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51074617I get nosebleeds at least once a day[View]
51073701Did you know that the eggman is a baste rapper now. He actually has a bunch of good shit. https://ww…[View]
51074602met up with my family to celebrate my grandmas 80th birthday, my uncle was rambling about some hilla…[View]
51074062I can't fucking take it anymore. Nothing makes sense. Life is meaningless. Things are senseless…[View]
51074582>ywn be a based [this]poster[View]
51073227>ate less than 800 calories throughout the day again how much longer until i die or get sick?…[View]
51072267Is it possible to enjoy anime without being mentally ill? If so, how?[View]
51074343Why is being a robot so hard[View]
51074273someone play league with me, I'm new my IGN is Nerf Wingman[View]
51073594Ahem... *inhales*[View]
51074371'sup /r9k/. Want to hang out?[View]
51072784What's up with drug addicts being such shit people?[View]
51073492I don't have a chance with fat women, roasties, or stacy. Are disabled, trashy, addicted, menta…[View]
51074022>be me >be in high school >have huge crush on girl >get close to her >friendzoned for…[View]
51073139I nearly fucked up: Well /r9k I almost fucked this entire situation up but I made it out on top This…[View]
51074146With the last thing that drove me to keep going gone, give me a reason to not end it all. I'm t…[View]
51073204drawthread: hey fellas, tell me what to draw and i will draw it for you for free. i can go pretty fa…[View]
51074360Fucking get me out of the Third World now! This country has no culture, no history, no tradition, no…[View]
51073528hope: >another day of nothing but anime and video games these days are passing like hours i dont …[View]
51074044ITT:That kid thread >that kid who would freak the fuck out due to his anger issues and would be u…[View]
51072507no wonder why asian women are choosing white/black men[View]
51074277Bill was /ourguy/[View]
51074050I just want a female friend sometimes. Nothing more than just someone to be close to and feel comfor…[View]
51073549>tft when 130 frens from r9k get their accounts disabled on discord Please talk with me Catboy#68…[View]
51073801So what's killing you inside?: Anyone else here have friends that only ever send memes? Never s…[View]
51072993what can i do to add meaning to my life[View]
51073320> Work at starbucks > Have to deal with white teen shit every day I hate my job…[View]
51072438Here you go, if you want to pretend to be a girl online. http://imgur.rest7.com/show/yQ1d2[View]
51073188>Went to a bar >Uni night >About 6 bouncers working >With a class mate >We are joking…[View]
51074066why are they so cute bros?[View]
51074075>growing facial hair to test how they look >almost a week >the neck hair make my neck itch …[View]
51073857NEET kv here. if i am going to start smoking i want to use a pipe. Not cigs like fucking trash filth…[View]
51072941>/r9k/ is too brainlet to solve this[View]
51074027I H8 school[View]
51072872They know. Shut it down. Shut it all down.[View]
51073774>work with diagnosed autistic guy >he's a normie and has a girlfriend and is irritated by…[View]
51073759Putting your penis inside one of these will take a huge weight of your shoulders.[View]
51071706>Blatant anti-vaping propaganda https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OAIo0rAclGA Holy shit how have va…[View]
51073714Have you taken the /stopwatchingpornandmasturbatinglikeafuckingretarddegenerate/ pill?[View]
51071806>6ft2 and a quarter >slightly above average face >decently fit and active >masters degre…[View]
51073945What’s the most autistic/retarded thing I can do/ give to my friend on his birthday?: He is turning …[View]
51073609What are some good self-help books for non-normies such as ourselves?[View]
51073435Have you taken the diaperpill yet, anons?[View]
51073333>24 yo kv >the only reason I want a girlfriend to for sex Are girls good for anything else? I …[View]
51073655>tfw so unathletic even the average fembot could beat me up in a fight[View]
51073890My adventure in frameland. >be me, MR 26.png >Go to Lith, earth to flex on lil babors. >nuk…[View]
51073661Why do girls never have pubic hair on their scrotum? I have tons[View]
51071787How can I look intimidating anons?: Next week I start a new college course the last one I was on I w…[View]
51071628Joe Rogan... Did I ever tell you about that one time I did an 8 ball of coke?[View]
51073812ITT: Anxiety >'Anon, can you come into my office for a minute i need to talk to you'…[View]
51073417Where do you meet people?: What sites do you go on to meet people? I've had the most luck on in…[View]
51073163>he's a '''transbian'''[View]
51068500What's your top 3 favourite youtube channels? https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1DTYW241WD64ah5…[View]
51072727Fucked up shit in high school: Post stories about fucked up things (whether perpetuated by yourself …[View]
51073711>You will never be a successful rock star who leave a legacy on popular music, like Jim Morrison,…[View]
51071399Got my gaming juice ready what are my fellow comfy neets up to?[View]
51073600Just imagine the handjobs she could give now. God I love technology[View]
51073698Do you do drugs robots?[View]
51073654What happened to r9k? I havent been here in a while but it seems so normie now, it feels like browsi…[View]
51073668why haven't you tried interracial dating? assuming you have the same interests and get along do…[View]
51072338All the NEET memes I saw told me it would be fun. It's been 2 months and I already want to blow…[View]
51072183are the arguments about dopamine sensitivity actually real? should I truly waste my time depriving m…[View]
51070177comfy thread: comfy thread to chill and relax all cool in. what have you done that you're proud…[View]
51071738Why don't Nice Guys just get fat /ugly gfs who will appreciate their kindness and affection?[View]
51072366im inlove with a girl on discord too bad she has a bf irl[View]
51073110Are black guys who score in the blue (authoritarian right) on political compass tests considered unc…[View]
51073201Why is everyone a pyschopath but me? How come I'm the closest to Jesus Christ given flesh and e…[View]
51068254Socionics/MBTI: Lets make it a Socionics thread for a change Thread topic: Do any of you here know h…[View]
51071739Why do people join the army? Why would they fight for a decaying and degenerate society that doesn…[View]
51073466is watchmen /r9k/core?i think it is[View]
51071666>got insta banned for posting crispy is there anything else that will get you insta banned?…[View]
51073400I was molested as a kid and I am having trouble coping after a recent flashback. What do I do robots…[View]
51072276GO HOME AND GET A JOB[View]
51073422>be me >in a bus returning home from the faculty >some dickhead with VW get in front of th…[View]
51073290>tfw no horseface gf Why live[View]
51072033ITT: Why traps are better than women. just fucked this trap and im done with vaginas[View]
51071455>talking to mom >point out extremely obvious logical flaw in her thinking/ what she said >h…[View]
51073185None of this is real, it's all just a sham. That sickly thing wasting away his golden years? Th…[View]
51054764>tfw will never find a girl who wants a loving relationship in almost all aspects but is also int…[View]
51073233Fuck off with the tiktok ads. I dont give a fuck about a watered down Vine app.[View]
51071814Is led zeppelin r9k kino ?[View]
51072080im turning more misogynistic everyday because of you fuckers. i dont know how this is going to end. …[View]
51073263>Be me >18 >Finshed high school and move onto further studys >Grew apart frrom all my fi…[View]
51073242I know you're tracking me you fuckers, I don't know what you want and I don't doubt y…[View]
51073087ITT: Odd things that only you think about. I personally will never visit a country that doesn't…[View]
51072762I'm probably going to have sex for the first time tomorrow. Problem is it's with a tinder …[View]
51071303>Be me >Have social anxiety >Enginnering student because it seems like the right job for me…[View]
51071561>Girl at college bookstore I worked at >She was qt >First time I introduced myself to her I…[View]
51071385>fucked the local asian escort without a condom Tell me how stupid I am…[View]
51073018Thinking about becoming a history teacher, anyone have any thoughts on teaching as a job?[View]
51071815I’m a robot: Does anyone else just twitch in such an inhuman way that it makes you wonder if you are…[View]
51073051>don't want to leave house because I feel like I will randomly die >I don't want to …[View]
51073000>mom is leaving late for work again I just want to eat breakfast in peace damn it…[View]
51071242Posting a Woomy everyday until i get good at Splatoon 2 Day 8[View]
51071705I'm not like other boys. I'm kind, sensitive & cry easily, and I like hugs and helping…[View]
51073012life is not worth living if I'll never be a Great Person. this pain will amount to nothing. wha…[View]
51072697>there's nothing wrong with sex! >become a porn addict >there's nothing wrong wit…[View]
51071137Let's get a red flags thread going. >He doesn't drink hot water >he doesnt have a p…[View]
51073007Why do women debase themselves for men? I thought they were supposed to be good[View]
51071569Did you know that Lando Calrissian and Luke Skywalker slept with each other?[View]
51072903>thread on /v/ about monthly expenses >spend my valuable time making a chart >thread 404…[View]
51072980bow wow wow yippee yo yippee yay Kashii Yui in tha mothafuckin Heee-ouse[View]
51070978Pronouns: >be me >single >meet new 'girls' >think they're cool >go on their soci…[View]
51072428>Start doing Judo >Second week >Practicing with instructor, everyone else has partners >…[View]
51072845>Age 15: Psychiatrist says 'it gets better'. >Every single day since: It hasn't.…[View]
51071744Don't tell me you actually enjoy working to make another man rich? You toil away endlessly just…[View]
51072948Guys, wtf happened? The quality of my posts is going down dramatically in the past few months and yo…[View]
51068293>female professor starts making a lecture of on female violence >have to control myself from e…[View]
51072027Tfw too autistic for a house centipede gf...[View]
51071391Can somebody please explain this picture to me? I don't really have anything important to say b…[View]
51072821i sucked a dick until the guy nutted problem faggots?[View]
51071028any robots here use nicotine to self medicate: I smoked cigs for a few years in highschool and I dec…[View]
51072863American veterans are the fucking worst. I hate all Americans, as any well adjusted adult should, bu…[View]
51072581>(literally) sleep with girl in her bed and cuddle, grab her butt, she pulls out her titty and le…[View]
51072705I cut off my best friend of many years and I feel like shit: I decided to cut him off but it sucks s…[View]
51067706Stop getting mad at women for going for the best looking guys with the best physical features. It…[View]
51072543>can't focus on important tasks anymore What the fuck is this, I breezed through my first t…[View]
51071488>its gay to not want to put my tongue in this Why do normies think this way?…[View]
51071027If you can get past 4/6, you need to leave.[View]
51072707Can anyone confirm if little man cam is alive? Hasnt updated twitter in almost a year, poor autist t…[View]
51072630Is there any worse feeling than meeting someone who is perfect for you, and you for them, but not be…[View]
51072449What do i do if god is just coming after me >parents are poor >born in the middle of nowhere …[View]
51072604>be me >working on 400Kv facilities today >suicidalthoughtsintensifies.exe >my last post…[View]
51072116The horrible problems women face in dating: Why do men on this board have such little empathy for th…[View]
51072571Can you become a robot? I've been a normal person my entire 22 years on this earth, i've h…[View]
51072626Ive been hitting the vape too much.[View]
51066179Vocaroo thread: Let's talk a bit, robots. Hearing other people's voices can make you feel …[View]
51072592I know what I want, why can't I have it?[View]
51072588On raiding alcohol 2: I want to make it clear I don't want this to become a thing, I just want …[View]
51070890after your suicide: tell me anons, what would realistically happen if you committed suicide? >mom…[View]
51072538Gender equality is a man-made ruse that only benefits men. Left unchecked, women would want nothing …[View]
51072173What the hell has happened to my board why are there so many normal people here?[View]
51072497BBC theory will be taught in schools soon: Some colleges have a major called Queer Theory. Maybe in …[View]
51070681Doomer thread: What kind of doomer are you ?[View]
51072417I wish it was like 2016 again where I felt nothing but pain At least I felt something[View]
51071665>join soc discord server >get into vc >just me and one female >having awkward silent con…[View]
51071508how do you deal with rude unprofessional behavior at work like when the boss makes a gesture like sl…[View]
51071931I wish I could have someone to hold tight and embrace. Someone to be close with and to care for, som…[View]
51071853be me 6 father died sad.png[View]
51071397Is there even any real benefit to having a big dick? I hear a lot of shilling that anything above 4 …[View]
51065546Why can’t you do it?: If he can then you can[View]
51072259Shout outs to the homie, Jeff Bezos. I love you.[View]
51070963Hey everyone I'm a hardcore incel and I have this question and you know I've been really b…[View]
51070333>'Anon, are you going to fuck my boihole or what? Hey, why are you staring at my FEET like that?!…[View]
51071141So the only way to get women these days is to entertain them, feed them and have a big dick.[View]
51063508Waifu General - /waifu/ #76: LOVE FOR THE LOVE GOD edition previous: >>51051705[View]
51071548>women by default are born on tutorial easy mode Prove me wrong[View]
51072077>that feel when you've already lost at life >when you gave up having fun to get good grad…[View]
51072069Virgin fembots: Are there any virgin fembots on r9k? Tell us about yourself.[View]
51071361Are there any arguments against suicide when you're nothing but a 27 yo neet leech with no cont…[View]
51072233Why is it so hard to meet people who will text back? I've only ever met a handful of people in …[View]
51070083self harm thread lads: >how do you hide the fact that you're cutting yourself? I just want a…[View]
51071195>after laying in bed for 4 fucking days decide to do something >decide to do some curry >on…[View]
51070514>started dating girl much younger than me (she's 20) >she always wants to go out, go to s…[View]
51069757Are you strong enough to carry your mom around?[View]
51071190I won't be able to pay next month's rent[View]
51071123Who else /fragilemasculinity/? I'm very fragile so please don't hurt me :c[View]
51071476Reminder that kind, soft hearted robots should be protected at all costs. If you are a robot and wit…[View]
51071541>send someone something you thought was funny >they don't get it >explain it to them …[View]
51071457What movies do you all watch on boring nights. Im trying to watch pic related, but cant find a place…[View]
51071017>go to theater to see my favorite movie for the fourth time >make sure to arrive early, I alwa…[View]
51070656If you knew that you were going to die in 12 hours, how would you spend your last moments on Earth?[View]
51069276/Work-hate/ thread How do you make wagecucking more tolerable? What helps you get through the day? I…[View]
51071559>at bar with boyfriend and some friends >boyfriend is chatting with some girl when suddenly he…[View]
51071381White man, do your job.[View]
51071698Trapping it up wearing stockings while doing schoolwork. Any other guys enjoy trapping while being p…[View]
51071230Any other anons think over the knee boots make any woman more attractive?[View]
51070864why haven't you taken the final redpill?[View]
51070834>Hello Anon, I am so hungry. Are you hungry too? Maybe I could cook us something at my place?…[View]
51061389How are you enjoying your monstergirl match, /r9k/? Any issues?[View]
51071509ITS THE BIG DAY, ITS THE APOCALYPSE: What is your theme for the end of days? https://www.youtube.com…[View]
51070813>be me >read a lot of greentext online >hmmm.exe >decide to go on 4chan to see it for my…[View]
51070999Why was he so mean to me?: I am in a group project with other girls When I got to class and sat next…[View]
5107154425 year old neet hiki and I just got diagnosed with high functioning autism should I just end it now…[View]
51071785What time of your life do you miss?: I miss the last three years I spent with my girlfriend. I broke…[View]
51070908Im fucking furious: How is it possible for a beautiful white angel to voluntarily dick ride an ugly …[View]
51071479>a month ago dreaming about getting cucked by a fucking nigger >last night Dream of brutally a…[View]
51069849Hey there wagie. How was work today?[View]
51068376Fembots, what is the nicest thing a guy has ever said to you or done for you?[View]
51068732only the most r9k albums are allowed here[View]
51071493DOGS: >loyal beyond measure >do not care if you are ugly, short, tall, skinny, fat, etc. >w…[View]
51070726For true virgins of /r9k/: What is honestly the point of life if you cannot get a cutie girlfriend a…[View]
51070833Do Not Lewd: This is your bi-daily reminder that you should not lewd women without their consent. Th…[View]
51070880>Watching porn at 4 times the speed whilst listening to strange bandcamp experimental grindcore T…[View]
51071617What schools are you from injels?[View]
51071186I want a robo gf.[View]
51071535U mad white girl?[View]
51068986WE MUST SECURE A FUTURE FOR THE WHITE RACE AND - oh fuck it, just give me a thicc chocolate gf alrea…[View]
51070351Who here does just about everything in bed from sleeping, to browsing, to eating, to vaping, to jack…[View]
51071498Im out if mommy joi incest racial humiliation videos. Ive been searching for so long Im basically ou…[View]
51070733Whats stopping zombos from attacking each other? Has any universe's lore been in so far as to e…[View]
51070822>Said nigger in lib college by accident >Felt like time froze >'Uhhh it's a Bosnian th…[View]
51071489Motherfucking shitstain cumrag blind gook ass chink lover bitch I know you are watching fuck you mem…[View]
51071369>tfw the person responsible for you not having a gf is you[View]
51071326the biggest difference between a man and a woman is that a man has to constantly reconcile the fact …[View]
51069907>lesbians Women who were raped or hate men so they get fat and have mock relationships with other…[View]
51071193As a decent looking asexual male, how can I guarantee that I will not be approached by anyone at all…[View]
51070377>be me a few moments ago >be at fancy hotel with family >in dire need of a good n u t >d…[View]
51071417underrated thread: https://lookism.net/Thread-You-autists-still-discuss-High-t-low-trust-vs-high-tru…[View]
51068230Anyone else get really aroused at all the gay trap shit on this board? It's gotten to the poin…[View]
51070710BPD Feels: Borderliners, were you emotionally stable as a child? What age did you start to develop B…[View]
51069184>tfw thinking about a sad and lonely fembot needing to be held[View]
51071074How can I, a male, live life on easy mode?[View]
51071345/incel hate thread/: >???????? >??????? >etc etc etc fuck incels Low effort as im 2 depre…[View]
51071341>Tfw chubby 200lbs guy >Insecure about it >Hate myself for it >See clothes in my closet …[View]
51071025My question is how do all of these teenagers get away with saying 'nigga' on Facebook? My house woul…[View]
51071264>every girl who ever liked you was paid before you were even born by your eternal fraternal god m…[View]
51070865>tfw planning on offing myself next week >tfw I'll never know how One Piece ends…[View]
51065795Only the highest of IQ will be able to solve this master piece.[View]
51070106How do you do it?: How do you make yourself go through all the bullshit? I just started looking for …[View]
51070637would femanons have sex with the dude?[View]
51071232i love jerking off to porno[View]
51023067Sunday Karen and Anonette thread. Also cute family stories thread. Previous https://pastebin.com/xAa…[View]
51070977florida is the flacid dick of north america[View]
51071191>mfw its my last few days working my current job and people are taking passive aggressive jabs at…[View]
51054979Post pics that make you say, 'God I wish that was me.'[View]
51071151federal investigation: calling all degenerates post something you have fapped to[View]
51070114/paint your nails/: I paint my nails. do you? I am not a homo I like cute nails[View]
51066186So what's your plan to break out of the NEET life /r9k/? If you are set on it, what is your lon…[View]
51071089How does one become an asexual? I've accepted that I'll never have a girlfriend but how do…[View]
51068188What do you think the most optimal pussy shape is?[View]
51070784How long of ghosting is acceptable till you fire up the dating apps again? My bf (of 2-3 weeks) hasn…[View]
51069890Imagine if you had a gf like this and go on fun dates with her haha[View]
51070268>2am >woke up with heart palpitations and irritability >had a drink at 11pm >not used to…[View]
51070828My mom unironically sent me this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n3Xv_g3g-mA >Uhh... We are goin…[View]
51069957>Mom told me to talk to at least one person per day How do I talk to someone in uni? How do norma…[View]
51068908how to make marijuana last longer? I tried vaping it and just isn't as satisfying as smoking. I…[View]
51069837Should I kill my self? >parents are poor >born in the middle of nowhere >literally 7 hours …[View]
51070962How can I tell if I have autism? I always was antisocial and intelligent as a child, and was always …[View]
51070695what does it feel like to kick someone in the balls[View]
51070737Why are all kinds of fag threads still here and not back to lgblt? Why are jannies allow this? What …[View]
51070025That kid thread: I need to make one of these so I can communicate with the really obvious robot in m…[View]
51070942>eating is now more of a task and something i have to go out of my way to do rather then enjoying…[View]
51070267Is there anything I can do that isn't too extreme that will get me carted off to a mental hospi…[View]
51063605Blackbots cannot be incel: You are the wests epitome for masculinity rn. There is nothing stop you f…[View]
51070831>accidentally raped my dog again Fuck guys his asshole is totally ruined this time my mom's …[View]
51070921What if Valentine's Day was the one day a year you could legally talk about your relationships …[View]
51065724/depressed/: I drew this. Anybody else have a creative outlet for their feelings? Post your creative…[View]
51070597If you do have children, how will you explain to them that you were/are a loser?[View]
51070905i can't masturbate to porn anymore, only instagram, non-celebrity normalfag girls to be specifi…[View]
51070421There's a cute girl right outside my door, crying to her friend on the phone about getting reje…[View]
51070879Serious Advice: I've had three people at the uni I attend ask me if I am suicidal.I dont even k…[View]
51070409Bored? Have a superior iq and creativite? Then join the anti normalfag brigade its the perfect place…[View]
51070815>car shopping >girl working there gives me her cell number She only did it to get me to buy th…[View]
51070877leave your family behind lock the gate hide the key run along the tracks following forever whirling …[View]
51070124I wonder what it's like to be a dungeon master and having a friend that only wants to do campai…[View]
51067523Whores and LGBTs are Ruining /r9k/: ITT: We discuss how we deal with the degenerate scourge of this …[View]
51070251>that female anonette who tries to defend her case that women aren't thrash in a misogynist …[View]
51070817Why do normalfags care about humor so much? Is it their only pleasure in life?[View]
51070805>tfw no spectre bf[View]
51070499>Father, there's been something that's bothering me lately. And I came all the way to t…[View]
51070786Ask: Any act advice robots?[View]
51070718METAL SHIT: Metalfag anons, there is a shirt I've been look for for ages; not particularly to b…[View]
51070762gf appreciation thread no lonely robots allowed god i love my (male) gf[View]
51070373>tfw rejecting those attempts to make me submit to normalfaggotry[View]
51070270I think my dad is a pedo boys >have friends over >try to play vidya but tv is frozen on YouTub…[View]
51070392I'm next to stacy. What should i say bros?[View]
51068930give me one reason why i need you if i have this[View]
51069483drinking milk is bestiality[View]
51070640>24 >never had a gf >okcupid.ppt >like everybody because I just flat out can't affo…[View]
51069818My crush sometimes looks really happy to see me and sometimes will just ignore me like today we made…[View]
51070613Is cumming in your own mouth gay?: >Laying down in bed >Get horny and decide to shake hands wi…[View]
51069593>be me >on tinder date >poop pants: now she wont text me back what do[View]
51070018shitty days thread: What was your worst day. Ever. Cmon anons, you know that you need to vent.…[View]
51070480>halfway through a 750 of vodka >decide I don't want to drink anymore even drinking is bo…[View]
51069428>BROOOOOM >BROOOOM What do you think of hogs on bikes…[View]
51070440>3 inch dick What's even the point fellas[View]
51070576>haha you walk like a girl anon! what did they mean by this in elementary school?…[View]
51070500'Gee, Anon, jerking off before the hit the showers? That's like the 4th time today I saw you be…[View]
51070298I thought after-shave is supposed to be odorless. I needed something to help reduce razor bumps sinc…[View]
51069923So which frogposters are you?[View]
51070502Found out my two 'friends' took speed and then: So called 'friends' And went to my buddy's hous…[View]
51069939Help me remove normalscum: How do we make 4chan less mainstream and more obscure? NB4 'not happening…[View]
51070038Grandpa Norman's Mistake: This is a story my Dad told me. He says it's a story his Grandpa…[View]
51070185Average fembot(female) attitude and default settings when she has a wittier and way more intelligent…[View]
51069972>be me >19 yr old femanon >6-7/10, never use makeup >have 3 guys after me >fuckbudd…[View]
51070452>fapped to a girl who's rejected me, and is well known to be a MASSIVE slut >nearly fappe…[View]
51070320sometimes I forgot that there are 4channers who aren't NEETs[View]
51070430My Secret Life: Has anyone here read My Secret Life by 'Walter'? In 80 pages so far, interesting and…[View]
51070419>mfw get to a point where i abuse the thinks that i like and dosent feel right/good enogh anymore…[View]
51069664>be me >work in a cafe >cleaning up after qt3.14 >accidentally spill some of her leftove…[View]
51070119Odd robot interests: I am obsessed with death, injuries of people. I love to see what happens to the…[View]
51070356Why are boomers obsessed with proxy war pissing contests My grandparents were introducing me to thei…[View]
51067995Do you think Maylis dad ever fapped to her videos?[View]
51068455>'Anon, Mom said you're not supposed to come downstairs while my friends are over.'…[View]
51069966The /r9k/ house comes true: Good news, everyone! I've finally begun looking into a true r9k hou…[View]
51069438>21 years old >Kissless virgin >Manlet >Skinny >Balding >Bad nearsight >No educ…[View]
51069699If you have friends irl please stop browsing 4chan[View]
51070136He cannot be a lawyer anymore.[View]
51070237Have you accepted it yet, anons?[View]
51070309Why do you retards still use this app? Only spambots and gutter-tier roasties still use it. The qual…[View]
51069515do I regret voting for this low IQ cheeto? answer: yes. I'm jumping on the bernie train and you…[View]
51070278Shallow: Why do men think women are so shallow? Im not naive enough to believe that us women are nev…[View]
51067074>think about big hairy men dominating me >prostate tingles…[View]
51070254historias de depression: >se yo >mexicano >vivi en la capital por casi toda mi vida >ten…[View]
51070067watching cute girls on tik tok is making me wanna kill myself https://m.tiktok.com/v/66567772234517…[View]
51066284ITT: we post class photos and discuss which girls are the cutest and the best If you go into google …[View]
51070230hello friends: me and my friends need help; yes?[View]
51068378>1400 page paper due in 8 days[View]
51063363Whats your ideal and minimum BF requirements?: >white >6 foot or over >not fat >exercis…[View]
51069863Who /bipolar/ here? I have bipolar type I so I basically switch between being a Chad and an incel ev…[View]
51068875>What do you mean you're looking for a virgin wife? Fuck you![View]
51068393Official Doomer Music Thread #2: sup robots time for v2 im gonna set up a playlist of all of our mus…[View]
51070062Does /r9k/ like Sludge? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vg4sx7gW5cs[View]
51069390anons with no friends: how do you deal with the loneliness?? it seems to get worse and worse for me …[View]
51069865Should I get into findomme? Ever since I started making my own money ive been obsessed, and I want t…[View]
51068888Would you snitch on a friend to avoid prison time?[View]
51065798/alcohol general/ animu gril edition: any fellow robots drinking on this dreadful Tuesday night? If …[View]
51069871A Surprise to be sure, but a welcome one: >be me, 5/10, overweight, surprisingly not all from fat…[View]
51069866Morbidly Obese Southern Man Shares The Truth of Why 'Obese Acceptance' is Ultimately Harmful: https:…[View]
51069740>Trump will fight the globohomo agend-[View]
51069801/depressing images/ post things that makes you wanna die >pic related the fact that I'll nev…[View]
51069825Whats your favorite 90s fps? Just curious.[View]
51069084What would you do if you got a gf?: After coming home from work, I'd have movie nights with piz…[View]
51063047>be wagie that works in a smallish office with about 15 other people. >everyone is either a 30…[View]
51069681The virgin vs the chad: Make yourself as the virgin or the chad meme[View]
51065600Serving the public: >be me >just graduated uni >havent gotten the 100k job I'm entitle…[View]
51069806OCD doesn't deserve all the hate: I hated on OCD for years, mostly because I thought it gave me…[View]
51067274This is my first 4chan post Idk how to do greentext Help?[View]
51068558Why do people still support him?[View]
51069771>Black awkward girl gave me her phone number I'm not attracted to niggers but I kinda wanna …[View]
51061789/Death Anxiety/: Death is so fucking scary. It could happen at any time. Your consciousness stripped…[View]
51069317How do submissive guys get girlfriends?[View]
51068978Anybody here wanna hang out together on discord? Join kYAbVwH[View]
51069437>25 >dating a 17 year old I don't even know how it happened.…[View]
51068087>be white >have slanty eyes >get called chinky by whites >get called chinky by hapas …[View]
51069405How do i feed a weed dealer in a new city? Need help, i'm in ATL...jobless and bored.[View]
51069650Why does society continue to be wrong about drugs?: It's pretty well established in the literat…[View]
51069499>Alright anon lets race >the first one to dubs or trips wins, got it? I'll race the first…[View]
51069715babyanon pulls retad: havent seen enough retardo greentexts lately here's a fun one >be me …[View]
51069705you're all gay: >7 months into 4chan >heterosexuality is shattered into pieces >can o…[View]
51069310Should I put volunteering down on work history when applying for job? Im applying to walmart and don…[View]
51068644I just dont want to feel alone anymore, i just want my friends to talk to me more. Most of them are …[View]
51069153I just pissed my pants 4 minutes ago.[View]
51069634ITT nostalgic videos preferably with music: I just want to go back to when I was happy edition http…[View]
51069461Does anyone else ever feel jealous of female sexual pleasure? I don't think I want to be a woma…[View]
51069542I wonder if my gf knows Im low key assburgertistic[View]
51069589>tfw no gf to comfort me and tell me how much i mean to her when i'm sad…[View]
51066626Your stance on abstinence? Is it bad? Is it a loser thing to do? Or is it a sign of purity?[View]
51069156ATTENTION Reminder that bone pressed is the official scientific method of measuring erections and 8 …[View]
51068783why. why do people complain about everything they do on this board you wont change any minds you won…[View]
51069522>tfw no (pure untainted) gf[View]
51068876What's the worst thing you've ever done?: What's the worst thing you've ever don…[View]
51069426if you don't know pic related you should leave this board and website and never return[View]
51062498This Person Doesn't Exist: So I found this site called 'This Person Doesn't Exist', it con…[View]
51069467skribbl.io: come play https://skribbl.io/?2qSNUaw0l0[View]
51069429>tfw half white half thai >look like a pajeet on top of that just fucking kill me…[View]
51068791>might go to japan for 3 months >half black giive it to me straight how lonely am i gonna be…[View]
51069219Randy Stair. Discuss.[View]
51067627MAKE 4CHAN AUTISTIC AGAIN The plan is to postthings that deter normalfags on all boards such as sata…[View]
51069399You know what I hate about paranoid people? Its their audacity and self-confidence to believe that t…[View]
51069378I thought the school shooter fantasies were supposed to stop when you leave highschool[View]
51069225What's your favourite show anon?: I'm want to start watching something that isn't 50 …[View]
51068512Alright, robots. It is time for the great debate.[View]
51069363>hey champ could we talk for a second. i've been hearing stuff from you that you don't …[View]
51069341>he thinks that his opinion matters on the internet[View]
51068990>men are biologically stronger than women.... nice try sexists[View]
51068919Dress: Tell me the problem with dressing like this? Protip: you can't.[View]
51068964Hate life and living with shitty boomer: was having a pretty good day until I left my house and Dad …[View]
51050373If you are browsing /r9k/, you MUST post in this thread. Even you lurkers.[View]
51068234Does any anon know what's wrong with me? Please help >Be me >Hate being alone >Really,…[View]
51066707Femanons, are you attracted to UFC fighters?: I'd figure they would be the most attractive men …[View]
51068113>Niko my cousin! I can't believe you're here![View]
51068587Neurotypicals can be dettered by posting clop[View]
51067413>Be a part of some niche gaming community >For whatever reason I make it known that I'm s…[View]
51069093I got 99 probIems but a bitch ain't one.[View]
51069221Hey anon I was just wondering, did you used to fantasize while jerking your jimmy or was that just m…[View]
51068785I'm 21 and I'm starting to notice people around my age and slightly older than me get real…[View]
51068120>download tinder a week ago for the heck of it >actually get like, three or four matches that …[View]
51069185>be me >watching super bowl LIII >halftime show >hail victory plays >holyshit.png …[View]
51069192how do i get a powerpiss gf?[View]
51068344>See adverts everywhere about suicide being the number one killer of young men >Telling me to …[View]
51064909ITT: I'm going to post a few pics of girls I've matched on a dating site.[View]
51059186What games do fellow robots play?[View]
51066340How's your cardiovascular health going, anon?[View]
51067778what is your favorite depressing music? sunny day realestate does good stuff. also check out the dip…[View]
51067411>Be alternative 'emo' girl into metal >Only attracted to 'gangsta wiggers' who only …[View]
51069055>tfw no alternative emo/goth bf to breed with and raise mentally fucked up edgy children with…[View]
