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44069736>tfw no artorias bf[View]
44070237Just felt a massive strain in my chest causing me to fall on my back causing me to suffocate for 30 …[View]
44064579women's soles are LIFE GIVING[View]
44068535Liveleak: Liveleak thread? I find myself drawn to videos having to do with being bludgeoned or hacke…[View]
44068654Where are some good places to get tendies? I find DQ's pretty good but had an issue with manage…[View]
44070153i'm hungry guys and I don't wanna eat anything too basic. give me something I can cook wit…[View]
44070291Anger: I am so mad, I can't control it. I tried to take deep breaths but the anger has been loo…[View]
44070283blackbots: When a black man becomes a robot its really a sight to behold, we seem to take autism to …[View]
44069079ITT: Beta moments of your life >Be me >6 years ago >School >16yo >New girl, qt3.14 9/…[View]
44069229don't even have a waifu[View]
44067521if a stacy is the female equivalent of a chad, what's the female equivalent of a brad?[View]
44070234anyone else feel like cringe content is making them more tolerant ive been obsessed with cringe shit…[View]
44067143Saw this on facebook a few minutes ago and it pissed me off. I hate it when normies assume just beca…[View]
44070013*gives you a pedicure*[View]
44070143>constantly talk to myself,laughing hysterically at funny shit i think of whenever im alone. >…[View]
44067505I like to drink rum because I can pretend like I am a pirate. What is your comfort drink and why? A …[View]
44068957How can you be a robot and have a normal sized penis? It doesn't make sense ...[View]
44070071Don't be attached to not being attached.[View]
44068009What is this body type called?: Emphasis on big bones, sturdy looking, not merely fat, looking stron…[View]
44068331White girls are so... POWERFUL!!![View]
44067372High thoughts: Is this show a psy op?[View]
44068542How do i find a friend to practice my french with?[View]
44069474>tfw no highly intelligent, mastermind professor mommy gf to give me complex, chess match handjob…[View]
44060539Friendly reminder: You will never experience true love.[View]
44068072Im posting arjen shooting a laser out of his hands every day no 33[View]
44069794Who else /acne/? I'm getting really tired of having it, thought it would go away when I finishe…[View]
44067515How has no one made a Columbine music video with this song yet? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gzyX…[View]
44067169How do you guys deal with loneliness? i don't feel lonely because i'm a introvert, but i k…[View]
44069964hey robots, tard story thread >Be me >earlier today >be at micro center >old desktop won…[View]
44069904Reminder that female pedophiles are just as Abad as male pedophiles: When you think of a female pedo…[View]
44068925Come argue with a normalfag. I feel like getting a good argument going[View]
44069022True degeneracy: A thread where only the worlds worst people can post. Just had this experience and …[View]
44069903Is it bad that i kinda relate to this? https://youtu.be/-ZLDhCzIu3c[View]
44068037What's the correlation between cutting your hair and getting pussy.[View]
44068115Why is it worse for a kid to die than a young adult? I'd highly prefer it if neither demographi…[View]
44069840Milhouse is robro[View]
44069832Discord chat for /b/tards and robots: Link in options[View]
44067340Ask a guy who got psyopsed by cia anything[View]
44069431Porn addiction thread: Just fucked a 4 day streak. Somehow, it's always a surprise that I'…[View]
44066687/r9k/ an hero fucked me up.: I have seen suicide vids, a video of a guy hanging his baby, videos of …[View]
44069378>girl shows up for date >dressed like this What DO you do?…[View]
44064965'What music do you listen to': The heart-stopping question that can be asked anytime, anywhere. i ha…[View]
44069596Why are wiggers allowed to exist?[View]
44066350I'll personally teach you japanese if you're cute![View]
44068144>Aliens wont visit us but why robots Pls explain[View]
44069706Gay: >be me >16 year old fag >volunteering with autist kids >5 year old pretending stick…[View]
44068641How do I dig myself out of this hole: >17 year old manlet kissless virgin >go to finish high s…[View]
44065010soyed: Is this actually true?post your hands and let's see who is the real macho.[View]
44068373Wait, I don't get it. Why does the alt-right call conservatives 'cuckservatives'? I thought the…[View]
44068307How do I have courage in myself and not be such a pussy when I'm confronted by someone else? I…[View]
44064853>get a job >40 hours a week >too tired for vidya >only drink on my days off >barely h…[View]
44067730I just want to be loved by another person. Why is that so hard? I'm going to be a robot forever…[View]
44069250>go to doctor >stacey receptionist why are receptionists always fucking staceys…[View]
44069032Just lost virginity. Does that make me robot,android or cyborg?: The strong will survive[View]
44068794I don't have an erection, I just have large genitals, stop staring.[View]
44069298>just found out the new attractive guy at work heard I have been calling him Chad, now he wants t…[View]
44068935Things women find attractive 1) confidence (but not fake confidence - they can tell) 2) social stat…[View]
44069464>be me >kissless virgin >have a crush on a girl i met through a mutual friend >we become…[View]
44052329That kid thread >that kid who paralysed himself by attempting a backflip >that kid who tried t…[View]
44069424You know, I think I just realised something. Perhaps one the main reasons all of us are so severely …[View]
44069393some discord server i guess 2fKpX3[View]
44068557RABB.IT Stream here, we're watching commando here; the most kino of arnie films Join join join …[View]
44068293Does anyone else ever feel envious of female sexual pleasure? I don't think I want to be a woma…[View]
44069281Goddamn /r9k/ what have you become? Once a bastion of original memes and fun stories is now just a c…[View]
44060283Would there be less bitter young men if we had government-sponsored virginity taking programs?[View]
44068203How does it go down?: Im 18 years old and want to get a bj. How does it all work? Do I roll up to he…[View]
44068562do you believe in true love, robots? i do and i get called sheltered and naive[View]
44068294I regret it all, I wish I tried. I wish I had friends still, I can't believe how far I've …[View]
44069139Tranny GF Application: My birthday is in a week and I want a tranny gf as a present. Here is my appl…[View]
44068505How do I play with my prostate anons?: I'm holding it until friday because I want to have the b…[View]
44067051What is doing drugs with girls like?[View]
44068119guys im running DANGEROUSLY low on self-esteem fuel. last time i posted my face on here people were …[View]
44068045> go to lo-fi house party > shit tons of clearly single artsy university girls there > just…[View]
44063527/Druggie General/: Hey guys, whatcha doing? Get any good drugs? Going to do now, later or soon? What…[View]
44069028>it's another black fembot thread >all of the robots want black gfs now >tfw I have to…[View]
44065007highschool stories anyone?: >be me >2015 >last year of highschool >on spotify or some mu…[View]
44068959>roll joint for my friends >prime cali herb >pass joint to my friend >he has herpes >…[View]
44067328is this your god?: she looks like a random generated character from oblivion lol[View]
44066622anyone else /cyborg/? >too beta and socially unaware to get gf >too weird to make friends >…[View]
44062512Star Wars: What are your favorite and what are your least favorite Star Wars movies ? My opinion (wo…[View]
44068889To the 'misanthrope' who deleted his thread: Sounds like you're just a major chump, naive and s…[View]
44068688Face and LMS (Looks, Money, Status): https://m.youtube.com/channel/UC41VQF08gjJGz5tYyp5ezfw What doe…[View]
44066715First post here, am i following the rule?: After lurking for a couple of days through 4chan i unders…[View]
44067506>stares at you in lab[View]
44067257Does the spiral downward into more and more deparate and hopeless depression ever end, bros?[View]
44067775/analgasm/ general: just had an analgasm, how was your day?[View]
44042048What was the most embarrassing phase you went through?[View]
44067012who remembers when there were omegle threads? robots getting to engage & talk out problems in th…[View]
44068643>be me >15 >Massive foot fag >Have female friends >They're all hot a shit >M…[View]
44066120Affirmations Thread: The guy who created Dilbert says that if you write down your affirmations, they…[View]
44063728How much do you usually drink? What's your limit?[View]
44058920Tfw no mommy gf to cuddle in bed with ;_;[View]
44066560How do I become an interesting and worthwhile person to be around?[View]
44066230What if you're wrong... And they're right?[View]
44068551Normie QnA: I'm what most of you would consider a normie and as someone who likes to lurk on th…[View]
44068501>Mommy found the loli voodoo doll I fucked up hard[View]
44058752Any fellow psychopaths lurking in here?: Talk about yourself, boredom avoiding stories, normie mind …[View]
44068237>'Yo make sure to get something to eat because I still haven't shit' >'alright' >buys …[View]
44068447>Autistic anon spends a considerable amount of time writing an angry answer >Reply with bait …[View]
44066899All these years, I've seen so many failed normies fall victim to /r9k/ -- Kind and decent peopl…[View]
44068392>tfw some girl found out, that you're stalking her >tfw the police told her to fuck off…[View]
44066921GUYS I FUCKING DID IT OMG: After being a kissless permavirgin incel destined for wizardry, somehow, …[View]
44066962I know people born in the 80s get so pissed when they're called millennials, but i feel like th…[View]
44068424If trannies and white women are both psyops, does that mean /r9k/ actually likes biologically female…[View]
44068364was fredo one of us?[View]
44068139Make your picks.: You can pick the fourth choice once. You can pick the third choice once, twice if …[View]
44065498>tfw i just punched a hole through the wall[View]
44068354Manlet hate thread: >Uni started catering to manlets Alright, which one of you halfmen infiltrate…[View]
44067546Post your best Chad/Virgin memes. My folder is starving and won't last much longer without sust…[View]
44044742Have you ever had a woman come on to you but you were too autistic to notice the signs or act on the…[View]
44052930>Daddy, Mommy said once you went black you never went back. What does that mean? Back to where?…[View]
44066665are you a tits or ass man, robots?[View]
44065825>connect to university wifi >spam post garbage >report myself on my phone >get my univer…[View]
44067534> yfw you've seen your parents marriage, as well as your partner's parents' as wel…[View]
44067704any of you guys get out of paying rent? My step dad wants me to pay rent[View]
44068096Why do Chicks despise high school boys?[View]
44066613Helping a fembot out.: Ok fembots, ive realised that what you need the most are some real friends. Y…[View]
44068075>be always alone >convince myself that I like it this way >be happy >start talking to a…[View]
44068032Anyone know of any programs or books that can help overcome cowardice?[View]
44066935what would a robot, fembot, failed normie, or cyborg wish for?[View]
44067899https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gyB9Wj7hLzY&ab_channel=FunnyClips Chad needs only to do a simple…[View]
44067837I hope Eric and Dylan are in hell slaying demons to a soundtrack of metal and industrial, like they …[View]
44067977Hello r9k, I am an acolyte of anon_lastname and I have to find my lord a female who will please him.…[View]
44067038B b b ballbusting thread![View]
44066853>told crush I liked her Pic unrelated[View]
44067555p-p-please join my d-disc-cord ;w; TCvuU9u[View]
44063810>ywn be blissfully ignorant without a care in the world again I want off this fucking ride…[View]
44066172Fight me, faggots.: Brutal Doom is objectively an improvement to the original game. It isn't th…[View]
44064885>be me >believe most posts about black women being disgusting trash are just talking about hoo…[View]
44060207Rate and share qts: Can we just get a qt thread going? I know wimmin are evil, but they are still re…[View]
44041795NO FAP TIME: You want to change your life for the better? Stop watching porn and masturbating! The t…[View]
44067296ITT: Family stories. >sleeping on the living room floor >little sister comes in >demands mo…[View]
44067145Who's going to watch the new Deadpool movie? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D86RtevtfrA[View]
44067118How do people make eye contact while talking? If I am talking and I make eye contact my mind goes bl…[View]
44066886Oh shit! God decided it was your time to die. But he decided you could select your way to go. do you…[View]
44065563>5'10 >start going to boxing gym >guy walks up to me >'Are you gonna spar today?' …[View]
44067605Anyone have 'party hard' gif of suicide kid pic related[View]
44067800ITT: Feels Thread >I don't want sex anymore i just want a fucking hug.…[View]
44066734Its my birthday today, wasn't terrible like I thought it would be. I was worried I would be dep…[View]
44067747SAY JOY LANE FAGET[View]
44067746I had no idea chlorine could fuck with your urinary tract[View]
44066196/uni/ generals: sisters of fate help us edition: might have to retake a class this incoming summercl…[View]
44067106It can't be just me that's noticed the entire atmosphere of the board has changed right? N…[View]
44067713hey guys. just needing a place to post this and get this off my chance since i dont have very many f…[View]
44067711Feelsbadman: >feel like gonna nut >Ends up pissing bed feelsbadman…[View]
44051529How's the job hunt going anons? >Turned down from data entry bachekor required,masters prefe…[View]
44067670why do women always want to be one of the guys: why cant they let us have something to ourselves? pl…[View]
44063208Is math real?[View]
44067556What's your excuse? (original)[View]
44065090Personality Test: Fill it out, and I'll give you insight in to your mind. Go on, unless you…[View]
44066840Is it a good idea for me to have a baby with my LDR online bf?: He keeps saying I have to wait, but …[View]
44065576do you hate your parents? why/why not?[View]
44067545>tfw no gf to pressure me into feminizing Why even live[View]
44067131Why is this picture so goddamn annoying[View]
44065595Im so fake. How do I bring out the real me[View]
44067587>It's (uhh) ok (mmmm) Anon, Mommy is (ooohh god) just (oh fuck harder) playing with (deeper …[View]
44067305Body Pillow Thread Just got my first one how do you guys feel about yours[View]
44066390Will humans always be at war with ourselves or will we evolve as a species? What do you believe?[View]
44067542FUCK KIWI FARMS: Them in a nutshell: 'Hahah look how autistic this guys is! Let's write a 2000 …[View]
44067416All the trap threads came to a halt. Notna single one in sight. could it be...[View]
44067407What is best countries anon? ill start Sealand[View]
44067514>tfw learn that they iq tested me as an infant and my score was 98 should I just an hero…[View]
44067451Do we ever have any rabb.it users here? Anybody up for watching a film tonight? Or is anybody else h…[View]
44067330>watching group of friends playing burnout paradise on youtube >tfw no friends…[View]
44065426>Be me >Was 16 year old beta >Have intense anxiety at the time >Taking forensics in high…[View]
44065864Orbit girl conspiracy: Anyone think the girls that are often orbited here are FBI agents put here to…[View]
44066199>when the bussy fire[View]
44067289Who else /Normie/ here? It's okay. You can admit it![View]
44067236>mid-twenties >no wife >no children >not even a girlfriend I didn't want it to be t…[View]
44063844>post on normie website asking if virgin females still exist >get this response…[View]
44066791Anybody have the full story of the 'he already knows' girl? I'm starting a collection. Any othe…[View]
44067180>tfw no asian gf to walk besides under an umbrella during a downpour[View]
44063940>wake up >you now have pic related as your older sister How do you respond?…[View]
44066892>can't get a bf because I don't have a car >can't get a car because I don'…[View]
44065950hey anon my boss showed me this really really funny image i thought you'd like it[View]
44066164why the fuck are all r9k discord servers so shit? >join server >say hello >nobody says anyt…[View]
44056647>tfw no non slut non retarded bf http://steamcommunity.com/id/JGG3/[View]
44061763Next in line, please![View]
44066980>been told all my life to act like the real you and express yourself >tfw the real me is worse…[View]
44066703>hungry as FUCK but can't eat anymore because I messed up and ate a high calorie low volume …[View]
44066897Why are so many people radicalising themselves to extremist movements? Whether we're talking IS…[View]
44066586hi, we have a small disc server with a comfy community but we could use few more people we purge unc…[View]
44064615Better plan for robot colony: Having bed pods is too much space. What you need is like a massive cad…[View]
44066341Post the best Click counters you know robots.[View]
44065219>just overheard my dad describe his life as 'boring' and his only child as a 'failure' to his who…[View]
44066036Let's all get in our beds and be comfy[View]
44065446So, I got a fleshlight 10 days ago. thought i'd post a review in case other anons are thinking …[View]
44059729Graph your happiness: Felt like starting this thread again post how your life's gone so far…[View]
44064361Who should pay for first dates?[View]
44066325Did your dad teach you how to fight? Mine did after I got bullied. He told me the best way to fight …[View]
44066159What does it means when a girl sends you blushing smiley emojis all the time? I've befriended t…[View]
44065939>turned 18 >tfw lust for cocks grows.... I've been straight my whole life,why is this hap…[View]
44065423>oneitis just texted me to apologize for answering a phone call from her ailing grandmother durin…[View]
44058270itt post pics of male actors you think are the peak of physical beauty and we guess if the poster is…[View]
44066556is there a single decent server out there[View]
44066528>It's another 'Anon drinks himself to sleep on the couch and wakes up alone' episode…[View]
44062591No matter what anybody says, not being able to attract mates is one of the worst things for a man. S…[View]
44066298Bubble Thread: Alright anons, I've been doing this in /b/ for a couple days, but I'm going…[View]
44065937The Life: Why hasnt /r9k/ taken up the life yet? And by life, I mean adventuring. What is stopping y…[View]
44066447What would you do if I punched you hard as fuck in the face Or Bruce lee kicked you or something[View]
44062812/chast9k/: Comfy chastity thread because the last one was good. Let's make some friends with th…[View]
44065921Karma: Do you believe in karma? Do you think robot life is just punishment for having shitty karma i…[View]
44066453Why does it seem like every other human being in existence only communicates in euphemisms and seman…[View]
44066443>be med student >in ob/gyn now >all these pregnant women and disgusting pussies I think thi…[View]
44066331I want a thread to meet others on steam if thats ok! I'd love to make new friends![View]
44065906>That /soc/ tier thread got deleted Thanks for doing your job, mods.[View]
44066413How do i get my face close to a girl's feet?: I want lick the soles of big female feet but i do…[View]
44066102Suicide inducing images: ITT: images that make you wanna end it all[View]
44065909What are some militias I can fight for?: I want to die in combat, is there a list of militias that a…[View]
44064817>this is what 8 year old girls do for fun ?[View]
44066190>tfw average looking gf I don't feel like I'm with an ugly girl but I also don't f…[View]
44065079He was almost /ourguy/, wasn't he?[View]
44061019>add and make online fren on steam >fall in love with him >he ghosts me when he finds out W…[View]
44065404Phenibut or L-theanine?: Hey guys. I'm having a hard time deciding whether or not to buy phenib…[View]
44064635>tfw not sure if stupid or intelligent and self aware enough to ponder my own intelligence…[View]
44066151why do normies say 'oof' now all of a sudden? i thought it was just my ex who liked roblox but now i…[View]
44064448Why do fl*t subhumans think they deserve dick? You have bodies of little boys. I could gurgle soy an…[View]
44065854Did anyone skip all the steps on the meme slope and go straight to wanting to be a cuteboy? I want t…[View]
44065927Why is it that in movies they give off this bullshit idea that popular kids become nothing and nerds…[View]
44066114HELP Tomorrow i will be posting a video of saying logan paul 100k times but i'm looking for the…[View]
44064307>tfw you missed out on childhood/teenage love >tfw people scoff that it's overrated >t…[View]
44066004SaiIor Mercury eating 24[View]
44062843Why are aspie guys so sinister and creepy?[View]
44061455Why are car guys so mean[View]
44064778>Anzu will never give you a blowjob why even live...[View]
44066025Who here is a waifufag: >Be 2008 >Hear about this new thing called a touhou >Rejected by re…[View]
44065974do i send her cock?[View]
44064889YOU wake up tomorrow as the CEO OF facebook you have the tools and money to control what BILLIONS be…[View]
44063723Is this thing about roasties catching STDs a meme? Are they really that easy to get? W-what do they …[View]
44057533/RCG/ Robot Colony General: Okay /r9k/, here it is: robot colony general. I have a plan for a robot …[View]
44064496'There was a mass shooting' 'oh, another one?' 'There was a police shooting' 'oh, another one?' …[View]
44064165Jesus Christ what fucking goes on in the mind of normies? >buy fucktoy a shitty game for 60 bucks…[View]
44065454Why is temporary work so comfy, bros?[View]
44063117What do you do?: >That will be $14.99 plus tip[View]
44065273the horror of marriage: Man, why are women like this... ... Like, just... Whhyyyyyyyyy?[View]
44064415'Buh-but it's only coffee! It's natural, my mom drinks it!': http://www.abc.net.au/news/20…[View]
44064420Anon, how do I move on from falling in love with a girl who's become my best friend? She does s…[View]
44065530/nightsip/ general: Who /sippin/ after dark here? What are you drinking?[View]
44064782Life is fucking perfect Didn't chronically masturbate as a kid Lifted religiously for years Hi…[View]
44065573Is it possible to be an ugly normie?[View]
44064696>tfw made a thread on two boards >both threads are discussed and filled with posters >tfw y…[View]
44063934Chad Robots get in here: >All you have to do is be chad >Chads easily get girls >Le leave m…[View]
44062587would you rather get kicked in the balls or have your hand pressed on a hot stove?[View]
44065310>have fantasy rape fetish >fantasize about the time i could've raped a virgin with 36DD b…[View]
44065141>tfw no one will watch Pacific Rim 2 with me >tfw everyone hates pacific rim but me KAIJUS ARE…[View]
44063902'Land of the Free?': Oh, reaIly?[View]
44065441WELCOME WELCOME ONE AND ALL ENJOY THE SHOW https://vocaroo.com/i/s17iaF1SXnO5[View]
44064760My little sister just attempted suicide, still in the emergency room. She's a teenager in high …[View]
44065557<3: Are you femanons ready to break hearts this season? Dont be ashamed of your body. Shop at t…[View]
44064642I want to fucking die, robots > be me > skinny beta > doing an apprenticeship-type school p…[View]
44060472What does /r9k/ do when they can't handle their cocklust?[View]
44065515>get matched with qt on tinder >go to message her >match disappears I'm assuming that …[View]
44063001Can we all post how fucked up we are mentally and physically? I just want to complain >26 years o…[View]
44065224Why is there so much hate for cutters here? Not everyone does it for attention, a lot of people do i…[View]
44064094Why do you think it's okay to be mean?[View]
44065434>Be me, 11 >Hear about this 'Fore Chin' thing from my buddies at school >soundsinteresting.…[View]
44062278>tfw you cum in your gfs pussy with no rubber and you feel her twitch as her pussy fills up with …[View]
44063729Should being a manlet (anything below the country average) considered as a disability? Women are rep…[View]
44065087>there are 7,4 billion of people on this planet >it is bound that at least one of them can und…[View]
44064578How does it: feel when that a 10/10 Chad will ultimately capture this woman while us filthy bottom f…[View]
44061374I let my kid sister watch me play Mortal Kombat for a minute, and the next day she got a call home f…[View]
44064196Jesus christ I'm so jealous. https://youtu.be/6JdarbIonVo Look how happy this black family is. …[View]
44061966Post an image of your arm(s) and state how many pull ups you can do. I can barely do one.[View]
44065302Thought I'd see what the current consensus is[View]
44062971>tfw no european neet online friend to play vidya all day with why even live imaweeb#8255…[View]
44063010Can anyone else here not watch porn anymore? I always just end up crying when I do, because I start …[View]
44063756/creative robots/: Share your creative works with fellow anons Appreciate criticize and get feedback…[View]
44064407Is it true that ISPs include a list of websites accessed when they send you your bills?[View]
44063616So I accidentally started a cult, what do r9k?[View]
44065233Comfy weed thread. Get high post here[View]
44062040>Still believing in your particular abrahamic religion Why?[View]
44061768Mocules expand Mocules exist I'm a molucule but I stand in the mist[View]
44063720So, tonight's thirsty Thursday. I don't have class on Fridays and no homework immediately …[View]
44064911I will date literally any femanon who likes dogs. Don't care what you look like or if you'…[View]
44064113what's up with girls and their obsession with dopamine?: seriously guys, these girls get to do …[View]
44065155>tfw kc is down forever[View]
44052377Discord that admits to flooding r9k with tranny propaganda for nearly a year is now considering shut…[View]
44062098>'Anon I knocked out your gf, now im your new gf. Its time to breed me' wat do…[View]
44063871Upcoming anime 'Age of Ice: Mammoth War': Hey guys, here's a mockup of the title sequence for m…[View]
44064479Ive been having lucid dreams recently but not in a good way. The dreams are beginning to scare me an…[View]
44064823Is he /ourguy/ robots?: Incel levels so high he committed a massacre.[View]
44059911When did you realize that there's no afterlife: When did you realize that you could die in your…[View]
44063970Just a question, are there any good pornsites or better ways to masterbate? The typical pornhub and …[View]
44063722loser: What is the best way to commit suicide? i'm a loser[View]
44064831I've seen plenty of ugly guys with total qts. What's the goddam secret?!??[View]
44063859ITT: covers that are better than the original: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IYiB3ccz0go…[View]
44062931EVeryone is unique in their own way. What makes you unique robots?[View]
44064805How the MOTHER FUCK do you actually meet people and make friends? This shit does not make a lick of …[View]
44062496Causing a work accident: Welp /r9k/ today at my fucking low-class job i managed to break a big roll …[View]
44063566Why doesn't anybody want me guys? What's wrong with me? Is it really just my face?[View]
44064077CHADhan here to remind you to train. You'll never be able to destroy those normalfaggots if you…[View]
44064774>be 21 >tired of working retail and going into college. decide to go into the work force >e…[View]
44037069What does /r9k/ think? You should see the hate this attracted[View]
44062097Would you protect her, bots? she needs a lot of love.[View]
44064656discord needs to go: I have witnessed entire communities get killed off by discuck circlejerkers. An…[View]
44055634rate my meds and pray for my doctor :3 he should life forever. post your meds, too. what medication…[View]
44064562So are the mods getting some donations from ((((them)))) to ignore all the /lgbt/ tier threads in th…[View]
44063420Oh that isn't smoke! It's[View]
44064625hey guys i used to think i was a robot but i dont anymore yesterday i took a girls virginity in her …[View]
44055798>when a robot finally gets a hot gf[View]
44060989wagecucks will be the death of this planet: >be me >comfy but bored shut-in >moved to the c…[View]
44063473Hey robots, children's party clown here. What are some Easter-y designs I should learn for the …[View]
44064265Mariujana is 'safe'. http://journals.sagepub.com/doi/abs/10.1177/070674370605100903 http://www.legal…[View]
44062166insult me gimme your best fucking shot[View]
44062248Converting to the gay side.: Okay I'm tired of being lonely, who here is gonna be my submissive…[View]
44064465A Stay at Home Mom and Stay at Home Dad is best for Baby: Both of them would live in government hous…[View]
44060993>saved 100k over the last 3 years of wagecucking >plan on quitting my job to pursue artistic t…[View]
44063657>pick nose >wipe booger on the wall >booger disappears over time where did it go?…[View]
44064387disney adventures: >be me >at the unhappiest place on earth >sitting at contemporary boat d…[View]
44063300Suicide: Has anyone here ever attempted suicide? How did you get the courage to go through with it? …[View]
44063835>tfw my insomnia is coming back again[View]
44064379Sorry NEETs...: But /r9k/ is a normie board now. Incels and other losers will need to leave to make …[View]
44064377Am I fucked?: 1,000-word report on Target acquiring Grand Junction and Shipt to start doing grocery …[View]
44063390Does anybody else feel like a Chad in their mind but an autist externally? If I imagine a conversati…[View]
44063176Post some depressing stuff. I can't stop laughing about fartposting.[View]
44064198> U have to respect women I neither respect my toilet just because i use it…[View]
44061999you NEED to read these comics, /r9k/ theyre so enlightening.[View]
44064287>hipoppotically can get gf >don't want available gfs what's the point of a gf if she…[View]
44059052>fell for a gril who loves Jesus and seems to like me >think she has to be the purest woman I…[View]
44062743> Oldest of 3 sisters > Somehow have the smallest chest > I'm considered the 'plain' l…[View]
44062778>remember an extremely embarassing memory >have to say 'the virgin past anon, the chad present…[View]
44063772why dont girls stop being picky and settle for us?: pls dont say you tried and he pumped and dumped …[View]
44063893>Hello femanon; I'm your state issued father to your children! So tell me about yourself... …[View]
44062915What drugs will help me socialize and cope with the pressure of the workplace on the long term. Diag…[View]
44063935why havnet you killedyourself yet/: what is ther to live for?[View]
44063829Why do Latin women always use so much makeup when doing anything formal?[View]
44060794just install replika its fun anon.[View]
44063324why the fuck do they whiny so much about fuckin socializing in this game? its hard enough in real li…[View]
44062721I know i'm shitty beta manlet with no personality,but that doesn't mean i deserve to be al…[View]
44063672Why should i care about anything if the only future I can imagine is me killing myself on <5 year…[View]
44059752Fuck it, I'm done with the dicklet life.[View]
44063341Will losing my virginity to an escort improve my confidence? Also how do I avoid falling in love wit…[View]
44064008> show me your face when you're really mad about something > pic related…[View]
44063721>Informer >Yanosigabbidefoamyagobley >A licky boom boom down >Tetemandosomisaysamadowdal…[View]
44062259ex-whore gf: >finally get a GF at 23 >fall in love and all that good shit >2 years past and…[View]
44063364how do you deal with living in an apartment and not being able to watch videos or listen to music wi…[View]
44061309I need help anons. I want to join the military to leave my shitty home, but I'm slowly losing m…[View]
44060883How to find a gf like this /r9k/?[View]
44063724Comfy discord Please join neetzone discord sGuENPq[View]
44061872Do you ever feel disgusted when imagining someone being nice to you?[View]
44058604Is it bad to fap to Bratz doll faces? Asking for a friend.[View]
44063776>maybe normie advice could work if i just be myself >well time to find a gf >make instagram…[View]
44063576Two years ago, she was charging $100 an hour to talk. I wonder what the corresponding rate is today.[View]
44057629Concept art for my upcoming manga 'Mammoth War': Hope you guys like it. There'll be more good s…[View]
44063606Asparagus pussy...: >make dinner for myself and very special friend >roasted asparagus as a si…[View]
44062658>they want to swat me but no one will do it: actually fucking rolling on the floor laughing right…[View]
44063484>tfw downloaded kik so I can have someone to talk to >see this public group chat being promote…[View]
44063019is only having 23 friends bad[View]
44063574is the idea of unconditional love retarded to anyone else? is it even 'love'? say a parent loving a …[View]
44062183My father had a small stroke today guys. I could use any kind words or just conversation right now i…[View]
44063489>tfw have colitis >spend all day reading terrible stuff on pubmed…[View]
44063515>tfw got a 5/10 on /soc/ Is there hope yet for me robots?[View]
44063199> Hey kid, come're often?[View]
44062558l'm posting bruno eating pizza every day day 132[View]
44063519Real manlet hours: >be me >120 kgs >170 cm >decide it's time to stop this shit >…[View]
44063494I am cunfusion: What is R9K and the robot? what is the point of this >SUBREDDIT…[View]
44061975>tfw no qt survival gf why are there so few women like this[View]
44063466>tfw you know feels very few humans have ever felt[View]
44063447yes keep working wagegoy![View]
44062538Did he finally die?[View]
44063392>tfw kinda straight bicuious bf like me to crossplay as touhou characters with and spend hours cu…[View]
44063005Did any of you make edits of my friends dog?: Please share em, I know someone made edited his dog in…[View]
44061195Tits or ass thread: I've been asking around pretty much every man I knew well enough to tell me…[View]
44061781anyone else here wants to die[View]
44063343Join this server--we actually want high tier, likable, and funny posts. We don't really have an…[View]
44040692/r9gay/ tfw no bf edition (revamped): What's to stop me from getting a bf other than my rampant…[View]
44062760>2018 >not listening to Sleigh Bells EVERY day…[View]
44061140How do you get yourself to care about anything? I'm just so apathetic, I feel like I see throug…[View]
44063000Guaranteed response thread: Yo failed chad here. Have nothing to do for the rest of the day so ask m…[View]
44062426any chizos here? is there any chance of me becoming schizo or is that something that happens when yo…[View]
44063091What are you drinking?: Alright, robots, what's your poison tonight? Ardbeg 10 for me[View]
44061700>mfw despite being 18 nothing is ever going to change and that I'm never going to acquire lo…[View]
44063139Is there anything worse than being poor? We live in a time period full of amazing technology and med…[View]
44063135Guuuuys guys Sex is.... Sex is magic... It literally gives you powers It's live lvling up from…[View]
44059915l really want a friend![View]
44063046>tfw no femdom gf to bully and hurt me then cuddle after how do I find one /r9k/?…[View]
44057252Am I the only vegan on this board?[View]
44063051He's using me. He hates-a-me.[View]
44059219Its late at night and your parents are sleeping. This man knocks on your door and demands your best …[View]
44056152Television/film characters you relate to.[View]
44055667Is sex the sole purpose of life? So what if you cant get any?[View]
44060287Guys i have tinder and I get matches and decided to finally message some of them. I messaged 100 gir…[View]
44060562This is what every woman should strive to become. Come on fembots, aren't you tired of chasing …[View]
44049896Why do you hate single mothers?: They are remarkable women. They work hard and achieve their dreams …[View]
44059939dad just called he bought me a jacket[View]
44062026I don't remember how old I am[View]
44058829The more I work, the more this picture rings true. For what all this hassle? For what all this time …[View]
44059401>nobody will ever wrap me in a blankie and hold me close and tell me i'm a good boy and that…[View]
44062590why is it that you haven't settled for a 5/10?[View]
44062412This human guitar pick is really getting on my nerves.[View]
44060962coitus, motherfucker[View]
44059058How do you neets handle jury summons[View]
44057658...Trannies all over the shop... You'll be one of them, sooner or later...[View]
44060469>living life fairly normally >suddenly get this weird feeling >can't stop thinking abo…[View]
44058309>ywn be a woman and experience multiple orgasms >ywn masturbate until you're bored of cum…[View]
44062490>Be me >order new really nice custom built computer >pay extra for 2 day shipping >3 day…[View]
44056304>he does his computing on the virgin laptop[View]
44062523>20th birthday day today >still a kissless virgin…[View]
44062606>be me >second grade beta tard >moved to new district >in the same class as weird ass f…[View]
44059778How to get something like this going except without automatic pumps. Since the first time I was aske…[View]
44062167Anybody seen this girl? Where did she go . . .[View]
44062479You spent another lonely night getting shit faced into oblivion and somehow woke up next to this. Wh…[View]
44060878Wouldn't god have known beforehand that adam and eve would sin and mankind would enter an era o…[View]
44061062Why do girls wear such trashy clothes?[View]
44061045How do you act in this situation as a little witch?[View]
44062515I've become friends with a girl and her best friend and I can be utterly and totally myself aro…[View]
44062447how to get motivated?: I have a physical chemistry book & chemistry set. I realize how boss this…[View]
44062440>be me >send a transfer application to cal state long beach and ucsb >expect to get into lo…[View]
44057779Can one of you Christcucks give me some evidence that nuclear war is going to happen this summer? I…[View]
44062393Lets gather around the campfire, robots. Its story time. >pic unrelated…[View]
44057723NoFap - Day 4: Salutations, friends! Making an entry early again. Wow, 4 days. I know this might not…[View]
44062366I want my mommy gf! NOW![View]
44061017How do you feel about girls who are obsessed with coffee? Cute, quirky, indifferent, 'red flag'?[View]
44062293Conforming: How do normies do it? Is alcohol the only way?[View]
44062255My first time: >be me >meet girl online about a year ago >really hit it off with her >ev…[View]
44062311Why do girls like being bullied by guys so much?[View]
44062284Anons Is it normal to feel on the way to college or when outside to feel very tense and on edge, to …[View]
44061492/r9k/ what's it like having friends?[View]
44062220Story Time Faggots >be me, just dismissed from detention bc of tardies >talking to an acquaint…[View]
44059955Health thread: How's your health anons? Is it shit like mine? Here's a list of all the fuc…[View]
44062145Well it's over guys Be me, work shitty route merchandiser job >Have two female managers, on…[View]
44061039>be me >all throughout my childhood and adolescent years my mom would bathe me, brush my teeth…[View]
44062123>Freeze! Hands in the air, Anon! I know what you're about to do, and I'm here to tell y…[View]
44060948I wanna quit smoking, it has caused me nothing but trouble through the law, stealing food bc of munc…[View]
44060710> be me > be 20yo incel > never seen the puss irl > be medstudent > start having ana…[View]
44059041/hima/bros get in here this is the day you r9kincels turn into our cute tr aps, if you tr ansition n…[View]
44060725I cleaned my room: What now /r9k/ I've done as you told my room is totally clean. Spent two hou…[View]
44059913Who here /devilish/? >be cute boy >be on hrt >want to become cute girl with penis >shill…[View]
44061272> same crush for over five years > still hopeful and confident any chance?…[View]
44061579Pranks: What was your senior pranks you did? Did my a bit early and things happened >Be 19 >Se…[View]
44058494>anon, you remind me of sheldon from the big bang theory[View]
44061848Tldr I'm schizophrenic and I want to go off my meds, see if i could cope then lying to a recrui…[View]
440615842000's thread: post something nostalgiac, I'll start https://youtu.be/Br1fuTY1-Zg[View]
44048316ITT: Anons badly describe vidya and other anons try to guess what the game is. >chad with a bunch…[View]
44060765/nostairs/: Is anyone else here /nostairs/?[View]
44061797CLEANLINESS: >mfw slowly coming to the realization that adults who keep their living and working …[View]
44060896everything is terrible: >banned from 8/r9k/ because i said a girl kissed me once even though that…[View]
44058389I was thinking about the Tower of Babel story the other day, and I think I realized something. Our w…[View]
44060307Who /lazy/ here? The peak of my day was to read an RPG book and after that I went back to bed to bro…[View]
44061601>Another day >Still alive When will this cycle finally end?…[View]
44061696>Can't talk in mic because family's around and don't want them to ask 16 questions…[View]
44060918Is it true that in Japan if you are shamed or bring shame to your family that you have to commit Har…[View]
44060049I've found a child porn website. I don't know what to do, because it's in russia and …[View]
44059072already 24: >already 24 >still haven't hold hands with a girl >still haven't foun…[View]
44057761/britfeel/: General for the discussion Abstract Lyricism and Wine tasting[View]
44061608Is your pussy hairy? are you a raging feminist? do you like vidya gaimz? are you a fem faggot? do yo…[View]
44060981Is Luna /our moon/? >has red and blue phases, American colors >Only Americans have touched it…[View]
44058554Anyone else short and want to be a femboy in the future? The trannieposts a few months ago made me t…[View]
44058006Drugs and chill: I'm currently trying out the speed paste that I bought recently. First time do…[View]
44061537Stop the void!: People on /bant/ are making a huge void on pixelz.io, and it's disrupting the w…[View]
44058083manlets... when will they Iearn?[View]
44059306i can feel im going to lose it sooner or later[View]
44061500fix yourself https://www.nofap.com/[View]
44060066>buy 5 lotto tickets >4 out of 5 tickets have 2 matching numbers >win nothing because minim…[View]
44060665>female co-worker ask can you guess my age? >i say 28? >i'm 20 >now she's mad …[View]
44061176What's the point in lifting if a guy looks like this to begin with? Not me, but this guy's…[View]
44060102When's the last time you finished a project and what was it?[View]
44058594Gays are actually not male: If you're gay you're actually a mentally ill tra ny. Chad won…[View]
44061378I just can't do it anymore boys, I'm so weary I can't even talk properly around these…[View]
44060455>tfw the only girls you are into are hipstery liberal arts college dreamgirls who else knows this…[View]
44058746>He hasn't taken the /pinkpill/ yet It's like you want to be alone forever.…[View]
44060821How can Western science fiction even compete?[View]
44060317>tfw you're a good at sex >you watch so much porn and hentai to do all of this lewd acts …[View]
44059767should i join the army or something if i dropped out of college and don't plan on going back? w…[View]
44060527Should I quit my job and drop out of school to live off neetbux until I myself?[View]
44061240idk if this is the appropriate board to post it but whatever >study comp sci >had a few intern…[View]
44061146as an actual tranny why do you fags keep shilling HRT? and encouraging it being a tranny is horrible…[View]
44061164'compliments': During my highschool time I was probably the one that got the best 'co…[View]
44061212>tfw too dumb to ever get a physics phd and be a researcher[View]
44061203Did something happen to the board about the raid against traps. Looking at it one moment and the nex…[View]
44060138why are people so mean in online games? this is a stolen thread[View]
44058237I'm only earning ~30k USD as a medical student right now. However, to my surprise, I am actuall…[View]
44058154Don't know how to use 4chan or green text, but want to know how bad i messed up: >Be me abou…[View]
