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80876986>Product Placement: The Movie what are some other movies like this?[View]
808771084K films: Alright guys, I just got a 4K tv from my job and I'm looking for something to watch. …[View]
80871201>Movie comes out in less than a week >No RT score yet ?…[View]
80876606what are your experiences working with hollywood actors and actresses? i'll start back in 2003 …[View]
80875194Watched No Country for Old Men. What are some other good thrillers set in Texas? Pic unrelated[View]
80877421>‘Think of the one thing you’ve always wanted and find it in your mind’s eye. Feel it in your hea…[View]
80876660So is this the greatest masterpiece of 21st century or what?[View]
80871999What are some good Japanese movies ? ? ? ? ? ? preferably not black-and-white and after 1965[View]
80871684Sony give you $200m to make your own film: You have to use Kylie Jenner. What do?[View]
80872188So i've been on a kick of watching through some older 'gems' like the highest rated movies sinc…[View]
80877480Henceforth you shall be known as Eric... Masksump![View]
80876956>we did it mamma!!!!![View]
80872148Why didn't he just walk along the river after he couldn't cross anymore?[View]
80876702Do Americans really do this? https://youtu.be/Olm0KUtsFE8[View]
80876471What are some lesser known horror movies that are actually decent?[View]
80876978im the guy who posts the wp jpg. I got a job that starts soon so I wont be able to keep posting it a…[View]
80868751So I just watched his Texas special. It was okay, couple of funny bits, but I don't think I lik…[View]
80876769SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING: New poster.[View]
80876953>where's the girl? >won't say where the girl is >it starts raining…[View]
80876870Movies about Cute British Girls: This is a thread for the discussion of any and all movies that have…[View]
80876264>Rangers get on their Zords >'Go Go Power Rangers' starts playing >for exactly 16 seconds …[View]
80875301>raining >house to myself >loads of dank Kush >Saturday Any movies for this feel?…[View]
80876129What's your favorite episode of Jack Van Impe Presents?[View]
80874952Why didn't Aubrey Plaza make it big but Chris Pratt did?[View]
80877125Never Forget[View]
80864544Describe this man with one word.[View]
80873475>be me >watching sing street with my gf >2 minutes in >see CIA >mfw…[View]
80875613Power Ranger Marathon Shut It Down Edition[View]
80877008i don't get it[View]
80876199That Disney intro was worth the admission price alone.[View]
80872733Sweetness in the Belly: Anyone else is hyped for this masterpiece?[View]
80872344Damn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CaxK6GXvltA[View]
80870556>they are turning Baywatch into a lewdfest >they are corrupting my waifu WHY. WHY DO THEY DEST…[View]
80868948>ROTJ Vader suit What went wrong?[View]
80874423Not even meming, A Hard Day's Night is fucking hilarious. In my top 10 comedies of all time[View]
80874268~ JUSTICE LEAGUE TRAILER ~ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ[View]
80875952EARLY APOLOGIZE THREAD: Trailer drops in 1.5 hours, Still time for you to apologize before we get a …[View]
80871584Resident Evil The Final Chapter: is this any good? ive watched all the others but i remember them ju…[View]
80871663>The world is like a ride at an amusement park, and when you choose to go on it, you think it…[View]
80872114Was it autism?[View]
80874132Opinions on pic related? Watching atm[View]
80876019Unite the League : Zack Snyder: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=17&v=I6QkmWtASOI…[View]
80874999is this true?[View]
80874808Unite the League - Zack Snyder Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I6QkmWtASOI&feature=yout…[View]
80875972Gina Tognoni as Phyllis & Sheila: As above, so below![View]
80875730ITT: Characters that literally you[View]
80859106I'll save you 2 hours of your life.: Its shit. No it's literally trash. Prove me wrong…[View]
80875344Did this scene piss anyone else off?: If my old man ever said this shit to me, I'd murder him i…[View]
80875811Do you get a tinge of jealousy when someone younger than you is becoming famous?[View]
80872853>movie is supposedly a dystopia >actually quite reasonable Is 30 years of perfect happiness re…[View]
80875455would you fuq a crippled-dicaprio?[View]
80875753>police chief storms out of his office >'Hey [character name]. Get your ass in my office NOW'…[View]
80872293Be honest, /tv/. Why do you watch this show?[View]
80873408This car looks absolutely amazing![View]
80875692>What should I eat while I watch this kino? >What should I watch while I have the house to mys…[View]
80875309Was it kino?[View]
80875460ITT: flopkino[View]
80866971In literature you start with the greeks, what should you start with in film?[View]
80871367>bad guys carry a FAMAS is there a bigger action movie trope than this?…[View]
80874829tfw a cartoon character taught you more truths than your parents and teachers[View]
80875106PRESS F[View]
80873301/comfy/: what are some essential comfy-core movies? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JeAtre3Bxg8…[View]
80875458What are some Kino stand-up routines(10 minute tops)?[View]
80875449What the fuck is he's problem?[View]
80875322Does anyone else get this joke about the chicken eating the squid? Its really funny.[View]
80874968Is he the purest, most innocent protagonist?[View]
80874035recommend a film[View]
80863139Happy Birthday[View]
80873101>Gus Fring comes to Better call Saul season 3 >barely anyone cares anyone. Vince fucked up wit…[View]
80875203Will she ever make a comeback?[View]
80873997Is this, dare I say it, the only good sportskino?[View]
80873795Power Rangers Marathon Hitler Edition[View]
80873952>protagonist dies at the end this always makes me depressing[View]
80875136'I don't give a shit about you, or your President.'[View]
80869060Where were you when Daddario got btfo by this blonde bombshell? This dude can't even stand to l…[View]
80875009What are some movies where LGTBQI folks and atheists are treated equally and fairly?[View]
80874985Is there a comedy that is more hit/miss?: Honest question. I really like Sunny, but now that I'…[View]
80869672What's a good /tv/ name for a cat?[View]
80874785>electric cello solo starts playing[View]
80872318is this one of the most effective neo-kino scenes ever? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VtN6MIf4JGo…[View]
80872904So after watching the original Ghost In The Shell, I liked it but wouldn't consider it the best…[View]
80873099ayo hol up fools[View]
80870943what the shit is this?[View]
80872118WTF why didn't they imprison him? He's potentially a pedo and child molesters and they let…[View]
80874434------------------------------------ --best Sitcom ever thread-- -----------------------------------…[View]
80865605please explain me why I'm not supposed to like and/or watch this?[View]
80874466is this the most depressing movie ever made?[View]
80874595https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ixiq0axGt5c Preview is out for tonights Kino Anyone else think Jacks…[View]
80862044>YOU GONE GIVE ME ONE LIL' EGGROLL? >I gave you two. >Oh. what did he mean by this?…[View]
80874491It feels so... good, Brigitte. It's like touching yourself. You know every move... right on the…[View]
80873130Stop wasting your life watching garbage films.[View]
80874406Emma Stone in Death Stranding LOLOLOLOLOL she's not your gal anymore /tv/, she's /ourgal/ …[View]
80873026Is this what happens when you're a has-been stunt man in a children's show 20 years later?…[View]
80874134Does anyone have a link I could us to watch 'Logan'?[View]
80873413Who'd a win?[View]
80873609drump supporters btfo: >JJ (((Abrams))) and Steven (((Sheckleberg))) is teaming up to make a ((sy…[View]
80874386tbqh i'm pretty hyped for this flick[View]
80868761What should I eat for dinner tonight while I watch some Kino? Dubs gets to choose.[View]
80867416This board is under new management.: By order of the Peaky Blinders![View]
80854040Admit it /tv/ You thought it was good until reddit adopted it[View]
80874135Do you read Sutter Cane?[View]
80874162How is she so perfect?[View]
80850899Why does Hollywood hate asian actresses?[View]
80863984tfw you beat the shit out of your friends it's on tmc rn[View]
80871808How does Michael Fassbender keep getting roles? Seems to me that he is an overrated re-skin or clone…[View]
80873707'There is no life in the Void, only... death...' What did he mean by this?[View]
80874037Is Nier Automata kino?[View]
80871106>Zombie apocalypse movie/TV show >Women are portrayed as take no prisoners asskickers Let…[View]
80868981just started watching this ive liked all the other star trek shows i bet ill end up liking this sho…[View]
80871472>He is 42 >Wife is 49 He could do better.…[View]
80872703Good cinema experiences: After all the threads about shitty cinema experiences lets have one where w…[View]
80873243What do you think about Elena Furiase, /tv/?[View]
80870276SHUT UP![View]
80863718Why did Disney choose to completely invalidate Episode 6? >The Jedi do not return >The Empire …[View]
80873785Spongebob Squarepants - last of its kind?: Was Spongebob Squarepants the last animated television sh…[View]
80873761ITT: post a picture of yourself and others recommend you a film[View]
80873117Do you like our owl?[View]
80871029>Companies that want to OWN the worlds water? Pffft, small potatoes. Companies that pump dangerou…[View]
80873691> I wouldn't have it any other way[View]
80872442Power Rangers Marathon GO GO Samurai Edition[View]
80871030What is that?[View]
80872397This is such a wonderful movie, you can still watch it today and it feels timeless, the art directio…[View]
80873470is this any good?[View]
80873596what are some good movies to watch when you are really hungover and trying to survive? comfy only p…[View]
80873462Things That Will Probably Never Happen: Will we ever see a live-action adaptation of the Rapeman sag…[View]
80873541lemme hold a dolla.[View]
80872575Oasis: kino.[View]
80871981>YOU BETRAYED SHIVA ???[View]
80871589Remember that episode: >it's a anon hides in his room while his normie housemates have a hou…[View]
80873284What did /tv/ think about Stein being BLACKED by Joe? It was the only good part of this episode desu…[View]
80871833what are you watch now?: fear the walking dead season 2 episode 3....yup still hate these characters…[View]
80873155>Movie ends >Here Comes the Sun starts playing…[View]
80873098>replace NASCAR in pic related with PODRACING >mfw the Star Wars franchise is saved…[View]
80864042Had this shit laying on my ssd for a week and finally got around to watch it. 30 mins in: Already wa…[View]
80871879I'm only halfway into the 2nd season so it might not be safe to say this yet, so forgive me if …[View]
80867389*BUURRRRP* 'God's not real Morty' >the redditor begins to chuckle 'L-life is pointless Morty…[View]
80869597Kong Skull Island more like Kong DULL Island ahahahaha[View]
80869200How do you go from this...[View]
80872759Don Lemon ripped into Trump today, it was brutal, almost too much.[View]
80855915Give me some essential pantykino[View]
80859164>2017 >Not heating your hand over the gas stove are you guys even trying to get organi-zized…[View]
80870885When will it continue?[View]
80871838Would his version have been able to explore the human condition etc? I wish he would just say what h…[View]
80870499>Ooooh Marge, I got that big black dildo you ordered Damn. How did they get away with this on a k…[View]
80872451I want to take some time to talk about some cool theories that are obviously not real, but is still …[View]
80870789Ever notice how hacks rely on violence in their movies?[View]
80870100Just watched this, it was bretty good t.b.h[View]
80868716>it's a Clay shoots Orel in the leg episode[View]
80872102Main character is a white male *ding*[View]
80871591Actors who hold a non-pitiful ability for singing[View]
80872259This is the Tyrannosaur Buck. Say something nice to him.[View]
80872298Do you think Hank ever huffed propane?[View]
80870894Power Rangers Marathon Wincest Edition[View]
80870634Just started watching this and it's pretty awesome.[View]
80871456Just marathoned the first 36 seconds of this. What do I think?[View]
80861457>We want 'The Thing' audience[View]
80867207Why are all high fantasy movies bad except for Excalibur, Lord of the Rings, and Conan the Barbarian…[View]
80871665Is there any zombie flick that's actually scary?[View]
80871905What's /tv/ watching tonight?[View]
80870147how do you get a job in the industry?[View]
80871821Eric Roberts is the true master of kino and Hollywood.[View]
80871816Were the Joozinek aliens on South Park supposed to be some kind of 'Hollywood producer' jo…[View]
80871513Back in Time: Ros or Miranda?[View]
80871618ITT: characters that are literally you[View]
80868625itt: 10/10 A+ Casting: capeshit only edition[View]
80871248What is this again?[View]
80861750Was Kurt Wimmer a secret genius and this movie is actually a brilliant cult classic now or was it re…[View]
80871499What is some kino featuring beautiful oriental women?[View]
80849775>Justice League will be brighter than BvS[View]
80862153movies often show women engaged in hand to hand combat with men but can women even hurt men with blo…[View]
80870639>Hey let's cast a fat jew to play all American Britt Reid aka The Green Hornet Brava Jews, b…[View]
80871168is this good? i think i want to go watch it but it seems like a normie (relationship/social) movie w…[View]
80870135>'Omg dude italian horror is soooo good!' Can Dagos even make actual horror without shock value …[View]
80869641This gave me the biggest panic attack as a kid: fuk yo, the whole reveal[View]
80863084>only $600 million Why did this flop?[View]
80869512Could go watch Land of mine in theater in Taiwan but I can't read the chinese subtitles. I spea…[View]
80871174Did you get tour application for CUNY ready, guys?[View]
808710408 out of 10 cats does does a one off American special for some reason, what American game show shoul…[View]
80871158Fapfics featuring Rhonda Wellington from Hey Arnold: Check them out please: http://cartoon.adult-fan…[View]
80869879Is there a flatter surface in the universe than Sigourney Weaver's ass?[View]
80864401Godzilla: Monster Planet synopsis: >The last summer of the 20th century. On that day, the human r…[View]
80860164>nazis abolished religion Does that mean there's no Christmas, Easter or Halloween?…[View]
80871052>Don't switch the blade on the guy in shades, oh no >Don't masquerade with the guy i…[View]
80871015Island of Death? Anyone?[View]
80870956What is the best genre and why is it the western?[View]
80870868This board sucks cowabunga shit I am serious DEAD. FUCKING. SERIOUS.[View]
80867917Is this literally Costanza: the solo series?[View]
80856691Find a flaw[View]
80870969Why do you watch reality shows?[View]
80870922Who had a better cameo?[View]
80870493Aw, hells bells. They even shot the dog![View]
80870805Any good documentaries on Big Foot? >in b4 'b-but Sasquatch can't into REAL!' Then you have …[View]
80870788Is this the best science fiction ever?[View]
80870560Was the Cryptkeeper actually good at his job? Or do you think somebody could have done a better job …[View]
80870477Remember when Robson tried to cut out his ghetto gums?[View]
80870691Was Fred /ourguy/?[View]
80869520Power Rangers Marathon Made Power Rangers Great Again Edition[View]
80869055>you may dispense with the pleasent trees, commander, I'm here to put you back on schedule. …[View]
80870659When did you first get Stuckmannized /tv/?[View]
80869262What is the official /tv/ opinion on this film?[View]
80870278So you think his Batman script was about Venom addiction? That would've been kino.[View]
80861346This is the future of movie posters, everything is made in photoshop.[View]
80869021Pretty good. Life confirmed for alien kino[View]
80870436WATCH IT BANEY[View]
80870222what are some films where the bad guy loses?[View]
80847027*blocks your path*[View]
80870416>Joel era Average nerd watches movies with his good buddy robots >Mike era Fratboy jock watche…[View]
80869785I'm actually gonna kind of miss the Resident Evil movies lads Anyone else feel the same way?[View]
80870319ITT: Series that well-adjusted human beings shouldnt watch[View]
80869948*record scratch* *freeze frame* The name's Jack, and you're probably wondering how I ended…[View]
80868367Let's settle this once and for all. Which country produces the best TV programming: UK or USA? …[View]
80868960Dead meme?[View]
80859786Why does he wear the mask?[View]
80864128Anyone else still not over his leaving us? I feel like I lost my father.[View]
80867119what is this expression meant to convey?[View]
80867491feelgood/ comfy recs like pic related?[View]
80868951What's the point of season 3 now that our hombre is dead?[View]
80869849>Bill Cosby: It's okay. Take your time. Then what happened? >Little Girl: He... he said …[View]
80869765Are you all excited for Martin McDonagh's latest Kino? Everyone knows In Bruges is the best so …[View]
80869019Just seen Bitter Harvest. She gets her boobs out[View]
80864214WWR?: (What Went Wrong?)[View]
80869720>Movie ends with Kelly taking big sasquatch dick What did Bobcat mean by this?…[View]
80862907WTF happened?[View]
80867745ITT: Actors you didn't know used a prosthesis[View]
80869476Would Justice League and the DCEU have been better off if these three had been cast as Flash, Wonder…[View]
80867900Why isn't Marvel making a Nova movie to cut DC off at the Green Lantern pass? They already esta…[View]
80869619What went wrong?[View]
80849022Screenwriting/Filmmaking: Sorry, it's been so long since a new thread, I was banned.[View]
80868392Power Rangers Marathon Go-Onger Edition[View]
80868040>Howdydoodah So I fucked up and got a pretty nasty concussion from skating recently, I'm hom…[View]
80869121Bonnie Bedelia - happy 69th birthday!: Bonnie Bedelia is 69, today! Happy birthday to the coolest go…[View]
80866074I don't get it. Can someone explain the ending to me?[View]
80869338Bane Scene Animated Frame by Frame by 4chan: Come on, /tv/. I've looked everywhere. I could…[View]
80868614>its a accidently click on /trv/ episode[View]
80866053Remember when they had the perfect cyclops?[View]
80861163>Thanks for taking us to the movies, anon! So do you think the patriarchal themes and traditional…[View]
80869198ITT the most annoying characters ever made.[View]
80863920What do you all think of the Power Rangers movie? Pic unrelated[View]
80867866>The High Court >Join Doug Benson as he presides over actual courtroom arguments. The catch? J…[View]
80866594Is the final season of LOST the biggest pleb filter ever?[View]
80868820ITT: oh, they're still alive[View]
80851406Scarlett Johansson in The Island.[View]
80868045What's the FMA 2003 of /tv/?[View]
80868893Can we get an official list of kino? Can such a thing be compiled? Is kino subjective? For you.[View]
80868902Come with us now on a journey through time and space ...[View]
80868615Stop posting interracial porn.[View]
80867276They don't make them like this anymore.[View]
80865756/tv/ bros i need some kino for a breakup. it is pretty fresh and was very dirty ),:[View]
80866987>eggy weggy and jammy wammy >picture wicture on the telly welly >the ol in out Why do Brit…[View]
80868732What are some good movies/shows about cyborgs(humans with augmentations)? Not androids. Actual cybor…[View]
80864753Anyone hope in the next X-Men film if it's set in the 90s, Fassbender (and the rest of the cast…[View]
80863258>it's a family whatsapp group episode[View]
80868675There ain't no lobos.[View]
80863514The Blacklist: >Liz and Samar have been kidnapped multiple times by violent, degenerate criminals…[View]
80866174>who are the sharks? >they're self made billionares >only 1 of them is a current billi…[View]
80865812>you will never be this guy and have a cute asian chick live inside you and come out and chill wi…[View]
80867488Power Rangers Marathon OH NO! Edition[View]
80868261>'hi daddy! thanks for picking me up from school today!' ;__;[View]
80866544I'll give you sixty seconds to give me one good reason why Pierce Brosnan is not the best Bond.…[View]
80859548>Friday night Why are you here?[View]
80863286This is some seriously under-rated kino It's like a Refn film but it's actually good[View]
80863831.I can't sleep guys and I have work at 4:30am[View]
80867615Let's face it >yfw you realize we won't get a hard reboot of X-Men for another 10 years…[View]
80855168Favourite Actors/Actresses: Who is your favourite? mine is Denzel Washington. liked him in Training …[View]
80866364How much longer till they go under?[View]
80862102What expression do they try to convey?[View]
80867778can someone pls explain what actually happened?[View]
80866270Thoughts on Miyazaki?[View]
80865124>we need someone reliably recognizable but cheap for a small meaningless role >say no more fam…[View]
80852089Streaming old horror anthologies shows on cytube. Link in the next post[View]
80865180filming help?? or buddy: *picture not really related* but i was just wondering if any of you guys wo…[View]
80867517Prepare to die, /tv/.[View]
80864808G.I. Joe: Hasbro Seeks to Reboot Movie Franchise With 'Millennial Approach': 'Millennial' …[View]
80863045Click (2006): What would you do if you were in his position?[View]
80857768>you have executive control of the Simpsons >you can shut it down or keep raking in the Bartbu…[View]
80867393What are some of the most intense moments in tv and film? For example, the ending of Whiplash, Break…[View]
80866794/tv/, recommend me some movies that will make me regret being a fucking inactive anime watching lose…[View]
80867479Things that make you drop a movie instantly. For me, it's when a situation can be resolved by …[View]
80864287*blocks you path*[View]
80851049not all metal is magnetic: Why did they always use plastic against him? Why didn't they just us…[View]
80866545Power Rangers Marathon Foreshadowing Edition[View]
80856940>implying a prequel bioshock movie about andrew ryan building rapture wouldn't be fucking aw…[View]
80866862What movie should I watch tonight[View]
80867362Why didn't Jim just order a regular guy stripper for the girls?[View]
80867274Was this /Our Movie/? Or was Ben just /Our Guy/? I liked it.[View]
80865877Should I go see Power Rangers, or Life this Saturday evening?[View]
80866661who is the better doctor? Who is the better human? /film/ when /cel/ when jl trailer when gotcha g…[View]
80863037Prosumer Camcorders: Gonna buy one to film some projects; what's best in each price range? >…[View]
80867178>It's an Anon opens normal looking porn and a child shows up halfway through episode FUG…[View]
80863595How did they get away with this?[View]
80856022This is concept art for Jurassic World. Would you have liked the movie more if the dinos looked like…[View]
80866694I AM WOUNDED[View]
80861826do Americans really wear full fatigues when going out to dinner?[View]
80867062>theater has even number of seats >forced to sit on the floor…[View]
80864039Song to Song came out today. What did /tv/ think?[View]
80867044HEY WOMAN[View]
80865022ITT: sick shit that gets you off. I'll start http://womaninflatesaballoonandsitsonitandpopsit…[View]
80860876>Straight to Netflix[View]
80863844Don't mind me, just posting the best television network.[View]
80863885Is the Wheel of Time TV series actually happening? Harriet said new information would be coming 'soo…[View]
80865436It's alright, it's okay, there's something to live for, Jesus told me so[View]
80863845Belko Experiment: Anyone else think this was surprisingly well-done?[View]
80865639Power Rangers Edition AHM SCOTTISH Edition[View]
80866310mfw you hear the latest Gorillaz and you an be tink dey be Belters, nah?[View]
80863052What are some movies that happen here?[View]
80859211How do we save /tv/?[View]
80856817Live-Action Disney: They're four for four right now. Thoughts on the upcoming projects? >Jon…[View]
80863602did you faggots 'heard' the news?[View]
80862501how come jenna was the only one to post about it?[View]
80866201>Vision of a dystopic future >Skies are red…[View]
80859825I like the show but I feel like I'm missing something? is this kino or just shit?[View]
80861054Sequel when?[View]
80862379What would you do if you had these three locked in your basement?[View]
80865991So has he ever managed to help one of those fat fucks? Like, does he have even one sucess story?[View]
80862381Looper Discussion/Appreciation Thread: Just watched Looper for the first time (it just arrived on Ca…[View]
80863251This is pure kino. Thank you Lynch.[View]
80865538>They figure out who the villain is based off the name of an imaginary dog Why do people pretend …[View]
80864237does anyone know where i can watch this show online? like, free style?[View]
80863661*blocks your path*[View]
80864034i dont understand the true decetive s1 ending why did he turn into a angry nazi?[View]
80864673Power Rangers Marathon The Adventures of Dillon and Ziggy Edition[View]
80822732/tv/ post some versions of Satan from film/television. This is Based Mel's version of Satan fro…[View]
80864576For England, James?[View]
80864076ITT: 10/10 Perfect casting.[View]
80859396Shows you've watched more times than could possibly be healthy. Pic related. 30 Rock and Always…[View]
80865261To The Light House: https://audioboom.com/posts/1155790-virginia-woolf-to-the-lighthouse[View]
80861776https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NvDvESEXcgE Which actor is best at accents?[View]
80864755>tfw tall and handsome with a huge dick >tfw full head of thick hair >tfw got married to tw…[View]
80862031Why aren't there many mainstreams trans actors/actresses?[View]
80864732What was her problem?[View]
80864141Why do we flyover moocows only get the widest release movies?[View]
80863168Ghost in the Shell Fan Film!: What's up 4chan?? Me and my production company, resistance pictur…[View]
80864293>'and I want Shania Twain to give me a tuggy!' what did he mean by this?…[View]
80864469Discord: This board finna have a discord?[View]
80863574>wena nido[View]
80864591did you like the futurama simspons crossover?[View]
80826036/trek/ where is the septic tank? edition: Shitpost here.[View]
80863606/prg/ Power Rangers: >>80862526[View]
80864555is it good? the premise seems pretty interesting and unique.[View]
80859003IT'S COLD OUTSIDE[View]
80863362Hank should have[View]
80861851Does /tv/ think about their favorite actress when they lay down to go to sleep at night? What do you…[View]
80857417who is watching the third and final season of Review?: last ep was pretty good[View]
80861472How can a show with so much action, suspense, and explosions be so goddamn comfy?[View]
80864031was Kung Pow the logical conclusion to kung fu movies?[View]
80862592What are some good movies about someone being held against their will by a person of questionable sa…[View]
80864059I'd just like to say this board sucks[View]
80863922Itt where is modern ocean also movies like primer[View]
80863381New shoes[View]
80863992Why was Christina so perfect bros?[View]
80863893Is that Politically correct? Where is Asian and Mexican females?[View]
80863439Animated kino: What animated movies had kino scenes. Mine has go to gits: innocence parade scene ht…[View]
80861011Biblekino: is this good? also, Biblekino thread and which Bible stories would you like to see adapte…[View]
80863678Does anyone else think he is probably a pedophile and most definitely jerks off to his characters?[View]
80862451Which is the best friend simulator?: And why is it still RLM?[View]
80841066Spidey poster: Trailer 2 soon, are you ready for Spiderkino?[View]
80863690Whoah!: The new bathmats are in![View]
80862688MST3K: Is MST3K going to be as good now that Netflix has taken it over?[View]
80860012Just got back from this. AMA[View]
80862526/prg/ Power Rangers General OURZIG EDITION: rpm kino is back on the menu boys next: I don't giv…[View]
80861368Why am I infinitely more hype for this than the first Avengers film? Is it the Gothic undertones? Or…[View]
80863473The greatest movie ever made[View]
80863462>milk is racis-[View]
80862349>tfw your only friends are from TV shows >tfw always a random sitcom in the background What is…[View]
80863437What did he mean by this[View]
80856184Official Live PD watch thread: Get in here and turn on A&E it's time for the live police s…[View]
80862998Would you watch a movie about him?[View]
80863367>Howie Long scream used ''''''ironically''''''[View]
80856516What picture best summarizes /tv/ and why is it this one?[View]
80861106What have we learned guys?[View]
80863078>7/10 on IMDB >84% on RT Fucking how? Recently watched this and I was bored out of my mind the…[View]
80863216Tell me about the last thing you watched.[View]
80861673>he imagined himself as a famous actor, but totally cool about it and down to earth and not like …[View]
80861943DUNE: Who would you cast for Dune?[View]
80860350In the name of Allah, check these repeating integers[View]
80862740Post Aussie kino[View]
80862187What did Netflix mean by this?[View]
80862870Star trek: So if the Vulcan have no positive or negative emotions, or no emotion in general. Why do …[View]
80853328Regarding Superman Abscence: You see, this is why I strongly believe Zack made a smart chess move by…[View]
80860477Well that was boring.[View]
80855685You are in Prison: And this guy comes up to you and bitchslaps you and says: 'On your knees, prag' H…[View]
80860599The Resident Evil Movies: Are the others movies this awful? Why is there a contingent of internet ne…[View]
80857638What the fuck: Was his problem.[View]
80844324Out of fucking nowhere comes the trailer for a completely unheard of movie which looks FUCKING AMAZI…[View]
80858559Am I actually supposed to believe that Ragnar would cheat on his 10/10 wife with this?[View]
80862437Would you rather be Big or be a Vampire? this is important[View]
80860269/lbg/: Letterboxd thread it's Easter bank holiday hooray edition[View]
80860918Was Afro autistic?[View]
80861518/prg/ Power Rangers General V12 EDITION[View]
80862606What does /tv/ think of Monster Island Buddies? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=etXEQxxsVSY[View]
80862584Was this that card scene on Inglorious Bastard made as a whole movie?[View]
80855257ITT: very subtle symbolism this one's a little difficult to spot, don't feel bad if you do…[View]
80862479Knock knock.[View]
80856058Jesus fucking Christ I didn't realize that Rita Repulsa was such a semen demon. It's no wo…[View]
80861630What the FUCK was his problem?[View]
80855375What's a really comfy animated movie?[View]
80861392dere is no MAFIA[View]
80862006Infinity Train: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oY6kfVWv01k This needs to be a full series. https://…[View]
80861823Do you think Brock and Ash ever fugged?[View]
80861032>I recite movie quotes[View]
80857716What the fuck did I just watch? Did I get memed again?[View]
80862201what are some movies like Eraserhead and The 7th Seal? I feel like I have seen literally all the goo…[View]
80861860It wasnt as good as the older shows. He was missing something. What was he missing, /tv/?[View]
80861926This is what's become of the Air Bud franchise. Press F.[View]
80860516Is Fiona worthless?[View]
80859611>Eyes Wide Shut[View]
80853096The Honeymooners: Why did 1950s America think domestic violence was funny?[View]
80862009>obvious autistic character >'My brain doesn't work like other people's brains. I ca…[View]
80861806>movie has a title[View]
80859131>Rooney Mara Can't Stop Fucking People: The Film It was weird but fascinating. Kinda like a …[View]
80861889https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jo4xiYESWvo What are some films with great sound design?[View]
80861857how did he know it was a gun?[View]
80857022What is your favorite cult film?[View]
80852817JUSTICE LEAGUE: how scared are marvel fans right now? the age of DC is near.[View]
80860692ITT: The best 5 minutes of television that has been and will ever be produced.[View]
80859592this is probably the worst movie to ever win Best Picture, it's like Babel met Good Will Huntin…[View]
80859551recommend some films and someone might watch them[View]
