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284389Help with an essay please: Need a 400 word essay that I need to hand in Friday. I can't think o…[View]
285387anyone know what this is from?[View]
285388Music Identification: So, I've got a bit of a curiosity I want to sate. Some ten or so years ag…[View]
285247Tattoo Help!: I need this with a water colour background for a nice tattoo![View]
285285Anybody got torrents to old cartoons that arent in the /t/ threads ? Looking for batman beyond and …[View]
284894Does anyone know about a torrent or MEGA pack containing pics and scans of Japanese fashion and Grav…[View]
285313So I have an unusual request. I got my hands on this watch. It's not working, so I'm think…[View]
284895POP Wonderland Art Books?: I'm looking for scans of the POP Wonderland series Alice in Wonderla…[View]
285116Hello anons, I've been trying to search for the source of this gif for the past week but have h…[View]
285357Looking for some online strategy game (stuff you can play in flash) i remember back in the old days,…[View]
285356Hello /wsr/ so i've been using linux on my laptop for a while but i wanted to switch for Qubes …[View]
285287Wtf: I don't get it explain this to me a idiot[View]
285347I manage a small store and since I have to cut back on hours due to budget costs I could use a syste…[View]
285345Can someone send the image of the cat which makes you immune to posts like 'Comment on this or [inse…[View]
285298Looking for a video of a dude shouting about a game that you are apparently going to love. The video…[View]
285325Poetry: I'm looking for some depressing, moving and overall heartwrenching poems.[View]
285310Connecting Galaxy Luna to TV?: Hi, I'm getting confused over how to connect my phone to my TV. …[View]
284697Looking for a stream or torrent of the theatrical version of Butterfly Effect and it's quickly …[View]
284993desktop hdd in 'laptop': could i connect a desktop hdd to the sata connector on my laptop's mot…[View]
285333Can I get reaction images of Imouto from One Room ?[View]
285299What episode of Game Center CX is this? Does anyone know?[View]
285309GV-USB 2: Does the GV-USB support ps3 composite? I'm trying to set it up in OBS and its not pic…[View]
285010Hey anyone know what song is playing at Patrick's house in the Spongebob episode where spongebo…[View]
285304Is there a way to limit how much space VLC uses when watching a stream using it? Or just disable sav…[View]
284991Requesting more of these memes.[View]
285319Tracing: Long story short, the album heroes by bowie is one of my favorite albums ever, and means a …[View]
285303Need help with math Pic related (it's calculus 3)[View]
285283How could I go about paying someone to create a wallpaper with an image I provide? Anyone to recomme…[View]
285297Kanojo wa Rokurokubi: I want more of this[View]
284476So i commissioned art of my friend and she wants to show it off, but wants to know if the version co…[View]
285151Can someone make this person's eyes a little less Asian-looking and more Western?[View]
285286Looking for torrent of movie Taipei Story (1985).[View]
285284Anyone got that photo of a whole bunch of yellow Xanax in a Mcdonalds fries holder (kinda like the o…[View]
285281Help pls.: I am looking to pay someone over paypal if they can write a Tampermonkey script that will…[View]
284164Anime request: Do you know any action animes series/movies with extremely good animation? -i don…[View]
284651A month ago, there was an anon that was looking for a song used in a Hannibal first look or some shi…[View]
285235Looking for a painting I saw. It was a room with red scribbly walls and a dark, tall shadow thing st…[View]
284798Copypasta about Loli: Did anyone took a SS of the copypasta about how wrong is to like loli while er…[View]
285197african classroom: /r/ing that one picture of those kids in an african classroom and the kid in the …[View]
284768Anime with ballet or ice skating? Female main characters only. I already know about Rideback, Prince…[View]
285181anyone have a picture of this that extends farther back?[View]
285216https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B01C086TLS/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I bought…[View]
285240could someone draw this in an anime style?[View]
285215Looking for decent first person shooters set during underrepresented wars. I own 7554, set during th…[View]
284955I bought this china battery and noticed some white stuff near the pins. Is this leakage or what? The…[View]