44061053>so Chad he cucked Ukrainians out of their bread[View]
44058728I never felt better than when I was with chad, his masculine aura while using me like the feminine s…[View]
44061059REEEEE does anyone know how to deal with the botter on omegle, all those qt guys that i wont meet n…[View]
44060889Would you delete 4chan if you had the opportunity?[View]
44057819>just bbgun yourselfe man :))[View]
44060638https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aebsLSu3Igk Why is suicide taboo? Why are people so afraid of lettin…[View]
44058761haha guys look i'm making a funny face haha. look at me guys hahah sjw's amirite? look at …[View]
44060938>ayo, normboi, where the normie women at? wot do?[View]
44056578Who's your oneitis' celebrity lookalike: Pic related is what my oneitis looks but they bot…[View]
44060917>>i bet >90% of autists here are self-diagnosed. stop lying, you pieces of shit. you'r…[View]
44055898>be named Greg, last name Gay >get bullied everyday by students >get bullied everyday by te…[View]
44059337I have a friend that became a trap recently and ended up extremely feminine & cute. I'm thi…[View]
44060888How do I stop caring about the crushing loneliness and achieve something with my life? Whenever I ma…[View]
44059471Just messaged my crush trying to start a conversation. She read my message and didnt reply. Do I mes…[View]
44059545Have you ever encountered a real life weeaboo?[View]
44057455Why are you faggots so scared of girls? Download Tinder, get a good haircut and put yourself on ther…[View]
44059090Cigars: Since I'm already smoking cigarettes I thought I might as well try out cigars. >Whic…[View]
44056619NEET Resume: Let's see who the biggest manbabys on here are >Age >Job Experience >Educ…[View]
44057534>tfw unable to feel emotion where are my fellow autists at[View]
44060625what are you even supposed to talk to women about?: i never had a non school related convo with one …[View]
44060347I'm not gay, I'm bisexual. I believe in free love for both men and women.[View]
44059623I get incredibly jealous when I see people like pic related. Why did I have to go through puberty? W…[View]
44058960That feel thread: >tfw short and skinny and often mistaken for a girl These trap threads though g…[View]
44060492I'm a pure, young virginal 18 year old (male). Is my sexual value on the market high?[View]
44058827Is it wrong to have a (legal) sexual relationship with a 16 year old when you're in your 30s?[View]
44058925I just took 200mg of Modafanil and slept for 5 hrs. Why did this happen???? I thought i wouldnt be a…[View]
44060358this book, and the series, is all you ever need to understand about women. it explains everything ab…[View]
44059965>6 foot tall but bad posture >Broad body type built for muscle gain but skinnyfat >Potentia…[View]
44050173/creative robots/: >Search /creative robots/ >Nothing found Let's fix it robots. Share wi…[View]
44060125Anyone ever think about ending it all?[View]
44059541Weird first date.: Guys. I, for some reason, got a date from Tinder. It's my first date ever. …[View]
44060263Discord is for evil cliquey assholes. If you see a discord group posted here do not join it. The gro…[View]
44048177what is your favorite anime robots? If you could only have watched one anime in your life, what ani…[View]
44059688Question for Blackbots: I saw the blackbot thread and its intriguing to hear explanations of the inn…[View]
44058842>Cry myself to sleep every night because no GF >Finally get GF >Was awesome for like a day …[View]
44059984>leave 4chan for 1 week >made out with girl for first time Seriously you stupid faggots dont r…[View]
44057458what is the ultimate truth? if you could pass down a single life lesson to someone you really cared…[View]
44059981Has anyone here made online friends that actually stuck around? For the past four or five years I…[View]
44058795Touched an A cup boob in my dream last night AMA[View]
44059386This place...fucks with my mind, it's like looking into a mirror, just because a monkey looks i…[View]
44058422ITT: Greentext your first fight >be like 15 >kid keeps trying to hit me in the dick with his u…[View]
44059941austin bomber atx: do you think the austin bomber was /ourguy/ ? he's a 24 NEET emulating Ted K…[View]
44057585Killing myself because I'm clinically retarded: I haven't been able to live my life out pr…[View]
44059349How does /r9k/ layout their steam profile pages? Do you put a bunch of shit all over it or do you ke…[View]
44059900You wanna be acknowledged?: Got something that needs to be heard? Im all ears my freund[View]
44059722>mfw when i found out i have a few more months to legally fuck a 15 year old how do i do it lads?…[View]
44059839Thread #4: Requesting the Skinny Wojak image.[View]
44054928Any germanons also hate german internet?: I don't know why, but I always hated german internet …[View]
44056431>currently a 21yo virgin >closest I ever got was to 2nd base with a nigress slut back in high …[View]
44057727what do the women here smell like?: (no wanna be women that have dicks) they shower daily r-right?…[View]
44058869Stopped caring about no gf: I don't know what happened but don't care anymore[View]
44058823H-hi,looking for someone special to play games and watch vidya with all day.Im very clingy and annoy…[View]
44059414>fail college 4 times >get cheated on twice >fail at suicide >suddenly lose earthly desi…[View]
44058788>meet cute girl on coffeemeetsbagel >both of us INTJ and INFP >talks about how shes about t…[View]
44059763I think the phenomenon of the alt-right and the rise of nationalistic ideologies across the west hav…[View]
44058003Do/did you draw on hands through cutting?[View]
44059716I had no clean plates anymore so i took the lid of takeout food.[View]
4405903225+ Thread: Sum of all Fears Edition: >turning 27 in a month >driving home from work >reali…[View]
44059659WHO THE FUCK IS INVADING US? Reveal yourself!!!![View]
44059049>tfw you're lactose intolerant and have the milky farts all day[View]
44057402Seriously Chad?: U think U saw her naked? lol U probably don't even know about her dreams…[View]
44056662Is anyone still a virgin at age 30? What are you feelings right now? I'm 24 and still a kissles…[View]
44059346>roastie i once had a crush on got pumped & dumped by a chad two years ago >posts a rant a…[View]
44057401>Walking through the park >See this in the bushes Wat do?…[View]
44058897Lunch Thread: Lunch anon here. Post and rate lunches. I'm having the following: >tarragon c…[View]
44055819what is it like to have a girl stalk or obsess over you?[View]
44057588How are prostitutes in Dubai at the Moscow hotel?[View]
44059250Who here wants to walk with Elias? >in b4 some queer jogs[View]
44058639>mfw NEET >heavily depressed because of it >eating little, losing weight very easily >w…[View]
44056467Tulpas: Why not just make yourself a tulpa, Anons? It worked for /mlp/ surely it would work for you …[View]
44059226Men are disposable. Deal with it. Your only role in society is to serve and protect women.[View]
44059184>Starting to get nervous people can see what I'm doing on the computer even though I know in…[View]
44059270Post things that make you feel[View]
44059220Women can't be robots. It's literally impossible for them to be so. These digusting whores…[View]
44058981Done the impossible: >got out of being an incel >Got a cute gf >had sex, kissed, gone down …[View]
44058927Tfw you take 2 Tylenols to try to fight off a self induced headache from being an antisocial loser w…[View]
44058013why do women dance like this and dress like this?[View]
44059034school stories: >be me, 14 and applying to high schools >I'm those typical asian students…[View]
44057909is the imperial war museum the correct place to bring a grill: >be me 16 year old robot at a soci…[View]
44058797What was his end game? Because it seems like he didn't have any. Nor does it appear that he eve…[View]
44058209Would I be a bad guy to fuck my mom's sister? My aunt is younger than me, and she's always…[View]
44056812Fags and trannies are conspiring to ruin /r9k/: Discord is the worst thing to fucking happen to this…[View]
44057189The Yung Lean we loved is dead. F[View]
44054431Explain yourself wagie.[View]
44058704Anyone here have any experience with salvia?[View]
44058817Is he a robot? Origini[View]
44056757She looks like the real thing She tastes like the real thing My fake plastic love And it wears me o…[View]
44058791i want to live life according to my own desire? how do i regain control?[View]
44058070So i am almost fired, me teamleader went to cto with ultimatum, either me or he will quit his job in…[View]
44052439Serial killer thread? Serial killer thread. Who's your favorite? Mine's this guy, Woo Bum-…[View]
44057348For the first time my thread hit the bump limit on /v/ feels good man What good thing did happen to…[View]
44056011Why havent you bought dinner for a pretty lady today?[View]
44058641Just a peaceful guy: I'm interested in what you people are thinking about the other sex since i…[View]
44055441Why is this board such shit? How do we fix it?[View]
44057886Someone told me that I'm 'womanish' just because I have long hair (shoulder length, not that lo…[View]
44058575What would be a fun place to take a 14 year old girl and impress her?[View]
44058183/debt/: Post how fucked you are/aren't financially[View]
44058446>tfw in U.S. and always anxious about getting shot[View]
44053204What do you filter?[View]
44058074>gay arts teacher wants to take picture of our class dressed up as brazilian natives for schoolwo…[View]
44057835/feels/: You can get rid of any feels you're currently feeling in here. >wishing i could tur…[View]
44058016Can you remember the last time you cried? The last i can remember was my mother hitting me in like m…[View]
44058567>listening to talk radio >a song comes on…[View]
44057105Why are pale girls with dark hair so perfect?[View]
44058523hi bots, anyone watching any good/comfy twitch streams? looking for something to watch while i ignor…[View]
44058514>girl is nice to me >fall in love with her >but also think she's messing with me >t…[View]
44056766Slowly /sipping/ this for hours while browsing 4chan, such comfy and energetic feeling. don't f…[View]
44057353roasties in kitchen: >be me >live in student housing where 5 people share one kitchen >come…[View]
44057207MEME thread: pic related is a transparent pic of that suicide guy. go make something[View]
44057894Why did he do it? He had gfs, he could have been normal.[View]
44051515The only smile more irritating than the soy hole: the tongue bite. It can be overt like pic related …[View]
4404184925+ Thread: >tfw haven't seen a 25+ thread in days Am I the only old man left in this hellho…[View]
44058460>tfw I gave my girlfriend an anal creampie[View]
44057379Why, of course im male! Why would you call me a roastie anon? My points are valid! Im a male![View]
44054835I Need Help Please: I don't know what to do anymore. Ever since I've tried to be in a rela…[View]
44058037>wikipedia says this is what Depresonalization looks like >tfw can't find anything wrong …[View]
44056627Practice Makes Perfect Part 2: I will make shitty digital drawings of whatever you want. Rules: No…[View]
44057385>tfw no bf with younger virgin brother to have a treesome with and take his virginity…[View]
44057720remember to stream it for us if you are gonna to off urself! >2018 the year of livestreamicides!…[View]
44058068Can we get a comfy feels thread going on? Just woke up from a solid right hours sleep, now I'm …[View]
44057991guys i have a court case for a felony dui and i wanted to move to the big city to do something with …[View]
44058199What do you guys make of this?[View]
44056828>be me 26 >assistant lecturer at my former university >still khv >a 21 year old cutie no…[View]
44057621DARK NET MARKETS: Please help a brainlet buy weed off the internet. I know roughly what I'm doi…[View]
44056833>be me >moved out 6 months ago >missing mommy >missing my big room with big bed >miss…[View]
44056934Communist Daughter[View]
44058184if you weren't physically abused as a kid can you still use your childhood as an excuse for you…[View]
44056291>daily reminder >bussy is here forever[View]
44054485biz sent me here am planning to kill myself by jumping off a cliff. It's a well-known suicide …[View]
44058082What's your favorite video game?: I love Animal Crossing and Harvest Moon. Eveytim i have nothi…[View]
44057659White girls are the fucking best, so damn sexy![View]
44057996I have this idea for a story, tell me what you think: Story about 3 robots and a normie. Robot 1 is …[View]
44056340>in OB/GYN clerkship >Clerkship director tells us there's a MYTH that you can tell a woma…[View]
44057879>Woke up at 8 AM >Ran a 5k >Ate healthy breakfast >Lifted weights >Showered >Clean…[View]
44058035>you will never be a young girl experiencing summer vacation with her friends Suicide cannot come…[View]
44055091I've come up with a way how not to be lonely and deal with >tfw no gf So you know that inner…[View]
44058081A Good Death: >You will never make repentance for your worthless existence in impossible battle …[View]
44057936>wake up >pic related is now your older sister How do you respond?…[View]
44055425Why do nogs do this?[View]
44050017>in November I promised myself that I would a bf soon >still no bf I don't want to die a …[View]
44055341> pregnant qt at work keeps stopping me to make small talk i heard that pregnant chicks get reall…[View]
44041744/uni/: Class registration is still a week later than everyone else's edition How's your we…[View]
44053290How do you cope with having no friends /r9k/?[View]
44057357What are you listening to right now robots? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pbn6a0AFfnM[View]
44053423Fellow robots, I've just seen some shit I will never be able to forget. How about an eyebleach …[View]
44056979I can't believe Tomoko is dead[View]
44055275this meme /sip/ shit is addictive, been drinking daily for the past week[View]
44054953why are you still in the closet?[View]
44057647I just got blocked by someone for mentioning I have friends (internet friends). He seemed nice, I ho…[View]
44051775Who else has a sub 80 IQ?: >Took one of those online meme IQ tests a few years ago. >Told me m…[View]
44057616What went wrong? Why did my relationship with my mother go to shit?[View]
44056687What are some completly roastie free hobbies? >Model making Literally they dont even fucking know…[View]
44056944How far have your standards fallen since you first started browsing r9k?[View]
44055363How do I get into MTG?[View]
44057592Let's see your dopest page customization. Any songs? Cool things with the mouse?[View]
44054034So, now that the dust has settled, can we go back to jerking off to traps instead of trying to becom…[View]
44055251whats better a mature mommy gf or a childish little sister gf?[View]
44056461The asian girls I know IRL act cute and very friendly and warm all the time, how I know if they are …[View]
44053272Since I left school (a nervous autist and having no friends or social skills) I've spent the pa…[View]
44057481I want to get an extremely small and cheap living space. But I can never find such minimalistic shit…[View]
44057479girls? there ok.[View]
44057457I'm actually Picasso's great great grandson.[View]
44056931Robots, just work out, you can say literally the dumbest shit to a woman, like the stuff girls meme …[View]
44054123/britfeel/: Lazy lads expecting threads to magically appear edition[View]
44057373>tfw no Apu bf why is he so perfect?[View]
44057290DOE BOI THREAD: DOE BOIS ASSEMBLE. I just woke up and beat 2 cases.[View]
44057279>when you are so bored as neet you unironicly enjoy taking a walk to the toilet and attempt to pi…[View]
44053502>'you're such a handsome man anon!' >'no one's smarter than you anon!' >'don…[View]
44057164Can someone explain to me the normalfag logic that suicide = selfish? >Someone suffering enough t…[View]
44056617Why do women do this?: I decided to break of contact with my oneitis about 5 months ago. I avoided s…[View]
44044161feels thread: Feels Thread OC edition[View]
44057058>tfw not in the timeline where autism gives you superpowers[View]
44055500fuck, why couldn't I have been bored with down syndrome?? Those fucks legitimately always seem …[View]
4405717212 Monkeys Virus: How can we create the kalavirus from 12 Monkeys and wipe out 5 billion people? It…[View]
44047791How much of your power level do you reveal without even knowing it robots?[View]
44055501How come /r9k/ hates traps all of a sudden?[View]
44056343Where is the best place to stream a suicide?[View]
44054672Why do people care about race so much on this gay inageboard?[View]
44057047if i could sleep forever if i could sleep forever...[View]
44056216K: He was one of us, right? >no gf and resorted to AI waifu >hated by all for something he can…[View]
44056660Do you guys think you know true suffering? I'm in an online LDR with a borderline girl.[View]
44056930please: please to all the traps and/or trannies, stop posting here i just want a place to chill and …[View]
44055875>2018 >he doesn't have a slider phone Why not throw away that memephone you're carry…[View]
44056869Why the fuck are young teenagers so fucking cringe and weird?[View]
44056865Went for a walk and this was at the crosswalk. It is the best advice a warning sign has given me in …[View]
44056674>you will never become a famous YouTuber and live off of your wealth. Why even live?…[View]
44056587this is a harmless thread. we take shelter from bullies here[View]
44056187Leave this fucking board you subhuman /pol/ maggots[View]
44054036I've never once thought I would wake up to getting sick because know I would never wake up next…[View]
44052336https://himasugi.org/jp/res/750403.html get flippingg in here robots we are bringing the spammers do…[View]
44054937Dear god I've finally found out why my depression isnt getting any better. It's because if…[View]
44052853Any other Slavs here?[View]
44055454>tfw born too late to explore the world >tfw born too early to explore the cosmos >tfw born…[View]
44056690>One man, broken, bent, tormented... with one mission: to rid this world of every roastie whore t…[View]
44052857Why women face longer toilet queues – and how we can achieve ‘potty parity’: https://www.theguardian…[View]
44055278There is about 13 disgusting trap/bbc/race baiting and tranny threads. r9k is dead, there are certai…[View]
44056231Anyone here fap to Eiken before? (pic related is Chihary from Eiken) It's extremely satisfying.…[View]
44054453Adventure Quest Guild: Anyone want to play pic related with me? I made a new account since my old on…[View]
44049562Femanon here. I want to help you get a girlfriend. Let's start with the basics... I know people…[View]
44056575Third request for skinny wojak. Post that image in this thread.[View]
44055386My name has only double diminutive in my native language. My both family and my coworkers use it. Ev…[View]
44056434how to become a wizard: so i got this match on tinder, we talked for a while and she is definitely i…[View]
44053890who /becomes a girl on the weekends/ here?[View]
44054457>your son and your son's son will only exist to pleasure black cock…[View]
44056386I finally got a GF after 5 years of being KHV, But there is something not right about it. I think s…[View]
44055794Today i did smalltalk with her. Tomorow i will talk even more with her. In 2 days i will ask her for…[View]
44056061Why do some frens keep posting pictures of boys dressing as girls? Is it Halloween already?[View]
44055762why can't women just not SLUT around?: do they really think that by fukn a guy that he will sti…[View]
44056385sup robots? Bumped the car in front of me in a drive-threw, after 5 minutes the driver came out of t…[View]
44056020why would i respect women if i cant get any pussy?[View]
44056347Goblino hate thread[View]
44056309guys is it like gay to make accounts for chicks and spam messages selling their nudes and shit and p…[View]
44055695A drive through employee handed me my food and told me 'next time, could you not stare at me so long…[View]
44056324> Ok class I want everyone to find someone to group up for this team project, and no groups of 3 …[View]
44055489>on a Finland Sweden cruise ship >2nd day after party and hangover as fuck >need to take a …[View]
44056032>The millisecond upon waking up during which I don't know who or where I am is the best part…[View]
44055949No Women Hate Thread?: What the fuck is wrong with you faggots. This place was built to hate on roas…[View]
44056241If you have to die today, would you be able to say that you loved living and do not regret having do…[View]
44055346>think of thread for /r9k/ >realize nobody really cares >I shouldn't even be here in t…[View]
44053384>go downstairs for breakfast >'just the one bowl, champ?' says me father >'eh... yeah' >…[View]
44056113Why she get money for marrying a black man?[View]
44056182>fitted blanket sheet ruined from kicking a lot in my sleep >ask boyfriend to get new fitted s…[View]
44055907Half the day is over and the only thing I had to eat was popcorn and coke. My car is in the shop and…[View]
44055598Anyone here have a nervous breakdown before? Like an actual internal crisis that changed you?[View]
44056175>tfw have 300 IQ >hold all the secrets to FTL travel >know all the answers to the universe …[View]
44055518/scrg/ - Scream General: I know sometimes many of you just want to scream seemingly at random. This …[View]
44056059Femonans, at work do you get along better with the guys or the girls?[View]
44055297How do you attract 6'3-6'4 ft men when you're a 5'9 ft manlet?[View]
44051104Weed fucking ruined my life[View]
44055831>born in the first world >manages to fail in life and thinks 'not having gf' is a real problem…[View]
44050247These ''''(((education)))'''' slaves are just sooo retarded.…[View]
44055012>sorry this seat's taken wat do?[View]
44054968>'haha you're 23 years old and playing video games, you fucking loser, get a life loser bitc…[View]
44055944What else should i be? All apologies.[View]
44053860Who /cheats on their girlfriend/ here?[View]
44055890When is it weird to still be playing vidya? I'll 19 this summer, how long can i still play vide…[View]
44055322I'M A FUCKING IDIOT. I'M A VIRGIN FOR LIFE BOYS >freshman at small university >like …[View]
44055886>Listen to this song >Get depressed when I think about why my father made me https://www.youtu…[View]
44055294How do I get my sister to leave her room and cuddle with me?[View]
44052561>'dinner is almost ready, honey'[View]
44053039Step one: Stand upright you fucking morons[View]
44053369What's it like to go swimming with a girl?[View]
44055788Analyzing myself objectively >good jawline >chin that goes well with the face without being …[View]
44055336A question for robots that have frequented this board for years: what continues to make life worth l…[View]
44055722Tendies for my Tummy!: >3AM >My tummy is hungry for chicken tendies >been up all night play…[View]
44055232How does this photo make you feel?[View]
44055116I just want to be loved. Is that really too much to ask for?[View]
44054588How does this make black fembots feel?[View]
44055618>'Anon, could you remind me what the category is? I've seem to forgotten...' What do you tel…[View]
44050343>tfw i went through a cowboy phase: >become obsessed with movies like The Searchers, Unforgive…[View]
44051974I am Finnish: >Asian intellect >White brutality Feels good man…[View]
44055218How fast can /r9k/ type? Pic related -- my result from a thread last night. https://10fastfingers.…[View]
44055576>MFW FUCKING CHADS[View]
44054626I have a female partner for a class presentation. I looked her up on facebook and she doesn't h…[View]
44051791>i'm smoking cigarettes in the shower when they get wet i just light another…[View]
44055196>Ask a random person (with a qt gf) I know what does he think about The King of Limbs >Don…[View]
44055301Would you a qt amputee girl? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CJx5Cv4gUZE[View]
44055123what do you all think of this short little poem i wrote?[View]
44054316is it a good idea to adopt a pet dog if you are a lonely autist?[View]
44054883Why does /r9k/ believe literal memes when it comes to soy? There are studies that directly go again …[View]
44055427>the your favorite porn artist is Tao 2 Carat, aka the guy who drew shitting dick nipples Are you…[View]
44050602white roasties can't compete[View]
44052602>be a shut in autistic robot >decide to change life around >get /fit/, dress clean, sociali…[View]
44054917>be me 2 hours ago >ask a friend 'why are we friends' >he says we're not >i ask him…[View]
44055265The Purple Man says: Big penises are better than small penises![View]
44054847>tfw no gf for me to feed milk to from my engorged breasts.[View]
44049704>therapist wants me to quit 4chan >says the community is 'toxic to someone of my personality'…[View]
44054682R9K, how do I get a fake gf? I know I'll never get a real gf, so how can I get someone to prete…[View]
44055171>be me >be center of attention while talking to 3 other people. girl keeps asking me questions…[View]
44053520>checks catalog >no trap threads feelsgoodman…[View]
44054547girl today said to another guy (friend) that I avoid talking to girls. they know im a robot and not…[View]
44055085manlets btfo when will they learn eh?[View]
44054694Rest In Peace to my superior: >be me >on OKCupid >see this add >thinking about our dead …[View]
44055172Holy shit this scamming scandal is getting pretty big. Good job r9k. Let's take back our board …[View]
44054285reminder that /r9k/ is being targeted by faggot trannyposters[View]
44051970Basically during my teenaged years, I was part of the alt right. Basically I thought black people ha…[View]
44053021ITT: the most retarded post wins I wish Hillary won, then things would be good[View]
44054660What measures are you taking right now to become a cute trap? You don't want to be ugly and lon…[View]
44053673Anyone else have bad dandruff here? mine is so bad that if i miss washing my hair for one day it…[View]
44055084friendly reminder that if you just submit to God you WILL get the pure virgin gf you're looking…[View]
44055083I've spent the past eight hours of my work day fucking up what was supposed to be one hours wor…[View]
44055031Video related, weed smokers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jbbrIlIzJsk[View]
44054746How do they know?: >first time at therapy >'anon, circle the symptoms you've been feeling…[View]
44049261Sexual harassment redefined: In harassment in general, someone's words/actions will either make…[View]
44054945I'm cold /r9k/, does someone need want to cuddle?[View]
44052871Bussy: Hi! My name is (huh?) My name is (who?) My name is B-B-B-B-Boi Pussy[View]
44051647Young Opioid addicts are the saddest creatures around. They're not evil. They can't contr…[View]
44050869I fell for the long distance relationship meme and I am now suffering the consecuences >meet her …[View]
44051244Why didn't you save her? She would have been your gf[View]
44055014Im tired of all trap shills abd other shills. Cant we just have a normal r9k thread? Like lets rolep…[View]
44054940Now that the faggots have been exposed as the Soros paid shills that they have always been, it'…[View]
44054949Why do trannie and trap shills feel the need to encourage healthy young men to ruin themselves?[View]
44051417Is it pathetic to hot glue Bratz head dolls?[View]
44053168Femanons, what's your favourite Word War 2 tank[View]
44053996Why aren't you gay yet r9k?[View]
44053179Literally just become a trap. It's not like you'll ever find a GF, and it's not like …[View]
44048456Stop spreading LIES, Guys DON'T want a nerd girl, they want Stacy in Glasses!: All I hear about…[View]
44054152what was your latest drink robots? mine was apple juice[View]
44054446I'm sorry anon, I could save you, I couldn't even save myself.[View]
44054840Question about small 'men': Fembot here, why are men under 6 feet so pathetic? I mean, they are the …[View]
44054046little moments of autism thread >walking somewhere >find earphones in pockets >untangle the…[View]
44054723>mom heard the ram ranch[View]
44050243This could have been the world today if we didn't give women rights and just used them as breed…[View]
44052994Where do I go if I want to learn all about computer science, like programming languages, graphical r…[View]
44053199>have small talk with stranger >they want to know where you work, where you're from, what…[View]
44054661Demon Katze and Angel Hajime are officially a couple. But Hajime is an angel working at a garden whi…[View]
44049265>Mom found the piss plantation[View]
44047693>live in Aus >be robot but have flat with friends >friends' friend from Europe comes f…[View]
44053189Does vegan diet cause Testosterone levels to become lower? Do we have some charts/articles about it?[View]
44053708>be me >smart, get good grades >average looking, skinny >probably autistic but never dia…[View]
44054506CHADstity thread sissies and traps not allowed Talk about being locked up, lifting and not fucking e…[View]
44054472Hello? Is this where I redeem the 'one free girlfriend' coupon that I was given back in 3rd grade?[View]
44053935My gf just let me know she has not been taking birth control recently, after I dumped about 3-4 load…[View]
44054032I have an unhealthy amount of hatred for Logic and I'm happy he's going to get cucked by a…[View]
44049752This is my steam profile: Say something nice about it http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198144…[View]
44053919What are you supposed to do if you have no motivation to do anything at all?[View]
44052947Wizardry: At what age do you just say 'fuck it' and pay a hooker to take your virginity?…[View]
44053019I like depressed/anxious/bipolar girls who have dyed hair, piercings and tattoos, wear chokers, comb…[View]
44054381ls it /ourconsole/?[View]
44049593Daily reminder /r9k/ is being psyoped by discord fags and perhaps others. >>>/qa/1990395[View]
44054309I'm about to shit out an entire Little Caesar's pizza, wish me luck.[View]
44051201did MMOs also lose all appeal to you guys after it became commonplace to minmax / spreadsheet? you c…[View]
44054255Who else finds the background song fucking annoying[View]
44054259>tfw the excitement of a new Death Grips release is the only thing worth living for. I pity the …[View]
44051890>these type of people live to old age why do normies always act like pieces of shit when they…[View]
44053356God I am so depressed. I spent three hours staring at a fucking wall and being sad. God I wish I was…[View]
44054063>Look up asian male white female on ph >All the videos have more dislikes than likes What do y…[View]
44054167Getting day drunk and getting the feels... Anyone wanna join me? Nostalgia drunk story: Three days b…[View]
44054023I want to die: >be me >italyfag 14 7.5/10 >doing parkour with friends met a qt3.14 > Br…[View]
44053916*sip* ahhhh *sip* ahhhhh *sip* ahhhh[View]
44053416Who else is obsessed with coffee? (You have 5+ cups a day regularly)[View]
44050936humour is now illegal in bongistan: WHY OH WHY DID I HAVE TO BE BORN IN THIS SHITHOLE OF A COUNTRY …[View]
44052235Anyone else here fap to Eiken before? (pic related is Chihary from Eiken) It's extremely satisf…[View]
44053765Why dont we just spam /lgbt/ with heterosexual stuff as retaliation?[View]
44052300>tfw I'm stuck in this room alone for an hour because I everyone is out getting lunch with t…[View]
44053366Which Arizona can has the best aesthetics?[View]
44053046Have you ever seen a skoffin?[View]
44053770>be me >high school >find out bout 4chan >nice site >use /pol/ >switch to /r9k/ …[View]
44047040Do you watch sissy hypnos? I do.[View]
44052960Do you think this girl will be able to find a good husband and settle down?[View]
44053808Passive masturbation: Who else does this? When I finish the actual fap and close the porn my hand st…[View]
44052481Going to a book club meeting. Open for recommendations of a good article/excerpt to redpill the SJW …[View]
44051280How accurate is this shit?[View]
44053758Post Skinny Wojak. 2nd Request.[View]
44053702>going to school yesterday >random guy stops me and asks for directions to some shop >fuck…[View]
44053434How do I have a hands free orgasm?[View]
44052368>complaining about being shy and introverted as a grill[View]
44052802>tfw started to quit smoking >on my second day now >first day was easy as shit and didn…[View]
44053391If you could get it for free, would any of you get lasik surgery to correct near sightedness? I know…[View]
44053406There's a reason normies hate 'frog posting'. If they keep complaining, keep on posti…[View]
44053587What's the best recording of the Beethoven symphonies? Listening to Mackerras' right now.[View]
44053573Give tendies now reeeeeeeee[View]
44051373Holy shit, why do I feel like complete shit? I literally wake up at midnight every single fucking da…[View]
44050293/britfeel/: whining, whinging and complaining edition[View]
44053208How do i make a friend? I just want one friend[View]
44053368>Be me >Be 17 yr/o NEET >Hardly ever leave the house >One day my light bulb pops >God…[View]
44053509Any girl who wants to sit on my face[View]
44053248>Be me, sitting on r9k in class >Chad comes up to me, and asks what i am looking at >'I don…[View]
44051606Dying tonight: Tonight I hang. It was fun while it lasted. Goodbye space robots[View]
44050780Age thread: So I'm new to the board, would appreciate some info >Your Age >Regular user? …[View]
44048729>this board was unironically ruined by gayfags that's strange I thought gays had better tast…[View]
44053236>buy nice clothes: >remember that i'm ugly and that it doesn't matter >put them a…[View]
44053387>be me >12 >have gf >invite her to the cinema >i pay for everything >she kissed me…[View]
44053079Exalted-depressive Artist: For robots: This guy is your friend and suddenly asks you to die with him…[View]
44052961Daily Reminder: You cannot change your sex.[View]
44050310I just find out good memory isn't socially acceptable. Situation: >discussion with someone.…[View]
44051712This is your future, accept it Goy.[View]
44053190Weird shit you do: >work a boring deposit/cashier work >have to count lots of cash every day i…[View]
44052581While(nogf) { SpotQt(); Print('hey do you know the time?') Print(VAPID_CONVERSATION) Print('hey …[View]
44053146yo fags join this gay ass shit thanks xAGw2kY[View]
44052706At what point does the voice inside your head which says 'It won't always be like this' go away…[View]
44053015>mfw lots of robots have already taken Skittles >mfw the psyop reversal came too late >doze…[View]
44052899if you take trap pills, you will become even uglier than you was before dont do it[View]
44052686Uni stories >first year of uni >move into new flat >really annoying nasty flatmate who stan…[View]
44052988Hi anons. I'm pretty new to 4chan and no I'm not a fucking normie. Why is /b/ full of furr…[View]
44050768Today is my 30 year old birthday. No one called. No one sent any messages. Is 30 year old a good age…[View]
44050563Would you settle down for: a 5/10 mutt el goblina?[View]
44051633Why even bother dating as a less than 8/10 a man in 2018?[View]
44052709>tfw someone does something nice for you and it makes you feel aggravated and uneasy because you …[View]
44049918If you're that lonely, why don't you just get a fat, trashy, ghetto Walmart negress?[View]
44052859Loli gang cuz we loli bang Fuck around bish got broly hands Fuck em small thats how we like it Steal…[View]
44051163Any NEET robots here have a nintendo switch? Is it comfy to play handheld mode in bed? Looking for s…[View]
44052845>tfw my phone doesn't get any internet service outside of the house Is my brother not paying…[View]
44050589>MFW dad is asking for the $3000 that I lost on crypto What do I do? He gave me 7000 3 months ag…[View]
44051692Mother fucking ROOMMATES!: >stupid FUCK steve takes my phone >I need that phone for my goddamn…[View]
44052739Daily reminder that boys CANNOT be cute girls.[View]
44052764>just lift bro orginalsl[View]
44052685Good morning fellow robots! What are you guys going to do today? Something productive?[View]
44052566Why do all good threads have to die so quickly, while the bad or boring ones pervail? What's th…[View]
44052064Why is popular culture so shit?: I'm not an edgy Hipster, I don't stop enjoying things jus…[View]
44045656Daily /aus/: Tfw a country full of hyper chads[View]
44049864>that feelio when no pregnant gf[View]
44052139Genuinely, is there any point in living if you don't get to have sex? If you could see your fut…[View]
44050904how do i grow a backbone and stop being an autistic cuck?[View]
44051827ok guys haha: it was funny for a while, but it's getting old now. You can stop: give me some jo…[View]
44052544Any awkward/stupid moments, robots? >be me >on a college class >sleep.png >always sleep …[View]
44051959how does it feel that most of you guys arent >american >white >in shape >young >educ…[View]
44052084>*giggles looking at you in the distance*[View]
44052459Alright bots, now im telling you how i became a robot >be me >around 12 >often go skating w…[View]
44052180>tfw my mom said she was disgusted by me and ashamed to have me as a son that she never wants to …[View]
44051975I unironically prefer porn and 2D to meat women Is this what peak autism looks like?[View]
44052346Song for Shuaiby, ver 1.5 https://vocaroo.com/i/s1GhEwG5hNfl[View]
44051767How hard is it to get an asian gf , robots ? I want one really bad . I'm tired of being a robot[View]
44050882>100 years ago (presuming I hadn't already died/been wounded) I'd have been on the west…[View]
44052184>17 >running the radio of my high school >not respected at all but ego way too big to care …[View]
44049819Who else is just a coward?: >not autistic >can pick up social cues fine >know when girls ar…[View]
44052350>be me >be 26 >finished uni after 6 years >new job as specialist dentist >get 10k inc…[View]
44051189Who else here a 7/10 That gets no love?[View]
44048749>see grown ass man playing 3DS in public >probably around 35, fat, bearded, pony tail, cargo s…[View]
44051310>Guy who commissions me to draw YT thumbnails and pays piss-poorly messages me >Currently am a…[View]
44048077>Be me >6'2 >decent looking >people seem to enjoy talking to me >women often tel…[View]
44043146>Your gender >Your height >Your weight >Are you happy with your height and weight? Pic u…[View]
44051691Thank you for the amazing birthday thread yesterday guys and for my first nudes The thread 404'…[View]
44051284Who else /sick/ here? I have the flu and feel like death.[View]
44051911Post the skinny wojak please. Thanks in advance ROBOT9001[View]
44051246>remembering your delusions[View]
44052177Why not trying to find your girlfriend during an anime convention? Contrary to the meme, not all of …[View]
44049979Why aren't you all communists? If work and labor is so awful we should get rid of all the meani…[View]
44048689Why are women aloud to be so sexy? It's not fare...[View]
44050695dont call yourself a robot if you arent against capitalism[View]
44051900>Constantly lurking /r9k/for like 2 and a half years. >Get a gf off of Okcupid, we connect rea…[View]
44048271When did you grow out of racism?: I was around 15, I just used racism to vent my angst teen emotions…[View]
44052028Why do dicklets even bother? This doctor was definitely wet as fuck during the entire examination an…[View]
44050741If this is the best even he can get then what chance do I have?[View]
44037702Comfy chastity thread! Why are you in chastity and do you like it? Do you miss having your penis? Wh…[View]
440518484chan is social media, it's just people challenging your irl status all the time and criticizin…[View]
44049379>sucks BBC in front of you >calls you a beta male >has bf take her shopping >has orbiter…[View]
44051897Education: Learning diplomatic relationships[View]
44050772Who do you blame for your failure?[View]
44050149damn... but i thought phones are bad?[View]
44051558>be me >trapped in elevator with 5 normies who work with me >guy asks ' if you could swap s…[View]
44051505>have to buy new clothes >noone to go with >stores are all really badly arranged with rando…[View]
44051419>mfw when I found out I have 5 more months left to legally fuck a 15 year old How do I do it bots…[View]
44050983Oh boy do i fucking hate myself? Do you hate yourself as much as i do anon? Pic related[View]
44051485What does it mean when you, a NEET who hasn't talked to a single soul, friend, or family member…[View]
44051129I think on some level I literally don't believe that I deserve to be happy. I've felt thi…[View]
44050189women are evil: >be me >19 y/o virgin,kissed a girl once >went to art lessons >met a 18…[View]
44050574>be me >give up on wamens >shronk dicky with chastity magicks >become horribly 'afflicte…[View]
44050607>'Why are you so depressed? You're young. You have your whole future to look forward to.' …[View]
44051006>no sickly, autistic, dumb, plane inuit girlfriend http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W5usRXKLu1U…[View]
44051628Imagine being this girls. One day contains more happiness that all my life.[View]
44051438A menagerie of Ciara's are coming towards you. How do you react?[View]
44047461ITT: Post your favorite movie: Totally not because I need recs or anything.[View]
44026464Nigger feels: Any other niggers here? >TFW no dad[View]
44050286yarb.: I fucked up boys. almost 1 year ago I hit 200kg. I am pretty much a grand fucking wizard at t…[View]
44051468>tfw no hefty bf[View]
44051348What they post (1/3)[View]
44051338Helpful music: I notice that when I'm listening to music, all the faggy thoughts I have fade aw…[View]
44050842>the only girls who tolerate fat guys are gold digging chinks look at the fuckin league of legen…[View]
44050909a-any comfy tranners wanna talkies[View]
44047774How many neetbux do you get?: I can't get any anymore because I fell for the getting a job meme…[View]
44050558>tfw not a singIe friend[View]
44050897Neetopia: The normies have flooded 4chan, and are currently invading us. We need a safe haven, somet…[View]
44051093Why the fuck are normies so drawn twards astrology? Do they gravitate twards it because it makes the…[View]
44050852My brother moved from PA to Texas. How do I cope with the loneliness? I'm moving there in about…[View]
44050974>held a girl's hand on the bus 10 years ago Later losers.[View]
44048920guys i need someone to play this shitty game with me to level 30 plz im fucking literally alone[View]
44049899Tfw no chill gf to smoke weed and drink coffee with[View]
44049281Nothing is real, everything is ironic.: Why cant I take anything into consideration on this site wit…[View]
44045073post some images you like staring at when you want to get yourself lost in a fantasy[View]
44051052>be me >Buy bread sticks and chicken for food >Tell cashier 'I'll put this where no br…[View]
44050259>buy a game >say a word >money stolen DONT YOU FUCKIN DARE TO CALL YOURSELF A ROBOT IF YOU …[View]
44051105Anons, How do you feel that you're not the protagonist? We're just generic NPCs milling ab…[View]
44031662>tfw all this and no hungry bf to feed[View]
44050985>meet fembot here >turns out she's a whore just like every other woman…[View]
44050647I have some kind of personality problem where everybody hates me after knowing me a while. Is it pos…[View]
44049678is /r9k/ prison gay for koreans?: shame they ban pornography there[View]
44051080SoCal Rain /Comfy/ Song: Its raining finally in SoCal so i start to get into my feels. When it rains…[View]
44050676Lowest moment of your life?: My lowest moment was convinced and having a mental breakdown because I …[View]
44049353noko: >Be me obese >Sand Nigger fag >Still get friends you guys have question ?…[View]
44048507>Calling vaginas 'Love tunnel'[View]
44048096why are japanese girls so cute? and why are all other races shit tier?[View]
44047179How Common Is Somnophilia?: Do you people get flustered when you there's an attractive girl sle…[View]
44050447whos hyped for the next chapter?[View]
44049730Lately I start my most of my mornings with weed and coffee, how about you guys?[View]
44048546>You will never be an actual wizard >You will never live forever in your comfy isolated tower,…[View]
44048061>really like JAV >only like POV >almost no POV JAV…[View]
44050705I want my pre-seizure personality back.[View]
