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40512666have you guys imagine what you'll be like at 50. Like how am I going to pursue my fetishe'…[View]
40511907>Dad is molesting my sister again >Could stop him but if he went to jail I'd be homeless…[View]
40513541STOP SENDING PORN: stop sending porn at /r9k/ you dumb fuck >angry >very ANGRY…[View]
40513636Why do people eat Oreos and not Hydrox: It's fucking bullshit Oreo is LITERALLY a knockoff bran…[View]
40513615>be uni student >walk by coffeeshop >want to try weed >walk in >oh god what did i do …[View]
40512559>be fat robot >realize your bone pressed length is fucking massive (literally 8.5 inches) Fuck…[View]
40513968This shitpost requires 1000IQ to understand.[View]
40513655Sometimes I can't breathe to fill the lung. Like, I feel like I didn't quite 'get' there, …[View]
40513939I just ordered a prostitute: I'm going during my work lunch hour tomorrow. How'd I do for …[View]
40512008How do you cope with the loss of a beloved pet?[View]
40513812Was anyone else a huge Dawson's Creek fag? I was obsessed with Joey. It pissed me off so much w…[View]
40512134what's the easiest, least scary way to kms? I'm 26 and I've never worked a job, stay …[View]
40512588I miss when r9k was for sadposting[View]
40513806What does this baby's facial expression convey?[View]
40513660Hey can I get some (You) it would really helo if you told me that I am good at something. Thanks[View]
40513481You guys know about this series? Lemme give you an hint. If you don't Qualify to be on the Unda…[View]
40513355Virgin Thread: Maybe the reason why it's hard for some guys like myself to have any kind of suc…[View]
40512355Beta provider: Why do guys agree to date and court a lady before fucking her? Doesn't it bother…[View]
40513173thatkid: >that kid who had a seizure in school then signed up for football to get head damage. me…[View]
40510966>'Anon, take off your shirt! don't be shy :) c'moon'[View]
40513577When you are not entertaining or good looking enough for people to care about you.[View]
40513207I need advice. Story below. >bad things happened with girls, so I decide not to fall in love ever…[View]
40511306stop wasting money on lottery: stop wasting money on lottery Stop being losers[View]
40511060Anyone else ever daydream about being super successful and or famous for something but the whole pur…[View]
40512951its hard to break out of your comfort circle. how do you do it[View]
40513555Anyone got the car crash pics from 'the ballad of Ella' story?[View]
40513269/FeelsThread/ >tfw you realise people were always passive aggresive and used you for things.…[View]
40510750Can manlets ever get women? Seems like most women don't even look at men under 6ft tall as an o…[View]
40513503What happened to the pussy/pussy eating threads?[View]
40513501I cannot even fathom being in a relationship with another person. It doesn't seem possible. I c…[View]
40513245Porn: Why do people masturbate to porn? It's fucking terrible.[View]
40511590What's the best drug to become addicted to?[View]
40513459Seeing people hurt by Berg Katze from Gatchaman Crowds makes me happy: https://youtu.be/37ERbN2eb0o …[View]
40511588What Is The Highest GF Level You've Played At IRL?: Attempt to measure your power level by qual…[View]
40513334Who is this character and why do I keep seeing her on 4chan?[View]
40503035Post stuff you found funny Not stuff you think other robots find funny Post pics that make you laugh[View]
40511664White fembots, do you get jealous or angry when you see white men in interracial relationships?[View]
40512875>I win, anon. You're not even strong enough to beat a girl? Pathetic. Now, bend over and tak…[View]
40512747>tfw I'm twink top and love bottom muscle dads What do[View]
40512591who else /nomatchesontinder/ here?[View]
40511995> Be me > Be 30 years old > nothing but a burden to everyone around them > it's not…[View]
40513125>Finish my lecture and speed to train station with my sonic shirt >yell 'gotta go fast' with …[View]
40510332I had a crush on this 4/10 girl and it turns out that she an attractive tall fit boyfriend. How the …[View]
40513051Would people still be disgusted by farts if they didn't smell?[View]
40513257Why can't all humans just be dead? We don't deserve the earth. There is too much malice an…[View]
40512647Women Should Be in The Office: WOMEN ARE GETTING MEN FIRED FOR NOT BEING CHAD. https://out.reddit.co…[View]
40512818Daily women hate thread: >wears skirt out on town >gets shit faced >goes home alone at nigh…[View]
40511411Ass eating duration: For how long do you think you could eat out a girl's ass before you actual…[View]
40512019Who else masturbates to his FaceApp girlmode pic?: She has fat tits that she loves to have squeezed.…[View]
40512898Fembot thread: Fembots, would you date someone who didn't want to use her dick but was happy be…[View]
40512814Who else /edgy/?: >Watching old people struggle to climb onto the bus without even attempting to …[View]
40513241>be me >single asswipe, still literally living in mom's basement >spend day after day …[View]
40513196>doing tech support >'This machine is a piece of junk. It uses 60% of its RAM with only a few …[View]
40509997ITT: Signs You Got Old: I can't stay up all night anymore, I'm only 24[View]
40512209Would you suck on a purple penis?[View]
40512417Faggotry on /r9k/: Is this shit new for you guys? Cos I keep reading how /r9k/ used to be less faggy…[View]
40512458Fun Uncle: Feel free to tell us a story about your wacky uncle anon[View]
40513107>mfw when chad stares right at you and think's you can't see him so he does that smirk …[View]
40497045/uni/ general: Everything is going to shit edition[View]
40511227i-is anyone else here mentally ill?[View]
40513060Story Time: >Be me 10 or 11. >Been playing Hitman a lot. >Find some kite string in my pocke…[View]
40511488what makes one a 'normalfag'? how do i decide if im a robot or a normalfag?[View]
40513091How do I,the wicked,gain rest? It seems like everyday I get more and more angrier in general and thi…[View]
40513077i dont have hope, my dick is below average, whats the point of life if i cant get love because my di…[View]
40512828Reminder that you have no excuse to be a robocuck[View]
40513056Who here /graze/ with the tip of their knuckles on a girl's ass in public?[View]
40512492>When people try to be helpful/polite and end up just wasting your time even more Just fucking ge…[View]
40512532I promise next week I will start dieting an exercising. Just a few more days of bliss and then endle…[View]
40512711What is 'work ethic' and why do people criticize mine? Ever since elementary school teachers have be…[View]
40512877How do teachers end up getting with students without fucking up beforehand? Like for example if a ma…[View]
40509443>tfw I'm literally my gfs bitch.[View]
40511310Staying in bed is the second best morning thing, the best morning thing is sweet coffee...so no talk…[View]
40511305Is there a worse feel than being a skinny manlet? I look like a 14 year old.[View]
40512537Wakey wakey: >A another morning another lonley day with no gf Why get out of bed?…[View]
40506502Discrimination Against Men in the Hiring Process.: Any anons here in their teens or twenties despera…[View]
40511111How to find a non-degenerate girl?[View]
40511577Post comfy vids of people rambling. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K_EIetOmaHs >pic only sort of…[View]
40510660Ok this is real happened today women hate thread tinder edition: So this fat ugly black bitch expect…[View]
40511406>only one chance at life >born 3 months early >manletXlanklet abomination >5/10 face …[View]
40512564>tfw no qt bf/gf who can sympathise about epilator pain[View]
40511615>Drinking because I'm not achieving a goal >Not achieving the goal because I'm drink…[View]
40508798I unironically feel that /r9k/ is the most pleasant, welcoming, friendly, warm, open-minded board on…[View]
40512476I need help wizards. >I've given up >no hope of emotional connections to another human b…[View]
40512158>apply to job, take their bullshit personality tests, wait for response >'After careful review…[View]
40512373What does it mean if a girl calls you cute?: is she trying to say she doesn't find me attractiv…[View]
40512466She has a super rich boyfriend, is there even some single girls left? Or I'm the only one who…[View]
40509453Cocaine should be legal. Do you agree?: I'm a computer programmer and do coke to feel confident…[View]
40510817bend your boypussy over white boi[View]
40510754That alarm is about ready to go off, wagecuck.[View]
40511450It is time for one of your favorite rituals, wagecuck: tbe morning commute. Get going, chop chop. An…[View]
40511198Anyone here graduate from wagie to neet? How did it go?[View]
40494682What would you say if a cute boy asked you out on a date robots[View]
40512293tfw ill never bury my face in a stinky hairy bush[View]
40510790>ywn have a cute blonde bf >ywn be yaoi irl >blonde twinks irl only exist in porn why even …[View]
40510736Would /r9k/ Thread: Can we get a would /r9k/ thread going? Hard Mode: Nothing above a 5/10[View]
40511892>tfw you find an absolute perfect qt gf and she is already dating somebody else. >tfw you spen…[View]
40511870how the FUCK am i gonna get anything done when I keep coming back here[View]
40511441I B Dormin TFO. Can I be a Discord celeb now? What do I get?[View]
40511877>after college >6.30 pm >going home with ridin motorcycle >traffic jam >take a shortc…[View]
40509940ITT: Success stories from high school dropouts[View]
40511954Who /unattached/ here? I'm afraid to get into a relationship. I don't want to. All roads l…[View]
40511930ITT: small positive things that have happened recently >finally found a sleeping aid that works…[View]
40506978SHOULD I ASK MY MOTHER OUT?: I am a virgin robot, never fucked. But my mother is extremely attached …[View]
40511622can you legit be too lazy to play video games? >be me >buy video game >go home >put in m…[View]
40511874Times where chads were the real autists?: >be hanging out with the lads outside Steak and Shake …[View]
40511865Cannabis and sensory deprivation: I'm looking to experiment a bit with cannabis use and sensory…[View]
40511833everdistant_utopia fucking disappeared without a trace and I think I got emotionally attached is th…[View]
40511362Fucking lost nofap after over a god damn month and the self loathing set in literally instantly Like…[View]
40511334Im starting my first job as a UPS loader/unloader any tips for me before i get into my training anon…[View]
40507369Why don't black bois just accept their role in life and look for a nice white daddy to dom them…[View]
40511234is this the end anon?: http://www.esquire.com/news-politics/a13029632/california-recognizes-third-ge…[View]
40510207Why are embarrassed girls so fucking hot?[View]
40511583Is it a bad idea to message a girl on Tinder after not talking for a few months? We agreed to go on …[View]
40511630>anal scene >the guy's dick has shit coating on it >lost all interest…[View]
40509014>80% of couples meet in the work place R9k BLOWN THE FUCK UP Why dont you have a job NEET?…[View]
40511399>given up >just living the comfy life as long as possible >if it comes to my comfy life bei…[View]
40511039Ywn have a QT Pixie dream girlfriend[View]
40511242Any actually autistic/sperg females here or someone who knows one? Are femautists different than mal…[View]
40507116White men vs black men: The difference is night and day[View]
40508387>tfw no princess gf (male)[View]
40511521You will never be a Chad. Crying won't help. No amount of showers will help. You need to get ov…[View]
40509666Is there anything better than owning a little bitch ass black sissy's shit hole?[View]
40511481>presentation on complicated journal article in 2 hours >I'm a senior and supposed to kno…[View]
40506301Do any one you still use facebook? I'm considering deleting mine. Do any one you who don't…[View]
40510260my gf wants me to suck her off today i told her i'm not comfortable sucking feminine penis but …[View]
40510671uffff oh anon don't you just want to milk my balls uffff[View]
40510010Have anxiety? Just quit coffee you silly robots! These people fixed their social anxiety by doing ju…[View]
40511322>tfw no faggot bf life is pain[View]
40511366Robots are the key to being the best kind of human: You are all self-wallowing, emotionally deficien…[View]
40509639Autistic rambling thread: Whine about your problems and discuss them in here[View]
40511184let's raid: raid this https://hangouts.google.com/group/sWgfmWeTwgrmoqPA2[View]
40509373BETA DADS: >how has this affected you? In my family my mother was the boss and dad was emotionall…[View]
40510252>Women go out broke >Come home drunk >May as well get fucked too I REALLY dislike women…[View]
40510099>tfw you and your Dad have almost nothing in common and have completely different personality typ…[View]
40511276CREATIVE ROBOT THREAD: https://soundcloud.com/saxon_casi/maruldja-vrkuta-rough[View]
40510553Why'd you ghost me Wos? Why? You were the only /r9k/ femboy who was actually cute.[View]
40511180>start writing again >look at old fanfic sites >head starts spinning >think of how much …[View]
40510058I'm going to try not feeling for a while: Anybody here tried being a stoic? How do you do it? i…[View]
40510970>obese >small dick >decent face though >I could try and fight to change >it's t…[View]
40511158Hi r9k I've been away for about 6 months. Are the normalfags gone yet?[View]
40504175Is this true? I'm a millennial and I still get an erection when a breast grazes any part of my …[View]
40510492I created this image just for you. do you like it?[View]
40511183>when you realize that you're a borderline nutcase[View]
40510988How are girls so brave to go to a guy's house and have sex with him? I'm even afraid when …[View]
40510189>did nofap >stopped hooking up with random dudes on craigslist >stopped having homosexual t…[View]
40510850> used to have friends I could easily tryhard with in games, or suddenly turn a switch and we…[View]
40511036>acne has spread to brain[View]
40510894>/r9k/ still believes the alpha/beta myth[View]
40509709I don't think I can take the envy and resulting anger and frustration I feel on a daily basis a…[View]
40510270>framed co-worker for erasing the database and forgetting to make a backup Sorry Marcus but I can…[View]
40510659Hey guys found this funny image that really made me think. Please do not save it, as I do not own it…[View]
40510839qt: >I'm so jealous of your hair anon is this a good sign or a bad one?…[View]
40509593I'm sick and tired of sounding like a robot. Whenever I listen to myself speak, I always hear …[View]
40510841>tfw no qt breakfast making bf/gf[View]
40509382>chad and commits suicide Robots are wrong.[View]
40510730Today i started feeling bad about being a nobody as in not famous im also a neet[View]
40510694>Got employed[View]
40508559>too depressed to enjoy human interaction >too depressed to enjoy being out in an Anime Conven…[View]
40510653>finally get a gf >first night with her >see this >'past is past anon :)' wat do?…[View]
40510155What don't more robots get into the pimping business? Just learn a new language, import a bunch…[View]
40510030>record scratch >freeze frame >'Soooooooo, yeah, I bet right now you're probably wonde…[View]
40509620What does 4chan think of John Cena?[View]
40507867U Mad Spic Boi?: Build a wall and send you manlets home. THICC qts can stay with us.[View]
40508422My Generation sucks because their parents sucked: My generation sucks because their parents were idi…[View]
40510381Its so hard to find a girl thats legit. Female population-basic bitches-makeup-fat-big ass/boobs-any…[View]
40508958How come a black dude paid 60 dollars to suck my cock? I thought black men were masculine.[View]
40510166Why are hostess treats so delicious? I wish I could eat then every day.[View]
40509355Normies with ADHD: Honestly, nothing makes me grind my teeth more than these fucks. >hahah, sorry…[View]
40510577Is it possible teach yourself to become this normie?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V0RMHmLaSw4…[View]
40510550How does it feel knowing that this tranny is more of a man than you will ever be?[View]
40508457Are these the most robot underwear? They're all I've ever worn[View]
40510574my mother used to touch my penis jokingly. and i knew that it was a joke. but i was embarassed when …[View]
40510245So who's master of women: >>Tyrone,very good looking probably been to prison chicks love …[View]
40507294Who stiII up?[View]
40507535>see attractive girl >can only think of how I want to prep her bull and have her make fun of m…[View]
40510277Is your crush that you orbit pure or are you aware that she's a slut?[View]
40510049Three years of therapy later, I want to kill myself more than ever[View]
40509928What does human meat taste like? Has anyone ever had dreams of eating another human, or allowing you…[View]
40506352Why are boyish looking girls so fucking attractive?[View]
40509517>tfw literal 8/10 6'4 chad >have (actual) autism >never talked to a girl (not even my …[View]
40510306Why are there so many submissive men but next to none actually dominant women?[View]
40510490could someone draw a wojak wich makes this sour face and hold his nose like he had a migraine or som…[View]
40508703So few anger threads?: Why aren't there any anons talking about their hatred and misanthropy to…[View]
40510349Merchant General: >Keep and normie threads uh coming >More shekels I can store in me kippah…[View]
40510195>tfw your thread doesn't become wildly successful with hundreds of replies…[View]
40510421Aggression and Anonymity: Hey robots, when you're online and without the burden of identity, do…[View]
40510364>weeks go by >months go by >still a fat bot…[View]
40508910The sissyboi poster: Is just one sperg stop replying to his threads.[View]
40509025>Uber Eats sends the delivery drivers to the back of my house because the map is fucked >Put v…[View]
40510111Wee need a new board called /pickle/ Rick & Morty For all the high IQ PEople (such as myself) to…[View]
40510271brofist famsquad out[View]
40509223How do I stop being afraid of death?[View]
40508706Black 'men': Black 'men' are a big joke. Blacks have more estrogen than other races. That's why…[View]
40508832>a year without suicidal thoughts after a few attempts >its starting to seem like a good optio…[View]
40510182Who /weed/ here? Marijuana general thread. Had a small smoke to help me sleep. Trying to keep it to …[View]
40510059>be me >french class first day of sophomore year >meet cute girl, get her number >hit i…[View]
40509107>talking with qt in class ive been chatting up for a while >nothing's really happened yet…[View]
40508565/comfy/: Post comfy images and share your thoughts and opinions about what could be a rather lovely …[View]
40510044Stop posting boy pussy threads[View]
40508491Name one simple thing that will change your life: >I am not ok >This is not ok >Nothing is …[View]
40509504>be me >study on a military school and enjoy being there >recently, a suicide spree starts …[View]
40504148Whoever you post is your new body[View]
40510012HOW TO KISS GIRL AT A PARTY: im going to a party very soon and ive never had the courage to approach…[View]
40509926Why does my generation hate freedom and want to restrict everything?: After hearing how many of them…[View]
40508789If you had to pick one, which girl would you fight vidya edition[View]
40508349sad music time: i'll start https://youtu.be/mngtcfcaVrI no bulli[View]
40509273Let me tell you about my little sister Ever since she was a little kid she was always a spoiled brat…[View]
40508892>tfw no qt white girlfriend t. chang[View]
40508251Fuck guys, I just learned that all my coworkers went out tonight and partied together and they didn…[View]
40504032>ywn be a teenager in the early 90's >be one of the outcasts but a cool guy instead of a …[View]
40508334ITT: whats the nastiest habbit you have >eat boogers nose and eyes >scratch butt *sniff >sm…[View]
40508517>go on r9k before >lots of intelligent discussion, neetdom, good memes, literally some of the …[View]
40509648Dreams general: Any of y'all been dreaming lately? Come on down 2 nights ago dreamt I was trapp…[View]
40509684How do I stop lusting after pixel women?[View]
40509843>slept 4 hours past my alarm in 9-minute snooze increments Who /hopeless/ here?…[View]
40509397My friends are all normies.....WELP[View]
40508882/medication/: anyone here experienced with psychiatric medication? particularly SSRIs? about 4 days …[View]
40509450What laptops do robots use?[View]
40509705>girl responded to my OKC message w-what do I say, robots? I basically said I liked stuff about h…[View]
40508290Girlfriend said she wants to cut me and suck my blood im scared of getting a scar/infection. i hate …[View]
40508122Daily Reminder: Roasties will choose pieces of shit with Chad tier looks over non-Chad decent human …[View]
40509755Whats your most embarrasing story? I'll start: >be me >10 year old little shit >one d…[View]
40509253ITT: general red flags for friends and family friends >Not willing to drink with me >Won'…[View]
40508083Even The Crisis line forgot me: so theres that atleast[View]
40509219smug pill: >he isn't perpetually smug[View]
40507582This doesn't look right.[View]
40509643My Time has come: >Final year of high school >Up until now I never had to interact with other …[View]
40509549Amazing Pet Stories: >British af heritage, proud >Live in Australia bc senpai moved here when …[View]
40508643Why the fuck are there so many 'black boi pussy' threads tonight holy shit I've seen at least 3…[View]
40509217>Tfw your girlfriend of 2 years gets over you in two weeks and already is sucking someone else…[View]
40503150Political Compass Thread: Show everyone how edgy your views are https://www.politicalcompass.org/tes…[View]
40509222>tfw you will never play makeshift instruments with willy and the poor boys down on the corner ea…[View]
40504738New waifu alert: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qinpb87gq8I https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9QpLZB8…[View]
40508933This massive shitstorm is sociopathic: Seriously, all these fag threads are ruining one of the few b…[View]
40509472Hey whiteboi, that sisterpussy belongs to you![View]
40509462>tfw since i don't have a bf i'll make a thread about not having a bf…[View]
40508339> Live by myself > Haven't seen mummy and daddy for a few weeks, start to miss them > …[View]
40507317What was your home board before you ended up here?[View]
40508513Why do autistic people have such weird sexual fetishes?[View]
40509366WTF I'm chilling in my hostel bunk with the privacy curtains drawn and some Chad and Stacey wal…[View]
40507127>it's a multiple trap threads episode Every. Fucking. Week.[View]
40509023How do you guys deal with a 40 hour work week? I work part time atm 3 days a week so it's toler…[View]
40505960I'm Millennial and Anarchocapitalist is this weird?: I'm 25 and an ancap. I'm a compu…[View]
40507337> always a fag at school > never had friends and felt like shit > eventually got better and…[View]
40508077v90 Some days, some nights Some live, some die In the way of the Samurai Some fight, some bleed Sun …[View]
40508266>tfw googling my old tripcode reveals years of severe autism[View]
40505362>I want a tall, dominant and cute gf. Strong enough to pick me up and facefuck me with her tongue…[View]
40509098Relatable/depressing music thread: post em' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X0Cftwtlho4…[View]
40507644Do fembots wish they had a juicy cock?[View]
40507248Whats your tinder elo?: If you guys don't already know tinder rates you on an elo score based o…[View]
40509070>booking doctors appointments just to weasel myself cheap benzos I didn't plan for my life …[View]
40509026Chad Feels: >Second date with girl >Say 'lets go back to my place' >She comes back to my pl…[View]
40508139You ever had a pseudo-stacy interested in you?[View]
40508978>Talk to short haired girl >really interesting character >she's talented and has a l…[View]
40508885>the majority of /r9k/ users are white collar professionals (lawyers, doctors, engineers, CEOs) a…[View]
40490354Wagecuck 2017: Alrighty fellow wagecucks, get in here, explain your current situation. Let off some …[View]
40508395what this image trying to portray?[View]
40508950is inceldom really reaching epidemic levels or are the chans just warping my worldview?[View]
40508096Discord: Anyone got any Discords I can join? I feel lonely[View]
40505527>tfw no pochvennichestvo bf[View]
40508853Is it normal not to trust other people? Family, my job, friends. I never open up to anyone. Why do o…[View]
40506937Mmm some daddy: You payed for this black booty now get it.[View]
40508224I'm looking for a new hobby. Anything I can do on Saturdays as it's my most miserable day.…[View]
40508519>tfw I think I finally drove somebody mad enough to take their life >on the flipside they are …[View]
40508905>tfw normal intoxication doesn't satisfy me, it says to be mindfucking or not at all…[View]
40508888> tfw remember the good times I had with friends a few years go > playing online, messing arou…[View]
40508877This guy can get a girlfriend, apart from that he wants another guy to fuck her and Cuck him with hi…[View]
40508354Is there anything better than sweet black ass puss?[View]
40508854Anyone else live a double life? >On Highschool football team >Average to decent looking >Ha…[View]
40507791It's almost 2018: Why aren't you filling up black boi pussy with your BWC? What are you, g…[View]
40506550what are jobs like?[View]
40503230new /comfy/ discord: new discord if you wanna join, super chill. nice, comfy server. no degenerate s…[View]
40508472Whoever keeps posting those damn black trap threads need to fuck off. Seriously. Go to trash or lgbt…[View]
40508692The new r9k: What happened to the old r9k? It used to be a bunch of autistic NEETs who were constant…[View]
40508760Enough.: One more fag shill and the bitch gets it![View]
40508751they need to shut this board down again its gotten really bad the past few months[View]
40507089>talk to girl >she always responds while looking down and smiling as though she's trying…[View]
40507327Stop buying lottery: >>40497056 Threads like that one are way worse than any other shit in /r9…[View]
40508307Reminder that the majority of robots in /r9k/ are just sad, not depressed. https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
40505574Have I become an addict? I prefer getting high to talking to girls now. Also drug thread, I guess.[View]
40508584Why does everything seem like it was better years ago? The music, games, friends, family, politics, …[View]
40503676What had caused us all to become a robot: >be 10 >Helping mom >Figure after the clothes are…[View]
40508079stay assblasted, whiteboi. just accept your place and surrender your women to us black gods.[View]
40508616YLYL show your best ones yet /b/[View]
40504606>tfw all these sissy white bois who aren't getting BLACKED right now…[View]
40500705Where my writers at? What are you writing? Who writers blockade?[View]
40508580'Roasty' or 'Roastie'?[View]
40506694Have you ever wanted to be a meme?[View]
40507111Jesus Christ. The amount of tranny/gay/trap threads is sickening. I'm pretty sure some faggot a…[View]
40508573I feel like i'm already dead: >every emotion feels superficial and not quite right >immen…[View]
40508500does anyone know how I can contact 'lawstuff'? does he still post here?[View]
40502850if I take cat hormones will I become a catboi[View]
40508520you lookin at me but i'm lookin through you[View]
40507837REMINDER: Arm fat is always a giveaway warning sign[View]
40506835ITT: Zombie apocalypse breaks out, we are the only survivors.[View]
40508029I just realized how important friends and connections are if youre ever thinking of competing in the…[View]
40506160I no longer see any path for myself that doesn't end in ultimately becoming an hero[View]
40508303Who else here /aliveinside/? >able to feel emotions >Expect i don't feel anxiety and a de…[View]
40506845>15 percent of young adults aren't fucking your chances of getting a non-degenerate gf are t…[View]
40505065fufuf, now your neetbux are mine. Start paying child support anon![View]
40507363who is kingblackchad?[View]
40507811How to make friends: How can an isolated male make friends? I'm thinking the most effective str…[View]
40506710a big dissapointment: >be me >haven't met my mom in 3 months >decided to go to her hou…[View]
40508370hey r9k get down on it![View]
40506667I'm still not over him being gone.[View]
40508351>tfw no qt black gf (male): Why even live? Why must life be so cruel? btw what's with all th…[View]
40507914>getting old and into my twenties >envy teens for their unbridled hope and budding potential …[View]
40508319>He doesn't finish typing his comments by slapping the enter button with his middle finger c…[View]
40507754Alpha as fuck: >Sitting in my car >Hear a really loud thud >Some mexican just slammed her c…[View]
40506020If your life was a thread, what would be discussed in it? How would people be to each other? Syntax…[View]
40508249>this is a white woman in 2017 damn white boys btfo... how will they ever recover?…[View]
40508265do beta shit-dicks actually think they're superior to chinks and whites?[View]
40506104Who else here /deadinside/? >Unable to feel emotions >Expect for anxiety and a deep, deep sadn…[View]
40508219How to tell if circumcised?[View]
40507723>tfw no qt bf/gf who can properly pronounce and beat ninja gaiden on nes…[View]
40506915I'm a white girl and noticed that white are always insecure entitled lunatics. Once you get to …[View]
40508222r9k is a deep ditch to find yourself in: In the desert I saw a creature, naked, bestial, Who, squatt…[View]
40507686For me, it's a giant club sub, mike's way with banana peppers.[View]
40494764it's that time yet again, watch me spiral into my grave. 54m50n drinking thread currently sippi…[View]
40508021Payday 2 Thread > Hype for Crimefest 2017? > Have obscure memes? > Just enjoy the game? …[View]
40508087Is this guy a boy/man/gay?: I can't tell if this guy is gay.[View]
40506039Can I get some youtube channel recommendations? I'm looking for really any topic as long as it …[View]
40506972https://crystal.cafe/feels/res/2798.html Is this one of you?[View]
40505803BTFO: This triggers liberals[View]
40507587> i'm not cute, but manly, bearded, hairy and always look as if i'm angry, but have a b…[View]
40507975I miss the good old days The nostalgia hurts[View]
40468108Just how far is rock bottom?: Does anyone on this board realise just how fucked (older) robots? I me…[View]
40507484I want to see if anyone can guess where I live by the train I made.[View]
40508001Ahem, can you cool it with the gay threads pls[View]
40507622Rate this unique image of my girlfriend[View]
40503290How did these get a reputation for being autistic shoes? They look like something my dad would wear.[View]
40485225Post eye colour, hair colour, height, weight, and how attractive you rate yourself out of ten. I wan…[View]
40503482What's your plan in the event 4chan goes down for good? Obviously you wouldn't kill yourse…[View]
40501896I am scared for humanity: I must admit I never could relate well to other people. As a kid I found o…[View]
40505742Internet girl: >talk to this girl online for a few years >she starts telling me all of her shi…[View]
40507049Damn it feels so good coming home after a full day's work, sitting down in my $800 La-z-boy cha…[View]
40507753>Reply to thread >Thread immediately dies Holy fuck why does this keep happening to me? Thread…[View]
40506980Do you have something that you desperately try to improve at /r9k/?[View]
40503231Latina girls are the most beautiful.[View]
40502285Why would a small QT with no kids work a job that's mostly manual labor?[View]
40505168HOLY FUCK I WANT AN ASIAN GF AND EVENTUALLY AN ASIAN WIFE. Where can I get one? Should I make the jo…[View]
40505161feels: it's time to shitpost and waste time feel free to talk about anything[View]
40506968I thought we was supposed to get rid of these trannys and faggots from here what happened?[View]
40505553>32 years old >still have to pee with my pants down why did God make me this way?…[View]
40507153Is this a good idea if I'm ugly and don't want to be seen by anyone? It would be nice if t…[View]
40507559We've got to get these faggots out of here[View]
40506884She told me she'd write, but it's been three months.[View]
40504294Well, /r9k/, why not settle for a 5/10? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3MG8NO69wqU[View]
40507303>i would never harass a women for sex >i will never rape a women Women want men that pursuit t…[View]
40505032Looking for music suggestions Preferably slow emotional songs like below https://soundcloud.com/dar…[View]
40504908How easy is it to check into a mental ward? I want somewhere I can go for a while to help me out men…[View]
40506099I had $32 worth of lottery tickets for today's draws, diversified between Powerball, Super Lott…[View]
40503649Hey, Nonny. Whatcha wonna do?[View]
40506627Has anyone here actually been diagnosed with real autism? For starters I don't actually believe…[View]
40506243Join our newish discord server. /T6UYF8r[View]
40506385I remember when 4chan, r9k, didn't belittle strength. We pushed for it, and cast out weakness. …[View]
40504457>liberals are perfectly okay with pic related Why[View]
40506798>walking down at corridor >see my teacher walking the opposite direction >say goodmorning a…[View]
40499848Describe your oneitis, when they became your oneitis, and why they're you're oneitis[View]
40507166Do you gamble with friends r9k ? Whats the most that you've lost to them ?[View]
40506397I just had my girlfriend break up with me and it was the exact same reason my last two broke up with…[View]
40506599>have schizophrenia >donated sperm and got paid for it >used the money on a new waifu pillo…[View]
40507055GTFO FAGGOTS: >80% of this board is sodomitic faggotry or porn >no more comfy, frog and feels,…[View]
40506491>tfw alcohol tolerance doesn't cooldown over time >be 22 >could drink a half bottle of…[View]
40504854>be born male >expected to be broken in like an animal by the government >all your resistan…[View]
40507176Mfw incredibles 2 is in 2018[View]
40507172Modded Mineycrafta: Hey guys, any of you in the mood for some modded minecrap? Its nothing too inten…[View]
40503979Muslima Pill: Why havnt you converted to islam yet? >more then one wife >put women in their pl…[View]
40505426What even are the benefits of being a male?[View]
40507053>eat mostly fruit and yogurt because I hate cooking >shit once every hour will it ever stop?…[View]
40506388what's with all the trap threads?[View]
40506474> Be me at mall with my mom and brother > Stop at food court to get food > Not sure of what…[View]
40502790Would you fuck a femboy?: >be Asian Twink of 125lbs >be 5'3' >be cute in the face …[View]
40507031why do indians demand so much shit and why do we cater to it? serious replies only please[View]
40504869schizophrenia: found this bizarre email I sent to myself during a manic/psychotic state last March, …[View]
40504974my stacy sister walked in on me she said i have a big weewee[View]
40504146>that high school teacher that banged a student[View]
40505039>get checkup at the dentist >'you must take great care of your teeth anon! Not a single cavity…[View]
40504878/r9k/ summed up in one painting[View]
40506941/u/\UoC\---: Welcome to /U/ :: Rules: 1. Don't be a lurker, make some friends 2. Contribute 3…[View]
40506523>sister started Iistening to rap[View]
40506568Cancer: Is there a easy and reliable way to get cancer? I want to die but don't want my family …[View]
40506350>Finished assigned work early >Supervisor bitches about why am i slacking off when I'm c…[View]
40505901>play dnd >roll a monk >we roll dice for our stats and i get 2 18s >end up with amazing …[View]
40506457>you will never be a moderator on a popular board/forum[View]
40506841I'm a college student, what do I do when people ask me about my friends? I can't just say …[View]
40505809Escorts?: Anyone in DFW have experience with escorts? I was about to get with one but she had just l…[View]
40505998https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8CrOL-ydFMI This is water anons.[View]
40505561Artist, post your muse that inspires you. Whether it's art, music, or literature - every creato…[View]
40506731Is Computer Science a meme?[View]
40506150Describe yourself, anons. shit you like to do, and some opinions. Rate other Anons based on descript…[View]
40504409I managed to get a date for the first time in my life. It was with a 7/10 Tinder chick, but she spen…[View]
40506242Autistic question: How do you pronounce 'Lol' in your head (or out loud)? STRAWPOLL http:/…[View]
40505438>can't see a psychiatrist until fucking April >stupid roasties with 'depression' and anor…[View]
40506548>a japanese woman will never sit on your face[View]
40503440From porn to gore - Down the rabbithole: >Be me >Awful with women >Never good enough, so gi…[View]
40505940>tfw I don't deserve this giant toblerone[View]
40501664how many other boys have thigh gaps here[View]
40496744Hannah Hays: >The latest update on blacked.com >Is naive as fuck 18 year old, just watch this …[View]
40504831>parents against pornography When did this shit get started?[View]
40503259Anyone here NOT fall for the alt-right/pol meme? Why not?[View]
40502663Who else /attractive/? The only reason I'm a khv is because I live in the country and have auti…[View]
40503583scared to work: >tfw no job >tfw apply to walmart >tfw get a call from them three days ago …[View]
40506123>tfw no race traitor girlfriend[View]
40506342>17 >depressed as fuck and fell behind but kept going >20 >lost my mind and dropped out …[View]
40505872Depression and feminism story time: I need some perspective, bots. >Be me >Lose 40 lbs, get /f…[View]
40506069>you will never travel the world with a cute girl at your side[View]
40506021>Be me >131 lbs >6'1 crisp of 6'2 How do I gain weight? I'm sick of being a fucking sk…[View]
40506068i wish there was a discord or something where i can talk to other people who suck at talking in hope…[View]
40504416Redpill me on the suicide hotline: Do they actually give a fuck?[View]
40503885Would you say that someone who has gone all their life (19, almost 20 years) without any sort of rom…[View]
40506176Is kale /ourgal/?[View]
40503985Kms: Any fast easy ways for suicide[View]
40505282why do thigh high boots make my dick so hard? am i a degenerate?[View]
40504634ok so this chick just broke up with me, then like 3 hours later messages me in hysteria saying that …[View]
40506138Fallout 1 Text Help: Hey I'd appreciate a homie who would be willing to help me in writing some…[View]
40504549I hope Julius is okay[View]
40504187Body issues: Whats your worst physical drawback, robots? If you could change anything about your bod…[View]
40505330This is your pure Asian waifus average Friday might. Just bc they are more ashamed and wont tell you…[View]
40505138In your opinion, was it worth it to fall for the trap meme?[View]
40504611>bored of video games and anime >apply for jobs >get called for an interview >start enjo…[View]
40503191>girl sends you this what do yo say back?[View]
40505219I just want a chubby bf Is that to much to ask for?[View]
40505612>I get paid 32% more than my coworker, even though he's better at his job than I am…[View]
40505896Who else doesn't know what they really look like hear? In some mirrors I look really good, but …[View]
40505237How does this character make you feel personally?[View]
40505883I need some weed bots what to do? I'm too antisocial to go to clinics for my devil's lettu…[View]
40505823>C ya losers This is the last post I'll be making on this cancerous website. As you can see …[View]
40505746Is it still gay if both the boys are cute[View]
40504475Don't you agree that your genes should never be passed on? Face it, you are genetically inferio…[View]
40505722why it's frustrating/hurts when a girl you want to be with goes with someone else? https://www.…[View]
40504531Drunk asshole general, no attention whores allowed addition. What are you >Drinking >Listening…[View]
40503551>have wonderful loving bf >Have crush on qt in English class >Feel like a shit whore How do…[View]
40505117>university student >poor as fuck family can't provide financial support >struggling w…[View]
40505680Chad general thread. (Image from a review of a pocket pussy on Amazon)[View]
40505666Anyone ever make some big slip ups?: Anyone ever slip up big time, and I mean big time[View]
40505042>Was a 22 y/o virgin >no hope >no confidence >eternal robot >slowly get into bbw stuf…[View]
40503111Is it weird to ask males for feet pics. Pic somewhat related[View]
40505562Curry: Why do indians make my dick diomond? >I know they are dirty >I know they cant poo the l…[View]
40505226Women hate thread gogogogo[View]
40505383Just got Femi-trapped.: Hi R9K. Just got baited into a sexual harassment complaint. AMA.[View]
40503405How do some of you guys find girls with no ass attractive? The ass is the most important part of the…[View]
40505115Should kids with autism and other developmental disabilities be euthanized in a just, utilitarian so…[View]
40505515Why do I always look at the clock at 1337 and 2337? Is this the ultimate sign of being a robot?[View]
40504681What are your thoughts on cum?[View]
40504144I fucking did it boys I fucking destroyed some lefty princess cunt today >coming home from uni on…[View]
40504736What's r9k opinion on Adolf Hitler be honest >inb4 gtfo /pol/[View]
40505469>find a new series or game or something >immediately look up porn of the characters How do I s…[View]
40505294These kinds of Quotes: I want more of these Quotes.[View]
40487807I think i have the hardest life a man can have[View]
40504184>2017 >Not cracking eggs on these hos[View]
40496548That kid thread >that kid who always tried to grab your dick >that kid who invited you over to…[View]
40505344I'm a sexually frustrated half asian virgin does that make me popular here?: Seriously I keep s…[View]
40505304gay fantasies: Ever since I started coming here more often, I began to have gay fantasies with my su…[View]
40503281Going back through my photo library has been one Hell of a ride. Some of its nostalgic, but most of …[View]
40501030Why do normies hate lolis?[View]
40504821How do I stop the urges to absolutely destroy a qt femboi from happening?[View]
40504164I'm turning 20 tomorrow. No plans, no birthday wishes so far. I have no friends, family don…[View]