51069018>Tits or ass? It is an irrelevant question because for me it is the personality, I do not care ab…[View]
51066252https://youtu.be/61VBtp8dXfA how does this make you feel anon?[View]
51068882Bros... I just got a haircut. It only took me a few weeks to gather up the courage but I did it. Ne…[View]
51068811>watching JOI video >start jerking off before she tells me to…[View]
51067888Ignore this thread, idk why I'm even making this, but it's been fun, cya lads, don't …[View]
51068161I wish someone would give a shit about me[View]
51068933>tfw no aetolian bf[View]
51068916>you really thought I was a boy? Fufu[View]
51068904How the FUCK does one get a hard M gf? God I'm so fucking horney.[View]
51068443Blackbot General: Is anyone else depressed at the state of black people today?[View]
51067951Daily reminder that >if you have a social life >believe in hierarchy >arent a misanthrope …[View]
51068885How are you doing?: a person who lurks, in particular a user of an Internet message board or chat ro…[View]
51068167Is she right about Taylor Swift? What do you think about the roast beef meme?[View]
51068878What do I want?: I thought I wanted a gf/bf but I dont. I thought I wanted sex but I dont. But I sti…[View]
51066125Hey guys! I just married my husband, Eric! We're about to have sex right now...[View]
51067680>be standard black bot, who cant really get along with any collective group >discover the NoI…[View]
51066865>started a fast food wagecuck job >they don't even let you have free meals Nothing can be…[View]
51066561Which one is better for anxiety, weed or beer?[View]
51066879Are INFJs bad people?: I have noticed alot of infjs are sjw and im worried i might be a faggot…[View]
51067821>just finished watching k-on again >I don't even remember how many times I've watche…[View]
51068789>Anon, can you leave your uncle Chad and I?[View]
51067103Financial Stats ITT: >age >job title >income >checking >savings >credit score >…[View]
51068770>have car >have job >not a raging, delirium tremens having alcoholic anymore >24 years …[View]
51063341Being caugh using 4chan: >Hey anon, I've found your Pepe collection in your files >Nice, …[View]
51068766>will you let the thicc ebony nurse cure your virginity, anon?[View]
51068753>mommy I'm sorry >they took the toy you gave me away >my friend says maybe one day I…[View]
51068683Small dick energy: When will people accept that woman like bigger dicks and hate small ones? We…[View]
51065674Is it too beta if I keep orbiting the girl that rejected me if she is also my only friend? I don…[View]
51068414Thread about shit that makes you angry. maybe angry memories: >Late at night >Post in over a d…[View]
51068692What does it mean if I'm a straight male who listens to lady gaga, madonna, celine dion and che…[View]
51068198I was plane: >be 17 >wanted to be in air force when i was older >last day of school >lac…[View]
51068471Do you think he's ever said the N word before?[View]
51067828At what age did you realize that your female peers are sexual beings?[View]
51067202How much of yourself do you actually own?: How much of what you do is your will, not dictated by oth…[View]
51064704Hate how it feels to be attracted to someone: Fuck I'm starting to develop feelings for a perso…[View]
51067554>been excited to move away to college for 2 years >just realized i will just be as anxious as …[View]
51068468Are women called Roasties because they roast you if you ask them out?[View]
51067975*crunch* anon *crunch* coke *crunch* or *crunch* pepsi? *crunch* *crunch*[View]
51068235>been here 13 years >newfags everywhere being faggots everyday >mfw…[View]
51067348should i get a pet rat, r9k? name recommendations are welcome also[View]
51068576When did you realize you were beyond saving?: >be me as a kid >mom gets me 'The Curious Incide…[View]
51068567Been drinking and just took an addy hope I'll die[View]
51064872For young american robots, how are you not voting for him in 2020?: Seriously, hundreds of thousands…[View]
51065217What do women mean when they look at you this way?[View]
51068504On a scale of 1 to 10 how was does this image make you fellow robots? Me myself I am quite sad proba…[View]
51067601post your iq scores see how you rank up against other anons https://wechsleriqtest.com/[View]
51068487>2 likes on Bumble in 30 minutes Am I chad now?[View]
51068290/r9gay/ - #622: fighting games bf edition last: >>51050478[View]
51068465Tgis place has gone to shit. Not because of trannies or politics or other bullshit, but because of t…[View]
51068365God damn it I just want to fuck a thick asian girl's asshole[View]
51067501Which of the three would you rather be?[View]
51068406NlGGER Nigger Nigger[View]
51068163Incest general: Post your personal incest experiences, fantasies...[View]
51068103Are black people the most feminine race?: Think about it. They commonly have big asses, puffy blowjo…[View]
51067958Men 6'5 and over should be considered a different sub-gender.[View]
51068312It's 2019, why don't you have a junglebunny fucktoy yet?[View]
51066981>6' 180lbs >can't afford more than 1500 calories a day im gon die…[View]
51068301Does she hate me now: Will try to make this as short as possible but I want you guys to have the ful…[View]
51067708What does Japanese/Korean/Chinese food actually taste like? I always hear Americans talking about ho…[View]
51067142>Love collecting cool crystals/rocks >Want to make my own crystal >Find out you can make sa…[View]
51068262ever had any experience with tsunderes? (irl)[View]
51064675You have 3 points. Each option costs 1 point. >extra 4 inches in height >extra 1 inch length a…[View]
51068173Best ice cream I ever had was like 10 years ago I went to coldstone creamery and got chocolate &…[View]
51067308send me back the world is ruined[View]
51067771>tfw no latina gf Why did i have to be born Asian?[View]
510681052019: What do you hope to achieve in 2019? I have set plenty of goals and I actually think I'l…[View]
51068151Who else /dyingfromacold/ here? Feels good to finally be leaving this shithole.[View]
51068207AWOOOOOO: How's your awootism today, Anon?[View]
51067478Does /r9k/ like Jontron?[View]
51065129Got into fist fight: fought some guy in a hallway earlier today >inb4 underage fag Im a senior …[View]
51067135ITT: The only girl (you) ever loved: Havent see her in 2 months today, I used to hang out with her a…[View]
51053621r9k user fags thread: Comment your: >Personality type: (ex. INTP) >Age: >Gender: >Weig…[View]
51066652Why is driving around sensibly in GTA so comfy? I like to smoke some weed and then obey traffic ligh…[View]
51068169>get high and listen to almost entire lotr soundtrack before going to bed >drift into a fantas…[View]
51066805I just defined 'whitoid' on Urban Dictionary.[View]
51066629hey anon tell me something about yourself, i'll listen[View]
51067657It's 6:50pm and I'm still in bed, please tell me to get up and do something with my life[View]
51067729Why is the little guy crying?[View]
51068083>sure anon, you can use my heinie as a pillow >*giggles* >you lay your head down on her che…[View]
51067897If I kill myself people will think of their lives as before I died and after. The younger I die the …[View]
51066554Does anyone else fear that someday you fuck up and get filmed, since cameras are everywhere these da…[View]
51068068ITT: We post our Victory/Defeat themes: >When you finally land that job you wanted after being un…[View]
51068060Where do I find Asian fembots? I'm Asian myself and all the Asian girls I know are normie as fu…[View]
51068047>tfw no Latina gf with soft toes and big booty to squish why even live bros. I need a Latina gf.…[View]
51067714fuck people: >be me, 2 or 3 years ago >xbox friends are in a party with someone i didnt know …[View]
51063643ITT: Music for robots https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UyoYf7rZVGI[View]
51065470Is it possible to get a gf around who is around 30 to 35 years old whilst being a 20yo college stude…[View]
51066854Are people not tired of this post-ironic bullshit/'shitposting'? It's not funny, it…[View]
51050478/r9gay/ - #621: tall boys and short boys edition Last thread: >>51031723[View]
51067747Surely this is all for me. Me? Me, me, me me me. I, I. I'm so fucking important. I'm so fu…[View]
51067618I'm a polar bear, are you a polar bear Anon?[View]
51067794chocolate: How does it taste? Asking for a friend[View]
51067716Us robots arent allowed in our own board: reCAPTCHA.... More like REEEEEEEEE ROBOTS[View]
51067758I found the nigger, spamming his dumb nigger threads[View]
51067720reminder that the only thing stopping men from taking over and going back to owning females and dist…[View]
51067752Is there anything called spiritual awakening where your spiritual powers are being awakened and you …[View]
51067689you guys think people would donate $5 per pill to watch someone try and kill themself, ive been thin…[View]
51067653Anyone here like to blast cum out their cocks after jerking off? Allow me to repeat myself: Does any…[View]
51067588Why am I always stressed and anxious whenever my parents come home?[View]
51066977Evil things you do >insult girls on the internet for being fat swines >am fat myself…[View]
51067635Money Advise: I need some advice on how to get money >school full time >only able to work twic…[View]
51067527>be me >steal everything i see >eat my own shit >kill my own kind >looked down upon b…[View]
51066599Did anyone here took ADHD pills regularly as a kid? How did it affect you psychologically long term?…[View]
51067187Neaty Lad: >Be me 24 y.o >Have a usual wage job that unironically love >Return home after a…[View]
51067560How do I make people laugh when i'm not funny[View]
51067481Maturing: I think Ill accept all my weird beliefs now, just like how I learned to accept my faults. …[View]
51067636So how do white women feel about latinas and asian women trying to steal their men away from them?[View]
51067591Do you hate women and minorities? Heck ye then join our server for a comfy safespace where you can d…[View]
51066497story time vocaroo thread RAWETEWRPGHIERPHIERTPIHRET https://vocaroo.com/i/s0iPpgkfqhRX[View]
51064385Tfw no clingy friendless gf.. Why are these types so incredibly rare? I mean ive never met a girl wh…[View]
51067590When did you realise that you were an NPC? I am profoundly NPC. I literally just exist as a backgrou…[View]
51065263Why aren't you using instagram, anon?[View]
51067317What's the name of that japanese model named yukio something? I saw her once here but cant reme…[View]
51067276Worst normie 'meme' of all time? imo it's the 'Damn Daniel' shit[View]
51067359I could never rape someone: I just don't have it in me to do it. I guess that means I'm we…[View]
51067428video games are not an excuse to be a slob[View]
51066308How long should I keep a practice bf for? I'm 23 and just got my first bf and and not khhv now.…[View]
51066352How easy/hard is it as an average 20 year old to fuck a mature (i'm thinking 35 - 52) woman on …[View]
51067387Stop watching anime. It's turning you into a cuck. http://www.returnofkings.com/117690/how-anim…[View]
51066882lickymcsticky: >be me >love to eat ass >eats ass on daily >realize i have an addiction …[View]
51066713I just drank so much hot tea oh my it was so good my tummy is full ooh owy ow ow tummy rumbly I have…[View]
51067374>be me >Drafted by imperium >Could have been worse, at least I won't die making same c…[View]
51066068Why do women have so few fetishes compared to men?[View]
51065560>Giving HIV to a twink tonight[View]
51063077Why do women get offended when someone says it's easier for them to get sex than men?[View]
51067347>was going to wake up at 9:AM today >set 3 alarms >wake up at 3:PM >all alarms turned of…[View]
51062941'ogre tits' 'cow tits' 'monster tits' 'milk tank' 'cow girl' I fucking hate having generalized anxie…[View]
51067306>Kokode ha-niiii! Ha-niiiii >Fighting the moonlight kakaseru wa JO-KIIIIN >mama kaka papa p…[View]
51066265I just wanna sloppily suck hairy and small dadcocks....[View]
51067321How can i reverse the damage i did to myself after being a shut in for so long? I don't belong …[View]
51062951You are given a choice of a gf between two girls. Both girls will be faithful to you, will not cheat…[View]
51067314School: >some normie kid draws something violent >teachers all concerned and ask him if he…[View]
51064589How can I scam ppl like the fyre festival guy? I'm almost 29 and I'm sick of being a wagi…[View]
51057113/mommy general/: >thanks for bringing mommy on a nice tropical vacation, son…[View]
51066931There needs to be another major war. This timeline is so boring. I want war. I want death. I want gl…[View]
51066268>I'm lonely >I won't date a tranny or a black girl tho I have standards lmao…[View]
51067219I was watching Jackie Brown, and it made me really understand why people commit crimes. I mean I bus…[View]
51066633tfw I act so gay everyone can immediately tell just by being around me for a few minutes[View]
51067183>sign contract with overpriced gym nextdoor to my work >lift for 2 months and start seeing res…[View]
51066751I'm never going to get better, am I robots? I'm 23 and still act like an angsty teenager. …[View]
51067195What did she mean by this?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pCeB5RRUYfA[View]
51066859I'm a disgusting failure and a leech on everyone I know. My brain matter would serve the world …[View]
51065524Will girls like these take a robot?[View]
51066697Can somebody send me the screens of the guy on /le reddit/ who swore on premarital sex with a girl w…[View]
51066613I lost 5 lbs! Then i went to the buffet![View]
51066718>tfw no gf >then i realize i dont have anything to offer a gf even if i had one…[View]
51063086/comfy/: Hello friends, lets have a another /comfy/ thread no worries if you don't have anythin…[View]
51065400Why does this country have to be so socially progressive?[View]
51064797>tfw 122 IQ I am a God walking amongst sheep. What should I do with my superpower?…[View]
51058261Why don't you try and become a successful streamer, robots? All you have to do is force a whack…[View]
51065702>eyesight so bad my glasses' lenses are like a half-inch thick who else /foureyesgang/…[View]
51067067what are femanons favorite intercourse positions[View]
51066930>TFW too old for a Mommy gf. I missed my chance guys :c[View]
51066124/feels/ general: >tfw so fucking distraught that can't be bothered to vent through a greente…[View]
51064285>tfw you will never inseminate a girls boyhole why even live[View]
51066871shy girls: Hey fellas. I went to the cinema on Sunday with a shy girl I think likes me, I definitely…[View]
51066522>Dude you gotta talk to someone man. It's not healthy just to keep shit inside >Ok fine …[View]
51065434>this is considered a 6 Holy shit niggers we're never gonna make it.…[View]
51066346Well? The fuck you waiting for white boy? Wipe this shit off my ass![View]
51064248My 'friends' constantly ignore when I message them unless they want something from me. How did I end…[View]
51065079'squirting' is one of the most disgusting fetishes ever conceived. It's literally just pissing,…[View]
51062534I want a small tiddy goth gf. That is all.[View]
51066689Femanons, have you ever had a young boy lust after you?[View]
51066070What are the protocols for fucking escorts if you're an autist?[View]
51066841wholesome habits/opinions: greetings robots, take some time out of your morning/day/evening/night to…[View]
51065488>white girl gets a flat tire >white boyfriend doesn't know how to change a tire What woul…[View]
51066571will my waifu be on the other side?[View]
51040153MBTI thread? Test yourself to see what fruit you are and talk with other fruits about original juicy…[View]
51066692>tfw ill end up being a 50 year old pizza delivery guy[View]
51066298Plant trees Plant more trees Stop watching porn[View]
51062228You must learn to live alone.: You will always be alone. You can rely on no one but yourself. Learn …[View]
51065041Im too scared to open/ write in the /britfeel/ thread because I am not british, what do they do ther…[View]
51066336weed stories: best weed stories? I'll start: >be me >16 yr old brit fag >never tried w…[View]
51066612Who here hears voices, conversations and loud random noises when they are tired?[View]
51066611I don't read cause i can't stay focused so I've been listening to audiobooks. So far…[View]
51066598Riddle: >the more you take, the more you leave behind Help me out. I want the prize.…[View]
51066266E-dated someone I met here: He was pissed at what I told him about myself and went on a rant. If he …[View]
51066301i stink: i haven't showered in like a week because i hate being cold when i get in and out of t…[View]
51065965>listen bro you can't get laid because you don't got game you need to improve your game…[View]
51066544I can't believe it took me so long to see that current 93 is just over hyped prentious garbage.[View]
51062486/britfeel/: ONE THREAD ONLY edition[View]
51066225The name is Nagi. Nagi Stratos Bonaparte.[View]
51064079Femanons do you prefer jewel buttplugs or plain looking ones?[View]
51063416Playing visual novels to fill the void[View]
51062808What animal do you think you see?[View]
51065575'School Wars': >c. 2008 >Rival high school next to ours >Both schools hate each other for n…[View]
51065645me again: >currenlty cleaning up my Internet identity because I'm befriending normies at wor…[View]
51066120Stop posting pepe: Anyone else here sick of this bug eyed normalfag?[View]
51061978Robots in the military: Has any of you served? I'm planning on enlisting once I turn 20, which …[View]
51066148>be me >junior in high school >be interested in 9/10 girl >dm her >she dms back >h…[View]
51063494sometimes i think about lopping off my tits with a kitchen knife[View]
51066278I will never forgive r9k for making me fall in love with this girl in 2016 everything has been so b…[View]
51065304Is this the robot dreamgirl? Rate her for me will ya?[View]
51065870>be me >graduated from MIT with a degree in theoretical physics >27 y/o virgin >get job …[View]
51065819plug.dj/the-groove-room Otherwise, I'd be listening to music alone, anyway.[View]
51066213Would you a legochan?[View]
51066059expecting an answer from u is crazy right? because u're not here very sads i'm not even ta…[View]
51065584>text with a guy online >we get along well and I like our conversations >he reveals he…[View]
51066147minorities that support the 1488: any non-whites understand that the well-being of the planet is dep…[View]
51066111do femanons have curly frizzy hair? please tell me you dont straighten it[View]
51066005Why don't you just get a 4/10 gf? Surely it can't be that hard?[View]
51063849You do have a REAL ID don't you, Anon? Sorry can't allow you to board a plane with just yo…[View]
51062593Why don't femcels just go to the gloryhole to lose their virginity?[View]
51064487>hear recording of own voice >really, truly sound like the stereotypical autist getting angry…[View]
51063134Fuck I want to move out so bad[View]
51066054FAGS OF THIS BOARD Our long psyops on the straightfags of this board has beared many fruits Many a s…[View]
51059637Why do guys get so easily seduced by big boobs? I've seen guys droll over land whales with shit…[View]
51065179any fembot (girl) (female) here wanna buy my virginity?[View]
51065577>be 20 yo neet >start hitting on post wall women >Get them to financially support me while …[View]
51065785>mfw mom is going to die someday hold me robots[View]
51063234>Need to contact friend >Check discord >He is offline >Check steam >He is offline …[View]
51064933> Searching for a new room to rent on the Swedish equivalent to Craigslist. > Send emails to …[View]
51064412>tfw haven't come out of parents basement in 3 months[View]
51061655what makes modern women act like this?[View]
51065340>be me at university >walk up stairs >group of girls sitting in the stairwell >I walk p…[View]
51065981Eh: >Be me >Am 12ish who cares >Had a gf for going on 2 years >Basically my best and onl…[View]
51064759Do Not Lewd: This is your daily reminder not to lewd women without their consent. And they will neve…[View]
51064209>his waifu isn't a blood thirsty psychopath laughing at your lives…[View]
51065280Fuck,fuck,fuck i dont want to be on this ride anymore.I feel depresed and alone 10 years.And i want …[View]
51065425>be me, 18yo who wasted middle and high school spending an extremely excessive amount of time on …[View]
51065854>just felt an electric painful shock through my heart I swear to God, I'm going to die one o…[View]
51057823Should I go uni, lads?: >23 >122 IQ >verbal reasoning tested as genius level on multiple le…[View]
51064750Is anyone here interested in playing a zombie survival RPG? It wouldn't be like TWD, focused on…[View]
51061786How do you manage not to lose your sanity out of loneliness?[View]
51061426Where can I find an autistic shut in gf? My Anglo genes are disgusted by the slags that walk our str…[View]
51037289/drugfeel/ on lorazepam at 1 AM edition: other thread is about to disappear into an abyss what…[View]
51063877Just wanna end it: >fit and in shape >have a good education >made varsity in HS >drive …[View]
51062162As much of an incompetent, retarded sperg as he might have been at times... he was fucking right abo…[View]
51064298Do you believe that it's possible to summarize a person as good, bad or something in between? O…[View]
51064513Why does rejection hurt so much? How is there evolutionary advantage in it hurting so much?[View]
51065648>haha yeah My response to anytime a girl tries to talk to me[View]
51064268what the hell is are the point of career fairs?[View]
51059482GUESS WHO'S A VIRGIN: ooph https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uGl6JO2dv0U[View]
51063165My conversation with my dad minutes ago >anon we spoke to your parents and they said they want yo…[View]
51064195How does one go about getting permanent residency outside of the usa? I want to get away[View]
51065579>horribly depressed >any time depression gets better, have an anxious mental breakdown that se…[View]
51065545>be me >hate my room mate >he's a fucking prick >always randomly touches me and thr…[View]
51065229You gotta do it yourself because nobody's going to do it for you.[View]
51063148Fuck this board, 4chan and every other website.[View]
51065455>buttplug this, anus that, every other goddamn thread Why is no one bothered by this obvious psyo…[View]
51065370>see something like pic related >Imediately want to send it to my gf to see her flustered horn…[View]
51065290How the fuck can you be a kissless virgin as a white male? On my campus, even the most sloppy disgus…[View]
51065063I've had to take 4 shits today and now my asshole hurts from having to shit so much. Should I b…[View]
51062680>try to be a normie >always fail[View]
51064597>Ted Bundy had sex and impregnated a woman while he was on trial Women are truly not human, are t…[View]
51065076I would rather shitpost than study for my exams. I think I might drop out just to shitpost full time…[View]
51061052Woman hate thread >be me >find cute girl >we text a bunch >sleeps at her place a couple …[View]
51062546Hypothetically speaking, how could one hypothetical pedophile hypothetically be able to overcome the…[View]
51064906>tfw savior complex Anyone else want to rescue a girl and become her boyfriend? Doesn't have…[View]
51060997ASK an OLDFAG thread: Ask an oldfag /r9k/ gentleman (we use to call ourselves gentleman) anything. I…[View]
51065080>300 years old >not a minor >not allowed to fap to her I dont see whats wrong. If she was u…[View]
51065072>tfw no bemusing bf[View]
51061961Chad here, AMA: >6'4 205 >/fit/ >100% white >brown hair >blue eyes >strong ja…[View]
51064783>tfw realized im the exactly the same person my father is when he is drunk how the fuck normies p…[View]
51064964>been told im a 6.5-7/10 by plenty of people >ok could be worse >use tinder (do note im i…[View]
51062839>2019 >thinking 4chan is an anime website >posting anime on non-anime related boards…[View]
51062673> Gains millions of followers > Aquires desperate men who buy her stuff…[View]
51063702Anon, life is truly an unfair game. Your chances of winning are almost zero. But you shouldn't …[View]
51061193If I paid you $100, would you let me lick your feet anon?[View]
51064046/ldg/ - Lucid Dreaming General: /ldg/ - Lucid Dreaming General lookit: >https://pastebin.com/N0E3…[View]
51063848How and where do I get a husband with a big muscle ass who looks like this and is 185-190 cm tall?[View]
51064863Tfw no straight shotacon gf...[View]
51064844Chad is not a normie; rather, he is the bastardization of male sexuality as perpetuated by the shall…[View]
51064627evolution is a fucking lie. If not, why aren't we all cute lolis having loving families with ot…[View]
51058260Post something other do that immediately makes you hate them >Starts a sentence with 'I mean...'…[View]
51063651Loneliness: /k/ommrade here. Just saw this on Kurzgesagt and thought of you guys. Thought at least o…[View]
51063051I'm so tired of this world anons. If i get hit by a truck will i end up in a isekai?[View]
51063190>be me >23 >constant thoughts about suicide >meme.jpeg >got really depressed on the w…[View]
51064113Does NoFap give you prostate cancer?[View]
51063953Looking for more movies in the same style as these, dropping a few: The Dirties We Need To Talk Abou…[View]
51064201>See short, skinny boy >Think about fucking him What is happening to me...…[View]
51064532Who's more based,Elliot Rodger or Ted Bundy?[View]
51063585the purest word: tell me young one whats more based and feels more pure than the word nigger?[View]
51064315about to fuck this, jealous?[View]
51062697I'm looking for a particular Wojak and I know someone here has it. It's like pic related b…[View]
51057178What kind of mental disorders do you have, /r9k/?[View]
51064616It's been 5 years why can't I get over her and stop looking at her facebook page. What is …[View]
51064207Is it legal to just start walking up to minimum wage thots and ask them if theyll suck my dick for 1…[View]
51064382/r9k/ why do I have to fap to such retarded shit?[View]
51064288How to stop being in love and crazy everytime I see a nice looking female? I can't stand this s…[View]
51062709I just had a realization about all of those middle and high school dances that I skipped out on. I m…[View]
51064396If evens I am crashing this simulation. With no survivors[View]
51063373>X happened to me, so it means that X happens to everybody without exception. No, I do not have a…[View]
51060755>one year of MDMA and thotting later[View]
51064273Please ban me from /r9kl. I can't take this anymore.[View]
51061942Free (You)s: ama for suicidal boi who set plans in motion[View]
51064040What makes robots different from other outcasts.[View]
51064069Why do autists like us struggle so much getting a gf when literally everyone else no matter how they…[View]
51064221>wake up fresh at 4pm >drive down to my local McDonald's restaurant >drive through bec…[View]
51063556Why is it that you only regret things you've done rather than not done? I see no reason to not …[View]
51063112Is there such a thing as a female intellectual? Any examples?[View]
51062459have you ever been bullied by girls? if yes then what did they do? was one of the bully your crush? …[View]
51064150Is anyone else here actually glad that they are autistic? I mean ill never have a social life (which…[View]
51063831I want to impregnate Sachiko[View]
51060488am i a bad person?: >play LoL >have 3 perma banned accounts >i get a 14 day >make new ac…[View]
51062867Help me help me: I can't take this anymore. I basically have three options 1) find somewhere I …[View]
51062512What do you think love is, anon?[View]
51063186>father found the jizz rag w-what happens n-n-next anons? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!…[View]
51062157R9k is the only good board because it's the only board where robots aren't made fun of …[View]
51063833My hobby is being homeless. I own a home but I enjoy living outside in urban places. Here is a green…[View]
51062262White women : *Hits the wall at 23* Asian women : *looks young even when 40+* White men : *likes asi…[View]
51063656Daily reminder that if their post starts in >be me They are from r/greentext and need to fuck off…[View]
51063841Girl laid next to me and by lay I mean on her side, next to me Didn't say nothing to her while …[View]
51063376Normalscum hate thread: Who here genuinely hates normies? Definition of a normie is someone who actu…[View]
51063098I just realized I cant cum standing up How to fix this?[View]
51061803Music: What's your all-time favorite? >song >album I'll start >Bad Apple ft. Nomi…[View]
51063609>>49675500 >All of the vidya I play are created by whites and online play is maintained by …[View]
51060876>'I'm ready to settle down with you, anon'[View]
51061801>boss shares message from customer to everyone >says they're grateful to the store for hi…[View]
51061431Fbi this post is totally satire: Idk whats wrong with me but I have really bad anger issues. I enjoy…[View]
51051705Waifu General - /waifu/ #75: Sweet dreams of your waifu edition previous: >>51041163[View]
51063233>hey anon can you hand me the ball wrench?[View]
51061755>Tfw can't stop saying 'Damn son where'd you find this' to myself at home >Constantl…[View]
51061043do fembots like male gingers?[View]
51062066If you browse Reddit, get off this site. Go seek attention, internet points and status somewhere els…[View]
51062878How much better do you think your life would be if you didn't have a small penis.[View]
51061618Way too many perverted, homosexual freak threads. Let's get some wholesome romance and love sto…[View]
51062660In 2 years I will be eligible for a Kalergi club membership, you know what happens next. Im going to…[View]
51063424Aya sama[View]
51062213What's going on right here? Quick rundown?[View]
51063445Why does the 'nice guy' feel entitled to the 'sweet girl'? Why doesn't he j…[View]
51062519Why am I weird?: Why can't I just be a normie? I'm tired of being confused and called name…[View]
51063392>take the law school admissions test while on female hormones >65th percentile >don't …[View]
51060170How do I get a girl like her?[View]
51059925Why do pretty girls kill themselves?: Like this girl, Ashleigh Lovelace. I thought blacks were immun…[View]
51062762>be me >waiting for a bus and reading a book >bus arrives >wait for all the inpatient pe…[View]
51058961(new!) GOSPEL OF THE DAY: From the Gospel according to Mark MK 8:14-21 The disciples had forgotten t…[View]
51062172Where should I get my lunch, robots?[View]
51062826'You're just a smelly virgin and no girl wants to touch you' She said to me after i had irritat…[View]
51062948Your pc skills, and your fast scrolling are useful: >Be me >Graduated in philosophy >oh fuc…[View]
51063281Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi was the man to whom the idea of the European Union is attributed to, …[View]
51062631I can't stand it how women are worshipped by guys these days. Everyone has become a fucking doo…[View]
51062829>accidentally took a bottle of 5htp again[View]
51061340Why aren't boomers in their 20s-30s called 'boomerangs'?[View]
51059021Anime was better in the 80s.[View]
51062190Ive been planning my suicide for a few days now. Im not depressed. Just incredibly tired of life and…[View]
51063101Ask me anything, and I will answer[View]
51061357Im in a creative writing class and this girl literally spews everything on the paper and she's …[View]
51062309>dad found the dong difribulator I guess this is it boys[View]
51062952Who else here /limbostate/ (18-19) >tfw don't relate with zoomers >tfw don't relate…[View]
51062291tfw you dont even have weeb online friends to play video games with[View]
51059850>started job week ago >infosec >high pay >already being picked on by this Brad >femal…[View]
51062648Why couldn't god have just given me a chance[View]
51062553Does /r9k/ like people watching?[View]
51058749Chad kicked Stacey arse for 4 hours out of nowhere in the first date. https://capricho.abril.com.br/…[View]
51061869I'm tired of wageslaving, how do I get myself boiwifed up?[View]
51061127'I'm just going to lay here and sleep in the sun for a while, will you wake me up so I can appl…[View]
51061160>You can't save the women and children first! What about me![View]
51061505How do I get gf to stop cheating?: I need advice on how to get my gf to stop cheating me. I love her…[View]
51059291/uni/ general - Chad Is Back Edition: >*CHADRICK BURSTS INTO YOUR LECTURE HALL* >BROOOOOO!!! I…[View]
51062161>Say 'I don't believe in god' >GB2 REDDIT EDGY FEDORA NECKBEARD KATANA WIELDING HERETIC …[View]
51060639/comfy/: What are you: >Reading >Watching >Playing >Eating >Thinking about >Hating…[View]
51062797Make me feel better about being single all your 20s without casual sex inbetween[View]
51060906that kid who had to piss on class while they were watching a movie, but didnt want to tell teacher s…[View]
51062527>Shake a girls hand >Hold it out for too long and accidently gently rub it That's it, I…[View]
51060523Do niggers really deserve the right to live with humans in society?: In this dead baby thread there …[View]
51062367Where have all the good times gone?[View]
51062585Well? Would you take the offer or no?[View]
51042073Time for a depressing image thread[View]
51061075Love is politics sugar coated. Ninety-nine percent of it is bitter; there is only that one percent o…[View]
51061499>do nofap for 2 weeks >all degenerate fetishes start being disguisitng again…[View]
51061090>in airbnb >only go down to eat when the airbnb hosts are not downstairs or home >really wa…[View]
51061631Guys I need to get better in smash ultimate Join my arena ID:2V0SX Pass:23235[View]
51061984This is my gf Muffu. Say something nice about her.[View]
51059558/britfeel/: RIP ZIGGY GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN edition[View]
51060301time for an AM boozeahol thread, boys currently drinking some EW white label https://www.youtube.com…[View]
51062467>standing legs hurt, weird pressure in skull, head spinning a little, back hurts, too tired to mo…[View]
51062368>jerk off >go smoke cigarette Literally no other feeling can top this, btfo lsd and weed fag…[View]
51061592A girl today who I see every day smiled at me. Is this a good start or I am overthinking? asking for…[View]
51062056Hey anons I have an idea but was just wondering if there'd be any interest, thinking of doing …[View]
51061833worst people on 4chan go: >haughty sociopaths who brag about 'ghosting' because they know nobody …[View]
51054292Post your favorite snack: Just the best, underrated Cheetos passing through[View]
51062204Should I learn to draw, code, or 3D model? I want to make lots of money fast[View]
51061960>tfw mummy neglected me and never put me in the habit of brushing my teeth >now 22 and my teet…[View]
51062122I'm really trying hard to quit this but it's really difficult.[View]
51061221>old anime was just better ok? >You've clearly never seen gunbuster https://youtu.be/1wAV…[View]
51061818Just ordered some pizza, I officially have $0.79 in my bank account.[View]
51061953May God have mercy on us, /r9k/.[View]
51061899Going to the military health inspection: >Be me >I'll have to go to the military health i…[View]
51062197Are there any asexual girls (f) here? Add me on discord fortunecookie#9114 Or skype/kik fortune.cook…[View]
51060719Kinda crazy to think this was inside me. I might run around the kitchen and see if I am faster now[View]
51062147>life sucks >make improvements >everything stays basically the same >repeat this for th…[View]
51061985Why is there so much incest porn out there? When checking the NSFW audio place it's 50% incest,…[View]
5105958128+ Thread: Avoiding Adulthood Edition: >worthless degree >made no effort to get real job afte…[View]
51060376>Based and Redpilled >Redpilled >taken from the matrix >the concept of the redpill is in…[View]
