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85299102What are some movies/shows with corrupt American presidents who are just puppets for the Russians?[View]
85295838What does /tv/ think of Selma Blair?[View]
85292623change one thing about a movie that you think would make it a 10/10 28 days later, drop the story wi…[View]
85299793>protagonist drinks a glass of prune juice: >doesn't shit nonstop for the rest of the run…[View]
85299433Affleck isn't leaving you inbred marvelpajeet shills https://mobile.twitter.com/joblocom/statu…[View]
85297207Hey it's Nikki Bonsky from the movie Hairspray here, Just wanted to say that Ariel Winter is a…[View]
85299483>more than 10,000 civil war reenactors with over 100 artillery guns, authentic uniforms, horses, …[View]
85293073Looking back..: This comic con tester still gives me chills/tears >https://youtu.be/GDpIqFwJoFk…[View]
85299318Is the first half or the second half better and why?[View]
85299681This didn't feel like capeshit. Is this why it's best superhero film ever made?[View]
85299662>Galactic Civil War scene >'It Ain't Sheev' stats playing…[View]
85298262Steven Spielberg's adaptation of 'Ready player one's by Ernest Cline.: https://youtu.…[View]
85289276Is there anything JJ Abrams didn't do wrong?[View]
85296393Legendary's Monsterverse: Comic Book Nerds get out, best cinematic universe is back[View]
85298131how does this movie get so much hate when the first one(ringu) wasn't even that great either? t…[View]
85298837>flashpoint confirmed: >flashpoint B-BUT IT WAS MARVEL SHILLS LYING kek dc is dead bury it kek…[View]
85298773>'Mr. Monk, can you please help me find my bra?'[View]
85294938>written by Max Landis It's going to suck, isn't it?[View]
85299274How do you go from directing this to directing The Hulk ? Lmao[View]
85297198I liked this movie I was expecting it to be some kind of le quirky indie scifi comedy garbage but it…[View]
85297321Do you go to the theaters alone? Is it strange? I've never been to one before but wanted to go …[View]
85298503Herr Goering...I'm RAF[View]
85297532Why is Netflix streaming quality so shit? Why would they make it better to just go and torrent at 10…[View]
85294150Star Trek: If the ship's computer can create intelligences on par or superior to Data, doesn…[View]
85296243Unfortunately, the Wheel of Time series has been canceled: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hUQE0-G_G…[View]
85299225Slack jawed faggots[View]
85298607Why is no one complaining about the lack of diversity in this film?[View]
85299187Have you seen the single greatest madcap masterpiece of the 21st century yet?[View]
85284311Insert uninspired banter[View]
85297919YOU CAN ACT LIKE A MAN[View]
85281865/spiderman4/ general: #BringBackRaimi #Unboot Previous thread >>85227693 Current plan is to po…[View]
85296492Eurocuck here, how much am I expected to tip the kinoplex shooter when I visit the U.S?[View]
85299065what films are you currently torrenting?[View]
85297336Anon, there isn't much time, they don't want me talking to you. It's not real, your l…[View]
85298911Worth watching?[View]
85296535Any more movies like this or NCFOM? Basically looking for crime movies set in the south west with co…[View]
85298941who was in the wrong here https://youtu.be/CKoXcJaylAo[View]
85298064What's that, sir?[View]
85298832Why did they pretend he was a guy even after he left the place[View]
85287451Apes kino: never wouldve thought this would become one of the greatest trilogies ever[View]
85298736What is this expression trying to convey?[View]
85293815Is VM Varga the most based character in modern television?[View]
85298688Where is Jon Stewart these days? We need him now more than ever.[View]
85297358What does this facial expression indicate?[View]
85296715Justice League Panel SDCC '17: It's almost here, get in here DChads.[View]
85295298Probably won't be too long before Hollywood makes a movie over Trump, let's start casting …[View]
85298546what are some movies like cleaver?[View]
85297123The only thing he did wrong was kill the wife. Prove me wrong.[View]
85295775Box Office: 'Wonder Woman' Will Become The Summer's Biggest Hit Today: THE WINNER TAK…[View]
85297399So how's the skatepark coming along?[View]
85297712cinemtography: what movies have the best? what is it you consider 'good' cinematography and how to a…[View]
85298217Now that Doctor Who series is going in an exciting direction, who do we think will be the 14th Docto…[View]
85298352Now that the dust has settled, do you think Kia-Ora is too orangey for crows?[View]
85288515Why does he wear the mask?[View]
85288984Hey Arnold: *blocks your path*[View]
85297463>Back To Formula?[View]
85297945Was this supposed to be erotic[View]
85293941Was Vito gay? I don't understand why he sucked that guy's dick, and let that other dude fu…[View]
85297822Is Sicario a realistic portrayal of the drug cartels in Mexico?[View]
85293117If Americans don't understand war films that aren't about glory, why do they keep making V…[View]
85297086What the fuck did i just watch? This movie's plot is a metaphor for catching an std and how it…[View]
85297502Alan Partridge is the greatest comedy character ever created.[View]
85288173are we over this?[View]
85297115Will this be movie of the year[View]
85297353Are we going to get a episode just about the white walkers cause this painting them as the big bad e…[View]
85296025Who should play Chester Bennington in the inevitable biopic?[View]
85295411>tfw literally Don[View]
85295093you got a lot of nerve showing your face around[View]
85295130You're crazy.[View]
85297475add 2 movies to this list[View]
85296155What does /tv/ think of Zosia Mamet?[View]
85297552>your ass used to be beautiful[View]
85296400How or where can I watch Somnio? It's by the guy who made pandorum. http://www.somniothemovie.c…[View]
85297460Jango is one of the most underrated characters in movie history. >Overshadowed by his faggot …[View]
85295352Why is the season 2 of this such dogshit? this is insulting >the supernatural shit was real all a…[View]
85296779So apparently she's a much better singer than an actress. Why is she pushed so hard to be in th…[View]
85295760I've waited for you Negan, after all of these years[View]
85296777Why do they shill their original programming so fucking hard? Most of the commercials during the Sei…[View]
85279939What could Momoa be referring to?[View]
85297192just marathoned valerian. did i like it?[View]
85282352How come she's not been in any capeflicks?: Yeah yeah, Sin City & 300. But you get what I…[View]
85282643Most recent photo of Ben Affleck. Fuck Marvel.[View]
85292962Fact: Spaghetti Westerns are the most powerful film in the world[View]
85295803ITT Epic movie posters, I'll start.[View]
85297007Just brought this for 50p What am I in for lads?[View]
85293054Who was in the wrong here? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=egsdc7tZ_xc[View]
85289571Is she finished? http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/weekend-box-office-dunkirk-heads-45m-50m-us-d…[View]
85229761/lbg/- Letterboxd General: Pete the Cat edition. Previous thread: >>85166512 >Not sure what…[View]
85296879Just watched it and gave it 8.7/10. I think the hype was a little too much, a problem shared with Lo…[View]
85296853webm thread[View]
85290241How do we fix Hollywood?[View]
85273371Who is the better Spider-Man? it's still Tobey[View]
85296308There are plenty of bad movies that look like television shows, but are there any tv shows good enou…[View]
85294700Is she the best part of The Accountant?[View]
85295698What went wrong?[View]
85294958New meme /tv/: Ellen Page Fart Trick (you're stupid meme) Side question, is Ellen Page still an…[View]
85296584>what went wrong?[View]
85295723How is it possible for one mortal men to get so many creatures we call 'women' wet?[View]
85295088Who will they cast?[View]
85296636In the episode where Elaine pulls off George's toupee, why doesn't he just rape her?[View]
85294160Good Posters thread.[View]
85296631Was he a victim?[View]
85288760>Marlon Brando purposely pissed himself to ruin a shot in Desiree a movie he didn't want to …[View]
85296548Is this the most disturbing scene in all of film?: >that part where the guy knows he is going to …[View]
85293357Maddox: He was really good in Ooga Booga and his improv is awesome. Is he ever going to break into c…[View]
85290331JUSTICE LEAGUE SDCC PANEL HYPE THREAD SPOOKTACULAR: What do you guys want to see in the trailer? Ste…[View]
85294581How did Martha Kent know that Batman was Superman's friend?[View]
85293019>Comic-Con >nobody even cares about the MCU presence What went wrong?…[View]
85294172Which poster do you prefer?: http://www.strawpoll.me/13504875[View]
85295551Name a better side character you cannot possibly do it[View]
85290695Thoughts on Alice Eve?[View]
85296188Limitless: This was actually pretty good, if you get past the bad pilot. HIGH above the average crim…[View]
85296146/tv/ how do you feel about Hey Arnold The Jungle Movie and Rocko's Modern Life Static Cling? ht…[View]
85295993>It's a Truman wants to kill himself but is too afraid to pull the trigger. Getting boring d…[View]
85295272John Connor - There Can Only Be One: OK lets settle this once and for all, who is the best John Conn…[View]
85295337Shows only you watched: This was actually pretty funny, it came on around the same time as Nathan Fo…[View]
85296031Where were you when Her became real ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ySeiSIaAyw[View]
85291644/got/ general: euron greyjoy edition prev >>85288044[View]
85296061>Critics have seen Mookie's action both as an action that saves Sal's life and as an 'i…[View]
85283691What is the /tv/ equivalent of collecting vinyl records?[View]
85294295Now with trend of renewing old finished shows, When will they renew Monk? Don't tell me, please…[View]
85293555Is it just me or was this bland, cookie cutter shit?[View]
85295770Why did Kevin specify his Pizza was cheese when that's implied with pizza?[View]
85294220Alex Ross[View]
85295561ITT: Movies that are intelligent nihilistic and with a wicked sense of humor.[View]
85295817>movie set in pre 9/11 NYC >obligatory panorama shot of Twin Towers…[View]
85294830How is this not pandering? I don't even care about white supremacy or the alt right bullshit. I…[View]
85295790IT 2017: Is this adaptation going to preserve the jailbait gangbang scene from the book where the re…[View]
85295483Name a great marvel film >Protip[View]
85295729is the flash our guy?[View]
85294721Hello, George. I want to play a game. For years years you could have cared less about the ones close…[View]
85295666Has there ever been a case where there's great film with a great sequel and then they just stop…[View]
85292279Trailer for 9/11 movie wtf is this even https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s4pXaVsw-VA&feature=sha…[View]
85294525Seems to me like the French were the real heroes here. Also did Tom hardy died?[View]
85292547Post relatable Black Mirrors[View]
85294277Dr. Marvel, were JLA[View]
85295532https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ornXZGEFcds Why /tv/ hate this masterpiece again?[View]
85284432KINOPLAYERS: THE OFFICIAL /tv/ KINOPLAYER THREAD: What do you play your kinos with, /tv/? I download…[View]
85291717How do you write a screenplay /tv/?[View]
85295059Guess what the Metacritic and RT scores are going to be[View]
85294832will we get anything like this ever again?[View]
85290614I STILL BELIEVE.[View]
85294792>Were you Russian or dragon? I really don't see how Russians and dragons are related. Is th…[View]
85294821What was her fucking problem?[View]
85294602what movies have the best sound tracks?[View]
85289406>We well take the chinks and the niggers but we don't want the Irish.…[View]
85292572Comfy Harry Potter thread[View]
85293557Kuso 2017 720p AMZN WEBRip DDP 2.0 x264-NTb Kuso 2017 720p AMZN WEBRip DDP 2.0 x264-NTb Kuso 201…[View]
85293822Ever walked out on a movie before? I've only done it once. I don't even remember who was i…[View]
85294465How much do you think WB is paying Jay to look the other way?[View]
85291266Game of Cameos: >My whole life my father told me winter is coming and I'm nothing but a swee…[View]
85294669>Mid 90's-Early 2000's Movie about a 20 something male >Goes through enlightenment A…[View]
85294770When will they realize he is the only one who will save them???[View]
85294020What was his major malfunction?[View]
85294560>budget: $209.184 million LGTSS[View]
85293464Did any ever make a movie that deals with people suffering from Narcacisstic personality disorder? T…[View]
85293070BRAVO NOLAN[View]
85289254The Walking Dead season 8 trailer was released ~18 hours ago. So why aren't we talking about it…[View]
85294461Did they shoot Ben because he was black?[View]
85277394Who else is watching Dark Matter?[View]
85294290What does /tv/ think about Local Hero?[View]
85291338Who was in the wrong?[View]
85294480Arrival scene webm for that weirdo: DV. Decent director. Enemy was great.[View]
85294027and action, Orson![View]
85294157What ddid you think of this? The first episode was one of the best things I've seen, but it was…[View]
85294296>It was me Murph, the author of all your pain holy shit, why was Cooper such a fucking sadist?…[View]
85293412KINO!: KINO IS BACK ON THE MENU! Official poster! PRAISE R A I S E[View]
85292689are you in good hands with allstate? THIS SUMMER whats that?[View]
85291596WHITE WOMEN BTFO!![View]
85287362Post 10/10 villains[View]
85289089I didn't get it at all: Did she make her daughter come back to life or have amnesia? Either way…[View]
85294016Any good movies that take place in the wilderness?[View]
85293627Now that the dust has settled, what's the verdict on this film?[View]
85293896Al Pacino: When the last time Al Pacino delivered a good performance and why was it thirteen years a…[View]
85293220>I fuck feet nigga What did he mean by this?[View]
85286307kdrama general: kdrama thread what you watching? whats on your backlog[View]
85294025Have there been any good new sitcoms within the last few years? Feels like the 2000s were pretty goo…[View]
85290858Recommend me some good action movies.[View]
85292504I have been telling you people for WEEKS now that this was going to be a bad movie. Well guess who w…[View]
85291020Warrior (2011): What did /tv/ think of pic related. Thought it was breddy guud, The fights could hav…[View]
85293284It's over bros. It was fun while it lasted but Dunkino is finished.[View]
85292091Just saw this for the first time, did I like it? >Prime Ricci will never fuck the innocence out o…[View]
852917902017 Movies: Show me your rankings boys.[View]
85291215What the fuck is wrong with this guy?[View]
85293119>vietnam war movie >billy don't be a hero starts playing…[View]
85293473DC WON[View]
85284660Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets: Who will go see this movie? I think that it looks to be…[View]
85293414RIP :( http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4720644/Home-father-John-Heard-72-dead.html[View]
85293290DChads STAY WINNING: >b-but they say he's unhappy and leaving batman BTFO MARVEL BTFO DISNEY…[View]
85293389what kino do you think they are watching?[View]
85291133>rated PG[View]
85278588/tpg/ Twin Peaks General: You're a big BOB edition. Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/Ag6evX8s La…[View]
85292545WAY OF THE ROAD BUBS[View]
85292950it's over.[View]
85293224the absolute state[View]
85291430When will it become a meme?[View]
85289546Descendants.2.2017.1080p.AMZN.WEBRip.DDP5.1.x264-TVSmash: >Descendants.2.2017.1080p.AMZN.WEBRip.D…[View]
85293172tbqh I forgot how good this show is[View]
85264237Star Trek General - /trek/: >Your men are incompetent! They let themselves get taken over by a bu…[View]
85293057Did we watch the same fucking movie?: I don't care if I sound contrarian, Dunkirk was forgettab…[View]
85292773Would they be ded?[View]
85292949Was /tv/ wrong about him all this time?[View]
85292841Just catched Groundhog Day here on TV in my country .. and I'm wondering.. is there any more mo…[View]
85283915Phoenix.Forgotten.2017.1080p.BluRay.x264-GECKOS: >Phoenix.Forgotten.2017.1080p.BluRay.x264-GECKOS…[View]
85290855Why do movies and shows always have to have romance in them? Most of the time it feels super out of …[View]
85292222>hot girl >milf >gilf Post actresses that attained all three stages.…[View]
85292803Undisputed opinions about television Breaking Bad > The Sopranos The Shield > The Wire Parks a…[View]
85290108that feeling: movies that give you that feeling[View]
85292115>tfw no grey waifu to have sex with and raise little grey children with https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
85292261Cheese off: Brie Larson or Alison Brie\/[View]
85292750Was it kino?[View]
85292515how many survivors?[View]
85291974How would you survive this moment?[View]
85292617Why aren't theaters and cable/broadcast television dead yet? Wasn't netflix supposed to ki…[View]
85291237GUNS GUNS GUNS[View]
85285812Nolan Channels Tarkosvky with Dunkirk: >just come out of Imax 70mm screening >I'm shocked…[View]
85292652Dunkirk Q&A with Christopher Nolan https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LbubfuB0V84[View]
85283680Did I like it?[View]
85268703Is this kino?[View]
85290346Was getting caught part of his plan?[View]
85292506is this a way for bill to live out his fantasy of having a normal, white, nuclear family?[View]
85286177Dunkirk is Literally Banes Origin Story: even watches the fire rise at the burning spitfire wreckage…[View]
85290756GoT deciding moment: This really was the deciding scene of the whole series, and I think there is a …[View]
85284642I've only seen one film in cinemas in the past 6 months (saw silence and hacksaw ridge either e…[View]
85289577ITT: pitch a remake Choose a director, cinematographer, writer and/or actors and the classic movie t…[View]
85287530STRUDEL: The STRUDEL carried the whole film. God what a beautiful actor, truly ahead of his time.…[View]
85291935VIKINGS NEW SEASON: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ts_8uk1ddJI VIKINGS HYPE, YOU TURDS spoiler: Iva…[View]
85290457Early in the movie, sergent Apone says >'It's a rescue mission, you'll love it. There…[View]
85289310How's the Scream TV series? Worth watching?[View]
85291031Dobby: I love this show but she is the most annoying fucking character. I can't stand any scene…[View]
85292247*blocks your path*[View]
85290955He didn't deserve this.[View]
85289739Movies that make you wanna dance[View]
85277130Peep Show: We all agree this is the peak of British comedy, right?[View]
85289763OFFICIAL FARGO ANTAGONIST POWER RANKING: 1. Lorne Malvo 2. VM. Varga 3. Hanzee Dent 4. Carl Showalt…[View]
85291236Does /tv/ like Chloe Bennet?[View]
85292012What do you think about the ending of this film? pic related film name: one day it's a thai fil…[View]
85291162Hollywood is finished!! Except for Wonder Woman[View]
85291933In terms of acting ability, which actresses are the most well-equipped to play maternal roles?[View]
85290590>WW2 movie >It's PG-13 No thanks, Nolan. You fucking hack.…[View]
85285789What is it that make the Lion King the best kids movie of all time?[View]
85287941Will you float too, /tv/?[View]
85291869>DUDE, MUH SON >I BROKE MUH BOY Why do people like this guy again?…[View]
85280197>wait a minute, why didn't they just ride the eagles to mordor? >lmao just turn off your …[View]
85290613i just marathoned all 3 seasons season 3 was kind of wtf but overall very good what does /tv/ think …[View]
85288044/got/ general: Great White North edition Thread theme https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ot70G4wSQi0 Pr…[View]
85275628BATFFLECK LEFT ON THE SIDE OF THE STREET BY WB: http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/heat-vision/ben-aff…[View]
85287802This looks interesting. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d5h7Kgo-zeI What do you think?[View]
85283216racist jews are done hahahahaha you reap what you sow :)[View]
85288878Kino or meme-o?[View]
85290380>catched an episode how foldable bicycles are made >some bike history >WOMEN WERE FORBIDDEN…[View]
85290560Who is ready for Rocky 7 kino? Rocky vs Drago 2[View]
85290187>if you keep something as complicated as love stored up inside, it can make you sick >Peter lo…[View]
85289137I wish they'd stopped coming up with these over powered creatures in sci fi movies. Alien had …[View]
85291253>it's a more skit than recipes episode good eats general bitches. fav episodes? why was W s…[View]
85288378Christopher Nolan Filmography Ranked: 1. Memento 2. Dunkirk 3. The Prestige 4. The Dark Knight 5. In…[View]
85290122All-female reboot when?[View]
85277773Stargate Origins: It's going to be a shit fest, but we are obligated to support it.[View]
85291074DunKEK is the new meme movie that we all hate[View]
85290980Superman: Why does he wear the cape?[View]
85290249Of all the things bad about Spider Man 3, the design of Venom wasn't one of them[View]
85290946this was the favorite movie of pre-gen X'rs[View]
85290876What's next for her career?[View]
85290324I'm still mad that this was cancelled.[View]
85288252Holy shit this shot was powerful![View]
85290364John Boyega: Thoughts on his acting career so far? He must be pretty good if he has replaced Charlie…[View]
85288869Characters who enforce negative stereotypes[View]
85284831>trolled the piss out of Nazis during ww2 by blasting Jewish music across lines >called studio…[View]
85283153>no relationship bs >no moral lessons >no dramatic plots >just a group of friends gettin…[View]
