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No. Name Excerpt Replies
251809AnonymousRomance animes with beta girls? >pic kinda related0[View]
251355Anonymouspls help pc parts tech ppl: i dont usually post on 4chan, and even less outside /b/, but i think i m…5[View]
251556AnonymousAnyone got a decent torrent of pic related? Please help me out here.2[View]
251223AnonymousSauce me up on this mango please? Also what are other mangas with good drawing ? Doesn't matter…3[View]
251778Anonymousanybody have that WEBM of the guy with the beard putting the gun to his head while 'BIG OL SMILE OF …0[View]
251641Anonymous4chan Ripping Software: Does anyone have any suggestions for someone who downloads and archives a lo…2[View]
251775AnonymousI need the source of a gif, but I don't have the gif so I need help finding it first. It's…0[View]
251710AnonymousSo I need help trying to get Rewrite the game to work for my windows xp or mac. I have tried so hard…2[View]
251440AnonymousLooking for a romantic anime in which the mc isn't a betafag. Suggestions?3[View]
251649AnonymousDifferential calculus: Im stumped... I have to differentiate: y= 10 sinh^(-1) 2x when i do it on pap…3[View]
250995AnonymousWhat manga works best as an introduction to the genre?3[View]
251754Anonymousi'm looking for a french animation series on youtube i watched a long time ago, where every epi…2[View]
251739AnonymousI know this is a big request, but, could any femanon do a song cover for me? You can get the instrum…1[View]
250902AnonymousAnybody know where to get some PDFs for these art books called Tales from The Loop and Things from T…5[View]
251744Anonymousanyone have the gif of Jack Nicholson getting pumped up for the axe scene in the shining? The one wh…0[View]
251734Anonymouslooking for the wider version of this background2[View]
251276AnonymousI need more pro-IRA reaction images. I've got 4 total, which I'll post, but want more. Any…4[View]
251735AnonymousGreat Books of the Western World: Does anyone have a torrent link for either the 1st or 2nd Edition …0[View]
251701AnonymousHey /wsr/, I installed CCCP and not all of my video files are showing the thumbnail. I read on some …3[View]
251620AnonymousBIOS / UEFI: Somebody know any solution to this Gigashit Mobo problem. > cloning win to a new ssd…5[View]
251683AnonymousMarshit Longdong: I bought this personification of a dog shit and i dont know if 128go XDHC Micro SD…3[View]
251176AnonymousLooking for tattoo ideas: I'm looking to get an ace of spades tattoo. It's been my good lu…9[View]
251692AnonymousGive me anime with maids and very little lewd things please.1[View]
251453AnonymousWhat are some good ballistic vfx mods for Fallout: New Vegas? I've tried weijiesen's IMPAC…1[View]
251455AnonymousAnyone here good with words? About computers: >Graphics card memory capacity determines performan…2[View]
251659AnonymousSeamless loop: Can somebody make this a seamless loop?4[View]
251675AnonymousI need help finding the name of that stereotypical song that is played when someone is cooking itali…1[View]
251530Anonymousmusic request: Hi , I've got this chord progression, looking for a guitar solo take on it. It…1[View]
251283AnonymousDoes anyone know where I can find subbed versions of the old Gamera movies? I know there's Engl…1[View]
251438AnonymousCaption this1[View]
251644AnonymousPC Fans spin super fast for a second, come down to normal speed no output: >Plug in the power cab…6[View]
251654AnonymousName?: Hello, /wsr/. I forgot the name of this artist. His works mix cartoon characters and a lot of…2[View]
251592AnonymousWhat benefits does a mid-high end motherboard have over a budget motherboard? I'm buying a b150…3[View]
251673AnonymousPlease make him look Asian.1[View]
251672AnonymousLooking for some FLAC surround sound classical music, 7.1 preferred. >pic unrelated…0[View]
251416AnonymousHomework help please! I need to write a cultural analysis/persuasive essay based on a movie (I chose…7[View]
251089AnonymousHey guys!! i'm going through some of my fathers things, and I came across what looks like a mil…9[View]
251662AnonymousYouTube Video Feat. Insecure Manga Characters: Looking for a YouTube (which would have been uploaded…0[View]
251258AnonymousIntegrated Graphics and GPU: I have a question on how to run my on board graphics and my gpu at the …5[View]
251378AnonymousPS3 wont read game disc: Just got a used copy of Nier from FUCKING GAMESTOP. Inserted it into the co…4[View]
251657AnonymousThis one fucking meme I cant find: There is this video of these two british teens talking about a po…0[View]
251327AnonymousAre there any sites I can use that are like MyAnimeList but for other TV shows? I tried IMDB but its…2[View]
251016AnonymousReaction pics thread: Drop your favourite reaction pics, I've lost minemine23[View]
251651AnonymousRecommend me some free software for my PC that will track how much time I spend on it in different p…0[View]
251216Anonymousanime: What Winter 2017 anime should I watch?4[View]
251642AnonymousAnyone got pic related saying 'Embarassing'?2[View]
251402Anonymous'Ookami-san_to_Shichinin_no_Nakama-tachi', is the name of the anime show, manga, and light novel. Ho…3[View]
251605AnonymousCurrent 4chan banner: Hi! This is the current 4chan banner/logo, where I can find the original? Than…4[View]
251629Anonymousphotoshop: could someone remove the logo on the shirt (in the red circle) and fix the dent in the sh…2[View]
251613AnonymousHelp with PayPal: I want to buy something from an online shop. The website says it does not accept p…2[View]
251581AnonymousIs there a yuuuge wallpaper of this (with our without the logo)?1[View]
250828Anonymouscan someone shop this so it doesn't look like skirt armor?: even if you just cover the skin on …16[View]
251624AnonymousAnyone have the joeysworldtour webm where he is smacking his lips like a retard?0[View]
251621AnonymousI have recently switched from air to water cooling (CPU). The thing is my new corsair h100i v2 works…0[View]
251616AnonymousAccess code help: Does anyone know how to get Aplia access codes for specific books without paying? …0[View]
251553AnonymousI know this is a very unusual request, but does anyone know the sauce of this pic? It's for my …2[View]
251608Anonymousmore transformation pics of chubby asians to chads?1[View]
251604AnonymousWhere should I go to download movies in the highest quality?0[View]
251108Anonymouswhat movies should I watch, tbqh? looking for highest quality films since I figured out that I never…3[View]
251387AnonymousPls help some shit with the imaginary number is this wrong ? it feels wrong. pic related: >l=is …5[View]
251594AnonymousOriginally planned to ask this in /sci/, but not sure if this counts as homework help. If an image c…0[View]
251221AnonymousWindows 7 Iso: Trying to find a iso for windows 7 pt-pt installer (any edition). My serial is not ac…4[View]
250899Anonymousrecommend me anime or mango: Feel like I've seen most by now. Preferably no meme anime or recen…11[View]
251110AnonymousHi my hdmi connected screen flickers on sites that display mp4 moving pictures. My other screen conn…4[View]
251403Anonymousblack guy with moth pic: can one of u sexy people find or give me the image of the black guy standin…6[View]
251580Sticky KeysIve been looking for a safe, and reliable seller for the new Miia figure that came out on X-mas. Mos…0[View]
251467AnonymousWhat are the go-to animes that you would suggest for getting into Mecha genre? I watched some mecha …4[View]
251316AnonymousOur board has a tripfag called Jimmy Neutron, he is a huge faggot and everyone hate him Could someon…3[View]
251435AnonymousGive her eyes a shade of brown: If it's not too much to ask, 3 eye colours. 1.) Dark brown 2.) …2[View]
251563AnonymousMegg, Mogg & Owl: Looking for these two comic books by Simon Hanselmann: 'Worst Behavior' - http…0[View]
251557AnonymousDeviantart gallery downloader: Is there some program I can use to download galleries from deviant ar…0[View]
250825Lord MogUbscure old school anime: Does anybody know any good obscure anime titles?10[View]
251451AnonymousWhat are some good anime I can watch mostly (though not exclusively) for the waifus? If it matters, …2[View]
251532AnonymousI need someone who knows astronomy to help me.8[View]
251540AnonymousSauce for this manga? Google image search, saucenao and other image search engines fails to do so0[View]
251465Anonymouslooking for a philosophical manga worth time this is my mangalist https://myanimelist.net/mangalist…2[View]
251461AnonymousVideo Source: Can anybody please tell me the source of these screen captures? These are the only ima…3[View]
251202AnonymousCow Udders: What are some ecchi's similar to Eiken? *Bonus Round* Is there an anime that focus…1[View]
251320AnonymousSystem CPU spike: Does anyone know what would cause my system CPU to spike?2[View]
251299AnonymousIs there any good (fighting) anime where the protagonist's love intersest is an idol ? Thanks i…2[View]
251458AnonymousPrice range of rings: Hello, I wanna ask what are the price range of Peter Marco's rings that i…1[View]
251456AnonymousAre there any remaining ways to get the full image? >https://yuki.la/s4s/1398467#p1398542…0[View]
251449AnonymousI'm looking to downgrade san andreas to version 1.0, but unfortunately I don't know where …0[View]
251005AnonymousWhat are some anime about ordinary people who aren't still in school?4[View]
251444Anonymousnot sure if this is the right board but: >Vibrator is broken ha.ha. sure laugh. >What's …1[View]
251442AnonymousMic makes wierd sounds: My friend's microphone makes wierd beeping sounds each time he presses …0[View]
251439AnonymousCan anyone send a link to the new Gathering Storm Epub for warhammer 40k? I'm broke. Willing to…0[View]
251414AnonymousNico Douga Downloader: Its been a while since I last downloaded somerthing from NicoNico, I can…2[View]
251433Anonymoushigher res/more pictures of this?: I'm looking for pictures specifically of the costume on the …0[View]
251359Anonymoushelp with resizing!: Is it possible to get this into 1200x380 ? really just wanting the 3 paintings …2[View]
251431AnonymousCan anyone shop his skin browner? More like this? http://cdn.bulbagarden.net/upload/4/47/Sun_Moon_Il…0[View]
251183AnonymousBlack lagoon season 4?: Is their any chance this anime will see the light of day again? If not does …3[View]
251418AnonymousSASAKURE.UK I don't know where to get any of his shit Everything he owns is in Japanese and my …3[View]
250750AnonymousI'm looking for a goblin/monster 'I Spy' type of book that was published between 1990-2005. It …5[View]
251410AnonymousChink Coupon: Looking for the source of these fake coupons these random ass asians are trying to use…1[View]
251380Anonymousdraw a sketchy or grimy depiction of fire. possibly something relating to pyrophilia. person with th…1[View]
251367AnonymousWhat is pic related from?6[View]
251317AnonymousRAM / Voltage Problems: Does anything about this RAM usage look off to you? I've been getting q…7[View]
250912AnonymousDear /wsr/ I gotta make a short presentation on the theme 'luxury brands' for a random class, but I…4[View]
251083AnonymousPC: Need help with PC. Testing motherboard and it's just not turning on. No LEDs or anything. P…2[View]
251095AnonymousSeinen: Last good anime I watched was One punch man. I read the manga too , its fucing awesome. Befo…2[View]
251382AnonymousOverwatch Cringe Hero: Hey /wsr/ I'm looking for this really cringey Overwatch character concep…0[View]
250932AnonymousWhat's the name of the anime or manga with the to girls, one is short and the other one is tall…4[View]
251365AnonymousArtwork source?: Hivemind, I beseech thee. Come to my aid! Does anyone know the source of these two …2[View]