285212https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eejQPUyeNiY .gif of 5:38-5:41 please. Pic unrelated.[View]
285214Looking for the source on this image. Any insight or direction appreciated[View]
285155Does anyone know the name of the webM where they are playing some game and they call the missiles Ay…[View]
285201/r/ing images like this: Where there's a hidden face/something that makes you jump when you not…[View]
284649Looking for a gif: I'm looking for a gif , it looks like it has a content aware filter and its …[View]
285206Production Engineering Thesis: Hey guys, anyone got some suggestion about interesting subjects withi…[View]
284882Can someone find the source/artist?[View]
285199German IQ site name: What's the name of that free German IQ site that always gets posted? I kno…[View]
284624I was hoping for somebody to be able to make me a vaporwave type aesthetic cat profile pic.: I could…[View]
284551Does anyone have a scan (translated or untranslated) of the second Little Witch Academia manga adapt…[View]
285196Could someone please reply to this post if they are able to and interested in converting this pencil…[View]
285195Looking for this: Genesis Supersuit for DAZ Studio. More info: http://www.daz3d.com/genesis-supersui…[View]
284615Guys could you please give me the sauce on this[View]
28511390s animes with lots of waifus? Bonus points if it's action/shounen, but doesn't have to b…[View]
285186Need a streaming online anime source: Im trying to find JoJo's bizarre adventure phantom blood …[View]
285170/b/: Ic/Critique[View]
285132I am interested in purchasing a real life version of this. Where can I find one?: I've tried a …[View]
285173Can anyone link me to the slow motion video of a kid swinging another kid, wrecking everybody around…[View]
285172Hey guys simple request I'm asking if someone could draw a white mask on this humorous photo of…[View]
284887I am looking for people who know more than me about pc/pc building to guide me or at least critique …[View]
284425I need a throwaway youtube login. Anyone can help?[View]
284920Could someone sketch me a reference of this pose?[View]
284966Looking for torrent of an audio book of the Four Chinese Classics or even better a place to get audi…[View]
285152Megaman X Soundtrack: Anyone have the Megaman X Soundtrack? Thanks[View]
285140can someone change this so yado is wojak and all the mutants are pepe or vice versa if you prefer[View]
285134Does anyone have a version of this without the top of the head cropped out? Or could anyone fix the …[View]
284765Wondering if this is shopped?[View]
285139Hi wsr/ Im looking for a song that was played on pol/ for awhile. I dont recall the words except the…[View]
285138Anyone know the name of the artist or where this is from?[View]
285025FL Studio: I have FL Studio and a piano. Is it possible to change the keys when I play the piano to …[View]
285093Can someone photoshop the girl in this pic to have blue eyes and blonde eyebrows, please?[View]
285017neon outline: hello can someone outline the girl in the pic to have just her silhouette in neon? Sam…[View]
285076Requesting Sam Hyde/MDE book How to Bomb the U.S. Gov't in PDF torrent or direct download. I wa…[View]
285106Laptop Recommendations: So I know I'm a faggot for using a Mac, but I bought a rMBP 13 about 4 …[View]
285066HW: Anons please help me with my Homework: Just need at least 10 responses to this short google for…[View]
284971what anime?: where is this from?[View]
285056any 1 know code????: is it possible to paste data i have in my database for my website into 3 sepera…[View]
285042Anybody have a version of this picture without the text? OR if it doesn't exist,can somebody ma…[View]
285009Can anyone tell me what anime is used in this video? I am having zero luck figuring it out. https://…[View]
285088Looking for subject for 1,000 word review/essey that constructs and deconstructs the image or clip b…[View]
284836What the Health Documentary: The documentary was released about a week ago, yet no torrents or strea…[View]
285070Looking for the picture of Akari reaching through a noose, you know which one[View]
284608I need to access the files a Windows 7 computer (LAN, but Internet preferred) without having to mess…[View]
285059Could anyone remove all parts of this song except from around 0:00 to 0:25, 0:45 to 1:00, and 2:55 t…[View]
285054Looking for a fragment from Evangelion in which Shinji in emotions shouts something like 'what shoul…[View]
