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48858808'friend' is a sulk, has a sulk: >be me, 19 >friend group at uni >been secretive about almos…[View]
48859060Life stages: Play video games > watch people playing > read about games > don't care a…[View]
48854904Steven universe is the most beautiful show I've watched in a long time You should watch it ano…[View]
48854361Day 2 no BPD gf[View]
48858940>you will never ride around smoking weed listening to MGMT and cuddle with a girl when you'r…[View]
48858867>tfw you will die without ever finding out the absolute guaranteed truth about how the world real…[View]
48857867Is romance dead?[View]
48857128>tfw turned 18, thought I'd finally be able to buy a gun and kill myself >find you have t…[View]
48858896>finally got a gf >now instead of worrying about if I'm a loser I worry about why she…[View]
48858536>Him? Haha, j-just an old friend. I hope y-you don't mind...[View]
48858420Strippers: So, a stripper ended up giving me her number Saturday, and I've texted her a bit sin…[View]
48858850>tfw you find out you are the only loser from your childhood group of friends >tfw they all di…[View]
48857432Is it true that autism is hardly even an issue if you're a girl or is it just an /r9k/ meme?[View]
48858435>22 years old >Play red dead redemption >Go on a shooting spree >Sudden pang of guilt I…[View]
48858288When did you realize that 4chan was an elaborate AI designed to keep you trapped in Hell for all ete…[View]
48858757I actually heard and almost saw people having sex in real life on my night walk last night. They had…[View]
48857260>be a jobless loser addicted to drugs and alcohol, have a tendency to violence >anon please do…[View]
48858693>be me >be at the statue of liberty with my qt3.14 friend >solid 9/10 >she says to me 'y…[View]
48857826If you never had the Internet, would you be not as smart as you are now? Does that bother you knowin…[View]
48857843So I quit browsing this board about 3 years ago because I was convinced it was contributing to my se…[View]
48858589What's it like to have goals?[View]
48858616ITT: Terrible Moments Greentexts: >be me >today >playing toontown with a friend, nostalgia …[View]
48857015>all my life I just want a gf >think it will finally make me happy >get a gf >feel absol…[View]
48857288I don't even know why I bother anymore /r9k/... My former gf just broke up with me and I'm…[View]
48853388My best friend came out as gay and tried to fuck me last week: >be me >be mid-20's male …[View]
48857847I just want a friend to play splitscreen and watch cartoons with.[View]
48858612I've been with my girlfriend three years and only recently has she got social media and is now …[View]
48858604Got GF: >be me >be 19 year old, kinda chad lookin I dunno >had crush on gril qt3.14 >she…[View]
48858592>me cum is chunky AMA[View]
48857188How do I get bad ass military leader gf?[View]
48858296Is hitting yourself in the head dangerous? I've started doing it, but earlier I did it a lot an…[View]
48858487I miss my old life. I miss having friends. I miss not having a disaster of a life. I miss not being …[View]
48858549>just make a tinder bro >its never been so easy to get laid…[View]
48857629Are there any anons who lost their virginity to a prostitute? Was it worth it? Did it make you feel …[View]
48858234Goodbye, sweet robots.[View]
48858501Posting turkey apu everyday everyday Day 86[View]
48858485>tfw white but about to breed an Asian qt[View]
48857740>one single goal in life: to become a NEET who can live alone relatively comfortably while never …[View]
48854284Big sloppy fat nigger dick is all I think about. Pounding niggers till they cremate my sissy white b…[View]
48858436>depressed >get job >still depressed > now I have to work > eh?…[View]
48858446>dont play vidya because not good at it and get btfo all the time >dont play single player bec…[View]
48857806>agree to meet with guy off grindr >deal is ill do what he wants for cash >meet him ask to…[View]
48857080>everyon at work makes fun of me because I smell like ketchup >take a shower and scrub hard …[View]
48857727idk: >Be me >Be 6 mfw[View]
48858152Spanish Youtubers: Do anybody know of some Spanish or Argentine youtubers I can watch to work on my …[View]
48857339>Women are the gatekeepers of sex. Those whores should learn to be more responsible and not just …[View]
48856507Was Nietzsche an incel?[View]
48856709Name a more cringy show.[View]
48857919>tfw I smell like jizz for over 5 years now[View]
48857085How can I, a 5'11, 189 pound, fit, 6.5 inch fat dick and handsome AZN boy get with a qt viet gi…[View]
48857997>tfw no backwoods rural prepper Second-Amendment-loving trailer-living sustenance-hunting Appalac…[View]
48856693>tfw I'm crushing on my first black guy I'm generally not attracted to black men but s…[View]
48856892is Okuyasu /ourguy/?[View]
48858109Its time to rise up against the chad and stacys that dominate our society, incels of the world, UNI…[View]
48857906Ever masturbated in front of a human girl before?[View]
48854927I'm about to delve to a new level of creepy weirdo mental illness. >recently installed a das…[View]
48858324I regret being antisocial,how do i go back in time?[View]
48857821Why are black men so much more alpha/masculine than whites?[View]
48857035Post your fetishes so I can feel less degenerate about mine.[View]
48855049>'Sides and back short p-please!' >'That'll be 30$' LMAO with some '''''men'''''. Too sca…[View]
48858283>be me >in class >sit next to 7/10 >she bitch >sit down >she pulls away chair …[View]
48856047Why do guys have such nice asses?[View]
48857800Why should any woman even consider settling for you? Sell yourselves.[View]
48858019you're all fags: You idiots created this NPC meme as a big, gray strawman that you could knock …[View]
48856394>tfw you finally have 5 digits in the bank account[View]
48857980>tfw nobody will ever love me enough to stalk and harass me Pic unrelated…[View]
48856738Quick reminder, in the game of life we are the villains and normies are the heroes[View]
48858208Anyone had to deal with 'nice guy'/orbiters irl? They seem alright until they're badm…[View]
48857766Is stalking someone the only good way to get their address without them knowing you have it, or are …[View]
48853428Are girls self-conscious about the size of their breasts? Do most guys care if they're small? I…[View]
48847412Waifu thread: Lets try discuss some stuff today. I know community is divide on some issues. >can …[View]
48858114/comfy/: time for a comfy thread bros[View]
48856101>Girl I like is dating a 5/10 nu-male weeb Is this better or worse than her dating a generic musc…[View]
48858078hi. im still looking for that one guy i fucked up with and i hope he reads this. goes by charred. i …[View]
48857338>tfw no bf that would make me hot coco[View]
48857767Are females even capable of love? I've been dumped and lied to so many times I refuse to believ…[View]
48858051Watch out reviewbrah, there's a new man in town[View]
48854683im trapped and I live in a cursed life in a small town. its miserable here everyones mean and there…[View]
48856525Autists things to do: Why we robots don't start a cult?[View]
48853650https://youtu.be/hOxbTrfd8k8?t=174 IIIIIII WILL NOT BE KIND IN THE TORTURE YOU DESIRE[View]
48856432Why do people say that girls grow up faster?[View]
48857955Tired niggers[View]
48856198Former NEET here. My dreams and imagination are getting more detailed the more I go out. Is this wha…[View]
48857266Am I gay: I just sucked the head of my own dick and licked it out of curiosity, I did it twice more,…[View]
48856742What's your mind's eye like? How is your visualization? I have aphantasia, so I'd lov…[View]
48856181See ya later: >be me 3 years ago >16 yo 5'7' manlet, hairy as all hell but overall 6/10 c…[View]
48856495>stop being ethnic[View]
48857494Pewdiepie just showed a green text and said the me started on reddit[View]
48857401Anyone feel like life is going too fast? I'm 21 and I feel like I was born like last week, it f…[View]
48854707Halloween stories fellas?: >be me >last Halloween >dressed up as Freddy Kruger >bought…[View]
48857736>Enjoy your food! >Uh... You... too![View]
48856565>watch movie with oneitis Friday night >she says my breath is gross but kisses me anyway >w…[View]
48857385>Be me > 16 > At Canadian cadet camp > Overnight stuff > We eat MREs for every meal o…[View]
48857658Where can I find a tall muscular boyfriend who wears a chain necklace?[View]
48856491>there is a timeline where i didnt lose opportunities with girls/has tons of friends and also buy…[View]
48857545Asked a girl out and she said yes, how am I supposed to deal with this, I was not even expecting her…[View]
48856649Mind's eye training: How do I improve my mind's eye? How can I improve and increase the br…[View]
48853461is it socially aceptable to talk about anime with normies?[View]
48857337>text crush >replies with how was your day >i say great and ask her about hers >says tha…[View]
48857028I wish I could go on anime like adventure so god damn bad. I hate stationary life its not even worth…[View]
48857025>work part time >earn enough to pay a fair room and board to mum >money left over to pay fo…[View]
48856824why is it so hard to find some chew?[View]
48857406This is actually the best meme to ever bless this site prove me wrong[View]
48856124What food do you eat that keeps you full for a long time?[View]
48855774whats your opinion on parking lots?[View]
48857363I cannot visit my gf because i do not have a job :( music for this feel[View]
48856963>last year of high school >in math class last day before christmas holidays 2 years ago >b…[View]
48857197Dumb shit in school: What's some dumb shit you or other people did in school? >After I was d…[View]
48856407So, at my 29 years of existence i got a gf for the first time. Its been a month and it was all great…[View]
48857396>have devilish plan >find girl >make girl fall in love with me >fall in love with her …[View]
48851566You have no idea how hard it is to be an MBTI-let. You'll never experience the loneliness of be…[View]
48856150Anyone here into going /out/side? Camping helped create a lot of positive changes in my life. You sh…[View]
488534382 of my friends ( my only 2 friends, lol) called me 10 times today and I didn't wanna answer. W…[View]
48841084What is the most robot political affiliation? https://www.isidewith.com/2018-voter-guide-quiz[View]
48857047>Great day today >Got a lot done at work >About to beat the undefeated guy in my fantasy fo…[View]
48857039Who here /r9k/[View]
48856545Anzu thread 18: settle down on this cold evening and appreciate anzu![View]
48857302>mfw wearing jeans the entire day and binge watching netflix with my mom I didn't knew the N…[View]
48857125>be me 14 male >Have friends but they dont really care for me >Moms gonna die soon >Dads…[View]
48854061I am on disability when things continu like this and i run out of my disability i kill myself. What…[View]
48854879Fails thread: Write your biggest fails and embarrassing moments[View]
48856855I'm sorry you're all so sad, it'll get better if you really try to make it better[View]
48856520How do you become normal again? I heard your brain gets 'wired' physically, so did I fuck it up with…[View]
48856378>go on tinder >swipe for two days >realize I'm as average looking as I thought >stu…[View]
48857159I feel more and more bitter towards other people and society as I grew older, and it has literally n…[View]
48856633/frs/ - Faggot Removal Squad: Away online on the board of robots, Away from all the girls and thots,…[View]
48857087Whoever made this picture got everything wrong!!![View]
48857120>/r9k/ hates women >women claim they hate asshole chads >in reality most women want to get…[View]
48855071Discord Server: A lotta the lads here aren't that bad. Thought I'd make a server to help w…[View]
48856744>hear knock at door >open door >see salesperson >close door…[View]
48853007Will my fellow Americans be voting in the upcoming election? Who are you voting for?[View]
48854935Where can we find gfs?: Where can guys who dont leave their house find girls?[View]
48857004Why is r9k trying to depressed me by the gf meme? I don't need a gf, I have a more important qu…[View]
48857008I forget where to put hands when lying on side every night I can't sleep on back I can't s…[View]
48847795Hey trannies: I hope you have a good day! You deserve it.[View]
48856954I want to kill myself but my grandparents on both sides and parents love me too much and I don'…[View]
48856964>want to go to sleep so I'm not tired at work tomorrow >someone starts an argument with m…[View]
48856902Discussion Post: Should things like this be allowed? This is a $70,000 / year job through the Univer…[View]
48856905Should I go the Fourth Live DV of Aqours fourth tour?: I went to the happy party train DV and it was…[View]
48855739Real question, real answers only: Would any of you date someone actually on HRT? I keep seeing it sa…[View]
48856751I bought this knife because it said 'pocket knife' and it was cheap. Turns out the handle is the siz…[View]
48854761Is a 14cm dick small?: Im really self-conscious[View]
48855650ITT: Intense Brain Autismo > Be me > Been having headaches for years, gotten worse over the pa…[View]
48856761:>): My birthday ends in four minutes.[View]
48855200new robot: how do i format a story so its a greentext?[View]
48854090>Enter your room >See this on your bed Wat do?…[View]
48855641>it's another anon lets 5 minutes ruin his entire day episode how's your day going?…[View]
48856288Everyone thinks I'm faking my mental differentness: Title says it all, it's convoluted bec…[View]
48856638pls add me back i forgot your tag and i really want to talk to you again[View]
48854983i just found this pic, and for some reason, it feels really weird when i look at it whats going on?[View]
48854685Why do you think that women are so huge now with guys being a lot smaller without a shit ton of work…[View]
48856493what is it about social media that makes people so overzealous?[View]
48854910Its another episode of anon buys himself an overpriced ticket for the indoor swimming pool in the ho…[View]
48855654Do you guys actually have some specific girl that you could ask out if you had the courage? I can…[View]
48856542ITT: nostalgia: >tfw you cant travel back in time https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-fKLy0uKL3Y…[View]
48855846Just imagine if you had a best friend that is a girl who has no romantic interest in you. I can…[View]
48856596I hate editing: >sony vegas crashes >didnt have time to save >have to redo the whole fuckin…[View]
48841990Women when they bitch about being lonely[View]
48855027>Be me >Turned 18 a few weeks ago >13 year old cousin comes to live with us >plays with …[View]
48856541>grown man >6 2 big cock >fuck plenty of girls >spend my weekend role playing as a girl…[View]
48855955Why the hell am I such an autist for real. I tried talking to girls online and whatnot but every sin…[View]
48851492wammen: Last message you sent to a womyn/gyrl besides a relative. I'll start >Hey I just wan…[View]
48855266>tfw father wont let me play M rated games >tfw I'm 22 I just want to play Skyrim…[View]
48856419>tfw you cucked yourself and didnt have the balls to ask our your oneitis. >now she is dating …[View]
48856440>smile! nobody knows what it's like[View]
48856202why do mothers love their sons more than daughters?[View]
48855732i need pussy as i need food, sleep, water, air. i should be provided with pussy by the government b…[View]
48856384Trump2020: I bet coworkers 100 bucks That at randomly chosen timesduring the day That CNN would be n…[View]
48855508So anons, what good happened today? For me, I had a math test and I thought it was easy. I stressed …[View]
48840377How do we stop the invasion?[View]
48855372>normal people have friends >normal people have hobbies >normal people have stories >nor…[View]
48854843What town should I move to? I'm tired of city life, name a comfy town where the people are kind…[View]
48855550>when does one reveal his powerlevel? I have been befriending this girl, got her number and she …[View]
48856046Flipper: is flipper ok? I miss you btw[View]
48852002Anyone else turned unironically racist and anti-semitic by 4chan and the black pills? i know unironi…[View]
48856221>still no upload of this months COMIC MILF[View]
48855850what would you do if you found out that your wife was black?[View]
48856080*thread gets pinned* ahem HIT OR MISS THE JANNIES NEVER MISS HUH? YOU GOT APPOINTED? THEY'RE N…[View]
48855370Why do girls go crazy over BTS? They don't have strong jawlines or other masculine features. It…[View]
48855441feelings and shit.: I know this girl for about 4 years now. had feelings for her for some time now, …[View]
48855679I'm gettin outta here. I don't like the aura of this place. It's darker and darker ev…[View]
48855956Crime addiction?: So I read heard something saying you can get addicted to crime like graffiti and v…[View]
48853081>texting with crush >mini heart attack every time she texts me back Why does this happen to me…[View]
48855646>Be me >Saved up my GBP >Spent them on tendies from Publix > Mummy and New Daddy go out …[View]
48856036Why do you faggots care so much about getting a partner anyway? Women aren't worth it, if you a…[View]
48854967>finally get a gf >love her but want another What do…[View]
48855861>walking through the park >see this girl sitting on a bench What do you do?…[View]
48852194>tfw a gender confused faggot has a bigger dick than you Just fuck my shit up.…[View]
48850109Do femanons like cute reserved sensitive/emotional guys?Or are they instantly viewed as gay/betas/po…[View]
48855451Friend drops out of uni. I just haven't been the same since. Having him around made me feel saf…[View]
48855985>see a 6'0 tall Stacey walk out of my work building >its like 50 degrees and shes wearing…[View]
48855982Do any of you have any scary/supernatural/paranormal/ stories you'd like to share? I know I sh…[View]
48854237This is a western and Muslim woman's fantasy in reality in america: Look at all these 20 and 30…[View]
48850174Beta fag Roommate: > be me right now, freshman 1st year of uni > Move into a student apartment…[View]
48855946https://youtu.be/Y2DIAqj2iOU Show me some shit.[View]
48855902im sorry femanons i didnt mean any of it im just sad and angry please forgive[View]
48854412Have you any regrets ? I regret not enjoying my childhood because of my social anxiety >no child…[View]
48855901Happy shit: Lets share ANYTHING that could ve considered happy about our lifes. Even if it is the sm…[View]
48855886>It's morally wrong to overthrow the government just because you don't like its policie…[View]
48855881can any of you anons give me a summary of wikileaks guy in greentext format?[View]
48855127Best way to aquire NEETBux? How do i go about submitting into the NEETboy program?[View]
48851312>tfw depersonalization Had this for years, how do you actually overcome this shit?…[View]
48855099Help me robots >In HS >Antisocial >Only have like 4 close friends >No GF haven't sp…[View]
48852255>make jokes about socialists and insult them all the time >decide to take a political compass…[View]
48855817Just talked to a german doctor about psychedelics on an app called wakie. We talked mostly about DMT…[View]
48855809Ok fuck up serious now Whenever I feel my right nipple it feels like a lump is under it, I squeezed…[View]
48850201>Africans were sitting on so many natural resources and they did nothing with them This argument …[View]
48855771Tard story thread? >be me >taking fat shit in middle school to avoid class >school had a lo…[View]
48855649>5 feet 10 inches[View]
48852430I hate nonwhites so much it consumes my every waking moments with dreams of genocide does anyone els…[View]
48855517>be me >feels depressed >start crying >feels a relief >tfw just found out a lifehack…[View]
48852342Explain this Fembots[View]
48853418Any other hot bots here? I'm no model but I'm really not ugly. >6ft (wear lifts so I…[View]
48855642Anyone here ever listen to Opie and Anthony? I've been going on a binge of old Oand A clips/sho…[View]
48854610Any NY anons going trick or treating?[View]
48854225How much time did you spend playing pre expansion WoW?[View]
48855580Ever been with a milf??: Okay, for the few lucky anons out there, have you ever been with a hot milf…[View]
48853887Going back to the 90's: It was a better time, besides a time machine this is how I go back. 1.g…[View]
48851748>be me 19yo got a job but i don't enjoy normie activities >got a friend from internet we …[View]
48855136Why don't feminists and LGBT push for the legalization of raping TERFs? No one likes them, and …[View]
48854396Anyone else unironically believe that the apocalypse will occur during our lifetime?[View]
48855010>been depressed for a really long while Well not really depressed, I just don't see the poin…[View]
48854845I'm on a 12 hour bus journey. I wanted to pee, so I peed in the water bottle. AMA[View]
48855028Why is /r9k/ so obsessed with MBTI types?[View]
48854920Any American/Canadian fembot willing to marry foreign robot for his visa. I'll financially sup…[View]
48855445>Be me >Be extremely introverted >Also have a subconscious craving to murder certain people…[View]
48855442Wow.... This really made me think.... What did it make you think?[View]
48854777I wish that was me with her bros.[View]
48855341>dad is literally screaming to himself about how much he hates Trump being a NEET is fuggin lame…[View]
48853225Shit life thread?: >be me >life's going pretty well >dad gets cancer >life is now s…[View]
48855362I don't fucking get it. https://youtu.be/GQdnp68rwAU How is this funny? Can normies not find …[View]
48854509it's almost halloween, lads. what's /r9k/'s favorite candy?[View]
48855117Is love real? My brain is so fucked with experiences with women to r9k to porn to etc. I wish I stil…[View]
48854825>be me >uni 3rd year >same class for the third year >they're all faggots, normies, …[View]
48854896discord drama's fucking stupid and anxiety's a bitch[View]
48854831how do people get friends on the internet? I have way too much trouble getting friends IRL how the f…[View]
48854223Is there something specific that keeps you from offing yourself? If so, what is it? I'm curious…[View]
48855290who /mischief/ here? >be me >go to school >some 8th grader tries to sell me a juul >say …[View]
48854960>be me >redditfag >make a greentext >farm for karma feels good man…[View]
48854508Why do ricecels cope with fashion so hard?: Take pic related for instance, he's wearing a $3000…[View]
48854671>Last week >Have good rapport with barista at CC cafe >Jokingly tell barista that we'r…[View]
48854029'Boyfriend-free Girl': What's the best way to find out if a girl has a boyfriend in a workplace…[View]
48855207>tfw ywn have a bf that will listen to thundercat with you in a big warm comfy bed in silly pjs…[View]
48854461Im so obselete nobody pays attention to me for more than 15 minutes: You know the deal boys. I'…[View]
48854001Homura says its not okay to be gay[View]
48855057Do you like to get spanked, robots?[View]
48855055Do any other robots shit completely naked?[View]
48850349/britfeel/: Got some cracking posts lined up edition[View]
48855108Now that i think about it,i'm the only bf that ever dumped you. The other times you always dump…[View]
48854645Can I stay here if a girl likes me? Never dated.[View]
48854437I had authentic tacos today and realized my whole life of liking bad tacos with cheese has been a li…[View]
48854245Is there a worse feeling than ruining everything because you didn't try and finding out everyth…[View]
48854426fucke: >be me, redditfag >go to a subreddit >'join our discord server!' >lonely so do it…[View]
48848148Why is America averaging one school shooting a week?[View]
48853998>anorn, girve me your runch muny wot do?[View]
48854666I started larping as a fembot and have been posting fembot threads for the past month and you guys f…[View]
48853673How do I find the will to do anything?[View]
48854181Reminder: It doesn't matter which board you browse. You're gonna get your dick wet, make s…[View]
48854978Minecraft Monday everyone Comfy vanilla server, 1.12.2 CaveBlock.sknd.host[View]
48854977Embrace Your NPC: Embrace your inner NPC and you shall attain an absolute state of inner peace.…[View]
48854482>tfw look and act like a fat autist nerd but with none of the positives like being good at math o…[View]
48854952>be me >spend 30 gbp to get tendies from canes >i pick up the tendies and they are soo hot…[View]
48853354/comfy/ general let's talk about what we did today i smoked stone weed and watched Netflix all …[View]
48846825Are you the main character or an NPC?[View]
48853647gimme a viet fembot gf NOWWWW BASTARDS[View]
48853559>tfw lingering feeling of anxiety despite everything seeming ok[View]
48852834Free pussy?: Oh . No thanks mam, I'm gay for Hitler[View]
48854202>get a Mac >dismayed it can't run any decent games >the few that do run like shit comp…[View]
48853124What's the sweetest tasting brand of antifreeze, and what alcohol should I mix with it?[View]
48854402>see qt co-worker >'Hey buddy!' Goddamnit it still hurts.…[View]
48854479What the fuck do I do robots?: >be me >watching football (soccer for amerifags) >fucking b…[View]
48854659Well it finally happened. I did something r9k worthy. >Be me, 23 >Not a virgin, just got a hig…[View]
48854799/blackpill/: almost done with 2018 >be me >lurk on r/incels >r/incels gets banned >bles…[View]
48854155>New girl at work flirts with me, calls me cute, and asks me to take her number >Try to text h…[View]
48854060>day 6 of nofap >look at porn >no longer want to suck the mans cock Wow…[View]
48854763Guys i need help please im gonna make a gift for a friend of mine cuz i fucked up and i need some h…[View]
48854241I was kinda busy yesterday, what happened to the anon that dated a tomboy?[View]
48852775I despise my dad. Why can't he just stop talking to me. Every time he opens his mouth and says …[View]
48854460Where does one acquire an asian e-gf I don't like dating apps, i'd prefer something anonym…[View]
48854715quick 19y old boomer: need me a 19yr old boomer not zoomer quick boys[View]
48854710Why are people scared of niggers? They're like us, but dumber Here in eastern europe, the nigs …[View]
48852957what do you think of this thing I wrote? https://everybody-sing.blogspot.com/2018/10/a-brief-history…[View]
48854367Why are all the transfags on Twitter all fucking stupid and obnoxious? >reply to transfag mocking…[View]
48850580Today is my off day. I've got a bottle of cheap whiskey and a lifetime of regrettable, crazy de…[View]
48854592'I don't love you anymore': yes yes indeed, so if i had to look into your eyes and hold your ha…[View]
48854543>be me >make thread about an experience that happened to me like a week ago >'stopped readi…[View]
48854370ITT: Poast roastie studies. Do they get looser as body count increases?[View]
48850902/robot poetry general/: Post em if you got em, be they your own original ballads, sonnets, haikus, l…[View]
48854502>have oneitis >we hang out >she says sorry when I comment on something about her >she co…[View]
48853659Here's a noodle mover for ya.: >man fucks a prostitute Wow that's gross. Wow you actual…[View]
48852808>school years >make the mistake of shitting in a school restroom >not even thirty seconds l…[View]
48854228Should I fuck the fatty at my work? She's objectively a 3, losing most points for being fat. I…[View]
48846811Has anyone here ever been punched in the face? Does it hurt? I really want to experience it[View]
48854298Whats an average day like for a college normie?: Having a girl kiss me made me realize I need to get…[View]
48849559>What's wrong sweetie?[View]
48852706>anon, why do you speak so fast[View]
48854214I want to travel to norway next summer,are you coming with me?: I want to see aurora borealis,reach …[View]
48851345Remember: IT always could be worse[View]
48853010It feels like parents just feed their kids lies until they encounter/understand death for the first …[View]
48852905You have wasted your day once again[View]
48850167>tfw my pajeet cock wildly never strike fear in the hearts of woman like big strong American will…[View]
48853343Fucking cunt friend fuuuck: >be me >fat beta >7/10 >have 8/10 qt3.14 crush >always th…[View]
48854221I want to collect hentai but not to fap. Problem: if I search for porn I become aroused. Problem: If…[View]
48850496Why do people on 4chan hate vegans so much?: >on biz >post weekly expenses, someone asks why f…[View]
48852890Fell in love with my (female) best friend of 7 years: I even broke up with my gf because I couldn…[View]
48854233I was planning to make OC threads on 4chan and this friend of mine said she's willing to buy th…[View]
48854195Nigger hunter vigilante squad when[View]
48854220>depression meme hits hard >start feeling very cold all over, have to sleep wearing a sweatshi…[View]
48850365>if you were a woman, all the qualities that make you an undesirable beta like being shy and unas…[View]
48852997I'm 28yo and I don't want to fucking work for pennies. I would bust my ass if the salary i…[View]
48853711I don't like tattoos in general, but simple abstract ones like on pic related arm look still in…[View]
48853426Thoughts on this fucker?: >be me >join this server called The Archive >filled with litera…[View]
48851899>tfw actually bipolar There isn't anything awesome about being bipolar. The manic highs are …[View]
48850908comfy genral: The most comfy channel is over Where do we go now, comfros? https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
48852535Being asexual sucks[View]
48853918I want to get a revy tattoo but cant decide where on my body or what picture to use. taking suggesti…[View]
48853268How do people browse /r9k/ without using the filter? I simply added 5 words in and have 11 threads h…[View]
48853074How do I find a woman who will preggo-cuck me?: I want to watch her get bred, we raise a family of k…[View]
48853971Femanons,why not just become an ArtOfZoo girl?[View]
48849145Look at pic related and answer honestly. Are you better or worse than him?[View]
48854019where do i find a BPD gf that will ruin my life?[View]
48852938>pol threads on /r9k/ They have crossed the line, robots. First the trannies and now this?! We mu…[View]
48852918>getting on bus >Negro behind me ask if he could have some change >'No sir I do not have sp…[View]
48853725>tfw i never fit in with the misfits[View]
48852358>nothing to eat at my house >no car >house in suburb far away from everything just kill me …[View]
48852900>live with parents >always have tons of food available >can't stop eating, willpower h…[View]
48852737Oh the biggest fear of the 99% of the poeple on this board: plus you're very bad at making life…[View]
48853957how do i stop shitposting and start studying, bros? at this rate i'll drop out and it's my…[View]
48853925>mom unironically found my cum shirt[View]
48848244Did /r9k/ enjoy Year of the Snitch? Favorite track?[View]
48853564Why don't you own an onahole yet anon? What's holding you back from joining the master rac…[View]
48852946Do niggers even have the IQ to feel?[View]
48852491YLYL: /r9k/ edition this one was epic[View]
48849846Why havent I seen an MBTI / pseudoscience / horoscope / Bangladeshi toe fortune telling thread for a…[View]
48853784>tfw not a trap slave for a perverted robot this sucks[View]
48853660Are you someone's personal l*lcow? how's it like?: Many people made me into their own pers…[View]
48853518reminder that your opinions about literally anything related to women and relationships do not matte…[View]
48853462When did you realize no one gives a fuck about you?[View]
48853367>have the cold/flu >take medicine >it doesn't work >get better anyway it's a f…[View]
48850318Rate my crush fellow robots, while I daydream about her she is getting plowed by Chad. Or multiple o…[View]
48853692>tfw you can get multiple gfs but not a job that pays well because you have adhd this is true suf…[View]
48852993https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ZUgVBcGBi4 i can't be the only one here right? i can't fi…[View]
48853629can soemone please make a clipshow of hitler/3rd reich/etc with komm susser tod playing i dont have …[View]
48853308>15 c-cm is average b-bro you'll be fine[View]
48852028Should I buy a Rolex?: Won 8 grand at the casino last night, money is burning a hole in my pocket. S…[View]
48853101Does anyone else just burn all their social media to the ground after a while? I'll always find…[View]
48853529This is a happy thread! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3bNITQR4Uso&list=RDvYV-XJdzupY&index…[View]
48851264>S-so like anon.... like do you have uh...a date to the school dance y-y-yet?…[View]
48853524Your n#1 fan: Did the psychologist told you even today how I was a problem for you? :D[View]
48853249>forgot to eat breakfast again >underslept >arms are shaking and I feel weak >can't…[View]
48853496>I'm 20 and never had online friends Am I totally degenerate?[View]
48851788Your exact clone appears before you. Do you fight it, or fuck it?[View]
48851216>one chance at life >born a man with wide hips…[View]
48849140/mommy general/: reminder that your mom is more than ripe and if you don't pick her someone els…[View]
48853269Have you ever kissed a girl? How does it feels like?[View]
48852290me: >be me >be me for 1 second >you now have aspergers lol i just made autism spreadable…[View]
48851374Hi /r9k/. I haven't been on 4chan in over 7/8 years and I was wondering if somebody could give …[View]
48852506comfy thread: Post whatever makes you feel comfy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_e6nqUwo8Eo Pygmali…[View]
48852603Today I made out with a 4.5/10 virgin girl Today was a good day[View]
48852126honest thoughts on running a modelling agency to fuck 18 year old pussy regularly?[View]
48853411>quit job cause I'm sick of it >put in application as clerk >have done tax preparation…[View]
48852852Which would be worse. Ending up with a NEET son or a NEET daughter?[View]
48853261lmao >that feel when love is just biochemical bs that means nth and blinds you of imperfections t…[View]
48852899Andromeda: Back to when it was cool 'Cause there's no substitute Who even knows the truth?…[View]
48852572It's the last day of smoking weed before I give it up entirely Feels bad man[View]
48846299I just turned 20 this morning how do i avoid aging like shit guys[View]
48852672Who would you say is the biggest lolcow on this board? Give me the dirt on them.[View]
48853292>go downstairs >sister and her chad bf here why are they alive like cant they die in a car cra…[View]
48852097I prefer Apu to Pepe Just wanted to let everyone know[View]
48851849>Hey anon, we looked up your voter registration info online and saw you were a Republican. Mind e…[View]
48852703be honest, what are my chances of getting welfare as a burger in 2018? I am severely mentally ill bu…[View]
48852933tinder is easy now wtf: so i used tinder like 6 months ago and it was like a desert. No matches and …[View]
48852712inadequacy and whatever: I wish my penis were bigger. I wish girls had big penises.[View]
48848511/rg/ - Relationship General: How goes the relationship hunt for today? Don't tell me you weren…[View]
48850223>zoomers dont care/know anything about satanism[View]
48851726How do I make friends?: I make bad first impressions irl and I don't want to touch cesspools li…[View]
48853054At what point do women stop struggling, shut down and simply accept the rape?[View]
48852142Why dont I enjoy learning everything I dont understand? Why am I making a stupid thread on /r9k/ whe…[View]
48852431Which watch would be the least autistic to wear to school?[View]
48852343What would you do if you can suddenly live as a qt girl?[View]
48853014>try to write a fantasy story >all characters become self-inserts How do I stop this from happ…[View]
48853066>deedoo yobbed the juja[View]
48852534have you ever done a cd compilation for someone?: If yes, for whom and which songs did you put?…[View]
48851960tfw my libido has dropped off lately I miss being so horny I edge all damn day and bust multiple loa…[View]
48851493Pictures of her please[View]
48849384Does she deserve all the hatred that is directed towards her?[View]
48851689opinions on this game?[View]
48848567any anons want to add me and talk? I'm just looking for nice people to have conversations with …[View]
48852908>tfw no strongfat gf who can carry me but also cuddle me[View]
48852886I've never been hugged by anyone in my whole life how does it feel like?[View]
48851893>tfw NPC Well... There is no running from it. I have accepted my true nature.…[View]
48850730>turned 22 >zero urges to watch porn >been on noporn 3 months now >feeling like a normal…[View]
48852701Do I need to gain weight to be happy? I could be happy like this if I tried hard enough but I feel w…[View]
48852819Need for a Video!: I will try to describe it. Its a gif with the Caption: When your Mixtape is on fi…[View]
48852774https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C2Fpr_FmZFM Careless soul, oh heed the warning For your life will so…[View]
48848814Fetish king: >Whats your fetish fellow anons? I want to know whats your personal fetish…[View]
48852640https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A5og1md7Y0M Which one of you fucking degenerates did this?[View]
48852233>'STOP REPLYING TO ME' Is anyone else seeing a huge surge of this recently? Anytime I BTFO someon…[View]
48852664Blackbots, stop hitting on me and go date your own race of women. I know you're tempted by my s…[View]
48852586>pulled up my pants without wiping[View]
48851633>tfw no gf i'd rather be a useless neet than seek attention from uninteresting pieces of mea…[View]
48850461Do you like qt Hispanic girl's feets and butts?[View]
48852576Do you like taking risks and living on the edge? Or are you too /comfy/ to go outside of your comfor…[View]
48852125C-can I-I please g-go back t-to 2006? I-i promise I'll d-do better this time...[View]
48852548>went to early advising appointment >tell professor I'm wanting to change my major from C…[View]
48851321im such a goddamn wuss: >be me >cunt >lied to theres no school >check calender about 3 h…[View]
48852530>european >bought megamillion tickets online >mfw gonna steal 1,6 billion $ from the amerim…[View]
48851839Best drug to beat my meat to?[View]
48851694Anyone notice that a lot of shitty behavior gets excused because people see parts of other people an…[View]
48846952/drug Thread/: Shoooting up Heroinnn up my veinsss feeelss sooo goood asghhhhh What are you doing bo…[View]
48852204Who killed pepe?: Now that the dust has settled, i want to ask you, who do you believe finally kille…[View]
48852409Why is it so impossible to find a passable, cute, Dutch trap on Tinder? Anybody got any tips on whe…[View]
48850155Reminder that you are ugly.: Just a friendly reminder that the reason you are still a virgin is beca…[View]
48851308>fembots do exist >they just don't want to date your desperate asses because like all rea…[View]
48851113Why do retards fall for the doctor meme Being a nurse is arguably better and wont bankrupt you >m…[View]
48851770is it normal to have little to no facial hair at 23? never shaved too since nothing to shave[View]
48852344Daily reminder you're fucking disgusting, Dr.pepper. You're a pedophile and everyone knows…[View]
48852338I slapped my dads ass and I went to sit down on my chair and fix my dick and I almost touched my dic…[View]
48852302Discuss this. stay civil please.[View]
48851320there were discrod thread few hours ago advertising cyberpunk or some other shit where people often …[View]
48852019HALP PLS: I'm on paroxetine and clonazepam, I got drunk af last night, I'm not ok. how fuc…[View]
48852303join, new and freshly made, good community 4f5DEnt[View]
48850691I'm going to break a girl's heart tommorow lads. Been doing preparations for this the last…[View]
48848292i told you i was hardcore, but i'm actually a pretty nice person too: i am what pretty much any…[View]
48850395Kill all rich people, right now.[View]
48849343>freshman college student >am 'thick' >blacks hit on me multiple times a day How do I get t…[View]
48850536'Why' *Why' WHY WHY WHY FUCKING WHY [b]eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee[b][View]
48852247>go to sleep >beg to god and tell him I don't want to wake up >wake up anyway EVERY FU…[View]
48851161ER > that other fgt Fight me on this[View]
48846654One day your parents will be dead[View]
48852161>Alright class, Go ahead and organize yourselves into groups of two, we have an even number so ev…[View]
48852157Adam Carolla is the only one who's got the Kavanaugh situation figured out. >Ford, Kav, and …[View]
48850557How does one cure social anxiety?[View]
48841007Incest and Molestation: ITT: Child sexual experiences and incest Divulge to the internet what you ne…[View]
48849978>Have a secret crush on guy friend, keep my feelings about him to myself >He shows signs of li…[View]
48852087>tfw you have nothing but yourself Maybe after uni I'll have something but for now I'll…[View]
48850371A large imageboard in my country has been making threads about me for 2 years straight. I don't…[View]
48851699it's over lads, she has a boyfriend[View]
48849475Why am I the exception? Why am I the only one who has to put an unhuman amount of effort into everyt…[View]
48852067Two more of the people I went to high school with are getting married. Its been 3 and a half years s…[View]
48851887Imagine being so weird you're offended by smooth yoda[View]
48850505Rate my crush , faggots![View]
48844680Dear /pol/: You did it again. You ruined one of our memes. The NPC meme was beautiful. You just had …[View]
48851968>be me >oh sorry guys I forgot what I was gonna make a green text about >guys please forgiv…[View]
48851895How far have you fallen from grace? Do you wear sweat pants in public?[View]
48850855>be me, 8 at the time >grandpa's a bit sick but i don't see him that much >one ni…[View]
48850648AMA: Ask a top orbiter that's gotten the admiration and love of countless girls both online and…[View]
48851543>dad is being a ragie wagie again[View]
48851375how does death feel like?: I was once under anesthesia. The doc said he was going to count to ten. O…[View]
