of Nobel prizes. Le…[View]
51995496>be me >27 years old >virgin >never had a girlfriend >kissless virgin we are not goin…[View]
51995200>21y old doomer >wake up at 2pm, can't sleep anymore >sun is shining bright, first bea…[View]
5199609818th birthday today robots Finally actually allowed to be on here[View]
51993232Whats /r9k/'s favorite soda? for me its mtn dew.[View]
51991445>be me >arguing with dad over text again about me getting a job >says he hates me >send…[View]
51995403I demand a definitive answer once and for all. Is there any possibility a girl could ever love me? O…[View]
51994478This meme is not funny.[View]
51996214post Nero daddy[View]
51995100>he thinks ciara threads are a relic from the past >he thinks ciara threads are gone Hahahaha.…[View]
51995706>finally make myself dating app account >get few matches with ugly and decent looking girls …[View]
51995471Women get out: This place is for people who are outcasts not if too many men are flirting with you a…[View]
51994236Why is publicly saging and reporting a thread/reply banned?[View]
51995808Fembots, how does it feel to cuck a man? Is the sex physically more exciting or does it just feel ps…[View]
51994512Generation Z: If someone says 'this isn't a phase', it's a fucking phase.[View]
51995928>tfw got stood up and ghosted by a girl (note she asked to meet up not me) a little sad obviously…[View]
51996067>be me >in high school, loser >almost never leave the house >no friends >get results …[View]
51995971Short Anon Went To The Store: I am short anon >Out of frozen peas, always eat them with my dinner…[View]
51995522>sitting in video call with girl as she sleeps am i a normie yet?[View]
51995571>Women contacts you over the internet >Give short vaguely rude responses >Eventually ignor…[View]
51995650Why arent you wearing boots 24/7 anon? It changed my life[View]
51995629>Brother was recovering alcoholic >He started drinking again yesterday It took six years for h…[View]
51995632>tfw incel >'FEMCELS DON'T EXIS-!'[View]
51995638I left this fuckhole of a board in 2015, I went through depression and some hard times, but now I ha…[View]
51995288>tfw your two best friends confess to being in love with you in the same week I thought life was …[View]
51995138Wow, that was a cheap diagnosis. Anyone else schizo here?[View]
51994308>tell my mom about red pill stuff >she says its BS and that I have women Its over.…[View]
51993042>'Spit some bars, anon-san!'[View]
51992261whats r9k's thoughts on trannies?[View]
51994644Man do I hate living in Bangladesh[View]
51995770anybody heard of the linden method for anxiety? does it work? I cant go on feeling so scared all the…[View]
51993056>i act edgy because i dont know how to make friends >i act like i dont care because i dont kn…[View]
51994995Hello, I'm looking for someone to bully me into suicide. This is not for some retarded sexual f…[View]
51981385Genetic Inferiority Thread: This is the Genetic Inferiority Thread ITT we list ways that we don…[View]
51994937>tfw sitting in a dark room lit only by my computer screen and drinking while listening to music …[View]
51994369>anon you look cute like a teddy bear >what did she mean by this…[View]
51991897Reminder that if you haven't slept in a bed with a naked woman cuddling beside you you are lite…[View]
51994953When was the last time you shared a meal with a friend or loved one?[View]
51995447Doee anyone else really hate poor people?: Handicaps and other things that prevent you from working …[View]
51989236Women hate thread: Can we have a classic women hating thread? Women are all awful nasty fucking whor…[View]
51995201Is this the kinda thing that goes on during spring break?[View]
51995414>got rid of everything anime related >got rid of faggit >getting rid of my computer >hop…[View]
51993428>TFW no cute butthole verified fembot GF[View]
51995452Now that I'm awake, once I masturbate and eat breakfast I won't have anything to do for th…[View]
519937171. How often do you jerk off? 2. How happy are you?[View]
51994958I look and behave exactly like napoleon dynamite[View]
51994690Ideal gf thread: We haven't had one of those in a while so post em boys[View]
51994906Submit the best caption of this photo of a dead prisoner in Colombia who was strangled by another pr…[View]
51987075/britfeel/: tfw no vampire gf edition[View]
51995359Tfw my oneitis has been dating/fucking only black men since she hit puberty REEE we were best friend…[View]
51993966Did this girl want to be kissed? t. Autist >https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=gh-sUQQj2wct=205s [Open…[View]
51995212Fuck my life: >Ask out crush >she says yes >we hug >it feels so real >think to myself…[View]
51995116>had to ghost a guy again[View]
51995024>go on 4chins >see funny post made by anonymous >makes me laugh thank you anonymous…[View]
51994222i was so ready to stop being a doomer and so i decided to make life choises >makes life choises C…[View]
51994252AMA and anything else: >1 beer and a half in out of 3 >compsi student on Easter break with not…[View]
51995089https://medium.com/@dadalacks/the-silent-re-engineering-of-the-male-psyche-ed6cd3adeb3f >Men are …[View]
51995214Is there anything gayer than this life?[View]
51993284I just got my cock cleaned by a 44 year old transsexual drug addict, AMA I'm 18 and this is my …[View]
51994983NOOOOO why are there feminists on my blackpill board?[View]
51990315find robots to play games with!!! >discord / steam >games you play…[View]
51993821Reminder that transfaggotry has no place whatsoever on /r9k/. All threads about trannies, traps, or …[View]
51993616Good morning anon! Are you doing well?[View]
51991739>put chair in shower >take a shower in the dark >'OMG ANON WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU THATS WEI…[View]
51995016made a crooked and inaccurate doomer version of yourself in a paint post your own, lads[View]
51994709Apparently, if you post a pic of yourself on Tinder with a dog that isn't yours, you're an…[View]
51990653>Sleeping 3.5 hours a night since 5 months. I need an easy way to kill myself guys. There's …[View]
51994158So this just happend >working grave at a store that doesn't get too busy at night >my gf …[View]
51994803How can one board games salesman be so based?[View]
51994940>tfw you will never have a girlfriend with boobs that make up roughly 20% of her body weight…[View]
51994814I got a Sega Genesis for the Christmas of 1993.[View]
51989249pepe: alright /r9k/ pepe thread? give me all your pepes[View]
51994622Please be kind to fembots, /t9k/[View]
51989982Itt. We post only objective 10/10 girls. I'll start: Protip: no chinks allowed[View]
51993989help me with math anon: ohaiyo! I need help with math. If ur a boi who knows solutions to pic relate…[View]
51993674If dubs i exit out all 56 tabs of porn ive been saving for latter and start nofap[View]
51992212i want to start no fap, is it worth it? what changes have you noticed and are your moods better?[View]
51994753I feel like I'm completely disintegrating. I get lost in thought when I'm in public I…[View]
51991053MEXIFEELS: >Look pretty white >Act white >Tell girl I'm mexican >She slowly begins …[View]
51994702>thought I had a long and skinny >It's actually just small all around Haha…[View]
51994548How do you grow up and stop seeking validation? It gets in the way of who I feel I am.[View]
51990765ima go sleep and maybe an anon will say nice thing to me. Ima cuddle my dakki[View]
51992701My first attempt. What do you guys think?[View]
51993513>be me >have headache >drink cofe >no mor headache thanks cofe…[View]
51994568>tfw when i feel like im going to throw up rn[View]
51994541>When you remember that you DID have a chance at getting laid in your childhood and you fucked up…[View]
51986875Which is worst?: Being a >Manlet >Hairlet or >Dicklet…[View]
51994487why yes, I have never spoken with a female, what gave it away?[View]
51992872whats the best thing ever happened to you?: dad hugged me while crying.[View]
51993313>the only way to make a woman want you is to ignore her >but if you give her attention she won…[View]
51993721Jews: What's the deal with Jews and how they control the world? I was isolated from society for…[View]
51993834Guys lets just get a positivity thread going: Share something good that has happened in your life.…[View]
51988991>Think about my cats inevitable death >start to tear up I love my cat so much, I don't ev…[View]
51993775>live in a rural eu area My life and yet another summer is ruined. Can't do anything without…[View]
51993726>Came late to work for the billionth time. This is going on for years now and I constantly fear t…[View]
51993839Need 1000 monies In a week I have no skills I have access to and iPad only I already get bux so …[View]
51991572Privilege: Why everybody is trying to rip down everybody who geniunely works hard? I am an engineer …[View]
51994183https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NdYWuo9OFAw >tfw when autism >tfw when aspd >tfw when kinda…[View]
51993890Who else here /straightbutpracticesdeepthroatingdildoes/?[View]
51993930How to stop being a degenerate?[View]
51992967Depressed since I got bumped last night.: Rah, I'm talking since days about a girl I might have…[View]
51990787I have 17 threads hidden on the catalog. How many threads have you filtered now?[View]
51991667Alright faggots, post what your listening to RIGHT NOOOOOOOWWWWW! GO GO GOOOOOO! https://youtu.be/f0…[View]
51994013>tfw no gf to play tabletop roleplaying games with[View]
51993993>reply to a thread >it dies >create a thread >it 2 replies and dies…[View]
51992146How do I get over the fact that I'm average and will never stick my peepee in something this ge…[View]
51993652>spill coffee on new couch >mom gets mad >calls me a good for nothing failure and vows to g…[View]
51993916Porn is cuck simulation[View]
51993677I've lost my fucking mind and I just want everything to go back to normal[View]
51993559TFW: you're in love with two different girls[View]
51993268Tell me about your fsvorite type of monster girl. Myne are cyclops and orges.[View]
51993776did anyone here actually had a normal gf in their life? like a normal relationship that wasnt a one …[View]
51992650How can asian bois even recover from insane cuckery?[View]
51993829/suicide/ Thread for discussion of all things suicide related. Feel free to vent here also about why…[View]
51993632Is speaking from your chest 24/7 legit? When I speak from my chest, my voice is below 75 hertz which…[View]
51993189Tfw you could be chad: >be taller then people your age as a kid >be popular >have a good fa…[View]
51993354Is there any place where i can buy extremely oversized hoodies, its kinda difficult for me because i…[View]
51993596ricecels why not get a russian gf?[View]
51988958Rich Asian fag here: I'll most likely end up giving you guys some money in the future. >no s…[View]
51993357I'm really weak, for all my talk of being a stalwart and stoic man, I'm such an emotional …[View]
51993121fuck...I want to impregnate some tribal sheboons[View]
51992492>when she says she missed you It's bullshit but it's the kind of bullshit that makes yo…[View]
51992943>holding my dick waiting for anon to find the sauce so I can finish fapping…[View]
51992679Seriously if you aren't defending the cool star wars guy then FUCK YOU! he is /our guy/![View]
519936454chan hackers confirmed?: >Top and bottom of page have porn ads >half of all posts in any real…[View]
51989149These dumb ugly bitches are desperate for your cock.: Do you have what it takes to satisfy them?…[View]
51990300> did not get a GF freshmen year of college I tried so hard and did not get far.…[View]
51993280It's 2019 and this bland whore is still relevant, why?[View]
51992667Is learning to draw worth the time and effort? Is it rewarding?[View]
51993256>have to leave the house in half an hour[View]
51993507Antman dies in end game[View]
51993521>i just want to sit with a cute gf that will wear oversized sweaters and drink tea with me >i …[View]
51993052Why is being a man so shitty: Growing up hearing feminists and minorities bitch about male privilege…[View]
51991528Asian 'men' are not really 'men' but women with oversized clitorises[View]
51954555MBTI Thread: ISFJs A Best Edition: MBTI thread Let's lather love on our underrated ISFJ frens…[View]
51993445but I'm a creep I'm a weirdo: Am I a creep? I go out of my way to be the funny guy in the …[View]
51990910Okay, which one of you guyse was this?[View]
51993433>be me >horny >go on whisper >some thot wants to 'play with boys' >i say I'm big…[View]
51993408>that dad who shouted at his kids[View]
51991971How do we fix trashy white girls?[View]
51992162Why can't I get an actress gf that I force to stay in character the entire time we're toge…[View]
51993165Will I be ridiculed if I go to the same restaurant every other day? Will they think Im too spoiled …[View]
51989503what are signs that a girl is NOT interested? i'll start >dismissive/absent minded in conver…[View]
51992785About to fly to to the states What should I expect?[View]
51993223Whats up robros. Just checking in[View]
51993009>tfw no millwright bf[View]
51992488>love a girl >try being nice to her >she treats me like a retarted beta basedboy >real…[View]
51991382Why does the US have the highest incarceration rate of any developed nation? What is going on here? …[View]
51976597Waifu General #141: Hoping for the best edition Previous: >>51955586[View]
51992074Where all my climbfags at? Whats your favorite climb?[View]
51992616>sore throat >drink hot tea with lemon >throat is better thank you hot tea with lemon…[View]
51992060>'Once you stop looking for a girlfriend you'll eventually find one, trust me, I stopped loo…[View]
51992763Would you sniff a European girl's ass? Which country do you think has the best smells?[View]
51993096Please listen to /blank space/[View]
51993007/drugfeels/: enevning boiz fresh outta rehab with 2 bottles of scotch and a pound of weed. come shil…[View]
51993100>be me >want to make a green text >think of it >about to commit >then remember I…[View]
51992915it's me on the Ieft.[View]
51979325Are animals even sapient enough to want and not want such a thing? Its all instinctual.[View]
51993041>tfw drown my fears and depression in alcohol >tfw grandpa died of liver failure >see you s…[View]
51993066I'm officially in love brothers And I have some chances with her After having so many dates wit…[View]
51992982Karl Darx[View]
51991900Anyone else on here extremely soft spoken? Every time I talk at work someone tells me to speak up bu…[View]
51991862Why don't you wear a cute dress like this anon? I'm sure your figure will complement the d…[View]
51992747You're not a real robot unless you've played this game[View]
51992640Who in their right mind lives here?: https://www.google.com/maps/dir//-40.349679,-9.880598/@-37.0671…[View]
51992530>supported moms intentions to separate from dad because he always was kind of a dick, and didn…[View]
51992686Class, we'd like to introduce a new classmate. >AAUGHR REEEEE AOOUWEEE Everyone please gree…[View]
51992439House centipede: >be me >3am drinking tea >pic related skitters into view >NOpe fuck thi…[View]
51992049Happy/Comfy Thread: Posts comfy things that make you feel happy. Pictures, stories, videos, whatever…[View]
51990191Give me some ideas on what to buy. I can buy almost anything I want so go wild[View]
51982781are guys able to smell if I masturbate too much[View]
51986406Why are so many millennials drinking themselves to death?[View]
51992587just had my car stolen anons, lets get a good depression thread[View]
51992728What should I do all day tomorrow? >Read VNs (Island or If My Heart Had Wings) >Read Manga (Do…[View]
51991837good morning wagie. what's that? you're off to work? I understand... gotta make money for …[View]
51992016exactly a year and three days ago I said I'd make a post in exactly a year saying what changed …[View]
51991748black people white people what is the difference inb4 eeeereeereee dooodadoodadoo[View]
51992213>Be me > 12 years old >Autistic as fuck >Watch an anime called Evangelion > Good ani…[View]
51992603Ops? https://soundcloud.com/user-780004303/weird-beat-only[View]
51992575Is it true SSRIs lower your testosterone?[View]
51992582Currently at work.: First day at the job. I already want to blow my head off. Is it even worth it? I…[View]
51991798Would it be cringe to put tfw no gf as my tinder bio?[View]
51990898How do we roll back on the sexual revolution?[View]
51992478How does /r9k/ feel about the fact that /b/ cannot be used to make quality threads anymore, or at le…[View]
51991829Ok thats it i am sick of being alone can someone please talk to me i just can't take it anymore…[View]
51990938>Somehow get gf that's too normie/stacey for me >Always wondered what she saw in me, but …[View]
51991844Retail.: Retail is the worst job because of other people. You get paid nothing and treated like shit…[View]
51990456>tfw no jaded, broken, misandrist gf to show true love for the first time in her life…[View]
51992457first therapy session today lads: not exactly looking forward to it rehearsed some of my answers so …[View]
51992380Who /sad/ >tfw havent felt comfortable to express myself around parents or brother in years >t…[View]
51989743Why do you prefer a NEET lifestyle, anon? Why do you actually revel in the degradation you subject …[View]
51992359Nobody can help me, not even myself.[View]
51992427https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p6uMLMiv5aM >one chance at life >NOT born in a culture where a…[View]
51992122>3+ likes on Tinder >like every swipe to see who liked me >still no matches and have to pay…[View]
51992416Do you have any freaky bdsm experience?[View]
51989439Is it true Vyvanse is better for the heart and the cardiovascular system than Ritalin?[View]
51992181Memories of a better day[View]
51992326Do people here have friends? I have had friends at times, and they all end up abandoning me. Current…[View]
51991969>tfw cuddle pillow and pretend it's fembot wow it feels so nice to hold you i never want to …[View]
51992147I have a FB account I use for news and other interests and another I use for 'straight-up friends'. …[View]
51992080>tfw no genderbend pepe gf[View]
51992176>Walls perfectly fine Why would you ever build anything not out of thick stone?…[View]
51991084>Could play a game or watch some anime to entertain myself >Instead just sit here at my desk f…[View]
51991385i recently had my eyes tested and I have a -.50 astigmatism. Am I autistic for wearing glasses for …[View]
51992232Choose between the three. You will be very succesful in each universe (after a lot of adventures) an…[View]
51990153Literaly /r9k/: the movie[View]
51992067tfw you're so fucking retarded you have fantasies about going back to highschool and not doing …[View]
51991812I've been a pretend virgin to atleast 40+ women over the past 5 years. Most ranging from age 40…[View]
51991522Isn't usually white boys who do this? I'm confused. >Man Who Threw Child Off Mall Balco…[View]
51992088How many days in row have you gotten drunk?[View]
51992129>the past is in the past, femanon. >mfw[View]
51990854>Be me >Be cheated on multiple times >Give up dating for years >Meet a new girl after al…[View]
51990904Easiest hard liquor to get down: What is your go to hard liquor robots, I've been drinking thes…[View]
51989591Why won't women give decent guys like us a chance?[View]
51991747>mum bought the knock-off sriracha[View]
51991437Everyone on /r9k/ is always going on and on about how trannies are the solution to losing their virg…[View]
51991995Why does talking about depression help with depression? Nothing about this entire kaboodle makes any…[View]
51991873I deeply hate my human body. I hate the fact that I need water, that I need to eat, that I need to s…[View]
51991052Why does the left side of my face look like a male model but the right side looks like an ugly mutt?…[View]
51991651>i think i have derealization >feels like i was 16 years old yesterday, feels like i'm go…[View]
51991157There's no greater time waste than listening to music.[View]
51991580Youmu is so cute[View]
51991161When will the tranny fad end?[View]
51991252is adhd real? i'm 25 and not diagnosed but fit the criteria 99% for adult adhd[View]
51991709assuming that: >everything that has ever been made by a human can be altered by a human is true, …[View]
51990147love.... it's really what's lacking in the world[View]
51991796I cucked some gymfag and he vowed to kill me if he ever saw me. He's on my bus as I'm typi…[View]
51991781>tfw never even post in any threads except my own Just come here to shitpost when I'm bored.…[View]
51990339Guy friend: I have sort of liked one of my best guy friends for a while now but I havent made it kno…[View]
51990909Be honest with me bros, is it going to get better? somebody talk to me[View]
51991339>be oldfag >be too indecisive to move out of my dad's house because anywhere I go I would…[View]
51988044>be me >have friends over >we dick around on my pc going onto youtube >i go for a piss …[View]
51991620>tfw want to be a security guard but my BMI is 17[View]
51991174ITT shameful secrets: I once paid a femanon to spend some time with me on my birthday. I never told …[View]
51990877Why is there so many self hating hapas? I honestly dont think there is anything wrong about being on…[View]
51991713>wanted to write tonight >am unable to put anything down on paper despite knowing what I need …[View]
51991698Now, firmly grasp it[View]
51991299Imagine having a really, really bad day and then to top it all off getting poor customer service fro…[View]
51991456Yummy Food Thread: Help me with my eating disorder. Post pictures of whatever food you wish you were…[View]
51991603God lives.[View]
51990935Advice that you were given about girls that was actually designed to make you an incel: Tell all the…[View]
51991435>starting to have fake conversations with a fake gf that doesn't exist…[View]
51991328ITT: intense emotions survey: When did you realize your emotions were more intense than most? (not i…[View]
51991520I'm a hollow shell of a human at this point, more dead than alive. How do I cure this[View]
51991481Im a mutt with blood from all over the world. This means all the world is my homeland. Asia belongs …[View]
51991436Hi, I'm looking for a girl to love me.[View]
51991258Any anons play the kalimba? A robot here recommended it and I bought one, it's really fun, comf…[View]
51987497Quest Thread # 4: Today's mission: make a 4chan post that gets five replies. Link it in this th…[View]
51990508>tfw no battle royale bf[View]
51986391Why arent you living in a van yet r9k? Maximum comfy.[View]
51990465Seriously whatever happened to YikYak? That was one of the best apps I had in college. It was basica…[View]
51990096anyone on omegle tonight apart from the traps & the fatty playing music ?[View]
51991434Polish femanon: I am looking for polish femanon If you see this polish femanon pls leave ur discord…[View]
51990734>haven't looked at /r9k/ in months/years How's it going here? What's changed?…[View]
51991423>Be me a few years ago >JROTC fag >In class >Instructor calls my name. 'What?' >'Don…[View]
51989661>tfw you hit the male wall (23) and I'm still a virgin, i never got to fuck a girl properly …[View]
51990813What are your favorite porn genres? Mine: >deepthroat >BBC >ladyboy…[View]
51991199Gonna learn some new hobbies and some new languages and finally finish Python coding and master it …[View]
51991295have you ever had an awkward interview? how did it go?[View]
