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No. Excerpt
350773Can someone redraw this picture of pro wrestler Triple H to look like Smug Pepe? If it has been done…[View]
350713What's a good site to torrent music off of? Specifically for classic rock. I'm looking for…[View]
350768Anyone got a working torrent for pic related?[View]
350774Can someone sample me a Moog mother 32? I just need a clear Sawtooth wave, with no filters. If someo…[View]
350708I've been looking for torrent of S;G with BOTH dual audio and WhyNot subs but had no luck. Coul…[View]
350642Recommend me some good mobile games with anime girls[View]
350754FIrefox isn't working like it used to do, I believe it was the new update that turned it into s…[View]
350187Please help me my dudes I don't know how to fix this[View]
349814Whats the best way to go about making the background of this transparent? Photoshop background erase…[View]
350661i need a discord server that aint a peice of shit.: Yo i need a discord server that isin't a pe…[View]
350190Games where trapping is the main focus: Games where trapping/making traps is the main focus of the g…[View]
350727I need a bane comic where CIA is coming in on the batpod and says 'that's why you shoot a man b…[View]
350594Photoshop request: Can someone edit this so I'm holding a molotov cocktail or something instead…[View]
350712source manga of this?[View]
350505help pls: Any artists out there /b/? I need a character for my album. A lean cup drinking lean. I ma…[View]
350701Hey guys. I am looking some cool drawn letter art. kind of urban. It should say ' TRAPL3AN $ ' I am …[View]
350692I need images of Hachikuji, Shinobu or Kiss-shot from Monogatari for my new folder.[View]
350173sup looking for a specific photo of a freight train in the middle of a suburban road >picture was…[View]
350575Halp: ...Anonymous My pc is killing me 07/21/17(Fri)19:05:24 No.61487650 627 KB 627 KB JPG Hi i real…[View]
350516Does anyone know where a could find a high quality release of RahXephon. Honesly xdcc or a torrent w…[View]
350641hey /r/ could you give me more of these lists?[View]
350663viking/winter/norse/comfy wallpapers: /wg/ was no help i cant find anything good nothing from the sh…[View]
350533Comic/Manga: Does anyone know it? Thanks in advance[View]
349995I've been fucking unable to get this thing out of my head plz help. Sorry for 1000 hours in ms …[View]
350482What is the name of that tool that gives images the illusion of motion? It basically just transforms…[View]
350633>Kancolle Trying to get into this game. Want to start playing it on my phone but it seems that th…[View]
350049Post depth charts[View]
349737im gonna make things vaporwave: im also gonna make things minamalized,[View]
350610WHO GOT DA SAUCE: Looking for the sauce of that audio clip that is a anime girl moaning 'senpai cum …[View]
349231/r/ the music in this webm[View]
350305I'm looking for these rims, I fucked up one so I need a replacement. On a 06 rsx[View]
350629Looking for /v/ screencap: Does anyone have the screencap from the /v/ thread discussing the highest…[View]
350478Anime to cry: i feel like i need to watch something that can make me cry i heard that clannad makes …[View]
350494Can somebody fix the dark triangle in the top right to make it uniform with the image? I've tri…[View]
350624The area song: I am looking for a song that involves a man singing about a girl that gets killed in …[View]
350614Ruined computer?: So I was gonna dust off the inside of my computer and I saw pic related. No. 1…[View]
350428Express X in Y: Evening guys, I want to express x (marked red) in y (current RHS). I've been st…[View]
350577sauce: Where's this from?[View]
349569Help with Assignment: So i (and others) have been assigned to create our group logo for our universi…[View]
350611This tv show.: So I want to find out what show this is. It was about bosses who suspect that their e…[View]
349849Box.: My daughter wants the same type of decorate it yourself box, don't remember where I got i…[View]
350587Sing for me: Sing or Rap these lyrics: Wheeeee Wheeeee Wheeeee What the fuck Why are you looking at …[View]
349844I need help, I was just looking through a bunch of symbols and found this, I have never seen it befo…[View]
350557Drawing art: Does anyone want a drawing like this? This style in particular, I'm trying to expa…[View]
