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269519GPU fitting: will 2 1080's fit inside a NZXT H440?[View]
269109OVA (I think) about 16th century Christianity in Japan.: I've seen clips from this anime about …[View]
269468is there anywhere i can download microsoft paint because its not on my computer for some reason[View]
269420Anyone here who is able to recognize this piece of music, or perhaps the componist? It reminded me o…[View]
269082Toadwave: Can someone 'vaporwave' this pic? Preferably a mobile wallpaper.[View]
269107Does anyone know how to root a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 T217S? I've tried several guides that didn…[View]
269078Super hub dns not responding: Hey could do with some help or advice, my internet provider is virgin …[View]
269499Does anyone have a cutout of this hat?[View]
269457Can amyone tell me what movie this screenshot comes from?[View]
269406Is it possible to transfer files off my Nexus 5 via USB without being able to use the screen? To tra…[View]
269472I need wallpapers. I have two 16:10 1080p monitors, one horizontal and one portrait. I'd also l…[View]
269363/b/ oldfag pasta screenshot: Looking for the /b/ screenshot of the old guy giving advice. He's …[View]
269397Please tell me how to watch this region-restricted video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ppGwgszh-gA…[View]
269446Requesting song name please and thank you https://youtube.com/watch?v=VO76mh_oai8[View]
269465I'm sorry, I still can't do these damned resistors. I'm making a mistake somewhere bu…[View]
269467Dropships?: Just curious, what, if anything, is the origin of the 'dropship' type spacecraft you see…[View]
269033Calculus 2 Problem: [Calc 2] Given the region bounded by the graphs of y = ln x, y = 0, and x = e, f…[View]
269460Could someone tell me which music is used at the very beginning of this video, with the electric gui…[View]
269459that black and white motivational poster with cat and random chain of letters, it begins with someth…[View]
269178Who's that Waifu?: Can someone please edit this to say 'Waifu' instead. Thx <3[View]
269439Microsoft SQL: I am new at this so please bear with me. I am using MS SQL and am trying to transfer …[View]
269343I'm looking for albums, archives, libraries or simple solos that I can download but so far I ca…[View]
269449Can anyone identify this shower curtain?[View]
269448i'm looking for a specific pic of a jap girl with a smartphone in her mouth, the background app…[View]
269188Anyone have the cap of the story of the guy who dates a loli in China, I think? It's a pretty l…[View]
269443Someone please make a webm of 37:20 to 37:57 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ih89NYfQQSY[View]
269398I need the letters on the bottom left to be gone,like they never existed[View]
269172Help me expose a catfisher: My sister is a little slower than most, she recently found herself on a …[View]
269005Anyone have a link to the version of 'The Mother We Share' by Chvrches that the left and right track…[View]
269432Looking for the first song in the youtube video.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=swGO00rQhMY Thank …[View]
269426Anime tips: Is there any anime like akame ga kill but with more sadistic stuff?[View]
269430How to find username from a direct instagram link: How can I find the user that belongs to this pict…[View]
269206Sauce on music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YNWtsIzyPA4 Can someone sauce me up on outro song?…[View]
269427Hi, Im looking for techno artists that have a really dark and moody sound. Stuff like Gesaffelstein…[View]
269419I am searching for the ost at https://youtu.be/PjoXLq7fqXY?t=1m46s The ost then remixes with ET fro…[View]
269415Can someone help me with this problem please? I couldn't find any way to solve it[View]
269231Photoshop request: Could some one please make the wheels black ? Thank you[View]
269411Hey, I'm looking for a comic I saw on here a LONG time ago. Basically it's of a guy sittin…[View]
268134Hey guys. I want your help with a request. Do you see these two images? The first one is something y…[View]
269349More photos like this. Nice girls and black backgrounds[View]
269358Need Excel Help I am making a recipe sheet for my restaurant and I want to be able to price out my e…[View]
268937ITT: Help a fellow anon: So i have this iPhone 4 for 5 years and today i decided to buy myself a Sam…[View]
269064help please: i'm look for a hip hop/rap(?) music video with grannies. pretty catchy song. i don…[View]
268705Where do you download youtube videos ?: There's a lot online but most of them have virus I want…[View]
269392CSS help: I was trying to make this column with the menu. But instead of just having a color at the …[View]