51988553Why does everyone lie to me?: >It's only for a month >I'm not going to leave you the…[View]
51990314>walk female coworker home from work >she asks if I want to come in for a bit >say thank y…[View]
51990330How to tell if a shy girl likes you?: Been talking to this girl for a couple of months and getting m…[View]
51988459>Be 30 year old handhold-less virgin >Get match on Tinder >Talking to her for a few days, g…[View]
51990710>could've been a chad >born with a fat fucking nose i got fucked by genetics…[View]
51990815>gf is leaving for a vacation with her friends >very mad about it cause there's also a gu…[View]
51991236As a young boy my father had instilled the courage into me to not be ashamed of my phallus[View]
51990294>be me >go on a subreddit for bad faucet designs >every post has a comment going 'the desig…[View]
51988282this is a public robot announcement concerning flat chest and small boob femanons. we love you just …[View]
51991059Quiet: ITT, we silently meditate.[View]
51991201with 4chan being really popular, why isn't there a lot of users? I think slow boards like this …[View]
51990890WHAT THE FUCK: I thought it was just me getting bullied but I looked around 4chan some more today an…[View]
51991241>spill vodka on desk >light on fire LOLOLOLOLOLOL DESK FIRE inb4 alcohol abuse…[View]
51991222Why aren't the threads being bumped correctly? is it the jews?[View]
51989476When did you discover how autistic you really were?[View]
51990537Real talk, when will Canada collapse as a society? We're basically the most progressive society…[View]
51991040What are those special feels you love in life, robots? >Tfw you fart while laying on your side an…[View]
51990064>tfw i get anxious on VRchat[View]
51991033>get invited to incel discord server >post face pic >get called a chad and banned Incels a…[View]
51990384At what year did you figure out that most women are not attracted to you? 2017 for me. I'm in a…[View]
51990577Male attractiveness vs. partner attractiveness: What are your opinions on this matter? For instance,…[View]
51989975I love this place so much You guys have helped me with so many shit even though im not either americ…[View]
51990203When did you realised that you didn't fit in society?[View]
51990334If I had the ability to make conscious decisions and follow through my life would be 1000x better...[View]
51989253The Roman empire fell because of these reasons and more. >Degenerate sexual practices, (Gay serva…[View]
51990693(1/2) >around 12am, bored one night >no friends to talk to, alone as usual. decide to go on om…[View]
51990652Favorite Ecchi?: New Devil has a better story set up by establishing Basara as a former hero clan me…[View]
51990951R9k hero: This is r9ks super hero. Say something nice about her Also give her a hero name…[View]
51990948shill thread kill me. give feedback on there or on here plz. https://www.twitch.tv/kitten_karen[View]
51989852How many generations of eugenics would it take to make the average height of mankind 7 feet tall?[View]
51990206Virgins: How old are you. Anyone reached wizardhood? I'm approaching it.[View]
51990883>spend hours on google maps, looking at how things have changed >google maps captured my house…[View]
51989045>'Anon, do you want to fight the Bolsheviks with me?' What do you do?[View]
51990860I must say im enjoying the new hentai ads. Much better.[View]
51989732>tfw somebody makes a thread with a screencap of your post on r/4chan[View]
51990844yeah, i nutted in james charles boipussy. what about it incel?[View]
51990647hey /b/ I just declared a girl I do not like. What do I do?[View]
51990824>thought i developed schizophrenia from a bad drug experience >did some more research >foun…[View]
51989764O no bros, I'm getting light headed trying to push out this log wish me luck[View]
51990555>tfw no perfect Chad bf Robots could never relate to the pain a fembot has to go through…[View]
51968908What's the most degenerate/fucked up thing you've done?[View]
51988901oi i need entertainment anyone got a discord trash group it's3am and I am dying of boredom[View]
51990480>earlier today >am at the ocean for vacation >go to a pier where people are fishing >wal…[View]
51988764I'm going to Walmart: Do y'all want anything?[View]
51989899your insecurity, vulnerability and in insanity are the only thing that keeps you from being an NPC, …[View]
51990747I had a great day today, and I ruined it right here at the end with a pornography binge. I'm so…[View]
51989884I honestly don't see myself living past the age of 30.[View]
51989009Imagine coming home to this. american women.[View]
51990751Man goes to doctor...[View]
51985981Free (you)'s >How log since you last fapped anon and what was it to? >would you remain a …[View]
51988484What are some of the smaller things you like on girls I love girls that wear tons of jewelry[View]
51989523All that I'm going through now is the fruit of my own choices, that's what I think. But st…[View]
51990642i WROTE A POEM BUT IT FUCKING died[View]
51989162>Finally meet a nice girl who's fun to talk to and seems interested in me and is nice on Dis…[View]
51988950Haha imagine accidentally getting her pregnant, and finding out shes keeping it. Like just imagine a…[View]
51988511iam just a average white guy who wants to get some black pussy[View]
51990567Embarassing Memories Thread: >go to donate blood for free sandwich >nurse asks me if I'm …[View]
51990100games like pic related that arent shit? like it seemed cool and stuff and then it just gets like 200…[View]
51990177Just want a supportive gf to come home to after im done working out. Thatd be great.[View]
51990322How do I stop being a jaded Star Wars fan and actually start liking shit again? I miss it.[View]
51990585Which of the two broke girls' titties would you like to suck?: I would suck Kat Dennings' …[View]
51990561Dying alone: Hey anons, i know this type of thing gets played out often but, i'm so frightened …[View]
51989124>Hey anon, lets take some pics for my isnta hehe :)[View]
51989943>what does this image make you feel Honk Honk![View]
51988414Why is asshole worship on the rise?: Has anyone else here noticed a big rise in asshole worship late…[View]
51990310How are there suicidal people?: Explain yourselves. What the hell is so bad about being alive that y…[View]
51990471GOTTA LET IT OUT GOTTA LET IT OUT GOTTA LET IT OUT GOTTA LET IT OUT https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=-W…[View]
51989365>tfw too much of a brainlet to remember my dreams I feel like I'm missing out, over my entir…[View]
51988281>tfw as of today you're officially a NEET basement dweller as opposed to a regular NEET…[View]
51989412Movies thread? It went well last time. Talk about movies you liked, what you've seen recently, …[View]
51989948When did you realize depression isn't real and you're sad because you're a weak faggo…[View]
51986433What's the worst mental illness to have?[View]
51989676When will all these fucking zoomer normalniggers go back to school? This board is fucking unbrowsabl…[View]
51987277There are a bunch of black young adult males smoking weed and drinking outside my apartment complex.…[View]
51988548Why are so many people dying from opioid overdoses? It's a literal epidemic at this point. What…[View]
51990260Was At The Gym Yesterday: >doing leg presses >semi-decent chick saw me glancing at her ass whe…[View]
51990197If you were in a get a slightly chubby big titty blue eyed brunette this week or die scenario, what …[View]
51989989This guy definitely has my vote Who else is gonna bite down on the Vermin Pill this coming election?…[View]
51989531I'm suicidal: Lots of shits happened recently It is over Best suicide method?[View]
51989051Why is it that when people upload animal videos to Youtube they almost always feel the need to inclu…[View]
51987284If life was a VN, what route are you playing right now?: I think I'm stuck in Bad End: NEET. Is…[View]
51989028>you will never have a 7 inch dick with coke can girth >you are stuck at 5 inches forever …[View]
51988914>be 16 >had dated a girl for 6 months >gonna have sex soon >take her to see late night m…[View]
51988687>be me serving food. >hear grill say 'tendies yay'. >look and see young grill. >grill is…[View]
51990028>family thinks Im the goodie two shoes as they put it >rest of family always getting into figh…[View]
51990031/balding/ Hair today, gone tomorrow Edition: How's it going fellow balding fags? I've deci…[View]
51989814Don't join any discord: This place is going to fall apart soon, it's like a cicle. I'…[View]
51989896She did mean a lot to me, but she'll never know that. I simply didn't allow myself to be h…[View]
51988132I don't know what to do anymore lads, I feel like my life is going nowhere. I can't keep a…[View]
51985547tinder adventures: Dubs decides what I say Nothing illegal[View]
51986831What are some /r9k/ tier songs?[View]
51989923I'm scared of other people so I push everyone away and I am afraid of being to honest and open[View]
51989961rough day huh? life seems meaningless huh? well you're correct. Its purpose must be chosen by y…[View]
51988723Women enjoy abuse: Why does women enjoy being abused? Explain.[View]
51989679>she likes throat fucking[View]
51989921call this number: call this number 7025285092 and do whatever you want[View]
51984676>little sister has been looking at porn on her iPad Should I tell my parents?…[View]
51989307Why are you faggots right wing: What's with NEETs supporting capitalism? It makes no fucking se…[View]
51986979Has anyone here seen a titty in real life? If so what was it like?[View]
51986782any euros up late at night?[View]
51989154/VvdgrR7 Join this server or i'm going to track you down and cover you in my mustard. pic relat…[View]
51988838Why does Sisyphus continue to roll the rock uphill? Why does he simply not oblige to the Gods' …[View]
51989857ITT: we talk like r9k, I'll start >huuuu I can't get a girl friend or do anything produ…[View]
51989294Holy fuck I feel depressed: I don't mean facebook meme depression. I mean I can't get enjo…[View]
51989489>person knocks on my door >rare occurrence >obviously I don't answer >sneakily peek…[View]
51988812I'm still wondering why my speech is getting progressively worse over time. It was perfect year…[View]
51989639Chris: Hello Chris. Ive noticed you. You can come forward now. Talk to me. Reminiscent repetitions …[View]
51989367the beauty of white women is like a full moon, most days its hiding but when it comes out its always…[View]
51989209Why is there just straight up cheese pizza on xnxx? i was browsing and checked loli tag, and theres …[View]
51988928I don't understand how I can: >acquire more money by working harder/smarter >acquire new …[View]
51989233Seriously, you guys WISH you were him right now. This guy is becoming famous and will have hundreds …[View]
51989746I like hot baths. I just had one. I tend to get out of hot baths pretty quickly, it's hot for m…[View]
51989739Have any of you , misguidedly, had aspirations for greatness. How did you overcome these illusions?…[View]
51989150>She asked me to stop touching her during lecture or she will call the police…[View]
51988639OOhhh WAGIE :D tick tock another dya anpther dollar ;D[View]
51989666What is better, flesh lite or sex doll? im new to sex toys never had any before. Seen the high cost …[View]
51988662>don't touch girls[View]
51988845Seriously, how do I get rid of strong feelings for someone? Why do I get so obsessive?[View]
51989129Was she a fembot? Like an actual real fembot? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-56gTIb4buA[View]
51989625Do penis enlargement surgeries that actually work exist? every single one I hae seen only makes your…[View]
51989445How can my gf gain weight the right way? Shes 19, 5'8', and currently weights 120. looking for …[View]
51989207Going to 7/11: What should I get to drink?[View]
51986931Last one: >be me >absolute fucking spackfaced ugly >shitty personaliy >no irl friends …[View]
51989326>be me, yesterday >mom wakes me up >its 6:30, I normally wake up at 7 >tell my mom good …[View]
51989428>*fart* what do you do?[View]
51989038I'm drooling over here /r9k/[View]
51989069>be in kitchen with grandma >'oh my god i'm so tired from all this cleaning, i'm com…[View]
51989526>have a normie best friend >many of his friends are snobby atheist liberal cucklords >they …[View]
51984104why aren't femanons getting pregnant? think about all the positive attention you would get for …[View]
51988753Joe Rogan: https://youtu.be/JHmktXPdOrQ Watch this podcast and you will see how the average beta thi…[View]
51987557bitch mom through out pee pee cups: >mom asks me why I keep so many empty mcdonald's coffee …[View]
51988398Help me Im in love with some random girl online who doesn't know me. How do I stop feeling this…[View]
51987439>Mom and brother Chadson found the Cuckcest Collage[View]
51988997Girls live on easy mode: Some girl I know posted this on her story, a guy that she apparently isnt e…[View]
51989416Sad country boys: Hey frens, wanna share some good ole' music? Feeling down lately. https://www…[View]
51987203>self-harm urges come back after a day and half of not feeling like utter shit I'm sick of h…[View]
51989394Advice: Ok guys, so I'm bad at formatting, go easy on me. This is kinda hard to tell, but ill t…[View]
51989212>tfw both of your favorite streamers are both streaming tonight is a good night, frens…[View]
51989063>fap to cute girls anime voice from a thread >find out later it was a trap: does this make me …[View]
51989180Finally I got a girlfriend! Pic related What do you think of her? She used to be a man[View]
51988827There's a website where millions of girls aged 9 to 14 go to watch cute guys stream video of th…[View]
51989266Wake up early anon, it's good for you[View]
51982122>he eats ass[View]
51989262>*cyclop moon rune go out with me noises*[View]
51989029dear robots, i come here from /lit/ and i ask who is alexandria.i heard she has something to do with…[View]
51987491The urge to kill women is strong: I want to slaughter roasties. Shoot them on sight. Cut their eyes …[View]
51988552should the fact people like this are happily married to attractive women be banned from public knowl…[View]
51989206I'm so sick I can't play video games for more than an hour before I get too tired. Same wi…[View]
51988967Why dont you live innashed innawoods??[View]
51988597Can we retire males as a gender now? They're obsolete. https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog…[View]
51983944You take a sip from your trusty vault 13 canteen...[View]
51988823Post manlet lifefuel[View]
51988416Do you any of you guys suffer from mental illness? How has it affected you? I'm diagnosed with…[View]
51987827/r9k/ Minecraft thread? Haven't seen one of these in a long time. Played with a group of guys l…[View]
51987811does programming involve a lot of math? i want to get into coding but i hate super complex math and …[View]
51985199>'I'm so lonely. I just wish I had friends to play games and watch anime with. Wahhh I'…[View]
51988446Im out of money and alcohol and this is all I have. Should I consume it anons?[View]
51989074>be me >at sixth grade camp >it's some faggot christian shit >finish singing about …[View]
51988930My next move in life is coming up fast I feel: >Be me >Wagecucking for companies of dissolute …[View]
51988892>Out at trivia >All I want to do is stay home and play vidya and RP Don't take the normie…[View]
51988973>reflecting on the past few years >just read a note i wrote the first time i was in psych ward…[View]
51988963I know im not the only one: >be 9 year old me >very insecure about grades >teachers often s…[View]
51986863>tfw the way you think and feel about yourself is totally different from what others think and fe…[View]
51988036Hygiene General: Hygiene General: We help each other look less gross I'll start, wtf are these …[View]
51988887>tfw no boozer bf[View]
51987979>dad killed by a stroke >get through the shit about him dying >funeral, seeing family, fina…[View]
51988813>tfw too much of a bitch to drink my piss to find out what piss tastes like…[View]
51988840Little league memories...: This is a thread for us to recall those embarrassing moments when we were…[View]
51987962This woman is 40 (forty) years old. How can white women compete?[View]
51980283A Female's view of r9k: Female here. Not a robot, but have been lurking 4chan for nearly a deca…[View]
51986422take th3 2d pill >How do I stop fapping to 3D? Let me break it down for you with this guide I mad…[View]
51988456What is there left when you don't care about yourself? When you don't care about living up…[View]
51988796.>tfw slut for nice cuddly replies They make me want to submit to the anons writing them. I hope …[View]
51987007How do I get energy to do things?[View]
51987796The night I spent with the one I was loving.: Okay, night is done, I have just came home. I was writ…[View]
51988746You guys heard of festify? Its this third party for Spotify that takes your most listened to artists…[View]
51988739Perspective fix thread: Just a friendy reminder that being violent towards anyone because of your fe…[View]
51987712Have you taken the busseypill yet? Honestly, what's the worst that could happen?[View]
51986783I just want to make a man happy, is that too much to ask? Just one man who needs me so I can make hi…[View]
51988712frends: whatssuppp frenssss wat u guys doin tonight? im getting wasted cause i have holidays frend t…[View]
51988330I'm 18, quite below average. What to do to taste sex life? I mean, I can wait like most of you …[View]
51988253how do i get rid of my bloomer big sister?[View]
51987853Why are you not watching TINTIN robot? this is the best cartoon & comics ever made, is so simple…[View]
51988631ITT: tards being tards I'll start >Be me >Be 13 >Riding the bus home with friends …[View]
51988379If /r9k/ is full of fembots and robots then why don't we all just gather together and make free…[View]
51987636Ill probably never own a fountain Why even live[View]
51988656Last Man Standing: > Gen Z > Never played Fortnite once in my entire life I am the resistance…[View]
51988640>go to the pool >see 15 year old girls running around in thongs I'm not a Muslim, but I d…[View]
51988080anyone remeber this shitfest?[View]
51988563>no existence for trillions of years >came into existence out of semen and developed into a co…[View]
51988529>be me, 4/10 betafag >high school >have a lunch table where we just kinda throw food at eac…[View]
51984298I think I am depressed. What do I do? Unironically. I genuinely don't know what to do. Antidepr…[View]
51988466What do if your alter ego is taking over? It's night time so now Party Jones is in control, I…[View]
51988583Why do you fags care so much about women?[View]
51988502>make obvious b8 thread >gets 300+ replies I feel good but also it was low effort so meh…[View]
51988335>be me >redditfag >want to make greentexts >heard /b/ was all porn so I came here >yo…[View]
51988515Trying to quit Masturbation+Porn: I've heard about the benefits and shit and I really need to d…[View]
51988082idea: why dont we spam those avengers leaks on reddit and youTube so we can ruin the movie for the s…[View]
51988368How are you robots holding up? Anything been happening recently?[View]
51987822why me?: >mfw manlet 5'5 >mfw long but super skinny dick…[View]
51987620>sisters go shopping >they forget the goddamn mtn dew >they didn't even get eggs >i…[View]
51988421>be me >serior year of highschool >In English class presenting our dumb fuck poems >gr…[View]
51986291Do you have a penis or a willy?[View]
51988192Alright robots, I'll tell you the story of a little game my friends and I call Tard Bowling, fo…[View]
51987604>tfw just hit the right spot of drunkenness where everything just feels good and you're opti…[View]
51987690A 12 year old kid from my country killed himself last week because his mother forbid him from playin…[View]
51988364When did you realize all women are retards even that shy girl in the back of your class she was a re…[View]
51982393Have any of you robots met someone famous?[View]
51987316I really want a gf. How should I start?[View]
51982172Femanons, do you get cocklust? How does seeing a big dick cum make you feel?[View]
51986974Tinder an abominaion: Virgin tfw no girlfriend I will have 20 years old in 1 days, i just unistall T…[View]
51988184>Working at Job >Have to pee >Mexican janitor girl starts screaming at me to not use the re…[View]
51988314i wanna send this to cheri jacobs[View]
51987833Just bought another figure[View]
51987660>I'm enough of a normalfag to get friends but I'm still a robot…[View]
51988055ITT: Beta problems that you have: >tfw your friends only talk to you to only talk about themselve…[View]
51986889>be me, 15 >at sleepover doing extreme truth or dare >dared to fuck the school slut, stacy …[View]
51988118Men hit the wall way sooner than women: It's irrelevant. In the modern world women have higher …[View]
51987456How do I make friends? A g/bf would be nice and all, but honestly, friends would be the best. Its th…[View]
51988223>ITT chad moments i am the most beta, pussy ass weak willed motherfucker i've ever met but w…[View]
51988214I'm fucking angry. AARRGHGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!![View]
51985008how does this makes you feel /r9k/?[View]
51988213Question: Just a simple question Would pig god be like the god of all neckbeards[View]
51987788Do you actually laugh at things you read on the internet anymore, or is it always this face that acc…[View]
51986257Reminder that if any anon needs a friend or someone to talk to Im here for them[View]
51988142somebody was nice to me today :)[View]
51981834What do u think happens after you die[View]
51986414>can't talk to anyone >not even people on 4chan >let alone people in real life s-stop…[View]
51980469Anonymous: /ourgirl/? Happening imminent?[View]
51988005Masturbation/Sex: Frequently I see people saying that nofap helps elevate a persons mind. Does this …[View]
51987978Do trannies 'sync up' to the periods of women they spend a great deal of time with? Like obviously t…[View]
51987982this thread was made by the /sleepdeprived/ gang: long story short sleep schedule is fucked and i ha…[View]
51984559hispanic and asian men are meant to be cumdumpsters for superior BWC[View]
51987093What is the worst age and why is it 25? I want to be 16-18 again.[View]
51987109Would anyone be interested in a group where we watch movies, TV shows, and play video games as a sch…[View]
51985622Guys how do you get money? And don't answer if you claim neetbux/autismbux, thanks[View]
51987424If you're a manlet why don't you just get surgery?[View]
51987256how you holding up french bros :([View]
51987882Can't get over ex, what do: Girl I was engaged with broke up with me 9 months ago because she s…[View]
51987895*blocks your path* Grow a pair and ask me on a date, you loser incel.[View]
51987312Good evening. I came here to say that I feel like satisfying my sexual urges but I'm not in a m…[View]
51987342>Fucking drunk white girl at party >Someone calls the cops and says Im raping Why are white pe…[View]
51987864I'm fucked either way. >wageslaving >hate it >makes me feel depressed. Life isn't…[View]
51987831times your boomer parents fucked you over: >be $18/hr wagecuck, 25 year old, never been NEET befo…[View]
51986892>he's not a gamer[View]
51986640>walk into my uni's church >walls are covered in gay shit and womens rights (as if life i…[View]
51987760>tfw no musty chubbu fembot to sit on my face[View]
51974529/r9gay/ - #692: Bf nurse edition Last thread: >>51963724[View]