350334Photoshop request: Can some of you guys, change background in the simple plain color such as light b…[View]
350307http://ww1.cartooncrazy.net/watch/texhnolyze-episode-8-english-dubbed/ Could someone please make a g…[View]
350275How do /will i be able to connect 2 controllers to motionjoy/PSX?[View]
350584Problem with Acdsee and animated .gifs: Considering buying acdsee, because i've been using tria…[View]
350531Could anyone dump/upload an ISO of the Introduction to Algorithms 2nd edition CD? I've already …[View]
350216anyone got a torrent for this yet? (t. faggot)[View]
350554Hey All, Looking for a place where I can download all of the Nasubi episodes, preferably with englis…[View]
350550Artist: Does anyone know who the original artist of this artwork is?[View]
350521Sauce?: or full version of this?[View]
350438Does anybody know who this artist is?[View]
350522When I convert cbz. files in KCC for my paperwhite, there are white pages (1-3) between each visible…[View]
350341Could anyone please give me a good quality unedited uncensored torrent of Angel Cop?[View]
349960Looking for image filter website: What is the name of the website where you could upload an image an…[View]
350239A friend of mine found this, but couldn't figure out what it is Any help is greatly appreciated[View]
350500Halp: Does anyone know what this cord goes to/plugs into. It comes from the front where a usb port i…[View]
350499Does anyone have the full version of this picture? verycursed.[View]
350426if i change my boot device from a hard drive to an ssd, will i have to reinstall drivers? will i los…[View]
350213Is there anything better than TeamViewer for Android to Android remote control? My wifi is fast but …[View]
350487Sound is messed up: So out of the blue last night, something happened to the sound on my computer. I…[View]
349876Old Windows 98/95 music software: Old Windows 98 software like X-incarn / Devine Machine. So hard to…[View]
350436Anime Game Reccomendations: I want to play an action anime game with a good plot/characters and most…[View]
350337I'm trying to see if someone remembers the name of this manga, it was a western manga. I don…[View]
350463Requesting that someone shop him in place of Constanza in that image of him w/ baseball bat. Please …[View]
350456Lenovo photo master: Can someone explain this? Every time I plug my phone in to work on photos this …[View]
350454What is this font?[View]
349951Desperately need some tech help. I need to adjust the contrast of my HP 15-ba000 15-ba003ds laptop. …[View]
350363Does anyone know who this frog character on the right is?[View]
349836What is this cats name? I've seen more than one high quality picture of this cat, one of which …[View]
350261Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon (FLAC) Soundtrack: Howdy /wsr/, I'm looking for the complete soundtrack …[View]
349925Looking for a viral skyrim clip. Saved it a while back but pretty sure it got deleted by the origina…[View]
348606anyone got sauce on the music?[View]
350429Multicraft Mod: Fix my problem and I'll gift you a steam game. (15$ or under please, maybe more…[View]
350194video converter for mac: so I need a program to convert 4k video to 1080p the problem is that I need…[View]
349334What anime are worth watching this season? I'm watching Tsurezure Children, Gamers, and Isekai …[View]
350298Csynk vs sync on luma?: I don't know anything about this. I am thinking about bying a RGB scart…[View]
350412could I get a pdf of this art book?[View]
349797television fan: Is it okay if I ask where to find a decent quality unaffiliated stream/link of Game …[View]
350402Boy name???[View]
350378Love: Lost freeware game: Does anyone know where to download or anything at all about the game shown…[View]
350108N00b needs help building a computer: Hey /wsr/! I've wanted to build a good gaming pc for a goo…[View]
349907Source on this, shazam won’t work: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=aFjF4ChaKww Skip to 1:50, I’m looki…[View]
350288Anyone knows how the song in the video is called?[View]
349654Which anime have the best lewd fanart?[View]
350219If I watched Gunbuster and liked it should I watch Diebuster or it it shit[View]
349872Need a video or sound clip of Homer Simpson, or similar voice, saying the word 'unity' I already hav…[View]
