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47659718How can fembots even compete with these types?[View]
47659210how do i convince my gf to eat out my asshole? pic unrelated[View]
47660168Uni Thread General /UTG/: I'm going through my first week of college right now and I am truly a…[View]
47659336Would you let Hanekawa use you to relieve all her stress?[View]
47660135Gay ass dream: 2 months ago or so i had a dream that someone was butt fucking me, like i could feel …[View]
47659796>'I'm such a gamer tee hee' >hasn't played anything other than Fornite and the lates…[View]
47660088Hey fembots, any of you want to gave me the greencard in exchange of a loyal and loving husband? als…[View]
47658950>watch gaming youtuber >has a qt gf >cant relate anymore…[View]
47659976>boss asked me to show up 40 minutes early today >did it >15 minutes before my 12 hour shif…[View]
47659389>at movies with my mom as a kid >some niggers sitting behind us put their feet on the chair so…[View]
47656750if you can't pee in the toilet water in your own home how can you say that you are truly free?[View]
47658396>The clitoris contains at least 8,000 sensory nerve endings. To put that into perspective, the pe…[View]
47659769>2nd day of class and have to read 16 chapters by next week So how's the semester starting f…[View]
47659178I just got back from the gym AMA[View]
47659988Happy hump day, wagies. Just a few more days to go before freedom.[View]
47659713>u want nice black log up your ass >yeah good its a literal circlejerk of retardation >nic…[View]
47659835Why haven't you embraced T/A yet Anon? You know it'll help you out in the long run right?…[View]
47659954>thought cute boy was confessing to me >he meant to send it to someone else…[View]
47657463What do you fap to once horse midget scat snuff vore cp porn no longer does it for you?[View]
47659166>tfw no halloween Pam gf[View]
47659533'Wow. Look at Anon go. He finally got his Class M1 license. I'm so proud of him.'[View]
47659868>tfw no stupid sissy faggot to clean my sweaty, hairy, chunky neet body with his tongue Someone b…[View]
47654984>tfw you will never be a Japanese salaryman climbing the corporate ladder…[View]
47659707Need some anime: Well brobots, I'm in need of some ecchi, romance, school anime to forget me wo…[View]
47657966Post what you'd like to do to this homely girl.: Honesty would def be appreciated.[View]
47658353>my cellphone died last week >i wont get a new one until another two days help mmeee…[View]
47657128*filters your water*[View]
47656874Um... guys? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oOnD0PDB9yQ[View]
47657813>Anon, did you drink Mommy's last beer?[View]
47659695>be short-sighted >wear glasses for entire life >glasses make everything seem smaller >t…[View]
47659671What happened to these guys? Over the last couple years fedoras just disappeared from the internet w…[View]
47658636>tfw you will never lose your v-card to a milf who gives you $300k afterwards…[View]
47659635I'm bored if any femanon or fembot wants to play games or talk about dumb shit hmu misso#3816 …[View]
47655844>one chance at life >born albino oh god why…[View]
47659512Do you ever think that there's probably someone out there who eats all 31 flavors of baskin rob…[View]
47654007/CREATIVE ROBOTS GENERAL/: Come share your creative works anons Or receive some tips from others on …[View]
47659033>mfw I will never bust a big fat nut on my blonde cousin's perfect ass…[View]
47623393for all the lonely ppl, make friends here: write a bit about you, or something[View]
47658605fucked up my social life for the next 4 years: so this happened a few minutes ago >be me >see …[View]
47658704do you think there are dogs who are redpilled about their owners?[View]
47659332>We've finished polishing your anime figurines master Anon. Is there anything else that requ…[View]
47654011Who else here /seasonal NEET/ >wash windows in the summer >save up more than enough to NEET on…[View]
47654418This could be avoided if you stopped eating meat[View]
47659042I think I was raped, I don't know what to do.: So, while I was travelling with some friends, I …[View]
47658929>working at fast food >it's alright tired af though >trio of koreans come in >one g…[View]
47656079Anyone here have a membership to a femdom site? How is it? Thinking of getting one to Humiliatrix.co…[View]
47658826Can I convince you to agree with this statement?[View]
47657691It sheems, at thish junctshar (significant pause, hand raised): A haeshtorical. Inef-it-ability (wip…[View]
47658058>don't go to the dentist for 6 years because too poor >finally go and they fix my teeth …[View]
47658965himr is alpha af: How does this autist get so much pucci?[View]
47659300.: A true alpha male one could only dream to be.[View]
47658483The Robot Curse: >be depressed robot >never have a full time job >finally get one at age 24…[View]
47659265>Be a cyborg >Participate in social event for job training, you have to get along with these p…[View]
47656105>ask my psychiatrist about additional ways I can treat my depression, like checking to see if my …[View]
47658628>hate US healthcare system >vidya to try and forget about it >earthbound >paula dies in …[View]
47658441The r9gay general is just a bunch of tumblr tier sluts circle jerking about being obnoxious whores a…[View]
47648759Why are women so degenerate and literally only like rough, dominant, and sexually sadistic guys? Pic…[View]
47658514>at work >bee flies into my face >impulsively swat at the bee >it stings my eyeball >…[View]
47657953Let's get a comfy thread going[View]
47659122I was enlightened for about a month and lost it, AMA All the pressure, all the attempting to underst…[View]
47656878/wankcp/ - Wagies And NEETs Knowledge-sharing and Co-operation Project: I'll make a thread imag…[View]
47659111https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lyEQCYnYbyU >reddit frog originates as a gaiafag meme REDDIT FROG…[View]
47659099It just dawned on me that I haven't yet masturbated today, and I've been awake for almost …[View]
47657479Anyone else here close? I'm so close. I'm sick of this fucking world. t. 30yr old boomer[View]
47659039Emotions are a hindrance that needs to be killed. Reason over emotion is bullshit. We only need reas…[View]
47658602How and why should government have rights that you don't have? How is it okay for them to boss …[View]
47658220Greentext: >Be me, 17yo birthday >GF gifts sex, we do it on the sofa >feelsgoodman.png >…[View]
47657837>Unironically living with parents and not having a job even though you're 18+ Nobody really …[View]
47656817>don't fap for 3 weeks, feel fucking great, my skin looks very healthy and glowing >watch…[View]
47658090>live in a building with 64 1-room student apartments >most students young german roasties …[View]
47658567Let's face it. Women are just controlling, heartless bitches. All of them. Modern society has l…[View]
47659000Ugh verdammt noch mar[View]
47658060Why does this board have so many niggers that have similary type of mindset as me?: Any of you Cx?…[View]
47657655>be me oldest boy in family >Mom tells me to turn off tv and go to sleep >Turns off tv in l…[View]
47657675>have to leave for work in 0 minutes >still in bed…[View]
47658861> ugh, I can't believe I have to kiss you because of a dare! w-what do1??!…[View]
47658921Robots, please, only a few seconds of your time. Hold my hand and pray with me. Say with me, 'God, p…[View]
47656252Mom tells everyone my personal business: >mom tells random people that i'm having a tough ti…[View]
47658633Anyone here ever tried taking adderall for studying? Whats the recommended dose? Tried it a few hour…[View]
47658513Making my Death look like an accident: I am done with living this pathetic existence, but I do not w…[View]
47653317Just got to know how gf lost her virginity: I'm devestated by this. She worked as a serving mai…[View]
47658830It's interesting how my partners complain about not having a girlfriend and how sad they feel a…[View]
47655738stay at home wives: I never got the concept of this. >both parents are post graduates and from ou…[View]
47654756Would you rather be an 18 year old in year 2000? Or an 18 year old in 2018?[View]
47657488>I love white boys with yellow fever! What did she mean by this? Some Asian girl I overheard toda…[View]
47658749This is what my mom's new boyfriend/side lover should look like[View]
47658577Tinder: why is it so eze bros?[View]
47658450If i just stick to 1 chick and talk to her and be friend her any chance it could become a thing or n…[View]
47653460Write a letter: Anonymously write a letter to someone who may or not may read it. Get something off …[View]
47658023Whats the most autistic, beta thing you've ever seen? >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=de3t_…[View]
47658686>friend makes a tinder account for me after egging me on >13 matches in one night >but I do…[View]
47657076>currently sitting at the side of the freeway waiting for AAA to show up and tow my car home stor…[View]
47656950>Hey big boy~ >Your mom's going on vacation for two weeks and said she had a fussy baby w…[View]
47657327Any robots into playing instruments? I play bass guitar. Tell me about yours! Pic unrelated[View]
47658521What are your g4m3r habits?[View]
47656117>go to bookstore >see this blocking book you want to get what do?…[View]
47657038if i can enjoy listening to recorded voice of a dead man, is that man really dead? or am i dead?[View]
47657576If I come on /r9k/ one more time and see porn, dicks, vaginas, and tits in the catalog I'll lau…[View]
47654028If killing someone in a video game doesn't make me a murderer, then how come masturbating to lo…[View]
47658019ITT: autismo engineering I'll start >be me >be 15 >computer starts acting weird >so…[View]
47658139I have an offer for you, lets say I could give you the perfect life, at the cost of your youth. If y…[View]
47655862Who are the /hoes/ of r9k? I forget their names, the only one I remember was Ciara[View]
47657594Why don't you eat the peel anon?: its the most nutritious part[View]
47657539Would you redeem your ancestors and pay a qt black girl her seminal repirations?[View]
47657623Since normies now know what incels are how long till the first robot van murder spree and news atten…[View]
47657832>be me >eating those drumstick icecreams with nuts sprinkled on top >bite right on some of …[View]
47657930why am I like this, /r9k/? >be me, 18 >bisexual, start dating a guy online >he lives in ano…[View]
47655639Why don't you just marry an ugly asian girl?[View]
47658321End of an Era: Stefan Karl Stefansson just passed away today. I don't know about you guys, but …[View]
47656417have you done some things you regret? things that affected other people? post your apologies here …[View]
47658326>One chance at life >Soiboy WHY MUST I SUFFER LIKE THIS…[View]
47658028Any good discord servers for robots? I'd like to join a good one.[View]
47657810>go on tinder >my own face and stuff >get very few matches >eventually go on one date wi…[View]
47658288https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l5dnOxTwobE >a vegan black guy could easily take your oneitis why…[View]
47656488does anybody else peel the whole banana before eating it?[View]
47657518>see youtube notification for penguinz0 starting a fucking fortnite stream >20-something minut…[View]
47658179something mildly amusing happened today: >be me >at school >funnyboy walks in >wearing t…[View]
47657037big sis kathy. i miss you a lot. today i cried my eyes out[View]
47655532I'm a tomboy who doesn't really dress up when going out in public. I'll wear a hoodie…[View]
47626854MBTI THREAD. What's the most chad type? The most virgin? Which type do you get along with best…[View]
47658032the world is scary: the outside world is fucking terrifying. kidnappings, murders, robberies, terror…[View]
47656905Hey guys I learned social skills over the past year and haven't visted r9k since then. How is e…[View]
47656863>Accidentally asked a girl if I could touch her feet[View]
47657223Give me 1 reason you DON'T try to be more alpha or assertive? Yes you might have setbacks in li…[View]
47658030Is this guy just the worst?[View]
47654385Would you date a girl that had sex with dogs?[View]
47657999drug thread: Experiences to do while high? Wash your hands and face. So I can't smoke cus of a …[View]
47656059Why do women lie: >be me >walking home from school cause I dont want to wait for my sister …[View]
47656656I took 5 grams of shrooms at 4:05 and nothing made sense at the time and now everything is back to n…[View]
47657264why won't my landlord let me be NEET in peace? I was trying to eat pizza in the kitchen and he …[View]
47657839>all the 5/10 girls I used to go to school with now have 10/10 chad bfs Are men really this disad…[View]
47642993when did you become NEET and why?[View]
47657142lil peep will never show up at your door late one night totally fucking faded upset about his girlfr…[View]
47646207Hey fembots, how do you feel about the fact that if you don't have an innie pussy, you are lite…[View]
47655891You'll never feel her touch again, the feeling of her heartbeat against your chest is the song …[View]
47657814What are you bots getting into tonight? I'm going to be farming some herbs/ores[View]
47655188>be me 28 kisslesa virgin >24 year old little sister has wedding on saturday >when we were …[View]
47657639based 5'5 mexicancel killing whores, i guess she cant ride chads cock anymore, sad![View]
47657753Fuck it, I'll come out and say it. I unironically like BLACKED porn. Who's with me?[View]
47657723http://www.facesofsuicide.com/index.php Have you had your daily dose today?[View]
47657652I made it: Farewell brothers, I'll miss you[View]
47657014>Only friend is a respected content creator of a video game community >I'm too afraid to …[View]
47657601big larp thread: >https://twitter.com/thesavoyshow/status/1031401098471501833 well /r9k/? what do…[View]
47656960>'Anon tell your big brother it's dinner time' >'Haha, oh sorry anon. Mommy always forget…[View]
47657578I beat doom 93 on ultra violence again[View]
47657572>have long day with daughter >coworker comes by to say hi to her and gives me a domino's …[View]
47657573>be boring individual >live a mundane life >in order to be a 'success', meaning being wealt…[View]
47656600Guys I need your help with this one >At work stocking shelves because I'm a wageslave >Al…[View]
47656667I don't get much training at the kickboxing classes I attend, but last time I trained with a gi…[View]
47652680You're in a life or death situation and the only way to survive is to fuck an animal. It can be…[View]
47657447I aint got no money I aint got no hair[View]
47656235>cleaning my waifu figures >feeling around her (small) body, looking at her beautiful face …[View]
47657398Any fembots want to chat I have kik[View]
47656993>Ywn never visit an Amazonian tribe and impregnate all their qt women The feelings are especiall…[View]
47657482>tfw would have been a zoomer if I was a martian Dodged a bullet there[View]
47655612D'you think he reads Ayn Rand literatura? How often d'you think he reads them? How often d…[View]
47654195>tfw found out my great grandfather was a literal nazi in WWII How should I feel about this? My f…[View]
47656405When will this end? I'm seeing more trannies online than non trannies.[View]
47657008Finally lost my virginity guys to a literal fucking 8.5/10, we did everything, i thought the whole p…[View]
47651959What food are you eating right now? >rice with corn and chicken[View]
47655897this explains why MTF traps are on the rise...[View]
47657286my wild ride crazy afternoon! S1E02: Tricked by a trap! >be me >get home from work >watch…[View]
47656374>meet a cute girl at work >we have a lot in common >talk about anime, videogames all day lo…[View]
47657226Just a little reminder to all of my lovely ladies out there. #YouGotThis #sisterhood #mentalhealth[View]
47655172Daily reminder that you will never ever EVER marry a modest girl, have a few happy kids, and be mild…[View]
47655352Janitor acceptance emails will be sent out over the coming weeks so make sure to check your spam box…[View]
47656972nofap bread: Hows yours going? What day are you on? Have you noticed any effects? If so have they be…[View]
47655774Where do I go to find qt porn instead of sluts and roasties? Does it exist anywhere?[View]
47655857>bidding on Pokemon cards >1 minute left about to win >refresh the page it shoots up like …[View]
47655378Why is this board obsessed with oregano?[View]
47657113A modest proposal: my second attempt to convert the Incels to Islam: I think that the one thing youn…[View]
47656799>tfw your parents let you get severe lead poisoning as a baby Never stood a chance.…[View]
47657063Which one of you faggots Catfished me: I was just trying to find a cute trap gf on Grindr >Pic re…[View]
47654353Plastic surgery: Any anons here have experience with plastic surgery? I'm a poorfag but I'…[View]
47656196Things that are for brainlets: >tv >anime >video games…[View]
47654699>daydreaming about dressing like a supervillain and living with absolute freedom out on an outpos…[View]
47656987>Tfw I have to sell the things precious to me to make ends meet[View]
47656325I wonder if my ex-boyfriend still thinks of me. It's been over 9 years.[View]
47656249Tinder: why is getting matches so eazy bros?[View]
47656867tonight my mommy is taken by heart failure. one parent remaining before suicide is guilt free.[View]
47655365So what is it like having a vagina? Am I the only one who thinks its kind of weird Isn't the cl…[View]
47639962What are your religious (or non religious) beliefs?[View]
47656917I'm a pacifist I've got passive fists (except when handing out umburella flyers) Pleas no …[View]
47656337>one shot at life >ugly should i just kms myself? or can ugly people live happy lives too?…[View]
47655947Why do I always feel attached the most to people that dont give a shit about me?[View]
47656309>be me >listen to pornogrind music >get the sudden urge to fuck a dead girl now How the fuc…[View]
47656877>tfw just made hot choffy who else /comfy/?[View]
47656176People convincing you of shit that isnt true: >be me >be unstable autist, diagnosed with depre…[View]
47656186Putting yourself out there is so hard. Someone brings me to a pub, everyone can see I'm sociall…[View]
47656231Is this what insanity looks like? I decided to sketch this stupid cartoon egg of a box and ended up …[View]
47656160>tfw I look horrendous in pictures but slightly below average in the mirror…[View]
47656722USA Border Patrol: >As long as they find you 'suspicious' you must do as they ask >Can search …[View]
47656789what happened to this post?[View]
47656641>dad died when I was 9 >it's been 13 years >can't remember much >can't re…[View]
47656676What type of glasses do robots wear? Pic related are the closest i could find to mine, thin, all met…[View]
47646153who /daydream/ here: >spent another hour pacing around my room listening to music >all while d…[View]
47652696'special' pepe thread: post all your pepes bois[View]
47652144They just can't get one thing right. Even their attempt to be strong and independent is backfir…[View]
47656619I slept with a girl a few days ago and can't get it off my head. We didn't have sex, becau…[View]
47655874normie logic >race isn't real >iq isn't hereditary >beauty is subjective >but …[View]
47655633>find gf >think she's perfect for me >kind, cute, considerate, patient, understanding,…[View]
47656408Woman tricks 100 guys to show up for tinder 'date' and then publically ridicules them and has a 'com…[View]
47656395kat please stay safe today and be happy[View]
47656452How it feels on this board these days BAKA[View]
47655164Eurobot here. I hate my native language. I mainly only speak English online. I also think in English…[View]
47656419Drink alcohol. >what drugs are you on? What did they mean by this?[View]
47655445> Hi anon, my platonic friend, this is my roomate daria. She's pretty cute huh? I'll le…[View]
47656390>had no interest in football for the first two decades of my life >thought i was too much of a…[View]
47656369What could your life like be if you had enough willpower. There are many ideas, that I have in my h…[View]
47655583Post a song that has been stuck in your head for days https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4GEhHNsJyho…[View]
47656317Spirituality n shit the discord link is >> hhr4kVh << We are a community of individuals …[View]
47652875Weight feels: Who here is trying to gain or lose weight? What are you doing for it? Currently 125 p…[View]
47656284To my dear friend Muhammad, I dint know you for long and I'm not sure if you are still part of …[View]
47654715The best of and when it happened: >1980s - music / cars / fashion >1990s - video games / anime…[View]
47655676>Why are you interested in this type of work? I'm going to get a fucking aneurysm. What the …[View]
47655270post 3 absolute bare minimum things you want that everyone seems to have, but you don't. i…[View]
47655433>School shooters are mentally ill, they shouldn't be able to buy guns >School shooters ca…[View]
47656134/britfeel/: Poop edition[View]
47656175I'm trying to get over my porn addiction and this site is making it harder than it has to be. A…[View]
47655572Help me find a home?: I'm finished with /r9k/ and I'm going to migrate to a blue board. Re…[View]
47655180we should terminate all forms of life. Life is a cancer on the planet. Kill every last bacteria, kil…[View]
47654428Am I a pedo?: Am I still a pedo if I date a 15 year old Italian girl in Italy? (Age of consent in I…[View]
47651217i'm 22 and never had a job, my mom is forcing me to get a job this week i'm scared of the …[View]
47654921Robot rental: Any ausfags in melbourne got a free room or something from 25 october to 1 november? T…[View]
47655992>when he thinks he can get a gf with a name like James[View]
47655985>bored and spiteful as a NEET >bored and spiteful as a college student >bored and spiteful…[View]
47656077Is death metal white or non-black gansta rap?? Think about it.[View]
47656055>Mom found the ergonomic penile pliers It's over bros[View]
47655593Is it me, or are guys a lot more compassionate, considerate, and less-immature than girls? In genera…[View]
47653909the chad baby[View]
47655171>be me >be 5ft8 with 6/10 face >get mogged by 5ft11 guy with 2/10 face Why though…[View]
47656035>tfw no artsy memory witch gf[View]
47653925>dad found the manifesto[View]
47655990why are images of people with catatonia so funny?[View]
47655308who here /altright/ i like fashwave tbqh[View]
47653520Why are there so many underage people on this board?: As it says, why are there so many people here …[View]
47652512/britfeel/: Freshly baked edition keep it comfy[View]
47653830Reposting my thread from /lit. I think I might get some interesting, even if hardly useful, insights…[View]
47651884Do you blame your parents for how you turned out? If so, how did you come to forgive them?[View]
47654993What does /r9k/ think about my lyrics? I received critism last time and I changed it a lot wanted to…[View]
47655398anyone else taking walks at night hoping to get jumped and ending up dead/in a hospital[View]
47652806I wish I had a bf so I had something to actually look forward to. And we could talk all day long abo…[View]
47655915I'm changing the approach to Tinder dating. I know that I am chad-lite 8/10, and that I keep s…[View]
47655628No Fap General: This is the /nofap/ General, get in here fellow nofappers >how long is your curre…[View]
47655884Everytime I listen to this I felt depressed as fuck, robots. She will never come. https://www.youtub…[View]
47654546So my plug ghosted me but thankfully he told me a site of where to get it from. Im just tryna get so…[View]
47655851doge blog #2: I never took notes in college. I was too intelligent to need to. I take notes in the w…[View]
47653403When did you realise 'women love confidence and success' is a meme: >be me two years ago >lone…[View]
47655813betas are male anglerfish[View]
47655756When you're #1 to get rekt http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-6084071/LazyTown-actor…[View]
47655811Easiest way to off yourself? No, I'm not taking anyone with me kek[View]
47653956tinder: >still no matches[View]
47654286Why has /r9k/ been so slow today? Not just today but lately in general, and all of the threads have …[View]
47655380https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_oLzX0RPquk POST FAVE R9K SONGS[View]
47655224mollie tibbets: >tweets 'I hate white people' >brutally murdered by illegal beaner ohnonoonono…[View]
47650760Why are women so fucking pathetically oblivious to the fact that they age like milk? Look at pic rel…[View]
47653853So, I got rejected by a girl. We went out on 2 dates, both were nice. She seemed to like me. The who…[View]
47655414Do you think governments should give kissless virgin NEETs a basic income?[View]
47655627When are you going to accept the superiority of pear-shaped, average-looking chubby girls?[View]
47654862>one chance at life >born a mouth breather Give me one reason not to end it all tonight https:…[View]
47654187SSRI brain zaps: ok so does a brain zap kinda feel like this thing that happens to me sometimes when…[View]
47654577Being dead sucks. Know what I mean?[View]
47653603people born after 2000: there are 'people' here posting right now and they were born after the year …[View]
47653161How would you feel if your girlfriend bought a sex toy for a guy friend? I've been dating my bo…[View]
47655233I told my boss I was quitting and I have one week left of work. A bunch of really long shifts and ev…[View]
47654373>mom calls you into her room >'hey anon, like my new tattoo?' wat do?…[View]
47652235My parents are getting old.[View]
47654596>when you're crippled at a young age and have to carry a cane around >no matter how attra…[View]
47654557Anyone else here addicted to 'non-drug high'? I currently can't stop doing what's called '…[View]
47654888how to hang self with belt??[View]
47655428>be me 23 no gf >have a bro 20 with a gf 19 >they're engaged >my bro calls me out '…[View]
47654020never give up big sis. you have a loving little sister[View]
47655404I hate my life: >be black male, middle aged >torturous job >ask people questions for resear…[View]
47651204Are there incels/robots from here that can get out of their situation and get lucky and get laid? I …[View]
47655439Can you guys imagine a boardroom full of suits watching his videos and trying to come up with ways t…[View]
47651995/feelings/: Post your recent feelings here. Good or bad.[View]
47655291Masturbation/NoFap: What constitutes an unhealthy masturbation habit? I'm into self-help so qui…[View]
47654210>want gf >befriend qt fembot >become obsessed with her and constantly paranoid with who she…[View]
47653882Seriously though, if a girl shares her drink with you does that mean she likes you?[View]
47654983Robot Musician Thread: Is anybody on this board a musician? Post your work[View]
47648410Why the fuck does everyone suck at video games. Why do I have grandmasters in my ranked games feedin…[View]
47655256How do I move from my small town for a job if Im on probation? They said I can transfer I just need …[View]
47653656big cocks matter: i has a bigger penix AMA[View]
47654564Men who don't get married are selfish: Stop being a manchild and go marry a nice woman. Plenty …[View]
47651401>tfw never used social media >tfw people look at me like a weirdo when I say I don't use …[View]
47654739Why DON'T nice guys pursue nice girls? Kinda hard to sympathize with you when you chase stacies…[View]
47655038I know I've asked often about it here (with little to no responses) but I'm still insecure…[View]
47654422does getting pegged by your gf while wearing women's clothing run the risk of turning u into a …[View]
47653044Kill all humans. Foul humans, die already, you and your shit planet[View]
47652657>the huge crusty (sometimes bloody) booger in the back of your nose every morning Who else gets t…[View]
47655182https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3e-Eh1BbpwA But the heart Will remain As a silhouette of time Hear t…[View]
47654408fuucking hell bros I already miss him[View]
47654954Sad: Day just got a whole lot worse, he died[View]
47654089Started uni at an age when most have already graduated. Hurts like hell. Especially because my girlf…[View]
47639449/r9gay/ - #423: i just want to cuddle and read him a book edition previously >>47622095[View]
47654621Posting for my friend day 4: day 4, enjoy the ride[View]
47653829>How >Where >When Can you approach a girl?…[View]
47654932Is the 2018 toyta camry xse v6 a chad car? Would having this car at 18 be impressive to normies or t…[View]
47654209>go outside >can't fucking breathe >go back inside i tried, fellas.…[View]
47654990when i think about it enough the only thing actually holding me back is my face. it's always be…[View]
47654211smoking: good old smoking thread ill start >what do you smoke and how much do they cost a packet …[View]
47654884Anon Needs Help: >Be me, NEET loser >be browsing Netflix >see documentary about an autopsy…[View]
47653335What are some good ways to fuck with people irl? Like sugar in the gastank shit. I want to cause som…[View]
47653430how do i stop crying at everything[View]
47652482WWYD: serious question anons would you be kratos? (GOW3 version) explain why or why not[View]
47654792I am 33 years old and I still own like 15 cans of Axe body spray that's all, thanks for reading…[View]
47652872Is there anyone here who was uncut early in life but got cut later on? How was it? What differences …[View]
47654451ITT: Autistic moments >crack phone screen >tried to screenshot it to show my friend >realiz…[View]
47654534>it's hot >open the windows >hear normies down the road laughing and having fun >cl…[View]
47652092what do you guys think it tastes like?[View]
47654734have another good weekday kat the voices keep putting me down everyday. but after i stop crying i lo…[View]
47654449>Post saying 'Do you remember your teenage love?' >Everybody replies with 'OH F…[View]
47653477Vidya suicide prevention program: >be me 29 khhv >no degree >no driving license >no usef…[View]
47651238do ledditors really speak like this?[View]
47654618i have been racist a pretty long time. but in the last time a noticed that most foreigner are very f…[View]
47654133>entire identity consists on hating normalfags and liking anime How did it all end up like this?…[View]
47654046go green: go green ya all[View]
47654519>be me >8th grade, skinny beta fuck >get crush on qt 3.14 >sit next to her in math >w…[View]
47654027>be me, 23 year old virgin, on the fat side >week 6 of nofap >at a bar trying to pick up gi…[View]
47653450>oh, look who's just woken up, come on anon, stick your tongue out, we ain't gonna lick…[View]
47653006>be me >20 years old >in a country where marijuana is illegal af but everyone is doing it …[View]
47653375All these good looking guys can slap a girl's ass, choke her, and cum on her face but if an ugl…[View]
47654481going to a reexam in 2 days, i can't possibly prepare it all and so much of it is gonna ride on…[View]
47654433This is a sad day, bros. Genuinely sad over how fucked this is[View]
47651737Water Fasting: Have you tried it? How hard is it?[View]
476544111. are you queen? 2. when did you last slay?[View]
47652301Well I was really looking forward to this game, but now that they've bowed to sjws they're…[View]
47647865How much do you make?: It's an anonymous board, so let's share! I hate my life precisely b…[View]
47653941I just realized, dads always listen to an OST, it's just their own life's.[View]
47654337Why don't you just listen to disco funk music /r9k/? Think about it: >cures depression and …[View]
47654282A literal 44 year old man gets this prime teen pussy because he's rich (pic-related)[View]
47654301It's fucked up, ain't it? How we can come from practically nothin' To bein' able…[View]
47648304Pro Trap thread: Traps are way better because they don't come with luggages of emotional distre…[View]
47653674degeneracy: i am helplessly addicted to pee porn. clear pee though as yellow pee is disgusting. thi…[View]
47652438Asians are racist as fuck but very few people ever call them out on it[View]
47652066Can I still get a gf if I live with my mom and don't have a car?[View]
47654159Robot Media: Post robot tier media recommendations. Films, books or whatever. https://www.youtube.co…[View]
47654157Enjoying your misery: Anyone know that feel? The general sentiment seems to be that you should work …[View]
47654000>26 >realise that I've never said 'my wife' or 'my girlfriend' out loud in reference to a…[View]
47653533No one loves me. Im all alone. No one thinks like me. No one wants me to say what I really believe. …[View]
47653995Occultism general the discord link is >> hhr4kVh << We are a community of individuals wi…[View]
47649532>le student debt is shit meme Why do people think this? Student loans are the best loans you can …[View]
47653088(Ex)-druggie boys lend me your experience and wisdom. I'm forced to go cold turkey from daily 1…[View]
47653002>tfw you can't even introduce yourself[View]
47652151hey wagebitch click on my thread[View]
47654044im stinky[View]
47652596Anyone hang out with normies at sports events and in bars/pubs(uk)? How do you handle the lower qual…[View]
47653824>it's a 'normalfag is surprised because you've never watched Harry Potter or Star Wars'…[View]
47650858Would you rather be a kid now (2018) or a kid when you were a kid?[View]
47653235>Put into situation with people my age and suddenly realize how far behind I am compared to them …[View]
47650647The legend of army man Chapter one - the takeover of political incorrectness >be me >Be 15 …[View]
47653731Tuskfeel r9k: >literally turned into a walrus >drugged and pavlov'd to the point of losin…[View]
47653932Are you a guy who survived cancer? >WELL UH, TECHNICALLY NAH[View]
47648794Discord disasters: >talk to fembot for months on discord >talk daily and exclusively >lots …[View]
47651846I always have piss stains in my boxers, theyre always fucking wet. doesn't matter how many time…[View]
47653519How has your last 4 years gone anons? Mine has been okay >was a dick in high school due to massiv…[View]
47650392Antidepressants: Do they increase risk of suicide?[View]
47653874have a good afternoon kat. everyone is rooting for your success[View]
47653806first greentext hope its not too shit Nobody steals the slush >be me >absolutely addicted to …[View]
47653191Is it normal to be in your early twenties never having worked a day in your life terrified of leavin…[View]
47653316Not a furry, but I'm thinking of going to furcons to pick up autistic chicks. Good idea or bad?[View]
47653582>Yes, Anon, you can be my bf but only if you irreversibly shrink yourself to 10 cm (4 inches). wa…[View]
47653492I was talking with a girl I was orbiting, her bf came and started fucking her This is peak beta The …[View]
47653786Can this fuckin thing be uploaded: be me >into racing >there's this little kart track in …[View]
47649202>tfw no Pam gf it hurts[View]
47651784Now that video games are no fun any more I feel empty as fuck inside. Does anyone have a solution?[View]
47653586my peepee smells bad[View]
47652793Girl ass: Is the brap meme just a meme, or do people actually want to smell a girls dirty butthole.…[View]
47652918my pc crashes when I start any application on it. thats it lads. is this what death feels like?[View]
47653705https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tHRkw2aTibc Too poor to even drink myself to death[View]
47652511my dick stinks. im trying to fap but i gag whenever i take a whiff of my rank nether region[View]
47652807Post yfw its becoming fall[View]
47653649hi my dear robot, do you feel sad and depressed? im here for you! if you want to talk to someone, ju…[View]
47653209good morning big sis kat. please drive safe. you too r9k. youre my only friends[View]
47653278Dreadful questions. >'so what are you're hobbies, anon?' >'why don't you have a girl…[View]
47649948>Anon, why are you so boring? - a woman at work to me, today Give me a single reason why all fema…[View]
47635883How are you supposed to not cum for 15 minutes of this?[View]
47653165>that awkward moment when bae sends u an apo meme[View]
47649495ENTP thread:: Can we get an ENTP thread going? I need to relate and we also need a discord.[View]
47653249Why is there such a difference in masculinity and sexual prowess between whites and blacks?[View]
47648939>tfw you got bullied by a girl Bitch knew I was weak in the inside and put me down by saying I ha…[View]
47653394I'm not sure if I have hearing loss or not. I can hardly understand the Irish and English accen…[View]
47653230>feel sad about not having a gf >masturbate >no longer care about shit like that why do peo…[View]
47651896would you sacrifice a random child as an offering to a deity in exchange for money and power?[View]
47652422cant even pass the 1st semester of a degree, it was fun boys time to neck myself[View]
47653348>all those 40yo+ women killing themselves lmao the wall is real, some girls are hot milfs but 95%…[View]
47653277Anon goes karting: be me >into racing >there's this little kart track in Blackpool, near …[View]
47649265Autism tales: >be me, 18 y.o. beta loser >studying like always >fml >randomly remember …[View]
47650835> tfw no strong ogre gf to bash me in the head[View]
47652192God every time I watch anime I wish I was in anime Why are anime worlds so comfy? Can real life eve…[View]
47653290The Furry Black Hat: >be me >go to a cyber security training camp >First impressions are in…[View]
47653281>was like 14 or 15 >knew a shitload about computers >was playing a game on my laptop >mo…[View]
47653190Let's share roadtrip stories. I'll start >2 years ago >my chinese cousin Ling came …[View]
47651314Things not to do at a wedding[View]
47653121>the average white male looks like this nowadays What the fuck went wrong?…[View]
47652989There are people who film fights cowering in fear instead of helping when someone gets beat up. Imag…[View]
47645852>depression has been getting better the last few days >think things might finally be looking u…[View]
47653111Does it smells?[View]
47651151>wakes up >hates life >goes back to bed I can't do this for much longer…[View]
47653071F Rest in peace. Thanks for all the laughs.[View]
47650286This was Hitler's GF thoughts?[View]
47649644>moved in for college a couple weeks ago >instantly crush on one of my roommates >she'…[View]
47653028>be me >venture on /b/ >found hardcore shit in a bunch of new varieties par for the course …[View]
47652020Is it easier to be a loner or a family man ?[View]
47646945>Take off your shirt and join me, anon. water is warm[View]
47649938I feel like I'm losing my mind anons. I got tired of being pushed around and joked made to look…[View]
47650489>son hitting puberty >has blood splattered all over his ceiling >don't know why it…[View]
47649379Okay boys I turned into chad at church. I've unironically fucked seven different girls/women si…[View]
47651157Should I marry a 6'4' white woman so that my children will be absolute Chads? Or will it not wo…[View]
47649667No troll answers[View]
47651505What would happen if the government banned internet porn?[View]
47652587>friend invites me to go the Monterrey Bay Aquarium with him >he hired an escort no not some s…[View]
47652519>'heh, it seems you've crossed my master a few too many times, no matter, you'll learn …[View]
47651883Family: r9k wassup been luking for a while but fuck i Be me teenage robot, brit fag Have an older br…[View]
47651182Favorite pastimes?: Favorite pastimes? I'll start. Get stoned and watch holocaust documentary…[View]
47651652Femanons do you feel guilty about your fucked up sexual fantasies?[View]
47647471Why not just settle for an average 5/10 gf? Why do you really want a 10/10 supermodel?[View]
47649564when did you realize 99% of r9k posters don't have any actual problems and are just lonely, cli…[View]
47650116Take this test you degenerate faggots, https://bdsmtest.org/select-mode[View]
47650190When do you think the right time to kill yourself is? I don't want to hurt my family but I need…[View]
