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417079Dugin new book: the geopolitician of doom has a new book out. >The rise of the fourth political t…[View]
416480Please recommend me some manga series with these stipulations: 1. Has an official English translatio…[View]
416864Best place to torrent GC and Wii games? love anon[View]
416667dudes I'm a noob to the world of smartwatches, but i want one for my Android Note 3 smartphone.…[View]
417065Girl waiting for Russian train: I need to find a piece of anime/manga style artwork of a little girl…[View]
416948I'm to incompetent to do it myself, thanks in advance.[View]
417010Dance name?: I keep seeing this dance in various memes and am curious as to its origins.[View]
416979Saved image from years ago.: Anyone know the origin, or artist for this image.[View]
416279weird request need a quick photo made: Can someone please try to make a cow bell in the shape of a j…[View]
417047Any ideas on how to view private instragram photos without following?[View]
416907can i pls have shovel wallpapers?[View]
417038mouse is fucked: Well it appears i have to turn to 4chan for help. My issue with this mouse is odd W…[View]
417035im trying to find source of pic related already tried saucenow, google, yandex, iqdb etc. but cant g…[View]
416987Send help, I don't understand what to do[View]
417036can i get this image but without the text and better quality?[View]
417024Hello. I'm trying to figure out the name of an album, and I can't remember it. It was very…[View]
417007can someone make these 26 images into a .ttf file? i want to use it as a font https://a.safe.moe/IQc…[View]
417003Flashcard: What is that flashcard program called? I think it is Japanese. Does it work with windows?…[View]
416847Looking for a Mac copy/torrent of Her Story. Cant seem to find it anywhere online, already purchased…[View]
416989Just finished pic related and was wondering if there are any show with a similar art style and a rea…[View]
416998Any more music similar to the one in this video, or a genre name or something? https://www.youtube.c…[View]
416677Weird request: Pig with wing on dance floor: Please, can somebody help me with photoshoping pig with…[View]
416995What was that shounen romcom manga that ended a few years back where main girl could potentially die…[View]
416781What are some decent movies with middle/high school female protagonists and setting?[View]
416981I need more games like The Hidden where you can play as a regular grunt with a gun and are up agains…[View]
416590Does this HD exist?: Can someone please find this in HD? Google and Tineye turn up zip. It's fr…[View]
416944Issue with a math problem.: Not exactly homework, extra credit, but the fact I can't solve it s…[View]
416977Does anyone have scans of the 'Art of Dragon Age Inquisition' book? I want to mine it or D&D cha…[View]
416976Yo can someone help me out i know a full version of this exists with all of the phantom thieves but …[View]
416975Does anyone know the name of the song playing in this webm? I'm thinking it might be some local…[View]
416969Does anyone have that webm or gif of a model walking towards the camera on a catwalk in bikini. She …[View]
416902Anyone know what the name of this yokai from Yokai Watch is?[View]
416843Worried/Hesitant/Unsure anime girl gif: I would accept any such gifs but the particular gif that I h…[View]
416925I watched step brothers today and they did the same fucking thing like in little nicky and freddy go…[View]
416852Looking for the source/artist of this drawing[View]
416945I'm trying to find a wargame for me and my girlfriend. I have a couple Age of Sigmar start coll…[View]
416878Source or Name of this Character: Just wondering what the name of this anime character is from the /…[View]
416876/wsr/ help me id who this girl/actress from the jl trailer is[View]
416626What the hell is this from? I've seen pictures and references of it pop up and everyone acts li…[View]
416913can anyone tell me what architecture style this building has?[View]
416705could someone screencap this thread? >>>/fit/43637642[View]
416823Make this a meme: Do literally anything with this, photoshop him onto things, idc, just make it funn…[View]
416841Can someone link me a ISO of the lastest version/service pack of Windows XP 64-bit? It needs to be a…[View]