48851845Death 2 All On Roblox: >be me >slightly non cancerous Roblox enthusiast <got some horey cus…[View]
48849817I just shit my pants at school again. It's all yellow and I'm wearing light khaki pants, I…[View]
48849433Vocaroo General Topic: What's on your mind, anon?: https://vocaroo.com/i/s1IiD51wJQ4N[View]
48851504I jerked off so much my dicks fucked whats up with you guys[View]
48851202i fucking did it, I sperged out, i just beat the shit out of my mom for being a stupid roastie, curr…[View]
48850776What is the oldest age you see yourself getting to? Why?[View]
48850574>tfw too smart to have a personality[View]
48851181What exactly is so wrong with being an introvert?[View]
48851615What do you faggots smoke? >double menthol anything inb4 faggot[View]
48847907Trying to change my life: I made a post like 3 weeks ago about going to kill myself in Stockholm, bu…[View]
48851513Bitches will post themselves in their fucking underwear and get pissed when niggas in their messages…[View]
48851254They're a pressure in my fucking head and it never goes a away. FUCK YOU[View]
48850737>tfw can't just win the lottery and retire young[View]
48850915do not be mean to nyannyancosplay thanks[View]
48845804Sex bots with artificial wombs will save the world: Look at pic related. And imagine her as your ver…[View]
48850931I reached the peak of my life allready everything else will be a let down there is nothnvg left[View]
48850729Bros, do you think the asian bro actually made them cum or were they just simulating? Also, are the …[View]
48851134>tfw you pay women in poor Latin American countries for weird fetish videos I just gave a tranny …[View]
48850940Why don't you just lower your standards a bit and date an anorexic girl?[View]
48849979Janine Melnitz from the original Ghostbusters is my ideal woman. Thoughts?[View]
48851116list the autistic things you do: >count the number of letters in each word i read, like even numb…[View]
48850285Ranting and discussing. I'll start a few topics. Rant about your own or reply to mine. >Why …[View]
48850336Warped Distorted Misshapen: Maybe it's apparent only to older users but everything on the inter…[View]
48851404Nothing is more autistic than minecraft server drama. Every server posted here is full of drama. The…[View]
48840952Confess the most disgusting, degenerate, horrible thing you have ever done[View]
48847848>tell mom life is just meaningless suffering and that I'll eventually kill myself because I …[View]
48849958I don't know why Americans frequently post pics of burgers that are stacked so high it wouldn…[View]
48850634Everyone wants to live in a tiny house, but nobody wants to live in a trailer. How much would it co…[View]
48843763>tfw you 'nice guys' aren't actually nice it hurts every time…[View]
48847342Would you ever become pic related? Would it not be comfier than your current arrangement?[View]
48851276>be me >have stomach flu >be at work >shit pants >completely liquid >running down…[View]
48851141>why are you still interested in 3d women anon? they are disgusting[View]
48848335I still don't understand the incel thing. How is it womens fault you can't get laid? That …[View]
48851072I just want somebody to understand me.[View]
48851041Should I buy Fallout 4 on PC if I already have it on PS4? Are the mods worth it?[View]
48848354fembots are only considered fembots if they have bush[View]
48849929>born in cold shitty small town rural area >just want to live in la or Miami why are you doing…[View]
48848153Wojak thread: Show me your favorite Wojaks /r9k/[View]
48850503how realistic is the idea of being a stay at home husband without getting your wife fucked by tyrone…[View]
48851085I need friends: help Juvero#7788[View]
48851055If I lower my standards anymore, then severely mentally impaired girls dead girls will have to be wh…[View]
48849032>be me >18 living in Poland >Not Polish >Know Russian,Greek,English,German and speak the…[View]
48849952>Alright class, you will work in groups for this assignment[View]
48850099My therapist unironically told me I should go to anime conventions to 'meet people with similar inte…[View]
48847084> go to your favorite hangout spot > pic related is sitting there w-waht dooO??!!…[View]
48851006This is why you aren't chad, if you did this you would look autistic https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
48842165Dental Hygiene Thread: Post your routine >brush twice/day for 2min with electronic toothbrush …[View]
48847185How bad do you neets wish you could get this notification every Monday afternoon?[View]
48850497if girls like cute things why don't they like small penises?[View]
48849005If futa were real (Not trannies or traps)Male) would you? Penis growth via science,surgery,magic,etc…[View]
48850681What would life be like if your penis was permanently erect, 24/7 365 for the rest of your life?[View]
48850930My mental illness started to cause physical symptoms yesterday. I thought it would get better but no…[View]
48849320I made the opposite of a chad or stacy catfish. I made a nice boy character named Dmitri and I made …[View]
48850290>tfw prostitution and drugs will never be legal[View]
48848562>tfw schizophrenic >tfw became comfortable with my version of reality >tfw only have episo…[View]
48849866'Did you skip the gym again, anon?'[View]
48850889>tfw international student >no chance of getting into top universities in the US due to them n…[View]
48845887How do you guys deal with the feeling of the impossibility of ever being happy? Knowing what this pl…[View]
48850841Based frog-man hitting the dab like whiz kalifa on these incels.[View]
48850522Aspiring rappers thread: Post and rate lyrics >We be smokin J's stuffed wit angel dust …[View]
48850832trust: Sup guys, I've been thinking a lot about trust recently I was always a very trusting per…[View]
48848765Are cleft chins hot?Are they better on men or women?Is it a deal-breaker or a huge turn off?[View]
48850519Daily reminder that the red pill is a metaphor for getting out of the closet[View]
48849723Why not become a /sensible beta orbiter/? Female friends are way nicer than guy friends and will tal…[View]
48850777You're giving up, you know it's not what you need, And it's true what your going thr…[View]
48850050>Ahh that one good day of the month Have you used yours up yet Robots, or is it yet to come?…[View]
48849562T-today is international stuttering awareness d-day uwu I hate filthy niggers[View]
48850649>Girls reject me everytime >Gays always making implications Life would be so much fucking easi…[View]
48849975Am I depressed?: Robros with diagnosed depression, what does it feel like? I always read about peopl…[View]
48848931do women really compare their boobs with each other?[View]
48850203>going to vote for mayor >18, first time voting >vote is held in local school >the pri…[View]
48850051it's you i can't replace: Oh can't you see You belong to me My poor heart aches With …[View]
48850531my brother saw my fucked up anime list wat do?[View]
48850402Anons, tell me how your day was. Id like to hear about it.[View]
48850301has anyone here never had an uninterrupted masturbation session? literally every time-I dont know HO…[View]
48850284my beloved is gone: i don't want anyone else fuck off cute girl with nice personality,i only wa…[View]
48850498bf-109 is the best kind of bf[View]
48850082>be me >depressed >have mental breakdown in front of my mom >she says i shouldn't…[View]
48842150Have you ever heard the story of a young boy named Emmett Till? >1955 >chubby 11 year old blac…[View]
48849935Quid album puer? Tantum amat nigrum[View]
48849784What a fucking meme killing faggot trying to stay relavant[View]
48849587>a roastie thot from school posts this image Is it time to abandon ship? Are we getting taken ove…[View]
48850477I figured out a way to make friends guys Reqs >live in the city near uni >access to weed (idea…[View]
48849655Femanons why don't you just evolve?[View]
48847581Do you have an inner monologue? Do you make internal observations about the world around you when n…[View]
48850382How do I get more energy?: I'm in bed for hours after I wake up (not even on my phone). I somet…[View]
48850446my experience with the /vp/ thread: >be me >upload my pokemon team on the /vp/ thread >wai…[View]
48849499have any of you robots ever been homeless? what was it like? sleeping outside and constantly being a…[View]
48847483I honestly think most of the personality disorders are memes: Take narcissism as an example. >in …[View]
48835876Wagecuck General: >5 hours until i have to go to sleep in order to be refreshed for my day of wag…[View]
48849761>tfw busty gyaru gf[View]
48849847>be me >past three girlfriends leave me for other guys >new girlfriend >likes me sincere…[View]
48845361/britfeel/: gettin chilly init? edition[View]
48850255>see cute girl on the street >get sad >go home and cry myself to sleep…[View]
48850016Posting Vivi eating acorns every day until I get a grip on my procrastination and attain a level of …[View]
48844282Discord thread: Post servers you idiots[View]
48849643>the shadow people are making fun of me again[View]
48849378Fembot feels: >get bf after years of being single (nearing 30s) despite plenty of offers I was ha…[View]
48850008>mom found the penis pickles This is it for me, lads.[View]
48849593haha u fcking virgins, i fcked two girls yesterday the same night then came back to my girlfriend ha…[View]
48849296How do I get an adderall/ritalin prescription without going through all the testing? I moved to anot…[View]
48850076Some lady advice with clear instructions for robots: Hey guys so a lot of people on this board like …[View]
48847385Why do virgins/losers like space-related things so much?[View]
48849489Mistake: >be me Pic Related >start to get horny >pull out phone and massive cock >find…[View]
48849885Is sex with a condom worth it anon?[View]
48850055This is a reminder that this is what fembots think of non-Chad men who ask them out. To roasts, sub …[View]
48849805>tfw no paiziuri gf[View]
48849956Ask a Glazer (Glass installer) anything[View]
48847015>father text me that he is proud of me for going to uni >actually dropped out already…[View]
48849943If you can't get laid, then it's your fault bro you're just a misogynistic loser, I r…[View]
48848679Is IT a comfy job ?: I am currently studying for IT, I am slightly autistic, have lower than average…[View]
48849858>warped in my comfy NEET blanket >sipping on some green tea >watching the winter war of fin…[View]
48849474drinking: hows your monday going bros? cold on my end so decided to start a little earlier today tha…[View]
48847445Is the present moment the ultimate truth?[View]
48848394What are some things you collect anons? Here's what I collect. Is this autistic? >digital wa…[View]
48849897If a girl has not flicked her bean to the thought of you, you should probably kill yourself because …[View]
48849642>Female fellow student in my major asked me something >say thank anon >actually remembered …[View]
48846860>tfw you are a retail manager.[View]
48848750What's a film that has aroused great public interest and some controversy? Help me do my homewo…[View]
48849812https://youtu.be/PbPe8vyS1HQ?t=76 So here's a teaching lady that's losing her shit because…[View]
48849769Females being bitches stories > Be me 19 yr old > Coming home from work > On train, very b…[View]
48849460Not even 12 pm yet and already 2000 calories consumed. Wish the lord would take me now[View]
48848145DID/MPD: I have MPD/DID AMA[View]
48849749Ghosted my practice girlfriend after she wanted to fuck my ass with a strap-on also she wouldn'…[View]
48849342I just want to do nothing all day. How can I archive that?[View]
48848000what do I do if I have life ruining chronic fatigue? like I just cant do things like other people ca…[View]
48849057ITT: Drunk stories: Hey anons! Can we share some drunk stories? >Be me >At that time about 1…[View]
48849182Now nobody wants me nobody wants me nobody wants me nobody wants me nobody wants me[View]
48849255>22 neet >Just want to play video games and smoke weed all day >Mom keeps pushing the milit…[View]
48844322Serious help thread: So do you guys actually want to get out of the rut you are in, to better yourse…[View]
48849494how on earth can anyone of you identify as a 'robot' as a positve thing when it's basically ano…[View]
48849327Come chat with us in this new comfy discord server for cuteboys and cutegirls(male) -no drama -no to…[View]
48847574Any fembots here that just aren't attracted to most guys? He needs to be tall, white, near my a…[View]
48849616Do you wish you were Young, Dumb and Broke Anon? Do you wish you still had love to give? A young, du…[View]
48849603>antisocial >not that interested in women or a gf for the first ~25 years of life >view wom…[View]
48848279Oh fugg. Asians.: >be man from Iowa >Sees this ad Should I go to Chicago?…[View]
48848274spiders on my skin they came back again[View]
48849375>be me >in voice call with 1 female and 2 chads >we're all pretty cool with each othe…[View]
48849576Why do I always go too hard on myself.[View]
48848126are metal heads and people with weird ass tastes in music like 50s music or 80s pop music or somethi…[View]
48847573>mfw my 'non-Chad' friend tries to touch me any femanons know this feel?…[View]
48848652Why do women fantasise about sex with other species?[View]
48849484Should the public school system in America do more to prepare children for a life of menial labor an…[View]
48848485Anyone else feel this board has poisoned their mind?[View]
48848660What would happen if I wore this shirt to school? Would anyone understand it?[View]
48847979When your buddy doesn't know when to quit: How do I convince my friend he's an incel and t…[View]
48849099Inherent emotional cheating?: I have been holding off on dating and losing my virginity because I…[View]
48849462Who here /evolve/ >tfw couldn't stomach ntr hentai >forced myself to like it and read a …[View]
48849438What should i do today? Free day and free life, dont want to just do nothing[View]
48849294how many of u are legit autists: How many of u guys have legit autism/asperger's diagnoses, how…[View]
48849147i got bullied by an 8 year old girl for not having a gf and still living with my mom at 22.[View]
48848197>'So we push anon to his limits until he slips up' >'Then we have an excuse to fire him'…[View]
48846672/r9k/-core music: Let's make a playlist of robot music. It could be any genre, as long is someh…[View]
48849171>having explosive diarrhea >recognized that I need water to regain lost fluid >drink it …[View]
48847642Question for rich/well off robots: Has being flashy with your money (nice shoes, maybe some gold rin…[View]
48849357Chilling it with 6.5 mg lorazepam 100mg oxazepam and 50mg promethazine Who comfy here[View]
48849079What level of masturbation is normal? I've been masturbating about 3 times a day recently.[View]
48848253I want to fuck an anime trap so badly. I want to violently pound a trap's ass and jack him off …[View]
48847013POSITIVE THOUGHT OF THE DAY: Every girl you see is actually uglier than you.[View]
48848704>applied for a job >don't know if and when I'll get called…[View]
48848324friend ive never met in real life invited me to watch a movie with him and another mate. Should i go…[View]
48848426i'm the bussy kid, movin' in getting it done and i'm officially the candidate for hav…[View]
48849081are anti-depressants supposed to make u more depressed?[View]
48849279Balloon Fetish: In particular, sexy girls blowing up balloons. Is this degeneracy?[View]
48849264>make green text >fails[View]
48849078Why didn't you pay for child support this month, Anon?[View]
48844748are there any other fembots who find small dicks way more sexually appealing than big dicks?[View]
48848694Are these girls too fat to be seen with publicly or marry? I've been seeing a girl about this s…[View]
48849183I have had sex with a few girls. And I still prefer 2d. I just dont have the drive to create meaning…[View]
48848976how to get a mommy gf?[View]
48847489>post on reddit gets gold >'edit: thanks for the gold!'…[View]
48848156Just realised it's my birthday tomorrow. I'm going to be a 21y virgin. I think I'll j…[View]
48848157videogames were the only thing I could enjoy and since last week I can't what do I do now?[View]
48849166Do you like qt Hispanic girls' feet and ass?[View]
48846730>Hey big bro, I'm all out of clothes, guess it's laundry day. Want to put a load in?…[View]
48848271>can't handle boring guys that can't lead a convo I read the comment above in another /…[View]
48848742Have you ever thought about killing normie redditors? I have[View]
48847636>be me >have a girlfriend >watch a movie together >start making out >she touches my P…[View]
48848982I am drunk Goodnight my friends I hope you all have a good day tomorrow We're all gonna make it[View]
48848651watching together: Watching aladdin animated series atm Open for suggestions Https://www.rabb.it/win…[View]
48848267uni thread: who failing here? im seriously considering dropping out after my first semester.[View]
48848640Are you good at 'turning something on others'?: or 'turning the frittata'. I hate when people do thi…[View]
48838974Namelet thread: >tfw mingus[View]
48849007>tfw no cheeky nude in public Katka gf feelsbadman[View]
48846659Femcel feels: >another weekend passed with no bf >its fall and no qt gamer guy to wear sweater…[View]
48848994Feeding on autists: Everyone thinks I'm an autistic, creepy sperglord when I'm just being …[View]
48848981Feels Thread: >tfw you finally get round to leaving a load of autistic spam groups on whatsapp…[View]
48848019Be carefull when you piss: >be me >yesterday >pissing.jpg >right hand controlling the je…[View]
48848443What would /r9k/ do on a zombie apocalypse scenario?[View]
48848297>tfw not one woman has ever seen me as a romantic/sexual partner >tfw not one woman has ever b…[View]
48847224what is the best 4chan meme and why is it 'the absolute state' was talking to this e-whore and she w…[View]
48843708How do I get cute muslim gf without being muslim[View]
48848801How can a Caveman without money, car or a fucking toilet bang dozens of western females?! Why are yo…[View]
48840033I hate this stupid fucking meme country more than anything else in this entire fucking meaningless u…[View]
48848509am i the only person here that wants to fuck a girl while cross-dressing[View]
48848264>girl in my class said I have nice arms is she trying to get my homework for free?…[View]
48847347What object represents you the most? pic not related[View]
48847597come and get your unsatisfying feeling of recognition even though you still haven't done anythi…[View]
48848096>Add someone from /r9k/ >Have a nice chat, nice lad >Wanna talk to him some more >'This …[View]
48848648honestly at this point, 'wholesome' just means anything that isnt massively degenerate. co…[View]
48848596>stop being brownn[View]
48848200Hey guys, rate my hot girlfriend.[View]
48847250Is having a gf overrated? I mean some anons on here prefer 2D over 3D or 3D over 2D? Which is superi…[View]
48848535Do you have any experiences like this?: So here is something weird: I was on ometv just kind of mes…[View]
48847225Black Pill: Post Black Pills. I will start. All the hot girls you see will turn into this.[View]
48846118>just found out that vasectomies are cheap or free if you have insurance I'm so happy.…[View]
48848379>try to listen to podcast >'dude I'm an expert on literally every subject despite having …[View]
48847656>been alone all my life >give up looking, figure I'll either meet someone or I won't…[View]
48847311Anybody else on lithium or other bipolar meds? Do you feel better on them?[View]
48843886Would you sleep with your cousin if she really wanted to and looked like pic related(for the whitebo…[View]
48848389i started to fill out a diary where i write in bad and good things that happened to me and it turnes…[View]
48847492>born in cold shitty small town >try to leave for years >no matter what I do it all gets ri…[View]
48848117Daily reminder that if you don't notice any indicators of interest from women, there are none. …[View]
48846260Guise I am going to meet a girl I have been talking to online in 2 hours. My very first meet ever wi…[View]
48847425>tfw sex drive is only getting stronger and stronger >tfw no release…[View]
48845024Do you know the masks theory? (S): It's a concept developed mostly by Pirandello. You actually …[View]
48845605Guys I really need help! I use to jack it to go to sleep. But I'm WIDE AWAKE! I'm fucking …[View]
48847893>live with mom in a really small apartment >taking a bath >reading my book and chilling ou…[View]
48847479If you told a girl 'Nice makeup job' in a genuine sounding way would she be upset or just think you…[View]
48847721Deep unconventional drama?: I think my ex boyfriend is paying people to dox me here on 4chan and oth…[View]
48847437What is this feel I feel when I see wholesome pure girls become corrupted by society?[View]
48848143What does it do? What is this for?[View]
48846385>family member calls me selfish, self centered or cold FUCK YOU BITCH SHUT THE FUCK UP FUCK YOU…[View]
48846904>situational depression why is this a thing? this is literally just called being sad like actuall…[View]
48847000Another autistic thread: >be me >10 or 11 at the time >was staying at my grandparents for a…[View]
48846471R9k is a background set full of NPCs.[View]
48844580>some lady is giving me a hard time in strip club >tell her 'how about I fuck your dad and mak…[View]
48847713when did you realize that /pol/ is the one pulling all the political strings in the West?[View]
48847845>had to give out my phone number >constant anxiety about getting called at any moment…[View]
48845293Has a girl ever outright kissed you or confessed romantic feelings for you?[View]
48847555I just did an expirement to see if im really a racist >I searched for latinas getting blacked …[View]
48842526How do girls react if you reject their sexual advances? Is it true they just spread it around that y…[View]
48847320Is suicide the only way to achieve freedom?[View]
48846737Feels thread: Bait-Free Edition: Three girls from our comm were sitting on a bench after the meet wh…[View]
48847626>be apparently funny and good at online conversations to the point that femanons (or Maybe ''''fe…[View]
48845568The worst part is that I don't even want to commit suicide: I'm at the end of my rope. I f…[View]
48847280YOU SUNK MY BATTLESHIP: >be 11 >hit…[View]
48846575Why am I like this?: I don't think i'll ever be charming enough to actually make a girl fa…[View]
48846185The Great Halloween Nofap: Who's in, anons? Perfect time to start, it is the season for rooting…[View]
48847701Cuck Porn: For those of you who watch cuck porn. What are your political beliefs? I'm still try…[View]
48841704I wanna try out smoking, what kind of cigarettes should I buy? What do the colors mean? I'm thi…[View]
48846761I'm finally realizing that the reason I (34yo boomer KV) am not willing to do anything to impro…[View]
48847484How do you control NPCs to your advantage?[View]
48846615>Be me >Finally have the courage to ask out this Qt chick I know >I would love to, Anon! I …[View]
48847517My 10 year old dog needs surgery, I have the money, no problem there. The problem is it's a 'Lu…[View]
48846357ITT : things you did while drunk: i don't drink , but i really like these stories start greente…[View]
48838902White people btfo Asian pride[View]
48846521in the end,if you will ever come back,i would marry you without even thinking about that: ...and we …[View]
48846969asians: Do you robots think that asian men are attractive and have a chance of finding a mate?…[View]
48847481Femanons is getting attention really like drugs to women?[View]
48846646I must orbit in the designated orbiting board I must hate anime because it slides dowm my orbiting t…[View]
48847148>her Followers count on insta went up[View]
48847371>Get born Bullied relentlessly for things ican't control >Join Reddit Made fun of for bei…[View]
48845445Sometimes when I'm out in the streets I notice women glancing at me for a brief moment, then lo…[View]
48845399Blaming and hating your ex is much easier than accept your failures: And your bitchy attitude[View]
48846410Pepe thread: Post the best of your Pepe collection[View]
48846355>have a crush on a girl, approach her >a while later she hires a few of her male friends to ri…[View]
48847338So, I am a wage slave data analyst. I spend most of my day at a computer. I have noticed that many …[View]
48846291>everyone thinks I'm an idiot >I'm actually leagues ahead of them in my understandi…[View]
48846586Who does /r9k/ look up to? GSP Dude is just has such a great kind personality.[View]
48846568does it ever get better? recently i've been thinking about ending it. I'm a 19 year old ma…[View]
48846438how did you fuck up your most valuable relationships?: i got drunk and told my only decent friend th…[View]
48847213So is that faggot shooting up the school or not?[View]
48846069D-does anyone wanna play Guild Wars 2 with me? How the fuck do people make friends on online games?[View]
48847063Whenever I go somewhere it's like I'm already known. Like the people know who I am while I…[View]
48844437i am a neet with no friends. i am very lonely and in the dumps right now. feel free to post in this …[View]
48837165What do you think happens when we die?: As a materialist (meaning I think all that exists is this ph…[View]
48846559i held my breath too much while fapping now it hurts behind my eyes[View]
48846786Would you fuck an older woman?[View]
48846609Why do people who lost their religion turn their frustration on politics these days?[View]
48847117I just want to be a in a relationship with some one where we love each other. I'm so fucking lo…[View]
48846855i shaved my butt and penis[View]
48846848For the past eight years, I've been getting drunk every second day so I can enjoy music, youtub…[View]
48846524what would be the avg/stereotype 4chan user?[View]
48844914I really want to fuck a middle aged man. Preferably a wizard.[View]
48846105whats your opinion on going to a femdom escort? because everytime someone mentions paying for sex no…[View]
48844065UNCUT VS CUT watching porn edition: >tfw uncut >tfw want to watch porn and rub one out >tfw…[View]
48843841Fembot thread: Fembots, you're all going to make it. Just remember: - Don't delay marriage…[View]
48846757>parents making me go to a therapist because of neetdom >therapist is qt3.14 petite jewish gir…[View]
48846765Laugh, and the world will laugh with you. Cry, and you'll cry alone.[View]
48846416Sometimes I feel like I should become a Priest. It would solve my problem of both wanting to help th…[View]
48845005What are you waiting for, comrades?[View]
48840953Hikikomori General Thread: Hikikomori general thread. How are you fellow hikis today? >What is a …[View]
48845616I don't want a slut gf[View]
48842735I hate niggers, nomwhites and fags so much[View]
48842950I wuold love to travel with you again (S): I wuold like to take you to Norway,Finland and Sweden. I …[View]
48846854Anyone else get satisfaction from being a virgin and not going through hell to attract woman?[View]
48846656This is a blogpost but it's juicy: I think my ex boyfriend is harassing me online, he has rich …[View]
48846215>Hi anon. I know we haven't talked in a while but I miss you. I know anon felt pretty ashame…[View]
48846363starbucks: >be me >work at starbucks >it's fall so lotsa girls coming in >thinking …[View]
48846717What's your opinion on neets with bad breath?[View]
48842326Gonna be killing myself in the next few days or weeks, not sure when, probably when I feel bad enoug…[View]
48844993>barebacking the fuck out of some tiny fit college student 10 years younger than me >explode i…[View]
48846269What's wrong with me? The older I get, the more I tend to only want my friends to be women that…[View]
48836105Letter thread. Use ink you stink.[View]
48846313I want to eat a cute girl's vomit[View]
48846651Yays and nayz of life thread!: What are your recent yay and nay of life? Me >beat back my depress…[View]
48843586Would you any of you date a literal loser?[View]
48846546A girl on Runescape did the blow kiss emote while facing me. I'm gonna be 30 in a few months, I…[View]
48846536how to enlarge my peepee?[View]
48845940>you're the most normal guy here What does it mean when a girl says this? I'm as far fr…[View]
48846488I think I got to the heart of autism and narcissism - zero understanding of irony. Like, an autist c…[View]
48845624good news lads: I'm not a handholdless kissless virgin anymore The bad news is that I'm st…[View]
48846417it's not right-wing to be a pedophile or an animal fucker. Why would you stop being critical of…[View]
48844997scared of going to the psych ward. please help me[View]
48845077>men are more visual than women[View]
48846177Here's a story robots >new years eve >we are at a friend's house in the hills >th…[View]
48845651>anime would have you believe that black rings around the eyes are cute…[View]
48845718>you should have your own identity, be unique, do what you want and fuck what other people think …[View]
48845810What the fuck is wrong with you guys and anime and why are you hating it out of the blue Jesus Chris…[View]
48846249Literally any girl on tinder that message me first and act nice are all single mother I would get to…[View]
48844876Looksmaxing: Anyone here into looksmaxing? What are you doing/have you done to looksmax? Are there a…[View]
48846130>be pregnant >get tested, baby is male >abort that bitch the next day umm sorry sweetie can…[View]
48844484Do you remember the advent Calendar i made to you? do you still have flipper?[View]
48844533Have you ever had someone you cared about you evil, and meant it?[View]
48844831>be good friends with a girl >inb4 you cannot be friends with a roastie we connect on a deepe…[View]
48845642Are looks really the problem when it comes to dating? >tfw never ever had any friends past early …[View]
48846107yes hello im banned i dont know what to do and shit fucking this one nigger keeps randomly msging me…[View]
48846095>down syndrome girls think I'm a down syndrome Chad >mfw I can get all the retarded pussy…[View]
48846030>be me >overly overweight >want to be something in life >start trying to lose weight …[View]
48845812>a girl grabbed my legs and closed them, telling me to stop manspreading see ya, nerds i'm o…[View]
48846011>Meet a cool chick >Go out on a few dates over the next few weeks >Drunk sex, wasn't a…[View]
48844978Anyone else spent most of their time in the bathroom stalls in highschool eating lunch/hiding/crying…[View]
48843473ITT post fapping techniques: How do you fags fap? I discovered a new technique last night and it…[View]
48842134/uni/ - Long hour day edition: >tfw 7.5 hour of classes without enough time in between to get lun…[View]
48845993Who else here a citizen of the internet, with more knowledge and memories of memes and websites than…[View]
48845922Did you know that Tigers are higher on the food chain than humans in some remote Asian communities? …[View]
48845927Unique problem: I had a cybersex phrase that came back to haunt me, I even got a thread made specifi…[View]
48844887>about 10 threads are using reaction images I've created or posted…[View]
48844261Would I be able to get a qt arab gf as a fit white 5'3 manlet?[View]
48845941Noting to live for the thread: This is a thread to make you feel like shit. You already know you…[View]
48845792>tfw all the sluts in school fucked everyone except you[View]
48845925Anime song to start the day:: PROLAPSE PROLAPSE! Love you always, paraside! Prolapse! Prolapse! Kuji…[View]
48844631Why aren't you circumcised? Zddsrtfx[View]
48845765How do I get a boyfriend with autism as another boy with autism?[View]
48844253>NEET's believe they'd be better off with a job >Wagecucks believe they'd be be…[View]
48837767/r9k/ husbando thread: Can we get a /husbandos/ of /r9k/ thread going? Why should women get all of t…[View]
48845787You ever feel like all you'll need is just one break? Like just having a single foot in the doo…[View]
48845778>gonna sleep soon >gonna dream maybe possibly i hope haaha, bet i you'll never get to exp…[View]
48843746who is she? what is she from?[View]
48844775Everyday I feel more depressed. I keep feeling like some darkness keeps consuming me and I can'…[View]
48845738'Thanks again for letting me stay over, Anon. How about I make you breakfast or take you out for lun…[View]
48845659>long hairs got stuck on my glans again[View]
48842519BPD niggas, wwa? >inb4 girl disease kys recently self diagnosed myself with this shit, and it fi…[View]
48845054>tfw a female friend admited she likes me >tfw she has a bf You ever get a feel so complicated…[View]
48844882someone explain to me why black culture became extremely mainstream in the recent years[View]
48844712When did r9k stop being r9k[View]
48845475this roastie didnt reply to my message for 3 days but now she needs something so she messaged me, i …[View]
48841649Femanons, why dont you just date a fat guy?[View]
48845534Is this by any means pedophilia?[View]
48845505Holy shit guys. Foregen is making rapid progress finance-wise. Are people finally starting to wake u…[View]
48844290142.44.191.70:26300 comfy minecraft server for robots 1.13.1 survival come make friends here if ur b…[View]
48842858Get yourself a cougar girlfriend[View]
48845333>tfw you feel attracted to females but never felt in love Anyone knows this feel?…[View]
48844060Is there any pasttime as fun as upsetting Jordan Peterson fans? It's incredible watching how ma…[View]
48844246Really Huge Shit I Just Dropped: Choke on this /r9k/. I bet none of you basedboy numale PC fucks cou…[View]
48845298mudkip is a pokemon[View]
48842759Reminder that all girls love this. If you don't look like this you're automatically a perm…[View]
48842529/vent/- post your feelings, let it all out: Talk about things that have been bugging you lately or j…[View]
48845301Would you eat your own ass if you were flexible enough?[View]
48830772Hey there anon. How are you doing today? Please tell me.[View]
48842398Good morning, R9K.. It is now 8:13 here in Luxembourg. Have a great morning and a sweet day, perhaps…[View]
48845296Why it's so easy to spot fat women online? And why are women so jealous of others yet they won…[View]
48845064i gotta piss so fuckin bad FUCK[View]
48845323>tfw no cute pudgy gf[View]
48845288>tfw you will never have a 10 year older gf who will dress you up in cute maid clothes and let yo…[View]
48844528If you got the chance to be with your waifu for one day what would you do? What would you tell her?[View]
48845271Listening to Right Hand Drake: And it reminds me of my ex boyfriend, because he trusted me with his …[View]
48844994So rn the only thing keeping me from an hero is binge watching icarly on amazon prime. Sooner or lat…[View]
48845226Giving someone advice is a thousand times easier than living by that advice.[View]
48843861yesterday I told my female best friend I was in love with her. She has a bf (6 years long). I know…[View]
488447742008 huh? yeah.. those were the days https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8d44ykdKvCw[View]
48843964How can goyim women even compete?[View]
48845110'Geez, Anon, where are you? You told me to meet you here and you're late.'[View]
48843780to mr skool shooter: Have fun getting visited by cops in 5 a.m.[View]
48844324Fembots, would you marry a guy with a preggo-cuck fetish?: He wants to watch you get bred by another…[View]
48845009Have you ever had a memory where you thought you were the victim but later realised you were the bad…[View]
48845035I'm pretty sure that all my fetishes came from the Eminem song the real slim shady >In one o…[View]
48844152Sometimes I like to put my phone on vibrate and shove it up my asshole before calling it. Feels good…[View]
48844381There are people on this board RIGHT NOW who still haven't gotten over their atheist phase. How…[View]
48834571/britfeel/: Sunday, Bloody Sunday Night Before Work Edition[View]
48819446I haven't seen a women hate thread here in a while. Let's get one started shall we?[View]
48844393>tfw no brooklynite bf[View]
48840866Post girls even you wouldn't settle for[View]
48842642Miss you (S): i would love to wake up next to you seeing your cutie face,without any make up. You ar…[View]
48844890Why is this world such a fucking rat race Literally one mistake can cost you your entire life We…[View]
48843759I'm gradually starting to believe my parents are clearly NPCs. According to them once you find …[View]
48836660>stay within my calorie limit all week >weekend comes around >go on a massive binge 3 night…[View]
48844764>skipped my class >been locking up in the library restroom, sitting on the toilet and shitpost…[View]
48841832I'm on the bus and I left my fucking earphones at home FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK[View]
48844633Why are faggots the absolute counterpart of female sluts? Why do they whore themselves out so easily…[View]
48844168What are some major PC traits. Please help me convince myself that I am not an NPC.[View]
48842502>claims to be an atheist >uses 2018 as the current year…[View]
48841988Most painless ways to commit suicide. Thinking of ending it bros[View]
48844221They have never changed[View]
48844618I feel like i need to go to the psych ward but im scared to let my parents know. what should i do r9…[View]
48842575Who are some good comfy youtubers to watch when you're ill?[View]
48840949I genuinely cannot tell if my dick is big or small robots. I measured it and it was about 6.2 inche…[View]
48844188someone please acknowledge my existence it's been so long since I've felt anything[View]
48844534Had another gay dream[View]
48844514This board is fucking depressing. Why am I stuck here?[View]
48842706So the NEET glory days are pretty much done, just like crypto huh? Doesn't seem like there is a…[View]
48843701Whats worse a girl thats had sex with 10 white guys once or a girl thats had sex with one black guy …[View]
48844468>get robbed of your self-confidence >associate social gatherings with bad experiences >lol …[View]
48841035the NPC meme was ruined the moment political tards got ahold of it. it was originally made to make f…[View]
48843206Things NPCs believe in: 'All men have the potential to be attractive to women if they work hard enou…[View]
48844238Is it beta to use the free super like daily feature? Do you ignore it to not boost any more egos?[View]
48843098How are sloppy joes? It's american food so it can't be _that bad_, american food is usuall…[View]
48843893Foot Fetish Degen Level: On a scale of 1-10 how degenerate is a foot fetish for a guy to have?…[View]
48840626Would you have gay sex with another perma-virgin? Don't reply if you're actually gay or a …[View]
48844392Sorry to all of Kat and her friends I've annoyed. I just wanted to send her money today to help…[View]
48843484w-we won't get in trouble for encouraging that school shooter OP, will we?[View]
48844092>a turtle can't survive being hit by a ca-[View]
48844348Does anyone have the story of the guy who impregnated a girl?: That's literally my mood, its de…[View]
48837738Ancient Greeks > R*Mans[View]
48844315>went on facejew for the first time in a lightyear >random friend requests >some asian chic…[View]
48844283https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KefPJ_UOmZM currently streaming Shadow of the Colossus come hang out…[View]
48843189Progressives sjws liberals cucks In this board or anyone who racebaits with nigger porn, I cant stan…[View]
48844062normies are all about appearance. their sense of self is the self that is reflected in the eyes of t…[View]
48843106So I've been thinking about death. Not in the fearful 'oh no' kind of way. I was thinking maybe…[View]
48841014tfw no gf to put me in chastity and peg me[View]
48844181Lets all Love ___[View]
48843410The Benefits of Drug Induced-Erectile Disfunction: Anyone else used to have wild raging hormones and…[View]
48843945I'm in my second year of community college.I usually just lie in bed in the dark all day, I hav…[View]
48843674why do white women fuck niggers when every other race of woman wants a white man? are white women ge…[View]
48843618i want a nuclear home: I have questions and no answers. My whole life I've done everything that…[View]
48843770break ups: ITT we talk about break up stories >be me >happily dating a girl for 2 years >sh…[View]
48843839Sometimes when I'm horny I like to buy these things, drink them, and stick my dick in the bottl…[View]
48843899thinking i might start a gaming channel. would anyone be interested? NEET with endless free time so …[View]
48843914who do these porn ads think they are fooling? Most of these are just 4 second looped SFM blender shi…[View]
48843608>no job >no friends >no education >mentally ill Now how in the fuck am I supposed to …[View]
48843370I've become too picky. I hate degenerates. I hate overly nice people. I hate druggies. I hate s…[View]
48843941FUCK WOMEN: /incelgen/ version[View]
48842417learning an instrument at 19: is it too late to learn guitar or vocals at 19? i just wanna make gene…[View]
48842988How does one come to an hero conclusion? I am 30 and it has been in the back of my mind and an almos…[View]
48842565How do you get over a oneitis?[View]
48843620>tfw no submissive Asian GF[View]
48843255Johnny Depp cucked to me. I don't know how to comprehend this. Let me tell you this horrible st…[View]
48843423AR-15 Chan: Man oh man I wish I had the ability to draw anime chicks.[View]
48843723>when emo was filtered to Bosnian Bet none of you faggots remember that one.…[View]
48842132>a few years back, 18-19ish >did very well through secondary school, but floundering at univer…[View]
48842131How do I forget her. Whenever I think I have forgotten her she always creeps back into my mind. I ju…[View]
48843239Have you ever been so depressed that you felt seriously physically ill?[View]
48843039If 4chan is a physical place and the people there did not puss out and still talk like they do onlin…[View]
48836906Friday Night /r9k/ Drinking: What are you drinking this fine evening friends?[View]
48843479i like girls with long snake like bodies but i'm a manlet so no girls like me[View]
48839529What happened to herzjager? Where are you Audrey[View]
