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301770windos 7 activator: After getting a shitload of adware by using a ULTRA LEGIT BRO windows activator,…[View]
301786Paolo Aluffi- Algebra: Chapter 0: Does anyone have the second (2016) edition of this textbook in dig…[View]
301755I hope this is worksafe, I'm trying to find where the original image came from for this. I can…[View]
301762Movie Project: So I need help with making a movie project for school. I'm thinking of doing jus…[View]
300890What's your choice of anime/manga featuring cute vampire girls? It's a cliched and old as …[View]
301709Trying to find a song: I need a little help finding a song I used to listen to about 4/5 years ago b…[View]
301742Hi /wsr/, I want to know if pic related is legit? It pops up every time I open youtube app and updat…[View]
301749What is this sign behind the gun?[View]
301267Recommend me some anime with evil MC's. And by evil I don't mean edgy or morally questiona…[View]
301753Please give me all the pics you have of crosseyed girls.[View]
301748thread derailing: Does anyone got varaitions or the name for this comic. Have been looking for a web…[View]
299571Windows Updates: Just a question for fellow Windows 10 users, how have last week's updates affe…[View]
301521I'm trying to get a clean version of this dialogue box for something I'm making, does anyo…[View]
301716Is it possible to create one continuous pose from this gif?[View]
301467Looking for variations of this meme[View]
301676Make this portrait of my grandfather look sad[View]
301680Help Find this Guy: Well I really don't know what to do, this guy scammed me ( I worked for him…[View]
300985Ship plated gold: Can somebody more talented than I recolor this ship so that the green hull appears…[View]
301585Grammar Question: ate the following sentences past tense? or is past mixed with present? 1) The dwel…[View]
301371Post songs similar to these songs from Umineko please https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mVr0IUQ6BwE ht…[View]
301375Is there a Vivian James booru or other kind of image repository anywhere?[View]
301423Samsung sent email offering 50 bucks e certificate with the code for the s8+ being delivered a littl…[View]
301666Who is this loli?: All I know that she's from a videogame.[View]
301503So, been having issues with w10 screenshots and printscreen. I can copy things and post to a chat bu…[View]
301269Do Gym's in the UK generally keep your info after you've cancelling once? I mean like bank…[View]
301583Where can I find this?[View]
301589Can someone resize this so it can be used for a desktop wallpaper. 1920x1080 preferred.[View]
301622Hello programmers. I am trying to figure out what is happening on the 9th line here. Why can'…[View]
301631What is the song currently being played in TCM's April 2017 promo/montage?[View]
301286Can somebody who reads nip translate this image?[View]
301587anyone know which Monster Hunter beast this is?[View]
301593anyone have the original artwork in the background of ASIMOV's EDGE OF TOMORROW?[View]
301609probably a dumb question but i am using a sprint unlocked galaxy s7 in canada on rogers and while it…[View]
301170regression models(?): Doing extra credit work online, I've mostly lucked my way through this co…[View]
301592(Tech Help) Windows 10 Monitor Glitching: Windows 10 keeps switching between these four screens, the…[View]
300365Yamato 2202 English Subtitles: Requesting English translation for Yamato 2202, episode 1-2.[View]
300279Petra Ral sleeping: Hi, is it possible to photoshop this image such that her eyes are closed and the…[View]
301584Requesting for the caption 'What the fuck am I reading?' to be added to the bottom of this gif.[View]
300849Looking for images like pic related, will dump what I have, thanks![View]
301552Any photoshop masters to help me with this?: I always wanted to have this image as my wall paper, bu…[View]
301576/r/ a Feitan pepe, please.[View]
301573Does anyone have a mega link to halo wars de?[View]
301560/r/ing the the 'two xD girls buying foam' video. You know the one.[View]
300419Need anime recommendations: >any anime like dark souls? >what's the comfiest anime (like …[View]
301566I'm looking for something. I'm looking for an isometric 3D chat room where you can walk ar…[View]
300932Can I get sauce on this image?[View]
301555I'm looknig for that one manga where this one page show the MC chopped a girl's head off a…[View]
301124I liked picrelated Rec me some more good genderbender manga or LNs?[View]