44050688What are the most autistic things you ever did and what are the ones you still do?[View]
44050608Life is pretty cool and stuff but it's an utter shame I have had to spend my time enjoying it e…[View]
44050295>27 >live with parents >wagecuck job made up mostly of 16-18 year olds >totally aimless …[View]
44050143Would you eat a pack of butter for $250?: Rules: >You must eat the whole pack in under an hour …[View]
44049714Is it valid to say that porn only exists because consumers, mostly men, watch and/or buy it? Porn ha…[View]
44050542I guess it's time to give up lads she will never care.[View]
44049784Why so much obsession with chads/normies/stacies here? I'm happy as long as I have something to…[View]
44050525Why do dicklets even bother? This doctor was definitely wet as fuck during the entire examination a…[View]
44047637who here /no attraction/ to asian girls? probably a longshot considering most of you anons fap to ch…[View]
440501384CHAN RAID PART 2 NIBBAS PIN: 6584047[View]
44044409ITT just paste whatever you have copied. >WHITE WOMEN CRAVE WHITE COCK[View]
44050431>Everyone but you can smell the cum[View]
44049756Can you guys give me some ebin soundtracks or fantasy type orchestral/band music to listen to while …[View]
44050452who /eatsalone/ here?[View]
44050353i found my hs teacher on a camwhore website what do[View]
44050261Is there a music that makes you feel loved? https://youtu.be/iiC108zDkB4 L'amour toujours - Gig…[View]
44050037I can't watching sissy hypno!!! I'm not even gay, it just excites me but is degenerate and…[View]
44044869Chocolate Thread: Post your favourite kind of choccy. Pic related is the best[View]
44050374Do you allow your practice gf access to her vagina?[View]
44043685>tfw whenever I'm on 4chan i instantly turn into a compulsive liar >I'm rude, arroga…[View]
44050272>tfw Asperger's >tfw everyone thinks your math genius boy REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE…[View]
44050170Here it is, the thread that showed me what this is all about. All the 'I hate normies ree' threads a…[View]
44048473was coffee a meme? >addictive >make you emotionally unstable >makes you anxious >rots yo…[View]
44049622Martin Luther Kings dream was realised. Not only are little black boys and white girls holding hands…[View]
44050008How can refugees get pussy so easily? REEEEEEEEEE (go to around 16 minutes) https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
44049318>Jobcentre advisor buys my bullshit for another week >Every time I leave I have to stop myself…[View]
44049615Stacy Logic OWNED....: Black and White Slut like to push the feminist comparison rationale for ridin…[View]
44050165Its another episode of 'Gf tells me to get a job'[View]
44049194I finally realise why I feel like an alien among normies and its thanks to this guy. Everything a no…[View]
44050167Anyone else here like to fap to Eiken? Add blvck#0667 on discord[View]
44048611What would you do on your hypothetical first date with a girl? Me? >Go to a bakery together a…[View]
44049459>I slept fully nude last night[View]
44046181These girls will marry you: This is the type of girl who will marry you. She will have ridden the co…[View]
44049349I am a master of the Mercurial Arts, dare you challenge me?[View]
44048847/Amerifeel/ thread: tfw want money[View]
44049598Can I sue someone for lost wages if they cause a car accident that keeps me from getting to work on …[View]
44049699Gom bop? HOO!!!![View]
44046661>move to the west and wageslave for 30 years to give your kids education and opportunities >li…[View]
44049053I can't talk shit with people, even with robots. How do I do said thing? >inb4 anime poster …[View]
44040819/britfeel/: It's another pushing my own OC edition.[View]
44049938are there any femanons who will play wrestling larps with me or ninja larps with me[View]
44049254wagies: ugly fat balding neets: not ugly not fat not balding[View]
44047486tfw no cute and caring Caska gf.[View]
44045718What happened to 4chan memes?[View]
44049626WE WUZ KANGZ DEBATE (Highlights): WE WUZ KANGZ AND SHIEEET https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q5kmwSB1_…[View]
44049317>do you think you're ever going to get a girlfriend, anon?[View]
44048166any love still out there?: Or is it really that easy to let it go ?[View]
44049691posting this gif is the fastest way to get banned on 4chan[View]
44046166Why are white people so crazy nowadays? All those shootings and now they're bombing people. How…[View]
44044410>5 foot 5 male who else /petite/[View]
44049520want to ask a hapa with a white dad asian mom. When i work, i usually see wmaf customers but never a…[View]
44049298You can't lose: You can't lose as a woman. If she became normal, I am sure she would leave…[View]
44047990Wagie wagie Fat and lazy Ugly and smelly Puts food in NEET's belly Sad and gloomy Annoyed by h…[View]
44049077>be me >At Chad friends house getting drunk with 2 other guys >All 3 of them are Chad and I…[View]
44047516I got banned for the only clan on destiny (aus) anyone else play this shit game?[View]
44048757>mfw I'm to afraid to buy a plot of land and invite robots to stay there >mfw I have eno…[View]
44049320Diablo Valley College Shut Down due to 'potentially serious threat': The district-wide emergency com…[View]
44047130Any robots own guns? What other reason do you need it than to go on a shooting spree? Time to give u…[View]
44048807Post your cutest pepe.[View]
44047561Now that we're starting to realise that being born to parents of different races is psychologic…[View]
44047321Do fembots exist in Hawaii? Asking for a friend.[View]
44049479>Friends quit gaming halfway through high school >I keep playing hours every day >Now they…[View]
44049231The Autism Voice: Anyone with the 'Autism voice?' Yknow, the beta sounding, nasally, cring…[View]
44049489>be me, 10 years ago >10yo dumb autist >girl declares her love to you >call her fat >…[View]
44048901Is asexuality real? I've never been interested in women, but somehow I feel like it was/is just…[View]
44049375I read a thread on here earlier during my break at work, where an anon summarized the feelings he ex…[View]
44048174https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=96SrWO5Na54 what was the context of this?[View]
44047653>Ok, so I agreed to meet you for coffee. Now, impress me. What do you say?…[View]
44049207So how do you robots piss with boner in the morning? >I use this forbidden technique…[View]
44030372Post manga panels or pages that represent your life right now.[View]
44047489>I want a femanon to watch me fap to futa[View]
44048905How do you deal with having an entire world of unique thought inside your minds, and barely having a…[View]
44049010This dog is prettier than most women.[View]
44046804what's the best and worst board on 4chan?[View]
44048412>be me >turning 22 years old, still khv >always get depressed after seeing qts in uni >t…[View]
44049274are there any traps that would want a fat bf[View]
44047056How much soy?: How much soy do I have to consume to be as cool looking as pic related? Will it help …[View]
440271405 FOOT 6 MALE[View]
44049061I just got rejected by what felt like the love of my life. It feels like being shot in the stomach. …[View]
44046255Would you rather have a guaranteed $150k or a 50/50 chance of a million dollars? Explain your choice…[View]
44049190I just ate all the chocolate that my dad bought for my little skater[View]
44049240>woke up with testicle pain This is it, I'm going to die from testicular cancer.…[View]
44048390How can you tell if you're gay robots? And I mean actually gay. Not just liking traps gay or be…[View]
44047926>tfw no looksmatch gf[View]
44049104I wish I could just accept that I'm an ugly loser and stop trying to deny it[View]
44048161How does a grocery store managers salary compare to that of a CPA? Are they somewhat close? Within $…[View]
44047755How do I tell me parents about my various mental problems? Depression, anxiety, wanting to be a gril…[View]
44046988>tfw your ugly pratice GF(which is just a FWB, really) is pushing hard to be a real GF >don…[View]
44048540>he donated 100 dollars to a twitch boobie streamer Why do people do this unironically?…[View]
44047470why are innies considered the optimal pussy? Real answers pliz no /pol/ roasty meme.[View]
44048963Revenge: Robots tell me how to ruin sb's life? Only shit I've comed up with is to rent hac…[View]
44048297>tfw have testicular cancer Check your nuts before it's too late[View]
44047966Should I collar my practice gf?[View]
44048959zoloft is the devil: i'm so fuckin pissed. i've been off of zoloft for two weeks now after…[View]
44048496>just found out the attractive guy at work heard that I nicknamed him Chad and now he wants to kn…[View]
44048389Did you guys also get bullied by Stacey at school?[View]
44047798out of the way ugly white roastie piggu, white men belong to us now![View]
44044672Manlet hate thread: Is there seriously anything worse than a short man? Even their personalities are…[View]
44048180All I do is browse r9k, watch YouTube videos on occasion, play video games on occasion, and talk wit…[View]
44048001Which K-ON! character is the sexiest?[View]
44047095What if I told you that Hapas are the Aryan race?[View]
44048241>buy a game >say a word >money stolen you fuckin cock sucking libtards…[View]
44048707>tfw GF cheated on me and fucked a friend of hers What should I do?[View]
44048731can a girl feel that I'm constantly staring at her?[View]
44044838>a lesser man would go insane if he were in my shoes feels good[View]
44047904Why so little?: Her ad has been up 4 months. But she only raised 99 out of 70000. Which is to be exp…[View]
44041469BLUE BOARD WHEN: this mess has been going on for too long[View]
44048725>First quarter of 2018 is already over and I haven't gotten a cute weeb autistic maid gf (ma…[View]
44048536>tfw GF has a roast Its so gross. I am now gay I like fucking her and I like everything else abou…[View]
44048493Claim your ASMRfu mine pic related[View]
44045255who /fake limp/ here?[View]
44048172I don't know why but I am attracted to 2D girls a lot more than real nowadays,what is wrong wit…[View]
44039440What is the worst let?: >manlet >dicklet >hairlet >chinlet >necklet…[View]
44048322Who else is unironically '0mg, s0 0bsessed with c0ffee'? Are you 'addicted' to coffee? Are frequent …[View]
44047258How is this place bad for us?[View]
44048466Anti-social hits hard: >living in the same town since kindergarten >cancer autism hits since e…[View]
44048370snow is cool. Have a good morning friends[View]
44047439>space. Final frontier. These are the voyages of starship aurora. to bring the red star of revolu…[View]
44048578Happy Birthday Anon. Your buddy Billy Herrington.[View]
44048552>*sniiiiiiiiiiif**snnnniiiiiiiif*..that couldnt be...*SNIIIIIIIIFFFF*...oh.. I-i...*sNIIIIIIIIIII…[View]
44048497Why is it that everytime a girl is nice to me, I always think the most autistic shit? >How her na…[View]
44048479>eyesight getting worse >hair falling out >skin starting to wrinkle >hope starting to dw…[View]
44047467Rip faggot and a special thanks to the fuck who sent me the gif screwed me up real good appreciate i…[View]
44048018>bend over I'm going to stick it in your asshole What do you do?[View]
44045548Why haven't you watch the Bakemonogatari series yet? It's truly the best that anime has to…[View]
44048391I havent visited the doctor in 10 years[View]
44047862Can a man ever be the same after being raped by another man?[View]
44047885fit women are the only ones that matter[View]
44048413>tfw no girl will do this to you ever[View]
44048455Wagie wakes it is morning he is yawning as he crawls up out his room his hair is fall-ing out his li…[View]
44048367surprise coitus[View]
44046235Outcast from everywhere: > Too different from normies to talk to them > Can't relate to a…[View]
44048360>tfw no 6'3 mommy gf[View]
44048314>wagies >people pick one[View]
44047301I always fall in love with girls in my dreams and when I wake up I'm depressed as fuck. What th…[View]
44048255why does a 30 year old NEET male get no pussy but a 30 year old NEET female with a kid has relations…[View]
44047507Meh?: > Been depressed for 3-4years > wanted kms, see no point in life literally what do we li…[View]
44047822>mfw replying to the posts others made for the first time >mfw reading threads from start to b…[View]
44047596Old Highschool Stories: >be me >16 >band kid >freakishly tall and skinny >look like …[View]
44047600Why are wagecucks so proud of their self inducted slave training? I continuously see them talking ab…[View]
44047963Lauren Mayberry only dates betas males Is she /our gal/?[View]
44043141god I want to fuck an asian chick so bad[View]
44047839I got a prescription on Monday and have been taking Zoloft each day since then. Ive never taken SSRI…[View]
44048178What is your major/degree? I'm 27 years old in US doing surgical tech[View]
44047812pfffffttttt........ hahahahahahahha when wiII they learn?[View]
44047480I think gays/trannies/people with weird gender issues are really gross and disgusting in theory, but…[View]
44047726>tfw can't stop doing that hand thing[View]
44047923Shit i think i've made it a women from tinder actually agreed to have drinks with me tonight, i…[View]
44047657Why do everyone has to question me all the time? I am literally doing my work and my superior asks m…[View]
44048065>18 >1st year software engineer at uni >well paying part time job >healthy relationsh…[View]
44045312how do i stop my porn addiction everything i look at now im thinking about fucking sex or some weird…[View]
44047717>Mom, I think I need help >Did you have a girlfriend? Did she leave you Fuck, she knows I…[View]
44048037Ups and down?: Tell about your downs and ups with your friends, parents, family, ect[View]
44047857Young bro is 13 and has a GF his GF calls him daddy. what the hell is wrong with the younger generat…[View]
44039173opinions on foreskin?[View]
44047993why is this site so addicting? I've easily spent a good 10 hours shitposting most days even whe…[View]
44047175Friendly reminder that there are no ice cream sandwiches in hell.[View]
44040693The sun is setting. What are you listening to? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c6gpa8nUa70[View]
44047946How much do you think i'd have to pay a girl for an hour of headpats?[View]
44046186>pic related (me irl)[View]
44047903>tfw want to cums in vagina[View]
44045882Who here /corrupted by older woman/?[View]
44046993What do you guys think of underage users? I'm not talking about literal 10 year olds, I'm …[View]
44047875r9k and retarded who'res that call themselves fembots What do you think of attractive and intim…[View]
44047846> free office space > having the meeting with contractor at my workplace > the project was …[View]
44047849Beetlejuice is KING: Beetlejuice will fukk yo bitch easy nigga[View]
44047629p-please join my d-d-sicord ;w; /bYWx4es t-thanks[View]
44046469>things chestlets say to try and make themselves feel better Is there anyone more pathetic than a…[View]
44047152OMEGLE THREAD: R9k Omegle! Tags are the usual: r9k, r9komegle, omegler9k, robot9001 Have fun![View]
44046479Can a robot be a Border patrol agent? I'm 24 and doing nothing with my life.[View]
44046808I want to stop being gay I want a child I'll soon be 25 PLEASE let me have some hope of seeing …[View]
44045365>Be me, sitting on the toilet >Little sister knocks on the door, saying she needs to use it …[View]
44042598no memes lads, how DO you approach and talk to a girl at a bookstore/library?[View]
44045891Why don't you have a Japanese girlfriend?[View]
44047117Can someone in CA help me please: I really want some milk but the fridge is locked again, I really n…[View]
44047318Does anyone else say weird random stuff to people when there nervous?[View]
44046942ITT songs that cheer you up. This one reminds me of /r9k/ a lot and makes me feel better about posti…[View]
44047131Quick question: how do I go for a jog (while listening to something) and not have my phone drop out …[View]
44047660is trolling in real life a bad idea?[View]
44046056Some gay guy is obsessed with me and is internet stalking me. I dunno what to do. I have a girlfrien…[View]
44047679>Mum started dating guy after 18 or so years of not being with anyone >Guy she's with has…[View]
44044149>Be me >Scurvy salty dog of the seas >Known as 'Stilts' because of my two peg legs >Love…[View]
44047360Is the white male, Asian female meme even accurate? I don't believe it is. I'm from SoCal,…[View]
44044426What do Asian males think of white females?: White Australian girl. Recently moved into a high rise …[View]
44047636You can never resolve your robot complex until you have murdered your old high school oneitis. If yo…[View]
44047118I'm unironically becoming addicted to tranny porn/traps/futa lately and cum buckets to it every…[View]
44047594who /cannotexpress/ here?: >cannot honestly say how I'm feeling >cannot answer personal q…[View]
44045265I turned 18 today guys Why do they call it happy birthday when all it does is make you more depress…[View]
44047381Thinking about joining the NRA just so they'll send me a sticker I can put on my guitar.[View]
44045238I just nutted like 10 times in a row wasnt hard for a single moment[View]
44045172anyone else feel they'd be the quiet guy during a /r9k/ meetup?: I bet you'd all get along…[View]
44047366>tfw been stuck in a hospital for the past year and slowly going stir crazy What do guys. I cant …[View]
44046620Detox music: Going into detox this weekend (alcohol), figure I'll have a lot of downtime, can a…[View]
44047402>...so anon, what was your ex-girlfriend like... >implying i'm 25 years old, i don't…[View]
44047294I wanna run away Never say goodbye I wanna know the truth Instead of wondering why I wanna know the …[View]
44046248why don't you have sex with or even date a fat girl?[View]
44042458Frog and Feels Tavern: Bartender is drunk edition. Come on in, take a seat and take a load off. Sha…[View]
44046654>enters your room from the window and stares at you[View]
44046945fellas >think about getting a boner >get a boner >think about why i got a boner >boner g…[View]
44046233Comfy thread. Come share something meaningful.[View]
44046795Why does it feel so good being a lurker. I've been lurking for four years without posting anyth…[View]
44039016Can attractive guys be robots as long as they are non-functioning socially?[View]
44039304/r9k/ Computer & Vidya thread: >AMD Radeon R9 200 graphics card >AMD FX-6300 Six-Core proc…[View]
44045918Rap is literally the most anti-soyboy music genre of all time. If you hate it you should honestly ju…[View]
44046848What do normal people talk about? What topics should I learn about?[View]
44047006>shutin hermit NEET since age 16 >31 years old now >want a traditional family/ wife and lot…[View]
44047201Why do redditors say I'm not allowed to use the camera that's on my tablet?[View]
44046524Hi /r9k Just made a thread on /b, where I was ignored, so, might as well try my luck here. I've…[View]
44046240>everyone keeps saying that Robert is a gay name or a fag name >popular short story has a Robe…[View]
44046095>tfw 95% of the time have no interest in sex but sometimes just want to grab some titties and squ…[View]
44045404how do you cheer yourself up when you can't stop crying?[View]
44046210>stress eating tootsie rolls at 2 am how do I stop[View]
44045895Dating is for women you've already fucked.[View]
43992315ITT: Write a letter to someone who may never see it.: I'll start. Ian, I'm sorry I'm …[View]
44044810>boyfriend found out that I still do anniversary dates with my ex-boyfriend…[View]
44046455>tfw too shy to go for a run/jog[View]
44046849>'...and this is anon's room, hey anon say hi to mommy's friend.'…[View]
44047078Juul Meme Thread: Need more Juul ShitPosts[View]
44047072>tfw you sit alone in a cafe and at the next table sits a cutie girl and with a guy. Robot song f…[View]
44047070rc sources got banned on r*ddit. no vendor list for you[View]
44047055Any fembots in Prague wanna meet up for coffee or tea? I just want not to be alone for once. >t. …[View]
44046869Hey anon, dinners here! Your sister brought Arbys.[View]
44045698Does anyone else feel totally let down when someone they look up to, or enjoy their content from, ad…[View]
44047005>too tired to sit up at monitor >lie down with phone >too tired to hold phone >still wan…[View]
44046917ITT: images that physically hurt you[View]
44046923share stories of disturbing your neighbors >be 8 >write a mean letter to my neighbor telling h…[View]
44046513Can somebody explain to me how an adult male with average blood testosterone levels can have the ult…[View]
44046693I got a $140 ticket tonight for a rolling stop. Best websites for making some extra money online? I…[View]
44046310PEACE OUT BITCHES: I gave a girl a hug today. Have a nice life losers[View]
44045657Can someone explain the appeal of inhaling farts?[View]
44046103Hey guys serious advice?: Please no flaming, it really doesn't help. /Serious thread/ Is it a g…[View]
44046844why do i keep flopping from straight to homosexual someone help me get down to the bottom of this wh…[View]
44046318About to have my first 3 some at 19 anons. House to myself, 2 nights of who knows. I can't help…[View]
44045903an online friend mentioned /r9k/ recently and the whole idea of a robot kinda confuses me can someon…[View]
44045215Tips for a new robot?: I'm new to 4chan but familiar with greentexts. Any tips on etiquette or …[View]
44041704Confession Time: Alright anons, confession thread. Don't be shy[View]
44042136I've turned to Communism.: But not by choice, I would identify as hard right prior to now, but …[View]
44046715When did this board become complete shit?[View]
44044681Remember Bill Nye the science guy? This is him now, feel old yet? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CC…[View]
44046014Just curious, how many of you robots claim to be a NEET but are actually under 18? You do realize st…[View]
44045454Any wagies looking for some extra money? Record yourself on vocaroo saying: 'I am a fucking retarded…[View]
44046201What the fuck does love even feel like, anyway? What makes it so special?[View]
44046001Why haven't you cleaned your room?[View]
44045011male cosplay vs female cosplay: lmao why do women suck at everything? https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
44043691I really hate women who pretend to love dogs so much[View]
44046449March Is Nearly Over-2018 Progress Thread: The end of March is nearly upon us. While some will conti…[View]
44045323Retail/Food Service Feels: >trained to combat rudeness with excellent customer service and a smil…[View]
44045003>been active on 4chan and /r9k/ specifically for 5+ years >only just in the past few days been…[View]
44046647BIood. Ass blood.[View]
44046454You broke ass white bois need to get money like me and buy stuff.[View]
44046316Gayness is a choice an irreversible choice If you have buttsex once you will never be straight agai…[View]
44045456Ideas you though were good but weren't: >hear parents talking about me >they think i…[View]
44045687Why do nu-males/soyboys like pic related somehow always have 8/10+ gfs? >inb4 'they're cucks…[View]
44045005Depression is pretty bad right now aaaa[View]
44046617>tfw male with BPD My life is a meme.[View]
44046456staying up cause i don't want tomorrow to get here: anyone else do this? reminds me of the narr…[View]
44043204What's it like to be on a date?[View]
44045117>Anecdotes of people finding out they're cuckspawn folder now at 2MB I know my obsession is …[View]
44046064Is having a gf a lot of work? I don't want to be a virgin forever but I can't see myself s…[View]
44045177>tfw no little sister to sleep, cuddle and kiss with FUUUUUUUCK MAKE THE PAIN STOP…[View]
44046499Who else here /deletes post/?[View]
44043819Where did all the virgins go?[View]
44042845Anyone got any good stories of fucking with potheads? >hear guy at work bragging about how he got…[View]
44045771Is no fap just a meme/placebo? How would a robot benefit from it anyways?[View]
44045912Why are men under 6 feet so pathetic? I mean, they are the same as everyone else, the only differenc…[View]
44039807My cat got attacked by another cat and had to get surgery[View]
44045511Do mommy gfs exist in real life? Specifically, /fit/ mommy gfs[View]
44041784Ask anything to a guy that just got doxxed by a prostitute and threated me to give her money or else…[View]
44046207BALTBOT BREAD: tfw no balt gf edition[View]
44037843Happy Memories: Title. I'll go first.. >playing Pokemon with the older kids at school..I fel…[View]
44046176I'm out my mind, see fear in your eyes I'm sick, I depise myself again The tears never com…[View]
44045667Am I screwed?: >tfw haven't showered in 3 days and this is what I get Should I wash my hair…[View]
44044590How hard is it to actually stab yourself to death? I imagine if you cut a major artery you could pro…[View]
44046052>tfw you finally realize you are living in hell[View]
44046020Did you earn enough good boy points today anon?[View]
44044991>tfw no homie gay boyfriend ;__;[View]
44041435Battle station thread: Post your battle stations This is mine.[View]
44046035>tfw no elder statesman bf[View]
44045987Law school: Is law school worth it? I dont know what to do with my life and ive always been interest…[View]
44045802I want a gf so fucking bad, guys.[View]
44045877What are some really girly cartoons or anime you recommend?[View]
44045924>on omegle >whilst talking to person, my command prompt opens so I hard shut down it instantly…[View]
44045923How does one hire a legitimate hitman on themself without getting scammed or ending up in handcuffs …[View]
44045897Which Persona character did you spend a romantic evening with, robots?[View]
44044851Whatever happened to her?: I used to cum buckets to her during my edgy phase in like 2006/2007.…[View]
44045420Whats your wpm? mine is 30 https://www.typingtest.com/[View]
44042403I feel like killing somebody right now, just imagining a sharp knife sliding through somebody's…[View]
44038029>tfw no tomboy gf with abs I can fondle[View]
44040982Breast Size?: Femanons, do you have big or small boobs? Or maybe somewhere in between? What is your …[View]
44044515>only bathe once a year >live on my own shitty house off neetbux+inheritance >have a huge k…[View]
44045735The only way to get a woman is forceful coercion, let no one tell you otherwise.[View]
44041527What's the point of doing anything if you never have someone to share your experiences with?[View]
44044386'Are you always this quiet?'[View]
44044006Femanon do you sometimes wish to be taller?[View]
44045612Don't put peanut butter on your penis[View]
44045218It's a 'playing your favorite song in front of everyone from school, and having them all be as …[View]
44034587>killed himself less than two weeks ago >already forgotten Now that the dust has settled, what…[View]
44043243Bullying is the best and only way to get a fatty to lose weight and let uggos know their place. Prov…[View]
44045506imagine getting so many compliments and so much praise that it becomes old, and still thinking you h…[View]
44044260Whats up with Japan and drawing bois?[View]
44044213>work with qt at work >extremely shy and quiet, short and thin, wears glasses sometimes >sh…[View]
44044739Was he a robot? >little to no social media footprint >incel looking face >allegedly an anim…[View]
44044735Why do I never hear anything about this MMORPG? It's one of the fun ones.[View]
44045428>Playing dnd with some people >DM makes Mac and cheese for everyone >qt3.14 player didn…[View]
44044951What kind of chair do you sit on, /r9k/? Do you like it? How much was it? My old random generic chai…[View]
44044253>been using omegle for years as only social outlet >no friends or social life anywhere else …[View]
44044065Why don't we make this world better for men? Aren't we bigger and stuff?[View]
44045219>keep getting chest pain on the center of my chest that makes me feel week occasionally after dri…[View]
44045243I made it to 25 without succumbing to cocklust, Im so proud of myself![View]
44044396Is Joe Black a robot?[View]
44043458Give it to me straight, is there even a point in using tinder if you're not an 8/10 or better?[View]
44043264v112 Some days, some nights Some live, some die In the way of the Samurai Some fight, some bleed Sun…[View]
44043440> Youngest of 3 daughters > Never really got close to either of my sisters >At some point s…[View]
44045199How does a grocery store managers salary compare to that of a CPA? Are they somewhat close? Within 1…[View]
44045039>park closes half an hour after sunset >the only sidewalk veers into the park and even has a b…[View]
44041030Who /shrooms/ here? >foolishly do shrooms despite having nothing but harsh, difficult trips latel…[View]
44044302Hope you had a good class today Kathy um sorry to you and your new friends for bothering you I hope …[View]
44044724Ive felt like a dick lately and want to be nicer to people. Ill give a compliment to anyone who want…[View]
44044968Please help: Guys, I'm facing a dilemma. My best friend has recently come out to me as bi, and…[View]
44044423Beard Thread: Do you have a beard robros? I'm starting to grow one. Will growing one, increase …[View]
44042985Sass and opinionated is back: Sassy op is back and honestly I'm in tears[View]
44044120RIP Krautchan (2007-2018)[View]
44031332toasted roastie bread: Post roasties getting toasty[View]
44036613/creative robots/: Come share original content in the creative robots thread! Third time lucky! Let…[View]
44044142Failed Normie Feels: >having good convo with robot on omegle >suggest the slightest inkling of…[View]
44042569Talking: Hey I'm planning on getting drunk and eating some ice cream, would be cool to talk to …[View]
44040845Can you think of a greater man? As far as I can tell he was the most loving man who can be verified …[View]
44040447Shuaiby: Does anyone feel that this robot's video was a brutal work of art? His character was t…[View]
44044934How could this have been avoided[View]
44040342All that cum in your balls? Yeah...I'll be taking that now. Thanks white boi.[View]
44044900Dank meme Hunting Party: My meme well has run dry, can the brotherhood of ?r9k? replenish my once gr…[View]
44044891Make my day, share your best: Just when I'm feeling at my lowest brobots, just when I think I h…[View]
44043816Should homos and pedos work together?[View]
44041310>you were doomed to robotdom ever since your parents fucked up on socializing you properly when y…[View]
44043823>stop deleting bussy[View]
44042132>friend claims to be an introvert >socialises non stop why do people do this?…[View]
44042631Do you ever wish your mom was pro choice?: Then you wouldn't exist and you would have been abor…[View]
44043016Why are school shootings such a prevalent phenomenon in America? Is the school system just that shit…[View]
44040165OKCupid Rebranding: What do you think of this recent attempt by OKCupid to differentiate itself from…[View]
44026769can we start a shuaiby thread? i want more pictures like this one or just memes in general[View]
44043132What was the Internet like before smartphones and social networks?[View]
44044284Hey /r9k/ Thoughts?[View]
44044755Why is autism so prevalent among males nowadays? It seems like half of young males are borderline ro…[View]
44044720>doesn't provide the full context of the origin of the term >assumes it has a political c…[View]
44044652How much money does it take these days for chicks to not care that you're fat/ugly?[View]
44044341The Mad Pooper: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Mad_Pooper She actually did it, the absolute madwo…[View]
44044654Im a woke robot: Remember when /B/ was the shit, the hacker known as 4chan was fucking boogie man? R…[View]
44043631Damn misaki got mad ass[View]
44042529Ah poor wagie while you have been slaving away, I have been learning latin, ructo[View]
44042319Is life just a simulation?[View]
44042697>just found out john lennon and jay leno are two different people[View]
44043497So I saw a hooker today.: Not my first time either, she was not worth what I paid for, but it wasn…[View]
44043704ITT: Videos that motivate you: what videos help keep you going This one does it for me https://www.y…[View]
44043325My little sister got a call home for kicking another girl in the crotch at school. Should I discipli…[View]
44043416Was this samsumg commercial racist? At the end of the commercial just as she was leaving it said 'Sa…[View]
44042171Ive just finished doing a 3 year bid in prison now I'm back at my parents house fuck[View]
44043198Is personality a legit reason of robotdom? I know I'm good looking, my face is 7' long, and my …[View]
44042661>Walking through shopping centre >Turn the corner >See a midget pushing a wheelbarrow full …[View]
44044339when is it, if ever, acceptable to leech a torrent?[View]
44043152I just turned 18 right now, it's my birthday. I am only 5'6, am I even going to grow more?…[View]
44036224would you be willing to settle for a 5/10?[View]
44044222How hard is it to get an asian gf? I want one really bad. I'm tired of being a robot[View]
44042219Do you think you could be a killer?: Or is your conscience still intact?[View]
44043245>tfw went to an asian massage parlor and had the most amazing time ever God damn, how are these n…[View]
44042809Does anyone else like to picture scenes in there heads when they are listening to music? Its hard fo…[View]
44043873what are your opinions on black people, robots? (pic related)[View]
44041278Whats the deal with MUKBANGs?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c8w3NGxoEYo[View]
44042922ITT we act like /a/ fags: >joe joe joe toe matt tay yo[View]
44043431>ask girl at work to help me with social skills >she agrees >we flirt at work and hang out …[View]
44036955Daily reminder the only reason roasties are in favor of abortion is so they can whore around freely …[View]
44043618Are fat people actually human? Do they deserve to be treated as human?[View]
44044048Where did everyone from this board go...? Discord?[View]
44044144Fellow Robots, I think it's time we allowed Normals on this board. Their natural good looks and…[View]
44043661how do you think people would live their lives if they were born immortal, knowing they could never …[View]
44044018>ugly >brainlet >chronically ill tfw…[View]
44042739>you were born with a sub-90 IQ >you will always be a brainlet >no matter how hard you try,…[View]
44043666I have had sex with 4 white girls and 1 mexican, does that make me a race traitor or a slut[View]
44043453Be me >talk with 'friends' on a discord on daily basis >about 25-30 people in the text channe…[View]
44043749Social anxiety feels thread: >Shop assistant's tone is kinda rude and brusque >Entire da…[View]
44042215Fembot,looking for that special someone to discover true love... My requirements are not shallow,pos…[View]
44042507been taking this new antipsychotic medication and i'm tired as fuck[View]
44043736Why haven't you started listening to Earl Sweatshirt yet? His last album is literally called 'I…[View]
44043681When a woman first loses her virginity, the man she slept with leaves a psychological impression on …[View]
44041600what kind of drugs can i do to make me feel motivated and less shitty all the time??[View]
44038800WHERE MY AVPDs AT Schizoids and whatever also welcome[View]
44043346what are my chances of getting laid if i follow these steps?[View]
44043652How can one not want to die? This literally solves all the problems forever.[View]
44043176>tfw friend's cute sister tells me i have nice eyelashes What do?[View]
44040261Im googling old class mates and oneitisis too see how theyre doing and if i mog them or not but i ca…[View]
44042368Who else gambling problem?[View]
44043437Which one of you fucks was on dr.phill? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tDoo1okjGbg[View]
44042782Why are Black Women Bald? Why don't they have long hair Naturally?: Question for the black bot?…[View]
44043211Y-you would ACTUALLY buy some poor girls used clothing would you anon?[View]
44042684I thought about her today and now I'm spiraling into depression. She was perfect for me and I…[View]
44043455>Be me >Be British >Need Permit To breathe >Need License For permit >License For perm…[View]
44042540>wear ring on index finger and all these women flock to me asking if im married Why do they do th…[View]
44043374It feels like a rock is travelling through my colon[View]
44042968/britfeel/: Buy Lube For Dankula Fund edition.[View]
44043021does anyone go on (normal)))fagbook anymore? i go sometimes (rarely now) and always regret.. Is it …[View]
44043289i literally don't think i'll ever find someone i'll love for my entire life. im not e…[View]
44041968>get an asian waifu they said[View]
44041774>first week off weed Life feels energetic again, want to try and succeed, feel social and more ou…[View]
44041828How do you stop panic attacks?[View]
44042113Why do normalfags hate white nationalist so much?: We are just normal people with different politica…[View]
44043174ITT: Things/stories about yourself no one would believe. >Be 8 >Heading to New York to visit m…[View]
44043164My only 'friend' recently got a gf and abandoned me. >tfw happy cause i dont have to put up with…[View]
44043049Im downloading Call of Duty (the old as fuck one) right now. comfy night incoming. >What is going…[View]
44043101I fucked up today, /r9k/. >be me >waiting outside of class, got there a bit early >girl com…[View]
44043099>ugh there's that guy again >I swear he's such a creep >everytime he buys somethi…[View]
44042396>install tinder >actually get some matches >some girls even texting first >don't kn…[View]
44042701Farewell bots!: Hey everyone. I've been thinking about this for a while now. I come on this boa…[View]
44043045>tfw black >tfw so horny and want to fuck a bitch Even fat women make me so horny now. I just …[View]
44036936>job interview tomorrow how do i not fuck it up?[View]
44042510>notice that I always seem to be the one to initiate contact with friends >decide to wait a wh…[View]
44042984How do I get out of the bed?: Popping caffeine pills right after waking up doesn't cut it anymo…[View]
44042965Meaning of rk9: What's the point of rk9 if it doesn't even filter posts anymore?[View]
44042964>finally match with someone via Hinge that facebook friend of friend app >kind of drunk coming…[View]
44042928breaaatth in... hmmmm breath out pfffuuuuuuuh... release all your negativity you are now in peace[View]
44040399i fell for the fucking trap meme for a few months boys, how do i recover?[View]
44040096>Get A's on all tests >never do homework or quizzes or participate in class nor attend or…[View]
44042354who else here ugly because of really big ears? hate that my parents decided to inbreed[View]
44042402>They met when he was 18 and she 42 >They married 3 years later and has two beautiful children…[View]
44028182Seriously, why women do this?[View]
44041039Alright boys, I'm off to mcdonalds. What do you want?[View]
44038910> *go to your favorite alone spot and pic related is sitting there* > 'can I help you?' w-what…[View]
44042682>tfw you will never be an abortion doctor[View]
44038464THICC PUSSI[View]
44041552What is the ultimate 'I got insane from the lack of female attention' fetish? I'd say femdom or…[View]
44042556>in dorm with gf 5 hours ago >she orders pizza, her number is the one they call >pizza come…[View]
44041258Why are there no women on this fucking planet who don't have a plethora of degenerate fetishes?…[View]
44041137>Tfw only older women flirt with me. FUCK WHY DOES THE BETA PROVIDER MEME HAVE TO BE TRUE. I WANT…[View]
44042100is there any point in being alive as a male >tfw had a 50% chance of being born the superior gen…[View]
44041959Ugly smelly boys can never be cute girls.[View]
44040549how do you deal with suffering? regret? hopelessness? mental illness?[View]
44042523What is your favourite diaper, robots? I like tena ultimates, but I want to try tena supers too.[View]
44042500Is Marilyn Manson the epitome of what it means to be a Dinaric?[View]
44042494Is osmoney.bid actually legit?: I already gave my bank details away after I made $10, but it said I …[View]
44042409>he unironically believes fembots actually exist how fucking delusional are you?…[View]
44042318only child: who here only child? do we have it good or what anons?[View]
44042179Porn is NOT original: So why is it allowed? I thought the purpose of this board was to be less like …[View]
44037191>be a few days ago >just got out of high school a couple months back >don't know what …[View]
44042340May i pretty pweeash hab a non promiscuous, clingy, non beta orbiter farming straight shotacon kvlt …[View]
44024368Fight white genocide. Breed black pussy.[View]
44042119Whats something you'd kill to gear a girl say to you?[View]
44041980Should I?: Should I tell you all my Hackman story???[View]
44041696>21 >no drivers license, never learned how to drive >high school dropout. parents pulled me…[View]
44041130Does being a virgin make you gay?[View]
44040191>tfw lonely and not hanging out with girls at a bowling alley[View]
44042138who here /shoveling/?: gonna go dig up sum snow, be extra comfy for me if you're staying in. iv…[View]
44041449Post images that you feel accurately represent your situation.[View]
44040860>met three (3) girls on /r9k/ who I dated >all of them have used me as a practice boyfriend an…[View]
44037362>Honey how should we name our child?[View]
44042011c-can she see i've downloaded 2 of her pics. c-cant she ah.ahah[View]
44042158is there any fellow disciples of papa HH on /r9k/?[View]
44040578I was hanging out and about with some retarded normies and they saw my iphone's wallpaper (pic …[View]
44040600>see the trap threads >wonder what a bussy is >google it >addicted to videos of tight bu…[View]
44042099Daily reminder: If you haven't had a sexual encounter that resembled the one shown in this imag…[View]
44042123Morning, noon & bloody night, Seven sodding days a week, I slave at filthy WORK, that might Be d…[View]
44042068>Took 23andMe >Find out my DNA is Dominican in origin >Find out with absolute precision it…[View]
44042000I am very happy right now. It's about time.[View]
44040235why do femanons dislike the word 'roastie'?: it's funny, admit it[View]
44040242>get anxious replying to other anons even though i know i will never meet them in my lifetime why…[View]
44040315Stop defending Ukraine.[View]
44041889>forgot I need to take my garbage bin out to the curb today >long and winding driveway out in …[View]
44040801>weed's not addictive you retard! >btw I smoke weed every day >btw I smoke weed before…[View]
44039241I told a homeless person to get a job today. Not gonna lie, it was a pretty empowering feeling.[View]
44041829Why don't robots just adopt a girl?[View]
44041507>browsing jewtube >a video appears about a kid who was bullied for rabbit teeth >rings a b…[View]
44041763Why don't you have a Philippines gf /r9k/? Pic related as actor Charlyne Yi[View]
44041940Should shitskins be forced to leave?[View]
44041937>femanon sees qt3.14 >dick doesnt get hard femanon are gay…[View]
44041920>tfw broke my 3 day nofap[View]
44041877ITT:We Are All Gods Posting On An Interdimentional R9k: My pantheon just adopted democracy. I was th…[View]
44041874I have a beautiful story for robots. >Be 20 y/o >House of a female highschool 'friend' we kee…[View]
44039751>tfw no tiny gf NOT FAIR[View]
44040314Hey, everyone. How was your day?[View]
44041813Is this what the perfect female looks like?[View]
44040563And the results are in! /r9k/ in 13th place![View]
44041202Find everything ok today sir?[View]
44041205I lifted and bettered myself for her and still she decided to go with a 5'4 spic over a 6 ft wh…[View]
44040679/skinny/: come here skinny bros, share your experiences of rejection because of being skinny[View]
44039669Will he ever have a gf? I'm rooting for him desu[View]
44030997>hate women and think they are inferior >desperately want to lick the bottoms of their feet Wh…[View]
44039647>bunch of asian girls at work >they like anime, vidya, have creative hobbies like drawing, wri…[View]
44040056I'm really shitty at drawing but I want to carve a heart into my arm with a razor blade, how do…[View]
44041533Is it possible for a HERMIT SHUT-IN NEET that doesn't drive a car live in a small town? My pare…[View]
44036636'Time for your annual pity handjob, Anon.'[View]