85290672Who is going to play him in the inevitable biopic?[View]
85289671ITT: legendary film soundtracks: ITT: legendary film soundtracks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n58…[View]
85280845>YOU SHOULD KNOW BETTER! How was this scene so powerful? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=TY9JsBy835…[View]
85287644That annoying Tumblr tulpa with frizzy hair isn't really the movie equivalent of Mary Jane, is …[View]
85290338Doctor Who Deviant Strain: Does anyone have a link to download the font 'Deviant Strain' t…[View]
85290135>british movie and british director >makes the americans badass cowboys isntead of ebul fatass…[View]
85287402This is hilarious. Why did it flop?[View]
85290039ITT:Redpilled movies.[View]
85288121Why was season 2 so bad?[View]
85287791Movies that you're the only one who has never seen.[View]
85285443Thoughts on Rick and morty?[View]
85288811What exactly did he want with Ryan?[View]
85289130The fuck did i just spend 108 minutes on this for? this could have been 40 minutes shorter >also …[View]
85289966Was this movie trying to say something about racism? >Ben, the film’s hero, survives the onslaugh…[View]
85290024Wtf I want to buy a zoo now.[View]
85289953I hope you're wearing your shitting pants, because you are about to shit your pants.[View]
85289066Male hater: in this movie Alicia Viskander killed her male boss to take his place and tried to trick…[View]
85284226JUICE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=726Ujz_KOHE[View]
85289939>2017. >Racially diverse casting in a movie. >All of the black women are mulatto.…[View]
85289129What does /tv/ think of AMC's award winning television series Hell on Wheels?[View]
85289903who was in the right here?[View]
85289780>first trailer looked like disasterkino with a somewhat interesting cause (satellites that contro…[View]
85288802The real peak of British comedy[View]
85288591Why does /tv/ never talk about B movies or C movies? Some of them look really interesting[View]
85289730I'll open your meat shirt and show you your own heart.[View]
85286411ITT the all time best shots in cinema[View]
85283862What went wrong?[View]
85287641Films that make you feel[View]
85287408Did he hit her?[View]
85283353Tale of Two Dunkirks: >Atonement 2007 >Dunkirk is crowded with scattered men, fortifications a…[View]
85289554Fat Fat is hungry for some chocolate, so now I'm gonna feed him[View]
85281397The point of this shot was ______[View]
85289451They had no chemistry[View]
85283434ITT: characters you want do die but they won't because they're the worst assholes[View]
85289368What's /tv/'s opinion on this series?[View]
85289438winds of winter verified leak: The Kingsroad was buried in snowfall. The trees that flanked it bared…[View]
85288842>Do y'know why everybody in America is circumcised? They take the foreskins and sell em. Mil…[View]
85289294Does anyone here like old monster movies? I'm a big fan of 'Them!' myself. I think James Camero…[View]
85287544Did this film predict the future?[View]
85283351fuck morals: Give me amoral movies. Movies where the bad guy wins. Movies that treat their character…[View]
85286455Movie lines you've quoted in real life >SABRINA, DON'T JUST STARE AT IT, EAT IT! >(c…[View]
85289051When is a war movie going to dethrone the thin Red line of best war Kino of all time status? Pic rel…[View]
85287409>another cuck protagonist >another HOT milf >another Ayy LMAO daughter It was shit. And fuc…[View]
85288302Pick a movie: Hello fellow kids, need to pick a movie for movie night at work, pls help pick movie I…[View]
85287604ITT: villains who got away with it[View]
85284057'member Nien Numb?: Seriously, this guy destroyed a Death Star!!! Can he retaire with a medal a…[View]
85287152new Spawn film confirmed: >directed by Todd MacFarlane >produced by Blumhouse what does /tv/ t…[View]
85287932What are some movies women wouldn't understand?[View]
85288807Leave Dunkirk to me.[View]
85288598This is a human/Romulan hybrid: Keep in mind that Spock had a human mom and looks almost 100% Vulcan…[View]
85286292Reminder that Feige intentionally made Homecoming shit so Pascal would sell the rights to Disney for…[View]
85286041thoughts on Germany after seeing Dunkirk?[View]
85287465What a terrible remake. Jesus christ.[View]
85286706Robert De Niro snaps at wife for 'spending all my money': >Trouble is brewing over Grac…[View]
85287895Heh....So are you.[View]
85287841Hourly reminder that if this movie is not on your 2017 top 3 movies list, you are a pleb.[View]
85287893The human condition: Is it worth the watch?[View]
85278149Edward Norton BTFO[View]
85287132Honestly, will she make it as an adult actress? We all know Hollywood has a problem with females wit…[View]
85288052ITT Movies that men will never understand[View]
85286805Why does this get so much praise? I'd put it down there with the worst of marvel films like tho…[View]
85288057>>54461012 Blimey...it's the beacon at Traditional Games LIGHT THE BEACON LADS IT'S …[View]
85287624How did they shoot the underwater and chase scenes on an IMAX camera? Isnt it huge and not water pro…[View]
85287957did anyone else 'hear' the news?[View]
85287931So.. it's Shadowrun, but without the things that made Shadowrun.. Shadowrun? I smell missed opp…[View]
85287967Current State of /tv/[View]
85287948>makes war film in which all but one military character are anonymous >film shows how most so…[View]
85279221*breathes in*[View]
85282938/got/ general: The dragon edition >>85275010[View]
85285779Will there be a day when twist endings become boring?[View]
85287701What movie should I watch? Dubs decides[View]
85287252The person you pick is you new CO until the end of the war, who do you go with?[View]
85287028So, how is your kino screenwriting going? I am having problems with Act 2. The most interesting par…[View]
85287207>O.J. Simpson was considered for the role of the Terminator, but James Cameron feared he was 'too…[View]
85252336you can count the amount of tall actresses who dont get meme roles on one hand. why are they discrim…[View]
85285800Did he prep Drogo before the fucking sessions with his sister?[View]
85286298Bateman can't do dram....: Oh shit, did he crush it?[View]
85284149Passengers: She was pretty hot in this.[View]
85287561Blockbusterkino do not exi-[View]
85287335Over 100 RAF aircraft participated in the Battle/Evacuation of Dunkirk: The movie makes it look like…[View]
85287525>Poignant moment with two characters bonding >RANDOM WACKY FAMILY GUY CUT AWAY GAG >Poignan…[View]
85283446Saturday Night In (Australian Edition): What are my fellow Ausfags watching/doing tonight?[View]
85283640IT'S OUT!: https://youtu.be/Eun8zjHwZr8[View]
85285907GAME OF CAMEOS >Jons resurrection scene >Aside from Davos and Jon, there is a another nights w…[View]
85287080>he hasn't seen Logistics In 2008, Erika Magnusson and Daniel Andersson asked themselves whe…[View]
85285441Dunkirk was 10/10, never been to the flicks for a war flick. Almost Kubrick level shots and the best…[View]
85280120Fun, Uplifting, Comfy Kino: Forgive the blog post: >Just watched Threads again today. Loved it, …[View]
85287299Guys, what is the film where Steven Seagal is running from everyone, shooting everyone, beating ever…[View]
85285213What is it with hollywood pushing incest as normal lately?[View]
85284822The Fellowship of the Ring - Extended Edition: >2 hours in >still not in Moria Theatrical …[View]
85287092Itt: actors you could probably take in a fight[View]
85284517>Do you see the woman in the window?...I want you to see that woman, because that's my wife.…[View]
85287241bello: After the dust, Minions > Despicable Me 2 > Despicable Me > Despicable Me 3[View]
85279550It was bad.[View]
85285669*robs you*[View]
85287072Why is Ahkmenrah so cute?[View]
852851017 hours just the trailer. The whole kino will last 720 hours.[View]
85287157Just watched this: It was okay. Suicide Squad is still better.[View]
85284299how come there were no ҫunnybots in Westworld /tv/?[View]
85279520This is Nicolas Cage. Say something nice about him.[View]
85286305What a dumb way to end a scene.[View]
85287104Name a better comedian pro tip: you can't: DURRRRR DE DURRRRRR[View]
85285420/lit/ here, what the hell is wrong with this board? Nobody here even likes television and film. You …[View]
85286902Is Robot Chicken still a good show? Apparently they got JDM to voice a bunch of skits. https://www.y…[View]
85286962FEMALE DOCTOR WHO POLL: Do you think they will actually show the real poll results regardless of whe…[View]
85285368what's the most accurate depiction of hallucinogenic drugs in a movie or TV show?[View]
85283740Does Holby City accurately depict the English medical system?[View]
85285602What did he mean by this?[View]
85277618Thoughts on Sal?[View]
85286198Does it bug anyone else that these guys are only in their 30s but constantly act like they're i…[View]
85279043in your opinion, what film protrays the most scary and horrifying aliens that you've seen befor…[View]
85286922how do you go from this[View]
85286545why is he so based ?[View]
85283318is comedy dead[View]
85286627A REAL HERO[View]
85286743is it weird to watch this show with your sister?[View]
85285711>finally watching The Beach Why didn't anybody warn me? This is complete a shit.…[View]
85286672Is 活着 kino or just cinema?[View]
85286579>no white players in it What did they mean by this?[View]
85286157what is /tv/'s opinion on this kino?[View]
85286546who /hype/?[View]
85285967Are there any good films, shows and documentaries about Napoleon and Napoleonic Wars? >inb4 War …[View]
85283886Christopher Nolan has had the vision to choreograph various male pillars of contemporary British cul…[View]
85282281Can someone explain what did they mean when the admiral talked about seeing if their plan will work …[View]
85280981This wasn't bad. Can anyone recommend me some cool fun adventure movies?[View]
85284319Did they really think people wouldn't notice? This movie should be in the running for WOAT cgi[View]
85275296What the fuck happened with 'Creed 2'? I remember everybody involved on the production was rushing p…[View]
85286150Horror movies: What are some horror films that are actually scary or disturbing? Pretty much every r…[View]
85282956Just watched this: A couple comments: - Maguire's acting here is the equivalent of the Raimi m…[View]
85286490Spongebob!!!!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=70hztcUWSB8[View]
85280603Why was JJ Abrams selected to direct Star Wars?[View]
85281315Doctor Who General - /who/: Lick my cunt, >>85281277 Edition Previous: >>85275199[View]
85283202Is it worth seeing everything?: I'm finishing S1 of TOS right now, and I was wondering if it…[View]
85284854How Kino is the first season of True Detective?[View]
85282217Hey /tv/. What is your personal opinion on Natalia's shortkino ? https://vimeo.com/224326254[View]
85286104What is the best new show on TV and why is it I'm Dying Up Here? 115,000 people per episode can…[View]
85280463Can anyone recommend a great addictive tv show to watch? Ones I have finished are OITNB pretty litt…[View]
85286080'i shit on the united states': what did he mean by this ?[View]
85283703So what should we expect from the Halo show. Produced by Spielberg, going to aired on Showtime, so e…[View]
85284838I.. I didnt get it. Was there an afterlife? What jumping into the portal accomplish? What was the pu…[View]
85280925Things you do at the cinema: I usually bring a notepad and pen to pretend I'm a film critic to …[View]
85285542Why did they make her so cute?[View]
85285604How come there's less and less famous jewish comedians emerging? Was the meme that Jews are fun…[View]
85283898Childhood is hating M. Night Shyamalan's movies Adulthood is realising The Happening is his mag…[View]
85285196Nine... https://youtu.be/0nZlXngXB64?t=2m34s[View]
85285492and action, Orson![View]
85284955>Poignant moment with two characters bonding >RANDOM WACKY FAMILY GUY CUT AWAY GAG >Poignan…[View]
85280527LOL DEAD MEN ARE FUNNY: Can you imagine of this was about a bunch of guys who accidentally killed a …[View]
85285319will they COME TOGETHER on the same stage, /tv/?[View]
85275914https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sFzvJMmH9x0 I expected nothing and I am still disappointed[View]
85284487Hmmmm... I have a use for you.[View]
85260791The Walking Dead Season 8 Official Trailer[View]
85280860Now that the dust has settled, who is better?[View]
85283339>making quips while you are being tortured Did Marvel take over the Saw franchise? https://www.yo…[View]
85282215TOOK I TE NA NA NA[View]
85281576So Frenchies really were huge cunts. And people say American are stubborn.[View]
85281984>80s Arnold Schwarzenegger Sylvester Stallone Jean-Claude Van Damme Mel Gibson Bruce Willis Kurt…[View]
85283518Justice League Cast @ SDCC: Minus Henry because of MI6.[View]
85283096itt: times you dropped a favourite celebrity >Bale actively supports environmental groups such as…[View]
85285039Whose plan was it to make this part of his plan at the end of Dunkirk?: Just give me odds this was c…[View]
85284272>mask serves no functional purpose >is mechanically more complicated than Darth Vader's W…[View]
85283799>tfw no cute mummy to loyally serve and rule the new world with[View]
85284794I want you to look at me when i pull the trigger, Smocaine https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qymOSNhI8…[View]
85283808Reminder, the following respected actors have been in 'capeshit': >Gary Oldman >Rutger Hauer …[View]
85284690why didn't you guys tell me this was absolute Banks kino? she literally spends the whole moving…[View]
85284417Daily reminder that Film has the highest resolution imaginable. This is footage from 1900 https://w…[View]
85274495Throw me some Postmodern Neo-Marxist Cinema /tv/[View]
85284731What should be his next project /tv/? For me he needs to go back to making big budget original sci-…[View]
85281266Imagine if someone made a Superman movie except: >Krypton is never mentioned >Jimmy and Lana a…[View]
85284558How to understand if IMAX is 70mm?[View]
85282538>Its a Frasier binge watches Sons of Anarchy episode[View]
85284254Season 5: Alhamdulillah Björn[View]
85279039DUDE LET'S BRUTALLY KILL ALL SCHOOL BULLIES KIRA JUSTICE LMAO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s…[View]
85284326That time you dropped a kino maker[View]
85284537Itt: characters that are literally you[View]
85284485Was it Romero's intention to subtly introduce dabbing before it was popular?[View]
85284426bugs... easy on the carrots[View]
85278055Do you miss movies and tv shows from the early 2000s? Everyone says things when to shit after 9/11 b…[View]
85284418>Kill those fucking kikes, Light, finish what he started, gas the shit out of them Jesus Christ R…[View]
85283653Why do they pretend Rachel isn't the main character? >muh pay us all the same we're al…[View]
85282831Why did this faggot kill himself over $7,500?[View]
85279431Will it be kino?[View]
85282440Remember the early days of Dexter, when La Guerta wanted Dexter's Big Dark Passenger inside of …[View]
85283359Original plot movies > book based movies >>> reboots > sequels > prequels >>…[View]
85284247Villians who got away with it: /tv/ or film villains who got away with it. I'll start with a cl…[View]
85277378>Hollywood: 'Okay Mr. Giger, what do you have for us?' >Giger: 'It's a sandworm...SUCKIN…[View]
85282339ITT: Perfect endings[View]
85278219Is hellcats worth watching for a 19 year old that doesnt care about sports[View]
85281238Just saw pic related. What did I think of it?[View]
85280839Nolan Haters BTFO !!: >Metacritic is most reliable and relevant when it comes to movies reviews r…[View]
85283968Who will play him in the inevitable biopic?[View]
85283935RIP Pudsey: >Britain's Got Talent star Pudsey sadly died due to dog cancer sticky thread, ob…[View]
85283780After Harry Styles proving himself to be a really good dramatic actor in Dunkirk and deliver lines v…[View]
85283731>90's romcom >SHE LIKES ME FOR ME[View]
85279995when did spongebob peak?[View]
85281820Why would any Americans with self respect allow this?[View]
85283121What are some left wing films, like pic related? But not so shamelessly propaganda, like pic related[View]
85278455Apart from its popularity, why else does /tv/ hate this?[View]
85266021BETA UPRISING: The Movie[View]
85283649Why is Ahkmenrah so cute?[View]
85283652this is the worst case of butthurt I've ever seen[View]
85283399Fims where the character discovers his real identity[View]
85280299Live or die. Make your choice.[View]
85281957>mission control applauds and pats each other on the back after hero saves the day…[View]
85283553>Odin What did Riverdale mean by this?[View]
85282651Shit Movies: Times /tv/ was wrong and got you to watch a shit movie. I'll start with pic relate…[View]
85282065ITT: Unpretentious films[View]
85276796Kino: Can we discuss Dunkirk?[View]
85282927Most recent photo of Jonah Hill. Fuck french whores.[View]
85282383Why didn't they swim?[View]
85282174Any other films with black cucks?[View]
85280660Any good shows that deals with loneliness? Pic unrelated.[View]
85278176JL GL: >DC heavily pushing Green Lantern at Comic Con >putting him next to Justice League movi…[View]
85283257Why didn't she just suck his dick?[View]
85282616>hey, that's some good hunting, Will Are you fucking for real? I shut the movie off right th…[View]
85281167for real though what was the point of this character?[View]
85283049It was shit streamplay.club/9h1y8v12srn5[View]
85275010/got/ general: >>85267507[View]
85276905Ozark General: The first kino series of 2017. How you likin it lads?[View]
85283056What is the comfiest horror movie ever made?[View]
85281925Thoughts on Berlin Syndrome (2017)?[View]
85281539My main concerns with the movie: otherwise completely believable plot line the female waitress was h…[View]
85282671ITT: Movie sequels/prequels you want to see >prequel to TDKR >new Ace Ventura movie…[View]
85281888Pick a movie: Hello fellow kids, need to pick a movie for movie night at work, pls help pick movie I…[View]
85280113Which actress would win a fight?[View]
85282795halfway through season 2. man did this show jump the shark.[View]
85282740Why do people like Season 7 of Dexter so much, more than season 6, and think it is better? Season 6 …[View]
85267685>Luc Besson managed to independently raise $200 million dollars to make it >gets full creative…[View]
85282752And it's a beautiful day. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vmoYpJIUWhY[View]
85278485Who's your favorite actress? What's your favorite movie by them? Why do you love them?[View]
85278795Salem: hey guys so, i dropped salem mid season 2 not bc i didn't like it but bc i had no time f…[View]
85282637Dunkrik: A Masterpiece Too Far Ahead of its Time and Space?: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/dunkrik-…[View]
85276973Why is the Black & Chrome Edition so much better?[View]
85282495>what is it? what do you see!? *boats on the horizon* >...home oh bravo nolan…[View]
85282594Is this best action scene in history of film? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_sYE8PucEI8[View]
85282103Just watched pic related. Did I liked it?[View]
85281702Rebellion is finished[View]
85278388>*flips a quarter* >call it.[View]
85282194how do you want your Stargate show family?[View]
85280691Reminder that this will be the best film of 2017.[View]
85281072>ron howard is a hack This is something only idiots say.[View]
85257824An Inconvenient Sequel: >in theater to watch Dunkirk >trailer for this flick comes on >it…[View]
85279796>unrealistically dumb people making unrealistically dumb decision: the show >dude this robochi…[View]
85281320/who/ - Doctor Who General: I WILL NEVER STAND WITH r/gallifrey - edition[View]
85278954Fuck, Marry, Kill?[View]
85282076>I could check your prostate. Why didn't he take her up on that offer, /tv/?…[View]
85279835Was this supposed to be a documentary?[View]
85281615Are there any queers in the board tonight?[View]
85281469Perry Rhodan TV-Series: Perry Rhodan is german science fiction 'pulp'-novel Series that is released …[View]
85281403looking for serious anime films that people that don't like anime will like.[View]
85281510THE GONG SHOW: fuck it this is my new guilty pleasure I don't care, I like it. >Gong Show D…[View]
85278799Life: This was great imo, better than the Alien franchise. Set up for one hell of a sequel. Discuss…[View]
85278833Any other movies that would never come out today?[View]
85281898Was the score suppose to give the effect of a dream? Decent anyway, reminded me Herrmann[View]
85280309...WOW! What the fuck did you just fucking say about my feature film, you little moron? I’ll have yo…[View]
85279352Disney's live action Aladdin: Let's face it, there's only one guy who can do justice …[View]
85278738really makes you think huh?[View]
85277136ITT: Recent movies that proved to be too patrician for mainstream audiences[View]
85279733Man-hater: Is it a problem to be typecasted as a male-hating backstabber?[View]
85277723war for the planet of the apes: now that the dust has settled: Great trilogy or greatest trilogy?…[View]
85281239Opinions are like assholes: Neil Patrick Harris wants to put his cock in them[View]
85279568Who will play Chester Bennington in his biopic? >Leads one of the most famous rock bands. >Has…[View]
85278887mmhm, hmmm, yes, hmmm, mmm, hmmmm[View]
85275992Am I less of a man for crying to this?[View]
85227693/spiderman4/ general: #BringBackRaimi Let's get this made.[View]
