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49760766Podcast thread: >what podcast do you listen to? >have you ever been on a podcast / owned one? …[View]
49755000I want to die: This just happened literally 10 minutes ago as soon as I woke up and I just wanna fuc…[View]
49759714Hey, little bro, close the door, I'm trying to sleep![View]
49759898Discord Server Oregano: /xxr6q8 Since its about 12am up here in my place I have nobody to talk to,ju…[View]
49760908>off topic thread on /tv/ >300+ shitposts >off topic thread on /a/ >every tells OP to fu…[View]
49760081>therapist wants me to talk about my mother again[View]
49760725How many robots on here are virgins? If so, what kind of woman are each of you looking for?[View]
49760866my fifth shit of the day..i haven't shit in the 4 days leading up to this. all shits have been …[View]
49760748So is b just a trick everyone hears about the b raids and stuff, but really it just porn so they lea…[View]
49753956It's March 1, 2003. Where are you in life?[View]
49758528/britfeel/: Do They Know It's Christmas Time At All Edition[View]
49758145What stupid excuses you used to tell yourself before fully admitting the fact you are an incel?[View]
49760626>be me >be gamer >don't have gf okay how did i do anons?…[View]
49755247*ahem* FUCK WAGIES[View]
49758490For you who play Warframe What's your favorite warframe, primary, secondary and melee weapon? F…[View]
49759616I have never spoken to a women that wasn't blood related in real life outside of a business of …[View]
49760614>b me >b chad >Stacy is pregnant >missionabort.exe >Leave Stacy >Start going on c…[View]
49760587>You're now aware that your oneitis is your distant cousin.[View]
49759544>last tuesday >me and my mom go to chick fi a to get food every tuesday >as we are riding i…[View]
49757439>feel sad >listen to anime song >feel happy Life is good.…[View]
49759405Is there a worse feeling than uncertainty?[View]
49757834>Get called autistic >try to socialize 'normally >talking to this girl for a few messages …[View]
49756425/uni/ General - Final Weekend Edition: >be me >26yo return student >work full-time >only…[View]
49760482>'men don't really care about looks'[View]
49760293is this fuckin real life? he got 10k donated to buy something stupid off the internet the chat will …[View]
49756669Why would you let this happen to yourself?[View]
49760416I did it, now its time for our goodbye: I hope the supreme gentleman is proud of me, now that a fell…[View]
49759244>'women don't really care about looks'[View]
49760390Any reasonably attractive bots here who are utterly unlikable personality wise have any success on T…[View]
49760108ITT Post Robot movies Original[View]
49758730Why haven't you gotten a black girlfriend yet?[View]
49760147Anyone tried the new pokemon? I was thinking of getting the bundle but not sure if it's worth g…[View]
49760214Why is she holding out her pinkie? It's a dick, not a fucking teacup.[View]
49759523is this wrong? think about it logically.[View]
49759674To the anon who recommended 'Onanie Master Kurosawa', thank you very much. It was perfect, comfy, ex…[View]
49758442My sister said she'll let me feel her boobs if I show her my cock.[View]
49760009which of these smells better?[View]
49760198How do I find a female therapist who's going to take advantage of my vulnerability and straddle…[View]
49759509Apathy and Depression are consuming me. The only respite I get is when I smoke weed. I think I'…[View]
49757247What do you think of girls with mild outies?[View]
49760158There's some guy out there that gets up in the morning and says, 'I'm going to steal house…[View]
49759762>make a Tinder profile >feel like shit because I don't belong there with the normies >…[View]
49759457>post my tinder profile pic as me with some drag queen >immediately increase my matches so muc…[View]
49760112Kill all humans. Flood the sewers with their blood and return the planet to the voiceless!!![View]
49759902>One shot at life >born with red hair[View]
49759588I just lost a game of chess where I was massively winning. I punched myself in the stomach so hard …[View]
49759426So we all know Canada is the cheap bargain brand ripoff version of America, but what about Ireland a…[View]
49758388Does anyone else's cum smell like fishfood?[View]
49759965I just want you guys to know I love you and will always care for you, like some kindered spirit drug…[View]
49759878> be me > be 19 > fuck at every party new girls > on the way to be Chad > meet a girl…[View]
49759481How would one tell if a poster is either autistic or actually metally retarded? Would a retard even …[View]
49756688B is for boyfriend Who doesn't even kiss ya![View]
49759795>always tfw no girl >girl shows interest in me >become cold and distant and ignore her What…[View]
49759726>I'm white >physically healthy >not a drug addict >not in debt >not a manlet …[View]
49759029Why is American college-level math education so bad?[View]
49759632When my uncle dies, I will not become a monk for him since I am Christian.[View]
49757457So /r9k/, when are we going to talk about how videogames turn men violent?: Exhibit A: https://twitt…[View]
49758796looks aren't everything: Long one incoming boys >be 23 y/o virgin beta >all my life I…[View]
49757575What will war be like if women are included in the draft?[View]
49758128Look at that this meme l made, post memes youve made[View]
49759621Rampant problem: There is a certain problem with today's females and today's media, one tr…[View]
49759592Hey dudes I went to an MMA event yesterday and got to record the fight if you guys are interested in…[View]
49759580>'Women can't be in-' >'Women can't be vir-' >'no such thing as 'fembo-''…[View]
49758497You're riding on the bus when all of a sudden she sits in the seat next to you. What do you say…[View]
49759022Storytime/Help: >Be me a month ago >The admins of my class decide to do the secret santa dynam…[View]
49759196Come, anon, we are having a swimming competition.[View]
49752114robots which league of legends champion do you like the most?[View]
49759327Are you making minimum wage? Do you want to escape? I just saw this thought I'd share. It'…[View]
49759502Most of what /r9k/ claims about the nature of women and promiscuity is false. /r9k/'s blackpill…[View]
49759048Women by definition are not good looking. It's more about how we are programed to think and hor…[View]
49755631How to stop being obsessed with sex and female bodies?: Pls help me bros, I'm so lonely and hor…[View]
49756254Nyan and Shoe are fighting to the death for your affection. What weapons do they use, and how will y…[View]
49759392>tfw ywn have a dominant gf[View]
49758496>be bored since dog is asleep >decide to stick vacuum hose on my butt hole to see if it can su…[View]
49758079Reminder: though people will hurt you, there are those that will always be loyal.[View]
49757964We met before, haven't we?[View]
49759135the little things in life: >be me >wake up >unexpected snow storm >school is cancelled …[View]
49757899Would you date a girl with an intellectual disability?[View]
49756011Steam is banning Visual Novels: The recently passed SESTA-FOSTA act seeks to punish sex crimes. One …[View]
49756443>women don't live in easy mo-[View]
49758313Just had a fight with my dad on the phone. I told him his opinion about money having nothing to do w…[View]
49757954>day one sober >night falls >mind wholly dwells on drugs >feel so empty God save me. Ple…[View]
49753264>buy an analogue watch for the first time >get annoyed by the ticking >put it on the desk …[View]
49758540Have you ever accidentally seen another man's erect penis?[View]
49758979>Greatness is born and groomed, it doesn't come within. What does this mean? Who would say t…[View]
49757878Idek: >the year is 2030 >be me, atheist britfag >tis christmas time >christmas is prohib…[View]
49755504Are you knowledgeable about anything? it can just be a deep knowledge about something like history, …[View]
49757985>tfw got circumcized about 2 months ago >can't feel Jack shit while trying to fap also on…[View]
49757693Solution to negative tension: >be me >someone thinks of me as a abuser >i actually want to…[View]
49754663mfw talking to a girl on discord and she goes on an autistic rant about traps mfw i wanna one thoug…[View]
49758756Why aren't you confident? Just type 'How to be confident' on YT it'll tell u all…[View]
49757588I think it's safe to say she's our new queen. I'm gonna draw her[View]
49758976someone save me from this literal purgetory that I'm trapped in.[View]
49758704>tfw no kids to fight for custody over[View]
49757768why do women think like this, robots? what is the issue? should this stacy stop going for chads?[View]
49755630If you think about it, birds are artificial lifeforms which form a gridlike panopticon to spy on hum…[View]
49757238why are white men so bald and weak? im in a weekly meeting group and there's 4 white guys and 1…[View]
49755363Non-Normie Music: What are some good non-normie music? I'm tired of listening to guys singing …[View]
49758937Let's post the weirdest fetish art you can find. I'll start >Energizer bunny feet pictu…[View]
49757802Ask a mac user anything.[View]
49753226Robots, would you date her? Do looks matter to you?[View]
49758837>Tfw no gf to make fun of my breasts[View]
49758647anyone else hate dykes?[View]
49757346Is there anything that fucks up your development more than posting on or lurking 4chan before you…[View]
49758486>Getting kicked out by my parents in a month if I don't have a job by then >Gonna get dia…[View]
49758748hey r9k do you horde change. i do jt because it can be a good thing to have if your broke[View]
49758232how do i get a fat gf with gigantic tits?[View]
49758594Some of you guys are alright. Just don't go to earth tommorow.[View]
49754817/britfeel/: we dont care about new OP images we're freaks edition[View]
49757252Does anyone else ever get this feeling of anxiety for no apparent reason? I'll just be sitting …[View]
49757424tick tock wage cuck Enjoy your limited free time while you can, the weekend is almost over and soon …[View]
49758434fuck niggers, kikes, women, crackers, etc.[View]
49758538opinion on ironic memes?[View]
49755905The Dreamlog: ITT: Dreamlog. Describe your most recent dream in greentext form. >Bonus: Interpret…[View]
49757866>Can't go on nightwalks because I have a vagina and I don't want to get raped.…[View]
49758131Jungle Fever: >went out last night with some friends to one of the gay bars we're familiar w…[View]
49758492What level of virgin are you on, anons? I'll tell it with a greentext >be me 13 >playing …[View]
49758062this chad literally beat up his wife on a twitch stream meanwhile you cant even hold hands with a wo…[View]
49758401>dream >walking around with a girl >holding hands >listening to my favorite musics >w…[View]
49756506So Anons, what level are you at? Are you close to leveling up? Will you help build the 4th Reich and…[View]
49755442Do you know anyone famous/semi-famous?[View]
49758082maybe next year right?[View]
49721700Waifu bread: waifuism is beyond numbers edition: image limit reached edition >>49669389 old br…[View]
49753599reminder that a boy will never do this to you[View]
49756322>shopping with mom for Christmas stuff >spot cute albeit a bit chubby girl at the local statio…[View]
49758188I get it now: > be me > have best friend girl. We love each other > not dating cause school…[View]
49758192E-dated someone who lives near me: >we broke up and they e-dated someone even further away >a …[View]
49757355>'Suck my dick, White America!' how do you respond[View]
49758011Cuddling is the practician fetish.[View]
49757991If you've been doing drugs since you were a teenager and still can't dance give up[View]
49758048>be watching porn >'hey, that's a good looking dick' When did you realize you were gay?…[View]
49758101>tfw no base jumper bf[View]
49750167who here /anti-tranny/: >be men >be the physically stronger of two sexes >be the wiser of t…[View]
49757721>be me >be in 6th grade >friend told me to watch something called 'boku no pico' >ok.mp…[View]
49757873fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuck: what do i do i procrastinated too much and now a test is b…[View]
49756036can i get some discord invites. I've finally decided to get a discord account myself[View]
49757656What does r9k think of my video editing? https://youtu.be/jxuO1HZ8vNs[View]
49757999I've been looking at the ads on this site: >they are very site…[View]
49757982So whats changed since 2014? https://section9.neocities.org[View]
49756150how do I get women to look at me like this?[View]
49757895Are tortoiseshell cats stacys or beckys of the cat world? Does Felix thunderbarb like them?[View]
49757771Help: Fellas imma finally do it, ill kiss a girl. 1st time any tips? I have no idea how to kiss…[View]
49757511can I take tranny medication in really low doses to completely heal my hair loss? I also want to be …[View]
49757188Why would anybody who doesn't have a humiliation fetish become a wagie? Any dignified man would…[View]
49754717/r9fit/: Testorone is superior to estrogen This thread is dedicated to helping robots get out of rob…[View]
49756639My parents are getting a divorce, what do[View]
49757279Thinking about moving to Prague or Tbilisi, so here is my question anons of Georgia and the czech re…[View]
49751752Why don't women like being around you?[View]
49757610/kietai/: >be me >doing alone shit >avoid talking to people irl >get lonely >create …[View]
49756987God dammit: >be me >at bros house playin vidya >pubg.flv >Talking about the wii and stuf…[View]
49751475Refugee: What's the best country to go as a refugee Thinking about sacrificing everything for a…[View]
49753742Why can't Western *men* could act like this too? why are we are too preoccupied with watching a…[View]
49757334Rise of the Neet: >The year is 2033 >Amazon and Facebook reach record profits, becoming the we…[View]
497556814chan has convinced me that people with autism need to be either violently trained and microchipped …[View]
49757535>be me >5th grade >play sports and talk to people ffw to my birthday >skip school cause …[View]
49757210Sometimes I wonder how much happier my mom would be if she never accidentally got pregnant with me i…[View]
497574894chan is predictable as fuck. Is that why it attracts borderline aspies?[View]
49757017>ask grandma what she wants for Christmas >she literally screams 'OH ANON PLS DON'T WORRY ABOU…[View]
49754250Do you often get called nice? Growing up I realized that morality is just an excuse for being weak a…[View]
49757108>tfw you were too late to get rich off crypto[View]
49754647>Be me, 13 yo >Just discovered fapping >Drive to supermarket with dad >Wait in car >s…[View]
49757460Gf invited me over to her place while her roommates friends and some manlet were over. It was weird …[View]
49755902>be me >18 yo, your average weeab, social anxiety >additional chem classes, finds 9/10 qt3,…[View]
49755051>tfw no man will ever want to be with you[View]
49757419I fucking hate neets. I'm so jealous to them I can't stand it. They're living the mod…[View]
49753739>tfw ginger should i even try[View]
49757104i hate human kind: I have no idea how to use 4chan but i wanted to share this story guys so today my…[View]
49755696Anymore nude pictures of her[View]
49757340The anti misognyist thread is gone: >tfw it was the only real thread relevant because half the pe…[View]
49757312help me guys: what does non-ascii text mean bruh i just want to post a greentext of my sad story…[View]
49754533Have you ever had sex with a cute Hispanic girl?[View]
49756848>be me >at McDonalds >order Chicken Nuggets and bearnaise sauce >girl at counter looks a…[View]
49756346>night time >have to go to the bathroom >light doesnt work so use phone flashlight instead…[View]
49756948Post pics of your kitchen(if you live alone): Heres mine Doesnt usually look like this but I have ex…[View]
49743477post your stats and then post the worst thing you have done ingame >ghosted my first and only rs …[View]
49757095>tfw WW1 and 2 are directly responsible for culling millions of Chads[View]
49753490Is there anything more pure than the female genitalia? Women are so fucking perfect...[View]
49756257I wish I was Chad enough to climb K2[View]
49756392Why is /r9k/ so full of CRINGEY RIGHT WINGERS all of the sudden?[View]
49756407tods a fucking >nigger -tod[View]
49757060Is nofap all placebo and pseudo science? I didn't even notice negative side effects from fappin…[View]
49753600>daughter doesn't want a Christmas gift from me because she doesn't want anything bough…[View]
49756596Caption this pic of a corpse of a woman with a creepy facial expression at LA County Morgue. Source:…[View]
49753586We all live in a never ending apartment. What should we do?[View]
49756774I was thinking today that to be means to suffer. We cannot dissociate the action of being from the a…[View]
49756113My 5/10 looksmatch is out there RIGHT NOW, having the time of her life, getting railed by Chad, just…[View]
49755342I like too message the same person with my real account and my Chadfish account and compare the type…[View]
49756048Checkers thread: Let's duel. Your move![View]
49756985I'm gonna start crossdressing. Not trans, just as a hobby. Sometimes I like to look like a cute…[View]
49756557Any men here have femorbiters? Have any femanons orbited a man? >Bought food/drinks for him >I…[View]
49754767What if the story of the garden wasn't a history but a prophecy. And the apple, it was an apple…[View]
49755640getting drunk is shit: i'm a drug newfag, ive smoked weed with a dab once and (tried to drink) …[View]
49755596>cashier smiles at you feels Chad man[View]
49756280How much better does life get once I finish high school and move out? I imagine earning some money, …[View]
49756705>live in small town >literally nothing around just snow cold dead trees no people >my town …[View]
49755874>Be me >Be in wheelchair >Be in college >Hire nursing and physiology students to help my…[View]
49756779It is never going to get better. Never.[View]
49755611pic unrelated >get crush on girl in last 2 weeks of semester >ask her out on date >she decl…[View]
49755516I don't understand why robots don't just order brides from Russia. A lot of them are hotte…[View]
49751677What do you think of Asians? Would you be friends with one?[View]
49756758I want to live in the bakugan world so badly: I had such a crush on Juile and I completely love the …[View]
49755503tell how you told something to your therapist and it turned against you[View]
49755896/v/ fags are the worst. Are they even human?[View]
49755039Meet Caps: Femanons, this is Caps, probably the best League of Legends player in the world right now…[View]
49750055/Mental Illness General/ diag'd only: More than one weak stuck into the psychiatric hospital, n…[View]
49755471fuck fuck fuck fuck FUUCKK!! My stupid-ass dog killed one of my moms FUCKING stupid-ass chickens and…[View]
49756521Pepe loves chicken[View]
49754791good morning big sis kathy. i feel like i need to go to the psych ward again.[View]
49756052Femanon here. How do I get my boyfriend to let me lock up his cock ?[View]
49755136Time sensitive question: How do I prove that the burning of BioGas is an endothermic or exothermic r…[View]
49755138Who here have communication problems? It's impossible for me to express myself or or give an op…[View]
49753728Women are LITERALLY and FIGURATIVELY the niggers of gender[View]
49756414>tfw not ded[View]
49752030Escapism into fantasy: Any robots here also tend to escape reality into fantasy worlds? I am 27 and …[View]
49754793Go bed wagie You have work tomorrow[View]
49756386>the 'being alone' meme is starting to get old[View]
49755293This is how your mother feels[View]
49755571How many serial killers or future serial killers use this board every day? (btw, not a cop)[View]
49754771why do normies love dogs so much: >'omg I only swipe right for your dog' >'my doggos are my ba…[View]
49753808r9k's custom energy drink: I was thinking of making my own energy drink. L-theanine and caffein…[View]
49756287>if you look down below in the description, you'll see the download link >first link in t…[View]
49754225>Change my diet so I'm eating less, and focusing more on natural unprocessed foods >went …[View]
49755645>1 chance at life >No autistic neet gf WHY GOD JUST WHY ALL I WANT IS A CUTE NEET GF PLEASE JE…[View]
49756065I just asked my parents if they were talking about me because they were laughing. I didnt expect it …[View]
49754714Why is it so hard to find a job? I've applied to 40 places, all minimum wage tier work like gro…[View]
49754777Indian here. AMA! yes, i poo in the loo. most indian people poo in the loo. The ones that shit on th…[View]
49756211I made money selling nudes of girls and it feels incredibly gay. I made fake accounts of chicks I fo…[View]
49752215ITT we all live in Norilsk, Russia.[View]
49755424How to achieve this look?[View]
49756010Today might be the fucking day boys. Give me some suifuel.[View]
49754932Reasons for browsing [r9k]? desu the whole reason why I guess I started browsing r9k was that I used…[View]
49755384what does loyalty feel like?[View]
49755980>without filters, /r9k/ is slow >so is /pol/ compared to 2 years ago >all of it is spambots…[View]
497556219/10 gays on this board are disgusting sluts and 9/10 straights are pathetic beta orbiters and pussy…[View]
49754577Every virtuous soul inherently deserves companionship. To deny large swathes of the population of co…[View]
49755660Newfag to 4chan in general so apologies if I fuck up the formatting >Be me, 15 >Relatively oka…[View]
49754757>group of like minded men >like minded woman joins the group >men go apeshit over her >g…[View]
49755932What does /r9k/ think about lolita fashion and lolitas in general? No hentai, you fags.[View]
49755432>mfw I masturbated to BBC sissy hypno again H E L P[View]
49755044Typing speed test: Imagine having to actually look down on your keyboard to know which key to press …[View]
49755828why do all the white guys i have a crush on end up being traps?[View]
49755866I dont know why I even pretend to be a robot since Im gonna end up getting arrange marriaged to a vi…[View]
49740023/r9k/ Secret Santa 2018 #40: Previous thread>>49726821 >How does it work this time around? …[View]
49753998Civ V thread[View]
49754913>My one and only Robot friend got a gf Should i just kms?[View]
49755349Hows your no-fap december going fellow robots?[View]
49755087Post mom's[View]
49755633This thread is not about orbiting: If you're rich, but also a loser, is it a good idea to becam…[View]
49753100Why is depression more prevalent in women?[View]
49753900Why is sexual selection by women allowed but rape by men isn't? Why is it okay for women to act…[View]
49755521>tfw met one of my old high school classmates and she turned out to be really hot >tfw rememb…[View]
49755556Lastly I've been feeling my asshole a bit loose. What is happening with me?[View]
49755553procrastination: How many times on average do you say or think something along the lines of >Oka…[View]
49754977>lost my glasses somewhere yesterday in the middle of a rainstorm >can't see anything ove…[View]
49755505so...what are you eating tonight robros? i got some shitty cheap russian spy KGB money laundering fr…[View]
49753648> be autistic weeb for 25 years of my life > finally get a gf but it's not even official …[View]
49755361Look at it this way: if you were born 100 years ago you'd have had sex by this age.[View]
49752577Near death stories: Have anyone here ever experienced a near death experience? Today i was in the wo…[View]
49743891Anyone notice how the trap/gay threads come in waves? It's almost like someone's trying to…[View]
49752179Why did the world lie to me? Hard work and effort does not bring you success and money. It's b…[View]
49755405>he has self diagnosed AVPD[View]
49755402>Switch from virgin mobile to AT&T >See ya later virgins…[View]
49754807>finally get a gf at 30 years old >she is going through my pictures on my phone >anon why…[View]
49749275Is it actually possible to find a girlfriend who wants to turn you into a sissy[View]
49755348WTB cool contact lenses that run on Google hmu[View]
49754718>imagine caring about politics and other normie shit whatever happens to this gay earth happens, …[View]
49753994The game is rigged: Just give up (tys. stands for a thousand/-s)[View]
49754963>tfw constantly worried about becoming a failure, even in senior year of university >Finally g…[View]
49755115food: hey bots am sad. gonna share my favorite recipe because why not. its a simple, easy, and tasty…[View]
49753257Did anyone here lose his virginity in late 20s? What was it like?[View]
49755269this is hell, and wherever hell is i must ever be, for i have tasted eternal darkness and i am damne…[View]
49755261>forgot to set up an installment plan for my semester payments >had to pay everything all at o…[View]
49754995>browse for porn >fap >get high >browse for porn again >fap >get high again Just s…[View]
49755186Accept yourselfe.[View]
49745610How and when did you start browsing 4chan?[View]
49755013>tfw I see a dick in a porn vid that's smaller than mine Is there a better feel than this?…[View]
49754874How do I get NEETBUX in an eastern european country?[View]
49752831My sister has been whoring herself out for the past 5 years or so, and now she's about to marry…[View]
49753402Friendless anons what do you imagine people with friends do together? What would you do if you got a…[View]
49754046Can someone explain why /ic/ is so buttmad constantly? It's not even about art criticism, but t…[View]
49755004>go to the McDonald's down the street >qt cashier recognizes me and says 'oh, hey you!'…[View]
49752237how many times a week do fembots masturbate?[View]
49749919>there's a britfeel on r9k >theres 10 brit generals on /int/ >there's brit genera…[View]
49749160What do fembots think of guys with long hair? I don't mean kind of long, I mean, down to stomac…[View]
49755026>Be me >Didn't have sex since my I lost my gf to an accident 2 years ago >Miss that s…[View]
49754485i really want to kill my self but am not sure. what are my options outside of suicide? it might be o…[View]
49754328Have you ever fought your dad? How did it go?[View]
49753720Over the last 3 years I turned my perfectly normal relationship with my gf into a sub/dom one where …[View]
49746163You walk into your room and find pic related on your bed. Wat do?[View]
49751997>woken up by mom having sex with her boyfriend >again…[View]
49754993I feel bad for girls for not having a penis[View]
49754704>be depressed >eat lots of junk food >mfw not depressed anymore…[View]
49753268What do you like?: I like futas personally.[View]
49754954My brother sucks: >be me >be about 2 months ago > get bed bugs from dumbass brother >tr…[View]
49754664>tfw fat af >tfw bald >tfw look like a bowling pin life is unfair…[View]
49753817Is 2,000 calories a day about right for a 5 foot 7 manlet?[View]
49754602why are there so many traps(ugly men who think they're anime girls afters taking pills) and fag…[View]
49753467Genuinely asking: are all women submissive/sexual masochists? Obviously, some exceptions must exist,…[View]
49754051I'm mentally disabled and my ex bfs grandma does eugenics on them: Title says it all, his grand…[View]
49748964YOU WERE ACUSED OF RAPE: How do you prove to the court that you are infact a virgin?[View]
49751271/britfeel/: Don't let go, you've got the music in you edition https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
49754729I baked you a pie[View]
49751517Not fair: It's weird how happiness is distributed so inequally in the world. I can't even …[View]
49754137>An 88-year-old man who lived in a retirement community consumed 20 to 30 eggs a day. His physici…[View]
49751993>you will never be a twitch streamer aswell as abuse your wife LIVE https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
49754590comfy anime thread right FUCKING now!!![View]
49754096Should I just drop my standards and go for a fat girl? At least the tits are good, and it will cure …[View]
49751281>Tranny are degenerate >Promiscuous woman bad >orange man good >Black people bad >DA …[View]
49754126Confess: What is the most fucked up thing you have done[View]
49754644There are out there in the world people who actually enjoy the company of other people. They enjoy t…[View]
49753343Christmas time is upon us, time for comfy Christmas deco and spirit. Post your comfiest Christmas it…[View]
49753074Why didn't you ask out that cute nice girl? She could have said yes.[View]
49754544>tfw didn't experience japanese school life >tfw not born in Japan…[View]
49754462Worst News Stories of 2018: Hit me with your most depressing News Stories of 2018. New year is comin…[View]
49751183Free Games on Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/231430/Company_of_Heroes_2 https://store.stea…[View]
49751182I would pay a lot of money to have this girl sit on my face for a few minutes.[View]
49754369I for one enjoy large bosoms. What is better anons big ass or big tits?[View]
49754470Cuck thread: >be me, 20 >unifag >assignments hurt my soul >find out i have exam in 6 hou…[View]
49754451Have you ever noticed how many fem'bots' have boyfriend's? It's almost like women who say …[View]
49750957/hag/ - Heterosexual Army thread: We hereby declare war on all fags, you are either with us or again…[View]
49754343Who here /geeked up/?: I'm so high that it got a nigga nervous[View]
49750287im a femcel because im an ugly neet with a roast beef vagina that cant hold a conversation with anyo…[View]
49753858Go Back In Time: >Be me >Immigrant 16yo in 2009 >Stupid, really stupid >Worried I was no…[View]
49753107Are there any good legal drugs other than alcohol?[View]
49739009is it true that no matter how good a wife and mother you are, your husband will eventually cheat on …[View]
49753688>like girl >get to know her a little >get along >try to ask her out on a date >she de…[View]
49754187>have this plastic bird thing that chirps when you get near it >motion sensor probably >i y…[View]
49754180Got in trouble at work for saying 'Family is just a Jewish invention to keep people working stressfu…[View]
49754267>be me >was invited to some party on the weekend >sucked, too loud too many people >some…[View]
49754232This a sad person thread Wife just walked out. Little drunk, not wanting to be cheered up, let'…[View]
49735605>hit >miss pick one[View]
49749592Do women even approach guys and ask them out or are men always supposed to?[View]
49754142Why is this character so popular here?[View]
49749966Rascal Does Not Dream Of Bunny Girl Senpai: How come none of y'all niggas told me Bunny Girl Se…[View]
49752125What do you think of online/ long distance relationships?[View]
49753022How does this video make you feel? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=auVtqQIcQFM[View]
49751307how do i get a trap gf like dis?[View]
49752940Thread for contrarian opinions (beliefs the vast majority disagree with you) on was deleted from /li…[View]
49752825Why did I suddenly start gaining weight when I hit 25 even though I didn't change anything abou…[View]
49750952Wait, do Americans actually follow private broadcasting for news? Do you guys not have publicly fund…[View]
49754063My boyfriend keeps trying to restore his relationships with his old school friends even though they …[View]
49752670>ywn have a masochist gf[View]
49749601>tried fingering my vagina >dont feel a thing Do I need to play some pornographic material t…[View]
49753469does anybody in r9k horde change. i been doing it since i was 6. i have entire closet full of boxes …[View]
49751074/ausfeefees/ general: The americans are asleep lads, what mischief shall I meander[View]
49753803>be fembot >fall for the boipussy meme[View]
49750231I know that frats here in US are full with obnoxious dudebros who only drink and party, while enabli…[View]
49750751Why do you hate women?: I am a woman and I am taking some time out of my Sunday to answer your quest…[View]
49753903>> Get pot brownies last night >> Dealer says they're very strong >> Should h…[View]
49753207Hey bots, has any of you stopped biting their nails? I'm having a hard time, especially because…[View]
49753744>Openly leftist, socialist, even communist threads are made attacking right wingers >This is a…[View]
49751051Who was the most attractive incel to ever live?[View]
49752364I am curing my homosexuality: Currently on lorazepam, piracetam, vinpocetine combo. As soon as it ki…[View]
49753762Why are disabled ''people'' regarded as human? Why do normoids think they deserv…[View]
49751064>want to go to the mall >mfw small >mfw too small for the mall…[View]
49753719>tired of constantly washing and spending half an hour drying my hair everyday and having to get …[View]
49753067Letter thread: Write a letter to a person you are too scared to talk to irl Include initials[View]
49753069snowday /comfy/: >its snowing outside >have the day off work >6-8 inches of snow outside …[View]
49753618Does anyone else miss /r9k/ before it became tranny9k? I feel like there's no where else left f…[View]
49753636I....i had bills...so much bills. For years....every day i was thinking about them. It was eating me…[View]
49753241ITT: things only YOU have done: I lost my virginity to a 62 year old[View]
49753616>tfw you're not sure if you look attractive or not Mens faces are just meh.…[View]
49753484>use earplugs for long time >it's dotted with earwax stains >smell it >smells like …[View]
49753331I was anti social for three years, went to a beach house for 3 days because my brothers friend invit…[View]
49753445Why does a pot of mainstream American music have beta / blue pill lyrics when it comes to relationsh…[View]
49752221Time for a greentext bois. >Be me >At a party that my class put together >Usually introvert…[View]
49753477>be angry at dumb/irrelevant shit all the time despite knowing the world will continue to chug on…[View]
49753261this is the first original image I ever made, on a middle school computer. Do you like it?[View]
49752158>be a flamboyant faggot >gain women's confidence >redirect them from Chad to Robots Yo…[View]
49747073>your pets >the benefits and drawbacks of owning said pets GO…[View]
49751767You're not ugly your just a dumb cunt who doesnt feel like putting any effort into your physica…[View]
