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388297I have a friend who likes tumbler how do I did this[View]
388291I can see: Can someone please photoshop a global gawk nose on this warthog. Ill post it in the comme…[View]
388313What's this medal? U.S army.[View]
388099Computer illiterate here, need to upgrade my RAM but also need to be frugal with money. I have an 8G…[View]
388293requesting some money on paypal to help me pay rent this month[View]
387309is there a set or is this it?[View]
388068Source of track: Looking for name of song in this webm.[View]
388223How do I reduce an image to 1-bit color depth and apply ordered dithering in Photoshop? Pic related,…[View]
388177Does anyone have saved I don't understand anon rant parody from inou battle. i've been sea…[View]
388244can someone post the opposite of this?[View]
388114Could someone put the triggered meme (ya know, the one with an orange background) on this image? Tha…[View]
388128Apart from Super Sonico The Animation, are there any CGDCT/Slice of life shows featuring cute chubby…[View]
386440Could someone get me an auto hotkey script that presses a key every 3 minutes, then presses enter? T…[View]
388073Yuri Manga/Anime: Could someone recommend me some PURE, 1 on 1, yuri manga? Doesn't matter if i…[View]
388122Help me solve this: Need help finding out what is F[View]
388152Photoshop: please give me things to photoshop[View]
387925How fucked am I?: I was browsing /m/ torrents through qbittorent's search function and accident…[View]
388124What is this style of architecture called?[View]
388192Mongrel meme: Please photoshop this for a multitude of nationalities and races or politics. I need …[View]
388147Name of Manga?[View]
387832https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yIW_HG9bzn0 Does anyone have high definition (preferably WAV) audio …[View]
388132Is this chemistry problem solved correctly?[View]
388103Lord of the Rings Conquest Torrent/Download: People tell me there is nowhere to buy a digital copy o…[View]
388680Can someone replace trump behind the window to Hitler?: You can replace face only, or entire posture…[View]
388106unwanted popup: this started appearing on sankakucomplex's image chan, despite having 'disable …[View]
387870Where is this from? I can't find the video.[View]
388104Business card: Hi guys, I need to make a business card for electrical instalation and instalation of…[View]
388021How do I batch download Flickr album?: To the point: I want to download the whole photos from this p…[View]
387652pic?: does anyone know where I can find a full size of this image ??[View]
387921Maya feature that solves this?: In pic related I'm making a tetrahedron from a cube. It has to …[View]
387846Help me B social?: So in my chemistry class, I'm paired up with a major qt3.14. I would love to…[View]
387932i need a pic of two anime girls(the nice kind you'd take to a game not some sluts a girl kind o…[View]
388046PSP/NDS game request: What I like >Final fantasy >Disgaea >Persona >Etrian Odyssey >…[View]
388006What's the name of the artist that drew pic related, the cover for the US BD release of Magic K…[View]
388065Poster suggestions:: I want to put some posters on my wall. Post your recommendation.[View]
386889I'm looking for anime/manga/games/comics/movies/tv series with gentle femdom, role reversal or …[View]
388034Youtube video downloading: The best way I've found so far is find out the location of the video…[View]
388017Vidya/Internet addiction pics: Looking for some Vidya addiction art, Like one image i seen time at t…[View]
388069Identify all the mechs in the pic and which anime is from: Can anyone please identify all the mechs …[View]
387811Need sauce[View]
387989Japanese print wallpapers: thanks[View]
387633Future invention game I'm creating. Help?: Im making a game where each future invention equals …[View]
387950Soda Drinker Pro OST: Does anyone own this game that would be willing to upload the soundtrack to ME…[View]
388040I used to have this service that I would describe as sort of an online media depository. Essentially…[View]
388035Does anybody have a 4chan thread archiver which downloads both images and the HTML? I used to use YC…[View]
387916Is there any torrents/ XDCC for all of the 74 eps of Akazukin Chacha? Please help.[View]
387506How do I make someone look like a negro in gimp?: Pic related. How do I change someone into a negro …[View]
388011Sauce of this?[View]
388019Anyone know where I can download the German dub of Samurai Flamenco?[View]
387722Looking for a good source of good quality b&w movie pictures. Any help would be greatly apprecia…[View]
387663I need more memes like this[View]
388001does anyone have that youtube video of the guy playing pool and greentexting IRL? the video was call…[View]