85281481Women and their shit taste in movies: Why are women almost universally plebs when it comes to movies…[View]
85279609What if Emma Watson was the lead of Harry Potter: Why is it that women keep expecting male writers t…[View]
85277849>women aren't funn-- Apologize[View]
85279792i believe everyone on here to be slightly above average when it comes to figuring stuff out. now thi…[View]
85281225Would running in a zig-zag actually work?[View]
85277194/DCEU/: Another day until SDCC edition[View]
85275199/who/ - Doctor Who General: RIP Deborah Watling (1948-2017) RIP Trevor Baxter (1932-2017) Pay your r…[View]
85264491Felicity Jones can't act.[View]
85275940Post screencaps. You don't even have to explain it; just post them.[View]
85281012Do you think a Resident Evil movie actually based on the source material would be good? I figure the…[View]
85277697Hey /tv/?: You ready for hairkino?[View]
85279868What were they thinking?[View]
85275665/bb/ Big Brother 19: HOH: Jessica Veto: TBD Nominations: Ramses, Josh Temptation:Jessica has the pow…[View]
85280743Streaming Sites?: Yo yo /tv/ could any of you reccomend any decent free streaming sites for watching…[View]
85276784>it's just Drive for Babies, hence the name It makes sense though. Did you like it, /tv/?…[View]
85280325You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.[View]
85279029bladerunner 2049: the latest trailer and now these rumours have somehow slowed down the hypetrain ma…[View]
85280617>starts giving a good political talk about corrupted government and how they don't care abou…[View]
85278129So why did it take them so long to find the perfect actress to play x-23? Why were they looking in E…[View]
85274082Did you, /tv/?[View]
85280488Was this courtroom-kino? why did they change the feminist prosecutor's rape from Italy to Isra…[View]
85278488Rey Skywalker = 28,200 Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader = 27,700 Darth Sidious/Palpatine = 20,500 Maz Ka…[View]
85280429the wrath of: i am making a thread about a telivions and film this is the thread[View]
85280367Ozark: Who's watching? Only seen the first episode so far; seems like it could be bretty good.…[View]
85278463Jimmy Carr was the subject of a huge scandal in 2012, when it was revealed he had been avoiding tax …[View]
85279216Itt movies only christian murfats find scary while everyone else keks at them inb4 epin fedora memes[View]
85280154Godspeed Spider-Man[View]
85277568Boomer propaganda, and not even fun or well made at that. The film is basically British Saving Priva…[View]
85280149Booked your tickets yet?[View]
85275236What a load of shit.: Why are old movies - especially old horror movies - generally so fucking awful…[View]
85274399Is Hollywood actually on to something? They have buried themselves in the 'diversity' hole. They als…[View]
85279773>Internet movie reviewer keeps review at a consistent volume until they have to yell then it beco…[View]
85278497Don't mind me, just being the director with the brightest future.[View]
85278955Seriously though: How does an acclaimed actor botch an American accent this bad?[View]
85277386I'm Blonde...: ATOMIC BLONDE (is universal off that GOOP?)[View]
85276437Let's write a /tv/ pilot one word at a time. I'll start: Literally[View]
85279425So there is no way this film won't have Harrison Ford for at least a scene, right? The Mouse wi…[View]
85279656What, did I miss the song? WELL THEN SING IT AGAIN ROOKIE BEEYOTCH[View]
85279641Dunkirk: it's good, I just saw it. my main criticism is that it is oddly paced, but I've o…[View]
85279603mother!: moved up a month, rejected by the venice film festival, no trailer yet, movie poster looks …[View]
85277330Is this the most redpilled movie ever made?[View]
85278719This is the ideal male body. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like[View]
85279521ITT movies about a MAN ON THE EDGE[View]
85279067from russia so sorry on bad english Capitan America vs Batman, who wins?[View]
85279429Blind bought Kill Zone 2 and it's solid although I got tired of the convoluted story. But that …[View]
85275643About to watch this for the first time. What an am I in for?[View]
85274624why do disney cape/Star Wars films have no rewatchability? Where's the charm? Where's the …[View]
85274236Virtual Reality is Imminent: When will Nolan/Tarantino/Scorcese realise that the maintaining the san…[View]
85279197What does 4chan think if the tick (pic unrelated)[View]
85268024Do movies have a responsibility to be diverse?[View]
85274592You don't eat pussy do ya, anon?[View]
85255560>2004 >13 years later and Hollywood still hasn't been able to make a fight scene as good …[View]
85277577What are some films where simpering beta males lose everything to cynical sociopathic Chads?[View]
85278909ITT: princesskino[View]
85271421>Hey, want to become a living god and have a qt mummy gf for eternity? So what was so unappealing…[View]
85277825Charlie Sheen 9/11 movie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s4pXaVsw-VA Oscar worthy?[View]
85278768What are some movies about men going their own way because they are downtrodden due to society telli…[View]
85278836>The Generalissimo?? In Madrid!! What did he man by this?[View]
85277741Do you wish he was your dad?[View]
85278801Listen you guys, I think those posters who use R*ddit as an insult for media are just R*dditors taki…[View]
85278506What are some good examples of fantastic screenplay?[View]
85278752Worst films in the franchise thread[View]
85277930Was it kino?[View]
85278114MATSUMOTO OUT[View]
85273481Whats his fucking problem? anybody else watching?[View]
85277480/tv/ and Nolanfags BTFO: Marvel always wins. Always. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah…[View]
85277814Justice League trailer fucking when[View]
85278577/tv/ makes movie script: theres a lot of smart people here with a lot of high energy and pent up sex…[View]
85278311are they hacks?[View]
85277734So what'd everyone else think of the Raven's Home pilot? I actually enjoyed it.[View]
85278539Anyone else watching this on Day 1?: Snyder and Whedon are the best possible directing pair. I since…[View]
85278065How does George get so many hot gf's?[View]
85267306What's the best worst movie and why is pic related?[View]
85276865>*bombs your path*[View]
85278361What are some good movies about unsolved mysteries?[View]
85275327ITT: Weird shit your parents watch.[View]
85275952So I just watched this and it was great. But I realized that the plot is crazy similar to Universal …[View]
85271600/tpg/ Twin Peaks General: Lolifu Edition old >>85263671[View]
85276519Spider-Man is more charming and fun than about 80% of Marvel movies. It also has some weird body hor…[View]
85269746>I-IT'S SUPPOSE TO BE BAD[View]
85273328I just watched The Handmaiden based on seeing it here, and I thought it was good. That bathtub scene…[View]
85278011sHey /tv/ im with the Iluminatti and I think you alright so im giving you the name of our next conte…[View]
85278016Itt: Movies women will never understand[View]
85277923Remember when this got accused of fat-shaming?: And there hasn't been so much as a peep about i…[View]
85276040People that you used to like, but now sick of. Dubs ends their overstayed welcome[View]
85273585GREETINGS... America![View]
85278009honey im home[View]
85278005Look at the fucking state of you, /tv/[View]
85274498Who's the biggest actress in Hollywood these days?[View]
85277902I made a promise, Mister Frodo. A promise! 'Don't you leave him Samwise Gamgee.' And …[View]
85277887ITT: Actors who should get more work: I think Javier Bardem, Tobey Maguire and Edward Norton are cri…[View]
85273571https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u-DqkLNDo0E How old are the nephews supposed to be in this? they sou…[View]
85257117Why is youtube allowing these things now? They are all over the site and nobody is taking them down.[View]
85277248Rate the last Mist Episode: Only flaw was that creepy make out scene unless they wanted it to be cre…[View]
85277129Apologize to Raimi: NOW.[View]
85277524Why is nobody talking about this incredible film?[View]
85277465https://youtu.be/8rL4xYyaDjU Predict its RT%. I'll start us off >3%…[View]
85275659ITT: kino[View]
85277624>multimillionaire men >one ends up with ugly chink and the other with mega-slut roastie with A…[View]
85274568oh boy[View]
85276033Recently saw this for the first time. So good I saw it the next day. Truly beautiful and powerful ki…[View]
85276090Yeah not better than the thin red line.[View]
85271417boondocks: I'm not even sure if this should go under /a/ or not, but for those of you who have …[View]
85277461Why is he reviewing mainstream movies?[View]
85275345I just watched The Room for the first time. What was the room that the title refers to? Their living…[View]
85275414Why was he holding the beer like that?[View]
85277427ITT: Characters that did literally nothing wrong: >I thought I told you to back the fuck off Bean…[View]
85276446are they still recording trailer park boys?[View]
85275762ITT: Innocent people's private property abused and/or destroyed in television or film.[View]
85269202Live P.D.: Is it kino? Anyone watching tonight?[View]
85273879Was it the best capeshit ever made?[View]
85272175Are you gonna go see it /tv/?: I know I am. 10:15 PM on July 28[View]
85273319Stunt double thread go![View]
85251897ITT: terrible cinematography Give me some: >lens flare >shaky cam >nonsensical shot com…[View]
85273823>go to see Dunkirk >some dickhead sitting next to me does a little exhale laugh whenever liter…[View]
85276310https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_c9kDQL_ppw Is this art?[View]
85277119/Kinoplex General/: What are they watching /tv/? What other snacks are they hiding back there?…[View]
85275960https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MKzbcQIn-wc Calling all Kinoperators, lets discuss an often overlook…[View]
85275994What Was This Nigger's Problem?[View]
85276276This movie was great. The characters were written and acted perfectly, like you could feel that they…[View]
85274599Free Fire: This was a bad movie. Don't watch it.[View]
85271807these guys are millionaires and can't afford $5 tooth whitening strips[View]
85275463Was it Kino? Or just hipster B-movie parody garbage?[View]
85275705Platoon (1986): Overly dramatic and too preachy, but solid overall. Why do you faggots jerk over it …[View]
852768287 hours of pure kino coming through... why have relatively few western audiences watched this film c…[View]
85271317FILM MUSIC THREAD: What are your favorite songs from cinema (or uses of existing music in film)? Who…[View]
85276490>EUUUUURGGHHHHH What did Raimi mean by this?[View]
85266609Oh hey thats my sweater :][View]
85275925Let's be honest here, does Ariel winter even have a career after modern family?[View]
85275537this wouldn't have happened if guns were allowed in bongland[View]
85275713Watch it Carlos[View]
85275410I need to name my computers. What are some good AI/computers/robots from TV/film?[View]
85273143What are the best horror films of the 90s?[View]
85269681SAW: What do you think of the SAW franchise?[View]
85276569>tfw more than happy to participate in the current Raimi nostalgia fest Let's show this lege…[View]
85274173Affirmative action hiring: He was clearly only picked because he was black. He's not a good ac…[View]
85276779Why does /tv/ take this retard seriously exactly?[View]
85276761Was getting caught by the Germans part of his plan?[View]
85274544Is it kino?[View]
85274494Are there any interracial lesbian dramas?[View]
85266096Generation Kill: Can we get a GK thread going? Finished it today and loved it, although I wouldn…[View]
85270656>ywn direct a teen drama on the CW[View]
85274735What's this outfit called and any films that give off a similar feel?[View]
85273597TDKR: Annie Hath is so hot in TDKR[View]
85276166does he ever see wilson again?[View]
85274163Hotel Hell: I just recently started binge watching Hotel Hell, I just got to the 3rd season and the …[View]
85270446Frasier: Does anyone have a minute to explain this show to me? Why was it so popular DESU maybe I do…[View]
852763708/10 Would've been 9 if it weren't for Zimmer's awful score.[View]
85273983do i go see dunkirk or baby driver?[View]
85276159He didn't fly so good[View]
85268756Thoughts on this waifu?[View]
85276160Is Family Feud considered kino?[View]
85275932Memento: What happened to the remake they announced?[View]
85276050Dunkirk: Vaz getting cott part of yer master plan?[View]
85274367Why didn't someone speak up and tell Ridley to cut this part out?[View]
85275921cool tv shows or movies about chicago?[View]
85272572New Defenders Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D_6J9BqgonU[View]
852681966 years later, can somebody please explain to me what the fuck these lines meant?[View]
85274824please just recommend a really good engaging and all around expertly crafter movie to ameliorate the…[View]
85275244/tv/, you need to understand that everything I did, I did for my family.[View]
85272396How come Joey Diaz gets away with using so many popular songs in his podcast? All other podccast i…[View]
85274774ITT: Childhood kino[View]
85275120>'You... are about to shit your pants' B R A V O R A V O[View]
85273134Was it kino?[View]
85275735I'm seeing a 70mm print of Dunkirk tomorrow. I have literally no idea where to sit in a theater…[View]
85272730ITT: Directors that /tv/ only hates because normies and redditors like them.[View]
85274993*blocks your path*[View]
85271178/bb/ Big Brother 19: feeds at midnight thanks to worstcoastfags HOH: TBD Veto: TBD Nominations: TBD…[View]
85275586Is there any other series similar to Spartacus in the sense that it has almost no filler and somethi…[View]
85269703Is there a more rewatchable movie than this?[View]
85274670'i just masturbated, here is money' -kramer seinfeld[View]
85274317>Be desperate depressed NEET >Trying to create a playlist of 90s TV streaming links so I can e…[View]
85275585Pixar thread too i guess: If all the doors were active doesnt that mean any human could've open…[View]
85258893British Comedy: What are some quintessential British comedy shows you need to watch if you're i…[View]
85275570WEIGHT: The final frontier: Why are there so few non-comedic leading roles for obese actors, especia…[View]
85275407Post movies where America is #1: You know how in some older movies characters used to say 'you can…[View]
85272929Was getting caught part of his plan?[View]
85273526Was he autistic?[View]
85272074>worst asspull of all asspulls in films[View]
85275172Frank Darabont: What's up with him and why did AMC screw him over?[View]
85273710Always good for cheering me up[View]
85275339Am I a pleb for feeling like nothing fucking happened in this? Thank God I didn't watch it as i…[View]
85274441I just rewatched this after so many years, it was amazing It certainly an horror movie with little b…[View]
85264378how does tv feel about this[View]
85275197Was there ZERO advertising for this?: Why does no one seem to know about it? I tell friends and cowo…[View]
85274116What the fuck was his problem?[View]
85262310/who/ - Doctor Who General: NEW SERIES OF RUSSIAN HAT DOCTOR IS IN 10 DAYS GET HYPE EDITION >>…[View]
85275133ITT: Post your favorite: >Joints >Flicks >Movies >Films >Cinema >Kino…[View]
85273166Things you do that are pathetic:: - Read, watch or acknowledge the existence of reviewers - Pay for …[View]
85274129best of old TV: Post your favorite TV shows of the 50s-70s[View]
85274722'How do we sell Star Wars to China?': >'Let's cast two Vietnamese chicks. And let's foc…[View]
85275101GOAT western or GOAT movie?[View]
85274338Can we have a Stephen King film thread? How's the Mist show? I keep trying to make an IT thread…[View]
85275069Where were you when art house cinema was forever saved?[View]
85271637>mfw people buy blu-rays of old movies that were filmed before HD was invented how dumb can you b…[View]
85275065Nigger Kino appreciation: ITT: Nigger Kino you used to fap too[View]
85264754Harley Quin Vs The Joker film in developmen!t: >Warner Bros. Pictures and DC Entertainment are de…[View]
85271727Why do i keep seeing this untalented cunt ever more in movies? Can producers not see how autistic an…[View]
85271099What the fuck was his fucking problem?[View]
85261651Webm Thread - Friday edition: Post what you have Also, Dunkirk is damn good, can't wait to webm…[View]
85272556sooo https://youtu.be/xCZPfCIeizk?t=2811[View]
85267507/got/ muh[View]
85273862Blade Runner Runtime Confirmed 2 hours 30 minutes: http://collider.com/blade-runner-2049-running-tim…[View]
85266706/tv/ related accomplishments what have you done lately that youre proud of? Written anything, worked…[View]
85274641KINOdontas: Dogtooth thread? Just saw this and I found it extremelly interesting, it's the type…[View]
85273993Popstar: What does /tv/ think of pic related? Best song is either I'm So Humble or Equal Rights…[View]
85274650Rank seasons from your favorite TV shows: >FUCKING PERFECT TIER Seasons 4 and 5: Real spooky shit…[View]
85272854oh excuse me what was xers problem?[View]
85267542>It's a truman edges to hentai for 3 hours while is family is downstairs episode…[View]
85273790ITT: movies that /tv/ told you were good so you downloaded them but left them in your backlog for ye…[View]
85273650What was the first movie you ever saw, /tv/? What did you think about it initially, and what do you…[View]
85266986What was his fucking problem?[View]
85251436James Bond 007 Thread: who is the best Bond and why was it Pierce Brosnan? also what do you think wi…[View]
85267995Outbreak (1995): Any recommendations for films like this? Doctors and scientists trying to battle ba…[View]
85273214ITT: Canceled TV shows you wish they'd bring back[View]
85271660What's your writing policy/philosophy /tv/?[View]
85270663Is it the best SciFi film ever?[View]
85273187what are some movies where Somebody beats his creepy brother and uncle with a baseball bat such as p…[View]
85263197Is This The Greatest War Film of Our Generation?: >No hamfisted romance storylines >Entirely (…[View]
85273528>film a pg-13 war movie >about dunkirk nonetheless, battle with lots of causalities >absolu…[View]
85273923Cut the bullshit /tv/. We all know that if Spiderman 1/2 were released today you'd be calling i…[View]
85271899Times directors were wrong: What are some movies where the theatrical/producer's cut were super…[View]
85272303why is this movie beloved? did I miss something?[View]
85273209Survival Kino: Anyone else watch SurvivalKino?[View]
85274114Is that what you've accomplished with your life boy? Being a Mexican? You ain't even gotta…[View]
85263125Leave Star Wars to us![View]
85269396Well.......is it Kino?[View]
85273554Holy shit they actually killed the baby in it. Post childkilling kino[View]
85266116Why are people so hell-bent on comparing this to Drive? The movies are tonally completely different.[View]
85273266Are reboots canonical by continuing the original series, or do they take on a universe of their own?[View]
85273843---------- M U U T --------- MARVEL UNIVERSE UPSET THHREAD ----------------- M U U T ---------: It i…[View]
85273895Dunkirk: This was one of the worst war movies I have ever seen. What happened while filming? wheres …[View]
85273767>Close to the vest, I admire that. I've got a few secrets of my own. Of all the reasons I di…[View]
85273268thoughts on Dario Argento's 'Tenebre' /tv/?[View]
85272814Where does, 'The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford' rank on your all …[View]
85272295Is reviewbrah related to Bobbly Flay? They look similar and have the same accent and lisp.[View]
85272411Funkirk: >movie ends with tom hardy landing a plane safely instead of crashing it >he is a par…[View]
85273601Is it fair to put a digital film and a film shot on 35mm film in the same cinematography category? I…[View]
85273341has anyone ever done film training or a casting call? Ive been thinking about taking a stunt worksho…[View]
85271898I did NOT go to Film School. I went to Film.[View]
85272687Do you enjoy the films of Wes Anderson?[View]
85269918What will my thoughts on this be?[View]
85273642>Hey faggot, buy us all icecream or we'll beat your beta ass back to your mommy's basem…[View]
85273237lucky JEW bastard[View]
85272539Dunkaccino? More like DunkaKINO, amirite? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2S6eUFbOfIU[View]
85265239>We post classroom kino Post em[View]
85269279The SPIDER-MAN Movies That Almost Happened: >Cannon Pictures' THE SPIDER-MAN (1985) DIRECTOR…[View]
85264078>'Stop shooting digital instead of celluloid' What did he mean by this?…[View]
85273139Was it kino?[View]
85267778Actors (Gucci was in Spring Breakers [2012]) who have literally killed people[View]
85272257what did /tv/ think of this?[View]
85272784Was Arrival kino or meme-o?[View]
85269832Fellowship of the Ring: Shouldn't Sam, Merry and Pippin have to been told to fuck off back home…[View]
85267755Poster thread: you know you missed these threads[View]
85271501what are some Red Pilled movies that deal with White Man's Burden?[View]
85271441Which country is going to take over the movie industry after Hollywood crashes and burns?[View]
85273303REAL ACTIONKINO COMING THROUGH: https://youtu.be/p443GU8yCuM[View]
85273267looking for some asian kino to tide me over, anything from chink to gook stuff, I don't care[View]
85272848HE'S BACK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1iUAvZgbl1o[View]
85271012Mfw someone doesn't think TWY is the best coming-of-age show of all time[View]
