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508056How do you tell someone that their art has been stolen?[View]
508478Requesting a photoshop or a quick, black and white drawing of Yunyun from Konosuba sitting at a comp…[View]
508482I'm trying to get a collection of similar images, unsure how to describe them,but anything with…[View]
508385Daoko Thank You Blue DVD: Last December, japanese artist Daoko released her Album 'Thank You Blue', …[View]
508560Looking for a book: Does anyone have a torrent/link for an english/spanish translation of the book '…[View]
508554y'all niggas got some australopithecus anamensis pictures? I can't seem to find any in any…[View]
508445Just finished assassination classroom, sad as all hell and can’t even look at the color yellow witho…[View]
508138I’m looking for some specific production art from Mortal Kombat: Deception. In Koffin IA in the Kryp…[View]
508466Could somebody make this image a transparent.png please I would do it myself but I'm a total no…[View]
508088Sauce on all this girls?[View]
508504TF2 Check your map folder: I have a demo recorded in TF2, but I can't watch it because I don…[View]
508357What's a decent enough laptop for the following use cases >Fallout new Vegas >Tf2 >Met…[View]
507885Not sure if this is SFW, but how can I use this program on Android? https://github.com/ZedPea/r34-do…[View]
508474What is this song? I've tried searching for the lyrics and shazam but it's impossible. htt…[View]
508427I've tried for over a month to update Windows 10 to the April 2018 update. Now it's pissin…[View]
508304What movie is this from?[View]
508452WHAT IS THIS SONG!? (Shazam is useless)[View]
508447Help me find an anime: I have this very vague memory of a scene I saw in an anime years ago. I remem…[View]
508437permanently disabling touchscreen on windows laptop: So i cracked the screen on my touchscreen lapto…[View]
508397Sleeping on the floor: I'm tired of always lugging my mattress around whenever I move, which is…[View]
508275Sexy Caveman Spear Stroking?: There is this gif of this girl stroking two spears and it looks like c…[View]
508402What order has the least resistance?[View]
507993Photoshop Request: Can someone edit out the plate at the front end of this Porsche?[View]
508433Photoshop request: Hello, can someone photoshop Joseph Stalin's face onto this guy's head?…[View]
508272I notice that anime have promotion material like pic related. I know they come from magazines but wh…[View]
507951Looking for old anime, requesting help: It was in the mid 90s, and I can remember there was futurist…[View]
507873Recommend me some romance oriented anime. Bonus points if it's targeted more towards women. Wha…[View]
508411I need a rip of Lore: Deadly Obsession. Please help.[View]
508399Does anyone know where I can find light novel downloads? I have an IRC channel that generally serves…[View]
508202Anyone got a torrent for FruityLoops? Like, one thats not fucked?[View]
508339photoshop: restore this to original pls[View]
508104Any good anime or games involving Oni waifus?: Preferably barefoot[View]
508388Are there any scripts or some 4chan x code or whatever which will automatically add some threads to …[View]
508297I want to get all unicode characters for macOS high sierra. Any suggestions?[View]
508328This is really stupid but I've got to get it out of my system. So I was lurking some thread whe…[View]
508158Does a digital version of the Deadpool Beginnings omnibus exist? I know there's no 'offici…[View]
492550I'm looking for as many external sites/pages made from 4chan users as possible, such as archive…[View]
508348Translation please?[View]
508346Can you watch Steins;Gate 0 without seeing the original Steins;Gate first? >Why not watch the ori…[View]
508334Monitor Calibration: Hey fellas, I wanna get a Datacolor Spyder 5 but I was wondering if I could jus…[View]
508316Hello, pls I'm trying to remember the name of a metal band. I want to listen to a song of them …[View]
507917Beach Playlist: who's got one?[View]
508324Can't find a video: I'm trying to search for a video that I saw in the past where japanese…[View]
508314FLCL: Which encode should I get?[View]
508242Weeaboo scanlation recruitment thread: Looking for a translator, redrawer and a cleaner (translator …[View]
508071Old YTMND accounts I can use: hey guys remember ytmnd.com that website that was really popular from …[View]
508303https://youtu.be/IjRkqg3wQD8 What song is this? I think it's from an anime, maybe monogatari, b…[View]
508015Anyone knows a good online printing service that lets me design hoodies without any print area restr…[View]
508268Anyone know the name of this song?: Jump at 3:14 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gi0-mPswcto&t=2…[View]
508298Video Sauce request: I'm looking for sauce of a video in which a girl dances to ric flair drip …[View]
508287Which Red Letter Media video is this from? Is it even from a specific video or is it just a random s…[View]