49753231Is Casanova proof that you can get laid even if you're ugly The guy fucked half of Europe, even…[View]
4973806025+ GENERAL!: 30+ NEETs edition So how are ya'll 30-year-old and over NEETs doing? Done anythin…[View]
49751139Do you become nervous around little girls?[View]
49752286You don't give limp handshakes, do you?[View]
49737743Go find your sister or brother or someone, tell them 'I love you,' ask for a hug, post what happens.…[View]
49749271i fucking hate ufc i go down to my local pub to enjoy a nice pub lunch and a few beers it's one…[View]
49751810the other day i made a post about quitting kratom: And how I wasn't sleeping more than one or t…[View]
49751211If all women are sluts why wont they fuck me?[View]
49753301>Move to Canada from Hong Kong >Even my new Asian friends here call me a stereotype I'm s…[View]
49751766Why do roasties get so upset so easily?[View]
49751491I was thinking about getting something like this for christmas. Any recommendations?[View]
49753236What if we are all already dead, and this is hell? What if we're going to live this way for the…[View]
49750587FL etc. thread: any anons here who like to fuck around with stuff like fl, reason etc. Also how do …[View]
49749910Do you ever fantasize about starting over? Sometimes I like to imagine moving to some cozy hipster t…[View]
49751186Lazy fucks: Why do modern people demand so much comfort, fun and dopamine? My friend, for example, a…[View]
49750787I'm about to die of boredom[View]
49753115Is it all about confidence, /r9k/?[View]
49748889>school shooter achievements: > it that time again faggots .post a video game >achievement …[View]
49751527This could be you anon, all you have to do is take one little pill.[View]
49750938I got redpilled on the moon landing last night, I can't believe I let myself be lied to like th…[View]
49752857Just bought an electric toothbrush >mfw I feel like a peasant bc I don't know how to use it…[View]
49751840Ask a fembot with chronic diarrhea anything[View]
49752867let's play rock paper scissors you start[View]
49752926someone spread rumors about me like Higgus: the problem is its all other people trolling me and i do…[View]
49752951Autism Thread: >Fill Cofffee maker with water >End up overflowing it >Try to figure out how…[View]
49752978Posting Vivi cooking acorns every day untiI I get a grip on my procrastination and attain a level of…[View]
49752896I need to bitch about something.[View]
49752863Do you like hurting roasties' feelings /r9k/? I remember when I called a Stacy who picked on me…[View]
49750025I just want to ask /r9k/ what they think of this Thanks 1/2[View]
49750343>tfw no saber gf why can't she be real I am going to make this thread every day until I have…[View]
49752773How degenerate do you have to be to buy a 60 dollar porn game?: Imagine someone in a relationship bu…[View]
49749207Is it true that guys prefer innies?[View]
49752754>that fat girl who tries to low key hit on you I might be a 25 year old virgin but I still have s…[View]
49752671Why is my cat a fucking retard?[View]
49752747Was Montesquieu an incel?[View]
49751728How does it make you feel knowing you will never have a girl disrobe in front of you without a secon…[View]
49742611Kinos about justice?[View]
49752362ask a female with schizo ocd and rad anything[View]
49751121[b]The boring thread[/b]: ITT: Boring stuff[View]
49752305Why do we, as species, worry about getting an attractive girl. I dont know about you, but I would ra…[View]
49749908If Trump is such a bad president why is the United States and the free world doing so well under his…[View]
49752119I hate autists: my one of 2 friends with aspergers is really fucking stupid (below 90iq) and I tried…[View]
49748898Why not move to Scandinavia? Also: Comfy.: Nobody pesters you, great social services, long winters w…[View]
49752529> looking at white men on the street Why do I feel so disgusted >looking at white men being fe…[View]
49752525Check out these TITTIES robots[View]
49751204>old ex from last year hits me up >like an idiot, I respond >we start dating again, fall in…[View]
49750678How to be more submissive as a woman? I can't stop wanting to dominate some cute boy but at the…[View]
49752268>share a gregorian chant I like with a coworker >he likes it and searches for a trans-infused …[View]
49752428Short story of my life so far: >be me >with my gf for 3 years >never liked her, never said …[View]
49751070I wish I was like my Waifu.[View]
49751579Ok I'm sorry but who is this Minnie mouse looking bitch?[View]
49751280Had sex with another man for the first time last night. I had used toys and stuff before but he was …[View]
49751901>was bored >looked in a shelf >whatsthat.jpg >an old paysafecard >check the balance …[View]
49751552>be me >5/10 kissless virgin >talking to 7/10 qt in hallway >invites me into her room …[View]
49751832just over 2 years ago i joined a discord group for my country and got in with a group of people from…[View]
49751732>boyfriend complains about my loud snoring >my nose constantly feels slightly stuffy despite n…[View]
49751779The problem with capitalism is that talent is not distributed evenly so economic inequality is an in…[View]
49749850What are the main pros and cons of going ER?[View]
49751700That kid thread yes indeed: >That kid who legit got picked up by other kids and thrown head first…[View]
49751228finna OD on pills and speed: I don't want to be conscious or cogniscient right now. I'm s…[View]
49746484Vocaroo thread: https://vocaroo.com/i/s1qZc76VrH5e Go here to record: https://vocaroo.com/[View]
49749820some Gay shit for you guys: Ive decided to let my best gal friend know that I'm into her. I can…[View]
49752094I've met a lot of great women in my life yet i never want a girlfriend or get married. Such is…[View]
49751994I want to shag a girl.[View]
49749885Is it possible to break an addiction?: I know many people have done it in the past, but I just don…[View]
49751880Story projects thread: Got any story related projects coming along? Post about them in this thread. …[View]
49748161ITT: We unironically try to bluepill eachother: I'll start: There's 8 billion people in th…[View]
49749907>be sub male >be extremely disgusted by the idea of a male being dom i wasn't always like…[View]
49751127How should a girl be to be considered a loli for you?[View]
497515631st time having sex: >Be me, eternal virgin betafag >Don't wanna be virgin forever >Fi…[View]
49751392Sick of this woman shit: Can we just talk about something other than holes? Discuss what other stuff…[View]
49751633>be me 18m slav >friends 18th birthday >decide to drink like crazy because hard times and …[View]
49750630I soon may be forced to become a wage slave. I have a medical assesment due. I suffer from general a…[View]
49750743>Anxiety is real! You are just ignorant and know nothing about mental illness >...…[View]
49748430Depression: I have though about killing myself ever since I was young but to much of a pussy to do i…[View]
49751453https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iicYD9ANFK0 who made this LMAO[View]
49751207When will the suffering end? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ke_C6Vr1eHc[View]
49747619But what kind of girls do Mexican boys like?[View]
49750471>need to get a haircut >way too lazy to go this happens every weekend. why does the prospect o…[View]
49751367Boyfriend, his friend, and I are doing an early Christmas get together since our work schedules conf…[View]
49751470>First part of the poo is rock hard and feels like birthing a sword >Rest of the poo is sloppy…[View]
49750548I'm in Thailand right now doing the SE Asia sex binge like I said I would in a thread around 2 …[View]
49751122Literally this tik tok shit is chock full of Asian cutie 413s https://youtu.be/kND_gEwlZZI[View]
49751335https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ljExTEPNFnM ITT lanklets getting BTFO by superior manlets[View]
49750689this place has fallen, it's overrun with normies and failed normies alike where is another plac…[View]
49750481>>27 years old CS student >>popped an adderall at 6am to fix fucked up sleep schedule …[View]
49750880i have crippling social anxiety. i met an old school friend yesterday on the street. havent seen hi…[View]
49751031I feel empty,even if I shouldn't. Depression thread.[View]
49748156You have the power to make 5 words disappear from the english language. Which ones would you kill?[View]
49751290Smart Off: Ready for a smart off? The one who knows the fancies words wind. Rules: >It needs to a…[View]
49743971/britfeel/: real robots (tm) edition[View]
49748945I don't sleep anymore.[View]
49750120BONE CHILLING PHRASES: >what do you like to do? >what are you into?…[View]
49750017Nothing entertains me anymore: >books >vidya >TV >movies Am I growing up? I just got my …[View]
49751156>tfw normie tries to argue politics or social viewpoints with me but I don't actually believ…[View]
49750572Who else here forever alone, because of that you are a mentall ill freak?[View]
49750879>few years ago i was afraid to post on 4chan because i though you were some kind of badasses hack…[View]
49750641>used to make fun of incels like eliot rodger for being immature manchildren psychotic retards …[View]
49750960whats wrong with me: I cant connect to anyone on an emotional level and i have trouble speaking to p…[View]
49748539>'oh hey anon, Im your new neighbour! wanna go for a run? :)' your response?…[View]
49750825Confirmed iq 69 here. I tried to read the great gatsby and gave up on page five after half an hour.[View]
49749583I need to buy a new seat, where can i find the most comfy one. Which kind of seat is the best for th…[View]
49749692Should I just be burned at the stake, anons?[View]
49750608What keeps you from doing pic related?[View]
49750896Go to Youtube Japan region and bring back some weird shit[View]
49750733Tomorrow is my birthday... and I don't really care. Have never cared, yet my parents like every…[View]
49750851I ain't slept in three days[View]
49748537i need some rare apu apustaja's. post your rarests apu you can find. pic not related[View]
49750835>my first best friend was Jewish >his family included me in his Hanukkah tradition and didn…[View]
49750823>being white >living in a majority white country Imagine being unable to get laid when you…[View]
49748459I cant take it guys. I want to be touched,theres nothing in this world id like more than that. I wan…[View]
49749223>tfw no Kumiko gf life is endless suffering[View]
49749434I need ocular implants can anyone help out[View]
49749580daily reminder that 2D is pig disgusting the artists make it so they manipulate the viewer into thin…[View]
49749156Just found out my unattractive guy friend has never been in a relationship. Should I inform the auth…[View]
49749867>be me >24yo >virgin i found a cute escort, should i pull the trigger and be done with it? …[View]
49749562>tfw glassescuck FUUUUUCK I wish I had decent eyesight[View]
49750364>Hi I'm a 6 foot '5 musclebound multi millionaire successful actor and athlete and peop…[View]
49747115wave titan and pewdiepie have caused so much damage to this board that its irreperable.[View]
49749018Daily reminder that planting trees cures depression[View]
49748594How do I get off my soda addiction. The sugar has raped my teeth and caused so much acne. I want to …[View]
49749027I can't stop hating women. How am meant to have children ?[View]
49747458Imagine the first few hours of a nuclear war. What would be the soundtrack? My submission : https://…[View]
49750217You better start coping already: You know that time is coming[View]
49750162>Hurrr the women are telling you what's wrong with you, fix it. >Lose fat, can BP my body…[View]
49750326what were robots during the napoleonic wars? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2M0Xmw0evSI[View]
49750318I've been playing a Trial Demo my entire life.[View]
49750177Here we go...: What do you do in a social situation when a group of normies expects you to hit on an…[View]
49749997What do I reply? I mean she was already obviously disinterested after her bland 'Hahaha' and refusal…[View]
49750156If you want a virgin gf then just convert to Islam habibi[View]
49750022When did you first realize that the fascists were the good guys? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Isq…[View]
49734853>discord friend hints that he's altright >block him who else does this…[View]
49748729Posting an update to a story I posted a couple weeks ago about a robot that perservered through auti…[View]
49750170Was anyone else here in special education? How has your life turned out since then? >tfw ADHD…[View]
49748781Has anyone heard of the Transparentist movement? Some people in an IRC chat I frequent were talking …[View]
49750089>she It's not a she! They're not a chick, they got a dick and it's GAY!!!!…[View]
49750056lads if you stopped being hedonists and chasing pleasure you wouldnt be experiencing most of the hur…[View]
49749019>born in cold shitty small town >literally coldest saddest weather on earth >no people aro…[View]
49749598Is there anything more evil than having a kid and purposely making it fat? 40-60% of fat kids stay t…[View]
49749563The whole time we were together she had probably already been fucking other dudes anyway.[View]
49744941tell me what a day with you looks like, anon. are you satisfied? >wake up >take my meds >ex…[View]
49748115How do you kill yourself? I mean, how do you actually get the balls to do it? I'm to pussy to d…[View]
49749870>got addicted to another shitty mobile game[View]
49746592>schizophrenic >Stopped fapping because I hear my mother's voice in my head telling me to…[View]
49749578i think i have an actual rape fetish i generally barely get horny but the thought of a man taking ad…[View]
49747823>''fem''bots are just like robots but female! daily reminder that foids have it easy…[View]
49747251You guys ever been to a rave or concert before? You can grope/grind with girls really easy. Some are…[View]
49748267>tfw always fucking hungry and never eat anything good for me because it takes too long Vros, I j…[View]
49749494>literal coordinated raid on the board planned by roasties holy shit lol…[View]
49747843/our guy/ just got convicted of first degree murder and will likely end up dying in prison. Why does…[View]
49749370what is the appeal of relationships i've never loved anyone outside of my family but that'…[View]
49749292I have this disease where I can only communicate with people using memes what is it called?[View]
49748851Anti female/beta cuck thread.[View]
49749313Women of my race ignore me. Should I just settle for a sheboon?[View]
49746815Euphoria of the female ass: Has anybody else here ever experienced this phenomenon I've come to…[View]
49747562i wish my penis was bigger ffs IT'S WHY I'M A LOSER, IF I HAD A BIG BBC THEN I WOULD BE LO…[View]
49747702>get an iPhone >girls actually respond to my texts now What the fuck They actually do hate see…[View]
49749648Please plant a tree and stay hydrated to be your best you boys.[View]
49749676>I am a meninist[View]
49747122How the fuck do I get the attention span to actually read academic shit? I want to shoot myself ever…[View]
49747771>Say something stupid >Mildly confuse someone online >Start laughing really hard Why am I s…[View]
49743260Question for anons that lost their virginity past 21 years old. How did you lose it? What was the ex…[View]
49743206/sg/ - Sissy General - Esports Edition: Playing games for money and sucking cock for fun Resources: …[View]
49745021Play League of Legends with me on NA, please. My name on there is Jew Compounder. I will PAY you to …[View]
49748527This shit don't add up: >is a white guy >gets red pilled >gets friends including a bla…[View]
49749575I need to get recruited by the FBI ASAP for my job. That way everyone in my life thinks I got a job …[View]
49748587Chris Chan is satan.: Chris Chan represents all deadly sins: Lust: Chris Chan has always gone after …[View]
49749457are there any women that can actually make logical sense in arguments?[View]
49746415/r9k/ is...: /r9k/ is not for gays, but traps are okay right? I assume Femboys are, also...? I think…[View]
49749486Hey guys I posted two nights ago with this photo asking for help with sex and relationships. I'…[View]
49748793Guys my boss just called me and told me that I've fucked up BIG TIME and he's right. I jus…[View]
49749408Is there any other apps to get girls. I failed on tinder. Is IRL the only way?[View]
49747402ls she right?[View]
49747533Why has communism killed so many people? My grandfather's home was stolen and he died of a hear…[View]
49749041People who want me to plant trees, I hope you choke on an elephant dick whilst a zebra tears your as…[View]
49748407There is no fucking love to be found on this earth. No woman my age is capable of truly being a best…[View]
49749289are men all violent murderers deep down?[View]
49749227Seriously guys did you know that [;smyomh ytrrd not only cures depression but it also stops migrants…[View]
49746605>be me >go on youtube >called some dumb anon a nigger >post disappears a second later Th…[View]
49749336NEET thread: good 'ol NEET thread people doing shit with their lives and high school zoomers fu…[View]
49745187How do I find someone who genuinely cares about me as much as I care about them?[View]
49749320electronic harassment: ive been electronically harassed for almost 5 years now i was homeless when i…[View]
49748583i am a mentally ill female and a virgin, never had a bf only had a gf for half a year have never bee…[View]
49748795I'm gonna try shaving my vagina for the first time in months. Wish me luck anons[View]
49746526Day 66 of hormone therapy. Got my second laser hair removal session on my face, I feel so smooth. I…[View]
49748820Anyone else do desperate for human interaction that they talk to cam girls and try to become friends[View]
49747743Normies are unnecessarily negative: Do you ever have a hard time connecting to normies because all t…[View]
49749178this is yor average fembot bait post: This image is literally only used for bait. Also... stop TELL…[View]
49747864/R9K/ feels thread Thread theme: https://youtu.be/oHA7DCw4tU8 Post sad images, sad music (no sadclou…[View]
49748361Hey robots how have you been doing recently? Feeling sad? Happy? Anxious? Tell me what's been g…[View]
49749177>up early sunday morning >see a roastie out jogging >probably trying to shake all of chads …[View]
49747634feels thread ? i mean ig: >obligatory not robot like you fags but whatever >obligatory also fi…[View]
49748075>faggots on grindr are the only people that talk to me >I don't even use real pictures an…[View]
49748737>ywn go back in time and exterminate your high school classmates[View]
49749104There are people destined to die alone, and you're probably one of them.[View]
49748513https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KKaJhQBusH8 daily reminder that without trees native europeans liter…[View]
49748628>tfw you're a big dumbass[View]
49747883How can I kill my libido completely? I'm tired of being a slave to my dick. I'm tired of f…[View]
49748984>be me 23 >unifag >like a girl, but don't know how to approach >got into student un…[View]
49748861Would what you do if a hot Puerto Rican or Dominican girl wanted to ride you until you finished? The…[View]
49743023i hate fat girls. women literally have 1 job, be cute. its not difficult. WHY ARE YOU FAT. WHY???? …[View]
49746645What am I doing wrong /r9k/ >be me, 20 >solid 7.5/10 with attractive hobbies and good social s…[View]
49748509I'm going to uni next year and I haven't spoken to girls in like 5 years since I went to a…[View]
49748664Just want to brag that I was the one who made this meme. Have any of you anons made any based frogs …[View]
49746433How do l get rid of acne?[View]
49746643Let's all relate over a nice warm cup of '2018 sucked' >be me > work full time as apprent…[View]
49748139Do NEETs really need their own bedroom?: There should be a law that if someone is NEET, they should …[View]
49748471I want a pet but I can't even look after myself. Is a fish a good pet?[View]
49746698Why is this album so good bros?[View]
49747530Taco bell or MC Ds: On patrol i have six dollars left pick one for me i leave in 6 minutes[View]
49747953sleepy you're a damn coward and i regret ever getting attached to you. I know you lurk here and…[View]
49743412be me: Have you ever been ASKED OUT on a date with a girl? Was she ugly?[View]
49748455one day I hope I can find someone to leave this world with[View]
49743187The gang's all here. This is my family.[View]
49747896Why don't you turn to religion if your life sucks? Think about it: >Will never be lonley sin…[View]
49748699Here are some ways to combat different types of normalfags The youtube greentexter: mention anything…[View]
49748185Meme history: Do any of you older robots have knowledge on the hsitory of pic related meme?[View]
49747607I fucked a tranny and I feel gross and regret it.[View]
49747640>tfw no non slut best friend bf[View]
49747839pokemon say their own name...it's so fucking dumb.[View]
49748551I'm not sure if I have a mature hairline or a receding one. I started looking at it from 20. No…[View]
49746438>be me >have two siblings >two sisters >sister 1 is 12 years older than me, sister 2 is …[View]
49745872was the 2 world war the pic of male civilitization?[View]
49748358When a real autistic guy says he has assburgers it makes me think I don't have assburgers[View]
49748446i just spilled a shitton of milk all over my keyboard spent 5 minutes wiping milk out of it and it …[View]
49748172>tfw no permavirgin robot 'boyfriend' who I get to treat like a pathetic child and make…[View]
49747279Final exams week: I've been stressing these past few days over this one final that i took on th…[View]
49747277>tfw you will never have a Nagatoro to bully you[View]
49747057I'm starting to doubt I will ever find a woman that I love Most women are boring and the only o…[View]
49748044You ever feel like relying on anyone but your self is always going to fail?[View]
49747187Q:uestion: It is I. Q. The Question. Kneel before me for answers of your modern political world…[View]
49745077What are robots favorite beers? My middle of the road beer for my finical situation is Yuengling lag…[View]
49747101are video games bad and a waste of time?[View]
49744494Who is she? I must know. My life depends on it.[View]
49748151Threads that weaken you ie sissy gay shit is allowed but natsoc stuff is not Im understanding now wh…[View]
49748177>It's about time to sleep >have to wake up and go to work again Weekends are just too sh…[View]
49747658normie gay roommate came home this sat night hysterically crying and throwing up. im currently comfy…[View]
49748145jp girls bread: There are actually people who unironically believe that the white race has the prett…[View]
49746981As much as I hate to say it most people would do the same thing wheather they be male of female[View]
49748016>tfw 2162 images in reaction image folder[View]
49747834Why do some people treat nice/helpful people like shit? They'll rag on those people, but will b…[View]
49746282>be me >in uni >do good in classes >go to physical chemistry class >sit behind a soli…[View]
49747609Profiting on normies: Who was the first robot to realize normies like the idea of Chan but don'…[View]
49746885post height & weight: I am 5'5 103 Ibs[View]
49747948my microwave beeped but it scared me[View]
49745691For me, Stoli. I looked up how to pronounce >Stolichnaya but youtube is as useful as a shit laden…[View]
49747152Please excuse me while I relay you this faggotry: After years of isolation I have finally developed …[View]
49747791>only sleep like 4 hours last night >have an 8 hour shift at my theater job >hit my second …[View]
49747684Monastic life for robots: Has anyone here tried going to a Benedictine monastery and become a monk? …[View]
49745321tumor: Does anybody else have rows of tumors on their dick? It makes me self conscious to no end. D…[View]
49747192Morning View: Have you robots ever listened to this perfect album? This is literally the only album …[View]
49745190>At the bar drinking alone just trying to relax. >The shitty bar dj actually plays something g…[View]
49747051Does anyone at this university want to be my friend?[View]
49747817Not doing too well, Robots: Strap in boys. Long story >Meet girl on here. We click >Lives 10 m…[View]
49747580Just in case you didn't remember: >You are worthless. >You will die alone. >Your petty…[View]
49747274sad pictures thread: Post whatever makes you feel sad, melancholic etc[View]
49739988What do y'all niggas even listen to?[View]
49744803What is a term for a guy who persistently tries to game, get numbers, hit on, online date, go on dat…[View]
49746749THOT=PATROLLED: >Be dumb white >Go backpacking alone to 'find self' >Go to New Ze…[View]
49747732>Try OkCupid >Super cute girl messages me >Get excited that I might ascend >She seems fa…[View]
49746149>some people are unironically having sex right now Why is it so surreal to me?…[View]
49747691I'm excited bros: I have a football (soccer for you faggots) match today and i have to leave in…[View]
49746406Is the Age of the Thot coming to a close? >Facebook's bans sex talk >Tumblr bans porn…[View]
49745234Do you ever just talk to average people and think how fucking retarded they are? Do you ever see wha…[View]
49747234>Be me at a local RPG game shop in town that i hang out in a couple times a week >Really cute …[View]
49747595>late 90s >was a 4'8' skinny kid >wanted to reach 100 lbs because I thought that would…[View]
49745538where can i find a robot that plays FGO to sit in a comfy discord call and play it while we talk abo…[View]
49746757'that kid' thread: >that kid who brought his laptop to school and played Counter-Strike in the ba…[View]
49747496>trap lovers BTFO[View]
49742682>come home from shift at Dairy Queen >12yo sister is watching Family Goy and doing Fortnight d…[View]
49747467>be me >addicted to vidya >social outcast on the brink of suicide >give an entrance exam…[View]
49747346>watching some COPS style tv show >stop a woman who's known to shoot up heroin >she…[View]
49747202I finally understand /r9k/ The day when I kill myself will be the day I'll reunite with my waif…[View]
49747400what causes people to kill their spouses? divorce? infidelity? insurance? just rage?[View]
49742088>Alright, Femanon, before we do anything I'd like you to sign this Consent Form in triplicat…[View]
49746674Greentext thread?: Greentext thread? I better not see any of you shits posting this on Reddit. >b…[View]
49744048I am pretty sure I am fucked. I am pretty sure I am going to die alone, with no one to mourn me. But…[View]
49746914Autism World: Do you think the world would be better if everyone had autism?[View]
49747368The jews are why I don't have a gf. Prove me wrong. Protip: You can't.[View]
49747126I'm curious what the genesis of the lookism/looksmaxxing subculture was. It seems to have compl…[View]
49746799How do i stop my onenitis from becoming a thot?[View]
49746379>parents still think I'm straight[View]
49746973just where __does__ the time go /b/ros?[View]
49747254its snowing and my cat is missing he always spends the night on my couch or the guest bedroom but he…[View]
49747253Any other based ex-robot South Asians here?: >mom said once I graduate from uni and get a job she…[View]
49746727TO: RACIST FROG: STOP. Sincerely, humanity.[View]
49746610Knowledge Thread: Post your most bigbrain plays[View]
49746691You wanna know what is fucking crazy about this sub? Is that it's exactly like a prison. We are…[View]
49747071>be me >get a haircut from a new girl >she's really really cute >when she bends ove…[View]
49747075>tfw you graduate from your all-boys boarding school soon I-I'll be around girls soon!…[View]
49746366Cummie undies: Pre-came on the bus today[View]
49747159I hate you guys >used to mock orbiting threads >had dream of Crispy last night >she cuddle…[View]
49746288Commies deserve death. Change my mind.[View]
49745343How many years until we're able to significantly improve the IQ of a living human being?[View]
49746732about to try smoking weed for the first time anons. it's like 3 grams, and from what i know, th…[View]
49746566I have a irrational hatred & fear for: I have a irrational fear of weeaboos, feminists, bronies,…[View]
49744914Give me a girlfriend right now or he gets it[View]
49745882>tfw 22 >already old man mode >working a nature park job, plan on doing it for rest of life…[View]
49745946Picked a lock: This happened like 10 minutes ago >be me >bored as fuck and hungry >want foo…[View]
49745954/r9vape/: 3rd edition!: Do you guys like vape tricks? Favorite tricks? Favorite mods? Juul or no juu…[View]
49746938>be me >go on date with this girl >meet her parents and siblings >one of them has severe…[View]
49746775I just pulled this out of my belly button. wtf is this mucus? tiny bit of blood in it[View]
49746297what do I do if im trapped in an evil shitty cold small town and its ruined my life and every time I…[View]
49744789Anime Recommendation Thread: People post what they're looking for and there MAL/tracker and peo…[View]
49746857>Filtered threads: 4 >Hidden threads: 24[View]
49746673Should I replace porn with a fleshlight?[View]
49746855Halp plz: Hey bots am tired Wat do??[View]
49744977Woman are property[View]
49745098Guys I found another leaked pic of Chaotic[View]
49746033>tfw you write out a long post and the fucking thread's gone This happens way too often. Why…[View]
49746826>severe social anxiety >isolate myself for years because it protects me >end up as lonely a…[View]
49745183romance anime is the most depressing thing if your desire for something special with someone is a st…[View]
49746811>be me >6th grade normal height kinda chubby even tho I do alot of outdoor shit >fag virgin…[View]
49746697tard wrangler stories thread. >be me >be 500lbs m'goodboy >mommy wont bring me tendies…[View]
49746192I really fucked up: >be me >introduce friend to my crush I've been chatting to for weeks …[View]
49746786I'm a retard: >be me >Don't know how to make the text green >gonna get mocked by …[View]
49746668I need help, anons: >be me >6'0 negro >get a gf >she cares for me >she's a …[View]
49746579Finns are the master race prove me wrong[View]
49746696Help frens my only frens how do I become normie and successful I need help help ples I have nothing[View]
49745897>tfw no other asian friends on discord How do I cope bros[View]
49744197What are you waiting for anon? Quick, suck me![View]
49746522>do arrow >text made green >mfw…[View]
49746565>read that there was a huge increase in suicides in my small city this year >feel kinda happy …[View]
49744288hey robots should i sleep? first person with trips decides[View]
49746295How do I make my vagina perfectly smooth with no signs of hair? Is there a cream for it?[View]
49745365Shaving: What the fuck is wrong with my beard? Any time I shave I get disgusting bumps on the atypic…[View]
49746004Is there a pretty much a 100% chance that humans will eventually go extinct at some point? What lies…[View]
49743434'Hey principal Anon how has your week been treating you?'[View]
49746491scared of the dark?: everytime i get up to take a stinky pee im always so scared my heart starts rac…[View]
49744592Why do zoomers have it so easy? >tfw mommy gf will never forcefeed you while playing fortnite mob…[View]
49741110You're not really smoking pot again, are you anon!? OMG what a giant fagit![View]
49744228Caption this pic taken at morgue of strange expression on dead woman's face[View]
49739289I deserve a bf: >I'm asian >I'm young >I'm physically fit >I'm not …[View]
49745763Got rejected again lads. When does the ride end.[View]
49745485kathy oneesama sleep tight[View]
49746392>always hide what a really feel >always want to talk to someone honestly >doesnt because im…[View]
4974470425+ thread: >25 years old >live in my apartment alone >dont do anything except work, vidya …[View]
49744729Why are guys supposed to be the ones making girls laugh all the time? In literally every interaction…[View]
49746106Would you date a girl with an ugly nose or should I get a nose job?[View]
49746360music to listen to while high thread for some reason i really like 'its oh so quiet' by bjork when i…[View]
49745165how long do you last anons? >tfw 20 sec any advice for lasting longer?[View]
49741471Real talk, how does one get a white non-trap boyfriend?[View]
49746028'that kid' thread anyone? >that kid who broke a urinal >that kid who pissed on the wall of the…[View]
49745836can you smell like precum from edging too much?[View]
49745144I will destroy this board and all manbabies who inhabit it![View]
49746296>See '4chan' >Think funny and scary >Oh no it's bad thing Y'all are real funny…[View]
49744638/steamfeeIs/: >another whole year went by with no friends to play vidya with…[View]
49745604Why are obese people inherently disgusting? I understand the issue of maybe a thyroid issue, but the…[View]
49746261/Death General/: hows life? vent about what you want. black pills welcome[View]
49745711to those spending your saturday nights browsing 4chan how was your day?[View]
49744213Friday night drinking thread: What are you guys drowning your sorrows in tonight? For me, it's …[View]
49745647>be me outside the theatre after seeing a play >calling uber >a homeless woman approaches m…[View]
49745674>need experience to get job >need job to get experience what do?…[View]
49741577This is what I call a 'mercenary meme' or 'merc meme'. A meme that has been painstakingly designed …[View]
49746137>text girl >they respond It's such a great feeling…[View]
49745795My roommate ate my fucking Tim Tams. Not just one or two, the entire packet. I didn't have a si…[View]
49745941>Be me >22 years old Italian >Having lunch with family and some relatives on December 8th …[View]
49744760Now that the dust has settled, can we finally admit he was a robot?[View]
4974560018: I'm 18 right now. Am I supposed to do something special?[View]
49746078Obsessive Love Disorder: Has anyone else had this for an extended period of time? I've had it f…[View]
49744006Catholic Robots: Any Catholic robots? I feel like I want to return to the Church. I think I may have…[View]