251322AnonymousWebms: What are some ways I could possibly compress a webm under 4 mb?3[View]
251362AnonymousK/J Pop video search?: Hi is anyone here into asian music? I'm trying to find a video that came…0[View]
251329AnonymousBut I Fly From There: I'm looking for a working ddl, torrent or magnet link to the Sky Girls OS…6[View]
251332AnonymousAnyone know what this is from?: I've tried several reverse image searching engines, but got not…1[View]
251042AnonymousDoes anyone have a breast size chart that goes onto very ridiculous sizes, I need references for my …4[View]
251199AnonymousUnderstanding Spectral Analysis: So what exactly can be gleaned from looking at this? I understand t…3[View]
251313AnonymousHey! Easy one here. The meme scream of that black guy cumming? I need the loudest one you have. Plea…1[View]
251209AnonymousI have a thing for large things, be it buildings, cities, ships, spacecraft, mountains... I want pic…24[View]
250933Anonymouscan anyone photoshop a website that doesn't suck on to this image?1[View]
251293AnonymousCan anybody tell me what sneakers these are? I would ask /fa/ but I feel like they'd just shitp…3[View]
251304AnonymousDoes anyone have a good Twitter account freezing program? I'm looking for one that attempts to …0[View]
251137AnonymousIs there a quick and simple converter for YouTube videos? My old method was presumably deleted.4[View]
251292Anonymouscollege app help: hey /wsr/ I am currently applying to the school of arts in Chicago. I already sent…0[View]
251280Anonymoustwo licenses: Anyone know if you can have two copies of the same license? I'd like to keep one …2[View]
250220AnonymousRecommend me some good, reasonable hard-scifi anime: I've never really watched any anime before…24[View]
251238AnonymousComputer Building Advice: Hey anons. Im a newbie to the whole idea of building computers. I have a g…4[View]
250693AnonymousPC HELP!: Greeting anon, I posted yesterday looking for some help with my PC. I've been experi…21[View]
251173Anonymous/an/ Bump Limit: Does anyone know what the bump limit is on /an/ ? Is it 300 or 310?4[View]
251066AnonymousTo any moon speakers, does this look right? The address I'm trying to fill in is >111-0043 …4[View]
251205AnonymousHello Friends I have been trying to find this picture for the past week and it's driving me cra…0[View]
249200AnonymousRequesting translation for these 6 images12[View]
251194AnonymousCan anyone provide a source on that gif?1[View]
251192Anonymousplease help me out /wsr/. I've looked everywhere for this album but cant find anywhere to downl…0[View]
251150AnonymousDoes anyone know of ANY type of hack/device/method to have multiple save files on a Pokemon Sun/Moon…9[View]
251004Anonymousdeluge keeps crashing when I launch it. It was working perfectly fine the yesterday and now its show…2[View]
251179AnonymousHeadphone problem - Music louder than voices: Hey guys, I got a Huawei Ascend P7 and am very happy w…2[View]
251065AnonymousSystems Support: Malware Removal?: I've come seeking help on removing several Trojans which hav…2[View]
251127AnonymousBuyfagging on amiami HELP: There is no where on the buyfag.moe guide where this is explained and the…2[View]
251132AnonymousRoadmaps/guides: The image i provided is an example. Anybody have any? They can be about anything, s…3[View]
251141AnonymousDoes /wsr/ have any good yandere anime suggestions? Preferably no faggotry, magic, or incest. >pi…1[View]
251160Anonymous¿Where i can find HD posters?: Hello, i start to like HD posters, i just have a few and i want to as…0[View]
250890AnonymousIs ebay legit?: They have so many spare parts at right prices, Any of you guys recieved your orders …5[View]
250838AnonymousSo some faggot on /a/ said I should post this thread here instead of on /a/, which doesn't real…3[View]
250983AnonymousHow to buy stocks?: I'm a leaf and I've been lurking on some /biz/ threads lately and want…1[View]
250761Anonymoushelp me to find her name. photo taken in 2008. i really want to see her new photos. http://web.can…1[View]
251142Anonymous>If I try scanning my PC for malware with Malwarebytes, this shit happens everytime, and when it …1[View]
250681Anonymousany anime like Terror in Resonance?4[View]
250803Can someone help me coloring and make better this old pic of my grandma?Help: It suppose to be a good gift to my family6[View]
251143AnonymousHey my friend is looking for a horror movie that was supposedly made with the costume from the origi…0[View]
251139AnonymousSport league simulators ???: Hi /wsr/ i need help with this. I want to find a site where i can simul…0[View]
251134AnonymousWhat does this say?: Hey /wsr/, I found this written on an old harmonica box. Can someone help me fi…0[View]
251092AnonymousAnyone know how to view a private Instagram without following? Pic unrelated1[View]
251037AnonymousHey Does anyone know what the best Ghost in the Shell-torrents are? I know where to look for them so…5[View]
251093AnonymousI need help with my Xperia sp: My power and volume buttons are spoilt and i accidentally deleted con…2[View]
251117Anonymous.SAi-files: Hello guys could anyone tell me a programm with wich it´s possible to read .SAI files? i…1[View]
251116AnonymousCan anybody help me find the name of the song used in this video? The only thing I know about this i…0[View]
251112AnonymousHello good afternoon, I'm looking for a Video game app for Android that keeps a list of all Vid…0[View]
251069AnonymousAnybody have a pdf version of the Encyclopedia Magica, Volume 3? I've got 1, 2, and 4, but i so…2[View]
251104AnonymousAnyone here know how to recover data from internal memory of a Galaxy S4? My screen is broken and th…0[View]
251098AnonymousGuitar Tab - Initial D: Looking for guitar tabs for songs from Initial D.0[View]
251024m00tCan someone Photoshop this photo into anything5[View]
251078AnonymousSheet Music: Hey Anons, I need to get some sheet music for/can be performed on guitar without spendi…2[View]
251084AnonymousGuitar tab: I'm looking for a tab of Modulogeek - Around. The only ones i could find only cover…0[View]
251082AnonymousUS VPN: Does anyone have any good us vpns? google is not really helpful, most of the hosts don…0[View]
251074AnonymousJust bought a new External Hard-Drive (Seagate backup plus slim) and everything appears to be workin…1[View]
251058AnonymousPls Help tech support: what is this bug and how do i fix it. I don't really know where to go fr…4[View]
251048AnonymousAnime that doesn't look like your typical anime or with a unique art direction.: I'm tired…8[View]
250674AnonymousCould you guys help me with my calculus homework? >Find functions f,g: (0; +inf) –> (0; +inf),…2[View]
251038AnonymousQuick Photoshop Request: Can you remove the quotefancy watermark in the middle? I'd do it mysel…2[View]
251015AnonymousCan you give me some religious and non-religious views for arguing for/against this quote: 'People o…5[View]
250671AnonymousDoes anyone have a pdf version for Models for Writers: Short Essays for Composition Twelfth Edition …1[View]
251035AnonymousIt's a Miracle (TV series): Please could you help me watch the PAX-TV series 'It's a Mirac…0[View]
251026AnonymousWhat website is this from, if it is real?2[View]
251028AnonymousSardines meme help: Could someone help me create a not so shit version of this? All I have is paint.…0[View]
250529AnonymousPhotoshop request: Can you remove the spaghetti and put a single leaf of lettuce on the front plate?…6[View]
248534AnonymousSpanish Anime: I need to learn spanish, recommend me some good spanish fansub groups.19[View]
250638AnonymousCan somebody provide me with a link to cemu 1.7.x download please?1[View]
251008AnonymousTrapcode Particular 2.6: Im running AE CC2017 on win64. Ive been searching relentlessly for a torren…0[View]
251003AnonymousHey, would someone please turn the man on the left into a Pepe?0[View]
251001AnonymousAny drawfags here? I've been doodling some stuff, and I've doodles my version of the 7 dea…0[View]
251000AnonymousAnyone know where I might find a LOSH chronology torrent? I keep hearing about them on /co/ but my g…0[View]
250814AnonymousComputer Help needed ASAP: My computer gets stuck on the BIOS and boot menu menu and it freezes at t…2[View]
250960AnonymousPC issues- Internal or what?: >Router is fine >motem is fine >don't have a proxy >c…3[View]
250989AnonymousMissing meme: So I'm looking for a two panneled 'meme'? Its only colours are black w…5[View]
250988AnonymousDiscord bot: How would I go about making a discord bot that would use https://whenisupdate.com/…0[View]
250979Anonymousso my windows ten pc crashed during an update and im all sorts of fucked up. id like to factory rese…0[View]
250987Anonymoustranslate pls? and also anyone has a japanese font+link that looks like that one? i like straight li…0[View]
250977AnonymousOk guys so I have to do a little report at uni but I really fucking suck at statistics so I need you…0[View]
250943AnonymousWhat is the overall best book for JavaScript. I will be starting a class on the 30th and was wanting…3[View]
250791AnonymousCan someone tell me what the hell this picture is?2[View]
250949chestburster pizzaHi, I am looking for a scene where alien hands pop out of a persons stomach and start tossing pizza …0[View]
250938AnonymousCaption this.1[View]
250659AnonymousLooking for a shirt design website: There are plenty of shirt design websites out there, but they…6[View]
250362AnonymousCan someone edit out the google earth UI from this picture: The second picture I will upload will ha…5[View]
250869AnonymousHey. Can any German speaking fella translate me this song? Some parts are in czech, dont bother with…2[View]
250928AnonymousI am trying to make a bootable usb drive with dban on it so I can wipe and return a laptop but the u…1[View]
250875AnonymousLooking for a certain Oneshot: Hi guys, as stated above i am looking for the manga '13' by Sorachi H…2[View]
250921AnonymousRequesting source for the actual image2[View]
250923AnonymousAny idea where I can find the OST for Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu?1[View]
250920AnonymousThought about makin a project with a raspberry pi. it would be a tablet and since im retarded and ca…0[View]
250906AnonymousMeme with a Woman and a Flag in background: I'm looking for a picture(meme) that has a blonde w…4[View]
250910AnonymousWhat is the best video player for streaming HIGH QUALITY anime? currently using vlc1[View]
250909AnonymousManga Management Suggestion: I'm looking for a program to manage my manga collection. I know th…0[View]
250702AnonymousWhy are there almost no good killing/survival game animes? Tell me a good one right now, faggots!5[View]
250858AnonymousI just want to know what are you opinions on this computer for gaming? I believe it's a MONSTER…4[View]
250881AnonymousI can't find it, no matter where i look...: I need sauce on this soundtrack, i have searched fa…2[View]
250885AnonymousDoes anyone recognise where this animu girl is from? I saw it in a steam profile pic and I'm in…2[View]
250873AnonymousCan someone rip this for me and tell me how you did it? http://z0r.de/55215[View]
250877AnonymousI'm looking for a free pdf of this textbook for next semester. I couldn't find it on LibGe…0[View]
250843AnonymousHello. I'm a lonely person. I know this sounds weird, but I'm looking for friends that li…2[View]
250729AnonymousIs there a fucking decent file manager or pic viewer for android?4[View]
250821Anonymouscan I get some tech support /wsr/? my computer freezes at random times, I've tried deciphering…9[View]
250807Anonymousanybody have that vaporwave style pic of Bobby Hill having an out-of-body experience? >OP pic unr…2[View]
