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No. Excerpt
320485Xenomorph Poetry Slam: Can someone dress/draw this Xenomorph as a hippy?[View]
320482Drawing: Hello, /wsr/. If someone has the dedication or free time, can I get a drawn version of this…[View]
320396Does anyone here know what the eye icon at the top means? My phone was recently taken bye police and…[View]
319925Photoshop request: In light of the new projected wave of African migrants to Europe this summer, I h…[View]
320453Person without background photos?: Hi /wsr/, this is my first post on 4chan and i'm looking for…[View]
320464I drew this today, but I realized I forgot to get rid of those lines the pop up when you use the fil…[View]
320459Green iron bridge in bangaldesh: This is a longshot but I've had no luck finding it. I was at …[View]
320458Does anyone have the story where a dad watches the news and decide his daughter wouldn't be one…[View]
320457I'm a french guy looking for a discord with people talking in vocal about any stuff I need it t…[View]
320452I was using 4chanX I accidentally set the header bar to autohide. No idea what I pressed to cause th…[View]
319967I'd post this on /lit/ but it would probably get removed so... Anybody know the exact quote fro…[View]
320277Anyone know how to use electrum? I'm trying to set my fee to 0.003 mBTC (300 satoshi) but I kee…[View]
320413Headphone recommendation?: I'm willing to spend $50-$100. Maybe ~150 depending on what it is. I…[View]
319990I need help looking for a couple old star wars youtube videos. They were both 'Star Wars I-III/IV-Vi…[View]
320441Anybody have the webm of George Costanza in the batting box. Just the clip of that 1 scene[View]
320440Does anyone know the name of the song roughsketch is playing at 3:07? https://youtu.be/T9-aUlFH1wE?t…[View]
320327Windows 10 Update Question: So there's a new update for Win10 coming out, and being the annoyin…[View]
319890Hey, everyone. I'm looking for bands for the following genres: -Jazz-funk -Funk -Jazz-fusion -A…[View]
319997What are good anime/manga/movies/whatever about revenge? Something kind of like braveheart, where th…[View]
320364what does the asterisk mean in the context of resolution/framerate? thanks in advance[View]
320416Pixiv has killed my soul.: Right, so, finally tracked down an artist i found a while back and im try…[View]
320412I'm looking for a song with a video of black people partying, kinda like young, wild and free, …[View]
320362please translate[View]
320360ISO on PSP?: Hey, /wsr/ I'm a fucking tech retard so I have a question: How do I get to play ga…[View]
320358school shooter memes wanted: I need a number of school shooter memes, specifically about being the s…[View]
320368What's the manga this is from called?[View]
320378Looking for Complete Cover Art: If someone could get the complete cover art for Dark Souls III: Fire…[View]
320357Can someone help me make this picture seem more 'cartoony'?[View]
320348I am currently revising for a maths exam tomorrow. So far I have been practicing the basics like for…[View]
320352Hello, I'm looking for the soundtrack for this movie: Tokyo Zombie. Haven't been able to f…[View]
319927Help This Anon Out: I need to make a graph with these 2 numbers. My teacher gave us them and told us…[View]
320312noko: Requesting help on ac circuit theory. Supply is 230V A fluorescent lamp uses a 5.6µF PF improv…[View]
320341Identify music instruments in song?: There's a piece of production music I have on an advert wh…[View]
320321Can someone please take the text from this game cover and put it on a transparent background? I unde…[View]
320304Movie name?[View]
319468I spilled beer on my last comp, had to drop some coin on a new one, so that means new /b/ folder I n…[View]
320325Russian animation: I'm looking for an old soviet/Russian animation. All I remember is that it w…[View]
320317Source: Where is this from? Some film? Help please![View]
320018Where do yall watch your anime? Or where do you get it from?[View]
320284Sailor Moon Torrent: Anyone have this specific Sailor Moon release DLed and willing to upload it to …[View]
319797REEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!: Signed up for mturk, get approved but then told to start amazon payments acco…[View]
320301I can't remember the name of this manga I read once, it was a SoL about four guy friends in a m…[View]
320278color scheme: Anyone know what this color scheme is called? It reminds me of old computer colors.…[View]
320152dunno if this is worksafe but im about to find out[View]
320288Looking for that retard emo dude's Youtube '4chan troll video': Dude looks like a total fuckwad…[View]