508078Where does the clip that starts at 7:33 come from?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lgfR_yHt-0E…[View]
508280/g/ sent me here, I have this usb host controller that keeps waking my pc at random times during the…[View]
508246baits: more like this? keep it /a/ related[View]
508184Could I get recommendations for some shows that focus heavily on magic? I'd like ones that have…[View]
508269Anyone have the deep fried varient of this reaction?[View]
508266Pickup lines: Hey guys Do me a favour and drop the best bad pickup lines you have. I'll post my…[View]
508262Can someone pass me the original of this comic and tell me what most people call it? Google hasn…[View]
507862Webcomic: I've been searching for a webcomic about a spider. There are two people, one trying t…[View]
508235Animality? Chicken Fight Scene?: Could someone please tell me what anime this is? Came across this o…[View]
508211What is this?: This is my Galaxy S7 Edge. There is a small rainbow-colored line that appeared 2 hour…[View]
507952Math: The question was. Are any of these divisible by 11 for first row and 7 for 2nd row. I know th…[View]
508232Bear with me, I'm trying to find this music video. Its a rap song, and I can't remember th…[View]
508214What are some Anime Series, Movies, or OVAs you can only get on VHS? [spoiler]Laserdisc is fine too[…[View]
508205Sauce on this?[View]
508204Paypal buyers protection: Anyone familiar with paypal? Im trying to buy something from someone onlin…[View]
508109Source? Artist?[View]
508186Name of this girl/anime? Artist? Anymore images like it?[View]
508044Discerning anime from dreams is a dangerous endeavour: I am in a really dark place now. Sadly I wasn…[View]
508177Dragon Ball Super English Dub: Hey guys, Does anybody know of a torrent or download of Dragon Ball S…[View]
508174https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SolpJA9TGJ0 What song is this from?[View]
508171Help finding video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yQF3fkvLsSY Not sure how long it's been gon…[View]
508170Anyone have the full version of this image, or at least know what it's from?[View]
508112Are there any realistic voice changers out there? Most of the ones I've uses make you sound lik…[View]
508160Trying to find the origin of this cup: I noticed that lots of the 'sip' reaction images have the exa…[View]
507990What anime is the dance from?[View]
508156Been pretty interested in researching lost or thought to be lost media recently, anyone able to sugg…[View]
507590Anyone know what song plays here: https://youtu.be/TPCEFSrR0kg?t=18[View]
507853HP PIECE OF TRASH: Godamned HP officejet 7610. When I print on WIFI It takes about 10 minutes for th…[View]
507959Download speed: Basically I’m downloading software but it’s downloading at roughly 40 kbps even thou…[View]
508147Requesting the gif of Alinity bragging about marrying a guy for a green card, and how she was a doct…[View]
508145Electromagnetism question: A Van der Graaff generator has at its top a sphere of radius 10 cm. Charg…[View]
508144Hey so I am in this computer programming class I was not supposed to be in and out of sheer stupidit…[View]
508100yeah so my laptop has been doing this for like an hour, i’m shit with computers. can i please get so…[View]
508026.webm request WITH SOUND: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r3JG750bhfU Please make a .webm of 8:24 - …[View]
508098How can one convert multiple MP4 files to MP3 separately?[View]
507721Please make them hold hands <3[View]
506989Snap meme: So I'm pretty sure this is the right thread, and I'm pretty sure I'm not t…[View]
508131Similar Songs/Genre Name?: Could someone tell me what genre this song falls under? Or give me some s…[View]
508129I need a picture of a big crying baby statue with the caption 'I'm a big fuckin baby'[View]
508106Does anybody have the Australian guy meme?[View]
507804Im looking for some obsure manga that I barely remember This probably only happens in one of the ear…[View]
507963Loser-type protagonist manga/anime: Recommend me something with a protagonist that fails at everythi…[View]
508116Skateboard manga?[View]
508107Setting rit dye more: Just finished dying some shapeways 3d printed parts. As per directions washed …[View]
508062is hinamatsuri with watching? I've dropped everything this season[View]
507795Hello /wsr/, I need a clear/without the text version of this[View]
508091Help with Tor browser: Curious about tor links and I want to explore that side of the internet safel…[View]
508090OnePlus 5 parts: Somebody knows of a place that sells OEM screens and back covers of the OnePlus 5? …[View]
508047Can someone make a transparent background for this image? I only want CJ's face and not the yel…[View]
508084need someone to photoshop a basketball on this[View]
508055Does anyone here know where this is from? I saw this image a week ago and I can't stop wonderin…[View]