49743244Why do I hate having body hair so much? I almost throw up looking at my body hair and have to shave …[View]
49745860I have tiny peen[View]
49746026>start college >become friends with an Indian girl in the first week >meet her dorm, they…[View]
49744094>tfw no overbite 80's gf[View]
49745617>be me >mommy came home from store >wait for her to unload the groceries and for her to hav…[View]
49744814Does /r9k/ like animals?[View]
49745235What little thing made you smile today, anon?[View]
49745576Alone. TV in the background. No light at the end of the tunnel. Trying to tell myself I might feel l…[View]
49745963>be me >autistic beta virgin >sister plays volleyball >go to her game with parents >m…[View]
49742958wat 2hu wud u fug?[View]
49744513Centaur: How does /r9k/ feel about Centaur women? A centaur wife would be great, but there are some …[View]
49722516how is this fucking fair? how are we smaller dudes supposed to compete?[View]
49744159How do I get a Boston gf?[View]
49745845>Be me. >Be 21 years old >There's this really cute girl I've liked for a really l…[View]
49745842Yeah im an incel (intentional celibate) ;)[View]
49745834>tfw no kinky femanom to hold my keys and masturbate on cam for me while I'm denied even tha…[View]
49741039>tfw no gf can we just get a quick feels thread goin[View]
49745035>and so i said, that little girl isn't my daughter, she's my wife!…[View]
49745493How can I stop thinking about sex?[View]
49743518When something's in your mitochrondrial,: I got a fucked up disease bots. It's hard to de…[View]
49745471Normals literally have to go out and find problems while i sit here rolling around in fire. Am i to …[View]
49744059/nightwalk/ thread: Time for a /nightwalk/ thread -- just snowed edition Any other robots going for …[View]
49745566My friend anally devastated my mind: >be a 5/10 20 year old virgin, may look 7/10 if I fix proble…[View]
49737458My wonderful imouto Karen[View]
49745316Why is it my dad who is really effeminate in nature was able to get with my mum who is a very strong…[View]
49742489My sister's black boyfriend said he will help me find a gf because 'we bros and bros gotta help…[View]
49743475should psilocybin (magic mushrooms) be legalized?[View]
49742703>talks at a perfectly normal volume. >people still can't hear me.…[View]
49745681Do you have a emotional connection with this son? I do >be at highschool football game where we a…[View]
49745676>be me just now >downloaded CS:GO a while ago >finally start playing >have my laptop…[View]
49743081>ywn be a girl fuuuuuuuuuck[View]
49745621everything matters: hey guys first time poster here sad(not really) to say it will be my last IMA F…[View]
49742840Where were you when you finally realized women were the enemy?[View]
49742231Thoughts on black people?[View]
49744407Hello anons, I want to know who wants to play chess. I'm not the best, but I enjoy a good game …[View]
49743820Who here has never been to a party? I haven't .[View]
49744663If you could change one small thing about your life, what would it be? >small means no becoming a…[View]
49743912>tfw finally moving out[View]
49744492Who has more range in what they are attracted to, men or women?[View]
49745433/wg/ - Wagie General: Bad days edition: >Be wagie >Work at Little Caesars >Busting my ass o…[View]
49736886This is YOUR reality: What is actually stopping you from doing what you want?[View]
49745419I feel like shit robots, I should be happy, I have a good life by all merits, but I can't enjoy…[View]
49736611Fembots, did you enjoy being molested?[View]
49745112>be wageslave >work with lots of qt girls >one of them is around 27 or 28, but looks 21 (it…[View]
49744547I want to make love to a fembot[View]
49745180This is robert hoge. He was born incredibly deformed and is an amputee yet he got a wifey and reprod…[View]
49745361>spend years self isolating and numbing emotions >try to reverse the process but you're j…[View]
49745340>music which embodies utter despair and contempt for all material being, but still retaining the …[View]
49740896>tfw no tweener bf[View]
49744221Robots, what do you think of this guy's answer of 80-20 dating statistics for apps/websites? Is…[View]
49745287Why do africans love china so much?[View]
49745242I fell for the having a girl as my best friend meme. Can tell she doesn't want to fuck me. Am d…[View]
49743192The NPC Question: Was the NPC meme originally used to symbolize liberals or did poltards adopt that …[View]
49745213i'm never alone because i have myself: every mortification and the subsequent anxieties i'…[View]
49745090>rejected by a classmate in college >FWB ghosting me out of nowhere >girl that i was dating…[View]
49740555Dream thread: Tell me about your dreams /r9k/. For the last 2 months or so I've been having a r…[View]
49743208anyone wanna read something I wrote? The Code Files. Please let me know if the character seems alrig…[View]
49744507Got a match in Tinder this morning I wrote immediately, it's night now and there's no repl…[View]
49745091>having good sex with a trap >she moans in her man voice >mfw…[View]
49744313>You will never live in the big city >You will never go to Star Bucks with your friends and tr…[View]
49744673Please cheer me up: Not too long ago I was rejected by my crush , I accepted it and moved on. But re…[View]
49744216>genuinely have no hatred or malice in my heart toward any group of people who arent inherently t…[View]
49744957Say Hi!: This is Felicity, say something nice about her. Plx no h8.[View]
49744975i hate the real world: the source of my strife is that which binds me to the real world, lacerating …[View]
49744963>tfw no senator gf[View]
49744550One of my chickens is anemic and she might die.[View]
49744935should i stop smoking weed? Im so fucking sad if I dont but my constant indulgence puts me in a fog.…[View]
49743500Prostitutes are a much better ROI than relationships: Pros of hiring a prostitute: >often good lo…[View]
49743779Balding: Balding robots, are there any treatments you guys have used other than hormones that stop t…[View]
49742879Fuck, google can be so useless sometimes. Robots, should I drink my wine before vodka, or the other …[View]
49744696why are anime girls so popular? is it a sign of anything when you see a person using one as a avatar…[View]
49743866Masturbation: Do you think of someone in particular when you jerk off? Does somebody come in mind? D…[View]
49744172This guy fucking threatened my friends year old daughter.: Amazing, I get we anons hate Facebook but…[View]
49742502>tfw no deviantart gf who draws herself as a sexy cat with a big but fuck it hurts so much bros…[View]
49742623Is this what most hard-science professors are like, robots?[View]
49742965TFW NO BF aaaaAAAAAAA[View]
49744756nigger stole my bike finals on monday 2 hour walk to campus fuck niggers lynch them all REEEEEEEE[View]
49744654Why is the trans thing pushed so hard?: Why has transgenderism been elevated to such a high place on…[View]
49743907How do I reason with my parents: >be me >proud user of piss jugs and shit buckets >parents …[View]
49742024I wonder if she has found a bf yet?[View]
49744606digsjhcftttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttckhhhhhhhhhhhhhvtyk uyvt ittt vuiv vuiiiiii…[View]
49744427Is 4chan a unique thing to this particular era in human history, or does every epoch have its own se…[View]
49744657Why does anyone use any other meme format: Seriously. > Can have as many or as few points as you …[View]
49744173Why does sex feel extra good in the morning?[View]
49743787>Muster the courage to finally get an escort and lose v card >Try to put on a good face and no…[View]
49744611>tfw newfag, but quickly adapted >thw when threads consistenly get over 10 replies So this is …[View]
49743655What are you waiting for anon? Quick, fuck me![View]
49739028suicide by poisoning: what are some easy to get, relatively painless chemicals i can use to kill mys…[View]
497445836 years ago, millennials were joking and shitposting about how zoomers growing up then were going to…[View]
49742783Why do women only care about sex these days? Ever girl I've met at college just wants to fuck. …[View]
49744479Name something more cringeworthy[View]
49744562So can we agree this is the perfect robot game? You can even beat up feminists. https://www.youtube…[View]
49741633I'm 25 and have no job experience, my parents are old as fuck and probably don't have much…[View]
49727697/r9gay/ - #531: glasses bf edition last: >>49708395[View]
49743931TFW NO BF MMMMnnmNMNmmnnmnNMM[View]
49744328Girls can't be robots: >hello fellow 'fembots' >i'm super lonely (and certainly don…[View]
49744114I cannot stop thinking about fuckong this glorious material. Anybody relate?[View]
49744208Traps: This is you in your 30s. Good luck not killing yourself. Love, Everyone normal[View]
49743947Do young women and their egos need to get strangled or what?[View]
49744237Robot Evasion: Welcome to your daily Robot Evasion thread. As always, post ONE WORD replies only. No…[View]
49744220Greentext thread - times that you have found urself in danger or fucked up immensly >be me >li…[View]
49743649Alright, i've finally gathered the courage to speak about my first sexual incident. This happen…[View]
49743183Would you a 5/10 regular girl with no particular outstanding traits that'd really make her stan…[View]
49742596>felt intimacy for the first time >got a hand job and my dick sucked >almost lost my virgin…[View]
49742457My cat got out yesterday. I skipped classes and work to look for him all day and couldn't find …[View]
49739737Would you date a centaur?[View]
49743966Have you ever actually pissjugged or poopsocked anons?[View]
49742608god its never going to get better is it[View]
49742940is there a place where i can talk about hypnosis that isn't exclusively porn and erotic and i c…[View]
49743969In a gender war women would just abort males: women hold all the cards and own males forever im sad …[View]
49743228ok robots what do you think about the new smash? is it a buy or no? i want to play it but i dont hav…[View]
49740334Circumcision doesn't go far enough.[View]
49743606What does /r9k/ think of Bill Wurtz and his work? I watched the H3 interview he gave. https://youtu.…[View]
49743857TFW NO BF UUUUUUHHHUHUuuhhhuuHUHUHuu[View]
49742980autism general: I have legitimate autism Do you have autism? Do you ever feel like pic related?…[View]
49743913https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jpuONQn-sWo&t How mad are you that THIS GUY gets more pussy than…[View]
49743906Fuck I keep coming off too nice. Each convo that starts I'm just like 'hey how r u' And then 'o…[View]
49743672I think my hairline might be receding, lads.[View]
49743685>tfw i've realized long ago, that even if all my dreams hopes and aspirations came true, i s…[View]
49719804Femanons, this is your chance to earn money while having countless orgasms, why not use it?[View]
49742831Legit temporary cure to depression: Tiger balm on your balls and cold bath Trust me anon[View]
49741268>ywn be her husband i'm done.[View]
49743738how to shot penis in vagoo?[View]
49743408>long ago humans technologically advanced to the point that biological immortality and fully imme…[View]
49742519Can anyone give me some reassurance that I will become attracted to women again when I break my porn…[View]
49743688TFW NO BF ssssssSSSsssssSSSss[View]
49743640How do I stop hating my dad?[View]
49743370>too STUPID, POOR, and CRINGE to go to college >turn 30 next year Robots who are going to coll…[View]
49741721I dont deserve a bf: >im ugly >dumb >NEET >have no aspirations in life >have thought…[View]
49743660/r4rt24N hi cuties :3 join the friendlist cutiest server ever for traps@@@!!!@ no stinky whores, or …[View]
49743656The Most Important Question: Is it just me or have Yoga pants evolved to the point where women are b…[View]
49743154FINGERBOXFAGS IN: Fingerbox thread[View]
49743389TFW NO QUALITY BF AAAAAaaahhhAAA[View]
49743351Isn't public transport the most peaceful and the comfiest place to sleep? Not even a hobo[View]
49743042Date tomorrow, any tips?: I finally have a date set up lads, and she's like a 7/10. Any tips on…[View]
49743339>be 18y zoomer >chatting with 'girl' just now on omegle >says s'he' 's 22 >actually…[View]
49743526>be me >in class >look out the window and see some kids fucking with my stuff >fuck.jpg …[View]
49743310>be me > in fancy steakhouse >payed for by company so i order the best thing on the menu …[View]
49742954scourge is hot: scourge from fortnite is so hot holy shit i wanna fuck her[View]
49742484>one moment I'm a happy little boy living in my own little autist bubble not caring what nor…[View]
49743385Holy shit: fuck >be me >do shitty green text >i hate reddit…[View]
49743000l brushed my teeth today. Are you happy now, you normie fucks[View]
49735700Do you guys have friends?[View]
49741951How many women have you talked with in the past week?[View]
49743204>girl=my will trying to make myself do my responsibilities >goblins=my urges and the path of l…[View]
49734613Which European country has the best looking girls? Furthermore, which European country is the most s…[View]
49742861Are black girls the new go to for castaway white guys? For a while now asian girls were what white g…[View]
49743103Someday...: ..we will all look like this[View]
49742472Will Japanese school girls like me when I go to Japan? I will be going through a study abroad progra…[View]
49740809WhEn DiD nOrMiEs StArT tYpInG LiKe tHiS aNd wHy?[View]
49742254>tfw no qt Peter Zeihan gf[View]
49743171The is robert hoge He was born so fucking ugly that his mother refused to see him for the forst week…[View]
49743049Did your grandmothers ever knit you a christmas sweater?[View]
49742452Friendly reminder that your beloved Harry Potter literally took it in the ass in aa homosexual encou…[View]
49743062>be you >walking through forest >feel like someones watching you >turn around suddenly a…[View]
49742421>go get some beer i left in the kitchen >hear my mom and sister talking in the living room, st…[View]
49743074I did nofap for about 3 1/2 days that ended a couple days ago. I started again this morning by skipp…[View]
49739011/britfeel/: Shine On You Crazy Diamond edition https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8UXircX3VdM…[View]
49742406Coming out the mental weed fog: >did a week long weed binge, high more than I was sober >take …[View]
49741282There's nothing more discouraging than the fact no one has ever returned to /r9k/ with tales of…[View]
49742966THERE GOES MY HERO! WATCH HIM AS HE GOES! *dundundundundundundundun* THERE GOES MY HERO! HE'S O…[View]
49743034vanille and alai maple syrup sex[View]
49740561I can't be the only true volcel on this board, can I?: Are you a true volcel like me? as in: …[View]
49741757Why do you think you deserve a girIfriend[View]
49743019Dead server with no members I'm trying to get it populated, try to keep things chill. QaHBbm[View]
49740910>be me >january 2020, away some really important event with daddy >trying really hard not t…[View]
49741860>be me >drinking with roommates >head out to club >halfway there when roommate heads bac…[View]
49739297Ive got a message for the black bots out there. Regardless of the reasoning for non blacks being ra…[View]
49742981Finding a girlfriend is impossible, trust me it's not going to happen. In 2018 Western world, i…[View]
49742837then you really might know what its like: >be ytf0rd >be a pedo who trys to kill wemon >be …[View]
49741897Just shaved my pubes guys I'm ready for a woman now[View]
49741217> Guy is a little bit nice to me > Shows signs of wanting to do it > Next thing I know we…[View]
49740516What's your opinion on big arthropods?[View]
49741497Do you guys like my phone wallpaper?[View]
49742269What is this bondage supposed to do to her? She doesnt look like shes having fun[View]
49742364Why does WMAF feel so right and pure? White males and asian females are made for each other. It…[View]
49737808People aren't having as much sex as you think: >have sex with a girl from tinder last night …[View]
49742825>write basically max word limit post >our system thinks your post was spam, (its not), pls ref…[View]
49740856> be me > start work at 10.00 > waiting on bus stop since 9.30 > bus shows up at 11.00 …[View]
49742474How does one avoid the the lonely depression that comes with christimas and new years?[View]
49742867What's your genetics, lineage and life predicament, anons? A million is 11 days in seconds, and…[View]
49742827Ryan Gosling thread Lets talk and post about Ryan Gosling and his many faces Also >tfw no gf…[View]
49741343How do I maximize my attractiveness and passability as a 6'1 hispanic trans girl?[View]
49742287>Its poor peoples fault that theyre poor, everyone can become successful if they really try >N…[View]
49741506I deserve a bf. >WHITE >female >young >green eyes >skinny but thick hips >keep up…[View]
49742801>be me >dont talk with family >family assumes im like this with everyone and treat me like …[View]
49742788any other trannies? else paranoid of being around trannies and traps and avoid tranny and trap relat…[View]
49741656Is 5 inches for a penis considered small? Asking for a friend[View]
49742351>oneitis lives in another state[View]
49742295i don't want a gf anymore: >be me khhv >horny as fuck >have fantsies about getting a q…[View]
49742140Anons autistic moment in his youth: I shall begin this madness >Be me >8 at the time >At …[View]
49742688Why should I live? It makes no fucking sense. None of this makes even the absolute minutest little b…[View]
49742541>a white girl who grew up with both parents and hasn't experienced emotional trauma says her…[View]
49742648I did it again r9k, I ruibed thanksgiving with a single offhanded remark during a card game and now …[View]
49742516Tfw over ate again after a week of doing good[View]
49742352People that don't lie are real?: Especially in a friend/relationship Don't come with that …[View]
49740149Inkling: What would you do to her anon Tell me im not the only one obsessed with her[View]
49742630>tfw no short pale fembot gf to cuddle with Why why why[View]
49742253>UBI will never happen, rich people would literally rather just kill off poor people/stop them fr…[View]
49727574I made a video about the reiko situation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uvJY3ekWuyc[View]
49742565Are cute girls aware of the devastating effect they have on the psyche of people like us just for ex…[View]
49742563How many robots do you know in real life? I know seven. Two are my close friends, one is a cousin, t…[View]
49742204i failed my community college semester (summer and fall) and keep lying to my parents about it, what…[View]
49742536kathy oneesama. have a cool night. ill be here if you need me. i still havent been able to make frie…[View]
49740257Robot feels thread: I find nothing sexual anymore. Nothing makes me want to jerk off, nothing makes …[View]
49742438Happy new year robots. Good job making it this far, I hope 2019 is a better year.[View]
49739394>scream because of internal pain >mom asks if that was me fucking bitch, trying to humiliate m…[View]
49726821/r9k/ Secret Santa 2018 #39: Previous thread>>49709996 >How does it work this time? People …[View]
49742338Get the camera I am about to yell GAMERS RISE UP out my window.[View]
49742158>send a message to a 5/10 girl in dating site >be me, just an normal looking dude >don…[View]
49741318Do you give money to beggars r9k?[View]
49741445I slept from 7 am to 00 am, so 17 hours.[View]
49742315This guy walks up to your crush at the club and says: >Greetings, empowered woman. Do you consen…[View]
49738061Advice: What is the best advice you have received from 4chan[View]
49742005What do you lonely virgins think of vr? https://my.mixtape.moe/ccpdjh.mp4[View]
49741385>2007+11 >They still haven't figured out that sex is a lie created by normals to motivate…[View]
49739536i cant even make internet friends :( >literally every discord server i go on get kicked out befor…[View]
49742126I deserve a gf: >I'm hispanic but I know how to treat women properly >I'm young and …[View]
49741222RE: On Females and the 'Friend-zone': There exists misinformation that being friends with a girl is …[View]
49739786whenever I need a reminder that having next to no social life is a good choice I turn to the reddit …[View]
49740414Indonesia executes young South African woman who was convicted of drug smuggling[View]
49742248How do I know if I've got an intellectual disability? I need to know if I'm stupid, but I …[View]
49740374How do I stop viewing sex as 'gross' I feel like Im the only one that thinks this, and I really need…[View]
49741256help i keep having a dream about killing myself then i walk in on myself being dead once it was a g…[View]
49741233The older i get the less aroused i get from boobs, has this happened to anyone else? Or is this beca…[View]
49742229I deserve death: >20 yo >NEET >5ft9 >230 lbs >khhv >dark skin tone >monkey fac…[View]
49741117>no job >Video games aren't fun anymore >Watching TV or movies bore me >Mindlessly …[View]
49741753Ok real talk who race mixes more white women or white men?[View]
49739478robots who are/have been wagies, what positive experiences have you had with female wagies you worke…[View]
49741875Daily Reminder: Daily reminder: if you are born with something you cannot fix EX:Height, autism, etc…[View]
49741286Why do people like autistic omega loners in movies?[View]
49741923/fat/: how's your saturday night fatties? my stash is dry, it's too cold to walk to the st…[View]
49736251You're not a real robot if you don't smoke weed[View]
49741994Fembots, have you ever been friend with a white knight? What was he like?[View]
49742096whos your favourite? also get something off your chest thread[View]
49741839I feel like I have so much creativity within me, but I do not quite know how to materialize it. Anyo…[View]
497409831995 vros: >bbor 95 >grew up with individual gadgets for everything >immediately made wort…[View]
49740247Do you ever do this with a friend?[View]
49741078what do I do if living in a small town has made me truly evil? I fucking hate everyone and everythin…[View]
49742032I just want to find a qt Christian gf (younger) why is this so hard why have all the good Christian …[View]
49741085Another Saturday night alone huh??[View]
49741702For my own stupid reasons let me share nice art and a song. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p1IL7kUV…[View]
49739926Fembots, does sex with a small penis still feel good?[View]
49740521The Holy Crusades Against Fucking everyone. Part 1: The Holy Crusades Against Fucking everyone. Part…[View]
49741885>be virgin with casual clothes just going out for a bag of bread >ask girl >eww no i have s…[View]
49741281what's the meaning of life? i'm not religious but i'm not atheist either[View]
49741601Is your dad proud of you? Probably not.[View]
49737312HYPNOSIS/NLP THREAD: for all those robots into hypnosis >this is it post pics guides ETC in threa…[View]
49740616I don't think I have depression, I just feel crippling lonelynes regularly. I had a relationshi…[View]
49741877Anyone know any legit massage parlors in Las Vegas?[View]
49741663I need to be convinced on why I shouldn't an hero. I have a fucking gf but no matter who I date…[View]
49741719You suicidal fucks: Why are you choosing to end yourself and not actually avenge yourself?[View]
49737275I deserve a gf: >I'm white(subnordid) >I'm young(er than 25) >I'm physically…[View]
49741430I hope they made baby on top of it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t1FDV03acGY[View]
49741720>you're age >how many people you graduated highschool with who committed suicide 27 3(tha…[View]
49740509When I had my pc stollen and years worth of memes stripped from me I went for six months without a p…[View]
49740110I deserve a 10/10 gf[View]
49741653i just started talking to this girl and iknow her ex and even when she says she lovesme it feels lik…[View]
49741587>tfw I am totally into trannies Am I a Degenerate? Deut 22: 5 says it's a sin.…[View]
49735983So what is the true cause of transgenderism? What mental illness could be the source?[View]
49741371Be hoenst would you this dog?[View]
49735839robot music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PMyDK3VHYPw& lets drink and be miserable…[View]
49741137I will always be cooler than u fucking robots SUCK MY DICK ASSHOLE FUCKING ROBOTS[View]
49740047How do I get a femdom gf? Asking for myself.[View]
49741616>tendies >400 lbs good boy >tard wranglers >epic greentext memes…[View]
49741175Goodbye Anons you guys were alright[View]
49738059I used to talk to chaotic in his threads December last year and he was a very pleasant person. I lef…[View]
49740792Dimensional Levels Hypothesis: Dimensions one, two and and three consist of the directions of x, y a…[View]
49735757ITT: positive experiences with females: Times women showed us kindness. I'll start. >be juni…[View]
49740217Chun-Li is such a whore holy shit[View]
49734609Elliot Rodger Tinder: Ok Reddit, we did it! Letting this baby go in LA, we'll see how he fairs.…[View]
49741267So what kind of shit has been going on. I've been locked in at navy bootcamp for the last 2 mon…[View]
49740200Had another sleep paralysis episode today, lads. Was taking an afternoon nap and awoke with a loud b…[View]
49740776I just want to have someone supporting in my life. I am even willing to date a white girl at this po…[View]
49739886>tfw my boobs are growing[View]
49738994you guys are not as ugly as you think! >always thought I was ugly as hell >asked some girls fr…[View]
49739538tic tac toe anyone?[View]
49741253I want to put something extremely hot onto a fembots clit or pour a bottle of it into her butt to se…[View]
49739408Kathy oneechan! I hope you have a wonderful day![View]
49741160oof: > be me, 14m > be sitting in english class before the bell > 8/10 girl walks in, sits …[View]
49738753My dream is to become a subsistence farmer and live off the grid. I will spit in the face of capital…[View]
49741061>be me >talking to girlfriend on discord (screen share) >show her what 4chan is like >d…[View]
49741095Hmm yes quite a ripe bussy m'dear[View]
49740687Sadness Thread: Why are you sad today, anon? How has life fucked you out of the happiness you deserv…[View]
49739148>decide to 'be myself' for once >everyone i speak to finds me boring and somewhat uncomfortab…[View]
49740593Which one has a better change to find a partner, a bit nerdy 28 years old guy who weights 76 kg and …[View]
49739509My dad didn't even try to salvage his relationship with my mother for my own sake. He abandoned…[View]
49739245breast. how big is too big?[View]
49737843Yikes: >Man, 36, Dies in San Francisco After Coughing up Blood Clot Shaped Like Lung Passage http…[View]
49741013my mom bought me a stolen samsung galaxy s5 neo in the pawnshop for 130 bucks and it worth 477[View]
49740826ITT: times you got into a fight >be me >in 4th grade >never been a fight before >only th…[View]
49739543/uni/: >looking at final exam review sheet >don't know anything just one more week lads…[View]
49740572I hate life: I go to high school every day surrounded by gorgeous nymphets and none of them want me.…[View]
49739859What is this color?[View]
49740739>buy a sex slave just to have human contact[View]
49739420>be me >year 2025 >I'm Jake Paul >this is years after I came to youtube from Vine …[View]
49740816Are british girls really as bad as they say? Any britslag expeirences to share?[View]
49740301>I'm white >I'm young >I'm straight >I'm physically fit >I'm…[View]
49740692how do I become a neet for life without relying on parents or government?[View]
49736807Why do women exaggerate how big their boyfriend is?: I don't mean in a way that denotes sex app…[View]
49740762>tfw no aussie bf with nice eyes n nice hair[View]
49739454>Christmas depression setting in again[View]
49740704chads get away with having the weirdest fetishes[View]
49740092>you will never have your boipussy mercilessly pounded by an alpha futa…[View]
49740693If you have to be a wagie, what are the comfiest jobs out there that basically anyone can qualify fo…[View]
49739768A Night at the Theater: Would you like to go out for the movies with your boyfriend, /r9k/?[View]
49728941ITT: Describe your feelings in one image[View]
49735419ITT pornstars only zoomers fap to[View]
49740420I wish I could cuck a girl that was deeply in love with me and watch her experience deep emotional p…[View]
49740208When you guys take LSD, can you tell your hallucinations are hallucinations? Do they look hyper-real…[View]
49740161Why wasn't Sam Rothstein considered a cuck in the Scorsese movie Casino? She was fucking her ol…[View]
49739831Have zoomers started taking over the Internet?[View]
497392942005: Why was this, objectively speaking, the final good year? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k85mR…[View]
49738029Why do robots hate the big city so much? They're perfect territory for robots >Lots of alle…[View]
49740383Tried fingering my self. Still hurts.[View]
49738486Pet memorial thread ( Please reply with RIP Coco, He needs it the most): Rest in peace CoConut ~ I…[View]
49739888ENFP Manipulation: What would be some effective ways of going about manipulating an ENFP? >pic re…[View]
49740002I'm honestly starting to think that complaining about no gf on the internet is more fulfilling …[View]
49740259>15 page paper due tomorrow night >haven't started why do i get high somebody SAAAAAAVE m…[View]
49738511>Christmas is coming soon >everybody will be partying and fucking with their loved ones >y…[View]
49740178Happy birthday, munchkin. I still love you.[View]
49738037Hey guys, haven't been here for a year and a half. And new cute tripfag girls?[View]
49737079I hate normalfags and women[View]
49740265Every night before I sleep I feel like crying. Why don't I have a cute hime cut gf? Is it too m…[View]
49738865Why are zoomers so rude??? >add girl on snapchat from another app >see her snap about her dea…[View]
49737920IRL Metal Gear Rising: When will metal gear rising happen? My body is completely fucked (I'm li…[View]
49738901Anyone have any experience with /soc/? I just want to find a friendly e-fuckbuddy to help alleviate …[View]
49740194I deserve two gfs: I'm literally perfect so it's the rest of the world that's the pro…[View]
49740174guys i feel like someone i know is in danger he recently got beat up really bad and people are plann…[View]
49737629Why can't there be a sfw loli board?[View]
49740083How do I get a strong bully gf?[View]
49740018>In love with coworker >walk past her last night >we make eye contact >she gives me a bi…[View]
49736960anyone else glad they never had a sister? Imagine having to put up withe her whore shit.[View]
49739584At this very moment there are thousands of cute boys jerking off at the same time.[View]
49733549Does anybody else get really turned on by mean/rude girls?[View]
49738163just found out im trans AMA: I just find out im trans the other day i told my mom and she support me…[View]
49740022Did people have alot of sex in the 1969? Will it be the labeled the year of sex in 6969?[View]
49738045dating sims: what are some games with this aesthetic?[View]
49739556So I have been wondering /r9k/ Out of all the females you have encountered how many of them do you t…[View]
49739427Cold: I live in the desert so the weather at its coldest gets down to about 70f so ive never seen sn…[View]
49739890Only a Nazi deals in stab salutes. I will do what I must.[View]
49738579Being NEET all the time is not as good as it sounds: Seriously when I was taking college classes I f…[View]
49738704Hi everyone, I'm a 22 year old guy with not much of a sex history. Whenever I've been with…[View]
49737549I want a boyfriend who is talented at cooking.[View]
49738529anyone elses voice doesnt match their face?: I have one of the most Chad voices (or so Ive been told…[View]
49739002I have an extremely squeaky high voice and all my co-workers think I'm a fag. This lesbo co-wor…[View]
49737702>This new year I'll have officially gone all of 2018 without showering once I've truly …[View]
49739190>be me >22 >finally enough money to move out from parents >close friends gf looking for …[View]
49739648I want to have a mean gf[View]
49739205Don't you guys get bored posting the same stupid threads every day for years on end?[View]
49739305I need friends. Anyone wanna make a discord server?: Hey /r9k/. I need friends. I'm 19 male and…[View]
49736470*tink tink tink tink tink* I'd like to take a moment to offer a toast to the hard working moder…[View]
49736433>January 1, 2019[View]
49739083>tfw you coach your little bro in the ways of the alpha male >Tfw my 14 yeah old brother (pic…[View]
49738397Tfw I found a gentle femdom mommy gf My soul is at peace.[View]
49739457greentext: >be me >watching youtube in my room when the urge arises >whip out dick and some…[View]
49734457Dear robots, What are your thoughts on shadman?[View]
49734806>third panic attack this week I just can't cope with life anymore PLEASE HELP ME…[View]
49733769I got bored and decided to make an Elliot Rodger tinder. I'm setting it up, but need to make bi…[View]
49739156>saw him talking to that fucking WHORE again[View]
49738648Microdosing thread. Share your experiences, dose and protocol. Currently doing 12ug every third day.…[View]
49739261Comfy NEET thread: What makes you comfy Thread[View]
49736573Why is the world so boring and mundane? Why can't there be aliens and other freaky stuff out th…[View]
49736024What kind of fetishes do fembots have?[View]
49737598Would anyone herr be able to identify this pen? I love how it writes[View]
49738594Who is the best vidya waifu?[View]
49738920>no patronizing, dominant vampire gf why live?[View]
49738848>'Hey, blackboi, my friend said he heard you say ginger with the hard R, is that true motherfucke…[View]
49738384It's another /tryingnofaptogetridofmyfetish/ only to end up overindulging on day 6 episode.[View]
49738253Are any of you seriously upset over the fact that women think they're too good for you? How arr…[View]
49739092I made a video covering R9K's only ever raid and it sucked https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9bjN…[View]
49737196Can he top Bill Cosby? Bill Cosby had 60 accusers. also stay far away from women as possible.[View]