80861567Randy, sometimes you fat[View]
80857751Is this accurate?[View]
80861552Meme characters[View]
80855211Who would win?: My money is on Kong.[View]
80860213/prg/ Power Rangers General V8 EDITION: WITNESS RPM! Last >>>80859580…[View]
80856054Spess Cruise 13: That ending left a lot to be desired, it was a good film but I don't think the…[View]
80860159>we will never get a Sonny Chiba vs Bruce Lee movie[View]
80861275>Canadian tv btw, it's filmed entirely in inuktuk, which is a language, not a place.…[View]
80857686Will /tv/ ever recover?![View]
80861166Who was in the wrong here?[View]
80854802>Post young up and coming actress who you want to see get their nudes leaked?…[View]
80852103Who else is excited that these two Hollywood heavyweights are working together on what's sure t…[View]
80860812Find a more beautiful actress who starred in more kinos than Liv Ullman YOU SIMPLY CANNOT[View]
80860795Is the NIght Manager worth watching?[View]
80860823>'What are YOU looking at, white boy?'[View]
80856207to me, its the 6/10's that are the most desirable... oh the things I wood do.[View]
80850675Is it true that 9/11 was when the 90s were shot but fall/winter 2006 is when they finished bleeding …[View]
80858555I want to watch some historical movies. Is Marie Antoinette good?[View]
80860695Kayvan Novak-fonejacker?: My asperger buddy says this is the guy from fonejacke- Kayvan Novak? 1 do …[View]
80858894Is Samurai Jack kino?[View]
80856808Why are there no movies about British Royal Marines? There's a million movies and tv shows abou…[View]
80858872It was not so bad[View]
80852313name one (1) good thing about this movie.[View]
80859580/prg/ Power Rangers Iwaifu edtion: >>80857777 >>80858623[View]
80854816wtf did i just saw?[View]
80860528UNDERRATED GEMS.[View]
80857368I wonder if you know, how they live in Tokyo[View]
80860195Dolemite, motha FUCKA[View]
80860185I need to know, does the main theme play on this shit?[View]
80858870>Tarkovsky made 8 films >Bergman made over 40 films Who are some art house directors like Tark…[View]
80812889/lbg/: Letterboxd thread Post your profiles and discuss what you are watching tonight[View]
80858385Who was in the wrong here? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=bawJzvCBR38&t=660s[View]
80856628Shows men would never understand: I understand babies are cute but I don't see myself watching …[View]
80860248The Devil's Candy: Anybody want to watch some Spooks?[View]
80859095Is there an actor with a better filmography?[View]
80860217I think Loras won't say no to that..[View]
80857461>ITT 'I watch it for the cooking recipes'[View]
80858465THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2: Complain about the movie all you want but the Times Square battle was abso…[View]
80843558You have complete control over the movie industry. What do you do?[View]
80859185ITT: Miscasts: >Never Back Down 2 >This is the psycho scrawny beta nerd BEFORE his MMA crash-c…[View]
80857754Movies you disliked/hated at first, but grew to love: Eyes Wide Shut I just thought it was average a…[View]
80859566You guys know any good free movie streaming sites? 123movies.is just got shut down. Pic unrelated[View]
80859025>watching a film with my friend >he gets up to pee >'you don't have to pause it'…[View]
80854947ITT: Villains who literally did nothing wrong[View]
80859948Is this canine kino?[View]
80852722JUST BEAV MY SHIT UP[View]
80859928>Bill Cosby: It's okay. Take your time. Then what happened? >Little Girl: He... he said …[View]
80859537Was this the most comfy dream sequence?[View]
80853057>'Rosita is so hot, I want to fuck her so bad' >see this >'ewww, what is THAT'…[View]
80847141>wondyel woman why is this allowed?[View]
80859648Let me ask you something. If the rule you followed brought you to this, of what use was the rule?[View]
80857297>tfw best girl lost: >tfw best girl lost[View]
80859571This movie was good It's message was hamfisted and the movie should have cut atom Hiddelstons r…[View]
80858623/prg/ Power Rangers GET IN GEAR Edition: >>80857777[View]
80859480You will never understand this movie unless you've smoked weed HAHA[View]
80849392>Find a film >Pause it at 14:58 >Post a screenshot…[View]
80859467About to see power rangers. What am I in for?[View]
80843628Was this really that bad? Or was it just Gamergate 2.0 showing the liberal media's collusion an…[View]
80859420Lotta loyalty for a beta orbiter![View]
80859325Just marathoned the first 500 minutes of this movie while taking a break every minute to ckeck if th…[View]
80859307Can we have a fun kino thread? I'll start with some essentials. >Indiana Jone series >sc…[View]
80847997Any director that shares Davids Lynch visions or a part of it at least? I've watched a lot of C…[View]
80858546Why was there wheat on an alien planet again?[View]
80854895What was his endgame?[View]
80859118>it's good to have you back >it's good to be back…[View]
80857396Medieval flicks: Just finished watching this. Can anyone reccomend more sword and shield kino? Side …[View]
80857575Post cinematography[View]
80857537>Hold on, fuckface! why did he bully Crowder, /tv/?[View]
80857013Does /tv/ like Narcos?[View]
80858410I finally started watching season 12 of always sunny. Can someone explain how the fuck they let this…[View]
80857032Why did Lieutenant Dan throw away his ice cream? It seems like a waste[View]
80858667The Raid:: Just watched The Raid and The Raid 2. What does /tv/ think of them? I though the first on…[View]
80858476Was Alex P. Keaton the last likeable conservative character on American television?[View]
80858335>literally Power Rangers: Social Justice Force >PR suit fights and mechas last 5 minutes >b…[View]
80858662GIANT CREATURE FEATURE THREAD: check out mosquito if you haven't[View]
80858574What are some movies that include interracial sex scenes?[View]
80858616Why was this allowed? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JFdO6QRtEW8[View]
80857777Power Rangers REAL KAT HOURS EDITION: >>80856622[View]
80852719I can work on my screenplays![View]
80854843Jim Scarborough'd never carried one; that's the younger Jim.[View]
80857495Why aren't movies released on home formats at the same time as theaters? Seems really silly to …[View]
80857271Do you remember that scene in that movie where this guy and a dozen of his colleagues get their asse…[View]
80853870This actually wasn't that bad Also that tommy cliffhanger[View]
80850802>Tfw best Emma is now the highest paid actress in Hollywood[View]
80855577I want my. I want my. I want my imdb Seriously, even the worst trolls over there could at least be e…[View]
80858299Who was in the wrong here?[View]
80857096>a faint tribal drum beat off in the distance begins to grow louder[View]
80857779At the theatres alone guys. Any one wanna keep me company.[View]
80857866THE BIG ENCHILADA: 25min edit of the best moments from the alex jones on joe rogan episode (for you)…[View]
80858147>Merowitz, Berowitz, Handelman, Schandelman >Sperber and Gerber and Steiner and Stone >Bosk…[View]
80853912>Director: The heroes are being shot at by goons on motorbikes >Prop guy: I have just the thin…[View]
80854486>Godzilla: King of the Monsters - March 22, 2019 >Godzilla vs. Kong - May 29, 2020 Monsterkino…[View]
80857990HOMER!!!! WHERE ARE YOU HOMER!!!?[View]
80842339Shin Godzilla: 'Subs/Upload When?!' Edition: Continuation of the previous thread: >>80815221 L…[View]
80855499LOVE: Is episode 8 the most redpilled episode in the series? I just marathoned till this one and my …[View]
80854595Hey hey hey![View]
80857827Wouldn't it be the perfect time for his return? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jCqQ-MyZXRA…[View]
80857339what the fuck did i just watch: >go to see advertised space movie >get a smorgasbord of chickf…[View]
80856622/prg/ Power Rangers General REAL KAT HOURS EDITION: >>80853962[View]
80855234British animal documentaries >Calm >original selfmade animal footage >'And here its here we…[View]
80857727>MMPR theme song starts playing >people start cheering and clapping >after a few seconds th…[View]
80857407movies/tv shows that made you go... DUDE LIFE LMAO DUDE CRIPPLING DEPRESSION LMAO https://www.youtub…[View]
80850007Find a flaw.[View]
80857561Let's settle this once and for all, /tv/ https://www.strawpoll.me/12601704[View]
80843824Recommend non-english movies: How about we recommend non-english language movies to anons to watch. …[View]
80856036Why did this whore cuck an innocent man into a doomed marriage and conceive an innocent child into a…[View]
80851721Robert Rodriguez To Direct ‘Escape From New York’ Reboot: http://deadline.com/2017/03/robert-rodrigu…[View]
80857522The show goes so far to diss christianity that it ask you to believe this idiot knows what carbon da…[View]
80843661Life: Just seen pic related. It was OK. AMA[View]
80857471Streaming the ass creed movie get in here Weebcrew.moe[View]
80856493Enterprise S02E02: Is the trope of earth women falling in love with aliens the same as white women f…[View]
80857298What was his problem?[View]
80841059Will this be the first movie that hasn't sucked for Luc since Fifth Element?[View]
80855643Have you ever dropped an entire show because of one scene? >Be me >Watching pic related >Li…[View]
80854753>If you are watching this >I am dead[View]
80846983What are some other essential 80s flicks?[View]
80857145>So, you came back to die with your city![View]
80851422Who was in the wrong here?: Honestly, who was in the wrong?[View]
80856999How much did he know about the hotel's true nature? Was he a 'recruiting agent' for the hotel, …[View]
80856975Half an hour in, when am I supposed to start caring?[View]
80856952Did they ever find out what was happening?[View]
80854906The Amazing No-Reply Thread: ITT: TV couples which were genuinely in love with each other[View]
80856939>looks like Spielbergs work[View]
80852003Who will be the first Bond actor to die?[View]
80855251Could this be made today?[View]
80841851>One more sleeps until new episode of Samurai Kino[View]
80856777It's good but I wouldn't watch it again What's the verdict Also fuck the US for nukin…[View]
80856765Was this the best movie remake ever made?[View]
80855580Naval Warefare Kino: Get in here lads![View]
80856731> im not doing this for you >im doing it for ******** what's the most cliché things in v…[View]
80850417Who are some bright, up-and-coming actors?[View]
80853965>a 2016 blockbuster actually has art direction, set design, costume design, iconic lighting and f…[View]
80850319Ask someone who just saw this kino anything[View]
80856469what did she mean by this?[View]
80853097I'm going to watch true grit tonight. I haven't seen the original or the remake. Which one…[View]
80855230What a fucking retard.[View]
80849575Oh, come on. People always ask why he didn't swim out the window, but why the fuck didn't …[View]
80855231I dropped this show right after he fuck the witch bitch and killed his gf. It shown on TV today and …[View]
80853941>it's a Brian Pillman has a gun episode[View]
80856416>Fuck you, kid. I'm going to space![View]
80852902The Force Awakens: Why did hating this become a thing after Rogue 1 came out?[View]
80855872What'd you faggots think of the first episode?[View]
80856327Now that the dust has settled, what did /tv/ think of movie LIFE? Was it /alienkino/?[View]
80856294I'm a senior in highschool, and I wish to pursue a career in film/television production, or a w…[View]
80856276I'm kinda a sucker for decent historical period pieces, and after 2 seasons I can safely say Th…[View]
80856172Where does Guillermo del Toro get the inspiration for all the frightening villains he's include…[View]
80855393>/tv/ tells you a movie is shit >it's actually great What's her name, bros?…[View]
80855446Besides him casting his entire family again what can we expect?[View]
80855556Has Max Landis surpassed his father's legacy yet?[View]
80855720What was his endgame?[View]
80851204Spider-Man: Homecoming: eh[View]
80855507Does Mulan have the best musical score of any Disney movie? And by score I don't mean the actua…[View]
80854014Find a flaw[View]
80854994we're gonna have a hell of a time[View]
80855913>'You want a piece of me?'[View]
80854544ITT, Actresses who are 10/10 and should be given more roles and star in more movies solely because o…[View]
80853962/prg/ Power Rangers General REAL KAT HOURS EDITION: Current: Jungle Fever Next: Porno Rangers[View]
80854410What was his endgame?[View]
80852160is it any good[View]
80850487>1 freaking hour special >only chuckle at the white voices >literal straight face for the r…[View]
80855746The last few Japanese films I've seen from this era all end on odd cliffhangers. Less cliffhang…[View]
80854576what episodes of buffy season 2 and 3 can i skip so i get the main story arc but avoid bad episodes[View]
80844052About to Attempt to Obtain CIA's Autograph: CIA himself, Aidan Gillen, is in my college tonight…[View]
80846959This is actually one of the best space horror movies. No idea why it has shitty ratings.[View]
80853576What's your favorite throwaway monster from this show?[View]
80855324Piggsy's angry, ANGRY!![View]
80855317Mommy's back: Who /hype/ here? http://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/2017/01/18/will-grace-reboo…[View]
80855305Which celebrities has the best physuq: and explain why it's Bateman(Bale).[View]
80853921is he the most offensive character in TV history?: >from some vaguely defined eastern european / …[View]
80850568Is he the ultimate /ourguy/? >strong and ripped, real chad >still knows a lot about comics and…[View]
80853004Film Flubs: During the interrogation scene, Joker tells Batman where Rachel is held hostage but when…[View]
80838312Doctor Who General - /who/ - Nightmare in Silver Edition: Welcome to /who/, the Doctor Who general! …[View]
80852090watch it goold[View]
80852563Color Grading Thread. Post stills that you think need to be Re-Graded.[View]
80854942'Cazzata Malanga!'[View]
80854900Find a flaw.[View]
80854779What are the best comedy films of the 2010s?[View]
80851275When will they announce it? What will it be about?[View]
80854603This is my favorite movie that I've ever seen. I can't think of one that elicits more of a…[View]
80852815Is Krysten Ritter the modern day Alyssa Milano, /tv/? If not, who is?[View]
80854200If you owned a movie theater, what sort of food would you serve? Me? I'd serve crab legs.[View]
80851474The Most Hated Woman in America (2017) 1080p Netflix WEBRip DD5.1 x264-TrollHD: >The Most Hated W…[View]
80851525Black Mirror: What do you guys think about it? Second episode hit me hard[View]
80854308>mfw someone trusted me and I failed them[View]
80835928This wasn't good[View]
80842889>'Could this day get any worse?!' >gets splashed by a car speeding through a puddle…[View]
80854035Uh, you don't get to unite.[View]
80854454TSUJ - The Madman Is Back: Thread theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vRg__IicioM[View]
80854453where do you stand on michael bublé ?[View]
80854411Looking for the best and worst exploitation films[View]
80852075Special effects>CGI[View]
80854132The Great Lebowski is a big movie[View]
80854278Have you noticed the weird shit Disney has forced all Blockbusters to now have?: I've noticed t…[View]
80854174Only two weeks to go before the most unappreciated and underrated tv show airs it's series fina…[View]
80851091Beauty and Beast: >why was there an arc about Lefou becoming good? It had this long buildup and t…[View]
80851112Plot twist: His wife doesn't exist/died a long time ago/he killed her but he keeps on pretendin…[View]
80854108Funny Kids Best News Bloopers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=irncY0OP2bE[View]
80853185really makes you think, doesn't it?[View]
80853334>his groceries are still on the counter >it must've been a kidnapping…[View]
80854087>I like...fucking my wife what did he mean by this? I really don't understand what that had …[View]
80853809Movies where the villain was right[View]
80852555marvel or DC[View]
80853926How do you rate her body of work?[View]
80853918Who was in the wrong here?[View]
80849183I'm getting chronic drunk as fuck tonight. What are some live as fuck movies to watch. Action a…[View]
80853771They told me this board was ugly, but this has got to be one of the ugliest crapholes in the entire …[View]
80853715Best films about the Eastern Front?[View]
80853821More like the white scrap-it project. This show is shit and should be scrapped u know what im sayin…[View]
80853163How much did you cum in your pants when Bruce Willis came on screen and spoke at the end? I managed …[View]
80845721Best Movie Of All Time: Without being ironic, can you name a better movie than this?[View]
80853770Remember this shit?[View]
80842901Ghost in the Shell: 1 week to go. what are your honest expectations? Im expecting good visuals, desi…[View]
80851623Power Rangers Marathon Fap Break Edition[View]
80853658Was it autism?[View]
80853624what does /tv/ think about this alien kino?[View]
80853336Why hasn't Rick taken Enid as a wife and impregnated her yet? She's prime breeding materia…[View]
80848187Greatest Movie to Be Put on Film: Name a better movie. Protip: >You can't…[View]
80853317has there ever been a movie that used Binaural beats to put the audience into a specific state of mi…[View]
80852610Recommend me some good episodes.[View]
80853395Was he right?[View]
80851158Swamp Thing fucking sucks[View]
80848782Is he /ourguy/?: He has been starring in a lot more movies lately than he was a couple of years ago …[View]
80853191Spooky Scenes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oCa7tKiCMN4[View]
80853040What's the consensus on Keanu?[View]
80851632Is her full name Mildred Robert Brown?[View]
80850226YT movie review channels: Post your movie review channels. https://youtu.be/b6GbWaLbAZA[View]
80853160What happened?[View]
80852900my name is jeff[View]
80847788>It's like that episode of Star Trek where[View]
808531118 TRAILER WHEN rey withdrawal BAD, I'm starting to think Gal Gadot looks hot[View]
80851229Next best thing to Rome?: Well, what is it? Just watched Rome for the second time and I really don…[View]
80852944How do you go from this[View]
80852995where were you when television ascended to kinography it was shadow king all along[View]
80852911ITT: movies that got great reviews but that everyone forgot about.[View]
80850206Give me the best horror movies from the '70s[View]
80852091How does /tv/ watch movies/tv shows? Does anyone still go to the movies, pay for cable, or buy DVDs/…[View]
80847030ITT: Cool movie posters[View]
80844404who should they cast in the Charlie's Angels reboot?[View]
80851302>we did it Diagoro, looks like we really are Lone Wolf And Cub Jesus Christ really?…[View]
80852829Do you like drinkin'?![View]
80852325David D'Amato had a hard life. He just wanted to run an innocent competitive tickling league th…[View]
80850717what are some must see brendan kinos?[View]
80844091Comic relief Red Nose Day >Catherine Tate brings out another character popular with normies to t…[View]
80852655films movies for hotline miami feel?: just watched john wick and really liked it, altho im typically…[View]
80852512>'Mr Glass' What did he mean by this ?[View]
80852366>Power Rangers Gay Moment Is a Good Step, But a Small One God damn jews…[View]
80850432what's your favorite episode?[View]
80849191Does /tv/ like Arrested Development?? IMO is comedy kino[View]
80852564Ghost in The Shell 2017 Concept Art: What the fuck happened? The original colour palette for the liv…[View]
80851213>character says, 'well at least it's not raining' >out of control truck smashes his fruit…[View]
80851320Why did Howard chicken out of having sex with Beverly?[View]
80851289ITT: horror kino[View]
80852418Cinegrids for Animated films?[View]
80816648Deadpool 2 domino concept art: discuss[View]
80850531Hit me with some spookino /tv/[View]
80849146I don't get this scene. Did Sauron not directly, physically, see Frodo? Does he not know that …[View]
80852358What would you like to see next for Ashley Boettcher, career-wise?[View]
80849863What do you make of critics being mixed on Power Rangers but pretty much everyone else liking it?[View]
80852297this picture makes me smile[View]
80852273Will Daniel Day Lewis eventually surpass Ms. Hepburn in acting oscars before he dies?[View]
80850244Mad About You > Seinfeld[View]
80852270Who the devil are you?[View]
80852251Best Ranger?: Or best ranger?[View]
80849673/Stick a fork in her/: She's done.[View]
80852177You don't get to bring friends[View]
80849218What happened to him?[View]
80850783Ay, y'all some real fuck niggas for this shit right here.[View]
80848606S1: we meet lots of lesser known DC characters S2: DUDE TOLKIEN & GEORGE LUCAS AND WE PUT A BISE…[View]
80851013what are some shows that predicted the future of america?[View]
80849613AVGN Power Rangers: UNJUST[View]
80851791What are some movies about mass suicide?[View]
80848896You've got one movie to show off your taste and impress her: What do?[View]
80851895people will tell you this movie is boring[View]
80850213WHIP IT[View]
80851588We did it bros, we won![View]
80850057ITT characters who did nothing wrong.[View]
80850759What did pauly mean by this?[View]
80840741>second work of western literature >still no decent film adaptation What the fuck?…[View]
80839425How did everything go so wrong?[View]
80842059Has there been any good sci-fi with aliens, besides The Expanse.[View]
80851405was it, dare i say, kino?[View]
80849380Good night sweet princess :(: 1935-2017 RIP[View]
80847848Who was the best Friend?[View]
80847502ITT: Long ads disguised as movies >join the army, goy, we got toys that are superior to advanced …[View]
80849003Popular movies you couldn't finish after half-way mark: > Killing Them Softly [2012] > Ap…[View]
80849221What's his best film?[View]
80845283It's a tranquilizer gun. If any of these little fuckers decide to freak out on the kids, I get …[View]
80849973Thoughts on his documentaries? Bitter Lake was pure docukino.[View]
80849512What's some kino about guys over 25 who are kissless virgins[View]
80848346Just watched Brazil earlier,and I have to ask. Why don't they make movies in the mainstream tha…[View]
80851081Drag Race season 9 starts in less than one hour! Who else is excited for this season?[View]
80851011Original Zordon >wise >calm >gentle >has faith in the rengers >patient New Zordon …[View]
80850434>when the AAA movie with real actors and 100m budget looks MUCH worse and less real than the vide…[View]
80851043What did he mean by this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qfJqOBHNK3E[View]
80847436just a reminder if you didnt/dont watch the O.C. you're probably a faggot[View]
80847052/prg/ Power Rangers General PICK UP THAT CAN EDITION:: >Current: Something with a Rhino >Next:…[View]
80850843>now with new video game technology your about to see this great battle as never before…[View]
80850852Is Hollywood getting better in the recent year or two? >shitty movies (ala ghostbusters) still r…[View]
80848351>my friends at school call me dick though >well kids can be cruel.. REALLY LEGO?? I thought th…[View]
80849840Wow. Never before have I gone from impressed to disappointed so fast. Just marathoned episode 1, it…[View]
80850558>number replaces a letter in movie title to represent which movie in the series it is…[View]
80850593Have the bulk of these episodes been boring as fuck and filled with shit no one cares about for most…[View]
80849179Who was in the wrong here?[View]
80846087>smoke weed and watch a movie >instantly become hypersensitive to its flaws Anyone else know …[View]
80840212Is there a better living actor today than Idris Elba? I don't think so. He just has so much pow…[View]
80849915>Its a spongebob episode[View]
80848894I need some big guys. Where can I find the unedited version of this image?[View]
80850530Did Will Graham lose his analytical superpower in season 3?[View]
80850428Now that the dust has settled can we all agree that Parks & Recreation > The Office?[View]
80850339who wore it better? also general /hairkino/ thread i guess[View]
80850408willem dafoe: is he /ourguy/?[View]
80850323How would you describe the shape of the Okama Gamesphere?[View]
80849728Best Modern Family character? https://www.instagram.com/p/BRuw3Zbhd9Q/[View]
80840005/Ourguys/ - thread: Henry Cavill Opted For Supes To Have Chest Hair[View]
80846287Don't breathe: How'd you like it? Anyone else was really sad the movie didn't end wit…[View]
80850336>Its a Simpsons thread We remember better times[View]
80850153Female death scenes: Its a 'Males dies grusomely but the woman dies off camera' episode Why does Hol…[View]
80846375>I think you're an idiot. >Therefore I'm out.…[View]
80848601>bad guy summons monster >monster kills him…[View]
80849497ITT: We post legendary current TV series[View]
80850144YO: Lemme holler at a link for that new Power Rangers movie Thanks senpai[View]
80848081Will it be capekino /tv/?[View]
80842328Cyborg teaser: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nvod15SGEqU[View]
80849928Be honest: was he in the wrong?[View]
80849371Hey, /tv/! How do you get rid of teen steam?[View]
80848216Why is she so perfect?[View]
80849387Actors you could probably take in a fight[View]
80849656Plane?: >it's been 2 whole years since the magnum opus of baneposting…[View]
80846887Youtube Thread: How is that channel coming along anon's? Here is a video my gay little cousins …[View]
80849572Let's see if anyone can find this: I challenge everyone to find and release the Quan-Chi altern…[View]
80849529Why do a lot of shows have to have awful music playing throughout the entire episodes, like endless …[View]
80848615What's the most unintentionally sad thing you've ever watched For me it's this fight …[View]
80849439what the fuck https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dudeism[View]
80848502>mfw a film is so bad that it needs 4 sequels to fix it This poster makes up for Prometheus…[View]
80849397>'The eagles are coming!' >*sabotage starts playing*…[View]
80849046What was his problem?[View]
80848979i thought y'all fuckers where memeing this movie is bloody amazing the attention to detail is s…[View]
80849230Myrmidons! My brothers of the sword! I would rather fight beside you than any army of thousands! …[View]
80848293>We're not so different you and eye...[View]
80849151hehehehehehehehehehehehehe. Dude, do you fuck?[View]
80849114>fell in love with a girl starts playing[View]
80847434'H-hi, Anon. Has anyone ever told you that you're a p-pretty big guy? I'm into big guys. W…[View]
80844920Movies stop being scary when you're past a certain age: Is it even possible to be scared watchi…[View]
80812272Did you like yesterday's episode of Legion? >When David pulled a Neo…[View]
80846994Power Rangers Marathon Come Back To Us Webm Guy Edition[View]
80839520>'You alright, dad?'[View]
80847004>ITT: Actors you could probably beat in a Pokemon Trading Card Game battle…[View]
80848914Why is Immortals not that enjoyable? The framing and use of color and texture is beautiful. The acti…[View]
80848156rarbg: True Hitler kino (6 Parts) >Apocalypse.The.Second.World.War.2009.Part1.1080p.BluRay.x264-T…[View]
80846855Remember when T-Bag got a robotic hand?[View]
80847871Anyone got any movies similar to this? I just watched this for the first time and I loved it, I trie…[View]
80848874Find one better production company. Friend tip: I will respect your opinion.[View]
80848869Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri: So this looks kinda fun >Martin McDonagh (In Bruges, 7 …[View]
80845618Can we have a thread about movies on youtube?[View]
80847513Movies the Goyim will never understand: Post 'em Jew bros[View]
80841983Who likes this version of Flash?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3UPKsJYLX5c[View]
80844204Favorties, recommendations, evil critique: Post 'em[View]
80847769is this a possible future?[View]
80848745Is it just me or does this guy just write down his wacky dreams and transfer them directly to film? …[View]
80840896What did I think of it?[View]
80848728Boomer wish fulfillment: the flick[View]
80844112So you spend years trapped on a hellish island, the only thing keeping you alive is the thought of g…[View]
80848122Why couldn't they just be friends?[View]
80842811Power Rangers: It was good.[View]
80847965Who is ready for QuipKino?[View]
80848420What the hell did I just watch and did I like it, /tv/? What did the Japanese man mean by the >ah…[View]
80848305Get out: Just saw this It was great[View]
80848388hello friends do someone of you have lyrics to Avengers Endless War ?? lyrics for the entire cinema …[View]
80845847>he's resorted to doing Dominos commercials now Looks like Chad doesn't always win.…[View]
80848309>'Hurry up and grab them before they reach the border, it's illegal to shoot children in Can…[View]
80846655I like Ted Levine's voice.[View]
80846149what's the best episode?[View]
80845481Name a single good film that came out in 1990[View]
80847763Why did the CGI in The Hobbit looked so terrible, particularly compared to LotR? you'd think th…[View]
80846688>/tv/ will defend the ugly white guy but not the black guy honestly, I'd rather they have tw…[View]
80845504What in the fuck, was his fucking problem?[View]
80844193I seriously hope you returned your rentals on time and never got any late fees...[View]
80846416Is it gonna succ?[View]
80847941>Netflix Doubles Down on Adam Sandler With New Four-Film Deal The two Sandler films already relea…[View]
80845056There's a Captain Underpants movie coming out, new Gorillaz songs, Dave Chapelle doing standup …[View]
80846113Minor characters from films you love who you'd like to see in their own film: An Immortan Joe s…[View]
80847749Grain: Yay or nay? I like how it softens the image. Razor-sharp hi-fi edges looks unnatural to me. H…[View]
80847220>Dat 3 min intro + opening scene I just Redbox'd, will I be in for more of that deliciousnes…[View]
80846309What was his problem?[View]
80845088if you had to lick one fictional pig's vagina which one would it be?[View]
80847631Any good TV series or movies from Turkey? I was looking on YouTube and found this strange piece, go …[View]
80842423ITT: We reverse translate titles of movies and tv shows from our language to English and others try …[View]
80839602why do females pretend to like Star Trek?[View]
80845896crack that whip[View]
80844703silence a shit, a shit.: High-time we called out Scorsese for what he is. A dishonest director, hack…[View]
80847612Justice League propagation started Nobody cares about Wonder Woman film anymore[View]
80843581What went wrong?[View]
80846886Is Green Lantern the seventh member?[View]
80846935Best science fiction show in a fair while?[View]
80833779S Y M B O L I S M: S N Y D E R[View]
80847465I just watched Noroi the Curce and I didn't get it. What was up with the kid at the end?[View]
80847312Seriously if you're like this guy, fuck off https://youtu.be/juFfcUbMWsU[View]
80846427>Exit Music (for a Film) isn't the best song on the soundtrack[View]
80847403Was it kino?[View]
80846543King Cohen: https://youtu.be/SPblr7nKaYw New documentary on B/exploitation filmmaker Larry Cohen. In…[View]
80846635anyone know if Personal Shopper has a torrent or stream out yet?[View]
80846079>TODAY'S ASSIGNMENT: >Lick some ASS! jeez jack black, this is supposed to be pg…[View]
80847026Who would you cast in a remake of the 1986 classic My Pet Monster?[View]
80846964Looking for an animation: I don't know if this is the right place for me to be posting this, if…[View]
80843744Movies Tarnished by sequels: >Universally praised game changing action thriller >changes the w…[View]
80847170>its a Reese episode[View]
80847087Unite the League - Superman Trailer!!!!!: >KINO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ndvhxmGOOk4&f…[View]
80839127Was she old enough for kisses?[View]
80846877Fancy watching James McAvoy doing an impression of Giovanni Ribisi for 117 minutes?[View]
80843127what makes a good documentary?[View]
80846989>really into movie >have to shit >don't want to miss anything >shit pants…[View]
80809913Webm Thread: No Webm thread. >For the anon who asked in the old thread, The Director Woo likes to…[View]
80845574Toby Maguire's Spider-Man deserves to get the Logan treatment: It doesn't necessarily have…[View]
