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553237Sites like kimcartoon: I want to watch Venture Bros but sometimes kimcartoon gets a little slow. Are…[View]
552988Tha Holy Bibizzle: Anyone has a copy of pdf or epub/mobi of Tha Holy Bibizzle? I've been search…[View]
553123Can someone please shop tony sopranos face into thanos so it looks realistic? Really appreciate it t…[View]
553314Hey, I currently have a custom PC that I built like 6 years ago. My WiFi card shit the bed, and my h…[View]
553326Similar song request: Do you know of any songs with instrumentals similar to this: https://www.youtu…[View]
553315can someone please shop this so the guy is that purple/bluish thanks color and the backgrownd the it…[View]
553313I fucked up - Installed WAY too many fonts - NEED HELP: Don't ask me why, but I recently downlo…[View]
553224I currently have a cracked Photoshop CC 2018 and was wondering if they're any better versions o…[View]
553258Dog Vector: I am asking for help making a graphical vector. I tried doing it myself but it sucks. I …[View]
553288How do I copy the contents of a group of cells in one openoffice calc file and paste them into anoth…[View]
553034trying to find some indie game. mightve been post apocalyptic, but there was a girl with like, branc…[View]
553280A manga page gets posted around on /a/ with a guy saying'take a hike bitch', anyone know where it co…[View]
553276College textbook help: Hey, can anyone lease help me find a free pdf download of this textbook pleas…[View]
553253Help: What type of plug is this, and are there adapters for it[View]
553243Can you find me this picture in good quality? Thank you in advance![View]
553225Anybody know where this is from?[View]
553227Can you post pics of anime characters scratching behind head while smiling? Thanks lads.[View]
553201Anyone mind doing a bit of maths homework for me? Wouldn't normally ask but it's late, I…[View]
553190I'm looking for a mega link of star wars battlefront 2, I don't wanna give them me shekles[View]
553180SKYRIM: Needs some help getting mods to work. I pirated Skyrim a few years ago. Downloaded some mods…[View]
553115thumbs up apu: requesting decent resolution PNGs of apu giving thumbs up like pic related[View]
552706looking for a webm of Umaru-Chan, includes sound. it's from the brother's perspective wher…[View]
553164Need sauce[View]
553150Source of this animation?: I like it and I want to know where it came from.[View]
553172who would e so kind to transtale thise?[View]
553167Looking for a specific greentext/story, I remember it's about a guy who's studying for a t…[View]
553168Is there a sort of Google earth thing where the camera guy goes to naturist beaches and shit and doe…[View]
553032Is this the writings of someone crazy or is this truly what religion is?[View]
553070My USB is very Dead: So, I bought a SanDisk Ultra 3.0 128 GB flash drive a while ago, it worked just…[View]
553083https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e1cOalCzAu0 Does anyone know the name of the song in the end, i…[View]
552877Any way to check these codes online?: /fa/g here, I've been trying my best to catalog my clothe…[View]
552894Can someone upload for me a 320kb/s (or ot, herwise very good quality) copy of the Pyre soundtrack? …[View]
552185Photoshop this please?: Do whatever you want with this can of Pepsi on photoshop![View]
553084Looking for a mega link or torrent of 'Wooden Shjips - V.' in 320kbps. Rutracker torrent won't…[View]
553091I am looking for this online game that I forgot the name of. It is this point-and-click type game th…[View]
552795Can you name this anime from a blurry gif?: Or if you know somewhere to find anime sources from gifs…[View]
553064hey /wsr/ what the fuck is happening to my computer[View]
552922The most brutal fight you’ve seen: I need people getting their world rocked[View]
552944how the fuck do i destroy my laptop: im trying to find apps like coinoto that destroy my cpu but giv…[View]
553069I seem to remember a connection between the planet Saturn and the color purple, but I've since …[View]
552740How do I mod shit in Quake 3?[View]
553063Can anyone help me graph this?I don't have a calculator on me and I 'm not sure how else t…[View]
552585looking for an 80s song: it sounds like an 80s song. female singer I think. all I could do was play …[View]
