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41830065>sister got hpv after having sex two times is being a kissless virgin the most enlightened path a…[View]
41827890At what age did you give up completely and become a NEET? I was fully defeated by 22[View]
41831488I've already been gifted two things, so prioritize others, but here's my wish list: http:/…[View]
41830181>meet girl on OKCupid >not in person just chatting >seems very chill at first and also not …[View]
41831409arc9k sounds better than r9k when you say it out loud or in your head, just my opinion[View]
41830785Normie feels? >Sexing girl >fingering her, putting her in the mood >suddenly, blood >blo…[View]
41830440I've gotten pretty close to turning this shit board into a faster paced /wizchan/. What do you…[View]
41831392Indian Tech Support Stories: ITT: Tell your stories about fake tech support. This just happened to m…[View]
41830911>'Wow anon you have a swastika tattoo?' >'I didn't know you were Buddhist!'…[View]
41829789>tfw no gay long haired lanklet male(male) bf to encourage one another to become better on the fo…[View]
41828652Roasties fucked you over stories: >Ask out 7/10 girl >She's down for it, says she think…[View]
41831326Everyone gets laid except for me I'm not even ugle[View]
41829595I live in Connecticut, I'm 24 years old. I have a car. I have two grand to spend on whatever st…[View]
41831284>Tfw I wish I wasn't autist >Tfw I wish I was interested in everyday normie shit so I co…[View]
41831100How does this make you feeI? >45,000 dollaridoos a year[View]
41831242What is the best thing about having a gf? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zBp-Qk9XacY[View]
41829436did anyone used to be a normie?: used to have friends >go out all the time >pass whores aroun…[View]
41827391>15 minutes into Frozen'n'chill and she gives you this look[View]
41831117>THIS is history >we are living it >kids in the future will open their history book and see…[View]
41826115Who living meme/stereotype here? >gay >cross dress >under weight, 5'5' >100% sub bo…[View]
41829754Robots, how do we solve the plight of the INTPs and finally give them a sense of purpose that their …[View]
41830634Just Got Accepted to Medical School AMA: .[View]
41830836>tfw you hear the word chaotic outside of 4chan[View]
41830547>scientists used machine learning to determine what the average American in 2017 looks like - and…[View]
41830996>normies binge drink and do drugs >'OMG Anon don't judge we're all gonna die anyway …[View]
41829549I feel like a bad person because of my dog...: My dad kicked me out of the house as soon as I turned…[View]
41830626Hey robots, do you find pregnant women hot?[View]
41824006Is there any point in working when you can't get a gf?[View]
41829298My penis has shrunk like almost half an inch. Any other robots deal with this problem? How did this…[View]
41827405Remember one loli a day keeps the normalfags away[View]
41830828>tfw no longboard bf[View]
41830880I want the easy way(I think). I've had enough! Why should I lose my hair to do something I don…[View]
41830038https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C53FT3DvJzQ >millennials why do you have to refer to them as mill…[View]
41822100ddlc depressed the shit out of me.[View]
41829318/self harm general/: It is time for one of these again. >why do you like it? >do you want to s…[View]
41827540>wake up >start feeling an intense sense of dread >still feel it 8 hours later and its only…[View]
41830071meds are the devil. i forgot to take mine last night and am realizing again why the jews force this …[View]
41826374You haven't started your weekend chores yet, wagecuck? Why do you procrastinate. The more you d…[View]
41829325>tfw gf has a bigger dick than me[View]
41830620>tfw bracelet no chance for me lads[View]
41827680Anyone else here planning on drinking beer and watching movies and lurking r9k tonight?[View]
41822036Think twice before you reject that fat girl, r9k.[View]
41829975ITT: 4chan Poetry: >There are two types on /r9k/, >That is, when you ignore the gay, >But s…[View]
41829328charlie in the trees: military anons, share your stories ;)[View]
41830503>be me >go to wash hands in bathroom >the fuck >smell of disgusting roastie piss floodi…[View]
41827016>you sit on a boys lap and he gets a boner who is to blame in this scenario?…[View]
41830320ITT: Things That Piss You Off: >People with motion activated floodlights for their front door No …[View]
41828694kiruh/ciruh/ciara: If there's enough interest ill post it. Currently adding the last few pictu…[View]
41827918anyone ever been to mongolia? i have been thinking of doing a long distance trek by foot with a back…[View]
41829033Why haven't you made a Replika yet? https://replika.ai/[View]
41829759>tfw lost my virginity to a 9/10 girl Feels good[View]
41829409Who is behind this creepy fetish shit, and why is it being spammed on r9k?: I suspect there is some …[View]
41830420> have to meet with my boss in 30 minutes to tell her I have no idea what I'm doing What do?…[View]
41827144You can be a robot and have had sex.: Do you agree? Why, or why not?[View]
41828750Who the fuck is the group that keeps posting the same shit every time? First it was cuck, trap, blac…[View]
41830373Is H.M Hammarin a chad?[View]
41828711Torture and kill: Im so fucking done with this world. This anger and hatred thats been building need…[View]
41830302does there even exist latino music that isn't about love or sex?[View]
41828785You guys are so fucking disgusting human trash.[View]
41828712robots in paradise: would any robots be interested in living together and all chipping in to rent a …[View]
41829916tfw too dumb for morrowind >have toaster computer >never played a TES game >get morrowind …[View]
41829212Things normies say or do. I'll start >ayyy lmao[View]
41828906Help from smarter anons: Can you guys help me not fuck up with this girl? I've never gotten a d…[View]
41829781>tfw ask out robot >he turns me down cause, in his own words, he can't trust and has an i…[View]
41829176>I really like Rick&Morty and Steven Universe[View]
41828667Hello /r9k/, Have any of you ever tried D.O.B.? How was your experience? Was it fun at all? I have a…[View]
41830001My maid keeps trying to trick me into eating her tail.[View]
41829956>that redneck father letting his pitbull guard the baby >he obviously fuckin ate it alive haha…[View]
41829030Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs: 'motivational theory in psychology comprising a five-tier model of…[View]
41829629What is /r9k/'s way to get revenge back to society. >Take showers late night >Vaccum clea…[View]
41828613anyone else fall for the STEM meme(scam)?[View]
41829469>work as a dishwasher at a club >some girls I know (who were drunk) come up to me after work a…[View]
41829811Do short girls get triggered when they see shorter girls? I mean, if youre a small girl, so you have…[View]
41828763cold showers meme: So I just took shower so cold that after I put stream of water over my face for 3…[View]
41822831How is it possible to be a virgin after 20? Holy shit, you guys must be so fucked up. Pretty much ev…[View]
41829584>be me >15-16 year old beta >getting out of school >accidentally bump into an 8/10'…[View]
41828790What are my options to be happy as a 4'11' male?[View]
41828746>Be me >Loser of the class >Don't really get bullied, but no one really talks to me ei…[View]
41829544will yoo be my fren?[View]
41824220Is all hypnosis 100% meme or can I be turned into a workaholic? It's the only thing I need.[View]
41828046What is the best trait a person can have? Alternatively, what is the worst flaw a person can have?[View]
41828544Ask an anon who had an MMF threesome with thicc related anything[View]
41829289>I only like you as a friend[View]
41828839Social retard: Man, how the fuck do I interact with people? Ive been a shut in for my entire life an…[View]
41829404How can we stop Chad Chlorine from taking our transition metals?[View]
41829285'Anon, I'm bored. What do you usually do on the weekends?'[View]
41829280>watched a ton of lesbian porn during my sexual formative years >now, at 26 years old, I kinda…[View]
41829246Some fucker stole the supreme gentleman's work: I am currently working on a translation of Elli…[View]
41828889>gf is white >moans like a chink in bed >tfw can't get her to stop doing that distract…[View]
41826699Need to die fast: Dunno if this right board but in a hurry. I need to kill myself but i am in an emp…[View]
41827939>be me >going to a vidya and card games convention >everything from casual games like csgo …[View]
41828887My tummy hurts :c[View]
41829123What does being happy feel like? I'm closer to 30 than 20 and I don't think I'll ever…[View]
41829133P-Please don't hurt me, Anon.[View]
41829218Star Wars 8 - Spoiler/Discussion thread: Spoilers regarding new Star Wars The Last Jedi This is your…[View]
41827630>Stop right there, autismo! Your stolen goods are now forfeit. What loot does he find on you?…[View]
41827423who /selfinsertsasthegirl/ here?[View]
41828391Chad literally starts having sexual experiences before he can get an erection. He gets to sexually a…[View]
41826299Who here /birth giving hips/[View]
41829142When little kids stare at you: I try to ignore them. I probably should lose some weight (5'11' …[View]
41827026Discord: This is the actual Discord thread Post something original and cool about yourself, your nam…[View]
41820342>19 yo virgin >26 yo turboslut roastie coworker asked if i was a virgin. >said yes >wont…[View]
41819557What does /r9k/ think about Sabaton?[View]
41828974Can I get good at playing the piano even as a 110 IQ brainlet? It's the one thing I enjoy.[View]
41827702Accidentally gave a little boy a foot fetish.: I think I accidentally gave a little boy a foot fetis…[View]
41829082How difficult is it to become a 'fitness personality' on social media for men compared to women? Obv…[View]
41825523Is there anyone here that's never kissed a girl before? >22 with virgin lips…[View]
41829018>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kvX5C9MmaQY >making fun of retarded people Something tells me…[View]
41827579The 'creator' of pepe is suing anyone who has pepes to try and get back his work. Steam has now remo…[View]
41828278Do you feel like you could sexually handle big butts if you got the chance?[View]
41828146Guys I need to learn how to kiss. I'm 26 years old and a kv. A girl at work has been getting re…[View]
41827531ITT: Autistic Advantages: So anons.I think i made it.I made my disanvantage an advantage.I suffered …[View]
41827863lets post our spotify history[View]
41828768Can anyone redpill me on Marine Biology? I am thinking of becoming one since i already can scuba di…[View]
41828539Only the reestablishment of the British Empire will make me happy[View]
41826952Why dont you just settle for a sexy transgirl? Theyll have more in common with a robot than would so…[View]
41827612Bachelor help: Hey /r9k/ I'm 19 yr old but I decided to be a bachelor for life.But I am worried…[View]
41828370Even tho you don't have perfect life you should be happy that you are not somewhere in prison s…[View]
41828660We travel back my dudes: pic not related >be me >travel back to 900 AD >Bring fucking panze…[View]
41827109>Wake up >Pull down your pants >See this Wat do?…[View]
41828707Femanons I hope you have a good explanation why you aren't posting boobs or ass in this thread[View]
41828697>friend's gf constantly joins our friend group during our monthly hamburger night out >tr…[View]
41828695FREE MY NIGGA NEWT: Ayo if yall don't know my nigga newt still aint released by pixar. FREE MY…[View]
41827935Your mom's face when she finds out you're still a virgin ... I mean she must've known…[View]
41827190Anyone want to talk? I'll be killing myself soon but I'm pretty bored in the meantime.[View]
41828273>I have no friends >I have no life >Im lazy and unmotivated >Just say 'yes' most of the …[View]
41827732>there are femanons with little brothers on this board RIGHT NOW who aren't doing their duty…[View]
41827653I don't see anything wrong with/ what Eliiot Rodger did. The world is psycho and cold blooded a…[View]
41825482/uni/ - fucks with your mind edition: >be me just a few minutes ago >sitting outside the libra…[View]
41826834sup robots, lets talk dota 2 and maybe even play together. feel free to hit me up on steam, steamnam…[View]
41822665/britfeel/: nobody made a new thread edition (seriously last one died over an hour ago)[View]
41827616Did city life fuck me in my head? Does life in a city make you mentally ill?[View]
41820828What would they do on a date?[View]
41828463>its another episode of 'mom calls you ugly'[View]
41827899So I am on vacation in Vegas and last night I lost my virginity at one of legal brothels located abo…[View]
41828160Where can I find an insecure girl to string along, tease and mentally abuse? The type of fat and ugl…[View]
41828180Fembot hate thread: https://youtu.be/7AvoPjGk5D0 Fembots...... Please go away[View]
41827181Do you ever feel like a background character in a movie? It always feels that I am destined to stay …[View]
41828248/cdg/ - Chronic Disease General: What chronic illnesses do you unfortunately have, /r9k/? >Disea…[View]
41828079>ywn hold her like this >ywn feel her soft warm skin against yours…[View]
41827435Has anyone heard of Mandy? I want to hear how she and Frank is doing, and maybe tales of their late…[View]
41828124Elliot Rodger was simply a cunt: Weihan Wang suffered a total of fifteen stab wounds and 23 incision…[View]
41827635https://www.savetheinternet.com/net-neutrality-what-you-need-know-now 'The consequences will be part…[View]
41826078Seriously, why couldnt this guy get laid? He was literally Chad.[View]
41826005reminder that you are not a robot if you are white. asian girls will literally go for any white fat,…[View]
41827937Another year, haha... Next year will be the year it all comes together, r-right? That's when i …[View]
41825137The story of the boy who was doomed to eternal torment,: Okay guys. It's time for a really depr…[View]
41828233'Zeon did nothing wrong'[View]
41827760i've tried nothing,everything works: how do i learn to maintain eye contact in a conversation?t…[View]
41825848Women are superficial whores: Anyone wonders what women talk about in their spare time? Go have a lo…[View]
41828132Oh, sorry wagie, I meant to make a thread yesterday, but I got caught up on how beautiful it is here…[View]
41824757LOOK AT THE COMMENTS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GWuFbu5fe5w&t=72s Jesus women are fucking …[View]
41828033Describe the most beautiful women you've seen. 1. >southern belle from texas I met at a cam…[View]
41827224Please halp: >27 in a week >college dropout >chronic procrastinator >live with parents …[View]
41827911Why are millenials killing traditional underwear?[View]
41827844>sent aunt and email asking for nudes >ruin dad's side of the family Fuck him. I couldn…[View]
41827754>you sit on a boys lap and he pees himself who is to blame in this scenario?…[View]
41827519>buddy invites me for a home party >accept, it's better than drinking alone I guess >g…[View]
41826657You know what's unfair? There's a breast reduction operation but no penis reduction operat…[View]
41827118uni graduation ceremony starts in 40 minutes help me i wanna die[View]
41826113Want to quit fapping: > I am tired of fapping. > I don't even enjoy it. > It makes l…[View]
41826140just got kicked from my favorite discord server without a warning eventhough they would warn me if d…[View]
41827750Post your favorite peepee-poopoo meme.[View]
41825017Plck your poison[View]
41826437>was a forever alone loser >went trans >now I have friends and get laid whenever I want It…[View]
41827057>tfw no one thinks of you as a best friend but you think of them as your best friend.…[View]
41827468Why do women always need to find a way to get attention?[View]
41824497>gee anon, I'm so glad we went with this house... I mean it's a bit of a commute for yo…[View]
41825397Who here /abuse victim/? >dad beat me >threatened to kill me >forced me to shower with him…[View]
41824829>tfw tired of sex[View]
41821926>tfw turned 18 a couple of seconds ago how long did you browse 4chan as an underage b&?…[View]
41826434>think of buying some bitcoin after hearing everything >realize all the spergs have all heard …[View]
41827639Where are my diapered nazbol gang robots?[View]
41827634>sexual frustration fembots. if you exist I call you to help me[View]
41827578>TFW barely did first one-handed pushup[View]
41827595Kylo Ren betrays and kills Snoke and Luke Cuckwalker: >tfw Kylo Ren betrays and kills Snoke and L…[View]
41819464You don't own the virgin laptop, right anon?[View]
41827558Why are there so many gays here? they are becoming more and more.[View]
41827377>STEM Student >Networth is only 20k >Only 1,2k income How do anons cope with being poor? Fu…[View]
41826870See you on the other side, robots[View]
41820473Am i the only Syrian robot here?[View]
41803754ITT:That kid thread >that kid who died mid exam >that girl who went on a stabbing spree becaus…[View]
41826653Discord: gFMsDw join my tiny server boy[View]
41824612Why haven't you deep dicked a girl in her shitter yet?[View]
41827466How to stop myself from making willy milk?[View]
41824240Ok so what the fuck is pic related[View]
41826776Me > 5,11 > shit tier hair > KHV > average dick > used to be fat but lost weight b…[View]
41823282Why aren't you taking psychedelics yet /r9k/? LSD has literally changed my life in so many ways…[View]
41827431Join church discord: 5XyFMB[View]
41822317Tell us why you're ugly: Share ITT what features make you unattractive. I'll start. >fa…[View]
41826503Why are women who don't have children such cunts? I mean, mothers can be cunts too, but not to …[View]
41827350>wwyd krusty krab edition.[View]
41827122Why can't you robots be kind to at least one another? I saw this on r/4chan and it hurt me a li…[View]
41826541>found out what a lewd poster looks like beyond their anime posting / gay posting It's safe…[View]
41827202When did you realize that you don't actually want a gf and just want to fuck 10/10s?[View]
41823980Fembot here: Am I creepy for finding a 14 yo boy sexy?[View]
41827018I have ascended faggitude: Moments in movies can happen irl >3 years ago >fat, communist, stup…[View]
41822479Why are roasties such assholes about height? Imagine a guy writing 'Under C cup need not apply' or '…[View]
41825613>be female >be a lazy, stinking, foetid, vile slob…[View]
41827009Fembots, do you like cum tributes?[View]
41825465>walking in on mom analfisting dad Childhood memories thread? Childhood memories thread.…[View]
41826590Why do fembots have such ridiculously high standards, they wouldn't even be willing to date a 5…[View]
41826999>Hey there, handsome man. How did a fine young stun like you wander into my living room? Chasing …[View]
41826636How dumb is r9k?[View]
41827012>tfw no soyim bf[View]
41826663Are all girls who read books fucked in the head like horse girls are?[View]
41826042Any third world non white robots here? How is robot life in your shitholes?[View]
41826933Helo im a demptist[View]
41825737Is she /ourgal/? Idk anything about her but I really resonate with what she is saying.[View]
41826942When I feel down, and especially lonely, I like to drink, and watch movies about guys who are total …[View]
41826566Femanons, why don't you tease impressionable young boys and give them stiffies?[View]
41826936Unironically the most erotic image ever to be uploaded on the internet. Try to prove me wrong but he…[View]
41825600>December is already over halfway over Why the hell does time go so fast? A month used to feel li…[View]
41817690/r9k/ slice of life: Post a random picture you took[View]
41826782you know I realized recently that r9k is full of the worst kind of loser. the kind of loser that has…[View]
41821714>be me >browsing tinder >hit up girl with funny opener >she responds and we starting tal…[View]
41826269who actual sociopath here?[View]
41826471Women are garbage: I met one of my gf online in halo 3 back in 07 or something. I was in a random ha…[View]
41824858Anyone have those moments when they realise how little they matter? >Sitting at computer after wo…[View]
41826809Anyone else feel like we're living in the golden age of media consumption? >can download and…[View]
41825776>smoke weed >spend hours laughing like a retard at the most random shit >feel like i'm…[View]
41826091Why don't you trade crypto so you can fuck hapa escorts all day?[View]
41826765Why are you a facelet: Chad is being aesthetic while you are babyfaced chinlet with slope 5 head. Ex…[View]
41826690>be white, have extremely liberal white family members >they never have anything bad to say a…[View]
41826560Why did you stop being a 'nice guy' and how did you do it? Or why haven't you stopped being a …[View]
41825736so, guys >just got rejected by a girl I'm madly in love with >we kissed last night and i …[View]
41818148Can someone please explain to me why normals hate virgins so much?[View]
41826588What do you lads do to numb the pain of knowing that you've been an outcast long enough for you…[View]
41825607>10pm Saturday night and I'm having the virgin dinner[View]
41826435Oneitis started talking to me again.: After seven months of silence, I thought she had forsaken me, …[View]
41826254Everybody is a motherfucker: Why are people such assholes? Not one good person. And dont give me tha…[View]
41825328How was your last birthday anons? what did you get up to and was it any better than your previous bi…[View]
41822436Can any robots or cyborgs tell me how it feels to be in love after what feels like an eternity of lo…[View]
41824682The Normie Question: Why do you treat normies like me so poorly r9k? *pic related*[View]
41826544Eeewwww. So yesterday I went to do 'normal things' so I went to a bar, I'm not usually a drinke…[View]
41826432>having a dream which feels very real as I'm dreaming it >girl asks me out >excited ab…[View]
41826483>tfw my face is full of moles Fuck you solar Jew[View]
41824033So now that you accepted you will die alone, how do you plan on spending the rest of your life?[View]
41818521This game is poison: >INB4 every game is a waste of time These type of games and MMOS are poison …[View]
41826469>He fell for the grand displays of affection will win you the girl meme promoted by Hollywood mov…[View]
41826127Just call me chad[View]
41826213vocaroo thread: https://vocaroo.com/i/s1rwO9VKefru[View]
41825565>guys can spend their whole life trying to lose their virginity without success >they literall…[View]
41826116Wwyd thread[View]
41825875Im lying in the bed my grandfather was conceived on and in the same room, you DO not know this feel!…[View]
41825752Im kind of bored and i dont know anybody on r9k does anyone want to join? /xqdGm8w[View]
41826283Can anyone tell me what lolcow is and does? It seems to be a female version of R9k that focuses on c…[View]
41824581>Straight white male >want a big black nigger cock to rape me…[View]
41813817post your MALS[View]
41825899Why are women so bad at memes? Is there a biological explanation to it?[View]
41826136mods decided to delete my post because I had different opinions on there pedophilia enabling sex fet…[View]
41826077i wanna fuck a trap r9k[View]
41825207It's about that time when everything feels slow and empty: It's 6 AM EST. I've notice…[View]
41826026a frundle riminda dat u kant be robot cuzzzzz uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh u human onlly animalz ken be rowboat…[View]
41826069It doesn't actually matter, you're just making excuses.[View]
41825791Fembots, what would you do if you got an anatomically correct, real life sized horse dildo for chris…[View]
41823987What's the most generate thing you've ever done? For me, it's the fact that I have 3…[View]
41816167Anyone here ever had phimosis in their teenage/adult life? Has getting rid of it changed anything be…[View]
41823810>be drunk >join matchmaking in some game i haven't played in years >top hard, get accu…[View]
41823536ITT: Famous people who were the robots of their time[View]
41824853Please tell me I'm pretty anon, would you want to fuck me[View]
41825841did this guy copy the r9k meme?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7HVqmhGQBXc[View]
41824561How south europeans like myself treated in your fine nation, feels good to know my ancesters were ro…[View]
41825761whom here is a friend of brandis?[View]
41825638Fembots, why haven't you been knotted yet? You will like it and the dog will like it too, it…[View]
41820970Would you accept the offer?: You are offered 15k per month over a period of 1 year to become a domme…[View]
41823526Would life be different if you were a female? Nothing else about you changes except you are now a bi…[View]
41824614What is love ? I am confused af[View]
41791637/r9gay/: >tfw no bf to keep me warm this winter[View]
41825552>'I suffer from depression and anxiety' The amount of times I've heard this phrase this year…[View]
41823049>tfw fetish for unconditional love[View]
41824928>telling trannies on /lgbt/ that only tops can make fun of bottoms, since it's funnier >g…[View]
41824738Mood Music: Post music that represents your current mood and tell us about your day. https://www.you…[View]
41825267holy WHY: I have had an eyelash in my eye for over an hour now HOW THE FUCK DO I GET IT OUT[View]
41821652I want to give a guy a forceful blowjob.[View]
41824834don't worry anon, next year will be better right?[View]
41819328Hanukkah thread: Shalom fellow jewbots, how has your Hanukkah been? I just made some delicious latke…[View]
41825456My conversation with my mom minutes ago >anon we spoke to your grandparents and they said they wa…[View]
41825511i spent most of my willpower on magic; unlocking secrets of the universe and beyond is cool and all …[View]
41825310>start job in May >Work nights >Become work buddies with a cleaner >He's a bit slow…[View]
41825497>come home >walk in >ANON I TOLD YOU TO FUCKING KNOCK WARGGGBBBLLHHLLHH wut do…[View]
41825495>almost always the joke of any group of people i am apart of >implying i even get to the point…[View]
41825404Old Gas station food.[View]
41817127/cripplingdepression/ general: falling apart edition. Feels like no matter how good my day is i alwa…[View]
41824972Chad giving out free lecture on how you should act. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IW2-cNOScaQ[View]
41824122you know what time it is its time for caterday[View]
41823396I don't want to live: Please god somebody just fucking kill me[View]
41823350/Asianbot general/?: I can't believe they thought this was a good idea. I will NOT be seeing t…[View]
41825269Are these Agatha's nudes? The face sorta looks like it might be hers.[View]
41820432When you think about it, we're like a slowly sinking ship. The lifeboats are long gone... ...th…[View]
41824385>Be me >Be 14 >Go on one of those anonymous message boards >Alotofhornypeople.gif >Ge…[View]
41821122what are some natural ways that I can lower my testosterone and become cuter?[View]
41823713If a girl is last seen on WhatsApp at 4 am on Saturday she's a party slut, right? No point in b…[View]
41824667Is....is anime real bots?: Has some anime acrually happened? sometimes?[View]
41825254ITT: post your youtubefu, others rate them[View]
41824973>tfw no coworker bf[View]
41825020do you think that your obsession with anime and manga might be related to how you fundamentally dist…[View]
41823822>Girls don't like nice gu.....[View]
41824861does studying in dentist school make me a chad? at least nobody can shame me for being a neet or an …[View]
41792915>Your personality type >What is best in life >ENTP >To see my enemies driven before me a…[View]
41823681Why does no one see the world from where i stand? The whole world have fell into extreme narcissism …[View]
41825191mail order brides: Are there any success stories? It's a big opportunity for them to wait until…[View]
41824761>women can be robots if they're ugly[View]
41825114I think Im god anon, but i just cannot explain it.[View]
41824488i want to marry a woman and be her loving wife and take care of her and the house while she's a…[View]
41824940>you're 54 years old >your daughter is back in town from college for winter break >you…[View]
41823933Invite only thread do not post unless you're invited.[View]
41824345I have been into her since we met (im an oldfag), and we have been best friends forever. we tell eac…[View]
41822244Why does /r9k/ complain about women only wanting Chads with Dark Triad features when men only really…[View]
41824338>friend introduces me to a girl, says shes interested in me >talk for a while, she eventually …[View]
41825010>absolutely have to go to a uni because i have exams that can't be redone >have an extrem…[View]
41822231>tfw qt and I are talking more frequently on voice in Discord t-this is kinda nice…[View]
41824349I have a gf, but she was raped as a child, like 5 years old. I do have a bit of a boyface. she lik…[View]
41824669>older brother is much uglier and less intelligent than me >still had several girlfriends in h…[View]
41823740>tfw it hits me that I'm a grownass man scrolling through 4chan whilst sipping apple juice…[View]
41824603ITT: we list people brainlets worship pic very much related[View]
41822809Normie thread. When in a mother daughter 3some situation, what is the etiquette for who you do first…[View]
41824327>tfw my mom is watching Rick and Morty >it's really funny anon! p-please...…[View]
41822412State why you hate the prequels. As someone who has seen the originals first but didn't grow u…[View]
41823716how smug are you r9k?[View]
41822832'Look who just finished watching his cartoons...'[View]
41822255>When you break after a month of nofap[View]
41824036I used to be almost incel, now I'm almost Chad. Ask me anything. Here's my transition: …[View]
41823667>no gf post constantly >girl starts talking to me >hints at wanting relationship >const…[View]
41821535She stood on all fours. He relentlessly fucked her from behind, and she quietly reciprocated the act…[View]
41824778Women are annoying. Women are the downfall of civilization. Never trust a woman, especially your own…[View]
41824569Advice on how not to be a failure at every single thing I try and not be an absolute disappointment …[View]
41824459why havent you started wearing panties yet? theyre objectively more comfy than boxers or briefs. nob…[View]
41824719Daddy, can I come out of my cage for dinner?[View]
41824574Dream Thread: I had a dream where I was security at a school. Two black students were using golf clu…[View]
41824517Post discord servers!: 3GQvfG AZWGuP[View]
41822715Any other NEETs just jacking off and shitposting all day? I'm also eating and watching lets pla…[View]
41824484Why is it looked badly by normies to hate fatties ?[View]
41824380Chad has a message:: I am sick of all these girls I fuck, they all want me to just fuck them but in …[View]
41821732Tell me what you think is going on inside his head at this very moment.[View]
41823325Do males really do this?[View]
41824431Hi hi hey yo[View]
41821115Any update on our hero the scooby doo lampshade guy? also any1 can link the youtube videos again?[View]
41824408>looking back on highschool >reminisc about all the qt girls who asked me for rides bc I had …[View]
41810815Virgin Robots/Fembots, post your: >Age >Race >Height >Weight >Hair Color >Eye Colo…[View]
41823613Anyone with ADHD help?: I'm now realizing that I may have ADHD after thinking I just had poor e…[View]
41822958>she's a cat person Is there a single worse red flag?[View]
41824301Are we all alone, or are we together through the internet? Some of you are negative people socially.…[View]
41824121http://iqtest.dk/main.swf How smart is /r9k/? This is actually a realistically difficult and scored …[View]
41822813Can I interest you in some hentai today my good sir?[View]
41824246Will you become the gf (male)? Or will you X-Files: Fight the Future? It's not like you're…[View]
41824118>Finally manage to land somewhat of what you would call a GF >She says she likes me out of the…[View]
41821657what does boy pussy smell Iike?[View]
41823632> send dick pic to girl on snapchat > girl saves the picture in the chat but says she doesnt l…[View]
41822110Instead of being pissed of and wasting your time posting on a chinese knitting forum why don't …[View]
41823696I'm in love! I love my boyfriend so much! Why does he have to live across the country? I want t…[View]
41824045How come normie men and women seem to get along so well? Granted there are certainly a lot of except…[View]
41823410Fuck you nigga You think you hard? You wanna talk shit? Pick up the phone bitch this the real shit r…[View]
41823025>take shit >its a bit sloppy >decide i want to shower afterwards >sister wont get out of…[View]
41823884roastie cunt supervisor introducing me around roastie cunt coworker says 'I met anon he's SWEET…[View]
41822295Any suicidal robots here? What makes you desire suicide? How many attempts do you have? How are you …[View]
41823706>go to refill drink at burger king >the cola machine didn't have the syrup in it so it ta…[View]
41823566This is the lowest point in my life. I don't have any friends, I have severe depression and anx…[View]
41823923>be American anon >Go on tinder >Get rejected by Ballsack jaw hapa woman Kekest of keks…[View]
41823752is the worst thing you can do to a tranny is tell her you like her partially/mostly because she…[View]
41815176are you a real man?: are you man enough to handle real women?[View]
41821755>Tfw banned from two discord servers I frequent, one being a bullshit false accusation, the other…[View]
41821528this is it i just failed out of community college and my grants are cut out. my mom and dad will be …[View]
41823805Anon Fucks Up: >Gift exchange, draw a name from a hat type of thing. >Draw oneitis >Don…[View]
41823443>think about making hipster soundcloud music >do a sample of my voice singing a song to gauge …[View]
41810965Misaki Friday: All I want for Christmas is Misaki[View]
41823709Wow, 'Dark Souls is the hardest game ever' is a total fucking meme. It's just trial and error. …[View]
41823821>tfw dream: I had a dream where I won a huge lottery. It was the most incredible feeling in the w…[View]
41823535>Da gobment say earf is round >Da gobment never lie to me…[View]
41822239Ask an anon who fingered and licked this butt and came inside of her (no condom bc im not a sperg) a…[View]
41822456I am 28 and still a virgin. I am seriously debating just going to a massage parlor and ending that t…[View]
41822695my waifu post everday day 5[View]
41822638My dudes, my dad gave me a 4 thousand dollars check for Christmas (he won't be with me on the 2…[View]
41821536Faces are obsolete.: I wish more people would realize this. I find faceless girls much more attracti…[View]
41823532Why do rabbits decide to live in the snow or desert? Snow = no plants to eat Desert = all the plant…[View]
41822606>ywn have a depressed goth girl open up to you and show you how incredibly adorable and loving sh…[View]
41822590Who else here can't remember their dreams anymore?[View]
41823450Bait thread: You are now obligated to shower the thread with replies due to your unbridled childishn…[View]
41814240>ask out girl that works at uni gym >she's says I dont know and I ask for her number >…[View]
41822902Anon, Please tell me your not a wristlet beta. Hahaha[View]
41822026Robot Inquisition: Regarding the recent instances of threads that talks about diapers, I decided tha…[View]
41819479say things in this thread that hat not been caught by the robot i'll go first I love Chad[View]
41822042The last jedi Just saw this fucking abysmal excuse for a star wars movie. HOly shit I dont even know…[View]
41823155what obese fast food should I eat tomorrow?[View]
41823411Autistic YouTubers thread. https://youtu.be/fm3cof17Wbo[View]
41822028I'm high and drunk from shit and I can type. I've realized something. Why are we so unhapp…[View]
41823401>looking back in the comments of an old fleeting 4chan meme >have a nostalgia trip https://www…[View]
41822360wagecuck thread: >work at convenience store >get call from someone asking if we have medicine …[View]
41823099What do girls like? It looks so confusing. What are the common themes of things most girls like?[View]