85273183Stu, I didn't know you were coming over[View]
85269257Jesus Christ! Who conversates like this!!?[View]
85269391Christopher Nolan interviews Edgar Wright: https://soundcloud.com/thedirectorscut/episode-81-baby-dr…[View]
85263546Movie when? Refn was supposed to direct it[View]
85256900DC IS FINISHED! ANOTHER REBOOT: Ben Affleck is heading to Comic-Con this weekend to promote Warner B…[View]
85272302>let us cast the least masculine man and the ugliest woman on the planet, it will be a hit!…[View]
85269600Star Trek Thread - Star Trek Thread Edition: Does anyone have a guide that can teach me how to watch…[View]
85270271What's /tv/'s favorite shitty shark movie?[View]
85273065My hat blew off, daddy.[View]
85273051Is it a good date movie?[View]
85271541if the cute girl dies, then fuck this movie[View]
85273014>WWII Movie >Big battle scene >Music starts to swell >Suddenly it cuts off >'It Ain…[View]
85259015What are your thoughts on Moana (2016)?[View]
85272150So did that scrawny kid ever manage to that that shit he was trying to take at the beginning?[View]
85271748What are some movies about Chads who stay at home alone on Friday nights isolated from the world bec…[View]
85272853>'No one cared who I was, until I put on the mask' >was virtually unknown before TDKR…[View]
85272274What the fuck was his problem?[View]
85270528Probably won't be too long before Hollywood makes a movie over Trump, let's start casting …[View]
85268291ITT: Guilty pleasures[View]
85271923Iron Fist Season 2 Confirmed!: Which Marvel Netflix show are you most excited for? Daredevil Season …[View]
85272623Mfw marvelpajeets were spreading lies about wonder women and how it would fail but now ee see homefl…[View]
85272621Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. Burt Bacharach and Mr. Elvis Costello![View]
85272609itt characters that did nothing wrong[View]
85250811CGI-Man wont even make 600Million WW: its even doing worse then Thor 1[View]
85270354'Iron Fist' Renewed for Second Season at Netflix: http://archive.is/Bpjdo >The announce…[View]
85272461Thoughts? I think it was one of the best of this year thus far. Is he /ourguy/?[View]
85270904>all these anons shilling dunturd as the best war movie ever >they forgot about or worse have …[View]
85272279>he still believes Steven Avery was guilty[View]
85270919Will our hero finally meet his parents?[View]
85272024ITT unexpected kino https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xbA5FLLy94c[View]
85270884so..he is like the only character on GoT, right? i mean he is Cersei, he is Jon Snow, the Night King…[View]
85271744>Capekinos are shi..... Fropo literally wears a cape the whole fucking movie.…[View]
85270786What are some movies you must see if you are over 25?[View]
85270278>americans in charge of making good horror movies Jesus Christ what a pile of shit that was. Zero…[View]
85270817>I own you Woah was dexter some kind of racist?[View]
85272174lmao: >not seeing Dunkirk on film what are u even doing with ur life m80?…[View]
85253667Why can't I buy her movie on 4K BluRay already? Will you buy it anon?[View]
85268411I gave that fuck pieces of my soul, Adriana. You know what he said to me? He said I should have a fu…[View]
85269195If the entirety of /tv/ banded together with the objective of making a movie what do you think it wo…[View]
85271870HEY NOW[View]
85271464Walking Dead Season 8: >stop watching the walking dead after seeing the first couple episodes of …[View]
85253027HBO adaptation of Farenheit 451: >WE[View]
85270957Help Identify this movie: Theres a movie I saw either in the late 90's or early 2000's, an…[View]
85268050The Mist TV show: So this is out now. Has anybody seen it so far? Is it good?[View]
85271831Now THIS is kino[View]
85269696Now that Ben is out, who would you cast as the next Batman?[View]
85271780What the fuck was his problem?[View]
85270559Who was in the wrong here? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IsBB4i4k2PM[View]
85263527Where are the roads, the farms, and the outlying buildings? I've always thought all the Minas T…[View]
85270059Is this a fun show /tv/? The blu-ray reviews are good, plus I research Canadian shows for my job and…[View]
85271633>Fishing without a license? That's a capital offense, creep. Environmental regulations sure …[View]
85271530couldn't tell what was going on most of the time[View]
85271524Who's the William Gaddis of film? The father of all the great American memes?[View]
85271416Charlie Sheen, Whoopi Goldberg, Gina Gershon 9/11 movie: Yeah I'm thinking he is back https://y…[View]
85270750What was with that ending scene?[View]
85267095>King Arthur Kino is made >/tv/ hates it Why?…[View]
85269042Kino sitcoms[View]
85268932/bb/ Big Brother 19: feeds will return after battleback episode HOH: TBD Veto: TBD Nominations: TBD …[View]
85270941Hey guys, I don't want to be the bearer of bad news, but some of my Warner sources are saying t…[View]
85263671/tpg/ Twin Peaks General: Baby Driver Edition >>85250796[View]
85270990would this movie even be allowed now[View]
85269669NEgan: Just started watching Supernatural. When did the guy that now plays negan turn into a fucking…[View]
85271005Lieutenant Reginald Barclay to Counselor Troi, I n-n-need you for a m-m-moment on holodeck 4 please …[View]
85271004IT'S NOT AL ANYMORE[View]
85248991What's her appeal?[View]
85270912HEY BILLY?!!![View]
85270818Was it autism?[View]
85270734>Watching tv >People at home >They are all well dressed >Do people really dress like th…[View]
85269610young girl with bleeding nose in 2016/2017 popular series and movies. - the OA : check - Stranger Th…[View]
85268630That was quick[View]
85269722TV series men will never understand: pic related[View]
85268561Who is ready for Kid Kino? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=su8IHV0AH2o[View]
85261062Who was the most pathetic predator on Hansen's shows?[View]
85270618What.. what happened? movies are actually interesting now?! Not the mainstream, mainstream but behin…[View]
85270194WHAT IS THE SCORE OF DUNKIRK?: http://www.strawpoll.me/13501029 it is time to finish this once and f…[View]
85268550Mad Max: Fury Road: Just saw this movie and enjoyed it, but I find the production kind of strange. W…[View]
85266898Now that it looks like Affleck is moving away from the Batman role who should replace him?[View]
85269332Funniest joke from their respective movie/show.[View]
85270470tfw literal cuck[View]
85270414Could they not have enhanced his audio so that we could understand what the fuck he is alliterating?…[View]
85268358Is Baby Driver worth a watch in the Cinema /tv/?[View]
85269261Why did he do that?[View]
85266140The Force Awakens > Rogue One Rogue One was forgettable as fuck. I can't remember one single…[View]
85267915Jigsaw (Saw 8) Trailer: Where were you when they turned Saw into a comedy and it unironically looks …[View]
85267602I hope you're wearing your shitting pants, because you are about to shit your pants.[View]
85269389Name a more kino B-movie https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a5HU_0CX1go[View]
85270097hannah and her sisters[View]
85265642are there any new kinds of horror movies premises or tropes to come up with? Like how the blair witc…[View]
85270251Is he, dare I say it... /our guy/?[View]
85268462What does /tv/ think about the up coming Texas Chainsaw prequel? >https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=A…[View]
85270183The Key Maker: Found a nice Key Hole[View]
85270215 I'M NOT MONKEYING AROUND ANYMORE This line really took me out of the movie. I mean, really?…[View]
85265286Game of Cucks: >Still watching this trash after Stannis died What's the opposite of Kino?…[View]
85264811you think we're gonna see a reboot in our life time?[View]
85270023>David Lynch film does well at the box office >'[movie title] lynches its way to the top of th…[View]
85270124>trashes ben's script >wants to replace ben with a younger batman Why does he hate ben so…[View]
85269227Korean and other Asian Kinos: Is there any other good Asian movies like Memories of a Murder or Join…[View]
85264674Who the fuck green lit this? Someone is about to get fired https://youtu.be/8rL4xYyaDjU[View]
85233070DOCTOR DOOM[View]
85264312Move over Nolan.[View]
85269757more comfy films like this?[View]
85268503ITT: essential anti-capitalism kino[View]
85269528After hours: This movie was ahead of its time wasn't it[View]
85269593Wanna see Dunkirk, there's a theater playing it in 70mm. I'm not really a filmfag at all. …[View]
85269560Best season[View]
85262915Joss Whedon's JUSTICE LEAGUE Reshoots Are Far More Significant Than Initially Reported: Kino is…[View]
85268425Why didn't he just say his name was Toby?[View]
85267057How come Joey Diaz gets away with using so many popular songs in his podcast? All other podccast i…[View]
85268312>walk out of this 0/10 movie >brother asks me what I think of it >blatant propaganda trash …[View]
85269280DC is dead: http://io9.gizmodo.com/report-warner-bros-is-contemplating-ben-afflecks-quie-1797133719?…[View]
85269204Post guilty pleasures I'll start with Ramsey. I hate reality TV but goddamn it I love this man[View]
85269165Grab your cocks and your socks: happy friday night /tv/ full metal jacket for maximum soul restorat…[View]
85269125What does it take for a 'did nothing wrong' character to do something wrong?[View]
85268292Did he ruin the movie?[View]
85269086I'm not going to go into details because too many details would reveal who I am (even though I…[View]
85266928Stalker (1979): Seeing this on the big screen today.[View]
85268125Is this confues sci fi kino?[View]
85262571Capekino vs Capeshit: Know the difference, it could save your life[View]
85268980What's his best movie?[View]
85266833What was his major dilemma?[View]
85253173what do you think of Chloë?[View]
85258217The Amazing Spider-Man: Just rewatched this after 5 years and holy hell had I forgotten how good it …[View]
85263646/bb/ Big Brother 19: feeds will return after tonight's battleback episode HOH: TBD Veto: TBD No…[View]
85268410So on multiple Spider-Man/Superhero forums, the users are claiming Spider-Man is a success, and will…[View]
85268839Itt: Best 'So bad it's good' movies: Although the phrase has been used and abused quite often, …[View]
85268860is this kino? I'd watch her walk for 2 hours showing me the beauty of Switzerland https://www.y…[View]
85262520Are you guys ready for Templar Kino ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v0geQYc_Y3E[View]
85267103>people really think this movie is going to be any good[View]
85268746>Catastrophe occurs in a city center >Emergency worker communicates: 'Get the world down here!…[View]
85267309You cannot be fucking serious.[View]
85267187Was it kino?[View]
85268595How did pic related feel about Skywalker becoming Lord Vader? I'm pretty sure he's sentien…[View]
85268506Fuck you /tv/, this is corny[View]
85268632Hey /tv/. Long-time lurker here. I'm doing some 3D animation as a hobby, I've been doing i…[View]
85265879My name jeff[View]
85268577I understand why Emma Stone was memed as a 'good actress'[View]
85268536>wah Fox cant make great Marvel Co: Holy shit. Literally the best thing ever related to comics an…[View]
85266803Holy shit, Vin Diesel is huge![View]
85268031At this time that the settled have been dusted...: Which one was better?[View]
85268499What was he thinking in those moments?[View]
85267674What are some recent TV shows that you actually enjoyed?[View]
85268463What do you think of this movie[View]
85266786Just finished The Void. It wasn't amazing but it was good enough and looked real good. Reminded…[View]
85268383What happened /tv/, you said Bella would be the one in blockbuster movies and Zendaya would fade awa…[View]
85260047Did this only air on TV? Have you seen it? Is it good? Where can I find a copy? Also other rare Movi…[View]
85268360What are some movies that don't completely suck, but grills would like?[View]
85267436>'got the only kino, how to turn it on??' What did he mean by this?????…[View]
85268218what did they mean by this[View]
85267956I just saw Threads 1984, I feel awful. Is there more movies about nuclear war that don't shy aw…[View]
85262782Are there any kinos about flatulent women? Is this genre being neglected by Hollywood?[View]
85264125Okay /tv/, I need help. My gf and I wanna go see a movie tonight, and I was thinking about Spider-Ma…[View]
85267833>'I protected you in high school, but now I'm going to lick your little ass' Wow, Raimi was …[View]
85265217>this really isnt worth watching but i cant stop looking at her whats its name?…[View]
85268004ITT: Horror movies for Generationals: /tv/ for some reason likes this piece of shit horror film and …[View]
85267159I just watched every David Lynch movie from Eraserhead to Mullholland Drive and loved them all, even…[View]
85262249>Its a comfy Simpsons thread What is your favourite episode? Or favourite moment from an episode?…[View]
85265808Why didn't he land in the water so a boat would pick him up?[View]
85267856Should I watch Howdy Doody?[View]
85243896GAME OF CAMEOS: >Cercei enters the castle's kitchen >Gordon Ramsay is there with a pan ov…[View]
85267655Embargo on[View]
85267527blockbusterkino do not exi-[View]
85262580What went wrong?[View]
85267569Why was season 1 Hank so sexual?[View]
85267638Camp(2013): This show was pretty comfy why did they cancel?[View]
85261630>I was stealing cars when I was 15 THERE'S NO SUCH WAY AS HALFWAY CROOKS SCARED TO DEATH, SC…[View]
85265610Itt we post inspiring moments in film[View]
85266800Who was in the wrong here?[View]
85258457you ever get high and watch movies?[View]
85264255About to send this to Netflix support, got 10 characters left if you wanna add something.(Yeah, for …[View]
85263051Does he even get paid? Aids Moby is a recurrent member, as has his own segments with Rich, but what …[View]
85266894I'm going to see Funkirk right now, at 5 PST. What am I in for?[View]
85267140Who's the least-cool 'cool' character from a movie?[View]
85267442Do you like Nick Di Paolo's radio show?[View]
85265746Wow. This was fucking shit[View]
85267202His gift to cersei was Tyrion look he is parading him through kings landing by a leash and everyone …[View]
85262237/got/ flaying. edition.[View]
85266760KotH thread: Why do all of the KotH threads die?[View]
85267243Gotta say this was really quite bad I was gonna give him the benefit of the doubt as he's not a…[View]
85265960How was Malcolm so fucking smart?[View]
85266544>be proud maquis freedom fighter >intercrpted by federation ship >captain becomes bootlicki…[View]
85265356Is there any movie better than 2001: A Space Odissey?[View]
85267148is this true?[View]
85266368Hey, have you noticed that his career kinda fizzled out in recent years, what is he up to now?[View]
85265983VAGINAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA: please laugh.[View]
85266590Good actress or just eyecandy?[View]
85264534Its friday night I'm a lonely business man, what should I watch?[View]
85266985What's /tv/ opinion on Alexander Sokurov?[View]
85265576its friday night why are you here? pls dont delete mods. its /tv/ culture[View]
85263159This film is a masterpiece. A true 10/10. apart from the glaring historical inaccuracies, random ti…[View]
85266832So Jay, what did you think about War of the Dawn of the Rise of the?[View]
85266022honestly, how much proof do you need?[View]
85266498I think the second best part about this show after Betty's lip biting is that it jumped the sha…[View]
85265172Any OJ Simpson documentaries that show how much of a piece of shit he is and how he did murder his w…[View]
85265747>AYO TWINK >MASKUSUM[View]
85266198Who would win in a fight?[View]
85265407is this the best movie of all time ?[View]
85266804>In 2008, Raimi expressed interest in portraying the transformation of Dr. Curt Connors into his …[View]
85264693So Mike, what did you think of Dunkirk?[View]
85263032Rome Thread: I am really enjoying this show but I am having trouble determining the timeline. Two ep…[View]
85262001>tfw no strictly platonic friendship in high school Wasted years...[View]
85264701Chinese Foooood, how may I help you?[View]
85264704'I'm so intelligent!': >'The Audience are clever enough, they'll understand.' >Makes…[View]
85266677Who here Siskel & Ebert?[View]
85264087What movie is this? Is it any good?[View]
85264602How do we go from this...[View]
85266509No one gives a shit about the Dark Universe. Give it up.[View]
85262949>it's a Teal'c loses his symbiote and has to share one with Bra'tac while hallucin…[View]
85266011What happened to role models in children's television? Could there ever be such an inspiration,…[View]
85266426The toughest effect in 'Spider-Man: Homecoming' was Tony Stark's hair: >After all …[View]
85263607Just watched this movie because it's one of my moms favorites. It was pretty bad most of the ti…[View]
85252755HAHHAHAHAHAHAHHA *takes a deep breath* *wipes away tears* HAHAHAHAAHAHHAAHAHHAHAAHHA[View]
85248854Is this the worst 35 seconds ever captured on celluloid in the entire history of the medium of film?…[View]
85262519Why is she giving that look?[View]
85263504>The crowd shuffles in their seats nervously >David wets his lips with his tongue >He lead…[View]
85263530Who would you like to see the most on this season of Norm Macdonald Live? Confirmed so far: > Mik…[View]
85265823What would you consider to be the greatest horror film ever made?[View]
85261378Did you guys really hate it when Rey said 'stop holding my hand'?[View]
85264480Recommendations for small-town mystery/fantasy?: Twin peaks, X-files, Northern Exposure, Stranger Th…[View]
85264782Movies you watch everyday bro.[View]
85265266Beetkejuice Kino: >it's a beetle orders food, gets naked, wipes his ass on paper towel and h…[View]
85266043Movie Fanedits?: Anyone ever seen some good fan edits of films? Recently saw Memento in Chronologica…[View]
85266038Comfy and fun movies?: Just watched Threads. I need something comforting and fun... Any recommendati…[View]
85266037music related movies: im looking for movies to watch while i play guitar[View]
85264822Is it kino? What should I expect?[View]
85263251>Hates Reddit Nolan >Is objective about Reddit Baby Driver >Hates Me Me Land Is Grace the m…[View]
85265768What went wrong?: Just got out of this dumpster fire of a flick. 0/10 WOAT-tier. I wanted to see a S…[View]
85265800Are there any movies about waking up on Easter Island?[View]
85265156Did this movie really predict the migrant crisis?[View]
85264256Asghar Farhadi is pretty cool and all but would he have won his second Oscar if not for the Trump tr…[View]
85264525Tell me some good cartoons[View]
85265116go ahead anon, pitch us your documentary idea and why we should green light it ![View]
85265053https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V4W-aCTuXsg This has got to be one of the worst trailers i've e…[View]
85265666>Movies that jumped the shark, yet still ended up being cinematic masterpieces.…[View]
85265640Why didn't Dark Betty pee on his face?[View]
85263912Wait about Valerian. I could have sworn a movie just like this came out a couple years ago but I can…[View]
85263436>no white people allowed: the school[View]
85265235Just watched this. Tom Cruise was really good in it. Solid film from ol' marty scorsese. Did I…[View]
85253117Is this worth watching aside for the faps?[View]
85264143/tv Meta Thread: Let's address the elephant in the room. /pol/. How do we get them to stay in t…[View]
85265259Tales of the Unexpected: now that the dust has settled, can we all agree; this isn't as bad as …[View]
85263010>Watch 13 Reasons Why >there is a class dedicated to talk about feelings and comunication issu…[View]
85265224This guy walks into your favorite diner and takes a bite out of your food while winking at you, how …[View]
85265175All-female remake when?[View]
85264879Who should replace him and his character? I vote for Damian Wayne played by Dylan Minnette. It'…[View]
85265137>there are 'humans' on this board that think Citizen Kane is Orson Welles' best movie >th…[View]
85265112You're in the club and this guy challenges you to a battle to the death for your girlfriend. Wh…[View]
85264998>it's bad to kill murderers! >has an entire episode where he justifies why he murdered so…[View]
85263656Post your top 5 favorite directors and your favorite movie by them. Recommend things to others. Fass…[View]
85264658Where is the new trailer damn it!: Damn mouse, give us our fix. Been waiting since April and now no …[View]
85264873this was kino with some nice shots of joey king's ass[View]
85263414>*stares at popular kids from a distance*[View]
85264735finally watched pic reated and I must say that I'm a bit disappointed it actually was quite bor…[View]
85262103Spawn MOVIE ANNOUNCED: Kevin Smith as Spawn that old Macfarlane script[View]
85259729Funniest shit you heard in a theater >trailers come on >trailer for IT plays >old guy ne…[View]
85264763We were a great country once weren't we lads. Shame it just belongs to oligarchs now[View]
85263016I just marathoned this movie.... What did I think of it?[View]
85263213>cast a female Dr. Who thinking it's a huge PR victory for your channel >days later leak…[View]
85263520Hollywood has become nothing put a propaganda machine, it is no longer about art or entertainment fo…[View]
85262789>takes LSD before stand-up routing >gets caught in a 'loop' >acts like a fucking retard …[View]
85262774>1,246 days until Avatar 2[View]
85264095>Arnold cant ac......[View]
85263815>Two of the most popular protagonists in television >They're both Cucks How was this allo…[View]