552941Best 'C' compiler.[View]
552687Source: Is this an edit? Where is this Iori from?[View]
552897What anime is this girl from? Saw it at https://youtube.com/watch?v=IfUIeSpslEM specifically at 2:40…[View]
553043ACER E5-575: Has anyone else every worked on/with one of these? I had a customer bring one in the ot…[View]
553057Does Japan have any pop music compilations, a bit like the NOW series? I look at the Billboard Japan…[View]
552953I just swapped out my speakers for new ones and now I have no sound in Firefox. What do?[View]
553053https://youtu.be/4ztOV2wrrkY?t=118 Does anyone know the name of the songs in this video, from 1:58 t…[View]
553050I'm looking for the name of a comic that I saw posted on /tg/ a few years ago. The content from…[View]
553037what's the sauce for this manga?[View]
553041song request: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8-U_ZzjrpRI What song is this (:17-end)[View]
552276Music at the start of this vid?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R-85bvu0J6A Thanks[View]
553036Requesting the webm of the Hitler mocumentary where the narrator makes him sound like a pacifist wor…[View]
553031Comics: Anyone have a mega torrent of comic books? I really want to catch up on the last few years o…[View]
552995Can I use an external hard drive to install Windows 10 to my PC? It wouldn't be installed to my…[View]
552999What should I major in, bros? I don't enjoy any subject and I don't mind any subject, so w…[View]
552989Rapidgator premium account[View]
552936Who is this girl? Will post a few more pics of her.[View]
552940I need the picture of pepe with an unamused face[View]
552748why does youtube sometimes not show replies to a comment, as seen in pic related it might say “view …[View]
552569Fuck /g/ so I'm putting this here: Was wondering if anyone here has experience with a Ryzen bas…[View]
553004Been looking to buy online more of these sleeves I have bought. But i don't know the anime or m…[View]
553006Need laptop for uni + games (on the side): >Acer Aspire E 15, 15.6' Full HD, 8th Gen Intel Core i…[View]
552951dying light UK season pass: i've been looking around and i can't find anywhere selling thi…[View]
552477Pls help me remember this anime >Slice of life >Some kid moves into an older complex run by an…[View]
552878iran-iraq war: Guys, i've been searching for a fucking picture of an iranian dead soldier with …[View]
552994Anyone got that webm comparing Nu-FLCL to classic FLCL? It was a 30 second clip from each side-by-si…[View]
552943Playing the first Bayonetta and I can't get into this shit for some reason. What am I doing wro…[View]
552660I'm looking for asian live-action movies that by the end evolve into creepy, disturbing weirdne…[View]
552971Please make my warpick crimson: I'm hopeless with graphic design, can someone please make my wa…[View]
552914I'm trying to find an anime where a fat psychotic ringmaster that shoots rockets fights the pro…[View]
552967How: How would I find the implicit solution for this /sci/? I'm trying to prove a guy with a so…[View]
552966Anyone got any idea what this is from? And more importantly is there any service for searching for c…[View]
552935so, I have an issue that im not sure what its called I have something that is like a tonsil stone, a…[View]
552918anyone know where i can find the original high res painting of this without the meme ontop of it?[View]
552920A super obscure tv series: There was this 2D animated tv series during the 90s i watched like 2-3 ep…[View]
543950Jap to Eng translation: Could someone translate these pages from the manga Teppu and comments by the…[View]
552627PC Troubleshooting: So I need some help guys. So my PC has been running pretty well for normal funct…[View]
552692does anyone have the official podcast bonus episode with mumkey jones?[View]
552472does anyone know what theme is this? it's for firefox btw thanks[View]
552829Manga name?[View]
552909Looking for a budget gaming pc. Preferably 500 dollars or less and something that I can keep upgradi…[View]
552908looking for peeps to be my friend in Tucson once i move there. I’m 18 m and have no preferences of a…[View]
552773help me find a gif: it was various scenic ... scenes with a character from ed edd and eddy and it wa…[View]