320281Anyone know where this anime girl is from?[View]
319958which town to live in?: I'm looking for a place to move to in the US. Does anyone know of a pla…[View]
319806Anyone can give me recommendations on free music-making software?: Also where I could get good sampl…[View]
320274Anyone have a link to the video or webm of the 12 Reasons Why clip that's been edited with Mich…[View]
320271Looking for the .webm of the kid picking up a revolver, spinning the cylinder, aiming it at himself,…[View]
320155Can someone please trace this Stoner 63 (top) in the same style as the gun below it (plain white bac…[View]
320168App for free movie/tv shows: Any good ones?[View]
320261I have been searching for about two hours now help me find it[View]
319759requesting sauce for 1080p or 720p for season 5 of samurai jack[View]
320235Hello, would someone remove the watermark from this picture? Thank you in advance![View]
320251Just a quick question: can I finish my current college year, drop off and come back after some time …[View]
320243Looking for a good VPN for android...i have orbot...but it completely blocks everything and just say…[View]
319518Currently Running Manga: There was a thread earlier about completed series, but I want to know what …[View]
320166Hey guys, is there anyone who would happen to have simulation software Simprocess? Basically any ver…[View]
320150File/Image Tagging Program Recommendation: I need a program that can easily tag images on my laptop …[View]
320227Where is this image from? Do you have any similar ones?[View]
319592New anime?: I am new to this whole anime thing and I just finished SAO. Any ideas of what I should w…[View]
319399Can someone tell me what this means and if there is a safe way to use this site?[View]
320230Help, reverse imaged searched this all morning: Guessing it's a sfw manga. Any anon got a clue …[View]
319611What are some vigilante manga? The only one I can think of that remotely relates is Zetman.[View]
319877Can someone remove the watermarks and the Alamy sign at the bottom?[View]
320173Just a tech issue, seeing if anyone here can help out. I recently updated my driver to Radeon 17.4.4…[View]
320229Can anyone who has bought newest Humble Bundle upload and send me a link to linux version of Kentuck…[View]
320190tumblr ricing: i'm dumbass, does anyone know how to add direct link on my navigation? Click Pix…[View]
319916Looking for someone to either post the webm version of this, or convert and upload it for me. .t Fuc…[View]
319928change to rgb color please[View]
320193Does someone have a torrent for this film, my searching skills aren't good enough to not just e…[View]
319988pls /wsr/ help me find an image of a girl who dropped her entire sauce on the floor and is grabbing …[View]
320109What anime or studio is pic related from?[View]
320208I'm looking for specific groovy webm. It had the following picture attached to it.[View]
320164I really love /a/ sometimes: More things like this?[View]
320060Graphic designer needed: Im im need of a graphic designer. I need help designing some logos for my s…[View]
319695Vampiyan Kids バンパイヤン・キッズ RAWs: I'm trying to find the raws for this 2001 anime series, but with…[View]
320201Hi, looking for someone with experience in qualtrics (survey generator). I need to randomize a few o…[View]
320196Looking for a higher res of these pics, wondering if there are any more in the set as well. All I kn…[View]
320189Which anime is this from ?[View]
320187Fapfics featuring Jill Valentine from Resident Evil 3 Check them out please: https://www.archiveofou…[View]
320045Unedited /k/ Picture: Hey, i was looking for an unedited/source version of this picture[View]
319981Can someone please remove the sound from this Webm?[View]
319973Tech Newfag Requesting Price Range: I'm an oldfag who knows nothing about Tech and computers, b…[View]
320125Ok so my dad is putting burned ash in his teeth to see if it will whiten it, now can someone please …[View]
320174Anime Sauce Request: What anime and which episode is this from? Thanks.[View]
320082What series is this?: Reading Beelzebub again, find these two nerds in a small part of the cover pag…[View]
319704Game OST Torrent Sites: Been out of the torrent game for a while now and looks like Black Cats is no…[View]
320169Hello, I was looking for a video i saw a while ago about a guy doing a parody video of a makeup tuto…[View]
320160does anyone else have any American gods wallpapers?[View]
319539Anyone have the comic where a goblin wearing a cone hat says 'nigger' to two women and happily walks…[View]