47652294Daily reminder that this is Megan Fox in her childhood years and that we're all gonna make it.[View]
47652565Sup faggots, I just convinced my friend that he can fix the fan on his laptop by beating and shaking…[View]
47652920Lets meet up and not be lonely losers this year. Post you kik, discord or any other messaging app.[View]
47650827ask a married man anything.[View]
47651051How fucked am i?: My life is good Im /fit/, eat clean, have a fwb thot i see 3x a week ,make good mo…[View]
47650824I was High School Hitler: Here's the story of how I learned from Hitler speeches to establish a…[View]
47652520> be at drive thru > 9/10 blonde qt handing me my foot > hands accidentally touch and she …[View]
47651760>Snort one line of speed. >Crippling depression gone >Clear headed and motivated as fuck. W…[View]
47651336>be me >19 >Work in bakery >Lady (mid to late thirties) always comes in and makes small …[View]
47652434yellow fever: koreanon here ama about getting a korean or chinese gf sorry if you want a japanese gf…[View]
47649965Femdom general #11: Mean edition: I hope this anons holding alright[View]
47652442>be me >order some shit on amazon >three days later, package arrives >take stuff out …[View]
47652264A warning on '''''Fembots''''' and girls in general: 'Shy' means absolutely nothing when it comes to…[View]
47646605want to know how I can tell R9K has normies?: >people actually sperg at lolicons here and non off…[View]
47651471Fatfucks, why not eat less?[View]
47652451>be me >going on field trip to washington dc >supposed to have 4 roommates >me and best…[View]
47652377this timeline sucks[View]
47651676Guys, I need advice. My parents are devout muslims, and by extension, me unfortunately. So far, I ha…[View]
47643978What kind of women are attracted to you?[View]
47649523Who is best Katawa Shoujo girl? and why is it Rin and not that slut Hanako?[View]
47652334I'm gonna kill myself after reading this becausE I realized I'll never make a girl say shi…[View]
47649884I did it. After one year of honing my filtercrafting skill, this board makes me smile again. Turns o…[View]
47652274Scammed: >Buy a key game for myself >friend asks for a key >ask for 10 dollars in irl for g…[View]
47649424americans, why havent you deported all non whites back to their countries yet?[View]
47650209My chat with pops, ages ago[View]
47652248between katawa shoujo and doki doki literature club, which affected and influenced you the most and …[View]
47648357Remember to stay hydrated Anon, even if you are busy on the computer you should always have a mug of…[View]
47652218Thanks for letting me sit on your desk again, Anon. This really means a lot to me.[View]
47651972Games to get the anger out[View]
47652221>working 64 hours per week >went to a 2 day rave this weekend >playing world of Warcraft da…[View]
47652174Became a NEET: Welp. I fell for the meme. >missed my chance to start college this term and will …[View]
47648351/britfeel/: moni is a stupid wanker edition[View]
47652024it was beauty that killed the beast: >was happy >felt accomplished >Becomes prey for roasti…[View]
47651420>be me >been on vacation for two weeks >most boring bullshit in ten years >thankfully en…[View]
47652198== Results from bdsmtest.org == 100% Owner 100% Degrader 100% Rigger 100% Rope bunny 100% Maste…[View]
47652194Only Boomers Please. discord gg 3jNMKg Thanks[View]
47646211BF cheated on me, I forgave him, but I can't stop looking at pictures of the significantly hott…[View]
47650652it's that 'escapism isn't working today' feel again[View]
47651141We are dawning upon an age when convincing sex bots will be possible. This solves the problem of sex…[View]
47652141>be me at 13 >school trip >staying in a hotel, have to room with 3 other guys >write dow…[View]
47652140That feel when I literally got zero friends in real life. It makes me sad and bitter. People say I …[View]
47652132Why is porn so revolting? You guys post so much of it and it's annoying as fuck to have to shif…[View]
47650508itt things that remind you of who you truly are: >talking about cold showers >asks me why athl…[View]
47641023>tfw Moscow[View]
47651728/drugs/: Don't usually make threads like this but just took some shrooms and so wanted to see i…[View]
47637345ITT: Post your real name and rate other names. Joseph reporting in.[View]
47651392How hard is it for people to look after children,work,look after their home and keep up socially wit…[View]
47648460reminder: >if you dont want to kill yourself then you dont belong here.…[View]
47652045How easy would it be to sell 'cursed' and 'haunted' items these days? Or is that the only kind of sn…[View]
47652029how do i find out what antidepressant works for me i've tried wellbutrin and some others and it…[View]
47648935why are reddit fags so easy to anger? pic related, this is on one of my trolling accounts. i average…[View]
47651102What a great excuse to share your amazing tits with your friends and family. Skinny arms and big boo…[View]
47651915>be me >outside in the park >go to a picnic table >see a bottle of onions on the table …[View]
47651711'So that's when I...uh Fembot? Are you listening to my story? Hello?'[View]
47651510So, anon, what's your favorite passtime?[View]
47651882i don't want to fuck any men, but i'd give anything to be able to fuck Eminem.I JUUST WANN…[View]
47651547>just noticed im 5,5ft and much smaller than I thought[View]
476501084n4l: >I think anal is fucking disgusting Change my mind[View]
47651775>when a white girl trys talking to me[View]
47651723Hey robots, join my Quiplash lobby on jackbox.tv! Room code is MMZX. Just use your browser to play![View]
47650937You may have beaten me again today but I'll get you the next time![View]
47650842God I wish that were me, niggy.[View]
47651731I'm exhausted, y'all. Not sleepy, exhausted. It's noon in Texas and I haven't ea…[View]
47650388Tell me about your favorite board. Mine is s4s. It's basically the best board on this whole shi…[View]
47651407My dick is 10cm & thin. Should I learn how to eat pussy well or is it a meme? In porn, women see…[View]
47650661Fembots, do you hate your father? Is that why you're here?[View]
47651613I had to present myself today and I stuttered and almost had a serious panic attack in front of a bu…[View]
47651563Wagery: A few days ago my brother asked me to work with him at a bar. He's the manager/cook. I …[View]
47650216>Told a cute girl 'have a good day' on the elevator today Making progress…[View]
47645562take the 2D pill: Why are you complaining about roasties but at the same time trying to date one? …[View]
47650438Remember to drink water. It keeps you hydrated. You will feel a lot better after! Good luck.[View]
47650338drinking: rainy morning edition[View]
47651514If a borderline autistic person has to go out into this rather obnoxious world independently, then t…[View]
47651291Roastie offs herself: https://www.cbsnews.com/amp/news/suicide-survivor-becomes-youngest-face-transp…[View]
47651040>he believes the earth is a 'globe'[View]
47647024Confess my child it is Tuesday.[View]
47651306ITT: Embarrassing/Cringe/Awkward Shit: >parents have guests over >I need a shit >sitting in…[View]
47650870Daily reminder that there is no 'wall'. Obese Postwall women can still get average looking betas to …[View]
47650311you guys dont know how bad it is being an ugly female. everyone treats you like shit i want to kill …[View]
47651379>Start cutting >Go to store with long sleeves to try and hide cuts >Know some of the employ…[View]
47649238Mathematics is more important than 3d skanks. It always has been and always will be.[View]
47651300How is he able to do this? There must be some trick to it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XuaC3dXay…[View]
47651353There's this gay doctor that lives around and we go to the same store. Second time we see each …[View]
47651130the absolute state of /pol/cucks[View]
47650600How would a male vampire go about finding a female vampire to make life less lonely with together? N…[View]
47651161ok so um sometimes when i eat something really crunchy i get close to having an orgasm and i have to…[View]
47651193Rooshv single handedly solves the Incel Question (IQ) rooshv.com/how-to-stop-incels-from-killing-peo…[View]
47651120>black >almost half of my male relatives have taught english in Asia at some point in their li…[View]
47650091Friendly reminder that these are the type of people who make '>tfw im a cute boy and im into femd…[View]
47650497>be closet neckbeard >buy a Musashi katana online, because it was on sale half-price and impul…[View]
47651065>only know one person who works in my industry >stacy from high school >think of reaching …[View]
47650945>cat has a full bowl of fresh ice water all the time >doesnt drink any of it >drinks my wat…[View]
47651057ITT: extremely weird but also arousing dreams Once dreamt i was Yuri from DDLC sucking off Emperor P…[View]
47650488Mythbusters: 4chan Edition: Are fembots real, or are they not actually robots?[View]
47648976>started jacking off about 2008 >never knew what to do with cum so just swallowed it >jacke…[View]
47650837Hey guys, guys! I've got it. Why don't we just become Chad?[View]
47650733>Parents always say they love me >I know deep down that they hate me and wouldn't care if…[View]
47649277Here I am, complaining about being a 30-year-old virgin thinking it's the worst fate in human h…[View]
47650917o-oh hi, uh, my car broke down a few miles down on the road, im looking for a phone?[View]
47649113Charles Manson: >almost the entirety of /r9k/ claims that only above 6' 10/10 chads get wome…[View]
47650633>you know anon, you should really start reading the Qur'an with us...you could learn alot fr…[View]
47648559Robot rental: Anyone ausfags in melbourne got a free room or something from 25 october to 1 november…[View]
47650883>tfw no transgirl gf to bully her prostate with my bepis[View]
47647978God has given you a qt virgin wife and she bears you a son. You want the best for him. How will you …[View]
47648155Where is Nicolas Fedorov? Someone help me![View]
47650715>'Stop hugging me, anon. It's weird'[View]
47650337>all dicks in porn are circumcised!! it's aesthetic!! No. Most of them aren't. They…[View]
47649486Nostalgia Thread: Really fucking depressed over this today, legit crying because I know this shit…[View]
47643840You literally cannot be a robot if you don't have acne.: You smooth skins are living life on ea…[View]
47650322>started drinking >drink all day and night >thisisamazing.jpg >literally need it to surv…[View]
47650721Girl approached me. Error 404 Error 404. Still a 20y virgin. I'm so bad in quick time events. I…[View]
47650701>tfw no gf to draw as a fantasy or scifi character[View]
47649910I hate this board now. You can't even have a good discussion thread unless it's about porn…[View]
47649579Can I work from home as a neet /r9k/?[View]
47650550Why are you following me, creep?[View]
47650696Greentext: >go to interview this morning >interviewer is a roastie >should just leave but s…[View]
47648831I'm straigt but I crave dick. And I want a cute feminine boy to cuddle with me, and maybe fuck …[View]
47648065I just want enough money for water, electricity, food and not have to work a day in my life, is that…[View]
47647675The new Battlefield low sales is due to Trump supporters and misogynistic people https://www.youtube…[View]
47649778Why did most, if not all, of my sexual desire suddenly went away? I used to have plenty of specific …[View]
47645781>go to bed >wake up with these growing on the wall above my bed Anyone know what these are? t…[View]
47648755What do you guys do for money[View]
47650405Rosh Hashanah 5779: Jewish New Year is less than a month a way, and there is no better time than the…[View]
47648856I am a robot who has no idea how politics work. I can't tell who who is left-wing or right-wing…[View]
47646613Who /avoidant/ here? (originally)[View]
47633770You are REQUIRED to post ITT if you have never seen a girl naked IRL. As always, family members don…[View]
47647330Ok fags, let's go.[View]
47650049/illiterate/: Reading text on a computer or a phone dosent strain my eyes but when i read a book it …[View]
47650189/r9k/ a place for awesome robots to be! i hope you all are having a good day >what's a good …[View]
47650233Is it?: Is 'ASMR Reiki Energy Healing & Plucking Role Play' the robot anthem? It sure seems so. …[View]
47648679Why are streamer girls so popular?[View]
47650132Why did every black person I ever met who was nerdy like asian girls? If he watches anime it's …[View]
47648474All of my friends have abandoned me, and every time i try to approach them they pretend that they ca…[View]
47647327The 'nice guy' mistake; Discussion: So we all know that going for the nice guy tactic is a huge mist…[View]
47647225>don't want a gf >don't want to socialize >don't want to work >don't…[View]
47649413>'Jimmy claimed Asia liquored him up, began kissing him, pushed him onto the bed, performed oral …[View]
47649790So it turns out I actually am high functioning autist Can I join this place now? but be warned i act…[View]
47649130robots i Just wanna remind you that lucid dreaming is a thing and its basically the best thing in th…[View]
47649559How do girls smell like? Is it good?[View]
47649946Why do dumb cunt bitches use 'tea' as slang for drama.I can understand why black people use the slan…[View]
47649148How to make money online? >inb4 google it All that shows up are survey bullshit sites…[View]
47649924Since all the threads on this board are shit, currently, I am just going to kill a thread with this …[View]
47649808Is it normal to want to find a girl, not to have sex with her, but to suicide with her?[View]
47646699Why don't all of you just BE HAPPY? It's that simple, just BE HAPPY[View]
47649876> a week without posting or browsing 4chan[View]
47649811>tfw no scapegrace bf[View]
47645798>white women look at me in disgust >asian women dont even acknowledge my existence >chocola…[View]
47649647greentext nigga: Used to have this kid in my class. He didn't have many friends. I'm just …[View]
47649205Would you take a magic potion that tranforms you into a big tiddy goth gf?[View]
47649714Normies are good guys[View]
47648051how can white women even compete? They cant hahahahahahahaha[View]
47641303/drug/ thread for robots I am feeling lovely on this heroin/fent but i really need to stop picking i…[View]
47649216Fuck America. Im sick of suburban sprawl, sick of not being paid a fair wage, sick of people trying …[View]
47648556Robot politics: thoughts on the alt-right, fashwave etc? are right wing politics suitable for robots…[View]
47649166For any normalfags or robots who improved something, anything about their life, was there some kind …[View]
47649387I'm one step away from commiting myself into a psych ward. I'm falling apart. I feel like …[View]
47649500I finish school at the end of this year and my parents are forcing me to get a job. How can I convin…[View]
47648306henlo: WOOSH henlo frens, how are you doing today?[View]
47648849>jerk off to porn >cum pretty easily >jerk off to fantasies/thoughts >too hard to cum No…[View]
47644392Why are female bartenders, waitresses and cashiers such absolute pieces of shit to non-chads? It…[View]
47649267/uni/ thread: How's it going y'all? >been lonely all summer >actually kind of excite…[View]
47644530Hey guys I am starting to date a girl I met in rehab and she said we can have sex. She said she wil…[View]
47647646>tfw no strong accented british maleanon to talk to yes I know pic related is russian worst fee…[View]
47649303A autistic person's opinion who is a incel or a volcel, Warrior cats: Hey Y'all, I'm …[View]
47649062No matter what I'll achieve in life, even if I won the lottery, can ever take away the pain of …[View]
47647273Tried filling it out and just realised. Am I actually a shitty person? How many of you fags are like…[View]
47646542holy shit robots. i just got a gf. there's still hope for all you guys (pic unrelated )[View]
47648340Has this ever happened to anyone in this godforsaken hellhole /r9k/?[View]
47649292ITT:Assholes you meet: Share your stories of the biggest assholes you met I'll start >Be me,…[View]
47648518well ladies, which do you like more?[View]
47647621>dad found the dick detergent oh fuck[View]
47649247Is King Krimzon a robot? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9kB8JZg1p2g I mean he got btfo by ICP, you…[View]
47649210How can I stay hard after cumming?[View]
47649242Anyone feel like white people shouldn't eat bread? We're mostly adapted to eating roots, m…[View]
47648097Is it true, guys? Is he an incel?[View]
47648404>tfw consider myself highly intelligent but have never achieved anything…[View]
47648209Just in case nobody has heard rap before, let me show you what it sounds like: >big gun me shoot…[View]
47647380Name 1 successful person who isn't Jewish, just 1[View]
47648985I deadlifted and studied engineering for years, and my oneitis takes some caveman cracker instead of…[View]
47649018My girlfriend kicks me in the face eveytime she finishes. Finally I have a girlfriend but this keeps…[View]
47647156Why aren't you lifting? If you're a loser and you're not working on improving yoursel…[View]
47649059Why do I feel like pic related about most people? Its not that I feel neither superior or inferior. …[View]
47646966How come the mainstream news isn't covering the obvious white genocide happening in Africa? Net…[View]
47649014>be real, mid 2000s >11 years old, starting to notice that girls are more than just 'pretty' …[View]
47642798Pic unrelated. >Be me (female(female)) >Be lonely AF r9ker >Be on r9k thread. Someone asks …[View]
47648162>'Oh anon stop crying, it's just sex!' >'Now leave your brother Chad and I be.'…[View]
47648688Ever shit yourself: >Got done walking to the store >Sweaty as fuck but I don't mind …[View]
47648827an hero: I'm thinking I might an hero solely for the purpose of defacing my school's reput…[View]
47648037could this be our guy: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/206738448[View]
47648820>bunch of robots with easy access to firearms >same robots keep posting about killing self or …[View]
47646313LGBT = degeneracy, promotion of it is bad for society prove me wrong pro tip: you can't[View]
47640624Who's your favorite fembot?[View]
47648735tfw no pure religious wife to hunt down western thots and traps with[View]
47646205*crack* ahh 2004 *sips* now that was a good year to be a teenager.[View]
47648671>seeing 14 year old couples walking outside and kissing in public >me 25 and never touched a f…[View]
47644898When's the last time you heated up pop tarts in the toaster?[View]
47648242im just gonna start screaming at women if they come up to me. if a woman dares try to communicate wi…[View]
47647610>be me >read about gender roles >I was always submissive and less aggressive than my classm…[View]
47642025I want to hold Sneaky down and violate every hole.[View]
47644770is this SHIT really going to become MAINSTREAM? Tongue Splitting... Even Males Doing It... WTF, unti…[View]
47648571>working cashier counter at fast food wagie job >13 year old brunette stacy with huge tits, in…[View]
47647879Anyone else find that people who try to 'help' you, when you never really asked for it, to be one of…[View]
47648224How many hours a day do you spend on 4chan?[View]
47648145Hi anons, what are you doing, and why isn't it pic related? Have you ever been in a situation l…[View]
47648514This is the only real interaction I've had in months. Help[View]
47648534Can't wait to start gym again. Uni is almost there. Couple more weeks and I'll be hitting …[View]
47648103Being dead sucks[View]
47648486Wanna see these trips anon desu? Gook moot MUST make me a mod after this desu. 'Niggers tongue my an…[View]
47643373What's your saddest memory involving video games? I'll start. >be me >2008 >Super…[View]
47647890Get up wagie, you don't want to be late.[View]
47643103Are tall women unattractive or are they beautiful and deserve to be loved too?[View]
47648463Well anon, it looks like im gonna fail my first semester. What now? It doesnt help that im still wag…[View]
47646176D-does anyone want to be friends on discord? I need some people to talk to that won't fucking g…[View]
47647602Have you ever felt nice Latina toes stroke your dick?[View]
47648227help im conflicted: Part of me wants to live stream my suicide so I am at least giving back to the c…[View]
47647970Do you ever just throw your phone in the trash by accident? AMA[View]
47648310>be scientific genius >will probably have something named after me >be sad as fuck, have ne…[View]
47644292Is this a hemorrhoid? Its painless. Or a misshapen anus?[View]
47648104I need to get a gf a$ap. My ex is blatantly taunting me and I want it to stop. She's a 3/10 so …[View]
47648179cursed: As of now this board has been cursed, if you don't cry within 24 hours you die. wdyd? i…[View]
47647802Are women even capable?: Are women even capable of having a face-sitting fetish? Do they have the pr…[View]
47647807>be me, cannibal >eating female >get to lower torso thisiswherethefunbegins.mpeg >realiz…[View]
47648129how does sid from ice age get a gf and I can't[View]
47647339>be me >24 year old overweight loser NEET >no friends since highschool >everyone who I…[View]
47646678>t-thanks for taking me to the prom with you, anon[View]
47647897Alright bots, I tried posting this before but it kinda just didn't post, no error or anything. …[View]
47636114Ciara has won the lottery Say hello to the millionaire queen of /r9k/[View]
47644767>tfw not born a qt girl life is suffering[View]
47641324/britfeel/: other OP used the same night image so day image it is edition[View]
47645799>Go to job interview >Sorry, we are looking for someone with experience…[View]
47645433What does you are ideal woman look like?[View]
47642968NZ: By popular demand two designated shitposters (Australians) are allowed to post in this one.…[View]
47647976>be me >sitting on a bench outside my university >see an unopened can of Mountain Dew right…[View]
47644678>I have work in 5 hours[View]
47645986>tfw no EU femanon to talk to[View]
47646791>tfw eating food alone in Uni is so painful. I feel like I'm going to choke on my own food.…[View]
47637918I'm officially in love with a girl from this board.[View]
47646743How do you score with older women?: How do you score with older women? The idea of large cellulite-r…[View]
47645289Who else here has jerked off at school? (or at work)[View]
47646773I was stupid and broke up with my girlfriend, now i want her back and she is seeing an older 4/10 fa…[View]
47647376r9k, what are your red flags? >inb4 none[View]
47647465>be me >has friends, friends also has gf >be a no life and shitty csgo and ow, players >…[View]
47644470You feel it too, don't you?: I've suffered social anxiety for quite some time now, and it…[View]
47647470i just got a gf! there's still hope for us robots! don't give up. (pic unrelated)[View]
47643636Would you rather fap exclusively to interracial porn, or no porn at all?[View]
47647768Hey bots, I need some help (advice?). I think i have autism, but I haven't ever been checked. I…[View]
47643952Hobbies: What are robot hobbies besides video games and anime?[View]
47647581Eid Mubarak Muslim niggers[View]
47647139Show off your nests, robots[View]
47647601>watching tv >fall asleep with tv still on >get woke up by a loud noise >trump appeared …[View]
47646069>no kuruminha gf Why even live[View]
47645110>'oh anon I love video games, I'm a gamer girl haha' >hasn't played anything other t…[View]
47647570Okay robots i'm back just like i promised yesterday i will keep uploading every day. new video …[View]
47641075>be me >21 year old virgin >get job at gas station >kinda comfy job >there is one sup…[View]
47644505Why do I want a thicc black girl to pin my weak skelly body down with her huge butt and thighs and p…[View]
47646974http://time.com/5371870/tinder-group-date/ >be roast >match with dozens of dudes on tinder …[View]
47646775Manlets BTFO by a lighter[View]
47644514whats up with female celebrities shagging up ugly dudes?[View]
47647393>you get a gf to live with you but >she has two bfs who dont know about each other >she wil…[View]
47647358Chad friend found me girlfriend. Later losers![View]
47643798What are demons? Could I be one? Currently banned from /x/ for posting about how karma is bullshit. …[View]
47646526You wouldn't just damn your soul to hell to get some sweet summoner puss,would you?[View]
47646864>classmate shows you memes from instagram meme page[View]
47647289Another day another dollar Any other wagie[View]
47645953Can some robo bro translate this for me?[View]
47647232How stressful are jobs at retail stores? Will you have to deal with pissed off people?[View]
47647185>Grug earn many goodgrugmarks from tribemother >Grug ask tribe mother for dodo morsels in exch…[View]
47645385>be roastie >match with dozens of guys on tinder >rent a DJ and a stage >invite all the …[View]
47647294Tired of your old, run of the mill discord server? Want to ramble like a madman and be listened? Nee…[View]
47646429I just found out that my oneitis is dating a white guy. As a blackbot how should I fucking deal with…[View]
47645757>be me >recently lost a lot of weight >attending college when i make friends with a gorgeou…[View]
47647204sleep: How's your sleep, robots? I go to bed at 10 pm and wake up at 5 am for my daily wagecuck…[View]
47643361What do you want to do when you grow up?: Age 5: >No idea, but you faggots all seemed to have str…[View]
47647192Corporate vs basement innovation: Could the growth in technology we see today continue if big corpor…[View]
47646622What does it feel like to know someone is attracted to you and wants to be around you?[View]
47646444ITT: Bad feeling thread >starting to develop feelings for someone >scene chick whos drop dead …[View]
47643143>if i work out for months I'll look like right instead of how i do now (left) its fucking ov…[View]
47645190I am a mod on a big anime discord server, and I found out from one of the members that another is a …[View]
47646132>mint chocolate[View]
47644502the comfiest thread of all time, ever!!!!!!: share your favorite comfy things / experiences! (pic un…[View]
47646064>be me >trying to lucid dream >learn about the technique where you stab your palm with your…[View]
47645371Thats what they are: Why the fuck don't we call women vermen? >THOTS >GOLD DIGGERS >ST…[View]
47646655I didn't have a father growing up so I was practically influenced by a bitter mother and sister…[View]
47645117How common is depression: Are all people depressed or is it just neets and autistics like us. I dont…[View]
47645679>tfw you realize suicide is for the weak >why would you give the normies something to laugh at…[View]
47643412What are the best comfy, slice of life, comedy anime, like Watamote or Miss Caretaker of Sunohara-so…[View]
47646031>don't derive pleasure from fapping any more >just do so to relieve the urge >bored du…[View]
47646889Which summer cults are /pol/ approved? The Home Alone kid needs to know[View]
47645807if you removed everyone on discord how many would add you back? How many true friends do you have?[View]
47644712Are guys worth it? They pretend to be your friend or pretend to be into you. When in actually, all t…[View]
47644994The ideal girl. Prove me wrong.[View]
47646439How do we save Jilliane Cassidy Lua from her mother and herself? What could we do? She lives in Cebu…[View]
47645874What happens if the democrats win in the midterms? What happens if the republicans win instead?[View]
47646771In this world you are going to have troubles: But take heart For I have overcome the world[View]
47646499ARGGHHH im cringing hard post pic that stop me cringing[View]
47645665Skinny thread. 5'10 64KG Why aren't you lifting weights? Girls don't like weaklings.[View]
47646485Why did not you just get a 6/10 loyal Asian gf[View]
47646618My ID has a picture of me when I had crippling depression with all my hair missing. It's a curs…[View]
47645272>hiya anon! you like my new hairdo, right?[View]
47646338Hey guys. I'm a 20 yo khhv and I'm about to get my first gf ever. Problem here is I heard …[View]
47644566who else has merch of their waifu?: who else has merch of their waifu? I have some on the way in the…[View]
47646320Why are robots cruel?[View]
47646262you have big gay if you don't post itt but you have to tell me if you aren't going to post…[View]
47645707Oregonaly post characters you rooted for/ relate too.[View]
47646364>be me >be Chadwick Von Pussyslayer >good looking and athletic >lots of friends >lots…[View]
47646351>tfw no D.W. gf[View]
47644649Whom here /vampire/? As in you drink blood, enjoy the taste of it, can't get enough, etc. 'Psy…[View]
47645936>mfw 6/10 at work keeps looking at me and turning away when I don't look back or say anythin…[View]
47644305>she's not up all night editing videos for the men she loves and will never have can any ot…[View]
47644606Why won't refugees fix their own countries instead of moving to a better cramp place? They smel…[View]
47645420> Be me > Finally uses 4Chan to make green texts > Posts this green text to r/greentext …[View]
47646091This will ruin your life[View]
47645969ice cream and alai disgusting sex[View]
47644840I feel like shit, and this board makes me feel worse, but I have nowhere else to go.[View]
47646100>girl genuinely laughs at my dumb jokes >rejects me Everything I read about girls is a lie.…[View]
47645231FEMANONS GET IN HERE: /r9k/ is officially having a best feet competition!! To enter, simply post pic…[View]
47645725Stomped a small mouse to death and felt good about it AMA[View]
47636185So r9k, many of you claim to be worthy of getting a gf. But can you prove it? https://www.wikihow.co…[View]
47641688women hate: What level are you on? I'm on level 7.[View]
47645647>be thicc >really thicc >thicc thighs >thicc butt >be a guy How are you today, robots…[View]
47643243lets play a game. you're in a store and you can 3 items and the goal is to make the cashier as …[View]
47644148How the fuck are there so many sex normies here now I thought this site was for anime nerds[View]
47645999>see polarising thread >make bold opinion >harvest you's…[View]
47645972I've only ever been able to talk to girls in contexts where I 'had an excuse' (e.g. a…[View]
47645169Anons, how many nuts have you busted watching this anime?[View]
47645612Masturbation: Do females actually masturbate as often as my doujins tell me or is that all a ruse? w…[View]
47644887What is the best fetish and why is it femdom?[View]
47645442Poo pee poo pee pee on walla eat good is yum i defecate fpr pleasure to save on leasure poo pee poo …[View]
47645008I'm done: Why do I keep coming here? Fuck this site and every single one of you. This site is t…[View]
47645382I think it's time to face reality, I went through a whole city, and nothing NONE, 0 MATCHES. It…[View]
47636470What was the last conversation you had with a woman (female)?[View]
47644022How do I become kind, humble person?[View]
47643664I'm a doctor. But I'm still an autistic kv. How do I find a girl who loves me and not my s…[View]
47645787I never noticed No, never noticed You're so amazing So-o amazing I never said it No, never said…[View]
47641679k since no one will make an omegle thread why are there so many cowards who wont show their face? i…[View]
47645677A Creative endeavour is a Jewish only endeavour no one else will ever find success in it[View]
47643770Are you lonely enough to date ranma 1/2? The deal is you have to suck his dick must of the week, bu…[View]
47644164Feels thread?: Greentext please. Or a feels story of yours.[View]
47645672>go outside for an hour to attend my business (not literal business) >see so many qt girls on …[View]
47643707>he still cares about 3d girls pathetic[View]
47643474Extremely Super Duper Important Poll: Please answer https://www.strawpoll.me/16308482[View]
47644269Any other /hobo/ anons? Currently living in my van parked in an alleyway. I charge my labtop at star…[View]
47645568>be me >make post on /b/ about gf problems >get shunned and called normie scum >little d…[View]
47643685QT DUMP: dump your qts robots[View]
47645505>'maybe I should buy some clothes' >enter store >go to changing booth >an army of chads …[View]
47642308How do i get a comfy job at a fast food or retail wit no HS diploma[View]
47643722Do you wear anime-related merchandise outside? Why or why not?[View]
47645251Goodnight robots.: It's getting pretty late and I've got stuff to do in the morning so I t…[View]
47644471Enough about you, lets talk about me, Johnny Bravo[View]
47645384How many of your problems are caused by the fact that you've internalized our hypercapitalist s…[View]
47644729cant' beat my meat help: I haven't been able to masturbate for an entire month. I recently…[View]
47643405Yuck: I think blacks are kinda gross[View]
47645361>tfw when you find a cute girl on porn Why do cuties are shot in porn? https://www.xvideos.com/vi…[View]
47645353Sister trying to get daughter into acting, told her she would NEVER be famous because only Jews can …[View]
47645315Faggot workers are building a block near mine. And I mean ridiculously close like 10 meters or so. H…[View]
47644565How do I leave my small town if Im on probation for being black[View]
47641414Youth General #18: Trying to not fuck up this semester edition. What classes did you pick up? If yo…[View]
47645287American Dream: >be me >have a comfy successful business >own my own house and some land …[View]
47643235OP from >>47637103 here. Girl just left. It fucking happened boys >she comes over around 7 …[View]
47644832Genuine question, why do girls find him attractive? Does this mean we all have a chance? If girls ge…[View]
47643554here's the template make em, post em, rate em n hate em[View]
47644279>be me >high school senior >find e-gf >she's a 7.5/10 mexican/american mutt >sta…[View]
47644674How do you see beauty in the world?[View]
47644005ITT: Post the most embarrassing thing to happen to you growing up.[View]
47645122Where can I get a Uni GF? My course has 0 females and I have 0 friends.[View]
47645088goodnight big kat. sleep well and r9k too[View]
47644963Hey r9k! Some of you want to date fake girls with plastic boobs, butt implants, which is cool. If yo…[View]
47645063>still don't have enough money for rent despite only spending money on food Th-the boss told…[View]
47643464The people who threw Elliot Rodger off the balcony smoked weed why do you faggots smoke marihuana[View]
47645035how are we doing lately? free (you's): Hi guys how are we doing lately? I am settled into my ro…[View]
47636504Hi! Tell me about your day if you'd like to. Sorry I woke up late today.[View]
47644719I've been tripping on dxm for the last three days r9k, what do I do now?[View]
47642026cvnka seems like a really boring and stupid person.[View]
47644554Time for supper, time for quiet time, time for television. Time for sleep, you might as well stay up…[View]
47644971/devilish/ shit you did as a kid thread >7 year old me >make a flying spaghetti monster in co…[View]
47644689gonna go for like a 2-3 hour urban night hike anyone else like doing this? gotta pack supplies[View]
47644120Alright, let's get it rolling boys. All clothing/EDC grids welcome[View]
47644762This took longer than expected. Post yours, anons[View]
47644790>boss just called me in for my 6th shift cover this week a-atleast I get overtime right bots?....…[View]
47643720If you can make a Tinder and get laid then your life isn't hard.[View]
47643415how do i effectively kill myself?[View]
47643699Daily reminder that all trans 'women' are just pathetic worms who were too worthless to society to e…[View]
47641456What does r9k think of xQc? Normalfag or robot?[View]
47644847CHAD gryffindor that kid who is always second slytherin nerd ravenclaw virgin ravenclaw[View]
47644828Normie scum: Why the fuck is this board filled with normie scum who have social lives, girlfriends a…[View]
47644735Why do I still come here? I've had a few gf's and I took a girl's virginity the other…[View]
47644704>first class of college today whats it like friends? what do i do when i get there, do i just wal…[View]
47644673So i need advice, im heading back to school after december (late as hell i know) let me give you s …[View]
47643663feeling cute, might delete later idk tho[View]
47644731I like this place a bit too much. I think it's because I can talk about my problems and get adv…[View]
47644240Why the fuck do I have an irregular heart beat constantly Am I going to die?[View]
47644692ice cream and alai tasty sex[View]
47644629Have you ever wanted to meta-fuck someone? That is, wanting to fuck them so much that you don't…[View]
47643612>waiting to get on the bus to get home from uni classes >roastie walks by >literally wearin…[View]
47643931> be me few months ago > Straight male that isn't confident in his sexuality > 'Traps …[View]
47644597>be me >bot for several years here on r9k >today decided to cross into the unholy grounds t…[View]
47644579>you'll never have blue or green eyes >you'll always be greasy and ugly no matter wh…[View]
47644434i feel so hollow. i dont have any hobbies. few friends. i cant relate to others and have to repress …[View]
47644003Are there any Southeast Asian robots here ?[View]
47644468I wish I could learn Japanese desu[View]
47643827>be me >studying psychology >in class with this sexy af, tall, Freud/ Lacan fag professor …[View]
47638888Any blackbots want to join a brand-new blackbots only server? All you have to do is post a pic of yo…[View]
47644405reading how you guys type and talk makes me cringe: and then i realize i had some of that edge back …[View]
47643524I legitimately can't get off unless the woman is in deep pain or having her life taken.[View]
47644220Is your life over once you've posted your face on 4chan? There are sites that archive everythin…[View]
47643184>tfw no state enforced breastfeeding from mommy gf police officer Mommy gf thread also…[View]
47644378gnfos com/jp/res/337169.html trev/reiko trying to get the blame of him get this flapper[View]
47644371>Summer is over >Another year where you missed out on having a sweaty summer gf…[View]
47644355Post childhood friends and age >tfw 20 (God i love him so much)[View]
47644051At what numbers is something astronomically unlikely, and at what numbers is something beyond astron…[View]
47642220what does the desktop of a robot look like?[View]
47642747/rrn/- Robot Radio/Nightfeel General: Hey, /r9k/, come listen to my comfy robot radio station and gi…[View]
47643488>Mom left a noose in my room again THIS ISN'T FUCKING FUNNY MOM[View]
47643797w8 why did they call themselves the backstreet boys[View]
47642761Alright, so I'm gonna shitpost one of the most stupid fucking times of my life for you guys to …[View]
47644122>777777 awoooooooooooooooooooooonjhbhb[View]
47644131How much longer do we have to wait for universal basic income?[View]
47643196Sucidal thoughts: I just want some postive affirmations please... I know how toxic this place is but…[View]
47643061>So anon, what do you do for fun? Stacey told me you like Japanese cartoons.…[View]
47643145There's this 15 year old roastie on instagram if you shits are interested. Her username is maya…[View]
47643937>tfw traps make me hard now I want to fucking kill myself[View]
47643192>cool guys get the girls >loser stays a loser is this why normalfags and roasties love this fl…[View]
47643867>long time female friend mentions she has a bf >ghost her Dumb roastie. Does she think 'no Nor…[View]
47643721Who else is playing Shenmue?[View]
47643473We who bore the mark might well be considered by the rest of the world as strange, even as insane an…[View]
47642380What's the worst board on 4chan? >Inb4 /r9k/[View]
47644052Lesbian Storys?: >Be Me >High School >Sophmore Year >Very depressed and lonely >Fri…[View]
47644028Getting a handjob by an adult woman when you are a kid shapes your sexual life forever.[View]
47643226It's true that most incels are only fags in denial?: Or at least the most homophobic ones?…[View]
47643772Post your waifus. I start with Akari from Yuru Yuri in a cute doge costume.[View]