41823271The CDC just got a list of 'forbidden words' to use in their documentations. The words include 'vuln…[View]
41823309I'd like to dedicate this album to the girl whose ghostly demure will forever haunt the empty c…[View]
41823203>see argument in motion >take one side and act like a complete retard about it >watch as th…[View]
41823260Auto-ism: Why does anyone on this board think they are autistic when, by definition, only one person…[View]
41822093>puts chaotic in the title >trigger count rising…[View]
41821944Best Porn game?: Today i'm feeling like i wanna work for my orgasm, What are some of best porn …[View]
41822267>the internet will never be the same as it was pre-social media[View]
41822031Why don't bully victims just fight back? It's pathetic how most of them just take it. What…[View]
41823125> posted a hilarious comment on another board > my sides were on the lam > came back the ne…[View]
41820927Tonight we break 30k: So excited about the future. Early retirement well within my grasp. Already pa…[View]
41821008why does every roommate I have get offended that I dont talk to them at all? my current roommate bit…[View]
41813259SECRET SANTA THREAD #51: Welcome to the /r9k/ Secret Santa Thread! Previous thread: >>4180305…[View]
41822378Met this chick on tinder and nothing really happened for a week. Met her again on a dating site for …[View]
41822995>always have witty replies for fpbp >always beaten by some fuckdick with the same response or …[View]
41808041>he calls himself a robot >he doesnt listen to nightcore https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gp6Rw…[View]
41822956Faded Fridays: Who /Benz and booze/ here? 4mg etizolam with a bottle of Chardonnay. Feeling warm and…[View]
41822909Traps aren't inherently gay. A man can be feminine and/or crossdress without being a homosexual…[View]
41821569how do you find a normal college girl who's willing to have sex with you for $$? i make six fig…[View]
41822929Oh thread: >Be me >friends are arguing >its my time to shine >i complain to my one frien…[View]
41820901So is all this diaper shit I'm starting to see similar to how the trap stuff started?[View]
41822575should i delete my watamote porn folder? there's only a few files there and i never use them, b…[View]
41822349>TFW can't get in trouble at work Not sure if they want to promote me or think I'm reta…[View]
41822505>tfw no qt Latina gf to eat out from the back and have good cuddles with Why even live?…[View]
41822803On a dark, rainy night, I walk in an endless series of loops and twists around my neighborhood, with…[View]
41822786There's something inside me that pulls beneath the surface Consuming, confusing This lack of se…[View]
41819680What cute girls should I orbit on instagram?[View]
41822683Micronation to escape the normals: Design your flag.[View]
41821976I just want to be happy, is that so much to ask?[View]
41821819Men: 'Women don't like virgins.' Women: 'You're a virgin? That's cute.' Explain this …[View]
41818579comfy feels thread: if you need to vent, get something off of your chest, or just talk to another hu…[View]
41822586when girls poop their pants do their pussies fill up with shit?[View]
41822299Being severely schizophrenic isnt that bad. >get to talk to famous people >only downside is 75…[View]
41822122Any Greentexts about messing up your chance with an woman? (I need other's shame to lessen my o…[View]
41822540is this true robot youtube channel? https://www.youtube.com/user/21000mans/featured[View]
41815980Hi everyone its fortune time with osaka as your host /r9k/ drunk edtiok Hahaha nigs I'm drunk …[View]
41822507>Man I'm tired I think i'll go to sleep >Lay in bed on my phone for 2 hours…[View]
41821709Diaper rant thread: Fuck all of these pedos that think that diapers are attractive.[View]
41822440i have a girlfriend who i love to death but at the moment and for the past couple of weeks i've…[View]
41822468Sometimes i doubt your commitment to sparkle motion /rk9/[View]
41821950Whats with the fucking shills switching over to diaper shit. are they pedo's or somethin?[View]
41821213should /r9k/ become a hidden board?[View]
41813961anus: ruined[View]
41822106You guys see Sarina Valentina's diaper video yet? Pretty great stuff.[View]
41821296>There's no such thing as a perfect ga-[View]
41822348Ballbust coiple: I let my thread 404 like a newfag[View]
41822296>tfw too anxious to eat in front of my mother and i keep constantly looking at her to see if shes…[View]
41816847Why do men hate being friends with women? Platonic relationships between men and women are wonderful…[View]
41822289>tfw no homely coworker to flirt with[View]
41820347Post cute planet anime girls[View]
41821121fuck I've pretended to be a girl with an anon for like 2 weeks.It was never supposed to be this…[View]
41821611>be me >Watching youtube on xbone in living room >Dad walks into living room >Sees trail…[View]
41822210What the fuck is wrong with the mods on /v/? >mods are global I don't believe that for a sec…[View]
41822187>live in a small town >most conservative women I've met have been coalburners >most …[View]
41821625>dad re-listens his old tunes from the 70-80s >it's really good, get goosebumps at some s…[View]
41821829>somehow made a friend this year >we hang out couple of times a week just doing random shit li…[View]
41821881Check out my channel where I make logical and constructive points on why wymen sould not have rights…[View]
41821933Are you prepared for 2018 /r9k/?[View]
41819782what is your weekly schedule like?[View]
41821739Whelp this is pointless no matches on tinder so I downloaded meetme I got one reply from spamming 'h…[View]
41822066>hey anon do you like my new t-shirt? >im such a nerd like you LMAO…[View]
41822057interracial thread: IR thread. Here we talk about being in an IR >what race are you? >what rac…[View]
41818181Yet another momcest cuckold thread wtf?[View]
41821271What would it take to have you comfort me, fembot?[View]
41822005by February 2018, this board will have a qt diaper girl on every page.[View]
41817075What's even the point of getting a GF if she will become old and ugly[View]
41821807I have to write an 8 page paper by Tuesday. I have a whole bunch of unusable nonsense. Nothing even …[View]
41817996Are you a black girl trapped in a black boys body? I'm here to tell you that it's okay. Be…[View]
41821916How good looking or rich do i need to be to get asian girls who look like the girl in this picture? …[View]
41821809Who/What killed her, robots?: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5168001/Google-engineer-23-dea…[View]
41820912Okay, I'd really like to have a girlfriend now. I've waited patiently for years, remained …[View]
41821757So is all this anti-diaper shit I'm starting to see similar to how the anti-trap stuff started?[View]
41819254who wants to sneak onto an island with me?[View]
41821516>start playing VN >character calls me by name >have to click away from the gamy because it …[View]
41821141>mummy comes home with groceries >eat 75% of the food before the next day Who else here /growi…[View]
41819191I fucked up: So r9k, I need advice, somehow through sheer luck and autism I managed to set up a 'dat…[View]
41819394my co worker just called my gf ugly, is she right, should i break up with my gf?[View]
41821897>genuine autist >Skinny >Acne ridden >Average 6 inch skinny dick >Dropped out of uni …[View]
41821805How do I forget something that is terribly embarrassing and that I don't want to remember under…[View]
41818197So /k/, what's your kind of girl?: If you're a femanon, I dunno, say your kind of guy…[View]
41820851I feel sorry for all the ameribots. Here in eastern-europes we have plenty of roasties but still tim…[View]
41821011'Great news principal Anon, we got a five thousands dollar grant! We can either use it for new PC fo…[View]
41821800>finished finals 2 days ago >got a job at the uni, but I don't work until it starts back …[View]
41819122>be me >Lost homework out of binder >cant find it >get zero >moms pissed >demands…[View]
41818825I am about to be kicked out of uni for poor academic performance. (I failed my finals). What do I do…[View]
41819004What is /r9k/'s position on net neutrality? I normally want the internet to stay the same as it…[View]
41821767>50 hours until number theory final and haven't started to study yet Also uni thread I guess…[View]
41821471>tfw Joey died[View]
41821799https://youtu.be/22pB5J_0Qmhey I found your anthem[View]
41821572Every opinion I hold about everything is correct. All positions I hold in all topics are 100% moral …[View]
41821758Fembots, what would you do if you had a willy and ballies for a week?[View]
41821598>hey anon do you like my new t-shirt? >im such a nerd like you LOL…[View]
41820954There is so much suffering in this world.[View]
418216402018: the future of r9k in a nutshell[View]
41819015i have an iq of 124, i'm the smartest person here[View]
41820654A Portrait of the Robot as a Young Man: If I can just save one robot with this post, I will have suc…[View]
41820196oi my m8 u tryna cop some cuddles? best rates on this side of the dixie you bet it. cordial cuddle? …[View]
41819200Alright /r9k/, work your magic. She says no hookups in her bio. I don't know how to talk to wom…[View]
41820492Trouble with the trolley, eh robots?[View]
41821645What are some good feels movies?[View]
418180602 years with my gf, is not that hard, sex it's great and we get along very well. What's yo…[View]
41821315''One of the more emotionally intense people we studied was a woman who, for instance, was…[View]
41815563What's your favorite class to be in the skyrim games[View]
41820798>be me >playing some Overwatch with a friend, because Im a loser >look down at my phone and…[View]
41821577Are there any Black r9k servers? If any of you want to advertise or get other people in your server…[View]
41821165Day 9 of nofap. The memes are real: I have way more energy, my voice is a bit deeper and my jaw ache…[View]
41820766tfw every year I'm deteriorating and getting worse[View]
41821554Would you ever participate in an /orgy/ if it was your only chance to ever get laid?[View]
41819872be careful of single mother these days: >they are looking for fresh meat out there to cuck and en…[View]
41815151brainlet general: brainlets, low IQs, spergs, tards, the brainfogged & absent minded all are wel…[View]
41812675/britfeel/: Friday night down the pub gettin' smashed with the lads edition[View]
41821451Did someone say traps wearing diapers?[View]
41821376reminder that females cannot feel pride nor take pride in anything[View]
41820744Friends bailed on me, So now I am sitting home playing Dark Souls 3 trying hard not to be pissed off…[View]
41821266>I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. >/pol/ Pixel art on fire off the sho…[View]
41820734You're not a robot if you can afford University/College.[View]
41821394lurker feels: >tfw you see shit threads and just ignore even clicking on them >tfw see a inter…[View]
41821277You meet a cute boy, but you hear crinkling coming from under his pants whenever he moves. What do y…[View]
41818395Cheater Hate Thread: Why the fuck do people cheat on their partners? If you want to fuck other peopl…[View]
41821391How many of you guys /dumpsterdive/? This has to be one of you.[View]
41820813How's my orifinal pussy desu[View]
41821250hey there, friends. how's things?: Today is the last day of the semester, so to celebrate, i we…[View]
41821309Should I feel bad about calling an escort?[View]
41821328PSA to all you fellow fat cunts and thunderthighs (at least that's what you call yourselves to …[View]
41799184Robots how fucked is your life? >almost 29 >have a job and a masters but live with parents …[View]
41820815>He scrolls past normie threads and posts without saging and reporting them Do your part anon…[View]
41817743Was a neet hikikomori. Now I am a dude that drowns in pussy ask for advice or call me a male whore. …[View]
41819037Ballbust couple: It's the weekend boys. How's life?[View]
41820984What is the single thing you hate the most about Chad?[View]
41820643Why is this boy 900% more attractive than the average woman?[View]
41818590what do robots? failed my suicide attempt a couple weeks ago and just got out of the hospital. Now I…[View]
41819836>Tfw chad YOUNGER brother I don't know what happened, he just... became a chad over the cour…[View]
41820646Why does 9fag and iFunny like to steal our memes?[View]
41820162https://vocaroo.com/i/s0CJw6U9ZxjC can somebody identify the song that has the tune from the vocaroo…[View]
41819446>tfw too anxious to hire a slut What should I do? I always suck in everything…[View]
41820823What hurts the most is that no one cares. No one is interested in me, no one wants to spend time wit…[View]
41821097Sum up life is one sentence:: In a phrase, it's about becoming less of a faggot everyday; while…[View]
41819083>be math grad from Russian Harvard >run away to AIaska >get deported >spend time homele…[View]
41819637How do I stop watching anime and playing VNs? It makes me sad[View]
41820992Guys I need some advice. >Halloween night >planned a night in and got myself sauced while play…[View]
41820569why don't you robots embrace stoicism, just stop rewarding yourself for nothing, happiness come…[View]
4182035410 points added to my nuggie meter and another delectable meal given to me by dominoes, how could th…[View]
41820891when has -sanity- ever been an unbecoming or unsexy look? just sanity: courage, resoluteness, intell…[View]
41820930>21 years old >Have been posting on /r9k/ since I was 16 >Still haven't kissed a girl …[View]
41820096should i keep my gf? i miss being alone and not having to worry about someone i miss being a robot a…[View]
41820794Who else /nonexistentmasculinity/ here? I have already accepted I'm a sissy baby boy who needs …[View]
41820582can I just say I graduated from so and so university on my resume and lie? I heard they dont even ch…[View]
41819558SOY BOYS: who soy boys here?[View]
41820529>According to a childhood friend, Schubert 'used to sit down at his writing desk every morning at…[View]
41819516women are just nonsensical: >be me >go to neighbours for a bath >there's people there …[View]
41818770Why do so many girls do this?[View]
41820329why are you here: friday night you sitting on dat chair browsing r9k and yo life passin you by…[View]
41820841>get drunk >dont remember half the shit that bothers me and couldnt give a fuck about the othe…[View]
41818022Why do hipsters and new age faggots wear this? Do they even know what it is? What it means? Do they …[View]
41820374Are you sure you don't want a dominant black woman to put you in a cute diaper and skirt, and t…[View]
41818678why do criminals look so cool?[View]
41819883Have you fags downloaded Swifty's new app yet? You can photoshop yourself into pictures with he…[View]
41818042Night Walking General: >TFW you have that fresh tingly feeling. Who else here nightwalks and if s…[View]
41820676I want to smile for my friends[View]
41819642Do you robots listen to music while browsing, if so what kind?[View]
41820111>erectile dysfunction >24 life is suffering…[View]
41820506is terry the oldest robot?[View]
41817102I really want to download some stuff from this website, but I can't tell if the downloads are s…[View]
41820575Funny that come friday night all the fembot threads always seem to disappear.[View]
41812283Do you like anyone right now anonn? Does he/she likes you back?[View]
41820441>'Anon! Don't come into the bathroom without knocking!'[View]
41820448Dear robots, How are young people treated on this sub? (I mean really young) Also pic not related[View]
41819430What do you think is the story behind this picture? Who was the girl, who toke the photo, what was t…[View]
41816476Suppose one day you wake up and find that feminists have taken over the country and have begun enfor…[View]
41817866I want a 4chan girl. Where are you guys hiding.[View]
41820311What would the internet be like without 4chan?[View]
41819710Women, huh, what are they good for? Absolutely nothing.: Women hate general Here's quick tale …[View]
41818344i think i found her here but i forgot her name moar pls[View]
41820337>quarter, maybe even a third of my life is gone >nothing to show for it…[View]
41817796>Dad said he was going to give me Christmas money today >Spent all week hyping me up for it …[View]
41819929realistically, what are my options as a 22 year old kissless virgin[View]
41819370A therapist can lie and get you on the sex watch list at a moments notice and unless you were litera…[View]
41819295muda muda muda muda muda muda muda muda muda muda muda muda muda muda muda muda muda muda muda muda …[View]
41820272who else here is /involuntaryfast/?[View]
41819503Act like this guy to get a girl friend: https://youtu.be/8qZHw60dDqQ[View]
41820179WHY AM I TOXIC!?![View]
41820081What would you like to get from Santa this year, robot? I would like to get a qt gf[View]
41820164What is the whole point of 'who would win' or 'who could beat x' discussions? How autistic do you ha…[View]
41819793God I want that girl in my arms[View]
41819299words on a screen: >be me >buy 10,000 electroneum coins today >getting drunk now what do yo…[View]
41820094>tfw 3.5' erect penis >tfw enjoy sph and male/male findom kill me…[View]
41820083>open an image that is 'porn' >say 'what the fuck' out loud so if anyone caught me looking the…[View]
41820065>finish my first semester of college >come back home and just fap all day What should I do to …[View]
41820064who here /FL Studio/? >inb4 using the virgin DAW[View]
41819251Why the fuck does an 18 year old attractive girl talk to a 30 year old incel on tinder and give him …[View]
41817943Mentally Ill and KHV: Any other anons here mentally ill and khv? When did you come to the realizatio…[View]
41796446post your unironic 10/10 ITT[View]
41816691What the fuck happened to punk and genuine counter-cultures? It's like any sincere dissent is d…[View]
41819502Don't talk to me please...[View]
41816511Anyone else here fap to eiken? Wanna have a nice satisfying fap to it with me?[View]
41818439https://discord.me/biribiri Whale-cum to the new and hip discord out there! anime all you want and b…[View]
41819221crazy: who here slowly going crazy? >living at home for 2 years now due to medical problems …[View]
41819848>you don't have a cute femboy waifu who makes you blueberry muffins from scratch and takes c…[View]
41816619>What's wrong, mister? We've never seen a grownup cry before.…[View]
41819225>want to go into computer science >know i fucked up in my math classes during high school …[View]
41816962I'm posting bruno eating pizza every day day 36[View]
41819672Who wants free cyber hugs? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KEXQkrllGbA[View]
41819437So I'm supposed to get a job, work, come home, and go back to work. This repeats for a few deca…[View]
41819730>tfw you dont wanna go to class so you say your sick[View]
41818947Alimony will now be taxed because of the GOP. http://money.cnn.com/2017/12/15/pf/taxes/alimony-tax-b…[View]
41813457Rose: I'm taking a shit. What do you think Rose is doing right now? Shitting perhaps? I wonder …[View]
41812013How would u spend Christmas with Kelly? Do u love Kelly?[View]
41819018Hello friends, where can I go to experience true r9k type posts? /r9k/ is not cutting it, there are …[View]
41818611where my schizophrenia robots at[View]
41817302This is actually what a women looks like without make-up. Don't ever say you want a girl that '…[View]
41818722Has your fire gone out yet?[View]
41817534what do girls fap to?: Are they into degenerate shit? How often do they fap? >inb4 never because …[View]
41819363Does anyone else here have trouble making out/understating what people are saying? not that you don…[View]
41819235What's the ONE thing you wish you could experience most of all in this life, but will never get…[View]
41819452I'm in denial of being an aspie What's it like to be openly retarded for life? Also you…[View]
41819407Can Indian chicks be Stacy?[View]
41819441At what point were you no longer surprised by women[View]
41818410Dreams: You having dreams lately? Post some here[View]
41791899Why do women REEE so hard when they realize sexbots are going to be a thing? I personally wouldn…[View]
41819080The Cure: Hey /r9k/ I'm going to tell you the one way out of Robothood. Not a manic pixie drea…[View]
41817395I need your saddest piano songs, can be with singing or not.[View]
41819332Where do I watch movies for free in a decent quality?[View]
41819312Ok so this bitch at work doesn't want to fuck me, but fucking LOVES me, she has a kid and a boy…[View]
41819081>tfw even bumpity boo has licked more soles than you[View]
41818583I'm really good at vomitting in my mouth then swallowinf it back down What's your hidden …[View]
41818455This guy slaps your waifu's ass. How does she react?[View]
41817110Rage thread: Angry normie itt Don't post here unless you want me to defile it with normalfag lo…[View]
41818260someone here thought all his life that he was more intelligent than the others but discovered later …[View]
41819179How hard is it to get letters of rec from college professors? I'm a second semester senior and …[View]
41819158Could someone explain to me what KHV is? (pic not related)[View]
41818919i need to get high on something right now but its 4:00 am and the only drug i have is coffee, what s…[View]
41817958When will we be able to choose a porn actress we find to our liking and be able to easily consume al…[View]
41818926/fng/ - Friday Night General: What are you doing tonight, bots? I'm just sitting here drinking …[View]
41818018If the average man wasn't so dumb and understood the true nature of women would humans go extin…[View]
41819088>The thought of life without her takes a toll > The thought of Chad moistens her hole.…[View]
41818761can anyone give me tips on finding a drug dealer so i can self-medicate? i live in a semi-rural 8k p…[View]
41817588>tfw a Dom >tfw a big name in the local fetish community >tfw get to beat women and call th…[View]
41817417/drugsgeneral/: Does anyone know what the fuck this pill is? I found it in my room the other day I h…[View]
41818437why are people who own chickens fucking crazy? i swear, they can't go more than an hour without…[View]
41818874>that guy at work who keeps saying he likes women, partying and going fast What's he trying …[View]
41817833What does your closet/wardrobe look like?[View]
41818975>Anon, you're spending another friday night looking at traps, diapers, and misogynistic thre…[View]
41805857Should male sexuality be heavily regulated since men obviously can't control themselves?[View]
41818960No chance of anything: >I have no chance GF >I have no chance of real friends >I have highe…[View]
41818677>whachu mean you don't take black cock, white boi? >you a racist, motha fucka? wat do?…[View]
41817594cringe stories: >be me >living in university residence >put my stuff in the washing machine…[View]
41815576>what kind of music do you like getting this question sends shivers down my spine desu. how does …[View]
41817828Can someone come over and cuddle me?[View]
41818848Anyone have the textbook: 'Get fit stay well 3d edition?': I need to do 4 assignments by the end of …[View]
41818426Undateable permavirgin thread: List the thing that exclude you from the gene pool. >5'3' …[View]
41817569Hey robots! Actually in a super good mood for once because I got a new pet corn snake, pic related, …[View]
41818835>Just ate a small tub of fried rice >Feel like throwing it up because im so disgusted in mysel…[View]
41817001>XXXTENTACION locked up: Fuck, I liked listening to this edgelord[View]
41818828>tfw no good taste in vidya and music non slut feminine bf[View]
41817624Okay I overdosed myself with setralin.. I know it is dumb but I feel like I have to punish myself.[View]
41818447> d-do you like my dress anon? w-what say!!?[View]
41818730>be me >retarded >mfw im retarded…[View]
41818776>havent fapped for 2 weeks >decide to edge for 1hr today >finally cum and have toe curling …[View]
41818720Wtf is wrong with this dude's head??? (Not me to be perfectly clear)[View]
41817628why the fuck should I pay woman for her just to exist and once in a while let me put my penis inside…[View]
41818278>be me >walking out of my English class, on my way to lunch, fucking starving >walk past t…[View]
41817876>spend nearly 200k for a college diploma >working shitty labor job…[View]
41818468My friends are imported[View]
41818609Are black trans girls the future?[View]
41818608Never have I ever: >playing never have i ever with random people >pretty boring >don't…[View]
41818607im depressed and sad and I just got really high on my roof. what are you robots up to.[View]
41817939Daily reminder to set aside your disgust and meme women into wearing diapers and acting like childre…[View]
41816649Dating 101: Hey guys. Any tips for a first time dater? Never been on one but I've got one tonig…[View]
41818083Okay, something is fucking missing from the formula. >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cN91tWbALE…[View]
41818457>watching old videos you did as a kid >realizing how you've changed from an optimistic ha…[View]
41815525Is this the fate of all party roasties? Holy shit.[View]
41817913Adventure game.: Welcome to GAMEQUEST the game winning and adventure. >Story You've been ta…[View]
41818496>Be me >25 >Virgin >Babyface >Look 17 >5'4 manlet >Fat >Nobody will e…[View]
41818477Ian is bonsai I can compute the web I seek dark sticky web[View]
41817977TFW no pixie cut, flat chested, straight, non SJW GF to spend the holidays with[View]
41817776whats wrong with society? my boss at work tells me to fuck his wife >tfw 25+ virgin tfw i always …[View]
41815347So 10 women(44 or younger) on this site called Photofeeler rated on how smart, trustworthy and attra…[View]
41817997How can a shy black girl find a nice white boyfriend to love her forever?[View]
41815826I pantsed my sister and now she's mad? I think I may be in the wrong, but probably not.[View]
41818377>TFW get bank alert >LOW balance >Just got my paycheck >TFW no money to buy food for the…[View]
41814433Why are male robots all like 'REEEEEEEE' whereas fembots are so peace loving and empathetic? This re…[View]
41817750Star war for fags[View]
41817521>not weird enough to be a bot >not normal enough to be a normie >shitty genetics, social ph…[View]
41815847>be me >8th grader at the time >have incredibly severe autism, completely incapable of norm…[View]
41818259>GAME OF THE YEAR EDITION >it's some game i've never even heard of >certainly was…[View]
41818294>Be me >Late in the afternoon >Decide to take a shower >Enjoying long shower >About t…[View]
41818272Cinematech Livestream: Remember watching this on G4 back in the day? 4chan livestream now up: https:…[View]
41817987>watching anime at work >hear 'wheres the weeb fire him' >be me 6'2 265 pounds >sta…[View]
41818184Phaimanauna is here Why do you see that girls hate girls? I think it is generated by you rooted deep…[View]
41818173>Be me >Wake up with a craving for tendies at 5AM >mfw mummy I need tendies in my tummy …[View]
41815643NEW YEAR EVE: what have you planned for the end of the year? i'm thinking on booking a hotel so…[View]
41818033>took 1 class > barely passed[View]
41816013I'm sick of this meme that 'every single man has the potential to attract females as long as th…[View]
41817574How did '''s'''he cure pencil dick?[View]
41817632poo poo... pee pee... i'm hungry... for chicky tendie![View]
41818066Prediction for human evolution: >narrow hips on females c sections will make natural birth obsole…[View]
41817988Is it gay that i want to fuck this very feminine looking male? I personally don't think liking …[View]
41816510Does anyone have experience with LSD or Shrooms or other psychadelics to help with depression and an…[View]
41817822>Be me >Be 11 >Entering early stages of puberty and want to known how to jack off >But h…[View]
41817018Do you big spoon or spoon?[View]
41817938>mfw the results of the r9k hypno experiment http://www.strawpoll.me/14616008/r…[View]
41815740How can you be a robot if you're at least 6 foot tall? You've been blessed with Chad gene…[View]
41817543Okay, robots, I fucked up big time today. >be me >in bathroom >cutting hair off of balls be…[View]
41816961>tfw no milf on wheels gf[View]
41817052>completely alone, not worrying about being such a loser >someone messages me 'hey' >i repl…[View]
41814692>He thinks humans will even still exist in the next TES release[View]
41817293The biggest mistake young men make is to assume women desire men in the same way men desire women. T…[View]
41817780More and more black bois are becoming girls and taking white dick[View]
41817745>JAV audio Literally have to mute the video or my boner is killed. Also why do they pick repulsiv…[View]
41816512Is Rorschach /ourguy/?[View]
41817563Why are women always humiliating me by grabbing my butt in public. Yes, I realize it is large, round…[View]
41817679What does smegma smell and taste like? I want to let a friend accumulate it and clean it off but I d…[View]
41817489>tfw no eudaemonic bf[View]
41814429>tfw got rejected for phd studies >reason: we didn't quiet understand what you were sayin…[View]
41816156ITT fat feels got kicked out of another buffet today bros[View]
41815946>wake up >check calendar >December 15th, 2017 >robots are still NOT wearing diapers How …[View]
41817636>wasnt shy around girls just screamed at them to make them like me anddothe pennywise/jacksfilms …[View]
41815639We're all human. No matter our race, ethnicity, country or continent of origin, we're all …[View]
41817480My father's cancer is getting worse.[View]
41817572>tfw no good taste non slut fembf[View]
41817565>Get new next door neighbors in my upper middle class suburbs >Loud Rap music every night >…[View]
41817490Drinking already, wagecuck? You disgust me.[View]
41817082Femanons, what would you do if a guy takes up three empty seats in front of you and there's no …[View]
41814711Would you date a girl who has DPD (Dependent Personality Disorder)? Basically she is a childish pers…[View]
41817423>he would fuck a trap over THIS Leave this board, normies[View]
41817467ITT: times you wee a bold boy for mummy >be me >be 23 >be hungry >tell mummy to make m…[View]
41817394Fembots, would you date a guy who squirts?[View]
41816728Anxiety stories Thread: >Be me >Be NEET for almost 4 years >Live in a group home with 3 oth…[View]
41817387>fembots don't exist: >women can't be robots >just don't be fat lol https://…[View]
41817339>Teeth look like this >Dad keeps telling me to brush my teeth whenever we meet Is my own fathe…[View]
41816664I'm kinda drunk, and want to either play Roller Coaster Tycoon / Europa Universalis 3/ talk wit…[View]
41817168How did we go from this Cx ...[View]
41817297you should browse reddit it's pretty epic :)[View]
41817319>year ends in 16 days >realize I've made no progress socially or otherwise 2017 Who else…[View]
41816811>tfw don't look like a generic intelligent depressed anime protagonist…[View]
41816487SCIENTISTS PROVE TRAPS ARENT GAY!!! http://www.science20.com/quantum_gravity/blog/study_shows_men_at…[View]
41804243Creative Robots: Share your creative works in this thread[View]
41803584I started arguing with a (she)friend of mine about the whole sexual revolution thing, about how aver…[View]
41816757>tfw gf that cooks me tendies on every breakfast, lunch and dinner Why don't you have a gf, …[View]
41814994>All alone on a Friday huh? Me too. Hey, how about you buy me a drink and we keep each other comp…[View]
41814830yellow fever as fuck now: never been super into them but i served a cute girl wearing something like…[View]
41816047>Deleted all my porn 9 months ago >All fine >But keep missing my pornfu Anri Okita What to…[View]
41817099so, why is /cgl/s banner this...[View]
41817119Nicknames: >lady at the grocery store know's who I am because I keep buying the same thing o…[View]
41816929>this is what the average boy looks like in Japan in 2017. how can white boys even compete…[View]
41816148Would you date this girl? She may be gross but she will love you forever.[View]
41813471Why do men get so controlling and weird when their daughters start dating/having sex? Is it because…[View]
41815520Why does every movie have to include some romantic theme or scene?[View]
41817034make it stop i cant take it anymore make it all stop please dear god why wont you make it stop[View]
41813942What's the point of trying if you have low IQ? A high IQ person can do whatever you want to do …[View]
41814392What do you guys think of lilypichu? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e-ruaUXhBY8 Is there a cuter st…[View]
41816833Happy Turnip Day: Hello robots, I am making a holiday for January that involves turnips. The activit…[View]
41815591What would you do: She come up to while in the gym and says 'hey let me show to do them bells ' grab…[View]
41815363>criticizes normies for being bland, mainstream, conforming, liking the same things >95% of ro…[View]
41816910its starting to hurt a little less bros[View]
41815509So, robots. What did this guy do to deserve this?[View]
41816425Have you ever been kicked in the nuts while playing sports ? How did your teammates react ?[View]
41816883It's the Grandparents Stealing From the Grandchildren: >But not only is the elderly poverty …[View]
41816896>be math grad from Russian Harvard >run away to Alaska >get deported >spend time homeles…[View]
41815017>tfw there are no more feel threads or general greentexts besides the university general >when…[View]
41814275>after school hours >driving home from work >pass middle school >2 Mexican middle school…[View]
41816591what are your thoughts on women's sexy soles?[View]
41816836> oh! you must be my neighbor anon. I just moved in the area. I'm Stacy! Nice to meet you! w…[View]
41816708have you ever noticed that every single poster on this board needs a severe, severe beating?[View]
41814773Reminder robot waifus would be too heavy for your skinny ass to lift.[View]
41815648Why do people hate girls? Girls are nice to me.[View]
41811273https://discord.me/biribiri Whale-cum to the new and hip discord out there! anime all you want and b…[View]
41816707Hi /r9k It's meeeee Norman the Normie from NORMANDY!!!!!!!!!! A little birdie told me about thi…[View]
41816711Rage thread. Oreganoli[View]
41816474when the chips are out you still going to be playing those video games boy?[View]
41816250do women even like sex r9k. male pornstars aren't as valued or idolized as females. i have neve…[View]
41808964For those that believe in a benevolent God, how do you account for the problem of evil?[View]
41816215Who else /livingincarsubzerotemps/ here? The adderall keeps me goin.[View]
41816493You guys will make it, you will find friends and you will be happy with a girl. I can't imagin…[View]
41816622Which Dirty Pair would robots rather gf, Kei or Yuri?[View]
41815708She has Chad as the object of her affection While you stick to masturbation[View]
41816590>Hmmm, my muscle mass has deteriorated to the point of near non-existence and my testosterone lev…[View]
41815346I have solution: I found cure how to stop being horny all the time and think about women. So wheneve…[View]
41814151/manlet general/ is 5'9 too short for a gf[View]
41816259Astolfo Friday: Get comfy in thread, make friends, post boipucci, and have fun uwu uwu owo uwu uwu…[View]
41814649>tfw not even good at vidya anymore Even 12-yearolders have faster reaction time than me.…[View]
41816256Not supposed to masturbate or have sex for awhile because donating sperm.[View]
41816299>Tfw you get inargunent with tour mon and sister while drunk at 26[View]
41816297Why am I so grumpy and angry about everything all the time?: >hate going to family gatherings, th…[View]
41816191Fellow manlets whats the best way you've humiliated a tallfag ?[View]
41813609>be me >virgin betafag >i'd say i'm 7/10 >am kinda fat tho >anyways >was…[View]
41816071>well c'mon anon,dig in! ;3[View]
41816346>tfw only managed to watch one episode of a show today[View]
41816393>oneitis doesn't have an online presence how the fuck am I supposed to stalk her now?…[View]
41815765>finish first semester university >family plan to see Star Wars in cinemas >talking about f…[View]