49736291I don't know what I want for Christmas: I don't really have any material wants anymore but…[View]
49735786/britfeel/: Saturday night on the town getting absolutely hammered and shagging some proper fit bird…[View]
49736867drug withdrawal robots: >be me >car accident senior year of college >find a plug for Percoc…[View]
49738491Okay boys, final consensus: Should we eradicate everyone with autism in order to solve the current i…[View]
49737575How do you find closure before your death? Or is that a lie?[View]
49735241>be me >havent played games in almost 2 years >start playing games again >takes me about…[View]
49736273>moral panic as Christians assume that Doom promotes Satanism to children >game is literally a…[View]
49734841What percentage of women lose their virginity whilst in Uni/College?: And at what point does it occu…[View]
49738902hmmmmmm: Haven't had a good hmmmm thread in a while, post pictures that make you go hmmmm…[View]
49738424How/Why is it that I'm so critical, yet so lazy?[View]
49738825Good night, anons. Sleep tight.[View]
49737764>be me just now >Have to babysit autistic 26yo cousin >She brought her dog and it threw up …[View]
49738897Hey, fellow robots. I remember seeing a post recently about a guy who finds films with unknown femal…[View]
49738507Your life then and now (then being when it was at its worst).: Then >stealing bottles of wine eve…[View]
49738799ITT: Crisp GIFs[View]
49738859See thread about 'tell me all your positive experiences with females' and say how bizarre that they …[View]
49738030sucking penis requires a lot of jaw movements and as a girl with tmj I want to minimize the amount o…[View]
49735932ATENTION DENIZENS OF R9K: Teach me the game of teasing girls. I need a new mentor to teach me how t…[View]
49737978>mfw you fall for the girlfriend meme >shes not a virgin >shes had sex before, totally will…[View]
49738793>its legal for people to take pills that change their gender and fuck up their body for life >…[View]
49736752how do I stop being a fucking newfag[View]
49727742Fembots, if a guy wants you to finger his ass while you sucked his dick would you do it? Should he j…[View]
49737556>Just another boring Saturday for a fembot >why cant I find love?…[View]
49738732Can someone stream it? I really want to see it![View]
49733451Have you ever met a woman that was more intelligent than you?[View]
49736287Fembots, have you ever gotten a cum facial from Chad or Brad for your birthday?[View]
49738696how do I deal with being the slave of Master McDonald, unstable middle-aged roastie 60 years?[View]
49738526I feel like nobody truly understands me. I'm so alone. I have only 2 true bros that understand …[View]
49738649>be me >have crush on a girl >girl is a stacy >damn.exe >she finds a boyfriend >mf…[View]
49738647Are any of you poor robots expecting a Christmas where no one sends you any presents?[View]
49737533How easy do you think it is for worms to get laid? They spend all day frolicking in the mud with nak…[View]
49738611Are you okay with your family? My three brothers are married and have kids in their 30s with good jo…[View]
49738262>siblings keep cranking up the heat on the thermostat >most of the heat goes to my room >it…[View]
49735945Are you thin skinned?[View]
49738558A rock feels no pain, and an island never cries. ~Anonymous[View]
49737261Is living in this day and age even worth it anymore?[View]
49737055where do you look when you pee?[View]
49738433>born in cold shitty small town >literally coldest saddest weather on earth >no people aro…[View]
49738442NEETs why don't you just take hormones and become a superstar athlete in a woman's league?[View]
49737400Tfw took my own virginity: I am fucked. Last night I did the most stupid shit imaginable >lay in…[View]
49737788How the fuck can you white betabuxxers love a woman that has a dark child? I can see if the child is…[View]
49735888Christmas presents: What are you guys getting your parents? I need ideas for my mom. I'm alread…[View]
49735362I was going to post this but the thread got deleted: It's pretty hard bro, prime black breeding…[View]
49736892Best of r9k?: Is such a thread possible here.[View]
49736889You share a board with someone who wants a husky. How does this make you feel?[View]
49738349How do you get off?: What unusual method do you use to bust those pearls? Personally, I smother myse…[View]
49736762fuck the working class: Why does everyone hate silver spoons? Its not our fault that our parents we…[View]
49737417Anarchy: How do you feel about anarchy?[View]
49736747Would you think a girl is psycho if she brings up pregnancy, babies, cumming inside her? Not for ser…[View]
49738267>its gonna be 2019 in less then a month >girls born in 2001 will be legally featured in porn.…[View]
49735666I'M GOING TO SAY IT[View]
49737998Why shouldn't i leave my job tomorrow ?[View]
49738181how do you make sure not to make a mess when jizzing fellow bot?[View]
49737937>be introvert >when I talk to extroverts they sound suddenly depressed, or angry >people te…[View]
49737621Why does /r9k/ get so butthurt when you mention cities like Portland, NYC, or LA?[View]
49736884>'Hey Oji-san, I just felt you cum inside me. You forgot to use a condom.'…[View]
49738103Tfw no depressed gf to comfort[View]
49736872any laughter we once had has been ruined by the fame seeking faggots: any sort of good memes we once…[View]
49733292>someone talks to me or tries to include me in an activity >instantly think they're my ne…[View]
49736587how does /r9k/ cope with this?[View]
49737835take this fucking awareness i dont want it anymore: ive seen and learned too much and now i cant fun…[View]
49736106Why are robots so fucking pathetic and helpless? Today I cum twice inside my wife pussy and then we …[View]
49736794my e-bf isn't paying attention to me. does anyone want to be my replacement e-bf? i don't …[View]
49737924I deserve a mommy gf >white >never held a job for more than a year >can't pay my bills…[View]
49737603>there is no original thought If there is no original thought, why is this comment original?…[View]
49737305Podcast thread?: Podcast thread >which podcast are you listening to? >are you making a podcast…[View]
49731321Still want a gf?: Why would anyone want to waste their lives/time in a relationship?[View]
49737361hello sweaties, i'm going to sleep. it's important for somebody to tell me gn first. not s…[View]
49737840have you done any recent stupid shit? today i went to wageslave after edging for 4 hours. i never ha…[View]
49737372Anyone here enlightened yet? I want to be enlightened but I keep masturbating. :([View]
49737539depression feels weird[View]
49737802My love live is a joke >be me, 18yo, bit of a chad but not much >tall, skinny, good looking fa…[View]
49737796It could be worse guys. Be thankful that your not one of the virgin elephant seals. https://health.…[View]
49737747I wanna be headpatted! I wanna feel cute and loved! >.<[View]
49737781Abusive Mother thread: Has anyone else suffered from both physical and mental abuse from their mothe…[View]
49737369What is everyone doing right now? >lying in bed drinking beer[View]
49727506If you were about to be executed, what would be your last words?[View]
49737695>getting kicked out this year cus neet >have to get job to survive >never worked a day in m…[View]
49736254How to get dominated by someone's cute feet?[View]
49735006Imagining all the possible things and worlds that could exist, and then finding myself in this world…[View]
49734035school shooter achievements: school shooter achievements ill go first naruto is not gay Kevin kill 5…[View]
49737548I recently befriended a zoomer and often I cant understand a word he says[View]
49732729You know this cures depression and anxiety, right?[View]
49737437i wanna do drugs i wanna do drugs i wanna do drugs i wanna do drugs i wanna do drugs i wanna do drug…[View]
49734941*ting ting ting*: *ting ting* <ahem> *ting ting*[View]
49737047should i get a beard with 5'3'?[View]
49736244HOLY CRAP, LOIS! I'm on /r9k/![View]
49737315Frog and feels tavern: Christmas blues edition[View]
49735683Being hispanic is the worst suffering one could go through. You wouldn't understand how hard it…[View]
49736991What are some bands similar to the lemonheads? I'm trying to expand my library[View]
49736868What is so special about this ice cream?[View]
49736740You do know this can cure your depression and anxiety, right?[View]
49737304Who /prozac/ here? iohoiudhuoas[View]
49730637Look at all that my NEETbux have paid for!: I want to take the time to thank all the hard working me…[View]
49737226Grudges: Does anybody know how to hold a grudge I always find myself to forgive the person when the…[View]
49737239are pogget puggies worth it? what are good brands? is it possible to use one without feeling like a …[View]
49736637What do you do when you've violated the privacy of someone you love in a way that you can'…[View]
49735967Would you this robot, /r9k/?[View]
49737177Fembots, have you ever cheated on a guy you were with?[View]
49730741Why don't we all just live together?: I'm being serious here. I've got an idea /r9k/.…[View]
49737147we'll bang these chicks In our mind[/spoilers][View]
49737140>be me >be right now >get tendies from fast food place >mom hands me tendies and says 't…[View]
49737138I fucked up i fucked up so bad >be me >messed my left leg up >i tore tendons and broke a p…[View]
49736400>one chance at life >born with poor eyesight…[View]
49736981>be manlet >get fit >still a manlet…[View]
49733907Is there a job out there, that I don't have to apply for? I just want to work as much as I want…[View]
49736279If a homeless girl comes up to me on the street asking for change, and say I theoretically agree on …[View]
49735667Alcoholism general: Whats your poison for today? >2l of red wine and 4l of beer >cant wait to …[View]
49736957>be me >be this morning >hungry >only have spicy ramen >whatcouldgowrong.jpg >eat …[View]
49736772Death: How do you want to leave this world?[View]
49736781'Sometimes it's better to ask for forgiveness than permission.' Anons, do you think this would …[View]
49736912/r9k/ really sucks today[View]
49736313I got an interview for an overnight job The person sounded really really excited that I said I was w…[View]
49734825Why do I have this strong desire to be a girl, but the idea of HRT/transitioning is appaling? I want…[View]
49736871>then: weeaboo means obnoxious and weird anime obsessed japanophiles that spend all their time pr…[View]
49736825How to destroy a person after getting close to them?: I've been working hard for the past few m…[View]
49727276Spotitfy just gave me my 2018 year wrapped even though 2018 isn't finished yet, wtf! Also I…[View]
49734183I genuinely believe each of you will find love and I am rooting for you all. Even if youve given up,…[View]
49735415Dont fall for the HRT meme. Not only will you look just as ugly as you did as a man you will turn in…[View]
49735779Jesus all my joy remaineth, My heart's solace and my stay All my wounds to heal he deigneth, On…[View]
49736739I honestly don't care about christmas anymore it barely feels like it's December and it ce…[View]
49736330>have 14 year old sister >freshman in high school >she never played anything but phone game…[View]
49736586>one chance at life >born with average size pp…[View]
49735221why is it cool to hate ska music now?[View]
49736095Have you ever been a pathetic autist that your mother consider a prostitute for you?[View]
49735433Drinking thread: There was a drinking thread last night and I didnt have the chance to ask this. Som…[View]
49735963will poppy seeds from a muffin grow into heroin?[View]
49735647I did an MRI of the brain and I'm scared shitless of seeing the results. Should I even see it o…[View]
49736557To death: If life is never going to get better, what is the point? It's almost literal hell. A …[View]
49735684>parents make me get a job >get hired at Olive Garden >cute tiny gamer girl co-worker >w…[View]
49736475My devoted love takes tiny backwards steps away. Loneliness aplenty spread before me.[View]
49736460I am the creppy uncle: and she has already a friend. Fuck my life.[View]
49727779Rose: Friday night? No rosemary bread? Let's change that! Come home rosebud. Rosie on a roll ed…[View]
49726406Perfect world.: Dear R9k, What is your perfect world?[View]
49736421Gf leaved me because of my alcoholism. So i stopped drinking. Now i am sad and lonely and have nothi…[View]
49733117Black families: Does anyone else hate being in a stereotypical black family?[View]
49736401>follow my best friend from elementary school on Instagram after having not talked to him since t…[View]
49735238Stop being such a nerd anon. Nobody cares how much ram you have.[View]
49735288So anon the end of another year is closing in, will you actually tell her this year or postpone agai…[View]
49734915>people in my small town are starting to get robbed in broad daylight >in stores >girls ge…[View]
49732115Census of r9k: The year is going to end so there needs to be a census filled. Post your: >4Chan p…[View]
49736353I will tell you all the story of how an image of Danny Devito/Eric Andre crossover swept my school. …[View]
49735739Shop the smug pepe hand onto her lol[View]
49736237>Tfw withdrawing from Lexapro I think I'm going to go back on it this is hell guys. Why did …[View]
49735505So lonely and horny. Keep browsing escorts even though I know I can't afford to spend that kind…[View]
49733847you think you have it bad? you're not clingy and anorexic, you don't push people away mere…[View]
49735344i feel like ive gone insane my brain feels like a rockdont you fucking talk to me like that[View]
49734469>Be gay >Parents are trying to send me to pic related Help robots please, even if you think be…[View]
49735865ok ive lost it but now that im /fit/ im going to date a ton of girls and break their hearts so fucki…[View]
49731239Having kids vs not having kids Lets hear your opinions[View]
49736177Normies help me out.: I need to know how to approach a girl. What do i say to her?[View]
49736090my parents are low iq subhumans who raised me in third world tier poverty (despite not living in a t…[View]
49736167I will murder whatever fucking jannies keep deleting perfectly fine threads[View]
49735073Dad hates me: >has told ne he does not love me >has said i am useless >has said he would ra…[View]
49735335What are some of the most soul-crushing blackpills you've ever swallowed? For me: EVERY woman h…[View]
49735557I bled on a picture of my waifu. Am I autistic, /r9k/?[View]
49736022sad: >be me >completely useless retard did i do it right reddit?…[View]
49735814I just got into an argument with a squirrel: I was standing outside he was all like REEEE so I said …[View]
49735613how do I deal with being the slave of Master McDonald, unstable middle-aged roastie managers, and sp…[View]
49732415weird/Unpopular music thread: Post music that people think you are weird because you listen to it ht…[View]
49736018>tfw not black enough for non black girls with a black fetish The thing r9k doesn't tell you…[View]
49734516When I was a kid, my family doctor was a cute young woman and she used to pull down my foreskin with…[View]
49733356Haven't showered in a month.[View]
49735829Does hug dancing happen irl or is it just another Hollywood lie?[View]
49735912Im in my mommy's car and she left it running. Wut do? I don't have my license yet but I wa…[View]
49735962Single mothers Go[View]
49735866Since assholes usually win at life. How do i become a souless asshole?[View]
49732120Free Steam games: https://store.steampowered.com/app/231430/Company_of_Heroes_2/ https://store.steam…[View]
49735544Who here only wish to have been normal?[View]
49735818>be me be me >incel that migrated from incels.me to /r9k/ due to being too racist pretty normi…[View]
49731076Who else lives alone and is completely naked 99% of the time. I see no practical reasons to wear clo…[View]
49735590Your biggest sad?: Times when you were sad, I'll start. > be me > 20 year old 5/10 at bes…[View]
49735820mowed the lawn today, and after doing so I sat down and had a cold beer. The day was really quite be…[View]
49734842dont call yourself a robot if you dont fap to shemale elfs[View]
49735828So, do we know why /b/ is so fucked?[View]
49732447/britfeel/: Lee Anthony Hoyland posting Lee Anthony Hoyland memes on /britfeel/ edition[View]
49735378Who are your favourite pornstars, /r9k/? Another one of these threads~[View]
49735810big sister kathy enjoy your morning. and this patchouli reminds me of you[View]
49735650Let me nibble your ear, please.[View]
49735766sauce on my drip ok yea get off my dick ok yea pray you dont miss ok yea flooded on my wrist ok yea …[View]
49735382Your biggest oof?: Your biggest oof, I'll start? > be me > spend 20 minutes typing out gr…[View]
49735162Ebaums world here: Women need to be raped. It is the only language they understand. Women love being…[View]
49735440I deserve a hot mommy gf like pic related. Sweet and kind to me. She has to teach me how to please w…[View]
49735376Underages, your brains are underdeveloped and you shouldn't browse this place before you have a…[View]
49735648Daily reminder that f*males cannot be robots. They literally have the absolute world before them and…[View]
49734402reminder that the order of protection is as follows your kids > you > your wife anything else …[View]
49735256Anyone else give tasty treats to thier dog?[View]
49735598i made a discord server /KFdZhA it's still work in progerss[View]
49735587for who posted this pic your thread got deleted or something just wanted to say sorry for what i sai…[View]
49734631Do you guys remember her?: Did she ever posted again, she was soo cool[View]
49734430Do you just message a girl on facebook to start the process ?[View]
49735546My emotions: I have an issue. I seldom feel anything. When I feel something, most of the time it…[View]
49733719Tfw masculine body but want to be cute Its not fair i keep going from hyper masculinity to wanting t…[View]
49735512have you ever been kicked in the balls r9k? gib story please[View]
49735077>tfw no short pale fembot gf to love Why live[View]
49734917Why is being drunk so comfy?: I never understood how anyone could become a drunk until now. Been fee…[View]
49735480How do I load the save file I made when I was 10 years old?[View]
49735394Serial killers: Serial killer thread Lets talk about the most interesting and the most fucked up se…[View]
49735428Why not just get a zoome gf? Most of them are into older guys anyway and are easier to impress.[View]
49735417l Iove femanons![View]
49735418What ever happened to the Lordefag who used to always make threads about her being 'LITERALLY PERFEC…[View]
49733994I don't know how anyone still believes in God with all these fucking injustices in the world, u…[View]
49734871Why dont mods do anything about these tranny psyops shills?[View]
49735034I just had a date with a 9/10 that I really like, it was a trainweck from start to finish How can wo…[View]
49733488I hope you all find the Pepe to your Wojak frens :)[View]
49731550>While I was in the boat, I captured a very beautiful woman, whom the Lord Admiral Columbus gave …[View]
49735277>Be me >Get a job as a teacher at an Autism Center >First day in a classroom >Told to …[View]
49734684why is it that when someone gives me attention i fall for them so easily doesn't even matter ab…[View]
49729055if you could afford plastic surgery, would you get some? if so, what parts would you fix?[View]
49735191>nerds go to the internet to escape shitty lives >normies want to know whats up, enter the int…[View]
49733022What is one character flaw you could accept with a 10/10 gf but not with an 8/10 gf?[View]
49730817Christmas wish thread: What do you guys want for Christmas? I want a female friend when I move to Sc…[View]
49734230fetish thread: List your fetish List something commonly associated with your fetish that turns you o…[View]
49734163I want to lock up a pathetic robot in my bedroom, come home every day and tease his sensitive, tremb…[View]
49733823Anyone else disgusted with this entire universe? Some things are just so disgusting that I could puk…[View]
49735125Any fem*id here wants to be my gf?[View]
49735101thread was already archived: >>49732848 There are alternatives. Find a girl who is into weird,…[View]
49732172Sleep is more pleasurable than sex.[View]
49735102KNIGHT: >>49729940 Over the next 4 years he's trained to fight Tries to scratch his knigh…[View]
49734336>kissed my body pillow again nononononononono ahhhhhh[View]
49733915What's the nasties things someone said to you? My own dad called me anorexic while I was workin…[View]
49731144Could you fall in love with a man if he looked feminine enough? But still wanted to be refered as a …[View]
49734987Would you sniff a Colombian girl's butthole?[View]
49732650If you have an ugly face, you might as well blow it off: What's the point of living with an ugl…[View]
49734821crack in my ass: I've got a crack in my ass and it hurts real bad. Just above the butthole and …[View]
49734919Why does my iphone randomly click on buttons like thisqyekxbzk?[View]
49734517Anon was gonna be a big brother: >tfw when mom was supposed to be pregnant >me completely rea…[View]
49734568So I got some extra free drugs yesterday while I reupped. A gram of the good shit to be exact, but I…[View]
49734885I want to fuck someone so bad that weird fetish porn isn't even getting me off anymore. All I c…[View]
49733802Honouring Kim Larsen: Kim Larsen died about two months ago. >How did your react? >How did you …[View]
49734858Additional bonuses that come with buying a new phone- I can finally take my new waterproof phone int…[View]
49732709How do I get into a tranny bar and remain as discreet as possible? My day-to-day life is in the same…[View]
49734080Man there is 8 million people on this planet why tf can't I just kill a fee people? I mean new …[View]
49731531>'Hey anon, I heard that you don't like Jews. I can make you change your mind if you'll…[View]
49734772>practice bf who turned into actual bf left me[View]
49734763Do what a want when a want[View]
49734745god damn it the only girl i had a crush on in the past 3 years disappeared off the face of the fucki…[View]
49734738>I love skinny black jeans I wish girls would wear skinnny black jeans like I do.…[View]
49733657How do normal adults move far away from their families and survive and be stable and independent and…[View]
49734510artificial intelligence general: ai general: fully autonomous self-driving car edition sorry im so l…[View]
49732671Sex is literally the only thing that matters in life. Fight me![View]
49734073Got my first job, brobots![View]
49720793/drugfeels/: /drugfeels/ last of papa's pills edition post your current dosages, recent or futu…[View]
49730505I'm a 6/10 max and have two dates lined up for next weekend off tinder. Literally all you have …[View]
49734234Would you watch Kendall's new movie?[View]
49734599Is lifting the key?[View]
49733792vocaroo cause i feel good rn :): https://vocaroo.com/i/s1GL9Y1yMjlc share something that you found i…[View]
49734115who are you?: I think that I am mix of Doomer and Boomer[View]
49734557>oneitis says we'll go out in december >too nervous to ask her out now I never did it bef…[View]
49733086how the fuck do normies find all these women to rebound to one after another? i see completely avera…[View]
49734338>'hey anon is it okay if I use your computer real quick?'[View]
49734374>qt 8/10 stacy friend sets me up with her friend >it's a fucking single mother >mfw st…[View]
49734365>get gf >he has erectial dysfunction It just never ends.…[View]
49733250I reaaaaallly want a clingy anorexic yandere bf. like i reeeeeaaallly want one[View]
49734485>Saintvicious: 'depression is a made up excuse' Hey anon, it's so easy, why can't you j…[View]
49734118/r9straight/: Heterosexuals are the true robots edition No: Fags Bifaggots Lesbos Trannys[View]
49734324>mfw finally found a girl with a cross dressing fetish Did I finally make it? All there is too do…[View]
49734251>Go outside >Feel ok >Couple walking around >The girl is cute, I'd do anything for…[View]
49734267I don't want a girl any more. I want a fellow average looking prison gay anon that I can be sub…[View]
49734432On the subject of harsh criticism: It seems that there is a trend lately of people being told to 'be…[View]
49733392On monday I'm going to submit a letter to the big boss about how my boss is an abusive cunt who…[View]
49734055Does anyone eIse ever feel jealous of female sexual pleasure? I don't think I want to be a woma…[View]
49733479I let myself get out of control again and wouldn't get out of my bad mood and told my boyfriend…[View]
49733472>Be me >20 >Yesterday >Just finished helping uncle set up his new router >Not even 2 …[View]
49734008Do I have an addiction: Sometimes I feel like I might be 'depressed' to the point where I don't…[View]
49734311>mommy who's even more computer illiterate than me wants me to fix her computer >she lock…[View]
49734301I wish I had a good eyesight.[View]
49727793your face is shit because you breathe wrong: I recently discovered that breathing trough your mouth …[View]
49732468>When a movie has a sex scene do you guys turn it off[View]
49730253bad features / good features: Redeeming features: >6'1' >8' cock >intelligent >fun…[View]
49734235Posting Vivi cooking acorns every day untiI I get a grip on my procrastination and attain a level of…[View]
49734000>be me >in abusive relationship for 2 years >ends up cheating on me for the 5th time and i …[View]
49733118Drunk and almost fell for this bullshit.[View]
49729372Are women happier being submissive[View]
49734169>be me >18 m virgin >relize all my fellow betafag friends are now chads >my friends don…[View]
49733868>be me >beta suicidal virgin >go to uni >pretty miserable and not a lot of friends >m…[View]
49734036Please help: While fucking around I found a website hosting pictures of naked kids. I'm not gon…[View]
49732048Did I ascend, can someone explain what happened? >be me >meet with girl for some time >sex …[View]
49733119Alright, figured I'd give my two cents to any robot who wants to socially interact but doesn…[View]
49731203ITT annoying things old fucks (30 and over) do: One of the most disgustingly annoying things I'…[View]
49732790Doom. The final frontier: >tfw you don't identify as an incel, but as a volcel, though have …[View]
49732773tfw you pretend that youre a serial killer thats being interviewed on national tv after being captur…[View]
49729129What's the hardest you've ever REEEEEEEEEEEE'd[View]
49733696Why am i like this..: >be me, 19 yo virgin >found myself a girlfriend 8/10 16 yo >she is my…[View]
49733409> hi anon, ready to go? whw-aht dooO![View]
49733860Apu spanks the anime girls and doesn't afraid of anything.[View]
49733910>tfw no qt CIA gf[View]
49733850Family drama thread: Make it a greentext, redtext, or whatever. Just remember reddit will post about…[View]
49733029tfw I just want to go to a restaurant, sit down, and order a hot breakfast with omelette, hash and c…[View]
49733836>break it >buy it[View]
49733397HEY KIDS READY TO GET WOKE? Judaism started as a Luciferian child blood drinking cult until people s…[View]
49733811here's the deal: to make up for a technical problem with your tax return you will indefinitely …[View]
49733828Today i dreamed i was 8 years old but with my mind of 25 years old, why i had to wake up? Was my bes…[View]
49733459>watches porn >gets depressed This didn't use to happen before. How far have I fallen?…[View]
49732522>walking home from a long day at work >see this what do?…[View]
49733066Why am I not getting any matches? I have liked every single profile for the last 5 days and have got…[View]
49733638Anyone here overcome anhedonia? if so how? I dont enjoy anything anymore, how do i get rid of it? is…[View]
49733247What does /r9k/ think of this?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gMkYU6-Wpx8[View]
49732398ok enough is enough, whatever is leading to my inability to fucking sleep, I YIELD, I've had en…[View]
49733268If this doesn't scare you, then you are a fool.[View]
49732675>pubes so long you have to shampoo them[View]
49730603Can you see it?[View]
49731422Just got accepted into med schooI and I don't feeI anything I haven't got any friends or f…[View]
49732746>hole joins the discord[View]
49733621I got up early, dealt with all the tasks of the day, did some gardening, etc I've been very pro…[View]
49732765Witnessed a white chad guy propose to a mother of 2 half-black kids: Chad might be a bit of an exagg…[View]
49728957Any other robots own guns?[View]
49733507Is diversity really all that bad? When you think about it all the successful countries are dthnicall…[View]
49732848I unironically want to kill[View]
49733232I feel wrong.: >be me >russian, living in spain with mom and brother >parents are divorced …[View]
49731128Can we get a Christmas Thread? How are you guys doing to get ready for the holidays? I put up a tiny…[View]
49732632When will the west realize that Muslims are not our enemies and that we need to become allies with t…[View]
49731837How do i know if i have bpd ? The only thing i don't have is a bad childhood[View]
49730185Looking for MINECRAFT server: Hi lads, anyone here hosting a comfy minecraft server? Very bored and …[View]
49732704Femanons, do you want a daddy to dominate you as well?[View]
49732061Yoshihiro Togashi (Creator of Yu Yu Hakusho and Hunter x Hunter)[View]
49733466you are giving a white person a lie detector test. you ask them if they have ever in their life said…[View]
49732081>tfw when this is the only thing I can get hard to anymore[View]
49731423>300 words essay due in 8 hours just end me now[View]
49733378>Twitter -> Notifications >'Eugenia Cooney liked your reply'…[View]
49731843Why haven't you gotten disability status and started collecting your /AutistBux/ anon?[View]
49733374>qt waiter refused my tip >told me to just come back soon What did she mean by this…[View]
49733349mornin: once again boys, its 420 bastard child here to talk about whatever you want. smoking my firs…[View]
49732814How does one get NEETbux? original burrito[View]
49729135how wage cucks do it? they work 40+ hours a week and they barely even spend 50% of their time in the…[View]
49732150Imagine the raw stench..[View]
49731953>Go for interview >'Aww bless him, he looks so nervous!'…[View]
49733193>it's a spent the whole day depression-eating episode again[View]
49733144Monthly Challenges: It's been a week since the end of 'No-Nut November', and it got me thinking…[View]
49732898Guys have any of you experience 'WHITE SHOCK' ? >be me >attended conference in Germany then Ru…[View]
49728179So apparently the girl I've been dating for a month has been fucking her boss, thing is he is d…[View]
49733104>10 wanks due in 3 hours Help me /r9k/[View]
49732849robots: >think women should all be executed >refuse to work >suicidal >generally subhuma…[View]
49733181>be big smoke >Play connect 4 >Smoke these niggas >Be 12…[View]
49732728Eternity is horrifying.[View]
49733147why haven't you killed yourself yet? next year's not going to be better and also the next …[View]
49733178Boys I need help. When the whole 4channel thing happened, I went to the 4chan homepage, looked aroun…[View]
49733172Hey can ya'll help me here: Beta Bang Bang Shoot Shoots --> Elliot Rodger, Christopher Harpe…[View]
49732066What's it like to live in Asia?[View]
49731484Itt: The book that fucking voids this shitpile of a subreddit.[View]
49732358>parents and sister went out yesterday >got bored >snooping through my sister's room …[View]
49732776What music does Chad listen to?[View]
49732244How often do fembots masturbate?[View]
49731073How do I become this man?[View]
49732955Females of the bot variety,how do you feel about guys who house their grandmother? As in he is not l…[View]
49732900What do you think of obese people that make it to old age? Should they even bother trying to eat hea…[View]
49732876It's just fucking rice and fish[View]
49731922When does it end lads? I'm getting fucked up at midday on a saturday watching retarded tv on pu…[View]
49723069What makes a school shooter?[View]
49729132>girl I knew from high school invites me to a party yesterday that's happening next week …[View]
49729414What do fat girls' butts smell like?[View]
49730999Is this gonna scar?[View]
49731642>be me >depressed, like everyone else on this board >never sleep, always tired >having …[View]
49728557Do you ever worry that there's a humiliating video of you out there somewhere that everyone has…[View]
49732576>tipped the waitress $50 because she was nice Your move, Chad[View]
49731639>'people' feeling nostalgia for fucking Modern Warfare 2 >feeling nostalgia for any game from …[View]
49732573Had a dream I gave flowers to a girl[View]
49732617>Aunty has brain tumour >Went to visit her this weekend >She has a seven year old with some…[View]
49732366This is more sexually stimulating than a vagina. Prove me wrong[View]
49732458Imagine being a roastie.... age...[View]
49732682Where should a white person go for a nose job?: Ive been wanting a nose job since I can remember, Im…[View]
49732378this is so fucking relatable please kill me[View]
49731329Anyone been anal creampied lately? How was it?[View]
49728783>a million dollars isn't a lot of money these days[View]
49731464I'm a food courier, AMA: I have a full time job and a few weeks ago I decided to try working fo…[View]
49732240Can you take nice pictures of yourself? Of my face yeah, it looks natural if I'm not looking at…[View]
49732334I asked my girlfriend to stop shaving her pussy for a while just for a change and she refused. Shoul…[View]
49730070Why do you avoid me all the time Anon? Why Don't you love me?[View]
49730742fat '''people''' shouldn't breed[View]
49730933There is this feeling that i dont know the word for. Its euphoric and comfort in dark forests and us…[View]
49724595/britfeel/: kiss and tell with the lads edition[View]
49731872this place is truly screwed. I posted my face here awhile ago and when i went to sequoia national pa…[View]
49732392I am the only person to ever have had a true conscious experience, you are all ants to me.[View]