44040483>see someone trying to make content >sub 100 views >$0 in their patreon This just stings a …[View]
44030144Why do Asian guys hate Asian girls so much?[View]
44040775Crumbling grades will lead to ironic immigration and my death: > be me > 18 > HS senior …[View]
44041424How can I stop biting my fingernails? I've been doing it since I'm a kid and I've nev…[View]
44040449Suicide is for brainlets, you're going to die one day so why would you rush into it? it makes n…[View]
44038265People who should be exterminated: >ALL nonwhites >jews >fat people >males under 6'…[View]
44039739'Going to the gym, Champ? That's nonsense. You could get an excellent pump from helping me rear…[View]
44038950>'Thanks for taking us to the beach anon, but remember you have to choose which one of us will be…[View]
44026122MTGOW general: Sorting out my MGTOW folder and will dump some prime material. Grab your popcorn, buc…[View]
44041523http://4-ch.net/ascii/ i have no recollection of how i came across this site, and i haven't loo…[View]
44040514>stop right there, normie. Put the autism-free brain in the bag! wot do?…[View]
44040876>the only two people that talk to me starting dating >make jokes without me >constantly gig…[View]
44041460I was banned from a discord called twinks and dinks I have no clue to why i was banned[View]
44036393Started my university preparatory classes three days ago. Literally every single girl is a slut. Eve…[View]
44041374Are Chads innately redpilled on the female question >talking to turbo Chad coworker >he's…[View]
44040336Are men really giving up on society all over the western world, or are we just the losers of society…[View]
44041370Why does everyone like to play psychologist so much when very few people actually know shit about ps…[View]
44040822who else here /deadinside/[View]
44041317The Purple Man says: Fuck your mom's arse![View]
44040383anyone else had to fake all social interaction before finally opting out of society? I've been…[View]
44041276>'Hey, anon!' >'Oh, anon.' >have no idea who these people are How do other people in my lec…[View]
44041264since ylil is one of the most popular sites in finland does that mean you can publicly talk about im…[View]
44040910hey fags whats the best way to make money online. trying to cop those neetbux[View]
44038923>Oh wow, Anon! I haven't seen you since our high school graduation. >haha come here and …[View]
44036712Positive thread Post today's little victories[View]
44040676Post ITT And I'll try To Respond: Say anything your heart desires and I'll see if I can re…[View]
44040352>Be 21 year old man >Go outside dressed like shit >Women stare at me and judge me harshly, …[View]
44040703Help: >be me >just dropped my only friend off at his house >it's late and I gotta shit…[View]
44040884Use this thread to write a letter to someone that is not going to read it.[View]
44041144>tfw im about to look up my hs crush fb profile i've not seen for several years. Epsilon fee…[View]
44040047Be honest, how much would your life improve if you grew 5 inches /r9k/?[View]
44039629Does anyone wanna play sea of thieves with me? I'm just looking for one other person to sail th…[View]
44041133>tfw no girlfriend (man)[View]
44040214Do you want to have a fat older sister?[View]
44040506Is there any better lovers than Latinos. Everytime i have sex with a girl I can't help but alwa…[View]
44040976WAGIES ON SUICIDE WATCH xD: https://www.gamespot.com/articles/fortnite-streamer-ninja-makes-over-500…[View]
44040928Sailor Mercury eating 23[View]
44040999Rip lmao[View]
44040948Going Outside: I've always been extremely shy and self-conscious. For two days in a row I'…[View]
44040384converse with members of the opposite of the other gender: >converse with members of the opposite…[View]
44040922>meet up with girl i knew from high school since i don't know how to meet new people >thi…[View]
44040660>tfw no righteous social conservative gf[View]
44039893ITT we post extremely ugly people to boost our self esteem.[View]
44040911Just snorted Adderal and fapped like a madman for 30 minutes. Feels good man[View]
44038505>'white genocide is real' >only 'resists' it by cowering behind relative anonymity, does not …[View]
44040811anyone else feel bad for jiren? he was doing so well and was so badass until he got BTFO by goku…[View]
44039682>chaotic not posting >tomoki posting less…[View]
44040737Frieza in a cocoon 21[View]
44036987What does /r9k/ think of cute girls that do degenerate porn?[View]
44040716this game is too easy: >be me >watching vsauce >says that my molecule statistically touched…[View]
44038946It won't be long now boys. It was fun while it lasted. Who's feeling these feels with me?[View]
44040493upload my consciousness to the wired im tryna get virtual pussy from my waifu[View]
44039822Hey robots, making a thread where u can post what you're feeling today, but the rules are its l…[View]
44038298>Anon, it's time for you to confess and absolve your sins.[View]
44040625How can anyone say it's unhealthy to watch porn?[View]
44040259>tfw you realize real women are nothing like women in anime and they're all disloyal whores …[View]
44034837>tfw i've found the perfect NEET job and i don't have to be a wagecuck anymore…[View]
44039689is there a r9k minecraft server still up i wanna get comfy[View]
44039811Look at this webm Even cats think it is a roast beef meal ROASTIES BEGONE[View]
44035449/britfeel/: open Butthole season edition[View]
44040111Get in here feels faggots: If you want to talk about what's got you fucked. I'll be on dis…[View]
44040238has image loading on 4chan been slow for anyone else recently?[View]
44035618>little sister watches prank videos on her iPad all day >bursts into my room one night >kic…[View]
44039203What is your fav webcomic, /r9k/? mine is pic related[View]
44039492>tfw you daydream about wizard super powers being real when you're a 30+ virgin…[View]
44040281Yo yo yo, Ashley Sage Ellison just agreed to marry me![View]
44038492Ive fucked my life up. My aversion and general hatred towards all people has destroyed all of my rel…[View]
44040258>quit video games >all gaming friends suddenly dislike me and want nothing to do with me hmm…[View]
44040267Im sure lots of robots can relate[View]
44040161Why aren't we talking about this? This is Giga Chad. This is why robots never stand a chance in…[View]
44040213>it's another 'mom doesnt wanna accept that my life is shit because im 5'7 and ugl…[View]
44037819> tfw feel like an older mind or just far ahead of a lot of people. Who else here / ahead of the …[View]
44040119why?: alright /r9k/ i was just insulted by /bant/ they called me a frogposter so i was wondering do …[View]
44037089Be honest. You would fuck this dog wouldn't you?[View]
44040156what is your biggest school fuck up. ill start: >be me >grade 6 >me and my friends were pas…[View]
44037791What would get femanons to date robots?[View]
44040095Raid on the go: Christian guy taking calls ~ RAID: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5cH9Wult7TI JOIN …[View]
44037139>i cant get gf because im fat! i have big bones[View]
44034413When did you fuck up in your life so severely that you came to r9k?[View]
44039503I'm 21 years old, 6ft5, have a deep voice, 7.5inch dick, have a job (I work at hom) and I work …[View]
44039296Honestly, what's the point of living if you can't get laid? Normies will tell robots, rath…[View]
44039555What do you think will be your life's greatest regret? I already know I will hate myself for l…[View]
44039375That girl living in a motel room next to mine had a break down. Came home from work hearing crying f…[View]
44038623Daily reminder that MGTOW can never be robots: Fuck off your your men's rights activism bs. It …[View]
44037820Anons I have a question. Do people actually feel strong emotions or is everyone just being dramatic/…[View]
44039989Things that kinda piss you off: I'll start. I just finished classes from 9:00 to 6:00 with an h…[View]
44039987What do you guys think of bullying? I feel like I'm going crazy seeing retards advocate bullyin…[View]
44031677>live in Sweden >Constantly read about whats happening in my country >Media never reports o…[View]
44039972Help.: I can't anywhere to talk or socialize. Shops related to my hobbies, forums, even events.…[View]
44039971>Follow qt ive known for years on instagram >she follows me back >2 hours later she isnt fo…[View]
44039917Why don't you just get drunk every night like a normal human being you goddamn degenerates? You…[View]
44036995Have a nice day today Kathy it is raining a lot[View]
44039104I finally talked to my oneitis today r9k :) i have never been happier. Ama[View]
44039879>Be me >There is a woman within 49719.46 Miles of me at all times. See ya later nerds.…[View]
44039740which anime character are known for shooting up a school?[View]
44039812>finding out you aren't you best friends best friend Is there anything more embarrassing and…[View]
44038056The norms stole my 20s from me[View]
44038607I'm posting arjen shooting a laser out of his hand every day no 32 pls dont delet this one mods…[View]
44038031Have you had your /selflove/ levels checked /r9k/? The issue of self-Love decides how independent we…[View]
44039387Hey Bro could you come pull up my shorts.[View]
44038345>one week from now I'll have le epix sek >going to be the first time for both of us Help …[View]
44038777>TFW a girl will never hold me like this >TFW a girl will never gently stroke my hair >TFW …[View]
44038153> h-hey big bro, so dad's never around and school dance is this saturday.... w-will you take…[View]
44039626Prescribed zoloft today, what should I expect?: I have 25mg blue tablets. I will be taking them tomo…[View]
44039657>NEET is the new NEAT[View]
44037891$500 this guy is gonna shoot up a school: https://youtu.be/DX4GsKBiIQU[View]
44039132I want a negro bf. I would like him to be burly and bearded. Thank you. t.Gaybot[View]
44037633Retail/Job Stories Thread!: Wageslaves of /r9k/ come together and share stories of fucked up/funny t…[View]
44039537>wait femanon, you aren't a virgin? I wish you had told me this sooner, yeah this isn't…[View]
44039237Is hentai redpilled on the importance of dick size? Some dicklet is always being cucked in these.[View]
44039553h-heya bro, can you do me a solid and fix my shorts?[View]
44039299>Second session of therapy >Therapist is talking about me finding a job >Asks me have I hea…[View]
44036943This robot makes 500k/month streaming a game, what's your excuse for being a poor loser?[View]
44038759>tfw addicted to junk food while being poor Even thought I'm in debt with my bank I can…[View]
44039298Do you think guys look cute after they've been kicked in the balls?[View]
44039455Remember canhazcheesebuger? That's the last time I was genuinely happy[View]
44039181I'm a sexually attractive elite manboy: >go out in public >get ignored >only store cle…[View]
44033541Look at this ass please.[View]
44039403At what point does an acquaintance become an friend? How can you tell? What about close friends?[View]
44038876Apu is my favorite meme. Recommend me anime based on that[View]
44038053why can't I be happy, is it really impossible?[View]
44039096Self Improvement Thread: What have you done lately to better yourself? Me: -have an interview to a s…[View]
44039314Blacks have the genetic potential to destroy the Earth, sexually.[View]
44039010/r9k/! Why can't you just be normal!?![View]
44038641i hope everybody around me dies a painful, agonising death because that is what every minute of exis…[View]
44038959Post Chads getting blown the fuk out http://www.oxygen.com/aaron-hernandez-uncovered/season-1/part-o…[View]
44038329Is there a worse thing than being best-friendless? I wish I had someone to regularly talk to.[View]
44038902Why is it so painful to live?: >tfw in hardcore mental breakdown right now >tfw it not only pa…[View]
44037828Paris sex doll brothel 'encourages rape', but police say it's legal: I am amased that…[View]
44038456Now that we know /r9k/ has been gaslighted by a cabal of homosexuals for months how does it make you…[View]
44039219Searching for admirers of eastern arts and animation to join my discord, very small, so small it cou…[View]
44037463Imagine being on your computer and instantly dying.[View]
44038444Well Robots, I'm looking for a new job. It's gotten too fucking weird at my job. >Be m…[View]
44039018Is it me or do people who are overly critical of themselves and people who sing nothing but praises …[View]
44039190How do people know what to say? I always try and tell people the truth no one ever talks with me lo…[View]
44038742Literal heart-break.: This is a long story but i need help. >Be me >Like 8/10 >skip a few …[View]
44037361>'A-are you winnin' so- oh god....'[View]
44038410how come I was born a boy if I'm supposed to be a girl[View]
44037577Every time I introduce my friend to people I just met, the same shit fucking happens. All focus seem…[View]
44038535God, I want to be a sissy slave and be pounded really hard by other men so much thank you for making…[View]
44039034I've been told I'm average, ugly, and even very attractive. Well, what is it? Is it becaus…[View]
44038064What percentage of /pol/ consists of self hating hapas?[View]
44038438a guy just escaped a mental hospital and is threatning to shoot up the school i go to.[View]
44038908How can you tell the difference between if a girl is only talking to you to be polite or if she like…[View]
44036051>mom and her boyfriend are watching TV in the living room >have to walk past them to get to t…[View]
44039019>met a nice and cute girl last friday >hook up >end up talking >had lunch with her toda…[View]
44039001>tfw no blues singing mommy gf to massage my prostate https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XcE2tlBmgW…[View]
44037560Circumcision is unnecessary: >In the Feb. 24 letter 'We should outlaw mutilation now,' the writer…[View]
44036827>27 >been on and off neet since 2008 >got first job 2 months ago >never understood how p…[View]
44038483Tell me what its like to find a job these days and where you live How's your struggle these day…[View]
44033494GIOYC - Get It Off Your Chest: Autism Anonymous - One feelspost at a time.[View]
44037821My dentist recommended me to use braces for about a year to get rid of an overbite. I'm conside…[View]
44037719What's the living wage in your states? Here in Michigan it's about ~$10 an hour.[View]
44032134left or right? what will it be, /r9k/?[View]
44037072l'm posting bruno eating pizza every day day 131[View]
44036150>Be American Government >Ban guns >Get shot…[View]
44038174Sorry, birthday anon. Find me on soc[View]
44038679I've slowly gotten over social anxiety: You just have to be alpha bro. Chin up and be the alpha…[View]
44037379https://youtu.be/jEIBrSab8NE >Tfw no mommy gf to crack your bones[View]
44036667mental illness thread: label shopping list fags out larpers out how is everyone doing?[View]
44038486>sorry, I prefer whi-[View]
44037967I feel like a sack of shit. Everyday i seem to care less and less about things i usually would pay s…[View]
44036838Is suicide worth?: Honestly think there is no way i can fix myself at this point, the damage is done…[View]
44036877Gay bot thread: You guys want to start a gay bot thread. We got a nigger one so why not one for the …[View]
44036979Does anybody else do this? >be me >29 next month >live alone >had only two gfs, was 16 a…[View]
44038569How I Almost Lost My V-Card: >19 At the time, > Girl is interested, but I'm an idiot and …[View]
44036957>dad tells my mom to grab the big black trashbag >sister and mom look at each other and giggle…[View]
44033019Are anti-chads a thing? They seem rare but still predictable >Works out and is genetically attrac…[View]
44034421Would you date a quiet mentally ill girl that has killed someone before?[View]
44038440>ywn fuck your boyfriends tight pussy why even live?[View]
44038350Do you have a criminal record, anon? What'd you do?[View]
44038431>tfw no good olde tendie thread on /r9k/ >be me >mommy's big beautiful boy >have be…[View]
44037294Am I better off failing one of my classes with a big fat F or just dropping it altogether. The reaso…[View]
44035042Robot wet dream thread: Is there anyone else out there who never had a decent wet dream? When normie…[View]
44033562why dont you just settle for fat piece of shit gf?[View]
44038382I enjoy life more and more[View]
44038363A Modest Proposal.: Gentlemen and Gentlewomen of /r9k/, I have a simple proposal to make: While Redd…[View]
44038269Why are wageidiots so fucking stupid? Their reasoning for it all is 'I gotta pay duh bills man'[View]
44038249I just did 100 pushups Now it's your turn anon.[View]
44036984>quit my old job and moved back to my moms >been home for a month >mom wants me to get a jo…[View]
44036720This is a call on the moderators and janitors to do something about the tranny raid spam. These ebin…[View]
44038148>I am somebody's perfect bf[View]
44038112'Getting a job is easy as pie, Champ. All it takes is a little persistence, some gumption, and a fir…[View]
44037872Aren't these the same thing?[View]
44038135Anyone else here like fapping to Eiken? Another robot said he used to fap to it a lot and I'd l…[View]
44037911And I love the thought of being with you Or maybe it's the thought of NOT BEING SO ALONEE[View]
44033588What is your weirdest, most degenerate sexual fantasy? >far-left wing >have a fantasy of being…[View]
44038061discord[dot] gg[slash] QjRtJZW My server has been hijacked and ask you fellas to come and destroy it…[View]
44033822What can we do about (((them))) infiltrating based Nippon?[View]
44037666>happy belated bussy[View]
44036345>I am aroused by hairless cocks[View]
44036700Any wageretards want some money?: Repeat the following on vocaroo 'I am a fucking retarded wagecuck…[View]
44037930By the way made it home safe and sound. Anon I think your in your early twenties because you browse …[View]
44036806>Tfw no loving big brother to reach out to[View]
44037914>be me >about 8 hours ago, with friends from highschool >im 18 pls no b& >hes a huge…[View]
44037916http://www.4chan.org/bans Two users banned for tranny hate. Are the mods being paid? Or are they tra…[View]
44036271>Just about severed all my ties to the world >Almost ready to do it, maybe just a week or two …[View]
44033281>he thinks the 'pink pill' magically turns him into a girl >he thinks he can effectively hide …[View]
44037221Why do cops still have guns?: Seriously, beat cops need to be disarmed. They've been proven to …[View]
44036267How do you deal with random people who come to your house?[View]
44036458Is my brain fucked or is it normal ?: I can't imagine stuff clearly. Faces, objexts, landscapes…[View]
44036542>Think about life and reality >Realize every human being on the face of the earth has a very p…[View]
44035776this is Anthony. Anthony planted bombs in packages and hit them in circulation, causing many people …[View]
44037424One of you fuckers has to have the videos he made. Post em.[View]
44034683Have you taken the girlpill?: If you're under 5'8 then you should just take it right away,…[View]
44037185I can feel the emotions inside of me. I can see their form, but I cannot feel them. I want to love.[View]
44037661What's it like to date an autistic girl? I've had a few of them like me in the past, but I…[View]
44037609>tfw you fap so hard your prostate starts pulsating[View]
44036531>ywn be a millionaire >ywn be a father >ywn pimp out your teenage asian girlfriend >ywn …[View]
44037050Aye wanna join a cozy r9k discord?: +18, no shitposting and able to keep a conversation are some of …[View]
44034775What are some careers for a robot/cyborg where i can work alone i was thinking some sort of lab wor…[View]
44037513Hey guys Chad here just wanna let all the ladies here that Im a huge testosterone filled beast looki…[View]
44036379guys is it like gay to make accounts for chicks and spam messages selling their nudes and shit and p…[View]
44036243>while you're in college studying all day and staying up all night on 4chan this is what the…[View]
44035281I think I've managed to get aids. I don't really mind tho. I've done pretty much ever…[View]
44033831What would you do if you found your soulmate, but she was already married to another man?[View]
44037439any fellow guardians here?[View]
44037275She invites you to go to Antartica with her. What do you do anon?[View]
44035969This shit does absolutely nothing.[View]
44035560ITT: Things you do to feel less socially awkward in public: I'll start I guess. Whenever I go o…[View]
44036638i wish i could talk to that cute girl that works at the counter in my favorite pizzeria[View]
44035251Answer these two questions: >Do you have an older sister? >Do you like having/want an older si…[View]
44037285story of an NPC: >Be NPC in fallout 4 >wandering n shit >chillin in my shack and hear on ra…[View]
44035496>be me in hs >perpetually quiet turbovirgin schoolshooter outcast that nobody talks to >say…[View]
44036584>born too soon to see the sissification of white men and rise of the black world order…[View]
44035165>i am the glob-glo-gab-galab >the schwabbel-dabbel wabbel-gabbel flibber blabber blab…[View]
44037288When a girl touches my nipples and chest kinda like they are breasts, I feel really good, is this ri…[View]
44036197There's a thousand lovesongs >not for me Every morning the birds sing their beautiful songs …[View]
44035005>high functioning autistic >has had more sweethearts than you will >has gal pals >has a …[View]
44035132Why not just get Grindr and get your dick sucked? Unless you're a total mess you could have you…[View]
44037138Old friend, old pain: Post puberty I used to know a girl who I was friends with, as you all know gir…[View]
44035011>found a job later NEETs[View]
44037218>Destroyest thine farmstead >Wouldst thou like to live deliciously? What sayest thee?…[View]
44036857Are high school girls the most attractive girls?[View]
44036171>'6 years ago' no longer means 'early 2000's'.…[View]
44036789I lost my virginity to a trans escort... this board pushed me to such sexual depravity that I fucked…[View]
44036853How can you commit suicide but make it look like murder?[View]
44034569>tfw fembot with no bf Why is it so hard to get a bf? Everyone always said it was easy for us…[View]
44037130Have any of you anons (male) gotten raped?[View]
44037095why dont you just get an old qt grandma gf.they have retirement,Always horny, can give you a gum job…[View]
44035764>high fiber high protein meals are suppose to 'fill' you up more it ain't doing shit…[View]
44036370I've been spending the past few weeks unable to do any sort of mental task beyond ruminating ov…[View]
44030844NoFap: Any other robots here done or are doing NoFap? I started it a while ago due to my porn addict…[View]
44037003>tfw no long haired thick n tall bf :^([View]
44036769Hi I'm new here and I recently came to find myself on this board after seeing the shauiby incid…[View]
44034871Mom found the piss jug bucket[View]
44029048Who here /stuck/. >don't play videogames, not that fun anymore and should be doing something…[View]
44036947wut duz?: SURPRISE! Happy 23rd birthday anon![View]
44035984What does it mean, anons? I have a story, let me greentext it for you. >be me, 20, in uni, histor…[View]
44036935https://youtu.be/wZy6T_5sTso battle of incelgrad c. Nov 2017[View]
44033382Practice Makes Perfect: So I just got a tablet but I'm really shit at drawing. I will make a sh…[View]
44035537What's the age of the average robot? https://www.strawpoll.me/15333973 >not FBI I swear…[View]
44036844Add me on Snapchat so I can tell you how beautiful you are lukas.simonsen[View]
44036124>No Anon, your infidel eyes must not gaze upon my bare soles. It is haram - Forbidden!…[View]
44035179>She can't suck her own tits Bfffft! HA HA HA![View]
44036622PRAY YOU NEVER END UP LIKE THIS: Guy makes a 12 minute video detailing how other men fucked his wife…[View]
44035255What's worse, daddy issues or mommy issues?[View]
44032833I know that this is r9k and talking about relationship/sex are forbidden but i needed to get this of…[View]
44035202>wake up alone >go to university alone >attend classes alone >go home to be alone >sp…[View]
44036661You say 'yes,' I say 'no,' You stay 'stop,' And I say 'go, go, go'[View]
44035602Gang war: If 5 members of the Triads, Yakuza and the MS-13 went fought each other with their usual w…[View]
44035656Dating Advice: I will keep this brief. Be me >Old >Fat >Yellow Teeth >Glasses >Can lo…[View]
44036112>he doesn't like bussy[View]
44034928What holds you back from talking to people or making friends? I'm constantly afraid that the pe…[View]
44036540Comfy minecraft realm Post ur minecraft usernames and I'll invite u or add Depressed retard#713…[View]
44033124How do I stop being an alcoholic?[View]
44036298Dicklets be like 'use a cloth tape measure you ain't accounting for the curve!'[View]
44035964>in charge of laundry >have to clean little sister's clothes >mfw piss stained panties…[View]
44030568We had a great thread about this yesterday. Does it feel like everything in the world and life in ge…[View]
44035773>TFW turns out that female manager who is fucking up my schedule likes me, romantically >TFW s…[View]
44034760Fucking stupid gains goblin bitch. Should I just block her now /r9k/?[View]
44036412Woman proclaims love for Elliott Rodger: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iZZgEaQ42xk[View]
44035718>2012 >/r9k/ is full of poltards and racists >2018 >/pol/ is a minority on this site an…[View]
44036368Meeting with my father: Around 10 years ago my parents divorced, since than I lived with my mother a…[View]
44034317>all the normies who come here to bully and status jock >all the femanons who come to bully y…[View]
44034358What are some good things you've done, accomplished, or that have happened to you lately?[View]
44036367Anyone else here keep getting banned from discords for no reason other than being diffrent? >join…[View]
44035085If the mods are going to purge all of the threads calling out the fact that trap threads are coordin…[View]
44035337>Oh, I just wish I had a nerdy white boyfriend who was only into asian women because he confuses …[View]
44034906You have ten seconds to explain why you are above dating a fatty, black woman or single mother.[View]
44035478At a dealership getting my wife's car fixed up. Come argue with me about something, I'm bo…[View]
44036231I had an unprotected oral encounter 4 months ago. I tested positive 1.35 for HSV2. What's the l…[View]
44035526Who else coffeeboy here? 5 cups in a day is light for me anymore. I make jokes all the time about m…[View]
44036186>Left this website about a year ago to try to improve myself >Came crawling back after my life…[View]
44035316ITT: Times we were ghosted by women: >finally decide to make a dating account >meet qt 7/10 th…[View]
44035666Bots, What makes white girls are so powerful?[View]
44034649>there is no soy in the drinking wa-[View]
44034327have you ever hit a female?[View]
44036110Haiku time anons: >You will be missed >Shotgun on your head Rainbow on the wall lmao fag…[View]
44028776Why haven't you taken the chastity pill yet? It's not like you get to fuck anyone anyway. …[View]
44035852Best way to go out: If someone was suicidal and bent on taking their own life for reasons that canno…[View]
44034634>girl later[View]
44036134Stacies only go for white me...[View]
44036131>Have to listen to mom argue with companies on the phone because she's trying to plan a wedd…[View]
44035382How does it feel to know that you're throwing your youth away sitting around as a virgin while …[View]
44034902Should I just become gay if I'm under 6 foot? No woman will ever see me as a real man.[View]
44036062I witnessed a comment saying this was a fake account get deleted on one of its posts. Is It Fake …[View]
44036007>be me >english class woman teacher >got a D on my exam >note on the end of the exam say…[View]
44035352Do you think any of you guys could use my referal link to sign up to this pay to click ads site?. I…[View]
44035027You should get ready for bed, wagie. Shekelstein wants you well rested tomorrow for another day at w…[View]
44035119Come at me with everything you got /r9k/ Any tendie story, meme, or shitty greentext is welcome This…[View]
44035981I want to get out of this hellhole, traps, trumps, conspiracy faggottry, reddit. Who's with me …[View]
44035593>About to graduate high school next month >peers and parents pressuring me to go to college …[View]
44035099Would you be fine with a gf who used to be addicted to a drug like heroin?[View]
44034447>the only texts you get is your monthly phone bill[View]
44035863>sometimes gums bleed to much my stomach cramps up and i have acid refluxes This is lame and stu…[View]
44035782i hope you have weed right now. Let's smoke at the same time robots[View]
44034173There's no fucking way fembots exist there just isn't. I have never seen a girl who has be…[View]
44035830>asked my sister if she can be my gf >she said yes See ya later, virgins…[View]
44035269>trying greentext[View]
44033750why don't you just go look for your average gf, anon? she's out there waiting for you[View]
44031193What is it about that two smelly blobs of fat, that men find so irresistible?[View]
44035292I betrayed some people and now my stomach is sinking what is this unavoidable pain[View]
44035732You are annie in Episode 3. If you kill Palpatine you save the Republic. But if you kill Samuel L. …[View]
44029741I just fucked chad today, all because im now a cute trap and managed to turn my life completely arou…[View]
44034297>guy eats girl out for 12 hours >she never touches him otherwise Why are women so selfish? htt…[View]
44035740Just fembot problems: >Sometimes boys stare at you in class but too weird to know how to respond …[View]
44032912>Mom comes home from work >Proceeds to get mad that I sat in the house all day on my day off f…[View]
44035612Feels: Saw oneitis cuddle w/ new bf today pls help[View]
44032315>oneitis hangs out with, is best friends with, and probably lost her virginity to a soyboy >ha…[View]
44035611How often do you get called a racist? Everytime someone calls me racist I tell them thats not PC I p…[View]
44034120CYOA Thread: >Depression >Psychological >Church >Ianthe Dressler, Ameline Olivier, Waifu…[View]
44033835Why are girls so pure, bros? They literally have no innate defects.[View]
44026363/wagecuck/ general: Post your experiences my fellow wagies. >be me, retail wagie >12 hours a w…[View]
44032827Is there any way to escape autism?[View]
44033601You could be this happy but instead you decided you'd rather be racist and lonely. Tsk tsk.[View]
44035171Maybe I would like The Beatles if love wasn't the subject matter of ninety percent of their son…[View]
44035442Got owned by a female again: after hearing about r9k i decided to come check it out for myself becau…[View]
44034890Question for fembots Are you guys racist too? or is it just the male robots.[View]
44035222Hello, this is me and my wife. please be nice to her[View]
44035370I don't even have a friend, i would love to just have someone to play vidya with, laugh with, h…[View]
44035354ITT:when autism attacks: >at work >getting ready to close >slow day, spent most of it brows…[View]
44034030giant hate thread: I hate tall men. I fucking hate them.[View]
44035142Is this the stupidest anime of all time?[View]
44032976Oh, that isn't smoke.[View]
44033184How can girls wear bikinis to the beach without feeling like a huge slut?[View]
44032505Picky eating is associated with mental illness and trauma which is why a lot of picky eaters are hig…[View]
44034677>be me >be 6' >be tanned like a t*rkroached el goblino de los americanos >bad face …[View]
44034439Who else in here falls in love with not-so-important characters? For me it was Samantha from Mass Ef…[View]
44033499Do guys keep your money in the bank or are you sitting on stacks? If you do sit on your stack can I …[View]
44035084Who here /asian/: >Be me >Family is from south east asia >Be 5'6 asian manlet >Basi…[View]
44031797/britfeel/: seems like 10 minutes ago I was making the last thread edition[View]
44034897Hypervelocity projectiles: Has anyone made this yet?[View]
44034603>be me >solid qt >not fat >34DD >kinda autistic >not bland >virgin >been tol…[View]
44033828>the 2000s are actually a thing >the 2010s will be a thing >young people are going to talk …[View]
44034915>play game >join multiplayer >join voice chat >subconsciously start doing a thick Russia…[View]
44034887i dont even know if i have gyno anymore[View]
44026659>tell therapist about the conspiracy to turn all men into soyboy beta cucks >he says I have 'p…[View]
44030443It's not my fault that you wasted your privilege. Maybe you should have saved some of that weal…[View]
44034925How is she still alive? Any theories on her family situation?[View]
44033290I legitimately feel sorry for him and any of you in the same boat. You see, when I watch his videos,…[View]
44034877>want to play games with someone >Think about making post on here asking >Remember you guys…[View]
44034758VR: When will we be able to live completely in VR? This life is so fucking painful and unbearable, I…[View]
44034777man what an amazing series. I would gladly trade my life for the blonde tranny's. Not so much w…[View]
44034792Life is lame me, the world is my enemy.: Why can't I be able to transfer my ownership from my p…[View]
44030755Why don't you just get a dog gf /r9k/? >absolutely loyal >will never leave you >loves …[View]
44032266>take a shit >feelsgoodman.poo >shit looks like a black cook >mfw I enjoyed a penis shap…[View]
44033319who /thiccock/ here?[View]
44032087What can be done about the white male problem? How do we keep them from chimping out everytime the w…[View]
44034670this is some of the best bait i've ever seen. it's not that subtle but it seems so..... i …[View]
44029565Reminder that only tra ps are capable of being anime girl tier. Real women just can't compete![View]
44034307What's a good job for a person that finds joy in nothing.[View]
44034624>supposed to go spend a couple weeks visiting some friends >request vacation time from work mo…[View]
44034612Any apps/social media that's worth checking out??? I've deleted all my social media (year…[View]
44034576Do any robots like Panic! At The Disco? What do you think of the 2 new songs?[View]
44027101Are male masturbators for losers? : /[View]
44031989Who else /failinglife/? >Be 21 >no car, no permit >have smartphone, no service >don…[View]
44033746so why don't you have a hobby again?: they're fun and you won't be bored[View]
44032645why dont the women here just become friends with the other women?: it's so easy to make friends…[View]
44032084>when he pounds the bussy so hard you squeak[View]
44032111>comment on post >Thread dies[View]
44034295>if you killed yourself it would take months for anyone to notice[View]
44032560This girl is willing to pay you 2000 dollars to have sex with you. (she has no stds) Worth it?[View]
44032933trying to smoke weed because it helps me not drink and motivates me to take care of house work and s…[View]
44034448Chub, not fat normie girl wants to be in a relationship >mfw i'll never have petite fit girl…[View]
44033913Who else misses Aggie?: She truly was /ourgirl/[View]
44032132The first time I did Adderall I nearly died because I got so dehydrated from staying in the shower f…[View]
44029070How do you get boiparent?: If someone cums inside my boipucci and flicks my estrogen nuked cock will…[View]
44033852>be shitty webdev 22 yr >first serious job, half of the year since i joined >really enjoy i…[View]
44032995Searching for admirers of eastern arts and animation to join my discord, very small, so small it cou…[View]
44034375Nadia Berntsen: http://anon-v.com/videos/165540/narddey-on-skype-3ccc1199177702f9/[View]
44033177Can you ever just 'get over' childhood abuse?[View]
44032510>tfw have jury duty next week what am I in for, robots?[View]
44034118Why do I keep getting a boner every time I use the toilet? (I do number one sitting down)[View]
44034145why me?: >be me >be black >still have a microdick…[View]
44029214>He hasn't taken the pink pill yet >He wants to be alone for the rest of his life >He …[View]
44033437>Only people who have gotten quints can post here if you HAVEN'T gotten quints you are NOT A…[View]
44028192Why don't you just settle for a 4/10?[View]
44033311Chief Rabbi Calls African-Americans ‘Monkeys’ in Sermon: http://www.newsweek.com/chief-rabbi-calls-a…[View]
44030680At first I thought traps were faggots and mentally ill, well maybe still. But nothing of that really…[View]
44031946I tried this last night with some degree of success so I will try this again now at normal hours. My…[View]
44021290Have you >Licked a girl on any part of her body excluding vagina and ass >Kissed a girl >Pu…[View]
44033508undead threads: Why did you screenshot that thread Anon? Are you collecting them for someone? Or are…[View]
44033200Mom found the Tails comic[View]
44030286do all girls expect you to eat them out? I'm disgusted at the thought of it.[View]
44034066Shit normies do: *ball hits you in the leg* >OMG LMAO ANON GOT HIT IN THE BALLZ XDDDDDDD…[View]
44029357What do you think of Christian (Christine) Weston Chandler?[View]
44033886Is suicide and option?: Honestly think there is no way i can fix myself at this point, the damage is…[View]
44030852>be a sexually active woman >be overtly promiscuous and sleep with countless men >contract…[View]
44034012I need help finding that study that said how people who perceived themselves to have gender dysphori…[View]
44033040My boss just called me to ask me if i can do my co-worker shifts. (he is one of my best friends) The…[View]
44033784The sunday evening anxiety wagies get...[View]
44033285NoFap - Day 3: Hello again! The nofap journey is yet to come to an end. I have made it through anoth…[View]
44033100can the mods stop banning me for posts that aren't even mine please my ip isn't even dynam…[View]
44031397What do fembots think of robots who don't want to have sex ever?[View]
44033812Do you have anything you wish to confess before our Lord, anon?[View]
44033780>drank from the same glass as some roastie in the pub >can't wait to tell me mum and get …[View]
44033736>videos get about two times more dislikes then likes, he still butchers a meme every other week W…[View]
44032724>Ruins your porno[View]
44032732My sis: Hey robots, a little backstory. my sister has always liked clubbing and stuff like that. it …[View]
44029901Who else /moralfag/?: >hating on people who are dirty roasties >hating on people who have had …[View]
44033180How would people react to learning about your fetishes?[View]
44032422What's your sociotype /r9k/? >Socionics, in psychology and sociology, is a theory of informa…[View]
44032218What do you do when you encounter a thread that is already at over 200 replies and the topic actuall…[View]
44026924When was the last time that you had a sit down dining experience with an adult human female that was…[View]
44034986>tfw no Steam friends >tfw no friends whatsoever…[View]
44025080pepe/wojak friendship: Can i get some pics where the two get along? their friendship always makes me…[View]
44033407>cute girl sat next to me on the bus see ya virgins, it's time for me to leave this place be…[View]
44026452Beat The Robot: Post original words, never used before. Hard mode: 3 syllables max.[View]
44033456'Anon, you thought that part was hard? It didn't take me long to figure out and I didn't e…[View]
44031178This is what my ideal husband looks like[View]
44031606Let me tell you something you already know. The world ain't all sunshine and rainbows. It'…[View]
44033217Sometimes I like to call the suicide hotline and just keep actively shutting down their help in an e…[View]
44033332Hey normie/fembot, remember: it's just another day for you in paradise.[View]
44033276>r9gay thread with hundreds of replies >nobody really wants it gone >someone makes a gf (ma…[View]
44032706Lennard movement[View]
44030994>Oh shi- it's that neighbor mom told us not to talk to. >Yeah, maybe if we sneak past him…[View]
44031381>doing well in school >thinking of dropping out of school anyway purely because I'm not e…[View]
44033209Is my occasional use of psychedelics still degenerate trash behaviour if im using it to try and solv…[View]
44031562>tfw no Mal Malloy gf[View]
44029785Please someone explain this fucking image to me. Ever since i started browsing this god forsaken web…[View]
44032796so. can somebody explain to me why 86% of the entire 4chan (including this board) is filled with por…[View]
44033155>Be me >kissless virgin >Got bullied in school >5'8 manlet >My name is Chad >…[View]
44032915>wig out or get angry over nothing frequently >Feel like... Nothing I guess most of the time. …[View]
44029425>'Hey anon, do you want a pringle? You have to get it from my mouth using your mouth!'…[View]
44032555Why am I an apparent manlet?: >5'11' male >get called short by roasties who are 5' …[View]
44032934> Anon, you got a package >T-thanks mom >What you get? >N-nothing mom…[View]
44032988>Thread watcher >Refresh, tonnes of new replies >Every thread has at least one new reply …[View]
44032996>mom came to my room and started talking about how they're going to visit my grandparents (t…[View]
44032920What does it mean when you, a NEET who hasn't talked to a single soul, friend, or family member…[View]
44031772Me and my waitress, I'm basically a Chad now[View]
44028331>go outside >see mexican person >day ruined…[View]
44031210What do you do with a drumpfkin sailor? What do you do with a drumpfkin sailor? What do you do with …[View]
44032207Anyone here the authority on techno dance type music? I need some recs![View]
44032794>tfw under 5.5' girth[View]
44032586Who here /noreaster/?[View]
44031269Is this accurate or just a psyop?[View]
44032273good times in school: >teacher asks us what we want to do when we're grown up >say that i…[View]
44030717Animals are sexual creatures. But males have the necessity of shoving their dick into some place whe…[View]
44032741I took my sister's panties and sniffed them, wore them and jacked off into them and then threw …[View]
44032804po poo pee pee and dirty diapers[View]
44029304feels thread what are your feels, anon?[View]
44032406Sometimes I feel like I was born without a little piece that would have made me human and functional…[View]
44032737>nerdy girls think im trying to pump and dump them >stacys think im willing to date them >i…[View]
44031034Why don't you just settle for a Southern girl, anon?[View]
44032446>taking out the trash >qt3.14 neighbor waves at me >wave back but accidentally slap myself …[View]
44032601I noticed that there are quite a lot of blond girls nowadays but much fewer blond guys. Do most girl…[View]
44030570>watch a youtube video of weebs making a naruto skit from 2006 >they were all teenagers back t…[View]
44031387Bee yourslef: Hey Faggots, My name is John, and I hate every single one of you. All of you are fat, …[View]
44031696Your Waifu is the only one you need in your Laifu.[View]
44029175Why does r9k hate male girls more than normies?: What's up with that? Is it better to allow nor…[View]
44032229LOL @ jerking off to drawings and SFM animations[View]
44031095they found the autismbomber via his reddit account was he a robot?[View]
44032357I just want to be able to stab my demons to death with a knife like Madotsuki. I want to stab them a…[View]
44028448p-please join my d-d-sicord ;w; bYWx4es[View]
44031706>mfw wagies will never know the purpose of my glorious bucket[View]
44032109What's your ideal women like? > shy > pretty but not too pretty where chad or tyrone woul…[View]
44030583Why do white women lie about getting raped by black men?[View]
44031830>go to dentist because tooth hurts and cant chew >they dont find anything wrong WOW THANKS GJ…[View]
44028995>Coworker asks me why I never use the restroom at work >Tell him I just dont think it is the c…[View]
44032195'Daddy I found this rabbit! Can I keep him?'[View]
44029451Why don't roasties know how to wipe correctly?: I've worked as a nurse for 5 years and rou…[View]
44032148Virginity: >drink from the same glass as some roastie girl in the pub >can't wait to tell…[View]
44029380Ahh the absolute state of wagies. How can wagies live with themselves knowing they work for pennies?…[View]