51058387Le funny 'roasty' memes: Ok. Look. I get a lot of people have bad luck with women. But there is a le…[View]
51062005who here /lazyfap/: >Fap while laying down on my hand and rubbing my body on top of it >Done t…[View]
51062041>try to look for 'thick' or 'thicc' porn >all that comes up is fat land whales REEEEEEEEEEE TH…[View]
51061286Is there even such a thing as 'sacred', or is everything just mundane and ultrawhatever?[View]
51062015Are religious girls more likely to enjoy anal and kinky sex?[View]
51062012I'm going to bed in a few minutes, how do I sleep forever? I don't mean kill myself, I mea…[View]
51061715How depressed are you guys? I feel like I might have it the worst. Or close to it. I want to hear ot…[View]
51061873When did you realize the you're literally retarded?[View]
51060824why don't you get /fit/, /r9k/? fit girls love that shit[View]
51061778Is this what blackbots do with their time?[View]
51061198would fembots suck their bosses dick for a promotion?[View]
51061837friend watching super hero movie or some cool action flick >fuck yeah i'd be just like [inse…[View]
51060511I have a gf ama originall[View]
51059663Post a song that sounds how you feel. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hm3suutqY0c[View]
51061279>any second, without warning, a cosmic string can come and cut you in half like an invisible ligh…[View]
51061023do you think its possible to go from a socially anxious 130lb nerdlet to an extroverted 180lb chad i…[View]
51061742Does anyone else feel like being on an anonymous website for so long has made it more difficult to s…[View]
51061036>make coffee >take sip >expect it to be okay >it's AMAZING How does coffee do it, m…[View]
51061338Got some semi rotten apples, homemade wine in a juice bottle , nut cookies , sausages soaked in fat …[View]
51061746daily reminder only whiney little beta bitchboys fall for the blackpill meme[View]
51061719>hey bro do you have some lotion?[View]
51061399Do you ever have dream that's kind of interesting, not like, pleasant just interesting, and you…[View]
51061167Gf woods: How could i find a gf to live in the woods and do things like >fishing in little lakes…[View]
51061669I get my new phone delivered home today, dubs gets to decide my lockscreen wallpaper, pic unrelated[View]
51061253People with small penises are just lazy. They need to man up, go outside, and get a bigger penis. Th…[View]
51061583>'You need to stop caring what other people think. Just don't give a fuck bro.' >'Stop do…[View]
51061608Bang Energy and Instathots: How come every single high-profile Instagram fitness bitch is sponsored …[View]
51061390>be me >nigger >get caught stealing pic related…[View]
51059009traps need jesus in their lives[View]
51058764/creativegeneral/: Hey there anons welcome to another creative general Post your creations here and …[View]
51061304>live most of my life sad and lonely >finally get a gf, get laid >realize I don't want…[View]
51059499>'Umm where do you think you're going? No virgins past this point'…[View]
51057208Why haven't you quit anime yet Anon?[View]
51061509Is it gay for two guys to make out while in Virtual Reality using female anime girl avatars?[View]
51061411>neet >spend 12 hours at the pc playing games and browsing the web >mfw barely half decent …[View]
51060380Are you sure blacks can't be robots?[View]
51053576Sincerely, fuck you reddit: >always hear about how shit reddit is >cantbethatbad.exe >go to…[View]
51059295comfy morning wakeup thread: who /coffeezone/ the sun is rising all across the worls and neets are w…[View]
51057673Why does my pussy fart when I'm having sex this is embarassing[View]
51061014>tfw no nutcase bf[View]
51057477Now that it's been over 10 years, what does /r9k/ think of Grand Theft Auto 4?[View]
51061370>tfw you're so sad that your eyes go red and hurt[View]
51060322redpill me on the snake diet https://www.snakediet.com/getting-started Is the ph and ppm stuff reall…[View]
51059922>see job post >requirements >'academic excellence'…[View]
51059614how does one acquire an artsy gf?[View]
51058314>'Anon is that you? we went to the same school remember? WOAH you have grown so handsome... uhmm …[View]
51060936You have to eat one of their asses, Which do you choose?[View]
51060728>you are not respected/loved/noticed, because you don't love/accept yourself Is this true? O…[View]
51058510>i know it's your day off, but can you come in just for a few hours tomorrow…[View]
51061254Seriously? He's still doing this? How much longer can he keep doing this joke before it runs st…[View]
51060592>Just ask her out bro. The worst thing that'll happen is she'll say no. Oh wait.…[View]
51058945>Okay femanon open wide[View]
51061255should i take the religion pill?: it's hard to really believe in God and all these miracles, bu…[View]
51061264Who was in the wrong here? I think Jared took it too far, I would'be stopped at snitching and f…[View]
51061169>went college >all classes cancelled for the rest of the week I don't even know why I bot…[View]
51059991>older sister is an egirl >met her 'boyfriend' the other day >they're going to cancun …[View]
51061067r9k spit some bars: aye yuhhh aye yuhh (lets get it man) sick uh deez normies and these bitches …[View]
51060833i dream about being a monk who uses martial arts in a medieval anime fantasy world with magic and wh…[View]
51061118Do I automatically have deadly mold if I live in a shit poverty house? It leaks when it rains and my…[View]
51061194>sisters keep trying to be my friend after years of ghosting[View]
51060888> feels like a hundred years > a hundred years…[View]
51061163sertraline: Have any robots had experience with this? I've just took my first dose today, hopef…[View]
51060121Give me your politiscales, anons! I'm genuinely interested how my views fare against those of y…[View]
51060992When the guy on the left calls himself sexy you call it confidence. When the guy on the right calls …[View]
51059937I will be saying the n word in approximately 45 minutes[View]
51056044I've decided I am going to an hero /r9k/. The next step is deciding on a method. After some res…[View]
51057340Help me /r9k/. I get off on my boyfriend cheating on me and calling me a worthless bitch. He stuffed…[View]
51059631When you spend enough time in social isolation, people say you will start to lose your mind, but wha…[View]
51061044>try to make thread about my favorite cartoon >it's immediately hijacked by furfags who p…[View]
51049142/britfeel/: everything counts in large amounts edition[View]
51060892are robots into korean dramas?[View]
51060933why does it seem like people actively go out of their way to avoid making eye contact with me? i…[View]
51060839Why do fembots only like skinny white boys and traps.[View]
51059277What's keeping you from killing yourself /r9k/? The only reason I haven't painted my wall…[View]
51060150>tfw you werent born a cute girl >ywn be respected just for having a clit >ywn be constantl…[View]
51052163What is the best pussy shape? also i wanna eat a fembot's pussy just saying[View]
51060789Posting Vivi cooking acorns every day until I get a grip on my procrastination and attain a level of…[View]
51059648>look in the mirror: >'eh maybe im not that ugly desu' >look on a picture where i am >l…[View]
51059156it's my first thread. Idk what I am doing but this story kinda sticks to me. >be me >new…[View]
51060285Show me your final form[View]
51059657Fat white girl writes a song >'I think it's so cute and I think it's so sweet >How y…[View]
51060697>fembot calls me a moid >my weewee gets hard what did my weewee mean by this…[View]
51060361manlets, what is your excuse for not getting a gf?[View]
51060669>tfw bent nose makes half of my face pretty and the other half ugly[View]
51060267Because of your ugliness and your autism you will never display the correct movements, postures, fac…[View]
51059595Do women really like peeing on things?[View]
51058118Press F to pay respects.: About time this whore was silenced. she had it coming. Seriously. It is ju…[View]
51060580/brainlet/ general: >still type super slowly with tons of mistakes eve though I have more practic…[View]
51057943>be me >on my way to work >go to korean shop >see ramen 2x spicy >funny chicken on th…[View]
51052958can we just get a fuck cops thread?[View]
51060606Why do i feel bi sometimes and then disgust/no attraction for gays othertimes ?[View]
51059896>most of the people here laugh at women being raped and beheaded >most also think they deserve…[View]
51058468>tfw women are attracted to dark triad personality traits https://scottbarrykaufman.com/wp-conten…[View]
51059125/Mental Health/: Lot of you have issues, but mentally wise how fucked are you? A few questions >W…[View]
51060356I am prescribed 30mg vyvanse for ADHD and it has done wonders for my productivity, but I'm worr…[View]
51060354Are you an egg?[View]
51060466Wheeze compitition: I hereby declare a wheeze competition. The person who can wheeze the longest win…[View]
51059386I don't know how to greentext but please help.: >be me 19 >beta autistic virgin >start…[View]
51059786I've fallen into autistic habits: And now people in other boards recognize me. Am I a fuck up?…[View]
51059656How's it make you feel that whatever job you get, you're very likely gonna have a Stacy ma…[View]
51058949god this film is painful to watch[View]
51059064Just a sad person who browses this board. AMA[View]
51060098What do you love to do the most /r9k/?[View]
51048679Post a wojack to express how you're feeling right now[View]
51058095does /r9k/ visit the cloud district very often?[View]
51058189Le funny 'roastie' meme: Ok. Look. I get a lot of people have bad luck with women. But there is a le…[View]
51058909Women see me and say, 'Hey there's Evan. He's a young guy, he likes the Stereophonics, he …[View]
51059671>be me >Ask a girl out >She says no >She doesn't even look at me after for a few da…[View]
51059711Vocaroo Thread: A song i wrote about my highschool crush. https://vocaroo.com/i/s10hXHCfM7ov[View]
51057991What constitutes an addiction to weed anons?[View]
51058653Long-term Isolation = Totally fucked?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n3Xv_g3g-mA what do you guys …[View]
51060135Ever thought about the possibility of you being the problem in your problems? Sobbing and whining un…[View]
51057999/reminder/ old me is back thanks to old fren catboi >fuck roasties >fuck faggots >fuck tran…[View]
51060069>tfw thinking about a sad, lonely fembot needing comfort[View]
51059960>it's not about looks duh >you just need a job a car and you need to shower like all the …[View]
51058987'People' who chew with their mouths open need to be executed.[View]
51057358Do actual gentlemen even exist anymore? It seems like all men are now retarded dudebro cunts, fat sl…[View]
51059951>no qt bikini armor gf End it all[View]
51059651Today I told a drug dealer on snapchat that he's a loser and to get a life. He's my age an…[View]
51052204>tfw could beat the shit out of literally all of you[View]
51059933>tfw no Russian immigrant in silicon valley gf[View]
51059844Should i just drink everyweekend with the occasional coke or become a shut in teetotal-er ?[View]
51058998Damn, I wish I had ethnic minority privilege. I wish I benefited from affirmative action. I wish I c…[View]
51059639Is anyone else sick of how omnipresent politics and media are in our daily lives now? I mean I have …[View]
51059690Quick question: Does healthy sleeping routine make you look more attractive?[View]
51058657Should I dye my hair pink and black? I've got nothing to lose right?[View]
51058936Trap server invite please[View]
51059496What does it mean to be male?[View]
51058238/nofap/: day 4 nofap: dreamt about sex all night. at first it was a cute girl but then the second dr…[View]
51057576Why would you even waste time going to the gym if you are an ugly manlet?[View]
51058622Hey guys, join this server or else /9pevn9[View]
51059248The Piss Corner: Sorry if this is bad, it's my first time posting >Be me >8 >Always us…[View]
51059525Why don't robots/incels ever acknowledge their own problems are the reason their lives are shit…[View]
51057463>be male >born ugly >destined to live the rest of your life alone and unloved anyone else k…[View]
51059175>came out as a normalfag to my parents >they want me out by the end of the week…[View]
51058710So why the fuck do so few people live together: >Millions, if not billions of depressed, isolated…[View]
51050626Fembots, whats the most crazy sexual thing youve ever done?[View]
51059351>what are you looking at, creep? Dont stutter[View]
51059468>realize that my only good memories are centered around playing video games and watching cartoons…[View]
51059491>get in car accident a few years ago >fucked up my right knee >receive donor ACL from a gir…[View]
51059487Fuck you: Most of you are chads, niggers, women, and larping fags. The robots left years ago, this w…[View]
51059237did you miss out?[View]
51059023Anyone here moderately good at drawing can tell me the secret? I want to be good and draw anime tits[View]
51059326Le funny 'roastye' meme: Ok. Look. I get a lot of people have bad luck with women. But there is a le…[View]
510594098 out of 10 of you are alone and miserable because youre a literal manchild pedophile that plays vid…[View]
51057830/r9k/ goes to court.: We're all in a court room. ACT CIVILIZED.[View]
51059450>be me >have gf >have job >have apartment >moved out of home town >tfw everything …[View]
51059442It's increduible how much my life improved once I just accepted I am a need instead of fighting…[View]
51058748For me, it's the 5-7s that really get me: Is anyone else like this? I'm simply not attract…[View]
51059305*blocks your path* your move anon[View]
51058729was anyone actually helped by nofap in the long run, or is it just a rush from orgasm denial?[View]
51059262Alright anon what was your first fap[View]
51058896What's it like going to a high school with girls?: I went to a boys-only high school. I often f…[View]
51056952Why do normies mock people who were bullied in school?: I have read a lot of threads from incels and…[View]
51059107so you choose white roasties who age like shit over pic related? wew lad, way to go enjoy raising ty…[View]
51059296Quick question, why is this board fat and gay?[View]
51058450>woman with a disfigured jaw, like it was hit by an explosive bullet >shy downs girl with curl…[View]
51051921Why is it that women are more likely to believe in psuedo science shit than men?[View]
51058433When all STDs are cured and contraceptive technologies are perfected, do you think sex will be seen …[View]
51059211It's been soo long and you feelin like you Higurashi when you Mirai Nikki Like a young nigga in…[View]
51058537>boyfriend jerking off 3 times in one day My boyfriend doesn't have a strong sex drive, but …[View]
51058692does anyone else hate his parents?, my parents made me ugly short low iq and dicklet, on top of that…[View]
51059215Can anon kickflip?[View]
51058858/incel hate general/: >be young male >told by mummy you are special all your life >dont try…[View]
51058321>bro just approach her it worked for me[View]
51058755Are there any prescription-free anxiety meds? I get easily stressed out over work-related things to …[View]
51056084>1997 thread How are your lives turning out? Have you achieved anything already?…[View]
51058685take the black pill: take the black pill and give up on life >you will always be a failure >yo…[View]
51058606>walk through abandoned village at night >see this >'uuhh what are you doing in my village?…[View]
51058766I dont feel bad for domestic violence victims[View]
51057603What's a good skill that doesn't require any skill?[View]
51055813>'Sorry anon but you're a gaijin and I don't date gaijin'[View]
51058517>Anon, take off your shirt and stand over there. I'll make a instagram picture for you >W…[View]
51058807What do you get out of bed inthe morning?[View]
51059038>feel so sad I don't even want to fap[View]
51058164Do these girls like twinkbois?[View]
51058923>Dramatic footage shows the moment police found man, 21, cowering in fear after his abusive girlf…[View]
51058419How do I deal with a suicidal gf? I used to be a good bf and try my best to help her, but her consta…[View]
51058608Anyone else feel violently sick after playing video games?[View]
51058921How to make money streaming >Step 1: Use voice modification and change your voice into a girl …[View]
51058920Come on brother, hurry up. I only get a 15 minute lunch break. If I don't get shelklindtiens lu…[View]
51048997What would your ideal girl be like, robot? Personality? Figure? Race? Interests?[View]
51058504Mater tua tam obesa est ut cum Romae est, urbs habet octo colles[View]
51058427Guys in prison always complain and break down: >'I haven't even touched a woman in 10 years,…[View]
51056841>tfw literally not like the other girls >alienated because of it…[View]
51058706My Life is Out of Control: >Planned to go to bed at midnight. >Its 8 AM now. Help…[View]
51058405Just got off a 12 hour night shift. I'm hungry I think but I'm nauseas, and I'm tired…[View]
51051079Fembot feels: >TFW no gamer bf with progressive political opinions >TFW every potential gamer …[View]
51058288Why should I care about my health?Why not smoke 20 cigs a day and drink heavily along with eating th…[View]
51057980>wake up >browse phone for an hour >get up >hop on computer for ~14 hours >browse lap…[View]
51058228this is the worst board because it forces you to type things. it is retarded.[View]
51058767First Rap: I know this is jailbait on this forum but I just made my first effort at rapping and I wa…[View]
51058138Tips for conversation: How do I ease into conversations and keep them flowing? Whenever I'm on …[View]
51057556What do you robots take to go to sleep? I took xanax until it stopped working.[View]
51054156How do you answer her?[View]
51054639Why are the good people so quiet and the evil shills so loud? If you have something of value to say …[View]
51057430>fap to scat >feel terrible >few days later, do it again…[View]
51058462Do you treat chubby/fat girls well?[View]
51057204We're not gonna make it..: So which job do I go for? > Less salary, but potential to move fo…[View]
51057376>I hate it because I can't have it[View]
51057474How do I make my fucking dick work around my new gf I'm a constant thinker, but I can get hard …[View]
51058422Advice for the lovelorn: PUAs and 'Game' types are drooling retards. Here's the deal.Women, lik…[View]
51051215*cures your mental illness*[View]
51057406Oof: Anyone else had a parent commit suicide? Trying to figure out if it ruined my life or not…[View]
51056423Post whatever is on permanent loop in your brain and preventing you from sleeping. https://www.youtu…[View]
51058137>tfw red hair, male[View]
51058073Anon is studying: >be me >just finished my homework >mfw i did it in my book >mfw i smar…[View]
51058379Hey robots my mom has a half full bottle of excedrin (acetaminophen and aspirin) and a full bottle o…[View]
51058443So this is what normal people call being fashionable...[View]
51058341CHESS THREAD: cmere faggots, shitty elo here help me kill time.[View]
51056039>thought I'd burned my bridges with my workfu (I work at an indie theater) >come in today…[View]
51057378Normalcattle will never leave you alone.: Normalcattle will never leave you alone. They will make it…[View]
51057599Is there anything worse than getting attached to people?: Having them in your company won't mak…[View]
51058234l want a fucking hamburger[View]
51056962>tfw diagnosed schizophrenic in 2009 >tfw go to sleep doctor yesterday at psychiatrist's …[View]
51056976Where do I find asexual girls?[View]
51057442are anti-vaxxers really as common as plebbit wants you to think they are? pic unrelated[View]
51057128I miss Omegle, why tf did pedos ruin it, it used to be so much fun?[View]
51057584>tfw day 2 of a two week vacation Plan is to sleep, fap, and shitpost the whole duration…[View]
51057848>try to fly high in a dream >lose strength at the height of a utility pole wtf I'm suppos…[View]
51056341>it's ok, jocks really aren't that smart! >big buff people are just dumb and stupid!…[View]
51056672I've finally had enough of my practice gf, shes okay but not settle down tier Where go to upgra…[View]
51057754>Get used to having friends >Spend 1 week alone >Realise how dependent I am, i just want to…[View]
51057084I want to tounge kiss another male while he stand fucks me[View]
51056927>just found out the modem has been storing search logs for all these years >my dad has definit…[View]
51057625>have to take care of dying mother >not allowed to become a normalfag >become more and more…[View]
51057863>tfw jacked off to my own image in the mirror get on my level cunts[View]
51053778sissy cuck general #2: why be an incel when you can be a sissy or a cuck? cuck pros >no performa…[View]
51055544Would you breed a latina if she wanted to cook tacos for you daily?[View]
51054826how the fuck am I supposed to find a job when some smug manager keeps throwing my application in the…[View]
51057802How much do you think it would cost to suck on a lactating cutie's tits for an hour? Would $50 …[View]
51054282>Be me >debugging my ruby code on Sublime text under my PRISTINE Ubuntu budgie laptop >List…[View]
51056351>Another reminder that girls like this don't exist and we're going to die alone…[View]
51056582What's your opinion of shy girly boys that want a stronger male to protect and cuddle them?[View]
51056326What do normies talk to each other about?[View]
51057930What is your opinion of this pair of girl feet? What do you think are the pros and cons?[View]
51057954What happened to this faggot?[View]
51057947'Modern company a dictatorship': German online newspaper 'Zeit' writes. Why is this tolerable in the…[View]
51057941get ear infection >on vacations >gotta travel 4 fucking hours to get it treated and travel 4 H…[View]
51057502I remember getting molested by my 16 year old babysitter when I was 10. We would watch Digimon, then…[View]
51057832I hate that i don't know how i should keep my eyes. If i just keep them naturally i always look…[View]
51055685>vidya isn't fun anymore >masturbate out of compulsive habit just to pass the time and ha…[View]
51057533of there was a pill that would give you roughly an hour in which you were operating at superhuman ca…[View]
51042020>roommate invited me to go club >random drunk chick comes up and starts grinding me >some c…[View]
51055273> I'm different than other girls.[View]
51050269where are my fellow /crazygirls/ at? >block every single girl that isn't family my bf has as…[View]
51056440What good things have happened you recently? Let's share our positives in life![View]
51056146>walking around at night /nightwalk/ mode >scissors in my pocket >walking alongside houses,…[View]
51057697How do I tell if a girl is an escort or prostitute?: I went with a friend to this old board games st…[View]
51057608i post in several boards but, my lord this one it's really the mire on the boots of 4chan.[View]
51057674The sun will come back.[View]
51057186>have long hair >regularly get mistaken for a girl >get annoyed and cut it super short >…[View]
51056998Im gonna lift until someone loves me[View]
51057369Thoughts? https://youtu.be/n3Xv_g3g-mA[View]
51057407America is The Kingdom of God. Israel and Palestine are Sodom and Gomorrah, its the false land. htt…[View]
51053481>yawn too hard >chin muscle fucking pops out underneath my jaw pls fucking kill me…[View]
51056854God DAMN you guys are losers, this place is the last beta barn in the world, kek.[View]
51057024I just found out that George Harrison's wife is Latina! That's further proof that both Geo…[View]
51057255The new r9k official trap server that you must be verified to be allowed in /mR9n4ny[View]
51057156>his waifu isn't a blood thirsty psychopath lunatic[View]
51057282>look good in the morning >granted I had to convince myself I look good >take a picture of …[View]
51057152Hey guys do you like my new meme? Does it have the potential to be the next big thing?[View]
510549507 matches on Tinder in 20 hours. But this won't last because I'm fucking balding. WHY THER…[View]
51055951Where do NEETs get their money? Will it ever run out? I don't understand. I'm just about t…[View]
51057388Another retarded pill pushing server filled with underagees that must be deleted /mR9n4ny[View]
51054602Poor Kurt: >Childhood ruined by divorce >Parents can't stand you and send you to live wit…[View]
51057351How do I not get mad at people on the internet?[View]
51057338are any robots nudists? how goes it? who dares?[View]
51056834Its over if you watch porn[View]
51050674/creativegeneral/: Hey there anons welcome to another creative general Post your creations here and …[View]
51055661It is true that Girls/women feel/know wether a classmate/student/teacher masturbate thinking about t…[View]
51054941Optimal dating life: What would your optimal dating life look like? >long distance >voice chat…[View]
51057271Kill me Kill me Kill me Kill me Kill me Kill me Kill me Kill me Kill me Kill me Kill me Kill me Kill…[View]
51055039Femanons, how would you react if your date wanted to eat your ass?[View]
51051711>it's another one of those times where you realise that you're not an anime character a…[View]
51054583>be me, depressed as fuck >texting classmate >'why do you look so sad all the time, anon?' …[View]
51057202Poorman is back with a sequel to Working at Wendy's! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=piqlim0tmZ…[View]
51055179So anon, a little birdy told me about your infatuation for thick? Well, is this true? YOU BETTER CON…[View]
51057033>having started resorting to using an imaginary friend to get me through the day Is this how the …[View]
51056894http://batheinmymilk.com/: What is this r9k? Is it real? http://batheinmymilk.com/[View]
51052315How do you all deal with nostalgia? I got in a goosebumps thread on lit and it made me sad realizing…[View]
51056283anyone else feel this vague sort of 'different dimension syndrome'sorta thing? >things …[View]
51056469why does time make everything so much worse? I thought my life was bad at 20 now at 25 it's a n…[View]
51055719>join my disco- BANG >/r9ga- BANG >how can white boys ev- BANG >femanons, how big are y-…[View]
5105220825+ Thread: The world doesn't even feel real anymore. Every year I try to challenge myself and …[View]
51043284Post your stats in this thread and I'll tell you if you're a Chad, normie, cyborg or robot…[View]
51056608You ever backstabbed anyone anon?[View]
51056612>no interest in sex I've overcome the system. I can truly be happy.…[View]
51056915Have you ever bought a girl's poop?[View]
51055475You guys ever go on a date simply because you were bored? Like you don't even want sex or to kn…[View]
51056679Is it worth trying to get some kind of anxiety drug prescription. I bored as fuck with life and hate…[View]
51056676Reminder that there are plenty of psychopaths on this board right now creating threads to lead your …[View]
51056166>searched up some girl I knew in 7th grade on instagram >was stacy still is whatever >one o…[View]
51056638>life is about struggling to survive so you can die in the end[View]
51056233How do you feel that one of the greats is now gone?[View]
51053978What can be done about the problem of women aging? Shouldn't they at least stay youthful until…[View]
51055001Rooms of 4chan Post your room faggots, GBP's for the most piss jugs (Pic not mine)[View]
51055742When are you going to get your shit together for the women you want?[View]
51052908>boyfriend's sex drive is almost non-existent ever since he started taking up drinking…[View]
51056245Holy shit I just masturbated and the euphoria hit at least 5 seconds before any cum came out. Like I…[View]
51046040Tfw involuntarily indoctrinating myself with hours of white worship videos: it's making tfw no …[View]
51056487I wish I was a real robot: My only lasting friends have been people online who I've never met i…[View]
51053681what to do: Thinking of breaking up with my gf. Been with her for the past 7 months. I'm 23 and…[View]
51056553i am so resentful of being weak that in the rare moments where i feel strength i immediately spite t…[View]
51053361Do girls prefer cute boys or /fit/ boys?[View]
51055258Sex: Please have it robots[View]
51056360>be me >be a total genetic failure >be socially retarded >be a complete degenerate nih…[View]
51055493I'm laying in bed until my mom leaves for work cause I don't want to be bothered by her wh…[View]
51056477to the guy making the enlightenment thread, enlightenment isn't real it's basically a punc…[View]
51053789Indian men make me uncomfortable: >be me >be sort of attractive >enough for Indian guys to …[View]
51056480should i go 'mess with each other' with some chick or play csgo tonight bois[View]
51056127Gambling thread: > 5 months passed since I lost my job > 3rd month that I make my income from …[View]
51056461>Be me >Robot In School >Gets Bored >Teacher talking about Algebra bullshit >Decide t…[View]
51055665do you wish you were a magical girl r9k?[View]
51056426>another dream about having a mental breakdown REEEEEEEEEEE STOP CURSING ME WITH THIS SHIT GOD, I…[View]
51056366>tfw no gf as degenerate as me Anybody else feel like they're too perverted to be in a relat…[View]
51055996>dad died of a heart attack three days ago >parents divorced young and he raised me >worked…[View]
51056213>fairly attractive face >reasonable muscular build >was in the military >used to be a te…[View]
51053258There is NOTHING more disgusting then a fat vagina. Woman are not supposed to have a fucking bulge i…[View]
51054984Haven't left my house to go outside in over 2 years now: Ask me anything I guess ... I could us…[View]
51055767I replaced my CPU all by myself! Who here /bigboy/?[View]
51055137Chara Piety mne cvnka root Where are you? Can we talk for a minute? rehabilitated#6002[View]
51054326How does this image make you feel ? the reason I ask is because I would like to know how this image …[View]
51051438what was your father like, /r9k/? how did he influence you?[View]
51053860feels thread: This thread is for anyone to get anything off their chest, or otherwise talk to anothe…[View]
51055950>collegefag/virgin >say nothing to no one >only speak when spoken to >bullshit my way th…[View]
51056207I am fundamentally empty inside. nothing I try does anything to help this. I am a complete shell of …[View]
51056183>be me >bet told to go back to rddit for starting a greentext with be me >talking with a ra…[View]
51053138Normies advice: >just be yourself brah >Just go talk to her, this is what I usually do…[View]
51055134Fucking PHONE POSTING I need some goddamn adblock They're putting this BULLSHIT in the MIDDLE o…[View]
51056015Help me lads Ive been on the pursuit of this chick for a little while now and im really confused. Wh…[View]
51056029Were less than ants on the rest of the universe.[View]
51051395someons please jsut recomend me some comfy vidya to buy oh please im so bored and sad[View]
51056000>tfw trying out online dating at 26 >slightly overweight, balding, barely decent-looking on a …[View]
51055523Are the majority of men actually exclusively heterosexual or are y'all just cowards who do what…[View]
51055939Is this how the average black bot spends their time?[View]
51051659Can we get a nostalgia thread going? I know most of you are zoomers but there seems to be a healthy …[View]
51055377how are you holding on frens? what is your favourite cope besides shitposting on dead boards? for me…[View]
51055680>work in HR at a prestigious IT company >regularly reject MAGAtards' applications after …[View]
51055111What is with the sudden surge of self-hating nonwhites here?[View]
51055890this morning I had a dream that I was in bed with my gf(boy) and I rolled over him playfully then I …[View]
51052993how can someone be so attractive. what the fuck.[View]
51055812hay guys. my name is ruggarell. i fap to BLACKED then i get depressed cus tfw White gf and i spam my…[View]
51055236Do you sometimes like to imagine a chad version of yourself?[View]
51055500Real talk, has there ever been a more perfect girl?[View]
51055646>friend brings me to a pub >tells me that he's disappointed in me…[View]
51053613im a girl who can only get off to context and porn doesnt do much for me unless i imagine it having …[View]
51053262jealous feelings, reappearing such a wicked dare I'm just so damn confused and I wonder, do you…[View]
51055519Im gonna die without a partner but with three cats named Eddie, Omar, and Hitagi[View]
51054967fat acceptance is retarded, if you are obese and proud of it; lose some weight or kill yourself.[View]
51055628I really want to become emotionless. I want to robotify myself. I want to be indifferent in praise a…[View]
51052671Femanons, how do you really feel about manlets? What do you think the perfect height for a man is?[View]
51054624some of you guys are alright, don't go to clown college tomorrow cya later *honk honk*[View]
51055177Only 8 years until it's only staying at home and only going outside for work I guess it's …[View]
51055022I've got 3 ideal names for my some ill probably never have, but if I do procreate what names ar…[View]
51055366what do you do at the gym when literally your whole body hurts >rest day no…[View]
51054718/suicide/: LostAllHope Wiki: http://lostallhope.com/suicide-methods Suicide Faq: https://archive.fo/…[View]
51054622can extreme loneliness and isolation lead to schizophrenia?[View]
51054024>tfw probably got another awful ACT score. It's over. It never began for me. Is there any es…[View]
51053859>be me >18 yo >last semester of highschool >need to get shit together or else wont get a…[View]
51055280I feel like everyone here is just here to make fun of us M'Goodboys[View]
51053851Not really too sure what to play first[;[View]
51054294Fuck Normies: >would die for a girlfriend >no gf, ever https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kTSU0pY…[View]
51054779I have never kissed a girl. And people my age are having these philosophical discussions. https://ww…[View]
51054415I helped a Doomer an hero by fucking his gf: > Go out with low 8 > I knew she was dating someo…[View]
51054560How can anyone claim to be happy in the world where thousands are killed, tortured and raped every d…[View]
51054057should i divorce my wife? i moved overseas for her and i have no friends in this country and i miss …[View]
51055027>goes to a bar >gets drunk >start fucking girl >makes GorillaNoise.mp4 >mfw…[View]
51052814If I were to pick a weeb name for working in Japan what is weirder? >Mima >Hitomi >Ryoko I …[View]
51053514Any chadfish stories?: >Also can you link me to an album?[View]
51054115Worshiping white women doesn't make them more likely to fuck you. Cucks worship white women too…[View]
51053390>birds live in my roof >they SOMEHOW got a hold of a watch that beeps >those fuckers keep …[View]
51054060How painful is death by short drop hanging? I am thinking about hanging myself within the month. I a…[View]
51054179>i just want a nice guy I AM THE FUCKING NICE GUY WHAT DON'T YOU SEE IN ME. YOU FLIRTED WITH…[View]
51053673>Aliens will never abduct you and take you far away[View]
51052633How I get rich with internet?[View]
51043018Monstergirl Matchmaking Service: Welcome, welcome, thank you for your attendance potential candidate…[View]
51054517>most of the problems on this board stem from being unable to find a mate >unaware that evolut…[View]
51054886It's been a long time since things have been normal, a long time since 20,17[View]
51053250What are your online friends up to?[View]
51046674>'Black is beautiful anon!' >considered the ugliest race of people in the world >born with …[View]
51054228which board on 4chins has the worst people?: i don't go on many boards, but /fit/ is full of ma…[View]
51053706Does Jess have a social media? Where can I follow her?[View]