49730730Second interview of my life today, anons. I really want this job.[View]
49730872/eastfeel/: How are my pretty-autistic-but-still-capable-of-social-interaction-even-though-we-got-sh…[View]
49731348I have managed not to fall into a 'friendzone' by simply cutting off the contact with some girl afte…[View]
49732316Dream virginity?: Last night I had a vivid dream about a woman talking to me about random personal s…[View]
49731351What do you like to imagine Hell is like? For me, it's an impossibly large fiery wasteland wher…[View]
49731904'Yeah no, I don't just do lewd stuff with randoms. I wanna feel a connection first, I don'…[View]
49731800I WILL experience a blowjob one day even if I have to do it myself, this is my biggest goal in life![View]
49729498my hairline is getting really bad. like reeaaallllyyyyy fucking bad. the hair all over my head is TH…[View]
49732260>read up on redpills involving race and IQ, media, and degenerate lifestyles >now actively wo…[View]
49731623My mom says I am handsome why am I still a virgin? This doesn't add up.[View]
49732092Just brought my parents a christmas present for the first time[View]
49731588*crawls on your foot*[View]
49732258im HENTAI robot @shi_ ba_ wan_ ko_ plzfollowme!![View]
49731161give me a reason to live, boys[View]
49732195first post: >be me >science class >lining up for when the teacher gets ready for the class …[View]
49731738Worst thing done while drunk: Whats the worst thing youve done while drunk r9k Mine was last night …[View]
49731012Would you agree to have sex with your mom, if she offered it?[View]
49731553I hate women but want women Help me[View]
49729565WHy havent you planted more trees it cures depression? dense forests are too comfy it feels like a v…[View]
49731894Browsing /pol/ quietly on phone in corner >'lmao no one uses 4chan anymore' Beta friend and I tal…[View]
49731231I need someone else who posts here obsessively to help me with something.[View]
49730668> Let another guy sleep with me because he kept complimenting me and begging to do it just once S…[View]
49730461I just finished the first Blade Runner. It wasn't great.[View]
49731920Trying to stop playing vidya hurts so much when there's a new Smash. If it wasn't so cold …[View]
49731596Why haven't you got a Latina gf?: >Catholic upbringing >Loyal and strong family values …[View]
49731520So I'm 6'3 and 350 pounds and im hoping to get down to like 220 or 100 kgs. I havent been …[View]
49729883>stock shelves for a living >entertain myself at work by imagining 4chan posts in my head I am…[View]
49731772>6 AM >60 hidden threads come on r9k.[View]
49729825>older brother who i live with called me after i got off work >said the police took his girlfr…[View]
49731797FAKE ASS PRO BLACKS: This Negro is a KNOWN LIAR and a CROOK! Umar Johnson was caught up lying in a s…[View]
49731702ITT:Things that makes you laugh >'Self improvement thread'[View]
49731760Anyone want a game of chess? I'm not very good https://lichess.org/4XOJG40K[View]
49729824how do i stop feeling like such a hecking failure b?[View]
49731748why dont you just plant more trees? that will cure depression (USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)[View]
49730395I'm on day 2 of nofap. To be honest i'm getting kinda agitated. Any advice?[View]
49730916So this happened a few months back >be me >19yo kissless virgin >go to club with friends …[View]
49730232i often came here looking for pity a couple months back. i made a couple of absolutely regrettable d…[View]
49731176Any other robots get sad by seeing pornographic material instead of getting horny? >ywn know the…[View]
49731506I didn't pay the internet bill they'll cut it off after a few hours[View]
49731567two uk men in usa prison: any off you bots be to jail ? if so did you drop the soap?[View]
49728086Post a song that describe your situation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Aj9_8t1eQc I believe I ca…[View]
49730659Why don't Hispanic girls have stinky butts?[View]
49730274You can only go on ONE board from now on, and you can't visit any of the other boards. Which do…[View]
49730837I want to die, please post original depressing stuff[View]
49731246NO NO NO NO NO NO OH NO NO NO[View]
49730184>havent had a girl interested in me in over 4 years >haven't actually dated a girl in aro…[View]
49731101Legend or absolute nutter?[View]
49731255>approximately fapped over 300 times to pictures of my oneitis Will I ever get bored of her?I fuc…[View]
49728744/creativegeneral/: ~LATE NIGHT~ edition Post your creative original content. This includes your: …[View]
49730525hello ladies and gentlemen, may I have your attention please? Thank you, thank you. I would like to…[View]
49729354My heart hurts tonight, anons[View]
49730917anyone working in an open office environment? how do you deal with constant headaches , pain in eyes…[View]
49727782What do you guys think of my screen background, I got detention for this[View]
49730007The autism sissy has invited you over to show you his minecraft house. You follow the directions lea…[View]
49731247System.out.print('OP IS A LEGEND');[View]
49730702Can someone explain the though process of men who are okay with their girlfriend not being a virgin …[View]
49731223You fellas simply have no imagination.[View]
49730543Is it true that if you agree to have femdom in a relationship, a woman will lose all respect for you…[View]
49725427Going to kill myself since I can't find perfect headphones for an affordable price: Been spendi…[View]
49730888Young looking face caused by arrested development: If your development as a person is arrested, does…[View]
49730403How to /r9k/: >fuck reddit >random reasons you're ugly >girl/sex help >nude pfa Am …[View]
49731159>luan will never tell you bad jokes in class >luan will never get embarrassed when you laugh …[View]
49731004>look in the mirror, look cute >look in the mirror the next day, look uggo Repeat…[View]
49730778Every night in December the assholes down the end of my street set up a huge number of Christmas lig…[View]
49730957I'm going sleep, guys. I hope I don't wake up.[View]
49728874Anyone here from NA wanna play on some league? I can go on the discord if you want. Me am Gold 1 and…[View]
49729753What should I expect on my first kiss? How long should it be and what do I do? Freaking the fuck out…[View]
49729546The robot colony/commune: Welp let's discuss this basically incredibly LARP idea that will neve…[View]
49730673If you're a robot sick of the tiring NEET life, what's an exciting modern adventure you ca…[View]
49731027>two different schools >no friends >university >no friends >job >no friends some p…[View]
49727306who here /kpop/? who here /ONCE/ who here /reveluv/ just got into this shit boys its a lot of fun.[View]
49730959Robots, we should start a petition to outlaw all marriage, dating, love and happiness to get back at…[View]
49729467Anyone here quit drinking before? Any tips beyond the self discipline meme? I'm at my regular b…[View]
49730953>Anon... What are all these 'cuckcest' threads about?[View]
49730932Does anyone else use hand towels to wipe their ass? Nothing else gets mine as clean as I'd like…[View]
49728960big sis kathy.. have a good nap tonight[View]
49730495>Deemed a subhuman man-baby because women decided you aren't worthy of shoving your penis in…[View]
49727163> Sexually inexperienced > Don't chase Thots or spend wages on escorts > Meet nice gri…[View]
49730271>Have sex with gf regularly >never awkward or embarrassing >see friends talk about having …[View]
49730432why do the people around me have such a 'holier-than-thou' attitude towards me because i'm a ne…[View]
49730379It's a FAIR robots!: What stall are you going to put up? It can be a game or anything. I'l…[View]
49730803Hi friends from 4channel, what are some fun subreddits where people post dumb shit about relationshi…[View]
49729366name a better feeling than this[View]
49730640>went from fapping to 3D to fapping to weird 3D to fapping to 2D >now I fap exclusively to 2D …[View]
49729515I have people who are stalking me trying to ruin my social life my art life my dating life and every…[View]
49728515Potheads are the most degenerate, reddit, normie, NPC filth to walk the Earth. If you use this, you …[View]
49730607How can I be a kind but not soft person?[View]
49730091There is literally nothing wrong with attraction to 16 yos.[View]
49727916I couldn't even imagine being in a relationship. I mean you're laying naked next to anothe…[View]
497302025'2 man vs 6'4 woman: https://youtu.be/XGkWcxExB3Q Redpilled dropped!!!! Women get hits e…[View]
49730373got my hands on some used panties, what should i do with them? they look like pic related[View]
49725342Robots name one secret about you that none or very few people know. I'll start with one of my s…[View]
49730259>want to kill myself >discuss this regularly with my mom >love her very much, she has alway…[View]
49729262Okay, but seriously I cannot think or comprehend of anything more cucked than having a daughter. Hon…[View]
49729367I know everyone on this board loves NV, but what is r9k's opinion on F4? I think NV is better i…[View]
49730575>mom caught me searching for index of upload converting img tag in page url on Bing with SafeSear…[View]
49730548Inkling: Does anyone else have the insatiable urge to fuck her or is that just me[View]
49726896Robot habits: I like the find nudes of obscure and washed up actresses and then post them on their s…[View]
49726890a curious femanon: so how old are you guys? i heard most of you are in your 20s do you grow any faci…[View]
49730400why not get a qt prison bf/gf?[View]
49730132why do i like my toe smell not the stinky toe smell just clean smell. it smells different than other…[View]
49728012>coworkers drawing dirty shit on notepads >they have me draw the female reproductive anatomy …[View]
49730338>be me >high school >had 0 friends >people tended to avoid me >always sat alone >…[View]
49730401Is this shitty website working yet[View]
49730169Assuming it never shuts down, do you think you'll ever leave 4chan? I can't imagine it. Th…[View]
49729772Should I do NoFap forever, or is it a dumb meme?[View]
49730417just lost 5 woodstacks in gloria victus, no lube[View]
49730398I have come to a horrifying realization: Doom is a prophetic game. Everything that happened in Doom …[View]
49730150So robots, who here likes Vegas?[View]
49728710>mods keep deleting vanille and alai sex threads. harmless posts. >doesn't delete tranny …[View]
49728672Frog and feels: What happend to this threads OP edition[View]
49729938NEETS on disability, can you share your stories of gaining neetbucks? How long did you have to wait,…[View]
49730318https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7bzK8GCtaBE FUCK voting and FUCK JANNIES thank you, thank you. *dabs…[View]
49730149goodnight bots, thanks for being there for me[View]
49730203my ex-gf is with Chad right now i think... IM NEVER LISTENING TO /r9k/ EVER AGAIN[View]
49728495I just failed out of college for the 2nd time. Is it time to do a trade?[View]
49729986stop sexualizing women and start seeing us as people. its not ok to seduce a girl even after she has…[View]
49730077>Have a job >No friends, tiny family that only involves my parents >Only people I know are …[View]
49730219>look up hot summer girls on Google images >keep scrolling down and loading more at the end …[View]
49729076Is it me or tumblr tier/mental girls are getting attractive by the day?[View]
49730192Slave Market: Come one come all! The Angel Creek Slave market is open for business! Remember, new ve…[View]
49729239What movie should I watch after I came balls deep in my girlfriend while hammered? I'm thinking…[View]
49729750Alright guys imma tell a story i remembered recently it made me laugh super hard >be me >be 8y…[View]
49728268>be me >in college, have a class with this girl and have had said class for almost 6 months …[View]
49728888>>49714494 Yes this person was. Maybe still is.[View]
49725645Omegle friday night text chat thread: >go on www.omegle.com >interest: r9k >start a chat!…[View]
49730080Take some games frens Zombie Army Trilogy 4YGXY-PZ4NH-AY4MV Megaman Legacy Collection 5KFGP-BMCN9-D…[View]
49728687Like what I made?[View]
49730093make /r9k/ a blue board trannies fuck off back to >>/lgbt/[View]
49724334Friday Night: Welcome to the weekend robots, watcha >playin >jammin >eatin >drinkin >…[View]
49728400This board has gotten a lot slower recently and it makes me happy because it means that r9k is becom…[View]
49725469share your types anons[View]
49729741Amy Schumer is a homophobic pig: https://twitter.com/amyschumer/status/267787196092792832…[View]
49728342Should I eat Pie?: ....I think my Aunt wants to have sex with me. We've been best friends for a…[View]
49729195God, I want to be tortured by AM for all of eternity. That would be max comfy.[View]
49729964>Ask mummy to buy chicky nuggies >comes home the next day with crumbed oven-bake only nuggets …[View]
49727455Is Aerospace Engineering a meme degree? It genuinely interests me, and was thinking of doing my unde…[View]
49729537KNIGHT: Autocracy of east Canada, 2108 Timeline where monarchy fled to America following french/Engl…[View]
49729894Well robots? In what way do your sorry asses define themselves?[View]
49729917>literal liquid shits pouring out of my ass right now for the last day why is my medication doing…[View]
49728727>degenerate >normie >roastie >bluepilled >cuck >NPC >reddit…[View]
49729899there will be no concesion: You cant subjagate me to a frame of deposition. You shills all lost the …[View]
49726932what is the best level of drunk?: so im a few drinks in. i feel a llittle buzzed but not a ton. is t…[View]
49729299I paid 200 for the most nasty rancent 31 year old mother of 4 crack whore to have sex with me today.…[View]
49729350For a long time during my late teens and early 20s I wanted desperately to not feel alone and craved…[View]
49729793>mfw he can only drink up to 4 cans of coke per day[View]
49729532When did 4chan become so mainstream? How do we get the normies off of this site?[View]
49729759I swear on my fucking life if I meet up with another tinder girl who ended up being a lot fatter the…[View]
49729131winnie the pooh: Christopher Robin: Schizophrenia. It is believed that all the characters in Winnie …[View]
49729732Why arent you playing Dragalia lost yet?[View]
49729191something about this picture makes me feel nostalgic and sad. there are people like them out tonight…[View]
49727485I love this frog[View]
49729289Any of you get scared that one day some normie is gonna take a pic of you and make fun of the way yo…[View]
49729108I live in this really creepy crazy hicktown where everyone is schizophrenic and scary and weird as f…[View]
49729314I'm in the middle of trying to shake the warped perception of the world this board pushes on yo…[View]
49728965>2 more fucking threads about this shit meme Anyone else sick of seeing this shit? It's not …[View]
49729416Hey what if i told you that there is more to life than sex and temporary pleasure I thought autisti…[View]
49729593Who here the same?: Lost all online friends so far.[View]
49729682/creativegeneral/: hey guys welcome to a creativegeneral. Post your creative stuff here Here's …[View]
49729626Can fembots elaborate: >I coped with my uneasiness with antidepressants by establishing a cycle o…[View]
49729629>missed out on so much stuff in my life >will continue to miss out on >whether it's wi…[View]
49729620How do you deal with not being compatible with your dream? I tried working my dream job for a year a…[View]
49726310Still have not gotten laid using Tinder. Any chance I am not 100% retarded?[View]
49726233What matters in life to the average person?[View]
49729491Can u guys help a fellow robot?be me play runescape 3 ironically meet this girl about to exchange nu…[View]
49729555Happy and proud: Am I the only one here who is a khv neet and proud of it? In fact, I am perfectly c…[View]
49727632>on Snapchat >Girl is really into our date tomorrow >Keep it brief >Meet this time so an…[View]
49728561man im such a loser lmfao. im destined to kill myself. everyone around me is actually doing shit. ev…[View]
49729477Every woman I've ever been actually attracted to has later revealed to me their myriad of menta…[View]
49729371what do I do if my parents are poor and refuse to heat the house? its so fucking cold downstairs. I …[View]
49729352>Ah, so you must be the new antifa twink? Don't worry faggot, we'll set you straight, b…[View]
49728192How to tell do i have benzo withdrawal or just normal anxiety and heart palpitations?[View]
49728851>Be me >be 21 >pretty attractive but legit mental case due to my upbringing >virgin my e…[View]
49729215>tfw no stinky neet gf damn[View]
49729313>be me one week ago >download shitty Bethesda app on pc to download fallout 76 while I'm …[View]
49726449I can't imagine being sincere about the things normgroids are sincere about. When some slut ca…[View]
49729282So i scared the shit out of some kid at my college: >be me >18 yr college kid >sitting in b…[View]
49727828assuming a giant girl swallowed you, how long would it take you to digest?[View]
49687109/MBTI/: Who is le superior chad edition once again because previous post barely got any replies…[View]
49727763Got so high I thought I died and went to purgatory Worst 3 hours of my life[View]
49727714All women are sluts. I got out of robothood, started dating tons and tons of girls. It was hard guys…[View]
49728937This is a reminder that having a wank to anything with a dingle dangling between its legs is patentl…[View]
49728266>tfw i just got diagnosed with brain cancer and only have months to live fucking finally. i am go…[View]
49728962Anons, what matters in Life is religion and health and nothing else. Take it from me.[View]
49728276>been posting on /r9k/ since 2012 or 2013 >still don't know how to spoiler words in a pos…[View]
49728572Anyone else here losing the desire to 'do' anything in particular and just want to live th…[View]
497265514chan alternatives?: Looking for something that's somewhere between Reddit and 4chan. I don…[View]
49726798>'I told you to use a condom. Now I'm pregnant'[View]
49727855What is it like to start your own family?[View]
49728197you guys know of any unsual videos/accounts on youtube, preferably with low view-counts? I'm tr…[View]
49727780is it gay to make fake profiles of chicks and sell their nudes and shit? I was doing it for awhile a…[View]
49728131Mongols?: Does /r9k/ consider Mongol life top-tier? >You spend your days hunting on the steppe w…[View]
49724422Are there racial differences in intelligence?[View]
49727630How do 'nice guys' live with themselves? They're utter garbage. They're not even actually …[View]
49728172>5000 word paper due next week >4 months to work on it >haven't started So, how do I g…[View]
49728826how to control the population: >population control 101 >punch pregnant women's bell >p…[View]
49728349Dad is kicking me out soon, im 20 and looking to get an apartment in my area (Georgia near atlanta).…[View]
49728240>only gf ever says I'm too needy >breaks up with me guess I'm back to being a robot …[View]
49727035Your mother has a vagina, you know? ...and it probably smells really bad.[View]
49724770>tfw 8/10 attractiveness >tfw beautiful prime european GF >tfw stable job at 60k a year sal…[View]
49728599Why post fembot bait?: I get posting bait on Reddit for le internet points, but bait on 4chan is jus…[View]
49728790why won't someone terrorize the Gay Pride parades? Answer: Terrorists are all gays. USA! USA! …[View]
49726774Anyone else here like the feeling of paranoia while smoking?[View]
49716588Videogames are 100% cucked and 100% bluepilled. Think about all the effort you pour into them. Hour …[View]
49727628>born in cold shitty small town >literally coldest saddest weather on earth >no people aro…[View]
49726332How does /r9k/ measure up?: This is mine. http://howlongismyschlong.com[View]
49727516>Anon... What are all these 'mommy' threads about?[View]
49727528>'You know we had to do it to em, Anon'[View]
49727358>tfw even porn doesn't do it anymore.[View]
49728516Yessssss DIE NORMIES DIE This is now a comfy thread.[View]
49728329>debating on whether to make large purchase >anxiety consumes me and i cancel the order >th…[View]
49727546probably never going to have a qt dominant bf. Feels bad.[View]
49726722Should I trannymax?[View]
49727926>Can't set my Facebook status to 'in a relationship with Chad' because he's already in …[View]
49727890Pictures that make you feel and why they make you feel thread. I'll start. This reminds me of m…[View]
49719142diapers: >saw threads about diapers on /r9k/ for months >finally took the plunge >they end…[View]
49727748>log into steam to play some of your h games >Find out GabeN has deleted your whole loli colle…[View]
49727840>you are just an acquaintance of your best friend Who else here knows this feel?…[View]
49725388Call me crazy but I want to raise a baby away from society[View]
49724991Fembots preferred dick size: I know that women deny it, however, it's been proven that women do…[View]
49725980Its friday and im at home and about to drink by myself. anyone who is the same want to drink with me…[View]
49728391Have you reached a point with 4chan that you realize all communication is pointless bullshit, hostil…[View]
49727975A foreclosure on their home causes a mother and daughter to move cross country to an old family farm…[View]
49723815Why cant robots just admit the simple fact that fembots do indeed exist? >be me fembot >never …[View]
49727461HELP I'M 18 AND GRADUATING SOON WHAT DO???: hi brobots, as you all can tell just from reading t…[View]
49728311Anyone else unironically a /doomer/?[View]
49709996/r9k/ Secret Santa 2018 #38: Previous thread>>49699070 >How does it work this time? People …[View]
49727544Funniest shit that has happened in 2018, still laughing my ass off[View]
49728207Just finished all 6 of my 6 paged essays that were due today at midnight.[View]
49724312the true redpill for those on this board[View]
49701806what made you the way you are anons? bullying in school? family abuse? some type of disability? >…[View]
49726519Day 2 of nofap/no porn: The weekends are always the hardest[View]
49728121*ahem*: EVERY *ahem* EVERYONE I *ahem* *ahem* uh excuse me gentlemen EVERYONE I'D LIKE TO *dou…[View]
49727871I'm considering starting nicotine. I have ADHD and anxiety and feel the benefit of having some …[View]
49728075are wagies people?[View]
49727103I know the solution to all issues that I have. It's that one pill. It repairs and impairs me fo…[View]
49728005What cartoons would you let your children watch, if any?[View]
49725946Bye bye frens, I been zucked into da virtual world. Hab fun in reel lyfe lmao[View]
49727995Ghost Reveries is the best album that was ever made[View]
49727497/Devilish/ thread?: >one of my superiors in office job was a christcuck >she literally once sa…[View]
49727120Do you post on 2chan?[View]
49728069>theres a vietnamese qt working the counter at Burger King now i cant wait to work with her. Than…[View]
49727017Anyone got a spare reddit account that they can give me? I need one that's at least a month old…[View]
49728060Why do women give shit to men for slut shaming when most of the slut shaming is done by other women?[View]
49726830Monsters: Do you consider yourself a good person, /r9k/? Or are you a monster, only concerned with …[View]
49728034Post your art: Are there any robots here who express themselves through art? Music, poetry, drawings…[View]
49727645you guys do know that Chris-chan believed (and still does) that all his life problems will be solved…[View]
49728024>be me >ill >don't have anymore clean tissues >bunch of tissues on the ground >s…[View]
49726612>'Anon I'm making your favorite! Cheer up dear, I know you'll bring back a nice girl on…[View]
49724239What does it feel like for a girl when her nipples are sucked?[View]
49723449Robo Bands: What bands do you guys enjoy? I'm not here to shit talk I'm just genuinely cur…[View]
49727982anyone went down the construction/truck driving/trades route? how has it went for you?[View]
49727941I'm sick of the misogyny on this board desu'[View]
497273484chan: Have you tried leaving this site before? what stopped you? I would think a good number of us …[View]
49727937Today I got invited by my co workers to a New years party, Im pretty well liked at work and think my…[View]
49727727Public schooling VS Homeschooling / Home education Which is the superior educational system ?[View]
49718822A is for Apple[View]
49727824There is a qt manlet in my class that sits right next to me and I dont talk to him or really anyone …[View]
49725202>tfw no bubbly, assertive, affectionate black gf to break me out of my shell and inspire me to be…[View]
49726039the divine chad: >be me >teen loser aut, spends most days inside like the neet he is destined …[View]
49727684>I am able to feel love >I can care for another human >I do want to care for another person…[View]
49727340im so sad and i want to have sex[View]
49725812>have to do concert in band >its there >its coming on >its coming on >its coming on …[View]
49725854I WANT TO FUCK her SO BAD! How can I cope with this feel? Real life dolls??[View]
49727661is he the most /R9K/ musical performer?[View]
49727647I can't be the only one thinking this, can I?: Who else feels this way? I can't be the onl…[View]
49722896Thoughts on Italian girls?[View]
49727165do you suppose porn stars hang out with each other a little bit building up a rapport and getting to…[View]
49726229Fugggg: >tfw you discover your emergency/hopeful stash expired in August of 2106 Should I poke ho…[View]
49725932What does a pussy feel like that can fit 4 fingers inside it?[View]
49726445How many robots would makes sniffies with this pussy and asshole?[View]
49726464who a mommys boy here, I still go to the store with my mom, hug and cuddle me at night,ect[View]
49727567Early NPC Found: Found this on Portal 2. Could this be the first NPC? Was Valve ahead of /r9k/ all a…[View]
49716805Is it over lads? I've got a Bachelor's degree in business but can't seem to get a job…[View]
49718324Describe the fembot/malebot of your dreams >female >4'11 >120lbs >tight chubby >…[View]
49726202why are all dogs and dog owners fucking moronic dip shitted retards? every dog owner I see and their…[View]
49726848>tfw doing security guard online training right now and almost done Comfyness is coming my way so…[View]
49726564>being turned into a living doll or a robot This is my most dominant fetish. If you were dating …[View]
49727297your fault you're an incel: if you're an incel you're either fat or unattractive bein…[View]
49726124Any Cubans here? Have you ever met one?[View]
49718725Which asians are the best looking/ most waifu material in your opinion?[View]
49727460yall bein gay and shit[View]
49726575>not meditating on your own internal smugness and potency So long as you continue to desire to a…[View]
49727330I have schizofrenia[View]
49725698Being a girl is unfair, we have to wear bra because we have boobs, we have periods, we give birth an…[View]
49726773>'Omg anon, just because you're ugly and literally no girl in her right mind would ever give…[View]
49727347If they made your life into a movie how many normies would literally die in laughter?[View]
49726664In a hookup does the girl usually swallow your load or does she make you fap into the trashcan?[View]
49727331>tfw no non normalfag bf[View]
49727337https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vO-J7F4vPtg Does the song's lyrics describe you, anon?[View]
49726904I used to think unifags were exaggerating when they said college was hard. I hate it so goddamn much…[View]
49727007I love how I actually post good content on this board and get no replies. All you guys want is gay …[View]
49727266Christmas feels: I'll never forget the year I bought everyone I knew beef jerky and every singl…[View]
49727177How do i make my body less feminine. I want to be more manly but I don't have the money or anyt…[View]
49724956I fapped to sissy porn again, why am I so mentally ill?[View]
49717964what is it that drives women to peg?[View]
49723775I was involuntarily checked into a behavioral unit after almost jumping off a bridge and they prescr…[View]
49725687What's it like to live with HIV?[View]
49726035Can I get an introverted non-normie gf on discord? I'm desperate at this point[View]
49727150So how do you compare /r9k/?[View]
49727137looked up the best friends i ghosted into bailing on me, see how their lives have happily progressed…[View]
49726357join gayme: https://skribbl.io/?DXsLnxnsP2[View]
49727095Just a lil PSA Discord users need to be publicly lynched with their mutilated corpses left to rot in…[View]
49727016what is your excuse anon[View]
49725546Does life worth it when you have friends/gf and financial success?[View]
49725752tfw no bf tfw no good bf[View]
49708395/r9gay/ - #530: Reading lewd with your bf edition Last thread: >>49688161[View]
49725739>finally ask my crush out >she says yes >have a panic attack on the way to her What to do I…[View]
49718804I'm not leaving until this question is solved once and for all.[View]
49722853I just want you to know that blunt weapons are far better than sharp weapons and if you think otherw…[View]
49726038I just got back from the doctors. Turns out I have brain damage. And it's the reason for a whol…[View]
49726380What does Chad do for work?[View]
49726267>Fapping >Remember that my dick is too small to ever satisfy a woman >Start weeping I don…[View]
49725629how do I leave my shitty small town if I have a curse from god trapping me here? every time i find a…[View]
49726815>> college dropout fuckin' 19 years old like no experience. >> not rlly doing anyth…[View]
49723889Why are normies so unbearable? My roommate for example >emotional cheating >horrible music …[View]
49726322>tfw no feet sniffing gf[View]
49724580What has 4chan memed you into: >4chan memed me into femdom >then futa >then crossdressing …[View]
49726689>be in a mental hospital for 4 months >befriend a black kid in there based off our mutual love…[View]
49726659Is this is the most difficult puzzle in the world? Anyone figured out the rules on how to access it?[View]
49725773first time getting high *tripping balls in public-> mental breakdown p1: >Be me, Junior year o…[View]
49725727>wished I was a girl since age four, cried about it a lot before my parents started spanking me f…[View]
49724215a qustion for fembots: >you walk into your bf's room to find him cross dressing how do you …[View]
49726685where all my real deal weed smokers at tonight[View]
49725848>be me, crazy clingy insecure gf >bf and I make some rules >we can't discuss anything …[View]
49726608>spent every weekend with gf >tonight shes busy and I feel lonely fuck this shit, I was better…[View]
49726474hey r9k want to watch a movie with my buddy any suggestions? Thanks friends : )[View]
49718575ITT: post the name of the woman that cuts through you like a knife every time you hear it. I'll…[View]
49725968If you are going to have sex on the janitor's room, at least clean the crime scene after you do…[View]
49724417Is there anything that turns a woman off more than being quiet/shy? You can be confident, handsome, …[View]
49725074Hello, fellas, ladies, and others. I'm curious as to how you would rank these crimes in terms o…[View]
49726453Gentlemen, gather round for a toast! To robots! Oh, and one more thing... FUCK ROASTIES[View]
49723186>browse a mostly abandoned site where people used to answer questions from strangers >one post…[View]
49725825Who else was that dude in hs that some girls were flirty with but you ignored them?[View]
49725050>tfw no green eyed redhead gf[View]
49723912OCD general: The illness of doubt edition. Talk about how you overcome your intrusive thoughts / let…[View]
49726064>friday night let's see what ol' /r9k/ is up to lol[View]
49725552Youve gotta be fucking kidding me. Lol Some OC boys. Discuss.[View]
49726361Blogpost: I turned 20 yesterday and it was Hell. Seven friends came out to visit me and the only thi…[View]
49723127/uni/ thread- 'please let this all be a dream' Edition: How's is going bros? I might be able to…[View]
49726292any other chad nerds here who hate having to hang out with incels and weeaboos but have to because n…[View]
49726288Why the fuck do fags scam like this? Says if someone gets trips nudes will be dumped. Someone gets t…[View]
49723569Who else addicted to porn?[View]
49726255Any robots here working at trades?[View]
49726251things you can be grateful for thread: i'll start: >not disabled or impaired >not an ampu…[View]
49725952See this small slit, yeah, that's the thing that'll ruin your life[View]
49725347>You're like my only friend anon What did she mean by this guys? Whatever it is it can'…[View]
49725954Variation on the Incel vs Chad meme: Psychological assessment with fancy terminology[View]
49725416What's it like to have a mail order bride?[View]
49726188>If I had five dicks I'd try to simultaneously beat em >Yo girls pussies smell so tide po…[View]
49725481>tfw one step away from having light eyed children with straight hair and light butterscotch skin…[View]
49725681One time I was pouring a glass of coke, and I poured some out and it fizzed to the top so I waited f…[View]
49725715Even the Muslim girls at my Uni have nigger fever. Had to sit behind a group of Muslim girls today a…[View]
49726078Hey robots: How stank you think my pussy is[View]
49726073>The virgin alt-right vs the CHAD Zizek[View]
49726075Lactation: Hi femanons, I would like to ask you what supplements/techniques would you recommend in l…[View]
49726014it ain't worth it: Just got went through the ringer with someone who used me as an emotional cr…[View]
49725650Anything interesting happen lately? What was the last one, that marine in the bar in cali? These are…[View]
49725871Femanons, why not just adopt a cute young boy and raise him to become your husband?[View]
49726051There's an 31 year old cute asian girl where I work. She is incredibly petite and looks like sh…[View]
49725431How the fuck do I stop being addicted to 4chan and porn. It's fucking my life up[View]
49726037Toilet Adventures: > tfw you ate 2 bags of hot pickles, jalapenos, and chili cheese nachos with s…[View]