269350Code for a MasterLock.: Someone know the code for this lock? I find this lock in my highschool witho…[View]
269386Looking for a download for the Whisky Bible 2017[View]
269384Titanfall 2 sound extraction: You hear that ringing in your ear, son? https://youtu.be/dhvyzQMl93w?t…[View]
269335I've been stuck trying to simplify this Karnaugh map for hours, I always keep getting a simplif…[View]
269381Hey /wsr/, anyone got the original of pic related but with a guy. >If I recall correctly he does…[View]
269379Can someone help me i am trying to find more of these animal abuse videos to trigger people from an …[View]
269373Youtube Video Glitch: Ok, so I was trying to watch some youtube videos on my laptop, it's a yea…[View]
268505I read a manga recently but I can't remember the name I's ongoing, not many chapters publi…[View]
269354Need a textbook, help please?: In need of an ebook copy or pdf of Perceiving the Arts 11th ed. by Sp…[View]
269232What's the original picture that pic related is based on?[View]
269317what does this text mean weebs?[View]
269344Satania into Mccree: Can someone shop this with Mccree? Ty.[View]
269341Internet dropping: I have a Compaq Presario CQ57, and my wifi will occasionally slow to a stop, requ…[View]
269097im too lazy to do this myself so can someone color the background of this image with this hex code 9…[View]
269020pepe hand on his chin?[View]
269326Kenny Omega Tights: Help me find where I can buy these pants?[View]
269319This music is based as fuck! https://youtu.be/JPlpsuEGj90 More like this?[View]
269318Anyone here who can translate this?: A WhatsApp Contact of mine has this as status, I'm curious…[View]
268804yo /wsr/ what are these[View]
269314/hr/ science fiction/cyberpunk: I'm looking for high res scifi/cyberpunk wallpapers. Dark and 3…[View]
269313Geology: Help me out, /war/, what's more dangerous, basaltic or rhyolitic magma? Pic only kind …[View]
269312Looking for an image of Chen in the style of pic-related pointing a handgun. Anyone have it?[View]
268296Old Games Thread: I am looking for a name of two games; First one is 2d platformer and shooter game …[View]
268513so i was scrolling through google images and i saw a few screenshots of an RPG. I thought it looked …[View]
269165Saving WEBMs: Anyone have a way to easily save/convert WEBMs so that thumbnails will show up? VLC is…[View]
269300Science!: looking for Science meme pictures plox. Don't Fail me /r/ Funninest SCIENCE! getz teh…[View]
269299Can anybody help me identifying this tuner? I know it's a Yamaha tuner but I'd like to kno…[View]
269057Messenger emoji: How can I change the skin color to white. It piss me off to change it every time I …[View]
269281what is this anime called: title[View]
269264what are the best RPGs of all time?[View]
269121Any Deutsch Freude can help me with my homework? only the bottom part[View]
269286I need help finding the full version of Kao Dekai. no rip shits from youtube, those sound like shit…[View]
269271666: how to use ms access without buy[View]
269071I like Ancient China as a setting, what are some other good manga/manhua that use it? Chinese-inspir…[View]
268131Is Backblaze a good backup service? $5 per month is good and humble has 6 months in a bundle right n…[View]
269267anyone have the videos from sketchymedical - micro? cheers[View]
269207hello please recommend good anime about music or in which music plays a significant part[View]
269262Full set? I assume it must be from Pixiv or something since google gives nothing[View]
269260need quality torrents, demonoid down: looking for quality 1080p torrent of Dirk Gently. Pic unrelate…[View]
268445Can I be photo shopped into a more fitting / better background ?[View]
269249Does anyone have the bkub Chen image where she has a hat with a number on it? 14?[View]
268279Seeking full version of this remix, or full name http://www61.zippyshare.com/v/IaijOewo/file.html…[View]
269228Picture of cat with long nose: I am looking for a certain picture of a cat which is a very close up …[View]
269179Can you guys recc me the best podcasts for each political quarter? Wanna hear all sides ya'know…[View]
269226I really need your guys' help. I bought an aver media live gamer portable a few years back, and…[View]
269174Wondering if anyone knows what I'm looking for. There was a 30 minute long unique version of ht…[View]
269123Does anyone have larger pictures of the Hydrangea train in japan?[View]
268803Dynamical systems help?: can someone explain the replacement in step 2 here? its making a dynamical …[View]
269204Pls reference art.: I just want to model in blender, but i would like some reference art. Anything t…[View]