301525Weird Nintendo 3DS Bug: So I have an odd problem on my 3DS that I can't really seem to resolve,…[View]
301095Can someone or maybe someone already has a webm of this https://youtu.be/p_exPQUEXFI Roughly 1:22 t…[View]
301529I'm really really liking Gantz. Is there any other well-illustrated manga that is depressing an…[View]
301462Could anyone change the beach to thot so it matches the other one with some red filters and stuff li…[View]
301526Adobe: How do I use this?[View]
301519I'm looking for an ioS app that will allow me to randomly open bookmarks I have on the iphone. …[View]
301516Apparently Galactibun decided to nuke all their shit, is there a place that has mirrors of the anima…[View]
301501Anyone have a full size version of this or know the source?[View]
301509Doing an assignment, have no clue what to do for a part: As part of an assignment involving Java and…[View]
301504can I get the background cut out so we can put dr. selfie over different locations?[View]
301498I'm looking for an image of the outline/silhouettes of various Mazda (RX7, RX8, and Miata or RX…[View]
301407Tech: >tfw It took 6 hours to get my laptop working again Please recommend some new laptops or de…[View]
301479Who is this?[View]
301107I need help: I need to get the perimeter and area of this figure, I only could get perimeter but not…[View]
300553Where can I find this online? I thought it was a movie but apparently not, so I've had trouble …[View]
301408I'm looking for a picture of a pile of Kuriso, and I think Okabe is standing in front of them.[View]
301405Song Reupload Link/Backup Link: Does anyone have a backup to a song about Natalia Poklonskaya? 'Ah w…[View]
301389I hope there are some wizards from /g/ out there. The new berserk anime looks like shit, mainly beca…[View]
301411Rochester: Make this the worst thing ever.[View]
301060C programming help: I need help with my C programming HW due tomorrow ... I will attach the code I h…[View]
300705Looking for a screepcap of a facebook conversation where a girl hits on a permavirgin guy and he ins…[View]
301457This movie. I have a torrent but it's stuck at 28%.[View]
301305Can anyone do something funny with it? Thank[View]
300768I would like to find more in this style (from ex machina credits) High res please (3360x1080 or abov…[View]
301298Any physics geniuses here: find the electric field on a point out of this slab which has a UNIFORM c…[View]
301162I am looking for a gif/webm of a guy cycling through his tf2 inventory where he has multiple pages o…[View]
300276Some nice Zelda art: Found someone with this avatar on jewtube, but surprisingly couldn't find …[View]
301333can someone remove the bear picture of the inside and just leave the frame and the brown background?…[View]
300648Anime/manga: Main character has a (grade or middle schooler) sister. He has a close university frien…[View]
297510Funpost ITT pls[View]
301374HELP with Assembly Language/MIPS assignment: Im just starting out with MIPS on qtspim, and ive dealt…[View]
300914Hello, Anons. I need to make a Pepe request. I work for a pool company, and we use this app called S…[View]
301391MUSIC HELP: I would like to find out the name of the song playing in the back of all this madness: h…[View]
301307drop good anime for a new guy[View]
301388can someone help me find a jazz song that has a black man saying 'heavennnnnnnnnnnnn' a lot?[View]
301299Computer specs help: Hey /wsr/ Asking for thoughts, I'm looking at buying a computer and as it…[View]
301372Ableton Live Mac: Does anyone have a link to download Ableton 9.7.2 for Mac? It should work on Sierr…[View]
301103from this list please recommend 1 series 1 ova and 1 movie. thanks[View]
300087Alright so years ago there was this on demand thing with Comcast in the anime section with these two…[View]
301339Anyone know what the music is called in this video? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mfGjbLV1WFA…[View]
301263Looking for a good quality PC microphone: I wanted to buy a good quality PC microphone for few years…[View]
301315I've never built a computer before but even browsing on my laptop is slow now. I've never …[View]
301350Artist?: Wondering if anyone knows who made this gif? I think it's just a random short, but I…[View]
301345Any similar images?: I am terrible at drawing but I can copy pretty well. I am looking for simliar i…[View]
301329I've got some work to do involving the Best Buy API page. I need a key, but Best Buy doesn…[View]
301334Does anyone have a link for a Bitwig Studio 2.0 crack? I've been looking everywhere to no avail[View]
301327Guess: What is it?????[View]