41813886Might be a better question to ask on /biz/ but why are normie so frantic about crypto currency now? …[View]
41816333Men: just admit you're inferior, for fuck's sakes. I'm getting sick and tired of all …[View]
41814274anyone else have a tiny soft penis but a respectable sized hard one? like half inch soft but 6 inch …[View]
41815682how do emos get laid if they have no self confidence?[View]
41815730>dress like shit >stink sweat >unwashed hair >neckbeard >apathic response to people w…[View]
41815948Why cant modern roasties treat and sympathize for men that want a sexbot like the people in this fil…[View]
41811959What would your ideal gf look like, fellow robots? mine is pic related >tfw no cute hairy gf…[View]
41816179Free key: Anybody want a free steam key? PLALZ-Z5NR7-339XL[View]
41811999Cute loli toes and tummies! Smell their pits and taste their cunnies! See them squirm, it's cu…[View]
41815901who wants to be my boyfriend here?[View]
41816190>feel lonely when alone >feel uncomfortable around people…[View]
41815317/biz/ NEET here, spend all my days trading crypto and watching anime i have a lot of money split bet…[View]
41814746If I could eat hamburgers every day I would. I love hamburgers. They are the greatest thing I have e…[View]
41816104There are people on /r9k/ right now who are married[View]
41816060/Waifu/ General: Waifu/Changirl containment thread. For discussion, I'm not requesting pictures…[View]
41813252>elementary school >constantly bullied for being ugly >never had any friends >got really…[View]
41816062Someone found out that i fap in the college bathrooms some mornings before lessons, i dont think the…[View]
41816057>yell at my mother for having my circumcised as a child >it turns out im not circumcised…[View]
41814726>all these faggots that don't want to dominate women Why is there no gentle maledom? It used…[View]
41813830What does /r9k/ wear? Share your outfits and rate Template in replies[View]
41813285>tfw you fell for the size matters meme[View]
41815715>fap >cum >fap again…[View]
41813257has anyone ever actually called a suicide hotline? what's it like?[View]
41815023:---D: i want to impregnate a loli TONIGHT.[View]
41810906the friendzone topic: what do you think about the friendzone? are you in the friendzone? share some …[View]
41813656What are the best hobbies to pickup in order to not seem like a subhuman to normals, and especially …[View]
41810447Who overly shy/emberessed here? This is a comfy thread for our shy robots[View]
41815881Chads fly ooooover the raaaainbow... Why, then? Ohhh why caaaaaan't I?[View]
41814915I lost a friend: >be me >some years ago >have a really close friend >probably the closes…[View]
41813702No women. No trannies. wizchan.org[View]
41815493Your experience with antidepressants: I think about getting antidepressants. It is not like I want t…[View]
41815746Europooans get out, /r9k/ is an American board.[View]
41814950is Rick a model on how to be in life or a shitty mary sue?[View]
41815221>Hildegard Koch was introduced to several SS men at the Lebensborn maternity home. 'They were all…[View]
41811515>tfw no r9k non slut chaotic bf[View]
41813679Does anyone else feel like there's just something indescribably wrong with them? Something that…[View]
41814698/r9k/ movie suggestions: What are good movies that have a lot of feels in them? You know, stuff that…[View]
41815620Vincent: nothing nothing g[View]
41810162If you could have one thing...: What in life would you want most? >Dubs it happens this month …[View]
41812448If you have talked to 'chaotic' or have chat logs with him, please post in this thread. We are build…[View]
41815540>mods are actually deleting Soy Wars threads bunch of supreme bugman faggots or nip admin is bou…[View]
41814332/comfy/ thread: Snow'd here not too long ago -- in the mid-Atlantic/northeast United States. It…[View]
41811419what do femanon feet smell like?[View]
4181427650000 Dollars.: I have been saving for 2 years, working my way up to 50000 dollars in the bank. I am…[View]
41814477How do I slow hair growth? I have to keep going to the barbers every 4 weeks and I'm even less …[View]
41813508>Hallo anon, why von't you sit down and drink some bier vith uz? wat do…[View]
41813624Anyone else /Devilish/ at work? >Bathrooms at work use normal dial handsoap for customers and emp…[View]
41813811>be an obscure, adorkable cutie pie girl >no bf, live at home >literal robot girl >post …[View]
41815404Oh! Didn't see you there wagie. Me? Oh I'm just on a freight train traveling this fine cou…[View]
41814761What are you doing tonight guys ? >drinking cans of Guinness and watching the darts by myself V…[View]
41811337>tired of reCAPTCHA >decide to buy 4chan Pass >$20 USD Goddam why is this site so Jewed? I…[View]
41815351My boyfriend wants me to dress up as Lucoa for Christmas.[View]
41815371>tfw you make a cute boy smile[View]
41812809No context pics: ITT post your no context pics[View]
41815328>'I'm not feeling too bad today' >record a video of yourself and take a few selfies…[View]
41815323>be 14 year old me (im older now retards) >teacher tells class we will get to choose our own p…[View]
41813342NEET life: How in the hell do you NEET's do it? Six weeks in and I'm already spiralling in…[View]
41814395Alvin and the chipmunks 3: >Be me >At Christmas fair in school (It's a thing they do ever…[View]
41815270>ywn be famous on imgur and nicknamed 'lonely' for spamming pics of attractive women with race ba…[View]
41815258>group of somewhat nerdy/geek friends >some girls in the group >one normie guy >all the …[View]
41814422ideaI gf thread[View]
41812224what movie should i watch don't reccomend any reddit shit i prefer anime mystery i guess[View]
41815211The funny thing about my running warfare with that irate 'man-hate' fembot is I actually a…[View]
41814946Shut the fuck up before I kick your ass[View]
41814353Normie Red Pills: >people spend too much time on their phones >consumerism isn't the mean…[View]
41814845robots, what's your opinion on the red rocket?[View]
41809929>tfw insane anxiety when talking with an identity Anyone else completely lost the ability to main…[View]
41814591Does anyone else get blinded by headlights every time they drive at night? Almost every time I pass …[View]
41815020betamaxxx: Does anyone remember betamax on tinychat? Are there people still out there? Where are you…[View]
41814987cucks: >be me >not many friends >make new friend group with some 5/10 girls >first nigh…[View]
41814971>be me >in astronomy, actually genuinely enjoy the class because astronomy is my favorite sub…[View]
41799675Have you ever thought about getting BUFF?: Robots Have you ever thought about getting fit and rippe…[View]
41812549>ywn be a sweet, kind girl in a loving relationship with another sweet, kind girl…[View]
41813590SHOULD I BUY A PS4?: >$400 in bank account >can buy used PS4 for $240 at gaymestop and dank so…[View]
41810683Fembots please out your sweaty, stinky, and tasty feet on my face: I need this. I need it so bad.…[View]
41814104Was Alexander the Great the prototypical douchebag?[View]
41812570Name a more god tier dipping sauce. I'll wait.[View]
41811880How big should a penis be for a woman to enjoy it?[View]
41808165Who else /shops at Lidl/ here? You can't be a robot if you don't get your groceries at Lid…[View]
41812614>see a picture of yourself >day is ruined…[View]
41813053push up thread: Hey guys, I just did 200 push ups. My wrists hurt like shit, and I am oof owie. Le…[View]
41814763Earth to Nerds: That thing you liked? It's ours now. We won. Get over it.[View]
41814815does r9k like monstergirls?[View]
41814777normal life on drug called love: > be 22 yo >never have a gf >many matches all bitches are …[View]
41812466>ITT : we question other robots' sexuality[View]
41814559Originally What's your excuse?: Zoom in in her tattoo. Obviously this Stacy likes men with Pete…[View]
41812431Why do sissy white bois make the best girls?[View]
41813823Robots who made it, when did things start going right?[View]
41811907Why don't you just get a witch gf to go to weird raves and take drugs with and then stay in you…[View]
41814075>in a few short weeks it'll be 2018[View]
41814664normies, have you ever gotten over your first love?: mine was atrocious, she beat me every day and w…[View]
41812312>'Uhmm....anon...you still play video games?'[View]
41814641>tfw no fashionable rich twink kpop bf[View]
41814417Foreskin restoration: Has cutfags here tried to pull on their dick skin everyday? What method works …[View]
41814360>tfw no bf to play league of legends with I JUST WANT AN NA BF......[View]
41810501What's your job? Do you make enough money to live alone comfortably? Do you enjoy it? Can you s…[View]
41813478a n i m e: I need some good anime to watch robots, what do you recommend?[View]
41810626My conversation with my dad minutes ago >anon we spoke to your grandparents and they said they wa…[View]
41814536Le Jew Meat: Tell me /r9k/, why do people hate Jews?[View]
41813796ITT: Your favorite fantasy: >be me >posses super power to conjure up a giant sword (similar to…[View]
41814540>TWF 200 IIGUUU[View]
41808966Almost had sex with a girl today: >in class, working >solid 7/10 girl next to me >her pen w…[View]
41812128>Eating dinner with Parents >''Soo anon got any plans for this weekend??''…[View]
41810497r9k Minecraft server: Hello friends If you haven't joined the newest r9k minecraft server, now …[View]
41814445I'm hungry but I don't know what to eat[View]
41813806>tfw one of my favorite pornstars has died >1st it was Shyla Stylez who was one of my other fa…[View]
41810401>Give me one reason I should spare your pathetic life human.[View]
41814132>dad has 14 kids with 12 different women >10 of those kids are girls >6 of those girls are …[View]
41812838Why not settle for a 6/10 instead of chasing stacy?[View]
41814292>be me >be mommy's big boy >she's on the phone >she's talking about suici…[View]
41813098>Hey, mister! Why did the chicken cross the road? >(sinister giggling)…[View]
41813846Where can I find a submissive slave gf that will let me use her in any way imaginable?[View]
41813897Would you live in a city that is populated by only robots and fembots?[View]
41805057Released 15 years ago. No reason to update yet. anyone know this feel?[View]
41813917So I'm doing ecstasy for the second time ever tomorrow. Anyone got any good tips, advice or sto…[View]
41809221fall semester grades thread: Post 'em grades[View]
41813475The original 1980 menu included quiche and quail.[View]
41813311>deleted all social media accounts >blocked all my friends >disappeared entirely from onlin…[View]
41811083Why don't you get a traditional, virgin, church going white gf?[View]
41808398Psychological Issues #131: 1. Use a name in the namefield. 2. Use a name in the namefield. 3. Share …[View]
41813583When you dwell on the past While he pounds her sweet ass Netorare When you fuck her in bed It's…[View]
41813825>go to mom's house for holidays >use bathroom >toilet seat is already up >mom lives…[View]
41813740>tfw no exhausted wageslave raccoon bf[View]
41812660What's your opinion on this guy right here? His outlook depresses me.[View]
41813546what would you take into your cuck shack?[View]
41812459Ask a hypersexual roastie anything >it's not as good as it sounds[View]
41812674>trying to find a bathroom at work to go jack off in >there's constantly someone else in …[View]
41812798Any bros out there wanna play some fortnite on ps4? I'm online now.[View]
41811378Why don't you have a diaper gf yet? The competition you have to beat are all retarded fat guys,…[View]
41811589why don't you just settle for a 5/10 girl?[View]
41809787Is there anything worse than a woman who loves being degraded and dominated? We're supposed to …[View]
41813814help: i'm too much of a fat ass to do anything useful in life but i'm to much of a pussy t…[View]
41811020>fembots don't exi- t. og poster[View]
4181299524yo unemployed kissless virgin slightly overweight 5'9 with micro penis ask me anything[View]
41811459*cuts off your foreskin* he, nothin personnel, kid...[View]
41812709Is it possible to buy bitcoin from an atm then trade that same bitcoin online (anonymously)? Explain…[View]
41813486Why don't you get a gf like this? Chads don't want her.[View]
41812416Face it, women are superior to men. Men being marginalized in society is only the naked manifestatio…[View]
41813615The woman is by nature a dependent creature. In order to go through pregnancy, physical attributes w…[View]
41813503the loneliness finally kicked in: had the usual depression and hopelessness for as long as i can rem…[View]
41813501Am i the only one who spends too much time arguing with other people online for literally everything…[View]
41812172She dosn't love me but I understand: My heart aches thinking about her and every time we'r…[View]
41813484I going bald. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DiBiokW0ScE[View]
41812329>tfw laugh at my own jokes i make on 4chan[View]
41811506ITT post self harm[View]
41812987>come back from the gym >all my housemates are in the living room with 10 other people partyin…[View]
41812949>be me >a female >decide i wanna stream on twitch >instantly get 100s of views >peopl…[View]
41813443I want Lighting Mcqueen inside of me. Is this weird robots? I fantasize about it on a daily basis. …[View]
41813003Help me find a picture that used to be posted here a lot: What is that image that was often used in …[View]
41813427>try to register for twitch so I can kick off my e-celeb career >button says Sending... >ne…[View]
41812918>be me >some guy I know somehow manages to get an ad contract >I lend him some equipment an…[View]
41812171My 8 year old chihuahua is dying, /r9k/. Post a pic to make me feel better about this shitty world.[View]
41811845Bar feels thread: Come take a seat fellow robots, what takes your fancy tonight? I'm 3 rum and …[View]
41812671Have you ever been to a school (in America) and seen how fucking illiterate the kids are? Seriously,…[View]
41812127It's just the same shit all the fucking time.[View]
41813328any other robots here that arent even that ugly or socialy akward, but simply prefer being alone? by…[View]
41809810Whats the closest you've been to being caught fapping.[View]
41803059SECRET SANTA THREAD #50: Welcome to the /r9k/ Secret Santa Thread! Previous thread: >>4179743…[View]
41812877Hi anons, why are you still not wearing diapers? It's almost 2018, you have no excuse not to we…[View]
41813167>hear knock at the door >open >Ho Ho Ho, christmas is coming early for you femanon! wat do…[View]
41812077>go into room alone with female >stare at the walls for 3 hours >girl leaves and says you r…[View]
41812286im going to be honest with you r9k i worship satan and it feels really good, i would advise you to g…[View]
41813127>Tfw no homophobic gf to shout homophobic at faggots, lesbos, trannys and bi people Life is hard …[View]
41811978I hate the other image and I know you all do too so feel free to post in here about measuring tape g…[View]
41808768WWWWAAAAGGGGEEEYYY: Better have your Friday night sorted by now wagie, wouldn't want to miss th…[View]
41811474>hey ladies I'm really on your side with this one, hah, how about those creep nice guys? tru…[View]
41812565>escapism and world building is the only enjoyable thing in life anymore >manage to spend hour…[View]
41813054Fun and Comfy Adventures!: Starting us off with the ever classic gang rape skeletons, so come and sh…[View]
41810108You think you have it rough? Why don't you try being a LITERAL dwarf and living your entire lif…[View]
41812053Neetbux help thread: Hey fellow robots I need some help getting Neetbux. I'm a brainlet and I h…[View]
41806836I can't help myself.. I love cocks so much, every time I close my eyes I think of eating a boy…[View]
41809030Are mixed girls cute? Would you ever date or orbit one?[View]
41811019Fembots, what would you do if you had a bf, and you walked in on him and his best friend doing pic r…[View]
41812876>tired of being khv >decide to actually talk to a woman >at uni >talk to the first girl …[View]
41812878I've realised that I am a beta because I judge people superficially and that gets me nowhere be…[View]
41812836https://boards.4chan.org/r9k/thread/41792020#lr41793847 Let's go /r9k/ open up to this abominat…[View]
41812692There are a lot of Asians in Toronto.[View]
41802942When did you realize that dick size is 45% of what makes or breaks a relationship?[View]
41807483/britfeel/: Only 10 days to go until Christmas, time to post /comfy/ Christmas choons edition https:…[View]
41812817obscure feels thread >have obsession with feet >see a girl with nice feet >I can't ge…[View]
41812651ITT: We rate each other's zombie weapons >Melee so doesn't run out of ammo at a critica…[View]
41808880hangover thread: > Be me. > Recovering alcoholic and drug addict. > Visiting my parents for…[View]
41811469Is it worth being the beta provider or should all men strive to only be the fun fuck buddy?[View]
41812216Is it worse to feel nothing or to feel and have nothing?[View]
41802270Cringy memories: >be eighteen >deside to try to get a job >moms friend owns a cafe >she …[View]
41809189what are yur plans for tonite anon[View]
41810353do any robots go to omegle?[View]
41812349I would do dirties things to your virgin asses[View]
41812507>tfw I just keep it to myself and I try not to cry too loud[View]
41811453>Be kissless beta cuck manlet in high school. >Get accepted to LSU, big party school. >…[View]
41812546Have you ever cum from your butt? What was it like?[View]
41812246>Tfw on 15th day of destroy dick december >first week was okay >yesterday bled blood out of…[View]
41803363>stop watching porn >feel better about myself >brain shifts back to a normal state >conf…[View]
41807161Whats your execuse?[View]
41807697remember to take your pills ladies[View]
41811812Digits: How about these r9k? Did I do good?[View]
41812428the pain, it burns: > Hate basically everything about the world > Still don't want to kms…[View]
41812418http://www.strawpoll.me/14628477 Curiosity poll. What is your handedness arcanines?[View]
41812415>Tfw get physically uncomfortable when seeing romance or flirting in a movie…[View]
41810377Why is it so hard to find a gf?[View]
41811224post instagram post bobs post vegene: who here.... /usesiteslikeinstagramexclusivelyforpornorfapmate…[View]
418111983d printer mishap: Damn thing warped my part again, I was able to separate it but I need to jerryrig…[View]
41812269>'Anon, it's time to talk' >'Take a seat'…[View]
41811005Normies are attacking mummy ANN REEEEEEE PROTECT MUMMY[View]
41812179How do i get her out of my head /r9k/? Do i just cut all contact? You guys should know this.[View]
41812241A girl exhaled very close to me and I got a stiffy[View]
41811373what are your plans for new years anons[View]
41811809Where have all the good women gone? I know NAWALT is a meme, but there is no way all women are so vi…[View]
41812145>tfw your highschool oneitis is in an xbox one ad that you keep getting before videos on youtube …[View]
41810306>wear my socks for a week straight >no showers >finally take them off >immediate boner j…[View]
41810828>tfw no girlfriend for entire life[View]
41812000Any robots here /devout/? Praying and giving my whole body and mind to God has finally put my anxiet…[View]
41810674>he uses the virgin deodorant[View]
41811349Is Elliot Rodger God?[View]
41811871How do you talk to a girl that likes you?: So I definitely have this one 8/10 hot girl after me. My …[View]
41811910>help big brother she's got me pinned What do you do?[View]
41811829It's over for me. Lost job because of anxiety. How do I get autismbux to save my skin. I am too…[View]
41810489How do I find a female (female) friend to watch star wars with?[View]
41811888>Blood moon rises >Big titted tree succubus awakens >ripping futa dick drills enter your ho…[View]
41811536Why is /r9k/ the funniest board on 4chan?[View]
41811843'Thanks for hiring me again to voice an eccentric female character, Anon. It's so nice of you t…[View]
41809586Be honest; do you care about anything anymore? Do you care about the death of net neutrality? Do you…[View]
41810562Chad has sex with this whenever he wants. How does this make you feel?[View]
41809723>tfw no long haired lanklet bf why must i suffer through this[View]
41811131Name a single album that's better than this one[View]
41809804>make new instagram account with a random name and a no images >send crush a message: 'When ar…[View]
41809993>tfw no bf to play league of legends with This feel is unbearable....[View]
41810972help: I think this cambodian wife auction forum is bringing back my autism. I almost mastered the no…[View]
41807209Do girls have sex with ugly men?[View]
41811464Why don't you settle for an average-looking girl?[View]
41807309Is this an unhealthy beauty ideal perpetuated by the patriarchy?[View]
41806134>millions of people on the planet are starving, ailing, maimed, enslaved, pressed into service, i…[View]
41808890I did it guys. I have deleted follows and likes on every anime themed page. People in work like me a…[View]
41811211>*burp* haha anon I couldn't eat another bite I'm putting on too much weight as it is…[View]
41809405Why are the normies going crazy over Christmas coming?[View]
41809188why aren't black people enslaved anymore: honestly i can't see how black people have made …[View]
41811425How does he keep the mask upright? That's what I want to know[View]
41810600>leave the hood >see a whitey >day ruined…[View]
41810830>>>/wsg/2001230 >ywn be a japanese idol living life on tv shows and having fun >ywn h…[View]
41810662How do you overcome the fact that you will never ever come close to having a qt gf, let alone a gf a…[View]
41811318Wageslaving: >I worked overtime and I don't have time for real girls, I deserve to fap to cr…[View]
41811167Why do shows have to be so political with there content? Why cant a comedy show just be about comedy…[View]
41808388i wanna smell fembot armpits[View]
41810923>tfw Elliot appeared in my dream last night as the older brother of one of my childhood friends I…[View]
41810161How do I stop needing emotional attention/how do I get rid of my abandonment issues? I hate being sa…[View]
41810513SSRIs: Anyone have experience quitting shit like Lexapro, Prozac, Celexa, etc.? What was your experi…[View]
41811246so,I'm on college and due to my financial situation i'm only doing a few classes, which wi…[View]
41810564Is there anyone here who's actually a successful human being? if so why are you here? no hate i…[View]
41808010Sexual Abuse: How have you sexually abused someone in the past?[View]
41811189PROPHET OF KEK #2: Rules are still simple: >Name >Intrests >Roll a trip, get a death prohec…[View]
4181068212 hour shifts: Sup robots, been a wagie for almost a year now. Former Neet of course. Kind of proud…[View]
41810755Good evening wagies. Now if you don't mind get back to work. And please, remember whose in char…[View]
41803184The 'Femanon': Does anyone else think the girls on this board/site have a sort of really niche, but …[View]
41811105Hi anons, why are you still not wearing diapers? It's almost 2018, you have no excuse not to we…[View]
41811018I now actually have an online bf. I'm on the way of becoming a normo. Later losers[View]
41808649how do you even get a personality?[View]
41810982Sorry guys, you'll convince me But why is the Devil so strong?[View]
41810845>he worships thots because they parrot his cringey political opinions on Youtube…[View]
41809256I wish I had at least one (1) friend.[View]
41810715>go to the store >suddenly need to take a massive shit >no public restroom >clench buttc…[View]
41810331you guys are honestly pathetic. you probably all still live in your parents basement. i have a fucki…[View]
41796702Roommates/Housemates: What are yours like? Any interesting stories?[View]
41809899>walk in >'Anon wtf I told you to knock before coming innwwwerrggbllblblllll' wat do…[View]
41809054how do you homos not work? do you leech off of your parents? how old are you guys? what scam are you…[View]
41810651>go on pornhub on mom's PC while my family is away >no ublock origin installed >camsit…[View]
41810822>bought VR headset for 400 pounds >left lens doesn't work I just wanted some porn in virt…[View]
41810885Why do they act like we're loners by choice? We would gladly get even a 3/10 girlfriend if any …[View]
41810859tfw will never win the lottery and become a NEAT[View]
41808334>tfw can't keep up with all the new memes a...am I getting old?[View]
41810462>Robots dont realize that wife sharing is the solution to the male virginity epidemic Why are you…[View]
41810487>tfw no pokemon autist gf pls give[View]
41798856My cousin just turned 20. He's completely shut himself out from everyone. No gf, just plays gam…[View]
41808299>grew up in Southern Dallas >ethnically mixed area >Mexicans, Central Americans, Laotians, …[View]
41800183Kurt 'The Robo' Cobain: Out of all the rockstars that have exsisted, was Kurt the only robot?[View]
41809314>tfw staying home for winter break >campus is empty, feel like a loser How do I deal with this…[View]
41809619What would you pay to fug a 7/10 prostitute? Pretend nobody will ever know and she just shows up at …[View]
41808581Does anyone else ever feel envious of female orgasms? I don't think I want to be a woman, but I…[View]
41809570Robots, can you compete with Horse-Chad?[View]
41799390Are tattoos degenerate? Would you date a woman who had a tattoo, even if it was as minor as this one…[View]
41805690> No time to explain. Spin up your fidgets. We have to hurry. w-wwhat do!?…[View]
41810065why are tall people so fucking ugly?[View]
41810153>yearn for huge tits >get a huge titty gf >no longer give a shit about big tits What the fu…[View]
41809528My boss is making me work Saturday and Sunday again I want off this ride[View]
41806357>finished another anime >will to live lost yet again How do robots cope with this?…[View]
41810444/Utsvsx Nice /r9k/ server for gays and femboys make sure to tell hamburger you're single tho he…[View]
41809775Reasons you hated high school: ITT let's discuss reasons on why high school sucked and you hate…[View]
41810358is eminem a christian or does he believe in the hindu god with 3 faces[View]
41810338Will a cute nurse ever inspect my penis like this again?[View]
41806570How does it feel like to make out with a 6.5/10 big-tittied girl on a cold winter night?[View]
41807409I wouldn't do this if I was a woman, this is degrading as fuck. It's sickening to know tha…[View]
41810112Why are young men so childish and self-centered, refusing to grow up, create families, build careers…[View]
41810202>tfw benzos starting to slowly take me over comfy[View]
41799353Why aren't you sad cucks into buddhism? >let go of all attachments (y'all lames don…[View]
41810183I'm tired of breaking in front of people. Just do me a favor and forget I exist.[View]
41810167Sun Ra - Nuclear War: >inb4 tl;dr Robotnic had all the chaos emeralds, the 7 deadly sins. Sonic b…[View]
41808548I an going to start organizing my memes. How to do it better and faster? Wish me luck[View]
41808750How do I get a qt white GF who will cuck me for a birthday surprise!??[View]
41808826>tfw no pardo bf[View]
41807370>not even an hour into waking up and I'm already high as fuck Am I destroying my brain?…[View]
41809250What an ugly cunt fucking mouth. She's fucking stupid and subpar, disgustingly pale which makes…[View]
41809950Net Neutrality Needs To Go: I'm so sick and tired of the burgers and their Jewish brainwashed b…[View]
41807072How do I get a bf that looks like this?: I'm a shut in and talking with boys is fucking nerve r…[View]
41809497Comfy Thread: It's time once again, robots. Post all the comfy pictures, gifs, and music you ca…[View]
41809454South Park Thread: What's the general opinion of south park around here?[View]
41809871VR weeb couple caught in the act: The future is here lads. We can finally find ourselves an anime qt…[View]
41807277/v/ is reliving the golden days, lets see if there are still any pre-mobile posters here.[View]
41809801>have 5 different half siblings why did i not inherit my dad's chad genetics?…[View]
41808353>finally make $90k and get gf >sex almost every night and bomb ass cooking >still depresse…[View]
41807250Why is syntribation (crossed legs masturbation) so hot to watch?[View]
41809715>brother and i sleep in the same room, different beds >just got into my bed and shut off the l…[View]
41806249>Have Chistmas breakfast thingy with ppl from work >The theme was to either sing karaoke, make…[View]
41809627Alpha: >got 92% on final exam on first test since 2 year psychotic hiatus See ya around, kids...…[View]
41806772The 80/20 rule is soon to become the 90/10 rule.: How does the fact that the material and economic c…[View]
41808160>50 word literature review due in 1 year What do i do lads[View]
41806277If women are having more sex than ever before thanks to woman liberation, why are there so many male…[View]
41808764>female friend is sad >ask if she wants a hug >uhhhh no thanks anyway…[View]
41806700>tfw fuckboi legs JUST[View]
41809565tfw no cluster A personality gf[View]
41809502Where's the 'cat emoji' at?[View]
41809533https://discord.me/biribiri Whale-cum to the new and hip discord out there! anime all you want and b…[View]
41807386>'Anon, you need to go apply for jobs TODAY. Your father and l aren't putting up with this a…[View]
41808926I didn't get the job that would have allowed me to support myself and avoid depending on my bro…[View]
41809225Would you date a girl with a delicate body like this?[View]
41809474/feels/ thread >tfw im not ugly so girls sometimes come up to me to talk >every single time en…[View]
41809432How do I learn how to talk to people? How do I gain self-confidence? How do I be happy?[View]
41809035whoops: >forgot I took painkillers >drank a bunch of rum Am I going to die anons…[View]
41808918Neet Neutrality .?: hi frens what is the neet neutrality everyone is speaking about? how to download…[View]
41808606>tfw I got brutally AMOGged at group therapy[View]
41809280The Tale of 'K': Breaking Point: I told you shit would happen, here it is. >be me >3rd block …[View]
41809389>Omigawd...uh Anon, can you c'mere a sec? There's something I gotta show you!…[View]
41806679Why do women love degenerate niggers so much? Most whores would rather fuck a giant, mindless ape th…[View]
41809323fembots, how big are your poops?[View]
41807881My parents went from telling me 'when you get older girls will start liking you' to 'please get a gi…[View]
41808720>Hey uncle Anon, how come I never see you with any girls?[View]
41808888I can see what the world has done to you,: I can feel the weight, Feel the weight. THIS TIME, THIS T…[View]
41807304I was in a mental hospital, I told my psychologist to visit this board and he basically told me he d…[View]
41809206You amerifats better make the most of what little time being able to use 4chan you have left[View]
41807847Why do we breed based on looks again? If having kids is supposed to ensure the survival of one'…[View]
41807548What was the worst moment in your entire life????[View]
41809192>playing game >get login bonus (i.e again) >check playtime >19+ hours >i started toda…[View]
41809185>tfw just stayed up to 4am erp'ing with some girl (guy) instead of sleeping and now I need t…[View]
4180712310 y/o sister is probably growing up to be a roastie: >can't seem to stop her >she refuse…[View]
41805708>parents hosting a christmas party >bunch of people going to be here later today >likely wi…[View]
41808245>it is year 2020 >america has achieved the ultimate form of capitalism >woken up by ads bla…[View]
41809146>mfw remembering all the chances I fucked up due to my retarded self[View]
41808363What happens if the Cinnamon meets Agatha?[View]
41809126*imprisons ur future gf[View]
41806064If you don't drink or do drugs daily to cope with the pain of loneliness, You aren't a rob…[View]
41808956if i give a big tip to a latina maid, will she have sex with me?[View]
41808741She's the best.: No really she's a girl not a guy.[View]
41803124Why do women tell men to 'grow up' of they like tits? Are they saying you magically become an adult …[View]
41805738>'Anon is standing all alone lol!' >'Yeah bro why you over here lookin lonely n shit?'…[View]
41808979Uh oh: Tfw ur bum is stuck in the cum drum[View]
41808974Playing video game is shit there's no more enjoyable game these day, it just boring and frustr…[View]
41807608>'umm you must be Anon.. ugh.' >'im your government assigned 'gf'...' >'ugh stop looking at…[View]
41808916>have to restart evolution >procrastinate on imageboards drinking canned coffee instead…[View]
41807463anybody else accepting of utter failure and death? i have been in my bed for almost 48 hours straigh…[View]
41803833Why the fuck does everyone think that I want a job? I'm always getting told about places hiring…[View]
41806690orbiting us the only happiness a robot can find[View]
4180821630 year old man child here Does anyone else feel like it's pointless to talk to anyone in your …[View]
41806213What happens to porn actresses when they get too old?[View]
41808413>god wants me to be happy and blesses me with model tier looks and high intelligence >purposel…[View]
41807376I need NEET-Christmas ideas. What is everybody on /r9k/ doing?[View]
41808725>go to work >opening shift is there waiting for replacement shift to come in >make small ta…[View]
41805334Are my teeth degenerate?[View]
41801300Motherfucker's Thread: How do I convince my mom to, at the very least, give me a blowjob? I…[View]
41806999>tfw no mentally unstable gf that touches herself while reading your poems over and over Why even…[View]
41806146ITT: > Tattoos: Why does /r9k/ hate tattooes?I mean its your won thing and it can represent prett…[View]
41805358So is it true that everybody on /r9k/ bates /pol/?[View]
41807252how do you robots feel about kevin james?[View]
41806886Why do people listen to accusations if they have no evidence? Is it because girls never lie?[View]
41805873>be me >check self for fever often because I'm a paranoid faggot >always fine >wake…[View]
41804786WOMEN HATE THREAD: Okay I need advice, I want to start MGTOW movement in my country Eastern Europe..…[View]
41808133>no body hair except for armpits and genitals >full head of hair >facial hair consists of …[View]
41808327https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2YnJ6vxtEO8 >Schrodinger's cat…[View]
41808305im going sleep now. aiming for around 15 hours of actual freedom, have fun in in the reality realm. …[View]
41808261Femanons, do you prefer 2D or 3D bestiality?[View]
41808253>Tfw reddit and /b/ is more original than /r9k/ What happened lads? We used to make memes and now…[View]
41805735Be honest Would somebody cry if you killed yourself?[View]
41808077Why you waste time orbiting useless nobodies like 'Ashley' and 'Erica', I'm worshiping a litera…[View]
41808248Do any robots have a mother or sister who they know has been gangbanged? With the rise of the hotwi…[View]
41808201WHERE IS YOUR OC: Fuck you all you pieces of reposting garbage cunts. Post your best OC or leave a c…[View]
41806547>aunt got cancer[View]
41808191Final solution to what's life purpose: it's an ability to free shitpost on r9k[View]
41802672This album is robot in music form.[View]
41804474It's getting closer to Christmas and still >TFW no pixie cut, flat chested, straight GF[View]
41808064Who else here /killing themselves/ after the holidays?[View]
41802190what if you woke up naked and blind in an empty room with a girl that secretly has a crush on you?[View]
41807845Do you treat everyone with respect? Why or why not? I've realized that the reason I'm not …[View]
41807395story time, /r9k/ >be me >late 80's, i'm in my mid 40's >be the reserved, si…[View]
41807904Dashing trough the snow in a four seat volvo car. Feeling all alone. Crying all the way.[View]
41807878Is this the thing that manlets needed? http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/men-insoles-taller-de…[View]
41807988Sole-Chan: Hey /R9k/, I need a favor. This is Sole-Chan. I need somebody to look after her while I g…[View]
41807440Listening to him for many years, I find this man to be a riddle in an /r9k/ context, so let me ask..…[View]