44030689>decide to post on 4chan >spend half an hour tailoring filters >all the active threads are …[View]
44032049War/crime/combat Stories: Anyone in r9k fight in a war? Or had to use excessive violence (more than …[View]
44031499Why are girls like this?: >meet girl at bottled >we start talking >she's kinda nice …[View]
44031983>make post >click i'm not a robot >'select all the squares with vehicles' >click on…[View]
44031654Did you fall for the uni college meme? Who wants to be 40,000$+ in dept by 22? Technical college get…[View]
44032130Can we all agree white women are the world's biggest shameless whores? Western society for cen…[View]
44029078So which one of you is this[View]
44031517>captcha >literally fail it 30+ times i can't tell if hiromoot is trying to make me buy a…[View]
44031163Fucking wagie. You didn't deliver my extra large pizza on time. No tip for you today, wagie.[View]
44022018This is what chad does every night out[View]
44031451>Need to get job, but depressed >Take Ritalin to get my shot of motivation for the afternoon …[View]
44031482itt you post your biggest autismo to entertainme while im in my job.[View]
44031317Literotica: Does anyone read this stuff?[View]
44031487What's the appeal of JOI? Asking for a friend.[View]
44031832Watching anime is the soyest thing a man can do. Man up, children.[View]
44031914she!!!! woke!!! up!!!! bros!!!![View]
44031843What do you guys think of this goblino always trying to force himself to be a meme?[View]
44028538Did the Nerds and Cool Kids Switch Sides?: Years ago the nerds studied, did well in school, got good…[View]
44031896Any comfy minecraft servers out there? Bored anon needs help[View]
44031752how do feel about all the posters here contactfagging and (presumably) getting to talk to fembots or…[View]
44025450fatbot general: so i like tried to lose weight but lack the motivation so i sit 16hours at the pc, n…[View]
44030634You hanging in there robots...?[View]
44030325I'm literally afraid to put in an application. all the things I have to account for and lie abo…[View]
44028372/britfeel/: tfw almost April edition[View]
44031352Feminist was a whore in high school now makes necklaces of roast beef. http://www.vulvalovelovely.co…[View]
44031412>Suicidal friend hasn't been online for 3 days[View]
44029408/creative robots/: Come one come all and share your creative works and ideas with fellow robots…[View]
44030651>tfw agoraphobia is so bad that i'm getting an anxiety attack because my package (which must…[View]
44031440>degenerates taught capcha that overpasses are bridges i am mildly frustrated by this…[View]
44028013>You'll never have a breast growth obsessed gf >You'll never stop to get her supplem…[View]
44030602>https://vocaroo.com/i/s1H7ErAuExA7 Steam profiles were a mistake.…[View]
44030068>'dude you have to move out of your shithole home town it's no good for you' Why do normies …[View]
44029186>Be me >Get lunch in cafeteria >Notice some dude with his friends >He is wearing a Calif…[View]
44029535What do these people all have in common?[View]
44029100I'm 21. Am I too old to keep trying to dress like a 'kyoot sk8r boi'?[View]
44029990Face it, lots of you arent really obese, you arent really ugly either most of the time, alot of peop…[View]
44028799>Your favourite camgirl is no longer active What's her name /r9k?[View]
44031481>You, dad! You!! I learned my shitposting from watching YOU!!![View]
44031049Am I gay? >just turned 18 >never had a drive to pursue girls >never had a girlfriend nor fe…[View]
44030552I am usually chad thundercock, when i start to talk to them it doesn't take long until i fuck t…[View]
44029601Let us talk about the positives of being the freaks of nature we are. I will start, >never have t…[View]
44027610/25+/: 25+ year old thread, what video games are you playing today?[View]
44031019>cute girl asking me out >my autism kicks in >pretend im gay and have a boyfriend >im no…[View]
44030127>be me >be cleaning my room >find my 8th grade yearbook >see the picture of me in drama …[View]
44031110If my shower towel smells like shit because I haven't washed it in a month, does that mean I…[View]
44023628>mfw my grandmother just died and she left me (my dad passed it on to me) $37k What do I do with…[View]
44031033>roll really hard alone and go drug browsing >order very cheap speed paste from a new vendor w…[View]
44031243>start new job >4/10 co-worker with a big ass >she doesnt talk to me that much >she trai…[View]
44029928chaotic come back[View]
44027037girls are yucky. im my own gril now.[View]
44025209Just wondering, why don't you guys just try talking to a girl? Just go up and say hi. It doesn…[View]
44031133'But baby, now we know the world is ending, And there's no point in us pretending not to want t…[View]
44026603Who else a /mess/ here?: >no direction in life >aimlessly wander from job to job, school to sc…[View]
44029756>Be 8 y/o >teacher ask to draw your family >i was already drawing a medieval butchering sce…[View]
44029750>slutty bimbo bussy[View]
44030667Trap Porn Warning! This is NOT an exercise: >Major anon, we have a massive trap raid against/r9k/…[View]
44027018>They met when he was 18 and she 42 >They married 3 years later and has two beautiful children…[View]
44028665>Fall into a deep depression because I realize I'm living life on hard mode as a male >Re…[View]
44030348Even ugly girls on Tinder don't bother giving me attention[View]
44024442How masculine or feminine are you truly?: I'm talking about your core personality here, not you…[View]
44030776So, was there a reason /r9k/ became the hosting board for the traps and trannies? And why, consideri…[View]
44031041It's not the Chad physique that catches chicks and I have the proof >know this Elliot Rodger…[View]
44029933>He hasn't taken the /pinkpill/ yet Guess you want to be lonely forever huh anon…[View]
44029396What are your favorite weapons /r9k/? Pic related is mine.[View]
44030918>Does my butt look big in these pants, babe?[View]
44030859This is going to be the first anime figure I ever buy. Rate?[View]
44027448Races of pol: Fill out the following >nationality >Race (no Americans mutt white larpers) >…[View]
44030934Things only you find funny >diabolic speed[View]
44030889>trap raid is commencing as usual Absolutely great. Fucking hell. I am beginning to think the mod…[View]
44030866where did i go wrong?: >be me 17 year old >decide to download that desu app >start getting …[View]
44030816So no one told you life was gonna be this way... Jaksofifh[View]
44028489>tfw just found out that my gf's hair isn't chestnut brown[View]
44030171How do I get a girlfriend unironically[View]
44030697Fucking puked blood this morning. Like 1/3 of a soda can's worth. All came out at one unexpecte…[View]
44029342Completely Fucked In The Head: Is anyone else here just completely fucked in the head and unsure wha…[View]
44029492Looks like the real threat is right-wing terrorism.[View]
44030611>he fell for the 'casual' sex and 'experimenting' pill[View]
44030709>tfw to intelligent to not break out of my 'shell of misery' and succeed in our broken hopeless w…[View]
44030703Gay is not ok you stupid faggots[View]
44028895>Can't get a girlfriend >Become the girlfriend Tell me anon, why do you choose to stay lo…[View]
44030033>25 year old virgin >Live with parents >Weeaboo >Manlet >Manchild >Overweight …[View]
44028987seriusly anon why don't you just settle for a 2/10?[View]
44030220What country is it the most advantageous to be relatively tall in? I'm 6'2'' but…[View]
44028226How much savings is >embarrassing >average >impressive >ridiculously impressive for a 25…[View]
44030032>never give roasties the satisfaction of attracting me >it's a big titty girl showing cle…[View]
44026486SEE Chad really does care[View]
44029259Everything is falling apart and I feel great: Let me explain I am going to take my degree in busines…[View]
44028815Why the fuck do people say exercise makes you feel good? It always makes me feel like shit. lanklet …[View]
44030317Fat Girl Bait And Switch: I asked out a fat girl. My friends all made fun of me for hanging with thi…[View]
44023536You need to get going, wagecuck. There's a wreck and the traffic is at a standstill. Be sure no…[View]
44030417What exactly do you failed trap faggots get out of trying to convince people to ruin their lives lik…[View]
44027933>hey mister we got lost, can you help us find our mom and dad?[View]
44026999>got way too drunk >made a fool of myself >again I'm honestly lucky I didn't get…[View]
44029724Is welding a good robot job? I need to sign up for trade school this year or I'm fucked[View]
44028230If he could afford to buy a gun he could afford a hooker. Why didn't he just do that and lose h…[View]
44030258>friend tries to give me advice >gives me the vaguest, most substanceless feel good platitude …[View]
44029683>tfw because I live in South America I literally fear everyday for my life, specially about someo…[View]
44028946plz play lol with me someone[View]
44021099The roasties want to take away your right to pleasure yourself.[View]
44026963'I am a stupid faggot: >Be you >Virgin >Be me >Also Virgin…[View]
44030316>car battery died while i was gone for 1 hour in class >portable jump starter wont jump start …[View]
44029714Be me, have aspergers and anxiety, see 4 therapists, abused by drug addict father and grandma can…[View]
44029160I should just become a serial killer at this point.[View]
44026196>release date March 28, 2002 >sora grew up and you didn't…[View]
44030157>there are at least ten trap-related threads up Jesus H Christ. I like traps as much as the next …[View]
44029439Trannies: >Dude I can't help that I'm trans. I was born that way. be more sensitive ok?…[View]
44027098At which age should a man accept that he can't get sex for free and go to a hooker?[View]
44030115>Can't think of anything from my youth without sexualising it anymore. >Get nostalgic ove…[View]
44030097Vashta dancing: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=_I5LuwABjOE If you had joined the lookism tonight earl…[View]
44029233I fell for the 'get a job' meme. I had to do a really long 'interview', I had to do a drug test, and…[View]
44029926>HTR threads are cancer You fucking trannies can go back to /lgbt/ and stop advertising your del…[View]
44029907Are you fags just jealous of Judaism?: Women are thicc or have nice tits, women look for a comfy lif…[View]
44023429Post pictures that make you feel[View]
44029950>when you dream about your crush[View]
44028105Why Do All Women Have BFs: Why do all women have BFs whereas most men have no GF? This sounds imposs…[View]
44028552Have you considered: Why not just be gay, anon? I'd rather be a fagbot rolling in bootyhole tha…[View]
44029843Niggers are aliens. Let's send 'em back home.[View]
44029375>Unemployment is defined by the Bureau of Labor Statistics as people who do not have a job, have …[View]
44028673>animal dies >cry like a baby >woman dies >couldn't care less…[View]
44029801>get invited to sleepover in OfflineTV's house despite hating some of them >still hate so…[View]
44029124Another year closer to death. Happy birthday to me.[View]
44029709do women actually exist? None I've ever seen irl have ever interacted with me, so I've jus…[View]
44028574Whenever I see a cute femboy posted here or on other boards I just want to ravage them but I can…[View]
44029719h-hey bro, can you fix my shorts for me?[View]
44029520Tell me about your mother/sister(s). What are they like? What do they think of you? Do you view them…[View]
44028490Hello! I am very confused/awkward female and I really want to get into telegram chat, but male anon …[View]
44027369What is the best music genre and why is it Dark Ambient?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qL3osHj-My…[View]
44029644fml: >be me >see that someone screenshotted a private discussion from a discord server on anot…[View]
44029413I'm starting to find 2d girls sexy....what do?[View]
44029599>when a woman wants a sugar daddy who'll sort all of her problems out for her she's emp…[View]
44027856Bad memories: Do you have some moments when you remember bad memories and then feel like shit for da…[View]
44029220>tfw no bizzare looking girl(?)friend[View]
44029509Alt cuties thread? Actual cuties. Not girls who are merely attractive. Girls that are literally ador…[View]
44029529>tfw opened the ex-box again[View]
44029519Does anyone else ever envious of female sexual pleasure? I don't think I want to be a woman, bu…[View]
44028281srsly, why don't the fat girls here just lose weight?: you'll feel better about yourself. …[View]
44029309>autism mentioned in class >stacy and plain janes look at me It's not fair…[View]
44028165r9gay: What happened to the thread? Edition[View]
44025849ITT: Post your fetish. Let's see who has the most obscure fetish on this board.[View]
44029307would you /r9k/? would you pic related?[View]
44028224I was not going to really even do anything on my computer today but I changed my mind so sticc thre…[View]
44029024Does anyone else smell girls that walk by them?[View]
44028395Ever had an 'internet crush'? How'd it go?[View]
44026367i hate that my IRL pals say I inspire them so often, it makes me cringe a little. There are so many …[View]
44029096>had strained relationship with my dad for many years >finally start getting on with him again…[View]
44028657>He doesn't use 4chan X.[View]
44029086being in a relationship won't stop you from feeling like you're all alone in the world. It…[View]
44029036Do some leg raises for me anon! Let's get the blood pumping![View]
44029014i'am in college and i've never talked to a female in my life.[View]
44028594So, I feel like I'm a mix of both Robot and Normie. I'm a Normie, because I've bange…[View]
44029010(sorry for my english): >be me >be italian >do theater >qt3.14 8/10 do theater this year…[View]
44028817'Why are you so bitter ?' How do you respond?[View]
44028762Female Domination/Male Submission: Hey guys, I'm from 9gag and I just found this board the othe…[View]
44028961What is your MBTI?Just curious as to the demographics of this board. I figure there's a huge NF…[View]
44027989>tfw I really like someone I met in an online game and I just want to hold her hand >tfw she…[View]
44027389Can we have a UK hate thread?[View]
44027851Any other robots here #inrecovery? Seems like all the core concepts of recovery are the antitheses o…[View]
44028666Does anyone else like to collect pictures of other anons sisters?[View]
44025821Femanons, how do you feel when a boy spreads your butt cheeks apart to inspect your anus?[View]
44028854>need to study >drink too much coffee >feel fucking anxious >cant concentrate on anythin…[View]
44028847>tfw you will never be good looking[View]
44027569What keeps you guys goin?: For me? It's the State of Israel.[View]
44021582>tfw no not racist not into politics non conservatist bf where should I look for such guy? it see…[View]
44027385What webcomics do robots follow? I read pic related. Anything with christ chan is so comfy[View]
44028783Tell me again that being attracted to this is gay, brainlets[View]
44027865How to deal with bitchy female managers?[View]
44027908conundrum with my life plan: I want to have children one day, but know I will never be able to live …[View]
44024584How much fucking longer do i have to wait before i can get asked out by a gf. Any other robots also …[View]
44026057The only time I'm ever happy is when I'm thinking of suicide. Should I just do it? What do…[View]
44028015This is the toy that i have been keeping for as long as i can remember. I took it from a neighbor of…[View]
44026234>trying to sleep peacefully >gf big spoons me all night >wake up with a sweaty ass and back…[View]
44024647WouId you use it?[View]
44027426What do you do all day? Recommend me some good background noise.[View]
44027280I don't think I could relate to someone who wears black less than 70% of the time[View]
44028571>spend all day looking at girls on the internet >can't interact with them in real life wh…[View]
44027532Do robots drive? What do you drive? Do you pick up much poon with your ride?[View]
44028494Girls are too hard to penetrate[View]
44028628eu te amo: on March 23, 2016 shy was born.A sun rises for the first time in cybernetic and internet …[View]
44027978Hero fantasies: Anyone else have fantasies all day of taking a bullet for someone? I have no value a…[View]
44028600Yoyo's and random shit: Anybody else on this god forsaken website do yoyoing? if so, what'…[View]
44019937However bad your life currently is, it could be worse. You could have been born Asian.[View]
44028535SeeYouThankYouLoveYouBye :3[View]
44028507Do any femanons have big bladders? Has anyone ever commented on it, maybe bullies at school (who wer…[View]
44028172I can't do anything right. I fuck up everything I touch. Give me one good reason why I shouldn…[View]
44027973Are these originally autism shoes?[View]
44028409How my autist friend got me a qt and a suspension: >Be me, slavic,in secondary, but in uk so kind…[View]
44028447Lonely suicidal bot Add if you want SlushieOfHats#1910[View]
44026373what browser is /r9k/ using?: cr using brave as other bots recommended it, whats your preference?…[View]
44027207shitty friends: God damnit anons, anyone else reach the point where even your childhood friends star…[View]
44027447>lost the ability to cut my toe nails[View]
44028411I'm to old to still experience all the cute relationship stuff ive always wanted to. People my …[View]
44022763So what's your origami excuse again?[View]
44027512the only thing i ever wanted was a relationship with a woman. not just meaningless one night stands …[View]
44020779If you got a gf: Hypothetically, if you got a gf, what would you want to do with her? Assuming you a…[View]
44028302Post streams of cute girls ITT[View]
44027204>tfw no girls to suck, fuck, and diddle I hate being mixed-raced in the United States. I have no …[View]
44026748Things you'll never here >omg...its so big...[View]
44022767/britfeel/: Curiouser and curiouser edition[View]
44028259>there are men who have had 5000 girlfriends >there are men who currently have two girlfriends…[View]
44027875>translation: 'WAAAAAH!! MOMMY PLS HOLD MY HAND! I AM DEEPWESSED! WAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!' why is the cu…[View]
44028046how do we fix the reddltor probem[View]
44028244>tfw people ffrom here say the way you communicate is too robotic. >The only time I express s…[View]
44021061>wake up refreshed at 11pm >quiet and tranquil >make my night coffee >its sophisticated…[View]
44028163Was Diogenes the original shitposter?[View]
44028189Why doesn't anyone like me?[View]
44024233Other countries: Hey guys i like to play a game. The non-american anons tell were are they from and …[View]
44025013>watching videos about crazy people and school shooters >keep finding things I have in common …[View]
44024667*blocks your path* >I know you hate the women who have hurt you, Anon. But do you hate me? I just…[View]
44026992The end of the line.: Hello 4chan i am a teen who enjoys smoking weed and ive been doing it for the …[View]
44028094Whatever your flaws may be, just remember that at least your dick isn't microscopic tier. http…[View]
44027962pls help if u can: feels thread kinda - how i lost something very important to me >be me, rn >…[View]
44028069*smokes a bowl in one go* vro i'm telling you *orders weed through dark web* dude like *inhales…[View]
44024139what's stopping robots from settling for a 5/10?[View]
44021802Why is he so based robots?[View]
44027442>walk through door >2 girls watch me until I sit in seat What did they mean by this?…[View]
44025340Ia magic the gathering a good hobby to get into, or is it a waste of time and money?[View]
44027991anon tell me,why a bitch gotta lie?[View]
44026711Need me a GF: I want me a minecraft GF. Who can help? pic unrelated[View]
44026130>'Oh Anon. I don't like hearing you talk like this. I just don't like to imagine you be…[View]
44027936Is using Tinder pointless if you're a turbomanlet?: Should I just try to meet girls in real lif…[View]
44027874Best angle and height to painlessly snap my neck?[View]
44026947What are your red flags when browsing dating sites? Mine: >Septum piercing >visible tattoos …[View]
44027272Want to waste some time? https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=3NxPbe04Y0-hDknntxN8rwb…[View]
44027490Need Form entries for Class: pic unrelated, need 200 entries for this form, go nuts please https://d…[View]
44027479>be me, 14. >depressed, fat, really shit acne. >decide to do something about it. >start …[View]
44027833Why don't you just self-gf?[View]
44027220christ-chan: please send in all of your christ-chans, im desperate[View]
44027604>playing that fucking dead ASSFAGGOT game League of Legends >decide I'm going to play ran…[View]
44025527Tinder algorithm punishes you for using the app too much: So I got Tinder plus a couple of weeks ago…[View]
44027186I-i fucking hate black,yellow,56% people.Just go and die already or become slaves to the superior ra…[View]
44027446Terrible rejection stories: >be me >have lunch with girl every day >qt3.14 7/10 >getting…[View]
44027342>live in the middle of nowhere >8 hours away from closest big city 2 hours from a small mall a…[View]
44027343Why not just try to be a nice person? Not as a roundabout way of getting laid or whatever, but just …[View]
44027305Got contacted via linkedin for a possible internship in another city. Do I say I'm interested? …[View]
44027504This is how I dress most of the time. Am I a faggot?[View]
44027321Does /tv/ like Oz?[View]
44027261if you have no friends is there even a point to start something with a girl if you have the chance: …[View]
44027531'Nuking' A Oneitis: So I had this bad oneitis that was fucking with my head. I tried to co…[View]
44027526Do google watch videos I uploaded on google drive? I exchanged naked videos with a girl by uploading…[View]
44026777I WANT A GIRLFRIEND AND I WANT ONE NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ASHFASUGFQ…[View]
44025942I'm a monster but she loves me: So I'm the robot from >>44011470 I was going to kill…[View]
44026856The cost of living has outweighed the benefits. If I fast for a while, sticking to a mostly liquid d…[View]
44027402So how do I phone sex, /r9k/?[View]
44027396I want to cringe all over her perky little breasts[View]
44027084Do I need a GED to succeed in life? I have been told that I need a GED to get a good job and keep it…[View]
44026923Does anyone know a good way how to cure sinusitis? It plagues me many times a year, struggling to br…[View]
44025886ITT: Autistic things you do: Time for another episode >I hate porn and think it's gross, so …[View]
44026423who is this guy? can i have more memes featuring this guy? they're pretty funny.[View]
44026357>be autist in middle school >'hahaha anon is so weird let's make fun of him haha' >get…[View]
44027159anyone else? >have a shit depressing neet life >make greentexts about it all the time >get …[View]
44027233'Alright, since school is canceled today, I'll let you cuddle with me and sleep in. When you wa…[View]
44023985>have a fake tinder account with over 2000 matches, literally >from time to time when im takin…[View]
44027146My faps are so much better when I stop doing it for at least a couple of days, the pre-cum is leakin…[View]
43995803Bone-chilling phrases: >Could you like, just shut up?[View]
44026847atfa: is anyone here addicted to feeling anxious?[View]
44024601What are you doing here, wagie? You need to get out of the house or you'll be late for work![View]
44027168>go to school >leave usb in computer >it has the 2007 full mr bean film on it help…[View]
44022845Woah. That actually makes a lot of sense[View]
44018507Females are impressed by guys that let out of lot of sperm. Such guys are considered manly and cool.…[View]
44026962ITT either post what you hate about Discord or post screencaps of your shitty experiences with the p…[View]
44026279>on the bus >listening to music to avoid interaction >caught a cutie staring at me >she …[View]
44025204>be me >smoke a joint with friends >a girls takes the joint >she gives it back to me …[View]
44027113This band I like from Italy released an album today. Their singer's name is Fabrizio Panebarco.…[View]
44025196how do i know if i'm retarded? not just lacking common sense, legitimately retarded.[View]
44025342>be me >havent had a conversation with someone in god knows how long >random chat site >…[View]
44026206Fell in love with BPD fembot: Any other borderline fembots here? Can I make it work? How?[View]
44026602>21 >no friends >day consists of work, eat shit, shit, sleep >even work on weekends caus…[View]
44024802Penis problems.: Hey robots, any way to make these cracks go away? They don't hurt they just lo…[View]
44026792>girl talks to me for like 10 seconds >already imagine what our sex would be like >imagine …[View]
44026217What kind of mental disease is this, seriously? Both my roommates watch trailers on YouTube like thi…[View]
44026547/creative robots/: Come share your creative works in this thread Shout out to our creative robots!…[View]
44025267Let's go. Recite your baseline.[View]
44023900Lying to your girlfriend: Did it for the first time, don't know how to feel, i fel no regrets. …[View]
4402686825 yr old virgin here. I decided to lose it today, but now I'm scared to dial the hooker. Give…[View]
44026825>just got angry about an assignment I did badly on and 3 of the girls giggled fuck.…[View]
44019575Why is McDonalds so mediocre? Why do so many people even go there?[View]
44026110Why do norms get so pissed off when you cancel a meeting with them? Even if there is a good reason?[View]
44025810>snowed in on my day off >brother and his girlfriend called off work >They won't let m…[View]
44026836>tfw dust starts gathering in asscrack[View]
44025920Ask a robot with a 5 inch dick who has fucked 43 women (although 3 had dicks) anything[View]
44024182i have testicular cancer and need a double orichiectomy what am i in for[View]
44026165TFW no little east coast snow storm GF: probably the worst time to not have one. u knoe?[View]
44024300>be angry, bitter and mad at women, hate them for what they are, constantly complain about them, …[View]
44024023Fuck reviewbrah. I watched his videos in 13/14, when he reviewed stuff just as he wanted, autism and…[View]
44026765Today I will remind them there is no cope.[View]
44022968Graff general: Any /writers/ here on r9k? Where are you from? What do you write? Favorite writers? …[View]
44026040Femanons: >Added at least 6-8 females on this board from zeemaps and other threads over the past …[View]
44025802Where does a 20 year old woman find a 30-35 year old guy who isn't chasing after young pussy? I…[View]
44024371/booze/: What are we drinking tonight? I'm looking for a drink that doesn't taste like dic…[View]
44026684>be me >have a good body, not fat, not skelly but look good >broad shoulders, good frame et…[View]
44026219apathy: It's now 1am, I have a job interview at 10am but I just got some dank nuggs so I'm…[View]
44026491Tinder Thread: quick what do i say bros[View]
440260283600mg paracetamol, 100 mg codeine, 3000mg cafeine Die when desu ?[View]
44024381I am looking for someone who is intelligent and charismatic and over 18 who will let me pay them to,…[View]
44025487who /comfy tranner/ here UwU[View]
44026052>you will never choke on your mommy's dick[View]
44024185Is there any better food on this God given earth?[View]
44025805I like to look at pictures and videos of attractive ladies with no clothes on[View]
44026400How do you converse with a female coworker to where you're subtley flirting with them and they …[View]
44024383what YouTube channels do you like to watch? this post is very original[View]
44024910What would a psychologist do if he found out his new client was suicidal and homicidal, hypothetical…[View]
44026119>something good happens >unable to enjoy it because of fear that some karmic justice will let …[View]
44025943For a year shaft of penis has been painful to touch on side. Marked area is where it hurts. Pic rela…[View]
44026360I can't take anyone with a lisp seriously. I can't respect you if you talk like a 4 year-o…[View]
44023203Is this how sex is done?[View]
44026008it's not really that delusional to think of yourself as a genius when you realise that it just …[View]
44026257>tfw no Fortnite gf[View]
44025911Dear /r9k/: Stop Caring About Women or having roastie girlfriend[View]
44020054Do you agree with this? Which artists would you add or remove?[View]
44026172I just want to be 14 again.[View]
44025840Feels: tell me robots how did it all started. when did you realize you are hopeless.[View]
44023361Anons. Should I have sex with this hooker? She's 7 minutes away. I'm a 25 year old KHV.[View]
44023616Is there any way to kill my sexual desires and thoughts short of killing myself or cutting off my ba…[View]
44023967>look for job >I'm not qualified for anything better than McDonalds-tier stuff…[View]
44025473I don't want to be alone I want a girlfriend I want to be loved[View]
44026173This is a pic of my pee pee in a cock ring lol. Yes I did get a sexual thrill from posting this.[View]
44026135>le 0 percent face[View]
44026151> 4/17/1974 - Rob_Viktum.mp3 starts playing[View]
44024434favorite asian pornstar: ITT: post your favorite asian pornstar >julia boin >pornhub Rules: …[View]
44026045what is your personal attractiveness/rating scale? 1-10? what does each number look like? are girls …[View]
44026108Just looking for some input from fellow robots with what is I think related to anxiety and depressio…[View]
44026091ITT: Books that robots should read[View]
44025986I was texting this girl but she didn't hang out so I quit. Woke up to messages on my phone sayi…[View]
44025569Y'all wanna know what's worse than never knowing what it's like to be in a relationsh…[View]
44024893>autism >AND stupid Awesome amazing haha[View]
44024988>invite man over to your apartment to 'play video games' >give him home cooked meal >get p…[View]
44025982>tfw no sissy white bf to stuff my brown willy into[View]
44025259Why do brazilian males look like this?[View]
44025474Whats the point of pretending to have a code of conduct and being against degeneracy? All women are …[View]
44021210This broke ass son of a bitch come up to you begging for $200 in exchange he offers you some rice an…[View]
44025955>matter is constantly recycled as time passes >your bodily atoms have been part of people who…[View]
44025700>you browse your internetz when underage chad starts hitting on you wat do femanons…[View]
44023839>go to doctor for regular checkup 'good job on the weight loss anon another 30 lbs or so will put…[View]
44025395Who here is in for the east coast snowstorm? If so, get the fuck in here and get /comfy/![View]
44025686Dentist: Any other bots afraid of the dentist? I have an appointment tomorrow and im pretty nervous.…[View]
44024855Convert to judaism, goyim: Why haven't you converted yet, silly goy? Pic related can all be you…[View]
44024792>forgot to set alarm >wake up late >its snowing its going to take over an hour for me to bi…[View]
44022785I want to become a dangerous and badass outlaw fugitive with an insanely high bounty.[View]
44023488>Wake up >See youreself in the mirror >See this wat would you do?…[View]
44022192>tfw no Mexican Indian gf I don't know what it is about them. A lot of people find the reall…[View]
44025528i'm 6'5' I want a petite girl to dominate me and make me her slave[View]
44025682Life is so fucking boring and dull , I just want to go live in fantasia[View]
44025252Ok guys I was almost Chad I need ur help I didn't get a gf but I almost did >Met grill >g…[View]
44025495I have some kind of mental retardation that makes it so I can't learn I keep getting fired beca…[View]
44023931Would you have coffee with her anon?[View]
44024858Can we get a women getting BTFO thread, my fellow robots? >oh my gawd https://www.liveleak.com/vi…[View]
44025257Are you going to Livestream your suicide so your mom can be memed? Isn't that a bit cruel[View]
44025192>tfw no cute artsy tumblr gf to discuss social justice and 90s anime with…[View]
44023046What's r9k for?: I have not understood. Is it for my thing as long as it is original? I'm …[View]
44025434>be me >sis and i coming home after visiting our grandma >had weak stomach so can't ha…[View]
44024456>look in mirror >don't like face[View]
44023228>3 am >just jerked my cock to oblivion >eating plain sourdough bread now How here/fucked/…[View]
44024663>tinder qt sends me tiddy pic and agrees to meet up this weekend >wake up next morning >she…[View]
44024831How do we save her?[View]
44024196Discord is full of fucking queers I swear to god you can get banned for basically anything. I want S…[View]
44025278>tfw random memories of embarrassing moments start to come to your mind out of the blue…[View]
44025026>I'm supposed to just watch my country get destoryed I've fucking HAD ENOUGH, FUCK OFF …[View]
44024419I don't own an intelligent phone What am I missing out on? Can I get a rundown of what the big …[View]
44025243Does having sex with an asian count if she was born in my country, so she doesn't have the acce…[View]
44025246tfw no economically minded qt asian waifu gf i'd give her all my money. her skin look so smooth[View]
44024670why does this anime pic make me so uncomfortable? is it because of the nose? also what anime and sho…[View]
44025037>https://youtube.com/watch?v=lKXfBQvBZDU >tfw no qt guitar gf How do you deal with these feels…[View]
44023105Truth about tism: Okay robots. I need to tell you about a new theory I've been developing that …[View]
44023697Im so damn pale,i almost look like a vampire,being too white is bad...for example when its summer my…[View]
44009940Am i just becoming older, or does it seem like everything is shittier now than it was in the 2000…[View]
44021463Why the fuck everyone thinks she's the good one? >claims to be anti-slavery while commanding…[View]
44024204School teachers in the 60s, 70s, and 80s when they would teach blood types and basic genetics to the…[View]
44025017otwieram karachanerski bo mi mode kurwa smiec dal bana za avatarciote[View]
44024934Be honest, who else has looked it up? >lifetime warranty[View]
44025002Is Nav a chad rapper?: Nav was: >broke >failed high school >lived in canada >ugly india…[View]
44024819Work up courage to say 'Hi' to a girl. She yells 'Patriarchy, Rape!' Later that night, girl gets dru…[View]
44022963i found some codeine syrup expired in 2014 should i drink it boys? theres enough in it left to get h…[View]
44024779what's stopping robots from settling for a 1/10?[View]
44023503How the fuck is someone like me >introvert >anxiety >depressed >autism Meant to meet a f…[View]
44024653ITT: we pretend to be nice[View]
44024932>You will never be an ornamental hermit living comfily in some British guy's estate >You …[View]
44024167*ruins your spring*[View]
44024791>Mom found the cum dwarf[View]
44024468When in public toilet I spit on a tissue when wiping butt when done so I can essentially wash my but…[View]
44023278Why is there such a strong correlation between older male virgins, incels, MGTOW etc and alt-right p…[View]
44023813>buy a game >say a word >money stolen fuckin communist liberal pieces of shit…[View]
44024863Do you suffer from Dunning-Kruger effect, or its corollary, the Imposter Syndrome? I personally suff…[View]
44023770Friends and the friend zone: Do you think if someone agrees with this guy that their crazy? I think …[View]
44022744Happiness Thread: Post something random and unique that makes you happy. I love nice tea-sets.…[View]
44024758Does anyone else here feel like a duck slowly drifting on an open pond?[View]
44024738>be a depressed fag >constantly anxious and angry about stuff >leave the internet >go o…[View]
44024668>Dad found the hentai book I bought during an anime convention[View]
44022567Daily /aus/: Another lonely night Jrjr[View]
44024703Robot: Can someone explain to me how the ROBOT9001 actually work. am brainlet[View]
44024608Year after year, this game is something I can always take comfort in. I dont know what it is about i…[View]
44023461This scene used to terrify me. Still creeps me out https://youtu.be/7MQ356o5nCk[View]
44024424>be me >be socially awkward cuck >be playing kahoot >have rubber with hole get idea put …[View]
44024306This happens when you play too much fortnite.: >be me >few weeks ago >watch much fortnite …[View]
44023568>tfw, about to power up after having my third coffee of the day Feels good…[View]
44022296I'm going to Tokyo on Friday for 10 days. I am going alone I am full robot I have real bad soci…[View]
44024525Do you like clingy girls, r9k?[View]
44017813Is kigurimi truly the patrician fetish/hobby? >bringing the beauty and perfection of 2d to the im…[View]
44023585How do you know if you're gay?: I've been hit hard with the idea that I might be gay. What…[View]
44023473If I'm not interested in becoming a normie what use is any of his advice?[View]
44023011What will she do?[View]
44024145I'm about to fail university. Have 4 weeks to prepare for exams, and I haven't been able t…[View]
44024508make: a cool thread?[View]
44023007SLEEP: How do I start sleeping right anons? It seems like there is just something in my brain that d…[View]
44024437Seeing others succeed reminds me that I failed, and seeing others have X reminds me that I lack X. …[View]
44023111AI waifus when? I believe this is the most realistic solution to loneliness.[View]
44024082How the fuck to wagies do it?: After 6 years of NEET I entered the workforce and it is the most mund…[View]
44022293illness/disorder thread: i was the anon talking about my skin feeling weird and detached the day bef…[View]
44022177Fucking help. I'm sick, actually sick and my masters project involves breeding flies for geneti…[View]
44024413>be me >12 y/o senior *wears le mature mustache disguise* >older brother is a 25 year old n…[View]
44021929fycbrvyfheu: first time posting here so probably not doing this right but fuck it >be me >13…[View]
44023720Motivation thread: Hello /r9k/, what's the thing, if there's any, that stops you from kill…[View]
44023217Should i get into starcraft 2?it feels like i would enjoy playing it now that its free to play[View]
44024328This HAG wont shut the fuck up. Its so early what is she yelling. God I hate old black women. I just…[View]
44020551Anyone else here /evil/? >set aside 15 minutes every week to downvote all the new YouTubers who a…[View]
44024270just a reminder to not call yourself a robot if you arent racist or watch anime you fuckin liberal p…[View]
44017068>wake up >go to computer >drink water >go on /r9k/ >make some oatmeal with dill >m…[View]
44018616Why did I have to be cursed like this: whywhywhy Why did I have to be born black and female I hate i…[View]
44024312Would it be immoral to leech off my abusive ex-gf for snack money?[View]
44024282>Younger sister was taking a shower >Took her dirty panties from the hamper I can't be t…[View]
44023780HYPOCHONDRIA: How do I deal with my hypochondria? I wake up every day thinking I have some new form …[View]
44023701>adopted a dog today >later virgins[View]
44023098go to bed wagecucks, long day ahead of you tomorrow.[View]
44022730You have exactly 9 seconds to tell me why you have not yet considered to become a Buddhist monk. It…[View]
44019528Middle School Teacher here, I've listed some stuff that's popular among kids 11-14 today. …[View]
44021557Would it be strange if a 18 year old male in HS lusted after a 14 year old girl in 8th grade? a-aski…[View]
44020617why is dentistry so fucking medieval compared to other types of medicine? It seems like every other …[View]
44024135ITT: We share our sexiest Chads: Crack open those Chad Folio's, robots. Lets see if you have an…[View]
44023502Today I had two dreams, and both of them, BOTH of them were about boys kissing me. I can't take…[View]
44022765can't stop missing dead people[View]
44021382and other femmy or tranners video call for late might comfu[View]
44023064Hello anon! Please remember to show an ugly girl kindness and love today. They deserve happiness too…[View]
44019744Should i hang myself on livestream?: Would any of you watch it? (Stealing idea from pic related obvi…[View]
44022210i licked my sister's cheek while she was napping in the living room. it wasnt salty at all and …[View]
44023576Post bare soles pls: originari no origi desu[View]
44023902>tfw became cyborg chad >learned how to interact with other people but the main reason of my s…[View]
44023822How skinny is too skinny in a girl, r9k?[View]
44023201I've collapsed mentally into a state where I cant perform normally anymore, and I can't go…[View]
44023306Why are neets so worthless and pathetic? All they do is waste precious oxygen[View]
44019400Its the first Wednesday in 5 years I'm not buying any lottery tickets. Not sure how I'm go…[View]
44011053Post your age and IQ >18 >110 iq I'd kill myself if most of the people here were younger …[View]
44022381I guess its all said: >tfw even music or porn dont fill the emptiness >tfw you isolated your a…[View]
44023752>tfw never had a real meaning to live[View]
44000499/uni/ general: 'Get rejected by all internships you've applied to and wait to be lectured on ho…[View]
44022525>tfw turned 18 >still a virgin I-i will die alone,no one will ever love me....…[View]
44023686Is this scene why so many millennials have a transwoman fetish?[View]
44022398The Purple Man says: Haha, you're all fucking losers![View]
44022393i fucking hate failed normies. crawling back here to boost their confidence just so they can try aga…[View]
44021626underground lifestyles: what are some secret worlds hidden in plain sight? night life, secret societ…[View]
44022295I'm about to enter into a relationship with a trans girl Convince me not to, /r9k/[View]
44022294smoking weed makes the world big and scary, never smoke it everyday it will drive you into the groun…[View]
44023516>tfw your life doesn't matter >tfw wont have any influence on a single person in the worl…[View]
44020271>it's a girl brings her mom to her porn shoot episode[View]
44020778>Been watching the same group of people play GTA5 for about a year. >Just found out that the …[View]
44023399You encounter a crying asian man blocking your path. What do you do?[View]
44023465>he cares about roasties >he doesn't ignore women and any sort of real sex Where there ar…[View]
44022065Anyone want to form a suicide pact and die together?[View]
44022700https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3yNllJ3W180 Realistically, is there anything we can do to get Lance …[View]
44023142uh oh: >be me >hear chad calling someone a soyboy ITS WORSE THAN WE THOUGHT GUYS…[View]
44021163>Oneitis rejects you >Months later, she puts on her normiebook wall that her love life is shit…[View]
44022942Why You NEED to Stop Smoking Weed: >Makes you lazy and okay with doing nothing >Expensive espe…[View]
44021434My friends, we are all going through shit. We are not alone in this shitty period. Please don't…[View]
44023346switzerland: any swiss here? where are you from and what do you for a living? >vaud >second ye…[View]
44021977>this guy slaps your gf on the ass wat do?[View]
44023301I used to think people with life-long problems with depression (probably my root cause), autism, anx…[View]
44022579Feet aren't sexuaI[View]
44023113>been browsing other boards in the past few days >come back to r9k >BLACKEDposting, trannyp…[View]
44023204commies: >be me >13-14 ish 8th grade in highschool >(8th grade is when you enter hs certai…[View]
44023069I'm fucking addicted to food right now. Full time study and a stressful af part time job and th…[View]
44022577There's a young, somewhat attractive blonde girl living in a motel room next to mine. How fucke…[View]
44023154Lost my virginity Losers: >Be me, 9 >Cousin Comes over shes 13 >Asks Me to finger her >…[View]
44022340>Oh my god, who fucking stinks?[View]
44021904Do my hands get skinnier as I lose weight, by themselves? Pic unrelated[View]
44023084Nostalgia general: >You will never spend hours playing snow bros on the chinese nes with your cou…[View]
44015156Why is the suicide rate so much higher for men?[View]
44021692How do I destroy someone's self-esteem effectively? I want to repay these people back 10x fold…[View]
44022201ITT comfy youtubers: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCq6VFHwMzcMXbuKyG7SQYIg[View]