49725935We have been wandering unruled for too long robots. I think I found our new queen. She doesn't …[View]
49725669Shes Asexual: discuss; Shes a proven Ace. discuss[View]
49724061So what's the answer r9k?[View]
49725815>I want to cum inside without birth control on the first time nor after change my mind pls…[View]
49724565Is it technically straight if a guy fuck a trans guy? https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey…[View]
49722975lmaoing at all those cut USA dicklets that need lotion to fap[View]
49725524If you ever want to know what a female thinks of you, just ghost her and see what happens. Now that …[View]
49724602Any other Jewish robots here?[View]
49725742Eastasian music thread https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=2BIzTJM2zag[View]
49725721shorty know you're bad, word so profane something like a bad, word want your love, call me when…[View]
49724606Have you ever been beaten up by a fembot?[View]
49721239LOST YOUTH: zoomers not welcome. This thread is for those who completely wasted the prime of their l…[View]
49725692>post a cartoon frog in a level headed argument on 4channel >opposition bursts into fury becau…[View]
49725155>nobody has ever made me feel the way you do, I love you so much anon[View]
49723831You really have to wonder what's wrong with this world that so many people dread the next day. …[View]
49725226>Ba-baka! I told you not to cum inside me iditot![View]
49725284God, there's no fucking meaning to life. Going to work all day, then having to sleep early to w…[View]
49725412What is it like to have boobs?[View]
49725608Noko: Who do you think the first person to say 'test' was on r9k and wat do you think they meant…[View]
49725456Femanons, do you wear bralettes? What size are your busts?[View]
49720794I'm a boy so why am I so submissive and attracted to men?[View]
49724815You fucking robot jerkoffs ruined my life and now ur going to pay fuckers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!![View]
49725565Generic no gf thread #315762: >Be me >6'3', above average looks, university compsci stude…[View]
49725578>>49721440 (^original thread^) >>49721592 a good 7 i'd say[View]
49725572Can you figure it out pls?: 01101000 01110100 01110100 01110000 00111010 00101111 00101111 01110100 …[View]
49721306> walk in on roomate in this position waiting for chad what's the correct move here?…[View]
49723467So I've done the unthinkable. I've fucked Nikki Benz again.: Hello everyone, again. A few …[View]
49725504v150 Some days, some nights Some live some die In the way of the samurai Some fight, some bleed Sun …[View]
49724968Weird shit I did to my brother: When I was younger I was obsessed with kissing and having all around…[View]
49725531I dont think anyone would come to my funeral, but I can see a lot of people I know cumming to my fun…[View]
49725518>Spent over $2500 on Taco Bell this year[View]
49725513Raid idea: remember the Tumblr steven universe raid awhile ago? sing tumblr is banning porn we shoul…[View]
49725507Where can I get a tall gf?: 6'1 guy here and I am almost strictly attracted to tall women becau…[View]
49723378what are you all listening to tonight lads?[View]
49724146thoughts on history qts?[View]
49724788NEETs need guidance. Let me guide you.: How about you NEETs do something courageous for once in your…[View]
49723689since my life is fucked up my intuition is broken and doesn't know what to do so it wants me to…[View]
49724921Interface Discussion: What do you guys think about Interface by UMAMI? https://www.youtube.com/playl…[View]
49725370Ever just wonder what your parents think of you? I don't talk to my mom at all, yet we live tog…[View]
49724708Real talk: If you are a mentally weak beta male, no matter how much effort you put into your appeara…[View]
49725154Are any of you going to backup all the porn you liked on Tumblr?[View]
49725241I cannot be beaten at this game.[View]
49709011Last text you got from a girl (female): Not a trap, tranny, etc but an actual real XX girl[View]
49724931is it true that zoomers are conservative? is there a hope? can i join zoomer if 24 and 1/2 or at lea…[View]
49723543>this bitch is so good at painting but does basically lewd nudes pisses me off, yeah ill become …[View]
49725182I wish I could tell how other people were feeling to see if normies feel as shitty as I do and are j…[View]
49725289>what do you mean you don't drink? >what do you mean you don't smoke? >what do yo…[View]
49721709Robots what do?: You are enlisted as a WW1 soldier, what would you do?[View]
49724202Remember the John Carpenter film 'They Live'? Well i have an idea for hundreds if not thousands of p…[View]
49725207If I had to: I would put myself right beside you So let me ask, Would you like that? Would you like …[View]
49724053>/Worst things girls have said to you/ >recently a girl said to me outside a coffee shop 'you …[View]
49724227Is it possible to be a zoomer and a doomer?[View]
49721962What the hell is her endgame?[View]
49722318Im so god damn tired every day[View]
49724579Dear Moot, I tweet you but still ain't replying I left my post number, my discord, and my home …[View]
49722168why do my 'friends' suck so much? one acts like an outcast but can actually squeeze into a…[View]
49725068>60 hidden threads welp.[View]
49723804What's the term for when your dick shrinks, like when your mom kisses you or when your uncle gr…[View]
49723892Drugs Thread -- High Til I Die: What are you robots getting down with tonight? Just had a few lines …[View]
49723672I failed math and I want to kill myself and my math teacher: I failed math for the first time and I …[View]
49725032>Be me >Be at party >There is a swimming pool at the party >There is some black guy caus…[View]
49724691convince me to leave the house tonight to go to a bar and find a qt to have sex with because i can…[View]
49724460Alright, can you guys help me not fuck up my next date tomorrow. We're going to an ice rink. R…[View]
49724470Anyone collects anything? I collet figurines, pic related just came in the mail[View]
49724689Why do I feel so alone? I have friends, supportive parents, a gf that loves me more than I deserve B…[View]
49724858The real reason is because I don't want to sit down and deal with her annoying ass faggot fathe…[View]
49724969Why am i slowly becoming a NEET: Im a 19 year old guy, I still live with my parents up until recent …[View]
49724590How many people here are secretly chad and come to /r9k/ to act like an incel for fun? I think peopl…[View]
49724613What does it mean to be a robot? What is typical robot behaviour? How do you differentiate between …[View]
49723472I want to go to Hell and become a ruthless undead warrior. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xSjrCChGv…[View]
49724003ok when i say this keep in mind height really doesn't matter and neither does breast size i rea…[View]
49721792Just eating some food[View]
49724904Fembots, would you enjoy having your feet tickled?[View]
49724335>asexual, but still like watching people having sex[View]
49723540Reminder evolution favors horny people. Those of you who are so sensitive you never make a move are …[View]
497244451996-1999 anons, get in here. Are we zoomers or boomers?[View]
49718334I cried yesterday because I will never get a gf.[View]
49723639Bigg sister Kathy. Enjoy your late afternoon desu[View]
49724850When did you finally accept that living life as a girl and pleasing others was the only way to give …[View]
49724812Do the people that think having anal sex with a girl is gay also think that getting your dick sucked…[View]
49724573I feel like we should all share good conversation starters in order to help (me) each other break th…[View]
49724757Is it gay to buttfuck your friend purely to assert dominance[View]
49721171ITT: That Kid Thread: Not a fan of these I just remember some niggers, I'll start: >That gir…[View]
49724444>in CS review session >fuck that autistic kid is here again >keeps bothering the class and …[View]
49708910Write a letter to someone: Write a letter to someone whomst may never read it Dear Bayer Pharmaceuti…[View]
49723794I feel like I'm not welcome anywhere, not even here. Where do you go if you can't go anywh…[View]
49723067Should I transition bros? Do I have anything to lose?[View]
49724368Autistic Things you did in School: What are the most autistic things you've ever done in school…[View]
49720948self-improvement thread: >day 57 sometimes it's a struggle to brush my teeth…[View]
49724082I've just told the most perfect, sweetest, purest girl I've ever known that I can't b…[View]
49724269Fembots, how stinky is your pussy right now? We all know you haven't washed it in a long time, …[View]
49723259>tfw no short pale fembot gf to love forever Why[View]
49722376>tfw no Jeanette Voerman gf[View]
49722663>only one realistic option for a gf >she's a libtard single mother What do…[View]
49720986If you could transform into animal at any time what would you transform into? Ide probably transform…[View]
49724475When did video games stop being good?[View]
49724339calculate your number: How much money would someone need to get an apartment and just live there for…[View]
49723565This town ain't big enough for the both of us partner[View]
49723429Is this normal or should I just stop? For that part as the few months now I have been trying to date…[View]
49723684Rich / high salary robots, how did you make your money and what is the best part about having a lot …[View]
49723072Something for you lonely faggots https://www.pornhub.com/channels/atkgirlfriends[View]
49724316if you work in retail or are just a foreigner who's coming to america, be sure to work on your …[View]
49724376ITT: Story Time: Any Entertaining stories from you guys? I'll start >Be me >15 Y/O KHV …[View]
49724355Anyone else experience this bullshit?: >Wake up at 1 AM >Have to take a shit >Sit down on t…[View]
49720461>your negativity is a self fulfilling prophecy >you need to change your attitude >your pers…[View]
49724189Hypothetically where would i find 2 men or women to suck my breast and literally only do that like h…[View]
49720308/britfeel/: Just down the pub having a few cheeky pints with the lads edition[View]
49718540do you bring your parents pain. /r9k/?[View]
49724178Sextoy Recommendations - Anon's Degenerate Shopping Spree: I'm a virgin Hikikomori (big sh…[View]
49722761Why not just pay for sex?: Seriously just plunk down a few hundred every now and then for some time …[View]
49722942Can't stop listening to Synthwave lads https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MkgR0SxmMKo[View]
49722798Daily orbiting thread: Todays target is a new challenger: Redhead[View]
49723492>2003 >go to school for the fun >class is whatever >waiting for recess >'the whole …[View]
49723020Is social anxiety the worst mental illness[View]
49723817Why do you guys crave sex so much? Why do you feel so sad and invalid that you haven't had it, …[View]
49724062>hey anon! >... How'd I do?[View]
49722328>girl that had a crush on me doesn't care anymore and/or doesn't recognize me anymore…[View]
49723970Who here been dumped? Did you ever find another girl yet? Been a month for me and I'm tired of …[View]
49723893>ugly but still manage to have an attractive female friend that maintains contact for over 10 yea…[View]
49723115Guys what is wrong with me. I'm not gay. I'm not attracted to men at all. but penises are …[View]
49723221>tfw you have never experience teenage love >tfw you will never have a meaningful relationship…[View]
49723816Bonbibonkers: Did she truly get doxxed? If so, does anyone have it? I feel so bad every day because …[View]
49711029Are girls as attracted to Jim as guys are to Pam? Because Pam does something mystical to my groin de…[View]
49723428>25 year old autistic neet >feel myself getting older >barely have the energy for my old ho…[View]
49723370>ex-gf hates me after i told her i still love her nooooooooooooo[View]
49723863Music bread https://youtu.be/05hfZrBuMng[View]
49723805Mental illness: /R9k/ how do I face my mental problems? List yours >disacosiate >no joy in an…[View]
49721595>dicklet >wristlet >handlet >feetlet >anklelet >5'11 manlet >poor eyesight…[View]
49723527Femanons, how many different bras do you have? Do you have different sizes?[View]
49723752>see prostitute >can't get hard Why is this a thing? What is wrong with me?…[View]
49723401Anyone knows if that chin-killing copypasta actually works? Any source to prove it?[View]
49722706How do i stop dropping the spaghetti when talking to women. I even do this online, i just make the s…[View]
49722617konichiwa frens[View]
49723697fuckers: +/1 (70/2) 63/7-53/00 Give them a call please. Been real assholes to me lately.[View]
49722962big willy thread[View]
49723580Why is it okay to be proud of being female but not okay to be proud of being male?[View]
49723651>go to high school, new people >there is that girl, become buddies >she is really great, ha…[View]
49723354>tfw no cute priest bf to exorcise my demons[View]
49723371What have you done this time?[View]
49722292>femwhore joins the guild[View]
49722444Is male suicide a good thing? it gets rid of the weak and those who can't adapt to modern life.…[View]
49722715Would downing about 15-20 antipsychotic pills and a shit ton of sleeping pillls with alcohol and sli…[View]
49723237Has anyone else here never been able to nut through fapping or am I the only one?[View]
49722129Would femanons let a big-dick tard fuck them?[View]
49723496Trying to avoid vidya is so depressing. I wish I could still hang out with my friends (I only have a…[View]
49722957>finally get talking to grill I been eyeing for a while >At party we go home together >Sout…[View]
49722730/nsg/ - National Socialism general: Get in here fellow Nazibots.[View]
49723417/singularity/: Who else here holding out for the singularity? It will either kill us all or fix us a…[View]
49723358>ywn be a prophet[View]
49714961Why do guys tend to stay away from shy girls?[View]
49717985Female nature, especially sexual nature, is the most evil, disgusting, and saddest aspect of humans …[View]
49720832can you be a robot when you had relationships before but always panicked and bailed out after a whil…[View]
49721936Hey Uncle Anon, why do I have a girlfriend but you don't?[View]
49723174>no job >dont feel like leaving bed to do anything >no talents >zero hobbies >no frie…[View]
49714176Dude what if you got attacked my a wild WOLF! What would you even do? They are BIG af senpai[View]
49723314ITT we post our fave pepe's!: post em boys! P.S FUCK THE MODS AND JANNIES JANNIES ARE TRANNYS!…[View]
49718040I'm sure we're all insecure about our body. Let's talk about our insecurities. Here…[View]
49723011WHat's the best place to find a full-time job? Applying online isn't working for me.[View]
49723124>be me >grades >100% confident they're good >get grades back >https://www.youtub…[View]
49722479Why is Europe so beautiful? Are they going to share it with the rest of the world[View]
49722632Autistic Things You Do: lets start an autistic things you do thread, i'll start >be me >l…[View]
49723236>mfw i just realised my mother suffers from narcissistic personality disorder and ive wasted lite…[View]
49715745Femanons, why do women enjoy being dominated and degraded?[View]
49723142Has a qt girl ever prayed for you, r9k?[View]
49722964https://www.reddit.com/r/FA30plus/comments/a3ssdx/im_ukippy236s_husband_ama/ Why don't you just…[View]
49723136This is it man, I've had it with these fucking normies, even my 'friends' are fucking idiots. E…[View]
49719264/hermit/: Giving up on society was the best gift i could've done to myself. Maybe i did it in t…[View]
49721927Can you make real friends at age 22?[View]
49722871does anyone remember the guy who dipped his balls in acid?[View]
49722869the burden of living with low IQ: >can bareIy talk/write coherently without sounding like a Down …[View]
49723044help: >be me >14 at the time >first day of highschool >go to classes like normal >pe …[View]
49722381itt: post weird situations/conversations you randomly imagined yourself in >there is a genetic di…[View]
49717160tfw slav: >tfw slav immigrant living in the west since the age of 3 >tfw you're the botto…[View]
49720379I deleted my facebook account, it's like a tumor was removed from my head jesus christ It'…[View]
49722950>will spend my last days doing stupid things that don't make me happy >even more reason t…[View]
49721276Why the fuck is it so hard for men to read social cues? Why is it so fucking hard? I'm getting …[View]
49722626Can someone red pill me on This guy?[View]
49721179Guys, I need your help. I think Im addicted to Jelqing. I literally cant go a day without doing it a…[View]
49722472Shot an air rifle with my Mother today It was really fun and for the first time in a long while I wa…[View]
49722179Why are women more self-conscious about their looks than men are? Like men didn't invent body p…[View]
49722884anyone else had all the opportunities and fucked it up? we have it the worst desu i have good facial…[View]
49722466Fembot thread: Why do men value virginity so much but also like to sleep around? Are men dumb?…[View]
49722735>currently staying in a homeless shelter >every time I go out for a cigarette I end up chattin…[View]
49721409>be me >20 year old >be really into anal play >start playing with a cucumber one day in …[View]
49722835>go on omegle >find girls and fags >mainly underage >introduce them to 4chan >get the…[View]
49722383>tfw 7 inches long and 5.5 inches thick but can't use it because ugly face and terrible auti…[View]
49722788I've spent the last four hours refreshing this board,[View]
49722733>tfw no Mai gf[View]
49722189gud neight boys! :)[View]
49721368we are all depressed and suicidal. What do we share in common with eachother? what makes us this way…[View]
49722208what if i become high energy? what if i keep trying something and just treat life like a video game?…[View]
49715198Yooooo we are officially in PAY DAY so post those balances ASAP boys! Guess who just cracked eighty …[View]
49722723/Cyborg/ Thread: For everyone who's trapped in the no man's land between /r9k/ and reality…[View]
49720591>ywn be the love of Chaotic's life and live happily and safe as his femboy bf I want off thi…[View]
49722693Are hijabi feet the best feet?[View]
49721972I got sent a Redroom link or it’s some sort of troll: Can anyone get this link to go to something ot…[View]
49722551Is there any porn where the girl is on her period and fucks a guy without a condom, then sucks him o…[View]
49722664lol i feel like good luck chuck whenever i start liking a woman, they move up in life (change work p…[View]
49722217>Ywn watch a girl put on her socks Why even live?[View]
49722564>NEET >no girl >no friends >no money so cant buy weed to destract me >even vidya does…[View]
49722220>Sorry, but I already have a boyfriend. I'm sure you will find somebody else!…[View]
49722506guys, the chads and normies only exist because of women, they moulded their groups overtime to all g…[View]
49721335https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWAhPpdcWedLgaB1KJEvfqA/videos >steal a couple of dollars worth …[View]
49721786/Friday night thread/: How are you all doing tonight?I'm staying in my cosy room reading some L…[View]
49722598AHHHHHHHH I want to fap so bad: Show me some hot fembot pussy. I completer No Nut November, but now …[View]
49722555This is Madward. See something nice about him.[View]
49720415Would you spank your daughter?: As a measure of 'Punishment'?[View]
49722504>ex bf from middle school foumd where I live Why do guys do this? I deleted all my social media a…[View]
49722520Vocaroo thread: Talk about whatever, play music or do whatever else comes to mind https://vocaroo.co…[View]
49720457YOU: >Age >Education >Job >Income >Savings >Debt >Advice…[View]
49721212Podcast thread: Hey anons, I am currently not able to do anything but stay in bed. I enjoy listening…[View]
49718842/nightwalk/ general: Now the days are getting shorter it's time for a comfy nightwalk thread. D…[View]
49722100gib asian gf[View]
49721858>Guy brings his gf to the gym >I immediately pack my shit up drip what I was doing and leave …[View]
49722474>care about height >never gonna get gfs anyway…[View]
49721349>tfw an old friend from 2010 recognized me[View]
49722432dickord thread Post your names here and we can chat maybe? /ndfjB5 add me if you like maybe we can b…[View]
49721884>reminder that pic related has foot fetish and furry inflation art somewhere deep on the internet…[View]
49722420Feelsthread/general >tfw you will never meet or hear singing Eva Cassidy in person because she di…[View]
49722151always remember whiteys[View]
49722310who /maniac/ here: In criminology, a disorganized offender, also sometimes called a maniac, is a cla…[View]
49721773post comfy music for NEETs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MFBOtWq7dsE[View]
49722279Lost in the wheels of confusion Running thru valleys of tears Eyes full of angry delusion Hiding in …[View]
49721383I got a call back anons.[View]
49722181poorfag thread: Let's have a thread dedicated to poorfags, where fellow poorfags can post about…[View]
49722206>be IT person since graduated with CS degree but hate programming >routinely contracted by loc…[View]
49721510would u incels fuck this: rate this human[View]
49720303Did you ever try to befriend chad?: Was he just an asshole to you or where you too stuck up your own…[View]
49721424Can someone explain the CTMU to me?[View]
49721393Grown attached to my virginity: >28yo khv >not very ugly but zero social skills >go out to …[View]
49721252Bang Bang: Time for Australia to get a taste of what its like in good ole USA. Don't go to uni …[View]
49721699How do I make my teeth show while smiling?[View]
49722144>born in cold shitty small town >all I want to do is travel move around and see new places …[View]
497215641) She's a tomboy 2) She's a bully 3) She's fucking swol Say what you will, but Molly…[View]
49719433How do I itch my gambling addiction without ruining my life?[View]
49721412are we destined to make ironic jokes about our futile attempts to laugh in the face of death, only t…[View]
49704529>your age >last time you had sex >31 years old >3 years and 11 months ago…[View]
49720605Is this even possible in 2018?[View]
49722142>be me, complete robot but at least I have my smarts >there is a guy in my AP calculus class …[View]
49722049I believe this is some sort of place where we are stuck after dying without reaching the afterlife I…[View]
49721677We need to start supporting PETA more. They are helping out by ending the furry fandom. If they euth…[View]
49722097> had 2 gfs, i broke it off both times > go to college, functioning life > not manlet, dece…[View]
49716672>$1050 a month for a studio apartment This isn't even in an urban area, it's a crime-r…[View]
49722074>tfw drunk and laughing at every silly joke post I come across in every board despite sober me be…[View]
49720621Superpower escapism thread: Tell me anon, what's your non-OP superpower of choice? I would love…[View]
49720713>bought $400 worth of new skincare products today >tfw my oneitis probably won't think I …[View]
49721959Destroy dick December: Just speeding up my hands for destroy dick December[View]
49720959if femanons spend a lot of time here do their periods sync up?[View]
49720778Today i got a new haircut. Im really happy about it. Now i dont look like a homless anymore and the …[View]
49711396Should I play Dota 2 again? Haven't touched it since 2013-2014 and I remember it making me mad…[View]
49721625Well shit: A 65 year old women went up to me in a pub asking where I work, what my age is and who I …[View]
49722032>need a job because need money bad, dad won't let me get because he wants to control everyth…[View]
49721655Anyone else find existence as bizarre as me? i cant sum it up, however i dont mean babby's firs…[View]
49721036.: >Test something that vaguely looks like any undertale or deltarue character >mocked LEAVE M…[View]
49719002Femanons, do you have what it takes to be a good braap sow, or would you get the cybernetic chastity…[View]
49720924>tfw no gf with giant udders why even live[View]
49717263Is it possible to get a husband who looks like this when you're a dom twink trap top?[View]
49717978Bitcoin fall: Lets talk about it (tu tu tu tu tu tu tu tu tu)[View]
49721163>'this is your new little sister anon! I hope you two get along well'[View]
49721913Have you anyone been on tik tik? Its FILLED with cute Asian girls. Check it out https://youtu.be/kND…[View]
49720166>people actually think they can recognize posting patterns >pretty sure this is why people hat…[View]
49721441>just got the keys to my first apartment >no more being a 23 year old basement dweller at my …[View]
49720565Shit normies say/do: >muh 4chern iz derrrkk web >muh cyberbullies…[View]
49718573>tfw just discovered Big Ben was a virgin until he was 24 He says it was 'voluntary' because he w…[View]
49721603is 5in an alright dick length?[View]
49721626is it true that ANALysts for the CIA have to do anal every single time for the job?[View]
49717648Fembots, what do you have to offer a man that he doesnt? >muh vag Oh so youre literally reducing …[View]
49721041Femanons, how many bras do you have? Do you have different sizes?[View]
49669389waifu general - /waifu/ #4: Yet Another Early Death Edition Post your waifu, ask questions, discuss …[View]
49719395>Turn 22 >Have a low forehead >Video games stop being fun >Anime stops being entertainin…[View]
49721440I'm gonna fuck this furry chick guys wish me luck. >pic somewhat related >i have a plan b…[View]
49719066My wisdom tooth is coming out and I'm too scared to go to the dentist.[View]
49721568>you will never have a big enough bepis >you will never be tall enough >you will never be g…[View]
49718960what would you do if you woke up one day and you had a penis?[View]
49721429I just lost my virginity to my crush of 3 years Is what I would say if I lost my virginity to my cr…[View]
49721311hey anons lets play the number game 49722101 winner gets a doge[View]
49721347>stopped watching anime at the start of the year b/c too depressed to enjoy it >can even think…[View]
49721397What are your thoughts on alt-boards such as Arisu?[View]
49720163>in grocery store >walking through nail polish makup section to get to the other side >a bl…[View]
49721372Who else here /haircel/? >3C hair type >any straight hair style looks poofy and ratty >any …[View]
49720178It finally happened guys and I want to share it with you: > 24, male, chubby , hairy, neckbeard. …[View]
49720351Belle Delphine: I wish I had a girlfriend like Belle Delphine. She is actually so fucking hot and sh…[View]
49720400Day 4: I'm currently on my fourth day of nofap. It seems to be getting easier, but that might j…[View]
49721184>sitting down to take a shit Imagine being THAT emasculated I actually stand up while defecating …[View]
49719856Don't scream about, don't think aloud Turn your head, now baby just spit me out[View]
49721042>2018.93150684931506849315068493150685 >still not taking the tranny pill Just fucking swallow …[View]
49721111/eirefeel/: I don't have any friends edition.[View]
49721223Having the dream to get into a relationship to have a content life is retarded. The vast majority of…[View]
49720669Any rich runescape fats willing to give me a couple of millions and items ? I tried a pvp world and …[View]
49720873Usefull life advices or quotes that changed your way of thinking a lot? Here's my favorite >…[View]
49721021Why do girls with long tongues make me diamonds?[View]
49718262Tell me anon... Why are you afraid of women[View]
49720888People who make messages like this are actually fucking stupid >be christcuck >bible says tha…[View]
49719041>pitcairn islands >permanent inhabitants: 50 >https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pitcairn_Island…[View]
49718831NEET here. Just got hired as a preloader for UPS, 4am to 9am, five days a week. Any robots here work…[View]
49695013Post pictures that make you suicidal. please[View]
49719910big sister kathy. have a precious wonderful afternoon![View]
49719787at what age typical girl in usa loses her virginity? and what about other countries and continents, …[View]
49719830How often do you fight with your parents?: Do you start the fights because of resentment?Does your p…[View]
49720154Why should I spend all this time incurring hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt to learn about s…[View]
49719905I just want to feel loved: Hello Hugless and Kissless anon here. What does a tight warm hug feel lik…[View]
49720710How does one communicate with these vapid holes?[View]
49720882Should you shampoo and condition your pubic hair?[View]
49720836what do normies find funny in ur country/city/region https://youtu.be/gzw1QJqptaY this shit is a par…[View]
49719975Are scarves robot tier?[View]
49720825If you incrementally cut your hair, a small amount every two-four days how short can you get it befo…[View]
49720202>All the people with depression commit mass suicide. >The world is barely affected but some p…[View]
49720546Where are they now? specifically the girl[View]
49720730ugly thread: anyone else so ugly they think about killing themselves constantly? I for one am a lite…[View]
49718011>Anon I have to say I was impressed with your interview. Really impressed! >But unfortunately …[View]
49720690>Orbit girl >Hang out at her house >Go to her bathroom >Shit stains in the toilet…[View]
49719831Guess who got re-hired at Burger King???? YAY i look forward to making delicious Whoppers for anon![View]
49719851Feeling down,anything that's worth doing[View]
49718612Even a downie can get laid, what's your excuse?[View]
49719797I like going to mixed naked saunas (the norm in my country) and check out naked MILFS and have them …[View]
49720124>red dead redemption 2 >bottle of whisky I just got from the corner store without running into…[View]
49720494>never post in threads with over 10 replies because my opinion wouldn't matter in a sea of p…[View]
49718811Why do people treat me like I'm some sort of unfeeling monster because I'm not good at soc…[View]
49720204/3dworld/: >one shot at life >born in a shit hole third world country How are my fellow third…[View]
49717984Redpill: Who here wishes they could /go back/?[View]
49719988Hi /r9k/ What small thing could make you a bit happier today?[View]
49720620Will you please stop impersonating as me? Thanks.[View]
49715096This is why we have inceIs[View]
49716287where is your school bully now, /r9k/?: Its a common trope that bullies wind up being losers after s…[View]
49720232non-emo methods of self harm? anything that's not fucking wrist-slitting or hair-pulling cuz fu…[View]
49717151Why is there such a big overlap between /r9k/ and /pol/?[View]
49719320>friday night >shower >shave beard >hair product >new jacket >new shoes >apply …[View]
49717775Are women who is against rape but who's into rapeplay hypocrites?[View]
49720590Jews lel: Because of all WOKE posts on various websites about Jews and them controlling the world I …[View]
49719545Look Ma, no hands!: Have you taken the nohands pill yet? >refrain from using your hands to mastur…[View]
49719353>be 6'2' >talk to girl >feel 5'14'…[View]
49719100>How the fuck are fat bitches able to fuck chad?[View]
49717306Hey r9k, I dealt with a lot of abuse and stuff when I was growing up but I've never told anyone…[View]
49717377Imagine thinking that fucking prostitutes is equal or the same value as fucking a regular girl. This…[View]
49720470>great grandfather told me about the time he unknowingly called Samuel l jackon 'his favorite nig…[View]
49719499Help each other: Hey guys.I am a genuinely autistic male who has been browsing this board since I wa…[View]
49719323Have you ever noticed people who say 'just be confident and be yourself' and 'look's don't…[View]
49701886Fembots, what are your body stats? Do you get triggered knowing there are 10/10 women browsing this …[View]
49719094>'bro, 'because you don't want to' is like, literally not a valid reason to not do something…[View]
49719703How might you find balance between subcultures that are either large enough for norm-posers or small…[View]
49716662/britfeel/: 24 days and 8 hours until the start of 2019 edition[View]
49719560>tfw a girl has a bigger chin than (you)[View]
49719869i give out the thumbs up sign a lot in my day to day life, almost instinctually, and people always g…[View]
49718512>Oh my god Becky, anon has been staring at your feet for like ten minutes, what a creeper!…[View]
49720256>passed my driving test today Later virgins[View]
49717175Would you marry a chubby female nerd/neet type? Ideally I'd like to marry some guy, have him su…[View]
49711236fetishes & kinks: what kind of fetishes are you robots into? bellies do it for me[View]
49720161I love myself some BBC and I'm transitioning right now guys![View]
49717304Has anyone have one of these electric shavers? Do you need to change the 'round razor blades…[View]
49719601Yeah, I know self improvement can get me a gf, so what?: The proliferation of 'self improvement' is …[View]
49716191So, anon.. what are you going to buy your asian gf for christmas this year? You DO have an asian gf …[View]
49717635Would you rather date a 10/10 in looks and personality girlfriend for 3 months, or have a 5/10 in lo…[View]
49717379Death to the human race.[View]
49718320What are the qualities women have that I'm supposed to appreciate or admire? They don't se…[View]
49718902hey robots anyone here have any stories of being a autist in high school[View]
49719907What's the rarest country on r9k?[View]
49719343I want to have kids but know i'd be a terrible parent. Why is life constant pain ?[View]
49718864ok, to justify changing my name i've come up with this example: if someone with the name GayFag…[View]
49717646So we're all in agreeance that this is the only reasonable breast size right? At least the mini…[View]
49718593are people autism really subhuman. i mean nts treat us like trash. everybody makes us act normal and…[View]
49719795Daily reminder not to bother with shy girls. They think they're too good to talk to you and the…[View]
49719463If a girl finds you attractive and you find her attractive, how do you start the sex? I think this i…[View]