41806607>'Have you heard about 4chan?' >ghosted[View]
41807587https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ZROqlpLgIE just wanna share with yall a funny vid i found[View]
41807056ITT: We post pics of our room for other to judge.[View]
41805320How many posters here have died due to suicide ever since its inception? Can someone give me a rough…[View]
41806633Eastern Europe thread? I feel the need to talk to somebody from this gloomy grey shithole of a regio…[View]
41807673Another one bites the dust. Good fucking lord.[View]
41807764Fembots, what is your shoe size?[View]
41806386>tfw even escorts turn you down Fuck, what does that even say about you?…[View]
41805972>laying in bed with qt gf >flaccid >think about fat girl that works at the bagel shop >i…[View]
41804639Attention UK fags: Kind of a personal question but we're all anonymous here. How much do you br…[View]
41794346/vent9k/: Let it out robots, it's worse to have it settle[View]
41807709Anyone else practically /alwayssweaty/? I am starting to think I am either ill or my anxiety is real…[View]
41807704>there were moments when it seemed ok[View]
41803218>tfw you will never marry a banker's daughter[View]
41803654>the most popular girl at school sends you this pic of herself, with the message: 'I'm so lo…[View]
41804355Soda: Do /r9k/ prefer their cola (or other sodas) in can,plastic or glass bottle? I prefer cans cux …[View]
41798799/britfeel/: Amazon wishlist begging thread edition[View]
41805598Which prize are you going for?[View]
41803958If any of you fuckers actually make it to your 80s and 90s, how does it feel to know that you will p…[View]
41799913Why is this board not as controversial as before? What happened? Nobody talks about it anymore[View]
41806959Polyamory Hate Thread: Why is this degenerate practice allowed? 'Loving more than one person at a ti…[View]
41807306>anon, honestly. you're such a broflake[View]
41800145Is it weird that I'm a 26 year old fembot and I think that kid from the stranger things is hot …[View]
41807408>be me 16 year old faggot >a friend of mine decides to ring on my door with a tons of people w…[View]
41807397this is your teacher from today what would you do?[View]
41807308I used to work in the mall for 2 years. During spring and summer i wanted to blow my fucking brains …[View]
41805979Daily reminder that robots are supposed to be hard working and NEETs are therefore not robots[View]
41807235my best friend is being cucked by his first ever gf, should I intervene and confront him about it[View]
41806202How do l acquire a girIfriend like this?[View]
41805253Rate my breakfast, please.[View]
41806879If there is an afterlife then this life is fundamentally meaningless so it might as well be spent in…[View]
41807121>be me >lose my car >lose my gf >lose my job >all within the timespan of 3 months I…[View]
41807114How do you plan on getting a girlfriend ? Sitting at home won't do you any good. I'm sure …[View]
41804311Why does this shit make me so mad?[View]
41804203Do you think a normal by societal standards female could successfully partake in a female version of…[View]
41804722I suck at Dark Souls games how do I git gud[View]
41805262>dads gonna buy pic related for my mom >im fucking allergic to cats w-what did he mean by thi…[View]
41805617i just realized that when i usually say that i dont like something i dont really mean it,it's m…[View]
41805223Reaction image thread: Been a while since i've seen one of these. Post your best reaction image…[View]
41806548Tf should I do with my life >23 >fatass >4/10 face >only dates land whales because e…[View]
41807014why is everyone and everything so cringey? is seeing through everyone and everything simply what hap…[View]
41805029Why do 'nice guys' exist when no one likes them?[View]
41805027https://youtu.be/s3s7ezqtotw if you pop that gum one more time...[View]
41805914Am i the only one whos pretty pissed off at how liberals have managed to create a whole culture arou…[View]
41803808> tfw no gf for your gf[View]
41806890>apply to engineering job >Get invited to interview >They also want a copy of my degree a…[View]
41806789>tfw never had strong enough personality to have a 'phase'[View]
41803373Job Hunting: How the fuck am I supposed to get a job? I'm 19 and the closest thing I've ha…[View]
41806501Do you think she tried horse D?[View]
41800835what do /r9k/? they want me to work for the dole. i got a choice of 2 places but they seem the exact…[View]
41806883I have this feeling of being a whore with my friend(she is a real girl)... I've been told I pas…[View]
41804234>racism is ba-[View]
41806474hey robocup, what are the best f2p games?[View]
41806197Reminder! 1st you exfoliate! 2nd you epilate! 3rd you apply bump eraser concentrate! 4th you check y…[View]
41805394Brush those teeth: Good morning/afternoon, anons. Friendly reminder to go brush your teeth, you don…[View]
41806732>Be in small village >First shop ever opens up here >Visit there almost every week for buyi…[View]
41806698Life's just about keeping up a facade, building walls of lies to keep you in the front...[View]
41805246So what do you have filtered?[View]
41804701Hello my fellow NEETs and wagecucks. As the year 2017 is about to end, i've decided to share wi…[View]
41803785FREE MARTIN[View]
41806684Last night I had the most wonderful dream, robots I was up a tree for no reason, just chillin, right…[View]
41804435Heyyy heyyy heyyy it's PAY DAY TODAY! Post your balances ITT on this glorious occasion! As pred…[View]
41805824Why do normies talk really loudly when meet a new person? >OH HELLO >ALRIGHT MATE, I'M DA…[View]
41805613yesterday was my 19th birthday and i still have never been capable of having an orgasm so far in my …[View]
41804315I think I overestimated my ability to jack off quietly. I got a little carried away as I was finishi…[View]
41806131Clumsy: I'm done guys. I keep forgetting so much stuff it's not even fun anymore. Today, I…[View]
41806434Let' all have sex shall we, and have a naughty bottomless party. https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
41804208Does anyone else actively avoid progressing relationships with women? Whenever I talk to women, I al…[View]
41806345Well /r9k/? Do you agree with this? This pretty much justifies why normies are so promiscous[View]
41805012I want to fuck a British or German twink so bad. I love seeing their pale white skin next to my Nubi…[View]
41806199Would you bully roasties and defend robots if you looked like Chad?[View]
41805692Is it healthy to use beautiful asmr girls as my girlfriends?[View]
41805702When did you realize society is collapsing and nothing you do really matters because we're prob…[View]
41805900Stories: A month before I was born, my grandfather died. My grandmother was suicidal. She moved in w…[View]
41803411>Do you believe in an afterlife? If yes >What do you believe happens after we die? Why do you …[View]
41802541What vidya have you been playing lately, /r9k/?[View]
41803660Why haven't you got yourself a qt34 Asian femboy yet?[View]
41804086What is that facial expression supposed to represent?[View]
41805571Thoughts on Vitalik?[View]
41795458Post your GPA, niggas. >3.0[View]
41805328Anyone else /on drugs/ tonight? I'm getting dissociated with 600mg DXM, gonna listen to music a…[View]
41801800>146 IQ >seven and a quarter inch dick >but only five feet and six inches tall >fat, tal…[View]
41804822Who else /counterdependant/ here?[View]
41802634>Friend gets a gf >His personality completely changes around her >Starts blowing off our D…[View]
41803370HS feels: >everyone thinks you are good boy because you are quiet…[View]
41805874I was raised kind and well mannered in a post-rude world. It's not that I am timid,my '''(((tox…[View]
41805864ITT: You can go back in time to experience one moment out of your life again. >2011 >at bookst…[View]
41800414Can we have a thread about this dead meme?[View]
41803748>9 hours of videogames and 4chan >passes in a blink of an eye >9 hours work shift >sever…[View]
41804453Does it not count as bulimia if I resist the urge the force myself to throw up? Or does the fact tha…[View]
41804965Should I buy expensive consoles so I can 'fit in' and be part of something larger or just get a PS3,…[View]
41804933I wonder if it's possible to take a shit so slowly that by the time you're finished, you n…[View]
41804830To fast or not to fast? I have gained some serious weight, and I want to do a fast to lose some and …[View]
41805025>go out for a walk >see this walking in front of you How would you react?…[View]
41804949>be 9 year old me >excited to go swimming >had to take a shit before we went to the pool …[View]
41804867Experienced Lucid Dreamer - AMA: I've experienced hundreds of lucid dreams over the years. They…[View]
41804835I sat with the rope around my neck for 3 hours, sobbing and trying to will myself to push the chair …[View]
41804452Anyone remember when this place was Relationship9000?[View]
41799892>what's wrong, anon? just grab a donut already![View]
41803299Socialising meme: >be 30 y/o neet shut-in perma-virgin >always groom well and lift, so in shap…[View]
41804648>only friend wants me to leave when his other friends are there because they don't like me…[View]
41805350>touched the female cashiers soft hand today[View]
41803007>try out tinder >Get a match >She sends you pic What do?…[View]
41804337Why do black girls grow such ripe, fertile baby bodies?[View]
41804256Have you allocated your time correctly?[View]
41803684How was your 2017, anon? > good year overall > worked on soem of my anxiety problems > don…[View]
418043722017: Year of the trap fetish 2018: Year of the diaper fetish?[View]
41805487>Missed out on jailbaits oreginal[View]
41805361i was informed recently that somebody that treats me like shit is now in the hospitalized is there a…[View]
41804976>feel very lonely >decide to make friends >have friends >realize how comfy no friends wa…[View]
41804752Why are most tall people so ugly?[View]
41804479Free to own/keep after 48 Hours (Gives you a Steam key): http://www.humblebundle.com/store/company-o…[View]
41805250>wake up >have drank only half a glass of red wine on an empty stomach after my nightshift at …[View]
41804233Me come from the snowy mountainside white russian[View]
41804807post watamote images[View]
41798519Doesn't it bother you when you're kissing your girlfriend and she bites your lower lip? At…[View]
41805183tfw ywn die face down in the mud in a foreign land and will likely perish of a sudden stroke surroun…[View]
41804624is there any cure for an asymmetrical face? >one eye lower than the other and closed slightly mor…[View]
41805100remember when even mentioning you having an IRL friend would get you death treaths from this board? …[View]
41805055>ywn be a pampered dog in a suburban home who receives constant love and fucks the neighborhood b…[View]
41803308I wear two socks on one foot and only one on the other because one foot is smaller than the other[View]
41802470Are we in jail? A prison of the mind[View]
41804418>tfw big slavic eyebrows[View]
41804244>normalshit completely spergs out at me because I don't take anything seriously why are they…[View]
41802928Why no thick gf?: Why doesn't /r9k/ just date a thick girl that shares your interests? Sure sh…[View]
41803546What are the rules and norms of /r9k/?: I need to do a school project on the rules and norms of /r9k…[View]
41804726Do people actually talk this way irl? >This post is original[View]
41803718hey guys can you say something nice about my husband? this is a picture of us together we really lov…[View]
41798802when is the last time you felt intimate with someone? not necessarily sexual. apparently being touch…[View]
41804508Is high school a meme? Does it really determine your success? If you have low grades are you a brain…[View]
41800944What are your talents? >19 >Self taught pianist >artist, work well with improv tools >…[View]
41800983>just became a bitcoin millionaire >still feel empty inside Why isn't money making me fee…[View]
41804388*Teleports behind you* *Disables your internet* >'heh, nothin personal wite boi'…[View]
41803451How long until we are all fucked from antibiotic resistance? I was just in hospital for a MRSA infec…[View]
41804340>Tfw no dubs: Honestly it's pretty shitty...[View]
41804158How do you go each day without licking on a hmong teen's butthole? Looking for new techniques[View]
41803360You're such a good boy anon~ ^_^[View]
41803481why am I such a pathetic peace of shit?[View]
41792973Post your YouTube history >Unironically deleted a bunch of asmr videos[View]
41796825Anyone actually happy about the results of the Net Neutrality ban? I feel like my boy Ajit has done …[View]
41803420>blocks your path to the gym[View]
41803416I'm so miserable, robots: >I have no friends >No girlfriend >Live life as a neet/hiki …[View]
41802957How am I supposed to make friends when everyone around my age range is a complete degenerate who eng…[View]
41802829r: Test thread. Do not reply.[View]
41804156going outside really isnt as fun as people make it sound. Seiously try it. Walk outside now, what th…[View]
41802268If you tell a girl you meet online that you're basically retarded and mentally ill and she says…[View]
41803762has anyone else become so desensitized to their depressed state that they don't even realize ho…[View]
41803714People change a lot between the ages of 1 and 20.[View]
41801527'Hey, Anon. Glad you made it. So what'd you bring for us to watch?'[View]
41803576>post on a /soc/ rate thread and rate shit loads of people >try to be completely truthful >…[View]
41804069HOLY SHIT LADS I NEED HELP I finally managed to get with this really nice QT she was being really ts…[View]
41801970Fantasies (not strictly sexual): Hey robots, I posted this thread before but I'll post it again…[View]
41801672bruh look at this dude OHUOHO[View]
41801548What is your relationship with your mom like robots?[View]
41798710https://discord.me/biribiri Whale-cum to the new and hip discord out there! anime all you want and b…[View]
41802963Daily reminder that sex and relationships are just a meme invented by normies who are just really ul…[View]
41803702help me, robots, I'm going to become an orbiter she's so cute https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
41801240Music suggestion thread: Hey robots I'm a little sad recently and being part of this board for …[View]
41796045>Crispy will never invite you on a date to go hiking together in a state park. >She will never…[View]
41803474>there are rich people on /r9k/ right now If you make more than $20,000 a year YOU CANNOT BE A RO…[View]
41803839I'llfuckin' tie you to a fuckin' bedpost with your ass cheeks spread out and shit, ri…[View]
41803772Is it ok to cum when girl grind on u at club?[View]
41800331At least we have each other right? We don't need love haha[View]
41800678>start playing visual novel >female character appears >talks to me >get anxious and star…[View]
41803832Its 5am where I am. Who /nightowl/ here?[View]
41803738Human males are obsolete, why haven't you upgraded yet femanon?[View]
41802519I want to fall in love, hard. Like legit want to get to the point I'll kill myself if it doesn…[View]
41803789>I will never have a qt asian diaper gf to be degenerate with why were we put on this earth to su…[View]
41801529ITT, we talk about dreams we've had and have others guess what they're suppose mean: >b…[View]
41802961looking for pepe: anyone have the original file for this specific pepe?[View]
41803439Have you ever refrigerated / frozen your dick before sex / masturbation?: Just thought that might be…[View]
41803563>someone gets so mad that they try to get back at you by using your name as their alias and pictu…[View]
41803675Hope everyone is doing well :3[View]
41803705Most degenerate thing you have done: What is the most degenerate thing you have ever done /r9k/?…[View]
41803635does anyone else remember this: >elementary school >watching some nature documentary in class …[View]
41802838Times you were a normie chad asshole >Have to take group picture at school >Weird neetish girl…[View]
41803221>tfw you don't want to commit suicide but secretly wish every day that you'll get a bra…[View]
41803421QUICK FIND SOME COV-[View]
41803348I need to find a job as soon as possible, like working tomorrow would be ideal. I've done all I…[View]
41802816was river phoenix a good boy?[View]
41797615How does one attain an average gf? Nothing 10/10 or unrealistic.Real advice only.[View]
41799372What mind state are people who an hero in? Do they feel nervous or hesitant at all about it? Or do t…[View]
41803432>be me >girls come knock on my door >for some reason they knock terribly obnoxiously, kicki…[View]
41803082so why are you still alone robots? >love and relationships are too confusing >how the fuck do …[View]
41803135Demise?: I don't really believe in this whole 'demise of Western civilization' thing …[View]
41803085>Are you ready for second dinner once I finish this shake, anon? What do?…[View]
41803230Troll Master: Wasn't era of Troll Face most efficient with keeping normies of this site? I mean…[View]
41801694>mom always told me to be friends with the lonely/weird kids because they need friends too >i …[View]
41794441is there any way to cope with a tiny dick... other than martydom[View]
41802646>tfw no vore gf to eat me[View]
41803065>mfw my mom found my Elliot Rodger collection on my laptop[View]
41802785>Finally shave after several months >Notice I have pretty pronounced laugh lines >Never not…[View]
41803172>had fag roomie in uni >I'm pretty sure he touched me when I slept Closes I've gotte…[View]
41803062Join my small and pretty dead server please. With some more people, we can make the place a bit more…[View]
41802390Are there any straight men left?[View]
41797433SECRET SANTA THREAD #49: Welcome to the /r9k/ Secret Santa Thread! Previous thread: >>4178428…[View]
41797940>'Anon, be honest. Are you still a virgin?'[View]
41801602Hey /r9k/, looky what I got here...: It's an action figure of Beta. As in, the term you would u…[View]
41801347>women make fun of guys that like going down >women complain guys won't go down on them w…[View]
41802261Why does one do when your life keeps falling apart, and nothing in the past 15 years has worked or m…[View]
41802934'tardation: >18yr old working shitty weekend job to save for uni >Co worker couple years …[View]
41802527Is anyone else scared to go outside because you fear dying in a car crash or getting hit by a car or…[View]
41802249Can we get a /good feels/ thread going? It's proven that adopting a positive mindset can improv…[View]
41797616Feels Cafe: Welcome to the Feels Cafe, a nice place to come discuss your feels over a cup of Joe. Ho…[View]
41801721>tfw thirty >tfw no opportunities >tfw can't go college >tfw can't get a job …[View]
41798421To any robots who have tried it, what's an amphetamine high like? Would you recommend? not meth…[View]
41802548Found out what my wife got me for christmas Pic related. It's a pretty sweet venom snake action…[View]
41802881Kahoot >6754417[View]
41797142what jobs do my fellow robots work?[View]
41799256Do you wanna get married someday?[View]
41802852>150 syllable long essay due next week Tuesday >Haven't started yet FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK F…[View]
41801351How do I stop being a fag? >keep getting gay thoughts >disgusted in myself / mainly like wome…[View]
41801336>oneitis asks 'wyd'[View]
41801961this is only a test. do not reply.[View]
41798701I have chronic bpd ask me anything[View]
41797629So boogie's cheating slut saw that her literal cash cow isn't going to bite the dust anyti…[View]
41799183I want a gf that will accept my strange behavior and let me love on her[View]
41802036Guys, I'm helplessly in love with a girl. Total qt, funny and smart. We hang out occasionally, …[View]
41800840deep hubble: Looking at this image makes me realize all the potential life and wonder out in the uni…[View]
41802726>tfw no dougla bf[View]
41802451Genuine question, why do we keep the severely disabled around? People who can't function withou…[View]
41792473How's your YouTube channel coming along, robots? I'd like to check out some of your chann…[View]
41801121it's actually difficult for me to get hard to something that isn't 2D these days. I haven…[View]
41802694Free to own/keep after 48 Hours (Gives you a Steam key): https://www.humblebundle.com/store/company-…[View]
41802589>tfw no atomic wedgie gf If I get a gf am I allowed to bully her and give her atomic wedgies and …[View]
41802675>vision is noticeably worse in right eye >hearing is noticeably worse in left ear…[View]
41802667>tfw you wake up after a night of fapping and doing weird sex shit[View]
41800144>born 6ft 2 >Good looks >Good hair >Not /fit/ but in good shape >Have a really sma…[View]
41801985Hey guys I just wanted to share that I've decided to try and teach myself basic music theory, I…[View]
41800569any other anon's join the military I'm almost out of tech school and I think I made a mist…[View]
41799376What song do you listen to when you imagine there could be someone who loves you and is singing to y…[View]
41798099Political compass analysis: How many of you guys agree with this?[View]
41800464Star Wars is fucking normie trash why tf did it get so much fame and popularity, the entire franchis…[View]
41801403is there a more redpilled pairing as white male/latina female. It's almost like latina pussy wa…[View]
41802415>skipped work today due to back pain I feel like a fucking worthless leach…[View]
41798287Just got a 34 ATAR I want to fucking die. Can I join the retard club now?[View]
41802430Reminder to eat your Skyr for the day.[View]
41802409I get really tired of you losers complaining about being incels/khv/friendless. If you haven't …[View]
41802265How in the fuck did Filthy Frank/Pink guy make the transition to hipster/rapper Joji?[View]
41802335>*blocks your path* >'give me all your robux, loser!' wyd?…[View]
41802363Hey guys, I'm bored and alone. I thought some of you guys might appreciate this video. Hope thi…[View]
41802076Hi anons, why are you still not wearing diapers? It's almost 2018, you have no excuse not to we…[View]
41801024My supervisor acts different around me, does she like me?: > Makes these 'cute faces' when talkin…[View]
41801365I just hit my 60 years old dad in with a strong side-kick that pushed him far back because he joking…[View]
41802172>tfw falling in love is the one thing that kicks my shutin brain into action just like NHK ni You…[View]
41801709>everyone on the east coast is asleep and only the people in the irrelevant areas of the world ar…[View]
41799914>overweight old man offered me $600 dollars to have sex with him >my life is so pathetic that …[View]
41800658I finally made it. I got a girl who likes me for who I am and wants to have sex with me. Tinder real…[View]
41799560How's everyone's relationship with their mother? Do you love her? Does she know?[View]
41799717I just googled the name of a porn star I used to watch and a gofundme came up that she made saying s…[View]
41801810reminder that you're the same as everyone else here: you dont bring anything to the table that …[View]
41801937>tfw fell for for social media is bad meme and lost my last bits of connection with real people W…[View]
41801790>everytime I get almost blackout drunk I google reasons to not kill myself Should I be worried? I…[View]
41800853>pee is black what the fuck lmao[View]
41801977>he posted in or started a thread dedicated to political debate on 4chan how fucking stupid do y…[View]
41801892Please do not assume that all female Twitch streamers and female Youtubers purposely seek out sex wi…[View]
41800810I want to stick my dick in a female girl's asshole. Is anal sex any better than vaginal sex?[View]
41800782Tell me about the time your waifu/oneitis got ruined and you dropped him or her[View]
41800356Autistic things you've done out of paranoia: I guess i'll go first. (Note, Im a bit new so…[View]
41801609I just finished the semester and I want to have fun. I have no friends and no car, but a decent budg…[View]
41790688In your future holds a potential partner, try imagining what she/he/it is doing right now!![View]
41801812DML: Well, have some warts on my dominant hand and have been jacking off with that same hand for a f…[View]
41800950Nut up or get fucked up https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CvhchxHUCA0[View]
41800607>go into random porn thread on /b/ >ask for sauce on every image >don't really want so…[View]
41794428Sunny thread? Sunny thread[View]
41801002Roommate has been playing rap music since 8 o'clock. How could anyone think murder should be i…[View]
41798353/drugs/: what do you think about drugs? what have you tried?[View]
41801697What is a person?[View]
41787237write original sentences and words: ill start orignally below[View]
41801657Anyone else up for some episode of Cooking With the Fuhrer? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aw3rQLp8…[View]
41769649honestly I don't think I will ever be happy as long as I don't have a fat belly gf[View]
41801146>Some robots from here recommended me Kratom to get high >Go to my local pothead shop >Buy …[View]
41798601Which Daedra does /r9k/ worship?[View]
41800381L a z i n e s s: >be me >15 >lazy as fuck >trying to sleep >hungry as fuck >look f…[View]
41801330Is anyone here in the goldilocks zone of autism? I.E. where you have autism to the point where you…[View]
41800813>tfw only your mom wishes you on your birthday.[View]
41801462Why do redditors hate impact font memes?[View]
41801279>5'9' (175cm) >147pounds (66.6kg haha) >skinnyfat >KHHTV (didnt even touch a vagina…[View]
41801281>'Anon, you need to go apply for jobs TODAY. Your father and I aren't putting up with this a…[View]
41800683We had this autistic regular at the restaurant I worked at. He only cane in once every like 5 months…[View]
41798022>confident >friendly >have friends >average attractiveness >have talked to or hit on …[View]
41799889>tfw fembots in eastern/central europe are virtually non-existent >tfw i will never find a qt …[View]
41800642YuGiOh Cards: Hey /r9k/ come look at my YuGiOh deck. I just got 40 brand new cards.[View]
41801298Gays are just psychos. They're just disgusting to hear, smell, or see. If you're sick of f…[View]
41801142How do you report bitcoin gains to the IRS?[View]
41798854>want to meet up with cute femboys or traps >they all want 40 year old men and not other cute …[View]
41797196>make an intelligent constructive post >get called a redditor…[View]
41798228>mfw i will start selling molly and lsd just to see if i get people to like me and some girl to t…[View]
41800423>be me >have shit stuck in my ass >take toilet paper >stick it in my ass >massage pro…[View]
41799070>gf just confided she was abused by chad to me[View]
41800562is this game supposed to disappoint you? >best one >qt >appearantly insane and stabs hersel…[View]
41798506>tfw you realize you were never even gay[View]
41801129Red-pilled movies thread??? If you've seen this you're woke[View]
41800856I can't help myself I love cocks so much, every time I close my eyes I think of eating a boy…[View]
41800721>sister tried to 'pie' me in the face like in cartoons as a joke >get a concussion and fractur…[View]
41797052im taking shrooms for the first time on saturday (an eighth) anyone have advice for things to do whi…[View]
41799481/newboard/: Should us robots get a new board since normies, faggots, and roasties don't care ab…[View]
41800527>and burdened by his loneliness he wanted to feel alive, his laziness built the pyramids and his …[View]
41799477Roast my dog[View]
41800833It's raining right now where I live robots, I don't know why, but it got me pretty sad eve…[View]
41799079>tfw no clean shaven non slut feminine bf Chaotic#1257[View]
41800491>tfw no moonshiner bf[View]
41798243Designated Comfy Thread: Who /Comfy/ here >Just came home from a walk to the store >Was freezi…[View]
41798336my waifu post every day day 4[View]
41800419if you're looking to join a nice server, here ya go: PyWycNQ PyWycNQ PyWycNQ We're very sm…[View]
41799539Feels thread: feels thread? Feels thread. Post what's bothering you tonight and give advice for…[View]
41799056>you have to be 18+ to post on this board >there are people who claim to be virgins on this bo…[View]
41799744remember those Saturdays as a kid[View]
41800568where do you guys get your tendies? are they in the shape of a chickens?[View]
4180015524 Drunk Alone Not enough desire to progress in my single player games. The multiplayer games just …[View]
41795958every body wants for you to die alone[View]
41796218this is what happens when we let immigrants into this country.[View]
41800287Damn, suicide might really be the best option[View]
41797544>be me, 5ft 4 manlet >my dad is a 5ft 3 manlet >my sister is a 5 feet tall womanlet >sh…[View]
41799199I have been NEET for about a month now, and I'm bored out of my skull. Life feels like a prison…[View]
4180043425th birthday this sunday still a kissless hugless virgin if you are in high school and don't g…[View]
41799746>tfw friend leveling his tank to keep up with me in WoW let's wish him luck robots…[View]
41799836Life it seems to fade away Drifting further everyday Getting lost within myself Nothing matters no o…[View]
41800067>haha, look, this person is doing something unconventional that warrants him a reduced social sta…[View]
41799036Why does suffering have to be the default state of being?[View]
41798115you should hope this image doesn't describe your tastes[View]
41800171>form friendships just to feel another hollow feeling deep inside and break off communications …[View]
41799880I'll never KMS because it's hilarious how angry normies get at non-contributing members of…[View]
41800170Any robots here write? If so, What do you guys write about? Also, when you guys do write, do you lis…[View]
41798362>2nd year college student with a 3.8 gpa >work hard to pass my classes >prepping for finals…[View]
41797799Why do people like Reviewbrah so much?[View]
41797915Just a heads up to any robots who aren't aware: there is an imageboard which caters specificall…[View]
41799107pain olympics?: https://vimeo.com/32016065 what are your thoughts? wonder what ever happened to the …[View]
41799552Tbh I only masturbate exclusively to shemales in part because real women have gotten awful to deal w…[View]
41798259Have you converted to Islam yet, lads? It's the only way to bring the roasties to justice.[View]
41799452Don't you guys hate it when dumb normies get your order wrong? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
41799250Wew: >tfw find a pornstar that looks like someone you know[View]
41799771this is what you're supporting if you want net neutrality to be repealed. P O O I N T H E L O…[View]
41798302Is /r9k/ dying?: >Orbiters >Less women hate threads >Trap/ faggot threads >Diaper thread…[View]
41799188Guess that Anime: ITT: We guess the name of the anime a scene is taken from.[View]
41798358When did you realize that you will NEVER EVER have a gf? 24 and I finally realized it.[View]
41799527The Great Nut War of 2019: >2019 >ISPs succesfully blocked all free porn sites (even hentai) …[View]
41796042Hi anon!! What do you think of my new cosplay? It's from one of those cute cartoon japanese sho…[View]
41799308So close, yet so very far, eh?[View]
41798766i used to torture lizards and pretend i was performing experiments on them or i was a surgeon. does …[View]
41799602>tfw can only see darkness at the end of the tunnel[View]
41798060would you support a matriarchy? having bossy milky mommies telling you what to do?[View]
41799737r9k please help im board give me funy images and good youtube channles[View]
41799201>YFW this fish gets more matches than any of you do[View]
41798937Any nice robots interesting in being close bestest friends? I want a friend to love like a brother i…[View]
41799670Daddy, whatever happen to mommy?[View]
41799420Going on a date with a qt tonight and I have intermittently sweaty palms. How the fuck do I hold her…[View]
41799409What role do I play on this earth? I have no lines.[View]
41799525Can someone give me a quick run down on net neutrality does that mean my parents are gonna find out …[View]
41799154ITT dead memes that you liked pic releated when everyone implied every other post is bait[View]
41797804>start talking to a girl >immediately beginning daydreaming about spending life together…[View]
41795822feels: >read advice about dating and women on /r9k/ >don't believe it >thinking about …[View]
41799450Women Fucks: Why must a male tallk to women first? Seems fucking sexist. >Chads leave my thread…[View]
41799407The word sweetheart makes me cringe: When Women say sweetheart it makes me physically cringe why is …[View]
41793650PROPHET OF KEK #1: Greetings anons. I have come to predict one lucky anons death. Rules are simple: …[View]
41798713Comics: Any comics you guys enjoy? for me I enjoy Gobolatula's stuff, really hits home in terms…[View]
41797741>fat >everyone hates me and makes fun of me, my friends are shit to me >get fit and cut …[View]
41795899>Be 17 >Be a pretty good beta >Met a cute girl at high school >Let call her 'Jar girl' …[View]
41799318Voice thread: Use Clyp, Vocaroo or whatever you want. Get talking.[View]
41797952>fell for the kratom meme because r9k told me i can get high from it >Buy a bag of white strai…[View]
41797738Why don't you find a GF online? https://youtu.be/XiLW8FopnkI[View]
41796653What's the bravest thing you've ever done?[View]
41798505> ywn have a qt daughter who calls you 'daddy' why even live[View]
41798420>lost because of women and blacks So should either be allowed to vote?[View]
41798929i went to a buffet and ate so much that the pressure inside me caused me to shit myself fuck how do …[View]
4179922312 ep shit: Can you robos recommend 12 episode animes? Itd be cool to have a stock of something to w…[View]
4177316225+ thread At least we got to experience the neutral internet in our prime[View]
41795759This movie came out 2 years ago.[View]
41798968this was a while ago but i need to get it off my chest >be me, 17 year old kissless virgin >al…[View]
41796129You know what freaks me out? When I get up to go somewhere, then the next thing I know I'm the…[View]
41798711AIM SHUTTING DOWN: GET IN HERE!!! AIM up all night party, AIM is shutting down TONIGHT! be here for …[View]
41798132>eat acid >watch american psycho >understand everything he does >people surrounding him …[View]
41798939Love is Impossible: >regularly orgasm to shameful thoughts of the past >Look for toxic women/r…[View]
41795711What is the primary thing keeping you from being with someone you can be happy with?[View]
41797279>tfw you can't order a steak at golden corral because you are too much of an autist Why is m…[View]
41798687>tfw even videogames cant distract you from depression >tfw you're fucking shit at everyt…[View]
41793392Pick one, anon, choose carefully, all decisions are final. Secret C option: >You've received…[View]
41798172>Look back on the entirety of my life >Realize I'm pretty dumb…[View]
41798716https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gg9HkoXn9-Q&t=1336s Leave it to roasties to make getting ready f…[View]
41798586This is the story of me nutting to weird vore and making a revolutionary new nut method. >I recei…[View]
41798822>I use quora[View]
41796440My younger brother just got a GF at 22. >he's 5'5 >100 pounds soaking wet >ugly a…[View]
41798269>'I don't vote' >'I don't listen to music' >'I never watched Star Wars' why do no…[View]
41798736any robros know where i can watch star wars the last jedi online for free and without signing up to …[View]
41798679isn't a quality shitpost just a regular post?[View]
41797565Why are normies such assholes?[View]
41797474If you had a perfect clone would you suck each other off? What if the clone were a 1:1 but female ve…[View]
41798324.........oh hey anon........... (keeps walking)[View]
41797105>In 2 1/2 weeks people born in 2000 will legally be able to post here.[View]
41798108>tfw cant fap to doujin without getting jealous and then very angry at the male character…[View]