269220Sup /wsr/ If someone asked you to find beta testers for your software startup, which places would yo…[View]
269196Photoshop Request: make this guy into anything you want[View]
269198Does anyone have this dog barking gate opening Gif? Thanks![View]
269055Is it possible to post to 2chan (双葉ちゃん) living outside of Japan? They've blocked every proxy I…[View]
268999Alright /wsr/, this one might be tough. I'm looking for a song that plays at the end of GiTS: S…[View]
268899Bike Seat Fell Off: The seat of my bike fell off, how do I put it back together?[View]
268984Adventure: I want to read some neat books about adventures finding treasures, fighting huge monsters…[View]
269205can someone shop the red sox t shirt to say I love black people?[View]
269209How to find google+ user's Gmail.: Trying to contact an old friend I have added on Google+ that…[View]
269201Amnesia the Dark Descent Torrent: Anyone know where to get Amnesia the Dark Descent? My girlfriend w…[View]
269156Help finding tshirt: Does anybody know where I can get this tshirt? May be a lost cause but animosit…[View]
269111need a picture of some video game character beheading another video character it might be warhammer …[View]
268981Can she be made to look like an ape/monkey[View]
269189any one know where i can see all the games Utomik has?[View]
269187All I can remember of it is it was named something like 'Aspire, uplifting trance...' and then went …[View]
268953Anyone that can convert the .FLA-versions of the Newgrounds assets to SVG? http://www.newgrounds.com…[View]
269160Can someone make a wallpaper out of these logos? and also maybe tell me how you did it so I can sto…[View]
268948wikihow image parody. it shows multiple 'scissors guys' in various colors ganking mask guy. it'…[View]
269126Does anyone know where I can find these glasses on eBay?[View]
268958Can anyone tell me the source to this gif?[View]
268991Does anyone have that Ryan gosling drive gif where the car goes thru protestors? Thanks![View]
269144Would you kindly vote about what anime I should watch next? Pic unrelated[View]
269149Does anybody know the name of this girl? she appears in this music video https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
269040Hey goys, working on some takehome physics shit and wondering if anyone would mind working this one …[View]
268970Looks like TehParadox site is no more. Are there any other direct download forums out there that wer…[View]
269129Landlord Tycoon: Any mod .apk for this app? Just want to be better than my Friends for once....…[View]
269122Random Kids Choice Award Ad: Back in the 2016 Kids Choice Awards, Nintendo was a sponsor and they de…[View]
269116Mark dice is funny and i like his vids but he looks like a turtle and there aren't any pics of …[View]
269101Where can I find this movie if I'm not on any private trackers? It's This World of Ours[View]
269019Looking for an anon familiar in propositional logic/proof solving to help with assignments as I…[View]
269072So I built my first dream computer, 980x GeForce TI, i7 processor, the works Fast forward one year a…[View]
269069Who?: Who is this? Please[View]
269056is there a version of this image without the text out there somewhere? if not, could someone photosh…[View]
267116Does anyone know a way other than wayback machine to recover lost images of a comic that is no longe…[View]
269042Alright, /wsr/, I'm looking for a really serious anime. Something with a dark, gloomy storyline…[View]
268811What are some mangas where relationships are shown to it's fully or almost fully extend? I don…[View]
268667Anime recommendations: Any ideas for a good anime that is good for a newbie? I dont want to scare he…[View]
267257Anyone know where this is from?[View]
268966There was a guide/chart on how often you should change your clothes, does anyone here have it?[View]
269032Could someone find me a torrent for the film 'Dior & I'? Or does someone know where I can watch …[View]
269022Does anyone have this comic? Vague description would be: We finally fixed everything with time trave…[View]
268848Request: animes like 'saga of tanya the evil'?: Any war-time animes like saga of tanya the evil, cod…[View]
268183I wanna try watching anime. Suggestions? (Pic not related)[View]
269016do any of you guys know what's this is for? all i know it's for computer networks?[View]
269011I have a nexus 6p running on Android 7.1.1 firmware. My problem is my phone used to be able to charg…[View]
268949Romance anime with no bullshit: Can anyone recommend me some romance anime like Ore Monogatari? This…[View]
269012Need a high quality crop of the kid at the end of this video, his name is Hayato Kawajiri from Part …[View]