49719733I feel as if reality is going to hit me like a speeding train at some point in the next few coming y…[View]
49719654My girlfriends name is Tracy Picante and I don't give a fuck anymore[View]
49717071>asked her out > she said she thinks she wont be able to What does that even mean?…[View]
49719603tried making small talk with the flight ticket counter qt to remove social anxiety >d-do you kno…[View]
49719299Why don't you just man up and get your shit together, anon?[View]
49717841Just filled my first prescription for Adderall. Will I be able to stay awake while driving now? Not …[View]
49719023>'what do you do for fun?' >'what kind of music do you listen to?'…[View]
49713711I was given sertraline by my doctor for my crippling anxiety and depression but I've read onlin…[View]
49719305any other /double nut Tommy/'s here?[View]
49718626Why are russian players in online games so obnoxious? Is it just because they often don't speak…[View]
49717390We are all going to die and there's nothing we can do about it. How does that make you feel?[View]
49719512>tfw no big tittied, puffy pussied, pink nippled, anal loving, cum swallowing gf fuck this gay ea…[View]
49718925Assemble Exodia to banish normies from /r9k/ into to The Shadow Realm: Rules are simple - four conse…[View]
49718467kill me pls: AAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH Why do my parents love me so much I just want …[View]
49719298This board sucks because it's for funposting, but there isn't really any fun[View]
49718565If you could get a cute girl to send you pictures and videos of any kind your fetishes included what…[View]
49717300Doc says I'm psychotic which means I'm probably not a werewolf. My head is just really fuc…[View]
49718938Hows your weight loss coming along fatty?[View]
49717717>You will never pick your daughter up from gymnastics practice >You will never have her say 'd…[View]
49719289>tfw nobody to be boyfriends with and hold hands together in public[View]
49716003Which is the best hobby?[View]
49717668why can't poor niggers just stop reproducing? they are destroying entire cities just by continu…[View]
49718784The problem is still wanting a gf. Stop giving any female attention, don't let yourself lust af…[View]
49718330Incel rebellion when? We need an organized movement to take over the means of sex (women) enslave th…[View]
49719232Why are you retards so hung up over the fact that you've never had it with a girl? Is that your…[View]
49709316It's time for /drugfeel/. Smoking a nice sativa and drinking some beers[View]
49719117share your cringe robot stories >be me >14 >guys in class tell me if I want a gf >they s…[View]
49718977LET ME IN DADDY: >Tfw you'll never have a whore begging you to let her in…[View]
49718762treating life like a game sounds like fun. I want to max out mercantile, endurance, intelligence and…[View]
49719037Have you become the son your parents always wanted to be?[View]
49719136Do any robots live in Sarasota? What is this city like for a robot?[View]
49719086another greentext about a tard and a girl: >be me >absolute lack of social skills >autistic…[View]
49717799Robots, why not just get a jerk-off buddy?[View]
49718834I'm becoming an hermit next month AMA[View]
49719027>be me >wear tight underwear >squishes my penis >take underwear off >skin is folded …[View]
49718993Post music to literally die to https://youtu.be/BQ6AUsKQSM8 https://youtu.be/cm29JaAdalM https://you…[View]
49718587it feels nice, this board isn't full of faggots and underages since all the kiddies got school …[View]
49718636They're such an echo chamber, it's like they've never went on any other website in th…[View]
49716711do you feel bad for women like this?[View]
49717660For a board full of social outcasts you guys are awfully hurtful towards each other. If you had any …[View]
49717825Do women these days really expect you to lick their buttholes?[View]
49718817>be fembot >make out with my bf today for first time >my first time, I was a kv before we m…[View]
49718520>20 years old >mom still calls me her 'baby boy'…[View]
49717921Bussy delivery. Where should I put this pal?[View]
49709346who /empty husk/: is there anyone else here who does absolutely nothing all day every day? >NEET …[View]
49718543>tfw you are the boomer now and 4chan is a zoomer hangout[View]
49717616Change my mind: School shootings are the most effective counter to bullying[View]
49718477>Just saw roommate step out of stall after taking a shit, and walk out without washing hands…[View]
49718704>when a /pol/tard thinks he's smarter than you and you shut him up with one reply >when r…[View]
49718505I've lost everyone now, my last friend has stopped responding. I believe he only stuck around a…[View]
49718691>/r9k/ shutin gets arrested http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-beds-bucks-herts-46482790…[View]
49717408>tfw you've never even approached a girl[View]
49718616>>college dropout >>unemployed friendless loser who lives with his parents >>low k…[View]
49718323god I wish I were them[View]
49718625What it opinion on pooop lol?[View]
49716332Daily reminder that this is your average ''''fembot'''': >has a ton of sub 8/10 beta orbiters she…[View]
49718552imagine needing to sit down to be able to pee[View]
49718484Is /r9k/ incelpilled?: I've learned to accept that women will always find a stronger/richer/cha…[View]
49717374>be above average looking guy >give below average looking girls 'the look' >they visibly ge…[View]
49718528Hey r9k, I dealt with a lot of abuse and stuff when I was growing up but I've never told anyone…[View]
49718503>order a pizza >delivery person is a woman why do they do this? I order food precisely so I ca…[View]
49717883>job has been training someone else to work in my position Am I fucked?…[View]
49717209Posting Vivi cooking acorns every day untiI I get a grip on my procrastination and attain a level of…[View]
49715975Kahoot 546989[View]
49718464My gf just left me >how the fuck do I continue on living we've been together for 2 years…[View]
49718444>so horny peepee aching[View]
49717345I hate you all. I also just wanted to say that and leave, I'm not even gonna look at what poop …[View]
49715285What does a roastie see in a beta male like this? they got married before he got big so stfu about …[View]
49718181currently watching band of brothers and it is very comfy should i just join the armed forces? pros: …[View]
49718438mcdonald: Here is my mcdonald experience >be me >be asian-canadian >loves Tim Hortons >…[View]
49717722How do I avoid becoming this?[View]
49717853Is this true or just normie feel good shite[View]
49718131I'm here to collect my uk gf, where and who is she?[View]
49717988Attention Black Bots:: Black women hate straight black men The world hates straight black men Abando…[View]
49717251Snapchat thread[View]
49718261Are indian women as horny and perverted as their men?[View]
49718147was gonna get on the bus and go visit the city for a few days but I got scared. what the fuck is wro…[View]
49718228Why do i feel so lonely ?. I hate most social interaction So how do i stop[View]
49713008Would you date a girl who was the exact same weight and height as you?[View]
49717716staring into the Sun: anyone else do this? im hoping the sunlight will burn the shit color from my e…[View]
49716716should i start drugging up[View]
49717800>be me >massive yellow fever >manage to date a really cute asian girl >lose virginity …[View]
49718069> be me > just moved schools, i talk to anyone because i either hate them or too awkward > …[View]
49718150Guilty pleasures? For me I'm obsessed with the Pitch Perfect movies and have rewatched them lik…[View]
49718166i been playing a facade for 24 years i got a girlfriend and have a simple job. but the problem is th…[View]
49717867any anons like music they're embarassed to say they like?[View]
49716779big sis kathy. enjoy your morning. i was scared i would get blocked when i woke up[View]
49716371What's her name? How did you lose her? What do you miss most about her?[View]
49716220NEETS: What is the longest you have gone without leaving the house[View]
49718031Anyone else ever find themselves so starved for affection, intimacy and female contact they start to…[View]
49717859Owner of a lonely heart! Owner of a lonely heart (much better than aa) Owner of a broken heart! …[View]
49717769Will fasting for lower bodyfat% make my face look better? All I want is facegains atm[View]
49716352Why don't I have a cute girlfriend, r9k?[View]
49717936fuck my life: is there any point in living when your 19 yro 5'4 125lb manlet autist?[View]
49717864I love BBC cum yum yum[View]
49717295Park feel r9k: Shit abyss edition[View]
49717266How autistic are you? http://socialintelligence.labinthewild.org/mite/ >tfw not autistic…[View]
49717753Is there any other asexual robots/neets? I feel like robots are the most likely to be asexual[View]
49717459Does anyone genuinely believe that society will collapse, degrade, or regress in our lifetime? Or a…[View]
49695806>tfw dad said he would rather see me die than transition how can he be so cruel It's my li…[View]
49717108How do I pickup hot Asian chicks as a white male? Teach me pleaseee. gg/G82Zeg[View]
49717647Why the fuck did my father lose his job! He did nothing wrong.[View]
49717686She was wearing a skirt today. It looked really good on her[View]
49717508Why is it so hard to an Asian guy who won't settle for anything less than a 9?[View]
49717048>I'm not like other girls, anon >I like (insert basic thing here) >I'm so quirky!…[View]
49717638Why do mean girls turn me on so much?[View]
49717181Is there any comeback a virgin could make if someone calls them a virgin in an argument? Are we just…[View]
49716583>feel like absolute shit and sad >go for a night walk and smoke >on the way home see a cat …[View]
49717624Damnit apple: >be me >apple fag >buy new iPhone X for Christmas ripwallet.jpeg >suppo…[View]
49717603Howw do I get a public nudity gf?[View]
49716785>you will never have a art hoe gf Whats even the point of living?[View]
49714206>Alcoholism is starting to take root and now it's hard to fall asleep when not drunk while m…[View]
49717552Please, tell me of a way to stop getting wasted on fridays.[View]
49717544What will happen if i force myself to work and try not to procrastinate as much as i can? i have to:…[View]
49717064Why are women such herd animals? Why do they prefer sharing Chad rather than finding themselves a ni…[View]
49717512Is it very bad to send someone porn anonymously?[View]
49715623Autistic coping mechanisms: What autistic coping mechanisms do you have? >wear adult diapers to c…[View]
49717122Should you have any sympathy for a roastie pumped and dumped by Chad? Is the roastie or Chad the ena…[View]
49717413>tfw no cute sniper gf anyone know this feel[View]
49717445Shit People Should Say More Often: People need to be more original with their expressions rather tha…[View]
49716281I really want to know: Are we in the wrong or are women in the wrong? The whole thing really seems …[View]
49711446Spotify 2018 wrapped thread. Also i dont listen to avenged anymore cause they are weak metalcore tra…[View]
49715003Will women like these take a blackbot?[View]
49716964>I never had alot of people who didn't treat me like I was invisible >they weren't …[View]
49716571This vile beast took Marky J Thompsons anal virginity.[View]
49717193I present you the tale of Zillakid. >Be me >7th grade >Taking a film class as an elective …[View]
49717242>Be me, Britfag, 22 >Out christmas shopping with mummy >Decide that when I get back that I…[View]
49717232Does life imitate memes or do memes imitate life?[View]
49717180My conversation with my dad minutes ago >anon we spoke to your grandparents and they said they wa…[View]
49716924how goes your Christmas shopping? >$190 on gifts >$25 on gift bags/tissue paper…[View]
49717183depressive stuff: >be Leonell Zykowich (the one and lonley) >sitting and scrolling thru of gay…[View]
49717063Why do nts hate us. they also shun us a judge us. i spoken to some fellow people with autism and all…[View]
49715500Be honest, do you think I can make it[View]
49716965What about some stories when we were younger?: >be me >3 >at a restaurant with family >d…[View]
49716643I heard that a general rule for girls to follow for talking to or dating guys is the 666 rule. >6…[View]
49716413>average /pol/ poster the gook needs to delete /pol/ already[View]
49717087There is a higher demand for sex than there is a supply. This entire board and its surfers are inexo…[View]
49717132Where are my voluntary celebrate true robots at? When did you decide you were going to die a virgin …[View]
49716723I fear antisemitism can never be cleaved from white nationalism.[View]
49710389Would you go out with a trans girl?[View]
49708959Have any notable ancestors or family stories?[View]
49716819>TFW neet for two weeks >I'm 3 hours into my FIRST DAY and already feel like killing myse…[View]
49709051Anon: Why are you not in Grindr getting real love and the kind of bbc that made Stacy fall in love?…[View]
49716699saw this on /b/ let's get this knowledge going[View]
49713205At what point in history has it become accepted for people to base their identity off of which corpo…[View]
49715032> Drugs can solve absolutely all of your excuses. Anything. Change my view.…[View]
49717059Absolutly ruined. How can I survive now?[View]
49713856Regrets/ fuck ups / feels threads: I would have graduated as a Police Officer today. I was kicked ou…[View]
49716049I am deeply depressed and see no meaning to life. Should I try psychedelics?[View]
49717020Got tired of being a single khv for all my life (20 years) and installed an online dating app. Just …[View]
49716944Mommies thread: Post your best big boobed mommy gf aesthetic girls[View]
49716794Alright boys its time for me to turn everything around in my life. How do I Chad pill myself into be…[View]
49717009>girls think im gay >gay guys dont notice me…[View]
49715562I deserve a gf: >I'm white(subnordid) >I'm young(er than 25) >I'm physically…[View]
49715614Describe this girl by using only 1 word![View]
49716973so im meeting this asian qt i met on tinder next week and i havent hung out with a girl irl in almos…[View]
49716898Girl puts make up on, instantly a 9/10 >Lifes not fair[View]
49716950>young lightskin Goddess with blue eyes flirting with me at the drive through its over Tyrone, iv…[View]
49716261Do you guys also have a urge to impregnate basically every girl? Whenever I see a fertile female I j…[View]
49714561MUSIC: I love a bit of everything. https://youtu.be/lmE8d1zgtf8 https://youtu.be/pSJ3ChWf7Sg https:…[View]
49713432How do we improve race relations in the US?: im so sick of fellow humans hating each other pic unrel…[View]
49716914Do you want a discord server without girls and or that plays games for that Christmas comfiness? Wel…[View]
49716912>Face blindness Someone fucking help me it makes life so difficult. I can't even recognise p…[View]
49716879>be 25 >have 8/10 face >not /fit/ but not fat >girls hit on me >over 100 matches on t…[View]
49716652Post steam IDs or profile links. Never enough frens.[View]
49715210Do you dry under your foreskin with a towel or paper after shower?[View]
49716531Cult Thread: Want to start a cult, /r9k/? We are going to need to sort out a few details first, thou…[View]
49716550>call yourselves robots >call others NPCs explain this…[View]
49708267Hows that channel coming along , fellow r9k creators?[View]
49713062do herbal supplements for lucid dreaming work? i've been trying it the 'old fashioned' way for …[View]
49716419Anybody have experience using a trackball mouse? I'm getting really into Runescape again and my…[View]
49716644I've realised I could get an average girl but I just don't want one.[View]
49716796>be me >In a relationship with someone for a few months,they're the only thing that has k…[View]
49716489anybody here hate being autistic. I was basically the apsie loser who played video games and did nor…[View]
49714528/Travel/ General: R9K travel thread Where have you gone? Where are you going? What interesting trave…[View]
49713704Post the girl you lost your virginity to[View]
49715030Being disfigured is a nightmare: Hello /r9k/, You guys often talk about your life and how hard it is…[View]
49708940/britfeel/: LAZY BASTARDS, EDITION[View]
49716737Who made this chart? Some of the 9s aren't even that attractive[View]
49716687>mfw I know for a fact that the world is going to end in 2019[View]
49716646>turn on r4chan >look for my own posts >find them >ask in the comment section if they wo…[View]
49715944Why is it illegal to force a female to be your mate? Isn't this in tune with human nature?[View]
49716648>12 hours ago >I'm going to stop masturbating for good and start being productive with my…[View]
49710213>only fat girls likes me[View]
49715087Orgy: >Be me >Broke up about 3 months ago from a seriously sentimental relationship >Still …[View]
49716431>you will never, ever be a black chad with an alternative, dyed hair gf How the FUCK do I deal wi…[View]
49715929Who thought it'd be such a great idea to give women this much fucking power? They don't ev…[View]
49713874how do you stop involuntarily lactating? it's getting annoying.[View]
49715429vanille and alai russian sex[View]
49716436I'm Schizofrenic[View]
49716474creativity thread share your songs, poems, videos, anything you created[View]
49716475>be me >12 yr old faggot that hasn't seen sun for a week >uncle decides to take me for…[View]
49713086You just want a girlfriend for the sake of your ego. You can't stand being a virgin loser. You …[View]
49716460What is it like to be able to avenge oneself? And how can any intelligent man feel it?[View]
49716409>2019 is in three weeks[View]
49716391Just ended my 1.5 years long relationship.. It was my first relationship. I'm 19 now and I have…[View]
49715748>Look at time >13:00pm >Blink >14:30pm why does time so fast…[View]
49715926Bladerunner 2049 is the ultimate robot movie. I don't think I've ever identified more wit…[View]
49715487How to approach my high school onetis?[View]
49715005Discord thread: Post some servers for us[View]
49714765>she has a new boyfriend >she fucks him >meanwhile I haven't had sex since she left …[View]
49715854You missed out, anons.: Go ahead, take a look. https://i.imgur.com/Cmm0SbU.jpg Enjoy the feel it giv…[View]
49716045As a brazilian A analysis of American racial social engineering constructed by Democrats owned indus…[View]
49716278Who here /transcend/?: I feel at peace and content despite the mountain of bad odds. Contentment is …[View]
49716043why does it feel like everybody else around is happier then me. i put on a facade everyday. everybod…[View]
49715225>terminally ill >want to spend my last two years with someone i love >i am fundamentally …[View]
49716034Boys help me out here; I really like one of my female coworkers she's pretty chill and kinda cu…[View]
49715914>tfw male and spend most of my time and money on skincare, haircare, and designer clothing >no…[View]
49702819>'So Anon, is it true that you're one of those weird Incel guys?' And you answer how??…[View]
49715478When you fuck a very cute girl, it's the whole Earth that you fuck. You fuck all those who have…[View]
49715817Why are modern young women so shit, /r9k/?[View]
49715989Guys I have ascended: >Have leading role in school play >Last one done by 'rival' and was shit…[View]
49714901FOR THE PAST 3 MONTHS, I have had white skin in my mouth that I can rip apart with my teeth, there…[View]
49715678>anon hurry up and fuck me![View]
49715730Who here has taken antidepressants for years and got off them without withdrawal? How did you do it?…[View]
49715144>Rent a room for 2 years >Never said more than 'Hi, here's the rent' to the landlord >…[View]
49708282Is anyone else on the FBI watchlist?[View]
49715915accomplishments thread: Today i broke my record for longest cum shot fellow robots. Previous record …[View]
49715762fembots would you date him? originally posted[View]
49715023Is there anything inherently wrong with being a hypocrite? It seems like it could help you go far by…[View]
49713350You know what your problem is anon? You're not getting enough fatty-oils in your diet. I eat 1…[View]
49712403I hate my life.: I wish I didnt live in such a rural small conservative place in the south. I wish I…[View]
49713846>tfw you missed your chance to legally have sex with qts >tfw you will never know the pure lov…[View]
49715233What's the worst thing you can say to a roastie? What's something that will get under a gi…[View]
497157041. age 2. how often did you have a chance with a girl but completely screwed it up by being a needy/…[View]
49715410Quit kratom about a week ago: It wasn't very difficult, as it no longer really brought me any p…[View]
49702810Female nature, especially sexual nature, is the most evil, disgusting, and saddest aspect of humans …[View]
49715721>7:30 AM >50 hidden threads sigh.[View]
49715612How do you fight apathy? I have tons of free time, but I fail to invest it into something productive…[View]
49715684I almost got my brother killed at a traffic light. I feel so bad. It was the green light so I said g…[View]
49715357I have intimate fantasies every day for the past five years at Ieast where I imagine I'm some k…[View]
49714533tfw you're superfem twink top and love bottom muscle dads Why are older muscular men so perfect…[View]
49715644>this new, perfectly thicc girl with great ass, tits and face who works at the coffee shop Jesus …[View]
49714763what does it mean, when everyone never cared, but on the day of the end of it all, suddenly become a…[View]
49715606Hey robots, could you be a Beta and a Chad at the same time?[View]
49712469>28 years old >still play with action figures and my old MLP toys Im never escaping this plac…[View]
49714780On a comedown. Cheer me up please[View]
49713682i wonder how all the fathers out there feel. Working hard to put a roof over your son's head. F…[View]
49714850What is a modern adventure a robot can go on?[View]
49715530sorry for poor english when were you when adolf hooter dies i wss sat at home snorting ashes when pa…[View]
49715354>joined 4chan 3 years ago >before that i thougt all of you are high intelligent beings >but…[View]
49714945Yo so I'm 18, still in high school and just had a huge fight with my mom. My dad hates me and s…[View]
49715509why do normies feel the need to shill their shitcord servers all the fucking time? Even the so calle…[View]
49715463Anyone else using an asthma inhaler for weight loss? I don't actually have asthma. Four puffs a…[View]
49715453>decide I need to stop eating sugar to prevent my teeth from getting even worse >parents come …[View]
49710490Why aren't you working out and embracing your masculinity?[View]
49715468I can't get over my oneitis and empty sex with hookers and serotonin doesn't do anything a…[View]
49715120hey anons, what's your opinion on normies viewing 4chan as some kind of like cyber-criminal, ha…[View]
49713789Come on, anon. Tell me about that LDR.[View]
49715004>tfw my husband wants to have sex but I'm tired and just want to sleep all the memes are tru…[View]
49714541>want to fix myself >decide to delete my 4chan folder from 2010-2018 >next day arrives >…[View]
49714605Quick - Boob thread: Big boob women thread. No porn edition.[View]
49715391>mfw no girl will ever ask me out[View]
49714626Easiest ways to trigger normies: I have been putting a candle in my study window lately while I rumi…[View]
49715287A few weeks ago my mom took away my body pillow with my waifu on it and started making me go back to…[View]
49715219https://youtu.be/u9lowRlI0EQ >tfw no qt gf to sing for me[View]
49711636does adderall make anxiety worse: druggies help me out here i had some projects i had to finish so i…[View]
49707741Just chipped my tooth while chewing my nails. How's your day going robots?[View]
49713340do womemes even like the way men look?[View]
49712923Any other blackbots here wish they were a qt asian female?[View]
49714922skelly thread: anyone else often get extra/free food when out? feels good[View]
49715245le facebook dad: how am I going to tell my dad to piss of and stop commenting on my racist doge meme…[View]
49714845kiling myself: >be me >hung out with chad friend and his female friends once once. fucking on…[View]
49713852>December 2018[View]
49702741white guys pls fucking stop taking our girls, fucking stop, >I look up amateur asian blowjobs. a…[View]
49714987Could a NEET fuck a girl like this?[View]
49713268Do you listen to music on nightwalks, or does that have too much of an impact on situational awarene…[View]
49712749Will we ever make it?[View]
49715141>think of how fun it would be to play something >open game folder >any notion of enjoyment …[View]
49713684Just telling yall to go on a run and talk to a new person today.[View]
49712357Roastie tragedy: Pic isn't from the video It is late at night. There is snow on the ground and …[View]
49714731BREAKING NEWS She's been arrested by the LAPD as a safeguarding measure and taken to a speciali…[View]
49714616Why are normalfags so obsessed with sex? They see it as a milestone in their life, they struggle men…[View]
49714520Dude what if you got 10 DOLLARS! Like what would you even do!?[View]
49713785>tfw you act too normal around normies, almost like a robot Nobody has dirt on me.…[View]
49713990GAMBLING ADDICTION.: I used to be a degenerate gambler. Here are some of my stories. I posted some o…[View]
49714976What is a good dating website for robots?[View]
49697432This will always be true.: AGP trannies & e-thots can't handle the fact /r9k/ is, and alway…[View]
49712014Why do you still worship kike gods? Why not accept Tengri as your God? Tengri is the Eternal Blue Sk…[View]
49713079Am I supposed to still be here at the age of 28.[View]
49709730I deserve a mommy gf like pic related, kind and caring, to teach me how to please women for when i f…[View]
49711541just built a new pc, haven't been so happy in a long time. always wanted to built one, but i wa…[View]
49714770What does it mean if I'm only aroused by ugly looking girls? Pic related: every says she's…[View]
49714720The world will become a technological hellscape pretty soon. I'm going innawoods when that time…[View]
49711775tfw nobody in the northeast US to cuddle and play smash with me tonight ;____;[View]
49712814Rpg Quest: >The world is grave danger, the necromancer ChadWick King of the Dead has killed the o…[View]
49712465is there less crime in Europe because the governments better or because there's less niggers?[View]
49713741NEETbux: I have officially obtained the rank of NEET. I received the letter in the mail saying I…[View]
49713675itt come up with new words and give them meanings >doworthy something worthy of doing…[View]
49714192Funny how this graph accurately describes how fun the internet/4chan was in the past. I dunno why I …[View]
49712640PUSH UPS: No point talking about getting a gf until you get ripped. Get on the floor right now and …[View]
49714637I only look forward to coming home from work and getting high now.[View]
49684199i ain't no faggot but why is he so damn cute?[View]
49714171Be honest how badly did I fuck up >be me >go to club with friends >10/10 girl approaches me…[View]
49714032autist here: Helped someone find the beginning of the Draynor agility course and he thanked me. He t…[View]
49712473Milk and meat is not kosher, right? So beef burrito with cheese is not kosher right? asking for a fr…[View]
49709216why r ppl mean to me? i have feelings too you know[View]
49714138Unambitious people hate thread.: Doesn't it disgust you when you see someone that has no ambiti…[View]
49713264I just want a girlfriend. Oh man. I mean I met this amazing girl on a date recently she was all lik…[View]
49713803There is no such thing as a good morning. There never will be. Why would I be happy to wake up in a …[View]
49714067Is there a term for this, /r9k/?[View]
49713352Shes a worthless human but I miss her.[View]
49713258Should I try and buy a van to live out of? My income is small but I work from a computer.[View]
49713129Where do all the scattered balloons in the sky go?[View]
49713690>'psst... hey anon... do you know the answer to number 7? p-please?'[View]
49714059why do you let a simple piece of flesh dictate your life?[View]
49713038I have an interview with Tesco tomorrow. Do they only hire normies?[View]
49712576I haven't brushed my teeth in four days I dunno why I even bother, they're already shitty …[View]
49712318>sister says she finds it flattering when someone sends her a dick pic What the absolute fuck rob…[View]
49712382I just put all my savings into stocks and bonds and cranked up my 401k to max. I barely have any mon…[View]
49713940God has cursed me: Robots, how do I escaped my shitty town that I'm trapped in? I was just abou…[View]
49712291>one life >was born in a cold shitty small town 7 hours from anything >freezing cold high w…[View]
49712328i'm going to block access to 4chan fuck you niggers and goodbye[View]
49713680https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/520529699990929409/520529932774932500/deep_1.png dont zoom in…[View]
49712886why do you retards care so much about keeping your bloodline going? Do you not realize this is just …[View]
49712162What are your thoughts on this fucked up place.: >be me >join this server called The Archive …[View]
49713788I've got no skills, no friends, no money, and my parents want to me leave. If joining the milit…[View]
49713813>tfw too stupid to play the only games I find interesting There's so many buttons, so much t…[View]
49712597I get a weird little rush of satisfaction every time I add a creepshot to my porn folder Like, this …[View]
49713532Post normies getting btfo origg435345[View]
49713796This is why white men rule the world and women of all races submit. https://youtube.com/watch?v=nKc4…[View]
49712368My ex-gf just made herself at home. Maybe she think we're still together. How do i tell her to…[View]
49713563w-what the hell my brother Chad took this photo of mom... ... and there's ME![View]
49712488Comfy thread: It's 3:19 and I wanna go to sleep soon, but I have so much fucking anxiety...can …[View]
49713556post 0/10s[View]
49712496What do i do?: I just started using 4chan and i dont know how to use it. Help. (Previous redditor st…[View]
49712815Penis Size: There's no way this is accurate is it? Bigger than 99.95% of guys? I know it's…[View]
49711556men are literally like dogs. they're just used by females for physical and emotional needs. exc…[View]
49709328>tfw only fatty girls like you >noy even the cute ones what do…[View]
49713375>ITT: cemetery for forced memes[View]
49713585Why can't I stop thinking about her? She gently let me down when I asked her out, and we ended …[View]
49712292keep them company, Mister P.[View]
49713559vanille and alai sugary baby sex[View]
49713505>I have to go back to the army in 2 days[View]
49712768Do you guys actually think the majority of young women are each week having sex with a different guy…[View]
49711906If switching gender in real life was as easy as in video games, would you be a girl? I would, I…[View]
49712870>Not enough dick for a thick chick! >Not enough dick for a thick chick! >Not enough dick!…[View]
49712960>walked into pharmacy >went to condom aisle >picked out the Trojan one size fits most condo…[View]
49712556Any good? Or just cooties?[View]
49712996WHY IS MY JAW SO WEAK!? I wouldn't even look half-bad if my jaw was decent. My weak jaw also ma…[View]
49712924Who was in the wrong here: >be me >20 yo doomer >don't have gf bcs I think i'm no…[View]
49713363What drugs do you guys like? What have you yet to try that you wanna do? I've been experimentin…[View]
49712948how do i get a boyfriend like her?[View]
49713173how the fuck did this board go from aspie central to pretty much the most normal place on 4chan in a…[View]
49708770it think we need government mandated girlfriends to fix this gay epidemic cuz every guy here's …[View]
49711810Do you think we could make a lot of money from streaming people's suicides on paying sites?[View]
49712449If not big dick, what else niggers have got going on for them?[View]
497118728 inch chad here ask me anything[View]
49710968Dopamine Detox December: How are you holding up? Rules: >No Masturbation (edging or just watching…[View]
49711201Is there a fictional universe you wished you lived in?[View]
49711065I want to go back to 2012 and redo college, I feel like I could be a normie and avoid this crippling…[View]
49711143I don't even care about not having a gf. I just want value.[View]
49712430>tfw 5'9' Might as well end it.[View]
49712620>Tfw boss triggers second panic attack in two months >Tfw going to the doctor in an hour or so…[View]
49711560Do I really hate women, anons? Every time I see a pretty one I'm filled with disgust and loathi…[View]
49712926>download bumble >register >require pics >none on phone so take one >realize I'm…[View]
49712490Anyone else stopped enjoying the hobby they loved when they realized how horrible they were at it? T…[View]
49712830I've been brewing a shit for the past three days, and it's about to come out. Wish me luck…[View]
49712820Hello... I have business with you[View]
49712541Being in love hurts so bad. I feel sick every day and feel like I wanna die. Why is he ghosting me?[View]
49712547>that guy you went to school with who made it as a rapper Kinda cringe. He's gonna feel real…[View]
49711799Oh fuck robots, I really fucked up: >be me >at friends house >his gf comes over >she is …[View]
49712377Can you talk in the chat and make friends in Monster hunter world? Im tired of being alone.. also th…[View]
49712086Why do black women never get an ounce of respect here?[View]
49712719For real though, why do women like getting WOOFed so much?[View]
49712311Appearance: Every fucking day at school I get fucking constantly barraged by bullshit just for fucki…[View]
49712650Whats it like to have a father in your life? One that actually raised you and not moves off to start…[View]
49712775reminder if the difference between you being a loser or not is simply effort you were never anything…[View]
49712693hey im that faggot nigger from earlier with the girl best friend. in your expert opinion do you thin…[View]
