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54076000gifs: reaction gifs[View]
54075699>countless people have girlfriends >You do not >This is not a result of feminism or all wom…[View]
54075230https://vocaroo.com/i/s0opEtEPbu5z This is just a vocaroo about me talking about my day, if you rep…[View]
54070083/britfeel/: Not long till autumn now, stay strong edition[View]
54075661Woman Rejects Man’s Proposal: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3cB-UIS9zJI[View]
54075932Incels are coddled children that have never known any hardship or real work in their lifes, which is…[View]
54075688any police officers on r9k? do crimes actually get solved or do only the stupid criminals get caught…[View]
54075322what shouId I rap about?[View]
54075509>tfw no brown gf with giant tits why even live brehs[View]
54074747I went to a medieval / fantasy festival today.where I saw this 30something guy who unironically wore…[View]
54068051Out of curiosity, do any of you non-white bot's preference for white girls originate from a pla…[View]
54075003What are your S.P.E.C.I.A.L skills irl? >Strength 5 >Perception 4 >Endurance 4 >Charisma…[View]
54075853>face down ass up ready to be filled >he gently peels my butt cheeks apart >he is staring a…[View]
54075787> depressed, isolated, and suicidal thoughts > see therapist for few months now > therapist…[View]
54075700Anyone else feels like anything you touch comes out awry, shitty, lame? I am not even talking about …[View]
54073622The White Pill: >the only way to offset the Black Pill is to take the White Pill >if you take …[View]
54072054>be me >29 >been with gf for 5 years, living with her for 3 >dinner date, plan to propos…[View]
54075262>B-but vaping is safe it's the chemicals in the cigs that are bad for you Glad I didn't…[View]
54075445One word, many opinions, what is it.[View]
54075707any comfy osrs ccs out there? asking for a friend[View]
54074581I just organized all the images I got over the past couple of years from this board my 'asian girls'…[View]
54075651>be me failure >living in shitty smaller town >nothing in the next 300 km >can't co…[View]
54075611I've been living in this apartment for over 2 years and I haven't talked to any of my neig…[View]
54075618So it's pretty much confirmed at this point that he's gay right?[View]
54070913Well, there is this girl i like in uni, we knew eachother 3 semesters ago but i started talking to h…[View]
54075591>Have sudden intense depression episode >Be snapping at everyone around me >listening to th…[View]
54075274Every single day, from the moment I wake up to the moment I go to sleep, there's just this cons…[View]
54075542>try to brush teeth >gums around particularly fucked up tooth start to bleed It's over. O…[View]
54075469Why were girls in middle school/hs so much more qt than the girls in uni? Does anyone else notice th…[View]
54075471bussy meltdown[View]
54075218Venting machine has been activated. (SAD): Doesn't anyone get the feeling that you just don…[View]
54074729I can't look strangers in the eye for longer than a second or two. I mostly look 'around' peopl…[View]
54073099sociopaths anonymous: Anyone else so cold inside that normies can't understand you? A few weeks…[View]
54075460>porn fucked up dick >drugs fucked up brain+dick >internet fucked up attention span…[View]
54074675>mention using a gun for suicide >/k/fags start seething NO THIS CAN'T BE HAPPENING YOU…[View]
54075225>whistling happy birthday to yourself since no one's there to sing it hey guys, lonely birth…[View]
54072704>tfw was scared of insta >make it >lots of positive attention happi day…[View]
54074730serial killing / murder is the ultimate form of being a chad. every single one of them has fans that…[View]
54070877Any other lesbots here? It's pretty sad how slim our dating pool is, even slimmer than incel…[View]
54074847How do I stop making a habit of drinking every night while playing video games or watching tv? Been…[View]
54072710is he an incel?[View]
54075290How to find people to really connect with in college? I made a couple accquaintances but I feel so a…[View]
54074269would u let stacey do this to u everyday?[View]
54074148What will happen to civilisation once men get acess to AI robot waifus?: I want to fuck Cortana so b…[View]
54070260You have the opportunity to have a three way with two other porn stars. Who are they?[View]
54072585Incels won't even TRY talking to women[View]
54075133Where can I find solace?[View]
54075186I used to have this anxiety about no gf and life in general but it has completely vanished lately an…[View]
54075183>be me >need to piss >go to urinal >begin pissing >piss forms foam at bottom on urina…[View]
54075116>people actually think guns would be a viable weapon irl guns would never be used by the military…[View]
54073340>bathroom is stinky after he comes out[View]
54075009>>'Sir, the suspect has been known to frequent extremist websites on a daily basis' >'He…[View]
54073702Houston has so many cute asians[View]
54073143Why is it that every time an attractive woman I meet over the internet likes me a lot, it's a g…[View]
54073951would you date a single mom on tinder?[View]
54073466>sneeze into my hand >sniff it >smells absolutely fucking rancid Is this what I subject …[View]
54072776I didn't do anything today..... Again[View]
54073600I went to my first ever party yesterday. Ask me anything[View]
54074564Mystery: You know those mystery horror movies where a bunch of people get trapped somewhere and it…[View]
54074756>'Looks don't ma-' >Dove Cameron >'Looks matter.'…[View]
54075001Cringeworthy stuff you did as a kid Thread: >used to pretend that i was a horse >would run aro…[View]
54074796You are pathetic: Starting with a disadvantage should be a reason to work harder than other, yet you…[View]
54072311im gay and i want a cute asian gf (male)!!!!!!!!!![View]
54074541How do I get a qt antisocial gf?[View]
54073391I wonder how many girls on my snapchat will be playing Classic WoW...[View]
54074642Do not see the appeal at all: Ok robots I know you will call me gay and rightfully so but I stuck a …[View]
54074479>Hey big bro, why does it sound like you're sniffing back there?[View]
54072902Why does it seem like women spend all their free time in coffee shops, at the gym or at parties? Don…[View]
54074315Having no friends is bad enough. Not having any internet friends is even worse. This isolation is do…[View]
54074861Tfw you have no bf to demasculine you, feminize you, and belittle your pride. why is life so fucking…[View]
54072051>So anon, are you finally gonna show me how big your dick is? Dicklets, what do?…[View]
54074856>walking out of store >girl I went to highschool with walks in >stops and looks me all ove…[View]
54073248lets play scriblio!! https://skribbl.io/?o91VuRBQ5V[View]
54071064Classic World of Warcraft thread: Post your talent trees here >https://classicdb.ch/?talent I…[View]
54074782w2cop thes[View]
54074753i miss feelposting and ronery threads where did the time go why did it all ended like this take me b…[View]
54074741All the moderators of /r/4chan reddit should be removed, new moderators should be voted in from the …[View]
54073278tfw even penguins love AOC.[View]
54074593Heyyy... ;) *giggles* Im Lindsey. Im a waitress at a diner. Uhh, yeah, Im 28, ...is there a problem …[View]
54071376Why don't you just date a foreveralone gamer girl fembot /r9k/? https://www.reddit.com/r/Foreve…[View]
54072076What are the long way of choices and circumstances that lead a (white) woman to this very point in h…[View]
54074605>search [your city] meme on google image >post the first result…[View]
54074409Tfw no touch my butt and buy me pizza gf to send memes to because she wants to fucking kill herself.…[View]
54074465So I once told this girl that I need to take a shit but actually once I entered the bathroom I turne…[View]
54067285Why are fembots so concerned with losing weight? So many of them are so close to being really prett…[View]
54073836>start playing PC games at 16 >start watching anime at 18 >start watching trap/sissy shit a…[View]
54073127This guy has a hot gf https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TPnotWtuSOo&t[View]
54074416What's the most boomer brands of alcohol?[View]
54074470Daily reminder that r9k is a board for intellegent high quality posts so do not make a thread under …[View]
54071485>when he penetrates my butthole with his tongue[View]
54074508The old me would be crying over her right now anons, did I become stronger or just more empty inside…[View]
54073882>quit parties, drinking, hookups etc. to focus on self improvement nearly a year ago >become h…[View]
54071746Is this why I never see single women my age walking around? Where are they hiding? Are they just ins…[View]
54073499What unique thing do you like to do when you're bored?: >I make rockets out of aluminum foil…[View]
54072208Have you ever felt extreme pure hate for a person?: Have you ever been so MAD at somebody that you w…[View]
54074141>accidentally bump into female 'friend' >'ew'…[View]
54074185If your dick is too tiny, why dont you just lock it in chastity and fuck your girl with a strapon? N…[View]
54074380How can I become a decent and respectful member of society?[View]
54073992Girls, do you think boys with flippy hair are kyoot?[View]
54074340>just busted a nut >still thinking about her…[View]
54071835Is xbox for robots and ps for chads?[View]
54040385/r9gay/ - #819: Tonguelicking edition Last bread: >>54011091[View]
54073483AMA: I was dealt so many shit Gene's I feel like I am the very epitome of pure horrid ugliness,…[View]
54073343How long does it take to get over a break up? Please consider that I'm not the average normie I…[View]
54072356what race is the most degenerate, sub human filth on the planet and why is it the indians?[View]
54072924Just bought two bottles of beer. Gonna slowly sip them while I play WoW (new player, level 30 on my …[View]
54072457Has TayTay ever had casual sex before?[View]
54073820Animal Gore Thread: You know what to do, faggots. Drop em.[View]
54072175>subtle pubes[View]
54073446This hell you're living in? It's just my Tsukuyomi. One second passes in the real world. 6…[View]
54074248That feel when occasionally attempt to reopen relations with women who have spurned me in the past b…[View]
54074149next decade you WILL have sex[View]
54073430>tfw you will never be an immortal vampire[View]
54072773What do you want to be wrong about the most?[View]
54072867life: Hello robots i think im becoming a bad human let me explain > be me > live in shitty den…[View]
54073088Am I the asshole here if I'm a gay man that won't date a transman? There's actually s…[View]
54074139Is playing classic worth it if I never played wow?[View]
54073619>age 32 >started thinning at the top >started getting a lot of white hairs >decide not g…[View]
54073947>using Tinder for the first time >swipe right on a bunch of random girls without looking at th…[View]
54064713Do short guys actually like tall girls or am I being fooled?[View]
54074140Fascism is the ultimate bastardization of politics:: Fascism basically consists on extreme demagogy …[View]
54071531why is everyone so fucking stupid when it comes to the topic of animals suffering in farms and anima…[View]
54073966Is it worthy to download smite?[View]
54073125friendly reminder that this guy is watching you from beyond the grave[View]
54074082>disney tries to blame Sony for spiderman controversy >people start to realize Disney's b…[View]
54072928Guys there's a MINECRAFT MMORPG!! Called Wynncraft. Check it out and lemme know if it's go…[View]
54074038any anons try stoicism before? any tips for starting out?[View]
54074018>'Finished already, Tyrone? Well, how was she? I was just fixing up a quick snack for you two lov…[View]
54073522'I feel like life has me inhaling constantly, and only through love and understanding do I get to ex…[View]
54073971>friend says she loves me >friendzones her >later virgins…[View]
54070754>cant lose these extra 20 lbs Ill never be effay. Ill never fit in to small size shirts. I will n…[View]
54073923Havent made friends in my new job. Friends I used to have ignore me and dont talk to me anymore. Wow…[View]
54072490>tfw gained 100 pounds in a year[View]
54072191>its saturday already what the frick[View]
54073887Are you ready for the apocalypse anon? Would you do what it takes to survive? Kill your loved ones, …[View]
54073828Stop mumbling when you talk, anon. I can barely understand you.[View]
54072872i can't fathom the idea of being a 'couple' or an 'item' with someone i value my freedom far to…[View]
54069950fall-Winter feels are the best feels you literally cant prove me wrong.[View]
54073531>Not wanting wii fit trainers sweaty ass sitting on your face smothering you What kind of sad lif…[View]
54065074>furries are a normal fetish, man >slippery slope. Wtf is that? >*cuts off own hands to get…[View]
54073717Why have sex and lose my virginity, if I can just get stronger with the likelyhood of not burning in…[View]
54073682shit from other boards: link something interesting you found on some other board i'll start: …[View]
54073650Tell me what made you unnatracted to your oneitis? >rode on the cock carousel in college to a 30+…[View]
54072558aight r9k i got a cock ring what should i engrave on it?[View]
54073348Holy fuck, I knew life was short but I didn't know it was this short. I'm 31 and I still f…[View]
54072412I'm about to do it again. Why can't I stop. I play with human lives like its a game of che…[View]
54072834Fuck this life. Why can't I join starfleet and go into outer space and fuck space alien chicks[View]
54070154R9K Backrooms: All of /r9k/ is stuck in the backrooms, what will you all do?[View]
54073480Imagine being involuntary celibate in the year of the Lord 2019[View]
54073101No accountability! No responsibility! Only because women look human, doesn't mean they are. So …[View]
54069022Who /ausneets/ here?: Feeling pretty bummed with our board gone. Fuck Cloudflare.[View]
54073434>join r9k mc server >its gonna be comfy and everyones gonna be happy >mods either inactive …[View]
54072897just do the sex in a women[View]
54073069my feeet agggh: fuck bros fuuck i need your help. my neet life is over and im doing 10 hour shifts o…[View]
54072994>have been chain vaping for two months >no cough or anything pretty based ngl…[View]
54073033Which jrpgs have the best story?[View]
54072550have you ever thought about how big clouds are? they already look huge thousands of feet in the air[View]
54072884>the year is 2019 >billions of young people have almost daily sex >condoms and birth contro…[View]
54073222whats the worse thing you've ever done and got away with? i'll start >be around 10 >…[View]
54072606What are the differences between working and being a NEET?[View]
54071897>Be on /v/ and /pol/ from 2014 to 2017 >Redpilled and conservative >Start browsing /r9k/ in…[View]
54073016minor things that piss you off: >live in a condo right by the beach >super windy all the time …[View]
54072600Anon, i have heard that you hold misogynistic view on women. I wonder what could i do to change that…[View]
54072143Why do mothers have such terrible parenting skills compared to men when their children turn into ado…[View]
54072199Just a reminder for the faggots: When males watch porn or engage in sexual activities, they're …[View]
54072371>that feel when sick to stomach with anxiety[View]
54073026There's nothing to look forward to. Nothing to work on which seems worth the effort. The same o…[View]
54072661What kind of stuff have your neighbors been torrenting robots? https://iknowwhatyoudownload.com/en/p…[View]
54071006>this is a pair of white men >This could be a pair of young boys who were friends from an earl…[View]
54071452I hope you live a 1,000 years[View]
54070600>it's another 'wake up to parents loudly fighting' episode >it's the same episode on…[View]
54072391My gf just broke up with me, still managed to have some goodbye sex and blew a load in her mouth How…[View]
54071283why do people look at me like this[View]
540723771 month of nofap: 30 days of nofap report >lost 7 pounds >got my gym newbie gains >started …[View]
54071963When will my dick stop growing? I've been measuring since I was 15 (I turned 18 last week) and …[View]
54072888/britfeel/: Mummy burned the tendies edition[View]
54070038Tarot & Divination: The Catalogue is showing me a lot of degeneracy and hatred. I felt the desir…[View]
54072870/britfeel/: Prince Andrew has some answering to do edition[View]
5407228034th weekend alone My stats: >22 >khv >hikki-NEET Lost my sanity long since AMA…[View]
54072864Some SUBHUMANS negroes just got to the cinema and they're gonna make a mess out of the cinema…[View]
54072328is getting blackout drunk alone every night robot behavior? i have friends and shit but i still do …[View]
54068745Would you date a Ioser?[View]
54069739I know we're all losers and khvs here but did any of you expect your life to turn out this way …[View]
54072789Are you guys becoming dumber than ever, or am I just getting smarter?[View]
54072781How and where do I get a cute brown American muscular 190 cm tall dady husband who looks like to get…[View]
54072546How do we prevent /r9k/ from going left wing? How do we preserve robot masculinity?[View]
54072312Do any of you guys have any homelessness or poverty stories?[View]
54072574Andrew Yang: Pathetic people of /r9k/, let's meme this fucker into office![View]
54072071How do you deal with the existential dread of your own crushing loneliness?[View]
54066209>bpd gf calls at 2am >asks me what love means to me >tell her its a feeling of wanting to b…[View]
54072611Is killing yourself the ultimate redpill? I just want to be free from pain[View]
54072472Does anyone here like Stranger Things?[View]
54072417*dabs* easy anon https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=98Mm-xICERA[View]
54072541ive never seen a penis in real life[View]
54072512what are the reasons you dont end your life? what is there to be accomplished before you die? is the…[View]
54071678I'm a nurse here at St. Petersburg and a woman just gave birth to an angel. She has wings and a…[View]
54069953>fell for the r9gay meme for 2 months >acted like a whore >even bought knee socks >final…[View]
54072475So you know what HRT, AGP, MtF, FFS, and SRS stand for. You also know the suicide-stats, and you kn…[View]
54071359>be me >be stay at home trap gf >cook and clean for bf life's good, but how do NEETs d…[View]
54072430'I'll think about it, Anon' JESUS CHRIST JUST SAY NO[View]
54072273>have been feeling better recently >finally start being optimist about the future >depressi…[View]
54070485this manlet has a girlfriend and you dont figure it out[View]
54072330Universal love thread: >even if you didn't do what you wanted today, that's okay. There…[View]
54072182How much can I lower my voice, naturally?: My voice is pretty deep but doesn't have a lot of po…[View]
54072253Why don't you bully incels? If you do it hard enough they might realize they have to change the…[View]
54066788Heyyy... ;) *giggles* Im Lindsey. Im a waitress at a diner. Uhh, yeah, Im 28, ...is there a problem …[View]
54071398Should I take the SE Asia pill?: Can't get a single match on these shit dating apps. Profile af…[View]
54071630Why do incels have so much porn?: You'd think that if they couldn't get sex, they'd f…[View]
54071617Where do my racism and misogyny stem from? I mean, I can't understand how we can NOT be racist …[View]
54072087>be 18 >be female >come to understand the true meaning of ideal gf >decide to do chair f…[View]
54068346Reminder that a terrible collapse is coming and you are going to suffer a horrible fate if you don…[View]
54071034All men are basically gay: So if we are living in a man's world then that means we are also liv…[View]
54069914Gays are sick perverts. They shouldn't be allowed to marry or openly shill their degeneracy. An…[View]
54071220Porn Tags of Choice: Post porn tags that make you unreasonably hard[View]
54072017>tfw there is people in the planet who is taller, more attractive and/or smarter than me how to f…[View]
54067181/r9k/ Community: Is there any r9k community on places like twitch or youtube? Do you guys play games…[View]
54071894me oo w: I am ca t[View]
54071796Which works better on humans: punishment or reward?[View]
54071145everything is so ruthlessly brutal and winner-take-all. everything is so hypergamous from nature. on…[View]
54072117>mom used to scream and yell hysterically whenever I wouldn't do something she ordered my in…[View]
54071408Luna fat-shaming Usagi: Day 3 Damn wise-cracking cat[View]
54071941>straight >fapped to yaoi again This doesn't mean anything, r-right anons?…[View]
54068967How much pubic hair do you like?[View]
54070784I really want to jerk off but I also don't want to be a cum brain[View]
54072002All white people are racist: Far from absolving them this places an urgent burden on each and all.…[View]
54069147>*blocks your path* >oh hey, I'm your new neighbor Nadia, are you going to the pool as we…[View]
54072008when someone tells me 'i love you' in whatever language i speak it doesn't really do anything f…[View]
54069578Is /r9k/ a cat or dog board?[View]
54071954I'm an ugly male with a gross tranny voice who wishes he was born female. My mom hates me[View]
54070887shes rite u no[View]
54071931I love her more than I ever thought was possible to and I just want her back. This is the worst pain…[View]
54071969can we get some tranny spam going?[View]
54070253Robot gets adderall: >finally go to the psychiatrist >get an ADHD test assignment >mark on …[View]
54070831I just happened to get spit roasted[View]
54071956Tfw touch my butt and buy me pizza gf to send memes to because she wants to fucking kill herself. Ch…[View]
54069964Geek: Why not date a geek like yourself? Obviously they have no standards. Liberal beta onions bois …[View]
54070897>constantly feel disconnected from my life >totally uninterested in all hobbies that brought m…[View]
54071461Is there a connection between overly nice behaviour and suicidality? We had this one guy who was wei…[View]
54071332Would you do a girl's homework if she let you fuck her?[View]
54070395Why does the cigarette makes my pee pee hard?[View]
54069304Good morning brobots. Post your saturday breakfast >cafe con leche >papaya juice >cereal an…[View]
54068768Girls of the board can I ask you something:: Can you please GET THE FUCK OUT OF /r9k/ AND ALL OTHER …[View]
54071729Friendly reminder to all anons, to NOT engage with avatarfags. Their threads take up space on this b…[View]
54071263Finish the story: Once Upon a TIme (one word story)[View]
54070596Lmao fucking whores[View]
54071302>bleeding from my asshole >dad just got diagnosed with hemorrhoids, which is a partially genet…[View]
54071372I'm the master of puppets. It's not that I'm simply superior to other avatarfags. I…[View]
54071666i wish i had a little sibling to take care of. i feel like i could get my life in order a lot better…[View]
54071062Is there a more pathetic creature on this earth than an orbiter? Just think about it. You put yourse…[View]
54070449Reminder that both short and tall girls are equally cute. It is average height girls that are garbag…[View]
54070917What thoughts and feelings does this drawing evoke inside you robots[View]
54071611>tfw mom told me I lost weight and looked good while rubbing my chest Thanks mom. Your little ma…[View]
54068925why aren't you happy? You live in a fucking first world country, I work my ass everyday just fo…[View]
54069548My first greentext, don't be too harsh >be me >18 years old >have a crush on a girl I…[View]
54068917would you rather date a white or yellow bimbo? you have to pick one and you dont know what your kids…[View]
54071506What are you listening to right now? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MtWJoIUifQI[View]
54070280>Anon you didn't like my new profile picture![View]
54070888Go exercise[View]
54062738make yourself: wanna see what y'all bots look like. I guess https://picrew.me/image_maker/588…[View]
54071140Confess your sins child[View]
54070641White women just bring happiness to very shitskin they encounter.[View]
54071451What's that psychological disorder called where I want everyone I meet to be a pretty woman who…[View]
54069932Where do you find escorts if you're an amerifat now that backpage is gone?[View]
54071369what the fuck went wrong? fuck streamers and fuck this clown world we live in[View]
54066993Ok robots I think this is it for me, my oneitis just announced that she's going to get married …[View]
54070687>have really bad headache >take 3 hour nap >headache gone >thanks sleep…[View]
54071281All the tall guys are taking the short women leaving the short men with no options RRRRRREEEEEE. It …[View]
54070838>take so many shits my ass crack gets irritated from wiping too much making future wipes painful…[View]
54070290I dreamed last night that I was eating a chocolate bar with tobacco in it, or at least was tobacco-f…[View]
54070968>cleaning younger brother's room >find his diary >I'm 20, and shouldn't be s…[View]
54070005Why even compete?[View]
54070471>TFW finally made a friend >TFW can connect to someone feels good man…[View]
54070195>Sleep has been getting increasingly worse >Sometimes can't sleep at all, often wake up f…[View]
54071206The only way i can browse these boards anymore.[View]
54071261How are you?: Well, all of my former friends are slowly vanishing from my life and i'm being pr…[View]
54071259make a tinder profile > 4 matches in 3 days > bots, ghosts etc... make tinder profile of a lit…[View]
54071132I'm at college all alone and scared, what do i do?[View]
54071253How to eliminate cringe: >Chillin and grillin in my room like the boomer I am >9 year old brot…[View]
54071195>tfw no asain raper gf[View]
54070364Girls do you think boys who have flippy hair are kyoot?[View]
54071146This thread is to celebrate a new Jenny Nicolson video. I fucking hate Star Wars, I only keep up wit…[View]
54065296Can you believe this shit? He accidentally came on his oneitis and got a gf out of it. Unbelievable.[View]
54070873the bussyeffect[View]
54070944>trap is a slur Literally how?[View]
54070884what the fuck am I doing wrong >get matches on tinder >go on a total of 6 (six) dates this who…[View]
54071158Why do femboys tend to only date and be friends with other femboys but always talk about wanting to …[View]
54070632IRL the Type of Black Women who Date White Boys: The Rejected black women have to fight for the Reje…[View]
54071073Men everywhere are ditching video games and porn for girlfriends. How do we stop them?[View]
54070726I'm gonna go from being neet to working 40 hours in a few days. I don't want to do it but …[View]
54067786What would you do if you had free will?[View]
54070970Fuck, I always do some extremely cringy shit when I'm drunk and alone. I always get myself in t…[View]
54070620>Had a dream that I had a gf >Said gf had a very hot milf mom with massive tits and very nice …[View]
54070790Imagine being a dumb incel in an era where it's as easy to have sex as never before in human hi…[View]
54070976R9k: R9k men are just as bad as ethots, in fact there the equivalent Y'all hide in your room w…[View]
54070543What would you do if you woke up in your younger self? I'm 24 and my biggest dream is to just w…[View]
54070964How was your childhood?: I was bullied, shy, and over emotional. Lived in a small town. Dad was some…[View]
54070244I hate my parents for giving birth to me[View]
54070047Those who are diagnosed with autism/aspergers:: What advice can you give someone (late teens/early t…[View]
54061639'Men' by ContraPoints: For this video she is speaking directly to her cis male audience, that means …[View]
54070665is setting your parents house on fire before roping blackpilled?[View]
54070862White men today are like >'I love race-mixed couples, they're so socially progressive!'…[View]
54070840Tfw you will never have an orangutan wife: Got zooted last night and somewhere out near Mars I got s…[View]
54070650how come art hoes use images liek this[View]
54070772>get matches on tinder >all the girls ask for me to show face >i do and they unmatch how mu…[View]
54068266Why didn't you have sex in highschool when you had the chance?: Why did you let chad take your …[View]
54066726/britfeel/: When will you sub species learn? edition[View]
54070064Top 3 fruit, go! 1. Watermelon 2. Cherries (the sweet ones) 3. Mango[View]
54069293Why did people sound smarter in the 1800s than they do now?[View]
54070257just went outside for the first time in 5 months and it was the best i have felt in a long time. tha…[View]
54070697Ive been feeling really emotional lately. Feel myself starting to cry all the time just thinking abo…[View]
54066113>mom found the bussy baton[View]
54068978/r9k/ needs more positive transgender representation and such. Iess fetishisation of trans people, w…[View]
54070209she found love why can't you?[View]
54069605What do fathers expect from their daughters?[View]
54070608Speedrun: What game would you speedrun if you had to pick one, robots? I think I'd do Mass Effe…[View]
54069579>jump in anon, we're gonna have some fun[View]
54070599>tfw no Kaoru Yamazaki roommate Who /norman roommates/ here?[View]
54069798What the fuck is this If you think that redditfags are bad you should see this[View]
54068301I ascended to Brad, ask me anything.[View]
54061099>live life on easy mode >still become robots How do fembots exist?…[View]
54070276Day 5: Daily thread until I kill myself or Blah blah I forgot edition ------ Yo how you hanging pass…[View]
54069496>You watching anon? Mommy needs you to see how much more she loves your brother Chad over you.…[View]
54069820>women can be 100% themselves and still find love, while men have to pretend to be generic chads …[View]
54066814Men are garbage. Trash.[View]
54069781I don't hate women and minorities. I do hate fat people.[View]
54069828Is the average girl attractive or unattractive? Is the average boy attractive or unattractive? Why o…[View]
54053707/GFD RR/ Gentle Femdom & Role Reversal~: Hello everyone! It's me Caesar!~ A proactive Subby…[View]
54070481>be me >slowly becomes mentally insane >commits a shooting at a mall >get caught >med…[View]
54069087Is it true that most girls don't even think this is attractive?[View]
54069642>Fiance moves in to college >one of her roommates is a 6'5 Gigachad >I'm only 5…[View]
54069918Just stop caring about anything haha! Feels so liberating. We all gonna die anyways hahah weeeeeeew[View]
54068971How short guys cope knowing youre the male equivalent of pic related? You guys would all swipe left …[View]
54068708I fucking HATE women. I loathe, loeathe, loathe, LOATHE, LOATHE women.[View]
54067731Do you like greasy hair ? I don't wash often so my hair are greasy, but I find it more pleasant…[View]
54070352>addicted to hookers How do I stop? I spent all my money on hookers. It feels good but I go home …[View]
54068419have you ever been in love before?[View]
54067096Whats your favorite show/movie fellow anons?[View]
54070160Why do women throw themselves at 70iq thugs (not just niggers, all races) but when approached by a w…[View]
54069967Have you bullied an incel today?[View]
54068987would you flip the dick switch /r9k/[View]
54068628Why am I obsessed with an ugly girl? I've known her since february. I'm out of her league.…[View]
54069772How come I only attract women with narcissistic personality disorder?[View]
54069966Reminder that there is nothing wrong with having sexual relations with your 2d waifu[View]
54070015You know how you feel when you are not on the internet, like you are wasting time that you could ins…[View]
54068798>having nightmares about work again[View]
54069903why do they do this to manlets?[View]
54069082How difficult is it to get an entry level help desk job with just A+ certifications? I'm 25, li…[View]
54069745>he takes over 10 minutes to finish a poop in the potty[View]
54068607How much does a therapist or any mental health professional ask about you during treatment? Will I h…[View]
54069890anons: why dont you just get a confident 5/10 gf??[View]
54066926/britfeel/: say no to that cunt's image edition[View]