552904Help remove the stain: Take the FJ stamp out of the redzone Link http://pixelcanvas.io/@2985,169…[View]
550939Mecha/robot girl anime: Recommend me some anime with cute mecha musume/robot girls. Manga is fine, t…[View]
552476Does anyone know the source- of this game/demo: It looks like a unity demo or something or maybe unr…[View]
552876I'm looking for a gif (or webm) of some anime, looked like it was from the 80s, probably the sa…[View]
552882anyone have the source for this pls help[View]
552834I Need a Professional: could someone keep the image as it is but make the background transparent, I …[View]
552714>>voss iel9225 rf i am looking for this 6 legged IC , its a touch censor IC whit only A2ND wh…[View]
552590anyone know the song name: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ooq9-oeMOJo[View]
552403Give me a good song for a frag movie. Anything from loli voice bossa nova to heavy metal[View]
552869synth pop recommendations? i'm very new and have only listened to Grimes and CHVRCHES. i like c…[View]
552446iran-iraq war: Guys, i've been searching for a fucking picture of an iranian dead soldier with …[View]
552870sample used in this song https://soundcloud.com/fossi_figo/fossi-figo-balla-che-ti-passa?in=fossi_fi…[View]
552732Does anyone have a torrent of the Yakuza Papers (Battles without honor or humanity) volumes 2,3,4 in…[View]
552819I'm dumb. What's the easiest way to delete windows from my computer? I installed windows 1…[View]
552865Reaction image: I'm looking for a reaction image cropped from some manga. I have no idea what t…[View]
552826I need help installing windows on a laptop running linux. When trying to install windows 7 (from dvd…[View]
552511Looking for that one short video clip where a black girl in a (strip?) club wearing a fluorescent sk…[View]
552814I need a photoshop pro. Willing to pay. Does not included nudity, or anything illegal. Kik me at …[View]
552847Trying to watch JJBA:DiU Dub because it starts 12:30 Tonight I need a site that streams this because…[View]
552631help on finding a pilot episode of a tv show: so i need help on finding the English version of monst…[View]
552844Trying to find Japanese/Korean game app: Hey anons, Who all is super knowledgeable about Japanese or…[View]
552842Anyone can find this image in better quality? Its from the Art of Sword Oratoria artbook...[View]
552836Bros, I keep getting crackly audio on this game, how the fuck do I fix? And yes I am using the exe l…[View]
552526I love musclegirls, they're perfect in every way. What are some good manga/anime that star or p…[View]
552827Can't find this album: I've spent the last couple of days trying to find a full direct dow…[View]
552825Need this specific image edit: A few months ago, I found an image edit of Makoto from Persona 5, but…[View]
552817I have an odd request. I want a custom made meme that conveys a simple message. I am a white man tan…[View]
552800Need Specific ME!ME!ME! Edit: i found a realy cool ME!ME!ME! AMV with very good Video Edit (but all …[View]
552815What is this specific genre music called? https://youtu.be/nL-W1M0A05Q https://youtu.be/1cXVYPAGD9g …[View]
551629i mostly torrent my games, but recently got 5$ on steam, which game should i buy? i meant to post th…[View]
552752fix my computer jesus christ please: i've been having problems with my computer, specifically (…[View]
552804Music video: So I'm searching a music video from a rap song (i think) and that the POV is from …[View]
552632please i need pictures of anything related to medieval or imperial germany preferrably big enough to…[View]
552589making a matrix in c++: can anyone tell me what is wrong?[View]
552725Is there a higher resolution of this pic anywhere? I've tried searching for a while now and hav…[View]
552212What's a good game to play while listening to podcasts?[View]
552723Can somebody tell me what this means?[View]
552376I love the Pepe wojack fights. Can someone give me a dump?[View]
552761Would like to know which parts/episode of JOJO are used @ 3:38. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rAK…[View]
552166Need help finding a .gif: There is a .gif that has a lot of Doritos and ':^)' flying around the scre…[View]
552754Looking for a sad Cowboy Bebop amv Already looked through all of youtube haven't found anything…[View]