48843498Why is it so easy to find cumsluts but so hard to find people who are willing to invest emotionally …[View]
48843589>tfw no cute gf at 4am[View]
48843454What does it mean when someone has high up eyebrows?[View]
48843223How do I acquire a girl's panties? I go to uni but I don't really have friends and I live …[View]
48833554Have you ever had your way with a MILF/cougar woman?[View]
48843345How do you prevent someone from refunding when you send them money on paypal?[View]
48843139Idol waifu claim thread: Ranko is cute![View]
48842650music thread. I need /r9k/ to give me a playist of sad songs to help me cry to because I cant stop t…[View]
48843464>people who say >Shes easy on the eyes.[View]
48841323I would literally never be depressed as a woman. I'd easily find a loving boyfriend in a week i…[View]
48843411>Jerked off so many times today i halfassed all my homework and group work Who knows this feel…[View]
48838788Eyes of R9k: Continuing from last nights thread Post them Pic related are mine[View]
48843217i want to quit life all i have to live for is my waifu can i just meet her after my death[View]
48843395'Can you lick it for me, anon?'[View]
48833560Why not just go on a date? Even if nothing happens and you never speak to her again, maybe you'…[View]
48840923Do I need to worry about UBI or automation in my lifetime? Both of those just sound like dystopian t…[View]
48842670>jerking off for the second time today >watching porn >kinda getting into it but not really…[View]
48839445How does /r9k/ control their homicidal urges?[View]
48841451Do not let your circumcision be in vain. We have to fight. Never give up, NEVER GIVE UP[View]
48841850Hi anon. I know we haven't talked in a while but I miss you. I know anon felt pretty ashamed fo…[View]
48840698>I have nothing to say >I have no interest in other people What mental illness do I have?…[View]
48842574What do sexy armpits taste like?[View]
48842903>be me, go to new interactive aquarium in town >its lit af, you can pet wallabies and feed lo…[View]
48838072I just want a boy to cuddle and listen to music with in the deep hours of the night, so I can sulk a…[View]
48843233>get text from bank asking if I am making payments >call them and say no im not >look at c…[View]
48843201I just want help, but I am held back.: I know this is 4chan and opening up on here is not welcome bu…[View]
48843056Why does the universe hate me?[View]
48842237How are your job going, /r9k/? I've been working at Arby's for like a week now and I fucki…[View]
48843073>'Goddammit, what does it want, now?'[View]
48842640anyone else have an extremely untrustworthy face? this has dictated a large part of my life. I walk …[View]
48842920That girl in the red beanie was cute She looked like she really enjoyed the music But it would'…[View]
48842095starting a death metal band: i wanna learn guitar so i can start a death metal band advice >pic …[View]
48842467The next time I get rejected by a woman, I'm gonna fucking punch her in the face and give her a…[View]
48842148which method do you prefer to use to get your daily nicotine?[View]
48842935Reminder that youre not a robot if you CAN talk to opposite gender[View]
48842661>frequently imagine any realistic scenario where i am about to have sex for the first time with t…[View]
48841983I love you guys, you genuinely make me smile[View]
48842948What's stopping you from making the climb anon? What do you have to lose?[View]
48841910Lord of the Rock N' Roll Underground: GG Allin was more than just a musician and rock n' r…[View]
48840897>quiet shy adderall girl who got held back twice in high school is now a call girl Strange feels …[View]
48835653How do you tell if you are pseudo-intellectual or normal intellectual?[View]
48842908>Pussied out of killing myself >again Who else here /scared/?…[View]
48841450The past two nights, I've lived Rocky Horror Picture Show, both performing and seeing shadowcas…[View]
48842822Why did I have to be born? Cursed to never experience a normal life with friends, girlfriends, a wif…[View]
48842577>scared to fall in love with my friend[View]
48818609ITT: Traumatic High School Experiences: lets hear em. greentext your stories[View]
48842851do any of you guys like to make epic non-videos? https://youtu.be/_YbbiGI5vmc[View]
48842723hey im missing my left hand but i still want to learn how to play base, any suggestions on how, or d…[View]
48837189life: >be me >18yo, in college >raised by loving family >never experienced poverty or ab…[View]
48842821Who fast food conneseuir here?[View]
48838895Dear trannies of /r9k/: Don't let other people make you feel bad. Do what you gotta do to find …[View]
48842224Bought a Hijab: I ordered an Hajib the other day over the internet. I'm a fat white guy with a …[View]
48842216What traits does the quintessential robot have? How much applies to you? >no friends and partner …[View]
48842630>you look tired anon >yea I guess >how are you anon >I'm fine, you? >you okay an…[View]
48841534What's the point of living is our waifus aren't real? Should we just end it all right now …[View]
48842072Do you think 4chan will ever shut down? What will you do with all your free time?[View]
48842602Ouija madness: are people who think that a ghost is moving their hands across the board just larping…[View]
48838572I look so lonely I miss her bros[View]
48842644>mfw just spilt stolen salsa onto my chest hair while shirtless and eating chip and dip for break…[View]
48839719Kratom: The only thing that takes away the pain of the robot[View]
48841701I'm a 22 year old NEET. I've never had a job and I was home schooled K-12 so I have litera…[View]
48841547God I hate being a 24 year old boomer so bad. Being a tail end millennial is so whack. Our generatio…[View]
48842133Anyone here ever ghosted a girl without a real reason? By that I mean ghosting a girl cause your anx…[View]
48842491Autistic moments thread? Autistic moments thread.: >be me >10 or 11 at the time >was stayin…[View]
48841869If you are a female who only goes for Chad despite not being anywhere close to his league, and then …[View]
48842433I pantsed my little sister at Burger King and her underwear came down. Now she says she's going…[View]
48841753>boyfriend asks me if I have any sexual fantasies >tell him I want to fuck my ex-boyfriend …[View]
48842399I never feel any physical attraction unless people are emotionally invested in me even though I have…[View]
48842172My brain fMRI came back normal How is this possible? My brain has never functioned like normal peopl…[View]
48842252black metal is gay as fuck: black metal sucks, how can you listen to that shit. death metal is where…[View]
48841169>tfw you don't find fat people attractive but don't hate them for zero reason unless th…[View]
48841888Do you prefer women from Northern Europe, Eastern Europe, Western Europe or Southern Europe?[View]
48842000>want loving, fufilling companionship >have small dick Guess I'll keep looking for a hobb…[View]
48840240/PSA/: I have noticed lately that there are a ton of discord drama. People come into threads and cre…[View]
48841895Any femanons or anons wanna talk to me about their problems? You will have to lead the convo though …[View]
48840925Omegle? Please?[View]
48841140Have you ever tried to be a Master Sneak?[View]
48839470> ding dong! > hi anon, I'm your government issued girlfriend Claire. Get dressed! we…[View]
48824343I have nothing but bad things to say about whites[View]
48841317Here's how I have been stealing money from some neo Nazis from Macon, Georgia. >Be me, 20 yo…[View]
48838329Hey guys chad here, AMA[View]
48827176What video games are robots playing?[View]
48842056some of you here are gay[View]
48841676wrong message receiver stories >be me >in college because privileged fag >groupme is common…[View]
48842233How do i get a serana gf?[View]
48842042Why do gay men despise women?[View]
48841745>filter all wojak images >filter all pepe images >this board becomes instantly 300% better …[View]
48842137real sad nigga hours right here[View]
48842191Remember, what women say usually isn't what they do. Pic related. Source: https://www.kaggle.c…[View]
48836036Femanons, why not just tease budding young boys? The fond memories will last a lifetime.[View]
48837908Don't you wish you had a pudgy gf?[View]
48842097Pee: Me and this girl have been talking online, we go to the same school and shit but we haven'…[View]
48840307Hey, gonna shoot my brain out.: My mom doesn't trust me anymore after she found out I bought a …[View]
48841976finding the stash: This literally happened about 10 mins ago. >be me >brother has a job in my …[View]
48842059Every time you see a white butterfly... think of me.[View]
48841625Would you a grimey?[View]
48841675Im thinking about faking my own death so I can see how people react, what they say about me etc. wou…[View]
48841962ITT: Drunk stories: One time I was so drunk that I fully believed that I was a boy so I stood in fro…[View]
48840732watchu starin' at black boy? dis phat ass is only fo' white men[View]
48840367How do I make myslef cry? It's been five years. I need the emotional release. Please[View]
48841321fuck you guys, you conditioned me to hate soibois, women, chads, and normies 2x more than i already …[View]
48840283/r9gay/ - #474: Spending time with your bf in the shower edition Last thread: >>48812455…[View]
48841673If every human on earth was ranked according to societal worth on a scale of 1-7,000,000,000, estima…[View]
48841960I made the roblox thread earlier. I fell asleep on the bus and it took me a while to walk home. My u…[View]
48840829This beauitful Angel is the most interesting person in the world for me. The most.[View]
48838782I need a dominant trap bf right now.[View]
48840939Sexual Therapy should be a thing, where licensed psychologists help you with your problems and have …[View]
48841860Why do boombers keep mowing their lawns? There's this one cunt up the street who mows his lawn …[View]
48841565Cant fucking believe this shit: >be me >depressed, lonely, broke, behind on rent >haven…[View]
48841780jesus christ the days just get worse and worse[View]
48841150>Be me >Walking in town for an event >Follow dress code for event >some people disagree…[View]
48841790Why do people filter my ylliw threads?[View]
48838415What do you have to say, robots?[View]
48841733What the fuck happened to me last night /r9k/? >Be me, dreaming >See qt from my class in dream…[View]
48841573ok r9k, how many lottery tickets have you bought this week?[View]
48841658join our discord: unless you're gay or jewish /zeWYUb[View]
48840495how are you supposed to cope with being circumcised at birth? I legitimately contemplate suicide on …[View]
48839284Why drive?: I suck. Just got the license. Cut a guy off. Nearly killed him and myself. Turned out to…[View]
48841260>working at job for several years, get little raises .50 raises a few times >new people get hi…[View]
48841587>he fell for the date a trap meme[View]
48841423>dodge this chad[View]
48841230What does it mean when you make robots disappear from online existence? >used to talk to robots o…[View]
48841590comfy thread: lets post comfy art and talk about comfy things[View]
48839608I legitimately feel like I wouldn't feel that bad if I killed someone. Not to be edgy or anythi…[View]
48837549I know you're NEETs so 100% you guys follow this drama >thoughts on pic related? full vid: h…[View]
48839836Fertility rates are dropping. Birth rates are dropping. Women are getting married later and later in…[View]
48841127Mfw I found out about this place from YouTube a couple weeks ago Let's do a tendies greentext …[View]
48838526What do people do at parties besides get drunk/high, fuck, and listen to loud music?[View]
48838368>You're such a great guy anon, why don't you have a girlfriend? >We need to find you a gi…[View]
48840905What would you do if your gf asked you if she could be the dominant one in the relationship?[View]
48841174To suicidal robots: Why haven't you killed yourself yet? What is it that keeps you living. For …[View]
48840530mommy always gets the good stuff: this is the yummiest cereal[View]
48840819ugh i really want to kill myself but i don't have the balls rk9 i'm just so tired[View]
48841395Fertility rates are dropping. Birth rates are dropping. Men are getting married later and later in t…[View]
48840299Can you give me more examples of famous people who believe in the Simulation hypothesis?[View]
48841314/stopdegenerates/: Why do so many people post about their sexual conquests here? And why is there so…[View]
48840753are eyes really the window into the soul? mine look like a dead fish[View]
48841233>anon I can't read your handwriting[View]
48839930Anyone got any good stories of fucking with potheads? >hear guy at work bragging about how he got…[View]
48841004I cant fap because my kitten is always in my room with me. like he follows me around all day and he …[View]
48841250School stories: lets hear all your school stories[View]
48840177Any robots here know what its like to be a Janitor?[View]
48840271>be me 2 weeks ago >going to a football game to help my friend get a girlfriend >end up orc…[View]
48840036>live in cold shitty small town >do EVERYTHING to try and leave >manage by some fucking mir…[View]
48839963>tfw no wanted man bf[View]
48839505I plucked my nose hair and now my nose hurts and it's swollen.[View]
48840734reminder that onsizzle and me.me are shitty websites that only NPCs find funny[View]
48840814stories that you fucked up and made people consider your sexuality >be me >be dorming in colle…[View]
48840169Suicidefag posting: Reddit users are a joke. The slightest shit happens in their lives and they want…[View]
48840679Omegle: Get on people had some p good conversations on here. Talked to some gay dude last night but …[View]
48840395You've been driving in the middle of nowhere for and few hours and see this girl in the distanc…[View]
48840982Suicide pact: As the title says I'm looking for form a suicide pact. Location and date is still…[View]
48839044stamina training unit: I've recently aqquired a fair sum of cash and have decided to invest in …[View]
48840927Have a goodnight big sis. I hope you received the money I paypalled you[View]
48840854I want to fuck a girl that looks like this[View]
48839298Enough pretending: Im desperate for interaction. Im drinking and feeling immense loneliness. Any rob…[View]
48840237Share your: >your race(s) >your racial preference(s)…[View]
48840022Drunk: Drunk thread! Post about what you are drinking and why you are drunk. No girls allowed boys o…[View]
48840629this is it im sick and cant taste my punishment that means you can see me cant you? i know you can, …[View]
48840757If right at this moment, every single person who you graduated high school with were to be shown you…[View]
48839319Is it retarded to kill yourself over not getting laid[View]
48833945What is your experience buying drugs online? Don't you worry about getting caught?[View]
48839327Black/Coloured feels: Why did no one tell me there were no black people at hull (the lawns) I fell f…[View]
48840801> be you > beta af > look up to David Goggins > finally meet him in person > confes…[View]
48839777Debate time /r9k/ We all know that cowboys were out on the trails for a long time without female com…[View]
48840623Pissed on my moms bed ask me anything[View]
48840748Daily reminder that 98% of women are not as desperate as you are nor will they be as lonely as you.[View]
48840041Where were you when JFK got shot?[View]
48840337Is this normal for a woman my age?[View]
48839568lady comes and jerks you off service: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HErf4OELzYk would you?…[View]
48840206do women know when a guy is obsessed w them? are they laughing at us? disgusted by us? fear theyre g…[View]
48840001Should I buy my big sister something else today or buy myself something? Im looking for a place wher…[View]
48832016Why do NPCs think that getting a job will cure depression or even make me feel better?[View]
48840303Cozy Weekend Thread: Robots, what's your ideal weekend night? Mine is coffee, a space heater, a…[View]
48839247Any str8 males that have tried massaging their prostate? I've never done it but hears it's…[View]
48836774Post your're bed room.[View]
48840150Ive started hitting that phase where time goes by, and I haven't even noticed it did because of…[View]
48839623>skinny my whole life >doctor puts me on a handful of medication >gain 50lbs >doctor cha…[View]
48837231Trans women are women ok?!?!?[View]
48836152skelly thread: halloween coming soon[View]
48840412Why are girls so autistic >be me >talk to girl for a while now Ive known her for over a year …[View]
48840385I know he was never good but I feel like his content has taken a kamikaze nose dive as of late, like…[View]
48840496I remember my crush telling me about her attempted suicide story and when she was about to jump in t…[View]
48838198WHEN THE FUCK IS THE GOVERNMENT GOING TO CRACKDOWN ON SEX 'WORK'? Roastie whores should not be getti…[View]
48840463How do I stop jacking off to the thought of Taylor Swift sucking black cock?[View]
48840453Are most nude beaches and nudist related shit mostly filled with fat, old people? Or are there actua…[View]
48839688My mom changed the wifi password so now I have to use up my data. Honestly fuck women. Giving them r…[View]
48840017I just want to move out west and have some ok paying job, I don't want to be rich, I don't…[View]
48839735I lost contact with a guy I really liked a couple months ago and I still really miss him. I know he …[View]
48840432EXAMMM: > be me > in the maths exam > stuck on multiple choice > try to copy the guy nex…[View]
48839868>meet 17yo cute black girl >Athletic >Watches anime >Plays Vidya >Roblox >Talks no…[View]
48839602'The person you are trying to reach is unable to call. please leave a message, after the tone' ... *…[View]
48840250I'm so lonely and socially isolated that I'm considering going to a therapist just to ramb…[View]
48839774If a girl kisses me multiple times while I'm sick, she must be into me right? How easily can I …[View]
48840332>You've been up all night, so you don't wanna wait on me I'm 'bouta catch my …[View]
48840147Being a women really is easy mode[View]
48840320I'm nothing. I'll never be anything. I can not want to be anything. Apart from that, I hav…[View]
48837644Food Thread: What's your favorite weird but good food combo? Mine is hot sauce or buffalo sauce…[View]
48812455/r9gay/ - #473: 'Ok /r9gay/ ur pushing ur boundaries a bit now go back to shit like 'flowers ed…[View]
48840175>mom was being weak >had to beg my sister for some steel reserve…[View]
48840274I'm going to fail my exams hahaha ahahahaha hahahaa[View]
48839448RealFeelsThread: >ran into my ex while working >co-worker I went on a date with hasn't as…[View]
48840220Fembots, why do you not like young white boys with older women?: It appears that women absolutely ha…[View]
48840040Why all the porno?: Why do you niggers do this to yourselves? I've never seen such self-loathin…[View]
48836410How do you become an interesting person? I added 7 people on discord over the course of a few days a…[View]
48839761would fembots peg their bfs if he asked[View]
48840178Why did I just cry at the end of the show?[View]
48839698Hi anons- I'm heading out for a little while. Could you guys watch my chocolate milk for me whi…[View]
48839696let me play you guys a song: hows it sound?[View]
48838736What the fuck: Why do women get extremely avoidant-hostile if called a cunt especially while being a…[View]
48840076so, r9queers, what's with the constant HRT shilling i've been seeing as of recent? this pl…[View]
48839565Why don't u just get a gf bro[View]
48839046>Eat the fucking taco pendejo! Wat do robots?[View]
48839965Who else here in hatred?[View]
48839912Can /r9k/ recommend good books on changing your life? Particularly the mental aspect?[View]
48840013how many of you robots are mega gaming? this is also a no tranny thread so fuck off trannies, no one…[View]
48839000>'bruh your pee look like a bottle of henessy LMAO!' Why are niggers so rude? My people literally…[View]
48838048At what age did you grow out of 'muh all women are whores' mentality?[View]
48838483Why are there virtually no men with blonde hair? When I think about it, I don't think I've…[View]
48839796Libertarians in 2008 >'RON PAUL FOR PRESIDENT! NO WAR! FUCK COPS!' etc Libertarians now: >Poli…[View]
48839242Becoming a cuck: Who here would become a cuck to get a wife, or any female companion? T.ugly incel t…[View]
48839628You're under arrest, Anon![View]
48839776So /r9k/, my life sucks: >be me >high school in America >not too many friends, ones I have …[View]
48839751define good conversation?: -under what conditions it's fostered -what criteria needs to be met …[View]
48839472Being shy is the worst fucking curse ever. Nothing comes close. I can't take this shit anymore.…[View]
48839338Hello, i'm here to help those with depression, maybe I could help you too.[View]
48839230Why were the blacks so obnoxious during high school lunches? I'd be talking to friends when I…[View]
48836730Did you ever have a wank to a boy ironically? Just as a joke?[View]
48839673>1,200 word paper due in 30 minutes >only have 1,167 words Im going to end it all right now l…[View]
48839334Why are japanese woman so amazed by the sight of an alpha male? Is it because alphas are non-existan…[View]
48838632Do dead men get erections? Why would evolution have allowed this?[View]
48839800better go to bed, you got work tomorrow roastie :)[View]
48836700How do I get a healer gf? t. Mage[View]
48838876help. info needed.: Is it normal to start mis-seeing things at nighttime? I keep seeing bug sized sh…[View]
48839674>I like you, anon, I really do. But if you want to date me those boy clothes have to go. I only d…[View]
48839739Forced to be a virgin forever?: My parents deeply hate my LDRs and don't want to succeed in one…[View]
48839136Why do I feel so old? I am only 22 years old and I feel like an old man of 60 years. I feel tired, a…[View]
48839518Angry Gorilla Attack: An angry gorilla just burst thru your door and you only have what is in arm…[View]
48839227>tfw watching pre-2000 simpsons and realizing the state of tv today[View]
48839084COME ON DOWN TO BLASEY FORD: >Tired of your 1-door sedan? >Looking for something with a 5 door…[View]
48839072Femanons, just marry your best friend's dad. Life on literal hand-holding mode.[View]
48839481This happened long ago but it still haunts me at nights >be me pubert teen >balls getting hair…[View]
48839118i cant stop thinking about her lads[View]
48839174tfw my neighbor comes over with leftover apple pie every 2 weeks: but am 2 autistic to tell him that…[View]
48838466i've been trying to get back with the first and only person i've dated for four months, an…[View]
48838512Did you meet your daily fap quota?[View]
48837885NUUUUUU: >be me >10th grade >meet someone >talk the whole school year >figure out we …[View]
48838746>tfw have to go pick group partners tomorrow >dont know anyone in a class filled with normies …[View]
48838151>be shut-in neet for 10 years+ >everyone assumes you're either a drug addict, alcoholic, …[View]
48839067this week will be better[View]
48838770Pissed on my moms bed because she pissed me off haahahahahahahHaha Told her it was the dog[View]
48838939There was a milf POV roleplay type actress that someone posted about a while back on this board but …[View]
48839259life is hard: >be me >tryna study for the future n shit >havepenis.ohno >jack off ffs no…[View]
48838396>be me >6/10 beta boy >have huge crush on qt3.14 9/10 for all life >Basically knew her …[View]
48839292I've been trying to hit it off with this feline for a while >Be me, senior year of high scho…[View]
48839172This cup is spilling[View]
48835887>read the word 'nigger' >years of interracial porn floods my head >eyes glaze over >droo…[View]
48837703How do I manage being a fag (like bottom) without sacrificing my cool exterior and competitive profe…[View]
48837710>alright class, form a NPC group with your friends :^) Teachers who do this unironically instead …[View]
48837996The only reason why so many of you like anime girls, other than the fact that most of them look cute…[View]
48837169this is what we've been reduced to[View]
48839093im a walking contradiction to what r9k believes. I have an average sized dick, yet i cucked a chad, …[View]
48837289tinder bullshit: so glad i dodged a bullet with this one just made a tinder 12 am this morning and a…[View]
48839197Do non white women like white guys?[View]
48834784/drugfeels/: I took 40mg of hydrocodone. 4, 10mg and I am nodding like the time I did heroine a few …[View]
48835410Trapfags vs Furries Poll: Take the poll to determine which is worse: https://www.strawpoll.me/166914…[View]
48837398would r9k become a mercenary?[View]
48838672Life is shitty because sometimes you just get got.[View]
48839158I really should stop coming here should I. What else should I do with my free time?[View]
48839133fembot time: hi fembots i just used my vibrator while high and had the beeeeest orgasm ever how is y…[View]
48836687LSA how good is it boys?: So apparently if you chew up like 10 of these bad boys you can get a trip …[View]
48838998Post pictures of just women. Please...[View]
48838012Fembots, have you ever had an abortion? How many? Was it because the father was a beta male?[View]
48839104Any other ONLY e-sluts here?: I want to know if there's people like me who won't ever have…[View]
48837708I don't see the point in hating trans and gay people. It just seems really silly and not worth…[View]
48838613Have you ever looked at someone you love and said to yourself 'it's time to walk away' ?[View]
48838008another Sunday night on r9k: at least I got my beer[View]
48838427Every male becomes Chad: Women are the same. What happens now?[View]
48838574Then he got an idea. An awful idea. Anon got a wonderful, awful idea.[View]
48839017Just how accurate are these online tests? The numbers seem a lot higher than they should be.[View]
48837655Will shoving a small bottle up my pussy give me the same experience as being penetrated by a real li…[View]
48838981hmmm: >be me >goes to friends halloween party >knows almost everyone there >having a goo…[View]
48838956Free Shirt: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qy7vybg8lqc Figured you guys should know.[View]
48838905>when she's vulgar[View]
48838930This random girl who immortalized me in her Abuser OC: Accomplished her goal of getting a internet g…[View]
48837935>Women can't be lonely because there are plenty of losers willing to date them! >I'd…[View]
48837746Why do NORMIES hate me for being on neetbux?why are they so ignorant and stupid?why am I so much sma…[View]
48837715>Can talk my way into their pants over text messages >Too autistic to flirt vocally properly I…[View]
48834162/r9k/ fetish rate: Post your fetish, rate another anon's. I have a massive vore fetish. Not sur…[View]
48838900how do I manipulate others into doing what I want them to do, aswell as finding those to manipulate,…[View]
48838173computer engineering or programming? one makes more money but on the other you graduate much faster.…[View]
48838855Does anybody else like this car?: Great work everyone, this car is GREAT work![View]
48837998What does it mean?: Take one look at social media websites that are dominated by one sex or the othe…[View]
48838641>people unironically make websites like this >https://bmoradi.com God damn this kid is cringe.…[View]
48838808i got one question for you... are you a robot? https://youtu.be/UsxUr1BzJlQ[View]
48838744where's the best place to live in the u.s? i value easily getting a job, not having to worry ab…[View]
48835575/r9k/ Wizard Tower General: ITT: Life in the grand wizard tower of Ar Nin Kay. Thread soundtrack: ht…[View]
48835287What fetish is the worst: What fetish is the worst that you can think of[View]
48838429I'm not alive. I'm not a human. I do not act as humans do. I do not live as humans do.[View]
48837771Whenever I jack off in bed or on my furniture I just leave my cum on my shirt. I always do this.toda…[View]
48836066I will definitely get a boyfriend next year[View]
48835812Sexually abuse wojak?...: many of u know by now of my love of wojak and how i think he is super cute…[View]
48838553There's no such thing as fapwithdrals? right? right?[View]
48837362Why are most s o y boys pansexual? Isn't pansexuality just bisexuality?[View]
48836454Hello Hello Hello my friends! it is I The Loving one! and I'm here to grant wishes for the low …[View]
48838608>be fast food wagie >get some food after shift >coworker that i barely talk to hands me my …[View]
48837167>raawr! >lol hey anon, are you ready for haaaallowwwweeeen?…[View]
48838205What was the worst thing that happened to you while trick or treating?[View]
48837940god is a big tiddy goth gf[View]
48838562They are literally just flaunting it in our faces now[View]
48837793>mfw my non-Chad guy friend tries to touch me[View]
48838444>be indian >fuck white stacy >get her preggo >her rich family is now mad Mfw…[View]
48836397i need a daddy: im bored and sad i need someone more clever than me to give me love affection and at…[View]
48838499How do I leave this site for good? I managed to leave for about a month before I relapsed hardcore. …[View]
48838110>The Numb/Encore song by Jay-Z and Linkin Park came out 14 years ago[View]
48838532I have only 9 bucks left in paypal. Should I buy my big sis something else or myself something cheap…[View]
48838097>get a job >Working makes me a better person than you!…[View]
48838523Feelings: You anons ever feel, at random moments of time, mainly in your room before bed, that life …[View]
48828515/r9k/ I need your help. There's currently a fucking GIRL in my shower. I'm nervous as fuck…[View]
48837768>be me >at preschool or kindergarten, idk pick your poison. >something something >can…[View]
48838006You've gotten all your daily vitamins, right, /r9k/?[View]
48838211>live off neetbux >NORMIES get disgusted and feel insulted when I tell them this >Start att…[View]
48838060We may have to work jobs someday, but at least no one can force us to marry or have kids.[View]
48837757>Got cute gf after years of solitude >idk what she sees in me but i can tell the way she look…[View]
48837482Help me find a hobby, so I won't kill myself robots.[View]
48838054I'm having an existentional crisis right now. A new generation has started fucking up the place…[View]
48836425Do girls even get any pleasure from grinding?[View]
48837304Can someone just tell me that it will all be okay?[View]
48838306It's stand up night bots. Offensive jokes encourage I'll start with a shitty joke 'What…[View]
48836545tfw i'll never have as much fun playing vidya as i did on global agenda because it shut down fo…[View]
48838292Rem is a stupid piece of shit he made a thread saying Kat is bad but he's a pathological retard…[View]
48838058No one fucking loves me. If they did, they would help me. I sincerely invite you to prove it to me. …[View]
48838148i found a pic of my mom when she was young, she was a legit 10/10[View]
48838218>tfw no Catherine gf Fuck[View]
48836874Is Creepy Susie waifu material? This is important.[View]
48837475Why do 'nice guys' say they want good women when Stacy is always the prime object of their lust?[View]
48837604>born in cold shitty small town >just want to move to LA >cant because I keep getting trapp…[View]
48835861Why is everything I see dominated by men? What are all the women doing?[View]
48836859saddest thing you have ever seen: Robots, what is the saddest thing you have ever seen in your life?…[View]
48837964I'm lonely but I hate the type of people who would be my friend.[View]
48834494Recluse: >I have no motivation to ever leave my house unless to get food >Computer all day …[View]
48837917Is JBW true or is it a meme[View]
48837897Who else here is creative but they can't concentrate on their work unless its completely silent…[View]
48837835Stop taunting me. Give me goth gf NOW[View]
48837841I'm in a room with a good amount of friends but I feel so spacey and alone. whats up with that?…[View]
48837867Who else feels like the wagecuck stereotype describes them perfectly? Stressed out and miserable all…[View]
48837608tfw when no qt to drink my pee from a funnel: is it so much to ask?[View]
48837736>tfw juggling 2 girls at once This is a lot fucking harder than it seemed, any advice Chads of /r…[View]
48837529Nymphadora Tonks is a lowkey cute[View]
48837031>the only friends ive had are anonymous strangers on the internet >the only girlfriends ive h…[View]
48831488Just a reminder that you could have had a great, easy life and not be a lonely, kissless virgin if y…[View]
48837798Lets see which race has bigger dicks. Post your dick pic and your race in the comments.[View]
48828081What's it like having a big pee pee? Mine is like a baby acorn flacid and only grow to be about…[View]
48833941hot vs cold showers: can anyone confirm that cold showers are better for you? I've recently sta…[View]
48837687What have you eaten today robots? >had cereal for breakfast >ate some chips and salsa around 3…[View]
48836217Your Potential: There is a chad inside of all of us, you need only find him. (or her for the 'fembot…[View]
48837090>woher Sie schaut weiber Junge? Ich mag nur das Schwarze[View]
48836686Welcome to the Jungle.: So, A few months ago, I enlisted with the U.S. Army. Let me tell you, all th…[View]
48836600>you will never have a friend, let alone a close friend[View]
48836886>fembot here >Depressed since 5 years >No friends, sad lad >Cutting again >Took dre…[View]
48837733Remember back in the early 2000s when women were widespread complaining about sexy halloween costume…[View]
48837728Hab a nice evening sister kathy[View]
48835796Do you like qt Latina ass and feet?[View]
48837311is its incel to be approached by a girl and reject her? i did it at hs[View]
48836706Bout to go night walk with a nice ciggie. Gimme a couple songs to fit the mood please[View]
48837596Posting turkey apu everyday everyday Day 85[View]
48836518Why don't you just settle for a foul mouth gf?[View]
48836569Virgin female here. If you want one of us you'd better not be a degenerate who watches porn and…[View]
48836954Okay robots, i have a gf i plan on marrying. I'm 18 and she's 17, but i've only ever …[View]
48837630Is it possible to go back?: I started fapping to (and eventually exclusively to) traps and shemales …[View]
48837636HELP: I seen a webm from r9k from a trap singing and dancing but i can't find it Help me!…[View]
48834887Im an absolute fuckinf loser with no fucking directions in life. I am a worthless NEET and I wonder …[View]
48837121Not a single girl ever took an interest in me How do I change this ?[View]
48836734Some guy my gf fucked texted her 'we should have babies' What do? She curved him ASAP but I'm s…[View]
48837497>When you let a huge one rip and start counting the seconds until you smell it.…[View]
48837286>Going after hot Asian girl >Pretty much an Asian version of Stacey >Was constantly told by…[View]
48837473>Be me >Really bad day >Came on here >Posted a bit for the first time >Legit feel…[View]
48837451tickle fetish thread[View]
48826183When is it too late to lose your virginity? 25? 30? 40?[View]
48837382>be me >walking down the street >see someone walking in my direction >literally run acro…[View]
48837437We live in a world where normies are using the word normie to try to pretend that they aren't n…[View]
48837328can some fembot here be my gf? i don't know why you would want to be but you should do it anywa…[View]
48832863>Got into a big fight tonight over soda at a family birthday party >cousin said to get Pepsi, …[View]
48837156>paternal grandfather got prostate cancer >survived the prostate cancer but died of parkinsons…[View]
48837301Why is confidence so fickle? Why can't we be confident 90%+ of the time?[View]
48834759Why not get a gyno-bf fembots? Scared of being smaller than him?[View]
48837329>tfw no white gf snaws goog[View]
48837252Fuck bros, I'm really horny. I want to crush my enemies and fuck bitches afterwards. For those …[View]
48837319Who can relate?: I would never get out of bed if I didn't have a desktop. When I had a laptop I…[View]
48831533Post your best Blackpills: Drop your worst[View]
48837288Skill tree: What tier are you at?[View]
48835937>tfw 20 and crushing hard on a 40 year old >it's totally mutual and i think i'm goin…[View]
48835958>be me >love halloween >wear orange clothes, watch spooky movies, etc. >have no friends …[View]
48836881How are you tonight anon and what are you up to?[View]
48837279Any other robots here who are also in love with Chelsea Wolfe?[View]
48837276How big is zoidbergs penis: >be me >be gay retard >see this pic Boner.MarioBrothers >wo…[View]
48837256I need a fembot to marry.: I want a free house and more free shit when I go military. We do not actu…[View]
48836755>parents are getting a divorce and mom is having an affair >sister says she can take me in so …[View]
48836290Robots, would you date an evolved girl?[View]
48837234Vocaroo Thread: https://vocaroo.com/i/s0ZxerdlUjWQ Since the other thread died and I didn't get…[View]
48834514Is it ok to enjoy hentai: Is hentai actually okay to masterbate to[View]
48837079>this is what steam is nowadays this is why steamfeel died[View]
48836627Stop putting costumes on your pets.[View]
48836396>too inhibited to jump of building or hang >too poor to buy nembutal or pure helium >too de…[View]
48837094Futanari isnt gay: (Girl with penis on girl with vagina) This type of futanari is less gay than regu…[View]
48836348>be me >buying some comfy winter clothes at kohl's >realize qt 3.14 7.5/10 is standing…[View]
48836452/disability/: >applying for disability soon anyone wanna tell me about life on the dole…[View]
48837141>neet of 9 years >severe autism >live with elderly parents >don't really cause a ru…[View]
48837075unlink soon! if you know, you know[View]
48835827>try telling joke to dad >condensed version of pic related >mess up the timing >no laugh…[View]
48837027Would you Help bully a girl to Thin Mode: Ok let me start off with this, i personally think thinner …[View]
48835721How do you develop goals and ambition?: Something I just cannot grasp about most humans. Do most peo…[View]
48835567Just letting you know that autistic traits in a female makes us just less desirable as males. We are…[View]
48837068I know this might surprise you guys, but if you see a cute girl look at you with her arms and legs t…[View]
48835122>tfw no salvia gf[View]
48836726what am I doing: I go to a community college and I'm about to get my bachelors degree in someth…[View]
48836436>In order to get a girlfriend I would have to lose like 80 pounds, gain half of it back in muscle…[View]
48836953i'm sorry anon! i didn't know you were sensitive about that, could you tell me what you fe…[View]
48836873'c'mon anon its just skin, don't be such a pussy. just put it inside already!'[View]
48836849Rate this pic pls: Rate this pic pls[View]
48836925You guys have any good stream raiding songs? For example https://youtu.be/NXpsssMsfNM https://youtu…[View]
48836300>be me in 7th grade. >class is going on a school trip but I decide not to go because I hate ev…[View]
48836868>feel the need to make a bowel movement >go to toilet >end up farting and squirting foam in…[View]
48833132How do I get rid of a fetish? I have had an interracial cuck fetish for a few years. I really want t…[View]
48835854drop me love: If I'm weak and a little pathetic, the girls will notice, will they feel sorry an…[View]
48829829I'm a very right-leaning socially conservative male dating an SJW hard left, 'soft-feminine' fe…[View]
48836854>be me >19 y/o virgin neet >makes friends with 5 tard neckbeards at my workplace >they i…[View]
48836136What do robots eat? I barely know how to feed myself[View]
48836623Just a reminder to all my fellow forever single robots that you are the product of two people that r…[View]
48835135>tfw no prolapsing gf[View]
48834702greentext thread, post whatever you want: rough one today bots >super cute girl, 7-8/10 >not h…[View]
48836021Do you anons realize if you stopped jacking off your cortisol will decrease and testosterone will be…[View]
48836339Are people offended by asexual people, sex repulsion, and the like?: It's upsetting, I thought …[View]
48836555Misconceptions?: Anyone else not believe the Aero/Reiko drama? like, I doubt anyone would be interes…[View]
48836595>hanging out with only friend group >everyone else talking and laughing >conversation flows…[View]
48835568whens the last time fembots touched themselves[View]
48835585>when I put my hand on mom instead of my brother Chad[View]
48836725>be me >be horny all the time >whenever i get aroused i jackoff >jacking of used to be t…[View]
48836535I'm lost please help: I don't know where to go anymore >not a robot, i'm not even …[View]
48834961any of you guys get handsome after you grow up more but are still set in robot mentality and don…[View]
48836147Making money as a robot: Is it possible? Lost my scholarship because of dropping grades, got disowne…[View]
48835803Need to upgrade from a nvidia 9800..i know there are some smart robots here who could point me in th…[View]
48836522Anyone not understand hype? I don't get how people can wait months or years anticipating a movi…[View]
48836084>tfw femcel because pussy didn't pass the smell test[View]
48836553Feels Thread >be me >virgin.jpg >so shy that I can only interact with people online >Jap…[View]
48835755>Women deserved to be treated equal-[View]
48834548Day 1 no BPD pseudo egf[View]
48829867Im lonely and get high off all the attention i get when i make black male white female threads. Im a…[View]
48836098ITT: Times you could've lost your virginity if you weren't so retarded >be me >been …[View]
48835405What are your thoughts on anime boys that take horse cocks up their butt?[View]
48833730>2018 >Not smoking cigarettes Are you bullied, mentally handicapped or both? >b-but it kill…[View]
48836337Marriage question.: How do you think you would propose for marriage? Are you going to do anything un…[View]
48833968Would you date a girl with a body like this? What would your friends and family think if so?[View]
48835669Does he hammer nails with that thing?[View]
48836288Financial dom: Are the people here who would unironically buy shit to roasties on the internet or th…[View]