41795187My story: I need to let something out and talk about it /r9k/, scroll past, talk about it, even empt…[View]
41798263> No time to talk. Spin up your widget. We have to go. w-what do!?[View]
41797844am i the only human ever who's not had an orgasm..?[View]
41798118What things are you guys frustrated about rn? personally school is shit. You guys?[View]
41796078Dwarfism: Any robots here have dwarfism? I've never met a person with it before. How does it fe…[View]
41798410This board is full of nothing but sissy anime, trap, and black girl shills. Mods? Where have they go…[View]
41797981work should be illegal[View]
417955482 months ago I finally went to see a psychiatrist and got diagnosed with depression. He prescribed m…[View]
41797042ITT we post r9k 72 virginfu for anons martyr dying during the soon beta uprising[View]
41797064Any experiences with this ? Have any of you gotten lucky or met someone IRL?[View]
41796577My life fucking sucks right now. Not because of any outside things but because I can't organise…[View]
41798313>Spent the entirety last summer in complete isolation >The idea of a 2d gf is really appealing…[View]
41790833Are you satisfied? Has America been made great again? Enjoy the next 4 years reflecting on your acti…[View]
41796055>tfw I'm a trap with nobody to lewd rp with[View]
41798197Friendzoned: >Be me >5th grade >Have crush on girl >hormones.avi >stalk her for 2 mon…[View]
41798056Anyone have any good sites to watch got for free ?[View]
41797985West Philadelphia[View]
41795679Imagine Fucking a women like this: Has anyone ever done this before[View]
41798052https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=azMNi_2u6Yc what does r9k think about this video positive reacts onl…[View]
41798121oof?: this oof or no oof?[View]
41798107Thoughts that make you suicidal? >if she isn't getting it from you, she's getting it fr…[View]
41798089Anyone wanna watch a movie or something? I have a rabbit account but I don't know what to watch[View]
41798083>progressively find myself on /d/ as the years go by >Now I only fap exclusively to degeneracy…[View]
41797950Software dev here looking for a project I can work on from home. Any robots have a decent app idea t…[View]
41798002A hostile spear, a new frontier, the end is near There's no surrender[View]
41798061is it me or is everyone facebook profile locked and not geting updated unless you are friends?[View]
41797972when net neutrality dies and the net turns to shit I better see all you faggots getting /lit/ or I s…[View]
41780640Anons lusting after anime girls are very cute.[View]
41798012>tfw ur home sick from werk and wan die[View]
41788448Welp, its been fun r9k. ISPs are sure to close 4chan down for good now. See you later space cowboys.[View]
41795279Seriously how the fuck do I cope with being a 5ft 4 manlet. I made this fake tinder using pics of s…[View]
41795448>5-year anniversary >no thread Post your biggest Sandy Hook red pills.…[View]
41783178PERSONALITY: post tests and others will rate, MBTI, Ocean, idc[View]
41797861Weird things normies say to you: >why can't you be normal What does that even mean?I hear no…[View]
41785679>tfw capitalism encourages greed and causes 99% of humanity to be hopeless wagecucks >tfw can…[View]
41794885Is it even possible to be a robot if you didn't listen to this in middle school?[View]
41797870This board should be renamed /brainlet/ >uuuurugh, me sad >fpppplpllll, me need pills to be no…[View]
41797869/pol/ was big mistake. A YUGE mistake! One of the biggest mistakes we've ever seen![View]
41797857Lonely af: All I want is someone to love me and accept me and I do the same for them. Why am I not a…[View]
41797822What is the solution to the 'nice guy' problem? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ihSTGqCO52Q https://…[View]
41796914>need surgery which will quite possibly make me semi chad in the summer >uni will be over REEE…[View]
41797791>that feel when born black, so you will never be a qt asian girl (boy) What's even the point…[View]
41797274Why am I so afraid of everything? Im nervous to the point where im even afraid to do simple things l…[View]
41797784is Le adhd real or a reedit meme,[View]
41795626Weed induced hunger is ruining my fucking diet. What do I do?[View]
41797103>tfw no shitposter bf [non slut]{feminine} Chaotic#1257[View]
41792541/britfeel/: Ride a cock horse edition https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=96cj-767XTE[View]
41797136omegle autism again: hi i made a thread before about being very nervous when i went on omegle. so to…[View]
41795737what happened in march 2017?[View]
41792489Femanons, is your butthole cute?[View]
41794364>biology class is incredibly easy >noob profs first year teaching a class >2/3 of grades ar…[View]
41795767post some top tier comfy spotify playlists bots[View]
41797018It's gotten to the point where I just ignore women >used to talk to women >tried being …[View]
41797621>tfw watching anime on thinkpad in uni library but your handsome so people aren't weirded ou…[View]
41794598>mom cheated on my dad >called my mom a cheap disgusting whore out of anger >made her cry …[View]
41796315>block oneitis on everything >her friends are asking me why i blocked her fuck fuck fuck do i …[View]
41796622>Roommate brings his sister over >7/10 at best >still a QT >They ask if i want to hang …[View]
41796483>he says his beer tastes like ass[View]
41797316How to be more open?: I have problems expressing interests/emotions to people. If someone asks >…[View]
41796607>Manager keeps texting my work phone if I want to work on my days off >They know I turn it off…[View]
41796037Friendly reminder that r9k stands with pol in support of President Donald Trump and ending net neutr…[View]
41795543Why don't you guys talk? Why don't you guys socialize? I don't talk to normies becaus…[View]
41784281SECRET SANTA THREAD #48: Welcome to the /r9k/ Secret Santa Thread! Previous thread: >>4177261…[View]
41795806Anon, have you ever been in love? Can you tell me what it was like?[View]
41797408Blast from the past: How many of you psychologically live in a period that has come and gone? 90s ki…[View]
41793813how and where do i get a gf Iike this?[View]
41797314Do you ever feel like people only put up with you because they think you're too stupid to know …[View]
41797269Today I fucked up: Hey robots- >be me >27 year old collegefag >its finals time >I don…[View]
41796895Is anyone else a big fan of wet wipes. I just can't get a proper wiping with regular TP especia…[View]
41796933> AYE L'MEAXEUSUMTHN w-what do!?[View]
41796674>be me, 26 >never registered to vote >never held a drivers license they'll never be ab…[View]
41794774whats the best way to feminize the face?[View]
41797248Is there a better mix than watching the snow fall & listening to the Skyrim OST?[View]
41797244let's put our trust in the FTC: channel your positive energies![View]
41797095>spent an enormous part of today masturbating >each time spent fapping it took a few hours unt…[View]
41796010How do I start a conversation on OkCupid? Women never messages guys because they don't have to.…[View]
41797138I just ruined my favourite childhood movie by watching it. Have you fallen for the nostalgia meme?[View]
41795396>Be 25 >Dad bought two autism shoes and told mom to give them to me >Mom shilled hard to me…[View]
41795362>ask my psychiatrist if we could try stimulants to address my complete lack of energy, focus, and…[View]
41797145One last thread before the 'net is gone >TFW no pixie cut, flat chested, straight, non SJW G…[View]
41797045Goodest boys (and girls) thread[View]
41797125What do robots have planned for Christmas? Ill be spending it with my grandmother and watching baske…[View]
41796610What do I do to a beard to make it presentable?[View]
41795397> Fuck one > Marry one > Send one to North Korea you may not fuck, marry, or North Korea mo…[View]
41794570Drinking Thread: >tfw forgot to feed cat for 3 days because of drinking >tfw only remembered b…[View]
41797040>tfw you realize if you had been alive 20-30 years ago you could of done almost any job you wante…[View]
41796081>tfw wasn't 21 in 1973 nyc >tfw am 21 in 2017 qc Why even live?…[View]
41796455How do we exterminate INTP's from the world?[View]
41796474>tfw i tend to become incredibly derealized and start doing crazy shit without realizing i'm…[View]
41792935>tfw so clingy id need my bf or gf to be with me 24/7 >tfw no one is capable of that or would …[View]
41796899Internet inequality act: Father? Our teacher says that equality is a spook and I'm a commie for…[View]
41796793who would you rather be in this scenario?[View]
41796941>Net neutrality is gone >Plebbit is now a salt mine >Get new hobbies because too poor to af…[View]
41796888Are we entering a meme famine? I have seen very few good new memes lately.[View]
41792995Real shit: ITT post your recent search history or I won't kill myself tonight.[View]
41796897Anyone up for some fortnite on PS4? Leave a comment down below.[View]
41795271who else here likes to revel in the failed-normie's agony? Every time i see someone here compla…[View]
41796761How do I into religion? I'm on my knees and need help and don't know where else to turn[View]
41794641Eggman, king of r9k: Are you old enough to remember Eggman, the king of r9k? https://youtu.be/5tuf59…[View]
41796754So let me get this straight you hate women because they rejected you and they hurt your feelings. Yo…[View]
41796745>be non-white or non-asian >gets accepted into Harvard at 16 its just that easy bros…[View]
41796741r9k OMEGLE: Whomstever is shitting up the r9k omegle tag, please stop. Some of my best convos are in…[View]
41796728What is gayer? Fucking a man, or getting fucked by a woman?[View]
41795490Any anons here from Chicago? What are your plans tonight?[View]
41792266Honest thoughts on Casey Neistat?[View]
41796609What is it saying?[View]
41796676Daily reminder that this actually happened desuarchive.org/r9k/thread/34381547[View]
41796560>Sup uncle Anon! Hey, how come I never see you with any girls? Too much of a playah huh?…[View]
41796625Is there any greater indicator that you are an alpha male of alphas than having a THICC ass gf? Ever…[View]
41795631My pet scorpion died.[View]
41793478>he starts breathing heavy, you can tell he's about to cum >cross your legs around him wh…[View]
41796460/R9k/, I need help working on ice breakers for females. What I've got so far >Hey, I wante…[View]
41790683>in the library >rapidly bouncing my leg >the seam of my jeans keeps rubbing against my cli…[View]
41796468What's the perfect robot playlist?[View]
41795013EEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeheheheehe raraREEeeee[View]
41795228'C'mon anon, take off your shirt and jump in!!'[View]
41795464I accept my ugliness, I accept my shit personality, and I accept my terminal autism. Now how do I ma…[View]
41795570I can't get past this step. What am I supposed to say?[View]
41796421fembots and /r9k/ would you be my gf >white >22 >172cm >63 kg >not a high school drop…[View]
41796401>stuttering rhotacism getting progressively worse[View]
41796158>service my soles with your warm mouth. dont forget to get in between the toes Get to work.…[View]
41796334>scratch behind ear >smell finger[View]
41794960>be lying in bed or walking around in public somewhere >thinking about all the internet videos…[View]
41796366i don't take that good care of my teeth and i had a dream last night that all my teeth were rot…[View]
41796057Do you know when the winged hussars arrived?[View]
41795322Sup fellow alt-righters. After being plugged in to beta-land for too long, I have finally awoken and…[View]
41795444How is it possible to be a short/unattractive man and NOT be a misogynist? I dont get how these guys…[View]
41796263IF IM LEAVING THIS EARTH, THEN YOU'RE COMING WITH ME: They think they know me... But they do n…[View]
41795859>tfw make my best post in a thread >spend the next 10 minutes refreshing waiting for a (you) …[View]
41795611Normalfag hate thread: I hate normalfags with so much passion, especially those who come here with t…[View]
41791837>fapped to dicks again[View]
41795659Hey guys, is it okay to tell a qt girl you cooperated in a group project style college course you…[View]
41795868Join WzfZdm[View]
41789531Why are you such a 'nice guy'? Don't you realize you disgust everyone?[View]
41796051>someone post bait >post counter bait instead of replying…[View]
41791676OO: Well arcanine? What do you have to say in your defense?[View]
41793958manlet feels: >gf calls me shortstack >she wrests her chin on my head when we're out in p…[View]
41795891>When your 300 dollar bitcoin investment in cloudflare https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kT3OQwyvKm…[View]
41795794>unironically start screeching reeeeeeeee in my head when I'm angry or pissed Have I lost it…[View]
41770999orbiting is litterally the best way to spend your free time[View]
41795635>he doesn't have an emotional connection to his animals >He doesn't notice quirks an…[View]
41795781>third grade >only person that actually knows the metric system >math >it's about l…[View]
41795041Anyone else sick of roasties acting like they have problems? This girl I went to high school with is…[View]
41795124ITT shit you want updated >demolition D+ >Bruva Alfabusa >Berserk…[View]
41795703i couldn't make it thru pai's vid: nothing funny ever comes out of politics[View]
41795151>just found out my 14-year-old daughter is dating a buck >her whore mother, whom she lives wit…[View]
41795668Why are asian dad white mother girls so goddess?[View]
41794965>ywn embrace a girl who feels the same reprieve of loneliness that you do…[View]
41795561Does anyone know anything about santa fe? Not sure if i should keep moving on or stay here.[View]
41794852>finally about to lose virginity >cant find vagina hole >cant cum I need help r9k…[View]
41795588>Tfw no qt gf that will let you fuck her cute butt. Why even live?[View]
41794894What are your original thoughts on this gif?[View]
41792103>average plain streamer girl playing a game i play >be one of her first viewers >watch her …[View]
41795542God, and how he can help you get a girlfriend: The following message is true. Whether you believe it…[View]
41795065Who here /advancedbeing/[View]
41795475I finally made a internet dating account. but how do I appear less autistic, can I still have succes…[View]
41795459https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b2AcxL88DoI Real nigga shit Other night at your crib it was like, me…[View]
41787373If a strong authoritarian state took came to be and they had a policy where they'd force pair p…[View]
41787152What would happen in a theoretical situation where there were say 1000 women and 1 man trapped on an…[View]
41794054God I love dressing business casual. its the only thing I have control over in my life and I look st…[View]
41793862This is how I get my fuck on.[View]
41795438ITT: movies and TV shows that normies love but actually bring up horrible memories Freaks and Geeks …[View]
41795437> father dark triad > abused mother > I would often watch him be egregiously flirtatious wi…[View]
41792434Has your penis been cucked by jews?[View]
41795395>implying Cho isn't /ourguy/[View]
41793521>jerked off in a mcdonalds bathroom to a google image search of burn victims while there were peo…[View]
41795385songs: >like song >listen to it dozens of times a day until I hate it who here song autism…[View]
41795381Does anon ever fart in front of women? I've been holding in my gas until I'm in a safe pl…[View]
41793749My niece told her father she loved me more than him and now he's pissed at me. How do I not get…[View]
41794130Planning to buyba 4chan pass: I don't know if it could be a benefit investment. But at least my…[View]
41795107l'm posting bruno eating pizza every day day 35[View]
41793683What do you think is the root cause, if you're antisocial/ hyper introverted nature[View]
41795028I just proposed to my girlfriend of four years. And she said, YES! >pic related, my future wife.…[View]
41794854>Install new Windows 10 version (against my own will, can't even delay it) >Every time I …[View]
41791065do you like your personality, anon?[View]
41786509>'Open wide anon, you need all your vitamins as a growing boi.'[View]
41795073Who /unsupervised/ here? I've done fuck nothing for the last two hours but scroll but I still f…[View]
41795192>get a phone call for a job >Can't pick up the phonr because i'm too autistic Kill m…[View]
41795203>RIGHT NOW there are filthy lolicon on /r9k/[View]
41793827if dubs i will masturbate right now. if any digits i will (maybe) masturbate right now but its not g…[View]
41786942net neutrality is gone. w-will we lose 4chan for good?[View]
41795188So what game are you learning Japanese for?[View]
41792142Henlo fren.wat do u wan for chrismas??[View]
41795165TRABBSSS AWEANT GEYYYYY!!!!!!![View]
41794903r/greentext: >be me >be reading too many goddamn happy greentexts >stop upvoting them! >…[View]
41793744I am antisocial and have some kind of dissociative disorder. I am unsure if I even feel emotion like…[View]
41794961Han was 35 and Leia was 21 in ANH. No wonder roasties fall hard for middle-aged faggots.[View]
41793714Lil sis thinks she's internet top shit (pic unrelated): >be me >I talk about 4chan >Sh…[View]
41795087mummy gib milky[View]
41794719Hey r9k, I have a question Ive been thinking about for a while and need your input. People on here k…[View]
41792674NEB NUTRILITY[View]
41794290Can you guys rec me some crazy visuals with crazy music? I found this https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
41791522>35 word essay due next Monday help me robots I don't want to fail this class FUCK YOU MRS B…[View]
41788919Are we ready ?: MGTOW commune When[View]
41792694How desperate are you to spread your genes, robots?[View]
41794992Any Community College bots here?[View]
41794240Who here /no longer human/?[View]
41794978Can't say shit about my heritage, I'm 100% Aryan yurocucks[View]
41783648Which one of these two would you pick?[View]
41794035>ynw live to see all smartfags strung up on the streetlamps like the pathetic hogs they are Its n…[View]
41794908Some of you need to get in the box.[View]
41790980Has a girl ever hit on u anon?[View]
41794647femanons, what's your opinion on boys like this?[View]
41794332Pantsed by chad in front of stacys stories >be 17 >in high school have no friends so i just si…[View]
41794073Fuck off with your chad garbage. Guts grew up with no compassion and even got raped. Nobody loved hi…[View]
41794761Who has the worst life on this board? What makes your life awful?[View]
41794707GUISSS PORTEB NEG NUDEALITY!!!!!!!!!!!!![View]
41794672I wish that a worldwide pandemic would occur where every non-pregnant woman on the planet, from the …[View]
41793028How to get GF to fuck 24/7: I'm going out with this girl I that I took her virginity from. I…[View]
41794311>Anon, can you apply lotion on me? What do you tell her?[View]
41792883>shit day at uni >go to car >everyone else is parked next to me and hanging around >my c…[View]
41794463Any robots from Dublin? #0688[View]
41793684>be me >just started playing >make a few shekels on the auction house >think im now a bu…[View]
41789368>no obese fuck pig gf[View]
41790771>tfw 24 hours to finish 3600 word assignment Am I gunna make it, /r9k/? ;_;…[View]
41793592i am very lonely and sad i have nobody to love me[View]
41792389How do I find a trap bf Please respond[View]
41793153Holy shit guys, a qt girl just sat next to me on the bus. Usually they would stand instead of sittin…[View]
41794546>run into the girl of my dreams today >decide I'm going to interact with this wonderful w…[View]
41793482Say hi: This is Felicity, say something nice about her. No bully plx.[View]
41794493Hey robots I need help from you. I have to see my doctor so he can sign me of from work cuz I am 'si…[View]
41792369Plz give me straight, pixie cut, flat chested, non SJW GF[View]
41794491gf thread: gib girlfriend edition >tfw no raven haired gf with green eyes any fembots out there…[View]
41794105>she was asked out[View]
41793280i need cheering up pls post wojaks and pepes / little helpers / gondalas[View]
41790092Psychological Issues #130: 1. Use a name in the namefield. 2. Use a name in the namefield. Really. 3…[View]
41794207*cocks your ass*[View]
41794268You've really done it this time[View]
41793844>this is all your fault you did this to me. My body is ruined You'd hear this if you ever go…[View]
41792402>Hit on female that I met at University and gave me the signs >she tells me she likes me but d…[View]
41794254>be me >first year of college >4 months in >the closest thing I have had to a conversat…[View]
41753018The Virgin Ted: >David's wife, Linda Patrik, first suspected Theodore and urged David to rea…[View]
41794166i pood rong and now my bumhole herts[View]
41785970> He hasn't taken the official 2k17 robot survey pls respond also taking suggestions for 2k1…[View]
41793547Where are my lonely lads at? Life is pretty tough when you're all alone[View]
41792724Escort, hooker, whore thread: I want to fuck. My onahole can't quench this ever growing thirst…[View]
41793200Why does my dad constantly try to emasculate me with a steady stream of insults and feminine nicknam…[View]
41791915It's 2:15pm and I'm fucking wasted. I'm an alcoholic. I'm only happy when I…[View]
41794109Hey robots I need help from you. I have to see my doctor so he can sign me of from work cuz I am 'si…[View]
41793925Wolf of Wall Street's bitcoin warning: Is he right? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hsaU4-AUW2Y…[View]
41793767who here /had friends in school but never got invited to any social events outside of school/[View]
41793897Guys. WHY didnt i know that when its summer on the northern hemisphere, its winter on the southern h…[View]
41792020Look back at all your life and think for a moment. I want you to find the point in your life that le…[View]
41793801https://www.battleforthenet.com/?call=1: https://www.battleforthenet.com/?call=1 hey congress can st…[View]
41793138Would femanons feel flattered if they found out a little boy they know is fapping thinking of them?[View]
41793467Why do we automatically assume this man has no confidence? You don't know what his opinion is o…[View]
41792986reee: >might have to get braces again, in my late 20s >so many fillings, receding gums, overbi…[View]
41790727>be me >21 y/o virgin >finally got the balls to ask a girl out >went on a date with her …[View]
41793432>bf only said one thing to me today how can i kill him?[View]
41792145>want to masturbate >can't because there are people in the house…[View]
41793100Is it rude to stop responding to texts if you have nothing to say? Me and my boyfriend do this const…[View]
41793735https://www.rollingstone.com/culture/features/what-the-net-neutrality-repeal-means-for-us-w514104 Ba…[View]
41793244>Mike Oldfield wrote Tubular Bells at age 17[View]
41792748Could you beat this man in a debate?[View]
41791303Going to buy a Switch today for a Christmas present for me and my sweetheart. Gonna get Mario Odysse…[View]
41792786how's it feel now that all of you are gonna be forced to go outside, interact with people, and …[View]
41793544>strums guitar[View]
41793400To view this post, you require the 'Humor & Leisure Package'. You may try a 7 day free trial, or…[View]
41792130There is a worse fate than a robot's. At least we're original and we have the power to uni…[View]
41791040This just happened and I'm panicking I don't know wtf I'm supposed to do >chat wit…[View]
41792714It's me again robots i'm 26 today and wishing i had achieved more in life or had more mone…[View]
41789146Femanon here, don't believe what everyone says. Girls love small penises too. They just feel so…[View]
41786878How do you feel about trannies or traps? >want to be girl (male, but not trap) >want to be a w…[View]
41791931I went undercover as a roastie: For 20 years I've been trying to understand the minds of women.…[View]
41790801>net neutrality ends >americans leave >that means all the /pol/ newfag cancer and redditors…[View]
41793497CHAT: Any spergs on here want to kik ? I would do /soc/ but its all dick pics and normies. want to m…[View]
41793475muh duprushun thread: is it possible to want to feel like shit? i hate feeling better. maybe it…[View]
41792756I used to think that I was a good person. What a joke. What a sick, sad fucking joke.[View]
41792717Anyone else a disappointment to their parents? I can see the sadness in my fathers' eyes when I…[View]
41792895i got laid today never cared about losing my virginity but i wanted to tell you insecure losers abou…[View]
41793123Post something autistic that you think only you do. Pic semi-related: I'll sometimes go through…[View]
41792743Send 2009 songs pls..make them as edgy and generic as possible[View]
41793157I asked a blind girl out on a date and she said yes. What should I do with her?[View]
41792453>He's not excited for the new Star Wars movie Lol.[View]
41793312Turn 20 in 20 days. Still a KHV. I tried tinder and spam like every girl. No luck. No success. I g…[View]
41792321Plans on this lovely Thursday: Hey robot friends, what are your plans for tonight on this lovely Thu…[View]
41792275Anyone got any interesting war stories from their grandpappy? Greentext format encouraged, but not n…[View]
41792403Which one is best, /r9k/?[View]
41790046Schizoid Personality Disorder General /SPD/: Schizoid personality disorder (SPD) is a personality di…[View]
41792065Women: Why are women whores? Why women have such a bad judgement? Why women can't hold responsi…[View]
41792670These are the three cock suckers who fucked us robots. DO NOT STAND FOR THIS SHIT! ShitPia on the le…[View]
41790468How do I cure my ptsd from bullying?[View]
41792356How would I go on meeting older women (MILFs) who are interested in young adult ?[View]
41791216>be me >31yo NEET >need money for tendies >hatch plan >get clipboard and print out si…[View]
41793013A way out: If I try my hardest, maybe I will scape from them[View]
41793075/MeMe/ Music Enters MEaning: pls share good music keep in mind i am a pathetic sadboi all music is g…[View]
41793062I have an important question: Are gey people gey???[View]
41793056CONGRESS VOTE IS TOMMOROW: They can still shut this shit downhttps://www.battleforthenet.com/?call=1…[View]
41792160>the you will never EVER be a qt mixed girl Phil's bat man.[View]
41792962this is my doggo he's 15 and not feeling well today i took tomorrow off work to take him to the…[View]
41793020I want to have a fight with a girl and let her abuse me[View]
41792630>tfw my crush always imagines being my gf and jokes about it Worst feel ever cause I know that sh…[View]
41793016It’s that time: ITT: that kid > group project edition > that kid who did all the work > t…[View]
41792024'Anon, how come every time you get the rights to dub an Anime you always hire the same 12 voice acto…[View]
41793012Social Justice Sorcerer reporting for duty: Are u guys proud of me[View]
41790109>girl keeps on bothering me >writes me a note >admits her feelings >she's a 5/10 at…[View]
41792920niggers on youtube: I don't care about the larping faggot in this video, but the comments secti…[View]
41792061This is what I originally wear most days. Am I retarded or Autistic?[View]
41791059My conversation with my mom minutes ago >anon we spoke to your grandparents and they said they wa…[View]
41792579What's a good gift for my basic bitch stepsister? I considered a sampler from a local chocolate…[View]
41787929'The only reason you're not a titty streamer is because you don't have any titties' I usua…[View]
41792599come talk to frens on discord: Formerly mental illness server, changed because of too many an hero…[View]
41792035Just had another panic attack while thinking about death and it was one of the worst ones. I started…[View]
41790900>Net neutrality goes down >Nothing happens…[View]
41792628>Phone rings >Some completely unknown number >Pick it up anyways >Some guy with a VERY h…[View]
41792236every single 'femanon' on here are LARPers trying to ruin this board. dont fall for their tricks.[View]
41788453What do girls normally search for, when they want to look at some porn?[View]
41784647How do anons with dicks under 6' not kill themselves?[View]
41792685women you fap to[View]
41792680>tfw traps are buying bitcoin to give to orbiters to buy secret santa gifts for fembots who oppos…[View]
41792669HOW CAN YOU EVEN LIVE AS A WAGESLAVE ANYMORE AFTER SEEING THIS? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BBiO…[View]
41791505post images that really hit you in the feels >pic related just look at him, that face of despair …[View]
41792605>there are people past their 30's posting in this board[View]
41792123>fill in captcha >it's a picture of a street sign I have actually seen in real life…[View]
41787806>getting a haircut >look away from the mirror so I don't have to look at myself…[View]
41788839How do i prevent tonsil stones? I brush my teeth twice a day and floss every other so my oral hygien…[View]
41790075Reminder that there is nothing positive about browsing this website.[View]
41792288It's so fucking difficult to get a gf here, I was in Japan for 2 weeks and it was so easy to ge…[View]
41791722>this will never happen in our lifetimes[View]
41791649>dentists office just sent me a happy birthday text[View]
41792341>tfw I'll never be with a beautiful guy because I'm ugly[View]
41792416Does /biz/ owe any money to debt collectors? Have you ever been sued for it? I owe about $6,000 to d…[View]
41791855Why do Chads steal all lower value women from us? Why can't they have standards and only date w…[View]
41791997>my life in a nutshell.jpg >had a really big argument with parents today >a few hours later…[View]
41792323Open your eyes, Take a deep breath and return to life, Wake up and fight, Fight for the love and the…[View]
41792295Alright Robots, How does this video make you feel? Be honest, and watch the entire thing. https://yo…[View]
41792204how big is your penis? pic unrelated[View]
41791627ok robots. im trying to get into the custom shoe buisness, and wanna do something to practice. what …[View]
41792195Quick CYOA thread. Got a few hours to kill. CYOA fetish edition. I won't do shit like necro and…[View]
41791098What's for dinner, robots? I just made a fresh batch of pigs in a blanket. Time to get comfy.[View]
41791778>Go up the street to buy a bottle of water >Hope to myself the cute girl is serving today mayb…[View]
41792064Please help with U.S. Histoty Assignment?: /r9k/ PLEASE HALP I have this thing due tomorrow for scho…[View]
41791652Alright, fags, which one of you was it[View]
41792085>nothing like this happened to you in high school[View]
41791667Does anyone else ever feel envious of female orgasms? I don't think I want to be a woman, but I…[View]
41792011>Finally get a hot match on tinder >Can't think of anything to say because socially inept…[View]
41790906The longer I spend here the more I realize I hate you people more than normies. Fucking weaboos, orb…[View]
41792010The Smashing Drumpfkins[View]
41785014I just made an okcupid account what are the chances a girl will message my cute faggot face and find…[View]
41791751>tfw only enjoy reading about disturbing things Who knows this feel? Any recommendations?…[View]
41791484Not even Taylor Swift can escape the wall[View]
41791921Nofap for once and all: Im so fucking fed up with woman and their shit that jerking off isnt even en…[View]
41790800How are robots supposed to make friends with people similar to them? By nature, introverts wont end …[View]
41783205How do blacks feel about being part of a race whose best survival strategy is parasitizing white peo…[View]
41788743Is /r9k/ as stupid as /b/?[View]
41791920When is the last time you saw with another human /b/eing in person? 49 days here been outside about …[View]
41789862Is chess a waste of time?[View]
41790694>that feel when your twitch crush doesn't have a black bf[View]
41789456How do you manage to get up in the morning, /r9k/?[View]
41790850How do I get a Mormon gf?[View]
41788596Why is every fucking thread 'Ask a femanon this', or 'How do fembots feel about that', or 'Girls sho…[View]
41789370Browsing 4chan is so pointless and gay, I wish I was at a party[View]
41791827Normies are boring ants! Do somethong special![View]
41791759>be hypersexual >masturbate at least twice a day >this week i was busy af and couldnt find…[View]
41791739AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/12/14/technology…[View]
41790998What will /r9k/ be like when Trump and his kike masters take away Net Neutrality?[View]
41791616slut thread: are any fembots or gaybots total sluts? does it help assuage your loneliness at all? no…[View]
41791353What should I do before I die? I've had something wrong with me since I was a kid, doctors can…[View]
41786580>you are coming to spend the night right whiteboi?[View]
41791446It's literally almost 2018, why aren't you wearing diapers like me? >Not wasting 3.5 ga…[View]
41787081/britfeel/: Just 18 days to go until 2018 edition[View]
41791179is kevin james a Chad?[View]
41791650you: its a shame youre like this youve heard that before but it doesnt mean its not true you are bey…[View]
41790470Why do normies call be autistic all the time when i play Minecraft in the library? It's a fun g…[View]
41790486>it's another listening to music you used to hear in your mom's car as a young child wh…[View]
41790968Mental Illness: What mental illnesses ail you? What meds do you take? I personally struggle with OCD…[View]
41791571>sleep for 12 hours because trapped in a nightmare[View]
41791245where the fuck do i find reverse cuck porn (woman getting cucked by a stacey)?[View]
41791558>have an opinion or idea that I think may be wrong >post it angrily and call some anon with th…[View]
41788379>sometimes i get too anxious to reply to threads what is wrong with me[View]
41791504Omegle meet up Tag: /R9K/[View]
41787427Net neutrality just died in a vote 4-1. I guess it's gone now.[View]
41791110Mods please BAN all fembots from THIS BOARD: fembots please leave all you are here for is to ruin an…[View]
41791451Kid Stories Thread: >be me >14 >time before Christmas >our town makes an outdoor ice sk…[View]
41790277Anyone here /weak/? >Try to lift weights >Can't even manage to lift the bar alone…[View]
41789281Would you date a fujoshi, robots?[View]
41791337Massage parlour: Was in town today and saw a Thai massage parlour. Is the whole 'front for a brothel…[View]
41791331he's just a qt trap. don't bully him. he new.[View]
41791261>tfw I might get plowed for the first time tonight I-I'm scared.[View]
41791306Cristianity: Daily reminder that you should all become Christians and be free from sin.[View]
41786007Was she /ourgal/?: >29 yo khhv >put on a front of being stacey to cover her depression, insecu…[View]
41790207Delusions thread: ITT: post stories of your delusions and things you legitimately believe >Be me …[View]
41791257fuck ajit pai: yo robots i need you guys to do me a favor and tweet #ajitpaiisverisonscockholster…[View]
41790783what males from r9k are relatively famous on here or have actual orbiters? i want to know if i have …[View]
41788233Should I hire a 5/10 escort that does anal (never done it, kind of curious), or this other 6.5/10 es…[View]
41791237What are you anons doing today? Anything important?[View]
41788530>tfw no polish gf to get drunk with >tfw no polish gf to go to see films with and trash them …[View]
41789257>no more NEET neutrality[View]
41790868Seriously what is net neutrality and why are normues so concerned about it?[View]
41790684>too feminine to be a proper man >too masculine to be a cute femboy What should I do?…[View]
41791056Theyre ending net neutrality to go after crypto money, mainly. Crypto is illegal.[View]
41790604Digibro: I hate to admit it but this fucker changed my life for the better, I actually started worki…[View]
41789383browsing for porn...: >see hot blonde woman pic on the banner on the side i browse >download f…[View]
41787117>being me >guitarist since I was 12 >can play really good and can sing pretty well >stil…[View]
41779634Do men really prefer vain, heartbreaking bitches to kindhearted, loyal women? What is wrong with the…[View]
41790993>be me >party literally every night >always party with the same people >'party' >it…[View]