269000I can't find anywhere I can download this, I've looked since release but I can't find…[View]
268683Need Youtube Channels to watch: Need channels that upload regularly Let's plays, podcasts, skit…[View]
268982Anyone have the templates for the brain tiers meme? Im fine with any of them, but the longer ones ar…[View]
268909Help with the name of a japanese movie: I need to know the name of the japanese cartoon I watched a …[View]
268988Can someone remove all the color and just leave it black and white (kind of like for a stencil)? I…[View]
268691For Honor Photoshop Request: Could anyone photoshop blue jeans to the conqueror from the game '…[View]
268752I am having an issue with my .xprofile file. there are two lines in it, and until i removed infinali…[View]
268940Okay, i need help looking for this one anime movie, in the beginning of the movie the princess was s…[View]
268964/wsr/ I need your help I want to ask this girl out but i'm very beta so do you have any advice[View]
268903Sauce? I've read it but I can't remember the name.[View]
268722/wsr/, I need your help. So there's an anime about this fucking nerd with two fairly affluent c…[View]
268404>>1550491 Requesting the name of this here song. Not the original audio, otherwise YouTube cou…[View]
268951Soselo1917; The channel with all the Legends of the Galactic Heroes episodes on Youtube is gone. Any…[View]
268745Requesting 2 Albums: Can someone deliver? https://dmtrec.bandcamp.com/album/destinations https://dmt…[View]
268943I saw this face in a picture of Venus Can someone draw him? It's kinda like the Vault Boy (from…[View]
268831Does anybody know some good comedy anime?[View]
268682Whats the name of the song in the beginning of this youtube video?: Its a track from Dragon ball z b…[View]
267939Anime recommendation: I'm interested in anime where females have the main roles and no, or only…[View]
268927Graphic design request Warhammer 40k: Request to have an image made of Space Marines and/or Imperial…[View]
268919Baneposting La la land song: Somebody made a baneposting cover of the city of skies song in la la la…[View]
268918Recommend me good Japanese bands. Preferably indy/ doujin scene.[View]
268887Can anyone help me with an issue I'm having with sony vegas? When I export the video the audio …[View]
268913Photoshop: Could someone photo shop this so he's touching his nose... will post wins[View]
268912Hey How's everyone Doing Today? I was wondering if we could change the gear in this picture to …[View]
268910Who this?: I saw it posted, have tried google reverse image searching but I can't come across t…[View]
268366Source of this image?[View]
268893does anybody have a magnet link for besiege?[View]
268787Anyone recommend a newfag in music anything indie alt rock like Franz Ferdinand?[View]
268851I followed the guide at https://3ds.guide/ successfully but now it's all done I can't figu…[View]
268410Help finding old forgotten manga: I've recently remembered of this one Manga i read when i was …[View]
268854Making dictionary app?: Hi there, not sure where else to post. My store has a rolodex with products …[View]
268885Audio Source Please: https://instagram.com/p/BP4KqB2hLb9/ I already know the comic book is The Futur…[View]
268356Soviet wikipedia photoshop request!: I'm hoping someone out there can photoshop the wikipedia l…[View]
268850What is her name? And from which manga?[View]
267969NVIDIA drivers and Windows 10 sucking ass: I had no problems before but Windows 10 just decided to i…[View]
268841I'm looking for books on the following topics: >Motivation/Self confidence >Talking/Chari…[View]
268385Would you please draw a friend for MR meme This is inspired by a thread drawing a friend for mr meme…[View]
268817I need some help with transfering my Win10 key to my new pc. I have a legit Botnet10 BOX copy (the U…[View]
268824I am trying to install i3-gaps on debian 8 using the guide on https://github.com/Airblader/i3/wiki/C…[View]
268843Anyone has the original/source of this image. I tried everything already. Thanks.[View]
2683124chan image downloader: Hello! i know , it is a noob question but anyway. Maybe i am not the only on…[View]
268813Need someone who can speak Chinese to help translate this image.: Any help is very very appreciated.…[View]
268823I'm looking for a story, possibly found on creepypasta or no sleep reddit where the main charac…[View]
268790I have a REALLY strange photoshop request. I need this figure - http://img.amiami.jp/images/product/…[View]
268740ebook thread: would any anon be kind enough to sauce me on where to get some? im done with the princ…[View]
268802Source? More?: I recently found this beautiful photo while researching underground/earthen homes, bu…[View]