508005yo /wsr/ing a pdf (or epub, in which case i'll just convert) of thomas pynchon's 'v.' pref…[View]
508007rate this thread: somebody tell me if i'm crazy for thinking this is a great thread >>…[View]
507809More memes like this please[View]
507413>Just installed linux - gnome? gnome ubuntu? (whatever the correct iteration of the name is suppo…[View]
508054Requesting pic related without the swastika[View]
507900Does anybody have the picture of the guy wearing the BLACKED snap back in what appears to be a fast …[View]
508050how do you search void.cat for files? I am looking for picture related[View]
507803Photoshop: Can someone make my left arm not look like a sheet of paper?[View]
508043I need sauce of this groovy music. >>>/wsg/2185229 or https://i.4cdn.org/wsg/1523556912071.…[View]
507410Would any anon happen to know what chair this is?[View]
507906Monogatari Soundtracks: Need help finding somewhere to download / torrent the soundtracks for the Mo…[View]
508031Learnt the basics of an editing software lie a week ago. Taking Requests: I can make super crude edi…[View]
508033Atomic physics question: See pic related So for electronic configurations, they've started intr…[View]
507948Can someone identify the anime in this picture?[View]
507931This girl is handle a coke or a coock?: Hi guys, In my country, Coca-Cola run those ads on outdoor. …[View]
508018Odd request: Can someone make me a webm of the fight between Kirino and Kuroneko in the Oreimo openi…[View]
507874Would anyone have the sprites/spritesheets from Phantasy Star 0?[View]
507999Hello guys i accidently shift deleted 9 files from my desktop and i cant remember what were they. i …[View]
507941can someone edit the speech bubbles out here and just have superman saying 'bruh' and batman saying …[View]
507855Can one of you guys find or make a Pikachu with legs similar to pic for 3D printers?[View]
507798Best site for computer help?: Computer is acting weird after 3 days of no power. What is the best si…[View]
507989plz help: somebody plz make a lyric video of this song and post it on youtube. It's for my proj…[View]
507979Can anyone shop the words so it can say bueno? Thanks.[View]
507784I'm looking for this exact duffel bag by Billabong called a 'Sierra Grand.' The colorway is eit…[View]
507983I have heard that Kametsu has a VIP section with links for comics, live-action, etc. Is this true?[View]
507982Can anyone get me a lead or an I.D. on this song? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J_AQAejuGIM Very h…[View]
507864Name of this song? https://youtu.be/KmLx7P11IbQ?t=8m13s[View]
507935Is it possible to remove your name history by contacting the valve support team?[View]
507936What manga is this image from I've used all I can and I can't find it myself[View]
507947Looking for cowboy(girl) anime girls, all I really care about is that she has cowboy hat and a revol…[View]
507675requesting something with Earth-chan relating to the recent eruption of Kilauea, maybe Earth-chan ha…[View]
507946Anet A8 not centring properly: I've had my Anet A8 for over a year now and have been getting on…[View]
5079441 dollar mousepad code: I need a code for the 1 dollar mousepad deal on ArtsC0w. I thought I had one…[View]
507939Anyone know of any abandoned places that are less known that are fun to explore in the state of Main…[View]
507925Someone sitting on a cliff: Anyone got some picture less anime style ? Not a photo[View]
507921Looking for a cartoon of the queen pointing at princess Di to some SAS guys and then the next frame …[View]
507915Looking for this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5bHimOJb-Xw but with lyrics from Disturbed, was mad…[View]
507907Who is the original person in this meme.[View]
507786Help me out Anons. I'm trying to find a old gif that was posted on on b ages ago, it was calle…[View]
507890Who is this man?[View]
507902Anyone have a photo of a gun pointing out of an open zip fly?[View]
507192Post random portraits please: You can give me random portraits, Can be a drawing, painting or color/…[View]
507396I am hoping to study linguistics, can anyone recommend some good books on linguistics? I want to bro…[View]
507838What's this from?[View]
507831Can you removed the things marked? pls: I love John Wick <3[View]
507888Splitting audio: Can someone please split the main vocal track from the back-up vocals? The programs…[View]
507887can you find out who this girl is?[View]
507886Does anyone know where i can find scans of Art Works of Lupin the Third The Woman Called Fujiko Mine[View]
507464Would anyone be able to turn moe goblin-esq green and give him some long goblin ears? Thanks![View]
507346What game is this guy from?[View]
507686Can you recommend me good school maths/sciences forums that are at least decently active with people…[View]
507871could someone make a wallpaper with the design on the back of this[View]
507868please help me find Tattooed Teenage Alien Fighters from Beverly Hills for download. At least one ep…[View]