416745What is this referencing? I keep seeing this in anime, is it from a period drama or something?[View]
416746Bacteria: Bacteria can acquire a plasmid containing an antibiotic resistance gene. Why is this an im…[View]
416899One key on keyboard not working: For the last week or so I've noticed that my F10 key doesn…[View]
416851https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AK6GXdlcdmQ Who's the blonde? I imagine she's a destroyer …[View]
416015Looking for an anime: Hey I am looking for an anime where the main character is trash I mean like me…[View]
416024How to find images? Maybe without watermarks like in pic related?[View]
416886BAP Almirante Grau: Can anyone tell me what will happen to this ship? Even though I understand spani…[View]
416881When a USB I was formatting finished doing so, it stopped being readable. I went to see if it would …[View]
416879Is there any good p2p client made especifically for movies?[View]
416329green text of anon analzyign and proving it was a woman who replied and explaining why: Looking for …[View]
416748Fireworks - looking for source: Saw this image on friends mobile and I would need the full picture a…[View]
416861ship girls: can't find the source. Help me anon.[View]
416374How do I count this shit?[View]
416723Any one know?: Any one know this anime only saw a clip a while back no name but seemed like a slave …[View]
416827What Anime is this bitch from? I've been searching all day and couldn't find anything.[View]
416724Engineering Economics homework help: Hi, I need help deciding what to write for my final paper. The …[View]
416848Anyone has the ending preview of Heaven's Feel showing the next movie?[View]
416470Please make an pepe meme dying of laughter[View]
416824Treasure Trove Cove: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3nxFYoGNJKc Looking for more music with this ae…[View]
416318I have an album and each audio track has a different album art embedded. When I open one of them it …[View]
416617Requesting more images (especially webms) of anime girls being treated like they all deserve. Pic ve…[View]
416822Hello, I was wondering if anyone who sees this has the image of Dawn in manga form getting a drink t…[View]
415593What are some anime with female protagonists that are pretty smart or at least somewhat clever? Pic …[View]
416814Looking for a hideously long gif. Some of it was racy but there was nothing explicit, so I think thi…[View]
416811Anyone that can read Japanese: Can someone tell me what this says? I got a slot machine as an early …[View]
416622I want to be a mod...what should I do?[View]
416806Can someone help me solve this?[View]
416801I'm looking for comic/cartoon in then/now manner. In first half it's a man hunting animal …[View]
416798Can anyone tell me where is this from?: Is it a movie or something?[View]
416706Need a good name for a squad: Need a good name for a squad on Heroes and Generals.[View]
416717New Computer, Need Pics: Hey everyone, I got a new computer and forgot to get all my image files fro…[View]
416788hey guys, where can i find an AABB Specter Dr? the SU-230/pvs in FDE the one listed 'in stock' on a…[View]
416616Cant find the song, no music identification site does the job https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=acVc6H…[View]
416688Song Plot: This song obviously tells a story but I'm too stupid to put it together by just visu…[View]
416247I've been struggling to make this logo with a bunch of free to use shit for too long when I…[View]
416725anyone have a higher quality version of this?[View]
416731anyone know what the source on this guys icon is?[View]
416680Any source for this picture? I want to know why kid has pistol.[View]
416594Can anyone tell me the exact second where the year ends in Hidamari Sketch x Hoenycomb?[View]
416576Anyone knows the answer?[View]
416047Free Patreon Rewards: I once heard of a place where people can get patreon rewards for free, anyone …[View]
416629PC Fans Help: I've got an issue with my PC fans. My computer is a custom build but recently by …[View]
416641need help translate japanese: 新しい奴っす。 俺のワガママですが、独りに戻りました。 今までありがとう。 また会った時に話させてください would really ap…[View]
416612Induced emf: This the right place for homework help? If i have a rotation with period 0.06s, it spin…[View]