48834135>open paint >draw a picture of outer space >set as desktop background >do a google searc…[View]
48836416how do I read more than 1 paragraph per day of an ebook?[View]
48836360ITT: Prank Calls: I'll start. >be 12-13 at time >on skype call with friends >just got …[View]
48835886Would you date a girl with a weird tooth-to-gum ratio?[View]
48836092>Steve Harvey: 'We asked 100 people, what is the male reproductive organ?' Contestant: 'The penis…[View]
48836316> 2:30 am > can't sleep because of tf no gf…[View]
48834568Reddit and 4chan: So fellow robots what is your opinion on reddit? Just so you know I use reddit an…[View]
48836352>tfw fat cunt >tfw cute girl fell in love with me >tfw managed to fuck it up Shotgun to the…[View]
48836345Girl >Someone told me he was going to kill himself, so I called the cops on him. Anon >Yeah, t…[View]
48836230Gimme ass[View]
48834425>By the year 2090, 87% of the planet will be Asian and African. Opinions on this ?…[View]
48834334Is it gay to like traps if you don't know for certain it is a trap?[View]
48835952On a scale of 1-10, how kind is the average person? 1 is combination of Joffrey Baratheon and Ramsay…[View]
48829046HIT OR MISS, I GUESS THEY NEVER MISS HUH https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=41ZkBFRZK2E[View]
48835769Does anyone wanna play Roblox with me? I'd like to do a comfy prison.[View]
48835156Bitch ass mother: My bitch ass whore mom is a fucking whore, she tries to act black all the time, is…[View]
48835840Most of the time I feel content with the fact that i'm wasting my life: And yet occasionally I …[View]
48832737OC thread: Let's have an OC thread. Post your oc, and if you aren't good with ps, request …[View]
48834977Getting old sucks. I am 25 now and I am a failure, when I was young I just thought to myself that I …[View]
48836069im on grindr trying to get one guy to give me 400 to suck his dick because this city is so expensive…[View]
48836058How 2 write about yourself: Ugly beta robot here Struggling to write a poem about myself without dam…[View]
48835931Why are there rich people self-identifying as robots here? You could all easily get a gf if you want…[View]
48835684good fucking animation: call me a fag or whatever, but this animation not only hits too close home, …[View]
48833421atleast you guys are not THAT gay: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TGrqA1Zg2eQ https://www.youtube.c…[View]
48836015>he's honest about what he's thinking with his peers and a therapist If you're act…[View]
48836009>be me >never had any encounters with either gender >why can't i be like a popular cha…[View]
48834506Robots are a myth: I am thoroughly convinced none of you exist. I have never met a single robot irl …[View]
48835893It's 2am here: Took diazepam, methadone. Still not asleep. Drinking vodka on top of it still hi…[View]
48835698Here's the story of how I cucked a chad: >be me a few years ago >17 years old, kissless v…[View]
48829981>ywn bury your face between a Stacys jiggly ass and tongue her brown eye Why live...…[View]
48835924Life literally feels so shit there is no point to it I just go day in day out studying and working o…[View]
48835923YouTube self promotion thread, show me those channels fellow robots![View]
48835649I think anime made me asexual any similar cases here?[View]
48835909Can't do anything right: >Be me >In a 2 year battle with depression >Wants to end my m…[View]
48833739Is the girl on the left underaged? I just masturbated to her and am wondering if I should tell my th…[View]
48834484Do you still have flipper?[View]
48834849How to get a qt ukranian arthoe anime smoker waifu?[View]
48835847Can someone post the names of my online friends in this thread: I want to know if I'm paranoid …[View]
48835802wanna start a feels thread?[View]
48835074thank you for spending so much time with me: I'm sorry that's over[View]
48833555>Qu'est-ce que tu regardes au garcon blanc? J'aime seulement le noir…[View]
48835797why don't you just get a job? It will solve your depression problem[View]
48835712Don't use Tinder if you are not a Chad[View]
48835806Does anyone else hate weekends? I hate feeling alone and I'd actually rather go to class than s…[View]
48831779feels thread?: feels thread with original intent[View]
48834004why some people say 'either' like 'eye there' and other people say 'ee there'?[View]
48834903I frequently write cuck smut RPs with girls who love the fetish. AMA.[View]
48835285Fuck Tik Tok: The dont judge me challenge was fucking great, but Musical.ly and Vine are both dead. …[View]
48835078It happened, Robots. I like a girl again. I can feel everything soon going wrong. We hung out twice …[View]
48834158At what age exactly do women lose their value? Please specify if you are normal, homo, or asexual[View]
48834688>see mom naked coming out of the shower >notice she shaved her coochie What the fuck /b/? She…[View]
48833352What crosses the line in porn: What type of porn do you think goes too far?[View]
48835189'Thirty years ago I would not have believed that an educated person could be as dogmatically and irr…[View]
48835646What is the meaning of life, anons? What should I do with it?[View]
48835641Hi, lads! Would any of you like to practice talking to a woman? Leave your kik if you feel comfortab…[View]
48834443Cyborg feels >be mid 30s >managed to drag yourself out of your autist robot stage into the vau…[View]
48834173Fembots, why don't you just become a man. Life would be much easier.[View]
48835691Depressed robot looking for femanons to hang out with: Im into weebshit and music. ghost#2023 Also g…[View]
48835548why does it have to be like it be[View]
48834965Give me a project to do that will improve my life. Sick of coming to this crab bucket every day[View]
48835485I've been cumming in my sleep more since I started NOFAP, is this normal?[View]
48835340Halloween music: post music for the Halloween feels starting with a classic one https://www.youtube.…[View]
48835450>women aren't attracted to me >my solution to is be even more of a bitter, creepy, selfis…[View]
48828228Robot movies: Can we get one of these going? >Taxi Driver Watched this when I was like 12. Canno…[View]
48835475I like to eat breakfast. Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day and when I eat breakfast I feel g…[View]
48835193What's the best prank you faggots have ever done? I put the start of 'the little goat' hentai …[View]
48834712>people who are rude to retail workers You deserve to fucking rot[View]
48832375fembots would you ever date a trap[View]
48828200This one rate each other and rate me[View]
48835538>6'5 >Great Jaw >Wide Nose > Asymmetrical face Is there any hope for me robots…[View]
48835103what have you done to get rid of the tranny menace on /r9k/?[View]
48834242I have nightmares EVERY single night. Anybody else? Is there a cure? Is this mental health stuff? Is…[View]
48835413hey guys I just saw this on Reddit is this where I go to get the dankest memes? I need karma also pl…[View]
48835148Should i give up finding gf?[View]
48835158/People with a social life thread/: >i have a Social Life >i go to school in a city >i have…[View]
48834928Slavic: Hey anon, living in a slavic country is really bad how looks like? I mean, the state care mo…[View]
48829960How many calories do you eat in a day?[View]
48834957So what's the best way to find a good woman? A good woman will be defined as >virgin >goi…[View]
48834732We're starting, children of men at 6pm est (in three minutes) come out and enjoy the movie nigh…[View]
48834740Press B to bless[View]
48834266How do you control your emotions without resulting to bad stuff like self-harm or drugs and alcohol?[View]
48835333That feeling when: I realized I dated people for validation that I'm normal, in reality I want …[View]
48833591Reminder that females are responsible for ruining your life. If just one was human enough to try and…[View]
48835304Why do dogs get to be NEETs without shame? It's un-fucking-fair.[View]
48834590>Tfw youre a Black Guy and no white girls wanna give you Milkies[View]
48835173What do think of my pumpkin robots, anyone else getting reddy for Halloween[View]
48834972Should I buy Lethal League so I can prep myself for the controls when Blaze comes out, or should I j…[View]
48833379What do you guys think of this painting that I made? Thnx[View]
48835196Childhood memories: Remember how psyched you were when your mom took you to see infinity war?[View]
48834866>tfw no Emma Ellingsen b/gf[View]
48833612For me its 11 pm right now. I have to go to school tomorrow (18yo btw). Should I just stay up all ni…[View]
48829991/Tinder/: Show us those most recent matches boys[View]
48834225Just lost my will to live and the final shred of respect towards humans and women especially. >ha…[View]
48832958>Download tinder >Swipe right on local qts in my area >One qt has her stocking feet as her …[View]
48832203With weed becoming legal in more states (and in Canada), what can I do to continue to get stoners an…[View]
48835037>Be back in middle school >Start of the year, forming island desk groups >Put into a group …[View]
48832432Robots would you be ok with this?[View]
48834251>tfw I am beautiful but no girls want me It's becoming truly unbearable, lads…[View]
48835001>jus take getting rejected via getting slapped and getting bullied like a man bro, rejection buil…[View]
48832520Why can't I just do good in college Why do I have to fail at everything[View]
48834989Anyone else here remaining a virgin by choice? aka volcel? >inb4 'it's not a choice'…[View]
48835004Hey robots, I have an advanced placement us history quiz tomorrow, I haven't done the packet, h…[View]
48830648Rare pic of me and you going on holiday this summer: It has been like an honeymoon. why you screwed …[View]
48834455I need motivation to study robots. Give me some words of wisdom.[View]
48833897Goodbye friends https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6a8Si7yea6o[View]
48834942When wagies are away the neets will play[View]
48833880>Going to college >Mom, brother, and everyone we know calling me an 'Uncle Tom' and 'traitor' …[View]
48834919That kid thread.: It's time robots. That kid thread I'll start >That kid who wrote nigg…[View]
48830196Confess your sins fellow robots[View]
48834801>mfw normies try to insult me by insinuating that I'm having sex with peoples' moms…[View]
48831808i am a black woman and i am a kissless virgin at the age of 21. i have no rl friends and im so sad. …[View]
48834868>he doesn't dip what's wrong with you?[View]
48834786/r9k/ Advice thread: Here's the situation >me, kissless virgin >Typical /fit/ 5'8 ma…[View]
48834111Lately I've been getting intrusive thoughts about cumming inside my sister. Should I end it? I …[View]
48833252Maybe its because they dont exist?[View]
48834160partyvan paranoia: finally starting to figure out how i should hide my Sea People feels less paranoi…[View]
48834529You know, I really hate stoners. They make their entire life revolve around their degenerate 'cultur…[View]
48833725>job interview this weekend >will have to move out to a small town in the middle of nowhere if…[View]
48834019Trying Tinder, all I get are Fat women, the only skinny women are hispanic or black women, I barely …[View]
48834377how can 3dpiggus even compete? serious questions will humans evolve past females in the future?[View]
48833806>tomorrow it begins again[View]
48834706>born in small town >just want to live in LA god why. please god just let me go live in LA. il…[View]
48831431Is this bad for my mental health[View]
48833857It's midnight, should I go out for a walk?[View]
48834556>be shut in neet 22yo doomer >family makes a surprise birthday party to me >feels bad man …[View]
48831911Ark World Ship: You are sealed into a room by the fucking ship ai, food and water is dispensed and a…[View]
48834654So what will you robots do when the inevitable internet capacity crunch happens?[View]
48833722Smoking meth should i try: now iv never tried any extreme drugs before. i smoke weed and occasionall…[View]
48833833ITT: Post your favorite 2D Disney princess and other anons try to guess your fetish[View]
48833962>be me >masturbate 3 to 5 times a day >hate life >hear about the benefits of nofap >d…[View]
48834530whore island idea: send all whores to an island and let only incels go on holiday on that island…[View]
48832516Join the Willie Gang! The comfiest discord server yet! We need people like you. /9gYdx2e[View]
48834527>tfw musclehunk daddy boyfriend is younger than you Any femanons know this feel?…[View]
48834179So y-you know who u r,, I apologise for yesterday ik u don't wanna talk but yeah I still wanted…[View]
48826665Fembots, would you date a guy with a cuckolding fetish, who is otherwise dominant? He wants you to f…[View]
48834347careers: >be front desk clerk for hotel >shitpost all day because no one uses hotels anyways …[View]
48832291So I recently got a tat.: I always wanted one and so with the saved up $1200 I had got a leg sleeve.…[View]
48834434ITT i share an autistic moment in high school >be me >17 senior in hs >because i took a bun…[View]
48831865>started deriving pleasure from studying I'm gonna make it.[View]
48833618>renting hotel room with couple of friends >female friend grabbed my guy friend's morning…[View]
48834166What do you miss the most about the early 2000s, /r9k/?[View]
48833742hanging: Anyone tried simple suspension hanging? Does it hurt? Does it leave marks on the neck for t…[View]
48832719If you make it to 22 and you still have yet to even kiss a girl, you should probably off yourself no…[View]
48833844Can someone please tell me if you have to go to dorm floor meetings?[View]
48833297I don't understand why you would fap over someone you like. Isn't that just disrespectful …[View]
48832941Who else would do everything for his gf?[View]
48832675Here's a little gem i found a long time ago that i still like to replay once in awhile. http:/…[View]
48833506>playing castlevania >----- >power up >-=-=-=-o >power up >-=-=-=-=-=-=-o…[View]
48834195>get 5mg nicotine juul pods >have to switch to 3mg nicotine because my parents bought that for…[View]
48832162Why are Asian women so self loathing?[View]
48833586Post songs that you think are pretty. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qlDVnfZotkU[View]
48826591Sup niggas im cooking chilli Show me what the fuck youre cooking and we can all sit here and talk sh…[View]
48833910What the hell is a braincel??[View]
48833600Embarrassing Stories: >be 14-15 >school waterpark day! >so excited! >I forgot my swimtru…[View]
48834092>imagining anime opening when listening to song[View]
48832684why am I so lonely and depressed in such a big city[View]
48833590fuk: Fourth one this month. What do robots? How do I break through?[View]
48829567/britfeel/: Phwor and WAHEY edition[View]
48834035Welcome: Welcome to /r9k/. 4chan's hell. Hope you enjoy your stay.[View]
48832913always smiled at but never included, you were that kid at the edge of the social circle, not a compl…[View]
48833811He got married and is expecting a child. What's your excuse/ r9k/?[View]
48831339it's raining,it's pouring,my beloved. (S): I hope you're safe at home,you are scared …[View]
48832754Everone I know thinks I have the worst luck a person can have. And I do. For years now everything th…[View]
48831963you hanging in there, robots? what's on your mind?[View]
48832975>desire to be a proper father figure >Only 20 God I wish I was normal or at least they didn…[View]
48833754r9k who has the rest of this femboys pics?? I first saw this guy here.. although he was nameless at …[View]
48832250Are you enjoying your last few hours of freedom wagie? Chop-chop, hurry up and get some rest, Mr She…[View]
48833707My dick is sore from fucking gf.[View]
48831698Nothing is real: Everything is subjective. Nothing is deep. nothing feels deep. No one wants to beli…[View]
48833765>Order food online >Add on $4.00 for 'service charge' >Give driver $3.00 tip on a $20 order…[View]
48827423What creates school shooters? Do you sympathize/empathize with them?[View]
48823192When are you going to become a trap? Life is much easier when you're a pretty girl No one likes…[View]
48833690>be addicted to pills >want to go to rehab so I can break chemical dependency >detox, rehab…[View]
48833298worst christmas/birthdays ever: have you ever got nothing for christmas or your birthday or got a sh…[View]
48833168>some shitposter got me range blocked on /tv/ a week ago >Have to post on /his/ and /r9k/ I ha…[View]
48832819People who wake up and go to bed every day dead sober are fucking strange. Imagine living your entir…[View]
48833315>'What are your dreams, Anon' >'What are your goals in life?' How the fuck am I supposed to re…[View]
48833633>get put on nigger probation >rules say 'no drugs or marijuana unless prescribed by a doctor' …[View]
48826968/balk/: Anyone from the Balkans here?[View]
48833645MEOOOWRLL: https://youtu.be/pXyE5Ny9yqQ?t=41 i miss you[View]
48832764KMS: ok so I made the noose but I have nowhere to put it on. Do I like pick a hole in the ceiling or…[View]
48832402Don't feel like fapping at all[View]
48832879Haha knife fight[View]
48831793I work 44 hours per week. The government takes more than a third of what I make. About half of that …[View]
48832496>this kills the NPC[View]
48833519>tfw every Sunday i realize it could be worse and i could be a wageslave cuck, but life is actual…[View]
48831545Favorite Movie Genre, and why- I'll start. War movies, Vietnam War Movies in particular. Just b…[View]
48833496Its all over Anons: >Be me >Life is good (school, family, etc) >Great Grandma starts seeimg…[View]
48829472mw2: anybody else here have really fond memories of this game? (before everything in life turned to …[View]
48831158i really like petite girls with short hair and flat chest.[View]
48831964BREAK THE MATRIX: Hey there, NPC. Yes, you. I am talking to you. Those thoughts in your head that so…[View]
48833375Listen to music with earphones. Still can hear back ground noises, other times I can hear people scr…[View]
48831788Anyone else considering taking a vow of silence? I hardly ever speak anyway despite being an unifagg…[View]
48833360>have 4000+ hrs on the game, #1 on the server, always #1 in the game >clan needs new members …[View]
48833368why does it feel like my life is about to end?[View]
48831075I'm a genius: I'm almost 30 and I have no profession or education beyond high school. I…[View]
48832570'A Switch Flipped...': I've been practically asexual since grade school. Whenever some chick or…[View]
48832035You all may be a bunch of faggots, but your my bunch of faggots. ITT we give love to our fellow anon…[View]
48833292>5 hours still before I can go to sleep again[View]
48832906>tfw you oneitis got a sleeve tattoo[View]
48833256is there a /pol/ rust server?[View]
48830904>feel a girl looking at you >look over and realize she's not >she looks at you >you…[View]
48833242I need someone to record themselves shouting 'yeah wow we've never seen anime reverse gender ro…[View]
48829731>be me >have ballbusting fetish since I was born >also afraid to be hit in the balls >ge…[View]
48833167Virginity is my superpower: >be me >be 13 >have crush on cute gril and have to sit next to …[View]
48832272Anyone got that comfy pepe with the 'if only you knew how comfy things really are' caption? It'…[View]
48832638>grew up admiring athletes >realized they trade their health for wealth Would you trade your b…[View]
48820703Abortion is Evil. Change my mind.[View]
48832000How do I man up and just go after women that I can probably get? I'm a terribly anxious person …[View]
48833135Knowledge: Every guy wants a super sexy gf But doesnt want the uglies BuT hOw DaRe ThOsE fUcKiNg ThO…[View]
48831217depressing and uplifting writings: I made a thread yesterday complaining about my circumstances in l…[View]
48832848Dozens injured when floor collapses at S.C. college apartment party: All those normies falling by th…[View]
48832703>learn about an anime >get excited about watching it >download and get ready to watch >t…[View]
48831832Do girls(female) like futa porn?[View]
48831716Never forget. M.A.V.V..are you still on R9K ? How is life going ? Did you still try to get Leftopia …[View]
48832835Why is it so hard to express myself? Do I deep down trust no-one but myself?[View]
48832366do fembots wear cute pajamas to sleep[View]
48832871/bancheck/: Posting to see if I'm still banned sad times really how you holding up my frens?…[View]
48832585>beard only grows on one side of face >chest hair only grows on one side of my chest wtf is th…[View]
48828994is sunday: https://vocaroo.com/i/s1d2dl0G7KQU how has your week been[View]
48832841anyone else here just get musty as fuck super easily? >fap once >smell musty as fuck and have …[View]
48832849Please disregard the thread I made yesterday about an Asian femanon: I feel bad that i made it and s…[View]
48832233>I finally manned up an got a prostitute online >decent young but kind of fat Latina >wante…[View]
48832422this sexy as fuck teacher fucked this fat little 8th grade student. how the fuck is this even possib…[View]
48832505What is actually wrong with the cuck lifestyle?[View]
48832198>me: I'm not trans, but sometimes I wish I was a girl so I wouldn't be lonely anymore a…[View]
48830466Chadbots: Thread for robots who are fucked for reasons other than looks. No failed normies. >6…[View]
48832263Where am I meant to look when I'm walking towards someone. I always look at other people when w…[View]
48831162>tfw have to go back to work tomorrow[View]
48830687Have you ever wanted to be a girl?[View]
48829450Why am I so disgusting?[View]
48832050Is there anything more depressing than feeling alone? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NY8IS0ssnXQ…[View]
48831667Any success greentexts r9k?: Something cheerful i guess[View]
48831929/b/ros help: /b/ros my friend fucked a trap what now[View]
48831655well that sucks: hang out with friend spend 5 hours with 3 girls best mates gf is help me pull of he…[View]
48831754How to stop being a loser: Im 19 so i think i still have some hope. How do I change myself[View]
48832639muffy thread: muffy thread, post em[View]
48830210Imagine if things were reversed.[View]
48832538>tfw girl sends me screenshots of texts where guys try hitting on her what does it mean? what am …[View]
48832306holding up: I am depressed for years and every day feels the same it's just meaningless. I do e…[View]
48831990If I dont win the jackpot (or at least the 1mil or 10k prize) on Tuesday I am going to get evicted g…[View]
48831134Asian fembots, can you stop throwing your pussies at me? I don't want to fuck any of you, I pre…[View]
48832540I've been like 19 days without fapping in a row without even noticing. Nothing turns me on anym…[View]
48831383is games development a meme degree?I'm very bad at math[View]
48832535Ayo mah niggas! I'm planning on writing a script about a man on death row centred on his though…[View]
48831917>tfw no fembot to use and abuse me[View]
48821025It's my 21st birthday!!: No friends but you guys are my friends!![View]
48832502Sister Kathy! I hope you will have a nice day. I gave up on making friends. If you block me on mal t…[View]
48813619https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=faI8kacPGbQ >b-but racism doesn't exist anymore…[View]
48832245Who here trapped in chads body[View]
48832395Everyone I've ever known hates me, and gossips about me for the rest of their lives. I'm s…[View]
48831922Does anyone else use girly soaps and shampoos? I'm not a tranny I just think they smell better.[View]
48830101Traps aren't gay. Prove me wrong.[View]
48832004Is trust and honor even real? Is there really anybody I can actually trust? My friends have all turn…[View]
48831031>tfw i have to wait a year til i can move out til i can become a buyfag…[View]
48831305How do I get over this? Origin[View]
48831319>be you >be me >be you >be me >be you >be me >be you >be me >be you …[View]
48830369Long term isolation +autism has messed me up to the point where I'll never recover. My mental h…[View]
48832148How am l supposed to compete with this?[View]
48830620Should i just ignore my emotions ?[View]
48831537i've been wronged numerous times and nobody came to help but I don't blame you God I'…[View]
48831972Join the Frog Squad. It's a discord server. Yeah, another one. You gonna join or what? /6um84…[View]
48832218>how do I get a mean gf that uses me and locks me in chastity[View]
48828618what website is the complete opposite of 4chan? because I fucking hate this place[View]
48832213>wanna get back into osrs >just going to train alone and become even more isolated fug…[View]
48832166I'm thinking about writing a book to warn everyone not to make the choices I made. What's …[View]
48831891>be 30yo virgin with no formal degree in anything >employment center forces you to apply to a …[View]
48830375How does one show interest to girls without having them be disgusted by it?[View]
48831665So I pulled the trigger and purchased this sweet thing: One step closer to becoming a true Asatru Pa…[View]
48830743Had sex with an escort for the first time last night, bros.[View]
48831265I would do anything to be a rapper. it fucking sucks have to work normal shitty jobs and doing nothi…[View]
48829494What does boypussy taste like? I'm obsessed with the idea[View]
48832105sad girl thread: sad girls, best girls get postin em[View]
48831155Android World: The Trebai Megacorp offers many types of android companions, please choose your type.…[View]
48831584How come Asian(mostly Korean and Japanese) people look so souless compared to white people? Its like…[View]
48831097vidya is no fun anymore, so I ceased it. what am i gonna do now[View]
48829521Date night didbdownw: Bsisnsbwiwnr[View]
48830508job: How many hours do you work and how much do you gain/sacrifice for those hours? Anyone here bare…[View]
48831613Why are russian girls so CUTE?[View]
48831521Can we have a thread about knit hats[View]
48831883Is it weird that I like this type of shit? >no homo[View]
48831980Juan noooooooo: **roundabout starts playing**[View]
48831816it's never going to be ok, robots but that's ok[View]
48831786How do you feel About Americans not being truely white and therefore not part of the upcoming 4th re…[View]
48831242I want a cute boyfriend: I want a cute ldr and go see you, its so much cuter than just dating locals…[View]
48830202Wasted my time with you doki: you have not truly applied to our relationship. you ruined it keeping …[View]
48831727Does anyone else get along with much older people better than people their own age?: Does anyone els…[View]
48830274>Que estas mirando, chico blanco? Solo me gusta amor el negro[View]
48831737Is it true that they put hormones or something like that into the milk? Cuz I literally feel the las…[View]
48831696Native brazillian: >tfw u will never have a qt native brazillian women. >one life not born in …[View]
48831357Are people on /r9k/ happy these days?: Today I'm noticing a lack of depressing threads. What ha…[View]
48831523I wish the doctor didn't needlessly and forcibly cut a piece of me off as a baby, just so he co…[View]
48831585When did you realize that you are weak?[View]
48831647How do you cope with not being loved for a long time.[View]
48831210>just spent $2500 on a new washer / dryer combo because my old one broke and i'm too lazy to…[View]
48830918At what age do you have to loose your virginity to be considered normal?[View]
48831677It's another episode of 'I want to start to write again but my mood swings so much even getting…[View]
48828413Find a single flaw, fags.[View]
48830235Its hard truth times bots.[View]
48831247How do I Lucid Dream?: I'm experiencing Derealization, everything around me feels like an Uneve…[View]
48831426If you're not sinking, you're not a true robot.[View]
48831633How do women actually make you feel when you look at them? They're like angels or divine beings…[View]
48831040Who else is this autistic. Pic related[View]
48830990Lone wolf: it seems like most of the robots don't want to be that way and hate themselves, this…[View]
48829907>Everyone thought I was gay at first >later everyone thought I was a school shooter >then e…[View]
48830582Why do fembots not keep robots as their slaves?[View]
48827420/uni/: /uni/ thread, midterms edition. How the FUCK are your grades? Have you made any connections …[View]
48831042how bad would it be to run from a felony dui if you never come back home? im so fucking sick of taki…[View]
48831386WAR STORIES Post war Stories, personal and passed down. All eras welcome[View]
48831482Why is the ice cream truck passing my house at 3pm in October[View]
48830593>Be me >Be a kid 10 Years old >we used to have a budgie >It had a very twisted personali…[View]
48827798>good looking >tall >fit >white >blond >young >european >uni student why did…[View]
48831332>tfw your oneitis fIirts with Chad in your presence[View]
48830407Do you remember your 1st fap anon? >Watching InuYasha >See pic related >Start touching my d…[View]
48829235I have a burning hatred of men but im also sexually attracted to them. Any other fembots know this f…[View]
48824733Would you date a girl that smokes?[View]
48829172>tfw start improving slightly >start talking with people >girl finds interest in me >it…[View]
48831375I've been dating this girl online who lives in America (im in England btw ,':^) for 8 mont…[View]
48830921How many robots have an interest in meditation, astral projection, lucid dreaming or any type of pra…[View]
48824882Am I the only fembot here who really likes emotionally/psychologically abusing boys? It's exhil…[View]
48830513So Black Ops 4 came out. Shilled over my $50 to get Season Pass Play the Five remake, Classified. Cr…[View]
48831324>being a NEET is wrong! you can't live like this![View]
48828747Is it just me or does my friend resembles Quite from Phantom Pain[View]
48830701help: i want to starve myself to get a body like pic related. how can i make it easier to fight the …[View]
48831239salary cuck: >have been working this entire week including weekend with no days off >have to w…[View]
48831192is girl hair the best smelling substance on earth?[View]
48826676ITT let's share moments of pure autism that you regret to this day. >hanging out with friend…[View]
48830952>be me >at shitty new school >see kid with pepe as background >jesuschristitsoneofthose.…[View]
48831111Hey /r9k/, are you a creep? Do you intentionally act creepy?[View]
48831147>tfw I don't have a gf that abuses me and treats me really bad but makes me addicted to h…[View]
48831142So im the presentation anon from a while ago and im days away from the presentation... So some gener…[View]
48831118ey Don't write yourself off yet It's only in your head you feel left out or looked down on…[View]
48829340>listen to openings from anime i watched over ten years ago >makes me so sad I feel like cryin…[View]
48830818Kek: Continuation >>48775339 HAHAHA order has been restored. See first post to catch up Stacy …[View]
48827659>chilling with gf >out of nowhere she drops the bomb that she has planned a trip to go backpac…[View]
48825394>vaping is a healthy alternative and gets people off cigarettes >government tries to ban it …[View]
48831027>tfw someone hurts your feelings Why can't everyone just be kind?[View]
48831021Conflicted on a real thing that happened in my life: I have a serious call out post made for me seve…[View]
48830907Tell me, robots. What are these called?[View]
48831018Feels thread.: To e for feels. Cgl edition pls no bait, o fight. Love and life >tfw you are cash…[View]
48830894>f*Moids literally cannot be around police because they kill black people https://www.youtube.com…[View]
48830986>be me >watch wavetitan >love the greentext >kekekekek my sides >offendedatsomebutdon…[View]
48829466>talk to a girl on whatsapp or other platform >suddenly on a saturday/friday night some of her…[View]
48829966Which one of these beach girls would you fuck?[View]
48830850if you have a slightly deviated nasal septum that doesn't make you unattractive, does it?: Acco…[View]
48830815>he thinks there's an escape[View]
48829085>Hey big bro, I can't think of a costume for halloween, can you give me an idea?…[View]
48830644smelly kelly[View]
48829982I'm going to start working out again. i'm a fuckin stallion[View]
48827327Help I can't stop listening to this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6EUYBWhVkKg[View]
48829732Gunjy thank you for wasting your time on me: Everything I said about myself was true, my grandfather…[View]
48830432>meet qt at work >she likes me >flirt with her >soon find out she has $55,000 of student…[View]
48825461To help distract you from things for a bit, the powers that be have arranged for you to select 2 gir…[View]
48830803https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h-3CmKofKTU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4oV_ZjGJvIU Do people cr…[View]
48830044I don't know: >be redditfag >want to make green text for karma >how tf does it work? …[View]
48830698more sad stories: I've gone downhill ever since my last story. >be me >be freshman >la…[View]
48829484>saw him talking to HER again[View]
48830419Asian fembots, are you a fujoshi who likes traps and yaoi? Why do all of you dress your bf as a girl…[View]
48830464Are demons real? I unironically want to summon one so I could sell myself. Either it works or it kil…[View]
48830685>tfw relaxing on couch with gf with us infront of each other >shes reading a book while im pla…[View]
48830676>I was only 19 years old >I loved Mao so much, I had all the quotations and little red books. …[View]
48830374Tomorrow I have to go to work again. Since I finished University and got hired I'm a human wrec…[View]
48830243>be me >be 16 on 2016 >girl in band >known her a while >Never really liked her >s…[View]
48830493Nicest thing people have said to you?: Someone told me they were poly and that they hoped me and my …[View]
48828777>Open your door >See this Wat do?[View]
48827374What are robot's experience with strip clubs?[View]
48830533>gf wont let me lick her feet should I kill myself?[View]
48829551How the FUCK can anyone have long hair? >It always gets in your eyes >Wind is the fucking wors…[View]
48829601why is there so many trap threads like wtf i know there was always a few but there's so many ac…[View]
48830498Why don't more robot's do tefl?[View]
48830511What if life is just a survival horror game?[View]
48830475redditor drinks his own cum: https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.reddit.com/r/Semenretention/comments/8…[View]
48829655That feel when you are a beautiful person stuck in an ugly body. I can't stand it. I really lik…[View]
48830444I just want a government mandated gf so bad. Studies have shown literally the biggest thing that inf…[View]
48828067Men Are Creepy, New Study Confirms: >The researchers asked about which professions are the creepi…[View]
48830479Why does old music keep making me cry? Its making me forget how emotionally shallow one must be to s…[View]
48830356Watching so-called straight porn is one of the gayest things you can do.[View]
48829743Why can't God give me a tattered up hoe to have kids with? I would for any thing for her[View]
48829023> sleeping with my best friend > Spend a ton of time with her > Caught feelings > She d…[View]
48828175>Wake up & go to your kitchen >See this Wat do?…[View]
48829585Fucking personalized ads goddamn I was looking at this exact guitar a fucking week ago REEEEEEE![View]
48830378ITT we talk about our first time being a trap some context would be nice but not necessary i'll…[View]
48818150Feels General Post your sad shit.[View]
48830081>Just tricked some loser into thinking he was my friend for months and ghosted him Is there a bet…[View]
48827568Why does everybody hate Fortnite? I think the game is pretty fun for being free to play. Playing wit…[View]
48827963Confessions: General confessions, especially ones that are unpopular on /r9k/. >i like to jizz in…[View]
48828724anyone else avoid high commented posts? i just feel like my oppinion will be lost in all of those co…[View]
48829860>one shot at life >closet weeb dad[View]
48827451Name a more fuckable family with as much quality and quantity as Kardashians. Protip u can't A…[View]
48830175Anyone else enjoy being alone?: I get annoyed quickly in the company of others and always end up wis…[View]
48829265How do you start a conversation with someone you matched with on Tinder?[View]
48829710Every person (especially female) I've ever met has thought I'm a creepy, irritating autist…[View]
48829972MY WAIFU IS PREGO: FELLOW INCELS!! I impregnated my wife and we expect a baby in June. There is hope…[View]
48830176I'm done guys.[View]
48829855I've been here for 5 years Am I an oldfag yet?[View]
48830115>have to take my dog on a walk >scared of all the rough lads drinking and setting off firework…[View]
48829022Asian catfight / bullying thread: Asian catfight / bullying thread? Asian catfight / bullying thread…[View]
48829858Platonic affection is much more sacred than two normalfags who lust after each others bodies, and it…[View]
48829961>be me >have a big dick >be a virgin >be close to having sex >dont have sex >be su…[View]
48829692Post what music you're listening to today, robots. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gnmcw6kJ2HQ…[View]
48829783I'm pretty sure my little sister wants my penor. What do?[View]
48830112ITT best words for Hiro to word filter next >NPC >Chad >unironically >weeb/weeaboo >p…[View]
48827041Fembots, why not just date a /pol/tard?[View]
48828403Anons that have a gf..Why do you come here? what's the point if you're a full term normie?…[View]
48827817Do you like qt Latina feet and ass?[View]
48830061>tfw no gf that keeps me locked and cucks me and beats me up and kicks my balls…[View]
48828908okay so my fourth girlfriend ever just cheated on me, that makes 3/4 who have cheated. all my exes a…[View]
48829804I it ridiculous because I am a WOMAN; family court injustice should only hurt MEN!: >tl;dr >le…[View]
48829930Was Christine Chubbuck /our gal/?[View]
48826249do you 'WANT' a GF? try this out: having a GF has one other big advantage what you're going to …[View]
48829897Hi anons! I'm 18 and i still don't have a gf , i'm a kissless virgin , but i also hav…[View]
48829805Volleyball QT.: remember this pic? girl on right? I have more from the collection if anybody wants.…[View]
48829737ITT : very small things that you really hate to the point it seems you're over-reacting: i…[View]
48829898that kid/guy thread: >that kid who told an anti abortionist to 'get bent grampa' >that kid who…[View]
48828784>tfw we've reached the point in society where girls who don't look 100% feminine, peopl…[View]
48828164Why are boys so much better at being girls than girls? https://twitter.com/EthicalChad/status/105132…[View]
48829888Is it really that hard to talk to women or make friends? I've been blossoming socially and I us…[View]
48828348PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: Daily reminder that if you don't look exactly like this guy and ar…[View]
48829271both of my parents were subhuman introverts who lived their parents until they were 40. my father wa…[View]
48829106Hey guys, so my dad is always reading Christian books on what it means to be a man. Like, he is obse…[View]
48829306Are you going to haunted houses with you gf for halloween this year /r9k/?[View]
48829701when did you realize the universe simulation programmed you to be an ugly NPC goblin and your functi…[View]
48829812Nobody really understands the extent in which I am absolutely revolted by my own existence.: I hate …[View]
48829627Britanons, what are these men like? How do you live with them?[View]
48817197I'm in a female-led relationship. Ask me anything.[View]
48829739>fembots cheat on their boyfriends with no regrets These are the women you orbit. How would you f…[View]
48829738Why do guys stay around in friendships with girls they clearly want to fuck, but the girl doesn…[View]
48829664>try to imagine being happy >brain says no literally what the fuck…[View]
48829719damn das hot[View]
48828252>come out as gay >make a bunch of female friends >wait for them to all get boyfriends >f…[View]
48828909Why isn't our ass self cleaning like out other holes?: >mouth cleans itself with saliva >…[View]
48829691Does she count as transgender or not? Let's find out. Just asking for a friend.[View]
48829328>(((empowered))) women with tatoos and short hair. FUCKING DISGUSTING[View]
48828708I think I'm going to do it. I think I'm going to buy a mic and start making really shitty …[View]
48826518Would you fuck pic related If she got a bigger dick than you[View]
48828684Femanons, how did you find this place? I took about a year break and there are 5x more of you here n…[View]
48829530Hi anon, I'm very sorry to tell you this in your dream but.... I'm dead anon, I had a car …[View]
48825747/britfeel /: money matters edition[View]
48826094Halloween thread: post your worst halloween memories in green text form[View]
48829468Summer pockets posting: I'm Summer pockets posting, if you know who I am please don't dera…[View]
48826210robots who have access to sex/love: i don't understand them.[View]
48816619/Drugfeels/ Weekend edition: What you up to tonight? LSD arrived today. Gonna have my first trip on …[View]
48829427WHORE: I hope you will enjoy Halloween this year without me you fucking whore have fun with your new…[View]
48826146meme ruining normalfag[View]
48826452What do you find attractive in girls? The voice and the eyes.[View]
48828341I'm taking my talents to 'a different dimension, a dimension of both sound and sight. A dimensi…[View]
48828743Absolute fucking NEET here. I don't know how to work, how to hold responsibilities, deal with m…[View]
48828900My body is physically crying but mentally I'm not crying. I put on some sad Crystal Castles mus…[View]
48829380Last night I had the choice between fucking two women and my dumbass decided to makeout with both an…[View]
48829043How do I become gay so I don't have to deal with women?[View]
48828986fuck me dude, the loneliness is starting to set back in. what am I supposed to do, I just wanna talk…[View]
48824852What was the hardest thing you had to go through?[View]