349501Requesting that pic where an orc, an elf and a dwarf (I think) are playing about a tabletop RPG abou…[View]
350264Osaka image hunt: I need some images of Osaka from azumanga daiho. My preferences are screenshots bu…[View]
349821Girls und Panzer: I want to watch this. What are the best subs for it?[View]
350310Can someone tell me which anime this is from, please[View]
349135Moe SOL anime that DON'T take place in Japan: Here's a semi challenging request for you. I…[View]
350117Can anyone stitch pic related together in a a/b/a style with the pic in the middle and the other car…[View]
350308PUA books collection: I unknowingly deleted my folder of books couple of month and can no longer ret…[View]
349953Could someone help me find torrent or ddl of official RWBY manga English digital release?[View]
349052Recommend me comfy games[View]
350247WW2 homemade docu: Maybe I'm in the wrong place for this request. I'm looking for a video …[View]
350214Would someone be kind enough to compress my favorite reaction gif to under 2mb? I would be very grat…[View]
350282I need to find a small manga-like (yuri?) comic (1-page) that was about an old woman with her grandd…[View]
349662This has been bugging me for ages anyone know what tune this is from? http://vocaroo.com/i/s0WJBZOaz…[View]
350272What's this faggot's name?[View]
349739Hey guys. I'm trying to find a really old youtube video close to 10 years old. It was a concept…[View]
350267Can somebody give me the same face as in pic related but with lens flares for eyes and the mouth enl…[View]
349937Does anyone have/know where I can find the version of this video where the guy is driving a train in…[View]
350262BlazBlue Music: Where can I find BB music flacs? Specifically, I'm looking for a few of the ope…[View]
350132Transparent Image: Hello, I need this image with a transparent background in a 1024x1024. If anyone …[View]
350253Where can I get some boots like these?[View]
350104can anyone who owns this boxset tell me if it has the 'marathon play' feature like season one of the…[View]
346997I am looking for dirty mecha with lots of deformed steel. Something like Break Blade. I don't …[View]
349140IRC Anime/Manga bots: Okay guys, what are some good IRC bots to download anime/manga ? I started usi…[View]
350230pop midis: pic unrelated looking for some sort of database of midis of (preferably recent) pop songs…[View]
350098Does anyone have the video where it's Darth Vader at the start of this scene, going through the…[View]
350202Can't find the edm song in this clip Tried Shazam and others but it didn't work song start…[View]
349965What does this say[View]
350186Ultimate Muscle Roller Legend: I'm looking for a High Res copy of Ultimate Muscle Roller Legend…[View]
350183anyone have this in good resolution?[View]
350155Where can I get one of these bottles[View]
350176what's the original of this[View]
349054could anon pls shoop the 'O' on her shirt to look like an 'A'[View]
350133Good site for streaming anime? Rip kissanime[View]
349779Does anyone have the pic of Richard Bucket from Keeping Up Appearances as Punished Richard?[View]
350106Whats that rash?: My flatmade got an strange rash all over his body. It evolved in just one single d…[View]
349871im looking for a piece of art that is a pentagram in pink and blue thats made of naked goat headed w…[View]
350105anyone know where i can download all of ultimate muscle? preferably the english dub[View]
349800I'm trying to play minecraft but it keeps slowing down and freezing all over the place. I tried…[View]
350137I'm looking for a piece of art done of calvin and hobbes and some other person with lyrics to F…[View]
349975list every part you would buy to build a good computer consider price (i only get paid $11 an hour)[View]
350122NEED HELP: need some serious help finding pic related model >going to seoul july 30th for work …[View]
349556Does anyone remember this 'God hate japan' animation back on newgrounds? In which god see's the…[View]
350018fixing overbite and teeth size: Don't know how much you can do with this image but could someon…[View]
350093Hello /wsr/ I come to beg for help, I have no idea what is going on with my wifi. Please take mercy …[View]
350099Cortana on WP8.1: Anyone has any idea of how i can activate cortana? I already changed my region, la…[View]