285049madnesscombatsux&isdead.jpg: Are there any people willing to post some footage of the Madness Pr…[View]
284599Can someone photoshop me to have a closely buzzed haircut? My hair has been thinning and I've b…[View]
284579Can I get this without the tower and Sauron's eye? Just the landscape and rest of the picture w…[View]
284949Hey, I'm searching for the whole Animation she does during the Break-Animation. Its like my pic…[View]
285001Photoshopping logo help: My boss is looking to have the circle around our logo bolder. He is looking…[View]
285012Couldn't reverse-image it. Src?[View]
285011Can someone help me finding the source of this one ? Saw it last year at the Olympic museum in Lausa…[View]
284998Quick excel question. I'm using latest version. I need to add a horizontal line at 1,27 on Y ax…[View]
284972That picture of the anime girl growing older and less happy over the years and in those panels are 4…[View]
284647Okay, so I know the song playing in the background is Free Fallin' but I want to know what she…[View]
284975Sound effect help?: Hey there everyone, I'm searching for a sound effect/part of a movie where …[View]
284912Can someone help me improve this logo?: Hey there Guys I'm here today to make a lil request. Bu…[View]
284982new to webcoding thought id ask an expert: is it possible to past date i have in my database into 3 …[View]
284924Samurai Jack: What's up /wsr/ anybody got a great torrent of all the episodes of Samurai Jack?…[View]
284964Please make the background of this gif transparent.[View]
284937Help me graduate please !!: Sorry guys, but I'm back. Thank you to everyone who responded, you…[View]
284954song lyrics: i saw my classmate writing this on his notebook, i need to know where is it from >an…[View]
284879Sachiko BAP - the boxglove: I need the boxglove with the smack effect from the image series of Sachi…[View]
284946Installing Ace Stream in Lubuntu 16.10: Hi, I'm trying to install Ace Stream in Lubuntu 16.10 i…[View]
284593Help identifying a song: Some guy is playing a song in this old HWNDU video and it sounds really goo…[View]
284352Requesting that video of a man playing with what looks like plug socket adapters. He is screaming.[View]
284759Can someone help me find a working utorrent? All I'm getting is 0% and calculating constantly. …[View]
284333That one fucking song: Girl [something] about it And I can read between the liiines GIrl [something]…[View]
284892Anybody got more memes like this?[View]
284860I need help with Verizon cloud: I have no more storage, and over 3000 photos i don't want, but …[View]
284856Can someone rec me a good pair of earbuds for under ten bucks? My current pair is failing.[View]
284893hey 4chan guys can someone change this picture i need the license plate of this car because they may…[View]
284885Hey I'm trying to find a video I saw a while ago. It was about how people spend so much money o…[View]
284886Shin Godzilla BD: Does anybody know where to look at for a BDrip of the release of ShinGoji which ca…[View]
284792Ogre Picture: Some dude on b was posting about his stupid high school play and posted a picture of a…[View]
284617Can I use my Windows 8.1 key on a Windows 10 iso? I don't want to go through the trouble of ins…[View]
284859Photoshop request I would like you guys make something cool wit it[View]
284845Looking for some pictures like this[View]
284808Sauce?: What's it from? found it on /v/[View]
284832anyone that could make the background for this picture black, or a darker color please?[View]
284818Photoshop Request: I would like a smug pepe face to fill in the star shape in the center of the flag…[View]
284841mymotherdoesntloveme: I pasted this in the wrong place, but can someone please source this music for…[View]
284721Where can i find a 1080p torrent for the anime 'Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor' and 'Kaiji: Against All Ru…[View]
284827Is there any way to refresh/reset my ethernet connection using a batch file? When I wake my laptop f…[View]
284483who is pic related? also post moar[View]
284506Hey /wsr/,Pirate Bay is down for me,could anyone recommend another site for downloading movies or al…[View]
284507Name of this style of sitting?: I was wondering if anyone knew the proper term for someone sitting i…[View]
284823Requesting sad webm with racer tries to start his car again after being crashed[View]
284466I'm helping out a friend trying to win a contest that'll get her 25k and some other nice p…[View]