44020979>had my dick sucked for the first time by gf >gf kisses me mouth full of semen >I really li…[View]
44022912Itt Everyone posts a picture of their butt in their underwear[View]
44022857My teacher: > be me > in Pe > doing some restarted dancing > get activity where we split…[View]
44021508This is a heterosexual relationship. Still want a GF at any cost?[View]
44022819Does waking up earlier to go to bed earlier really WORK?: I need to know. Cause tbqh I'm tired …[View]
44021389My friends say I am a good listener and give good life advice. Post in this thread with your problem…[View]
44013018Hey, guys. How are you holding up? Anything you want to get off your chest?[View]
44022698can a high school loser robot completely reinvent himself and fix his life in college?[View]
44022382Serious question: Not sure if this is the right board or not but i'm gonna ask here anyway, doe…[View]
44022758Uh, oh that isn't smoke![View]
44011637/britfeel/: surprising amount of nonces show their true colours edition[View]
44022695>he failed college algebra as a mechanical engineering major hahaha what a fucking retard he migh…[View]
44022735Care to update this list bots? I know your messenger and snapchat and other apps are filled with new…[View]
44022042How do I talk to someone I ''hang out'' with (a bunch of people talking with us only occasionally re…[View]
44022515>seeking 3dpd if you are not intelligent enough to convince yourself that 2d is superior, you don…[View]
44022175Life is beautiful: >tfw found the love of my life It's not too late Robros!…[View]
44021612>tfw no girl will ever lay on your bed and spread her legs for you[View]
44021756Normies hate thread: I think I'm going to snap. These fucking normies. Always going out of thei…[View]
44021680>'no-one cares' >-every anon ever What did he mean by this?…[View]
44021481>entire family constantly belittled you and treated you like shit throughout your entire life …[View]
44021205Can anyone in Norcal help me?: My parents lock the fridge and won't let me eat, Please email me…[View]
44018082>there are people browsing ITT right now that don't have a gf i ironically dont understand t…[View]
44022559if anyone into watching naruto shippuden episodes, https://www.rabb.it/windcutter919 mostly i want …[View]
44022264Black > White Everytime.[View]
44020463Why is he so popular among incels?[View]
44015352Searching for admirers of eastern arts and animation to join my discord, very small: m2GvAJS[View]
44022182p-please join my d-disco-ord ;w; bYWx4es[View]
44022341>nobody ever responds to my threads on /v/ >start creating arguments with myself just so someo…[View]
44021944Brobots, I need some help. Post your reaction images. I lost my folder[View]
44020947Does anyone else make weird sounds constantly? Preferably when I'm alone I like to make weird n…[View]
44019772Last Post Ever: I drove a girl home from work today. I'm in the clear. See you later faggots!…[View]
44022346>tfw can't fly feels bad[View]
44022134do you like sonic i like sonic https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vEGXvCaDLzI[View]
44020658Asian virgin vs White roastie: Which way would you vote if you were going to marry one of them?…[View]
44021390Wagecuck: Happy hump day fellow wagecucks how you holding out?[View]
44021798I want a gf so badly but I don't want to work for it.[View]
44022347Why are normies so scared of talk of pregnancy or impregnation. I was in a cam whore chatroom and sh…[View]
44021213>2-3 years ago >barely able to get out of bed most days and no job and no money living with pa…[View]
44020480I know some of you guys don't give a fuck but some of you do so i thought i should post this. A…[View]
44022233>girl asks if I want to come over and I tell her I'm busy >I'm actually just intimid…[View]
44020911Why haven't you confronted and integrated your shadow?[View]
44021987Is there anything you wish to confess before our Lord, my son?[View]
44014807post a song stuck in your head right now, ill check it out: if i replied to your post, know that ive…[View]
44020899Tell us where your bunker is anon: So, are you preparing for this shit, or just waiting to die cause…[View]
44022040Have you ever had a girl have a crush on you? I was popular with girls up until 9th grade, but after…[View]
44019381Guess my mom's age and personality from her music taste: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yMG-Mi…[View]
44015846>Perfect women don't exis-[View]
44021118>tfw you had enough of dealing with druggies >decide to give it all up >6 months cleam >…[View]
44021133A reminder that White Men are ripped, muscular SEX GODS who sweat pheromones like waterfalls and mak…[View]
44021079I have no friends so i made this poster and too me when i realized many video game characters resemb…[View]
44021616Anybody here a legitimate tard? (not counting high functioning autism)[View]
44020927>trying to follow cute girl on Instagram >maneuvering app >put her name in >tap her name…[View]
44020787what do femanon butts smell like?: i bet like candy[View]
44021129do gay boys that look like this exist or are they all breeders[View]
44022013'Sit next to papa and tell me all you're dark/disgusting secrets botfag'[View]
44022025casting call: if any of you fembots out there want a great guy, I'm right here[View]
44022024Evolution of a Black Bot: Advance in your evolution Black Bot. Transcend race and virginity and go a…[View]
44016429I bet her milk tastes like warm honey[View]
44020728Tfw I saw my crush get hit in her crotch with a softball, and missed the perfect opportunity to comf…[View]
44009116Are there too many people in the world?[View]
44018853>day 6602 >still kissless virgin[View]
44019282Amerimutt thread? Need me some good images.[View]
44021730>why do you always change in the wc anon? >do you have a small penis? I hated sport classes so…[View]
44021951Chad Appreciation Thread: Okay guys, Chad appreciation time. Open up those Chad folders, and lets se…[View]
44021782Hey Slugger: Listen Champ, I know I'm your stepfather, but I think of you as my own. It's …[View]
44020925>tfw i actually have a genuis iq level Holy cow is life suffering. Ive literally had to work my l…[View]
44021611I have $5000.. is it too late for me to get into crypto currencies?[View]
44020558What is your social circle like anons? That is, if you have any. >Got into my social circle via m…[View]
44019775>Psychopath brother just got bail I wish he killed himself in prison[View]
44015847I am 23 and my parents are trying to control what car I should buy.[View]
44016299hello! any girls on r9k today?[View]
44020939I got a crush on a girl at the gym. We're both fat but I've seen here there almost everyda…[View]
44020827>just be yourself anon! trust me![View]
44021522>Unironically played roblox until i was seventeen, got extremely into the groups and took shit su…[View]
44021058Will any fembot be my practice gf?: I just want to see what it's like[View]
44017422has anyone here ever been to a party before? are they really like what you see in the movies?[View]
44021158>tfw no creeper bf[View]
44021677Eating Habits: What're your eating habits? >Too much? >Too little? >Only eat tendies? …[View]
44021037>Attracted to my cousin >Been attracted since I can remember >My family used to tease me ab…[View]
44020040>son's class assignment is interview his hero >he chose to interview his step-dad instead…[View]
44020797Hey robots, come hang out here, grab a beer or cup of tea, it'll be real comfy! I have to go ca…[View]
44015706If you fully got turned into a girl tomorrow morning how would you restructure your life?[View]
44017447How is your relationship with your brother/sister? I didnt see my sister since 2010[View]
44020150Did you ever do lewd things with another boy when you were younger and discovering yourself sexually…[View]
44019633*snaps at your pinky toe*[View]
44021475NoFap: So I hear anons say shit like no fap will make you a better man, with more testosterone and a…[View]
44021249I don't wanna die without smelling an ass like this![View]
44020801>wasted a whole night watching supermarket forts videos on youtube Why I am like this?…[View]
44021242I want to OD. How much heroin would it take to kill me (250lbs 6'0')[View]
44021057How do I avoid answering a certain question I don't want the other person to know? But I can…[View]
44019344Society rejects you guys for being you, so why don't you guys lash out against society?[View]
44020507Good good, goys. Keep browsing my site I make money off of that.[View]
44020906>tfw you have brain damage and live in constant physical pain but anons are whining about how not…[View]
44021310>be me 13 >walking home from school >spot 3 niglets attempting to steal a bike >notonmyw…[View]
44020609Boys don't like girls - only sissies like girls: >Remember when you were a kid and the boys …[View]
44021220>i almost accidentally nutted to my female friend's picture How much longer until I can…[View]
44020643>It's that episode where anon saves his oneitis from a school shooter…[View]
44019799Who else here /horny/?: >any half decent-looking girl talks to you >jerks off to them next tim…[View]
44021171>High School Teacher: Anon, these are the best years of your life! >Same Teacher: Oh my God! I…[View]
44017704Imagine taking a DNA test for fun and finding out you are cuckspawn[View]
44021060>be girl >play overwatch >I'm a gamer :D >look at my kd >2-12 >mfw mercy is …[View]
44019580Many of my friends are having suicidal thoughts and actions, or are becoming depressed. I dont have …[View]
44020669Pictograms that make you hmmm[View]
44019968So, group assignment. We created a group on WhatsApp to deal with it. Me and a girl get into a fight…[View]
44021154>'just be yourself and you won't panic in social situations' >myself is someone who panic…[View]
44020756Shit Thread: ITT: we make the shittiest thread[View]
44018531suicide: i think one thing take keeps me from killing myself is the fear of not knowing what happens…[View]
44021045Which one of you did this? And anybody know the thread for it?[View]
44021026Nothing nothing nothing nothing nothing nothing nothing nothing nothing nothing nothing nothing noth…[View]
44020680>tfw no suicide assist gf[View]
44019646>You fall asleep playing vidya, >Wake up and see this. What do?…[View]
44020969i feel like the worst part of living with your family is the subtle look of disgust that they have w…[View]
44017977Why do you want a girlfriend when there are way more fullfilling and meaningful things to do with yo…[View]
44012651Robot from the 70s publically rekts his former bully. Fucking amazing. https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
44019659Tfw I feel my friendship is stagnating with the person I'm fixated on: I feel like I'm for…[View]
44019965how does it feel knowing you're never gonna be a dad? >tfw starting to want kids…[View]
44020541>'Anon are you looking at our feet?? That's so gross. You know what, you can have one and on…[View]
44020816Well lads just accidentally farted in front of a cute girl when I was laughing while talking to her …[View]
44018466Post your favorite Yung Lean song that isn't Kyoto. >inb4 meme music Get your bad taste sort…[View]
44019185What are you drinking /r9k/? Just got off work (waiter at a fine dining restaurant) and i'm unw…[View]
44020810Are all the ass sniffing memes just memes or have any of you actually tried it?[View]
44017444Is it normal for the love feels to just wear off? >meet qt >after months of sperging, finally …[View]
44020534When relatives ask if you got a gf why not just lie and say you got 5[View]
44020796>be me >roommate is asleep on couch next to me >roommate is grill >accidentally knock ov…[View]
44020607I am a Chad and I am live on Twitch. Come live a life you'll never live, /r/obots. I'll sh…[View]
44012483Let it all out anon. We're here for you.[View]
44020690soda robots: Hello robots, I have quit drinking soda for about 2 months now in attempt to be healthi…[View]
44018011I just want a fat ugly fembot gf.Im the least pickiest person in the world all I care about Is perso…[View]
44020569Dick flashing: Has anyone here flashed their dick to a random girl? If so what happened?[View]
44020455Has the soyboy meme gone too far?[View]
44016735How to Asian GF?: I am turning 20 this year.. Something just ticked in my brain or some shit and sud…[View]
44017747Are you brave enough to post your shitty amp or guitar setup? /gg/ is dead but there's a few mu…[View]
44019045Are Mexicans Making the US Great Again?: >US is 69% Christian, 2% Jewish >Mexicans are 93% Chr…[View]
44016515Was Schopenhauer a robot?[View]
44018670>jst be yrself[View]
44019769Family called me a stupid, uncaring, arrogant slob again. l'm on the verge of offing myself, r…[View]
44006269Ask a dermatologist anything Part 3[View]
44018083Im so sorry for how hard your life is anon. I know how terrible it is to always be alone even when y…[View]
44020595This fucking retard on insta[View]
44018563Sonichu Thread: Is Chris a hero? Should we make him a sonichu statue?[View]
44019766tfw she tells me to give her all of my 12 inches. So i fuck her 3 times.Feels good man[View]
44019957noko: When was the last time you noko'd, robot? You don't even need to anymore Did you eve…[View]
44019612Firendo(s?): looking for someone to talk to and be bitter with. connections escape me and no one see…[View]
44019940I can't stop adding girls off the internet to sext. I barely even get off on it anymore, I…[View]
44020526>mom found the pile of unwashed underwears with shitstains in the buttcrack section…[View]
44020113>game runs completely fine with no lag or stutter >shoots your gpu up to 98 degrees in less th…[View]
44020419>work in all boys high school >kid 'uh have you ever heard of 4chan' >'yes' >I don'…[View]
44020259Things incels don't know: if you interlock fingers with a woman while she's riding you, yo…[View]
44020140Are Asian men really this insecure?[View]
44017380I'm never letting my children watch anime, browse 4cancer or unsupervised internet access, no T…[View]
44019899please join my discord me and my friends are very lonely as I just had to purge my 120+ member disco…[View]
44017319Modified nofap: Where do I post instructions to a modified nofap program I composed? It really works…[View]
44020291ITT: things you did and thought were completely normal but then you found out you're part of a …[View]
44019217Why do women do this?: i just love *row of emojis with heart shaped eyes* guys from a different race…[View]
44019848are you not supposed to swallow tooth paste and mouth wash?: >be me >in bathroom >washing m…[View]
44019774Only a Brainlet complains about being Homeschooled: Are you kidding? Wanting to go to public school …[View]
44018369>reply to my own post with 'kek'[View]
44002514Feminists Demand Paris Sex Doll Brothel Be Shut For Fueling Rape Fantasies: just when I though women…[View]
44019985Do you guys ever go to restaurants alone?[View]
44013535>mom finally admitted that it's her fault that I'm a failure because she took me out of…[View]
44020164i fucking hate women >ez life mode >everyone cares about you >she can be ugly and STILL a f…[View]
44019978I literally feel like I have no mouth but I must scream[View]
44012346why haven't you settled for a 5/10 yet?[View]
44020165>Decide to make a facebook >Add old friends childhood >Look through their facebook >gf…[View]
44016653Body Odor: /r9k/ I need some advice. Despite the fact I shower daily and scrub until my skin is pink…[View]
44019354aspergers: so i think I might genuinely have high functioning autism is there any basic stuff I can …[View]
44019303Just Imagine: You are 21 years old, live in the USA, are a complete failure at life and are about to…[View]
44019439No nut for 3 days. I can feel my ascension coming. I will become god soon.[View]
44019732whats it like to have a girl interested in you?[View]
44019061Anyone else here never try to get a gf but still constantly feel sad and miserable about it? I never…[View]
44019332>make a bait post >someone falls for it and insults me >try to restrain myself from immedi…[View]
44020052Anyone else /shit hairline/ I would go as far as to say you are not a robot if you have a straight h…[View]
44019928communism thread: Who here has realized that communism is the true beta uprising? Nazbols and strass…[View]
44020031The only thing I want is women genocide and hanged white cucks on lampposts. Gynocentric society is …[View]
44017327>turn 23 >mom says I'm too old to sleep in little sister's bed >do it anyway >…[View]
44019434took a hit of acid, not sure the strength. wish me luck my friends. last time it cured my depression…[View]
44019625i've played myself: >> start watching porn >> lesbian porn has two girls so less ga…[View]
44019816>haven't posted on 4chan in months >don't agree with popular opinions on 4chan anymo…[View]
44019805Please little fembot marry me Nice and happy we will be I'll give you a happy life Please littl…[View]
44019471I Iove you /r9k/[View]
44019363h-hi boys[View]
44019562Stop masturbating and watching porn: You will never have coitus, but playing with your genitals is a…[View]
44019450Cryogenics = Euthanasia: Why don't people who are depressed just go into a cryogenics, either d…[View]
44018367femanons, wat do?: This man held you down and raped you last night. You are probably pregnant His n…[View]
43995540fresh off the twitter feed 500 likes or some shit and it was posted only a bit ago this is what 14 y…[View]
44017790JUST: >meet a decent girl >not ugly >likes me, we share common interests, both love star tr…[View]
44019577>tfw no peripatetic bf[View]
44018487tomoki and chaotic where[View]
44019674If I go out drinking enough times will I finally get laid? I still can't flirt when I'm dr…[View]
44019218What's something women do that you can't stand?: Something I've noticed lately: so ma…[View]
44019518Any other robots here dissuaded from trying anti-depressants due to side effects? As it stand I quit…[View]
44019098Prayer over medicine: Can anyone explain to me why anyone with even a shred of intelligence would bu…[View]
44018546>rich family goes away to costa rica for spring break >i have the house to myself for a week …[View]
44018684>shitposted 50+ times today >not a single reply lets have a good ol blacked thread…[View]
44018602yo anon i heard you a virgin. Pull out that cock so you can get over with it boi ayyy[View]
44018583>don't even smoke >just smoked a marlboro red out of boredom what is wrong with me…[View]
44017794Women only want Chads wirh big di~~[View]
44018556Get in here feels faggots: If you want to talk, come tell me what's got you fucked. I'll b…[View]
44014047how can you justify going to the army?[View]
44019455I hate my cock so fucking much, having a small useless 20 seconds to cum dick is a shit curse to hav…[View]
44016896i just puched a chad but i dont have friends to brag with[View]
44014245I'M FUCKING WORRIED: I just came back from the psychiatrist after finally being able to go and …[View]
44019431My computer broke today. I've been spending hours trying to fix it, but I don't know if it…[View]
44018471have you ever fucked silicon feet?[View]
44014039>wake up >open your eyes >see this what do?…[View]
44018936How do I accept the fact that I will probably off myself before I'm 25?[View]
43987077Why the fuck did he do it? What could have possibly troubled this kid so much to the point he though…[View]
44019310Are the helium tanks at party supply stores purely helium?[View]
44018880Fucking wagecucks I swear...[View]
44017529Job interview tomorrow. Wish me luck.[View]
44018478Ask a chadlet anything: >be me 5'9' certified manlet >lost virginity at 14 am 21 now >…[View]
44019053How would you feel if you were forcibly raped by a 10/10?[View]
44010839I have an idea for the /ultra lonely/ here... Just hit me... Hear me out. >Find a prison penpal g…[View]
44018983>an hole board dedicated to women-hating virgins who worship asian cartoons…[View]
44017389a great memory: >be me, about 10 years old >having a good sleep after a long day of playing mi…[View]
44018953>want to jerk off >tfw no gf >jerk off >don't care about gf anymore Black Magic…[View]
44018482Why can't people understand that I don't care about real life? I just want to look at cute…[View]
44019177Dinner thread.: I made an omelette and bacon strip. I just made the bacon strip so I could cook the …[View]
44018804Hmmm this guy looks awfully familiar[View]
44018738>don't want to talk >just want to feel the presence of another person beside me >this…[View]
44016212Fat General: Who else /large ass/ here? >Forced to wear my watch directly on my joint otherwise i…[View]
44018964Why don't you ever sleep in the same bed with your best friend (male)?[View]
44018692>It's another 'mom sleeping with a drunk middle aged stranger for drug money' episode…[View]
44018092Social Isolation Thread: I've been coming here ever since I was 21. It's been four years s…[View]
44017577I want to drink myself unconscious on friday. What should I drink?[View]
44018974>be me >be nice guy >realize I'm actually an evil monster putting on a facade because …[View]
44018944Dinner thread: I made an omelette and bacon strip. I just made the bacon strip so I could cook the o…[View]
44018151Question for gaybots: do you ever get turned on by traps like Buck Angel? And if so, do you feel a l…[View]
44007643/r9gay/: Life support edition Previous: >>43955742[View]
44018798Does it count as losing your virginity if you and a relative kissed and licked each other's dic…[View]
44018519I can't tell you where I got this information, /r9k/ The media is infiltrating this board and g…[View]
44018920hey guys. any anon wanna play dota w/ me?[View]
44016545Is there a chance?: How many people have got a significant other as a NEET? If I live in an apartme…[View]
44018162How much ice cream can you eat in an hour, robots?: I just ate 1.5 quarts. After eating chips and a …[View]
44018416It appears everyday on this board there is a new psyop being conducted and I am tired of it.[View]
44018542Cars are hot?: So I just watched Cars 3 and really liked it. I in fact really liked the yellow car '…[View]
44007583How disappointed would my parents be if I introduced my Mexican grocery store manager GF from the gh…[View]
4401160625+ General: Get in here lads. How is your week so far?[View]
44018294Evening /r9k/ >Be me >40,000 B.C.E >23 y/o male absolutely caked in mud and feces >Eatin…[View]
44017703I took the ASVAB when I was going to join the marines, but pussied out afterwards. I now want to joi…[View]
44016768Is it possible for a real life relationship to be as cute and lovey dovey as in an anime?[View]
44018332lurking: >be me >browse /b/ for something interesting >Pages 1-9 are all 'Pics u shouldn…[View]
44017125>Tfw you're gay and grew up eating soy products >Tfw father was macho that never ate soy,…[View]
44017494how and where can i meet someone willing to participate in a suicide pact? I've befriended a sp…[View]
44018072Is Jiren, dare i say it, /our chad/?[View]
44016957Why do you hate cucks & sluts: I honestly don't get it. Is it because they aren't goin…[View]
44018568What do you do when you have a complete psychopath for a step mother and it eventually made hanging …[View]
44018550/FCG/ - Fitcel General: /fit/ dont like feels on their board edition For discussions about weightlif…[View]
44018477How is your sexy anime girl collection going, anon?[View]
44018383HOW BIG was Jesus's dick? No one fucking cares, because he redeemed the entire human race. So y…[View]
44016207Let's do this. >your age >age you lost your virginity >most unusual place you've…[View]
44016137> want companionship and human touch > no girl likes you in 25+ years of existence can femanon…[View]
44009213someone explain this shit pls what tf is the school system doing to kids nowadays[View]
44018108Is astrology bullshit?[View]
44018055Should I switch from android to apple? This has been bothering me for a while[View]
44018138This account is a fake isn't it?[View]
44018299Gazing Robots: join me https://letsgaze.com/#/w/j3pkx7rhvqxs9k90[View]
44016380Anyone bullied out of being a Nerd then see Nerd Culture take over?: Has anyone here been bullied ou…[View]
44009886Does this video bother you?: https://youtu.be/uGjCUY59B_0[View]
44010081shoes: robots, post the shoes you last wore. pic related, its me[View]
44018167Why is abduction, murder, and suicide only a national tragedy when the victim is a hot white girl?[View]
44017346A 48 year old domme woman wants me to move a few hours away from where I currently live into her hou…[View]
44017952>go to burrito place with friends >gf can't come >don't order anything >anothe…[View]
44009857Why hasn't the media swarmed this place yet? I thought we would be seeing stories on Fox about …[View]
44017917Is it normal to get gayer and gayer the longer you go without a girlfriend? I'm a 28 year old v…[View]
44013284I just bought $80 of chicken tendies from costco, ama.[View]
44016921>bussy >apply directly to the bull cock >bussy apply directly to the bull cock >bussy ap…[View]
44015223you know the drill robots tags: r9k, robot9001, omegler9k, r9komegle[View]
44018273>that fat tongued mongoloid Patrice was right about literally everything holy fuck, bois. Why do…[View]
44018198https://youtu.be/3yNllJ3W180 Daily reminder that chad always wins.[View]
44018063my autism reached max: So I was in the car with my dad and brother and I see a milf washing a car an…[View]
44010357Things your mother said that never came true >you're a great listener, i'm sure you…[View]
44015648'That Kid' Thread! >that kid that never showered or cleaned his hair and always had dandruff but …[View]
44016372hey /r9k/, I may have just burned bridges with my mother's side of the family irreparably my m…[View]
44017534Hey guys. I just wanted to vent. Not about anything particularly bad, but just about something. >…[View]
44017677when did you realize that /r9k/ is the best board on 4chan ?[View]
44017744>You sure it was an accident? I'm just having trouble envisioning Stacy running into your kn…[View]
44017979>tfw your entire family is developing health problems but you did first but you're curing it…[View]
44017270Tendie Stories: >be me >petting cat, mommy let me name her Hercules >Am hungry, and I now r…[View]
44012519What do you think think it's the biggest red flag for a woman? For me it's red nail varnis…[View]
44016117>be 32 >still done nothing with my life I feel like a failure. When my mom was my age, I'…[View]
44017246>Im so glad l spent all those years on /r9k/[View]
44009966>uguu~ Anon-san, do you like my cheesy feet?[View]
44017229Can I get some ratings of this ass? I want to see others opinions on this..[View]
44017805>be me >work up the courage to talk to this girl I was really into >honestly think she…[View]
44014420Post things that make you smile itt[View]
44011297Post a picture that makes you smile and you think might make other robots smile too.[View]
44017801i love and appreciate all of you anons[View]
44015418>tfw no amazon mommygf who is completely equal to me in terms of work and responsibilities but do…[View]
44017304What the fuck? Is her Aunt some type of cuckold?[View]
44017517Who else here is happy that they're naturally ugly? I don't plan on completely letting mys…[View]
44017756boys I have a gf been dating her almost 2 months with previous girls I've been feeling like s…[View]
44017694The Worst Fetish: does anyone else have this fetish? i know it's pretty degenerate... the fetis…[View]
44017218THERE.......... .................IS NO...............[View]
44017261>haven't cut hair in 8 months >barber FUCKS my haircut up >tfw have school tomorrow…[View]
44017180Do you believe in karma, anon? Do you deserve your current fate[View]
44017606>just finished high school >have literal severely autistic brother, i guess his raging autism …[View]
44017698When you friends are discussing about women.: And you realize you are too aesthetically challenged t…[View]
44017625Don't drink strawberry milkshake and doxycycline[View]
44016908>make five threads i spent a lot of time thinking about and they all 404 with no responses i thou…[View]
44015751It's meme day at my school tomorrow, what should I do?[View]
44016854>depressed when I'm working >depressed when I'm lazing around at home I JUST WANT TO…[View]
44016937i haven't watched porn or fapped for a week and a half now where tf is my gf?[View]
44013732You're out on a comfy walk alone in the forest, suddenly: >please help mister! someone tied …[View]
44016230>hey anon, wanna drink soy milk and watch skeptics on YouTube with us?[View]
44016348a few days ago I was laying back watching tv before bed. I lay with my head propped up and my vape i…[View]
44015114I was just thinking, what if we had like 'good citizen points' handed to citizens for doing charitab…[View]
44017100YAMERO: Okay which one of you fuckers commented that?[View]
44017215Misanthropy: Is misanthropy just part of being a robot? Or is it beyond robotism and into AI territo…[View]
44005160ITT: We talk like women: OMG, this. So much this.[View]
44015298Are there any other blackbots who are based on /r9k/? >understand that we're intellectually …[View]
44015964It's been hard, hasn't it anon? It's alright, it's going to get better[View]
44016176BMAF is the most innocent pairing[View]
44014460normies on my MOTHERFUCKING BOARD: Why is reddit/normalfags so entirely focused on ruining good thin…[View]
44016615I've run out of fap material[View]
44017036Any Youtubebots here? Any tips on growing a channel from experience? I've had my channel for ov…[View]
44016148What it's like to be on a date? They seem so boring in the movies I watch.[View]
44014387Good feels bread: >When you're feeing sad/depressed and your dog instinctively comes over to…[View]
44013314Does anyone knows what the fuck is up with this son of a bitch? Does anyone here know him? Has anyon…[View]
44017191My experience with a tard >at one of those parent-teacher interview nights >talking with frie…[View]
44013445How do I get rid of white fever? Asian female here.[View]
44015887>be me on the internet >millions of people use it >can socialize with all sorts of people …[View]
44016016Who the FUCK introduced me to masturbating and porn... my fucking life would've been so much be…[View]
44017088https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s3Ehmi4xHe4 How do we feel about this video? I think it's fake …[View]
44017057taste of good life: >be me >hold a 5 minute conversation with a girl >another girl joins co…[View]
44016071>About to punch out of work which takes less than 5 seconds >Server shows up shortly after I …[View]
44015626Sailor Mercury eating 22[View]
44016697ITT: things people have said about you that you're not sure if it counts as a compliment or an …[View]
44013831who would win in a debate?[View]
44016062>get a part-time job at McDonald's to get my mom off my ass while I try and set up a web bus…[View]
44016994>oneitis sends cute picture of herself to me >smile >take a look at the next picture >'s…[View]
44016883what do you think of the recent take down of jordan peterson? basically he's been exposed as a…[View]
44016762>tfw 28 and missed out on teenage love >tfw no 18-19 yr gf…[View]
44016945You'll never, EVER have a gf as cute as this ASMRtist. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YMtwU6Fp…[View]
44015999>at uni library at computers >white kid sitting next to me starts punching his forehead harder…[View]
44016942What if anything in life is not overrated?[View]
44016548What should I do: Here's my past two months regarding one situation. >Be me >Valentines d…[View]
44016935off: >oof >big oof >bigger oof >even bigger oof…[View]
44015297Pretty people can be sad too you know.[View]
44016878I still don't believe robots when they say AWALT[View]
44016740>only want to make friends because i want things to do and be stimulated by something other than …[View]
44015595Robots, what are your thoughts on Joji? Personally I like his soundcloud stuff better than In Tongue…[View]
44016859Daily reminder the term 'thot' is nigger-tier. 'Roasties' are the only correct t…[View]
44016241Useless piece of dirt: >be me >have the opportunity to skip class, and so I can watch the Seve…[View]
44016521Post your soys: Soy dump time[View]
44016284what if I told you that your insecurities manifest themselves in the form of you desiring to procrea…[View]
44015787What does it mean when several girls try to sit on your lap at once and call you a faggot?[View]
44010831Name one thing wrong with being a 'slut'. It literally has nothing to do with you so why do you care…[View]
44016492How could I make $1k in a single night? Asking for a friend.[View]
44016678>tfw you think back to all those girls who pretty much threw themselves at you in your high schoo…[View]
44016504I'm seriously considering pursuing digital art as a career: selling posters and making trippy w…[View]
44015771How does this gif make you feel?: Please tell me your opinions faggots[View]
44015153>be part of a discord server for quite some time now >actually manage to make friends >talk…[View]
44015677>another anon backs you up in a 4chan argument but >he uses normalfag images…[View]
44016453i'm thinking of making my wife do twitch streaming to get some easy soycuck shekels. How much c…[View]
44016432Buddhism: Do any Robots here gravitate towards Buddhism? I particularly find Mahayana appealing and …[View]
44013856Whats going on big guy? What? Playing video games makes you happy?[View]
44015555>A-anon-kun...Jamal-san said he'd be gentle and go slow. Th-thank you for letting me try his…[View]
44013522Thinking of writing a really specific book about the dramatic flaws of art education in public schoo…[View]
44015442Tfw I'm extremely fixated on one online friend of mine: I'm convinced he hates me/dislikes…[View]
44013453>It's a parents get drunk and remind you that they hate you and think you're a failure …[View]
44015308Poo Poo Pee Pee Anonymous: I feel like it's been a while since we've had a good poo poo pe…[View]
44014780My poem: And like a nigger, I want you to kill yourself And like the wind in the waves, I want you t…[View]
44016187Why don't we all just bang each other and become gay?[View]
44013071New and old discord server Comfy and kind of slow Looking for new frens[View]
44016282>can't stop existing 6Gah4aycFmJfbwaOTZmC0Iq[View]
44014195anyone else attracted to their therapist? I just jerked off to her.[View]
44004016Autistic things you do: >pronounce Isle like izzle >have a wooden spoon in my room i take to t…[View]
44014884Why do I want to suck a cock if I am a guy attracted to girls?[View]
44011904Psych Ward: Psych Ward thread. Share your experiences, talk about being admitted, why you got admitt…[View]
44014917help with legal issues regarding sexual discrimination from roastie boss: I have been unemployed for…[View]
44015794All right here i go: ok time to tell you guys I was in my home then a fucking man came through the w…[View]
44014509>9 years after high school >everyone's face got fat except me…[View]
44009844/creative robots/: Last thread was taken down by the CIA Come share your creative stuff and try not …[View]
44014287Non soyboy games: List them >dawn of war 3 >company of heroes 2 >Red Orchestra 2 >total …[View]
44015960Where are you going? Where will you go next?[View]
44015489comfy feels thread: if you need to vent, get something off of your chest, or just talk to another hu…[View]
44014547>tra no brrrrrAaAaaaaaaaappp gf, why live lads?[View]
44015623Okay guys I need your help: I was playing the game I just installed and I don't remember my nam…[View]
44008961>tfw in love with someone I met online and I just want to hold her hand >tfw she's into r…[View]
44014467Why are women so fucking filthy?[View]
44015691Aren't your thoughts and dreams real in a way? Let's say for instance that you imagine a f…[View]
44014078Who Was In the Right Here?: The woman or the black bear? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nU5cMZymSr0…[View]
44014005ever since ive been having suicidal thoughts i feel at ease: nothing scares me. it's like what …[View]
44015925>be me >go on b for Russian roulette >see anon story about Lucy which is about fucking a 5 …[View]
44014991>be me >ching chong >at mandarin school, so I can further my skills in the language of my G…[View]
44013850> wanting to make a world a better place when you were younger > hating everything about the w…[View]
44005956What year are you still stuck on, robots? For me it's 2006.[View]
44014537sex dolls substitution: i'd always imagined people would come up with high tech materials and d…[View]
44014501Give me some robot music anons...I'm not in a good way lately.[View]
44015736tfw no New Age GF: y even live REEEEEEEEE all i want is to listen to New Order with my New Age waifu…[View]
44015482>tfw Misaki has yet to come to rescue me from my hikikomori lifestyle[View]
44014644hats in school: >be me junior year >have a shitty buzzcut >at school in hallway >asked t…[View]
44015726how do i do away with all my worldly desires, r9k. i've already accepted that i'm incapabl…[View]
44011518>parents are always home when im home >cant masturbate when they are home who knows this feel?…[View]
44011032Woman gets socially awkward coworker fired: Apparently the guy had a hard time talking with other pe…[View]
44011908Holy fuck why am I so obsessed with Tomoko Karuki. I don't even watch anime frequently WataMote…[View]
44013267Is your ring finger longer ? If so can you relate to these things[View]
44001297>be me >femanon >meet another femanon and start talking on discord >oh wow am I finally …[View]
44013791'Getting a job is all about being persistent and putting your game face on, Champ. You'll never…[View]
44004433so why don't fembots (if they're even real) get with robots?: just stop being picky and se…[View]
44015351There's a young, somewhat attractive blonde girl living in a motel room next to mine. How fucke…[View]
44012981>I'm so glad you agreed to hang out and listen to The Cure with me, anon!…[View]
44015115Turned 18: I just turned 18 today, which means I can officially lurk on here without the possibility…[View]
44015316What's it like having a penis that wasn't so embarrassingly small?[View]
44015343frieza in a cocoon 20[View]
44015240Any other anons feeling like their at the end of their rope, I think this might be it for me.[View]
44015253>When the cheese leaks out of the bottom of your Chicken Cheese burrito and gets on your clean re…[View]
44012484>decide to check out another chan >join discussion >get told to go back to 4chan Are we th…[View]
44015304Is the first Matrix movie really just a side-by-side metaphor for the inevitable communist revolutio…[View]
44012857School Shooter: >'Don't shoot man, I understand your pain. I'm a loner who sits by hims…[View]
44011585/sf/: >tfw poor >tfw cant play a lot of games >tfw mom is alcoholic and abusive >tfw i …[View]
44014538Imma roll spaghetti on dat ass[View]
44014400Oh, shoot. Sorry about that, Champ.[View]
44014362about to vape some jizmogloblin. what are you robots up to ?[View]
44013704>want to die >Don't have the mettle to do it Is there any worse hell than this?…[View]
44015031AWALT: Reminder that even if you did get a gf, she would just cheat on you anyway. All women are lik…[View]
44013825Ugh.. okay fine, I'll take off my shoes. Are you satisfied yet weirdo? Now give me the $20 you …[View]
44014777>want to make friends >can't because it's hard for me to start conversation >when…[View]
44012840how are you supposed to be happy if you've never experienced happiness before?[View]
44011206How do I go about finding more information on somebody? I have already found her address, her sister…[View]
44013233>guy makes a video of his dog saluting a nazi video to annoy his gf >uploads it to youtube …[View]
44013692>look in the mirror >I look ok >take a picture of myself >I'm fucking ugly why does…[View]
44013929overseas bride: my pastor said he will be going to PRC in august and bring back a chinese girl for m…[View]
44013503>have had suicidal ideations for over a year during college >drop out last autumn due to depre…[View]
44009202When are you guys going to sit down - and I mean really sit down - and rethink everything you know a…[View]
44012688If you were born a girl would you be a slut?[View]
44014906Manlets get in here (please): >tfw I was shorter than some Asian guy in line today Daily reminder…[View]
44014339What's with the growing amount of transwoman hate lately? It's like it's become OK to…[View]
44014578why do so many ugly fat guys seem to have boyfriends? I went to a gay bar last weekend and I was lit…[View]
44014871Everytime I go outside I feel like I'm being scrutinized by judging, derisive eyes, harried inc…[View]
44013849Question for the board with the worlds HIGHEST concentration of at home penis measurement experts ht…[View]
44014835Intrusive thoughts: hey 24 years old. Autism and mental illness.Nowhere near mentally healthy to hav…[View]
44009270>buy a game >say a word >money stolen fuckin liberal cock suckers…[View]
44013573What say we get the kekistani flag on IOS as a flag emoji? Think we can do it /r9k/? OPERATION RECOG…[View]
44014664Im tired of feeling like this. I just want to lose some weight. Im going on a cruise at the end of j…[View]
44009945>'Hello infidel! Who would you like to buy today?' What do you say?[View]
44013171Fellas, I created my first Tinder account about 2 days ago and have about 25 matches. Now comes the …[View]
44011609Fatbot here, any weight loss tips that don't involve changing your diet? I'm pretty active…[View]
44014625haha do you any of you guys have parents so ashamed of you that they just lie to their friends about…[View]
44013836I can't come up with an interesting story premise[View]
44014093'Champ, put that game on pause, will ya? We need to talk. Your mother and I have been getting worrie…[View]
44014550>tfw driving at night https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iADaqvcJr94[View]
44008092Best mobile chan app? Doesn't seem like there's anything better than Mimi.[View]
44014139>grandma grabbed onto my garbage garment[View]
44013126Will Kathy ever be my friend again We were best friends for a year she was like a big sister to me a…[View]
44014418>apply for job >recruiter emails me and asks for 30 minute phone interview what the fuck. i ha…[View]
44003197Worst state that exist period. I'd rather fucking live in a favela than this shithole.[View]
44014352Was so horny that I was forced to leave class Idk what struck me, but I was overcome with an extreme…[View]
44013867Let's get an /r9k/ dining thread going: What do you eat /r9k/? What spices/salts do you use? Wh…[View]
44014284Why didn't you listen to Stefan Molyneux. You could have been free. https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
44013587Describe your hands, robots. >my fingers are long and skinny, perfect for guitar but not too gre…[View]
44013599>playing vidya >make call outs using voice chat >some normalfag gets on the mic and says '…[View]
44013928guys i have a court case for a felony dui and i wanted to move to the big city to do something with …[View]
44013434You have 35 seconds to explain to me why you didnt ask 'her' out yet[View]
44014196Throw my conscience in the trash can. Trash man.[View]
44013176Why do my balls hang high and feel uncomfortable almost every day? I'm constantly shifting in m…[View]
44011284>have a fake tinder account with over 2000 matches, literally >from time to time when im takin…[View]
440098873rd day of no fap: Hey guys it's black nofap op >The run down >Got a shit rol and had to …[View]
44013558How to deal with the soyboy menace?[View]
44012854>Spend two hours down the rabbit hole lining up porn >Open about 100 tabs of images and videos…[View]
44013294How come men feel like they own the women of their race? Whether its whites on 4chan, blacks on worl…[View]
44012541have you taken up fencing? is it a robot sport? should i try it?[View]
44013927>be me >be a solid 5/10 awkward kiss less virgin >be 12 or so >have 4 sisters >sister…[View]
44013861Oh you already picked a name for him? Too bad! My body my choice[View]
44006191Ghosting: Anyone of you been ghosted? How did you feel afterwatds? tell us of the experience. and if…[View]
44013641Is he - dare I say it, /ourguy/? >giving the death penalty to drug dealer Tyrones >allowed sol…[View]
44008579>homeless immigrant guy outside my local tescos call him Raj or something idk >see him every…[View]