41790612If a woman was in a life threatening situation would you bother helping her? Keep in mind if you…[View]
41790962>net neutrality ends >amerimutts disappear from 4chan Praise kek for this…[View]
41790930No wonder this fuck is so smug, he's got a white wife[View]
41790561Does anyone else find it funny that all the normies are so riled up against this man today? I don…[View]
41790784Ask someone working in a call centre anything. It's hell on earth and I probably will be fired…[View]
41788356how do l grow up and stop being a manchild?[View]
41789006>your ISPs can now cut you off from any website and service they want >and charge you extra f…[View]
41786082>Asians are our allies and they hate black people too! How does this photo make you feel?…[View]
41788397I take 3,200 mg of codeine everyday My tummy hurts and i know i should stop, but everytime I do anx…[View]
41790281>Know really happy black guy >He makes 16$ an hour >He has 4 kids Why do black people do th…[View]
41789959Should I be a cop? I was going into the army but developed schizophrenia(now very stable and high fu…[View]
41790786you reap what you sow, trumpanzees this is the future you chose.[View]
41790564Women red flags What kind of signals are a dealbreaker to you >Tattoos >Low IQ, not smart >…[View]
41787848NoFap: >i'm going to stop masturbating so that i can put the responsibility into the hands o…[View]
41789445Daily reminder you're better off without: Just to remind my fellow robots that all woman are fu…[View]
41790392Robots with older oneitis/crush: Post your age and that of your limerent object. >21 >25…[View]
41786178Vent thread. Just let it out . I'll start. I wish I could just spend all my time working out. …[View]
41790686Hey NEETS! Why haven't you started drawing yet? Your cute wife is just waiting to be drawn by y…[View]
41789307>girl likes me for some reason, i like her too >she doesn't know that i have epilepsy (de…[View]
41790636How do I learn how to fight? I've been a pussy and felt weak my whole life. I want to be strong…[View]
41789244Am I the only fembot who actually finds Indians to be cute? They're just so socially retarded t…[View]
41783761New School of Life video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zcUI1Hk0GRU do you think that having a shi…[View]
41790656Hey /r9k/ remember me? I'm the faggot from earlier who had a crush on a /pol/lack Everything we…[View]
41790120okay guys so I am fucking worried I am nervous, scared, anxious, but only a little excited all at th…[View]
41784974Now that Eggman transitioned, he finally got friends. Congrats, Eggy![View]
41767771/UNI/ - 'What's the point?' Edition: >tfw won't even bother going to the exams…[View]
41790066>tfw my crush asked for the name and phone number of my best friend So how's your day comin…[View]
41790079Chad's sins = Doesn't go to church. Uses 'nigga' in every sentence. Fornication. Adultery.…[View]
41790159>I just wasted 30 minutes of arguing on a Korean sewing machine instruction booklet emporium Feel…[View]
41789683A wild Brock Lesnar appears with one goal in mind... To ass rape the soul out of you. What do?[View]
41790509Why aren't you happy and vibrant Anon?[View]
41790332How much longer do I have to beat my meat to porn before this cunt fucks it up?[View]
41787286Tell me what gives you a boner. For me it's girls with asses[View]
41790463>normie girl i've known since we were kids wants to hang out >texts always come around to…[View]
41788256Hey /r9k/. I'm really worried about wojak. I saw him pulling this face last week, I think he…[View]
41789480>drink lemonade >its good >i fucking love lemonade…[View]
41790101>have gf's with big titties and a big ass >fun >have new gf with small titties and fir…[View]
41788085Depression isn't a disorder. Nor is alcoholism a disease. /thread[View]
41786877>tfw oral myiasis not even a robot would date me[View]
41789800RIP Internet for Burgers: >Were going to lose net neutrality. It was nice knowing you guys.…[View]
41783248Post characters that inspire you to strive for a brighter tomorrow.[View]
41788304Suffering.: I'm probably the saddest guy you guys have ever known. This is the story of my life…[View]
41789990>overwhelming majority of people disapproved of net neutrality getting repealed >got repealed …[View]
41790161>that kid who laughed whenever the weird talking autist kid said something it was me …[View]
41789640Why are cars even allowed? >loud >pollution >traffic jams >are used mainly to strike u…[View]
41790319Who here /voluntaryrobot/ here? I used to be a full-blown normie some years ago, even had some chad-…[View]
41790314Hey guys I'm here to ask you a personal favor. My brother is a shity alcoholic narcissist and h…[View]
41789452>teacher just showed his porn folder in front of the whole class. >closes out of it quickly an…[View]
41789592Feels thread: I used to not believe in god, but now I do, and I believe he's a sadistic motherf…[View]
41788792Net Neutrality: Why are all you faggots acting like literally anything is gonna change? Fuck, the in…[View]
41789552RIP AGGY[View]
41790018Is it possible to save fictional characters?[View]
41789413>tfw not special >not especially good at anything >will always be mediocre at best How do I…[View]
41790037>Hey, could you send this song to my Nokia through Bluetooth? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kTH…[View]
41789621Sneezed from my dick: Robros i nuttted on the wall after 5 months of no fap and it came out all goop…[View]
41789045Anybody else here come to accept that you'll probably never get a gf? The longer i'm singl…[View]
41789705>hikikomori >slut sister brings her chad bf to my house >mother doesnt wanna kick him bc MU…[View]
41789665I have to know. What do I need to do to stop being such a loser? No one wants to put up with me and …[View]
41789293Robot Job Ideas: ITT: Post comfy jobs and careers, preferably something not too hard to obtain. >…[View]
41789845What's the worst thing you've ever done to another person /r9k/? How do you live with the …[View]
41785924Why haven't you moved to Norilsk, Russia yet? There's no better city for a robot to live. …[View]
41782253mom died today[View]
41789794Tfw me: > be me > Be born in the best nationality in the universe > Be even more lucky to h…[View]
41789488How good looking do I have to be to get female validation?[View]
41779074I'll just cut the shit: Most of us Europeans don't really see American society in the best…[View]
41788380even this guy couldn't get laid is there ANY hope for robots?[View]
41787909How does an adult go about dating a teenager?[View]
41789316Look at the wrist of your right hand. How many of you look like pic related?[View]
41789618The more you ignore people, the more interested they get. How can a person possibly get rid of unwan…[View]
41789608How many times do you guys have to get emergency help? I often get too close to suicide but I don…[View]
41789598>taking a piss >have extreme urge to put my hand though the stream of piss…[View]
41786538>mom actually found my piss bottles today I was going to empty it out and forgot it in the bathro…[View]
41789548>2017 >no one is using me as a human toilet or toilet paper Why even live?…[View]
41789405>make friends with homeless man at the bus stop >he's pretty red pilled and experienced a…[View]
41789079>people actually think this is whats going to happen Why are people so fucking stupid.…[View]
41789490>walk by stacy on the street >she smirks fuck normies I didnt do anything and you laugh at me…[View]
41785711Reply to this mother or your post will die in it's sleep tonight[View]
41789241I thought of a business idea, it's called the fap sock. It's made of fine silk so it feels…[View]
41785437I don't like living here robots. I want to run away. But where? these are my options as I am aw…[View]
41787825my weewee is hard[View]
41789209just found out my gf visits here hello anna i love u[View]
41789475ITT: Autistic things only you do Narrarate my life in my head as two sports announcers, the dialogu…[View]
41789375Net Neutrality was the greatest thing to happen to the internet: Think about it this way, only peopl…[View]
41788116>estranged oneitis wants me to buy her a $400 Christmas gift >probably wont Who /resisting co…[View]
41775205What's the most depressing music you have, r9k? I've got nothing.[View]
41787816Majored in Worthless Shit: >born upper middle class white kid >spent 6 years getting polisci d…[View]
41789221I was fucking my gf and saw cloudy cum like liquid when I opened her vagina with my fingers to see w…[View]
41789143My conversation with my dad minutes ago >anon we spoke to your grandparents and they said they wa…[View]
41789200>bitches about net neutrality >doesn't just use a vpn what are you retards complaining a…[View]
41788945>It's okay to be scared by pixels on a screen or words on a page >It's gay to be str…[View]
41788446Do you find that your sense of humour is fading away? Did you ever have the ability to create your o…[View]
41789160Share your bad experiences women.: >Be me at 11 years of age >Interested in girl >Ask her o…[View]
41788230sup r9k it's my birthday today i am now 21 years old can you wish me a happy birthday?[View]
41789141I want to lick and kiss a girl's butthole very very badly.[View]
41789122>Hey femanon, you know you are beautiful right?[View]
41785584I'm seriously convinced asian women are starting to try and get BLACKED[View]
41789125Poo on fly over America: Jokes on you /pol/. My city and many other big and very blue cities have fi…[View]
41783188Most alpha moment in your life?: Surely you cunts aren't that beta.. there's gotta be a mo…[View]
41789053What are you doing for Christmas /r9k[View]
41788701i hadn't fapped for a long time so the head of my penis was really sensitive and today when i w…[View]
41784836Dermemetologist: >be me >have acne since begining of puberty now >20 now >decide it…[View]
41784155>'hey A-Anonie-- your mom assigned me to be your gf..' >'why are you looking at me like that?'…[View]
41788996Isn't this image hilarious? Hiroshimoot is absolutely based. (Note: some Americans may not be a…[View]
41785285Is there a more comfy feeling than the thought of impregnating your goth wife?[View]
41788757>Hear noises from the shower >Go there & see this Wat do?…[View]
41784867'Look, there goes that quiet kid': >'He's talking. I've never seen him talking' >'I …[View]
41788967We found him! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yrvzgaw_gWg[View]
41787983I put like 2100 into various crypto currencies recently and I have made about a 100 USD. Im worried …[View]
41788938WE GOT SOME NICE GETS OVER HERE >>41788888[View]
41787934Tfw completely lose interest in a girl if I find out she's been blacked. Tfw can't just as…[View]
41788778So I wanna know what /r9k actually thinks of this situation[View]
41788338update: cont. >immediately close my phone when i notice it flashed >look to the side, a guy is…[View]
41780424This is the ideal female height. You may not like it,but this is what peak femeninity looks like[View]
41788285I don't want to lose you guys. But without Net Neutrality, I won't be able to afford my In…[View]
41787348Why do robots love to worship and obit this degenerate, roastie slut?[View]
41788502Literally what the fuck am I watching?[View]
41784184Any of you anons listen to Lil Peep to get the feels out? Currently listening to Gym Class, I wish h…[View]
41788750i wish i suffered from premature ejaculation. Jerking off and trying to cum takes too long. prematur…[View]
41788689Well guys, I am about to an hero. Just wanted to tell you it has been a pleasure browsing with you g…[View]
41788309Sudden embarrassing memories: >dad caught me jacking off while wearing my step-mothers swimsuit w…[View]
41788305>tfw please pay an extra $4.99 to post in chaotic threads[View]
41788525>tfw you will never smell a guy's size 14 feet and give him a foot rub…[View]
41788581>tfw sick of the sight of your town[View]
41788437Doing some 3-fpm with kratom, will crash soon with a clonazolam pill (got some for free !) so I get …[View]
41787319Fuck u white boi im fucking all your beautiful women and they all prefer it lol[View]
41788537fuck you, bitch. you made me hate myself. you ruined my fucking life. you left a crater in my mind, …[View]
41785988>'..Mmnmm.. just... five more minutes... anon...' What do?[View]
41781118Is Cr1tikal a chad?[View]
41787097>go on old game/website/program >see friends lists >they haven't been on in years …[View]
41788485>tfw the one night stand only wants to get fucked and not cuddle I hate this ;_; why do girls onl…[View]
41788391Why are you considered an outcast of society?[View]
41788317>watch bully lesbo porn >self insert as the girl getting bullied is this gay?…[View]
41787555Why is hair loss still a thing when the globalists put estrogen mimickers in the water?[View]
41787419imagine being a girl and bleeding from your genitals constantly for most of your life[View]
41788399It's Rona season boys fuck it. Chew o clock Full Send[View]
41785720Femanons how can you claim to love someone if you don't let him throatfuck you?[View]
41786029What you you lot up to right now?: >mfw transcribing and getting high Good stuff. You lads?…[View]
41787478Full Send for the boys on /r9k/[View]
41788247find a bigger soyb than this OC btw[View]
41786718Anyone up for a vocaroo thread? https://vocaroo.com/i/s0m24dzd1wDA[View]
41785049any robots with anger issues? how bad is it?[View]
41783672VideoGames Music Thread: Hey robots I wanna create a comfy video game music playlist on youtube. Any…[View]
41788081any other mixed child trophies ?: >be lat mixed >not that obvious >lefty single mother >…[View]
41787923>tfw cat yawns in your face and it smells[View]
41782362'just wash ur face bro' 'just wash ur pillowcase bro' i fucking hate my skin, any other robot suffer…[View]
41787103>leave bathroom after shitting >bf immediately enters >can hear him jerking off in there Wh…[View]
41787271>fall for the coffee meme[View]
41785989When your gender is rejected: (First post on here, not sure how this works) >be single Femanon …[View]
41785809So now that all is said and done, do you think it was worth it?[View]
41784680This board is a goddamn joke[View]
41786883People who fap to pictures are incredibly creepy: They're filling in a fantasy in their mind th…[View]
41787917>gf tells me that she would be a camera whore if she wasn't dating me >get upset about it…[View]
41787320>years of being a reject with no girl interested in me >above avarage girl starts showing intr…[View]
41778098When did you realize you were ugly as fuck this whole time[View]
41784524I need a completely innocent virgin to marry. I can no longer settle for anything less. I want someo…[View]
41784709>sister's friends call me cute w-wtf do i do robots how do i reply to them?…[View]
41787330tfw a Robot asks you out[View]
41785985>8/10 face with strong jawline etc. >6'3' tall >not socially retarded Still have reall…[View]
41783424Incel general: Why do women aren't satisfied with treating us like shit in real life, they also…[View]
41787094Youtube: Looking for some cool shit to watch/listen to on youtube. Preferably educational, or histor…[View]
41784771Enjoy your 12.65 minute bathroom break, wagecuck.[View]
41787459What is the most autistic thing you have said to a girl? What was her reaction? I once told a cutie …[View]
41786898What is the most sad/upset you've ever been and what caused it?[View]
41786460How do you feel about mansluts?: >know a guy I banter with a lot >status native but looks whit…[View]
41786240I hereby demand a SSBBW gf RIGHT NOW!!!!!![View]
41785393Why do white men hate when black men act agressive and talk about how big their dicks are then turn …[View]
41787276>music starts playing >why don't you get up and dance with us anon…[View]
41784091>top Just come off it because it's done literally nothing at 6 weeks, if anything I feel wor…[View]
41787185So brobots... how does one become poplar?[View]
41786002>be me >dentist >also got a degree from dental hygiene >Patient walks into my office …[View]
41787102>family falling apart >in a relationship without mutual love, or interest >problems in uni …[View]
41785134Anyone else here desperately trying to fix their life but not making much progress?[View]
41787011/r9k/ love story (I prove I'm OP if needed) >be me >only 28 >I loved tendies >I nee…[View]
41787028Why is christmas just more boring an dull each year? I'm not feeling it at all right now even a…[View]
41787143How much money do you owe to collection agencies? they ever tried to take you to court?[View]
41777583/britfeel/: Insomnia edition, but also tired and crying my self to sleep.[View]
41787040instagram cuties to feed to the downloader: Besides lexee smith, freya, crispy and the septum girl (…[View]
41786990my heart; a raisin starved of feeling every beat a stab to the chest but this is how it must be feel…[View]
41782508Bitches or money, bruhs?[View]
41783656Risen from ruins And facing the future, Let us serve you for the good, Germany, united fatherland. O…[View]
41786944Can't sleep because too sad that my waifu doesn't exist[View]
41786553Just went to [s4s] It's EVERY BIT as bad as you guys described it[View]
41786173GO BACK TO /B/: Stop turning this fucking board into /b/ gtfo!!!![View]
41778785>be black >everyone on 4chan either hates us, or says 'at least you have big dicks, white wome…[View]
41785495Anyone else fap to gay porn but don't plan on ever fucking guys?[View]
41784467How messy is your house, /r9k/?[View]
41786226mossad groid[View]
41785625Tendies stories: Hey everybody, I hope that we can still get some good tendies stories while the mem…[View]
41764417>tfw no INFJ femboy bf[View]
41786638>psychiatrist put me on ssri medication >it causes my blood pressure to increase >every tim…[View]
41785488I finally did it, boys: After 19 long years on this gay earth, I lost my virginity last night. I gue…[View]
41775373Well lads, I lost my virginity to my oneitis and it only cost $18k (pic related, it's the money…[View]
41783311Have you ever gone to a bar/club? What are your experiences ?[View]
41786067>When a prostitute start ignoring your messages[View]
41786569I'm 23 years old and I just learned that pickles are just cucumbers soaked in vinegar. What the…[View]
41785865ITT: Petty gripes thread >song has an amazing opening >exactly what im looking for >singer …[View]
41782832It's real simple. Your name's Toby. What's your name? >duhhhhh Kunta? *whip* God f…[View]
41786554Fembots, is their anything rose than a thin dick?[View]
41785838how come theres no milf specific dating sites? how am i supposed to /ss/ irl?[View]
41786525Thots?: Women let me play with their ass and call me cute. People say I decently attractive, and wom…[View]
41782710/BUMBLE/: Anyone ever used this app? Does it work?[View]
41783047>sex and porn ruin society Prove me wrong fags[View]
41784530How the fuck do I work out? I literally don't know what the fuck to do when I get inside a gym.…[View]
41786374>violence never solve anything do normies really believe this ?[View]
41785987QxrJ7J Join The Bees today![View]
41785381>tfw 22 and never had a relationship How do I find a gf? ;_; I can only get one night stands…[View]
41786435SHAME ON YOU! How dare you think it's acceptable to post this on the internet? It's sponso…[View]
41782357Recognizing Anons: >browsing 4chan >recognize typing style, demeanor, and images >mfw it…[View]
41782322Small penises are so cute! I just want to kiss them all and make them cum! Can I see your small peni…[View]
41784036Choose wisely, my friends. Once chosen, you will not be able to take it back.[View]
41786370>your loved ones die >you die >everyone on earth dies >the earth becomes inhabitable and…[View]
41784201>be NEET since graduation unable to find job in my field >2 years later finally get a job inte…[View]
41786278If net neutrality is gone does that mean I can't fap to loli anymore?[View]
41785341Life Cornerstones - AMA: I'm very intelligent and wise (as I've been told by others) with …[View]
41786259Why do you worry so much? Just be yourself, anon-kun![View]
41784698>tfw never got a candy gram[View]
41781335You must choose one of these two options, robots. Which one would you rather go without for the rest…[View]
41781718Social media, such as image boards, are destroying the minds of millions. I'm not even kidding,…[View]
41786144INTRODUCING TELEGRAM GROUP THREADS https://t.me/joinchat/FQ1Zuj9rzoW8UbnjKf5NJQ >What? Long story…[View]
41785976>tfw cant talk about feels on r9k anymore because the board is filled with porn, /pol/ and /b/ no…[View]
41782153>one shot at life >6'3' and wide shoulders >everyone expects you to be the outgoing …[View]
41785803>that kid who gets a 100% and ruins the curve[View]
41785636>Posters that use to spam the same thread, image, and replies repeatedly that stopped probably of…[View]
41785960Post wimmin wit cute white pig skinz[View]
41784728>tfw no affirmative action bf[View]
41784882My cat got straight up killed and it was weird as fuck: >2 hours ago >Watching television >…[View]
41784909>Are you ready to take my virginity, anon?[View]
41785742>no more net neutrality >roasties can't afford their social media >roasties have to in…[View]
41785621Is he a trap? Would you bang?[View]
41783515>I will not masturbate today >I will not masturbate today >I will not masturbate today >…[View]
41785081Are there any robots here who are really into movies? Movies are my life, movies transcend everythin…[View]
41784307I have hundreds of books, many of which are classics. Regardless, I can't stop rereading the sa…[View]
41784301Attention normalfags, If I'm black and somehow manage to become chad does that mean I can deny …[View]
41783246Robot turned Chad here. AMA.: - Yes I was a robot. - I still hate women for not giving me the time o…[View]
41785615The fucking undisputable and collective ABSOLUTE state of r9k finals week[View]
41784354>you see your crush in the library >you glance around, noticing that there's only the two…[View]
41784628>tfw the qt girl in class sitting across from me will never be my gf Man I just want to hold and …[View]
41784659Do boys really make such lewd faces from getting fucked by a nice pussy?[View]
41785365Sorry anon, but I definitely will not be your gf.[View]
41784635I'm Smarter On Speed Than I Am Sober: I'm not even joking here. I've done raven'…[View]
41784949What you're looking at? I stabbing you a knife![View]
41784316Good morning. You are good and lovely. You have the ability. I love you. :3 *huggles tightly*[View]
41782842Any other iRonic (or un-iRonic) iCarly fans here?[View]
41781076Stop trying. Girls aren't for you. Just give up[View]
41784476One thing I hate about normies is how narrow-minded they are. I've just finished reading a good…[View]
41783525who else /vegeta/? >the angrier he gets the stronger he gets >lone wolf going his own >does…[View]
41785273ITT: We act like normies: When someone gets trips, we show off our true power level and go into an a…[View]
41784545Is it hard to be a teacher if you're a quiet socially awkward robot?[View]
41785396Oldschool Youtube General: what are the first videos you saved on youtube? And i'm talking abou…[View]
41783800custom pepe's, custom pepe's. Get them here anon! We'll make everything[View]
41784868>be me a year ago >21 years old, kissless handless virgin >dropped out of high school, unem…[View]
41782551SICK LEAVE COMFY THREAD: Who here /sick/? Post home remedies, winter-themed aesthetic, stories, and…[View]
41784441vd3dEdb join this discord server if you want. i-it's not like I care or anything![View]
41781761You might not be a Christian, but ya think Jesus was still a pretty cool guy, though, r-r-right? ;_;[View]
41783765The only woman I ever went on a date with is a cultural anthropologist thot with daddy issues who ju…[View]
41784679How should I prepare for my company's holiday party, robots?[View]
41779331Creative Robots: Come share your creative works in this fred[View]
41785092It's been a fun time bros. See you on the other side.[View]
41779214>be a dicklet (less than 4.5 inches) Never stood a chance[View]
41777523This is what the average male's body is supposed to look like. Unless you are a marathon runner…[View]
41780624What's so bad about being a sociopath?[View]
41784928Do women actually like sex or is it just a tool to get stuff?[View]
41784817why cant he just be quiet and chill, jesus fuck >practically yells when hes on the phone i just b…[View]
41781281Do you feel like you have super powers?: What do you think you can do? And why is that? I'm not…[View]
41784786Room thread?: Room/comfy thread? Where my niggas at?![View]
41781863Nofap is love: >nofap is life Two weeks in and going strong! Came hard in my sleep last night. Dr…[View]
41784335>tfw had to be born a non-white pre white genocide Honestly, this world is too set up with white…[View]
41784501College drop outs at which point did you realize you won't graduate and how long after that did…[View]
41784707>see a qt girl down the street >imagine life together…[View]
41784694>mfw no autistic gf to make autism masterrace babies with[View]
41784181TO THAT FEMBOT ON OMEGLE I wasn't lying! I skip most people I'm sorry! I am really scared …[View]
41781501there's one less person here tonight: >he was going to bring lube, sprite & chicken alfr…[View]
41777772How does this make you feel: >tfw females want Tyrone and Chad only and will whore themselves out…[View]
41783006Where do you get a huge bodybuilder bottom bf?[View]
41783465>Be me >TEN years ago at Christmas >Uncle and his fiance are coming over >OK don't…[View]
41780344what happened to kesha[View]
41784462Hey you old man, you're my bf now. Yes you, don't give me that weird look. I'm going…[View]
41784553Fysical disadvantages: This is mine >had much truble with my wiener as a kid >infections, leak…[View]
41784478Hmm: Daily reminder that you are the only person in this universe,nobody and nothing else really exi…[View]
41784136W-wait. Most men my age are single too, r-right??[View]
41782580Beep beep honk honk, wagecuck. Another day, another dollar.[View]
41779360Is it weird that I'm a 26 year old woman and I find this kid to be hot as fuck? Shouldn't …[View]
41782814>fembots will never get to enjoy silky clear and sweet boy semen >all fembots will ever get is…[View]
41784390>post with partially insulting/condescending nature ends in bro[View]
41784383All rite WITE BOI where da white WIMMINZ at[View]
41782422Going on 2nd date with qt tomorrow. How do I hold her hand? Do I grab it just like that and keep wal…[View]
41784101>tfw cum is very yellow I only fap once biweekly. Has this happened to any of you?…[View]
41783513Hey weebs what are your favorite thriller anime?[View]
41783843Death of Pepe?: My favourite time on r9k history was round about 2010 when you could scroll down and…[View]
41772619SECRET SANTA THREAD #47: Welcome to the /r9k/ Secret Santa Thread! Previous thread: >>4176066…[View]
41783634Was I wrong to give my little sister a wedgie for kicking me in the nuts? She's 12 and did it b…[View]
41782878What are schizoid girls like and how can I make one my gf?[View]
41775834>Tfw my fetish is non-sexual cuddling handholding and headpats It's so hard to find anyone t…[View]
41780889anyone ever tried to hang themselves? Does it hurt? It seems like the most painless way to go out ye…[View]
41783480There are people who have sexy moms, and their sexy moms kickstarted their own love lives, and they …[View]
41782608>tfw can't stop drinking[View]
41784245Why do I still remember this?: >Me in 2nd grade >Teacher is a asshole >Bring same type of w…[View]
41779728>Hey anon, what do you think about my fashion?[View]
41784168You ready for a ride, kids? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F6J15oHTv7g[View]
41780919What is the best way to kill youself? Pls answer i need to know it quick[View]
41784216>driving in the snow Oh my god I'm so scared I slid out like twice today but at least I didn…[View]
41781988Okay guys, here is what is wrong with gamers/weaboos/neets/etc and why girls aren't attracted t…[View]
41779897Does anyone here have a full time job? What do you do? Is is bearable?[View]
41782872Need advice. I joined a few groups on discord last night and they were pretty shitty people imo. I n…[View]
41783120How much money do you owe to collection agencies? Have they ever tried to take you to court?[View]
41784099When did you first start craving dick?: >went into the showers at football practice freshman year…[View]
41783773I've got a lung sickness who is leaving around 5 years to live (untreated, that is) It's a…[View]
41779981Anyone else really, really love fake titties?[View]
41783575>Realize one of my internet friends is a 4channer >We fight about politics really bad, call ea…[View]
41784058three non virgin robots one virgin non robot. >makes you think eh?[View]
41784048Fraternal twin brothers: Does anyone here have a fraternal twin brother? How does his life compare t…[View]
41784006Do young boys really play willy wars?[View]
41783976>TFW want an educated, career driven, QT GF >TFW currently work as a vendor for retail stores …[View]
41783993Restoring Hope: Did any anons find the perfect girl and managed to keep her? I'm starting to th…[View]
41782957> on Grindr/Tinder > no matches > get ghosted > make Chad account > 20 matches 3 ex…[View]
41783534See robots, women also have a hard time meeting new people https://youtu.be/XiLW8FopnkI[View]
41783804>watched Fury on netflix the other week >pic related is from the scene that had the most effec…[View]
41783268>mom will pay a private psychiatrist >60 euros for 40 minutes of 'beee urself' bulls…[View]
41783285i want to marry a woman and be her loving wife and take care of her and the house while she's a…[View]
41780627>Tfw 5'4 5 fucking 4[View]
41783264Look guys, all I want is a qt white identitarian stoner gamer gf with an insatiable sexual appetite.…[View]
41782794>wojak let me in, the tinder date was a catfish[View]
41783117STOP being a mutt[View]
41783660Who experimented with friends growing up?[View]
41783659I remember being able to get college education makes you the richest 10 or 20% of the world or somet…[View]
41783133>tfw no ultra happy smiling cheerful vegan latina smol bean foodie instagram whore gf anyone know…[View]
41783622>women would rather fuck ghosts than fuck you IT'S NOT FAIR IT'S NOT FUCKING FAAAAAAAAA…[View]
41780534Fembot Thread: Fembots, how tempting is it to be a slut and have you ever succumbed?[View]
41782093Who here /comfy/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S8Z8T3skJkE[View]
41783220Women: Why are women so fickle? Are they here to fuck with us? Story coming[View]
41783549Anyone else kind of not interested in anything in life professionally? I'm at a point in my lif…[View]
41780788How do I get the willpower to kill myself? I have no interest in living, nor ''''''self-improvement'…[View]
41783366Behold: the future of the white maIe[View]
41781541Want some normie feels >ask grill to homecoming senior year because I never had a date before …[View]
41783035why are white people so dumb lol: white people are retarded lol, went to a white restaurant last nig…[View]
41783142>tfw no non slut feminine artist bf[View]
41783057>tfw when Peter Ackerley[View]
41781496i feel kinda sad and i dont know why? anyone know this feel not crying just low mood[View]
41780592Her name is Kelly Wang[View]
41783134>tfw be strayacunt >banned from making threads on all the good boards >have to make them he…[View]
41783344Chad rhymes/poetry thread: I worked tirelessly; a fight to make my future Chad did not fight; the wo…[View]
41782578>sit on carpet naked >fart but it turns out to be a shat >runaway knowing mommy will be ang…[View]
41783263>too unconfident and not good looking to even put myself through using a dating app >constantl…[View]
41783190>hey anon check out this funny meem eggsDEE[View]
41782726I swear 2018 will be good year Some of robots went down hill for while but upcoming year will be rea…[View]
41783028>look back at all the good times and fond memories >tfw they all involve starring at screens…[View]
41782388Aids: Live on ITV britfags... kill me now[View]
41779364halp i cant stop[View]
41781034ywn have a damaged bipolar qt mecha pilot gf.. why even live?[View]
41783044Help....: >junior year EE >spend summer before sending emails to EE and physics professor hopi…[View]
41783030Kissing dreams: I had a dream I was passionately making out with some girl naked in my bathroom. I f…[View]
41782677What do you guys think of BasedShaman? He does a lot of videos about Elliot Rodger, Randy Stairs an…[View]
41780940>He still dreams about moving to a small town where he somehow meets a cute girl and they become …[View]
41782997>Had that dream again of that girl who I met for a short period of time but never really got to k…[View]
41781383Who do you want to spend Christmas Eve with?[View]
41781105I wonder why lesbians seem less gross than homosexuals. I feel ok with lesbians and can jack off to …[View]
41782824Feels thread: This still kills me >be me >move in from Czech Republic to USA >Speak little…[View]
41782765I just ordered 'the feminist lie' on amazon to redpill myself on feminism. So is the book …[View]
41782962>see fat, chubby faced amerimutt >day ruined Can you guys just fuck off? You look disgusting…[View]
41782756What are some good Netflix movies, /r9k/?[View]
41776736No one here has the faggot haircut right?[View]
41779322For me it's pigs in a blanket, the comfiest snack on a snowy evening. Who's /comfy/ tonigh…[View]
41775347I just watched the Ricardo Lopez suicide video. That sounds he made after shooting was disturbing. I…[View]
41782367I dont know if this has to go on /wsr/ but hey Im fucking done,i cant do it anymore my life is going…[View]
41782819friend making thread: >asl >little bit about yourself >Contact Details add my kik: kiwik105…[View]
41781328Getting Laid Is Impossible: Have you ever noticed that getting laid is impossible? It's just on…[View]
41781148How has your depression affected you?: I'm nearly 27 years old and I've been depressed my …[View]
41782786> be me > autistic 6th grader > to specify, I have Asperger's Syndrome > have a cru…[View]
41782785I love Asteriaa[View]
41780051I'm a black fembot and sometimes I feel sad reading the things you say about black chicks but t…[View]
41782701who is your waifu? i like feisty[View]
41781216How do i reply to 'happy birthday'?[View]
41780524Real men thread:: >Women want real men Bullshit, ive been a carpenter and beekeeper for 6 years a…[View]
41782668>tfw never would've known there was a meteor shower if I didn't go out for a cigarette …[View]
41782220>be black weeb manlet >meet nice qt with a stacie voice >beee myself >reveal my power l…[View]
41782282>female coworker asks me to go dancing with her >without thinking tell her that I would never …[View]
41782340What you need to get a gf: Ayo former 25 year old virgin turned pussy slaying chad here. Fucked 50 c…[View]
41779604tfw every gf I've had was from /r9k/[View]
41782480at what point did you realize you would neither live the normie life, nor want it. the thought of a …[View]
41780786There's always been a lot of pain on this board. But what's kept you going, anons?[View]
41782468I just can't figure women out, /r9k/. Sometimes they're just too smart. Sometimes they…[View]
41782295>tfw doggolet >Everyone thinks they may pet you >bigger doggos don't respect you >s…[View]
41776472>Anon, can you speak up? I can't hear what you're saying.[View]
41781088Did he make the women take these pics? That's pretty fuckin' grim.[View]
41782302why she no mine[View]
41781827>'hey fembot, what's up?' >'i'm your government assigned boyfriend' >'wanna play …[View]
41782294what's the deal with this guy? What do you think?[View]
41782187>try to wank >cant get it up[View]
41782181tfw chad showed you his cock in high school.[View]
41781742>'Chestlets r hawter than hucows'[View]
41781636how to grab girl's bum and not go to jail?[View]
41781849>Normieflicks is killing piracy >Will have to learn Russian or Bulgarian and get used to one m…[View]
41780030Well /r9k/, I guess this is goodbye... In the event that this repeal passes, I want my last post on …[View]