350035Photoshop: Can anyone photo shop this giraffe wearing scrubs it's to make Someone I care about …[View]
349918Been really getting into gaming this past year, I bought the new doom and booted it up. >11 fps w…[View]
350001It's summer, there will probably be a lot of deals on steam and I want to try some new games. W…[View]
350024make her hair brown/dark brown/black: Just anything that doesn't make her look like a fag.…[View]
350003Can someone shop a little Nazi cap on this cat please?[View]
349890Requesting the following tracks >The Night Watch (Single Edit - Stereo) >The Night Watch (US R…[View]
349893I'm trying to install Dark Souls on my computer. I downloaded it from nicoblog and the setup is…[View]
349963Similar compilations: Looking for the other versions of this. I know a couple were made with both we…[View]
350020Can anyone help me find this creepy/weird online web series? I remember watching it about 5 years ag…[View]
350006Does anyone have a download of The Simpsons? Preferably up to season 10 but I'm not picky.[View]
350023Anyone who can make an easily printable version of the EFF's diceware wordlist, that looks like…[View]
349952buying on ebay: Need some help with buying graphic tablets on ebay or for that matter any electronic…[View]
349982Requesting the dog to be changed to Snapchat hotdog man.[View]
349999Hey Guys and Gals!: trust me, it well be worth it, you'll also get a warm feeling for helping m…[View]
349993I'm looking for Star Wars Doctor Aphra full comics, in high resolution - at least 2000 by 3000 …[View]
349822A website called 'Instwatch' is supposedly giving away watches for 'free' (13$ shipping) trough PayP…[View]
349552Does anybody here knows where to find the complete manga about the Zen master Ikkyu online? (pic) If…[View]
349683does anyone have the original unshopped versions of her pics[View]
349520Proxy changing: I want a browser or an extension which can help me in changing my location to japan …[View]
349948Does someone know the name of the YouTube girl that was always posted on /b/ who was very very thin …[View]
349969What's the music in this video? Starts at 0:14 https://youtu.be/BU5eNvrsZI8?t=14s[View]
349967Looking for higher resolution: It's a Pillsbury Doughboy gijinka by riingo. It was posted on he…[View]
349940what is the source of this?[View]
349933How to attack an Apache Tomcat, JavaServer Pages App: I need to get admin access to the tomcat inter…[View]
349554Eurobeat meme, but NOT: HALP. Remember that video meme, where this little Euro Ricer car rolls up to…[View]
349922After effects filter: Does anyone know what filter what use on this edit? I think it was made in aft…[View]
349873GIT for a Windows Idiot?: Here's the situation. >Never used GIT (or any other version contro…[View]
349847looking for new anime streaming site since kissanime went to shit, and eyeoneanime has bad resolutio…[View]
349896can somebody please get rid of the watermark on this? it would mean a lot, cowboy[View]
349840Sup /wsr/! I just bought this mid tower case with a rear stock fan. It is my only ventilation so far…[View]
349720Please help me translate these checkboxes[View]
349773What's the name of comic that gets posted a lot? I don't remember the first time I saw it,…[View]
349801I'm new to torrenting and would like to know some good torrenting sites to watch stuff like bre…[View]
349786Hey guys im trying to emulate shenmue now i have the game files and nulldc installed with the bios a…[View]
349775Anyone have the original/Higher res version of this?[View]
349815Requesting proxy server list: I've been using a VM of Kali Linux and I just set up my proxychai…[View]
349838Does anyone have the link to the alleged 'Illuminati voice mail' from a year or two back? I cant see…[View]
349830r-ing higher res photo of this, and artist[View]
349782Motherboard recommendation: I'm standing in a micro center and torn between asus maximus hero i…[View]
349808Zyzz Art: Can an artist create a Zyzz bro art? (like Michaelangelo's Creation of Adam) Maybe ha…[View]
348767HEY!!!!!!: Hi ppl Make me a favor Put my face into this painting with some master class Photoshop…[View]
349228What is this symbol? I've reversed imaged it, I’ve asked everyone I know, but I can't find…[View]