300825What is a good, popular arena shooter? In terms of shooters I've only dabbled with the mainstre…[View]
301317Who is this character from Mass Effect?[View]
301172Very simple request, can someone turn this logo from a square into a circle?[View]
301134The last few times I've tried turning on my computer, I see this glitchy pixelated mess after t…[View]
300658Hi ! Can you help me add things to the background or change? Anything . I hope you can fun with my p…[View]
300288Please recommend manga or anime about chuugakuseis or JCs. I've been reading 3-gatsu no Lion an…[View]
301285Hey /wsr/ did the Humanz album actually leak or was it fake? If it is leaked does anyone have the d…[View]
300829Requesting anime girls with question marks[View]
301271could someone invert the blue colors to green please? thx[View]
300751Is there a reason my honor x6(marshmallow) can not support an app that says it supports marshmallow …[View]
301270could anyone translate this whole video ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wDyRjhu5pCE[View]
301260source? comes from this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fCx85dr-2YA it has 3 different images,…[View]
301266Pokemon Eternal X Rom: I'm looking for a pre-patched rom of the Pokemon Eternal X hack[View]
301258What is the best place to download Japanese music from that doesn't require an invite? Nyaa doe…[View]
301243Hello programmers. I am trying to figure out what is going on in this program, and I have a few ques…[View]
300603Horror anime that's actually fucking scary: So, I've been looking everywhere for a horror …[View]
301077What is this kind of 'style' (i guess)is called??[View]
300790Need help with mi home work, why the world war 1 started? Thanks[View]
301204How can I look up the number of arrests/convictions for a particular crime in my state in a given ye…[View]
301242Anyone know what this is? Could you recommend stuff like it?[View]
301231what's the first show in this video? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wiT2Nh9CZYw thanks in adva…[View]
301244Looking for a movie: Hi guys, I'm looking for a movie from when I was a child where this kid ha…[View]
301228Can someone find the original, non-cropped version of these two images? Or the artist's name? I…[View]
301222Higher resolution of this image: I'd be quite thankful if someone could post this image but in…[View]
301073Always Sunny in Philadelphia Book - Gay Quote Picture: Hey guys does anyone have that picture about …[View]
301220So f(x)=ln(e^x-x) -- k<0<n and they are both points of inflection of f(x) -- prove 1/(k-1)<…[View]
301203The webm of the Serbia strong guys with the space galaxy transition and technoish music?: I can…[View]
301214If someone can help me out you would be a legend. I would need a pic of Arron Hernandez too. Can an …[View]
301213I'm not sure if I've seen a Mari Ohara headbanging GIF possibly doing the Sign of the Horn…[View]
301201Anyone got a download for the VA-11 HALL-A prologue OST?[View]
301193I know this is a shot in the dark, but does anybody have any good free downloads of some Eugen Cicer…[View]
301196XDCC compared to torrenting: I heard XDCC is safer than torrenting, is that true? Is it slow, do I h…[View]
301079Can someone please link me to laptops that have a magnet cord like the Mac but are Windows instead?[View]
301186Where I can download this book?[View]
301182What is this touch behavior?: I got weird-and-robotic touch behavior like this often when play some …[View]
301087Pipe in hood help: Driving earlier and a price of pipe shot into my hood, leaving a pretty unsightly…[View]
301157Pokemon Card Appraisal: I haven't touched my childhood collection of Pokemon cards in years, an…[View]
299734Hi, please... - Make the waist & wrist bands the same red as the S & boots. Thanks. - Keep t…[View]
300906Video game recommendations: I'm looking for video game recommendations for the following consol…[View]
301101Can i get a website to stream sao the movie from. If I could buy it i would.[View]
299171Photoshop Request: I would like this guy's head shopped in the one below.[View]
300728Neptunia games: Hi, /wsr/. I may play only one the following titles: -Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Bir…[View]
301029What's some fun stuff to do in Southern California? I live in the LA/OC area, and I've got…[View]
300492Looking for a torrent for the most updated version of both Ougon Musou Kyoku and Cross in english.[View]
301058Super quick and easy favor for a citation I need to update? Dallas News recently changed its website…[View]