319544Anyone have the Mario Kart webm of Luigi trying to cross a bridge and being hit by every racer? Than…[View]
320025Anime OSTs: Once nyaa.se went down, I had to struggle to find anime OST's. I don't give a …[View]
320127Howdy. Never built a PC before and am not well versed in PC builds. First build I had used integrate…[View]
320041I'm looking for that drawing, it's the redhead girl laying on a bed in her underwear while…[View]
320089requesting OC of a two-pane meme >stephen colbert: that's a big ice cream >donald trump: …[View]
320024AP English Lang & Comp: Does anyone have an essay to any ap prompt that got at least a 5 that th…[View]
319948Could somebody help me punch up a story I'm writing?: Are there any comedy or drama writers her…[View]
320051Can someone shop one of those snapchat text bars that says 'I showed you her emails answer me'[View]
320081I came here asking for a simple translation of what this song is saying? http://www.cri-cri.net/mp3/…[View]
319782Hey /wsr/. Could anyone turn this into a vector? It would be greatly appreciated and thank you befor…[View]
319982Looking for the full 'OUTATIME: Saving the DeLorean Time Machine' documentary. Anyone have it or a l…[View]
320010More of these cat faces: Does anyone have any more of this specific flavor of cat faces? Blurry low …[View]
320059damn gadget, back at it again with those brown bricks: looking for a video with damn gadget, back at…[View]
320044Anyone know where I can find a recent version of Exanima?[View]
320037Hard search for old webpage: Can someone please help me find the name of this old website? It was a …[View]
320035can anybody from graphic design do an edit of this and make this look nicer[View]
320017Monitor/TV recommendation?: I was wondering what a good tv/monitor combo would be, I was looking for…[View]
320021waifu making chart: im trying to find this one waifu creator chart thing where you choose all the bo…[View]
319668Self Mastery: Anyone have some good links/archives of how to be efficient? Mostly interested in self…[View]
320007where is the sound in the background from 0:11 to 0:22 from? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LH9NbN…[View]
319810I need a Blu from Rio smug pepe, can anyone help me?[View]
319983Have an 86 in English class, project due tomorrow that I haven't started. This project will bum…[View]
319979Looking for the pic of the three Coopers that say 'The Good, The Bad, and the Dougie'.[View]
319963Hey /wsr/ I have a problem where I cant hover over replies anymore. Everytime i hover my mouse over …[View]
319972Does anyone have a torrent or download link to East West Quantum Leap Silk? I have a holy need to co…[View]
319951Anyone got a windows 7 product key I'm trying to download Windows onto a VM And if so can someo…[View]
319965Does anyone know of any good (preferably HD) live cams of people in public? Preferably large amounts…[View]
319850iPhone Problem: So thing is,I bought an iPhone 5 from some guy through eBay.Guy was all sincere and …[View]
319784Can i triforce? ▲ ▲▲ pic not related[View]
319936I'm looking for the relationship image between men and women. 1 list of is of what a man wants …[View]
319769translate German: Hi /wsr/ Can someone please translate this german text to english? Thanks![View]
319783hey /wsr/ I've lost my administration rights on Windows 10 despite using the Administrator acco…[View]
319793I've recently been getting into manga and anime, with the mecha genre. I don't want to get…[View]
319080So my long distance friend wants me to watch anime with her on a regular basis (not really into it, …[View]
319915image request: I need that one reaction image of steve buscemi having a good chuckle and I cannot fi…[View]
319807Please help me out bros: I'm looking for an anime that has the following scene. >Jacked guy …[View]
319861Hey people, My brother sent me this receipt while he in Japan. Can some translate the readable parts…[View]
319896Hey guys, anyone know what this is from?[View]
319884Pancakes: I'm looking for any info on this pic. Artist's name, charcter name or the manga …[View]
319790Carnivores 2: Every time I find a copy of Carnivores 2 somewhere on the internet, the sound doesn…[View]
319889I need all don't talk to me or my son ever again memes[View]
319887iPhone 5 parts: Can I forcefully unscrew my iPhone 5s and manually switch my storage drive? I have a…[View]
319886Crossdressing character?: Any movie, show, or physical comic book (not manga) that you can purchase …[View]
319687Translation: Can someone please translate this to english or tell me how can i translate it would be…[View]
319876Requesting Demon Days edit with Teletubies.[View]