348585Screencap Thread: I'm looking for a screencap of a /v/ thread about Super Mario 3D World. The O…[View]
349222Good alternatives to 4chan?: I've had it with this shitty fucking website and all of its degene…[View]
349790trying to find a older youtube video about ronald mcdonald and a guy named mortis in the woods. I do…[View]
349296iPhone 'deleted' all my messages: I woke up today and had low memory in my phone, received some pict…[View]
349711Please help me? Need a laptop that can be bought cheap but then upgraded. I'd like to be able t…[View]
349443Does anyone have this WEBM but with sound?[View]
348884Can I get a translation pls. Got this pocket knife in japan for ¥6000 or ¥7500 can't remember[View]
349777Can someone photoshop this guy's face onto the wolfenstein 'show me your id papers please guy' …[View]
349584games with NPCs that take the loneliness away: i need suggestions please[View]
349743Just did a fresh install of Debian 9 with no DE and installed xmonad as root with 'apt install xmona…[View]
349769Hey just requesting the picture of male and female wojack in the shower, male thinking about world e…[View]
349259Discord Setup: Can I get some help setting up my Discord? https://discord.gg/TjdPJxR[View]
349709Can I salvage this poor guy?: So I have an old aspire v5 with a 1ghz processor and 4go of ram runnin…[View]
349608What anime is this from?[View]
349561Why exactly dai gyakuuten saiban doesnt belong to /jp/?[View]
349314I didnt learn photoshop ;-;: hiya guys is there someone here who can change the hue of this guy a li…[View]
349387Can someone post a mega/magnet for the fate VNs?[View]
349664hey /wsr/ I need a voice clip of someone saying 'kim jong funk' I dont care about the specifics like…[View]
349636Where can I find high-quality scans of Hirunaka No Ryuusei?[View]
349675Dual Linux Booting: I need help with dual booting Linux mint and Ubuntu on to a hard drive so that I…[View]
349132Out of pure boredom i wrote a small script to download all gifs from that square above the board nam…[View]
349150Hey weeb trash, I'm a newfag to anime sorta. I've watched about 20 actual anime series so …[View]
349724Name Hunting - kind of mediocre harem esc show, its about a guy who gets a job as a butler, after le…[View]
349707Download link where?[View]
349587Castle of Illusion for Android: Can anyone help me find this game? I've searched everywhere, an…[View]
348938Here's a thing I would humbly like to ask this board to deliver: We all know that youtube accou…[View]
349625How do I get into Getter Robo. Is there a guide to it like Gundam?[View]
349445What is the source material?: I feel like I've seen those eyelashes before, but I can't pi…[View]
349681where can i get figures like these? https://www.instagram.com/plantadacl/?hl=en[View]
349667what anime is this from?[View]
349311I want to continue this thread that I started a week ago, I had to stop because I got sick with the …[View]
349141Post anime girls wanting to kill themselves[View]
349639anime where beta/nerd/OCD/outcast/autistic MC rejects popular/cute girl (not necessarily romanticall…[View]
349657I bought a PS3 a week ago. When it arrived the controller wasnt connecting properly, and I thought i…[View]
349650source request: what anime is this from[View]
349646Old account: Report function is useless and I am unable to provide more info. 'Pretending to be some…[View]
349644I'm looking for a book list from /pol/. Specifically I'm looking for what I remember as th…[View]
349624Does anyone have the name?[View]
349634Laptop: I have a desktop but I'm about to start traveling a lot. Are there laptops on the marke…[View]
349478Anime Opening Song source: Its a rare one, I came here having looked day and night all across the la…[View]
349602Anyone have that gif of some guy doing like a little hand roll, then projectile vomiting? >pic ut…[View]
349611Source on this song? >>>/wsg/1787248[View]
349620Looking for an image where a black man is looking at two pictrures, one being an anime girl with a f…[View]
349597Episode or Series compilations images: I'm looking for images that sum up a series in a selecti…[View]
349275Looking for life-turning-around stories. People who got shat on by life, people who started in the m…[View]
349605Hey could help me to find the source of this draw[View]
349589Recently watched pic related and im looking for a Torrent of the 2 movie-adaptations.[View]