54068300Why is your dick still smaller than 9 inches? Whats your excuse?[View]
54069707> acne scars all over > normally cover them with hair, started balding at the back so I won…[View]
54069129>haven't jacked off in a week I feel better.[View]
54067601Robot Thread: >tfw my gf >my friends >my ex FUCK OFF NORMALFAGGOTS Can we go back in time …[View]
54069616Fuuuuckk bros, i just want some warm pussy, its not fair, goverment issued gfs when???[View]
54069182I can't fucking believe how shitty women are. Everything that Schopenhauer and Otto Weininger s…[View]
54069947If I go out sad that'd be a perfect ending If I go out bad, would that make you happy?[View]
54068321>tell my cousin I was in my fourth day of no fap >she laughs then sits on my lap and starts bo…[View]
54069356You DO remember your first blowjob, right?[View]
54069911I will never have good looking children, why live?[View]
54069887>'why yes, i do think virginity ends at procreation.' what do now faggets…[View]
54069660This man can cum literally twice as much as you[View]
54068856So,I met this girl on a dating website, who's around a 4/10 but she can be a 7/10 easily if she…[View]
54061617>be you >hear tiny moaning noise from bed >atop your pillow is a little moving shape >lo…[View]
54069521>you bring this home what do ur parents say[View]
54069751How is it possible to be 8/10 and an Incel at the same time?[View]
54069417Is it true that girls find skinny guys even more unattractive than fat guys? My sister told me so.[View]
54069743Why is it bad when a guy says he loves asian girls but its okay when a girl says she loves black guy…[View]
54069749>ignore the people who want to talk to me >get ignored by the people I want to talk to why is …[View]
54069730Why are incels lazy? Do they even want gfs?[View]
54068772Fucking women pieces of trash, filth. I fucking hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate women.[View]
54068357>be depressed >smoke some marijuana >not depressed anymore Thank you marijuana…[View]
54068676This happened: How do we live with ourselves?[View]
54068799>blacked out again at least it doesn't look like I broke anything or made a mess anywhere (e…[View]
54069633If everyone was retarded, would anyone be retarded?[View]
54069627>Gotta get a haircut again[View]
54069477first green text be gentle >be me 18 >dog has incontinence cus she old >She pisses in all…[View]
54069327Would you date an anorexic girl? My hair is falling out, and you can see my bones but I don't g…[View]
54067779lol tranny ad[View]
54068886Will my tranny fetish go away if I lose my virginity?[View]
54066749(Christ, never thought I would be here). So, tl;dr, at age 31, I have my first ever g/f, and her fam…[View]
54069343>Best friend flashes her tits in front of me and my gf[View]
54069050Why does mine arse always smell? Is that normal?[View]
54069447>Hey kid I saw your shitposts about the transcommunity being mutts[View]
54067232Mid 20s, lost my virginity to a prositute recently. Sex is a meme and I feel even more hollow now. …[View]
54068333Any other anons serve in Nam?[View]
54068618I'm not horny. I'm not horny so I will not watch porn or masturbate. Maybe I'll feel …[View]
54069274I took one of the greatest, if not, the best shit in my life at the Amtrak station. It was glorious.…[View]
54068378Why are faggots so obnoxious and act even more priggishly then used up roasties? They already offer …[View]
54069296>be fish >just chilling >get eaten by great white shark >be great white shark >no one…[View]
54067338You have been mentally ill for so long that you think the mental illness is part of your personality…[View]
54069159did lsd for the first time in years. 3 tabs, somewhere between 400-600 ug i assume. Shit was intense…[View]
54067478>tfw born with the 'doesn't need sex or intimate relationships' gene…[View]
54069194I don't think I'm ever gonna get to find a gf[View]
54069206>no one came to my human sacrifices[View]
54067417Are friends worth getting? Do you have any?[View]
54066710Do you watch anime with your friends?[View]
54069273I am cripplingly shy and insecure. How to fix? I'm only getting worse.[View]
54069217>he sucked a fart out of my butt[View]
54068111Suicide App: When are they going to make an app that changes a picture to look like the person commi…[View]
54067659/drugfeel/: Hmmm today i will do some... edition Druggies too dumb and apathetic to make a thread su…[View]
54068178Femcels don't exis- ...whoa.[View]
54069158What the fuck is up with this race cucking stuff lately? And why is it that it's always asians …[View]
54069150Oh my heart, it breaks every step that I take But I'm hoping at the gates, They'll tell me…[View]
54067685Why do I fall in love so hard? How the fuck do I stop?[View]
54068500>tfw your bed sheets will never be stained with boy love juices[View]
54068760what way is least painful for committing suicide?[View]
54068918>Asks girl out i'm in love with since highschool >She says yes >mfw What to fuck do i …[View]
54065987Comfy Saturday porn thread How your favourite pornstar, /r9k/?[View]
54068342Is it possible for me to get NEETbux still at age 31? I literally quit every job I ever had due to s…[View]
54068998Why do women completely lose their shit when you mention you only want a virgin? I've literally…[View]
54067129>meet woman at church >she seems interested in me >she invites me to a worship service >…[View]
54068141Look at carnivore diet. It fixed weight and depression. Very good![View]
54068946So guys, what can I do to get her out of my head? There's this 8/10 grill I've been follow…[View]
54068952I fucking detest women so fucking hard. If it were up to me, I'd have every single one of them …[View]
54068095Manlet cutoff is everything below 6', what's the dicklet cutoff?[View]
54068291Help I am looking for a very particular red/pink wojak where is looking directly at the camera and s…[View]
54057933Feels thread: >Feels thread general you know the drill, drop em[View]
54067382I wanna feel the rush of adrenaline again, what do?[View]
54068274It's not worth being an honest man nowaday.: The honesty and hard work is now a reason for mock…[View]
54068409I inherited a house and lot of money but I have no friends or family and I'm a virgin at 34 so …[View]
54068792Ashley Madison signs 30 million cheating spouses: https://www.forbes.com/sites/zakdoffman/2019/08/23…[View]
54067256>mfw my best friend goes on a Xanax and Fireball bender which causes him to fight me in my apartm…[View]
54067206>gf is comming over in 5 hours >She's bringing her new dog to meet my dogs We'll hav…[View]
54067245Would femanons suck on another girls tiddies?[View]
54064081/creativegeneral/: Lets get another creative thread started. Post vids, drawings, music, photos, web…[View]
54068669Tell me everything you know about INFPs. Pic unrelated[View]
54068717>Reviewbrah is trending now How could we let this happen? How did we let him fall so far?…[View]
54063994anyone else ever looked at their mental health medical records? Good tear fuel Find out things you d…[View]
54067270ass: have your hands ever been on a girls ass? How? I uses to harass classmates in 5th-6th grades so…[View]
54066384>h-hey anon, would you like some chicken?[View]
54068064Would it bother you if your only daughter grew up to exclusively bring home big black men as potenti…[View]
54068153What are some sublte hints over text that she's attracted to you?: I want to know because girls…[View]
54068531Why do incels choose live life on hard mode by not having a Chad pomeranian?[View]
54068256tfw when you're against miscegenation but don't like your own race's women guess what…[View]
54068460>not baning all females this is where you are wrong women are cancer and if you wish to have any…[View]
54066625>INTPs are reported to be the least happy, make the least amount of money, and have the highest s…[View]
54067624tfw no prince charming to sweep me off my feet[View]
54068373If I am with a friend or we are 4 I'm ok, but whenever we are 3 we end up arguing. It doesn…[View]
54066962I'm gay and I fucked a girl last night. How does that feel, incels? Gay guys get more pussy tha…[View]
54067670Girls, what does it feel like having your boobs sucked or played with? There's no analogue for …[View]
54066234Guys: >must be 6 feet tall MINIMUM >must work out >must have above average facial character…[View]
54068328>Stay with friend in his student apartment >Mostly because I'm attracted to his room mate…[View]
54068358I need some help with this dillema robots >mfw i open up to a close friend about my dysphoria …[View]
54066869When did you realize that women hate you and want everyone to suffer[View]
54068252Working: I've called in so much to work that I think I am going to get fired[View]
54063837>Never went to highschool dances >Never had a girlfriend >Will never have a girlfriend Soun…[View]
54067655>nobody replied in my thread >nobody gave me (you)s…[View]
54067730I'm making pizza soup! Who wants some?[View]
54067466How is it possible that this guy has a cute wife?[View]
54067759>post legit threads about political and economical questions on /pol/ >0 replies >nigger ha…[View]
54067440Tfw no touch my butt and buy me pizza gf[View]
54068104who tops the leaderboard of mental ilnesses: trannies or furries?[View]
54068208>tfw freeloader[View]
54067241>women can't be ince- This woman is worth 18 million pounds and will die alone…[View]
54066595>be Stanley >be 8/10 >be no gf…[View]
54066526is it that bad to smoke weed all day everyday? I was already lazy and depressed anyway. and I still …[View]
54067284>mfw I'm illiterate in my home language >mfw my mom would try her best to teach me the la…[View]
54068063>meet girl(girl) online >talk for 3 hours on snap >says she has to something for an hour an…[View]
54067928It's my 22nd today, robots, and I'm spending it all alone[View]
54068079The brain is getting worse The words are harder to come to now People look at me when I don't s…[View]
54065802Guys, we have to get our shit together.[View]
54066897What do you guys think of the Punisher movie from 2004? I'm watching Drive right now and I feel…[View]
54067824>tfw just used a ruler to measure my dick size >its only 14 cm long (5.5 inches) holy shit eve…[View]
54066109What's your life philosophy and wisdom, anons?: Here's mine, feel free to call me a retard…[View]
54066090>go to strip club >little drunk >girl is on her knees at eye level in front of me >pulls…[View]
54067933Why do I have to deal with attraction to women? Is the attractive energy you feel when you interact …[View]
54067918server for losers and hikkis please join if you are autistic /meYT3h[View]
54067147i am an alchoholic drug addict[View]
54067898>teacher started following me on Instagram[View]
54065625hi, hey hey, are you awake? do you wanna talk? tell me about your day or something[View]
54067182FUCK YOU HOMOS! Tranny hate thread: I hate you fucking trannies who post these retarded threads like…[View]
54036948Waifu General - /waifu/ #229: Who's the lucky girl edition Previous >>53989252[View]
54067600I used to be into roasties, but I'm developing a fetish for fat hairy guys and I think it'…[View]
54065963#Pridemonth started in June and months later they're still celebrating #PrideMonth in my town t…[View]
54066890>hey anon, which of ours is the best?[View]
54067716baby simulator thread: >be me a high school freshman circa 2006 >my p.e. teacher provides sex …[View]
54066144so it's been decided face > height >>>>> money, status if he was blackpilled …[View]
54065954>that one guy in the class who submitted every assignment late and got a 25-35% on every assignme…[View]
54067735tfw have a girlfriend but genuinely miss being alone She's my best friend but I seriously just …[View]
54067095You'ever think people are over reacting to religion as a whole? maybe religion isnt all that ba…[View]
54066407I don't get it, if people cut themselves because they want to feel pain why don't they cut…[View]
54066680ok r9k, here's the deal. I can't roll for shit. teach me[View]
54067637>depressed enough to hate going into work and resent the whole of humanity >not depressed enou…[View]
54067666Comfort zone: My life got better, but now I want back to be in shit because I felt safe and okay bac…[View]
54067135Scenario: every post has a red button attached to it. Clicking the button kills the person who poste…[View]
54067168Why do incels hate 'namefags' so much? Are they envious of our status? Is that why they hide behind …[View]
54067119Why does this guy make /a/ shit bricks every time he's mentioned?[View]
54065026/boomer hate general/: I'm tired of seeing all of these blue collar boomers coasting through li…[View]
54066790It feels great coming home to your cute trap gf and having her rush to greet you after a long day of…[View]
54067470>Google why throat hurts >Find out what it is >This is what Google has to say about my co…[View]
54067469>been fapping to fat hairy women and masculine trannies for 2 weeks help i cant even get hard whi…[View]
54064762>Mom didn't breastfeed me: 3 - 9 point decrease in IQ on average >Mom smoked while pregna…[View]
54066910>be fat aspergo manlet >girls keep touching me at work etc what did they mean by this? it…[View]
54067465What are some videos that you watch to cheer you up?: This does it for me https://www.bitchute.com/v…[View]
54063290Dating younger or not: . People say you shouldn't be dating women over a certain age, because t…[View]
54067332Marc lepine thread! discuss / post memes about him if you don't already know he committed the E…[View]
54067247Girls, do you think boys with flippy hair are cute?[View]
54067395Will a human achieve godhood before AI does?[View]
54066681People always respond positively to my short-term interactions with them, but no one ever ewnts to h…[View]
54065171I'm spending a month in Thailand then spending a month in Japan. What should I do there?[View]
54065369>be me >boredasfuck.m4a >teacher late >letmein.png >leaving class >hobgoblin start…[View]
54064772Did I fuck up?: I used to live with a girl, she moved out over a month ago. We were good friends dur…[View]
54067156look at my friends long ass cat[View]
54064508Why in the hell is it so addictive?[View]
54066372Insomnia: It's been 3 days and I haven't slept for shit. > Pic related…[View]
54067141>tfw no superhuman soldier without emotions and years of artificial implanted combat experience…[View]
54066305Don't bother looking at woman anymore cause i know i dont have a chance no matter what.[View]
54067243>mom tells me we are going somewhere all week >change sleep schedule so I am awake in the morn…[View]
54066669Does anyone else feel awkward socializing on imageboards? I mean we're all basically white male…[View]
54065786the chronicles of bussy[View]
54067184why are people so fucking annoying: this person adds me on this site to be my friend but he never f…[View]
54067161do other fellows get praise for intelligence by doctors and other professionals yet firmly believe …[View]
54066839>no gays >no trannies >no woman >neets preferred join this sizeable server for meeting …[View]
54067099/britfeel/: Project self destruction edition[View]
54067100WoW classic EU: Looking for group of robots who want to play and hang out together in WoW classic. C…[View]
54067097Budapest encounters...: > I'm waiting for the bus and looking for good deals on used ps3 gam…[View]
54066294>Wanted Wendy's >Wendy's is closed >Literally just made a square burger to feel l…[View]
54066655how do I get a harem?[View]
54064570ITT: Comfy Thoughts ONLY: You're 10 years old. You wake up, things are very quiet. You get out …[View]
54067038Weird: Something interesting happens to me all the time here. Everytime I feel crushed by something …[View]
54067027>say that i don't want to have sex with women >friend calls me an incel >i'm actu…[View]
54066717It's not my fault I ended up being a neet, I was bullied in school and got abandoned by everyon…[View]
54065778It's about time you got up, you idiot.[View]
54065745I want to be the hero, or the villain. I just don't want to be a faceless speck anymore. I want…[View]
54066647Just a reminder that many incels would have a better chance of getting a relationship if they took h…[View]
54066048How lonely are you? How mentally ill are you? How ugly are you? Anything else wrong with you? >I …[View]
54064985>born without a hymen its over for nevervirgins[View]
54066246im pretty sure im gay. what should i do? >pic only semi related[View]
54066716if I mixed green matcha with coffee, how badly would the caffeine fuck up my kidneys[View]
54066023We femcels of size are gentle creatures. Beautiful in our own way. Courageous and compassionate. We …[View]
54065463Hi guys. I just want a few (you)s before going to sleep. Thanks. :) >Also Looser bingo.…[View]
54066557all incels and introverted autists should be forced to become women, if they do not succeed in getti…[View]
54064419so there's this french guy in a discord server im kind of into and oof he said he prefers irl g…[View]
54059070/britfeel/: It's just another night - edition[View]
54066658Accidenty masturbated. >be me >didnt masturbate for 73 days >have orbees >start to fuck …[View]
54066348Its officially 5 am and the insomnia demon has me binded again for another night. ITT: post the son…[View]
54064881How are your sibling(s) doing compared to you? i myself am mostly a shut-in neet that watches Netfli…[View]
54066484The world is going to shit. Modern civilization feels like it's on the brink of imminent collap…[View]
54066371Tried staying up all day yesterday but ended up falling asleep around 7am, and I wouldn't have …[View]
54066083Rose Thread. King posting for the first time in a while.[View]
54066058What's the difference between an onion and a whore?[View]
54066582Grill no toucha my penis: Quick Ron Paul /b/, I need help. I texted this girl I used to fuck a meme …[View]
54066578Or perhaps he is wondering why he should hire you before you've shaken his hand? No one cared w…[View]
54066577>no big dicked e-gf willing to cuck me and call me a faggot while she makes fun of my 4 inch beni…[View]
54065923TayTay prefers bbc now. Im sad.[View]
54062540I'm meeting a boy from discord in a month will he murder me? should I suck his cock? im trans…[View]
54066296Finally meet a girl and after a month see her naked. Turns out she has skin tags on her vagina. Disg…[View]
54066390>Tfw you will never meet a female pedophile who tells you her straight shota fantasies in private…[View]
54064058Being born as a white male is the worst luck you could possibly have.[View]
54066493i think i may be borderline stalking a girl[View]
54066349What is this?: do any drugfags know if this is psilopsybin? I picked this in the woods and its blue …[View]
54066447you have coomed today, right anon?[View]
54066131Greentext: >Be me >Be about 8 when shit went down >Never met my dad grew up with an abusive…[View]
54065747How the fuck do I get a better job? Nothing I do is transferable unless I want to be a waiter and I…[View]
54066288What does it mean if your semen is more pungent, and smells like swimming pool water, than usual? I…[View]
54063152bored failson: i defend my phd dissertation in a tech field in less than a week, ill probably pass. …[View]
54065336Andrew Yang: How can we secure the Bag?[View]
54064933That handless furry adapted real fast: >https://twitter.com/PretzelzCollie/status/116501335494914…[View]
54066042Hug your sister or family. Post results. Come on. It'll be fun.[View]
54066367>find girl on chatrandom >talk for like 10 minutes >she responds well to my jokes >ask h…[View]
54065346Can't wait until the fields are white again. The -20 degree chill is one of the few things that…[View]
54066205I dont understand most of the shit I see on here Redpill this, Blackpill that shit about social cons…[View]
54066338Why are INTJs superior to all other personalities?[View]
54065164Rei running late to school: Day 32 Weekend classes edition and posting best girl to piss off Asukaba…[View]
54065938>Chad from high school >smokes and drinks all the time >bullies everyone weaker than him …[View]
54064810>can't beat my addictions and vices and life just passes me by[View]
54066256Im not even sad or depressed and I still think I should kill myself because I'm objectively a f…[View]
54066241Stupid fuckin women dumb sluts money hungry retards what have we done[View]
54064469There is no love purer than platonic friendship between two men.[View]
54066229>be fucked in head >chat to other fuck heads >self imrove or bucket of crabs gg/pwAb7Z…[View]
54064491If you can't convince a woman to have sex with you, >you don't deserve it…[View]
54066030can you really be depressed if you are so apathetic that you dont actively try to improve your life[View]
54065497this is madok[View]
54065722>drank warm saltwater >Didn't Fucking puke like I wanted to Just great. I've had sev…[View]
54064683I just cuddled with my step sister anons, I felt warm and happy, I feel really good right now man.[View]
54066073>bfs friend gets out of prison and comes to stay for 2 weeks at our apartment >bf is usually g…[View]
54064547Loser guy looking for friend: How to get friends that are girls? I dont feel comfortable around guys…[View]
54065863Have you ever fell in love with someone on discord? Did it end badly? Tell me your story. And tell m…[View]
54064894What music are you listening to tonight, anons? Poast your current tunes, rate other anons, share y…[View]
54065152censor thread[View]
54065828my mum intercepted the caffeine pills i ordered for my WoW Classic grind im down 12 dollars thats ba…[View]
54065190>birthday today >only 3 years until i beocme a wizard >No a single person wish me happy bir…[View]
54065742Eggy: Egg is llive streaming get in here https://youtu.be/yp7abnKGGnc[View]
54063664Who was the best girl? Personally, I'm torn between Aiko and Audrey.[View]
54065238Good morning anons. I'm having my morning fap right now. How are you?[View]
54065805>be black >jacked (lifting for a while years) >long term gf >successful engineering c…[View]
54064524Are you good at appreciating the simple things in life?[View]
54064504How do you tell over text she's into you?: How do you know 90 to 100% what a woman is thinking …[View]
54065914What are some videos that you watch to cheer you up?: https://www.bitchute.com/video/NvLbgmVdAXSm/ h…[View]
54064593>brain rotted from porn, YouTube, gaming, jerking off for hours at a time, self-inflicted isolati…[View]
54057121I sincerely hope you dont consume products from this evil company[View]
54065694> be me > be a solid 7/10 > I love a girl, let's call her Andrea (a solid 9/10) > A…[View]
54065743>jerked off to cat girl rhat was more cat than human >now i want to get rid of my hands…[View]
54065727>'anon... you're breaking up with me? i/is it because I'm poor?' be smooth…[View]
54065689>Had sex just so I could imagine being deep inside some anime girl pussy while fapping am I a nor…[View]
54065831>tfw no Norwegian tranny gf to pound my Chink boipussi[View]
54065087Just ate too much and made myself puke[View]
54064849Stop fucking impersonating me, fuckers. Get a life. My reputation is built on trust and honesty. Sto…[View]
54065630ENOUGH: I can never get over the fact that I'm better looking and a lot more intelligent than a…[View]
54065283>'go ahead!' >'Roast me, please!'[View]
54065215Why do you refuse to face your problems head-on and improve as an individual?[View]
54065435Should I get in a fight at work if some black guy keeps patronizing me by calling me 'ginger'?[View]
54065587Youtube is garbage: I found about this discosting channel on youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel…[View]
54065583>pic related explain please So is it >trannies preying on lonely guys >guys going prisongay…[View]
54064606>tried watching foot porn to give self a foot fetish >begin to notice how creepy feet look wha…[View]
54065363GF assault: Hey, i need some help... last night my gf assaulted me (she's a gold medalist of BJ…[View]
54064392>Yo, fembot? You know my eyes are up here..[View]
54065316Hey guys wtf is up with b why are they saying one of you guys have something to do with this corpse …[View]
54065327So how many of you fell for the 3 meals a day meme?[View]
54064480I do not understand why people would just use me. All the things you do for someone you have a crush…[View]
54065313Is crossposting on 4chan okay? Like making the exact same post on /pol/ and /r9k/, for example.[View]
54065314High blood pressure is the worst: Hi fellow robots, how to cope with high blood pressure it's l…[View]
54064710anyone else EXTREMELY DEPRESSED asokidhjalskhfsdilfh soailfh swopifhsodilfhsdoifh[View]
54063871>tfw no bf to rub each press our naked bodies together so that our dicks rub and touch each other…[View]
54064493what are some comfy things to do at night when you can't sleep? i already fapped[View]
54064144I've been working as maintenance at Wally World (Walmart) for roughly a year now. Ask me anythi…[View]
54042095/drugfeel/: Bender Recovery Edition[View]
54062799Anon, you drank water from the tap?[View]
54064292OMEGLE THREAD: GET IN FAGS ITS FRIDAYYYY NIGHT tags: r9komegle, omegler9k, r9k, robot9001[View]
54062424what's up with all the moralfags on 4chan nowadays? do you enjoy being fucking pussies?[View]
54065520Hey fellas, we have a small comfy robot server here. Read the rules and enjoy yourself. Discord . …[View]
54065508If I were born and had sight before I lost vision you are better off than when you had sight. You ca…[View]
54062980Femanon is there hope for finding a qt gf if i dont like talking? i only enjoy talking about topics …[View]
54065077>dont want to talk to anyone >still lonely what gives…[View]
54065093>ow anon you need to watch out you knocked over me and my hotdog![View]
54065402What do you think he is doing now? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sqYV-GLnxQU[View]
54064497Community Building: Hi robots, I'm trying to build a community of friends online. However I…[View]
54065319>tfw no compostable bf[View]
54063243Are you a lightworker? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ucDsDHuNPZw[View]
54064453>be me >regularly chat with 7/10 >we are good friends >one day she tells me that she lik…[View]
54063216/japanese noise rock/ https://youtu.be/1o-NTKgozvk ear rape intro but comfy and depressing, this gir…[View]
54063826At 9 drinks atm. What should I buy next? I'm within walking distance to a gas station.[View]
54064433>there are unironically people trying to give themselves debiliating injuries and mental illnesse…[View]
54065278Cute and funny thread if you please[View]
54062532Just remember, things could always be worse.[View]
54064792Yugioh 2011 SC Regional: Does anyone have any idea what the hell happened at the South Carolina Regi…[View]
54065025>you will probably never see your best friends from middle school ever again…[View]
54063757Best way to cook two hot pockets?: All of the normalfags are out on Friday night, so some real robot…[View]
54065067I'm moving into college tomorrow. Wish me luck anons![View]
54064951Hi /r9k/, as of two weeks ago I miraculously lost my NEET status and somehow got a job as a server a…[View]
54064820How can i earn money without becoming a wageslave, anons? I can write, but I can't draw (as see…[View]
54064655Is there really any other way to cope with being repulsively ugly other than suicide? Im so fucking …[View]
54064229I want to fuck a robot's peehole with my clit[View]
54063467Good evening friends and welcome to the Frogs and Feels Tavern! I apologise for opening up a little …[View]
54065065guys why am i getting some certificate error on sadpanda[View]
54060702Hey anon! Want a drink? What do you want?[View]
54064416So according to this guy you have to join a gang, if you dont youre dead if you only have 1 or 2 yea…[View]
54065042>Although men and women lie at equal frequencies, men are more likely to lie in order to please t…[View]
54064765INTPs might enjoy this: >tldr republican constitutional monarchy with a dictator amendment that c…[View]
54065018>Fembie! Chad make boom boom![View]
54064952>he doesn't apply rogain to his chest daily[View]
54064182>at night I think of you >I want to be your lady, baby…[View]
54064591>Uncircumcised penises are so gross looking and unhygienic, get that shit cut!…[View]
54048069open your beedroom door, see her, what do?[View]
54063944Reminder that: The BLACK woman is the epitome of female sensuality and femininity.[View]
54064940I can't believe how God made the chances of being born into this disgusting, inferior and abjec…[View]
54063079Who here never drank alcohol, never used drugs, never vaped and even never swallowed a pill? I never…[View]
54063879its my birthday today and i feel so lonely, i hate birthdays because they always remind me of how i …[View]
54064873What is this shit? It smells like bleach dries up like chalk or powder.[View]
54063554Why do I always make mistakes when it comes to girls late at night. I havent yet but I know Im going…[View]
54062836You found out you only have a year left to live. What do you do?[View]
54063436how do i approach a girl?: what is the first thing i should say to her? should i ask her something i…[View]
54063567Just bought pic related. Based or cringe? Also, tell us about your sex toys I guess.[View]
54064686Why do women do this, especially white women, do this?[View]
54064748>Be me >Go to college >Get stoned as shit >Go to my friend's house with gf >Go…[View]
54063300good night anon~ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sb4wSYr4OJg originaldesu[View]
54063367Why yes I am flying over and bombing the amazon in an F100D loaded up with napalm and agent orange t…[View]
54062131Hi everyone, I'm making a 4chan clone. What would you change about 4chan? Also, what would you …[View]
54064707>spent three hours straight mindlessly watching Youtube[View]
53974807Chris is dead, weekly family thread: Hi hello this is a thread to talk about everything family relat…[View]
54063196What can be done about the NPC problem?[View]
54062534i'm bored and incredibly emotionally pained tonight, would anyone care to talk?[View]
54064530Seafood helps quiet the demons in my mind. Does it have the same effect for anyone else?[View]
54060865daily reminder that girls like this are visiting and posting on /r9k/[View]
54063068*wage cuck general*: Almost done with my Mcdicks career entirely, saved up almost five thousand and …[View]
54064617im a fucking god at making up stories as excuses. is this my purpose?[View]
54064459>INTPs are reported to be the least happy, make the least money, and have the highest suicide rat…[View]
54063142>Finally get off work >really have to take a shit >race home as fast as my truck will go …[View]
54064489How do I kill myself with certainty? Usually the things that stop me from do it are >People who w…[View]
54063678good night, everyone. i hope tomorrow will be better[View]
54063672My father is on a fucking gay website right now. Please one of you take me in. I do not want to live…[View]
54064500Anyone wanna sword fight? This is a 18th century broadsword.[View]
54064351sax fish[View]
54064418Sup bros, how do I get over my weed addiction? It hasnt even been one day and I already feel the phy…[View]
54063493>I have a Bf How many times can an anon hear her say this before it's ok to stop asking wome…[View]
54064271>tfw inheriting my family's land (before my dad and uncle's death) and get to live the …[View]
54062933What are some good sleeping drugs that will put me asleep real fast?[View]
54063812I want God to exist bros. I want there to be meaning to it all.[View]
54062676Why are INTPs so mentally ill?: What the fuck is wrong with them? Why do they act so fucking weird?…[View]
54064406Opinions on Peter Caine robots?[View]
54063736Help: How the fuck do I clean the chamber of a fairly small bong. Fuck I just want to get high to fo…[View]
54064012Do you like the book I bought, robots?[View]
54063480Ah, so this is what it's like to pretend to be female on 4chan. I can't believe how many p…[View]
54064356Cute Girl: In my sign language class theres this really cute girl and the best part is that shes rea…[View]