80846792Fuck Dave Chappelle nigga![View]
80845021Power Rangers Marathon The Stream Is Back Edition[View]
80846823What did you think of the Halo Reach film adaptation[View]
80846811You know it's going to be shit like BvS right?[View]
80845296Is he right?[View]
80846790Would he take the role? Would Lionsgate pay for him?[View]
80846673ITT: post cuckkikno https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S3yon2GyoiM[View]
80846713When will Snyder be appreciated by the masses?[View]
80846390The Big Bang theory is the #1 television comedy in the world. How does that make you feel?[View]
80845637Why does Jason David Frank hate Austin St. John so much?[View]
80846475So did Jerry get that insurance thing sorted out?[View]
80844668/EURO/: ¡European cinema generàl! Too much Hollyworship on this board, so post and discuss your favo…[View]
80846198upcoming seasons >Hurricane Katrina and the legal aftermath >Gianni Versace murder >Monica …[View]
80846406Where were you when MDE peaked and delivered the best TV moment of 2016?[View]
80846283Is this the epitome of Rangerkino? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rSi5XiCKAcg[View]
80846254Gabagool? Over Here![View]
80838598Disney is making Han Solo a tranny confirmed: >Han Solo's name 'isn't actually Han…[View]
80845579>many characters die except for the main character and anyone in their immediate family…[View]
80846156Who is really the king of animation?[View]
80843548Infinitely Polar Bear: WTF is this shit /tv/ and why did I watch it ? It's nonsensical crap fil…[View]
80840606Name a flaw[View]
80845865Can we talk about the thing again? These threads are always so comfy[View]
80844805>Name 1 (one) better movie.[View]
80844817Casting JonBenet: Looks fascinating. I can't wait to see this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
80844214when did you realize that pride rock under mufasa's influence is a fascist regime? the hyenas a…[View]
80845790Is this the Cars 2 of Marvel Studios?[View]
80845788Actresses with memorable lines of dialog in cinema. I can think of 'It isn't fair' from Love an…[View]
80845724why are japanese and korean cops so retarded? this is not how you try to catch an armed and dangerou…[View]
80841640Essential children's kino[View]
80845512>I hope you're happy with the dark star wars you always wanted and I couldn't give to y…[View]
80845505what did she say to him?[View]
80836135Wonder Woman Teaser: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-eCoqYnpcwY[View]
80837786Haha true[View]
80845567Who would you cast in a remake of the 1994 classic Clifford?[View]
80845448Would you watch a New Vegas movie? Also cast Benny and Caesar[View]
80845531What are some good upcoming movies?[View]
80845499Get some rest, /tv/. You look tired.[View]
80828198>was naked and tied up to the bed >no one raped her I'm I really supposed to believe this…[View]
80845180Why are Americans so obsessed with race? Every time someone complains about the race of a certain ac…[View]
80844976This is a really good film.[View]
80845429Get them on board, I'll call it in.[View]
80844562What does /tv/ think of Seasame Street adding a recurring character with autism to their cast? >S…[View]
80843626You know Beauty and Beast will get a sing along: ...when the guy next to you is already singing alon…[View]
80844569Well you got yourself caught. So what's the next step in you SPIDER plan?[View]
80845019Movie Hacking Savedata: Hello guys, I have a question about a movie name I don't remember Basic…[View]
80845185What was his name again? But seriously, why do they refer to him as simply R2? Wasn't he just o…[View]
80845122https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bane_(comics) It surprises me this page is not under constant attack o…[View]
80831625What movies realistically portray british people?[View]
80844378>50 minutes into surveillance and chill and he gives you this look What do you do?…[View]
80844975The Wire: >Come at the King, best not miss. What did he mean by this?…[View]
80842960>we need an actor to play a special kid who holds the cure to some disease >say no more…[View]
80844317This is one of the most underrated not just horror movies but movies of all time. When this came ou…[View]
80843174Power Rangers Marathon AM/WF Edition[View]
80844832What do Paulie and Daredevil have in common? >Pro-tip: The answer is on Daredevil's season 2…[View]
80841622What the fuck was his problem?[View]
80843402End of Days: what did you think of this?[View]
80844745>I didn't want my brother getting fucked around, I mean whats right is right, they don'…[View]
80840062Movies like De Palma: I've watched all of Brian De Palma's movies, and now I can't fo…[View]
80844733>we can't all be niggers What did he mean by this?[View]
80843180Is Martin McDonagh just a Coen Brothers rip-off merchant?[View]
80844639>person lives in a huge city with millions of people >telephone number is '555 + [four digits]…[View]
80844159what are some movies about people in power selling out their country and avoiding jail?[View]
80844619>He actually believes Lee Harvey Oswald killed JFK >Not Woody Harrelson's Dad…[View]
80822651YT channels: Post your movie review channel https://youtu.be/b6GbWaLbAZA[View]
80842627MR. NOBODY: Thought on this? I believe it to be kino, surely.[View]
80844608Asian Cinema Thread: Discuss your favorite films, directors, and actors from Asia. Also, recs for fi…[View]
80843794ITT post examples of >I'M 'ACTING'[View]
80844565is this worth a watch?[View]
80841856>Japan creates the only movie to achieve beyond kino status Really makes you think....…[View]
80844502>Twin Peaks isn't listed as fantasy wew Someone explain. Is there some truth in real life to…[View]
80842592guys, I'm in the wrong universe, in my universe Clinton was elected for 8 years and not the roo…[View]
80844421What does /tv/ think of this latest ayylmao flick?[View]
80844291Four more Adam Sandler movies on Netflix: Just what we have all been wanting http://www.cnn.com/2017…[View]
80844330If you saw an actor you hated and you had a 6 piece McTendies, would you throw it at them?[View]
80844468>this is in the source code of the JL website SUPERMAN TEASER INCOMING[View]
80843064>'She was born in 1898 in a barn. She died on the 37th floor of a skyscraper. She's an astro…[View]
80835663Which villians, in your opinion, are good written?[View]
80841895I'm looking for recommendations of funny movies and I'll give you recommendations of movie…[View]
80843332Do American theaters really not let you bring your own snacks in? I've never heard of anything …[View]
80844285Which actress has the best feet? Well, /pol/?[View]
80828066Treyvon: The Movie: >http://variety.com/2017/film/news/jay-z-trayvon-martin-movie-documentary-ser…[View]
80843634...and that's just the stuff we know about[View]
80844005Essential Netflix list? I pay for it coz i'm not a poorfag but I don't know what to watch[View]
80844173What do you mean I'm funny?[View]
80843046>'I like Han.' >'We named the dog Han.'[View]
80843976Life (2017): This was so good holy shit. My hands were sweating like crazy during the movie. Also ho…[View]
80843876Is she the new Grace Kelly?[View]
80843933>'''''''woman director'''''''[View]
80842093What PS2 game is this?[View]
80838949what will be next for his career?[View]
80830901how do we make a good film adaptation of an Ito Junji manga?[View]
80842824Wheeler Dealers: >British show made by a small TV production company on a niche channel >grows…[View]
80842691How do you possibly determine if someone is a big or a small guy?[View]
80838148I've just learned Disney says that Han Solo's real name will be revealed in the prequel fi…[View]
80838558ITT: actors that play the same role in every movie they're in.[View]
80843762Is Conan the most patrician late night talk show host? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z69wBnBi9aQ…[View]
80841153What are some essential 80's b-movies?[View]
80843322Karl is a genius. Stop making fun of him.[View]
80840309What is the Finnegans Wake of movies?[View]
80837126So what is the best show, Vikings or The Last Kingdom. Keep in mind that I care about historical acc…[View]
80843589>>80820368 (OP) >'Carm, we The Sopranos™ like to start our day off right with Tropicana® or…[View]
80843603>it's a gordon turns the restaurant into a gastropub episode[View]
80830415This is the scariest scene of all time. I shit my pants every time.[View]
80843455is this kino?[View]
80829224What was the deeper meaning behind their sex scenes?[View]
80842605L E G I O N S U C K S[View]
80841333>James is almost 40 >you now realize many popular reviewers are near 40 or older Will internet…[View]
80842376Hulk Smash Percy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4m7nz2tH_28[View]
80842470Is it possible to not love this guy?[View]
80837777Search into your shit memories worst movie you watched? Either finished or had to stop because it wa…[View]
80842657What speed do you watch movies at? Me I usually go with 1.25X speed Saves 10-20 minutes[View]
80842822ITT: posterkino[View]
80842439>enters a room full of blacks and latinos >'YOU CHATTER LIKE MONKEYS' >immediately hits bla…[View]
80843081Really makes you think www.youtube.com/watch?v=zlUF_hJbUE4[View]
80837377ITT: Actors you hate irrationally. This fucking guy, his face makes me think of rotten cheese.…[View]
80840608what are some good romance movies? i'm in the mood for some lovey-dovey shit, don't care a…[View]
80840916What TV shows did 00s kids (born 1995-1999) grow up on?[View]
80843095WATCH IT MALFOY[View]
80842943>Black and White flicks are boring[View]
80824218When will see the steampunk genre getting the attention it deserves from hollywood?[View]
80840911ITT: Character tropes you love: The genius character has a redneck/country bumpkin accent[View]
80841044Power Rangers Marathon PATH OF EVIL Edition[View]
80842305The Expanse: I loved the time they spent contrasting Earth and Mars, like how overwhelming Earth was…[View]
80841167Unite the League - Superman: https://youtu.be/ndvhxmGOOk4[View]
80842832ny websites that recommend you movies based on your selections (that aren't retarded)? I don…[View]
80841610https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BcPS4IwCdCE LIVE NOW get in here for the bants lads[View]
80841504Based Saoirse. Drumpftards on suicide watch[View]
80842486whats his name again[View]
80818141What is the best stop motion film of all time and why is it Coraline?[View]
80765859/got/ general: Aint ever going away edition Previous >>80698747[View]
80838190What are some good movies about vigilante justice, like Taxi Driver or Hotline Miami?[View]
80839029Characters that are impossible to hate[View]
80841993WATCH IT GOOLD[View]
80841766is the accountant this generations fight club?[View]
80842441Post your favorite movie trailers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R3EqT3scFtQ[View]
80840009How long did it take you to realize that Kiddo didn't actually kill Bill?[View]
80841602>the cocky but competent guy dies What other movies have this twist?[View]
80842443Any cool Sci-fi movies? pls[View]
80829461>'Woah... that blonde girl is so hot...'[View]
80838810explain this movie[View]
80842326Nakipelo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BsYlLimIl1c[View]
80837169Why doesn't /tv/ discuss the other characters in Logan?[View]
80818318Impossible-to-hate celebrities[View]
80841805What did she mean by this?[View]
80838749okay, what the FUCK did I just watch?[View]
80841335>'The eagles are coming!' >*sabotage starts playing*…[View]
80825174Is there anyone more adept at talking the panties off women than this guy? The guy just oozes charis…[View]
80837708Jesse Eisenberg Is Expecting His First Child With Longtime Girlfriend Anna Strout: >The couple da…[View]
80840351Howdie /tv/ could a friendly anon suggest a recommendation for something decent to watch?? Heres my …[View]
808419752 weeks[View]
80842010Goodnight sweet princess[View]
80842006You're Steve Rogers, on the run from the authorities with your small band of vigilantes. For so…[View]
80839542Post a director's best film[View]
80824264Which was better?[View]
80840780EARLY APOLOGIZE THREAD: Justice League trailer drops tomorrow, There is still time to repent for yo…[View]
80840590Why has Hollywood stopped to produce revenge kino?[View]
80841506>Han Solo prequel will reveal character's real name[View]
80841733I Actually Liked It Thread: I thought Robert Duvall and Stephen Lang did very well in their portraya…[View]
80841632Shin Godzilla deleted scene: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LHKqJVEyTPs Bravo Anno[View]
80841659What are some prime christkinos[View]
80841222>The first thing detectives from the Toronto police sex crimes unit saw when they entered Roderic…[View]
80815221(GOOD) SUBS?[View]
80836657Uhhh so he fucked her right?[View]
80841479Transformers The Last Knight: Discuss all about TLK.Bayformer fans.[View]
80836835what kind of an armour was she wearing?[View]
80840670Lay me doon in the caul caul groon Whaur afore monie mair huv gaun[View]
80841396Why are there so many Threads about big guys And who gets to ride on this plane?[View]
80841351is this kino?[View]
80839233Can we have a /tv/ thread? thread theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jl6oJTB4TpA[View]
80841152You're in junior high school, but you're staying home sick for the day. The heck are you w…[View]
80841163Enterprise S02E02: Is the trope of earth women falling in love with aliens the same as white women f…[View]
80841091Actors in their primes.[View]
80839366Who has been the biggest heartthrob actor of all time? Who have most teenage girls fallen for? My vo…[View]
80841023>Rebellions are built on hope! What the fuck does this bitch know about rebellions?…[View]
80840496Can you guys tell me which movie this scene is from[View]
80840890You know it's true. This movie was wonderful. If you disliked it then you practically lose your…[View]
80840209Montel, now maybe he DID touch some kids now and again, but come on! It's Michael Jackson! MICH…[View]
80840727>protagonist gets shot in the stomach: >survives an entire day without treatment >other guy…[View]
80840688>doubting Snyder[View]
80840569What was the name of the BBC documentary about the Apollo programme that ended with a slowmotion mon…[View]
80823471Honestly this film was pretty beautiful. It had a mythic feel to it at the end of the day[View]
80832135Will they ever make a Warhammer 40k movie?[View]
80832227Are British men really like this?[View]
80838316>Character is in shower >Someone flushes the toilet >Character screams Explain this shit, A…[View]
80839185Elle: Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.... I don't know if I liked it or not. I love Verhoeven I love H…[View]
80840318ingobernable thread: i ship kate/chapo[View]
80838589>training session >'forget everything you think you know'…[View]
80839903ITT:Kino no one talks about anymore.: Nicole Kidman was a qt in this.[View]
80840181what's up dawwg? you know where you at fool?...[View]
80840165>Comedians that can't take jokes or laugh at themselves Why do they exist?…[View]
80837830what is she looking at?[View]
80838739>Aren't you a bit short for the Numenorean?[View]
80840071ITT: The least threatening villains[View]
80839877>Bokeh.2017.1080p.WEB-DL.DD5.1.H264-FGT >Bokeh.2017.1080p.WEB-DL.DD5.1.H264-FGT >Bokeh.2017…[View]
80837451Holy shit bros, why are they so based?! https://m.youtube.com/#/watch?v=z2VZ_OGz0RU https://m.youtub…[View]
80806048/who/ - Doctor Who General: rtd chads 2 edition[View]
80835166What was his fucking problem?[View]
80840081Thoughts on the BBC documentary '1066 a year to conquer'. I was able to get 10 minutes in …[View]
80839818What is this pose trying to convey?[View]
80836156Why would a shark take anything personal ?[View]
80834875Was it rape?[View]
80834078Seeing them side by side, I still struggle to tell the difference.[View]
80837202Imagine the potential of this movie with an autistic sperglord as protagonist instead of a chad[View]
80832437>/tv/ BTFO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J7GY1Xg6X20[View]
80839049I rewatched this great prequel today and I've never been more pumped about the Alien franchise …[View]
80837193Casey Anthony and OJ to star in joint reality show: https://www.google.com/amp/www.intouchweekly.com…[View]
80832618Whos the most 'chad' actor?[View]
80838893Only one way to describe this movie: epic. Watching the three of them change, grow, and ultimately s…[View]
80839482I could work on my screenplays![View]
80837364Honestly this film was pretty beautiful. It had a mythic feel to it at the end of the day[View]
80835375BvS Producer: 'Rotten Tomatoes is destroying Cinema': The director of the Rush Hour films and the pr…[View]
80824844What are your guys' thoughts on Jurassic World? I think it's the worst movie I've eve…[View]
80839420What exactly was this man's issue?[View]
80839743Did Chrissy really like Kundun?[View]
80834585Your father dabbled in forces beyond reckoning... Where is he now? Now the dust has finally settled …[View]
80805484Why is every movie starring black people about race?[View]
80834837People Keep Asking If I’m Back, And I Haven’t Really Had An Answer... But Yeah, I’m Thinking I’m Bac…[View]
80839337TLJ SPOILER Kylo Ren's Scar: Not a big spoiler, just a bit about the scar. It's quite horr…[View]
80839306Has /tv/ seen this? Is it kino?[View]
80839290Is this season any good? Just saw the first episode and it was pretty good, seemed better than the l…[View]
80836275>Couple have sex >Female instantly cover breasts with blanket when they finish…[View]
80839373>MST3K riffs Gamera vs. Barugon >keep referring to Barugon as Baragon >they probably litera…[View]
80836374I need non degenerate war films.[View]
80839267Orson: MWAHAAAAA the french[View]
80839005What are some legitimately confusing movies?[View]
80836815What are some movies that drastically change in tone or genre throughout?[View]
80838844Why is Cloverfield the objectively greatest kaiju film to date?[View]
80838768All memes aside, what did you guys think?[View]
80839110>Raw ham, my lord, is ready to fall and you say these books were by some kind of professor?…[View]
80839189>dude rustic, simple, honest, unpretentious cooking lmao! Is this truly the secret to 3 michelin …[View]
80837958Post kino documentaries[View]
80839079https://youtu.be/lRXY6C87GPo?t=79 HOLD UP HOLD UP BACK UP.... You've left something out...[View]
80836081What do you think of this man?[View]
80839069I taught myself Korean through movie subtitles. What is the most amazing thing that cinema has done …[View]
80837231What are some films with progressive themes?[View]
80838566Sup /tv/ Rogue One just hit the dollar theater in my town. Is it worth $4.00 for the 3D showing or i…[View]
80838527>The narrator is Morgan Freeman[View]
80833412https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UEP1Mk6Un98 Is this going to be the blockbuster of the year? The gol…[View]
80835400He is a big guy[View]
80838461>be sitting on your farm drinking homemade wine >suddenly this little girl comes up and says '…[View]
80836713>1080p.WEB-DL.DD5.1.H264 Why is this allowed?[View]
80832297Wew lad movies are called movies because they're moving frames[View]
80838627Howdyho neighbor. What's on your mind?[View]
80830682Please tell me AMC isn't going to end the season with this edgefest[View]
80838024Let's be honest for a moment, this is the best Astérix movie ever made, we are all ok with it, …[View]
80838496>main character starts using hard drugs >Cocaine by eric clapton starts playing…[View]
80834495See this?: this is this...this is nothing else, this is thisssssssss.[View]
80838364Hello anons. By name is Brian Badonde. Bong. And today by bill be bexploring the borld of Four Chan…[View]
80834355Just watched gorilla interrupted and how not to make a movie, thoughts? Also why is jay the most ta…[View]
80837021Do you prefer better picture or better sound?: Here's a question: Would you rather watch a film…[View]
80838270Is Sadilishteto kino?[View]
80830714Beasts of no nation: what went wrong? why no one remember this movie anymore? was it that bad?…[View]
80837778Rogue One: Now wait a minute. I thought these things were for moisture farming, for extracting water…[View]
80835870What are some nice love story kino? Pic related was shit.[View]
80837213Will this be kino? It's from the In Bruges director https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jit3YhGx5pU…[View]
80836438What was his endgame?[View]
80835241>Pirate Bay is actually kill Press F[View]
80838173ABACUS! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bGHahlHc77Q[View]
80838158ITT: Movie poster kino[View]
80837275It's illegal right? Then how come this show is possibru?[View]
80837689>2017 >still going to the cinnamon[View]
80837531Talk about this movie[View]
80838042>school bus scene >asian kid is eating his lunch…[View]
80835899Dragon tattoo sequels: How come David, Craig and Mara aren't coming back? They could of release…[View]
80837950>people around you laugh and clap for no apparent reason[View]
80837538Man. Kevin Smith has really been packing on the pounds.[View]
80832784Are there any good movies that (partially) take place in a nuclear fallout shelter?[View]
80835576Just watched this, what is the bridge supposed to mean? and what the fuck with all the shaky handhel…[View]
80837510Welcome back to TRL. Today's guest is Britney Spears[View]
80836247Comfy kino.[View]
80833551Holy shit. The first movie was pretty goofy, sure ... but were they serious with the sequel?[View]
80827571is there anything she can't do? >But now critics of Emma Watson’s fiscal nous are eating the…[View]
80836108UNITE THE LEAGUE: Superman Teaser Trailer: Marvel BTFO https://youtu.be/ndvhxmGOOk4[View]
80835213What was his endgame?[View]
80837272talk about deperate[View]
80828916He's the greatest genius to ever work with a movie camera. Discuss.[View]
80833757Who will paly him in the inevitable biopic...?[View]
80837236>watching Age of Spin Oh no, Chappelle fell for the 'philosophical' comedy meme >wat…[View]
80836115Did they fuck?[View]
80835945What is the greatest 1990s action kino and why is it Speed?[View]
80812003He's not funny anymore[View]
80836352>Amy Schumer in plastic would've been so fantastic, but alas, it was not written in the star…[View]
80834060Why do movies unashamedly steal ideas from video games now?[View]
80832810Why don't modern horror films have any shred of artistic quality?[View]
80824862/DCEU/: Waiting for the Dawn of the trailer edition >official poster Flash: https://www.youtube.c…[View]
80830880Should i skip the first one and go striaght to road warriors 10 minutes in and im already bored Also…[View]
80836795>it's a documentary ''''''''''''…[View]
80831342What are some movies which blur the line between reality and fiction?[View]
80832354Is it kino?[View]
80836075Post your favorite Wachowski Entities movie Pic related, not a meme[View]
80836616Junji Ito Adaptations: love this guys work, that said his stuff is never adapted well, uumaki being …[View]
80836597JUST GODZILLA '98 MY SHIT UP[View]
80836594What the fuck was his problem?[View]
80835723>Well me personally, I LOOOVED (x), I know I'm in the minority, but (x) is a FREAKIN master …[View]
80836386Twilight shit aside, can we agree this guy is a pretty legit actor?[View]
80832232What ethnicity will he be?[View]
80835943So the sequel is gonna be based on Green with Evil right?[View]
80815145Death Note - Netflix: >INTO THE _____ IT GOES![View]
80824279Are we all in agreement that this is in fact a masterpiece of the science-fiction genre, and one of …[View]
80836324Where do i start with this guy?[View]
80836001>so uh >turns out >lil monkey fella…[View]
80833229Three Billboards trailer: Trailer for Martin McDonagh's (In Bruges, Seven Psychopaths) new film…[View]
80835262How do they keep getting away with this?[View]
80835000So now that they're refusing to show GHOST IN THE SHELL to critics can we safely conclude that …[View]
80836186>you can do it anon, she likes you[View]
80836149About to watch the power rangers film. What am I in for? Is it Rangers K I N O?[View]
80836116GOOLD Which season is the best?[View]
80831953Taboo: What did /tv/ think of this show? Also would you f*ck Tom Hardy as a straight male, or let hi…[View]
80830560Is the second season of the Expanse worth watching?: I stopped watching after the second episode of …[View]
80835938Well that was shitty. What was Netflix thinking? https://youtu.be/zS9UW2xjdqE[View]
80834389>It's a Samuel L. Jackson calls an anti war journalist white girl a dumb bitch episode…[View]
80835970Armelle Deutsch: Armelle Deutsch[View]
80835932what are some movies where the main character has a long list of blu-rays to mux but only has 10GB o…[View]
80835910so wait, is he done? how will IASIP survive without the lead?[View]
80835010What are some movies where the main character shitposts instead of working?[View]
80835446Why are japanese movie posters so good?[View]
80833968Just marathoned the first scene of this kino and it is already speaking to me Music is amazing[View]
80834619What did MasterChef Canada mean by eliminating this titfu in the very first episode?[View]
80835834BREATHE IN, THAT'S FEAR YOU'RE NOT BRAVE, MEN ARE BRAVE: holy shit women and aliens btfo w…[View]
80835851Post them.[View]
80835763eternal supernatural: Just announced that it's officially renewed for another season! I wonder …[View]
80835593/tv/André Téchiné: André Téchiné[View]
80835394Who's your favourite film critic?[View]
80835630Look, what, we, made: The ending was pure onionkino. Post emotional endings to movies[View]
80807476Twin Peaks Thread #3 Fresh info from last night: http://people.com/pen/00000158-44d0-d1a1-a758-4cd85…[View]
80819098what went wrong?[View]
80834208>tfw have nice perfectly clear skin >tfw actresses have the shittiest skin thanks to constantl…[View]
80827116>beats out faggots >beats out trannies >beats out mexicans >beats out arabs >beats ou…[View]
80835414Chespirito did nothing wrong.[View]
80832777This movie was not good. It was a teen drama that had had absolutely no idea how to juggle the chees…[View]
80834865I'm planning a motorcycle trip from the UK out to Georgia. Looking for tips on where and what t…[View]
80833677Childhood is thinking the huns are the villains of the movie, adulthoot is realising the true villai…[View]
80835131Did you ever hear the Tragedy of Darth Steven the Seagal? I thought not. It's not a story every…[View]
80832719>>The story of a team of African-American women mathematicians who served a vital role in NASA…[View]
80833838/prg/ Power Rangers Jungle Fury Edition: Jungle Fury starting soon[View]
80834308What is it about her character that makes her so attractive.[View]
80832775what was his endgame?[View]
80834853Did you know 'Hollywood teeth' are just mockups that are glued to the real teeth?[View]
80835053Who will play them in the inevitable biopic?[View]
80833789What was his name?: Faggorts?[View]
80834378I used kickass torrent to find whats new on torrent sites I have no problem finding stuff, once I kn…[View]
80818297Can we talk about the bonus situation?[View]
80834439*drinks your milkshake*[View]
80834780Recommendation for movies or tv series to watch while high?[View]
80834570I wanna watch an interesting documentary. Subject doesn't matter. Any recommendations?[View]
80832598What movies do movie customers want to see and why isn't it movies like bild related anymore?[View]
80833840What are some good /autism-core/ movies? I already watched Drive and The Accountant[View]
80834399Would you be her Green Ranger?[View]
80834519Call this number: (785) 217-5899[View]
80829275Why does mediocrity always rise to the top?[View]
80824498Thoughts on this Speedkino?[View]
80833812A New Masterpiece of Cinema: A 9/10 action drama with some very deep feels. Only problem I had with …[View]
80834322>'You hear what I said Ton'?'[View]
80833188Wait a minute... That image...[View]
80834193Love Season 2: So basically there is no way to fix Mickey[View]
80833775Power Rangers Marathon[View]
80831861What did you guys think? Any americans seen this yet? If you're a big Irviine Welsh fan and hav…[View]
80834135Nathan For You is absolutely glorious. How can one show and everything around it be so funny?[View]
80822541>https://www.yahoo.com/movies/amy-schumer-drops-out-of-barbie-movie-222655648.html >“Sadly, I’…[View]
80828961I have just discovered the kino golld mine that is British TV What do I watch next? Just saw the Mis…[View]
80832803I want to treat women how they were treated in this movie so bad! >help me /tv/ what is the best …[View]
80832527>*posts /pol/ shit on perfectly fine, non-race related /tv/ thread* HEEHEEHEEHEE HOOHOOHOOHOO HAH…[View]
80833063Why are people so butthurt by this movie? I'm about to watch it for the first time[View]
80833892/prg/ Power Rangers General KUNGFU EDITION: >Current - Power Rangers Jungle Fury >Next - Power…[View]
80828091AUGH, MY LEGS![View]
80833394>it's an Abe episode[View]
80809885Why isn't this a movie yet?[View]
80832351why is almost every shot in this film so fucking yellow?[View]
80831309Ghost in the Shell Tokyo World Premiere HD: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aknDWXcpjD8[View]
80833709In ten years people will remember it as the movie critics got wrong[View]
80830778/prg/ Power Rangers General MEGAZORD EDITION: >Current - Power Rangers Operation Overdrive >Ne…[View]
8083342213 ASSassins: FUCK YOU TAKASHI MIKE!! first half of the film promises: >decent cinematography …[View]
80825794Would Mulan have been gang-raped if the soldiers found out she was a woman earlier?[View]
80831689Just finished with this. Beautifully directed film. I need to watch more period pieces. I secretly l…[View]
80827450Discuss this TELEVISION show >Summit Ice Apparel founder Nathan Fielder will return to his hometo…[View]
80833532Should they be considered the greatest Simpsons writers ever?[View]
80827463Bad Family Movie Watching Experiences.: >Grandma wants to see Silence because me and my Grandpa b…[View]
80817703>The megazord transformation sequence in the movie is completely obscured by smoke so that we don…[View]
80812013What is so bad about the Matrix sequels? I have not watched them yet and would like to hear some rea…[View]
80827829ITT: obscure films by famous directors[View]
80833351Real Curb: >We could kill all the goys... but then we'd have to do some work…[View]
80827976How's-a you gonna pay for all dis?[View]
80825636I have 2 large cans of beer. Its is 8pm on a Friday. I live alone. What do I watch?[View]
80832785Just found this on Amazon Prime. It's 81 minutes but I should be able to marathon it in 80. Wha…[View]
80833034HoliDead - crowdfunding for springbreakers vs zombies!: Naked girls, summer and flesh eating living …[View]
80811311Hacksaw Ridge: Looking for some funny hacksaw ridge webms[View]
80832895So Disney is making live-action remakes of their cartoons, but why is Maleficent the only one that i…[View]
80831087Now, I've only seen OJ: Made in America, so my opinion may be kinda biased, but is it controver…[View]
80832064>You just don't get it do you[View]
80828837Is it safe to say Akira is going to be the next Hollywood adaptation of japanese property?[View]
80830555> mad max 3 is superior to other mad max films because there is much more quotable onliners in it…[View]
80832961Looking for a recent sci fi movie that isnt complete shit Can anyone help me out?[View]
80832939>how do I know I can trust you >you don't…[View]
80830311>Anon... I have a use for you How do you respond?[View]
80830572Was it kino?[View]
80831066So why did Marv turn into a skeleton?[View]
80832540Was it kino?: Something feels off about this one, can't put my finger on it. I love it, but I h…[View]
80831476So Dodd was full of shit right? That's why Freddie runs away. He understands what a pathetic pe…[View]
80828432What happened after the title showed st the end? I had stod up expecting the credits to roll but ins…[View]
80829760What did we think? I thought it was pretty good whispercore. Jesse Eisenberg felt like kind of a use…[View]
80831786Did she shave her hair for a role? She looks like Eminem dressed as a dyke at a costume party.[View]