300619Alright so i dont know if im on the right board right now because ive never left /b/ i just need som…[View]
301122If your laptop won't charge, and if it's not the power circuit or the battery [laptop will…[View]
301132anyone got that webm of a little mexican girl who called the police while her mom is being attacked?[View]
301092Sauce in this image/GIF?[View]
301128I can't found a download site that haves the Apk Editor Pro APK, so /wsr/ can help me?[View]
301123Ian Silva/Koana Islands: Is there any website that still has the Koana Islands maps from years ago? …[View]
301106Why? Don't ask me why...: Can anyone tell me what artist created this song? Pic is Whitefish, M…[View]
300652How do i search for unlisted videos on Youtube of a particular youtube channel?[View]
301090I already asked about this at /g/, but I didn't got many useful answers. I wanna expand my know…[View]
300896What anime is this girl in?[View]
301071I need source on this. Thanks.[View]
301048Hello. I'm looking for modern-day beat 'em ups. The only ones I know are Yakuza and Sleepi…[View]
300925What music is that at the beginning? https://youtu.be/JuGT5duwCH4[View]
300874Source on this girl? Who is she?[View]
301052Recommendation Request: Are there any animes as stupid as Code Geass?[View]
300870any idea w2c this?: cant find anything on this shirt, even just the source would be much appreciated…[View]
301055I know this is fan art. Pleaase help me find the artist and more of Warspite drawn by them.[View]
301023Any graphic design homies willing to help me identify this font? I am looking to recreate the shirt …[View]
300967Give me books from or written on ancient Rome.[View]
301027Need help finding the person in this warhol polaroid, part of his big shot series. i have image sear…[View]
300952Can someone help me find the episode of Maury this person is on. >pic related. It's her.…[View]
300858Song please: I swear I can't find the title and autor of this song anywhere Need halp https://y…[View]
300884can someone help me out by removing the pentagram in the background? Thanks![View]
300880I need the source this. Thanks.[View]
300871Help with HTML Validation problem: I'm working on an HTML project for my Web Development Class,…[View]
300730Photoshop request. Simple stuff, good pay.: I have a Photoshop request, it is something pretty simpl…[View]
300875Chrno Crusade: Should I read or watch it first?[View]
300856Can I get a vector file of this? Or a high quality version for print[View]
300885Mr. Meeseeks Impression: I'm attempting to do a Mr. Meeseeks impression, but I can't find …[View]
299917Does anyone have a torrent for 80/20 Japanese by Richard Webb?[View]
300878Any way to revert this thermal effect?: Can't find anything when i google it[View]
300448What is this song? https://youtu.be/NFzwcVeD-3I?t=25[View]
300861How to upscale images: Some times ago a kind anon upscaled the following image for me. I've tri…[View]
300827Can someone make the women in this a bit more darkskinned? Not completely black, but a mix between a…[View]
300857320kbps Fightstar Songs?: Does anyone have the songs Palahniuk's Laughter and A City On Fire by…[View]
300854Looking for a picture i used to use as my steam profile picture, can't find it through google s…[View]
300754What Hindu deity is this?[View]
300563Is that convincing?: Hello, guys. I decide to mock up with my friends. I'm pretending that I j…[View]
300660b&w to colour: Could you make this a colored photograph? por favor[View]
300822Photoshop request: Can someone Photoshop the antifa logo to say 'Antifaggotry' and change the K to a…[View]
300683Requesting an image of a few panels of an anime girl, with each having a different face and a differ…[View]
300821Simple Question: How is this effect achieved? I tend to see it used on animated Gif files and still …[View]
300724Photoshop Request: Can anybody crop the Joker out so I can have just the background?[View]
300815Photoshop Help: Just got these horrible low rez photos, for a client that wants me to make 'an exci…[View]
300688Larger version?: From the new Nova (5?). Can't find a larger size that doesn't have text.…[View]
300453Does anyone have that picture with six or eight named dogs, each of which have a listed series of be…[View]
300781Image source: Does anyone know where this character comes from? (Artist/series/name?)[View]
300682Madoka Akari: Anyone got the full/better quality version of this? Or the author? or the set with the…[View]
300789I'm trying to install Windows Server on my machine which also has Ubuntu GNU/Linux, and Windows…[View]