552742I'm fairly new to computer building but I'm not retarded. That being said, I want to upgra…[View]
552680Give that boy's thumbs up photo on top of car in snowy North Korea parade. You know what I…[View]
550865can someone recommend really gory and not afraid to show nudity anime / manga been reading berserk a…[View]
552694More music like this pls https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cIwDLN2X6Rs[View]
552704Good music platorms: Does anyone know any good platforms to download music from? there's one th…[View]
552728Need lines!: Hey people. I'm currently working on a Justice League Lego animation. There'…[View]
551611Windows 7 after support ends: Can I still use windows 7 after 2020?[View]
552690Memetikos Extraordinaries Does anyone have the invite for this discord? I can't find it anywher…[View]
552473I am going to be replacing all the wall sockets in my house soon because they are very cheap and mos…[View]
552607Looking for old but good youtube videos. By old i mean pre-2013 Hard mode: before ads were a thing o…[View]
552662Quick PS: Anyone remove the text beside her head, big thanks anons.[View]
552507Can anyone post a image from Evangelion where Asuka, Shinji and Rei are sitting like this? The scene…[View]
552635What movie is this from? It was posted on /tv/ as a response to someone liking Heat, but I don'…[View]
552623Vape: Is this a v8 coil. My friend keeps telling me it is but I ain't believing him so help out…[View]
552582Anybody know where I can find a copy of 'Travelers and Magicians' by Khyentse Norbu from 2003? Engli…[View]
552644Can someone scale this up to about 800 pixels in width without it looking pixelated and blurry?[View]
552488Looking for Fyre albums: I'm looking for Fyre's albums, more importantly Fyre XIV but it d…[View]
552625I have been thinking about getting a tattoo and I like this design. It has symbolic relevance to my …[View]
552616Good evening! I've got an Asus X555LB-XO244T and I want to upgrade to 8 Gigabytes of ram (My la…[View]
552428any good animes for a beginner?: i'm trying to get more into anime but i don't know what s…[View]
552620I am looking for a parody series based on the TBS show 'King of the Nerds' that was posted on youtub…[View]
552040Fuck me poverty: Hi! I'm having a little trouble keeping up with the bills this month. Looking …[View]
552528Sad songs: Songs that tell the world to go fuck itself. A big middle finger towards everything and e…[View]
551075Cyerpunk hacker picture: Looking for a very specific picture of a hacker girl, who is naked, althoug…[View]
552604Can someone shop an wojak on the face: Could somebody photoshop an wojak face on the face of sarge?…[View]
552602So i put a gtx 580 point of view into a dell inspiron 580 and I tried to overclock the GPU, it worke…[View]
552210okay i need your help anons, i remember when i was a kid i used to play a demo version of the game i…[View]
552421How do I find her name?: REEE I FOUND HER AFTER ALL THESE YEARS Fuckin model I had to draw in senio…[View]
552567Where is this from?[View]
552576function help: I'm running low on coffee, and am several days without sleep.. but I have to rea…[View]
552574Help, graphic LCD: I need help to find the right graphic COG LCD for a DIY project. These are the ch…[View]
552537I remember a blue toy/figurine thats humanoid except its hand are claws and its head is a clam, ther…[View]
552541Can anyone erase the blue smudging behind her so that all that is left is Zelda on a transparent bac…[View]
552513port forwarding / opening ports: So i was trying to open a port on my router for the past week witho…[View]
552286Im searching for a book: Im searching for a book i read when i was like 14. The cover was some kind …[View]
552559does anyone know the original sample to this song? I feel like its a common lofi hip-hop sample. htt…[View]
552501C programming tutorial: Does anyone know of a good online tutorial to learn C? I used to have K&…[View]
552557This is probably a longshot, but does anyone happen to have Utena on blu-ray? Could someone upload i…[View]
552520https://youtu.be/-9X1YnfrtlQ?t=2m37s I can't remember the name of the song, i used to listen to…[View]
552228Post image macros like pic related. Lost most of my folder and want to rebuild[View]
552429Recolor request: any easy way to make her hair orange/silver? or better yet,make a layer of just her…[View]