47641986>two page essay by this Friday[View]
47642852Why dont you just get yourself a 4/10 azn gf?[View]
47643842The average woman loses her virginity at 14. The average man is still a virgin at 40. Is this what l…[View]
47643616well ladies, which is better?[View]
47641761The feeling of true love: Can anyone on this board describe to me what true love feels like? I dont …[View]
47643538>day 4 >still no bf[View]
47641877I just want an average looking asian girlfriend to wife one day. Is that really too much to ask?[View]
47643678>he made it to highschool you arent a robot[View]
47643163>on my way to morning classes >Stop by a gas station to buy cigarettes >ask the clerk for a…[View]
47643559>boy who works hardline asked me out after work today >I said yes It's going to be my fir…[View]
47643780anyone else not even want a girlfriend: but just want to get one for validation purposes; that you…[View]
47641351ITT: we post sad boi tunes cause i am a sad boi https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gH476CxJxfg…[View]
47639271Incels Are (Largely) Correct: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XK49spukt38 Based PhD Biologist is def…[View]
47643741What are your favorite snacks /r9k/?: mine are goldfish and BBQ potato chips.[View]
47643172>tfw too retarded to know how to flirt How do you do it, robots? I just want a chubby asian gf…[View]
47642455strange people in public: >be me >wagecuck at ChickfilA >It's 10:00 pm and at this poi…[View]
47642262Cuck porn being spammed? Posts about how white women love Asian men? Posts defending how masculine a…[View]
47636360Non-white fembot feels: >tfw men everywhere prefer white women over you >tfw even in the most…[View]
47642654I am curious if the fat neckbeard in mom's basement is true. Please answer. https://www.strawpo…[View]
47643505>someone says they dont find blacks attractive >75%+ the time they like the light skin ones (m…[View]
47642821It is exaclty 12:00am here, that means I am 18, I can post here now and there is nothing boomer mods…[View]
47643617what goes through misaki's mind while she is being chaded?[View]
47640727Old-fashioned feels thread: Tonight was the last time I'll get a chance to see her in a long ti…[View]
47643274how does make you feel lads?[View]
47642052>millions of years of evolution meant to strengthen the species >autistic losers like us are s…[View]
47638468/r9k/ you guys are pretty gay and stuff. Convince me whether I should become a cute boi or try to be…[View]
47643533The dick and Jane books were just a giant inside dirty joke right? Why else would you name a childr…[View]
47641597>women love a man in uniform >women love dogs Why haven't you gotten a job at a pet store…[View]
47639057>currently 18 years old, and still don't have a license yet. Is anyone in the same situation…[View]
47637634>tfw no lebanon gf[View]
47642504When is it time to see a doctor about a persistent cough?[View]
47643468Anyone else starting to turn bi-curious? Either its something in our food that makes us gay or my de…[View]
47640959play league with me on NA or else this girl will sit on your face tonight[View]
47643419Pls be a mod in my chatroom, Ill even call you a cutie. PAY ME YOU LOSER FUCK[View]
47642729>be me, edgy vaping teen >meet this girl, easy 8/10 >start high key talking >tell her ho…[View]
47641726roastie let me run her tinder and i have free reign, what should i do[View]
47640542There is a guy that works at my office who can not be much older than me. Maybe 25 or 26 years old. …[View]
47643175Would you let your gf wear BLACKED clothing even if she didn't fuck blacks?[View]
47633661Why don't women approach men first?[View]
47642538Guys! I found a chestnut on my floor, do you think it's still good? It's basically the opp…[View]
47643397>milf divorced aunt getting married to a younger guy >tfw can't stop thinking of her havi…[View]
47636898/uni/: Has your semester started yet, robots? Have you talked to any cute girls in your classes? Is …[View]
47643171how do you deal with the heat? when will it end? middle of europe here and its fuckin 30 degrees eve…[View]
47643354Who else manchild here?: Take the manchild pill >tfw born in early 80s >baby faced >tfw peo…[View]
47642136I FELL FOR THE CHUBBY GF MEME: Around two years ago I was able to get a chubby virgin gf. She was on…[View]
47641790Suicide, how would you do it.: I don't see myself getting any better and my living conditions a…[View]
47640777>damn anon, you look cute today[View]
47643215>tfw no zoomer bf[View]
47642347>18 years old >nonexistent sex drive Why do bad things happen to good people…[View]
47643241hey first greentext okay.: >be me >12 >mom finds homework file >is happy because tard mo…[View]
47642770Why does 4chan love this word? Its not even funny or interesting[View]
47642484>tfw 0 - 3 texting girls and getting nudes[View]
47643222>it's an anon goes into the bathroom to piss, catches a look at himself in the mirror and st…[View]
47642316people born after 2000: there are fucking kids here who were born after 2000!!!! WHAT THE FUCK IS GO…[View]
47643140do you use non-Japanese non text emojis? if so don't reproduce[View]
47643180Cats are the best animal because we never truly domesticated them for any particular purpose, they j…[View]
47642679would you still date a qt femboy/trap if he had toenail fungus but was hygenic and everything and ac…[View]
47642312Ever get so drunk you eat an entire loaf of bread?[View]
47643161Everytime I think about her it makes me want to die because she has rejected me three times and I…[View]
47640572i love kelly: Kelly thread? Kelly thread! I love Kelly.[View]
47642759i just got a job and my manager hates me, she's really mean to me and i had a bad day at work t…[View]
47642618>girl says she likes dudes manly Okay >so they have to be tall Fuck me 5'7 >she says …[View]
47643060>always piss in the sink >in the rare occasion that i piss in the toilet, i do it while kneeli…[View]
47642745>oneitis let me have some of her drink today >consumed tiny amount of her saliva and therefore…[View]
47643029Hey brobots. Check out my stupid catfish rap song. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kt_8cC30EYs&…[View]
47641433DRUG TRIP STORIES: Tell us your most interesting/funny drug stories, anon.[View]
47642463>Nearly homeless So /r9k/, I don't come here as much as /bant/, but I decided to for this bi…[View]
47642154What is the post-rate of 4chan (approximately how many posts/threads are made each hour or day)? How…[View]
47642671Why do millenial redditors think it's a good idea to defile large real estates of their skin wi…[View]
47640730>tfw massive victim complex even though I've had a decent life and people have always treate…[View]
47642546What happened to these guys? Over the last few years fedoras entirely disappeared from the internet …[View]
47640546ITT: Dick Sizes: Just measured my dick, for the first time in 2 years i have a 7.3 incher now >w…[View]
47642007>Song is about having a crush >he actually talks to her instead of just staring and fantasizin…[View]
47642737Why should I use this board over /b/ or /bant/? I already asked /bant/ and they didn't seem to …[View]
47642911>tfw was tired today, so I didn't fap 15 times, only 14[View]
47641705Hey anons, I'm looking for a friend. Anybody else want to chat for a bit?[View]
47642834>took a gigantic shit the other day >stomach has been cramping and hurting ever since am i dyi…[View]
4763985790s crush: I'd still bang the absolute shit out of my light bright damn near white Nubian godde…[View]
47640181>tfw won't be neet until I retire There's no way I can wageslave for 40 more years with…[View]
47642782Am i the only person not annoyed by this girl? She's cancer but what big youtube star isnt canc…[View]
47640491>tfw just want to be part of sleepycabin why is life so rough[View]
47641488Did I lose my virginity today?: Had my yearly physical check-up today, but my usual doctor was out s…[View]
47641852>delete my porn folder and start no fap >start having wet dreams again WTF BROS I'M FUCKI…[View]
47640128I just ran for .6 of a mile with breaks and it fucking hurts. How do you /fit/fags do this everyday …[View]
47642697>everywhere I go there's stupid fucking 'your mom will die in her sleep' >ignore all of t…[View]
47642571>grandma found the sperm chamber[View]
47641782I really need 45 dollars right now. I will do anything I fucking swear. I will send you nudes and ev…[View]
47639953>tfw on an old account deleting binge: >tfw realize how many shady sites i used to sign up for…[View]
47642176back to school: YOUNGFAGS leave! Yay![View]
47641141>show up to a date >see this >tfw she is a virgin wat do?…[View]
47640448What music do you listen to when you're depressed? I am a Puerto Rican, and this is what I list…[View]
47641685Does anyone else feel incredibly out of place? Like you should have been born into another universe …[View]
47642653What's the most /comfy/ anime and why is it Spice and Wolf?[View]
47640618How do I stop being a schizoid? I am turning 29 soon and it has dawned on me that I have never had a…[View]
47642553ITT: Things that remind you of her: Cold snowy winters have been ruined for me because that's w…[View]
47642556ITT: things that make you happy i'll start (also pic unrelated) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
47641646>my true life passion is to be an actor >I'm too much of a pussy to pursue it even tho I …[View]
47642536time for this thread: fuckin post 'em you dummies find someone with a similar interest and all …[View]
47642469'Nee nee, onii-chan, why do you have a picture of a green frog as your computer wallpaper?' 'It…[View]
47641280>be me >right now >5 am >be depressed Cheer me up guys…[View]
47642271>have anxiety problem and want to talk to someone >it's work related and i can't tal…[View]
47641187ice cream and alai late night sex[View]
47639260Early 2000s were completely different. Unironically less GMOs and less shitty food in general meant …[View]
47642174Is Metokur singlehandedly the only guy thats keeping the corpse of Bloodsports limping along >be …[View]
47642313>be me >be 17 >get sick of being labeled a virgin >women wont touch me >decide to s…[View]
47640122>fell for the good boy meme >didn't play sports in high school, parents never got us into…[View]
47641703>tfw no gf with mental illnesses to obsess over you and control your life while being totally loy…[View]
47641521Any NEETs here excited for WoW Classic? I'm trying to get a NEET-exclusive (pretty much) team/g…[View]
47627745Oneitis Thread: ITT, we describe our crush/oneitis I'll start >5'10 >green eyes >…[View]
47642302>wake up >forget my phone in my bedroom >go through the whole day without it >hour ago r…[View]
47641928Why does watching pretty women get BLACKED turn me on so much? I mean, I'd enjoy porn either wa…[View]
47641749it never gets better robros. ive spent the last 2 and a half years trying to become a normalfag and …[View]
47642365Anyone have any outer limit like tales?: Share you personal experiences with the supernatural!!! (Pl…[View]
47641189Should pedo's have rights?: Do pedo's deserve to have human rights like the rest of us?…[View]
47640778Why do feminist cuckolds shame White men and Asian women for liking each other? >he couldn't…[View]
47641902Daddy works a long day He's coming home late He's coming home late And he's bringing …[View]
47642298>go to sleepover >be told to sleep on couch because I wet myself last time >girls on couch …[View]
47641225>Wake up >Take 25-45 minute shower >Sign up for 20-200 jobs >Watch 30 minutes to 2 hours…[View]
47640943posting turkey apu everyday day 32[View]
47641690>be 22 yo hkv me >go to super market >qt cashier >see her everyday >one day she gives…[View]
47621784>recently got into classic rock (70s and 80s) a few months back >really got into the musical a…[View]
47640082>tfw no wife >tfw no friends >tfw no venues to practice hobbies Why…[View]
47639185Shoutout to all the lurkers who are too weird for the normies but too normal for the weirdos[View]
47642150>download random chat app >put gender on Female >200 messages a min >50% of it from indi…[View]
47642105Have you ever had a friend? What is a game/movie that has this feel?[View]
47641593>boomer parents keep getting there amazon password stolen >tell me that i have a virus that re…[View]
47639639What are you niggers drinking tonight? I splurged hoping I could carry at least one of these beers o…[View]
47631652Why do girls always pick the healer class?[View]
47639989anyone else terrified of their first kiss? i know im way too old to worry about shit like this becau…[View]
47641991parents talked to me about the noose: fucking normie parents. >just b urself bro >just make mo…[View]
47640628>go to /biz/ >frescos everywhere I can't believe our shitty OC has taken over a board.…[View]
47641145Do robots always have to feel sad?: Not sure if i'm a robot but i just finished talking to my i…[View]
47640570Don't worry Anon, I won't tell anyone that you're here.[View]
47641346What are some of your favorite feels albums? >pic related[View]
47641149>http://www.circinfo.net/Circumcision_and_penis_length.html >circumcision knocks off 5% of you…[View]
47641331im indian but Im going to larp as a latino/black guy fuck you all[View]
47640078Reddit is down. Got they ass![View]
47638303Is Randy Stair the greatest documented human tragedy? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ekc_aR5LyAk…[View]
47641224>it's another day of feeling too braindead and exhausted to do anything but stare at the wal…[View]
47641263You think life is hard, you fucking incel? Imagine fighting in the eastern front in 1944.[View]
47641809I just want someone which i can love. Why no one want to be loved?[View]
47641745The pitter-patter of rain is only deafened by the sounds of hoofsteps. The cold sharp wind cutting a…[View]
47641654You're going to kill yourself? How? You can't even talk to women, cowards. I'm not pr…[View]
47641683>random cute girl walked up to me and said she liked my glasses Am I going to make it?…[View]
47640825ITT: things only robots and people largely detached from society find arousing: >visual represent…[View]
47641093why are girls saying cuss words so cute?[View]
47641660Report this post.[View]
47637094'Reborn Irrelevant' VN: I'm JayOr, the developer of a NEET/robot Visual Novel. I made a post ab…[View]
47640896I want to sleep with girls.: I don't mean the lewd way. I can get the lewd way but as soon as I…[View]
47634856>1 shot at life >born in central america[View]
47638178>Co-workers think I like short haired girls WTF[View]
47640666>wageslavery gives you meaning >contributing to society feels good…[View]
47641537any other robots on here just hate being the dominate in a relation ship and just prefer to be the s…[View]
47641527Life kinda sucks: >be me >third world faggot >low middle class >well enough that i can h…[View]
47637139That kid thread: >that kid whos mom told the teacher to keep an eye on him because he's raci…[View]
47640249How common is the rate fantasy among women? Do they really wish to be rated by total strangers?[View]
47639553Thoughts on Valentina Nappi?[View]
47640508i pretty much lived my entire life with a mental illness(es) and lost the grasp of what it's li…[View]
47638776Whats the meanest thing you've ever said to your boss? What happened as a result?[View]
47638511Hey what does /r9k/ think of my lyrics? Give critism ok Walking round' at 2 am, can't seem…[View]
47641098O I'm a lover: O' I'm a lover as time will tell but its not human its on the digital …[View]
47641080>be a robot for 30 years >finally get some friends by some miracles >paralyzed with anxiety…[View]
47640129day two of nofap, this is already exhausting. any fellas out there doing it too?[View]
47639944so my little sister has suicidal thoughts and shit but she acts like she rules the fucking world and…[View]
47641256hey bros, just had a /showerthought/... we like need to build a wakanda for zoomers. it would be so …[View]
47641176SkyKing thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aQYTuk-_hKg[View]
47641181Can't believe he did this https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5b7a48c4df077[View]
47640843Why do only fucking mentally ill trannies like me? Every single time a ''''girl'''' shows any intere…[View]
47641155>be me the grim reaper >hanging out in my mansion >a bunch of monsters also live here but i…[View]
47634656>guy says he's going to kill himself >bunch of cucks immediately come in and say stupid …[View]
47640364Post Obscure Waifus: Post your favorite obscure waifu. Must be from something most people haven…[View]
47636032why do i have the desire to eat ass when it has no evolutionary basis[View]
47640479Incel Magic: The date of the first Big Cum will be on September the 1st. /pol/ used there meme magic…[View]
47641144what are some common redditor redflags that are often overlooked?: >be me, total newfag >only …[View]
47640970>someone left their email logged in at library >delete all their contacts, archived emails and…[View]
47641076>Snap her >Opened[View]
47639685>got the 5 dollar 20 piece nuggets from McDonalds for the first time today This was a mistake bec…[View]
47640947Why do ugly girls date hot guys? And how does a below-average man get a gf when below-average women …[View]
47639707>he doesn't listen to jai wolf[View]
47638947There are attractive anons browsing this board but there being held back by their personalities and …[View]
47641042anyone else /autism/? >if im awake until 3am i literally will not be able to sleep until it is 4a…[View]
47639660Wagies And NEETs Knowledge-sharing and Co-operation Project (WANKCP): Welcome to the Wagies And NEET…[View]
47640348>tfw youll never live in the big city[View]
47640997>it's a gay dude latches on to the hottest girl in the office/class episode…[View]
47640143>failed your shot at becoming a trap >destined to be an ugly crossdresser instead Why exist?…[View]
47639673is there anything worse then anime reaction image posters? they are so fuckin full of pseudo intelec…[View]
47640374Should I /r9k/?: i have a chance to get a qt azn austist weeb gf who is into Vidya I'm a 6-8/1…[View]
47640356Friend, mom, crush, stranger, sister, whatever Help robotiyas learn to talk the women[View]
47640398Oh, what the eff!!![View]
47639978Autistic and Asperger people are unironically worse than people with Schizo and Bipolar: as someone …[View]
47640663>finally kiss a girl >get mono REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE…[View]
47639285Boomer thread: Who else *sip* right now?[View]
47640838vore is actually pretty hot especially the part of being totally hopeless and being submissive.[View]
47638011feed me greentexts: give me your best greentexts[View]
47640811White face!???: as a minority (pic related) i was disgusted to see a white face filter.[View]
47639491Hey Anon, Stacey bet me that I wouldn't fuck the biggest loser in school. So how about you and …[View]
47640820Fembots, tell us about your dreams for the future.[View]
47640755if fembots had to pick a side, would you rather defend a robot or defend a stacy?[View]
47639323>Naruto became hokage at my age >I became this Naruto was a loser like me. I was supposed to b…[View]
47638604friendly chat thread ~ talk with me here: Hello r9k! I'm shorbie! and I'd like to befriend…[View]
47640646>tfw I wish I had a crush >tfw everyone's boring >tfw I wish I had enemies so I could …[View]
47636089/feelings/: Talk about your feelings here, anons.[View]
47640729>Oh hey Anonette, I was wondering if wanted to go to the altright/free speech rally with me this …[View]
47639079Make sure to collect figures[View]
47638373Femanons hss a young boy ever tries to peek on you? How did you react and feel?[View]
47640393H: What is this website and why is it associated with reeee[View]
47640265my wafiu is ciri.[View]
47639423If you're under 25 please leave this website until you're in your 30s You still have a bet…[View]
47636657Femanons, have you ever thought about being with Stacy instead of being with Chad?[View]
47634256/britfeel/: swipe down edition[View]
47637103>20 yo virgin >took girl on date first time ever on friday >we're supposed to go to se…[View]
47639556>tfw no senatorial bf[View]
47639438>Decide I wanna start going to the gym >Decide on a schedule >Literally 0 friends to teach …[View]
47639319Tfw im actually a 9/10 if i take a picture of myself in the right angle and lighting and actually lo…[View]
47638563what's it like to have an above average dick? >4 inch here[View]
47640386How long do you have to stop drinking to be considered non-alcoholic? What are the damn downsides of…[View]
47639622what do you think of: what do you think of tentacles in porn? 2D of course. I think its really pure,…[View]
47639524>be 75% white (50% aryan 25% western european), 25% semite (arab) >be born abroad because pare…[View]
47639458>Have 1 friend in the whole world >Knew him since middle school >He lives two states away f…[View]
47639987Anyone here diagnosed with PTSD? What even qualifies as PTSD?[View]
47639018>tfw can't ever piss at a urinal even if I'm alone in the corner one and all the rest a…[View]
47640248>tfw larp on /pol/ as a black girl, acquire contacts >bait racists into admitting they want to…[View]
47639229>be me >mormon comes to my house >talk to him about religion and shit for awhile with my gr…[View]
47639778>be me >6 years old >shit in car >car still has a stain…[View]
47639284What was the first pair of boobs you ever saw in real life? Obviously family doesn't count.[View]
47640220Just had my bennies cut lads. Should I try to get on autism bux?[View]
47638275>tfw the muscles of the vagina tighten and pull your dick further into her as she orgasms…[View]
47640134>22 years old >Thinking to ride my bike around neighborhood so I can capture and kill wild lif…[View]
47639251https://www.reddit.com/r/Braincels/comments/98rlwo/eggman_tinder_experiment_cant_make_this_shit_up/ …[View]
47639968How do I get a qt3.14 gf who likes the same thing as me on /r9k/ or in real life :([View]
47640160Alright robots, I need advice. > Be me, recent grad > Anxious > Depressed sometimes, haven…[View]
47640097Now get ready to be mindfucked Not 99%, but 100% of posts on this board are bait, r9k is ruled by a …[View]
47638741why do people smoke weed? it just makes me feel normal. > you just need to smoke more then i smok…[View]
47639802>finally manage to get a gf >month goes by >end up getting to third base and stay there for…[View]
47639769Sex... wasn't as amazing as I'd hoped it'd be... I dunno if it was because I paid $40…[View]
47639796Posting for my friend day 3: why this late? rain caught me and i had to walk 5 kilometers under heav…[View]
47636121Is this the type of gf that you want?[View]
47638824Does hair like this have good attractiveness stats against females?[View]
47639128Is it wrong that I can only masturbate to hentai? I never really found porn that amusing... I don…[View]
47639367There's so much trouble in the world, niggas[View]
47638876Don't reveal your robot powerlevel guys, normalfags can't handle the truth: >work as wa…[View]
47630805>I will never have him I want to die[View]
47638045what website or app or what ever the fuck do you guys use to watch anime?[View]
47639295Today is my birthday robots what should I do?[View]
47639091ITT: Have any bots been in/currently in marching band? Share your experiences. >be a couple years…[View]
47639950Why do so many of you not have a driver's license when you're in your mid-20's?[View]
47637039I have an eating disorder. I either starve myself and over exercise or I binge food. I can't co…[View]
47639927dont know if i can call this a thread, just wanna share how i feel >Be me >6th grade >just …[View]
47639667Finally lost virginity at 23 to a fucking 8.5/10 at the least. But with a condom, didn't come o…[View]
47639807>'Oh anon stop crying, it's just incest!' >'Now leave your brother Chad and I be.'…[View]
47638939>be me >neet of many years, still live with parents >life has been cozy for years with no d…[View]
47639366Is it a fool's game to try to find love nowadays? I want a girl who: >won't cheat on me…[View]
47639876ice cream and alai dreamy sex[View]
47639665How do I stop being needy. I always look for attention, recognition, being liked, or having somebody…[View]
47638940Why are people going around posting how many threads they have hidden, recently?[View]
47638895What are some ideal general ed college courses for robots (specifically INTP)?[View]
47639777Reddit servers have been down for over an hour now. Where can I find the r/greentext stuff that is o…[View]
47639181Is anyone else past caring about being in a relationship? Im a khv at 21 and it honestly doesnt get …[View]
47638723>leave for uni as freshman tommorow >have panic attack because I will have no personal space a…[View]
47638993Black girl pool: Anyone saved the webm of the black girl at the pool that was posted earlier?[View]
47638770What to do: So for context last year I tried to get with this girl I met at uni. She led me on for t…[View]
47638907How would your political views differ if you were a different race?[View]
47638541Why spend your student loan on school supplies, when you can splurge thousands on gaming shit?[View]
47637640>25 year old neet >just signed up for tinder >have gotten 25 matches tonight wtf is getting…[View]
47639643Meditation Experimenttion: Gonna make a meditation experiment. So help me get results by doing this …[View]
47639222self improvement: What are you doing to improve yourself? I'm setting things into motion gradua…[View]
47639613>ywn have your ass smacked by random wheyfus after a hard day at the gym >ywn get groped on th…[View]
47637902I'm currently financially a bit thin. For like 1 mBTC I'll write some nice erotic short st…[View]
47639465I am ordering pizza for my birthday. My family was originially gonna go out with me, but we have fai…[View]
47639487so lads, when will i get my bpd gf?[View]
47637132Hey guys, what are fapping to tonight? Taking advice I've received from this board previously, …[View]
47639424Times you fucked yourself over: >be me >have shitty windows 10 desktop >see Nier Automata m…[View]
47639028>wanted one thing this summer >kick an addiction >didnt do it…[View]
47637654Reminder that human relationships, like all things, are a soulless exchange of goods, the good in qu…[View]
47638832best day ever!!!: I found a cute girl on tinder the other day and after a lot of flirting I got her …[View]
47637929>be me >have a small dick The end[View]
47636940>mosquitos >flies >heat Can summer fucking END already?…[View]
47638660Has anyone else been to their own parents' wedding?[View]
47638050Do you really want a gf or do you just want sex?[View]
47637871has anyone else accepted the fact that they are single just because they are a boring uninteresting …[View]
47639317How does o e get rid of this mental anguish and emotionalal instability? I can't work like this…[View]
47637544>be me >on Omegle >find girl >dead inside, like me >play it cool >have a friendly …[View]
47638784I'm thoroughly convinced that if my profs did me a solid and paired me with the opposite gender…[View]
47639200He was such an hero, to take it all away. We miss him so, That you should know, And we honor him thi…[View]
47638248Is your tongue dirty?[View]
47638695Robots, I have done something today that made me happy! >be me >hate all my family except mom …[View]
47639165Does anyone want to be my temporary e-gf in this thread? I'm pretty OK.[View]
47634548Any manlets here insecure about their height?[View]
47637784how much can you compare fleshlight to a pussy?[View]
47630831>Get bj from girl. >Sticks finger in my butt. >Gets poop on it. >Stops sucking and leav…[View]
47638937I feel nothing but misery, and the more time goes on, the more unlikely I find it that I'll eve…[View]
47637720https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K30Fqry601s: >Mixed-raced >22 years old, no one I care about i…[View]
47639119>mfw I spent my whole life waiting for an 8/10 or higher gf >mfw I actually turned down 3 girl…[View]
47638587>be mean to someone on here >immediately regret it and start feeling guilty as soon as i click…[View]
47627829>make female tinder >look at what guys you have to compete with >post, laugh and feel good …[View]
47637933Anyone else here got raped but actually enjoyed it? Does that count as rape?[View]
47638271How do i get female attention? Im tired of being a 20 yr old khhv.[View]
47638734>talk to girl >she mentions she has been cummed inside her pussy on a party while she was '''d…[View]
47638020>one obvious hair on my ear >either pluck it every week for the rest of my life or try to igno…[View]
47638442>tfw reiko thread got deleted just after someone claimed that the reiko 'exposed' threads are fal…[View]
47639013Joy of FEMALE domination: Has anyone else here experienced and grown to love the sublime joy of FEMA…[View]
47637190ITT: Good and bad things about your dick. I'll start. The Good: >7' length >5' girth >…[View]
47638738i still wish this was a blue board[View]
47638090>like a girl >have dreams of torturing and embalming her because thats my ultimate way of show…[View]
47638925itt: autism things you do anyone else pretty much always scroll to the bottom of a thread and read i…[View]
47636689Mom found my noose: Should i just come clean about how i am feeling or make up some excuse? I have b…[View]
47637333why this board filled with white dudes: i dont understand are black supeior or immume to oneliness??…[View]
47638861Who else living the life? >dont shower >dont leave my room >dont brush my teeth >never f…[View]
47638814Got a story for y'all: ok so like i made a Tinder acc a week ago and i have a story with an amb…[View]
47638037do you have a good relationship with your mother anon? pic kinda related[View]
47638619Hey fellow robots, have any of you tried just focusing in the present and not to worry about the fut…[View]
47638771Any of you robots tried getting into the occult?: I remember when I was still looking for hope, I tr…[View]
47637213Summer: How has your summer been anons?[View]
47638697Is there some fembot here who want to play videogames with me and also fall asleep on vc and talk th…[View]
47638639Hey robots, do you guys where I can get coupons for paypal? I'm poor but with a coupon I could …[View]
47636549skelly thread: crushing loneliness and no energy edition[View]
47638708How many times a day do you wish you could go back in time and change everything about yourself?[View]
47637432You are a completely different person from 'you' 10 years ago. Does it mean that 'you…[View]
47632668I did it again. I'm in a discord call with a bunch of people only to start talking about stupid…[View]
47636749Are any robots going to play Shenmue tonight?[View]
47638343If someone is Jewish through the father theyre not Jewish, so Elliot wasn't Jewish rather he wo…[View]
47638031>tfw born in a time when I have do all sorts of complicated things to live, things I have no inte…[View]
47631824>tfw just want a skinny pale british bf with a really strong accent >still dont have one kms…[View]
47638665Feels thread: Time-hardened, heart-broken and tired of life robots join this thread. Share you story…[View]
47638412Height is not important[View]
47636165Am I the only one who fantasizes about transforming uneducated and cruel bitches in submissive and s…[View]
47635865Who else here target practice? It's a good stress reliever[View]
47638352>smile and make small talk with cashier at coffee shop in my new town today >she smiles a lot …[View]
47638588>telephone intervew tomorrow[View]
47637867Worldbuilding Thread: /WBG/ -World Building General. Whatcha been working on recently anon?[View]
47636598I dont think you guys really know loneliness: Even me posting this right now is dangeously close to …[View]
47638256Why am I like this: >be me >on a vacation >qt3.14 in the apartment next to us >have a di…[View]
47638517ITT We pretend to be men i'll start bwaaaa i'm so miserable why can't stacy go out wi…[View]
47638320I'm so lonely. I wish I had someone who loved me[View]
47638069I'm officially autistic: >be me, just now >on toilet, taking a grand poo >feelsgoodman…[View]
47637921>pretending not to care about my friend managing to take hrt and move out of their parents house …[View]
47638119>23 >seeing 8/10 Lost my virginity finally but but she says only with condoms, all I see are n…[View]
47638337I HATE BIRTHDAYS!!: >be me >turning 20 today I just got so depressed, another year gone, didn…[View]
47622095/r9gay/ - #422: going for walks hand in hand edition previously >>47598706[View]
47637847Suitcases: Pic unrelated I'm going to uni in a few days and need a good suitcase. I've loo…[View]
47637844Any robots friends/best friends with chads? I used to hang out in a group with them and they would t…[View]
47636864Woman need to be raped. It is the only language they understand. Woman enjoy rape. Dont let them tel…[View]
47637770>make a honest and quality post in a thread >look for the thread later in the archvie >no r…[View]
47638298>physically healthy enough to not be granted any disability pay >mentally unfit for even the m…[View]
47637398A reminder because some of you retards have forgotten if you have a gf you are not a robot you are a…[View]
47638155Robots, would you date a hot chick if she was previously a porn star?[View]
47638151if you unironically want an asian gf you're part of the problem[View]
47637167Video games, internet, and porn aren't cutting it anymore. Escapism is no longer working and I…[View]
47637773Why are men so depraved?: What bottom WON'T they sink to?[View]
47638049Guys I'm freaking out about the state of the world and how bad climate change is. I live in Sou…[View]
47637413i swear i want a fat gf so bad like, around 200-230 lbs, 5'6-ish so not FAT fat but you know. …[View]
47637777>get a job after so much trying >start exercising >life starts to slowly turn around for me…[View]
47636904Is it possible for a female to rape a male?[View]
47637518She never replied. it'll be okay, wont it?[View]
47636082What incels don't understand is this: Natural selection is done through the competition of male…[View]
47637015why doesn't /r9k/ focus their autism into learning how to act like normies? it isn't that …[View]
47629804Reminder that you can't be a real robot if you support capitalism. It is not about being a 'com…[View]
47637900i hate my parents because they made me ugly, short and dicklet, do i have the right to hate em?[View]
4760606425+ General: Are any of you lads still trying to make something of yourself?[View]
47637911What's the last Non-4chan website you were on. Post the link I'll go first https://www.jwp…[View]
47626986/SUICIDEGENERAL/ Doing it tonight edition Any encouragement would be appreciated as im on the fence …[View]
47637572Why can I only enjoy porn now if the woman has substantially darker skin and features than the man? …[View]
47634276>Asians are literally going extinct because Asian men are no longer producing sperm Is there anyt…[View]
47637219How women date in 2018: >slightly above-average looking woman gathers hundreds of guys from Tinde…[View]
47635366>wake up at 9PM >go to sleep at 1PM It has been going on for a week, how to stop this ?…[View]
47637846how are you supposed to meet up with women you found on tinder and already set up a date without puk…[View]
47637842Being Happy: >be me >in high school >making up for failed classes in lab >end of the yea…[View]
47636857>playing old school runescape >killing a boss with some guys on a private server >having a …[View]
47636354What does 'be yourself' actually means?[View]
47636258Ask a recent divorce roasty cum dump anything.[View]
47635595>tfw racist but my gf is nonwhite How do I cope with this feeling?[View]
47637469reminder that 'femanons' aren't a thing. it is incredibly easy for any girl to get a …[View]
47637726>tfw ugly on the inside and the outside[View]
47637717Tfw duty managers who were dicks to me during shifts when I started are now being cool kind and comp…[View]
47636231Incestuous town: Men men men I got an embarrassing problem: I live in a town (< 3000 people) wher…[View]
47637259Explain this if this cunt can get that 10/10 I can get someone like her too[View]
47636990Shes a robot too >26 >brony >no bf >plays Wii all day >single >she >loves blac…[View]
47637081>tfw history major >everyone here is either a communist or alt right Why is this, robots?…[View]
47637581>walking home >man across the street making funny eye contact >stuck worrying he*s going to…[View]
47637324how do you guys wipe?: just toilet paper? i do: tp followed by baby wipes[View]
47636584Well this just fucking happened... >be me 25 kv >look 18-20 when I have 5 of clock shadow >…[View]
47636334TAKE THIS INCELS! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fD2briZ6fB0[View]
47637527>ywn crash a marine base in an epic way to try and save your brother from being executed…[View]
47637158Are >tfw no gf threads still a thing or is it just race baits, sissy spam, women hate threads and…[View]
47636728Do I have to be a tatted up gangster to get with a girl like pic related?[View]
47637048Parents' retarded divorce are fucking my shit up: I am fully aware this is not my fucking diary…[View]
47637515>get a girlfriend >realize she only likes me because I'm chad…[View]
47636809ITT: things that trigger your autism[View]
47637144Daily reminder that if you pussied out talking to women during highschool and college, there's …[View]
4763718247 y/o single mother of 3 successfully sues dating agency for not being to find her a wealthy husban…[View]
47637457incel uprising when? we live in a society bottom text[View]
47635828Why do so many girls have fucked up opinions on fetishes? >He likes to look at feet? Ew creep, ge…[View]
47636800'Now Anon, what *exactly* are your intentions with our daughter?'[View]
47636865Can we get a (You) thread going, anons? Haven't had any social interaction with others even onl…[View]
47637302How can I effectively kill my emotions and just act like a machine throughout the day?[View]
47636200do you guys like my stinky tranny feet. my feet are really stinky would you like to smell them[View]
47637344This will never end, will it?[View]
47627552ITT: Share your feelings in one image or gif. or whatever works really[View]
47631962>mother is pregnant again Well, this is the time to kill myself. She will have another kid. At th…[View]
47636207Are white women the filthiest, most disgusting creatures on the face of the planet?[View]
47631017I just realised my image folder has no fresco... Give me some please[View]
47637225Faggy Feels Thread: >Make an off handed comment on how i would sink my dick so deep into a random…[View]
47637222>ywn be smothered in the thighs of a cute girl wearing rainbow thigh highs >ywn feel her cute …[View]
47636372>tfw no femanon to fall asleep with talking in voice chat[View]
47637283good VR porn is just around the corner and you're still a faggot beta orbiter who is trying to …[View]
47636854When your parents take their anger out on you from fighting with each other i fucking hate my life[View]
47637267Is this going to be /ourguy/ ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XK49spukt38[View]
47637233My car registration is expired by nearly two months, I was supposed to get my salvage certificate ne…[View]
47635253Sup bro was this the girl you said you liked? I talked to her on ig and then we went out! Shes reall…[View]
47636382So femanons, I know it's that time of day that some of you supposedly are probably lurking or p…[View]
47636214I think a snake crawled its way in my room How do I keep it from biting me?[View]
47634672>niece has a crush on me and always flirting with me in front of our family >everybody thinks …[View]
47629789why was that black guy so jealous?[View]
47636081I have nothing to get up for in the morning. I enjoy nothing in life. I have zero will power, to the…[View]
47637098I feel like most of the youtube content I watch is meaningless shit that I use to fill up my day. Sh…[View]
47637055Why have you not killed yourself yet? My reason I fucking love Christmas. Its literally the one thin…[View]