387743Anyone got the image that's sort of like what I drew? I remember it being just black/white or b…[View]
387998I need source. Thank you in advance.[View]
387942This is more of a question than a request, but how long would it take for a recently released steam …[View]
387563Hi there, im unsure whether im allowed to create this type of thread, but i suppose it is a worksafe…[View]
387943Does anyone have a rec chart of kaiju stuff? Can't find it in either the /a/ or /tv/ wiki since…[View]
387972I've been thinking in the back of my mind of a scene from either a TV show or movie, where a ch…[View]
387929Who can translate?: I picked up a manga not long ago only to find out that translations ceased four …[View]
387963Anyone have the image of her fully recovered with cybernetic limbs?[View]
387441Comics.: Yo, so, this might be weird but can you give me a recommendation for comics that has a nice…[View]
387958I have this figurine. Can somebody identify it for me? Thanks![View]
387953Looking for a one-page comic that was kind of like a kama sutra for two-person assisted flight. Like…[View]
387803Anyone has a link to download 'The Girl From the Other Side: Siúil, A Rún' in any format? I've …[View]
387890WHAT in the world is the story behind THIS gif???[View]
387935Anyone willing to post the Kiznaiver OP over in /wsg/ and linking it here?: Anime OP/ED thread: >…[View]
387931A longshot, but does anyone know where I can download this old game from my youth?[View]
387749can someone please shop in the face i attach into the pharaoh headdress? with the same shading they …[View]
3879183dsmax 2014: I need 3dsmax 2014 in particular due to a plugin I use only existing for 2011-2014. I c…[View]
387917anyone know what this game is?[View]
387876Source ?[View]
387643Where is this from?[View]
387100Is there a version without a doll on her legs? Probably not, but for some reason I really ned this. …[View]
387830Online Journal: I want to start a life journal/diary for myself. Is there a website which allows me …[View]
386819Anyone know the artist of this image? No results from IQDB, TinEye or Google, and my best guesses fo…[View]
387882I need a cartoonish/animated picture of Trump receiving a million dollars and Trump and Kim Jung Un …[View]
387881Can anyone please either make Bill the Cat a brighter orange or help me find a better picture of all…[View]
387872Can someone help me I want the photo with out the apps and stuff[View]
387758/r/ing chill songs with bits of conversations in them: Examples: https://youtu.be/egQvyV_7HmY. htt…[View]
387871Looking for an image: Anyone have the image of the shining poster but it says 'the shit is that' ins…[View]
386480Oldschool moe anime?: K-On is widely considered the starting point of the moe trend. That doesn…[View]
387847Whats the name of this spongebob episode? I need this clip but this is terrible quality. https://www…[View]
387853Where can I find full videos of Joe Pera stand up comedy? Torrent would be best.[View]
387851Hey guys, I've been looking for the videos that spooky black or corbin plays in the background …[View]
387808I need help in identifying a painting: Here's the thing: In Pawn Stars season 9 episode 58- ,,R…[View]
387745Can anyone recommend me a Free SWF to Video converter (Preferably MP4). I've tried using Swivel…[View]
387843Movie Title: Sup, wsr! I need your help again, guys. I'm looking for a movie that tells about a…[View]
387637who: who[View]
387763Looking for source of this OST: I am looking for the source of the following OST/Music https://vocar…[View]
387827Can someone make these images transparent/crop out the backround for me? Thanks[View]
386451Can somebody tell the condition this baby goat has?[View]
387729anyone have the webm of this girl dancing? ik its small and blurry, but its all i got. plz help[View]
387817Old flash game Destruction Derby Arena Wrecker: I am looking for the game Destruction Derby Arena Wr…[View]
387765Hey /wsr/, I dont have a wifi adapter for my desktop so I bridged a connection between my laptop and…[View]
387793Genetic question: What is the name of the 3 letter code that matches to the sequence of RNA on a tra…[View]
387791Does anyone know that name of that British, (I think) comedian that plays the piano, he's got p…[View]
387784My request is that someone explain to me the joke in this image. I've seen Drive but I don…[View]
387099Give me the smuggest, most shit eating reaction images known to mankind[View]
387787I would really apreciate if a kind soul told me where this is from[View]
387786Anyone good with animation? Wanting to make an animated music video to a song I made recently and ha…[View]
387684Can anyone tell me how to filter photos to look like this?[View]