250846AnonymousAnyone got source of this? What game is it from?2[View]
250850Anonymousi saved a thread thinking it would save, but just shows the 404 screen, is there a way around this? …1[View]
250844Anonymousemail certificate expired: thunderbird is telling me the security certificate for my cock.li account…0[View]
250820AnonymousThis Girl Without Pepe: If anyone has the original picture without pepe that would be cool. Also sou…1[View]
250398AnonymousCan someone identify the icon pack, please?2[View]
250833Anonymousanyone have that short clip where the show inventions by women first and then by men? the video show…0[View]
250805AnonymousDoes any body know any of those sites that pay you money to watch ads? I have some potato computers …4[View]
250798AnonymousChaos Dwarf rune waterslide transfers: Don't suppose anyone can jig up a decent quality copy of…3[View]
250430Anonymousanybody got the version where the frog is holding a tank?3[View]
250727AnonymousI'm looking for videos of a guy that explained how we needed to ''restart''…2[View]
250822AnonymousDoes anyone know about a manga with a similar feeling as Gash Bell and Doubutsu no Kuni?0[View]
250065AnonymousComputer Dying: My pc shuts down randomly, not crash but just shut down. After it shuts down it atte…6[View]
250816Yugi-boyHELP ME FIND YUGIOH: I remember multiple episodes of YuGiOh where a character would say 'Attack his …0[View]
250810AnonymousLooking for pics of the other persona 3 girls as robot girls similar to Aigis and can't seem to…0[View]
250802AnonymousI'm looking for a comfy games chart. I saw it once on /v/ a while ago, but haven't been ab…0[View]
250403AnonymousHello /wsr/, for those familiar with Gundam SEED requesting pictures of Cagalli wearing pic related …1[View]
250503AnonymousPhotoshop request: Hello everyone! I'm looking to piss off a friend of mine who is very enthusi…3[View]
250770AnonymousCould I please have some more images of Big Pepe? Anything would be really appreciated. But there is…6[View]
250757AnonymousIs there a single torrent around where I can find the full Rainbow: Nisha Rokubou no Shichinin with …2[View]
250616AnonymousCPU constantly drops from 3500 MHZ to something like 500 MHZ while playing games, obviously causing …4[View]
250767AnonymousHelp pls: Source of this girl? Reverse search isn't helping at all3[View]
250413Anonymousanyone got a recommended list of anime, recent one. please thank you.5[View]
250558AnonymousGive this girl a minor smile on her face6[View]
250762Anonymousdoes anyone have the infomeme that explains the lefto-corporate tactics used to disrupt occupy wall …0[View]
250759AnonymousI've been getting random lag spikes in games for like a month now. Happens on every game, it wi…0[View]
250714AnonymousHey /g/ i need help. This afternoon my JXD s5800 fell from my desktop. I heard something rumbling i…5[View]
250709AnonymousCan someone explain how pics like pic related work?3[View]
250743AnonymousCan someone please make the green parts transparent?2[View]
250749AnonymousCould someone help me find a picture of Clyde cash? I've been looking all over for this particu…0[View]
250748AnonymousHigurashi Naku Koro Ni: I'd like a torrent for Meakashi that has the newest sprites. The only o…0[View]
250745Anonymousanyone can tell me what model is this0[View]
250373AnonymousMake this photo funny: Use photo shop to make this photograph funny, please.1[View]
250299AnonymousSpongebob reaction images: Can I get some Spongebob reaction images? Both gifs and pics pls. Thanks.…2[View]
250720AnonymousWhat anime is this from3[View]
250736Anonymoushey /wsr/ this should be quick, i wanna know the artist/song in the webm that i will try to post. pi…1[View]
250435AnonymousDoes anyone have the pic where a palestinian and a jew argue while a jewish kid laughs and rubs his …1[View]
250733AnonymousI need some pictures !: Pics of Crossdressers/Twinks/Femenine Boys/Androgynous Boys-Girls. Non-lewd …0[View]
250525FLEXUSAURSI want to start browsing tor. i'm running hide.me proxy on my main os (windows) and Tails (linu…4[View]
250687AnonymousBest greentext stories?3[View]
250713AnonymousAnime girls wearing/tipping fedoras0[View]
250710AnonymousWeird Music Video: a while back when a favorite artist of mine was hyping up a release someone poste…0[View]
250703AnonymousWhat's the cheapest laptop that runs League of Legends at max settings ? I was going to gift th…0[View]
250284Anonymous/g/ problem here When my computer stays on for a while, browsers stop loading most websites. Only si…1[View]
250697AnonymousI can't remember where this character is from and it's driving me nuts. Please help.2[View]
250698AnonymousSearching for the name of a cartoon. It was crudely drawn in a style reminiscent of Dr. Katz It feat…0[View]
250695AnonymousAny good antifungal creams out there for athlete's foot? I'm using a generic brand atm, a…0[View]
250672Anonymousrequesting a chegg login to use1[View]
250331AnonymousAndroid TV Question: Hey I want to buy and Android TV but I live on a college campus with WPA2 Enter…1[View]
250686AnonymousDoes anyone have a link for The Witcher's books? I've already bought The Last Wish and Blo…1[View]
250666AnonymousSony Vegas: Need a video editor, what's a good place to torrent Vegas Pro 14 from? I have a $10…2[View]
250044AnonymousCsgo is very broken: Hey /wsr/ I was wondering if anyone could help me with resolving some issues re…8[View]
250507Anonymousoverwach text: can anyone make a good png of the D.VA text logo that instead says 'D.Vee' I've…2[View]
250311Anonymous/r/ing that old /v/ album that used to get passed around when we still had /rs/. I remember a few so…3[View]
250663AnonymousMy school blocks torrents and has now managed to block IRC. I've tried accessing it via the oth…3[View]
250608AnonymousWhere can I watch the Wallflower subbed? I can't find any torrents, and Funimation only has the…4[View]
250652Anonymouslooking for the reaction image with the trauma harness from new vegas, with the text 'piling bones i…1[View]
250611AnonymousI want to change my mpv screenshots name to the filename + a number, how do I do it? I'm on lin…1[View]
250585Anonymouscan anyone tell me what year this picture was taken?: Can anyone enhance the image and read the back…10[View]
250645AnonymousLooking for a pdf of the textbook: University Calculus, Early Transcendentals, by J Hass, M. Weir, G…4[View]
250654AnonymousLooking for some Mixtape cover work. The artists mixtape name is 'Nation Bitness'. I want you guys …2[View]
250462AnonymousCould you suggest me manga about any kind of conspiracies?2[View]
250648AnonymousPhotoshop request. Can anyone reduce the amount of chin beard so that there's only a little bit…0[View]
250643AnonymousLooking for a small game made as a kind of tribute to battle royal. Basically you wake up, get some …0[View]
250641AnonymousCan someone edit this so there would be Darth Vader and instead of her it's him. Cuz kylo ren0[View]
250640AnonymousHow do I use Hexchat to get college textbooks? I used some shitty reddit guides to do it last night …0[View]
250639Anonymousi like to collect artwork related to female boxing, if any of you has artwork related to it that is …0[View]
250539Anonymoussource of image.. girl w/ the phone: disregard the texts.. . It's from Hanebado ch. 4 btw ..…3[View]
250609AnonymousMy neighbor's dog literally barks all day. What's the best way to anonymously get my neigh…6[View]
250330AnonymousVN Emulator for android: can anyone help me find a good VN emulator for android ?1[View]
250340AnonymousShall we turn this into a meme?2[View]
250580AndrewOml please help physics 30: Does anyone know how to figure out question ten. The answer is supposed …6[View]
250524AnonymousSomeone knows an anime with a strong female protagonist? (no weapons or magical powers)6[View]
250595AnonymousHey dudes, I had this as a wallpaper a while back but I don't remember how I got it, can somebo…4[View]
250613AnonymousSearching for Backgroung Human VS Giant image0[View]
249991AnonymousWhat is the font used in this picture?3[View]
250344AnonymousI'm looking for a meme template that I cannot find the name of. It's of some guy who bump…2[View]
248816AnonymousThat one Umineko Image that is like a windows message error and goes 'Cant let you do that battler.'…13[View]
250581AnonymousAzure, deploy website via FTP: Hello, I've connected to my web server on Azure with FileZilla, …1[View]
250596AnonymousHello /wsr/ i'm searching a extension for CSS theme for Chromium that is not Stylish that respe…0[View]
250591AnonymousCould someone give hints and tips (which sites to use, which parts have reasonable price/quality) ho…0[View]
250107AnonymousMusic Video Hunt: Back in 2008 my first gf dumped me and I was very impressionable. It was at that t…8[View]
250575AnonymousID this toy: I post this every once and while in the hope that somebody here will know something. Al…2[View]
250100AnonymousI need help finding a song. After not hearing it for years, It suddenly got stuck in my head for day…5[View]
250573Anonymouswhat anime is she from1[View]
250562Anonymousare there any other websites that are like 4chan? I don't like this site because of all the shi…4[View]
250552AnonymousStandard sauce thread: Please, does anyone know where this is from? (I assume it's SFW.)1[View]
250505Anonymousi want to learn how to draw anime. however since /ic/ hates my kind. what are some good books/tutori…2[View]
250554Anonymousanyone got some god tier anime 500x500 gifs? if so could you please post them. need them to be rathe…1[View]
250307AnonymousDoes anybody know which anime this cover art is from?2[View]
250537AnonymousPls, sauce.2[View]
250521AnonymousCan somebody edit out the text here?1[View]
250334AnonymousHey /wsr/, I'm looking for this flash game that I played many years ago and want to play now ou…1[View]
250425AnonymousOi, need help here with my laptop. I have to replace my hdd because it's broken. I have no exp…6[View]
250451AnonymousPlease spread this around: Hi /wsr/ I created a discord server for Torrent seeding because I find it…3[View]
250517AnonymousI'm looking for a co-op survival game on PC. Was thinking about Rust or The Forest but I'm…2[View]
250305AnonymousCan someone make a webm with this song https://soundcloud.com/devourthelight/approximately-79-minute…1[View]
250045AnonymousCan someone vector this for me?11[View]
250516Anonymouscan someone give the the link to that boku no hero academia comic where there is a gender bend deku …0[View]
250501AnonymousCan someone please photoshop a young teen guy on this image? If not can you please find a young …7[View]
249997AnonymousReduce her breast size: Yea....she has a hot face and I want to compile this as part of my big …7[View]
250500AnonymousWhat do you call this kind of loathable music that you find in a LOT of videos nowaways. For example…0[View]
250487AnonymousHey can someone plz source this?: Dying to know where it's from. The maudlin charm of this art …2[View]
250448Anonymous>open up gpu for the first time in 5 years >see this i guess the factory dudes binged on therm…11[View]
250437AnonymousRemove the background for transparency?1[View]
250063AnonymousLatin Translation: For those latin speakers here, what is the Latin way of saying 'Hail victory!'? I…8[View]
250379AnonymousHow do I fix the HDMI for my philips tv CP420S_1.4? as you can see 1/2 inch of the seeen is missing …4[View]
250467AnonymousThis gif: Could you guys help me out? I was wondering if you guys could help me figure out the names…4[View]
250450AnonymousAkarii~n Sound File: Does anyone have an mp3/wav/ogg/etc of the 'Akarii~n' sequence? Even including …2[View]
250089AnonymousDoes anyone have a picture without that faggot?5[View]