319559Finding Old PS2 Games from Memory.: So, I got a big request that comes from my childhood on the PS2.…[View]
319871Anyone have the monogatari series LN in RAW/Japanese? At least the first 20 volumes, nyaa pantsu has…[View]
319830Can someone remove the water mark and make the background black please?[View]
319752Any GAMEFAQS users here? Can any of you save this thread as a PDF and give me the PDF? My acc there …[View]
319819Heya I was wondering if someone could help me to upscale or find this wallpaper picture into an HD 1…[View]
319780Anyone have a torrent or way to watch Call Me by You Name?[View]
319855I see this posted from time to time on Kate Beckinsale threads, but I've never been able to fin…[View]
319679I'm trying to compile a list of all cel painted anime that's available in HD. Post titles …[View]
319839Need help finding an old vid: i remember a few years ago just after the Paris attacks i remember see…[View]
319818Hewlp: What is the best way to cut off an object in Photoshop?[View]
318678Good software to download 4chan threads: Are there any good softwares to download threads and images…[View]
319824Maybe I dreamed this up, but I'm pretty sure it exists: a manga about the love between a man an…[View]
319811Anyone happen to know the name of this gay sister manga?[View]
319814I want some cute/moe anime. I saw Milky Holmes recommended, maybe I missed something but it was more…[View]
319798Digital Forensics assignment: So as part of my assignment I need to create a mock digital forensics …[View]
319646https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-HmiNW_I264 Anyone knows what movie is it?[View]
319537I need your help. What is this song?: https://my.mixtape.moe/heqoie.webm I can't find it with S…[View]
319727Hey the neighbors. Ive recently been listening to a d&d podcast and its got me in the hankering …[View]
319590Literally who: Sauce? Shes real qt who is she[View]
319745Translation?: Can someone translate what's in the speech bubble and on the tablet please??…[View]
319719Anime Sauce: Can someone identify the anime in pic related?[View]
319329does anyone have a hardcopy of this fighting fantasy book? #37 portal of evil >pic related if so,…[View]
319766I saw a webm once and it's been stuck in my head for a long time, could I please get sauce desu…[View]
319182Could someone shop the head of Barron Trump onto Norman Bates and the head of Melania Trump onto Nor…[View]
319607Looking for a spooky image, it's been reposted tons of times. It looks very similar to this but…[View]
319762Leeech wut? D:: Leeching Generators.We know we all use them for rapidgator pro work around etc…I use…[View]
319708Possible to remove everything and put me on a whitew background[View]
318741Can someone colour this photo please: Can someone colour this photo please... both in red Dark Phoen…[View]
319617Im looking for a version of this image except theres a fourth panel that looked more depressed than …[View]
319419Good night anons! Please, could someone with drawing skills and spare time would illustrate properly…[View]
319682Editing a MIDI file?: Could someone please help by copying (extending) the bass in Duran Duran, Save…[View]
319263Define This Symbol: What does this mean?[View]
319739Does anyone know the dimensions of small paint buckets like this one?[View]
319604looking for old song: looking for a song with the lyrics ' we won't stop til the sun comes up, …[View]
319737Tech support request Just ordered 300 Mbps internet to my home. The house is 3 levels. I'm usin…[View]
319732Bowl of bootlicking cereal: I would like someone to make a cereal box facing that basically shows a …[View]
319599Anyone remember?: So I'm looking for this picture I had as a wallpaper some time ago, (10 years…[View]
319726Somebody make a british version of this please[View]
319722Who is the artist of this P5 pic?[View]
3193084 cut hero 50-100: Could someone upload 4 cut hero chapters 50-100 please? I already looked trough a…[View]
319650I just tried to install a rom on my my computer and now Google Chrome looks like this. What do? How …[View]
319568Anyone have that gif of a boyfriend pretending to feed his distrscted girlfriend only to get her clo…[View]
319202Manga with Nutshots: I collect manga pages with nutshots, and if you know any non-popular manga that…[View]
319696Pastries: She looks like she would enjoy some delicious pastries, all creamy and sweet, covered in f…[View]
319691Need a Scotsman Impersonator: Yo, so I'm working on a meme for this game community I'm a p…[View]
319191My computer stressing me out: Hi was wondering if anyone could possibly help me out with my pc. Been…[View]