40505164I have spent months and months at a time this year in the red wood forests,meditating on life and at…[View]
40504969>older half sibling is abusive to me >after abuse, I go to parents for help and everyone start…[View]
40504216What is your excuse for not having a White 2.0 gf?: White 2.0 women are the best.[View]
40504497go to 2ch and bring something back[View]
40505018please let him be tall and black[View]
40505025Is it healthy to hate fuckboys as much as I do? >be me >talking to like my one female friend i…[View]
40504438Dreams: I'm sorry, I can't remember anything today.[View]
40504614>spoiled rich kid threatens to kill himself a few days ago >posts this bullshit today Isn…[View]
40504939Anon I cant find my so...[View]
40503743/n/igga thread. Post in here my fellow niggas. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GL8jAKXcO8U[View]
40504923what is the cheekiest thing /r9k/ has done? i catfished some normalcunt from my town into travelling…[View]
40503742>boyfriend died over a year ago >recently found out he cheated on me with my best friend >b…[View]
40504903>went to /adv/ voluntarily again[View]
40504074>right now >can hear mom and stepdad arguing upstairs >mom calls stepdad a cuck >mfw…[View]
40504186What is it like to have a celebrity gf? I want a celebrity gf.[View]
40503663What would you do if you could switch bodies with Chad?[View]
40502374What is the best handgun to eat that will do the job?[View]
40503651What does it mean when you have a need for a mommy gf?[View]
40504677???: /r9k/ what do I do about this boyfriend situation? Pic related[View]
40504433chad fucked my crush. khv[View]
40504772>been at job over 2 years >know I'm competent >coworkers like me >boss has taken pe…[View]
40504592>tfw at the point where considering replying to craigslist ad >a 48 y/o tranny looking for you…[View]
40504120Sup r9k, I just had sex with my qt3.14 Latina gf for the 2nd time today What did you do today?[View]
40504642what is your most shameful fap? >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vd7dxmBLg48…[View]
40504678Lads....: lads I made love to a beautiful qt girl tonight. Even took a romantic shower together and …[View]
40503731Being too hot is annoying Girls always feel like you're too good for them. I wish I could tone …[View]
40504603Hey, robots. Any of you want to play some gears 4 campaign? I'm getting all eve collectibles to…[View]
40504534>make edited video of someone's gameplay to try and impress them. >They give it a dismiss…[View]
40503682What makes for an animated character to be decidedly cuter than another?[View]
40504215Is it possible to be a functional heroin addict?[View]
40504533That's a serious L mate[View]
40502684>uncut dicks never get dr-[View]
40503486Why are you still a virging? Why does /r9k/ obsess so much about being a virging when you can just f…[View]
40504080what is the chemical process that happens in the brain when someone is comfy?[View]
40504500I'm curious as to how many femanons would have sex with a man purely based on big dick/attracti…[View]
40503616Have you ever done the robot stare? Whenever your in a social jam just give them one of these and y…[View]
40503953is this the premier robotcore album? >recorded alone in parents' basement >sincere lyrics…[View]
40503001>mom says 'what's wrong with you' and then gives me that awkward silence Oh right, like I wo…[View]
40503709erica is the best... i miss her so much D:[View]
40502563Have you ever met someone from this site who didn't ghost you? Ever meet irl? Have you ghosted…[View]
40504410Wow, Eggy's looking not the bad lately. Guess all he had to do was lose some weight and get a h…[View]
40493226Boomer hate thread: >looking for a job right now >my mom says all I need to do is walk in and…[View]
40504391it makes me so mad reading shit like how hard it was for someone to not be in a relationship for x a…[View]
40503446whats your diet like? >morning coffee maybe cinnamon toast crunch >lunch is usually two dounle…[View]
40503478>putting off responsibilities that'll surely bite me off in the ass later on anyone know thi…[View]
40502713Fun uncle: Tell us a story about your wacky uncle anon.[View]
40504313would you go to bed with this jellyfish girl[View]
40503846ATTACK THE PIG FUCKERS: please help ensure the victory of kekistan, attack THE PIG FUCKERS REEEEEEEE…[View]
40504286oilfield and energy: How are my oilfield bros holding up? Are your jobs treating you ok(per diem, bo…[View]
40503456Why aren't you becoming an autistic furry and becoming a horsechad in your own world? You get t…[View]
405038532melli: What's R9K's opinion on 2melli.boards.net/? I hear it's like R9K, but ''''tra…[View]
40504199what do u think about this tattoo also what does it mean what am i looking at it looks like a tatto…[View]
40503862Unironic hugbox where bullies are banned and people from all walks of life are accepted. kbA8GPs[View]
40503815How can we even compete? https://youtu.be/lQezinb283E[View]
40504001Hey virgin, wanna fuck a roastie?[View]
40502519Can you really blame him? http://www.npr.org/sections/thetwo-way/2017/10/18/558617663/olympic-gymnas…[View]
40504142/r9k/ where the ugliest of the ugliest people on earth meet to troll each other with their fucked up…[View]
40497597/britfeel/: Stinky poopies dribbling slowly out of NEET bumholes edition[View]
40504114>one shot at life >below average girth im doing nofap and some exercise to see if i can get a …[View]
40503994Robot skill?: Is knowing how to use one of these a lost art robot skill?[View]
40501641ITT we all live in the same apartment building Kill me[View]
40503057I had a dream that I got a gf and got her pregnant Woke up and found out it wasn't a dream. Is …[View]
40502440>you should have died a long time ago >now live in a shitty forced continuation of life…[View]
40503033This is Hannah Hays at 16. In two years, she becomes a pornstar. Why didn't you save her robots[View]
40502972I shaved my head about 2 and a half months ago, and I absolutely hate it. My hairline is really high…[View]
40503932the perfect place for robot to make friends and even possibly meet the one >share experiences, ta…[View]
40503921can some robot help me with this?[View]
40503986long hair robot: >have long thick hair >seldom wash it >when i do wash it the soap rinses m…[View]
40503807You're all virgins because you don't spank women: All women have a deep need to be spanked…[View]
40501506Guy's i have to tell you something. My bloodwork showed a deficiency in vitamin E. So i started…[View]
40503086You guys don't know how lucky you are to have me around. I'm a fucking big shot[View]
40503571>started taking vitamin D and st johns wort >start cumming buckets after one week try it out b…[View]
40503543>try to lose weight to get laid >fail because I'm a faggot with no discipline >fuck it…[View]
40503432Deteriorating Mental State: Hello robots. I'm beggining to lose it. The backhanded compliments.…[View]
40503680>tfw going to have sex for the first time in 10 fucking days tonight I thought I was returning to…[View]
40503821listening to my touhou playlist and thinking about a really cute girl i saw today..... sigh......[View]
40502458Said Hi to a cute girl today, she laughed at me. I even pretended to smile.. Any girl stories robots…[View]
40503547>Hey anon, come rub my back.[View]
40503360What is the most autistic thing you do? >grinding my teeth when I'm angry. https://vocaroo.c…[View]
40503220Every social interaction I have that isn't between me and a close family member is a traumatic …[View]
40503072wow, i'm disgusted with myself: anal with girls is my fetish & i'm not gonna go to an …[View]
40487984Post picture of how you wish you looked[View]
40498280I'm Millennial and can't relate to Millennials is anyone else the same?: I can't conn…[View]
40501565Thoughts on this thing?[View]
40503334Best Clock: I've had 6 girlfriends at my house and all of them have been insanely jealous of my…[View]
40503437>tfw too ugly to be allowed to have standards[View]
40503625Question for you: Once socialism inevitably reaches your country, what are you going to do with your…[View]
40502931how? just tell me how?: I thought I would never post again >be me 28 kv exhiki >on art school …[View]
40500912I need to push this guys buttons so he's harder on his gf. I started texting this girl who is a…[View]
40503555>no friends/gf >no job >substance abuse issues According to this guy, if you have all three…[View]
40503060ITT: Bad haircuts[View]
40503426>sit down bypc to play some games >need to restart because some update cuckery Fml…[View]
40501766> need to take a shit > starting to get sharp pains in my ass > go upstairs out of man cav…[View]
40502708qt trap doujins: you robot fags have to have SOME good trap doujins, right? gimme all the qt sisy tr…[View]
40502385>tfw going to a mental health crisis center tomorrow Hopefully they prescribe me meds so I can be…[View]
40503462>be armyfag >barracks getting inspected soon >left my anime figures out OH fuck What do I d…[View]
40502549>average girl is single because she wont settle for less than her 10/10 Chad >average guy is s…[View]
40503189>crave friendship >always turn down offers to go anywhere How do I explain this to a doctor?…[View]
40502990ITT: General AMA: >Be me >Friendless through most of school >Finally meet people and bond o…[View]
40503289Masterbaiting: I masturbate quite a bit more than I care to admit. Recently its felt meh when I orga…[View]
40503335What is the absolute minimum lifestyle you think you could stand? Could you get by while being somet…[View]
40502166can i hang myself with a belt? i can't buy a rope because im a hikikomori and i have to walk li…[View]
40502179How do I get not excercise shy. I want run to lose weight but always feel like people are starting a…[View]
40499388Why can't I be a fluffy girl with an even fluffier girlfriend to do cute things together with a…[View]
40503233Missed Opportunity: For the last year and a half, I spent time getting fit, learning how to dress ni…[View]
40500472>tfw oneitis wants to do shrooms with me[View]
40503252>tfw not at Disneyland it's literally the only place I don't feel like killing myself a…[View]
40502086>bring girlfriend to my place >she lays down on my bed and start smelling my pillow and sheets…[View]
40502325Change your name.: To become a chad and exit robothood you need to change your name. I know it can b…[View]
40502965>start thinking about death >realise I am going to die one day >realise the universe will a…[View]
40503320Get Over Your Fear of Rejection! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N-o2nnDF_So[View]
40498486Dubs and ill kill myself[View]
40502639>meet qt >shes a conservative >she loves 4chan and pol >she wants my d lads im in love..…[View]
40503300Just watched a few of her videos. What did I think of her?[View]
40502891ITT: critique my diet Keep in mind that I literally eat this shit every day. Breakfast: bowl of oat…[View]
40503223>every pussy i fucked was loose and used[View]
40498555Chris-chan: Now that we're at 10 years of sonichu it's time to ask ourselves was he /ourgu…[View]
40503229>never done anything right in my life >unattractive as all hell >zero self esteem >keep …[View]
40501314>don't take meds for a few days >become SUPER edgy and nihilistic and HATE everything and…[View]
40502581How do I get an older woman to be my gf and convince her to be my mommy?[View]
40500834>wake up at ten planning on smoking weed >procrastinate until dark when i have enough motivati…[View]
40501144Why are cuteboy x cuteboy relationships the most pure and loving?[View]
40501954>tfw obsessed with big tits[View]
40494957Can you actually see yourself having sex with a woman? It scares me.[View]
40495003ITT: autistic things you do I'll start >Imagine aliens watching me…[View]
40502466What are some games with good character creators where I can play as a qt femboy?[View]
40498909Do you remember any /r9k/ namefags: or avatarfags? who did you dislike the most for me it was WT sna…[View]
40502643>jack off >after finishing get really tired and my dick hurts…[View]
40502112So lonely. So bored.[View]
40502739>doing curls at the end of my workout >swing the dumbbells back into the rack >catch my thu…[View]
40497436god I hate gay posts so much just look at this SHIT It makes me SO ANGRY[View]
40502517i wish i had some good memories[View]
40502224>be me 1 year ago >5'10, 18, 314lbs >working at subway >no girls take me seriously,…[View]
40503087Stop hanging out here guys, it makes you depressed. Focus on improving yourselves and pay attention …[View]
40502034>be me in high school >have an extreme fart fetish and a love of phat asses >best friends w…[View]
40502600>health issue means I can no longer run >tfw wish I had been more active when I was younger…[View]
40502737I'm 29 years old going on 30. I am now officially a wizard. If I go out and get a prostitute to…[View]
40500206i'm posting kakyoin with cool sunglasses every day day200 man time is sure flying[View]
40502884IT: Fellow Kids: what is up fellow hip memesters[View]
40503059Does an inability to control desires really absolve the human species of any wrong, or is it just a …[View]
40501361Any NEETs in total isolation? Do you cook in your room? when was the last time you ate a meal with p…[View]
40499386Any rich bots here on /r9k/? >Earned or inherited? >Does your money make you happy? >Do yo…[View]
40503002>roommate just went into the bathroom hmm.. I could probably jack off and cum before he gets bac…[View]
40502650When she says she likes nerdy/robot guys: this is what she actually means[View]
40502967>move to Japan >still can't get a gf >still can't make friends…[View]
40502905>Babe...I love cuddling you, it's s- >Huh...? I feel something...weird under there. Haha …[View]
40479165Post scores, discuss other peoples' scores. mine: >49[View]
40499080>In health ethics class >ACA replacements come up >professor is obviously left wing, and so…[View]
40497006I'm a cakeboy !!! I like boys <3[View]
40501033Sophia, I'm sorry I jerk off to you so much. You're a human being with thoughts and emotio…[View]
40502944uni feels: >qt you like comes into your room >she's only there to see your roommate >y…[View]
40502858How likely is it that your gf will cheat on you if she's depressed? Asking for a friend.[View]
40500817/left-behind/: >tfw everyone left you Who left you anon? How many friends and family have left …[View]
40502900Post your most memorable JUST moments.[View]
40502888Before I go bed: I fucking suck. >have big dick >still virgin and no confidence I think about…[View]
40502676No that kid threads? Get in here, everybody has one. >that kid who they picked to give a huge spe…[View]
40502787who else /vegeta/ in here?[View]
40498246Unsure how in modern times you can be a virgin when all the technology, social media, and the rise o…[View]
40502747Banana: >tfw ur a banana[View]
40502709>Be me, a solid 6/10 and in decent shape >Make a Tinder >Over the course of a couple of wee…[View]
40502810I wish I was fucked by a burly Blackbot I'd do anything he asked me to. t.Gaybot[View]
40502257>you will never fuck beautiful women >chad fucks dozens of them daily why?…[View]
40501344Former Robot: In May of this year, I was a KHV just like the rest of you. Today, I received this mes…[View]
40501841any other robots extremely self conscious about the way they dress? i'm always worried about lo…[View]
40501119>tfw no qt bf/gf who showers daily[View]
40502649What's that feeling called where you feel like everyone around you hates you again? It's n…[View]
40501844ITT Pet Peeves: > shaved around my gooch with one of those eletric shavers because my ass hair wa…[View]
40501192Things coworkers say: 60 year old man manager >if shes old enough to bleed, shes old enough to bu…[View]
40498595any other fembots get kind of turned on by all the misogyny on here?[View]
40502576>used tinder for the first time >end up having a date with this girl >she's super cute…[View]
40499016How do ugly guys get laid?: Without paying for it or going for fatties. I am getting desperate /r9k/…[View]
40499526>girl is always nice and friendly with you >the moment you ask her out she immediately stops t…[View]
40501348itt: We are on a Wacky Gameshow where we have to stay in the same car in hot weather: >probably s…[View]
40502490I'm being forced to attend an event/fundraiser Friday night for my job. I really don't wan…[View]
40502397I wish I had a foreskin it's bad enough being an unloved virgin, but I can't even enjoy ma…[View]
40499009What would you do if you could suddenly control minds? > can be male or female > you have to m…[View]
40502121>Want to get the best EQ settings for my radio >Hurrr it all depends how good it sounds to you…[View]
40501795>older half sibling is abusive to me >after abuse, I go to parents for help and everyone start…[View]
40501205I fucking hate my life I will die lonely and depressed: >Be me >Mixed race girl with freckles,…[View]
40502417>27yo >workplace has 0 females(heavy duty macho job) >area is full of old people, so dont e…[View]
40502388anyone else /punk/ here? I figure there's like 2 or 3 of you out there post those punk feels[View]
40502101>tfw I was 11 when I first started posting on 4chan in 2010 Somehow I don't think I should…[View]
40500586>just ate 3000 calories in one sitting[View]
40500933My gf family is loaded..I'm broke: This is fucking bullshit, I'm in their 3 story house an…[View]
40501428I just found out the girl I liked at college has a chad boyfriend yesterday Kill me[View]
40502128Escaping wage slavery: Not going to work tomorrow. I'm gonna turn my phone off and sleep in. Me…[View]
40502245a girl that i never kissed or had sex with broke up with me last week, we have known each other for …[View]
40501911Robots experiences with Psychologists/Councillors: Just been fired from burger flipper job because o…[View]
40501170what is wageslaving like senpai? i am rich NEET but just applied for a job so i can work with this q…[View]
40502268>be me >be 14y me > go to this really shitty school >regret waking up > would normal…[View]
40498637>ugly guys have no chance at getting a girlfrie-[View]
40501141Are programming jobs really comfy? I have a fantasy of being a programmer in a small urban home some…[View]
40496401Smokers Corner: Kick back with one leg on the wall while you spark up a cigarette and tell me about …[View]
40502243>all I really want to do is lose myself in a drug trip while listening to music while holding my …[View]
40490330>wake up one day >every single human being except you is gone >you're completelly alon…[View]
40501914>'I can't find a job cause nobody is hiring or wants to hire me.' Nigger, there are fucking…[View]
40499904NEVER TAKE GREYHOUND: I was kicked off the bus two fucking states down from where I was going cause …[View]
40499604Can a femanon tell me what I did wrong Why am I not deserving of affection I won't be upset th…[View]
40501978How did Jews get the reputation for being shysters, scam-artists, and con-men?[View]
40499507Creative Robots - Late Night Edition: Come share anything creative in the creative robots thread Let…[View]
40501411any other /superhero/ here?: You may not believe but I have some kind of super power, for some reaso…[View]
40500849>just hide the thread if you don't like it bro! >just go back to rededit if you're n…[View]
40482759Sexual Deviancy Test: bdsmtest.org Post >results >age >sex >number of sexual partners…[View]
40500707>tfw my college is 70% women and 30% men but still can't get a gf[View]
40502080I took Psychedelics many times to get more empathy but it made me more selfish: I've taken them…[View]
40501999>child without an eye >made a mother cry…[View]
40502065Thanks, r9k: >Be me >Be cyborg >Don't have crippling anxiety >Go on r9k personal s…[View]
40502063Drug thread: I'm out of H, just squeezed 5 filters and shot it. Helped a little... whats up fel…[View]
40499398No money? No girlfriend? No hobbies? No dreams? No pride? What's on your mind anon? Tell me and…[View]
40498499What's your blood type, robots?[View]
40501925/goodboy/s: anyone else here /goodboy/? I don't like being rude or aggressive towards people. P…[View]
40501907>mfw my mom told me she had me tested for Asperger when i was 6 because my doctor thought i was a…[View]
40501701Damn. You know if Trump took a picture like this people would be doing everything they could to get …[View]
40501947was lee chandler one of us?[View]
40501490Who else gets pubic hair stuck in their urethra?[View]
40501956>bored of video games and anime >apply for jobs >get called for an interview >start enjo…[View]
40500630Is Jumanji kino?[View]
40500306>got committed to psych ward >went along with it thinking it would be okay >got put on meds…[View]
40501098What the fuck, I LOVE Ricky Martin now.[View]
40501058>skinny neet doing 100 push ups everyday >my dick is bigger in girth explain this…[View]
40501474>that 10/10 chick that only in your dreams you would come close to fucking her >chad fucks doz…[View]
40501767>be me >be 14 > had already lived with mom and her boyfriend for 6 years after previous bf…[View]
40501384I want to tie up a fembot and beat the shit out of them until they die[View]
40500905I'm 23 and I work 40 hours a week, I have to travel 1.5 hours to get there, I have no friends, …[View]
40500937What the actual fuck: My mom is wearing a choker. Should I be concerned?[View]
40498884/mbti general/: xNTJ type best type edition. This thread is for ANY and ALL MBTI related discussion.…[View]
40501200>I'm an irredeemable piece of shit I don't buy that. Post the person and persons you ca…[View]
40501470Anyone else really disgusted with women on this Harvey Weinstein 'scandle'? All these actresses comi…[View]
40500892hey roboots does anyone have any exp with buying a hooker? how do you know if they a cop? i justs wa…[View]
40501631Well mother fucker maybe you should leave my thread. What the fuck you gonna do bitch? You should le…[View]
40498704How do I get a cute gay bf to do non-lewd things with such as cuddling and kissing? I have accepted …[View]
40501572>not cute >want to be cute >heterosexual male what do?…[View]
40500033how do I stop fapping to traps and loli hentai[View]
40499637no: How do you feel about the cancer that is spreading on /r9k/? LARPing redditors who have seen fun…[View]
40494974I have to do a school presentation with a girl who is: >6'0 >Super hot >Super tan and …[View]
40501085Fucking spiders: 5 mins ago a fucking thumb sized spider walked over my face as I was watching tv in…[View]
40498769About to take a 5'2 Asian woman's virginity. Worried what it's like- the blood, how t…[View]
40501307I REALLY fucking wish I was mentally challenged instead of mentally ill. Retards have it SO much bet…[View]
40500456>11 year old niece staying with us >We're sharing a room >She strips right in front of…[View]
40500722say what you will about chubby chasers the love of a fat girl is the purest there is i have a belly …[View]
40493966Daily women hate thread: Useless women edition Name 1 thing women can do that men can't do bett…[View]
40500093Internet dating is fucking stupid: >on okcupid >send girl a message >because apparently g…[View]
40501358Wagecuck: Alright bots I've signed my soul over to the wage lords and sold my weekends to them.…[View]
40500229Im about to break up with my first gf Ama[View]
40501376>Be me, 13 >Have to cook come shit for school assignment >Make 30 mini chocolate pudding pi…[View]
40500981hobby: Help me find a hobby robots[View]
40497104Does racism and/or misogyny play a part in your loneliness? Did a black guy take that girl you like?…[View]
40499705>people are realizing maybe the nazis weren't so wrong after all >uh ohh, bad goyim bette…[View]
40500032College hate thread: Professor tried to lecture someone today because she used the word 'whore' and …[View]
40499100I keep coming back to her. >pic related[View]
40499927All politics are a meme. All ideologies are memes. It's all bullshit. You will die for nothing.[View]
40499360I fell in love with a girl when I was in high school. We broke, badly, she will not even talk to me …[View]
40497019just a daily reminder that 2D girls are, in fact, quite, quite superior to poopy 3D fakes[View]
40500107>Work in Carpentry >Realize life is fundamentally a gift >Realize that whatever suffering …[View]
40500891If your life was a movie that started tomorrow, what song would be playing as you wake up in the ope…[View]
40499206>this is your future if you do not change your ways[View]
40494397Ive fallen back into a generic existential crisis, 'why do we even bother living we are just chemica…[View]
40497914Is there a site that gives you pornstar recommendations depending on pornstars you like? Something l…[View]
40500332How come sissy white bois don't want a friends with benefits relationship with their dark doms?[View]
40499313How do I stop going on discord when I have nothing[View]
40497154Why are a lot of fembots black?: Why are self proclaimed fembots disproportionately black? >inb4…[View]
40497666ITT we give people missions and objectives only things that can be done quick and easy first mission…[View]
40499343Any one else missing the early 2010s[View]
40499807Hi /r9k/ I'm drunk as fuck so ask me anything[View]
40499428Is body language a myth: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GAniRWSd5Qc in this video, a woman analyses…[View]
40500658Social anhedoniais defined as a trait-like disinterest in social contact and is characterized by soc…[View]
40499915Daily reminder that existence is nothing but pain[View]
40498360>34 year old Croupier comes into the surgery >Has been shuffling cards all day long >Both t…[View]
40491704Fembots. Does cock size REALLY matter to you? If so, what's your ideal cock size? How big is to…[View]
40499019How do I get a white wife? Asian here[View]
40496666Why do normies think that suicide is a bad thing? There is literally nothing wrong with suicide[View]
40498870How do i get a bf with big balls?[View]
40499829This girl is 14, remember that.[View]
40500708>Come to /r9k/ every day. >Have to see white fuckers on this board talk about how shit their l…[View]
40498695animu girls are love, animu girls are life![View]
40500771Any robots want to chill in Saskatoon? Maybe play vidya?[View]
40500755This is the only life you will ever, ever get. And you spend it like this.[View]
40500693Everyone only thinks about themselves. I'm the only one who thinks KS about me.[View]
40499056Can someone explain to me how anyone gets up in the morning, unless you're a genius if you have…[View]
40499435>tfw feel like a neet at uni[View]
40500583>first day at job >maybe it wont be so bad >get nicknamed Zero >at least it wasnt Serial…[View]
40500376>'fembots don'tt exis-'[View]
40500614> uper shy growing up and barely interacted with anyone > lost virginity when 25yo > marrie…[View]
40500529>order chinese food >eat it >check fortune cookie >'Your love is a special love. Why not…[View]
40500112>cancelled all my therapy appointments I feel so fucking awful, like I'm letting everyone do…[View]
40500370>See thread that looks like a lot of fun >Click on it >404…[View]
40496930Mod pranks: >mod feels like having a giggle >we're at post no. 44444300 >mod moves a t…[View]
40499478Hey Anon, I think that girl is checking you out. Why not go over and say hi? What do you have to los…[View]
40498186>Anon, can you give me a back rub please? My shoulders are killing me.[View]
40497211Anyone want to fap to Eiken with me? It's so good and satisfying to fap to... Add nebuch4 on Sk…[View]
40499833>tfw you realize having no friends is extremely weird and abnormal[View]
40495024Sweden feels thread[View]
40499779I'm in Thailand for 3 weeks. Would I be a bad guy to just do all the questionable shit I want t…[View]
40499300What in gods name am I looking at, someone please tell me what this is[View]
40500197I just woke up and it's 6:55pm What the fuck I missed an entire day, I hate myself so much some…[View]
40500387>happen up qt 3.14 in the breakroom >been thinking about asking her out forever, never had the…[View]
40500111Why do people on 4chan tend to have ridiculous standards when it comes to a significant other?[View]
40499422Millennial men how will you make the future better for me than your Parents: I'm female and Mil…[View]
40498804>think I'm getting close to a woman >she just pities me and treats me like a pet or a sma…[View]
40499091What's the best robot snacks?[View]
40500352I am generally an unhappy person and yet am able to keep a friendly and easygoing demeanor at work f…[View]
40496949How do you justify being NEET?[View]
40499866r9k is the most ironic board the robot exists to make sure we post original content but the topics o…[View]
40499390Biggest achievement in life: What has been your biggest achievement in life? was asked of me when fi…[View]
40498337Yo yo /r9k/, this is Pepe coming atcha, reminding you to DAB on them haters! *DAB!* *DAB!* *DAB!* Ha…[View]
40500219>tfw buttne[View]
40500171Goddamn this board is norman as fuck today[View]
40500189Green Day have been the biggest loss for my generation. I probably spend about 3-4 hours a week try…[View]
40500160Anyone got the car crash pictures from 'the ballad of Ella' story?[View]
40499767>That absolute horrible feeling when there's a cutie in your class who you're pretty su…[View]
40500098is liking animals a sign of autism?[View]
40497219>tfw boys will never lust after me[View]
40500074/that guy threads/: Where did they go where did they come from?[View]
40498509How do I eat out my gf?[View]
40499565>Went into one of my college's gender neutral boyfriend because it's nicer than the boy…[View]
40498687>tfw i .have a stinky neet puss[View]
40497056Its Wednesday, the Powerball jackpot is at the perfect amount of $156 Million, and I have high hopes…[View]
40500054Cucks: Upload your best cuck and nu-male content for a bit of a giggle and for a delicious side dish…[View]
40499452Where do I find a QT mexican Pixie GF?[View]
40499840Just be yourself. Women will come to you, when they sense you're confident.[View]
40497541/MGTOW/ General: Any other fellow MGTOW bros here? I think this board needs to red pilled and stop o…[View]
40498475>Just wants to live a peaceful NEET life >Can only use PC for 1 hour and 30 minutes per day …[View]
40499341it's kind of sad that 3D 'females' don't watch slice of life, because then they will never…[View]
40498957>tfw no qt bf/gf who can cut my hair[View]
40499778Hi safer, I am sorry things aren't working out for you, and I hope in the future it works out.[View]
40498882im naked right now my little willy and balls are being blown by my fan[View]
40499172>TFW no cute, tall, dominant, girlfriend Just kill me now.[View]
40499417I don't like the direction society is going in. I don't like it one bit. People are gettin…[View]
40499684What are the best dating websites/apps for robots? are there any zeemaps dating maps? Also what happ…[View]
40499571there is nothing more fucking normie than a fraternity or sorority. the people in these things make …[View]
40498241You ever had the hots for a family member?[View]
40496752reddit: >talking to the guy at work about building PCs >he starts telling me about all these s…[View]
40499160>tfw no qt latina mommy gf[View]
40499394Femanons, do you love your dad?[View]
40498083If your oneitis told you she is into cuckolding and wants to date you, would you?[View]
40499389What's your favorite board that has been taken over by porn? Mine was /a/[View]
40497629>You didn't forget about me, did you?[View]
40499474>objectively 10/10 Chad smiled at me today >probably thought he was doing me a favor >didn…[View]
40497380what are u sposed to do when u just dont really care, or enjoy anything? i wittle down the hours eac…[View]
40491050Suicide of Nicole Davis: 21:30 for the jump https://videos.deathaddict.com/2017/01/8923_8814_ITZDoll…[View]
40499285Who /half BPD/ here? Only 5 of the 9 symptoms apply to me, so I don't have Borderline Personali…[View]
40498692youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XEu7TyaOFls i worked on this video all afternoons wha…[View]
40499282/chronic/ ailments thread: Have had chronic abdominal nerve pain for the last few years. Feels like …[View]
40499253I deserve it. I deserve every thing that happened, itwasall punishment for what I did in a past life…[View]
40499218straight outta feels: I'm not pursuing relationships any more. It's too much work to score…[View]
40498132Are you addicted to any drugs? Pic related[View]
40499449any r9k gay discords that are comfy out there feeling down about a boy and i just want to browse abo…[View]
40498029Who are worse, chinks or kikes?[View]
40497999who here /non human person/[View]
40498195Why do women love serial killers so much?[View]
40498727>talking with normies >'France is ONLY 10% muslim'…[View]
40498641How do I decide what to masturbate to tonight? There's like 15 new videos I want to jerk off to…[View]
40492727Can Manlets Make it?: I'm 5'8. Nothing wrong with my face, in good shape, dress well. Even…[View]
40496929any other robots have really bad sleep problems? what are some tips, i haven't had sleeping pro…[View]
40496663anyone here know any secrets? nothing that will get you killed so don't post those. just any in…[View]
40498964Have you ever think about how you'll live your life without doing anything important for somebo…[View]
40498999Make it stop make it stop make it stop: https://youtu.be/aKf6cg2-lHc >tfw born just in time to wi…[View]
40498797How much would you spend for your own Joi in the world? I bet you faggots would actually pay for on…[View]
40491426Why do people cry during BDSM?[View]
40497877Acne thread.: >tfw chad like facial bone structure. >blonde hair blue eyes. >6'1'. …[View]
40498648>try omegle to help cure social anxiety and body dysmorphia >first girl I come across asks if …[View]
40497774>finally I'm beggining to feel kinda happy >new people >starting uni >gym >still…[View]
40498864>tfw no phanariotes bf[View]
40497867>19 years old >balding is god making fun of me?…[View]
40498841You cant be a robot if you have nice teeth You think the chinlet meme us bad? Imagine having my set …[View]
40497720I'm a girl and want to get nipple piercings. Will I be seen as trashy by guys? I'm a KV th…[View]
40498515How does this image make you feel, /r9k/?: /leftypol/ here, just came to say that virgin misogynist …[View]
40498787What message is this picture supposed to convey?[View]
40485161It's that time again: Post those fuckin charts big boys[View]
40498439Fun fact: there are actually more males than females, many of which end up taking multiple partners …[View]
40496155Hey NEET why do you love video games so much? Why dont you read or make art instead[View]
40497388hmm: Should the government be obligated to legally issue every single male with a girlfriend? Why or…[View]
40496557I hate having a low IQ. I hate having a low IQ. I hate having a low IQ. I hate having a low IQ. I ha…[View]
40497753What are your thoughts on Boruto: Naruto Next Generations?[View]
40496950>almost 2018 >he doesn't butt fuck black trannies…[View]
40497841From robot to human: > be me, about 6 yo > parents divorce > years of shitstorms follow, in…[View]
40497775What's r9ks favourite movie?[View]
40498623Who's watching survivor tonight?[View]
40494931I want to start smoking but if my mommy would find out she would be mad what do?[View]
40497822This website is literally poison for your soul.[View]
40496718>be shitskin >forced to have arranged marriage with some ugly shitskin girl to pass down ugly …[View]
40498554what's with all the trannys on okcupid lately?[View]
40497008Do girls like boys' butts? Do they want to put things in boys' butts? Fembots, what do you…[View]
40496885Anyone here so self aware of how bad their life situation is that you cringe just thinking about it?…[View]
40497983>hear about blue pill/redpill >find out about the black pill >find out black pill guy is fu…[View]
40498064Do you have any guides on how to stop being a failure?[View]
40497547>BRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAP Oh, that was a stinky one. Hope it doesn't smell too bad, Anon!…[View]
40498018Seems like we got into a funnyjunk 'meme' thread https://funnyjunk.com/Building+robots/unktLha/ I e…[View]
40496307If you weight over 150lbs you're a fucking obese piece of shit and need to get the fuck off thi…[View]
40498142Send memes similar to this one robots[View]
40498278Turning 20 in literally 1 week lads. Don't know how it happened, but after years of patience I …[View]
40498097>you can't be a criminal without friends/partners really makes me think…[View]
40498005Happened like 5 years ago while I was still in highschool >Seniors ditch day @ beech >Students…[View]
40498057>drinking alone again what you're doing bro's? currently emptying another six pack whil…[View]
40495494How come all the fembots here seem to be non-virgins and have/had boyfriends? Why would they come he…[View]
40490038What has /r9k/ done this year? >purchased a new phone >got fatter >dropped out of community…[View]
40496799Hobby inspection: Well anon, have you chosen your hobby yet? I hope it's creative rather than c…[View]
40495995>History autist girls don't exist[View]
40498017Hey dad: Someone told me you like boi pussy.[View]
40498184Omegle thread. Tag r9k. you must show yourself.[View]
40498139milky milky giv me milky now[View]
40486354>tfw no bf that helps me transition into his little girl >tfw I'm probably gonna end up …[View]
40497674There's too much gay on this board. I think im going to leave[View]
40496100Oh yeah daddy fuck me with that big white cock.[View]
40498100It's my birthday today and I want to kill myself. Ive been drinking all day, stuck in the house…[View]
40497837Why is pewdiepie making it obvious he browses 4chan?[View]
40498054I'm drinking at the park while its raining out because my grandma just died. what are you guys …[View]
40495745what would your ideal gf be? pic related is mine[View]
40496150I love when daddy takes me to get ice cream[View]
40496680Life really is fucking hell. Gotta take the hero's way out. See y'all on the other side.[View]
40497190The chad Priest: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0NOTU1g0Z8w[View]
40493832>Get drunk alone >Dance in front of your cat Who lonely?…[View]
40497784@ god please give me motivation[View]
40497968Jews = shills Feel the pain r9k[View]
40495921How do I get a straight, small to flat chested tits, petite pixie GF?[View]
40497559Is being a submissive male and having a femdom fetish nature's way of weeding out weak men from…[View]
40496524>tfw thinking about him again[View]
40497779I pity manlets: I just like to feel man's arms ok? I don't want to feel like I'm bein…[View]
40497180anyone here snacking on cucumbers with salt?[View]
40494938You believe you're special ... But you're just one of many, many robots.[View]
40497771Random encounter with old classmates: >be me >just got out of evening school, pretty fucking …[View]
40497516>guy in a discord says to search the word 'onion' on bing with a random word alongside it why is …[View]
40496831just took 20mg valiums, ama. also smoking cigarettes and herbal jew, and sipping some red wine and b…[View]
40497733Why do people recommend therapy when it doesn't work?[View]
40497563Alright im bored out of my mind lets start a new 'that guy' thread Ill start >That kid who always…[View]
40495700do you like big eye girls or no[View]
40496452Give mommy a kiss anon![View]
40497538My friend (21) is having a kid. Im a KHHV (20)[View]
40495358Why shouldn't Im just kill myself? >Left school when I was 15 >Absolutely no friends sinc…[View]
40497012Are there any, dare I say it, 40 year old virgins on this board?[View]
40494802>men constantly brag about how they are stronger than women >can be sent to the floor crying f…[View]
40492866/britfeel/: Halloween is less than 2 weeks away edition[View]
40497007>all you have to do is be white and tall and women throw themselves at you bro! NOT FUCKING TRUE…[View]
40494294Krautfeels general: You know the drill. Germans, Austrians, Czechs, Poles and Slovaks get in here. M…[View]
40497065How the fuck are university robots lucky enough to make group projects with qts and go to parties wh…[View]
40496679DUDE DON'T even SPEAK to me *slurrrrp*[View]
40495370put instruments in my penis doc[View]
40493080/gaybot/ general - Two weeks notice edition: Sup /gaybots/ how are you today? I refuse to apologize …[View]
40495994I stopped being my enemy I took normie advice >don't put all your eggs in one basket >if …[View]
40496316>get gf >break up with gf >year later discover she showed your dick pic to half of the sc…[View]
40494947the reason why girls are roasties is because they fucked thick cock too many times. how plausible i…[View]
40496459Nudes: Just rolled quads in a thread on b https://mega.nz/#F!ERR0gCbT!0oRNXjAWaCSfpXG9QqgljQ No nee…[View]
40497399why the fuck was i unable to retain anything in math? am i retarded?[View]
40497383>mfw I play like shit when I'm not feeling sad >i play fantastically when I'm sad …[View]
40497377Dotard Drumpf[View]
40496025Assuming you will one day get a gf, would you please greentext a perfect day that you would have wit…[View]
40496873>Caught: Have you ever been caught jacking it to some weird fetish, loli or something? Have your …[View]
40497367>be teenager >have pregnancy scare with then gf >don't date anyone for years >self …[View]
40497356I want it so bad holy fuck[View]
40497351>be white >go to China >a half the girls are my height or taller…[View]
40497284>walking down the street >see a guy wave at me >wave back >he was waving to the girl beh…[View]
40497285>call to cancel my therapy appointment D E V I L I S H[View]
40495349All you guys worry about white girls fucking dogs when really, they want to fuck dolphins[View]
40496376Found it on the road as i went home. >Instantly kneel >Beg lord pepe for forgiveness…[View]
40495006Loneliness: How to find geniune love and friendship in the modern age ?[View]
40496296>be me >highschool senior >qt grill asks me to homecoming What the actual fuck am I gonna d…[View]
40495360Do you think big dicks is the biggest meme in the world?[View]
40497182>cleaners say hi to me literally every time they see me >Not just when we first see each other…[View]
40497125>Tfw ever since I was a kid. Could never properly pronounce 'th' >When I said earth or three i…[View]
40496331Stoner girl stories?[View]
40495234>me >an anime fan >very knowledgeable and enthusiastic the topic >invest time and money …[View]
40496594I'm sitting in the police station after a week long, drug fueled bender. How do I get out of th…[View]
40496788Can we stop with gay threads, please? It's okay to have a few of them, but you achieve nothing…[View]