416574Who is the artist behind this cutie pie?[View]
416648Ectogenesis foundation links?: I need knowledge of ectogenesis donations so I can begin my lifelong …[View]
416638amigurumi crochet patterns: Requesting some help in looking for patterns to make sexy crochet or ami…[View]
416634Please vote XDDD: Guys, can you press a few buttons and vote for my school? Just press the word that…[View]
416605After studying the Mexican-American war I'm in a particularly bitter mindset when it comes to m…[View]
415463Recommendations: I would like to start watching anime, but I don't know from where to start. I …[View]
415798Just installed a new GPU yesterday, it was working really fine. And then today when i turned on my p…[View]
416596Where can I find (or how is it called) this kind of photos, Point Of View as someone taking a photo …[View]
415112THAT Windows 7 thumbnail cache issue...: The fucking thing just keeps deleting itself with regular i…[View]
416388Identifying a song: From a movie- and I can't even remember the movie. What I do remember is th…[View]
416570This anime?: Can any good soul sauce me this anime? gif and pic related http://pa1.narvii.com/6513/1…[View]
416580Where is the global board of 4chan? Would it be the main page? What is blotter?[View]
416553pic related[View]
416584Limit test for p-aminophenol in paracetamol: Why is sodium nitroprusside used in the limit test for …[View]
416435Could someone identify all the anime in this picture?[View]
416573Anyone have that Gilbert Grape pepe? He had big teeth, hair on his head and big blue eyes and green …[View]
416405How do i see (You)'s ?[View]
416446WTF is that: Cane someone please tell me what is that thing ?[View]
416565Does anybody have the screenshot of a thread, think from /b/, where one of the posts is 'checke…[View]
416417Anyone know a better image viewer for Windows 10?[View]
416543I'm looking for a game in which you build your own dungeon and defend stuff, perhaps similar to…[View]
416534Which convex function f becomes non-convex when squared? I.e. f(x) is convex, and f^2 (x) is not. I …[View]
416082Random restart on Windows 10: So just a while ago my computer automatically restarted itself with no…[View]
416554Gif 'Pretty-fying': Could someone remove the background from this Gif?[View]
416362Robot/Android Girl with purple eyes: I'm looking for a picture of a girl who is either an andro…[View]
416521Would you bois be able to tell me the breed of this dog? Thank[View]
416490local weeb needs a waifu's name: im a faggot weeb but so are some people on this website, so if…[View]
416514mechanical dinosaur-like monster.: >>411331 was looking for this a fortnight ago. Maybe he…[View]
416519I've seen this picture many times before, where is it from? Sorry for bad quality.[View]
416515Is there an inverted version of this Wojak (ex. Smug, but wearing a crying mask)?[View]
416512John wick 2, wick in rome intro: Can anyone tell me what piece the intro is from? I feel like I…[View]
416153lambda calculus problem how the fuck can I use the lemma from 2.2 in 2.3 (i) ?[View]
416508Reqesting a webm of a Kanye West interview edited with sound of an old internet modem. Picture is fr…[View]
416488https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CNPKXfb3rws Anyone know the song from 0:17 to 0:23? It feels strange…[View]
416393I have a laptop with Windows 10 on it but the hard drive broke. Can I still reinstall windows on a r…[View]
416476Math shit: How can x^3sqrt(x) be rewritten as x^7/2? Specifically I'm asking what steps involvi…[View]
416485What anime is that from?: Thats pretty much it. Google and other sites services help me or im just s…[View]
414674I want to view these images in higher quality and higher resolution. https://imgur.com/gallery/iozJH…[View]
416367anime encoding comparison shots: is there any program to generate sets of screenshots between videos…[View]
416468Any idea where I can find left to right versions of Akira and Ghost in the Shell? Dark Horse shitty …[View]
416448Who drew this and who is she?[View]
416464Has anyone got Alice in Hell raws for volumes 4 to 6? Seriously, I've searched the whole fuckin…[View]
415991Graph theory: Hi /wsr/ I'd like to have an advice about my homework. I need to make a program t…[View]