48829130Why are Asian women so pretty?: They don't have tits or ass and yet they still pull it off. How…[View]
48827265>there are so called 'robots' here right now who had already kissed a girl this infuriates me bey…[View]
48829264I guess she really doesnt like me bros. I knew this was coming i guess i was just scared of the answ…[View]
48828552Why don't you join a fraternity and get puss?[View]
48829138sexfag hate: I hate sexfags so darn much. I want to chop off everypenis and vagina in the whole worl…[View]
48827597I have been a shut-in hermit NEET from age 16 to 31 I don't remember if I had a mental health p…[View]
48828570DO NOT FALL FOR THE RELATIONSHIP MEME JUST FUCKING DONT Improve your life without her in your life f…[View]
48827320i don't seem to be interested in most girls, it makes me tired just talking to them. i'm n…[View]
48826752>tfw you realize friends have a secret group message excluding you and go to the bars every weeke…[View]
48824251Is it possible to find love?: Even though I'm still a KV at the moment, I've worked on my …[View]
48828587>sleeping >this happens what would you do?…[View]
48828874What do robots do for fun on sundays?[View]
48821124/NHK/ NEET hikki No drama please edition: So my fellow Hikki and NEET's how are you all doing t…[View]
48828965>tfw I realize I watch a female streamer with tourettes to feel less lonely and pretend the naugh…[View]
48827836>go help family friends ice skating business >wait for him to pick me up and some girl >go …[View]
48829040Spent time and energy with the wrong kitty: wasted time with you a bastard cat that stabbed me in th…[View]
48829038Big sister kat. have a good morning. sorry to all of kathys friends and kat for hurting her. im sure…[View]
48826923Recording from recent Kerch school shooting https://www.liveleak.com/view?t=CSaYB_1540117424 or here…[View]
48828625When did you realize you fell for the STEM meme? The only reason this is shilled so hard as the only…[View]
48828156>trapped in cold shitty small town >all I ever wanted was to live in LA or Miami >every tim…[View]
48827895HOLY SHIT NORMSCUM BTFO HAHAHAHA https://twitter.com/PJG116/status/1053868774204600320[View]
48828582/b/tard and /pol/tard bashing thread. let's go[View]
48827997>lesbian >Bi girls don't want me for relationships, only making out >wtf.exe…[View]
48828084>his entire life revolves around the idea of trying to find a roast and for someone to love him …[View]
48823784Are men capable of love? Real love, not some artificial crap to manipulate women into satisfying the…[View]
48828451Some inspiration for all you bandcucks >be me, junior year of high school >second chair Bass C…[View]
48828844How do we get rid of the reddit problem?[View]
48828867Posting Vivi eating acorns every day until I get a grip on my procrastination and attain a level of …[View]
48828782>rat problem >practically pulling out hair to solve it >spent over $200 on traps and poison…[View]
48824819found this cat outside my house, what should I do?[View]
48827780>tfw havent gone to a party in 3 years What does r9k think of parties I dont mean birthday partie…[View]
48826848is anyone here neet not actually by choice but by a debilitating disease or something? I have the wo…[View]
48826926Due to high levels of testosterone, female hyenas are not only dominant, they also have pseudopenise…[View]
48828479This is probably a stupid question but is it possible to have a gf without having sex EVER, or will …[View]
48828758>go to type in 4chan in the address bar of the browser >banned page is first address listed…[View]
48827892i want mummy to touch my willy[View]
48828731All porn I see is boring and cant even keep my dick hard. Post weird porn/hentai youre into so I can…[View]
48828319>only realize days later that something I said sounded mean this is why I dont talk to people I l…[View]
48826108>be me >have younger brother who is 13 >thinks he is an absolute king of memes >hes a …[View]
48828590Does anyone else have contamination anxiety? Not just germs, but any bad event in my life makes me …[View]
48827273Anyone else recycle their semen? I don't want to throw my nutrients away, so I mix it with milk…[View]
48823586Post your waifu: I'll start. Also don't bother if you keep switching waifus or if you have…[View]
48826860Hey you !: Yeah you fembot ! You could be some anon's gf right now and make each other very hap…[View]
48827277>Have an assignment in school >Need to write 2 pages about how Adolf Hitler become a dictator …[View]
48828553>I don't want to deal with the relationship/sex rat race >I'm consciously convinced …[View]
48827295>eww, anon, what are you doing? go sit somewhere else![View]
48828481Close proximity drama: I need to find a place to live so I might potentially move to one of my ex fr…[View]
48828439>be me >black >go to mcdonalds >order just a cheese burger >wait in line to colle…[View]
48828378What's the hardest thing you've overcome?[View]
48827566Why do you still believe that there is a woman who isn't going to cheat on you? Just take the 2…[View]
48827630On love and their lies: >Be me >Easy to attract girls due to good looks and charm >Life i…[View]
48827651I could have been dead right now if I had the guts[View]
48828004Reminder that this board is extremely toxic and is only making your life worse[View]
48826149How do we get women to stop withholding sex from right-wing men?[View]
48828062>tfw no GF to give flowers to[View]
48828199Hello, mr shekelstein here: Take your antidepressants for 2 years and you will be happy and fine, y…[View]
48826117>the npc meme is about politics and anyone who is leftwing is an npc[View]
48828303don't move to china.: >china >socialist government controls everything >massive survei…[View]
48827906NPCs & Depression: Can a NPC be 'enlightened' by having depression? Being happy makes up a big p…[View]
48826993Thread killers: Any other thread-killers here? Feels bad man Why me? Am I shadowbanned?[View]
48825075Uncircumcised dicks looks icky.[View]
48826164>found my mom's dildo[View]
48827999I see a lot of mtf/trap threads here, but never any ftm threads. I am ftm. anyone else?[View]
48828118i will give all my love to myself: i deserve to be loved i will love myself i will be fine even with…[View]
48827717Can any anon teach me how to talk to people ?[View]
48827697>mom does everything for me >brings me food and video games and supports my NEET life >work…[View]
48827733Death to every rich person, and rich kid.[View]
48825107I did it bois. I got a gf. I've never felt so happy in my life. I guess this is the end of my s…[View]
48827379>why do you bother coming home anon? You better stay at work[View]
48826735I haven't jacked off in 3 or 4 days and tomorrow my doctor is probably going to fondle my balls…[View]
48825752>tfw all the hours of stacking gabapentin and smoking bowls of weed begins to add up…[View]
48825498have you taken the volcel pill yet?: you dont still chase roasties do you anon[View]
48827724>How can u have depression? Just be happy lol What do?[View]
48827990Hello Friends: Ok guys so in my efforts to improve myself and my social skills i came across this gu…[View]
48825634Why are normies making it a trend to be bi nowadays?[View]
48826998>be me >despise weebs because they are subhumans >former reddit user >leave because of t…[View]
48827361Is this real life? Am I really seeing this?[View]
48827920relationship between a narcissist and an empath: I've just read this really interesting italian…[View]
48827095Who was THAT kid?: and im not just talking about that one probably inbred kid that was a total retar…[View]
48821801Chad spent his weekend wingsuit diving, what did you losers do?[View]
48826496>she choosed a 14 year old over me >we're both 18 Wtf does she want from that baby face/d…[View]
48826393Hey robots I'm moving to Austria next week and wanted to ask you fags something. What do you kn…[View]
48827168Does anyone else think uni applications are a joke?: In the uk it seems to be way more to do with ho…[View]
48827296Are there any actual robots here? Everybody seems to be sad cause no gf and think having one will fi…[View]
48827797Brown fembots why do you come here when there is so many racists?[View]
48826721Can someone post that pic of the two ugly girls at the club that's been floating around lately?…[View]
48827585'You're not special because women don't wanna suck you off': >Be me literally a week ag…[View]
48827777>had cookie-dough for breakfast again[View]
48827761>someone mentions anything romance-related, or a kiss happens on tv >instantly zone out, have …[View]
48826306there is literally no benefit for being a 5'3'' male[View]
48826285>watching amateur porn >nigger music playing in the background…[View]
48826889how many girls actually are like that?[View]
48827683the monotony of my job has bored me to the point that I'm going back to school, not to get a ne…[View]
48827682Nothing about life has felt real since graduating highschool last year. I've flunked out of co…[View]
48824588>'Eeeeew, who the fuck invited HIM???' What do?[View]
48826905>dropped out of university two years ago >went to a psychiatric ward and got diagnosed with bi…[View]
48827205Is life worth living ?: >be me 9 >can not breath properly >doctor Nr.1 says i have severe a…[View]
48826877Do girls ever give second chances?Or it's enough for you to fuck up once and its all gone and s…[View]
48825455There is no hope lads: Even when you make it, you never really make it. > quit being a porno add…[View]
48827196>tfw stopped to think about the fact I've lived since my teenage years without ever going ou…[View]
48827026What shouId l get?[View]
48826977Have you ever shit anywhere else than on the toilet?[View]
48827143>mom just texted me asking why my 1TB external hard drive is marked as 'frogs'…[View]
48827344>go to Reggaeton concert in New York >figure out that there were over TEN THOUSAND Latina butt…[View]
48827009>You are becoming hysterical.[View]
48827551Wagecuck thread: worst experiences >be me >couple months ago >working at chick fil a >cl…[View]
48825811Long post, but this happened yesterday and I don't know what even Bit of backstory: >be asia…[View]
48827494how can i go from being motivated to brainstorm writing one week and really unmotivated the next?[View]
48826686>No gf that acts bored around other guys, and straight up bullies other girls, but is nice to you…[View]
48827020>go outside >enjoy a little walk >suddenly a wild nigger appears >try to look away and …[View]
48821519Do introverted girls: Where do introverted girls hang out at uni? All I see on campus are loud extro…[View]
48827067What's with all these normies saying 'dude, I'm just like you, I get anxious and feel soci…[View]
48827400>tell girl i won't eat something because it gives me the shits >she says she loves shitti…[View]
48825661draw the line between 'recreational' and 'medicinal' use of inebriants: especially for people like m…[View]
48825020/anhedonia/: First I lost any pleasure in gaming. after that I lost pleasure in my creative hobby an…[View]
48826919stop watching porn apu[View]
48826389Do gay people actually get women as friends? Im gay but come off as pretty robot and really have onl…[View]
48827015you guys got any really good dramatic animes?[View]
48824850Some works from my collection: Well, anons, since I'm bored and I wanna kill some time before I…[View]
48826422Hey guys what do u think of this painting I just made?[View]
48827217Before posting we always have to tick Im not arobot which is a stupid fucking question so lets chang…[View]
48826296rate my crush robottards.[View]
48827073The only truly patrician type of porn[View]
48826994>be me >engineer student, first year >must pass history I and philosophy I >fml >nae …[View]
48826050>talk to massive landwhale >like fat gross looking face with a giant second chill >even her…[View]
48826199Things you've done that scare you: When I was younger, age 14, I was convinced I was a psychopa…[View]
48822679Give me your best feel music pls https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wb3XEsIiZqs[View]
48826754I don't wanna face everything alone anymore.[View]
48826770Does existing have any meaning? Why do you think you're here? Were we put here purposefully, or…[View]
48826431>Let me know >Do I still got time to grow >Things ain't always set in stone >That b…[View]
48825673Americans would kill to work here[View]
48826616Daily Reminder: Women are 3/5ths of a person and they enjoy being treated as such.[View]
48826556>Be me >You tried to cross the border right? I cant even be me without the toddening…[View]
48826906I wanna join the mob. I have nothing left that i care about and theres nothing going for me I have e…[View]
48826325Ask a Chad anything: I'm a former cyborg turned Chad. Ask me anything[View]
48826105Why did God give me clinical lycanthropy, is this punishment for watching weird porn?[View]
48821646PARENTS When have your Parents been shitty to you anon?[View]
48826859>lived alone with my dad all of my life so far >doesn't talk to me much >imagine voice…[View]
48826750>haven't spoke to my mom since dad died (12 years old) >live with grandparents >has n…[View]
48825389>>48825388 >>48825388 >>48825388 What is your dream? Mine is to spread the good wo…[View]
48824634How many games before you won solos?[View]
48826412>Be me >Sit at home eating some food I meade myself >My mom comes up to me >She crying …[View]
4882435422khv here Last night I cuddled with a girl in my bed for more than 3 hours while listening to music…[View]
48825605>be neet >find a gf(female) >life becomes worse because now I feel like i'm ruining he…[View]
48825478>used mint shower gel and now my balls and asshole are tingling[View]
48824215>be me >3rd year med student >decided to get a driving license >with some roast and anot…[View]
48826613>working 12 hours a day for 5 days for the next 2 weeks[View]
48825767I wrote a poem. R8 / H8 On a locked and rusted door I dug my nails in and dragged them down Warm b…[View]
48826123'Anon, your takt time is over 20 seconds. What's wrong? Are you feeling sore? Are you feeling t…[View]
48823600>mosquito bite in my ear[View]
48825247Have you ever met a 'pure' girl?[View]
4882492915 Signs Of Negative People: Why are you all so negative? You need to practice some mindfulness and …[View]
48823379Anyone here ever cried infront of a girl? How did she react? Its one of my top fantasies to just let…[View]
48825617Did I Fuck Up?: Weirdest 3 days of my life... (First post BTW, bound to fuck up a little.) >be me…[View]
48826163Give Jojo's STANDs to real life people: Can't think of an appropriate one for this hero.…[View]
48826217ME SUCC AIR: >be me >breathed air >air had dust >dust contains skin cells >skin is on…[View]
48826474What is your absolute lowest standard for a bf/gf?[View]
48826167a girl just sent me 'I'm h' wtf does that mean[View]
48824991I'm watching Mallrats. Just watched Clerks. Probably gonna watch Clerks 2 or Jay & Silent B…[View]
48818258Would you date a cute fridgemode fat girl?[View]
48825265Why is sex such a big deal and male virgins are prone to be belittled nowadays out of all the more i…[View]
48824473All I asked for was a good show. You gave me this degenerate shonen-style plodding over-expounded sn…[View]
48826160I am too broken for life.[View]
48822816What's it like actually holding down a job?[View]
48825795>went on a date last week >was being gentlemanly and not trying to get into her pants yet >…[View]
48824697Are women capable of love? Real love, not some artificial crap to manipulate handsome men into satis…[View]
48825925is there anything worse than being in a small rural area town? no there literally isn't and god…[View]
48823211What makes you the most comfy/ cozy?[View]
48825959(15minutes) small experiment to determine whether or not you WANT a GF: 'sup fellow anons other…[View]
48823903I'm your girlfriend for tonight, Anon. Tell me your problems[View]
48826326This song makes me diamonds[View]
48824999Going to spend two weeks without phone or computery. Hype me up anons, to become the purest of robot…[View]
48826298school: >learns computer science in school >finds flaw in system firewall >deletes system 3…[View]
48826295Is the only fair system in an unfair world, dare I say unironically, impartial chaos ?[View]
48825202>Be me 27 >All my life think I have a micro penis >Too afraid to try and date because of it…[View]
48825698Dreams: I just had a long and specific dream about some anime-esque type of reality in where I enter…[View]
48826220>steals your heart What do you do?[View]
48826241times you got nothing for Christmas or birthday or when you got a shitty present >green text form…[View]
48822313Statistically, he's probably dead now.[View]
48826115>tfw no bf to keep me warm in the winter[View]
48820814How you find 'your people'? I feel so disconnected from everyone today. Majority of people are crud…[View]
48824760work out more , eat healthier food, drink more water, and shower daily if you do this you could get …[View]
48826072auto correct: >be me >uses auto correct like a fag >my friend messages me >message rea…[View]
48822512The world was better when white men had absolute dominance and control. Prove me wrong. Protip: you …[View]
48825760Facemask on. Bra off. One monitor showing Anime. The other showing Twitch. FeelsGood.[View]
48824406My normalfaggot friend thinks he's some intellectual because of online IQ tests. He watches ani…[View]
48823686What religions do anons follow?: How can any of you believe in a loving creator who made you like th…[View]
48825657/agatha2/: so lads, post your waifus again[View]
48825791>meet girl online >develop feelings for her >2 weeks in, decide to tell her >no response…[View]
48825886What happens if you raise a child in a forest, socially isolated away from society? How will they gr…[View]
48825548what are you all so afraid of?[View]
48824944Can someone give me a quick rundown on pic related?[View]
48824800How would you feel about a serial killer who specifically targets incels? Do you think anyone would …[View]
48825810hey loosers, here from /mu/. Thought I'd let you know the D made a song about you https://youtu…[View]
48825732Does anyone have a picture of the karma police? Can't find it anywhere online, the one with the…[View]
48825360Hello, some lovely lady or motherfucker came over to /LGBT/ asking us to stop by and see what's…[View]
48825047How do i get sick pay neet bux in the uk ?[View]
48824368>tfw wake up with a rare good mood and that soothing spiritual state when you have certitude that…[View]
48806810How has your day been /r9k/? Please tell.[View]
48825616/systemspace/: Does anyone else notice the fact that the NPC meme became widespread roughly around t…[View]
48824949Do you wanna talk? I do. Let's talk[View]
48825136Femanons, what are your throughts and feelings when being confronted with girls who have perfect ass…[View]
48823408Young Millennials (born mid 90s) have fond memories of shows like Avatar, Jackie Chan Adventures, Xi…[View]
48825569Story time. Welcome to my life of misery >be me >be 18 >be on holiday with friends >at p…[View]
48822614Just a reminder that women would rather fuck a horse or a dog than majority of you. Reminder that wo…[View]
48821437This ring was for you it's waiting for you in a box and you know it...[View]
48825402Bail thread: So who else is on bail? Assault with intent to injure weapon other reporting in! Any ro…[View]
48825361>be young awkward nerd >stacy lives next door >we used to play all the time as kids but she…[View]
48825487Life: How long have you been here? I was 12 when I found this, decided to jump the ship when I figur…[View]
48824165>Are these Russian bots? Probably not. (Although some of the NPC accounts may have been automated…[View]
48823675How the fuck do you create a network of friends if you don't go to school and don't work? …[View]
48823294>be me 24 virgin >meet qt girl on tinder >well lets just say there's allot of her to …[View]
48825130How do you low key fuck with an insecure person?[View]
48818187Kids: Do femanons want kids?How many?Boys/girls?Do you even have maternal instincts?What will their …[View]
48823533How can I get back at a girl if she's scared of me and threatens me with police? >go to high…[View]
48821848Anyone else /noonlinefriends/ here? I see people complain about being lonely but how about the peopl…[View]
48824741Grandma Stories: >be me, sleeping peacefully >suddenly, sunlight burns my eyes >what the fu…[View]
48813270/Britfeel/: I swear Im going to sort my life out soon edition[View]
48825081i wish mummy was my real mum[View]
48823857Ask a coping NPC anything. You're surely curious about how we think, and here's your chanc…[View]
48823681I have the urge to hug a depressed, broken robot boy and cry together, is that weird?[View]
48825235>feel sad >realize I'm american and didn't get circumjewed >feel smug and superio…[View]
48825058I fucking hate it when normal people cant see how good they have it. They cant appreciate their norm…[View]
48824582Almost everyone i talk to either instantly hates me or gets tired of me at some point Seriously won…[View]
48823676women are expected to do the bare minimum yet expect everything in return what kind of fairness is t…[View]
48824115this movie is hilariously shit >that absurdly awful death of laurie >busta rhymes vs michael m…[View]
48779422This looks really nice. It's cold outside but they are filling each other with their warmth in …[View]
48824429>500 word essay due tomorrow >only have 302 words Tonight's the night I end it b/r9k/s…[View]
48823393>reading threads or forums on having no friends >the female posters always let it slip that th…[View]
48823605>decide to leave a comment in a busy group chat for once >'holy shit guys anon is still alive …[View]
48824531>be me >at a japanese laungage course >learning hiragana with flashcards >the teacher tr…[View]
48824939>in legal trouble >get drug tested >got my medical marijuana card ok the only thing is wher…[View]
48823162>Get to school >One of my friends sees me >She runs over to me, hugs me and sprays me with …[View]
48824905The porn boards, even the 2d ones, seem to be almost entirely non-virgin posters. Why is that?[View]
48823139Why are white women so inferior to brown women[View]
48824011Reminder that if you shorten your words ironically such as >u >ppl >rn >bc >and other…[View]
48824783>did something cringy on a song I like >think about it everytime I'm listening to it…[View]
48824608Does anyone else feel like they're cursed? Like you were never meant to achieve or have certain…[View]
48822586>decide to not come back to this place >already feeling extremely lonely Fuck. Why do I hate t…[View]
48824818ayudar por favor señor conquistador: hey lobots, what do if dumb, ugly and untactful girl won't…[View]
48824372this board now belongs to /s4s/ your fortune: better not tell you now[View]
48824749Ask me anything someone has my nudes saved maliciously: Title says it all, this is all true but I do…[View]
48824619Consider the following: I used to think that having the last reply on a thread was bad - you killed …[View]
48823368why am i attracted to women? they are so weak and stupid. all they have is a vagina. if they had a p…[View]
48822728ask a male 21 year old gamestop shift manager anything[View]
48824504>My mom used to send me to my aunts house every weekend because she never wanted to deal with me …[View]
48824196>fap to take the pain away >too depressed to cum…[View]
48824318>robot says he's looking for a discord GF >I add him, we say Hi to each other then he nev…[View]
48820069>don't mention foot fetish >girls want foot rubs, playing footsie, tease with feet, tell…[View]
48824413>be me, 8 minutes ago >saying bye to cute girl >tussle her head instead of hugging her…[View]
48823212Your age divided by 4 is the minimum amount of sex partners you should have had in order to be consi…[View]
48822846I'm not trying to attention whore, it's just that you guys were the closest thing I ever h…[View]
48821731emo music: whats your fav emo music? I have been listening to all sorts of it and I like a lot of le…[View]
48824512Most favorite thing I have done: Dated someone after only a day of talking online, I snatched my own…[View]
48821039share your ideal bf: >tfw no qt3.14 hapa bf[View]
48823744Anon discovers he has autism: >be me >11 years old >Ever since i can remember teachers told…[View]
48824426I slept for 9 hours, why the fuck do my eyes feel so dry and exhausted.[View]
48823927This is the near future anons, are you ready to impregnate a girl of another race?[View]
48824431>be me >21 yo khv >Stage IV social anxiety >be extra heroic yesterday >go outside to …[View]
48824314Is substance abuse the only way to stop the pain anons? Any other methods?[View]
48822893Plant trees at all[View]
48823718PSA virgins, vaginas smell like stinky cheese[View]
48824287tfw no autism friend to cuddle under the sheets and watch anime together[View]
48824124>tfw you just woke up from sleeping for 18 hours straight[View]
48823001What is the ideal IQ? Having a higher IQ isn't always a good thing. Of coarse if you have an IQ…[View]
48824093>open front camera and look at face >still surprised at how incredibly ugly I look every singl…[View]
48824255ITT questions that you will never know the answer to but normalfags will >What does it feel like …[View]
48822809BMI and Health: So I weigh 137LB /62 kilos, and I am 5'11/180cm. I'm borderline underweigh…[View]
48822199white women need to up their game, they are being replaced[View]
48824112the cure to depression is elarning calculus 3[View]
48823712why should I strive for a gf if women will inevitably cheat on me? You and I see the stories. women…[View]
48823424How do I cute my depression desu? I'm really depressed when I shouldn't be.[View]
48821189Race doesn't exist. It's a made up concept by fragile lizard brains.[View]
48823357Do you think you'll ever find that unique, one of a kind girl among the sea of generic thots?[View]
48822336Why doesn't he notice me? When I talk to him, am around him, look at him. I get dressed up, I …[View]
48823973My brother just called me an ugly, virgin, friendless, miserable piece of shit. He really loves rubb…[View]
48824025>Greentext thread. Share greentexts that gave you the feels. Each time I read this i get tears in…[View]
48823074Average nigger male[View]
48824074How did I do and What Do?: So, something social happened this weekend. PT 1/2 >Be driving my 2 d…[View]
48817025Alright which one of you was this? Also omegle/omegle feels thread, use the regular r9k and robot900…[View]
48824008Delete my number baby, leave me like a dumpster baby Treat me like trash cause that's all I am …[View]
48823189this is making me reconsider. >have very bad neurogenic stuttering >have online love interest …[View]
48823153Getting a gf was supposed to fix things. But I felt exactly the same. Except even more stressed and …[View]
48822343my female coworker asked me if 'i wanted to grab something to eat after work and i immediately told …[View]
48823529if you ever feel sad, just call a friend, a girlfriend or whoever and just talk about your feelings …[View]
48823884>forced to entertain normalfags due to family >they all sit and watch TV (The Flash) >'omg …[View]
48823812>too depressed to stay awake >too anxious to fall asleep…[View]
48820812Fuck, anons. You guys have been the best and only friends I have ever had so thank you from the bott…[View]
48823858https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cwkej79U3ek >originalcomment[View]
48822318What is it like when a girl is horny and wants to fuck you?[View]
48823214>in love w/ girl problem >if tell she won't want to talk 2 Me >if don't tell I c…[View]
48821520how would you know if you killed yourself?[View]
48822932blackbot feels >22 >live alone in Seattle >software engineer >nigerian >literally in …[View]
48823581>talking to this guy on dc >share common interests >rich, white, private school kid >no…[View]
48822998How do I stop spending $40 at McDonalds every day[View]
48823751space jump was faked[View]
48822720I just want to tell everyone I'm a huge faggot and I love cock up my ass.[View]
48823290I need a 9/10 qt black gf.... anyone else feel similar[View]
48821890What's your favorite board and why?[View]
48823704Who here /loser/: >spending my fourth year of high school friendless, hopeless, and alone at the …[View]
48823694>tfw no jopok bf[View]
48821312Women are pedos: >women shave their bodies to resemble preadolescence females because men are nat…[View]
48821919Is it even possible to be a /pol/tard without being an ugly incel?[View]
48822155So much for BBC[View]
48823562Can't win at life thread: >be me, still going to elementary school >it's february, a…[View]
48822310Why do you guys like this hyper normie? He literally believes enforced social hierarchies and thats …[View]
48823505>rejected by the navy >tfw will never be a naval aviator Why live at this point?…[View]
48823524She thinks is touching a penis... But it's actually touching a boyclit![View]
48823304The more i interact with people in class and other places the less i want to be intimate with someon…[View]
48823499Let me tell ya now Oh baby, all I need is one more chance (To show you that I love you) Won't y…[View]
48811751>Get FWB >Been sucking his dick a few months >Can't make him cum >Getting better at…[View]
48823100I've always thought the justice system is ridiculous. Every sheeple out there takes its word li…[View]
48823344>gonna sleep soon >gonna dream maybe possibly i hope haaha, bet i you'll never get too ex…[View]
48823292>tfw slutty party chick fucks EVERYONE but you >even the fat guy Not gonna lie, it hurts a lit…[View]
48816256Asians make the best traps[View]
48823418>come to /r9k/ >hide all the porn threads…[View]
48822951Congrats fags! You slid the one thread that could've helped you get laid. How does that make yo…[View]
48822908Tyrone9inch gay nudes leaked. He likes white cock.[View]
48823320being on acid and posting on 4chan feels pretty unreal[View]
48823327Trips gets $20.00 in btc Post btc address in the same trips reply for win[View]
48820844Life has very little meaning, stop taking it so seriously you depressive fucks.[View]
48823276goodnight my frens tonights funposting was great[View]
48823237>just found a pic I busted a huge nut to when I was 13 >had an awesome nostalgia fap what did …[View]
48822821>be me, jerking off in room >nut into a tissue and throw into the bin >a few minutes later,…[View]
48823256Sissy Thread #6: Have you been a good boy to your master, anon? Reminder that bullying sissies is a …[View]
48822736What's something that made you happy recently robots? >be me, 19 >month ago, life suddenl…[View]
48822030why you would be a good bf, and the minimum requirements for your potential gf good luck me: >hav…[View]
48822567>proud of my emu battleground >populace extremely based >4 years ago >refugee crisis shi…[View]
48823182>you will always be a newfag Please not again[View]
48823018>Be me >Really want to masturbate >No lotion >Don't want to go outside >Idea.jp…[View]
48817612Death to all rich people.[View]
48816268Prove you are a robot by posting in this thread on Saturday night.[View]
48823150Any marksmen here How difficult is it to score headshot at around ~200 yards or so, moving target, 5…[View]
48817512Is 25 year old regression a thing? I've recently started skating, listening to metal and growin…[View]
48820766trannies, this is a warning to get out of /r9k/. You do not belong here you belong on /soc/ and /lgb…[View]
48822915>be me >ask oneitis to get coffee from somewhere >she says she'll run there, she'…[View]
48821184I'm so fucking glad Bolsonaro won. As you may know, he's a big homophobic and that's …[View]
48823056I hate gays niggers and nonwhites uwu[View]
48822857>black >Only find Asians cute Fuck[View]
48821692https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LJjsm6CVsG8 CUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM GAAAAAAAAAAAANG[View]
48819687What's your opener, /r9k/?[View]
48822936who /lonely/ here :- ([View]
48822964Enjoying the neetlife soon: Any advice what to avoid doing? What i should do? Im 26/m, i will be nee…[View]
48822713>go to Reggaeton concert in New York >figure out that there were over TEN THOUSAND Latina butt…[View]
48821924Feeling more depressed than usual >All I ate today was pizza pops and half of a cheese pizza >…[View]
48821412If we're really living in a civilized society, then why do women get to choose their partners (…[View]
48821004I want to check a hypothesis. Did you guys enjoy the work of John K (creator of Ren & Stimpy) or…[View]
48822892kommansnela :)[View]
48822883>kicked out of school for being lazy depressed and unmotivated >all my friends then decide to…[View]
48815624Chart Thread I really don't have friends and these threads made me meet some really nice robots…[View]
48821472How do we fix religiontards?[View]
48822628how bad is it to be fat in the gay community?[View]
48821391>wake up >more tired than when I went to bed I wanna die…[View]
48822069>be me a KHHV femcel >was happy to find a female-oriented sub revolving around the struggles o…[View]
48819126Welcome to therapy anon, take a seat.[View]
48822704>4chan will out-live you[View]
48820762Is gentle femdom a meme? Must we men always take the lead and take the initiative?[View]
48822482Why do roasties drink so much alcohol?[View]
48818448Hello. Ask a nerdy fembot who went to a club alone yesterday night anything. It was my first time ev…[View]
48822598WHY is this album so fucking good bros?[View]
48821688Your perception of time speeds up as you age, right? Think about when you were a kid. A week felt li…[View]
48822689What the FUCK is it like to have to work from 9 to 5? I have no fucking idea. I'm a 21 NEET who…[View]
48822145will things ever get better?: >feeling kind of okay >glance over at mechassault and collection…[View]
48818704I'm 6'4' and black and I need a gf she has to be cuter than pic related though i'm so…[View]
48820382If you had the power to be in any situation in any world of your choosing? What would you do? Tell m…[View]
48820369Vent thread >Honestly I don't believe any of my 'friends' actually like me and try to avoid …[View]
48820710Last time you've been hugged?[View]
48821568I, the cringiest[View]
48817253Sad: Post sad images, images that make you sad[View]
48822274Robots are broken. They dont deserve help nor pity. They are their worst enemy and reject everything…[View]
48822172Is it possible for me to will myself to die? Like no suicide method or killing myself or anything li…[View]
48822489>tfw when on the 3rd day of a seven day binge[View]
48821111Smoking and drinking alone infront of my pc again. What are you guys up to on this Saturday night?[View]
48822091where are the best places to find 'alternative lifestlye' chicks IRL and online? I made my own group…[View]
48822057I have recently gained an interest in card tricks. Does anyone know where to find cards with neat de…[View]
48822542PLant treez[View]
48822520Love hope and misery: They say it comes i threes Love,hope,and misery And the first two are gone and…[View]
48822548/poopgen/: Anyone else posting from the shitter right now? Anyone else get really bad anxiety when t…[View]
48821264>just had sex with a trans girl >she's asleep right next to me >thought I'd feel …[View]
48822407since IQ is pretty fluid from generation to generation, do you bots think that niggers and spics can…[View]
48821624>meet girl >become infatuated with her in a few days >she does too >start talking about …[View]
48822406facking weebs https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5b7b255567e04[View]
48822186why do i feel so sad all the time?: i don't get it bros. i feel like my default is just feeling…[View]
48822404This thread is archived. Zero comments.[View]
48811191Abolish capitalism Stomp racist scum Stop global warming Earth for the people[View]
4882167624yo cyborg here, AMA: Ask me anything. Was a NEET from 18-21 and slowly attempted to adjust to the …[View]
48822265sexfag hate: I despise sexfags so dang much. They never stop and they infest everything like a vile …[View]
48821597ITT we'll help me feel better about myself Let's talk about dreams we had where we were ac…[View]
48822294daily reminder Alek Minassian was not an incel, the facebook account as created after he was alleged…[View]
48820659thoughts about this robots ? originoliki[View]
48819986What is a good USB mic for general use? I sound like I'm underwater all the time with my webcam…[View]
48820905I feel bad every time I meet or see some of your kind. I wish you guys could change. What are you pl…[View]
48819784How does a clinically depressed schizo make friends: I've been trying to make friends for a whi…[View]
48822173I have been reading about outsider artists and naive art and I find its all so fucking beautiful. Re…[View]
48821378I put flea medicine on my cat. Feels like I'm committing genocide against the flea population o…[View]
48822058>went to midnight screening of Evil Dead 2 at the theater I work at >qt coworker that looks an…[View]
48821937Will a femanon please be my friend: I think fembots have softer sounding voices and could be kinder.…[View]
48821953Concerned about health: >be me a few days ago >go on pornhub to jerk >come across a trans c…[View]
48822059Is there some fembot here who plays guitar? I rly wanna find somebody into it to play guitar with an…[View]
48819910/Friend feels/: Why the fuck are you guys complaining about having no friends? You guys are just as …[View]
48818760how do i know if im drunk, or too drunk?: i usually drink alone so i cant tell if im drunk or not. i…[View]
48821267What do you think you'll be like at 40 years old? 50?....60?[View]
48821490I dont wanna have a gf,i just wanna have sex on the regular,am i crazy?[View]
48820725another saturday night for this robot: another cold, lonely night in i feel like i just need to cry …[View]
48821194>Not giving your dog a beer ts like you dont even love your dog[View]
48820942In Hell, everyone's a poorfag.[View]
48821888I am in love with fat chicks: But I am not able to tell my friends because they will ridicule me…[View]
48821363>have sex for the first time >its nothing like porn >try to go fast >says it hurts and t…[View]
48821156>fart >intentionally smell it >it smells terrible, but also kind of good What the fuck is w…[View]
48820385>tfw you fully actualise how ugly you are[View]
48820107/r9k/ turned me into a faggot.[View]
48820824I’m going on a date !: what do I NOT do?[View]
48820585Be my gf anon reading this, please love me and let me love you.[View]
48820883Now that looks like torture.[View]
48820551I wish I could fly! I would I could touch the sky![View]
48820727New to 4chan: Im new to this site, so I was wondering where to find what, such as where would i find…[View]
48820711how do you deal with having a pretty sister? all teh boys at school teases you for it[View]
48821428>Im getting used for my money and a greencard I talked to a Filipino girl on a dating app and we …[View]
48816509Well lads... I might be going away to jail for a while. We really are living in a society.[View]
48820698If anyone here lives in Pennsylvania, do you happen to know if these stores sell mead? Is mead consi…[View]
48820314'Hey Principal Anon what's on your mind? I made some cake for you!'[View]
48821234>be your average robot neet sperg >occasionally have to see the doctor for prescription refill…[View]
48817569Which torture method do you fear the most? Describe it in detail.[View]
48808517Good morning, afternoon, evening or goodnight, wherever you are! 25+ General. How is/was your day? A…[View]
48820030IFunny is a good app[View]
48821600I just found a porn with a guy with a penis exactly like mine, with the same curvature, only about 1…[View]
48821584I just want to give you all my loving why you are running away from me? that was all your ever wante…[View]
48820615how did you first learn about sex?[View]
48820306Sometimes I want to become a bug chaser tranny and get HIV for a hot male stud that will pozzle my c…[View]
48817824r9k Saturday night drinking thread /alcohol/: crowded edition Hey frens! Back for another night of …[View]
48820685in the end there is only neutral and evil. someone who stands in neutral are those who do things do …[View]
48821481Anyone else regularly let their dog sleep in their bed with them?[View]
48821478> Storytime Tell /R9k/ about controversial events at your in your School experiences…[View]
48819869These 8 girls come over to your house to have an orgy with you. What do you make each one do, robots…[View]
48821279We bought this game to play it together: We never actually played it together and se never will beca…[View]
48821382I want to cut myself open and scoop out all my excess fat.[View]
48820886I would like a girlfriend. I am very lonely and sad. It has been very long since I felt the touch of…[View]
48819783I've felt this way for a long time and I need to find a place to share it. The Gerard pt. 1 Be …[View]
48820959I am a complete asshole to my gf: thread title. I'm not putting it here to gloat. I keep treati…[View]
48819119sad girls best girls: sad girls best girls post em[View]
48821350Who else can't wait to die in a non meme sense? That comfy nonexistence or that magic of the af…[View]
48821239>tfw boil on the crack of my ass and can't pop it you will never how much I have suffered, a…[View]
48820767I did it: > be me > dad is mistaken all the time for Jason Sudeikis. mom is also very good loo…[View]
48820716Do whites have it easier when it comes to dating?[View]
48821289This time next year, there will be girls doing porn who were born after 9/11.[View]
48818727how do i get rid of my only friend and make peace with it?: he's very feminine; he uses female …[View]
48814193Fellow creative anons! Share your music, art, drawings, anything related to your hobby in this threa…[View]
48821050Would you a Debra?[View]
48821207TFW no trap gf to fill me with girl-cock. Why even live?[View]
48819888Greetings 9K! How do I determine the frictional velocity of my genital thrusts based on my theoretic…[View]
48820799ITT: missed opportunities >be with stepdad in walmart >in line, a decently pretty girl comes u…[View]
48820998>aside from sleep, tfw poisoning yourself with alcohol and listening to nostalgic music from your…[View]