250446AnonymousI'm looking or the name of a cartoon about a young boy, he looks like pic related The part that…1[View]
250457AnonymousCan some video-editing magician make the dude in the wheelchair Pepe or green like Pepe and make the…0[View]
250226AnonymousMbooru App: Just downloaded this and I'd like some suggestions/help First, what are the good mu…3[View]
250319Anonymouswhenever i use my usb on my pc it has copys like pic releated what is? how fix?3[View]
250412AnonymousCan anybody tell me who this person is.. I've tried google image search but its not finding it.2[View]
250434Anonymousneed a ruler: Hi /wsr/. Can't find it but i'm sure it exists somewhere. I need 80 or 100 …0[View]
250402Anonymousphotoshop request: can someone make my pointer and pinky really long please and thanks. also add wha…2[View]
250367AnonymousManga Name?: looking for an old 4-koma that went around /a/ a long time ago. The page was: >festi…2[View]
250421AnonymousSo there was an image I saw a while back where it was the fresh prince theme but like dark and omino…0[View]
250142AnonymousSongs like this: Please listen to this song, I'm looking for similar sounding stuff. Sort of st…1[View]
249395AnonymousLFG (Looking For Gorilla): This is an image taken from the movie Roller Town (2011) exactly 18:15 in…5[View]
250070AnonymousVWGHD: Vegans wear green hat day, March 14 2017 Make this similar to the end father's day thing…1[View]
250390AnonymousAnyone know what Spongebob episode this is from?1[View]
250401AnonymousCan someone please point me towards a set of sub files for G Gundam? I want to download the BD relea…0[View]
249549AnonymousFlashpoint (Books of the Underground) by Frank Creed: I am looking for an ebook of Flashpoint or any…2[View]
250396AnonymousNeed Noobdaddy Info: Who is this guy and where did all his vids go??0[View]
250333AnonymousHey, does anybody else have wallpapers with anime/cartoon people over real life wallpapers? Bonus po…7[View]
250391AnonymousDoes anyone remember a youtube video of some guys harassing a girl on this map in CSGO? I think they…0[View]
250374AnonymousCan I get image sauce?1[View]
250370AnonymousI work a job which allows me to be alone and the work is very mind numbing. I was thinking that I…3[View]
250383AnonymousCan someone edit this image to have the post that says >If you only knew how bad things really ar…0[View]
250380AnonymousAnimu: I'm looking for a 'Waifu Souls' poster with a blonde one. I've seen here time ago, …0[View]
250354AnonymousHigher Res: Looking for a higher res version of this still from the newest episode of Kono Suba. Pre…3[View]
250310STUDNETINNEEDlooking for school book help: help i need to find a pdf version of this book called database adminis…1[View]
249853Ice Cream DudePhotoshop please?: Hey there. It's very important that I know what this photo would look like i…11[View]
250128AnonymousWhether you support him or not, he is our President now. I need to learn more about what Trump has p…4[View]
250345Anonymousanime name: anime in similar style to slayers ova about two firls set in a desert old style fantasy …1[View]
250308Anonymousanybody know the source for the anime in this drawing? thanks4[View]
250296AnonymousCan somebody edit this...5[View]
250332AnonymousWhat are some good animes with romance ? Main plot or not, it doesn't matter; just don't w…1[View]
247867AnonymousI'm looking for the video of Luke and Obi-wan watching the hologram message stored in r2d2, but…14[View]
250351AnonymousWhat are some anime about ordinary people who aren't still in school?1[View]
250347AnonymousAdventure game recs: So recently I've realized that gameplay is my least favorite part of video…0[View]
250317AnonymousWhat's the equivalent of 4chan in Spanish? Or a major Spanish weeb community?4[View]
250106Anonymousre-draw meme: hey, i really want this on a t-shirt. can someone redraw it, make it clothes printable…1[View]
250326AnonymousDoes anyone have a link to a torrent/zip of PC Music Vol. 2? I can't find it anywhere on google…0[View]
249304Anonymouspcvoodoohalp: Hey everyone, i wasn't really sure where to post this but here goes nothing. I ha…9[View]
250182AnonymousWhat is the song in this webm?: https://is.4chan.org/gif/1483892254703.webm…1[View]
250314AnonymousDoes anybody have the link to the Japanese blog that listed which resolution each anime is aired in?…1[View]
250309AnonymousI've got a good one for you cyberspace gumshoes. This is 'SD Gundam G Generation DA', an old Ja…1[View]
250306Anonymous/r/ing that QUALITY pic that's like a VN CG or something that's just a mess of limbs and f…0[View]
250304AnonymousCan someone please alter this so instead of switching between Marvel and DC it switches between tumb…0[View]
250123AnonymousMy Computer is shit: I got my computer back from a local computer shop worker and he fixed it except…18[View]
250216AnonymousGraphic Issues: Greetings Anons, I'm considering upgrading my PC again, being a little new to …8[View]
250294AnonymousRequesting someone to change the faces on pottery with Wojak faces0[View]
250293AnonymousI would really like to see an anime style picture of this italian trash-tv moment. Source video: htt…0[View]
250286Anonymousrequesting the source for this gif... i saw this on a video and took a print2[View]
250237AnonymousMidi controller setup: So I got a USB to midi adapter (pic related) to use an old midi controller as…3[View]
250283AnonymousWallpaper: Anyone got this wallpaper?0[View]
250280Anonymous4 Cut Hero: A couple of months ago, ripanon uploaded chapters 1-80 of the English translation for 4 …0[View]
250239AnonymousI'm looking for a decent quality of this movie online and I can't seem to find anything th…3[View]
250144AnonymousRequesting source on this.13[View]
250064AnonymousI put out BIOS battery to reset it. Now I have no Internet. Tried to load BIOS with optimized settin…3[View]
250018AnonymousShovel Knight OST: Anyone know what song/soundtrack they use at this point of the video? https://you…1[View]
249503AnonymousCan someone direct me to the source of this gif?5[View]
249836AnonymousI'm looking for a photo (for a profile) with non-explicit reference to hentai. Give me your bes…2[View]
250037AnonymousDoes anyone know what anime this is from? Reverse image search gave me nothing3[View]
250262AnonymousLooking for a flash.: The flash features a ascii cat with a bowtie bartending and a song along the l…0[View]
249886AnonymousAnyone have the non-thumbnail-quality version of this rare Apustaja? Apu Apustaja thread in the mean…3[View]
250249AnonymousI've had this Xbox giftcard for over a year now and I just bought a PS4, so I won't be usi…1[View]
250219AnonymousRequesting that clip from youtube about a guy (i think his name's Jared) who defends his waifu …1[View]
249792AnonymousLooking for some manga (or anime) to read (or watch): Just kinda fights with cool abilities is mainl…13[View]
250253AnonymousJournal Article Request: I do not have access to this specific article through my university, I am h…0[View]
250252AnonymousDetox or somethin idk: So about a month ago i was caught with weed and well since where i live they …0[View]
250250Anonymouslooking for mobile games about robots or mechs: been playing Marvel Future Fight, and they released …0[View]
249893AnonymousOkay maths people, it's been a LONG time since I did probabilities and I can't be fucked p…3[View]
250244AnonymousLooking for chapters 207-211 of Yankee-kun to megane-chan. The ones I got from bakabt are the same a…1[View]
250242AnonymousBuilding a computer for an overseas friend and was curious about what all is safe to put INTO the to…0[View]
250011AnonymousAnime/Manga Recommendation?: Recently I finished Drifters 1rst season (Anime). Are there other anime…8[View]
250229Anonymousrequestttttt: Anyone have an webm from a girl that is brunette with blue eyes? Her webm is her makin…0[View]
250171Anonymoussource? is this all or there is a complete version?6[View]
250134Anonymouswhat should I do with this?: I took my old Diffrnce Tablet apart since it didn't charge anymore…9[View]
250221AnonymousAll media stops playing?: Hi, I have a problem. Sometimes when I close and open my laptop, all media…0[View]
249763AnonymousCould you recommend me good anime? Thanks in advance.5[View]
250170Anonymoustell me the best drama animes please2[View]
250207Anonymousdoes anyone has a high res version of the background picture/video of depeche modes appearance in be…0[View]
250132Anonymoushttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9dKbZVx1kGQ&t= Anyone able to name this song?3[View]
249859AnonymousTard Videos: (just made the mistake of posting this on /r/ because i forgot this board was split off…2[View]
249967AnonymousFedora Linux and GTX 970: When i have my GPU plugged in, my comp wont even boot to the login screen,…4[View]
249252AnonymousDoes anyone know the name of this hairstyle?10[View]
249429AnonymousCompleted manga download: Where do I get completed series to download? There are often only partials…5[View]
250125AnonymousLooking for an old image about/from 4chan, probably created in 2010 or 2011. On some board, someone …4[View]
250084AnonymousJust got this graphics card NVIDIA geforce 8400 gs 512mb ddr3 I have a HP compaq 8000 Intel core 2 d…6[View]
250101AnonymousI'm on Linux and Gimp crashes when I try to use the text tool. If I'm very careful and don…3[View]
250121AnonymousHello everyone, ironic weeabo here, looking for a new anime to watch that give you that anime feel. …4[View]
250094AnonymousLike Lt. Dan Im Rolling: Could someone please erase danny brown from this photo, as well as the whit…7[View]
249841AnonymousRequesting that greentext about Ellen the catgirl slave drawing and her autistic creator.1[View]
250090AnonymousHalp B, Stencil PLox: Please stencil and remove swastika.3[View]
250118AnonymousLooking for an image?: I'm looking for an image of a cowboy at a calf roping event. He has one …0[View]
248829Anonymouscan someone please make this with the dark souls 'You Died' shit please8[View]
250095AnonymousCan someone rip this for me so I can download it and also tell me how you did it so I can do it myse…3[View]
250110AnonymousThe song name is 'Death of Me', but I can't find it no matter where I look. Here are the detail…2[View]
250109AnonymousI need a picture of a dime-bag of some high quality bud placed under the clip of an Xbox one game-ca…0[View]
250108AnonymousI'm looking for the full size version of this image. It's from a Swedish game show called …0[View]
250060AnonymousI'll be doing the ADR (European Agreement Concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Go…1[View]
250056AnonymousCan someone please shop in the wu -tang symbol on the papers as if Putin was drawing them? Thanks!5[View]
250081Anonymouswhich wires are the speaker right / left + / - im trying to install rca converter for my sub. Or if …0[View]
250008AnonymousHey! Today I lost my music collection (anime op/ed ost and kpop). :( The anime music is not problem,…4[View]
250074AnonymousBikini Dance Song: Can I get a Sauce for this song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZZ9RI2urUU8…0[View]
249986AnonymousI'm looking for this black & white MS paint comic that I found on 4chan quite some time ago…2[View]
249998AnonymousLooking for the title of a manga. It had to do with people from Japan coming to another world. One g…2[View]
249579AnonymousI'm dumb and bad at image re-scaling and making them still look good, can someone upscale this …3[View]
250043AnonymousDoes anyone has this complete image in higher res? Thanks.1[View]
250047Anonymouslooling for my next game: I'm about ready to move onto a new game, I'm wanting to play som…0[View]