507840Tech help with mobage shit: I've started trying out FE heroes on an android emu and in order to…[View]
507863Any way to know if this is not a fake D-ark?[View]
507861Upper Lip: Can someone make my upper lip more full, and whiten my teeth?[View]
507852When I updated windows, it lost my RGB keyboard's default color setting. Somehow, when I closed…[View]
507739design jersey: I got put in charge of designing our ultimate frisbee jersey for my team, but i am su…[View]
507849Help Me With Some Big Brain Wojaks: I'm trying to fill my folders with some big brain niBBas. …[View]
507822Battlebots: I'm looking for legit torrents or streams of the new Battlebots episodes (Discovery…[View]
507830Buying doujinshi?: Specifically from the site Suruga-ya. I want to use paypal but I read that you ca…[View]
507684Finding Anime: I have to find an Anime to proof to myself that there is one for everything. So what …[View]
507702What's the sub group that released this? Or a sub group that does TL notes for jokes.[View]
506910Got any dark souls reaction images? Would be really appreciated.[View]
507694chem question: I have a question about pic related's answer: how could the solution 'guarantee'…[View]
507288What does this mean?: My mother brought this from a bric-a-brac market in Paris. I'm not someon…[View]
507354What application is this[View]
507646because of a schizo where I live my phone ISP is rangebanned, does buying a pass unban the whole ran…[View]
507781Malwarebytes: fudge it's been weeks and dllhost.exe is again draining processes i ran Malwareby…[View]
507792Is there any way to recover a password/email for a Twitter account? I made it when I was much younge…[View]
507204Can anyone post the list of the best programming languages.[View]
507749origin?: what anime is this?[View]
507747Where's this girl from? I'm pretty sure its from a regular manga.[View]
507574Math: How would you even begin to prove this statement with induction?[View]
507773I'm looking for the name of the popular site where you upload an image and receive the previous…[View]
507772Microphone Trouble: My microphone, which is a MXL Studio 24 USB, randomly stopped being recognized b…[View]
507754Hello, does someone where can I download the following books? -Heroism and Passion in Literature: St…[View]
507364How do I fix this? Can it be fixed?: Pic related, I found this gold plated(?) Pikachu card the other…[View]
507741Am I going insane? Why am I obsessed over this? Why won't this splinter get out of my mind? Thi…[View]
507398Anyone know how to get data from a hard drive that wont boot. Get error in pic related. Have a sata…[View]
507735google it for me: I have a yamasaki catleap Q270 monitor and I can't find a guide to remove the…[View]
507755Need the Thanos Fortnite webms please Pic unrelated[View]
507753can someone please photoshop la creatura over both of the tate brothers heads in this picture?[View]
507748does anyone have that image of a skeleton in a red cloak resting on a cliff surrounded by flowers? i…[View]
505962Thanos in Water: Would someone have a wallpaper screenshot with Thanos in Infinity War laying in the…[View]
507543Anyone got some good DS/GBA game recommendations?[View]
507605How do I fix my window maximizing to far to the right[View]
507663Which episode is this from?[View]
507723where is this from?[View]
507714Hello. I'm looking for an anime I watched some years ago. The only scene I remember is during a…[View]
507486can someone darken his skin for me, like chocolate[View]
507218Does anyone have a Shounen Jump+ ripper? Could you do all the chapters of this series? https://shone…[View]
507683What to watch or read: This is a somewhat strange request, but I'd really appreciate if I could…[View]
507700Lyrics: Can you please help me with lyrics at 1:57-2:07 in this song https://youtu.be/Xpr6gGdwy-o Im…[View]
507680What is this song?: What is the song that goes like this: https://vocaroo.com/i/s1Utq7wHCtl1[View]
507386where do these large ass thumbnails come from[View]
507660How do I download Firefox without an Internet browser? Using win7[View]
507238plz help me write a 'Research/Study Objectives' essay for a scholarship, i'm an industrial engi…[View]
507662I need help. I'm trying to encrypt files with the windows 10 command prompt. The problem is tha…[View]
507035forget the title of an anime i was watching a year ago it's an action school-life, where the sc…[View]
507676Humble Bundle: Anyone got the DevOps Humble Bundle or the Cosplay Humble Bundle and is willing to sh…[View]
507661Does anyone know the title of this game?[View]
506734recommend me an anime from before 2012 please preferably something that you enjoyed but barely ever …[View]
507671Who is he?: Does anyone know about this man? All I know is that he is apparently in prison on void c…[View]
506946looking for the image of the giant nose coming through the floor.[View]
507519i just want to see smug anime girls thank you[View]