284444Hi /wsr/ I'm looking for an old MTV show. The premise of the series was; every episode an assho…[View]
284815Hey, I was wondering if anyone knew of a building similar to this in Portland. I remember it having …[View]
284173Please isolate Harada from the background and make it transparent or white. Thank you.[View]
284098Need help finding the vidya album forever volumes along with VGM the best. Mega shitted on me[View]
284325So I'm looking for this video I haven't seen in a while and can't seem to find it any…[View]
284552does anyone have that video of Obama reading trumps tweet and responding at least he'll have go…[View]
284807Help me pass this class!: I posted this before, but I'm about to go to bed and want to keep it …[View]
284625comedy anime: was wondering what a certain anime is called and couldnt find it after an hour of goog…[View]
284718Help me pass this class by taking this short survey: Please guys, I need participants for my survey.…[View]
284786Requesting info about this picture. Maybe even more pictures from these people?[View]
284795anyone have the story about the guy who was homeless and taken in by a foreign girl? been looking fo…[View]
284687Math question: Alright, /wsr/, solve this question[View]
284482I need help finding out which USB3.0 port I need in order to fix this broken one. Acer 725-0488[View]
284724Give an example of a function whose domain is the set of real numbers and whose range is not an inte…[View]
284779Steam Half Life 2 cloud synchronization HELP!: Up until now I've re-installed Half Life 2 from …[View]
284468Pale pink ip wallpaper: Can you remove the text, arrows and convert it to pale pink?[View]
284575Some orthodox shit. pls help: Does someone has this on highres? It was used on some Orthodox magazi…[View]
284774Fake Nudes please[View]
284764Looking for the video of a really stoned guy sitting on a curb in a park and his eyes are completely…[View]
284727im being hacked help me please: I do live stream on youtube using wirecast for my work, but every ti…[View]
284653Text cut-outs: Building a collection. Post your best[View]
284733need help finding a picture: from this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sz9bD_Dmqwc[View]
284728Hey /wsr/ I need some help with finding a download (preferably torrent) for the Serial Experiment La…[View]
284706A torrent for this album? The Alchemist - Israeli Salad https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_8jJXwO8IxE …[View]
284393Hey guys. So I bought this retrolink usb gamecube controller to play some wii gameson dolphin. I set…[View]
284632How does one make firefox work? Every time I try firefox, I run into the same problem: it asks me to…[View]
284610tfw no gf: Anyone have more of thse or the name of this meme?[View]
284493I have an intense craving for animated 80s music videos, could you lend me a hand /wsr/?[View]
284469I'm trying to expand the manga collection in a highschool library. I've asked a few kids a…[View]
284251I'm using Chromium, but whenever I try to go to sites like Amazon and Discover, this error mess…[View]
283155Anyone have that chart that's like on a line and it has the ages 0-13 or so and it says how muc…[View]
284688Vocal isolation: Can anyone here isolate the vocals on Cannibal Corpse - As Deep as the Knife Will G…[View]
284604power supply voltaje: Hi, I recently recieved a Power supply EVGA 750w from a friend from USA and I …[View]
284657Song Title: What's the name of that song that goes daaaaa na naaa... BUM BUM BUUUM. 120 bpm…[View]
284517I am writing a paper to try and see any correlation between dating behaviours and any equinoxes as t…[View]
284181So a few weeks ago i downloaded this BluRay rip of Lawrence of Arabia from /his/, however the there …[View]
283933Linkin Park - crawling Drowning Pool - let the boides hit the floor Disturbed - down with the sickne…[View]
284645Looking for a .gif >woman with frizzy hair in a blouse >sitting down looking straight at the c…[View]
284643Help finding Tasha's Brother threat update, I have up until New Years. Apparently some time in …[View]
284619Calculus help: Took a couple years off so I'm a little rusty at math. Currently learning about…[View]
284634THE U PART 1 & 2 TORRENT: Anyone have a torrent for the ESPN 30 for 30 'The U'? Goin on a plane…[View]
284623Untranslated Japanese Dress-up Game: Looking for a specific untranslated Dress-up Game in Japanese. …[View]
284613Sup /WSR/ Im finalizing a regression I'm about to run. I need one last data point: Expenditures…[View]