249999AnonymousPhotoshop request!: Can anyone cut out the devil, paste it on an empty canvas and make the backround…3[View]
250029AnonymousHow to get rid of the primary navigation menu in HeatMap AdAptive wordpress theme? >About Us …1[View]
249834AnonymousLooking for a youtube video from way back in the day. It was a lovecraftian vid set to music showing…2[View]
250023AnonymousDo you know the source of this pic?4[View]
250030AnonymousHiya. Does anyone know where I can find a good trustworthy website to find a roommate?1[View]
249636AnonymousPhotoshop request: Hi, Im trying to Photoshop this picture so the character looks like a prisoner. B…5[View]
250005AnonymousLoking for tv show: Hi, i've been searching for a cartoon , of a 3d adventure of two sisters sp…1[View]
250019AnonymousAnyone have this as a pdf torrent or know where I can get this book as a free pdf?0[View]
249969AnonymousAnyone this in a higher resolutin/quality? Also: where is a nice place for posters like this?9[View]
249270AnonymousI'm looking for a torrent of Miami Vice, specifically, one that isn't 2gb+ per episode, pl…2[View]
250009Anonymousis Belgium superior or inferior to the Netherlands?1[View]
250007AnonymousA Very /k/ Battlestation: I'm looking for a very simple battlestation picture that was commonly…0[View]
249687Anonymousanyone know what his name is/what game or anime hes from?4[View]
249783AnonymousObscure Magazine Search (The Home Shop Machinist): I'm looking for as many back issues as can b…1[View]
249720AnonymousWhat are some games like Runescape that have a lot of grinding and don't revolve around combat/…2[View]
249780help ploxi would like to know where to find the wall pads that are shown in link related (14:38-14:45) https:…1[View]
249956AnonymousI want to sitt in a sports car and if you could Make everything around the car Transparent. Thank yo…1[View]
249762Neediphonehelpiphone: need help either finding the owner of an iphone i found or his/her apple id info, i have a p…1[View]
249386AnonymousI really need some help here with my PC here So i got a new Graphics Card for Christmas right, I…19[View]
249591AnonymousNeed help from PC experts: Is this RAM slot still usable? I inserted the rams in the right slots, an…5[View]
249964AnonymousCan anyone makes this image a bit clear4[View]
249911AnonymousHello /wsr/! Can someone make the orange on his hat light green and the red on his shirt dark green?…2[View]
249951AnonymousRequesting >>250000 ITT2[View]
249950Anonymoustrying to find this mango I read years ago about a guy who got a brain implant, ended up 'accelerate…1[View]
249907AnonymousHey guys. I just pirated FL Studio 11, and almost everything has been working fine. Except, for the …10[View]
249954AnonymousI just noticed my motherboard only has 2.00 PCI express slots. Should I buy a new mother board for m…1[View]
249953AnonymousAnyone have the 'Rodger Federer' version of Brendan Fraser pointing a gun to his head? I s…0[View]
249741Anonymousrec me some games I can try out on this >intel atom z8700 at 1.6GHz >4GB DDR3 RAM >Intel HD…4[View]
249937AnonymousI'd say this belongs in /v/, but fucking nothing belongs in /v/ so if it's alright, I…2[View]
249820AnonymousCan someone please edit out the text in this picture? Thanks a lot!4[View]
249697AnonymousHi there. I'm currently searching for Avatar : The Last Airbender, but I don't know what a…10[View]
249770AnonymousWhat font is this?1[View]
249924Anonymousdoes anybody know of any decent sub $200 monitors? my use is primarily watching anime. I do play pc …1[View]
249926AnonymousI've done taxes myself for years. Even with 2 or 3 separate W2s, it's usually been fairly …0[View]
249532AnonymousHello /wsr/ I need help with winning arguments against my brother. He keeps on saying that I get irr…11[View]
249554Anonymousa&p coloring book: Looking for the anatomy and physiology coloring book any edition pdf/torrnet/…2[View]
249906Anonymousi have no computer ability. could somebody change the VR to AP. would be very helpful.3[View]
249768AnonymousWhere can I find pictures of Homer beating and punching Marge? The bloodier,the better.3[View]
249909Yuji SakaiCan someone please post the image for pullover man copypasta? I can't find it anywhere >Afte…0[View]
249908AnonymousTeacher put our test online: Can anyone tell me how to open it early or give me the answer? http://s…0[View]
249810AnonymousNewFag requests help: Hey can someone teach me how to use 4chan I brought a pepe4[View]
249233Anonymouscan't run overwatch: for some reason when ever launch overwatch my cpu speed gets capped at aro…6[View]
249444AnonymousNeed a wizard: I got some PC issues and require a wizard. I can't seem to change my registry va…6[View]
249721AnonymousI'm looking for mixers that output to multiple channels in audacity. My friend got the behringe…1[View]
249897AnonymousI'm trying to convert and hardsub an 848x480 MKV file to MP4 in VLC but it comes out as choppy …0[View]
249022AnonymousCan anyone tell me what is this just with this watch ,?5[View]
249812AnonymousDon't know if this fits this board, but: I recently switched back to foobar, and I don't r…2[View]
249884AnonymousAny youtube channels/videos that teach you what to do during a driving accidents (blown tire, faulty…0[View]
249673AnonymousMath Homework Help???: I'm having a hard time figuring out how to solve this problem from the c…5[View]
249881AnonymousBoku Girl Chapters: Where the hell can I find Boku Girl chapter 104 and onwards in English?0[View]
249874AnonymousThis pic, but instead of 'fire' its 'gas', and also, add Hitler's face.3[View]
249805AnonymousOcean Music: Could someone recommend songs/albums with Lyrics about the ocean/large bodies of water …2[View]
249844Anonymous/r/ing the 'Tucked' tucker Carlson pepe pls2[View]
249856AnonymousI'm looking for a copypasta I saw on /b/ the other day about this neckbeard that was getting bu…0[View]
249831Flesh out this mapfictional geography,: Hi /wsr/ I've created this map using the link listed below. My request is…2[View]
249838Anonymousanyone know what this is from? pretty sure its an anime2[View]
249808AnonymousNeed help finding a game I have a really distinct memory a while ago of seeing a turn-based strategy…3[View]
246705AnonymousI remember there being a Youtube channel where there were I think 2 guys that kept playing pranks on…28[View]
249219AnonymousI used to fiddle around with a (musical) keyboard when I was in highschool but decided to study math…5[View]
249758AnonymousHey /wsr/, Do you know where I could read the webcomics of the series Try! Try! Try! by Kiyohiko Azu…2[View]
249657Anonymouswhat's this from?3[View]
249564AnonymousBuffett's Money Phone: Can someone photoshop a thick stack of bills as a substitute for the pho…3[View]
249108PunkdEdit him out and put a biscuit in his place: Or make his head or skin a biscuit8[View]
249025AnonymousSomeone with 2160p monitor needed!: Hi, I found this really interesting video and would like to be a…6[View]
249789Anonymousturn Rex Tillerson into a T-Rex: with tiny t-rex hands - here's one with Putin but there are to…0[View]
248994Anonymoushttps://www.humblebundle.com/books/science-fiction-manga-book-bundle Can anyone share the links for …15[View]
249674AnonymousWhat's the best laptop to play League and other not high requirement games in Amazon ? Around 6…4[View]
249769AnonymousDoujin Music Via Torrent: Hello /wsr/ i've been looking for some torrent website where i can fi…4[View]
249324AnonymousOkay I recently bought a cyberpower PC It came with a to link t2u archer USB adapter I had ATnT, the…6[View]
249764AnonymousHey im looking for a webm of a clip from the fresh prince of bel air where Will is teleporting aroun…0[View]
249731AnonymousYo do any of you have a good keygen for ableton live 9?2[View]
248862AnonymousBlack-N-Blues Vol.1: A friend of mine used to have this album, which seems to not even be sold anymo…8[View]
249494AnonymousAnyone have a link to download the full versions of Fitness Point and/or Myfitnesspal?1[View]
249709AnonymousI'm looking for some movie/game/anime where an undeveloped civilization meets a technologicaly …4[View]
249713AnonymousCan anyone recommend me durable micro usb cables? i regularly have to buy new ones since they stop b…2[View]
249159AnonymousNeed new anime to watch: So I haven't watched any anime in a long time, but some of the shows I…5[View]
249736AnonymousFound this canvas on Ebay. Anyone have source on image?1[View]
249438AnonymousLooking for anime I forget the name of: Looking for this one seinen comedy anime with sexual innuend…6[View]
249724AnonymousCan someone shop out all the people in here for a gondola edit I'm doing?1[View]
249086AnonymousThought this would be easy, but can't locate a video of Sky News coverage of Brexit, especially…2[View]
249717AnonymousIf anyone has any /tv/ recommendation charts, it would be greatly appreciated0[View]
249053Anonymous/r/ing the image of a photoshopped buff William Riker captioned 'this guy slaps your girlfriend' or …2[View]
249005AnonymousNot long ago I saw this hentai called Star Jewel. The thing is is that it was way more than just a h…13[View]
249675AnonymousGeometric probability: Doing geometry extra credit work online, this block of problems didn't h…6[View]
249621Anonymoushow can I achieve this effect in PS CS6? What type of tutorials should I be watching to learn this t…8[View]
249593Anonymousalright, second attempt.: is there a anime version of steam? i ask because due to my living situatio…5[View]
249685Anonymousepic choir music: https://youtu.be/USlenKAMxNg?t=1m29s anyone know the name of that song?…0[View]
248663AnonymousAnyone got source on this?13[View]
249189AnonymousI need a dump of all the pics like this Please7[View]
249567Red Eyed StrangerBand Logo and Graphics Needed: I have a request. My band Red Eyed Strangers - which is a Grateful De…3[View]
249652AnonymousPsycho Pass: I'm looking for a good torrent link for a high quality version of season 1 of psyc…2[View]
249598cbindFL studio mobile: Hey, /wsr/. Where can i find a torrenr for the latest FL mobile studio ver.3? I wa…2[View]
249622AnonymousBeginner's Piano: Hello, Anon. I started learning piano a month ago via self teaching. I'm…2[View]
249292AnonymousM E M E: What the fuck is this meme called?4[View]
249656AnonymousRequesting a webm I saw a long time ago. It's a minute or so long, and was posted in a lot of y…0[View]
249477Anonymous>order computer parts >everything gets here today except for anti static wristband >try to …8[View]
249633AnonymousWhat is this from?2[View]
249617AnonymousSup /r/ I'm considering buying another SSD but idk if I have the needed cables and/or spaces av…5[View]
249383AnonymousAnime since 2009: posted in /a/ and got deleted (fuck /a/) What new anime is worth watching? I have…8[View]
249641Help by voting.Hey anons, my classmate entered a robot competition where you vote else's creations His drone i…0[View]
249610AnonymousIs there any way I can view the uninstall history of windows 10? Or is there any other way I can ins…4[View]
248566AnonymousAnyone have that other pic of sheev poledancing8[View]
249629AnonymousFile issues: So i was fucking arround with the cmd in windows And now my pc is showing every fucking…0[View]
249628AnonymousLooking for a Specific Picture: Hello fellow anons, I was looking for a pic that someone posted in /…0[View]
249582AnonymousFuck Reddit: http://www.strawpoll.me/12079068 Vote no3[View]
249614Anonymoushttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V0lMrFMYKv8 Where is the original /pol/ version of this?0[View]
249586AnonymousRequesting more songs like these two. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iW9QyCCXUgE https://www.youtu…2[View]