319589I'm looking for any sort of data that directly shows how minorities were voting county to count…[View]
319680Looking for Berserk BakaBT scans: BakaBT is now private and I don't have an account. It had hig…[View]
319631Hey guys, i'm in the need of a little photoshop work. pic related is what i have in mind, will …[View]
319649Jo weeeboooos... what Anime is this??[View]
319369could anyone help me with this last minute data structures homework? pretty fucked up in finals righ…[View]
319655Which headphone should I purchase and why? >Philips SHP2000/10 - $99 >Philips SHL3060BK/00 - $…[View]
319647Does anybody have a good quality audio file/video link of the instrumental version of Innerbloom by …[View]
319643Does anyone know what arcade game this image is from?[View]
319641Spreeder CX/Pro: Need help finding torrent or free download for Spreeder CX. Tried most torrent sear…[View]
319627Hey guys, so my washing machine stopped working recently, so i opened it up to see if it was anythin…[View]
317614Today I have something big to ask: I need ALL of your anime GIF anons, everything you have, just pos…[View]
319479Photoshop: Can someone please edit this pic to make it look more realistic? Thanks[View]
319619I'm looking for a specific image, I believe it's the cover art of some Yaoi manga but it c…[View]
319584Anyone have a keygen or crack for this Wondershare MobileTrans thing? Pirate bay is down right now s…[View]
319362How do I not sound awkward: Put yourself in my shoes. >A friend was able to get hr to pull out my…[View]
319609Hey, /wsr/. I'm looking for the manga where a guy beats a loli to death and (I think) leaves he…[View]
319385Hey anons, mind if you can give me a few suggestions for a VPN service? Money is no problem though l…[View]
319316Chemistry: Why doesn't SiO2 experience induced dipole-dipole interaction?[View]
319603does anyone have the gif of merkel throwing away the german or swiss flag while trump is hugging the…[View]
319326What are you watching this season?[View]
319594does anyone have a link to the youtube video of that woman making horrible, oily tomato/pasta sauce?…[View]
319541Finding a long lost friend: So im looking for a friend of mine but I cant remember his last name. I …[View]
319551hotline miami soundtrack: anybody got a torrent or download for the hotline miami soundtrack[View]
319451anyone know the sauce of this?[View]
319555Toshino kYOUKO: Looking for an image of Toshino Kyouko where she holds 2 tomatoes against both of he…[View]
319533Open Riichi: I'm trying to install Open Riichi on Ubuntu Linux, but I've run into a number…[View]
319365Windows 7 USB Help: Hey /wsr/, I need help. When I first plug a USB device into my Windows 7 PC, it …[View]
319467sauce on wallpaper?[View]
319557Anybody recognizes the painting this cover art is from? Couldn't find the original source. Than…[View]
319564Looking for the Green Lantern by Geoff Johns Omnibus 1-3. Not sure where to dl comics.[View]
319553Looking for the 4chan story about /mlp/ living in a house together, and the place eventually going t…[View]
319538Forgot manga title. Ecchi monthly manga, barely any chapters, I think it had 13 out? MC goes to some…[View]
319427Would somebody make this into a before feminism/after feminism shot? Flip it around and add that cap…[View]
319081could someone help me fix the distortion in this pic? been trying for an hour but i just can't …[View]
319477Usual homework request: Could anyone help a college student taking basic percentage math with his ho…[View]
319305Can someone make this into a wallpaper?: Can someone please help make this into a 1360 x 766 high re…[View]
319522Help someone download this and upload to other: I can't download this shit My country hate made…[View]
319513Does anyone know where I can get the PC port of Silent Hill 2?[View]
319511Does anyone have any idea what this says? It's probably Arabic or Persian or a similar language…[View]
319510Can someone Photoshop this cute couple into a more romantic setting, maybe by a bed, could be at the…[View]
319509Does anyone know where I can watch and / or download Cyborg 009 Call of Justice? I don't have a…[View]
319489What are some games where I can be a feudal lord or a medieval merchant?[View]
319496Anyone have the picture some guy here on 4chan took of his old stock photograph guy collage? He prin…[View]
319488A Comic Book: Looking for the name of a comic/graphic novel. Black and white artwork. The main chara…[View]
319449Transformers Notebook Label: I would like to request some help making a cool Notebook Label for my 6…[View]