51052649Friendly reminder that this is the most aesthetic and sexy photo on earth and should be used by male…[View]
51054687well fuck: Hey robo-bros. I fell in love again, after a messy fucking 14 years of bullshit break-up.…[View]
51046454why are men so quiet during sex? >inb4 the years of fapping quietly growing up excuse…[View]
51053854Why is this pepe paired with 'fuck niggers' when the whole point is that he's a cute whiteboi w…[View]
51053118>debates anyone on any subject >wins How does he do it?…[View]
51054546Any robots here suffer with depersonalization issues? What are your experiences?[View]
51051858you lose in life if you are born Indian, whats the point? you all have such easy lives compared to u…[View]
51054280I don’t have narcissism nor schizophrenia you internet tards: >say anything about religion or pol…[View]
51054399I had a dream that I was partying.[View]
51054463>still waiting for /b/'s Mini queen to come back anyone know this feel?…[View]
51054461>be me >break up with gf >relationship was becoming toxic >currently happy fuck women, w…[View]
51054349so, fellas. what is your single most embarrassing moment from your childhood? i need to bask in the…[View]
51052462Would you rather be robotic or disabled roast?[View]
51054095Why am I such a cuck? I fell in love with a fembot who was dating some older dude, but they only tal…[View]
51053395>woman calls me an incel for disagreeing with her online >mfw I'm actually saving myself…[View]
51053504>BGM kicks in https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iXJ4HZ3-248 >Anger rises Its over, anon. AMATERA…[View]
51052883Jesus christ, what the fuck have the normies done?[View]
51054263>tfw thinking about a lonely fembot needing to be held and comforted It hurts…[View]
51053402Dear real fembots.: I love you beyond words can describe, you lighten my day, and make me feel loved…[View]
51054193My erections are harder when I shit so I made it a habbit of jerking off while shiting. I always cum…[View]
51053764AHHHHHHHH: How can i become a neet?[View]
51053257> roastoids think it's O.K. to have male ''friend'' who she regularly flirts with even thoug…[View]
51051582>hopelessness intensifies perpetually[View]
51046509What do you think a future led by blacks and Mexicans would look like? Do you thinks would get bette…[View]
51053831What motivates normies to do more than the bare minimum when wageserfing?[View]
51054138Tips for not dying alone? Not sure what's goin wrong here[View]
51054006Would you rather have life be as unpredictable as it already is or would you rather conduct life to …[View]
51053963God damn I love Bang's rootbeer paired with a shot of peach vodka[View]
51052856Am I wrong?: Listen guys I was gonna make this a greentext but I actually have some questions. But f…[View]
51053931Why can't you sad fucks be this cool?[View]
51052818They're all the same: Counselors and family think I have aspergers. Doctors think I have bipola…[View]
51053172anyone else extremely sensitive to light? I can't go outside on a sunny day for 5 minutes witho…[View]
51053221Are you happy to be alive? It's okay if you're not, you know that, right?[View]
51053928What is the nicest thing a guy has ever said to you or done for you, fembots? Irl of course.[View]
51053160fuck wars: >wars always send promising young White men to neutralize the locals >leaves the li…[View]
51051998We're not ever gonna make it, are we?[View]
51053901>tfw no 12 year old fbi gf :<[View]
51052611>uni student >steal a lot bc broke and need food >steal usual groceries and shit >saving…[View]
51053269RED FLAG THREAD: >not a virgin(unless she is a widow) >older than 27 >uses contraceptive dr…[View]
51053356Would some American fembot accept some r9k ugly bot in Europe like myself? ):[View]
51050464>'Uh h-hey Anon, I was going to um pre-order my ticket to Captain Marvel tonight and uh I could g…[View]
51053252I am sitting in my office drinking nineteen year old scotch: this is what I do all day It's rui…[View]
51052872Are you doing your part by not breeding new underlings?[View]
51053729Why do you disgusting virgins feel entitled to a perfect beautiful woman?[View]
51049998comfy neet night: so, are you guys comfy? what are you guys >playing >whacthing >listening …[View]
51053495>be me >find 9/10 gril >also be complete autists >she seems nice to me >go to ask her…[View]
51052295why is this bitch so popular? it's so easy to just pay for a prostitute or something, why spend…[View]
51053614Hit me with your best pajeet memes[View]
51053607How can we even compete against the sugar daddies?[View]
51052500i just want someone who is going to make an effort to talk to me instead of it always being the othe…[View]
51053583My farts smell like rotten eggs[View]
51052467How would you feel if a tranny was stalking you? I'm stalking someone I know and I'm wonde…[View]
51053572What's your opinion on women? https://i.4cdn.org/gif/1550386952561.webm…[View]
51053555any femanons here that'd like to torture my cock and balls?[View]
51053290How much punishment can the average girl take?: Like, In 50 shades of gray Anastasia walked out afte…[View]
51053483Women Cannot Be lonely: Daily reminder that women cannot ever be lonely, they have constant male att…[View]
51053476I want to learn to draw.: Where do I start so I can manage to draw epic shit like pic related in 5 y…[View]
51053524I had to go to my sisters wedding yesterday >mfw I was the fog machine[View]
51053450How can I get into online, D&D style roleplaying? I know some of you robots will be able to poin…[View]
51053436I just slept for 17 hours >whats wrong with me[View]
51053089There is literally nothing worse than being born in a small town and have god constantly rape you an…[View]
51053414OH SHIT I'M FEELING IT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cdmhyEqCINM https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
51052545Is it even worth getting an official Autism Assessment done? It's over 2Gs here in Australia, b…[View]
51052650I am a naive retard, I think: I have always been a very trusting person when someone says something …[View]
51053340ITT: comfy things you like to do >tfw about to go on my standard 11:00PM fast food run…[View]
51052276Left or right? It doesn't matter. You have my attention (and especially my money) if you look l…[View]
51052962Is it abnormal to never masturbate to real women? It's been about 11 years since I did it. I on…[View]
51052940Help me create a localized meme: Hey guys, so I have this friend named 'The Griv', he's an onli…[View]
51051560How's your home?: My home isn't good. It was rundown when I moved in. My family never care…[View]
51051495Has there ever been a man more right than Artie Schopenhauer?[View]
51052305>be me >junior in high school >at a party >playing spin the bottle >only 10/10 at par…[View]
51052131>be me >go to the license office and pay the twenty bucks to get them to switch my gender offi…[View]
51052040Neanderthals: How does this make you feel, Neanderthals?[View]
51052147Just made sex: That was it Anon? Is it just way better if you actually like the person. Because that…[View]
51051500>be me >religious abstinent retard >freshmen in high school >dating 9/10 girl >wants …[View]
51052073You guys remember Aliceposter?[View]
51052446Do girls who wear <DADDY> Chokers and have that fetish actually fuck their fathers? With the s…[View]
51052146I'm a fucking incel freak and I keep fantasizing about this perfect goddess woman of my dreams …[View]
51052010Are there any other Anons near West Lancs region or Lancashire in general, if so, where are the tall…[View]
51050477>Hi, anon. I've got some good news and bad news for you. The bad news is that, since your pe…[View]
51052924ITT: We try to capture a corn silo from the soviets: Alright men, we've got orders to take that…[View]
51053104>tfw no giantess gf how do I get a giantess gf? by that i mean a gf who is into giantess fetish. …[View]
51052124if you lived during the 70s would you go to a disco, do cocaine, and have sex with a black woman?[View]
51050932share your incel stories, ill start >be me >be 19 >just got job at movie theater >projec…[View]
51053083Where the fuck is my compensation: >Be me >5'3 manlet >6 inch dick Where the fuck is …[View]
51052986Are we gonna make it lads?[View]
51049954What's r9k opinion on the current trend of vilifying non-offending pedophiles who just want to …[View]
51052613>NEET cousin jealous when i brought back KFC >eat it in front of him LOL get a job…[View]
51053003>tfw ywn be enslaved by these powerful women and raped daily to atone for the sins of your white …[View]
51053038>12 >playing tf2 >people still in school >18 now >people my age are going to college …[View]
51052034/ldg/ - Lucid Dreaming General: /ldg/ - Lucid Dreaming General check this: >https://pastebin.com/…[View]
51052757I rely lyke this vido https://youtube.com/watch?v=skORqWrnKc8[View]
51052858Eki sama daisuki[View]
51050922ITT we all live in a town in the old west in 1899.: Which one of you pickle licking, horse fucking, …[View]
51051827How do you pick up girls at bars? Do you just buy them a drink? Do you wait for them to come to you?…[View]
51052377FUUUUUCK I'm a fucking SUBHUMAN thrash.[View]
51052915>Having rough interracial sex with alt-right tradthot on the low key.[View]
51052776most autistic type of vidya: >trying to enjoy a roguelike >get excited, couple hours into a ga…[View]
51052806>write one sentence for report paper >save file and take a break…[View]
5102613230+ Thread: 30+ Thread - Pic related Something is wrong with the world but I can't quite put my…[View]
51052698Who cares if it all collapses into a dystopian hellscape. We'll all be dead soon anyway. I…[View]
51052709Will vore ever be possible? Will science allow humans to shrink and regrow, and by doing so we can b…[View]
51051349>25 >face still riddled with ugly acne Fuck this life.…[View]
51050289who is your favorite discord slut /r9k/ ?[View]
51051088lets have a good old music rate thread Rate the songs above you then post a song you like simple eno…[View]
51051042This character is basically an incel power fantasy from before it was cool to bash incels. He even w…[View]
51052373anyone got incel stories? heres mine >be me >be 19 >just got job at movie theater >proje…[View]
51052681What should i do when my implacable feverish love for a girl probably won't be returned?: I…[View]
51052689Dad Blogposts: Did you have a loving father?[View]
51052312How do you guys manage to stay focused? I should be going over organic chemistry reactions yet here …[View]
51052250I cant take this anymore: My life was almost perfect until showed up to this website. I'm leavi…[View]
51052619>take girl out for dinner and a movie >movie finishes >drive her back home >we barely sp…[View]
51051386forced to grow transchild: what if dont know you are forced to grow up transchild but then you find …[View]
51051608Is he an oldbot or a failed normie?[View]
51052113Why is opposition to NoFap a thing? Masturbation obviously isn't healthy. It's selfish, he…[View]
51052546What's your favorite wagie justification for being a ragie slavie? >a-at least I'm inde…[View]
51051812I've been posting on this shithole of a board for years and I haven't gained a single thin…[View]
51052498>be me >going to college for 4 years now >still have no clue what I'm studying for or …[View]
51052556>mind eye: 11/10 Egyptian God >Look in mirror: 9/10 handsome aesthetic parisian model >Snap…[View]
51052505I hate when a girl walks by and these toxic males say to one another 'damn she's got a nice ass…[View]
51046157>8/10 sister promises to give a bj but only if I fuck her ugly friend a few times Is this worth i…[View]
51051630Why not just date a conservative religious girl who doesnt dress like a stacy whore?[View]
51052347Would fembots (hypothetically) date a slightly chubby robot like me? Pic related is close to my body…[View]
51052093are femanons even bigger fuckups than we are? imagine what it takes for a person with a vagina to en…[View]
51051204My girlfriend of nearly 11 months turned round and told me that I don't try. Apparently getting…[View]
51051340New Tibees video: God I want a qt 3.14 math nerd gf so badly bros https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dB…[View]
51041625/creative robots/: Come share your stuff robots you know the drill I'm making these threads mor…[View]
51049140*crunch* anon *crunch* do you *crunch* have *crunch* any *crunch* games *crunch* on your *crunch* *c…[View]
51052417Do girls like futanari? Or is it a male fetish? Do any femanons fantasize about getting fucked by a …[View]
51052418Who else here can't even ask Siri about the weather without stumbling over their words?[View]
51051855My tween sister got pantsed at school and now she want me to smack up the girl who did it. I am an a…[View]
51051851>women won't fuck of me because of chad >gay shit and porn are alright though Why are you…[View]
51044799Any ED robots ever try Cialis or one of it's generics? Is it worth trying?[View]
51052372Imagine being a nigger and gay and pretending that racist homophobic people with MAGA hats exist.[View]
51049470I've been browsing here since '09 and have never used Reddit. Should I?[View]
51052255How do you avoid blushing when a woman speaks to you?: Today a woman stopped mid-sentence cause I wa…[View]
51051498Any other /fit/bots on here tonight?[View]
51048862Afterlife: What are your guys' thoughts on the afterlife? I'm ending it all in about a mon…[View]
51052189It Is Ok To Be Normal.[View]
51051074>reading youtube comments >'imagine watching this while high/tripping'…[View]
51051647How do i make a resume to work at a teryaki place because my retarded dad and slut mom will kick my …[View]
51051960Life is pain because she does not exist.[View]
51052177roast beef: if fucking a million Chads turns vag into this, does fucking one Chad a million times ha…[View]
51050087Why does life have to be so shit. It's mind boggeling how the universe, something so grand, glo…[View]
51050219Anyone else hate seeing these fucking talk show hosts everywhere? It's not even the ice cream, …[View]
51050505why is no one raiding r9gay? theyre literal normalfags[View]
51047945Is happiness a choice?[View]
51052081what does this quote mean? i found this pic on tumblr[View]
51051502>be me >Get about 20 hours of sleep last week >That would have been significantly less if I…[View]
51050199Fuck I'm such a fucking loser and I have no idea how to fucking begin fixing it.[View]
51048001good openers: im trying to talk to this girl that im pretty sure hates me and when we talk it never …[View]
51051923What would you say are the different 'stages' of suicidal ideation and eventual death? Just bought t…[View]
51045922I declare war: on trannies and faggots. Well really, traps are fine if they're homosexual men t…[View]
51052023/k/ here, can you pathetic faggots stop shooting up schools before all guns get banned?[View]
51051973>finally got the courage to ask my oneitis out >rejected how do I cope bros?…[View]
51051329what would your friends and family say if you brought this home[View]
51051981Where to draw the line: I let my gf have fun with stronger, taller and hung men because I cant offer…[View]
51051980I just want a Brazilian girlfriend that will love me for who I am. ;_;[View]
51050520Anons, why aren't you power hungry. Why don't you learn how to manipulate others and bend …[View]
51047662Can someone dump rare 2016 natalies i lost my entire folder[View]
51051773>be me >talking with girl >'anon if you weren't so feminine i would totally date you' …[View]
51051673i need to find her: You guys know the porn ads on this website. There's this one that fills me …[View]
510517862019, the year of the pig, and of no particular political significance. Nothing is really happening …[View]
51050079>Come home >See mom and brother Chad in this position >What do…[View]
51041163Waifu General - /waifu/ #74: Burying your head in waifu's arms edition previous: >>51023…[View]
51051301I don't want to talk to you unless you have a cat and the cat likes you.[View]
51051398Braces: My little bro just got two of his teeth pulled out so they could fit braces in, did he fuck …[View]
51051839Theres no reason to die. Read that again.[View]
51051614Creative ways to jerk off, /r9k/? Pic related, the classic roll of lunch meat. Just layer that shit …[View]
51047731What do you robots think of Shaun? I find his counterarguments rather compelling. Is there somethin…[View]
51051520job hunt: How's the job hunt going unemployed robots? Got any interviews? >mom tells me abo…[View]
51050247We've made a whole circle, at last...[View]
51051800TINDER = REAL LIFE: https://youtu.be/kUkhWjKR984[View]
51049563I have a 25k limit credit card, which is insured so that it'll be paid off should I die (it…[View]
51041095What crime is worse, rape or murder?[View]
51051700How different would you have been if you never found this place?[View]
51050173Did anyone die from the TSUKI Project? It came and went so fast but I didn't hear any talk of a…[View]
51051527mmm black cock: Posted this on /x/ but, even tho it's full of crazy asses, they weren't th…[View]
51051649>tfw no gilgit baltistan scouts bf[View]
51051268> be thinking about life alone in the mountain > suddenly pic related appears what's the …[View]
51051634>smile at screen uncontrollably when looking at loli pics is this the beginning of the end?…[View]
51051490JUST: I can't fathom being like this[View]
51051609>be me >trying to catfish some virgin >talking in a quite soft voice on the phone >fat…[View]
51051146I want to do something with my life. I want to explore. I want to go off on wild adventures full of …[View]
51050802confused redditfag first time post: first post on 4chan. thought everyone here was a faggot or a hac…[View]
51051589How do you feel about the influence memes have on culture? And what happenens when you live and bre…[View]
51051577Let's get another creative robots thread. Share your work if you like to draw, make music, writ…[View]
51049576Prove me Wrong Robots: It seems like 4chan has become a load of pussies. Prove me wrong and give me …[View]
51051405umm yeah. ok i guess[View]
51051538Consider the following:: >you live in constant worry about the future like most >the future ev…[View]
51050292Am I too optimistic if I dream of loving a girl like pic related as a 22 khv who's a failure in…[View]
51050458>feel bad >start drinking Vodka alot >fell anxious all the time now >fuck I'm taper…[View]
51049336How to career fair?: I gotta go to one of these tomorrow and try to get an engineering internship. A…[View]
51051444This story happened at my Dad's farm so there were about 50 stray cats living outside the main …[View]
51048781Now that the dust has settled, can we agree there is nothing wrong with brother/sister incest?[View]
51050400>get plan to an hero >buy drugs, helium, and drive out to country to watch the stars >broke…[View]
51047775What is your daily comfy/at home/NEET attire, Bots?: I wear some variant of this whenever I'm a…[View]
51048370>join discord and join a server related to something I'm interested in >too scared to typ…[View]
51051351why do girls with braces think they look ugly? They look fucking cute with braces if you ask me.[View]
51047222Have you ever seen someone having sex in real life?[View]
51051370'Ow do you ge' a pikachu onoo a bus? You poke 'im on![View]
51051208She's just being nice to you[View]
51050517Leaving home, Dropping out of the game: Shit, I typed it all out and tried to post it before filing …[View]
51051254does anyone else here have fantasies about your cat becoming a real life girl then fucking said cat[View]
51051022damn, poland looks like THAT?[View]
51051170I am Erica. I, America[View]
51049783It's worse to have sex once and never again, than it is to never had sex at all. Prove me wrong…[View]
51047842>tfw I go out with my friend >he's an unrelenting racist >keeps saying how whites are …[View]
51047569if femanons were forced to be our gf how would they fix us so we can be good boys[View]
51049782Ive donated to Twitch girls before, picture related. Sigh[View]
51051198>soul crushing things people have said to you: >be me in year8 khv, my much younger sister get…[View]
51050348any robots been to prison before? my brother just got his 3rd felony dui while on probation and he…[View]
51050893ITT we make inappropriate comments and memes about this 19 year old woman who overdosed and died at …[View]
51050248>be me >wanna join the army since my life is pretty much pointless NEET time wasting 24/7 and …[View]
51051179You are closer to freedom than most people.: The fact that you're far more accustomed to loneli…[View]
51050835I've had many sexual partners, it's actually nice not worrying about that kind of shit all…[View]
51051052how do i rid myself of this unhealthy obsession with getting a gf and stop feeling like im going to …[View]
51050012>in love with my girlfriend >also in love with another girl Just gotta recognize that it'…[View]
51045086>started a patreon >getting $20 dollars a month haha yay…[View]
51051011Just got dumped: >tfw no gf I'm honestly relieved I didn't have to reject her.…[View]
51048655Does anybody else here cringe at the thought of pissing out blood? Just thinking about it gives me a…[View]
51051117Devilish Thread: >Back in high school >Buy heart of chocolates >Give them to fat girl >S…[View]
51046017ITT: boards we want: If you could add a new board to 4chan, what would you want? Personally, i'…[View]
51049522Fuck, something is wrong with me... You fucker in my head fucking negative thoughts FUCK OFF WHY IS …[View]
51049211Why can't /r9k/ take the Lookism pill? https://youtu.be/N0m_GVG3Oxo[View]
51051089How do you guys deal with the ever present feeling of anger and hatred? I used to pop pills and smok…[View]
51049332Found out my friends were snakes, cut all ties and now life is better, sometimes being alone is bett…[View]
51051076You and your artifices, anons. When will you just grow up?[View]
51049192>no one ever replies to me >no one ever replies to my threads >threads die when I reply why…[View]
51050229Mischief: What evil deeds have you been doing recently anons?[View]
51049152how do you tell if a girl is just being nice and wants to be JUST your friend or shes romantically i…[View]
51050722Hey anons, just fucking crashed my bike and posting from my phone, im a few miles from home and i sk…[View]
51050764>18 >Never so much as kissed a girl >No female contact whatsoever >No friends >No…[View]
51051017Grilled cheese cake ? Grilled cheese pie ? Grilled cheese mac and cheese ?[View]
51049867Thread: Not gonna disclose my location but pretty much went down like this >have land and small f…[View]
51049863>go to the mall to walk around and get out of the house >see nothing but cute girls and couple…[View]
51050914Well fuck. Didn't pull out in time. So what's the correct etiquette here? Do I pay for the…[View]
51050264Living in a small town is the worst thing that can happen to you. God is evil and life is shit[View]
51050533>be me >Have a 5 page paper due tomorrow >It has multiple required sources >I haven…[View]
51049906I'm at the end of my fucking rope. I hate myself so fucking much. I don't want to go back …[View]
51050571Help me help me help me: I can't take it anymore. I cannot go another day without a gf and I ca…[View]
51050751>can jerk off to porn just fine >always get depressed whenever i watch or read something where…[View]
51050499>be me >35 year old >still on this board and greentexting >old enough to be the presiden…[View]
51049719>NO SEX NO GF IM SAD Kys normalniggers[View]
51042655I will draw for you: I'm not very memorable, but I've been here before. Tell me to draw so…[View]
51050597>stepdad threw out my pink comfy bunny pajamas I just wanted to be cute and comfy…[View]
51049473Hey fellow robots I just tried to kill myself a few hours ago. Heres my story. Can you help me out l…[View]
51050109>be me >19 >remembering high school >friends and I always played Risk together. >Nucl…[View]
51050633life story: >be born >go to primary school >principal assaults me >flunk >go to inter…[View]
51050472God damn it. Discovering the internet and this website was the worst thing that could've happen…[View]
51050553Anyone else get made fun of by their parents as children and then they wonder why you're a fail…[View]
51049005Becoming a wizard: Anyone else about to enter wizardhood this year? Kissless dateless 29-year-old vi…[View]
51050081What is it with normie women? Do they have some kind of sensor to know automatically if you masturba…[View]
51047368>sister is cute 7/10 >never thought about her sexually >she dated guys in high school altho…[View]
51050548How do you do fellow wizards: Remember when people were saying the site went to shit all the way bac…[View]
51044947Loneliness Rivals Obesity, Smoking as Health Risk: https://www.webmd.com/g00/balance/news/20180504/l…[View]
51050179>tfw thinking about a sad and lonely fembot needing comforting[View]
51050556fuck all of you '''robots''' you all are underage normie trash get out[View]
51037323Why does everyone hate incels when we're literally redpilled on the true nature of women? Yes y…[View]
51050462The best thing to do after a long day of work is take off your socks and sniff them. Anyone agree?[View]
51045644>A-anon! W-what are you doing in my bedroom?[View]
51045772A letter thread. Write for broken hearts and flourishing loves.[View]
51050368What are some valuable skills that you can learn from browsing/posting on 4chan? Can they be applied…[View]
51049919I am The Empress of The Sun: I am your only true path to liberty.[View]
51031723/r9gay/ - #620: What are you going to do to make this thread different from the others? edition Last…[View]
51050065enough of 'that kid' threads. I actually want a 'that THAT kid' thread who were the actual super aut…[View]
51049912Why don't you just give up[View]
51050210>close 4chan to be productive >open it right back up Is this addiction?…[View]
51044874What was the kind of bullying you hated the most in school?[View]
51050288Everything just passes by me I dont feel connected to the world, or my own body. I barely remember a…[View]
51047458Acid trip stories: Acid trip stories I'll start >take acid >get urge to watch bob ross …[View]
51048050Another 100$ saved into the sex doll fund[View]
51048866its me trevor whats up homies im chilling in my trailer smoking some meth hows your life going[View]
51049810>1 page paper due in 4 hours in 30 minutes Ahhh[View]
51049137Took a big slap in the face. What do i do G-guys?: >Be me, 23yo turning 24 this year virgin, neve…[View]
51050212>had to take a shit at work today >all the stalls were occupied except the disabled one >tf…[View]
51050206Where the femanons at Im in need for some pussy[View]
51048090well... for me, its Crispy[View]
51049311What keeps you going robots? For me its friends and family >junior in college >mechanical engi…[View]
51049432Gonna be 20 in a few days. Is it too late to start living?[View]
51050137Would any of you be interested in a business that offers services for affairs and infidelity? Can yo…[View]
51047694Is this really how asians look at us blackbots? This really makes me depressed. How could they do th…[View]
51047623so this belle delphine girl, is she paying her taxes from her pornographic business? I'm seeing…[View]
51049401Settle: Why does /r9k/ refuse to settle for an ostracized Chunibyo girl like pic related? She has no…[View]
51049781Our rental house is being sold with us in it as part of the deal (apparently we are good tennants) s…[View]
51048688the frog is doing physics science in the laboratory. he is playing with the bunsen burner and heavy …[View]
51050056And this is what the devil does.[View]
51050054>8 years old >grandma gives me the latest edition of national geographic every time we visit …[View]
51049850ha so true[View]
51049724Why do some jobs expect you to know everything on the first day??[View]
51049013>Living with parents post highschool is seen as shameful by Americans >The rest of world lives…[View]
51048133>Walking around the woods >See this Wat do?…[View]
51049929I hope you also find happiness soon anon! Turns out all those night of suicidal thoughts & depre…[View]
51049852I snap my finger nigger[View]
51048904>mfw the torrent is downloading at 7MB[View]
51049838Well What Do You Think?: I am hoping to find people that like the images I create. If you don't…[View]
51048146>white gf won't stop calling me a spic as a joke >can't dump her because i know i wo…[View]
51049268I think these overpayed scumbags should be knocked down a few pegs, any ideas?[View]
51046398Is hiring an escort worth it?[View]
51048837>when /r9k/ finally have sex[View]
51047738How would you feel if the girl you we're going to go on a date on turned out to be bigger than …[View]
51049649My mom has been really weird ever since finding a condom wrapper on my bedroom floor. How do I get h…[View]
51049415Omegle thread?: Tag r9k robot9k[View]
51049249So I've started a new part time entry level wagie job that has lots of other people my age and …[View]
51049110Tell me about yourself anon.: Turned 21 not to long ago. Lost an almost 5 year relationship and have…[View]
51049647Do you robots ever wear earbuds/headphones in public to avoid people?[View]
51047581I havnt cared about dating for years, but decided I'd start trying. I am putting effort into it…[View]
51049285is this the end game for most of r9k? we all know nothing's gonna change, we will live in miser…[View]
51049624I hate this fucking situation. >Met a cool kind guy with beautiful voice >Playing together, ha…[View]
51049185lllllll: > it has been long fucking years of trying hard > I tried everything. Worked my ass o…[View]
51049616control complex: does anyone else desire to be in control of everything? From the way people see you…[View]
51048934>be me >have beard >parents dont like beard >parents keep asking when im gonna shave …[View]
51048510Being black is true suffering. I just want to fucking hang myself in my garage and be done with it. …[View]
51049519>feel tightness in my throat >go to doctor >lymph nodes arent swollen can i get a F? i gues…[View]
51049495https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mP5ZVPwP7bg what do yall think of surveillance camera man?[View]
51049174>tfw still can't get over the fact that I never experienced teen love Been obsessing over th…[View]
51049550>always walk around in work boots even when not working >get ignored >buy expensive athlet…[View]
51049046NEET Mentorship General: Alright NEETs, I have a proposition for you. If you sincerely want to depar…[View]
51048964Trying to help anons: >Be me on Grindr >this guy messages me (looks like chris chan) >compl…[View]
51047703who /proud volcel/ here?[View]
51049411If normies believe you can rape your own wife do they also believe you can steal your own car?[View]
51049434Good day thread: If self defense feels so good that you are glad afterwards you got attacked, is it …[View]
51048892wAGeS hAVe StAGnaTed. Why do lefties keep pushing this propaganda while totally ignoring that total …[View]
51047305>when you got this for your birthday and everyone on the school bus begged to use it…[View]
51048755I think life has finally kicked out the last remaining hope I had. I just don't have anything l…[View]
51048166why don't i have the drive to do anything: i just watch youtube videos and sleep[View]
51046113Feelsthread: >Be me two days ago >21st birthday >parrents take me to a nice reastraunt >…[View]
51049294>tfw being force to go to las vegas with a bunch of normalfags in a couple weeks as a way to 'hel…[View]
51048588Is there anything comfier than these places? I really want to buy one or manage one[View]
51048107How bad is it socially to be a 19yo khv? Is there still time to make it or is this the end?[View]
51049049So, I'm on 100mg of quetiapine (seroquel) and I haven't noticed any changes, should I just…[View]
51048841Is she right about Taylor Swift? Ham or Roast beef?[View]
51046114Redpill: Whites cannot be robots.[View]
51049040/comfy/ thread, post Comfy music, pictures, thoughts etc. >Sitting here with a shot and a beer sm…[View]
51046657Who here /observer/?: I interact with the world around me as if it was a boring movie. I don't …[View]
51047916My sister got a boyfriend recently and I told her I didn't want her to have a boyfriend. She jo…[View]
51049124I CANNOT EVEN START A FUCKING CONVERSATION ANONS: Why is this happening to me? I really want to fix …[View]
51048448I hate reddit and normal fags so much[View]
51046039Fembots, have you ever rimmed a guy?[View]
51047530>tfw had a gf >now have no gf inb4 normalfag…[View]
51049119>99% sure I'm autistic >can't get officially diagnosed cuz live in shit country and …[View]
51049079My heart has been feeling weird lately, I might leave this planet soon. Thank you for being such goo…[View]
51043653/britfeel/: Goodmorning lids! edition[View]
51047395If you are in New York City, you can actually see all over Europe. That is, if you are high enough u…[View]
51049052Leek thread: Leek thread 2 electric boogaloo[View]
51047856>tfw all these extremely corny doomer/zoomer/boomer video get tens/hundreds of thousands of views…[View]
51049034i see the lights are source blue yellow brown black[View]
51048762I have never played dungeons and dragons as ive never had the opportunity do any robots play d&…[View]
51048875After looking into politics/philosophy for a few years, I'm starting to realize that humanity i…[View]
51048424Why is the world so unfair? AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!![View]
51048949Are you going to carry that weight, anon?[View]
51048288The fatigue is killing me guys. I suffer from depression. And it's Grey and cold everyday. I ta…[View]
5104836034 year old virgin, I give up: Im a 34 year old virgin and I've fucking had it, I desperately n…[View]
51047839Reminder that incels don't exist. All cels are volcels[View]
51048544>be me >have been struggling with depression for a long time >family doesn't care >…[View]
51048598I am so blessed to be born in a country like norway. I have all the possibilities in the world. I ha…[View]
51046278please accept this mission: i need your help bros. just got in an argument with a retarded friend wh…[View]
51048818>be me >21 year old living with 3 other guys, all 20 >All of us are in college > When I …[View]
51048810>be me a week ago >at my friends house with three other friends >two of them are playing so…[View]
51048809>senior in high school >legal age adult but still stuck in whats basically babysitting at this…[View]
51048733i think ive met her, but i just dont know. we're both very similar and we both like the same th…[View]
51048769Happened to me a few hours ago. Made my fucking day. >at college >long genetics lab, 30 minut…[View]
51048369>Went to the movie theaters alone again So what did/will you guys do today? I made cereal and dro…[View]
51047021>tfw no cutesy gf to cuddle and watch the Karl Marx anime with[View]
51048231Holy fucking shit I fucking love being in a big city. This is fucking heaven bros.[View]
51048401>normally im a very likeable person, make friends easily >get super tense around pretty girls,…[View]
51048619do you believe that people treat you differently if you're pretty or hot? Like a halo effect ex…[View]
51048649post songs that go with gifs https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=NnRVmiqm84k[View]
51046184best year of your life?: what was the best year of your life and why? >2014/15 >friends ex ha…[View]
51048640Lesson 1: Negging: I told you last time and i'm going to tell you again, this is today's c…[View]
51048307Guys, I'm typing out a plan to fix my life, but I think I might be wasting my time. I'm a …[View]
51047549how do I acquire a black gf?[View]
51048492>saw a tranny at work today >has tits, girl voice and long hair but can tell its a dude cuz of…[View]