41770719>its a normal day at school >you're about to do something you wont regret >you're…[View]
41778644Why is it that no matter what you do there is always someone better for her than you? Every single …[View]
41776646Fembots what is your race? What is your racial preference in a partner? What race do you wish you we…[View]
41781780>millionaire >wife >2 kids he got his job by going to Bethesda and asking for a job , It s…[View]
41780697I just finished my 4th listen of the album and I can't stop smiling. Holy fuck guess who's…[View]
41781715Eventually everything happens. Some things happen especially to you and they happen one after anothe…[View]
41781212Highschool: ITT talk about your high school experiences and post pics of yourself from high school (…[View]
41781798the secrent santa: +10 will to live +3 intelligence Thank you to whoever this was, you were giving p…[View]
41773842/bangs/: Fembots, do you have bangs? If you are a fembot and do not have bangs, why? This thread was…[View]
41778436>nobody will ever like you[View]
41779945Allow me to trigger your feels[View]
41781459Stop choosing to be depressed[View]
41780045>'cute' posters >gay posters >closeted prison gays >''''traps'''' >trannies >faile…[View]
41780732Height jealousy never stops anons: >Be 6'1 >Live in Netherlands >My brother is 6'…[View]
41781604help i actually got a girl and now i dont know how to tell her no and she keeps advancing on me and …[View]
41781655Trauma: Where my trauma boys at?[View]
41781566daddy found the girly pills[View]
41781623okay guys so I am fucking worried I am nervous, scared, anxious, but only a little excited all at th…[View]
41780868>he has a job >he has a car >he goes to any form of school >he thinks he's a 'robot…[View]
41780900If you stopped being so angry/hateful and accepted the legitimacy of transgenderism you could be a h…[View]
41776651>'So anon, why is it that you don't have a girlfriend yet?'[View]
41779259https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aHop9mSYdVY >Why do I do this to myself. I'm short, I'm…[View]
41781553>tfw no hustler bf[View]
41778184Today it's been 5 years since sandy hook went down, what is your take on it?[View]
41780210Things you miss from childhood.: >playing four square[View]
41779452>getting a gf will not fill the empty void >THIS FEEL WILL NEVER GO AWAY >nobody can fix …[View]
41780243get yourself together man[View]
41781302>ask girl which is worse rape or murder >cock pistol in pocket after she answers…[View]
41780835Lost ambitions: >Liked the idea of getting into animation >Rarely animated anything in my free…[View]
41781438It would be nice if I could have a gf.[View]
41767420There is no such thing as a 'fembot'. Women can NOT be robots: >Constant male attention (many wou…[View]
41779958post happy songs: they can either be inherently happy or remind you of happier times, post about wha…[View]
41781364Day just kicked me in the dicksack. I'm trying to hear from someone who just had a dank-ass day[View]
41779371I just want a cute feminine boy to have sex and cuddle with...[View]
41781352watching this just makes me sad for some reasons im not sure of. Just look at his face, its like all…[View]
41780365What keeps you going? What keeps you from ending it all?[View]
41779568I feel like I am always walking on eggshells and can never relax around someone because I dont want …[View]
41779178>Find out you are no longer imminently dying of obesity >Your wife leaves you because she wont…[View]
41778446Hello it's Reality here with my good friend Society. Come one, come all! It's time for the…[View]
41780058Sick to death of people treating me like shit and being condescending just because I'm an intp …[View]
41781247>post in a thread >it dies >make a thread >0 replies Why does this happen to me?…[View]
41766194Which one are you? >mouse[View]
41781183>Hey, mister? What do you think we'll be like when we grow up?[View]
41781198>grow otter beard >suddenly more desirable to actual gays and no longer get unwanted attention…[View]
41781172friendly reminder that women have no empathy, no ability to think themselves into other people'…[View]
41781158Bobes: How do I get temporary titties? I like them, but I don't want to have permanent bobes, I…[View]
41779755>see a guy with his gf[View]
41781119Child Celebrates Birthday for his Fictional 'Big Tiddy Waifu': Each generation is getting less and l…[View]
41780872detached from reality general: Who /detached/ here?[View]
41779199>masturbating to porn >mom knocks on door sound pissed asking what im doing up at 2:30 in th…[View]
41781101Fraternal twin brothers: Does anyone here have a fraternal twin brother? How does his life compare t…[View]
41781096>in the train reading a book >normies sit in two different rows and start talking loudly about…[View]
41779140What is everyone's drink of choice? Personally I like spiced rum, especially cuban rum (am Cuba…[View]
41781053>there are people here that complain about no gf >they still wont convert to 2D Enjoy your suf…[View]
41781046>dreaming of life with loving beautiful gf >wake up happy >depression slowly sets in…[View]
41780669>tfw realize us tubby average dick losers aren't the real robots >the real suffering is t…[View]
41777011Why did they have to take Star Wars? It was my life as a nerdy, bullied kid and now it's ruine…[View]
41780930This thread go's out to the anon who made a thread about him fucking up his date with a grill a…[View]
41778480Enjoy your life ''robots'': Okay, so, I'm a girl and I found out about this…[View]
41778871You guys are only lonely because you won't settle for a 4/10 gf 4/10 is too low for Chad standa…[View]
41779325http://birthmoviesdeath.com/2017/04/25/for-the-last-time-rey-is-not-a-mary-sue Is Rey a Mary Sue, ro…[View]
41779669>Be Torah observant Jew in LA >Illegable for marriage because my family isn't religious a…[View]
41780271hello fren and a happy kristmas[View]
41780772>have 9 inch dick(pic related) >Girlfriend won't stop pestering me over wanting to have s…[View]
41780082zeemaps thread: a study of robot demographic, if you want to meet up go to /soc/ https://www.zeemaps…[View]
41780226Fuck. Pls halp.: Fuck. Noticed today that my hairline might be receding. I have long hair so nobody …[View]
41780609Who here /paranoid/ >tfw i automatically alienated and rejected every girl who tried to approach …[View]
41773302Short Haired Chicks: Short hair girls thread, longmongs need not apply with their bullshit. Does any…[View]
41779300Why do well meaning people have the urge to do terrible things that they don't want to act upon…[View]
41780179I just wanna sleep all day every day[View]
41778471Fembot feels: >tfw I'm a chubby white fembot and I'll never able to fuck a man as sexy …[View]
41780340IM SICK OF ''FEMBOTS '': Stop making threads you attention seeking sluts you…[View]
41778358>tfw no /r9k/ posting, qt3.14 viet gf[View]
41778813I hate having non-sense dreams/dreams I do things but Idk why the fuck I'm doing them. Always w…[View]
41780409You turn gay you lose.[View]
41779838How do I cure autism? It has ruined my life. No normal social skills, weirdo, elliot rodger tier in …[View]
41778183v98 Some days, some nights Some live, some die In the way of the Samurai Some fight, some bleed Sun …[View]
41779911How do I revert back to a truly primal state of mind?[View]
41780378>dream about being at the pool with a cute girl >both sitting at the corner of it, she's …[View]
41780253I'm so tired of meeting girls online that are just too fucking far away... It doesn't even…[View]
41778837Stop blaming women for your problems, you are the problem.[View]
41778381Tfw no gf like this Why live?[View]
41777248Hey /r9k/ is this good enough as an apology for my gf https://vocaroo.com/i/s0zK4Bf9XqAM[View]
41771004Let's start a R9k fight club. Post your: >age >gender >description of physical appear…[View]
41774654Normalfag Hate Thread: ITT Things you hate about normalfags the most. What i hate. >How hypocriti…[View]
41778347Where my /Nelk Boys/ at now? Can I get Full Sends in the comments[View]
41757787Any virgins still here?: >Post Age >Post Height >Post Attractiveness >Post Hobbies >P…[View]
41773724if flipnote hatena were to return to mobile/web, what features would you want in it, in addition to …[View]
4177708590 day fiance: Anyone here seen 90 day fiance? Why don't you just get a beautiful foreign waifu…[View]
41780052>when you've always been a loser and your peak is still behind you…[View]
41779987Why is cuckoldry so popular amongst white and Asian males?[View]
41769881get liquored up cause I don't give a fuck drinking the EW post your poison, robots[View]
41777313>Meet qt in uni class >Talk a lot, shes pretty cool >Ask her on a date a few months ago …[View]
41779749I am absolutely terrified of aging, particularly that of my parents. The thought of them growing old…[View]
41776729>'Anon, we heard you're still a virgin, so the gals and I are gonna hook you up with the gir…[View]
41779985Where can I find myself a girl like Sticks?[View]
41779469well fuck now I know why I fucking discarded this hard drive, it has all my skype logs of way back. …[View]
41777611PEI, Canada: Anybody from PEI? Took this pic today[View]
41779528how do you cope with things? lets share it: What kind of coping mechanisms have you developed to dea…[View]
41779617>tfw no expanding tummy gf[View]
41779409>hang out with friend of mine >meet girl at party >we both think she's really cute, sh…[View]
41778903>getting groceries >qt cashier gives me my receipt >our hands touch Nice knowing you faggo…[View]
41779783>tfw last time I was in 'love' was before a girl i had been speaking to online in my area ghosted…[View]
41777870>tfw I never get any (you)'s Either my feels and thoughts are so esoteric that even other ro…[View]
41779424I didnt know where else to go for this but if you go to smallkitty.top and click links, it eventuall…[View]
41777262i really really really liked your voice and i wanna hear you say cute things to me again[View]
41779723>Made a Twitter >Followed some old high school friends and sond from college >Follow some p…[View]
41776120ITT: post you top 5 favorite movies, and other anons rate your taste. I'll start in no particul…[View]
41774980>'you find everything alright, bro?'[View]
41779538when i press on the area in between my ass and my balls it feels like i have to pee anyone tell me w…[View]
41779426>Shareblue posters get paid $800 a week to shit up /pol/ Post yfw there are people getting paid a…[View]
41779516Why do you even stay here? All the shit discussed about the real world is only exists on this board.…[View]
41776966How long into your school years did it take for you to be discovered as 'that kid'? Or did you remai…[View]
41775241gaybots, how do you do it?: bought a vibrating buttplug pack of 3, and i can only get the smallest o…[View]
41779218How did he influence your life?[View]
41779567>Friend wants to use his second tkcket to an event tomorrow on me >I'm sick but close eno…[View]
41776518What do?: >friends with some roastie from high school >has massive tits and is a whore >onl…[View]
41779515Lonely?: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=IWXZGnNxb8I[View]
41778732So I was at this girl's house, short story, don't care to tell it, but she did say I smell…[View]
41779422How long have you been NEET: Hey robots, how long has it been since you have been or were a neet. An…[View]
41779460Will sexbots eventually be able to love you? Can you have an organic conversation with one? Can you …[View]
41779442There is no coming back from the black pill, is there?[View]
41779268>be me >2012 >16 >junior year HS >virginfag >skellymode.png >have few friends, …[View]
41779286does anyone wanna buy me pizza? i'm hungry and i have no money[View]
41779234Neighbor Sex: >live in apartment right down the road from local university >next door neighbor…[View]
41778857Would having a girlfriend help put life back on track and motivate me to improve life with her being…[View]
41779305I just realized the board is called 'robot9001' because >It's over 9000!…[View]
41779342ITT: awkward greentext stories: >be me >use a pillow as cumrag everyday >gf comes over …[View]
41779352my pain: They think they know me... But they do not know me because I do not know mee Who. killed…[View]
41777868what country should I travel to for sex tourism?[View]
41775671/cripplingdepression/ general: tired all the time edition hate how early it gets dark how are you a…[View]
41778991Im essentially at a critical point in my life where I can either become a normie or a robot dependin…[View]
41778739Guess my ethnicity by my voice https://vocaroo.com/i/s0TneMiP56Of[View]
41776624Outer Heaven: I'm tired of seeing autists, ugly men, and socially awkward people getting abused…[View]
41778069Kiwis and Kangaroos only >god save the queen >god save shit internet >god save affordable …[View]
41779208>be me >go to party with a group >only know a few people very well >9/10 qt in the group…[View]
41778051Any advice for dealing with heartbreak? My gf just broke up with me after 2 years a week before I gr…[View]
41779173why do you hate me why do you hate me why do you hate me[View]
41779168Season 2 of Wolf Creek starts tomorrow on Stan. I'm no shill, will be next day pirating. But ho…[View]
417776854chan is either exacerbating your hatred for things, or teaching you to hate things. Save yourself w…[View]
41779096writ: Using this thread for writing here a we go[View]
41779012Why are females so much smellier and more farty than males?[View]
41778801>be me >have stomach cramps all day >shit blood it's finally happening, lads…[View]
41778985Are these shitty 4chan ads responsible for bringing in normies and /b/tards into this board?: >Be…[View]
41778932>be me >be half black and half (((jewish))) >get bullied for being jewish >get bullied f…[View]
41776811Where do I find an asexual gf? I just want kisses, cuddlung and hand hopding no sex or maybe once ev…[View]
41774819have you accepted that you will die?: I wanna say I have but I'm not sure if I'm lying to …[View]
41774387comfy feels thread: if you need to vent, get something off of your chest, or just talk to another hu…[View]
41777216I need help seriously: I really think i'm a shitty person and I deserve to feel that way. >b…[View]
41778935You guys been listening to any rap? I've been into Jonwayne lately.[View]
41775756I wish I had a boyfriend like Jaden Smith robots :([View]
41778915>there are no good days >there are just days that are less shitty than others…[View]
41777345Am i autistic robots? I never really thought about it even though ive joked about it before whenever…[View]
41778340Do robots like Weezer? I relate to their lyrics quite strongly... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SF…[View]
41778792For those of you with close friends either irl or online, how did you make them? I have none and don…[View]
41778788Why dont you listen to real music anon?: Why you listen to pussy ass drake or pussy ass Kanye when y…[View]
41777004>toilet is filthy >literally caked with shit >don't want to clean it because it's…[View]
41776963>figure I'd finally try and give online dating a shot >make fake ok cupid profile to see …[View]
41774411Confess and it will be forgiven[View]
41776941REMINDER that the ideal weight range for a woman is between 25 and 30 BMI points.[View]
41778238Why can't I get a match on tinder? I've had 3 in the last 5 months and nothing ever happen…[View]
41778070>>finally date the girl you fell for years ago >relationship is pure shit Don't fall f…[View]
41775550>stop masturbating for a week and a half >feel better about myself >greater concentration …[View]
41778639Are you robots expecting any good presents this year? What present would you want?[View]
41778604Lets say someone is planing hypotetical retribution day. What advice would you hypoteticaly gave him…[View]
41778207How do you guys feel about MGTOW? I been reading their stuff daily the last couple of weeks. I agree…[View]
41777636/actual psychopaths/: Who here actually crazy? >Be me >June of this year >Browsing YouTube …[View]
41777945I honestly don't know what I'm going to do with my life once I lose the support of my fans…[View]
41777034How do you accept that you have this void and you will be alone?[View]
41774410It's literally almost 2018, why aren't you wearing diapers like me? >Not wasting 3.5 ga…[View]
41778091The dog meme: Why are dogs so stressful? It's a meme that dogs lower you stress. I've had …[View]
41777856>thanks for coming to our sleepover, anon[View]
41778413Started emailing someone from those map threads and now they want me to speak to their ex on their b…[View]
41778278Seeing as every job wants you to have 2 years at least of experience, what jobs does experience lite…[View]
41778392Hope eberyones having a good day[View]
41770016Asian-Americans: Are Asian 'Americans' are as obnoxious as they appear to be online? I'm not Am…[View]
41776521who here /hiphop/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GF8aaTu2kg0[View]
41777491Tfw no mommy gf to feed me chicken noodle soup and suck my dick[View]
41778220>Be me >Taking a final >calculus.png >Answer 1 out of the 10 problems >No idea what t…[View]
41777405>turned 22 30 minutes ago >want the sweet release of death when is the ride over?…[View]
41777725> wearing the same undergarments for three days straight > 5 days since I had last shower >…[View]
41776994What can /r9k/ tell me about Taiwanese women?[View]
41776265Tinder for me you damn rats: One word at a time suggest what I should suggest to this sad excuse of …[View]
41777926Women rate the strongest men as the most attractive: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/speaking-of…[View]
41778256I'm hoping my fellow robots can share some edits similar to the related image[View]
41777769Are you the successful brother or the failure? Pic related, Shane Diesel and his less successful br…[View]
41778174>tfw no GF >masturbate >wtf I hate womyn now pic not related…[View]
41776938>made a fake account on meet me to have girls rate my lewds >messaged a ton of chicks >saw …[View]
41778131I wish I could have a threesome with a mother and daughter.[View]
41777687League of Legends thread: How come games between midnight and 7am are way more chill?[View]
41777009>final exam tomorrow >Vomit and diarrhea non stop flowing >Can't process any informati…[View]
41778084Is Linda the best example of what women are really like?[View]
41774848Anyone out there wanna play some fortnite on ps4?[View]
41777031Have you ever danced with a girl, r9k?[View]
41777681>YWN Rawr x3 nuzzles how are you pounces on you you're so warm o3o notices you have a bulge …[View]
41766316MBTI thread - Suicide me allready edition Post your four letter word categorising you like cattle an…[View]
41776398So Anon What's keeping you from suicide?[View]
41777993>block some whore Stacy i know on all my accounts >she tells my friend shes upset and wants to…[View]
41777736Have any of you ever been envious of someone out of just pure respect you have for them wishing you …[View]
41777928Who here /dying of fucking hunger/?[View]
41777091Don't you people feel disgusted at how pathetic you are. Aren't you ashamed to be sharing …[View]
41777919Do you believe in karma? If so why or why not?[View]
41777067Why am I so bad at multiplayer fps games? I play R6 Siege. Before that I played Insurgency and Battl…[View]
41777411What was your experience with hipsters like?[View]
41777573pewdiepie said normie? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qhu7Xhrt2dE PEWDIEPIE /POL/ TARD CONFIRMED al…[View]
41765931ITT: MEXICAN GIRLS: >high sex drive constantly make you cum, they hate cheaters >cook authenti…[View]
41776122>never grew out of my Evangelion phase >never grew out of my Smiths phase >never grew out o…[View]
41772316American Schools: >take Spanish Class >have to watch 'Selena' (1997 film starring Je…[View]
41777569fembot feels: >malebots think they can be robots a bunch of pathetic virgins lusting after you is…[View]
41777438>tfw japanese exam exactly one week from now >tfw about to fail it because I'm an idiot …[View]
41777354Two girls at my high school said 'I looked like someone who would pour tea in someones mouth while t…[View]
41777486>you will never cause torobolu dorifting in Japan in your Skyline R32 1989 with the girl of your …[View]
41776851There's a feeling you get when you're alone in your room right? The bed suddenly becomes b…[View]
41777560Whatever happened to these guys?[View]
41775514Why aren't you in chastity right now, robots?[View]
41776607>dinners ready anon[View]
41776374>tfw talking to a qt transgril Any anon have experience? Tips do's donts? Pls help bros I rl…[View]
41776080why don't you settle for a cum dumpster?[View]
41777484>Neighbor wished me Merry Cuckmas again >Said Joseph and his wife's son Is this really a …[View]
41777434Do you still hold to one day find the trap 'gf' of your dreams?[View]
41777426May be finally going on a tinder date!: I may be within inches of closing my first date since last y…[View]
41775117Why don't you have a dog r9k? >Constant companionship >Gives you a reason to get up in th…[View]
41777327If a man eliminates his desire for anything sexual, would that be the best or worst thing to happen …[View]
41775059>tfw banned from tinder again[View]
41776388>born into wealth >attending a top Uni for an in-demand degree >relatively attractive >r…[View]
41776766red pill me on donald trump[View]
41769400Anyone one else here? Let's do one of these threads, ay?[View]
41777236ITT emberassing stories > be me > 9 > at sunday school > reading from the bible and it m…[View]
41773513You're going to love this. Trust me. What you are seeing now is known as singles.[View]
41776452What profitable careers are out there if you're terrible at math? No trades[View]
41773617Why aren't you worshippng her?[View]
41776840>post on unis bio lecture group on facebook, sharing cool video and asking a question >none of…[View]
41777147>>41777777 comfy thread: orange edition[View]
41775033What are some good ways to 'socialize' without any friends/reliable friends? A few ideas: >Coop g…[View]
41775161Plant your red banners of labor On every ramp, on every factory! Then shall arise from the ruins of …[View]
41776820>you have to be fit or rich in order to land any girl that is above a 6 anyone here agrees with t…[View]
41777025>mom found the cum hyperator[View]
41766881>tfw when born black >everybody thinks I'm some sort of criminal >all girls are always…[View]
41776770How do ugly people fall in love if ugly people don't find other ugly people attractive? Are all…[View]
41776539Brainlet here, why are spooks communists or anarcho-communist, when apparently spooks are all about …[View]
41777075Meme thread: Every day I slink deeper into undiscovered levels of depression. Why are we here? Is th…[View]
41772766Epic moments of /r9k/: ITT post /r9k/s greatest moments desuarchive.org/r9k/thread/34381547…[View]
41773820I'm considering buying a Pokemon game to my 9-year-old sister. I never owned one of those and o…[View]
41775343Anyone here with a legit micropenis?[View]
41776728>tfw no ugly gf I just want an uggo like pic related[View]
41775502I am a 23 year old robot and I am dating a 33 year old single mom of a 10 month old. AMA Also no cuc…[View]
41769651Never ever tell a woman you are a virgin.: https://www.xojane.com/it-happened-to-me/it-happened-to-m…[View]
41776083Hello, my name is Mary and my boyfriend told me about this website and said it's basically a pl…[View]
41774875Hooters is the best place to practice talking to attractive women[View]
41776710Women hate thread: Its that time again fellow robots express your hatred.[View]
41776862Reuben de Maid: This 12 year old makeup artist has his own show with Ellen, making money with someth…[View]
41774664Role Models: Have you adapted any strong role models for how to handle your life? Pic related for me…[View]
41775952ITT Robot fictional characters, I'll start Kyle Hyde >wageslave >lonely >drunkard >…[View]
41776292>guy left his yahoo mail account logged in at library >delete hundreds of his contacts and mes…[View]
41776860my poem: They think they know me... But they do not know me because I do not know me Who. killed.…[View]
41776832REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! https://www.youtube.co…[View]
41769762/britfeel/: Bristol edition[View]
41774902Creative Robots: Come share anything creative in this here creative thread Show me what you got bots…[View]
41774750>Women >Tall, dark, and handsome is still the recipe for the perfect man, a study shows http:/…[View]
41776747>r9k was taken down >then r9k was remade to fuck with its users >Chris Mercer was a used …[View]
41774393What's the point of getting fucking hobbies if it rains 8 out of 10 days?[View]
41774188Do robots have rape fantasies? Active or passive?[View]
41774726how do we deal with the prison gays?: >femboy XD >CUTE TRAPS >2D ANIME BOIS WHICH DON'…[View]
41775591this is what a female should look like :3[View]
41775250Imagine being naturally skilled at something highly in-demand and good looking.[View]
41775927>Me > 7 or 8 or however old you are in 3rd grade >small village of less than 800 people tot…[View]
41775892>sexy women everywhere that I can't have sex with[View]
41775949>download tinder all the bitches are on there bro[View]
41776543Amusing Stories Growing Up: >5th grade >class was shown video on puberty >tv eventually sho…[View]
41776214Suburbanfag here, redpill me on big cities. Are there moe qts, or are they filled with degenerates a…[View]
41776490whys it suddenly feel like all my friends are enemies. i feel like theyre all attacking me. i know i…[View]
41776032An autistic greentext: >be me >young teenager at the time >home alone, fapping toward open …[View]
41776413Thank you to the kind Anon who somehow found out my home address and ordered pizza for me and my roo…[View]
41775349Don't you know you're worthy of love, anon?[View]
41766896Post girls you're willing to give your virginity to.[View]
41771774Why do I find this attractive?[View]
41773206okay so incels and trp says that all women want chad, but how come im more into chubby tall men with…[View]
41775623stop being a tits guy[View]
41776130how do dicklets on /r9k/ deal with their small weiners[View]
41776371Net neutrality: The culling of net neutrality is coming and there really isn't anything we can …[View]
41774560I see girls who are fatter than me with boyfriends, and I don't understand why I can't get…[View]
41774332Christmas costume party: >Be me >18 >On the line between beta and alpha >Me and a Coup…[View]
41776343>nearly the perfect girl for me >100s of kms away >haven't met yet…[View]
41773694>tfw boy in my class gives me this look[View]
41776275>be me in 2011 fresh out of high school >couldn't grow a beard for shit >think I'…[View]
41771716Does anyone else get immense joy from watching children and women get BTFO'd? They're bein…[View]
41775994things normies say that doesnt make any sense: > Therapist : 'Try not to let social anxiety rule …[View]
41776133is the ability to banter well and playfully tease others a masculine trait?[View]
41768761Another momcest cuckold thread I mean wtf?[View]
41769647ITT: Your ideal PHYSICAL type. I'd take pic related, or with tight natural curly blonde hair, e…[View]
41774982i'm posting kakyoin with cool sunglasses day247[View]
41775979Reminder that small dick sissy white bois are made for BBC.[View]
41776118Feels Thread: End of The World as we know it edition[View]
41775556>Oh, uh hey Roomie. I thought you had class tonight?[View]
41776065Mdarry me?[View]
41776052>Luke dies >Leia lives by turning into space Superman >Snoke dies like a bitch by Kylo >…[View]
41775517The face of r9k: Have you guys experienced Red Devil Dazzy? He is a 30 something year old virgin. Pl…[View]
41775075my dad calls me every night and the conversations always last upwards of an hour I can't seem t…[View]
41766124Fembot Thread: Fembots, are you actually like the girl in this pic? Do you actually have mental illn…[View]
41772861>orgasm'ed >didnt ejaculate this his been happening to me recently, is my dick ok?…[View]
41776027Who has the biggest dick on /r9k/ and what is her Paypal/Email/Discord?[View]
41774754does r9k like k-pop? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rRzxEiBLQCA[View]
41771218>almost 2018 >still using toilets whats your excuse loser…[View]
41775337My moms been complaining recently that the bathroom sink is having problems with its drain. She thin…[View]
41774816Anon let's face it. Robots are going to take all the jobs and you will get to live on UBI. Ther…[View]
41774997>/r9k/ is now diaper central What happened?[View]
41772265Is weed a retard drug?: I'm 24, been smoking the shit daily since 18 on and off a few months. i…[View]
41775375Nothing helps me unwind after a day of wageslavery more than putting on my diapers and child's …[View]
41769055Japanese: How's your studying going, robots? I know a lot of you want to go to Japan and there …[View]
41775844Robots with useless bachelor's degrees, why not go back to Community College and do finish a CP…[View]
41775808My waifu post everyday~ Oreclaus postelous[View]
41775806Is this the /r9k/ anthem?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NwiaPMalC8E otoko no kokoro ha kaze tada …[View]
41775215is my art ok?: what are you're thoughts? should I continue? any requests?[View]
41774840Bathing?: I just got a new job as a truck driver and have been on the road for about a month. I…[View]
41774879I feel broken.[View]
41775407how much money do i have to spend in a nice gamer computer im neet and i wanna play pubg and those g…[View]
41774255>When it hits you that senior year of college is your last time of freedom and having friends unt…[View]
41774198Is it gay to suck a transwoman's penis? Normies answer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YG9XxLT…[View]
41773273>no fat pig gf[View]
41775729Was anyone else wanking to traps before the psyop even started? pic unrelated[View]
41775693l'm posting bruno eating pizza every day day 34[View]
41774932>had a huge burger with chips on the side, 3 quarters of my dad's beef schnitzel, most of hi…[View]
41774389Friendless Loser Thread: Wassup I know there's a few of you lurking. What are you up to? What d…[View]
41765951So, what personality disorder made you so robotic anons? http://www.4degreez.com/misc/personality_d…[View]
41766814I am unironically interested about R9K's unironic opinions on pic related.[View]
41774643Does anyone else ever get vagina envy? I don't think I want to be a woman, but I look at my dic…[View]
41775275One of my students asked me for advice on how to ask out a girl he likes. He's one of those qui…[View]
41771430Anyone else /panties/? I love mine. I feel cute whenever I wear them, and they're comfortable t…[View]
41775480My penis is very small and smells of prawns, my friend who I experiment with (NOT GAY) says it makes…[View]
41775414MS Paint: >Ms Paint thread Old thread was dying[View]
41775478Anyone else feel a little sympathy for those guys that fall for a filmed sting of online grooming? Y…[View]
41771935What makes a person good at sex? Everyone talks about the importance of being good in bed, and being…[View]
41774656Why don't you get a gf that can kick your ass?[View]
41769216>the minimum wage should be rais-[View]
41775350Guys, a girl I'm not super into has sent me many nudes. What do I do? Keep accepting them? Or s…[View]
41771246Sad music you listen to: Post music that you listen to when you feel like absolute shit, down and ou…[View]
41775167>come to Okinawa and you can play on the Beach with us everyday anon-kun~ WHY haven't you mo…[View]
41775036Are you a traitor to the white race if you date a brown girl?[View]
41774475Why do we exist. What is our purpose.[View]
41775268>tfw no friendless non slut feminine bf Chaotic#1257[View]
41773424>fapped to NTR again[View]
41775221So what do you guys think about it? Personally I'd give it a 7/10. Great flow, weird sonically…[View]
41775206anyone else sad and live in south jersey? just want to relate i guess.[View]
41775091Anyone else successfully repressing their cocklust?[View]
41773709We act like normal people until trips: Hello. How are you folks.[View]
41774046What's wrong with being normal? I don't get it Isn't it what all you misfit weirdos w…[View]
41773942I kill 4 threads daily who else /noreply/[View]
41774768>oneitis wont stop talking to me about how much she loves kurt cobain i wish i could have killed …[View]
41744487Letter thread: Write a letter to whomever. Dear A: I miss you and can't wait to bake with you a…[View]
41775052I'm gonna open myself up a flea market And you're gonna wish that you did And retire on th…[View]
41775043>Hail Trump! >Hail our people! >Hail victory! 'It was on that day I swore an oath. I would …[View]
41770187What's the point of living if I can't be a rockstar?[View]
41774596Why are western women such dog shite? yeah it includes westernised ones[View]
41775015>teeth fucked (sensitive teeth, missing some, always aches) >eyesight fucked (everything is a …[View]
41774908I feel like i am only enjoying life when on some kind of drug. My brain is fucked. I'm complete…[View]
41773484change your life: why even bother? You failed at everything you ever tried. You know you can't …[View]
41774973>mommy found my stash of free chicken tendies coupons >grounded FUCK YOU MOM IM RUNNING AWAY A…[View]
41763422>BLACKS your path >'Wear u thank u goin wite boi?' What do u do?…[View]
41774959join discord: join it code is 982HtZ[View]
41774958If at the end of the world, robots still manage.[View]
41774871Why do roasties hate the Asian girls? Can't they just learn to compete?[View]
41774882This is literally hell. You are trapped here by your undefeatable instinct for self preservation.[View]
41773883when i take a shower my hair looks good but when if i dont take a shower in a week my crown looks li…[View]
41774834>4chan pretends to be fascist conservatives >Also wants to become cute girls How did this ha…[View]
41774104'Hey, Anon, I was talking to one of my friends about you and she said she was interested in hanging …[View]
41774088Why are you depressed? Also depression thread in general[View]
41774843I feel like I will never be able to get a hold of Daniel Johnston's 'Hi, How Are You' album unl…[View]
41774276>'Hiiiiiiiiiii Anooooooooon!' >*giggles*[View]
41774809how do i make a boy peepee feel good?[View]
41774802a comfy discord for robots who are sick of the current state of /r9k/ undesirables (females, underag…[View]
41771097>tfw no office worker gf to give massages to her stockinged feet after a long day at the office p…[View]
41773270Anyone here want to trade for some games on steam? I'd be willing to give Caveblazers The Flame…[View]
41774102imo every boy should either become a trans girl or a cute femboy uwu[View]
41771168>Body has been becoming weaker and more lithe over the past few months >Everyone at work is as…[View]
41774703any robots need drugs or what not to sleep: weed pills booze morphine that Micheal Jackson milk…[View]
41774637why does mommy take out her anger for my daddy on me? I didn't make him leave her it's not…[View]
41773413Normie Red Flags: >always asking you how you're doing >brings up facebook randomly what a…[View]
41770842Robot pets thread, post pets, talk about pets. I have 2 fancy rats. This one is Rogue, name after Ro…[View]
41774092Do straight femboys even exist?[View]
41774103I don't want a girlfriend, fuck that. I want an awesome group of male friends.[View]
41774619>ywn have a lucy tsundere childhood friend and romantic interest[View]
41772064Last Day of Net Neutrality Thread: Since it's the last day of Net Neutrality, lets celebrate th…[View]
41773473>Have muscles >Have money >Have a big dick >She still wont love me…[View]
41774357Does anyone want to buy me something for $30? If so, how can i make it happen[View]
41774511>Finish the semester >Get good grades and everything. >Yay I can do whatever I want now. …[View]
41774566>back to back sobbing in bed due to loneliness episodes[View]
41771326Is there a bigger nail in the coffin for male attractiveness than premature balding?[View]
41774384/mental/ anons help: Im going to a psych soon because I've had a really shitty past but Im not …[View]