51987713>be me >have mom who really loves the song Drops Of Jupiter by Train >she used to always te…[View]
51984305>you will never hear her laughing as she walks beside you through a field in late summer >you …[View]
51986985Has anyone here fucked their friends' mother? Any stories? My friends' mother gives me an …[View]
51987678It's terrible. Being alive, watching life pass you by and feeling so helpless. I feel all alon…[View]
51986608>tfw fun things have stopped being fun What do?[View]
51986861R9K RACE AND LOCATION CENSUS >race https://www.strawpoll.me/17836841 >location https://www.str…[View]
51987598Robots, I need your honest opinion on this:: >Does jelqing work I honestly hope it does, because …[View]
51987356I'm sick of my current music but listening to new music always makes me nervous. What do.[View]
51983486How do fembots feel about this comic?[View]
51987594why are women so fucking intimidating? i'm fucking like 6ft3 with shoes on and 220lbs but i fee…[View]
51987165>not having a job where you can just sit at a desk and listen to podcasts all day What are you ev…[View]
51982103>failed the written test to be a cop Don't even know what to do know, this was my backup pla…[View]
51987384>was waiting on the edge of the train platform and someone came up and asked me if I was ok Thats…[View]
51986327If there's one thing I like to do it's party all day the Party Jones way, because I'm…[View]
51987158>be me, in class >qt3.14 sits across from me >was staring at her like a retard >she noti…[View]
51986822>go to sex toy shop to buy new fake pussy toy >start chatting with worker >she says men wil…[View]
51986173Why're asian 'men' like this'[View]
51987450>be me >actually have a girlfriend >eat her out >she doesn't want to blow me :/…[View]
51987413you know im such a fewl for you. you got me wrapped around your finger. do you have let it linger?[View]
51987480Hows your day been? Ill tell you about mine >be me >really sick in my throat and ear >shoul…[View]
51986488>Be me >or am I[View]
51987443Have you ever met someone more pathetic than yourself?[View]
51986140ive been watching porn while i masturbate for who knows how long... gonna try to hold out tn. wish m…[View]
51987438>finally sunny and warm >no drinking buddy How the hell do I get a friend?…[View]
51986935Do people actually think that AXE body spray is a substitute for bathing?[View]
51987411do black people like titanic?[View]
51987388I've failed you all: >be me >in highschool >have lots of sex with qt's >good g…[View]
51987269The Lord is my strength I will overcome the gluttony demon and lose this weight.[View]
51985357>by some miracle find a perfect gf after years of loneliness >you share the same hobbies and p…[View]
51977063Favorites thread: Post em boys, I like these threads.[View]
51986306>haven't brushed my teeth regularly in at least five years >no cavities but they're …[View]
51987302Do women ever hit on or makeout with people out of pity? I've only made out with a couple of gi…[View]
51986511What's bothering you anon? Talk to me. Let's get all that weight off your chest.[View]
51986052>Wake up >See this right above you Wat do?…[View]
51981690Fembots: Fembot thread. Have you ever dated a fembot? Befriended a fembot? Been hurt by a fembot? Po…[View]
51987149You can live control bots, planning to have a stripper over: You can live control bots, planning to …[View]
51986681Whats going through the guys mind on the left[View]
51987205>be me >call someone a cuck >get curious and watch cuck porn >thisshitkindahot.png >b…[View]
51984954Dax Shepard is the ultimate Chad. Look at the mischief in his face. Girls always go for that and he …[View]
51983373/britfeel/: Cant think of what to call the next thread edition edition[View]
51986924Why do you choose to spend your time here of all places?[View]
51986076race survey for r9k >https://www.strawpoll.me/17836566[View]
51986949>friend discovers an iq test >gets everyone in our group to take it >I get a 124 >highes…[View]
51986441unironically in love with a lesbian girl online help[View]
51987027is pepperony pizza healthy ?[View]
51987082>tfw having a large general tso's chicken (rice included) and 4 whole chicken wings delivere…[View]
51986731Barbecue sauce or ketchup ,which one do you prefer?[View]
51985891I think /r9k/ is starting to come around to the view that findom is a super comfy fetish, so now see…[View]
51986712anon from the previous vocaroo thread this morning/last night. good evening guys! i can take request…[View]
51982120is fucking your girlfriend while she is asleep rape?[View]
51985466how do you cope with the fact this guy has a wife without hanging yourself?[View]
51987043Now what: >Tired >Have a sleep >Exam in 7 Hours >Do I masturbate or do I play some leagu…[View]
51984471Tinder Thread: >14 Likes THEN WHY WON'T YOU MATCH ME WITH ANY OF THEM I'm not an attrac…[View]
51987012tinnitus thread: Post your experience with tinnitus here. How it has affected your life, how you cop…[View]
51986972Anyone else enjoy the feeling of punching their legs? It's so addicting I always end up doing i…[View]
51986962>turn in job application >ask a worker if their manager is in >she says no and rolls her ey…[View]
51986912>he told me the past is the past and not to worry about it[View]
51986318Did this girl want to be kissed? t. Autist >https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=gh-sUQQj2wct=205s @2:00…[View]
51983541Hey anons, why don't you wear cute shoes like me? I've noticed women are much more open to…[View]
51981050When did BPD become slang for 'girl who does thing I don't like?' I'm actually diagnosed B…[View]
51985657Daily reminder that if you: >Are over 6' >Are blonde with light eyes >Live with a weal…[View]
51986423How do you tell if you're at least somehow handsome/attractive? I've never had anyone call…[View]
51986717I remember when I was in elementary school there was this kid who peed by going up to the urinal, dr…[View]
51983815Why does everyone leave?: Everyone always abandons me, am I really that terrible?[View]
51986442How do you stay fit being a hikikomori?: I'm very fat, 260lb at 5'6' after years of doing …[View]
51985417I think it's probably pretty easy to get away with abducting a young woman and killing her. I t…[View]
51985044>imagine wanting a gf guys, trust me. it's not worth it. the amount of bullshit they make yo…[View]
51986364Do you think being a cumbucket is something to be proud of?: Thoughts? https://www.reddit.com/r/stup…[View]
51983363Anyone other than Team Creme should be euthanised on sight.[View]
51985810>one shot at life >born ugly seriously whats the point…[View]
51986396how do I start a conversation with a woman online ? what can you say to get the ball rolling ? this …[View]
51986243When did everything get so HONK? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rn2Y1r8uLZ4[View]
51985391What kind of ad is this? Who's the cuck here? Why does the guy look at him weird like that? Why…[View]
51980803>ywn have this gf[View]
51985368Got Milk?: The idea that milk is a hate symbol is growing, what do you guys think?[View]
51985679How do I not be suicidal over all the time I lost and things I missed out on? Pic related, spent yea…[View]
51983869What are some easy and (relatively) painless ways to kill myself for 800 dollars or less? I can…[View]
51986126Would you rather date a 10/10 who smoked and only brushed her teeth once a week, or a 6/10 who had p…[View]
51986526ITT: stupid things you did as a kid I can start >be me >be like 11 or something > at a hote…[View]
51985923What's the point anymore?: I've tried discord, I've tried chat sites, I've tried…[View]
51983935Brainlet thread: >I barely managed to finish secondary school on a 'easy' class >Years in 4cha…[View]
51986476hey paulie its mark message me on discord[View]
51980775Why are you still a racist, anon?[View]
51985050how do l know if I'm 'woke'[View]
51985867anyone else /proud supporter/ of our /twitch girls/? :3[View]
51981161>tell guy im dating that im crazy in bed >he says thats hot >I try to lick his armpit durin…[View]
51986336Is it true many women have rape fantasies?[View]
51986135am newfag here and need help from botfags gf left me for another guy because 'long distance' always …[View]
51982411you will have sex with whatever an anon posts next only posts with pictures count[View]
51982469Why don't you join the military instead of being a NEET? >inb4 I don't want to die for …[View]
51986334here is some PTSD for botfags cuck.wav[View]
51986324>fat fuck with social anxiety >never had friends >never been visited by anyone that is not …[View]
51984881Trap GF: >tfw no trap gf how do i get one before i kill myself?[View]
51986097How are you hanging lately, anon? Do you need someone to talk to? Ask me away![View]
51985589Should I get chemically castrated? I keep setting myself up for disappointment so I might as well ki…[View]
51985480Fembot, are you a skilled masturbator?[View]
51985779Strange habits thread: ITT: strange habits you have Whenever i lurk around boards and see a post i l…[View]
51985424How do i stop craving the approval of others and desperately trying to make others respect me?[View]
51984339>have dick >musterbate >love dick for this thank you dick…[View]
51984368Jesus christ I am so hungry. Should I eat or should I just wait.[View]
51986067>be me >be trans mtf >get the neck and upper body strength to suck my own dick >see you …[View]
51986066Thunderbuns: Hey guys, I did a thing. >You know they call me Thunderbuns >Cause when I'm …[View]
51985286>He has a big dick but an ugly face[View]
51982567Imagine being a girl with massive fucking titties and you have to wear a sash or belt underneath you…[View]
51981883fello fems ploz help: a hairdresser gave me a haircut simililiar to this mirr or.co .uk/3am/style/wo…[View]
51986023>talk to qt girl online >she's funny, shares my interests, sweet, traditional >has ne…[View]
51985913My armpits smell like old onions[View]
51985997A book about god: This was the first book I ever read and my first introduction to Christianity and …[View]
51985992Visions of Martin Luther staring at me. Malcolm X put a hex on my future someone catch me[View]
51982834Check this shit https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Zdj3m0_pO7s Wouldn't it be fun to be that confide…[View]
51984617Anyone made one of these? It takes a pretty long time but i think it's a good way to get to kno…[View]
51984582word to the wise- never EVER be friends/roommates with someone who mogs you[View]
51985154How does this feel? Does a fleshlight compare to the real thing?[View]
51985764>have no friends >'anon if you're bored take your sister outside and play' >she's…[View]
51984468Link me to some cool discord servers[View]
51985793Your psychiatrist talks shit about you behind your back[View]
51985707One question: Why is r9k so obsessed with women? A lot of you seem to put a lot of effort in to give…[View]
51984425What do fembots think about robots who are romantically interested in them?. Does it anoy you?. Disg…[View]
51985535>buy big pillow >spray female perfume on it >hug it while laying in bed imagining its a qt …[View]
51984804>Not wanting to throw away this maddening, meaningless adulthood to become a cute fuzzy dog boy (…[View]
51984565How are there suicidal people?: Life is so good and we're living in the greatest and easiest ti…[View]
51983202Anyone else not a genius but low key kind of smart? Even though IQ is meaningless I guess. https://t…[View]
51985685WTF white women are easier than brown women ? My new gf is going crazy rn cuz I never let her pay th…[View]
51985390>5'1' >88 lbs I want to be thicc[View]
51985549>tfw no Q bf[View]
51985542>post porn thread >nobody replies how to make popular porn thread i need to fucking jack it…[View]
51985518so im pretty sad and lonely i realize this isnt the best place but maybe i can find someone to talk …[View]
51984465Any anons know how to kearp a garage door from opening? Like blocking the sensor? I can't go in…[View]
51982873Fembots, do you hide items in your cleavage and pull them out as needed?[View]
51984423I want to make thread for anyone suffering from BPD, or any from that cluster. Victims, predators. I…[View]
51985536eyes: you do not know true fear until your pissed APUG teacher stares into your eyes as you recreate…[View]
51985410>have test tomorrow after not going to class for two months >havent started studying because i…[View]
51985267How fucked up are you? >smoked some really bad weed once that caused me to puke till I fainted an…[View]
51984279Every day I see tight yoga pants asses out there and sigh, dreaming of one day getting something lik…[View]
51985499Women be like >durrr homosexuality isnt a choice stop being homophobic But the SECOND someone wan…[View]
51985491why don't you listen to ska /r9k/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R7WoRuGED-E[View]
51984607GF is visiting parents for the long weekend. Keep fapping to traps. Is this the weekend, anons? Is t…[View]
51985107If you are a virgin and have given up on life, why do you not just travel to Africa and have sex wit…[View]
51983950why don't you go to parties more anon?[View]
51985278>Two weeks till graduation >About to leave the place where people hook up the most in their li…[View]
51978962What celebrity do people say you look like? My mother says I look like john snow.[View]
51985216Show me a more depressing picture than this, you fucking cant. Judging by the thumbnail it's fu…[View]
51985374ITT post your favorite part of everyday!! mine is the walk home because i get to see these ducks :) …[View]
51983107Why is my asian girlfriend so blunt about her preference for white men? I asked her what she sees i…[View]
51984938Y'all niggas are pathetic. You're content with being fucking wagecucks, working for the co…[View]
51985041Would you use sexbots if they develop further?[View]
51983899Please cum deep inside fembots[View]
51982147I'm 19 years old and have type 3 baldness. What do?[View]
51984439Do girls stare at me because they think I'm cute or is it because they think im weird[View]
51983444Can someone plz link the backround image so the apps are gone and everything, thx[View]
51983399Best caption of this photo of a dead prisoner in Colombia who was strangled by another prisoner wins…[View]
51979701I'm so fucking horny for art hoes. I want to fuck a coked-out tumblr hipster DIY aesthetic astr…[View]
51979600To those who cannot blame their genetic and their body to explain their virginity, can you explain w…[View]
51984507>look at a photo of myself at 19 Only have 1 single picture and it's my college ID. Holly s…[View]
51984241doom: there is no bigger blackpill than pic related. thoughts?[View]
51985007Well there building a gallows outside my cell and I got 25 minutes to go[View]
51984995>live in some hell hole country, doesn't matter, not an american >my faggot brother (a li…[View]
51981189ABDL Ageplay gf: Why don't you have a qt ABDL gf robots? Tons of weeb girls have this kind of f…[View]
51984436I don't own a gun because I don't trust myself enough that I won't kill myself.[View]
51984452What the fuck is this meme? What does it mean?[View]
51984880My redemption arc is coming anyday now: You can't redeem yourself if you never fall. When'…[View]
51984390You don't drink??? You don't smoke?? You don't go to parties or clubs?!?!?! WHAT DO Y…[View]
51984623I wish anime girls existed in 3D space so I could fuck them.[View]
51984488Listening to my roommate fuck his girl. The moans. The bedsqueaks. I just wanna sleep and now I…[View]
51983635>broke glasses a while ago >just lost phone >heart issues (despite not smoking or being r…[View]
51983876Serious replies only: I don't want to kill myself due to my family and friends, but I don'…[View]
51972652This shouldnt make you mad it should inspire you. If he can get a gf, you can too.[View]
51984606>50mg of zinc >1000mg of l-arginine >1200mg of lecithin You already know what the fuck is g…[View]
51983828tfw got gf who finds r9k interesting and hates Reddit, ive made it firens, im gonna live the dream.[View]
51983173> OMG lol! He thinks were interested in him. > OH look! Tyrone is coming this way!…[View]
51983201Have a comfy evening anon![View]
51984556>stopped my medication >stopped eating >haven't left my room except to use the bathro…[View]
51984475I'm not going to prove it and I know you'd be smart to assume I'm lying, but let…[View]
51984408Can you guys convince me to leave this place for good? I need a wakeup call...[View]
51982995The timepill hurts: 33, not enough time left to accomplish what I want to. I think of things I could…[View]
51982824>be me >5th grade >'who do you like, anon?' >'Erica' >someone runs off and tells Eric…[View]
51984511>his hairline recedes[View]
51983600As a female where do I find friends on this website[View]
51983924One day, einen tag, en dag[View]
51982191Is PUA still a thing?[View]
51982345I'm finishing my first year of uni and I'm starting to genuinely feel like I'll be al…[View]
51983378>fell for the fembot e-gf meme >she responds once a day at best…[View]
51982954If there is a fucking (((God))), I want him to come down from his heaven and tell me what I did to d…[View]
51983610Alright Anons. Starting from today I'll fix my shit and study for uni. I've never studied …[View]
51982476I know it's taboo to promote *that* site, but /r/fashionscape has some fucking amazing fapping …[View]
51982597Anyone got any more rares of her? Social media maybe?[View]
51984387Reminder that polcels jack off to tumblrinas[View]
51983932Shower fantasy while jerking off: So normaly when i take a shower to jerk off in and dont have porn …[View]
51983266Is $2400 enough for a cheap first car, insurance, and gas for a little while? I just quit my fast fo…[View]
51984087imagine being such a virgin you actually hate women[View]
51984356I really really want to hug an anime girl.[View]
51983774>a faggot forgets his usb at uni university >Steal it I can't get enough of this feeling…[View]
51983548Stuck in a hospital bed on a ketamine dri: Anyone ever do ? It was chill for the first day with dope…[View]
51983907What the fuck is wrong with you? Over 20 years old and living at home doing nothing but feeling sorr…[View]
51983550hi anyone wanna play LoL with me: I just started playing it again i want friends to play with.…[View]
51966610Older fembots: Do fembots over the age of 30 exist? If so, are you single, and if yes. One question:…[View]
51978500Are you a loser manchild ?[View]
51984209>be me >classmates bullying me for playing truth and dare with girls and calling me gay even t…[View]
51983937Can anybody else relate heavily to Sol Pais, Dylan Klebold, or Hamlet? Before today, I noticed some …[View]
51983981How do I find a gf who's willing to indulge my futa domme fetish?[View]
51984082>be me >have cool jacket that i love >rainy day >it gets mudy and a stick rips it apart …[View]
51983478You are robot by choice!: I see a lot of you guys cry, saying that life/genetics are at fault for yo…[View]
51983735why tall girls are so much hotter than womanlets?: tfw no oreganollo 5'10 gf[View]
51981218Has a girl ever called you Daddy? How did you react?[View]
51982652Face it. You're just jealous of this guy for all the support and fame he's getting.[View]
51983812Well, I'm stuck again. It's been over a week since I've left my house. No end in sigh…[View]
51983657>see white guy thats missing a leg >long hair, disheveled >doesnt look that old but his suf…[View]
51983580My past failures have jinxed my future. The weight of my failures, insecurities and the pressure I f…[View]
51981888>Just be confident bro yikes[View]
51983248I keep having a dream about a girl that doesn't exist. I am falling in love with her. How do I …[View]
51981058>he has folders full of women he'll never meet[View]
51983669All the Americas should become a fascist mutt state. The Americas are rightful mutt clay[View]
51983804What do I do ?: My mother is starting to think that I'm gay because I'm not trying to sear…[View]
51980360Im fucking a married 32 year old woman. And I wanna impregnate her. Am I evil or should I think this…[View]
51983785Dancin': https://youtu.be/FptK1cyofOs This is the kind of music (((They))) aren't into. th…[View]
51983492was instructed to post this >im at work[View]
51983542How good is kava for anxiety? Just ordered some[View]
51981934I'm an ugly and disgusting degenerate fuck looking for feet pics from self-loathing fembots Met…[View]
51980965when I was like 13 there was a friend of my dad that I liked and I had a fantasy of humping him forc…[View]
51983037Would you date someone who is incapable of taking care of themself or making rational decisions?[View]
51983009>tfw no slavic gf who's into history[View]
51983718Nothing to do but contemplate your navel? Come contemplate the navels of other robots instead. gtpT…[View]
51982509I think the true depths of the human psyche have never even been close to fully explored. We barely …[View]
51980134damn, cocaine is really good I bought some a while a go and I really found a lot of enjoyment out of…[View]
51977032IM GONNA FUCKIN KYS MYSELF BROS >be me >cowokrer caught me listening to this song https://www.…[View]
51983258>my only friend is just as unsuccessful and maladjusted as me, only difference being that she is …[View]
51983472My e-gf was e-molested by her e-father. Do I report him to the e-police?[View]
51979821Offical r9k meta thread >should we get our own actual robot board >should r9k be a blue board …[View]
51983394Traditional values the conservative version of political correctness[View]
51979769URGENT : I'll probably go out tonight, with a girl who could be liking me. What to do ?: OK, to…[View]
51982415Tim byrne: staring into the abyss edition.[View]
51982464Why are white people so awful, er9kay?[View]
51982547The central bar London Table 65 Here for the next 30mins[View]
51983370Love is for woman and faggots. I just want to fuck[View]
51980006Europe Sucks General: Its just not that good of a nation[View]
51983134How the fuck do I tell if I'm getting dumber or if I'm just becoming more aware of my alwa…[View]
51983077Bye boys I met my partner on here two years ago and we are now engaged. I should have left a long ti…[View]
51981710Time to confess robots. Let it all out...[View]
51982264large quantity of human waste checking in.[View]
51983126Does anyone else get along better with girls than guys? I feel like guys my age are boring as fuck; …[View]
51983251Why do so many femanons have an easier time cumming from anal penetration rather than vaginal?[View]
51978883Sunny but still cold, classic, edition[View]
51982418clownworld thread: what are some of the most concerning things, political or otherwise, that you…[View]
51982485Is anyone else here unironically on the autism spectrum??[View]
51982208Party Jones is going wild Party Jones is dressed in style Party Jones is a gentleman Party Jones wil…[View]
51982686GOT A SHIT JOB OFFER: guys i finally got a job offer but it's shitty. my life is pretty much, o…[View]
51983155In fear every day, every evening, He calls her aloud from above, Carefully watched for a reason, Pai…[View]
51976498Psychosis: sza and off my meds for several days. share your stories of psychosis, mental hospitals, …[View]
51983098How do I find good 3d incest hentai?[View]
51983048i sweat all the time im skinny as fuck and i still sweat a lot i sweat even more at winter wtf wh…[View]
51981065Anyone else experience fatigue almost daily. I think it might be from protracted ssri withdrawal but…[View]
51982056Hey anon, have you ever cut yourself? Why? Tell us, we'll listen.[View]