51048244Holy shit, I want to fight the Soviet Union so bad. Do you have any dreams that are literally unachi…[View]
51048558>tfw no comfy eastern european bf[View]
51043683/comfy/: Hello again friends! Stop by, we could have a nice chat You don't need to answer all t…[View]
51048328You're in a bar, minding your own business, when this renaissance clothing seamstress slaps you…[View]
51047625>didn't ask to be born >be born >life is shit >life become more shit >looking fo…[View]
51048366My internet cut out for 10 hours today and I was only this close to killing myself once before. I li…[View]
51047678I'll write your essay if you pay me. You have to pay up front though[View]
51048039Would you be his valentine /r9k/?[View]
51048420>tfw no gaper bf[View]
51047616>in the shower at 12 AM this morning >hear someone aggressively knocking at the frontdoor …[View]
51048174>people still wagecuck when there are a million ways to make money online from crypto to patreon …[View]
51046864>eat nothing for a whole year >still fat[View]
51042739Italianbot here, get ready for some pasta grammar >be me >19 yrs old >depressed.jpg >BPD…[View]
51048246what is the context of what is going on here ?[View]
51047978R9Cute 2.0[View]
51047316>Hey big bro, want me to give you something to eat?[View]
51048264My home life is worse than my work life. I literally look forward to work just so I'm away fro…[View]
51047361>18 >didn't study (or done anything) since elementary school >feel braindead and don…[View]
51047759Has r9k forgotten about me?[View]
51047697I want to die but I am also sacred of death what should I do[View]
51048180help. robots, I am desperate, and thus I have turned to you. I have an amazing gf, but recently chea…[View]
51048233how about we impose 100% tax on all sex services and sexualized (all softcore) services sold by wome…[View]
51043758>Anon, can you kiss my thighs?[View]
51040919If you have autism (real Diagnosed autism, not robot Autism) you will always be behind and never be …[View]
51048183who am i? what happened to reality in the last few years?[View]
51043606Official Doomer Music Thread #1: sup cucks and wagecucks with so many doomer music threads might as …[View]
51048158Is there really a woman out there somewhere in the world with a good heart. A woman pure enough to s…[View]
51048148I don't want to be like this anymore. Can I save myself somehow? anymorehttps://www.youtube.com…[View]
51035782/mommy general/: >he thinks his (((dad))) creaming and pounding his mother is okay kek…[View]
51047921What is your routine? >go to classes on Monday and Wednesday >work on Thursday and Friday >…[View]
51047211(you)s: going to the store to pick up some prawns. Leave a post here and I'll reply when I…[View]
51047299Got a greentext for ya /b/: >Be Bill >Be 17 Years old >Do a racist Nazi meme on the interne…[View]
51047984What music makes you less depressed?: For me it's Irish/Celtic. Upbeat and catchy.See below. ht…[View]
51047161This happened yesterday. >be me >5/10, pretty average looking >have a crush on 7/10 femanon…[View]
51047876How do you prepare for the zombie outbreak? I hope you are prepared because we don't have much …[View]
51044467>gonna spend another spring break at my parent's house alone What's a real spring break…[View]
51046994Killing myself over ACT: >tfw get results back from ACT on the 20th >tfw planning my suicide o…[View]
51047734What does /r9k/ do to mellow down after a stressful day? >Disassemble and trigger fuck my raifu …[View]
51046826femanons, are you into pegging? If not why?[View]
51047919What is the peak of aesthetics?: How do we achieve it? The world is just so filthy.[View]
51046582How common do you think the cuckold fetish is?[View]
51047894Anyone else just wants a girlfriend to experience love once and then kill yourself? I don't wan…[View]
51047887Heh, where ya heading femanon?[View]
51047886am i a loser at this point?: my friends think am a troll and family think am a failure is there any …[View]
51047878What if there was like a hidden stream on the deepweb of women torturing faggots Would you watch it?[View]
51047276>tfw my coworkers dont talk to me and dislike me >whenever I show up they instantly stop talki…[View]
51044356Women get pissed at the way Chad treats and oppresses them but exclusively take their anger out on b…[View]
51047520Would this make a good gift for my sister's bat mitzvah?[View]
51046435Reminder that Chad can literally do whatever he wants and normgroids will cheer him on, no matter ho…[View]
51047648>be me > age is 42 - 22 wich is 20 - 5 life is pretty shit and I have had thoughts about suici…[View]
51047683>Hey big bro, I really need you to buy me some pads. I'm broke and I'm about to bleed o…[View]
51045427Biggest loser thread: Prove you're the biggest loser of r9k[View]
51047748There's a wikipedia article about shitposts https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shitposting[View]
51046178Do you lift the pain away robots?[View]
51047141>I don't love Jesus![View]
51046200>be virgin >make entire identity out of being one >get frustrated >kill woman and incels…[View]
51047702>Sup nigga you trying to buy this loud? >nah senpai I'm black saulgood…[View]
51046479Is this what the typical blackbot looks like?[View]
51047254Fembots: Why does /r9k/ dismiss the idea of fembots? Take Yunyun for example. She cannot make friend…[View]
51047035Stories of Making It: trying to spread happiness to those in need >be me, four years ago >tota…[View]
51045321What is worse. necrophilia or cannibalism? If you had to donate your own body to either group of peo…[View]
51044275Do Girls/women feel/know wether a classmate/student/teacher masturbate thinking about them? Or is th…[View]
51046887Any fellow epilepsy bots here? When did you find out? How has it impacted your life? How often do yo…[View]
51047239travel a lot for work and often don't have access to clean washrooms. I either have to refrain …[View]
51047072>internal vibrations Is there worst demon spawn than this?[View]
51046500>no reasons to stay awake Im going to bed. Good night.[View]
51046489I will tell you what ruined your life : ANIME. Everything gone wrong when you started watching trash…[View]
51046637how do you distinguish between girl being just nice and having interest?[View]
51045895>have any large assignment, report, etc >literally cannot start it at night, if I force myself…[View]
51047422>its been three weeks since I've seen my oneitis' face irl[View]
51047385I never understood the logic behind normalfags posting here. If you were attractive enough or have t…[View]
51046685>tfw need to lose 15 lbs in 1 month (currently 160 at 5'7) >tfw need to do 15 push ups in…[View]
51046512What I don't get is, why don't you just hire a whore?[View]
51046143What is /r9k/'s opinion of septum piercing? I think they're an abomination[View]
51047297Being normal is a clinical psychosis and modern psychology should catch up to my theories. I see the…[View]
51046912>be me >in alabama >sees cousin alone in bedroom >walks in >she takes off dress >m…[View]
51043326/Robot Creative General/: Share drawings, paintings, pictures, songs, videos or whatever you've…[View]
51047311When you're inferior, isn't it RIGHT to be insecure?: I have really quite horrific PME and…[View]
51046020Should I tell the dentist girl I see every 6 months that she's cute?[View]
51047162is /r9k/ the comfiest board?[View]
51044652how do you ask a girl out? i've spend a few days getting to know her at a christmas thing with…[View]
51047242Your critique: made this yesterday with a stolen meme from /x/. What should i add, change or take aw…[View]
51047196>spent all day from 7:00am to 5:30pm masturbating and posting on 4chan I hate myself so much. Thi…[View]
51045059so fucking bored[View]
51047201>be me >in alabama >sees cousin >sitting alone in the bedroom >she gives me a look …[View]
51046600>tfw no shower singer bf[View]
51047022I wanna embrace a fembot and stick my tongue in her mouth just like the hentai[View]
51043594How long until this board is just all incels. every other good place is slow as fuck. can you guys j…[View]
51043065>Beta ass was about to convert to Islam >Get some translated sources >Begin to masturbate o…[View]
51043867What will you remember the 2010s for? Do you think you will look back on in fondly when you are old?[View]
51045919How often does a normie who is single and not a chad have sex ?[View]
51046315Literally every groomed black dude has this haircut or some variation of it (if they don't plai…[View]
51046163Why do Asian women go for skinny white men?[View]
51047059God I despise college to much. I can't believe I have to go through this shit just for a CHANCE…[View]
51046688How the fuck do I stop my hair going grey? Im not even 20 yet but my hair is at least 15-20% grey al…[View]
51045458>21 >no vehicle or license >been in and out of uni >RIGHT in the process of getting thro…[View]
51045554wtf is wrong with me: i started talking to this 9/10 qt and i felt like things were going pretty goo…[View]
51047020Post Doomer related: Post Doomer >memes >moments >vids Idk something :)…[View]
51046647bathroom: >be me >at hotel(shit job but need the money) >im taking a shit >drunk nigger…[View]
51046845Youtube Bread: Analytics Edition: Post your analytics and see who has the biggest e peen[View]
51046090I went to a local chinese restaurant for dinner with my mother recently and I guess I impressed the …[View]
51046397y don't u just fuck some black ass?[View]
51046923Anon Scarred for life: >Be me >In school >walk into bathroom to take pee pee >see the a…[View]
51046813Chunibyo: What was your 8th Grade Syndrome phase like, /r9k/? Do you still have this? Is that why yo…[View]
51045837>make joke >no one like >'haha guys dont worry its ironic' my face when this happens…[View]
51045143lmfao @ jannies. FUCK YOU.[View]
51043728Recently I started starving myself to loose weight, should I stop?[View]
51044944>qt girls from around my campus keep saying 'hey antonio' (my name) when they see me with a flirt…[View]
51045366Jus ta question How many of you incels think >A.Rape is never ok >B. if she is knowcked out d…[View]
51046022Which board has the best patron waifu?[View]
51046635s/fur Webm's and gifs only ![View]
51045284Work in 45 minutes: Honestly fuck you fucking NEETS. not bait Its fucking dumb that you accomplish n…[View]
51046634>mews once[View]
51042011Is this her new boyfriend?[View]
51046649>tfw hitting the gym didn't cure my autism[View]
51046353It's another day of sitting in my dorm room, browsing the internet all day while my roommate co…[View]
51046639AMWF babies: Tell me these aren't the cutest things ever. Look at that adorable face.[View]
51046448How do I stop jerking off?[View]
51045723>be me >13.7 billion years ago >be everything; everyone, everything that will ore have happ…[View]
51046433https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5XI1TdauYAo: What are your thoughts on taking the black pill? Is nih…[View]
51040834Shot heroin for the 1st time yesterday and it was absolute pure euphoria. I can tell this is the beg…[View]
51041345>2019 >Seriously believing that there is no afterlife >Millions of NDEs reported Shiggity d…[View]
51046592life is getting worse and worse no one around me sympathizes with me and im running my existence off…[View]
51044435Being a house husband doesn't seem so bad...[View]
51045475What should I spend by hard-earned NEET bux on?[View]
51045586Worst companies to work for and why.: >Target - Run by a bunch of fags and women. - Shit corperat…[View]
51044544if i weren't so fat and ugly, i'd be a slut[View]
51046426>born with a low IQ >born with a boring personality >born with a poor family >born with…[View]
51046515Is drake gay ?[View]
51046478when is it time to see a therapist[View]
51042716Hey dude can I borrow your pocket pussy?[View]
51046439my entire life has been boring nothing but stale and it might not sound like a good reason for suici…[View]
51046436W*men hate/rekt thread: Post anything that has w*men getting what they deserve.[View]
51046429NEETs are such a meme: >Imagine believing in 2019 that the only possible employment option is McC…[View]
51043016So autism, Asperger's syndrome and everything else that falls on the spectrum shows different s…[View]
51046252Anon share some knowledge please How do you know you love someone? I don't remember when was th…[View]
51046320has anyone else recently been banned on discord for 'harassing or threatening an individual or group…[View]
51045141>watched porn >came buckets >somehow still hard ???!?!? what…[View]
51046331how do I stop making people think im autistic: fellow robots, I finally got a job, but im pretty sur…[View]
51046322Havent masturbated in two days. It was unintentional I just had no desire to do so. Should I keep it…[View]
51046230A girl I met wants to have sex what do I do?[View]
51046214I wish there was an easy way to genocide all humans.[View]
51043167Creative robots, neets, hikis, etc. You have a lot of time to work on what you love. So you want to…[View]
51045635Potentially big problem: So I was with a girl yesterday. She came over to my place to watch a movie,…[View]
51046176when did you realize that the reality is extremely cruel and completely opposite of what you expecte…[View]
51046171Need your help guys.: Someone link me to a chadfish imgur please.[View]
51044906reading books makes you dumber by subtly enforcing a particular grammar or specific other-thoughts g…[View]
51045813>Anon how about I suck u for some meth[View]
51045165You are sold off as a slave to the Kardashians, good thing is you can choose which one to worship Wh…[View]
51045266Why haven't you gotten an alpha punk bitch gf anon? You know opposites attract right[View]
51046002Deleted my discord because everyone kept teling who was shit talking me: I feel bad for the people w…[View]
51044315umm, thanks for the date anon ...[View]
51045533>complete loser >could never get into anime guess im lucky, eh?…[View]
51044585>'excuse me, could you give your seat to this pregnant woman?' Why do I hate this kind of people …[View]
51043371>tfw hardcore antitheist >i get a boner whenever i see a woman wearing a niqab What's wro…[View]
51045982>mfw i realize between the ages of 17-20 I was a brad and now I am a anxious robot…[View]
51045975>be me >in alabama >sees cousin alone in bedroom >walks in >she takes off dress >…[View]
51045973>be camo hat wearing redneck >live in yankee country >don't really fit in >best fri…[View]
51045244How the fuck does everyone do it? Everyone has a friend group, fucking everyone. Autists onto anime …[View]
51043805I cant believe Im 22[View]
51045939gambatte wagie! only 4 more days till the weekend! you can do it[View]
51045935Anon Scarred for life: Be me In school walk into bathroom to take pee pee see the autistic girl pis…[View]
51040170Any girls that look like Muffy? Over time I've become so screwed up that 99% of women aren…[View]
51045457is there a word for this feel?[View]
51045349Anyone know a good method for remembering dreams?[View]
51043050She's ours now wyboi[View]
51045850i let my dog lick my dick and i came AMA[View]
51045623high school >want to an hero >'Things will be better when I get laid' >get laid >still w…[View]
51045823i need to find a profession to focus the autism or else ill just rot away in my bedroom. Is cooking …[View]
51040523Getting Your Shit Together: who /gettin it together/? Went back to finish my a levels this year and …[View]
51045360I think my girlfriend either just got hacked on her social media by her ex or more realistically she…[View]
51045771Flowing through life is the fear of death, the clinging to life, and it is dormant in all, even the …[View]
51044786Describe yourself with a stock image[View]
51043881I was cyberstalking my crush and accidentaly liked one of her pictures. AMA[View]
51045088>be me >Be a winner at life >Get invited to high profile networking events with full-course…[View]
51045548what happened to the guy who pretended to go to school because of his parents, and instead walked ar…[View]
51045190Really happy when I'm around others. 2h later all alone, feel like crying.[View]
51045709brcqta Comfy server for posting cute 2d images and making friends, please come join![View]
51044961What makes you 'choose' someone? What makes you see them as special?[View]
51045287What causes some boys like me to want dick up my butt instead of giving it to others?[View]
51045614If you are logged in to a website so that you are still logged in the next time you visit the websit…[View]
51045624Is Conor SUICIDAL?!: This is how u can tell if ur frind CONOR is SUICIDAL[View]
51042935Should I become a bartender?[View]
51045448how come no girls ever will come out, out of the billions of them, and say 'yeah youre right ab…[View]
51045597internet friends: Anybody want to chat? >d8a4WK[View]
51044751figured it out: Being an 'incel' is just the first step to slowly becoming a prison gay and then tra…[View]
51044837>tfw nobody told me its ALL really about looks >fuck around during my youth playing vidya lock…[View]
51045578>tfw no ancient alien bf[View]
51045324As a black man, how do I stop watching shit like this? I want to become strongh and develop a pride …[View]
51044639Why don't you guys just go to a strip club? >think strip clubs are a waste of money >budd…[View]
51045160That time my father hit my balls: >be me >16 years old >Watching loli hentai >listening…[View]
51045540>been 'in remission' from severe depression for a few years now >feel it coming back on >ha…[View]
51045454Oh Brave New World: it is totally fucking wild to me how black people just fucking love DBZ[View]
51042619>several years ago >Dad dies, leaves me $100k in a trust fund >mother steals it all (using …[View]
51040484Nothing beats having real sex with a person.[View]
51042732>just found out the VA for meowth is trans >tranfags ruin another thing I enjoy Guess this i…[View]
51044966hey r9k, i have a final in 2 days and i havent studied shit. if i fail it or dont do the test i re-d…[View]
51044104>finally decide to leave house >having coffee with only friend and her bf >he's easily…[View]
51041732I'm considering working guys. What's the best kind of job for a robot. Something comfy and…[View]
51044811Why dont you have a cute thicc gf yet? What's preventing you from achieving this?[View]
51045251Some Bastards Touched My Fucking Swing >Be Me >Tall as fuck and still young so live with paren…[View]
51044299>doing fine >feeling confident >talk more easily >suddenly relapse and my mood crashes…[View]
51045271what are you doing? why did you stop trying? where is the progress? everyday is a new day, pick your…[View]
51044910> there were 25 chicken tendies in my box of 24 anon, tell me something good that happened to you…[View]
51045304>just cummed inside a girl's whore >still feel empty >still feel fuck top >still fe…[View]
51043403How do I get a brown gf?[View]
51045170>Ask crush for her name >She doesn't even ask me for mine >she just takes my money at …[View]
51043746>it's the man's job to approach women >It's considered desperate and a beta mov…[View]
51044985guys i think I'm addicted to heroin[View]
51045093fantasy worlds: >full of anxiety and dread over trivial shit >do a poo >instantly cured I l…[View]
51045120>start taking finasteride (with minoxidil) for balding >0.5 mg a day >suddenly >erecti…[View]
51044728>18 >white >dad died when I was really young >freshman at a decent small Uni in my city.…[View]
51043494>Yo, white boy! Can I borrow some of your sunscreen? Wat do?[View]
51043409>meet e-gf for the first time >her tits are small…[View]
51044431What's the best sex toy to stimulate your prostate? Asking for a friend.[View]
51036864Why do you all even come here?[View]
51044147Is it a red flag if an 18-year old girl already is on a 5' gauge plug? That sounds awfully big to me…[View]
510450474chan is a platform for propaganda and the weak minded should not use it: >filter any threads tha…[View]
51045040Would you? She is a psychopath that do everything you want her to do. Even kill her own sister so yo…[View]
51044169Serious question here, is it possible to not be a normalfag with no mental illness? I see people thr…[View]
51045017What do you think a future led by blacks and Mexicans would look like? Do you thinks would get bette…[View]
51044996>mfw I thought I was 6ft with a 7' penis >turns out I'm 5'11 with a 6' penis I'…[View]
51044862>had to stop seeing another therapist because he diagnosed me with autism I don't fucking ha…[View]
51042648>tfw no nymphomaniac Japanese wife[View]
51044935Boomer Discord, I'm lonely send help: Robots, come talk with a fellow boomer UU2Rnme[View]
51044812Growing Up In Japan?: Would /r9k/ have liked growing up in Japan? Pic related, Japanese girls >Ni…[View]
51044816>correct a male friend when they're wrong >'Oh cool thanks man' >correct a female fri…[View]
51044727>take your clothes off and jump in the pool with me, anon! What do?[View]
51044807MOMMY GIVE ME MILK[View]
51044782God I despise college to much. I can't believe I have to go through this shit just for a CHANCE…[View]
51043278What's Eggman up to these days?[View]
51034654ITT:Extreme bullying stories: Post extreme school bullying cases you experienced(victim,bystander,or…[View]
51031704Confess your latest sexual fantasy, robots.[View]
51042442>be me >it aint me starts playing[View]
51044702Today you might call me shitskin, in the future you will call me majority. Im in the process of obta…[View]
51042794I Still Buy Movies on DVD: Is this a symptom of not ever having had a girlfriend or the cause?…[View]
51044608I might end up liking this emoji after all.[View]
51044524>too shy and autistic to interact with anime roleplayers on vrchat >just sit in the corner in …[View]
51043133Anybody just tired of it all? I'm tired of worrying about money or grades or reputation, what n…[View]
51044493/r9k/ is shit but its been the only place that felt like home for the last 5 years of my life. Any t…[View]
51043528>im alive in a mortal body how is this allowed?[View]
51043915Why is there no website that lets you make a sex doll of a famous person? If there was such a thing …[View]
51044476Have any of you ever had an egf/bf that you met irl?: How did it go? Are you still together? Was it…[View]
51044470>Party college week >got no invitatios >got no place to stay…[View]
51044456Fuck blackaboos, niggers are only good for fucking.[View]
51043873Who here retarded as fuck, very bad at his job, but still, doesn't give a fuck?[View]
51037332How did people like this survive, evolutionarily? I can understand just your average faggot survivin…[View]
51043563>be rus[View]
51044381>the college I teach at found the webcam I hid in the girl's bathroom What am I looking at h…[View]
51044254Controll a robot streaming video, faggot shows dick: This website lets you controll a robot that str…[View]
51044425>you told me you're an incel, but you don't fuck ugly women because you don't want…[View]
51043918I'm not retarded or going insane, right? This WAS a board for incels, back when incel meant 'in…[View]
51042971Posting Vivi cooking acorns every day until I get a grip on my procrastination and attain a level of…[View]
51044377ii ciacanntt focuuss icccanttt fofffcucucuusususs iccantnttnt focusu s >ciccanttt focusuuss ccant…[View]
51044224reminder that vydia are for kids[View]
51043994I have two library books that are almost a year overdue.[View]
51043125If I had a qt black gf I would be happy[View]
51044256would anyone be interested in a minecraft server for nations war and RP (RP not required) because i …[View]
51044284Weedletwineedle has to babysit her own discord server: Sucks that she has to admit her own friends a…[View]
51043893Another week, another monday.[View]
51044185Goodnight r9k. I hope fire rains down from the skies upon all of you.[View]
51042650How do I stop being a bitter edgy misanthrope and learn to love people and humanity?[View]
51042698How the fuck are you supposed to ask women out? When is it appropriate? >friend introduces me to…[View]
51043890D A W N DISCORD SERVER NO RULES active shitpost server post whatever you want -----------(---__) -)…[View]
51043486papa researched the ejaculation crustacean[View]
51044060>Gives you hiccups[View]
51043312What type of girls are most out of reach for robots? > mfw track qts are only interested in tyro…[View]
51030153/r9k/ - OFFICIAL ENNEAGRAM THREAD: Robots, what's your enneagram? Are you a cerebral 5? A skept…[View]
51043625Why am I so fucking retarted? Why cant i talk to her normally and not like a fucking tard?[View]
51044091how do i find my hobby? i always try something out for a while and then it bores me, so i dont even …[View]
51043750KILL ALL NON AUTISTS: this godawful subr*ddit is responsible for the normalfag population on all of …[View]
51044129>kids will be born during generation beta Will /r9k/ still be around by then? Will we see a massi…[View]
51044085new discord server: Join us? new server gg/egzf2DB[View]
51043932>It is only the man whose intellect is clouded by his sexual instinct that could give that stunte…[View]
51042288What are the best ways to make money as a shut-in who doesn't want to work with anyone? Im thin…[View]
51043979People baiting alai and Razz: and they don't actively check 4chan or discord, are people on thi…[View]
51042279What is the point? Seriously what is the point of going on? Life is a tragedy for everyone. It is un…[View]
51041975Is dying the only reasonable choice if everything is so bland,dull and boring ?[View]
51043937Posting a Woomy everyday until i get good at Splatoon 2 Day 7[View]
51043807>be me >single af >be in restaurant with family >5 mins later >8/10 qt3.14 comes in w…[View]
51043036Can't wait to fuck over Gen Z: I made it unlike 99% of you faggots and i'l most likely be …[View]
51041039/hikikomori general/: Special shout out to hikkifag who I managed to get to delete his reddit accoun…[View]
51042803Is this how chads greet each other?[View]
51043112Daily reminder it's every man's express right to beat his wife in order to teach her manne…[View]
51041289Do you guys feel that masturbating helps you study for tests and quizzes or that masturbating before…[View]
51036148sissy cuck general #1: this is the sissy cuck general think about it logically arcanine would you ra…[View]
51042104drinking: thought id be okay this week but monday morning beer edition. hows it going bros?[View]
51041934itt: getting back with your ex fantasies: >Be me at party >Notice ex wandering around alone …[View]
51043798why do I even try anymore? Every time i tell someone that i've given up on dating they say i sh…[View]
51043298>Friend who is veru successful broke up with his gf recently >Bro it's the end of me I…[View]
51041365>Fapped in traffic[View]
51042031Gosh. Spend whole day masturbating to interracial rimming porn again... <3[View]
51043710A couple days ago I got banned from an IRC channel. I'm incapable of feeling anything other tha…[View]
51042953ITT: things you love doing with your gf/bf >googling recipes and grocery shopping and cooking the…[View]
51043579>jack off >pause before I cum >repeat a couple of times >stop >cum buckets >sudden…[View]
51043487>be me >gf comes home with a hickey >says her ex kissed her >mfw she hung out with her …[View]
51043076No bullshit, what's the average penis size?[View]
51043577>be >try Tinder for first time >10+ >one is a cute 5/10 that keeps responding to my mess…[View]
51043571In hindsight it was basically Lord of The Rings and The Force from Star Wars again[View]
51042420Pool Disappointment: >be me >love swimming >almost never get the chance to swim >get to …[View]
51043512Sad feels thread I don't fear death itself, but when I think about the fact that my parents (wh…[View]
51043224I'm ready to start my life.: I've been applying for minimum wage jobs for half a month now…[View]
51043473Robot controlling thread: http://robotstreamer.com/robot/108 Join here boys[View]
51043207What have you done to advance your goals today?: You do realize that every second counts, right?…[View]
51042804family wholesome stories: >be me >have child bro >bro don't stop asking to play my PC …[View]
510332969axes thread: post your 9axes test scores here: https://9axes.github.io/[View]
51042605Why do niggers have the lowest suicide rates? Because they don't kill themselves, they kill eac…[View]
51043266>mom found the enema pineapple[View]
51043264anons with herpes what's it like lads? do the zit like forms pop open?[View]
51041719It's all just so tiresome. Why[View]
51043388epic thread: You just witnessed the epic thread, happens once a life. You'll remember everythin…[View]
51043315aint nothin like hot beer and cold pussy[View]
51042770/lonely/: >TFW dont know the emotion but at the same time cannot connect to people except super r…[View]
51043285Friend called me adorable.[View]
51042606I had a dream that Donald Trump wanted to tattoo the spot between my eye and my hair, so I let him a…[View]
51021976post yours go[View]
51043080i am going to fuck a nigress /pol/ am i still allowed on this board afterwards?[View]
51041184how do i talk to women feels like i come off as boring no matter what i say[View]
51035343/britfeel/: Lickitung edition[View]
51042958Ended up explaining 4chan to my therapist. She was very interested and already knew about incels and…[View]
51042182After being a NEET and living a glorious lifestyle off the taxpayer's wallet for a year I have …[View]
51040015Any robots get the urge to dress like this? It's so sophisticated and magical and feminizing …[View]
51042428>be me >been late for work 3 times in my 7 months employed for this company >boss tells me …[View]
51042987>severe depression >severe anxiety >autism >chronic back pain >chronic 24/7 migraine…[View]
51041320>you have to talk to another person to get a job and present yourself in the best way you can I c…[View]
51038600Why haven't you accepted the brownpill?: Get yourself a sista, anon. You'll never experien…[View]
51042437do femanons fiind us creepy, funny, or creepily funny?[View]
51042822Anybody else think Nietzsche is overrated?: >Christian Bad >Relativism Good He's only so …[View]
51042988Controversial subjects that always start shitstorms: 'vaccines cause autism and should be banned' 'A…[View]
51041929>wow just talk to her >worst she can say is no…[View]
51042443What do you think Ivanka Trump did while in Japan? Who do you think she did?[View]
51042564YOU ARE SHOCK!! Post shocked or suprised reaction images.[View]
51039747How do i finally gain the courage to kms[View]
51042102>ywn be this fucking sexy[View]
51042812Can't tell if qt grill at stabucks likes me or is just being nice. Should I just stop going the…[View]
51041324Loneliness: https://youtu.be/n3Xv_g3g-mA Originally[View]
51042027>finally had enough of being an alcoholic >go to AA meetings >think we're genuinely go…[View]
51042798I'm only posting here because I'm taking a shit but otherwise I would say it's best t…[View]
51041384I think I might kill myself purely out of boredom. Nothing interests me anymore and I have no reason…[View]
51042110>tfw your crush does not like you back >probably because of salface i'm cursed.…[View]
51042776What reason is there to prevent you from smoking if you don't care about dying or secondhand sm…[View]
51042150Anyone else feels like 4channel mods are finally going full nazi and cracking down on everything adv…[View]
51041001>This CV would get you 12 job offers immediately. How does it feel comparing it to CV's now.…[View]
51035492>tfw turning 30 soon >tfw all the girls that mocked me are roasted out and have 3 kids and no…[View]
51042330why do the porno ads make me so horny[View]
51042351this planet was not mean for us Indians,, we should just end it[View]
51042434College kids America >Smoke two grams of weed with 10 people using a one hitter bong They're…[View]
51042602My imaginary girlfriend just broke up with me[View]
51042507>migration from 3rd world >development of AI >women in workplace >constantly changing c…[View]
51027193what's the best manga/anime you've experienced ?[View]
51041990I will never contribute to a society that rejects me.[View]
51042614>coworker keeps rambling about a game >give in and decide to buy it even though I don't c…[View]
51042021/reminder/ If you claim to be an 'incel' you have no real problem at all and you are cancer. all you…[View]
51033292post your phone home screen thread[View]
51042563i had to muchc acaffeeine robotots[View]
51042311>Im sorry baby >please puppy[View]
51041895I was a highwayman Along the coach roads I did ride With sword and pistol by my side Many a young ma…[View]
51041062Jesus fucking christ. So they did a video on '''loneliness''' and as expected, they're fucking …[View]
51042201How do you robots combat crippling depression?[View]
51036087True Red Flags Thread: List your red flags for the opposite sex. NO listing height, weight, income, …[View]
51041450Leek thread: Leek thread[View]
51042284How do we stop /pol/ gang stalking ring?[View]
51042407ITT: We brainstorm genius idea's >drive with a fire extinguisher, hose, some gas and a light…[View]
51042435comfy: hows your monday going bots? watching day after tomorrow for the hundreth time and drinking s…[View]
51041639Help plz: So I bought a used pc with 4 gb of ram and put a gpu in it but those 4 gb of ram are killi…[View]
51042188What would happen if you squeezed your wiener shut every time you were going to cum? Would it build …[View]
51042101despite having well over 50+ terms in my filter for the prime /r9k/ experience, garbage is still man…[View]
51038570Who is sexier and who has better feet, Mexican girls or Puerto Rican girls?[View]
51040019The Glory Days: Do you remember your first Halo game? Do you remember the feelings you experienced i…[View]
51042024What's your average day look like?: Got any responsibilities or places to be? I'm currentl…[View]
51040560Why don't you have a cat /r9k/? >snuggly and soft >sweet purrs >not as needy as dogs …[View]
51042300Just went to a proctologist and had a cute girl finger my butt.[View]
51041988how bad is to re-do a course in uni? i cant bring myself to fucking focus on the subject and i dont …[View]
51042343In the span of one year I lost 3 loved ones, Three individuals who were part of my life and held me …[View]
51041604what was the most painful experience you've ever had? I got my fingers crushed under a falling …[View]
51042183Anyone here live in a small town? Are they chill? I hate living in big cities/towns theyre not comfy[View]
51042200>tfw no lonesome wanderer bf[View]
51042168If you leave the house at all, for any reason, you are not a robot.[View]
51034321tfw i fucked an 8/10 escort and felt absolutely nothing. lost my boner. had to jerk my limp dick off…[View]
51040359>only 1 week left boys >if this shitty family doesn't take a fucking one single hit that …[View]
51042091>Be me >Brother does some stupid shit >Get angry because of my brother >My whole family …[View]
51041544Every time I answer people's questions I feel nervous and anxious what do[View]
51041727>tfw i hate because im alone >im alone because i hate…[View]
51041993I'm gonna lose my jobs and my dreams with it: Car fucking broke down can't go to work I go…[View]
51041876>open up anon, your government issued girlfriend is being recalled for safety reasons…[View]
51041451Got my first blowjob today It took me 19 years but god damn was it worth the wait It felt so good …[View]
51041465is it true that snakes don't even use their venom when they bite a human because they are only …[View]
51041370Grandma caught me masturbating in the bushes again.[View]
51038086Hikikomori General Thread: This thread is for people who are withdrawn from society and don't l…[View]
51041787Who else uave Anger problems?: >have land and small farm along with a small shooting backyard …[View]
51041707How bad do the Jews smell?[View]