80832402How in God's name did it only get a 47 when everyone who's seen it agrees it's better…[View]
80829831>some people still deny that this movie will be kino[View]
80830571Justice League: Wonder Woman teaser: https://youtube.com/watch?v=gnII2i6EbOQ[View]
80828249Shows that scared the shit out of you as a kid[View]
80830495Edgy Dialogue: >Oh, I see, what I should do is, er, come home and say 'Hi honey! Guess what? I wa…[View]
80829941okay, you guys have taken this WAY too far. just because you didn't like her stand-up doesn…[View]
80830324This is my design[View]
80831638Why doesn't Maria Bamford get more attention? She's genuinely funny[View]
80832068Channel 4 - Gap Year: This TV show sickens me. Rich kids traveling the world thinking they know it a…[View]
80829819Rogue One CGI: They should have used a real actor and added CGI prosthetics - that way the facial mo…[View]
80831473>A woman lost her arm for this >A man lost his life for this fucking hell…[View]
80831623>10 years after getting jerked off they met up and he jerked him off again REVOLUTIONARY…[View]
80831204>perfect cartoon d-[View]
80826315Where were you when you realized your reality was a lie?: It's a Dr Phil gets WOKE THE FUCK UP …[View]
80821863COLOSSAL - A COLOSSAL WASTE OF TIME? YOU DECIDE.: >A mother and daughter in Seoul, South Korea su…[View]
80831805Riverdale: no new episode this week lads how you holding up?[View]
80831597Who is the best /tv/ chef and why is it Guy?[View]
80816355MAH LAWGS® what did he mean by this?[View]
80825104BABY WANT FUCK[View]
80823631ITT: shitty film criticisms >it wasn't memorable[View]
80825494ITT: Movies only you liked.[View]
80830549DUNE: Is there any chance the new movie won't suck?[View]
80830724I have a girl from my class coming over tonight to netflix-and-chill. Is AmHisX a good movie for a f…[View]
80829325Shit: Don't watch this shit. It's shit.[View]
80828556https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VDm_2m-Hg6c Who the fuck okayed this? Why is this a thing?[View]
80830928Johnny Got His Gun: Discuss.[View]
80814762Did he finally do it /tv/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8MyajcV91V0[View]
80820238Any other posters fuck up the name placement this bad?[View]
80830986This is the best TV show romance pairing in history prove me wrong.[View]
80830520Mac best guy[View]
80830745Get OUUUUUT of here ghost[View]
80830642The Expanse: How many innocent lives will vanish from his actions? Is it worth it?[View]
80829510There's a new sheriff in town[View]
80830466muh auteur theory[View]
80822527Will there ever be a manga-accurate GITS adaptation? The 1995 movie is not really any closer to the …[View]
80830598What the fuck was his problem?[View]
80828407what was his problem, /tv/?[View]
80830452>the hobbit was made for kids! >endless gore scenes of Legolas decapitating orcs and slashing …[View]
80826842What are some sadkino that I could watch? Bonus points for those with god-tier visuals, and those th…[View]
80828236So was leanord in the wrong? Why didn't Teddy have a safeguard or try to scribble out the 'don…[View]
80829563/HFG/ Hope Floats General[View]
80830177Justice League trailer will be released on Saturday. What day and time is now in time zone where it …[View]
80828986/prg/ Power Rangers General NOOORRRG EDITION: >OO time sudoku time…[View]
80829249Just went to see Power Rangers, AMA[View]
80814204Welp. Put a fork in him. He's done.[View]
80828277How do we fix The Walking Dead?[View]
80829928Why do I get the feeling that Johnny Knoxville is just a really chill guy? Why would he hang out wit…[View]
80828564All.Nighter.2017.1080p.WEB-DL.DD5.1.H264-FGT: >All.Nighter.2017.1080p.WEB-DL.DD5.1.H264-FGT >A…[View]
80828324Bokeh.2017.1080p.WEB-DL.DD5.1.H264-FGT: >Bokeh.2017.1080p.WEB-DL.DD5.1.H264-FGT >Bokeh.2017.10…[View]
80827960Alright, faggots. Since there are constant Ghost in the Shell /Scarlett Johansen threads up and we…[View]
80829481Nicolas Winding Refn’s ‘Maniac Cop’ Greenlit: “Maniac Cop,” a modern adaptation of William Lustig’s …[View]
80827972>Funny thing about my back is that its located on Tyrone's big black cock WHAT THE FUCK RAIM…[View]
80826539Treason. It's a crime.[View]
80829374pay attention to betty you chad son of a bitch[View]
80829057Where can I find episodes of The Crocodile Hunter?[View]
80813175Just paid $19 to see this. It's exactly what you'd expect.[View]
80825784Assassin's Creed: I was told that the movie is ok but not amazing. I was told that if I liked t…[View]
80825632i guess white guys do look like anime characters[View]
80809924>Animation cant be kin.....[View]
80828136*blocks your son's path*[View]
80825030>character makes a virgin joke >theater laughs…[View]
80824665noah baumbach: What do you think of this?[View]
808282461. Citizen Kane 2. Battleship Potemkin 3. The Rules of the Game 4. Bicycle Thieves 5. The Passion of…[View]
80827021Power Record Marathon Record Low Edition[View]
80817756Jamie pull up those risk factors for heart disease[View]
80825877Realism and personal experience: Alright, /tv/, have any of you ever seen a dead body? If so, what f…[View]
80828370>download blade III trinity 2004 720p.mkv >comes with .srt >download phantom menace >com…[View]
80828295>animated character has lots of freckles Gross[View]
80828229You get that thing I sent ya[View]
80826582FINALLY SOME MORE KINO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_GWXZwW0Tko[View]
80828201How butthurt were you about that scene? Is that the most entry-level normie butt destroyer kino?[View]
80826805What is the best (((escape))) movie?[View]
80811093Will they finally get cosmic Lovecraftian horror right?[View]
80827339emily meade is hot af: everyone in the leftovers is too attractive, i cant take the show seriously a…[View]
80830909Why do they do this shit ? fuck jewllywood. God damn liberals. Theres really no need to force this s…[View]
80825541>Fanatical cult raising super-soldier assassins never see him directly >People made of shit ca…[View]
80828076What is /tv/'s opinion on Broadchurch? I saw season 1 and loved it, but I heard season 2 sucks …[View]
80826717Is there a tv show with better fight choreography?[View]
80827776Now that the dust has settled, can we all agree it was kino?[View]
80827978how come the marines in Jarhead are never on a boat?[View]
80825268Just watched this. I was pretty bored throughout the entire thing and it really just made me want to…[View]
80827132Let's Have Some Fun: Your reaction when you learn that this will get at least one movie and joi…[View]
80821523>HEY GEORGE! WHEN DOES CARMEN TURN 18? What did he mean by this?[View]
80826849Why did they make him so unlikable?: All twink/DYEL faggot shit aside, he seriously comes off as an …[View]
80827708Is anyone watching Feud on FX? It tells the story of Bette Davis and Joan Crawford during the making…[View]
80821520Hahahahahahah Does anyone even talk about this movie anymore[View]
80825203Hey /tv/- SUCK MY PECKAH! [View]
80826271Just got out of it. Was pretty decent, about everything I expected. Also, calling it now, they cut t…[View]
80824481HEY /TV/ I DIDNT HEAR NO BELL![View]
80823981How is it going to end /tv/?[View]
80826858Best Emma or Based Emma or Blastedenema?: Wide release this week, but we've had it for years. I…[View]
80825062Is there any official word on a new season of Nathan For You, or is it all hearsay?[View]
80823188>They made a Power Rangers movie better than any Marvel/Star Wars in the past three years THE ABS…[View]
80826456Movies where old men get to have sex with younger women[View]
80823519What did you think of him as Zordon?[View]
80826911>5 Dave Chappelle Threads, all top half of catalog >1 Amy Schumer Thread, languishing bottom o…[View]
80827097STEVE HOLT[View]
80827058WERE DA ORK KEENO /TV/?! WERE?![View]
80788226>dude everyone dies lmao What the fuck were they thinking?[View]
80826994'Should i turn it down?': 'Not on my account..'[View]
80826959Do iiittt... dooo iiittt.... dooo iiiittt. Dooo iiittt. Simpsons theas nooowwww![View]
80824801Would this be kino if it was turned into a film? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=cLQ5ukxpoQY[View]
80813310Biggest marvel tv villain? >mismanages a company so hard it probably had to fire hundreds of peop…[View]
80777206The Expanse Thread: Smug about season 3 renewal edition Also live watch thread.[View]
80824489Power Rangers Marathon: can we go back to SPD[View]
80824661>Put all the white men and little girls and little boys that look like girls on the lifeboats. Lo…[View]
80826020Shit wasn't even funny. Kevin Hart FTW.[View]
80823101I saw dave chappelle tonight. ask me anythig he was very charismatichad some muscles tootalked polit…[View]
80825097Reminder that the leaked script that had the correct title before its announcement and was also DCMA…[View]
80826294Just got back from seeing it AMA[View]
80826464Kubrickverse: Friendly reminder that most of Kubrick films takes place in the same universe: Kubrick…[View]
80824695>si hay pelito no es un delito Why didn't greorge thrash this piece of shit when he had the …[View]
80823579How would a conversation between them go down?[View]
80826356Just caught up. Why are they forcing this character so hard? Why would I want to see the villain…[View]
80823289>watching movie in europe >credits end >everyone is silent with eyes wide >d-did i miss …[View]
80826450Robert General /rbg/: ITT: Post Pictures of Roberts[View]
80826256Why is it all shit-skins and video game players? https://twitter.com/search?q=Capekino&src=typd…[View]
80822353>Stan Lee >Deadpool >Stan Lee had nothing to do with creating Deadpool…[View]
80826389For movies, do you prefer this board or the films & movies board? I'm not getting much of a…[View]
80826337Kino https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9dKOl9xX0lA&t=1377s[View]
80826200>Her powers wrapped her in a cocoon of telekinetic energy[View]
80821375Best comedy special in the last year at least, AND it's two fucking hours long.[View]
80822838>You're too desperate to be gay What did she mean by this?[View]
80825296>protagonist takes out a henchmen who didn't have a chance to defend himself, that was just …[View]
80810192Alien Covenant: Is this Film Poster of the Year? This alone is already making AC surpass Prometheus.…[View]
80826014If you liked it, you're an easily impressed pleb.[View]
80825947What the fuck was his problem?[View]
80823298Only 2 epsiodes left. It's based Flint vs everyone. What's gonna happen?[View]
80825932Ay, y'all some real fuck niggas for this shit right here.[View]
80825834I'll tell you know at one point this Garbage will focus on social outcast kids and brand them a…[View]
80824319What's it like majoring in film?[View]
80823973What was his problem?[View]
80825706Netflix should purchase the rights for all FXX shows.[View]
80824463What are some things Hollywood gets right? I'll start: they treat video games with the amount o…[View]
80823434Memes aside, this is the most comfy show I have ever seen. Even comfier than Midnight Diner: Tokyo S…[View]
80823222is he /ourguy/?[View]
80824452/ingobernable/: Coming out later today on netflix, I think at 12:00 CST. Mexican political thriller.…[View]
80823236Watching Spiderman and I never realized how rapey Peter acts in this scene. Also, does anyone rememb…[View]
80825343Seagal thread[View]
80825181So we can all agree that she was the absolute best part of the entire movie, right? She hammed up h…[View]
80823413why did paulie fix himself a plate if he knew his stomach was upset?[View]
80825305we watch documentary together[View]
80825021>american beauty >they cast this ugly bitch as the 'beauty' so I'm guessing that the beau…[View]
80825158>The worst thing that we have in today's movie culture is Rotten Tomatoes. I think it's…[View]
80825252>hold still and keep quiet max... um and don't tell george[View]
80822547Listen up shitheads because I only want to say this once: The Unsullied are the absolute best army i…[View]
80824437is there such a thing as dare i say it... over-acting?[View]
80824019Hey guys where's the musical bits and singing aliens? That robot isn't acting silly enough…[View]
80824012Heh heh![View]
80821746>Dr. Pavel, I'm Lee.[View]
80814862i know it's gonna be terrible. i kinda still want to watch it[View]
80823762Anybody else hyped for Guardians 2?[View]
80822749>“Sadly, I’m no longer able to commit to Barbie due to scheduling conflicts,” the actress said in…[View]
80823578>it's a George finds Carmen's decapitated corpse in Ernie's basement episode Did t…[View]
80824568https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QIcBP95rVf8 I present to you the greatest television drama to ever g…[View]
80822273>tfw nephew never had the makings of a varsity athlete[View]
80823926>Did you see Song to Song, anon?[View]
80821783It wasnt as bad as people say it is. sure its a bad 'Godzilla' movie but its not a bad Monster movie[View]
80813916Why is this no longer acceptable?[View]
80824291what was his end game?[View]
80823109>hola George I wanna fugg carmen and angie's cunts at the same time lmao…[View]
80824241What do you think her new costume will look like?[View]
80824230https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nvUB6S6a3EI >tfw no poo in loo theater to hangout in…[View]
80823673It's going to suck, isn't it[View]
80823360Which was better?[View]
80823649/tv/, pitch me some action movie premises[View]
80820549Moviebob says 'Iron Fist' is irredeemably shit.: He's a huge Marvel fanboy too. What do you guy…[View]
80822928Can anyone recognize the clip?: Hey /tv/ This is an edit for a song that someone made; can anyone re…[View]
80822182Power Rangers Marathon /prg/ - CAMP edition: OVERDRIVE TIME Next - ??? I DON'T GIVE A FUCK…[View]
80823885is she an A lister now ? also she is so perfect[View]
80821027Dead waifu: Post if your waifu has played dead before I remember Kate Winslet has played dead twice.…[View]
80821911>Mario's last name is... Mario >Luigi's full name is... Luigi Mario >John Leguiza…[View]
80823897iit: BEST SHOWS GENERAL: Legion is great... Baskets is great... Just saw the preview for the new sea…[View]
80823984split: what did the uncle mean by this[View]
80818129TEST YOUR MIGHT[View]
80823570http://deadline.com/2017/03/batman-v-superman-box-office-profit-2016-1202049201/ Wow. No wonder why …[View]
80823767[Title] [Name] I'm [Organization][View]
80823754Gabagool? Over Here![View]
80823778Was this the American History X?[View]
80823461TDKR: Is TDKR still relevant https://youtu.be/4K8ycSTNsBE[View]
80822994>asian protags aren't viab- thank you based genndy[View]
80810797What movie made you rethink your life?[View]
80819073/tv/, please explain to me how bad movies are made. Like how are they even made at all? You have som…[View]
80822684This is looking to be the greatest Alien movie since Prometheus. May 19 is gonna be LIT.[View]
80820988Why is /tv/ in interests and not in creative like /mu/ and /lit/?[View]
80812353Justice League - Character Teasers: Flash: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vt0LeCAFSjk Batman: https…[View]
80823451What's your favorite Bill Murray movie?[View]
80822231Is Simon /ourguy/ ?[View]
80823027Any great films about Autism?[View]
80820842How Voyager could get home in a few hours: >post-arrival of 7 as a crewmember >refit one of th…[View]
80817859Captain underpants movie: Is it wrong that I want to see this?[View]
80811174Why is this allowed?: Melissa Rauch 4' 11' (1,50 m) AnnaSophia Robb 5' 0' (1,52 m) Hayden …[View]
80820722W-Who...who's hyped for the new MST3K.... guys... ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ct0Z2bQndM…[View]
80822378>Green Acres is the place to be. >Farm livin' is the life for me. >Land spreadin…[View]
80820665hey /tv/ what tv show did you hate when you was a kid?[View]
80810885>tfw Herzog is probably gonna make a Trumpdocukino[View]
80797957Hans... Were we the baddies?[View]
80817237should i watch this gay ass shit?[View]
80821954Why are there no toilets on Star Trek? Do they just shit on the floor since the ship is self cleanin…[View]
80821603Name a better Disney villain >Voiced by Vincent Price >Great song to accompany his villainy …[View]
80818371Would Iron Fist have been better if the writers simply lifted Sunny's character onto Danny and …[View]
80822830When does embargo lift[View]
80822993Is this summer gonna be the summer of George?[View]
80822991New one flaw https://youtu.be/9AaiQVAG0gQ[View]
80822442Fill in the blanks: I ______ ______ that bunny[View]
80821431tell me, /tv/, would you live in San Junipero?[View]
80822617was it autism[View]
80820368 [View]
80822394why the fuck can every dog talk in this movie except Odie?[View]
80822503>'It sounds more like something out of a bad movie' >proceeds to look at the camera…[View]
80821192For upcoming films how important is the RT score to you?: Does Rotten Tomatoes change what you watch…[View]
80815612>Studio Ghibli >Ghibli is pronunced as /dʑíbu͍ɾi/ >Always pronouncing it as /geble/ I have …[View]
80822215the most saddest moment in film history.[View]
80820572DipKino: Any other celebrities dip? Copenhagen here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QFU8E0hSqKU…[View]
80822636>Do you want lunch? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l2d0-OPQ4Rs[View]
80822154I've been trying to find this recent silent Chinese indie film lately. I can't remember wh…[View]
80822572Underrated tv/movie characters[View]
80808922/trek/: >computer, prepare Star Trek general >increase bizaree fan theories >remove saftey …[View]
80822074Drive 2049: This movie wont suck, right /tv/?[View]
80817175The Kassem G Show: Is he back? I'm thinking he's back. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bk3…[View]
80820674pop up ads that depress you[View]
80822218Just watched the opening scene of LOVE >don't you touch my feet What did she mean by this?…[View]
80822459Now that the dust has settled, was this moment the peak of television as an art form?[View]
80822385I feel like I've watched the good movies already[View]
80819829What are some more obscure movies I should add to my list Today I added Aguirre wrath of god and Fit…[View]
80821785Who was in the wrong here?[View]
80815847AND YOU COULD HAVE IT ALL.....[View]
80822300Hey Paramount is your bot working?[View]
80822122BROWN BRICKS[View]
80820036What TV shows and movies did 00s kids(born 1995-1999) grow up on?[View]
80821091What was the biggest meme show/ movie you were tricked into watching?[View]
80821032PROMISE ME ROSE[View]
80822093Seriously though does anyone besides Asians and someone wants to have sex with them really even care…[View]
80821552Could the show have continued one after the third season without the added cast? Can we just preten…[View]
80822036what was the significance of this scene? i personally didn't get it.[View]
80822078Anybody watch too many shows?: I've got so many shows to watch every week that it becomes a cho…[View]
80819572Virus: I love the 28 days later film and it makes me wonder, can such a virus be created and induce …[View]
80812892So now that enough time has passed for /pol/ to settle down from their temper tantrum we can all agr…[View]
80820332'Perfect comedies don't exi-'[View]
80821491Literally the purest form of Kino I've seen in years.[View]
80818460>*autistic screech*[View]
80819986Power Rangers Marathon Where's The List? Edition[View]
80821187Where do I start with this man[View]
80820527Why are there so few movies about the patrician's fetish? Gerontophilia.[View]
80820827so is it a Negan episode this week?[View]
80820364Is this movie good?[View]
80820286>he unironically believes that the new Samurai Jack is good[View]
80819283Are there any films that go inside Scientology?[View]
80820720Who was in the wrong here?[View]
80817053This isn't very good. I don't like Burtons thing of shooting only or almost only on sounds…[View]
80820294so... if a ma becomes a transvestite, and when a transvestite, becomes a lesbian, does that make him…[View]
80821169So... why didn't he just teleport Voyager back to Earth?[View]
80821584William Le Bris: William Le Bris[View]
80820725how early do you show up for a showtime?[View]
80821506Walking dead[View]
80821502*pumped up kicks starts playing*[View]
80817009ATTN: Joelfags: Apologize. NOW.[View]
80820775Will this series ever be considered kino the way the Star Wars prequels now are, in that post-post i…[View]
80818987What did Calvin do wrong and why was it nothing?[View]
80821362Did they...you know...[View]
80816393Does Aubrey Plaza's body look a bit masculine to anybody else?[View]
80817267Meet your new cellmate, /tv/.[View]
80819286Was it kino?[View]
80821015Let the banes begin[View]
80819937Elaine Bennis[View]
80821194Very nice, impressive. Let's see Paul Allen's card.[View]
80818796>hey, anon. do you want to come? I bought some cheese, fruits and wine, we could drink and play v…[View]
80816780I just heard that this show was released a week ago: And was planning on buying Netflix for a month …[View]
80820481WHEAT NIGGA[View]
80820107'damn e, they tried to fade you on dre day'[View]
80820769How does /tv/ feel about this movie?[View]
80814423>Hay! Boh'se[View]
80802370Why dont you like this movie?[View]
80816090Hidden.Figures.2016.720p.BluRay.x264-GECKOS: >Hidden.Figures.2016.720p.BluRay.x264-GECKOS >Hid…[View]
80806160Comfy The Americans thread[View]
80820802Amazing name, amazing concept. Yours?[View]
80820780The roadkill scene at the beginning had to be direct nod to The Invitation, right? The two films hav…[View]
80816955can one of you just give me a fucking good movie to watch?? Just took my 19 year old cat to the vet …[View]
80820695The fuck was his problem?[View]
80819843https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oNgHqQazgj0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I2hcHpsXqmU https://www.…[View]
80819708ITT: We post out favorite SW background character[View]
80819789ITT: Commercials that you hate[View]
80820449Have you even watched a single episode? Soap Operas are the hardest television shows to keep going, …[View]
80816826'Han Solo' Film Will Reveal Han Solo's Real Name: >Iger mentioned that they’re cur…[View]
80820473>Good afternoon, this is Martin Wannamaker with a Channel 3 Action News break. It was announced t…[View]
80818136>The Chaser >actual, and multiple, chase scenes Which kino live up to their title?…[View]
80818611Channel Awesome Thread: Who is the Best CA reviewer and why is it Paul Latza [View]
80820349Amy Schumer Drops Out of ‘Barbie’ Movie: good http://variety.com/2017/film/news/amy-schumer-barbie-…[View]
80818557Tell me what you think about the Russian film and television industry.[View]
80820023>it's an Ellie and Devon episode Kill me.[View]
80820289>there are actual people in this world who don't think Frasier is the greatest sitcom of all…[View]
80818601The new Tom Servo, everybody. No, I'm not kidding[View]
80819159What are some Happy Meal movies?[View]
80820208Money Question... Marvel Netflix series: Marvel allotted a total budget of $200 million for their Ne…[View]
80818076Dr Pavel, we're FBI[View]
80820048herro yes pwease would any girl here please be my steamfriends http://steamcommunity.com/id/hex-pump…[View]
80815240Who wore it better?[View]
80818628Why was she such a bitch?[View]
80819903>Haven't made one great movie since Toy Story 3 What went wrong?[View]
80818696>american '''''''''''comedy'''''''''''[View]
80819613What are the essential elements of a good space show?[View]
80819842>Dad/father figure character shows up for concert just in time to catch daughter's solo…[View]
80819863>I'm not going to live there. Malcolm... I'm a MONSTER.[View]
80818034Power Rangers Marathon Has Anyone Seen The Banner? Edition[View]
80819478So if I let my kids watch The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra, is is possible they'll re…[View]
80819537Guaranteed this movie is just going to be that the baby will somehow get a chance near the end to su…[View]
80819466What will happern on Season 7 of the Game of Thrones?[View]
80819423>JOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Why would he say this?[View]
80818635>'sup bro, sorry that I stole your waifu' What do you respond? And to keep it /tv/ related, what …[View]
80818869This isn't that good.[View]
80819329I want more violence in movies: Why are action directors such pussies nowadays? Movies like Dheepan …[View]
80819181Just watched this. Thought it was good, but Orlando Bloom was really fucking terrible imo[View]
80812270/tv/, are you familiar with Japanese 'Moe' relationships, where socially dysfunctional men…[View]
80808362Rating System: >movies rated R are deemed too risky and financial failures week many studios cons…[View]
80815400Could this be made today?[View]
80805180ITT: most disturbing film you've seen[View]
80818100> This is the most enjoyable action show of the 2000's. Rarely gets talked about.…[View]
80816271Thoughts on Coronation Street?[View]
80819187Who was in the wrong here?[View]
80819185Adapt to this.[View]
80819038Is this kino?[View]
80817995Joe Rogan is definitely gay >he went hunting with this guy just before this podcast https://www.y…[View]
80817187This mother fucker slaps your clown girlfriend on the ass. What do you do?[View]
80817974ITT: Films you have fond memories of but are afraid of rewatching in fear they won't hold up[View]
80818959I though Betty was pure: But she decided to appear on national TV in her revealing unclaspable-from-…[View]
80816814raindrop drop top smokin' on cookie in the hotbox fucking on ya bitch she a thot thot (THOT!)[View]
80818941scenes that ruined an entire movie thread[View]
80817273Deadpool 2 thread[View]
80818832ITT: favorite film from your childhood this forgotten kino is under appreciated[View]
80813981How accurate was Keen's Mexican?[View]
80818795just saw this movie 5/10[View]
80817004heroin: Best Heroin movies?[View]
80817449how come there were no ҫunnybots in Westworld /tv/?[View]
80818375What would you like to see in a new Mad Max movie?[View]
80818741>IT'S A RETIREMENT COMMUNITY Let's just settle this once and for all, /tv/. Who was in …[View]
80802126THE WITCH: What did I think of this, /tv/ ?[View]
80818017D E V I L I S H[View]
80817298Name my band, /tv/.[View]
80812413Alex Jones explains Evangelion to Joe Rogan --- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5X9RUOEOoNQ[View]
80817194/spg/ - Sheev Palpatine General: Hop On Edition[View]
80818070COMFY: whats a good movie to watch with my gf? Also Comfykino thread I guess[View]
80816859what went right?[View]
80818450My best friend died in a car accident four years ago. He's dead and gone. Iceland's his fa…[View]
80813663What is his endgame?[View]
80817289>daily reminder[View]
80809175Hot Girls Wanted : Turned On: New (((Netflix))) show https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IlOikxagIY4 wh…[View]
80812805Did you bring the money?[View]
80810387Why would someone shoot a man before throwing him into an acid barrel?[View]
80814926>Wall-E was an unrealistic mo--[View]
80817999Felt like a real man. You?[View]
80816083>movie ends >Spirit in the Sky plays 7/10 movie though…[View]
80812826Jimmy Stewart on the front page[View]
80817984Anyone remember code6posting? https://youtu.be/9FxgVS7bylA It's a stock sound used in way too …[View]
80816237What the fuck did you make me watch /tv/ This is the gayest movie ive ever seen and ive watched brun…[View]
80814449Cum Town: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=26Jp9PasFkA How do you feel about Cum Town?[View]
80810734holy shit: THEY.. are the Walking Dead...[View]
80817886Oh no what a pity http://variety.com/2017/film/news/amy-schumer-barbie-1202015233/[View]
80817882Was it alright?[View]
80817880DAS HOPE[View]
80811713Why do fat girls idolize her so much?[View]
80816213Power Rangers Marathon[View]
80815730>Past a certain age, a man without a family can be a bad thing Is he right?…[View]
80809531MST3K: Of all the things Frank has tweeted in the last year, this may be the most triggering. The ne…[View]
8081770710/10 in Wisconsin[View]
80800535Domino and Cable Concept Art From DEADPOOL 2[View]
80816865Can somebody explain to me why Cache by Michael Haneke is so highly regarded? It was a boring movie …[View]
80817663The tribe has spoken[View]
80814898Patriot: Anyone else watch this show? it's probably the best thing Amazon has out there(other t…[View]
80817565/jre/: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sUIcCyPOA30 ALEX JONES x JOE ROGAN #911 GREATEST PODCAST IN H…[View]
80813982This movie still holds up really well, is it the best produced war movie of all time?[View]
80815533Name a batter instance of cinematography in TV.[View]
80815402>Dr. Pavel, I'm Lee.[View]
80817217Does anyone feel like, if anything, they OVER-animated these faces? I mean they're basically 90…[View]
80816970Theaters now have reclining seats Who else is /comfy/ here?[View]
80813611MY SANDWICH?!!![View]
80816816Was it bioscoop?[View]
80817133Well, what are you fighting for /tv/ ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lDan1v4bOz8[View]
80816401For me, it's Sissy Spacek. One of the greatest actresses of all time.[View]
80815003trail and error: what are your thoughts on this show i thought it was stupid and all the characters …[View]
80816722What's the Citizen Kane of movies?[View]
80808866Episode 7 of Legion is legitimately craziest hour of tv show i ever witnessed. Im baffled how FX gre…[View]
80817023ITT: Movies that show the true nature of women[View]
80816499I don't think I need to post with you FUCKIN DILDOS anymore![View]
80816168Characters that gave you whyboners thread?[View]
80816923Any good tv related screen savers for pc?[View]
80816866What show was this supposed to be parroting?[View]
80814975Favourite Elizabeth Hurley costume?[View]
80815782Perfect apologies don't exi-[View]
80814979So we all agree that Last Crusade goes downhill the moment they get off the zeppelin, right?[View]
80816659>YOU HAVE TO STOP[View]
80816596The most retro thing about CHIPS is the gay panic: Frank “Ponch” Poncherello, the undercover FBI age…[View]
80812918Say something nice about Alison Brie Schermerhorn[View]
80816495Why is Showtime, a premium channel that you pay extra for, not as good as FX, a basic cable channel?[View]
80810050YOU WANNA GO FOR A RIDE?[View]
80816423Carpenter says it's about Unrestrained Capitalism, but I feel like that's just a kike lie.…[View]
80816461>tfw you press f to hug carlton but he don't want to[View]
80815615>im quitting the vlog you guys i need to move onto something new and bigger >gets bought by CN…[View]
80812662Mara thread: >there are people on this board who unironically prefer Kate over Rooney I shudder.…[View]
80815903What's the point of having other people tell us what movies are good/bad when film is subjectiv…[View]
80812215Who's there?[View]
80816221Name me a few other films like this.[View]
80815393From Beyond: What did I think /tv/?[View]
80807328When you watch a movie with your partner, do you watch the same laptop or separate laptops?[View]
80812178'My boyfriend cums in me.' What do you do?[View]
80813933How can one become a film producer? Do you need loads of money to be one?[View]
80812463>comic book movies can't be kin-[View]
80816115Hidden.Figures.2016.1080p.BluRay.x264-GECKOS >Hidden.Figures.2016.1080p.BluRay.x264-GECKOS Hidden…[View]
80816110Up until recently, fiercely independent Alice spent her life with a laser focus on advancing her car…[View]
80815365/tv/ detectives: Guys, anyone seen Narcos? There was a seen in, I believe, near a pool where a hot l…[View]
80813800bout to marathon this: am i in for a kino time?[View]
80814888Power Rangers Marathon Worst Season Edition[View]
80815836What genre was this? Genuinely curious[View]
80814993Movies non stoners will never understand >pic related[View]
80813416Ok, that was absolutely fucking terrible.[View]
80815693Snuggly ducky duck duck?[View]
80815682This is actually a very good film providing you understand the work of sergei eisenstein[View]
80814076coming of age kino[View]
80814220Go away. So frickin tired of this. Go away you freak[View]
80815426Which of his films are good? Which of his films are bad?[View]
80813533busines idea: Can Nev the bear be a meme?[View]