552425PhSh this lil grey mothafucker: photoshop this lil grey doggo, make baka fun[View]
552504Weeb in making trying to get into touhou. 1. Where do I start ? 2. Where do I download these games ?…[View]
552535Could anybody find me a way to use 'ShotPut Pro6' for free? the demo version doesn't count.[View]
552470Anyone know where this gif is from? I checked SauceNao, iqdb and Google and I got nothing[View]
552524Motherboard Help: Need motherboard recommendations for a AMD Ryzen 7 2700X cpu. I am looking for a m…[View]
551498photoshop wizards i need your help: is there anyone who can photoshop me to be more tan and have bla…[View]
552506Any way to get rid of the stock lock screen, using a shitty ass Xperia XA that I bought for like $30…[View]
552486what's da artist?[View]
552209How can I fix this? I'm using Youtube+ on Firefox and yesteday it was fine, but now it's s…[View]
552481Please edit out the first few frames so it starts with Michael Rooker running and aiming his gun.[View]
551898Yuru Yuri San Hai Character songs, Bonus CDs etc.?: Right now trying to complete my YRYR song collec…[View]
552361Can someone make a immunity dog version of this, so that it can counter this: https://vocaroo.com/i/…[View]
552484cant recall one manga about a girl starting up her own company focused on selling onahole. all searc…[View]
552483Please share any infographics, links, or guides on living as a poorfag. Going to relocate to Reno, N…[View]
551664I saw a movie once, it was about these scientists who are sent into space because the world was abou…[View]
552460Retro photos: Looking for high quality and color photos from the 1950's- early 70's. Prefe…[View]
552164Why does nuclear energy release tremendous energy?[View]
552392/r/ing a link to a clip of someone playing CS:GO. They were playing dust2. The clip starts with them…[View]
551919What phrase do you use in English when leaving a shop/restaurant? Does 'good bye' work in …[View]
552344an obscure memory of a shitty game: when i was a kid, i had a GBA and i remember playing this super …[View]
552444need help finding copypasta: does of anyone have the copypasta that describes a teacher pulling out …[View]
552436funny gif: looking for a gif of someone turning on the cellphone screen and then the scene of Cell f…[View]
552439Can someone edit this gif and put the Fallout logo over the kids face.[View]
552435Black Clover: requesting that copypasta that ends with something like 'god I wanna rape Asta'[View]
552292Sauce on this anime?: Hi, can anybody tell me which anime series pic related is? Thanks :)[View]
552433Chrome Productivity Warning Plugin?: Is there a chrome productivity plugin where instead of straight…[View]
552407why does https://rbt.asia not work?: I can't get this archive site to work anymore. I just get …[View]
552346Does anyone have the webm with pez Thor talking to odin? Pic unrelated[View]
552413Translate Yume 2kki Changelog: Based on Google, Bing, Yandex, and Baidu translate, this Japanese tex…[View]
552411Anyone has the FL Boating Safety Course (Boat US) answer key?[View]
552395This might be more appropriate for /g/ but I've never been there so whatever. Because of life s…[View]
552406TV Shows - DVD - Special Features: Hello to all, please anyone, please upload online and share the …[View]
552224Sandscape: Looking for digital issues #2-4 of this comic kaskus had it here: https://www.kaskus.co.i…[View]
551959I've been stressing over my PC not working properly over the past few day. First fo all my spec…[View]
552389Using online converters sucks dick, what free program do I use to convert MP4 to WEBM? Premiere Pro …[View]
552373Better quality: Just need this Jpeg at 2500 X 3500px or higher Im making a mousepad Thanks in advan…[View]
552222Does anyone know what her name is?[View]
552112I'm looking for an equivalent picture, but with Carl Sagan, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, and Stephen Ha…[View]
549708Is there an archive/download for the post-2001 issues of nintendo power?[View]
552358Trying to find an OLD SHOW: I am trying to find the name an old show airing when I was a kid in the …[View]
552359Tier Rating: Hi, someone has the tier rating ressourcen in a good quality? Would be kind if someone …[View]