318397Permanent errors in Deluge?: I have a bunch of torrents from AB that have been showing an error for …[View]
319478Does anyone know how to get Boost Tokenizer working with QT creator?[View]
319083Help!: Anyone know where I can find this one video/webm of someone making spaghetti sauce or somethi…[View]
319441Help me find a lookalike for my cousin. It can be a cartoon, a videogame character, a real person (a…[View]
319327The equation field in MS Word is like this. How to fix this weird indentation?[View]
319463Hi, I was trying to get a textbook and Amazon sent me the wrong one. If someone could find a digital…[View]
319453Im making a game and require some doom style sprites and graphics anyone know where I should go to g…[View]
319457Anyone have the two pane top and bottom reaction image of a girl downing some pills then vodka?[View]
319127Where can I get an ISO of Windows XP. I need it for a VM.[View]
319375Photoshop Request: Can somebody Photoshop it from 'you killed yourself' to 'you played yourself' and…[View]
319440Does anyone have that one comic where the guy keeps say 'that's a nice meme', 'epic nice meme',…[View]
319002Anyone have a better resolution of this image?[View]
319158Anyone gracious enough to share a crack install of Clip Studio Paint?[View]
319425How much would it cost to get a custom dakimakura? Custom art and a cover.[View]
319051Too many routers, all of them shit: I'm looking to upgrade the ole 54GL into something more mod…[View]
319428i suspect my computer's ram is faulty. what would be the smartest way to go about replacing it?…[View]
319116Does anyone have that pic of the kids butchering meat or something on a big table then getting on th…[View]
319187Fuck, i'm tired of reading unfinished manga Someone please give me a completed manga reccomenda…[View]
319430The Long Long Holiday: Does anyone have a download link or torrent for The Long Long Holiday, at the…[View]
319429Here is a tough one please help: ok so a long time ago i found a spanish web site called minijuegos.…[View]
319113Any comfy games for linux? Preferably something sandbox and minimally stressful.[View]
319380Can someone please put the logo from this game onto a transparent background, preferably including '…[View]
318974So after spending years of dedicated work and study in college I'm finally getting back into ga…[View]
319388Homework help: could someone please help me with this calc 3 problem? Convert these two iterated int…[View]
319407Torrent - Be My Cat: Does anyone know of a torrent, stream, or download of the Romanian film Be My C…[View]
319330Ooka the Wise: Does someone have a pdf of 'Ooka the Wise'? If not, how about 'Solomo…[View]
318981Please make this Cirno tan[View]
319402Does anyone have a picture of Jesus casting out legion? Very specifically, I'm looking for a pa…[View]
319400Looking for the image like this except it's more of a neutral expression and has a zoomed in cr…[View]
319395Who drew this cutie and where can i find more[View]
319394Looking for collections of Japanese e-books, in any format. Specifically looking for novels, histori…[View]
318960Anyone have that picture of Momiji giving the middle finger?[View]
319053Probbly the wrong board to ask this but what would be a good quality drawing tablet? I had pick rela…[View]
319367Name of documentary.: I was browsing some old Sum 41 videos on Youtube and suddenly remembered a 'do…[View]
319054Can somebody photoshop this into a palantir?[View]
319357Does anyone have that video where footage of Sam Hyde at a shooting rage is spliced into clips of Zu…[View]
318914More of this kind of thing. It's from Dragon age, I'm trying to use it as a map for tablet…[View]
319337what is the name of this cable[View]
319349Where's this girl from? Reverse image search results are all from image boards.[View]
319178What is the best 4chan approved way of reading manga? Last time I was using Manga Reader but that w…[View]
319208Post your ringtone (and notification tones) Preffered animu one[View]
318942.webm request: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b7q_E7QCce8 2:13 - 2:22 Soundless, please[View]
318826what's the best free text editor on Android? >phone I know, I just want the option pic unrel…[View]
319010Lookin for video of this DishTv Hopper kangaroo winking. I've seen him do it in the commercials…[View]
319320I am requesting that someone remove the outline, 'Nanami - Chiaki' and the buttons from this image![View]
319109Western film scene: I'm looking for a scene from a movie (or possibly TV series) where a red In…[View]
319295WAAAAAH: can someone please help me with my icloud 20,000+ photos and vids are no longer in my camer…[View]