80813117Reboot Married With Children: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TNd7Wc61Xlw Are they really doing it?…[View]
80812389What are some films about truck drivers?[View]
80813879this looks great https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jit3YhGx5pU[View]
80815346itt: 10/10 reboots[View]
80814922Warner Bros will release a Justice League teaser for Superman on Easter. Screencap this.[View]
80813281What went right?[View]
80773005Stars from the 00's that went Nowhere: Chad Michael Murray was all over magazines and other med…[View]
80813720>come on /tv/ looking for some film recommendations >90% of /tv/ is just /pol/ crying about H…[View]
80814884What's some essential kidkino?[View]
80814955What was his endgame?[View]
80812838This is unironically Warren Beatty's best movie.[View]
80814901 Lulu.... sweet thing.. [View]
80814846Is this accurate? Is this what men who died in the war were fighting for? https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
80809686The Age of Spin and Deep in the Heart of Texas are probably Chapelle's weakest stand up special…[View]
80814734>It's a Francis with a pig episode[View]
80814817Comfy shows: This one also works as food porn[View]
80813201Patton Oswald Finally Shilled His Way Into Work With Ghostbusters: After shilling so hard on Twitter…[View]
80813783Is Adaptation the best Cage movie? Or is it Bringing Out the Dead?[View]
80812758say season 4 gets picked up, all the cast comes back, fuller is in control, guaranteed at least on s…[View]
80814105Brutus was an honorable man.[View]
80814698Up until recently, fiercely independent Alice spent her life with a laser focus on advancing her car…[View]
80813407Is this one of the funniest scenes in cinematic history? I laugh every time[View]
80813334Who would you cast in a remake of the 1987 classic The Garbage Pail Kids Movie?[View]
80813897IT HAS BEGUN[View]
80812181Gilligan's Island: What was up with these two?[View]
80813517>Villain is a murderous psychopath who's killed thousands of people >Hero is about to kil…[View]
80814523People Keep Asking If I’m Back, And I Haven’t Really Had An Answer... But Yeah, I’m Thinking I’m Ba…[View]
80812298Power Rangers Marathon[View]
80808320lets discuss this film, just for once, without any checking![View]
80801935Any one on here want to explain how the fuck this supposed hoax was filmed? >just a guy in a suit…[View]
80790751ITT: we search celebrities without typing their name[View]
80811247Hannibal Rising: What did you think of it?[View]
80810677Guilty pleasure thread[View]
80814276We all know some guy like this https://youtu.be/juFfcUbMWsU[View]
80814284paul, i'm here[View]
80811042The Hunt: Thoughts on this film? Just watched it and holy fuck this is one the most sweat inducing …[View]
80808026Bob Iger Reveals ‘Star Wars’ Han Solo Spinoff Details and more: >Disney CEO Bob Iger dropped some…[View]
80813156AHHH!!! What is happening to me?[View]
80812452Would the movie be better without him? and maybe without the xylophones and congas [View]
80812855>film set in New York >'Hey I'm walking 'ere'…[View]
80813652I've seen things you people wouldn't believe.[View]
80793643Finished all seasons of The Office (US). My life is meaningless now. What do?[View]
80810653Fucking bow down[View]
80813510>tfw no ball busting, Latina police GF why even live?[View]
80813852>watch westerns with my dad >he says that Leone is shit how do I save my old man from terrible…[View]
80813984https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kEqhUjv1IjE Hey man, you want to hit the parking lot and break some …[View]
80810756Dunston hit hard times after (((Hollywood))) stopped answering his calls[View]
80809507Name a more 90s movie[View]
80813780Who was in the wrong here?[View]
80813436>takes a huge part in the captain underpants movie just to play an evil sneaky jew teacher with a…[View]
80813624just watched this and holy god was it kino. What a master piece. My only problem is, and it's a…[View]
80810644P-please see our movie, guys...[View]
80806853>I'm sorry. I don't want to be an emperor, that is not my business.…[View]
80813626Dr. Pavel, I'm Batman.[View]
80811097Sophia Loren: Her best role?[View]
80812492>women love him >men love him >hollywood loves him >/tv/ loves him >reddit loves him …[View]
80812661>the pilot was filmed in October 1997 >yfw the sopranos was 20 years ago…[View]
80811319Logan thread: Just got back from this movie. Holy shit Pierce was really menacing. Probably one of m…[View]
80811215Why are The Simpsons so popular in Mexico and Latin America? Is it because of the based Mexican dub?[View]
80813270It's a good show, no?[View]
80810602Does /tv/ like Italian neorealism?[View]
80813280is this gaykino? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HpODJ6hlZ_o[View]
80813243Recommend me some disturbing war movies. No heroic bullshit.[View]
80807229Is Brody right? >Revenge of the Sith's labyrinthine opening shot—of Anakin and Obi-Wan givin…[View]
80812065https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uAuSkYOs_bw is she /ourguy/[View]
80813153What are some horror kinos that will give me the spoops?[View]
80810007Rogue: Just so you know know, she goes topless again with some chick in the first Ep of the new seas…[View]
80813102What did I think of it?: I liked it overall as I was a huge fan of the books. It was a lot better th…[View]
80813035This was the last great Disney movie. Prove me wrong.[View]
80812114Tears in the Rain: Why is this considered one of the greatest monologues of cinema history? It…[View]
80791901Police Squad!: Has /tv/ seen this kino series? Thoughts?[View]
80809199I drew Eleven from the hit Netflix Original Series, 'Stranger Things.' Pls rate.[View]
80801960>Shin.Godzilla.2016.480i.WEB-DL.x264 >Shin.Godzilla.2016.480i.WEB-DL.x264 >Shin.Godzilla.20…[View]
80811586Who went to see this music kino in the cinemas today? It had a lot of memes like dicks and real ass …[View]
80812906Give me a quick rundown of his sales policy![View]
80812946The Straight Story: Is this the most overrated Lynch movie? Just watched it today, since it was the …[View]
80806386What are some god tier miniseries? Band of Brothers Generation Kill The Night Of It seems like most …[View]
80810685Is this the best show ever made?[View]
80806978>Sith >No >One >Knew >Existed George wouldn't stand for this.…[View]
80811755Is anybody else having difficulty finding anything other than CAM recordings of Get Out online?[View]
80811407Anyone saw this? The soundtrack was psycho-tier.[View]
80809634>it's quiet. too quiet.[View]
80809992did he really killed all those peopel?[View]
80807719star truck: What the fuck was her fucking problem?[View]
80811502Ghost in the Shell: >we have to respect the laws of physics[View]
80801784Will there ever be a TV show that is more kino than The Sopranos?[View]
80812276This isn't very good. I don't like Burtons thing of shooting only/almost only on soundstag…[View]
80810191How does /tv/ enjoy the new season of the television show Samurai Jack?[View]
80810226/tv/ will defend this.[View]
80812657Demo-short film Ideas(demo for portfolio): Brainstorming Ideas for a demo-short film to show off som…[View]
80811418>and your other gun[View]
80801426Watcher the director's cut of BvS for the third time last night. Why the fuck do people think t…[View]
80812473Watch me.[View]
80811623ITT: Characters who did nothing wrong[View]
80807212What are some examples in film or television of the emotion being conveyed here?[View]
80812168thoughts /tv/ ?: pic related. tbqh one of my favorite films.[View]
80802874Are Americans still scared to go to the movie theater?[View]
80810442Best Scene From Any Movie: Post the best scenes from any movie you've watched lately[View]
80811329will you cry when he reunites with chewie and R2?[View]
80805688Who's your favorite actor with a fake name? >Dakota Fanning >Born Hannah Fanning…[View]
80811930Just watched this goofy fucking koreakino, what did i think of it? Did i enjoy it?[View]
80811267Perfect Jack Reacher casting RIGHT HERE. You can't even disupte it. Fuck that manlet Tom Cruise…[View]
80804180Whats your opinion on diversity in movies and tv? Does it ruin it or can you get past it? I personal…[View]
80811912Why isn't The Spoiler from the electric company a meme[View]
80812139lets celebrate this show[View]
80796962>hear that >i hear nothing >exactly…[View]
80799376X-Men Last Stand Director: 'Rotten Tomatoes Is The Worst Thing We Have in Today’s Movie Culture”: ht…[View]
80811971Who was in the wrong here?[View]
80809624What's the point of the rebel tower guy?[View]
80811894GO! GO! GO!: Are you guys ready?!!![View]
80803671>there are people who will unironically say that Suicide Squad / Batman V Superman are better tha…[View]
80811938/DC/ DC Chads General: Justice League trailer coming Saturday >http://uk.ign.com/articles/2017/03…[View]
80810353thoughts on Get Out starring Allison Williams?[View]
80809947Power Rangers Marathon 'Liveposting' Edition[View]
80811851What is the best Disney song and why is it Colors of the Wind?[View]
80811619Is anyone else's brain so broken that they can only interpret life through movie and tv metapho…[View]
80811447Gabagool? Over Here![View]
80811840Where did it all go wrong?[View]
80811811You cannot refute this: POWER RANKINGS 4 > 6 > 2 > 3 > 1 > 7 > 5 > 9 > 10 …[View]
80811706What's your favorite documentary?[View]
80810474what are some essential brendan kinos? i've seen the mummy and monkeybone[View]
80810971His name was Brendan Fraser.[View]
80810103Whats the Blond of television and film?[View]
80811118>'this town ain't big enough for the both of us'[View]
80807074Lets take a moment to remember all the great cancelled tv shows[View]
80811184Why aren't I getting any invites?: herro yes pwease would any girl here please be my steamfrien…[View]
80809675>Donald Trump is the owner of a small real estate business operating out of New York City. After …[View]
80811071Kino or offensive flick as seen by the average audience?[View]
80811114>Childhood is idolising Chandler >Adulthood is realise Ross made more sense…[View]
80804806What do Paulie and Daredevil have in common? >Pro-tip: It isn't having been born in the New …[View]
80810791>you will never get kissed by Rebecca Ferguson Why live, anon?[View]
80806618What is/are the quintessential HOT Jennifer Love Hewitt kino? I want to see the best of her.[View]
80810955Is virtual reality the future of filmmaking?[View]
80809606>Howdy ho neighbor. What's on your mind?[View]
80807962wtf do you want?[View]
80810429watched my first hitchcock flick a few nights ago. i thought it as boring as fuck. some of the shots…[View]
80809926What the best 4K televisions on a medium budget? Right now Best Buy has a 55' LG with 120Hz for $549…[View]
80798878Can a Cucknisher fan (a fan of The Punisher) explain how 3 different directors couldn't make a …[View]
80809532Why do girls love Emilia Clarke so much? My gf is obsessed with her and swears she the most beautifu…[View]
80809019have you ever had your shit pushed in?[View]
80810594everyone likes to shit on tdk because its a superhero movie but can't you guys agree that it…[View]
80810696I just watched this for the first time. Why didn't anyone tell me how kino it was?[View]
80787719The Day The Simpsons Died: Did the Simpsons really die when Principal and the Pauper aired? https:/…[View]
80794214What does /tv/ think of Mr. Robot?[View]
80810581Scenes that still leave a lump in your throat.: Post them. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vH3-Gt7mg…[View]
80810231Where are they taking the hobbits?[View]
80810310Why do transalphas like this guy so much?[View]
80805917looks like daddario-kino is back on the menu boys https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G25VrMdArlU[View]
80810432The finale was garbage >let's revert everything back to normal in the end lol…[View]
80807563MARVEL FAGS ON SUICIDE WATCH. https://youtu.be/cDZKPzEnZ-4[View]
80807263I would sacrifice my NEET life if it could've saved him ;_;[View]
80809152>'So I was at the gym working on my hot bod' *amy gestures to her thick figure* >'but I was ge…[View]
80810000were the 80s the best decade of movies?[View]
80810024was MacReady a thing?[View]
80809285Did you cry?[View]
80809558Is Ben Affleck's crippling alcohol dependence the best thing to happen to Marvel since Suicide …[View]
80801466Who was in the wrong here?[View]
80804468This fucking bitch I swear to god >goes to a random car >takes something cause she wants it …[View]
80809247Back to the Future trilogy thread Chicken [View]
80809659KINO LITERALLY[View]
80806505ITT: things only you were autistic enough to do >never watching a film starring Joaquin Phoenix a…[View]
80809043Times when you almost blew it because of /tv/ >Be me >Watching Drive with gf >We're sn…[View]
80810203Thoughts on this movie? I really didn't enjoy it, but I imagine people could find it 'comf…[View]
80806861STEVE, I'M GONNA BURST[View]
80810189>mid 2000s kids movie >kids making something or setting traps >green day starts playing…[View]
80810101How would he have handled Negan?[View]
80806948fuck this is gonna be bad[View]
80809741First Nicolas Winding Refn interview ever [VERY PRETENTIOUS]: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j7uOKL…[View]
80809194ITT comfy action kinos[View]
80806321Would you rather watch anime or capeshit?[View]
80808158They told me this board was ugly, but this has got to be one of the ugliest crapholes in the entire …[View]
80809390What is some essential mom kino?[View]
80804448DUDE BILL COSBY[View]
80808432>anon, I need you to stop posting the same fatkino thread 30 times a day >anon, you've po…[View]
80807610>Captain, I'm detecting large traces of JUST close to our location. Your orders?…[View]
80809633>its a musical number episode[View]
80796069Literally the ironing.[View]
80804478>You can't rape feet What did he mean by this?[View]
80808746I want Univseral to build SpaceBalls the Theme Park: Ask a fuck you to Star Wars land[View]
80797353what is this thing?[View]
80803621You just know.[View]
80809544It's morphin time!: So, who else is excited to see this?[View]
80809519>It's a foreign director kills a bunch of animals episode[View]
80809516Will there ever be another show as good as Mad Men[View]
80808640Favorite movies/stories within movies: Legend of the Beast from The Sandlot was pretty kino https://…[View]
80808983What kino should i watch w/ my dad tomorrow morning? Already saw logan and a cure for wellness >t…[View]
80800679So this is what true kino looks like: Just saw this and it is now one of my favorite movies of all t…[View]
80809353I checked the catalog for 'Kino' and I saw no threads about Alien: Covenant. This will be what I ca…[View]
80807477What are the best cyborg movies?[View]
80809395SAY IT![View]
8080774035min in and the stupidity increase at an alarming rate. This guy just blinded a stormtrooper by tro…[View]
80808912What are some films where characters are isolated and are having trust issues with each other for so…[View]
80809333If Nicholas Winding Refn was a font he'd be Nicholas Wingding Refn[View]
80808381Just marathoned this kino and I absolutely loved it. What did /tv/ think of it ?[View]
80807676What's the most important attribute for a succesful career in Hollywood? You may pick three: …[View]
80806230>protag running from trouble >car swerves in front of them >*kathunk* >'get in'…[View]
80774178Now that the dust has settled: Is it really as bad as critics are making it out to be? I thought it …[View]
80808728is this kino?[View]
80806764I got a question. How fucked up are you?[View]
80806342Kino Analysis: >the imagery of Batman standing above Death statue means Batman is against murder …[View]
80808896Is he a good role model?[View]
80807266This is looking to be the greatest Alien movie since Prometheus. May 19 is gonna be LIT.[View]
80808059This is basically iron fist but good[View]
80808834>Constantly hear about films getting booed at Cannes and other film festivals What the fuck? How …[View]
80809075Why is this show so good?[View]
80797498The Leftovers: Goddamn I miss this series... What do you guys think is going to happen in season 3?…[View]
80788645>Amy.Schumer.The.Leather.Special.2017.WEBRip.X264-DEFLATE >Amy.Schumer.The.Leather.Special.201…[View]
80809053herro yes pwease would any girl here please be my steamfriends http://steamcommunity.com/id/hex-pump…[View]
80807222Prove me wrong, faggyts.[View]
80806363>when you download a flick >but it's a kino >but then Jennifer Lawrence wakes up >…[View]
80807036>beauty roberts>stone>watson >acting stone>watson>roberts >personality stone…[View]
80807591>Why hello there, /tv/. My name is Fred >And the words you are reading are in my head >Hiro…[View]
80803435Why is she so hot?[View]
80807142>mfw watching literal garbage how does someone fuck up this badly?[View]
80807218Imagine having to steal your logo from a bunch of alcoholics in Wisconsin.[View]
80806733Am I the only one that thinks that someone producing this show has a foot fetish for Robin Wright?[View]
80799665*blocks your path*[View]
80808627>its a ron has had it with sitch episode[View]
80807079THE HEART, OSBORN![View]
80804438Movie review YT channels: What are some good fast movie review channels? https://youtu.be/b6GbWaLbAZ…[View]
80802965Comfy shows you keep coming back to Original team is best[View]
80808479Is he, dare I say it, /ourguy/?: >immature >possibly autistic >lonely >paranoid…[View]
80806605What's the Kid Cuisine of television and film?[View]
80807226Best cartoon series?: .[View]
80806862ITT:Actors that made only the finest kino[View]
80806813>really makes you think[View]
80808197What's going to happen in the last episode? Xavier showing up?[View]
80806586The Knick season 3 not happening: http://collider.com/the-knick-season-3-cancelled/ http://screenran…[View]
80807355Is this the pinnacle of comedy as an art form? Norm is pure savage in this https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
80808001I made a promise, Mister Frodo. A promise! 'Don't you leave him Samwise Gamgee.' And …[View]
80807938Ya don't grow no sticker bush without Snake's permission.[View]
80805518Is this the most underrated Pixar film ever?[View]
80806595hi i'm lee van cleef and if you don't think the ecstasy of gold is the greatest song in mo…[View]
80805592What are your thoughts on this actress?[View]
80807785I'm just trying to have a good time, dude. Why does that bother you?[View]
80807518I just marathoned the first episode of The Expanse. Did I like it?[View]
80807706who was in the wrong here?[View]
80807413What's the best use of a movie's title that appears in the actual dialogue of the movie?[View]
80807590Our guys?[View]
80807352who will play him in the inevitable biopic[View]
80802598What are some good movies about depression, ennui, boredom? a.k.a. Having several very important thi…[View]
80807524>western film >75% of the scenes where shot in one closed place fuck off…[View]
80807028What's the Lunchables of television and film?[View]
80807429ITT: Post your top 5 favourite film critics Ray Carney Dan Sallitt Manny Farber Lights Camera Jackso…[View]
80807395I think I've figured it out: No one is good at crime, and no one is good at handing out justice…[View]
80807390was Betty born in the wrong era?[View]
80805746>XBOX, check my schedule for the next couple of years[View]
80800984What the fuck was her problem?[View]
80801791TWIN PEAKS THREAD: wew lad we got some scary ass photos up in here[View]
80805265Power Rangers Marathon[View]
80807269ITT: Uncomfortably relatable films[View]
80806591How does one become 'The Guest' levels of Alpha?[View]
80807168Horace & Pete: What was meant by this?[View]
80806999/obscure/: What's the most obscure film you have seen?[View]
80803967>the age of Snyderkino is upon us once again https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cDZKPzEnZ-4…[View]
80805108Why does Disney INSIST on ruining their movies with these shitty tv shows and direct-to-video crap? …[View]
80773382DOCTOR WHO GENERAL - /WHO/: RTD Chads Edition. Moffucked: >>80732053[View]
80803799Hottest actresses[View]
80805278What did he mean by this?[View]
80806375What happened?[View]
80806337I'm out[View]
80804487Extended version with rooftop: Dear God Christ almighty Kino extended version https://youtu.be/aPIX…[View]
80804994What's /tv/ marathoning right now? S3 of this just came out on Netflix, breddy gud compared to …[View]
80806433SJW BTFO again[View]
80803090*blocks your path*[View]
80806409Is Rodriguez /mu/ approved?[View]
80806347Why were we supposed to feel sorry for these assholes towards the end of Devil's Rejects?[View]
80803264Bad movies you like: Pic most definitely related. I must have watched it 20 times back in middle sch…[View]
80804618What are some good movies about bourgeois kids who become obsessed with communism?[View]
80804140Is this Romankino?[View]
80802271Reminder Marge has considered cheating more than Homer.[View]
80804954Why does Hollywood keep whitewashing their movies when theres money to be made? What's their re…[View]
80804460A boy named Ernie Barguckle, who became a thorn in the side of the tobacco companies for a couple ye…[View]
80806224Pandering / Fake Positivity: >Will release a Rogue One Analysis video >Has been working on it …[View]
80805867Thingken about space[View]
80802260>'Sorry to have kept you waiting, Sir!'[View]
80804521Ask a guy going to watch the premiere of the new power rangers movie with his girlfriend tonight any…[View]
80806168>Telling story about how OJ's dead wife hugs him >he says 'bitch are you trying to get us…[View]
80806146anyone here find Big Leafy Trees to be sexually attractive? i get wet at the thought of BLT[View]
80805357Is this the best kino comedy show ever from Latin America?[View]
80804340Batman Justice League teaser: https://www.instagram.com/p/BR_d1DbBNVv/ Marvel BTFO[View]
80804960Who was in the wrong here?[View]
80802747>male character stares at female character >cut to scene of both of them drinking coffee…[View]
80802312Do you hate him as much as I do? And, I mean, I don't really care about his political opinions,…[View]
80806007>The Miranda Murders: Lost Tapes of Leonard Lake and Charles Ng (2017) >29 April 2017 https://…[View]
80804621He's the best Batman ever. Now or later people will accept this.[View]
80805316>Y'all seen Making a Murderer? It's on Netflix you should all watch it. Subtle…[View]
80805918>really, so you do believe I'm Danny Rand after all and you're going to discharge me fr…[View]
80805058>H-hi, Anon. Has anyone ever told you that you're a pretty b-big guy? I'm into big guys…[View]
80803326I thought this was going to be a fun movie. What went wrong?[View]
80805595how do you think they're doing after closing down the boards? you think they've lost a sig…[View]
80805683*taps glass*[View]
80805495Tell me about Bane! Why does he wear the mask?![View]
80799696Characters Who Did Literally Nothing Wrong: Her only sin was existing.[View]
80803112Why is advertising so shit today? Is it just nostalgia goggles, because it seems like it used to bet…[View]
80802986Does a good pilot episode exist? They always seem to try too hard to introduce everybody and it detr…[View]
80802044Did he really do anything wrong given the time period he lives in? He didn't even lynch the tow…[View]
80804504which Indy is best Indy? >kinda partial to #1[View]
80800133Jeff Tracy basically enslaved his sons and trusted them (despite their age) with operating machinery…[View]
80805335Anyone watching this? I've never seen a thread about it on here.[View]
80805420dont mind me, just getting prepared for the inevitable F[View]
80803582Are there any mass murder movies where the mass murder was justified? pic related[View]
80805233Any other good movies about the dangers of liberalism?[View]
80805184what's next in his career?[View]
80805152>Vegetarian >Exercises everyday >Still fat How?…[View]
80805082https://discord.gg/R2CbHDG /TV/ DISCORD[View]
80803886>Film running time is exactly 80:00[View]
80785626ITT: Post a movie you really enjoyed, and anons recommend you movies based on the one you liked.[View]
80795834This poster is a literal 10[View]
80802093Hey, /tv/! How do you get rid of teen steam?[View]
80802583Is the blindpill the ultimate pill?[View]
80803674Rewatching Gladiator on AMC, this is probably the 6th time I've seen the movie. It's liter…[View]
80789155I think I'm ready to die now.[View]
80804858Hey /tv/![View]
80804651What is the essential Indian cinema?[View]
80802821Has Sesame Street been the same since they moved from PBS to HBO? I don't remember stuff like t…[View]
80804815Martin Scorsese, greatest American director?: How did the Old Man make two of his best films so fuck…[View]
80803262Thoughts on the Toy Story trilogy?[View]
80804540Should this be the beginning of white washing kino?[View]
80803017>3 videos in a row he's back boyos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GTjy9VlsNaY who else is l…[View]
80796744ITT: Hilarious one-time/minor characters https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oJimiVFCjJ0[View]
80804574What is some other essential scar kino?[View]
80803731>it's medieval times >there are no dragons…[View]
80804298>Two weeks later. >Scar is almost completely gone.…[View]
80804251I'm going to watch this tonight. Is it any good?[View]
80804146Yeah, I'm thinkin I'm B(l)ack[View]
80804426*blocks your path*[View]
80804353LOOKS LIKE CAPEKINO IS BACK ON THE MENU BOYS How can Marvel ever recover?[View]
80803516Beauty and the Beast (2017): Does anyone have a link/torrent to the new action remake of Beauty and …[View]
80804375Deborah Durant: Deborah Durant[View]
80804333*shuffling in background*[View]
80801845Who's the pettiest /tv/ villain?[View]
80804233>jamie pull that fucking movie up before I come over there and fuck your throat Wow Joe was reall…[View]
80803450Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri trailer: You ready for some genuine kino? https://www.yout…[View]
80802646Why is it all shit-skins and video game players? https://twitter.com/search?q=Capekino&src=typd…[View]
80804188It's not worth playing if you can't win[View]
80804178OH FUCK https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s-BjWmqEzw0[View]
80800168ITT unintentionally funny scenes[View]
80802182You cannot refute this: POWER RANKINGS 4 > 6 > 2 > 3 > 1 > 7 > 5 > 9 > 10 …[View]
80802939Did he?[View]
80802730>he doesn't respect the artists by buying or going to the movies >he can't even affo…[View]
80803852PARKER GET OU-[View]
80803764what is he thinking here /tv/?[View]
80801266Power Rangers Marathon Grim Dark Edition[View]
80800107>Dave chapplle >haha mouse trap in her pussy >kino! 5/5! our guy! >Amy schumer >pussy…[View]
80803791What are some movies about inevitable suicides?[View]
80803930best TV shows ever: 1. Fooly Cooly 2. The Day Today 3. Brass Eye 4. Twin Peaks 5. Cowboy Bebop 6. Br…[View]
80803906RIP http://www.repubblica.it/spettacoli/cinema/2017/03/23/news/morto_tomas_milian-161232323/…[View]
80791550WildBoyz: Was it kino?[View]
80801021Does this look promising? Will 2017 be the year of pure, unadulterated civil war kino? >Nicole Ki…[View]
80803513>'...the Twilight Zone!'[View]
80803763Riverdale: So, who the fuck killed Jason Blossom?[View]
80802931Reminder that there has yet to be a scene to top this one in The Walking Dead. https://www.youtube.c…[View]
80797268His stand up wasn't that funny, also why is he fucking everywhere now? He turned into a literal…[View]
80803000thoughts on this movie?[View]
80803272I'm scared[View]
80803698Where can I see ALL the episodes of Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen?[View]
80799929Anybody else unironically enjoy watching televangelists?[View]
80803683'World Industries' cinematic universe when?[View]
80803678Can anybody explain to me what the hell is that? https://youtu.be/AYUuCdhf4C0[View]
80803666Can someone invite me to the TrueFilm Discord server?[View]
80801576Are there any thriller/horror/etc movies with someone that looks like this?[View]
80803067Can someone explain why this piece of garbage is considered a classic and has influenced modern West…[View]
80802989>still a great night[View]
80803546Why did so many people think this movie was serious/historically accurate?[View]
80803471Anyone know where I can find this?: Mark Frost/David Lynch TV show, before Twin Peaks. 7 Episodes. I…[View]
80797500>It was all a dream... >OR WAS IT? >DUN DUN DUN DUN NUH NUUUUUUUUUUUUUH NA >*shitty CGI …[View]
80802780Please 4chan, help Glorious Turkish leader Erdogan: Movie about Great Leader is being heavily downvo…[View]
80803429So a secret experimental government drug makes something come after you from somewhere else and turn…[View]
80774973L E G I ⨂ N[View]
80803411What the FUCK was Gonzo doing in that corner?: Did this bother anyone else?[View]
80799103Rejoice, /tv/. Snyderkino is once again upon us.: I just felt my testosterone levels spike. https://…[View]
80802632THE FLASH: About to watch episode 17 but there was a recap with Supergirl, do I need to watch the la…[View]
80802698What are some movies with legitimately surprising endings ?[View]
80801404This movie turns 60 next month and it's clearly outdated with its all white male cast, so it…[View]
80802795They don't seem as excited about watching bad movies together compared to the early episodes of…[View]
80802098What the fuck was his problem?[View]
80803211name a more fantastical film[View]
80798927Queen of /tv/[View]
80801361What is next for her career?[View]
80803312What did danielle mean by this?[View]
80798681So if the Worm Hole was created by 'Them' which ends up actually being McConaughey. How di…[View]
80796823Webm Thread: New thread? New thread.[View]
80791248'DON'T SHOOT HER, SHE CAN HEAL!': Uh wut? So because she can heal, bullets just cease to have …[View]
80802990Me? I'm 45 baby[View]
80800690Are there subs yet?[View]
80803222are you ready for KINO?[View]
80801425/prg/ Power Rangers General BY THE WILL OF KEK EDITION: >Current - Power Rangers Mystic Farce …[View]
80783747Power Rangers: Just got back from this one. Well, it ain't great. Some cool fight choreography…[View]
80800374What's your feel-good film you watch every time you have to cheer yourself up? inb4 Spirited Aw…[View]
80799368Thoughts on Black Mirror?[View]
80803032What did the Joker mean by this?[View]
80803030>try to board my flight >sorry sir, we'll be enforcing a no singles policy during the in …[View]
80801617Is Finn Wolfhard this generation's James Dean?[View]
80796459I'm 10 minutes in and what is this? Is it just a bunch of historic meme images I'm suppose…[View]
80794308Is this the greatest show of all time?[View]
80802959>how come your mom let you have TWO cuns[View]
80802496at the theater. should i see Kang or Meme Rangers?[View]
80802012Is he the John Green of /tv/?[View]
80799954Those that have seen the new Power Rangers 2017 movie. Does it suck? Do you miss the cheap effects?[View]
80799279Why didn't anyone tell Snyder that only Aquaman's pants are green?[View]
80790383Say what you will about LOST but you can't deny that it has a GOAT-tier soundtrack. https://www…[View]
80799583When was the last time you rented a movie?[View]
80802757https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eyKOgnaf0BU&feature=youtu.be&t=32 what did they mean by this…[View]
80802568>Hop in Keymaster, we have to save Neon.[View]
80801665Pictures and posters for $250 million movie[View]
80802470So how comes Saitama is such a better hero than Superman or Batman? Saitama: >stronger than both …[View]
80802662>i´ve got a bad feeling about this >yeah me too…[View]
80800739am i literally the only one who finds her comedy act unironically funny?[View]
80797350Foolish Samurai Thread: >TFW no great flaming eyebrows Why live? Predictions for next episode(s)?…[View]
80800980was it kino?[View]
80796930Who will play her in the inevitable live action adaptation?[View]
80800827How the FUCK[View]
80802333I just marathoned the first two episodes Southland, why does this show never get talked about? It se…[View]
80800237What should I watch next?[View]
80802141What does /tv/ think about the 'Cloverfield Universe' JJ Abrams has been talking about? >Sitting…[View]