40495901What kind of images do you save the most? For me it's selfie shots and food pictures then maybe…[View]
40496545Uma delicia What did he mean by this?[View]
40495329>small talk with someone for 60 seconds >officially out of anything I could possibly talk to t…[View]
40496439>Excuse me, sir, have you witnessed any recent cases of robophobia on this board? I intend to tak…[View]
40495766>tfw a qt nurse take care of you SHE TAKES CARE OF ME BECAUSE THE MONEY REEEEEEEEEE, SHE WILL FUC…[View]
40496191When did you realize you didn't actually have any real friends? >be in middle school >yea…[View]
40496837Why the fuck do I just randomly hate some people without even knowing them. >Dude sits in my tabl…[View]
40494655Listen to my story robits. So there's this girl who's a complete slut. I mean, drunk every…[View]
40496932What the hell does happiness feel like?: I'm not saying this because I'm super depressed o…[View]
40496872>trying to get along with americans and treating them like the same species…[View]
40493870>tfw local nightclub is having a 1970s night Thursday >tfw love the 1970s and regularly LARP a…[View]
40496755Does Pepe count as a furry?[View]
40496469Boxing training at my local gym starts in half an hour. I'm sitting here kissing my cat on the …[View]
40494630After 30 years I've achieved academic success but have made no progress on my KHV status. I…[View]
40495119why is r9k so gay: i didnt even scroll past 2 lines in the catalog and i already saw 3 penises…[View]
40496779YOU ARE ALL FOOLS: I'm a robot from new york Literally, LITERALLY since I moved to Arkansas I…[View]
40496678I think I'm finally getting over my porn addiction.[View]
40496740im not attracted to women anymore but i aint a gay... help me fellow robits[View]
40496727I'm sorry pot I must take a break from you :( You're the greatest feeling in the world bu…[View]
40496323Finding pleasure in spicey food: Rather than in copulation.[View]
40496717>girls get periods and eventually go through menopause[View]
40494948Is it possible to beat lust?[View]
40495223The Weinstein thing and thr metoo campaign got me thinking. Do all modrately attractive women face s…[View]
40495174>tfw your only hobby is arguing with strangers online about completelly pointless things…[View]
40495611You guys are just the other side of the same negative,elitist spectrum. You honestly think you guys …[View]
40495326How many layers of irony are you permavigins on? You complain about how normal people are such insen…[View]
40496370Are fembots even real? I see supposed fembots here all the time but I never see them in real life. I…[View]
40496222See white boy, we'z all equal n shit now bend that ass over next to your oneitis my bbc needs t…[View]
40496671This idea that 'you can't get laid': Why do women and normies always say this? They know that t…[View]
40496632That guy thread? I'll start. >that kid in college who brought his laptop to class every day …[View]
40496053>I hate women they treat me like shit >goes on /r9k/ to treat other people like shit…[View]
40486205Behold.... GIGA CHAD[View]
40496176> tfw spinal injury years ago > has an okay body before > now categorized as 'extremely obe…[View]
40488933> tfw no hungry cockslut that wants to be used as my personal onahole to help me get off > no …[View]
40496000>in class at uni >professor asks a simple question >know the answer >he calls on me >…[View]
40496246Sometimes being a straight shooter does work: >Be me >Saw a cute girl sitting on the bench …[View]
40496463Why can't faggots go back to /lgbt/, or /b/ where they belong? This is a board for autistic NEE…[View]
40496508>Encounter an argument that I can't refute >Call it bait >Win the argument Works every…[View]
40496129What hair product do I use to make my hair like this?[View]
40495549>Be me 8 months ago >Totally aspie and can't hold a conversation >Get friend request f…[View]
40496418Is cryptocurrency trading worth it? I keep hearing about people making crazy gains but I don't …[View]
40495241How do you know women aren't blatantly lieing about their past sexual experiences and number of…[View]
40495397Hugs: How long has it been since you were hugged tightly by another person? I feel as if I were hugg…[View]
40494330Anybody else that has given up and accepted their fate? No point in improving since life just doesn…[View]
40495904Tell me all about ALEPH: Tell me if you have good info I have good info.[View]
40496340Trying to explain: The collision of singularities to Mom and legitimately start to worry when she do…[View]
40495731Any other robots high right now?[View]
40496330I just found out that i might have fetal alcohol syndrome. My face looks like one and i have almost …[View]
40495216>In school I was known as one of the smart ones >finish school with top grades >end up work…[View]
40493455Is anyone else attractive but their mental illness gets in the way of having a gf/social life?[View]
40496183Let's say hypothetically you get a girlfriend, and then you find out she has a SlutCircle on he…[View]
40496168Why Aren't You Cumming?: Why don't you just cum right now? I mean, it's all your good…[View]
40496199who here /Listneing to spooky music to get in the Halloween mood/ Post your tunes https://www.youtub…[View]
40496192Why robots can't become batman: What is the deal here, why don't you guys just go full on …[View]
40496085What's the longest amount of time you've been muted for on /r9k/? 4 seconds here[View]
40496130Why is it that some days I feel great and enjoy my NEET hedonism and other days I feel horribly stre…[View]
40495844Why can't you be normal anon? What did we do to deserve a child like you?[View]
40493855What causes brain fog ?: its getting harder for me to focus on things for long periods of time, i fe…[View]
40496086autism: >be me >have aspergers syndrome >first biology lesson in college >placed next to…[View]
40495950feels/sad/suicidal reaction images ITT GO![View]
40493725Anyone else have trouble getting over creepy shit they did as a kid? When I was like twelve I touche…[View]
40495701I finally signed up for mental health services, my initial consultation is in a week. anybody else d…[View]
40495959>tfw no thin pretty bf because they're all gay[View]
40495340Times When You Fucked Yourself: >start browsing /fit/ >decide to start SS+GOMAD and stop being…[View]
40495529>be cripplingly depressed at college >move to uni >things are finally starting to look up …[View]
40495261WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED TO THE VIRGIN VS CHAD MEME? I've seen Tumblr and Facebook posts about i…[View]
40495542> Virgin police! You're under arrest! w-what do![View]
40494863>Good morning fembot, you're so beautiful even when you're sleeping.…[View]
40495809What happened over the last 2 years to make everyone so ass fuck mad over traps posting. when i used…[View]
40494820Do robots have a journal? Mine is two years old and has only 1500 words.[View]
40495177>the people who did bad things to me are living happy lives >while they were doing the bad th…[View]
40494267Why do you want to kill yourself so much?: What is it with your fascination with suicide, you know y…[View]
40495433I've just realized that asking a girl if she is single / has a bf is the most beta thing you ca…[View]
40494982>tfw mom lets out a big wet sloppy fart[View]
40494895Alright is the jury in yet? Is going on 4chan bad for you or not?[View]
40495660> Sober for a full week after 18 months of non-stop benders and ruining my life A-am I actually g…[View]
40495366me literally 1 year ago >enough life time wasted >let's get my shit together >attend a…[View]
40495720>tfw the bullies never worked for you faggots Is there a worse fate than being a stupid nerd?…[View]
40495672Buy the iPhone X and escape robotism: >Innovation >Interesting >Internal >Irresistible T…[View]
40495337>tfw girls from my chem class talk to me >tfw had mid-term last week >was reviewing up unti…[View]
40495624Any robots ever have a bad argument online? I'm talking nuclear - discord server shut down/made…[View]
40495754>I will never >EVER >Be in the middle of a gargoyle sandwich It's not fair…[View]
40494519Looks like the liquor's run dry boys >F[View]
40495470unironically want big tiddy mommy gf to take care of me as her big boy since my real mom was an alch…[View]
40495656What would it look like if a Robot Fight Club was started? I'd say out of all groups Robots los…[View]
40492754Have you ever attempted to kill yourself? Or hurt yourself? 'Punish' yourself? I'm kinda doing …[View]
40495239Hey white boy: Come get some black pussy ;)[View]
40494977Former lesbots, who (or what) brought you back to dick?: What were your emotions?[View]
40492939If you had to pick one, which of these girls would you dare to fight[View]
40492269We're a generation of men raised by women. I'm wondering if another woman is really the an…[View]
40495617More Life 4422[View]
40491595Why do you think you don't have a girlfriend?[View]
40494980Gf in the hospital: She won't stop telling me >Please don't leave me >If you leave …[View]
40491312Why do people eat Oreos and not Hydrox: It's fucking bullshit Oreo is LITERALLY a knockoff bran…[View]
40495581>want be a cute trap >visible hemorroids I CANT EVEN BE A TRAP REEEEEEEEEEEEEE HOW DO I FIX MY…[View]
40495584>tfw no kaymakam bf[View]
40495509Just beat the devil out of it, for me, anon[View]
40493259Name a dumber group than /v/ posters. They make /r9k/ look like rocket scientists.[View]
40487731what is it like to have a gf? what cute things do girls do? and how do they secretly fart? ive never…[View]
40495557Have you taken the Dahmerpill?[View]
40494894>Sister is almost 30 >Still living with her parents >Is poor >Sells shit on ebay for chu…[View]
40491880Anyone want to fap to Eiken with me? It's so good and satisfying to fap to...[View]
40490066>2017 >not being into findom Stop pretending you don't get hard whenever you hand all of …[View]
40495521there ain't nothin' worse than a pencil dick! t. 7x5 spaghettiboy[View]
40494029>tfw subhuman posture[View]
40493362The Dotard: Will he make a single accomplishment in 4 years? Will he even make it 4 years?[View]
40492833Hey guys Iv been seeing this girl in college alot and today she asked if she wanted to casually fuck…[View]
40494329Quick summary: This guy 'saved' a total of 30 people who jumped from a bridge. Why does everyone pra…[View]
40493763Give it to me straight. Does it get better?.[View]
40494882Do any robots pay for nudes? Not talking about camwhores but real life hot girls that you know?[View]
40494400https://wikihow.com/Act-Like-Sasuke >he still can't get a gf when this guide exist Go on, no…[View]
40495345Why would an octopus-like monster feel the need to thrust its tentacles into a human vagina?[View]
40491755>have daughter >she ends up like agatha what would you do?…[View]
40495365>wake up >Grandmother is already bitching >Brothers already crying There truly is no rest f…[View]
40493305>its a get in a huge argument with my therapist and storm out of her office episode…[View]
40495061how to not die alone?: >'We want men to chase after us, we want their attention, we want them to …[View]
40495268Comfy thread: Who else feeling /comfy finally ? >new phone with comfy background >clean room w…[View]
40487225>think for your whole live that you are intelligent >you are actually a brainlet…[View]
40495023How the fuck do you even talk to girls? Like how do you keep them interested? I had to talk to a gir…[View]
40495240soo this bitch is 17 , would you do it ?!: hxxps://www.youtube.cxm/watch?v=mGD-PmDdt-0 watch 10:10 m…[View]
40494650why does chad cry?[View]
40495186NEET LIFE: this image is so true for those of us that are living the dream,my mom is my errand perso…[View]
40495161>and it goes round the world just la la la la la, and everybody singing la la la la la…[View]
40487888PISCES IS THE WORST SIGN OF ALL TIME I FUCKING HATE THEM >easily triggered >fucking demanding …[View]
40495170what's love got to do with it? you sing you lose[View]
40494864>at uni >sitting in class >2 chads talking to eachother in front of me >2 stacies talkin…[View]
40495059It's clear that most of you have lives that can be described with the 'JUST' meme, but what abo…[View]
40495057>tfw no loyal 4/10 gf[View]
40490006what's sex with a fat girl like?[View]
40486464Are you truly a wizard?: Do you have what it takes to harness your virgin soul?[View]
40494163>get invited out by a 10/10 qt from work >figure why the fuck not >go out to a bar >shes…[View]
40494865>young couple straight out of highschool >first loves, move out and live together >get marr…[View]
40491662>woke up who else having a bad day here?[View]
40494561Tfw: I collected most seeds that I want to sow in wagies garden. I've tried to have a nice blen…[View]
40494316Looking for a new start or a minecraft server that hasn't become a circlejerk (yet)? A lot of s…[View]
40494740>in the middle of class >have horrible diarrhea…[View]
40494836>r9k >made to be a refuge for people with problems >90% of the board is just showing why we…[View]
40494178I Want Off the Normie Train: > Be me > Former outcast. Poorfag.Bullied regularly. Smelly kid. …[View]
40494897Wagecucks are you happy you're not a neet?[View]
40494885ITT things that were insignificant that you can't stop thinking about: >be me >be in clas…[View]
40493128>start CBT therapy >'so what are your goals and aspirations, what do you want out of life?' …[View]
40494847Ever been high on just the thought of a beautiful woman? I don't know about the rest of you, bu…[View]
40494724>tfw no friends it's sad. it's getting hard to do things like play a video game or wat…[View]
40491295>ugly appearance >ugly personality >can't fix either of them What does a man do in thi…[View]
40488686Are black girls the alt-rightist' greatest weakness?[View]
40494810What do you guys do for fun around here? >and b4 newfag. Look I'm bored okay.…[View]
40492924How does it feel knowing that there will never be anyone who takes pride in being known as your wife…[View]
40494743>haven't masturbated in 3 days >have to but can't, I am thinking of her…[View]
40494431Tell me why rape is wrong[View]
40493562whats the point of life when you have a 5.5 dick in length and a below average girth?[View]
40492852My gf is in he hospital: Should I use this as an excuse to leave? She shattered her leg bone so she …[View]
40494370>23 years old >thinking about dating a 54 year old qt guy halp ? how terrible would this be ? …[View]
40493665What if this happened to you?[View]
40494024Should I?: Should I kill myself? My girlfriend left me. My ex wife won the custody battle She took t…[View]
40493893>mfw literally nothing in this universe can make me happy and I will die alone…[View]
40494562https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=04_CZM16Oow >just dropped 4 tabs of acid what should i expect…[View]
40494668Do people find this arousing?[View]
40493310Daily reminder that there is nothing more repulsive to women than a grown ass man playing video game…[View]
40494664Only the strong will survive, only the biggest dicks make it past the pussy wall do you have what it…[View]
40493994>5'4' >Black How fucked am I?[View]
40494654I eat my own cum bc im too lazy to find something to wipe it up[View]
40494056Why do black people love dragonball?[View]
40494622>Dad finds the Toronto Maple Leafs jersey[View]
40494159Sup boys? I'm currently skipping my history class to get high. Ask me anything.[View]
40493616Robbing people for their Iphone: Why the fuck is it so fucking hard to steal iPhones now. Literally…[View]
40494517Why can't I go back to the late 90s? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pgH3BNyItFc[View]
40493773>tfw normies think anyone who isn't book smart is dumb >tfw miles smarter than them with …[View]
40493172What is a good country for a stem autist. I just want to wither get a good job, or get into academia…[View]
40493668Randomly reading an article on young men and suicide, don't ask why, but then I see this, what …[View]
40494481r9k makes a meme: r9k, asking for a favour here. Please make a fantastic meme. Doesn't have to …[View]
40490485Why do people think it's 'ok' to like traps?: You are literally fantasizing over a gu…[View]
40494446>Have some nachi Anon, the blood is so fresh![View]
40493389Why haven't you taken the furpill, brobots? >Most members are autistic like you >Easy to …[View]
40490613>tfw u cant even rape a girl bcos u have small wrists and would get overpowered by her…[View]
40494346Why don't you get a qt disabled deaf/blind/whatever girl?[View]
40492585I miss my NEET lifestyle. Advice to all you NEETs: enjoy it while it lasts.[View]
40493529ITT: red pills about making it on twitch: Share you advices about how to actually make it on twitch.…[View]
40492525>Load Facebook >Like a dozen female FB friends have posted this '#MeToo' shit I'm sorry, …[View]
40493451Take a break anon. 4chan isn't going anywhere.[View]
40494314>girl I have a crush on wants to hang >we go to her work to eat >introduces me to her crush…[View]
40494160Fembots how the FUCK do you compete?!?!?![View]
40493881Women support abortion at 9 months yet when a dog dies they go hysterical. Why are women so fucking …[View]
40493963hey robots idk if any of you have this problem but its actually crippling my life >go to uni >…[View]
40491213Do you want to have children someday?[View]
40493497Would you father children to a tattooed whore?[View]
40493851>those intervals of time that randomly hit you during the day where you think of how much of your…[View]
40493521Why do Eastern Europeans and Russians have a much more authentic way of looking at the world? The we…[View]
40493623>Wake up today >Hear that chick who rejected me was hit by a car and Life Flighted to a hospit…[View]
40489528Cute itty bitty? or milk mammy?[View]
40491038should i buy a pepper spray? im a eurocuck so i cant buy a real gun, i dont feel safe in the street …[View]
40494195Have you ever verbally and/or physically destroyed a normie?[View]
40494091Why aren't you the DEFINITIVE personality type?[View]
404940085:00 A.M >time to go to bed now[View]
40494137what happens if I link my thread in the title like this >>40494134 ?? do I complete 4chan and …[View]
40460502Write a letter to somebody who may or may not read it: Dearest E Please message me when you go home …[View]
40493159Anyone else fap to gay porn but never felt attraction to men irl? Its quite a feel.[View]
40493602Sometimes being a straight shooter does work: >Be me >Saw a cute girl sitting on the bench …[View]
40493901If a dwarf can get girls why can't you? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZpWXV3bSGWI[View]
40493039post cum sock only about 2 months into this one but it seems to have hit a plateau in how caked i ca…[View]
40490988Am I the only non white guy here who isn't really attracted to white women? Outside of maybe a …[View]
40493394is it easy to get a chubby gf? I want one really bad[View]
40492757I want to get into Satanism. I'm not some edgy teenager. I am merely observing reality and draw…[View]
40493959Can you even be successful in this life if you are not social (introverted)? that old facebook accou…[View]
40493369Does nutmeg really get you high? Anyone here tried it?[View]
40492340I guarantee if you actually try being yourself that girls will take notice and want to be around you[View]
40493939Tired of office work and computer coding. I have a CS degree but I'm wondering if trying to bec…[View]
40492848I think Survivor is a good show.[View]
40493915Fembots, would you marry Tyrion?: if he was transported to the present day and did not have his weal…[View]
40492709Currently watching a girl I've been texting get choked out, fucked and beaten by her boyfriend …[View]
40492616Who else is a liar through and through? My life is a whole lie when speaking of RL. I lie to my psyc…[View]
40492611You may only post in this thread if it is unironically your own parents fault that you turned out th…[View]
40492568>cough going on for two/three weeks >swollen throat >wake up in cold sweats do you think it…[View]
40493583NEET'S ONLY NO NORMIES: Hey robots i've been a NEET for awhile now and im getting sick of …[View]
40493499Any Anons or Femanons here been in any abusive relationships? What is that person you were with doin…[View]
40493753ITT: Autistic things: >whenever I listen to music whilst I'm in public i can hear myself bre…[View]
40492561When did you realise that girls will never like you because you aren't as good looking as their…[View]
40486014Any of you guys raised by gay parents? What's it like?[View]
40493610>be normie >you actually get a kick out of playing with someone else's genitals Pahahahah…[View]
40493717>thought i was average looking >turns out i'm ugly oh ok at least i know why i'm a 2…[View]
40490430Anyone else daydream about a nigger holocaust?[View]
40493705What will this board be like in 10 years? What will you be like? In 10 years I guess it'll be a…[View]
40491918>look in the mirror >pretty good looking >take a selfie >abomination…[View]
40493031> tfw no stuttering and shy kitten to love, protect and gently abuse while playing vidya…[View]
40493009Remember anon, resistance is futile. Your brain is a sponge and there's nothing you can do but …[View]
40492829I never start threads on 4chan but only just a moment I followed onto this page from /b/ So I'l…[View]
40492523I just started realizing for the first time I have never experienced human contact in the way a gf w…[View]
40491126>Go to the movies to see 'IT' >Put on my best trenchcoat and fedora >Ticket selle…[View]
40492912At which age is it too late to try?[View]
40493544A good video explaining why there are a lot of Rose threads on here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
40463469Moments when a robot is born[View]
40492908Ask me anything You have 16min[View]
40493462Let's bring grinch man back[View]
40493437What's the best way to initiate conversation with a potential gf?[View]
40493030Any robots play instruments here? Or been in a band of some sort? >tfw kinda helps relieve anxiet…[View]
40493235It's kill or be killed, anon,[View]
40489316I have the growing urge to kill, please help. I just can't stand them anymore please help.[View]
40493047I'm pretty sure most of you are just late bloomers.[View]
40493090Women hate thread I guess. Here's a story about a woman I know and that pisses me off. >know…[View]
40492408Why Iift when it's alI about the face?[View]
40490097ASMR: How could people even watch this shit? I tried it and never felt angrier in my life, had to pu…[View]
40492059>poppa found the prostate prodder[View]
40491813What is the edgiest thing ever written? I might post some of my edgy writings if there is interest.[View]
4049316125khv dreams: >wake up from a 'sex' dream >never even about sex anymore >at this point basi…[View]
40491572neetbux audit: I have the equivalent of a tax audit for NEETbux. I did nothing wrong but my rage lev…[View]
40491651Anyone else here /scared/ of sex ? I feel like I will fk it up badly and it will be the worst thing…[View]
40492406Dr. Scalpelstein said he wants to put me on hrt >to see how my body responds…[View]
40490742What are you waiting to get a Chad surgery?[View]
40488970I pirated my first game yesterday now I feel like a scumbag[View]
40489661>handed in 2 weeks notice for job I wasn't happy with anymore >all the gossiping normies …[View]
40491892>sugoi, It's anon-san, our new english teacher? >(isn't he kind of short for a gaij…[View]
40493015Alpha: Why do I have to act hard and alpha to get a gf? I actually am soft with a big heart and I ju…[View]
40490344>professor gives assignments to be made in groups >can't find a group FUCK.THIS.SHIT I…[View]
40492967Depression, the other side of the coin. Bots who are pissed at everything and everyone, assemble.[View]
40491147>was funny as kid >suicidal and boring now…[View]
40488557Friendly Reminder: > marriages through mail-order services have a significantly lower divorce rat…[View]
40492336Manlet thread: Is 176cm/5'9 a bad height? Is there no hope for me?[View]
40492393When hanging yourself, what is the best type of knot to tie around whatever is supposed to hold your…[View]
40492185>in dire need of sex Wat do? What's the quickest way to find an easy lay? >inb4 masturbat…[View]
40491891>I'm going to hang myself[View]
40490648Hey, /r9k/, do you think that 5'8' is a bit too much for a girl? Asking for a friend.[View]
40492942Streaming: Do any if your robits stream. I do occasionally but the most people I've ever had wa…[View]
40490873Why do random women just come up to me and start talking? Why can't I go along my day with no h…[View]
40492163H-Hey anon... why don't you add me on d-discord? tomomori665#2610[View]
40489224/britfeel/: tilde is not /ourlass/ simple as edition[View]
40492906i can't stop drinking, i drink every single night a few years ago i would only drink once every…[View]
40491175robotic /dinner/ thread: So cooked for the first time. r8 my uhh omelette I guess[View]
40492148So many sad people on /r9k/. And most of it over loneliness. Wouldn't boys be happier being ass…[View]
40492758Let us distract ourselves in this mortal coil together: HEY! Succubi loving, old-tome quotin', …[View]
40490938Robot Radio:Chillout edition post music for your fellow anons share chillout grooves anons https://w…[View]
40492305>tfw your biggest enemy right now is yourself[View]
40492817>ywn have a white, kind, loving, blonde 50bmi fat belly gf[View]
40492785Hello one and all robots and femboys alike I have a new product for you have you ever lost your virg…[View]
40491089Will I be happy when I die? Will I know? Will it be painful to not know? Will I be bored? Is it all …[View]
40485238>qt girl at subway >talk to her often when i go eat there >finally muster up the courage to…[View]
40492731Accutane: Any other robots here on Accutane (Roaccutane, Isoternin)? Im 10 days in, so far only my l…[View]
40489711Is cuteposting r9k's only good quality?[View]
40489437Normie checking in. I lost my virginity at the age of 14 and you losers are in your early 30s and n…[View]
40492647>robots think they can compete with this LMAOOOOOOOOO[View]
40490778Why don't you just grow your hair out? >inb4 muh greasy neckbeard hair It takes less effort …[View]
40488257>chaddus maximus comes from WMAF couple What does this mean, robots?[View]
40489668Is 4chan profitable? I was reading how 4chan costs at least $9o,ooo a month to host let alone other …[View]
40490432I miss the old internet. https://youtu.be/N5crsfe-NUw[View]
40491650I am going mad. I fucking hate my boss at work. He takes all the credit for everyone else and doesn…[View]
40492358tfw smart and hardworking but mentally unstable genetically inferior beta male[View]
40488856>'So, Anon. Why do you still live with your mom? Aren't like 20 something?'…[View]
40491376I like some of these people's music a lot, but they rap about police killing blacks so much lik…[View]
40488022I'm so fucking sad right now[View]
40489984>bored of video games and anime >apply for jobs >get called for an interview >start enj…[View]
40492318>fembots do not exist >normies get out >chad get out GET OUT…[View]
40492233>using insult like twatwaffle or douchecanoe[View]
40488241Who's voice do you wish you had? I'll start >David Bowie I hate being an Australian voi…[View]
4046158125+: >27 >HKV >No friends >no social media >1st week of work >binge ate >was o…[View]
40491381Workers, hearken, they are going to war And they yell: 'For nation and race!' This war is the rulers…[View]
40488347Reminde no matter how hard you try you can't escape your past.[View]
40492147What happened to the trap maid and 35 year old dude from about a week and a half ago? Stuff was dupp…[View]
40490063Who /regretseverything/ here?: Even if I make the right choices I feel bad about them at some point.…[View]
40490431>20 years old >already have wrinkles[View]
40491991>being so detached from real life you base everything on statistics and charts…[View]
40490608So fellas I got a story for you which has made me the most hated man where I live. >go on instag…[View]
40491603>tfw no zapadniki bf[View]
40488851I can safely say that 90% of the neets who say a girl has to be a virgin in order to even consider h…[View]
40490871I posted a ad for free English lessons to catfish married expat women in my area. About half the re…[View]
40491974> tfw you accept you will never feel love or happiness and suddenly become happy and anxiety has …[View]
40491319Godzilla dick problem: I have a physical at the doctor. The doctor is young female and Asian. What d…[View]
40491734>tfw psychologist roommate is being friendly with me STUPID WHORE IF U ARE NOT GOING TO HAVE SEX …[View]
40491955Is there any way to stop compulsively lying about absolutely everything[View]
40488543How do you feel about girls pretending to be boys pretending to be girls[View]
40490931Do you guys have any piercings/tattoos you guys regret?[View]
40491917Oh woe is me, oh woe is me I used to have a hamster tree But it was eaten by a newt Now I have no cu…[View]
40490731Hypnosis: Is anyone here into hypnosis mp3s? I find the idea super hot but haven't really tried…[View]
40491796what does your ideal friendship look like? Mine is pic related >just driving around in the calm n…[View]
40490315Just a friendly reminder that there's still hooe for (most) of you guys, don't give up hop…[View]
40490036How to connect?: How does one connect with people? Here's my story: literally 1.9 meters long,…[View]
40491383i lost my virginity with a 39yo single mother, i am 20yo i'm so proud of myself, im going to le…[View]
40490467just a reminder that your pornorgaphy abuse is adversely affecting your sexuality, warping your view…[View]
40489498Does anyone else have a crippling fear of the ocean?: Or just deep water in general?[View]
40490525>'Anon, take your shirt off, lets go swimming!'[View]
40487034I just turned 25. As a present, my dad gave me a basket full of beer he had brewed himself and this …[View]
40488285In what ways has r9k and 4chan in general fuck you up? >made me obsessed with white girls >ma…[View]
40491597You think being Chad matters? You think intellect matters? None of these things help you as much as …[View]
40490042>2017 >Still a virgin past 16 How? With the rise of social media, dating apps, and feminism, i…[View]
40489772>take a few hours to fall asleep >wake up at least 10 times a night because of nightmares >…[View]
40490497Alright gentlemen, what are some methods to stop oneitis in its very early stages? Just started uni …[View]
40491504>that feel when you straighten up and crack your spine[View]
40485932Gangstalking is real: Read these https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zersetzung https://en.wikipedia.org/w…[View]
40482899ITT: We act like we're all real wizards and live in an arcane wizards tower[View]
40491127Alright my fellow robots... today feels different... >3 hours of sleep >Have barely eaten in t…[View]
40491124What would you change about your life if you knew for a fact that you would never get laid? (or neve…[View]
40491153>tfw seriously considering turning bisexual just so I have any chance at a meaningful relationshi…[View]
40490588theres never been a horny me, and never shall i horny be, And If this sacred vow shall break, I pr…[View]
40491128>tfw your farts right now smells like sour milk[View]
40490843>women can literally get a high paying career just by fucking some guy >somehow this makes the…[View]
40491084Job Advice my Dad gave me: My dad said the best thing to do is go to college and major in something …[View]
40491022>be my granddad >went to uni in the 70s >one guy who lives on the bottom floor of his 10 st…[View]
40490978>tfw gave up my chances at wizardry to a supreme thot who I lied to compulsively to get into my b…[View]
40487322So, /r9k/, what's your favourite brand of breakfast cereal?[View]
40479277>almost 2018 >still note bf to hold hands with and go shopping with and get chinese together a…[View]
40490985Who wants a massage? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=GxtRE5NPZDo[View]
40485362robots, what are your minimal standards for girlfriends?[View]
40489003If you reach down and grab the bottle for a sip of mountain dew, but end up with a mouthful of warm …[View]
40489816Hygge/comfy thread: Society strongly associate happiness with success, vibrant social life and other…[View]
40489814This is how white men actually think[View]
40488711Only us: What if everyone on earth died except for anyone whose browsed /r9k/ at least 5 times in th…[View]
40490983Digits thread[View]
40490943>be me >25th b-day tomorrow >still hopeless virgin wat do /r9k/…[View]
40490458who /phonecell/ here? >2017 >tfw still use a flip phone…[View]
40490958>a femanon woke up today and took a disgusting wet shit while bleeding out of her vagina…[View]
40490921When did you realize you didn't actually have any real friends? >be in middle school >yea…[View]
40490484Is this the same guy or nah?[View]
40490879If I ever commit an act of mass murder I'm not going to target innocent people, they're no…[View]
40489606This is what my ideal husband looks like. Your thoughts?[View]
40490902How many robots have started to hate trannies because of this meme campaign? Might it be a false fla…[View]
40486679If you have friends you're a normalfag. Everything if you're a virgin you're not a ro…[View]
40490888>finally get a chance to sleep in >outside a nigger and his dump truck break down in front of …[View]
40489684How do you undo years of abuse, ingrained dysfunctional personality and shitty beliefs due to lunati…[View]
40489870Who /genetic failure/ here? >26, male >no facial hair >no body hair >gyno >small dick…[View]
40490087Why is it so hard to just exist? I spend as much time as possible alone in my room yet the outside w…[View]
40490286>second half of october >normie weather is still in full force >can't get comfy ps: th…[View]
40490797Kek..what are your thoughts on this guy.. Larry nassar. Fingered and molested more than a hundred jb…[View]
40488378I'm 26 and want to kill myself for being so old. Watched too much anime where it says you have …[View]
40487797Expatting for NEETS: Any NEET ever think that expatting to another country would be a benefit for yo…[View]
40486731>told my teacher I needed to live early to go to a funeral >actually just wanted to go home an…[View]
40487264Why is female virginity deemed 'cute' and 'pure', while male virgins are shamed?[View]
40490621>tfw its midnight on a beach in the Mediterranean >tfw you miss her even here taking it all in…[View]
40489086>/pol/tards unironically (pretend to) think this is gay[View]
40490472>slowly but surely turning into The Dude I'm actually pretty ok with this…[View]
40491358are there any Austrianbots here ? any fembots in Vienna ?[View]
40489532>wake up with a smile on your face >sun is brightly shining through your window >birds chir…[View]
40490159>tfw your on-again off-again high school sweetheart that has always been flakey but swears she lo…[View]
40488888Do femanons need to be sexually tortured with anal hooks? Y/N[View]
40489945>20yo >already made peace with a fact that I'm never going to get friends or a girlfriend…[View]
40489249Who /VirgCel/ here?: Anyone else here a virgcel? > what is a virgcel? One who is both virgin and …[View]
40490361>hairy dick (hair almost all the way up the shaft) I'd post a picture but I think it will ge…[View]
40490329https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i3qu19QwW4M Do you men like my see thru bikini, because, you could s…[View]
40489835ITT: Normie greentext: What is the worse thing about being a normie /r9k/ ?[View]
40490085>tfw you realize you don't actually want the world to end, just the human race.…[View]
40490236Has anybody else here also scheduled their suicide (that we may or may not execute)?[View]
40489250Nostalgia Thread: Come on in and live the past. Currently listening to this baby https://www.youtube…[View]
40489450Anyone else on here ever feel jealous of female sexual pleasure? Surely I'm not the onIy one. l…[View]
40490202>TFW been looking for a girl who worked at my company for short a time but didn't get to ask…[View]
40488306gf left me afagfawegaweg[View]
40488762Would you let me kill you if i promised to make it quick?[View]
40488098Help me /r9k/ How do I get neetbux so can buy food and won't die? UK fag here[View]
40489368I want to read a blog about people who act like extreme ideologues and later turn into NORPs cold tu…[View]
40489004>go onto craigslist and find sissy black boi looking to be submissive and meet at hotel, he looks…[View]
40490076>tfw only have one friend. >Happens to be a girl. >But she's a lesbian. >tfw fell i…[View]
40488438>yeah bro, just go up to her and tell her you wanna fuck her, work's nine times out of ten. …[View]
40489355i have some potato pancakes my mommy made heating up in the toaster oven as i type this should i put…[View]
40488720>a girl in university just looked at me Heh ... My transition into Chad has finally begun. Im out…[View]
40487405some cool stuff: I like corn on the cob, does anybody else like corn on the cob? I think corn on the…[View]
40489886First impression of me and my sister /r9k/?[View]
40489936Why haven't you taken the puppy pill yet, /r9k/? >Keep your face covered, so it doesn't…[View]
40489024I am the last 20+ khv neet on this board.[View]
40487915Is it really that bad when a girl is a little taller than the guy? I don't mean like pic relate…[View]
40489119Hey /r9k/, I've been doing the nofap meme and I'm currently on day 25 however I'm act…[View]
40488130If you're a 30+ virgin but you're asexual, do you still become a wizard?[View]
40489837>tfw no kojuro shuro bf[View]
40489422The definition of a robot: Let's say there was someone who has a ridiculously shit childhood. T…[View]
40487389I don't want to be addicted to the internet anymore. Can we brainstorm some ideas on how to get…[View]
40488884big fat shapely ass[View]
40489477Killing yourself literally is the end all be all solution. Have crippling debt? Always afraid? Lonel…[View]
40486127you know the deal fill it out. comment on others will post template in the next post[View]
40489362Robot success: I don't know how to put this, I feel like /r9k/ will understand me. I miss bein…[View]
40489616my pusy smelz[View]
40489703White women disgust me: Why are they so ugly and wrinkly? Why is their skin always pink and irritate…[View]
40489660This summer I applied for a small federal loan to help with Uni but I need to complete the MPN form …[View]
40489693What are some good techniques for taking creepshots?[View]
40488457I'm a 21 year old, 5'0' tall guy with a 4x4' dick, extremely ugly. No female ever displaye…[View]
40487991Dropping the act, picking myself up: Coming to uni for a second year really fucked me up to begin wi…[View]
40489552>dropped 300ug of acid with friends >2nd time tripping, first time was great >this time was…[View]
40487637>That one girl who broke your heart, and now all your relationships are poisoned because you can…[View]
40488982worst thing that happened to you in high school? i know this question's been done to death but …[View]
40483952Tell me about antidepressants /r9k/. Do you see a therapist regularily? What do you take and how has…[View]
40488147Are you a retard that likes challenge for the sake of it even when it makes you suffer or would you …[View]
40489359)wake up )see blood on fingers What the fuck?[View]
40486792> tfw no cute and smol NEET to invite to live with me in one of my free bedrooms > will never …[View]
40488357YOU WILL NEVER DOING THAT!: You have everything when you are a chad. WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR LI…[View]
40487981schizophrenia: just found this bizarre email I sent to myself during a manic/psychotic state last Ma…[View]
40486975When did you realize you didn't actually have any real friends? I'll start >be in middl…[View]
40488163manlets: Well lads its not a meme, tonight it has been confirmed. >Go to a bar >end up running…[View]
40489302>Think your /r9k/ worldview is entirely based on the lack of sex and female love in your life …[View]
40489218>Anon! Let's play willy wars! >Whoever can wank their willy and make the most willyjuice …[View]
40477342/britfeel/: Love me some funny and wacky posts about faecal matter tbqh edition[View]
40488733Can brobots update me what does the whole #metoo thing mean idont get it and i seen my friend use it…[View]
40488979Why is every conversion on /r9k/ extremely useless? Pic is not related but the thread will inevitabl…[View]
40487803>nazi step father found the secret anal black hole[View]
40488520How do I break the silence to a girl I like? She is a robot rarely uses her phone, and does the beta…[View]
40489166>have diarrhea >accidentally pooped a bit on my bed just now…[View]
40475665How do you take your meat, neet boy?[View]
40487905LMFAO what's the deal with black 'men?'[View]
40487488after having watched k-on, wagnaria, haruhi suzimiya, love live and a whole bunch of other anime, I …[View]
40489034Why do so many girls lick boys' assholes? Is it tasty?[View]
40488974How does it feel to know that a woman can be mentally ill, ugly not take care of her body and be a j…[View]
40485293I don't want a gf, I just want to win the lottery tomorrow. Hopefully Powerball, but the Super …[View]
40487434>tfw no qt Asian bf still[View]
40488828tfw watching anime makes me depressed because i know it will never be real and i will never have a c…[View]
40486907well I weigh 347lbs and I'm 24. Tomorrow I'm getting a gym membership and I started a diet…[View]
40487798>I have to leave for work in two and a half hours This REALLY fucking sucks. I do this every morn…[View]
40486411*KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK*: *sniff sniff* 'Oh man... what smells like dog shit? Heh heh. Anyway, that'…[View]
40488158Does this look infected to you? It's been like this for a couple days now and I am starting to …[View]
40487973List all your -cels: Sup r9k, Lookism here. Let's post all our -cels and see who is the biggest…[View]
40487330This feels wierd: Green text story time >be me >been on r9k for 3 years >finally find a pla…[View]
40488689>tfw self-defeating personality disorder >tfw your own brain is against you im tired how do i …[View]
40487117i losst my hat at the park[View]
40486918>Fat Fred fiddled with the fap formula Hehehe... Wait OH NOOO FUCK YOU FAT FRED…[View]
40487520I've honestly lost count of the amount of times this has happened now >talking to girl on ti…[View]
40488784> talk with a guy > he pretends to be a girl and is a homosexual > talk with a girl > sh…[View]
40488396hey r9k: i got a gf today AMA[View]