319269Pray from DDS: Hey, I'm trying to find the full version of Prayer from Digital Devil Saga. Howe…[View]
319310Ok, so here's the deal. I have a essay that I need to write about 'what music means to me'. I…[View]
319140I haven't watched anime since December and my last was JoJo Part 4. What have I missed between …[View]
319303Metal slug Pachinko request: Can someone download http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm13297959 in a good…[View]
319021Hey Kampfer fans does anyone have individual versions of these character sheets?[View]
319285Help: My youtube feed is filled with fucking cancer videos from russians I don't even know, and…[View]
319007Stupid ass laptop: Howdy /wsr/ Ive been having a lot of troubke with my laptop recently. I can'…[View]
316748Sexy artsy anime, games and comic books: I'm looking for anime, games or comic books that have …[View]
318925More comfy Anime shows like Eromanga Sensei. I'm a casual so hit me with your best suggestions[View]
319136Hi, I have a specific request and I hope an artist is gonna take it. I'd like someone to make a…[View]
319147can anyone tell me who this is?[View]
319134Does anyone have a free download link to the pdf of 1984 the play. I need it for my literature class…[View]
319239Flower ID: Hi! Please help to identify this flower. Thanks[View]
319237Can someone help me with bilingual maths? I don't know specialist math language as good as i sh…[View]
319244Can anyone give the source of the song in this promo? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wkvk9oIZbbc…[View]
319253Anyone know why my computer does this?: My computer does this whenever i play certain games, like th…[View]
319246Anyone know where I can download a high quality version of the music video 'ME! ME! ME!' by TeddyLoi…[View]
318629Anyone got a torrent/link to Alien: Covenant?[View]
317908Reccomend me some really edgy anime and manga.Only the edgiest will do. I've already read Berse…[View]
319236Videos/streams lag with dual monitor setup (and different hz): Hey guys, can someone help me how to …[View]
319198Help me fix a computer. The power supply was fucked, so I changed it. But now, when I press power th…[View]
319040does anybody know the original source of this video i really need it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
319203A question about MS Word: how to make the name of a caption non-bold while keeping 'Figure x…[View]
319211Anybody know where I can find full albums of some 80s J-pop? I want to find one album but only manag…[View]
319201Help me cheat: I need to cheat on a test that we're doing in the school's computer class. …[View]
319145How do i display japanese comments on Nico Nico Douga? Until recently there was a button on the bott…[View]
319189Maths... I feel this can be solved with algebra, but my maths is terrible. Please could someone work…[View]
319192Can someone shop out the moon runes? Or just make a render[View]
318379Some comfy romance/comedy.: I am looking for some comfy romance/comedy but not shit like Kimi ni tod…[View]
318882Can anyone please identify this version of 'Eternal Father Strong To Save'? I've been looking f…[View]
319176Butterfilter problem: So Im working on some signal proccessing in mathlab and i have a script with a…[View]
319167Can someone tell me a site where multiple people can watch the same thing at the same time please.[View]
319098please help a clueless normie out. I'm looking for a budget gaming PC and have found these 2 wh…[View]
318757How do I fix datamoshed video?: So I have recorded a bunch of gameplay with OBS, it comes out fine b…[View]
319164Someone posted in /bant/ and /int/ a list of local chans/imageboards. Does anyone have the image?[View]
319149WEBDREAMS - Showcase TV Series: I'm trying to find a Canadian TV series called WEBDREAMS. I…[View]
319146Does anyone know where I can find a cracked version of Spine? Also, does anyone have any kind of ext…[View]
319065Tribal papes: Does anyone have full tribal wallpapers, as in tribal art on the whole pape >pic re…[View]
319135I need a logo: Can you make a logo like that in this photo? I want a better one with same words…[View]
318852Hello, Could somebody help me and clear the watermark from the attached picture? (And would somebody…[View]
319086Number of trashcans in a city: I need info or even better statistics. How many trashcans should be t…[View]
319105Pizza sauce?[View]
319120>movie start with a guy getting each of his legs tied to a different car >both cars drive in s…[View]
319118This style: More pictures like this What is the name of that style?[View]