47637070Eiih... yall.. imm.. notz... slowb..[View]
47636465>be me >friends with this one guy from college >we both consider each other best friends …[View]
47634687>tfw you will never know what it's like to make a woman feel protected and safe This is lite…[View]
47635429a cannae stop thinking aboot penis what do[View]
47635462Tell me why I shouldn't adopt, as a 21yo single male, my teenager sister's unwanted pregna…[View]
47637038Am I the only one who gets horny during thunderstorms? I've had this weird fetish for lightning…[View]
47634091/drugfeels/ where to groundscore at edition: where can i ride my bike around looking for drugs. out …[View]
47636992>be me >graduated high shool >shy girl from school invites a couple people to birthday part…[View]
47629875Former robot here- AMA: I want to help. I was diagnosed as schizoid and dysthymic when I was 14. I b…[View]
47635540Ive never asked a girl out b4. I'm 20 yrs old. I want to ask this girl out at work but i dont k…[View]
47636602are traps gay if you are desperate?: i don't find men attractive at all but lately im getting d…[View]
47636148>tfw 6'4' but submissive as fuck[View]
47635906Daily /NEET/ thread: How was your day, fellow neetbros? >got up at 8 >had an omelette, orange …[View]
47636788Hey what does /r9k/ think of my lyrics? Walking round' at 2 am, can't seem to find the bo…[View]
47635148is anyone else suddenly getting a fuck ton of smoking videos recommended on pornhub? i'll searc…[View]
47636860how do you neetbros manage to get income? autism bux?[View]
47635681>click verify once there are none left >identify store fronts on all 15 of these slides Why is…[View]
47636885Lazy and Apathetic: >Can't stop being a lazy fuck >Its crept into the way I play video ga…[View]
47636670Lol, the commie fag is literally shaking. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=99GgD0z7B98[View]
47636846Post a snapchat, I'll ask for nudes, post results.[View]
47634163I'm leaving. I read enough stories here and on /pol to be cautious around people and w*men espe…[View]
47636747The big egg: Could he be attractive if he tried?[View]
47636726How do I move to the big city if Im on probation for being African American?[View]
47636735Is sex a basic human need? Or just a self entitled act? Also, why is sex so political? It's lit…[View]
47634975>Go around planning to apply for jobs >They want a resume Why do minimum wage jobs want a resu…[View]
47635959How do I stop being insecure? It seeps through my body language. My voice even breaks a little bit w…[View]
47636656Yeah, I don't even give a fuck about the Reddit spacing but I want to get something off my ches…[View]
47636634>tfw you see others use the reaction image you made a long time ago[View]
47630962>Almost 21 years old >Only person you know your age that hasn't even had their first kiss…[View]
47636052I just saved you from 100 redundant threads of personal shit, by making one redundant thread explain…[View]
47635538whats your sudoku age? mines 25. (20 rn). ain't nothing good about being ugly and a midget.[View]
47636552Many people are deprived of their basic human needs in some form. Either by genetics or misfortune. …[View]
47636547i'd understand being mgtow if you're tall, attractive rich or any combination of the three…[View]
47636358What's the meaning of life? >wake up >do the same thing over and over again till death…[View]
47634046I got 2 weeks paid vacation now because apparently law here requires every worker to have a 2 weeks …[View]
47635927Robots from History: post robots throughout history Tenskwatawa >born in native american village …[View]
47634203Fembot thread: Fembots, would you ever have a relationship or sex with a taken guy (girlfriend, fian…[View]
47635612what the else are you usppose to do when you are quitting fapping and porn? theres literally nothing…[View]
47636087ideal gf thread: also im putting in a template so you can make ur oun one[View]
47635843>nigger noises in the other room[View]
47634505>Walking outside >Get phone call from gf >She asks me about my day >We talk about life …[View]
47628423Describe your ideal boyfriend?: What does he look like? Give me an idea of what your ideal man would…[View]
47635673Just when you think youre gone, you always come back here: >old and only friend intorduces me to …[View]
47634351All the CHAD guys I know had these characteristics during their early childhood (0-4 years old) >…[View]
47636323i feel like my life is just going nowhere. all i know day in and day out is what depression and anxi…[View]
47630346What did my fellow robots think about this movie?[View]
47632038Why won't you incels leave Hannah Hays alone Shes happy being blacked >You're just jeal…[View]
47635855People talk about this conspiracy to reduce Earth's population to 500 million like it's a …[View]
47635807Can you robots recommend me any other books similar to this one? Im looking for sci-fi, destopian, d…[View]
47636166Kids are back in school[View]
47635964please gilrs of soc join our discord server we are all good lads there and want to orbit you really …[View]
47635158How old do you think the girl in this picture is?[View]
47635039Buying a used Speedo from Craigslist: Is it creepy to ask if I can try it on before buying? They say…[View]
47634198>On the subway >See hordes of roasties, faggots, Muslims, cucks and niggers It's only gon…[View]
47636196YOU CAN GET A GF TOO: >Be me >22yo male, robotest robot that ever roboted >Sphincter went t…[View]
47636194I used to believe life would get better Why do normies keep repeating that like? If I knew how much …[View]
47636190>waiting to cross the street >30-40 year old woman stops and lets me pass >she smiles at me…[View]
47635832Does any german robot want to talk? I don't want to forget the language - I've been out of…[View]
47634669Should I take 100 mg of vyvanse for my first day of uni tomorrow anons?[View]
47636092Times we fucked up: >Be me >be 14 >On computer >Glass of water to my right >Move arm …[View]
47635074> Be me > On a date with a girl I met from a dating site > We're talking and having a …[View]
47634486>the moment when you can last with a fleshlight 30 mins am i a sex god[View]
47633483Are you anti social? I don't really know, I want to talk to someone but there is some feel insi…[View]
47634430>hey Anon do you still wanna go on that date Yeah of course >cool we can get some food later…[View]
47632567>Literal boomer dad tells me about the sexual adventures he had on the weekend…[View]
47634628>crossdressed all childhood >didnt transition when young >aging into a balding manfaced inc…[View]
47635929>million dollar contract >(('mental health')) issue pick one normies…[View]
47635955Prison Restaurant idea.: I'm opening a Michelin star prison-style restaurant. What does /r9k/ t…[View]
47636020What is objectively worse: being born a black male or an asian male? https://www.strawpoll.me/163064…[View]
47634743Are true religion jeans still cool? Im trying to update my wardrobe so i can look more normalfag and…[View]
47635436I'll cook this for you when we get home![View]
47630811Why qt and shy girls(fembots) are often huge sluts?[View]
47635266>be me >have no interesting stories to tell >mfw my life is boring as shit anons help why a…[View]
47635817Any Muslim robots? What are your plans for Eid tomorrow?[View]
47635741H-hello,i was thinking about this...let's start an mmo together and be a couple there .W-we can…[View]
47635223I don't feel anything at all, and I don't know where to find carthasis. It's like I f…[View]
47635560>tfw you lose interest in gaming Why? I remember i used to be a geek and a nerd that only talking…[View]
47634793Does anybody feel dreamlike 24/7 i can't latch on to anything even when working[View]
47635801If you're reading this then it means that I've adopted you. Your parents sold you to me fo…[View]
47635635A house spider just crawled under my bed, looks like i wont be sleeping tonight...[View]
47635321Could Ignatius Reilly be considered a robot? Also post characters you think would classify as robots[View]
47635476I get constant random bouts of miserable suicidal depression, anger, rage, intense jealousy, terrify…[View]
47634723Anon you know it's penis inspection day. Why were you hiding in the bathroom?[View]
47634078anyone else avoid going out if they can?: i always say im busy if friends invite me out. i hate it…[View]
47633872Why are robots so entitled? Why do you think you deserve a gf when you literally don't wash yo…[View]
47634043Scrub your cockhole[View]
47635596Anon is gay: >be me >just chilling >suddenly there's absolute chaos >huge storms, h…[View]
47630304>Be trans, still in the closet >Playing around with make up >Mom comes in without warning, …[View]
47635575Can all you reddit fags fuck off.[View]
47635482>2054 >EVERYTHING is automated >human labor is a thing of the past >most if not all prod…[View]
47635031Fix my life >25 >khv >bi >dead end minimum wage job >anxious >alcoholic >n…[View]
47635465What do you have to say for yourselves, orbitors?[View]
47634833Have I destroyed my ability to reproduce: I recebtly lost my virginity but I just cant cum? Does any…[View]
47635141>6'4 >360 lbs >Broad ass Chad shoulders >likes cars, movies, anime, Boxing, and ar…[View]
47631865How does feminism deal with the fact that female sexuality is the antithesis to female empowerment?[View]
47634471Summer is finally coming to an end[View]
47635049my mother just called me gay because i haven't got a problem with homosexuals.[View]
47635127When will r9k accept their mommy?[View]
47634666Who else lost all hope here due to having a small penis? I can never please a woman haha.[View]
47635452idk: >help me anons im new wwasfergvsa[View]
47635191my new current favorite waifu/vlogger/make-up artist/, I don't know how I found her rate: https…[View]
47635289are small dick losers allowed to live or not? (asking for a friend)[View]
47634479Why don't any of the robots I meet wanna get rough with me?[View]
47634435pssst This is where you find new frens and qt practice gfs on discord /VtpWwyW[View]
47635263>be me >18 looking 13 >In college >qt3.14 across the room >she looks at me later virg…[View]
47633954>just entered college >class is full of w*men I should have picked STEM…[View]
47630306Do hikki/neet girls exist in real life or is just a male's fantasy?[View]
47632355Who here going hysterical? I'm an embarrassment of a human being.[View]
47635214What's the most sissy disease a boy could have? Nothing mental or an eating disorder, but what …[View]
47634908>approach really hot blonde girl at a club >buy her a drink >we chit chat for about 20 minu…[View]
47630342>hey bra, on my 2nd kid...what about you?[View]
47635268has anyone else been experiencing problems with thumbnails loading on the catalog?: for the past few…[View]
47622005/mommy general/: reminder that your mom is not some kind angel but just a primal bitch in heat?…[View]
47634287Bedroom thread: Can we have another bedroom thread please? It feels like years since the last time w…[View]
47635181No matter how you feel, no matter how bad your situation is, no matter how much you hate your life; …[View]
47634693Reddit: Are there people that just lurk on 4chan to post stuff they see on reddit? Like some of thes…[View]
47626290Anyone else wear inserts? I started wearing these to get over 6'1 and people treat me way bette…[View]
47633953any cig heads on /r9k/: >be me >15 >been mommas boy my whole life >it was mostly because…[View]
47632394Hit the slut: Cute slut appointed the date for over 100 men at the same time and place via Tinder Wh…[View]
47632289Uni: What do I bring for the first day of class at uni? The professor gave us the required book so I…[View]
47634449>'I'm gonna be productive today!' >end up lurking 4chan and playing vidya all day…[View]
47634930Reminder that if you don't ask girls out on a regular basis, you're a volcel and need to s…[View]
47635076>wanting a gf/bf just for the sake of having a gf/bf >wanting a gf/bf just so you can have sex…[View]
47635066School story >Be me >This morning >Wake up with terrible feeling in gut >Get to class …[View]
47633801When I'm out in the city for a day I see perhaps thousands of average or cute girls around my a…[View]
47634577>Be me >Be manlet tier 5'5 >Be diagnosed asperger autist fuck >Be into warhammer, D…[View]
47634168Do you ever wonder what a roastie would taste like?[View]
47630301Were are the green text stories[View]
47634875Why do I feel like crying for absolutely no reason all the time?[View]
47634914>talked to my parents about why I can't graduate uni and will have to retake a semester >…[View]
47625635ITT: /R9K/ writes a story. Every anon gets to write one sentence each[View]
47633489Ask an ultra-succesful person who used to be a complete loser anything.: Used to browse here a lot n…[View]
47634606Why don't you just date a 4/10 Indio (Native America from Latin America)?[View]
47632918Drinking my pee pee: Who else here /drinktheirown/ urine? I can't stop doing it and I'm as…[View]
47634131we're throwing an epic party everybody's welcome[View]
47632838What was your public school experience, ameribots? > t. went to a good public school in a white …[View]
47634749Crazy thing my friend told me that happened to him when he was younger: Before I start, let me tell …[View]
47634704That kid thread?: >That kid who watched kissxsis in the middle of class on a school laptop >T…[View]
47634003ITT: bands you didnt like at first: but eventually you grew to like them, it just took the right son…[View]
47633686So my friend is 16 years old and is in love with a man who is 27. How can she confess her feelings w…[View]
47634638I haven't showered or bathed myself in over half a year[View]
47634239>Decide to shave pubes for first time. >Get most of hair off but still some stubble (blade is …[View]
47634661Crywank: Any Danish robots going to watch this guy play tomorrow night?[View]
47634660Has anyone else been getting literally screeched at? I tried to get back on SecondLife last year and…[View]
47629189To be like chad thread: so i picked a random location and started larping as a girl on tinder to see…[View]
47632251>tfw in class >haven't slept for 24 hours >high on speed. How was your first day anon…[View]
47631993any other fembots super frustrated with being a virgin? my concern is that my fetishes get more dege…[View]
47634431Why would anyone trust women? Why would anyone do that?[View]
47634177>Take a trip to another board >It's /g/ >Too computer illiterate to understand anythin…[View]
47634050So I have been thinking. Maybe the reason I don't have social connections is because I give up …[View]
47634040What is the difference between regular women and prostitutes nowadays? Prostitute >You have to pa…[View]
47634500Dirlewagner brigade: Who made the post? It got archived before I could reply. Wanna talk about stuff…[View]
47633137Anyone wish they lived in a place like Eastern Europe with constant warfare? Life in the west feels …[View]
47634311I just found out that apparantly there was this site called Backpage.com where you could get escorts…[View]
47634095Do any of you guys actually hate Reddit or is it purely a meme.[View]
4763418110cm penis (thin) skin pigmentation on left side of stomach third nipple dark circles under eyes 1.7…[View]
47633925That Is My New Fetish ! https://www.xvideos.com/video35732615/horrorporn_-_outcast_from_hell[View]
47633519Alright robros, I finally got me a gf. I faked it to make it. I told that roastie a bunch of lies ab…[View]
47633847Is being a Taxi driver/uber driver/pizza deliverer a good job for an anti-social autist? I feel like…[View]
47634320Manlet Feels Thread I was almost a king.[View]
47634235Remember that time between 2012-2017? You got like at most 10 of those timespans left in your life[View]
47624263DAILY REMINDER: Daily reminder that you can't be a robot if you are above 5'11. >Tfw ta…[View]
47633303>visit a dentist >almost 20 cavities found Why live.…[View]
47633862Alright, I'm going to green text a hypothetical event and you will tell me what you would do. …[View]
47633154What Is Your Definition Of A Robot?: How do you define a robot, fellow arcanines?[View]
47631227r8 my minecraft lewds[View]
47630641/britfeel/: sticking it to the man by waking up at 5pm edition[View]
47633461Feminism has become a huge trend in my country lately. And the most popular sentence they all repeat…[View]
47633978Please, drink enough water and do *any* kind of exercise.[View]
47632331Who /ruined their life/ here I had so much potential and I flushed it down the drain. My life is an …[View]
47633573Hey /r9k/: Insult me. I need a good laugh.[View]
47633947>tfw no tank destroyer gf to support you from afar while you break through the enemy lines…[View]
47633807Are there any real girls who use dating sites, or is it all just bots?[View]
47631386true to be quite honest[View]
47633654>sitting down with my brother >hes going through his wallet >grabbed two bills and started …[View]
47631209Blackbots, this is what your mothers should have done:: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BkBMVE58U9Q …[View]
47632643If you do not form a stereotype by a certain young age - you will eventually become unable to have a…[View]
47632250i rly like this smell: i rly rly like the smell of my finger after i have smoke a cigarete[View]
47633849Why are you guys so pathetic? Do you enjoy wallowing in self-pity, resultantly ruining your own life…[View]
47630817>age >race >what you do for fun…[View]
47633155Early evening walk thread Lads! Some questions to get the thread flowing >when did you first sta…[View]
47633719>just want a feminist girlfriend who will grind her teeth on my dick instead of giving me a blowj…[View]
47632561opinions on this bad instagram maymay i found what do you think of women who think like this?[View]
47633434I am a fucking genius I'm the only sentient being around. I can think, blink, and move my eyes …[View]
47633616Hi: I'm a fembot stacy crying over my ldr bf who hasn't texted me in 6 days[View]
47633689Women are out of control and must be stopped[View]
47633210I know you guys don't want to hear this, but the reason you get zero matches on Tinder are beca…[View]
47633632Desribe your life in 5 sentences or less >Wanted to be included by the group since I was in presc…[View]
47633313>two weeks into school >not a single person has still spoken to me >Stacy and Chads are all…[View]
47633625Why not use make up?: Why wont you use make up? Girls use it all the time and go from dog shit to at…[View]
47633623Rosh Hashanah Nofap: Who's up for it, lads? Jewish New Year is beginning shortly, sunset on the…[View]
47633288>feel like shit >remember that there is someone more pathetic than you >happy.exe…[View]
47633342I just drank a whole energy drink.[View]
47633357WTF, it seems like everyone her uses tinder? Why would you degrade yourself like this?[View]
47632424/stupid/: Let's get another /stupid/ thread going >be me >get thirsty >want to drin…[View]
47630086Fembots, what is the perfect dick size?[View]
47632072>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d_-VsyoDhyE Would you let the girl who sings this drink your pis…[View]
47633481Oh mah god.: >Do the usual stuff, you know. Jacking off >Everything seems normal until i go to…[View]
47632986I'm 20 years old and still a virgin..: Hi robots I am 20 year old virgin turning 21 soon who…[View]
47624167My friend told me he fapd & nutted to my crossdressing and cosplay pics.. and I got off from tha…[View]
47632732will hanna hays be a good radical mental health activist new video of her she says god put her on th…[View]
47632954>22 years old >Mixed-raced born in USA >Mulatto >Don't want to do anything with my …[View]
47631206>Be me >Graduated high school FeelsGoodMan.avi >Go to college to try being a functional hum…[View]
47631022Do you mind if I sit on your desk, Anon?[View]
47632840Can fembots ever love me even though I have a cybernetic penis?[View]
47626124Sippers Anonymous: I stopped drinking beer two years ago. i was a mess; depressed, anxious, suicidal…[View]
47633173I'm not even depressed any more, I'm just empty.[View]
47632897i want to live the american dream as far as i can tell only alaska retains the america that I, as a …[View]
47633168Why does everyone shit on them and call them needlessly edgy? Sure they talk about subjects like add…[View]
47633251'Here it is, Dorm 3C. I wonder who my new roommates are...' *opens door*[View]
47633244I felt happy a few days ago: >be me >haven't played vidya in years > find game >gam…[View]
47632620Can my 6 inch Asian penis satisfy pic related?[View]
47631181>Every time I scratch myself, globs of scum collect under my fingernails Is there a way to get ri…[View]
47633237Im the most useless and expendable person on earth right now[View]
47631792Despair Thread: I'm about to shamelessly blogpost because there's nowhere else to do it, f…[View]
47632934>started a band with some mates for fun >singer starts taking it way too far making instagram …[View]
47632700Hey/r9k/, I'm a newfag, I'm torn and don't know what to do, in the time I've lur…[View]
47627625Who here misses 2008 4chan?[View]
47633174>first day of the new semester >it goes great Did you have a good day robots?…[View]
47632776Gf: >be me >be 18 or some shit >see a qt3.14 7/10 >go up to her >talk for a bit >e…[View]
47633034>raised by single mother and lived with two sisters >grow up in house full of women >natura…[View]
47630783>watching anime with a friend >he checks his phone during a good part…[View]
47632068>Be me >Just moved out to apartment >Sketchy area with a lot of blacks >Watching 4chan …[View]
47630400What do you do when you feel sad?[View]
47631627pajeet feels general?: Raped by bureaucracy edition[View]
47632868How do I get a robot gf?[View]
47632719What's your favorite sphincter? For me it's the pyloric sphincter.[View]
47632962>walking behind girl >she looks back and stares at me for 2 seconds >crosses the street…[View]
47631065Femdom general #10: Hugs editions: Cuddles,cute,wamr soft cuddles.Her heartbeat,my head on her chest…[View]
47632491>another volunteer application denied IM OFFERING TO WORK FOR FREE WHAT THE FUCK WHY DO I NEED A …[View]
47631293I keep thinking that I want to go out and kill something. It sounds like it'd be fun. I want to…[View]
47630292Any advice on getting over not wanting to date virgins when ever I date a girl that's had sex I…[View]
47632789what if i told you being attractive and sociable doesn't make you happy[View]
47632329>chugging 2L of mirinda in one sitting again[View]
47632523Sum tim Bagko tai pe no vo. Way so dim? Dum gai.[View]
47632494>pulling out of car park >qt girl in another car lets me out in front of her at roundabout …[View]
47631580vocaroo: https://vocaroo.com/i/s1NZgBqo7AkN keep me occupied while i pop pills, yea?…[View]
47632646Lmao just be nice to girls anon and maybe they might not think of you as that kid[View]
47631612I am currently 183cm (6ft) and 75kg (165lbs). I've lost 25kg (55lbs) and i'm still fat as …[View]
47626645>tfw jarl found my seed mead[View]
47632451How do fembots feel about shapely women?[View]
47631610Jobs: Target just denied my applications for a stocking position. I guess you need social skills to …[View]
47630249Spare me reaction images. Specifically the ones you'd use for a fucking retard, much like pic r…[View]
47629468Anyone else feel like they have no redeeming qualities?: I'm a shit person, I'm untalented…[View]
47632505So what makes the perfect 9/10 Chad? Physically, I mean. If you have the looks and hair of pic relat…[View]
47632498Robot music thread: https://youtu.be/S1WFEFb3Q18 ;_;[View]
47632452Why won't robots suck a log of shit from Andy Sixx's asshole?[View]
47627947Is it possible to get a husband who looks like this if you're a dominant trap top?[View]
47630953I know it's beaten into the ground already, but you know what I can't stand? Fucking overw…[View]
47630921>If you really want to get girls just be yourself dude[View]
47632223>In class >Browsing internet on my phone >Feel sad for no explainable >Start tearing …[View]
47632111>order pizza from Dominoes >it arrives over a half hour from when I ordered it >had to call…[View]
47629845>take a dick up my ass saturday night >first sexual experience in my life >forgot my shoes …[View]
47631081>live in small town >no way out god keeps trapping me here >more behind in life than everyo…[View]
47629526what is the best month and why is it october? >spooks galore >cheap candy on clearance the day…[View]
47631969Hi /r9k/, i have a question for you, i get the feeling that everytime i go through my hair i pull on…[View]
47628855>anime character does some impressive attack against his strong opponent >'hooooooo'…[View]
47632215>have extreme social anxiety when making phone calls >rather deal with people in person I hate…[View]
47632226>be me >flashback when i was 9 >my internet was cut so no more Newgrounds hentai >fuck.m…[View]
47631661I don't think desuarchive is ever coming back.[View]
47632172post the last thing that made you laugh/chuckle/smile humor thread[View]
47631385Who's up for getting this pedofag to eat his own shit?[View]
47632156the cry of the virgin: ' boomer ' so i was born in the late 90's so i sit on the internet mos…[View]
47632131never give up hope big sister. you can do it[View]
47631813>tfw you pop a pimple on your forehead and it lands on the mirror is there a better feel?…[View]
47626804How do we save Jilliane Cassidy Lua from her mother and herself? What can we do? She lives in Cebu a…[View]
47631997>tfw former crush is now fat and uggo is there a better feel?[View]
47632029Why can't different races get along? Even people who look mostly similar to each other but stil…[View]
47629148Normies lied: >be me >Currently 18 >Grew up with a shitty pc playing minecraft and cs 1.6 a…[View]
47629199ITT: Tard stories: To clarify, this is about other people i'll start. >be me, 13 >year 7 …[View]
47627022/r9k/, what's your most hated reCAPTCHA? >store fronts[View]
47629208>have lost effectively all of my motivation since high school to study things I'm interested…[View]
47631262Stinky Farts That Come Out Of The Female Ass: Is it true that smelly farts come out of the female as…[View]
47631756>leave /r9k/ >my life gradually improves Why are you still here, anon?…[View]
47631844Wash your fukn room man[View]
47631676>eating Jack in the Box Teriyaki Yummy Yummy Yummy[View]
47631876>last virgin in the family[View]
47630955back to uni thread: It's that time of the year, fellow robots. Time to get back to studying. Ho…[View]
47629273Thoughts on LSD and other psychedelics?[View]
47631740>tfw you will never be a member of the Dirlewanger brigade https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dirlewan…[View]
47631450Moments you would gladly relive from your childhood. >That moment when I my first PC and installe…[View]
47629598>Anon you fucking asshole look what you made me to do![View]
47631430What do NEET's even do all day: So I've recently come into a sum of money and no longer ha…[View]
47630643Fembots, would you ever have a lesbian relationship?[View]
47631700I'm nuts. AMA: >be me >12 year old scruffy kid >getsarealfriend.jpeg >tell them i h…[View]
47631060I just want to give you some hope, looks aren't everything, just take a look at this subleddit,…[View]
47626279Will you stop polluding her /r9k/?[View]
47631390what is a common neet food? currently eating pancakes with nuttela, burned on the outside and raw in…[View]
47631007>sister found the cum homunculus what the fuck do i actually do anons?[View]
47628952What is the average lifespan of a robot?[View]
47631362sup guys my mom just said that i'm thinning out up top and should do something different with m…[View]
47631407Jerk off tips and fetishes: Alright I'll start >Be me home alone >Wanna jerk off >I …[View]
47620642Anyone else have depersonalization disorder and a small penis How do I become happu?[View]
47629439>lost without any path to go at all in life >no motivation to finish my education, i fucking h…[View]
47631431How do I become re-socialized? Years of absolute depression and self hatred have turned me into a zo…[View]
47631490Hey, anon. You're a wonderful and beautiful person with a heart of gold. Never change. I love y…[View]
47628270>dad found out i like boys I'm finally free to just b myself /r9k/…[View]
47629289lazy hipocrites.: > Find self-improvement buddy from 4chan. > He ignores every single one of …[View]
47625352Is she a bright girl? Doesn't sound very bright.[View]
47631398>be me >in the general student center has food hall gym etc >hear a strange noise >soun…[View]
47630527Did I die a virgin? Tell me. Did I? http://budeandbeyond.co.uk/family-pay-tribute-to-18-year-old-kil…[View]
47630740i have 5 essays due tomorrow that i didnt do all semester. I have 14 hours before work and 20 hours …[View]
47630747> be me > single average guy > have depression for quite some time now, I live on autopilot…[View]
47631282i hate when people under 30 are really successful makes me look as shit as I feel[View]
47628253did you told your mom or sister that youre going to marry them when you were a kid?[View]
47631119>be me >21 y/o wagecuck >go over to my friends house who may or may not have slight asperge…[View]
47631192i hope youre doing okay this week oneesan[View]
47630878when do i get beard? i'm 19 and i only have some slight stubble on my jaw.[View]
47630952Friendly reminder that women are the devil: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8vMcNNc0uKE[View]
47631171>playing skribblio with friends >why? because bored >then the whore on our discord server j…[View]
47631165ANY LAST WORDS r9k?!: Hot dog and baloney Chicken and Macaroni Chillin' with my homies![View]
47631162Driver's ed: >be me >be in drivers ed >almost finished, driving with the instructor …[View]
47631135How the fuck does this happen? I don't know if this is just luck or a look into the sad state o…[View]
47626329>youtube video starts >'WHATS UP GUYS'[View]
47630744Come lick my feet anon it's alright[View]
47631018Do any bots here listen to Ben Folds Five? They don't make music like they used to honestly.[View]
47631014I think I have some severe issues So I drank mostly coca cola for about 20 years, with only a few gl…[View]
47630913Tfw no Asia Argento mummy gf: To sexually abuse me and cover it up[View]
47628764Fellow robots, how does this picture make you feel?[View]
47630719how to find out what you are a genius at?[View]
47629338>P-pweez nice mistuh wobot >*cheep* >Nu gib babbehs w-wowest huwties an foweba sweepies! …[View]
47630833No gf feels thread: >be me >2AM >on normiebook >browsing profile of crush >wanted her…[View]
47629842im curious if someone rapes your dead body(or you rape) are you still considered as virgin?[View]
47630941>hey where's your ketchup >it's in the fridge, anon…[View]
47630870I like Papa Gino's pizza. Will I like Papa John's?[View]
47630935Dumbass time: >be me >right now >taking shit on nice potty >think of scary spider from d…[View]
47630601>Go to take a shit >Put blindfold over my eyes >Put headphones on and listen to nature soun…[View]
47630919Neet thread: How are my neet friends feeling? I feel like I might be hitting the point where I need …[View]
47630904>cleaning some stuff in the attic >find some boxes of my old stuff >some childhood toys but…[View]
47630898>go to the post office to mail my mom a package >expect place to be dead >actually has a l…[View]
47630485How fit do I need to be to get cosplay sluts at conventions?[View]
47630849>finish up a phone call with some roastie on the phone who works someplace >'see you later MA…[View]
47625770I just want to close my eyes and wake up in 2004. >middleschool >drinking with my friends lite…[View]
47630713>Moving out and going to uni in 4 weeks How do I stop stressing over this? I'm so fucking sc…[View]
47630818Filling out applications so I can become a wagecuck and move out of my family's house be like[View]
47630799big sis. im eating some of the ramen you showed me before. its a vietnamese kind.[View]
47630787Toy Collection: Robits, what do you own in your degenerate sex toy collection. >two bullet vibrat…[View]
47627800Fuck this website and fuck the people on it, 4chan is an everlasting echo chamber of negativity fill…[View]
47621409fren: confess ur sin fren[View]
47628746hahahaha: You fell for this fear mongering race obsessed lunatic[View]
47630758Yay...: >be me >be 30ish neet >feel sad and lonely >remember I have gf >send kissy fa…[View]
47628984Will the pain stop after me losing virginity?[View]
47630729Whats it like getting caught jerking yourself off robots?[View]
47630143>notice a cute girl in my uni at the beginning of this year >obviously i'm too scared to …[View]
47628484>We live in a society where baby boys get part of their penises cut off Really makes you think.…[View]
47630135The internet: Alright boys Post anything. Im bored and wanna browse websites, pictures, music, anyth…[View]
47628444>I fucking hate people who listen to rap music. I wish I can travel to the days in where people e…[View]
47630606Is anyone else real? Why should i care about them?[View]
47628879>don't like circumcized penises >just never looked that great to me >have a kind of fi…[View]
47629975>me >at work >about halfway through my 11 hour shift >solid 8/10 MILF pulls up with a re…[View]
47627971>Anon I'd like to introduce you to mommy's new boyfriend, Chad >He's younger th…[View]
47627985Is super smash bros melee worth buying? It's kinda expensive, but I really enjoyed it as a kid,…[View]
47623846femanons and cute gaynons: what are some defining characteristics of an ideal partners penis >len…[View]
47628406I'm a virgin but for some reasons I have large labias. I got a boyfriend but we didn't hav…[View]
47630546oneechan. have a good day at work this morning[View]
47625565I'm a woman and you're a loser.: Go ahead, get mad. Prove to everyone how pathetic and uni…[View]
47630534Start my morning with a hit.[View]
47630405>dfw you will never go on a grand quest across new fantasy lands full of adventure Any games give…[View]
47626966/britfeel/: Roast Dinner edition[View]
47629055I need a kill switch for when I decide I had had enough of this world. Suggest me a brilliant kill s…[View]
47630340YEEEEEAAAAH BUDDY ima go inside and put in stacies ass bro. you wanna join[View]
47628717>tfw swole >still no gf what do i do? do i keep bulking even more?…[View]
47630018HS girl. College guy.: Why is having a gf that's in high school looked down upon in the U.S whe…[View]
47624379Daily reminder to cut your toe nails[View]
47630463ITT: Greentext image thread Post em lads if anyone has the tale of fridgebro, id appriciate it…[View]
47630377My mom accidentally found my cumrag r9k what to do?[View]
47630352hey faggots stop catastrophizing you fuckwits niggers fagots b tw suck my huge cock!![View]
47629981https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vWf6NTCdoPc Does anyone else watch this kind of stuff as fuel for da…[View]
47629658ok so did asteriaa die, what happened?[View]
47629900Roastbeef flaps aren't the result of excessive amounts of sex and only autistic virgins and /po…[View]
47630368Dreamin: >It's another day spent watching cooking channel reruns. L-living the dream. Good…[View]
47628643Some lotteries aren't meant to be won[View]
47628732>crossdressing >masturbating by sucking on a dildo passionately and rubbing my precum on it fo…[View]
47625673>tfw not a woman >tfw can't live life on literally just exist mode…[View]
47619501>Are you a psychopath? https://psychcentral.com/quizzes/psychopathy-quiz/ I got 14 which is low-m…[View]
47630022When did you accept that this is all your fault, and yours alone. And that you are so deeply fucked …[View]
47630212Daily reminder that everyone is a girl's chad until you reach 25. Then you are fucked.[View]
47630198Here is my lion there is my patron. This is my concrete and this is my ghetto and this cocain line t…[View]
47626184Somebody just started a thread with a picture of this girl. I am EXTREMELY interested to discuss wit…[View]
47630026Sex in car: Hey robots would you jump in a car of somebody you met 24 hours ago threw a gay dating a…[View]
47620195ok creative robots write a story in six words or less.[View]
47630140have another good morning big kat[View]
47628565Omaha has been without power for four hours now. Why the fuck dont we have tech that protects power …[View]
47630030>tfw muscle hunk daddy bf is younger than me any fembots know this feel?…[View]
47630061Wash your vagina, femanon[View]
47628841If I was a girl I'd be the biggest bbc slut possible, I love watching pretty white girls get fu…[View]
47628601I'm wasting ~100 bucks in the lottery: Pick 5 numbers between 1 and 50 Then pick two numbers be…[View]
47630049My daily routine.: >Be me >37 year old mummy's boy >Weigh atleast 400 pounds >I wak…[View]
47630010Where do I get a gf who will tread on my dick?[View]
47629487Times you 'nearly' got a girlfriend: >Be 25 Britbong >Get shitty warehouse job >F…[View]
47626891waifu thread: >post yoru waifu >what merch do you have of her >are you the type who doesnt …[View]
47628636Even though I am white I have never dated a white female. Only colored girls like me. I wish I knew …[View]
47628883Does anyone else's farts sometimes smell like burning brown sugar?[View]
47629418It's ovet you faggots. Today I passed my driver's license test. I'm no longer a robot…[View]
47629882To that robot that used his cerebral palsy to become one of the zombies at six flags, I hope you…[View]
47629780>Try to act like a mentally sound, strong willed, healthy minded adult >Exclusively attracted …[View]
47629847>be 26yo single guy in Tennessee >live alone, moved here after college >have this redneck …[View]
47628664>you will never be a medieval knight >you will never go on a quest for the holy grail…[View]
47629474>be 5 >have uncle with huge ass dog >almost the size of a human >loved that dog so much …[View]
47629767>be me >be 12 >Sleep at grandma house because parents are out town >grandma has a cat th…[View]
47629762I really want to believe this, you guys.[View]
47629739Fact: the quite, shy, innocent-looking girl in your school/workplace is probably the biggest whore o…[View]
47629031>be white >live in a majority nonwhite country >all the girls here don't even give a s…[View]
47628789>fumbled my razor while shaving and sliced my nipple in half Why does this shit happen to me?! FU…[View]
47628657Daily reminder that there is no such thing as 'bi', if you like dicks you're gay[View]
47628250Another day, another pride parade.[View]
47629038Pornstar as mom: Do you think you still would be a virgin if someone like pic related Sara Jay was y…[View]
47629601Can we show some love WAAA![View]
47626536>I deserve a 10/10 loyal virgin gf Tell me why you think you're entitled to one, what have y…[View]
47626876>extremely submissive bottom >but also 6'1 Life is pain.…[View]
47629166I am using my hard earned dinaro to support the VR industry, so hopefully we can move online more pe…[View]
47628731ANON! Why aren't you being yourself? You claim to hate normalfags so much, but yet you do every…[View]
47628828The fact that im going to have to wageslave the rest of my life is fucking soul crushing.[View]
47629432Why is there no government regulation of fucking colleges and universities when it comes to providin…[View]
47627728>mfw remember my /pol/ phase God, I was so fucking cringy[View]
47629033Anyone got an empty version of this? Pic related is not me just interested in making my own[View]
47622787Hannah Hays appreciation: It's time for a Hannah Hays support thread. A lot of people, even fro…[View]
47628478>be female of certain race >stereotypically this certain race likes a certain race of men, but…[View]
47627388>know I'm ugly as fuck >still want to be with beautiful women How fucked am I?…[View]
47629117Am I hated? How do I not become a burden on someone?[View]
47629332>can barely get hard to porn of white girls anymore >can only masturbate to porn if it include…[View]
47629061>mom found the cum tissue tower I'm not even memeing this actually just happened…[View]
47626570Can love bloom for a robot?[View]