48821067XRCFVTGBYHNUJMIKOKINUBYGVT: goddammit robots fuck me this has been haunting me >be me >somewhe…[View]
48821118>pay for a year of tinder gold + 20 boosts >still get NOTHING >rent is coming up IM SO FUCK…[View]
48819898>tfw you had a nightmare last night where you were getting a blowjob and it was very painful and …[View]
48819619Just signed up for a $150 paleo meal service: First delivery is next Monday. 2 meals a day, 6 days a…[View]
48821084I try to picture me without you but I can't 'Cause we could be immortals, immortals Just n…[View]
48820601I'm addicted to alcohol, if I quit I won't be able to go to work, I feel cornered[View]
48821063How do I make friends in online pc games? I have literally zero friends on my steam friends list.[View]
48820781>go to school, doodle in notebook and listen to music during most of the day >basically a soci…[View]
48818184life ends at 30 years old.[View]
48819266If you could go back in time and correct one major mistake you made, what would it be? I'd brus…[View]
48818435Just start dipping bro.[View]
48820924How do your deal with the fact you've been such a slut with your bf,dating another guy while yo…[View]
48820770dreamt i have a gf again, lads[View]
48818735Happy Joke.: I'm fully convinced happiness doesn't exist. Everyone is just hiding their mi…[View]
48820797>Please Mister let me go >NYAHHH[View]
48819308Can someone help me die: I'm a gril if that makes anyone want to help me more. I can't han…[View]
48820774Only friend moved: My only friend for 3 years moved across the country. Mfw[View]
48820318Am pure robot?: Too much into Daft Punk. Only thing I listen to. Have helmet. Wear helmet. Like robo…[View]
48814526>one chance at life >born female >in a developing country…[View]
48820744“Love You” Porn: Im sad, lonely, and pathetically horny at the moment. Could anyone reccomend me a p…[View]
48820302have a goodnight kathy. i ran out of all my money trying to add you for some closure. i guess ill ne…[View]
48820222How many robots here dont want to attention whore, so they sit alone holding in all their pains and …[View]
48820715>that first week of not messaging that inevitably leads to the end[View]
48820351My nootropics arrived: Right now I have aceytl l-carnitine, sulbutiamine, piracetam, and n-acetyl l-…[View]
48813522Human relationships: Studies: Hello Robots. I am going to post a compilation of peer-reviewed resear…[View]
48818907Misandry Thread: Guys I think I'm starting to become a misogynist. But I know for a fact that m…[View]
48820276post pics of hot chicks doing stupid shit[View]
48818132There is nothing preventing you: > tfw when your at the top of a building you can always jump. In…[View]
48820335He was right. You only hate women because you are stupid.[View]
48820000You're going to die and never exist again. there's no god or purpose to your life. the wor…[View]
48819340Who /masturbating/ right now? How many times today? Boy or girl? >Boy >Jacking my 7 inch dick …[View]
48818829Can someone red pill me on where all the MDE/Sam Hyde folk hang out now that all the youtubes, insta…[View]
48817677Why would anyone be adverse to the idea of multiculturalism, diversity, and world culture? >serio…[View]
48820149Gf stories: >be me >just then >cuddling with gf in bed >drop phone on head >pic unrel…[View]
48819223Sexual Favors: I'm in a relationship with a chick who I know wants to bang but I don't rea…[View]
48820263Where do I find a girl that looks like this?[View]
48819691What would you like your last meal to be?[View]
48820370>in a miserable relationship >girl i actually like loves another guy >poor >hate my jo…[View]
48820310Every single night I get so fucking angry and half of the time I don't even know what I'm …[View]
48820379What would you do with $650 million? That's enough money for me to abandon everything and start…[View]
48811586Waifu Thread: Time to post discuss our waifus, boyos. List the reasons you love your waifu. I'l…[View]
48818674To the fembots here, if you have had a single abortion your pussy is a graveyard and you have no rig…[View]
48817913I fell in love with a Youtube weightlifter my bf watches: So long story short I'm a fembot/fema…[View]
48818591how do i stop being ghosted by male robots?? everytime i mention im female (vagina) i get ghosted af…[View]
48820284faggots, in 2020 we have to push wojak as a nazi, screencap, cya in 2 years[View]
48820234>just join a club[View]
48819254>normie asks a question about a topic they're interested in >waits for me to stop talking…[View]
48819367Be honest. How many of you virgins actually tried or had chances that they fucked up for whatever re…[View]
48820164>tfw watching asmr gave you a hand fetish How the fuck do I recover?[View]
48819443This lowest-effort garbage really catapulted Wojak into the mainstream. Mainstream news articles are…[View]
48819380IDK what the fuck happen: >be me >20 >act like a semi chad to survive in the world >got…[View]
48816936>mid-20's >Why does the desire to find a gf get smaller every year? >I just can't…[View]
48818711Do girl's play with their tiddies? Not in a sexual way, but like for fun?[View]
48819856Since /r9k/ is supposed to be all normies now, can someone tell me how to make friends?[View]
48819990You guys are fucking idiots, every thread is either polshit, fagshit,trap shit, or a mix of all thre…[View]
48820023why should i prepare and cook food and sit down and eat for 30 minutes then clean all the dishes whe…[View]
48820008Does anybody else have that sudden mood swing of being usually really nice to people but then you…[View]
48812960Daily reminder that the NPC meme is true and that if it wasn't it would be dead by now. NPCs ar…[View]
48819695I a m o v e r r e a c t i n g s h e s a y s[View]
48819939what does the mixture of a girl pussy, butthole and feet smell like?[View]
48819948sauce?: saw this when i accidentally disabled my ad blocker. anyone know the source? im more intrigu…[View]
48819946Tried this on /v/ no bites, so I will try it here.: The more I hear about China the angrier I get …[View]
48819595>see bar graph in the thumbnail >hide post…[View]
48816886Sex Dolls: I just bought my new wife. What am I in for anons? How have you been enjoying life with y…[View]
48818676I haven't posted here for a few good months now, but now I'm back, as always. What has cha…[View]
48819901>wake up in a daze and freak the fuck out that all of my term papers are five months overdue and …[View]
48818423I'm literally too woke for most people: Ask me anything, I will judge you deeply. Serious quest…[View]
48818350>be me playing Rainbow Six Seige >talking during match while no one else is talking >Sudden…[View]
48819792first time posting a thread but i think i've watched enough youtube videos to fly under the rad…[View]
48819839>>Asshat originami[View]
48814919Which one lads? Which did you choose /r9k/?[View]
48819844Monkey brain: unga bunga remember when you had bf/gf Me: rock yeah thanks bro[View]
48818745Would you befriend someone if liking anime and hating normans were his only personality traits? Aski…[View]
48819163>live smoke-free life as nature intended >visit mom and sister >they both smoke heavily and…[View]
48819454Women have easier lives in every aspect they ignore and wish that the vast majority of men would die…[View]
48819583Empathy: Saw someone very close to me cry pretty heavy today. Didn't really effect me, was more…[View]
48819536Does life really 'begin' at 18? Or is that just a bitter boomer meme.[View]
48819621Losing Friends: >get only friend about a year ago >hang out and play vidya on weekends >bee…[View]
48817647how do I make life less fucking mind numbingly boring?[View]
48819778>Be me >Florida man >'Let's see how much weird shit I can do today' >Florida man a…[View]
48819772The famlamalinglong has been negative for the past three years. They used to have personalities and …[View]
48807439We can all agree that Momo is the best girl, right?[View]
48818934>remember how i helped you with your virgin problem anon? >w-well i'm pregnant now anon …[View]
48818796today is my bday, wat do?[View]
48817803Is mixing benzos with alcohol a bad idea ? Hoch much until I od ?[View]
48819740I have a story for y'all today >be me >yesterday >school has dumb class war shit >d…[View]
48819492I haven't done my laundry in months and I'm finally out of clean underwear what do?[View]
48819711>25 >talk to anyone my age >I've done nothing but sit in my room my entire life so I c…[View]
48819027Qt girl I know has been posing dumbass random shit on my Facebook wall for the past week (like pic r…[View]
48819692New outlook on life - uni robro edition: I am always to 8am classes. When I say always, I mean it. N…[View]
48819690how does a goofball like him get a beauitful angel like her? I don't get it.[View]
48819362If you do not live in squalor why do you think you can call yourself a robot?[View]
48819631omg my nose is bleeding[View]
48818195is it safe to smoke weed on probation? I have a medical card and it says I can smoke on probation bu…[View]
48814965What's the closest you've gotten to a girl's face (who's not related to you).[View]
48819422Where do I go from here boys? Absolutely nothing is happening in my life. Dead end.[View]
48818712Any of you guys planning on watching the Meteor shower tonight?[View]
48819093So /r9k/ this was my first experience with HOI4 >be me >playing HOI4 with the fellas >firs…[View]
48817943Should I go out for a drink or keep sitting in my room?[View]
48818719how does an 8 inch dicked black dude like myself use tinder? any tinder prrofile tips? how do i scor…[View]
48818933I just ironically fucked my sister haha ![View]
48818741Guys, do rock and heavy metal solos make girls wet? Will I get girls if I learn to play the guitar?[View]
48817113MAGIC MUSHROOMS Its my first time taking shrooms, what should i expect anons. Will i die?[View]
48819314Have I gone too far?: > Be me > Go use computer at public library > Get on gmail > Sign …[View]
48818774please no im not even 20 yet[View]
48819256Being a female robot aka fembot implies you have any issues in the first place. >do you experienc…[View]
48817002>girl said I'm cute See yall later you sad virgin fucks[View]
48812397Post your favourite comfy vidya: What does /r9k/ play when they are feeling comfy? Deadbolt has alwa…[View]
48815531Having sex is sounds nice, but do you ever fantasize about spending a lazy Saturday with your girlfr…[View]
48819182Unintentional 'mundane' drama: The love of my life left me and I'm still fixated on it, I have …[View]
48818457>Her face when you ask her out Why haven't you taken the 2D pill yet? Just look at her face.…[View]
48817995I went to a store to buy toilet paper and it turns out that I bought napkins[View]
48815196give an actual reason anons[View]
48818569I thinking of taking my talents 'to south beach'. I might even apply to a different cunt. Any robots…[View]
48817953Ladyboys: All south east asians amerindians & mestizos should be forced to transition. They aren…[View]
48818751>Work at electronic salvage operation >Get to help destroy CRTs on a daily basis Every time I …[View]
48818462>Be me one year ago >Join some random youtubers discord >Mostly degenerate people >After…[View]
48819018Famous MGTOW: Who is the richest and/or most famous MGTOW? Is it Paul Allen?[View]
48817893i'm sorry femanons but it's time to have babies with us[View]
48816429WHY THE FUCK is it so easy to get laid with another guy, but it's the complete fucking opposite…[View]
48817763>parents support my sister being a pansexual >but they refuse to support me as a NEETsexual…[View]
48818996Life is short so how do I make sure I'm not wasting it? I got no hobbies except 4chan...[View]
48818876>ITT things you just figured out that normal people probably already knew Microwaves work even wh…[View]
48817414Imagine Being A Woman: Imagine a life where you have never been great at anything. never felt the ur…[View]
48818936>mom never took me to the dentist now I have a mouth full of rubble to show for it…[View]
48811919ITT: Times normalfags were right[View]
48818160>minding my own business >suddenly right ear clogs up >constantly ringing for the past few …[View]
48816392Weak neck/chin gang wya[View]
48818269Beware an Asian femanon on this board: She's known to lie about her age and cover up her tracks…[View]
48818231why do I sometimes feel like i'm god or that i'm the only sentient person on this planet, …[View]
48816821>tfw rewatching konosuba Who here comfy rn[View]
48812608Would fembots rather be raped by one orc or by 5 goblins?[View]
48818862Operation: S P O O P: https://www.change.org/p/humans-make-it-legal-to-punt-12-year-olds-in-fortnite…[View]
48818070> Rebecca the autist pt.1 Be me. >Was Chad until I got diagnosed with overactive thyriod. >…[View]
48817794WOHOOOOOO Finally lost the khh from khhv 1/2 an hour ago. We'll all make it guys[View]
48816309Why is there no Christians on /r9k/ ? Im really intersted. Is it the anti-Christian propaganda?[View]
48817532Rate my watch. Used for over 3 years. Haven't had to change the battery yet[View]
48814037femanons, how big are your areola? Do you like them?[View]
48818763>Tfw Stacie cheats on chad with a snickers[View]
48818678I have a great idea if you're ever bored out of your mind and have time to kill >go on /r/gr…[View]
48818713What do you robots think of the critically acclaimed 1976 classic 'Taxi Driver'?[View]
48816251Femanons how unattractive is it that I live with my parents? I make enough money to move out but I l…[View]
48818401Feeling Emptier than when You Started: So Be Me Anons >to recap, I've been chatting up this…[View]
48817498vocaroo thread: https://vocaroo.com/i/s1VcdLjkiKGq[View]
48816248>be me, incel /pol/tard >older sister goes to university, becomes sjw slut >troll her by co…[View]
48818454just a humble (you) farmer: Just Tending to my (you) plantation. Hoping this year I will get some ni…[View]
48818510>crushing hard on girl in my study group all semester >decide to go stalker mode right now on …[View]
48818556Lads, I'm feeling confused and powerless here. My mom remarried a long time ago and had a new f…[View]
48817930How depraved are you robots?: What is the most degenerate and hedonistic thing you've ever done…[View]
48816324Its fucking chubby chaser season, lads[View]
48818432How to avoid being ass raped when the time of my prostate check comes?[View]
48817289Endless Pain: This is it bots. >have really 'close' friend group >considered them on the top l…[View]
48817592My dad had my dog put down today. I went to visit my mom this weekend bc she was getting an operatio…[View]
48817674>tfw how do u cope?[View]
48818149Feminazis: Them bitch feminazis calling me rapist but I've never had sex. They bitches fool, th…[View]
48818386and im free free falling https://www.bentley.edu/impact/articles/nowuknow-why-millennials-refuse-get…[View]
48814938post some depressing songs please i want to die https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g_ihXlWKC7g[View]
48817212anyone ever felt empty: be me hate life just want to love some1 in meaningless relationship with 4/1…[View]
48817962how do i have a prostate orgasm? asking for a f-friend[View]
48816659how are we doing lately? free (you's): Just tell me how you are going and I will reply and chat…[View]
48817329roasties geting toasted[View]
48818326ITT we pretend to be miners I'll start >ITT we pretend to be robots…[View]
48818244Is the only way for a ugly, short robot like me to have a wife is too become a literal betabux/cuck?[View]
48817111>buy some grocery >clerk chick rings up the purchase >complete transaction.gif >she sa…[View]
48818280@Automation I burnt my toast[View]
48817873ONCE there was this kid WHO Got into an accident and couldn't come to school Buuut when he fina…[View]
48805418>you're this guy >pay $1,500 a month for a fucking bunk bed >have to deal with 30 othe…[View]
48815660has anyone tried being honest about being a comfy NEET on their online dating profiles? i always lie…[View]
48816603Has anyone truly encountered a beautiful angel in their lives? How did it go?[View]
48817563>tfw unsuccessful in finding a mate after 13 years of trying[View]
48817290Stacie's life: Think about Chad's life, that's the life of a 3/10 female. Imagine a 9…[View]
48816944How does one achieve this physique? You know this dude pulls[View]
48817865outdated life human models for the year 2018: >'masculine' asian 'man'…[View]
48818049I just want some friends, how do you make long term friends on an anon board? I'm starting to l…[View]
48818095What exactly is this style called?[View]
48817928My days of NEETDOM are finally coming to an end /r9k/ I will be working in the oil fields 2k weekly …[View]
48816874Why don't schools teach stuff like money, tax, budgets, financing, debt, interest rates, how to…[View]
48817302>make my first post to 4chan >first three responses are helpful >4th tells me to kill mysel…[View]
48817051>kind of popular >hang with popular people >still I feel like the loser of the group >fe…[View]
48816612Really makes me think: Funny really You'd think this board would've made me lose all hope …[View]
48817624Suppose I had sex with a woman who claimed to be a virgin, and I tell her that I would never intenti…[View]
48816006Which watch should I wear to school? I'm a 19 year old KHV.[View]
48818052I was born, after all. >what some would call an actual robot >male >nonwhite >thirld wor…[View]
48816709I love tinysatan[View]
48818034Anyone on this shitty board want to be steam friends? I play some vidya obviously but I also like ka…[View]
48816563Anyone else glad summer's done and you don't have to deal with awkward sweat related situa…[View]
48817358Come take a seat on. Sit around the fire and talk. Stay a while. We can talk about whatever you want…[View]
48815790Who else is /alone/? >Terrible relationship with all family members >No friends >Failed and…[View]
48817765Jennifer Hawkins wardrobe malfunction: She cried after this lmao[View]
48816756> Be severely mentally ill, still ill, have been ill since middle to high school. > In uni, my…[View]
48817286Your two days of freedom is half way over, wagecuck. Tick o c k[View]
48816549>start scamming people on the internet >its just a way to get weed money and stuff >suddenl…[View]
48817009Favorite NPC's?: The Shenmue games always had my favorite NPC's. They may have lacked dept…[View]
48817864>Too traumatized to make friends and can barely sit up during the day Life sucks…[View]
48816465The fact that there arent any 'species' visiting us from the future makes me feel like this planet w…[View]
48816265who else here /neetforever/ >woke up from a nice nap after doing nothing all day >mommy is alr…[View]
48817408>Post what you are listening to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cYgC_gTpi04…[View]
48816072Online drama: I wonder if it's my ex boyfriend doxing me and calling me the r slur, I know he h…[View]
48816920>be me in 2017 >ever since was young boy has autistic interest in spider-man >new spider-ma…[View]
48817588>Specialist Ash Ketchum invites you over for Netflix & Chill What DO you do?…[View]
48817663>be me back in 9th grade >don't talk to other kids in my first class >sit in the back …[View]
48817382Was Hamlet the original incel?: Even if in the play, Hamlet had contact with a woman (Ophelia), ther…[View]
48817719Do you ever get that feeling of being adrift, just wandering around through your life, not really do…[View]
48817148nofap: After 2 months of no fap, the sound of the girl who sits next to me in chemistry drinking wat…[View]
48817675>be me >gay guy >goes to therapy on a weekly basis >therapist is hot older man >shake…[View]
48817219How did people find 4chan: How did long time 4chan user find 4chan? I cant help but wonder how peopl…[View]
48816629Have you ever struck a woman?[View]
48815667>mom once said that i born because the condom pierced >she even took birth control and it didn…[View]
48816795what would you do with your life if all of your friends died and you were left alone? would you kill…[View]
48815969>be femanon cashier >unattractive guy buys toilet paper >barely hide my laughter all the wa…[View]
48816824You're an NPC if you're right handed.[View]
48817467I can't believe this I JUST CAN'T BELIEVE THIS YOU HOORE[View]
48817459I cannot take it lads: >Be 25 year old lad >Doing university studies in London >Come from a…[View]
48817401>tfw dad has been abusive for my entire life >tearing family apart, mom is thinking of getting…[View]
48817366>Meet new girl >She's qt and friendly >26 and runs her own driving school >Find out…[View]
48816532Why is stuff so expensive?[View]
48815975>You need to work on your appearance! >Ugly, fat people can get into relationships >Women c…[View]
48811460Vocaroo Thread: https://vocaroo.com/i/s1opVhWmN4iV Mics broke. Too poor to buy a new one at the mome…[View]
48815718What does it mean if you're 25 and you've never had a job?[View]
48807520Fembots, have you ever cucked a boyfriend? Was he Aware and turned on by it or was it your dirty sec…[View]
48816507>cute girl smiles at me >think about mutilating her face What did my brain mean by this?…[View]
48817039H-how's your saturday night going guys, having a lot of fun like me, yes? :([View]
48816735I'm asexual: And a virgin and I only send nudes but would never have sex in real life, roast me…[View]
48817275Is /r9k/ a Sakuraboard or a Rinboard?[View]
48804473I have come to the sudden realiaztion that i will never experience affection or sex ever in my life.…[View]
48816197>want to jack off so go upstairs >five minutes later brother follows me upstairs >go downst…[View]
48816167>be me >was banned for a month >not anymore >feelsgoodman.jpg…[View]
48817183Any robots have sex offenders in their neighborhood? Here's mine. Had him for two years when I …[View]
48816946why don't you just settle down with a homely woman?[View]
48816771Had a wonderful day! A couple of girls were looking at me, and they weren't disgusted, one of t…[View]
48817056It my birthday: an your all invited![View]
48817046DUDE are we really a WEED LMAO? I just don't know DUDE[View]
48816716THERE ARE NOT ENOUGH TREES plant trees[View]
48816672Posting turkey apu everyday everyday Day 84[View]
48817001OK, fine. I'll just spend the rest of my life alone. I won't get a gf. I've spent so …[View]
48810588Fembrappers, are you okay with your height? Or would you like to be taller or smaller, and why?[View]
488168354chan is just edgy tumblr: Am i wrong? Ever since 2016 this site just didnt have what made it so goo…[View]
48814856when will they[View]
48813887>'Anon, This is the police! We know you have a waifubot. As per Respect Wamen Act, your waifubot …[View]
48808503I'm so bored /r9k/. I don't know which anime to watch? Was thinking on watching Cardcaptor…[View]
48816899DRUGFEELZ SATURDAY: Not the guy who normally makes this, but figured I should be. Bought to pop some…[View]
48815611Why don't you ever smile anymore?[View]
48816792MANY women born in 1990 now have teenage kids.[View]
48816361if you dont plant trees the world will turn into a lifeless desert bring biodiversity back and plant…[View]
48816175>New girl at work >She's half Asian (white dad, Chinese mom) >Bubbly personality, foll…[View]
48816791>finally find a Discord server for a niche game I like >Everyone is super chill and welcoming …[View]
48815348What are you staring at me for, Anon?[View]
48816321dogs or cats?[View]
48815543mijn buurman is een poepfetisjist die niet met deursloten om kan gaan. ik zie hem regelmatig op gebr…[View]
48815968What are some good ways I can fuck with my gf's beta orbiters?[View]
48814955Hey guys! What are you drinking tonight? Im drinking some Karpatske brandy. (slovakfag) Feeling litt…[View]
48815757Say something that rhymes with Snickers[View]
48812875Pissed off / depressed doomer thread: title feelin like shit rn[View]
48816648Why not just date a ghetto black girl anon?: Theyre good practice[View]
48789010I can't stop thinking about my brother: I walked in on my brother in the bathroom when he was n…[View]
48814133Butts: Why do girls like guys butts? Asking the fembots here. Guys like girl's butts because it…[View]
48815918Statistics show women date men who are more attractive than them, more successful, and taller. Men d…[View]
48816569My boss just uploaded a picture of him and his wife on their honeymoon on Cancun and he literally lo…[View]
48816499Why are chads constantly getting their dicks out in front of each other and doing dudenotgaylmao hom…[View]
48815967Apu thread: Post apu memes[View]
48816527>Be me >Typical single average to slightly below average guy >Used to be very nice and happ…[View]
48815979Found this in a public bathroom in Mississippi. Which one of you idiots did this?[View]
48815519Men shame shorter men far more than women do. Prove me wrong Pro tip you cant.[View]
48816529Anime: be me be in class ask teacher for help with pc have an anime pic as backround she sees it i…[View]
48816099tfw all your social anxiety went away after getting a gf It is almost like my lack of a mate made me…[View]
48816100Why do emo boys have so much in common with basic white girls? t. emo boy who has a shocking amount …[View]
48816443Do beaners get mad when the cute women in their race get stolen by white men?[View]
48816439Folks here like junk food, yes? I usually drink coffee, but it's been years since I've had…[View]
48816240How is it even possible to be a virgin if you dont live in Australia Here in australia an escort wil…[View]
48816330How do I gain weight on my face?[View]
48816444Big Sis Kathy! Have a nice day out today Everyone is rooting for you[View]
48816402ITT: Dumb shit you've done recently >Download album >Hear a song I like >Think 'I like…[View]
48816114How do I enjoy solitude?: I feel anxious and guilty whenever I'm alone in my room (read: 90% of…[View]
48815688Whats wrong with me /r9k/: Genitals and sex turn me off big time, and always have. I can only mastur…[View]
48816372saturday night party thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I6rHnJbMg00& slam those energy drin…[View]
48815244>be 5'7' manlet >finally getting /fit/ >tfw no tall fembot gf to be little spoon for…[View]
4881630722yo Kissless Virgin, Bought my bimmer. Am i on the right path bois?[View]
48813426>tfw 5' dick I want to find a size queen and throw acid in her face.[View]
48815409What city in the US should I move to if my goal is meeting thicc black girls with big titties?[View]
48815082My little sister mooned everyone at our dad's wedding today. And she's not a little kid; S…[View]
48816226HEY ARNOLD! You will never have a best friend and a girl who loves you[View]
48816178Serious question Any neets want to move in? I'll help you with what I can but now you're m…[View]
48816285Wage Slave.: I don't wanna go to work. I don't wanna I don't wanna I don't wanna…[View]
48816246>girl makes repeated eye contact >smirk and pull out my phone Not today roastie…[View]
48814391>tfw no stoner bf https://steamcommunity.com/id/Worstpersonalive/[View]
48815944>be me >cry whenever I laugh >on bus >imagine sitting chatting with my waifu >she mak…[View]
48814966>tfw moms new black boyfriend spoils me[View]
48816184>parents support my sister being a pansexual >but refuse to support me as a NEETsexual…[View]
48815973What's the point if life if you're never going to be in the top of things? Why should I fo…[View]
48808722Anzu thread 17: settle down and appreciate the cute roach anzu with me[View]
48816126bad middle-school experience: >be me >life in a small town in Austria >go to school their …[View]
48813559Alright I wanna try making some friends, I've got none at all IRL and no chance of getting any …[View]
48812741>'wanna sit on my lap femanon?'[View]
48815722Security Guard and other robot jobs: I'm a night shift security guard at a resort and it's…[View]
48815767Mandelaed!: Did i get Mandelaed? Lately, the letter 'I', appears to be in capitals everywhere i look…[View]
48814010Saturday thread: Hey, Anon! Made it through the week, I see! Come hang out, beer's in the coole…[View]
48815860Plant more trees[View]
48815686Make a wish robots: I'll start >I wish I could wake up tomorrow without looking for reasons…[View]
48815980Happy halloween Anon-kun. Come to my house party to celebrate and if you're feeling naughty may…[View]
48815867How does it feel to know you will never be inbetween a pair of thick thighs?[View]
48815749my brothers, i have returned. welcome me.[View]
48815201anyone else watch porn, jerk off, then feel disgusted?: then like 12 hours later do it again[View]
48806782How did you find out about 4chan? for me it was a youtube video[View]
48813990>get stuck behind slow people on a sidewalk >try to pass them but they block you >awkwardl…[View]
48815477>Be me >30 year old Spartan soldier >431 BCE, start of the Peloponnesian war >battle of …[View]
48815858fuck roasties and fuck jannies[View]
48813324>tfw no fembot gf who will watch scary movies with me[View]
48813895>working, manual labour has been globalized, shrinking that class here in the west >joblessnes…[View]
48815830Omegle used to have gary jhonson on their page and now this?[View]
48815636Does anyone else ever just stare at the wall and wonder why it hurts so much to be alive? I just wan…[View]
48815536Any of you God anointed people got stories? >be me >hair makes me strong >about to be marri…[View]
48814639So what is charisma? Is it an inborn ability/trait, or something someone develops?[View]
48815746Family Greentexts: Post about your family. >have three sisters >they were 7, 8 and 9 when I wa…[View]
48812598>Got used by a fembot on this board and have been traumatized ever since Anyone else know this fe…[View]
48815231How is it that some people become 'board celebrities' and talked about figures in online c…[View]
48814484>Someone hurts my feelings >Feel sad for days…[View]
48815154Why are you guys so obsessed about women? Anguishing in despair and misery because they don't g…[View]
48815472there are people who still want to have kids in this fucked up world[View]
48815502I feel like I'm losing it guys, I'm only 8 months away from wizard status I need a gf so b…[View]
48810995Last virgin: It finally happened: I'm now the last virgin amongst my friends. And I'm 28. …[View]
48814991>5 ft 9 >4 inch penis fully erect >never had friends >never been on a date >only able…[View]
48811816what are you doing tonight? I'm watching Shrek.[View]
48815622Fucking niggers: >I fucking hates black people[View]
48815377http://youtu.be/QstOY5aDfQE Well, the npc meme was fun while it lasted.[View]
48815602>live in upstate ny hell >things here cost more in stores then they would cost in los angeles …[View]
48815055>tfw get drunk off only 3 beers it's not fair[View]
48809807Which /r9k/ poster do you miss the most? I wonder what happened to >tfw no fjejqoeof filipina gf…[View]
48810609>accidentally left my dildo stuck to the shower wall >'No wonder you can't get a boyfrien…[View]
48814860lets solv mistery togeter[View]
48814245>consolidating and archiving media files on my pc >access hdd I haven't used since I don…[View]
48811427Why is inherited wealth a thing?[View]
48813645>on probation >get my medical marijuana card >my state only offers vapes and pills do you t…[View]
48815252>lost my juul charger >why the fuck do they even make it a fucking 1 cm cube thats impossible …[View]
48815333>some faggot post a porn pic on /v/ >open pic because curious >mom bashes into the room …[View]
48815465mid-20's Why does the desire to find a gf get smaller every year? I just can't be bothered…[View]
48812254>tfw pol mods get triggered by the npc meme and ban you for posting it[View]
48815399>that feel when vaping weed after working out Who else here /comfy/?[View]
48815435>tfw rampant insecurity makes your continued loneliness a self-fulfilling prophecy…[View]
48812786CONT. are u circumcised https://www.strawpoll.me/16681886[View]
48815347Thinking about trying out a new religion, not sure which church or denomination to get involved with…[View]
48810896I'm a 23yo male with a BMI of 13.6. Any robots else near this level of skeleton? I'm not …[View]
48814641unpopular opinions: post opinions that other robots would cull you for i hate anime. unironically. i…[View]
48814587What in the name of god has this board become? All I ever see when coming here on the first page is …[View]
48814879>one chance at life >born israeli[View]
48813008Rank the races of women by race/ethnicity/group (or however you want to to do it) by how hot on aver…[View]
48810079Originally, people like this[View]
48811691Fembots, why are you here? There are millions of guys outside your door or online willing to talk to…[View]
48813984How do I meet new people? I have a few friends back home. I moved across the country and I have no o…[View]
48815105I'm finally happy again, I'm staying at my mother's house and it actually feels like …[View]
48814397why did i trust anything or anybody what did i do to deserve being betrayed every time i trust anyon…[View]
48814844how do i get a succubus gf?[View]
48814837Cucked myself today >Be me >Serbian >Be 16 yo, kissless virgin >Birthday >There is a …[View]
48813846What are they called, again?[View]
48813332How do you get a cosplay girlfriend if youre black?[View]
48812279Being a fembot is unironically harder Refute this[View]
48812740What do you think about based black guys who fuck white girls?[View]
48813360Can a woman tell if you fuck her bareback or not?[View]
48811276>tfw Carl was blackpilled.[View]
48814720Steam: I don't go online on steam anymore because the 'friends' I had on there were using me an…[View]
48814869Hey come join my stream fellow bots we talking about the latest bot issues :) love to chat with some…[View]
48814942find robot jerk partners come fap with me i like celeb mommys femdom swaping girls kik oscarr1010[View]
48814849socially awkward introverted chad here AMA[View]
48813750post pictures of robots in public[View]
48804348What's the nicest thing anyone has ever said to you Anon?[View]
48812015Would any girl be okay with their bf restoring their foreskin or is it something best hidden?[View]
48813607Are you an alcoholic if you go to the bar on weekend nights out of crushing loneliness?[View]
48813221>Be me >At Wendy's waiting in line for tendies >Black guy walks into store and stands …[View]
48813731The relationship meme is dead. >she's not your girl, its just your turn.…[View]
48814875why i have my mouth closed, i look like a chinlet but when i smile my chin looks like a normal pers…[View]
48814294Stomach Appreciation Day: Can we all please take a moment to appreciate the stomach? Think about it…[View]
48814583give me the year.anon,the year where everything started slowly falling apart in your life for me its…[View]
48814782>tfw shitposting way past my bed time Who else bad boy here?[View]
48807765Does someone play an instrument?: I play classical and acoustic guitar, self-taught. I have a small …[View]
48814779>be me >lived in supervised communal once because dad was a cynical cunt >live with male an…[View]
48814764I finally got a job pic related but I have no idea how to interact with people without cuming across…[View]
48814305Is selling weed a smart thing to do? Im in the US and thinking about it[View]
48814750>tfw id rather spend my time on an Indonesian sheep shearing forum than talk to irl humans…[View]
48805211Fembot here. The women on this board aren't the problem, it's the pathetic men that give t…[View]
48812954Generation Z is ruthless: >be eating at CiCi's pizza buffet alone, as usual >need a refil…[View]
48813176No one shares my music taste I am unique for that?[View]
48813801Everyone is special in their own way[View]
48813764Why do I have a burning desire to kill ghetto people? People who type like 'yassss slay, omg YAAA #A…[View]
48814525every day just feels like i'm watching the most boring movie ever about some fucking loser.[View]
48807907Write a letter to someone who might or might not read it. IncIude initiaIs if you want.[View]
48813250>tfw genuinely not interested in anything >not a single irl friend >just play vidya and jer…[View]
48814084>dream >talking to a girl i just met at some kind of event >seems to be into it, were havin…[View]
48814163Playstation: Friends arent online and Im tired of playing with randoms. Anyone here on PS4 want to p…[View]
48813789It gets better bro: Is there anything better than living in your own place with just your significan…[View]
48812795How did anon decide on his college degree major?[View]
48813495>be me >19 yo Kissless virgin (feels bad but I know some ppl have it much worse) >Go to met…[View]
48813866What the hell is this and where is it from[View]
48813861> Really wish I was a cute girl who could wear goth-loli fashion > Instead am a 6'4 guy w…[View]
48810619My brother is a fucking weeb: >be me >really anti weaboo >go into my brother's room on…[View]
48813827I want to meet a sweet anon off this board and fall in love with him and suck his cock![View]
48812713>pleasuring a cute boy and his cock is one of the most pure and selfless things you can do >th…[View]
48814385Any other fatbots know this feel...?: >be me, quite Chadly lookin' in college because I play…[View]
48814362>it's sunday midnight here >I'm busy updating my warcraft hentai collection while li…[View]
48812396>normie roommate goes outside with his friends every night to smoke weed behind the dorm >come…[View]
48814345>Be me >Get talking to a 6\10 girl >Manage to hit it off quite well >We were just aquain…[View]
48814341tfw so ugly youre turned off from masturbation because of how ugly you are.[View]
48813769Why don't asian men just become trannies? If only half of the asian incels in the world went o…[View]
48814298>girl flashes her boobs >look down >start crying and run away Is there any hope for me?…[View]
48814297The final redpill: read before posting: After many years of struggle I've concluded that the mo…[View]
48814279My anger just keeps bubbling up /r9k/ I swear to god my blood pressure is rising. wtf is going on[View]
48813238off to bed i go. sweet dreams anons.[View]
48813916How do you pretend you have friends? I post on here obviously and I also spend all my time listening…[View]
48811145>'Oh, hey Onii-chan. For what did you enter my room?'[View]
48814226>install tinder >swipe only cuties and hotties >get 9 matches in 5 days Was I Chad all alon…[View]
48805880How does r9k dress? too lazy to roll[View]
48812620Is there honestly anything worth fighting for other than myself?[View]
48813062Conflicting life: My big brother is normal and everyone deeply loves and deeply respects him I get …[View]
48813812>tfw parents never thought you how to show love to other people >grew up seeing my parents fig…[View]
48814098Why do guys balls smell so good?[View]
48814128What would you think about this solution to the tranny problem /r9k/? A comission of certified, trai…[View]
48814118>born in shitty small town >one of the most depressing small rural towns ive ever seen >tow…[View]
48813949>spends money on clothing >nobody gives a fuck anyways…[View]
48812803>stumbling around and you find a robot irl on your pokemon journey[View]
48813583Non virgin fembots (and malebots?): How long should sex be? How long is your ideal session assuming …[View]
48812089Does anybody here sometime remember when he was bluepilled as fuck and thinking we could have a norm…[View]
48812813Most females that come here are normalfaggots with normal hobby's[View]
48811684What would be your explaination about a kissless 24 year old female virgin? We are talking a real fe…[View]
48813981When did you realize you were different than the other kids? Why did you become a magical girl?[View]
48813632Youre a fucking white male. You have privlage. Feel bad about yourself right now.[View]
48813513Why is there so much hate against traps on this board?[View]
48812694>hump pillow >it's making my dick hurt and sore wtf is this how sex feels afterwards?…[View]
48813991/ausfeel/: Strayans only No leafs bongs burgers or kiwis No poos or insectoids No shitskins of any v…[View]
48801483we can overcome everything together: I wanted to fight for us,i wanted to improve myself,i even work…[View]
48813096I fantasize about sucking a cute feminine dick to orgasm, but I hate the taste and feel of cum in my…[View]
48812331What's that world in your head like anons? You know, the one you daydream about before you go …[View]
48813757>black >Everyone thinks you are a dark Indian Is there a worse feel?…[View]
48812196Why won't my psych give me a fucking anti-depressant? I feel like I'm about ready to blow …[View]
48813605I'm a male and I want to get plowed by another guy. What do you guys think of this?[View]
48813765Day in the life of r9k: Greentext your average day. >7:30 >wake up >shower >shave >g…[View]
48806959Girls with tattoos: Why are girls with tattoos so hot to me? I didn't even realize I had this f…[View]
48813735>hear all about Goblin Slayer >expect something like Berserk and decide to watch it because th…[View]
48813572How do I finger myself?: Hi /b/ I sometimes try to finger myself. I always fail miserably. Tell my h…[View]
48807004Congratulations!: You met Goat of Wishes. You could get up to 6 hours of blowjob and making out with…[View]
48813500Using memes to alienate others for your political views, tastes and opinions in general is NPC behav…[View]
48812720Music bread Post em bois Here's some comfy alternative dream pop https://youtu.be/x86NT8Qa-iY[View]
48813660I feel like 90% of rape fantasies come from a self projection of guilt you feel from not fighting ba…[View]
48813474How should I start selling my used socks and panties? What's the best site to go to?[View]
48813116Phat boi: here come Phat boi popped up in group chat. needed to share[View]
48808057Robots let's discuss a way how we get a gf?[View]
48812264Do you ever look at girls and wonder when the last time they had sex was?[View]
48813444what does a girl peeing smell like?[View]
48809488Kinds of people you hate. I start i hate competitive people seriously I fucking hate that kind of p…[View]
48813144Went in to see why I was sick. Thought it was the Flu. Its Mono.[View]
48810659I fucked up bad >be me >late af and talking to female friend over phone >shes mad at her bo…[View]
48811819>go out to eat first time in years. >order chicken fried steak. >literally no chicken in it…[View]