51982487Guys I think the dating/sexual market is absolutely fucked. I've been a robot all my life, but…[View]
51982988>create meme page on instagram >steal memes from reddit >get to 100k followers >wait for…[View]
51982970Fresco works at Tesco. Yes?[View]
51982946dead end: https://youtu.be/RUaOpH31IRU Discuss.[View]
51982462Tfw haven't approached any young attractive women in so long (forever) you don't even know…[View]
51981972hey guys female here im very sad because chad wont admire my 400 pound sexy figure he must be an inc…[View]
51982370>a random girl touched my hand accidentally >mfw i was more sexually active today then 80% of …[View]
51982754>be me >ride scooter >try to jump (bhop) >im fat, eat shit. >land on speaker charger…[View]
51976929Fucked a tard girl from middle to high school: What the title says, I'm kinda tired of bottling…[View]
51982793My life is by no means perfect. >single for 3 years >no friends >shut in >no hobbies …[View]
51982552Do you ever wish you were a girl?: Not like, because you're trans or anything but because your …[View]
51982869>tfw no idea what career i want to pursue[View]
51982631>people have disgusted looks when i walk by >women walk to the other side of the street >c…[View]
51974428Who was in the wrong here frens?[View]
51981937Going outside anxiety is back and it's only been 9 days since college finished. Why does it hav…[View]
51982395>tfw nothing makes me happy end is near lads[View]
51982592Anyone else feeling whitepilled today?: >walk around a crowd of people >suddenly feel a profou…[View]
51982729ive been getting drunk or stoned everyday, and since today i did not do either im just feeling reall…[View]
51982669how do i get a qt Latina gf, robots?[View]
51979560what can we do to stop the discord spamming menace besides reporting? this fag is fucking annoying[View]
51982195>ask out chubby girls >they just ghost me Should I go after morbidly obese women next? I…[View]
51982069>tfw no linguist gf[View]
51980612My parents keep asking me when am I gonna get a gf. How do I tell them I have a waifu?[View]
51981526What small accomplishments have you achieved recently? >Work at Fedex. >Often get yelled at by…[View]
51982514I'm not mentally built for relationships/friendships. Too much of a dick to people and just can…[View]
51982277Hey anon so we need a third for our Alien Abduction session[View]
51981527>tfw no qt gf to listen to nirvana and other rock and take mushrooms with why live i mean i would…[View]
51978333Logically there's nothing wrong with zoophilia and i can bet my dox that you can't make an…[View]
51980415Why am i so obsessed with manipulation and power? It's the only thing i strive for in life.[View]
51981884The main difference between normies and robots are the willingness to trade truth for happiness. …[View]
51982374>make risky post >immediately hide thread, don't even bother to see if it got (You)s…[View]
51981931>tell my mom I want to quit my job >she says I'm turning into the loser she knew I'd…[View]
51981821How do I disregard women, and become a true robot? I try to force myself to ignore them as much as p…[View]
51981254It sucks to be a guy that never had a gf, it sucks to be ugly. How can I fix my situation?[View]
51980677Why can't I get a gf? I'm 6ft and have been called attractive by women. I have to watch ev…[View]
51982294What`s your weird fetish anon?[View]
51980687I have a theory. In order to succeed in life and get rich, you need to first have a girlfriend. I k…[View]
51980709Does /r9k/ love Japan?[View]
51981831Alert: There's a 24 hour op happening, some fags are going around post intentional bad advice. …[View]
51981996How do I get a kawaii Asian gf robots?[View]
51981935>if I don't text the girl, she ghosts me >if I do text the girl, a lot, that shows I…[View]
51981414>be me >parents divorced since birth >life is pretty shitty >schools closed due to shoot…[View]
51981343>He has a nice body but is no better than a 5/10[View]
51982040Got a new chair to fix my robot posture, gift from my brother being a n33t.. removed the horrible co…[View]
51981576Am i the only one who prefers fat girls?[View]
51979774What is your most contrarian/edgiest opinion? I'll start: I think that the Star Wars prequels a…[View]
51978895Why are black fembots so self hating here?[View]
51981487>Someone just rang the doorbell >I got to the door 20 sec later no one there Who is onto me? …[View]
51980736good morning wagie. what's that? you're off to work? I understand... gotta make money for …[View]
51981198https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ICWzKUC8OoU Daily reminder that if you don't look like him you …[View]
51981520Why live with no wholesome serial killer gf? Reality is so disappointing.[View]
51981922How does one find an average qt gf who is caring and kind? I don't even care about her sexual h…[View]
51981843Don't people make threats every day? Why is this woman all over the news? What angle are they p…[View]
51979548Revenge Endgame: Somewhere at North fuck em off cunts[View]
51978190Favorite game: Post ur favorite game robots and why you like said game. I like looter shooters like …[View]
51981316Posting Vivi cooking acorns every day until I get a grip on my procrastination and attain a level of…[View]
51981860Cried myself to sleep in the middle of the day again[View]
51981600>older woman(married) at work asks if I have kids/am married W-what do you think >oh I don…[View]
51980161When people get mad at me should I leave the forum or double down?[View]
51978398Robot, why wont you grow up, know up, and show up?[View]
51981754I came here because I got banned off /int/ what do you do here? pic unrelated[View]
51981714it's literally that easy, you self-sabotaging idiots[View]
51981235>be me >go and buy real nice clothes that youngsters today are wearing >look /fa/ af >t…[View]
51981730>be me >another highschool day >mind my business in break >girl comes to me >slap.jpe…[View]
51981693Did you enjoy your sandwich, John?[View]
51977824Just imagine being this fucking guy right now. You're making videos that consistently get 10 vi…[View]
51981553Why are women allowed to be fat?[View]
51980370>Anon, see me after class, I have a special assignment for you~[View]
51980207>robot convinces me he looks like x celebrity and asks to add me on discord >fall for it >s…[View]
51981580>tfw no Viktoria Luise Adelheid Mathilde Charlotte von Preussen gf[View]
51980827Why is it when I wear brightly colored or patterned underwear, I feel good? I'm a dude[View]
51980743I'm anti social fatass neet of 2 year. Before that I was in community college. Never had a real…[View]
51981593>When you realize, that the reason you haven't killed yourself yet is that you are too masoc…[View]
51980426I've taken so many 2d pills that I hate real woman now. I can't imagine myself with a real…[View]
51981080>Life has its ups and downs Such a stupid normie thing to say Have I even had an up? Or are my up…[View]
51980637i want to kiss cute girly boys[View]
51980728I cannot think or comprehend of anything more cucked than being a cameraman for amateur porn. Hones…[View]
51981165Whatever happened to wife slapper bro?[View]
51978785GOSPEL OF THE DAY: From the Gospel according to Matthew 26:14-25 One of the Twelve, who was called J…[View]
51981187>Joke to my coworkers all the time about how I'm a virgin and all around pathetic because I …[View]
51981290Genetic Cleansing: How can a 5'8' manlet like me achieve a tall 6' wifey to offset my infe…[View]
51979015I just want a job where I get to boss around beta males and make them feel inferior. Any femanons kn…[View]
51980075female roommates: Does anyone here live with a female roommate, or has lived with one before? What w…[View]
51979794Would you date a black fembot?: Would /r9k/ date a black fembot? You're always going on about h…[View]
51980882>talk to a girl from work >she's really cute >we hit off >get the courage to invite…[View]
51973538>get circumcised as an adult (phimosis) >kills himself because it doesn't feel as good an…[View]
51980447>I'll never be a girl (with a penis) I can't take this shit anymore…[View]
51970374Creative general: Music, Art, Writing: This is a thread for you to share you productive works, anyth…[View]
51979331>Waaaaaaaah boys are only interested in me because sex Why is there such a constant barrage of fe…[View]
51980157Tfw a literal retard has a better sex life than you: https://whyimasturbatemyson.blogspot.com/2016/0…[View]
51979167Nano-trackers: There's already technology to track and control you using nano-trackers. They…[View]
51980665Polniggers and stormfags are just as bad as SJWs in the comedy world. I love comedy but I hate when …[View]
51980007Fuck it, I'm going to church.[View]
51980656>I'm sUrPRised YOu haVE THE iQ NEcEssary tO bREathe UNASsIstED Can this meme just die? It wa…[View]
51981075>be sad >long day >get home >cat snuggles up with me >feel happy >thanks cat…[View]
51979951>spend entire early 20s waiting to bloom >suddenly hit 25 >start aging rapidly >realis…[View]
51980986Share video that always makes you smile https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hz6E8-MiAdc[View]
51980149Why do white bois often stare like pic related in public?[View]
51979522Why do some people have an obsession with telling ridiculous bullshit stories? Share your experience…[View]
51980871So when do you eventually go insane and break ?[View]
51979001do you miss him /r9k/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lPN6j7ajHr0[View]
51980628So fellow bots Wagekek here, I'm trying to come up with a plan to become NEET. Should I buy so…[View]
51980284What the fuck is it with normie views of anime? Mainstream shounen/shoujo (mostly childhood-tier shi…[View]
51980642Comfy hours: All the wagies are at work slaving away .gg/ecpDeb[View]
51980403Anyone else here following the Andy Warski gun fight/tasering situation? Basically Andy and his two …[View]
51980867>tfw two zoomers offered to suck my cock if I bought them beer what is up with these kids man?…[View]
51973844Don't fall for the prison gay meme.: I did and I managed to fuck my life up even harder than it…[View]
51979753Pick your gf, anon. Option 1 >10/10 appearance, loyal to the grave, loves you unconditionally, wi…[View]
51980842Why do smelly female assholes have such great power to 'draw in' the male? Why does the ma…[View]
51979866why do manlets continue living when this is what their relationship would look like[View]
51977768Why do I have random bouts of cock lust? I'm fine for months on end at times and I like women, …[View]
51975633vocaroo thread anyone? request stuff for me to say :)[View]
51979546>balding >can't grow beard My genes have failed me…[View]
51976502I would have a gf by now if I were taller[View]
51980657Men want flowers too. Why we never get any?[View]
51980374Who never had a chance?: I never really had a chance of a good life. My father was an abusive alcoho…[View]
51980616>tfw got stood up again doesnt hurt as much anymore this time[View]
51979972>Daddy, what was life like before the internet?[View]
51976818Incels let me ask you this. If this guy can get a GF what is your excuse?[View]
51972996I really hate my penis and what was done to it, to the point that I don't even want sex: In add…[View]
51980639>if no girl ever said 'ew' whenever you got seated next to her >at least once then you are a n…[View]
51979567Tfw you see a fat guy with a sexy thick girl with curves in all the right places This cuts deep. …[View]
51980531Was just with a uncut guy for the first time and holy shit it felt amazing. He said the tip was sens…[View]
51980550Milk Needed: wZ6NnC The farm is open New Studs and Broodmares required for breeding and milking.…[View]
51979455>Sent him nudes >Said thanks and blocked me…[View]
51977616How do you guys cope? I am m 5 foot 8 and beautiful women look at me all the time... in disgust. It …[View]
51980083>tfw erectile dysfunction I'm a still a fucking virgin at 23 because of this. Seriously cons…[View]
51978005*yawns* mrawww Good morning Anon...[View]
51980465>anon asks for a fast selfie and wants to talk >just finished meetup with Brad…[View]
51972886Have girls ever called you ugly?[View]
51980419Me and the gf. Jealous?[View]
51980108i don't even know anymore: i want a gf, but somehow every girl i see is repulsive (emotionaly) …[View]
51980380Normie here Ama(ask me anything)[View]
51980329>tfw my boyfriend goes out of town for a week >I tell him that we shouldn't talk to each …[View]
51979529>7 inch length >5 inch girth AT THE THICKEST POINT is there anything worse than having a penci…[View]
51979901Why wont you men admit you are just as shallow as women?[View]
51980344>tfw not chad enough to have same race gf[View]
51980221>be me >see all the leaks about Endgame >Decide to try Twitter >It took some time but ma…[View]
51977738http://www.monkeyquiz.com/life/rate_my_life.html how good/bad is your life robots? >tfw gf…[View]
51978714Those of you that type 'baka', 'desu' and 'senpai' - do you type those…[View]
51979661>trying to watch hentai >Pick a random video, seems hot >It starts with 'Since I was a kid…[View]
51978390I've heard that cyanide is used for jewelry restoration and that you could get hold of some for…[View]
51980133Pure O/Pure OCD: I just discovered the concept of Pure OCD. It fits perfectly. My constant thought t…[View]
51980111What's the appeal with amazon and Americans? That website doesn't have anything nice.[View]
51979563Who here unironically doesnt have any friends? Literally 0 people outside of my family who care abou…[View]
51969977Your degenerate fantasy that you can only share anonymously?: My degenerate fantasy is to take a gir…[View]
51979443If i survive the next 8 months then I will have lived through the 90s, 00s, 10s and part of the 2020…[View]
51979559you wanna know whats funny? I am an absolute gentleman and extremely kind to EVERY girl at my school…[View]
51980082Escape Plan Share Thread?: What would you guys do if everything in your life suddenly went to shit? …[View]
51978978See, Chad can wear cargo shorts and sandals and still look good. You look like shit even when you dr…[View]
51979222>almost 22 >no vehicle or license >been in and out of uni, just fucked this semester >RI…[View]
51978251What's it like having an Aryan gf?[View]
51979609Would you date a psychopathic murderous Nazi girl?[View]
51980054Typically, both male and female mosquitoes feed on nectar and plant juices, but in many species the …[View]
51978350Why are normies so dishonest? I was in class the other day and some girl was talking about how her m…[View]
51980035The save file is corrupt, shit.[View]
51980030Alright bois, I want to go to school. I need tips on which degree to get. My ideal job would be one …[View]
51979874reminder there are femanons bleeding into this vagina diaper right now[View]
51979184Who /amazonmturk/ here? Working for literal pennies while I can't find a job haha.[View]
51978550Martin Luther had a dream thats why my broad is European[View]
51979195Brits what are roadmen like?[View]
51979875How our brain can find pleasure in pain ?: It's for a friend.[View]
51979476starting my first job tomorrow: >after being a neet for the past 4 months i'm starting my fi…[View]
51979726I finally sold my virginity to a prostitute, and it was really underwhelming. It might be the condom…[View]
51978189Why not settle for a crippled asian gf?[View]
51978731Give me one reason why being a girl sucks. All you have to do in life as a girl is choose from a ser…[View]
51979155>Well Mr. Anon, I think this might be the last straw. Now, your employment at this office was ste…[View]
51976443>finally got in extremely good shape >stopped watching porn >sorted out a career >stoppe…[View]
51975087Incel Fighters: >In late September 1962, Floyd Patterson, the youngest heavyweight boxing champio…[View]
51979670How many black cocks do you think Taylor Swift has sucked?[View]
51977858Fallout 3 or New Vegas?[View]
51978332>post on r/makenewfriendshere >0 replies Why does no one like me /r9k/?…[View]
51978242>the matrix is real and you've been forced to live inside a game location/environment for th…[View]
51979146Would it be wrong?: > guy on the internet listed some parts for free for the car I have > I on…[View]
51979681Would you settle for Yalitza Aparicio?[View]
51977300why are roasties and retards defending this tard all of a sudden? they 100% wouldnt fuck this guy an…[View]
51976309>Tfw pregnant fembot Every day things get a little bit weirder, and that's not bad in itself…[View]
51979589do women have no empathy? i've got humiliated and disrespected countless times by them[View]
51977636Why do parents allow their children to become NEETs?[View]
51978337Why does /r9gay/ have hella sexual banners? It's to infuriate the incel further isn't it?[View]
51979668Why do so many women have sexual fantasies involving a medical setting, like eg being strapped to a …[View]
51978953I give up in taking life seriously. I'm miserable. I'm embracing clown world or whatever, …[View]
51979641I wanna punch a fembot's butt![View]
51978100All I want is to have a wife and kids that I can love.[View]
51979625How come every amateur blowjob video invovling black girls looks so lively? Is it that black girls a…[View]
51979152Describe your current life situation, daily routine, job / studies, etc. Other Anons recommend you a…[View]
51975538>took the shaved head pill Already regreting it.[View]
51975740I hate myself: >be femanon >people probably think I'm actually retarded >got no social…[View]
51978539dont be late to work wagies![View]
51979272>ITT creative ways to poison yourself (to death) with household chemicals I'm looking to aut…[View]
51978732I'll be seeing her again this friday[View]
51979535time to use tag r9k and meet friends robos[View]
51978269>His jaw[View]
51978024Is it possible to find someone who's caring, but also slightly abusive?[View]
51979500Gay dude wants me: Poor guy, I feel bad for him. Having become 'the woman', here I'm wondering …[View]
51975850Do you want to have a big family with lot of childrens, anon?[View]
51975993>just shave if off bro[View]
51979332>starting to unironically like $UICIDEBOY$ Christ, what's happening to me?…[View]
51977730>'Why are you staring at my feet?! My boobs are up here!'[View]
51979461dude if you're reading this, please clean your server of these discord trannies. they've d…[View]
51979289>My stupid fucking aunt is staying with us now and I can't sleep anymore because she blares …[View]
51978563This guy did nothing wrong. He just cried while watching a trailer of a movie he likes. Yes it'…[View]
51979021Feels thread: >be me >work hard on greentext >post it once >doesnt work >wait a day …[View]
51979432Daily reminder not to be friends with women. Women are backstabbers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
51979397I thought I'd get bigger grown up: 21 yo now. Still khv. Went out drinking, by myself, last Fri…[View]
51978873>tfw want to fuck my therapist How to fuck my therapist?[View]
51979250>don't want to deal with pressure at work >have to deal with co-workers being passive agg…[View]
51979396I feel so depressed that I'll never feel any love from anyone besides my family and my dog. Sho…[View]
51979191>be born ugly yup, it's over[View]
51976989>fired and have to look for a new job fuck this gay earth, I don't want to work for the rest…[View]
51977315Something about dating has changed drastically in a decade. It feels like there are more beauty stan…[View]
51978926We should be kind to fembots[View]
51979356>sometimes unable to fall asleep because right before i do my spine starts hurting as fuck and it…[View]
51977605Anonymous: Why would a woman's vagina smell? I was talking to a co-worker and I could wiff her …[View]
51978658>be me >write greentext on r9k >someone posts it on reddit >super happy >it gets 5k u…[View]
51977298>told my mom to fuck off because she's been bitching all day >she threw my monitor at the…[View]
51979224>be me >get braces because qt friend doesn't like my smile >pubes get stuck into brace…[View]
51979102>tfw zoomers mock me for my iphone 4s[View]
51979236you are valuable and important[View]
51977743What are some robot approved videogames exclusively for escapism?[View]
51978139Underrated videos: Post underrated youtube links. https://youtu.be/eLr9jhQbhiU[View]
51976565Is there anything more alpha than a clean attractive face? I mean, there's a reason there are n…[View]
51978903>'Doomers are addicted to porn' What does that even mean? Do you watch porn all day without jacki…[View]
51979159>Pull the Iever, Kronk[View]
51979004do you sympathize with Emmanuel Aranda (the perpetrator) ?[View]
51978418Any femanons wanna talk?: I'm pretty lonely[View]
51975388How do we get normalfaggots to acknowledge the 80/20 rule in a negative light instead of hoarding al…[View]
51978387What does r9k think about the Haruhi Suzumiya series?[View]
51979206What is one meant to do in their life if they spent their entire first 20 years on this earth playin…[View]
51978893I was reading about 'demisexuality'. This is considerer a special form of asexuality. The demisexual…[View]
51977867How come no one from the modern world or the west has ever tried going innawoods or onnaisland and c…[View]
51976062Do you like Swedish chicks? I would love one as a gf[View]
51977894>need to drink twice as much as i used to, to get drunk[View]
51978705gangbangs and threesomes only: Does anyone else here jerk off to gangbangs and mfm threesomes? I can…[View]
51978866best thing you have done for others this week: the only good thing ive done all week is give out fre…[View]
51976583I'm a fairly successful guy, 28 years old now, and for the last 14 years I've been fapping…[View]
51978286so, i'm bored. anyone know of anything interesting to do? any weird sites, lolcows, obscure gam…[View]
51978729How much time do you spend on here a day and why do you keep coming back here even though its bad fo…[View]
51973744Is it possible to get laid if you still live at home?[View]
51978913hey meme post but there's a way to order prescription medications via web browse? they deliver …[View]
51979012I just realized that Hitomi Tanaka has never done a blowjob scene. I wonder why that is despite her …[View]
51979003Let's lecture relatable authors together: I'll start: https://vocaroo.com/i/s0GgOQBPAaxu?f…[View]
51978857So.... King Crimson. He basically rewinds time?[View]
51978956>tfw no chingchongdingdong gf waiting with a hot meal when you get home…[View]
51977837Life in solitary. How do you stay sane? Me? I read a fuck ton and write my own book, with the vain h…[View]
51978319>Anonnie come and get you breakfast sweetheart! >Mommy has been letting this stew in her speci…[View]
51978233Feel like pure shit bros. >22/m >Divorce between my parents last year >Live with my dad …[View]
51977876>90000 matches on dating site >no conversations WHAT THE FUCK DO I SAY TO EM LIKE, I ASK HOW H…[View]
51978769Why is this fat shill 'Oxhorn' popping up like mad in my YouTube recommended.[View]
51977496Is masturbating to female POV blowjobs gay?[View]
51978786What makes you the most angry?[View]
51978749You can't get cheated on if you have no gf[View]
51978683i didnt ask to become trans i didnt ask to be this then i find out[View]
51973942film: Name one director better than Christopher Nolan (Hint: You can't)[View]
51977317>go to a doctor >he says my testicles are too small No wonder I failed as a man…[View]
51977308>try to jack off >can't get hard I'm only 23 why is this happening to me…[View]