40488756Mfw normie: Any other robots wake up one day and realise they are a normie. With a house a wife and …[View]
40484070>be me >just lost every single one of my friends on discord by my fault alone >completely a…[View]
40488709Pic unrelated >anon posts greentext story about his fucking failed sex life >first few replies…[View]
40484745>b-but anon... we're both boys! How do you respond?[View]
40488512Is it pedophile to have a fetish for fresh 18 year old girls? I mean they don't look different …[View]
40486440Cyborgs aren't real. They're just failed normies who want to be labeled something less ins…[View]
40488283>Mom found BBC porn on my computer >Says she's 'proud' that I'm not a racist >Act…[View]
40488469>148 threads hidden Why does this board have to be shit? Why is everything bitching,trap,or bad b…[View]
40486242I finally got a gf at the age of 27, as pathetic as that sounds. But since I've been with her, …[View]
40488508>TFW you are literally inferior to a ghetto dweller this rapper is far more superior to you in ev…[View]
40487854Any of you robots use pic related? >created account yesterday >already got 4 offers from roast…[View]
40487942How much better would the world be if the beta uprising was succesfull[View]
40488382You fucking faggots have gone too far: EXPLAIN THIS SHIT! https://www.channel4.com/news/neo-nazi-na…[View]
40488401Are 4channers frogs in real life /r9k/[View]
40488399www.archiveofourown.org/works/12323790 What if Sonic went to jail?[View]
40487348I really don't understand the need for a girl to be a virgin[View]
40482070why are trannies starting to become hotter than real girls?? pic related[View]
40488353>no one deserves anything Well then I DONT deserve to NOT have a cute anime bf…[View]
40487012I'm 1'70cm/54kg (5'7 124lb). Am I supposed to be skinny? Everyone I ask tells me I am…[View]
40486116Medical issues thread: >tumorous lump behind my left ear Its the end, isn't it lads?…[View]
40488309How do I stop distrusting\hating white females? I have had so many bad experiences with them in gene…[View]
40488164I'm glad the weather is getting cold. I get a rush from feeling my bones chill. The smell of th…[View]
40488141ITT: the worst things you've done: ITT we post stories of the worst things you've done, I…[View]
40488240Good morning Wagie. Dont tarry on here too long, or your boos will be angry. You dont want your pay…[View]
40488186my anime relapse part one: >be me >about 14 yo >haven't watched anime in a couple ye…[View]
40488184>yeah of course I believe in white privilege, life is super easy for me because I'm white an…[View]
40488182Bully: La cervelle de leurs morts![View]
40488101> have a gf > still come here > still depressed, still no friends I'm the most patheti…[View]
40487743behind the meme: All right, we all know and hate behind the meme. If we all tell tumblr that he…[View]
40487083What r9k listens to? Sisters of mercy https://youtu.be/TEANapksXlY[View]
40483241Hey, anons! Can we have a feels music thread? Possibly with stories attached? https://www.youtube.co…[View]
40487483Mmm hey daddy: I hurt you had some fat white meat for me.[View]
40486391Who here has /suckedtheirowndick/?[View]
40487551>it's another finish a VN and self-loath because you'll never get a cute loli gf episod…[View]
40488044Dreams: Today I can't remember as much, it was mostly none sense. Like a woman cutting off part…[View]
40487751Do you agree or disagree with this?[View]
40488001A real life BECKY: Guys is this the true represention of a STEM becky[View]
40488009Big huge white cock. Little tiny black boi hole.[View]
40487668Mmm that's my spot. Fuck me good massa.[View]
40486758>boys are even better at being girls[View]
40484848Why don't we comandeer ships and just fucking destroy these things? A group of 10 or 12 people…[View]
40486358After you've been emasculated as a male and humiliated is there any recovery?[View]
40486486>mfw I turned over a dozen men from this misogynistic, women-hating website into my orbiters Why …[View]
40487555I'm Immune to Social Guilt Tripping. What does this Mean?: What does this make me? I feel no gu…[View]
40486881>family friend's normie daughter was trying to open a package with a knife >she was cutti…[View]
40487163/r9k/ has a problem with what people think they deserve >I'm a virgin therefore I deserve a …[View]
40483350Sit down anon, tell me why you aren't happy.[View]
40487458how common are girls who swallow /r9k/?[View]
40486310Why do white women do stuff like this? Makes me sick looking at it.[View]
40486239anyone else getting major /2014/ feels here? tell me, anons, what happened to you that year? was it …[View]
40485316Normie ideology: If you break it down, normie ideology doesn't make any sense. 'Work your whole…[View]
40486957Since there are so much NORMIES in here i want to know whos a robot prove your robothood here. Pleas…[View]
40485237How do you stop worshiping women? I want women to treat me like dirt and be disgusted by me still st…[View]
40487784>black 'men': What the hell has happened to black 'men?'[View]
40486095>tfw on alcohol, ritalin, and acid right now What are you guys tripping on tonight? Also, drugs t…[View]
40486050>at university >get assigned lab partner for rest of school year >literal the biggest Stac…[View]
40487378I would sacrifice everyone to escape. I would offer everyone on the planet, not just family or peopl…[View]
40487053Ok, guys, im ready to go gay, where is my 18 yo white blone bf? gibs me https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
40487711>tfw you remember Jesse's girl in high school called you a 'good /b/tard' >tfw you were s…[View]
40486919>tfw 23 year old girl >had sex with 4 men already >know in my heart of hearts that no man w…[View]
40487321>tfw drinking pepes own made wine[View]
40481462Penis Exaggeration: Why do guys feel the need to exaggerate their penis size? The average length is …[View]
40487579Do women really ruin fanbases? How do I stop orbiting them? I want to be treated like dirt and be st…[View]
40485837>b-but anon... we're both girls(male)! How do you respond?[View]
40487544Do you guys get a bulge like this? (when flaccid) I've only recently become aware of mine and n…[View]
40486913Post 'em Only been on 4chan since 2012, but definitely feels like a lot longer[View]
40485211Beta name thread: It's that time again. Post some of the most beta names or people with beta na…[View]
40486216is it true that threads with an anime girl in the OP receive more replies than threads that don…[View]
40487022I have so much pain locked inside my heart.[View]
40487511Hello robots welcome to wizard academy. Your virginity will determind what class you are, the bigger…[View]
40485598/v/ is making fun of us again. Which of you caused this?[View]
40485620Is 'smart but lazy' a real thing? Can someone possess high amounts of intelligence and little to no …[View]
40487219any other robots with gyno here? is there anything worse than having tits as a guy?[View]
40486627>be japanese >replace l's and add 'u' to english words >call it a language…[View]
40475513Virgins, how close have you come to losing your virginity? Your answer will determine if there'…[View]
40487279>be me. 19 years old. >have a qt fat gf that is 3 years older than me. >saved me from being…[View]
40481557Why does the Wikipedia article use this picture of Trump, as opposed to his official portrait? This …[View]
40487403Anybody played the new South Park vidya? How do you like it?[View]
40487384>tfw no Asian gf Originamoli[View]
40487200>tfw forget to renew prescription for antidepressants >won't get a refill for another cou…[View]
40483599/Comfy/ Thread: It's a late Tuesday night drinking vodka and smoking the wacky tabacky alone. n…[View]
40487166There is freedom within There is freedom without Try to catch the deluge in a paper cup There's…[View]
40486336tfw my left eye was just removed Fuck.[View]
40476682ITT: autistic things you do/have done[View]
40487108heh..........not bad kid.......you fought hard wojak, right to the bitter end.............but its cl…[View]
40481019How does getting BLACKED feel like? Does it feel good? Honestly, I want to try it.[View]
40486662P-please D-dr.Scalpelstein, c-can't I h-have m-muh f-foreskin b-back n-now[View]
40486466>bored of video games, anime, tv shows and movies >get a job >still bored of video games, a…[View]
40484851Women are fascinated by love because it is a wholly foreign concept to them They read romance novels…[View]
40485528>tfw new gf has small tits should I just end it, boys?[View]
40484308>just found out measuring your steps and mentally keeping a map of your daily activities and coun…[View]
404866892007: This was the year that made gaming and the internet go to shit. How does this make you feel?…[View]
40487102How do you know if a simple interaction between people is consensual? Not just sexually, but in gene…[View]
40483590How does /r9k/ feel about Grimes?[View]
40487057So I was thinking about wedding ring ads and other things like that recently, when it occurred to me…[View]
40485995Lost members of comfyrabbitroom I call you back to the original r9k rabb.it stream https://www.rabb.…[View]
40484988>never had any friends for my 13th, 14th, 15th or 16th birthday >family stops celebrating my b…[View]
40486171My therapist has told me that I need to talk to people more and actually talk to people either onlin…[View]
40485750>Keratosis pilaris why even try to live, my upper arms are full of this disfigurement, i just wa…[View]
40485496> tfw no best friend > he/she will never be a cyborg/failed normie like me while still trying …[View]
40484601Is having a black girlfriend a bad thing?[View]
40486083Femanons, Would you get labiaplasty if your BF asked you to and offered to pay?[View]
40486002>tfwno tomokochijo bf steamcommunity.com/id/deadmoko[View]
40484833why are schools and or office buildings always cold even when its cold outside do they want me to ca…[View]
40486240>tfw no qt socially inept bf/gf[View]
40486096>be a stuck up, entitled bitch >still receive tons of messages why are women allowed to get aw…[View]
40484702Anons, whenever you finally decide to kill yourself, how are you gonna do it?[View]
40486842>have spent and continue to spend a large portion of my time building lego trains Who /autismlord…[View]
40486160Why won't you delete THAT folder, you lowlife[View]
40472104/uni/ general: >still haven't finished that one assignment edition…[View]
40486049I can't do anything right... I just want to be someone worth a damn... It's just failure a…[View]
40485911Hey robots, my wisdom tooth hurts like a bitch. It is swollen and I cant eat. I already got 3 of the…[View]
40480552Why did I have to be born an Arab girl? I will never get to experience all the cool things teenagers…[View]
40483949What do you listen to when you want to wallow in sadness?[View]
40482822Imagine you have a gf. I know, I know. But just imagine for a second. Now imagine that she enjoys ac…[View]
40478523Belly Girl Thread: I want a belly girl thread. I saw a pic of a blonde with a pot belly lying on her…[View]
40485208Brazil NEET trans/cuck: Updates on this fool? I mean the Brazilian NEET, not the transgirl he was t…[View]
40485479>Autism >Imprisoning me. >All that I see >Absolute horror >I cannot live >I cannot…[View]
40486495Is jimmy /ourguy/ wizard edition[View]
40486023why am I always mad as hell when I'm drunk I'm just fucking pissed off for no reason[View]
40486487>2017 >not getting bussy[View]
40486430Orbiters: What's in the mind of a beta orbiter?[View]
40483998Do you have a right to defend yourself physically? What about your honor? In what situation is it co…[View]
40484467Anyone else is feeling like life itself is making fun of them and making it impossibly hard to find …[View]
40486344For your information there's a lot more to KHVs then people think[View]
40485442>'What's that anon? You're only a level 1 adventurer? Hahahahahaha! How does it make yo…[View]
40481750be honest do you think you will ever find someone to love?[View]
40482476ELLIOT RODGERS MODE: Alright robots my gf of two year and I broke up last week. >we went a week …[View]
40486201im sick and at colllege desu why is life so hard?[View]
40484385how do I make a girl squirt[View]
40484512300+ people died in Somalia truck bombing. What do you think of this? How does this make you feel a…[View]
40486169Life is a fucked up mess and the only way to survive it is to not care about anything in it at all. …[View]
40485983what's your favorite meme[View]
40485436>almost every years my mother made a 'restaurant' birthday for me inviting only he familly >on…[View]
40484704That Kid thread: >That kid named Leaf that would always cut his hair in class and put it under hi…[View]
40486084I see you over there on your phone wagie. Better get back to work before Mr. Pedostein calls you int…[View]
40485261Read this shitshow of an ancient thread. What does /r9k/ actually think of women and men having fema…[View]
40486138>tfw no swarthy bf[View]
40486124Being Yourself Works: It's never meant for most people to like you. It's that it's be…[View]
40486081>tfw boiwife >be friends and talk for months before he confesses his real feelings and shit st…[View]
40481121Chance of suicide: HIGH: Hey guys. >Be me average american robot, back around august. >Enroll…[View]
40486103discuss chad and chad faces thread[View]
40486100Drunk tunes: Any other drunkbots out there tonight? Currently chugging my way through pic related wh…[View]
40483198how do you act around people who casually talk about their sexual experiences because it's an e…[View]
40486033Tell me why I should continue living when: >I will never become a space pirate >I will never s…[View]
40485346I'm gonna go make some tea[View]
40485627Ever Wonder Why You Can't Get a GF?: This is why: http://www.bestgore.com/street-fight/russia-s…[View]
40485859Guys, I'm starting to be unable to read manga and watch anime anymore because I can't take…[View]
40485769Cheesy: Hey robots, I've run out of drugs and booze, I'm broke. Will I get high if I injec…[View]
40486024comfy & nostalgia: comfy & nostalgia thread a thread for comfy and nostalgia enjoy[View]
40486006branchin' out fellas?[View]
40485407>tfw lingering onion smell[View]
40485950>poster posts anime reaction image with their post >the post is about how they can't figu…[View]
40483550is 'queso' the ultimate robot food? its so easy to make and so healthy![View]
40485931>tfw you are perfect and still get left for a handicapped, man-looking twat that prbably can…[View]
40484029What would happen if..: Hypothetically speaking if I got a gun and killed an entire tribe of native …[View]
40484394let me out: Here's what happened. >be me >eating at dorm cafeteria and chilling with yout…[View]
40485617So I finally dropped all my classes and for all intents and purposes 'dropped out' of college. My de…[View]
40484384What is it like having a foreskin?[View]
40485478How do you become chad? >Am 5'11 >Not fat, been fighting for 8 years so quite 'sporty' …[View]
40485839https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ci7uYWhloXs What genre would you call this? It doesn't seem lik…[View]
40484721Disorder general: >tfw Alice in Wonderland syndrome >my episodes last 5-30 minutes >happens…[View]
40482718>beating my dick to some pornographic material >stumble across a video that was popular back i…[View]
40484581I know why Japan leads the world in 2d, because they're all sexually starved. it's as simp…[View]
40480327why was i born black?[View]
40485796Not particularly ugly or good-looking but my genetics just fucked me up and I sometimes find myself …[View]
40485791>tfw ywn be a late 90s Minskan qt awkwardly and unselfconsciously dancing the night away with you…[View]
40485628>3months working at a bar >already hate it Why am I always so unhappy? is it really because tf…[View]
40485604>buying something at the store >cashier tries to scan item >it doesn't scan for some r…[View]
40485659(((They))) walked past me in Heathrow[View]
40479883Men are no longer marrying. Why do they care if I'm obese?: I'm 23 and female and if a man…[View]
40485686I had sex for the first time in my life I put on a condom, slathered it in conditioner and then fuck…[View]
40485007>it's just calories in vs calories out bro Why do normalfags who don't understand moder…[View]
40485367Anyone has the version of this wojak but with the crying mask?[View]
40484828What's the funniest thing normies say to you? >You need a job! No I don't. I already ha…[View]
40484115>2020 is nearly two years away >whole new decade >youth will be a study decline Any simi…[View]
40485615Why so many weeaboos >troll fce[View]
40484160Why do normies seem to hate free speech on the internet?: A bunch of normies in one of my lectures w…[View]
40479446Anyone else here a fan of Eiken? Even after years it's the most satisfying thing I fap to[View]
40483066Have you ever run into anyone you know on 4chan? Did you ever confront them about it?[View]
40484237>tfw swallowed gum[View]
40485541>I started making decent money I am in a position where people depend on me now guys, My parents …[View]
40485538Guys I just hve a shitty curse/gift I can manage to talk to hot girls sometimes online only and I s…[View]
40485524hi guys i graduate in less than a week and need to think of a yearbook quote by today. give me some …[View]
40484857A few evenings ago, A young schoolgirl, no taller than my shoulders, came knocking on my door. It wa…[View]
40485482>tfw your hugfriend doesn't hug you anymore[View]
40484741'Hey, Anon. How's the job search going?'[View]
40485426>he thinks marijuana has no negative health effects[View]
40485393music that you listen to when you're depressed: I'll start, gonna get piss drunk and snort…[View]
40484937white women naturally LOVE black men. settling for a white man is mostly due to pressure forced upon…[View]
40484654i cleaned my room today what did you do today[View]
40483447I want to get into picking locks, where does /r9k/ recommend I start?[View]
40485004ITT: Underrated Chris Chan moments I like the Chandler Family Christmas, where Chris gives his dad a…[View]
40484099Is Gene Simmons, dare I say it? /ourguy/? What are some other examples of celebrities BTFOing roasti…[View]
40485035Hey robros. I want to know where/how to get a jacket like this it's a swedish leather army disp…[View]
40484871Opie and Anthony: So I made an Opie and Anthony playlist on Youtube of the Top 10 moments. I've…[View]
40485110>2017 >Still wanting ugly smelly selfish 3DPD…[View]
40485038Women are flawed. There is something mentally wrong with the way their brains are wired, as if they …[View]
40485252Phineas and Meme: Anyone else get watch this into the teens?If so, anyone got any memes for it?…[View]
40484915I just emptied a bottle of lye on some sleeping homeless dude blocking the entrance of my condo. Fel…[View]
40485210>Everyone accuses me of being a pedo or gay for liking short hair, boy bod girls…[View]
40482704which do you prefer anon? You're not a dirty cow tit lover are you?[View]
40483551>tfw no qt minimum wage blue collar worker bf/gf[View]
40485165None of the things I've enjoyed interest me anymore. I have no urge to vidya, I have an audiobo…[View]
40484650From Chad to fucking Steve Carell What happened?[View]
40485136does anyone know any songs like this one i like it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T8zrtfy0KMs[View]
40482880Hey Robots, I just smoked a joint of my favorite strain, girl scout cookies. I'm super high. An…[View]
40484971if girls want to smell so good why do they look at me weird when i smell their hair or follow them s…[View]
40483509>given a easy task >given plenty of time >doesn't do it Anyone else have this problem…[View]
40484018Why are y'all so fucking gay?[View]
40483533/r9k/ I want you to level with me. Is it ever going to get better? Is this pain I carry in my heart …[View]
40483717>tfw no faqih bf[View]
40484147ITT: have you ever given a blowjob, r9k?[View]
40484081>He ties his jacket around his waist when he isn't using it. Autistic tbqhwyf…[View]
40484261Why do I even bother continuing when this is the state of society? There's literally no hope. …[View]
40484267Just another gay thread: how do you get a bf when you are a social retard and everyone implies that …[View]
40481976Before I shoot myself in the head after killing ~60 people single-handedly, I very awkwardly lay on …[View]
40483521Why don't pretty girls ever sit next to you, robots?[View]
40484931The story that changed me.: > 17 yo > Go to qt girl's place cause she invited me > She…[View]
40482984how do we become more like the dude? he's a complete loser but seems to be chilled out about it…[View]
40483790So there are more women than men in the world. Men die more etc etc. But, if there are less men, why…[View]
40484587Shush girl, shut your lips, do the Hellen Keller and talk with your hips.[View]
40482312What did your parents tell you about religion growing up?: What were your family religious practices…[View]
40482210>he wears a virgin neck shirt[View]
40482226How the hell do people afford to go to la and shit as teens and in early 20s to become actors just w…[View]
40483251Ask someone who just banged both these sluts anything .. ;)[View]
40473649skellys have it worse prove me wrong[View]
40484304I give off a 'I Don't want to talk to you ' vibe towards everyone. Do normal humans perceive th…[View]
40484728If you're a robot why do you put Society over yourself?: I can understand joining a political m…[View]
40483194>download lots of hd porn vids >few days later >mummy and daddy get big utility bill >th…[View]
40482485Robots forget sex, when was the last time you went on a date? Been about 3 months for me...[View]
40483083What's the longest you've ever been muted for, /r9k/?[View]
40483773If you have a kid will you ever be like 'haha I fucked your mom' and if youre a teenager would it ru…[View]
40484684HighSchool Story Time: >Be me in highschool >Girl always followed me to the bus stop on my way…[View]
40472461Fembots, what are your minimal standards for boyfriends?[View]
40484652>look at women on dating apps >ALL of them are gainfully employed and look like they make dec…[View]
40483637R9k Discord: >tfw you see Discords advertised here and they're filled with pretentious disco…[View]
40484529>tfw can't find a roommate to move with >tfw not enough money to live alone >tfw too r…[View]
40484672>be 4chan user >see porn every day on every board, even with filters have to hide individual t…[View]
40484420This is terribly embarrassing to admit, but I have an imaginary girlfriend. Her voice is simply imag…[View]
40483000>here's your happy meal sir, but I'm afraid that we're going to have to ask you to…[View]
40482838Guys I feel like other people can read my thoughts, is this normal or am I going to lose it?[View]
40484042Dedicated to my MUSE. Infatuation is an emotion that runs deeper than love. She has psychotically in…[View]
40483365>dad found the Dallas Cowboys Jersey[View]
40472322ITT we post the patrichan choice of women[View]
40484106>walking on one side of the stairs >cutie intentionally walks on the other side Feels bad man…[View]
40484456So if my kid on the way turns out to be a boy, I wonder if any laws exist to prevent me from naming …[View]
40484141>There are people so sheltered from any kind of genuine pain in this world that Trump being in of…[View]
40483165tfw my penis was removed when i was 5 because of an infection[View]
40484395>on /r9k/ because you're sad and it's designated sad board >people someone mistakenl…[View]
40481809>this is the average self proclaimed 'white nationalist' on /pol/[View]
40482444i can't take it anymore: >tfw too autistic for nu-r9k r9k needs to become a blue board, i ca…[View]
40484286>Devil comes to you >Offers you a deal >'You can have your ideal gf, loyal and forever in l…[View]
40481828>it's another girl stops replying during a seemingly good conversation and never messages me…[View]
40481698Bar9k: Welcome to Bar9k, what can I get you, Anon?[View]
40482382I want to live in a world where if I walked the streets at night women would abduct me and rape me i…[View]
40483220Brobots I finally did it, I managed to land multiple dates with a qt with morals. I'm going on …[View]
40479501>kid is born >never gets bullied because he acts like a faggot >never gets called out for t…[View]
40479685mom found the Resonance Cascade Modulator[View]
40484400tfw no more vanilla wow what do u guys think of the vanill[View]
40484391>forgot how to use the bathroom again[View]
40483907>no hope of ever having a gf/friends >still enjoy romcoms and slice of life more than anything…[View]
40484294This picture is oddly comfy[View]
40483764How to start to find watching sports interesting ?[View]
40480917It's timmmmeeeee!!! Eggggs![View]
40483594Psycho Violence thinking: I've got this doubt for months now. How did you or do you now react t…[View]
40484200Is being an Actuary worth it? Or should I just finished up my CPA certificate?[View]
40483786How hard do you think it would be to convince your average white girl to do this?[View]
40480179I would honestly rather get paid whatever the neetbux rate is in the UK than work 40 hours a week an…[View]
40483941https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yWNT11IqSXM Have you ever related to a song 100%, robots?[View]
40483631Thanks /r9k/ you made a pure virgin guy jerk off to a trannie, this place has become a faggotry gene…[View]
40484053Why don't many videogames or anime have busty bimbo girls?[View]
40477869How do I stop being turned on by giant women instead of regular size women?[View]
40484028>tfw no irl qt ocarina playing bf/gf[View]
40482605I don't think I like traps anymore. Have I finally grown up?[View]
40483359Why are pseudo-robots so infuriating? >tfw cant get over my ex-girlfriend If you ever came close …[View]
40483655Found out an hour ago that I'm going to have a kid I've only been with her for like 5 mont…[View]
40483860>tfw no gf REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE origi'nam flashback[View]
40483693Where my Antisocial Personality Disorder bros at?: >Antisocial personality disorder (ASPD), also …[View]
40483724I no longer desire women. I look past them now and treat them as I would any other human being. I ha…[View]
40483707Would you date a Hooters girl, bottle girl, or any girl whose job relied on her attractiveness to me…[View]
40482075>be Canadafag/ relevant for gun law component of the story >move to a new city for university …[View]
40482942ITT: Times you revealed your power level: I'll start >be me >be couple of weeks ago >…[View]
40483640Who here addicted to bangin hookers!? Fuck I can't stop!![View]
40466533post what you are listening to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a5Y4r9vFyc4[View]
40483588Do you feel like you deserve to be unhappy?[View]
40483583>mom pretends to be a conservative around me >she knows I know she fucks niggers Why do roasti…[View]
40483117Would you answer the call?[View]
40483150feels thread: >be me >uni fag >come from extremely dysfunctional family >go to chem and…[View]
40481445Ask an anon who was in an MMF threesome anything[View]
40478798qt im trynna hit up What do /r9k/? Shes a Mexican, soild 7/10[View]
40483449>taking a shit while having a boner What a disaster[View]
40483495Hey there wagecuck, how's it hangin? Still at work? Are you hiding in the bathroom to quickly c…[View]
40483113>NEET >hate any idea of study/work >sit around all day doing nothing more than using lapto…[View]
40482153Give it up femanons, Chad isn't gonna text back.[View]
40483197>the pornstar says 'I'm only 18'[View]
40480576Womanlet Revenge: >See constant threads about girls shitting on manlets on /r9k/ >Be 6ft 2in w…[View]
40483355>tfw have no original thoughts every thought i say is copyed from somewhere…[View]
40483312>falls for the life meme[View]
40482062Why do I do this to myself? She was really nice and have similar intrests and everything. I just ca…[View]
40483331I dont want to be ur wife anymore! You think ur a good husband & father? Oh no u are not you hav…[View]
40483322>be me >10th birthday >finally able to get my pokemon license >you have to be 10 to get …[View]
40482832Everytime I look at porn and watch a woman get gangbanged or that bukkake porn. It reminds me that s…[View]
40482837Currently staying in a shitty motel and there's a somewhat cute junkie looking chick in the nex…[View]
40483269I didn't change my eating habits but I have been feeling a bit bloated lately and now the scale…[View]
40483229Are beef curtains the female version of uncircumcised dicks? Do roasties get smegma if they don…[View]
40483156>I'm sick and tired of hearing excuses for your slutty behavior![View]
40483193It's getting late wagie... Shouldn't you be getting to bed? Gotta make sure you get your e…[View]
40482895Who else /unskilled/ here? I think I will be stuck in minimum wage, low skill jobs for the rest of m…[View]
40483143should i take dianetics to manipulate normalfags?[View]
40481327>21 >got my first grey hair it's over for me isn't it lads?…[View]
40483104>tfw no bf with girly body and feminine benis Hnnnnnngggggggggg[View]
40483052Should I stop thinking about this?[View]
40482564Robots unite! Ice poseidon is streaming LIVE. If we get at least 50 flags on his live stream ot wil…[View]
40483056>cheat year is almost over >going to have to stop binge eating daily soon…[View]
40483089you could have succeeded if you got a job at McDonald's: Surprisingly there is a decent amount …[View]
40482849>calls himself smart >cant get laid[View]
40478611What is objectively the best street fighter game?[View]
40482674Does the thought of death scare anyone else? Like one minute you're there just playing video ga…[View]
40477846>someone at work asks if I was crying >attack them and say i wasnt >mfw i was…[View]
40482747>no hobbies >no passions >no ambitions >work minimum wage job >depressed >ugly …[View]
40480926If you ever do date a woman, chances are she will have been double penetrated at least once in her l…[View]
40482093I hate myself, I was talking to a girl and for no reason I started being Turbo autist talking a bunc…[View]
404829634Chan, as a whole: Listen up robots, the fucking normies are invading 4chan and we need to fight bac…[View]
40482590Daily reminder that nuRobots who do not support the Gayening are almost always one of the following …[View]
40483014Bullying made me more Selfish and care less about what other people think: What does this mean? If p…[View]
40483008>you will never sit with your oneitis on a cold day and walk around town drinking hot chocolate w…[View]
40483007Say aliens made a documentary about earth, would human women be presented as a parasite species?[View]
40482774Reminder that Autism isnt real and it's just a label people put on anyone who's ugly or we…[View]
40482863Do you ever make jokes to yourself?[View]
40482914Ever nutshot anyone while playing soccer ?[View]
40481704My gf's cooking: what do you guys think? Originazi[View]
40482767>co-workers invited me to go bowling with them on Halloween How do I proceed? I'm afraid of…[View]
40479645>mom keeps remarking about my eating habits even though I fucking told her it's my cheat wee…[View]
40482923Anon Explains Government: The Government: >always has a bill >enjoys water (watergate) >is …[View]
40480487>That kid who fucked his 10/10 sister with a nice ass[View]
40480165What are you guys drinking tonight? >Jack Daniels here How many days a week do you drink? >3-…[View]
40480276Pencil dicks; there's nothing worse.[View]
40472842Are there robots from Germany, Switzerland, Austria here?[View]
40482493Why didn't you take the blue pill? Stick to society's norms, allow yourself to indulge in …[View]
40473980Brainlet Thread: >cant shave without cutting myself[View]
40481508>be me >freshman year, doing a project >you basically have to make a 'how to' project >h…[View]
40482847Hey, robots. Anyone have gears of war 4 and want to play the campaign on insane? I'm getting al…[View]
40482628no ban club: Who here in the /no ban club/? I've never been banned and I've been here for …[View]
40481739>be passing tranny, started HRT when I was 14 and am 22 now >dont know when it's appropr…[View]
40482688>has wife >married for 20+ years >never cheated on her once >two kids Really makes you t…[View]
40481955help neet to get a job: aaa i need $72 to afford one month MTS bus pass in my city so i can apply/wo…[View]
40482213You have to fight one of these girls, which one will you pick?[View]
40481163Why the fuck do people eat Oreos: Why the fuck do people waste their money on a fucking knockoff coo…[View]
40481422>Got 100% on calculus midterm >3 girls who sit around me asked me for tutoring >Not sure if…[View]
40482633Just booked my favourite escort to tickle my prostate for an hour next week. Why haven't my fel…[View]
40481492>tfw no boulangist bf[View]
40481532Why are short, petite flat chested pixies so cute?[View]
40482638Pepe jacket: Is a jacket or hoodie like this real or possible? I kind of like it but idk if I would …[View]
40481771Guys what do I do I just bought an Xbox game off the market and I installed it and it won't sho…[View]
40482492>tfw te teacher places your oneitis way from you and in between the chads: Why are teachers the w…[View]
40480648ITT: We focus on good things that happened to us recently There's too much negativity in our li…[View]
40482281Things you like that will eventually become crap: >big and small/flat tits in women's youth …[View]
40476463You can only choose one: A career that pays and YOU LOVE IT or being in a mediocre job but having a …[View]
40482268Back in the day, my family didn't have to work for shit. In the Middle Ages, we used techicalit…[View]
40481777/brainlet/ general: >get new laptop because my current one can barely browse the internet >get…[View]
40481678I have such a hollow life, Everything I do means nothing. I stay in a perpetual state of distraction…[View]
40482456r9k AutismBlocks (Minecraft) Server: Looking for a new start or a minecraft se…[View]
40482439Are you guys memeing or are there truly autists or asperger Pic unrelated[View]
40477040BDSM IMOUTO: I'm calling out for someone referred to as BDSM Imouto. Please come say hi.[View]
40481234Shaving your pussy is for fucking losers.[View]
40482398>Used to be a robot >Lose virginity >Want to fuck another girl >After a couple other mo…[View]
40482369>have a very little number of friends, only acquaintances >forget how they became your friend,…[View]
40481504>mom told me I 'grew into my nose' Hasta la vista virgins[View]
40482355>tfw managed to get gyno boobs to lactate[View]
40482322history: Some politician on tv remarked that the first ever Facebook post was some vile sexist comme…[View]
40482351'Of course he's gay, Anon. He's from Depeche Mode.'[View]
40481819>girl pointed at me and said 'look at him hahaha' today Did I just lose my virginity?…[View]
40482293>tfw no Ann Coulter gf[View]
40482314When women are given super powered robot arms by their cuck bf's will they become the ubermensc…[View]
40482225>go to mall alone >walk past the candy store >see literally the cutest girl I have ever se…[View]
40481650>wake up >still an ugly manlet retard with nothing going for me and have never received any af…[View]
40482204'That Kid' thread: >that kid who used ifunny unironically[View]
40478384Ex Chad here. AMA: Ask me anything robbits[View]
40482013Do black people have empathy? Why are they so dangerous?[View]
40482139We just have nothing going for us, huh?[View]
40481969Why are there still sissy white bois who haven't been BLACKED in 2017? Don't you know that…[View]
40478221>You either die a virgin or live long enough to be a serial killer/rapist. How many of you think…[View]
40481203when i was 17yo i promised to kill myself at the age of 20 years old if i still a virgin i will be 2…[View]
40482063post ur number and ill call or text u (iMessage preferred)[View]
40482113I hate my emotions because I feel like I can't justify them[View]
40480348The dwemer conspiracy: >be dwemer >promise to protect snow elves >ask for the enslavement a…[View]
40480982>tfw no qt nadsat bf/gf[View]
40481481You get to sit on this bench with anyone, dead or alive, and can ask them one sentence. Who and what…[View]
40481668Two years back I stopped being a faggot who browses this god forsaken site everyday and got a life. …[View]
40480707Are there any white girls left at all that aren't into this stuff? Seems like its on the mind o…[View]
40480669Hey, Nonny! How was you're day?[View]
40478896Hi everyone its fortune time with osaka as your host /r9k/ edition Note as of today you can say sat…[View]
40481843Why is conservative religious/traditionalist girl pucci so attractive to me?[View]
40481887Anyone here played sports were they were bigger than everyone else and got to tackle smaller guys ? …[View]
40481174How do I stop eating fast food for almost every meal?[View]
40480484Fallout 1 Text Help: Hey I'd appreciate a homie who would be willing to help me in writing sex …[View]
40481118Something western white weebs don't understand is that 99% of Japanese girls prefer 'cute' boys…[View]
40481802i'm an imbecile[View]
40480774why are asian women so charming?[View]
40481854Why can't you people act like adults?[View]
40481197hi femos i pik theses for you[View]
40481218Hey robots i want to know what kind of mental problems kind of keep you from staying in robotdom for…[View]
40480556THIS THREAD IS FOR YOU: 'Wageslave' here >2 years ago >30 lb overweight, broke, social autisti…[View]
40480221Captain Save-A-Hoe General: Who here is exclusively attracted to emotionally damaged women?[View]
40481760Anybody here have a cuphead key?[View]
40478400do girls get horny when they think about boy's penises?[View]
40478123Why isn't heightism treated as seriously as racism?[View]
40475973>make plans with oneitis to go halloween decoration shopping >dress up nice (fitted jeans, whi…[View]
40481178ITT: I'm ill and you have to make me feel better: I got a bad cold from one of the Stacie'…[View]
40481711I'm awkward as shit. How do I fix this?[View]
40478437Asuka or Rei?: Who do you identify with more and why? Doesn't matter who you think is best girl…[View]
40481506>need cute nerdy gf >none found >ok…[View]
40481660>roommates wanna kick me out of the house because i dont go outside of my room i pay 250 euros ev…[View]
40481642dude why dont u just get laid?[View]
40481587Why do boys with deep sexy voices never wanna erp? I need a voicechad to tell me all the lewd things…[View]
40481636How to get out of the shit and into different shit: Why don't you people try getting a job work…[View]
40481038>erections are getting smaller[View]
40481578We're so desensitized to blood from TV shows and video games, yet blood coming out of a vagina …[View]
40479633>women can literally get a high paying career just by fucking the some guy >somehow this makes…[View]
40481563Roasties are just whores, and all whores burn in hell >t.fuck off this board and die whores…[View]
40478781The Mega Millions draw is today. Somebody won last week and the jackpot is at its minimum of $15 mil…[View]
40480632Cybrog thread: Being a cyborg is fucking terrible >mediocre at almost everything >girls insist…[View]
40480354>be me >haven't go out of my house in like 6 months >start feeling tired of this >d…[View]
40478465Were you that one guy in the 'friend'group who was everyone's personal shitbucket? Tell us abou…[View]
40480806JOI CEI: How many times do you ejaculate into your own mouth anon? Just curious.[View]
40481271>tfw no non-sjw misandrist gf who's embarrassed to like you[View]
40478179Gimme some fap material Bonus for hitting my fetish.[View]
40480584huge probability i am overthinking but try convincing my mind that friday i got dumb high on marijua…[View]
40481323Daily Reminder: Women don't have sex drives or experience sexual desire. That is all.[View]
40481430ITT We act like r9k in 2008: r9k was created in 2008 and to celebrate lettuce all tell each other so…[View]
40480269If some malevolent force all of a sudden threatened half of the autists, faggots, and high school ch…[View]
40480640ITT post your favorite anime reaction pics or gifs.[View]
40481285God I fucking love feet so much. Why am i so degenerate?[View]
40480840>tfw shitty resume because unskilled NEET >tfw want to get a job at H&M…[View]
40481212Just wanna meet up with other sad kids and bury our pain in drugs, love, and revolution[View]
40480753Hey robots i recently have an oppurtunity to fuck a bpd girl but i have bpd mysef whats a good way t…[View]
40481299Itt we share sperg stories I'll start >Be me >9 years old >In class, doing rocket math…[View]
40478311Who is the cutest girl that browses 4chan and why she is Insomnia-Chan[View]
40480447Gey your cooking rated: what are you robots eating?` I cooked some pasta, prepared some minced meat …[View]
40480415DO YOU FEEL IT YET?: Green text every major hit to your feels you've taken since birth[View]
40480292am i the only one here who doesn't want to fucking die? Also do you guys interpret 'mfw' as 'my…[View]
40480441>anon tells joke and no one hears it >I repeat his joke and everyone starts laughing…[View]
40481067So, I just made a new tinder account. I used to have one but I didn't get any pussy. My strateg…[View]
40480464>be me >graduated high-school last spring >played junior hockey so I lived away from home t…[View]
40480624Why do I self-sabotage and drop out from every interaction with humans? It's as if I do a 'rese…[View]
40481020First date thread: >be me >19 year old asshole >be talking with a girl online for a few mo…[View]
40480564>have a lunch date at 1 est tomorrow Hope tomorrow isn't one of my autistic days Wish me luc…[View]
40480628I am a NEET who wants to become a wagecuck. What are some good fields someone can break into with a …[View]
40480209Any robots know what business administration is like? Thinking about working in that field[View]
40470447Any robots had luck on this shit? Its dry as fuck, not even the uggos or fatties match me[View]
40480920>mom won't change my diapers anymore[View]
40480921Feels thread. Bad feels, good feels, in between. Let it all out.: >be me >7/10 orchestrafag …[View]
40480668What was the closest you came to losing your virginity, robots? >be 17, friendless, awkward and s…[View]
40480445/anal gummy worms/: I'm about to shove at least ten gummy worms up my butt. Are there any healt…[View]
40480472I'm not even left alone in my own home, there's nowhere I can go to escape the electronic …[View]
40479552>been failing uni on and off for two years >can't drive >can't socialize >can …[View]
40478496Tell me about your day Anon: Do not quit your life just yet edition[View]