268808https://youtu.be/S1DcBiowiu0 Sounds good. What's the original BGM?[View]
268798Anyone a lawyer here? I'm curious if taking pictures of selected scenes (not recording videos) …[View]
267809Does anyone have a webm of the final fight from Kizumonogatari Part 2? WITH sound please?[View]
268791what is pic related?: reverse image search only leads me to the thumbnail from the youtube video whe…[View]
268342/r/ing Photoshop of the 1 (You) note into higher denominations (like 5 (You)s, 10 (You)s, 100 (You)s…[View]
268530If i roll dubs i kill myself , what's this anime called ?[View]
268611Logitech MX Revolution charger: I came across this Bluetooth mouse, but it didn't come with the…[View]
268707Can someone help me out with iTunes? I'm trying to get this one song (Killing My Love) onto my …[View]
268711A good VPN to use?: I don't know much about this stuff, but people have said I should use a VPN…[View]
268291so chrome fucking does it again, updated because I believe chrome now just kills itself if an update…[View]
268757Anyone have this ebook? Preferably along with the audio.[View]
268697How to make electric effect? I really suck at this, any tips? I made the pic related and i think it…[View]
268731Anybody have a HD version of this anime?. all i see is 360p shit subbed or dubbed doesnt matter[View]
268735Looking for a video of an anime reviewer who ends up critiquing the character for the way they fight…[View]
268718Who?: Sauce pls[View]
268520found this on a random person's instagram profile pic does anyone have a source or at least a f…[View]
268036What are some racist (preferably antisemetic) films, shows, cartoons or preferably, anime.[View]
268694(y-x)dx + 4xydy=0 4xy'+y=x can someone explain to me why these are equivalent. im in a differen…[View]
268570Maths Problems: Can somebody give me a link to a site or a pdf with maths(and physics if possible) p…[View]
268687Anyone got source for this manga?[View]
268686Can I get a photoshop of something on here? I don't really care what, just make it for the lulz[View]
268614Zelda Poll: I've started a poll to prove to my friend that Spirit Tracks is the best Zelda game…[View]
268658Photoshop: Can someone photoshop some sort of awesome looking boat on here? Thanks IA[View]
268677Any podcasts worth listening to, possibly about pre-2000s movies? I just found one, how did this ge…[View]
268633trying to find meme/picture: hey, im looking for a pic which i believe is from a kantai collection d…[View]
268218hey guys, I was wondering if anyone had a link or know where I can find an interview with Ryan White…[View]
268655Please help , make less teengage hormonal acne and scene phase go away[View]
268659Can anybody teach me how i can make a tripcode?[View]
268402I'm looking for a pic I first saw on here a long time ago. It was just a pic of like an ugly sk…[View]
268649Playing Touhou on a laptop: I recently got a new laptop and I downloaded Touhou 10 but ran into an i…[View]
268238Pic please!: I'm looking for a picture of a guy that looked like Travis bickle but had a revolv…[View]
268613Hey /wsr/, does anyone here wanna suggest a good anime[View]
268061I'm the guy that posted his youtube videos yesterday asking for advice on how to make them bett…[View]
268552Can Anyone recommend me some Anime similar to the Witcher 3? Something like Berzerk or Vampire Hunte…[View]
268606what is this from?[View]
268598A thread screencap: Does anyone have a screencap about an anon going to get a poster printed at some…[View]
268602please fix this poster: Would someone be so kind as to remove the faint white lines, fix the tear in…[View]
268539Could someone please edit the sample text out of this?[View]
268371Please reduce this gif to be smaller than 300x300[View]
268414I need to make over $900 quick: Alright, i fucked up bad and now i need to make as much money as i c…[View]
268597Looking for WebM of Russian girl in a bikini who kind of has a lilting slur to her voice. She is blo…[View]
268591What is this from?: What is this from?[View]
268578I'm searching for this book (Cafe Society), for academic purposes. I found it on avaxhome, but …[View]
268251Does anyone know where I could find a couple of books? I have sadly looked everywhere I know for at …[View]
268331Transparent/render: Can someone remove everything except the girl?[View]
268425Can someone translate this? Don't get fooled by the sitename, it's not hentai: https://e-h…[View]
268564What is the sauce of this, it looks like it's from a video.[View]
268571Can someone please put one of those 'prohibited' symbols on this image please? i will add the symbol…[View]
268573anime request: URELATED IMMAGE hi i'm looking for an old anime. I dont remember much but it wa…[View]