387704Could this be why I get lag in every online multiplayer game I play? And my adapter is perfect and p…[View]
387379can anyone tell me what this effect is called and how its made?[View]
387754Anyone know what game this is?[View]
387773.jpg: Give me strange/funny/offensive/scary pictures. Any pictures you think are worth sharing…[View]
387770Name of the song playing in this video? Shazam did not return any results.[View]
387661Can somebody please photoshop out the Skeever at the bottom of image related[View]
387378Fun anime: Need something fun to watch. Something fun like ikamusume, joukamachi dandelion, ya'…[View]
387703Can someone make this icon into a circle?[View]
387744homework: hey /wsr i need a word format version of this debate Bill de Blasio, Sal Albanese Democrat…[View]
387276Where on the internet can I download all issues of the Donjon comics in french? I'm looking to …[View]
387107anime and manga: complete newbie here. can anyone get me started on the best films/series to watch? …[View]
387534can someone make my robot fella more realistic? thank![View]
387651I'm looking for manga with a unique, weird art style. I have read most of the stuff by Taiyo Ma…[View]
387601English Task - Have I done all that I needed?: >pic-related I've got two additional pictures…[View]
387466What are some anime with a lot of hype aside from TTGL?[View]
387720i need the '4chanic baitmaster' edit of this[View]
387707My modded xbox wont play any disks after i updated it since it asked for an update i get a 'To pla…[View]
387706I'm looking for pics of anime girls crying with happiness. Fanart is preferred, but screencaps …[View]
387699Ok guys, I am getting desperate here. Recently half of my backpanel USB ports and all my front USB p…[View]
3876983DS Finalizing Setup Questions (11.2.0-35U): So I have successfully modded in Lumas and the Bootstra…[View]
387647ok. so i am with my new computer and i am trying to recover the data from another hard drive which w…[View]
387351sup guys Today I changed the position of my computer and I'm noticing a little noise with the c…[View]
387667Ange Princess Principal: Characters similar in design to Ange from Princess Principal? Mostly in ter…[View]
387608So when I try to turn on my computer, it just turns off after one second. I bought this new power su…[View]
387677Isekai plot: Any got the image of the 'Dark Souls the anime'. The MC is a silent guy, he only commun…[View]
387030Trying to find who this character is: Does anybody know her? Or at least where she is from?[View]
387641Fonepaw data recovery: I've recently deleted a video on my phone by accident and tried to use f…[View]
387514So guys, i fianlly hit that 18yo mark. Today is my birthday, but im feeling a bit down, nobody remem…[View]
387611So, I just finished watching Ergo Proxy Pls, recommend me something similar. (Cyberpunk derivatives)[View]
387465sauce for gumball?[View]
387635I am looking for music like the stuff from command & conquer. i know it's industrial, i wan…[View]
387625I've seen this guy before, who is this or where is he from?[View]
386578Can i get a torrent/magnet of LotGH + movies?[View]
386651I'm new to visual novels and I just finished steins;gate and s;g0. looking for more visual nove…[View]
387584Need to find the rest of this stream but forgot names etc. Thank y'all https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
387617I looking for list of all active torrent search engines on web?[View]
387482Hello! Can someone please provide me with quality Need For Speed fanart? It will be much appreciated…[View]
387389So I'm trying to find gain.jpg. It's a parody of Loss, but it was made in Doodle or Die an…[View]
387578i have as homework to write a markov sentence generator. Essentiallty i get a bunch of text , split …[View]
387511Hey I'm looking for a new anime to watch. I have watched Steinsgate and One punch man and loved…[View]
387558How is this painting called?: Hey there, how is this painting called and who is it from? Thank you, …[View]
387595Hey /wsr/, I've got a HDD that died on me. It sounds like it's still spinning, and it show…[View]
387594Looking for the addon in the pic, the one of the bars, thank you[View]
387581paint tool sai: Can anyone give me a link to a downloadable crack to paint tool sai 2 ?[View]
387439vector request: Requesting some help with vectorising these images for printing on t-shirts. I figur…[View]
387357Looking for the LN where the MC's family is living with this hundreds of years old Yokai I thin…[View]
386924so, where's this panel from? google doesn't want to help[View]
387191ITT: Japanese girls doing silly things.[View]
387559Pic related are files I got from downloading video's from an android app on my phone. I'm …[View]