349418depressing anime: could you recommend me some anime thats generally sad or with themes of depression…[View]
349586Can anyone help me find the artist of this?[View]
349585Pic from Black guy with Asian eyes: Can one of you guys be a great sport and post the pic with the b…[View]
349583changing clothes: Anyone who can make this pic look like a ww2 german soldier? I managed to make a s…[View]
349053So, I started this thread on the wrong board, so I want it to be posted on the correct board. These …[View]
349330I'm writing about the horrors working at target: Where's the proper place to put this? the…[View]
349448DMC Please: Anybody got this series in A WORKING torrent or at the very least xdcc ? Thank you…[View]
348894how the fuck do I change the store region on a Kindle Fire?? I am britbong living in Spain, my Amazo…[View]
349491Hey, could anyone clarify this sentence (English isn't my native language): >Package exceeds…[View]
349542regalia: Does anyone have that fanart from this anime about legalizing same sex marriage? It's …[View]
349513More like this please ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0XZJ5mD6nSU[View]
348686hi does anyone on here have the yuki from haruhi cute crossdressing comic? i need it for school than…[View]
349510Meme request: Anyone know that meme where a guy was smiling in serious situation because he remember…[View]
349527Strategy games related question: How much a modern infantry battalion of 400 men weighs (Rangers, Ai…[View]
349220plz give me some pics of anime girls in tight clothing. HIGH quality only! !pic is an example![View]
349495hoping to sauce this/find hi res version[View]
349512Can someone remove her hand please?[View]
349507Does anyone know the artist?: So does anyone remember the original artist to this pic? I'm tryi…[View]
349508Does anyone using Clover (mobile 4chan browser) know how to post on /pol/ with a flag that's no…[View]
349492What the fuck is this? Mcafee says its a virus but it wont ever delete. I know little to nothing abo…[View]
349497Trying to find video that shows a man putting a rope around his neck picture related He says somethi…[View]
349493Looking for image: Looking for a High quality version of this image Ive tried all i can in my knowle…[View]
349488Anyone have the 5 panel comic thing about video game communities being diluted? First panel is two p…[View]
348962Any cubers around? Wtf do a I do now?[View]
349017What is the best online IQ test?[View]
349104I am a pure autist and don't know how to use paint properly. can someone put a kinda thin frami…[View]
349286What do?[View]
349416Google chrome tinted yellow, can't find settings to fix it. Please help it is driving me insane[View]
349236What is this?: Accidentally posted this in /r/ bc op is tard but can someone help me find out what t…[View]
348880Can someone change the 7 into a 9, please?[View]
349234Hi /wsr/, I'm going to order 6 custom prints and frames and I need your help to find high res p…[View]
349215Miku images: I need a huge Miku image pack, preferably thousands of pictures, where can I find somet…[View]
349435Alright what the hell happened to this guy, he drew two webtoons that both stopped sometime in 2015 …[View]
348930Windows 10 Login Nightmare: It's been like this for a whole hour now, nothing I do makes this s…[View]
349432Hey there guys, I need help tracking down the character in this picture. It looks very familiar to m…[View]
348316newfag here, looking for anime recommendations, specifically something like tokyo ghoul, thanks in a…[View]
349174Need Fire Red rom: I need this 1636 - Pokemon Firered (U)(Squirrels) Nintendo ceased and desisted it…[View]
349407Make this girl into a simple aesthetic sketch pls[View]
349403whats the source of this?[View]
349120I need help making this into a 4chan supported webm.: https://giphy.com/gifs/ll7mI3mLjaTBK Wouldn…[View]
349384Please Help Find This Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OzbVUJEL2qo I've searched different…[View]
348758can someone please photoshop this car into that dude that is holding his hands against his face maki…[View]
348955Anyone who can make an easily printable version of the EFF's diceware wordlist, that looks like…[View]
349377Newfag here, friend and me have been trying to find some sauce of a Yukari and Reimu meme of Reimu d…[View]