80802226>I am D'Cenot D'Cenot Palpatine? That's a funny name[View]
80802233Being Fred Johnson is suffering[View]
80801456What are some movies with cats?[View]
80802084I'm 10 minutes in and what is this? Is it just a bunch of historic meme images I'm suppose…[View]
80799307Why didn't he just kill the second unicorn ASAP? Having it chained up in your basement to get a…[View]
80801984What are some good films about diversity and tolerance?[View]
80790062>audience laughs at literally anything the comedian says, even when they dont get the joke god da…[View]
80800502>Not Luna This is when i knew Harry could not be redeemed as a protagonist…[View]
80800961I'm a marskman.[View]
80801082Imdb still going strong: It seems the suspension of message boards hasn't stopped users from po…[View]
80797361Disney live action: These are all upcoming... >The Lion King >Aladdin >Mulan >Winnie the…[View]
80799489Hey, /tv/! What's your favorite show on RFD TV? Mine is Dutch Oven Cookin' with Cee Dub![View]
80801742Could this be done today? Remember when things were comfy? ;_; https://youtu.be/JwCbbMgp3Lw[View]
80800870Why isn't this kino being discussed here?[View]
80801197justice league after credits scene leaked[View]
80799970Film: Film[View]
80799933Define 'kino'.[View]
80801507So why did Marv turn into a skeleton?[View]
80801335UNDISPUTED: Why don't you watch this god-tier banter kino, /tv/? It has best characters, arcs a…[View]
80800438>Check it, check it, check it >Now this is just an introduction >Before I blow your mind …[View]
80801513Was Jason a virgin? I bet /tv/ can relate to him.[View]
80801252>Only a master of tax evasion, Darth. [light saber clashing noise] What did he mean by this?…[View]
80801056Why are Americans so obsessed with losing their virginity?[View]
80801302No really, what was his fucking problem?[View]
80799276whats Corey Feldman up to these days ?[View]
80801392What is the look on that woman's face trying to convey?[View]
80801405http://steamcommunity.com/id/hex-pumpkin-pi/ Please, I would like a steamfriends gf![View]
80799881'All martians surf' What did she mean by this?[View]
80800648What was his problem? Didn't he like chicken?[View]
80799041Where the fuck do they find these people? Jeremy Kyle general I guess[View]
80800642ITT: Based Thrones Moments: >I understand that if any more words come pouring out your cunt mouth…[View]
80790667Twin Peaks: New Entertainment Weekly cover: JUST[View]
80801239>midnight screening: >line has cosplayers >line has chads in geek shirts >title card sho…[View]
80798418My ancestors are smiling at me, Marvel fags. Can you say the same?[View]
80800905WTF? Officially dropped as my Twin Peaks waifu[View]
80798150>Legendary actress Judy Garland was molested by several actors who portrayed Munchkins in The Wiz…[View]
80801030/tv/ WROTE AND MADE A SHOW: ay /tv/ i've been working in the crew for a low-key tv pilot for a …[View]
80792817So is this going to be good? No one is talking about it.[View]
80799115/prg/ Power Rangers General REMEMBERING KINO EDITION: >Current - Power Rangers Mystic Force >N…[View]
80800010>Dance off Bro! Me and You Jesus Christ shyamalan really?[View]
80797952>Needs to make at least 400 Million to break even >Only grossed 262 million worldwide Is this…[View]
80800842JUICE PRESS[View]
80800836Dalek Vore: Dalek Vore[View]
80789798What does /tv/ think of Black Mirror?[View]
80800764Legion pirate: Any torrent for episode 7 ? Cant find it on piratebay for some reason[View]
80798318What's the word of the day /tv/?[View]
80800769Why is Showtime, a premium channel that you pay extra for, not as good as FX, a basic cable channel?[View]
80798985I don't know about you guys but I think Alien: Covenant looks phenomenal. Don't believe me…[View]
80800674NAME: who is the girl in blue?[View]
80800637>So this is what it feels like[View]
80800352Who will play him in the inevitable biopic?[View]
80800589Scenes from Movies that Hit Close to Home: This exchange in Brokedown Palace is haunting. It's …[View]
80778747walking dead: is this a real character from the comics? I can't remember the ark of the Melon f…[View]
80798963shes more beautiful than milla.[View]
80800526>400 HOURS OF RAPE so glad to see that Dave still got it and didn't fall for the SJW meme…[View]
80799605>literally the only non-episodic tv-series I've ever watched was Stranger Things What are th…[View]
80799229He is so fucking good. Holy shit[View]
80800322What would he bring to your interview?[View]
80800115Let's play spot Wonder Woman[View]
80796923Bendmydick Cuckmyshit: What happened to him ? He was so popular 2-3 years ago, almost winning the o…[View]
80800277Deborah Durant: Deborah Durant[View]
80797593>During this fight, I've seen a lot of changing, in the way you feel about me, and in the wa…[View]
80791361Fargo season 3: First official trailer boys https://youtu.be/CHGXQ-Ub3NI Am i late?[View]
80792900Was this /tv/'s saddest moment? https://youtu.be/WDYz4C5mxjs https://youtu.be/QIbdRQHINMI[View]
80775321Webm Thread: >no webm thread well I guess I will start.[View]
80795132'Want your boat back Georgie? How about a nice balloon?'[View]
80794891>'You're sitting on the couch watching tv and your life is passing you by.'…[View]
80798098How about a poster thread[View]
80799705Riverdale: 1 week today lads and the hiatus is over and we're back to regular programming! hope…[View]
80799166>transforms into a hideous ogre >becomes more attractive What did they mean by this?…[View]
80799634Samurai Gourmet general: >Sick of all the SJW bullshit on tv, watched all my favourite shows mult…[View]
80799546Why didn't you save her, /tv/? ;_;[View]
80798781Power Rangers: What are the best seasons post-Time Force? I've watched through part of Dino Thu…[View]
80797948Please rate. http://bighugelabs.com/mosaic.php[View]
80797907>Joel era Average nerd watches movies with his good buddy robots >Mike era Fratboy jock watche…[View]
80799430>be a low-level Jew in Hollywood >start seeing anti-Jew shit on normie Twitter >start to wo…[View]
80798449ITT: Actors you could probably vanquish in single combat.[View]
80799333>happiness is only real when shared Is this guy fucking retarded?[View]
80799380/tv/: Céline Sallette[View]
80789521So what's your favourite Mythbusters episode?[View]
80797284I'm 10 minutes in and what is this? Is it just a bunch of historic meme images I'm suppose…[View]
80799124Power Rangers Marathon /krg/ Edition[View]
80799168ITT directors you have dropped Alejandro G. INARRITU Damien CHAZELLE Woody ALLEN Joel COEN Ethan COE…[View]
80799081'trump' >Audience laughs[View]
80799226Heh.. *eats piece of candy* it's no wonder you brainlets are so thrilled with what goes on in D…[View]
80799077What did you like about Ninja Turtles III?[View]
80798376What was her endgame?[View]
80799109I watched 6 seasons of the sopranos and 1 and a half of Oz and still can't tell if she is hot o…[View]
80795984FOTR>TTT>ROTK 3>6>7>8>5>1>2>4 IV>V>VI>III>I>II>RO>VI…[View]
80799070Is this the absolute highest form of kino?[View]
80795586>tfw Home Office has decided to keep you here for another fifty cycles with endless options for r…[View]
80797247Finally found the time to watch this. What did /tv/ think of it?[View]
80794824Post your top 5, others guess stuff about you >the third man >sunset boulevard >body double…[View]
80797930>Movie ends with Kelly taking big sasquatch dick What did Bobcat mean by this?…[View]
80798977Remember when Quentin Hackintino directed a shitty episode of CSI like a true auteur would?[View]
80798120Why couldn't they just be friends?[View]
80798923>We loved Stranger Things Why?[View]
80798910>What's your name? >JUST-In Time-berlake Really? Jesus christ. I turned this shit off rig…[View]
80798902A Clockwork Orange: A Clockwork Orange[View]
80798900>Is this some kind of a joke? Yes, I'm an obsessed nerd but I know this isn't real. It…[View]
80790369>I'm training the mitochondria in my legs, so I wear shorts[View]
80798830/tv/ lied to me! You said it would be okay to watch Step Brothers but it hit too close to home! I fu…[View]
80798860Why did so many girls fall in love with Tate Langdon from AHS s1? (myself included)[View]
80787891a-apologize!! HAHAHAHAHA[View]
80792087Say what you will about IF but you can't deny that the main character is white.[View]
80792823How will they show that she's gay? We'll it just open up with a scene of her muching down …[View]
80797878Marvel Absolutley BTFO: who can deny this isn't Kino? https://youtu.be/T8Ao5ptEYQg[View]
80798608https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bIMVrX9CaVw Name a scene more kino than this[View]
80796800/prg/ Power Rangers General IT'S NOT OVER YET EDITION: >Current - Power Rangers Mystic Force…[View]
80798243This guy's camera movements are just gimmicks.[View]
80793912Justice League Teaser: Marvelcucks on suicidewatch https://twitter.com/_Flashparodox_/status/8448736…[View]
80798373Hey /tv/ is this kino?[View]
80798592Are the Marvel shills right? Did Suicide Squad really not deserve an Oscar?[View]
80797799Reality show contestants finally leave after a year in the wilderness - only to find out their show …[View]
80795620at what episode does the simpsons become unwatchable?: pic related is a strong contender[View]
80789960>movie with a christian message has bad ratings on an extreme-left-leaning site with only liberal…[View]
80798359What did he mean by this?[View]
80798072inferno: Has anyone else seen this beautiful film? I recently finished it and have spent the past fe…[View]
80798453This series is straight up kino[View]
80797210How good are the other Zatoichi movies? I've only seen the first, it was pretty good.[View]
80798349>die on the battlefield >suddenly wake up the day before >this cutie ask you if she has so…[View]
80790677Death Note: >Cinematography looks like shit >Light Yagami looks like an drug addict >L is a…[View]
80798355Amy Jo Pink Ranger: So much fun taking my gorgeous god daughter Lexi Jayde to the Power Rangers Movi…[View]
80794530Poster Wars: Who will win, /tv/? Stake your claim and state your reasons. Dumping a few to get us st…[View]
80797314Religious movies: What's the best religious film? Would a Nation of Islam movie be good? >An…[View]
80798050JUST League Even the logo is completely bland[View]
80784679How many people actually think this movie is good?[View]
80796861Is this kino?[View]
80795835Did you ever hear the Tragedy of Darth Steven the Seagal? I thought not. It's not a story the M…[View]
80796022anyone knows this? it's a great flick.[View]
80780923Hancock 2008 Gross 624.4 million USD (largest original property superhero movie ever by leaps and b…[View]
80795182>film about war, blood, killing, PG 13 >include failed teen boyband singer >attract even mo…[View]
80797981>You fuckers can't even copy our game shows properly. Why do Americans keep trying bring Bri…[View]
80738967/lbg/ - letterboxd general: Commando edition. Previous thread: >>80693147 Also: >>806925…[View]
80797451Are they coming back?[View]
80797899>Bill Cosby: It's okay. Take your time. Then what happened? >Little Girl: He... he said …[View]
80796760If the Hollywood Death Note and Ghost in the Shell adaptations actually had Asian leads no one would…[View]
80797871>Dean Isrealite The ride never ends does it? I don't care if a character is gay or not but w…[View]
80791310Does this film have the greatest soundtrack of all time?[View]
80794677Why aren't there more movies about young, beautiful, strong, independent women? Only about a th…[View]
80796806GOTG 2 New Trailer https://youtu.be/hBqEGo8zOcE[View]
80797808Howdy comrade, whatdya think of the latest 'mericans episode?[View]
80797764Peppi Dlinnyychulok > Pippi Longstocking[View]
80795803>around survivors a 2pi*r create[View]
80797521Whats your favorite citykino?[View]
80797334Has this come out with English subs yet? Someone should do a MST3K on it or whatever.[View]
80782938How much do they doll up male actors? Look at Jensen Ackles here. He looks god-tier, how the fuck is…[View]
80795362Criterion Collection: What do you got /tv/? I have pic related, Vivre sa Vie, Band of Outsiders, Don…[View]
80794505>Would you suck a cock to keep your job at McDonalds? Damn. Is this the kind of question America…[View]
80797629ITT Movies cunnyposters should watch[View]
80797489What did I think of this?[View]
80797618wtf i want to visit colombia now?[View]
80791052>ywn see Jim Carrey play a serial killer who gets possessed by Carnage and then becomes the ultim…[View]
80797474Adam Curtis: >But this was all a fantasy... >[Burial starts playing] 1. The Century of the Sel…[View]
80792592How come no one is talking about this movie. It was awesome.[View]
80797133The Accountant: This scene trigger the hell out of me. We see a 4 engine plane, which is clearly CGI…[View]
80793058>'I don't have friends' HAHA >'I've got family.' what a loser…[View]
80776126Just want to confirm that she is what ruins the show[View]
80788389Gabagool? Over Here![View]
80797169We shitting our pants yet?: Booooy, do I have a feeling we're getting close. It's going to…[View]
80794933What are some movies where the protagonist takes a good thing and makes it worse?[View]
80787019Now that the dust has settled, was he, dare I say it, /our guy/?[View]
80797208When he showed up wearing this, I just turned the movie off[View]
80792456Shin Godzilla:: Any subs yet?[View]
80797068was it autism?[View]
80795829Does Crowder have what it takes to make it as a professional film critic? https://youtu.be/c1dYA-WEA…[View]
80791232really warms the heart[View]
80797028What's his problem?[View]
80797014I like you Cindy...[View]
80796874yoooooo TSA bruuuh shiiiieeeet yo SEX SLAVES nigga lmao this film was hilarious[View]
80796831Wanna know how I got these scars? Well...[View]
80792716They made a sequel to this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WbV7MRBWlk8[View]
80779814CHOOSE ONE[View]
80792796If the aliens know past, present and future, how did they not already have a plan in place to keep t…[View]
80796785What was her problem?[View]
80796593>50% worse opening than Godzilla 2014 >faster drop than Godzilla 2014 And that movie was consi…[View]
80796697What was her endgame?[View]
80796255What is Disney's most cancerous franchise?: Personally I think it's these fucking live act…[View]
80796289Is this movie racist or is it just a /pol/ maymay?[View]
80794846Power Rangers Marathon Violet Monroe Edition[View]
80796508The greater good![View]
80796027Is it capeshit?[View]
80795145Now that the dust has settled: Was it funny enough to RE-instate the 5-star rating system on Netflix…[View]
80795218When will he make his comeback?[View]
80796359He was a beautiful, innocent creature. What did Ralphie ever do to you? fuck Tony[View]
80795431does it ever blow your mind how unlikeable EVERY single character on voyager is? except the doctor,…[View]
80782480Are you guys ready for the next superhero cinematic universe? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=zs2SrqL…[View]
80793709Now that the claws have settled, how do you rate the Japanese Wolverine movie?[View]
80793870Do you prefer Yojimbo or Fistful?[View]
80795713Post great B movies[View]
80795228>we're gonna go in quietly[View]
80795035ooOOooOOoooOo It is I, the ghost of Bud Spencer. Where is my sticky? I cannot rest in peace until I …[View]
80795733>2 characters about to do something dangerous >'are you ready?' >'no you?' >''no' >…[View]
80786883>MUH BAHBEL[View]
80795001>rich >hot >popular What was his fucking problem?…[View]
80781229Thoughts on Bo Burnham?[View]
80792774B A B Y: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D9YZw_X5UzQ[View]
80789278I just saw Beauty and the Beast in the theater. Did anyone else go see it?[View]
80795510The Exorcist: What do you guys think of this? It's one of my favourite movies is the remake sho…[View]
80790057/prg/ doesnt seem to care about the movie, so I think separate thread wont hurt anyone Just seen thi…[View]
80794898Alien Covenant: Is this going to be film of the year or another Prometheus-level destruction of a tr…[View]
80795365'Trust me! I know what I'm doing!' Police comedy KINO![View]
80794797/CSG/ - CHRIS STUCKMANN GENERAL - POWER RANGERS EDITION: youtube.com/watch?v=nOJ0f6KRbIs&spfrelo…[View]
80794776Overused vampire idea implented into two oldfags fighting over a mildly hot grill spammed for 8 seas…[View]
80795175Just spent over $1200 on these movies what am I in for? The Accountant Trolls Mike and Dave Need W…[View]
80791495what are some other Casey kino?[View]
80789379Just got back from this (Australian here), fucking great movie. Not a cliche in sight, the character…[View]
80793320Inception: I've just watched this film again. I think it's the best film I've ever se…[View]
80787132Is LOVE worth watching? is it one of those social awkward no friend 4chan loser gets the hot girl ty…[View]
80794963Who are your favorite actors? Mine are Russell Crowe, Tom Cruise and Mads[View]
80794916Or perhaps he's wondering why you'd shoota load, before putting on a rubber[View]
80793446I WAS IN THE POOL![View]
80794564>half the movie is a story no one gives a shit about >doyle's cinematography ages like mi…[View]
80793785What is your favorite Channel 4 comedy?[View]
80794608U R Stupid[View]
80794547Having loved Silence, watching this was a massive disappointment. Complete waste of time. The movie…[View]
80789905Who would you cast in a remake of the 1992 classic Stay Tuned?[View]
80793758Just marathoned the first 10 minutes of the Alphas pilot and the edits with the names/powers made me…[View]
80794509>What did they use to call him? >...Mr. Glass WHAT A TWEEEEST…[View]
80788441So this is what love feels like?[View]
80793273Endings That Make You Think: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PPSnuKVlJ9M >Amanda falls unconsciou…[View]
80793921Did you ever hear the tragedy of Darth Bane the Big? I thought not. It’s not a story the CIA would t…[View]
80789802Will it be good, lads?[View]
80794366Man In The High Castle: >You just look out for yourself, is that it Frank? >Yeah. That's …[View]
80794314Post comfy shows.[View]
80793132Power Rangers Marathon Mystic Force Edition[View]
80790826That was unexpected, I thought Polly was going to be hot[View]
80792974What was the Simpsons episode that killed the series for you? I mean the breaking point when you cou…[View]
80789999>What are you going to do about it faggot?[View]
80794047>Supah hero, Static Shock[View]
80778243Why is this special so fucking good? DAVE CHAPELLE IS BACK MOTHERFUCK YOUR COUCH Blackpilled Comedia…[View]
80793004Is this getting another season?[View]
80789160Episode 2 already on netflix[View]
80793489The inevitable biopic: >imagine being Jar Jar post-Republic >literally a naive faggot who help…[View]
80793947Tell me about the bagged men...[View]
80789896what did he mean by this?[View]
80793933>go on /tv/ >open catalog >ctrl + f >how can white boys even compete >0 results …[View]
80781140>Laura removes the cross and places an X in its place Literally stopped watching, got outta my se…[View]
80792001Is Nagisa Oshima secretly best Jap director? inb4 Kurosawa/Ozu/Kobayashi[View]
80793780Dr Oscar A. Ward, i'm RIA, Raper in Ascension.[View]
80793661Is there any official word on a new season of Nathan For You, or is it all hearsay?[View]
80791672Stick to the Shankar gritty-reboot Power Rangers short film: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RQd-d8d…[View]
80788835So, what the hell was this about?[View]
80788740what the fuck was his problem?![View]
80786315In town you were the law, out here it's me. Don't push it. Don't push it or I'll…[View]
80787295BvS isn't a good movie. It could have been if it explained more backstory about what happened t…[View]
80781049Let's talk about Woody Allen, /tv/. What's his best kino? Annie Hall goes without saying, …[View]
80788278ITT: villains who did LITERALLY nothing wrong[View]
80789561Real thread on /tv/: What did you think of it?[View]
80791294who would win in a fight between >Ares from John Wick: Chapter 2 >Abigail from Resident Evil: …[View]
80792526>character goes to bar >meets stranger hot chick >1 minute later they have sex in the bar t…[View]
80792263Hi welcome to Jake's showcase![View]
80791150Power Rangers Marathon Energy Chasers Edition[View]
80790458This movie was actually quite comfy.[View]
80789102*Zither music intensifies*[View]
80792579Why was he called agent zero?[View]
80792500Shout out to the Anon that recommended Banshee. What a fantastic series. Can't get enough of it…[View]
80787256_WTF_??? This show is so fucking cool. I'm angrery at past me for not watching when it was airi…[View]
80790334Who is this?[View]
80787426Movie commentary channels never look for the good in movies, they never look for the positive in fil…[View]
80791377why isn't there more of this on television and in movies? it's kino as shit[View]
80792219Baywatch will save movies 2017: https://youtu.be/eyKOgnaf0BU are we ready?[View]
80791493Listen, you fucking fringe, if I throw a dog a bone, I don't want to know if it tastes good or …[View]
80791787What does /tv/ think of Wasp Woman?[View]
80788340Post some unintentionally cringe-worthy moments from tv and film[View]
80791854He still can get it, even with that ant eater nose![View]
80791830Are there other movies as kino as this one out there?[View]
80785083>Within 5 years Hollywood will be making fully functional CGI versions of actors who died in the …[View]
80788370I'm going to squat on a potato chair... AND SHIT IT![View]
80790943So i wodner, Do tv shows like southpark and family guy need to pay up when only Naming a celebrity, …[View]
80791547Rick and Morty: Making a Rick and Morty theme based server, right now as we speak. Literally has not…[View]
80791753Is it safe?[View]
80789674Is he autistic?[View]
80791572Famous tv/film you haven't seen: What are 'important' or otherwise popular, well-known films an…[View]
80789173What are some good films about junkie degenerates receiving the only fate they deserve?[View]
80787232What are some films that help deal with the crippling depression of hearing your housemate fucking a…[View]
80786860Help finding a movie? It was a zombie apocalypse movie, where some guy is on a camping trip and he i…[View]
80787332Post your first /tv/ crush[View]
80783805/disneychannel/ General: What's /tv/'s favorite Disney Channel show?[View]
80773780Describe this actress with 2 words ___ ____[View]
80791107What was cut out[View]
80785411What do you think about this Olivia Cooke interview, /tv/? Is she /ourgirl/? >If you could offer…[View]
80790771>Eden = Neverland >Logan villain with a robotic hand is Captain Hook Anyone else think the 3…[View]
80788834who was in the wrong here?[View]
80788238Can someone explain to me how a millions of dollars show set looks 1000x worse than the cheap dollar…[View]
80789584This movie was underrated.[View]
80781565/survivor/ general - best coast edition: >tfw you fucked up real good…[View]
80789222Power Rangers Marathon SPD vs VR Troopers Edition[View]
80787811So the rumors of Stephen King's IT being turned into feminist trash are true?[View]
80789446>Jedi gets his lightsaber >Fly right up to his face ???…[View]
80790330Who would you cast in a remake of the 1992 classic Mom and Dad Save the World?[View]
80788149WTF WHY IS BONES SO FAT?!?[View]
80790408Why does VOY have such a quality disparity in its episodes? The good episodes are easily some of the…[View]
80788156>should be watching 8 1/2 and Zerkalo >watching early Seagal flicks instead is being pleb is w…[View]
80784169I'm going to spend all night watching interviews with delightful young women on late night talk…[View]
80789741Is there a more overrated director?: Nolan is the normiefag director? Jesus christ, everytime someon…[View]
80790043What's his endgame?[View]
80784302/yify/ Appreciation General: >autists keep saying that you're supposed to download a 30GB Bl…[View]
80788551Next time they showa marvel movie in the cinema, don't go to it The MCU is dead, bury it. Consi…[View]
80789852>Obnoxious characters >Guns with unlimited ammo and no recoil >Want to stop but already 20 …[View]
80789290>I tell you what, since Kevin is out, I'll give you the money that you want and you get to k…[View]
80788796what the fuck was up with richard gere playing a japanese guy in this movie?[View]
80789137NO FOR GAY JESUS![View]
80789261The Wailing: tbqhwy famalams best horror movie that I have seen[View]
80789612Dr Oscar A Ward, i'm RIA (AKA -- Raper in Ascension)[View]
80787087Wow, Drive WAS good.[View]
80781164DEATH NOTE (2017): >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zS9UW2xjdqE Just kill me.…[View]
80789611Who would you cast in a remake of the 1988 classic My Stepmother Is an Alien?[View]
80788251Wes General: Moonrise Kingdom holds the best ending of all his films, you know I'm right. Also …[View]
80789031>A random bruce willis appears wtf?[View]
80788472What are the best bits of western animation?: Like justice league and stuf, specific movies I can wa…[View]
80786964Childhood is idolizing El Asso Wipo. Adulthood is realizing Señor Bag of Crap made more sense.[View]
80786501Is there any ice skating kino?[View]
80787745claim you are Murphu[View]
80784773How did this asshole win an Oscar with 5 mi uses of screen time?[View]
80788781>Look what I have risen above. What did he mean by this?[View]
80787275What are /tv/'s opinion on this movie?[View]
80787224Power rangers sucks ass: Holy fuck this movie is bad. I went in expecting the corny jokes and the qu…[View]
80787465Power Rangers Marathon Wallpaper Edition[View]
80788814>Characters go on a road trip >Reaches rural America >Pic related starts playing…[View]
80788059I watched the first few episodes of Iron Fist after /tv/ was all, 'is this the hill you want to…[View]
80788590That's it. I'm sick of all this 'Marvel Cape Kino' bullshit that's going on /tv/ righ…[View]
80788327lol why was this film so well shot? Up until the helicopter crash is was Scorsese tier cinematograph…[View]
80788468Intoxicated Nick > Schmidt > Winston > Regular Nick > Coach > Cece > Jess > Nic…[View]
80777798>have to turn TV up for dialogue because people sound like they're talking in whispers >h…[View]
80787884What's your favorite thing to drink/snack on during kino? For me, it's Wild Cherry CapriSu…[View]
80788606Do some kids with actual problems end up being attractive in real life[View]
80785852Why was she trying to trick herself into believing she was just a broke karate teacher? What was the…[View]
80788519Looking for zombie horror movie name: It's about guy whose sister is locked inside asylum. He w…[View]
80787186Could they honestly have ended it in a more perfect way?[View]
80785154Into the Wild (2007): >I also know how important it is in life not necessarily to be strong but t…[View]
80788010Red State is a fantastic film. I highly recommend you go in blind as does Joe Rogan. Tusk is a funny…[View]
80788491Is Thief of Bagdad the most entertaining of the old silent-era Hollywood epics? The 1920's-era …[View]
80788406Christ I never cry at movies but this one hit me. Streaming out of both eyes and when she starts sin…[View]
80788121the fuck was that crime film where the bad guy glued an envelope to the inside of postbox, so it wou…[View]
80788277IM ALL IN[View]
80787618>this reddit-tier garbage Walked out of the theater right then and there.…[View]
80787487Would you?[View]
80785604Draw a scene from a movies in Mspaint. I'll start[View]
80787581Meet the new James Bond /tv/.[View]
80786772Sasha is Holly vice versa: you saw it here first anons[View]
80787827how do they get away with this???[View]
80787231Who is the Vegeta of capeshit?[View]
80784363So how did Apophis open the stargate back up when he made his initial attack on Earth?[View]
80783567mods are asleep, post some movies[View]
80783233Who was in the wrong here?: No, seriously, who was in the wrong here?[View]
80767984What went wrong[View]
80783958Hey earl![View]
80787076So is this canon ? I dont follow the comics so i wanna ask some of you marvel cucks about your thoug…[View]
80785949Do you realize these two characters were basically royalty in their backward fucking culture?[View]
80783771Why is there an axe on a spaceship?[View]
80769697Why does he say the n word so much? It's like n word this, n word that. Whenever he references …[View]
80786875What's the point of Iron Fist on this team? Daredevil is already a martial artist trying to en…[View]
80785197I made a promise, Mister Frodo. A promise! 'Don't you leave him Samwise Gamgee.' And …[View]
80787779https://streamable.com/cmctg You fucks told me this was better than Daredevil and Jessica Jones. Wha…[View]
80787742Do you fear death?[View]
80787665>All the feels in this video ;_; It's really sad to see Jackman gone forever from the Wolver…[View]
80784184tell me, /tv/, would you live in San Junipero?[View]
80787445The smoking in bed scene should be replaced with the texting in bed scene.[View]
80787622'I'm so bored right now I don't even know if I'm peeing'[View]
80784858Who remembers the Peggy Hill foot fetish episode on King of the Hill?[View]
80787297Is this movie any good?[View]
80785802Anyone here ever try to do stand up? How did it go?[View]
80785201Arrival: Noggin Joggin edition: I avoided watching this for some reason but I just did, it was actua…[View]
80787400Did he do it (her)?[View]
807734223x3 thread https://bighugelabs.com/mosaic.php rate and recc[View]
80786556Why do anime fans hate western adaptions so much? Is it because they're mostly just sheltered m…[View]
80785284R-E-S-C-U-E Rescue Aid So-ci-e-ty Heads held high, touch the sky You mean everything to me![View]
80786608>We want the Reddit audience[View]
80786609considering the success of Jordan Peele's Get Out, why haven't you started your Allison Wi…[View]
80787113Starting a new show: So I've started watching 'It's always Sunny in Philadelphia' the show…[View]
80786376>not chainsmoking while drinking vodka from a 1.5L container while marathoning MST3K and contempl…[View]
80787203>There was only one night game a year. On the 4th of July the whole sky would brighten up with fi…[View]
80787064>they killed Gaston again Was he really that evil?[View]
80785729Power Rangers Marathon Judgement Edition[View]
80778458Her: Why no one talks about this lonely guy sci-fi kino? tfw feeling more alone than ever after watc…[View]
80787125Drag Race Season 9: ONE MORE DAY I CAN NOT FUCKING WAIT OMG[View]
80786340What does /tv/ think of this movie? I'm planning on rewatching this tonight. I saw it back in 2…[View]
80786941wtf flash isn't supposed to make me cry https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gWwEtE7JKLQ >tfw no …[View]
80785682Rookie audiophile hear, anyone else appreciate a good listen?[View]
80786750who's your favorite gay actor, /tv/?[View]
80778014Is 'The Horde' Vs. David Dunn going to be the best superhero/non-superhero film ever? Even better th…[View]
80784763L O S T Thread: Daily L O S T Thread Fav character >Durn Fav episode >Live Together, Die Alone…[View]
80782150Movie review YT channels: Anyone know any essential or cringey movie review channels? https://youtu.…[View]
80782556Has anyone here seen this and, if so, what are your thoughts?[View]
80786756Why was this graffiti in English? Shouldn't it be in Valyrian?[View]
80749744Is LoveCraft simply too scary to adapt?[View]
80773531Stream a bunch of anthology horror shows tonight on cytube including Goosebumps, Tales from the Cryp…[View]
80775940It's a Dr Phil gets WOKE AS FUCK episode https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KIWssyyAk0I[View]
80785266>hello... Gordon[View]
80776559What did these clowns do before RLM?[View]
80786451>Running a gym? What, you need a workout or somethin'? Jesus fuckin' Christ with these …[View]
80785855running man: let's just all take a second to appreciate the running man. this movie perfectly p…[View]
80786423>pee on yourself what did she mean by this? did shalamalamadingdong do a good job on this movie?…[View]
80785716What is the Storage Wars of movies?[View]
80784634This film was actually a masterpiece, bravo Nolans and all.[View]
80783930Post some awkward teen movies[View]
80784306MIKE LAZZO DEAD AT 58: http://splitsider.com/2017/03/mike-lazzo-president-of-adult-swim-is-dead-at-5…[View]