387565Can anyone ID this track? Found the pic source but can't get anywhere with the track itself[View]
387566Can somebody help me translate the red word please and thank you.[View]
387557Can't find Image: Maybe a year or so ago I was lurking in a thread (I think it was on /fa/), an…[View]
387512So I ran out of my new favorite genre manga to read >psychological scifi/cyberpunk With series su…[View]
387294I know this is a long shot, but can anybody figure out how to get this? https://jpddl.com/music/1405…[View]
387545requesting this in a higher resolution. The best I can find on google is 1000 x 700[View]
386803Lost Graphic Novel: Help, /wsr/. I'm searching for the name of this graphic novel that has a re…[View]
387537Who is she?[View]
387533Need torrent or dl links of these songs. > Styx - First Time > Rupert Holmes - Terminal Can…[View]
387516please suggest good racing anime`s/series: (besides intial D)[View]
387453I just watched Moonbeam City and I'm looking for any cartoons, comic books, anime, manga and ga…[View]
386701Network issues: Hello /wsr/, I am new to this board. I'm having networking issues. I moved into…[View]
386896Roger Dean Wallpapers Photoshop Request: Can you resize and maybe denoise/despeckle these wallpapers…[View]
387106It occurred to me that a lot of the time, if the main antagonist of a game/movie/etc is female they…[View]
387259CMD halp: Anons I need your help. I've found laptop, the problem is the password. I m 99% sure …[View]
387478Does anyone have a higher resolution version of this?[View]
387002Where's the best place to pirate officially translated, officially released digital manga? I ca…[View]
387421Melania Trump pic pak: looking for a yuuuuuuge pack of Melania Trump pics, does such thing exist? th…[View]
387490I am searching for this specific album (SPES, by Cantus & Frode Fjellheim), It doesn't real…[View]
387483is there a bot or something that automatically records sopcast (free TV) without me?[View]
387297HSM Balers: Help needed: This question may be a very specific one, but I really do hope some Anon he…[View]
387464Flying Horse: Okay, so I've been looking everywhere I know for this specific webm. There are ma…[View]
387463Looking for a animated short on YouTube about a robot or a guy: He's dropped into this undergro…[View]
387220This might look weird, but I need five different people on vocaroo to say : ''All long Tay…[View]
387283Mylo Xyloto (comics): Can someone please provide me a link to the Mylo Xyloto comics?[View]
387450Anyone know who this is? I assume it's some random Instagram girl. Gets posted in /int/ quite a…[View]
387323Youtube channels for my family to watch?: Since we got a smart tv my family has only used youtube to…[View]
387397What component is this?: Hi /wsg/ Can you help me identify this component? It has a philips screw o…[View]
386838Can I get an edit of this picture but with John McCain's face on it?[View]
387422Problems with the Wi-Fi in my niece's iPhone: My niece's iPhone has some weird stuff going…[View]
387434Dante May Cry: Looking for one or two images which are mostly a wall of text about DMC4 vs. the rebo…[View]
386443Hi can you hook me up with some programmer/coding memes[View]
387044Podcasts: What are the best Podcasts out there? Personal favorites?[View]
386939Shop Request: Hey guys. I need a photoshop job please. The pic needs a carbon fiber background. Over…[View]
387413Hip Hop song sauce: It's the one that has 4 brass stabs that go up chromatically, over a simple…[View]
386916C# code halp: Beginner C# pleb here, need some help with some simple code. I want the code to be ab…[View]
387408I read, what I assume is an obscure manga, about ten years ago and I can't remember what it…[View]
387404There is a Scene in the Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest that I need turned into a We…[View]
384881Can someone please shoop this girl sitting on some beans? inside joke, thanks.[View]
387390Identifying polyhedra: Pic related. So far I think that the center is a tetrahedron, the bottom left…[View]
387346Graphics Card vs Monitor: I need help. I have $800 and can't decide to replace my monitor with …[View]
386855Looking for the exact version of the music in this video. It's the Star Trek Theme - Enterprisi…[View]
386727Recommend me an anime that has a good dub, preferably not anything too long.[View]
386853Can anyone tell me who these characters are?[View]
387358Online Shopping: Im trying to order a pair of boots from Grunge John Orchestra. Explosion. I do not …[View]
387363Torrent request: Hey /wsr looking for pdf/torrent of graphic novels of Avatar the Last airbender and…[View]
387347In what order should I watch Slayers? I saw the first series and went right into Next, but I didn…[View]
387343Need Help Finding Artist: I've tried using Reverse Google Image search and SauceNAO can't …[View]