44013620do you like sad depressed pale skinned girls with short blonde hair and wear scene clothes, robots?[View]
44011497Gimme that cum gringo.[View]
44012293Is there anything you eat to excess as a child? For me it's ice pops. I used to eat them barely…[View]
44011385Poop: Just learned that some sick fucks wipe their bums standing Not counting most of you who never…[View]
44011209l'm posting bruno eating pizza every day day 130[View]
44012922>the Malaysian girl in my work group in one of my courses is cute >so very cute >she's…[View]
44013598What do people who get sex worry about all day?[View]
44011747Will you guys be my friend[View]
44012933Lets have a thread about things tou did recently that made you feel smart or good >pc cant run PU…[View]
44008394Lotion is overrated: Robots, you should try jacking off with coconut oil. Not only does it feel bett…[View]
44013406Normans Leave or Die: Some normans got theirs today. Should be a little quieter on this board.…[View]
44013430SOMEBODY IS WATCHING ME Everyday I know you're peering into my life. Sifting through my message…[View]
44012373> give me a hug anon! > *runs towards you in slo mo* w-what do!?…[View]
44012410>mfw I stop caring about morals and stopped wanting a gf[View]
44013252How does one obtain an autistic qt? I really want one bad. THey seem like the perfect gf material fo…[View]
44012814>there are people posting here without breaking any rules that were born in 2000…[View]
44013194>walking to class >qt from class sitting by herself eating says hi >talk to her for a bit b…[View]
44012781Vocaroo thread: I don't know, I just want to hear an actual woman's that isn't along …[View]
44013096This woman is married: http://youtu.be/PWD12X0FfvU @2:40 What is your excuse now?[View]
44012265Is MGTOW and AWALT just one big cope? How right (or wrong) are they?[View]
44013343https://youtu.be/W1dRBWyf6z8 here, because fuck you.[View]
44013334https://twitter.com/christylezz/status/974286555304153093?s=21 Imagine raising a daughter for 18 yea…[View]
44010521can someone make a new r9k discord? im completely new to discord and I dont know how to. im thinking…[View]
44012748>imitate girl voice on csgo >it works Imagine how many skins ill get,devilish…[View]
44012453How would a robot get a programming job without a college degree?[View]
44012465anyone hate themselves as much as i do? whenever i do things, i just imagine looking at myself from…[View]
44012093So since her nudes are out there, and the feds are closing in, what's next for us orbiters? Wi…[View]
44011772another school shooting https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=37tKZso9WJo[View]
44013051How do I get my bf to beat me[View]
44011371>tfw you'll never go back to 2006 and play bully on the ps2 for the first time again…[View]
44013186>work with females >they occasionally talk about their love life >say shit like 'he had NO …[View]
44013158Investing for Autists: Where do you invest your good boy points besides some tendies?[View]
44012444Who else here lives in the basement? I know it's made fun of often but is really is the best pl…[View]
44012160/b/ fag here, anyone got some good meme-balls?[View]
44012767>favorite artist coming doing performance in local city >too autistic and socially anxious to …[View]
44010077Any tutorials on how to become a trap?i need heelp[View]
44012988Sometimes I wish I had gotten bullied in high school so I could have been socialized, but everyone f…[View]
44010981Fucking campus security confiscated my knife for garbage reasons. Apparently I intimidate people whe…[View]
44012359R9K: >claims to know exactly how women truly think Also R9K: >still can't get a girlfrien…[View]
44012707>you will never perceive time in a non-linear fashion[View]
44012939How do I start trusting white females again? I cant even look at my own mother without disdain. It…[View]
44012070What makes a penis feminine? Is it about the size? The skin tone? Smoothness?[View]
44011470I finally went beyond the pale: I've gone beyond what is ethical and right. I spat in the face …[View]
44012926Christian Burns: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rpbp0kOK-ho&ab_channel=JohnHill How does this m…[View]
44012642What are some movies, anime, vidya, etc. That you've enjoyed recently? Pic related for me. It…[View]
44012413Hot guy: Ask a very attractive guy anything[View]
44009561When you have zero value as a Man: >Met this girl last year >she's hardworking, smarter t…[View]
44012645Big sister do you hate me why were you so mean to me the last few days before you deleted me I'…[View]
44011905We just want grandchildren, Anon. Is that too much to ask for?[View]
44008274skelly thread: at least we aren't fat. r- right guys?[View]
43995881Single mothers...: Why do single moms talk and act like they are a prize? They even think that meeti…[View]
44012730ITT we make bets on when ciara gets caught by the feds for distribution of chicken parm[View]
44012264Are any of you guys just starting a discord server? And have few members? Cool, give me the link and…[View]
44011988Why would anyone huff chemicals?: Have you ever done it? Fucking why?! https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
44010147Admit it anon. You're addicted to porn and you're addicted to 4chan. Both of these addicti…[View]
44011285>'Anyways, Anon, it was nice to meet you... *grunt*' >'O-oh, excuse me! I- uhh, I gotta leave …[View]
44011375What are you high on anon? Im puffing on a dab pen[View]
44012607>Spring 2018[View]
44011139What actually counts as losing your virginity? Does paying for sex count? Does rape? Does VR sex? Be…[View]
44011769>go on underground train >sit in seat, not next to someone >group of teenage girls who want…[View]
44012526>tfw entire house got flooded today so now me my dog and 2 cats have to live at grandmas house…[View]
44012568> 'Hey anon I love you!' > 'Sike nigga it's opposite day!'…[View]
44010368How the fuck are normie guys okay with their gf's taking slutty pics of themselves online?[View]
44009922/R9k/ is alot like the working class . Workers are subjugated by the rich . We are subjugated by the…[View]
44011841Why doesn't any music sound good anymore? I now get easily bored of songs, artists and entire g…[View]
44011455Autism Bread: Have you done anything autistic today? I have >A&P lab is boring as fuck >st…[View]
44011256>tfw just fapped instead of going out and meeting a girl Fuuuuck[View]
44011440> tfw u just want your professor to love u back[View]
44012505Do you think they would have browsed /r9k/ had they lived to see it?[View]
44011452Hey robots, just wanted to drop a awesome robot community that uses voice very actively (fembots wel…[View]
44011390Austin robot currently living in the area of some of the bombings. Not scared cause i hardly go outs…[View]
44010379what are your complaints about boruto and ways it's could've been better? To me the way we…[View]
44012380>you step outside the /r9k/ sewer for the first time, into the normie world of Cyrodiil What…[View]
44012147who else /unplanned child/ here?[View]
44012364I don't know how to cope anymore I miss my big sister so much. She is laughing at me right now …[View]
44012323You want to know what's worse than being incel? Being incel not because you're ugly or inc…[View]
44010171Actual state issued GF policy: I, not even as a meme, think the idea of state issued GFs could save …[View]
44012019Met a girl a few weeks ago at my friends lan party and we have been texting back and fourth. Shes a …[View]
44012242How did Marilyn Manson do it and you can't?[View]
44011576Is it cp if you post an uncensored screenshot of Bart from Simpsons movie?[View]
44011664>been on 4chan for 10 years >still can't triforce kill me…[View]
44012141>Therapist called my mother into her office and told her I had thoughts of harming myself and to …[View]
44011919>be me right now >get nostalgic >decide to look at my bakugan collection (I'm 19) >…[View]
44011663Uh oh: >had a dream where I fucked my sister What do guys?[View]
44012208>Die in runescape >Lose all the zammy wines I'd been telegrabbing Anyone else know this k…[View]
44010400Doing something with my life: How do any of you guys keep yourself motivated enough to do work? I wa…[View]
44011978No drive for anything anymore: I'm currently a senior in high school and I have no drive whatso…[View]
44012102https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cN0IuqgC3N8 Post a song that sounds like you feel.[View]
44011985any tips for becoming a neet[View]
44009305I don't want to die because life is meaningless, I want to die because life is beautiful and I …[View]
44010750I haven't been here in a long time because this place used to be truly toxic. Crabs in a bucket…[View]
44011986>be me >have tis huge crush on a grill from school >10/10 not even a normie >never met h…[View]
44011566Chad friend: Anyone here had a Chad friend Wanna greentext?[View]
44004285How do I become brave enough and actually go through with it this time?[View]
44011517>had this normie 'friend' >he always teased me about my behavior >i was rly weird depresse…[View]
44010305Put on your bitchboi outfit and walk around a black neighborhood![View]
44010545What web-comics are you guys following, any recommendations?[View]
44011836>tfw my left arm twitches when i have anxious thoughts, but only when it's not hanging free …[View]
44011853Existential boredom: I woke up this morning but instead of doing the things I usually do like watch …[View]
44009232>that feel when schizophrenic >negative symptoms include apathy and asociality >takes me 4…[View]
44011783Chad Thundercock here coming at you with some sick advice. Don't just be yourself be the BEST v…[View]
44010163Is there a worse feel than seeing your friends descend into normiehood[View]
44010946>studies: Yo robots tell me your study strategies >implying someone here studies I never had t…[View]
44011419>faggots are now allowed to have meetup threads outside of /soc/ This is nightmarish.…[View]
44001312Who else here gets extremely lazy and disorganized after smoking weed? What do you do about it? And …[View]
44011020>So depressed I can't even cry anymore This is the worst feeling, I want to cry but I can…[View]
44008823New fag here What is the difference between a brad and a chad[View]
44011397POSSIBLE NO-GF SOLUTION FOUND: We can pretend that we're normies, get a GF, then slowly bring o…[View]
44006641Just lower your stantards bro[View]
44010775Should we have gaming servers only for /b/ros?: Start with CS maybe?[View]
44008686Why doesn't she just get FFS? She could possibly be semi attractive with some plastic surgery, …[View]
44011551>she caught thejoke and it made her laugh really loud What the fuck am i supposed to do know that…[View]
44011535'whats the most painless way to kill myself?' fags, how does it feel knowing the recent pooloo suici…[View]
44011233>when you feel the panic attack is starting to kick in[View]
44010679Would you a female Sminem robots?[View]
44011203I'm gonna do it guys. I'm gonna go to bed at 11pm and wake up at 7. I can do it. I got thi…[View]
44010533i was tainted by a trap: >be me >2014 >senior year of highschool >fall in love with a gi…[View]
44008483What are some good sites to ask strangers lewd questions? I used to come buckets when I did this on …[View]
44011367Hello Wagie. Hush now, i must sipp[View]
44009451guys if you jerk your willy using only the lower part of the shaft when you shoot your willy will do…[View]
44009308*blocks your path* >the fuck you lookin at, cumskin? I'll fuck you up. What do you do?…[View]
44011289>math exam tomorrow >watch inane stand up videos instead of learning How are you all holding u…[View]
44011222Fembots, you will never be able to suck out money from beta orbiters cuz you're too ugly How do…[View]
44010723>use 4chan every day for years >take nap >think about 4chan upon waking >avoid it and re…[View]
44010817>buy a cheap item on ebay from somebody with 100% feedback rating just to give them their first n…[View]
44011247>you'll never be the ahndsome heir to multinational empire in high school, with 2-3 friends …[View]
44007906/britfeel/: remember remember the 14th march, gayposting, treason and plot edition[View]
44009673>be me >wake up at 1.30pm, sleep through 5 alarms >eat some toast and drink coffee >go o…[View]
44011064>2018 >He's still racist Why haven't you sucked a feminine BBC yet?…[View]
44010111do any frenchfags wanna help me speak french on discord? mostly/all text chatting, my french is pret…[View]
44003330A girl wants to stay with you and is willing to pay 5,000 a month to do so. Your response?[View]
44009710a warning to those not yet lost: 4chan is not your friend. Do NOT trust the advice given on this web…[View]
44011079why are women allowed in politics again?[View]
44010827You denied my right to life: and i will deny yours. I will make history.[View]
44010553Oneitis is a deadly disease, how were you guys experience with it? I've had it for around 4 yea…[View]
44010179Let's make a nation built on the backs of wage slaves. They'll swarm to us based on false …[View]
44010977>you will never be japanese >you will never be a little japanese boy >you will never have a…[View]
44007441Snowbunny Hunt Day 5 Victory: Snowbunny Hunt Day 5: Victory! / Michael Jordan's First Ring Edit…[View]
44009679ANONS I NEED YOUR HELP. Help me come up with the most badass and pompous suicide method ever. I want…[View]
44010659How's that gym work coming along fembots? Any improvements?[View]
44010955Dear Normies, how did your life change after you lost your virginity?[View]
44010897What happens with peoples tongues when they kiss?[View]
44010822>die >can't watch new anime or play new vidya I know this is just a tip of the iceberg bu…[View]
44007544I feel like this is the type of woman I'll end up being with.[View]
44010854Femanons, what do you think about cute asian girls?[View]
44010852Ever fill out one of those things for a (((free))) iPod? Did you actually get it?[View]
44008726I'm in 5 different discord groups but everyone in there seems really cold, boring, or borderlin…[View]
44010313Why do i have to suffer inside this weak flesh body when i could be a skitarii[View]
44008259Hey there, wagecuck. How's Shekelstein treating you today?[View]
44009981How do I get a mommy gf? I want someone to caress me and tell me everything will be okay.[View]
44010256Hey, guys. Feeling down? You should find some chore or task, however small, to do. It'll make y…[View]
44010507>live in high income area >i'm the ugliest person Should I move to a poor area so I'…[View]
44010668>Live in STL >Message this girl a couple times on POF >Chunky, beautiful Native American pu…[View]
44010756Redpill me on girls: >be me >19 yo >living in a third world super racist shit hole >at…[View]
44010588>you lived long enough to see Casca go back to normal[View]
44003714WORLD FROG DAY: It's world frog day! Post frogs[View]
44010602Femanons, how do YOU greet dogs?[View]
44010527Fuck everything: >'He's just a lazy git' >'Maybe if you acted differently people would ac…[View]
44010212give me your most degenerate porn: as mentioned[View]
44010165>mom constantly reminding me throughout my youth that she will kick me out once I turn 18 and gra…[View]
44008225I fight the recurring pain in my legs every morning to go work a job I hate, with people I hate, for…[View]
44000950Which CPU do you use, anon?[View]
44010309>teacher asks for all math work done >dont place work but get right answer anyway but still fa…[View]
44010040If you would rather put you dick a traps (mentally ill man) then a fat girl with an actual vagina yo…[View]
44010422are skelly gf the best kind of gfs?[View]
44008201So what do your gf's tits look like? Mine is heavier around the belly but her tits are nearly i…[View]
44007006How do I train my sister to want my penis?[View]
44009661How do I find out if a girl is a lesbian? There's this girl I'm attracted to in my class b…[View]
44010170How many here have actually fucked a girl? Don't you fucking lie to me, sis-men[View]
44000497Why isn't it legal to kill homeless people? They contribute nothing by the nature of their exis…[View]
44000213Manlet thread: >tfw 5'7 >tfw nearly all women are taller than me >they don't even…[View]
44010174> Hey big bro, do you like my bra?[View]
44008597Why do normies consider Waifu 'just an image'?[View]
44009849CANT STOP THINKING ABOUT HER: Help me bros! there is this girl i have fallen in love with. we take t…[View]
44010222free armor trimming rune only[View]
44010271Dafuq this porn?: >be me >1st grade, at recess >Classmate and some girl push me into a conf…[View]
44009574not Iike this bros ;_;[View]
44003278>tfw the closest thing I got to a bf was some weird online 'relationship' that didn't work o…[View]
44010218vocabulary calisthenics[View]
44008583No hope left for us: It's over, now even our robot sex dolls are disgusting roasties catching S…[View]
44010196The month i didnt have a smart phone was the happiest id ever been. Youre all a cancer. That said i …[View]
44008829MET THE MOST TYPICAL ASIAN: Just want to share a story about a little something that happened to me …[View]
44007430Why did she do it? Was it worth it?[View]
44010140Does chad use steroids or is he just naturally born like that?[View]
44008654>can't eat blueberries anymore without getting a boner because of inflation porn…[View]
44009408Why is this anime so relatable? Except for the misaki part of course.[View]
44007372>bidding on ebay auction >some fag outbid me by $0.50 3 hours ago >gonna wait 15 minutes un…[View]
44010082>mom casually tells me she may kill herself some day >leaves for work…[View]
44009675How do we make suicide more trendy amongst normalfaggots?[View]
44009703I just realized that we've been looking at the cuckold issue all wrong. Getting cucked saves ma…[View]
44008260How to neet in Germany?[View]
44010019Submissive to Dominant: Hey anons, this has been the first time I have gotten dominant sadistic thou…[View]
44009993hi: jhvhgchgvhbvftghjbn[View]
44007510A youtube channel destroyed my will to live: https://youtu.be/6bXUj7Xz6Wo It's his new video. I…[View]
44007960So I was tinder '''trolling''' and linking political '''propaganda''' to whoever I matched with when…[View]
44008725Why do straight girls get naked in front of each other so often?[View]
44009809>meet two asian sisters at work >they're shy and cute >they spend their free time most…[View]
44009092Has anyone noticed a bunch of suicide threads recently? Are people trying to copycat that one person…[View]
44009672>mom and I switched phones, cuz of reasons >can't get myself to watch porn on it What do?…[View]
44009691Anime bread: What animu have you seen recently and what did you think of it? I'm celebrating my…[View]
44009589If liberal roasties really think that fetuses aren't babies, why do pregnant ones get really sa…[View]
44008193I'm currently being blackmailed by a girl. Yes, you read it right /r9k/ I'm being blackmai…[View]
44009787>dad had chad lite tier looks with strong jaw and pretty good face >married and had kids my we…[View]
44006578Ex coming back into life: This is the love my life, a few years ago she left me and I've been a…[View]
44009692everyone has fuckin sex beside me for everyone is sex so normal like breathing[View]
44009541>be playing a team vidya >doing pretty average >zoom out of scope >see ally >for so…[View]
44009194just tried offing myself, AMA: belt, doorway[View]
44009430>Be me >15 year old femanon >Have Maths test >Fuck >Didn't study at all >Nee…[View]
44009107would you want a turbo bimbo gf like pic related[View]
44008522Can someone explain to me wtf im looking at[View]
44009034diseases: if you could give anyone a disease (apart from disorders affecting the kid at birth, like …[View]
44006782What type of girls you like anons?[View]
44009165IM A FUCKING LOSER: I fucked up r9k >i am 19 yo, average height and weight >was with a friend …[View]
44006423who /comfy tranner/ here?[View]
44008666>tfw used to be a bitchboy pushover >found /r9k/ years ago >browsing it caused me to grow a…[View]
44009411>i always wondered what its like to be with a human-demon hybrid anon, come over here white boy a…[View]
44008852Are people getting THIS retarded?[View]
44009018>Oh hi Mr. Anon, I'm your new Reich-appointed freundin. I would like to remind you that the …[View]
44008257this isnt spam join my fucking discord[View]
44004702What do you do when you feel sad, depressed, and/or angry?[View]
44002347>he saves reaction images with specific filenames[View]
44008918Are you having fun anon? I love going to the park with you![View]
44000403why do you even want a gf/bf?[View]
44008727Any body else here who gets super depressed when they see ugly couples. i work in a superstore, most…[View]
44009023My gf is currently trying to finger my bhole. I'm not erected and we're trying to take a n…[View]
44009121Looks like someone's going to get a visit from the Bussy Fairy![View]
44009195I want to tickle them so badly...[View]
44009167> be me in 2014 > daily facebook profile stalking of hot roasties I went to highschool with …[View]
44009153Phantom Limbs...anyone have this?: Anyone have the phantom limb feeling for a body part that never e…[View]
44009123Asian women are the most liberated and happy when enslaved by latino men.[View]
44006884'You're that customer that keeps giving Anon a hard time when he's working at Publix. You …[View]
44005534Whats a good way for a virgin robot to convince their mom/sister to give them a pity blowjob?[View]
44007525>If I fuck your bussy will you die?[View]
44007266Anyone else here accepted that they're just a psychological outcast and that they're never…[View]
44008720i had a dream where i told a girl i like that i love her and she gave me the tightest hug ever and s…[View]
44008926I'm not as witty as I used to be I am a bitter cunt to the last few guys who call me their frie…[View]
44007816Any Eurobots around?: Where do I find a prostitute in Vienna who visits me at home and would be will…[View]
44008529post your REALISTIC/MINIMUM standards: no ideal nonsense this time >no stds thats all i ask of a …[View]
44003722Why wont you date a 2/10? If you truly wanted a relationship why dont you settle for 2/10 do you wan…[View]
43993550Your 18 year old daughter, who lives by herself, tells you that she works as a waitress/hostess at a…[View]
44006611The wagetrix is a wagefactory generated wageworld designed to turn a college graduate into a wagesla…[View]
44008372Summer bunnies drive me crazy[View]
44008950fembots what is your fucking excuse for not transitioning into a braphog?[View]
44006990SOCIAL ANXIETY THREAD: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YbkOrbuvFsc&t=9s Posting a lecture that m…[View]
44006973are wagefucks truly robots? how do we deter them from coming to our neet oasis?[View]
44008739Made a BPD Abuse Survivor server on discord if any robots want to join. Feel free to tell your stori…[View]
44008506Sympathy: People that give empathy/ sympathy are the same types of people who have problems that req…[View]
44003073I've been fucking with my gf who is cheating tonight, what next?: Her facebook is logged in on …[View]
44006859Should I kill myself ?: I'm strongly considering my options and I just think it doesn't ge…[View]
44007596Ethical question: Is it unethical to cuck Chad? On first thought, it seems like a fair turn of hand …[View]
44008668Im considering signing up for a electrician class and I want to make sure I'm not getting scamm…[View]
44008595You're a little late, l'm already torn.[View]
44006299>go to store at 1:20pm to buy beer >qt mommy cashier Rachel is working >she normally works …[View]
44008180>The year barely started >USA can't count the school shootings murica, fuck yeah!…[View]
44001456>you'll never save her from being raped by yakuza members for 40 days…[View]
44002705>start off as this awkward kid, just doing your own thing and review fast food on youtube for fun…[View]
44005159this man from the uk has been convicted and will now serve jail time for making a joke that was deem…[View]
44004106Hot girls have autism too. We're just like you, except we're hot.[View]
44008163>discover new artist >love the artstyle >absolutely gorgeous bodies >potential 10/10 fap…[View]
44008533/b/ sucks: >be me >browsing 4chan >discover /b/, despite its nsfw tag i thought it was like…[View]
44006575stop binging, you disgusting fuck. all you have to do is nothing to become skinny and yet you keep s…[View]
44008525>go to swimming course >need this for my job >roastie swim instructor is only mean to me I …[View]
44008433>Slob on my knob, like corn on the cob >Check in with me, and your job…[View]
44007172It just hit me im fucking retarded what kind of girl wants a suicidal bf not everyone is depressed s…[View]
44008503>be me, 17 y/o, 2009 >play lots of games >read lots of books >visit lots of forums >b…[View]
44008488>it's a 'mom is completely fine with and is encouraging me giving up on my passions and gett…[View]
44007374did you know that shit's fucked?[View]
4399180525+ thread: How's the daily grind going?[View]
44007205Why did God force us to exist? God can see into the infinite future. He knew who would serve Him, an…[View]
44007389How do I into phone sex?[View]
44007300>media says that revenge isn't good, is empty and meaningless >get revenge on someone …[View]
44008369>tfw have hair on penis shaft Why is circumcision a thing? Now I'm never gonna have sex...…[View]
44007841AM I A ROBOT THREAD: So roboBros, let's start a new meme! Rate my robotness >i don't li…[View]
44004402Trannies: >Dude I can't help that I'm trans. I was born that way. be more sensitive jee…[View]
44008169Anyone here get lasik eye surgery? I'm looking into getting it done at some point because I…[View]
44006188Question: Hypothetically, if you were getting it in, and during she asks you to take off the condom,…[View]
44007277Listen up robots: losing your virginity isn't some special, magical experience. It's awkwa…[View]
44008306>my only social activity is gym three times a week >somehow I managed to make everyone dislike…[View]
44007132What are some fun pranks I can pull on retail workers, fast food employees, and restaurant waiters t…[View]
44007947How do we solve the normalfag problem?[View]
44006156Someone decided to tell the authorities that I neglect my dog, something that I don't do I know…[View]
44005049I'm probably going to kill myself: So, how should I start. I don't know where else to post…[View]
44008248Rejoice, the Beta Uprising is here: monthly school shootings are now an objective reality in this co…[View]
44008217A reminder for femanons to make sure to take guys to a pool for a swim on the first date, so you…[View]
44008094Shizzle: >Be Me >Being hanging out friend, i know what a surprise >Go to local shop to buy …[View]
44002100Random thought about suicide: If I decide to suicide peacefully, after doing nothing but being a los…[View]
44007452How's that holographic meatloaf taste wagie?[View]
44007842Dating a single mom: The manosphere seems to agree that single mom's are bad. The alt right and…[View]
44007515At what age are you supposed to start being romantically interested in females?[View]
44007936I want to have sex. And I need some fuckin' pussy to do it with.[View]
44007349NoFap - Day 2: Welcome back to my daily nofap journey thread. Yet another day without masturbation h…[View]
44006311I've eaten three entire pineapples since Saturday. How long until my cum tastes like candy?[View]
44006618NOTICE: Any of you so called robots who were able to complete college and enter high paying professi…[View]
44005282Girls only want big di...[View]
44007825>tfw so sexually frustated I'm legit starting to have incesteous thoughts with my mom…[View]
44004209/britfeel/: Britain and Sweden feels thread[View]
44007534>be me >second year of uni >in accounting class >midterm is coming up so we're doin…[View]
44003279/creative robots/: Share your creative works with other anons Appreciate criticize and get feedback…[View]
44003653Any children of first generation immigrants here? Do you remember the struggle of trying to fit in s…[View]
44007506Advice thread, boys. >Don't take my advice over a therapist's >I'm not a therap…[View]
44004239I-i do hrt and i will be a woman soon,but i still feel lonely as ever...i just need someone to hug m…[View]
44005857Dear Robots and FemRobots: Why don't you start changing yourselfes step by step. Just something…[View]
44007020>be me >athiest >Wednesday a week ago >crush on religious girl >eh whatever I don…[View]
44006467How do I stop getting attached to people so easily?[View]
44007570who here /pieceofshit/: >me >merchandiser >had two large orders today >get to the first …[View]
44005312Do you know what angers me the most and makes me sick to my stomach?the weebs that say 'desu'.Dont y…[View]
44005540So Cal Master Race ( 951 ) No niggers, spics or mudslime. Only So Cal whites whom are 14/88. I wan…[View]
44005717Where do i find a cat gf? I'm not talking about neko. I'm talking about something like thi…[View]
44007520My fellow vegtables! Join me in my quest to overthrow the potato king! Post the wepon you bring to t…[View]
44007503how do I get a degree hving cute gf: idk i was doing some revision and i found her channel and oh my…[View]
44006031The seventh seal and faith: Has anybody ever watched the seventh seal? As I watched a few trailers a…[View]
44007309Friendly reminder that most women are hideous and have to wear make up to not look like shit. They a…[View]
44007466aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I love r9k ppl and I want you …[View]
44007102>Handed my resume to a store >actually got a call back for an interview >never had an actua…[View]
44007299Am I on gods hit list?[View]
44006412How are you trying to cope/improve?: >thinking of joining a catholic church >learning the viol…[View]
44007308I want a fembot friend. I'm a male. Everyone here at least talked to a fenale except me. I want…[View]
44006788>3 months ago >School gets laptops for all students >Shitty flimsy plastic chromebook >…[View]
44005422Hey r9k, female here. I'm looking for someone to talk to on Discord, because I feel lonely/slig…[View]
44006760what are some good jobs where I can be real, and not fake[View]
44005821Im rn in a burger restaurant with my bro and dad. It's late evening so lots of normies with the…[View]
44003753You are not entitled to female attention. Grow the fuck up. Think about it from an evolutionary pers…[View]
44005906Hey guys, I posted a thread earlier about going in to apply for a janitor position. Guess what? I go…[View]
44002098I'd kill one thousand niggers for her.[View]
44007281Been wondering about something. Due to my beliefs and lifestyle, I want to move to the USA from Cana…[View]
44007030>mfw just discovered the joy of burning this[View]
44007254>*triumphant music* Wagieeee, how do you do? Freedom speaking. Something that you will never hav…[View]
44007059Im white. I hate black peoples. And white people. And asians. Actually i hate all races in my own wa…[View]
44005651ITT shitty advice that r9k has give you: Gonna start with an easy one: >do not stick your dick in…[View]
44005441Why haven't you become a vigilante or bounty hunter yet r9k?[View]
44006524phenibut: will phenibut help me deal with bpd? I just musn't go to psychiatrist for next few mo…[View]
44006286I'm a terrible person. I can't socialize right. I can't work right. Why do I even bot…[View]
44006298Why are tgirls so perfect and beautiful?[View]
44007029Is anyone else really emotionally unstable? Sometimes I just start crying for no reason then other t…[View]
44006614Is there such a thing as a reliable online loan company? I'm going to get evicted if I don…[View]
44005186> 'is that r9k you're browsing on your phone?' w-waht do?1[View]
44006818fat gf meme: >tfw you fell for the 'just get a fat gf' meme. >tfw she stinks, her fanny stinks…[View]
44006810That Kid: >That ADHD tard kid that saw another kid jokingly press their hands down on the keyboar…[View]
44006959> get this notification > click it > no new matches, no new messages, literally nothing Wh…[View]
44003251Reminder that HEIGHT is LITERALLY all women care about. Pic related, ugly as fuck 2/10 incel tier gu…[View]
44006413>tfw balding How long until we develop the technology to regrow hairlines?…[View]
44006599Why do boys keep breaking my heart?[View]
44006759>it's another 'mom doesnt wanna accept that my life is shit because she made me ugly an…[View]
44006487>larping as a cuck because this trigger poltards the most >already watching cuckold porno don…[View]
44005652>Mr. Anon, before we can begin your physical it looks there's a typo on your chart. Under 'n…[View]
44005277This happens to you. How do you react?[View]
44002026>tfw yellow fever is so heavy I can't be attracted to anything other than east asians >wh…[View]
44006058I intend to lose my virginity with an escort next weekend. How should I, as a 29-year-old man who ha…[View]
44004238How common is lesbian incest? Has it ever happened to a femanon?[View]
44006127Shhh, Wagie, no talking till i've had my coffee[View]
44003086If your country isn't dark blue it's a shithole.[View]
44006022Let's say we divide humanity into 3 different groups : The first group contains the most alpha …[View]
44006638I need to wait until 9PM to go to sleep and fix my sleep schedule, but why does time go so slowlyyyy…[View]
44005233No matter what I do in life I can't find satisfaction with my life.[View]
43997467Share romance stories: Share your romance stories, any kind.[View]
44005044who /uniqlo/ here? >all of their pants have drawstring waistbands and spandex >sweatpants jean…[View]
44006555He was dead and we killed him[View]
44005861>sister is an english major >figure out she writes erotica to earn extra cash >90% of her s…[View]
44003153What type of shit do you normally take?: For me it's consistently #2, sometimes #1. I eat a lot…[View]
44001330Is ROBLOX /ourgame/?: It feels so weird coming back to this site again after such a long ass time an…[View]
44006341>constantly stuck in an internal battle of suicidal thoughts >go for a walk >the thoughts a…[View]
44006275WAGIEEE?: i know what you're all thinking , 'it s that time again' . wagies how do you feel whe…[View]
43997336>be me >just have been dumped by my gf >kissless relationship, because im too fucking shy a…[View]
44005896I don't belong anywhere and never will.[View]
44006214feed me: this is my first time doing this in my whole life, but im in such a bad place right now. ju…[View]
44006080Anyone else reject girls on purpose and if so why? For me its because I am genuinely scared that a g…[View]
43998866would robots be willing to settle for a 5/10?[View]
44006356Why don't you faggots start acting like normies? Surely you wouldn't be virgins and would …[View]
43955742/r9gay/ Ohio a shit edition: Worst state desu[View]
44006338Anon, your father and I have been talking: Your weight is beginning to concern us. We want you to st…[View]
44005145Smol reminder that /pol/ and /r9k/ are still best buddies.[View]
44005826Here's a quick story on how I havent had sex in three years /r9k/ >Be me >havent had sex …[View]
44005721ballroom dancing: Anyone else here ever considered doing dance classes as a way to meet women and ge…[View]
44006285> be me > former neet > 20 something > no college education > just got at job as a we…[View]
44005569I have a small head. Anyone know that feel? I feel like a weak faced waste of space. Tfw no imposing…[View]
44005780What's the deal with young black Americans anyway? Anybody care to enlighten this confused Euro…[View]
44005299Why not genetically engineer a human being with the intelligence level of a dog? The point being tha…[View]
44004802ITT: post stories of you shitting yourself I just fuckin shit myself for the first time. I am both…[View]
44003917Why do I love rimming so much? Nothing turns me on more than the thought of eating a boy's butt…[View]
44006140>the panic attacks have even extended to playing videogames now This isn't good.…[View]
44006128Is it possible to get a husband who looks like this when you're a dickgirl top to tear his ass …[View]
44005273It hurts anons: I can't go on anymore I have failed everyone I have failed every single promise…[View]
44005977yes: pepe thread - post ya rarest pepe[View]
44005667discord gg/mebjarz Feel free to join our new server, Comfytown! Perfect serverr for spergs, as long…[View]
44006025Haven't eaten in 4 days: I don't plan on eating again until the Saturday after next. What …[View]
44005987Glue flyers to shit: Why dont more of you beta tards do graffiti and cause public upset in person in…[View]
44005819who else /dark circles around eyes/ here? people at work constantly bring them >are you on heroin…[View]
44005939I hate this fucking shit: >live in a shithole country >girls are all overweight, and have extr…[View]
44005860>2018 - 0 >he doesn't pay girls to punch him in the face Ishygdt…[View]
44004116Thoughts on Sasha Obama?[View]
44005489Feels: Good old feels thread. Post all you've got, and remember, we're here to listen.…[View]
43997030What do you guys think about the channel Hiding in my room?: https://m.youtube.com/channel/UC_yIF-9j…[View]
44003788/r9k was this you?[View]
44005695>be me >hot friend >she says a 'creep' contacted her >know its a hopeless robo…[View]
44003723>tfw haven't slept for 7 days >not even tired >super strung up, sore everywhere, huge …[View]
44002552post post post post post POST NOW[View]
44004917No Maryland school shooting thread?[View]
44003886finding a gf in manhattan is impossible since girls have to live with a man to afford this place[View]
44005123>entire board dedicated to them >most aren't even robots >still shit up almost every r…[View]
44005654It's him. The anomaly. Do we proceed? Yes. He is still. Only human.[View]
43973254What did you do /r9k/?[View]
44004871Hey, I figured I'd ask here rather than start my own separate thread... Does anyone know of any…[View]
44005535> Boss, we've completely run out of leads! He had no social media, no recent calls or texts,…[View]
44005095>once chance at life >wasn't born a shape shifter I never even had a chance.…[View]
44003773How was your last birthday? How old are you?[View]
44005514ever get that mix of tired and anxious where you start getting muscle spasms and intrusive thoughts …[View]
44000676Is it true that a pack of Nigs broke into Larkin Love's house beat up her hubby?[View]
44005240Robots: hypocrites?: Why do you robots act like you can't get GF when you ignore us fembots, go…[View]
44004863>making avatars out of your innards >riots, not diets >cool and powerful Was feminism alway…[View]
44005397HWNDU season 7: Any ideas on how to end HWNDU season 7?[View]
44004662Who else here/stress/ I got 4 college assignments due in next week 3 of which i haven't starte…[View]
44004854Hey, need some opinion from fellow robots. Does having an actual profile picture when chatting with …[View]
44003165Is it wrong to love big ass tiddies?[View]
44005327WTF: Wtf does she mean https://m.youtube.com/watch?list=RDEMl2CigTUotY-5ZfJ4OkyM9w&params=OAI%2…[View]
43997709Fembots vs. Normie girls: As I'm trying to be more sociable and well adjusted, I've spent …[View]
44004242Racial biases aside...: As well as what others might think and all your 1488 me mes. What type of gi…[View]
44004296is it possible for indians to be chad? or are they basically a race of robots?[View]
44004658LGBT In Middle East =: >Be Me >Live In Riyadh >Go To Amerifag School >Have This Early R…[View]
44005267I need to get some fuckin' pussy. I can tell I'm gonna get a boner again later. Need to g…[View]
44004073Church music: No debates over religious believes allowed, this thread is about music. German stuff c…[View]
44004461>assigned a group project >the popular girls let me be in their group…[View]
44003745no one unironically likes me.. :( Music for this feel?[View]
44003928>tfw had the 'Whose Line Is It Anyway' nightmare again Fuck I hate it so much…[View]
44004306What do you feel when a thread you made gets zero replies?[View]
44004721>Sorry about getting your girlfriend pregnant. I'll make it up to you: suck my balls NOW and…[View]
44004067>Finally manage to somehow have sex >Want to do it doggy style >Girl gets on all fours and …[View]
44004884Potato King: I am the potato king, my kingdom was ransacked by the carrots. I was told to come here.…[View]
44004836Does having sex make you happy?[View]
44004984Remember how there was a brony problem at one point? And remember how it was dealt with? Why isnt an…[View]
44003432>Be me >Highschool senior >Early morning classes going well so far > Big fight a few da…[View]
44003418Do you feel bad for opioid addicts?: They're in the spell of a very serious addiction. They…[View]
44004530neonazis: So I had this idea for a new neonazi group. Death to S.H.I.A Sad retards Handicapped Inter…[View]
44003899What did you think of Interstellar? It was the only decent film in any genre I can remember being re…[View]
44005024>r9k has been dead and boring for awhile Yet another good thing created by men and then ruined b…[View]
44002417>join discord group >PM a few people to say hello >they chimpout in the group asking why I …[View]
44000233I fucking hate instagram sluts: I fucking hate instagram sluts. All it takes to get rich today is ju…[View]
44003358How can I cum a lot? I cum a pathetic amount, about enough to just fill half a bottlecap. Though gra…[View]
44003964Whats with the sudden normalization, of people 'eating ass' now? How degenerate has society become w…[View]
44004815For years,whenever i start liking some girl, in the end i got denied. And a month ago, for the first…[View]
44004873>spring equinox[View]
44001917Am I crazy or didn't some robot threaten to shoot up Maryland that cause half of 4chan to freez…[View]
44003884Who here /corrupting the wall/?[View]
44004839She has met someone else and she's happy with him. She's in a legit relationship with the …[View]
44004682How do I get a girlfriend who doesn't hate me for my skin color? They say I smell bad.[View]
44004340Korean feminists eternally BTFO >Korean feminists start using #metoo to persecute innocent men …[View]
44004780Why are you stuck with you and the prospect of eternal suffering ?! >I'm mentally ill >br…[View]
44004746Someone told me to post here?[View]
44000202>'We're still on to go see Black Panther this weekend, right dad?' Your response?…[View]
44003069I'm utterly alone, friendless, broke, hopeless, and nobody cares about me. What now?[View]
44004641Oreo Man: Thoughts on Oreo Man? Seems like the realest and least autistic of the TFL crowd https://w…[View]
44004642Do esfgiuiahgvps[View]
44003237>tfw just lost my virginity to a prostitute don't fucking do it bros, it's not worth it…[View]
44004554My life sucks: >be me >17 >be medium/high class >go to private school >be kicked out …[View]
44004616Post yfw Chucks and Susy's are keeping you down[View]
43994472Anyone of you fags could fuck this girl but you dont and you still complain about being a virgin.Por…[View]
44004577Real love or Not?: Im in a long distance relationship with a girl in illinois (inb4 normie) but she …[View]
43986228>Current age >Current job >Age you got your driving license >Age you lost your virginit…[View]
44004543Does your life lack purpose? Do you feel lost? Do you wish to learn how the world truly is? Do you w…[View]
44004502The Throne: Looking for an heir to the throne. Prove to me you are worthy to be called King Brainlet…[View]
44003273This site has nothing to offer anybody. There is no quality content here you cannot get more quickly…[View]
44004462I've been neet for two years recently my moms been waking me up early just to wake me up really…[View]
44004146How to wake up from the dream, Anons?[View]
44003484>ywn go on rampage of revenge which eventually leads to your destruction >ywn be John Wick…[View]
44003411>get called to job interview >It's a insurance company >They want me to call people …[View]
44004382>want to be vicious psycho >too sensi and defeated by life to care anymore was fun while it la…[View]
44003669'Wake up Anon. You were in a coma for 10 years, but you're okay now. We are the androids The Gr…[View]
44004114PLZ, REQUESTING CRAMMING TIPS AND TRICKS I've got a uni coursework piece due in tomorrow, and I…[View]
44003992hey ricebottle, maybe your lead exposure theory isn't wrong after all... https://www.theguardia…[View]