80782466Why can't horror films be truly scary? You all know you've had 1,000,000 ideas for better …[View]
80784950you now remember /tv/ made a kino. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qnI7J7A-WMQ[View]
80783826Can /tv/ recommend a good movie about someone put in charge of improving a place but failing miserab…[View]
80784792ITT: movies that you didn't expect to fap to but did: >inb4 Schindler's list…[View]
80782849What are some films that have especially good sound editing/sound direction?[View]
80786127>we gore now[View]
80786088What are some documentaries on the subject of drinking and drug culture?[View]
80786068>It's a 'Mods are too busy jerking off to child pornography to do anything about the cunny a…[View]
80784805What scenes have been burnt into your mind and will scare you if you start to think about them for t…[View]
80785178*blocks your path*[View]
80784247What is your favorite Academy Award winning movie of 2016? Pic related.[View]
80784526Was it autism?[View]
80784666(Dial up noise)[View]
80785809>horsey sauce what did jay mean by this? what did gilchrist mean by this? what did mike think of …[View]
80767776Star Trek has predicted/inspired many of today's modern technologies -Cell Phones -Computer Tab…[View]
80783476What are some films where, against all odds, two drastically different people learn to become friend…[View]
80776042ITT: Office jokes you didn't get[View]
80784270Can network shows be kino? Pic related is great.[View]
80785651>We're super friends What did they mean by this?[View]
80782692What is your favorite Seinfeld Shounen Arc?[View]
80784283Power Rangers General #578 - /prg/: Currently Watching: - Power Rangers SPD Episode 21 Up Next: - Po…[View]
80785509GET OUT OF HERE![View]
80784264More vintage kino like this?[View]
80785443Why do they geo-block their content? I've already cancelled my subscription because most of the…[View]
80784155ITT: Characters that got fucked over and did nothing wrong[View]
80785215Now where could my pipe be?[View]
80784410>watch new Chappelle >constantly reminded he will never be pic related again Can we just mourn…[View]
80775727what's the best episode of this show?[View]
80785287I would have preferred it if they had all remained talking objects.[View]
80785169The Bay: >Dr. Abrams, I'm CDC Just saw this after getting recommended it. Honestly one of th…[View]
80784223best show on tv? i think so[View]
80785156ITT: Sequelkinos >dem feels during the ending[View]
80785252Anyone looking forward to Part 2 of The Get Down in a couple weeks? Seems like Part 1 got ignored in…[View]
80781487Surprisingly impactful lines.[View]
80785204Nicotine, valium, vicodin, marijuana, ecstasy and alcohol Nicotine, valium, vicodin, marijuana, ecst…[View]
80785228So what did /tv/ think of Get Out?[View]
80783924Does it get good?: Just watched literally 5 minutes of the first episode and had to give up during t…[View]
80784945What should her costume to be like in GCS? First of all don't even say anything lewd, because i…[View]
80781096What is this expression trying to convey?: Not trolling, I'm actually legitimately curious.…[View]
80779812You guys like Charmed?[View]
80782677Hey /tv/. What are the absolute worst examples of celebrity nepotism? No Max Landis.[View]
80768668Shin Godzilla 2016 DVDrip x264 AC3 5.1 ADC: >Shin Godzilla 2016 DVDrip x264 AC3 5.1 ADC >Shin …[View]
80781476Remember that time they made a frat movie starring Goofy? ...That was weird, wasn't it?[View]
80784925Best episode from your least favorite character? Worst episode from your favorite character?[View]
80784754He's gone for 3 years and he comes back for this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PiU1gAoV2t4…[View]
80784827*blocks your path*[View]
80784776What went wrong[View]
80784607Kino that celebrates the festive and joyful holiday that is easter.[View]
80784502ITT: upcoming /tv/core: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VDm_2m-Hg6c[View]
80777092Why are we walking like this?[View]
80784210Was it a movie about (((them)))?[View]
80784309>It's your time, boy.[View]
80774065Who was in the wrong here?[View]
80784226Pretty good desu[View]
80783077Who was in the wrong here?[View]
80784203>that scene where Dennis describes watching his parents fuck every Sunday. Weird shit in kids mo…[View]
80784196Feech: How come nobody gave a shit when Tony ratted out Feech LaManna? Dude just got out after 20 ye…[View]
80784192Is Matt a mean drunk?[View]
80784190Would this movie have been better received in today's political environment?[View]
80781302How do you make a movie that only people with autism likes? I want just one movie that I can ask som…[View]
80778830IT'S A JOKE[View]
80780469ITT : Movies that started out with a cool premise but became a whole different shitshow[View]
80773669>leaving Netflix April 1 F[View]
80779135Find a flaw: You can't[View]
80775592Holy shit. This is a perfect movie.[View]
80781591*Blocks your path.*[View]
80783729Hey /tv/, check out this new season of cops https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kykw0Dch2iQ[View]
80782647/prg/ Power Rangers General #258[View]
80783961Jesus Christ this film was tense as fuck[View]
80783748What did he mean by this?[View]
80781668>It's a 'the one true love for the average looking poor girl is a rich handsome charismatic …[View]
80782236>I'm listening. What's on your mind?[View]
80768618Does /tv/ prefer Veronica or Betty?[View]
80782356ITT: the pinnacle of Haremkino[View]
80783730MST3K: It is happening again. https://youtu.be/5ct0Z2bQndM[View]
80783192This is the only reason to watch IRON FIST[View]
80777363Is this what comedy kino looks like?[View]
80774111What was his endgame? https://youtu.be/tWdgAMYjYSs[View]
80775730Who's ready for Power Rangers?[View]
80781688find a flaw[View]
80782142Why is it called 'my 600 pound life', when most of these grotesque fucking slobs are pushing 800, 90…[View]
80782807Is it good?[View]
80779990Movies that depict how /pol/ has taken over /tv/: Using the tired 'movies that depict' subversion of…[View]
80774658>Arrive to new region >Bring horse to a halt >Say name of region outloud >Continue ridin…[View]
80777855times you walked out of a movie theatre: times you actually walked out a movie theatre right then an…[View]
80783097define 'heist movie' because apparently Reservoir Dogs doesn't count, even though it's the…[View]
80781828Why do people watch any TV shows except for this?[View]
80783254Post your guilty pleasures[View]
80782438>White kid falls from the literal sky onto an Asian nation and becomes their chosen warrior >…[View]
80782063What the fuck was her problem?[View]
80781956>...and I heard him yell before I saw him. I can't describe the sound which he uttered but i…[View]
80783105>bank heist movie >character narrates their plan as it's happening in real time…[View]
80772352Split.2016.1080p.HC.WEBRip.x264.AAC2.0-BOOP: >Split.2016.1080p.HC.WEBRip.x264.AAC2.0-BOOP >Spl…[View]
80774515Hey nerds I have never watched star trek does anyone have a suggestion on where to start? the old se…[View]
80782846Do you have a knife?[View]
80782542What's the worst book to film casting decision in film/tv history?[View]
80782820Friendly reminder this is the greatest show ever written: and examined the modern American family an…[View]
80782468So is it true Jay/Jerry used patreon money to cover court costs when he got caught driving without i…[View]
80780796how do you get handsome and charming teevee?[View]
80781233Who's your favorite Mad Men character?[View]
80780471Has Disney been good or bad for Star Wars?[View]
80782518In trying times like these I like to enjoy a delicious Wolf Cola[View]
80778091>'Woops! I dropped my monster condom, that I use for my magnum dong!' Anyone else notice that Fra…[View]
80776372What aspect of society was Iron Fist supposed to explore?[View]
80777701ITT: Nightmare films.[View]
80774894Give me the essential Drake Bell kino[View]
80782321>writers are Jewish Really makes ya think[View]
80781881The names Bond...James Bond[View]
80781719Does this shit get any better? I just finished watching season 1 and I am a couple episodes into the…[View]
80777646Book or series? Which is better?[View]
80766102What did yours turn into?[View]
80778632what the fuck is his problem?[View]
80781968Is Judge Frollo the Disney villain with the most amount of screentime?[View]
80781935The people slamming this in their blogs are the same people praising Jessica Jones DD s2 > IF = D…[View]
80780415/prg/ Power Rangers General #257: Where's Trini edition[View]
80778050POST YOUR AESTHETICS: Post your favorite and most aesthetic webms, stills and gifs. Rate those above…[View]
80781737*blocks your path*[View]
80781718It's just a jump to the left[View]
80778812this show has some good çunny[View]
80767421What is your take on actresses wearing short hair, pixie hair and etc.[View]
80781641Logan Thread: LOGAN, I CANT REACH THIS TOBASCO HOT SAUCE ON THE FLOOR *bends down* Logan (YOU): What…[View]
80776779Is this accurate?[View]
80776665Is this pure Nick kino?[View]
80763519Vroom!: Don't mind me, just best movie car passing through[View]
80781563https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MIkfLJDPo3I Who was in the wrong here?[View]
80781524Cop Rock > The Wire and The Shield combined[View]
80776867Penny Dreadful discussion thread? No one I know has seen it & it's a shame because it'…[View]
80779844what did he mean by this?[View]
80775459>created by dave chappelle[View]
80781220What did he mean by this?[View]
80780142Quick tv should i watch Single White Female or The Bank Job?[View]
80779530Why isn't there a mathematical/logical basis to approaching film like music theory?[View]
80774626Big Brother Canada 5: It's the /bb/ game thread. Show starts in a few bings less than a bong.…[View]
80781211You like Huey Lewis and the News?[View]
80777308Movies That Depict The Goat States[View]
80781161Ex Machina: Did I like it?[View]
80769671Who the fuck green-lit this? More importantly: Why? ffs how hard can it be to find a skinny, balding…[View]
80780786>make a kodi kino machine out of a fire tv stick >all the best kinos at a click >too many c…[View]
80775231Did you niggas like Goliath?[View]
80780659You're a big trend[View]
80779301>tfw NWR's next project is not a kino but a fucking webshow for Amazon Prime…[View]
80775743Where does he go from here?: His whole act and persona was based around being this 'dark' 'edgy' com…[View]
80777186>why can't iron fist be asian? >'NO! HE WAS ORIGINALLY WHITE, REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE…[View]
80776041actually, what was her problem?[View]
80779074Post ideas that will makes shows better: The Walking Dead: >Introduce Jesse Pinkman as a main cha…[View]
80778334/designatedsurvivor/: I Love the Deep State[View]
80775723This bitch cannot act to save her life Is there some kind of nepotism going on? why did they choose…[View]
80780496>BigGuyTwitter is trending >Not a single Big Guy has actually been tweeted You fags disappoint…[View]
80779317Me on the right[View]
80780638Wave a penny under the Jew's nose; if they got living breath in them, brings them right around.[View]
80777002What was the moral of the story?[View]
80778464Is this kinographia pura? https://youtu.be/apxofnAHsAA >Bonus track: https://youtu.be/6dKV5zqNGeE…[View]
80780531Shit no one remembers.[View]
80779342Everyone who told me Pootie Tang was a bad movie lied to me.[View]
80775850The Red Green Show: Name a more hilariously funny show >Pro tip: you can't Also, Red Green t…[View]
80776356https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ct0Z2bQndM >trailer starts with buttrock >gets worse fuuuuuc…[View]
80779068What are some good films about the human condition?[View]
80780281Red-Pill me on the Underworld franchise[View]
80779792ITT: Dumb stupid idiots.[View]
80780092I just started watching the most recent season of Gotham they have on Netflix, and what the fuck is …[View]
80777276Who was in the wrong here?[View]
80777622>It's a Truman downloads 100GB of child porn and when he watch the videos he finds out that …[View]
80779938https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FqT2uOa1-d0 what was disney smoking when they made this? fucking hel…[View]
80779904damn that was sad. how was the repercussion on that time?[View]
80773446>characters play chess >it's a metaphor for something else…[View]
80776883do they really need to be fighting over a river of lava?[View]
80777994>'h-he's having so much fun with the ice cream truck!'[View]
80777209can anyone rec me a film like this?[View]
80774968>4chan hates gay themes because it encourages children to be gay >4chan hates blacks >Movie…[View]
80776280Thought I'd catch up on The Walking Dead... >The Kingdom This is next level autism. How is …[View]
80778613Where is he now?[View]
80778423What's your favorite gambling scene, /tv/? Mine's either Hell or High Water's poker o…[View]
80776195The Magicians - SyFy: New episode of the Adventures of Grad Hogwarts Students begins on SyFy in like…[View]
80777988POWER RANGERS MARATHON - /prg/: NOW: Power Rangers S.P.D. NEXT: Power Rangers Mystic Force[View]
80779428https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Udg-6zR5Swc In the same universe as Iron Man and Hulk, THIS happened…[View]
80779268just new boot goofin'[View]
80776441>Live action show/film has brief animated segments >The brief animated segments are more enter…[View]
80778302Death Note: >Implying it won't be Kino https://youtu.be/zS9UW2xjdqE Inb4 triggered weebshits…[View]
80775449Why did he do it lads?[View]
80779277what was the point of this character? just to piss me off?[View]
80778559It's ok to kidnap strong independent women if you're rich.[View]
80778714Are race relations in hollywood better or worse than they were 5 years ago?[View]
80778538Holy fuck this was great! What did YOU think?[View]
80773734gypsy hanging from the ceiling? NO THANK YOU[View]
80775512Who was the best character from this show?[View]
80778872LETS GO![View]
80767596STOP WHITEWASHING!!!! Racist Hollywood fuck![View]
80775899How the fuck dose Channel Awesome have this manny subs?: Is Doug paying people?[View]
80774256Will Anasophia Robb get more work and respect in Hollywood as a redhead?[View]
80778298>Netflix's Death Note >A Netflix ORIGINAL film…[View]
80778595>Hear about Black Mirror >Decide to watch it Great now I just feel angry and sick…[View]
80778166>Trini Kwan >She's Mexican Why is this allowed?…[View]
80778500>Movie ends with Kelly taking big sasquatch dick What did Bobcat mean by this?…[View]
80774575Is he best youtube reviewer?[View]
80778457Is /co/ ready for Baykino?[View]
80772229Ant Man and The Wasp Leaks: Well, my boss is in big trouble. Last Monday I got my hands on the ant-m…[View]
80777572What the FUCK was his problem?[View]
80777508Films that predicted the future[View]
80778041finally saw it. cool flick shoutout to ign for spoiling the ending for me in an article about a diff…[View]
80777124What are some other movies about crop theft?[View]
80777775Holy shit! This looks nice as fuck. And nobody ever talked about it here... FUCK YOU /tv/![View]
80770895Power rangers BTFO: >lesbian power rangers confirm for publicity stunt >Trini being retcon to…[View]
80776712this movie is very overrated[View]
80776177There are not enough good movies about giant monsters wrecking shit[View]
80776383The 100 Live Thread: New episode starting now. S3/E7 Gimme Shelter[View]
80773449Best Avatar Character: Who is the best character in Avatar and why is it Uncle Iroh?[View]
80777230Serial killer/ crime documentaries: any other good documentaries like this one? About crime, serial …[View]
80777386Question: Why is her suit black? Answer: Her suit becomes color of the property it makes contact wit…[View]
80777359Trope thread: >Pan up from white picket fence >'Once in a Lifetime' starts playing >Cut to…[View]
80769941Would you live in Mayberry?[View]
80770367Do you think she'll be treated more like an adult in season 3 of Dark Matter?[View]
80772577POWER RANGERS Spoilers: >The movie begins with the original alien Power Rangers battling Rita…[View]
80775928Power Rangers Marathon /prg/: Judgement Mode Edition NOW: Power Rangers S.P.D. NEXT: Power Rangers M…[View]
80773188Survivor General: New episode of Survivor begins in 30 mins. Who are we rooting for again?[View]
80774076Did the end credit teaser for Power Rangers been leaked yet?[View]
80766931*hunches over and laughs*[View]
80772259Damn - tabby cats look like THAT!?[View]
80776860Why are the Illuminati trying to romanticize autism.[View]
80776800Is there any hope for ventriloquism on TV?: It used to be a beloved staple of late night talk shows …[View]
80774344What is the best American Dad episode and why is it Rapture's Delight?[View]
80775439If you're not British and you like the British office better than the American office you shoul…[View]
80774397Is this KINO? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=95xCbKcr-RI[View]
80776776ITT: Criminally underrated actors.: I'll start with the obvious. Nick Wolfhard is super underra…[View]
80774758How do we save /tv/?[View]
80755475GHOST IN THE SHELL: first 5 minutes. old thread is almost dead https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HlXuA…[View]
80775310Are there any other directors who make films like Refn? I know some say his techniques are style ove…[View]
80776677How did the same person make these two films?[View]
80774884Directors who UNJUSTED: Seriously show me one other director who went from JUST to UNJUST with such …[View]
80773215What was the best season?[View]
80776398It is really that terrible? The casting is fucking amazing.[View]
80775822My free year of Netflix ended, only have Prime video left. Any good movies or shows on it? Most lo…[View]
80776588Is Matt a mean drunk?[View]
80776586What is he looking at?[View]
80776517Are we just going to ignore the fact that Gao literally had super fucking powers in one fight scene …[View]
80776487AJ soprano wanted to be Trumps helicopter pilot. is he /ourguido/? is he the one foretold in legend,…[View]
80776233Which had the best twist ending[View]
80775078Cast them in the upcoming movie.[View]
80776001BOAT KINO: https://m.liveleak.com/view?i=414_1490056877[View]
80774212Milius suffered a major financial reversal in the late 1990s and early 2000s when his accountant emb…[View]
80745862>Dave Chappele FUCK YOUR PC CORRECT SHIT NIGGUH Shame hes a fucking mudslime but based as all hel…[View]
80775572Power Rankings: 1. Clerks 2. Dogma 3. Mallrats 4. Chasing Amy 5. J &SB SB 6. Zach and Miri…[View]
80775585Cahiers du cinema has failed us all. Today marks the first day of me revitalizing me both film and f…[View]
80776267Greatest victory movies: What are some movies where a seemingly invincible villain is beaten against…[View]
80773889Have you ever watched a movie with GearVR or Daydream? How was it?[View]
80776162Inbetweeners thread: Oh friend![View]
80770841>Godzilla: King of the Monsters - March 22, 2019 >Godzilla vs. Kong - May 29, 2020 Are you rea…[View]
80776000NOW GET THE GUNS[View]
80760517https://youtu.be/5ct0Z2bQndM JUST FUCK MY MYSTERY SCIENCE RIGHT UP[View]
80772061What is this pose trying to convey?[View]
80775849Love or hate?[View]
80775305*blocks your chi*[View]
80775741What went wrong?[View]
80775694Modern adaptation of the Boxer Rebellion when?[View]
80763254>giant monster has a character in their hand >is about to bite their fucking head off >anot…[View]
80756141Why do the Jurassic Park writers have such an aversion to realistic dinosaurs?[View]
80775453paul, im here[View]
80775395ITT: God-tier Martial Arts Scenes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UKStvs5pXEg https://www.youtube.c…[View]
80775474What was his problem?[View]
80775472Why isn't Hollywood trying to cash out on the only good Anime ever made? That kid from stranger…[View]
80773265Just came back from a test screening ama[View]
80775285>be growan up in the 90s, watchan sitcoms on Friday night with the senpai >Halloween episode …[View]
80763296What's next for her career?[View]
80775282Name a better nature documentary, go ahead, I'll wait. [spoiler/]protipyoucant[/spoiler][View]
80772969Was Carmela a feminist?[View]
80775170https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_kB5K33bd6Y You just know[View]
80775291How will this work?[View]
80773573Power Rangers Marathon /prg/ - BLONDE BIMBOedition: now - power rangers spd episode 5 next - mystic …[View]
80771380Leaked footage from the first episode of the upcoming adaptation of Death Note.[View]
80763208has anyone actually gone to see this? also who watches non recent releases at the cinema?[View]
80771609Low-key enjoyable flicks[View]
80772946What the fuck was his problem? What's this all about?[View]
80774233https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VDm_2m-Hg6c Is this finally a Capekino deserving of the title Capeki…[View]
80775088What was his problem?[View]
80775054THE WIRE: I love this season so damn much. I believe it's the most important season as well, ju…[View]
80772670>Movie exist[View]
80774955>tfw Jay recommending a John Waters movie on Twitter[View]
80775098Can /tv/ recommend more movies like this?[View]
80763508Let's have some Twin Peaks memes going[View]
80771882Give me a show that presents folk culture from around the world as good as this cartoon does.[View]
80773493Who are some Comedians that women will never understand?[View]
80774868>Rain sequence with sword What will happen here?[View]
80774675The worst cable channel: What is the worst cable channel?[View]
80758612>There are people who think cyberpunk is bad[View]
80774640beauty & the beast: So now that the Camrip is out What did you think?[View]
80774485Actors Who Are Secretly /Our Guys/: >Shea Whigham >Always shows up in great stuff >Always d…[View]
80772453So I just watched GiTS 1 and 2 and I was really disappointed. After the first one I thought it was j…[View]
80774717http://www.blastr.com/2017-3-22/ivan-reitman-trying-ghostbusters-shared-universe YAAAS[View]
80774633So this episode was basically about Amy Schumer's career right?[View]
80773613Why does /tv/ like Fat People so much?[View]
80774649>still no bluray rips Can anyone tell me what the fuck is going on?[View]
80774648Top tier book to movie adaptations[View]
80774634Riverdale General: >tfw Jughead is about to get cucked[View]
80773161this has to be the one of most emotional and smart low budget fim i have ever seen and still i have …[View]
80765990sjw garbage[View]
80774536How has a movie changed your life?: >mfw watching Point Break as a kid influenced me to get into …[View]
80774524*pumped up kicks starts playing*[View]
80772091KONG Sucks Shit: Wow. Thank you /tv/ for getting me to watch what is essentially a WORSE version of …[View]
80774441Will this be the first good Steampunk movie? http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1571234/[View]
80774386What are some movies?[View]
80772957so who had the better netflix special?[View]
80773235Is Gotham actually worth watching?[View]
80772706'Shitsurakuen': jôbafuku onna harakiri: Looking for a copy of this short by Merzbow. Does …[View]
80774245Is this movie any good[View]
80764994Michael Shannon to play Cable: >Michael Shannon Frontrunner to Play Cable in Deadpool 2 >While…[View]
80773982>character turns on the news >wolf blitzer shows up and covers an important event of the movie…[View]
80770024anyone got anymore crime docu-kino recommendations, i cant get enough of this stuff stuff like: - th…[View]
80772652>inserting dank memes circa 2007 into your prime time network sitcom that people will forget in 6…[View]
80759093Admit it: this scene gave you chills[View]
80771699>People (read: comic nerds) actually have a problem with Joker killing Batmans parents in Batman …[View]
80760953Will they be able to pull it off?[View]
80773896woke up quick at about noon just thought that i had to be in compton soon[View]
80770701What expression does this convey?[View]
80773639just came back from a test screening AMA[View]
80773986>that part when Deadpool broke the fourth wall and started talking about women's rights…[View]
80772930guys bill paxton is dead[View]
80773375>you ever use a gun before kid? >of course! >you might want to start by turning the safety …[View]
80771188Why didn't the elves just invent primitive muskets?[View]
80773217Progressivism the show[View]
80772554This show was fucking awesome[View]
80766420Lionsgate purportedly plagiarized Power Rangers script:: From internationally renowned fanfiction au…[View]
80771903Is Michael Rosen the GOAT performance poet?[View]
80771438Thoughts on this movie?[View]
80767731/fat/kino general: These weekly fasts are killing me edition Previous >>80757121 got too hefty…[View]
80773689Do you guys know any official social networks of Samuel Joslin? He is so cute but Im afraid he didn…[View]
80773497>Movie or tv show: It was all a dream >/tv/: what a hack, cliche, pleb, not kino >David…[View]
80772716https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S8ZONzjb4vs >Producer of Dredd is literally a tryhard edgelord I …[View]
80772401Fat betty: .[View]
80772907Is this canon?[View]
80772026Any good documentaries on Big Foot? >in b4 'b-but Sasquatch can't into REAL!' Then you have …[View]
80772002>1998 was 25 years ago >the time difference between fellshop and today is greater than the tim…[View]
80773450retarded movie scene: that scene from Klass where the bullies force that guy to suck the beta dude…[View]
80772724>Loves Anthony Is she /ourgirl/?[View]
80773095Alex Garland Conspiracy: >Writer of 28 Days Later >has the shittiest third act in cinema histo…[View]
80771726can someone give me a quick rundown on this guy?[View]
80772852Will the west ever catch up?[View]
80773334What was his fucking problem?[View]
80773296playing this new game of thrones fangame while waiting for new episodes to come out ZZzzz. http://ww…[View]
80759981captain underpants: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zs2SrqLum1M Is this truly the year of Cape Kino?…[View]
80772843Shin Godzilla >RAWWWWR[View]
80771228What does /tv/ think of Porthose?[View]
80773201Who the devil are you?[View]
80767128Opinions on this show? Personally I think it is degenerate shit that glorifies being an Irish Hillbi…[View]
80732053Doctor Who General - /WHO/: Vampires of a cheap film set in Croatia edition >>80700053[View]
80773159Was it kino?[View]
80764945Marvel's Iron JUST: What went wrong?[View]
80771348What was your moms favorite movie?[View]
80771714Power Rangers Marathon /prg/ - WET edition: now - power rangers spd episode 5 next - mystic force…[View]
80757792What was the message of the movie?[View]
80772494>(Scene from Back to the Future 1)Marty McFly: Right. Give me a Pepsi Free. >(Scene from Back…[View]
80771884>Shoves a fist up a guys ass What did he mean by this?[View]
80769550>bouncing road boners what did he mean by this?[View]
80772917>why can't iron fist be asian? >'NO! HE WAS ORIGINALLY WHITE, REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE…[View]
80768879>ywn write a screen play even close to being this good why live?[View]
80772296What's the film equivalent of this animal (le monke)?[View]
80772800>Can't murder niggers now; eating I know they'd let Sam Raimi write a Halloween episode…[View]
80769339https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WXi13LlHgT0 Literally the best review of Beauty and the Beast I…[View]
80772429Anthology/Omnibus/Portmanteau Films: Are there any that are good all the way through? Most of them h…[View]
80772659>Why didn't we discuss this?[View]
80771784ITT: Characters who did nothing wrong[View]
80770297Kaijukino thread[View]
80772571>I know you can read my thoughts, boy. >Cuck cuck cuck cuck, cuck cuck cuck cuck, cuck cuck cu…[View]
80772536I poke my head out of the gutter for one freakin' second and fate shovels shit in my face... /t…[View]
80772482Whats your favorite MemriTV episode?[View]
80772325https://youtu.be/6W6y7YhHdVE Starts playing[View]
80771448How do you go from this[View]
80772122ITT: Creepy and seriously unsettling movie scenes: Which scenes creep you out and make you feel unse…[View]
80755496Christofaaah: >This is 10 in New Jersey[View]
80769826Actors/actresses who are the male/female versions of each other. Starting with an obvious one.[View]
80769799RIP: A tumor the size of a tangerine[View]
80772214I only trust their opinion and you should too[View]
80771557/masculinitycore/: Edgy edition[View]
80770583Why is 80s comedy so kino?[View]
80760929Should i give this a chance? I watched the first 10 minutes of it and it seemed like another teen dr…[View]
80771946Why didn't the furniture guy help Homer?[View]
80772090Twin Peaks General: Any other anons at the NYC FWWM showing? Also, /tpg/[View]
80769938Never saw this being discussed here. What do you think of it?[View]
80772065coral thread: post and discuss coral, the best waking dad character[View]
80768583CIA is fucking terrible actor how does he keep getting roles ? is his dad in hollywood or what[View]
80771992Talk about a transformation[View]
80771982>Don't kill me! Don't kill me, man! Don't kill me! Don't kill me, man! >I…[View]
80771538https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ct0Z2bQndM Felicia Day is making millions off her good looks with P…[View]
80770373>2 months since his last video Is Sam Hyde okay? Is he just working on new projects?…[View]
80771861I feel like I'm the only one who thinks superhero movies are for man-children. Seriously though…[View]
80771130>Episode is called 'The RACE' >In it, a Jew can only beat a white man in a race by cheating (t…[View]
80761119B U Z Z A L D R I N ' S I N S T A G R A M[View]
80771771moobies /tv/ recommended that turned out to be crap?: >the road this is literally nothing happens…[View]
80771052how do you feel?[View]
80771701Scenes women will never understand thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DdHXmiV132E >not even …[View]
80771685That moment: When you realize Ted Cruz is going to fuck at least one of them[View]
80760381Is this the most boring superhero line up of all time? I mean, what exactly do they bring to the tab…[View]
80770858movies that contain your fears: >The Grey >heights…[View]
80770789The fact that you have to turn everything into a 'Me v. Them' out of every inconsequential thing is …[View]
80764587Are you a Mark, a Jez, or a Super Hands, /tv/?[View]
80771566Burning Sands: This is an anonymous image board. Anyone who actually pledged wanna talk about it and…[View]
80771376Enjoy Marvel while you can, guys.: April 19th, the Mouse is wrecking house.[View]
80770502We post films that are impossible to remake unless you keep time period the same pic related, breakf…[View]
80771511 holy shit [View]
80762700So, who was the Zodiac killer?[View]
80769982It all makes sense now, guys.[View]
80767972'Logan' Concept Art Reveals We Nearly Got A Teenage X-23.' Takeaways from the article; Laura…[View]
80771393>Movie ends with Kelly taking big sasquatch dick What did Bobcat mean by this?…[View]
80766994>singlehandedly responsible for the big bang theory getting 10 seasons >singlehandedly respons…[View]
80771227yfw she went from not to hot[View]
80766466what was his fucking problem?[View]
80770215Two alternate endings consider for Rogue One: From John Knoll >Fleeing to Coruscant Ending Jyn a…[View]
80770162Power Rangers Marathon /prg/ - NEKO EDITION: now - power rangers spd episode 3 next - mystic force…[View]
80771334Just watched Rogue One and it reminded me of the scene in Full Metal Jacket where he's shooting…[View]
80763216Is this Kino?[View]
80769838>male character wears show-offy sunglasses >does cocaine Every time…[View]
80765785From Skyfall to The Departed: the 10 most overrated films of all time: Do you agree with this list? …[View]
80771099PLEASE STOP SONY[View]
80770192Watching this right now, unexpectedly great. One of the best found footage horrors I've seen la…[View]
80769162Jimmy Fallon: Who would you replace Jimmy Fallon with?[View]
80769111Actors you were surprised to find out weren't Jewish[View]
80768175What are some film with minimal cast and dialogues, typically featuring one (or two) characters expl…[View]
80771090which is the better/comfier movie?[View]