416319Anyone know what the games being shown in this video at at 5:10 and at 6:12 are? https://www.youtube…[View]
416447any sauce on the song[View]
416445I want to read some artistically ambitious manga. Preference for depressing subject material.[View]
416437Anyone know the sauce? Reverse search gives me nothing[View]
416426the fuck is this image from?[View]
416234i need someone to photo shop a pic of me with pic related, ill upload the two pics i have[View]
416182Articy Draft Key/Crack: I was wondering if anyone had a link to a cracked version of either articy d…[View]
416325does anyone have this image without the text but still with the santa hat?[View]
416204Finding free books: So, how does one find free pdf versions of books? I see mega links posted from t…[View]
416414Blank version of map: Where can I find a blank version of this map? thanks anon![View]
416394Does anyone have a link to a gmod animation, where Coach from L4D 2 dances to Pumped Up Kicks? I can…[View]
416349Is this the place to make Japanese translation requests? (in b4 pleasure of being cummed inside) Hop…[View]
416402There's an edit of this comic where the guy is essentially 'humanity fuck yeah, deal with it' i…[View]
416208Looking for pdf of textbook: https://cambridgepub.com/book/finman5e This one to be exact[View]
416350I just got Firefox Quantum two days ago so my extensions and everything I had previously saved was d…[View]
415916I'm looking for a face reaction jpg, I think it's a robot with big teeth, a yellow cartoon…[View]
416341Identifying song: Can someone help me out and find out where this music from this is from? I think i…[View]
416382Photohsop: Please fix the cat's face to look natural.[View]
415741hi: Someone please help me decode this who has experience. I've been struggling with it for the…[View]
416376Youtube malware: Give me links to Youtube videos containing malware, no videos from a year or earlie…[View]
415769Is there any actual funny animes out there? Most of the comedy comes down to >nosebleed >boobs…[View]
416132Anyone have more girls with messy rooms?[View]
416272Simple photoshop request: Could someone make her eyes a green like this? http://picture-cdn.wheretog…[View]
415825Hey guys does anyone have an image of harvey weinstein and kevin spacey melded into one?[View]
4160022hu reaction pics: I'm finding for angry reimu. It was a gif that went close up and turns red.…[View]
416366What videogame or cartoon is this fish from?[View]
416360Addon to open all images in different tabs: Just as the subject says, I'm after a way to instan…[View]
415923What’s the name of that Korean furry show with the two foxes?[View]
416150Hey /wsr/ what are some good websites for killing time[View]
416209Is there a trick to freeing up disk space? I don't even have that many games installed but I ne…[View]
415801What is the best LotGH release I should download?[View]
416236Offline Translator: Good day /wsr/ I have an upcoming essay in spanish and am looking for a decent '…[View]
416288Is there a bump limit for a non-OP?[View]
416337Dungeon madness audio book: I know I have shitty tastes but I bought the audio book for dungeon born…[View]
415696Does anyone have a link for Miraculous ladybug? I'm lookng for the french version (subbed)[View]
416216Does anyone know how to see deleted posts?[View]
415832Facebook Fake Account: Hey guys I need to make a face facebook account for shitposting, to protect m…[View]
416324Does anyone have the picture of that really hot distracting lady and Snake is just subtly in the bac…[View]
416042Can someone make a phone wallpaper with a custom date on it October 21 2017 I have a normie gf and s…[View]
416308Playing BDs: I want to get Blu-Rays to play on my computer's BD drive so I can take some screen…[View]
416280Need some help here: Can anybody tell me who this character is?[View]
416305Can anyone me if this is edited: I don't need the source I just need to know if this is edited …[View]
415806How does Japanese name work ? I'm trying to name some of my characters. Does combining the fir…[View]
416304Ive seen this picture quite a few times but I have no idea of the source and I can't seem to fi…[View]
415791Reaction pics plz: looking for some good reaction pics[View]
416232Hello /wsr/. I need some help with my /uni/ homework that i've been struggling with for like 2 …[View]