54063500I like this girl but it seems like she doesn't know I exist what do? and just so you guys know,…[View]
54063056Is this a tom boy board or a mommy gf board?[View]
54064115Why is it that women always get over love faster than men? Even Chads cry over love but I doubt Stac…[View]
54064289living a fulfilling life with aspergers and OCD thread. how can I accomplish this?[View]
54064226Being born is the worst luck you could probably have >tfw not a semen on the wall >tfw could b…[View]
54051505https://picrew.me/image_maker/37328 make yourself and assume things about each other[View]
54063321>tfw banned from omegel cause showing pp too mch wat do bros?[View]
54063289I can't take it any more bros. She's just too perfect. I'm convinced I'll never …[View]
54063275Think of all the money you've saved by being a friendless, kissless virgin loner. >no expens…[View]
54063305Maybe if you didn't masturbate so much you could use that energy towards something productive. …[View]
54064176I don't know what's wrong with me. I don't know what's wrong with me. I don…[View]
54063586You were born a male. You are a tool. You are not valued. You do not matter.[View]
54061908Why are you not learning a new language?[View]
54063977It never ends. I jerk off, I have a moment of peace and acceptance of my life as is, then the lust a…[View]
54064037>the drugs no longer work h-help[View]
54062987Whiteboi here My chinese gf just told me she's pregnant[View]
54064045How do you cope with aspd?[View]
54063962guys, in all seriousness, do jews[View]
54059676I've been NEET for 5 years now. Dropped out of high school at 17, did nothing but hole myself u…[View]
54064152these fuckin moths: >watching youtube >*bz* >get up to find it >can't >sit down …[View]
54064076AIisa Bosconovitch[View]
54063916koreans bimbos are next level compared to wh*te bimbos[View]
54062505>be me >found out my long term gf had been cheating on me >turn 30 today >life is in sha…[View]
54063730Asian girls have brown assholes[View]
54062361This is Blue Bill, the new mascot of /r9k/ Say something based about him.[View]
54063899>can't beat my porn addiction >can't beat my YouTube addiction >can't beat m…[View]
54063070Okay atheists, would you believe humans have a biological need for religion? Given that all human so…[View]
54063177If you could live in any time period in the past or future, when would it be?[View]
54061351Who get's more sex? Self improvement is a meme made up by people with no father figure[View]
54063825I think I love this woman at work. She's twice my age and happily married but man. She always t…[View]
54063910tfw you forgot you were trans but then you remember[View]
54056992I am drinking again. Any more anons drinking right now?[View]
54062327I should have never started talking to a girl... Now all im left with is unreciprocated love to some…[View]
54063208I have a small head and look pretty much like this guy. Just discovered there is a condition called …[View]
54063580all these niggas do is accuse eachother of being pedophiles all day[View]
54063869>first year of college >roommate shows up with a new group of roasts following him every day …[View]
54063681Does anybody else also notice how watching TV or even Youtube makes you passive, lazy, unthoughtful …[View]
54063212What happens after you graduate? I'm in my last semester of university and I'll probably g…[View]
54063519Was Kurt Cobain a chad? Or a robot?[View]
54062514My perfect boyfriends must exist somewhere Must have good hygiene Is a genuinely nice but blunt per…[View]
54063686How many hikkikomori/shut-in/NEET people were held back by overbearing parents? Is that just an excu…[View]
54063417How much do you think this guys weighs? Let's say he's 5ft9 or 5ft10[View]
54062858Am I an asshole for not giving my seat up to a pregnant whore on the bus but then giving my seat up …[View]
54063355Dating is fucking impossible: I use all my swipes and get no matches. Cant approach women in bars. C…[View]
54063769>be black >asian girl tells me I'm fighting an uphill battle in regards to finding an asi…[View]
54063029I've thought about this for a long time, but I think I've finally decided that I've h…[View]
54061310Should I try and have sex with one of my dad's maids? One of them in particular is always extra…[View]
54063764>used to want to date a fembot >now I just want to verbally abuse trashy fembots for being so …[View]
54062764Just bitchslapped a fly so hard her wings couldn't move and the pest killed itself by jumping t…[View]
54063695>Chad always win-[View]
54063724>tfw if you were just 5 inches taller, you could have been perfect[View]
54062415>She won't date you cause your pecker is not at least 7 inches[View]
54063418'There are many kinds of disabilities. The worst one is being heartless.'[View]
54063341Sweet: >be me 2 minutes ago >tried to tell story of me being a redditfag and coming here >d…[View]
54063477>bought tickets for a concert today >overslept it >$30 bucks down the drain, plus now all I…[View]
54059828Why is this the ideal and most feminine body type?[View]
54061629>first night of celebrations for freshmen/beginning of semester everyone is out there having fun,…[View]
54063518Thoughts on ego death?[View]
54063525Gettin' used to it: >be me >redditfag >post shit on /r9k/ and anime boards for fun …[View]
54060259This guy is married and has 4 kids. What's your excuse?[View]
54063132it's time I finally join my brothers. I may not be a robot, more of a failed Chad really. I…[View]
54063318So if you really go the whole way and see how you feel at the prospect of vanishing; of all your eff…[View]
54062472Are there still any other robots here? Or has there been an unspoken shift in the board to be blue p…[View]
54061881how pathetic is it to have to live at home with your parents and commute to uni because you can…[View]
54063195Anyone else just masturbate out of habit? Most times im not even horny but I still do it just to do …[View]
54063577GUMMY THICC[View]
54063486I had sex with two prostitutes in the past week after being a kv and realized that no sex isn't…[View]
54062692Manhood: What is...being a Man?[View]
54063316>ex messages me asking me about some lorazepam she has >tell her not to take too many because …[View]
54063471>See multiple threads on NoFap >WhyNot.png >Today is day 5 >I can smell colors, levitate…[View]
54062305How do I cope with being sexually inferior, anons?[View]
54063425Post favorite songs and lyrics you like for when you're sad.: It'll leave you feeling holl…[View]
54063066Anyone else go to bars or clubs and not talk to girls or reject then when they want to dance? It rea…[View]
54063325Who ever said looks dont matter and arent the most important thing when it comes to success with wom…[View]
54063465Is there any way for me to regain my foreskin? It was taken from me without my consent and I would v…[View]
54062598When I go outside people constantly act like they don't want to interact with me, even cashiers…[View]
54061886Being alive really feels horrible, like really it does, want to kms right know but I know I won…[View]
54059944>you are kidnapped and forced to live like a baby by a group of girls >force fed baby formula …[View]
54062368>its an anon fantasizes about being interview by joe rogan episode[View]
54048094Give me an image you've made or edited.[View]
54059300A furry had his hands amputated so they would resemble paws. Thoughts?[View]
54063373>tfw no degenerate gf willing to eat all of my poop everytime I gotta shit. Mother nature is a mo…[View]
54062854Why are the majority of threads about sex and women if this is an incel board?[View]
54062863Has there ever been a more brutal mogging? https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=6&v=i3STP…[View]
54062965Japanese Woman: Has anyone ever seen this video? Very curious to know. https://xhamster.com/videos/a…[View]
54062930Letter thread let's go fuckers[View]
54062296Snapping cherries: Why does it feel so good to take a young girls virginity? I've done so twice…[View]
54062875>This is a male Why even bother with women at this point?[View]
54063241I'm on the fence about having kids in the future, but if I do, then this is how it's gonna…[View]
54062999How do you breakup with friends? people that you loved and stills cares about, but you can't be…[View]
54063214A Body Built for Sin: Do any fembots our there have a legitimately sexy body? I am talking a fat as…[View]
54063231>be me >work at mcdicks >everyone that works at mcdicks is either a meth-head, alcoholic, o…[View]
54062977My girlfriend just accused me of mansplaining. Proud of her.[View]
54063202I really fucking hate white women. Over-privileged pieces of shit.[View]
54063170ITT: COmfy / Talk Bread Hey bros im a little drunk and high, i picked up an ounce today cause i was …[View]
54062498>you will never be an anime character[View]
54062889Well lads, time's up 3 years of NEETdom ends after the weekend for me, wish me luck. Hopefully …[View]
54063131The first 5 robots who share this pic of a dead chud anywhere and prove it will get $15 deposited in…[View]
54059013Oneitis thread: Who is your perpetual oneitis /r9k/?[View]
54062260Ask me a question I'll ask one back[View]
54063080What have your neighbors torrented recently robots? https://iknowwhatyoudownload.com/en/peer/[View]
54063050pic related is the average whiny discordfag[View]
54063063>hereditary mental illness strikes every other generation and fucks up my cousins >parents are…[View]
54061693People saying incels have high standards and bullshit. Nigga I would fuck a fucking nerd looks match…[View]
54061757>women think this is '''attractive'''[View]
54062113if you pick up girls like an incel you are going to get rejected like an incel[View]
54061982post cute women[View]
54062419Is long hair really worth it? It's grown a decent length but even then it doesn't look how…[View]
54056466What does it feel like to spank a girl?[View]
54062958>humiliating thing happens to me ensuring my eternal inceldom >decide everyone needs a thing t…[View]
54062919What sort of mental illness is this? I get into romantic relationships (over the internet always) an…[View]
54061838White people make me feel so uncomfortable[View]
54062894My dad when I told him I was a robot.[View]
54062396is there even such a thing as a trustworthy female?[View]
54062747it's almost 5 AM and I think I'll go for a walk soon. Any music suggestions?[View]
54062057How about you?: Making homemade chicken tenders and oven-baked fries, destroying a bottle of Malbec …[View]
54062392I just found out idek means I dont even know. For the last 10 years I thought it was just a quirky w…[View]
54062313why the fuck do teenage girls keep telling me (29) that im cute?[View]
54062545Gen Z Nostalgia: https://youtube.com/watch?v=uHaHnWVS5Uw Your thoughts?[View]
54062789Make me sadder than i already am faggots Music Thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NlBASvzReYM h…[View]
54060979>5'4' >no irl or online friends >not intelligent >no valuable skills >parents gi…[View]
54062293I want to find an 18-21 girl with gluttonous tendencies and than encourage the behavior. After she e…[View]
54062548OK so hypothetically speaking, and big emphasis on the HYPOTHETICALLY here (not saying I'would …[View]
54062761>get plastered drunk >text 'NIGGER' to all of my contacts, work associates included >know w…[View]
54062418where are my fellow academic failures at? destroyed in first year uni and dropping out. how about yo…[View]
54062776ruler: 1.take side selfie 2.impose degree ruler 4.profit where do you rank bots? around 100 degrees …[View]
54062579HACKED!: >be me >open facebook >(1) new message >open message >its literally a video…[View]
54062757I'm late to the party but I need to know what the new generation names are. Like, to me a 'boom…[View]
54062164>your sister doesnt sees you as a man[View]
54062703There sure is nothing better than watching your Burger King employees gang bang your wife and make l…[View]
54060988Imagine being blinded by your own massive titties[View]
54062683Classic WoW imminent launch: <72 hours until we get to go back. Anyone else hyped as fuck right n…[View]
54062699Znsa cbody drunk as bsjgigg[View]
54062401Why aren't you sipping on a warm cup of tea right now?[View]
54062488I don't understand what the fuck is wrong with me that makes girls so repulsed, my room tempera…[View]
54061725Broke guy sleeping in uni common room[View]
54062515imagine thinking liking this sexy is gay[View]
5406041210 years ago, people used to say 'entire 2000s decade was shit'. Then a few years ago, people were l…[View]
54062084>in elementary school >things are shit but maybe middle school will be better >things in hi…[View]
54062554Why don't you have a cute fujoshi for a gf?[View]
54062529tfw I jacked off to Celestia Vega again[View]
54060543007 goldbussy[View]
54060995He actually did it, the absolute mad lad[View]
54060968Where can I find someone who will cuddle with me and let me feel like I'm not a loser. I just w…[View]
54062151I can't seem to stay thin without meth and amphetamine abuse.[View]
54061699I just want to be spanked[View]
54057403are you ugly or do you just take photos of yourself with bad focal length?[View]
54061370/uni/ First Week Edition How has uni been so far for you robots?[View]
54062448Have I got enough: >hungry >check my good boy points chart >got 40 >yes time for tendi…[View]
54062318Which girl would you take home?[View]
5405903826-year-old virgin. On my way to 27![View]
54062426John 11:25-26 Jesus said unto her, I am the resurrection, and the life: he that believeth in me, tho…[View]
54061792Has anyone on here had sex but never enjoyed it? I can't stay in the moment for more than 5 min…[View]
54062417to all the twinks on here how does it feel to get cum on your face both emotionally and physically[View]
54061189My ultimate fantasy is to get forced into taking HRT and cutting myself via blackmailing or other me…[View]
54061786Just a reminder for the faggots: When males watch porn or engage in sexual activities, they're …[View]
54056041Which of these grils did you fancy as a kid boomers?[View]
54062381wow look at this funy gay porn intro video with sounds from half-life LOL!: wow look at this funy ga…[View]
54062356>he fell for the Dental Jew[View]
54062363thinking about maxing my credit card to buy drugs its something that crosses my mind once a week i w…[View]
54061122Why are you so mean /r9k/? I just want friends[View]
54059920just masturbated to an orgy (porn) and I'm feeling so dead inside. any religious people here? w…[View]
54061869This pic speaks volumes. /r9k/ says women are the problem but I find that harder to believe by the d…[View]
54062306>'Hudson and I have been discussing this for several nights now... and we've come to a concl…[View]
54062298something broke in my brain i havent been able to think about anything except pussy for a couple day…[View]
54058711My college roommate is coloured, what do?[View]
54059921Just end my fucking life. I'm done.[View]
54062191misaki friday: have you changed your hikikomori ways, anon-kun?[View]
54060712I love you all. <3 ty[View]
54062137Why is this board filled with losers?: Literally Just Have Sex.[View]
54059417>spent 6 hours drawing a picture >6 hours of constant sketching >unhappy with it, toss it o…[View]
54062219showe me the goombis lets go post yer skeggis here fellas[View]
54060234there is a wikipedia article about this creature but not about. Explain yourselves: she protested ou…[View]
54060093>torrent porn >landlord sends me an email complaining that he got a copyright notice and tell…[View]
54057578We are at stage 4 now This place used to be worth something but it degenerated way too far in the l…[View]
54061969Im a cute flippy haired 23 year old boy. I hope that people think Im cute and a good boy. I dont mi…[View]
54060972Do you guys agree?[View]
54059339>mfw Jersey legalises sibling incest Ameriburgers are sprinting back down the evolutionary chain …[View]
54061847Would you do it for. $200?[View]
54061691I went to my schools homecoming in 2008 and my date immediately ditched me when we got to the gymnas…[View]
54036432Why don't robots and fembots just date each other?[View]
54060952Whites and Asians are so fucking autistic, why would they make and play in a movie like this?[View]
54060058Mega Man Royale: >What is Mega Man Royale Its like Mario Royale, but with mega man >Will it ge…[View]
54053260Penis love thread.[View]
54061151>tfw no political cartoonist bf[View]
54061374Uni Thread: Finally back at school and in the dorms Drinking in my room as I hear all the freshmen g…[View]
54061552>NOOOO!!!!! YOU CAN'T KILL YOURSELF!!!!![View]
54061206I'm a cockluster and I love sucking cocks.[View]
54060268Does anyone have any images of a grocery bag chock full of shit? Feces? Maybe a doggie bag? Thanks i…[View]
54061922>be prehistoric teen >goto amphitheater to see favorite rock band >band is setup in the lar…[View]
54061947RAPE BAD[View]
54057560As most of you are probably aware, there is evidence floating about 4chan about a Discord group full…[View]
54060589>'hey, what's up? :)' >'sorry in a game' >'talking to someone else rn haha' >'about…[View]
54060971This is a reply to >>54059710, the thread 404d before I could reply What the fuck does incel e…[View]
54059755where would you want to kill yourself?: i personally would want to do it in a church. I want to show…[View]
54061129Does anyone else find themselves slowly getting bored and annoyed at 4chan? >race bait >twitt…[View]
54060159>be me >grinding overwatch competitive >lost 2 games in a row >kinda pissed >my team …[View]
54059632Serious question...: How come most of you guys are so socially inept, haven't your parents taug…[View]
54056450What? You are attracted to the adult bodies of female 16 year olds?!? That's so morally wrong a…[View]
54059788>one chance at life >named conway[View]
54061858>Be me >See ads for new Popeyes chicken sandwich >Been talking about trying one to my GF al…[View]
54061844would it be legal to get some ebooks (Shakespeare, Edgar Allen Poe, etc.)in the public domain from a…[View]
54061812Maybe if you stopped looking at hentai/porn you would be happier.[View]
54061795>threads about pussy are always talking about how gross they are >threads about dick are full …[View]
54060503Do you believe that demons exist?[View]
54061403I need a little help. I am 19, my parents are old, I have a brother who is 24 with celebral palsy, …[View]
54060610Girls, do you like boys who have flippy hair?[View]
54061712I'm in a long distance relationship and my gf sometimes goes a WHOLE DAY without texting me. So…[View]
54061547girl gamer clan. we're looking to fill our roster to play halo, insurgency and cubeworld. /52V…[View]
54060026>classmate friend just caught me looking at the cocklusting thread I can't fucking take it a…[View]
54060722Touched a girls hand.: It finally happened to today /r9k/ I accidentally touched a girls hand. She k…[View]
54061141Gentle reminder that racism is against the rules of /r9k/. Be careful out there.[View]
54057726Do you believe in free wiII?[View]
54060965I just wanna suck on some big lactating tits. Why am I such a degenerate?[View]
54061684Heyyy... ;) *giggles* Im Lindsey. Im a waitress at a diner. Uhh, yeah, Im 28, ...is there a problem …[View]
54054076>feminazis take over to subjugate the men >at gunpoint you are lead to your new owners >the…[View]
54061561>be super rich >date instagram thot way out of your league >dumps you through a text messag…[View]
54060636most iconic/influential film: What is the most iconic/influential film ever released? We laugh about…[View]
54057705Are you really worth someone else's time?[View]
54061600>tfw ywn be anybody[View]
54061488I'm hosting a skribble game. Join https://skribbl.io/?Bl6cVYAbqZ[View]
54060866I'm too afraid to confess to her and it eats away my mental health everyday[View]
54061339No friends, can't hang out or talk to anyone Haven't got a message from anyone but my mom …[View]
54060070Based porn man: How can one man be so based, just bask in his power.[View]
54060934How can I kill myself discreetly and without a trace?[View]
54060695Let Down: >talk to crush for first time >she makes tiktoks >hey anon wanna be in my tiktok …[View]
54061239fat incel to Chad[View]
54059520>little brother is a trans girl >started hrt when he was 14 >always been close with him …[View]
54060526What makes you happy? Is it healthy? If not Would you stop doing it?[View]
54058679I know my calling in life, I have heard it at 27. I see the path before me and I am setting goals to…[View]
54061022Just told a girl that there's objectively more basic girls than guys. Oh boy what a speech. She…[View]
54061261Acceptance: today was the day i realized no amount of gigachad body features can save me i'm no…[View]
54061242i'm k i'm fucking officer k i come home from being around people feeling all detached and …[View]
54060311FUCK I want to play with nojordanpeterson.com so badly. It was so fun. Why can't good things la…[View]
54059234>can't beat my porn addiction no matter what I do[View]
54060822Guys I'm bored.[View]
54060887Haven't seen a titty thread in forever. How about one for old times sake?[View]
54060496how bad does your pussy smell femanon[View]
54059029short story: this is just practice for my editing skills and story telling. this is an alternate ver…[View]
54059465according to r9k, shouldn't this guy be a permavirgin?[View]
54059092Imagine the smell emanating from this house[View]
54060163>convince myself I'm a schizoid because I have a pile of issues that make truly bonding with…[View]
54061089>On a business trip with an annoying coworker >Sharing the same hotel room…[View]
54059615You can only pick 2[View]
54060859>Every girl who is nice to me is a roastie. What's wrong with girls who cosplay as a sandwic…[View]
54061055His coconut cum, Can fire in spurts! If he hits you, It's gonna hurt![View]
54060737I just want a dominant bf to lock me in the absolute tiniest chastity cage there is and force feed m…[View]
54060977Dirty talking roommate: >chilling in my room >roommate playing DBZF on computer >chill guy,…[View]
54060306Is the world a horrible place?[View]
54060880Just got home from working my 9 to 5 blue collar job. Found an empty house and a note from my wife s…[View]
54060893I cant help trying to get into people's heads and try to find out what they're thinking. C…[View]
54060597Why dont normies give a shit about racism against asians?[View]
54060906Fat people: How do u guys feel about this? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=XGKROFmUprg&t=393s…[View]
54060937hey robots, So I haven't gotten laid in like 2 or 3 years. during that period I was pretty stru…[View]
54060324>trying to learn to dance >watch vid >first move >watch it at 0.25 speed with the guy do…[View]
54060115why are rich city women so much more beautiful compared to poorer women[View]
54060770post ugly traps to luagh at[View]
54060815Nofap is literally impossible when you fap in your sleep: I can have willpower of steel throughout t…[View]
54060854>grandparents are zealous christians >they unironically say that jews are god's chosen pe…[View]
54059523*fap fap fap fap* ahhhhnnn uhh muh peamnus *fap fap fap* uh hngyeeah wizz that widler bish *fap fap …[View]
54060827I cant wait to go on my nightly run! Im excited to do it! I legit enjoy running[View]
54060711I made an OkCupid account as my first attempt at online dating, hoping to find an asian qt, and swip…[View]
54060452get ready to play the most comfiest game[View]
54060696booger eater general: who else /boogereater/ love the taste, can't help but to do it.[View]
54060148*PFFFFFT* *POP* 'huh? what are you looking at?'[View]
54058460What's the most Chad name you can think of ?[View]
54059987> woke up at 11PM last night > another_night_in.jpg > decide to reset my day schedule > …[View]
54057879>laptop is broken >should send it to computer repair guy >desktop is filled with hentai Sho…[View]
54059652you're minding your business taking a wee in the urinals, when a boy suddenly rushes you and ho…[View]
54058878I miss him and the sound of his voice. I wish I could hear his voice again. I know that it isn'…[View]
54058690Hey guys I just woke up not feelin too bad how you all doin[View]
540597431. What is the actual bare minimum a guy would have to be to be considered a regular 5/10 for the av…[View]
54059823>get a dog to meet qts >first day at the dog park >all he does is try to fuck all the other…[View]
54060676join 1.14.2 server IP: robot9k.club[View]
54060475You guys get this joke?[View]
54060553tfw no Komaeda bf to brutally kill me so I can be a STEPPING STONE for hope.[View]
54057127I think I memed myself into being trans, how do I undo it.[View]
54060652comfy womfy friday chat hours BSQhBmx[View]
54060644First Update on The Hand Bearer: One of many. -RAD[View]
54060629>caught him chewing on the used panties again >they are my crossdresser friends' panties…[View]
54035191/creativegeneral/: Lets get another creative thread. Post your drawings, pictures, music, web projec…[View]
54058645Is gayming performance strictly related to IQ?[View]
54060476>be me >spit out gum >it ricochets off of the trash can and onto the floor >step on it b…[View]
54057285How do you find meaning in a meaningless world?[View]
54060528Zoomer born in 1987 here. AMA.[View]
54054597>i want to try drugs but i can't find an- Ayahuasca is the strongest and best psychedelic on…[View]
54060554Broke my one week long nofap streak wasnt even something super hot. it was just some fucking feet pi…[View]
54057601What does it feel like to have a cock inside you? Always wondered[View]
54060080Robots, when was the last time a girl messaged you first?[View]
54060470Sorry anon.. I fucked up my nofap streak. I only lasted 5 days, do you have any tips on lasting long…[View]
54060500They call checking out of society, 'depression'. I've never been so happy. Music is free. Porn …[View]
54058994Just turned 22 a minute ago. >still a neet >still a uni dropout >still a virgin >still a…[View]
54060478I remember having very good reasons for social isolation and outcast behavior but I can't remem…[View]
54059487I watched a couple of this /baldfag 's videos today on his YouTube channel and he isn't me…[View]
54057676anyone else taking steps to improve their life? megugano[View]
54059043What is the appropriate response to save face when people ask why you dont talk to anyone?[View]
54059203Why are girls special?[View]
54059240Can someone explain to me why women add you then refuse to talk to you? It drives me up a fucking wa…[View]
54059609>tfw can talk to girls easily and make them laugh but none want to get romantically involved beca…[View]
54059812Message to trannies: You do know that your weird behavior make people transphobic against you right?…[View]
54056507What is your Opinion on Jordan Peterson? Is his advice any good?[View]
54060202>tfw no gf t hug me and tell me everything will be fine because my mom never did anyone else know…[View]
54060315everytime my gf tries to give me a blowjob im insecure about it and think that she thinks that its d…[View]
54060317>have bpd >cant play games competitively without LOSING MY SHIT >only hobby i even care abo…[View]
54060235epic girl vc: Don't join this discord if you're a guy. Female only discord. All the ladies…[View]
54060034There is Nothing Gay about this. Dubs Confirm[View]
54055438Will men always remain immoral at their core?[View]
54057631why aren't guys romantic anymore?: >go on date with somewhat handaome guy >he only had to…[View]
54059151I am a 19y/o male but have a strong desire to become an attractive slut. I want to be dominated by…[View]
54060155>be me >write the worst greentext in existence >gets featured on Wave Titan Fuck you Wave T…[View]
54059800Share your depravity with the council. All sexual experiences you regret/ do frequently are welcome.[View]
54060169Fuck trannies: Kill yourself trannies. Stop trying to brainwash these mentally weak men. These freak…[View]
54059181What has changed in your life since last august? >cut vidya from 6 hours a day to barely 2 hours …[View]
54060111The white equivalent of nigger is 'racist' or 'privileged'. You call a white person a honky, cracker…[View]
540600624chan rule changes: Announcing sages should be unbanned[View]
54056446>first week back at uni >already abusing benzos, cough syrup, and alcohol…[View]
54057219Anyone notice how much the group dynamics of a bunch of guys changes when a girl joins in? Holy shit…[View]
54059964ITT: post a picture that will give me your fetish[View]
54058574I dont like girls. I mean they are disgusting, for instance they poop, they puke, sometimes they sme…[View]
54059711My best friend can be so annoying some times he always finds a way to prove that his life is worst t…[View]
54059888ITT: Images you can smell[View]
54058322>another college semester starts >still have no girl to talk to am i doing something wrong?…[View]
54059556Clothing trannies have ruined: >short skirts >any form of mask >sleeve gloves >dresses …[View]
54058731>heard parents arguing again >This time it was over buying to much while grocery shopping and …[View]
54057524Now that the dust has settled, who is /our manlet/?[View]
54058402Avatar Exchange: Post avatars for your fellow robots to use online[View]
54058882>has weird dreams that make no sense >dreams are all over the place >only one thing sticks…[View]
54054354'Miss Americana and the End of the Anthropocene' Taylor Swift herself is making music about the end …[View]
54059612ever eat a burger and wonder how many cows are mixed up into that one patty?[View]
54058799Post your stations, you weeb fggts.[View]
54059048>Had a dream where I swung on a giant womans long slippery clit to cross a purple river of poison…[View]
54059456Women wants to divorce man 'cause he's too nice: so men just really can't win heres t…[View]
54058475How do I start not being a literall 'bEtA'?: How do I stop with the 'I love my parents what will the…[View]
54059753The darkness lives in my closet. But that's ok.[View]
54059464Katelyn is the perfect female name[View]
54059710So I just watched a documentary about unabomber, and I realized today he would be labeled as an ince…[View]
54059031Post a cool picture you took. This is my cat and computer desk.[View]
54053484Why are woman better at surviving horror movies than men?[View]
54056945why do i fall for guys that only interact with me because they're horny, why can't i find …[View]
54058843i really want to eat a girl`s ass and fuck her anal but im still a virgin, how is it anons?[View]
54059582This is the second or third Eliza impersonator I've found yet https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c…[View]
54056981is anyone else straight, and really loves women, but has no real desire to fuck them? i love being a…[View]
54058697I'm really sad and really drunk again. My liver hhurts I think.-[View]
54058947Reminder that short men should take HRT. Bi girls will accept short women, but not short men.[View]
54058777Airsoftfaggy's mom is in the hospital with a stroke. F[View]
54057946Cultural appropriations thread: Does America have any culture of its own? Hamburgers - stolen from G…[View]
54056896What do you think about Youtuber?[View]
54059163Here I am again, up in the middle of the night thinking about her... Have I not moved on from the h…[View]
54056798How do I get a qt goth gf?[View]
54058338>be me >german kid in germany on a german school >2nd grade >i know what bitch and shit …[View]
54058965strange lump on my eyeball...won't wash out...any ideas brobots?[View]
54057362I want a Tolkien nerd gf so badly guys, I can't stop thinking about how great it'd be to n…[View]
54059405Robots, have you ever dated/would you ever date a girl who was taller than you? Fembots, have/would …[View]
54056538Why don't man children grow the fuck up? Yes I'm looking at (you)[View]
54058805>he doesn't listen to classical music >doesn't read philosophy >doesn't know…[View]
54056431>please creampie my pussy, anon what do you do?[View]
54059047Will getting a mommy gf help make up for the lost years of missing out on teen pussy and 20s pussy? …[View]
54059190>your state >most illegal thing you've done…[View]