85259521ITT: Fuck you, I liked it[View]
85264437make sure you see this one at the theater, the story is meh but the visuals are pure kino[View]
85263951I just had sex, guys.[View]
85258278Anyone watched any Ozark yet?[View]
85264340waka waka waka[View]
85262667The Lost City of Zed: This movie was great, why did audiences hate it so much?[View]
85262549Is there a stream for this ?[View]
85262544Did Joe Pesci really fuck his wife?[View]
85264243The new Star Wars films are good and Daisy is a qt pie.[View]
85254157When will women FUCK OFF and stop stealing male roles?: >Strong Womenz Star Wars >Strong Woman…[View]
85264261Just saw this. Didn't care for it much. >Peter sounds like his balls haven't dropped ye…[View]
85263438Who will play him in the inevitable biopic?[View]
85264069>chase scene >aerial camera view[View]
85264174One hit wonders Television and Film edition[View]
85264107Is using Space Oddity in the opening of Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets artistic or chea…[View]
85258958>be citizen in empire owned city >everything going well. as long as I'm not doing somethi…[View]
85250796/tpg/ - Twin Peaks General: James is the key to this edition https://pastebin.com/Ag6evX8s Meanwhile…[View]
85263915Everything else they made has been a giant turd. What was it that made the matrix come together perf…[View]
85262126I've never seen The Room. Is it as good as people say?[View]
85263994>And what language do they speak in England? >Pakistani. How did he get away with it?…[View]
85263691I've gone to a few different places to ask about this and haven't gotten any solid informa…[View]
85263557This felt like a parody....: Where do I begin? Wow, this is without a doubt the weakest story in the…[View]
85262223hello anons I'm not really a regular around these parts, only lurk occasionally, but I was wond…[View]
85263910>'Phil stop. I've entered into a state of infinity, I have returned to my body in the past, …[View]
85263011W E[View]
85263402Why did they allow him to come along with the fellowship? He already showed an intense weakness to t…[View]
85263725>that I Love Lucy episode where Lucy joins a cult[View]
85262591So I was watching suits because a friend recomended me to do so, and at the end of one episode Harve…[View]
85260113What are some directors that could've gone somewhere and never went anywhere? For example Chris…[View]
85263668thinking about watching this documentary. Is it any good?[View]
85239784/bb/ Big Brother 19: feeds will return after friday's battleback episode HOH: TBD Veto: TBD Nom…[View]
85257218This is objectively the best movie soundtrack of all time.[View]
85261850Was he always planning to get Hoyt killed or did that develop during the day?[View]
85262145Why do you like pic related, /tv/? This guy does nothing but swear, being annoying to people, and pl…[View]
85257564DID HE SHIT HIMSELF?: He clearly needed to take a shit. He couldn't do it in the city and then …[View]
85263486Dunkirk: I never expected that in a great film, the thing that I recall years from now is the sound …[View]
85262239Dunkirk ending: literally ends with Tom Hardy crashing his plane while wearing a mask then standing…[View]
85254900*blocks your immersion*[View]
85240591Based Max Landis and /ourgirl/ waifu Lucy Fry are bringing us a cop story like never told before. h…[View]
85261880So whats the verdict /tv/ was it monkino or apeshit[View]
85258273Are pirates killing the industry?[View]
85260777Could THIS be anymore of a Friends thread?[View]
85262939>she will never love me JDIMSA[View]
85263315Just got back from watching DunkeyKirk. I found it very broad and easy to be honest. A bit of a circ…[View]
85250881One Piece live-action TV series by Hollywood is announced to celebrate 20th anniversary: >http://…[View]
85259950Why didn't the Empire use Battle Droids? >Does not require sleep, food or oxygen to function…[View]
85261539Thoughts on GOTG: Personally, it's the only thing in the MCU that I care for. I had fun with bo…[View]
85262557This was fucking overrated shit. Why does /tv/ actually like this movie (excluding dubs)[View]
85257989ITT : Slow but 10/10 development: Took me 3 films to like this character but now I like him more tha…[View]
85263143>This is seen as the best British film >It's not even British lmao?…[View]
85263093Where can I find the full version of Abel Gance's 'Napoleon'?: I can't find this film anyw…[View]
85258959So was this movie supposed to make me angry? Why did the Italians get punished for nothing?[View]
85256195What a fucking whore.[View]
85262030Place your bets: How much of a contrarian will he be on the latest Nolankino?[View]
85259949>Get to the third episode >Bateman's 15 year old daughter tells him 'it's 2017 it…[View]
85253411GOODBYE JEWS[View]
85252879Name what you think are the most blatant errors in Oscars History: >Hans Zimmer wasn't even …[View]
85261510>tell people that my favorote films are Das Boot, Vertigo, Stalker and Citizen Kane so they think…[View]
85262793>CGI from 1993 is still the best we have ever seen HOW?[View]
85246952>People are actually excited for this[View]
85262843>Arrive to new region >Bring horse to a halt >Say name of region outloud >Continue ridin…[View]
85262708What is your favorite tino the kino machine movie?[View]
85262825the king has spoken[View]
85237479Smocaine: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qymOSNhI8Y0 IT'S OUT[View]
85254850>Shows with a significant drop in quality over the show's run.[View]
85260764Is he one of the bad guys?[View]
85260622Channing Tatum Eyed For Van Helsing In Universal's DARK UNIVERSE: Looks like monsterkino is bac…[View]
85262717Why did he kill Lester?[View]
85258945ITT: movies you watched because you had nothing better to do and nothing else to see[View]
85261347Why is Volandemort so goofy in Deathly Hallows?[View]
85261489Did you rike it?: https://twitter.com/HIDEO_KOJIMA_EN/status/888420472223784960 >I think he did..…[View]
85262238>expect a movie about human endurance and the spirit of exploration >get 1912 handsome noble b…[View]
85262582This isn't normal.[View]
85262399So: This is as good as it will ever get, huh?[View]
85259319'Cloverfield Movie': >http://www.firstshowing.net/2016/paramount Could this be the next Cloverfie…[View]
85260284recommend me a comedy folks[View]
85261906You're just chicken cheep cheep cheep cheep Anyway, how's your sex life?[View]
85262114Is FAULTS like the only thing Riley Stearns has done? he keeps going on about it. it's almost a…[View]
85262140Stand back Kermode, Armond, Half in the bag, everyone else... The DEFINITIVE Dunkirk review is near![View]
85262356who was in the wrong here?[View]
85262334JUST https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=su8IHV0AH2o[View]
85254264Who are the 'biggest' actresses in Hollywood?[View]
85259602Left or Right?: You can only pick one /tv/.[View]
85259453WE'RE INHUMANS[View]
85260696CHIPS: So i just watched this and I want to know what is /tv/'s opinion. I think it was a decen…[View]
85245409Biggest Faggot in Star Trek?: In the Star Trek TNG S6E07 several of the characters get into an trans…[View]
85257806Valerian: What an atrocious voice, he single-handedly ruined the movie. Probably not his fault, but …[View]
85256421/got/ general: Who will get dragons edition Last thread >>85250192[View]
85262093Whatever happened to the 'Sexy Hamburglar' reboot from last year?[View]
85261476American Gods: Let's discuss this tv kino The book was fantastic and I think the show is defini…[View]
85262019I've noticed an increasing amount of hate against Raimi's trilogy lately coming from gen-z…[View]
85257580What is the consensus on this show?[View]
85225868ROCKOS MODERN LIFE RETURNS TO /TV/: Premiered recently at Comic Con today what does /tv/ think? http…[View]
85260518ITT: 0/10 films[View]
85261933how do you feel about this?[View]
85261929Shows with the worst endings: Post em >pic related[View]
85261927Top 5 favorite directors: Post your top 5 favorite directors and recommend people directors based on…[View]
85261922dunkirk: this is nolan's best[View]
85261899>I'm acting[View]
85257955I have decided to become an actor: How do I succeed at this? Who do I need to impress? When I am su…[View]
85261725>Whoa! He stole that guy's pizzas! what did he mean by this?[View]
85261141>character is an unemployed loser >has a gf and friends…[View]
85261455>character is on the jungle and need to kill the enemies furtively >put the knife on the tooth…[View]
85261257Why is everyone autsistic in this movie? Not one single person acts like a normal human behind. Ever…[View]
85261749Maggie Gyllenhaal looks like THAT!?[View]
85261046>the film editor gives themselves a whole screen for their name[View]
85258171Dunkirk? More like Dullkirk. Nolan's worst.[View]
85260659anyone else hyped for Riverdale season 2? can't wait.[View]
85261117John Williams Proms: Just an FYI that on BBC 4 (or iPlayer) you can currently watch a performance of…[View]
85254044>kid establishes a business hunting frogs and gets paid for that >commie grandpa demands he de…[View]
85251367>Sequel has a different director AAaaaannnnd Dropped[View]
85257811What was Sauron's tax policy?[View]
85259305Give me one good reason as to why S06 was shit.[View]
85260392Wait, is Netlix™ really only $8.99 a month? And I can watch the new season Master of None as many ti…[View]
85261538Where the fuck is my Terminator vs Robocop cinematic universe?: >Marvel's Avengers >DC…[View]
85261414TOMMEN BARATHEON reacts to the ED SHEERAN cameo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Ag1PfVdyUY&fea…[View]
85261225Reminder that Feige intentionally made Homecoming shit so Pascal would sell the rights to Disney for…[View]
85254373Doctor Who General - /who/: Previous >>85247512[View]
85261435Post beautiful shots from your favorite movies.[View]
85259154THE FLASH: El Mayimbe is alluding that WB's THE FLASH will adapt the 'Flashpoint' storyline, wh…[View]
85256052Felt some British pride once the movie finished. But I feel like all of that is gone these days the …[View]
85260658https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kszLwBaC4Sw ITT: Musicvideo Kino[View]
85258559Which one /tv/?: Going to see one or the other this weekend. Have free tickets so not worried about …[View]
85253091Best Low budget movies?: Primer >$7,000[View]
85256533What does /tv/ think of Chelsea Peretti?[View]
85261163Leave Dunkirk to me.[View]
85260839Jumped the Shark: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sdv9CZBV00Y >Yearly reminder that Game of Thron…[View]
85259208Which movie should I watch?: Help me decide what movie to watch tonight. I feel like watching an adv…[View]
85260170Scaramucci: What was his Sopranos name be?[View]
85259093What happened to North American Late Night TV?[View]
85260949Seinfeld: What's your favorite Seinfeld episode and why is it Limo?[View]
85260159ITT: good shows that ended too soon. I'll start with the obvious.[View]
85257717Has anyone else here completely stopped enjoying television and films? I used to love shows like Sta…[View]
85249687TRIPLE THREAT trailer: Iko Uwais Tony Jaa Tiger Chen vs Scott Adkins Michael Jai White Michael Bisp…[View]
85249094What are the most aesthetic actors?[View]
85258811is there any tv shows that are mockumentaries and actually try and be a real documentary? i can only…[View]
85260766>Ask me a question[View]
85258383so who's your fuey-fu-fu-fu-fo-fuey-fu? sorry for the low quality post... I literally haven…[View]
85258587HOUSE MD: What did you guys think of House? I just finished it and boy did it go off the fucking rai…[View]
85260423ITT : Cool concept, terrible execution[View]
85260146Is dexter S1-2,4 the best television has to offer about psychopaths?[View]
85258281What is the most contrarian taste and/or opinion you have?[View]
85259718>Find a film >Go to 14:58 >Take a screenshot…[View]
85260444>bbq ribs >no sauce[View]
85260500What did they mean by this?[View]
85260267Is Supernatural a show worth getting into?[View]
85260359Name a cooler motherfucker than Vincent Price.[View]
85255528Any thoughts on Brie Larson's body of work?: [Stolen from Redd*t][View]
85259082Not quite my tempo[View]
85260282HOLD THE FUCK UP So Tom Hardy is playing Venom in a Carpenter/Cronenburg style Marvel Movie spinoff …[View]
85259524You're Welcome: what would you have done in Maui's situation?[View]
85248566Just watched for the first time and... WHAT THE FUCK? ORGANIC WEB??? LMAO Why /tv/ love this shit?[View]
85253852How do people like Tommy Wiseau continue to live in California after making/starring in 1 film that …[View]
85259092>crashing these planes Is this the prequel to The Dark Knight Rises? Was the Pit originally a Naz…[View]
85260076>My name is A$AP Stern[View]
85253119>You get that for killing Jews?[View]
85259543Looking for movies about high school kids throwing or going to parties, Like Superbad & Project …[View]
85257651Russos can't direct good actio- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qXPOl6EjbWg[View]
85256170What are some movies about friends going on an adventure?[View]
85259327Is Sony Picture Entertainment absolutely shit-full of cucks or are they just retarded?: Jacksfilms h…[View]
85259867>see the new Nolan movie >it's good[View]
85259860Alright fuckers, let's get down to business. We got a 'visual masterpiece' film out there, and …[View]
85259636What are some good summer movies?[View]
85259643Itt: Vhs Kino[View]
85257366Why do normies watch the same boring films and series like a 1000 times? I have a former classmate a…[View]
85259378Is OZ the best HBO show?[View]
85259088>he hasn't seen Чeлoвeк c кинo-aппapaтoм and you call yourself a patrician?…[View]
85255252>Arena rescue scene in Attack of the Clones >Dooku literally never leaves that one balcony the…[View]
85259519How many Polish guys does it take to screw in a light bulb? The question cannot be answered because …[View]
85258561Haneke Happy End: I'm so hyped for this, unreal. Haneke's upcoming feature Happy End. Plea…[View]
85259465What are som movies about plotholes?[View]
85258600Which is worse, killing off characters too early or killing characters offscreen?[View]
85256262HAHHAHAHAHAHAHHA *takes a deep breath* *wipes away tears* THE ABSOLUTE STATE OF LIBERALS HAHAHAHAAH…[View]
85259360What are some films that put the American police force in a positive light?[View]
85257527This movie is ULTIMATE pleb-filter.[View]
85256884Will there ever be a film about Feanor's autism?[View]
85258490Actors/Actresses that have never been in a good movie. I'll start[View]
85258347Who was in the wrong here?[View]
85257071I thought worlds greatest dad was a classic. How is pic related?[View]
85259065Family Guy Quagmire Has A Wig?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KmoAOspIMFg[View]
85258969Be-I bed-a-bye bed-a-bye bed-a-bye, be-I bed-a-bye bo starts playing loudly: The smell of freshly co…[View]
85257350SPACEKINO IS BACK.: This was borderline masterpiece. If they had cast someone besides Harry Osborn, …[View]
85255410KUSO thread: Why is this the greatest film ever made? Why is Flying Lotus such a genius.[View]
85258968>take a picture of items in your home >people guess the movie GO…[View]
85245104>Although this is only Nolan’s third movie that is set, at least partly, in his homeland England …[View]
85258914How many times did he rape Blunt in that little cottage?[View]
85256669Are you ready for fantasy social commentary Kino? https://youtu.be/6EZCBSsBxko[View]
85257167Was it kino?[View]
85256715So why is this show considered so good and well received? My normie friends have been making me watc…[View]
85258371ITT: actors/actresses who are immortal: >50 years-old How does she do it?…[View]
85231482Name a series that turned more to shit.[View]
85251988Willies, willies, I like willies![View]
85258051Is /tv/ excited for this? https://twitter.com/Psych_USA/status/888458589848784897[View]
85257840New RLM Re:view https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C47zRs6SPZM&t=0s discuss[View]
85257657Dennis, our lives are in your hands and you have BUTTERFINGERS???[View]
85255579Good news everyone! I've invented a device that makes you read this post in my voice.[View]
85258161what are sum coweboy movies? if I like Jon Wayne[View]
85257798What did she mean by this? Not even joking...[View]
85254390Dwayne Johnson Won’t Be in Shazam, Confirms Geoff Johns: HAAAAAHAHA HAAAHAHAHA !!!! https://web.arc…[View]
85253793The big Lebowski is the best comedy film ever made. Prove me wrong.[View]
85258287Did your ability to appreciate film increase when you turned 25?[View]
85249852YOUNG SHELDON: How excited are you? Me? I'm freaking out.[View]
85257057I like Carpenter but this movie hasn't aged well to be honest There's tense moments here a…[View]
85258110DUDE SLOW MO LMAO[View]
85257828Manson: Was he out of his damn mind, /tv/? Also, Spawn thread[View]
85255546God. Damn. It.: I bailed on this stupid show, but a good friend said they turned it aroud and itb wa…[View]
85258284Can someone make a video of putting VJ Emmy(from wakaliwood) over Star Wars the the farce engorges?[View]
85258267That was fucked up tbqh[View]
85258215What's you favorite animated movie, anything goes Pic related. Seen it when I was 7 for the fir…[View]
85253559Breakdown a show using DUDE LMAO DUDE I'M JEWISH LMAO[View]
85256205JUST: .[View]
85245312REACTION IMAGES FROM /TV/: SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT Also please provide a source for the orgin of the re…[View]
85256349Dr doom movie thoughts.: Fox is clearly milking the FF4 franchise so the rights don't lapse bac…[View]
85251893>66 today Why did he do it?[View]
85257976Why do people hate this movie? Also Grindhouse was an amazing idea that was too ahead of it's …[View]
85255620True comfy kino[View]
85256844what was it about?[View]
85258026Bill Murray dead: wow, crazy but it kind of makes sense now http://m.tmz.com/#article/2017/07/21/bi…[View]
85256798any other DC area big guys going to see Dunkino in 70mm?[View]
85258004this show is bretty good[View]
85257968Why didn't Frodo just use the /lotr/ general to fly into Mordor?[View]
85255508What went wrong? Never seen a series go downhill so fast after a promising start.[View]
85232923Webm Thread - Friday edition: Well, it friday in europe edition[View]
85257290HORROR GENERAL: HORROR GENERAL What are your 5 favorite horror movies?[View]
85253905The greatest kino of our time[View]
85256350Okay seriously what the fuck is his problem?[View]
85251397Hocus Pocus remake imminent, to star the leading cast from box office smash Hidden Figures: Everyone…[View]
85253385How do you escape from this?[View]
85255715left: reddit right: 4chan prove me wrong[View]
85256695It's been more than 14 years. And never you felt comfiest since that time.[View]
85250108Does being undercover permit this type of behavior?[View]
85257464/trek/: Bajoran workers, your attention please. Your attempt to seize control of this facility is go…[View]
85253213What does /tv/ think of this?[View]
85257410ITT: God-tier scenes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UluX8EfUM-4[View]
85256458Anyone else as excited about this as I am? I can't freaking wait. Big Bang Theory is my favorit…[View]
85255682Did he do it?[View]
85257202>When people say to me: would you rather be thought of as Gotham's reckoning or a big guy? M…[View]
85253643Here it is: http://www.nationalreview.com/article/449721/christopher-nolan-dunkirk-trivializes-wwii-…[View]
85254820Where the fuck is Ian Holm??: We don't see him anywhere![View]
85256591>'Sci-fi adventures are rarely festive, so Valerian’s evocation of the color-coded meeting of the…[View]
85257135What did she say, /tv/?[View]
85255452Saw this yesterday, what are the other watchable movies of the franchise (if any) ? Whatever the rea…[View]
85257189I'm curious /tv/, has a show/movie made you develop a fetish? what was it? [View]
85254254how do you want your new Stargate show family?[View]
85251828>make a movie based on a true story about 3 thugs who torture, beat and kill a man in order to ex…[View]
85255639A fa/tv/irgin got his life wish http://www.insideedition.com/headlines/24485-man-with-down-syndrome…[View]
85257011>I understand that, Mr. Simpson, but according to our computer, your credit history is not good. …[View]
85253906How was he able to remember literally everything every reset?: Every single move, word, when to dodg…[View]
85256685My... my GOD: Best movie of the year... maybe ever... Definitely the best in the last 10 years.…[View]
85256990HOLY FUCK: well done nolan well done well done[View]
85254557Nolan's Dunkirk saves cinema: It's quite similar to Interstellar but better. Three stories…[View]
85251135Dragon ball cinematic universe: >Live action Netflix death note >Hollywood also planning a li…[View]
85255237spiderman homecoming deleted scene[View]
85256865Cersei's Makeup: You know it's bad when they start going for the Greg Lansky aesthetic…[View]
85256813live or die the choice is yours[View]
85255919I'll tell you about 'The Spy Who Loved Me'. All do that with your fingers round your eye. I am …[View]
85256559why did he tried to tame zombies instead of just cloning his soldiers?[View]
85255439why did he let the Germans capture him like that? What a cuck[View]
85256613Alternative subtle Game of Thrones cameos >Cercei enters the castle's kitchen >Gordon Ram…[View]
85251002It's just.... good business[View]
85248762How do I tell if a theater has the ability to show IMAX 70mm? I am currently on vacation and really …[View]