416075I recently asked for the custom CSS for the Halloween theme and someone pasted it to Pastebin: https…[View]
416294Meme request please: Some anon please draw The Mask 1994 Full HD with Jim Carrey as a concern meme. …[View]
416249So I just wanna know the artist of the female in this picture. Google image search has brought me no…[View]
4150434chan X Firefox webm controls: So I switched to FireFox Nightly today and installed 4chan X, but I c…[View]
416285MATH ROCK: im looking for any math rock torrents out there also math rock thread[View]
416173Higher res version of this pic?[View]
416251Direct vent installation: Sup /wsr/, I just got this direct vent propane heater to install in an 8x1…[View]
416266Anyone have or know of a torrent for the 1995 movie Little Orphan Annie's A Very Animated Chris…[View]
416160Someone please help me with this, its been happening with streaming aswell.[View]
416253Manga: What is the best release of Berserk, Monster, Battle Angel Alita and 20th Century Boys?…[View]
416242I remember this pretty hilarious comedy video where a dude in a wheelchair was being a complete cunt…[View]
416231https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bc8rP_qYw_g where do i find music like this?[View]
416090Alright, so windows updated yesterday and when I turned it on pic related happened. I tried to googl…[View]
416230Anyone have the edited webm of the elevator scene from drive where Ryan gosling just keeps stomping …[View]
416225Sailor Moon: Does anyone have a torrent or mega link for the Viz Dub of Sailor Moon S?[View]
416181Ok. let me try here before going directly to g. I got a couple of folders with 10.000+ files (mostly…[View]
416211Need recommendations on artists: /ic/ is pretty slow so asking here too I'm looking for recomme…[View]
416162I haven't been able to post on 4chan since I bought a new router. The site says I have a IP Ran…[View]
416189Hey wheres the best streaming site for films still in theaters?[View]
415902noise removal from audio: this audio is part of a track, it has this 0.5s weird sound is the backgro…[View]
414983Challenge: try to photoshop the black and white anarcho capitalist flag in the place of the commie f…[View]
415722Society: Party Animal comic: Looking for the Society: Party Animal comics. Anyone have scans or know…[View]
416076Anime Source: Hey friendos, looking for the source for these images: >>>/a/164825228 >…[View]
415929can anybody tell me what this image is? my friend keeps sending it to me and I can't find anyth…[View]
415812photo shop request: Can you put pickel ricks face on the cucumber in all 3 panels[View]
416152Where is this from?[View]
416079Can anyone help me find the full pic for this?: I'm almost 100% sure it's a scan from a ma…[View]
416116Can someone photoshop this into 2 scoops one Colbert, please? I won't post the whole comic.[View]
415993halp: Two balls are flying toward each other in space. Ball 1 weighs 500g and is going 3m/s, ball 2 …[View]
416129Liquid limit test water content help: I'm pretty sure i do [(10.32 - 5.43)/(13.69 - 5.43)] x 10…[View]
416095Identify this uniform?: anyone know exactly what these uniforms are/were called in the British army …[View]
416127I am searching for a meme that shows a bottom text saying something along the lines of 'when your cr…[View]
416006Is there a free web service that would let me call my phone, that doesn't give my number out to…[View]
416124Manga In Theory And Practice: Does anyone have a link to download this book? I've been looking …[View]
416123does anyone have a keygen for FL Studios 12? pic not related[View]
416092Does anyone have a bigger version of this Hot Topic Core chart? This is the only version on the /mu/…[View]
415551Ending Note (Death of a Japanese Salesman): Looking for torrent/magnetlink for Ending Note (Death of…[View]
416118Cpu temperature rises by 15+ degrees Celsius and increases usage by 10% when moving mouse around the…[View]
416072im trying to remember the name of a goosebumps like kids horror anthology series. All i remember abo…[View]
415711Windowsmachine broke: I was playing a game on steam and it crashed. The windows not responding dialo…[View]
415089Can anyone tell me what's this on my dog: Not sure if /an/ will help me so I decided to use thi…[View]