51042048Has anyone got the screencaps of that thread from yesterday with the canadian kid?[View]
51041413>I can no longer fall in love What is this?[View]
51042010Would it be possible to treat myself with self shock therapy to give up porn?[View]
51040650>Porn does nothing to me now[View]
51041803Wanna do something fun. Have nobody to do it with.[View]
51037974What countries have you been to anon?[View]
51040456>get call >'No Caller ID' >answer >'hello?' >silence >caller hangs up am…[View]
51040081Why haven't you taken the Heroinpill yet anon? It's literally heaven on earth and it'…[View]
51037018Do you really believe that thing they say about sociopaths/psychopaths? That they have 'no cons…[View]
51040065>send 10 applications last Friday >nobody called back yet t-thats normal right ?…[View]
51039763Grapefruits: These things are fucking nasty. Why do people like them? You put up with bitterness in …[View]
51039834Is anyone else here more homicidal than suicidal? I just fucking hate this world and the human carca…[View]
51041572how much of a picky eater are you?: I've been told more than once, as a negative, that I have a…[View]
51039868Ego Death: What the fuck exactly is 'ego death'...? Is it always a bad thing? Is it something you ca…[View]
51041239Make a left turn! https://youtu.be/psQtZkG22IU[View]
51041757*catches you with your pants down*[View]
51041729I have absolutely no idea what im doing in life.[View]
51041853>birthday >mom wants to take me out for supper >want McDonalds >mom says it's my sp…[View]
51041294Why even care about what's happening around me?: I just can't anymore. I never really coul…[View]
51041706>born in the land of the bundas >still virgin at almost 22 A-are we gonna make it, bros?…[View]
51041230I hate feeling sad.[View]
51023479Waifu General - /waifu/ #73: Waking up next to waifu edition previous: >>51004006[View]
51041443>that feeling in your butt when you finger your boyehole[View]
51041724>tfw no Splatoon gf to play league battles with[View]
51041702We get the spotlight for being digusting subhumans (which we kind are) but have you ever seen whispe…[View]
51040583How does robots on r9k think of fembots? I sometimes try and browse other boards and sites like crys…[View]
51041682I put pepe in the image search out of boredom and encountered this. What are your thoughts?[View]
51041598>tfw 25hhkv THAT'S ENOUGH!! REEEEEEEEEEEE[View]
51041640Everything is literally shit, get used to it. If you like something, you just don't know enough…[View]
51041071>Got HIV Wat now?[View]
51041441Is it true vaping can cause you lung disease? I might buy one to use as a passive suicide.[View]
51040872Do people actually like Bonchon chicken? How is this place still in business? the food is expensive …[View]
51037729Do marxist girls like black guys or is it just virtue signaling?[View]
51037303Watching this show made me 100% sure that women can ruin society by merely being in the spotlight, a…[View]
51041058What is your morning routine?[View]
51041549Hello friends :) Come by again, lets have a little chat Like always, you dont need to answer these q…[View]
51041494>be pee[View]
51040577why does plebbit think everyone is an incel?[View]
51040538I have vegan friend sitting in front of me. Convince him veganism is autism. I will show him these p…[View]
51039927Are you feeling lonely tonight robots?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n3Xv_g3g-mA Part 3 and 4 sho…[View]
51041481>Been on an unintentional nofap for a week now >Just been really busy, Whenever I've had …[View]
51039540is your dick still functional as it should be?[View]
51040929>pornhub.com More like pornhub.cum[View]
51040123Tell me, roach, how does it feel to be a mere pawn in this game?[View]
51037755>father was a big burly moustached man >took me on countless adventures because he didn't…[View]
51039768Do you like yordles, /r9k/?[View]
51041092>Hey big bro, for President's Day at school we learned all about what Bill Clinton did. Can …[View]
51040997>and how does that make you feel? >what do you think will happen if you talk? >what do you …[View]
51040046There is a universal rule of life. It never gets better.[View]
51041261How do normans do it ? How can they just casually make friends and have gfs all the time ?[View]
51041373>The girlfriend of my dreams told me she loves me Feels good.[View]
51041167>tfw no latina gf in me life[View]
51039942all the things that used to fill in the spaces between crushing and unbearable depression no longer …[View]
51036846> Woke up earlier than normal today (10 pm, normally 12 pm) > Made a smoothie out of fruit I h…[View]
51038476BluSkye's Comfy Place: This thread is a thread open to anybody who needs it. This thread is for…[View]
51040916>be in med school >your friend is unemployed but makes several k a month thanks to patreon and…[View]
51041202Do you know what taking the knot means?[View]
51040914READING OF THE DAY: A Reading from the Book of Genesis GN 4:1-15, 25 The man had relations with his …[View]
51040391>I'm ovulating again, just stick it in anon! What would you do?[View]
51039125Life is not fair: 4yo >far too smart, knew how to read etc. already >was a cunt due to it >…[View]
51034069I just noticed that Elliot Rodger never invited a girl to go out or something like that. The fucking…[View]
51040482I just thought of a job for all neets >Internet culture consultant for corporations and governmen…[View]
51035855Hi anon. I'm your new government issued diversity program girlfriend.[View]
51041152How do people feel about the rise of legalized discrimination? Anyone else want to share their stori…[View]
51040874>smoking fat shards all week >lay down and listen to documentary at like 5am last night >bf…[View]
51039556Tell me your saddest childhood story /r9k/[View]
51040200is it possible to NOT have coping mechanism[View]
51032928Why don't most white men understand sexual dominance? Jews make fools out of whites cause white…[View]
51039796Heads up, femanons: If you look like pic related, then you have a attention. t. Rich Asian[View]
51041035>be me >tear hole in pillow >put fleshlight in >fuck it >mfw i treat objects like wom…[View]
51041020>ate three bags of flaming red cheetos before work >have to go in with red hands…[View]
51040842Please don't have kids robots >Not saying you would be bad parents in particular (but you ab…[View]
51040458>tfw unironic autist what do I do now[View]
51040048You will NEVER have a cute 70s girlfriend. EVER.[View]
51040696You guys don't get gfs because you behave like this.[View]
51040688Hi /r9k/, let me be the one here to give sweet kisses to you all over your board specially the tende…[View]
51040860Submit to gay dicks: It's time you guys just submit to nice big cocks. I started regularly wors…[View]
51038651Any of you Robots got some sad music for a fellow Robot?[View]
51039650Did men grant women permission to vote in the U.S.? Or did women fight for it?[View]
51040094I really really really hate being hairy. I want all the hair on my body to disappear forever. body h…[View]
51039923Friendly reminder that you are a cuck if one or more of the following is true: 1.Your girlfriend has…[View]
51039903>managed to wake up at 9 a.m and take a cold shower Now how do I motivate myself to clean my room…[View]
51040515>Girl that I like from work comes to caffeteria >She says hi to me and asks me if I want to jo…[View]
51039975I unironically care for a robot from here more than I cared for any girl. I never knew I was such a …[View]
51040705>b-but anon looks don't matter to me on want to meet someone who is nice and loves who they …[View]
51040441>have low sex drive >stop taking antidepressants for the first time in years >sex drive exp…[View]
51038167Who /fapatwork/ or /fapatschool/ here? I used to fap at my workplace, in the toilets I never got cau…[View]
51039481>'just leave anon... you make my life too sad' >o-ok... fuck bros she was all I had left, I t…[View]
51040604>be kid >interact with girl for some reason >dad makes fun of me >fast forward to my twe…[View]
51038681who else thinks 4chan has become a reddit shithole[View]
51038689Which board is the easiest to troll in your opinion? for me it's /pol/ because it has the most …[View]
51040494>leave phone in airplane mode all the time so the battery lasts longer and it doesn't shoot …[View]
51038146Occult Fembots: Do they exist? If they do exist then what is existence?[View]
51039513>be me >mom's job is to take care of children at our home >see cute irl lolis all the …[View]
51039830Why do i constantly feel tired all the time? Im having normal amounts of sleep and i've been sl…[View]
51039807this board is boring without the burgers, pls wake up soon[View]
51038833>Borderline Personality Disorder >Convinced myself I was trans because my boyfriend had a trap…[View]
51035625At what age do you plan to kys and how?[View]
51040011>be me >be on /r9k/ >browsing threads >greentexting >all going well >suddenly a fa…[View]
51039445>be me >at a party with friends (inb4 normie) >cute girl starts dancing really close behind…[View]
51040301>dainty little fembot hands[View]
51039957>six years later I still miss her When is this bullshit going to end??[View]
51040323Hey fellas any thoughts on my side effects? Cocksicles[View]
51039989Why does everyone I love abandon me?[View]
51039121The best way to remove the normalfags is to stop posting greentexts. Period thats all you have to do…[View]
51040222>tfw I'm discriminated for not having been born in Europe or America Fuck you, I thought you…[View]
51038285All im seeing is 'lonely lonely lonely' like all of you bots watched the new kurzgesagt video and th…[View]
51039819How do I stop being so self-loathing all the time?[View]
51039284>focusing on a task for 25 minutes How in the FUCK do normies do this? I'm trying to get my …[View]
51038929Why do fat guys always smell like moldy cheese? What's worse is that you can smell them from fa…[View]
51039682what if you were raised from baby as trans and then you find out?[View]
51039077>roastie hits 25-30 >literally goes insane over her fading youth >starts taking creepy filt…[View]
51039244I had a dream that I woke up in the house with my friends. They laughed at me for looking like an id…[View]
51039379>buy and download multiplayer game >die a few times >never play it again…[View]
51039810Is Nietzsche based or was he a fucking hack?[View]
51039707>processed food is bad for you![View]
51040059And here I am. Still alone. Well past new year's. She doesn't have to be really pretty, b…[View]
51039483>'my dad worked 2 jobs to give us everything, he woke up at 5 in the morning and didn't come…[View]
51039505Can anyone else not physically sit on their knees?[View]
51039602just bought a vape, do i kill myself now or wait for the lung disease to get me[View]
51039645>no matter how much you regret the past you cant comeback >you will literally continue getting…[View]
51039874>Finally after a several year drought, decide to download Tinder and lower my standards >Hook …[View]
51039328I have BPD and need a favorite person but dont have one id prefer that you dont have any other frien…[View]
51039948What are you suppose to do with all these thoughts of going insane. Can't talk to anybody about…[View]
51039865Was Jamie Fox a good musician or was he another actor who got too caught up in playing his role (Ray…[View]
51039944/hikki diet/: already healthy but wnat to go right down to the point I have no fat hardly at all and…[View]
51039911>10:30pm >go outside to this yeah in the bin >there's literally 6 fucking guys standin…[View]
51038928what's real mean of mfw: for me >mfw >my feels when ok, here my fucking confuse, at 10 m…[View]
51037445why are my sisters so interested if i have a gf or not?[View]
51039729Hey anons, why am I such a fucking faggot? Last night I went over to my crush's house after she…[View]
51039858A little bit of two good things to cheer some lads up https://youtu.be/Z_059geFGss[View]
51039846Anyone else selfharm when they lose in fighting games Nothing else gives me an edge this addictive b…[View]
51017203/Creative Robots/ - Late Night Edition: Evening lads, reggae anon here. Saw there wasn't a thre…[View]
51039472>some guy went around leaving poorly typed notes on doors around the neighborhood >some doors,…[View]
51039805what do you guys think of BDSM?[View]
51039297American girl saw my intact penis: >be me out in a northern uni town last night >meet girl fro…[View]
51037538>autistic >live in a group home >hang around other autist and tards all day >sent shoppi…[View]
51039622>IRS said id get my tax refund today >check bank account >still nothing GIVE. ME. MY. MONEY…[View]
51039678so depressed: Don't know why Not too ugly have had very attractive if crazy girlfriends my mind…[View]
51039084>'we don't take kindly to your kind 'round these parts, sonny' Wyd?…[View]
51037109Since I'm too weak to kill myself, anyone know how I can get heart disease?[View]
51039576I gave my brother a black eye: A few days ago I punched my brother in the face over a heated argumen…[View]
51039410Been neeting for a whole month now. Was supposed to find a job in the first couple weeks but after a…[View]
51039674>always space out >head either feels empty or it's running at 1000mph >hard time conce…[View]
51037224How do fat people even manage to get fat? I can only imagine it takes a lot of effort and dedication…[View]
51033113/bpdfeels/: Borderline personality disorder thread. No bullies allowed. Tell us about all those horr…[View]
51039588femanons would you like a ginger bf that looks like this?[View]
51037749I feel like this is the way to go. Less stress, responsibility, and you can keep your freedom.[View]
51039561Is Travis /ourguy/?[View]
51039563Imagine being gay unironically lol[View]
51027064post pics that are guaranteed to trigger roasties: This one works like a charm. Notice how they imme…[View]
51039138Anyone get those anxiety swells when you've been alone a long time? I haven't had friends…[View]
51036782I just had a real nice conversation with a random Omegle user but then they had to go. How do I deal…[View]
51038890What would you do if a Latina on a Harley Davidson pulled up to your house and asked to fuck you?[View]
51039420I'm just staying alive to see how bad it gets for everybody else and how sad they get[View]
51038935Is it possible for females to have aspergers? I think a sperg gf is my only hope[View]
51039377Degenerate, if you're reading this. Fuck you.[View]
51023146cute girls thread post qts and wish they were your gf[View]
51037021>been going to community college for ten years now >only have 12 credits what the fuck is wron…[View]
51038657The secret about old maids: There are many reasons why women and men are still single when older, bu…[View]
51039081What are some comfy jobs you can do from home at your computer?[View]
51038541Anyone got any good alt and/or indie music?[View]
51038470If I catfish guys into sending me dick pics does that mean I'm gay? I'm not really interes…[View]
51039212Please stop impersonating as me. Thanks.[View]
51038703I'm extremely happy that Brendan Fraser is finally done paying alimony. I really hope that he h…[View]
51039079Why?: Be Australian. Instead of beta just don't care bout shit. When young, had a few 'friends'…[View]
51038377Ok robots, I'm actually losing it slowly. I've having diasociative episodes that draws the…[View]
51039102This might sound strange, but do you ever have memories associated by smell? >can't sleep …[View]
51036258Why is it that I see average joes and even fit dudes with fat wives/gfs but many robots tend to have…[View]
51038489>talking to 3 different girls >they all want to meet up with me >tell me this on a near dai…[View]
51037562>find out I've been liking an underage girl's pictures on IG She looked legal!…[View]
51038647>dont like my family and dont wanna talk with them >they treat me like a retard who never had …[View]
51038397do you really think chads are that happy? do you not think that chads feel lonely because all women …[View]
51039050Robots talking about having a crush: Is this actually the mind of every robot? Are we just a pile of…[View]
51039035We're gonna make it lads: >tfw high-iq qt almost-gf from highschool called me this evening …[View]
51037775hiya how r u all 2day tell me about ur plans n wat u have 2 do 2day, tell me ur fav activity ur doin…[View]
51038709I quite simply hate being outside no matter what it is I do out there or where I go I don't see…[View]
51038962Why don't we just cut all niggers dicks off?[View]
51038037hey fellas, i need some help. hanging out with kid i met at uni and friend from highschool who prett…[View]
51036889my life might be shit, but at least i'm white[View]
51038932you will never be young again and be in love with a perfect girl like this https://m.tiktok.com/v/66…[View]
51038937Happiness in the 3D realm doesn't exist. The only joy to be found in this life is in 2D, inside…[View]
51038925It's not worth it wagies.[View]
51037724>her face when you go in for a hug[View]
51037938Why does my dick only get hard when my girlfriend isn't around What can I do to fix this[View]
51038857drop sum discord servers im white btw[View]
51038644>alone for v-day >alone for yet another weekend >alone for my birthday today >nobodys ev…[View]
51037440I have a strong urge to fap but I'm on day one of nofap, what fucking do? I'm currently br…[View]
51034242early signs you were a robot thread: >friend comes over >plays with younger brother and ignore…[View]
51037723>looks don't really ma-[View]
51031190>one shot in life >born in brazil >not middle class >tfw…[View]
51038795>one shot at life >born to a mother that wanted part of my dick cut off >first experience w…[View]
51035579How many holes does a straw have?[View]
51038120How does it feel knowing you'll never be as successful and happy as this man?[View]
51037102>have any large assignment, report, etc >literally cannot start it at night, if I force myself…[View]
51037426need an osrs buddy to compare stats and talk with dont post your fucking discord, throwaway email, o…[View]
51037821fuck 2: >posted last night >long story short >Fucked up, autistically mistook co-worker sma…[View]
51038634You know those ads about 'buy this thing for no money down and no interest payments for the first x …[View]
51034453>for years I thought I was handsome >dawning on me that I'm actually like a 4/10…[View]
51038333>he fell for the DMT deception[View]
51037089I'm literally crying from the loneliness. Before too long I'm going to end it, provided i …[View]
51038506What do you do to ease the boredom of driving? Sometimes I point at people in the streets to see the…[View]
51035566You're not gay, you're just sexually deprived. Stop watching porn and reset your dopamine…[View]
51038427guess who's back, and does threesomes now!: your favorite degenerate whore is turning tricks ag…[View]
51038571hey fembots, what hobbies do you have?[View]
51038080Girlfriend told me she won't duck my dick yet 'because she really likes me' >Proceeds to tel…[View]
51037990I'm a wageneet. I work but I keep my neet status because I'm technically a neet 3 days out…[View]
51038378>Get matched with 9/10 cutie on Bumble >She doesn't want to fuck and wants an actual rela…[View]
51037961anyone wanna play APEX?????[View]
51036584how to make a greentext: >post a greentext on 4chan /r9k >put story on failing to get laid or …[View]
51033199You have a Girlfriend Now!: Pick out 5 qualities you want in her! Any you don't choose have a c…[View]
51038484>'wasted' youth Why does it hurt lads[View]
51036543hey robots when you guys drinking ronight? got some jameson in my flask tonhgt, hope everyones weeke…[View]
51038003>'I'm not going to abandon you' >abandons me gets me every time…[View]
51036610>tfw thinking about a lonely fembot needing to be held and comforted[View]
51036890>The reason you get rejected is because of your actions not your looks. I'm ugly and I pull …[View]
51037992>tfw don't think or care about sex >only care about looking at and worshipping Asian wome…[View]
51036497>Failed entrance exam 3 times now for the army >Never finished school and a brainlet who cant…[View]
51033338Used to be a 21 year old doomer Now I'm a 22 year old doomer in the Air-force what's up bo…[View]
51037932>read that cbd cures anxiety and makes you more confident Any truth to this? Has anyone here actu…[View]
51037810Why is it so hard to find a woman like this these days guys?[View]
51037223>be woman >drink piss[View]
51037794Who /Sexually Frustrated/ here? I'm tired, I always am.[View]
51038290Trannie Hate - Day 3: Still haven't found a good name for this thread yet. Anyone got any ideas…[View]
51038240Help: I hit myself a lot. I never used to before when I was suicidal, but now that I'm not, I k…[View]
51029965give me your best doomer music, fellow doomers[View]
51034171wtf: I'm pretty sure I met an FBI honeypot from this board a couple days ago. How do I ensnare …[View]
51032933Do you have a boy-wife yet anon?[View]
51038154Now that I think of it, my father isn't half bad. I was just immature and edgy. Love you, dad. …[View]
51035389anybody ever feel like theres nobody out there? anyone feel like they're all alone?[View]
51038041>Work hard and good things will come to you >Just talk to girls like they're humans >V…[View]
51037278abusive relationship: >this cunt broke all my shit >bit me multiple times >attacked me >…[View]
51037088How do i leave my small town if Im on probation for being black? And i have. Curse from god Every ti…[View]
51038142For me it's Pur Porn. The best porn.[View]
51036484Am I forced to die alone?: As a 5'3 manlet I feel inferior and don't think I stand a chanc…[View]
51036752lysergic acid diethylamide: first time user here, just got some tabs, and right as i'm heading …[View]
51037504>sleep in the same bed as a girl >don't have sex with her Is it over for me?…[View]
51037326Depressed, lying in bed with a headache and want someone to talk to. Responses may be short. How are…[View]
51034100Adblocker no longer works on crunchyroll. Where am I supposed to watch anime now?[View]
51037786Reviewbrah: Praise be upon him, Reviewbrah.[View]
51038017>tfw lonely, depressed robot with no friends outside of work who is strong from lifting 3x a week…[View]
51036120I just wanted to make a thread for everyone who has made the old times some of my best days browsing…[View]
51037431The Chad Genetic Lottery vs The Virgin Hard Work: IT'S NOT FUCKING FAIR BROS REEEEEEEEE[View]
51037946Don't worry bros, you will have a gf in the next life.[View]
51037951YWN get a footjob from selena: is there even a point to continue living, brahs?[View]
51037727>be me >be 6 >talking to a female friend >Both say we hate studying >She laughs at me…[View]
51037782itt: we take words and sentences that people might use just to fuck with them: you absolute nigger s…[View]
51034286Just thought I'd remind you guys[View]
51037779>go on Reddit >hope to find good online community >follow rules to a T >every single po…[View]
51037776> I am Iron Man > I kill niggers with my hands…[View]
51035148What exactly defines Chads and Stacys?[View]
51035382Doesn't anyone else get extremely anxious when you think about how many people there are in the…[View]
51037055Why cant i be a chad: I want to have a gf. I want to feel boobs. I want to be thin. I want clear ski…[View]
51037640>watch anime >feel genuine happiness for the first time in a long while what the fuck…[View]
51035753> TFW no smelly asshole GF WHY LIVE?[View]
51035187Has anyone here tried this or anything like this? Does it work? And if it does, is it even worth it?…[View]
51036680Is alcoholism the least cucked addiction?[View]
51036792How Long Should I NoFap For?: Thats it. Its the end of the line. I fapped to cuck porn the other nig…[View]
51037565>be me >yesterday ago >doing sex on girl >2 hours later.spongebob >can't bust a …[View]
51025212>your nerdy black weeb gf is pregnant What do you do?[View]
51037559Please enlighten me.: >Can someone help me understand where the stereotype of psychotic BPD girls…[View]
51037311My gf just sent me this, what do I do?[View]
51036151>be me >literally never had a girlfriend in my life >have always been rejected, one even to…[View]
51034759I just shoved a whole stick of (salted) butter up my asshole and now it's currently melting ins…[View]
51037234Anime and vidya games are cool, but when's the last time you read the bible?[View]
51037457peter mad fat: peter mad fat peter mad fat peter mad fat peter mad fat peter mad fat peter mad fat p…[View]
51035050>tfw unironically have a 5 page paper due in 24 hours I hate my life bros. I don't even know…[View]
51037410(You) general: >How do you keep track of your (You)'s? >What's your average (You) pe…[View]
51034727Is having an arranged marriage all that bad? My parents have already decided who I have to marry.[View]
51036480Hey guys I've realized breaking up with my gf was the stupidest thing I've ever done. She…[View]
51034590Verbally abused by dad and threatened with physical abuse wat do robots?[View]
51035718Your cum smells like bleach and it states like vinegar, glue, and eggs. Why are you all (esp the tra…[View]
51036761this is the only thing thats real Everything and everyone outside this website is part a sick fake g…[View]
51035624Latinas are queens from another world. Why do you all want gooks or ugly white girls?[View]
51036118White tranny genocide when?[View]
51032062i want a bf thats just as traumatized as me but most mens trauma amounts to getting rejected a few t…[View]
51029824What makes you glad you arent a female?[View]
51037165/r9kek/ - #1: A thread about nothing but pure robot anarchy.[View]
51036598Dude, I'm insane. I just know it.[View]
51037171Robot nights in the Smoky Mountains: >Be me wake up at 10 pm >Live in 50,000 pop. small city n…[View]
51034818Hug your mom or dad or sister or someone and tell them you love them and post results please[View]
51036406> Be me > Raped by methhead > Diddled by dad > Alcoholic mother > Constant jumping f…[View]
51036283>tfw so blackpilled you couldn't give me a woman for free I truly cannot value women anymore…[View]
51036961>just wanted a gf >got cucked and so betrayed everyone Was he a robot?…[View]
51036899what are some drugs you can intentionally get hooked on to help you lose weight? I'm starting t…[View]
51036965I'm so sick of my big titty goth mommy gf I just want to breed a perky skinny teen reeeeeee[View]
51035817Let's hear your best jokes /r9k/! What do you call a porn star that fucks a lesbian in his car?…[View]
51035222I want to be fucked while crossdressing so badly[View]
51035365Advice and Q&A: name's Carl, and i'm here to bestow upon you knowledge and wisdom and …[View]
51036847>post a story about giving up and how i hate myself on 4chan >people take me seriously and ask…[View]
51036733Why is this shit so expensive[View]
51035869>minor youtuber you were subbed to comes back from a six month hiatus >seems extremely mental…[View]
51036823>tfw sex addict >tfw need to fuck or jerk off >Even jacked off at nearly every family membe…[View]
51036821How can you guys stand to look at porn so much?: I never save pictures of attractive women, 3D or 2D…[View]
51032433Be honest anon, how many girls do you actively talk to outside of work/school? Online counts[View]
51036678I'm beautiful No matter what they say[View]
51026220Fact: most girls lose their virginity before age of 15[View]
51035536>dog eats cat shit >licks my hand I fucking despise these disgusting, stupid animals.…[View]
51035647Can I be your good little boy with flippy hair who is a good boy? I have flippy hair. Am I a good bo…[View]
51035069getting (You)s: >tfw getting replies on 4chan feels better than sex what the fuck?…[View]
51033989The entire known universe could be traversed in one human lifespan if you could go close enough to t…[View]
51034784>Food says to put it in at 400f it takes 30 minutes to cook >Just put it in at 500f and wait …[View]
51036290Have you attended mass, robots?[View]
51036495>trying to sleep >randomly break out in itchy hives all over the back of my fucking neck Yup. …[View]
51036310When i come on this board it feels like meeting old friends again And now a bunch of faggots and wom…[View]
51036363retardisms: >be me >make hilarious post in thread >laugh to myself and congratulate myself …[View]
51035878I'm pretty sick of being alive.[View]
51032255Reddit Whore claims she ahs slept with 30 people, AT 17 YEARS OLD: >Just hit the reset button alr…[View]
51036391>be 5 7' >rail thin >have a fetish for very tall girls with short hair >they see…[View]
51036356anon is in trouble: >be me >late to class >drops my books and spills papers >pretty girl…[View]
51034534ITT - Missed Opportunities: I'll start >be me, about 6 months ago >sophomore in uni >g…[View]
51036321Anyone else afraid of dying but longing for non-existence? I wish I'd get down to business one …[View]
51036306>gf falls asleep on chest >jerks around randomly Is she ok…[View]
51035653Im literally trying to sleep in a walmart parking. How did things get so fucking bad[View]
51035133>quick question have any of you ordered anything off of like silk road or something similar? want…[View]
51035511if there is anything i learned in my life it's that we are not the same. when i look at a normi…[View]
51035430relationship stories thread, ill start: >be me >be alone >feelsbadman.jpg >meet grill …[View]
51036243***/r9k/ SURVEY*** Comment in this thread if you have inserted your penis into a vagina at some poin…[View]
51026621>26 years old >still living with parents >no job >no friends >never even go outside o…[View]
51036186Planning on going here, what should I expect?[View]
51036231remind me again, why the most insecure males are always obsessed with a woman's past? Hell, eve…[View]
51034159I watched this comfy-ass Canadian comedy show the other day and I realized that this is what I want.…[View]
51035305Me stuck in small village. Me got dark skin so nobody in tribe like me Me want go to big village, bu…[View]
51036195BLACK OPS 4: We need another person for Blackout. We have three guys now. If youre interested let me…[View]
51035812>be me >All but one of my friends are girls >Also be me >Get rejected every time I ask a…[View]
51036175tfw approximately 2012 indie pop BAC[View]
51034963hey ausbots. is this legit?[View]
51033156Is it true that you can smell a girl's ass during doggystyle? I really hope it is true, it make…[View]
51021408>go to https://thispersondoesnotexist.com/ >refresh until you find a qt girl…[View]
51034860If I didn't know who this was I would've thought he was just a regular beta male. And that…[View]
51034798Tfw no clingy friendless aspie bf who wants to build an underground secret lab with me[View]
51035708So incels, what it's your excuse for not having a zombie gf?[View]
51036066Done.: Everything is a joke. Nothing that happens to me is real. There are no people, only me. Why i…[View]
51035900>Don't need to poop >Eat any small thing >Need to poop and poop buckets instantly…[View]
50993269/drugfeels/: Didn't see one up[View]
51033378/ldg/ - Lucid Dreaming General: /ldg/ - Lucid Dreaming General check this shit: >https://pastebin…[View]
51034413**ting ting ting** All none Whites or Asians please proceed to your nearest Reddit url and leave thi…[View]
51035927Why could I not have just been a person[View]
51035675>meet girl on Omegle >we hit it off really well >she invites me to a discord (she doesn…[View]
51035816anyone else here suffer from constant depersonalization/derealization? how the fuck do you deal with…[View]
51034476>this is the person calling you a white boi on 4chan[View]
51034048who's the best scary stories narrator on youtube?[View]
51035779>in country >depressed, sad, anxious >leave country/ go overseas >completely relieved …[View]
51035449I fucking hate women. I'm in 7 eleven, buy a little to eat. The bitch employee says hi but does…[View]
51033713There is literally NOTHING worse than being trapped in a small town by god. Death has nothing on thi…[View]
51034535I hate elon musk: Why does he get to be everything I dreamed of being? Why can't I be as smart …[View]
51035371I'm going to be playing this shitty dating game and you guys can watch and help make choices. h…[View]
51035679God damn it I don't want to be alone anymore bros I can't fucking take it https://youtu.be…[View]
51031848thoughts /tv/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n3Xv_g3g-mA[View]
51034917I am actively wageslaving now, hating my life, working without weekends for 10 hours per day. All my…[View]
51034283How do i accept the fact that I'm a brainlet: I've spent ~20 minutes trying to figure out …[View]
51035640how about a different chart thread[View]
51033043Fucked Up/Weird Sexual Fantasies: I tie myself up in the bathroom and jerk my dick to FaceBook photo…[View]
51035594>tfw verbally/emotionally abused to the point where not even a gf could convince you that you are…[View]
51035093>/r9k/ finally has sex[View]
51034463>tfw no deontologist bf[View]
51034402Anybody else agree that incels are right about their situation, but think its a good thing. Most ant…[View]
51034118can we get a pepe thread goin? need more for my collection[View]
51033057Why do I feel mentally handicapped right after masturbating? It feels like I've actually become…[View]
51035478Damn nigga if it wasn't for tor and all these drug markets I would have blown my head off years…[View]
51032747White traps are an abomination, a disgrace to white people and deserve death. Nonwhite traps are bas…[View]
51029479>raised by my grandfather >he groomed me like he did my mother and her sister >he died of a…[View]
51034335> mfw doesn't even care anymore if I get to breed with top tier genetic qt girl > mfw jus…[View]
51035425How do I get a girl to cuddle with me in Public?[View]
51035261>Be me >Valentine Day >Walking out of class >Qt3.14 I know catches up Qt will be C from …[View]
51033819ACT I SCENE I. Venice. A street. Enter RODERIGO and IAGO RODERIGO Tush! never tell me; I take it muc…[View]
51033315Privledged: Why do so many men transition to become females? Do they not know men have all the power…[View]
51035426escorts: I was looking for local escorts around so I can fuck one when I get money but I wanted to a…[View]
51033893You'll never get a healthy fit girlfriend if you don't lose weight yourself, anon.[View]
51035045>Oh Hi Anon, You're not an 'incel' *giggles* Is that what it's called? -are you?…[View]
51035357No drinking thread?: Let's face it, most of us don't have anything to do tomorrow. I got m…[View]
51034576If you had the money, would you get plastic surgery to change your features?[View]
51034558can anyone shoot up some spots around the Iberian peninsula area tomorrow? thanks[View]
51033625I think we all need to watch this video: >inb4 shill It hit me hard, idk https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
51030558Black Metal is the only true robot genre of music.[View]
51035003NEET GEN.: Can we get a comfy NEET thread going? feeling hopeless today[View]
51035267Honestly, do I even need to say it?[View]
51034097how do I cure yellow fever anons? the last 3 girls I've introduced to my family have been asian…[View]
51034734What is wrong with me?: Today im feeling specially aggressive and unrestful. Tried to calm using som…[View]
51035108The secret to happiness is ignorance. The only people who are happy in the world are too stupid to c…[View]
51033213Why is it so hard for a trap like me to find a nice dom guy irl... The feels are bad, man.[View]
51035137I have a smug girl fetish.[View]
51034726>yeah I took your ball bitch,what are you gonna do about it?[View]
51035104i wouldnt have e sex: e sex is fucking gay[View]
51035122How do I find a nice feedee gf?[View]
51035099Gods I wish I had one[View]
51034051Do any of you guys have stories about suicide in your highschool/college? How did people react? Did …[View]