40480749Is /out/ actually a good board?: I mean it seems really comfy and shit, just looking at the threads.…[View]
40480658i'm posting kakyoin with cool sunglasses every day day199[View]
40480728You were seen today.[View]
40480792Why you hate her? Explain the reasons.[View]
40480817Holy shit they made an Elliot Roger movie![View]
40480796>fembot stops responding[View]
40480587I really wish I was able to be a shota forever[View]
40479199Why is nothing funny?: Why do I find nothing funny? A lot of people I know in their spare time look …[View]
40480486is sex gross? Yes or no.[View]
40480309>koreans are beautifu-[View]
40479046>'anon i was thinking.. since we're both virgins, maybe we might have sex together...' what …[View]
40480041I trans offered me a blowjob for free but iam not gay, virgin and Iam afraid to get ass raped, what …[View]
40480588>just lift weights and improve your personality bro[View]
40464707>R3ddit girls: >Actually hot. Post nudes all the time. Bona fide exhibitionists >4chan girl…[View]
40480163Dear smartbots, please tell me your opinon on the dumbots on /r9k/, and low IQ people in general. De…[View]
40479334Considering suicide, ideas needed: This is the only image I have, sorry. I am considering suicide ho…[View]
40474520Post songs that hurt your heart. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Tokxcbu_Uo[View]
40479216>no friends >no gf >no future >sit on my computer all day Seriously considering suicide,…[View]
40473856What are some good arguments against fascism?[View]
40480282Symmetry becomes it. Come to ruin our impending feast, a presence that nourishes suffering. All thin…[View]
40478848What do you have to offer over a guy who looks like this?[View]
40480275Why is interracial porn so racist?: The black dude is always some dumb 'DAS RITE BITCH TAKE DIS BLAC…[View]
40480457Why don't you worship women, /r9k/?[View]
40480384Post your Ayyfu[View]
40480344fun things to do on dxm? i'm falling into a pit again and i really like this stuff. plus i don…[View]
40478913How is it possible that even rich chads like Brad Pitt get divorced raped and have their children ta…[View]
40480229When you have a girlfriend...how crippling is the anxiety that she will cheat on you/is cheating on …[View]
40479554help: my brain is lagging >take the wrong bus/way >misread words >don't notice somethi…[View]
40480109Anyone else try to maintain the facade that you don't give a fuck anymore?[View]
40479215it just dawned on me that I'm 20 years old and a virgin, what must people think of me? Does my …[View]
40479311Why don't you walk around a peaceful meadow[View]
40479219>28, live with parents, had same part-time job for years >lately noticed I've been gettin…[View]
40478116Is there any way to get the benefits of drugs or alcohol without suffering the consequences? I hate …[View]
40476963>go to bookstore >open brand new books half way >create a crease in the spine >repeat wh…[View]
40480095Are Bert and Ernie people? They're puppets but they look human. They don't have fur, I…[View]
40479738https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2js063a1Suk when will you guys learn to settle for less and find a 5…[View]
40471016>not even womanlets like manlets there's no god[View]
40477601Anime has gone too far. These are unironic https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zIKsktVFRCk[View]
40476498>tell psychiatrist I have no energy, no motivation, no concentration, and no focus >her soluti…[View]
40480128I can't do it anymore.. All these years of torment and chaos has led to this. Nothing goes my w…[View]
40479661If you're retarded and successful,: IQ shouldn't matter any more, right? Because we ultima…[View]
40478046women have ugly hands[View]
40480263>tfw no aesthetic qt bf/gf steamcommunity.com/id/JGG3/[View]
40480158Post School Shooting pics: ITT we post pictures of school shootings, anime or IRL.[View]
40479424The Mountain Between Us: >It's about Kate Winslet (White Woman) who falls in love with Idris…[View]
40478596Robots, can you guys describe why you are the way you are? I've been coming here for about six …[View]
40480216What are you looking at, asshole?[View]
40467907>at least one boy has probably jerked off thinking about you[View]
40480193>tfw no teacher's pet bf[View]
40478998>try to quit 4chan >vegas shooting happens >relapse back into it for 2weeks straight >on…[View]
40480080>chad at work made me laugh >peed my pants…[View]
40469042whats your opinion on H3? hardmode: no kike comments[View]
40479716Tfw you alter reality[View]
40479791Story time: This happened a few years back >be me >be 19 year old >spend most of my time wi…[View]
40479845Fk U: Bye you fucks! This is my final semester at my uni and i will like a happy life with a beautif…[View]
40479123ITT: we post red flags for a potential bf/gf. I'll start: she has one of these things on her ph…[View]
40479080What do women put in their purse?[View]
40479300>got my genital warts frozen off today[View]
40479448>tfw 19 years old and my crown is balding the worst part of this is my mother, she says that i am…[View]
40473714TDT: Welcome to Tuesday Draw Thread, under new management! Feel free to post your art or make reques…[View]
40479713Any funny meme to talk with a girl?[View]
40479869Where did I go wrong?: >mfw I just jerked off to two gay trap brothers both dressed as Shimakaze …[View]
40472478Why do you care if a woman has had 40 partners? It doesn't change the fact that she chose to s…[View]
40478820/not talk/: Who else completely dies when under the influence of weed and/or alcohol? Was drinking a…[View]
40479980Why are there little robot models ? 19 yo 1m60 , really doesn't help sometimes. Gimme tips to b…[View]
40479918guhh guuhhh buhhh[View]
40479756H-hello Stacy w-what are you doing tonight? Want to go for dinner?[View]
40478930>tfw catching feels for my best friend Help Do I resist the feels or embrace them? This person is…[View]
40478901>all my life parents harassed me, put me down and guilt tripped me >never gave me any life adv…[View]
40479775>on packed rush hour subway car >reach my stop >just before I get out release an anus ruptu…[View]
40479289I just want a girlfriend tall enough to pick me up to her level when we kiss and cuddle.[View]
40479831tfw no online femanon gf to argue with and shit talk and make fun of each other all day but we secre…[View]
40479835The true theme song of /r9k/: https://youtu.be/N9vzxzjsv6g >I could go off the deep end >I cou…[View]
40477333Would /r9k/ ever allow their girlfriend to live out a gangbang fetish?[View]
40469265WHY WONT PEOPLE BUY MY APPAREL: Nobody is buying my fucking sneakers. I'm sick of this shit, pe…[View]
40478825How does a guy who looks like this get a gf like this? What's his secret? Is it really about be…[View]
40477845>Starting to jerk off to ASMR videos instead of porn Am I beyond saving at this point?…[View]
40477330If you could go back to 1st grade with your current intelligence/memories AND strength, would you: …[View]
40479043cuntboys > dickgirls[View]
40479705multiboard autism: So brobots, /x/ and /b/ are currently investigating some shit and curious I'…[View]
40476813What's happening forum? How was your day[View]
40468591>be a white male >got paired with SJW black girl for group paper >always talks about how wh…[View]
40479715>Be me, 23yo beta >take up swimming to get /fit/ >meet 7/10 qt3.14 at poolside >alpha up…[View]
40467569Green you current life: >work part time as janitor >hardy do any work >never have to talk t…[View]
40479243#StonedToTheBone Who else is stoned? Stoner thread! SMOKE WEED EVERYDAY[View]
40476764Becky thread: Are beckys just as bad as stacys I think they are >>They are still social claim …[View]
40478234Am I the only one here who was never in to anime or any of that weeb shit but still thinks Asian wom…[View]
40478594The Supervet: >take dog to the supervet >his legs and spine are fucked and he's in consta…[View]
40479440Hey /R9K/ let's talk about this. No, fucking seriously. Let's fucking talk about it. https…[View]
40479449I want to fuck a fair skinned indian[View]
40476149I think I want to learn Python. Unless there's a more profitable language to learn? I want to w…[View]
40477703fucking normals reeeeee[View]
40478128>graded on participation[View]
40478882how does a chad look like? like there are so many types of handsome guys, and i dont feel the skinny…[View]
40479181you know what will be 5.11.2017? revolution in russia[View]
40479360How often do you robots work out? Also what does your model require you to do for charging?[View]
40479316>Someone used a picture with the exact same filename despite it not being you >If someone sear…[View]
40479312>women won't love me unless I buy them shiny rocks[View]
40479210Was he a robot?: He died before he could get a gf.[View]
40479257Was /r9k/ always this fucking gay and full of obnoxious fetish shit? Maybe I'm wrong but I don…[View]
40478900Give me one reason not to drop out uni. Literally all that keeps me happy is playing videogames all …[View]
40479267Suicide Fuel/Black Pills: I'll start >I'm just not looking to a bf right now Women are …[View]
40478667Must see for Robots: https://youtu.be/LCPHDr5y8Z0[View]
40479221Zoltar you fuck: >haha anon maybe you should get Zoltar to tell you your fortune S-sure oni-chad …[View]
40467471Americans died in ww2 for feminism and interracial sex[View]
40479146'C'MON , anon!! Its time to go save the white race. Y-y-yess , i'll suck you off if you ju…[View]
40475540>unpassable mtf (look like a 'cute boy' at best) >never had any relationships >barely any f…[View]
40473706Is the 'cool S' an anomaly in our timeline? How can it be everywhere around the world without anyone…[View]
40478777Why don't you settle for girls like this?[View]
40479131>tfw attracted to opposite gender that pretty much hates you I-I'm sorry, I try to be better…[View]
40478542>mfw I see some 'redpilled' alt-right MGTOW MRA manlet neckbeard ranting online…[View]
40479078So how do I get a rich sugar mama that will let me be a NEET?[View]
40478203ITT: What do robots think it's like to be a normie?[View]
40478155Crosspost of sorts from /adv/ (I frequent here, wanted to see what advice I could get) Hey /r9k/, I …[View]
40479111Anyone here did a fake-Chad profile on tinder? what were your results?[View]
40476987HOW DOES R9K BROWSE??: Personally, I browse like this. How the fuck do you fucking fags do it?…[View]
40472210/polishfeel/: How are we holding up?[View]
40479092Fun times with the voices in my head: Any other robot's have schizophrenia? >What's it …[View]
40477748Canacuck here. Bought some beer for later on my lunch break at work today (retail wagecucking) and l…[View]
40477831>tfw no qt bf/gf who can beat mike tyson's punch out[View]
40479051>Try to act as normal as i possibly can >Things seem to have gone smoothly >a few days or m…[View]
40477816Paper Bag Hate Thread: Fuck Paper Bags[View]
40478567Stories about stoner girls?[View]
40478476why do normies love this shirt?[View]
40476726>first semester of college >already in friendless shut-in mode >it's only going to get…[View]
40478849Too depressed to enjoy less than exceptional music: I can only throughly enjoy music now when it…[View]
40478960join us on discord. no doxxing, but otherwise no censorship, unlike the rest of these r9k servers nE…[View]
40478817>more turned on by a girl's butthole than pussy >actually it's hard to get turned on…[View]
40478950Anyone here been to Israel and meet an Israeli qt 3.14? How did you fare with her? I'm one day …[View]
40478616>tfw no mufti bf[View]
40475942Take this warning, robots-- when you visit the doctor or a hospital, this is what they are saying ab…[View]
40478712>tfw want to shave my arm and leg hair >tfw worried family we notice I'm not hairy anymor…[View]
40478807Is this nigga from the 40 Year Old Virgin /ourguy/? >Alpha as fuck but chooses to remain with los…[View]
40478867Guys, I need some advice from another perspective. >chat with gril online >convos go ok, nohi…[View]
40478020>favorite manga from over 15 years ago still hasn't had an anime adpatation…[View]
40478816>there are 15 year Olds on this board right now[View]
40478575How can we solve the nu-male problem?[View]
40477190True Path to Happiness: I don't understand, I've tried to be a normie as hard as possible …[View]
40478679Cry for help: Help, I am incredibly antisocial and make people feel very uncomfortable My grandfathe…[View]
40477674loner meetup: hullo 4chan, I, like a reasonable percentage of you, am extremely lonely. I have not b…[View]
40478642Reaction Images: Help fill my reaction folder plz >bonus for rarely seen renditions of a cartoon …[View]
40476621The train headed for Station Square: will be departing soon.[View]
40478240I'd fuck this. I'd fuck this hard. God that arm is so hot[View]
40478172Is a 3.3 GPA good enough for jobs or will I be a NEET once I graduate? I go to a selective universi…[View]
40476466How can normies be so motivated all the time? They go to work, socialize, work out, cook, go to stor…[View]
40475227How do i learn to program ?: brainlet here, I'm trying to find a hobby aside from vidya, anime …[View]
40478045Ive spent hours browsing x and Im scared as fuck please take me back and comfort me my fuCKING PHONE…[View]
40475735Just ordered a bottle Etizolam. What can i expect? Will this turn me into an I dont give a shit alph…[View]
40476072What can I do to leave everything behind? I don't have any money or supplies other than some wa…[View]
40464980Somehow you manage to have kids, what would you name them? >male >female…[View]
40478137Who unironically laughs at Instagram memes?[View]
40478180Options when you're under 6ft: -Asian girls -Shitskin girls -Giving into feminism Which do you …[View]
40476614#MeToo: > #MeToo trending on Facebook. > Women reporting sexual assault. > Chick who sexual…[View]
40478166>tfw about to have sex for the first time in my 26 years >both at her place >I'm tips…[View]
40477871>he doesn't know balding is a sign of autism and low IQ[View]
40470078>this could be you after 2 years at the gym[View]
40478314What the fuck is going on on Eliza's instagram[View]
40478309I really want to be an anime girl How do I stop thinking like this?[View]
40478162I'm gonna die soon if I don't[View]
40473948How do you guys come up with your online handles/ids? I always spend like 1 hour thinking of a good …[View]
40476731it's been 42 hours since I've masturbated and I want to CUM[View]
40478053>tfw thick somali girl gf Is this the most complicated feel known to man?…[View]
40478138How do you pronounce Wojak?[View]
40477286Please Help: >be me >Dad gives $20 >'just bring me back $10' >sweet, I can buy drugs …[View]
40477551Anyone else here like fapping to eiken? I've been doing it to years and it's still the mos…[View]
40476991>3rd year uni, 21 khv >met up with old 'friends from secondary school (they were cool, shy, ne…[View]
40478139I was staring at the wall: Had my head on the corner of a wall World started flickering, quite liter…[View]
40478151I may be 23 with no car, not in college, and making $9 per hour. But that's fine as long as i…[View]
40478143should i quit nofap? im bored but i think nofap can fix some of my hormonal problems[View]
40477943>want to build gaymen PC >have no gayms can anyone recommend me any gayms?…[View]
40478068>tfw male with daddy issues[View]
40476858ITT: STUPID HABITS: So id like to pick up a habit, like smoking. Something I can look forward to, do…[View]
40478032>name a better theme song >i'll wait https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bgafb0SUQJg…[View]
40477643>turn 20 >parents call me a grown-ass fucking man >get real job >coworkers call me a ki…[View]
40477993>it's Terrible Tuesday Talk to me.[View]
40477854I made a word cloud from death row inmates' final words.[View]
40477960In america, this is considered a traumatizing sexual assault.[View]
40476292I want to get in a fight and dominate someone. I'm 6'4 and a half 280 lbs. It'd be nice to…[View]
40477557>tfw will never get a bf because I'm extremely stupid and weak[View]
40477912Is it wrong that I wouldn't date someone who used to be fat?[View]
40476039Who has /no interest in men or 'boipucci'/ here?[View]
40477417>tfw we're out of pickles[View]
40477336Shisha bar update: Alright guys, fuck. I had 6 beers so bear with me please. I've been there fo…[View]
40477218Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. 4 Blessed are those who mourn,…[View]
40475646I don't fit in anywhere[View]
40475936>gf has a c-cup >tfw no titcow gf Is there a worse fate imaginable? How does one get a titcow…[View]
40476300How can I get my dick sucked by a homosexual male right now? Please help robots.[View]
40477522None of you know how it is to have a head this shape irl[View]
40476228I've been laying in bed scared and anxious thinking about my future for 2 hours right now. I fe…[View]
40477608sometimes i wish i wasn't always alone[View]
40477090How do I get her r9k? Pic related her and twink bf[View]
40477450How much time of your life has passed in front of a screen robots?[View]
40477489DAILY REMINDER that people with overprotective parents will get chewed up and spit out by life once …[View]
40477006they deserve death. they're all animals, fucking animals i tell you, i'd even dare say sub…[View]
40476700Do you ever just post something then leave the thread forever? Sometimes I wonder if the person even…[View]
40472526hello tall girls would you date a short guy?[View]
40476978why does every girl have depression or anxiety these days[View]
40473464What does your ideal girl/boy do for a living?[View]
40476871>purposely writing 'teh' instead of 'the' stop it[View]
40477512How do females deal with having wide hips?[View]
40475781r9k AutismBlocks (Minecraft) Server: Looking for a new start or a minecraft se…[View]
40477427>had harsh bringing up >got engaged with a woman but broke up after several months >went to…[View]
40475261What exactly makes loserly, NEET or people with NEET personalities better than your average 'numale?…[View]
40477401All in all it was...: Just a brick in the wall.[View]
40472785/britfeel/: Anon's juicy greentext edition[View]
40473863Does being Indulged as a kid make you a better person?: I was indulged and given a lot as a kid. My …[View]
40476004What is wrong with society?: Why cant I get any Tinder matches or even a GF. I am not bad looking...…[View]
40476786Jack off like you have someone to love. Shitpost like you have something to earn. Eat tendies like…[View]
40477353JeannetteEmigh nude pictures: JeannetteEmigh nude pictures please help find them Someone post them h…[View]
40477109>im addicted to weed[View]
40475935i thought i was over her: >be me >have gf for 2 years from 16 to 18 >best thing i ever had…[View]
40476203I just started my first legitimate 4 days a week 8 hour job. It's sucked my soul. Has me tired …[View]
40477055>this guy is worth hundreds of millions /fa/ fags btfo[View]
40475717What are you meant to do with a guy's balls?[View]
40475185>too fat to hang myself >too ascared to jump from something high >no access to good ODable …[View]
40477134Yet WE are considered outcasts in society, while this Chad cross-dresser gets PAID (+tips) for readi…[View]
40475705Mommy, what's coitus?[View]
40471380I'm steaming a crab, I hope it turns out okay[View]
40469624/SPG/ - Suicide prevention general: One thread everyday to show you we care about you anon. Post you…[View]
40476206>girl likes me and wants to date me >she is fat and ugly what a fucking waste, I'm actua…[View]
40476943Anyone here use interpals?[View]
40475830/comfy/: What music makes you feel comfy anon? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QexOuH8GS-Y https://w…[View]
40469313Hey /r9k/, this is my /x/ gf . say something nice about her.[View]
40475688Hollywood has a problem. Young talentless harlots are seducing vulnerable middle aged men by using t…[View]
40476723Reasons we're robots: >constantly thrown up against the wall and being forced to not cry abo…[View]
40476810How do you feel about the Vaquita?[View]
40476549/hairline/ General: How are you holding up, baldingbros? 27 here. My widow peaks are slowly spiralin…[View]
40476182I'm so fucking sick of this board and this site as well. It's pure cancer. Filling my head…[View]
40476060Do you care about what happens to normies?[View]
40474444I'm in group therapy right now, it's boring and painful. What should I say? Dubs decides.[View]
40474067Stuff that pisses you off: What's stuff you see on a consistent basis that pisses you off? >…[View]
40476294You wtf you lose thread: Post all your wtf gifs and pics here, i saw a thread like this a few days a…[View]
40467297ITT: R9K all live in a cyberpunk dystopian housing block part 2[View]
40476131>Be me >Newfag >Decide to go onto /b/ like the big boy I am >The first thing I see is an…[View]
40474154Grapefruit Blowjob: Anyone ever actually been grapefruited? Discuss, r9k[View]
40476539How do you guys deal with porn folders when you live with someone else? I have a password on my comp…[View]
40472512have you ever paid for porn or tipped a camgirl? if so why when there's terabytes and terabyte…[View]
40476490MGTOW: Lets have a comfortable talk. Have you subscribed to TFM yet?[View]
40476105>Keep having that dream where im a girl and im getting fucked HELP[View]
40476655>look much more aesthetic with glasses >have 20/20 vision of all the shit genes to inherit, th…[View]
40476628Have anyone here tried Social SkillsTraining (behavioural therapy)? Was it worth it? Did it worked?[View]
40476556>walking down the street >someone comes round the corner and notices me talking to myself…[View]
40476355/r/ roast: send this number whatever you want ((; preferably the worst shit imaginable 9795496561 *…[View]
40476578Betabux thread: Welp, this is it robots. I graduated college still a khv and with a STEM degree. Loo…[View]
40476562Tfw I see the other owls fucking with my owlette[View]
40476304>cleaning lady heard me barking like a dog again >laughed >thought this would never happen …[View]
40475191>ashleighthelion >lion shouldn't it be whale?…[View]
40471253It is morally repugnant that you contribute to the torture and misery of animals just because it 'ta…[View]
4047634021khv here I live with a lad who a I am friendly with, would consider him a 'friend' because I talk …[View]
40476318how do I make a holo ai gf can I do it in python please help[View]
40476050Daily reminder if your religious in a western country in 2017 your a fucking moron[View]
40476288We need another beta uprising: We need another beta uprising. Fucking normies have been invading too…[View]
40476274>call themselves robots >some of the whiniest posters on 4chan wdhmbt…[View]
40474135So if women are having more sex than ever before then why are there so many men who are virgins?[View]
40476156Gucci Redpills the Normies en masse: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Kx3CzMNMBY Atlanta rap icon Gu…[View]
40475970>in my home >alone >afraid to speak too loud…[View]
40473938>you will never have a cute, slightly thick deaf GF Someone, somewhere must be suffering this fee…[View]
40476127Does anyone have a comfy spotify playlist of songs like this? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=nxg4C365…[View]
40476162Anyone else made choices he regrets in life? I wish I had chosen computer science in college.[View]
40475551>'wow anon you're so handsome' >'you're so funny how come you haven…[View]
40476053ITT: weird reasons why you would make you kill yourself[View]
40472932>tfw very nice and beautiful country >tfw ruined by the people in it…[View]
40476102Anon, help me find my sock. I don't wanna be late[View]
40476078I just looked at the sun for a split second and now my eyes hurt[View]
40476063I like picking my cats scabs.: Post about the weird shit you enjoy doing.[View]
40475475What's for dinner /r9k/ chilly autumn day edition[View]
40474278How i got neetbux, jew style: >be me, 23 year old beta still living with parents >live in norw…[View]
40472542Robot Political Affiliation: What is the robot view on politics. Post political compass and politica…[View]
40475370>looking up a list of hobbies on a random site >sex as an item on the list give me ideas, rob…[View]
40476011>don't know whether I actually feel this way or just being edgy Should I just get help?…[View]
40472426Simple question- Would you be happier as a cat? argue it either way.[View]
40474612Who's your paizuri partner? The other thread is shit, so post about titties here.[View]
40475483mochi mochi[View]
40475946>tfw saw the guy sitting on his chair birthday cake screen cap in here >laughed at it cause it…[View]
40475764>tfw you will probably become a lone wolf mass shooter one day What do /r9k/? Should I turn mysel…[View]
40475910>tfw no qadi bf[View]
40475601Just your daily dose of realism[View]
40473783pepe thread show me your favorite pepe[View]
40474342I'm gonna try my best today! Let's try our best /r9k/![View]
40475337what's your favorite 2hu song I like this one https://youtu.be/Dx0nKa5xkZM it's p good i…[View]
40475402looksmaxxing: How can I fix my bone structure to make me more attractive facially? I'm a 3/10…[View]
40475070You know I had to do it to him: Opinions on this meme?[View]
40474374>off work for three days, make a list of things to do while free [ x ] Clean house [ x ] Laundry …[View]
40475585>so are you, like, a virgin, or whatever?[View]
40473972how do I make my body look like this?[View]
40471857>Why are you still wearing your shirt, anon? Show us your body! Wat do?…[View]
40473605>check poop >wtf i dont remember eating corn Anyone else know this feel?…[View]
40475462Is this a nice state to live in?[View]
40475391>go on /bant/, was once my favorite board >every 3 threads is about some gay fucking anime cha…[View]
40475592question to the females: Do the fembots here acknowledge that the 80/20 rule is real?[View]
40468054Do you guys watch anime in Japanese or English?[View]
40474159Anyone here completely friendless? Not just in person but online? How long have you been like this?[View]
40474901i want my comfy lifestyle back desu college is way too hard desu i am not motivated desu i hate the…[View]
40475559>tfw your mom caught you watching vidya porn on New Grounds Anybody else…[View]
40472994>POLICE! >door smashes >excuse me ma'am we've detected a google search for 'young…[View]
40474075I have known wimpy, below-average looking kids grow to become full-on normies, sometimes even Chads.…[View]
40475257Why aren't you worshiping Slaanesh yet /r9k/?[View]
40474507Is your hair part on your left or right side robots? Supposedly it's effeminate to have your pa…[View]
40475004>play rift again >last time I played was 2014 and quit when archeage came out >meet girl ch…[View]
40456357/unifeels/: I didn't see a uni thread up, so it's time to make one. How are all of you doi…[View]
40474169Why do people still obsess about 3dpd when 2d is so much better?[View]
40474755Me and 3 mates acquired about 5 acres of relatively remote land today. I want to make money off it i…[View]
40471356I really wish I didn't have autism. This lady I know keeps blowing up at me for being rude, but…[View]
40470135Women are programmed not to like you.[View]
40473919Who's /ourfoe/? I mean, it's the next logical step after /ourguy/, so who do you chose?[View]
40468373Why does this fucking happen: Why the fuck do people LOVE Oreos when they're a fucking knockoff…[View]
40471979Would /r9k/ date an orgy GF?[View]
40466848People with legit high IQs, what's it like to be very smart?[View]
40474994mud, nice and hot[View]
40473124Same guy as >>>40468664 So I just went to take a bath and I found this right when I opened …[View]
40472898Daily women hate thread: >guy is nice and attractive 'he's such a gentleman always hleping o…[View]
40472738Back when i used to be around girls like in highschool .one time i was hanging out with a group of g…[View]
40474765I have the lab to myself What do[View]
40474758Brain fog: Has anyone dealt with brain fog? I never had it until recently, and it doesnt feel so gre…[View]
40472755Who there in the 1% undateable ugly man[View]
40475132STOP MOURNING MR. LAHEY!: What the fuck is wrong with women? Why are they so self centered?[View]
40474706>music education major in college >immense respect for my professor in the subject >invites…[View]
40473943Is there really such thing as a soul?[View]
40474267What's the point of living if you'll be alone your entire life? My life is great but havin…[View]
40473721DREAM BREAD: Post your recent dreams brobots. Mine: >being playing Yakuza and watching Sopranos l…[View]
40474150I want to start a thread to collect all these stories about roasties being degraded that have been c…[View]
40474668Are any anons really introverted in Uni over here? Recently had my professor call me out in front of…[View]
40475083I'm sorry if you've had a bad day!: I hope it gets better! <3[View]
40474652ITT: Fictional Characters that you're compared to: Also: mfw pre 9/11 television will never com…[View]
40475065Alcoholic Thread - CURE Edition: Any alcoholics here who want to get sober? Then I have only one rec…[View]
40474968What game should i pirate? I feel like playing something new but i'm out of ideas.[View]
40474578>24 >neet/hikki, social-phobia,anxiety ,lack motivation >never smoke , drug , or even drink…[View]
40474899Now that I look back,I really do miss the constant fights and banter all the people gave me in schoo…[View]
40474579MANLETS: >stacey would rather date a manlet than be with me REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE…[View]
40474801>parents will pay 60 euros for 45 min of psychiatrist NOBODY CANT FIX ME IM A 5'6 UGLY MANLE…[View]
40474756Is it weird to buy a literal skeleton to put in your room? Asking for a friend.[View]
40474504>tfw grandma said Im very european looking What did she mean by this?[View]
40473915life is dogshit: nothing about life makes me think its worth living anymore. i dont understand what …[View]
40474726/UNI/ - General: >Major Physics >Age at which you started 21 (don't ask me why) >Age a…[View]
40474708Uni Thread Post em lads >Uni >Major >class standing >accolades (chancellors list / deans…[View]
40473511Anyone else feel like their lives would be way better if they were the last person on earth?[View]
40473815>tfw Romana puella non habeo[View]
40474182How do you get rid of the feeling of people coincidentally saying 'eww' and 'disgusting' when you wa…[View]
40468639Is it common for women to get double penetrated these days? If I talk to an average woman what are t…[View]
40474442I've never seen anyone on 4chan get quads before. I've seen trips once and dubs a few time…[View]
40474587So /r9k/, our landlord is selling the house. My mum is pissed and we don't have enough money sa…[View]
40471193This is your mom's new boyfriend/guy she's cheating on your dad with What do?[View]
40473077Sex with Teacher: I want to bang the absolute shit out of my English professor. I can't be cert…[View]
40474512African American Nig nogs are being outdone already lol: So /r9k/ African (Nigerian) immigrants are …[View]
40474040Does anybody here have trouble when it comes to autism and interactions between a dentist, or a fami…[View]
40474365I trans on POF want to give me a blow job but iam not gay and iam afraid to get my ass raped but if …[View]
40474486>come on 4chan after being a way for a couple hours >feel like I'm out of the loop and th…[View]
40473424Im a failed normie who always wanted validation from random players in competitive games and mmos, b…[View]
40474432Creative Robot Thread https://soundcloud.com/saxon_casi/distant[View]
40474324>tfw dating a Hooters waitress We're all gonna make it.[View]
40472141If you were Emperor of Rome....: ....what kind of depraved shit would you get down to ? Be honest a…[View]
40474347Who do you think you are? Going around building walls. Collecting your jar of balls.[View]
40474262>get naked >look in the mirror >think about something which worried you >watch your ball…[View]
40473802What did she mean by this? Inquiring minds want to know.[View]
40474063Holy fucking shit /r9k/. What the fuck is wrong with women. >Be me >Be on tinder >Posting a…[View]
40474242Normie feels?: >have a couple of friends including some girls over for a house party on Monday du…[View]
40473190>normies are upset about receding hairlines in their 20s this was my hair freshman year of highsc…[View]
40473159Why so gay?: Why so many degenerates, perverts, and faggots on this board? Do the world a favor and …[View]
40474202Jason Voorhees: Jason is /ourguy/ >Hates normie teenagers >Has Mommy issues >Murders the n…[View]
40472382Post autistic things you do/have done. >living in apartment for college >too afraid to use the…[View]
40472075A few days ago, I was at my sister's place. She has a six month old baby. The baby tugged on my…[View]
40474034Does anyone else hear things talk to them when they get high?[View]
40467050Anime is for effeminate little pricks, virgins and losers who stay inside all day. 4chan itself is n…[View]
40470651http://www.meet-an-inmate.com/ladies/: Would you date an inmate? Why not, theres millions of single …[View]
40468742>tfw no daddy bf to read me bedtime stories :( What would you think if your gf asked you to do th…[View]
40474117/ASMR/: Who else here watches ASMR escape the feelies? Post your ASMRfus and discuss comfy sounds…[View]
40474112If this thread is trips I will do an Elliot Rodger. If not, then a women hate thread[View]
40473583any NEETs getting high here?[View]
40472295Men hate thread: Why are men so disgusting and selfish? Men nowadays are all fuccbois, too busy play…[View]
40474060how do you retail sucks hold it together? I only had a minor customer service job a couple years bac…[View]
40455080Undeniable proof women have it just as hard[View]
40473984do you ever wish you could get a partial lobotomy and just become a happy retard? mush up the part o…[View]
40473766petshop: >Get job at pet shop >qt girl my age there >thin but thicc, long reddish brown hai…[View]
40472430How do I tell a haircutter lady I want my hair like this. I'd like to keep interaction to a min…[View]
40472931How can I make sure my little brother doesn't become an incel/robot? He's 8[View]
40473544Now that the dust has settled, can we agree he had a good point?[View]
40472281>'thanks for fighting in the race war to save me, anon!' >'umm.... 'breed' with you?…[View]
40473786I want to get sexual[View]
40473789Seriously, i am attractive an fit, but i dont know how to approuch a girl or let alone speak to one,…[View]
40473760Has anybody joined job services for people with mental health problems? I'm thinking of trying …[View]
40473742What are you having for snack fellow robots?[View]
40473734Is Carl Brutananadilewski a robot?[View]
40473194>I hope she spots my boner and wants it[View]
40473093I am human and I need to be loved just like everybody else does just like everybody else[View]
40473432how do you snap out of aphaty and nihilism view point?(also nothing brings joy)[View]
40473341>mum says its not right for me to stay in the house 24/7 THE PAST 2 YEARS HAVE BEEN THE EASIEST M…[View]
40471469my sister browses 4chan mfw when she showes a post about an anon demanding pics of pussy mfw that an…[View]
40473595Be average neckbeard with mediocre existence: >have a bunch of time on your hands from being an a…[View]
40473549Should I get back in contact with this old skater slut I used to fuck in highschool and have my way …[View]
40446508>that kid who did drugs in the bathroom at school[View]
40473520>5'2' >19 >/fit/, and not ugly >KH (one of my friends when growing up was a girl) …[View]
40473338>be me >bad break up. Been single for 6 months >meet girl on facebook. 8/10, funny, into an…[View]
40473145>tfw girls don't approach you because you're too attractive[View]
40473492Fembots - would you date somebody with a slow sense of humour and isn't really funny outside of…[View]
40472375Why the hell is iPhone always ruining shit First the headphone jack now they're removing the f…[View]
40473355Existence: But seriously though. Why does existence exist? Fuck I hate existential crises[View]
40471963GF Application Thread: Fembots post applications in this thread to obtain a bf. >Age >Country …[View]
40472383What does a girl actually want r9k? I have tried getting money, acting cool and getting fit, it just…[View]
40473440>tfw constantly on the verge of suicide[View]
40472952Why are girls online pretending to be gay guys now? This is next level catfishing[View]
40467833Good morning, anon! I hope you have a good day today :3 and you've had a good day already for t…[View]
40471984>Time for a good ol' fashioned virgin hunt! Tell you what boys, how about we give you a ten …[View]
40472272Post things that you experience that you cant explain and nobody else ever mentioned them (nothing p…[View]
40473146Overwatch ppl: Does anyone wants to play some quick matches in Normiewatch? I need the +20% XP boost…[View]
40473180Muh iq: First day in Harvard... Super genius walks into hallway... Immediate silence.. then whisperi…[View]
40473203>those roasties who would attempted multiple suicides and yet still failed >they end up going …[View]
40472057Is this the best way to make a white man cum?[View]
40467912ITT: Games r9k love: In no particular order Fallout new vegas Rainbow six siege And fallout 3…[View]
40472002>Literally just go up to her and tell her how you feel >You only get one chance at life bro…[View]
40470154Wet Dream Thread: Thought I'd greentext a recent experience for you guys. I heard about wet dre…[View]
40472556How do I find online frens? I don't know how! I am really confuse!![View]
40471632I'm invited to a party. First time. It might be the start of a normal life. If I don't rui…[View]
40472868to all sad miserable virgins: At least you're not a cuck[View]
40471376Star Trek question to any who can help.... I have seen all of TNG and Voyager, i loved TNG and liked…[View]
40472938Hi /r9k/ I'm HIGH as SHIT and about to JACKOFF! Yeah I'm taking a TRIP to the WACKOFF WARE…[View]
40472806be me >it's the year 2019 >Shrek 5 has just come to theatres >my mum has agreed to tak…[View]
40472725I need more of these. Real life pics only, may be edited.[View]
40471444>he fell for the nofap meme How pathetic[View]
40472358Sad/depression stories: I'll start >be me >always been tall, fat, asocial and fairly smar…[View]
40471704Anons with Borderline PD why don't you end yourself to spare the people around you and yourself…[View]
40472758>it's another episode of you write a letter to yourself in the third person as if you were s…[View]
40472128COCAINE ON A BOAT I JUST HAD A STROKE how is he so smart r9k[View]
40472529When I go out I dress up as if I'm going on a date. It makes me feel empty because I have never…[View]
40472731>hey anon why is your computer so locked down[View]
40472703>tfw no accoucheur bf[View]
40472694>'anon, you tok the picture like 2 minutes ago, why are you still here?…[View]
40471943>TFW you can't just walk in to EB Games and get a copy of NEWTYPE Magazine anymore. >TFW …[View]
40472044>when you get a whiff of your own ball sweat >when you sit on your hands, fart then inhale you…[View]
40471236Am I really a manlet?: Seriously, I'm a solid 6'0 (no e-statting) and whenever I compare m…[View]
40469598When did you realize 4chan is Pennywise? It shows itself as what you fear most, hate ect. because it…[View]
40472653XD: >Be me >White kid in highschool >Always joke about black people not having dads >Dad…[View]
40472544>have burns on dick How does this even fucking happen?[View]
40470345Pics that make you go hmm...: But you can't just hmm you need to have a creative hmm[View]
40472587>go to interview today at Little Caesar's >they want me to go to a 2nd interview Christ t…[View]
40471885Here's an amusing story I wanted to share >Be me >11th grade >Sit in classroom near th…[View]
40463101>cashier girl at my local supermarket said she'll 'see me tomorrow' i'm out of here lad…[View]
40469596What Does Anon Use The Interwebs For?: What does your bar of tabs look like? >all browsers accept…[View]
40471754That kid thread: That kid thread I'll start; >that kid in highschool that thought they are J…[View]
40468227/britfeel/: Old OP image because I felt like it edition[View]
40472474>be typical 4chan kiddo >speak perfect english, go through typical 4chan childhood, end up a n…[View]
40471052You're all a bunch of dumb virgins![View]
40472173>not tall enough to be a giant >not short enough to be a dwarf BEING IN THE MIDDLE IS EVEN WOR…[View]
40472360Why do you people care so much about being incels, and women not wanting you? Why would you wanna be…[View]
40467738Please by my gf. My ex left me and I want to love someone lonely here that deserves it. Please respo…[View]
40471714Will there ever be another Elliot Rodger?[View]
40471834>Be me, autistic careerist >move around every couple of years because of work >Never really…[View]
40472061how do you fatbots diet/exercise? any good routines? a-asking for a friend[View]
40471585I just arranged a date with my oneitis, ask me anything.[View]
40471071If you had to pick one, which girl would you fight[View]
40472315>girl in my class I never talked to starts greeting me when I pass by her >today came to talk…[View]
40472308So we all know that the average woman doesn't like short men. But do tall women (5'10+) da…[View]
40472303>your genetics determine your future >you will always be genetically inferior and it's ou…[View]
40470656do there is minecraft server for /r9k??/[View]
40472079I just need to work 80 hours a week for the next 16 months before I can move out![View]
40470861Post god tier memes in this thread[View]
40471562What makes a person valuable?[View]
40471572Who smoke weed here? I go to the park every weekend and blaze it. I like to lay in the grass and wat…[View]
40469507You can only post in this thread if you were a teenager in the 2000s.[View]
40469343Gangstalking is real: Think I'm a schizo? Think I think I'm being gangstalked? The answer …[View]
40471289>have a cute gf, she is literally perfect for me. I love her so fucking much. >the only gf i e…[View]
40471966>tfw shitty fantasy team[View]
40471845Is it possible to forget how to speak? I speak so rarely that when I do, it feels forced and I can…[View]
40471060Ur all dum[View]
40471748Your friend paul: Hello, my son Paul is at school so i decided to check his Pc, and he always uses t…[View]
40471741> he has a black lotus painting in the kitchen[View]
40472025>farewell this blackened eye >you learned your lessons falling down…[View]
40471888Would you rather be a 9 foot tall woman or a 4 and a half foot tall man?[View]