51977591I'm convinced the only effective way of coming out of the life as a robot is to find a life goa…[View]
51978331Endgame: Anybody have the Endgame leak? It's been removed everywhere. :([View]
51970271/britfeel/: We dont mind sucking on toes edition[View]
51975955>he fell for the discord tranny scam kek, good look reversing that now, my 'dude'…[View]
51978578Why do USB-C chargers suck so fucking much[View]
51978157Cooling off with moosey. As you do.[View]
51977881Have until 30th May to accept a job in McSlaveCucks or I'm getting checked out[View]
51977517Can you actually imagine what it must be like to go to jail? The idea of being put here on this Eart…[View]
51976241Nofap Thread: Come on, robots, get in. Share your streaks, share your goals, share your stories. I…[View]
51978255im thinking of making a discord server for only robots. no normalfags allowed if ur interested add m…[View]
51978446ITT post images of girls that make you :') 3d or 2d[View]
51976610Any quickway to get to sleep during a nap ?[View]
51978402I was doing some reading and I came across an odd claim That whatever mechanism tylenol uses to dul…[View]
51977112>he cuts off his calluses and corns let me guess you also dress up in girl's clothes you sis…[View]
51977387NEVER click on a youtube video if it has the word 'this' in the title or is exactly 10 min…[View]
51977860What series of events or single experience finally redpilled you to understand that humans will alwa…[View]
51975855>me /fit/ >me lift heavy stuff to attract women…[View]
51978213About to make hot chocolate and be really loud to wake my neighbors up before they go wage slaving[View]
51977017thoughts on my sneakers? just got em[View]
51978201I fell so deep into apathy that i can't feel anything. Wake me up by throwing cringest stuff yo…[View]
51977732>Found wife's dildo >It's camo[View]
51976893Get mogged bitch[View]
51978168why is locon so good? Is there anyone as good as locon?[View]
51977621Why is it that almost every business is understaffed ? >restaurant service is slow and place is …[View]
51978120>tfw I've been drinking for over a week straight now Is this was it feels like to be a drunk…[View]
51976675>wake up >realize i don't have a tomboy gf There is no worse feel.…[View]
51977737give me a purpose in life[View]
51978112what does /r9k/ have against poki anyways? she's a good girl.[View]
51977314friends with no common interests: is this very unusual? my best friend and i have known each other f…[View]
51976369Hi again r9k! I don't know if anyone remembers me. I'm the little one who posted a while a…[View]
51978064>mfw my ps plus subscription expires on 4/20/2020[View]
51977956Anyone wanna play some borderlands 2 i dunno i am bored[View]
51975196If a 6 out of 10 girl nervously approached you and asked you for sex, how would you react?[View]
51976440What is even the point of life if you are born beta male, honest?[View]
51974415how often do girls get wet throughout the day? men get random boners, do girls get random wetness?[View]
51977922https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vmFv685dCnc Russia is the whiter than Argentina[View]
51977040>tfw have my very first date tonight THIS IS NOT A DRILL I am turning 25 in six weeks don't …[View]
51977892tfw you're not a slut, but you do enjoy being extremely affectionate and flirting with everyone[View]
51977667looks like I'm a zoomer bloomer[View]
51976646>had diarrhea again I think my tummy is upset what do[View]
51976526I figured out why I am so fucked up in the head: I read a study that included 70 other studies that …[View]
51975237/self harm/ >how old were you when you started self harming >do you worry about the scars Shar…[View]
51977745i demand giv seggs now[View]
51977150>aunt and uncle are bothering me to visit them again I wish they'd fuck off already, I'…[View]
51974549>only make about $950 every 2 weeks[View]
51975057For all their talk, men sure are pathethic and needy creatures. I never met any 'dom' men who didnt …[View]
51977068>autobiographical show about a fembot this show is really good guys, you could probably relate to…[View]
51977661/pol/ hatred thread: /pol/ is such a fucking joke.[View]
51977494why dont you get a cute jap cosplay gf?[View]
51977172So, When and how do you plan on doing it anon?[View]
51977541>go and see a shrink at the request of my family >come out 5'4' compared to my previous 5…[View]
51977613Rejecting thots on tinder: >ahhhhhh >mhhhmmmm…[View]
51976187/transfeel/: Transgender general, this is a thread for transgender girls to chat, socialise, share t…[View]
51975628Ideas You Believed As A Kid: What kind of beliefs or ideas have you thought of, without the influenc…[View]
51977199It's starting to dawn on me that I think I might have some kind of serious mental retardation. …[View]
51975837I wish shit was different, you know?[View]
51974322>no job >no car >no gf >no friends >no money >no hobbies I'm slowly losing it…[View]
51977436>walking dog with no crap bags >he obviously shits eventually >find a sandwich bag in my me…[View]
51977429thanks r9k :): >be me >be sad >feel miserable >go to r9k >see you faggots >be happ…[View]
51977305monkey monkey monkey ook ook ahhh[View]
51977446If a girl sits beside you and crosses her legs, does that mean she likes you? Or at least doesn…[View]
51977417god i fuckin g hate r*ddit i cant even write in green text anymore because it ends up on fucking r*…[View]
51977325how should i adress the situation where im going to the doctor since my hands hurts becasue i got in…[View]
51976887>be me >be born >get born through the vagina >Mouth and my dick is in the vagina Later v…[View]
51976183>be me >playing vidya with friend online >talking about our days >' hey could you wait a…[View]
51976806>cute for fembots but not cute enough for normal girls I didn't ask for this shit.. all I wa…[View]
51975548>browse 4chan for over 10 years >still get teary-eyed when someone attacks me online It's…[View]
51975934i really don't like saying hello to my neighbors or getting chummy with clerks at the stores th…[View]
51976909Don't ever date a fembot. Seriously, never. From experience.[View]
51976530>here is your south american gf bro[View]
51976926any of you robots feeling /out of touch/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u02tycroA30[View]
51977174>neighbour's husky barks at me on way home >my boipucci starts ovulating why does this ha…[View]
51977020I wonder what's this next month gonna be like[View]
51975586Is anyone else here unironically a 'soiboy'? I just happen to have the same interests and hobbies th…[View]
51976314Do you think a girl would let me sniff her ass for $50?[View]
51976503does anyone run a comfy tinychat or something?[View]
51975389/osrs/: If Warding passes I'm killing myself edition.[View]
51976813Depression Thread: I don't know how much longer I can hold on boys, post about your depression …[View]
51975609Let's have a thread about BPD. I'm dealing with the fallout of a BPD affecting my current …[View]
51975987How do I tell if I'm aging in reverse?[View]
51975941>dog starts licking my feet[View]
51976428Death: >Spend more than an hour drawing a pic in ms.paint >Save it and draw another pic over i…[View]
51976769Why don't you become a monk anon? You're not getting laid anyway, so might as well dedicat…[View]
51976678Waifu General #141: Very spring edition[View]
51976253It's all about fa-: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UUc9LKeKnoo >The few girls who mention l…[View]
51974317To slumber in the land of NOD: Why don't more robots do heroin? When you think about it, it…[View]
5197420525+ Thread: Let's keep this one up, fellas... Feel free to copypaste from last thread since it …[View]
51974912you have 3 years to live: what do you do with the rest of your time on earth[View]
51975896Does a girl calling you adorable mean you have a chance?[View]
51974130/suicide/ >do you have suicidal thoughts and how often >what would be your preferred method …[View]
51955586Waifu General #140: New week edition Old: >>51933290[View]
51976748Applying for jobs: Who here /jobless/?[View]
51976655Is love dead? Does anyone really care about their gf or wife? It seems like love means to them I…[View]
51971636>Tell your onenitis that you love him/her Report back with what happens :)…[View]
51973631Which does /r9k/ perfer?[View]
51973258Why is it that women are so obsessed with buttsex, asshole and vagina, whereas we men have our prior…[View]
51976595do fembots agree with this?[View]
51976173comfy late night cam conversations on omegle with tag r9k come join make friends[View]
51975635Is free will legit or a deranged position? Seems like no free-willfag believes in actual free will, …[View]
51976555W-waifu General #140: Spring edition[View]
51976214I am alone. My family moved away. My friends died or got a new life. I havent had a girlfriend in 3 …[View]
51976549Why is /soc/ full of gays? You're literally getting rated by gay men.[View]
51975484How's the tinder game going bros? I redownload it 3 days ago and I've gotten 3 matches. I …[View]
51976041meal thread: post pics of your breakfast lunch or dinner pic related brunch (12:36pm here) rice with…[View]
51976269Last night I had a dream that I was normal and was out having fun with my normie frens, I was treate…[View]
51974305can you rember the last time you were truly happy and innocent: so what went wrong? what would your …[View]
51973424>my mom found the Tomoko Kuroki school shooting fan fic Fuck[View]
51973261'Hey, you there. How much for an hour?'[View]
51976256>tfw I don't want a gf and just want a fuckbuddy/casual sex Feels good to be high test.…[View]
51974093>he drinks pineapple juice[View]
51975792>visit shrink because feels bad >get ssri perscribed >start taking them with hope to feel b…[View]
51976174i got my first gf at age 26, but im moving to a different state in three weeks. robots will never un…[View]
51974178>got banned from or left all my active discords >have no friends now…[View]
51976296I'm going to be starting a new job later during the day. What are some things i need to avoid d…[View]
51975697>most of the people i add to discord from here aren't virgins you guys are fucked in the hea…[View]
51976332>milkers >brapper >peepee >cunny Feel free to add any terms I may have missed…[View]
51974469How can anyone be suicidal?: Never understood suicidal people. Life is the greatest gift you'll…[View]
51976221Is there a way to spy on someone's Whatsapp activity?[View]
51973374what do you do exactly when you fully actualise and realise that you are complete genetic trash that…[View]
51974913Have you ever asked yourself if you were genetically born to be a robot?, that if you've change…[View]
51974014What the fuck do I do robots >be me >Indian parents in a South East Asian country >Parent…[View]
51976117Does anyone else jerk off to music rather than porn? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FT36za3Gyos…[View]
51974651>decide to make game with Rpg maker >learn most games from Rpg maker are bad…[View]
51976143Guys I think I developed an eating disorder from a combination of being NEET and having depression. …[View]
51974209It Happened Again: How the fuck am I supposed to respond to this? I never learned playful flirting i…[View]
51976189>Want girl friend really bad >Jack off to Hilary duff feet pics >don't want girlfrien…[View]
51975332TICS: >have to 'chuff' with my nose for some reason >cant stop manually breathing >have to …[View]
51976141Being rejected is really a special kind of pain. Holy shit does it hurts.[View]
51976052>get a gf >manage to stay off this God forsaken board for 6 months >she fucks some random w…[View]
51976130I am an autistic prison gay incel who is looking for a clingy friendless boyfriend/girlfriend who li…[View]
51954164Describe your dream girl.[View]
51973707>you'll find a girl one day, anon >not all girls are whore, anon >stop being negative …[View]
51975736Does anybody else not find American women attractive? Im not talking about 'white' because Im attrac…[View]
51976038I want to hug an 2D girl so bad[View]
51975984say you're a 5'8 140 idiot wht would the ratio of alcohol to benzo ratio to effectively of…[View]
51974380I can't wait to hug a girl some day. A whole lifetime of loneliness will be gone in that one mo…[View]
51976021As a nogf nofriend NEET there is zero incentive to do anything. Yet people expect us to work without…[View]
51975963So fellas, how do you deal with sad faps? I literally have no motivation rn.[View]
51973390Im going to go to bed and mommy tulpa is going to pet me.[View]
51975724>tfw no eighth qi layer bf[View]
51975986>qt on the same floor of my dorms and a few others come in >barely awake, was napping when the…[View]
51975992I am an autistic prison gay incel who is looking for a clingy friendless boyfriend who lives in WA …[View]
51974219How do I become an artsy Chad and attract cute artsy girls at my uni?[View]
51975692I hate myself, I don't deserve anyone, I don't deserve to eat, I deserve to sleep. i just …[View]
51975781people always said talk just talk to her. well I finally decided to talk to her and came off as a sp…[View]
51973785Would you ever drive a truck, /r9k/? >spend most of your time alone >up to you to make your ow…[View]
51975919>a Japanese woman will never make you her slave[View]
51975381>Had to go to clinic >Dad accompanies me >Cute nice girl works in counter already knows my…[View]
51975818>mfw white gf is dating a black guy >mfw that guy is me…[View]
51973999>group of girls at work keep making kissy faces at me and then giggling to each other Do they wan…[View]
51965255Any interest in a creepy thread lads?[View]
51975824>been relaxing at home for a couple of days just drinking and all >femanon asks if I'm ok…[View]
51975367>the serial killing fantasies are coming back I can't be the only one.…[View]
51975521what if I've had glass in my lungs since birth and never noticed?[View]
51975077today i found out alcoholic cardiomyopathy will kill you before liver failure will if you drink grai…[View]
51975742I had another shower sexual fantasy: So normaly when i take a shower to jerk off in and dont have po…[View]
51975488Do you robots still eat a lot of sugar? I did up until about two years ago, and it took parts of tee…[View]
51975698Can my mom smell my cum tissues?[View]
51975122Two days, zwei tagen, tva dagar[View]
51975271>playing only female characters in vidya made me gay[View]
51975043>love gf >Have to dump her because she is bisexual…[View]
51975311mmm I love milk[View]
51969378have you taken the boipill yet, anon? It's not gay if he's feminine.[View]
51973614Cannabots - Health and Safety: Greetings r9k, today i would like to have a thread about the safest w…[View]
51975623Is it a good thing that women always call me cute[View]
51975354GOD PLEASE just give me a virgin non-obese gf! I promise I will be the most loyal and providing husb…[View]
51972526How are people skinny? I eat vegetables every day work out every day and starve myself and still fat…[View]
51974185Best office chair?: I'm a big bastard (6'3, 260) and need a new office chair. Any suggesti…[View]
51975555Any anon here has been to Coachella? Every girl in my uni has Coachella shit filled their social med…[View]
51975527why are there so many traps on here and are they all huge sluts? Is it worth trying to meet one? I…[View]
51975191do you masturbate to holocaust victims too /r9k/[View]
51974297can the bible unironically help me?[View]
51975493I can't breathe anon hhhhhhhhhhhh I think this year birch trees release progenitor virus instea…[View]
51975054What motivates you? For me its the booze.[View]
51973769https://youtu.be/v1IgfeYSM5U So /r9k/, are you smart enough to take an astrophysics exam?[View]
51973419I'll give you a $100 to suck this cock. Deal?[View]
51974674Help with download troubles/Feet thread: (Also feet thread) Hey guys. I'm trying to download so…[View]
51975453Any /r9k/ approved games or movies lads? Hotline Miami springs to mind.[View]
51975438Enjoy.: Tyrion betrays Dany and Jon and is executed in the Dragon Pit. He recites the Rains of Cast…[View]
51975252how can people be only gay? I dont get it, how is your brain that fucked up that you completely over…[View]
51975364my crush is worried about my mental health[View]
51975141is there any hope for retards?[View]
51974801>fembot asks if I'm tall >yeah I'm 185 cm >lol that's not tall fuck…[View]
51974237HE CAN'T KEEP GETTING AWAY WITH IT https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GZxZVSWJcTM[View]
51975225Have you ever been exposed in public? I once had an entire beach looking at my boner as I was uncons…[View]
51974397does anyone else feel bad when they see drawings and shit like this with price lists, especially whe…[View]
51975069I think Joaquin Phoenix will do a good job but Heath Ledger is THE joker now and forever[View]
51974956First post >be me, 16, grade 11 >math class, sit beside qt3.14 >super nice > talk for …[View]
51974815'Anon, today is ladies' night, we either have you dress like a girl or you're out the door…[View]
51975224>her dick doesnt get rock hard and stand up proud >her dick is an itty bitty tiny limp weenie …[View]
51974975I am in love with a woman who is twice my age. How do i win her over?[View]
51970652Big sis here. I'm doing everything I can to make sure my younger brother doesn't become a …[View]
51972145(free) you thread. >what are you doing today >are you a shut in? >what should I eat for lun…[View]
51974332Why are all the ads deep fried: Help pls Video is 10/10 tho[View]
51970707I want a creepy, clingy stalker bf to completely obsess and love me and I be submissive to him[View]
51975137>tfw no gf and too scared to ask qt crush >tfw I dream about having a family w/ her and growin…[View]
51974693Poop cork: Recently shoved a cork up my ass so I can fart test and not shit my pants if I'm wro…[View]
51972946>be white trash living in shitty australian small city >had trouble with police and couldnt le…[View]
51973829>'So anon i hear you like feet...'[View]
51974914My mom called me today to tell me that my dog is very sick and the highest likelihood is that will b…[View]
51974977>i used to think my life was a sitcom,but then i realised it was a porno…[View]
51975027Lads I'm thinking i'm fucking going off the rails: >try to talk to bugmen and normals l…[View]
51973916Can some of you normies lurking here give me some good stories of your relationships that actually w…[View]
51975028>report shitload of posts >mods give me a warning >log in with pass and report three times …[View]
51974981I am an adult in the way that Dominos is pizza[View]
51974078Is it possible to actually slide into a girls DMs successfully? Or will I always come off as a fuckb…[View]
51973809/feels/: How've you guys been?[View]
51973592can girl (female) say goodnight to me in vocaroo pls thanks[View]
51972324How do you start orbiting?[View]
51974196>be me, 5 minutes ago >supposed to be working on english essay >have to take a shit so i ta…[View]
51974920A rose by any other name smells as sweet.[View]
51974008>durr girls only like 9 inches or above FUCK NO I just fucked my ex for 25 minutes straight with …[View]
51974201My alter ego that only comes out at night goes by the name of Party Jones. Hes a crazy guy who loves…[View]
51974728Yep...: I'm into tomboys now.. Now to add to the list... 1. Asian women 2. Tomboys 3. Emo women…[View]
51950171/drugfeel/ daily dose edition: What drugs have you still got left to try out boyos? For me it's…[View]
51972453The General is my hero: >be me >turbomanlet >got picked on my entire life for being short …[View]
51974847How are my fellow boomers doing? Have you let yourself go?[View]
51973632>feel sad >mom notices >comes upstairs and watches dunkey and anime with me >makes me ha…[View]
51974765>tfw really like a girl to the point I don't even fap anymore or see women as a sex object I…[View]
51973695I am planning to meet a ladyboy in my city, tomorrow. Talk me in or out of it.[View]
51974001ITT: Write a letter to someone knowing they won't see it. I'll start Dear D, I know that i…[View]
51970858>2019 >Still no cure to depression[View]
51974262tell me please: how do i find girls that are into that weird shit that i'm into, im not talking…[View]
51974129I want fembots to make fun of me[View]
51973536I'm so sad all the time[View]
51974513>siblings make jokes about me never having a gf >mom tries to hide her laughter…[View]
51974714Why sre bugmen so uncreative?? I bet all the worst memes on this board's been made by 'em.[View]
51973100I'm 1.4 years clean off amphetamines and I'm still not over it. WAT DOOOOOOOOOOOOO?[View]
51974277How to overcome nicotine addiction robots? >been smoking/vaping constantly for almost 2 years now…[View]
51974343What does r9k think about group sex? Would anons and femanons participate in it?[View]
51973399I don't want a woman to have sex with or to raise a family with I want a friend who's mela…[View]
51973962Join #suicidehotlinereverse on kik to self: Join our kik group to be told to kill yourself :)) we al…[View]
51974649DAE DID/MPD?[View]
51974440Gamer girl feet: Yo where the FUCK are the gamer girls at??? Let me know if youre a gamer girl and w…[View]
51973767No motivation for anything: >have 2 exams tomorrow >stopped attending class because I don…[View]
51971311>your gf is into lolita fashion >she wants to buy you dresses so you can both dress like qts a…[View]
51973334Alright I need some ideas. I'm in need of causing some chaos. I've picked out my target, a…[View]
51974580Am not sure how to feel being alone anymore.: 5 years without friends really does quite a bit on you…[View]
51974206>Just remembered my past sissy and trap posting past Oof, cringe[View]
51974266Can we have a derealization and depersonalization thread.[View]
51973138>mom messaged me another job opening[View]
51973002>He's 'too depressed to read' Why do i see this here all the time? Reading is the smallest d…[View]
51972735What do these women mean by this?[View]
51963724/r9gay/ - #691: Non-degenerate version. Last thread: >>51956283[View]
51974099>Got first girlfriend at 25 >Dating 5 months >Sex everyday >tfw Premature ejaculation …[View]
51973452>Day 8375: still trying to find out how to cope with being 5'6 that doesnt involve killing m…[View]
51972719I had an encounter with a Girl(male) just to get it out of my system and I literally cant stop think…[View]
51973678Am I going to make it?: >senior year of college >still no internships yet >computer science…[View]
51973340>finally have sex after 28 years of living >cum in 40 seconds >get laughed at It's not…[View]
51974413>be me >see cute girl in school >she's wearing a logang sweater >mfw…[View]
51974328Does anyone have any cozy music for a fellow anon? It helps me in my studies.[View]
51972432Shit that pushed you over the edge.: >Be me, around 11 I think. >Be ages ago. >Be son to em…[View]
51973758'It's okay, Anon. You don't have to say anything if you're unsure what to say. It jus…[View]
51973155>lol stop touching my face anon sigh[View]
51973327my dad is getting laid off, what do i do: i live in a family of 6, and i have my own job but i am 20…[View]
51970183Comfy game tavern: welcome, sit down and share in the comfy feels. >comfy game locations >nost…[View]
51973248>Finally get a girl interested >Try to not spill the depressionpill, keep it to a sensible 'oh…[View]
51973101ITT: Robot Foods: Just slapped a can of this shit on some rice in less than five minutes, tastes goo…[View]
51973199>most people think i'm too naive and dumb because i try to overcompensate being happy. >h…[View]