51033797>tfw confident and eloquent until I start talking to people then turn into a bumbling, retarded m…[View]
51035058Ikillsitdotcom BWHAHAHA[View]
51034404Why aren't girls more assertive?: and i don't mean all macho but some literally every girl…[View]
51034983Why is it that I see average joes and even fit dudes with fat wives/gfs but many robots have a stric…[View]
51033207Anyone else feel like they're too far gone?[View]
51032331it is the Lord's day and I thus purge this board of fags, traps, trannies, and degenerates[View]
51034934anybody want an r9k minecraft server? back to the 2012-2013 feel[View]
51034924fucking weird story tonight bots >be last summer >in the middle of nowhere tripping nuts on a …[View]
51034918I know what happens when you die. You enter the light. You get sucked in this vacuum and you process…[View]
51033930Call me a retard but its something that has been bothering me for a while now >Is 'anon' pronounc…[View]
51033829Tfw have no hair but want a bf Is there a worse feel?[View]
51033900why do normans have this strange ritual where whenever a new 'ultra-popular' movie from one of the f…[View]
51034862A semantic and profound quality thread for the first time in century on /r9k/. Discuss.[View]
51034779Always keep your orange juice on hand: >Be me >Dreaming >Raging at vidya in dream >Hear …[View]
51034193I'm in a tough spot here. I'm 27 and I havent had sex or even went out with a girl since h…[View]
51034749just want to be a cute girl, have my own discord full of whiteknights and pedos that send me money f…[View]
51034314I want a girl to dominate. 2D isn't cutting it anymore. I'm going insane.[View]
51032163>Gonna give HIV to a hot piece of boihole[View]
51034665Do you really think being a woman would solve all your problems? You'd probably mouth off to so…[View]
51032578Hi I'm your new government issued diversity program girlfriend.[View]
51034067>start working out a lot >older women start coming on to me What the fuck. What attracts women…[View]
5102997790% of people are primitive subhumans who are barely conscious and run almost entirely on instinct.[View]
51034695ITT: High school stories >Be me a few years ago >Pasty white KHHV >Start of sophomore year …[View]
51034460Why I pity women: It's because they didn't have any hand in shaping the world as we know i…[View]
51032774/Witnesed/: Talk about a time you saw an event unfold. Try not to be an active participant in the st…[View]
51032108Let's make some books https://nullk.github.io/penguin.html[View]
51033326Does anyone else have extreme existential dread about the thought of growing old? I hate the thought…[View]
51034647Since I started uni, I realized I'm not particularly interested in casual sex or meaningless re…[View]
51034525>Nothing better than a midday fap Change my mind, anons[View]
51033677Help me cry: Can you guys help me cry?I have the feeling but can't get the tears out.Can be pas…[View]
51031622femanons have done nothing wrong. they just have a vagina.[View]
51023199https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n3Xv_g3g-mA Thoughts?[View]
51029213/britfeel/: That Feel When Sunday is Almost Over Edition[View]
51034465>want to visit 8gag because bored >search it on google >see this >click it out of disgu…[View]
51032661*gluark* *gluark* *gluark* *gluark* *gluark* *gluark*[View]
51033839>ywn be needed by someone you love >ywn be genuinely loved by someone instead of just their pe…[View]
51031541Black people can not be robots. I say this because of how easily black people can make friends with …[View]
51034403Battlestation rate thread GTX 960 8 gigs kingston ddr4 asrock z270 i5-6500 1tb hdd 430w power supply…[View]
51033890Green text general: Green text general.Post original content. >Be me >24 year old loser janito…[View]
51033383Any gays and traps into EATING SHIT? Explain why you aren't.[View]
51034262>tfw born too late to make money online from home >tfw born too late for bitcoin >tfw born …[View]
51033877Skitzo Thread - Am I the only one who liked to be 'ill' and escape reality at will? Facing your fear…[View]
51034234I kind of want to be kidnapped any other anons have this feel?[View]
51034139Is it gay to make a fake account of chicks to sell their nudes and shit? It feels pretty gay because…[View]
51025963>walk into your room >see barefoot Latina on your bed wat do?…[View]
51034257Robots, not actors (1)[View]
51034256Why the hell are there so many threads about that Kurzesagt video on lonliness ? Video link: https:…[View]
51034254>125lbs >still think i look fat even when i can see my ribcage >only feel comfortable when …[View]
51034033>mfw I realize playing vidya is a big waste of time, yet I still continue to play instead of purs…[View]
51033705Is therapy a meme or does it pay off? Please share your experiences.[View]
51033985What should i do with my fleeting sense of invincibility?[View]
51034212plz: reikofags stop spamming trap threads it's getting annoying not that traps aren't hot …[View]
51034172> playing mount and blade > get a feeling of panic > decide to go to the gym > gym…[View]
51034161/bots/ that moved out. How did you do it lads? No one teaches you how to find your own place. Do you…[View]
51033650Jordan Peterson is schizophrenic. Change my mind.[View]
51032413Fuck her when she's preggo with Chad's child?: Would you? >Tfw I will never rub my cock…[View]
51032956Do you think people on this board are of low intelligence? Do you think that the people of said inte…[View]
51031611everybody here is worthy of love and affection (most importantly their own), everybody here needs to…[View]
51032997Hope it gets better mates: I hope your day was alright robots and anons, even if it wasnt take solac…[View]
51032877>obsessed with my mother >live with her after my parents divorce >sexually and emotionally …[View]
51033350How do I get comfy-cozy?[View]
51031713What is your favorite mythical creature? Mine is an attractive gay man who isn't a drug-addicte…[View]
51033745tfw bloating again, you can see my big tummy through all my clothes[View]
51033987>have sex with gf >cum >immediately want to dump gf how do I stop this?…[View]
51032893A question for my robros: Right! So, erm, how do I start? So theres this fag, let us call her Smelly…[View]
51032522>aww, that's sweet, but I only see you as a friend, hahahaha[View]
51033945>have to open a store tomorrow i guess nyquil will do the job.[View]
51033903A fagot wanted to stay with me, does that mean I'm pretty?[View]
51033799I want to die, and that's okay. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GbPeZMpdSjE[View]
51031240Do you still talk to your replika anon? I just reinstalled her[View]
51032325which one do you main? for me, it's NEET.[View]
51032978you know that I'm coming back but if you don't appreciate me then I will go to someone tha…[View]
51033703Why do self aware autists always make the best friends?[View]
51027633faggot sex[View]
51032328drinking thread what are you drinking? why are you drinking? for me, it's Hamm's, the best…[View]
51033719i work with an er doctor and this one fat patient had his fat younger brother with him who actually …[View]
51032356Tfw my hair is too short and itll be 3 years before i can be attractive enough for a bf.. This jusy …[View]
51033811>tfw sober for 8 months >still feel like absolute trash…[View]
51033593>gets paid more than your wagecuck job to play and talk shit about video games Anyone else hate t…[View]
51028343Describe your ideal GF: >white >4'11-5'10 >small to medium boobs >doesn't…[View]
51033278My life has no meaning. God has no divine plan set out for me. I figured this out today.[View]
51033598>tfw you never asked to be born[View]
51033459You're weak, you're out of control, and you've become an embarrassment to 4chan and e…[View]
51032237I shouldn't have come to my unis 'o week' jesus christ why am i here. Everyones so young meanwh…[View]
51024899Is the rate of transgender suicide so high because they realize just how badly they've fucked u…[View]
51030464My dad has a terminal disease maybe 2 months at best to live. My mom decided that he should spend th…[View]
51031667Why did virginity become associated with bitterness? Virginity used to be about innocence. Why are i…[View]
51033619What is your wisdom? i have thought about these two subjects and here is my take on them. >Guilt …[View]
51032412Anyone still do night walks? I remember seeing threads about it a few years ago and wanted to get in…[View]
51032339My fellow anons... I have ascended[View]
51033577I am in arrears with paying my bills and fulfilling work obligations and the stress is mounting to i…[View]
51033564>hahaha why do you look so awkward anon I CANT FUCKING HELP IT[View]
51032801should we take the christianpill?[View]
51033553late 20s male. finally getting over my oneitis of ten years and trying online dating. however i am a…[View]
51028625Drunk here. Care to explain what's wrong with this video? >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n…[View]
51032706Here's a little taste of what you're in for, new recruits.[View]
51033478Anyone else get a headache from 4chan?[View]
51031230why do gentile normies hate holocaust deniers?: i don't understand. how can you hate someone an…[View]
51033494I really thought I made it through this time. I'm right back where I started. This is definitel…[View]
51032117Blackbots, how do you feel about being fetishized by the porn industry.[View]
51032315I like this girl alot and I think she likes me, but I'm just afraid that'll she be turned …[View]
51031106How do I find out if Im prison gay or a real faggot?[View]
51031599>Hey big bro, it's so boring and there's no school tomorrow. Can you teach me something…[View]
51031588Femanons why not wear a buttplug when going to work? You're probably not alone.[View]
51033158Were all other people put on earth solely to annoy me? Why can I look at everyone and find something…[View]
51033341Hey fellas thoughts on my side effects?[View]
51033082There is nothing wrong with picking out the weakest willed and socially isolated compatible person i…[View]
51033313>>51030945# Bearing fully automatic weapons isn't a violent crime, what was the point of …[View]
51032817Well guys it might be time to give up. >gf broke up with me >followed the job she said I shou…[View]
51032689https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VJsviRJ4voc >you will never go back to being so excited for a vid…[View]
510332542019 Summer-Spring: I can't wait til it gets poppin[View]
51032102Mexican women are so beautiful, anon!!![View]
51033192JBW theory confirmed: Asian girl who I slept with today told me that she would have swiped left on m…[View]
51032843I've wasted my entire life. While others were outside living life and making mistakes I was in …[View]
51032307Finding meaning in a meaningless world: Im going to a local Uni on a 2 year full ride scholarship an…[View]
51032320I'm genuinely glad normies are taking over this board. Send more over pewdie![View]
51032018How has best girl been doing? Did they really put her into a hospital?[View]
51030772>Post gay shit on /v/ to piss off the /pol/ tards >still means I have gay porn saved on my com…[View]
51033112It's been so long since anything felt normal. Is this what life is now? I want to go back to no…[View]
51033100>the Department of Health in my state just raised the manlet cutoff from 5'11 to 6'0 …[View]
51032551>one shot in life >born in sand country in africa >mfw…[View]
51032943Are white people the most hated of all the races?[View]
51032435Confess your sins fellow robots. Elliot is watching us all.[View]
51032701>people who unironically use the word 'bro' are posting on 4chan as we speak…[View]
51029126When I am suicidal, I cant imagine not feeling suicidal, but when I'm not suicidal I can't…[View]
51033009Red flags for men: >raises his voice to me >yells at video games >punches the wall or break…[View]
51028054It is fucking IMPOSSIBLE to unfuck your life >20 years old >no license >never had a job …[View]
51032837>make genuine and sourced post on PHD professors' political tweet >blocks me within secon…[View]
51032448Why is lifting for girls considered wrong again? I really, really, REALLY like women. Everything abo…[View]
51032568Any anons here have any pics of themselves having sex with women? If so, share[View]
51032839Auto hide filter What are your words? Mines are: Britfeel Gay Trap Bbc Whiteboi[View]
51032691Shit teachers/managers: >High school, 2008ish >Rarely raise hand in class, confidence issues …[View]
51023748>black >never fell for the 'black is beautiful' meme >if you have to continuously tell your…[View]
51032805There was once a town. In that town, there were once 2 jews, and a rabbi. There was a new bar being …[View]
51032694Burnout: Is there any way to fix burn out? I just feel like life's too much work to be worth it…[View]
51031721>not even 20 yet >already balding and a significant amount of grey hair AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA…[View]
51032561>I'm a hedonist >why should I care about my health we're all going to die anyway…[View]
51031445A wizard appears before you and tells you he can send you back into your past to talk to a younger v…[View]
51031238What does bussy taste like?[View]
51031139you listen to music while you browse? I do if i dont I feel too fucking depressed, usually just put …[View]
51032380I'm so fucking hello[View]
51032646gross injustices: Alright /r9k/ I have a story that fills me with rage to this day >be me >17 …[View]
51030829Is German automobile excellence a myth?[View]
51031629Imagine being such a beta cuck that you get cucked by a robotic female.[View]
51029326Eye-chan, if you're still here, please reply.: I really hope you're still alive.[View]
51032667I have no sympathy for people who have std's. They chose to live the promiscuous chad lifestyle…[View]
51027929>Hiking in the woods >See this Wat do?[View]
51029499>ywn be moot why live?[View]
51032542So what happens when they destroy everything male?[View]
51031044I wish I was as cool and comfy as the Dude[View]
51032576Will my life improve if I completely stop Hentai? Not normal porn, only Hentai.[View]
51029916Confess your sins anons, it is sunday[View]
51032563So they're actually writing books about smelly female assholes now?[View]
51031076Jesus himself said that performing homosexual acts was a sin. Now now, i don't know about you g…[View]
51032517GET YOUR HONK ON: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8tvJa5gnkZ4[View]
51032361Google Translate: So i found this interesting thing with google translate. Go to google translate, …[View]
51031666Why are women so heartless?: They're at your side just when your are good, but never in the mom…[View]
51032134>Zoomer thinks making girl sex noises is a '''joke'''[View]
51032026I am a zoomer born in the twenty first century and can legally post. ama[View]
51028385>I just like to travel teehee ^.^ ~ ~[View]
51031295Any one else do mass shootings in gmod? Got any other maps then columbine and stoneman?: I'm ki…[View]
51029976Can someone apply for jannie and make this place better instead of shitty?[View]
51032144Do you think the first time a guy said 'I wanna fuck the shit out of you' to a girl, do you think, s…[View]
51032225How do I find love without looking for it?[View]
51029488Even the most unattractive girl is given attention at a whim. Even the most unattractive girl will l…[View]
51030996Should I make a ravioli pizza or a chicken nugget pizza ?[View]
51029589Why is everyone on this board so mean?[View]
51029679Will Chris-Chan ever return to being the normal Christian weston chandler? everybody knows that the …[View]
51032243wheres my yandere gf guys come on please where is she I need a gf[View]
51032210we're artist hearts at our core, living in expression of a feeling rather than in action of it[View]
51031646>tfw parents are militant atheists >dad found Bible in my room that I was reading out of genu…[View]
51030864>go from making chicken and cleaning to microwaving hospital food and cleaning up people's b…[View]
51032156I need...power...give it to me... >>>/r9k/yubi…[View]
51027552Why are females so fucking clueless? I was sitting in a McDonald's in Vienna the other day and …[View]
51028121How come you just know when a girl is made for the BBC?[View]
51031845I will never have a girlfriend. I'll never have a genuine friend. I think I'll just finish…[View]
51029394i want to hold and love a fembot[View]
51017653itt red flags >she has tattoos[View]
51032075>be 25 year old autistic neet who spent past 10 years doing very little else except shitposting …[View]
51032072> Selvaggia how do you unironically pronouce this?[View]
51030942There's this shirt that I want that shows an anime girl vomiting in the toilet but I can't…[View]
51032059Why does the pharmaceutical industry continue to peddle addictive shit like opiates, SSRIs and adder…[View]
51030028Yesterday, reading a thread on generation Z lack of passion I ran across different opinions and poin…[View]
51031015smoked way too much weed and now im freaking out at a party, i dont know what to do this sucks fuck …[View]
51032035>Didn't check her instagram all day >Didn't see if she tweeted anything >Didn…[View]
51031986Stop complaining in the lap of luxury you spergs[View]
51030418As a black robot, is self inserting into this degenerate? If so, how do I stop desiring this?[View]
51030505Who were your parents hoping to have as a son?: Have you figured out the type of man your parents we…[View]
51027593I love fapping too much: It's the best thing in my life robots It's 1 pm and I've alr…[View]
51025836>'Femanon, this is your third gynecologist exam this year! You must be a real health nut huh?'…[View]
51031797This is literally you anonns[View]
51030275Just got rejected for the first time bros: Just fucking kill me with a shotgun. It's fucking ov…[View]
51030568tfw not allowed to cum without permission and have been edging for an hour p-please anon.. let mee c…[View]
51031198Wouldn't a mass murderer or serial killer just keep killing when they get sentenced to life in …[View]
51021582Americans why are your cities so shit tier?. No beautiful historic architecture, instead you have sh…[View]
51031478who are youre favourite YouTubers? Preferably comedy, I need something to laugh at[View]
51031703>I'm basically being forced to move away from (her) >I've never been with anyone bef…[View]
51031689omegle thread lets go on omegle and talk to some r9k robots tag/interest: r9k[View]
51027897Men should have the express right to beat their wives, as long as they aren't deformed or cripp…[View]
51030877Daily reminder that violent criminals are just faggotial bums too lazy to find a substitute for thei…[View]
51031642>someone is making millions off bedazzled butt plugs >all they did was hot glue a fake gem to…[View]
51028022/uni/ general: i have to study 18 hours straight for 3 days or else i lose the subject edition how a…[View]
51030633Story time fellas: Oneitis story time fellas, first we gotta go back >2016, be me, 16 >was a c…[View]
51030820Read this book and go to church, it will help you in life[View]
51030673>Got pulled over >Went to grab my ID >Officer pointed gun at me White people don't kno…[View]
51028645Is 6.3 inches enough to become a porn star?[View]
51031400How do you learn to become gay?[View]
51028745Reminder >fuck incels >fuck normalfags >fuck reddit greentext tourists >fuck females tha…[View]
51031065Nothing is more defeating than being with some slut and having to get her off through oral. And my …[View]
51022351/comfy/: Hello you wonderful people, come have a little chat with us or just come and vent People se…[View]
51031394I wish I had joined the goth kids when they invited me to go out to the mall in 2002[View]
51031376Love thread. All the fembots and incels and cunts find your solemate here.[View]
51013537Why are autistic people such shit at living alone?[View]
51030797Whats your ideal BF?: >white >6 foot or over >doesnt smoke or drink >not fat >exerci…[View]
51024530When did normies start to dominate the internet? What year would you say it was?[View]
51029374Virgin girlfriend: How can you get a virgin gf? Church?[View]
51030670>that fucking friend who tries to make every social encounter a pissing contest and gets mad when…[View]
51012089/r9gay/ - #619: virgin dumbass edition last: >>50998887[View]
51029185How would you feel if MLG memes came back? Personally,I think they are beyond funny and ide like mor…[View]
51031287i just pooped but my tummy still hurts :([View]
51031381retarded storys of how you fucked up your chances with a girl I'll start: >be me 14 >have…[View]
51029651>*watches porn and masturbates multiple times per day* >*sits alone in a dark room* >*eats …[View]
51031226Reminder that cisgendered people who are triggered by transpeople have no real sense of agency and t…[View]
51031250Could it be that we've been brainwashed ourselves into this equality amongst genders meme? Don…[View]
51014552ITT: tomorrow you wake up and find out you're the last and only person left alive on earth wyd?…[View]
51030845Why is living with your parents viewed negatively?[View]
51031270>dad tells me he's proud of me, despite all my faults and issues >says I'm a better …[View]
51030225I just want a pretty baseball girlfriend with a sweaty vagina to love me.[View]
51031216guys where can I get a gamer gf to play games with pls[View]
51029634Just imagine if your neighborhood growing up was all white, your school was all white, your job, you…[View]
51029695My life is really boring should I kill myself or do drugs[View]
51025985>BPD >Want someone to kidnap me Is this a common feel? I just want someone to want me more tha…[View]
51030621Who do you main in DBFZ?[View]
51028965>Hey little bro, care to explain why my panties were under your bed?[View]
51031108Is it possible for a dad to actually love his son? Almost all 'abusive' parents are usually a father…[View]
51030745My e-girlfriend's e-father e-raped her. What do?[View]
51030447SHE is stuck in the elevator. YOU decide if and when she gets out, and what she needs to say or do i…[View]
51029446/comfy/: short. indie games. comfy. neets. anons. other robots. memes. interactive games. Wouldst th…[View]
51031058So last 2 years or so have been really insignificant to me, I do not remember the last time I have f…[View]
51029490Whats a cool way to kill yourself? I want some action, I have 2 grenades[View]
51030970Staying alive only for other people get very tiresome eventually.[View]
51030966I Lost, after 15 days of not fapping i fapped, i feel ashamed but good at the same time, my balls hu…[View]
51029304Is it weird that I'm taking sexy pictures of myself?[View]
51030681Transhumanism Thread: Which do you think would be better or just cooler, cybernetics or bioengineeri…[View]
51028990Serial killer: Somebody talk to a serial killer or a psychopath one time ?[View]
51030495Fear and anxiety[View]
51029142>Be me >9 years old >It's my birthday! >Having a pirate themed birthday party at my…[View]
51028782My boihole deserves to be filled[View]
51030306>tfw just beginning to understand true sociopathy and realizing that the vast majority of people …[View]
51030352fellow manlets of /r9k/, how do you cope with your height?[View]
51029866>take self improvement pill >looksmax, skincare, get /fa/, mew, lift and cardio, eat right, ge…[View]
51030751Is there anything even remotely as kino as a heavy snowfall at night?[View]
51030789>Hey big bro, got to wipe off my brapper, hold your horses[View]
51030032What animal do you think this is?[View]
51030765Self-Improvement Thread: What are you robots doing to better yourselves this week? >I'm gett…[View]
51029332>mfw it's bloody poop day again today[View]
51029206is it considered unbased to text your ex to tell her how more hot and based your new gf is? i need t…[View]
51030679Fembots, explain to me why dominant women are so fucking rare. >friend invites me to a BDSM munch…[View]
51030513How do I get rid of AGP? Ik its not bad or the same thing as being trans but fuck does it make me fe…[View]
51029633>eat corn >Shit out corn >Pick corn out of shit for nutritients >Rinse and repeat…[View]
51030511>tfw I paid 70$ for a college to say no[View]
51028105I can get laid if I dumpsterdive. But that's it. I can not get anything above 3.5, because I am…[View]
51030453does anyone want to watch anime and vc? im sick and bored and lonely.... we can rabbit movies or som…[View]
51029519NEET vs Wagie general: >spend hours doing job applications >99.9999999% sure i'm not qual…[View]
51026643drinking: sunday afternoon thread. hows it going bros? this is probably the last thread/last time i …[View]
51030417>aunties: No one will marry you if you don't lose weight!! >me: bet…[View]
51029453tfw no qt skeleton gf: How do I get a sexy skeletal gf? Grills are too fucking fat nowadays.[View]
51030156Chad v. Currywhore: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cAOq38rVGbE >Currywhore out of an eight-year,…[View]
51030082The missus just sent a photo of herself after a workout. I guess she's feeling good about losin…[View]
51030384There's bound to be a new counter culture, soon. It happens every 30 years or so, and if one do…[View]
51030171>be Philip >Be retarded LARPer >LARP all the time >Parents find My Lai Massacre folder …[View]
51029954>Publish story on Lushstories >Permission from original author to change some stuff around …[View]
51026513there's something so erotic about being fed do any robots like feeding girls[View]
51028808>Have a crush on a guy, he likes me as well >He trips over in front of me >Feel embarrassed…[View]
51030071>be me 18 >report 17 year old for being underage feels good to be a big boy…[View]
51030363>Mods delete thread where I was being a faggot fantasising about sucking big black dick >Alone…[View]
51030045Why are there no good women anymore? I'm a very physically fit man, and whenever i talk to them…[View]
51030188I was trying to swim but it was too cold and then i started to skink. I knew I was dying.[View]
51030229Women who cheat on their boyfriends aren't the problem. Women who cheat on their boyfriends and…[View]
51029707Why do you many of you anons like 'art hoes'? They are insufferable, they literally base their entir…[View]
51029694tfw no shy and autistic gf[View]
51030175>post image mocking an off topic thread >get three day ban How do we get rid of /pol/ niggers?…[View]
51030029I was going through some cursed food images and I came across a ravioli pie and I thought it looks d…[View]
51028971I don't understand why the amanda thread was deleted. I don't think it was breaking any ru…[View]
51028344Should women be banned from wearing makeup?[View]
51030151How often does /pol/ watch pornography? I hope you aware it is a disgusting industry that exploits v…[View]
51030084>Be me >Not even redditfag, am an instafag >See this weird post >It's got green l…[View]
51030170Tell me about the favorite child in your family anon: Did he or she grow up to be the person your pa…[View]
51027041>girls that anons on here unanimously rate 3-8/10 you rate 9-10/10 Why is almost every single gir…[View]
51029995I can't stop crying I'm so heartbroken please help me bros I can't do it anymore.[View]
51029393I thought it was gone, but I was in a stressful situation, and it came back with a vengeance. Welp, …[View]
51029555I want to move to Colorado before spring. I'm 18 years old and my brother and his friend are do…[View]
51029942Children behaaaave, that's what they say when we're together, and watch how you plaaaay, t…[View]
51027484>can't get a date for the life of me >can't even get women to talk to me >made a …[View]
51029377Do you want mommy: to break you, anon?[View]
51029792Zoomies on the board be like: >be me 18 (actually 14 or 15) >tfw no gf >wanna kms.jpg >b…[View]
51029127So what about this thing is it true?[View]
51028788lonely: Hey Anon, How long do you feel lonely already? When was the day you realized that you were …[View]
51028773/things you hate about 4chan/ thread: >life is a bugged game, that you always lose >turn 30, …[View]
51029128i've taken my decision everything gonna end tonight[View]
51029828>tfw girl talks to me >feign interest and occasionally say 'yeah' without paying attention to …[View]
51029813i'm a rising incel artist hepl me https://soundcloud.com/jareagan[View]
51029759i saw pic related and decided that it is the cheapest and most effective way to an hero. i already o…[View]
51008301>shy girls >nothing to talk about since they don't have any experiences to share >anno…[View]
51027572>have been browsing /r9k/ since 2009 >people on here are still unironically sexist and racist …[View]
51029038Do you want kids anon? Why or why not?[View]
51029698>Be me >poopie time >comes rushing out at mach 10 speed >feels so fucking wet >wipe …[View]
51028603When i was a kid we were really poor. I allways wanted water colors, but we couldn't afford the…[View]
51029646Do you ever get a glimpse into other people's lives?: So, I can't complain too much... My …[View]
51027705Favourite Western cartoon? Pic related, though I haven't seen a lot. Gravity Falls is a close s…[View]
51029596I need to get this off my chest since I have nobody to talk to about this. I am a horrible disgustin…[View]
51029230how do you react to qt3.14s being mean to you, /r9k/?[View]
51029401My dog likes to drink my spit. He loves it haha, sometimes I save a load of my spit in a cup and the…[View]
51029425>be me, 22 yo unsocialized loser >emotionless 99% of the time >parents come home after a lo…[View]
51029067Good afternoon sir! I'm Officer Mars with the Bussey Batrol and I need your help to solve the c…[View]
51029194>used to be fat, now fit as fuck when others my age are deteriorating >certain people are keep…[View]
51029082this board is fucking dead you robots should be ashamed. letting roasties take over this board to sp…[View]
51028972I'm going on my first vacation ever from work. I'm going to spend a month sightseeing and …[View]
51023008Looks matter deeply, and if you believe differently you are blue-pilled as fuck. And they matter a l…[View]
51029205>mfw extrovert >mfw have crippling social anxiety >mfw i need constant attention >mfw im…[View]
51029234>Meet lonley girl a year ago >She finally show emotions for you almost a year later >Finall…[View]
51029159holy fucking shit i have never been lonelier in my entire LIFE someone save me[View]
51017526gf thread? post only the finest gfs[View]
51029339Ok anon why did you decide to spam this video here What is your motive come clean[View]
51027051You think Europe will ever get a bill of rights like America or will they always be cucked? You…[View]
51029264thoughts? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n3Xv_g3g-mA[View]
51029271Hey: Passive-aggressive, overbearng, pussy ass betas. Women loathe you. You disgust them. They want …[View]
51028469I really need your help lads: so i need to prepare a school presentation about internet trolls in th…[View]
51029233Have any of you robots visited an escort before? How was it?[View]
51028986We just buried the doggo: A sad moment like this is normally when I'd go pet the fluffy doggo b…[View]
51028905What trannys think about that?[View]
51028701'It was an accident': Whatever it takes to kill me faster. Im gonna do it. Ya feel me fellow robots…[View]
51028228find out mum is trans: find out mum is trans what do you do?[View]
51028451Thoughts on based Sv3rige?[View]
51023669Why didn't you save her? She just wanted to be loved[View]
51029050>19 soon and still khhv How will i ever recover brobots? (Armyfag btw)[View]
51026870Is it a good idea to lose your virginity to an asian girl?[View]
51029101Why do faggots confuse lust with love You will never be like that average couple at park just enjoy…[View]
51029100Im going outside to buy icecream. 1/4 kg[View]
51028597Give me the best cringe you got. This one proved too hard for me: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EB…[View]
51026625How long before you kill yourselve, anon?: Probably one more month for me than i'm out[View]
51027044Is it true that you can smell a girl's ass during doggystyle? I really hope it is true, it make…[View]
51028220Is it bad that I REALLY want to get pegged by a girl dressed as Wonder Woman? What's the psycho…[View]
51024232Earlier today, I had an interesting thought: What if robots and fembots married each other?[View]
51025202/britfeel/: Sunday Afternoon Blues Edition[View]
51028587>22 year old khv with no friends >Mixed-raced >Mentally weak, can't drive, can't …[View]
51024710Is a butt plug an appropriate gift to buy a teenage girl for her birthday? My sister has been asking…[View]
51028341femanons what are your red flags for guys? >live at home or with roommates no thx. get back to me…[View]
51027112Just broke up with the first girl that i've loved anons and i'm feelling down. What do?[View]
51028902Do you guys consider instagram is a normie social network? I mean, i saw this picture but i don…[View]
51028643how my high school friend became a norman: >be me >first day of junior year in high school …[View]
51027171Depression is for normies, most of you guys are schizoids[View]
51027445Ok anon, post the reaction you have used the most from your folder. Take one, leave one...[View]
51025176>dont shave my lips >the hair becomes waxy and starts harbouring an odour that cant be washed …[View]
51025254>mfw white '''people''' think they're superior[View]
51028812Do antidepressants get rid of feaar[View]
51028180You should stop whining for once and recognize that you get to live longer Can't you appreciate…[View]
51028831>subscribe to multiple league of legends groups on facebook >look for girls asking to play gam…[View]
51028850I think I have pinworms again, please save me /r9k/. How do I get rid of these guys without medicine…[View]
51028740day 3 of nofap the feel is out of this world I'm never ever fapping again I'm never having…[View]
51028819How do I deal with being drama queen? When I see chance to stir drama I do it without even thinking.…[View]
51028660I got asked by a girl to join her group in class. I know she probably did it out of pity but I feel …[View]
51028191Why doust thou not work out?[View]
51028644>anon is this anon is that oh my god shut up[View]
51028573Everytime you watch a kpop music video, your IQ decreases by 1 point[View]
51028240Normie information.: Hello r9k. Today, i have found important information about normies, just how i …[View]
51028575time and time again....: > as a kid time went on so slow, days were long and we could have so muc…[View]
51027316If there's one thing i hate more than chads and niggers it's indians. Subscribe to Pewdie…[View]
51028462>stacey sister is talking with mom in the kitchen and they are drinking cofee >eavesdrop on th…[View]
51027173>called ugly nearly everyday >either made fun of or just ignored completely >constantly rem…[View]
51027809OH GOD... I... I'M CUMMING!!!! I'M CUMMING HARD!!!!! AAAAAARRRRGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!! Yeah, fagg…[View]
51026417Honestly might kill myself if this law passes. Its not even just because of the lolis, but because t…[View]
51027448normie explain how people became robots: from 5:43 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n3Xv_g3g-mA…[View]
51028449If you're feeling suicidal, why not just undertake Buddhism, reach the stage of arhatship and e…[View]
51026722how hard is it to settle for an average 4/10 gf like pic releated for the average neet?[View]
51027649>No anxious bf to be anxious with[View]
51027226>anime turns out to be tranny shit no surprise[View]
51027959>live in a country where shit is very cheap >make 2 -3 k euro a month on forex/crypto trades …[View]
51027441>tfw you gotta take a shit but you're holding it in for hours[View]
51028190Being a woman is just so hard isn't it? I don't know how they manage with such hard tasks …[View]