319099I Just bought this, but haven't got the install disk. can someone post a link to an ISO or some…[View]
319094Hey guys. I'm having trouble with some of the Outlook Calendar features. And before you ask, wh…[View]
319057Can somebody please make them kiss.[View]
319062Any chance of finding the original tweet this is from? I'm curious if this is a character I kno…[View]
318730Identifying a Manga: So I was watching a movie and I noticed a character was reading a manga in it. …[View]
319072Does anyone have that comic where the guy lifts his finger to make an argument but then can't t…[View]
319079Is there a dating sim similar to Persona 5? One where I can walk around in an over world, raise up s…[View]
318333Well I don't know where else to go with this: 4mg70cmg50c3rgm4 9rmggmc07 gmr96r37c 8mg70cmg8rc0…[View]
319029Sci fi human monsters: I'm looking for a screenshot of an old thread where the guy talks about …[View]
319076What is this song?: https://youtu.be/1NKxgaZtbPc?t=1m27s it starts @ 1m27s Such feels![View]
319071Anyone got a Doctor Doom pepe? If not, may I request one? Here is a rare pepe as a token of my goodw…[View]
318583can someone edit this into sagiri izumi being punched, does not matter if it looks edited with paint…[View]
319042Does anyone have the name of the artist for this picture? I've tried google and tinyeye but ne…[View]
318695Calling /g/ I need a laptop for student use. It will be mainly be for word processing, multi-tab bro…[View]
319064SUP BROS, so, i need a small favor. Does anyone have a white galaxy 6??? Cus i really need a selfie …[View]
318850I'm looking for an advanced Spanish online course/curriculum thing, Duolingo is not cutting it …[View]
314484does anyone have the edit of this where he looks like a cowboy and is saying ninja and samurai could…[View]
319059Can someone please rip this file and post it in a google drive or something? http://steamcommunity.c…[View]
319058Can someone make a nice drawing of this scene, please? It is a lizardman saving her short-haired gir…[View]
319052Anyone have or know where I can find the Black Order & BSS-Anon subs for Tengen Toppa Gurren Lag…[View]
319048Can any of you guys link me songs about schizophrenia? I've been interested in the topic and I …[View]
319036Can't remember the manga: I posted this a while back but i dont think anyone responded. Manga p…[View]
319033Can someone please give me that one meme with Ben Carson as ET with Trump riding the bike? Need it a…[View]
318782does anyone have the feels guy edit of sayaka, I mean I'd make it myself but I've seen thi…[View]
318984Hi. Can anyone please give me the serial number of a flatbed scanner with a CCD sensor and a LED lig…[View]
318864Can someone shop this with an Xbox achievement message to say 'Achievement Unlocked - Father Saved F…[View]
319025What's a good voice modulator? Something to make someone sound legitimately feminine, and not l…[View]
319014Help identifying this URL?: I've been looking for the infamous PAYDAY 2 voice actor spreadsheet…[View]
319018Looking for an image: I'm posting this here instead of /r/ because i'm certain that the im…[View]
319011looking for the microscope RPG pdf, i found broken links to it in the /tg/ archives i looked at. tha…[View]
319008Poetic aesthetic caption: Hey /wsr/, I need a caption for a picture that I haven't taken yet bu…[View]
318995Weird request but didn't know who else to come to with this: What's the word in videogame …[View]
319000Bloodborne torrent pls[View]
317750Source please.[View]
318922Anyone have this picture w/o the play button and gif from twitter? I want to troll some faggots on /…[View]
318940Where can I find a bunch of free audiobooks?[View]
318993I bought a tv recently and the store said it is 120hz. There's nothing in it saying this so i…[View]
318986For over a year now, I have an ongoing allergy to black mold that seems impossible to escape. When I…[View]
318989I need some help from tech-savy people. I'm a member of an indie game dev team and my SVN updat…[View]
318980K-Pop/J-Pop Song: I'm trying to remember this song, I'm not even really into Kpop but I ca…[View]
318967where can I get torrents now that nyaa is down? I dont have a bakabt account[View]
318273Who is she?: Who is this beauty? I didn't found a similar image on the web I was thinking about…[View]
318763song name pls: song name pls[View]
318843rec me some seinen manga (for big, mature men)[View]
318323I am looking for a manga artist. I can't remember his name but his art is great . I've rea…[View]
318503Anyone remember which episode of Eva this is from? I wanna say 22 but I'm not sure.[View]

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