300776Recovery tool for damaged USB drive: So i damaged my USB drave and with Ease US i can see the files,…[View]
300780Help finding a song: Can anyone give me the information for the first song in this video? https://m.…[View]
300302Is anyone able to redraw her in an anime style please?[View]
299909Photoshop Request: Just have fun with this one. Maybe add things to the background or just place him…[View]
300449Anyone know where I can torrent/download Attack of the Giant Loli? Pic related. I'm not really …[View]
300670Android stuck on booting screen / logo: I have a Wolfgang Android smartphone and when I start it up …[View]
300706It was in a woman hate thread. Someone posted an image about a reality tv show. Two groups, one comp…[View]
300757does anyone have the edit of new pennywise with 'when you nut but she still suckin''[View]
300749where can I pirate photoshop or paint tools sai? I dont even trust pirate bay anymore due to it bein…[View]
300753Anyone have that picture of the all Persona 5 girls with numbers?[View]
300752How do I promote a mobile app?: Should I just shill it to my friends and hope it catches on?[View]
300732Can someone explain workout lingo to me? Like sets and reps and maybe tell me how I should go about …[View]
300744Hello anons, I'm desperately trying to find back a song from the late 90 or early 2000s. I hav…[View]
300733Sauce on this please?[View]
300403Looking for the girl version of this pic. Tried looking for it myself, but can't seem to find i…[View]
300708Where can I download or read good scanlations/translations of Jojolion[View]
300693Im looking for food infographs. Mainly looking for the ones with guidelines how to prepare stuff but…[View]
300601Color shift to black? Thanks[View]
300686Looking for a video!: I am looking for a video where said Asian gentleman is pretending to be pulled…[View]
300488how do i login to the wire?[View]
300533need help 4 sauce of this song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f8q5Wo2duHs[View]
299712Shazam can't get it: I can't find the music's name http://coub.com/view/ax4t0 Very Ch…[View]
300713I'm looking for an edit of this page from Onani Master Kurosawa, where all three characters hav…[View]
300697helphelp: helphelp https://docs.google.com/document/d/1VpTzmRt6kTl3BqEwT8uSLLXpPVkyY0obx_zmzo4uM1k/e…[View]
300529what's a decent place to stream (or download, but stream would be ideal) some old, obscure, and…[View]
300685I'm looking for a 90s root beer commercial that had a guy leaning/sitting on a vehicle saying s…[View]
300679Hi, im looking for the site that uses this background. Im assuming it's some kind of social med…[View]
300134Hello, I need a voice for a project. Can you please say, with a sad voice, in vocaroo : 'Luck is fal…[View]
299693Photoshop Request: Hi everyone. I'd like to use this image as a sticker for my next rocket. Wit…[View]
299718.webm request: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9GLdG9okW1E 39:41 - 40:05 Silent .webm so it can be p…[View]
300510Looking for the source on this: From an /a/ thread. I've already tried Google, tineye, IQDB, an…[View]
300633Sauce pls: from what anime is this?[View]
300422post music like this https://youtu.be/RMOL4ktPaoI https://youtu.be/0PH72d26KTI[View]
299694Novels with intelligent mc: Looking for light novels/webnovels with an intelligent main cast. A sche…[View]
300612.webm request: Silent .webm of 4:50 - 5:12, please! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SyOAdrxlPVs…[View]
300595I was at a restaurant a few months ago that had a print of a black and white photograph hanging on t…[View]
300597Could someone turn the volume up on this to make it earrape? Much obliged[View]
300546Requesting assistance in regards to twitter. Why is it that tweets on my account always say 1h (1 ho…[View]
300535Easy request that anyone can do: TL;DR I need someone to download FFF's BD release of Tokyo Rav…[View]
300507could someone make his neck longer?? thank[View]
300211Center the star please: The star is slightly off center! How frustrating! please fix it, thanks.…[View]
300592Source for music title? Video source is HELL'S CLUB mashup[View]
300469Does anyone know a website that has an HD version for 'a cure for wellness'[View]
300584Requesting a mock-up promo poster for the next Fast & Furious with an urn (Paul Walker) driving …[View]
300560Looking for source on this Also what are these kind of pics called, i see lots of them[View]
300317Fix this Dankerooner up boys: Lets see what you bad bitches can do[View]