54059173i dont get it: why is there always no girls on /r9k/ except trannies but when someone refutes someth…[View]
54058827>teacher going on a rant about her dating life again[View]
54054705Mom called me today and cried. Said she's upset at herself for raising a son who can't eve…[View]
54056716Do women like deep voices? Because almost everytime I talk anymore someone mentions I have a 'deep a…[View]
54058789>going to my first party after 5 years today What do normie boys talk to normie girls about? i do…[View]
54058907dam i want a gopnik gf. how do i get one of these squat queens[View]
54058977whenever i talk to girls they inevitably tell me to stop bullying them. theyre always smiling and gi…[View]
54058848Well boys, just fapped and binged porn for the fifth time today. i jacked off so hard and with such …[View]
54057626Why is florida so hot? Whites were never meant to live in such conditions. Everyday here is missreab…[View]
54054991/britfeel/: friday night with the lads, primo kino comferino edition[View]
54058506>has no comedown*: What the fuck, this is amazing. In comparison to Ritalin this is a godsend mir…[View]
54057246>tfw no facesitting gf Why even live?[View]
54058915>be partner with qt stacy for college group project >she is 9/10 trust fund brunette qt, capta…[View]
54058978So what are the reasons why someone would want to handcuff a small child?[View]
54057917Anybody else just love sleeping pills?: Ambien is the best thing ever.[View]
54058469hey anon I seen you scrollin i bet you are lonely and depressed hehe gg/krJCbk[View]
54058341Women are actually not that difficult to deal with. You ever had a dog? They're kinda like that…[View]
54058930Sometimes I feel like a snail, crawling along the edge of a straight razor[View]
54057843I'm really embarrassed to say this but you guys are kind of my only 'group of friends' since i …[View]
54058889I encourage my wife to sleep with other men: This is the ultimate chadpill Being so Alpha you litera…[View]
54057910I cannot think or comprehend of anything more fulfilling than having a daughter. Honestly, think abo…[View]
54058903Help, any medfags on here? I seem to have what looks like a blister on the tip of my dick. Its been …[View]
54057339Anyone else miss the punk days?: i miss listening to Blink 182, Avril and my chemical romance and no…[View]
54054308my tits have gotten big enough that its hard to hide them anymore I'm so glad I chose the righ…[View]
54058867My girl is on that bullshit again: >Be me >See ads for new Popeyes chicken sandwich >Been t…[View]
54058521Walkman-Thread: alright anons, who of you still owns a walkman or even frequently uses it?[View]
54055531she is so fucking disgusting how can she be a thing with some of you here[View]
54055462Do you know anyone that took their own life? How were you affected by it?[View]
54058612Is there any hope for Pajeets?[View]
54057597Bruuh: Be me Be new to 4chan What do[View]
54058766Brooke reply to this thread I know you are lurking you slut[View]
54057890Hey, incel... Would you pay for sex?[View]
54058635Dear anons, I really need your help. I am on nofap day 16 and everyday, I notice myself edging more …[View]
54057887How tf do achieve a life where I can sit and use my computer in peace for the rest of my life withou…[View]
54058683:(: what is the most disgusting/deprived/pervert/inhuman thing you have ever done and should be asha…[View]
54058673>ywn have a shy innocent transgf who just started hrt :c end me[View]
54058600>visit local charity shop frequently >girl who works there is very sweet to me when I visit …[View]
54058670Ooooooo, I fucking hate this age of clickbait. Nothing seems genuine and people are constantly spinn…[View]
54058625How do you get a better fake laugh? I just make tsss and tchh noises which apparently annoys people[View]
54057545Fuck chads: >be me >19 >with friends on a drinking trip >friends decide to go clubbing …[View]
54058652I just downloaded a program that let me control the vibration of my controller and used it to cum tw…[View]
54058630Who likes bondage?[View]
54057700Where did sad Slavanon go?[View]
54058271>have gf >happy relationship >school started again so see her less >be addicted to her…[View]
54058541ITT: RAGE THREAD: >Need to get my own car for a job >Can't get a fucking car that isn…[View]
54046841Would you rather wake up tomorrow with flawless 10/10 looks or with a net worth of a billion dollars…[View]
54058594Post the last image that made you laugh, robots![View]
54041093lets have /suicide general/ thread are you considering it? are you afraid to die? how do you plan o…[View]
54058489>he doesn't have a culture[View]
54058561comfy thread time... post nice pictures that invoke a feeling of contempt and warmth[View]
54058544I always look kinda pissed when I Wall around casually, when a girl walks by idk where to look at so…[View]
54052603What are your weirdest/most oddly specific kinks or fetishes?[View]
54056731me and a fembot are dating. im also a fembot.[View]
54056888Music to die to: What would be the last music you would listen to, either just before death or whils…[View]
54058496How do we deal with beta orbiters and white knights? They are the biggest thot enablers, because of …[View]
54058289wtf when your friends randomly start being mean to you :/[View]
54058429>family looking at old photos >'omg anon look it's dad from when he was your age (21)' …[View]
54056484how do you feel about anna kendrick, /r9k/?[View]
54057261>meet girl on discord >clicked instantly >says im cute >talk for a few days >still sa…[View]
54056863how do i get a gf? any suggestions[View]
54058380>tfw have intellectual's inertia >tfw everyone is insane and dumb instead of me…[View]
54057625Do you like modern movies?[View]
54057716Asianbots, did you have a tigermommy growing up? Did she abuse you?[View]
54054980most pathetic robot competition: Chad here. I have $100 in BTC. I will give it to the MOST PATHETIC …[View]
54056386I really want a long haired friendless autistic virgin bf that is really clingy my interests are …[View]
54058321Is Tiff someone who should be pursued in real life or is she just an average American?[View]
54058315>women go through your social media accounts before date >not a stalker >man does the same …[View]
54057406Why does NEVER something good happen?[View]
54056196people always say try online dating: so im going to do just that, im going to set up a 99% honest da…[View]
54054009Are you an emphatic robot? https://psychology-tools.com/test/empathy-quotient/score[View]
54057463How do I become a Chad? God I always see them talking to people or making out or someshit and I don…[View]
54057217Welp boys I just moved into a new campus apartment for college and my roommate is a complete fucken …[View]
54056907I'm so happy /r9k/, today i asked my crush her cellphone number and gave it to me after a cute …[View]
54058200Boy I sure am angry, haha[View]
54056877Talking to girls: What do I do if I'm terrified of talking to girls? I worked up my way to bein…[View]
54053266Let's honestly compare 2000s and present times. Is it regular, normal nostalgia for the time yo…[View]
54055405Why does day drinking feel so good?[View]
54057882Is there any reason to make a facebook if you literally have ZERO friends and contacts in your life?…[View]
54055591Why are women teachers like this? >t. teacher I was talking to online[View]
54051806Fembots/femanons, tell us what makes you horny right now[View]
54057814ocd can fuck itself with a rusty spoon: id love to be able to even look at my younger brother withou…[View]
54055809>gf calls me in a panic >says shes about to start crying >ask why >says she misses me …[View]
54057547where's our bootlegged celebrity sex dolls?[View]
54057819Announcement: I'm 100% on team Bonbibonkers. Always have >oh, and about that other girl with…[View]
54057757My life is literal garbage: I'm 21 years old >Never had a GF >Never had sex >Only eve…[View]
54057794mfw all the girls that idolize TayTay will now give bbc a try...[View]
54057754Anyone else attracted to fat women?: Im too ashamed to go for one though. I would be embarrassed bei…[View]
54057037So what are you eating for Classic release?[View]
54055970>Have been fucking a few hookers recently >It's barely better than a good fap session Wh…[View]
54057728What is this recent trend in amateur porn where they dont show faces just bodies?[View]
54057014White male witch hunt: Did you know that drawings can get you arrested? I hate the modern witch hunt…[View]
54057689>want to look like qt femboah >look like 80's metal aesthetic HEhe, not too bad I guess.…[View]
54057386Sad wave hitted again anon. I need to get shit done but my mental state only allow me to watch crap …[View]
54056791>walk into walmart >immediately smells like poops…[View]
54056813Is Chick-fil-A the Starbucks of Christian girls?[View]
54055237Drugs thread: What you been taking recently anon? I stole this weed from a dealer lmao[View]
54056643My mother just called and told me that our dog was hit by a car. Apparently he has several broken bo…[View]
54057332Is this thread for you?[View]
54056628What made you want to end it today?: >be me >work with female qt3.14 >'Hey anon you looking…[View]
54056521soon my neet robot friends we are going to have a reason to wake up for in the morning soon[View]
54055947>mfw love sph but have massive dick[View]
54056847Happy birthday Aiste. Tanjobi Ometedo gozaimashita! Aishiteru~[View]
54057505cun cum cum v69: cum cum v69[View]
54057413Tech Support Incompetency: >cant install 64 bit windows despite having 64 bit OS >Get Microsof…[View]
54057473anybody have that picture of pepe where he's standing next to two cheerleaders and wearing a bl…[View]
54055663l fucking stink.[View]
54055904What do you guys think of my self portrait?[View]
54052784I started growing 2 extra balls. They don't hurt or anything. I kind of like how they look with…[View]
54050598red flags for discord friends: -he doesn't like smells -he doesn't like feet -he doesn…[View]
54057316What have you done to contribute to global warming and the extinction of humanity today? Make sure t…[View]
54054572How tall are you and your parents? >5'6 F >5'4 Mom & 5'8 Dad…[View]
54056156>just want friends >be good at conversations >can make people like me >cannot like anyon…[View]
54056976Is anyone else tired of the constant avatar threads?[View]
54056558>meet 16 year old on discord >talk for a while >she asks for a picture of my hands >send…[View]
54056763>DUUUUUDDEE, wassupp, man??? >Dude!, wheres my hug, dude? >we still on to chill later? …[View]
54056524That god from so long ago is after me[View]
54053463>complain about being a virgin >wont settle for a 4/10 gf It's like you want to stay a …[View]
54055823>walk into bathroom >see this Where do you pee?…[View]
54056527coming to terms with the fact that I may need to look into human cloning as a means of staring a fam…[View]
54057196If INTJs ruled the Earth we would be living in a Utopia. Americans are honestly the lambs to the sla…[View]
54054476Story Time: >Forced to go to Grandpa's since mom can't find a babysitter. >Grandpa i…[View]
54057177Although I can efficiently pull off an impression of a normal human being, I don't have a singl…[View]
54057168Im pissed: >Be me >Am male >Have nice medium long hair >Fits my personality, in my opini…[View]
54056333>146.2 hours last 2 weeks[View]
54056694Where do you buy your anime figures? Is there any figure with sewed clothing?[View]
54056619What does cock feel like in your mouth? No homo[View]
54055222Why do looks matter? Are they not just well-formed molecules? Who cares?[View]
54057017and then i was ghosted yet again[View]
54056924tfw no NEET gf from America Thundy#8497[View]
54056776I read something about somebody having a loving relationship with their parents and for some reason …[View]
54056622How is it that 90% of robots are neets that get shit shoved up their asses 24/7 but still whine and …[View]
54056192Have any of you guys ever felt like theres no place for you in society? Have you gone your whole l…[View]
54056839looking for a place with no drama, trannies, or other bullshit? come join our server! or at least ch…[View]
54055194>dropped off pregnant gf at her mom's house for the weekend >gonna go watch Lion King and…[View]
54056583My world: There is a world in which I would like to live, but it is not this one. Ever since I was a…[View]
54056840posting this until i make a friend: i want a friend. i am lonely. after finding some old pictures fr…[View]
54056862After northern European white women, who has the best looking women? I'd be inclined to say Mid…[View]
54055880>lay in bed browsing r9k >bored as usual >see bussygang thread >wonder how my own bussy …[View]
54056334>decide to lose my virginity with a virgin guy >lay on my back naked, he mounts me & stare…[View]
54056211I have been politically ignorant my entire life. How do I get into politics and actually develop my …[View]
54056807whats with all this youtube and twitch drama creeping up since last year is this a psy op?[View]
54055602How do robots take care of their skin? My face, hands, and back have been getting progressively wors…[View]
54056725>tfw your tranny level increases by 5 percentage points instead of the projected quarterly 7 perc…[View]
54056649Wagie Or Epic Suicide: https://youtu.be/WFMtCdG0jbM whats better? being a wagie or reaching a breaki…[View]
54051470veganism general: please logically explain why you eat meat. theres not a single argument for eating…[View]
54055313Is Stef Molymeme /ourguy/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kMpjP67MbyA[View]
54055146TFW you have no place in life. Nobody agrees with me on anything, not even on 4chan where I should …[View]
54056135/r9k/ radio: Hey guys, feeling bored? tired of the shitty general threads? Want a place to hang out …[View]
54054663>thought I wanted sex >create Tinder and OkC profiles >lose interest in talking to girls as…[View]
54052413DS3>BB>DS1>Sekiro>DS2>testicular cancer>DeS[View]
54053465Who the fuck actually WANTS a gf in this kind of sexual economy? Women literally have no reason to c…[View]
54056445>Hold presentation in front of entire class >Do my usual spergy behaviour (holding my arms, av…[View]
54056443only interaction is online stuck in a dark room disconnected from the world gg/krJCbk[View]
54056440If time travel and alternate timelines were put into play, could a woman survive entirely off of her…[View]
54056126>Almost never talk >Super monotone when I do >Look depressed 99% of the time, only time I d…[View]
54056363Shitty Day: Well robots, I've had a pretty shitty day, so I am going to share that with you now…[View]
54050497Wagecuck thread Just got fired today[View]
54055595how 2 get over fear of offending people? I have lots I could say in a given situation, I'm just…[View]
54054901>Be friends with someone on Discord for close to 5 years >Sustain a close friendship with the…[View]
54054441>mfw I've finally outgrown racism When did you realise that normans and foids are the probl…[View]
54056374excuse me robots but can I vape in here?[View]
54055408>TFW your first friend was a LARP >TFW every other person you can connect to is similar in som…[View]
54055023Man, I really fucked up. I should have become a catholic priest. When I was a kid in Elementary Sch…[View]
54056317Remember, you're more likely to attract a femdom mommy gf if you're short and transitionin…[View]
54054020How can a man prefer tits over ass?[View]
54055556>average girl has several suitors vying for her and gets to choose >average guy doesn't …[View]
54054624I want to become a normie. How the fuck do I take a profile picture when I am ugly and hate the way…[View]
54055854What is your opinion of children being forced to shower naked together after gym class? I personally…[View]
54055967Why is rape so hot?[View]
54056262Daily reminder that Kappu is a 17 year old landwhale who groomed children into becoming trans and in…[View]
54056097>created fake account to see what it's like being stacy >make post >receive hundreds o…[View]
54055303What conspiracies do you robots believe in??[View]
54056215Are there any women who like men that appear much younger than they actually are? And not in a good …[View]
54055028How and where do I get a husband who looks like this and is 190 cm tall to get me to America?[View]
54053622I can never fully commit to any video game I play. How can make myself finish one?[View]
54054714Anyone else here actually glad they have Aspergers? Most robots dislike it but I find comfort in kno…[View]
54054823Pic unrelated. I actually have crippling anxiety.[View]
54056117I want a dominate tranny mommy so bad..[View]
54056114who wants to be my sugar daddy i'll shower you in attention. im a cute girl aswell if that coun…[View]
54055112The approximate ranges of a non-erect penis by age are as follows: >Age 10 to 11: 1.6 to 3.1 inch…[View]
54055463I just want a bf is that too much to ask for[View]
54055302Send me all your energy anons. I need it. Just imagine an energy stream streaming energy from your h…[View]
54052719Friendly reminder that you need to be in 99th percentile to have a shot at a girl like pic related.[View]
54054582the bottom 1% dumbest people on the planet are dumber the smartest ape why do they deserve human rig…[View]
54054927Everyone else turned their math quizzes minutes after starting it I turned it in when the bell rang …[View]
54054105Life is simply not worth living without a chubby Asian gf.[View]
54055891I'm friendly with people when we are alone but whenever we are more than 2, my friends or class…[View]
54055817>women found this arousing What the fuck is wrong with them?[View]
54055645What is it like to live in a large city? Is it cozy?[View]
54055728>tfw your gf meets your other gf[View]
54055718Hentai commonly features the following: -rape -incest -underage characters having sex with adults If…[View]
54050981If you could have a harem of 5 girls, what would they be? >Typical early 20's blonde sororit…[View]
54054696Afternoon retards, guess if I wrote desu or desu. Hint: desu[View]
54055584My sister [12F] got suspended from school for mooning a thot who called her a dyke. How do I stop he…[View]
54055701>tfw realize how much of an idiot i am at least 100 times a day[View]
54053881>finally get a match on tinder after 1 month and 3 weeks >talk to her nonstop for a few days …[View]
54055257Homeless Sweden: Hey, I'm looking for someone homeless, preferable in Gothenburg to talk to as …[View]
54055859Why would anyone even let themselves have a 'crush' on their teachers. It blows my mind how retarded…[View]
54055468There are some people who have hearts filled with love. But when they have no one to show their love…[View]
54055117>he doesnt totally changes his behavior when more people appears[View]
54055300What do you guys think if this?[View]
54054156Anyone else just want to spank every girl they meet to the point of bruising? Girls I hate, girls I …[View]
54054721why does my gf want sex so much? we do it once a day, sometimes twice, and she usually begs for a th…[View]
54054605How do I get a good personality[View]
54055715piss piss poo poo when can i escape my eternal torment yum yum tum tum[View]
54055706foids, if a guy asks to do anal, he's a closeted gay. be careful.[View]
54055354>Face down, ass up, ready for chad in doggy style >he peels my butt cheeks apart & i can f…[View]
54055692Most guys can increase their luck with women through a series of status buffs, this much is clear. T…[View]
54055681How difficult is it to get a held desk technician job with just A+ certifications? I'm 25 years…[View]
54055403>get discord friend >talk for a few days >they call >its a girl >turns on camera >…[View]
54055635daily reminder that eric harris and dylan klebold dindu nuffin dey wuz good bois mkay[View]
54054942Why do women like gay looking pretty boys more than masculine men? It doesn't make sense at all…[View]
54055460>finally shed my robot status and start dating a girl >find out she watches pewdiepie >she…[View]
54052463why do people try to stop suicides?: why is it that people try to stop someone trying to commit suic…[View]
54055506Help: >Be me >Be happy >Have group of friends >About 10-15 of us >Close knit, smoke w…[View]
54054931I can't fucking tell if they are being nice to me or joking. Why did God made me like this ?[View]
54055183What if your life is actually being written by a hack author?[View]
54053453why dont you have asian gf yet?[View]
54055344>These results indicate that higher economic status can offset lower physical attractiveness in m…[View]
54055412There is simply not enough bussy to go around. More must give themselves to the cause! I mean if you…[View]
54054979>parents are starting to get unreasonably mad at my lack of dating Wtf is wrong with them?? 27 he…[View]
54055367fren 4 u: i want a friend. i am lonely. after finding some old pictures from school i realized somet…[View]
54054922Is her head just adnormally small or is she M A S S I V E?[View]
54054407Women can't be inc-: If women can't be incels then how do you explain pic related?[View]
54053612Fembot, what would you do if some random guy tickled you? I have done this to a couple girls and the…[View]
54054956I want to watch a girl circumcise Anon with a knife and then fuck her with his bloody foreskin aroun…[View]
54055304>be internet addict with no personality or enjoyment from socializing >go downstairs to spend …[View]
54053277Why does Tinder even exist? Even uggos only want chad.[View]
54053910>me walking home from job >2 girls probably 16-19 yo old comes oposite direction. I didnt star…[View]
54051645Why don't you lift? It would literally solve all your problems.[View]
54055205>Hey man I hope you're having a great stream. Been depressed lately but your stream really c…[View]
54052504>he takes a poop at work[View]
54052800wouldn't you feel better as a cute girl? -softer skin -cute curvy body and wide hips -improve…[View]
54053943Fembots, do you swipe right on more or less than .9 percent of guys?[View]
54052204>*Crack open a fresh Bang's root beer* >'Hey Champ, have you found a job you want to do y…[View]
54054751Reminder that the only smug NEETs are young, and that they'll kill themselves eventually when t…[View]
54054286>potential husband will probably want me to get baptized to get married I know beggars can't…[View]
54054639https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cyFo03GdpF0 >tfw no southern gf to go noodling and hunting with I…[View]
54051687Are you an alpha or beta male?[View]
54055040i wanna be a good little slut for anon and make him feel good so he will love me[View]
54053992Found out oneitis fucked a black guy. Now I can't stop jerking off to cuck videos. What do I do…[View]
54054985Why is my sister such a slut?[View]
54053523Why does the saying 'people have it way worse than you' not make me feel better ?[View]
54053328> hey big bro, do you want to go see a movie and finger me in the theater? what do?…[View]
54053703I want to be a cute kitty for anon... I want anon to give me headpats and make me lie my head on his…[View]
54054817De-Numbing Day 1: Greetings, bots. Over the wee years of my ever shortening life, I have had to deal…[View]
54053253What's the secret to learning to draw? I tried asking /ic/ but they won't tell me[View]
54055031>tfw no mollydooker bf[View]
54053373What will happen when Africa's population reaches 5 BILLION: Africa's current population i…[View]
54054989>children always take after their mother's culture Mine will grow up with no identity. Maybe…[View]
54049373/britfeel/: It's friiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiday, edition[View]
54052257diskord feels: poast ur serbers, I.d's and feels. >Tfw i still use memearrows even though i…[View]
54054453FREEZEE!! Surrender all your money, house and children to me or you are going down![View]
54054405I just found out how my father's first marriage ended. Apparently his first wife cheated on him…[View]
54053650>he won't let chad piledrive his prostate GROW UP![View]
54052342Why are you not eating rice, tuna and mayo right now ?[View]
54052962How do people live in the suburbs without wanting to fucking kill themselves?[View]
54054500i have been feeling incredibly angry lately and want to fucking punch something/someone and i dont k…[View]
54054533/r9k/, don't forget that you should NEVER pull out of fembots.[View]
54053574>tfw you don't have the ability to make girls grow against their will…[View]
54051434Is it possible to escape red pill?: If it is, would you do it?[View]
54053906I'm from an extremely conservative, white household in Western Europe. I've been seeing th…[View]
54054710>father is so disappointed in me that he broke down crying the other night >'why would he do t…[View]
54052444Why don't you crossdress and get a femdom gf my fellow robots?[View]
54053905Why are INTJ's so cringey?[View]
54053739What good news have you received recently?: >dad is away on a business trip again, so I won'…[View]
54054215Fembots, have you or any of your girl friends cheated on a guy?[View]
54054366Is toxic masculinity the single most victim blaming idea the SJWs have ever pushed?[View]
54054022>be me >have to retake my year and go to a new school >feel lonely >also feel sad >g…[View]
54054633how do you 'make a move' exactly?[View]
54054647>caught him sniffing my designated farting panties[View]
54053461>someone talks shit about Christianity on /v/ >report them for off-topic posting…[View]
54054372Why the fuck isn't everyone just bashing each other brains in on the street, we all fucking one…[View]
54054035Increaae tranny level: How do i increase my tranny level from a 5 to an 11?[View]
54054287What is worse : to be a fag or to suck black dicks ?[View]
54054526>DUUUUUDDEE, wassupp, man??? >Dude!, wheres my hug, dude? >we still on to chill later? …[View]
54054278i had a conversation wtih my doctor today about the lack of testicles in my ball sack. i told him i …[View]
54052837why there are so many virgin adults these days? is it the effect of technology or men just got too w…[View]
54053474>be dicklet what now bros[View]
54052371And this is our son. he's 19[View]
54052368Red pill me on girls: Red pill me on girls Why do they exist? What makes them tick? Why are they so …[View]
54054124Be me: Be alive Be tormented by demons whole life Just have faith bro When did you guys realize God …[View]
54052056Why haven't you joined the nut milk master race?[View]
54054055>get invited into a job interview >blabla >'Mr. Anon what is 'desu'? >Eh what? >You w…[View]
54050850Wage Slave Hate Thread: Fuck all the wage slaves, some of the are good people but most of them are s…[View]
54053670NEET life: Im reading all these posts about how being a neet is the way to go but how the fuck do yo…[View]
54053039>he doesn't pour tequila shots up his asshole[View]
54054282>tried 2 times and rejected both >suddenly stoped jacking off after 10+ years nonstop (no fap …[View]
54054033YOU BREEEED... LIKE RAAAATS...[View]
54052430What do you folks think about repressors?: Repressors - people who have gender dysphoria but do not …[View]
54052879You now remember that you missed out on teenage love. You will never have the experience of making o…[View]
54051803In the united states prostitution is legal if you film it because porn is considered art and protect…[View]
54051401>be tortured virgin until 25 >lose virginity to slutty 16yo cosplayer 'celebrity' in 4 day bar…[View]
54054200Can u guys post whores regretting being whores?[View]
54054186So I met this guy when I was a kid He had a hand deformity and basically his right hand looked like …[View]
54054054You wanna know what's my life's motto anons? 'Enjoy life with the least amount of effort p…[View]
54053701Why do girls do this?: >Be me, texting my e-girl that I've known and flirted with loyally fo…[View]
54053581CPBNJA: any serb fembots on this board? i need a friend[View]
54053113>see impregnation porn videos >womb starts throbbing Not today, old enemy.…[View]
54054085>he keeps 'accidentally' walking in when i'm pooping[View]
54054083Bros, I dont get it. How can we let this world be so cruel to us? I want to only give to this world …[View]
54053009If vagina looks weird and desgusting to me (espeially with the liquid coming out of it) does that me…[View]
54053443Anyone else finding themselves disgusted by the porn fetishes they've gotten into? I've go…[View]
54053192Tinder results over 3 years (18-21 Male)[View]
54054056Why the hassle of chasing women when all of you could just be gay and fuck each other?[View]
54053988fucking: 85 and lookin fine. Age is just a number.[View]
54053626why don't incels go on grindr and get a top to pummel their asses.[View]
54053520>was going to write a greentext about how I hate my life >failed to post properly >cant get…[View]
54053234Can you even disagree with him R9K?[View]
54052491>wasted 4 years in community college, forced to take several 4-10 credit semesters >no vehicle…[View]
54052644> watching other people fuck > watching other people traveling > watching other people hang…[View]
54052316Do you miss comfy snow days?[View]
54052933>Be me random highschool student going to his classmate on a rainy saturday >Steals brother…[View]
54053135>Graduated from university >business and Economics (no specific major) >decide to go to Ch…[View]
54053893Why do many women pretend to be lesbians? Out of all the 'lesbians' I've met in my life only on…[View]
54053293how's your posture r9k?[View]
54053312already exist in an eternally empty void devoid of anything but agony https://youtu.be/S7zHZrcHdxg …[View]
54053836>best friend fucks my crush >talk really bad about him >now his friends dont really trust h…[View]
54051684Because we have to be tolerant of mentally unstable people who want to be referred to as a different…[View]
54053820Fucking with the liquor and the bud[View]
54053038Sometimes I want to leave society behind and its comforts to go on an adventure on the sea, and see …[View]
540503384 years ago I showered once a month, browsed r9k, played tf2 and fapped all day every day today I go…[View]
54052468Why do white women bully white men online?[View]
54048127Daily reminder that whites CANNOT be robots. Stop your cringecel whining and just get your free mino…[View]
54053442I'm going to the toilet real quick, take care of the Doomsday Machine Mutual Destruction Nuclea…[View]
54053209Can we go back to being the dominant sex? So sick of rejection on dating apps, I'm not saying g…[View]
54052513Circumsision: What is it like to be circumsized, /r9k/? Asking for a friend.[View]
54048829I'm listening.: Hello there, anon. You all seemed to appreciate it last night, so I'm back…[View]
54051695Penis goes inside the vagina, anything else is just insane[View]
54053566Can we all just sit here and complain about how awful our lives are for a bit? I'll start. I am…[View]
54053032Wouldnt it be funny if the hot greek statues became real haha wouldnt it be funny if you could make …[View]
54052299Today is my last day of work[View]
54052799>doing our laundry >there's a skid mark on his tighty whities…[View]
54052232/suicide/ >discuss your suicide method and information here Why do you want to kill yourself? Sho…[View]
54051546/music/ post the most depressing shit you have. This Japanese noise rock makes me want to KMS https:…[View]
54052082comfy thread: let's just be comfy for once robots[View]
54053369Remember, you're more likely to attract a femdom mommy gf if you're short and transitionin…[View]
54053194>Gosh, I'm so sick of women being whores >NOOOOOO YOU CAN'T BE AGAINST FEMINISM…[View]
54053348PROTIP: how to not hate being a wageslave: Wagie, philosopher & expert here. I figured out how t…[View]
54053486Manson Family: So yesterday I watched a documentary about the Manson Family. Many of them came from …[View]
54053360Why not just settle for a North East Asian girlfriend?[View]
54053212>people in 2019 pride themselves on being desensitized to brutality, violence, extreme acts of se…[View]
54053139You gain the ability to read the thoughts of one person for 24 hours. You don't have to be near…[View]
54052652Why don't you have a japanese tomboy gf, anon?[View]
54052980Manlets deserve to be the big spoon too... r-right?[View]