349341Sauce of a song: I've been searching for the sauce of the music used in this vid for weeks http…[View]
349325What are the cool games for ps4? I was thinking about some adventure game maybe. I'm thinking a…[View]
349253what are all the boards where spoiler tag works?[View]
349356Hello. I need that pic of the blonde girl with the thumn up and the toe doing the sale. Thank you[View]
349338Probabilty: Assume you have 3 tries. Each try gives you a 3% chance of winning. You must win twice. …[View]
348785Manga/anime where paranoia plays a big part? Preferably manga.[View]
349335hey there i need help finding a website with free anime with no adds anychance i can find some help?[View]
349107What's the name of this movie?: I could only see a small part of it but the basic premise is a …[View]
348766New Laptop: I need a laptop thats good for gaming and or aroind $600. ( Pic not related )[View]
349032Could someone here find or make something similar to this, but all the peaks and valleys are evenly …[View]
349301I'm looking for the title of a French movie that I saw quite a while back. It's similar to…[View]
349129Help finding a program: Hello. At my job I need to sit and flip through thousands of papers to searc…[View]
349279does anyone knows what actor/movie is this?[View]
349277Salty reaction images[View]
349251More shit like this: more shit like this[View]
349260Circle of Ouroborus: I search for Circle of Ouroborus' album Armon Keitaalla. Greatest black me…[View]
349030Suggest me some meta anime like genshiken or shirobako[View]
348898Mouse randomly moves and clicks, persists after mouse/keyboard disconnect: This has been happening t…[View]
349256Can anyone help me out and tell me where this is from?[View]
349255Marie Rose Wallpaper: Does anyone have any wallpaper pertaining to Marie Rose from DOA5?[View]
349239Art Of Marvel Studios DOWNLOAD: anyone got a scan verison of The art of Spider-Man homecoming? Or an…[View]
349250downloads pls?: i don't suppose someone has a mega for MSG 08th MS Team in blue ray? and Patlab…[View]
349240Anybody can help a fella out with the latest Roll Safe meme of donald trump's face attached to …[View]
349238What's the song that plays when Gray Fox fights Metal Gear REX in MGS1? Specifically right at t…[View]
349227I'm looking for a video of a turkish wedding (?) with men in circle, dancing and jumping to thi…[View]
349124Could you help me with this gif?: So could you help me to find this gif without the subtitles?Can…[View]
349219A couple days ago i saw an image taken from a manga ( prob. a doujin ) of Chun-Li from Streetfigther…[View]
348088where can i find the entire spiderman v kraven story arc including kravens last hunt to read?[View]
349210When I run my game in windowed mode all I see is a white screen with the intro sound and my whole co…[View]
349160Can someone fix up around the golf plz[View]
349208Trying to apply for student loans: Trying to apply for student loans, I need about $12k this year, w…[View]
348678Anyone has a clue on who the artist may be?[View]
349201Hey /wsr/. I need some help with a pair of bluetooth earbuds So about a year ago I bought these esca…[View]
349149I'm looking for the best documentaries of all time. Genre doesn't matter, although I'…[View]
348909'sup guys. I need some high tech Win10 support on my side. Basically, i have an undeleteable fo…[View]
349185I need help: So i have an idea for a video clip and i want to send it to *the weeknd* but i don…[View]
3491464chan X filters: I'm trying to filter using 4chan X but I only managed to do simple filters, I …[View]
349106can any one help me find this one song?: there is a song/video from vocaloid that i cant seem to fin…[View]
348939Reinstalled W10 on this laptop a month ago and I open it up after a few days and find its clock miss…[View]
348854I'm looking for pc games that have not only great art direction but also high quality graphics,…[View]
349142Can someone please post the 'Your waifu a shit' version of pic related?[View]
348959Source on the picture: I'm trying find the artist of this picture. Can anyone help a nigga out.…[View]
349123I'm making a 'decades' video for class and I was picked for the 80s in my group how do I become…[View]

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