506736I need a script to download (and neatly name & place them in folders) all videos from hentaihave…[View]
507655Anyone got the longer version of this gif? Asking for a friend. Thanks in advance[View]
507640Rec me ecchi anime with god-tier animation/art.[View]
507650Hello. I was wondering if someone around here knew the name of the model this drawing was based on.[View]
507373Tried to make some vaporwave art today, thoughts ? critiques ? improvements ?[View]
507643Looking for an old arcade scrolling beat em up where you ride a motorbike and fight enemies also in …[View]
507642Old marvel comics: I saw it in a bargain comic box in a hobby shop: >guy was actor for (silent er…[View]
507249Edit the mug: Can someone please remove the image and text from the mug she's holding, so it…[View]
507268Looking for movie name: Looking for the name of a fictional movie. It's pretty much about a Ira…[View]
506757Who's this girl?: Who's this girl?[View]
507602Download Insagram story video on FB?: As the topic says, is there any way to download a video shared…[View]
507613Social Media und Marketing Automation Systeme in deutschen B2B Unternehmen: Hey guys, got a disserta…[View]
507156How to get rid of partition after update?: So I just installed the latest Windows update (1803) beca…[View]
507623Song/lyrics: So, the people on this site say this is opera even though I recognize this as Japanese.…[View]
507566Where can I get this jacket/parka/sweatshirt ?[View]
507611What's this from?[View]
507581hello /wsr/. Do you know any program that binds keys to mouse clicks? I know of one but it only allo…[View]
507601I'm looking for a manga but I can't remember the name of it. I remember one page had a cro…[View]
507595Does anybody know the two samples played in this song? https://soundcloud.com/sleepover-gossip/gossi…[View]
507584Meme: Hey can you guys meme this[View]
507578Hello Anyone knows what model these are?[View]
507565help, put it at 4m20s .... just tell me what she said, I'm not an english natural speaker. 'who…[View]
507550Can someone tell me who is this silhouette?[View]
507570Help I'm looking for an not so old manga 4-koma if I remember well about a trap changing in bat…[View]
507347Can I get more like these? I only have the two, and would love more. Please and thank you.[View]
507468Somebody knows who is she? Thanks in advance.[View]
507545Help with immunology project: Hello 4channers, I have immunology project that I need to present to c…[View]
507215Summary of Trump idea of global warming: Can a random anon help me make a summary of Trump idea of g…[View]
507457Nigger in my acount: Ok guys, I might need your help. There has been a nigger going into my facebook…[View]
507504Is there any possible way to make a backup or retrieve the data on a locked iphone x?[View]
507154Have someone found any torrent?[View]
507535Need some help finding some extremely messed up psychological experiments/operations the ones that s…[View]
506763Help finding a certain ROTJ soundtrack cover art: So, there's the covers of the original soundt…[View]
507520Looking for an old english vidya commercial that aired between some time 2004-2010 on tv I vaguely r…[View]
507521Looking for a good manga/doujin site, preferably fan made ones, similar to fanfiction.net but for ma…[View]
506958My CPU vcore is fucking plummeting, along with it my CPU and GPU Hz. What is at fault? Could it be …[View]
507512Does anyone here order anime from rightstuf? Been getting physical copies of their catalogs because …[View]
507142Does anyone have a screencap of a /fit/ thread from a while ago, where anon was talking about lockin…[View]
507299is this laptop good https://www.bestbuy.ca/en-ca/product/dell-inspiron-5577-gtx-1050-4gb-15-i5-7300h…[View]
507503Does anyone know a way to download the font from SubRip so I can use it in photoshop, it's so I…[View]
507478Can somebody turn this into a wallpaper? thanks in advance[View]
507417Can someone Photoshop the Soviet flag into a Falangist flag?[View]
507458Can someone tell me which board to use for discussing creative writing projects? It's anime ins…[View]
506962Does anyone have more of these?[View]
507422Initial D movie series vs anime which is better? which one has the euro dance?[View]
507461Song: Anyone know the song name in this video?[View]
507437Anybody has that image of a western girl (there is a slight possibility of it being a trap) dressed …[View]
507295does anyone have any tips for building their own website? I'm trying to make a website to promo…[View]
507402Is there any way how to obtain an AWM?[View]
507420Need image from this image: Hey there folks. I need the lost loss meme in this pic without any of th…[View]
507438Hey guys, I'm looking for an old youtube video of a song of George Bush Jr singing through clip…[View]
507404can somebody help me with my math?[View]
506994redraw: can anyone redraw this tat ?[View]
507421where is this from[View]

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