54053412Post rooms friends[View]
54053383>hahaha you call me gook I call you rincel[View]
54051721High school to mental breakdown story: Just for fun 1/ I'm going to try to explore the history …[View]
54038792Would you date a black girl if she asked you out?[View]
54053355The one thing in western society we are absolutely not allowed to question the fairness of is sex. I…[View]
54052894>oneitis shot me down again i'm seriously ready to fucking kill myself…[View]
54053066>tfw no bbc boyfriend[View]
54051628Reminder that the reddit incels are here and to make their stay as unpleasant as possible. Give them…[View]
54052747The first girl I ever loved got married a few days ago: Honestly I didn't really feel anything,…[View]
54053060What's the best way to get women to swipe right on you on Tinder?[View]
54052123I want... g-gentle femdom[View]
54051888You are not a robot if you didn't grow up watching Hey Arnold. >tfw pigeon man suicide epis…[View]
54051938Why did this shipping trigger all femcels self-insering as hinata so much?[View]
54052963>DUUUUUDDEE, wassupp, man??? >Dude!, wheres my hug, dude? >we still on to chill later? …[View]
54053125A year or so ago I was a straight edge man who'd never touch any sort of drug with the idea I…[View]
54051952How do I know if an e-grill likes me over text?: >be me >be on on app where I've talked w…[View]
54052759>'Who's awesome? YOU'RE awesome! >'...Anon get out of the way.'…[View]
54051542Why does being inside our rooms make us depressed? Doing the same things I do in my room (work, proj…[View]
54053102Rage fellow lovelets: >See guy with thicc and QT GF >Look at him look at her >Filled with p…[View]
54053077Hello. I'm here to say I hope you have a very good day or night. Wherever you are. I just want …[View]
54052207>Hey man I hope you're having a great stream. Been depressed lately but your stream really c…[View]
54050352How does one get an extremely racist white gf?[View]
54052302Why haven't you gotten a Big Beautiful Bengali Wife yet anon?[View]
54052526can people just remove the fake masks[View]
54052743I gave my cat a nose bleed: I live in a trashed apartment and my anger keeps getting worse. How do I…[View]
54052720>*get in your path* >oh hey anon, wanna walk to school together? what's the correct move …[View]
54048106>been hiding a New Game! art book in my drawer cuz don't want family to see >packing stuf…[View]
54049435Massage Parlor: While making my way home today, around 8 p.m., I noticed a massage parlor near my ho…[View]
54052822how can i's get off probayshun wifout havin to obey da law? fukkin wypipo want me to drive sobe…[View]
54050449Ahhhhh I'm gonna coom.[View]
54052781buzzfeed blackpill https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DXeYLuV16U8[View]
540521534 words story: Henlo frens, classic game, but its been a long time since i last seen it. Rules are s…[View]
54052181How do you get over being cynical?[View]
54050672>he didn't start smoking as a teenager[View]
54051897I got your gas station nachos, bro[View]
54052437Should I marry hooker, if she agrees?[View]
54050357Do you have any questions about sex? AMA[View]
54050890>furry has sore hands >decides to dump sore hands in dry ice >takes pain meds, makes him fa…[View]
54044018I just cried my eyes out watching animu. Feels fantastic to experience such emotion, didn't kno…[View]
54052344im so fucking enraged!!!!!![View]
54050625how can you hate thots? seriously, what have they done to you?[View]
54051233We're regressing: Why do you guys insist we're advancing, progressing and developing as a …[View]
54052333What does mother love feel like?[View]
54052507I want to dress nice but I don't have that kind of job and I have no social life either. The o…[View]
54048544im bringing bussy back[View]
54051049>I prefer strong, assertive, dominant women. This is how women view you.…[View]
54051659My sister has her hot 15 year old hot muslim friend over for a sleep over. should I gently molest he…[View]
54052472>be me >Named Jamal >put toasts in the toaster >go to take a shit >forget about the …[View]
54051295Realistically, how much sex do 'normal' people have in general?[View]
54052119All I want is an affectionate and clingy qt gf is that too much to ask for?[View]
54052429>10/10 girl in my class who also happens to be my neighbor does shit like directly staring into m…[View]
54051652bots I wanna do sex on her[View]
54050560>cousin uncovered the cum cadaver[View]
54051496Anyone here ever experienced psychosis from smonking too much dudelmao? Post stories if you got em[View]
54052117larped like fuck on dating site: used real pictures but put a load of shit that isnt true about me b…[View]
54050617I made an art: I made something in MS paint. I hope you enjoy it. Much love /R9K/.[View]
540522445'2 anon here. Overweight and a wagecuck. Do I have any sort of chance? Pic related, its me.[View]
54051998Why don't you get a girlfriend that looks like this?[View]
54051703The only feel worse than getting cucked: >start talking to cutie 18 year old at work >9/10 loo…[View]
54051407>be me >be girl >never wear makeup >everyone still thinks i'm pretty feels good des…[View]
54045715>just ghosted bpd girl who is obsessed with me >loneliness is setting back in please hold me a…[View]
54051985https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=esjt7qHaqrA WAAAAHAHAHAHA NOOOOOOOOOO THIS IS SO SAD LEAVE THE ANIMA…[View]
54051964Hey bros, I think I have genuinely fallen in love with one of the purest person alive. I'm new …[View]
54052058I'm a white little loser incel Should I just dress up as a girl and eath HRT to overcome depres…[View]
54051462would anyone read a tl;dr of my descent into madness basically describing my life in high school and…[View]
54051575>not becoming a stacy >living a happy, fulfilling life Pick one You could be showered with att…[View]
54052068>when you try your best, but you originally don't succeed[View]
54050886Why does this board look almost identical to /b/ now?[View]
54051436Day 4: Nightly thread until I kill or better myself -------- Stuck on a Firewatch the loneliness ge…[View]
54050385I thought I was a real bad person until I met my current boyfriend. Then I realized the only reason …[View]
54051304Just lost my virginity to a hooker. Shit experience, not worth it. The feeling is underwhelming, pl…[View]
54049407im just a lil cute loli looking for some other depressed anons to chat to[View]
54050265if you got into a fight with someone would you be able to defend yourself? Be honest[View]
54051680I acidentally got too fucking high on wax and i have a first date with a girl i met last week. What …[View]
54051348>tfw you realize alcohol is basically medication to solve virginity[View]
54051809School shootings are the modern shock video[View]
54049279So does this movie prove that all women in metal (be it a fan or in a band) absolutely do not unders…[View]
54046992Shitcord: Why do people like this stupid garbage again?[View]
54050115fembot general: a safe space for people with vaginas to gather and talk about whatever they desire e…[View]
54051197Is it possible to get a dominant power bottom husband who looks like this when you're a twink t…[View]
54047454idk what to write as a subject: Loneliness thread I guess. Come sit down and let's discuss how …[View]
54051725>that one Sleigh Bells poster[View]
54049184How do I stop feeling like a fucking failure? I had one chance at life and I'm a worthless piec…[View]
54051550Being half Asian in japan must suck.[View]
54045302Hi! How are yalls today?[View]
54050964Unironically, it's almost like it's genuine[View]
54050530Tranny hate: post tranny hate, Ill start They look like shit and fuck kids[View]
54049312I used to be an optimistic, outgoing person who let himself be happy. The last two years of my life …[View]
54049148I just hid most of /r9k/ These are all the salvageable threads. How do we make this the whole board?…[View]
54051422Apparently I'm the only one that reads 'Hrt' as 'Hurt.' I didn't realize this until I join…[View]
54051585>tfw mommy gf >do big fat cums in her every day i made it out of this board already, just cam…[View]
54051031Reddit fags r absolute disgusting: Fuckin hated me for saying religious people lack common sense. fu…[View]
54050356https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gqhTHLyvyn8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R-bCVyaW8wQ I miss Alex …[View]
54051374I'm going get 2 hours of sleep again for the 5th night in a row, I just want to be able sleep n…[View]
54051241Help me decide: Should i go for it bros? Pros- Virgin My age Kinky af Desperate for bf 30 minute dr…[View]
54051397>>54033462 Following up from my last thread. I never did anythi ng with my car. After I got do…[View]
54045573Robot ascension: >be spic robot >go to japan >get cute japanese gf >she goes study in U.…[View]
54051412Why are incels so racist?[View]
54050965What do you call an old person with an explosive temper? A Ka-BOOMER! HA! GET IT?!?!?! KA BOOMER!! H…[View]
54049896>mum calls my dakimakura 'your cartoon girlfriend pillow' >mum calls my anime figure collectio…[View]
54051424Young women are hot garbage: Young women are seriously fucking insufferable and unbearable to be aro…[View]
54050837come on we need a new hERo don't you wanna become famous, beloved by all r9k users, idolized a…[View]
54047975How do you meet women? Lp[View]
54051430Guys I just found out that listening to music videos without watching them is much better. It was s…[View]
54051251be me don't like reddit and reddit fags tired of them reposting our shit on r/greentext have_an…[View]
54049570why can't I control my emotions? A couple hours ago I was really happy and had a ton of energy …[View]
54049513Whats a gal gotta do to get some trans rights around here?![View]
54047892why is there so many nigger lovers? is it a psyops or are white people really that fucking dumb?[View]
54048052My autistic 10 year old sister wants to be a Twitch streamer, would people want to watch a 10 year o…[View]
54051207Being paranoid isn't all that bad. For instance, you never get mugged ![View]
54047990Are Italians white? They look very semitic to me[View]
54050991Do listening to love songs makes you miserable because deep down you know you have never experienced…[View]
54051314>Malcolm: I moved away. But I want to thank you for confirming everything I said about people bei…[View]
54050689Who do you look up to? I look up to the Dude[View]
54050790Taylor Swift gets BLACKED and its trending number 1 worldwide.[View]
54050116>getting high and watching It's Always Sunny in a dark basement who else /NEET/?…[View]
54048727Is there anything more comfy than being a loser in the eyes of normies and doing whatever you want w…[View]
54051281DED: Eat shit faggot p11 thread Haha[View]
54050256v183 Some days, some nights Some live some die ln the way of the samurai Some fight, some bleed Sun …[View]
540510353 more days left of NEETdom. After that I suffer.[View]
54051236gib neil breen: i need twisted pair givd[View]
54049913>pre-2015 /r9k/ >feels threads, comfy threads, quality greentext about autism >only cancer …[View]
54050799>he fell for the cigarettes cause cancer meme[View]
54048425>went from being super apathetic and somewhat craving death to being consumed by fear of dying. w…[View]
54050277Why do normalfags so close minded? Everything that is not within their bounds is insanity. >bein…[View]
54049613>be at the pub >cute girl leaves before i can talk to her Oh well, there's always next ti…[View]
54051024Who wants to hear my joke?: So a rock lobster and a shady Italian gangster recruit a new crew member…[View]
54050876I don't think bussy should smell like that[View]
54050355A femanon I talk to told me a bit ago that she sleeps hugging her pillow and it feels like there…[View]
54049206How do these people go into public looking like this? Fuck them and the people that enable them.[View]
54039906>tfw no gf/bf to feminize me and make me her/his slave[View]
54051133>be me >on 'r9k' omegle >run into ciera >she asks me for discord >for you? lol no…[View]
54044117Who do instagram whores have sex with?[View]
54044912I'm making a 4chan clone. What would you change about this site?[View]
54051074I'd literally rather live under a bridge, in a box, or in the sewers than be a normie wagecuck …[View]
54050502Guys I really don't feel to good I just took 60mg of edibles and it's kicking hard and I…[View]
54050018What's the appeal of kuudere? I'm not trying to start a fight I really want to know. I met…[View]
54048833anyone else has a panic attack whenever a girl talks to you in a friendly way. LIKE I CAN'T BE …[View]
54049943~ Christian Father, USAF Vet who loves animals & nature. I love the beach or just a quiet bike r…[View]
54050228>scrolling catalogue >tranny >tranny >tranny >tranny >'''''fembot''''' >tranny…[View]
54050361ok class, let's go around and tell each other about ourselves, we'll start with you anon[View]
54050423How the fuck do I get the confidence to feel the shit I make is good? I have no friends to show thin…[View]
54046639Devilish Actions: What evil deeds have you done to earn the medal?[View]
54050705>mom pays me back $650 for fixing her air conditioning >spent it (reminder: mom's money) …[View]
54048974Why are men biologically programmed to be immoral?[View]
54049859tfw no boston area gf to get pizza and play video games with[View]
54050163how has madoka changed your life r9ik[View]
54049402where could I find myself a slaveboi to abuse?[View]
54050268Language cafe.: As a sperg this is the greatest invention ever. > Go to language cafe in my city…[View]
54049441>Tfw when you're a mixed subhuman monkey who can't get nothing done because of your low…[View]
54048602>mom is sleeping half naked on the couch in the living room Would I be a bad son to jerk off to t…[View]
54049512>he plays video games, doesn't play sports, doesn't have a car, lives with his parents,…[View]
54049856>manlet here, just fucked my gf wearing something similar to this How do you feel betas?…[View]
54049555Remember robots, if you ever have to go to prison on your first day find the biggest guy in there an…[View]
54050198I wonder if fish dream What would a fish even dream about, other fish? What a sad dream[View]
54049107why do I look so much more handsome at night. Whenever I look in the mirror at night I feel like I l…[View]
54050677Hapa gals: Why God won't make me find a hapa GF? existence is a joke. fuck it senpais.[View]
54050647hi r9k, i made a song i play bass, guitar and keys on this & i programmed the drums myself https…[View]
54050282femanon psyops theory: I keep seeing threads like >>>/t/54050115 and reading the replies, I…[View]
54046805What is /r9k/'s stance on incest?[View]
54047371Has anyone here ever tried LSD?[View]
54047190Normalfaggots: >be me >go to an international school full of normalfags >literally every si…[View]
54050470Shame: We all were newfags once. thats it. We are what we hate.[View]
54050280>fapped to incest AGP sissy porn again[View]
54049385I feel like she's a tinder catfish? Reverse image search is not giving me results. The text mu…[View]
54046310I start uni for real on Monday. I'm a khv dateless and I suffered immensely during my summer se…[View]
54047656I'm black. Can someone explain why so many white men get upset when white women fuck black men?…[View]
54046856come get ur breadcrumbs children: LET'S CHIT CHAT. how's your night going frens? got anyth…[View]
54050435I miss you sempai[View]
54049290Just the thought of yoshi digesting me and letting me sit in his warm, slimey, stinky tummy is enoug…[View]
54050049Fuck the world. Everything in it is shit. The people all lie to each other. They're only out fo…[View]
54049832should I order pizza? I have 20 dollars, and the pizza place closes soon[View]
54048042>run for 1 hour a day >eat less than 1200 calories a say >drink only water >still fat It…[View]
54049288>multiple customers called me ma'am wtf I'm not even like some big obese person where …[View]
54048994Do you have someone in your life that really cares about you?[View]
54045974>closer than ever to buying a set of thigh highs and panties >dysphoria so strong looking at p…[View]
54049789I really hate those moments where you don't feel anxious at all but you can't seem to talk…[View]
54049592I took 2CB and it was fucking mind blowing experience. Jesus Fuck why are drugs so cool?[View]
54050094why aren't you playing no mans sky in vr right now ? It's the ultimate form of escapism fr…[View]
54049791I legitimately feel like most of my sadness could be cured if a woman just gave me a hug[View]
54049770When is a good time to ask a tinder match on a date bros?[View]
54049466>it's another episode of sit in your room playing minecraft while listening to your parents …[View]
54049390>your height >your height preference >5'6 >5'9-6'4…[View]
54049696>white knights on R9K be like Y'all talk shit about women but whenever one pops up y'a…[View]
54049328Anyone else really want to fuck Dua Lipa and sniff her asshole??[View]
54048128How many days in a row would someone have to go without sleep to go insane? Just until it happens?[View]
54049150Do you like thick mulattas? I've been stroking it to them so much lately and it feels amazing[View]
54049426>making out with a girl while you creampie her Is this equal to or greater than the feeling of he…[View]
54048072im gonna shill out, drop your discord, im tired of the people i talk to and i need new people to tal…[View]
54047570what makes you undesirable to the opposite sex? >poo skin >crooked teeth >fat…[View]
54049699Cumbrain Feels: >home all day >jerked off 5 times…[View]
54049129Will 4chan be full of libtards by the end of the Drumpf era like it was back in 2006-2009?[View]
54046619Fellow dateless khvs, what would you do if a girl your age asked you out on a date? I'm not sur…[View]
54047851Enter your bedroom and see this: what do you oreganily do?[View]
54049637i literally only get turned on by black women anymore fuck[View]
54049776i believe the liberal/republican divide is distraction propaganda carefully cultivated and propagate…[View]
54048642whats a failed normie: seems a bit ambiguous[View]
54049600>on bus home from college >get on and girl from my class is sitting down with her friend >a…[View]
54048971Why havent you taken the SWEAT pledge yet robots?? Lazy milelnials nede to learn how 2 wokr[View]
54048117Sup Robots, so over the summer I have been through multiple tinder dates but never really secured a …[View]
54048447>even your gains wont get you a qt we cannot WIN[View]
54044382catboys and wolfgirl, rise up![View]
54048998Femanons aren't good people. Every femanon i've met from this website was abusive, border…[View]
54049453Trouble shooting: Does anybody else get that no non-ASCII text error message when you try to reply t…[View]
54047498hi anons post your desks[View]
54049482Join the key club group bros https://chat.whatsapp.com/G3sXQlvF4LW5WdVNjMNCvp[View]
54049557Allow me to introduce you to...: Matt, toenails ingrown, Groening Matt, too fat to bone, Groening Ma…[View]
54047790Am i really as undesirable as my lack fo success on tantan and tinder would lead me to beleive?[View]
54049388I haven't been here for over a year now and I just came back to say that life does indeed get b…[View]
54049410Wwyd to the girl if she said she was into kinky stuff. For example bdsm, pain, masochism,rape role-p…[View]
54045436Will Donald Trump win in 2020?[View]
54049274anyone else knows this feel of having to hide or eat food very fast because the family or roommate m…[View]
54048684>b me >mom diagnosed with cancer in february >she's basically house ridden >can…[View]
54048768>ywn have emo gf what is point to live without one?[View]
54049389can anyone tell me if this is indica or sativa?[View]
54049424Why the fuck does SPH turn me on so much? Why are w*men so powerful?[View]
54048424I practically never go outside except for groceries, and I spend all day lurking this site. I feel l…[View]
54045263Why do men hate pretty boys so much?: Typical masculine CHADs are respected by them.[View]
54047700So I have a date on Saturday >me, borderline shut in wage slave >at family members birthday p…[View]
54049024what the fuck? is the average female height like 5'8' or something? i'm at uni right now a…[View]
54045861You recieved a flask of Hourai Elixir. The first taste of it makes you stop aging. The second dose c…[View]
54049340>no gays >no roasties >no trannies >neets preferred join this sizeable server for meeti…[View]
54049317got drunk and fucked up last night and was a dick >went out to find someone to rob >dog ran aw…[View]
54046469>tfw no gf whos into music to talk too what kind of music do you robots listen too? pic related…[View]
54047451I'm starting to fantasize about violent rape what do?[View]
54049275/r9k/ is a robot board, not an faggot board: friendly reminder that being an underage reddit incel d…[View]
54048861I can't take it any more bros. She's too perfect. I'm convinced I'll never find …[View]
54048177And saying, The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand: repent ye, and believe the gos…[View]
54048078shit: give me some music, bots. any genre will do. send your favorites[View]
54049229Every time I fap I fantasize about being Genghis Khan raping my way across the world.[View]
54048894what do bots: >be me, 6/10 >know this friend of a friend, one year older than me >5'4'…[View]
54048995Should I uninstall 4chan?[View]
54048250I can't do anything: I think I'm caught in an impossible situation. I desperately crave an…[View]
54048332I'm always hungry[View]
54048305I wanna marry a fembot![View]
54046586Is confidence really the key to getting a girlfriend?[View]
54048311why haven't you taken the chin impant pill >cheap can be gotten for $3000 to $6000 >signi…[View]
54048164Am I likely to be dismissed from jury duty for being 22 and unemployed?[View]
54046493>bf keeps trying to get me pregnant >I keep telling him 'NO! I can't get pregnant because…[View]
54049085have you ever been found while making out?[View]
54049082why live: >tfw no shut-in autistic gf who understands you and is actually relatable…[View]
54046225>you are kidnapped and forced to live like a baby by a group of girls >force fed baby formula …[View]
54048483I wanna have sex with this Asian milf I work with so bad. She's so smart and we talk a lot. She…[View]
54049028catgirls: Show me your catgirls[View]
54048166Why not just get married anons?[View]
54048796Overall, is life more fun when you are a woman?[View]
54048979Feels for reels thread: >be me >meet qt3.14 >we talk and figure out she has the same intere…[View]
54048456How do I stop feeling jealous about my ex?: I am sure she has fucked other guys since she left me an…[View]
54044372Hey Moon, I hope you're doing well, I still miss you a lot. I often think about adding you, but…[View]
54048717Post a picture of your dog in this thread[View]
54048965should i fuck this asian hooker in my town?[View]
54048951Too many shitty /pol/ or /b/ tier threads on r9k recently, post depressing/comfy music that you use …[View]
54048045>moms stupid bitch friend is in the kitchen >won't fucking leave so I can get something …[View]
54048892>be turbo-manlet >talk to female >wow you're so short haha >how tall are you?…[View]
54047632here it is, Kinda shitty[View]
54047474Tfw no Snapchat frens to send pics back and forth with[View]
54048808Why do so many girls wear chokers now? Don't they know wearing one was meant to make prostitute…[View]
54048017>women can wear make up to look attractive >men cant change their height is so unfair bros…[View]
54048565d&d? sure, why the fuck not >be me about a year or two ago >first time ever playing d&…[View]
54048157im so fucking lonely bros... i just want a gf that likes what i like but apparently thats impossible…[View]
54048532>she gave you one chance and you forgot the condoms >she refused to take your semen into her u…[View]
54047830So i'm a freshmen whos going to be commuting to a commuter school next week. I'm a CS majo…[View]
54046663I want someone to feminize me Seriously I want a guy to house me feed me hrt and basically be my dad…[View]
54047472What would you even do with your black gf as a proud Aryan man?[View]
54045014Post a random fact about yourself.: As mundane as you like. >I haven't puked in 20 years.…[View]
54048521why cant get a gf.[View]
54047178tfw no sadgorl recluse gf[View]
54048309I fucked up bros >broke up with ex >decided to give a shit about personal style >bought ver…[View]
54047647Does anyone else feel like their computer is just a blackhole? >Sit down at my PC with the inten…[View]
54048494>tfw ginger >tfw always feel empty because no soul, just feel like a sack of meat >tfw norm…[View]
54048590>be virgin incel >decide to give tinder a try to lose virginity >after 4 days of getting so…[View]
54048421dating advice pls help: Fembots, I just started dating this QT3.14 and i really like her and would l…[View]
54048606>2019 >no cure for baldness >no cure for manletism If they did this then everybody here wou…[View]
54048265Post only 5/10 girls that you would marry. No fake nerds that are thots.[View]
54045665For people who had sex with traps, shemales, trans etc. What did it feel like? Asking for a friend[View]
54048580Snoozed on em once again[View]
54048487According to Megan's Law, any time I go on a date with a girl, I'm legally obliged to tell…[View]
54045876>Hey anon, how about a threesome with me and my gf? Wdyd?[View]
54048504>Female friend said she loved me>(she also had a boyfriend) >friendzoned her. Later virgins…[View]
54047576>Hey man I hope you're having a great stream. Been depressed lately but your stream really c…[View]
54042028/britfeel/: Don't dox fellow anons - edition[View]
54045123Hey robots, would you rather pee hotsauce, or sweat mayonnaise for the rest of your life?[View]
54047959So im sure everyone is familiar with the saying 'you can get stacey when shes 30 and has a few kids…[View]
54048192Well Chu-2: >he is not dating a qt3.14 autistic Chunibyo girl that will love him unconditionally …[View]
54044185Tarot & Divination: Good evening, I'm here once again, I'll be here for around an hour…[View]
54047037I'm a 22 year old virgin who's been contemplating seeing an escort for a while now, but I …[View]
54047489Can short guys be confident?[View]
54048300Gen 1:1 In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. Exo 20:11 For in six days the Lord ma…[View]
54046896>be me >girl >confess feelings to guy on Discord >'I'm not gay anon, sorry >'I…[View]
54048280Son stop wasting time searching for home About time you grow up and become your own Go and find a pr…[View]
54048277why did he had to die? ;_; https://youtu.be/6SFNW5F8K9Y?t=207[View]
54047893Desktops of /r9k/: we post and rate eachothers desktop setups, here's mine, its a pretty decent…[View]
54048234So smashed. Just thinking about what failures we all are[View]
54048257Too ugly huh.: >went on dating sites to get hoes or get laid which ever >swipe right on everyt…[View]
54047840>just transferred from community college to a major university >today I went to a sword fighti…[View]
54047829How do I go about finding out exactly what it is that is so inherently wrong and broken inside of me…[View]
54048182Jesus christ you pathetic losers make me fucking sick with your orbiting shit. Are you seriously so …[View]
54045321is this unironically the best anime of all time /r9k/?[View]
54048109Imagine not being bisexual in 2019[View]
54048120Way number one to save money and live a better life. Soda, cut it out from your life. You should nev…[View]
54047334Been a good boyslut this month /r9k/ ?[View]
54047510If you grab a girl's ass and she just giggles about it and playfully tells you to stop, does sh…[View]
54047734>fembot gets her picture posted on social media >her becky friend posts about how 'stunning' a…[View]
54047440Why do 2 drinks give me a buzz but I keep going until I pound 15-20 never to reach the same feeling?…[View]
54048077>guy says he likes strong, opinionated, assertive, take-charge women >realize it's becaus…[View]
54046652Anyone with a gf/wife or bf/husband just love showing off in front of other people? It feels great t…[View]
54047928I want to do something extreme, I'm not talking extreme meaning breaking the law or harming any…[View]
54046607Why do women online act so fucking entitled?: If you don't give them immediate attention or val…[View]
54046901what do you guys think of this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6RNoN8S21GY a complete selfless bada…[View]
54047090Thinking about taking the hooker I've been seeing to a concert with me. Thoughts? I've bee…[View]
54047879Imagine losing a pissing contest to a girl... I wonder if any fembots can pee really far? www.erome.…[View]
54047075>tfw no lazy diaper gf Why must life be so cruel[View]
54047157boys im so horny i wanna ask my ex for nudes[View]
54047798Comfy ost thread?: >tfw you will never play sim city on your psp tugged into your bed at 9pm on a…[View]
54047957>hairline completely fucked >hair is extremely thin >started happening as early as 15, I…[View]
54047937Women Love Thread: Isn't Angelica just the cutest thing?[View]
54046454>women are enjoying the product of the 21st century while you rot away in your room How do you co…[View]
54047858Looking forward to Friday wagies???[View]
54046599Would fucking this woman be considered gay? Why or why not?[View]
54046492>be me >brazilianfag >everyone online thinks that i play football(soccer for USAfags) or ha…[View]
54047757>ex-girlfriend had sent me panties when we were still dating at the time >i put the panties in…[View]
54046295Give it to me straight What chances do a black guy have at getting a qt white gf[View]
54047880>assimilee isn't a word, anon shut the fuck up retard. U know what I mean; we all understand…[View]
54047675Did mommy run away? Did I do something wrong?[View]
54045924>walk outside for 1 hour >still depressed…[View]
54047804>Just got done sucking a cute black girl's tiddies after we watched Game of Thrones Later vi…[View]
54047834>woman shows kindness to you >maybe talk for a bit and both have a good time >you fall in l…[View]
54043610Why do women show cleavage / wear yoga pants?[View]
54044197How do I know it's actually the same me as today that wakes up tomorrow and not someone else wi…[View]
54047147I want a fembot to sit on my face rn[View]
54040764Weird side effects of social isolation: > Be me > No IRL friends > Still have some discord…[View]
54047740Anyone got the thread where the dude goes to a party and hooks up with a chick in a bedroom then her…[View]
54045601Tragically fateful Tweet from the furry who's losing his hands:: https://twitter.com/PretzelzCo…[View]
54047605Will i finally get a gf after my new haircut? Its a fade.[View]
54046649How far into the Brazilian wilds would I need to find a female close to this look?[View]
54043496Are there any games where you start as a wagie?[View]
54047382What happens if you never got laid in college?[View]
54046718>mfw white boys think they are good for anything except being bred by my mulatto cock…[View]
54045581Imagine if you had a talented asian gf haha, just imagine it.[View]
54047259i want to get into 9/11 conspiracy where do i start[View]
54044681*unplugs your internet router* hmm?[View]
54042454Whats your BMI? Total couch cushion https://www.google.com/search?q=bmi&oq=BMI&aqs=chrome.0…[View]
54044895Tinder results from a 18 year old[View]
54047287My throat has been sore every single day since November of last year[View]
54047399>mfw doomed to a life of loneliness because I'm 5'8.[View]
54044092Psychiatrist: >Mixed-raced >Autistic because of too much prenatal testosterone >Psychologis…[View]
54045354which genre / subgenre of music is most robot like? maybe we can escape robotdom through music cliqu…[View]
54047518I should have never started talking with a girl...[View]
54047635His name is The Pussy Master[View]
54046724>get job a chain grocery store deli >orentation riggamarole >they stress real hard to never…[View]
54047621How do I know whether I may have gone insane? I have two plushies, Toby and Brady, whom I talk to al…[View]