249573AnonymousCan anyone extract this dog drawing to just the drawing with a white background? Bonus points if you…3[View]
249475AnonymousLeaf pics: Looking for the: 'He is worse than a Jew, he is, dare I say it, a Leaf' Pic with the isla…3[View]
249551AnonymousHelp! I need to make this 'thing' bigger, but I need to do it in M$ Word 2007 and have no idea :/ ca…3[View]
249597AnonymousRequesting a torrent or means to read Classics of Western Philosophy Eighth Edition. Don't real…0[View]
249466AnonymousIs this a dead ressistor?4[View]
249440AnonymousiTube/Playtube: I have been searching for a iTube/PlayTube .apk. So far I haven't found one tha…1[View]
249578AnonymousSo I just heard this and I'm absolutely certain I've heard it being constantly used somewh…0[View]
248666Anonymousplease make a believable hunky dark black man laying next to me, thanks!9[View]
249546AnonymousTransparent background: Hi /wsr/, I'd like to ask you for help, I cannot find anywhere a dickbu…3[View]
248793AnonymousGondola: trying to expand my collection of gondolas, and ive been trying to find the dragons dogma o…11[View]
249359AnonymousCan anyone post the (You) edit of this?4[View]
249533AnonymousRed Ball Lost Levels: Does any anon have the original Red Ball all 17 levels? That was my shit back …5[View]
249322AnonymousGTA III Rise FM: Been looking around for the Rise FM station from GTA III and have found it many tim…3[View]
249381AnonymousEditing bookmarks in chrome (Android): hey all, i need to edit a bookmark for a script to work in ch…1[View]
249458AnonymousIs there a way to delete the history BEFORE a certain date in chrome-derivated browsers, instead of …1[View]
249000AnonymousWhat's a good, nonexpensive shaving mirror I can get from Amazon? I don't like shaving in …11[View]
249515AnonymousHello. Could you help me with finding a 'clean' version of this wallpaper? I mean, without icons etc…2[View]
249217AnonymousWtf am I looking at here? Why am I 'casting to Chromecast' when I don't even own such a device?…3[View]
249517AnonymousCartoon song. Anyone?: i just remember this, it may be very different to original song: https://onli…0[View]
249487AnonymousLove Live! full torrent req: hey guys, do any of you have a download for the full thing in hd? i…1[View]
249485Anonymousis this malware?: after i download file from bigfile.com keep seeing this data:text/html;base64 pop-…3[View]
249320AnonymousWhat is the sluttiest/fanservicest MMO of 2016? I need something to replace Tera that's gotten …3[View]
249349AnonymousNEW DANK ICON: hey guys i need a new icon for my social media, the current one i have is of this cat…20[View]
248934PacioOpening garmin.img: As in subject, do any of u guys know how to open garmin software on pc?9[View]
248882AnonymousI need some good anime's can someone recommend me some?6[View]
249389AnonymousSource on image please?4[View]
249461AnonymousNo disrespect to stat majors but I almost lulled myself back to sleep watching some lectures. Am I s…3[View]
249469AnonymousI saw a video of this European-looking (Slav?) guy wearing this crazy looking futuristic getup and s…1[View]
249468AnonymousWhere is this chiptune song from ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cH2BWUx1mcU I'm dying here.…0[View]
249453AnonymousAnyone got a very high quality version of this?2[View]
249044AnonymousWhere can i download Taeko Onuki's albums from?3[View]
249212Source?Source?: Source?2[View]
249271AnonymousMonitor Flicker: I'm at wit's end. The top few lines of pixels on my monitor flicker and I…10[View]
247959Anonymouswhat are some good anime of this season?7[View]
248945AnonymousChange here eye color to dark brown: Just thought that this girl would luke 100x cuter with hazel/br…4[View]
249178AnonymousNeed help changing a logo: Hey guys, I need help to change my logo. Basically its this picture i wan…5[View]
249420AnonymousWhere does this come from: I looked around the web for a while trying to figure it out but nothing…4[View]
249413AnonymousMusic Playlist: Where can an anon get some music playlist from? I don't care about genre but pr…2[View]
249410Maid sonicoMaid sonico: I'm looking maid sonico, and / or rare sonico images.1[View]
249014AnonymousSo I'm looking for a movie that is set in the past but not way back in time. There was an ill g…1[View]
249401AnonymousMusic: Requesting sad original R&B type hook for a song0[View]
249002AnonymousWinter 2017 Anime Recommendations: What's good this season?4[View]
249150Anonymousa short circuit caused my power supply to break down, smoke and burnt plastic smell. all components …4[View]
249369AnonymousNeed this image in high resolution. Does anyone know how to make it high resolution using photoshop …4[View]
249340AnonymousHey /wsr/ I'm trying to remember a game I used to play on a very old PC. The game was about a g…5[View]
248938AnonymousHow do I buy from Brazilian companies online as an American? Whenever I put in my credit card info i…9[View]
249122AnonymousCan somebody please drop the purple and blue framed meme of the guy with a finger up in the first sl…2[View]
249335AnonymousIs there a media player or any other kind of program that can play slideshows that include both imag…5[View]
248866AnonymousWhat is this?: hello mighty 4chan, does anybody here knows what is this used for ? We have no idea h…7[View]
248903AnonymousWhere can I download one .mp4 file with a number of episodes from Naruto instead of downloading them…6[View]
248794AnonymousRemove text without cropping: Can anyone remove the text in this image without cropping? Thanks! so…8[View]
249293AnonymousDoes anyone have more images of Asian women with bleak or depressing subtitles?5[View]
248970AnonymousGif edit: Dear anon, can you please edit this gif? Please put caption like 'anime' in her right hand…2[View]
249027AnonymousDoes anybody know the name of this girl? She is in the sinus rinse video4[View]
249314AnonymousLooking for the source of a particular [SFM]: I'm looking for an SFM video playing a mashup cal…0[View]
249232AnonymousRecommend me some browser games I can leave open in another tab and play occasionally.3[View]
248815AnonymousInfected Mushroom - Return to the Sauce - PREVIEW HELP!: Infected Mushroom is releasing their new al…1[View]
248974AnonymousThumbnail program: I forgot the name of the program that handles Windows Explorer thumbnail previews…2[View]
249088AnonymousSolve a mystery!: So this anime doesn't have a release date, anybody interested in finding that…6[View]
249269AnonymousI need the images that I'm going to post now in a considerable better quality, so I can put the…9[View]
249290AnonymousInvestigation Discovery series: Does any one know where can I watch series from Investigation Discov…0[View]
249256AnonymousShould I play Metal Gear Rising? Is it important to the story?: Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater Meta…2[View]
249273AnonymousHey /wsr/ Can you make this a wallpaper?4[View]
249265AnonymousSay I have two large speakers hooked up to a stereo amplifier, and I want to add a sub woofer to thi…1[View]
249107Anonymous>server name is correct >password is correct >still can't connect how can I fix this? …9[View]
249168AnonymousCould one of you angels please, please find or make me a Colossus Pepe-- a la Shadow of the Colossus…4[View]
249250AnonymousCan someone post/find a pdf version of this book online? need it for a class1[View]
249218MarkedInErrorWhoIsThisHumanWithMerylStreep: She seems familiar. The girl on the left. Please enjoy some arbitrary…8[View]
249208Anonymoussoftware: hi i need a software for editing video and making sounds ajustement4[View]
249223duepencey prep: Hi, im looking for a free download/torrent of this album, pencey prep - heartbreak in s…1[View]
249239AnonymousChannels not working on tv1[View]
249052AnonymousI've been looking for this fake school/term paper for a while now. It's kind of like the o…2[View]
247773AnonymousWindows XP: Is it even possible to use Windows XP on a PC with: -Intel i5 or i7 at 2.99ghz or more? …47[View]
249210AnonymousGreentext request: Does anyone have the greentext of Scotland, england ,ireland and Wales sitting do…0[View]
249182AnonymousPassword reset via cmd: Hey, can anyone help? Lost my password to an old laptop (dell Inspiron 1525)…2[View]
248944AnonymousWhenever I plug my phone into my computer I get this error? Anyone know how to fix this? Have tried,…6[View]
249033AnonymousPlease make him look Asian.2[View]
249193AnonymousSource on this fanart?: Is it made by some anon on /co/ or is made by someone else?0[View]
248720AnonymousHello, I am looking for the bane version in this style. I remember it saying 'If I remove the veil..…1[View]
249190AnonymousDoes anyone happen to have the full text for this play? In pdf or doc or whatever. I can only find p…0[View]
248937AnonymousSasha Keable: Hey guys, I've found these pics of Sasha Keable (will post the other two as repli…4[View]
248871AnonymousHello, /wsr/. Does anybody know any programs where I can lower my .mp3 quality in bulk? For example,…24[View]
249121AnonymousI've been stuck with shitty access to '''''computers'''…8[View]
248850AnonymousCan someone please help me collect as many of these MAGA awoos as possible? I'll post the ones…18[View]
249156AnonymousLooking for more of this kind of pictures. I'll post some more in the comments2[View]
248874AnonymousI need this alternate reality map. The original is white on black, I've seen it a few times on …1[View]
248915AnonymousI'm looking for the Visual Novel of Angel Beats UNTRANSLATED, so I can practice my japanese.2[View]
248653Anonymouswas just diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia pls recommend some anime for this feel10[View]
248933AnonymousHelp finding a shirt?: Could anyone help me in finding any store/website that has this design (or co…2[View]
248993Anonymouswhat cartoon is this from?3[View]
249118AnonymousDoes anyone have a higher quality version of this?0[View]
249094AnonymousWhat's a good battle shonen to read? Looking for something with transformations and named attac…2[View]
249077AnonymousCars almost crashing: Any remember a infinite looping gif where there were two or three different sh…1[View]
249060AnonymousPhotoshop please3[View]
249068PastafarianPastasss: Yello anons, Im looking for best pastas on 4chan. LET THE GAME BEGIN2[View]
249087AnonymousWhere to download uncensored South Park seasons?0[View]
248880AnonymousHow can I replicate this effect with various pictures that I have?11[View]
249079AnonymousNeed your help /a/ I saw some screenshots of an anime on /tg/ a while ago and am trying to figure ou…1[View]
248834AnonymousMind Breaking Old Game: Looking for a video that i remember seeing in a YGYL thread once, it was an …3[View]
249078AnonymousAfternoon /wsr/, anon here, not sure if this belongs on /mu/ or not, but its a start. Im looking for…0[View]
248510AnonymousCan men wear this bracelet?23[View]
249064AnonymousSauce on a manga where in a side o plot the female lead gets a job at a maid cafe which is run by a …0[View]
249055Anonymoushttps://m.youtube.com/watch?v=kkV4XDmr1-4 What is the webm at 1:32?0[View]
249048Anonymousdoes anyone have this without the caption1[View]
248682AnonymousPlz help: I've been receiving messages(pop-up windows) from my computer saying that it's i…9[View]
248954AnonymousHello. I would greatly appreciate it if someone could remove the dark line of text and number so onl…3[View]
249031Anonymouswho dis2[View]
248745AnonymousSlang term question: What is a known slang term for black women who like white men? I did a bit of s…2[View]
249030AnonymousWhat book is this picture from? I've seen it on /k/ a lot and it supposedly is an old CIA manua…1[View]