85255858I liked it. Perhaps Nostalgia filter, though. What do you think of it ?[View]
85256455>no feasible method of confirming that a character can be trusted[View]
85256441New /rlm/ re:view: thoughts on the new Martin re:view Jay's Romero tribute at the end was prett…[View]
85252497Why is this film never talked about here? I just watched it, and thought it was pretty good. Knowing…[View]
85256390just finished watching pic related memes aside what did i think of it?[View]
85256340Are they the Bogdanoffs of tv?[View]
85256326Steven Seagal thread.[View]
85250023I could really go with some Krispy Kreme's after watching this.[View]
85254358Martin Scorsese likes to make movies based on true events (or a book or both), with a story told wit…[View]
85256155This is the best film of the decade. >War kino is back on the menu[View]
85254806What the FUCK was his problem?[View]
85253329Who murdered brittany murphy?[View]
85247228Why does /tv/ love this movie so much?: You say that TFA is garbage, yet you praise this 'movie' …[View]
85254412Did this only air on TV? Have you seen it? Is it good? Where can I find a copy? Also other rare Movi…[View]
85256104Is the american version really better?[View]
85253547Raven's Home: The first episode dropped. https://youtu.be/OBQgLdnMddE[View]
85250192/got/ general: 37 days until boatsex edition previous >>85245737[View]
85255426/tv/ I turn to you in a time of need. Recommend me the comfiest black and white movies. I want somet…[View]
85254562So, how do they get money? >Never seen em working on a real job >Don't have any rich rela…[View]
85245595So, Comic-Con 2017 is here. What are your expectations?[View]
85252476Tuntematon Sotilas Trailer 2017: Step aside Nolan. Real war kino coming through. https://www.youtube…[View]
85255383Will a better Godzilla movie ever be made?[View]
85254599Was this kino?[View]
85246918Shows like GoT: What are some shows like GoT that don't involve faggy magic shit? I'm talk…[View]
85253984red letter media: brand new re:view https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C47zRs6SPZM[View]
85255783I'm looking for a movie but i don't know it's name or any of the actor, all i remembe…[View]
85251542ITT: Kino Comedy This shit got dark as fuck i loved it.[View]
85255510What's next for this 25 year old's career in film?[View]
85255641Name a better trash tv show. Pro tip, you can't https://youtu.be/BRX31HOikws[View]
85255485ITT: post your sister'a favourite movies My neesan is unironically obsessed with Tarankinos. we…[View]
85255616Hello, what's your favorite Scary Movie?[View]
85255591So, who's hype for this (hopefully) masterpiece?[View]
85242093She made a terrible mistake in taking this role over Deadpool's girlfriend. She has about three…[View]
85253988Casting DOOM: With these pretty unexpected news dropping today, what say we have a good ol'fash…[View]
85252230Any good documentaries.? I don't really know any. Last one I see pumping iron The cum part was …[View]
85250560this is literally r3ddit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VlUdkRBOv64[View]
85253765What did Chris mean by that face?[View]
85249347>character travels back in time >doesn't fuck his mother…[View]
85253838Name a better fantasy show for kids. I'll wait. >inb4 /co/[View]
85248350ITT: Post 3 films you haven't seen and the next anon decides what you watch today >carrie (o…[View]
85255090Was schindler right? would Goeth of been a normal guy if not for the war?[View]
85253622If Buzz actually thought he was the real Buzz Lightyear, why did he freeze up like the other toys wh…[View]
85254777I'm feeling like shit and I like to hear people talking about depression and not enjoying life …[View]
85253945Shows that were ruined by their side-characters: >Real Ghostbuster's Slimer seasons >the …[View]
85248065What are some 7/10 movies?[View]
85254872who was in the wrong here?[View]
85254778ITT historical events that deserve their own movie but never will because you can't use it for …[View]
85254782Recnt haul thread: >torrenting a few tv shows on my 10 tb comp >mom comes up with French toast…[View]
85253094Best Movies released this year so far: By released I mean released in torrents. I've watched Th…[View]
85250662Who would win in a race?[View]
85254370How do we make Confederate work?: Can it work? Can we actually make a good drama that 'makes you thi…[View]
85254700Can a shameless commercial be KINO pic related[View]
85254713ITT: films loved by plebs and patricians but not hipster contrarian morons[View]
85254486Is it just me? Or has this summer/year been incredibly kind when it's come to movies. This year…[View]
85249466>cool synopsis >sheev shows up early on >holy shit natives attack >wtf piranhas fuck som…[View]
85253972https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pnaEUhfMUKQ How likely is this to be any good whatsoever?[View]
85240107Wait a second. He's the fucking shinebox guy isn't he? Why did NOBODY tell me this?[View]
85220800>When you only have $125.37 for your movie's budget https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IVS_5BiO…[View]
85252129Wat does /tv/ think of Kate Micucci?[View]
85252496Does he get shot in the back?[View]
85253127New show coming soon. Is it going to be like the Vikings? Or is it going to be DEUS VULT? https://ww…[View]
85253377Anybody watch this?: I just found out about this MomoaKINO. Is it worth watching?[View]
85243947LOTR: The 2 Towers: >it is likely that we go to our doom..THE LAST MARCH OF THE ENTS >not even…[View]
85254323>/tv/ says actor is washed up >/tv/ says actor is 'a failure' >still worth millions of doll…[View]
85248175Best films under an hour and a half?[View]
85247810Bleak Thrillers recs: Let's repeat this thread.[View]
85251103Just saw this movie - complete shit: Why is this lauded as a decent film? Is /tv/ a collection of mo…[View]
85254277Is the west wing worth watching? How does it hold up today?[View]
85249902absolute fucking kino[View]
85251717THE best 'driver' movie?: Out of these 3 films, what do you consider the best? I'd personally s…[View]
85254170>And the icecream you serve it frozen? 'yes chef' >Fuck me…[View]
85251389Kaiju Kino: Are you ready for something that isn't from MCU or DCEU? https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
85247512Doctor Who General - /who/: KRISKEKS ABSOLUTELY BTFO Edition Previous: >>85241645[View]
85254098White people dramadies: >Having an affair on your spouse >Failing to have a child >Killing …[View]
85252651The fuck did i just watch?[View]
85254095Cinematic Masterpiece[View]
85251513TVs of /tv/: Comfy edition[View]
85253593What was the point of having an old man fight a fake cgi muppet?[View]
85247838They're steaming ahead with the rebooted universe: In spite of Ghostbusters 2016 bombing and be…[View]
85253086now that the dust has settled, how KINO was this kino?[View]
85253524Times a show made you shed a tear[View]
85253129Cinematography: Name films with GOAT cinematography[View]
85250624So what was the point of this scene?[View]
85253738Is it kino?[View]
85252826Can you name a single comedy better than The Man Who Knew Too Little[View]
85253164/tv/ help me. What movie is this shot from?[View]
85253555Could he box?[View]
85253665Sir I think something's wrong with the gate[View]
85253058>those wide shots of the sea in iMAX This is literally the biggest film I've ever seen…[View]
85253533What was your opinion of this movie? I really liked it, the ending was a bit weird though.[View]
85253229Raimi's New Spiderman 4 plot ideas: Fast forward 20 years after the end of spiderman 3 we see a…[View]
85238949Was this the beginning of quipshit?[View]
85253339Fatworld Movie when!?[View]
85251531If ya looookin for meeeee You better check under the seeeaaaa[View]
85253285The Wailing: Did this movie have an incoherent plot or am I just missing something?[View]
85253357Movie time tee vee: ITT: we create a full feature length movie with clips that you suggest[View]
85253278Was it Al Packino?[View]
85245199i wish there's an equilibrium pill irl. ;_; was i the only one who was NOT surprised that chris…[View]
85236769First clip from Death Note (Netflix): bretty gud. ryuk looks great. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
85249642Will this jesse custer kill the old nazi guy? That was basically irredeemably narrow-minded and shit…[View]
85252119Who would win? John Wick or Jacket?[View]
85238616Wakefield.2017.DVDRip.XviD.AC3-EVO: >Wakefield.2017.DVDRip.XviD.AC3-EVO >Wakefield.2017.DVDRip…[View]
85252061What are some movies about having sex with your sister?[View]
85240211Rise of the Dawn of the War of the Planet of the Apes: Watching the first movie, I can't help b…[View]
85245631What are your thoughts on Samuel L. Jackson's body of work? Personally, I find him to be a trul…[View]
85252040This is how it will go down and you know it. They have over fifty fucking characters to shoehorn in…[View]
85251583What sort of retard splits his army so that one side cannot help the other? Also beard kino[View]
85250963kinography time: what are some beautiful last shots of a movie[View]
85233311Find me a Sci-Fi or Fantasy movie worth watching that I haven't already seen. YOU CAN'T.[View]
85251342http://www.dailywire.com/news/18799/usa-today-complains-about-lack-women-and-no-lead-john-nolte Shou…[View]
85248771>guess who[View]
85250177Sexual Transmitted Discovery: I'm still going to torrent it.[View]
85252161How does Kirk Douglas live so long? Does using Christian blood in matzah bread really prolong longev…[View]
85252308Keanu: This is the second best Matrix movie. Prove me wrong.[View]
85252206OZARK: Why do western TV shows keep trying to make us feel sympathetic for women who cuckold their h…[View]
85251696Alex Jones / / David Lynch: Lets meme them to reunite on the Joe Rogan experience. https://www.youtu…[View]
85251943Is it safe?[View]
85252044Thoughts on this? I thought it was average. I liked how they didn't Batman Redford and actually…[View]
85250186God your so fucking predictable. When the 5th Element went out, there were gorrillions of teenagers …[View]
85251962recommend me some good asian, but not korean or japanese, action movies[View]
85248484She should have been cast as Jasmine.[View]
85250631American Gods: Did people actually enjoy this?[View]
85251785Star Trek: Hey guys I'm gonna watch Deep Space Nine in one sitting(no sleep). I always thought …[View]
85251892Does she know?[View]
85251602Harry Potter reboot when?[View]
85251584>there are 'people' on this board who unironically blame Billy[View]
85250596>movie trailer >WHAT IF CTHULU WASN'T JUST A STORY >ear shattering fart noise >full…[View]
85251053Alphaman: Capeshit can't be ki-[View]
85248298Anybody else excited for this actress to become the next big thing?[View]
85251220Why couldn't he see the evil of the ring when he held it but Gandalf could only by getting clos…[View]
85248364Why do they always win?[View]
85251417ITT: misunderstood villains[View]
85250630Why are there some plots revolved around whether or not a character can say that they love the other…[View]
85251561What's he doing here?[View]
85232997Hi, I just saw Dunkirk in 70mm. It's perfect and I cried.[View]
85248234What was the moral of the story in Taxi Driver?[View]
85251447Confirmed Dunkino by /ourguy/: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VX1VLME36Xg[View]
85250953What are the best movies about kings?[View]
85251242how can we change /tv/ from the shithole it is now, to the greatness it once was? Shit, I'd eve…[View]
85251127What kind of moron kills himself before the new season of Stranger Things airs? >Tfw the last sea…[View]
85248667Anybody else hyped for Justice League?[View]
85249977Movie theaters suck: Anyone else can't enjoy movies in movie theaters? I just can't concen…[View]
85250946Is Lexx worth getting in to? Started the first episode and it's a little...wonky? Worth stickin…[View]
85248896>After viewing video of Leonardo DiCaprio emoting in his acting class, 300-lb. Marlon Brando snor…[View]
85249479Who was in the wrong?[View]
85251078>STILL no Bizarro movie Why, DC?[View]
85250762HE'S BACK[View]
85225828Valerian: Anyone see Valerian yet? Thoughts?[View]
85248457>We will never have a Kino Pentalogy of this game Why even live? Also, you liked this game?…[View]
85250825Hey guys what do you say about my Back to the future reboot poster?[View]
85237103/tpg/ - Twin Peaks General: Kyle is CUTE edition https://pastebin.com/Ag6evX8s Meanwhile >>852…[View]
85249546https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6EZCBSsBxko so this is basically shadowrun?[View]
85243483Stargate Origins: >want a new Stargate story to continue the franchise? >which story line can …[View]
85245324>Let me take a wild guess here. You're Brett, right? What did he mean by this?…[View]
85248960The Gimp in Pulp Fiction: Is it a fetishist or victim?[View]
85249059Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Skyrim: When did fantasy become normie?[View]
85241832Suits season 7: >promoted from desk secretary to senior partner >muh feminism more like all of…[View]
85249080How much longer does internet reviewer culture have left?[View]
85247874>watching movie with older sister >know a sex scene is coming up, excuse myself to go to the b…[View]
85240170Forgotten actors only you and a handful of others still remember fondly.[View]
85250577Where are all the good grime dramas > & better call saul is shit[View]
85247255What happened to songs that were tied to movies?: Will Men in Black ever be surpassed? https://youtu…[View]
85250411Batman v Superman[View]
85249508>movie set in america (NYC or LA) >characters can walk in the street peacefully without being …[View]
85249629So.... this is the power.... of capeshit.... whoah[View]
85250335this asshole is going to be a deus ex machina and the asshole who spew exposition about everything …[View]
85249592MOTY 2017[View]
85250195Whas he the only sane man in Zion ?[View]
85245737/got/: D&D edition >>85240632[View]
85240979https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_the_longest_gaps_between_film_sequels What were some long awai…[View]
85246321Did this only air on TV? Have you seen it? Is it good? Where can I find a copy?[View]
85250139What the fuck was his problem? No one can tell the difference between rushing and dragging tempo at …[View]
85242964>Guys. I've got this great idea! Let's make Star Wars: A New Hope. >Oh, an homage. I…[View]
85250129are you fuckin kidding me right now lads? 4 episodes about 22 minutes thats it for season 1? and sea…[View]
85250111This was a really great film. Has anyone else here seen it?[View]
85250098www.youtube.com/watch?v=L3wKzyIN1yk Why is this song being used in every goddamn trailer now? Mass E…[View]
85249556>h-hey Arya, please don't forget about me before you leave, i'm still held prisoner in …[View]
85249969Why was season 1 Hank so sexual?[View]
85249047JUST: Lower than war for the planet of the apes, Logan and baby drive and the same score as Homeflop…[View]
85248922This was surprisingly entertaining. >that Bane voice[View]
85249939What are some /tv/ shows with good PLOT?[View]
85249386What does /tv/ think of Demi Moore?[View]
85249875Why did Kristen Stewart drop out the moment Ben Affleck was replaced by Will Smith?[View]
85249712I've been lurking on this board for about 2 weeks now and all I've seen is constant hate o…[View]
85249016This came out today. Anybody planning on watching it?[View]
85249554How do you go from sucking dick on camera to being a Bollywood superstar with millions of followers …[View]
85249660>no imax 70mm around[View]
85249199Who's the best 2017 Director?[View]
85249590Knot liek dis...[View]
85249176>Adam Sandler film >character is smart >funny >always wins fights >ladies go crazy ov…[View]
85249422This movie was trash and the twist was obvious about 30 minutes in >hand me the keys you fucking …[View]
85249481Memes aside, did Raimi actually have anger issues? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tIf9xVqUCX0&a…[View]
85248766wheren to study film in Europe?[View]
85249395Holy fuck this was incredible. What other movies have this feel?[View]
85247318The Accountant - Sequel: Who thinks this movie deserve a Sequel?[View]
85240012What was so wrong about Sheeran being in GoT? The guy sings a lot of fantasy music, it was honestly …[View]
85247620Should I see this in just one sitting, or in two parts? >also, Gerard Deparideu got sexy, man!…[View]
85249330https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tyhmlS-CMsQ When will it stop?[View]
85245604Was this the best toon in Prison Break?[View]
85246152Name an enjoyable movie please. No superhero movie please.[View]
85244825Male soldier privilege squashed? Check. Womyn were leaders too!! Check. Men are ignorant, need to be…[View]
85249215>all these forced Trump 'parallels' even though Underwood is a democrat >They could've at…[View]
85248796Britbongs, who agrees?[View]
85243719A satirical look at late 20th century yuppie consumer culture: Was it kino?[View]
85249177Is he, dare I say it, the best male action movie actor of our time?[View]
85248042Dunkirk is apparently racist now: >USA Today Complains About Lack of 'Women' and '…[View]
85248097Atlantis appreciation thread: > Will you look at the size of this? It’s gotta be half a mile high…[View]
85248210*blocks your path*[View]
85248259Underrated horror kino itt. Going to keep shilling this because it's good[View]
85249121What is your favorite TV scene?[View]
85248638Gimme some suggestions: ITT Post the last movie you watched and rate it >7 psychopaths 8.5/10…[View]
85246744>season 12 ending >coming back in 2019 >glenn obviously done with the show and is feeling t…[View]
85246645What's the best episode of Seinfeld?[View]
85244180The Fifth Element: Just saw it for the first time. How the fuck is this a cult movie?[View]
85248993What are your thoughts on this scene in particular?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DUQ37gAwHtw…[View]
85246555>walk out of this 0/10 movie >sister asks me what I think of it >blatant propaganda trash …[View]
85247563WHy didn't he just use his psychic powers to move his legs?[View]
85248127Let's deconstruct kapekino[View]
85246803oy vey, surely not exactly six million genocided...[View]
85248905Hey, /tv/! Could someone give me a name of that Canadian (I think) sitcom which is basically making…[View]
85240705Baby Driver: Just got home after watching this, enjoyed it thoroughly. The soundtrack was superb.…[View]
85247069>the Ed Shereen season What the fuck were they thinking?[View]
85236520Hollywood One Piece Series in the Works: http://www.onepiecepodcast.com/2017/07/20/one-piece-live-ac…[View]
85246069Siskel or Ebert?[View]
85247186>I am Dewan Wunocks What did Walter mean by this? Was it one of his alter ego like Heisenberg?…[View]
85236255What do you hope to see in Stranger Things 2?[View]
85246014Ya hear that? I said do you remember your first blow job? He said yea. I said how long did it take f…[View]
85247257Dunkirk: Yup I think Nolan is back[View]
85247987was he the most stylish actor of all time?[View]
85246510saw this film last night for the second time. after 4 years. my favorite Coen film. what do you thin…[View]
85246957Is stand up dead?: Did PC culture kill it? Will it ever be back? Are there any GREAT comedians out t…[View]
85247379What does /tv/ think of this flick? We can all agree Butlers character literally did nothing wrong r…[View]
85244491did they really need to include this scene?[View]
85247193So to all the guys who call the Tino Kino machine a hack, what are some movies that are better? The …[View]
85246495Natalie Portman- Shit actors: Explain to me how people like her She had 2 good movies, under a direc…[View]
85248485TVs of /tv/: Kinostation edition[View]
85248373what went wrong?: so, I recently got into this show and binged it saw a notable drop in quality come…[View]
85246118What are the 5 best superhero TV shows by far?[View]
85248278This was my star trek never could go back and enjoy star trek[View]
85232907unpopular /tv/ opinions: Can we have an unpopular /tv/ related opinions thread? I wanna start some s…[View]
85229599What does /tv/ think of Evangelion?[View]
85248287Call JJ Abrams for a made in China baseball wielding Rey figurine: Eventually you can insult him too…[View]
85244341Who was in the wrong here?[View]
85239369Yeah I'm Mad: I love Nolan. 4 of my top 10 films of all time are Nolan films, so when I went to…[View]
85248197things would be different around here if he was my dad[View]
85248221Why was season 1 Hank so sexual?[View]
85247434Is it worth watching?[View]
85244231We should talk about Hong Kong kino more Why aren't John Woo, Tsui Hark or Johnnie To more belo…[View]
85246768So it's true about Dan 'get in the van' Schneider? /tv/ didn't make that shit up?[View]
85247917>tfw no robot gf[View]
85236242What are some movies that glorify shitty behavior and/or offer no real moral message? I'm a big…[View]
85244988What is the worst scene in the history of film?: >at least 35 star destroyers >each is 1600m l…[View]
85239764So are there still going to be people on this board denying it even when more and more people in Hol…[View]
85244219What is your favorite Final Destination death? Also new sequel when?[View]
85247853w-waht habben to teardrop after he left chubby girl at end of shou?[View]
85247574Was he wanking behind that fence?[View]
85244530So why was 6th entry of one of the dullest franchises in history called Half-Blood Prince?[View]
85247744Its 2017 and nobody has a formula on creating a 10/10 movie. The sane movies come out every year wit…[View]