54046150Crush Thread: ITT we discuss our crushes Mine is a girl who goes to my college. She is from Estonia.…[View]
54045768Becoming transgender changed my life After I got on HRT, my life became much better, if you have d…[View]
54046864Are you getting ready for the Chinese century, fellow robots?[View]
54046996Why do you think cops are trigger happy, bloodthirsty maniacs around men and huge fucking beta pussi…[View]
54047507Why yes, i am a straight white male who supports LGBTQ people and would date a trans woman with no f…[View]
54045630This is me pic related. I'm a emo and a nigger.[View]
54047497>look through your peephole >see this wat do?…[View]
54047377Modern day Ramona Flowers would be making roughly 200k a month on patreon[View]
54047470>skinny nerd with glasses and ugly haircut >7.5x5.5 dick who secretly alpha here?…[View]
54047467Lovely: I want a girl to lie on top of me and cry directly into my eyes while we make love[View]
54042755>be me >go to therapist >start deeply thinking out loud about the state of the world >te…[View]
54046245Can you believe there's big, bulky, beautiful bearmode men on /r9k/ who don't have anyone …[View]
54047436Here's your new rabb.it, bro. http://caracal.club/m/rr1566527604541[View]
54045706does anyone else ever get vagina envy? l don't think l want to be a woman, but sometimes l look…[View]
54047416>be me 16 canadianfag > work on re-election campaign for member of parliament for my neighbour…[View]
54043211How are your latest Tinder matches going?[View]
54047351how do i find a friend who's stupid and simple minded so they won't grow bored of me t.bra…[View]
54047387>qt girl works at a local super market >really wanna talk to her but don't wanna bother h…[View]
54045711Why don't blackbots just thugmaxxx? you wont get pussy acting like an urkel[View]
54047057>be engineer in oil business >make good money, have house, car, good amount in index funds …[View]
54047341>mom washed the cum cloth[View]
54047339/Dicklet general/ BLACKED edition 1) Woe is he who is black and smoll 2) Any non-virgin dicklets out…[View]
54044087What you drinking tonight robots?: Just completed the Centurion Challenge. Feeling pretty lit, would…[View]
54044969Pic related is one of the greatest rappers to ever live.[View]
54047009>Mom found the unspeakable porn folder[View]
54046461SO I'm quitting my YouTube and porn addiction to become a professional shitposter. any advice t…[View]
54047227Don't mind me while I take a nap right here[View]
54047238Luna fat-shaming Usagi: Day 2 A little exercise couldn't hurt, that's all.[View]
54046159>mom emptied the bong water reservoir[View]
54047219just waiting for the mania to pass don't mind me[View]
54046090whats the amount of people here that align with the boards previous demographics? pre-2014? how many…[View]
54047160>parents think im smarter than i am >constantly on the verge of immensely disappointing them…[View]
54046981why does mommy drink and hit me[View]
54046965hay guiz im goin to uni next week and blah blah blah blah give me a fucking break. how the hell are …[View]
54045977Which retard came up with the idea of making the Emergency Alert sound a fucking jumpscare?[View]
54045626whats the best sex position?[View]
54046259>alright kiddo, I won't let any of my subjects be a virgin. Since you can't lose it on …[View]
54047045Roastie toastie on her phone Looking forr a big bad bone Swipping left and swipping right Hoping to…[View]
54045413im going to bed now good night everyone[View]
54046653You know most of us think that they disappoint their parents but have you parents disappointed you. …[View]
54038084why don't you just get a gf, /r9k/? it really isn't that difficult[View]
54045870hello anons, me and some friends made a factions minecraft server with a dynamic updating map online…[View]
54042392This is my ex. They now have a child. Say something nice about them. >When I found out through l…[View]
54045404Why are literally all women lesbos?[View]
54046877National of Islam: The Bean Pies will turn into poopoo in your tummies from now on. Muthafakas.…[View]
54046869Venting Thread: Good morning, robros, if you're having a bad day, you can vent here. Remember, …[View]
54043682would you savor the flavor?[View]
54046480Just 92 more hours.[View]
54040787Fembots, how can you compete if your body isnt at LEAST this good?[View]
54045145This is your reminder to revert to the way of God. Leave the immoral sickness of this filthy board, …[View]
54046266/fembot/: Fembot here. Ask me anything you want[View]
540467290 social: >just moved into college >welcome thing for freshman tonight >roommate asks if I …[View]
54046574>the terrible despair of no female lover[View]
54046764hay guiz im going to uni next week and blah blah blah blah Give me a fucking break. You're goin…[View]
54041946I have acne scars like pic related and I'm finally starting my journey in trying to treat them.…[View]
54046373>He hasn't started HRT yet >He still doesn't realize all his autistic traits would b…[View]
54043168Why has /r9k/ turned to complete trash? I'm so fucking tired of the discord niggers I'm so…[View]
54046456>tfw 38 year old wine aunt Whys it so fucking hard to find mr. right[View]
54046340>Women actually hate short men >it does not matter if he is good looking >intelligent >…[View]
54046388Happened today >be home >horny evel 90000 >gets the idea to go to the girls' swimming …[View]
54046650have any femanons tried to looksmax? were you successful?[View]
54044945Do you close the lid before flushing, anon?[View]
54045986>Tell girlfriend I think my dick is small >'Don't worry anon, maybe it'll grow'…[View]
54040138Why are women (male) like this /r9k/? They all reject me[View]
54046626So, what's when the 'daily reminder' threads? I see them every day here and in /b/. It's u…[View]
54046071would r9k date tish simmonds?[View]
54046195If you died today do you know for sure you're going to Heaven?: Here's how you can know fo…[View]
54043724What's your excuse for existing?[View]
54045859The rise of Instagram 'Fitness modeling': It seems like narcissism has reached an all time high in o…[View]
54046168Daily reminder: black men can't be robots. Every black man has slept with atleast 3 different w…[View]
54046408>sit on toilet >It's warm[View]
54046446>stopped talking to people irl months ago >just deleted ex's number so i stop texting her…[View]
54046486Reminder to always be an Alpha male.[View]
54044112r9k music thread: https://youtu.be/nq43svUfj3A[View]
54045522Help: >be me >join this server called copelets >(https://discord >.gg/EMFvMsh ) >fill…[View]
54046143whats it actually like to suck a penis does it make you hornier?[View]
54044905just spotted this robot in Thailand[View]
54046524Hey baby, you look like a dragon and I've been known to hit as hard as bruce lee soooo...[View]
54046502Why clothes rack disassemble when no one's home?[View]
54046085>be me >like 12yo >just started a new year on the same school I had studied pretty much all…[View]
54042857/confession thread/: I'll start >donate regularly to findommes online (donated approx 50k ov…[View]
54045999Necrozoo Incel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vJ-L-Cnl5jk what does /r9k/ think about 'Necrozoo In…[View]
54046279>he's never been the ruler of a country[View]
54042677>5'8' manlet >Unemployed >Average looking >Has literal autism Yet I still managed t…[View]
54042018Elliot Rodger: Was he rigjt?[View]
54045922Are happy people delusional? Life is not about being happy or comfortable. Life is about experiencin…[View]
54046401Mexican Women Pros: - Catholic upbringing instills good morals and traditional values - Grew up in m…[View]
54046048Has Taylor Swift burnt the coal before[View]
54046394Bros I cant take it anymore. Its been a week of college and I am miserable. I thought going to a col…[View]
54045891Is the whole 'Non Hispanic White' thing just a way to keep the spanish man from having a side in the…[View]
54038382Males are literally stating they are horribly depressed and SUICIDAL from their lack of success with…[View]
54046350Job: Self-Employed/Business Owner Living Arrangement: Owns Home, Lives alone. Annual Earnings: $800,…[View]
54046334I'm a 28 yo kv and sexually repressed. How do I become normal and not be afraid of love or inti…[View]
54046293Any fellow anons every gotten divorced? I am in an awful marriage, but have absolutely no idea how t…[View]
54046178>be me >be 20 >see girl from my school getting into cab >ask if I can get a lift >she…[View]
54045765Is it illegal to kill a goose? One started biting me in the park today and I lost it. I grabbed the …[View]
54043492This place is literal HELL wtf. The least likely place to find philosophy is in the philosophy depar…[View]
54046240comfy: comfy late nights listening to animal crossing music[View]
54045740My friend died today. He got shot by some fucking spic. They tried to airlift him to the hospital bu…[View]
54044203>fuck is you lookin' at white boi?[View]
54045953Thank you whores Im officially gay because of you[View]
54044805>'I dunno, I just feel... hollow' Nothing feels right anymore, I don't even feel human. I ca…[View]
54044547Have you ever been someone else's bad decision?[View]
54044387any bots got a twitter account? it's a normie platform but we should follow each other and asso…[View]
54045197wagecuck general: >just lost another 20 dollars on scratch off tickets Should I just give up and …[View]
54045975Serious question regarding drawing: From time to time I find myself interested in drawing a random a…[View]
54045948dam it feels good to be a virgin[View]
54045782Fuck Korea: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=74V4BOF5IAg https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/7b7zmg/ho…[View]
54045811Why is 'cope' an insult?: What exactly is wrong with coping with your problems? What, are …[View]
54043004Why do you get called an incel when pointing out that men are superior both intellectually and physi…[View]
54044745Wasted Life General-/WLG/: Discuss the emotional and mental impact of wasting your life, why you did…[View]
54043907Leaving for college: Going to a big state school. how do i not be a turbovirgin[View]
54045817I am part of some group and the core of this whole group is me and 2 other people. We used to be pre…[View]
54044773drunk 22yo about to kill my self. guaranteed (you)s in this thread[View]
54044807>Be me > Literal fuckstick > Try to ask out qt.314 > Fail miserably > Hate life > …[View]
54045118Night: Nothing really make sense sometimes, you just exist.[View]
54045754Who else likes ghosting woman woman always push me away and naturally I push them back without regre…[View]
54045729greentext to just rant and rave >about 2 weeks ago >english teacher out with flu so sub has to…[View]
54045727>report the avatar posters and all the other dumb shit that gets spammed here >they're ba…[View]
54043319have a gf ama if you watnt[View]
54044742>mom texts me >don't text back within 30 minutes >she sends another text >'why does…[View]
54045675>dog: Woof Woof Woof Woof Woof Woof Woof Woof Arf arf arf bark woof woof snarl woof woof woof. b…[View]
54045625>be me >last year >find this cute necklace online I wanted to get my sister >were pretty…[View]
54045673/GFD/ GENERAL: /GFD/ general laying your head on her thighs edition[View]
54044721See this, /n/? This is intended for The Working Poor to get around. Are you the Working Poor? No? Th…[View]
54044363Fantasizing about perfect life thread: What would be your ideal life, anon? Tell us. It can be anyth…[View]
54045548Please help: Can anyone help me overcome my fear of speaking english? I get extremely shy when come…[View]
54044101Fuck women, they are ruining society. I hope they all become rape brides[View]
54045513>quit drinking on weekdays >run regularly >get 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night >eating …[View]
54045165How the fuck do I show off my body so I can finally get laid. Also can I fuck white girls if I'…[View]
54043822First week at Uni: First week t uni is finally coming to an end, robots. I went into this filled wit…[View]
54038786What's the point in living when the world is going to end in 10-20 years anyway? Climate change…[View]
54044228Missed Opportunities: In which we abloo bloo over missed opportunities. What are the missed opportun…[View]
54045501>I don't care about your sex lives, I'm just here for the submarine sandwiches…[View]
54045465How do I make friends? All of my current friends I made in high school.[View]
54044888A woman who friend zoned me told me 'after you fuck a few girls you'll get game' and 'just use …[View]
54045247this is the average poster in r9k.[View]
54034685When will the mods start silencing this /pol/ shit? I'm getting tired of all these fox politica…[View]
54044079/ld/ - lucid dreaming: Write about your lucid dreaming or shit.[View]
54044756I fucked up. I'm not ready to be a dad. I don't want him or her to grow up a mixed incel r…[View]
54045319>finally, a girl likes me >she's 14 yo >she's my cousin When somoeone finally lik…[View]
54040809How did men hit this low?[View]
54044511i never asked for these feels: it wasn't my war[View]
54038992>go to blind date >witness this what do u do?…[View]
54044519What subjects do you have an autistic knowledge of?: We all have them. I know a lot about The Beatle…[View]
540445542019 women: >be me >white girl, mid 20s, living in suburbs >6/10 with makeup >read cosmo…[View]
54044855ahem since the summerfags are gone now listen here girls, Im 20, nearly 21 years old and still. I ha…[View]
54045286>tfw I work two days a week and make 40,000 a year I did it. I'm a normie. I'm not rich…[View]
54045153>'Sorry anon you are too close to my height it wont work out' What the fuck do they mean by this…[View]
54044659I slept with a girl last week and she asked me how many people i have had sex with before. I answere…[View]
54044671If you have a gf or are able to get one you have to fucking LEAVE NOW.[View]
54044924dark web: have any of yous bought guns on the dark web and if so tell us your experience[View]
54044214How is my penis?[View]
54041532I can smell it in the air boys. maybe its my schizophrenia but i swear theres going to be a signifi…[View]
54045091>increases testosterone >increases dopamine >increases creativity >worst side effect is …[View]
54043893>'hmm.. shit..' >notices you >'ao! white boy! think you can help me pick some of dese fruit…[View]
54044016Hypothesis: Disclaimer: I am not gay nor I am a tranny. After seeing all the stuff online, the e-gir…[View]
54045107girls, i just dont give a shit about your dog stop this[View]
54042251You think Incel Rock will be the next big Internet thing?[View]
54043940wtf bros, she was supposed to be our girl... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-BjZmE2gtdo[View]
54043285Have you ever noticed how we can become radically happier by seeing that we are in a better situatio…[View]
54041575Now that 4chan is reddit tier where should I turn to avoid the normies?[View]
54044763>NEET >wax my eyebrows off every week >look like a weird cro magnon >dress like a fuckin…[View]
54043493What say to this braphog anons?[View]
54042902Who else has tinnitus? It's fucking horrible and I want to end my life because of it[View]
54044543>check his browser history >ladyboy porn[View]
54042705anyone else have great fathers? i love and respect my dad a lot. i have a long way to go but the fir…[View]
54043914https://crystal.cafe/img/2.html? Try to discretely post your pic in this crystal cafe 'guy crushes' …[View]
54044815>tfw no Hinata gf It hurts bros...[View]
54044813>friend and wife having problems for months now >she looks like an instathot >she keeps tex…[View]
54043543Yo cock fags lets make a discord and talk, im feeling neuromatic and drinking and lsitening to 80s m…[View]
54044795/alcoholism/: For the guy on /ck/ What are we all drinking and hows the overall health anons?[View]
54043600I'm a fucking piece of trash[View]
54040269hey dont write urself off yet its only in your head yew feel left out or looked down on[View]
54044470>DUUUUUDDEE, wassupp, man??? >Dude!, wheres my hug, dude? >we still on to chill later? …[View]
54043254What goes through your head as you're cumming?: Ever feel a rush of extreme rage like if someon…[View]
54044516Let me play with your emotions.[View]
54037963Cocks of /r9k/ Mine is 10cm 'long' and 13cm girth, aka micropenis, no wonder i'm still a virgin…[View]
54034713/gfd/: I got to sleep edition Old: >>54016000[View]
54044423Women are not important, never let any woman dictate anything in your life.[View]
54043840Another summer wasted: I spent most of my time indoors alone doing nothing but watching YouTube, bro…[View]
54044570Whoa you look like THAT, anon? These new glasses...[View]
54044441The happening is happening It can't be stopped It's 5 to 5 on the doomsday clock ye[View]
54044553dear r9k, does your dick want to cum after you've eaten a lot of foods? thanks.[View]
54044548When the symptoms are caused by poor hygiene, not a sexually transmitted diseas[View]
54039728This guy has a girlfriend explain this incels. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UPc2MEeWVzM[View]
54043783got 30k in a week off some semi-legal scam im running. What should i buy robots?[View]
54042747>tfw never had friends growing up so can't have a childhood friend that you eventually fall …[View]
54043781Can men be bipolar? What is the difference between bipolar in a man and a woman?[View]
54044416>My university's philosophy department If only you knew how bad things really are…[View]
54044365guys i made some overwatch fan art comic style[View]
54039625why do sub 150 IQ brainlets even bother?[View]
54044265Why are males so hard up in current year?: > Males not getting laid > Males doing poorly in sc…[View]
54041993Femanons: Why didn't you hook up with that cute guy who was really into you, and you liked him …[View]
54042772The sad and scary thoughts are coming back.[View]
54043643>mfw I'll never be the main character in a male-only trap doujin[View]
54042736What are some types of threads you shill constantly on /r9k/?: What are some types of threads you sh…[View]
54043726What has the average normie achieved by the time he turns 23? I'm so sheltered that I have no i…[View]
54044255Hey robots, chad here I heard you have issues with your internet communication, so I'll help yo…[View]
54042418What made you realize that niggers are below all other races and shouldn't be considered human?[View]
54040196>Watch My Hero Academia >Cry It was the scene where he tries to save the bully from the slime …[View]
54044210>oh >oh yea >ughh >loses balance ejecting himself >karate kicks lamp and television d…[View]
54035557What would you do without your hands, /r9k/?[View]
54043862You deliver pizza. >This answers the door. What do you do?[View]
54041263>be on a manic high >have a shit ton of energy >dont want to feel good anymore >force my…[View]
54043036Unironically thinking of checking into a motel, spending the rest of my money on a drug binge and th…[View]
54043335What do I do when I get shit stuck in my asshole, everytime I go poop there's always some chunk…[View]
54044046It's Friday. What do you think will happen today? I have a weird feeling[View]
54041474>Stray cat suddenly appears at the door, wanting to come inside. >Sister and her friend took i…[View]
54043758Ive gotten nudes from popular online thots[View]
54042172Why don't woman nut up and approach men?[View]
54043681How do you get over your fear of men? I want comfort, not anxiety.[View]
54043030In every dream I find your love That makes me smile[View]
54041382Gosh, I sure wish I had a shemale mommy.[View]
54043979Mista Jay Cee Denton in da fresh.[View]
54042362>tfw no myriadaire bf[View]
54043775If you'd want me dead I would be into it I just want your attention[View]
54043362>tfw have been on 4chan for a decade >started browsing when I was 13, now 23 I hope to die on …[View]
54043353https://newyork.cbslocal.com/2019/08/21/random-subway-attack-brooklyn/ >guy gets attacked by some…[View]
54042714/devilish/: >tfw keyed a normie's car today[View]
54043755>be me >vaporwavefag >browse 4chan >sad >put on some vaporwave music >browse 4chan…[View]
54043651>forced another therapist to discontinue sessions because I was too 'resistant to her methods' or…[View]
54042574'ANON COME DOWN IT'S TIME FOR DIN-DINS :). Mommy has a special treat for you today that's …[View]
54039296Why does nobody like Asians?: Literally every race, country, and culture that isn't theirs make…[View]
54043825Fellas! Where the party at? >right here under yo' shoe! Fellas! What time is it? >time to…[View]
54042942dog got raped (again)....[View]
54043303I wasted the prime years of my life with a horrible woman. Five fucking years[View]
54043143>meet a cute girl at a friends birthday dinner >drunk so not a complete autist, make decent sm…[View]
54043239Feet of ROBOT9001[View]
54039428Rei running late to school: Day 31[View]
54043731Hey guys, my hemorrhoid's starting to act up again.[View]
54040096Being trans is atheism. You think you have just one life, and don't want to waste it being the …[View]
54042829I'm a theoretical physics student and also a creationist. I wanna set up a meeting with a hot s…[View]
54042995>he wants me to fart on his face[View]
54043665I'm just gonna lay on my floor and not move. I wish I could do that for eternity. just get comf…[View]
54042900>Tfw I still think about her years later despite her being a backstabbing thot I thought she was …[View]
54040444>have 16 year old gf >calls out of the blue >says her dad put screentime on her phone >s…[View]
54043636We're meant to be together I'll be there and you'll be near[View]
54043457>no irl friends >no online friends >almost never post anything, only lurk >live rural a…[View]
54043616anybody want to buy Gamer Girl Gold[View]
54042420ok fucking robots, stop fucking being manipulated by females >in a vc on discord with female (i k…[View]
54041562if you could marry anyone who would it be[View]
54035664>A study carried out by Schlaffke et al. reported that individuals who saw the dress as white and…[View]
54041205My girlfriend gets depressed a lot and it makes me sad. Is there anything I can do to make it better…[View]
54042779>bored with the third world porn on pornhub >move over to xvideos >literal fucking goldmine…[View]
54040858Gonna be a comfy lonely neet living by a forest for the foreseeable future. Getting a bf wouldn…[View]
54042604I'm so tired of being alone. At first I thought it's ok and didn't care then I hated …[View]
54033738E-girls Thread: ITT post your favorite /r9k/ e-girl also only oldfags will remember when hikkichan p…[View]
54041761r9k's favorite.... BLACKED: Interesting statistics, great to see that black culture is spreadin…[View]
54042203The fucking nigger bitch called out again today anons. Again[View]
54042226>he won't man up and help me take care of chad's son[View]
54042860>Girl in my class was nice to me today >Heart is pounding when I think about her >Slowly de…[View]
54040849I got a 5/10 Chinese girl pregnant and she knows where I live It's over[View]
54042809>there are robots on this board right now who think women can have orgasms…[View]
54041218I don't have a job. I just live with my mom and go to college which parents pay for. I never re…[View]
54040423It's literally impossible to be truly in control of a situation when interacting with men. The …[View]
54043233Why do you faggots even bother with egirls anyway. They are ugly attention seeking whores who want t…[View]
54041258>be me >challenge gun control shills to debate >they bitch out…[View]
54041180I only want a gf is she looks like this. Just look at Elsa, she's perfect. Real life girls rar…[View]
54042302Heart Problems: I think I might have heart problems. I don't have insurance and I live in the U…[View]
54043165Post the greatest songs built by the white race https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wmwPh6MHpcU[View]
54043092did you notice the sudden speed in posting and how quickly your oosts load up now without having to …[View]
54043055My dad found my USB drive which is filled with almost every BLACKED scene. He hasn't said anyth…[View]
54042713Am I fucked up?: I've been in a great relationship for nearly 3 years now and I truly love this…[View]
54041676Any anons out there that hear voices? If so what do they say?[View]
54042547Have you ever noticed that you can add boy- to anything and it sounds a lot cuter? boypillow, boycom…[View]
54041917Double penetration: Does anyone else find double penetration beautiful? I find gangbangs horrid, but…[View]
54041544kratom: Dear lord I love this stuff, took a large bit earlier and im feeling great, my new favorite …[View]
54042853wise words to remember: they could save your life[View]
54040904>tfw black and all black guys you see nod or wave at you[View]
54039737Who else here has a low IQ (Brainlet)? I get brainfarts with something that requires the slightest a…[View]
54042739>tfw had no idea how bad things really were for wagies >they work their lives away and they ca…[View]
54042121anyone have experience with rape roleplay? im taking a trip with my gf this weekend and we both want…[View]
54041988These are extremely slutty shoes.[View]
54042116I am a 20 year old college junior majoring in Political Science. I don't use any drugs, drink o…[View]
5403554036, went on the 2nd date of my life last night: and I couldve easily fucked her but bottled it, she …[View]
54042531Post pics of men who emerged victorious in their war on women. I'll start with the most obvious…[View]
54040550>just wanna be NEET for a few months to a year. Live off my own savings, not use anyone else…[View]
54042562Sensitive society: >thinks society is moving forwards and progressing I hate progressfags who thi…[View]
54042135help: my back tooth aches every time I bite into something deep and there is a small brown pigment o…[View]
54037484Robot =/= Incel Robot =/= Incel Robot =/= Incel Robot =/= Incel Robot =/= Incel Robot =/= Incel[View]
54040833Is it possible to beat pornography addiction?[View]
54040751How is being in a relationship better than being single, anyway? >less freedom >has to comprom…[View]
54041122drinking: hows it going bros? having a frozen lasagna that looks messy but tastes delicious. didnt e…[View]
54042131I fucking hate my parents so fucking bad[View]
54041541im going to Disneyland for the second time. pretty excited desu. what are your favorite rides there?[View]
54040610>You guys ever heard of sharia?[View]
54042246I need a dominate trap or tranny to submit to[View]
54042380Those situations where the female bends over to reveal the ASS hole: Thoughts on those situations wh…[View]
54041587make your choice: you get one billion dollars for sucking a dick but you will always have to wear a …[View]
54041954Uhhh... guys, my dad found my fucking device what should I do?[View]
54039528what the fuck: is this a hentai where the cute girl gets turned into a fat brain dead cow?[View]
54041087>college started back up this week >literally every girl is a normalfag or thot I just want an…[View]
54040130Whenever I see a cute girl my blood starts to boil. I want to own her. To make her miserable. Did yo…[View]
54042293Tamsin or Kenzi: Tamsin or Kenzi gf? Patrician posters only.[View]
54042268>be me >go on Reddit >see redditfag butchkng about the Amazon >throw phone out of fear…[View]
54041651Birthday today. Sitting alone in my car on a hill feeling nothing. People say happy birthday to me a…[View]
54038519Everyday my hairline crawls further back.: It's not fair bros. I've always had thick hair,…[View]
54042063Sometimes I just want to knock out a teenager, I despise them.[View]
54041616/r9k/ > /lgbt/: This thread is just a better /lgbt/ with more diverse subjects change my mind…[View]
54040134>tfw you've come to actually respect a woman at your job and your misogynistic views are act…[View]
54042136Does anyone remember my thread from this morning? I just got home from wagecucking and I have to was…[View]
54041841are woman and sex just a overrated meme?[View]
54041931/britfeel/: You get what you're given edition[View]
54038415Why are women so defensive?[View]
54041220How do i get better in life?[View]
54041781You either die a sexpat or live long enough to become a wizard.[View]
54039823Slop: How the fuck do i fix a sleep schedule, im actually fucking retarded i just want to go to bed …[View]
54041925Neetdom has done something weird to me: I feel so lazy now and any drive I once had is gone. I also …[View]
54039268>going outside to get mail[View]
54040020R9k height survey: How tall are you r9k? Genuine barefoot exact heights only. No height inflation. H…[View]
54041971How it be sometimes[View]
54038416/britfeel/: haha classic /britfeel/ edition[View]
54041769>DUUUUUDDEE, wassupp, man??? >Dude!, wheres my hug, dude? >we still on to chill later? …[View]
54040243When did you realize there is no such thing as >a job you enjoy Took me years because I didn…[View]
54039980What exactly is the point of reddit? It seems to be the same thing as woke twitter[View]
54032938If Futas were real (as in they literally have two X chromosomes but still have a dick) would you dat…[View]
54041686PROTIP: how to not hate being a wageslave: Wagie here. I figured out how to not hate wageslaving so …[View]
54041784>Turned down offer to go bowling and get drinks with my co-workers this weekend even though I wan…[View]
54041142a thought: theory: men who prefer tits over ass have a small dick >doing boobjob is equally pleas…[View]
54037751What would society be like if women were killed the day they turn 26 (and men whey they turn 52)?[View]
54041757People who think they know everything are very annoying to those of us who do.[View]
54040334I think I'm at my lowest point /arninekay/ I just edged for 2 hours listening to audio porn, an…[View]
54040926>waah waah I'm ugly I can't get a gf What's you excuse again?…[View]
54040634It's unironically over.[View]
54040866Best friend's fiance wanted to have sex with me and almost grabbed my crotch the other night wh…[View]
54041649>boss calls >probably to replace some faggot >not answering…[View]
54041591>tfw I have been living the past one year without working but miserably unhappy because of my hyp…[View]
54040337I wanna suck a willy[View]
54041498I just a girl I find attractive to play with my small dick and tickle my balls. Is that too much to …[View]
54038023What will YOU do when AI takes over and we are left jobless and homeless?[View]
54041486>need to make a phone call >really don't want to >put if off for a month >finally …[View]
54041312so what happend to katya bros?[View]
54036410Any anons want to chat? >free you thread Will like to try to give advice if I can on any of your …[View]
54041042Are there any volcels in this board?[View]
54039995I dont even want affection at all, I just really want physical touch and sex, god damn it.[View]
54041329How would you explain pic related? What is it trying to convey?[View]
54041286I want to have sex. I think it's about time.[View]
54041074I feel that the more porn I watch and consume the dumber and dumber I become. The cumbrain meme is r…[View]
54038997>had sex >Got genital warts Why is this have sex meme still alive?…[View]
54040270>Come join me anon. Come join me in the beautiful life as being a volcel Its very nice here. No w…[View]
54041257Reply link?: Anyone else missing the reply link?[View]
54040124tfw no bf to protect me from my paranoia[View]
54040235Who is The Nobody?: Will the real Nobody please stand up?[View]
54037574>me 6'3', fit >probably good looking since women of different age often show interest sig…[View]
54039955Hey Aiste, stop being fat.[View]
54038652If you're not using every opportunity to make a positive impact on the world, then you're …[View]
54040007>i dont want to have children pffrrt hahahahaha[View]
54038830hey OP: fuck your thread died as I was writing: >>54030257 OP, not sure if you're still h…[View]
540390901. go on okcupid/tinder 2. post a qt and your country. Israel[View]
54039771>I wish I could have a boyfriend like you, anon...[View]
54038640Anyone else who strongly feels they're not suited for the normal life? I mean I've actuall…[View]