48813388>be me >be told I'm attractive >look in the mirror and see someone attractive >look…[View]
48813312https://powerlisting.wikia.com/wiki/Special:Random You gain this superpower once you hit 30 if you…[View]
48807710yeah being lonely sucks and stuff, but you wont know the betrayal of having a multiple year long fri…[View]
48812914Muslim girls have beautiful feet[View]
48813213What would happen if all of a sudden, all fat people instantly became fit while all fit and slim peo…[View]
48811123Browsing /r9k/ on a saturday night, huh?[View]
48798869If you won 1 billion what would you do.[View]
48813240>want to die >get told I need someone in my life to make me happy and feel wanted >manage t…[View]
48811879>Anun will u go date witf me?[View]
48813187do you guys think theres something incredibly evil in your life causing all this suffering? were nat…[View]
48813009Gonna meet an escort tonight, lads. First time ever. What should I know and how do I not fuck this u…[View]
48813072Anyone Else's Family Conversations Awkward as Fuck: I'm visiting my parents for my sister…[View]
48812902[ ] I am not a robot...... [x] feelsbadman.png: Well... look at that.... loser anon in a club >be…[View]
48811853today, I helped some kids get their playing ball from a high place . Who /angel/ here?[View]
48811950I think I might stop coming to r9k, can't be surrounded by negativity and expect your life to b…[View]
48812018https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OcH88pWXXx0 If there was a war of ancient style planned somewhere on…[View]
48812985Post some songs from your youth: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R9U_13Lb2F8 https://www.youtube.com…[View]
48812979'Cause if one day you wake up and find that you're missing me And your heart starts to won…[View]
48812908Good way to get a high without fucking up my brain? I'm a degenerate but I don't want brai…[View]
48810508>wake up, feeling mildly creative, start planning what do to with my Saturday >a few hours dow…[View]
48812916It's My Turn To complain about my overall great life that is pretty good compared to people in …[View]
48810382Any anons here who stopped talking to their family members? I'm seriously considering cutting a…[View]
48812819Horrible college experience: >first year of college >my roomate is a faggot >He's insa…[View]
48812874I have a lot of childhood comrades who got into bodybuilding and doing strong guy shit. Should I jus…[View]
48812770Is gluten free nothing more than a meme? Or are there that many people with celiac disease?[View]
48812768after many thread with comments about my bad english,i've finally managed to have a thread with…[View]
48811441>surrounded by people pretty much every day >still excruciatingly lonely What is wrong with me…[View]
48808952/britfeel/: Saturday more like shatagay edition[View]
48812757why are so many race-mixers into far right politics?[View]
48812746>born in small town >life is hell >would have been famous if I was in the big city >try …[View]
48803184Who is the oldest virgin here? I am 23.[View]
48812683what are you afraid of? why won't you let people in?? what are you running from and why are you…[View]
48811911Girls usually like to party with me, they let me drink from their glasses and even buy drinks for me…[View]
48811874Trains are so comfy anons. Why do normies and boomers hate them again? Imagine if the U.S. had bulle…[View]
48812668give me friends/gf and an ego right now[View]
48811912Would you live in pic related but you had to be 100 miles from the next person? Your food (delivered…[View]
48812602'Anon, leave that product on the floor! You are never to reach into the pod area to pick something u…[View]
488126507x6 inch dick, just measured. Always thought it was five inches due to me being a lardass. Everythin…[View]
48812417Niggers should be ruthlessly massacred and killed[View]
48808352>tfw parents won't go away so that I can do acid in peace[View]
48812625I feel bad that the NPC meme became popular cuz I used to call people NPC's way before it was a…[View]
48807948Procreation is evil. From an immediate action -> effect procreation does no good for the one per…[View]
48812618>ugly >short >dumb >lazy >autistic >antisocial >literally don't have a sin…[View]
48810169How do your friends and family react to you never having a girlfriend? >Mom thinks I'm gay …[View]
48812586Post yfw a minority tries to leave a store after having possibly stolen a tool.[View]
48809505It's the year 2006. Where are you in life?[View]
48812580i keep having dreams about raping women[View]
48812518Why havent you found yourself a thicc mummy pothead milf to spank you for being a NEET?[View]
48812276Any other fembots wish to be taller? I want to grow just a couple more inches[View]
48812400>You made the NPC meme another shitty wojak edit instead of something original Nice fucking going…[View]
48810904Did your parents buy you too many things when you were a kid?[View]
48811390Who was in the wrong here? Fddfgghy[View]
48811769Why do you still jerk off instead of just having sex?[View]
48787656/r9gay/ - #472: boy butts drive me nuts edition last thread died and no one bothered to replace it. …[View]
48809145Is /r9k/ fat?[View]
48812376>be me >2010 >dad gets a job in Abu Dhabi (less important Dubai) >spend 3 years Present …[View]
48812063Just kissed a girl: >be me >lvl 20 here >be virgin af >wanna get into vaping 'cause…[View]
48810946currently download this, opinions ? oringl.[View]
48812327Waifu thread: https://youtu.be/EMqCTR5OKeM Preferrably DS waifus >link related…[View]
48812270>be quite literally a roastie >chad just materalizes for you everyday despite looking like gol…[View]
48812317Has anyone else noticed that there's like four or five guys who do whatever they can to derail …[View]
48811513In the spirit of Halloween what was the last year you went trick or treating? What made you stop?[View]
48812101How do I know if a girl has an internal monologue? Do any women have one?[View]
48811216Give your best advice for a 22 year old ugly neet incel doomer: I feel like my nose is crooked sligh…[View]
48812112>tfw too skinny to be healthy >tfw you can't gain weight >tfw if you ever cut yourself…[View]
48809691Lets help eachother out and become friends <3: yo guys i just want to say that you are all unique…[View]
48808747Who are your favorite porn girls? For me it's Blaire Ivory and Mia Melano[View]
48811917Life is pointless: The older I get, the more pointless life looks to me. You live only to be a bitc…[View]
48811302Why do I fall back into this pit of despair and self loathing again and again? Why can't I pick…[View]
48812198Wagecucks unite: Times work fucked you over >be me wagecuck at office job >be friday, deadline…[View]
48804443just made a nigger friend, he is a very cool guy and never would hurt anyone, he is also very helpfu…[View]
48811615alright faggots, I need help. Hallowen is comming up, and I need a costume to a party Im invited I a…[View]
48811973ITT: post pics that sum up your sex/love life: The absolute state of my fucking dick right now.…[View]
48808697you will never be successful: >when my dad was 30 he already had 5 years in the army >when my …[View]
48810141I regret so much that I didn't come with you to watch this movie because we argued[View]
48806979Terry Davis and TempleOS: Post your best Terry Davis pics // post your TerryDavis Folder[View]
48811333Opinions on this? Are men the cucks of the worlds male animals?[View]
48812114Anyone else here feel like they don't deserve how good they have it? I'm pretty well off e…[View]
48811581first week of nofap ez pz[View]
48811025What is the point of eating if you'll just be hungry again? What is the point of sleeping if yo…[View]
48811993Help: >be me >getting more into punk scene >girls are always looking to fuck or something …[View]
48811966How can i live a comfy live alone and afford everything ?[View]
48812074one thing what i want to be with you[View]
48807922Answer these questions you insufferable retards >height >do you go to college/school/work >…[View]
48811373>'hey anon, do you want a bite?'[View]
48809349there are people out there who have normal lives they feel genuine happiness, fulfilment, they look …[View]
48808040Fact: blacks > whites Prove me wrong[View]
48808608>group assignment[View]
48812025everytime i think about how pathetic my life is or suicide it feels like someone is standing on my c…[View]
48802741Let's see how similar robots really are >Are you male? >Are you shy/introverted/have soci…[View]
48809914>tfw no qt jewish gf feels bad man[View]
48811838>write with roastie in random chat app >its going well >she wants to see my face >tfw ug…[View]
48811854>been in and out of school for four years >still freshman I can't take it anymore, but I…[View]
48808947>wtf anon, where are your tattoos? >what do you mean you don't smoke? >why don't …[View]
48811463>ywn be a millionaire that plays video games all day long imagine actually living like this, imo …[View]
48809077At what point is a girl just asking for it?[View]
48809922Fembot here. How do I meet a gamer boyfriend when they just stay inside all day?[View]
48795047>look fairly good, get a compliment >athletic >fairly smart and top tier verbal skills >…[View]
48811158>find out about roguelike game >start reading about it >sounds pretty interesting >mfw i…[View]
48811745>tfw i rejected a girl who declared to me in the last week of hs am i a cryptochad?…[View]
48811711>frequent /lgbt/ invasions >daily faggot threads >daily '''fembot''' threads >daily…[View]
48811417>one random day a chicken wanders off into our yard >it stays with us, we feed it and shit, co…[View]
48808953I've been developing a cuckolding fetish: I want nothing more than to have a weak bf that let…[View]
48811683What do you guys think of the other boards? /b/, /co/, /pol/, /k/, /his/ and the like.[View]
48810420Alienation Feels: How do I get this feeling of alienation to go away? Everywhere I go I feel like I …[View]
48811620Based and redpilled. r/AZNidentity and r/Hapas shut down this race traitor roastie. She wrote a whol…[View]
48811571>ywn be in a relationship like this fuck...[View]
48811606>be me >live in West Virginia >Fallout 76 hype am I right >friend also hyped >come …[View]
48810827I want to hold hands with a girl an and give her flowers.[View]
48810366>finally got a bf after like a decade of being single >he seems 'the one', connections shared …[View]
48811524Happy Sweetest Day everyone! What is everyone doing for the day?[View]
48810856>Someone to talk to >Someone to snuggle with >Someone to watch anime with >Someone swa…[View]
48811508I'm out on a nightwalk an hour away from home and trying to avoid all the rough lads out drinki…[View]
48811058>You'd be a lot more attractive if you fixed yourself up, anon >Fix myself up >QT noti…[View]
48810032>Open Twitch to watch some vidya >get roasties instead also fuck /v/ mods, this is vidya relat…[View]
48811476I have been taking a ton of pictures in different areas and lighting It turns out I'm super ugl…[View]
48811156>it's another stay up late until you fall asleep in front of the computer cause you don…[View]
48811470>bi >exclusively attracted to hung black men and milfs >will never be in a relationship…[View]
48807600Herbal Hebrew: How is a socially isolated shut in with absolutely no friends or connections supposed…[View]
48810850Where are the fucking slutboys when you need them? >inb4 running away from you, you ugly piece of…[View]
48810146Confessions: >i still don't know what verbs and adjectives are…[View]
48810888I use to really relate with this board until the faggot gay thread and roastie loven normie fucks st…[View]
48811355Has a teacher ever shot up a school?[View]
48811230>be American wagekek >get sick, high fever >call work to let them know I'm not coming …[View]
48809953>tfw no oni mommy gf[View]
48808813FEMBOT GENERAL SPOOKY SZN: How are you this Saturday? Have you got yourself in the spooky season yet…[View]
48809700>get gf >suddenly videogames and anime are boring >realize I have nothing to do besides stu…[View]
48811283>be me, playing luigi's mansion >playing big boy mode, hidden mansion >get to the sto…[View]
48797905how THE FUCK am i supposed to compete with pic rel?[View]
48808431wat does the room smell like lads?[View]
48810804>It's a people are incredibly vapid episode[View]
48810970Idea: Why don't schools just put students from bottom set, middle set and upper set instead of …[View]
48809675I want to get some food delivered but I am so scared, what should I do?[View]
48810987Would strasserites/socialist nationalists/national anarchists be interested in having a non white tr…[View]
48810534I was born with a small and thin penis It's over for me[View]
48810417Robot feels: >tfw the only emotional stimulation I get is from watching anime >everything from…[View]
48808454what are the most normalfag hobbies and what hobbys contain the fewest normals?[View]
48810589Chaos on Deponia: I could have gone out with my normie friends but I stayed home to play this graphi…[View]
48809437Is sex real?: Is sex real? Can you prove it?[View]
48806626>you're the Hello Kitty plush What do you do?[View]
48810188Is paying for sex: Normal? Pragmatic choice? Losers choice? Immoral and detestable? Criminal? Let…[View]
48810733Why not settle for a Nyah gf?[View]
48809931If you've never had a girlfriend or been in a relationship, what makes you think girls will sta…[View]
48810256Can you guy help me? I don't understand how uni works, you go to class and listen to some guy. …[View]
48809909>post some aesthetic late night pics for r e l a x a t i o n purposes[View]
48810781As much as you all wish for BPD people to kill themselves, we all want to die ourselves just as bad.[View]
48808678DeviantArt cringe: >be me >Amateur poor artist >Use DeviantArt as a dumping ground >Log…[View]
48810565I want to be a professor in archeology[View]
48809971>moved out today >already missing home[View]
48810746Why does the Apuniverse resonate so strongly with this board?[View]
48808694>you are trapped at the bottom of a hole approximately 10 meters deep >that walls are dirt an…[View]
48805255what do you fap too r9k?[View]
48810491Is it worth befriending a low key autist? Im pretty sure we have nothing in common but he seems nice…[View]
48810439Who else can't talk with people?[View]
48809346No dysgenics pls: Daily reminder that trap/tranny threads are ok but interracial threads and exclusi…[View]
48809230It marks 10 years ago today that my dad died[View]
48810501Reading people: I remember some thread months ago when OP talked about methods for 'reading people',…[View]
48810274Ass thread. We need an ass thread.[View]
48809551I wasted my teenage years. >didn't do drugs >didn't start a relationship or have se…[View]
48809276hey kid, wanna buy a gf[View]
48810470>don't like being fat >don't like being healthy either…[View]
48808228>that quiet boy in the back of your class with good skin could be doing this every weekend and yo…[View]
48808985How do you make friends past small talk in class?[View]
48808935>average penis size is 5.1 in the us >currently clocking in with 6.2 feelsgoodman…[View]
48810341>tfw no gf to tickle my winkie[View]
48810335Automobilebot here. Any way I can find some good fossil fuels?[View]
48809808King of /r9k/ here, a reminder to let trannies and traps know they are not welcome on /r9k/, and the…[View]
48810241This actually happened >be me >4 years old at the time >at the park with my best friend …[View]
48810283>people talking in uni library[View]
48808411>uh, hello? How do you respond?[View]
48808951>Avicii died 6 months ago The fuck? I thought it was still last month, man how times flies.…[View]
48809286/peeb/ general: when i get home after a long day at work, the first thing i do is crack open a can o…[View]
48809251>be me >have the usual need to jack off >goes to the net to find some good ol homemade porn…[View]
48809748University Applications >high school transcript GPA 3.8 + = Accepted >no other information req…[View]
48809225>someone leaves their sit on the bus >the person who was besides you stand up and goes there i…[View]
48809079>parents fine with sister being a pansexual >won't accept that I'm a NEETsexual…[View]
48808307>sons of single mothers All robots that didnt have a father growing up, how are you holding up? D…[View]
48809884>playing sports >'''accidentally''' kick chad in the balls is there anything more satisfying?…[View]
48809135Sissy Thread #5: Please keep in mind that not all sissies are homos and like taking it physically in…[View]
48810053Manlet marries ro land whale gets bad told to man up: https://youtu.be/e76B7lXI-T8 . Manlet who is m…[View]
48808319Fembots exist: Fembots exist. You guys are retarded if you think otherwise. It's the same shit …[View]
48808650hey bros hows sober october going for you?[View]
48809671would you rather die bitter clutching to your ideals or would you rather sell your soul to the 3 gre…[View]
48809019Currently have to choose between getting admitted, going to a partial program, or going to nightscho…[View]
48809812what happened here? why is she attractive and hes not[View]
48809896A mano a mano: Little by little you realize that the wind blows on your face and steals you a smile …[View]
48809734Warning: This thread is /bait/: If the title didn't make it clear enough here's the final …[View]
48809443canuckbots how has life change since weeds is legals nows?[View]
48809765Does anyone else get pissed off over Asians who wear those surgical masks when they have the flu to …[View]
48809455>scrolling through Facebook feed >fat chick posts a photo of herself in a bikini I didn't…[View]
48808439>Go outside >See some fat nerdy 18 year old with a 6.4/10 ptp gf >He doesn't deserve h…[View]
48809742rich kid money: >be me >go to rich private school >receive a ton of financial aid, yet stil…[View]
48809456>be me, 15 >go to my uncles house for the week >usually tells me to use tight and short clo…[View]
48806704I have a slight overbite, should i fix it (braces or surgery) or just live with it?[View]
48809400>too fat for my wristwatch[View]
48808000What happened to Claire? Was she too hot for this world?[View]
48809608>be me >get a call on discord from brothers friend >he tells me he heard through the grape …[View]
48809247>be Fed >say you can arrest or detain someone at any time >Don't what could they have …[View]
48809467T and A and P: It is 2008 + 10, almost 2019. The current year! Why do movie companies, video game pu…[View]
48809540Guys my bf just sent me this picture, what do I do :(?[View]
48807337>going to take forever to get neetbux >might not get it >so many hoops to jump through…[View]
48807488lets do the 4chan alphabet i'll start A is for ANON[View]
48808442>Dad tells me I'm a failure >dad hits me because I'm upset >dad threatens to thro…[View]
48808717goblin slayer sucks.... change my mind[View]
48808154>look at tranny porn goyim and keep posting threads, spread that shit like AIDS…[View]
48808532>white and black people fighting each others when hispanics and asians are going to replace all o…[View]
48807599>Be a Chad >Win the Fields medal[View]
48808570What makes us different, fellow robots?[View]
48808627>tfw bf pressuring me into a threesome should i just do it?[View]
48808049>life isn't deterministic, you are in control of your own fate[View]
48809208is it possible to live in 2018 without a phone/phone number[View]
48808910morrowind: >boot morrowind >create character >shitty grafix, can barely see shit >event…[View]
48809073how much is her price per hour??[View]
48808976Do you have movies that you could recommended? I dont care about the genre[View]
48809203Normans unironically call this 'beauty'[View]
48806210put your enlightened thoughts into words ITT >drugs are a highway of life experience, fast growth…[View]
48808770what are the most npc hobbies and what hobbys contain the fewest npc?[View]
48809141Random Fact of the Day: Did you know that breathing was invented in 1885 when British scientish John…[View]
48807412i can't handle my existence anymore, should i get super high, go in the forest and hang myself?[View]
48809140>Be me >18 year old f >Decent looking, nice body >Been depressed for 5 years >Alwa…[View]
48808855Is it even worth it to get into a romantic relationship with someone? All the ones i observed always…[View]
48809120Right when you think things are going to turn out good, you get your hopes crushed. Money not an is…[View]
48808683Is anyone else really, really successful but completely dead inside?[View]
48807768>'look at my handsome son anon' >'anon maybe someday you will be a actor' >'wow anon you…[View]
48809037>tfw posted a pic on /soc/ and got called 'scary' >kids always ask if I can buy them alcohol/c…[View]
48808964>hanging out with gay fren >tells me that he finds me really cute >i get a huge boner …[View]
48807309>tfw ywn FUCK![View]
48808610>be me >diagnosed with general anxiety disorder and nerve problems that cause muscle twitches …[View]
48807985You guys are fucking faggots. How about niggers fuck off. I only like white people. Traps can even s…[View]
48808689God is a faggot: >Tfw you're 5'5' https://suicideproject.org/2016/10/suicide-short-mal…[View]
48807596What can we do about the jews?[View]
48808825Does anyone else have weird personality or mental disorders. Lately I've had worse and worse d…[View]
48808758Halloween thread: tell us your halloween memories good and bad and how one can get back into the hal…[View]
48807038Plastic Surgery: Would you do it? What would you change?[View]
48808076What should be mixed with alcohol to cause death in old alcoholic man with blood pressure problems? …[View]
48803526/britfeel/: Connecting to WW3 network edition[View]
48808070yesterdays mistake: anons I nearly screwed up >be me >with 2 friends >one is smart and othe…[View]
48804494robots do you have a drivers license?[View]
48808767it's 1:45 pm a perfect time for me to start drinking and listening to music! so lets have a mus…[View]
48808080How do I deal with my extreme sexual frustration: How do I deal with the horrible feeling knowing th…[View]
48808240My sister is such a pest, she constantly screams and is manic every other day She treats my parents …[View]
48808622Why am I like this: A girl in my security class gave me a small inch of attention and now I can…[View]
48803269why havent you lowered your standards anon?[View]
48807981any other fembots who dont crave sex? Of course I get horny, but i much prefer the idea of doing it …[View]
48806326>tfw no qt to spend the weekend with >it's another play video games and try to forget abo…[View]
48808117what have you accomplished by being sad and realistic?[View]
48806815>unironically fucked and came inside of my little sister last night FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK…[View]
48807993Any Romanian anons around here?[View]
48808358Surreal drama that's deep and goes on f: The only board I browse is r9k but there's someon…[View]
48808595Did 'that' again It wont ever end. I am broken[View]
48807063how can i stop watching porn permanently? i have zero willpower and any add-on that i install to blo…[View]
48807109what's the point of being a trap if you can't compete with females? the pink pill is such …[View]
48807105>tfw normal day to day living gives you constant anxiety about the future I JUST WANT TO BE COMFY…[View]
48804496Convince me not to do it[View]
48804559Hiring a dominatrix: Anybody here hired a prodomme? I have a femdom fetish and Im tired of fapping t…[View]
48808219If you had a clone would you fuck yourself?[View]
48807250>I love the Big Bang Theory Makes you think, doesn't it. An absolute roastie of a whore is t…[View]
48808437The word 'brap' describes the noisy brap-like kind of farts The word 'phist' sho…[View]
48805998Do girls really like bad boys? Don't they realized they're trash which will cheat on them,…[View]
48807023they are banning on movies on /tv/ what a time to be alive[View]
48805941How do I weed-proof my dorm room? I really want to smoke inside since I would have to go through rec…[View]
48808026Mascbot here. I don't know why fembots call me an attention whore for announcing my gender, it…[View]
48806402college drop outs: Any college dropouts here? How has life been since you dropped out?[View]
48808344>make dick size thread >stays on for days with hundreds of replies >make thread to compare …[View]
48808243What does r9k think of Hampton Brandon?[View]
48808279When will we get acceptable lab-grown women /r9k/ ?[View]
48807664How often do you purge the world, Anons?[View]
48806357ITT / Sleep paralysis exp: Anyone experience sleep paralysis lately? >fell asleep watching old mr…[View]
48806342Fembots, would you date a bi guy who wants to share cocks with you? You'd find guys for threeso…[View]
48808261>playing popular multiplayer franchise >guy starts raging on the mic >he's obviously …[View]
48808257post stuff that makes you extremely sad: but you dont know why it makes you sad https://www.youtube.…[View]
48806381>5........ >Foot... >.. fucking..... >...SEVENN!!!!!!!!…[View]
48805792How do I make good threads?[View]
48807141>tfw no average asian gf with glasses the pain is unbearable[View]
48808072Don't find men attractive but think dicks ate hot. No homo.[View]
48807212Sometimes I get so mad that I wasn't home schooled as a kid, I wish my parents would have taken…[View]
48807798>really want to get BLACKED >scared of STDs and being outed as a faggot Anyone else know this …[View]
48806135Hello r9k story time I finally lost my virginity and you know what its very fucked up to have sex, e…[View]
48807832I have a neck, collarbone, and shoulder fetish AMA[View]
48807125>tfw ur dog lost his virginity before you and i am 26[View]
48807393Why do muslim girls have such nice feet?[View]
48807979hello fellow robots go to here and fuck them up 2000 Rollins St, McKinney, TX 75069[View]
48807442Do you think a gf like this would be attainable in your lifetime?[View]
48807588Take the robot test: Every characteristic is 5 points >manlet >framelet >posturelet >hai…[View]
48808017Fembots, why would you leave a husband like this just for chad cock?[View]
48807579Posting Vivi eating acorns every day until I get a grip on my procrastination and attain a level of …[View]
48807364Talked with a hundred females had more a than 20 dates this year, still virgin and no gf am I a lost…[View]
48807647Name my band /r9k/ The..[View]
48807796>getting ready to go to mall with my dad >open my door to go downstairs >hear my sister tal…[View]
48805689>leave the house >spend fifteen minutes triple checking that every electrical appliance in the…[View]
48807833Found this snake in my room[View]
48807401Would you settle for a 2/10 gremlin?[View]
48806989>qt3.14 asks you out >she's 5 foot 10 >what do?…[View]
48807764>they aren't going to lick themselves,faggot[View]
48807728>tfw being called gay gets you social support but being yourself is a form of cancer: This was li…[View]
48807530I am on disability: Usually you receive 2 years in my country and then you need ask again, but I rec…[View]
48807642>when you are so smart that you look like a brain[View]
48804106Indonesia requires 'virginity checks' before hiring female workers! >The test is conducted by in…[View]
48807693What is the easiest way to go? Cant get out of bed cant do any work its been too much[View]
48807253Why do girls like it when you smooch their neck?[View]
48805812>Smoked weed last night for first time in over year with relative >was really good but no mor…[View]
48807335>pumped and dumped again why are men scumbags?[View]
48805751Ask me anything I'm accused of faking asexual: Title says it all, I even got roasted for being …[View]
48807437>reintroduced to vaporwave/mallsoft >non stop listening to eccojams >tfw Im unironically li…[View]
48807077>girl hits me up after a week >respond back >been two days and still no response What the h…[View]
48806469hey anons, would you smash a guy who wears those? (non trap)[View]
48806039BTFuckboys: Is there any reason to not hate these fuckboys? Their music fucking sucks major dick, th…[View]
48807305>be me >not a jobless faggot >take responsibility for own life >stops projecting insecur…[View]
48807070Crossplay Fun: Anyone else on /r9k/ like the idea of crossplay? I am not gay or MTF, but the idea o…[View]
48801902>be me >social retard >have zero friends, have noose tied for when im ready to use it >a…[View]
48806013Just got Haldol. What should I expect?[View]
48807002I don't want to go schizophrenic help[View]
48805951Anons i did it, i finally did it. I made out with a girl at a party. She was drunk but still anons i…[View]
48807186>tfw you would rather share Chad with seven other girls than go on a date with a beta guy…[View]
48807265I can't walk a block away from my house without getting completely lost. I'm also terrible…[View]
48806543> be me > haven't jerked off in 2 days > have 2 bodypillows > get home from work an…[View]
48807207I'm a skinny submissive manlet and goddamn do I love women that are taller and heavier and more…[View]
48807297if you don't have too much anxiety to post here unless you're under the influence youre no…[View]
48806786Your age Last time you had sex >31 >4 years ago…[View]
48807245Okay Mr.Anonson, just put the sperm sample on the table and we can run test to explain the cause of …[View]
48807233As the story goes... >be me >really cute 10/10 girl Ive liked since around grade school >se…[View]
48807203>'Teehee i like anal and feet im such a weird, kinky degenerate :3'[View]
48807073>tfw you find it hard to express yourself Get called emotionless. But I cry every night you just …[View]
48805146Depression makes me feel physically ill. Fatigued and sick. I will feel completly unmotivated most o…[View]
48806396even when ur married the dicklet jokes don't stop[View]
48806370>went to doctor >weighed 196 >this is down from 220-240 the last time i went to a doctor ab…[View]
48806892disneyvacation: >be me >F 24 >be pregnant and in a relationship >Give birth to a beauti…[View]
48806818I have lots of money now, a bigger than average cock, I'm not a virgin and I have the capacity …[View]
48806723Incels should be forced to become traps by the government[View]
48806449Have you guys ever thought about that girl you used to talk to online and then completely stalked th…[View]
48806728>it's your favorite youtuber introduces his girlfriend episode >unsubscribe…[View]
48806975You do not belong here unless you're a conservative.[View]
48804073How do robots feel about rimming?[View]
48806280Perfect suicide plan: We must have a group of people, no matter from where as far as they can travel…[View]
48805913I think you guys all have to realize that the npc meme goes both ways. People will criticize the lef…[View]
48806409>hey anon, i read your browser history this morning! WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHYW HYYYYY…[View]
48805566How would your life change if you woke up as a 10/10 tomorrow?[View]
48806614tfw I went to my local fast food joint. The girl at the drive thru already knew what I what I wanted…[View]
48806593Plant P1ne Trees[View]
48806774I'm fat. Does jumping in place help lose fat?[View]
48805209is it wrong i get erection from photo of my mum? pic releted[View]
48805959No Beta uprising thread? There was a school shooting in crimea 19 dead 50 injured Internet already…[View]
48805970What are your anal skills like, /r9k/[View]
48805784Reminder: im so sick of >incels who chase woman whilst knowing roasts are trash >trannies and …[View]
48806269Should i just take the trap pill robots?[View]
48805709What is with the retarded faggots who own these murderous hellhounds? They're a dog literally d…[View]
48805716What are your thoughts and feeling on this japanese drawing?[View]
48805344mental health general: >hungry >dont want to cook >smoked a cigarette instead >have to c…[View]
48799873>match with grill on Tinder >have a great conversation >agree to meet >get to the date s…[View]
48806758Why do old people keep touching me? I don't like it at all.[View]
48804384>ruins your dick forever[View]
48803963Is there a surgery that will give me an anime girl fang irl? please help I want to know[View]
48806642Fuck you normal faggots for making this board popular, I miss the times when /r9k/ was so slow that …[View]
48806727>sister's turn to buy the groceries >she asks me to come along 'you need to go outside mo…[View]
48806724I'm the moth itself. We are the scales of the wings. The conflict, the pain. The billions of in…[View]
48805477ANTI-DEPRESSANTS REEE: >go on lamotrigine for mood swings and anxiety >can really feel it work…[View]
48805842My coworker gave everyone free weed plants. He gave me 3. What do you guys think?[View]
48806619So, you're trying to stop Master Anon's reich revival? The STAND he gave me will be your d…[View]
48805358>lose my libido in my 20s >no sexual thoughts or fantasies, porn does nothing for me its like …[View]
48800864Why dont you have a dakki?: Why dont you have a anime body pillow? >cute anime girl to cuddle …[View]
48805455HeIIo 'Nigga'[View]
48806375>spend the entire day posting on 4chan[View]
48806519It's time for my haircut. Tell me what to get.[View]
48806581>be me >tell some christians about allister crowley >tells me that he does dark magic and …[View]
48806558Are mommy threads still a thing here? >discuss mummy/gf (female) >boobs >cuddles…[View]
48806495I ate ass for the first time last night. What am I in for?[View]
48804780Should I stop taking finasteride and minox and just to this? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=33bhL7aI…[View]
48806514>6'3 >good body >big dick >3/10 frog face (kinda look like pepe) can I make it ?…[View]
48801964These are comfy, make a gender reversed version of yourself, make your oneitis if you like to as wel…[View]
48805188>tfw relapse of major depression Should I just kill myself after having depression for 11 years w…[View]
48805378>Is this what you wanted, sweetie? >To watch mommy and uncle Chad have incest?…[View]
48803941Whats worse a girl thats had sex with 10 guys once or a girl thats had sex with her boyfriend 100 ti…[View]
48801796AUSFELE: NO LEAFS BONGS BURGERS OR KIWIS Now for the first order of business We must address the …[View]
48806292>cute voice >ugly One shot at life.[View]
48806359>woke up with dog snuggled next to me[View]
48806371My friend is a suicidal Chad. He has Incel mentality, unemployed and lives with his gf (his family i…[View]
48806351>be me 18 >be browsing youtube >see 9/10 qt3.1415 Pic related >find 30 min version of y…[View]
48805837I'll reply to every post ITT in an ORIGINAL way[View]
48806350People who recognize me: Can you add that I'm in love with Yuuya from Hatoful boyfriend? Becaus…[View]
48806311>be me >or not be me that is the question…[View]
48805735>it's the 'cuddling up with your crush' dream again[View]
48806043Does anyone jabber nonsensical gibberish/pull faces/wildy gesticulate while they are alone? When I a…[View]
48806202What happens to that shy nerdy girl the first time she gets hit on and seduced by Chad? She knows ot…[View]
48806106Would you exchange bodies with a known whore for the chance to be a woman?[View]
48806257Always wanted to be a lawyer when I was younger. Then I was told laywer=bad. Then they said it was m…[View]
48805571>r/wooosh Also, reddit hate thread[View]
48805629haha look at him go origi[View]
48806189>tfw you wake up and can't wait to text that freckled qt who was hanging on your arm at the …[View]
48803546Goooood moooorning, r9k! It is a beautiful Saturday over here in the little country of Luxembourg. I…[View]
48805696Interdimensional racism?: So in the future if we manage to get to inter-dimensional places or differ…[View]
48806119On a scale of 1-10 how bad of an idea is romantically pursuing co-workers? Keep in mind I'm an …[View]
48806138>born in upstate ny >just want to live in LA >would literally rather be homeless >as soo…[View]
48788905The last of the oldfags: At what point do you think the memories of oldfags (or at the very least pr…[View]
48805915Are you a normie? Be honest anons.[View]
48805446Oh my fucking god robots are retarded: I see a lot of you faggots complaining about >tfw no gf B…[View]
48801274>all women want chad funny joke can't wait for all the cope replies…[View]
48803679I have Borderline Personality Disorder AMA: A dunkey video has caused me to relive my childhood. I w…[View]
48802943Whys it so hard to find a well read bf that doesn't waste his time on video games, drinking , o…[View]
48806044Ive only been up for 10 minutes and I've already seen 4 post related to some wannabe school sho…[View]
48806033Does having romantic dreams of other girls count as cheating when you're in a relationship? t. …[View]
48806030its so annoying when normies pick up on a shitty /pol/ meme. two of the most annoying people in the…[View]
48804960r9k is more random than the /b/oard, and you can't convince me otherwise.: r9k is more random t…[View]
48805989>Schools get shot 50-250 miles away from us >Dad says nothing >School gets shot in fucking …[View]
48804638d-do femoids browse the internet topless?[View]
48804567When did you realize that you'll never get cured from your cocklust?[View]
48800373What type of guy does bbws/fat girls like?[View]
48804191>Can't phonepost at work because 4chan is blocked for 'pornographic content' >even blue b…[View]
48804987I want to learn more about how the Columbine guys planned their shooting, and how they did it, but I…[View]
48805760Why don't you listen to ASMR anon? It's a free drug that makes your brain tingle with no s…[View]
48805504Does anyone else on here keep a diary? I've kept one since I was a kiddo.[View]
48800017Part 1 >be asian >be raised by grandparents for the first 6 years of my life away from parents…[View]
48804710HELP YOU ROBOT FAGGOTS: >dad found the piss glove[View]
48805771So do you accept the truth or not: /R9K/ IS DEAD DAB NORMALS IN MY THREADS DAB /R9K/ IS DEAD DAB TRA…[View]
48805706Is there a word to describe these stupid questions that normies always ask? The kind where the only …[View]
48805514>be me, 17 >have a huge crush on a girl from another school >don't see her much and sh…[View]
48804396i am 19 right now, khhv, no friends, shuting, mediocre academic record, no job, no future wait til 2…[View]
48805300Thoughts on this guy, /r9k/? He killed more than Eric and Dylan and unlike them his bombs actually w…[View]
48803871I'M SO FUCKING HORNY I NEED TO CREAMPIE A LADY Any femanons want an e-boyfriend?[View]
48800899what's r9k's opinion on /fit/?[View]
48803729i wiII respond to every post in this thread[View]
48805342You can always tell when an old American cartoon was animated by Japanese people. They always have t…[View]
48804850>had short frenulum that caused the glans of my penis to curve downwards so I had it removed >…[View]
48805310What are some good insults used in your country? If English isn't your native language, try giv…[View]
48802155How to counter-program?[View]
48800270Love: Be honest did you ever fall in love?[View]
48805354Why aren't more girls prostitutes? Anyone that has a decent body could earn an average wage wit…[View]
48804130Up on melancholy hill: Just looking out on the day Of another dream Well you can't get what you…[View]
48805606lets see who can be the most beta, ill show off my beta abilities first: I have over 3 Septillion do…[View]
48805597I can give you that: you just have to come back to me and take it[View]
48805392I know the truth. They spread homosexuality on r9k because they want genetically inferior people who…[View]
48803861>be me >basic hugless/kissless virgin >never had gf >almost 20 years old >majority o…[View]
48805227I told my boyfriend to save up money to get a Steelseries Rvial710 mouse, but he wanted to settle fo…[View]
48805568>go outside >find female plant >take plant >fuck female plant >later virgins…[View]
48803049Anyone else feel suicidal when they think about the fact they'll never have a wife and kids? A…[View]
48805370MGTOW. It's the only way, lads.[View]
48805135Just stay single anons. Love isn't worth it. True love isn't real. It all just ends in hea…[View]
48804411I can't maintain an interest in anything. As a kid I was always asked what I wanted to do. I ne…[View]
48804919Why do I lose interest in playing vidya so quickly?[View]
48802894can zoomer anime even compete? what are some good zoomer shows[View]
48804087I got nothin: I'm 18, no irl friends or gf, my parents aren't willing to give me any money…[View]
48804556Why are women so fucking mean? Who the fuck do these chicks think they are? 'Not okay'? What have th…[View]
48804712>tfw want a cute black wife but I absolutely despise black culture Even if I married a cute, coll…[View]
48805400>See, hear, read, or think of something even slightly remotely lewd >Balls tighten, start leak…[View]
48804512Why haven't you bought a sexdoll yet, hmm?[View]
48801565Is there anything more cringe than female Trump supporters?[View]
48801633can someone tell me what movie this is from? looks real familiar[View]
48805181>Hey big bro, I've been thinking about sausage all night. Wanna taste?…[View]
48803190Tinder: Alright how do i not fuck this up Pic related[View]
48804357Anyone else here grew up with mentally ill parents?[View]
48804410still drinking? its 8am....[View]
48805185are u circumcised yes or no https://www.strawpoll.me/16681886[View]
48805169Tell me robots, have you ever had a revelation of a spiritual nature? Do you believe in a metaphysic…[View]
48804445>No porn for Iggy Azalea or whatever her name is? No worries![View]
48804891Would you marry a paralyzed, wheelchair-bound girl if she had traditional values?[View]
48803914>be me >be autistic >sound like retard when speaking >have nationalist views >be aga…[View]
48805210ITT: Lies you told to get out of anything I'll start >be me >high school a few years ago …[View]
48804855So I'm going to a psytrance party tonight with one of my friends to take acid and MDA, and gene…[View]
48805110PTSD from work: Does anyone else have recurring bad memories from the jobs that they've worked?…[View]
48804810I'm so fucking depressed and alone, this place is dead and it's mostly just normies. Where…[View]
48805051>mom is gambling on her computer again >screams and swears everytime she doesnt win >smashe…[View]
48805054So, my fellow robots, a girl who works with me has a friend, let's call her friend Ammy. My cow…[View]