85247373https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X744nrej8_4 Seriously though, what's everyone's opinion on…[View]
85247645>“If one day speed kills me, don't cry because I was smiling, you fucking nigger!' What the …[View]
85239437>tfw capeshit movies are finally losing favor with normies >tfw I don't have to be inunda…[View]
85245965Blackfish: Has anyone seen this? What did you think of it?[View]
85247051OJ SIMPSON PAROLE: >/tv/, i'm FREE What did he mean by this?…[View]
85246993What did this scene symbolise?[View]
85241645Doctor Who General - /who/: Victory over boardies edition Currently trapped in a pocket dimension …[View]
85245405>ywn be his best friend seriously fucking sucks. what a guy[View]
85247439ITT: Classic Survivor moments. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ySji4J08i9g[View]
85246955>hit back to get out of comfy thread I've been in for 10 min or so >compulsively refresh…[View]
85244355Will it be good?[View]
85247139TIL actor Martin Sheen has been arrested a total of 66 times for protesting and acts of civil disobe…[View]
85244544Who was in the wrong here?[View]
85246783LOTR: >its not our place to decide who lives and dies! >proceeds to kill 6 million orcs…[View]
85247066Bow Down.[View]
85247037Do you not know that in the service … one must always choose the lesser of two weevils?[View]
85246830>tfw you will never get seduced by her[View]
85246687>best vidya girl is now a pajeet Why did Naughty Dog forsake us?[View]
85246974HFTWP: Best Film? Has anyone not seen or heard of it?[View]
85246923What was her fucking problem?[View]
85246264Spider-Man Homecoming: Saw this move yesterday and I have to say, it was great. >Genuinely funny …[View]
85246797Was it really that uncommon for a man to be 40 years old and still be a virgin back then?[View]
85244058Will it be kino or will this be the thing that kills Will's career for good? https://www.youtu…[View]
85245838Who will play him in the inevitable biopic?[View]
85235926why was johnny so good at working in the bank?[View]
85245498So I read that Tamzin Merchant (such a silly name) was originally meant to play Daenerys. Do you thi…[View]
85246745What are some /tv/ approved animes[View]
85245501Holy shit that was a good season finale. I think this may be one of my favourite shows.[View]
85244114>I think human consciousness is a tragic misstep in evolution. We became too self-aware. Nature c…[View]
85246324Whatever happened with this show? I remember watching the first season then dropping it[View]
85244820What's the movie where a dude in red power armor is fighting some wasteland Jason with a buzzsa…[View]
85244028Many of the top youtube movie reviewers do not like Dunkino... Grace Randolph: https://www.youtube.c…[View]
85240075How can this be explained?[View]
85245201Defend this[View]
85246141The Hitman's Bodyguard: What do you think? Will it be kino?[View]
85242936What did they mean by this?[View]
85245426This would have been a better version of Civil War, with wakanda and Iceland, than the version we go…[View]
85245622Is she the undisputed GOAT?[View]
85246519movies where we follow the protagonist while hes doing nothing and we watch from his perspective oth…[View]
85244016everybody hates me[View]
85246183Where are good places on the net to discuss movies? Reddit and 4chan are full of shills and teenager…[View]
85246244Orcs and humans can't get al- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6EZCBSsBxko They've actually…[View]
85245763Is it really that good /tv/?[View]
85243960What did you think of Dunkirk?[View]
85245169Are there any good films about hirsutism?[View]
85246220DC thinks slapping a blue filter over your movie means the audience will take it more seriously emba…[View]
85245592What are some other movies similar to these? Road movies? Hiking? that kind of shit.[View]
85239498What's was the breaking point for the Simpsons for you? aka what was the episode or event that …[View]
85244634I'm getting sick /tv/. Got the flu. What does /tv/ do when they are sick? Also can I please get…[View]
85245915I like: >most of the MCU movies >all the Star Wars movies including TCW and TFA (but not the p…[View]
85244509You know, this whole Netflix release shit isn't so bad.[View]
85234678>DALLAS SALLAD[View]
85245895>amadeus >one flew over the cuckoos nest >literally responsible for danny devito and chri…[View]
85243311The Emoji Movie: http://archive.is/9Bt0D >HuffPost spoke briefly with Miller about “The Emoji Mov…[View]
85245241Pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty good[View]
85244172NEW INHUMANS TRAILER: Holy fucking JUST https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c4I98yJ0iGk[View]
85245084>Winston Churchill’s 1940 “We Shall Fight on the Beaches” speech is paraphrased in Christopher No…[View]
85245618I'm saying goodbye to the boards I frequent. I'm setting parental controls for every devic…[View]
85237562Who will play him in the inevitable biopic?[View]
85245216Did the guy looking for his weird animated movie ever find out what it was?[View]
85242634>Get Out >Logan >John Wick 2 >Lost City of Z >War For the Planet of the Apes >It …[View]
85244747Snowfall: How come nobody is talking about this? Only three episodes out and it already feels like o…[View]
85238752https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xu6B94cslT4 LMFAO This is why you don't let women review movies…[View]
85233224Genuinely Scary Movies: soup /b/ what's the scariest movie you've ever seen? I love horror…[View]
85243247What are some movies that girls like?[View]
85240632/got/ general: >>85240551 edition >>85235384[View]
85243454>you lived long enough to see SAW become sci-fi What are some other times where jumping the shark…[View]
85215602Is Disney making a risk with Infinity War?: >More emotional >deeper >'more interesting for …[View]
85242915>Go see Valerian >Think it was fucking awesome >Movie ends, people I went with loved it too…[View]
85243002To Catch a Predator: This show influenced amateur Chris Hansons who bully and torment mentally ill p…[View]
85244886The first 2 episodes of this are pure drug kino[View]
85240950LIFE: Actually surpasses ALIEN in every way. Best cast, direction, and special effects.[View]
85239481Even in defeat this man is still the winner >https://youtu.be/X2xbLV_NSbk…[View]
85242003I saw this last night. It is amazing movie but still not his best work. You can see the ideas in it …[View]
85237749>Bette Midler chasing down litterbugs! >xD >I love it when celebrities are willing to be si…[View]
85242693According to sources, the upcoming Wheel of Time television show has been canceled.[View]
85241791ITT: essential redditcore[View]
85244120>It's over Anakin! I have the Doctor Pavel! What did he mean by this?…[View]
85240662what does /tv/ think of pic related? was thinking of picking it up during the arrow sale[View]
85243662>Join me and together we can rule the galaxy as father and son. Good proposition. Why didn't…[View]
85244815Daniel Bruhl in Soros biopic when?[View]
85244304So i was rewatching season 6 and in the episode where hodor dies. One of the white walkers comes in …[View]
85239424This show sucks a fart[View]
85242724Is anyone here on /tv/ familiar with the Tommy Westphall Universe theory? For those unfamiliar it ba…[View]
85244730Realizations about two movies: >Sitting at home talking with my beta friends >Start talking ab…[View]
85240971Saigon... shit. I'm still only in Saigon[View]
85240408Just got back from a early screening of Dunkirk What a boring, pointless, hard to follow fucking mov…[View]
85241782Oh look, Loki is the main villain in the Justice League movie too. DCucks will defend this and AquaT…[View]
85244335American here Time to get help britbongs[View]
85244324Korean Dramas General: Does /tv/ like Reply 1988? also garlic bread dramas general[View]
85243969Did this show really exist? Or was it a figment of our imagination?[View]
85244003What is the closest thing to a live-action Ghibli film?[View]
85238636How would you fix this twist?[View]
85242422I heard something somewhere that this was shot in 60fps or something? Anyone got any info on that?[View]
85243995is this a sports movie?[View]
85241219Are there any documentaries on furries? https://youtu.be/GmULc5VANsw[View]
85239268ROTJ: This is the most memorable Star Wars, admit it[View]
85242152>all comedy kino is jewish Prove it wrong.[View]
85237119What the fuck was her problem? Malcolm in the Middle thread.[View]
85243243Has any character in film ever suffered as much as this guy?[View]
85243851What a shitty ending[View]
85240062i really thought that the wachowskis were just getting started with the matrix and that their career…[View]
85243504This board used to make fun of capeshit and capeshitters. What the fuck happened?[View]
85243181Chaplin or Keaton?[View]
85237829This movie is not that good. Honestly have a headache from the clock ticking the entire movie and th…[View]
85243655Who the fuck writes these bios ahahaha? Anyway RIP http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0499270/[View]
85243606IM NOT TIRED[View]
85243609Autism Begins https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9xBSIa_xNhE Aerial shot of CIA headquarters..... room …[View]
85237674Is Jim Jarmusch, dare I say it, our guy?[View]
85239840This Movie: This movie is hot garbage and will ruin science fiction movies for years to come, it wil…[View]
85241596>that one guy who was so important they actually credited him as Mr. Is there a bigger big shot i…[View]
85243514Rome season 3: Not sure if this would have been a bigger hit on /his/ but let's try it. If you …[View]
85243288bitch are you smoking me this shit should have been an hour long christopher nolan is a photographer…[View]
85242993Is the rest of Season 5 any good?: I've watched the first 2 episodes of it and it's gettin…[View]
85243233ITT: Post kinos with the kids (leading) characters.[View]
85242147>leaves for leave or mission >everything breaks This is the definition of a shitty leader. If …[View]
85234456Stargate: Origins: Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pnaEUhfMUKQ Gateworld: https://twitter.c…[View]
85234728What went wrong?: Was it too soon for another reboot? Forced diversity? Appealing to kids instead of…[View]
85241357>mfw there will literally be hundreds of gifs from this movie of dehaan spouting excruciatingly b…[View]
85243236Tell me about Ferrier! Why does he wear the mask?[View]
85240459Post IRL Kino[View]
85243203DOCTOR DOOM KINO ANNOUNCED: There's not a whole lot to go on just yet, but it seems that Legion…[View]
85240509>got any more bright ideas.....[View]
85242882WEW E W[View]
85243048>it's a Jack solves the terrorist crisis halfway through the day and finally gets one hour o…[View]
85233949Scenes women will never understand.[View]
85235096'''''''''Villains''''''''' who did nothing wrong: >wanted to stop the spread of a disease that…[View]
85242123this is a fucking masterpiece[View]
85242098quintessential kung fu[View]
85242756RIp Romero: Come back as a Zombie pls![View]
85238056Can everyone admit that Norton Hulk is best Hulk?: best design, actually has moves that are memorabl…[View]
85241398thoughts on this[View]
85242626I like quips they make me laugh[View]
85213411Second Jigsaw (Saw 8) Image: Where were you when Hoffman was confirmed to be the victim on the right…[View]
85240090ONE PIECE US LIVE ACTION TV SHOW ANNOUNCED: Time for true pirate kino /tv/. http://www.sponichi.co.j…[View]
85241551We live in a world where this exists. Let that sink in for a moment.[View]
85240961>Ros walks in >Niles: 'Roz, you're a whore!' >audience laughs…[View]
85242120>Finally got around to watching Logan Jesus fucking christ I'm crying like a bitch. I didn…[View]
85241222Now that the Juice is loose, who's gonna play Frank in the next Naked Gun?[View]
85242432https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=giJCL_jhnsE Can someone with knowledge of Bollywood stuff point me t…[View]
85242380Could it be made today? How big would the outcry be?[View]
85241859The Walking Dead: Why do they continue to make terrible decisions? The comics are amazing, especiall…[View]
85241989>Top of the music game >Top of the acting game >Top of the white ginger game Any questions?…[View]
85241099Why is Dunkirk so fucking white?[View]
85233787Footfags: how accurate was this episode?[View]
85241969The Big Lebowski: watcha think?[View]
85215095There is literally nothing in the Bond canon that says 007 can't be black.[View]
85237060What was Dan Schneider trying to tell us with this scene?[View]
85241830YASSSS QUEEN[View]
85240864Why do the restaurant chefs always think their own food tastes good?[View]
85235310Jerry Seinfeld: >be Jerry Seinfeld >be unfunny comedian >be mediocre actor >want to crea…[View]
85233990How did he convince Frodo to live with him for so long?[View]
85238217Absurdism in Breathless: Has anyone else noticed how on Goddard's Breathless Michel is almost a…[View]
85240973What makes a good action movie? Does /tv/ have any examples of genuinely 'good' action movies?[View]
85236938Reminder that this movie was released 5 years ago.[View]
85239990Can I get that Dan Schneider foot compilation image? Also, Dan Schneider thread.[View]
85239921@Midnight: Damn didn't know this was cancelled and I was just starting to get into the show.…[View]
85240630Who was in the wrong?[View]
85239857Dunkirk: Film or Digital: Did you watch this in a cinema with a film or a digital projector?[View]
85240738The memes are weak.[View]
85237786Since now Dunkirk is a smash hit and he's getting praise for his performance what is next in hi…[View]
85240241Why was Dunkirk so bad?[View]
85231159/who/ - Doctor Who General: THE SERIES WE DESERVE - Edition change, and not a moment to soon! >…[View]
85241160>http://www.sponichi.co.jp/entertainment/news/2017/07/21/kiji/20170721s00041000153000c.html >O…[View]
85239291What are some other comfy movies like pic related?[View]
85240194I've just started watching this show and I'm not sure if I like it it... It's got a …[View]
85236383>Twin Peaks Season 2 post episode 10 What the actual FUCK am I watching?…[View]
85240966Good scene right?[View]
85236404If this was directed by anyone else, it would've sweeped the oscars[View]
85229776Smocaine 3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qymOSNhI8Y0 Absolut certified Kino.[View]
85240428Euron Greyjoy?[View]
85233632Who is best gothfu?[View]
85237026Is this the most overpowered tv character of all time? also heroes thread[View]
85230840ITT: movies that could be about yourself[View]
85240055ITT: Characters you identify with[View]
85240489CRINGEKINO IS BACK IN THE MENU, FRENS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=87JNmcwgyxo https://www.youtub…[View]
85239959What does /tv/ think about The Razor's Edge?[View]
85240466>audience laughs at joke that was in every trailer[View]
85239172What was the point of this show? He one shots everyone and everything, all fights are a complete cam…[View]
85240385Who lives here, /tv/?[View]
85240278>Wait! Let me just stop you right there. Don't finish that sentence, we both know where it…[View]
85239912>cyberpunk is my favorite genre[View]
85239906What are some movies about strong Latina lead character?[View]
85236917The Chester is over before Christmas[View]
85228665Whats next for this franchise[View]
85238875Post movies and shows where the protagonist isn't a bitch. Sopranos need not apply.[View]
85240298Will when Disney give Holland's Spider-Man the mech? Like the Japanese Spider-Man. https://you…[View]
85240187GoT List: Male soldier privilege squashed? Check. Womyn were leaders too!! Check. Men are ignorant, …[View]
85240183comfy TV houses you would want to live in: > tfw not coming home to a wife making you dinner and …[View]
85239974Daily reminder that James Cagney is the greatest actor to ever walk the face of the earth.[View]
85240160ITT Movies /tv/ loved, then hated: Name them. Starting with the most obvious.[View]
85235384/got/ General: Creatures from the Deep edition: Previous: >>85231491[View]
85233051/bb/ Big Brother 19: feeds will return after friday's special episode HOH: TBD Veto: TBD Nomina…[View]
85238202What is the most romantic movie you've ever seen? I'm in the mood to feel like I used to w…[View]
85238322If it was up to you, who would you have cut completely from Spider-Man 3?[View]
85239871You know the coffee maker has to be PLUGGED IN for it to work![View]
85239873100% PURE UNADULTERATED EUGENIC COMEDY KINO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sZexTpJ8DAE[View]
85237172What's going on here?[View]
85238707What the FUCK was his problem?[View]
85222380'Star Wars The Last Jedi' Will Introduce The Porgs aka Ewoks 2.0 But Shittier: >Porgs a…[View]
85239688ITT: hard nuts who are also good lads.[View]
85238345*sound of cicadas chirping*[View]
85239662>Do you want to be in the driver's seat, or a wheelchair? >I know about your crippled fos…[View]
85235599Podcasts: What are some good comfy earkinos?[View]
85235085Joffrey, the true king: In this scene, Joffrey calls gay people degenerates. He was already my favor…[View]
85238468Your thoughts on this character?: Did Tom Hardy pull the role off, /tv/? you can only post here if y…[View]
85238527>tfw you realize we could've gotten a Naked Gun 4 when OJ got out but now Leslie Nielsen is …[View]
85228180what went wrong?[View]
85238298True Detective Alternate Story: True Detective season 1 was poorly written. As a detective show the …[View]
85237288what happened the last time you went to the cinema alone?[View]
85239432Was it comfykino?[View]
85234098Pirates 6: What should it be about?[View]
85234938What's your favorite episode of The X-Files?[View]
85238690Doom movie at fox: How is fox going to fuck this up? http://deadline.com/2017/07/comic-con-doctor-do…[View]
85239096Does James Cameron hate Abyss & True Lies?[View]
85238857She will bring a new Ragnarok down upon us all...[View]
85236943ITT: your favorite kino snack: Mine would definitely have to be Old Bay seasoned sunflower seeds. Th…[View]
85230973She's perfect for Peter: We all know what it's like for the minority girl to abrasively cr…[View]
85238940>anon dislikes my opinion on kino >'not that guy but you are a faggot'…[View]
85238242Why don't they make these kind of movies anymore?[View]
85236803Lord of War: So just watched this and I've got one question. Was Nick Cage gay or something? ht…[View]
85238006Remakes: ITT: What are some movies that could be good if they were remade? Surrogates needs to be re…[View]
85238956World's most unconvincing tough guy coming through[View]
85238288does anyone here on /tv/ like this Matthew Broderick kino?[View]
85227020How come Joey Diaz gets away with using so many popular songs in his podcast? All other podccast i…[View]
85237602uhhhh guys, this wasn't supposed to be a documentary[View]
85238629>bella thorne is trending on twitter >apparently she was masturbating while talking about dadd…[View]
85237384Who's taste is better?: >Know a guy who goes to film school, he proceeds to give me a list o…[View]
85237175You needed a way to change your life: You could not do this on your own.[View]
85237933She wanted it, didn't she?[View]
85223841How do I make films like him?[View]
85236692Was Vito gay? I don't understand why he sucked that guy's dick, and let that other dude fu…[View]
85238525Babylon 5 General - /b5g/: The Markab race goes extinct edition. Crusade also welcome.[View]
85221028anyone else looking forward to the second season of Riverdale? so hyped for it tee bee aitch[View]
85224326>'Seita. This is for you. It's steamed rice. Here's some cooked soy pulp. Please eat. Y…[View]
85237810Kraina Grzybow: I hope this is the right category, anyone want to discuss Kraina Grzybow?[View]
85238417> 25 years old > still gets cast to play literal 15 year olds…[View]
85235288Why did Gandalf still have doubts that this is the one ring after seeing a fucking Eye of Sauron rig…[View]
85236581How can anyone actually defend film? >MUH GRAIN >MUH PROJECTION >MUH CELLULOID…[View]
85237459Good movies with bad posters. Seriously what is this about?[View]
85237109WTF happen to her?: I know she isn't gone, you can hear her laughing on some BOTW. Some people …[View]
85237738What are the absolute best religious horror movies? Bonus points if they are unsettling.[View]
85238198k /tv/ I need an explanation. There is a straight-up, no-holds-barred, gay promoting, anti-black, ch…[View]
85220410Movies you love: They don't necessarily have to be great movies, just movies that you really ca…[View]
85237680Is this kino?[View]
85236214>Go see Dunkirk >Theater is filled with teenage girls dressed like sluts >They start cooing…[View]
85237065Has he finally made it? Will this be his year?[View]
85237976what's your favourite Riley Stearns movie, /tv/? mine's Faults/ love the twist[View]
85236678Why is this so good compared to every other Marvel movie?[View]
85216021>frogs are cowards : the movie[View]
85235636>you come home after a long and call for your mother >Lolie Mourmont steps in >Anon why are…[View]
85234034Make this /tv/-related[View]
85237350First American Death Note clip released: It's terrible, what the fuck did they do to Light? htt…[View]
85230151It's a damn shame James Gunn never got to make a third Scooby Too movie. It would have to be re…[View]
85236199Would have /tv/ complained about this movie and its strong female lead if it was released today?[View]
85237767what tv think https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-c2wtqAfQlQ[View]