54040544Is there even 1 (one) reason, as genetic garbage, to do anything but satisfy basic instincts until m…[View]
54034972Letter Thread: Its time for another. Write your letters to someone, or write your degenerate fantasi…[View]
54041092>that feel when you realize that women's psychology is fundamentally different from ours and…[View]
54039175>Born 1995 >Too young to meme about 90s nostalgia >too old to meme about zoomer nostalgia D…[View]
54040085Chart thread...again?[View]
54041019Do you guys like watching movies where normies are killed by psycho outcast aka slasher movies?[View]
54040736Any pipe smokers out here tonight? Some other guy made a pipe thread a while back so I decided to ma…[View]
54040473Thanks for treating me lunch, Anon.[View]
54040977man so much shit threads, geez its like im swimming in garbage or vomit or something i had thoughts …[View]
54039749Sardines make me happy: >Be kid me >Grew up with my grandfather >Every saturday we would w…[View]
54040812Yes.: I ain't happy, I'm feeling glad I got sunshine in a bag I'm useless, but not fo…[View]
54037987I haven't talked to a single person face-to-face in two months. Does this have any permanent af…[View]
54040880>missed my period >didn't take a morning after pill Anyone here ever had to get an aborti…[View]
54040236>be GED 'graduate' >be neet until 28 >end up making near 40k a year some how in e…[View]
54039829>just told my mom i will never reproduce / have children Feels good honestly, to let the truth ou…[View]
54040513I'm so tired I just want to fucking die. And I have to do this everyday for the next 50 years.[View]
54040853Tfw no hot guy to defeat me and force me to suck him off in front of everyone.[View]
54039504why isn't euthanasia legal?: >didn't ask to be born, didn't consent >forced to …[View]
54040814what is the solution for the Normalfag Question?[View]
54040667why are white women like this vros?[View]
54040399any of you get this weird feeling people are avoiding you like you have plague warts on your face ev…[View]
54040694Sometimes I hear the government talking shit about the porn I watch.[View]
54040781https://youtu.be/KYCYsLM3s2I this video is for virgins only do not watch if you are not a virgin[View]
54030117What do you think anons, too chubby?[View]
54033527How come you never see mixed blacks date out as opposed to regular blacks?[View]
54033522>Tfw ill never get this[View]
54039645Sometimes I wish I was a cute redhead with pale skin. Not a latina. It hurts[View]
54040050I'm dissolving again and I'm not even fighting it this time.[View]
54040110>last week jerked eachother off with a qt twink >in a few hours we will suck off eachother Fee…[View]
54037828Has anyone here did Sugar daddy dating?: Saw a thread up here last night and now I'm intrigued.…[View]
54040277If you had to participate on a gangbang, what hole would you choose?[View]
54040225>she has a tattoo straight in the trash[View]
54038356Discord server containment thread: Post your discord servers in this thread so you don't derail…[View]
54039068>Virginity is a social construct You can tell right away she is a slut[View]
54040491Why f*males are like that?[View]
54040488Christ I haven't been here in a while. What the fuck happened to this shithole?[View]
54040342Almost 12,000 likes[View]
54039499To be quite honest if you missed out on childhood love you really should just commit suicide not eve…[View]
54037723>being a little shy is a dealbreaker with women, but being in a gang, unemployed, having a crimin…[View]
54038036Lost my meme folder. Share your best ones and receive the blessings of Kek![View]
54040430Faggot at house ama >Cringe normie >Based memes…[View]
54039656>high >eyes watery >ceiling fan dries out my eyes and makes them hurt >close eyes and ru…[View]
54040371>Books don't work anymore >Booze doesn't work any more >Video games, movies, musi…[View]
54040375>be me >get extremely drunk >friends start to get worried >they put me to bed upstairs …[View]
54038925Why do females fabricate rape experiences?[View]
54040240can I vape in here?[View]
54040272Stori taim: >be me, webcomic character >betafags on 4chan color me green >guessimafrognow.j…[View]
54040189Once I get a girlfriend I am going to make her do heavy barbell squats everyday so she can get super…[View]
54039660>tfw suicide attempt didn't work wtf[View]
54039255So gays its over This sunday i will be going to the cinema with this girl who hates israel ... wish …[View]
54039093how do i stop being anxious without taking dr jews brain pills?[View]
54039918Chad: >tfw let a girl suck my dick in exchange for a pic related I am now Chad…[View]
54036289Wow holy shit... The trap handlers here are really fucked up. Jesus man Do traps like being emotion…[View]
54037805>2nd day at new school where I'm the only guy in class >Pretty much never talk and always…[View]
54039572My conversation with my dad minutes ago >anon we spoke to your grandparents and they said they wa…[View]
54040103I was walking into the break room because I wanted to eat my chewy chocolate chip granola bar. I wal…[View]
54037716Why are incels so passive? Most of them could easily get a gf if they tried[View]
54040012>he refuses to change my stinky diaper[View]
54039865I want to do something glorious for which people will remember me. Something which might kill me. No…[View]
54040031reminder that women are basically garbage after the age of 24 and anyone who calls you a 'pedo' for …[View]
54039445>the perfect philosophy doesn't exis- This sheds light into everything in life wtf…[View]
54039974Life is worse when it was good: I met up with my long-distance bf a few weeks ago, now that he is go…[View]
54035044Is there a worse thing than wasted youth?[View]
54038442Why do normies shit on people who only arrive to work to do their mandatory hours, get paid and not …[View]
54038338You finally get a girlfriend and she breaks up with you after 3 years. How do you react?[View]
54039344Wish I had such a friend to... you know..[View]
54039000hey fat girls. You're gross[View]
54039424Today I will remind them on /r9k/[View]
54038554The condom burst and the morning after pill didn't work. So I'm pregnant.[View]
54037773Reminder that if you are white you are not a robot and should gtfo forever[View]
54039327The people on this board are fucking retarded[View]
54037192If they cared about you they would have replied by now. It hurts, doesnt it robots?[View]
54039801I hate living in the suburbs. It's noisier than living in a big city even.[View]
54036560What traits do incels possess that don't allow a woman's brain to produce chemicals of att…[View]
54039697Yeahhh, I'm gonna send my Champ back to Ol' Guangzhou He gonna live 'til he no homo G…[View]
54038092>be chatting with a femanon >she stops responding >a while later >'sorry i fell asleep'…[View]
54039447anyone else able to find beauty and purpose in everyone but yourself?[View]
54038765>every single post made on here without a pass is used to train Google's AI How do you feel …[View]
54038818tard stories thread, i'll start \ >be me 16 >have tard who is a downie with a little auti…[View]
54037780Robots should just settle for unwanted redheaded femcels.[View]
54039541I havent hung around here since around 2016. I heard you are all trannies and you cut yourselves and…[View]
54024572name ur biggest insecurity[View]
54033937Deutschlandfaden?: - Fuehls Edition - was geht so? Hab grad (nochmal) alle GameOne Folgen angeguckt…[View]
54037532What is the male equivalent of this?[View]
54039526Why do all opportunities to get your life figured out require you to have your life figured out alre…[View]
54039486The simple fact is that you will never jam your dick so far up a girl's ass she can taste it, w…[View]
54038991>Been getting a tattoo sleeve for the past year >Suddenly getting attention from girls Why don…[View]
54039394Some of you guys on here have to be more like Kenny Hotz and less like Spenny Rice[View]
54038884say something nice about my bff kanna[View]
54038599>tfw intelligent and can be a literal lab scientist but choose to work fast food It's about …[View]
54036889have you bought your own knorrli yet anon owo[View]
54031221/mbti/ general: new mbti thread cause im bored for the thread question >your MBTI type >top 3 …[View]
54038649a pretty girl said I was funny and I smelled nice: and thanked me for helping her turn her car aroun…[View]
54038051Say something about yourself and what's the closest you ever got with a girl >be me >21 y…[View]
54039210Rianne van Rompaey isn't perfec-[View]
54011091/r9gay/ - #818: cute edition last thread: >>53982373[View]
54036059>hate single mothers >they always approach me >most have thicc butts and wide hips >get …[View]
54039085REMINDER: Computer science is dead, it's a meme and a bubble. Too many software engineers comin…[View]
54033103>bro just install tinder haha[View]
54037830>mfw wagecucks fund my heavenly lifestyle of smoking weed and fapping to koikatsu >mfw gonna b…[View]
54038481>gramps thinks Ubuntu is the best operating system ever[View]
54038693/r9k/, it's time we talked about avatarfags. This board has faced adversity. Coordinated transs…[View]
54039101/wagecuck/ general: Boss tried getting me to go to work on my day off, but 'im busy, sorry'. LMAO…[View]
54038705Love At First Sight: Is it real? I never love anyone. I hope humans die in a fire. I'm in love …[View]
54038940Can't NEETs and wagies just get along? as a NEET, i'm thankful that the majority of other …[View]
54038929Is there medicine that makes you look up jobs and education opportunities?[View]
54038195What are your thoughts on the recent zoomer invasion of the internet? Do you think it's been fo…[View]
54039019eh: what happened with sunny?[View]
54037626What are your thoughts when you look at this face?[View]
54037283why shouldn't we waste our lives in front of a computer consuming an endless supply of escapist…[View]
54038605I've wasted so much time fantasizing about asian women. At the end of the day, they're the…[View]
54038934Friends: Only 'friends' I have are gross fat homos(literally) who I hang out with when the lonelines…[View]
54037803Chads never fucking change: >be me >be 18 > freshly joined uni >some dude here >looks…[View]
54038760How likely is it that a tinder match can find you off the app? >I only have pictures and a limite…[View]
54035340Did she make a good choice?[View]
54038375>male with gynecomastia my whole life >at a party last night >the host is this bisexual kid…[View]
54038689all the prayer is for nothing no touching i find it disgusting[View]
54038781Noone wants to have sex with you's, but if they are nice to you, they are roasties? Why tho? Th…[View]
54038784Why the FUCK is this site going to slow now!? Gookmook, fix it NOOOOOOW![View]
54038643How are you preparing for the impending recession?[View]
54036346voice thread! i'll start https://vocaroo.com/i/s16JWFUyzbje[View]
54038725>be me >sad >grab nachos >add on cheese and vinegar drenched jalapenos >microwave for…[View]
54021461>women have Iife on the easy mo-[View]
54038145>she sends me an ass pic >i say it looks fine >she goes on a 2 hour bipolar episode about h…[View]
54037882Storytime bros, I'm quite down and I need your opinion and/or support real bad right now. >B…[View]
54037430>somehow end up getting added by a 'woman' online >pretty cool to talk to actually a…[View]
54036251What is this thing with women about how they are always talking about how much they can never date g…[View]
54035102Why can't women lower their standards?[View]
54038131Hello my dear Fembots and Robots! Which kind of music do u listen to? I like industrial,heavy and sy…[View]
54034073I think it's finally time to spill my beans on you >Used to be somewhat happy mostly healthy…[View]
54036547IQ test reliable: give one[View]
540372269 years old dad died 2days ago i'm in the room with my mom she cries she looks out of the windo…[View]
54033829/britfeel/: Never mind the bollocks, here's BritfeeI[View]
54037742If only you knew how bad the philosophy department is looking right now...[View]
54037627Just me? Or what the fuck: >be me >be in uni >kinda overweight >some of my friends are a…[View]
54038395/Uni/ General: Guess who was just selected to be a very popular sorority's cameraman? Yours tru…[View]
54037257/music/ Post the most depressing shit you have. Just found this seemingly unknown slowcore emo band.…[View]
54037126https://www.aptitude-test.com/free-aptitude-test/quick-test/ take the test and post your results.…[View]
54038252>ugly face >untreatable skin condition all over my body >disgusting hair as a side effect o…[View]
54035662Imagine having a boss who's younger than you. Think about it. You are quite literally 'beh…[View]
54029277Do you like choking girls, anon?[View]
54036981How do you use tinder? my bio and pics are shit and I have no clue how to reset my account without g…[View]
54038260gunna get smashed desu drinking thread, lets take a dive together[View]
54038128cumbrain: loli-loving fag (pedo) sits at home all day doing 24 hr streams. bust this cunt https://dl…[View]
54038251would be great song without cringe engrish thread https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SQ02E7qgZ_E[View]
54038160I'm having a threesome next week. Ask me anything[View]
54037586I accept it, /r9k/: I accept that I will forever be lonely because of my height and ugly appearance.…[View]
54038095;-;: I have no friends no job my boyfriend loves on another everything is boring whats next[View]
54037817I'm so fucking tired of acting happy and energetic. It clearly doesn't help me get friends…[View]
54033512The absolute fucking state of Americans[View]
54035275I keep trying to do nofap and telling myself 'this time I'm serious', but I keep failing becaus…[View]
54037460what do girls who used to look like this look like now[View]
54037764>be me >find bait thread on r9k >comment my discord because im lonely and desperate > te…[View]
54037477Could you beat the shadow version of yourself in a fist fight to the death?[View]
54035259>'Funnily enough you were in my dream last night' Why do guys like to mention this to girls they …[View]
54035606>women don't like this Are women autistic?[View]
54038049https://www.thesun.co.uk/fabulous/8203394/disabled-boyfriend-girlfriend-carer-nurse-relationship/ Wh…[View]
54037436Is there anything better than living a life as a guy who is naturally attractive to girls?[View]
54038032>DUUUUUDDEE, wassupp, man??? >Dude!, wheres my hug, dude? >we still on to chill later? …[View]
54037057It's over: am i the most fucked up person here? >i have a knock knee >dicklet its around …[View]
54037180Fembots, have you ever dated a bi guy?[View]
54035578This is a bootleg, isn't it? The top of the stars are too visible. In every other card they are…[View]
54037349Fuck everything: >be me >hear from friends about this cool shit in spain >basically some co…[View]
54003756/drugfeel/: unhealthy(?) binge edition[View]
54037799>go to philosophy department of USP >can't find philosophy anywhere Help.…[View]
54037779Why dont you all listen to hardcore? They scream at you positive messages about redemption with heav…[View]
54036238Warning: GF Thread: I think getting a gf turned me into a cumbrain. When Im not studying Im thinking…[View]
54032207What's her name /r9k/? Her name was Angel. I still remember the feeling of her lips...[View]
54037714ITT post your most ridiculous breakup story >Talking to gf about the rag and bone man >She doe…[View]
54035171I turn 19 today and I've never even touched a girl. I've never had a close friend I could …[View]
54035727Did Bianca get what was coming?[View]
54037640> hey big bro what would you do if I was naked right now? what do?[View]
54037597>tfw would be a normie if I wasn't so introverted I can talk to people at my university like…[View]
54037463>he sent me a cringeworthy poem about my belly button[View]
54037522Embarrassing story thread because I'm bored af I'll start >Be me, 15 yo >Go to a mov…[View]
54037619Tinder experiment: Give me a pic of chad that i could use on tinder, for the experiment. To see how …[View]
54037588>no good posts tonight well have another one you fucking losers. i'm off to bed now like ser…[View]
54033680fembot here I really wanna fuck wizard[View]
54037521Oh, what am I doing? Just thinking about the cute big tit black girl that got gang raped at a frat p…[View]
54036814Should I get dick surgery?: I have a birth defect (Hypospadias) that makes my dick look all fucked u…[View]
54037495>didn't fap during the day >had a porn dream again >it was about strapless, you know t…[View]
54036847>*Crack open a Bang's root beer* >'Hey Champ, have you figured out what job you want to d…[View]
54036165Being a wage slave is by far my biggest fear, bigger than being trapped in a torture/rape dungeon fo…[View]
54037212does wageslaving make anyone else not want a gf: >be NEET >want a gf >can't have becau…[View]
54037288is it just me or did 4chan get a lot better after the 8th channel shut down?[View]
54036171I just realised watching/reading hentai/ecchi feels so much better without fapping. Will this count …[View]
54035837Can I wear yeehaw boots if I am not white or American?[View]
54030257>try to find a nice Christian girl >get this >'just go find a traditional anon' >says…[View]
54035140/self harm/ getting blood on my dakimakura is a huge factor I abstain from urges. You self harm anon…[View]
54037133>his weiner gets hard when i suck on it >he doesn't have enough self control to let me su…[View]
54037277Wtf i love Islam now: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vkWVdAfXbXI Is Islam the Ultimate pill ? Also…[View]
54035232>Confess to crush >She just fucking laughs at my face I only had one last hope... And it was a…[View]
54036880why does weed give me sadistic and psychosexual thoughts? I thought it's supposed to chill you …[View]
54033880think of sweaty she must get[View]
54037244looking for frens. post your discord I'll add you (btw I'm north African and no I'm …[View]
54037056>be me >some kids abused me when I was 5yr >never said anything >obviously grown up with…[View]
54035824>best friend finds a girlfriend >never hear from him again…[View]
54036553The condom broke I don't know if I'm ready for this boys[View]
54036351You DO pass the toilet test, right incels?[View]
54034904>'woof w-woof woo..?' wat do ?[View]
54034285Anon, I'm listening.: Tell me your problems and I'll give you mediocre advice.[View]
54036021>tfw no gf >tfw 4 more years until I'm officially a wizard What does having a gf feel lik…[View]
54035806why are women so insufferable in groups?: Last night I ended up hanging out with one group of three …[View]
54036668How the fuck do you fellow Wageslaves survive doing this shit, I've been waging for about half …[View]
54037146Got this old picture at an antique shop yesterday. She has a down earth beauty to her that I dont re…[View]
54037047I haven't talked to anyone in three months (except my family). is this normal?[View]
54035173How do I stop being addicted to traps?[View]
54037087Is there anybody out there? Is there anybody out there? Is there anybody out there? IS THERE ANYBODY…[View]
54036734>contracted porphyric hemophilia again[View]
54036428hello old friends..?: So i leave R9k for about a year or two from getting banned my beta mods, anywa…[View]
54031433I'm going on a date with a blind girl my mom set me up with. Where should I take her?[View]
53989252Waifu General - /waifu/ #228: Kissing her when she's not expecting it edition Previous >>…[View]
54036965Even if your dreams and ideals hurt other people,you should totally go along with those ideals and s…[View]
54036921>that girl that cried in class because she had trouble doing math[View]
54033744no human should be friendless at 23yo,this is not life[View]
54036856/psychopathy/: Any other socio/psychopath anons? Ever told normie(s) about it? How have they reacted…[View]
54035482How come some of you never been in a fight, like what kind of person you were in school?[View]
54034746My god, iv'e never seen someone so mentally ill in my life.[View]
54036073I'll be posting daily in my search for a gf. Currently I'm talking to a girl but she has a…[View]
54036714you should leave this site if you're not atleast chadlite. >this site is damaging to you if …[View]
54035996I just want to go back lads, but I never can. I want out of this hell hole, my childhood was the onl…[View]
54034993I woke up 2 hours early for work because of my adult bedwetting problem, but that's okay becaus…[View]
54035176Be honest, how bad do you wanna fuck a teenage girl? like under the age of 18?[View]
54035759Why are incels so triggered by abortion?: Why do you care if Tyrons half nigger bastard song gets sc…[View]
54034676>bpd gf calls in the middle of the night again >she cant sleep because she drank too much moun…[View]
54034864why don't you get yourself a free 5/10 asian pharmacist girl[View]
54035090Hey, I'm going to Sonic. What do you want?[View]
54034764comfy hawaii thread: Any other robots live in Hawaii? Let's get a comfy Hawaii thread going.…[View]
54034855>masturbating to wholesome doujins >get sad mid fap >start to cry because i'll never b…[View]
54036355>Be me >Be invited to new circle of friends >Develop crush on one of the girls >She…[View]
54036535>tfw 20 and already have a limp dick[View]
54034905>tfw no 4/10 asmr gf I actually sent her a message on youtube like a cuck but 10k pajeets did ear…[View]
54035666>tfw no double amputee bf[View]
54034060I know I should get a haircut before college but I really hate going to the barber. Anyone else feel…[View]
54036464I have a particular fetish that only a few escorts provide. Basically I pay her for the hour and she…[View]
54034131are there any pedophile femanons here ?[View]
54036143ladyboy: guys, it's me again. im meeting her tomorrow, its actually happening. im meeting the l…[View]
54036389Do you think that beating a woman/wife is a good thing or not? ( If she messed up something )[View]
54036401>been dropping hints that I still want to be a girl, like when I was a kid >mum finally asks m…[View]
54034766another 4 am awake. AMA[View]
54036388Ask somebody who has suffered BPD for more than a decade and is recovering just now. I hit the jackp…[View]
54034629>NEEThog day 1,429 >woke up at 3pm >watered the plants >loaded up a wow private server t…[View]
54035859I'm straight and I'm not a tranny, but I really think I'd be more comfortable+happy l…[View]
54036333black women thread: thread on black women[View]
54031702HRT has made me popular with women, but...: I'm not sure why. For example, girls in my classes …[View]
54034475>say something ironically >they think you're saying it unironically There is literally no…[View]
54036179>be me >young >smart, in one of the top 4 majors with the highest sat in my country >hav…[View]
54035998>ash ketchum >ketch um >catch um As in catch Pokemon…[View]
54036253if my 9 months of wageslaving has taught me anything it's that spergs only listen to aggression…[View]
54036232couldn't responf to a thread in time so I'll do it here who cares: OP said he was not reli…[View]
54032270Cant think for myself pls answer this question for me: How is natural selection still present in 1rs…[View]
54036194Wageslave: What is objectively the worst job a robot can have?[View]
54036083>psychiatrist is trying to convince me to get a job again why the fuck should I? there's no …[View]
54034930So what did you get banned for? >https://desuarchive.org/r9k/bans/[View]
54035757Women: I think my girlfriend is cheating on me folks. Shes started being alot more distant after her…[View]
54036093I talk a lot on impulse and I cant control it. >be me >solid 7/10 fit, 6'1 193lbs >not…[View]
54033388Why do men like thick girls? I'm skinny and I feel like girls my body type are unappreciated.[View]
54035826>I'm so special and unique that I'll just have a bunch of ugly, retarded tattoos like e…[View]
54035976>mfw found out that feet mods exist for Skyrim Should I install?[View]
54034477is your actual existing real gf/wife loves headpat?[View]
54035541tfw happily in a relationship: >boyfriend goes to take a shower >halfway through his shower, i…[View]
54035516>me at airport sseing qt3.14 >wanta to talk to her but my mother messed it up >luckily me a…[View]
54035852all of the hobbies keeping me sane no longer do anything for me. i'm starting to lose my mind[View]
54035648>someone sits next to me on the bus/train >breathing, blinking and swallowing automatically sw…[View]
54034304His name is Dr. Filthy Francis[View]
54034602fuck this board: God i hate this place so much and all it is is stupid attention seeking whores who …[View]
54035658>DUUUUUDDEE, wassupp, man??? >Dude!, wheres my hug, dude? >we still on to chill later? …[View]
54033636>tfw relapse after a 2 months no fap[View]
54034297I'm feeling bad, bros. I feel like my only choices are to go back to drinking or suicide. And t…[View]
54031344how dis make u feel human boi?[View]
54034184>sister is a skinny 25 year old kissless virgin who prefers short guys and shits on height queens…[View]
54035419Hey /r9k/ I just had a nightmare.. Have you had any nightmare scenarios that left you in despair, an…[View]
54035423Day 3 of no fap (close to 4): FAILED Cause of failure: Tomboy Asian women But that is ok, this is th…[View]
54034549I'm going for that 'Rambo in First Blood' look[View]
54035193> Drop all of the bro-science alpha-behaviour nonsense for a day and instead let my Asperger…[View]
54034252will the acne ever go away[View]
54031808you ever feel like theres more you should be doing?[View]
54034696I thought women would make me happy: I finally matched with a girl who is willing to video chat me b…[View]
54033629Wow ok so this effectively cured my social anxiety It really is that simple I'm so happy I foun…[View]
54035271r9k rap battle/freestyle: since the last thread didn't even reach the bump limit i'm gonna…[View]
54034986How do I make time go faster? I just want to skip ahead, five months or so.[View]
54034369>be me >19 y/o >virginfag >meet 22 y/o on POF >weve been talking pretty consistently …[View]
54035097>be at party, sort of drunk >me and friend talking to 10/10 stunning slightly older girl >d…[View]
54033616misato is my waifu >But she's used goods! I really don't care. The fact that she'…[View]
54034146I just want someone to hold me and stroke my hair and tell me everything will be ok I can't eve…[View]
54033433>tfw no bf/gf to feminize me and make me his/her slave[View]
54034699/music/ Post the most depressing shit you have. Just found this seemingly unknown slowcore emo band.…[View]
54034479>tfw can't stop taking Ls[View]
54033601>he talks to me about science and philosophy instead of flirting with me and making me laugh…[View]
54033764Tea tea tea drink more tea, anon.: Hi hi hi robots I am here to tell you that some nice soothing tea…[View]
54035010Whenever you feel bad about how autistic you are, just remember: you're not JustinRPG. https://…[View]
54032675hey, hello, hi, what's up? making this thread earlier than usual but does anyone wanna talk? sa…[View]
54035015Today I am inventing a new word called 'maninism'. Maninism - Noun - Feminism for men.[View]
54034202pre norwood grief: how do I cope with the fact that I will be bald some day? I am already a weak, vi…[View]
54031348Okay, this was the mosy epic Simpsons episode of all time. https://youtu.be/ErhaWVG0o1I[View]
54034927>jerking off with porn at full volume >someone rings the bell…[View]
54034159Tenda is lying to you about black women craving white men: Especially when he uses racist language l…[View]
54034579>looks like a goddess in her porn movies >looks like a Russian heroin addict escort when she…[View]
54032482>Stopped doing drugs(mostly Valium and cocaine) and drinking 3 months ago because I was 'destroyi…[View]
54032699Sugar Daddy dating Blackpill: >Sugar Daddy websites have more women on them than mainstream datin…[View]
54034164Women are evil: Dated a girl last year, she ended up leaving me and ghosted me until about a month a…[View]
54030126uni thread: now that school's are starting again, might as well have 1 how do i make friends…[View]
54034768Y'all ever been so depressed you fap and literally can't even feel your ograsm?[View]
54033381How do you not care what other people think about you? I think I could actually be happy if I could …[View]
54033935What does one do when they can no longer feel anything?[View]
54033274This girl has been orbiting me all summer semester, she asked me out for next week Whats the most fu…[View]
54033928Should i completely ghost my parents as soon as I get the chance? My parents are like 60 and still s…[View]
54034494>scratch behind ear >smells like molten garbage…[View]
54034449I can hear my mom and dad having sex.[View]
54033406ITT: Post hot anime[View]
54031684why dont you incels just go for an average, in your league gf instead of wallowing in self-pity goin…[View]
54033314>tfw keep making mistakes in everything i do and keep getting laughed at I am honestly starting …[View]
54033306>'nah bruh you don't hit women' >'they all innocent like children' Who is the nigger cuck…[View]
54034244I'm not even 20 and I just got called sir by a person older than me. Not in the context of resp…[View]
54034586What did the internet used to be like?[View]
54033053Females attention is not nice when it's not wanted from people you don't like. I've b…[View]
54034464It's 2014. You are told by a time traveler that in late August 2019 PRESIDENT TRUMP (yes, you h…[View]
54033264Yeah, sex is great and all, but have you guys ever posted on 4chan and had a bunch of people call yo…[View]
54032895>HAHAHA LOOK AT ME IM SO HAPPY *gapes mouth open like a faggot* Why must they all smile in the mo…[View]
54031816Which role in your fantasies do you take most often? The Hero, the Villain, the Antihero or the Obse…[View]
54034046>tfw no 5'11 tall White goddess gf[View]
54034532>take shower >get itchy >sweat a tad bit from minimal labor >get itchy Did my body devel…[View]
54032629Fuck, I miss him so much. Why[View]
54034110>exercise to absolute exhaustion >undo it, and then some, by eating junk I want to get better …[View]
54033544Anyone else here a brainlet that gets manipulated easily? I'm not actually retarded but I'…[View]
54034442>lose virginity >really have a great time >she says she's fallen in love, some straigh…[View]
54033777CYOA thread: saw a thread the other day for CYOA posts like pic related. got any more?[View]
54034284>stole girl clothes from the donation bin again >wore them and started taking pics oh no no no…[View]
54033326>doesn't use Mimi 4chan reader[View]
54034149Fuck all of you who give me shit for scamming in my small town My parents literally left me to die.…[View]
54033378Would you smash, /r9k/?[View]
54033633How do I stop caring about women?[View]
54034200Why is it so popular to be 'crazy'?[View]
54034192Women: >be me >decide to ask out girl I knew >get close to her >listen to her mewl and w…[View]
54033975>Be me manlet Beta fag >have some popular girl friends >one of them invites me to drink …[View]
54033597>normals say getting a gf won't fix any problems >normals say sex is just sex and nothing…[View]
54033295you like to swim, /r9k/?[View]
54033964Why do I have to have a nigger roomate in college. Literally a warning sign whenever I saw it coming…[View]
54033930>secks >mmmm[View]
54033482>got mistaken for a 40 yr old guy because receding hairline >only 23 You make born a nigger. Y…[View]
54033797do you like Anna Kendrick's cups song? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cmSbXsFE3l8[View]
54033465Does asian girls like white men more than they like their own race? I have this girl that I meet in …[View]
54033498Chinese gas station explodes: https://www.liveleak.com/view?t=clCb_1565938387[View]
54033673The world has been going to shit. What's your escape plan? I have a tank of helium on the ready…[View]
54034101> been dating a girl for about 2 months > feel like we're getting closer > today she g…[View]
54033726>hey big brother Anon, how am I doing so far in this video game? >ughh stop looking at my ass…[View]
54029167Describe your life in one image, fellow bots[View]