268549Good manga that have completed within past 5 years: Help please doesn't have to be some brother…[View]
268489Yu-Gi-Oh webm: I'm searching for the webm of the guy playing Yu-Gi-Oh losing in the first turn …[View]
268533Can someone remove the text in the box and make something like a blank template?[View]
268561I'm looking for story-driven videogames with great stories and characters, good gameplay, with …[View]
268541Is there any way to find her...: Hi, I'm from Iquique, Chile...and I need a little help...I…[View]
268557How do I change fonts in Redmeme 3s prime?: Google is useless. Running MIUI 8.1 Marshmallow[View]
268550Movie felm: Anons please help me remember this movie I can't remember the title of basically it…[View]
267889Please translate this one page![View]
268258homework (calc): help on this problem form the homework? mainly how to find these bound thingies, I …[View]
268243Can someone put a hat on my little friend here?[View]
267917Requesting wallpapers: Requesting wallpapers of Tomo asama from horizon in the middle of nowhere…[View]
268114What's the name of this anime? Without edit.[View]
268528Making a webm with sound: Can someone make a webm out of this video? Doesn't have to be long bu…[View]
267015Anyone have a download of this?[View]
268507Can someone give me a rundown on how to write a proper reading response? What even is it? Our absolu…[View]
268354Could you make a more professional looking graph like this? I know.. politically related requests su…[View]
268512an ancientfag is needed for this request I need the origin of the 'gay porn/men with hats on' meme t…[View]
268506Clifford Blifford: I need a very specific meme. It's of Clifford the Big Red Dog, dressed as a …[View]
268486Can someone change 'cock' into (you). I will pay you in 10 (you)s[View]
268234anyone have the /pol/ edit of this pic[View]
268497Anyone know her name?[View]
268462tell me animes similar to hitsugi no chaika[View]
268492Having some trouble installing Arch Linux with rEFInd. Pic related is the error. /boot/refind-linux.…[View]
268470Custome Waifu Request: Hi I'm looking for someone to drawl my dream girl. Long dark hair (can…[View]
268426Photo Fixes.: Hello- I'm not sure if some of the photos that need fixing are even fixable, but …[View]
268374How the FUCK do I install this t. tech babby[View]
268441Looking for a collection of neurology and pharmaceuticals books. the more the better, there are too …[View]
268418Tattoo Design: If anyone has decent skills, I've been working over an idea for a new tattoo. Ba…[View]
268388Hi, i am looking for some anime which are good but hardly known... i didnt´t watch a lot of anime un…[View]
268424Finding an album spammed on /mu/ years back: It was a folk album from Russia or the Ukraine or Portu…[View]
268311Hatsune miku dressed in bikini: I searched everywhere,but cant find good ones (Like Miku standing wi…[View]
268360I wanted to know if my shitposting machine is decent enough to run a PSX emulator? What about a PS2 …[View]
268395There's this one gif I saw a while ago of a guy doing a robot dance/impersonation and it was AM…[View]
267775Colourize this? Rider of black: Found this and would appreciate a colourization if anybody is up for…[View]
267854Who is this cutie?[View]
268353Anyone have a PDF of this?[View]
268349Meme request: Ive been seeing a lot ofnthese images lately, what exactly are they called?[View]
268316I haven't laughed at something in a while, can I request a funny joke? not ylyl sort of garbage…[View]
268010how do i make my firefox look like this[View]
268343Anyone know where is this from?: I can't find anything so I will appreciate if someone could he…[View]
268322Does anyone have the source for this mp3? https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/155802973/maze.mp3…[View]
268339Need motherboard help: Okay so I was dumb and unplugged shit from my motherboard without noting wher…[View]
268337Requesting sauce on this image. Deleted bookmark for the artist's shop page. Reverse image sear…[View]
267943Anyone know a website, app, or tool I could use to make a fairly large collage?[View]
268326Anyone know the name of the Japanese law that made character age disclaimers like in pic related nec…[View]
268231AMD FX-8370 vs FX-9590: So guys would it be better to upgrade to the FX-9590 or OC my FX-8370? And i…[View]
268164Requesting sauce on these two avatar sources. Reverse image searches have failed.[View]
268321Unknown manga I found on the internet.: Hello, I found a page of a manga that has no google images r…[View]
268163Can you guys help me find two vids on YouTube? Both a drawn animations. They're fairly old. In …[View]
268215Present idea?: So next month is my gf birthday and I have no idea of what I can give her as a presen…[View]