552001Hello /wsr/ i'm in need of some help with a wacom intuos pro paper edition: I purchased the int…[View]
552345does anyone know where this is from? or have the full pic?[View]
552000hi /wsr/ im looking for an image of an anime girl lying in bed with the text 'hop in dude'…[View]
552356Please ID these 4 Discord servers!: Someone please ID the 4 Discord severs below The SizePlay Zone.…[View]
5521695/3/1 forever: Can someone please post a pdf of 5/3/1 forever by Jim Wendler? I'm not paying 40…[View]
552211Searching for Picture and/or Artist[View]
552300What is this piece of furniture called? A shelf? Wardrobe? What the fuck[View]
551737photo puzzle: i think it might be a bane joke but i can't remember clearly any wrinklebrains he…[View]
552102Burmese: Can anyone translate this Burmese for me? Context is a girl with a deformed foot trying to …[View]
552253Can you help me find this male overall? Thanks.[View]
552289Looking for artist for comission: Hello, tryn to make things short: -have a comission -screenshot fr…[View]
552213Open Emu Quick Load: I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this but I'll give it…[View]
552088Rendering with one GPU, video output with another. Can it be done?: I recently bought an RX580 and f…[View]
552337Does anyone know specifically what this is from (I know it's Sonia from Danganronpa) I'm n…[View]
552293So my harddrive broke for good. Is it possible to install linux on a USB keeping all the settings an…[View]
552240Computer: Ok, I'll start from the time my Computer started to weirdly shutting down, it happen …[View]
552324Anyone knows the artist of this MAD? I have seen other similar Jojo's MADs so it's possibl…[View]
552238How to lock cursor on window while using shortcut properties target commands?[View]
551866I need help finding rape gifs. But ones that are animated and don't show anything graphic. Stuf…[View]
552305gib cute MH catgirl model plox: Does anyone have a ripped 3d model of the Meowstress? Any standard f…[View]
551563Wireless is shite: >used to get decent wifi in upstairs room >it's shit signal now, phone…[View]
552183Ever since I reinstalled Windows 7 Pro, I'm having issues with sleep mode. It happens on averag…[View]
552059What should my new steam name be?[View]
552287Does anyone know where i can get raw scans of violence jack[View]
552283anyone can help me get alchemy books?[View]
552282Can anyone please help me understand this question, it isnt multiple answer and ill do my best to pr…[View]
552280Im searching for a book: When i was like 14 i read a book and i dont know how its called anymore. I …[View]
552262Help Find This Location: hey /wsr/ I need your help finding the location in this image. The only inf…[View]
551655Stripped screw: I have a stripped screw on my ps4, it is the long one that holds in the battery…[View]
552215Has anyone figured out a new way to access the Tumblr raw files now that the old method is broken?[View]
552260My request is, why do people who post their desktops on /g/ always seem to have a random image open?…[View]
551348Hey, /wsr/. Been looking for an ost track from ffxiv. The track I'm looking for is 'against the…[View]
551881About PC power supply fan: It started making dududududu noise. should i buy the new one to replace i…[View]
552226Anyone has got a working torrent for MS Office 2010? All I got have 0 seeders now.[View]
552239Anyone know which specific teen titans comic this is from? Thanks![View]
55206590s anime recommendations: I would like to request recommendations for 90s anime. I've been wat…[View]
550778Can I get manga recs for an interesting romance series like this? I don't want the same high sc…[View]
551858help please: help with this maths please. i am trying to self educate as i havent been to school sin…[View]
552207discrete math: How many solutions do these have? I've been trying to use generating functions a…[View]
552206Does anyone have a torrent of the soundtrack to Lupin the Third part 4?[View]
552205What’s that movie/tv show?: 1. Movie from either HBO or Showtime featuring a reluctant but eventuall…[View]
552103can someone give me a download link or torrent to 'a good scent from a strange mountain'?[View]
551917I'm writing a script that downloads music from youtube by key words in lirycs and I need to san…[View]
551982More like this please[View]