49711518I'll be in Vegas in 3 weeks. Any fun ideas for things to do there? I'll be staying at The …[View]
49711736is being raised by a single mother a death sentence for a male? everything I try. nothing can ever o…[View]
49712295If you were to kill yourself, how would you do it?: I would burn myself alive. I always wanted to fe…[View]
49711458>he spent the day doing nothing productive after he told himself yesterday that he would When are…[View]
49711333Are you taking good care of your health, anon?[View]
49712030I just OD'd on nicotine bros. I think I'm dying. I'm starting to see her already.[View]
49712198Well, /r9k/?: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=FouxYRtr3Ok[View]
49711725Where do you find escorts now[View]
49711479How to fake tears if I can't cry? How can I produce fake tears[View]
49709775Here's my love story. Out of everything in my life that has a happy ending, I'm glad it is…[View]
49712367>get tired of 4chan being shitty >start baiting and trolling you retarded faggots >trolling…[View]
49711793In most species, the male is the prettiest so he can attract a female. Why is it the opposite in hum…[View]
49705485>That one teacher you wanted to fuck Tell me your story, Anon.[View]
49709361Post your idols /r9k/[View]
49709924What a great city! Who else loves Vegas?[View]
49712332>dreaming that I survived an apocalyptic event >unable to find anyone else but two 10/0 cuties…[View]
49712297Youtube Rewind: Who of you cunts asked for this?[View]
49710533/creativegeneral/: Hey guys, Blarod here, welcome to another /creativegeneral/ Post your creations h…[View]
49712215Free Steam games: https://store.steampowered.com/app/231430/Company_of_Heroes_2/ https://store.steam…[View]
49711581why do you fucks want to 'impregnate' a woman so much? why waste your 20s on even more financial and…[View]
49711806>try to go to bed >my sisters dog is sitting on it, chewing on something >on closer examina…[View]
49709698>at new job >'do you like cars?' >'I don't even have my license' >'What happens if …[View]
49711951im going sleep, say something nice for when I wake up? GN frens[View]
49711389On the subject of craziness: A few months back i was really low and about to give up with life. Then…[View]
49710306Do you think you would get a gf if you lived in ancient times?[View]
49711208Viper: Man, viper the rapper gets to me.[View]
49712134Life is good.: Ahh, just got done having sex.. Keeping up with my quota of one new girl every two we…[View]
49712065Help: What does this mean, I've been texting this girl she went quiet and rarely ever texted me…[View]
49711918NEETs should be rounded up and put in gulags.[View]
49711840Thoughts on black supremacy?[View]
49711926My ass is grass robots >be me >16 >early to class, so was fucking around for a bit >thi…[View]
49710025>talk to 2 (ostensible) females in different threads last night >both respond and try to hit m…[View]
49711738>be me > be 20 > normiefag in uni > have assignments >oshit.jpeg >wanna kms >r…[View]
49710621Feelings that you cant explain >be emotional and sad >decide to talk to that one person you th…[View]
49710818Will I ever break free from my porn addiction? Porn is the only past time I enjoy now.[View]
49709647Would you...?: Hey, Listen! So then, /r9k/, would you date an emotionally broken woman who has been…[View]
49711549Day 65 of taking female hormones and testosterone blockers. I have tiny breast buds but my nipples a…[View]
49711960>Know you aren't attractive >tfw you see other non attractive guys walking around with gf…[View]
49711493Does this woman make you hard?[View]
49711845Came thru Crippin' Crip! Crip! Came thru Crippin' Crip! Crip! Look at my Chuccs, yeah im C…[View]
49711844Reminder not to watch porn[View]
49709869Come chill or lurk and watch or participate with other losers. lets have serious discussions or talk…[View]
49711843When and how did you realize being a virgin is considered a bad thing?[View]
49711812>be me 20 minutes ago >20 khv, NEET >In class on r9k >Femanon i think is stacy comes up …[View]
49711780Femcel thread: >tfw cute guy manlet sitting right next to me in class has no idea that I obsessiv…[View]
49711187Does nofap actually work or is it just a meme? Originally[View]
49711603>Take a short nap >wake up because i felt something going in my ass >ass feels loose and lu…[View]
49711040I did some push ups and sit ups today. Will a woman love me now?[View]
49711734whatre your dream jobs that never happened because life is hard and gay? >video game streamer …[View]
49711682A trip to Europe sounds nice. Which place has the best prostitutes, Euro bros?? I wanna fuck a girl …[View]
49710642help: So, still in middle school and i found a female friend whomst I have known for about 6-7 years…[View]
49711409>tfw no Moeka gf[View]
49702778Empathy?: Any robots a sociopath/low empathy subhuman? Doctor says I'm very low empathy high-fu…[View]
49710991Would you date a somewhat upper class Jewish girl?[View]
49710410>talk with girl in class >only girl I've talked to friendly like in two years >quickl…[View]
49706537>tfw no fembot gf who is addicted to BBC porn[View]
49711026What are your thoughts on VR porn? >be me >decide to buy VR headset >check out some porn, 1…[View]
49711570Why can we not be sober?: Other than working I don't do anything else but jerk my gerkin, or vi…[View]
49708766why are jap women god tier and why are the rest shit tier? Really jogs the noggin[View]
49702465/feelsbar/: How are you all tonight, robots? What are you drinking, what are you feeling?[View]
49711475>Okay, Anon. The Christmas party is set, and everyone will be coming here this year. Question, th…[View]
49710311Is there any truth to once you go black you never go back?[View]
49707242imagine not being in monk mode: sup r9k really feeling that monk mode rn where my m0nks at[View]
49709186Black women suck white cock[View]
49710616Anyone else finds eastern (for asian) culture disgusting? Everything they do is just bizarre, anime …[View]
49709115fucking redfags: >be me >thinking of switching back to fagddit, made post at work cause 4chan …[View]
49709568Why are Asian women so sweet, innocent and pure?[View]
49710436What's your story with online friends? >Think I finally found some friends in Discord >Af…[View]
49711146Why do Japanese people have big noses?[View]
49711386>Ya know quality women look for in a man? >If he has a firm handshake…[View]
49711385Long lost to where no pathway goes.[View]
49709578>Mfw /r/Truefemcels is a real thing[View]
49711364Real shilling hours hope my ex isn't online at this hour haha Discord: /e3NdgK[View]
49710787i ain't no faggot but why is he so damn perfect?[View]
49709000What is it with people who would be considered the worst of the gene pool under eugenics, advocating…[View]
49706917Is this what black dominance is supposed to look like?[View]
49709872Fembots with bfs, do you still get crushes on other guys?[View]
49710161persona 5 has been confirmed to appear in smash bros ultimate. your thoughts on this?[View]
49711228>7AM >Getting ready to go to bed after an intense night of vidya and fapping >Watch from my…[View]
49708034I wonder if girls realize that their standards are so insanely high the only guys that are going to …[View]
49710668I sent a letter with a message for my mom to kill herself in a Christmas card[View]
49711232YouTube Rewind: YouTube doesnt care about spam online, so lets send the love irl.[View]
49711218>tfw I almost had a Ayn Rand /pol/ polymemeory BPD GF Did I dodge a bullet lads?…[View]
49711103is nofap bullshit if you're a depressed aspie? I have an extremely addictive personality but it…[View]
49710396woman is euthanized after being diagnosed with autism: The reason given for her assisted suicide was…[View]
49710890Psychopath stories?: >Be me >16yo beta fag >Black belt in Taekwondo but pretty wimp >st…[View]
49711161>friends What a fucking meme In the eyes of others you are as good as what you can be used for…[View]
49710720>start wagecuckery this week >kinda quiet >one female coworker intentionally scares me cons…[View]
49710610If only you knew how bad things reaIly are.[View]
49710460>spends 10 dollars on bits on twitch because I want to donate to this guy I know and surprise him…[View]
49710810how do I get a Detroit gf?[View]
49681291>7th grade >Eating lunch alone as always >Finish sandwich >Decide to take walk >Notic…[View]
49710781Ask a guy who can get laid and has a decent social life, yet still lurks this board everyday, anythi…[View]
49703143How do I stop being a brainlet and become a genuine intellectual?[View]
49704868>ITT: We're stuck in a waiting room *coughcough*[View]
49710923I live above a college bar and usually it's ok but sometimes >'I got broads in Atlanta' >…[View]
49710918Is it possible to have a normal ECG but a very fucked up pulse rate? I just don't get it. My pu…[View]
49708812why do people hate me? what did i do for them to hate someone they never met before? Why do people a…[View]
49709592Is 4chad in another golden age?: I don't remember 4chan ever being this fun, even 2007 /a/ and …[View]
49710847is there any reason I can't buy an RV and go drive down to the old rainforest and spend my days…[View]
49709643Hey /r9k/ For the last 9 years I've been struggling with being raped and molested as a kid...an…[View]
49709189What do I say to the nigger, boys?[View]
49710014To Christians on this board: ONLY CHRISTIAN ROBOTS NO ATHEISM AUTISM I've been wondering what…[View]
49709125I just want to make some friends and hang around why did I have to born this autistic? why do I have…[View]
49708714What does /R9K/ plan to do tomorrow?[View]
49709304I just invented the best gravy ever. Use coconut milk instead of milk. with flour and spices. yeah I…[View]
49710454Evening, /r9k/. >be me >laughably fat fuck my whole life >went to sheltered charter school …[View]
49708971i started playing a game of solo warhammer on kitchen counter and my dumb bitch mom needs the space …[View]
49710398Wholesome love story: >be me, high school freshman >diagnosed aspie, kept as a secret even fro…[View]
49710333I hate my ex so much Can anyone relate to this?[View]
49708530Rem vs. Emelia: Excuse you, /r9k/, but why do men always linger romantically on the objectively 10/1…[View]
49710387HELP: How do I make money when im very desperate? I have like $20 no job and I NEED $250 or Im gonna…[View]
49710574>be me >edgy metalhead shitposting fuckbag >also broke college student >have shitty phon…[View]
49709613have a good night big sis kathy. youre the only person i feel safe around[View]
49708815Why do black women love white dick?[View]
49710457Is it easy for you to talk to people? I'm not talking about women, I mean anybody in general. P…[View]
49710445If you have a job, you are a normie.: There is no way a true robot can find employment.[View]
49710440comfy christmas kike: i miss the loli kike[View]
49708309>that anon that keeps posting under my name Will you please stop impersonating me? Thanks.…[View]
49709645Does anyone else unironically like Pepe and Wojak posting? They pretty much always make me laugh. An…[View]
49710067This is the real truth why so many white men are incels. Mass immigration and Jewish pop culture has…[View]
4970327425+ - everything went to shit: what are you up to ? how are you holding up ?[View]
49709212This guy is giving me anxiety: I need help before I start to breathe furiously[View]
49708902Old trip here, I'm not dead or in prison. Can't post my name for certain reasons, but thos…[View]
49710172>be me >be friends with girl I have known since we were basically kids >She says Anon this …[View]
49710313How would you deal with people spreading negative rumors about you? I'm quite certain that man…[View]
49710255/r9k/ poem: break free, anon from the treacherous loop for when you give into your desires, you will…[View]
49710180You want the final red pill? The love you give is equal to the love you get. Every bit of love, from…[View]
49705509post images that enrage and upset you on a primal level[View]
49710150Hahaha fucking losers: How does it feel to still be virgins r9k? Like come on get with the times. Ju…[View]
49710141I'll never be this bottom with a confident top to take my hole in public. Why live?[View]
49699070/r9k/ Secret Santa 2018 #37: Previous thread>>49683077 >How does it work? People will post …[View]
49710109>be me >me no talk to girl >girl tlak to me >cannot >pasta why do women no love me h…[View]
49709879Ladies and gentlemen, the dev team for your GOTY. Btw, they are all men, not a single biological wom…[View]
49710087The doctors and therapists i've talked to are the only people more inept than myself. >Went …[View]
49709117i was just at the grocery store not even 30 minutes ago, and i ran into one of the smelliest people …[View]
49709853lol: The hungry mouse is crying because he is one of the many sickly and underfed little mice who th…[View]
49709439>Te amo papa I just wanna a latina gf to have mixed children and start a family with. Is that so …[View]
49710005>he flips his phone over and does everything he can to resist the urge to look at it because mayb…[View]
49709740>qt approaches me after class >asks for advice on a presentation she has to give the next day …[View]
49708838Would you be mad?: If any women can say what's wrong with this picture please speak now.[View]
49709668Is this how it ends, Anon? Alone with my thoughts, craving relief. I hope there is nothingness or a …[View]
49709958Kek , another bomb threat at cnn[View]
49709887It's my bday and am alone (well technicallyi have my family) , i have no friends work a job i h…[View]
49709492>can't stop faint aroma of poop from eminating between my buttcheeks when I adjust sitting p…[View]
49709721suicide thread: >be me, 15 >hear in school that my friend killed himself last night >school…[View]
49709686Robots, be honest. Have you ever had a crush on a chad who cucked you?[View]
49707081How can anyone un-neet themselves in this fucked up economy? After five years in the workforce I…[View]
49709064Is he gonna be okay? I'm scared guys[View]
49708850if you look like pic related post contact. its for research i swear[View]
49709005>ITT we make up a fake criminal thats on the FBI watchlist cmon lads[View]
49709594Hi, I'm Steve Wynn. You may remember me from such casino hotels as The Mirage, Treasure Island,…[View]
49709315Was Kant literally autistic?[View]
49709421Is it just me or does The Wynn have the greatest hotel lobby?[View]
49709523how do you make a girl horny? this is my only chance in four years to see a girl when she wants me t…[View]
49709739feeling doomed: I've let OCD ruin my life. I'm a terrible person and I feel persecuted all…[View]
49709699former non ronot: robot here almost achieving neet status. 19 going on 20 living at home no job no s…[View]
49709234i just cant figure out how to cope with my depression without a therapist, its affecting most of my …[View]
49708610Why does female sexuality make you feel uncomfortable?[View]
49709616alai and vanille backwards sex[View]
49709587Are pornstars superior, enlightened human beings like John Lennon, Jesus Christ or The Buddha?[View]
49706976Helo are there any tripfrens (tripcode users) out & about 'n cruisin for a bruisin?[View]
49709099>tfw just discovered fortified wine 750mL of 19% alcohol for $6[View]
49709556Okay idk whats going on but in my house I have an big smell of spray paint from the garage but I can…[View]
49709545It happened, again...: >forgot to masturbate today >already time for bed…[View]
49709524>be me >Friends with some chads >Find a qt Asian whos super chill and always positive >D…[View]
49709500>normalfag friend keeps making joke that's irritating me >I ask them to stop >'It…[View]
49709058feeling really lonely tonight bros[View]
49709463>walking home from school >see mongo level tard in front of me, holding traffic cone >he ye…[View]
49706622Do women actually feel love?[View]
49709389How and where do you get a husband who looks like this?[View]
49707404PEDOPHILES are NOT EAL i regained all my memories and realised this. But how do i deel with th past …[View]
49708737Where were you when you realized homosexuality is just a bi-product of childhood sexual trauma? Pic …[View]
49708980Be honest Do you think you'll be able to forgive humanity for what it did to you?[View]
49709363/r9k/ music: https://youtu.be/poo2xaEhrHE Post whatever you're listening to.[View]
49709348Why do we all hate each other so much. Life would be much easier if we all wallowed in self pity unt…[View]
49709300how do i stop thinking about roping constantly?[View]
49709201What's with all the women hate threads? Literally I dont care what gender you are, as long as y…[View]
49709321I have accepted the redpill 100% Someone post the man children meme on the couch and the good goy sh…[View]
49708841>tfw no gf who lets u play with her fat all day why live bros :-([View]
49709154>high school >have crush on cute, mousy glasses-wearing mutt girl >very quiet and sweet …[View]
49707636haircut meme: >cut your hair anon then qts will like you is this normie rubbish or a meme or true…[View]
49709218Anyone else wish they were a woman with a big jiggly ass? haha[View]
49707521redpills that most cant comprehend: casual relationships are devaluing your long term relationships.…[View]
49709170>at school >two girls get in an argument >one tells a resource officer that the other has a…[View]
49709156Do femanons have nice cunts?: Or are they flippery roastie sandwiches?[View]
49709152I have been talking to a girl for months, and have been nothing but nice to her. I helped her move i…[View]
49707900Black women have it the toughest in the dating game. You all have no room to complain, especially if…[View]
49707679>download tinder out of desperation >been on /fa/ and /fit/ think I'm mildly attractive …[View]
49707934ITT opinions on other boards Ill go first > I do not like /b >it is mostly porn > theards …[View]
49707595>everything tastes like blood >smell burning rubber Am I finally going to die?…[View]
49706154>tfw only got a 26 on the ACT What's it like not being a brainlet? I wish I was born a brain…[View]
49705944Am I going to die, bros? Is it gonna be over for me? I have weak pulse, then strong pulse, then weak…[View]
49708331>And you, as well as I, know >that as the years decline and the memories fade >And all your…[View]
49709035I need a hot girl. Which femanons want to be my fuckbuddy? I'll make you cum so hard and dump l…[View]
49707937Anyone have a similar thing like this? >be at work >boss is chinese >speaks chinese all day…[View]
49708989>29 years old >literally spent most of my life in my bedroom >no one cares…[View]
49706365I'm a roleplayer/storyteller specialising in Damsel-in-Distress/Kidnapping scenarios. Is anyone…[View]
49708883I might shoot myself in the next 365 days. Life is just too hard and is justified by a few dopamine …[View]
49703636Alternate 'that kid' thread: It basically goes the way it suppose to. except instead of listing auti…[View]
49708894How do i become a bloomer at age 22?im so tired lads[View]
49702821Animes that got you through tough times? Pic related[View]
49708743Post the music theme of your suicide. Here's mine: https://youtu.be/sIySC__q33U[View]
49708003Robots, would you be mad if your son turned into a basic instagram thot like pic related?[View]
49708237Anon, get up and look in the mirror. There reflected is a wonderful person you should give a chance.…[View]
49702133Fuck roasties, fuck whiteknights, fuck orbiters, fuck faggots, fuck trannies and fuck normalfags. Th…[View]
49706063>Men pretend to be hypergamous mansluts in order to pander to female interests when actually they…[View]
49708624>get into college >finally time to make something out of my life >important exam coming …[View]
49708627Is there anything worse than yuppies? The old man bar I get dinner at sometimes has recently been sw…[View]
49707844Feels mood tonight bois, have a shitty story >lets rewind to mid 2015 >19, kissless virgin, yo…[View]
49708810pls join discord server frens /HPrmcSZ[View]
49708848help: ok so one of my friends at school just got his shit fucked up and its not cool i want to find …[View]
49708860>person I have been talking to for 8 months is losing interest in me >went from talking litera…[View]
49708101Play oblivion It's comfy Life is better there[View]
49706400I'm going to take female hormones, take care of my body, and pass as a girl. I only have one li…[View]
49708697>cousins wife comes over >she uses the bathroom >i use the bathroom right after >lift u…[View]
49708818I will never understand the amount of autism that followed boxxy back in the day https://www.youtub…[View]
49708816R9k is more activer then b[View]
49704722>I think my legs are stuck. Give me a hand, anon? What do?[View]
49708437AI: Does anyone have a decent AI bot to talk to? I go into psychosis breaks and I bother my friends …[View]
49705549What is the main reason you unironically can't get a 10/10 girlfriend, no matter how hard you t…[View]
49707589Whenever I feel down, I just imagine myself standing near my local river. Looking upon the now water…[View]
49707962Is it true that fat women have a harder time finding a partner than fat men? Looks are important to …[View]
49708271>Fapped to gay porn AGAIN >Still can't admit to myself I'm a faggot…[View]
49707598I hate breakfast food. Why can't McDonald's make a burger before 10:30?[View]
49708749Asshole Parents: >be 18 going to a community college >haven't used my phone in a few days…[View]
4970873428 yo single dude in bar right now taking a few shots of tequila. Recently dumped. No kids involved …[View]
49706517Therapy: >Make a particularly sharp comment that seems to affect your therapist Anyone else? I ca…[View]
49708732How do you find a fembot gf who you can build a relationship online with for a long time until you f…[View]
49708248Ahhhhhhhhhhh. Life fucking sucks. The water heater broke I can only use cold water and I have to sho…[View]
49708152>There will NEVER be another Evangelion tier anime[View]
49707300HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You fuckers ruined my life..................... FUCKING t…[View]
49708201Wow: My gf and I just had great sex Pic unrelated[View]
49708651>be me, squeaker some time ago >people bully me because of my voice online >now, adulthood,…[View]
49707607>Be camwhore >Getting old about you hit the wall >Come to a anime image board >tell eve…[View]
49708387why the fuck would anyone drink liquid breaded estrogen when they can drink hard liquor?[View]
49707320don't leave us white women for nips and chinks[View]
49697217this faggot kills cats now god truly has infinite mercy[View]
49705818all e-roasties should be forced to get a real job.[View]
49708161Should I end it all: It's been 4 months. She doesn't even bothers to text me anymore I thi…[View]
49708571Lend me a hand, fellow robots. >be me, 15 (beginning of this school year) >be in rural Ohio …[View]
49708481>literally could only answer my name on exam sheet >tfw about to fail the same course 3 times …[View]
49708158i just woke up and my ass feels loose. It's usually tight and firm. My door wasn't locked …[View]
49708562Me on the left I love kashii[View]
49707552would you participate in a /r9k/ deathmatch which the winner will be nyannyancosplay's boyfrien…[View]
49708508I fear i will never get the strength or motivation to ever actually get my life back on track again[View]
49707495>someone organized a REEEEEEEEE event at our university >4:20.blazeit >only about 12 people…[View]
49708233Contrary to all those high school movies I didn't have much problem with Chads and Stacies to b…[View]
49708443When will 'nice guys' realize they're the cowardly villains and the 'jerks' (ie successful, gen…[View]
49707742I'm tired of this curse: >subscribed to dating site to laugh at the cheesy bios of roasties …[View]
49708420Confess: Confess thy sin anon[View]
49708337>tfw you went to college, joined a frat, partied, and lost your virginity in the first semester …[View]
49706557Damn The Wynn looks good on the inside! Makes me want to go to Vegas right now.[View]
49708415>be me >fat as fuck >lose 50 pounds >dick goes from 5 inches to 6 inches see ya later la…[View]
49705254>oh anon baby, come suck on my fingers what do you do?[View]
49708071Why does the interracial porn genre exist? I mean, why does anyone care about what color of cock the…[View]
49704190femanons, how does it feel to know so many boys are pushing themselves as hard as they can just so a…[View]
49707213I want love! I want a bf![View]
49708272Shitty emo discord hangout lots of big tiddy goth egfs discord=====>>>> rCmqNEK[View]
49708284Does anyone else here find people absolutely horrible?: I'm not an r9k regular, so apologies if…[View]
49708221I no longer like have a white guy fetish, now I have a fetish for feminizing niggers. Is this am imp…[View]
49708190>30 hidden threads >and counting[View]
49708229>tfw no directeur sportif bf[View]
49708088He was the most stubborn one. He had enough misery in his life to make a man kill himself 5 times ov…[View]
49707474You didn't fall for all those memes about traps and gender dysphoria, /r9k/... did you?[View]
49707375>about a year ago >junior in highschool really into vaping fad >get addicted to nicotine …[View]
49708160OFFENSIVE: Tim overheard so folks arguing whether or not an old popular Christmas song was offensive…[View]
49705856Wrong number: So a girl just texted me the wrong number, the BEST kind of wrong number. What do…[View]
49688161/r9gay/ - #529: Len edition Last thread: >>49667719[View]
49708147how come minorities, shitskins and niggers expect White people to support them, but they act appalle…[View]
49708039How do I go from zero friends to being invited to parties? I'm at university. Is it even possib…[View]
49708085Comfy NEET Thread: Hey, wagie, are you enjoying your smaII, fleeting moments of peace before it…[View]
49707852CERN is basically UAC. They're going to tear a hole in the veil between Earth and Hell. How doe…[View]
49708107I have DID but no I fucking don't: >be me >have dissociative identity disorder, pretty mu…[View]
49705365>You finally get the virgin Qt3.14 gf >She only allows has sex with you in female dominant pos…[View]
49708032>30 days no booze. >feel alive again >still tough not to escape this reality How do robots …[View]
49708010Alpha Whites: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CKJP2x_XaQc Why are Slavic countries the only places t…[View]
49706997Race realism is junk. Only white losers believe in that BS just so they can feel good about themselv…[View]
49707592Riverdale waifus?[View]
49707985It's 3AM and I can't sleep I have to get up in 4 hours[View]
49707858>be me >4th grade >anon why are you such a lazy fuck why are you so useless you fail all yo…[View]
49707390>one chance at life >wasnt born black Fuck...being white is so boring…[View]
49707459Do women really do thiss?[View]
49707871>spent the whole day with ex-gf >she want to talk about normie shit like Kim Kardashian, BTS, …[View]
49707978>dinner time >bring plate down with me >cat follows me like she does every day >hurry up…[View]
49706413Songs that hit really close to home. Pic related.[View]
49707499DISCORD SERVER JOIN NOW: Vapor Chill ---------------------------- Vapor Chill is a Discord server lo…[View]
49689928/drugfeels/: drugfeels longing for a place that doesnt exist edition[View]
49698728Music thread? Music thread. Post what your listening to. I hope you are all having a nice day https:…[View]
49707909Get Omegle.com right now use text chat Put interest as R9K[View]
49707880Having to talk to and work with girls who have boyfriends is really starting to piss me off They get…[View]
49703259do normalfags even know women live live on easy mode?[View]
49706409How do you robots feel about the LGBTQASDFMNBV movement?[View]
49700578It's May 12, 2004. Where are you in life?[View]
49684744Creative thread? Creative thread. Post your art (music, drawing, painting, graphic design etc...) s…[View]
49705487what is your preferred tobacco?[View]
49702873/britfeel/: Happy Xmas (War Is Over) edition https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=flA5ndOyZbI[View]
49707218VIRGIN INCEL REPORT: Anyone know how to make this sound better? Also, how do I punctuate the pause b…[View]
49707630If I were a woman, I'd have as much sex as possible with hot buff guys and then marry a decent …[View]
49707648Bros help me feel good about myself. I am 29 years old and I was out drinking with my buddies. Sudde…[View]
49707644>tfw u r too upset that u prefer sleeping on posting in r9k[View]
49706944loneliness: being alone is so nice, i just fucking hate everyone around me.[View]
49706119>'Hahaha...Oh hey anon, we were just talking about our sex lives.' >'How about you? What…[View]
49707184Does anyone feel that they are mentally incapable of doing anything career-wise that isn't typi…[View]
49705134[serious] not /pol/ meming / baiting: is being a cuck the only way to hold / maintain a relationship…[View]
49706691there is nothing wrong with a girl not being a virgin. in fact, I prefer it.[View]
49707361Are there any subreddits left that don't mind racism? Like a nice place where I can talk about …[View]
49707005NEET vs WAGESLAVE general: post your current situation >so, you found any 'good' jobs yet god dam…[View]
49704925if you only had two weeks to live what would you do?[View]
49706837My outdoor cat was run over I'm such an idiot for not keeping him inside all the time when unsu…[View]
49707270We are forced to be something we aren't since childhood. This isn't fair. I want my pure s…[View]
49700122>tfw literally every existing human claims to have severe depression and multiple other traumatiz…[View]
49702904POF: Do women on plentyoffish have standards as high as those on tinder? I've looked through an…[View]
49706321/r9k/ Where do you find your memes?: Do you usually stay on this board and find them or go to other …[View]
49707310Instacart sucks.[View]
49704757Do black guys like feminine boys and twinks or is it a meme? They seem pretty homophobic but I reall…[View]
49706595Tell me your sins and you'll be forgiven, son[View]
49707319how do you fellow robots spend your average day? I spend mine playing vidya, talking with online fri…[View]
49707394>make plans with 3 girls on tinder >one ghosts me >the other two flake with some bs excuse …[View]
49706319>Cute grill from college leaves a heart reaction on my profile picture on facebook Is it a trick?…[View]
49706951>be me, have mild OCD >gives me unneeded stress and sometimes makes me nervous >have a com…[View]
49702415trying to gain weight: Just spent 60 dollars on junk food to try and gain some weight but after eati…[View]
49707369I have a coupon for buy one get one free at starcuks, told a 6/10 female pajeet I was flirting with …[View]
49707091>mum found the piss dimension[View]
49705904I need help robots: I know my life is going to be shit until the end, and I have no relevancy or pur…[View]
49706200>tfw 7 inch length, 5.5 inch girth cock >can't use it because face is dogshit and have ze…[View]
49705398Be me this few months: Be me in highschool 5 months ago get to sit to 10/10 qt she ask that i like…[View]
49707244What songs describe how you're feeling right now https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oYsMHZdOmoA…[View]
49706574>tfw no gf to watch get BLEACHED[View]
49705380>try hard to get attention from fembots >Be nice to them call them sweetheart and other nice …[View]
49707304stop being so sad, start a garden, take care of something, watch it grow and be rewarded with some f…[View]
49705982Watch where you're going, Anon.[View]
49706255Being disfigured is a nightmare: Hello /r9k/, You guys often talk about your life and how hard it is…[View]
49704505lets say i hypothetically had a GF how do i make her blush and possibly make her obsess over me wo…[View]
49706314Neko naming: I'm getting two female kittens soon what should I name them? Yunnochi and Konata? …[View]
49706698Ok boys, it's time, I'm gonna go on a date with a girl I like and that likes me back, wish…[View]
49705133Ever since I uttered 'the pain manifest' I've felt an incredible darkness hanging over me. I fe…[View]
49705724Women need to be raped! It is the only language they understand. Women enjoy rape. Don't let th…[View]
49706620/r9k/araoke ALMOST HEAVEN![View]
49707137Black bois like white cock lel[View]
49706810i subscrizzled to pewdiepei: im not fond of ecelebs and youtube but pewdiepie is literally the only …[View]
49706460>hate slutty/popular girl's >Want to want to be seduced by a Slutty Stacy and have her s…[View]
49705194MY COWORKER IS A CUCK: Yall I let my coworker borrow my phone and work and I decided to look through…[View]
49703618Movie characters that would browse /r9k/ >pic related[View]
49706959>be me >be autist 5 year old > playing with legos and shit >feel stomach cramp >poop…[View]
49706949>>I just broke my fucking headphones and they were very expensive and swear I won't buy a…[View]
49706881>be me >everyone has a vagina when they're fetuses >females have vaginas >all guys …[View]
49705887I was turned down by a girl the other day for being too big, interested if anyone around my size her…[View]
49706847>be me >job is doing piss test >first time ever >dont get told how much to put in >ch…[View]
49706761memes you miss: I fucking miss the tendie and GBP memes. What classic memes do you miss?[View]
49706828Real Chads don't need to assert their dominance, they are the physical embodiment of power. As …[View]
49706808Who here loves Las Vegas?[View]
49706697Why do autistic people like pepper so much? What is it about pepper that attracts the tism? Does lar…[View]
49706509The Wynn and Encore are the greatest Vegas hotel casinos. That's a fact Jack![View]
49706514*sad music starts*: Is this the real life? Is /biz/ just fantasy? Bogged from the inside, no escape …[View]
49706738Is life worth it's suffering? Your circumstances are but a roll of dice. Poor, rich, short, tal…[View]
49706436I have to give a presentation in my class tomorrow. Should I drop out?[View]
49705069Hello, / r9k /, right now I'm tired, to be in this endless circle where I am. My vision of life…[View]
49706673Does being normal come natural to normies? Or is it a skill that's insanely difficult to develo…[View]

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