268308Looking for a webm of some japanese dude's desktop when an earthquake happens and all these ale…[View]
268161who is this?[View]
268304What does this code mean?: ETA Q1 2017[View]
268302Anyone knows what brand is this? It got too small to see, and i want the same one[View]
268206Where to download or stream John Wick 2?[View]
267653Looking for a computer tower: There was a thread on /v/ recently filled with ricey computer towers. …[View]
268276Need simple letter added: Just want a 'G' blended into one of the orbs please and thank you original…[View]
268119Sup /wsr/? Can you tell me the name of this cord? It's for my headphones.[View]
267865Please remove the sample.[View]
268165I will pay 15 dollars either in Bitcoin or by PayPal to whoever can create a vaporwave album for me.…[View]
267741Alright, here's a tough one to crack. I read this manga once, but forgot the name. It had this …[View]
268152I need a tutorial how to make a fake boob jiggle like this gif.[View]
268266I have a COMFAST CF-917AC wlan adapter and I need the linux drivers. There's a post on the comf…[View]
268260Help signing up at ASTOST/chinese translation: I'm trying to sign up for ASTOST and following t…[View]
268137How can I stream the at&t U-verse app from my iPhone to my tv? Appreciate any help thank you![View]
268236What is the best way to watch torrented anime? I downloaded a 64-bit series and it won't play o…[View]
267853looking for a construction humor pic or construction fail/humor pics, like the one of the toilet tha…[View]
267122does anyone know the name of the music that plays in the first mortal kombat movie when they're…[View]
268185Hello guys i dont know if im in tje right place so i apologize in advance. The request is if anyone …[View]
268210what episode is this ?[View]
268222Can someone find me a working download link (I don't care whether its torrent or direct downloa…[View]
268217Anyone got a Twitch video downloader online? All the ones I find download less than 1mb files called…[View]
268219I just found out about this game called Hollow Knight that's gonna be released next week, and s…[View]
268195im trying to look for a webm can anyone help: its basically an anime webm, with a little girl on the…[View]
268083iv spent the last hour and a half googling every combination of the words, bull, weapon, anime, mang…[View]
268139I just finished Shadow of the Colossus. Out of these games, which should I play next: Parasite Eve S…[View]
268203hey wsr whats your opinion on this phone: im thinking of getting it[View]
268201help me out to search a e-ticket sample of turkish airlines............. pic is unrelated[View]
268200I want to get a download of Crusader Kings II, but I'm not very good at finding downloads. Can …[View]
267189Arduino- Entry Level Programming: I am working on a program that will Start/Stop an attic exhaust fa…[View]
268166Looking for a video of an idol girl who looked and acted very bizarre on one of these Japanese game …[View]
268016Does anyone have the image of Pepe as Sauron from the Lord of the Rings? Thank you[View]
267707Anyone know good places to get obscure music releases or tips on finding weird/old-stuff? Google see…[View]
268144Can someone Photoshop this photo my friend to have him holding a sign that says 'Roast Me'?[View]
267746Throttling Bandwidth?: So I recently switched ISP to Spectrum and started experiencing these connect…[View]
268012dankmogification: anyone to make this picture more dank?[View]
268123Girl name: Halp pls. I need the name because of...reasons[View]
268122https://kdknxxx.tumblr.com/post/149414809023 Can someone translate the japanese? Thank you.[View]
268113Buffalo Bill's golden teardrop nipple ring: I have been looking for Buffalo Bill's golden …[View]
268110Alligator Song/Story: Do any of you know of a song or story about a kid and his dad in florida at so…[View]
268062shoo away, love!: I'm looking for the version of this gif, where Jack tries to shoo away a hear…[View]
268106I can find some of Brian Hodge's books online and available for download, but I can't seem…[View]
268097Book club video: Hey wsr, I've been searching for this video and I just can't find it, so …[View]
268081Where can I find Neil Breen's movies? Specifically Pass Thru and I Am Here... Now. Torrents pre…[View]
267780Anyone know where it could be possible to find all Marilyn Monroe movies in 1080p?[View]
268072No Sound: Hello /v/, /k/ommando here I recently acquired STALKER call of Pripyat. I started playing…[View]
268092Can someone tell me what this is?[View]
267730I'm trying to find a very specific video, I think it was a vine and it's driving me insane…[View]

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