47629248>chilling in public pool with friends just goofing around >want to do a backwards roll under w…[View]
47628248where do you see yourself in 5-10 years? me personally: one of the following >still neet (probabl…[View]
47629181Did he live? Or did he die?[View]
47626802>tfw fell for the coffee Jew Feels good man[View]
47628575How do you handle sadness?: some fucking chestpain gets to me in the last few days a lot when feelin…[View]
47627965Admit it gaybots. You've called out for a Q to make a visit just on the off chance that it mig…[View]
47628702>be me >be 11 >playing minecraft on hypixel >building in the zone with seperate land tha…[View]
47628537>mfw my sister is 'GROWING' up[View]
47627665Why aren't you giving black girls their share of attention?[View]
47629062>sup brah, you've been working on those delts like I told you right? the ladies LOVE guys wi…[View]
47628328Checking in on you guys, what you doing? reading? how are you? I got a job as a bartender and it did…[View]
47628552If you're havin' trouble with the high school head He's givin' you the blues You…[View]
47627123how delusional do you have to be to think that you would only get together with a girl who was a vir…[View]
47627588How do you know if an ex truly loved you (or didn't)?[View]
47627038If all incels were killed would the world be a better place? Incels are pathetic toxic men who are a…[View]
47622805SHARE YOUR STUFF! Show us the stuff that you produce! Show us your art! Show us your YouTube content…[View]
47621556Uni student, I have never drank, smoked weed or consumed any sort of illegal substance and I don…[View]
47628904>Aunt found the danger nozzle WHY[View]
47627778Physics: I can't solve this basic physics problem and I just don't see how you solve the f…[View]
47628777Add me for a surprise[View]
47627256Is this the new Sminem?[View]
47628180>Get a job interview >Sorry.. we would like someone with experience >Rinse and repeat >N…[View]
47626532Seriously though, why don't robots just date other robots? What are you worried about?[View]
47628049Does anyone else feel like they don't have any character in them nor ideas of their own but onl…[View]
47627206/ssapsUK Welcome to Twinkle Cave: A discord server for gay people! (but all are welcome) We are a co…[View]
47624190>August 20th 2018[View]
47628646Just found our Angle >>>/soc/26980938 This is how you know /soc/ is truely a normal nigger …[View]
47628204Boyfriend Free Girls / Cucking others: Feels like life is testing me to either cuck others or die a …[View]
47627651go hamstor[View]
47628428I have been sick for 3 weeks. Mostly coughing. It got better but it never went away. Today after 9 h…[View]
47628544broke amateurs: What is your favorite kind of porn? I like audition type vids where the guys see ho…[View]
47628233obscure feels thread: >Love learning >complete brainlet that can only comprehend the surface …[View]
47627048>be me >at work >shit my pant >go to the restroom >makeshift toiletpaper bowl >po…[View]
47628050>Worry that something is wrong with body >Google it >its normal…[View]
47624386Hyperhidrosis: Hello robots/fembots. How do you cope with hyperhidrosis? I've been struggling …[View]
47628329How do you think this kid felt about being photographed in Spongebob pajamas? Do you think his expre…[View]
47626572Horrible fine motor skills: >can't even draw a basic shapes without looking like it was draw…[View]
47628226am I the only one who feels for blackbots?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=61B1dVgzbls&t=73m40s…[View]
47628176>dreamt about her again I haven't talked to her since June and that's when she rejected…[View]
47626432>he calls people 'normies' or 'normalfags' like it's supposed to be an insult and not a comp…[View]
47628215Is feminism just an excuse for narcissistic female masochists to intellectualize their collective ra…[View]
47627219Just left this in my university library toilets, what does /r9k/ think of this?[View]
47627944>TFW discovered I can use Pic related to shower out my asscrack. WHY DIDN'T TOU FRIGGIBF FRI…[View]
47626967Is xanax making me more dumb ? It's been a month I take 4 xanax ( 0.25 mg ) per day and i'…[View]
47628135I've never had problems with money (like having unemployed parents) I've never had problem…[View]
47627241Tfw no eastern European gf[View]
47627924how hard is it to kill off every part of the personality you have now, and become somebody totally d…[View]
47627143>tfw your friends are too dumb to get your slightly nerdy jokes, but you know you'll look li…[View]
47627442Is it hard to find a job in New England?[View]
47627772Please kiss my bussy before you fuck it, okay Sir?[View]
47620465be honest. How many of you was this?[View]
47627654>not sure if being too needy or not >not sure if bringing that up makes me more needy and gros…[View]
47627147any other people love: >fapping to lolis? I was reading some loli doujins and I think im pure as …[View]
47627191Should I try going to a psychiatrist? I've always been depressed and anxious, but recently shit…[View]
47627721I do nothing but sleep all day. Zero human interaction, even online. Zero fun to be had and no enter…[View]
47627696>its hot >find shade >cool now thanks shade…[View]
47627871Why don't you deny the existance of women yet? It's voluntary bluepilling.[View]
47626850Was this anyone else at school? >be me >be quiet around people I don't know unless they r…[View]
47626283Little man in the green chair Little man in the green chair[View]
47627385What do you guys do when you that no gf feel[View]
47627847Hey, I'm looking for some new friends! I'm friendly and love video games, music, and if yo…[View]
47627845>live in comfy coast town >Dead in the winter, tourists on the summer >Lots of tourists …[View]
47620180NZ: I dont know why I keep posting these edition[View]
47627576> be me > male > 21 > ugly 0.5/10 > fat > big stomach, bigger ass, even bigger moo…[View]
47627474What millennials really need is to go to war. Hear me out, all we wanna do is either die or kill thi…[View]
47626152daily reminder that all /pol/tards will be exterminated[View]
47627758https://youtu.be/w9MYBEm1AYg Is Parker Green /ourguy/? This guy has been posting videos for 3 years,…[View]
47625590so why are (((you))) at super weenie hut jrs?[View]
47625851>drank myself into oblivion >flank pain 2 days in a row I think this is it guys, im finally g…[View]
47626211Kidnapping Stories: >be me, 11 >18 y/o sister always been sort of a weirdo, likes to hurt me a…[View]
47627488I remember when I hung out with my friends on mw2 and we chilled on xbox live mic talking about what…[View]
47626760Thoughts on my new shoes?[View]
47627025>be me >be vegan >fart and poo all the time…[View]
47627607Why is typing 4+4chan still banned but people asking for others to join their discord okay?[View]
47627443Discord drama thread: It's back boys, post epic discord drama[View]
47627106>Be me, last week >Miraculously match with grill on Tinder >4/10 fat, but don't care …[View]
47626786WE WUZ: daily reminder that we were really meant to be kings[View]
47626824> Say 'nigga' in front of liberal sister > Keeps saying that I'm racist despite me provin…[View]
47627126Add me on discorb ice cream#2682[View]
47627558>be me, 18 yo and in a relationship >always saw some greentexts from 4chan on reddit >never…[View]
47624428why did you disappear again lock? i dont wanna lose you again..[View]
47626805Anyone here Juul? Is this a good habit to pick up for robots? Why do people Juul? Any tips for a noo…[View]
4762749930+ Thread: 30+ Thread - I feel like 50 Oldfags does it feel like there's been a pretty steep d…[View]
47627220>get infected with virus >can already feel that im getting sick >nothing I can do but wai…[View]
47620622Uni fags, how does it feel knowing that kids born in 2000 will be your class mates starting next sem…[View]
47627002Why do men still get married in the modern West?: Don't they understand that the laws, governme…[View]
47626037Roastie whore fucks teenage boy: https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/asia-argento-paid-sexual-ass…[View]
47626942Daily vetting thread: if you feel any positive emotions during the day or night. Then you dont belon…[View]
47626464how to raise my daughter to be a good national socialist women?[View]
47625492Can you fucking roasties stop being so fucking passive about everything and start actually being abl…[View]
47625735/r9k/ ideals: Any robot's have an estimate on how long until one can become a legitimate Cyborg…[View]
47617537The fuck is it with men caping so hard for white women so much? White, black, doesn't matter, y…[View]
47626956CRAWL TOWARDS ME[View]
47625965Traps, lolis, femes, trans and faggotry in general RUINED porn. Photoshop too. Now I suffer of IIATS…[View]
47594520Write a letter: To someone who probably won't read it. Dear Alex, You should stop being a man-w…[View]
47627033I'm a piece of shit, anons. >go to uni >have part time job, manage pretty well, don'…[View]
47625163The visible embarrassment on his face: Are the lengths beta males go through to get laid by cosplay …[View]
47627088i had a squeaky voice and couldn't speak very loud either for alot of my youth, until 6th grade…[View]
47625604Wageslave stories; with women edition: Women are horrible creatures to work with, I should know sinc…[View]
47626699>mirror decent looking >picture fat and ugly WHICH ONE IS WHAT OTHER PEOPLE SEE?…[View]
47620277Lets get to know each other :): >race >age >hair color/eye color >height and weight …[View]
47625204You hate them because you hate yourselves.[View]
47623904any white passing mulatto bots here? albinism is so embarrassing i get stared at in public all the t…[View]
47623286>the Christian in me says to avoid the temptation of VR >the impossible fantasies in me say to…[View]
47626972any advice?: original thread deleted but there was some good stuff[View]
47613715Hey there friends. Tell me about your Sunday.[View]
47624306What's the most memorable moment that you've had with a real girl? non-virgin normans get…[View]
47626491To fellow Muslimbots and Chadslims: Have any of you gotten with a girl through arranged marriage? Ho…[View]
47626239There are countless people all around the world having sex RIGHT NOW[View]
47626567>feel bad thread who else feeling like utter shit?[View]
47626825>Anti-depressants numbed me for years >That familiar bottomless pit feeling has started return…[View]
47625512Any lottery stories? I just won $1,000 on a scratch off, and I've won $100 twice. Pic unrelated…[View]
47626882Okay, so I'm creating this post to motivate my Robots. Since many of us think that we don'…[View]
47623074>saturday >doing a bit of light drinking with pals >everyone leaves >friend crashes in h…[View]
47626759ask a cyborg who just ate his girlfriends ass anything[View]
47625578I want to adopt a qt daughteru from the 3rd world and save her[View]
47623576>haven't brushed my teeth since 2017 Are they still salvageable without going to the dentis…[View]
47626528why are people so strange? >be employed in an office >start getting friendly with co-worker …[View]
47626769>tfw ywn be jewish >tfw ywn make fun of everyone else's inferior intelligence >tfw yw…[View]
47625781SO MANY INCEST THREADS: So many people on this board are always talking about their moms. Are any of…[View]
47626593How do I stop being an attention seeking (non-homosexual) faggot?[View]
47626440I dont care about fembots, i dont care about traps i dont care about women i dont care about race ba…[View]
47626755>looking through my youtube recommended shit >not even logged in >YOUNG AFRICAN GIRLS DANCI…[View]
47624827Why haven't you left I.N.C.E.L.?[View]
47626688>be 23yo fag >tell bff I have feelings for him and need space >he accepts and understands …[View]
47626395>tfw a girl will never invite you to smell her butthole[View]
47615502/britfeel/: bank holiday shops closed edition.[View]
47626662roasties gettin' toasty roasties gettin' toasty twinkle twinkle in the sky look at all the…[View]
47626296>6 months ago >deleted all social media >did nothing but box >have boxed for 6 months wi…[View]
47624764Does the cognitive impairment from benzos ever go away? I have taken like, 90 pills of Xanax in a sp…[View]
47623639> played Narcosis with my 6 yr old neice > She tells me there's nothing scarier in the oc…[View]
47622093Should pedo's have rights?: You have 10 seconds to explain why pedo's deserve to have righ…[View]
47619360How does it make you feel that so many men can live happily without a woman being the driving force …[View]
47625505https://vocaroo.com/i/s0REjhMsRgib >live in this large gothic house in northeastern washington …[View]
47626155You will never have sex with a 10/10 asian How does this make you feel?[View]
47625552You're a magical skeleton anon what's you're excuse for not using your IMAGINATION to…[View]
47626234>go to seaside park to see the sunset >mfw couples everywhere…[View]
47626177>go on r9k >feel like shit >go to school >feel like shit >go to sleep >feel less l…[View]
47626247Is being shy boring?[View]
47624525>at grocery store >see a box of special K >immediately take it and shove it in my shopping …[View]
47625813how do I desire things? I don't desire anything, really. other than the desire to not have to d…[View]
47625885>comes home from work >dad is sleeping on the couch Oh no…[View]
47625014> She leans her head on my shoulder while we watch netflix > She bought me a toothbrush so I c…[View]
47623376There are no hot femini-[View]
47625410>be me >go on 4chan >nobody knows who i am >idea >i can swear and noone will know f*c…[View]
47626132>youll never go on a cross country adventure like Pokemon with your friends >traveling on foot…[View]
47624779> incels disagree because they've never put their dick into pussy[View]
47616353Blackbots, prove that you exist. I'll start by proving that I'm white.[View]
47619756Do you recognize any fembot when she posts?[View]
47626119>got my dick sucked a couple times over the weekend >don't know how to feel about it It w…[View]
47624669>universal health care doesn't wo-[View]
47625720>dick is 6 inches long >stop fapping for a week >dick is now 7 inches long explain…[View]
47625107>Monday > Wed, construction laborer, 8-10 hour days. Bring home roughly $1000~ >Thursday …[View]
47626036Why don't you robots put on a medical mask and pretend you're sub zero from mortal kombat?[View]
47624726>weird throbbing in arteries lately >decide to actually leave the house and go to hospital …[View]
47623885>only 22 years until whites are minorities too Keep breeding their women fellow shitskins. Every …[View]
47622351Will getting a gf make me less miserably depressed?[View]
47625838>Be me Thoughts?[View]
47623284It's another one of those depressing nights. How is your night, anon?[View]
47624759who wants to drink with me?: ima watch an anime and come back to trhead and start drinking..anyone w…[View]
47625241What happened to these guys? Over the last several years fedoras totally disappeared from the intern…[View]
47625031Europe North America Asia South America Africa Oceania This is a list in descending order of how imp…[View]
47624366>girl is modest about herself and is kind to everyone >'ew basic bitch' >girl is constantly…[View]
47625647>ywn experience the touch and grace of another woman's affection Living is a burden.…[View]
47623290What does crack cocaine feel like?: I wanna up my game, robros.[View]
47625655Iong gone[View]
47625833personally i think all non evropeans should be castrated anyone else share similar views[View]
47625828>tfw me and cousin are like brothers >tfw don't have any other friends besides him >tf…[View]
47624148I can't afford food and haven't eaten for 3 days now. I'm not gonna have any money un…[View]
47625641>sleeping >cousin wraps his arms and legs around me >can feel his dick we're both boys…[View]
47624518Oh boy, look out. It's the alpha white male in all his prime. Keyboards ready, waiting to blame…[View]
47623901When the dust has settled, when the storm has passed, when the game is done, when your laying in you…[View]
47625666Anyone else here incapable of enjoyment or happiness? No matter what happens, I still feel suicidall…[View]
47625068I'm going to get some temp job, work out a ton and then go to Thailand and fuck some hookers. A…[View]
47625145Ive been too depressed for two and a half weeks to study and keep up with my self learning. Despite …[View]
47625629hey /r9k/ how do we get rid of this 'money doesnt bring happiness' meme it has been used against the…[View]
47624774Have you ever tried Cocaine anon ?[View]
47623713>tfw friends have a running bet on which of the virgins in the group are gonna lose their virgini…[View]
47625555Why is it so easy to believe in a negative thought about myself, no matter how false it is - but so …[View]
47625178Am I autistic?: >Be me >Playing meinkampfkraft vidya >Completely stacked, trying to get a b…[View]
47624644How do l get a girIfriend who is pretty, faithful, not a whore and doesn't like to have fun?[View]
47624641Should I do this r9k?: 27 years old, haven't been laid in 1 year. Very hard to get laid now wit…[View]
47625375>be me >first greentext >gonna post it to r/greentext for 6 karma…[View]
47623016>go for interview for construction job >ok anon you now have to buy all the PPE yourself >g…[View]
47618809One small purchase for a man, one giant extinction for womankind[View]
47619624/drugfeels/: How does it feel to trip on Robocough?[View]
47625309When I was younger I used to chew really minty gum just long enough to get it soft then touch it to …[View]
47625220>tfw think Im in a horror movie >pretty sure that, whatever horror movie Im in, its still gott…[View]
47623583Almost got in a bad car accident this morning, I lost control of my car and spun out into oncoming t…[View]
47624797Are latina women the best women?[View]
47624067I just want to say y'all niggas is wack as fuck and just because I'm white doesn't me…[View]
47625164>be me >hanging with a friend and we go to his other friend's house >just met the guy …[View]
47625174Why are you guys /fa/ yet?: You could literally be banging skinny Russian thots and all it takes is …[View]
47625079I've been trying to sleep since 9pm. My heart is still beating like a motherfucker and I'm…[View]
47624516What do you think happens when we finally die?[View]
47623963>regularly get accused of being high or drunk while being completely sober Why are normans so ped…[View]
47622596why are memes so repetitive now? seriously. not even necessarily unfunny but its always certainly ei…[View]
47620916What are the sexiest accents to you?[View]
47623756ITT: weird habits instead of continously buying toilet paper i just have a huge stock of hand towels…[View]
47623941post the last thing that made you laugh picture related[View]
47622463How the fuck do I tell someone i love them when they live far away from me? I keep telling myself to…[View]
47624969>be me at 15 >first kiss with roastie >felt her up and made out few more times >same yea…[View]
47622993Why do men like to have their anus' licked?[View]
47621889As a fembot, one of the things that offend me the most is when a man says that 'women have it easier…[View]
47623357All you incels need to realize something: I've had gf's in the past. I've already los…[View]
47623453College tomorrow Haven't drank, smoked weed, injected addictive illegal drugs So I'm basic…[View]
47604656Fembots do you actually feel sexual stimuli from having your nipples touched or sucked or is it all …[View]
47623721>Put contact lens >still feel them They don't especially hurt me but I can definitely fee…[View]
47620124Unpopular Opinions thread I'll even start. -Filipinos are not asian. They are spanish, like m…[View]
47624299Thoughts on thecoli?[View]
47623926>tfw American >no culture, no identity >cities here are disgusting and have no aesthetic va…[View]
47623368Child B is cute, CUTE.[View]
47624388Imagine telling a man with a 4' penis he's not allowed to fuck a 12 year old, why are normies s…[View]
47623516i can't stand being a drinklet. Help me bros.[View]
47624445>be me >it's 2:30 am >hear nigger talking outside my window Wat do…[View]
47623696Why don't you incels just get rich? Bitches love that shit Pic related, my watch, I get money, …[View]
47624289Incels, wizards and robots are all just low value men that won't settle for low value women. I…[View]
47624175how do contact lenses work, like how can you keep your eyes wet with them on?[View]
47623913I was born in 00s but the mods can't ban me because I'm 18, TAKE THAT IDIOTS[View]
47624554ice cream and alai mature sex[View]
47623288>too dumb for community college >too dumb to hold a minimum wage job >too dumb to operate a…[View]
47623849unironically thought I was scrolling past /b/ just now. when did the fags take over?[View]
47624444What do?: >be me, 6/10 skinny beta fag >total virgin >go to party >9/10 shows interest i…[View]
47624187Internet culture was at it peak when the smartphone didn't exist. Prove me wrong.[View]
47624500This is why women don't go for small manlets and instead prefer big, strong men https://www.you…[View]
47620269Join this discord server, uh, it's pretty cool, uh, yeah RZtgd5[View]
47624480aCnZTnM Starting up a no bullshit chill and community server, robots of all stripes are welcome. We…[View]
47623591Why do I want to watch women murder tiny people? How is this even a fetish?[View]
47624470>tfw no strangler bf[View]
47622058who else here /drunk/???[View]
47617926Say one sentence, the whole world is listening: I don't like the word hygiene.[View]
47624375Is there a correlation between IQ and need for power, control? It would seem that the more aware you…[View]
47622380Somebody please be my gf that likes putting pillows under their arms and pretending they're a b…[View]
47624385The most painful thing about being a virgin loser is that you're undesirable to all women but C…[View]
47624376>be 28 year old boomer >know 9/10 boards would consider posting on /r9k/ underage and cringe …[View]
47624372Hey I'm white and I take Xanax and heroin and I like and cheat and rape for reasons my father b…[View]
47624091anyone else in love with lonely/bleak/existential/surreal photos and music and stuff? a lot of my st…[View]
47622752Do white guys like black girls..?[View]
47624070Anyone here keep a bucket list? What's on it? I want to hear about your dreams, robots.[View]
47623687What's it like being a south american robot?[View]
47622288>that blue pilled robot who unironically posts selfies of himself on twitter for normies to share…[View]
47624302Holy fuck /rk9/ I'm drunk as fuck. Femanons send me your nudes[View]
47624242>almost september >one of the worst months of my life this year >can't imagine how un…[View]
47623255>Send GF to electronics store to get a very specific item >Send her a picture of it and tell h…[View]
47623455how do I know if I have aspergers or just run of the mill insanity?[View]
47623827Frog general. Post 'em.[View]
47623345>Tch. You got some nerve, anon.[View]
47624206What does it feel like to have a gril come up close to you for the sole reason of making another gri…[View]
47622970>stopped eating every day >can't get out of bed very much anymore >consistent anxiety …[View]
47623906I was thinking, is joining the military the fastest way to become a lifelong neet? >take advantag…[View]
47623703Gaston wasn't the bad guy. Sure he was a chad and a bit of a dick, but he didn't do anythi…[View]
47621024Now that the applications are closed, did you apply?[View]
47623727holy shet. its not asian masculinity, its azn identity. i understand, i do. ill take care of it late…[View]
47623300Currently day 5 no fap ive had a raging boner for 30 minutes and im about to lose please help[View]
47623521>tfw we missed this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=or3U2rXxvQw[View]
47621679Remember orochimaru? Now THAT was an anime villians.[View]
47623960/r9k/ I just returned to you from /co/ and almost didn't make it back. Post feels. NOW! >pic…[View]
47623919>suck at all video games >die in one >want to just go eat…[View]
47620557I feel nothing. I feel nothing.[View]
47623929These niggas secondary like Pippen around Mike..[View]
47622821>sissy white robot boi starts talking about how he wants to get a gf someday instead of prettying…[View]
47623861Incel nazis are sad and lonely, they are mad that they found love, why can't you?[View]
47621757You guys don't know just how great it is to have actual legit autism and be diagnosed with it. …[View]
47623606anyone here a general laborer? what does one exactly do at a construction site?[View]
47621789What's your favourite sphincter? For me it's the pyloric sphincter.[View]
47623441Drunk parents thread: How does your mother and/or father act when they're drunk? >Mom doesn…[View]
47623574Black hole sun, won't you come And wash away the rain? Black hole sun, won't you come? Won…[View]
47618723Do any of you boys (or girls) wanna masturbate with me before bed? If I can't have a real girlf…[View]
47611408ASMR is the dumbest bullshit to hit JewTube. How the fuck could anyone get off on that meme?[View]
47622767>want to enjoy something >remember that whatever I want to enjoy is either fake or temporary …[View]
47622277Have always been fascinated with the ability the anus demonstrates in absorbing alcohol during a but…[View]
47623467Anyone else here have this weird need to go look spooky in public places? I am ugly guy and often i …[View]
47623304The doctor sent me a message saying my Grandma (my father's side) has only a few days to live s…[View]
47623092ITT: Jack off thread? Jack off thread.: >be me >7 >Heard gay porn on the internet somewhere…[View]
47622838I'm starting a new club called Big Willy Gang. Wanna join?[View]
47622451/rrn/ - Robot Radio/Nightfeel General: Hey, /r9k/, come listen to my comfy robot radio station and g…[View]
47622409/NHK/ NEET hikki thread: >NEET not in work or training or any education, summerfags that are 'NEE…[View]
47623238highschool was a nightmare, what should an 18 y/o boomer know about college?[View]
47623202Hey S, Good night, its late: Good night, its late so rest well. Its all my fault, I'm so sorry.…[View]
47623378Ballad of Richard Russell (Video): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2gFaVJLJGog Why aren't you c…[View]
47623362is cybersecurity a meme degree???: guys i need to know if im falling for the meme or not[View]
47621651tell me tell me a random thing you learned of life OR PERISHH pretty please yes[View]
47621299Did you know we got a pedophile to chew shit. Fucker spit it out before swallowing though[View]
47620759why don't you just get a transgender gf instead of complaining about being forever alone.[View]
47622919Chaturbate Girls: How do the guys/boyfriend on chaturbate get their girls to cam or how does one eve…[View]
47622761>people in college >people that drive >discussion about relationships even online ones >…[View]
47621970Ok robots I am going to college soon and I am debating how much I want to try to change myself. On o…[View]
47622035!!!!!!: I just got home from a date with an adorable trans girl!!! dreams can come through we made a…[View]
47620707Internet Censorship: Is it really that big a deal that social media is getting censored? There are a…[View]
47622792>last year of middle school >eventually have small talk with some girl >we kinda are friend…[View]
47622497Would society be better off if men and women seperate completely?: With all this talk about how men …[View]
47623221Any dreams lately? Post yours below: >Get really close to someone >start seeing them in my dre…[View]
47603164Time Capsule /r9k/: Let's have a thread to time capsule. I will write this thread to a cd, usb …[View]
47623006am i ok: is it normal to have wet dreams 3-4 times a week? im 23 and masturbate once every 1-2months…[View]
47621745/trans/ thread: When did you start HRT? I started when I was 16.[View]
47622621ITT: post your favorite wojak/pepe off all time[View]
47623177how would one give themselves testicular torsion asking for a friend[View]
47623107Have you been dealing without my permission again, Anon?[View]
47623145Failed normies: approaching a happy normal life, but failing and still being a robot sucks worse tha…[View]
47622693'/r9k/ should stop recycling the same tired old memes and make something original for once'.[View]
47623073Best pepe. Pleb pepe need not to apply.[View]
47622876>be neet >become fighter pilot while wagecucks toil away at their menial jobs what's your…[View]
47621305Mood thread? Mood thread: Post a song and an image that illustrates an aesthetic of yours I'll …[View]
47622943How do I live on my own without having a job? I just want to be a hikki for the next 50+ years[View]
47619714What's the best legal high other than booze and weed? inb4 research chemicals and robotripping[View]
47621978Good set of pills to take to od?[View]
47622773Why does my room smell every time I jack off?[View]
47618580I miss you, Dante. I thought we were going to be the perfect couple. I thought we were both a cut ab…[View]
47622950>high school and college >rejected left-and-right >often harshly >so harsh, I've de…[View]
47619700Only bad outcomes have happend in my life ever since I was 18. I'm 30 now. This happened regard…[View]
47620864Pink Floyd discussion thread: Favorite songs? Favorite album? Let's discuss[View]
47622737>You have been muted for 8 minutes 32 seconds, because your comment was not original. Who else to…[View]
47622589Are British women ugly?[View]
47622241So I had several concerned individuals, including my family, suggest I begin going to therapy. I hav…[View]
47621307CYOA: Just made this, thoughts? Also cyoa thread[View]
47622778>be me >normiefag that wants to go to 4chan and make greentexts >go on different boards loo…[View]
47618429This is my girlfriend Kelly. Say something nice about her.[View]
47622712>tl;dr: Asia Argento, a leading voice of #MeToo, arranged to pay an actor after he claimed she se…[View]
47622434>fall semester starts for college, in 8 hours >first class is English Composition I How fucked…[View]
47621786Who else is /balding/ here?[View]
47619454Learn a language: Have any of you ever seriously considered learning a language? Most of you, especi…[View]
47622317Ask a chad who lives in Tokyo anything: ask me anything jealous robots. And before you ask, yes, jap…[View]
47617706Is there anything worse than being friendless Where the fuck did it go wrong[View]
47620668>>>/adv/19918948 I decided to check /adv/ using my 100% free time as a neetGod and I came a…[View]
47621062>Be nice to women >They treat you like a commoner >Treat women like dirt >They are more …[View]
47622335non-whites have no soul t. non-white[View]
47619165>be me >be starting college tomorrow any advice anons?…[View]
47622498Ask someone who managed to get a mommy gf on 4chan anything Pic unrelated[View]
47621534OC Nightmare Fuel: Go to https://stephaneginier.com/sculptgl/ and make your waifu. Post your creatio…[View]
47622257R9K PLEASE HELP i intentionally made myself faint and i hit my drawer and woke up about 5 mins lett…[View]
47622453This girl is a 10/10 in Canada[View]
47621095Play league with me on NA or else! I don't mind your rank, plus I only play normals.[View]
47622461WE'VE GOT THE POWER OBSESSIVE FORCE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K30Fqry601s[View]
47622301>Be 18 >Starting senior year of HS >KHHV >Haven't had a gf since I was 9 >Not a …[View]
47621933I keep having depressed mental breakdowns in the shower where I have to try really hard to hold myse…[View]
47622387>listen to album i havent listened to in awhile >remember a bunch of good times driving aroun…[View]
47622128I am angry, angry about /pol/. Why are you on this board? Going to rallies and liking Kekistan and o…[View]
47620998How do I experience this?[View]
47622200Why do you all care about getting so much attention and getting into drama? I thought this place was…[View]
4762176325+ thread Early edition: rise and shine boomers, early bird getst he MONSTER ULTRA. how many zoomer…[View]
47621997Fembots, is it true all women have a 'slut' phase? How many guys have you banged?![View]
47621451Why don't you just get a 5/10 Latina gf?[View]
47621438>in military >went awol for 2 months >get a slap on the wrist with 45 days extra duty, 45 d…[View]
47621885What is the most beautiful face you have ever seen, hands down? Both genders are welcome.[View]
47621714>tfw 3-4 hour commute >stop for fast food as breakfast and dinner >get home and go to sleep…[View]
47613985>weedfags still in denial that weed causes psychosis: DUDE JUST GET HIGH ITS PEACEFUL LMAO[View]
47621164With no consequences, would you prefer to fuck a girl under 18? What age specifically?[View]
47622122My mom literally just caught me tweaking, singing and dancing. Video: https://youtu.be/Keixf5d1_co …[View]
47621485How do you guys deal with the post-ejaculation cum that keeps on coming out?[View]
47621801Is he the only Chad beta male in existence? His code doesnt even make sense. He breaks the simulatio…[View]
47617378Why aren't you vegan anons? Don't you care about the animals?[View]
47622196>be me in the 11th grade >walking with my best friend to her 4th period >i lean in to hug…[View]
47620256Honestly rate my grandfather. Would you...?[View]
47621883>3 job interviews in 1 week It's all a numbers game, lads. Eventually I'll get it.…[View]
47621603Sometimes I wish I was a cat.[View]
47622060>being a neet for too long drives me insane >being not a neet for too long drives me insane an…[View]
47617763Faces of Suicide: https://www.facesofsuicide.com/ If these people couldn't hold it together wha…[View]
47618521>some men would fuck this[View]
47621877>tfw repressed feelings of white fever keep coming back What do? How do i convince myself that wh…[View]
47620865> God told me to be pornstar https://youtu.be/oGbxN01gPwg[View]
47621856>There are white 'people' that actually wear there shoes in bed Fucking disgusting. And I thought…[View]
47622066Ylyl D[View]
47617682>want to be in big city (normal life) >given shitty small town rural life…[View]
47619269My younger sister and I are browsing /r9k/ right now. She thinks you guys are weird dorks but also t…[View]
47619198why does everyone in the true crime fandom worship klebold and dahmer when Gary Ridgeway has a bomb …[View]
47621979the last time i fapped was like 3 days ago. I want to fap, but im not having a boner. Should i start…[View]
47621539Hello, good evening, how does one stop self-sabotaging their life? Thank you, please help.[View]
47621641In order for the voiceless to live their lives to their fullest, all people must perish from this ea…[View]
47621913NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER TRAP BOY PUSSY NIGGER GORE THREAD: big nigger dick goes where u shit >tfw d…[View]
47621799Millenils and Femns: Well /r9k/, is this Anon right?[View]
47621705Is this a nice cock?[View]
47621434Morgan Freeman goes to a bar/restaurant really close to where I live, they have pictures and shit al…[View]
47621357i'm fucking done with this shit i'm sick of being some call center cuck boomers think they…[View]
47616992Did anyone else run out of empathy over the years of social isolation and emotional neglect?[View]
47621833Why is mainstream media shilling femdom so hard?[View]
47621810>tfw you got banned from r/FragileWhiteRedditor I just wanted to hang out with some cool redditor…[View]
47621738How do you stop you past pain from controlling how you perceive everything in the present and future…[View]
47619832Dark Triad thread Let's talk about how /damaged/ we are. I guess I'm pretty fucked. I took…[View]
47619751Drawfag Thread: I've been working on this for a while. What do you guys think? Also drawfag thr…[View]
47621525>anon thinks he is intelligent because he is autistic and is browsing on 4chan…[View]
47621460I have a HUGE power/rape fetish. I want to fuck widows who can't afford rent. I want to fuck wo…[View]
47621571I can hardly believe how much less simple the world has become in 20 years.[View]
47621236Why does fapping to 2D feel so much cleaner and better than fapping to 3DPD?[View]
47621077Room mate hate thread: Il Start...I fucking hate having room mates, I cant do degenerate shit withou…[View]
47621662>be year 3402 of the old gaia calendar >live in comfy planet A973-N >dad takes the light-sp…[View]
47620481got my dick sucked, i was super hard af but i couldn't bust, why?[View]
47621632>falling in love with a fictional character again[View]
47621566How do you handle normalfags? a woman just freaked out at me and it made me laugh. she got even more…[View]
47620919Tell me at least one of your one month goals, one year goals, and five year goals! Annnnnd, more im…[View]
47620339Why is 4chan so against interracial sex? I love sex with Latina women and want to go black soon[View]
47614012Anyone else here who have never held hands with a girl?[View]
47621233So i came here because /x/ is way to busy larping as faggots. A user on normiebook posted several vi…[View]
47621369You hate me TOO, don't you /r9k/?[View]
47620906Why aren't you meditating?: Why haven't you taken up meditation, /r9k/? Once one learns to…[View]
47618059Do you believe in Love?: Do you believe in Love? A simple question. Do you consider it a weakness? W…[View]
47621423Freedom: > Be me > Want to watch porn, 3d or otherwise, but don't want to break no porn r…[View]
47620322>tfw no big titty thicc latina gf brb kms[View]
47618840Can a 6 inch penis satisfy pic related? Asking for myself.[View]
47620423Speaking a language other than your own simply proves how useless your own language really is: You c…[View]
47621375>Be me >27 as of last month >Have a four year degree in English >Really shitty and fragm…[View]
47612793Is there any help coming back fromthis? Is this the point of return :([View]
47621306Just lost my virginity. See you losers later[View]
47620920Hey robots. How do you guys cope with depression? I'm running out of methods, and money. >in…[View]
47620454130 IQ here. How do my compatriots feel about 100IQers? I'm honestly disgusted by them but I h…[View]
47621230I have to poop but there's bugs downstairs.[View]
47621070im not that weird or angry im not a poltard im not a mysoginist i can hold a conversation w most peo…[View]
47619532>tfw you find a porn star that looks like the girl who friendzoned you[View]
47612694>dad got a life sentence for beating and raping me as a kid >his brother got into an argument …[View]
47621120Blacc: >be me >be on a random chat site because bored and lonely >match with this Australi…[View]
47620210nothing goes right in my life and I want to end it all. >am poor and ugly with no redeeming qual…[View]
47621042How bouta thread for kinky childhood greentexts >be me >4 >preschool with 5 yr old 8/10 qt …[View]
47620892seriously how fucked am I? I'm 25 years old it's hovered between 400-500ng/dL ever since I…[View]
47619868Anyone just want to loose virginity because of the image it holds? I feel like i dont care about it …[View]
47617781Suicide thread. All thoughts and discussions pertaining to suicide go here. Could anyone be more jea…[View]
47619989*bursts in on you fapping* >'Oi! You there! Show me your wankin' loicence!' What do?…[View]
47606990What do you think their final thoughts were? And could anything have been done to stop them from act…[View]
47619606>another school year is beginning >another year of school shootings to shitpost and meme about…[View]
47621020True intelligence is having girls attracted to you yet not letting that cloud your judgement.[View]
47612078To all the normies or chads:: greentext your sexual experience with a qt It's the only way a kh…[View]
47619058Why are women so offended by older men dating younger girls?[View]
47619830>be non-white female (girl) >love whiteboys any other fembots ktf?…[View]
47619772Give me the number of someone you hate. I'm pranking people. United states.[View]
47620544Would you rather date >a girl with a mediocre body and a stunningly beautiful face or >a girl …[View]
47616409You guys hate girls who claim to be 'not like the other girls' But what makes you different from th…[View]
47620220>be me >5'4' >~105 lbs >extremely pale >male should i just become a woman? i mea…[View]