416057Dragon Ball Movies: Need a mega link to DB movies,specifically RoF.[View]
416067Cello song: I'm looking for the name of this cliche song you always hear on tv or films and its…[View]
416081My new laptop just randomly decided to enter 'Restarting' mode and seems like its updating but I don…[View]
416073Any of you good at using photoshop or something similar? I was wondering if any of you would be able…[View]
415833I don't know why, I keep getting these freakin popups from en.softonic.com and I'm not eve…[View]
415724can i have the source to this artist[View]
415953Spotify: Can someone living in the U.S make me a spotify account cause i'm not living in the U.…[View]
415433who is she[View]
414574There's a frog on my front porch and he's not moving even when I poke him is he dying what…[View]
415888Could someone please redraw this image for me either on paper on done on the computer and remove the…[View]
415352Any good earphones out there?: Looking for some nice wired earphones for my mp3 player that don…[View]
416007Viz Media Sailor Moon S: Is there any chance that there's a torrent of the Viz Media translated…[View]
415875anyone got this image without the party stuff? I really love this panel and the coloring.[View]
415887can any of you fine anons shop a south africa flag over the american one?[View]
415925How the fuck do I do this on my calculator?[View]
415957Why the fuck is my motherboard is hot? It's been like this for several months now and but I hav…[View]
415927Anyone know if this series is being translated and what the english name is?[View]
415202Stacking two GIFs: Could somebody stack these webms together (Fred clip on the bottom) and turn them…[View]
415964Wot manga?[View]
415976Is there any actual way to recover deleted photos on an LG device that isn't suspect as hell?[View]
415829Can somebody edit the fireplace scene at 1:00 so that Abraham Lincoln's head replaces Powdered …[View]
415865I can't create spotify account, every time I click sign up it loads and loads. I put every need…[View]
415959Well, that day dawned when my iPod went throug a wash cycle...: Last generation 160GB Classic which …[View]
415836i suck at computer: CTF Loader and this 'Distributed Transaction' service have been running on my co…[View]
415898Looking for source/artist of this pic, already searched booru with no results[View]
415362CAD/nonCAD Video Tutorials: I'm in need of certain software like Rhinoceros, Autocad, Solidwork…[View]
415425vaporwave this: highly appreciated[View]
415930Chinese TL: Hey /wsr/, I'm looking for someone who could translate a single chapter of Kiba no …[View]
415824I just started Joshiraku. I heard there use to be some TL Notes about it from [gg] but it seems to b…[View]
415861pic not related, I don't use windows much but I have a windows 10 pro partition for gaming. for…[View]
415858Hey /wsr/ anyone recognize the movie/show this came from? Resized gif here https://imgur.com/WY0UXZc…[View]
415851SAUCE: What's this image from?[View]
415873I'm looking for a ride photo similar to this one but it was of a family holding a television an…[View]
415757Computer issues: I recently built my computer for school, but it's HDMI port is not being recog…[View]
415407anyone know what artist this is?[View]
415877Biology Heredity Question: Here is a question from my midterm which I have no clue how to do and I w…[View]
415755Good night. I recently read the free episodes of 4 cut hero but i can't find the rest anywhere.…[View]
415840hey /wsr/ who's the boy between Ichigo and Sket Dance mc?[View]
415640when is the best time to go stargazing? i know it should be during the full moon, but what time of t…[View]
415395/wsr/ please help me identify a movie. Maybe it was a tv movie where it expands over a series of epi…[View]
415732Anyone got an image that looks slightly like this, but he has glasses and it's raining? saw it …[View]
415322Help looking for song: I'm looking for this electronic song I heard a long time ago and complet…[View]
415835is anime formatted for PSP's dead? IS there any hope? pls help me ;-;[View]
415831What song is this? :O I can't remember, and they cut the lyrics out of the damn commercial. htt…[View]
415795What is the best way to give my friend files? I want to give my buddy a bunch of gamecube roms[View]