44003409bi sexual guys are true alpha males prove me wrong >libido so high seek out sexual conquest from …[View]
44003815Which one of these (or combination of) bullied you in school?[View]
44003974I currently have a fulltime job and live with my parents how do I move out and get NEETBUX? I live i…[View]
44004088>be wagecuck, but a wagecuck with authority >roastie store manager goes on vacation >left i…[View]
44004145If jerking off to animated ten year olds is fine, would buying a sex doll that looks like a ten year…[View]
44004103>you won't understand it but whatever: >USE GOOGLE TRANSLATE…[View]
44002522ITT: we figure out who /our musician/ is I'll start be nominating David Byrne[View]
44004084Can someone get me the original image?[View]
44003209It's time for your coffee break wagie. And by coffee break I mean bring me my coffee[View]
43999619Any robot want to die with me? We can leave this world peacefully or violently, but I think it'…[View]
440035724chan Psychosis: Does anybody else get this thing I like to call '4chan psychosis,' where …[View]
44003996Why not just have sex? Wouldn't that solve all of your problems?[View]
44003896>made 125~ threads on /r9k/ in 3 months How many have you made? (not specifically in 3 months, di…[View]
44001268Ever feel like there's something suffocating you all the time and you're just trying to es…[View]
44000200/Britfeel/: No Swedes allowed edition[View]
43996578Fellow wagies, when did you realise that we have no effective counterarguments to the NEETs points? …[View]
44002011Could a Tulpa delete their host?: Ok, first thing I'm gonna say here is that this was Mendel…[View]
44001452Why do you always go for mean and slutty girls and then claim all women are mean and slutty? Do you …[View]
44002918guys what do i do if i got a dui right as i was abot to move away? is there a way to do court shit a…[View]
44003879My family always told me that not looking into someones eyes was disrespectful and a thing liars did…[View]
44003670A communist was found guilty in British High Court for Nazi hate speech. Really makes you think.....…[View]
44002277Just found this here an thought it deserves a separate thread. I always thought I was crazy, but tur…[View]
44001516>tap water turns you gay >bottled water turns you soy >soda makes you fat What the FUCK do …[View]
44002659Do not fall for the long distance relationship meme, I repeat, do not fall for the long distance rel…[View]
44001671As a neet fembot who's given up on life how can I get the motivation to get out of bed every da…[View]
44000143>2018 nearly 1/4 gone what have you been doing?[View]
43994836> My boyfriend never loved me enough to do this to me I'm kind of miffed desu.…[View]
44003498>asking robots how to socialize How do I think of topics to talk about?…[View]
44003672>be me >at sC00L >essay coming right up >the theme is something about how one can like o…[View]
44000137Sup anons. There's this girl that I really like and enjoy talking to, but the problem is that s…[View]
44002288Why is this so funny to me? Just browsing the catalog and see this and I start laughing so hard. Wha…[View]
44003620Anyone else here hate fat people?[View]
44003491>First day of spring >Literally a fucking hailstorm going on I hate the east coast. Least I…[View]
44000954I'm the Globglogabgalab. I love books, and this basement is a true treasure trove.[View]
44002740They want you. Just grow balls.[View]
43998942When was the last time you had a sit down meal with an adult female that isn't a blood relative…[View]
44001343So how get gf?[View]
44000536>tfw I fap almost exclusively to the pornstars that I fapped 7-10 years ago I kinda fap to 2D mor…[View]
44002341>keep fapping to THAT REHAB I NEED REHAB[View]
44001986>mfw my father arranged a job interview for me >mfw I went to the job interview but I secretly…[View]
44001158Retard stories: >Ill start >be me at school >year 3 or 4 >there were two classrooms sepa…[View]
44003380>eye fucked up >go to clinic >lying in the stretcher, a doctor cames in with a bunch of tra…[View]
44002489Post songs youve sent to women you loved: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=IUzqLYd6UUk >its the litt…[View]
43999563What is the one thing you wish you weren't missing out on /r9k/?[View]
44002155I farted so hard in my sleep, I woke up. I've been up ever since.[View]
44001145Covfefe thread: What kind of coffee does R9K like? post your favorite regular >Joe tall dark and…[View]
44003311>tfw an esteemed general >tfw your daimyo has taken control of three castles >tfw a roast…[View]
44002796Are most neets British and Australian?[View]
44002609>having fun between friends >Call each other nigger faggots >Random tranny slut hears us …[View]
44002927>tfw have to get out of the house It'll be the first time this year and I absolutely need to…[View]
44002950Friendly reminder: Don't give up robots, there'll always be a better day when you're …[View]
43998914>go to Chinatown often >lady who runs a trinket shop always flirts with me >i know its just…[View]
44003142>be me >Be 18 senior in high school >Retaking ACT today >Woke up hour early so I wasn…[View]
44001475There's a young, somewhat attractive blonde girl living in a motel room next to mine. How fucke…[View]
44002984I am a 28 year old male virgin. Ask me anything[View]
44002829>mom wanna make me take jew pills because i'm a hikikomori and my little cousin takes jew pi…[View]
44003129>unironically reading esquire thinking it's masculine and has any actual life tips and advic…[View]
44003103Oh fuck I'm so sad my chest hurts again.[View]
44003066>Your score for Neuroticism was high, at 98%[View]
44002235Why not just become a private investigator, anon?: Why not live the PI life? >spy on people for …[View]
43993890/r9gay/: what does /r9k/ think of gays? can gays be robots? >inb4 'robots like traps'…[View]
44003026>Playing monster hunter world >Female character >High school friends (they think we're…[View]
44002989wheres all the clingy girls?[View]
44002523Staying at a japanese girls house: Last summer i went to Japan and met some nice Japanese people the…[View]
44002737I fucking hate hippie soyboy normies. Saw this on cesspool book just now. What do you guys think?[View]
44002892about to start my wagecuck job 9-5 i really miss my NEET days[View]
44002898/normiesBTFO/: does r9k not care about school shootings anymore? inb4 >only 2 people dead, that…[View]
44003012>tfw you'll never have a gf who has the same, let alone similar interests and loves you for …[View]
44002936My bitch of a manager finally decided to schedule me to her store......only to change it at the last…[View]
44001590>Be me 4 years ago >Average 16yo nerdy high school student >Extremely low self-esteem >…[View]
43999843Someone in this thread is getting all 6 digits and we won't leave until one of you does.[View]
44002393What would you do if you finally got a pure qt waifu only to find a video of her getting facially ab…[View]
44002442Locked outside: I have to wait outside my house for an hour because my parents did not tell me they …[View]
44001735A kiss is forever: Science proves that even a kiss permanently taints a slut. Why are women such dis…[View]
43999088Girls are nicer than guys on average. I've always found it easier to become friends with girls.…[View]
44001833>at uni today >qt3.14 sits next to me >talk for a bit >she asks for my FB >'hahaha yo…[View]
44000378He did it all ironically. He did it all, ironically. He did it, all ironically.[View]
44001859Hey anons, I'm going to apply for a job as a night janitor right now so I can stop working reta…[View]
44002802Just bought Sea Of Thieves and want to know if any 3 anons want to play. Leave gamertag and i'l…[View]
44002757I think I'm going to jump tommorow morning out of the window. I am just too much of a failure a…[View]
44001809Post some robot-ish or bleak/depressing quotes. ''Living is like working out a long additi…[View]
44002350>go to gym >get bored within 30 minutes and have to leave despite still having energy to work …[View]
44002745Got any ideas for a thread? pic unrelated[View]
44001937Ugly hapa with white gf[View]
44002636>wake up at 3:40 AM >freaked out, dont know why >hear someone say 'oh sorry i thought you w…[View]
44002698>tfw you realise you're too far gone for any human intimacy let alone a gf…[View]
44002622this demoralizes the dicklet[View]
44000889Guitarbros Thread: ITT: Post your guitars and/or rig setups + general guitar/playing discussion …[View]
44001169>tfw humanity is the only intelligent species on this shitty planet >tfw no elves, dwarves, mo…[View]
44000873I just wanna smoke weed and chill with a cute girl and cuddle and listen to good music and talk abou…[View]
43997680Guys how do i handle my BLACKED addiction? Literally every time i see a cute girl i like to imagine …[View]
44001631>Buy traditional Lumberjack Shirt >XXL >It doesn't fit over my neither fit nor fat but…[View]
44002045Does anyone else get depressed seeing things get old? ;_;[View]
43999819>Anon, why is mine so much bigger than your one?[View]
44000653Go back to work! I don't pay you to browse imageobards all day![View]
44001562Im being forced into going to counseling soon. The last time I went we were supposed to have confide…[View]
44001762How's your day?: >be me >be really sick for like 2 weeks >i don't like sitting ar…[View]
44000875Does anybody know a robot who became a Chad? Is it possible? What is he like today? Chad doesn'…[View]
44001257I have so much built up inside me, I can't seem to cry no matter what the situation is. I just …[View]
44002260ITT Characters that would browse r9k I'll start[View]
44000132>be me 6 years ago >18yo femanon >older sister invites me to brunch with her girlfriends …[View]
44002165>Hi my name is Cathrine >Anon. >What? >A-anon.. fuck this shit, my voice is so deep…[View]
44000252>girl is a bitch to a guy or rejects a guy in an extremely bitchy manner >guy retaliates with …[View]
44001836How do I get a qt femdom gf that also likes to cuddle?[View]
43998727This is literally what I would be like with a few less IQ points.[View]
44001988>feel like shit >no drugs I hate life, you'd think I'd toughen up by now but the mor…[View]
44002049>that kid who joined debate club because he thought he could argue Why did he/she always use this…[View]
43999777Is everything in life just luck? For example, there is luck involved in being born in a place with c…[View]
44000932Why the fuck aren't you a NEET anon? I'm on day 1499 and literally happier than I've …[View]
43998854What the hell is wrong with me?: >Be me in elementary school >girl revealed she liked me >i…[View]
43999765Arr Nine Kay, how does one attract females of the oriental variety? pic unrelated[View]
44000014Give me one reason we shouldn't become real life adventurers and start completing quests for a …[View]
44001529about 12 hours ago I got near blackout drunk and fell down 2 small flights of stairs, hit my head an…[View]
43998896>be me, indian >drew dick on friends locker >got ratted out >Get afterchool detention f…[View]
43996832Chad rap: 6ix9ine, NBA Youngboy, 21 Savage, Future, Migos, Cardi B, Drake, Bobby Shmurda, Big L, Big…[View]
44001905Oye vato. 'chu doing in my hood, ese? You know I'm gonna need some of that gringo cum now.[View]
44001902>someone tells me to be myself >act utterly reprehensibly in front of them >they get mad I …[View]
44001823Remind you of anything?: Does this remind you of anyone, or anything, that happened recently?[View]
44000833Wagefucks will never know what it's like to be /comfy/[View]
44000612Can anyone redpill me on tulpas? Does anyone here have a tulpa?[View]
44001271>hey hey you you >I know you like bussy[View]
43999699who will get the 999999?[View]
43999457>starts getting attention >immediately uploads video reading his own fanfiction about his momf…[View]
43999390How much eye contact is normal???[View]
43999311>stares at you in class[View]
44000792I wish the big tits goth mommy gf would just come and give us all tittyfucks to make us feel better[View]
43999633Fembots, would you fuck C if it made his life so much better?[View]
44001483The male form is devine, this is how true devotees worship it.[View]
44000224>Like this girl >Cute, kind but super innocent (friends say I only like her because she's…[View]
44000505What's your dream car?: Mine is a BMW i8[View]
43999454only men and traps exist on the interwebs: There are no girls/women on the internet even if they say…[View]
44000515Im just gonna leave this here... careful my fellow neets, you are a bit too heavy and spend too muc…[View]
44000526what do you do about feelings?: i just rail concerta and cry when i start to get too sad[View]
44000315Who here has a /bitch ass/ professor? That faggot is too much of a bitch to say anything to my face.…[View]
43999372>greentext story of how I dated more than one person at the same time: >Started e-dating one g…[View]
43999542>drink coffee like a big boy >heart rate exceeds 200bpm >STILL FUCKING TIRED wtf is this sh…[View]
44000135>tfw slept for 13h straight.[View]
43999469How arrogant are western young females? i am pretty old but i remember that girls back then were pol…[View]
43999752how do you go on about deleting Facebook? How do you minimize the information they have got about yo…[View]
44000754Post rare feels: >tfw you never spent your teenage years surfing, driving hot rods, picking up gi…[View]
44000640>21 year old >only just started feeling rebellious and edgy anybody else feel it?…[View]
43992223any motorcycle anons wanna talk about motorcycles?[View]
44000651It's funny how women are irrational, emotional childish messes and still we do everything we ca…[View]
44001049lmao drumpf[View]
43999805Wagies will never know the pleasure of painting a masterpiece[View]
43998133what do 10/10 grills look like?[View]
43999964Is jiren a robot? people on /a/ call him and his fans >r9k faggots I like jiren…[View]
44000793ever feel like nomatter how much negativity you push out into the world it doesn't equal what y…[View]
43984060Fetish Thread: ITT: Post your degenerate fetishes, have other anons rate your taste. Post an example…[View]
43997739It's not fair lads. I'm the eldest of two with a single mom, and I have to play the missin…[View]
44000934Girl in my Dreams: >had a strange dream about shopping >in the store >put some items in the…[View]
44000881>nervous breakdown whenever I attempt to learn to drive[View]
43999411Which is worse; female bullying, or male bullying?[View]
43998725Can women ever be robots?[View]
44000892ON A REEEEE LAND[View]
43999968I did it robots. I got on a transcontinental flight and despite the panic attacks and agoraphobia I…[View]
43999543Do wagies really deserve basic human rights?[View]
44000849YouTube: Isn't 4chan just YouTube comment section where you can put pictures?[View]
44000400Whats the best oc /r9k/ ever made?: /pol/ got these comics[View]
44000508Typical day for wagebeta: >wake up at 4:30 >rush to get ready >take the subway at 5:00 >…[View]
44000300ASMR thread: Who are your favorite ASMRtists?[View]
43960667Feels ?: Do we even have these sort of threads anymore ? I mean the ones with actual feels[View]
43999751Let's get a /comfy/ thread going >not putting your feet in front of the space heater…[View]
44000766Are there actually any decades that are better than the others? I was born in the mid 90s and have n…[View]
44000765Curveballs: >26 >6'2 >180lbs, good rib cage shape, v-taper >White >blue-green ey…[View]
43999424>friend says I should just make a tinder >too self conscious to post my hideous face on it…[View]
43999886>'The college years are the best years of your life, you will never get these years back'…[View]
43999719witness me: fellas........... c h e c k e m[View]
43999527Rate my keyboard anons[View]
43998996how do i stop eating lads every time i see food i cant help but grab and stuff my face with it[View]
44000637Adolf a cute, CUTE![View]
44000017>She's always squeezing me and hugging me too hard and too often >start calling her 'elmi…[View]
43998899It's 2018! C'mon, you cannot not have FB yet!: >http://www.businessinsider.com/mark-zuc…[View]
43999960Theres this girl I like in my class but have never spoken to And today I thought this is the day Im …[View]
44000607>there are an infinite number of universes >you can choose which one you want to be in with de…[View]
43998775I found a couple of small worm/maggot like things in my house. Found one on each toothbrush, one cra…[View]
44000111what the FUCK are you looking at wagie? It's a candle, never seen one? Stupid wagecunt, back to…[View]
44000362Cuck Personality Disorder: Anyone else with dependent personality disorder here? I'm trying to…[View]
43999970Why are white women, barring Slavs and Australians, so smug? Why do they think they are too good for…[View]
44000160>I'm sorry, anon. We can't be together anymore. Your penis is just far too big for me…[View]
43999990>be myself >3rd grade >teacher does survey on everyone's favorite color at the end of …[View]
43995255I wish real life was a sci-fi/fantasy adventure anime.[View]
44000304The first time I did Adderall I nearly died because I got so dehydrated from staying in the shower f…[View]
44000438Anyone here into current 93?[View]
43999464Ask an anon who had period sex with a girl anything[View]
44000220Anyone know an imageboard full of people who are like smug NEET pepe?[View]
43998398Has anyone here today/tonight ever forced a meme? And maybe even relatively successfully? I'm f…[View]
44000285How do you guys get the rest of the ranch out of your ranch bottle for your tendies? I had to cut mi…[View]
43999673>friend texts me first >then ghosts me after the first reply The fuck is this shit…[View]
44000265no wagie, my head is not a subway sub you blithering idiot! Must be hallucinating due to sleep depri…[View]
44000184fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you: my board is filled with degenerate trash and you dumb fucks glo…[View]
43999617Tfw no pop punk gf to cuddle and listen to music and eat pizza and get coffee and smoke weed with[View]
43999907Everyone please get the hell of the internet. it is contributing vastly to your unhealthy mental wel…[View]
44000095>the smell coming from the space between my balls and thighs[View]
44000087How the fuck do you respond to this?[View]
43999792I fell in love with someone, we spent so much time together. Playing sports, talking, making things.…[View]
43999741I'm sick of being mistreated by qt chads. I was told this place was full of nice boys looking f…[View]
43999391Is it gay to keep a death grips album cover on my phone?[View]
43994356Well, Anons? What would you do?[View]
43998683I need some advice I am 22.I live in Greece.Education here is shit.I spent 10 or more years learning…[View]
44000008>>43999309 It was me, anon, I ruined your get.[View]
43997213why are normal fags against suicide so much? If someone is living a pointless life that has no affec…[View]
43999816any other anons here in constant heartache? i never go a day without that pain in my chest and it re…[View]
43989453/britfeel/: Gentlemen in the United Kingdom experiencing emotions edition[View]
43999803>be me >looking on ebay for used phone >notice an iphone 8 being sold >see reflection of…[View]
43999168>You ask me why I'm willing, why I can't speak to you, >You blame me for my silence,…[View]
43999551>walking to the train for work >roastie starts walking up the wrong side of the stairs >exp…[View]
43999513I am a murderer.[View]
43999677Promiscuity and class: Bitches living under the poverty are the biggest hoes. It's no surprise …[View]
43999239What's stopping YOU from achieving your goals?[View]
43999665>Hey fembot, come eat my ass while I do shaper.[View]
43999220Hello there neighbors, It's been quite a long time since I've seen any of your smiling fac…[View]
43999555>tfw no gf to tease about her name so you can hear her cute pouty 'stoooop' and eventually have h…[View]
43999308>tfw no perfect breasts gf[View]
43999535Anybody like to skim through older forums on here? (late 90s up to 2006 or so) I browsed on a lot of…[View]
43993359When is it going to be considered a hate crime to be white and male at the same time? Think about i…[View]
43996745>tfw no cute submissive boy to punish and spank until he cries Where do i even find such guy? All…[View]
43999474/fit/ here: >he is a DYEL >complains that girls don't want him explain yourselves /r9k/…[View]
43995218Daily /aus/: Nice cloudy day here. The sun makes me feel self-conscious[View]
43995624What are some problems you guys face everyday: Not the major ones like no gf, but is there anything …[View]
43999456my hatred for disney is starting to get out of hand,it's the third night i dream of the company…[View]
43998897>decide it's time to approach girls >all the girls are either wearing headphones and/or b…[View]
43999210>fell for the mewing and squinting meme >now i got tmj and bags under my eyes…[View]
43995705Anyone here ever cure or stave off their depression, whether short or long term? What did you do tha…[View]
43998688Can depression even be cured?[View]
43999367Wagies are so fucking stupid.[View]
43999128what tabs to you keep open to switch too whenever somebody comes into your room? i like to always ha…[View]
43999084>you will never cheat on your gf and gaslight her when she confronts you and just ignore her suic…[View]
43999237>tfw they reject you from the military because you supposedly have psychopathic tendencies becaus…[View]
43999028What the fuck is wrong with me?: >Be me >NEET for 8 years >cousin gives me mechanic job out…[View]
43998829i need 0,03$ on steam any robot caring enough to help? i need lvl 10 so i can post loli gifs on my…[View]
43997381im a drunk cute tranny do any of you want to take advantage of me right now[View]
43997774Have any neets here ever been confronted like Louis? Post experiences ITT. https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
43998856sleep schedule is fucked big time. oh well! Have a good morning friends.[View]
43998255I love my girlfriend. I do. She's the only person in my life who is important. We understand ea…[View]
43998646Number 15: Burger king foot lettuce. The last thing you'd want in your Burger King burger is so…[View]
43999297hello there /r9k/ i just wanted to say that i love all of you <3[View]
43999003help: did I say something wrong? please help me out guys I'm so fucking lonely I know its done …[View]
43998919FUCK FUCK FUCK. I have became too careless with my mumbling and now my parents have caught me talkin…[View]
43999066Normie Thread: I'm an irl normie, ama.[View]
43998986>when the bussy so tight he nuts on entry[View]
43998648Feeling guilty about not talking about one of my good friend's sister's sexual harassment:…[View]
43998749Ever since the suicide /r9k/ seems so slow and threads last so long with very little replies. What…[View]
43998346Alpha females: Alpha females, let's talk about them. Not from a classical male view - but from …[View]
43998121>person next to you watches your screen while his laptop is booting up >homeless dude knocks o…[View]
43998525roastie here: Hi betas, I'm Amy; I can't even stand beta orbiters so in my personal life I…[View]
43998973>buy anything over 100$ >instant overwhelming remorse and guilt >cancel order or return it …[View]
43999034The Purple Man says: Goodnight my beautiful friends![View]
43997241/skelly/ general: >6'1 king of lanklets >not even 130 pounds I'm not even an option…[View]
43992474Black males have 15% higher estrogen levels, are more likely to have AIDS, are more likely to be gay…[View]
43998629Bimbo general: Why is women that turn themselves into fucktoys through surgery so hot[View]
43998496hellu daily remindar tu stey hydrated thanks bye[View]
43997512Why bother with life when there is anime?[View]
43998934NoFap stories: >Realize one day that I had trouble maintaining boners when I watched porn >Dec…[View]
43998952>Realise I could stand to exercise more >Realise I could stand to watch my diet a little more …[View]
43998907any other robots feel like they're constantly tripping compared to normies? It's hard to e…[View]
43998528What are some romantic Visual Novels to distract me from my shitty life?[View]
43996409tell me what the fuck I have to do or say to get a bf like this[View]
43998839>start crossdressing >like it >i like women what did i mean by this?…[View]
43998527>you know exactly what kind of personality she likes in guys >you don't have that persona…[View]
43998734Letting go...: >Been used as an emotional trashcan by a girl for a better part of a year >girl…[View]
43994517Why don't you just settle for a 6/10 grill?[View]
43995109>sissy trainers[View]
43996759Going into detox: Going into detox this weekend (alcohol, 16 drinks a night), really anxious, been s…[View]
43998476>le stahhhhp masturbaaitinng it wil mak ur dick fall off!!1 >le staahhhhp browsing teh 4chinz …[View]
43998580>go to bed at 9:00 pm >get full nights rest >check clock >12:30 am…[View]
43998571>tfw converted yet another robot boy to trap fetishism >convinced him to order HRT and everyth…[View]
43998361>tfw 119 IQ Who here above average IQ?[View]
43994992How do I cure my CEI and sissy fetish? It's sick and disturbing and making me feel uncomfortabl…[View]
43996904What do women have to gain from wearing this?[View]
43994522Why do femanons pretend to be disgusted by the idea of sex? what do they mean by this if we surely k…[View]
43998404Please never start smoking unless you want a life long addiction to one of the worst drugs there is.…[View]
43996891I'm going to take a piss, look after my rye toast for me.[View]
43998550Feminists...: Women saying they can do a mans job just as well...[View]
43997908What are some lies that adults told you when you were growing up, robots? >you can become anythin…[View]
43998034Synthetic weed /k2/spice: Any robots have ant experience with this stuff? I'm too big of a shut…[View]
43995181>this threads dedicated to green text so submit yours or anothers![View]
43993612>that kid thread ill start >that kid who shoved a pencil in his ass >that kid who would dr…[View]
43998033reminder that /r9k/ is sony town[View]
43997081>can't be a real man >start wanting to get fucked by a real man anyone else know this fee…[View]
43998175/basementdweller/: Who else here lives in the basement? I know it's made fun of often but is re…[View]
43998183>tfw 'tfw no gf' has no significance anymore >tfw nothing has any significance >tfw you are…[View]
43998660Why can't white bois compete in general? It's getting laughably obvious at this point.[View]
43996762>mfw I'm a 26 year old trust fund kiddo - and people are forcing me to get a job goodbye r9…[View]
43995696>tfw weak perma-beta male >tfw cute short twink >tfw too anxious and autistic to ever amoun…[View]
43998470/cp/ - Culture Pals: Welcome to Culture Pals! Message QTs from around the world! Here autistic sperg…[View]
43998531Please Ignore: I made my first serber today and want to make a mew group of friends to break it in. …[View]
43997955>tfw no hip to waist ratio gf[View]
43998466A year ago I met a girl on tinder. I knew from her bio immediately she was a 4chan user. Lo and beho…[View]
43996665Hey /r9k/, I want to off myself. But after watching the stream of that kid shooting himself, I'…[View]
43998583Autism: How do you know if you got it?[View]
43998548>mfw snacking on a nice muraveinik >mfw amerimutts will never experience it's true glory …[View]
43998467>1 week on nofap >already feel more comfortable around me Why aren't you doing nofap, rob…[View]
43998352i had those dreams about middle school again[View]
43998392My cat: >be me > adopt cat > we are unsure if she was a stray or had past owners > she w…[View]
43998319Fellas....: Bros Ive got the opportunity to get fucked by an actual MTF and Im gonna chicken out. Iv…[View]
43994475>little sister is asleep >jump on her and shove a pillow in her face as a prank >she strugg…[View]
43998295Do they sell English manga in Japan?[View]
43996543Who wants to be friends?: Who wants to be friends, and play Siege/Overwatch/other game, post steam d…[View]
43998235Tell me about good memories you have.[View]
43998111im a nice guy but still can't find a girlfriend[View]
43997211are the front bottoms /ourband/ or are they for failed normies?[View]
43998384What are we to do about the nigger problem? Why are they so completely incapable of long-term thinki…[View]
43998397retarded from the start: >>be me >> 5yo >>go to the pool >>'don't go in…[View]
43996753I'm a person, and my life is only ever going to be experienced by me, nobody else. Everything I…[View]
43996730>born a male: >born a male >fast forward >2018 >still 5'9'' >size 9…[View]
43998330>it's another anon keeps peeling the skin off his feet episode[View]
43998338>pour every degenerate thought into /r9k/ day after day after day after day after day I have reap…[View]
43997761how do i make my boner stop curving down i dont like it, it looks like i have erection problems even…[View]
43998166Anyone else gay but just want a gf?[View]
43998281Hi r9k whatsup[View]
43995846Why aren't you listening to the Sex Pistols right now? Post other bands that are anti-normie.[View]
43998186If Aliens came to Earth and integrated into human Civilization, is there anything legally keeping me…[View]
43997247im high af on coke right now and ive been taking it all night. it's 8AM here. My parents and si…[View]
43997571if i put my finger in my butt and pretend its a girl doing it, is it still gay?[View]
43997100>feeling braindead all the time >constant headache >no motivation >just gave up on colle…[View]
43994513Be honest, do you like girls who are kinda dumb?[View]
43997934Going nofap, 2 days and it sucks. How to become better human being and never fap again?[View]
43993912>be incel robot >my oneitis is my roommate >she is a solid 9/10 skinny blonde angelical fac…[View]
43997134when am i going to forget the dc metro station nights and mac demarco LPs /r9k/ fucking christ just …[View]
43996684What will the world be like once the last white male is dead?[View]
43996572>want a gf >don't know what I would do with one or where I would take them out for dates …[View]
43995798Took xanax for the first time today, and I've got to say, I'm pretty disappointed. I took …[View]
43996706>I'm so effeminate >I'm so beta >I'm such a sissy little tampon boy >I…[View]
43998125Mirror mirror on the wall: Why is Vore, the hottest of them all. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fiS…[View]
43998110crush: >be me >get a huge crush on qt3.14 from high school >talk to qt3.14 >can't c…[View]
43997688Should I off my self like Schuaby?[View]
43998094It's meant to be....: >be me >in college >never had long relationship >finally frie…[View]
43997136>*Fires gelatinous glob of iridescent radioactive plasma at wagie's car* Try getting to work…[View]
43996132Uplifting thread: I know it's rough anon, but you'll get through it. Just give yourself so…[View]
43995490ls jiren a robot?[View]
43994785Why would a girl want to spend their life with YOU?[View]
43997911>INFP >liked to write and draw when I was like 9-11 years old >was pretty decent at those t…[View]
43997692Should I jerk off or not? It's been almost a week. I can go nofap for a really long time now or…[View]
43997868im literally shit at everything i try so hard but i fail because i just dont get any better despite …[View]
43997953Who will try to understand us now?[View]
43997120I have a problem I'm too autistic to talk to women Can you guys give me tips on what to do?[View]
43997902Guys is it possible to force yourself to forget certain memories? I managed to store this one shitty…[View]
43997457How to get a gee eff?[View]
43996713Anyone else get turned on by the thought of there own death?[View]
43997494>had a sexual dream about my mother[View]
43997854Is it over tbh tbh?: Is it over desu desu?[View]
43997335post your filters and help other anons browse a better r9k[View]
43997798>Be me a couple of months ago >Order some new parts for my PC >A week goes by and I except …[View]
43997374Nikolas Cruz needed help. He didn't get it, and he popped off because of it. Hmmm, seems like o…[View]
43996229tinder: signing up for this shit, whats the best strat with photos?[View]
43997437This os some unfair shit /r9k/ . How come i have asked 4 girls to date me and they all refused even …[View]
43996413International Happiness Day: How are you doing fellow robots? Are you going to celebrate?[View]
43991945what drives some boys to do things like this? Why don't they just pick up and put down heavy ob…[View]
43996101Why do women only want men with 'experience'? How hard is it to put a penis in a vagina and thrust b…[View]
43995908>Get cheated out of a nice evening of drinking alone at home because of normies It's 6am now…[View]
43997535Nothing feels like it used to and everything around me seems bleak and unreal. Dreams feel more real…[View]
43997127mommies are supposed to have their boys cut so they don't play with themselves OwO[View]
43994294Post the highest number of drugs you have done at one time(within 30 minutes of the last drug/dose) …[View]
43997596What topics do normal people talk about?[View]
43994228Asian bois just can't compete lmfao[View]
43997566How normie are robots? https://strawpoll.com/xa4pwsz3[View]
43997276Girls fucking rule[View]
43996244Black bots Teach your son to Date Non-Black. -- If you actually end up getting laid: If you actually…[View]
43997484/Robot Radio/- Tuesday music What music have you been listening to this week anons? https://www.yout…[View]
43995053>December 2017 >Shopping for gifts at Walmart since it's practically across the street …[View]
43995330Why am I allowed to enslave animals like squirrels, raccoons, and lizards but not the ones called ni…[View]
43996636Pizza Thread What are y'all niggas favorite topping n shit?[View]
43996983Story thread >Be me 15 >Sophmore loser in highschool >Decide that nobody will ever fuck me …[View]
43996268Why do I want to feel sad? I really want to have stuff to be sad about, I used to but now I just fee…[View]
43994340is anyone else so disconnected from society that stuff like getting a simple job and getting a gf ac…[View]
43995093Fucking hell guys, why is the world so fucked? I'm not saying this because of shit like 'n…[View]
43996463Did you ever think you could overcome the depression?[View]
43997290'Depression' is the normal energy-expenditure level. The psychos have taken over society 100 years a…[View]
43996628Do you think it's possible to be gay and not a degenerate? Like, at the same time? I recently m…[View]
43996362Why am I like this? I want to be a cute girl and have a good relationship with a nice anon and event…[View]
43997203> Brother found my lace panties > Hasn't spoken to me in a week > Fast forward to tod…[View]
43997237Why do you care so much about gaining the approval of others, you're not going to find it there…[View]
43994451Do you have a chad best friend anon? I do and it's probably one of the best friendships ever.[View]
43996857Who /sniffing/ here? Nothin like dragging your hand across your ballsack and taking in a good whiff …[View]
43990823Music Thread: Got this album a few months ago from a music thread. I really like it now. Here's…[View]
43997023Why not just breed your mom? She already loves you. No work required.[View]
43992892Druggie general: Watcha getting high on tonight or planning to get high on soon? What's your dr…[View]
43995038>2018 >Doesn't smoke cigarettes Are you bullied, mentally handicapped or both? >b-but …[View]
43997077Your carpet smells like semen[View]
43995913Anyone else feel like they can't laugh anymore? I used to be able to laugh all the time as a ki…[View]
43994271This is a really long story that isn't necessarily amazing in any way I just needed to get it o…[View]
43988377Blackbot Thread: Any of you guys have that one white friend? You know, the one that when your with y…[View]
43990591who else here /mentalvr/? i can daydream vivid scenarios, and i just pace around my room to act them…[View]
43996251I can't stop fucking fapping. Came 4 times already and I want more. What the fuck is wrong with…[View]
43996470Would you marry a half black girl?[View]
43994924Enslavement thread: Who here want to be enslaved, breed, and abused by their owner?[View]
43995843>sniff a girl's brapper on the street >get arrested WTF else do they wear clothes like th…[View]
43996917>am wage cuck >public sector >basically neet with a paycheck >call in sick >never do…[View]
43996438Why don't you just get yourself a sugarbaby?[View]
43996041/Finally/: Was in a store, girl in tight yoga pants farts next to me,she walked away and I stood the…[View]
43996771>Nice smells smell nice[View]
43996795>tfw no asian gf to peg me every night[View]
43996674This will continue because white people are pacified cuck pussies. We here on /r9k/ probably have th…[View]
43996460ITT Debunking Roastie Lies: >he's a creep/you're creepy She doesn't consider you a…[View]
43995453>It's OK for men to sleep around with women because they get experience, but WOMEN should be…[View]
43996488>be me >have crippling anxiety >tfw constantly afraid of insane and unrealistic things out …[View]
43995463Hey, roomie! Working late, huh?[View]
43993487What a load of bullshit, bitches only like big dicks and big whips, fucking just to get tips fuck em…[View]
43994694damn this hits me right in the feels[View]
43996442>used to be /r9k/ back in 2008-2011, obsessed with getting a gf, relationships, etc >eventuall…[View]
43996087>lets go hang out at the mall anon :3[View]
43994917>currently in the worst state I've ever been in yet >suddenly comes across a game that…[View]
43995351A girl randomly sat with me at the cafeteria in my uni. She talked to me and once we finished our me…[View]
43995379I tried everything...: >tfw brother died of a drug overdosed because a jew gave him fake drugs …[View]
43996389>after having a failed experience, get off 12 of my antidepressants >start feeling genuinely b…[View]
43996313>had normal, safe, vaginal sex with gf >But I don't want to see you guys go I guess I…[View]
43996106Here is your path to normiehood laid out in front of you.[View]
43995690Sometimes I want something terrible to happen to me just to see if that would make people worry abou…[View]
43996018Do you still shower with your dad?[View]
43995239Gimme gimme soy Nintendies, be cardboard or in their twenties[View]
43995715>dood improve yourself XD: >girls dont like fat chubsters >so i lose weight (25lbs) and now…[View]
43996005How would you feel if you walked in on your sister doing this?[View]
43995152Why do robots here insist females have it easier? Sure, I can get males that want to fuck me,but th…[View]
43996296Does anyone else ever feel vagina envy? I don't think I want to be a woman, but sometimes I loo…[View]
43995341>cum in the toilet and then take a shit in my cum, then flush it all down This is like a metaphor…[View]
43995422I know you post here grant. I saw you on here on your phone when you were out having a smoke . - D.P[View]
43987508Sex Doll Thread: The absolute madman edition.: >doll users have tiny dic- https://www.pornhub.com…[View]
43995758HOLY SHIT, I FUCKED HER SO HARD, her fucking pussy ripped in half. You guys have to try this shit, s…[View]
43995623>mom starts awkwardly talking to me about girls >asks what kind of girls I like >'girls wit…[View]
43996214>tfw no big booty brapin asian gf[View]
43994658Did you getting a cat, bro? Worked for me.[View]
43995117The assblasted /co/ janny keeps deleting my sonichu threads so i'll post them here even though …[View]
43995718>go to the job interview >it's a Stacy-looking woman Is it fair to assume that unless you…[View]
43995947Big test tomorrow. Thinking about how much better the world would be if I was gone. whats on your mi…[View]
43996052Later Nerds?: I used a gay woman's lap as a pillow. Am I out of here?[View]
43995804>sign up for some shit >'verify by phone number' Seriously fuck off I'm never going to pa…[View]
43994492How many iterations of Wojak have been through now? So far we've had: >ikftb >Pepe/Wojak …[View]
43995642Honestly, what's stopping me from slitting my fucking wrist right now. I'm so tired. I don…[View]
43994210>drumpfy is a bad man! >russia is evil! >inpeach now!…[View]
43995622R.I.P.: My cousin killed himself today by hanging, he was only 23yrs old. R.I.P.[View]
43995970>girl at uni asks for pen >hand it over to her >our fingers touch for a second See you virg…[View]
43989888Femanons, have you ever gotten free stuff/money from guys before?[View]
43995350>tfw I see my 'friends' hanging out with out me again[View]
43995858>you will never be a normie Why even live?[View]
43993719>be jew >spam interacial porn all over the Internet for 20 years WHY DO WHITE MEN HATE ME?…[View]
43976444Anyone have photos of shuaiby, aka the guy that killed himself?[View]
43995392First thing that comes to mind: Hey r9k what do you think of this picture?[View]
43995781>qt black girl in calc 1 starts making fun of me >laughs and says she was just joking and asks…[View]
43995607Why do people have to die? Why can't we live forever? How are we alive if we are made out of th…[View]
43992780Fuck my ass master.[View]
43994808Why do you think women like to travel a lot?[View]
43995743>tfw no anesthesiologist bf[View]
43995538>be me >talking to qt3.14 >pick my nose and eat a booger without noticing Why am I so autis…[View]
43995402>real life people say what I say are not appropriate >4chan people say my reaction images are …[View]
43990267Blowjobs are one thing, but how to women feel about some good old throatfucking?[View]
43994667Is it so hard for you cuckolds not to respond to cuck threads?[View]
43995319>tfw I just spent over an hour speedwalking around my kitchen counter and fantasizing about havin…[View]
43995619>tfw no longer gay I miss it guys. I miss it so much[View]
43995606Is 5 inches girth and 6 and a half inches (not bone pressed) too big for me to fuck cute lolis[View]
43994719I'm right at the edge: I don't normally post here but it seems like the right place for it…[View]
43992195Who else INTP-T and NEET?: Are we all doomed to be forever stuck in our mom's houses, pursuing …[View]
43995575INTP with poor social skills: This is me. I crave for a serious relationship and intimacy but I feel…[View]
43994409Anons, start lifting and running I don't even mean this to become a normie, I mean this for you…[View]
43991987Devil!: >Irresponsible sister doesn't watch her children lets them roam my room while away. …[View]
43994878Need an essay topic: I have a writing proficiency exam to fulfill a graduation requirement for uni t…[View]
43988100How do people even make online friends?[View]
43992672you should settle for a 5/10.[View]
43995496>Girl updates her profile with a photo of both of us. Well that's it, see ya losers.…[View]
43990838robot /fa/: How do you guys dress? I feel like I dress too plainly, I want to start looking eccentri…[View]
43995420Yesterday an anon asked for this image very nicely but I didn't see until the thread 404'd…[View]
43993961Oldfags General: tfw u get old and people all gradually get their lives together and stop coming to …[View]
43990226ITT: the dumbest things you have ever said aloud Ill start >Nashville is in Oklahoma >why aren…[View]
43995199Anyone else do this? I really like her face so I save every photo I can find of her. She always dele…[View]
43994264does the feeling of being unwanted ever go away?[View]
43993352How your ideal GF/Bf should be like Mine is Misaki[View]
43995371This little twat seems like he needs a mass dislike: His Channel link is here https://youtu.be/u7eW1…[View]
43995358Do you feel like normies are in (automatic) mode, it feels like normies are scripted and just perfor…[View]
43994896Is there any worse feeling than a crazy woman who has control over you because you got her pregnant?…[View]
43985335God fucking damn it this song makes me so sad. I never get emotional but this just brings me memorie…[View]
43991772>little sister is rehearsing her 7th grade graduation at school >goes to get her diploma >t…[View]
43995055I'm so tired of this life There's nothing to gain for me here, all I do is just sit around…[View]
43994937>Was fucking bussy part of your plan?[View]
43995353>oh no, boipucci is actually ovulating[View]
43993946>got too drunk to play vidya again[View]

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