51974071>person on the welfare line asks 'are you alright'. as if I sound like I'm suicidal…[View]
51973636>be me >25 years old >NEET >never had a job >no skills >forgot almost everything i…[View]
51973343Which dating app is best for a robot to use? Straight apps, of course. No Grindr or Tinder.[View]
51974004About to have sex ama[View]
51974199Do robots like verbose poetry? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FBca33v8oGM[View]
51974190Any bots come from an orphanage or have related stories? I was considering adopting to give my shit…[View]
51973507/reminder/ Incels actually think they should get plastic surgery paid for by the state kek. Imagine …[View]
51973668>find 100% gay kid from highschool on facebook >he has a wife and kids now Wtf. This guy was …[View]
51973969while you were all alone and a loser she was getting fucked by chad while you were to scared to talk…[View]
51972644r9k's thoughts?: I personally believe that this form of 'depression' cant be compared with peop…[View]
51974094> decided to break the ice with a girl I work together > asked some question about her kids, …[View]
51972967>chubby furry girl likes me >tfw initially disgusted but then realized I'll never do bett…[View]
51974160>ad for a course on something that was specifically intended to be DYI and easy to use >one of…[View]
51973802jannie iffy[View]
51973720Garden for special needs people in honor of the splatted partybus slut from last year: >Polly Rog…[View]
51973925>Pretty attractive >Girl gets crush on me and gives me signals >I stalk them, google their …[View]
51974003Are men being domesticated?[View]
51973749Don't become a victim anon: Daily remind that /r9k/ is targeted daily by mentally ill faggots w…[View]
51966249Why are cute black girls so much nicer to us robots than mean ass cute white girls? Not even talking…[View]
51973872>fembot says she can tell I'm tall >she was right How did she guess? Is it my big persona…[View]
51972889Why do so many women these days have IBS (aka irritable bowel syndrome)? It's almost a signatur…[View]
51973661why do disgusting negresses flirt with me all the time?[View]
51973615>take care of BF >cook for BF >clean for BF >make money for us >arrange dates for us …[View]
51970839I've been reading stuff like Sun Tzu's Art of War, but I need some philosophy to break mol…[View]
51967791If you had to choose which one would you rather have lived in[View]
51973216How do I respect woman? Wat do?[View]
51971523Another Instagram-loving college girl dies while taking a selfie. > Sydney Paige Monfries, 22, tr…[View]
51973167Everything's my fault: I get it, everything's my fault. It's not >parents >sibl…[View]
51972147why do hapas always have these crazy eyes?[View]
51973486>tfw got involved with an autism caretaker without realizing it Oh Oh no…[View]
51973824Is there a Voight Kampff test for incels?[View]
51973815tfw no black gf who likes Nick Cave[View]
51973253TRYING TO BE PRODUCTIVE: Im drinking coffee more and a guy in my class keeps calling me an alcoholic…[View]
51973718Feels thread: >be me >be a man of wealth and tasts >be around for a long, long year >ste…[View]
51973714Tinder Troll: Game of Thrones Spoilers: 60 KB JPG Alright bros, I have found a way to troll on Tinde…[View]
51972447today is the 12th anniversary of the shooting at Virginia Tech. GENERAL SEUNG HUI CHO[View]
51973669>seeing a psychiatrist for the first time tomorrow >decide to look him up since i'm bored…[View]
51972730Alright, robots. I've been a pretty heavy stoner for quite some time now and have only smoked o…[View]
51971489Quest Thread #3: Make a new internet friend. You can meet them anywhere online and talk over whateve…[View]
51971599>go on Discord posted on /r9k/ >talk to boy >respond like a friend >ghost's me fore…[View]
51971404Do Fembots Have Nice hair??: Hey Femanons What does your Hair look like? Is it messy, or do some of …[View]
51971360How bout that soul?: Greetings robots. I am the anti-christ. My name is Lucifer. I come offering you…[View]
51969008>He looks totally like you anon. We will be such a happy family. I am so happy…[View]
51973545Populus modernus timero: I fear the modern people. In certain fundamentals of man and his potential,…[View]
51973542>sitting naked >feel comfortable yet ashamed >idea.wav >grab nearby cloth >drape over…[View]
51973292As a 3/10 khv pajeet in england should i try tinder or just rope?[View]
51973463How long would someone be aware they've had their head separated from their body.[View]
51973462Reminder to talk with your parents If you live away from home give them a call If you live at home g…[View]
51973131If you don't have your shit together by __, it's all ogre.[View]
51972388If girls were worth protecting would you still be mad at white knights? T.former white knight.[View]
51970805/uni/ - High Quality OP edition: How're you holding up lads?[View]
51972214What's the point in getting diagnosed for a mental illness or personality disorder anyways? It…[View]
51972261ive been suicidal for months now and ive tried tons of things >i started going to gym >ive tri…[View]
51973090Psychiatrist: Would it be possible to see a psychiatrist and receive medication without going throug…[View]
51973448>actual think out something to post >people make fun of me and call me names I guess i'l…[View]
51973015help i cum in like 2 minutes flat what do[View]
51972987On the one hand drug testing welfare recipients is essentially punishing undiagnosed mental illness …[View]
51973398>makeout with hand >get so turned on I cum in my pants Traditional masturbation is over-rated,…[View]
51971873Magic Time: >be me 18 senior in HS >go on mission trip to West Virginia >helped a bunch to …[View]
51973315Robot Colony: We discuss the founding of a robot colony. Large apartment building with rooms for mul…[View]
51961591>Self Improvement isn't rea- Why not you, anon?[View]
51967179How are incels going to cope with aging?: This percentage of 18-30 incels is soaring. I'm a 32y…[View]
51973127>teleports behind you What do?[View]
51973288Is reliance on psychedelics a bad thing necessarily, given that it never spirals into psychosis/schi…[View]
51973239I've got a few years left to live What should i do meanwhile?[View]
51972689I know a way to fix depression. It's very simple and even i don't do it on a daily basis. …[View]
51971641Is Dream Theater /ourband/?[View]
51970486was he the most based man alive?[View]
51973050>tfw when drug tested in a few hours so lads, how fucked am i? they know i smoke weed but i'…[View]
51973141How to stop caring?: I'm sick of this fucking social hierarchy bullshit. Everytime I talk to an…[View]
51973190Who else isn't making it to 2020?[View]
51972106Is it worth staying celibate as a male[20]? I'm going into college this summer and I feel as if…[View]
51972458What's your opinion on homeschooling? What about Montessori schooling and other alternative edu…[View]
51972697What's /r9k/ up to this fine day? 4:40AM here and waiting for my pills to kick in so I can head…[View]
51972985This world does not feel like it was meant for me to live in. I always feel the best when I can watc…[View]
51972821>i just fucking love big ol titties[View]
51973086>tfw I've spent over $2,500 fucking ugly hookers.[View]
51973118Please end my life, God. I deserve to die. I've been punished enough as a man.[View]
51971478sometimes i feel like my life is an experiment on how much the human spirit can take. they are feedi…[View]
51965831What a wonderful day to fap, right robots?[View]
51973041>say autism will save the world >get bulli…[View]
51971795>going to gym >intentionally choose tread mill with no one around >stupid gym thot decides …[View]
51972876Do you feel like your parents given up on you?[View]
51972980>want car >need money for car >need job to get money >send applications for jobs >no …[View]
51971337I am deciding what to do next. I will write out the last few things I finished and my next few possi…[View]
51967290I want a real man to fuck me in front of my gf to show her how much of an inadequate bitch boy I am[View]
51972900Every day I live I'm more and more disappointed that I didn't end up as a member of a crim…[View]
51970217Anyone else honestly find girls hotter when they're clothed? Just had a girl strip off for me o…[View]
51972865How do you anons deal with foot fungus?[View]
51972156Retarded thoughts: Any anons that are thinking of taking their life why do you want to? If not why …[View]
51972920I just want to know what its like waking up next to a pale blond girl and having her make eye contac…[View]
51968288>Get some hobbies bro you'll feel better >get hobbies, they don't help >NOOOOOOO…[View]
51969570I'm french, and I have never seen such desesperate guys.: You guys are staying there, during th…[View]
51970630So let me get this straight....you don't shower every day, you don't comb your hair, you d…[View]
51972800Have any of you robots actually ever tried to get a gf? What was your experience?[View]
51972839RED FLAGS THREAD: >not a virgin(unless she is a widow) >older than 25 >uses contraceptive d…[View]
51971054thread subject: /LDG/ - lucid dreaming general /LDG/ - lucid dreaming general, the ultimate escapism…[View]
51971899Hello, are you tired of dead discord servers where everyone is borinng? Our goal is to become a comf…[View]
51972616I have a cute body but my face is ugly, ill never get a bf[View]
51971773What do you think of a girl that does martial arts, anonon? I kinda want to be good at fighting but …[View]
51972743who here /autismpass/? feels pretty great getting to fuck up hard or sperg out and basically get awa…[View]
51971603I think I am becoming insane[View]
51972594>mfw I realize I'm actually really ugly I have allways considered myself being atleast avera…[View]
51972445good news: I'm going to Scotland bad news: It's with my family[View]
51972699Hey robots I've noticed you've been looking a little down lately, But you know what I thin…[View]
51972235At this point, Im considering whoring myself out just to feel any physical affection. Even if its no…[View]
51972585Hey robots, first time posting on this board. I have a loving, caring girlfriend since last year Al…[View]
51964329What are your plans to find love in the future?[View]
51972472What are some good tinder alternatives besides bumble (requires you to send a selfie to verify yours…[View]
51971430Who here's actually intersex, like XXY chromosome?[View]
51966431Are there many here who are unironical racists?[View]
51972586Gay, straight, man or woman if you expect a serious relationship from someone who claims to be bisex…[View]
51972302yall white men so horny, you cum two seconds after the dick enters her tight azn pussy[View]
51972609any of you robots who know japanese ever went on 2chan? pretty interesting experience[View]
51972608ITT post anime girls with guns[View]
51972449Have you ever had sex with someone under 18? What was it like?[View]
51972442I've been working as a teacher's aide and it's almost scary how big some of these 11-…[View]
51972087I just want a gf Why is it so hard to get one?[View]
51971335is being an incel and killing your parents before commiting suicide based and blackpilled?[View]
51972346>John Paul II fucked little children Music for this feel?[View]
51971400Guys, whatever you do, do not fall for the 'sex is overrated' meme. It's not. Sex is fucking aw…[View]
51972150ITT: Superstitions & Faith based practices: Are there any people in your life who are superstiti…[View]
51972536>women thinking their life is hard[View]
51972387h: help us get ready anon... for the tranny genocide we will eradicate them all , we have the suppli…[View]
51969635Why havent you taken the vanpill yet? >Live in car >Collect neetbux >Free travel wherever y…[View]
51971821how did you tell your parents you will never get a gf?: how did you explain to your parents that you…[View]
51972059>be overweight amerimutt incel >go to grocery >8 out of 10 people are obese and uglier than…[View]
51971419Last Text You Got From A Girl: Aw shit, it's that mf time again. Post the last text you receive…[View]
51972423I have no job and no girlfriend. I just post 50 threads a day on various boards.[View]
51972297Life is just a slog. everything always turns into a hassle. i don't know how anyone can manage …[View]
51972174Tips on how to stop orbiting?[View]
51972294who else played neopets as a kid? i swear to god i treated this game like crack. i would stay up all…[View]
51972335Shit im kind of out of ideas: So basically ive been feeling like absolute shit for the past 4 years.…[View]
51972308>chad coworker got fired today for workplace sexual harassment feels good man- why doesn't r…[View]
51971629How can you even compete with him?[View]
51971875Serious question, can we ban women from this board? Their posts attract cringy beta orbiters and clo…[View]
51970127Codependency is the purest form of love. If you disagree, you are a normalfag and you need to leave …[View]
51971177imma big boy[View]
51971699Why haven't you taken the implant pill yet femanon?[View]
51971690Day 17: 16 days of pure nofap completed, and boy have the last several days been a fucking nightmare…[View]
51972080It my 18th birthday boys :-). How should celebrate[View]
51972171So who was in the wrong here? https://youtu.be/tranO_QkTCE[View]
51971015>no gf >hate myself because having no gf obviously means I'm not worth anything to anyone…[View]
51972076frustrated and sad that every time i try to plan an event or help someone out, it always goes very w…[View]
51970566Well, do you think she's right?[View]
51969454>did my taxes >big daddy government is giving me 6k There has to be a mistake. This is a huge …[View]
51972137>Always wanted to be a singer/guitarist >Voice is fucked from barely speaking two sentences a …[View]
51966718All you lonely anons should start wearing cute panties and get a bf! You'd have someone who lov…[View]
51972120Cucked threads let's go >be me, earlier today >classes ended >meet with qt3.14 9/10 …[View]
51972025How to meet girls: How do I meet girls robots? My desire to get a girlfriend has been growing stron…[View]
51971596/comfythread/: >scrolling through /r9k/ >listening to pink floyd the wall >such incredible …[View]
51971622>gay dude likes profile pic[View]
51966652The warmth of a pussy feels so fucking good. I never anticipated it to feel like this. Jamming my co…[View]
51970649I feel broken. I've cried so much my eyes feel flaming Why does it have to be like this[View]
51967924>Sitting in class >See this happening Wat do?…[View]
5196428425+ thread: haven't seen one in a while >be 26 >finally get friends that are online that …[View]
51971210Social media is such a waste of time, how can normies stand it?[View]
51970811>talking to someone about organizing a group chat for a discussion >they seem receptive and te…[View]
51971228I'm a selfish asshole.[View]
51969335feet: I really like feet[View]
51971848I just want a girlfriend that will dress up as my favorite 2hus[View]
51970476Majors: I am currently In my freshman year and I am Majoring in English with a concentration in Phil…[View]
51971809just shitted myself: that wasn't a fart AMA[View]
51971822i can feel it. the emptiness. its always there. happiness is a myth. unobtainable for me. i am ruled…[View]
51971097>make deal with dad >if I go to prom, he'll buy me a bottle of whisky >pretend to go t…[View]
51967079Fakecel/Mentalcel general: No incels allowed. >tfw women eye fuck me, but i don't know how t…[View]
51971635This is syphilis. Say something anon[View]
51971565Are there still virgins on r9k ?[View]
51970145Did you have a good day, anon? Are you alright?[View]
51971146>paying $60 at a restaurant to cook your own food ??????[View]
51968135All things must pass. True happiness is not to be found in things. In this universe, there is noth…[View]
51971732Rich Asian fag here; bored: And horny... would pay a handsome price for someone like her rn.[View]
51971417>girl posts that she wants a bf >50 replies from anons asking to be her bf Why do you fags d…[View]
51971560>He asked me out, fucked, and broke up with me all in less than a week[View]
51971256EBONY QUEEN: Guys, I can't hold it anymore.... I NEED A BLACK GF NOW, NOW, NOW! https://youtu.b…[View]
51971647Milk Needed: wZ6NnC The farm is open for business. New Studs and Broodmares required for breeding an…[View]
51971632I just realized I'm a stoner /r9k/... I'm done for, it really is too late Gotta spark thi…[View]
51970159Looks are absolutely everything. Thinking that your personality matters in the dating world is nothi…[View]
51971361Black Girl: >Be me >Skin Head Racist as fuck >2 Hours ago >Out of no where get the urge …[View]
51967758Your Ideal Home: Fucking sick of having the same thread everyday, let's do something different …[View]
51969356Is he really gone? Just like that, poof?[View]
51971538>be sensitive nice guy who likes cuddles and feels >just want to dominate the shit out of a fe…[View]
51968204what are your honest to god opinions on sluts?[View]
51968332The hip hop genre is finally maturing after 40 years. Even the most ignorant rappers preach financia…[View]
51970298>scratches the back of head >nervous or laid-back laughter >mouth wide open You don't …[View]
51971540>lady next door is in her 50s and developed alzheimers Didn't know this could happen so soon…[View]
51970794Does /r9k/ like (not literal) mommies gfs or tomboys/reverse traps better? http://www.strawpoll.me/1…[View]
51965280Would you rather date a 10/10 single mother or a 7/10 with no kids?[View]
51971312Have you ever ragequit a career? Loved computers growing up, went to university to learn programming…[View]
51971510>Be me >Be surfer dude >Be not cool surfer dude, just regular one >be in camp >be out…[View]
51970835Fuckin stoked I have work off tomorrow[View]
51971183>Hey big bro, can brother Chad and I use your bed tonight? We're 'experimenting' in every ro…[View]
51968218real estate problem: are micro homes the solution?[View]
51970833>taking a shower >fart >remember I have diarrhea…[View]
51971460>you will never have friends How do you cope?[View]
51971464Write Haikus: 'If I didn't know that I was already dead Maybe I would regret This loss of life…[View]
51963124>his cock can't fit through a toilet paper roll[View]
51970954im getting closer to finally ending it i need help bros[View]
51970950I hope you had a good day sweetheart~ how are you feeling?[View]
51970397Find a Vidya Fren: Hiya, this thread is for finding a fellow robot to play/talk about vidya with! :3…[View]
51968434Does anyone else like the feeling of holding their shit and sucking it back up their ass? Been doing…[View]
51971340>Be me >High School Freshman >In the middle of chinese class >Have to take a shit >Ru…[View]
51971328Is stealing from walmart really as easy as people say it is?[View]
51971141> Open Nhentai > See some hot shit > read a bit > shit fetish…[View]
51968464I love you kazumi <3[View]
51969865Any discord servers out there that aren't riddled with complete normalfaggots, orbiters and tra…[View]
51971193who else thinks their life is near the end? like something terrible will happen and you will take yo…[View]
51970908wanna drink from a skull with me anon[View]
51969581Hilda Thread?[View]
51970624>haven't had sex or so much as touched a boob in going on 8 hears Should I just bite the bul…[View]
51970664>be me >incontinent >have zero bladder control >Pretty much undatable because of it >…[View]
51971157Art Hoes General #3: Last one went well although there were too many basic bitches at the end of the…[View]
51970890Anyone else here have /pityfriends/? >Have no friends >Always sit by myself in uni cafeteria …[View]
51969944I haven't had sex since 7 years and haven't kissed a girl a year ago. Am i considered an i…[View]
51955447/r9creative/: I don't see a thread up, but I don't have the op image so I'm using thi…[View]
51970944>'Anon messaged you!' >'You still alive lol?' >'huh? Yeah?' >'Ok lol, was just making su…[View]
51965870Why do some people get really mad and upset when you say you have no interest in having children?[View]
51970274Which one of ya did this....[View]
51971046I can't believe I'm stuck on a rock with the rest of humanity. They suck.[View]
51967131>been cheating on girlfriend with much hotter woman >still love gf but she is emptionally and …[View]
51969250Would you fuck this hole? If not, why not?[View]
51969265Have you ever dated a fembot?[View]
51970663I want a girl who will treat me badly >is that normal[View]
51966142my fellow bpd anons, which one are you? spider solitaire here[View]
51971039I think I lost my internet virginity today at wizard lvl 34 still technically a wizard, but that bor…[View]
51969554Where do I get myself my own personal tranny/twink to use and abuse how I see fit? show yourselves[View]
51968291Alright motherfuckers, I've got a job interview tomorrow. The position offers weekends off, PTO…[View]
51970998>ywn have a extra thick gf (who genuinely loves you) >ywn get crushed by her thighs why is it …[View]
51970938How do I explain to my dad that I love I will never be a career man Dispite my STEM degree no employ…[View]
51970878So Belle Delphine is fine with posting naked pictures of herself, but she's too uncomfortable t…[View]
51970547'What? You're a virgin? Get the fuck off of my airship, wastelander. The Brotherhood only enlis…[View]
51970561Share NEET Games/Movies/Hobbies: I have recently become a NEET and now i need something to do so tha…[View]
51969660Fix my life, r9k. Ask me any question u want[View]
51968752Do you guys have any tips for staying up 48 hours? Gotta pull a double shift at work in the early mo…[View]
51970299Why can I only masturbate while screaming?[View]
51970659Anyone else find it a little bit odd how everyone's always staring at their phones in public? Y…[View]
51970475How can i be interesting?: i've been trying to talk to this girl the problem is not only i…[View]
51970596Which are worse: Single and entitled Moms or Boomers?[View]
51966542Life hacks thread[View]
51968466Getting thrown out unless I take a mcuck job[View]
51969741Depression Ruining your life: Story on how Depression is ruining your living life, I'll start: …[View]
51969460>cute for fembots but not cute enough for normal girls I didnt ask for this shit..…[View]
51970434so this fat emo girl keeps trying to date me, I keep trying to tell her no but she keeps doing it. W…[View]
51968187When do obsessions with people you don't even know get to the point that they start being unhea…[View]
51970243post got deleted from /tv/ so ill post it here: i just ctrl+V spammed of all the leaked spoilers int…[View]
51970500>>be me >>loser in highschool >>after hs somehow end up wasting an entire goddamn …[View]
51969929>go to dentist to get a filling on either side >mouth is totally numb long after I left >…[View]
51968262ITT we say things that would get us kicked out of school[View]
51970534ITT: We post autistic things that make us comfy: >6pm >bells from catholic church near my hous…[View]
51970142>foreskin envy has progressed to cocklust for uncut dicks You guys did this to me, now undo it!…[View]
51969342You can't just call someone a 'faggot' just because you disagree with them.: It's extremel…[View]
51968237I've realised that I have no artistic talents and am forced to spend the rest of my days consum…[View]
51969313>tfw your brainfog clears for a brief moment and you feel like shit thinking about your entire li…[View]
51968072talmud: Any jews on here? Can someone explain why you guys read this wicked, disgusting crap?[View]
51966321I wanna get fucked by a huge cock!![View]