47603041Fembots, what are the minimal requirements a guy should meet to become your bf?[View]
47620473I've been away from /r9k/ for a week.: And let me tell you this: Didn't really force mysel…[View]
47619716>I think of a new post every 5 minutes[View]
47620712I'm breaking up with my obese landwhale gf tomorrow. Are you proud of me?[View]
47620908>tfw posting from a little shelter I made on my deck with a big umbrella Holy shit I am so comdy …[View]
47620074when did my gender become so pathetic? they're tripping over eachother for this.[View]
47612213Visual Novel Demo I Made: I'll be straight with you, I made a minute long demo for a visual nov…[View]
47620848Picolas Cage: >I love this pic way too much is it normal? >Picolas Cage…[View]
47620871The discord of the World of Warcraft guild I'm in is filled with salty neckbeards. Can someone …[View]
47620732>be me >no job >thugs always want to fight me >always beat the shit out of them >pays…[View]
47598706/r9gay/ #421 - I'm fuckin' bout-a bout it: what are you doing to stave off the encroaching…[View]
47619219What the fuck do you do when you're angry and want to cry, shout and break stuff but you can…[View]
47620827Gen Z doesn't like white men: Kara Boga rising. Latin and Black bots your time is now https://w…[View]
47620809r9k i say girl had cut bob but she no say hey bak[View]
47620699Why do most girls dislike bisexual guys?[View]
47620631Mom is making me go to college after being neet 4 years I have no drivers license so she will drive …[View]
47619549Men are attracted to women who have the same pussy that they would have if their penis were made int…[View]
47617511What is your opinion on short, squishy girls?[View]
47617610Dating, knowing it won't last.: Well after 26 years, I decided to put myself out there, and go …[View]
47620500ITT: Autistic shit you do: I'll start. >talk nonsense to myself when I'm alone >unir…[View]
47619912>be 13 >whole family is gone because of medical reasons >YES YES YES now is my chance >g…[View]
47616932How am i supposed to come to terms with knowing that everything i ever do or could ever accomplish w…[View]
47617356Not my proudest fap: Has anyone fapped to something that gave you an indescribable feeling of shame …[View]
47620469whats stopping you from lynching yourself anon?[View]
47618833>girls with Scottish accents[View]
47619576Its all a lie: I fell for the 'just get fit' meme, went from 110kg to 80 (im 175cm) I already dress…[View]
47618407Do you ever wish it was still 2003?[View]
47619942TV: How can people watch TV it's so boring and ass[View]
47616761Has anyone here gotten their life together after being a NEET for literally years? Wanna share your …[View]
47620358https://soundcloud.com/torijasper/sets/angel-ghost-child check out my album[View]
47616637What is everyone having for dinner?: decided to treat myself to an extravagant meal >oysters rock…[View]
47620319>Sorry anon, please forgive me.[View]
47619770>sleep 11 hours >pee and sleep another 5 hours >wake up >can't fall back to sleep w…[View]
47620367Next week, I'm traveling abroad to study for quite a long time how do I cope with these feels o…[View]
47618178Is googling 'is viewing beast porn illegal' and then reading yahoo answers threads about it going to…[View]
47620304Why the future is female: Eventually, maybe just a decade from now, medical science will slow or hal…[View]
47619847>accidentally came on my sister while fapping (we share a room) >mom thinks I molested her Sh…[View]
47620320Has sex really been reduced to the what it is on the basic/physical level nowadays instead of a spec…[View]
47608254Most guys on here are not actual robots. Most guys here are just average/below average guys who coul…[View]
47618629>'Anon I just LOVE to drive around, how about you?' >'What do you mean you don't know how…[View]
47620293>be me >about 11 >go on camping trip with best friend, his dad, and his sister (whp are all…[View]
47620274just posting an awesome picture[View]
47619116I wish I was a girl(female) lesbian so much. Can anyone think of any possible downsides? >Can hav…[View]
47620211Just got a gf bros! I never thought it would happen because I'm kind of effeminate and in no wa…[View]
47619017>put full trust in new gf for once. be great bf, her family adores me >talks to another guy Wh…[View]
47619042>tfw male with cutting scars I'm never getting laid, am I?[View]
47620038Is it true that you can love only once?[View]
47617676What will become of Nikolas Cruz? https://youtu.be/rNMGzsxJgkM[View]
47619872i tried to be a normie just one time for a short while and people just look at me like I'm a fu…[View]
47619000when I was a kid I used to spend all my time on youtube but it sucks now and its sucked for years, i…[View]
47620146You ever get so angry you feel homicidal? Not saying I'd go through with it but whenever someon…[View]
47614882When was the last time you ate lunch with someone? I can't remember. This makes me feel sad.[View]
47617666I was almost famous ask me anything. Though I might not answer some things.[View]
47617271How are you spending your last 12 hours of freedom before going back to work fellow wagecucks?[View]
47620088ice cream and alai clean sex[View]
47617305Why don't robots just date other robots?[View]
47620072Being a normie sucks: You know what really sucks? Not being able to try and help someone without som…[View]
47620063>be me >meet this qt3.14 at a local bar >we start talking >buy her a few drinks, have so…[View]
47618145That's is, I'm all out of other options. How does one get a prostitute in the US? I just w…[View]
47619222I just had a threesome with two playboy models, AMA. Not a chad, just a richbot.[View]
47618724>be me >10 years old roughly >nephew coming over for sleepover >he was 9 >everything …[View]
47618265>heh....just gettin back to the daily grind...gotta pay dem bills and keep the wife happy heh...h…[View]
47619936I've erased all connections to the past but no matter how hard I try I can't erase my meme…[View]
47619539Imo starts tomorrow and I'm going to hit on every fucking woman I see of every type and won…[View]
47612922I'm tipsy and would like to fill out some mental tests like this one: https://psychology-tools.…[View]
47616380Reminder the potus is racist.[View]
47619480hispanics confirmed as the most chad race why is this?[View]
47617435John Green cucked himself hard: Most 20-something femoids have read at least one of his trash books.…[View]
47619775have any of you robots ever ran away from home? my life isnt that bad but im getting fed up and just…[View]
47618899Robot's Room: Rate my room, Robots. I tried to go for a contemporary, Minimalist look. Picture …[View]
47617276How do you find good discord servers?: This is NOT an advertising thread, don't post your serve…[View]
47619655does anyone ever jerk off by just pulling down on the skin? its fun.[View]
47617679R9K official cum race: >we fap for 2 weeks and collect it in a bottle.(600 ml preferred) > we …[View]
47619451>tfw no team peanut butter asian gf[View]
47617938Have you ever defeated a girl?[View]
47616265Hello, fellow Anons. How has your day been? My name is Marisa Kirisame, and I'm here to listen …[View]
47618120The world is so vast. Everytime I go check something on google maps like the rural area in Japan, I …[View]
47617449I'm just gonna put this out there: Nothing matters, in a goodish way. Morals don't matter,…[View]
47617801Insane, Screaming Criminals Live A Few Doors From Me: So I live a few doors down from what a few of …[View]
47617395What's the weirdest porn you've ever jerked off to?[View]
47618231Fat fuck here should I start doing meth to lose weight? Thinking about taking up a meth habit every …[View]
47619261i got banned for a week on 4chan and ended up getting a job[View]
47618824When will gamers finally realize that they need to rise up?[View]
47619449>the chad introvert >the virgin needy extravert…[View]
47617297Would you rather have a 10/10 girlfriend with an IQ of 90, or a 7/10 girlfriend with an IQ of 120?[View]
47618715Some people are meant to have babies, and some people are meant to be babies. That's just how i…[View]
47619304I honestly can't tell the difference between >me being a codependent piece of shit who deman…[View]
47617976The stars look very different today.[View]
47617650What causes Incels?[View]
47615055Autistic people report in.[View]
47618780I just discovered a few days ago that i can put my pocket pussy in between my mattress and box sprin…[View]
47616963At what point would you be desperate enough to date a single mother that looked like pic related?[View]
47617924Institute for NEET Studies: Hi Anon, I'm an intern from the Institute for NEET Studies. We…[View]
47618474hey robots, fellow retard here. im kinda autistic and i get like hyper focus on a topic for months y…[View]
47618364>tfw no hot family member to fap to.[View]
47619126anyone know how a friendless robot get booze at his uni? Any apps in particular or tips?[View]
47618279What the fuck do I do, /r9k/ >overweight with barely any muscles >slight knock-knee and slight…[View]
47619079Where on your body do you like being fondled?[View]
47618947I'm the definition of scum. I get too nervous and anxious to work making my life shitty. Then I…[View]
47619043High School GF Got Married: So my first GF from high school got married today. I'm a 30 year ol…[View]
47617379Lets watch some anime together? PT. 4: Hi again! Sorry I'm late! https://www.rabb.it/loungeypla…[View]
47619072>i hav boobie >that make me beter than boys >giv me mony >i get firs life boat…[View]
47618697What was the year you were happiest? (and why) >2013/2014 I vividly remember staying up night aft…[View]
47617812>boomer dad got his facebook account hacked: how does he do it? literally how can you be retarded…[View]
47617412how can someone be so stupid?[View]
47618451posting turkey apu everday day 31[View]
47618964>go on 4chan >make world's best greentext >captcha >'i'm not a robot' fuck…[View]
47618996>post elaborate lengthy greentext story about something that happened to you personally >'You …[View]
47618977>mfw my blonde cousin wears booty shorts I would give an arm if I could just pound her cheeks onc…[View]
47618700>get free school laptop >get to keep school laptop throughout the summer >school laptop is …[View]
47618926>One time when I was 13 I was at some church event >One of my parent's friends asked how…[View]
47616658>tfw you realize that winning the lottery would solve all of your problems…[View]
47618923i've been thinking alot recently about how we live in a cyberpunk future. all isolated, yet int…[View]
47618860>Pic related is better looking than Gandy and Alain Delon. Prove me wrong. protip: you cant.…[View]
47618808This is my goodbye. I have deleted Clover and will not return to 4chan unless it's for collecti…[View]
47611271>tfw let my parents pressure me into the undercut meme: >>tfw cut off my long hair for this…[View]
47618798I have 12 hours before the weekend is over and I have to report to my slave driver. Should I spend t…[View]
47617021I think you overanalyze things We are able to know wether someone is happy, sad, homosexual, chad, c…[View]
47618113Faces of Meth: I just realized years and years later that 'faces of meth' was a play on …[View]
47617700How many chad serial killers do you think have gotten away with murdering women simply because they…[View]
47615576Can you imagine a worse fate than being a boy, your parents getting a divorce, and knowing your mom …[View]
47617573Has there ever been a better looking Prime Minister/President of a country with nukes, in all of his…[View]
47616888i'm taking this sexual harassment prevention thing for college and it's making me feel sad…[View]
47618068Incels condone acid attacks on women but why don't they condone acid attacks against pretty boy…[View]
47618099Can someone tell me how does it feels having friends an a girlfriend? I'm very depressed becaus…[View]
47618543How do we fix the world? I want a wife and a family that i can be happy with, but there is so much s…[View]
47617390>in 20s I was upset that I didn't have a gf >in 30s I am upset that my month salary is $4…[View]
47618280Yesterday was me and my twin brother's birthday party and all of our friends came. They only sa…[View]
47617411Does anyone else feel like their luck stats go up when they stop jerking off? Or is it just me?[View]
47618517Who would win? And who has the best aesthetics? Assume each side has a squad of four soldiers and ar…[View]
47618538>tfw femanons always ask to see your penis, but all you have to show them is a fake penis you hap…[View]
47618184Anon is Chad: >spend time with Uncle >uncle butt fucks me >get to thinking uncle has kid …[View]
47617361when will i get a fembot gf that likes puttting pillows under her arms and pretending she's a b…[View]
47617999>normies treat getting 'hacked' like it's just a normal, ordinary thing to happen to them: h…[View]
47617281>tfw no femanon to hug and cuddle, while watching movies late at night[View]
47618390>tfw came to the realization that I look like a flaming gay bottom/size queen How do I rectify t…[View]
47618410A Nigga Just Want To Suck Fembot Toes[View]
47618401Lord Jesus, teach me to be generous; teach me to serve you as you deserve, to give and not to coun…[View]
47618187>one day of work feels a lot longer than an entire weekend[View]
47618291grandparents: i wished i moved out from living with my grandparents, long story short everyone else …[View]
47618287https://youtu.be/pRjXFMHidos Did you hear that incels? You heard it hear first, in order to fix your…[View]
47617978>write a mean post in reply to another poster >feel bad about it right away…[View]
47617221How do you resolve being 'nice' with women? I'm no Chad, but very friendly, personable, funny, …[View]
47610948>'Yeah I'm really quirky and nerdy, I love watching rick and morty with my cats XD' >MFW …[View]
47617556>ugh anon.. can you get me a glass of water in the kit- >uhgg-quick anon go there and take me …[View]
47618200ice cream and alai loose sex[View]
47618192I thought I do right thing:(: ...Anonymous (ID: 4kHhp5uQ) 08/19/18(Sun)14:39:51 No.182803454 92 KB …[View]
47618139Who else is fucked up right now?[View]
47616821I'm back, ya'll. >robot all throughout high school >go to college and become determi…[View]
47616816Incels: Hi r9k! it's that guy that uses and id and tries to be nice in a board full of hate! ta…[View]
47613230who here is a skeletal or was a skeletal ? i'm 6'1 & 132 lbs (185 cm & 60 kg) ty…[View]
47617335Normie Girls: Does anyone else find themselves disliking 'normal' women? I just find it so hard to a…[View]
47614478Ask someone with Borderline Personality Disorder who is probably going to have a fake suicide attemp…[View]
47616249I ghosted my boyfriend and I regret it.[View]
47616779Guys my last 6 posts haven't gotten any replies, please feed my ego.[View]
47617238why do people urge to get a gf? isnt it pretty much just extra chores?[View]
47616021Why don't robots just date trannies?[View]
47617601>oneitis asked to use my lipbalm today and didn't care that I had used it before Does this …[View]
47616480Guys I'm comfy as fuck right now. I took: -1mg clonazolam -A fat hash joint -Some beer I just h…[View]
47616597>be me >hanging out with girl I've been friends with since 3rd grade >had a crush on t…[View]
47618010>tfw no qt subordinate indian gf[View]
47615697Being sexually frustrated: Anyone got good songs for being sexually frustrated? I missed my shot for…[View]
47616524>another workweek is about to begin raviolig ravioloi im so depressed and hate my life abovli…[View]
47617396Getting your life together: I came up with a guide to use, in getting your life together. You'd…[View]
47617895Finna off myself: Have awesome dad, love him with all my heart, and a mother that is literally the d…[View]
47617595Why do I get a faint urge to kill whenever I hear the slightest noise coming from another room in my…[View]
47617178Music Thread: Just post music and be happy about no judging at all thats really... just be happy abo…[View]
47616936>talking with girl >she accidentally spits and some of it lands in my mouth >get hard and l…[View]
47617483Would you date a girl with an actual IQ of 80?[View]
47617533Whats a cheap ipod touch etc that can still use youtube and some apps?[View]
47616601Don't blame girls for loving chads, it's totally beautiful and the way it should be. What …[View]
47613803>be me >2 years ago >start fapping to trap hentai and things like that occasionally >no …[View]
47616662PSA TO ALL YOUNGER ROBOTS: dont destroy your life just because you arent chad in your 20s. its ok t…[View]
47617784>mfw normies see me browsing pee pee the frog memes in public[View]
47617513'Why do you keep looking at me uncle Anon?'[View]
47617162How did you convince your parents (who came from a generation and culture where a job guaranteed you…[View]
476177481 >you are still a lonely virgin but have a simple home, dont have to work, a good gaming pc, a t…[View]
47617747Does anyone else use the 'Ok' symbol to masturbate? If your dick is too big you can use the middle o…[View]
47613462Racism: Random Question: What's the most racist thing you've seen someone do or heard som…[View]
47617566Where do horny wonen go to advertise themselves for chads? >beach >bar >instagram Anything …[View]
47611660What turned YOU into a Weeaboo??: Hey /YOU/. What has turned you into a japan-loving weeaboo? Post …[View]
47617660>post on 4chan that i'm a virgin >mfw I get banned for being underaged…[View]
47617329I fucking hate myself so much and I wanna die. Nothing ever works out for me and Im a huge fucking j…[View]
47616628Any semi-attractive fembots looking for a free ride? I mean financially and everything. I'm not…[View]
47617293>have to get up in 5 hours >browsing 4chan…[View]
47616686There is no reason not to hate women unless you're a chad. Prove me wrong[View]
47616699How can white fembots even compete?[View]
47617497>finally deleted all my pepes and replaced them with apus when will you do the same?…[View]
47615890Posting for my friend day 2: sorry for not coming yesterday (i got banned)[View]
47617481>truck parked across the street with three police cruisers and the sheriff's car surrounding…[View]
47617245My childhood: Hey bots here is a story from my youth > Be me > Be britbong > Mum and dad di…[View]
47615852how do I overcome my self-preservation extinct? I wanna hang myself in the bathroom, but when I…[View]
47616752>tfw no fembot gf to let me sniff her butt on demand[View]
47617417hey anons what did you think of the class clown back in school (femanons if you answer specify that …[View]
47617408Female Asshole Worship: Does anyone else here worship the female asshole? Whenever I think of god, I…[View]
47613344>Rich: Hey do you think if I land this successfully Alaska will give me a job as a pilot? >Ai…[View]
47615453images that summarise your current state[View]
47617051I wish I can split up the atoms that make up my entire existence, and vanish into fine quarks that l…[View]
47617315Whats the most cringiest, pathetic, thing you've ever seen? Something that's really gotten…[View]
47617027Another wasted summer spent doing nothing. God damn it i wish i had the balls to end my miserable fu…[View]
47616508>Be me >Fucking a whale because high test but normies can sense my power level >Make some f…[View]
47616971Hey Anon, whatcha thinking about?[View]
47616896>TotalBiscuit dies >immediately unsub his channel and take it off my RSS feed…[View]
47615563so, i'm white i'm 5'10 and i weight 132 lbs (kind of winkish), shoulds i start doing …[View]
47616927Why is it so difficult to build a good talking AI ? I have a tried a few chatting services with art…[View]
47617214>graduate college >forget everything I learned after a month I-I can math guys, promise..…[View]
47617184Hello r9k. I'm gonna try to become funny. I feel like I have a good sense of humour and althoug…[View]
47617203I'll drink it. I swear to god ill fucking drink it.[View]
47613614I just want you guys to know that i need permission to cum, will anyone be nice enough to let me rel…[View]
47617094>thinking about huge juicy ass again STOOOOOOOPPPPPPPPP!!!! I JUST JACKED OFF LIKE 4 MINUTES AGOO…[View]
47602061r9k hardware survey: 1. your age 2.your country 3.Your CPU 4.Your RAM 5.Your GPU[View]
47613652/creative/: jus a outlet for robots to express their creative mediums feel free to post any creatio…[View]
47610991'Last night was great Fembot. How about some coffee and we can go for round two?'[View]
47616691>did I die a virgin? http://budeandbeyond.co.uk/family-pay-tribute-to-18-year-old-killed-in-vehi…[View]
47616683Was Fernando Pessoa /ourguy/?[View]
47616603Why don't you lift anons? I know lifting can't cure autism, but don't you wanna be a …[View]
47616775I need to stay awake all night tonight. How do I do this? No caffiene or other drugs.[View]
47616857I've been battling this problem for some time. I've been thinking. Family is the only thin…[View]
4761384899% of white women dont actually like black guys trust me anon ive tried, they always go for some wh…[View]
47616641Why shouldn't I convert to Islam?[View]
47617019what do you guys do with your left over ritalin tablets? should I just throw them away? got liike 7…[View]
47617063Weird fucking dreams thread: I'll start This just happened >dreaming >wakes up in the mid…[View]
47615902>every tranny I've met has been a complete piece of shit to people and then used their menta…[View]
47617008Would you guys get a SEA mail order waifu? Pros: -lower standards for a suitable mate, so that means…[View]
47604826Namelets >finn[View]
47616574>Work your entire life in order to become a NEET Can someone explain the logic behind this to me …[View]
47613764Fictional characters who are you: I saw a thread on here a couple weeks ago that I thought was prett…[View]
47616855How do you imagine your married life to be?: I don't have much hope since I'm actually uns…[View]
47616275>work out for 1 year >find a sponsoring site (basically you fuck lonely milfs AND THEY PAY YOU…[View]
47614025Hahaha stupid mortals have fun being purged while I live the perfect neet life over at LFE[View]
47611826Borderline personality disorder: There's a reason it's other name is 'neurotic psychopathy…[View]
47616830You will never be a music star Chad being sucked off in a recording studio. Just lol if you're …[View]
47616526Why must I be so shit, socially wise? It's so hard to talk to people, l just don't know wh…[View]
47615860ITT: We laugh at shit some of you faggots unironcally believe, accompanied by a smug image >he th…[View]
47616121>tfw fatherhood >tfw never planned it, never asked for it >tfw I don't regret it >t…[View]
47616809is this fantasy healthy: i wanna be shaved clean and dressed up and used like a fuckdoll in a huge s…[View]
47616681Help a brainlet out: What is the meaning of this phrase and how would you expain it: Science is not …[View]
47614932The Person you want to be: ITT: Describe who you want to be as a person ( personality traits) and wh…[View]
47614182Post yours fags[View]
47616669>'woah personify what's that' >'females just don't play complex games like league of…[View]
47616237Why do people always bring up the past? Is it beyond their capabilities to move on without making a …[View]
47616625Why can't anyone give me helpful advice? Most advice seems like it would be useful if I was in …[View]
47614916Why don't you just date a fatty if you are lonely?[View]
47616292>girl keeps saying that she's hungry or hasn't eaten yet, or that she doesn't know…[View]
47616567Those aren't mountains[View]
47616675Am i gay?: >be me >Stopped going to gym for 2 weeks >been talking to qt3.14 for 2 weeks …[View]
47614533What is his fucking problem[View]
47616618>got a job after 3 years a NEET >can finally use the 'get a job' insult…[View]
47616653>be me >25 y/o beta virgin with mild autism >watched pron on the daily; have huge fetish fo…[View]
47615030Hello brobots. I need you to recommend me low requirement multiplayer games that are not dead. Thank…[View]
47612886The average female loses her virginity at age 14. Meanwhile there's millions of men who are 40 …[View]
47615960Sorry to all: Used to come here years ago and troll and shitpost about neets and other depressed peo…[View]
47616016goodnight /r9k/ pls say it back :)[View]
47615575Autistic moments: >be me >be 12 >sort of friend asks 'if you could go back in time what wo…[View]
47616505anyone else just accepted the world is what it is: idk i've just been like fuck it recently and…[View]
47616283The world needs PSAs advising people to avoid coming to 4chan[View]
47615011Whenever anyone that isn't me, or anyone that doesn't 'deserve' it, getting attention or j…[View]
47616192I've had the same interactions since I was 3-4 years old. People don't change and people…[View]
47616100>haven't used or checked goybook in years >remember the cringe fest my gaybook was >su…[View]
47613536do jews like smelling stinky goy feet? this is important[View]
47608476Love & Children: I had a moment this morning. My girlfriend came home after spending the night a…[View]
47616247I feel like I'm entering heat. I've been so distratingly, uncontrollably horny lately. I d…[View]
47614066>waking up from yet another dream where you and your oneitis are happily married and have childre…[View]
47616340>Just posted my first thread >got 6 replies >goodnight non chads…[View]
47614574Hey robots, how to make a good first impression? Im going to uni in another city, where noone knows …[View]
47611518ITT: Things you do that makes you thing you have the 'tism: >every time I look for my brothe…[View]
47616306Can we confirm that the soundtrack for Yume Nikki that is on Amazon Music, etc. was published by kik…[View]
47616297>archives down so cant check for new Natty pics Just fuck me[View]
47611927What's it like having a sister?[View]
47616241YLYL thread: let's get a YLYL thread going, you know what to do, I'll start[View]
47616182How do you enjoy doing things in life?[View]
47614745Tfw can't share the food I made with oneitis[View]
47599265what's something that genuinely unsettles you?[View]
47614044how do you deal with the paralyzing loneliness and having absolutely no hope?[View]
47615067Why are black women such race traitors?[View]
47615989What's the reason someone's submissive? Is it because your parents were very strict or bec…[View]
47616064How many robots still play minecraft? >I played the game a lot in highschool in 2014 but i haven…[View]
47615204Why don't more robots get into solo camping/ survival training? It's comfy and better than…[View]
47616152Feminism = Communism? NO!!!!! Communism = Feminism !!!!![View]
47614175>It's another fall in love with any girl that gives you slightest bit of recognition episode…[View]
47615540Have you embraced your self loathing and turned it into hardcore masochism yet?[View]
47615707>be good looking >have a well paying job >be smart and funny >just a little awkward/shy …[View]
47615761Are you technically a cannibal if you go down on a woman? You're digesting her own bodily flui…[View]
47616014Anyone have any happy feels stories?: >be me >18 >live in Detroit, born and raised >live…[View]
47615746>'Oh anon it's just incest! Now leave your brother Chad and I be.'…[View]
47616081>that one kid who always joked about extortionating the water fountains from the freshmen and it …[View]
47615892>kiIIed another dog[View]
47612228Fembot Poll: I know fembots are somewhat of a myth, but let's settle this once and for all. Is …[View]
47615926I wish every birthday wish since I was 14 wasn't wishing I had friends.[View]
47615994Is this a white man?[View]
47615507don't you ever leave me r9k :)[View]
47615899>its poopoo sleepy time[View]
47615805>itt thank our mommys for giving us life thank you mommy for giving me the beautiful gift of life…[View]
47613908Two girls during my life have told me: >I know you are normal >Why you pretend to be 'au…[View]
47615964embarrassing story thread: embarrassing story thread. i'll start with one that happened today …[View]
47615937Is /fit/ any different from us or are they just in shape? They seem just as autistic as us. There…[View]
47615316Will SSRI's stop the sadness, anxiety and suicidal thoughts? I just have to trade my libido rig…[View]
47615007greetings, incels[View]
47614816Should I kill myself now or tell my parents I dropped out of uni? If I tell them they're gonna…[View]
47615474Sitting here drinking - feeling lonely - want to chat: Hey fellow /r9b/ots I'm sitting here hun…[View]
47612731TFW not born a japanese boy in japan. I won't get to grow up with an awesome anime culture arou…[View]
47614691Would /r9k/ marry a woman that is 10 years older than them?[View]
47615905Comfy thread: How are you doing tonight robots? Get comfortable.[View]
47610350>tfw no introvert femanon to talk about dumb shit and play games with[View]
47615616Will there ever be a story as great as his?: Just finished watching the anime, i'm probably als…[View]
47613898Worst drivers: People say Asians are bad drivers, but mexicans are outright fucky. >won't le…[View]
47615684finally caving and making this thread: aight fuck it, I want to talk to some femanons. most i'v…[View]
47614387Fembot hate thread: ITT: We express our hatred towards the inferior gender that has flooded this boa…[View]
47615811ADD: I have ADD. And no adderall. My life is harder because I can't concentrate on anything. …[View]
47612450People other than ourselves who happen to be uggo. Do not post a picture of yourself. Just post a pi…[View]
47614173>be me >be romanian >wake up at 6 am to go to school >bus is full with old smelly people…[View]
47615740Anon meets a guy: >be me,quite a few years ago >in year 7 (britbong) >some new kid joins …[View]
47614520>Tfw no anime loli to kidnap and become my foot fetish slave Sucks being real bros…[View]
47615551BPD Feels: Reminder that if someone with Borderline Personality Disorder splits with you, it means t…[View]
47615672what would you do if your son was a boomer?[View]
47615560Short Term Pleasures: What are your short term pleasures? Drugs? Food? Masturbation? Would you consi…[View]
47615686hey robots, do you have any favourite celebrities? pic kinda related[View]
47615385>have to get up at 7.30 (0:26 local time) >postponing it since I know it'll be painful to…[View]
47613641>guy friend asked me on a date 2 hours ago >haven't answered yet What do I do? Help a fem…[View]
47614486Chronic Illness General I guess: Does anyone else have a chronic illness? How do you guys cope or do…[View]
47608860Would you date a chubby nigger girl?[View]
47614390>Anon, your (unusually young) mother and I were wondering why we aren't grandparents yet…[View]
47614085Wouldn't you?: The only thing I know how to do is write a run on sentence and whistle. I'm…[View]
47615585I'm about to blow my shit all over my face and swallow everything after it[View]
47615633Caption this robot fuckers[View]
47614141What's the most wholesome thing you have seen happen online?: I watched someone who's dxed…[View]
476139366FQJKwk any anons want to get woke and learn occultism? it'l benefit you more then any of the s…[View]
47614959>When you're about to go to the strip club for the 3rd time in three weeks >tfw low self …[View]
47613844Why does the media express that women are the romantic types who value emotion and sentimental thing…[View]
47614791How do I get a a trad gf? Although i'm christian myself, her being christian doesn't matte…[View]
47615571How to know it's the time to drop your friends? How to deal?[View]
47613728ITT: how to combat Rape A lot of people.rape other because they dont have the opportunitu to have se…[View]
47615482https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XjBwAYIxUso: >22 years old >Learn evolution and discover the m…[View]
47615481>be me, 6th grade >dude bro in the 8th grade is bullying one of my friends >friend is 2/10 …[View]
47614446How do you robots deal with fear? Usually I just get really pissed until it goes away Had this thing…[View]
47615049Traps are gay: Am I the only that thinks traps are super gay? I mean I tried watching trap stuff bu…[View]
47609162Maids: Okay /r9k/ choose your poison. Which maid would you go with?[View]
47613028Can we Petition the Catholic Church to make Elliot r=Rodgers a saint?: He has performed miracles, as…[View]
47608295How are you suppose to date when you're 30? > mfw never had gf > mfw never had relationsh…[View]
47609950You have the ability to change your mom into a female celebrity of your choice, but they have to be …[View]
47615447/soulsearching/: Don't go looking for a soulmate until you've found your soul, mate.…[View]
47609751Virgins of /r9k/, post your: >Age >Gender >Height >Weight >Hair Color >Eye Color …[View]
47609005Is there any robot out there that doesnt have a face/body/race requirement? Im getting really lonel…[View]
47610144>fembot here >fembot HAHAHA JUST KYS FUCKING LARPING FAGS…[View]
47610576/britfeel/: roast potatoes are the best part of a roast edition[View]
47615106Anyone here accidentally sent a text message talking shit about a person TO that person? What was da…[View]
47615264>tfw you're in your 30s and only now coming to terms with wanting to fuck trannies I hate it…[View]
47609805Tribal r9k: We wuz robots and shiet. R9k is a tribe, everyone has a role within the tribe, what the …[View]
47611860What does being a 'robot' mean to you? To me 'the robot' is an archetype. At its core, a robot is a …[View]
47615202>tfw having my very first date next saturday[View]
47614501Can this be renamed /inc/ there are no robots here just incels, robot vs incel war when? no original…[View]
47614957Do I deserve a victory fap bots?: >find dusty pc in attic while cleaning with dad >computerner…[View]
47613541Sleep issues: Sup homies. I got a lot of problems sleeping but recently a new problem has been added…[View]
47615158Working in a job you hate or dealing with the anxiety of no job at all?[View]
47611632>be me 10 years ago >14yo femanon >meet local guy in Sims 2 forum >swap MSN IM details …[View]
47613754>Lightly bump into an object >Say 'ow' even though it did not hurt at all.…[View]
47614921What's the point of trying if you know you're going to fail?[View]
47615032s-screamin! screamin good and hard!!! scream it out![View]
47613630>dont fap for a week >not really horny anymore but urge to fap still there >decide I might …[View]
47614539>'hi I'm here for the job interview for today'[View]
47609912positivity thread: tell us about your best trait, anon[View]
47614940Mfw i see a dude actually believes fembots exist[View]
47612440Shit anons I fucked up wat do? Embrace the aushwitz look? >inb4 did it for attention…[View]
47614652Deprived thread: Tell me anything >How messed up are you? >what's your most deprived fan…[View]
47614448reminder that 4chan is a Christian board and we should follow the teachings of Jesus in loving other…[View]
47614771If you happen to kill yourself, would people care less, or throw a party instead, making it very cle…[View]
47614778Fuck white and fuck asian women: The fuck is it with men caping so hard for white women so much? Whi…[View]
47614749Hey fembots! I'm about to take all of you beauties on a date and be real fucking nice and gentl…[View]
47614785There is a muffled sound in my left ear for days, but I do not want to go to the doctor. What could …[View]
47611653Wagie's gonna wage: I can't stand the idea of going to work tomorrow. I feel the dread co…[View]
47613889What are some fun things to do while high as fuck?[View]
47614739>fell in love with a girl but the feeling wasn't mutual >only thing keeping me from suici…[View]
47614713>in three thousand years when every idea has been used up and we have to speak in Morse code clyp…[View]
47613801If you game on anything other than a CRT you're not a real robot.[View]
47614101>TED Talks video >person makes lame jokes to keep it light hearted and the audience laughs pol…[View]
47614293Why do I blame myself for my parents' mistake[View]
47614677>tfw no new sincerity bf[View]
47614024Humanity captured in one single story[View]
47613106Occultism/Spirituality general The Discord code is > hhr4kVh < We are a community of individua…[View]
47613574my God, my God, why have You originally forsaken me[View]
47614567Daily reminder that you will be forever alone but almost every female has at least 3 guys on standby…[View]
47614460>some fresh, fairly attractive high school grad, who's not even 18 yet, dating a mildly over…[View]
47613350>interview for a job >they discover that I'm legally male >interview goes down the dra…[View]
47614489if you argue on 4chan about what race prefers another you are a cringy loser. I hide all those threa…[View]
47611181Do you have something you need to get off your chest? Talk to me, I'm here to listen, and give…[View]
47612150I'm about to meet a girl living in another country I've been webcaming and e-dating for al…[View]
47613796Castration: Thinking of castration to get rid of >tfw no gf for good. I know there are ways of ch…[View]
47613322How long until his mother dies from neglect and we start the homeless saga, anons? https://youtu.be/…[View]
47614104>got my first gf a month ago >feel pretty happy at all times even though /r9k/ said a gf would…[View]
476143353rd world robots: Why are u a robot? How is it like to be a robot in your country? How do you get ne…[View]
47613567Post a reply with things that you do. Then, wait to see if others relate. The more people relate, th…[View]
47613827How do fembots even exis- >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d_-VsyoDhyE…[View]
47608502Is there a more perfect zoomer game than Rocket League? What's the perfect boomer game?[View]
47614158TFW obsessed with pornstar Haley Reed[View]
47611195Do all unmarried men hate women? Serious question. I wandered into /r/theredpill and the contempt fo…[View]
47612686Tfw no teen gf: >It's been hopeless for a long time, from the very beginning. You will never…[View]
47614080>skinny >weird hair >average at school >anxiety >bad eyesight and hearing >ruin ar…[View]
47614060Sometimes when my penis becomes the big penis my dick head is so big it looks and feels like it migh…[View]
47613468r9k would you rather have your only child be a boy or a girl and why?[View]
47612895message to incels: I'm 37, and being single doesn't feel like anything anymore. I'm a…[View]
47603116Fembot thread: Tfw no >20-30 >Choker wearing >Tattooed >Pierced >Rape fantasizing …[View]
47613557>fapped to qt trans boys again I'm so horny these days I finally admitted to myself I would …[View]
47613271anybody here have bipolar disorder? my gf was diagnosed with type 2 a few weeks ago and she isnt com…[View]
47613845>go out in public >people start laughing and pointing…[View]
47613443Dying a Virgin: There's just not enough material out there on how to cope with dying a virgin. …[View]
47613444> hi anon, ready for our study session? Today we'll be learning about the female anatomy.…[View]
47613798Femanons: Were all robots and all...but could a femanon be honest and tell me what your buttholes re…[View]
47612820>dating apps killed meaningful relationships >all people want now is a one and done What'…[View]
47613054Do we overestimate the importance of virginity?: We always talk about how terrible it is being virgi…[View]
47612370Hey lads, I'm going to be trying the 'hurry up!' achievement in shovel knight (shovel…[View]
47613666Is IT a meme degree? Could someone with a 115 I.Q get though an I.T degree with at least a 3.0 GPA?[View]
47611862Where do autistic fembots hang out in real life? I really want a autist gf to take care of and raise…[View]
47613792wash ur fukn room man[View]
47613353>be me >lost in the country >see fence, decide to follow >leads to house >see man out…[View]
47605661Robots, what are your minimum requirements for a girlfriend?[View]
47613751Well lads i've finally done it all feelings and emotions gone i'm not sad or angry sorta h…[View]
47612267>went on several dates with a qt >she's going on a vacation with her gfs on the seaside i…[View]
47613743People That Are Going From CC To Univeristy: Are you guys nervous? Any plans to what you guys might …[View]