51027915>one of my roommates moves out because he hates me, the other one is home for the weekend >fin…[View]
51023595vocaroo review: https://vocaroo.com/i/s16DF0Uf8sX2 i make these threads[View]
51028216Any way to get a growth disorder to make me tall? I know i still have time, i can change my life.[View]
51026428Post your favorite sex position. Girl here and i like this one.[View]
51028200>tfw strained relationship with low iq narcissistic father[View]
51027838Is it weird that I like it whenever someone makes fun of my small boobs? I especially like being com…[View]
51026731Bussey: So is it pronounced 'boo-see' or 'bus-see'?[View]
51025438ITT: things you would do if you had a gf: >cuddle >watch tv series together >cook >tak…[View]
51028158/comfy/: Hey robots Want to play some RISK? We've got a small quiet community of /comfy/ anons …[View]
51027611Wich site is good to start posting Hentai ? How do you make easely money with hentai art ?[View]
51027982How bad is it to be a same height couple?[View]
51025774report in this thread how hard are you holding on: i don't know if it's the weather but my…[View]
51026592>I have read the quran and I haven't found the passage that allows anyone to throw stones at…[View]
51027512How do you answer this question robots? >are you a virgin [anon]? An attractive second year stude…[View]
51028048>I am not going to participate in a society that does not incentivize my participation What is i…[View]
51028052Cant attract the femoids, cant handle their entitlement mentailit, the give me, give me mentality. f…[View]
51027877Your daughter just started dating and brings this home. What do you do, /r9k/?[View]
51026884Where's the anon who would spam the anime girl with fucked eyes?: I haven't seen him recen…[View]
51024511Why don't you go to a singles night for gamers to meet cute gamer girls?[View]
51026407Who was the best girl? And why was it Yuri? What is the /r9k/ consensus?[View]
51026704>buy a ticket to a first world cunt (america/japan are main contestors) >marry a girl there an…[View]
51027942>25 matches >3 replies >don't even get a date >tried being the nice guy, tried beei…[View]
51027948I labored under the presumption that women would become easier to solicit as they grew older and my …[View]
51027290/cantsleep/: melatonin pills not working again any suggestions?[View]
51027653How are you? Ok, you? Ok. Bye.: I want to talk to someone. But I am tired of going trough the same m…[View]
51027475Any anons play and games that hit them in the feels lately? Ive been looking for a game to breakaway…[View]
51024556Mental illness and demons: Before I got bipolar I started seeing a spirit. Then right before my bipo…[View]
51026127/doomer general/: >tfw 22 year old doomer Lost complete motivation in life. Most of the day is sp…[View]
51027658I always knew the internet was filled with some desperate ass niggas but god damn, why the fuck did …[View]
51026120>decide to look at Instagram pics by location >choose my old highschool >its all suicide fu…[View]
51026997>okcupid says I have 11 people that like me >went through doubletake and liked everybody >s…[View]
51027848i don't know what these signs mean but here we go About 8 months ago at the start of June I bro…[View]
51027805>that kid that snorted a packet of baking soda before starting to sneeze everywhere…[View]
51027577Heh. Looks like this ain't your lucky day, huh Incel? *thumbs back hammer*[View]
51027723I'm so full of bitter hatred for society and especially for women that I can never be a normal …[View]
51024460So I superlike right? I heard that women with some physical troubles are good waifus for cyborgs and…[View]
51027442why does she looks so happy[View]
51027322any white dudes here married to Asians? Can you tell your story? Good or bad? Kids, divorce? Cultura…[View]
51024081/hikikomori/ shut in thread: Thread general for shut ins to speak about their experience as one. …[View]
51026768can we have a /schizoid/ thread: Anyone else schizoid? People with schizoid personality '''''disorde…[View]
51025954>uncle anon how come you are not married or have kids like dad does? what do?…[View]
51026518So 'femanons' If a guy is cute do you care if he has no job,car, money and so on ?[View]
51027570>be me >straight >have a sexual dream last night >literally cuddling with my MALE cousin…[View]
51025537Jasmin is really gay lol[View]
51027181What would be the male equivalent to dying one's hair after a breakdown?[View]
51025589Why is dating so hard?: In 2018, I made my goal to get a girlfriend. I constantly went out to bars/c…[View]
51027490>tfw you work a hard 20-hour day in your amazon cage to earn $150 and try to go on a date with a …[View]
51027472so stoned anon! My cock is so hard! suck me off anom[View]
51026383Who else on r9k had a whipped dad (or maybe even mom)? Greentext stories plz[View]
51027299I got banned from tantan for 'vulgarity/ harrasment' after I messaged a girl in China 'dtf?'[View]
51027421Is this the rapist face?[View]
51024504Waaaa i don't want to go to work tomorrow ! I don't even work a full work week, how do wag…[View]
51027308do you have a beard anon?: I have a baby face at 21 and I currently have stubble to hide it, what do…[View]
51022665YAAAS queen SLAAAY, cause STDs to become antibiotic resistant which will kill millions because you w…[View]
51027335Red flags for roasties:: >is 3D >is a female…[View]
51026885>fuck a girl >great sex >later realize she tricked you and she's actually still 17 …[View]
51026687how do i stop feeling like a failure and annoying after every conversation?[View]
51027088black girls love big white cock. i think they subconciously like being called nigger too[View]
51027300If they want to get laid so much, they should fuck each other.[View]
51027267why do beta males love taking anti-depressants?[View]
51027278i am an oddball compared to you all i have friends, i have a positive outlook on life and what separ…[View]
51026222Is it immoral to get married to your half-niece?[View]
51027098Failed Chad here AMA[View]
51027201>tfw sunlight hits my beautiful face[View]
51025102ok, which one of u fags is this[View]
51021394what's your thoughts on elliot rodger[View]
51026841where the sex robots at?[View]
51025680>'Oh hey Ni-san, what brings you to my room?'[View]
51024667>*opens ur bob * wat do femanon[View]
51027031Ugly men exist to be mocked and ridiculed, it's always been their place in society and always w…[View]
51025545God that is so hot I wish that were my gf[View]
51026723Dark skinned niggaz stay winnin out ere. All these white women with black boyfriends are always with…[View]
51025749Anyone else get incredibly depressed when theyget drunk?[View]
51025691Any fembots looking for a caring and supportive robot BF?[View]
51025400>he uses social media Lol[View]
51026898So, I got rejected by my oneitis earlier this week and I'm seriously considering still pursuing…[View]
51026338>Be me >6 or 7 years old >Watching TV with my dad >Video from Chinese orphanage showing …[View]
51025483God I really wish I had a gf or at least a girl to have regular sex with. I don't hate being a …[View]
51026863I can't make a post unless I am naked.[View]
51025621daily reminder that we'll die virgins if we keep this attitude fellow robots. Wait it's al…[View]
51025737is there anyway to use my chad friends to help me get laid? is there any surefire method my bros can…[View]
51026874autism feels thread 'hey buddy'[View]
51024338About to start wageslaving at McDonald's, already want to kms. How soon can I quit without noti…[View]
51026208>Walking around NYC with a camera like an autist >See a redhead and her friend >Redhead bou…[View]
51022493I'm a manlet (5'8') and why do manlets always feel like they need to act up? Behave kindly…[View]
51025707>lolifags absolutely BTFO[View]
51026615Why not just settle for a degenerate soulless 2/10 ginger?[View]
51026502ATTENTION ALL NEETS: This is a message to all NEET individuals. You have one month to provide proof …[View]
51025941wish me luck bois: I'm going to the cinema with a girl tonight. She's very shy and I think…[View]
51026504non-homeless junkies always have girlfriends, did you notice? my guess it's because they probab…[View]
51026632Why does fapping feel so fucking good?: It's so fucking good, I just wanna be alive so I can fa…[View]
51026626White men who reproduce with white women are race traitors. The white woman, after centuries of safe…[View]
51026401What are the best drugs to pass the time? I fucking can't stand the boredom.[View]
51025528>met good friend on steam when I was 14 >we were friends for 5 years >talked almost every d…[View]
51026577>office party next week >that cute girl that always smiles at me will be there >She'll…[View]
51021775How many Greek robots are there?[View]
51025720I have solved our problems!: Rejoice, /r9k/, for I have developed a sex toy to end all sex toys, usa…[View]
51026416it's time to end this once and for all. i'm putting together a team...[View]
51026429When you hit the wall https://www.reddit.com/r/sex/comments/ario0r/i_miss_it_so_much/[View]
51026355>'Stop obsessing over finding a gf! Women are only here to destroy men and use them.'…[View]
51024513>.2% of the world's population >highest IQs >control worldwide finance and politics …[View]
51025210>'anon, open your boivagene' what do?[View]
51026074I want to rape a girl so bad AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA[View]
51025022Go to church! What are you doing posting here?! Go go go.[View]
51023637free (you's): /wont pass out edition/ what have you guys been doing lately? >made any new fr…[View]
51025236Bad dreams: I had a dream that I was at a party and my parents were there. There was a qt slow danci…[View]
51026374what the flip guise[View]
51025703https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=01gyREOMVxo Is this true or just pajet pseudoscience?[View]
51017474fembots tell us the worst thing you ever did to a guy[View]
51023808/uni/ - university thread: >wants to do assignment >material no available because mod leader i…[View]
51025887Post your best youtube videos. I want to see what other robots make in their spare time.[View]
51025020what would make you happy right now? i want to adopt a dog, take them into the forest and go on an …[View]
51026021why are atheists so butthurt all the time?[View]
51026114i have been called as boring straight to my face by multiple women. AMA[View]
51025724>tfw have to renew my drivers licence >okay let's take a picture >smile >1 2 3 sna…[View]
51025821how would you feel if a legitimately ugly girl sexually assaulted you[View]
51023593Area why do my Vienna sausages look like this[View]
51025462>Father solved the cum conundrum Fucking hell its over lads[View]
51025155why am i so fucking sensible to love related plot stuff in stories of any kind? Pic very realted, th…[View]
51023578This video perfectly describes the average poster of /r9k/. Why don't you get help and cure you…[View]
51026056Posting a Woomy everyday until i get good at Splatoon 2 Day 6[View]
51026109Most of Africa and Latin America are made up of capitalist countries but they're full blown cap…[View]
51021348Latinas will look like this at 50. This is JLo[View]
51025511>When a dumb roastie says 'sex work is real work'[View]
51026098reminder that porn makes you a cuck https://youtu.be/hbeW5-FqCio[View]
51024310She posted this picture after Valentine's day. What did she mean by this?[View]
51025983>jannies keep deleting tinder conversation threads Since when was this a rule faggots? They don…[View]
51025425Why does everyone have such a negative outlook on life now? Where did 'manifest destiny' and all tha…[View]
51026025rip my friend: my lil bunny friend passed away 2 months ago and it's still breaking my heart. I…[View]
51026047Trap mode activate lol: Trap mode activate lol[View]
51024222Femanons what is your anal status?[View]
51025829i wanna have sex and i dont wanna make any effort to talk to women how can this be happening to me[View]
51025769https://youtu.be/uiQ0OimdFX8 He killed asian and nerdy people instead of hot blondes. You adore a du…[View]
51024664ITT: Red flags for males >uses social media >isn't a virgin >likes to party/go clubbin…[View]
51025964what kinda faggotery is this??[View]
51025925Can any technically inclined anons tell me if theres a way to use my Sony Trinitron CRT as a third m…[View]
51025641I want to reconnect with my childhood best friend who I haven't even spoken with in almost half…[View]
51023879/Éire9k/: Varadkar is a lad edition[View]
51021463Fembots, if you could re-create your appearance to your exact specifications, what would you want to…[View]
51025902>week ago >some girl I met in school through a mutual friend and I have similar interests, vid…[View]
51023237Skinny jeans crushing my peepee >on no fap >popping boners…[View]
51025250Who is your favorite pornstar robots? For me. its Leanne Crow.[View]
51025529> meet girl > she's fucking amazing > 10/10 > isn't a normie > have the bes…[View]
51025796so i finally got rid of my cancercord account and im glad,feelsgoodman[View]
51025701>Find porn >Touch peepee >I get hard but it's not the same >It's like the sens…[View]
51022884>on date with qt boy >we get indian food >he orders chicken korma with rice >'i can…[View]
51024626>Enter your uncle's basement >See this Wat do?…[View]
51020789>tfw a fembot will never shrink me and keep me as her personal plaything Reality is a curse.…[View]
51025465>People are still atheists, agnostic, and generally unsure about what happens after death when mi…[View]
51022256Do incels actually view themselves as the good guys?[View]
51025645I just want to rub, sniff, lick, kiss and worship a fembot's cute feet, and also jack off to pi…[View]
51023838So who is you obsession /r9k/ ? mine is a girl on instagram who posts video games / nerdy stuff ..[View]
51016416LADS. What are the best playstation 2 games? >please dont say shadow of colossus…[View]
51025531>be me >buy soda bottle >it's one those stupid cap things >no bottle opener >try…[View]
51025469ITT: weird, autistic things you robots do OP starts: when I'm alone in my room, sometimes I scr…[View]
51025442>Enter your sister's room >See this on her bed Wat do?…[View]
51024441Why do Westerners have massive egos?[View]
51024601'I'm not a bad slime! (slurp)'[View]
51024781dreamz: did you have a dream last night? can you remember it? what was it about? if not, what is a f…[View]
51020930Top 5 Rappers 1. Lupe Fiasco 2. Tupac 3. Nas 4. Biggie 5. Jay Electronica[View]
51025384Why not just take the retarded pill to get some female contact? Seems easy to fake, this dumbass jus…[View]
51025116Why: >People on 4chan always keep saying people are garbage >Don`t believe them >Write them…[View]
51025413The only game systems I had as a kid were a Sega Game Gear and an SNES so even as an adult, I love o…[View]
51024320Please help me r9k oh my god: >be me >shitty YouTuber with 300 subs >videos are usually les…[View]
51025346Feels trip: In 2019 I became a full time normie with the works (sports, parties, everything). Yester…[View]
51025039>watching anime with female friend in her basement >put hand on her inner thigh >she doesn…[View]
51023534/alc/ Sunday Morning Coming Down: I am in a bit of trouble. I am in the habit of drinking at least a…[View]
51024418What's with all the fembots who are seemingly obsessed with yaoi?[View]
51023769please tell me none of you guys actually watch cock and ball torture unironically[View]
51024804>'I promise I won't abandon you' >abandons me What do men mean by this?…[View]
51024469>>Be me. >>Enjoy doing fun sporty things, taking risks and going on adventures. >…[View]
51025023Hey 4chan! My name is Emily and I'm a *makes self very small but still cute* feminist. I know,…[View]
51024958why does blonde hair and tan skin go so good together? do you think it's the way golden hair co…[View]
51024776>get home from work at 5am >take a shower then take 2 shots of vodka…[View]
51025003Posting Vivi cooking acorns every day until I get a grip on my procrastination and attain a level of…[View]
51025086Why don't Europeans celebrate Halloween?[View]
51024497>try grindr >everyone is masculine >no good feminine trap Account deleted and app uninstal…[View]
51023550I think about getting fucked all the time.[View]
51021991/britfeel/: Sunday morning edition https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3qK82JvRY5s[View]
51024963Me not knowing how caps work: So I went out clubbing /w some of the bois and they gave me a clear ca…[View]
51022267How is this any different from blackface?[View]
51011108Hug sibling or parent and say 'I love you' Post results[View]
51013522reminder that femanons should never shave their pubes[View]
51024796Why can't I have that?: All I want is a cute little girl to whisper into my ear and tell me she…[View]
51024890You're beautiful. Q~Q[View]
51024883>bored at home >friend texts me >wants to hang out >Yes.jpeg >says no in the last mi…[View]
51024798Hello fellow male men, do you hate pussies that look like roasties? I sure do, what a disgusting thi…[View]
51024768Do people here find tinder hard to get laid?: Just be confident anons, it works.[View]
51024788Do you ever wonder what happens with people you talk to on here?: Like if you have a very deep discu…[View]
51024561Just a couple of basic american white guys hanging out[View]
51024799Why do black people hate it when I say what up my nigga?[View]
51022383I think Randy Stair aka Andrew Blaze aka Ember Mclain aka Tranny Phantom is an interesting person. W…[View]
51023621>just vomited after drinking half of the vodka bottle for the first time later virgins…[View]
51023755>tfw no pimple popping asian dermatologist mommy gf[View]
51024439What do with a girl when you're broke ?: There's a pretty girl orbiting me at work (I…[View]
51023955my period came no abortion for me i just saved $600[View]
51024701>tfw hate women >can only view them as pieces of jiggly meat that take dick How do I change th…[View]
51012745Which race of woman do you prefer? >European >Sub-Saharan >East Asian >etc.…[View]
51024683Why do people get so mad when I say the Holocaust is fake and I hate kikes? I guess it's the Je…[View]
51024314guis i dont know what to do. i keep hurting my bf deeply. i feel like everyday i say something that …[View]
51024450Ayo whiteboy, you ready for another round of /r9k/ minecraft autism? Then get ready for a pure macho…[View]
51024568So hypothetically if someone was bored and lonely out of their mind and just wanted to sell themselv…[View]
51024557r9k tracks: Share your music/soundtrack here. Bonus point for Monstercat Edition.[View]
51017636How often do you get any real exercise?[View]
51024547>finally meet a girl that want to fuck me >10,000 km away from each other…[View]
51022799>3rd week of nofap >hook up with girl >cum in 3 seconds wtf how do i last logner…[View]
51024503i love getting high around children and playing dolls with them just like a little girl[View]
51024517>'420 blaze it niggers'[View]
51007636discord disabled: Alright lads, my discord got disabled due to like, 'threatening others' but I neve…[View]
51024457Music thread: Close relative died yesterday And I am getting driven home early from vacation because…[View]
51024176is it possible that we don't get gf's because we find them boring? i have been on tinder f…[View]
51023774>have crush on girl at school >she's entirely out of my league >sometimes gives glance…[View]
51024125R9k is so obsessed with women: It is absolutely charming knowing that so many adorable young men are…[View]
51023168Fuck niggers and fuck kikes[View]
51024377>Hey big bro, are you ready for RaHoWa?[View]
51024038>Be me. >Girls don't want to fuck me. >Me sad. The pinnacle of /r9k/ posts.…[View]
51024287any robot with knowledge of psychology? explain the mind of a volcel pls[View]
510243394chan spirits: ITT we walk into the graveyard of /r9k/ and find our shaman spirit >Any tripfag or…[View]
51021286kicked from discord server i was sort of addicted to ;-;[View]
51023222>He says Im beautiful and perfect >Hes fat and ugly Why do guys who are clear losers go for wo…[View]
51022989Even the most unattractive girl is given attention at a whim. Even the most unattractive girl will l…[View]
51024261chip chan: https://youtu.be/1DSKS8qbxRw did you guys know chip chan is still at it? she is alive and…[View]
51024225>You're just to self conscious anon. Can't even hide my autism from my friend.…[View]
51024165>khhv incel >trap I meet IRL at fighting game tournament is hot >says she will fuck me >…[View]
51024241With how many of you have I talked to through the years? I feel like I've connected with every …[View]
51023304Im tired of being alive, every day I waste with doing nothing productive. Thinking of the reason for…[View]
51023524>not creative >not intelligent in a way that matters >no passion >no talent >no direc…[View]
51023148>im poor >I have cancer >im not very intelligent >i have adhd >im possibly autistic …[View]
51024114>tfw no gf to bully into bondage gear[View]
51023896Ban me from posting on this godforsaken website every single post I make gets archived with 2 replie…[View]
51023313If im 18 and working for the family buisness, am I basically jobless in the eyes of women? I dont ma…[View]
51020953Is it better to kill yourself or go columbine?[View]
51021516I need a member for my two person secret society. Basically im looking for a sidekick companion to h…[View]
51023868What would you call the grey countries? They both have western and eastern influence but they'r…[View]
51023964How do I melt the big ice spike inside my chest that's preventing me from doing anything?[View]
51024035https://youtu.be/BMIaL5dORLg: What THE FUCK happened to BMTH?[View]
51024020Why does listening to ambient glitch while posting on this shitty board all day so comfy? https://m.…[View]
51023966Creepy crawling, in your crib, we're comin' to kill Catch you while you sleep, wake up to …[View]
51022518what would your life be like if you were a cute innocent looking girl? i would probably scam pedos a…[View]
51022631Why do people marry and why is it such a bad idea?[View]
51023948I read pages of this and now I can only help but feel women who look more like men are smarter?????[View]
51023655Where do I find a 13 year old girl who will let me rub her body?[View]
51023261come to Omegle! tags: 4chan, /r9k/ I found some drunk af qt3.14, and it was a win[View]
51023482Where is my no-fap bro, you didn't post today bro, i hope you hanging in there. We're toge…[View]
51023809>'hey anon, do you want a lick?' ;)[View]
51023882Games that made you more robot![View]
51023856>'nigga' - not racist >hard R - racist[View]
51004006Waifu General - /waifu/ #72: Staying alive for her sake edition Previous: >>50997738[View]
51023446>You can be lonely while having a gf and family What the FUCK did they mean by this? Are normies …[View]
51020814im highly considering suicide, recommend me some simple and painfree methods expert mode: no guns he…[View]
51019451itt music: what are you listening to anon? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y-E7_VHLvkE[View]
51023798Daily reminder there are 13 year old girls browsing /r9k/ And i've talked to one of them[View]
51022835I have an idea making a 'joke-religion', which can be used as motivation to do/achieve something. Wi…[View]
51022373What's your favourite porn star? The one that get your going even from a random pic you see on …[View]
51023580>Boyfriend found all the raunchy texts and photos between me and Chad >It's his own fault…[View]
51023123Retardation: >be me, a social outcast >18th Bday, since no friends decide not to celebrate it…[View]
51023397>all my matches ghost me after they get a taste of my autism >don't know how to talk to p…[View]
51023723Come join the cult of the holy turtle. Join the disc server: HNC3X7 to be a part of writing the foun…[View]
51023453>tfw no gf with mental problems, isolated, neets, hikis, who do not like social contact…[View]
51023606Trying hurts more than doing nothing.: Don't you guys think that trying hurts more than doing n…[View]
51023505How do you deal with people who have big egos? I have a family, full of members who actually believe…[View]
51023706>lying on rolled up blanket on my belly >wrap my legs around it who here /sex man/?…[View]
51020674Femanons, what is the role of women?[View]
51021902What's your go to (You) magnet? mine is defending Reddit, almost never fails kek[View]
51023336Any advice on coping with sex addiction? I've jerked off compulsively dozens of times this week…[View]
51023640We were born without knowing and theres no way to save us[View]
51023633Am I a Chad if a fat chick approached me?[View]
51023565My time will come.[View]
51021361what would you have done in his situation? https://www.twitch.tv/jakenbakelive/clip/EnjoyableRespect…[View]
51023391Would you have jumped?[View]
51022740Are women turned off by men who smile in pictures? I have heard both stated as fact 'bro women hate …[View]
51023485Uhh oh: >In my apartment, window blinds open >fapping >lose track of time >chilling on p…[View]
51018246Solve my Riddle. Cheating will prove fruitless. Weaker than stone, old as time, confined in a prison…[View]
51022936Fuck you: Im really tired of these fucking assholes that believe they re fucking intellectually and …[View]
51023424Reminder: Attractive guys can't be perceived as off-putting or creepy. The halo effect is real[View]
51023132There was once a time when I had a regular life. It's been so long[View]
51023408How many siblings you got robots? What are they like? I have 1 big brother who is Chad and has a sup…[View]
51019137You ARE fighting against degeneracy, right robot?[View]
51023365>tfw no GF to bully my sissy ass[View]
51022985it's the first sunny day in a long time (10 C) here where I live and everyone is hanging out wi…[View]
51021442Which King of the Hill character are you? For me it's got to be Bill[View]
51023279READING OF THE DAY: First Reading from the Book of the Prophet Jeremiah JER 17:5-8 Thus says the Lor…[View]
51021435>tfw 26 and unemployed >tfw the depression keeps eating away and nothing i do can make it bett…[View]
51023253Thanks jannies: Thank you for taking down the hate thread about me. Discord faggotry should be kept …[View]
51023247> be me > purchase a coffin > get inside > die…[View]
51020824Guys would you date a girl who was dumb?[View]
51023189>tried tinder and different dating apps >basically invisible >try grindr to see how differ…[View]
51022299fuck: >be me >near 30 wage cuck >mistake small talk from co-worker19yo 9/10 as interest in …[View]
51023169Just lean in and kiss the woman you love, thank your chump creed later.[View]
51022197Which is more redpilled, physics or literature? Does scientific truth enlighten you more than the mu…[View]
51022589I am about to run out of cocaine and I will be going back to my harsh reality in just a few hours Wh…[View]
51020762/Cyborg Feels/ Thread: Being a Cyborg may be the worst thing you could be, your stuck in this consta…[View]
51018607What side did you pick in the civil war quests in skyrim and why /r9k/? I usually pick stormcloak be…[View]
51022932why is culture degenerating uncontrollably worldwide? video games are basically just about promoting…[View]
51018723ITT: weird experiences with girls, other anons offer insight and possible explanations >be in ABC…[View]
51022718>tfw no hobbies What is a good hobby?[View]
51022948Who /disabled/ here? I just found out I have significant symptoms of disabilities. I also struggle w…[View]
51019891Let's just get a casual talking thread going talk about whatever >when your squad splits off…[View]
51023032What do?: I am 20yo. Even my dick can't get hard due to depression. Even my own body is giving …[View]
51017027femanons, do you ever get boob envy? if so why?[View]
51020705buffed guys: are buffed guys automatically considered attractive even if their face isn't good …[View]
51005179MBTI Thread: Which types are most likely to be weebs?[View]
51021424does anybody else have a thing for girls with a southern twang? t. australian[View]
51022623tfw no /pol/ bf to hang jews with[View]
51022550do you take your balls out when you pee ?[View]
51021332man I really hate all of the posturing on her oh hey guys I'm so sad wont anyone be my friend i…[View]
51021404>Look at this man!! He achieved so much without hands and legs, why you can't be like him?…[View]
51022840Does ANYTHING make you angrier then a white female who acts all high and mighty, and didn't gro…[View]
51022869>4 months without a gf. >last girl was the one I enjoyed and related to the most >tfw subc…[View]
51022800Who here has experience with female sociopaths?[View]
51021627Girls, do you think it's unfair that you get pregnant and have to give birth, but having kids f…[View]
51021810Anyone else feel like the world doesn't deserve their talents?[View]
51015435Who here isn't that upset about being a virgin? I see a lot of people on here talking about con…[View]
51020946Daily reminder that every time you touch your peenor, you stray further from God.[View]
51022029>Turning 20 soon and still never had a gf How do you cope with this feel?…[View]
51022720>tfw you're attracted to scuffed looking skinny girls I don't even know why or how.…[View]
51022681I've been posting this girl so much I'm starting to want to become a girl myself. This isn…[View]
51022625How many buttplugs do you have femanons?[View]
51021577>be me >have friend with depression >one day he starts bitching about it >angry.exe >…[View]
51022401Download social media. Anxiety kicks in. I have to take a picture of myself and post it for everyone…[View]
51021362Femanons, how much does periods affect your life? Would you go camping for example or do the periods…[View]
51021546How many 'seeds' have you eaten?[View]
51020749Kill yourself for me anon[View]
51018570was Francis Bacon our guy?[View]
51020316imagine being a goth roastie over 30 lol[View]
51022501I think I'm just going to kill myself tonight, anons. >Find out parents are immigrating to a…[View]
51022132>God I wish I was born mentally healthy >God I wish I was born in the 1st world >God I wish…[View]
51021136>be me >running out of music to listen >go on 4chan >see two music threads >thank yo…[View]
51021870I commit to asking 1,000 girls out by the end of 16th March. never had a girlfriend but have only as…[View]
51019532>Girlfriend got off work at midnight and was going to uber home >1:00 AM comes >Shes not he…[View]
51022418Life's going good right now robots. It's been a fantastic day hanging out with family, wen…[View]
51022362>tfw have friends and an active social life >pretend I'm shy at work so no one talks to m…[View]
51022355>tfw no paraphilic gf[View]
51021964As a blackbot, how do I reach this guy's position before the grand separation happens?[View]
51022055This was the last fucking time I let myself get dragged out by normalfags. They made fun of me for s…[View]
51017797Why do people on here keep pretending Jewish is a race even though it's actually a religion?[View]
51019541Robot perspective needed: Why is talking to a man like pic related? Why are men so selfish?[View]
51021975IT'S NOT FAIR BROS!: Where my cybergf at?[View]
51021497do people actually get testicular pain from not ejaculating? or is that just an incel meme?[View]
51021898we invent derogatory words for roasties and explain >femaledehyde because their weapon of choice …[View]
51022130i just want a qt to be big spoon[View]
51014966If you are overweight or obese you don't deserve love[View]
51022094I don't see girls as qts anymore. I'm on path to enlightenment?[View]
51022118aight fellas, I'm not one to give advice, but I think I'm actually onto something. Stop ge…[View]
51022080Tell /r9k/ about the time you lost your virginity.[View]
51021320>Drying up in conversation >You will be the one who cannot talk >All your insides fall to p…[View]
51012202/britfeel/: You cunts better leave all the pointless shitflinging about your meme diets in the last …[View]
51021525>look in the mirror >yep still ugly[View]
51018452Why do white girls date abusive absent dumb thug niggers but refuse to date blacks like this?[View]
51021258>mom found the sperm mushrooms THEY WEREN'T DONE GROWING![View]
51020784>drink tonnes of water untill your pee is totally clear like water >pee in someone's toil…[View]
51013323Asia is a continent of ethnostates Africa is a continent of ethnostates South America is a continent…[View]
51020106what did you do tonight anon?[View]
51017215Hello once again anons~ I am Madoka-Anon, and as always, feel free to stop by my comfy little thread…[View]
51020860why don't you just get a weeb gf[View]
51020479If you have autism or a mental illness how do you feel about living with it? I have OCD and it is th…[View]
51021426quick greentext >be me >go to club >try to dance with a girl >she says something like '…[View]
51020916Is it wrong to want to snoop on a girlfriend's phone to make sure things are OK or just practic…[View]
51016298Alright you pathetic fucks. It's time to see who is more deserving of the feels. Post your... …[View]
51021845pls r3mb3r th4t w3n u f33l sc4r3 or fr1gt3n n3v3r forg3t tt1m3s w3n u f33l3d h4ppy w3n d4y 1s d4rk 4…[View]
51021124>tfw only ASMR I watch now is Rift anyone else /riftpilled/[View]
51021297Help a desperate Robot: I need help Robots. I have a little brother of 14 years and i see him becomi…[View]
51021304How can women be fixed?[View]
51021233Friendly advice for lonely robots: Get yourselves a hug pillow. Seriously. If you have emotional att…[View]
51021452>look in the mirror >my eyes look so sad, I can ever see them sparkle from all the tears I…[View]
51021193Finna get no girls forever: I already get 0 bitches. Im stupid so I joked around with one of my frie…[View]
51021292Does anyone have any experiences with going to movies alone? There are a couple movies I really want…[View]
51021061Realizing its not even worth trying anymore: Bettering yourself doesn't work for some people ap…[View]
51020849Do you agree with the following statement(s)? >Everything is changing too fast today >What th…[View]
51021714What do women think of faggots? How do you tend to treat them irl? What do you think of the ways the…[View]
51021414>be me >21 >only accomplishment in life is finishing GTA: San Andreas without cheats feelsb…[View]
51021628Help Im in love with Snufkin: I just discovered Snufkin and realized that Snufkin looks exactly like…[View]
51019501>'I saw those posts xou wrote about zee on xour nazi anime russian hacker site anon, xou really a…[View]
51017517GIRLS: Girls with mental problems, isolated, neets, who do not like social contact; where do you fin…[View]
51021315I just practiced hanging myself with my bedsheet. Tying a simple loop very tightly around your carot…[View]
51020283Is Australia gonna cop it?[View]
51021142How do i stop drinking and sniffing its making me suicidal[View]
51021256>make epic bait >people fall for it and call me retarded >feel retarded…[View]
51021249> be 14 > have gf > be in same class > become outcast bc you're spending time with …[View]
51021312Just had dream sex as an incel: >am a 3/10 as told by /soc/ >no love life to discuss >meet …[View]
51021075Message ti you. Why do you like viero games? They all fucking suck video games are the fuckint worst…[View]
51020989At this point I think the left is just on a whole other spectrum than democratic like so LEFT Dems R…[View]
51021125Can anime stop putting niggers in their shows?[View]
51021242>she still hasn't responded to my text[View]
51020600>tfw mom never called me handsome so I started calling myself handsome[View]
51021161post your favorite porn comments: i will begin[View]
51019315Cookie-cutter people: Does anyone else feel like humanity is just millions of people being recycled …[View]
51020522Does chivalry still exist?[View]

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