249023Anonymousrequesting for HD resolution: /wsg/, could you find for me the 1920 x 1080 version of this lina wall…0[View]
248977AnonymousFound this in a /v/ thread yesterday but never got the name of it. It's obviously Star Wars, bu…2[View]
249008Anonymoushow to run system restore before logon screen: was trying to change the backgound of my logon screen…3[View]
248990AnonymousWho's this?2[View]
248835AnonymousMac OS issues with wacom driver: http://a.co/74U2xn3 Hello /wsr/, I recently bought a Wacom Intuous…6[View]
248863AnonymousGraphics Gale: I don't really have the money to shill out for this program and I've alread…3[View]
248742AnonymousAppropriate YouTube place to share Videos?: I'm trying to find a place to share some YouTube vi…8[View]
248991广东Chinese models: Photoshop please1[View]
248989AnonymousDoes anyone have the pic of Pepe where it's tinted red and he's really mad but he's a…0[View]
248988AnonymousCan you guys shop pepe in place of uncle sam and wojak in the south american guy?0[View]
248900AnonymousFind the right URL without watermark: Hello friends, Are you able to find for me the original photo …3[View]
248590AnonymousHulk Special Edition Torrent or download link.: Does anyone have a torrent or download link for this…1[View]
248495AnonymousPhotoshop plz: Can anyone help clean this photo up? The main focus is the trac bar going from left t…3[View]
248736AnonymousCostum: Hi, I'm searchin' the red clown boots and the yellow uniform from this picture (or…3[View]
248796AnonymousDoes anybody know that cropped image of the white girl and a black hand on the side of her face? ple…2[View]
248881Anonymous/r/ Anime song: Greeting you, the mighty anon of /r/ Today I have a challenge worthy of you. But it …3[View]
248846AnonymousSolicitud Seeder please ;_;: https://www.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=8838521[View]
248679AnonymousDoes /wsr/ knows about good places on the Internet to learn about fashion, like legit fashion forums…5[View]
248321AnonymousImages of laughter: I would like to request reaction images that convey laughter in some way. Would …10[View]
248965AnonymousPlease edit/include me with the group below. Thanks in advance.1[View]
248856AnonymousHigh-Res version?: Hello all, I'm looking for a higher-resolution version of this cover for the…1[View]
248958AnonymousTeen titans & young justice: I have 2 very specifice runs of these comics in mind. The first is …3[View]
248797AnonymousCan someone give this a watermark please?3[View]
248941AnonymousDank fields: Hey guys, just need this at 2560 x1440 res so it doesn't look horrible on my deskt…2[View]
248821AnonymousHis left eye, can somebody make it red? i'm completely incompetent at photoshop.5[View]
248925AnonymousLooking for the Indie version of qubicle for download, please share.0[View]
248765can anyone help me to find the best screen recorder and editing pls :Dyou would help me alot because i used camtasia trial and it dont let me do anything with out the wat…3[View]
248843AnonymousI need the blacked hand image for some memes k thx3[View]
248419AnonymousI have a possible problem with keyloggers. I mean, I certainly had, but I don't know how to ch…5[View]
248867AnonymousI have asked on /g/ but I thought it best to ask here too. I have programs that can add album art (a…4[View]
248280AnonymousWho is this guy?: I found him on 2ch. Who is he?2[View]
248389Anonymouscan anyone recommend me a laptop for $400 ? Just want something that isn't a complete piece of …2[View]
248886AnonymousDoes anyone know what the hell is wrong with my computer screen3[View]
248836AnonymousTech support request >Had to reload a new Windows10 after OS failure, had Win10 previously. 64bit…1[View]
248809AnonymousLooking for a textbook pdf. >Energy, Physics and the Environment; 3rd Edition by E.L. McFarland, …2[View]
248872AnonymousReaction memes: I am requesting reaction memes that I can use daily, gif jpg and webm's are muc…1[View]
248783AnonymousThere's a tonne of PS2 games I've been wanting to play for a while and I figured the easie…3[View]
248805AnonymousLooking for guides on how to make a tulpa, I want to see for myself if it's a meme or not.2[View]
248833Anonymoushttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=em9q3rUPdg4 I would like source to memes and shit like the video and…0[View]
248831AnonymousDoes anyone have the picture of a cute girl in a juggernaut suit with the visor part open that revea…0[View]
248830AnonymousHunting Video Source: I'm looking for a video I saw in /wsg/ a while ago. The video was of a ma…0[View]
248824AnonymousDoes anyone recognize the soundtrack that's playing behind the video: https://youtu.be/OkIeqJNJ…0[View]
248820Anonymouswhat is .onion.rip and what is it used for?0[View]
248759AnonymousDo you guys know any good sites for HD streaming? Predominantly TV shows.1[View]
248564AnonymousLyrics Request: Can anyone find the lyrics (not translated) for this song? I tried myself but I don…1[View]
248813AnonymousMoving: moving to CA san diego Encinitas any cool places for an artist ? I would love an industrial …0[View]
248812AnonymousRegular Show: Looking for a torrent (preferably 1080p) of season 7 of regular show. I have 1-6 alrea…0[View]
248810AnonymousAnyone have this image without the text?1[View]
248761AnonymousStrange wart on my arm: it started off as a small wound and then i peeled off the skin too many time…4[View]
248770AnonymousAnyone have sauce on this?4[View]
248803Anonymoushttps://www.change.org/p/santa-clause-will-you-give-a-monkey-a-banana?source_location=minibar Sign o…0[View]
248776AnonymousDoes anyone have an English list of the 2chan (Futaba) boards?2[View]
248758AnonymousWho is dis animey grill2[View]
248799AnonymousI can't find the full image for this. Please help me. Only think I know is that her name is Emi…0[View]
248766AnonymousWhat anime is this?2[View]
248784Lavdroshklev Mk.IXSauce: Please sauce me up3[View]
248785AnonymousWhat is this guy's name? Seen him on a few sites.0[View]
248779AnonymousNeed help of Japanese speaker: Hello I need the help of someone who can comprehend Japanese. I would…0[View]
248772Please photoshop an eagle on his eyebrowsPhotoshop: Pls0[View]
248338AnonymousAnyone know the name of the song?: https://youtu.be/gWNkGDGfMlY?t=13595 In the description it says '…4[View]
248764AnonymousHelp out Brendan: would anyone here be willing to show a bit of support for once beloved actor Brend…0[View]
248617AnonymousCan someone tell me what this tattoo said? Maybe the image is mirrored, I dont know.3[View]
248757AnonymousA missing YouTube video.: This is perhaps the most important thing to ever haunt me for years. It…0[View]
248391AnonymousDoes anyone have the pic of the girl?: I've been searching for if forever. A transparent versio…6[View]
248752AnonymousArch Linux Xorg crash: So, after finally upgrading my Arch Linux system and fixing some issues that …0[View]
248751AnonymousPlease help me, I've been struggling with this issue for quite some time. On my windows 10 inst…2[View]
247946AnonymousDisplay JSON string: Hello, Got some Javascript code, converts to JSON and saves in local storage. N…17[View]
248737AnonymousTabloid: Does anyone know how or where to watch the episodes of the series Tabloid for free? It is f…0[View]
248716AnonymousPhotoshop Characters: Hi all! I created some characters with heromachine 3. I was wondering is someo…9[View]
248587AnonymousHey /wsr/ I was wondering if you guys knew what kind of computer I should get for gaming. I have no …19[View]
248574AnonymousHey /wsr/. Can you recommend me a good anime with high-quality (complicated) plot and/or characters?…6[View]
248356AnonymousI cannot, for the fucking life of me, figure out where the hell this little lighter came from other …1[View]
248212Anonymousred eyes please1[View]
248273AnonymousMake a game plot for a cowboy who's also a skilled swordfighter with samurai swords. Who's…2[View]
248032AnonymousI heard that some actor from the next star wars had accidentally revealed a big part of the next mov…2[View]
248549AnonymousI'm in the mood for a visually stunning movie or TV-show. Maybe sci-fi or alternative? Somethin…3[View]
248650AnonymousSomeone help me get the key or plaintext out of this??: HUUSLESVNXKRRHVEDDPCHSHCLE BWUIJXPOGCPTGPYDS…4[View]
248511Anonymousdoes anyone know a good board that I could start a Studio Ghibli Discussion/General thread on? (assu…4[View]
248541AnonymousHow have the ideas of boundaries and the actual boundaries of the internet changed, and how has it e…1[View]
248661AnonymousHey I can't figure out the name of this movie The movie is about diffrent kids in a neighburhoo…1[View]
248657AnonymousIs there anyway to upload .mp3 to bandcamp ? I just downloaded hundreds of musics to make albums on …2[View]
248645AnonymousFinding shit game [weeb]: Hey, tryn'a find a game i lost a while ago, really shit dating sim, s…1[View]
248643AnonymousCan someone make this photo 16:92[View]
248360AnonymousHello, /wsr/. I am trying to look for a song that may have the title 'Sakura'. It has been since 201…12[View]
248582AnonymousHelp with my PC, files infected with ransomware: hello! all my files have gotten infected with this …3[View]
248216AnonymousWhat are considered the best TV shows of all time?7[View]
248630AnonymousVirtual DJ 8.2 crack: Does anyone have the crack/key/unlocker for Virtual DJ 8.2? Thanks in advance…1[View]
248561AnonymousCheesecake expirations?: So i got these real dandy cheesecakes that are around fifty dollars retail …4[View]
248623No captionsI'm looking for this picture withouth captions, help pls2[View]
247640AnonymousNeed new anime to watch. Suggestions?10[View]
248610AnonymousI've got some headphones (Urbanears Plattan) with a microphone but only one cord. Because my pc…2[View]
248620AnonymousI have a request for someone to find/draw some DnD character art. I already have art for my characte…0[View]
248586AnonymousTake home quiz: Teacher gave a take-home quiz that she said there was no limits with how we got the …3[View]
248390AnonymousPhotoshop eye color change requests?: I would like the girl in the picture to have brown/dark brown …1[View]
248348AnonymousCan anyone identify the noise that is made only a few seconds later after Falcon says >We did it …3[View]
248578AnonymousAre there any bands like Swallow The Sun?1[View]
247883AnonymousLooking for Guilty Crown all episodes DROPPED picture Pic unrelated3[View]
248555AnonymousA presentation: Hello, I am doing a presentation soon in my class and the topic is climate zones. We…1[View]
248013Anonymouscan someone identify all these yters for me9[View]
248522AnonymousPhysics Homework: I already have the answers in paranthesis, so I just need to know how to get to th…3[View]
248300AnonymousLooking for a Vietnam movie I saw when I was young: Looking for a Vietnam movie I saw when I was you…2[View]
248542Anonymouscan someoen put on my face some black metal make vp?5[View]
248570AnonymousDatabase interview: Can someone who uses a database system answer the following questions? 1. Where …0[View]
248409AnonymousHey /wsr/, I'm currently building a new computer and I've encountered a problem. Does it m…2[View]
248536AnonymousCan you please give me some yt let's plays videos in german but with german subtitles? Can…1[View]
248035AnonymousI'm doing a cosplay of gilgamesh and I'm looking for some pants that looks similar to thes…2[View]
248539AnonymousDoes anyone have a pdf for Clear Thinking in a Blurry World by Tim Kenyon? I need it for my fluff cl…0[View]
248538Anonymousgood cheap headphones/ headset: Hello /g/ so recently my headphones broke (pic related) and I wante…0[View]
248535AnonymousPhotoshop request: Can someone improve the resolution of his beanie or make it a SVG? Thanks a lot b…1[View]