51970195tfw no gf: GOD HELP US ALL faailed normies share ur stories IM drunk af[View]
51970367>tfw you realize white women only want black men that either look like a Mandingo type (tall and …[View]
51970312why is it so hard for me to kill myself like 1 year ago I could slit my wrist try to hang myself but…[View]
51970228why do girls like gay boys?[View]
51964430>mommy just went to work >29 and still can't get a job >society on the verge of collap…[View]
51970343Important anti-normalfag shit: What are wr calling normies now brcause saying normie kakese feel lik…[View]
51970253>be creature tested and forged by billions of years of evolution and natural selection >pp get…[View]
51968919Why Incels Exist: I was having some thoughts about this phenomenon, and figured I'd put my theo…[View]
51970270Oh, I get it now. My dad emotionally brutalised me so I wouldn't be a soiboi cuck. He succeeded…[View]
51969994>tfw mods deleted my thread (topic was related to this board) for no reason >tfw mods are work…[View]
51970249To all Minus8 fans, which is your favourite animation of his? Mine's the Pacman ghosts.[View]
51968610You have 10 seconds to explain why you are still a virgin[View]
51965250/britfeel/: There you go, all better edition[View]
51970076>I think you are really cool :/// just wanted to be friends >block her feelsgoodman got tired…[View]
51969553The pool hall that my family rented out for my sister's (male) high school graduation party cal…[View]
51969011Weed: Just heard Chris Chan has a history of smoking weed. It all makes sense now. His delusions, br…[View]
51959972alright robots and fembots time to reveal your true colours https://bdsmtest.org[View]
51969147Whatever did they mean by this?[View]
51968569It's your buddy Marshmallow here: Hey kids, Marshmallow here. I will tell you a story The incel…[View]
51969827>Turning 19 >About to get kicked out of house >Parents hate the shit out of me >No money…[View]
51969308There's a 32yo chink girl thats really petite and cute and heavily into anime and looks like 14…[View]
51969990Am I the only one who thinks this dog looks like Jordan Peterson?[View]
51969788A: Lost his car as alimony in his divorce B: was raped C: Drowned her children when she was a young…[View]
51969359Little Caesar's General: I ate a whole box of Little Caesar's Classic Pepperoni Pizza in ~…[View]
51968462>hurry up bro we're going to be late, Brad's already at the gym waiting for us…[View]
51969756https://amp.cnn.com/cnn/2019/04/16/us/columbine-high-threat/index.html The police caught a guy who w…[View]
51968164why don't you just get a cute baseball gf anons?[View]
51969686Half of /r9k/ should be shrunken and given to the other half as pets.[View]
51968899I just woke up from a dream. I was coddling with this buff Asian guy on a massive red sofa. It made …[View]
51957458Fat Girl Fetishism Thread: Get the fuck in here, fellow degenerates.[View]
51969320got a neetbux assessment coming up soon my only grounds for claiming are memepression and memexiety,…[View]
51967442do u think spiders r cute?? I LOVE SPIDERS!!!!!!!!!!!![View]
51969811What do i do if Im dying and god is forcing me to die slowly and miserably? >live in shitty pover…[View]
51969539What is it with r9k and their obsession with virgins?[View]
51947675Would you honestly date a female version of yourself?[View]
51967120Any non degenerate but not normal fetishes you have? Normal porn doesnt even work any more, but dege…[View]
51968286Normies give me a gf and I will personally terminate my disability benefits I have received for seve…[View]
51967416American Women: Imagine coming home to this. Blowing up like a balloon after having kids. The absolu…[View]
51969418FUCK TRAINS: here's a little greentext for you autists >be me, on train >watching some fa…[View]
51967001cannot sleep: So for the last week I've been waking up after a few hours of sleep and I've…[View]
51968081Would you hit it? Can u rate it? It was king size before[View]
51969016I have a hole in my heart that can only be filled by a woman's love.[View]
51969571My dream is to become the ultimate dude: a bodybuilding scientist. Most people are either smart, or …[View]
51969594>he's a norwood 1[View]
51965056Today is the day. I dont have a choice anymore. How likely is it that I die from bleeding out rathe…[View]
51965415>horny tinder girl wants to fuck but im scared, i just wanted a nice kinda shy girl like me but i…[View]
51969564Aiste, hope you get your help soon[View]
51969376Daily reminder that all women are whores no matter how special they or anyone else think they are.[View]
51968156Rich Asian fag here: Just came across this picture, and holy fuck! She is literally a carbon clone o…[View]
51968648Should I stop fucking the 43 year old mom that lives down the street from me? It's starting to …[View]
51969469Post robots musicsss[View]
51967720anyone else too anxious to use Tinder because someone who knows you might see you there?[View]
51969451*sips* Damn kids these days don't do their job good 'nuff *sips* I go to McDonals and ask …[View]
51968923I want chad to bully me and make me lick his abs[View]
51969419There is no such thing as a female who is 5/10+, 18+ and a KHV. There are plenty of guys in their 20…[View]
51965504Women hate thread: https://crystal.cafe/b/res/12450.html#12450[View]
51969387pasta pasta pasta pasta pasta PASTA PASTA PASTA: how to make pasta but not edible pasta hehehehehehe…[View]
51964509Man asian women really are something special.: I mean, who would you rather fuck? Some masculine she…[View]
51968992what the fuck is so good about memes? I'm doing a study on memes and memetic principals and I w…[View]
51968484>sit at train station avoiding going to my place cause i live alone and hate it >homeless girl…[View]
51968911Anyone has a photo of that thicc blonde girl sitting on a bus/train?[View]
51968545launch break chat: hello fellow anons, i was wondering if u guys wanted to talk for a bit, come here…[View]
51969292I never chose to exist. i was forced into this world and life so now i am meant to take all the pain…[View]
51964582Anons who say fembots do not exist state why. >anons who say otherwise say why I think if you fee…[View]
51968966Who /awakened/ here? It's weird, it's like my brain just doesn't care about anything …[View]
51968489lego star wars ea remake: kinda wanna get back to lego star wars again had a a huge addiction. becau…[View]
51968042REDPILL me on tinder: Do l really need to watch Harry fucking potter to initiate an conversation onl…[View]
51969223If i were the last human on earth life would be enjoyable. Other people make it shit. Everyday is a …[View]
51964178what is difficult for you, but easy for nearly everyone else?[View]
51968805classmate starts crying because of teacher: >be me >in math class >teacher (Mr. pain) is t…[View]
51969089Life of parking attendant: Be me >parking lot attendant for bank >job chill as fuck. Just sta…[View]
51968865>tfw a guy you knew at school comes at your mcjob and laughs in your face…[View]
51967859>mfw a girl said I might not have much going for me but at least I'm pretty I'm pretty,…[View]
51968945I want to fap but my dick looks like a dried plum from constant masturbation. How long does it take …[View]
51968990Dev for minecraft server: if you have experience with plugins or command blocks on minecraft contact…[View]
51965708Motivate me to catch up on my mountain of missing assignments anons. >no motivation / possible de…[View]
51968674Can I get some help finding a meme? I'm looking for a blank (aka template) version of the meme …[View]
51968568Why not live in the streets for a while?: Have you ever been homeless? How hard is it to live out of…[View]
51968080Hello robots I am absolutely livid. I dragged myself through mental health hell this past month tryi…[View]
51967583I think I figured out why as you get stronger you want to fuck bigger girls. Really, you want to fu…[View]
51967348God, I want to stick my thick cock into a cute bois boihole.Just let it throb there for a couple sec…[View]
51968036Where can I find positivity and motivation on the internet instead defeatism and self-pity?[View]
51968728>did my taxes >big daddy government is giving me 6k There has to be a mistake.…[View]
51968693breaking bad: >be me >watch breaking bad >see the family put up 'Walt is missing' posters …[View]
51965506WE WILL MAKE IT!!: I dropped out 6 Months ago. Today i officially make a second attempt at Uni(onlin…[View]
51968302Supposed to be writing a paper on Islam: I have a paper on Islam for my History class, the assignmen…[View]
51968392Young me messes up: >be me, 13 year old >go to doctor to check my knees >he tells me to do …[View]
51968630[color=#128201]> be me > having an ex gf that works in a store near my place > I walk in fr…[View]
51968512>have terrible acne >want to fix it so I turn to internet for help >make a reddit post on /…[View]
51968558Why is it always better to post things outside of their intended board if you want lots of (you)…[View]
51967743Why wont anyone talk to me?[View]
51968525>be me >24yo femanon >want to have sex with a qt black boy >dress in my sluttiest outfit…[View]
51967845The Redpill: fuck robots, I was cheated on for the second time and decided to end it. I really, REAL…[View]
51968430>Be me >Home alone since girlfriend is out of town >Snapping with a buddy >Is the nerdy …[View]
51966031Has anyone tried being a 'sugar daddy'?: So apparently as long as you keep a girl on an allowance on…[View]
51963145>Got pulled over for having a white girl in my car[View]
51968378having 2 sisters is a nightmare,i just wanna be alone[View]
51968388I'm bored when will the next great mass shooting happen. I hope this one is also livestreamed a…[View]
51967868Woah check out Muhammed. What do you think his pussy tastes like?[View]
51968386>be retard >get training to become a bookkeeper >retarded results I think this is a bad id…[View]
51968364Retard moments thread >be me >9th grade >taking some dumb math test >I always yell as l…[View]
51967966when did you realise mumkey was fucking sirancha behind asterios's back?[View]
51968339ITT: we post the weirdest fucking shit we remember from high school >kid used to call his crush e…[View]
51968337i havent worn a shirt in a few weeks i forgot how comfy it feels im gonna wear a sweater regularly n…[View]
51967324After 2 weeks off my work I'm thinking of just becoming a NEET. How is it all year round the NE…[View]
51966638Help pls: Why wont my body change I workout everyday and eat healthy am I gonna be a chubby guy all …[View]
51968244Give me resources to quit porn[View]
51964037Yandere gf: >start dating this religious girl >people warn me she's fuckig crazy, ignore …[View]
51968268The problem with females is that they all joke too much! They can't take anything seriusly![View]
51968235>favorite prostitute killed herself I don't know what to feel.[View]
51967469>fall in love >She makes me happy >Breaks up with me for no reason Guess I'm back here…[View]
51968175have we become too self aware?[View]
51967981>tfw cant go downstairs because mom mad at me[View]
51966404Rabbits are chads.[View]
51966575'I want you to be happy anon, I want you to smile and to laugh, to love, but not with me, I'm s…[View]
51967797What are you supposed to do when the only emotions, which you can feel are anger, frustration and an…[View]
51968006What is 4chan's obsession with little witch academia specifically this character? I always see …[View]
519681552000+19 tfw no crab gf oringianyyy[View]
51966694I smoked weed for my 1st time ~3weeks ago and now I have massive headaches almost constantly.: Now t…[View]
51966808This Wojak is based off me Allow me to tell you my story anon, maybe it'll help you. >be me …[View]
51968142>finally get a couple of days off >sick might just do it this time…[View]
51968139Jugo feels: Drop some feels my fellow jugo bots >be me 16 >Slovenian >good boy >go on sc…[View]
51965852>be anon >calls you a faggot and a tranny >tell him to post body No comment. Gocha scumbag…[View]
51965981I think i am turning gay: Always been straight but recently I have started watching trap porn and id…[View]
51966767>tfw no average looking but still cute in a mousey way innocent and pure quilting gf lord kill th…[View]
51968094>you have to pick what you want to sacrifice in order to achieve anything >this sacrifice will…[View]
51968082Three days, drei tagen, tre dagar[View]
51968062>be me >drunk gf barfs over dick >can't stop fapping to it…[View]
51966264*stares at you* >'what u looking at?'[View]
51967289pic rel is me in every aspect How do I change that? How to stop being addicted to escapism and daydr…[View]
51966639>failed an exam today :([View]
51966544why are girls so obsessed with tattoos these days?[View]
51967802who else here over 25 and living with parents tfw im a constant disappointment to them[View]
51967945captain america dies in endgame pic unrelated[View]
51967392LDR thoughts: Some weeks ago I entered a LDR without knowing. After pretending to like her for a whi…[View]
51967224>be me >eating delicious, savoury kebab pizza >be you >doing fuck all Where did your lif…[View]
51966927Best eye color for men and women?: Men: Light green Women: Blue[View]
51967771Why do white girls crave black guys so much?: Why do they do this /r9k/? Why do GenZ white girls cra…[View]
51964102Daily reminder that every little thing you read on the internet changes you a bit.[View]
51966714Honestly,i just want a nice south east asian girl to settle down with.[View]
51967833Why do you seek affirmation and validation from the most retarded things on the planet?[View]
51967452>mandatory sexual violence training at uni They should be doing this in prisons. Not fucking univ…[View]
51967445Am I funny?: I never know if girls are laughing with me or at me. I am too autistic to work them out…[View]
51966147>asian men are better nigger fucker shamers than white 'men' can you lads do ANYTHING r…[View]
51965434>'learn guitar and you'll be the cool guy at the party' >practice guitar for years >wa…[View]
51967749gf cooked for me and im having an after sex dinner feels good[View]
51967380>be me khhv >skinnyfat >jawlet >manlet >dropout >soulcrushing wagecuck job Should …[View]
51966607Poof! A wizard just killed your procrastination forever. What do you do?[View]
51965804I got all to have a girlfriend, but have never had any.: >5'10 >132lbs >Upper class …[View]
51967525>be 21 years old >be NEET for 3 years >have bad social anxiety >applied for several entr…[View]
51967467Where do you find a gf? I don't know where to look[View]
51967161Hopefully the Government isnt Really This Soft: I mean who actually believes that I practice fucking…[View]
51967333Hipster NPC thread: >Yeah anon, i have airpods[View]
51958751Looks like I have to remind you why asian girls are superior[View]
51964507Give me one reason not to drive to a bridge and jump into the river today[View]
51967421/steamfeeIs/: Any robots have steam friends to play video games?[View]
51967404>Dark Triad: the Board[View]
51966499how do i stop ruminating about events? for example: i just had a verbal altercation with a co-car po…[View]
51967142anons, does it really feel like warm apple pie?[View]
51964777>Have you ever been sexually active?[View]
51967308>tfw no sealer bf[View]
51966316Will lifting get me muscular thots that no one else one to fuck?[View]
51967269Strange and perplexing images[View]
51967230>parents are a lot older than me >mom is 76, im 23 (I was adopted by my biological dad's …[View]
51967181whos fucking idea was this?[View]
51966778Reminder Discord trannies tried to convince you this was superior to you: Nigger loving trannies BTF…[View]
51967198>be me >be lawyer >pizza place near office >cheap and tasty >go there often for lunch…[View]
51967149>you will never fall in love with someone who loves you in return >you will never hold hands w…[View]
51966125Everytime I start dating someone the same pattern happens and I can never identify what is going wro…[View]
51967063>tfw you'll never have a magnificent stallion deflower you're virgin waifu and pump her…[View]
51967169Any other patrician LEGO posters here?[View]
51966991I'm trying to get a 9 to 5 right now: How fucked am I if I have bipolar and possibly aspergers?…[View]
51965869>Don't Jack off one day >Dream about killing people Should I be in a watchlist? I don…[View]
51966738How come we all sound like Joseph Goebbels?[View]
51966629>have an interest in philosophy >too much of a brainlet to read even the most introductory of …[View]
51966729How do I become a comfy NEET?: how do I go about getting disability benefits? I have been diagnosed …[View]
51967094To >>51965631 The anon which requested the Minecraft IP the ip is[View]
51966233Hey honest question here. Did the Discord trannies give up? Why aren't they spamming us anymore…[View]
51966062Does anyone else find Pyongyang comfy?[View]
51967060> got an 'on job experience' / interview at McDonalds next week what can i expect? (my first job,…[View]
51966477Ideal BF for fembots?: FEMBOTS describe your ideal bf in terms of personality, appearance, and thing…[View]
51966735Annoying things NPCs say. Feel free to contribute. >Smash >Slay >Bro >Savage >Fuck bu…[View]
51966611>25 years old >virgin >never kissed a woman >never held hands with a woman Pretty sure …[View]
51965620Is there any area of life that manipulators don't control?: >had to quit ordering from a piz…[View]
51966804>on a porn binge >edge for hours >finally achieve climax >incredibly weak orgasm That…[View]
51966877(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST) Why do we never see this anymore?[View]
51965063Please help: I need your help brobots. I think my girlfriend is cheating on me. I saw her texting a …[View]
51965695My waifu. She isn't real but I still love her.[View]
51966403Why do the 1970s always look so comfy in pictures?[View]
51966851If more people aren't having kids these days does that me we are the normies now ?[View]
51966107My gf doesn't like sharing. She doesn't share her thoughts. Neither her gallery pics. I…[View]
51966151Why not just get into polyamory? TFW .5 girlfriends >> TFW no GF[View]
51965667>be me >donate blood >woman gets blood >i was inside a womwn >later virgins…[View]
51966576tell me about dick. what's it feel like, what's it taste like?[View]
51965074>start dating a girl >she has a twin >she wants me to fuck the twin >we have regular thr…[View]
51965751Do people (you) wear undewear under their running shorts? Asking because it's getting warmer an…[View]
51965716>the year is 2792 >france is now 99% muslim >frankistan is its new name >the 1% are stil…[View]
51966668>'who would want a loser like you for a boyfriend?'[View]
51963342What kind of woman is more respectable, a prostitute or a slut? Give arguments[View]
51965920I have given up on weight lifting. It's too difficult to do, and unhealthy when compared to run…[View]
51965805Write whats on your mind: /lit/ does this, I thought we could do it too. I wrote this for this anon…[View]
51966625The tard Baran: Might post his location so you can harass this Turkish fag later. Pic related, it re…[View]
51965237Polish femanon 19 short pale blonde hair blue eyes: I am looking for polish femanon from the guy thr…[View]
51966208If given the choice, would you guys want to do something with your lives besides sitting on your ass…[View]
51966288just got a job offer guys: i'm not even qualified for this shit. 10 months and like 20 intervie…[View]
51963787This quiz is fucking savage[View]
51966061>shitposted and greentexted in the wrong group chat >chat consists of the only irl friends i h…[View]
51965822Any other schizbots here? Wjat are your symptoms like With/without medication[View]
51963204fembot feels: >right tit much smaller than left tit >seriously it's like two sizes differ…[View]
51966455Roomie gone but no lotion so I jacked myself off with ketchup 7/10 didnt know ketchup had salt granu…[View]
51966009Why doesn't /r9k/ use IRC? IRC is more comfy than Discord because it's all text and most c…[View]
51965358Have you ever talked about your waifu to your psychiatrist?[View]
51965330>be me >black lung >Tried to quit smoking for the 300th time >failed Should I just acce…[View]
51959953When was the last time you cried and why? (boys only) I have a crying fetish.[View]
51963969What up guys, you like my girl? Been banging her behind her fiances back, she works at trader joes[View]
51965484This is what being neet feels like?: >quit my job last week >starting new job next week, so I …[View]
51964704I'm in love, anons...[View]
51966388legend of mir 2[View]
51966381>be me >have crush on someone >they like me too >go to their house >we fuck Later v…[View]
51963546Would you settle for a 6/10 like pic related?[View]
51965518So, if black guys cuck white guys, and white guys cuck asian guys, who do asian guys cuck?[View]
51957909You there, Robot. What is your profession?[View]
51965328>all of the stories where people meet a girl that loves them is by accident and luck(school,work …[View]
51965181the >i fuck niggers look[View]
51966306First 'girlfriend' story? Sure! >be me >be 14 >move to a new city mid school year…[View]
51965101fren time: >play game >get bored >leave game >friend calls 'hey anon wanna hang out?' …[View]
51965835>proof that incest makes everything better[View]
51965656I hate you: You are all so mean. You say you want a girlfriend but you just want a perfect Stacy pie…[View]
51966186Just another 'dont stare at coworkers feet' kinda day[View]
51964812If you live your entire life without women, love and sex, people just expect you to take it, like it…[View]
51963092>tfw attracted most to phat ass mature women >tfw no pawg milf Gf Tfw saw a phat ass Persian m…[View]
51965336I just realize every penis measurement people are using bone pressed. what are you faggots stupid? W…[View]
51965376>Yes, is this anons parents? He hasn't shown up to class in 2 weeks and is on academic proba…[View]
51966122Changed to impress (only for it to end in disaster): >I was a femboy a year ago >one day every…[View]
51965384You should have an outburst of violence. And you should direct it at yourself in a very specific way…[View]
51966064>*snaps all virgin 'men' over 18, and all 'men' under 6ft*[View]
51964108>its all about confidence Ok how do I get this confidence if I have none?…[View]
51963308>mfw i see a dick bigger than mine[View]
51966010Chinese memes[View]
51965587How do you attract women with money: How do you actually attract women with money? How does this wor…[View]
51963137consensus: do u think this creature is cute. would u hug him?[View]
51965923I want to fill sakuyas womb with my seed.[View]
51965088Which cat are you? I'm this one[View]
51962607find out mym raised you trans: wjat would you do if your mum raised you to be trans but you didnt kn…[View]
51965938Who's your favorite fembot? For me it's mystery.jpg pic unrelated[View]
51965907>tfw no gunjy bf[View]
51965618why don't you just let your hair grow out and partially hide the obscurities from your facial f…[View]
51965853>If a man can't get a girlfriend and he expresses any frustration that makes him a terrorist…[View]
51965595>be me >volunteer to work with potato tards >each one special in their own way >one day …[View]
51965438Frens. I got catfished.... Why was I so stupid to think I was lovable, I'm so fucking bad, I…[View]
51965632i will take white women from nigger[View]
51965771little story: Story of early years blunders >Be me. >Back in 2006 I was 12. >Decided to smo…[View]
51963201Thinking of becoming a NEET. Is it worth it ?[View]