415811I've got a new mouse, specifically the omen gaming mouse 600, when I hold down M1 for longer th…[View]
415814looking for this image of a tiny little alien standing at a open door, its a shitpost[View]
415813Looking for the cartoon image of a girl with both hands making the 'ok' symbol, eyes closed, pursed …[View]
415809Is anyone here with familiar with uniforms? I'm trying to identify this one and can't seem…[View]
415735Can somebody replace reddit with Tumblr in this pic?[View]
415310Does anyone know the easiest way to revert back to Firefox 56.0.2? This shitty update deleted one of…[View]
415438Would someone be willing to edit this image real quick for me please? My desktop is broken currently…[View]
414729Kim Jong-un bodypillow: Hey there, I want to buy myself a bodypillow of the Supreme Leader and I hav…[View]
415560Need some help, I am getting an RX Vega 64(non liquid) next week and i currently have a Corsair CX75…[View]
415773Anyone know what series this is from?[View]
415459Programming exercise: How can this be solved using only the provided information?[View]
415610Help! Laptop keeps disconnecting from my wifi: So I keep disconnecting from this my wifi network and…[View]
415192reaction/photoshop/transparency request: Hi wsr just a real quick thing i want can someone make a pe…[View]
415377Is there a currently working automatic image dumper for 4chan? All the ones I've found are expi…[View]
415448Does anyone have an epub of the Heraclitus fragments? Preferably multilingual but without commentary[View]
414449Does anyone have this girl's full set - I think it might come from patreon or something like th…[View]
415734Does anybody remember this video of this russian boy crying about hearing his dead parents in his sl…[View]
415701Please make the last panel a reaction image with a transparent background or however you call it[View]
415692Anyone know where to DL/watch/stream RuPaul's Drag Race, Season 4?! It's the one season no…[View]
415700Wireless Routers: I need to buy a router for a small duplex. I'm on a tight budget, looking to …[View]
415410I updated to Firefox Quantum and now 4chan is fucked up >thumbnails on 4chan don't work >…[View]
414458Knight stuck with magical girls greentext: Looking for a greentext story involving a Knight stuck in…[View]
415714Monitor not being detected: Hi /wsr/ I am in need of some computer assistance I've been looking…[View]
415713Are there any manga based on the Spanish colonization of the Americas? I've read some decent ma…[View]
414405indie anime: looking for n indie animation about a guy who goes to a hospital after he crashes in a …[View]
415294Hello I can't find good pictures of mumi and I did reverse search but still its all low quality…[View]
415348Looking for the image of a skeleton in a hood holding up a glass of wine. Gif unrelated. Thanks.[View]
415250Trash Tigers!: I’m starting a trash pick up club with my niece for a community project, and I want t…[View]
415649anyone know the name of the artist for this?[View]
415542Could anyone change the colors on this? I tried, but I'm just not any good at this sort of thin…[View]
415661Can anyone please translate this ?[View]
415672YouTube Christmas Battery Commercial: I saw a pre-video ad on YouTube the other day that I thought w…[View]
415391What was that one fucking anime that came out in the last 1-2~ years with really godawful CG but a c…[View]
415656Heyo I'm looking for the name of a manga i read i while back but cant remember the name of but …[View]
415651ID this song?: Can anyone tell me artist/title/album/anything about the song used in this youtube vi…[View]
415646The women in these stock photos are very cute. Anyone here happen to know who they are?[View]
415638manga: I'm searching for volume 34, 35 and 36 of this manga. Tough by Saruwatari Tetsuya. I can…[View]
415394Anyone have a Coursehero account?: https://www.coursehero.com/file/13038652/ch-13-Stephenson-Real-Es…[View]
415639Gamemaker Project: Can Anyone give me The starting Project Of Udemy Course 'Make a Turn-Based RPG in…[View]
415618Looking for more interesting seamless tile background images like this one. I will post more example…[View]
415631Deus Ex: Mankind Divided: [spoiler]I'm curious about what happens if you fail to persuade this …[View]