80748753I heard Humans was better than Westworld. I am a fan of the latter, is Humans worth watching?[View]
80769888>comedy What did they mean by this?[View]
80770851>one of the most significant props, possibly a macguffin, is a locket of some kind - usually cont…[View]
80770746What do you have in your 4chanx filters for /tv/? Share it[View]
80767415Does anyone have ideas for a short film which is 3 minutes or less? pls[View]
80764101How long before Hollywood turns 'Romeo and Juliet' into 'Romeo and Julius' or 'Romena and Juliette'?…[View]
80768881The Truth About Beauty and the Beast: Stefan Molyneux is doing movie reviews now. https://youtu.be/W…[View]
80769050Who the fuck is this albino nigga on TMZ?[View]
80765429how differently would you feel about the movie if they went this route with Laura/X-23 in the Logan …[View]
80768600Duncan Trussell: How do you feel about Duncan Trussell?[View]
80770627Need help figuring out a tv show I watched a long time ago. WB Channel 5 network, early 2000s, lady …[View]
80748922If the protagonist was white instead of black, every one of the white characters was replaced with a…[View]
80770507>Look at it, its fucking black! >Sir, that's my wife >Fuck me…[View]
80770543>movie about puppers >WHO LET THE DOGS OUT?!? starts playing…[View]
80761574This kid signed a deal with the devil. Sony is making a Spider-Man movie EVERY 2 years. Nevermind wh…[View]
80767073Are you all being ironic that The Hobbit trilogy is kino? They were some of the worst movies Ive EVE…[View]
80768562Who will play them in the inevitable biopic?[View]
80770333So is Jack's showdown with Aku be in the rain?[View]
80769433New indie comedy apparently[View]
80770290Yahoo answers are failing me, /b/. I'm looking for a very specific movie. In one life, the pers…[View]
80769889Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie: First trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VDm_2m-Hg6c…[View]
80767573>what's your favorite movie, anon? mine isavengers assemble. marvel superheroes are so funny…[View]
80769806/600/ - My 600 lbs life General: New episode coming on tonight bois. Dr. Now about to BTFO some fatt…[View]
80767060Post a pic recommend a movie: Any movies similar to pic related besides aliens? Feel like watching s…[View]
80769817Fargo season 3: Fargo thread. New trailer for season 3: https://youtu.be/lHz3Yzi4JZA Looks pretty go…[View]
80769812>Every day I saw it. >Every one of them thinking only how to avoid being flogged, kicked, or k…[View]
80770079>pull a gun on a character >when they get angry they rack the slide, implying the gun was prev…[View]
80770050Pure kino[View]
80758282Oldboy: Finally watched this gem. Holy fucking shit this was fucked up yet amazing. This actually li…[View]
80768537ITT: Movies only you've seen[View]
80769463Why are bald men always playing bad guys in movies and TV shows? I'm tired of this discriminati…[View]
80768374Michael Bay has the best taste: I wonder why he is suddenly pushing this actress so hard, front and …[View]
80769202why does she keeps getting away with it? first terminator now star wars, she can't keep getting…[View]
80768462How patrician you are is determined by how many of these films you enjoyed. 0 = Turbopleb 1-15 = Ple…[View]
80768826Power Rangers Marathon /prg/ - HEIL!: now - power rangers spd episode 2 next - mystic force[View]
80769790Simon Amstell: Carnage: WTF I love cauliflower now.[View]
80765029Why is there so much incest on TV these days?[View]
80769773GitS Death Note Blame! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hwy806RC2-Q What next?[View]
80767395Films you don't get: This was boring, unfunny and cringey to watch. How can this be rated or co…[View]
80766570Blu ray when[View]
80767279It's time. It's almost here. Also a sequel was just announced.[View]
80765753What's your feel-good film you can always rewatch just for the feel?[View]
80768316Give me some Roman Empire kino[View]
80769518This is like a Michael Bay movie but good[View]
80763235>my crew needs me why exactly? guy has been fucking useless so far. and god do i hate the actor.…[View]
80769456Find a single flaw. I can say this is the best kino in the last 20 years, easily.[View]
80765725Movie Editing: Why are Hollywood movies cut to shit and back? How would you edit this scene?[View]
80769434>Revenge porn subplot >Masturbating a bull joke Who thought this was okay…[View]
80766936Is he /ourguy/?[View]
80766402Pretend to be shocked.[View]
8076867790s-2006 Disney Channel (Even Stevens, Zack and cody, That's So Raven, Lizzie McGuire, Life wit…[View]
80769233Are there any other good TV shows/movies that are set during the height of sailing? Stuff like the H…[View]
80769332Is this worth watching?[View]
80769208We'll be right back with more stuff!![View]
80769164Post kino movie scenes https://youtu.be/bIMVrX9CaVw[View]
80768180They're brothers, but they live in a hotel It's genius... simply genius...[View]
80769192Fucking hell[View]
80767168What are some good movies where the main plot revolves around losing your virginity? I need tips[View]
80762140I'm listening.[View]
80749815>tfw He'll never ever come back to the show[View]
80766055what did you think of Big Eyes /tv/?: I liked it. Probably one of Burton's stronger efforts of …[View]
80768428>hey dude, let me just tell you this, if you have above average IQ and you don't do mushroom…[View]
80767707Venom vs The Big Guy: /tv/ BTFO https://youtube.com/watch?v=xgMHAcF0ggY[View]
80764756Was he right about Star Wars?[View]
80767602Power Rangers Marathon - Old people edition[View]
80768302>over the top sex scenes in GOT and Westworld >family and friends get silent and awkward as h…[View]
80761322>hey bro thanks for letting me borrow your blu-ray of the turin horse it was dope, wanna come smo…[View]
80762258That's a big enchilada[View]
80768375https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7kkRkhAXZGg >hollywoods anti women sexism How far into the video …[View]
80766232Anyone else get slightly depressed when a movie or show you watched is over? Like, you've grown…[View]
80766970What did /tv/ think of this movie and this scene.[View]
80768095Is it wrong for me to partly like this film JUST because of her?[View]
80767127what was his fucking problem?[View]
80766125/prg/ Power Rangers General: SPD Soon Edition: Current- Power Rangers Dino Thunder Next- Power Rang…[View]
80766651Rich Evans vs Preston Lacy Who wins?[View]
80767122I'd love to see MDE:World Peace continue[View]
80768127Shark Tank marathon starting with current season working backwards https://www.rabb.it/r/4w12sg[View]
80759999https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eyKOgnaf0BU will it be good?[View]
80768010SAY IT![View]
80767976>It's a 'Tim terrorizes his family with his toxic masculinity' episode…[View]
80767954American Dad quotes: >My name is Braff Zacklin. I was an international race car driver. One day, …[View]
80767201Goddamn he went in. Also how did he get so jacked. And fucking hell, for a Texas crowds they were so…[View]
80766983Best documentary kinos on Middle Eastern terrorism/conflict/geopolitics?[View]
80767733What was his fucking problem?[View]
80767784>and you know, I just think it's funny that-[View]
80763192/tv/, what's your favorite Tom and Jerry short?[View]
80761485Have you ever met a famous celebrity, /tv/? Here is me and my family with Millie Bobby Brown who pla…[View]
80766866OK, /tv/. Let's see how creative you are. Post a picture and the next person has to develop a p…[View]
80766257What actors would you like to see in capeshit, Think she'd make a good Power Girl?[View]
80767376Was putting so much gay subtext between Obi-Wan and Anakin part of their plan? I mean, they fucked, …[View]
80764256what are you currently watching?[View]
80766098Power Rangers Marathon ZEDD EDITION[View]
80763776>doctor manically defibrillating dead patient >other doctor calmly tells him to stop…[View]
80766234>Nuuuh... I went to the bathroom. I need to be cleaned up[View]
80756860What did /tv/ think?[View]
80767268If the reviews were going to be good they'd want the early press. Instead they aren't pres…[View]
80760402Triangle: what is /tv/'s opinion on Triangle? is it kino?[View]
80758489JUST write my shit up in a Death Note, senpai[View]
80764782Hollywood movie adaptation when?[View]
80766228characters who are literally you[View]
80765398Only reason to watch this corny Supergirl show but it's a good one.[View]
80762625Fargo trailer: https://youtu.be/lHz3Yzi4JZA New trailer for season 3.[View]
80760124Why is it so damn good, /tv/? >Murr, go lick that guy's asshole.[View]
80764735This is where you prove you're a Persian: Iran should improve their cinema and make more foreig…[View]
80759871From this[View]
80765234What the fuck was his problem?[View]
80765472New Addition to the JUST League: Mike Epps' estranged wife is asking him to fork over six-figur…[View]
80765039This is now a regular, monthly segment in an official DC comic book. Are you proud of yourselves?[View]
80766652What are some movies where a bunch of naive, brainwashed idiots open the borders to their countries …[View]
80766547Film to watch /tv/?[View]
80766487How shit will it be now that Edd is gone?[View]
80766135BOYCOTT MARVEL!!!: This is the head of content and creative content for Marvel Comics. She's th…[View]
80757414>Ben Affleck in rehab for Alcohol Addiction What's the future for the DCEU?…[View]
80766486What was his problem?[View]
80766354Was there anything good about this movie?[View]
80759127Why no good movies set in the middle ages are made anymore?[View]
80766387just a cough: https://youtu.be/8vNJ5Krj7SQ name one film where someone has a cough and doesn't …[View]
80766321Could someone be so kind to tell me what film/series this is from? Pic Related[View]
80765653Room Full of Spoons: Does anyone have a website where i can watch this for free? i cant find one any…[View]
80762701Any movies where the old man hooks up with a younger woman[View]
80766123Split: >muh dick the movie Bravo Shamalamalon[View]
80766076Iron Shit: >/tv/ (/pol/) will defend this because of 'm-muh ess jay double you critics' This show…[View]
80762738Movie Theaters: Poorfag here, Ive never been to a cinema. What are they like and is it worth my mone…[View]
80724324Webm Thread[View]
80766053I'm not playing. There's gonna be trouble if you fuck around.[View]
80757121>OW MUH LEEGS[View]
80765951Fargo: Where do you think Fargo stacks up as one of the best series of all time?[View]
80758075The Mummy 2017 hit with whitewashing controversy: People in the comments are going crazy bashing the…[View]
80758653Why'd he do it, bros?[View]
80764867What made this show so good?[View]
80765549Lion King Leaked Production Trailer: Took this a month back. A very short trailer that doesn't …[View]
80764454>tfw found a movie i could relate to >this is the first movie where I could watch it over and …[View]
80765777Why does he adopt the stance?[View]
80765755>there's something about that spike that tickles my pickle[View]
80765616Capeshitters: *criticize a capeshit movie/show* >Ummmm. You've read the comics, right? That…[View]
80765359What is the worst villain in James Bond movies?[View]
80765650>and your other gun[View]
80758733What are the best movie or tv show Demons ?[View]
80759112Thoughts on this kino?[View]
80763477>The Band-Aid on the neck of Pulp Fiction's Marcellus Wallace-unexplained, visually incongru…[View]
80765312I liked it. It wasn't perfect, but the attention to detail and cinematography really made it en…[View]
80764843President of who?[View]
80760642This will be the best Godzilla: what will it be about?[View]
80763513> March 10, 2017 > Budget: $185 million > Box office: $263 million Is there any hope of thi…[View]
80765405>still a great night[View]
80746064>Proceeds to draws Sonic OC for 25 minutes[View]
80763631> 'Plasma ma'm, from the planet.' what do?[View]
80765070Is Lewis Black the best living Stand-up? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lkhCqFG6Qv0[View]
80759877ITT post Alpha male characters[View]
80764905If women are terrible comedians,how does /tv/ explain the existence of Wanda Sykes? https://www.yout…[View]
80763840/prg/ Power Rangers General SSSSS EDITION:: Current- Power Rangers Dino Thunder Next- Power Rangers …[View]
80765072Danny, get on this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CNscmrkEyR4[View]
80760428Why was he acting so ominous?[View]
80752438>sir we have three Simon & Garfunkel songs we can use on the soundtrack >oh great use all …[View]
80761380Oh man, no show has ever gotten me so well. What about you, bros?[View]
80764818Is it true that the 90s didn't really end until 2006 when That '70s Show, Charmed, Malcolm…[View]
80763623Just Zod up my Deadpool 2 pham http://www.comingsoon.net/movies/news/828639-michael-shannon-frontrun…[View]
80763927We should try to get it back on the air. Remember the goodness of this show?[View]
80758616Who hype for iKino?[View]
80762132Are the old Star Trek movies worth watching?[View]
80764734Why aren't you watching Doctor Stuart Ashens?[View]
80764729Explain this shit right now. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pBcehv2Xh8o[View]
80755551Ayyy SOUTHIE[View]
80764016Who's ready to see WW Get absolutely destroyed?[View]
80763323Now that the dust has settled, can we all agree that she was ugly?[View]
80761927https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ns7AcrcrEVw Who was in the wrong here?[View]
80762363What was his endgame?0[View]
80764673let me give you a basic gestalt[View]
80763899>SO IM ROUGHLY THE SIZE OF A BARN What did he mean by this[View]
80762445What kind of a sub-human actually sits down downloads a cam movie and sits through audio that isn…[View]
80754986*unsheathes katana*[View]
80764525big agent: crashing the zion, WITH NO SURVIVORS[View]
80764512Have you paid your wheat taxes yet today?[View]
80763832>he fell for the indiana jones and the temple of doom is bad meme[View]
80763995Was this the most kino south park episode?[View]
80764223>movie takes place 50 years in the future >white people still exist I get that you have to sus…[View]
80763703Is this movie kino? It's on Netflix.[View]
80763855Movies you can't believe played in theaters: Ever see a promo for a movie and find yourself AST…[View]
80763891What are some movies you watch annually?[View]
80764107why hasn't the CW rebooted The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew as an edgy teen series yet? I feel like it…[View]
80761594If Wookies are physiologically incapable of pronouncing anything that sounds remotely like 'Chewbacc…[View]
80763038How would it be received if it had gotten made this year or last rather than in 2010? Remember it ca…[View]
80757418ITT: Actors that you wish were in more movies For me, its based Digimon Honolulu, dude improves ever…[View]
80755828Fucking comedy KINO: I was kind of on the fence after Spin, but deep in the heart of Texas was a com…[View]
80759554>Noah Schnapp to earn $150,000 per episode of Stranger Things, sources tell Variety Why are acto…[View]
80763953Feud: What do you guys think about this show so far? It's obviously campy as hell but I love bo…[View]
80763952>Ywn mind break Mia Sara into a satanic slut and fuck her in your demonic empire for all eternity…[View]
80763658Is it worth watching?[View]
80738214ITT: characters you've been told you look like.[View]
80761838What a stupid fucking faggot. >Have a war ready ship. >Instead surrender when you could bomb …[View]
80759260https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JreKwfQ12D4 British ''''''''''''comedy''''''''''''[View]
80759133What is the correct X-Men watch order? Also, general X-Men/Logan thread. D-Daddy...[View]
80759261>The incompetence of the American military >Blind Japanese samurai and a Japanese otaku 2chan …[View]
80763614>DUDE BANNANA PEELS, SNOWBALLS, EBOLA AND DIARRHEA LMAO This shit was so unfunny! What happened …[View]
80761615Objective truth[View]
80760487>*Blocks your path*[View]
80763537Anyone else bored of the go to templates for trailers?[View]
80763029Can I already watch SW Rogue One somewhere on the web 4 free? Pic unrelated[View]
80761900any good release for this kino?[View]
80763361Was he /ourguy/?[View]
80759537Spooky Documentries[View]
80763315Iron Pill: post iron pilled movies[View]
80758451Why wasn't he invisible?[View]
80762325Underrated science fiction: Shows, films, whatever they are, post 'em. Rewatched Screamers rec…[View]
80759092why there are no downs syndrom directors? and why are downs so under represented in movies?[View]
80763001Fleshlight: Why hasn't there been a film adaptation of Fleshlight?[View]
80762262RIP https://youtu.be/wdm1tEsDYJo[View]
80757355Thoughts on Juno?[View]
80762871hell be fine[View]
80762111/tv/ tips and tricks thread: How do I properly add 'HAHAHAHAHAHA' etc. to my filter list so I can au…[View]
80757286Imagine being such a pussy that you have to abuse drugs to deal with the pressure of playing a carto…[View]
80762812so I watched American Graffiti yesterday and it was pretty good should I just forget that this exist…[View]
80761376/prg/ Power Rangers General RED RANGER EDITION: Current- Power Rangers Dino Thunder Next- Power Rang…[View]
80761989This was fun[View]
80760222I saw this movie last night, what did you all think of it? I liked it a lot, but I really want to kn…[View]
80756954Are these two gay lovers or what's their deal?[View]
80760455Who is your favourite breaking bad character?[View]
80759762What's their endgame?[View]
80759814name ONE flick[View]
80758068>Have no place to discuss movies since IMDb shut down This is so goddamn annoying…[View]
80762553>'I'm blue' >*whoah* >'I'm a nigger' >'What!?' >'I a-am' >'No you'r…[View]
80756463>Would you suck a cock to keep your job at McDonalds? Damn. Is this the kind of question America…[View]
80762509I DREAMED A DREAM[View]
80752836>the only rules are, there are no rules.[View]
80762466I was expecting to /drop/ him, but I came out pleasantly surprised.[View]
80762297Find a single flaw. I can say this is the best kino in the last 20 years, easily.[View]
80760108So I just watched Rogue One. When it came out, a huge crowd of people had a big fucking cry about th…[View]
80762342It's got a nice sheen about it.[View]
80762062Miraculous Ladybug: kino[View]
80761330Was it kino? I enjoyed it. >True story >Muh baseball >Struggling against status quo >Jo…[View]
80760998>tfw movie so wack, Admiral Ackbar turned black. XD[View]
80760299What are the best modern horror movies to watch with a girl? Pic very related. No gory shit pls.[View]
80761766does anyone actually give a shit about DA HAND[View]
80761956>There used to be a little man all alone by a plane >CEEEEEEEEE.I.A was his name and his best…[View]
80762004Should I skip season 7 and go straight to the Netflix series?[View]
80761218Is Dr. Pulaski the ultimate pleb filter?[View]
80753989>Leaves out backstory of how Robin died >How did Wayne Manor get burnt? >Where is the Joker…[View]
80761747What do you prefer, TV shows or movies?[View]
80761794How do you guys sit during your kino?[View]
80758756Yooooooooooouuuuuuu remain MY POWER MY PLEASURE MY PAIN[View]
80758445What is so special about this album?[View]
80755945wow, this sucked. it's like a blockbuster for senile old catholic grannies.[View]
80761559>tfw the bus driver thought you were smoking[View]
80761543SAY AHHHHHHH[View]
80758821>0.0 >.0 What did the terminator mean by this?…[View]
80757283hey lets try to get it back on the air[View]
80752149Zatoichi: The Blind Swordsman: That's it /tv/ I've had it with your shit. Every time there…[View]
80761195How come movies don't use modern rock music anymore outside of comedies? If a movie has any so…[View]
80759423*pumped up kicks starts playing*[View]
80760235Are horror movies conservative?: 'We also go [watch horror movies] to re-establish our feelings of e…[View]
80761370I've been really bored lately,anyone know a good film?[View]
80759939Fellowship was the best, fuck you. still mad about PJ not including the fucking poem Aragorn and Leg…[View]
80761293ESPN New Documentary, 'We the Fans': Will it be a worthy successor to O.J.: Made in America?[View]
80761008How can D.C. compete against this?[View]
80758048Now that it's been nearly a decade, was it kino?[View]
80758119>Don't be a... TOMMY TEXTER At least I'm not a Nelson Nosepicker…[View]
80733445Why do we keep pretending that Kong even has a chance?[View]
80758503ITT: Movies that have you make this face and know it's gonna be a bad movie >Rolling Stones/…[View]
807591001080p WEB-DL is out (if you know where to look) . No English subs though that I can find. I've …[View]
80759909You stupid liberal fucks ruined Star Trek. Fuck you. Fuck you all. Please kill yourselves, all of yo…[View]
80756886Who ate the crew on the ship in Jurassic Park 2?[View]
80761071YeES!: YES! I got the job lads. Im gonna be a makeup artist for Disney Channel Çunny! Yes! Im so exc…[View]
80758904>Let's dance the night away, asian robot bitch! What did he mean by this, famm?…[View]
80751975He comes back from the dead: What does he say about the world today?[View]
80756826Miyazaki: What did he mean by this?[View]
80757046>Ah hah >Ah hah What did they mean by this?…[View]
80756162>Movie ends with Kelly taking big sasquatch dick What did Bobcat mean by this?…[View]
80756563Even more ww2 movies coming out: Trailer released. Brian Cox is Winston Churchill https://m.youtube…[View]
80752608Literally the most perfect film. They better do a sequel with Laura. Get Tom Hardy as Wolverine and …[View]
80760527Why didn't he just have the eagles fly him out of the water?[View]
80760350>our plan to destroying the solar powered machines is to block out the sun and starve ourselves t…[View]
80758031Is Archer good?[View]
80759798The Sea of Trees: I watched this tonight. I thought it was really good. Anyone else seen it? What di…[View]
80757970>The Terminator will be back, big announcement coming soon 'I'll be back,” The Terminator to…[View]
80759692green room: Serious question Why did they try to cut off his hand rather than rushing into the room?…[View]
80759469Does this get better after the first series? I was enjoying it up until watching episode 6, 'He…[View]
80758750Power Rangers Marathon Thread /prg/ - 20GB HDD edition: Current- Power Rangers Dino Thunder Ep. 24+ …[View]
80759002**Blocks your path**[View]
80759269What's your favorite Tom and Jerry short?[View]
80753090*time travels behind you* hah, nichts persönliches kid[View]
80756204Death Note Trailer: https://twitter.com/netflix/status/844558330697859072[View]
80759811Was it money that split the family apart?[View]
80758116Is there any younger actor that plays a character like Albert from Twin Peaks? Or is Miguel Ferrer o…[View]
80759656>this guy shows up on screen[View]
80755552Did the Gang Kill Dennis?: He never walks to the bar and he always drives his beloved range rover an…[View]
80758072Whats the best Yakuza film?[View]
80759030i'm watching metropolis in a church with a live orchestra tonight wbu[View]
80759594Any good documentaries /tv/ recommends about gazza? Preferably something that covers the rise and fa…[View]
80758716>People here literally went to a theater to watch 'Capeshit with Dinosaurs' How come people these…[View]
80744903How were they able to get away with this? Was it because he just starting to play Iron Man?[View]
80740552Let's talk about Bronson.[View]
80758360>June 14th, 2013 >Mankind is introduced to the superman >March 20th, 2016 >Mankind is in…[View]
80751553JUST actors: >Hey baby, I hear the blues a-callin', Tossed salad and scrambled eggs Oh My…[View]
80759479movies that that predicted the future?[View]
80759262Who is to blame?[View]
80752899What's wrong with Disney?[View]
80758176Major plot hole: Despite Ritchie Valens having psychic premonitions about his own death, he still ge…[View]
80742818what the fuck did I just watch?[View]
80759239Was it kino? Weirdest time travel movie I've seen in a while[View]
80755532I DEMAND TO HAVE SOME BOOZE What does /tv/ think of Withnail and I?[View]
80755464In what point blockbuster scores turned into shit? Why there is not another Morricone, Williams or E…[View]
80759169It came from outer cunt: I think I found something interesting, a hidden gem I suppose... Not far fr…[View]
80748693Get Out: thoughts on Jordan Peele's /Get Out/ starring Allison Williams?[View]
80759126>there are actresses who think they can compete with Emily Jean...[View]
80754582Why did Mark age well and Jez look like shitty jez? All the drugs and drinking?[View]
80757205>O and A fans are the fucking best! Is she /ourgirl/? https://twitter.com/amyschumer/status/10649…[View]
80758833when she touches your tip[View]
80756236Shameless (US) thread: /tv/'s opinions on this? Considering starting it but wondering if it…[View]
80758879When are you butthurt /pol/tards going to admit they fucked up[View]
80758384Has a sequel ever been so bad that it made you dislike the original movie? Pic related for me. It ru…[View]
80758864did ryan gosling deserve it?[View]
80758211>'Hang on kid, there's a tack in my head.' >There's no tack in his head Animation er…[View]
80752881This movie sucks Rotten Tomatoes is a joke Marvel is trash[View]
80738135this isn't fair.[View]
80756726>A six-inch retractable claw, like a razor, on the the middle toe. He doesn't bother to bite…[View]
80753558>They say that life is the best drug, Ray. But I'm Pablo Escobar and I'm going to cut o…[View]
80757225ITT: Fictional characters that remind you of real people Pic related[View]
80756728>My name is Braff Zacklin. I was an international race car driver. One day, a baby carriage rolle…[View]
80758656Fuck ;_; https://youtu.be/sQ9NOV3KNpY?t=205[View]
80758284So...what would a videogame movie need to be good?[View]
80758500TAKE IT EASY: We're not making a western here[View]
80758299>make a handy dandy kodi kino machine out of a fire tv stick >all the best kinos streaming on …[View]
80758529>watch an American movie >character takes her socks off before getting into the shower Serio…[View]
80755328Why aren't movie customers interested in movies like this anymore?[View]
80758410ITT: Movies that would be improved if the main character was raped in prison Pic related[View]
80756166'Incomprehensible grunts.'[View]
80756072Best scene in all of the hobbit movies.[View]
80758227I DID 20 FUCKIN' YEARS[View]
80752734what THE FUCK was her problem?[View]
80753802>watching movies since I was young >mediocre at best Time well spent.…[View]
80757597>Thankssssssssssssssss Why did the snake thank Harry here?[View]
80752925What the fuck: I just marathoned pic related, what the actual fuck[View]
80754956was it kino?[View]
80756657Not even trolling. Genuinely curious. How do you go from this...[View]
80758109Childhood is identifying with Tom. Adulthood is realizing that Summer was right all along.[View]
80757975Zombi shou theori, cud b tru?maybe?: Is TWD introducing all these minority characters; fattie, mudsl…[View]
80757110Will anything ever top it?[View]
80758049Was Jason a virgin? I bet /tv/ can relate to him.[View]
80754490Power Rangers Marathon Thread /prg/ - Meta as fuck edition: Current- Power Rangers Dino Thunder Ep. …[View]
80755353Any good heist/spy/thriller movies to recommend? Thinking of stuff like Inception, Ocean's 11, …[View]
80719979No more sequels for Terminator franchise: >Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Terminator franchise has been …[View]
80754183bogpill me on courtney cocks[View]
80757891ITT: Times when you can't relate to characters >Character doesn't accidentally clog the…[View]
80757697>Who will play him in the inevitable Charlie and the Chocolate factory remake with him being the …[View]
80757829>OY VEY, IT'S BOILING ACID! Is boiling acid actually worse than regular acid?…[View]
80757750Looking for a movie with a badger on drugs: Anyone knows the movie title of this movie with a badger…[View]
80756856Is this kino?[View]
80757626>The Human Spider? That's it? That's the best you've got? Oh that's fucking g…[View]
80756773Rear window was his best movie. Try to refute this[View]
80757558Anybody else use it for movies?[View]
80757029>He mostly watches movies made after the 70's[View]
80751114Rogue One: Was it Kino?[View]
80757480>I don't want to mess with no dope smoking niggers! At least Zemeckis nailed the dialogue of…[View]
80754045Post contenders for the best movie of this decade[View]
80753298Dr. Pavel, soy CIA.[View]
80757280Do you think she's aware of how much of an insufferable cunt she is?[View]
80756261Is every King of the Hill episode basically >Strawman comes onto the show >Hank is a good boy,…[View]
80726769MAMORU OSHII DOESN'T GIVE A FUCK ABOUT GITS CASTING: >'What issue could there possibly be wi…[View]
80757256How is the gyros at Queensboro Plaza?[View]
80755323>Homer: I'm giving you kids permission to get me mad. Come on, give me what you've got.…[View]
80750907can yo believe it?[View]
80755869>female character standing before gravestone >starts talking >doesn't realize dead peo…[View]
80756996I thought it was a pretty decent movie. The calls for white genocide at the end were a bit much.[View]
80743431>'Dude... God isn't real... LMAO.'[View]
80757106Opinions on Trainboy54?: https://vimeo.com/209203932[View]
80756358Wait. Who is this turd burglar?[View]
80756986Just about to marathon this. What do I think of it?[View]
80757012>Don't kill me! Don't kill me, man! Don't kill me! Don't kill me, man! >I…[View]
80757037Hey goons, thugs and bosses, Guess what, I brought Colossus! Times up, better count your losses, Kic…[View]
80756307Hey do you guys remember Michelle Johnson? She was in the film Blame it on Rio.[View]
80740282What's /tv/s favourite stop motion movie?[View]
80756911Anon, I'm kinda late and it's already later than 1pm, but still, Happy Birthday to you! I …[View]
80756766>Look Gary! Soap! Don't drop em, you might get raped in the ass! This is a children's s…[View]
80754201Instead of trying to catch Crossbones in Lagos, they're trying to catch Batman in Gotham. How d…[View]
80752803How many weeks a year does a typical Hollywood actor/actress work?[View]
80755982SAY IT!![View]
80754483What is the BEST monster roar in television or film? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ihd_uzrX2Bw…[View]
80751025Post movies where the bad guy has the last laugh[View]
80755664WE R WHO WE R[View]
80756750>Dude gay lovers, lmao! What did Scream mean by this?[View]
80755263Deep Sea Cinematography: Any movies/shows about the deep sea?[View]
80756179That's it. I'm sick of all this 'Marvel Cape Kino' bullshit that's going on /tv/ righ…[View]
80755553Is BoJack Horseman worth watching?[View]
80756592WHOtopia?: Make way kids, it's time for some real capeshit. Ricky Ricardo when?[View]
80756618Remember when Game of Thrones was good?[View]
80755003Blocks your path...[View]
80756167Beyond the Black Rainbow: What the fuck was his problem?[View]
80756244>Couldn't last through one episode >Loved Season 1,2,4 >Walking Dead has been crap sin…[View]
80752964Is Homeland written by a bunch of man-hating feminists? It seems like every named male character in …[View]
80756459ITT: We post things pic related predicted[View]
80756497Some of you are alright, don't go to the Jedi temple tomorrow[View]
80754295Brenden is on Live with Kelly UNJUST[View]
80753869Is there an official list of /our guys/?[View]
80756004Are there any films featuring dinosaurs?[View]
80756377how relaxing do you think a plunge in a bacta tank would be?[View]
80754373THIS! IS! 10 years old[View]
80756177Holy fuck. You guys were right. I was kind of hesitant to watch this film, I mean I'd definitel…[View]
80756257Was it coming out of a cloaca?[View]
80756285What the fuck was his problem?[View]
80756279>'Did you just call me... BLOB!?' No. He called you bub. Are Americans really this stupid?…[View]
80755550> I can see his belly What did James T Magneto mean by this?[View]
80756241Can /tv/ recommend some good friend simulators? I'm lonely.[View]
80756178>First scene is set centuries ago, in a completely different country.[View]
80752582So, what WAS making Logan sick? Was Pierce mistaking Logan buying illicit pharmaceuticals for Charle…[View]
80753269Deine papiere Jude![View]

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