284595Can I get someone to put Debunked! In red across this picture diagonally from top left to bottom ri…[View]
284545Help with 2DS TWL tool!: I'm trying to use TWL on my 2DS so I can import/export save data from …[View]
284602Help finding a song?: Anyone know the name of the soundtrack in this video? https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
284597Zelda Box Art: Does anyone have, or know where to get the american box art (preferably to size) fron…[View]
284554How to write this in a union of two intervals?[View]
284543requesting some anti-refugee memes/infographs[View]
284586Hi photoshop experts, you can change me the 'GREFG' word to 'HERNAN'? with the same effects[View]
284564Beard shampoo: Do you use a specific shampoo for the beard or you use the shampoo for the head or th…[View]
284345Requesting to see if anyone else knows of/has this image. Looking for artwork of what appears to be …[View]
284571Requesting how to find the tension force for this autistic truss[View]
284553Need full image[View]
283937I need you guys to tell me what's this piece of cassical music. ignore the other sounds please,…[View]
284539Requesting the source of a song that was popular around mid 00s or, in England. The music video feat…[View]
284548Anyone have a torrent for Ninja Gaiden Black?[View]
284375Lenovo MIIX 310 = Good ?: I'm about to buy this 'latptop', i've already a true one but it…[View]
284535help me pass this class and take this survey about PR ethics: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAI…[View]
284531Use any method to make some sexy ass butter[View]
284101Just finished the 1999 hunter x hunter. What episode of the 20th series should I pick up from to kep…[View]
284481Been receiving LOCAL Scam calls. No-one seems to be able to help. Trying to figure out how to track…[View]
284478Looking for someone with a decent knowledge of Java. Need URGENT help (deadline soon) and willing t…[View]
284490correct german letter: Hey guys, could anyone who's fluent in german correct this on grammar an…[View]
284514trying to find an anime screenshot like this: i specifically got out of bed to find this screenshot …[View]
284487Four usb unknown devices detected but nothing connected: I have 4 ghost drives, “E”, “F”, “G”, and “…[View]
2845021920x1080 of Squee: I want this cheeky face in a proper good resolution when i am playing Dota 2.…[View]
283930looking for any visual media that has a big focus on war and political strategy. pls help senpais[View]
284467Remote controll: Recently lost remote to Sagem RTI95 and wondering if there are ways to get a new on…[View]
284472College assignment assistance: So since I'm a window-licking retard stuck in Math 095, I'm…[View]
284486Does anyone know of a good Soundcloud desktop player for Mac? I was using VOX, but it doesn't w…[View]
284429I'm looking for a manga in which there is a girl that likes video games. Especially western vid…[View]
284383Gaming Monitor: Cheapest gaming monitor with these specs? Budget is ~100 USD Size isn't very im…[View]
284452Death Note and Blade of the Immortal DL?: I'm looking for a torrent/magnet/DL for the complete …[View]
284156Torrent for these distance learning maths textbooks: I'm looking for the PDFs of >MST124 Ess…[View]
284451Machine Learning: I am completely new to Machine Learning and I have only some basic idea about all …[View]
284390Photoshop: Could anyone photoshop out the desk and outlet in the background? thanks :)[View]
284438/youtube-mp3/: where can i go to convert youtube to mp3, every site i usually go to is down or doesn…[View]
284116Ok, anyone know how to look up what a youtube video was? Channel got taken down due to copyright st…[View]
284376looking for an old game: xcom/ufo2 like with colored teams inside a space ship or a space station…[View]
283850Looking for a graphic novel torrent / download: Hello, I'm looking for How to Train your Dragon…[View]
284416What copyright is this parody based on?[View]
284404Need more anime with beasts/beastmen: Just watched The Boy and the Beast and really enjoyed it. Any …[View]
284419https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ryF1qaAyn_I: I NEED the song from this stupid adidas ad https://www.…[View]
284373Could someone please insert this picture...[View]
284414So i need to do a presentation about the rue des bouchers in Brussels wich was called 'Vicus Carific…[View]
284396Manga, age difference, younger employee, older boss: Looking for adorable manga about a 23-year-old …[View]