40472023How common is being degraded a part of femanons sexual fantasies? And how does it manifest (i.e. sce…[View]
40470466Robots: Statistics show that children are best raised in a two parent household. Single mothers are …[View]
40471951I think this is one of the finest narrative memes ever crafted on /r9k/, a sapient utilization of al…[View]
40471263do you believe in destiny? YES NO AND WHY[View]
40470840Inviting a girl to a friends house party for a 'first date' is a terrible idea isnt it?[View]
40467052So this is what it looks like when a robot fucks a prostie? Looks hot https://twitter.com/bambiblack…[View]
40471261I'm a little bicurious but mainly straight and pretty alpha yet I really get off on Sissy Hypno…[View]
40470322Femanons; any plans to save sex for marriage?[View]
40471661God I wish I were black.: I know theres the stigma of black on here, yadi yadi yada, but I've a…[View]
40470340My best online friend just died of s meth overdose Please submit a friend application to me[View]
40469261Any good webcomics? I need something to pass the time. Series comics preferred.[View]
40471681'What did you say anon? Speak out loud, I can't hear you!'[View]
40458626Did she get what she deserved?[View]
40455967What jobs do you guys have?: currently working a mcjob, absolute shit and can't get a better on…[View]
40471022Ask me anything You have 15min[View]
40466578why you didn't killed you'reself yet?[View]
40461780>tfw no joan of ark gf[View]
40471673Honor is a property of men[View]
40471031>tfw no huge cuddly submissive bear bf with a giant muscle butt to use as a pillow…[View]
40471254So no one likes a debbie downer right? No one actually wants them around them? So what does a debbie…[View]
40470476you know, being crazy makes sense. (i mean if i was rly crazy, that would explain everything) i gues…[View]
40470597Were Eric and Dylan TI's: Was the constant harassment they received gangstalking? Brooks Brown …[View]
40471246Chafe legs: Anyone else here almost have chafe between legs while walking?[View]
40467560Thats it /b/. I cant take it any more. It doesnt matter what i do, what i eat, how i clean it, it wi…[View]
40471352How can I destroy my mothers life? I'm gonna kill myself and she has been abusive with me my en…[View]
40471530>Company assign me (HR guy) to take care of opening our employee's bank accounts so the comp…[View]
40469855femanons, would you date/fuck a >nu-male ?[View]
40471415>been alive for over 30 years >favorite manga from when I was in highschool still hasn't …[View]
40471111What's the best way to meet qt young women on the internet?[View]
40469195Are quiet, timid people easy to manipulate? >girl at work >obviously has zero confidence >…[View]
40470692Is girls being into police/military a meme? >Live in Germany >Pretty good looking, fit, though…[View]
40471419Whats for breakfast, faggots? I'm having coffee with whiskey.[View]
40470933Who /half BPD/ here? I fit certain elements to a tee (splitting, emotional volatility when it comes …[View]
40471272How do robots deal with corporate group dynamics evaluation when applying to a job? I have done it s…[View]
40471331Why is not posting furry porn a global rule, but people post trap shit and racemixing smut here all …[View]
40470175WouId you, robots?[View]
40467895Drug sensitivity: Who /drug sensitive/ here? >cant drink much or i get nausea and eczema >toba…[View]
40470005I'm getting my life back on track finally and damn it feels good. You know what else feels good…[View]
40471207>Drink everyday/night for the past 3 months >Can't even get drunk anymore even with hard …[View]
40469905Boomer Hate: Can we have a good Boomer Hate Thread? Havent seen one in a hot minute[View]
40470618opinions on domestic violence? https://webmshare.com/WWVqD[View]
40471167>why should anybody have to care about you anon? >don't kill yourself anon that would be …[View]
40471042ITT: Stupid famous quotes: Difficulties are things which show what men are - Horace Mann If that wer…[View]
40469992..And what did /r9k/ do this weekend?[View]
40471000How did you break it to your parents that you are going to die loveless and alone?[View]
40470091>tfw you realize she's just like the others Women are a union.[View]
40470889>be me >gay >all this dickposting on r9k makes me hate dick >straight now and hate fags …[View]
40470334I don't enjoy porn that much anymore. I don't even feel like masturbating at all, maybe i…[View]
40470928i havent eat anything in 18 hours, just 6-10 french fries[View]
40470582Who here class 3 weapons soon[View]
40470912>ULTRA VIRGIN >LIFEofDvirgin >r9k respects the virgin for his respectful acts…[View]
40470868A girl likes me but shes pretty ugly and I'm not very attracted to her. I don't see myself…[View]
40469754On TWO separate occasions this weekend, I observed really attractive girls oogle over tall, good loo…[View]
404293042000s nostalgia thread: post things that made you happy in the 2000s[View]
40470390>tfw no amical bf[View]
40468133>Girl at college likes me >She's 17 and I'm 28 Would it be creepy if I asked her out…[View]
40470934what would it feel like to be involved in something like this ? https://www.ashemaletube.com/videos/…[View]
40467137>tfw i got blacked yesterday >tfw i'm coal burner now i will carry this secret to the gra…[View]
40467323What stops you from getting a gf/bf?: I followed /sig/ some months now and >got rid of my acne …[View]
40468972How much dick could a dick suck suck if a dick suck could suck dick[View]
40470218>tfw another day wasted on 4chan Literally wasted years of my life here... wish I had never found…[View]
40470173should I re-engage with my friends after being NEET two years? They've all moved on and become …[View]
40469852Who is the alpha here?[View]
40465835/would you/ thread Would you?[View]
40468431Let's look at this objectively Ricegum -lives in a mansion in Beverley Hills -has several expen…[View]
40470573Wtf this guy problem? He is just some random guy I met and we exchanged numbers for work purposes. N…[View]
40468734You people are a problem: I'm sick of it, honestly SICK of it. You people think you deserve to …[View]
40470613Imagine all the girls who didn't have sex until marriage only to realize their husband was a di…[View]
40470037Old friend messaged me on Normie Book: Please no bully because im semi normie. But this girl I went …[View]
40468978Okay guys... Fuck. I have so many butterflies in my belly I can't stand it. Alright, a bit of c…[View]
40469833League of Legends thread: Is this the most toxic game right now?[View]
40470285DO A BARREL ROII!!![View]
40468865>have the sweetest dogs growing up >they loved everyone, even strangers >except black peopl…[View]
40467130> sit down, anon[View]
40468388>get a haircut >barber cuts it too short[View]
40468782If you had to sum up your life what would you say you do besides post sleazy and hateful comments on…[View]
40469490My grandpa has been slowly wearing away from dementia and was recently diagnosed with it. My mother …[View]
40469411Never fuck with something you dont know,Anon >be me >year 2013 >be 16 >study high level …[View]
40469341You guys ever meet an autistic NatSoc? Like, I don't mean the 15 year old cringe Kekistani LARP…[View]
40470239Why do the Jews and Christians keep asking for this? Yours truly, Bishop A[View]
40469517If you had a girl agreeing to fulfill any of your sexual desire but just for one night, what would y…[View]
40470171You would have been happier just following your dreams. Now it's too late.[View]
40469417The beta king: >be me >art major >in class first day, see a cute girl >indirectly get he…[View]
40468400How do I explain 4chan to my therapist?[View]
40469437Whoever has the best black racial slur wins[View]
40468673midweek r9k discord discussion discord gg/BwyQssF only join if youre ready to talk about feelings an…[View]
40470030>there are men on this board who orbit lesbians[View]
40470080She thick as a snick tho[View]
40469981Tfw you hadnt fucked in ages and thought you were a full robot but then you get laid and you realise…[View]
40470051>just busted a fag for having too much dick In his ass YOUR UNDER ARREST FOR *removes dicks from …[View]
40468707it is hard enough to breach one females defenses, how are these men able to do multiple, that they g…[View]
40468929Day 9 of absolutely 0 matches on tinder/okc/pof/badoo/etc.: Deleted all the accounts, apps and pictu…[View]
40469448My won't women just let me have sex with them? Surely the pleasure it would bring me outweighs …[View]
40468228im gonna go take a shit[View]
40469426>Look down >See this What do? And I'm original as always you stupid robot…[View]
40469988The asspussy formula has finally been cracked. Will we see a new era of asspussy?[View]
40469292Is it confirmed that no one likes Johnny Neptune??[View]
40468462Here we see a robot with the kind of woman he thinks the world owes him[View]
40468559>go to local cinema to but a ticket for BR2049 >cashier is a qt grill >all is good, I don…[View]
40467768Get to work wagie. I want a gtx 1080, and we know who's paying.[View]
40469334Supreme Gentlemen: Who else is someone taken from us too soon?[View]
40469868Why do normies feel the need to socialize 24/7? Every walking second of their pitful existences is c…[View]
40467097hey /r9k/... guess what[View]
40467084>whiebois are literally turning themslves into women to compete for the black GOD'S cock smf…[View]
40469298>tfw wondering if you're first cousin will tattle tale on you for squeezing her when she cle…[View]
40469459The Cat: Who's a male.[View]
40464809>female friend introduces me to 9/10 meme queen girl >fast forward 2 weeks >i have a gf …[View]
40469752/rejection general/: >Anon you're a nice guy but I don't think you're the right gu…[View]
40469698How to cope with friends' death, /fit/?: Let me tell you something. This burden has been on my …[View]
40466569Post comfy looking vag: Only comfy vag plz. no roast.[View]
40469667>2017 >still no fine arts board[View]
40466770ITT: stupid choices you've made: I ate one of pic related 30 mins ago and my stomach still hurt…[View]
40464515how are Argonians even worth playing ? > working poor > dirty ass people > retarded names…[View]
40469244What makes r9k happy?: Hello r9k, what makes you happy, or just makes you feel a little better, even…[View]
40465905>normie childhood friend keeps mentioning the things he does with his other normie friends >he…[View]
40469110None of you who post on here (myself included) are real robots. You're cyborgs at worst. Real r…[View]
40466041tfw will unironically board a bus at 7am tomorrow[View]
40469023Attention all lean sipping underground hip hop 'sadboy' faggots You are NOT welcome here, take your …[View]
40469465>that feel when you realize that all the girls /r9k/ orbit are all in cahoots with each other and…[View]
40469221who else /tantrum/? just punched another hole in the wall because mother was annoying me[View]
40468892I've had a weird encounter today at uni anons >majoring in teaching English as a foreign lan…[View]
40469245>TFW fell in love with a short hair, petite with small tits, SJW looking tatted up co-worker I…[View]
40468619women in the workplace: As much as this board resents women I think we can all agree that women make…[View]
40469225do femanons ever get urges to get gang banged?[View]
40466417In such a fucked up society, where there's no incentive to contribute to it, what reason is the…[View]
40466236>be mummies good 29 & 1/2 year old boy >wake up in middle of the night (10 am) >Only g…[View]
40469358ITT post stories of when you gambled on a fart and lost >be me >sixth grader >have Chinese…[View]
40469354>Be alone >Desperately crave for gf >Find gf >Unable to relate, still unhappy >Gf che…[View]
40467631When you were a kid, which Sabrina did you think was qter?[View]
40468422It happened again lads I developed a huge crush on this girl from my college In my eyes she is stunn…[View]
40468938fapping with non-dominant hand: >fap with right hand >takes 5-10 minutes >comparatively qui…[View]
40468823Did you ever have to raise your own siblings because your parents were nelglectful or other reasons?[View]
40468529>no gf because low self-esteem >low self-esteem because no gf how do I solve this conundrum?…[View]
40466867>'Anon... I-I did it again... I'm sorry! I'm sorry! Please forgive me! Don't leave…[View]
40469060Any procrastinator tried Habitica? I started it 3 days ago and it's kinda cool I guess? Right …[View]
40469204It kinda feels like 'wisdom' was invented by stupid man, or someone who wanted someone to be more st…[View]
40467892Original comment about femboys having a bigger dick than you[View]
40469099It's okay to not be Chad. It's okay to not be good with women. It's okay to be a virg…[View]
40468642Just a friendly reminder that you don't need a giant cock to please a girl. Stop obsessing over…[View]
40468161>Get a car >Tell roasties i have a car >They don't care >mfw i have a car for no r…[View]
40469080>summer girl make me feel fine[View]
40469001>tfw was eating my gf's ass last night even though she was begging me to stop cause she said…[View]
40466243Femanons, what's your opinion on muscular girls?[View]
40468514What the fuckkkkk. It hurts so bad. Why did I end up as one of the 2% of people who stay virgins aft…[View]
40468983Is it possible that world stops being that fucking unfair piece of shit in any future time? It…[View]
40466653>talk with girl for months >Always flip flops , only gone as far as to make out >Whole la…[View]
40468776>tfw no tsentropechat bf[View]
40468423why is it so hard to smile[View]
40466142>found out the girl I liked was into yaoi Did I dodge a bullet?[View]
40468898Does everybody just have random STIs now?: >kid in class today >starts itching his balls and a…[View]
40461454If money can get you laid, then explain Elliot Rodger. He was filthy rich and flaunted his wealth ev…[View]
40468383>Alphas treat women like objects and women love it >when Betas treat women like objects they h…[View]
40466537>tfw no huge cuddly submissive bear bf with a giant muscle butt to use as a pillow What do…[View]
40468835>I will never ever run away >I'll be here to fight, another day!…[View]
40468493A very new Discord sever! If you have trouble sleeping and want to be read to, or just want a comfy…[View]
40466824I just had a shitty night: I couldn't sleep because I kept getting dizy, feeling like I wasn…[View]
40467868how come when I was a kid my mind was so clear and everything was vivid now my mind is full of fuck …[View]
40468565Does humping your bed to get off damage your dick?[View]
40467605slut, you think I won't choke no whore till the vocal chords don't work in the throat no m…[View]
40467446i ran to my room everytime i see my chad sister bf in my house am i autist?[View]
40468557Trips gives me something to do, keep it a little bit..y'know..not ridiculous[View]
40467407post 1. truth about yourself 2. something you miss 3. your favorite tab open 4. something that anno…[View]
40466864What do you trap haters/neutrals feel when you see a trap thread thumbnail with a dickgirl in an ins…[View]
40464902Post your style or what you wear boys, will reply with template. Yes - I am a virgin.[View]
40467033Is anyone else here tempted to convert to Islam? Sharia law and their traditional gender roles seem …[View]
40467582/ugly/: >tfw 99% of my problems wouldn't even exist if I was handsome FUCK YOU GOD. FUCK YOU…[View]
40468138>started dabbing ironically >now I do it 50+ times a day unironically and can't stop myse…[View]
40468412>look at britfeel calendar >another year passed >all i did was get diagnosed schizo…[View]
40464297give me 1 good reason: give me one good reason I shouldn't just kill myself >be 28 year old …[View]
40468405Should I clean my desk?[View]
40466757>this makes the whitebois upset[View]
40468082>go full autism and help Wikipedia >This article may need to berewritten entirelyto comply wit…[View]
40467001What's your post-nut reaction robots? I'll start >Wow cool nice…[View]
40467556>be me >22 yo >dropped out of college due to anxiety and frequent getting belittled by norm…[View]
40468312Why the fuck do I have to be social all the time in order to be a functioning member of society? I p…[View]
40454927/britfeel/: skawee wedder makes me go poo poo in my pants edition[View]
40467956College Japanese Club: Alright anon, I've been thinking about joining a Japanese Club (fluent i…[View]
40467751Routine thread >wake up at 10 >either tendies or insta noodles at 1 >vidya and porn until s…[View]
40467219>jav cosplay porn >remove clothes before fucking Why the fuck would they do this?…[View]
40467928>tfw tip of benor is lubricated but not the shaft >tfw it burns as penir struggles to slide in…[View]
40462703Normies getting BTFO: Post em; >Russian woman, with family back at home, on vacation in Dominican…[View]
40467903The adoption papers went through!! Me and my boyfriend (I'm gay) are going to father a daughter…[View]
40468043cringe cuck sjw kike roastie bong thot robot manchild NEET nigger Stacy neckbeard fedora spic manlet…[View]
40467772Work sucks shit, who the fuck made this system[View]
40467809>mfw now I start crying after masturbating Well, fuck. How long it took to you guys?…[View]
40467624I used to bullied viscously when I was younger, I almost died because a kid split my head and had to…[View]
40464593Would you fuck a girl in the ass even if you knew for sure you'd get shit on your cock? My gf r…[View]
40466698>tfw finially gave up on getting a gf you guys are all I need, and I treated you so bad.…[View]
40467498>be me this summer >lost 10 kg with diet >start going to the gym >meet some new people…[View]
40467210this is a thread for robots who are having a bad day and need to cry it out share whatever your prob…[View]
40467604I talked to a girl, you lied to me r9k.[View]
40467561>stay alive >make more of you Why do animals have these insticts? What is the point, why are w…[View]
40467889>What a fool am I, thus to lie in a stinking dungeon >When I may as well walk at liberty…[View]
40467821>tfw a very very plain gf ran after me to enter the elevator with me >tfw she told me to have …[View]
40467812https://mobile.twitter.com/ScaramucciPost/status/920252662976860162 Oy vey delet this goy[View]
40464348NOW THAT YOU'RE GONE[View]
40467652what will me life look like if i started getting an engineering degree will i have time for social a…[View]
40467419>gf is a switch >older than me but looks younger than me >she knows im a virgin >she lik…[View]
40467346What was his name again?: remind me /r9k/ What was his name again?[View]
40463764>be 18 >family is fucking crazy >have mothers husband sent to to psychiatric ward because s…[View]
40467686>tfw being an hero would attract too much attention[View]
40467588Me 2 all guys: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1hdAAZzgCuk She just over here relaxin hahahahahgagag…[View]
40462636I'm gonna smash my balls with a rock[View]
40466311ever want to die?: Almost a year ago I lost my wife and son in a car accident, won't go into de…[View]
40464633Tfw no chijo bf steamcommunity.com/id/deadmoko[View]
40461178Would you bukake a black girl?[View]
40466614I figured out how to use SFall Scripteditor - now what kinda romances/sex scenes would you want to s…[View]
40461701What will people born in 1997-2001 find nostalgic in the future?[View]
40467180Why does this keep happening to me?: I've honestly lost count of the amount of times this has h…[View]
40464317When was the last time you cried, and why? Do you cry often?[View]
40466694>just had interview for corporate finance role at big 4 company >will probably be rejected for…[View]
40465225Does the inside of a vagina feel like the inside walls of your mouth? Based on my research (porn) it…[View]
40466114How do you even write reviews? I have an idea about what I want to say, but I can't seem to put…[View]
40467040White genocide: Happening literally right now. Ask a perpetrator anything.[View]
40467366Does anyone have a PS4 and wanna start playing neverwinter with me? Free to play MMO. Don't kno…[View]
40465776>go to bedroom >see this what do you do?[View]
40464921Name a cuter rapper Pro-tip: You can't[View]
40467384ITT: Phoneposters actually make some OC for once by typing a sentence using only the autoprompt each…[View]
40465264>tfw ginger male I never stood a chance.[View]
40466008What Does R9K eat?: Post breakfast/lunch/dinner on average day. I make breakfast quick. Its usually …[View]
40467108>depressed as shit >havet eaten or peole to anyone for 4 days >have job interview tomorrow …[View]
40467375Check 'em. Real deal quality right here.[View]
40466025>tfw will never have a bf who supports me and loves me I wish pictures like this could be real l…[View]
40466805>r9k is full of black trap threads[View]
40466958i suck at everything >brainlet >manlet >dicklet >hideous face >dropout >0 friends …[View]
40467343Hey robots, I was thinking of trying meditation ironically for anxiety and depression. I know i pro…[View]
40467333How to reduce suicides: Literally just put lithium in drinking water https://www.gwern.net/docs/lith…[View]
40467164/mg/mischief general: Who here is /devilish/?[View]
40465631>i'm going to die aIone[View]
40466850give me your best greentexts /r9k/[View]
40465279Friendly reminder don't live in sin[View]
40466162my boyfriend hates me and is not attracted to me but will not leave me alone to die.[View]
40467224>Be me >Be 21 >Be going to an alternative school for my year 12 certificate I'm a shut…[View]
40464039>tfw round face am I ever gonna make it?[View]
40466544This is my last post on 4chan. Im sick of this place. Ive been here for 7 years and all I ever saw w…[View]
40467051Today I would like to see your waifu, /r9k/. Who is she?[View]
40465949Did you know you can tell a trap's age by counting the creases on her anus?[View]
40466575>being bullied at work >broke so can't leave…[View]
40464064i need some good anime please recommend me some good anime my life is so empty please help me[View]
40465169>tfw no cute femboy bf to call me late at night to pick him up and drive him to my place to spend…[View]
40466233Sometimes I like to finger my butthole and call it a day. You never know when you need to spread you…[View]
40466561Anime is so fucking STUPID I love it[View]
40465663tfw no r9k friendo to go for comfy night drives with and overlook the city contemplating the tens of…[View]
40467119>normalfag neighbours playing loud shitty music all day again today[View]
40467099>wake up at 3 am >manoveur myself to the freezer, in the never-ending search for tendies >n…[View]
40465982>computer crashes randomly >panic >immediately restore from windows update backup >do a …[View]
40466589Alcoholic and Drug General: Degenerate Country Music Fans Edition: It's 3:45 in the morning and…[View]
40464649'He Will Not Divide Us' in France: Ready for the new season?[View]
404655341GEG656 Pine tree, birch tree, poplar tree Seattle Kek guide us --- ------ What are NEETs supposed t…[View]
40466796my butthole is ugly[View]
40465202>Try to post a reply or a thread >Begin writing it >Halfway through i quit Why does this …[View]
40463826If it's past 1:00, go to bed already![View]
40466201Rape story >be me, 14 >go to church >cute 9/10 starts coming, but shes 21 >shes nice to…[View]
40465509late night when u need my love..[View]
40465625No Woman Hate Thread? Woman Hate Thread: Fresh OC coming through https://www.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/…[View]
40466863another faggy depression thread: What keeps you guys motivated to go through the day-to-day motions?…[View]
40466893nigger slav[View]
40466909>wake up in cold sweat at 3AM >remember that i have no bf >force myself to go back to sleep…[View]
40465446I'm a robot with a robot bf Ask me something, no holds barred anything goes[View]
40465789>Chad: Does X >Girls: How romantic >Me: Does X >Girls: What a fucking creep Why it gott…[View]
40465540Where do I find a cute trap who is willing to suck my dick?[View]
40465940*presents girl pucci* 'well anon, aren't you g-going to lick it?'[View]
40466801Why do people today think anything romantic is 'cringe'? They seem to laugh at any feeling or intens…[View]
40466339good women?: What are the characteristics of a good woman pol? How does one go about fixing women?…[View]
40464799What do you anons think of tripfags?[View]
40458596Bad ideas that seem obvious in hindsight >joining anime club at school[View]
40466738>following an abrahamic religion in 2017 *tips fedora* So nice to find all those gentlemen on thi…[View]
40459809How can I become as masculine as the black guy in this picture?[View]
40465741Bully me desu. I will give (you)s to all[View]
40466067Post your 6/10 girls[View]
40465889how do I get a cute /tg/ bf? I want a NEET to help me come up with scams to fund hobbies, I have dai…[View]
40466297Anyone else noticing a shit ton of underage posters this month so far? It's not even the summer…[View]
40465590I need some good asian females to follow on Twitter. I don't care so much about their bodies bu…[View]
40466509In law school, first year, but recognized already by professors and classmates as really bright, fun…[View]
40466017how could this happen to meee: >be me >wake up today with sudden intense pain in right ribs …[View]
40462959My kryptonite is black girls with white facial features. All my friends say black girls are unattrac…[View]
4046355235+ thread. Wizards and Warlocks only edition. I swear, the kids today have 'meme apps' on…[View]
40462061Do you think your life would be better if you lived in Tamriel?[View]
40466541HWNDU Season 7: Thread talking and watching HWNDU season 7+ GREEN TEAM NOTICE ME[View]
40466559Tuesday: It's Tuesday SKREEEEE[View]
40466552Is it normal to pinch your foreskin when you cum to catch your semen? I always do that then waddle …[View]
40464044Dreams: Today I had dreamed of a man named Brannon planting a fertilizer bomb in a public place. Aft…[View]
40466534Who else applies for jobs but then is too scared to read their e-mails or answer their phone calls?[View]
40466511if we're charlie brown and the wall is r9k,who is Linus van Pelt?[View]
40466522Hey! Cyborg here! Is r9k becoming the new b? Cause since I've been here (I'm new more or l…[View]
40466006My japanese class just has ended AMA[View]
40466274how come nobody?[View]
40465332What ever happened to the /r9k/ Wojak's Journey RPG? It had a killer soundtrack: https://soundc…[View]
40464266This is my favorite girl, she's filling water up at night thinking she's alone[View]
40465566So a few months ago I saw my sisters profile on tinder and decided to swipe her right for the fun of…[View]
40465890Hey, Cucked Swordman is back with another cringy story which will not be as good as it will be autis…[View]
40465304I know this board is full of drinkers so here: give me some suggestions on some good alcoholic bever…[View]
40464842>ywn be a cute boy like fag dumbledore WHY EVEN FUCKING LIVE[View]
40457969Wizard thread: wizards get in here.: I became a wizard this year. Here is my loser score sheet: >…[View]
40460136/Midwest/ feels: Who here /Midwest/? How are things going where you're at? Indiana anon checkin…[View]
40460854Trump just signed a new bill. All black bois will be put on estrogen from birth. God bless America.[View]
40464572How do you think the bottom guy feels about eating man ass[View]
40465383>post yfw you realize the robot mindset is just a justification of weakness…[View]
40465469Does anyone else find it hard to believe that people actually have sex? It really blows my mind how …[View]
40465766>'Anon, it's sunny outside! why are you wearing your shirt? take it off'…[View]
40464600What do you think of gangstalking? Yes, it is real. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zersetzung https:/…[View]
40465881Christina Crockett Pregnant: She announced that she's 5 months pregnant by some thug. Typical h…[View]
40454347My gf's cooking: My gf cooked this, what do you guys think?[View]
40465262>tfw I unironically used to stand like this[View]
40465866>get fembot gf >She's a furry[View]
40465883Do I look like a reasonable man? Or do I look like a peppermint nightmare?[View]
40464895ITT we act like tyrones until trips, where we chimp out[View]
40464217I want someone to cuddle me the way obama cuddles this asian loli[View]
40465851Footie pajamas: I unironically really want to buy some. I don't really know wht, they just look…[View]
40465691>tfw Ex-NEET >Go to school to finish my education >We get assigned into groups, and we have…[View]
40465505Should I go to the class reunion? I honestly don't want to see any of those assholes.[View]
40465495Why aren't you a coffee drinker yet robots? It puts you in a happy energetic state, is actually…[View]
40461262This is link[View]
40465727What do robots think of this new #metoo campaign? Personally, I think it's bullshit partly beca…[View]
40459895Just wow: This is a black alpha masculine sex God if I've ever seen one.[View]
40465758Pajeet don get BTFO e is on dat designated shit'n street den: https://www.bbc.com/pidgin/world-…[View]
40465345>Try to make going outside a habit in an attempt to re-normalize myself >End up being stared a…[View]
40464739This is girly boi: Black man by day, cockslut by night.[View]
40464486I just woke up from a dream with tears on my eyes. I dreamt of seeing things so great and beautiful …[View]
40465082>dicks everywhere Are we being raided?[View]
40465285Is Anyone Else Resentful of Being Young in the 2010s?: I just HAD to be young during this time. Why?…[View]
40465443i wish for death how do you robots deal with crippling loneliness also ive been invites to a fancy d…[View]
40461431What flash games did you like growing up?[View]
40464768As a female why should I pay for your parents mistakes?: Sorry your parents raised you wrong and you…[View]
404651124chan, Reddit, and Tumblr are now their own countries. What is life like in each of them?[View]
40463633GUISE, honest question, how do i stop drinking,[View]
40465392I am noting the repetition of the 0's of the anon I have forsaken. May you be delightedly retar…[View]
40464677What if you want to kill yourself but you're too afraid of death to go through with it?[View]
40464614you guys are probably into being a cuck because you watch porn all day from the perspective of being…[View]
40465032>Wake up one day >want to leave moms house >not 100% sure why but do anyways >mom gets …[View]
40464774Good Feels General: Name something positive that recently happened to you. >just woke up from a 1…[View]
40465259If I get dubs I finally die and everyone I care a out is at peace from it. The password to my 4chan …[View]
40460600>find effeminate black boi on craigslist >fuck him and call him a gay faggot nigger >he…[View]
40463259Anyone else barely even able to talk on an anonymous chinese cooking board? I've been thinking …[View]
40462187>could have saved her >you didn't[View]
40463603the road to Chaddom: Should I get a Facebook account? Should I start going to the gym? Should I meet…[View]
40464104>the feeling of being cummed inside there are few other experiences in the world quite like this …[View]
40461834So this is the power of marriage?[View]
40464109>tfw slavic and usually hate niggers, have seen too much statistics about crime and stuff >bla…[View]
40465061Stupid shit you did as a kid: >12 yo >be at family's friends house >they have a grown-…[View]
40463815its the anniversary of my journal this month. Why arent you keeping a journal brobot? Wrote mine whe…[View]
40464443>tfw no average, 4/10 gf pic related[View]
40463715>get a prepackaged hotdog >tastes like fucking garbage due to ketchup being hot as fuck >sp…[View]
40464924Just got home from the ER where I just had yet another miscarriage. Yep, I said 'yet another'. This …[View]
40463662This is not a game. This is the final robot evolution. Breeders are destroying this planet. It…[View]
40464767I had sex today.: It finally happened. She is an overweight, ugly, single mother from the USA. The w…[View]
40463008Let's face it anon. You're a smart witty guy, you're special, you deserve to be known…[View]
40464618>tfw you are attractive and looks are not in the way of you getting a gf Heh... Nothin personnel,…[View]
40464947Why did she do that finger-in-the-mouth thing?[View]
40464376i want a girl to love me aren't i a person too[View]
40464669Looks like the liquor won bud[View]
40464765Is it normal to punch your foreskin when you cum to catch your semen? I always do that then waddle t…[View]
40463352Does anybody have the picture of the girl smiling and her face is cracking open and you can see her …[View]
40463889>Be me, working a shitty job and living in a shitty apartment >Job sucks because it's a s…[View]
40462714>fall in love with cuteboy >keep thinking he'll cheat on me >keep thinking he'll…[View]
40462192What does pucci smell like[View]
40464357name a more influential anime protip: you can't![View]
40463393I used to be a happy boy, what happened[View]
40464733Why are old people so cancerous?[View]
40464550How to give a doggo PTSD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mWFtFJQ2DQw[View]
40464066>be pretty okay with not having a gf/being a virgin >randomly have a dream about some girl I w…[View]
40464703>2O17 >l seriousIy hope you guys don't do this…[View]
40461365why the FUCK am I so FUCKING horny all the FUCKING time this can't even be FUCKING normal[View]
40464407What the fuck is going on with all the fag threads of white guys fucking black dudes?[View]
40464557Normie wagecuck here. I'm just... so.. done. How do I regain my virginity and become a NEET? I …[View]
40462197Does having sex really feel as good as it looks? I've watched a lot of porn and it boggles my m…[View]
40464202https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6lkC8Rxj4ys&ab_channel=USBupload Wow, is this what it's lik…[View]
40464621Would you a Hitler? Too hot for /pol/ edition[View]
40464160How do women masturbate? Assuming they do.[View]
40464214Poortism: Tales of growing up poor and the resulting social retardation this creates. I'll star…[View]
40464607She ate my ass, and we kept making out afterwards. >tfw swollen lymph nodes…[View]
40463938Why was Delilah in NYC? Couldn't she go to a college closer to home?[View]
40464408>First time having sex with GF >Instead of an intimate missionary position, she poses doggy st…[View]
40464582Lmfao: Sissy black bois are mad about other races of men calling black women queens[View]
40464581>think about bettering myself to get a gf >think of the possibility of getting cheated on How …[View]
40464172Why are autism shoes so popular?[View]
40463879You realize they can smell it when you fap right?[View]
40464451'I think God wants us to be dead and be up there with him, but I don't want to go to Heaven bec…[View]
40464234Going to bed: NEET here. I have barely slept in 24h and its been 9 AM here. Should i go to sleep or …[View]
40464301How many roasties could you send to hell with an automatic shotgun?[View]
40464375No no no: Things are never going to change. https://youtu.be/LCPHDr5y8Z0[View]
40459958Who here /deformedface/? Everything hurts[View]
40457284Do you ever try to comprehend the universe and just get overwhelmed with a weird feel[View]
40461282i just want a 18-21 year old boy to get high with and fuck but i literally want to own him? i think …[View]
40457589How old were you when you realised the world is out to get you?[View]
40463478>glance in a woman's general direction >she smiles and waves at me >have no idea who…[View]
40463468>tfw no tall, naturally muscular, bodybuilder amazon gf that has a cute feminine face…[View]
40463682Are real life love potions possible?[View]
40458523Have you ever considered settling for a girl like this?[View]
40463823>Be me >Senior in high school >Good grades, test scores, and some prestigious extracurricul…[View]
40461852Well, lads, looks like things are changing for me soon.[View]
40464156Why can't I stop longing for the perfect woman? Why is my mind so incompatible with the reality…[View]
40463706I fell for the long distance meme. . >fly qt girl met over discord to stay with me for a couple w…[View]
40462137Feels thread: >the last 10 minutes of the last episode of cowboy bebop…[View]
40463513Am I balding?: Please help me /r9k/! Am I balding? I am only 19 years old. My bad is not bald but ha…[View]
40464129It's simple: obey the rules. >No girlfriends and do not procreate. If you accept this... wel…[View]
40464025Screw it, I'm going to start pretending to be gay. At least then women will possibly get change…[View]
40463956No fap is not a meme.[View]
40462354>online NEET friend doesn't want to ERP with me after he found out I had a job and was atten…[View]
40462882'Anon, if you have premonitions about how bad things would turn out if you tried making friends why …[View]
40464056it s an interesting feeling to know I am retarded .[View]
40462390Moping, self-loathing thread: In this thread we point out the moments we realised the world was reje…[View]
40462559>ITT:Post favourite album >others rate and discuss >post album art >Name of album and…[View]
40464010>He thinks Hiro is thinking of his best interests[View]
40462509>2007 >10 years old >vidya wasn't really mainstream yet >having an PS2 was like bei…[View]
40462978What are you passionate about, and what is your purpose, and primary goals in life? I am extremely p…[View]
40463119What are some autumn/halloween core movies or video games. I want to enjoy it before its gone for an…[View]
40463958How did ashton Kutcher have a bad hairline at 19 but still had the same one[View]
40463621>tfw i found all scenes with her disturbing to watch >tfw i don't want a holographic girl…[View]
40459937R9K Creators Thread: post your music, arts, poetry, etc. support eachother w/ love & feedback …[View]
40463846>try to think of black people as equal >just can't >I don't even feel comfortab…[View]
40462437person who gets dubs decided if i should cut myself tonight or not lol[View]
40462911we're all gonna make it: >be me >ronery chadbot >decide I would really like to have so…[View]
40463349>All the young pornstars I used to jack off to are now 30 >All the future top pornstars are in…[View]
40461563Why are you guys suddenly so obsessed with black people? As a black person it's fucking weird. …[View]
40463672'Feels good to work out, huh, Anon? Got to work on finding more things to do to make you more produc…[View]
40459734School Shooting Achievements: >The Camel's Back: Start your Rampage…[View]
40460227https://twitter.com/mariomatos46/status/919808738302812160 >I'm just going to the club with …[View]
40463747A while ago i was on /f/ and saw frieza riding piccolo's dick while spreading his legs, showing…[View]
40463532>tfw 6'3 All my life in school I grew up thinking I was a tall guy. But now that I'm in…[View]
40460319Normalfag hate thread. Did she forget I even exist? I'm confused how you make a mistake of this…[View]
40462377>want to read >want to play video games >want to listen to podcasts >want to browse 4cha…[View]
40463620>At parent's friend's house >7 years old at this time so trying to be mature and try…[View]
40463639What this guy problem? He is just some random guy I met and we exchanged numbers for work purposes. …[View]
40462519#MeToo: So let me get this straight? Roasties don't get hit on by Chad, so when they are hit on…[View]
40463476I just found out I have short term memory. What the fuck do I do? I never really thought I had it, u…[View]
40462844Anyone here watch Cowchop? It's like an actual beta male documentary Trevor >is constantly c…[View]
40463409>dont mind armpit hair on girls >think leg hair on girls is disgusting anyone else…[View]
40463499I'm hungry, /r9k/. What should I eat that I can make in less than 5 minutes?[View]
40459318Is there any downside to becoming an autistic furry and becoming a horsechad in your own world? You …[View]
40463497>18 and 6'2 >Full-time job as apprentice pitmaster >The local thicc boi and shitposter…[View]
40463507>tfw he even played world of warcraft https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gA9evMA-Rfo…[View]
40463038no fap: I have to stay awake for another hour, but I don't want to fap and break my streak. WHA…[View]
40463480hey is it ok to like this song unironically https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BzihGY_0Fl8[View]
40463422Another coffee cup to keep my prep up!!...now don't keep me down with your chitchat enough of t…[View]
40463475>2017 >still posts on this subboard[View]
40463108Please join my discord because its good. Uhm thanks. m4uaf44[View]
40461878I just realized. Beta orbiting a Stacey = worker bees and their queen bee. Chad bee is a worker bee …[View]
40463348>tfw some days life is bearable because I feel no shame for my hedonism >But then the guilt an…[View]
40457344Are these SJW looking women worth it? They're my type but I know most are lesbians who hate men[View]
40463434there aren't any good days, just less bad ones[View]
40463214am i a faggot if i listen to this 16 year old alternative girl music that paints her nails black and…[View]
40463421>tfw no qt3.14 edgy INTJ-T to cuddle Why live vros[View]
40460374Why is political violence frowned upon? If your beliefs are worth arguing for should you also be wil…[View]
40463287Holy shit I could totally use this for some kinky sex with my gf. >Mmmmm vut is dis? >grabs d…[View]
40463063I made it 3 weeks without r9k, guess I'm off the wagon again. Should I bother fighting it anymo…[View]
40462040Sister saw my erect dick: >older sisters is my room >I have this hilarious pic to show her …[View]
40461870Oxymoron thread, I'll start >Ethical capitalism[View]
40462672>get job cleaning an office building >pretend to drift the supply cart around corners while si…[View]
40462476>tfw wasted likely $1500+ on stupid fucking video games[View]
40461498Good night, sleep tight :3 d-don't let the bed bugs b-bite :3[View]
40453775discord stories thread: Welp I haven't been able to make one of these because you fags make one…[View]
40462977What if bitches and hoes were their own separate gender? There's women and there's hoes an…[View]
40462595Where did my friend go? Dan we were talking in discord... but u disappeared for 10 days now... I don…[View]
40463230Normies and niggers, what's the difference?: I don't really see it. Normies and niggers ar…[View]
40463210How do I stop worshipping women? I want to be treated like dirt and grovel at their feet and thank …[View]
40461263Goodnight, Alternative right.[View]
40462704Please, just respect yourself. You don't have to like yourself. Just treat yourself with respec…[View]
40463163Why should I care?: Thots wanted to get rich and famous and didn't care if anyone else got hurt…[View]