48804383im a 30+ virgin and I feel like most of my anxiety and depression is linked to it anyone else feel l…[View]
48801664Do robots/cyborgs like to ride motorbikes? I've been riding a 125cc scooter, it's really g…[View]
48805040chestnuts: i wuold like to eat those chestnuts with you,cuddling under a blanket~ i know you love th…[View]
48804135That feel when pic related keeps me going. Knowing that such good women exist is a blessing for the …[View]
48804434>good looking people can become depressed[View]
48804801>go to any board >mildly controversial content gets posted >endless replies of 'you fucking…[View]
48804811>too cold to play vidya[View]
48804690Fembots, have you ever been fucked by a relative? Was it hot? Did you go back for more?[View]
48804897reminder that becoming old and out of touch is the rule, not the exception[View]
48803590Shaving my shit goatee into an even shittier horseshoe. Be back in 10[View]
48799846NZ and Nice Aussies: Holiday edition Anyone in Auckland wanna drink tonight?[View]
48804760I just had a college girl come over and let me cum inside her 3 times for $300. At the end of the se…[View]
48804869An ode to manhood: > be me > A recent alien abductee > They chopped my knee > In places …[View]
48804800you might sleep but you will never dream : ([View]
48803617Was Quentin right about everything?[View]
48803425Does anal masturbation count as being gay?[View]
48791252/NHK/ NEET hikki thread: >What is a hikikomori? someone who has gone at least 6 months without le…[View]
48804021Is it weird for a 22 year old guy to be playing with toys. Like Ill take some wrestling figures and …[View]
48804625what are autistic things you do to feel more big brained, robots?[View]
48804028/alcoholic anon/trying quit drinking again: Im nearly a day sober. freaking out from anxiety and hav…[View]
48804283Think I'm going to rent a storage container and live out of it. Anyone see me running into any …[View]
48802290Do you prefer: Northern European, Eastern European, Western European or Southern European women?[View]
48804603Does anyone else have day were you watch anime and day were you play vidya. Never both on one day[View]
48803120any other neets playing this? im only prestige 3 so far[View]
48803932PIPPI: i would like to carve a pumpkin with you is a thing that we have never done together and mayb…[View]
48803549I'm just an average dude. Average height, weight, intelligence. Look fairly average, average di…[View]
48803993>meet up with escort >really hot >have armpit fetish >sexing her in missionary >lift …[View]
48804046>be mutt >see full blacks who have better jaw line and whiter facial features than me literall…[View]
48801348>Say normies are NPC's >Spam the same exact memes as everyone else You guys make no sense…[View]
48803440Alpha God: Alright nerds, I am an Red Pill Alpha GOD! ANd I am feeling generous enough to answer you…[View]
48802976>had a wet poop again[View]
48804000>you will never have a feet gf[View]
48801518Reminder that tomoko hates incels and robots[View]
48803039see ya later virgins: femanon texted me first see ya later virgins.[View]
48804294Daily reminder that hitting the dating market can cure depression.[View]
48803620>unannounced guests[View]
48801247What would life be like today if 9/11 never happened? Would it be better? Worse? Or pretty much just…[View]
48804074Robot Songs: What song do you identify with fellow robots? Post em https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i…[View]
48804397>washing machine doesn't give cloths back[View]
48802649What do you think are the odds that the mods are following users around 4chan by IP address, reading…[View]
48804288how the fuck do I find this piece of shit? how the fuck do you find something in your room thats lit…[View]
48804373watching together: Football games Currently man u vs chelsea Https://www.rabb.it/windcutter919…[View]
48804323>be me >be few mins ago >regular /pol/ browser >watch video of parents using a child to…[View]
48801243alright so I just took 400ug of acid, and i've already been awake 12 hours, how fucked am I ano…[View]
48803591Anyone have bizarre reactions to weed? Last night I found out depression medication and weed do not…[View]
48804206So I started bashing my head against a wall till it bleed. I kept saying to myself 'what's the …[View]
48795018r9k Friday night drinking thread /alcohol/: space edition What are you guys drinking? I'm curre…[View]
48803929You're all a failure of human beings. Normies and robots alike. Y'all deserve to die.[View]
48802272How do you feel about girls with bangs and shoulder length hair?[View]
48803609Strange. I never thought of this before.: >Watch porn >Suddenly realize that that's what …[View]
48804077What is R9Ks opinon ton BOYINBAND. Is he one of us. do you think he is woke or just another redditer…[View]
48800046comfy mmorpg: Lads what are you playing? Need a nice mmo to get lost in.[View]
48801666Is there anything sexier than 2 japanese schoolgirls making out?[View]
48804183>tfw no gf youre deathly afraid of and she finds it cute ands toys with you. >tfw she wont alw…[View]
48803322Fucked a wagie behind the counter. Forced him to let me suck his dick well he took orders. He was ma…[View]
48804033>dress like Chad >girls judge me cause I'm not Chad >dress like shit >girls judge …[View]
48804086I'm gay and I like men~[View]
48803844i'd hate myself a lot less if i was just a few inches taller[View]
48803248Roastie tore me a new asshole.: i went to see a female roastie that lives by herself for a booty cal…[View]
48803678Femonans, if you woke up in the morning and had a big peepee where you used to have a vagooba, what …[View]
48804081>so far behind in calc that I need my hand held through every homework assignment Can I still gr…[View]
48803244Why is life so cruel.: >be me >really like this 7/10 qt3.14 >dm her 'have a nice vacation' …[View]
48800535Fembots, do you preffer cut or uncut?[View]
48803697There is bunch of normies cleaning the part outside what the? Isn't work for some people in pri…[View]
48802225>come home from work >see this lying on your bed Wat do?…[View]
48803918I'm a balding lanky skelly with terrible acne scarred skin that makes me look older than I am, …[View]
48800219Anon's last night: >be me >roman Catholic >invited to a dinner by my protestant mom an…[View]
48803524>wanting to learn about how to be happy >start online course at UC Berkeley about happiness …[View]
48803957What is it like having autism? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p4Dh2ICB45s[View]
48803369FNATIC WILL WIN WORLDS: fight me orignaliono[View]
48803947Would you date a whore like this[View]
48802740I don't want to be mentally ill anymore, why am I this way, why can't I make friends, why …[View]
48803085All you sinners are going to burn! You wanted to live the normie life style and lose your virginity?…[View]
48802853>hang up a to do list in my room >too scared to look at it well that was productive…[View]
48802939why robots havent fucking offed themselves just yet: pic unrelated. https://core.ac.uk/download/pdf/…[View]
48803607What's the best way to listen to music on your phone Like what App...I'm not asking my fri…[View]
48792027What awful habits do you constantly fall back into?[View]
48803628The more I think about it, the more I hate my autistic self[View]
48803077>roastie tells me she likes me >does nothing but talk shit about me non-stop what did they mea…[View]
48801917who here sleeps just to pass time usually up to 16 hours a day and when not sleeping just lays in be…[View]
48803772my phone didnt work right so the people that work in the service gave me a new one i found a text in…[View]
48803758>tfw you realise women only view men as an object to make themselves look better Post your roasti…[View]
48801466Femanons tell us about yourselves[View]
48794073/lotto general/: >1 billion MM jackpot >400m powerball What would you do with the money, robro…[View]
48802216It's better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all[View]
48803668STEAMED HAMS: Sha, sha ba da, sha ba da, Steamed Hams Sha, sha ba da, sha ba da, Steamed Hams[View]
48803343>ywn experience this why haven't you necked yourself yet?[View]
48803400>size doesn't matter anon https://youtu.be/RDSXo88Jf8A[View]
48802234>parents out of town for the weekend >Stacy sister is throwing a big house party tomorrow nig…[View]
48801346>small peepee[View]
48803279Music feels thread. God-tier songs only If lil peep is your idea of god-tier, please u-turn. https:…[View]
48801437Why do people on 4Chan give black people such a hard time when anyone who has worked retail before k…[View]
48801938>tfw no girl will ever be amazed at your dick size: Anyone else feel depressed that they'll …[View]
48798754>Ate 2 Big Mac meals+large shake at Mickey D's today >Went out later to Golden Corral and…[View]
48801882I had a babysitter up until the age of 18 (I'm 22 now). Ask me anything.[View]
48797753>tfw no 5'4' manlet bf who can be my little spoon[View]
48801144I fucking hate everyone why is there not a single person that I like? Everyone pisses me off immedia…[View]
48800193The Possibility of a Family: Does /r9k/ ever want to get married? Have kids? You will not get there …[View]
48801347Are robots and incels the male equivalent of 'not like the other girls'? Is the NPC meme just a lazy…[View]
48802684I just spent $120 on a tranny prostitute and now I'm depressed as fuck. Ask me anything[View]
48800384Does it get any easier? Honest answer please.[View]
48794246/britfeel/: /friday night britfeel party edition sponsored by watermelon bacardi breezer/[View]
48802388>failed at aquaring tutorial gf[View]
48802652Would it really be that bad to just be a wageslave for the rest of my life? I'm unmotivated to …[View]
48802981>its ironic how you have to confirm your not a robot to post on robot9k…[View]
48802001Did nothing but think all day: I've been having some really weird ideas today. I stayed in my m…[View]
48803161If a guy dare make fun of a womens breast size, ass or weight like this then he'd get lynched b…[View]
48801795FEMBOT GENERAL: what are you guys doing this Friday night? I went to the movies and watched Hallowee…[View]
48802582>social anxiety lessening >world becomes unbearably boring I didn't ask for this... Pleas…[View]
48802966>live in cold shitty small town >parents are poor as fuck >windows are all broken and shitt…[View]
48803073I know how to drive them out, if not atleast make them better, if we make threads that will drive aw…[View]
48801448>masturbate >Peniz is hard >Masturbate >Still hard >Masturbate third(3rd) time >St…[View]
48802979Will an escort laugh at my little penis, or is she use to them enough to not?[View]
48803041gamer: ben sharpie[View]
48803056>been slowly but steady improving in almost every aspect of my life I feel happy today I hope you…[View]
48802858Do y'all think we'll see the end of times? >Technological singularity and major climate…[View]
48801972>shell out 150 bucks for an onahole >too lazy to prep it and clean it so use my hand anyway…[View]
48802377>bored >let's play some vidya >open mouth in csgo competetive >'shut the fuck up a…[View]
48802625Gf broke up with me a few days ago. We been having fights prior. It's Friday night now and I…[View]
48802190Any Robots in Bangkok?: hey guys, i'll be in bangkok for the foreseeable future. if you happen …[View]
48801352Trying tinder for the first time Virgin in uni and wanted to try and get a partner. It's 2am an…[View]
48802387Where can i find a qt asian gf to spank?[View]
48802340>thought I had stomach cancer >it was just trapped gas feels good bros…[View]
48802047>We robots are not like the other NPCs.[View]
48801418ITT: Embarrassing shit you've done drunk/drug addled. I got smashed at a family function and pi…[View]
48798624Get out of this board right fucking now: There's nothing to gain. Get out[View]
48801855any other robots playing mp2, how are you liking. im enjoying and itll be a good way to pass the tim…[View]
48802613>have a close family friend >she's four years younger than me >look at her as a little…[View]
48802720>Be me >Be supersensitive to jokes >Often don't get them >Sometimes end up on r/who…[View]
48802836Just enjoying muh post-masturbation depression. What are you fellas self loathing over tonight?[View]
48802715>tfw no interest in sex or intimacy >not much hope or big need to find a woman to be in my lif…[View]
48802405who /drinking/ here? just had half a pint of vodka, feeling not too bad[View]
48801509Hey robots, my mom says my shirts are getting old and I need to throw some out, even though I'v…[View]
48802259>tfw Baba The Cosmic Barber is dead Whenever famous people die, I feel like people either don…[View]
48802559just stop giving a fuck. go ask the nearest girl you want to rape her and if she calls the cops and …[View]
48802012Robots how did your life end up like this? What do you think caused all this? Open up to me anon[View]
48802697/DrugFeels-2/: Your life a game.... Turn it up turn it up with Cocaine And everytime you live Is ti…[View]
48801986Officially lost my virginity a few min ago to a 21 year old cutie that I met at uni. I'd rate h…[View]
48802546>I want a gf,why doesn't anyone love me >REEE KILL ALL WOMEN WTF DIE I'D KILL EVERY …[View]
48801549>drunk gilf starts rubbing on and flirting with me >she later asks if I want to have sex with …[View]
48800994>tfw no casual furry gf >furry enough to appreciate cute furry art and be fun to talk to >n…[View]
48802629>gonna sleep soon >gonna dream maybe possibly i hope haaha, bet you'll never get too expe…[View]
48802472>tfw no gf to beat the shit out of while fucking[View]
48802498Why do people, I mean kids, vape and juul? Just seems gay.[View]
48802130Will having a successful twin brother with a well paying job and a family decrease my parents' …[View]
48798473Robot drug party: Well robots, I'll be documenting my drug trip, I'm a habitual user. I…[View]
48801146I applied for disability/NEEDBUX back in February after a mental breakdown and job loss. Doctors and…[View]
48802533https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xDXhnK_Qdug&feature=youtu.be gg/F6H24s6[View]
48802530I've given up finding a job in IT sector. I'm either over qualified or rejected. It's…[View]
48802448>fapping to porn >look up the porn star >she's dead…[View]
48802151I finally organized all my porn and I still had less than 30 gigs. How much do you guys have?[View]
48802471they call me the insane ripper, yeah, i grab my gun and slam in the clipper, uh huh, everyday when i…[View]
48802168What's it like to live with the knowledge that you'll never be a lesbian and experience th…[View]
48801619>smoke weed and masterbait[View]
48801635What are some must read horror/spooky books? Tell me your favourites :)[View]
48788969/creative robot general/ thread Creativity is extremely healthy: share songs, videos, drawings, pain…[View]
48796534Hyf: Laura I'm killing myself. Deer[View]
48802236Does anyone know kwak?[View]
48801951This anon predicted the NPC meme months before it started.[View]
48802139Guys, I think I'm dying, I've gotten addicted to dihydrogen monoxide. Shit's strong g…[View]
48800717Any niggers here? I want to ruthlessly massacre your asses[View]
48801799I just realized every single out there is gay. Drink ayahuasca, you fucking incels, spergs, autists…[View]
48801447I don't find any of the threads in the catalog interesting, so I'm starting my own, intere…[View]
48800560>make friend >cautiously start being myself around them >become convinced that they hate me…[View]
48800843I'm so fucked up. Originally speaking of course.[View]
48801280How am I supposed to cope with being a failure in ever facet of my life. I'm dumb as a rock, am…[View]
48802019sexfag hate: I hate sexfags, I want to chop off every single penis and vagina in the entire world. I…[View]
48802086First threatened sexual assault allegation: >Be me >14 at the time (no joke) >Am a fencing …[View]
48800227Secrets you will take to the grave >dad cheated on mom 6 years ago, I'm the only one who kno…[View]
48801116>normies can experience suffering[View]
48801928>potential to do the world good,change peoples lives and have statues erected in my glory >The…[View]
48801099Weed only gets me paranoid.[View]
48801973>be me, junior year high school >Friend asks me to sign yearbook >Agree >Decide instead …[View]
48800993Red Dog: >be me >Kelpie Cattle Cross dog >1970s Australia >Pilbara region WA >desert.…[View]
48800670Why don't any girls ever like me?[View]
48800367Do the robots like girls with big bums? What do big bums mean to you?[View]
48799639drug thread: about to roll a joint, was gonna try listening to the grateful dead, i've heard th…[View]
48800705>find out the reason why I can't hold a conversation is because I'm uncultured >need…[View]
48798450>make thread or reply to thread >people tell me to kill myself…[View]
48800637>yfw your oneitis turned you down 5 years ago and you could never manage to talk to her again She…[View]
48801102remember robots, theres a way to escape your failure as a man! Join the sissyhood :3[View]
48800500You have one sentence to change my life. Go.[View]
48801217Moments of victory in your life thread: Usually we have depressing stories but here is a story I…[View]
48799895I dont listen to music at all: Does anyone unironically not listen to music at all? Like it does abs…[View]
48801823Any discord servers? Specifically ones where I can fall asleep in voice chat?[View]
48801502huhuhuhuhuhuhuhu idwanfewa fdsakf dsaakfdsaklafasop. look at me. imma smart guy. i call the enemy da…[View]
48800378>random holes on the side of her skirt >boring hair >fat girl calves YUCK…[View]
48799974List Ways to Feel Good Without Drugs: There's an active drug bread but it looks like it's …[View]
48790503Vocaroo Thread: You bitches better recognise. https://vocaroo.com/i/s12EgU6siMTI[View]
48801106Anyone else constantly blushing? My face is constantly red all over, it looks really gross. I also h…[View]
4880160318 year old zoomer here, did any other zoomers not have a smartphone or any social media accounts th…[View]
48801417Can we get an unethical life tips thread? >Order pizza from the same place every time >Never t…[View]
48801653>get hungry >dish up leftover chili >toss it in microwave for couple minutes >open micro…[View]
48801477>Be me >Trauma surgeon >Big car accident, 3 dead and 2 others in critical condition >Sav…[View]
48801630Bad big beer: does anyone of you consume heineken products? if so please boycott for atleast 1 quart…[View]
48801587global shitpost: thread where we take the 'men' he' 'man' out of woman, women, and she, and her. spr…[View]
48801239Anyone else in love with this beautiful angel?[View]
48801482>mfw I want to kill myself but I'm too much of a pussy to go through with it Fucking shit th…[View]
48800496I want to go back to being neet but it's too late now, they'll kick me out for sure if I q…[View]
48801530Has anyone ever tried to help you?: Has anyone ever tried to help you out of your condition? I met a…[View]
48800035Movies to cure ONEITIS: I normally when i think about her which i will never get (pic related) i wat…[View]
48771169/drugfeel/: What poison have you picked today?[View]
48801414>tfw a girl have consumed and digested your semen It's a good feel.…[View]
48800396>sister is kind of a dumb thot >sends nudes to her bf >fast forward two years, they have si…[View]
48800104Now that the dust has settled (I think), did he really deserve any of this?[View]
48801405Realizing there's no reason not to kms makes me not want to anymore.[View]
48801342Why haven't you got yourself a black girlfriend yet?[View]
48797804>tfw we live in a cyberpunk dystopia without the aesthetics[View]
48801353Look at this goddess. Her smooth soft skin, sexy outfit that compliments her feminine curvature, and…[View]
48800699I don't need any friends to hang out with on a Friday I'm just gonna get drunk and watch d…[View]
48800139Whats the best reaction youve ever gotten from a girl about your dick[View]
48801230This is just an example of how easy girls have it. Be born +7/10 and cute. Just tell mommy and daddy…[View]
48801304>Tfw used to be a lonely loser with high libido >Cannot resist more and succumb to one of my f…[View]
48801049Why am I so attracted to bad girls :( Nice ones are just so boring and unappealing and lame.[View]
48800991You need all the help you can get: Dear assholes, I'm drunk and I'm bored. I'm also o…[View]
48799985>tfw not a burrowing animal >tfw no specialized hands and claws >tfw no super sensitive w…[View]
48799129anyone else here dip? fuck normalfags and what they think.[View]
48801162There is not a single robot on this board, yet you subhumans still use the term to feel special even…[View]
48800878>Ouch! Ay, what the fuck! I ain' made outta no damn chocolate honkey! Get the fuck off me mu…[View]
48801176join us: Bg8VfY[View]
48800299did i ever have a chance to be normal?[View]
48800372There was a girl at my fast food job I worked with, we talked frequently and had some good times tal…[View]
48801122had my last fillings done today won't have to go back to the dentist until february[View]
48801117'Sup old niggers. I just made a catchy song to describe my gen. Hope y'all can dab to it. …[View]
48800493>be me >write greentext resuming my shitty life >next day >hear brother laughing hyseric…[View]
48799473calling all girl sof /r9k/ does penis size matter? Whats the optimal girth/length in your experien…[View]
48800148For now I have reached true Nirvana[View]
48800178Multiculturalism: Does different DNA necessarily mean something is a biological enemy? I keep hearin…[View]
48800257Need advice on what to buy my big sister: Have 30 bucks from pawning off some of my old junk and won…[View]
48801023would /r9k/ accept a thicc gf if the opportunity arose to acquire such voluptuous intensity[View]
48799760>dad killed himself 7 years ago >tfw u realize as time goes on that he's the only person …[View]
48799461Has Anyone Seen My Fren?: Has anyone seen my fren Based Frosby Anon? I haven't spoken to him in…[View]
48800692oneechan, I sent you something nice!: it should come in the mail early November. i hope you will enj…[View]
48800434I want to mangle myself, to break my body til it reflects as I am on the inside. Til my face is a sh…[View]
48797447>be me >watching tictok bitches dancing Pic related >mom walks in >she leaves after seei…[View]
48800760I want to breed a mutt's lewd body![View]
48800039does anyone else here feel so inferior to the point of tears?[View]
48798313Rose: Friday night? No Rose thread? Let's change that! Come home rosebud So few buds left editi…[View]
48800870>computer screen starts fucking up >goes to a blank screen >try to restart it and bios is d…[View]
48800916fuck mirrors: holy fucking shit I am ugly. I just observed myself in the mirror. Small frail neck, g…[View]
48800703post NPC theme songs >garbage >extremely popular >full of npc behaviors https://www.youtu…[View]
48800515Had to move back home and with my mom who is starting to fuck with me. She's throwing away my f…[View]
48799614>thanks for coming over for Netflix and chill anon :3[View]
48799466what is your ideal female body? please keep discussion civil.[View]
48799169Friday night music thread: What are y'all listening to this friday night come and vent if you w…[View]
48800568>grew up poor >can't relate to people waxing nostalgic about their childhood games and su…[View]
48800797>be me >be gay and virgin >girl across the street offers to fuck >a bit overweight but w…[View]
48798886I'm assembling a team to drive the trannies out of /r9k/ Who's in?[View]
48800453Nofap is fake.[View]
48800772Is Rihanna /our girl/ lads? Pic related.[View]
48799448i don't know if i love my girlfriend anymore, she's really bound to me and i know me endin…[View]
48800750the world aint all that[View]
48799097>hey fembot can you spot me a 20?[View]
48799949Lads, I'm really feeling the hatred towards roasties on this fine Friday Evening. I'm aski…[View]
48799691Is this watch autistic? Do any anons wear g shock watches? I really like this one.[View]
48798318You found this mask of magic and surreality mysteriously in your room. What do you do?[View]
48800111What have you achieved this year so far anon? You... you have achieved something, haven't you?[View]
48799386>2006 >be 16 >tell parents how I think everything feels fake and scripted and that nothing …[View]
48800654>jus go for nerdy plain girls, they aren't whores who only want Chad This is the most delusi…[View]
48800327>be me >walking down sidewalk in downtown [shitty city] >see these group of guys mumbling t…[View]
48800398>13 year old sister pulls pic related out of cabinet and says to mom 'Look, it's anon!' Shou…[View]
48798975Anyone want a 31 year old loser who works at a dead end job as a bf ... I'm asking for a friend…[View]
48799338Just broke it off with my girlfriend of three years.: It was an immensely slow relationship, she had…[View]
48800271Is life even worth it?: No matter whar i do someone will control my life, no one will like me and il…[View]
48800385i can't go to sleep early. as a NEET i've finally been able to start waking up earlier but…[View]
48800590Suicide: What age will you kys and why? Also, what's your current age? Age I will die: 26 Why: …[View]
48800460looking for a nerdy boyfreind: hey my names rebecca and im looking for a nerdy boyfreind i can hang …[View]
48800049>two lab reports, four homework assignments, and two small quizzes to study for by monday >hav…[View]
48799318Seriously, what kind of stick does pic related have up his arse?[View]
48798958What's the best place to hookup in SEA for an ugly mexican guy? I'm eyeing Taiwan right no…[View]
48799810Whats you aesthetic lads?[View]
48800306Hello robots, what's the fastest way to speed-level my stats in intelligence and charisma? I…[View]
48790013Love: Describe your crush, robots. I want to feel my heart warm up by all of your lovestruck words…[View]
48800024can someone make me an original joe rogan pepe with the universe as the background? pic related I ma…[View]
48800020>I'm so sorry for tripping you anon >Pfft NOT…[View]
48800448Boy Scouts becomes female inclusive Join Boy Scouts Sleep in tent with 5 other boys Identify as g…[View]
48798550God i miss pre 2010s era[View]
48800409guys i think i'm in love with a pornstar please help[View]
48800279Weird relationship with my mom: She's not abusive. She's openly affectionate, in fact, 90%…[View]
48796097Discord Thread: Post servers, friend identifications, and your own Discord identification.[View]
48795297What anime do you like, anon?[View]
48797429Creativity and Mental Health: For the four or five people on here who are actually medicated, do you…[View]
48799559Have you ever been sexually humiliated? Tell the story.[View]
48799428To be honest with you I really miss dreaming.[View]
48790348>so anon, what kind of music do you Iike?[View]
48799450I just successfully sucked my own dick. Trust me, it isn't as good as people hype It up to be.[View]
48745298Letter thread. Write to him. Write to her. Tell them how you really feel.[View]
48799313name a worst feeling, you LITERALLY can't[View]
48800159Ok so this is just me venting about anon I just encountered on /pol/ and I don't know where els…[View]
48796999How to stop being needy and sensitive?: >do a new friend >friend is posting on a forum but he …[View]
48799598Robots, how do you do I was almost there. I'd play Runescape for 20 hours a day and go on 48 h…[View]
48797072>tfw no non-normie, depressed, loser irl bf its hard to find these types since everyone around me…[View]
48799622Would you date a girl with a manlier jaw than you?[View]
48799694any tips for a job interview?[View]
48798873I can't fucking sleep due to my shitty dermatitis Any Anon with this fucking desease and how do…[View]
48798921I will live forever: Good luck trying to disprove my claim.[View]
48800032>tfw on the verge of an identity crisis nothing can stop this train now…[View]
48800092>be me >tired >hungry >too hungry to sleep and too tired to eat >this is it for me …[View]
48799722Robot Feels Thread: >tfw ran into my ex while clubbing >she was with another guy life isnt f…[View]
48799981Are you too afraid to be somebody?[View]
48799992>not black or white >still get really fucking angry when black women talk about how they love …[View]
48799616Guys i went to a china buffet and the chinese girl at the front counter smiled at me like she wanted…[View]
48799102>current year >still no gf to lovingly banter with and hold in my arms i don't even reall…[View]
48799901>songs that sound like depression I'll start https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tZ5Mu2gs-M8…[View]
48799520>guy messages me on grindr >asks if we can hang out >we meet and then I try to unbuckle his…[View]
48799344What's that vein called?[View]
48799908the internet isn't fun anymore: I'm almost free[View]
48799015Leave right now. Just DO IT.[View]
48799474I became an NPC: Being a wage slave has actually turned me into a NPC. Back in my NEET days I had th…[View]
48799829All too real diagnoisis: I'm actually professionally diagnoised with c-ptsd and deeply afraid o…[View]
48799848>be me >having an affair with a married woman >got curious today >basically asked her w…[View]
48797878Americans are quite ugly if I say so myself.[View]
48796154fembot here unironically i want someone to vc with me requirements: dont be fucking boring thats it[View]
48799785Tell me anon, why can I only empathize with the pain and sadness of other people, but never their ha…[View]
48799746work: >be me >28 >bottom tier hospital worker >also a student >14/hour >been there…[View]
48799680>How much do you expect to be paid for this position? Why the fuck do interviewers ask this quest…[View]
48799677He died for your sins. What do you worthless fucks have to show for it?[View]
48798731This place is fucking cancer and is making you miserable without realizing. You browse through dozen…[View]
48799662Would you dare a man who wears a thong?[View]
48798446>loneliness can cause heart disease what[View]
48799010im 25. and have a fair amount of money. does anyon eknow how i can go out and enjoy bars and shit...…[View]
48799324i am traumatized from visiting the doctor as a child >never nude >sex repulsed during check up…[View]
48799384>be me >find out I'm gay >try to interact with other gays >find out first hand thei…[View]
48799408Roblox porn thread?[View]
48799534I dare someone to tell me how hope doesn't make everything worse[View]
48792821does this really give you seizures? i took 200mg and i'm scared now. i've taken like 400mg…[View]
48798478I'm not telling you to be yourself or do anything profitable with your life. I'm just tell…[View]
48799578Ideal s/o thread. Here's the template.[View]
48798853Leave this board. Unless you like the repetitive shitpost and repost since it was brought back from …[View]
48799397So yeah, these past few months i have been very happy because i found a therapist who was willing to…[View]
48798353>be 20 >peak at 4'10 what did my parents mean by this?…[View]
48798631>walk to a restaurant >no empty chairs on the balcony where i usually eat >see qt 3.14 girl…[View]
48798541Hi robots. Tonight a guy friend of mine paid me $20 to sniff my dirty underwear. Started as a joke i…[View]
48799347How do I get her out of head: >be me 18 year old kv >gets to know a girl entering my senior ye…[View]
48799332Small empty server, made few hours ago, to gather degens especially taboo lovers. Join if you are on…[View]
48797787Does suffering build character or does it just make you into a pessimistic husk?[View]
48798826Want to improve your life?: It's easy. You can start by LEAVING THIS BOARD AND MEVER COMING BAC…[View]
48799282>almost failed no fap today >almost lost it to tranny sucking his own dick >not even gay j…[View]
48795096Thoughts on women who paint their nail beds?[View]
48799362Pip tip: chicky chicky bando. Pip tip, chicky chicky bandolor. Ehhhyeahhh.[View]
48799323Minecraft server: I need something to do. You probably need something to do. Here's something t…[View]
48799276my abdomen has been paining me for the past day is it likely to be stomach cancer[View]
48799275Well bots, I've hit the end of my rope. It was nice talking to you all but I've lost the w…[View]
48797113>women only select men with the best genes[View]
48796045>Be me >21 >Wake up >Didnt want to cause depression >Cant do anything all day cause d…[View]
48799173God I really fucking miss her. She made me happy. I miss her soft skin and her soothing voice and he…[View]
48799069>Play guitar, bass, mandolin, and sing >Fairly /fit/ >About as social as a cinder block tha…[View]
48795234how do we save her anons[View]
48798829Can someone explain all the different types of pills here? I know redpill is being 'woke' or somethi…[View]
48799168You have already left.[View]
48797321Minecraft nation sim: I started a Minecraft server where you can play as a nation/play in a nation o…[View]
48798652>blondes are the best.[View]
48799222Currently having a psychotic breakdown only a matter of time till someone finds out and I get sent t…[View]
48798825Women getting old: How do you deal with the fact that no matter what girl you end up with, she'…[View]
48796889Good YouTube Channels Thread: Hopefully the site doesn't shut down on us.[View]
48799130> too scared to talk > die alone[View]
48799163>downloading ~50gb torrent >playing an anime on MPC >browsing /r9k/ >Spotify open becau…[View]
48799030what the fuck is going on who is this faggot trying to make us leave our palace[View]
48799144>be me >18 year old virgin who likes vyda >Athletic body due to going to the gym and social…[View]
48798987ITT: Autistic things you get angry over: >when people eat almonds out of a plastic bag >when p…[View]
48793273WOMEN HATE THREAD: I'll start. Share stories and pics.[View]
48798797NY fembots: Are there any fembtots from NY? Just be around 21 and not fat and I'll date you…[View]
48797882ok wtf i was fapping and my siter just barged in the room and caught me mid fap i diditn have time t…[View]
48798315Why haven't you embraced foot fetishism, robots?[View]
48798939Why is this retard constantly spamming threads telling people to leave the board? Isn't one or …[View]
48798917>all the girls around you in uni have had a dick inside their vaginas >maybe they even drank s…[View]
48798465I wish I had a friend to watch seasonal anime with and criticize normalfags together. I bet it would…[View]
48798390Stay here.: Stay. Right. Ignore that faggot telling you to leave. Everything else outside this websi…[View]
48795027Why are womanlets so inferior?[View]
48798864I just want to take this moment right here to say, you're all swell pals that a guy could ask f…[View]
48798259would fembots let their bfs tie them up?[View]
48797067Why do normals use 'insecure' as an insult? Isn't that a reason to sympathize with someone and …[View]
48798954You know what to do.: Just get out of this place and never come back. For the sake of your own menta…[View]
48798247Does listening to audiobooks of The Bible help ease anyone else's suicidal ideation, even tho t…[View]
48797791i might be a billionaire in an hour and 22 minutes: slim chance but not zero[View]
48798755>cant kill myself because ill leave my dogs alone and sad[View]
48798391>ITT: Thing you are addicted to >Sleeping >Sugar >Shitposting >Fapping >The lotter…[View]
48798849Any Delta Omicron fembots?[View]
48798202>thought the liquor store was opened until 10 >closes at 9 >missed it by 15 minutes How am …[View]
48798308>don't be so insecure, size doesn't matter >besides, women don't even like big …[View]
48798816>Do cardio exercise >Listen to music >Feel happy I exist https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xq…[View]
48798025why do you guys not just get jobs most of /r9k/ is intp like me and intps have the highest IQ on ave…[View]
48797118>Say something nice about me, or I'm gonna put a hex on your dick!…[View]
48798041You guys are all just a huge conglomerate of waste of space. It would be better if none of you ever …[View]
48797774Should I go to law school? r9k decides.[View]
48798703Micro$haft Winblow$ 10 is complete and utter fucking filth: I guess I won't be making any music…[View]
48795377i fucked it all, i'm going to jail soon should i kms asap before it? where can I get the tools?[View]
48787546Controversial opinion thread: drop ur controversial opinions below >except pol tier shit pls…[View]
48794963what is your opinion of the anons that post here claiming to be 'men'? and what do you think of the …[View]
48797336How do I stop having severe oneitis? This has been bugging me for a while now and I want it to fucki…[View]
48798434l wanna fuck a fat bitch[View]
48797572Anyone wanna ask into the life of a loving nuclear family? Comprised of Wife Husband Baby boy Doggo…[View]
48798670>that loser who didn't establish life long friends or goals in high school…[View]
48797759What is the most important quality in a potential girlfriend?[View]
48798677Ich have acomen to yower terroyre enserchen notycion of thyn internet. If it emplesen ye, taunen me …[View]
48798144>spend prime years in school in top sets and get good grades and slowly seep into the group of sm…[View]
48796076Rape is not that big of a deal. It's someone touching part of your body with their body. We don…[View]
48798615>438 days until 2020[View]
48797897Posting turkey apu everday Day 83[View]
48798203in Spanish class today this creepy mexican asked out this beautiful Australian girl and got rejected…[View]
48798596I need to assemble a team: Boys /b/ has a army and i need a team![View]
48798292get in the tub scumbag special FBI agent aPu is here with a warrant[View]
48797145Why the fuck do you keep coming back to this awful shithole of a board? There's nothing to gain…[View]
48797927>tfw everyone at work hates me because they found out i've been eating bits of their food…[View]
48795743>roaches crawling all over my room >roaches on my desk >take a sip from my soda >roach i…[View]
48798522is it too late for me /rk9/?: >be me >be beta virgin >meet this 7.5/10 grill >friends te…[View]
48798206LEAVE THIS BOARD: Right fucking now. There's nothing that this site can offer you. I'm not…[View]
48797661god i wish that was me with her[View]
48798449>girl starts joking about foot fetish fags[View]
48795957Why do people use linux? It's literally just windows but everything is harder to do and it has …[View]
48797471Perplexed phajeet reporting >Jap men before WW2 alpha af > fought till death > dishonored b…[View]
48795844Asian girls are so fucking hot god damn why do you worship w**Te trash girls still? It's so eas…[View]
48797124All of you are mentally ill anyway so I probably shouldn't be asking you, but is it really bad …[View]
48797452Apologize, ricecels.[View]
48798324You have 15 seconds to think of 5 things that women on average do better than men on average that do…[View]
48798338Is it illegal in western countries to arrange a suicide pact with someone?[View]
48798303You, yeah, you!: You're wasting your fucking life here mindlessly browsing 4chan. You HAVE TO l…[View]
48798384Hookers: Why don't you virgins get a hooker? It's fairly easy. Just go to rubmaps and look…[View]
48797619>tell someone I feel lonely >they tell me to get a pet Why does this piss me off so much?…[View]
48797205>be me >be fat/short >on bus >cute girl comes on next stop >sits beside me WHY DO YOU…[View]
48798037My son's a fucking psychopath: >be me >have a 6 year old kid >says he wants to go fish…[View]
48798164>get hapa gf two weeks ago >Kept it pure. No sex stuff >Went out to cafes, the zoo and even…[View]
48797570i just inherited 1.5 million dollars because my parents died in a carcrash. is there any reason i sh…[View]
48795421Is white male Asian female relationships really that common in the US and Canada or are people memei…[View]
48798215>tfw you realize every you do but sleep is self destructive[View]
48798245guys stop spamming tv with these outdated shits[View]
48796375Misaki, the angel that saved Satou, Friday Night Thread[View]
48796730Unconventional smells you like.: I like my ear wax smell, and i also like the smell of my toes. Not …[View]
48798048>he's American Y I K E S[View]
48797092So... im oficially not gay. Huh, go figure. No easy way for me[View]
48796939where's your god now?[View]
48796260When was the last time you made meaningful physical contact with someone? It can be anything from a …[View]
48797316How would your family react if you brought Jannu home as your wife?[View]
48798083I want to be a prison guard and observe criminals.[View]
48798131>See a mildly attractive young girl >Have to look closer to check if she's not a male I h…[View]
48798105>work at wagie job for 2 yrs >just got promoted >new job is to tell old coworkers what to …[View]
48797318Why would anyone eat doritos for fuck's sake they're horrible[View]
48798058I hate my retarded entitled brother my Dad said I'm too mean to my brother and that he 'had a h…[View]
48796925Ever had a hot sitter anons? Plz share stories and details.[View]
48797395I want this board to go to flames. STOP POSTING HERE. Stop coming here. There's nothing to gain…[View]
48787857>On the train >This girl sits down right in front of you Wat do?…[View]
48796641This fucking shit hole of a board is destroying my mental health and I want another outlet to post a…[View]
48795220Fembots:: Do you think you could take a huge dick? https://www.xvideos.com/video27402171/giant_cock_…[View]
48797641Do you like fake eyelashes, fake nails, fake hair, lipstick, eyeliner, lip liner, foundation, blushe…[View]
48797739What would you do if you found out the person you looked up to the most was unironically a furry? No…[View]
48797652>tell roatsie she has ugly teeth >she start crying Oh that feels great ! Stupid insecure bitc…[View]
48797920Post Potent Art/Images/Quotes: I need to feel hollow and whole at the same time[View]
48796752Would you date a girl that is 5'10?[View]
48796181Is it possible for a blackbot to escape robothood?[View]
48797171I don't know why I'm writing this. I feel the need to write. My life is objectively a mes…[View]
48797977>baby in the neighborhood won't stop fucking crying stick a dick in it fucking baby…[View]

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