54033784Why does it feel so good to burn bridges?: 575346789672725261617 jahshah[View]
54034047Loneliness is hitting real hard these days bros, I can't ignore it anymore. why must I be so au…[View]
54033737> Be me, 32 , living at mom > Working 40hrs at minimum wage, saving every cent I make for 4 ye…[View]
54031986If i were to join an anime club, will i meet pure qts there? or are they just weebo normies? https:/…[View]
54033318I keep waking up every day to mouse shit all over the top of my stove. Wtf do I do its so fucking gr…[View]
54033767Tor stories: ITT: Tor stories I'll start >be me >14 and horny >want to see girls my ag…[View]
54033998I hate getting flustered. It's like my higher level faculties just shut down and the only emoti…[View]
54033825>got dabbed on by a fembot Day of the roast fucking when[View]
54032844I haven't fapped all day. Should I fuck my loli onahole now or save it until friday?[View]
54033399Should I save my virginity for a loving gf? Or should I install tinder and get it over with?[View]
54033894>tfw no mehmandar bf[View]
54033683how do i explain to my doctor that i cant take it mentaly going to work[View]
54033849What is your endgame, chinkposter?[View]
54031151>be me >in 2nd grade >girl kisses me on the cheek >tell teacher on her…[View]
54033693When ever I get high I feel pressure under my eyes. I also get very cerebral. tldr getting high feel…[View]
54033690Young chink gets electricuted while charging phone: https://www.liveleak.com/view?t=sNTR1_1566285559…[View]
54033750Post caps from trap discords/anywhere to feel better about ourselves.[View]
54032185Can I apply for practice boyfriends in here? I'm a girl, I promise.[View]
54033095How can these two pictures feel so different?: It is the exact same background The only thing that c…[View]
54033719Pepe wasting away: Does anyone have the Pepe where he starts out as a happy frog, but frame by frame…[View]
54033706Who taught you that being a virgin is a bad thing? No preaching.[View]
54033695How do woman feel about the long history of young pretty white girls being raped and brutally murder…[View]
54033448I want to fuck misty[View]
54033436Frogs and Feels Tavern: Welcome, I'm the owner of this here franchise of the FFT drinkin' …[View]
54031188>stopped watching tranny porn because realized it was degenerate as fuck >2 days later started…[View]
54033341In ancient times there was a holy woman who dedicated her life to the aid of the poor. She had never…[View]
54033663Day 3: Nightly update until I kill myself or better myself -------- Been looking for a hooker for mo…[View]
54033662Let's have a comfy thread to desribe our deepest desires. I want to bathe with my girlfriend. T…[View]
54026191/britfeel/: if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all edition no se…[View]
54033507Is is possible to make your voice deeper? I want to sound like Bruce Wayne.[View]
54033593seek gnosis p a s t e b i n . com / nhdxj9eB original post # 92384923874938[View]
54033441Hi GUYS! If you ever meet up with someone and that (girl) 'forgets' and doesn't show. Block her…[View]
54033272Omegle frens: Hey guys. I lost a friend on omegle cause i accidentally closed the window. Sorry anon…[View]
54033058nightly kappu thread: good evening anons, how are you spending your night? i'm up at my desk si…[View]
54033323I'm in deep here /r9k/. I have no money and my friend wants me to drive half an hour to for a m…[View]
54033470I rarely post on /r9k/, let alone browse it, so this is not a normal day for me. Recently, I have f…[View]
54031918Luna fat-shaming Usagi: Day 1[View]
54033450Why am I lake this please help.: Basically school stories time. >Be me >8th grade >Have a g…[View]
54033442Found the glory: >be me >28 Should I continue?…[View]
54016000I want a femdom thread, gentle or otherwise.[View]
54033380Ugh, uh, uh... Martha! The neighbor boy's an incel![View]
54032914>I am Death. I have been by your side for many years. >That I have known.…[View]
54031738>gril wants to hangout >go and hangout >week later of texting every day or to >set up an…[View]
54033343Name of this girl??? my dick cant take it anymore[View]
54032872>You realize drugs and promiscuous sex don't make you cool, right anon?…[View]
54033374>parents want me to take the LSAT >tell them I don't want to take it right now >they…[View]
54033321you only win if you don't play[View]
54032695Do women belong on /r9k/: Do women belong on /r9k/ to be honest I don't think so. When was the …[View]
54032922It's my birthday in a couple days, what should I do? >turning 23 >no friends >have a c…[View]
54029229Post pics that describe your life currently[View]
54033150comfy music threads: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hg14Ocs03xA&list=RDhg14Ocs03xA&start_ra…[View]
54032753um, sorry for party rocking[View]
54033294https://slate.com/technology/2019/08/4chan-trolls-impersonated-jewish-twitter-users-again.html: Dele…[View]
54023887/r9k/ careers: >age >degree >job >salary…[View]
54033297*cures your mental illness* Tha-thanks Soren...[View]
54031827Can girls reallly tell if your a virgin?[View]
54033202I fucking try to say something instead of saying nothing. Try to comfort someone. I feel like I…[View]
54033275>Slowly start to feel myself unhinge from what was my base reality as a child and teen…[View]
54032578Blah blah blah i hate women blah blah blah why don't asian girls like white men #625 blah blah …[View]
54033261Me and my buddies laughing over this image: Fuck this image up. Boof it. Give us something to laugh …[View]
54031972anon im cold under my blanky pls gib cuddle pls. im heating up chicken soup yum yum[View]
54031732I am homicidal. I don't want to kill myself and stuff but instead take out all my anger on othe…[View]
54032661>found out the asian camgirl I like has had sex and there's even sextapes of her out there…[View]
54032596Any relaxing music you can link? Need it right now badly. Thanks.[View]
54033159what did you do to me: i've been browsing this board recently for a bit now and you faggots hav…[View]
54033236How do i become a boomer-tyoe of person? I want to be able to talk about engines and bitchin' r…[View]
54032971What do middle aged women mean when they touch your shoulders/back?[View]
54031534Never posted here before but I have no one to talk to and am on the verge of suicide. I need help[View]
54033132Never 5get: Do not you evr[View]
54031853Young chink electricuted while charging phone: https://www.liveleak.com/view?t=sNTR1_1566285559 Happ…[View]
54033182why ia homura the coolest anime character ever made bros[View]
54031395>*slides into your path* >well well, look who finally left the house. what's the correct …[View]
54032624ive been learning ASL for a while now but i feel like at this point it's just been for myself..…[View]
54032774PSA: Honestly can you guys please stop being so thirsty for female attention? It's completely d…[View]
54032033Left or Right: I have the exact same face structure as the left one, for fucks sake.[View]
54032678>mfw I played with my balls before making stacy's burger >mfw she basically sucked my dic…[View]
54023754Imagine transitioning into this: >I..Illjust take the pinkipill Lmao, this is an actual tranny I …[View]
54031289>go outside >tons of women with big tits round asses >cannot look at any of them But I…[View]
54032452Swarms of flying bugs infest Nepalese hotel room as traveller tries to sleep: https://www.liveleak.c…[View]
54033089Without sub reddits like r/greentext a lot of genuinely good and funny greentext stories would be lo…[View]
54033093This makes me feel... It's the feeling of realization that I lack this feel[View]
54029231people born in 2003 will be 18 in 2 years 4chan was started in 2003[View]
54031799>DUUUUUDDEE, wassupp, man??? >Dude!, wheres my hug, dude? >we still on to chill later? …[View]
54032793>me, mid 20's >grew up in a batshit insane/abusive/trashy household >never learned how…[View]
54032485Bill Maher: Is he right about incels, robots? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WGp-omDD3V0…[View]
54032299>tfw went to take a pic of my hands for a fembot and when i came back the thread was deleted fuck…[View]
54032632not based or based??[View]
54032942i moved out of my hella strict parent's house last month and just realised i can buy a razor. i…[View]
54031259What are you anons listening to tonight? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MCZbKqv1KRY[View]
54030106A big spider is in my room and crawled under my bed. It's 2 am and I don't know what to do…[View]
54031671>he lives with his parents >he has no job >he's afraid of change and responsibility …[View]
54032224I need a genuine woman's validation before I go to bed[View]
54030157>just threw out hundreds of dollars worth of girls clothes and sex toys that I have collected ove…[View]
54032993>send friend a link to a youtube video >realize it goes to one of my alt accounts >panic an…[View]
54030489The bad guy: >be incel >Have shit Life >Everyone hates you for no reason It seems me and my…[View]
54032619Songs that are oddly motivational?: Songs that are odd but make you feel so fucking cool https://you…[View]
54032248>have thought I was 6'3' since late high school >many years later, get measured at the do…[View]
54031781Would you let this woman sit on your face?[View]
54032501Meow: Do not buy oil-packed tuna unless you are going to drink all the oil like a retarded pig. You …[View]
54032894Look at her smile... You already know.[View]
54032907sadism and masochism: are any robots here particularly sadistic or masochistic? and if so, why are y…[View]
54028129Reminder that if you were born in a relevant city like New York, LA, London, Sydney, or Brussels you…[View]
54032846>Jacked off to yiff diaper porn again Is there still hope for me lads?[View]
54031503Can anyone see past your mask of a mild mannered compassionate naive nice guy?[View]
54031291Is it normal now that I think all hentai and fetishes are fucking ridiculous and how I see how porn,…[View]
54032769Sky mommy is a werewolf. Sky mommy works for God. She keeps me comfy in this lonely world. I hope on…[View]
54031888>graduated high school in 2007 >could have finished college in 2011 >didn't finish unt…[View]
54031380Why'd I waste so many years gaming? I didn't get anything out of it. Video games should be…[View]
54031795What to do on Train: I am super bored on the train for 1.5 hours, but too lazy to compile music I li…[View]
54032750Why is the modern man so pathetic?[View]
54032734How do I as a 6foot white male acquire a latina gf?[View]
54032557If only you guys knew how bad things really are in the philosophy department... You have no idea.[View]
54031892Choose one to become your daughter and explain why.[View]
54028619If youve never had a girl look you in the eyes and tell you she loves you I hope one day you get to …[View]
54032712Take a long deep whiff of those dusty sardines, robots.[View]
54032329You DO have a crush on a convicted murderer right /r9k/? Looking through all the personal facts dug …[View]
54031949I'd kill somebody if it meant i could have a time machine[View]
54032653>Me and gf hanging with friends >>So anon who wears the pants in the relationship? >gf s…[View]
54032020Is it over for white women?[View]
54028923Black Bot Thread: >head out to wagecuck retail job >meet nigga in 'nerd' getup >always talk…[View]
54031223>be me >femanon >divorced parents >visit your mother for four days one hour away from yo…[View]
54032227Does anybody else feel like 4chan is full of snakes? As the laziness went up the IQ went up, but the…[View]
54032326I had an argument last night with a female friend and now she won't message me back anymore. I …[View]
54031756bussy rockers in th house tonight everybody just have a good tiem[View]
54032394Serious question, whats the worst thing you've ever used as a cumrag? >inb4 your mom…[View]
54032383Any robots want to watch something together? A movie or series?[View]
54031632How can I purposely develop a mental illness that would grant me neetbux? Is sleep deprivation a goo…[View]
54031544>Spiderman gone >Ironman, Steve Rogers, BlackWidow gone >Thor is now some chick, no one car…[View]
54032585FUCK JANNIES: Stop banning my friend Thundy, hes tryna get his dream fembot. Do you fucking understa…[View]
54032271>hehehe I'M SO LONELY!![View]
54029179Why does society base their judgement of you off of your height? Why is it so important? >'hurr d…[View]
54030434>state that I don't believe in god >everyone loses their minds all too easy…[View]
54032027Ah, now there's an interesting story behind this image. My teacher rolled it in while wearing a…[View]
54030968Annon gets fired: >be me >cashier at Good Will >It's an okay job, coworkers are nice a…[View]
54030452Do y'all agree with this sentiment?[View]
54032516>that kid who took a dr pepper bottle out of the recycle bin and filled it up with tap water…[View]
54032079Does anyone have the original posts from these links saved to their device? I need them[View]
54032480>desire to get banned increases I can't take the addiction of this site anymore. I want out.…[View]
54032496hey fellow kings. wanna be friends? starwind #3104[View]
54029982It never ends: Omegle Egirl Nudes Block 'em Depression Repeat[View]
54032002I can never be able to move forward and constantly stick to past because i've had bad relations…[View]
54032365why the fuck havent you moved to maui?: https://honolulu.craigslist.org/mau/apa/d/paia-affordable-st…[View]
54027652Hey moon I hope we can be together again.[View]
54030815Calzones are better than pizza. Change my fucking mind.: Its true. Tell me your opinion you beautifu…[View]
54032400Anyone else's best friend stopped talking to them after they got a gf? I hung out with them onc…[View]
54032085Omg guys plz help me i touched my peepee and it felt good so I kept doing it and then I peed by acci…[View]
54032346Offing myself is scary.: Been almost 4 years since I inherited the family business and I've alr…[View]
54030390Am I a classy boy?[View]
54030516U.S. Marines: Ugly Virgin loser enlisting in the Marines, been going /fit/ and working on my running…[View]
54031772Jordan Peterson is pro-incel: this is the final proof: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w8-cjd5cdIU…[View]
54031676For serious, why don't you incels just settle to your average 6/10 like pic related?[View]
54032135broke up with girl (hiya virgins im back) i just fell out of love after her lashing out at me a few …[View]
54031322Is anyone here into bbw, if so why?[View]
54031272This whole thing is ridiculous: How the FUCK do you deal with knowing you're alive? To elaborat…[View]
54031562>browsing through 4chan >see some reply start with 'Nigga just...' fucking zoomers…[View]
54031108are/were you white trash? non-whites, would you be white trash if you were white?[View]
54032193>you will never have an elf girlfriend Life is hard, anons.[View]
54031996One of these threads? People post what theyre wearing/how they usually dress and others join in to r…[View]
54031542cutehouse is gone?: i liked that server :([View]
54032127>People realize the races of man are biologically different >They turn into snakes, want to ki…[View]
54032017I'm living in Hell. Please you gotta help me. PLEASE.[View]
54031978> Hey would you like to go out with me? > Can i get your number? How would you handle these ty…[View]
54031883Has anyone else been corrupted by the based virus?[View]
54028672Im the real loser: The odds were all in my favor, white, blonde, blue eyes, average weight and featu…[View]
54030581>was a feminine boy as a kid, got bullied for it constantly >despite being young I knew my par…[View]
54031823You can get a scholarship for being female. You can get a scholarship for being African American. Yo…[View]
54026169Should I let the past be the past? Shes 22[View]
54031427Things that make life hell for a man all outside of his control. >Manlet >Dicklet >Balding …[View]
54031266>Watch Ashton Kutcher in two and a half men >6 years ago >looks like a male model twink …[View]
54031212What do femanons think of bois who lock their pps away?[View]
54030751Riddle me this robots. >been isolated NEET since 15 (so a full decade of that NEET/hikki life) …[View]
54030243Day 11 of nofap: Spotted a qt freshman hs girl wearing short shorts at bible study AAAAAAAAAAA I…[View]
54027734>open car door >get greeted by this >'whatchu waitin fo'?' wtf do u do?…[View]
54026660This is a trans appreciation thread. Only the most beautiful trans bodies allowed[View]
54031749Where can I find pictures of girl with cute tummies?[View]
54030236What do people even do online?? I just switch between discord, youtube, and 4chan and it gets very t…[View]
54028107When you're too old and given up on trying to find the one. And when you can't find her, y…[View]
54031523>start joining the ccc because it seems like something to do >go on a group call with a recru…[View]
54031685I know escorts are familiar with kinks, but would it scare them away to ask them to peg me while fut…[View]
54031701>make an okcupid account >finally get more than 20 conversations going >okcupid bans my acc…[View]
54028391God I hate talking to women on dating websites. Are they autistic? I just am trying to have a conver…[View]
54031588why do pretentious normies love to fill their houses with plants?[View]
54031501>tfw no Filipino gf[View]
54031668>me, mid 20's >grew up in a batshit insane/abusive/trashy household >never learned how…[View]
54027233>that feel when she gives you that look[View]
54031592hey guys i fell in love (at first sight mind you) with a m2f at a grocery store yesterday but my mea…[View]
54029958>tfw no guy to provide me with Adderall so I can be skinny again[View]
54030379Have Friends, Won't Talk to Them: i know i'm gonna get a ton of hate for this because I ha…[View]
54031498who else /impotent/ here? I'm in my late 20s and my dick barely works.[View]
54031576So I was just wondering how smart the most intelligent person with Downs Syndrome is. I mean, with a…[View]
54023981Zoomers have had enough.[View]
54031559Daily reminder to start becoming MACHO, robots![View]
54030348I'm gonna be a wizard in a matter of months. Should I put all my effort into trying to prevent…[View]
54031543What do I do if my small town is killing me Whenever i laugh and hang out with people I feel alrigh…[View]
54031378How do I betabux a hot East Asian: How do I leverage my income to get a cute East Asian gf?[View]
54029533Femanons explain this: >be me >talk to cute girl >I'm totally into her >seems like …[View]
54031484COD trickshotting: anyone else here used to trickshot on COD? got any memories you wanna share? I re…[View]
54028558Since the mods on /a/ are total faggots I'm posting this here Can anyone give me recommendation…[View]
54030657What do you see when looking in the mirror? Ignore the pic I am an ugly shitskin and balding. I actu…[View]
54030679i wonder what this fuckin fake ass faggot is up to these days[View]
54027617Would you, Anon? I-I mean, it would totally be okay if you did...[View]
54026066Do you guys love massive tits? I personally love them and think we should promote breast expansion i…[View]
54031186>tfw mom and dad found the nooky nozzle[View]
54031077Every time I smoke weed I feel dissociated from reality and as soon as I do I get ghosted by every g…[View]
54030476Im in the hospital bored as fuck because i thought i was getting a heart attack Aight[View]
54031393my porn has gone 180 and is vanilla as fuck now. cant even fap to blacks anymore or gilfs sloppy bj…[View]
54029796>'It was determined thatthe bottom 80% of men (in terms of attractiveness) are competing for the …[View]
54027106Why do people have rape fantasies?[View]
54030216Is the world ending, anons? If so, what are you going to do in the next 5 years?[View]
54030827Hey. What if a couple of us pool in what money we have and live in Japan for a year?[View]
54028771Whats your guys favorite sauce?[View]
54031254Any robots picky eaters? >only eat like five things at most >pizza (always cheese, can't …[View]
54030874>Arrange to meet with someone I met through Facebook's Tinder >She is like 10kg heavier t…[View]
54031234lol remember these bad boys?[View]
54031159>wish i was naturally attractive >not fuck…[View]
54031164I transitioned about a year ago and my boyfriend of 1 1/2 years has been there for me form the begin…[View]
54031283>here's your fetish bro did this fuck anyone else up or was it just me…[View]
54031280>tranny >incel >women >larp >white women >asian women >black women >anime gi…[View]
54029058I fucking hate technology. I buy a new laptop and it has a line of stuck or dead pixels. Anyone know…[View]
54030006*SSSSLLLUUUURRRPPPPP* *SSSSLLLLUUUURRRPPPPP* For anyone who doesn't know, that's the soun…[View]
54030421My Stacy manager and some Chad employee were caught fucking after work hours. Chad was fired and ma…[View]
54028564Do you think some /pol/tards will snap and commit mass shootings to lash out against 'the jews …[View]
54030745Is anyone else too scared to play competitive games?[View]
54031167I didn't know that Jojo's was this redpilled on women. Is araki /ourguy/?[View]
54030693Why haven't you got yourself a fat latina gf yet?[View]
54030595Family Thread: Most people on here have fucked up family lives, so I decided to start this thread fo…[View]
54031068Femcel Self-Improvement Thread: ITT we discuss our self-improvement strategies. I'm currently o…[View]
54029685Why do people do drugs when they can eat, fuck (or jerk off if you don't have a gf/wife), go to…[View]
54030582freaking poopoo: >be me >somewhat enjoying life >have the urge to poop >pottytime.gif …[View]
54023121God: WARNING! I absolutely PROMISE you that if you don't repent and believe on the Lord you wil…[View]
54030490>YUo MisSiNg oUt oN bEst YEArs oF Ur liFe!!!1!1!1! I seriously hope you morons dont fall for this…[View]
54030711Kenzi is smol[View]
54030513Post your face when AI takes over all our jobs and we are left jobless and homeless[View]
54030537as a girl how do you get more popular on instagram am retard[View]
54031006Can't die if ya never really lived. Guess I'll be here forever boys.[View]
54030865I just said beep and boop to myself several hundred times before I realized I was doing it[View]
54027603Bout to shove down some shrooms Suggest me some good shit to watch[View]
54030779I am a 19y/o male but have a strong desire to become an attractive slut. I want to be dominated by…[View]
54025874DEBATE ME BREADCUCKS: all other bread is shit tier garbage, prove me wrong faggots[View]
54030230>tfw your only friend is becoming a tranny[View]
54030938what is more cuck?: i was with a friend and he said that watching a women masturbating is more cuck …[View]
54030923The perfect woman doesn't actually fucking exis-[View]
54030805What does it feel like to be rejected by women? I have never even tried to ask someone out :([View]
54029506>wake up with cum in my underwear >I dreamed about jerking off into my bathroom toilet >tfw…[View]
54026887I saved up my NEETbux and planning a trip for January. I just need help deciding: >go to Japan fo…[View]
54030402I now know how a Stacy feels. This fat autistic girl asked me for my number at work and after I said…[View]
54030737High blood pressure thread: How's your health going?[View]
54030672How do I get a gf that cucks me annd I have to pay for her stuff and everything?[View]
54025068I have missed my best years in life: >Be me >Sexually Frustrated >27yo sexless Virgin It…[View]
54029280you want a girl so bad? fix yourself up and go fucking get one dumbass. youre entitled to nothing.[View]
54030549Now anon, how is your life going? good? decent? bad? Theres always a reason, but fear not good Anon…[View]
54030086As a trans woman of size, I face a double whammy of prejudice from both inside and outside the trans…[View]
54030134>school starts next week >already moved in to my apartment >have to cook my own food >cl…[View]
54030465Why are drive-in theaters not a thing anymore? They seem like they would be comfy.[View]
54030177does anyone here have a curse from god Like literally meant to suffer no matter what you do. Like wh…[View]
54030539>he wears t shirts and jeans[View]
54025856Why are anime girls so fucking perfect?[View]
54027608how do i get a 10/10 girlfriend like the girl on the right[View]
54028822Mia Khalifa confirmed she made 12,000 dollars from being a world famous porn actress Hahahaha holy …[View]
54030498What's a good cope for when you feel like you'll fall to your knees in anguish from every …[View]
54029677how do you heal from a childhood of emotional/psychological abuse from a narcissist single mother? m…[View]
54029297pay attention to how you breathe, robots.[View]
54029261If you're white you cannot be an incel Whites can only be volcel[View]
54026471>he doesn't completely shave his ball sack[View]
54030306Why do so many people have fat faces? Even people without overweight bodies. I always see people wit…[View]
54030466I would like to sign a suicide pact with someone. It would make these last 12-odd less tedious at th…[View]
54030025how hard is it to dance like my favorite kpop waifus? i want to learn to dance along to their songs …[View]
54028747Do you have the courage to just be yourself?[View]
54028544ok so- just watched this video https://youtu.be/_PsLRgEYf9E cringey af it brings up some good points…[View]
54029435Wine gang sipp up[View]
54029569What was she staring at r9k?[View]
54029101is there any worse fucking feeling in the world than actually having opportunities with women only t…[View]
54029326>tfw see a 12 year old girl wearing yoga shorts and her tight little ass makes me salivate…[View]
54030119does anyone have the screencap of that robot who finds out he got cucked by his dad, and his mom and…[View]
54030242Hey robots. How's your all's weeks going? I think I had a good day today. I'm still t…[View]
54029477is there anything worse than being trapped in a small town? >trapped in shitty small town >not…[View]
54030231John Calvin: I would like know what the Christian bros think of the most influential reformer beside…[View]
54029026>t bh >f am >c uck >Are all still censored >Cope >Dilate >Have sex >Aren…[View]
54029605What made you realize we are living in it?[View]
54029304There's this chick that started at my work recently that I keep seeing in the halls. She very q…[View]
54027359How do I stop being a brainlet? I want to get into stem but I'm so fucking retarded it seems po…[View]
54027122At what age do those intense 'butterflies in the stomach' puppy love feelings start to fade? I remem…[View]
54030113Just wanna talk: Anyone here up for a chat, lets talk about what is on your mind, how your day was. …[View]
54029918Post your face when AI destroys all jobs and we are left unemployed and homeless.[View]
54026286Wait... w-why are you breaking up with me?[View]
54028447Ounce of Weed: Is smoking an ounce of weed a month considered heavy use? Asking for a friend[View]
54027019Saw my crush say on her story that there are no cute boys at our school. I've liked her for thr…[View]
54030003Is she still around?: Just went to watch The Honkler 1972 colorized vid on YouTube, and it wasn…[View]
54028267For real, I'm in my 20s and still haven't had a girlfriend. I exercise and try my best to …[View]
54029459https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RHWgqKuUY4A based c-milk teaching us how to get the sideways strange…[View]
54029416Went to a therapist for the first time in 4 years. We spoke for an hour and i felt like we made no p…[View]
54029018>mfw no fat fuck hairy balls long haired bf[View]
54029530I just realised I desperately want to be the coolest person in the world. How do I achieve this? I w…[View]
54029625>tfw you look at yourself in the mirror to get a better feel for how big your penis is when compa…[View]
54029941They all have a boyfriend. Every single woman in the world you could be attracted to has a boyfriend…[View]
54026095>tfw grandma found the cum kazoo[View]
54028581how /when did loneliness fuck you up?[View]
54028060Don't forget that the bottom 20% of women exist Be glad that your not a nigger[View]
54029894>If you ever loved somebody put your hands up >And now they're gone and you're wishi…[View]
54029873Women are way too hard to read... I want to go back to wasting my time playing shitty videogames[View]
54026825This is the story of my tranny experience >rapid cycling bipolar >manic and reading femboi thr…[View]
54028713How do I get a girlfriend if I'm a tranny Hardmode: they can't also be a tranny[View]
54022100I tried browsing reddit for a few days and I have an insane urge to tell all of the faggots that fin…[View]
54029808>tfw just came inside my Chinese gf[View]
54027932>NOOOO BRADU PITTU PREASE HAVE MERCI I didn't know Bruce Lee was so weak…[View]
54028419being a NEET shut-in is the fountain of youth. https://metro.co.uk/2018/01/28/photo-truck-driver-sho…[View]
54026249If women fall for assholes, why are most male mainstream songs beta??[View]
54028082>4 months until 2020 I'm scared bros[View]
54029799post suifuel[View]
54027903anyone else completely unable to smile convincingly at others? >haven't felt real happiness…[View]
54027397I just got a 100% on my first nurse aide written exam. Are you guys proud of me?[View]
54029759Li'l Kodak they don't like to see you winnin' They wanna see you in the penitentiary …[View]
54027621how do you cope with the fact that you're genetic trash?: I personally can't take it anymo…[View]
54028007>be me >live a repetitive, monotonous life >been the laughing stock of my family for years …[View]
54029295Cutehouse: How do I join cutehouse or another HRT disxord[View]
54029572Are normies even happy? Anons here tell me they're just fake happy, but how do you know?[View]
54029575yung bruh is /ourguy/ prove me wrong protip: you can't https://youtu.be/u9Q7A3GPdEs?t=345[View]
54029555Is life a blessing or a curse? I mean, i spent 95% of it totally alone and isolated. And even when i…[View]
54029059DO I GO TO HOSPITAL?: >been years since it happened, still cant feel gentiles >losing my shit …[View]
54026014Is anyone here NOT mentally ill? Can we be friends?[View]
54028633Chubby girls with glasses are a huge turnon for me[View]
54028432Bussy gang rise up[View]
54026268Can we please have a comfy thread for comfy pictures? That would be nice[View]
54029016Bitter females KINDLY FUCK OFF THIS BOARD[View]
54025898why don't you pick up freestyle rap? keeps the robot brain healthy![View]
54028935Only alphas will understand. >Eve Wiley of Dallas learned through DNA testing that her biological…[View]
54029063/Favourites Thread/: mine oreganop[View]
54027600I have to go to my Nephew's first birthday party tomorrow and I'm flooded with anxiety. An…[View]
54028356>25 in 2 months >did not find a gf while getting my bachelor degree >did not find a gf in t…[View]
54021519Robots need fembots. Fembots need robots. Normies will never understand us.[View]
54024871So uh the one guy got out of prison a couple years ago. Are they /our guys/?[View]
54028928>been woken by systematic nightmares the past 4 nights in a row >they are psychological as fuc…[View]
54028891I just found my dad has been calling me a retard to me famil behind my back, I though he always beli…[View]
54028093How much Ionger?[View]
54029160coworker is just gone: >be me >get a job at movie theater because free movies >get hired wi…[View]
54029022>30 year old kv >freshman in undergrad >tfw no girlfriend >walking around campus stunned…[View]
54023762Why haven't you bought a comfy old cottage with internet and enjoy a comfy countryside lifestyl…[View]
54028103Whenever I feel down I just imagine I'm a childs toy from an 80s movie thats been come to life[View]
54029129>spent a whole day searching on the internet for a dear friend of mine, that finished school last…[View]
54026276Any idea of who this girl is? Someone posted a webm of her recently.[View]
54028855When did you come to realize women are our enemy?[View]
54027700My parents couldn't ground me as a kid because I never left the house anyway[View]
54028656How to jump into voice chating if I never did it before and just stay 24/7 home for few years scroll…[View]

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