248531AnonymousHi anons, I'm looking for PDF or EPUB version of Key Concepts in Renaissance Literature by Malc…0[View]
248011AnonymousDoes anyone have the audio clip of Adam Jensen's voice actor saying this?4[View]
248523AnonymousI'm trying to find the woollen jacket on the left and colourful one on the right, can anyone he…0[View]
248486kokaHalp plz: Does anybody now why this python script spits out both 'NiCe LeVeL FaGgot' and …4[View]
248086AnonymousAdobe Flash: Hey /wsr/, today I'd like to ask if any of you ever has flash cs5 or cs6. I'm…9[View]
248061AnonymousAnyone has Acquisitions Incorporated - The Holiday Special?: Hey, new Penny Arcade Acquisitions Inco…2[View]
248228AnonymousTransparent request: Can someone please make this transparent?2[View]
248464AnonymousImage Sauce?: SAUCE! PLZ! And an english DL/TOR link. THANK3[View]
248440Image requestI remember seeing an image a while back of a touhou character (I think) Drinking milk and spilling i…4[View]
248077AnonymousA couple of days ago I noticed that the youtube comments section layout had changed for me, and at t…4[View]
248431AnonymousBuddy Strike: Looking for the 3 translated viz chapters of Buddy Strike in english. HorribleScans we…2[View]
248085Anonymousmovie: recommend me some uplifting movie /wsr/4[View]
248197AnonymousSo I spilled champagne on my laptop last night, I've let it dry for about 10 hours, tried to tu…13[View]
248456AnonymousSome /ss/ manga: Not sure about it, but surely saw this on /a/ but can't find the thread. It wa…0[View]
248333AnonymousInfographic thread: Interesting infographics2[View]
248454AnonymousWhy can't I find a torrent link of this despite it being popular? http://store.steampowered.com…1[View]
248254AnonymousHow can I get Bluetooth to function on my (desktop) PC? I have Windows 10. I've already done a …7[View]
248439AnonymousDoes anyone know what this is from2[View]
248207AnonymousCan someone make a transparent pic of this gal please?2[View]
248441AnonymousGolden Globe Awards 2017 Stream: So das anyone know where i can watch the golden globes 2017 online?…0[View]
247973AnonymousShitty RWBY Fanfic Help: Hey /WSR/, I'm writing a dumb little RWBY fan fiction for shit's …3[View]
248261AnonymousCan anyone help me find some pdfs for these textbooks? Ive already checked most of the popular websi…1[View]
248342AnonymousPodcast Art: Looking for someone who would be interested in doing art for my podcast, it'll be …1[View]
248353AnonymousPhotoshop Request: I need a document slightly edited via Photoshop , I'm willing to pay $20 for…1[View]
248108AnonymousSong Request: Looking for a song that I discovered through an /x/ thread in December of either 2012 …3[View]
248424AnonymousSay, could someone find a meaning behind such a dream? Somehow a blond noble girl, name unknown, fro…2[View]
248421AnonymousAnybody know whats wrong with my pc. The audio randomly stopped working the other night and I'v…2[View]
248405AnonymousWhat is a good long lasting laptop, of any size, for under or around $200-250? New, used, any condit…4[View]
248226AnonymousCan anyone help me find a gif/webm like this that loops perfectly? Thanks1[View]
247697AnonymousTranslation: Gonna dump a bunch of Pixiv images I really want translated. Please and thanks!! A repl…13[View]
247999AnonymousHow can I download this video?: video : http://kissanimes.us/nasu-migratory-bird-suitcase/…2[View]
248392AnonymousWhat's wrong with my computer?: Was playing some vidya when all of a sudden my computer froze. …6[View]
248378AnonymousArmy or Military mom story: I remember that some time ago when I was browsing the boards I found a s…1[View]
248382AnonymousDoes anyone know a good website/sites for downloading free books?2[View]
248252AnonymousAnyone know where this is from?2[View]
248366Ai Mai Mii Original Soundtrack+http://vgmdb.net/album/40171 I have been looking for this album for a while with no results, does an…5[View]
248328AnonymousLooking for live-action Midori Shoujo Tsubaki movie: preferably a torrent, or at least somewhere I c…1[View]
248373AnonymousSSB Gohan pic search: Hello I'm having a difficult time searching a picture of SSB Gohan with h…0[View]
248371AnonymousCan anyone good at photoshop make this can say 'Diet Dr. Kelp' instead of Diet Dr. Pepper in a simil…0[View]
248329AnonymousI know I cannot ask /mu/ for requests, but can somebody find the lyrics (and maybe the vocalists) fo…3[View]
248345AnonymousAnyone have a HQ copy of Duncan the wonder Dog they would like to share? PDF or CBR would be perfect1[View]
248367AnonymousI need to buy a fake diploma: I need to buy a fake college diploma with transcripts. What's the…0[View]
248307AnonymousYoutube 'Likes' playlist: Is there ANY way to delete all liked videos from my account? I have easily…3[View]
247310AnonymousNeed images edited: Hello, /wsr/ I need some images edited. Could you make it so that the background…15[View]
248350AnonymousJudy Hopps Gun to head: Anyone have the pic of Judy Hopps with the gun to her head a la the Brendan …0[View]
248246AnonymousGundam 0079 Music: Calling all gundam fans. I'm having the hardest time finding this song at 14…3[View]
248347AnonymousIs there a website that I can use to follow ongoing fansub projects? I want to find out what shows f…0[View]
248276AnonymousI'm looking for a good place to download torrents, specifically music. Many of the usual places…1[View]
247872Anonymouswhen I installed my Corsair H90, I noticed the logo is not straight as you can see in the pic, is th…13[View]
248325AnonymousIn Gintama, one of Hijikata Toushirou's title is Thorny. But what was it in Japanese? Had to as…1[View]
248324AnonymousTrying to find Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou manga in English. A hard copy of it. Anyone have any leads if…0[View]
248292AnonymousCould someone remove the watermark please?7[View]
248288Anonymouslooking for the rest of this: Anyone got the rest of this post? I'd like to know how she reflec…2[View]
248301AnonymousDecipher: I need anons good with decryption. I'm willing to give 1 bitcoin if your answer is co…0[View]
247817AnonymousDoes anyone have that photo of the ginger kid taking a selfie in the mirror while vaping naked?7[View]
248196Anonymousdoes anyone have the full version of this image?1[View]
247248AnonymousLooking for a reaction image. Drew this to give an idea on what it looks like. Pretty sure the guy i…5[View]
248289AnonymousLooking for a (meme) song on bandcamp that had pic related as the image. It was a rap (?) song that …0[View]
248287AnonymousThis is an absolute Hail Mary pass put let's give this a shot. I'm a Grade 11 student that…0[View]
247898Anonymousjust wondering if anyone has the Ultimate Nintendo: Guide to the NES Library pdf3[View]
248283AnonymousAnyone have the full sized pic with the other statue? Reverse search comes up with nothing.0[View]
248154AnonymousIt seems that all answers are in a way correct; which would be best, though?13[View]
248277AnonymousSauce: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=kkV4XDmr1-4 What is the webm at 1:32?0[View]
248274AnonymousSynthwave: Where can I download HOME-puzzle for free?0[View]
248266AnonymousI neeeeeed it1[View]
248256AnonymousHelp with some books: Anyone have these? >The Franchise E-factor >Profitable Partnerships both…2[View]
247951Anonymousphotoshop request: as you can see, I had to put a shitty blur border around the image on my profile …7[View]
248222AnonymousReccomend some steam games for $20 or less. Thanks :)5[View]
248070AnonymousSomeone give this guy glowing yellow eyes and replace the text with 'I'm growing stronger'. Man…3[View]
247988AnonymousNeed Windows 10 Inside Out PDF: Poor college student looking for a PDF version of this book.2[View]
248248AnonymousPhoto Help: I used a phot app to store and hide photos but when I went to export them it had a -1x-1…0[View]
247735AnonymousAssassination of Andrey Karlov & LazyTown: Does anyone have the version with the banana peels? A…9[View]
247766AnonymousSomebody knows her name?5[View]
248241Anonymousdp link of info or knowledge i lost my0[View]
248240AnonymousUbuntu Help: was updating my old linux box from 14.10 to 16.04. it had been out of work for over hal…0[View]
248155AnonymousDownloads for the following books please: Behind Bars by Elaine Gould Counterpoint by Kent Kennan Th…3[View]
248219AnonymousDoes anyone have a torrent of this film?1[View]
248217AnonymousI am curious to see if anyone can make a slight but possibly difficult edit to this picture. The pic…0[View]
248195Anonymouslooking for this image in 1920x10801[View]
248151AnonymousAnyone has the original picture of the 3 guys?1[View]
248173Help with Italian restaurant locationBusiness location: I have a friend who's wife wants to go to the restaurant in the picture. How…2[View]
248110AnonymousYou go out to dinner with friends, and everyone decides to split the check evenly. There were five p…2[View]
248183AnonymousCan anyone locate this ring?: I've searched and searched for this ring. All I've been told…2[View]
248170AnonymousWhat's a good but not too expensive wireless mouse?2[View]
247954AnonymousVaporwave: Any music genres that send visual images like vaporwave and ambient?2[View]
248097AnonymousLaptop trouble: I have owned a lenovo z50-70 laptop (model name 20354) for roughly two and a half ye…4[View]
247905AnonymousThis is driving me crazy: I just have to find this music/song/track whatever the fuck it is. I'…1[View]
248100cbrowninstalling win8.1 - straight exe halp: I'm trying to reinstall windows 8.1, the OS that this co…12[View]
248036AnonymousI need some suggestions on what could be causing the following: >6 months ago >'Windows failed…5[View]
248027AnonymousRequesting: Requesting a good action, adventure or comedy anime to watch, nothing to Moe thanks!…10[View]
248008AnonymousHey im looking for some textbooks if anyone had any of these i would appreciate it. the little seagu…1[View]
248147Anonymousrequesting that image where there are a bunch of wojak's and they all have their hand on Chino.…0[View]
248099AnonymousHey, /wsr/, first time poster here. I have been trying to figure out an equation. obviously knowing …7[View]
248127AnonymousLooking for the webm where mommy comes home from the groceries where she bought me chicken tendies a…0[View]
248122AnonymousAny good site to download the tv series ``The Office´´? The american one. I wold buy it from amazon …2[View]
247964AnonymousWhat anime is this6[View]
248083Chapter MasterRequesting image: Can someone just share the better version of this image with the max resolution po…2[View]
248113AnonymousWho originally drew this reaction image, and what's it called?1[View]
247426Anonymouspc problems: Can anybody give me a little advice? My computer has been fucking up badly lately. It r…2[View]
247717epub torrent requestAnyone kindly know of a live torrent magnet for an epub format Concise Oxford Dictionary of English.…3[View]
245078AnonymousEmperor of Solo play light novel RAWs: I am looking for raws for 'Emperor of solo play'. It is a K…11[View]
248087Anonymoushttp://vocaroo.com/i/s1KdRBkwXJOz I cant remember for the life of me where this melody comes from pl…0[View]
248082Anonymoushello could anybody please make me a steam icon for taito legends 2 similar to the one posted, sourc…0[View]
248068AnonymousWhat are your illegal website for ebooks ? I've heard a lot about russian virtual libraries but…2[View]
248075Anonymous3ds: Since I am a complete dumbass retard ect, I bricked 2 of my 3ds'. I came here to ask what …0[View]
248042AnonymousWho or what is she? I think it's some kind of ARG, but I haven't been able to find out.5[View]

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