284403EaselJS help: I need help with regarding easelJS. The idea of using the easel JS is for selecting th…[View]
284400anybody knows which program this guy uses for dropdown icons on hover? I have fences but can't …[View]
284386Looking for a rare Nige: I'm looking for that one Nige where he's got two shotguns on his …[View]
284398Love Live: Anyone have some rare Reens?[View]
284387INTRO TO ENGINEERING STATISTICS: Can someone please help me with my homework? I have been struggling…[View]
284384Please help me with this school project.: Hey guys! I'm struggling to find an image with a heal…[View]
283869Having trouble installing C++ 2005 x86: please reply[View]
284379Looking for Hanako-kun volume raws: Full title: Jinbaku Shounen Hanako-kun Alt: 地縛少年 花子くん 地缚少年花子君…[View]
284330Sup /r/ OP is looking for a wedding dress but can only find crappy Chinese knockoffs Can anyone find…[View]
284370One Piece BD: I'm looking for the best source for One Piece blurays, at the moment i'm usi…[View]
284297Someone have the name of this cartoon?[View]
284344DELET THIS NOW: can someone post that picture of the guy wearing a white t-shirt that says 'DELET TH…[View]
284359need to find this guy on a photo[View]
284270I have a bunch of videos saved under the .mp4 format. Is there a program I can get that would allow …[View]
284131Breath of The Wild Prototype: Does anyone know where I can obtain a copy if the 2D BOTW prototype ni…[View]
284030Hey guys just wondering if anyone can help. I just bought a range extender and I was wondering if…[View]
284264Is 1080qp good ?: I downloaded 720qp of K-on and this is what it looks like. I will change the quali…[View]
284034Help with finding song name: Hi, can someone maybe identify the song in this video that starts at 2m…[View]
284348Artist Needed!: I'm currently looking for an artist to create an original piece of art to accom…[View]
284335Meme/photoshop: Instead of the guys message being 'Will you marry me' it should be 'send nudes' but …[View]
284120Calc I: Call me a dumbass all you want but I can't solve this. I need to use both shells and wa…[View]
284284>Wallpapers like these Nationalism, Military, Warriors, Art[View]
283617Anyone have the Gorillaz songs that leaked?[View]
284318Sauce on the music at exactly 1:32? https://youtu.be/ww8WJYNpViQ?t=1m32s[View]
284314Welp, WAIT didn't give me the answer. What am I looking at, bros?[View]
284145Anybody have pictures/wallpapers similar to these? Sort of fantasy.[View]
284194Does anyone have the full image of this with the object the cat is about to land on[View]
284144Source of this manga: I've stumbled upon this manga page while browsing /a/. Does anyone know t…[View]
284308OCR for meme reading: Looking for some help with an OCR that can handle meme reading... I'm lo…[View]
284281Disappearance Diary: I look for Disappearance Diary manga in cbr or pdf, anyone know some good sites…[View]
284183I don't know what else to do with my shit PC, so any help would be appreciated. It's windo…[View]
283814doujin/manga info: any kind of info on pic related would be appreciated, author, release year, even …[View]
283688Can someone help me out with this question ?Not very good at economics - does the level of consumpti…[View]
283881WTB this lamp?: I've been looking for this lamp on Google for the last two hours, but I can…[View]
284081Does anyone know how to make desktop backgrounds not look terrible?[View]
284290Where I can torrent music albums in HiFi - Lossless FLAC formats?[View]
283558Im looking for this picture of 2 people standing on piles of books. First person that stands lower i…[View]
284226Hi guys, I'm having a little bit of difficulty setting up this System of Linear Congruences pro…[View]
283959help me you cunts: Need help with a robot I made. More info on this thread: >>>/x/18802008…[View]
284100Can someone help me get my Roblox account back?: This is a stupid request but all my attempts have f…[View]
284052Tracking: Hi, could you help me find any info on this jar, I already checked the metadata, but I…[View]
284277Hello guys, I really need a book for my bachelor thesis and I can't find the ebook anywhere. Th…[View]
284009REASON DOWNLOAD: anyone have a torrent for reason for mac?[View]
282996Asura's Wrath: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4szm4xiEjQo&t=1461s What's the soundtra…[View]
283943Can someone please remove the bottom 2 pictures and make it a 3X3. Also resize it into A3 & A4 w…[View]
284268Connecting Galaxy Luna to TV?: Hi, I'm getting confused over how to connect my phone to my TV. …[View]