552147boomer meme: Could someone photoshop a monster ultra can in her hand?[View]
551814I need happy songs, frens[View]
552129Does somebody have that image of Liz from fgo manga but on her hands and knees crying (drawn in the …[View]
552106Anyone have the full size?[View]
552175Does anybody have the full version of this image? Basically it's a pokemon banner that has the …[View]
552151Render/Transparent: Could someone erase the background and just leave the woman?[View]
551657Desktop Wallpapers: I'm looking for photogenic in-game screenshots of various games to use as d…[View]
551989He realized hi is gay by mumbling.: There was a web in a YLYL thread where a guy was teaching about …[View]
552018Anybody know what to do? I need your help[View]
552097scenebuild megapack: probably a long shot, but does anyone have the Scenebuild Megapack packaged in …[View]
552156Anyone know where this is from?: Tried reverse search on multiple sites and even tried finding it wi…[View]
551895looking for conversational games that have mechanics similar to things like the relationship buildin…[View]
552058evening fellas, i was wondering if anyone here has had any experience with a house concert, i asked …[View]
552142I need help finding a single switch or a button that can connect through usb to my computer and be a…[View]
552140Music recommendation: Any more songs like this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=46C06IRK0dg by that …[View]
552138So You Think You Can Dance - Torrent?: I've been looking for the early seasons of this show for…[View]
551711OS recomendation: the classic story we've heard a million times >have an old laptop >want…[View]
551974what is wrong with my finger and how do i fix it[View]
552024MSI Motherboard BIOS Update: This is my first time using 4chan, and I need some advice/knowledge. I…[View]
552111Anyone know a source of this picture? A manga/LN? Or is this OC?[View]
552105Hey I was wondering if someone could make this a bit larger with more quality as I'd like to ge…[View]
552115This meme looks a bit cropped from the top. Want to find the uncropped one.[View]
552104where can i watch better call saul season 4? I know I'm a faggot without being told that repeat…[View]
552096There was a bit of contraversy a while back about a /v/ mod banning people unfairly which it turned …[View]
552091Can someone please help me with the music source for this webm. It's driving me nuts[View]
552089This riddle is making me mad!: Does anybody know what the hell this riddle is about?[View]
551463Looking for more neon/retro type wallpapers like pic related. Would like them to be scrolling/animat…[View]
551639Looking for a youtube channel I found through a webm on here a while back. Webm had a weird looking …[View]
551529Who is she: Who is she[View]
551513I'm trying to impress a qt3.14 by pirating this software for her: Toon Boom Harmony 15 Advanc…[View]
551949Pls make pic bigger: Any anon wanna make this literally 1 pixel higher and wider so I can set it as …[View]
552062Ragna Crimson: Anyone has the full raw of Ragna Crimson's Vol 3? (ラグナクリムゾン) I found a marumaru …[View]
552009I need a decent mirror I can get from Amazon to help see the back of my head so I can shave it bette…[View]
551997Since everyone ignored me on the other thread, if i put n64 retroarch on my Snes Classic can i play …[View]
552056Looking for stock footage of a team working on VR, willing to pay max $20 if it's a really good…[View]
552051I want like someone to draw me a picture for free[View]
552015Michelle Russo: Anyone know what happened to her?[View]
552045>The original copies are already sold out and used ones are really expensive. >Digital version…[View]
552043book: I'm looking for a book titled 'Auditory Evoked Potentials: Basic Principles and Clinical …[View]
552042Pdf/ebook request: Would anyone be able to get 'Australian Tax Law 2018 28th edition' as a pdf or eb…[View]
551669Hi, does anybody have that greentext story about that anon who was pen pals with that ukranian girl …[View]
551884What anime is this song from?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aIrIKGil55Q I feel like I heard this …[View]
552034Hey, my friend is looking for a gif of an Indian Guy who sniffs people up his nose. IDK what's …[View]

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