51964707>be me >find out that you can get NEETbucks for being depressed >go to social security offi…[View]
51965733for me, it's chicken tendies dipped in a cute girl's belly button, which is filled with ke…[View]
51965488Would you let right be your mommy, cage you in chastity and force you to suck her titties while she …[View]
51957963Litteral retard: Just found out I'm a litteral retard bros. Maybe I'll compete in the spec…[View]
51964980ITT: fridges of /r9k/[View]
51962429i'm addicted to loli[View]
51965631A long time ago, there was posted an IP to a Minecraft server with a map depicting the world. Does a…[View]
51965548Posting Vivi cooking acorns every day until I get a grip on my procrastination and attain a level of…[View]
51964741Did Varg set fire to Nortedame? >Hates Christians >Lives in the Argone forrest >Has burned …[View]
51965278>Be me >18 year old community college fag >life is depression and vidya >See cute girl i…[View]
51965457>be me >buy a 4chan pass with a throwaway email >immediately go to sleep >wake up >fo…[View]
51960551Would you smell a cute European girl's butt?[View]
51965499making emu: Pls help frens, what is the most based way to make the cache play well with DMA? I alway…[View]
51965498>be me: >be me >sitting in my room without pants on > mosquito enters my room >the mo…[View]
51965340dear white men - what will you do about asian women who fuck nigger? they are your responsibility. t…[View]
51965433>Made a stupid post once >Some anon keeps reminding me in the archives…[View]
51965312rettsu fakku![View]
51965168Bored in mechanics frens Dubs decides what I do[View]
51964827Wojak's Journey: What ever happened to this? Was it too good to be true to expect this board to…[View]
51957759How can anyone be suicidal?: It doesn't make sense. Life is great and you can do anything. Ther…[View]
51964891Daily reminder that abortion is wrong[View]
51961764I want to be a cute anime girl.: The pain of not being a cute anime girl haunts me /r9k/ Please turn…[View]
51965378sometimes I feel like my cock is too fat, like to the point where the girth starts overwhelming my g…[View]
51957424How the fuck did Hitler dominate all of Europe at some point? He literally was a bad painter raised …[View]
51964450Another day of boredom[View]
51962899NEET and Hikikomori General Thread: Server: > gg/72eQJmn How has your day been Neets and Hikis? …[View]
51965148>be chad >fuck thots >life falls apart >become depressed incel >buy a fleshlight >…[View]
51964116Fembots, what would you do if you woke up one morning and pic related descending towards your face w…[View]
51964066>spent thousands on Tinder and never got laid once off of it I've pretty much given up on ev…[View]
51965082>tfw irl futas will never be real >men will never be the weaker gender What a shit world to be…[View]
51963930If Americans are goblins what does that make Canadians?[View]
51964767ITT: Feet of /r9k/[View]
51965207Lmao blocked that psy bitch again. This time everywhere and forever. Stop crying under my threads bi…[View]
51962591>went outside to get meds >eyes hurt now see ya in two months Sun…[View]
51963872why are they like this bros?[View]
51960576>tfw ywn impregnate a niqabi >ywn contribute to the islamization of the Germany I know i'…[View]
51955682/britfeel/: love a spot o stardew, edition[View]
51961490What does /r9k/ think of my gaming station[View]
51964241>highest average IQ by country is 101 >USA average IQ is 85 Anyone over 110 is literally 'Tfw…[View]
51965079>Lenin was a jew >Trotsky was a jew >Stalin was a jew >Marx was a jew >Mao was a jew …[View]
51964460>meet girl >she love bombs the fuck out of me >think shes my soul mate >turns out shes a…[View]
51964640>abusing amphetamines for the sole purpose of gaining a competitive advantage in online games…[View]
51962257Millennials miss the 1998-2004 music era from childhood. Zoomers miss the 2008-2014 music era from c…[View]
51965030>be white boi >shitpost 4Chan with Kpop or asian girls who look fake through tons of plastic s…[View]
51965021>tfw addicted to buying clothes online I don't even have any money.…[View]
51964158/drugfeels/: any morning stoners out there r9k?[View]
51965058billionaires = adrenochrome vampiric junkies non whites = hates and resents whites yet stampede over…[View]
51964371Oh no. Its my first post on 4chan. (Tips you filthy fucks?)[View]
51965038>High school >Prom >Local Chad good boy asks no less than 9 girls >One is qt3.14 crush o…[View]
51965012Is there a point in continuing if that's what awaits you?[View]
51964346Wow, I can't believe that a fucking white male incel would do something like this! We need a re…[View]
51963239>went to store to get cigs >some normie behind me in line was talking on the phone (very loud …[View]
51963011>was supposed to go to sleep at 2 am >got angry and couldnt stop overthinking stuff >now it…[View]
51964729>tfw no reason to live >tfw no purpose in life…[View]
51962301respectful question to those who identify as socially conservative: why? what attracts you to the id…[View]
51963728Tfw no cute suicide pact bf[View]
51963523hmmm what should i GET from UBER EATS today??????? carvel? macdonals? local diner? PIZZA???? IM SO H…[View]
51964833This is how a neet's life ends. His selfishness and depravity put on display for all to see.[View]
51964613hi bruder[View]
51964879I got told that I may not be very smart but I'm pretty so at least I got that going for me by a…[View]
51964247Rap thread. Rate and such: My attitude stinks worse than my ass That's why I'm the first t…[View]
51961941>i don't care about function i care about what everyone else thinks of me - White Girl 2019…[View]
51963924I ditched everybody who jerks off to futanari. I refuse to stay in contact with anybody who shows ev…[View]
51962771retarded kid things thread: >be me >3 yrs old >be in kindergarten >see friends in the ha…[View]
51964784F: How does it feel that one day youre life will cease to exist and you still havent accomplished an…[View]
51963906Anyone else here have no desire to date anyone or have a need for intimacy?[View]
51962835magnitude 9 earthquake about to hit japan what you gonna do booawebs youre gon squirm jap bois gonna…[View]
51962177>crave to talk to a fembot >finnaly get to talk to one >feel no motivation to keep the conv…[View]
51964520Why don't you give up your boipussy to Rex Thunderknot?[View]
51963461>live with little sister with high functioning autism and lupus >lupus gives her severe joint …[View]
51963005Have a wonderful afternoon anon![View]
51964463>A London judge recently banned a man from having sex with male partner, stating that his 48-poin…[View]
51963156Why does it feel like I have given up on everything?[View]
51963191anyone have any good songs for mdma but not too much electro more base[View]
51964171Why arent women repulsed by pink dicks?: I mean theyre pink. They look like a flesh wound and femini…[View]
51964167>can't get a girl to be interested in him >decides to fling someone over a balcony >ch…[View]
51962533I don't understand. Why hasn't a girl approached me yet? It was supposed to happen? Where …[View]
51962951>cousin's gf hugged me on my bday >fell in love with her…[View]
51945018What's your weirdest fantasy? The freakiest shit in the back of ur mind.[View]
51962157What was the worst advice you've ever gotten[View]
51963016I literally never speak, only when spoken to and it's very abrupt and short. I still want a gir…[View]
51963840>be me >be january of this year >27 year old virgin >meet girl on bumble and hit it off …[View]
51964063>be me >be bored >see a carton >try to climb in the carton >doesn't really fit i…[View]
51962751music thread: www.youtube.com/watch?v=L6Wy88qSA5Y Gary Numan - Dark www.youtube.com/watch?v=7NUFiO_v…[View]
51964152How do I get a BPD gf who'll use me as her physical and emotional punching bag?[View]
51962943Femanons, have you ever been ninja-cummed?[View]
51962479my 35 y old wizard erectile dysfunction is now fucking me over in my internet life too (the girl eve…[View]
51964068>Drinks to relieve stress >Becomes profoundly suicidal why won't the devil just take me…[View]
51964049What do I need in life to get a powerful gf that I can wife?[View]
51963261Why are all young managers like this?[View]
51963553/r9gay/ #691 - Poz edition: Who else here poz and proud? Cancel slut shaming. It's our lives, s…[View]
51960005Do you believe in reincarnation fellow robots?[View]
51958969Was some anon able to get a gf from here if yes how?[View]
51964031How too: Anons, how does one go about getting a prostitute in US[View]
51963032>tfw no shopping bag foreskin[View]
51963961>tfw no ftm trans bf[View]
51963184Dinner with friends: >Haha anon, you're not a virgin are you? What do?…[View]
51963922Any autistic stories?: I'm bored, please entertain me with some dumb shit that happend to someb…[View]
51963639Anon plays football: >be me, teenager at the time >play football with three friends >call e…[View]
51963071I used to think I needed society. but now I realize all I need is me.[View]
51962471>i will never roll over on top of him, lift his skirt, and fondle his clit and bussi…[View]
51962890Job desp: Anyone else hate job descriptions they sound so fucking pretentious its a part job in a sh…[View]
51961946>getting the itch to play THAT fucking MMORPG again where I'll sink hundreds of hours into i…[View]
51963515> silently orbit/stalk an egirl for 1 year > message her one day > she's actually pret…[View]
51962632/smg/ - Stock Market General: >Same as /biz/ but without the elitism Before you buy anything, mak…[View]
51963632If women were adamantly taught starting from a young age that you are only supposed to touch and be …[View]
51963180That clown meme faggots have been spamming on every fucking board has to be one of the worst, dumbes…[View]
51963314Getting along with girls: >gets along with women >wants to spend 100% of his free time with on…[View]
51959925What's the likelihood of having heart problems in your twenties?[View]
51963233>tfw just emptied 54 one year old pissbottles[View]
51959562who else genuinely good looking but reject fat girls and reject any girl thats been tainted by the s…[View]
51963141>be me >be awkward mid 20s virgin with an incest fetish >sisters want me to go to the bea…[View]
51963587Femanons, why not keep a harem of males from many different species so you have all kinds of cock to…[View]
51960618Your opinions on elephant man /r9k/?[View]
51963456>fembot asks for a pic with timestamp >i'm really fucking ugly What do i do…[View]
51961341These channels are getting hundreds of thousands of views just having a text to speech voice reading…[View]
51959489How do I open a conversation or flirt a little on the train? Girls always sit across from me and and…[View]
51961135Im sorry can I get a congratulations at least for not getting arrested on my probation shit? I quit…[View]
51963117>catfish as a femanon to get adds >add guy from here who claims to be attractive >he's…[View]
51958900Fuck Anime and Japanese Women: We need to banned anime in the US because our men have been diagnose …[View]
51963374Would you consider a guillotine suicide?[View]
51960691Fembot feels: How do you do, fellow fembots?[View]
51961862How to get the girl fellow anons: ok incels im gonna tell you how became the alpha chad its quite si…[View]
51963157>wake up one day >realised I had turned into the stereotypical neckbeard without even noticing…[View]
51960032I don't even know if I really want a gf I don't know what I want[View]
51963248is it cheating to buy a friend a sex toy?[View]
51963247I don't think roasties understand how handsome my mum says I am[View]
51959891Normies: >Be me >in school >an update for one of my favourite games (brawl stars) is releas…[View]
51961672Things that people do that makes you instantly hate them: >Typing twitch emotes outside of twitch…[View]
51962760I just realised I've never actually been hugged warmly or passionately by a girl. What's i…[View]
51960258What are you even supposed to do? Like in general? I go to work and then I go home, and when I'…[View]
51963103GOSPEL OF THE DAY: A reading from the Gospel of John 13:21-33, 36-38 Reclining at table with his dis…[View]
51961892Anons, you do not have to be a girl to feel good, you do not have to throw away your masculinity jus…[View]
51961175Posting Kakyoin in cool sunglasses to remember the good old days[View]
51962816I can never deal with how unfair life is. My life was utterly destroyed and I didn't even deser…[View]
51961091I've realized why I keep coming back to 4chan every day, even though I promise myself to stop b…[View]
51962497>Talking to robot >Tells me hes depressed No thanks…[View]
51962991>ywn live a simple blue collar life in the 80s in a small town, where you have a steady job with …[View]
51961961a-are you ready for our little beach d-date, anon?[View]
51962822Randy Stair is so underrated, post feels: https://youtu.be/MMwT6Pqq7oA[View]
51960335tfw too stupid for uni[View]
51962938Daily reminder that since anti natalism cares more about actual consent than unlimited potential suf…[View]
51962714>be me >Eat spicy goat kebab that I defrosted >Decide to take a shit later on >Asshole …[View]
51962467greentext story: >be me >depressed never having anything to do >have like 2 friends >lay…[View]
51962096Anonymous: >wake up >realize I don't have a tomboy gf life is pain…[View]
51961891>tfw handsome >tfw have the social autisms >tfw try to stand to compensate…[View]
51962896>tfw insanely turned on by cuck shit but there really isn't any reasonable way to live out t…[View]
51962894>crack open a Bang's root beer >take a sip of the fizz >'ahhhhhh, that's the good…[View]
51962596Omegle thread tags: r9k, r9komegle, omegler9k linux is for chads edition[View]
51960568What did you learn a little late in life about women and what questions do you have: Women and men a…[View]
51962841This board suck giant donkey dicks Mods = fags[View]
51956766how do we feel about god?[View]
51962696Do you think it's better to be honest with who you are and be truly liked by 1% of the people y…[View]
51961487Just saw these shorts being advertised with this image attached. I find it interesting that its beco…[View]
51961018>tfw i will never worship poki's asshole and eat her shit why live robots…[View]
51962744>When an awkward lanklet virgin boasts about his height again[View]
51962735>Have upcoming major surgery >Anxiety taking over sleep schedule >pic obviously related …[View]
51961332Why arent you doing kratom as a sad neet? It is cheap as fuck and euphoric as shit. I just make pill…[View]
51962139Get a job, you useless antisocial plant.[View]
51956283/r9gay/ - #690: Butts edition Last thread: >>51944044[View]
51962365Just buy an iPhone. >iPhone users have more sexual partners than BlackBerry or Android owners. B…[View]
51961935>be me >around 11 back then >in math class >germanyfag.avi >math teacher sometimes ca…[View]
51961392Does anyone remember some weird shit from a couple years ago perhaps? It was a thread on this board …[View]
51961194>his name is anon, his parents divorced when he was five years old >he only got to see his dad…[View]
51959695>finally lost my virginity ask me anything robots[View]
51958238storytime: >Be me >Teenager who enjoys occasional drug use with friends >Friend acquires fo…[View]
51960839Phrases you wish someone would say to you: >It's gonna be ok >You're funny >No yo…[View]
51962190how much would you pay for a million dollars ?[View]
51961913>look in daiting app >see hot and beautiful girls everywhere >want to see if theres any hot…[View]
51962278Guys I really fucked up big this time and i'm freaking out. I'm currently in a government …[View]
51959743Enforced race mixing please[View]
51958126Why don't any of us just approach 100 girls (8 minimum) and actually base our judgments about w…[View]
51960953>tfw you get to ride the tram by yourself like a big boy[View]
51962311>tfw being neet >smugpepe.png >look in mirror >mfw being me >sadpepe.png…[View]
51962270I really, really, really hate women. That wouldn't be the case if I had a normal romantic and s…[View]
51962288'I'm sorry anon you're beautiful and fun but you're too clingy and a crybaby' I just …[View]
51962318why do jews have afros do they have negroid dna?[View]
51962253A roid grabbed my leg instead of her bag in the extremely crowded train to college. The most physica…[View]
51961825I don't know why NEETS engage in online interaction, that's kind of why I became one in th…[View]
51960280>do absolutely nothing but play video games and masturbate in bedroom all day >women don'…[View]
51961811Why are women on Tinder obsessed with dogs and traveling?[View]
51961298smell a girls filth.[View]
51961054What are some dating apps for finding a passive cute white twinkboi as a brown dude?[View]
51962063>be me >see trail of ants going through my room floor >idea.jpeg >masturbate furiously a…[View]
51960643Tomorrow I'm injecting the following things into my body every day for a month. -Thymosin Alpha…[View]
51962032How many traffic accidents do you think are just depressed driver committing suicide?[View]
51962043what did I ever do to deserve this much suffering[View]
51961743>put a condom on and masturbated later virgins[View]
51961686i fucking hate parties: >be me >22 overweight fuck >single for 4 years, both exes cheated …[View]
51959784The more you focus on sex and finding a GF, the more it will elude you. Women smell desperation like…[View]
51961083jobs i've had >fast food >cashier at a grocery store >overnight stocking at walmart …[View]
51961950just finished my third ejaculation today how about you Anon? wady right now?[View]
51961471I'm 27, NEET, and there's nothing I want to do as a career. My family forced me through co…[View]
51960301'wow... Anon' *taps fingers against table rhythmically*[View]
51960729what up anons, i'm skipping school in the forest[View]
51960522Can you stay with me? I need someone with me right now.[View]
51958752>Half spic half white >Bullied by beaners for being too white >Disliked and ignored by wh…[View]
51961565What did my frens learn today? Today i lerned how to spell 'Nostre Dam'[View]
51959280Small Things: Post the small, non serious things that make you happy. I like to smoke at night, and …[View]
51961614Oh why why why are they whites coming after kratom now. If you look up kratom on google news there i…[View]
51961772Thinking of calling my best friend 'babe'. What's the worst that can happen?[View]
51960035captain america wields thor's hammer and dies fighting thanos in endgame, hulk wields an infini…[View]
51960877/feels/ /thread/: today is my happy birthday. share your story if you want. plz not gay shit.[View]
51960377>want to have sex with a qt black boy >dress in my sluttiest clothes >walk through a sketch…[View]
51959933Ask me anything: I'm pregnant (donor) No I won't have your babies[View]
51960862That'll be $23.50 PLUS tip PLUS MY TIP ANON[View]
51961215what is the leading cause behind the sissification of young brown and asian boys in the west?[View]
51958818Papa's a little sad today. I'm trying to cheer him up. He lost his 2nd job and is a littl…[View]
51961551>Anon, take off your shirt. I want to see your body what would you do?[View]
51961120Anyone here have wholesome experiences with borderline autistic girls? pic not related[View]
51961368First date stories here, robots >be me >21 yo autist >in class with a cute girl >8/10 sk…[View]
51961329What's wrong with me: I'm in my mid 20s, recently saved up enough shekels to move out of m…[View]
51961095Today isn't the way life should be: And neither is any other day. Met a girl, fell in love. B…[View]
51961396There's just something so satisfying about eating sliced steak with vegetables. Never really li…[View]
51958682I just cried because I will never find a gf. It's not fair.[View]
51961260which one does /r9k/ prefer?[View]
51959508What helps keep being a neet comfy? I haven't been as comfy as I would like lately.[View]
51961363Dubs 1-6: Ask something random to a good looking girl Dubs 7-9: Compliment a girl about here appeara…[View]
51961319>tfw too ugly to enjoy life I can't deal with this feel[View]
51960964I quit my job yesterday. It felt like the biggest constant stressor in my life. Trying to take my li…[View]
51961159>smoke weed >get socially awkward WHYYYYYYYY, I just want to enjoy being high…[View]
51961237>be me >at work >internet is slow for some reason >boss comes in, i tell him about it …[View]
51960451I had a drea I was at the bus stop for 5 minutes but it felt like hours[View]
51958000I asked my mom for a blowjob and she freaked out and I think I'm gonna get kicked out soon. She…[View]
51960772>mom says I'm her handsome little man[View]
51961208>yfw you find the cum stains under the desk[View]
51959726I wanna die: Holy shit my period hasn't ended it's been 2 dam months[View]
51961153>there are people who unironically respect women[View]
51959844Rich Asian fag here: When she isn't: White, Pretty, and 6ft plus[View]
51959952how do i emasculate myself in public without getting beat up or looking like a freak?[View]
51958168Would you date a very ugly girl if she matched your personality, was extremely good at sex, and open…[View]
51961038How do I convince my dad to stop hitting me just because I choose to be gay since no woman would eve…[View]
51959060Suicide: Really want to kill myself but everytime i try i pussy out. Any suggestions on how to end i…[View]
51960322How do you normally masturbate? I just grab my dick through a shirt and jerk off into it while looki…[View]
51960150GoT: Have you guys watched the new Game of Thrones season yet? You're missing out of you haven…[View]
51959917Why dont robots become drug dealers Most of you guys don't have much to lose anyway[View]
51960956niggers were a misstake[View]
51954256Despite how we may feel, now might actually be the best time to be a lonely guy in human history. No…[View]
51960899>some broad owes me money >she won't give it to me >the deadline I gave her to pony it…[View]
51959823General Cho Thread: It was 12 years ago today that general Cho killed 32 normalfags and took a stand…[View]
51960529Just burn this board to the ground.[View]
51960781the anon below me owns a poop sock[View]
51953439Numbers: Post your SAT or ACT score, what college you wanted to go to, and why you didn't get i…[View]
51954901Reminder: Anti-natalism has yet to be refuted logically.[View]
51959012What's your pride: Tell everyone somethingg you are proud of. For me it's my portrait draw…[View]
51960210Ted Bundy: >be Ted Bundy >rape and murder around 30 women >lots of women admire you and wan…[View]
51960556>be me >watch anime and movies >women are feminine and fun loving >10/10 waifu material …[View]
51960722What i would do just to cuddle with Rei[View]
51960408>be me >realize everyone is retarded on 4chan >I am on 4 chan am I rarted?…[View]
51959238Self-Improvement thread: This one goes out to all the underage people that can still be saved. I wen…[View]
51960256> Told myself today was the start of my nofap > Ended up fapping right before bed I literally …[View]
51960547What if I'm actually a coyote and everyone is just too polite to say anything? Is this why I ca…[View]
51958645could you ever love a girl with inverted nipples?[View]
51959991Girl: Does anyone wish they could be an average girl like pic related? Please dont misunderstand. I…[View]
51960342>live in small town >on probation for being black >all i want...ALL I WANT is to smoke FUC…[View]
51960394>Black Sabbath - Paranoid >2238 plays dear god help me…[View]

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