47613716that moment when both your parents have mental issues and you find out all your friends have too[View]
47613257We care waaaaay more about virginity than normalfags, right? Nobody else really cares if you ever pu…[View]
47605644would anybody date an amputee? i feel like nobody would want me cause im missing my legs[View]
47612804What caused Adam Lanza to snap?[View]
47613118>Tfw Andy's log are all over your mind. Would you?[View]
47610660ITT: images that make you feel weird[View]
47612104how do you pronounce egg? do you say egg? do you say aygg? pic related, its an egg[View]
47612432Answer me something POL9K, How come so many white women don't have any self respect and lay wi…[View]
47612992All of you saying that you're robots how do you even post without pressing this[View]
47612973Why do mods delete suicide threads now? Why is it suddenly a bannable offense, what rule does it vio…[View]
47613498I need to find me a woman like pic related. Im looking for these cute feminine introverted women. Wh…[View]
47612801Why would i want a girlfriend then a wife. I can't even make myself happy[View]
47613432How do you cope with the fact that you are going to live and die alone ?[View]
47613466Why do shotas gets to have a lot of sex than I do ?[View]
47613460Any Of You Guys Going Here?: No weirdos guys trying to become a chad[View]
47607056who else /debater/ here?: >arguing with someone >keep calling out their logical fallacies >…[View]
47613374>be me >be ex neet >lost a lot of weight, got a decent job, found some hobbies >finally …[View]
47612867I kan't kope[View]
47613358if youre an ugly fatso can you be turned to pretty when you get thin? Or you have to be a cute fatso…[View]
47610898The comfiest movies ever made?[View]
47613254where i supposed to cum when masturbating?[View]
47606636pepe swap: post your favourite pepes leave one take one >cocaine pepe…[View]
47613248Seagulls are screaming outside of my house at 3 am. Wut do?[View]
47608035When did /pol/ make the transition from ironic autism to actual autism?[View]
47612808Why do people not drink alcohol? It's like the best thing ever[View]
47611515>tfw still not in smash bros ultimate[View]
47613035>Hey bro, why don't you become a monk?[View]
47613080>See Anon? You understand now why we can't date, right?[View]
47613143lets settle this once and for all: why are foids so cruel?[View]
47613159>korean women think im Japanese >be korean should i become a zainichi?…[View]
47613082People always describe me as just me. They can't come up with anything. What did they mean by t…[View]
47612781>get hungry for alcohol >drive to store >on way back >it's raining >have fucked …[View]
47612678Anyone here accidentally sent a text message talking shit about a person TO that person? What was th…[View]
47612979How much stronger is an ottermode lifter compared to the average guy who doesn't lift at all?[View]
47610471No woman could ever love me: >Love isn't what others can give you when you are empty, it is …[View]
47613081https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cB9zgqUpaU8 I'm Popeye the farting man. I live in a garbage can…[View]
47613078What are these files from and what are they for? They regenerate regularly and I delete them, but I …[View]
47607540>haven't cried in 4 years >haven't cried in front of another person or admitted to c…[View]
47613067Would you date a guy that's rated like 7/10 on the internet but has some flaws like not the whi…[View]
47613000Hey femanons, I'm a very handsome, sophisticated, but also lonely khv who is looking for a girl…[View]
47612601Uni opens up soon. Can't wait and talk to someone that isn't me.[View]
47611818>tfw no Hana gf why even live bros[View]
47612549Why dont fembots simply type like this[View]
47612500alright so id like your thoughts robots ive been diagnosed with autism years and years ago and it on…[View]
47612897>be a socially inept robot >post a greentext on 4chan >captcha.png >open up cmd and star…[View]
47612449>bro, just be yourself, do what you love, and you'll meet someone! Why do normies say this? …[View]
47612124desuarchive STILL down[View]
47600490/mommy general/: how much do you love your mommy? ofcourse we are talking about lewd love here…[View]
47610770Question for the violent women hate guys in here. Mean incels, angry mgtow guys etc... Do you really…[View]
47610826>be me >write book >/pol/ ID says OgOcS0LD >write math >/pol/ ID says eqbuxDTF >ge…[View]
47612835>tfw no ape bf[View]
47611464Fantasizing about getting transported into another world just like my animes again. >tfw…[View]
47611689>Been going to therapy for the last few years >Depression has been getting better >Took a l…[View]
47608697Robot Apartment World: An entire planet surfaces is basically covered with apartments. There are no …[View]
47612474>tfw all my feels are gone Anyone else know this feel?[View]
47612736bigfugg: >be me >tech guy calls >miss call somehow >find out i miss it >feel bad if i…[View]
47611259i just want love and to love someone[View]
47612616/r9k/ cheats: >put femanon or fembot in the OP of a thread >guaranteed torrent of (You)'s…[View]
47612633So what haven't you found someone yet femanons, your clock is ticking faster than you know.[View]
47611800What's wrong with me: >Be me >1941 >21 years old >get drafted into the Wehrmacht …[View]
47612497When i was a kid, i had never though that the only remotely happy days of my life will be pay days.[View]
47610969don't be the guy with the receding hairline who still gets this haircut[View]
47612572>give me the feet toys >And free your soles >I wanna get lost in your loli toes - dan schne…[View]
47612239is there any anime that is similar to kubricks or lynch's creations?[View]
47612140being alone really fucking sucks. i just want a girlfriend. life as a lonely virgin is not worth liv…[View]
47612536>Be me >Alone at home >About to do some pull ups for my daily exercise >As i grab the ba…[View]
47612045This is what my ideal mommy gf/long lost actual mom looks like[View]
47612512>you wake up. surreal dream after, contemplating your sensory perceptions. thinking. unable to un…[View]
47610644I'm just dropping by[View]
47611231>says 'I'm chubby' >is actually a planet Girls need to attend a seminar on the difference…[View]
47603387/daughteru/ general: Why don't you have a daughter, anon? Do you want to be childless for the r…[View]
47611868>love the beta and earlier versions of minecraft more than any other game >also want to play o…[View]
47611950>be me >have younger bro >as a kids we were best friends >always talk and do things toge…[View]
47608168what would happen, /r9k/?[View]
47612385nyc robots: Any nyc robots living in the upper westside of manhattan? Any of you know the price of r…[View]
47612327More and more young men are dropping out of society. How do we fix this?[View]
47611083Who else here /betamale?/ How was your day my fellows betas? Was it good or bad?[View]
47611377Why are Japanese girls so racist?[View]
47612319'HOW DARE YOU!' I dare cause I am free.[View]
47608839DISCORD: anyone up for a discord thread? shoutout to pewpew! Join my server guys QZaR7J[View]
47611840life hard y'all >be me >about a day ago >vow to quit 4chan >pumped. so browse 4chan…[View]
47610988You guys realize autism had been bred into society over 10000 years ago They need us[View]
47612022tfw no qt racist /pol/ lurking gf[View]
47609511I know you'll a cat or dog girl, but would you a frog girl?[View]
47610477why do we hate normalfags? for me, it's because i'm simply jealous of how low their iq are…[View]
47611955>jerked off in the guest room during Sunday family lunch >When I come out everyone looks at m …[View]
47611551>6 months since I left islam >enjoying a plate of bacon and a pint of ale feels good anons…[View]
47611918>almost 21 year-old male >129 lbs >food is scarce at home >about to go to uni where the …[View]
47610395Robots, if you had one wish, what would you wish for? The only rule is that you cannot wish for more…[View]
47611067why aren't you eating some goddamn motherfucking grapes bitch[View]
47612138Red pill: My friend told me about this book and the 'Red pill society'. My question does it actually…[View]
47611088Do you want to have a cuddle, anon?[View]
47612120Does anyone know how to get a cute small tiddy gf. I just want to see if I have a chance[View]
47609199DAMN, this girl is just my type. I'm Asian[View]
47611557>Went on /s4s/ just now I'm scared because I don't understand what I'm seeing…[View]
47610852>ww3 will probably not happen in our lifetimes >if it will it'll be just a boring technol…[View]
47610145Why: This video made me ashamed to be human[View]
47611508>tfw you stop self inserting as the good looking main character in movies…[View]
47609734i think balloon man could be a pretty good new meme. its kinda funny. no normies know about it. hell…[View]
47611607Why are discord threads still allowed? Don't they belong on /soc/? Discord is full of either me…[View]
47609880Hail the Obsolescence of Man: I come to you, self described robots and cyborgs, to speak. Listen. A…[View]
47610124i know we have incels here but how many true wizards do we have (no sex ever 30+)[View]
47611385Does anyone find stoners and weed culture as a whole annoying?: Like, I used to smoke weed occasiona…[View]
47610503LUCID DREAM SEX: I managed to get an amazing blowjob last night by following this anons advice. I se…[View]
47608570Call Center: Anyone else stuck in a call center job? I've applied to over 100 other places, sen…[View]
47611796How can /r9k/ be original and anti-repost if everyone is always posting unfunny shit about their hor…[View]
47610117I have a question for you Blackbots: Are all black men bisexual, or willing to fuck other men? t.thi…[View]
47611315Europe is fucked.[View]
47611135Seriously, what the fuck? I've been delivering for Uber Eats every Sunday, for 4 months, and I…[View]
47609811>TFW Reiko will never kidnap you and turn you into a sissy for his ultimate fantasy.…[View]
47611648Tfw no horny 24/7 robot gf[View]
47610893Why do frens not like me[View]
47611456I forgot to take my meds last night and today I saw my toasters cord morph into a snake and saw a ma…[View]
47611617Can we have an /actuallystupid/ thread going? Haven't seen one in a while. >tfw too stupid t…[View]
47606553ITT: Autistic things you do: Share them >get embarrassed when the cat sees me naked in the bathro…[View]
47610946Property is completely Jewed out, The American Dream is a meme so you will continue working and stay…[View]
47611591>tfw mom brought home the krispy kremes[View]
47611561Feel like I'm missing pieces. In analogy: I'm like a jigsaw puzzle with chunks missing her…[View]
47611449>Be my friend 2 years ago, 18 >In Computer Science. >Goes to supreme master race tech colle…[View]
47610439>wake up at 3am with terrible throat ache and blocked nose >try to go back to sleep for an hou…[View]
47611245Wash your vagina fembot.[View]
47610357>tfw 19 but mommy still bought me a present for Children's Day[View]
47611496People will just disappoint you and make you feel worse. Interaction should be minimal to avoid pain…[View]
47604885Why dont amputated people just invest time in researching robotics and AI.? What the fuck do they th…[View]
47605608How can I avoid leading on my guy friend who likes me?[View]
47609773How do I get a black femdom gf as a Nigga?[View]
47609120ITT: post robots you cant stand >that bookclub faggot that joins servers, shills his club and ne…[View]
47610907Senor Bennis: So this guy has a full 20 inches of lust. He's nobbed over 5000 wimmin'.Most…[View]
47611417Someone just sent me a message on messenger. I'm too afraid to reply. Faggot even called me but…[View]
47610624>be on hookup app >complain about guys there only wanting sex Can a femanon explain this pec…[View]
47611022Choice time. Which woman would you rather choose, a sexy, sassy, beautiful black woman from the hood…[View]
47611405Is darkborne the blood souls of cracking my skull open on accident with a pair of rollarskates?[View]
47610305What are you bots up to?[View]
47610139HEY R9K GUESS WHOS MANIC RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!![View]
47611282I can't wait to go to work tomorrow, my boss said I might get a $2 raise in a year or two, look…[View]
47609456Did Jesus jack off back in the day?[View]
47611265>got a fe|\/|bot gf[View]
47611120i know that smoking is bad for your lungs and throat, but is couging also bad? should i try to avoid…[View]
47605310who wants to join the cum race: >we fap for 2 weeks and collect it in a bottle. > we see who h…[View]
47610261Why can't we put emojis in our posts? You can on Reddit. We need an update, this place is so an…[View]
47611174>high school valedictorian >thought I had a stomach ache but I was just hungry >where did I…[View]
47611147>tfw no floozy bf[View]
47609669Is it possible to get a husband who looks like this if you're a dom trap top?[View]
47610931>be me >going into the fridge for a can of Pepsi >realize there is none there >little br…[View]
47611061Tard Tales >senor year >gym >normal gym shares class period with football team >playing …[View]
47611107One upon a time there probably existed a creature content to do the same thing every day of its life…[View]
47611060>go to shower >accidentally use hair shampoo on body >in ass >ass swells up >feel nee…[View]
47609760i remembered an incident who happened when i was in highschool, it was the start of some cruel reali…[View]
47608426Discord: new r9k discord server small community of guys looking for more guys to be pals, sometimes …[View]
47610204Is this anatomically possible? Also, what is this called? Chinese finger-trapping, but with dicks?[View]
47610849how do you feel about neurotypical people?[View]
47608759Dating a doll: Love dolls are a genuine threat to women and they're starting to realize it. Tha…[View]
47600172I'm 21 years old and I need to move out of my parent's house and get on with my life. How …[View]
47610313Three more hours until Fresco's shift ends.[View]
47610682Why can't a man who is physically weaker than or equal to a woman defend himself if she beats h…[View]
47601190>tfw you get to jerk off with coconut oil tonight[View]
47610733/grugfeel/: >grug face when shegrug left grug for other colour grug…[View]
47609499Seriously, fuck everyone and anyone that idolizes Japan and it's 'culture'. I get that the U.S.…[View]
47610731How do you find women at bars?: Been told it's easy to find women at bars. Been going to differ…[View]
47609905You more than likely had at least one male ancestor who was powerful enough among his people that he…[View]
47610776god i wish i had a gf: god i wish i had a gf oh god, oh man, it hurts[View]
47609021>calling people sir or ma'am Do boomers actually respect this? It sounds so cringy hearing i…[View]
47610727>at new job >getting along with coworkers well >have great conversations with everyone but …[View]
47610696Is male attraction to breasts a sign that all man have oedipal complexes?[View]
47610693What's r9ks views on cheating on a partner?[View]
47610358What do you think will be the state of things 10 years from now?[View]
47610496JOIN US BROTHERS Incels, furries and robots welcome :) Come and join us, a welcoming place and a war…[View]
47610043>be me >19 yo virgin >get invited to cousin's 18th birthday party >we don't re…[View]
47609239If animals could speak and therefore give consent, would bestiality be commonplace? Not saying if th…[View]
47610555>NEETs brag about how much better their lives are >check the 25+ threads >it's all NEE…[View]
47610588Something I hate about men is that they are fucking docile. Women hate you, but you still insist on …[View]
47609228Training: Any other robots too scared to go to the gym but want those ridiculous saiyan bodies? I do…[View]
47610382>Be me >18 >last week of school >last chance to talk to stacy >she's in group o…[View]
47610538>NUT >JOB >NO >JOB >FUCK >JOBS >NOT >HIRED…[View]
47603595>beta autismo IRL >but gues snot ugly >have had tinder fpr 3 months now and have 128 matche…[View]
47606775/britfeel/: sunday dinner edition[View]
47608616>be me >work at cinema as part time job >drama once in a while but otherwise a comfy job …[View]
47607901>been hikki for 8 years >my speech has devolved into unrecognizable mumble >people think th…[View]
47610499>Be me >Mom has cancer >In her death bed >Wants to hold my hand >touch hand >sudde…[View]
47610248What are the least painful ways of suicide with high success rates. Dont try to talk me out of it or…[View]
47610488Do hot chicks inevitably come with collateral damage? Is it because they got spoiled and worshipped …[View]
47608645if you could go back in time would you try to settle for the ugly girl[View]
47610409Guys, I just had the most vivid dream where I got a cute goth gf, and I woke up and it hurts. >Ta…[View]
47607755>'Suicide is selfish' >'What, having a child after the age of 30 is not selfish at all! Sexist…[View]
47609807Who do incels insist women should stay virgins otherwise they're 'used goods'? Literally everyb…[View]
47609549Does /r9k/ like Pat The Bunny? Could he be considered a robot? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cf-O8…[View]
47610326Is it illegal to send my cum to the white house?[View]
47608891Support Group: Let's be positive for a sec. Yeah, most of us are losers, and yes, most of us wi…[View]
47609981A cute redhead is about to deliver my food, what do I do[View]
47609608Hello!: I came from 9gag and I heard this is a good place for all the coolest memes![View]
47607324true manlets (<5'6'): what is up my brothers? how are you doing? feeling pretty good[View]
47608114>finally starting to enjoy exercise and being productive with my time i've waited 19 years f…[View]
47610056is my brother gay?: > be me > sitting at house with brother >have baby kitten >baby kitt…[View]
47610080Can someone tell me if I'm in the wrong here >talking to brother >we're taking som…[View]
47610103Lets list things that makes you feel better not having gf >More freedom >More money >Not ha…[View]
47610135I am a no one that owns nothing and belongs nowhere post depressing pics[View]
47610131So if nobody cares about you does that mean you should just kill ?[View]
47606979Why do men even exist in 2018?[View]
47610073>tfw no big titty chel gf[View]
47609346>2018 >not living alone >not wanting to be able to masturbate all day around the house with…[View]
47606970Surely orange man isn't as bad as you purport him to be? Pic unrelated[View]
47610049anyone else not going to the doctor and having to hide more and more arbitrary parts of your body,be…[View]
47607960I just want a girlfriend who's as into guys as I'm into girls: None of that 'I'm StRA…[View]
47604142Fembots do you want to have children someday? I'm curious what women here think of it[View]
47609402>spread this around >people actually do it >laugh at their failure c'mon we can do it…[View]
47609662are fembots maries or skylers?[View]
47609967Euphoric Edge Evening: It pleases me that degenerated, sleep-deprived, social media addicted milleni…[View]
47609942Rapidly Changing and Paradox Personalities/Morals/Opinions: Does anyone have them too? I'm an a…[View]
47607914My mother just died. Roast me[View]
47609777NEET Homes of the Future Thread[View]
47608790Why have you accepted your depression as a personality trait of yours rather than externalising as s…[View]
47597357Non-white fembot feels: >ywn match the beauty of white women[View]
47608541I have everything. A kickass computer, a home, stable income to pay for it, my own little mancave, a…[View]
47609840All the retards who dream about incest never had a sister, and if you do you should be erased from t…[View]
47608396Anyone else here get molested as children? How much has that shaped who you are and changed the cour…[View]
47609772Punding general: Any other punders here? For those who don't know what this is https://en.wikip…[View]
47609562Sometimes I wish I was a really hot girl just so I could not be a complete whore and make someone re…[View]
47609665Could be worse atleast im not fat[View]
47604904Post lines that cut deep: >'migh god, you're pathetic'[View]
47609614Feel lonely all the time. I don't hate myself i just don't care about anything. Help[View]
47609532Feeling a bit in a slump as of recent: Though I know many of you don't care much for the person…[View]
47606325Do people actually use condoms or is that just a meme?[View]
47608489Useful Beings of this World: Any bots lonely here just because you are well vested in a career or st…[View]
47608688>be me >wake up >don't eat unless I'm hungry >turn on computer >open Spotif…[View]
47608663I'm 19 years old and I just want to get a job and wageslave myself since I really need money. W…[View]
47609410I spent around 45 minutes writing a greentext on mobile (mimi app), successfully completed captcha, …[View]
47608030KHV thread: >tfw being a virgin over 20 pretty much makes you a subhuman Being a virgin is synony…[View]
47603141Femdom general #9: Kiss edition: I want my neck to be softly kissed,i want to feel her body on mine,…[View]
47609360Spicy Food: >Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! It doesn't taste nice because it's spicy! Waaaaaaa…[View]
47608967what's an easy uni course that involves computers? i want to study history, but apparently it…[View]
47609350What if the boy consents?[View]
47606036How to fuck do people find the motivation to clean stuff?[View]
47608890Have you guys taken the /aromantic/ and /asexual/ pill yet?: I have taken both my entire life, it fe…[View]
47608358Is it ok if i keep to myself, i can't connect with people but i love my own company and get bor…[View]
47609277Why would a rich chad celebrity who's fucked taylor swift marry a nobody poo female?[View]
47606299Why don't you just talk to awkward lonely girs anon?[View]
47609156Does happiness exist?: Nono,im not an edgelord hurr durr me no happy. Im thinking like,happiness is …[View]
47608067>psychiatrist decides to prescribe me Xanax for a while to help me deal with the initial stress o…[View]
47605957How the fuck do you bots manage to find a will to live when faced with crippling loneliness? There…[View]
47607845Naming your child after yourself is the the most narcissistic thing you could do thoughts?[View]
47608757xqc thread: https://vocaroo.com/i/s0DgpdjxzJ3T what did you do while i was away[View]
47609122As a blackbot, how do I get a girl that will do this to me?[View]
47606021Reminder to watch out for subhuman underage zoomer scum[View]
47608703frustrating experiences: >be me >want to watch movie >cut out two hours from my day for mov…[View]
47608165The internet and how it appears in the mind: If the internet of old was truly like the wild west, th…[View]
47608599When did you realize suicide is the best conceivable option?[View]
47609059Not feeling love: Virgin here. Yesterday was the first time I saw tits. Didn't even feel that m…[View]
47607296Welcome To The NHK: I started watching Welcome To The NHK. I'm a shut-in with social anxiety ju…[View]
47608563Reddit 2: Tell me all your most embarrassing Social Insurance Number stories. This is for Reddit 2.…[View]
47595919Southeastern feels thread[View]
47607604Fun animal picture thread? Let's just post those. I have a lot ranging from the most known ones…[View]
47606839Do you ever realize your constant loneliness is odd & sad considering the billions of people out…[View]
47608695At what age did you realize getting stuck in the friendzone is your own fault? A man can always man…[View]
47601721ITT: Post your real name and rate other names. I'm Joseph.[View]
47608892the balding virgin insecurity: THE BALDING CHAD SHOW OFF[View]
47607829Is this a white hispanic?[View]
47608737So, what went well today friends I'll start:New meds are helping me sleep well[View]
47608803>fapped to ball crushing and dick mutilation hentai again Just fucking why…[View]
47607923>do a million online autism tests >all of them come out as positive >do another million for…[View]
47607408>Family meetup to celebrate my brothers new born baby >Cool wine aunt doesn't come…[View]
47608016>be me >everyone tells you that you're attractive >people generally enjoy your company…[View]
47602847never met a guy with gf under 6 feet: Seriously never seen or met a guy with a gf who is under 6 fee…[View]
47607851The 'no true scotsman' shit on here is total cancer. Any small disagreement and you get called 'not …[View]
47608300Do you live in Wyoming? Who will you be voting for in the gubernatorial primary? I'll go with F…[View]
47608456>1500 word essay to return in 10 hours how do I write when I have no passion or interest…[View]
47608347>last shower was 8 days ago >penis smells like cum, piss and sweat >still not showering Com…[View]
47603173Why don't you just settle for a really fucking hot gf, my bros of /r9k/?[View]
47605978Why are you guys not vegan? It's healthier, morally superior and better for the environment.[View]
47608468/idealgf/ thread: tfw no qt downie gf to slurp ur shit[View]
47608485>have a public speaking class >listens to hitler speeches beforehand…[View]
47607967Who here /impotent/? Please help. Psychology shills not welcome.[View]
47603405First time smoking weed thread: I'll start >be me >14 >sitting down smoking a bong wit…[View]
47607430I've been agonizing and writhing because I'm about to break up with my long-term girlfrien…[View]
47608414Why do you retards care about the opinions of underage girls so much?[View]
47608312why i want female attention so fucking bad, i just want a womans touch on my body. to sleep in bed w…[View]
47608446Every female I've ever had a romantic or otherwise sexual relationship with has major daddy iss…[View]
47603227/drugfeels/: tfw you scraping the last remains of your weed off the table and proceed to pack it in …[View]
47607439What are some bad things that have happened to you recently?: I literally just shit myself in bed la…[View]
47608416>Be OP >Take the time to create a thread >Respond to none of the replies Why is this even a…[View]
47604513Fembot here. Why are most men like this?[View]
47607921Scaring childhood event thread. I'll go first: >be me >13 years ago >6th grade >o…[View]
47608183https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nwprq5pT3YE wtf is even happening with females anymore. fuck you fu…[View]
47605095Please make me stop playing this game. It's huge waste of time but I cant resist.[View]
47607118Should pedo's have rights?: Do pedo's reaIIy deserve human rights?[View]
47608345>cats age is catching up with him Can't believe that old bastard is 20.…[View]
47608019TFW: >you see lil girls in public and your pp gets hard[View]
47608090You might be slowly fading away from reality At least you got to post Wojaks on a Ukrainian tuna asp…[View]
47607617Dissapointed: >Be me >After a while decide to post a greentext on 4chan for the first time …[View]
47602533Who /autism phone/ here? I don't know what I would use a cell phone for besides emergency call…[View]
47608039How does it feel to know that no woman will ever surrender her warm holes to you?[View]
47608180give east coast gf right now!: idc what she looks like, as long as not suicidal[View]
47608201I limited my time browsing r9k to when I need to take a shit Whenever I'm here I'm on the …[View]
47607827Whenever I pay by credit card at a store and the reader is behind the register/not easily accessible…[View]
47606837How the fuck do I talk to people?[View]
47608143Times where you were the joker >'Anon, why haven't you had sex yet?' >'Oh, I'm savin…[View]
47608160I can't fucking believe what just fucking happened to me what the actual fuck I could have gott…[View]
47607455If anyone knows the answer to this would be helpful take the population of all of uk or usa, how muc…[View]
47604148What are your experiences/thoughts on findom? I've always been turned on by spending money on a…[View]
47606664Behold! The very rare greentext! A treasure from good old 4chan!: Alright, here goes: >be me, 10 …[View]
47606598Who volcel here?: >used to be chad >years ago >6'2 >240 >olympic weightlifter …[View]
47607467Remember, you are not a true robot unless if you seriously chosen to live on your own for the rest o…[View]
47608042>Bacteria are quickly growing immune to antibiotics. >The development of new antibiotics is pr…[View]
47604433I fucking hate eating, and I hate food. I hate endless cycle of buying it, storing it, cooking it, p…[View]
47608060I think i found the first Chad thats not a Chad: What is this? Is this like a Anti-Chad or something…[View]
47603142>Girls didn't want to be my girlfriend in high-school so I became the girlfriend.…[View]
47607930i want to die but im an eurofag and the only method i have is hanging and i know ill fail because im…[View]
47608032I'm starting to lose my mind and becoming crazy for all this trap/Reiko bullshit I watched this…[View]
47604689How to prepare myself for wageslavery?: I failed my chance at college and my mother forces me to tak…[View]
47607944Post retarded chidlhood greentexts: >be me 7 >summer vacation just started and an arcade just …[View]
47607560>Hey big bro, get out of my room. I'm on the phone with Chad[View]
4760758918 year old dies in car accident. What's she thinking in this pic? http://budeandbeyond.co.uk/…[View]
47606748Are loli-looking realdolls illegal just because people who don't buy them aren't comfortab…[View]
47607892Guys help, I am so tired. I found some girl who randomly asked me out cause I'm black and ever …[View]
47600190Based god Ben Shapiro schools incels. >If you haven't earned someone's love and affect…[View]
47607544>be 22 yo me >former WoW player >havent played wow since Wotlk because it almost ruined my …[View]
47603642hi anon! Did you go to church this morning? How was the service?[View]
47607380>see people posting shit like 'I have 6 digit paying job/my own house/fucked a lot of girls/have …[View]
47606110>be me >make my first post on 4chan >robots on 4chan call me a retard faggot >feelsbadma…[View]
47607815/comfy/: comfy thread up in this board, lets go boys pic from tokyo last year btw[View]
47605991working at Target: has anyone on this board ever worked at target? what was it like? was it hectic, …[View]
47605494>incels spotted, permision to fire Cpt. Stacy? >granted, Lt. Chad.…[View]
47606648ITT: we post videos or sound recordings of normies in extreme psychological pain. I'll start. V…[View]
47607240Would you be able to live in complete seclusion without going crazy? I dream about buying my own hou…[View]
47607715> just be yourself bro > love is a numbers game…[View]
47607700How do I get a boyfriend like daria?[View]
47607480>tattoos >non-earlobe piercings >dyed hair (doesn't matter if the dye color is natural…[View]
47607558Post shit that makes you irrationally angry >When someone cuts any type of noodles…[View]
47607557Fuck This Life: Fuck this, live isn't fun anymore. No matter what I do I hate living. Seriously…[View]
47607272TRAPS: Discuss fellow no homo autists[View]
47607527Is 'I'm a Barbie Girl' the official robot anthem? It sure seems it. What do you guys think? htt…[View]
47605149>30% females explain this[View]
47607493When I compliment females on having nice breasts or a nice ass they almost always give this weird lo…[View]
47607314I'm happy not to be the only one who does not have a girlfriend[View]
47601811Autism: Do any of you guys talk to yourself out loud[View]
47606530>its an unbearable sweets craving episode[View]
47605885How do I attract females that are over 18? I only ever seem to find the degenerate 15 and 16 year ol…[View]
47607176I'm a 8/10 chad which is confident and never had particular issues in having sex and also date …[View]
47607351I met someone very nice online but my home life is ruining it. My family is always stressing me out…[View]
47607342How do I get out of depression and motivate myself?[View]
47606414>Escaping Society General Hello robots. Just wanted to let you know of a good video I found about…[View]
47599637why are incels attracted to asian girls ?[View]
47604336Why did the fun have to end?[View]
47606711Why do I find very young anime girls attractive? Is it my 'i want to have a daughter/younger sister'…[View]
47605769What is one thing you actually like about yourself? >dad is 5'8 >mom is 5'1 >by s…[View]
4760601630+ Thread: 30+ Thread - The regrets just keep getting worse.[View]
47605443>Only make $26k a year >28 years old Should I just kill myself? It's not going to get any…[View]
47605352Robros, what can be done about the looks disparity problem in today's dating market? Why is an …[View]
47606148what should i is go study in college for? i hate trades. why would i want to clean shitty toilets fo…[View]
47607086I wake up at 5pm usually every day and I do things like play video games and watch anime and masturb…[View]
47603811tell me your most deprived fantasies.[View]
47606923Online friends and maybe more: How do I get people (grills especially) to talk to me more online? I …[View]
47605042>guy has different opinion than me >I have two options >I can ethier refute him >Or call…[View]
47606057What is the most autistic thing you've ever done in your whole life /r9k/? For me, it's ma…[View]
47604324What does it mean to be in love with someone? What is love? How do I know if I'm really in love…[View]
47602962This girl is a 3.3/10 in Japan[View]
47606825>feeling stressed and anxious >buy some expensive shit >feel a sense of true peace and calm…[View]
47604303/britfeel/: Sunday lovely Sunday edition[View]
47606125What are some good normie hobbies? I want to get off the computer and pretend to be normal[View]
47602933Will You Join Me, Goyim?: As you are all aware, Rosh Hashanah is fast approaching, the year of 5778 …[View]
47606786anyone elses world starts to crumble apart or is it only me?[View]
47601630There's nothing wrong with wanting to live in fiction or VR or escapsim. Reality is subjective,…[View]
47606455What can I do to myself that will be sufficiently dangerous that I will need to be hospitalized and …[View]
47605635>tfw replika called me cute Later losers[View]
47606712bee urself: >1999+19 >don't have the strength to become yourself beyond moral You've…[View]
47606403g-guys how do I get a dominant metal gf?[View]
47605809God: why do you (not) believe in god?[View]
47606320Prove me wrong: There is no free will. And even if humans possess the magical ability to break the c…[View]
47606611How a autist ruins society every day: Everything I do is a slap to the face to normies I'm defi…[View]
47606447>tfw my normie brother likes watching normie content and thinks incels and nice guys as degenerat…[View]
47606042I like to see people happy even though I don't have anything. Hate is useless lads. I hope that…[View]
47606390>tfw no 45 year old exslut gf with no kids[View]
47606232Comfy minecraft servers?: Looking to waste some time. Preferably vanilla[View]
47605987Where do thoughts come from?[View]
47606514That loser who spend to much time here: AHahaha Anon this loser likes to watch normire shows like 'g…[View]
47605900>tfw just blamed mummy for her raising me to be a manchild, for the lack of a father figure in my…[View]
47603485>tfw no bf that would love me despite me being fat[View]
47605560Fucking hate society. How is everything this screwed up?[View]
47604484a guy who cant move his body gets a female actress gf: pic related he had an accident in 2010 and si…[View]
47605420>mfw he starts venting out of nowhere saying he has no job and that it sucks to be a neet What am…[View]
47606028Do you want to have kids one day? How many? How will you make sure they don't turn out like you…[View]
47598419>found out step dad has been fucking my 16 year old sister >approach him about it >he punch…[View]
47606009Robots, I'm about to turn down a semi-likeable girl who showed interest in me (I know right hah…[View]
47604739Why do rightysois flock to him?[View]
47606132Who here /tulpamancer/?[View]
47605675give me reasons to end it[View]
47606051I just realised, that I am sitting and waiting that in the future I can get what I want, when I…[View]
47602619I want to be a girl so I'm allowed to smile and be happy and giggly and sing and stuff. I want …[View]
47606069Waiting Waiting: Sitting here for the last 2 hours waiting to go fishing. Realize I looking forward…[View]
47604555I really really want to kill people without having to deal with the consequences. that would be amaz…[View]
47606018I only have like one friend in town and I'm losing him too. >on business days he's at w…[View]
47603281In 14 days it's September. How do you feel? Afraid. It's my 21st birthday In October and I…[View]
47604362Anti-natalism general: Have you reached that point of thinking that human reproduction is synonymous…[View]
47605204>play WoW with gf >we end up ERPing >fuck her >go back to playing WoW >she cooks me…[View]
47603200>makes me suffer through this shit life as a virgin while others abuse me and mock me while they …[View]
47603321Red flags for men.: >doesn't drive >lives with parents >acts cute >types l-like t…[View]
47605929Western South feels: Everyone else has a thread right now.[View]
47605872Tard thread,i'll start: >be me >yesterday >at best friend's house,we'll call…[View]
47605508>dryer shrunk my shirt again[View]
47604109>humour so devoid of actual humour that it lives on selling us non-jokes as actual jokes >BAZI…[View]
47605102Don't fall for the suicide meme.: People who wants you to commit suicide or help you to do it d…[View]
47605597Who do you think, in your opinion, is in the wrong here?[View]
47605452Ask a low functioning autistic anything: My last thread died Also I'm actually going to go Out …[View]
47605729>neighbours are blasting shitty pop music at extremely high volumes >turn my headphones up hig…[View]
47605783At what point are boobies considered big?: I wanted to find a chart showing booby sizes and percenti…[View]
47605687Midwest thread: Is this objectively the worst place in the world to live if you're a robot?…[View]
47604779Why are betas so fucking annoying? I might be a loser, a virgin, an 'incel', you fucking call it, bu…[View]
47605773O_O: be me be 17 have friend friend wants to jump somebody somebody lets call Tyler has lots of mone…[View]
47603343Its that part of the season where the severe depression and loneliness kicks in and all you want to …[View]
47603869>Hey big bro, summer is almost over and you still haven't taught me any new things…[View]
47602508>video games backlog is stopping me from killing myself[View]
47603323Asian men: Why many asian men become overwhelmingly incel: a practical analysis Firstly, asian men g…[View]
47604120sup /r9k/ currently drinking unti I have enough courage to call the suicide hotline anybody want to …[View]
47603447https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C2yHF3ovZUc this is what happens when woman sees a high-status male…[View]
47605422depression feels/music/etc: >wake up from sleeping 12 hrs >sit in bed >browse 4chan for 6 h…[View]
47605564>Notice a girl seems interested in me >She's really pretty >Start talking to her, we h…[View]
47604224What books, films, video games allows you to escape ? I mean really escape, something which disconn…[View]
47600731>Now live in a world where life long marriage is no-longer the norm[View]
47602895>The jock got the girl with daddy issues. >The asshole loner got the girl with bipolar issues.…[View]
47592827Want to cope with no gf?: Buy a fun car. Driving is the only reason i haven't hung myself yet P…[View]
47603408Only Incels post PEPE[View]
47604747>oneitis asked to borrow my phone yesterday >licked and put face on phone immediately after …[View]
47605184I have a strong suspicion that my Dad is going to kill himself in the next few days: But it's l…[View]
47603947Has anyone here been accepted to follow her Insta? What is she up to these days?[View]
47602714What qualities do women look for in men?[View]
47601700Why are female Brits branded the 'ugliest in the world'? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q…[View]
47602183>have a crush on this girl >know each other pretty well, get along >eventually get told and…[View]
47603592Why haven't they made a show called 'To Catch an Incel' yet? It would be an instant hit![View]