40462404>it's a 'anons only excitement is listening to eurobeat while driving' episode…[View]
40462864What psychedelic will take me to a vaction resort? LSD or DMT? I heard DMT takes you to ????? and it…[View]
40461281Can we all agree that men are just as bad, if not worse, than women? (And i'm a dude) Dudes car…[View]
40463062>start taking antidepressants >finally become the uncaring asshole I was in my teenage years a…[View]
40459869Does having sex feel as good as it looks? I've watched a lot of porn and it boggles my mind tha…[View]
40463074Daily reminder there will never be a perfect robot than the supreme gentleman.[View]
40462765I didnt remember how much being single sucks. I have no motivations again and i think im getting mor…[View]
40463042Sitting alone, Empty, cold, Feelings hidden alone, Lost emotions, is how I am, World crushed dream, …[View]
40463041caustic odor steaming gruel wallow in my infected gruel AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH…[View]
40461905Women Hate Thread: so how would you deal with thots and whores as an evil genius? hypothetical of co…[View]
40461871Tfw no absurdly feminine hippie traditionalist gf who will do things like let me lick pussy on perio…[View]
40462314Thot Patrol (anime): Who you got? My boy Nnotoria got the game on lock.[View]
40462715Is 10 dollars a month for Apple Music a Jew fuck, or worth it? >inb4 paying for music in 2017…[View]
40462964Living the dream heh heh..[View]
40461606Well, I blew it. Four days of nofap, down the toilet. Jerked off to a female friend of mine dressed …[View]
40462746Would you have sex with this man? He's achieved a lot, but isn't the greatest looking.[View]
40462915Why do normal people care about prestige of degrees compared to actual skills or abilities?: If you …[View]
40462914I'm still fucking bolding[View]
40462582>tfw no pam gf[View]
40461709Do you ever wonder is the normal shit meatbags are watching us, learning our secrets so that one fay…[View]
40462564>anon, get me a hotdog before the movie starts[View]
40462304>tfw barfed 3 out of the last 4 times I smoked weed Holy shit how do I make it stop? I want to be…[View]
40461576im having a real existential crisis that I am going to be alone and empty on my birthday tomorrow.[View]
40461708Anyone play fortnite?[View]
40460999>Be me cyborg >First year of college be a total Robot avoid all possible human interaction …[View]
40460080why has the idea of having a gf always been better than actually having a gf?[View]
40461989What make taytay sad?[View]
40462473pol on election night: You just had to be there,[View]
40460746Fembots would you bake for your man?[View]
40461806What's he got that /r9k/ doesn't? He's fat He's ugly And He's autistic[View]
40462684a: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U5xJY7HM0n4 this weirdo....[View]
40462547Let's begin, anon. A blood black nothingness began to spin.[View]
40457006Need a sissy white boi to pump my seed into tonight, senpaitachi.[View]
40460723>class presentations >oneyetis name gets called >heart skips a beat >places her circuit …[View]
40462570Akko smiley[View]
40462540>tfw mummel loves little pup more than me[View]
40460664>he gains all of his political views from REKT FEMINIST VIDEOS on youtube…[View]
40461597>tfw the only girls attracted to you are 2/10 Indians/hambeasts I HATE BEING A FUCKING BEANER REE…[View]
40459312This crazy girl in my town last year proposed to me out of no where, she apparently had this crush o…[View]
40462085Hug the closest person Say 'you're loved'[View]
40461958Is there some big r9k discord that everyone from Omegle moved to? Can I get an invite to one?[View]
40462475>>seeing BR2049 on Friday with an older woman >>she's going to give me some panties…[View]
40462460I am thinking of venturing past floor -777 of the tower, where there are rumoured to be some weird c…[View]
40462438I Need Help: I'm not sure if other robots do this, but I have a random saying: 'I'm King Y…[View]
40462321>mom's side of the family is super bluepilled and wants me to be '''normal''' >dad's…[View]
40460653>Hail Trump! Hail our people! Hail Victory! What do you do?[View]
40457291What type of universe would you live in, given the choice?[View]
40461880What happens to guys when they cum? Why do their personalities change?[View]
40460667What is this board about?: I have a problem, but I don't know what the correct board for it wou…[View]
40456834Is it ever okay to kiss a girls hand? Or is that just not done outside of movies without seeming li…[View]
40462253`Whelp my fellow bots, it's over for me. >heightcel >Ethnic cel Literally everyone, inclu…[View]
40459265If you had to pick one of those lovely anime girls to fight which one would you pick and why?[View]
40462020were all gonna die alone arent we[View]
40461935>even if the devil breaks his foot and you magically find a gf you have to be good at sex and hav…[View]
40461796all i want to do is put my finger in a girl's butt[View]
40462190>be me >start browsing /r9k/ because I already took notes for this lecture >perfect qt 3.14…[View]
40462160I ate so much bepper I stopped tasting the burn.[View]
40460409Why do people on this board even reply to the same five threads everyday? I mean, I can understand t…[View]
40454684Is this a good IQ?[View]
40462051>when you waste $20 on scratchcards in a futile attempt to escape your life of misery and sufferi…[View]
40460858Give me your one sentence definition of normies.[View]
40461414I smoked too much weed after dinner and now I have vertigo AND acid reflux. how do i kill my high[View]
40461801>tfw no qt financially stable bf/gf[View]
40461308What is unforgivable, in your opinion? What acts are so wrong that they can never be forgiven?[View]
40460988This is how you get girls /r9k/ It's literally that simple how do you all have trouble with it[View]
40461025R9K Music: ....and a real hero!!!! https://youtu.be/-DSVDcw6iW8 Post'em[View]
404619613 Nephi 1:13 Lift up your head and be of good cheer; for behold, the time is at hand, and on this ni…[View]
40461872Are we the the 'beautiful ones?'[View]
40461110>try to watch porn with sound on >Girl calls the guy daddy >Instant boner loss This is fuck…[View]
40461930r9k AutismBlocks Server: Looking for a new start or a minecraft server that ha…[View]
40460995>tfw feeling like I'm not myself anymore[View]
40461879>get only 1 hour of sleep for 3 days straight Am I going te be okay?[View]
40461874>Going to see my internet gf again for a week of fucc[View]
40461854Where my real niggabots at? Have you been getting your bandz up?[View]
40460643Why do you find the idea of degradation so hot?[View]
40461831>sitting next to my dad on the train >he just pulled out a Soul Eater volume and started readi…[View]
40461835>rise from robothood to normiehood >feel depressed from not being exceptional at anything…[View]
40454459What is it about being spanked that girls like?[View]
40461305>in order to lose your virginity you have to actually perform while a girl watches How the hell d…[View]
40461347I'm in a bad mood. I lost a $350 check a few days ago and I'm only have $400 in my bank ac…[View]
40458514>26 >never had a credit card[View]
40460720I asked a girl if we could cuddle. She said no. It's been 3 years since I last cuddled or was c…[View]
40461761Just got out of the mental ward. It is not advised if you need real help. Good for dem gibmedatpoint…[View]
40458416Would you have children with a girl who is cursed to have 10+ babies each time she gets pregnant?[View]
40461541Why are robots so mentally unstable? One volunteered to help me with a discord server only two days …[View]
40461511To be fair, you have to have a high IQ to comperhend reddit and may may. The jokes are very hidden. …[View]
40461703Hi robots: I did well on ochem tonight. I'm a normie. I'll get off your board. Just wanted…[View]
40454918If economics is actually a science, then why aren't economists rich? Why haven't economist…[View]
40461619Mom found the quantum resonance magnetic analyzer[View]
40461664steamcommunity.com/id/deadmoko >tfwno chijo bf[View]
40461644>tfw the world is a never ending sex party and you're simply not invited…[View]
40461531How the fuck do you get into a relationship/dating game when you are slightly red pilled? It seems l…[View]
40461638>tfw no cosplay gf to cosplay as your favorite anime girls and let you defile her body and leave …[View]
40460294>contribute to thread >thread doesnt die >conversation continues as if im part of it Thi…[View]
40457736Anyone else saving up for early retirement? I am autistic af. Every job I've had always turned …[View]
40461050I hope you guys feel alright soon. You're like a family to me.[View]
40457455It's over lads. My oneitis got a boyfriend. I can't do this anymore.[View]
40460946HWNDU Season 7 is on. Don't know if you neet's know anything but get in. UhnXPz7[View]
40460321>don't enjoy anime any more, it just seems fucking stupid and I give up after watching one e…[View]
40457993ITT: reccomend me some fun or interesting things to do while high as FUCK[View]
40458198/Mental Illness/: Post stories, advice, and general thoughts. >What is your disorder, if any …[View]
40458536Mental Hospital: Anyone else want to intentionally be put in a mental hospital so that you dont have…[View]
40461370Pharmacy refuse to sell me pain killers based on my suspicious behavior, what the fuck, ive never ab…[View]
40461494Went to ER thought I had herpes >tfw no herpes[View]
40460998Why is the beautiful Maisie Williams dating a fucking manlet? Fuck my life[View]
40461353>she sees you making out with a different girl[View]
40456756Tavern Thread: Drinking on a Monday to escape it all. What's got you drinking bros? What are yo…[View]
40449351>remember my edgy 'da revolution comrade' phase >want to punch younger self this wasn't a…[View]
40460073can we get a bully thread going? i need yous to make me as emotionally distraught as possible. anyth…[View]
40460021>brother 6 year younger than me got laid before I did bad feels thread?…[View]
40461320Femanons please be aware that if you are not under 5 feet tall your are worthless. Short girls best …[View]
40461095Oh, anon, you like my butt, don't you? Don't think I don't notice you staring, you pe…[View]
40460357I'm a couple days into working out before bed and I already feel more clear headed and confiden…[View]
40460407Boipucci threads need to stop: We need solutions to kill off the boipucci threads infesting this boa…[View]
40458273What caused my Generation to be into choking, pissing on each other, and hitting each other in bed?:…[View]
40460479I don't feel comfortable around my own family. We don't talk about anything meaningful at …[View]
40456492You MUST post in this thread if you like big juicy asses.[View]
40461133>rotten cheese smelling tonsil stones decide to come out when your sitting next to qt asian girls…[View]
40454637>boy clothes don't fit me right anymore >wear a nice button down shirt and slacks to work…[View]
40453635>INTJ - I can manipulate others, but feel morally obligated not to do so. >INTP - every 17 yea…[View]
40460152You all should be proud of yourselves. You don't need to depend on a gf or bf or any of that. R…[View]
40461194>tfw no black gf to smother you with her big fat titties while you stroke your little white dick…[View]
40461099>It's over Chad. I have the upper hand. Surrender now and MAYBE... I'll show you some m…[View]
40460399sad stories/feels >be me >depressed due to a girl leaving me for another guy. dont know who ye…[View]
40461159bwuah buabh bahah ninininininin iNIIIINIII SHRRAAAEEEEIIIII[View]
40461174>tfw sisters friends all want me should i let my guard down? Tfw my parents told me that you nee…[View]
40459699Unluckiest fucking robot ever: For my whole life I always had this worst luck with everything. But i…[View]
40461171>tfw too intelligent for social media facebook: me too. twitter: constant retweets of ellen and m…[View]
40451760ITT : R9K all live in a Cyberpunk Dystopia housing block.[View]
40457352I hate attractive people. post 100 pics a day. talk about how good they look are vain and overprivla…[View]
40459557How many times have you fapped to Mama Tama by Uno Makoto? Please be honest anon[View]
40461013>son I've figured it out, what you need is a girlfriend[View]
40461003I think I might hurt someone: Whenever I see a good looking woman my age I almost completely lose it…[View]
40460545Black 'men' LMFAO what happened to black men?[View]
40457171would you rather be a guy that looks like a girl or a girl that looks like a guy ?[View]
40458060>bf hasn't come home yet I wish he came back and hugged me already…[View]
40460505Listen, you fuckers, you screwheads. Here is a man who would not take it anymore. A man who stood up…[View]
40460926All these porn threads... trap threads... gf threads... this board really is becoming /b/ 2.0.[View]
40460932/pol/ isnt cutting it for me anymore. infinite chan is dead, and iv lost my good IRC connections. Ca…[View]
40460804Why does white cock look so good inside of a black ass?[View]
40456092Since so many robots want mommy gfs, does that mean that femanons want daddy bfs?[View]
40458141Wierdest place you have mastrubated/had sex: Title says it. >under a jacket while in the car wit…[View]
40460300>tfw no avoyer bf[View]
40460779I am 15, please ban me[View]
40459189Boys, Jim Lahey is dead. May the shit winds carry his spirit to the land of liquor. http://variety.c…[View]
40460675What are some sites where intelligence is rewarded?[View]
40460584>28 years old >balding and shit looks >looks at least ten years older than his actual age J…[View]
40460710ketchup and tendies: >be me >like 12 or 13 >with cousins at chicfila >gotta get them ten…[View]
40459277I'm lonely, /r9k/. How are you?[View]
40459332Reminder if you think everything is cringe or autistic you are Not a Real Robot: Real robots are peo…[View]
40459849Just got unfriended by a qt because I said that certain claims about the gender pay gap in certain d…[View]
40460091Hey robots. I have been a neet for the last 3 months and my mom is threatening to kick me out if i d…[View]
40459296>keep having livid fantasies about being able to get along with everyone I meet, but never make a…[View]
40459217Well /r9k/... I think it's finally time. I'm in massive college debt and can't find a…[View]
40460623suggestions?: tfw no fat tittied anime mommy to feed your child with her sustenanced funbags. what d…[View]
40460613Work full time job Try to buy new car Try to move out Try to buy things I want Tfw don't make e…[View]
40460467TFW no risk management actuary career BF[View]
40459155Those of you that don't smoke weed, Why are you faggots?[View]
40460532>I will NEVER be an attractive girl whose affection is vied for by many people >I will NEVER h…[View]
40460485r9k AutismBlocks Server: Looking for a new start or a minecraft server that ha…[View]
40458354Black fembots, how would you feel if you got knocked up by a white man?[View]
40460050Aokigahara suicide forest: Why doesn't *your* country have designated suicide forests, anon? ht…[View]
40454998Is it worth becoming a trap?[View]
40452021I'm starting a gang. Who wants to join?[View]
40459227>Slogans for a brothel Go.[View]
40457188Can you truly think of yourself having sex with a woman?[View]
40459034Would a girl leave her (already hung) boyfriend for a bigger dick, even if her boyfriend's dick…[View]
40460098Today was not a good day for me /r9k/ Can you share with mr random images like this on this thread? …[View]
40459106I think I might have finally made it lads. I went out in three dates with a qt grill I met online. I…[View]
40458165Bucket List Thread: Post bucket lists. My list: >finish reading JoJo >attempt to finish Big O …[View]
40460333Why is there no rule to report fucking normie scumbags on this board? Everytime I enter a thread the…[View]
40460193High schooler graduates pre 2014: Do you remember the textbook example of the water crisis of a mere…[View]
40455456who /vegeta/ here?[View]
40457854Ciara hate thread: Post your worst Ciara pics/stories, she's getting worse.[View]
40457832What are your classmates doing now? .[View]
40460096is there any higher state of cuckery than being in the military?[View]
40458775>fembot GF killed herself again[View]
40458074I just shaved my legs they are really smooth now[View]
40458281Masturbation: I've been fapping 4 times average a day for last 6 months and today i noticed my …[View]
40460078>someone posts an actual spoiler in the spoiler text on /v/[View]
40450697What youtubers do you tend to watch? I watch molyneux and sargon[View]
40460002We got him, get in on this people it's time to move in on Shia again >>>/pol/145580299[View]
40460052sometimes when i cross the street i just walk without looking because i dont care if i die[View]
40457558Ballbusting thread time. Because I'm out at a family dinner[View]
40459796>start a thread about pleb art I like >get called a pleb >start a thread about patrician ar…[View]
40459889goddamn, why is it so hard to talk to a woman i like? Even i had lost weight i can't fucking do…[View]
40458628Chinese restaurant stories? >take out place remembers you and your order by heart. I'm scare…[View]
40459880don't fall for it: Don't fall for the lose your virginity memes lads, enjoy your hands.…[View]
40457992Will girls fuck you if you tell them you have a small penis beforehand?[View]
40459475How did you feel about the world we all created today?[View]
40453466Which do you like the best anon?[View]
40456599>when she used to start conversations just to talk to you >then changed to only contacting you…[View]
40459413The Kool Kids klub for kindergartners: >Be me >6 year old kindergartner first month of school…[View]
40459732Is working the drive thru difficult? I'm nervous guys... t. first day of wagecucking tomorrow[View]
40457680The (pseudo) science of No Fap: So I decided that I'd do a No Fap October just to see if I coul…[View]
40451175Penis lengthening thread: Hey guys, my penis probably under 5 inches. It slips out of a girls pussy …[View]
40458719>Wake up >Decide todays the day i stop it with the gay shit >Open up 4chan >go to /b/ …[View]
40458954How do normies make you feel when they can gossip about sex, relationships and worthless shit thats …[View]
40459754I'm growing more powerful by the day.[View]
40456268Have you ever groped or been groped by anybody? What was your/their reaction?[View]
40454055ITT we act like plebbit normies until trips, where all autistic hell breaks loose.[View]
40454429Are moody and sensitive introvert girls popular with guys? Or do you all prefer tomboys and other 'f…[View]
40457061Roasties are the most hypocrital creatures on this planet when it comes to chad.... I fucking hate w…[View]
40459620Hey robots I got an issue here >be me >be a decade ago and a half ago >performing a movie s…[View]
40458922can anyone be my friend please? I'm going insane, I have no friends, not one person to talk to,…[View]
40459590this website has genuinely made me mentally ill. I don't trust anyone anymore, and feel like th…[View]
40459480Do you ever just wake up wondering why you even bothered getting out of bed?[View]
40458848tell me, how do you feel when seeing a daddy like this?[View]
40457926who /bathroomeater/ here?[View]
40459477any other robot hypochondriacs with good stories? i found a peanut sized lump on the trochanteric r…[View]
40459320Is Recoome the peak of European Aesthetics?: What does /r9k/ think of the Greek God himself?[View]
40456765Are women worth putting aside your potential career for? I really don't want to be alone foreve…[View]
40458765I will reply to everyone in this thread: I'm drunk and bored, please post in my thread and I wi…[View]
40457160>today is the day I'm going to start eating better >today is the day I'm going to ea…[View]
40458981>make a thread for ur comfy discord >it gets deleted plz mSNKqSM…[View]
40455036Shes smart,has a nice voice and is OK looking. when will you settle for less than you think you des…[View]
40457601Are robots made or born? Rethinking about my pathetic life I came to the realization that I was alwa…[View]
40448856Any Cyborgs here?: You're a borg you reached this conclusion: Too weird for normies and too nor…[View]
40458117>It's another 'shut off the PC because im progressively getting worse at vidya' episode trul…[View]
40459209How do I become a twink? Im six feet, medium build and kinda hairy. Should just give up?[View]
40457873have you ever smell girls smelly socks or shoes[View]
40459014How can white 'women' even compete with black 'men'?[View]
40459231Daily reminder that roasties are just whores, and all whores burn in hell[View]
40458540Who /overly affectionate personality/ here? Strangers and new acquaintances think I'm creepy, t…[View]
40459111ROBOT SNACK FOODS?: I love me some hydrox cookies, I hate the fact people think Oreos are better whe…[View]
40459102One day I'm really going to do it.[View]
40458420>tfw mom thinks I am going to take care of her when she is old like how I took care of my grandmo…[View]
40459144I wish anxiety could directly kill you. I hate this terrible feeling in my chest and it already feel…[View]
40459130rejection thread: >be me >be in college, but was on summer break at the time >get a summe…[View]
40459117Balding: >tfw started balding at fucking 18 >tfw looking at old old pictures of myself with ha…[View]
40459097Annoying Encounters w/ Idiots Thread: >Going through self-checkout lane at the supermarket >La…[View]
40458769>house takes 10 hours to clean in a single sitting[View]
40458210>eat 2lbs of gummy worms >gain 8lbs of fat…[View]
40456318I require all the best dad jokes.[View]
40457923>be me: >Be at lunch >Go throw your shit away and have 2 dollars on you all in quarters …[View]
40458749How do I become a twink. I have a medium build and kinda hairy. 6ft. Should I give up hope?[View]
40453787Why have you robots not gotten an Asian qt 3.14 yet? >smart >high chances of virginity >lik…[View]
40456194It's been a while, what's for dinner robits 10/16[View]
40457498Need some depression stories for a school project. Just simply state why you are depressed, and how …[View]
40458300I made another steamed egg. This time I added green onions and wakame in addition to the miso[View]
40458654>find cutie japanese girl in dating app >she asks for skype and facebook >skype her but she…[View]
40458305It is wrong to willingly procreate now.: The exposure levels of practically unavoidable biologically…[View]
40455426Daily reminder that there are people who defend pedophiles[View]
40458003Being a circumcised average male is life on extreme difficulty[View]
40458673What do fellow robots think about their uncles? My uncle was a true NEET, lived with my grandparents…[View]
40458811>gets 6 gigs a month on phone plan >always use it within 5 days watching shemale porn and have…[View]
40458784there's dog poop on my brand new shoes[View]
40458748I'm too poor to afford a real one, so does anyone know any good DIY Fleshlights? [spoilers] And…[View]
40458604Seriously is there a downside to death? None of the abrahamic bullshit is true so it's either s…[View]
40455032Apparently your political stance can be predicted based on how disgusted you get by things. How do t…[View]
40458707>headaches from being angry every day[View]
40457582had a guy online tell me 'good luck getting a girl to settle down with you' after I told him my peni…[View]
40458450>tfw just brushed my teeth for the first time in 2 years[View]
40458096White women disgust me: Black women are so beautiful and sexy. They are the hottest women. Even the …[View]
40458663Post your f-list profiles! https://www.f-list.net/c/Mantikoa[View]
40457539>women want to stop being objectified >they continue to promote prostitution, plastic surgery…[View]
40458447i need help i cant think just need ideas pls and thank[View]
40457594Come to Nightshade[View]
40458313>discontent >smoke pot and drink beers >content Why aren't you abusing substances righ…[View]
40457888chicken Nuggets, not the same as tendies, but it will do.[View]
40457788>want to spend more time with parents >They're watching TV >Go downstairs >Join the…[View]
40457530My parents are trying to make me get a Business job: I'm 27 m and a NEET and have a pol sci deg…[View]
40457536>You can't love someone unless you love yourself.[View]
40458386Who else here upset they haven't been murdered yet?[View]
40457335What are some autistic things you've done without even realizing it?[View]
40458169>tfw no homo sovieticus bf[View]
40455956>It's the 'futa alien turns me into her trap pet by having harem force feminize me' fantasy …[View]
40458222>missed out on teenage love >too old to go for it now since I'm out of high school >pe…[View]
40457505how to live a life of crime?[View]
40458242>shopping cart makes the loudest noise in the entire store[View]
40458162Being appreciated for being yourself is an amazing feel bros >oneitis was raised in a sheltered …[View]
40458215>yfw you realise /b/ and /pol/ are the only good boards[View]
40457621>oneitis is dating a 40 year old[View]
40455192left pic is 6 months ago, right pic is earlier today do I look balder than I did six months ago?[View]
40453824>I always wondered how a nice girl like you never had a bf. But don't worry femanon, I'…[View]
40434286Post your IQ and your favorite fetish http://test.mensa.no/ >130 >traps…[View]
40447864how do I work up the courage to ask out the boy I like[View]
40456258>tfw born not destined to have friends or gf. What is our purpose.[View]
40457660>gay people constanty hit on you and attempt to convert you >meanwhile women see you as dirt a…[View]
40453993Who owns one of these shirts? Has anything interesting happened from wearing it in public?[View]
40456655>Called a girl beautiful >She wasn't creeped out or confused at all I made it…[View]
40457921In law school, first year, but recognized already by professors and classmates as really bright, fun…[View]
40458111Anybody want to play the gears of war 4 campaign with me on insane difficulty? I'm getting all …[View]
40456286Tfw leave my zipper sweater open as if it were a cape[View]
40458105WA- MOU II DESU SOU IU NO![View]
40458104Tfw streamer looks SO GOOD 2night[View]
40453474Is that tomo poster a guy? Just wondering...[View]
40457264/tranbots/: How many of us are out there? Do you like girls or boys? Do you have a partner? Also an…[View]
40458077Overheard after finishing a group project: >member 1 expresses how much of a good time they had w…[View]
40457607What is it that stops people from improving one's self? lets focus on the r9k dwellers here to…[View]
40453863>accidentally meet a girl (or 'fembot, as they meme.) in one of those gay discord threads. >pr…[View]
40455279>be cashier in grocery store >mfw a guy called me cute today…[View]
40452510>intensely study 5 hours every day for 4 years >graduate and wageslave 8 hour shift 6 days a w…[View]
40457817I wanna do more than just keep my head above water[View]
40457964I'm starting to think that there are only like 50 people on r9k at any given time. Who would lu…[View]
40457633https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6lkC8Rxj4ys&ab_channel=USBupload why does it hurt so much?[View]
40457917>gained 30 pounds last two months We're all gonna make it skullbros…[View]
40457150>type out post >chuckle at my own post for a bit after sending it post comfy 4chan feels…[View]
40454720>the pornstar says 'I turned 18 last month'[View]
40457428What is there to DO in life?[View]
40457845Is the vaginal industrial complex truly unstoppable?[View]
40457618anti autifa thread theres a difference between antifa and anti fascists, the antifa are a fascist gr…[View]
40457798>wifi wpa2 security flaw revealed >soon locals will see all my degenerate web browsing habits …[View]
40457748Any of you friends with Chads and how do you feel about them?[View]
40457735Do you ever feel unbalanced when you step on a darker with only one foot or when someone pats only o…[View]
40457732HWNDU: oh lord it began again http://www.hewillnotdivide.us/ S E A S O N 7[View]
40457725>tfw Eliza doesn't like her orbiters HAHAHAHAHAHAHA you guys are pathetic. You beta males k…[View]
40456955Tell me about your day thread #2: How was your day anon? I spent mine wallowing in my own self pity.…[View]
40455643>Be me, 27 years old >make minimum wage, only work enough to get like $100/week >spend all …[View]
40453029You used to have black friends in elementary school and watched shows starring black characters but …[View]
40455865In the past, people were poor, yes, but they had a familial bond we would find difficult to imagine …[View]
40457634Do you think we were put here to suffer?: Do I think that the people who browse /r9k/ were put here …[View]
40457657Are there girls out there who like traps?: Are there girls who like traps, robots? Is this a thing t…[View]
40457619Do smaller girls with small hands tolerate small dicks better than the average women?[View]
40456314Do you like your parents?: Is there anyone who actually likes there parents, I don't mean they …[View]
4045089925+ thread The cycle continues[View]
40457510Chad is not the enemy: During my uni orientation, I met and befriended a guy who was 'Chad' by any m…[View]
40457513>Straight >Just fapped to gay porn I don't know how to feel about this…[View]
40457260>sitting indian style >shift a little >left knee pops out of place >had to straighten ou…[View]
40453905FUCKING PHILOSOPHER ROBOTS: Where are my philosopher robots? Since you fucking fags know that you wi…[View]
40454043>tfw no bf/gf that makes threads about you[View]
40454819It's 3:47 pm and I've started drinking a twelve pack of her beauty.[View]
40456430>just be yourself brah Fucking kill me[View]
40457508>tried to fit in at school >joined a club, signed up for after school activities, being nice t…[View]
40457388The walls are literally melting guys[View]
40457471why do you fucking cucks still insist on making these dumb BBC posts? go to some faggot site like re…[View]
40457142>Iess is more[View]
40456085Stop wanting to be happy.[View]
40457373Are the mods starting to enforce this now? I've been doing it for years and now I get a warning…[View]
40455853I'm not sure how this happened, but my truck broke. I was doing a trick on flat ground. Can thi…[View]
40457298I feel bad for you guys who missed out on highschool 'romance' and sex. It is so brutally easy and h…[View]
40457216>start visiting 4chan >people spam cuck and blacked porn >somehow I start fetishizing about…[View]
40456447>mom's smoke filling the house to the brim again >mom telling you to eat before she gets …[View]
40452408>tfw to intelligent for school/job: I graduated valedictorian with a 4.0/2300 SAT 4 years ago, an…[View]
40455531Is being a 5'7' manlet irredeemable? Should I become a trap? My face isn't that ugly so I …[View]
40457231I'm not going to kill you, but if I did it wouldn't be gratuitous. Let that sober you up, …[View]
40453457if you could change 1 thing about your life right now, what would it be?[View]
40454605RIP Mr.Lahey: Pay your respects, robots[View]
40456365>recently prescribed zoloft Should I take it? I have terrible social anxiety, rarely leave my hou…[View]
40455395For the last year and half the Internet was the only platform where I was communicating with other h…[View]
40456684If you could fuck the pussy of any girl you know for free. But you would have to lick the creampie o…[View]
40455180Please tell me an anime with great feels. Ironic shitposting is banned from this thread.[View]
40457109Who else /Atlantic Canada/?: I know I'm not the only one. Must be others. Shelburne County repo…[View]
40457189>Mentally crack from alienation during high school and remain depressed and fucked in the head fr…[View]
40456621How does one become a trap? I'm not gay but it would be an improvement to my life.[View]
40454767Dating thread, actual relationships. I know a lot of you guys are sad and lonely. That's why we…[View]
40456346What stopped you anon? you could have been a household name people feared[View]
40457080The only pleasure you need, is grooming your beard and the burning tang of nightshade.[View]
40456328>19 my parents tell me I'm adopted >try to explain to them I don't really care, they…[View]
40457108This thread is trips Don't ban me for hacking[View]
40456999>jerk off >'That's it, no more of this, I'm going on nofap' >3 hours later >j…[View]
40455937This is what 'fembots' actually think of us: let's look at the actual core of this dumb problem…[View]
40456753>walk into room >monitor wakes up is my computer haunted?…[View]
40456879i'm posting kakyoin with cool sunglasses every day day198 rip grape kun edition[View]
40451444RESISTANCE: The last bastion of robotkind is still resisting the normalfaggot hordes >no trannies…[View]
40456895>hatred is the only thing that gives my life purpose guess that means I have no positive traits l…[View]
40454554>tfw will never experience the feeling of being loved and appreciated by another human being. …[View]
40456721What DO you like /r9k/? Who ISNT shit?[View]
40456982Weird shit that's happened to you thread, I'll start >Pretty sure I saw Alex Jones walk…[View]
40456965Blackbot exist??: >>Be me >>Blackbot kissless virgin weeb UK >>chick think I have …[View]
40456882Can I go to jail for grabbing tiddy? There's this asian girl in my class staring me down. Gotta…[View]
40456823Where can I find a practice girlfriend? Online I mean.[View]
40456865Your jewiest moments: What's the most jewish thing you've even done robots? >Be me >…[View]
40455648Would a normie date mentally ill/degenerate/crazy girl if she's cute/pretty?[View]
40454831I wanna fall asleep in a cute boy's embrace every night!! It's not fair!![View]
40454114wwyd I know you like[View]
40456404Is adding 'oregano' to the end of your post not allowed? what is a 'blox' post[View]
40455340What does /r9k/ think will happen when they die? Is it a light switch where you just sleep forever? …[View]
40451123Songs women will never understand https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PosV5zVNWlc[View]
40454098>hey, why don't you ever smile, anon? . >is something wrong?…[View]
40455693>tfw turning 21 next month its all over isnt it bros?[View]
40456589Well, I'm going to sleep now. I really hope I wake up in my pocket dimension as I outlined in t…[View]
40455955I fucking hate being poor[View]
40456556This thread is trips bow to your master[View]
40454480>be me >on date with girl i had been talking to for a bit >one of her ex boyfriends walks b…[View]
40455316What the fuck is wrong with this whore? She literally sluts herself out and releases a new vid on in…[View]
40456040How the fuck do normies unironically regularly take countless brainless selfies like pic related and…[View]
40456164should i quit nofap? 6 days of nofap but i relapsed in my day 22 a week ago[View]
40437153What are your thoughts on the Virgin Vs. Chad Memes, /r9k/?[View]
40452907Ask a female anything. AMA[View]
40456283You people make me hate humans so much. >inb4 go outside people aren't like this irl Yeah, p…[View]
40456222>tfw no machi bf[View]
40456174r9k I just want to know what a pussy feals like I WILL TAKE IT FOR TWO MINUTES AT THIS POINT[View]
40450869Just ordered this jacket.[View]
40452610Why do you still believe in the 'mental illness' meme?[View]
40454290How do I become more good looking, r9k? I have his big circle rounded face and a big ugly rounded no…[View]
40456156God speed you magnificent bastard: The mighty talented John Dunsworth has passed on into the great u…[View]
40456162>tfw mummy does your hair like nauruto[View]
40456154>that anticipation when waiting and hoping for your favorite streamer to come online…[View]
40455718>have 'punchable face' >act really abrasive and argumentative towards everyone >normies and…[View]
40456091Are fedoras happy?: Fedoras are a lot like us, prospect wise (virgins, wageslaving for near nothing …[View]
40456104what are some free iq tests that aren't scams so I can see how much of a brainlet I am?[View]
40453769How do I cope with the fact that I will die a khv[View]
40456031>when the masturbating pillow is still wet from the last orgasm[View]
40455849is no fap a meme? im doing it because my dick was bigger when i was 14yo and i dont know if i destro…[View]
40454255/ourguy/ lahey is rip https://globalnews.ca/news/3806747/actor-john-dunsworth-has-died-at-the-age-of…[View]
40455420Fallout new Vegas 32nd floor dlc: Anyone going to buy the new fallout new Vegas 32nd floor dlc i kno…[View]
40455980>Aren't you excited anon? Soon you'll be a brother/uncle to mine and your brother Chad…[View]
40453153Welp, guess I fucking did it again Real life lolicon Theres no one I can come to with this issue[View]
40449243What's the nicest thing a woman has ever said to you?[View]
40455507>tfw hair looked like shit and then bought a new product today and it looks amazing Best $30 of t…[View]
40455936come to this orignal thread[View]
40455533>mfw i just stumbled into a video of my aunt masturbating To clarify, she's my aunt but is …[View]
40452812Blade Runner 2069 hate thread: Stop with the Blade Runner 2069 threads. It's shitty Hollywood p…[View]
40455860My teacher said I can't use 4Channels. We haves computers time here in China school. How do I g…[View]
40454863why havent you mastered the art of the erection yet? why cant you will yourself a boner nomatter the…[View]
40454621>Be me >Have girl I love >One of those loves that even if you see someone who is obviously …[View]
40455768I'm sorry for shitting up the board. I'll try to do better.[View]
40453535>posts anime reaction images >isn't a cuteboy behind the screen What exactly is your excu…[View]
40455829I'm a NEET so I don't have to miss out on my Youth: I had to have the misfortune of being …[View]
40455702W-what does it feel like to have a cute boy blow his load in your butt?[View]
40454672How would one go about browsing the womens isle for clothing by themselves? Male stuff doesn't …[View]
40452721is getting high as a NEET a bad idea?[View]
40453418How do we defeat them, /r9k/?: >inb4 we can't Fucking try at least.…[View]
40454646This is your arranged marriage partner. What do you do?[View]
40453738Literally /r9k/: the race[View]
40454489shitsurei kamamimashita[View]
40453655let's have an advice thread, share your ideas on what others should do about some situation the…[View]
40453716There is no manic pixie dreamgirl who will airlift you out of the depressive slog that is your life.…[View]
40455592I wish we could talk, I wish we could spend time together, I want to be with you. I don't ask f…[View]
40455548All I Want Is To Lick Those Armpits: The taste of skin, sweat, and deodorant is amazing[View]
40454902im so fucking drunk atm, I feel like i'm about to puke my whole inner body . what should i do?[View]
40455527How do you tell if a girl likes you? What if this is a prank, like all the times before it?[View]
40454506>smelling a guy you like and instantly getting wet I cant be the only one.…[View]
40450609/britfeel/: It's a bit bloody windy out there lads, remember to stay inside and be /comfy/ edit…[View]
40455497anyone have any super weird boring hobbies? mine is going through different phone number reporting/i…[View]
40455312Who's sipping tonight?[View]
40455446Good server with cool people, no orbiting, /soc/ trash, or circlejerking. /JMbXADP[View]
40455404>when you feel sad about losing someone you never even had I want to die, I've met a few gir…[View]
40454379Just ate a mushroom for the first time. Gonna go have a shower and then play some Bloodborne. Wish …[View]
40451324/SPG/ - Help anons in need: /SPG/ - Suicide Prevention General If you've ever lost hope in life…[View]
40454588>gf doesn't like oatmeal raisin cookies[View]
40455296Wanna bet that this guy posts here?[View]
40444960Can money buy you any amount of happiness?[View]
40454529eye contact: I just learned that normies expect eye contact out of you and it is seen as autistic if…[View]
40454809>last month >tell my bff I'm a closet fag cross dresser >send him pix of me Qweened u…[View]
40452921This is my basketball penis Please say something nice about it.[View]
40455071Should I get into buddhism? Is it just another make-believe religion meme, or will it genuinely give…[View]
40454719Oh, anon, you like my butt, don't you? Don't think I don't notice you staring, you pe…[View]
40453318>itt things we hate autistic children and how they are getting more common…[View]
40451458Tell me all you're thoughts on Elliot Rodger[View]
40454237I just smoked some weed and two cigs, got nothing to do though What are you guys doing[View]
40455007You can get a girlfriend who had sex ONE time, she will NEVER cheat on you and she's a 8/10. Bu…[View]
40454159>tfw struggling with sexuality[View]
40453201>walk down stairs >out of breath[View]
40454203Am I weird for wanting to fuck Lucky star characters if I'm about their age, maybe even younger…[View]
40454609Is anyone truly happy?[View]
40455079Don't you worry, my beautiful girl, we'll be together again in heaven some day. Believe me…[View]
40453643>want gf >not attracted to any one i know how to get out of this hole?…[View]
40451750>Get to school >Walking to the door of my classroom >I see a girl I kinda know with her boy…[View]
40454507What does r9k do when their co-workers ask what they're going to do/did on the weekend? You can…[View]
40454855ROBOTT: Why dont we all go omegle and put our interest as R9K so we can meet other robots? I will be…[View]
40453511Will I get fucked?: I'm thinking of ordering this butterfly knife just to mess around with and …[View]
40454935Hi robots, join this room and add your music, let's listen together. https://www.watch2gether.c…[View]
40453026Just a quick question for my fellow robots: When you're making a sandwich, preferably a ham one…[View]
40453422What does an Oreo mean to you? https://youtu.be/5zQHaeh7krw[View]
40451761story time >be me[View]
40453785picture: does anyone have that image of the girl with her tongue out and it says I have no tits.…[View]
40445285Why do people hate us so much? I don't hate normal people. I just want to be left alone.[View]
40454783>every year we become uglier Why even continue on? Just to become pic related?…[View]
40454828im doing 50 push ups everyday and nofap, in january i will see if my dick is bigger (i think my dick…[View]
40454356Fembots can you please convince me that not all women are gold digging reptiles. What's the min…[View]
40450924I'm finally going to see a therapist! What should I expect?[View]
40451351I need something to evoke life in me. Philosophy, history or science. Suggest something to me which …[View]
40454524>19 years old >small dick (average length, below average girth) theres no hope…[View]