387348Need the Omae wa mou shindeiru meme out of this, can anybody help?[View]
387239Weird random pictures for shitpost reasons >pic related[View]
387218I'm absolutely horrible with any image editor whatsoever, can someone please take out McCree (i…[View]
386626Forgot the name of a certain song. The lyrics involved some lines that sounded like 'it's a bra…[View]
387334Anyone wanna join my friend's Quiplash XL game? Code is HQRP, go to jackbox.tv[View]
387225Quick design help for homework: Okay so I have to turn in a design for homework in my marketing clas…[View]
387264Can someone find this reaction gif?: Basically it's this guy with long brown hair shaking his h…[View]
386631https://youtu.be/bv_q8KKRnEs?t=17s Can anyone ID the song/riff that plays for a second or two at 0:1…[View]
387304what is the name of this girl?[View]
386982Can someone translate this for me? Is is chinese? Thanks.[View]
387306does anybody have this in higher quality[View]
387240Can someone get me a ROM of Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga? Most websites have it taken down becaus…[View]
387258Primitive Technology Mud Slap: So I saw a video of this primitive technology guy just slapping mud a…[View]
387148Old memes: Please explain these ancient memes mentioned on Everything Shii Knows' page about 4c…[View]
386975I frequently use multiple computers and was wondering if their was any (free) online text editors th…[View]
387292Did anyone save that great Columbine video Influx made with the xxxtentacion track gnarly bastard? I…[View]
387288Hey bio dudes I need major help. I got a project due in a couple hours and I just need to do a coupl…[View]
387223I want this in better resolution but i cant find anything. Could someone help me with this[View]
387272can somebody helpme to get this wallpaper[View]
387055Photoshop this politician: Could someone please photoshop Tony Abbott's hand so that he's …[View]
387224Need PC Help. Pls.: So for past few days my computers is just randomly restarting whenever I'm …[View]
387079Can somebody give me a YT link to that 'Take On Me' parody, where there's a guy in a wheelchair…[View]
387164lookin for original, these tits look nice[View]
386458i just refreshed firefox and need a new adblock plug in. any recommendations on something effective …[View]
387255looking for a torrent of a new visual novel that came out looks kinda interesting: Its called tokyo …[View]
386632Requesting a render for a forum website: Hey, I need this picture without background (render) for a …[View]
387122Enlarge/Recreate This Icon Please!: Any graphical artists out there looking to work their magic for …[View]
387227Cosy 90s photos: Hi, could someone please dump some cool and aesthetics 90s photos like pic related?…[View]
387210who's this guy? is he an actor? name?[View]
386964Logo request: Hi everyone I was wondering if someone could help me create 3 different logos for a fr…[View]
386998I need some selling advice friendos The pic related is an old leather coat I've been meaning to…[View]
386267I want to get into Castlevania. Any good starting point and any games to skip?[View]
387171painting reference: I need some people to pose for a reference image for a painting im working on, t…[View]
386926I shut down my computer while still having my external hdd connected, it shows me this when i look a…[View]
387156does anyone remember a dating site around from the early 2000s which was focused on emo/scene/altern…[View]
386765HDD Boot: Put old laptop hdd into current laptop. The current laptop dose detect the old laptop hdd.…[View]
386915Time-limit PS2 games: I've been playing Katamari Damacy and I like how the 'missions'…[View]
386967hey /wsr/ I need help finding a name of a 3DS a played on my little brother's 3DS a couple of y…[View]
387144what are the mods used?[View]
387143ok /r/ I need your help. I want anime recommendations but with these specific traits: 1. Has to have…[View]
386464what are some lewd anime not full on hentai but like kiss x sis or eromanga-sensei preferably siscon…[View]
387135Hi guys, does anyone know what exact model Ray-Ban frames SSSniperWolf / Lia uses in this video? htt…[View]
387134Looking for more occult movies like this.[View]
387011The Virgin Chad: I used to have a version of this meme saved, can't find it. Basically the rol…[View]
386936I need match 3 games like pic related *NOT* in the hentai sexy anime babe sense. But the limited mo…[View]
386550So there is this song, which is already extraordinary by itself. (It's real good though, just l…[View]
387104looking for a picture of some sjw/feminist numale looking guy that got memed around a while ago. he …[View]
387057How to copy large files >4gb to external hard drive: I need to copy large files from a windows co…[View]