299960Picture of woman in car: Need help finding a picture I saved a few years ago, and lost, of a gorgeou…[View]
300282Can anon help rip this video from the weblink for me? Maybe with a browser app? link: mylifetime.com…[View]
300551Can someone translate this comic from Japanese?[View]
300115Ps request: Can someone photoshop Hernandez hanging with the banners[View]
300487Source?: does anyone remember this gif and where it came from? i thought it was some sort of japanes…[View]
300552Does anyone have the edit of this with the gun in her mouth?[View]
300242cellular data usage: hi anons i need some advice recently I turned off the wifi for my phone and for…[View]
300116Does anyone know the original image and where it's from?[View]
299953I need help with homework[View]
300059Dear programmers. I am trying to explain myself this example of an included cycle program. Who can…[View]
299735Need ideas for Nintendo Excitebike: I am working on a project of building the Nintendo Excitebike wi…[View]
300473https://discord.gg/rPMqHdS I'm REQUESTing that you join this discord server.[View]
298825action or fantasy comics with cheesecake scenes: I'm looking for some fun action or fantasy adv…[View]
300526Can anyone make a pug version of helper pepe ?[View]
300326best anime: I'm looking to get into a new adult anime show. Less quirky, more badass. I've…[View]
300490Is there a high quality, high resolution version of this page from Terra Formars, untranslated?[View]
300493Low Res: Looking for easy-ish loopable low res footage of city environments. Something that would fi…[View]
299156Any anime recommendations not centered around high schoolers and treating of more serious issues lik…[View]
299792Hey /wsr/ I've got some work to do involving the Best Buy API page. I need a key, but Best Buy …[View]
300425Will someone please: Draw me an anime-style Baruch Spinoza, based off this recently-discovered portr…[View]
299943Could someone either find a version of this without the TEKKEN ZONE/credits shit on it, or otherwise…[View]
300471Can someone show me or help me find a tutorial to make a 3d vector terrain like in pic related? Also…[View]
300483I need a Picture of Stalin, Marx, Lenin, and Mao all as mormons. Even just one of them is fine[View]
300479What does this humming come from?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tr995Wm9G0E[View]
300478stock image reaction pics?[View]
299364Are there any good animes on Netflix or Amazon Prime for someone who is new to the style? I am only …[View]
300463Download for ebook: If possible, could someone somehow get me a full download of this book: 'Ccea As…[View]
300285Anyone know what anime this is? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Md8zkpoqp50 It's using my favor…[View]
300296kt: does someone have the 'how to into kt' chart? all the /mu/ archives are shit and broken right no…[View]
300450Where can one find full audio recordings of the no sleep podcast? I know there's a archive, but…[View]
300322Anyone here familiar with RStudio?[View]
300130Looking for some trap on male romance books, any recommendations? Actual books, not Manga.[View]
300432PLEASE! post all the edits you got of pic related[View]
300429could someone please cut the face out of this plz so just remove the background thanks![View]
300125Need police films: Hi, /wsr/. /tg/ here. My group persuaded me to make a game about police in the 40…[View]
300420Need help with PC build: CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 1600 3.2GHz 6-Core Processor ($217.98 @ NCIX US) Motherbo…[View]
300318Guts: Source, please.[View]
300368Photoshop Request: Looking for photo shoppers to help crop and make this picture Black and white. Th…[View]
300366Anime recommendations: so i need some trashy, waifu filled, echi, degenate harem, because that'…[View]
300129Higher Resolution: Hey /wsr/ i need this picture in the highest resolution you can find. The highest…[View]
300408anyone have that comic short from /x/ where it has two kids and one has the so called 'machine' its …[View]
297994Requesting depressed/smoking/drinking anime girls.[View]
299585Any anime about Yakuza?: Not mafia, not biker gangs, not organized crime in general. Specifically Ya…[View]
300284What are some good JRPGs for PC?[View]
299764Defragment my disk: I want to defragment my disk up to 100%. Please don't tell me to switch to …[View]
300254Can anyone find me the english version of that game? Really, I've spent almost 4 hours this wee…[View]
300367Can anyone help me with folders in >Windows? The basic gist is that I had my Pictures folder con…[View]