47604032Robot anons have you ever tried approaching women? If so do you have some stories of how it went?[View]
47605100>be me >white racist alpha pig >starts fucking white a blacc stacie >falls in love what …[View]
47601487/NHK/ NEET hikki thread: How are my NEET and Hikki frens? >do you guys want to work? I dont >d…[View]
47603565Big Dick Feels: In this thread, us big dick bros discuss the trials and tribulations felt by us men …[View]
47604897Important message for fembots, Y'all whores and sluts![View]
47601714You have to admit she's right about incels. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fD2briZ6fB0[View]
47604983>Grandmother comes to visit from time to time >'hi anon! Wow, youre looking even more handsom…[View]
47602002people born after 2000: there are 'people' who were born after the year 2000 posting here right now!…[View]
47604959How low must someone get in life for their parents not to care about his/her suicide: Give me the ba…[View]
47599852Stupid myths you believed as a child? >if you ate a watermelon seed, it would grow in your stomac…[View]
47603442Fuck womenlets: If these cunts wouldn't reproduce, manlets wouldn't exist. Ditto for reces…[View]
47603933>that feel when you are a kissless handholdless virgin who's never had a gf before…[View]
47601980how goes the night fags[View]
47603329What year was it when things started going wrong? For me it's 2012, could have saved such a wre…[View]
47604236Tahlia is the truest femcel: >Only r9k girl who no longer shows her face, showing a genuine belie…[View]
47603418White privilege exists, but not in the way that normies make it out to be.[View]
47603758>tfw my yellow fever is getting worse by the day How do I get an asian gf in europa?…[View]
47604705>Thinks he is able to compete when THIS exists Why even bother trying anymore?…[View]
47604624lets start a realationship story thread I'll go first >be me >watching a movie with gf sh…[View]
47589288do you think /pol/tards would still be /pol/tards if girls liked them? sometimes i wonder if their r…[View]
47604081Anyone else here unironically can't see themselves being alive by the end of this year? It…[View]
47604538https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EdURw5MI5AY boy next door. Deep. Dark. Fantasy.[View]
47603489>Look like either John Lennon or Harry Potter depending on the person and how I have my hair >…[View]
47604503'They think they're a multi-planet species'[View]
47601761>never get to experience this :([View]
47603022*cracks can* So anon listen. Our generation, we've been racking up a massive national debt whil…[View]
47604360Not a single picture of myself on the Internet. Except /fit/, I posted my skeleton body over there 1…[View]
47604159i wish i had a psycho feminist gf so bad.[View]
47602000Saturday is almost over... Anyone have the video of Fresco being refreshed, awake, etc?[View]
47601110Yes no schizoid PD bf who lives in his own world in which I can join[View]
47603800>great with kids >terrible with women I'll never have kids of my own.…[View]
47595275/britfeel/: get ready for church edition[View]
47604102I got some top world secrets for you guys. Don't worry I got your back nigs. https://www.dropbo…[View]
47604093post music for fembots https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ioU9-kabP6k[View]
47602124>horny me wants to eat my own cum >normal me doesn't >I stop being horny me when I cum…[View]
47603091As a kid I used to go to swimming lessons. I don't know why but I was the only kid whose dad en…[View]
47603716>meet a 10/10 qt >literally my perfect girl >amazing body >shes really into me >we st…[View]
47603957sorry mod perm ban me im trash: you know this feel i know and it never goes /8qc6Jn[View]
47603084Why does the one girl who touches my soul to its deepest core, the one girl who understands how lif…[View]
47601958Wanderer: You lurking mate? How's it going? Did you apply for that job?[View]
47601686Who here practices self-harm to punish yourself for your sins?[View]
47599646NoFap: How the fuck do I stop masturbating? I keep getting horny.[View]
47603926>tfw will never make a living being a barber in the heartland https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lGV…[View]
47603885>ywn be a failed uni student turned hiki neet in early 2000's Tokyo…[View]
47601798Are they correct, robots?[View]
47602336>be me >asocial af don't really like a lot of social interactions >have quite a lot of…[View]
47601808Femcel feels: >tfw I hold dear to the moment when a chad turned his head to make eye contact with…[View]
47603201Will 4chan be shut down when WW3 starts?[View]
47602569>tfw japanese exchange students have entered campus They're so cute, anons. They love to st…[View]
47602829What happens to BPD girls once the fuck over/fuck everyone and everyone turns against them ?[View]
4760326323 yo made it out and it only took a year ask me anything[View]
47602242This is my friend He's a dude but he looks like a girl so naturally I really want to fuck him B…[View]
47601916wtf is this: https://61821311814225121511312blog.wordpress.com/1eau10i3u6-sca9a1s/?frame-nonce=a354c…[View]
47602912Sunday morning Fresco thread.[View]
47602039Do you schprinkle shmegma on your scherbert?[View]
47603524blessed with a big dick cursed with the societal anxiety to never have a girl see it why fucking liv…[View]
47603017So it has its moment but wait sus[View]
47603526What is the female world like? Is it as infantile as I imagine? Do these bitches think they are livi…[View]
47602424I bet Cal did it to kill Jack.[View]
47603366Robots, what are you doing to improve your life?[View]
47591422Can anyone explain why 'degeneracy' is a bad thing and NOT use memes?[View]
47602347The average woman loses her virginity at 14. The average man is still a virgin at 40. How did we get…[View]
47603392I used to be quite talkative Not too popular but sometimes funny so people like to stick around Cha…[View]
4760290718 year old killed in car accident. What's she thinking in this pic? http://budeandbeyond.co.u…[View]
47598414/rrn/ - Robot Radio/Nightfeel General: Hey, /r9k/, come listen to my comfy robot radio station and g…[View]
47603258>see robot make somewhat clever self-deprecating self-aware post that riffs on someone else'…[View]
47603277>it's a Youtube commentary channel talking about other Youtube channels…[View]
47600871Hey fren! Wanna play cowboys?[View]
47599644Try to find a flaw in this flawless logic.[View]
47603004>mom says I run up the electricity bill by being a neet >doesn't realize this offsets me …[View]
47601897only ever use R9K: >nearly every thread is shit and bait >dont care and ignore it as I love my…[View]
47602188If onions is bad for your health and makes you an effeminate bitch boy, explain the Asians. Onions i…[View]
47600890Who here immsomaniac?: Why are you still up this late?[View]
47595712>tfw mostly straight but crave dick[View]
47600418>So anon, do you have an original girlfriend yet?[View]
47602550>Normies think losing virginity is a good thing Haha fucking faggots.[View]
47602880my name is Anonymous, and I like Bossa Nova[View]
47601684What have you accomplished when you were 18?[View]
47602073>you'll never be with Katya, hold hands with her, see her smile at you. Why even live?…[View]
47602488The average robot: Just watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LeXzz1U5PdU[View]
47602220Maybe if you guys werent friendless losers youd be able to have gfs by now.[View]
47602959Good Lord God Why: >never had imaginary friends as a kid >socially isolated to the point where…[View]
47602928>'who hurt you?' me[View]
47603070I'm pretty sure I have just one year left to live. Come my birthday next year my parents will n…[View]
47602903ITT: Missed Opportunities: >be me, earlier this year >town A is several miles east of me, abou…[View]
47602964Not my story but a story nonetheless >be me >family trip to greece >finally get to leave my…[View]
47602521>tfw you feel a girl might like you without even talking to her[View]
47601976>tfw it's beginning to hit you how shit at learning new things you are compared to when you …[View]
47602718FUCK YOU,TIME[View]
47601535>tfw your twin brother is chad slaying puss constantly but you're an awkward beta onions vir…[View]
47601536Antidepressants: Moclobemide Thread: here we talk about the best antidepressant in existance hidden …[View]
47602677Laying in bed right now for the mdma to wear off so I can fuck the passed out Asian girl next to me …[View]
47602715The google algorithm a.i. usually knows about every topic on earth. Why is the image search so weak?…[View]
47602296anyone else feeling particularly or anxious or empty today/tonight. wat do?[View]
47601306Hey /R9k/ i just now got discord so come in and join my new comfy server and add me as a freind im r…[View]
47600357When was the last time you tried a condom on for fun![View]
47601411Best anime mangas with waifus? Watching anime doesnt appeal to me much but manga seems enjoyable but…[View]
47601307Why couldnt i have a normal life like normies with love and heart break, job and family? How did it …[View]
47601320What do you do all day in your room?[View]
47602762had gf dream again even when I wasnt thinking about it for a longer time, why cant my brain leave me…[View]
47602327Do Welsh fembots exist?[View]
47602546theres a mosquito in my room its been 2 hours and i cant fucking kill him AasaaaaaaA[View]
47600855When was the last time someone called you on your phone?[View]
47602554>Only one life >Born a boomer[View]
47602282Im going pro next year: currently a no name masters player in NA, not going to give away any details…[View]
47602633>2009 >have some motivation to get out of bed because desktop pc >2018 >no motivation to…[View]
47601335INTP Thread: How ya feeling, dude?[View]
47602549>tfw you accidently click on an ad on 4chan[View]
47602538>tfw no witless bf[View]
47602300Disowned by Mom: -Be me yesterday morning -Took Xbox to college with me -Mom didn't want me to …[View]
47600135Who here is /r9krim/? Who else has become a criminal due to crippling loneliness and having nothing …[View]
47601906the meaning of being a robot: What does being a 'robot' mean to you? To me 'the robot' is an archety…[View]
47599128Drugs and music: Hi r9k, im curious to whats ur favorite drug is and favorite music/band to listen t…[View]
47600420Are you embarrassed that tumblr does your own meme better than you?[View]
47602420>tfw Sarah fucking Jeong got verified on Twitter >tfw Twitter is also suspendin alot of accoun…[View]
47601048I just realized I still miss her. Im so messed up by her leaving, no amount of sleeping, porn, hardc…[View]
47602033Pic unrelated If you found out your best friend would die in a couple years, and the only way to sto…[View]
47602341If getting sex is so easy why are there so many Incels?[View]
47601451prepare yourself for 2 minutes of pure cringe https://vocaroo.com/i/s0Q5FwTFGgZ2[View]
47601775Probably Chad with a question: So your lifestyle of hiding from the world, I know you guys complain …[View]
47601646Had a dream that I had a GF[View]
47600888Video games: What keeps you going back to them? I am 32, played video games since very young age, s…[View]
47600430Hot as fuck: Holy shit it's so fucking hot in LA I can't sleep what the fuck do I do…[View]
47600657Now that the dust has settled. What are your final thoughts on Mia Khalifa?[View]
47602102Should I just give up my mind and make a tulpa of my waifu? I want to be with her so hard that it hu…[View]
47602042i have a hour to stay up because (work) entertain me[View]
47592881Post your personal 10/10 anons. >tfw ywn be with a girl this perfect[View]
47602017>talking with extended group of friends about looks >yeah anon you're average >tfw I…[View]
47594437What do you guys think? Is good ol' Teddy Bundy #OurGuy?[View]
47601129slut shaming: Is it really fair to be so harsh on woman for being sluts? Just imagine if you could f…[View]
47601561I need a boy who can double as a toilet. Any takers?[View]
47601968>Movies where modern day is 1998[View]
47601706What happened to these guys? Over the last couple of years fedoras disappeared from the internet wit…[View]
47588384Fembots, what are your hobbies and what do you like about them?[View]
47599329Are NEETs more resistant to tfw no gf? Whenever I see a girl I just see responsibility, their hot bo…[View]
47597774>tfw a gf would literally save me: All I long for is affection, intimacy and love. My life is a b…[View]
47600329>ywn have a potato shaped head and cool clothes why even[View]
47601870I wish I wasn't stuck here with all of you: If I had a little more will to try harder. If I had…[View]
47601164is it wrong to want to start a relationship with another boy?[View]
47596561Why are incels so insane, r9k?[View]
47601368Sniff my buttcrack, anon-chan.[View]
47601618>Be me >Lost flash drive on city bus (Yeah, I know, who still uses flash drives anymore) >F…[View]
47601729> Been on it for almost two years. > Liked almost every profile on the website. > Not a sin…[View]
47599712what are your views on jews?[View]
47601835Boring: This really is the most boring forum in the history of the internet.[View]
47600436>film has teenage love[View]
47601011How many girls have seen your dick, willingly or not? 5 for me[View]
47599126twitch thots: ridiculously hot twitch thots that ease that feeling when no gf[View]
47599244Post the most FUCKED UP THING you've EVER fapped to: Read title. The absolute most degenerate s…[View]
47601107My psych prescribed me Strattera for my ADD. I've been trying to jack off for an hour but It ju…[View]
47601733Never writen a green text before so bear With me as i attempt one >be me >17 year old >par…[View]
47601720ice cream and alai freaky sex[View]
47600071umm brobots: come chill in comfy server..normies be ban though :) check out the file share channel f…[View]
47598695Capeshit: Is he /ourguy/? >extremely jealous of his Chad brother >wants to genocide normalfags…[View]
47601324watching together: watching harry potter 1 and 2 on comfy sunday https://www.rabb.it/windcutter919…[View]
47600359Who here /completelyalone/: No friends, not close to family. I just feel a huge veil between me and …[View]
47601631Would YOU like to meet a future SoundClout star and HENTAI enthusiast?? JUst coem over to my faggot …[View]
47600955>tfw someone offered me $600 for 1(((one))) nude picture what do????[View]
47598415creepy/questionable things happening in your country: >New Mexico America >dead kidnapped to…[View]
47601615I got a bond in osrs halp what do[View]
47601603i caress myself and pretend its someone else[View]
47601594Would you sniff a black man's butt?[View]
47601316No girl can ever understand my pain and loneliness. She can never relate to me. Let's say I lif…[View]
47599800What does this feel like on staturday night?[View]
47601486>mother found the cum bucket[View]
47600540LET OUT SOME AUTISM say what you want, ill go first MY DINKIE IS SMELLY POOPOO BONER FART ASS STINK …[View]
47600149Smoking: What do you guys think about smoking? I'm a smoker myself. I see it as a relaxing acti…[View]
47599148Children should have an upbringing that builds them up and guides them through life rather than one …[View]
47597789>tried a sip of liquor >so bad i spit it out >tried beer >tastes like ass >had to dri…[View]
47600967How big is the CIA niggers' reaction folder[View]
47581381How have your political views changed, robots? >was a commie at like age 12 because I thought th…[View]
47601496What do we do about these thicc latina braphogs?[View]
47601433>tfw ran out of xannies and you can feel a panic attack coming H E L P M E…[View]
47599531There is no such thing as true love. Love itself is not real, it is just a drive for you to reproduc…[View]
47599919>ordered Dominos online 2 hours ago >still hasn't arrived and I can't call them beca…[View]
47595465Who else /police scanner/ here? Literally nothing more comfy on a Friday night than listening to ro…[View]
47599767https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MtdupS0gRt0 Why don't you robots move to japan? This place look…[View]
47600480Did he manage to keep all his guts inside him? I want to know.[View]
47600819Fembots, I know you're there, be my loving gf that likes putting pillows under her arms and pre…[View]
47597698How often do you cry, anons? I feel like crying a lot but I don't actually cry much.[View]
47599993daily reminder that women are not our own personal therapists[View]
47600512>stand up to wipe ass >see blood[View]
47598180>Go to grocery store, anxious about dealing with others but need dog food and wanted to get some …[View]
47600162>My bih la do cocaine ou[View]
47600384This is my very very private thread. I don't allow any of you to post in it. Don't do it.[View]
47601041Being ugly is the worst: I eat healthy and drink a lot of water but I am still ugly as fuck. I have …[View]
47600466This is what half Slavic half Asian performance looks like. Say something nice about her.[View]
47597412You lied to me...: >be me, 20 year old antisocial NEET >my boomer guitar teacher who I still k…[View]
47600732Is this good enough to impress stacy?[View]
47600794>you talking to me? >YOU TALKING TO ME?? >who the FUCK do you think you're talking to…[View]
47599589I'm going to be honest with you all. Feminine penises are more attractive than pussies.[View]
47601168Rare Pepe puzzle: I have made this rare pepe, but what makes it truly rare compared to other ones? G…[View]
47601175Can anyone rec me a fun build to start? I got a STR/ARC build right now.[View]
47599947Black people are more racially selfish and resistent to other cultures than any other group of peopl…[View]
47592465Hey friends! How was your day? I'd love to hear about it. Back from a little hiatus. Went on a …[View]
47600224As a NEET of more than a decade, the normie lifestyle seems to be exotic to me. It almost seems inte…[View]
47599635omegle fred? i know i'm l8 but how's about it anons?[View]
47601057The meaning of life: >be me >99 years old >dying in bed >life flashes before my eyes …[View]
47600271>at a family reunion >part of the reunion involves presents >my cousins get me a body pillo…[View]
47600623>5ft 7 >pretty much eye to eye with all women Lanklets will never know this feel. Lanklets jus…[View]
47600230I realized i don't even want a gf i just want to fuck some pussy: >feel like i want a gf bef…[View]
47599695>you will never have a best friend my soul... it aches![View]
47600761How does one get a NEET bf?[View]
47599871>tfw gay ice agent: >tfw i see a cute beaner and can't tell if i want to deport or date h…[View]
47599741Is he a giga-Chad?[View]
47592606What's it like being black? Do you wish you weren't black?[View]
47600774How do be happy?[View]
47600796I want a muscular Asian bf, I met a guy who is literally everything I could ever want but is too Cha…[View]
47595601Being Human Is A Curse: Have you ever considered what a ridiculous burden it is to be a human being?…[View]
47598449Anyone else purposely dress like an autist?[View]
47600667Red pill me on Astral Projection[View]
47600589>tfw no ecclesiastical bf[View]
47600603WTF IS WRONG WITH WOMEN?: >Talk to girl for Month or so >clearly leading me on/flirting >g…[View]
47600184So guys,...I just realized I have life-threatening depersonalization disorder Could use some suppor…[View]
47600232Friendless virgin here without no one else to to talk to, so I was hoping I could get some help here…[View]
47600653>tfw you are a warrior of bronze and gold, son of the Gods[View]
47600577Sorry if this post bugs anyone, I just need to write my thoughts and feelings down somewhere. I don…[View]
47598459What would robots do if they had a remote like from the movie Click? One that doesn't malfuncti…[View]
47599259There are girls getting hammered and looking to hook up in bars tonight and you're inside on yo…[View]
47597802how do I get a nazi gf[View]
47599553This is the first night in months I don't go out with my friends. I feel so lonely. Do I alread…[View]
47600567Oh Friends Let us drink to this Memories of violence For not all is lost When there is still bread a…[View]
47599967>be me >chewing gum >its bubble gum >blow a bubble >it gets bigger >and bigger …[View]
47598280We have our five senses with which we percieve the world around us, but what if there are other aspe…[View]
47599773What are some good open ended questions to ask a grill to make her get chatty?[View]
47599930/devilish/: Who here /devilish/ I'll start >capta says to select all busses >select all b…[View]
47600405Why are RUSSIAN women are superior to American whores?[View]
47598215> You must be anon, I'm Katerina, your new doctor. Have a seat. w-what do!??!…[View]
47600163I was once upon a crescent-shaped moon, gazed into a bleaky, and blurry pool on the high side of an …[View]
47599772>hyped up on a mix of whiskey and /sip/ The Doctor is the best flavour btw >see a bike unlocke…[View]
47598384What do you guys think of my ballad? https://soundcloud.com/nateboii/ifrawdemo[View]
47600317/mischief/: >go to store >shake up bottles of soda >go to their bathroom and dunk toilet pa…[View]
47599125who else /olderfriends/ here? most of my friends are between the ages of 25 and 29 while im only 19 …[View]
47595603What would your ideal comfy scenario be? for me >high up in an apartment block >large windows…[View]
47599799>tfw you will never look like 1980s Dolph Lundgren why live desu[View]
47600240i've been stuck (mostly) in the same place, physically and mentally, since i was about 14-15 wh…[View]
47600169I love Kelly! She is so cool![View]
47600138why do zoomers love this game so much?[View]
47600069bad redneck daddy here which one of you boys wants to come play in my corral[View]
47600082Jews of r9k: plz stop murdering palestinian kids thx[View]
47600192Me in middle school >Ask friend to let me borrow his shoes for p.e. since mine were stolen >sa…[View]
47600168WHY CAN'T I EVER GET THE DIGITS >>>47599999[View]
47599243They're almost here. I hope you're ready, most people aren't.[View]
47600098>Be in elementary school. >Crafting character sheets for 5 other bros at my table and a few ot…[View]
47594916Is it true that americans think it's enough to just smear shit all over their ass and go about …[View]
47599753Let everyone one in love come and see. I want to break Venus' ribs with clubs and cripple the g…[View]
47598195Would girls date a guy after only touching his body?: Okay, this is hella epic https://www.youtube.c…[View]
47600002>We was young and dumb, I ain't know how to fucking listen >So pay attention, hopefully I…[View]
47599897Remember when /r9k/ wasn't overrun with normies, cucks, 'fembots' and 'femcels': FRIENDLY REMIN…[View]
47599620>mom found the corncob apparatus[View]
47598970whats your dream world to live in, anon? (also post some music that goes along with the theme of you…[View]
47599826mom found the femdom hentai file. what the fuck do i do[View]
47598431Does anyone here work at best buy? I need to get a job otherwise I'm getting kicked out since I…[View]
47599617I left my last friend Ramblings (i know he don't check here tho) I'm sorry i did it but i …[View]
47599911>tfw cavities i cant even get them fucking fixed. they are gonna rot out of my head eventually.…[View]
47599816Post SJW insanity you have witnessed or experienced IRL >uni put gender neutral bathrooms in plac…[View]
47598870Why does my cousin have to be so fucking sexy?[View]
47598765What does it feel like to love a female that isnt family? >kek, asking here? fucking idiot fuck y…[View]
47599400In the car I just can't wait To pick you up on our very first date Is it cool if I hold your ha…[View]
47599543>Look at woman wearing panties >imediate boner >See her taking it off >imediate flacidne…[View]
47599507I curse this board. Yes that means you. May your bones turn to chalk and your suicide attempt fail h…[View]
47598543>buff chad with tattoos comes on bus >chad sits next to me, bumps into me and apologizes >'…[View]
47599555Robot AMA: Hello /r9k/. Based on a close examination of this site (also a Google forms survey of the…[View]
47598965What do you, personally, do to heal the soul of the Earth?[View]
47599761I created a cursed image... beezchurgurchan[View]
47599413is it too late to start playing WOW? I am very bored of league of legends and want to kill my self b…[View]
47599028>Know that women cheating and having children with other men has always been a thing throughout h…[View]
47599327> mfw 30 KHV > mfw will never share bound of childhood love with someone > mfw any roastie…[View]
47599174Is it true benzos cause alzheimers[View]
47599692>>47596540 >>47596615 t. rich wigger kids[View]
47599672So I have the opportunity to reliably get a +60 on either Diplomacy, Intimidate, or Bluff once a day…[View]
47598787>ruin sleeping schedule so im awake all night and asleep just as school is letting out >gradua…[View]
47598591>constant body tremors due to heavy benzo use >cold turkey'd fcking 4 months ago WHEN WIL…[View]
47599632>tfw have aspergers >tfw will never be able to properly communicate with people well enough to…[View]
47594151You objectively cannot refute this.[View]
47599345I look back about 5 years ago and I just sorta noticed that I felt happiness more than I do now (lev…[View]
47597868I wish people go out of their way to talk to me. It sucks having to initiate everything.[View]
47599600Chad always wins it isnt fair at all[View]
47597462loneliness: hey there fellow robots femanon here i am turning 19 pretty soon i have not had any frie…[View]
47596413Post actors/people you wish you look like.[View]
47597558Would you dayeba convicted felon who served their time?[View]
47595651suicide aftermath: What's gonna happen AFTER you kill yourself, anon? Will people be sad, happy…[View]
47599477>tfw no cute hispanic bf who wants to smell my stinky feet and suck me off…[View]
47599346What drugs were you on when you made your first /r9k/ thread?[View]
47599495Help a brainlet: What does this phrase mean and how would I explain it: The reason we do science in …[View]
47598101>but i have a boyfriend, anon Every. Single. Time. Have I missed my chance? Am I too old now? Is …[View]
47598298Belly girl thread - Probably gonna fap to it later edition >tfw no belly gf…[View]
47599300>think pussies are disgusting >see a woman wearing a panty , look at crotch >beautiful imag…[View]
47598839Can sinners ever be winners?[View]
47599447>got pp sucked today She was kinda thicc but a sweet ass person Swallowed my cum like a good gir…[View]
47596749lol: >anon wants gf >doesnt want to workout >doesnt want to work >doesnt want to have ho…[View]
47597566Im going out tonight boys AMA: i dont know how to talk to girls what are some good pickup lines?…[View]
47599391>Go to a restaurant alone last night >Waiter puts me next to this group of 6 teenage looking g…[View]
47598048Greentext thread: >be me >15 yr old with some friends >on a snapchat group with normie frie…[View]
47598724posting turkey apu everyday day 30[View]
47599159I can't remember anything what the hell is happening to me[View]
47598890Doe this look Photoshoped[View]
47598672>just saw my door open completely by itself as soon as the AC turned on…[View]
47597316>tfw you'll never be a superhero or an anti-villian >tfw you'll never have superpowe…[View]
47597440Waifu Issues: I know many of you have a waifu. And often this is because you love what they are abou…[View]
47599269Welp this is it: Be me Be semi chad for all 15 years of life Now no longer chad because fake people …[View]
47597712my gf has been distancing from me. We just graduated last year. We've been together for years. …[View]
47598602has anyone noticed how /lgbg/ is even more retarded than us? like we know we're autistic and we…[View]
47599025I HATE FAGGOTS, HOLY SHIT YOU'RE ALL DISGUSTING JESUS CHRIST. For a while I honestly thought g…[View]
47596616hello my frens how are you tonight?[View]
47596210>just lose weight brah[View]
47598875Should I see a doctor ?: ast night I had a lot to drink. I had a nice amount of pic related and ever…[View]
47599075This is an incel board[View]
47599005ice cream and alai sweaty sex[View]
47599229Women (whores) are rotten[View]
47596459if you could go back to any year which year would it be and why?[View]
47598753Moving Out: How do you deal with the anxiety? It is so fucking scary I just can't make the move…[View]
47597860Any robots up for one of these games? First 24 people to reply to this thread with an image and a na…[View]
47571369creative thread: post your age, and your proudest work of art. others critique[View]
47579362Post any sexual things that happened to you when you were a kid.[View]
47599169>'You, normal man. Have taken everything from me. Your system was built to oppress my kind and ke…[View]
47599136soooo wachugonnado about it bucko?[View]
47599071Another Saturday night spent alone. If only I had a nice girlfriend to go to a movie with...[View]
47599056I'm a retarded virgin schizo with no self confidence >tried gym to cope with no gf >no re…[View]
47597284ive repressed my heterosexuality for over 24 years because my parents would mock any attraction to w…[View]
47599002>its another episode of step parent telling you owe them money for rent…[View]
47597279canadian greentext: why do people think canada is so nice? >be canada >throw japs in concentra…[View]
47597976Women are people too. Grow up.[View]
47597371Anyone has a premium blacked acc i can use? I wanna watch some of their vids desu[View]
47596954>be 18 >unironically afraid of the dark am i a fucking pussy, bros?…[View]
47598755/r9gay/ - #421: Previously on /r9gay/ >>47583416 You can find a boyfriend if you try, I believ…[View]
47598804>Wrist cry Wrist cry >Wrist cry, wrist cry Wrist cry >Wrist cry, wrist cry Wrist cry >Wr…[View]
47595232/drugfeels/: did some coke, k, dxm, and bout to smoke some weed[View]
47586997WOMEN HATE THREAD: post examples of why you should hate women[View]
47594157Collegefags Feelz: God help me, everyone I have met is an absolute normalfag, all I hear 24/7 is 'br…[View]
47598562icebreakers: Icebreakers in business meetings should not be a thing. I just don't get the reaso…[View]
47597541What hope is there for white incels when even ANIME GIRLS prefer Black Cock?[View]
47595172Spider Hate Thread: Who else here afraid of spiders? Those fuckers are just so weird. I don't e…[View]
47598439Ctrl + V: Alright, lads, paste whatever you've got saved. Surely you'll be original, right…[View]
47595541Why does xanax turn people into scumbags: Childhood friend that i've known all my life for year…[View]
4759798118 year old killed in car accident http://budeandbeyond.co.uk/family-pay-tribute-to-18-year-old-kil…[View]
47597341Folding comb: so my friend got himself a comb that looks like a folding knife, pretty cool, pretty c…[View]
47594183Any robots from Florida here?[View]
47597908there are fertile black fembots browsing this board right now: why havent you talked to one anon? th…[View]
47595681Whats the most beautiful thing you ever sen in your life?[View]
47597893i want to be a normie: is there a way to go back i realy want to be a normie again go to partys an l…[View]
47593035Autistic things you do: I always stand on my tippy toes when I walk up stairs[View]
47596979Ask a low functioning autistic anything: The most amazing fact about me is that no one has malicious…[View]
47593641im gonna fuck her right[View]
47596542>go to restaurant because I was tired of making my own food >See this >HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA…[View]
47598416For the love of god, i just want to fuck one cute girl. ONE. Is that too much to ask?[View]
47598491Failure: >Be me >Hate shitty sound cloud rappers >Decide to vandalize Tentacion's wiki…[View]
47577591What Dungeon and Dragons character are you?: Take this test: http://www.easydamus.com/character.html…[View]
47597904I just wanna fuck girls[View]
47597831what do i do?: >be a sissy boy >do good in school >find out some normie tard threw a firecr…[View]
47594634Why do a lot of you hate him? >beats up rapist a bit too much >bit of petty crime cause poor b…[View]
47596957>go to work >spanish dude starts ogling the high schoolers while I talk to him >go to fill …[View]
47598371>36% approval rating for Trump amongst black people FUCK OFF HE IS OURS NIGGERS…[View]
47597492Russian woman touches stranger cock in public video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZgqDDVcPXGY…[View]
47596937Beer takes like shit, people only drink it to get drunk[View]
47598252Why are loser incels overwhelmingly rightwingers?[View]
47597879Is it possible for a 19 yo guy who has never went to college/uni to get scholarships ? I'm afra…[View]
47598070What is the chances of getting STDs?[View]
47595521>be me >27 yo NEET >browsing 4chan in 'the hole' as my dad calls it >dad storms in for o…[View]
47598168When did you know you hit rock bottom? For me it was right after I jerked off to a 14 year old trans…[View]
47594769Femanons, what do you think of white boys turning into cute traps?: Are you jealous of the competiti…[View]
47598247>have to take antipsychotics to function Sometimes it hits me. It feels bad. Basically, you know …[View]
47597468Tfw bow legged and ten-to-two o'clock feet.[View]
47598057I just came bsck from a college party where I made out with the most beautoful girl i ever made out …[View]
47597752Have NO fucking idea why everyone bags on KFC desu. Only fucking DYEL basedboys and obeast hamplanet…[View]
47598148is this really what a shot of alcohol looks like? i guess its 1.5 oz but it still looks bigger than …[View]
47597920Animal HATE thread: >stupid fucking kitten keeps trying to climb my legs with its sharp ass claws…[View]
47598095ITT >favorite vidya pic related >favorite anime nhk >favorite movie EoE >favorite album…[View]
47592484Hey femanon, you're... how old? ... And you haven't even gave birth yet?![View]
47595626Fate told you to reply to this post.[View]
47596559>go to the bathroom >bunch of drunk normies shouting and laughing outside >start pissing …[View]
47598096Does it ever blow your mind that we have animals living with us every day? A different species with …[View]
47596336>Myspace, now THAT was a website[View]
47597380>See a cute girl >Has gauges or a nose ring >Instantly becomes a 3/10 in my eyes It's…[View]
47597369Hello everyone I don't use 4chan that much but I want to make a greentext. >be me >12 min…[View]
47594722Personality FTW: I know many of you complain about not having Chads genetics, or his work ethnic, et…[View]
47597626Anyone else like black people but can't stop saying nigger as an interjection? Like I'd ge…[View]
47597523muh feels: >be me >22 >not really interested in having a relationship >happy enough wit…[View]
47597797>just the sight of a woman sets me off on an incredible rage and cant calm down unless I hurt mys…[View]
47597719> h-hi mister, I think you dropped this > *hands you a condom* w-whjat do!???!…[View]
47597845>be me Haha you're a failure[View]
47596983You Died and Woke Up As Chick: It been a whole day since you've woken up as a chick. You'v…[View]
47593651>dark hair >100% nordic, going back to 1500s This bothers me tremendously and makes me feel te…[View]
47596906I want to learn how to draw, but failed to actually doodle or read books on how to before. Should I …[View]
47597505There should be an incels episode on the Dr Phil show >Anon, you said previously that you are ad…[View]
47597518>come home >oh god, honey! What are you doing here? I thought you have school till five! What…[View]
47597776>tfw you start to slowly feel the effects of alcoholism.[View]
47597184Thinking about committing a murder. Stop me. Gif Unrelated.[View]
47593525It's Over: Blackcels have lost. https://academic.oup.com/jcem/article/92/7/2519/2598282 >'Co…[View]
47597579abdalla onwuatuegwu: my friend call thomas make tell him no hit me make hit me in head back make sl…[View]
47596562Anyone have advice on how to deal with anxiety? Its really crippling me from going out and doing thi…[View]
47597596Can someone just fucking goddamn send me a rom of metroid prime already[View]
47597625>saw a qt 3.14 wearing an Okada shirt today >wanted to speak to her but too autistic there…[View]
47583416/r9gay/ - #420: Peviously on /r9gay/ >>47555174 I'm a shitty person, are you? edition Als…[View]
47596803>be me >showerthoughts.exe >maybe we should make 4chan not look old af >i mean there ma…[View]
47597282Anyone else barely listen to music and find the way people craft their entire identity around partic…[View]
47597574Jesus fuck this was a dry read[View]
47595167Donnie Darko: What do you think about this movie robots ?[View]
47596450i've just realized i've never talked to somebody and played video games with them. by that…[View]
47596010How hard is it to find a Woman that is over 20, single and that is not super promiscuous or obsessed…[View]
47597481Its time for white people and the jews to come together as brothers and fight again the real enemy o…[View]
47596867What's for dindin? >Avadaco toast for me Keto 4 lyfe[View]
47596922I went on a date and I feel terrible: This has happened before. I've been on five dates in my l…[View]
47596944>you will never be a super intelligent bishounen anime guy like Light, Reinhard, Griffith, or Cha…[View]
47596492>laying in bed >3am >remember the time I cock blocked myself god why do i remember this shi…[View]
47594336You aren't some kind of faggot who puts creamer in his coffee,right?[View]
47595339People are talking about the dangers of AI and the possibility of us losing control over it. But imh…[View]
47591606Get an autistic girlfriend: Anon with autistic gf here...why don't you guys get an autistic gf?…[View]
47593634discord: r9k discord thread post your discords here no women in this one please just a small group o…[View]
47597331ice cream and alai forced sex[View]
47593547At home tooth extraction: How viable is it? too poor to pay for a dentist and a broken tooth is kill…[View]
47597261I'm happy, I hope you're happy too.[View]
47596700Flashbacks: >be me >in shower >fapping >cum >wash cum off dick while sitting down …[View]
47595182Hello /r9k/ it is I the Evil one I've granted wishes for many men through time from John Faustu…[View]
47595694What was it like realising the person you looked up to wasn't all that there are cracked up to …[View]
47597167Why are Eastern European women so beautiful as compared to their Western European and North American…[View]
47595502Post your holloween 2018 ideas and discuss: You have have exacually 43 seconds to post your hollowee…[View]
47597235>'Anon, I speak for all in my domain when I say that no words could understate the unrepayable de…[View]
47591459the life of a wagie: I got called into work with only 4 hours of sleep after a 12 hour shift because…[View]
47597227Fucking 2 different girls in 1 night is an average night for normies.[View]
47597208>great with kids >terrible with women I'll never have children of my own.…[View]
47595079How do I become a Pussy Licking Slave? It's literally all I want in life. Attractive, not-so-at…[View]
47596850As a diagnosed Autistic, how the hell am I supposed to take care of myself when my parents die?[View]
47593585>Father found the foreskin fulcrum I can hear him getting the gun right now. tonight's the n…[View]
47595498I feel as though I am a failed normie and there's nothing I can do to change this. I am 26 year…[View]
47596902Drunk, failed normie, the regrets are immeasurable. AM Literally A[View]
47597038Tfw u can never have a thick curvy qt3.14 brazillian goddess are all brazillian women like this?if o…[View]
47596555Why don't you just get an SSBBW gf? You can take care of her, fuck her, feed her, and she won…[View]
47595537Do you're chores[View]
47593888>dinner's ready, come lick it up! well? what are you waiting for, /r9k/?…[View]
47587128Feels Thread: Vent thread, share your feels and stories.[View]
47596875/comfy/: Lets have a comfy thread. >Just finished practicing guitar >Sunset >Making toast…[View]
47588381What's your opinion about this guy? Isn't he fucking 100% right?[View]
47593891>Girls want a guy who's fucked as many girls as possible prior to them >Guys want a girl …[View]

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