283732Can any photoshop wizard here please shop shop this pic related (the map) into the mirror of the nex…[View]
284234translation request: twimc, can you translate the asian characters in the red box please? kind regar…[View]
284258I've never been here but I need help finding this song. I recorded the audio in a snapchat on N…[View]
284235what manga is this cat from?[View]
283308Does anyone have any suggestions for Movies/VN/Anime/Manga etc with Assertive women but with actual …[View]
284087Watermark Removal: Could someone please remove the watermark from this design?[View]
284186hw help: so it would look like this? #80 and 82 x | 0 | 5 | g(x) |-15| -25| my graph[View]
283952Hi, I am not sure if this falls into the tech support range but could anyone help me get the purchas…[View]
284044Photoshop request.: This is a long shot. And I imagine a tough request. But can anyone photoshop the…[View]
284211Anyone knows where is this dog from?[View]
284223I recently took the ASVAB and did very well on it, on almost every subject (except auto) I did bette…[View]
284210Can you isolate the music and beat in the background for this song.: Pretty self explanatory. I want…[View]
283858Finding a couple of remixes: Looking for two remixes of Zedd feat. Foxes - Clarity >Clarity (Dil …[View]
283885I got a project about designing a package and coming up woth a slogan. I figured 4chan can come up w…[View]
284189Throwback: Dragonball Scans: Does anyone know where I can access the entire Dragon Ball manga online…[View]
284196Anyone got the image where it's showing how black people memes are always pixelated?[View]
284176Shush Tv: I keep getting the 'Error loading media: File could not be played' problem while trying to…[View]
284142How do i increase the speed i render videos? Currently rendering at 6s/s Specs: Gigabyte 970A UD3P …[View]
284166Xbox 360 help: i found a xbox 360 Slim in my closet..heres all my problems so far 1) screen would no…[View]
284094I'd really like to see the full version of this kerbal space program video if it even exists.[View]
284133Minecraft servers?[View]
284129so i'm making gifs of lotgh, but have no fucking idea of how to, can someone make a gif of the …[View]
283961Photoshop: Can someone shop this guy behind the girl in the next post?[View]
284161New Dave Chappelle Torrent: Does anyone have a link to torrents for the new Dave Chappelle specials?…[View]
284160Breath of the Wild Wii U models: Requesting either Calamity Ganon's ingame model, or high res i…[View]
283193This is a bit of an odd request but could someone please Photoshop this guys face onto the Gimp logo…[View]
284112Kisscartoon is officially shut down... Anyone got another place to stream South Park?[View]
284064Does anyone know her name or have this image in a normal resolution?[View]
284152/mu/ Chart: I'm looking for a picture of a chart that lists 'haunted' albums. Googling gave no …[View]
284005song find: need help identifying these songs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i02MIeCTxZk https://www…[View]
284149PC build with $2000 CAD budget: Hey /wsr/, I'm looking to build my first actual mid-highish ran…[View]
284148Problems with Fireden?: Desuarchive got fucked recently but they're back up and their search fu…[View]
283658Anyone have a link to full episodes of 'Primetime Glick'?[View]
283831Anime games on Steam: Can anyone tell me some good anime related games that are NOT given any censor…[View]
284136I need a light, be it a bulb for a lamp or a little light machine, but it needs to react and change …[View]
284089What's the song at 3:30? it sounds familiar. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HlSpfIx3wIA[View]
284125this may sound like a weird request but can anyone here do a half-decent kanye impression if you can…[View]
284121Cream movie plot: Does anyone know what happens in this movie? I've been looking everywhere for…[View]
284099Android lockscreen virus: I've picked up some variety of adware I think. Whenever I plug in my…[View]
283895Hey /wsr/, I'm trying to find a program that can read commands from twitch chat and implement t…[View]
284113Requesting this but with a 9S from Nier Automata edit about being angry about machines. I can't…[View]
283944Does anyone know her name? Does anyone know if its a her...[View]
283655Does anyone recognize the artist? Character is Atago from Kantai collection.[View]
283809Nvidia Driver Crash issues: Hey /wsr/, the past month and a half, I've been having problems per…[View]