415245Heaven's Feel: Anyone have the link to Saber vs Berserker fighting in the HF film? I would like…[View]
415215Tech Help: PS4 Share Play: >Got a new modem/router from Att. >Going from DSL to Fiber >Holy…[View]
414948Casual anime fan here, not sure where are the best places to look, but I'm searching for a dual…[View]
415612Nyaa RSS feed suddenly stopped working all of a sudden and I'm a retard. Help? It worked perfec…[View]
415603need more cats pulling blankets/bedsheets[View]
415594Does anyone have the video of the girl who starts stripping/doing a 'hot' live show in the middle of…[View]
415496anyone can create a CS:GO clan LOGO for us?: Hey, i know its a lazy way to ask for something like th…[View]
415589do these little shits belong on /k/ or /toy/[View]
413911https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vMG-LWyNcAs what is the song starting at 3:36?[View]
415393John Lennon's 'Come together' radio demo: Professor just asked if anyone could find a recorded …[View]
415226Making a New Tab direct to the Home Page: I know how to do this normally, but Firefox add-ons can…[View]
415575Anyone know sauce? Nothing is coming up for me with reverse image searches, and OP is useless.[View]
415545Does anyone know where I can watch Stranger Things without shilling out on a Netflix account? I hear…[View]
415570SAO music collection cover art: Anybody got the full version of this Leafa cover art? The one that…[View]
415548Been looking for sauce, but can't find it. Can any of you help?[View]
415561Does anyone know of an MMD model or other model of Ayako, the eidolon from Aura Kingdom? I need one …[View]
414775german nazi techno marching music: /wsr/!!! can you help me identify this song? Or at leas give me s…[View]
415544Not sure if this is the right board for this request, but anyone have a premium link generator or a …[View]
415431Hi, I'm trying to find a certain little comic strip. The comic argues against forced diversity …[View]
415536The Amazing Art of Doug Kovacs for DCC RPG: I want more of this pieces of glory rpg art..[View]
415531I want to get into fpga (total noob) and have just bought the ALTERA IV EP4CE board from aliexpress …[View]
415527Yamagi Quake II Linux: I installed Yamagi quake II from source on 64 bit linux and everything works …[View]
414533Photo Shop: If someone is up for a challenge then i'm in luck. I wanted to change wherever it s…[View]
415513I'm looking for book from title, preferable format .epub but pdf/.mobi will be good too, Can So…[View]
415508I've been looking for sauce for these two, can you help?[View]
415293Sauce?: Been looking for sauce, but shit at it. Hit up[View]
415487D12 - My Band music video, uncensored version as full HD, does it exist?[View]
414884I'm looking for someone with a printroot account that could download a certain file for me. Thi…[View]
414944/r/ing the picture with Apu Apustaja in the doctor's office[View]
415303Post some Seinfeld reactions[View]
415434Watermark removals: Please remove this watermark at the bottom right[View]
415490Can somebody recreate this Oblivion character?: Bit of a weird request, don't think anyones ask…[View]
414788Any games like Age of Empires but with mechs?[View]
415472Looking for a meme using this video: I've seen this video edited to look like a runescape fight…[View]
415426Geometry: So not homework really but it's a fucking mystery to me so you try and solve it faggo…[View]
415210Evangelion: Just wondering where I can find the original unedited torrent for the entire Evangelion …[View]
414335Monmusu Manga: Anyone got a pdf or a ddl link of Monster Musume (all the volumes if possible)?…[View]
414987Larger version of this image?: There just has to be a larger version of this painting by Mariusz Lew…[View]
415449I'm looking for some modern sprites for a city for RPG MAKER VX Ace, i dont want to pay 10 buck…[View]
415445Anti-LGBT image: Saw it on pol recently Figures shielding kids with an umbrella as a rainbow came d…[View]
415432please tell me who this is and where this best girl is from.[View]
415262Im searching for a draw where is a couple of anons playing some kind of rol game but one of them inv…[View]
415385(PC) Combining two controllers: Data wires: Has anybody here tried to combine their keyboard with an…[View]

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