41773501>its another episode of me pretending to be a streamer on twitch and answering my own questions l…[View]
41765078Goodbye, my precious friend.: Five years ago I came across a homeless cat. It was hiding under a tru…[View]
41774148You guys are a bunch of fucking queers every time i make a post the thread dies, nobody responds to …[View]
41774120>tfw no suicide pact gf life is suffering and i dont want to die alone[View]
41773885>drink 12 pack of Heineken >get drunk munchies >cook a shitload of fries, tendies, and co…[View]
41773362>everyone wants you to die alone[View]
41773844I want to leave my fiancee. She's the only friend I've had for five years now, and I can…[View]
41774169>tfw even rubber is more of a Chad than all of /r9k/ What do you have to say to Chiseled Chad, /r…[View]
41771129So I just found out I have asperger's. Where do I go from here?[View]
41774216Hey wanna try lean, havent done many drugs Where do u boys get ur syrup? Do u prefer over drinking/…[View]
41774217>tfw in big trouble[View]
41772473If you think about it logically, women really are gross creatures 2bh. They're cum receptacles …[View]
41774149So my best(and pretty much only) friends gave me some headpats once or twice in the last few months …[View]
41765385>age >last time you had sex >30 >2 years and 11 months ago…[View]
41772907What is /r9k opinion of traps?[View]
41774193>tfw no tomoko folder non slut bf[View]
41774060Everytime!!: Hey anon, come to my place to watch a movie, it will be fun! It wasn't just a movi…[View]
41773124>mom found out the vodka and cigarette stache.[View]
41773371I am building a pc soon what is the first part a fellow robot should get[View]
41773530what will you do the day when the technologicaly singularity happens /g/ ?? me >encrypt my DNA an…[View]
41773351What would you do if a 14 year old paraplegic girl fell in love with you?[View]
41771459>'I really enjoy hanging out with you, Anon. You're just like one of the guys.'…[View]
41770560>Hey Anon look at this![View]
41773782Which one would appeal to you guys more?[View]
41774105Advice thread: I will give you free advice :)[View]
41774095my daddy famous[View]
41774090>Add a new girl in my group of friends >She is associal and has no friends other than us >W…[View]
41766865Some anon made this drawing of me once. I wish i had kept in contact because its amazing and now i…[View]
41773699Osu!: Any robots here /osufag/? Post ranks, favorite maps, and your best plays. >Be me >57k pl…[View]
41773308FEELS SLIGHTLY BAD > star wars this weekend planning on going with a friend i decide to ask oneit…[View]
41773645Just got insulted by a girl on fucking tinder. What the fuck.[View]
41773019Who here retarded robot >Why couldnt I at least be a smart lonely robot instead a getting bad gra…[View]
41773676What's the point of even associating with females on a professional level when the justice syst…[View]
41773565Just failed nofap for girls: all these /fit/ guys talking about boning eachother is just too much :…[View]
41773471Apathy: What are you supposed to do when you don't care about women anymore but you want to?…[View]
41773430why haven't you kilIed yourself yet?[View]
41773817>painful, round bump appears at the top of ass crack over the past day >cannot lay on back at …[View]
41773001What defines you ?[View]
41771340CUCK hate thread: '''KEK MODE ACTIVE''' Lets spice it up a bit instead women hate I think I despise …[View]
41773832I want to die: >be me >laying in bed watching porn >get really into it >feelsgoodman …[View]
41772874What are some red pilled pop brands? I spend 20 dollars a week on pop and want to make sure I'm…[View]
41773654>Anon, stop! I'm embarrassed![View]
41773825Is he undoubtedly /ourguy/?[View]
41773296Anyone here play old school Runescape? If so, join the r9k clan chat. Just go to join chat and type …[View]
41766426ITT: songs that make you feel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qe-IjZ-KOf0 https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
41772820God I fucking hate all of you. 4chan is no longer browsable in its current state. The ONE place wher…[View]
41748488/drugfeel/: What drugs you guys on tonight? Any plans to try new drugs in the future?[View]
41772422Is it better to kill yourself or be homeless?[View]
41773664>le leddit faggot nigger is waiting for le epic rolle[View]
41771250Fucking help me: I am getting the urge to cut myself again. Even slight amounts of stress push me ba…[View]
41769048Songwriting General: Come share your original songs and give feedback and tips on songwriting[View]
41773606>Tfw every piece of media you liked in the past is slowly becoming unrecognizable and being repac…[View]
41771516>go to greatclips bc I have a presentation tomorrow >usual lady isnt there >some indian wo…[View]
41773346It's almost bed time, wagecuck.[View]
41772733Ask a man who works in the Marines anything[View]
41769983Comfy Recommendations Thread: Can anyone here recommend comfy books/youtube channels/movies? I got s…[View]
41773507>don't really watch movies and TV shows very often >rarely play vidya these days >basi…[View]
41771853How would you handle this if this happened to you?[View]
41772850Who here 'heart palpitations'?[View]
41773147>be white femanon from finland >live a completely white farming town. Have never seen a black …[View]
41773089>millions of girls have rushed to the toilet and are pooping right now[View]
41773259https://www.reddit.com/r/gifs/comments/7jlgvw/kid_absent_for_a_week_is_welcomed_back_by_the/ Tyrone …[View]
41772048>get into petty drunk argument with friend ive had since 1st grade >tells me to fuck myself …[View]
41771930Hi, bots. I lost my boyfriend and a bunch of friends today. I don't know what to do and honestl…[View]
41770118I think my brother haven't discovered masturbation yet. Hes 15 and he is always bitter with eve…[View]
41770523Why is it that normies love beer so much?[View]
41773014Stop being misogynistic. You don't deserve any woman. Inb4 pathetic robots call me a roastie fo…[View]
41771067>Remember something embarrassing I did, or might have done, or might do >Can't stop mysel…[View]
41772020are girls dyeing their hair grey now? is this a thing?[View]
41773235If you identify as female but not as a nihilist what the fuck are you doing with your life?[View]
41773134>Tfw texting a grill and just realized just how long it's been and how little I give a shit …[View]
41773058>that one kid who would wear a see through backpack[View]
41773156>just turn off your mind while using it >just go into debt for school >just pay 90% of your…[View]
41772268how do I cope with the fact that i'll never cuddle a qt?[View]
41773133I really want to die. Are there any quick and painless ways to kill myself because i'm a pussy?[View]
41768715I know there's still 18 days of 2017 yet but what was the highlight of your year? Mine was meet…[View]
41769388Eternally waiting: My life is fucking boring. I want something to happen. I barely get to hang out w…[View]
41772969>Alright, Mary, point out the man who touched you >I--i---it was that anon, right there! >*…[View]
41773077>pickles & beer[View]
41772952Is medical laboratory science a decent career option?[View]
41772816i got a penis[View]
41772995Leave your dildo in the shower one fucking time[View]
41772987The best way to see photos from private Instagram accounts: Hey robots, so that girl you used to fap…[View]
41766309Schizoid test: How much of this matches your personality? Too much?[View]
41772962Even people of chatroulette ignore and dislike me.[View]
41772209>tfw carpal tunnel from too much no bf posting[View]
41772910Is this a robot song? When I hear it I'm reminded of r9k for some reason even though I didn…[View]
41772895Calculations for Robot Relationships: Greetings fellow Betafags! I am currently working on a calcula…[View]
41772606Public Transport: Be me 14 year old taking bus sit down in the back and see a black guy sit in front…[View]
41770838Behold, the future of the while male[View]
41762169Why do straight guys like futas?[View]
41770318Am I the only perma virgin here who is confused by parents saying they'll have to talk to their…[View]
41772476ITT : we are all retarded: GO GO GO orig orig orig plz[View]
41772264>Hey fembot, come check out this cute cat video.[View]
41772670Be true to yourself, anon: I have some advice for any young faggots still in highschool on this boar…[View]
41760662SECRET SANTA THREAD #46: Welcome to the /r9k/ Secret Santa Thread! Previous thread: >>4174987…[View]
41770827>tfw no Marie kanker waifu[View]
41771440might go to jail: >be me >bored, driving home from work at 11 pm >like a fucking spaz kick …[View]
41768020>Take off your pants and lets play some XBox, nigga wat do[View]
41771128Sophie vs Maisie: Which one is better? Also, GoT girls thread?[View]
41771715>try to get to sleep >intrusive thoughts of needles being jammed under toenails…[View]
41772184Robots, go hug your mom I lost my mom today. Not 100% sure on how to feel. Trying to be strong for e…[View]
41772443Wanna talk to me, anon? say yes pls[View]
41770808does anyone miraculously somehow get everyone to hate you eventually? or does anyone else miraculous…[View]
41767463Describe your ideal woman, whether she is real or not, and how she's different from you (beside…[View]
41769662>paying for 3.5 gallons of water and wasting toilet paper every time you flush >falling for th…[View]
41772451If you're not convinced you'll never have a mate and didn't give up years ago, you ca…[View]
41772431I need a cuddle buddy :c Plz cuddle wif meh :33[View]
41762604Free Advice: I'm here to give you advice on anything :) Ask and you shall recieve[View]
41772157>there are unironically redditors on this board who don't understand the slojak meme…[View]
41770863>snort coke when getting smashed on a night out >Text girl I work with how I feel about her …[View]
41769462what types of musics do robots like?[View]
41772099Why haven't you become a sissy baby yet? Imagine how cute and comfy it must feel![View]
41771313should I start beta orbiting my ex gf? it's been almost 2 years since we spoke she was a mostly…[View]
41771545viceroy don't take me for a fool now im only trying to caalm down just trying to keep it cool.[View]
41770899Derp and hugs and flippy hair, this what good little boys are made of :3 Rawr xD[View]
41769906>Yeah, I have a gf now, but trust me, I was kinda lonely and I only have like five bros I hang ou…[View]
41769811less than 3 weeks until 2018[View]
41772156There are unironically robots that don't meditate and practice mindfulness everyday yet believe…[View]
41770668How to stop being insecure and overthinking?[View]
41771122ITT: Let's be reddit: >for those unaware >hotlinks to a video everyone saw when they wer…[View]
41772013Do celebrities write back? Pic unrelated but hot damn![View]
41771596For a male, is a vertical hairline from the side normal? What about with a sloped forehead?[View]
41771251any teacherbots on here? what it's like? thinking of teaching history[View]
41771522BRUTAL RED PILL: Celebrities can be a neckbeard wearing a fedora and still get lots of women. We got…[View]
41772023>be me >very bad hygiene and poor brushing habits >go to the dentist to get cavities filled…[View]
41772021>born just in time to be a technohermit[View]
41771426>tfw no matter how much you lift you will always be an ugly gook with shit taste in glasses and a…[View]
41770745Cops and Hospital: Can cops force you to go to the hospital? Can you sue them if they do so? I have …[View]
41758953Ever dreamed you had a cute gf, then woke up?[View]
41770969Would it be hard for me to sell a parrot if it constantly talks shit and says bad words?[View]
41770357Things are looking up.: >be me 20 year old >total robot >recovering from fatal heart proble…[View]
41769672>Oh yeah, Mr. Atheistpants? Well, can your dumb science explain why our parents aren't getti…[View]
41771358How does one completely removes the libido? I'm not talking about not getting erected or arouse…[View]
41771741The sooner you realise that it is dudes with tits and not chicks with dicks the better. Just accept …[View]
41771186weirdest things you've masturbated to: I have a smoking fetish and yesterday my older sister (a…[View]
41771674You guys ever hold in your shits because you're too lazy to get up and go pinch it off in the t…[View]
41769047>doing group project >partnered with a football chad, a innocent looking shubby blonde girl a …[View]
41768338I don't understand women and I don't care to. They operate seemingly at random and everyth…[View]
41771478>try this tinder thing >pull all the dirty tricks to make profile attractive >chat up a rea…[View]
41770040How do I acquire a Malina gf?[View]
41771583Need to git gud - coding edition: OK so I need money and since I can code a bit I figure one good av…[View]
41765239>point out that women are devoid of all affection >that they are beasts that prey on the socia…[View]
41771442>tfw you will never have a girlfriend as perfect as Rin[View]
41771408>riding train >see qt girl, at least 7/10 >watch her for most of the train ride >picturi…[View]
41770956>Be me rn >2am >trying to masturbate >kitten my cat abandoned is meowing outside my bat…[View]
41770433reminder he is /ourguy/[View]
41770771Post them Pepes[View]
41771291who /shitty family/ here? >dad wants nothing to do with any of us (me and two sisters) >sister…[View]
41771258How do you feel about girls who meow irl? When they're shocked, startled, annoyed, exasperated,…[View]
41767656do u guys like bunnies i really like bunnies[View]
41771275>boogie is getting a divorce Alphas always get the last laugh.[View]
41770427>tfw the first anime you watched was NHK How will I top that?[View]
41770654>tries socializing with the normies >gets mocked for being an aspie >tries interacting with…[View]
41769269Fembots, you're out on a date with your boyfriend when this girl grabs his bulge. What do?[View]
41770778if theres failed normies can there be succending robots[View]
41771213Gn egg[View]
41771162>tfw you see reality for what it really is[View]
41763472So what do you do, besides gaming.[View]
41770845wew lad: Left this board over a year ago. Looks like i didnt miss out on much lol.[View]
41770509Finished watching Food Wars. What 'Flavor Of the Month' Anime with waifus should I watch next? I…[View]
41766701I wanna succ a penis Pls can i succ a penis? Pleeeeease?[View]
41764898Music thread: I haven't seen one of these in a little while, so go ahead and post 'em. Sho…[View]
41768177>OMG! Look! Anon is staring at our asses. What a perv! Wat do?[View]
41769547How many white bois here honestly like BBC, cuck porn, and want a darker toned bf? Let's do a s…[View]
41770570What do you guys want to improve/change for 2018 guys?[View]
41769914>the only thing you can do in your free time is draw stuff with a mouse because you're too p…[View]
41770290>tfw hungry as fuck >tfw cant eat because stomach measures 39 inches this morning…[View]
41766553addiction bread: So I quit all drugs and alcohol three weeks ago and it's not making me happier…[View]
41770158who here /suburbs/? If only I could make it to a big city, all my problems would be solved.[View]
41770772what did you robot fellers do today[View]
41770517abandon this board to the normies for good, milads come over to /mlp/ (which now stands for manly la…[View]
41770691KILL ALL HUMANS: everyone die pls[View]
41769103>be poorfag cant afford VR >have no rick friends to try theirs >go to best buy >see PSVR…[View]
41769605Women like this exist in the West and you complain on how to get pussy?[View]
41766287I'm a GAMER GRILLLLL..: ''Women can do anything men can do''[View]
41766851CYOA Thread: No dying after 3 replies edition. Post and save CYOA's, but you probably shouldn…[View]
41769196any fembots want to be my friend?[View]
41769671Is anyone else here overly loyal? Has anyone else only loved once? Is this a normal way to feel? Or …[View]
41770542How did you spend your afternoon, Anons?: I spent my afternoon doing every Canadian's favorite …[View]
41770056anyone else here /mad/? not for any specific reason, but youre one step away from kicking someones f…[View]
41770412chaotic killed tomoki[View]
41764975You go to your gf's house for the first time and you see this sign outside her house What do?[View]
41762686would you rather add 2 inches to your height or your penis?[View]
41769188Does drinking a pint of beer a day make me an alcoholic?[View]
41770044i wish i had a nice gf to smooch and love[View]
41769669/suicide general/: It's another thread where we can talk about the inevitable ending for alot o…[View]
41769475Other Chans: Anyone else here browse any other places like 4chan? What about the other chans? Are th…[View]
41768758Why are so many half-white mongrels so miserable?[View]
41770377https://youtu.be/q5AkBBQWZR4 >louis makes his final stand post more videos like this. More dramat…[View]
41762737>Anon my boypussy is ovulating! Please help![View]
41764689How about it, robots?[View]
41769104You did download everything you wanted to get before net neutrality repeal, right anon?[View]
41768894>playing r6 siege cured my masturbation addiction >hardly masturbate once a month any longer u…[View]
41770328>normie acquaintance always asking me 'how are you doing' and turning it into a semi interview ev…[View]
41769896Girls deceiving for no reason: >girl from school I started talking and hanging out with >have …[View]
41769451Do slowjacks upset anyone else? it feels like a people are being mean to one of my only friends.[View]
41768660Why aren't black guys attracted to me?[View]
41769737Just broke my 2 week no fap. Hold me. I was doing so well.. and then I went on an 8 hour porn binge…[View]
41768922>watching comfy podcast >they start talking about their gfs…[View]
41770265You have eaten your skyr today, right, anon?[View]
41769995TFW SHARING BEDROOM WITH SIBLING(S): >tfw you literally have no solid interests or hobbies (&…[View]
41770235Cousin cracked the cum code[View]
41769248How do I become cool and badass?[View]
41767961Why don't women find men sexually attractive?[View]
41770119do u guys like my photoshop? any tips?[View]
41770067>get hit by a car while on duty at work >tfw didn't die >have to go in tomorrow reeee…[View]
41770169You might be an Indian, but at least you don't want to have sex with dogs and horses like a Eur…[View]
41770157So what a should a late-twenties'er put in their Tinder profile? I'm kind of going for peo…[View]
41766914>After dinner you can have some of my famous chocolate pudding for dessert.…[View]
41766425what is your honest opinion on whites becoming a minority in all of the developed world in the next …[View]
41769835Robots who were formerly Chads, what made you lose your status?[View]
41769808/r9k/ either needs to officially be for NEETs and incel types or go back to being a board for greent…[View]
4176996225+ neets how tf do you do it?: im only 18 and already feel pathetic for living at home even though …[View]
41768552>had dream where I was a park ranger working on a beach >had 2 cool close friends >nice bea…[View]
41768441>its the, crying about the fact that I have a 5 inch dick episode again why did I have to get fuc…[View]
41769087What do you robots do to fill the void? I read books and write reviews on Google docs. I think one d…[View]
41768700>tfw your gf keeps texting you and haranguing you while you're at a party…[View]
41769849I'm going to sleep now Good night[View]
41769932>so called gf doesn't text 'good morning' >or 'hi' when she gets back from work >it…[View]
41768488Is Boruto any good? I was a big fan of Naruto part 1, especially the Chuunin Exam and Sasuke Recove…[View]
41769740Who here /devilish/ ? >at self checkout >get steak >ring through machine as banana >nice…[View]
41769502give me a gf or the wojak gets it[View]
41768323i love all my friends so much guys[View]
41768960Write an /r9k/ anthem: (to the tune of 'Take Me Home Tonight') Stay at home tonight I don't wan…[View]
41769190In school because of parents. 'School, job, or army'. I never wanted to go to college. Literally nev…[View]
41767634>woman wearing skimpy outfit in public >turns out she had a camera in her backpack and was rec…[View]
41768772ALL FAGS AND ''''''FEMBOTS'''''' GET OUT[View]
41759682Medfag here Any questions? Do you want a second opinion? A little drunk right now but we can talk ab…[View]
41769360>after gym >go take a shower >see a random teenager taking a cold shower >glance down …[View]
41769607Question. Why do chads never use their astounding level of social influence to help their fellow men…[View]
41768153>you could have been born female >you could have been desirable >you could have got free at…[View]
41769500>wanted to be a 100 year old space pirate with robot arms when I grew up >grew up to be a 23 y…[View]
41765924I don't understand Leslie Jones. She knows she is ugly, why doesn't she get plastic surger…[View]
41769449>mfw imagining all the years I have to wait until my fucking grandma dies so I can have my peace…[View]
41768535my parents aren't home and it's past bed time what if they died in a car crash while drivi…[View]
41768932>talking with girl >goes well for 1-2 weeks >start to feel like she absolutely hates me …[View]
41768606>obsessed with playing devil's advocate >4chan has gotten boring for it >go to less...…[View]
41769508What's the point of anything It's all so meaningless Having sex and raising children is so…[View]
41769020Let's play bingo I'll start[View]
41764451Remember, no matter how pathetic you are, at least you are not into shit like findom[View]
41769395How come as kids we found so much time and enthusiasm to play so many computer games but now as an a…[View]
41768854kek: Anybody /deadthreads/ here? I made 4 threads within the last hour and all of them died with les…[View]
41768421To that poor anon who gave away his ticket to yung lean in London yesterday: you're a fucking i…[View]
41769107Embryonic stem cell research: Do you support it or not? Is it immoral? Justified?[View]
41768091today i accepted that im a fuck up and am going to be a wage slave until i die. what did you fellows…[View]
41769279SOYBEAN ISLAND: >quickly grown >very nutritious Let's escape. Island Ideas thread?…[View]
41768944My mom keeps telling me to make a Christmas list but I don't want anything. What do?[View]
41766773>at school >massive swarms of square-headed Indian guys in the middle of hallways >standing…[View]
41769159>backup practice gf is pregnant[View]
41765630/britfeel/: uncomfy posts are forbidden simple as edition[View]
41766822Do I belong on this board? >24 >Had sex 4 times >Uni dropout with a degree >Working ille…[View]
41766381>you pay taxes so NEETs can collect it with their fake disabilities and go fuck hookers…[View]
41763216Where can I meet a girl that's as much of a loser as I am? I have a shit job and live alone and…[View]
41769194i feel bad everytime i cum, i think it is because my body knows im not a teenager anymore, i should …[View]
41768284weird neighbours: >strange sounds coming from my upstairs neighour >hear it mostly in the bedr…[View]
41767731>been manually breathing for just over a week now just end me lads[View]
41769078I used to consider myself a Jeffrey Dahmer aficionado. It's only hitting me now just how fucked…[View]
41766706Cryptokitties: >2017 >not breeding digital cats for money Well? Cryptokitties . co…[View]
41767957What's in your id robots? If i could let my id run wild, there's three co-workers I would …[View]
41768302ITT: Share thoughts that force you to pause for a moment.: I had train of thought where I was a lab …[View]
41768343>Heh...something wrong Anon?[View]
41765322>tfw no non slut feminine tomoko bf irl[View]
41765479anyone have some cool ideas for a phone app?[View]
41763782Reminder that this is what we're supposed to get out of bed every morning and kill ourselves fo…[View]
41768805>tfw slim femfag with a huge and vascular cock not even trying to humblebrag. this is a curse, I …[View]
41765352What charities do you donate to? inb4 ''heh, I'm a rational egoist, kiddo. I only car…[View]
41768763I'm a 5'5 manlet I wish I were taller but I'm not /that/ self-conscious about it The …[View]
41768762Am I friendzoned if I got invited to my crush's wedding?[View]
41768558Help save free internet and avoid being cucked by the fcc. We need to strike. /b/ meme'd trump …[View]
41767724Comfy anime discord server: vMzpPSs[View]
41765957https://youtu.be/XTlbmy0Oa8k Is it beta to throw away the end pieces of a bread loaf?[View]
41760173time is money and these save me tons of time evey day i attribute my success as a business man to di…[View]
41767294Wow, I didnt know, that explains a lot[View]
41768430Sophie tuner thread.: What happened to the guy, who would always make daily/weekly Sophie Turner thr…[View]
41768235Exactly how long of a shower should I take to attract women?[View]
41768109>puts up with unattractive dumb husband >cleans >cooks >still in shape after three kids …[View]
41765155>tfw never hungry how do I fix this?[View]
41764756is sex honestly even better than just masturbating. I would feel like the only reason to get a girlf…[View]
41768364Tom is gay[View]
41767493You can change your life. Starring today.[View]
41768334Hey bots, why can I get a hot polish gf? I look average/alright according to almost everyone and I m…[View]
41767488I need a hug someone help pls?[View]
41767835>its another episode of me pretending to be a streamer and answering my own questions like i woul…[View]
41766995Are there any /pigeonlovers/ here?[View]
41768225>assume thread on /soc/ >girl says that I probably fucked more than 60 girls >feelsgood tha…[View]
41768078>Older Brother Broke the virtual vagina[View]
41767570Lolcow: Ever wondered what women talk about with each other? Hint: its very shallow https://lolcow d…[View]
41764344Why do you feel so hopeless and lacking in a sense of belongingness? What do you plan to do about it…[View]
41767920why aren't you cuddling your trans gf and calling her a good girl right now? trans girls need l…[View]
41768143yes: Stories about Jason[View]
41767949Wow anon! Your Japanese is belly good. Would youbu liku to teach ingulish in Japan?[View]
41765467What would happen if I grabbed a girl's butt at the club?[View]
41768017Robros, at what age does your dick stop growing? I really really really need to know, hopefully ther…[View]
41767890Disgusting Habits?: What are the most disgusting things you do on a regular basis? For me it's…[View]
41767211>tfw someone posted this in a discord stories thread >bunch of red flag discord people to avoi…[View]
41763076>pimple on butt >can't sit down[View]
41766491Is she right about interracial porn? https://youtu.be/Wiqq1oNT5lE[View]
41767396https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s7y3FoOlNDw Why are black people the only ones to be this type of cr…[View]
41766335>turned down for yet another job >'not enough experience' >fucking bullshit, they gave me t…[View]
41766653How do you continue to live when realizing that you'll never live a 'normal' life ?! Seriously…[View]
41766115Anybody else wish they could have been born an ignorant but happy normie instead of a self aware sad…[View]
41767853should I buy an adultfriendfinder pass?[View]
41767938who here unironically wants to get cucked[View]
41767384>Oh hi Anon! I'm super excited for our date tonight. I told my Baba I'm studying at the…[View]
41767925Old MACDONALD had a farm E-I-E-I-O And on his farm he had a pig E-I-E-I-O With a oink oink here And …[View]
41764345when did white women become thicc and having big asses? thought it was a latina-black thing[View]
41767330>ywn eat a normies ass[View]
41767651what really sucks about being a robot is I'll never get the little 18 year old blonde fuck slav…[View]
41758168>blood on fingers wtf is up with this game? and besides in hanging dont you fall asleep before yo…[View]
41763798is learning to code a meme? how long would it take to learn let's say javascript to the point w…[View]
41765901Why can't you get a girlfriend anon?[View]
41765876>Tfw autism made me self aware at age 13 already >i came here in 2010 and saw the worst shit a…[View]
41767704Merry Christmas /r9k/, I got a holiday bonus. The first 3 people to join and pm me @mordin, will get…[View]
41767655Say hi: This is Felicity, say something nice about her. Also, plx no bully.[View]
41762136>in 2040 the average white man will look like this Are you excited fembots?…[View]
41762423Boxxy’s ethnicity: Has she ever mentioned what exactly she is or has it been figured it out already?…[View]
41767528I dont get it, what is this picture trying to explain?[View]
41767544ITT: Faces Of Suicide facesofsuicide.com Last thread was pretty good, let's get some feels in h…[View]
41766095Get a life already: So only ugly kissless virgins post on /r9k/ ?[View]
41766774I want to fap, but I don't want to go through dozens of hentai doujins and being disappointed b…[View]
41764904My name is Uchiha Sasuke, also I have an ambition, that I have no intention to leave it as just a dr…[View]
41767443Yo bro, you need help and I can help you[View]
41767454>tfw no korean soundcloud artist bf[View]
41767429What did she mean by this? Also stah wahs thread.[View]
41766760How do you guys shave without tearing off your fucking flesh? I just lost an inch of skin to the fu…[View]
41767237What do you think about girls with a lot of piercings/tattoos?[View]
41766245/meditate/: Do you ever have moments in bed where you're slipping in or out of sleep, and you…[View]
41765581>19yo >weak erections im virgin btw[View]
41767251Why did YTMND die out the way it did? Post your favorites.[View]
41767216Farmers tan master race checking in[View]
41765930I asked her out, she said no. Hold me robots.[View]
41765859>tfw you'll never lose your virginity to her, pathetically disappointing her in the process.…[View]
41766232Thoughts?: > Be me, handsome white male > I lift, go to school, invest > Have some libertar…[View]
41767196Every disappointment makes me more bitter. Why does it have to be like this?[View]
41766529If you had a gay son, how would you cure him?[View]
41766317>Mfw Haven't showered in over a month >Mfw haven't brushed teeth in over 3 years God…[View]
41765259I think I'll kill myself once my brother finishes his studies: I want to do it when it would le…[View]
41766749>sit down on toilet to take a shit >Dick touches the water even when I'm flaccid Don…[View]
41766662Why are you a robot?: ITT: we post stories and reasons as to why we are social outcasts or socially …[View]
41765714Whats stopping you from hulking out RIGHT NOW?[View]
41767164>tfw have had dreams of my strict 6foot tall female professor pegging me Will it ever end, robot…[View]
41765250>the absolute state of white supremacism[View]
41761954Stop objectifying Asians woman. They don't like it. Why don't you understand that?[View]
41765052Luke dies.: Hope this doesnt spoil anything you care about, because nu-starwars is shit and you shou…[View]
41765233Can you guys recommend me a game with a lot of playability that isn't super hard to get into or…[View]
41765499My roommate never does his dishes. Pic related.[View]
41766516Okay guys, who put up the waifu on floor 18911? You know they're banned there, right??[View]
41766604what is the most autistic thing you have ever done?[View]
41766002what the fuck is wrong with my eye[View]
41766918why is there no option to disable streaming videos to a smart tv?: why is there no option to disable…[View]
41766326Anon, how do I get rid of my incest fetish? I've had this fetish from about two years now. I ne…[View]
41766717hmmm: I've grown to hate anyone who is friendly to me and even more so if they try to be actual…[View]
41766643Is /r9k/ filled with egotists?[View]
41765045There's someone living across the world from me that I really want to get a hold of. I miss the…[View]
41765959Why is it that girls can be passive betas and still get a partner when a male can do the same and di…[View]
41765440My body, my decision. Your body, your responsibility, whether or not you've pushed a part of yo…[View]
41766645Did /r9k/ read Oyasumi Punpun? Did you guys identify with it? I think Punpun might literally be me[View]
41766586Quick question fellas, have you ever hung out with someone of the opposite sex? >Hanging out with…[View]
41766632How are you like him?[View]
41766511Do any robots own motorcycles? I own a 125ccm rieju freejump it's probably the most valuable th…[View]
41766589Hey, you! Yes, you, sweet robot. l love you! Please don't ever bring about harm to yourself. It…[View]
41764349a girl sent me a picture of her boobs. what do?[View]
41766560Comfy: Comfy midwest snow thread, Robots?[View]
41766453What's the point lads? Will happiness ever come back? Where is my motivation? My drive? It…[View]
41766184State your age and the age range of the girls who are, in your view, the hottest.: >21 >18-30 …[View]
41766361Are women the most useless creatures on Earth? Let's think about this seriously. Besides sex an…[View]
41766267>in school choir, lots of girls >sitting next to one >i pass her the music sheets, her hand…[View]
41766254>tfw no degenerate gf: >wake up >see this >'come help me clean this pussy darlin' *…[View]
41766379Merry Christmas /r9k/, I got a holiday bonus. The first 3 people to join and pm me @mordin, will get…[View]
41765812Creative Robots: Share anything remotely creative in this thread and get feedback on it[View]
41766441SNOKE DIES[View]
41765831ITT: worst rejection stories: i'll get the ball rollin >be me >13 >got to school late …[View]
41763393What race are you anon? The faces of R9k[View]
41765410Don't worry anon things will get better: >be me in middle school >'Yes I know anon the ot…[View]
41758525>tfw men will never want a long-term relationship with me >tfw I'll never marry anyone …[View]
41766363which one of you fucks ruined the /r9k/ omegle interest with your Spyro the Dragon RP shit?[View]
41751397Be honest with yourself - do you really want a femboy bf or do you want to BE the femboy bf?[View]
41765639Just Monika: ITT: It's Just Monika[View]
41756820safe place: It's wednesday my dudes. Please share your midweek madness[View]
41765390>2017 >balding i seriously bope you guys aren't doing this…[View]
41765983he did absolutely nothing wrong, why aren't there more people like him[View]
41763040People Doing Hard Drugs On Youtube: What's with people uploading videos of themselves doing dru…[View]
41764636When did you give up on pursuing sex?[View]
41765122Minecraft loli hentai: Should I watch Steve banging a girl or a random character beat his meat…[View]
41766244Could it be possible that I am attracted to asian women simply because they are different? My mom is…[View]
41765067I'm so used to casually browsing porn and wanking all day, I can't keep my hands off my di…[View]
41763130Hi! Whoever is reading this, I understand how rough things are right now. I just want to let you kno…[View]
41765040>2018 >don't have a qt trap onahole what's your excuse, anon?…[View]
41765638>graduated pre-2010s >nearing muh thirties >still haven't found a job >still a virg…[View]
41766146Looks like someone hasn't been taking their estrogen supplements lately... locking on target...[View]
41765729one of you is going to give a free game to an anon (bad/nervous at socialising) who can make a strea…[View]
41765968Why do girls masturbate with their panties still on? Don't they get dirty?[View]
41764431Anybody here ever been homeless? Can it really be a fresh start?[View]
41765318i justsperted willymilk all over my moniter[View]
41766023ENTP theme song https://youtu.be/xnKhsTXoKCI[View]
41759810>You are autistically minding your own business >You see this >She's coming your way w…[View]
41765289What do ugly girls buy at Victoria Secret?[View]
41762729>dumb idiot american girl adds me from soc >being super ironic with her and only talking about…[View]
41761661So, anon. It says here you've been out of work for three years. Just what have you been doing …[View]
41762408>You're gender >Could you handle this peepee?…[View]
41765673skelly fembots unite! let's get revenge on all those assholes who put us down for the way we lo…[View]
41764758>forget to get wife a milkshake from Wendy's on the way home from work >she decided to t…[View]

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