283799Is there a pdf reader that will let me highlight a secured pdf? It has commenting disabled so I can…[View]
284104Can somebody post the picture of the cartoon sweating Teddy bear? It's the Kuma bear (I think) …[View]
284097Can't remember the name of a manga (picture not related): Hey /wsr/, I'm hoping somebody c…[View]
284076Is there anime out there that is similar to Conan the Barbarian?[View]
284041Datel controller: How do I even use this thing on PC? When I connect it to a USB port and press the …[View]
284078Vampire-themed flash game?: I was looking for an old flash game where you went room to room looking …[View]
284075Looking for caps of some posts that were on /b/ It's a guy giving advice for getting women and …[View]
284047I need help identifying what I think is japanese writing[View]
284062Does anyone know where pic related is from?[View]
283893Many ordering options were removed suddenly when looking at folders when choosing something in brows…[View]
283871https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MV_3Dpw-BRY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yuyV6G6atoQ Not exactly …[View]
284054Looking for that reaction picture of Matthew Mcconaughey hitting a cigarette really hard. Google has…[View]
284053Anyone remember that comic that end's with wario smoking over a cliff? I think it was done by K…[View]
283629Anybody know where I can torrent the complete discography of Current 93?[View]
283841Photoshop request for 'Manly femminism': Hi /wsr/, I write you asking for help to change a…[View]
283596Looking for a light novel/web novel that has a magic teacher who goes neet and is really good at tea…[View]
284032Explain pls[View]
283832can anybody tell me what this film is?[View]
283892Python help: Can anybody help me finishing off my Python work within 15 hours? I have the majority d…[View]
284031Help: Can anyone get me this video as a webm or gif, and in better quality? Or just know where i can…[View]
284029Wallpaper request: requesting a wallpaper I'm looking for a wallpaper of gyrus in brain, but so…[View]
284003Cheerful anime: as spring arrives i am feeling down again. taking recommendation for straight cheerf…[View]
284026requesting some help here i'm looking for a youtube video, it's a guitar cover of 'Cr…[View]
283762Comfy Anime: Need some comfy anime to watch. Doesn't necessarily have to be comfy, but I'd…[View]
284024https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dyBl9vf8Td0 Does anyone know the song from 1:21-1:45[View]
284010I need a dump of hundreds of pictures like this one >Sexy/cool >can have mans like stars etc b…[View]
284014Can I upgrade my video card?: Got this laptop from my brother. Asus G750Jx. Is it possible to upgrad…[View]
283567Is this website legit or is it full of viruses? I want to play Warcraft3.[View]
283660Looking for a specific Ed Edd n Eddy fanfic: I'm looking for this super well written EEE fanfic…[View]
283795I saw a webm the other day of some anime with some girl on her bed saying something like 'form of st…[View]
283968need the original one[View]
281518Anyone got a torrent link for Supaidaman where the quality looks like this https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
283985Looking for song name: I'm looking for the name of the song that starts around 1:00 in this vid…[View]
283973please tell me how the hell this strange shit becomes 1/4?[View]
283906photoshop request: Can someone do the monitor blur edit and make her eyes glow red ?[View]
283942Can someone tell me what song this is?: http://vocaroo.com/i/s1qKI29YENDq something along these line…[View]
283964Where I can read Bleach Digital Colored Comics version ? Link please :D[View]
283947Some kind of Orc girl? Kinda cute...: What's the manga this orc-girl comes from?[View]
283765Okay, this is it, I'm so fucking pissed off right now, I thought I had this problem dealt with,…[View]
283769I'm looking for comic books and animated shows and films that have good romance but aren't…[View]
283946Python Help, will Pay: I need to complete a GUI that displays tweets by tomorrow. I have a database …[View]
283528hey looking for a band that makes it's songs by remixing korean movies does it ring a bell for …[View]
283741>Database maintenance, please check back in 10 minutes. DB Any good alts for TPB?…[View]
283430Help with band logo: I have a Heavy Metal band called 20 Eyes. And we are designing our new logo. We…[View]

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