386426Hey could you guys help me figure out this program. I'm starting out programing this year and I…[View]
387110Sheet music request: Hello /wsr/ I'm looking for the sheet music for Show City, Show girl by Hi…[View]
387105Looking for a Cacani software crack: Would anyone be so kind as to work on a crack for the animation…[View]
386976What does these signs say?[View]
386970Hi, does anybody know the artist of this? I tried Google Images, IQDB, SauceNao and TinEye. It seems…[View]
386331>Cemu 'Breath of the Wild'-specific help: I've just stumbled onto the ability to m…[View]
386885sauce: either author or name of manga[View]
387016I need a throwaway Yahoo, Gmail, or Outlook account to use as a burner for a forum. The only problem…[View]
387088Any place where i can find hires versions of yugioh cards? i want to render majesty fiend and vanity…[View]
387086So my computer began to either restart by itself or the monitor goes into ''Safe mode…[View]
386637So I remember someone uploaded all(?) the CN City bumps and stuff but the mega folder is now kill. I…[View]
386782Xsplit: Where can I find the latest cracked version of xsplit[View]
387024had a bad car crash, broke some important stuff, and am bedridden never watched anime before I want …[View]
387066Ex tattoo: Can someone help me, I am looking for a picture. As i remember it was some tattoo that ha…[View]
387019Choosing a Gaming laptop: Hello Folks, I am thinking to get this picrelated laptop: ASUS ROG Strix G…[View]
386923What anime is pic related from /wsr/ ?[View]
387031Can someone help identify this song? I've searched the lyrics but nothing came up https://vocar…[View]
386409A Quest for Memes: I need to collect some memes to print off and cut down to the size of the artwork…[View]
386945Hey 4chan, Does anyone have the sauce on this image? Sorry it's really bad quality but I'v…[View]
386996Tfw to intelligent: Whatever happened to the original FB page for tfw to intelligent? I liked follow…[View]
386793can someone make this a mobil wallpaper? preferably a galaxy s7[View]
386994https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l7j12UE6Oqk Is someone able to extend the length of this song with m…[View]
386595Hi /wsr/, I'm on the hunt for some obscure albums, that i can't find on any torrent site, …[View]
386971Source ?[View]
386968Where can I find all the bkub charm (Chen) comics in English?[View]
386962Does anyone recognise this manga?[View]
386946Can't seem to find this video. It has a pizza floating in space and a pineapple comes crashing …[View]
386955inspiration for graphic flow chart study guide: Hey guys, i fucked up and have 2 days left to comple…[View]
386921Looking for the source of this manga. Reverse searching failed me[View]
386286CLANNAD: Just finished episode 5. I've heard the VN was pretty good. Was wondering if I should …[View]
386387Joaquin Phoenix is in a movie and there's a fucking spider on the wall thre size of a horse. Wh…[View]
386613Shi Painter Installation: Where and how do I install Shi Painter? I found what I think is the offici…[View]
386905How long before I pass out from sleep deprivation: I'm doing some research on this topic, can a…[View]
386914What manga is this?[View]
386811so I'm trying to download a RAR file but whenever I download it, it doesn't work. I click …[View]
385500Give me your best reaction pics.[View]
386807How can i get this image in a better resolution?[View]
386908Source of this?[View]
386804Hbpix: Help, I was watching a video on youtube when randomly a file called hbpix automatically downl…[View]
386567Math Help!: I'm doing hw for me EE class, and I keep having problems simplifying these equation…[View]
386668chrome hack: how do i do this?[View]
386739Help me: Hey guys, I would enjoy a lot if someone could tell me a site where I can convert a youtube…[View]
386888Mothers be aware simfile: any1 have a mothers be aware (Dance! It's your stage) simfile, or any…[View]
386420Are there any rpgs besides the early Pokemon games that have slot machines or gambling parlors in ga…[View]
386649I'm looking for this full / high quality album. https://fm84.bandcamp.com/album/atlas Anything …[View]
386801Photoshop request: Hey can someone remove the background and make it just plain white? Don't re…[View]
386863Please help me with my Math Homework: What would the surface area of a cylinder be in terms of h if …[View]
386307I want to learn to type properly. What are the best resources for this?[View]
386565Tech question here: So I go to college in the US. To use the school wifi, I have to use my credentia…[View]
386844Windows 8: Anyone know where I can get a windows 8 product key[View]
38629670's Nion: Music, so i need a certain vibe of music. looking for a 70's nion style music, …[View]