40454661Do you know that /feel/ thread? https://youtu.be/SSCzDykng4g How often do you imagine yourself wande…[View]
40454134Today I watched a blind pigeon get run over by a car Life hurts lads[View]
40454548>tfw oneitis is dating a spic Fuck me it hurts[View]
40454263>You will NEVER be able to buy a perfect hologram waifu gf[View]
40453002Do you make the alpha cut? Are you Chad? Are you beta?: Alphas are more powerful than 'chads'. To ma…[View]
40453278Aliens have taken over: You and all of humanity have just been enslaved by a fucking hugeass motherf…[View]
40454568When you fucked up: Hey /r9k/, tell me some stories about times you just really fucked everything up…[View]
40453859Manlet tales: So /r9k/ how does it feel to be a sub-human manlet?![View]
40449169>tell someone that I think about death a lot >LOL ME TOO LOL I WANNA DIE FEELSBADMAN Why is …[View]
40454402Why do people like castration porn?[View]
40454465>tfw no cacique bf[View]
40452162Is it common to have never masturbated? >be femanon >be virgin >feels as though I have lit…[View]
40454485I have struggled with eating for 5 years. When it first started I lost 17kgs in 3 months. I'm l…[View]
40453997>mfw remembered that one time I broke down crying in front of my 5th grade class because I was a …[View]
40449796>tfw no cute and slightly autistic gf[View]
40445117Is this the ultimate robot-core?[View]
40454430>tfw no qt gf to botcher my face with.[View]
40454308What's the best way to cope with my worthlessness and the knowledge that I'm totally repla…[View]
40451045What is the most underrated video game, and why is it Partners in Time?[View]
40453886neighbor says there's another guy.: >Be me, 25m, 240lbs, 5'8' >run into her while t…[View]
40454036>tfw pedophile voice what do?[View]
40452393Self-improvement thread: I am going to get my act together and finally gain full control over myself…[View]
40448954Women Hate Thread: We haven't had one for a while, so here we go boys. This is currently a thre…[View]
40454384Why do I see more and more baby faced 6'2' guys when height is a masculine trait? It doesn…[View]
40452481Post the biggest blackest cocks[View]
40454322>order miracle stuff from Japan on Amazon >get it cheaper the second time from a different sel…[View]
40454282REAL FEEL 2017: Write a letter to someone who may never read it in this thread. Get it off your ches…[View]
40454311Claim your vidya waifu[View]
40453259So I might have testicular cancer. One of my testicals is swollen and my doctor recommended an ultra…[View]
40449222it's my birthday and i want a hug[View]
40453804>that moment when song lyrics hit you hard like a truck[View]
40451009Why are we supposed to like him again?[View]
40453468>Be a man! Take what you want in life or else you're a beta pushover. >Why are all men s…[View]
40454023Everyone has a gf or has been in relationships but you. Even the biggest loser you know has dated so…[View]
40454035'Emotional Molestation' By Women: Does anyone else here ever feel 'emotionally molested' by women, e…[View]
40453977Tfw very plain but tries hard to not be so plain gf. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Amq-qlqbjYA[View]
40453940Treating autism: Transcranial magnetic stimulation looks promising. Should i give it a try?[View]
40453899Omegle Thread Tags: r9k r9komegle omegler9k robot9001 Eliza is on, woah[View]
40453157How come so many people on this board have already seen the new blade runner? I mean it's not l…[View]
404538892 years ago I was fired from my nightshift job at the hospital: The nightshift is always very boring…[View]
40453719>tfw no mommy gf >tfw no trap gf[View]
40451837I don't know what to think: OK, here we go. It will take a little. >Mom divorced dad when I …[View]
40453572>tfw elysium is gone[View]
40453479>real living breathing people actually go on /soc/ expecting to find women My god is that the sad…[View]
40453822ITT: Barbershop stories: >be me >beta as fuck >let hair grow for about 8 months >bleache…[View]
40453536>politics teacher assigns us to take the meme political compass >he prefaces the next day with…[View]
40453104>just ate 6000 calories in one sitting Jesus fuck I did it again... 50 nuggets with peanut butte…[View]
40453662How are you feeling about the civilization we've all built?[View]
40452897She runs a karate dojo near where I live. I have the urge to start up again.[View]
40452036> Dad says he wants to talk > 'Why have you never had a gf anon??' > red_sweating_face.png …[View]
40445668I made some steamed eggs, what do you guys think?[View]
40453730ITT: We talk about retards: Have you ever had an encounter with a full on retard? Back when I was in…[View]
40453663/anafeel/ thread: >no matter how little you eat, you will never have his cheekbones why even live…[View]
40448812>we were electrocute >in our has-been 1980's suits…[View]
40453659I've seen people selling stuff on their private store website and I've found it online for…[View]
40453618ask a 26 yo wizard apprentice who has a job interview at a mcdonalds tomorrow anything[View]
40453525Pls help with binge-eating: When I'm stressed, I eat a lot. I need to stop this shit. I need an…[View]
40452977I just got my first office job /r9k/, what the fuck am I supposed to wear? When I gave the interview…[View]
40453607I am having some next level good times anons is anyone else enjoying these good times right now[View]
40446641What's your opinion on TheReportOfTheWeek?[View]
40453176Tell me your favorite tv series pls. I might check them out because I have nothing to watch right no…[View]
40453092>obsessed everything military related (history, philosophy, tactics, logistics, technology, unifo…[View]
40450571Are all this boipucci sceptics just closeted homosexuals? How can you call yourself a men and not be…[View]
40452975L: So today I finally built myself up to ask out my oneitis. My approach was to ask her for advice o…[View]
40453512Do you guys think that super elite rich people have secret toddler wrestling organizations where you…[View]
40453496Robot Test: Lets see exactly how much of a disappointment you really are.[View]
40453283>tfw dad got me into shemale porn[View]
40451851What are you but coiled maggots, consuming carcasses with contorted countenances? Your precious God …[View]
40453145Robot sneakers: I've been working on producing a line of robot sneakers for only us to wear. Wh…[View]
40452748rate my girIfriend pic related[View]
40450821how THE fuck do youu go from this....[View]
40453403ITT: Try to make me hard using hentai I have had a zero hentai policy for myself since I remember fi…[View]
40452656Most robotic /superhero/?: Who do you think is? I'ma say Batman.[View]
40452871Are girls gay?[View]
40451888Poor people here what do you think of people who go Slumming?: I like going to poor and diverse neig…[View]
40452896I came here to vent, so you may stop reading now. Seriously, fuck 2017. Fuck MAD and fuck this peace…[View]
40451739Do men like to be sexually objectified by women? Cat calling, dirty talk, hand on the knee, etc?[View]
40448842this board single handedly made me want to genocide the entire lgbt community AMA[View]
40450436College dropouts: what am I suppose to do if I get kicked/drop out of my college? The only solution …[View]
40449325What did you think you would accomplish this year? Are you happy with what you've done with you…[View]
40452852wheyaye lads discord server for necta birds and top lads: robot discord server 8WMVpS join or don…[View]
40451119>found a lump under my right nipple >not sure if cancer or just an ingrown hair >tfw 50% ch…[View]
40452971How btfo would mom be if I started taking estrogen? I'm her only child and she has high hopes f…[View]
40452194If a child says that you're cute does that mean you're actually cute? Children don't …[View]
40452720I'm gonna find out where l live[View]
40451509>smoking weed at college with classmates >girls walks towards our direction coughing >tell …[View]
40445533Fembots, what are your minimal standards for potential boyfriends?[View]
40451172Comfy icarly stream get in! www.rabb.it/beefmustard[View]
40452973Any robots want to play Kahoot? Pin is 614212 game is starting at 5:30 eastern time[View]
40452390>i've been a receptacle of abuse for everyone i came across i'm so tired anyone else f…[View]
40449555ITT: things that depress you whenever you think about them >people with a social a life…[View]
40452677>Use the ice machine at someone's house >Purposefully let lots of ice fall on the floor …[View]
40452939>girl pills I WANT THIS MEME TO END. NOW. STOP IT.[View]
40452995>be me >Disgusting extreme-right weeb >The 'if people cant buy bread, why dont they just ge…[View]
40452942>tfw look myself in the mirror[View]
40452929This is a thread to share your edgiest feels: I am your host, edgybrah.[View]
40452384Gettin some': Yeaah ok I should fuck off for being a normie blehblehbleh, but on a serious note…[View]
40452759Daily reminder: If your BMI is less than 30, you're not a robot[View]
40452124Is there any point to being Platonic friends with a gril?[View]
40450201If you had the level of standards women possess of men, what would yours be?[View]
40450668>have cancer >family is forcing me to do chemotherapy instead of just letting me die why the f…[View]
40451288>discover there's an adult cartoon board >find Cuphead porn How does this make you feel?…[View]
40447212>Thanks for dinner Anon. Now you're going to give me your credit cards, phone, and...oh, any…[View]
40452786Humans their life and continue living by some reasons. I will classify these reasons as two, the ins…[View]
40452446How do you deal with being an undesirable male? How do we find fulfillment in this world since we ca…[View]
40452694Most of you don't belong here. You're only here because you're lusting after a girl w…[View]
40452735Are LDRs ever worth the trouble?[View]
40452454ITT: We be happy with what we have: Who needs friends when you have robot pals, am I right /r9k/?…[View]
40452470i walked on a piece of glass and it's so small i cant get it off my foot !![View]
40450499I have had such a long fucking day[View]
40452634Hey smashfags, how do I get the game on my pc?[View]
40451672>24 >still have never experienced intimacy in any form Am I human?…[View]
40452635Are muscles on a short guy like big boobs on a fat chick??[View]
40449563>tfw people bully me because I'm a tranny[View]
40452428Guys, I'm a terrible person. >I started talk to some girl on tinder >in the time we are t…[View]
40451456does anyone else here /stutter/? it's such a massive curse, I'm unable to express myself …[View]
40450162Who here wants to fuck my cousin?[View]
40452134Individuals (real or fictional) that inspire you to strive for a brighter tomorrow. For me, it'…[View]
40451466>someone with diagnosed 'high functioning' autism is hired at my job >he has seizures or some …[View]
40452554ITT: We post random things that start with the letter c[View]
40452305>my friend posts #MeToo >I don't believe her, to be honest…[View]
40448512You just been visited by Pepe the NEET elemental. Replying to this post grants you one wish (money a…[View]
40452104>you're pretty cute >Im not lol[View]
40450377Why do you guys have such a visceral hatred of feminism here? I can understand disagreeing with it, …[View]
40450796This is the official cookie of /r9k/[View]
40450413https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z0N88Lqg8Wc Thread for /r9k/'s supreme gentlemen. What has got …[View]
40452056Feeling like shit at the moment so let's laugh at eachothers' retarded taste in music and …[View]
40446733how to get courage to talk to asian girls? i can talk to women as long as they start the conversati…[View]
40451677>just realized that I'm a bad person[View]
40451094Putain comment ils font pitie les mecs du 18-25 http://www.jeuxvideo.com/forums/42-51-53545732-1-0-1…[View]
40449454ITT: historical figures who were /ourguys/ I'll start:[View]
40451452So the girl I like is in my flat kitchen and my bottles of beer to cure my anxiety are in there. …[View]
40452269>seeing happy childhood pictures knowing things will go wrong later[View]
40452252feels thread: I just made my mum cry by telling her she was an idiot for not being able to figure ou…[View]
40451870Hey /r9k/, im thinking about taking fish oil pills to help increase my memory for classes. Do any ro…[View]
40452062why was i born ugly[View]
40449754Thoughts on this sandwich?[View]
40445404How the fuck do I stop this huge lust I have for my cousin? She's so hot and sexy, pic related,…[View]
40452063>couple of years ago >at uni, swiping tinder, bored >match with this girl and get her to co…[View]
40451639Do girls really fake their orgasms that often?[View]
40452176>haven't gone outside for longer than an hour in 2 years >all my joints are creaking and …[View]
40452058Who here /dead inside and addicted to suffering/? >positive emotions are nearly completely repre…[View]
40450736>short hair looks bad on me >long hair is annoying and get in my eyes what do?…[View]
40451212>tfw alcohol doesn't make me happy anymore it gives me a buzz but it doesn't instantly …[View]
40451631Rest in Peace Jackie[View]
40450948>tfw nu male there is no better feel[View]
40451270Humans prioritize food over social contact, why not become a master chef to make up for your lack of…[View]
40451338Feeling lonely, robots?[View]
40452019Why do women hate when 'we' cat call them but when its chad they take it as a compliment?[View]
40452067Why worship Agatha or Eliza when you have a perfectly qt Rose?[View]
40450717>one chance at life >born with a cock fetish this is hell…[View]
40451502Anyone here like being depressed? I hate feeling good. I like the hard times.[View]
40451211Music for the Beta Uprising: Show me the best music to behead a normie to. https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
40444752How would you react if a girl tried to molest you?[View]
40441927How do I stop worshipping women? I want to be treated like dirt and grovel at their feet and thank …[View]
40452033>Meet qt girl at work >Find myself being attracted to her so I ask her out >She agrees but …[View]
40451926These are what we call true robots[View]
40450041>your age >at what age you met your first girlfriend >how did you meet her 19 none didn…[View]
40451495>be in my early 30s >a 22 year old coworker is obviously into me and flirting heavily >she…[View]
40451974halp: > meet a girl > have some things in common, get along really well > meet again a coup…[View]
40451620>Roommate has some friends over while I'm doing a Com Sci project >6/10 asks if I'm …[View]
40451865Most women are completely devoid of any source of work ethic or pride. They live life on easy mode a…[View]
40447537How do I find someone to sit in my lap like this?[View]
40450884this computer desk is my happy place I dont cry or feel sad here it's just normal here..[View]
40451368>girl stays in middle latitudes in my Facebook Lite list of friends >she invites me to an even…[View]
40451544you did this to him this is your fault[View]
40451845Anyone know where to get a solution manual for this fucking book that isn't fucking chegg? (Mec…[View]
40451841>tfw no qt bf/gf of any description Chaotic#1257[View]
40451826>gundam got the gumdrop ganja Really fucked now aren't I lads[View]
40451782>tfw my only goal in life is to be rich and find a cute loyal virgin asian girlfriend…[View]
40448991I wanna drop out of community college and go find full time work 20-30k a year, but my mom will prob…[View]
40447221Comfy MemeBti general: Typology General for tiny-dicked virgin manlet robots! Myers-Briggs types Sev…[View]
40449677>exit exam that you know you bombed >still happy that its over with Any robots know this feel?…[View]
40451529Why do white women get so triggered when things don't go their way?[View]
40448808>Oh wow Anon, youre so interesting! I cant believe how much we have in common! >I think we wou…[View]
40451492Hey robots. I bought a new laptop today. It's HPSpectre x2. It is the m3 version. Any of you gu…[View]
40449045> My now EX-GF threw away a almost 8 year relationship because she wanted to get drunk and smoke …[View]
40451068>Tfw Chad becomes my step dad.[View]
40449719Vocaroo: > https://vocaroo.com/i/s0NQyPxgPrDN 25yo+ End of line Edition…[View]
40448428approachable girlfriends: Robots, would you like to have qt gf that sends you snaps like that?…[View]
40450712why don't you bang milves?[View]
40441374keep bumping this post until mods start banning for /lgbt/ containment leaks[View]
40449352You guys are my only friends e[View]
40451356Does love even exist? Are we really capable of creating a bond so strong with another person? I thi…[View]
40446626this teacher at uni is making my life more difficult than it has to be, at least her face is very me…[View]
40451276>women can literally get a high paying career just by fucking the right guy >somehow this make…[View]
40451252Got banned on r/4chan for saying nigger 1 month ago[View]
40450663Good Feels Thread: Only post good feels in this thread >tfw going to mom's house to raid her…[View]
40450763List of ways girls have expressed platonic friendship towards me: >hugged me >said I looked ni…[View]
40448068Halloween: Got any Halloween plans anon? What are you going as/Would you want to go as this year?…[View]
40450781How normies even go through job? I didn't even finished HS and everyday after school I am compl…[View]
40430865Blacks of /r9k,/, tell us about yourselves so we can learn and befriend each other.[View]
40450566Do I have super autism? I have no desire for a relationship, no desire for friends or anything like …[View]
40449621>Like hell I'm going to let my daughter fuck a god damned NIGGER[View]
40444149>Kissed my cousin under the sheets and put my hand down her pants when we were both 8 >Every t…[View]
40450488How do i even approach a woman? My mind is overheating when i even try to imagine it Let's say,…[View]
40448657>the sound of someone eating[View]
40450523I started smoking weed recently, got super high because I wanted to escape the world as an alternati…[View]
40449828So (((they))) tell me probiotics can cure autism. What do y'all recommend? Should I buy Alex Jo…[View]
40450647I'm going to see my doctor on friday to talk about depression and possible anxiety. What do I s…[View]
40450644Hey, is it normal to desire for eating pussy, or is it actually gay? Men should like masculine thing…[View]
40442906Has the amount of Virgin men always been so high? Or is it a modern day problem? Is the 80/20 rule a…[View]
40448876How do you feel now that Fedorabro got married? He was a normie all along.[View]
40450496>both parents dead >only family member left is older brother >can and will most likely kil…[View]
40445937>raid your oneities drawers >find this how do you react…[View]
40449459>Youtube has become an opportunity for many young people, who have found in the video platform an…[View]
40450754Tfw got one cent more on this paycheck than my last one[View]
40449270>daddy found the weewee in the water[View]
40450511>tfw I am attractive as Hell and can switch from the robot life to the normie life anytime I want…[View]
40450585Is it actually possible for a non-genius white male to get a tech job in the west? I am thinking abo…[View]
40450237>board tells me to give a robot a chance >do so >get robot bf >he tells me I'm neve…[View]
40450589>wagecuck >get told sunday evening to come in at 7am today instead of 9, i.e. work 2 hours pro…[View]
40447457/britfeel/: Big smelly jobbies coming out of a big smelly bumhole edition[View]
40449465>yes got arthritis in my hands from decades of fapping with death grip >yes it hurts too much …[View]
40450569When we check the history of evolution, it is easy to see that once a new specie arrives; it first g…[View]
40448774Why do autists and other social and mental basket cases tend to love animals and pets?[View]
40449813What is it with normalfags and fucking Birthdays? Next Month I have to travel half way across the co…[View]
40446740>tfw first time buying a fleshlight what one should i buy[View]
40448747Virgin stats board: >virgin >come from an extremely religious conservative family >very mu…[View]
40450438Is fascism the final defense mechanism of a collapsing capitalist society?[View]
40446644Anyone got the rest of these?[View]
40450427All the animals come out at /r9k/ - fembots, orbiters, traps, niggers, coalburners, attention whores…[View]
40449938Just destroyed several multiverses while typing this, AMA[View]
40445918Post comfy pics desu[View]
40448292Do you think she's cute? Would you date her?[View]
40449575>we are being raided by IncelTears AGAIN[View]
40450097>cute white girl in class keeps looking back at me >holds door when I am approaching and smile…[View]
40449731>you are as scarier as Charles Manson anon[View]
40450220Is Soda Daddy everything moot could have been but better?[View]
40449682Admit it. Youd buy one if you could afford it. Buy an iPad Pro. Get beats. Apple.com[View]
40447599>cat breaks into the bathroom while I'm taking a shit >immediately starts purring loudly …[View]
40450064negiour above me keeps banging on the floor or some shit, don't mind it in the day but 12pm-2am…[View]
40450194If all of your problems are because of shitty genetics, why would you want to give a kid those shitt…[View]
40450229I want money but I don't want girls to be attracted to it. I think fake gold digging girls are…[View]
40449372Wurm Unlimited: Hello, fellow autismos and robots! Wurm Unlimited, the ultimate /comfy/ sandbox game…[View]
40450192>get job >make $15 an hour >more money than i ever made >still miss between 2009-2014 be…[View]
40442684>This guy actually unironically exists >His whole fucking family is real life ubermensch https…[View]
40449226Is anyone else just constantly angry? There's nothing to be happy about.[View]
40448064Why are there so many women who major in psychology/ sociology?[View]
40450132>tfw no tyee bf[View]
40449743I've fallen for the ruse, robots. I'm dating a mexican single mother. She is very attracti…[View]
40449128>turns the tv on to not feel as lonely[View]
40448982Anons, I hope you never experience this concatenating mix of rage, betrayal, remorse, and loss that …[View]
40449219>that kid who brought plush toys to school and talked to them[View]
40447738Is he beautiful or ugly?[View]
40450039Hey anon, just wanted to let you know that I think your a really swell guy. I love hearing about all…[View]
40449488>accidentally tell roastie at my job where I live >she shows up at my fucking door with some p…[View]
40449757Waiting for the miracle to happen.[View]
40441076This is really what's going on in women's heads, even if they don't say it openly[View]
40445060Goodbye forever: > no longer a 23 hkv > I have met Stacy and her two thot sisters > Life d…[View]
40449750>he uses a phony deep voice: please guys, don't do this[View]
40447156Orbiter hate thread: Can someone explain me why betas orbit girls? Do they fucking realize that girl…[View]
40449048> In a phase of porn addiction again > Once I start I just don't have the self control to…[View]
40449880What would you do if you knew without a shadow of a doudt that you would die a week from now? Would …[View]
40448996weebs can't be robots[View]
40449360Going to a concert alone.: Recently found out Kendrick Lamar is coming to britbongistan >inb4 nor…[View]
40449535>be me >qt 3.14 sits next to me in class and spends half the class browsing /r9k/ and other bo…[View]
40448932How do I know if I actually like a girl or if I just want to stop feeling lonely? >pic unrelated…[View]
40447402Why can't we get laid in this day and age where the world is full of slutty women who lust for …[View]
40449151I paid my female friend a large sum of money to sit on my face today. I regret nothing.[View]
40446598What happens if you tie up a girl upside down then pour a bottle of tabasco into her vagina?[View]
40449420ITT: any videogame/anime/movie concepts that you'd like to take form[View]
40449494I LOVE PUFFY PUSSY!!!![View]
40449620Daily reminder that with excercise and a proper diet you too can look like this.[View]
40449194Who would win 100 r9k robots | 10 lions[View]
40449649>tfw your fat autistic best friend turned into a chad and abruptly ghosted you and you're st…[View]
40447126DAILY REMINDER: DAILY REMINDER that even if you're an ugly to average looking dude like me you …[View]
40433467>'hey! anon laughed!'[View]
40449182Do you ever stop and think about how bad your life is?: Realizing how much trouble I've always …[View]
40449462tfw you recommend to someone movie and they automatically assume its garbage. >never gonna tell r…[View]
40449434Depraved omegle nonce faggots: I hope you're quaking at your computers you empty slags[View]
40449037Whenever im outside it feels like everyone is staring at me, is it my imagination?[View]
40448160Well, I'm going to be alone forever. I just realized this a few minutes ago. I don't know …[View]
40449220>tfw woke up from a dream where my college professor saw my dick hard for her so she caressed it …[View]
40446168>complains about not having a gf >has right wing politics All women are leftists. Either get w…[View]
40448594Where do you usually go on your nightwalks, /r9k/?[View]
40448273Growing up, my therapists, parents, and generally everyone told me not to kill myself because 'thing…[View]
40446364Femanons, why don't you like synthwave?[View]
40446957Is there freedom in loneliness ?[View]
40445500a few questions: why do black and muslim people always manage to be in worse situations than other r…[View]
40449095>Don't worry anon, we need shy and quiet people like you in this world.…[View]
40447396>he doesn't ride a motorcycle no wonder all of you are virgins[View]
40448179I am offering this rare one time opportunity to ask a real authentic Wizard and veteran Hikikomori a…[View]
40449123well guys, i am pretty sure i just bombed an interview for a job that i am way overqualified for. if…[View]
40448809How do I talk to someone online? What do I talk about? How do I find someone suitable(someone I like…[View]
40449032That Kid Thread >that kid who always are in class even though they weren't supposed to >t…[View]
40447778Scare thread: Times you unintentionally (or intentionally) scared the fuck out of someone. I'll…[View]
40448864do any women even find men attractive? seems like they're all lesbos[View]
40447787What dost thou do by thine firepalace, thine child has set ablaze to this educating establishment wh…[View]
40448911>have to listen to my normie brother complain about college >have to watch my normie brother s…[View]
40447524What was the moment when you realized your parents had lost all hope for you? >be 16 >6 or 7 y…[View]
40448643I've been a kiseless virgin for my whole life. Now I've got a date in tinder. She is a 7/1…[View]
40448933http://www.bbc.com/capital/story/20171011-is-there-an-upside-to-having-no-social-life Whoa this is r…[View]
40448350Somebody convince me to go buy a handle of gin. I feel like shit today and have nothing else to do a…[View]
40447059Such a useless board None of the advices you get here will ever help you None of the shit you discus…[View]
40447617Where can I find a wholesome conservative GF?[View]
40448559Post an image that sums up the late 2010s[View]
40446991Saw this on facebook, how long have normies been trying to claim the word 'normie' >ree…[View]
40447172Damn, this shit is fucking strong![View]
40447388Anyone else fine being a single virgin? A gf would be nice but its not that big of a deal.[View]
40447367Patreon?: So my gf has a patreon but she doesn't use it because she doesn't know how to st…[View]
40445798ITT: ask a question to which the perfect answer is orange juice.[View]
40448500experiment: it is currently 18:34 BST. I want a list of things I can do from 19:30 to 20:30 that wil…[View]
40448708How to kiss a girl? You just go for it and then wait?[View]
40445658>be NEET >spend 6-8 hours a day studying what I want at my own pace, in the comfort of my desk…[View]
40446141You men are so pathetic that women and technology have to combine forces to fix you!: https://www.yo…[View]
40441787Hey there faggots i really need some new browsers because google is fucking shit and i hate using th…[View]
40448653>mfw I spent all day shitposting in the internet[View]
40448716Most disloyal MBTI type?: Brutal honesty here; which MBTI is the most disloyal friend? I am an INTP,…[View]
40448695Sometimes I just want to get on my bike and... Ride...[View]
40447416ITT roasties getting BTFO: https://www.liveleak.com/view?i=2c0_1507775239 vid related[View]
40447491What's the one thing that would stop you from wanting to die?[View]
40448629Good feels thread: Let's have a good feels thread for once. Share you're personal victorie…[View]
40448461Do you ever get the urge to just go innawoods and live as a wildman for the rest of your life? I hat…[View]
40448277Futa: >ywn be insulted and belittled by a tsundere, futa Stacy at school, only for her to go home…[View]
40446457>tfw get anxious when I'm reading Wtf?[View]
40447501What does r9k think about kekistan?[View]
40448182>1 year and two months without sex[View]
40447052Fuck normies: just be yourself, bro fuck you chad[View]
40445768Bro it's easy. Just go up, talk to her, and be yourself.[View]
40447449>Wake up >See this happening Wat do?[View]
40447292I'm back >be me >actually start trying to make my life better >quit going on r9k or…[View]
40446972Tiddly-Ho wagey, catch a moment at work to shitpost? Just wanted to pop in and let you know Ive been…[View]
40447932>lanklet hitting on my girlfriend Im gonna left this motherfucker bathing in his blood fucking la…[View]
40447243Is he gonna kill himself: When do you think he'll an hero? I got December before Christmas…[View]
40447054Who else /roomcuck/ here?: Us roomcucks literally are forced to share our room we sleep in with anot…[View]
40447715Why the fuck can't normies ever sit in fucking silence. It's like they can't go 5 sec…[View]
40447840>Taking Psychology for general elective >Someone asks 'What's the treatment for antisocia…[View]
40446742>drink a smoothie >abate that feeling when one doesn't know a gf to converse with…[View]
40448077>Oneitis bummed a cigarette off of me[View]
40448301Should I kill myself because of love pains?[View]
40448229>can't get erections hard enough to penetrate because I masturbate ~4 times a day >tried …[View]
40448274More comfy pic like pic related[View]
40448266>tfw intulektchuwal[View]
40448213F to pay respect[View]
40448027why do black people have such disgusting hair?[View]
40447767today my oneitis offered me a condom as a joke because she knows im a virgin >mfw she had it from…[View]
40447364how do you guys cope?: So I reactivated normiebook after a 4 year absence for uni last year thinking…[View]
40447368>she wants to Meet you I wanna die[View]
40448135King black Chad: Aka mulatto Peter Griffin https://youtu.be/-kfzvZVumls[View]
40446961Comfy Discord thread? HzVRUux[View]
40447728Who here /notgivingafuck/?: I've began not worrying about things that don't really mtter i…[View]
40447760Mid-day check in: How is your day going robots? Is it as good as mine >Go to class: cal IV >Ge…[View]
40446557Why are women so stupid?: Why are women so stupid? Explain it to me /r9k/. I can feel my blood boili…[View]
40447182Thing you despise woman do: >freaking out and crying at LVL 11/10 over nothing Like children…[View]
40443827My oneitis is a young sort of popular girl on her first year in college. I know for a fact that she …[View]
40446403intrusive family: they like to step into the bedroom while im vulnerable to prevent them >not in …[View]
40448005>tfw constantly scared of getting fired at work I don't even do anything wrong but I can…[View]
40446964>this photograph was taken in South Korea last month[View]
40445997Why are whites not having children? Do they just want to die out? Don't they realize how import…[View]
40447816>like if ur still watching in 2017!!!! <3 <3 <3 Nothing is safe from these normalfag shi…[View]
40447262guys I read that eating probiotics can make you happy? I'm going to quit breads and sugars .I w…[View]
40447860a friend of mine is buddhist and he told me that monks imagine all women as skeletons who shit and f…[View]
40447904>want to go outside >nothing to do so stay inside…[View]
40447419ITT: Things you cant wrap your mind around >women can have sex anytime they want by just asking…[View]
40446971You wake up one day to find LEDs, an AR-15, a P-90, Sticky Bombs, Grenades, and an AA-12 shotgun wit…[View]
40445731Going to the gym 1 hour every day to end looking like this. Just...[View]
40446242Cute autistic girl fell for me. What do? My parents are not gonna like her.[View]
40444795have you ever been someone's misaki?: did you ever help someone that was deeper in the robot ho…[View]
40446820is terry a davis the ultimate NEET? >lives in a van >wanders the nevada desert >reads the b…[View]
40446882Post better tits than these. Protip: You can't![View]
40445721/APG/- Anxiety & Panic General How do you robots deal with anxiety attacks or severe panic feeli…[View]
40447371Any Alaska fembots want to hang out with two soldierbots after our deployment? We're soon to ge…[View]
40446941Fembots, what do you do when Chad doesn't want your pussy for some reason? Masturbate? Give a …[View]
40446602Why am I constantly bored by and with everything?[View]
40442553>hook up with a girl >69 >See asshole >Smell it >Almost all my fetishes ruined foreve…[View]
40446004Day 8 of absolutely 0 matches on tinder/okc/pof/badoo/etc.: Promised a few stats so here goes: Tindu…[View]
40446531Has anyone met the fake good guy chad? The guy that always talks about how his girlfriend is his bes…[View]
40446822D.A.K: year ago today this was suppose too happen[View]
40447255>tfw no chubby unattractive gf with poor hygiene and no dress sense[View]
40445181>falling for the robot meme >actually thinking its better to be a neet than being a normal per…[View]
40447179When my little brother moves away for college I will have no friends. I'm shedding tears[View]
40447047>what do they mean by this Thread post what did they mean by this[View]
40447078>tfw penis is too small to fit inside a condom[View]
40446747>be me >fell for the devout christian meme >offered sex at age 16 - declined >offered se…[View]
40445865Sup /r9k/, help me choose a new username online. Preferred if it has something to do with the moon a…[View]
40446470>me too >hurr durr I'm a stoopid womyn and i choose shitty guys to pump and dump me >h…[View]
40431643Why are women so fucked in the head in modern society? 1/2[View]
40445880>tfw no local politician bf[View]
40446938>This ones for you Garrett[View]
40446612you're in the club and this futa slaps your girlfriend on the ass. what do you do? note that sh…[View]
40444014How do I forgive my self for fapping to gay porn?[View]
40446893Newfag here. I've been on 4chan for a month and /r9k/ for 2 days is it too late to go back yet?[View]
40446226OK, robots, how do you define your group? What do y'all define robotdom as? How much does being…[View]
40446864How the fuck do I approach girls? Where?[View]
40444339/britfeel/: Benny Harvey R.I.P, miss ye big man, gone but not forgotten edition[View]
40446934I want to be loved but something about me causes everyone to always mock me or hate me or whatever a…[View]
40446233Why don't you read this book?[View]
40446315>'Ahhhhh Anon! Help me out! Please!' wat do?[View]
40446910>Mr. Anon, your test results came back from the lab. You have a severe case of Jungle Fever.…[View]
40446906As the leaves die and wither post spooky stuff hither[View]
40446767>you will never have your mom press her body on you to stop your autism outburst No point living …[View]
40446827How do i stay calm around people, stay calm and quiet?[View]
40446850>used to work at Target >qt co-worker asks me for help >i help her. >cringe cause i used…[View]
40426315Couldn't even complete life on easy mode. Are roasties really this fucking incompetent? Rest in…[View]
40445052>'past is past XD'[View]
40446031Every day I hope for a nuclear holocaust or a supervolcano erupting to end this existence. And every…[View]
40446429Cause when push comes to shove I'm a comfy NEET dove Given all the honeys love With my thirteen…[View]
40446548Do you ever feel guilt over minor things you did years ago that literally nobody else remembers?[View]
40446795Masters of Mental Gymnastics: > Sup guys ex-cyborg here > It's in my opinion all old fags…[View]
40446653Is there actually a legit need for men-only forums, communities, boards, etc? I remember Roosh alway…[View]
40446165ITT sad dreams: >me and neighborhood friends I don't see anymore >playing hide and seek a…[View]
40446616I don't even know what to do anymore: >Be 17 >Used to be upper middle class but bad busin…[View]
40446770>tfw two intelijunt too sexeed in hi skool[View]
40445271I always liked this guy. How do I become a person like him ?[View]
40442471Anons, I hope you never experience this concatenating mix of rage, betrayal, remorse, and loss that …[View]
40445099Does this couple give you hope?: I promise you...no matter how ugly you think you are....You are not…[View]
40444971Is it possible to get a husband who looks like this when you're a dominant dickgirl top?[View]
40446576>peppers don't even burn me anymore >another feel lost to me >now I have to think abo…[View]
40441218'Not like the other fembots': What's missing from this image boys? In before fembots get assra…[View]
40446148>insult manlet >he goes on about how he lifts more than me and how he can totally kick my ass …[View]
40446563>mom went through my internet history while I was in the shower >saw /pol/ and /r9k/ >asked…[View]
40442476Will war make me a man anon? I'm sick of being a manchild. I see all these photos of people my …[View]
40444256Have you ever cold-approached a girl before?[View]
40446239ITT redflags you're a numale, I'll start[View]
40444810>3 years ago I was employed at a convenience store with a narcissistic and abusive boss >fast …[View]
40445083Lets say, hypothetically, that sex is off the table. How do I get interested in women? How do I find…[View]
40446058>hair falling out in handfuls every day >vision of a 60-year-old at 21 (glaucoma, astigmatism,…[View]
40444607>meet shy but cute girl >find out she has boyfriend >nerdy guy that just plays video games …[View]
40444087Oh, anon, you like my butt, don'y you? Don't think I don't notice you staring, you pe…[View]
40446285Cucked a black guy last night with his white gf AMA[View]
40446330>turns 30 >floods her online feed with sour grapes dating bullshit >'I don't need a ma…[View]
40446324Do women normally get breast envy?[View]
40441533Lolis: Whats your opinion on Lolis? do you think its wrong to sexualize them? i personally really en…[View]
40443729>that one kid who always talked about guns and pretended to smoke cigarettes…[View]
40445381Me and my ex broke up 6 months ago and I haven't moved on, every time I see her my heart sinks …[View]
40446276That roastie...: Come in lads. Be nice.[View]
40445576>two hours before exam on this >barely studied at all How fucked am I?…[View]
40446247Ironic blowjobs thread Who did you give an ironic blowjob too?[View]
40446136>beat the meat to that AGAIN[View]
40446056LMFAO Black 'men' Funny[View]
40445941Does r9k /poker/: Any poker players here?[View]
40443357I would like to share a story of a stupid loser getting fooled by false visions of happiness and hop…[View]
40445312How often do normie guys get blowjobs?[View]
40444768Fembots, what do you do if he was a good boy?[View]
40446033How are there people on here that have extremely successful jobs and still feel the need to complain…[View]
40444774I still like the only girl in high school who I could have had a chance with. For two years, she wou…[View]
4043568525+: How you holding up bros? you doin alright?what's going on with ya'll oldbots?[View]
40444731Why don't you guys ever had a girlfriend?[View]
40445849Why don't we all fuck hookers? They are cheaper than real women and won't judge you as har…[View]
40445038What's so wrong and sexist or racist with not wanting to be inclusive? I just kinda dislike wom…[View]
40445910I've found spiritual truth: >Random guy appears before me as I'm walking to the store f…[View]
40440913>parents raised me to have old Christian morals in a post-athiest society This is pain beyond pai…[View]
40445698Does anyone else feel like we missed it?: Whatever 'it' is supposed to be. It can't be describe…[View]
40446010Stop bullying black men. White pussy was made for Asian men.[View]
40443889Where can I go? I don't like you guys very much because you all seem like dicks but I also don…[View]
40445447>black 'men' Heha[View]
40445972Different phases of life: I'm not a total robot -- I have decent looks and an okay job -- but I…[View]
40444519Why are women so cruel? Is there a reason behind that?[View]
40441688>day three of nofap >wake up with titanium morning wood >overall feel more lively It's…[View]
40445939>fly up north with family for grandfather's funeral >spend two days being carted around P…[View]
40441244Daily reminder /r9k/: >If you have a gf you're a fucking normalfag >If you have ever had …[View]
40445606Texting to friends feels like a burden to me. I feel bad when my friends get sad when I ignore them.…[View]
40445688My college lets students write plays and the theatre groups puts then on. Was thinking about writin…[View]
40445645>tfw meeting dealer for the first time Hold me lads, I'm shaking[View]
40444192Suicide prevention general - /SPG/: Reminder you can avoid suicide by being happy. You are not alone…[View]
40445811>so bored that its physically painful[View]
40445828I lost Original as fuck[View]
40445591Why do we feel nostalgia for things we've never experienced? Is it just pure AESTHETICS? Or is …[View]
40442850Will these make me happy? How do I get the most out of them?[View]
40445659>cant use the 'tomorrow' style, because i will see my reflection on the screen…[View]
40445032hey robots do long distance relationships count as chad material? i know they have to be inferior to…[View]
40445059do girIs like big balls?[View]
40443762Why do roasties get so angry?[View]
40442375Is Taurus the best zodiac sign?[View]
40444512Do any of you guys have anger issues? How do you cope with them? Almost every day now I get ridiculo…[View]
40444282The most robotic beverage?: Which beverage do you think is? Honestly this is the stuff I drink day i…[View]
40444427Chad just offered to play Hearts of Iron IV with me! What the fuck, is this a trick!?[View]
40445610Drugs Thread - RIP Edition: Drugfags utterly and completely BTFO by bodybuilding.com. Will they ever…[View]

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