300312Desire Planning Motivation: Hey wsr I'm making 3 custom motivational posters on the themes of d…[View]
299777Thinking Anime Girls: Requesting images of anime girls thinking, preferably with the hand on their c…[View]
300356Any funny gif that has to do with video games, please.[View]
300359Anons,I need your help.: I just remembered a old Youtube video series from awhile ago,it was about t…[View]
300168Skull and flower: Looking for images similar to this and another I will post. Thank.[View]
300328Anyone recognise this?[View]
300013Who is this?[View]
300345Downloading this Audio File: So i found thos Mix i really want to have saved as a mp3 or smth but i …[View]
300337what is the name of that thing?[View]
300246Just reinstalled linux mint 18.1 and this happened when I rebooted it for the first time. Can someon…[View]
300144Someone I know wants to buy a laptop with the following specifications: -Price is no more than 1500 …[View]
299796Manga Rock Premium apk: Does anyone have a link to where i can download the premium version of Manga…[View]
300316I've got this problem playing some games in Wine on Linux Ubuntu where the mouse is kept in the…[View]
300325I need to find a certain old iMac default wallpaper. It was for this old thing, one of the ones that…[View]
300324In love meme: Hi, i'm looking for a 'meme'. It's the one with a guy chatting with his crus…[View]
299779Shin Angyo Onshi: Can I get good online read or download link for this? I tried multiple places but …[View]
300311So, I have this feeling that as the years go by and YouTube becomes more strict about reposting vide…[View]
300300Looking for that picture of the asian that was dragged off that plane but the asian's face is r…[View]
300292Am looking for a meme. It's Wojak and I think he's holding a balloon whilst crying. Cheer…[View]
300265I'm looking for more information on the japanese M3 doujin music festivals. I don't speak …[View]
299584Anyone know where this clip is from?[View]
299966What's a good androgynous name? A first name, and a last name. I'm trying to create an id…[View]
300229Hey /wsr/g/, today my 5-7 y/o Benq G2255 LCD monitor died. I tried switching around DVI cables on my…[View]
300269Wut manga is this?[View]
300128What are some good ecchi/borderline hentai manga?: For example To Love Ru Darkness or Monster Musume…[View]
299844Color (and optional photoshop) Request: I would like to ask a big favor of you guys. I would like if…[View]
300244Hi there guys, i just started to learn bass, got my precision Fender bass and i was searching for so…[View]
300207I need pictures of people in diving helmets and business suits. Other weird clothes are also good. T…[View]
299941Why is it so hard to download high-quality songs of Elvis Presley. >Son, I know you're very …[View]
300217does any body know whats the music in this video at 3:33? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ur_FVQ6kDK…[View]
299955Skyrim Mod Recommendations: I'm trying to re-create pic related in Skyrim, and i've manage…[View]
299656Wait a minute, have I just been handed a fucking impossible math question?[View]
300141Anime recommendations: Hey guys, i'm new to anime and am looking for some recommendations. So f…[View]
300165Video: I need a video of Geralt of Rivia twerling with this song https://youtu.be/BxUsghSwskg[View]
300159This is a weird request, but I need help. I'm trying to find qt bearded younger men for my coll…[View]
300170Can somebody please hand write 'Moshe Winston' in a beautiful way like a signature. Thank you in avd…[View]
300156Rap Video with that bold guy: He raps bout this girl (forgot the name hence the title) in the video …[View]
300153Nikola Tesla Documentary: Ages back I watched a short history video on YouTube or somewhere that was…[View]
299820What's good website for pirating 3DS games? I remember a few years ago you could just go on kic…[View]
300123Need a percentage event declaring website: TL;Dr I need a website or tool that can say whether or no…[View]
299635youtube grey stuff: hi recently my youtube front page grey stuff disapeared its there on the other t…[View]
300137Malware bytes detected Hijack.AutoConfig.URLPrxySvrRST Can't fucking eliminated, help?[View]
300135Who is this guy? From a HBO Nordic advert.[View]
299227Requesting this gif with a MAGA hat. Bonus points if you give one to the tiny bot.[View]
300119Cards Against Humanity: Can someone remake this so it's Black Jesus, The Flying Spaghetti Monst…[View]

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