386454Need help Anons: Do any of you know how to get in the boot menu of a PC with out a password?[View]
386160Weird pics.: Give me some weird pics, ones like mine.[View]
386810I'm not sure if it's against the rules, but it's literally just £0.07. I never thoug…[View]
386812I want to register on softpedia forums but but protonmail, tutamail are not accepted. Only yahoo mai…[View]
386805Mesotheraphy Books: Anyone have any books of mesotherapy. Thanks.[View]
386822Pokemon Go -Report: I dunno if this is the right place to this request, newfag here, but.... Could y…[View]
386799How TF do I isolate theta here???: It has to be possible right? pic related is what I've done s…[View]
386327Anime/manga recommendations: After watching some Jormungand again I got in the mood for a good shoot…[View]
386263anyone have the pepe where the picture is in the perspective of someone lying and looking at the mil…[View]
386767Some anon posted it on a YGYL Thread on adult gifs but the thread is deleted now What's the nam…[View]
386784What is the name of the song in this webm?[View]
386794I can't for the life of me find a video of this girl going 'Aww shit nigaa, turn up' And when s…[View]
386764Reccomend me an elective: I fucked up, spent two years being a neet and failed a year and now I…[View]
386304Ancient Greek Theatre: I'm looking for good reenactments of ancient greek plays (ex. those of S…[View]
386419m3 bitlocker recovery cd key: I am looking for a WORKING key for m3 bitlocker recovery if anyone can…[View]
386775Does anyone have a site where I can download a pdf for this or have a pdf of this? POWER:Learningand…[View]
386733>What are the cons of this monitor? >LG 23MB35VQ >It's cheap as hell…[View]
386722Reinstalled Windows 7 with a bootable USB. Everything seemed to be working fine until my computer ra…[View]
386720Can someone remove the kid from this wallpaper please? Thanks!![View]
386755Where can I find an easy-to-read map of the path of all the different hurricanes we've had or a…[View]
386750I'm looking for the runescape version of this image with the black kid running away the black k…[View]
386736Can someone put this in a high quality for me or remove the head?[View]
386699i have 2 desktops and 1 laptop with left 4 dead on each of them. is there a way to play multiplayer …[View]
386243Does someone have the cover of Arthur's intro about the /sp/ janitor he does it for free?[View]
386689can anyone give me the standard form of the quadratic function x^2 - 8x? and please tell me how you …[View]
386638solving differential equation: How do I isolate Y and move it to the left hand side? So I've di…[View]
386659Help me with my homework please?: I cant type it out please look at the picture.[View]
386510Digital Lighting and Rendering 3rd Edition: Hello, I am looking for a PDF (other file types are fine…[View]
386039I'm looking for some more obscure western animated series for adults. Some of the stuff I have …[View]
386652Sauce to this?[View]
386640Can anyone attending one of these universities download this book, and upload it somewhere I can dow…[View]
386678Anyone know where this image is from?[View]
386677Hey /wsr/. I'm looking for a free method, preferably a pomf clone, that will allow me to upload…[View]
386647I want the background image[View]
386256PLEASE HELP: So I need the -200 bucks changed to a pending (423.56) please or my girlfriend will kil…[View]
386604Watermark removal: Can anyone remove the watermark (the part that says quotefancy) and the 'Friedric…[View]
386197I'm having an issue with 4chanX in FF, when I try to load an image I just get a blank page. Aft…[View]
386497Source plz: Anyone have the source to the Shinobu image?[View]
386618Requesting to know the identity of this toy I've had since childhood. On feet it says 'MFG. FOR…[View]
386605Anyone got this soundtrack? I find myself pausing to start the game just to listen to its soundtrack…[View]
386463Windows tablets: So, for certain reasons I need a Windows tablet. Which ones are actually good? Neve…[View]
386623I need help finding a movie I saw a few years ago. It was about these two gangsters that worked for …[View]
385755Anyone know how to download an entire series from kissanime or kissasian? I tried some scripts, but …[View]
386558Anyone have a source for this?[View]
386615Curse of the Necrodancer: Too busy dancing to focus on the awesome beats. Anyone got this?[View]
386109Java question (I'm a noob): Suppose I'm writing a class with instance variable int x, and …[View]
386396Anyone know what manga this is from?[View]
386593original pic: original Nico Yazawa pic? (id appreciate transparents Nico Yazawa pics doing Nico Nico…[View]

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