85237765>Joe walk up to this guy, and call him a nigger[View]
85232871Does Portugal have a decent film industry? What are some Portuguese kinos?[View]
85237710If you don't love Krteček, you are a terrible human being[View]
85237624Pre-Production art for Naruto revealed!: Anyone here genuinely excited? >Naruto is already white …[View]
85228537/tpg/ - Twin Peaks General: COO- Edition https://pastebin.com/Ag6evX8s Meanwhile: >>85218541…[View]
85236818Nolan made another masterpiece. Kino is back on the menu[View]
85237177I unironically wish I saw this a second time instead of Dunkirk[View]
85237242Funny games (1997): Just finished watching this. Why the fuck did they not know the police number?…[View]
85233100>hey murr! Go steal that girls panties! Was anyone else a bit creeped out at how murr seemed so e…[View]
85236382>curtain opens up >lights dim >movie is about to start >loud audible cough from someone …[View]
85206292Do you have a /tv/ related tattoo?[View]
85227645Why after hitting 50 Tom Cruise started picking roles in action movies clearly meant for much younge…[View]
85236649What's this guy's problem?[View]
85236288Misunderstood genius or moronic memelord?[View]
85222881thoughts on this actrice[View]
85232305What is /tv/'s opinion on Sofia Vergara's body of work? If you had to pick one movie of he…[View]
85234147COMIC CON Wrap Up: Probably last thread today KINGSMAN: The Golden Circle trailer released! https://…[View]
85237012https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4qab3TMg42k >Imagine sinking so low in comedy after making This i…[View]
85236107What did Lucas mean by this?[View]
85236170today, I will remind them[View]
85236870was it autism?[View]
85236736Characters you aspire to be like[View]
85230951Dr. Zhivago, A Brief Encounter, AND THE BRIDGE ON THE RIVER KWAI A LEAN NIGHT[View]
85236407>A mutual friend said we should meet. To clear the air. An actress wanted to tell her side of the…[View]
85236613Will it be kino?[View]
85223631How are they going to ruin it /tv/?[View]
85233936Masterpieces of film: Post masterpieces of film >pick related[View]
85236296Why is HBO so expensive? It's more expensive than Netflix.[View]
85229309I'm a big fan of classic films. Mostly from the early 40's to early 60's. But am I th…[View]
85233516>its a hal episode[View]
85233719What is the best film from the 90s?[View]
85236484>plane out of gas >banks to stop Stuka from destroying the mole >can't turn around t…[View]
85221234/trek/ Star Trek General: Kanar with Damar Edition[View]
85236442One of the most kino scenes from Lost or nah?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IyGAhJ971No…[View]
85235323>Takes place in Queens >Not a single BADDA BING BADDA BOOM D R O P P E D…[View]
85233434Face it fuccbois, the Fempire begins with this film. Wymyn can have babies and do a job just as good…[View]
85236378Personal Rating System: Do you watch movies and tv shows based on online ratings? How do you determi…[View]
85235693CRAWLING IN MY SKIN goodnight sweet prince[View]
85236314What did /tv/ think of the consensual fun scene?[View]
85236120What the fuck was his problem?[View]
85233498>What is the most you've ever lost in a coin toss?[View]
85234332>i need 48 hours >you have 18 minutes[View]
85236281what the FUCK is this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mNLroxV0Ktw[View]
85236153Why did Roger hate Jews so much?[View]
85235138What are some movies where you inherit a vast amount of wealth?[View]
85228084Brightkino full trailer https://youtu.be/27PYKvF-Qek[View]
85235712For people who hate SJW agenda-pushing Jewish-written manchildren fantasy/capeshit and other cancers…[View]
85236025Transformers The Last Knight: I watched it. Though it wasn´t so great. Ask me anything.[View]
85235566fucking call it[View]
85234148is this kino? Trying to decide if i should wactch[View]
85233506NO PEER PRESSURE[View]
85234933Could have had a Battle of Britain, Gallipoli, Jutland or Barbarossa movie: Instead we get The Great…[View]
85225134the great debate: so who was the best James Bond?[View]
85235952ayy lmao[View]
85235744>Dunkirk didn't have enough transgendered black muslims Does Hollywood only see black and w…[View]
85231742>arrives at your doorstep >knocks on your door >you open it and see this…[View]
85233969Wakefield: WTF is going on in this movie? Wakefield general thread >What did you think?…[View]
85234288Monster Hunter Movie: >Monster Hunter Movie announced 'Oh cool, I like that game. Hopefully it wo…[View]
85233825Everyone is retarded: the movie. And why did they get Oliver Platt to play the wrestler. Why not get…[View]
85234948oh look another quality series /tv/ didn't like because they are insecure contrarians[View]
85235788I really wanted to love this movie, but the beautiful visuals and creativity just weren't enoug…[View]
85234642How does /tv/ feel about Sons of Anarchy? Is it worth watching?[View]
85235736What are some films about dogs?[View]
85218396Season one Dany was GOAT. Discuss.[View]
85234569Hail the greatest mainstream director of the 21st Century.[View]
85232364Films that LITERALLY only you have seen[View]
85235499>Completely rebooting the series the next season >6 episodes over three nights >All new cas…[View]
85235509https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cuF9aZxoipE You guys ready for Rocko's Modern Kino? >inb4 /c…[View]
85235504>Bette Midler chasing down litterbugs! >xD >I love it when celebrities are willing to be si…[View]
85235317what a good film. Well shot and acted. Also, main girl a cute[View]
85229467Will he ever be relevant again?[View]
85229959Just saw Dunkirk. Loved the hell out of it. Having Harry Styles call a black Frenchman a 'fucking fr…[View]
85235422I just saw Bane on a Plane 2. Was it good?[View]
85234740What are the defining movies of Gen X other than Office Spaced or Reality Bites?[View]
85232686is this a scene from the ghost in the shell?[View]
85212752>it's never going to get more than 300m WW >It's going to kill off the DCEU >Ther…[View]
85234961Christian Kino: Any good christian kino? Can only think about the mission. It doesn't matter th…[View]
85234937could Gypsy do it?[View]
85220100How painfully unfunny and cringe will this be?[View]
85232815What the fuck happened to Yuri?[View]
85226280https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5iEaI-H_4Sk Do you think we're going to see more Left leaning c…[View]
85231491/got/ blocking your path edition: Previous >>85228856[View]
85230635cin - Cinemos General: First Edition Previous thread: none >Not sure what Cinemos is all about? T…[View]
85228164Fans pissed that Lena Dunhan's starring in AHS: >Fans are upset that Lena Dunham has been an…[View]
85235211Is there any chance that this will be a good, unique movie? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cUWKn4p2…[View]
85233876>scientist explaining how a disease works >folds a piece of paper in half and stabs a pencil t…[View]
85235148grand tour season 1 was crap[View]
85234313GUDDUUUUU!!! ;__;[View]
85234549Judge Dredd: Mega City One: http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-oxfordshire-39873020[View]
85232368New Stargate show is ''about telling womens stories told by women'': MORE FEMINI…[View]
85229585Whatever, i actually think it looks good. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sFzvJMmH9x0 I like his ha…[View]
85235041So Superman didn't die in Superman vs. Batman? Is he going to be in Justice League? What happen…[View]
85234999Just saw Dunkirk and he crashed a lot of planes[View]
85234910Is Mike a 'man-spreader?'[View]
85231469>WW2 movie >Americans play an important role in defeating Germany…[View]
85233207What happen?[View]
85232443Who more good: Talion (shadow of mordor) Aragorn (Lord of the rings) ?[View]
85230402ITT: Musicals with one good song[View]
85226875>British spy film >La Mer starts playing[View]
85233302Is this movie a meme or legitimately good?[View]
85234365/stargate/: APOLOGIZE[View]
85234706Is The Good Wife low-key the most underrated show of the last ten years or so? I'd say it'…[View]
85226617How come Wonder Woman did so well in the US, but had a pretty average box office internationally (fo…[View]
85234497Why is he Smaug[View]
85226357https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DmVa8KYIQD0 Jesus Christ, the acting in this airport scene is Power …[View]
85233144>55 years old >no wife >no kids >no girlfriend >regularly gets rude with people while…[View]
85234412>Actor with a small part in one Saw film kills himself >It makes international news WTF, Saw 3…[View]
85233353any other films with color palettes as captivating as suspiria?[View]
85228763>Guy takes me out on a date >Suck his dick in the back row of a movie theater while he watches…[View]
85234307is this school shooter kino? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zhplhhnvPQs[View]
85234138Anyone else going to BaneCon this year?[View]
85232055Just watched the first episode of the first season, and it was terrible. >main guys ass shows up …[View]
85230528Why does anyone like this?: > Everything is close ups, so you can't appreciate any of the se…[View]
85232735Can Grindr be adapted into a feature film?[View]
85234131What makes the entire X-Men franchise good capeshit?[View]
85205055How big is your physical media collection?[View]
85231504love or hate the guy, you cant deny he's saving cinema[View]
85229246I've been re-watching (the original) Twin Peaks in anticipation of checking out the new series.…[View]
85233282What did Nolan mean by this?: Dr. Impossible I'm CIA[View]
85224000Defend this[View]
85231680Greetings, children. Captain Disillusion here.[View]
85227167>he eats food at the movies The patrician choice for consumption while watching film is water onl…[View]
85231080Now that the dust has settled can we say for sure that DC's Wonder Women is /ourkino/ while Mar…[View]
85233848Why was he credited as Michael CARMEN Pitt in this shitty movie? It is his name but why use it in th…[View]
85231863what are some award show kino?[View]
85229011Who else is watching Dunkirk alone tonight?[View]
85228329what could announcement be?[View]
85232220Why are actresses so cruel towards nice guys?[View]
85232297Eastern Promises Discussion spoilers alert!: -------------------------------------------------------…[View]
85233633The Gong Show: Was the old show good? Is the new show good?[View]
85233170Can anyone recommend me some new Kino? Just got back from Dunkirk and while decent it wasn't am…[View]
85232030Are we gonna have a Linkin Park documentary now?[View]
85227390Stargate Origins: Aint you hyped yet?[View]
85233377>Every movie with husband/wife \Husband in his 40-50s Wife can't be over 36…[View]
85231973>Movie literally ends with Tom Hardy standing over a burning plane as the fire rises Bravissimo, …[View]
85232242What movies have you stol- I mean pirated recently?[View]
85231319Why do Westerners put female infidelity on a pedestal? >inb4 director was female But it was criti…[View]
85233304full movie on youtube arabic movie in english sub. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-iN8Ga8sgQw[View]
85232265Pretty good.[View]
85233253>non-linear plot structure Get ready for plebs to hate it.[View]
85204102HNNNNNNNNNGGG-Kino on the menu boys: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oQ-Qs0zelic[View]
85231629/bb/ Big Brother 19: feeds will return after friday's special episode HOH: Panda Veto: Jason No…[View]
85230341who /wally/ here?[View]
85230349When did you realize you were to untalented to work in the film industry[View]
85231378*blocks your honor and promise to make a smart political marriage because seeing her saw off an enem…[View]
85232445>watching soprano scene on youtube >look at the comments hoping to gain new insights about sub…[View]
85231763Ghostbusters will be reteaming up with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. This time featuring the Dar…[View]
85230450Who will play him in the inevitable biopic?[View]
85232709>I AM THE ONE WHO KNOCKS what did he mean by this?[View]
85231463movies from the 70s and 80s[View]
85232487Are these lyrics what got him through it, /tv/?[View]
85231276ITT: /tv/-core[View]
85230632Is /tv/ ready for World Trade Kino?[View]
85230256TFW I have sams job IRL. I work as a unit tech on an oncology floor of a hospital and I just clean …[View]
85231496Film crew robbed at gunpoint in downtown Oakland: http://www.eastbaytimes.com/2017/07/19/film-crew-r…[View]
85232071>40,000 frogs save the british retreat >nolan gives them five minutes of screen time >3 min…[View]
85230704why were the 90s so blue?[View]
85232027>tfw I will never have GoT buds like this to watch the show with. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
85229684>The whole controversy is preposterous - these killings are obviously ironic.…[View]
85231677who do you guys go see movies with? i'm watching dunkino tonight solo again but it's at IM…[View]
85228622How does this manage to be great but also have tons of moments of pure cringe? Some parts in it look…[View]
85231821Everyone notices Don, He's the well spoken, mysterious, handsome man everyone can't help …[View]
85231757wtf I hate government now[View]
85225672/bb/ Big Brother 19: One Month of Safety Edition feeds will return after friday's special epis…[View]
85230501ITT: Actors who are literally unhateable.[View]
85231475This: Is it Lynch's worst movie? What was he thinking? Why didn't he make something good i…[View]
85222738tfw you will never fight a supermodel for floor cake Why even bother living iif I can't be in t…[View]
85231554Which was the best season? Two, Three or Five?[View]
85230014Where were you when Matthew Vaughn saved the super spy genre and where will you be when Matthew Vaug…[View]
85228856/got/ general: Shall we begin? >>85225204[View]
85226455what are some Irish history kinos? hard mode: no Wind Shakes the Barley, Butcher Boy or Michael Coll…[View]
85219278Who will play him in the inevitable biopic?[View]
85230656Any other comfy monster movies like pic related?[View]
85225544/who/ - Doctor Who General: Regeneration edition Last life: >>85218493[View]
85229216Is anyone here a marine biologist?[View]
85230967Good movies? suggestions?[View]
85231055Probably won't be too long before Hollywood makes a movie over Trump, let's start casting …[View]
85223152> Leave the Belmont line to me! what did she mean by this?[View]
85230950Screenwriting is hard: Do I have to write a second draft?[View]
85228016Why don't they add the classics to streaming?: Why don't they add the classics to streamin…[View]
85230911Was it autism?[View]
85227305Was it ever revealed what was using up electricity in Chuck's house?[View]
85222217This is in Time.com's review of Dunkirk. Why are so many people agitated about true to life cas…[View]
85230903>Computer, create life size recreation of Lieutenant Commander, Data. >reshape my form into th…[View]
85228038>mfw someone says that Battlefield Earth isn't the greatest piece of cinema of all time near…[View]
85215576What is the best time loop story?[View]
85216503>movie trailer >WHAT IF CTHULU WASN'T JUST A STORY >ear shattering fart noise >full…[View]
85229045Why is the Internet so hard to represent in film?: What can be done to improve it?[View]
85220995ITT: Classic movies that were never good.[View]
85224499ITT: Kinos women will never understand.[View]
85229915What the is this real?[View]
85230192ITT: movies about mental illness[View]
85210135Bill Burr: What's next for his career? Who will play his character in Better Call Saul?[View]
85228535Who will play him in the inevitable biopic?[View]
85221576So we can all agree that Shin Godzilla was just shitty, anti-American trash right? There was signs o…[View]
85219655Make a fucking Kanjiklub spin off already![View]
85230000Who is ready for some hol' up Netflix kino? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6EZCBSsBxko[View]
85230372Tommy was a little insulted[View]
85227820Are they intentionally trying to get the show cancelled?[View]
85227073Tell me your movie ideas so I can steal them. It's not like you're gonna use them.[View]
85225418What is Jerusalem worth?[View]
85230238Survey SAYS: Pure kino boys. Just got back from it. Things I loved: Courage to not use music in ever…[View]
85227255kuso: Why is nobody talking about this? It comes out so soon and it looks like kino. ((Also has Aphe…[View]
85230022>Cringey scene happens in a movie >Pause the movie and pace back and forth for a few seconds…[View]
85229420Who will play him in the inebitably biopic?[View]
85226465Who was in the wrong here?: From a legal standpoint, cops kill civilians all the time. Mace is basic…[View]
85228670I just finished watching the shield and I was looking forward to seeing Shane fall but I felt bad wh…[View]
85229350wtf I hate netflix and amazon prime now: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7VXBZ9tXSxI[View]
85229645>Bette Midler chasing down litterbugs! >xD >I love it when celebrities are willing to be si…[View]
85222850Germany, I'm RAF.[View]
85229858So MrBTongue has been writing critiques of S6 and S7 of GOT. I think he summarizes most of the major…[View]
85223710>The Force Awakens was everything I ever dreamed of. I can die happy now. What did he mean by thi…[View]
85214073Buffy the Vampire Slayer vs Veronica Mars: Didn't watch ether growing up. >which aged the be…[View]
85229327A red sun rises... blood has been spilt this night[View]
85225657>2017: I am... forgotten Did Sam go too far with this sketch?[View]
85227491Why does /tv/ hate this film?: 'Quips' is not a reason. It's a comedy. 'It's Reddit' is no…[View]
85229710What was the point of this scene in Lady Vengeance? Also why did the boy gag her in the final scene?[View]
85225147GET OFF MY STAGE![View]
85227281THE GREAT DEBATE: Was Vito gay? I don't understand why he sucked that guy's dick, and let …[View]
85228643>'I'm not an empty seat anymore. I'm different... Punch me, I bleed.'…[View]
85228273ITT movies with the ugliest fucking sex scenes ever. Also this and Clean, Shaven are both great. Am…[View]
85229398who was in the wrong?[View]
85226118What would you do?[View]
85166512/lbg/- Letterboxd General: Movies Are Your Best Entertainment edition. Previous thread: >>8511…[View]
85228689tell me your opinions and thougths about this film /tv/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lHXgNn18z90…[View]
85219142You're dating your computer?[View]
85228300Passing thoughts on Funeral Parade of Roses? The Japanese Oedipus Rex[View]
85210103Slavery series from Game of Thrones creators facing backlash: >It's called Confederate and t…[View]
85227698What are some cool movies with assassins?[View]
85226477COMIC CON GENERAL THURSDAY: Schedule: https://www.comic-con.org/cci/programming-schedule GHOSTBUSTER…[View]
85213988Has there ever been a movie about an STD apocalypse? It seems like it would be an interesting premis…[View]
85227084What do y'all think of the newest bladerunner movie coming out? Shit looks cash as fuck to me f…[View]
85228729Isn't it kinda stupid how this was the first time Han Solo had used bowcaster despite having ad…[View]
85228879WAY OF THE ROAD BUBS[View]
85225204/got/ general: F[View]
85227793>Marvel is for childre-[View]
85227669wtf I love nazis now[View]
85228610>20 minute long 'feature length' video >literally only one joke and it's at the very end …[View]
85219366Iron Spider confirmed[View]
85228664What are some movies that do the whole 'same scenario but from a different perspective' thing right?[View]
85228621Finn Detrolio. My arch nemesis.[View]
85226028Those movies may be stupid at times and flawed, but I am glad they try to elevate capeshit to someth…[View]
85228612Silicon Valley: I want to fuck Jan the Man[View]
85228591Mad Men 10th anniversary: Mad Men started 10 years ago... goddamn.[View]
85227448SIX DOLLARS[View]
85218541/tpg/ - Twin Peaks General: Johnny's autism Bear is the Key to all of this Edition https://past…[View]
85226733FUCKING TREES: >Midi-chlorians ruined my childhood fuck George >force trees are fine though De…[View]
85225882Why does it look like absolute shit?[View]
85205983Was it PSA kino?: https://youtu.be/A8syQeFtBKc[View]
85223552ITT: Movie Characters Who Did Nothing Wrong: I'll start[View]
85224085give me your opinion on this show, spoilers are welcome.[View]
85226993>Modern media lacks positive role models for boys. Maybe it would be better if this weren't …[View]
85228000imagine being an esteemed actor and being dragged to this shithole[View]
85219771>telling the German Army youre jewish I doubt they cared you know. Did Spielberg not research WW2…[View]
85225976Mega Man Movie Gets Catfish Directors, Will It Be R-Rated?: https://www.google.com/amp/movieweb.com/…[View]
85228137ITT: QUASI-CINEMA[View]
85226325>starting to feel nostalgic for The Avengers.[View]
85226489Quagmire has a wig??: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KmoAOspIMFg[View]
85228067>Listen to the tapes, Clay[View]
85224764Post yfw[View]
85225116>Capekinos are shi....[View]
85227943Corey Feldman JUST'd: Stand back Brendan >Can't find any more movie roles apart from t…[View]
85226021What are some kinos about wild, unruly white women behaving badly?[View]
85227712What the fuck?[View]
85227892Goodreads for Movies: LETTERBOXD thread https://letterboxd.com/scooptroop/ post your Profs[View]
85227886Kirk Douglas On Stanely Kubrick: >“He was a bastard!” notes Douglas. “But he was a talented, tale…[View]
85227728Keaton as batman in TDKR: Could it happen? Should it happen?[View]
85223345Best movie soundtracks?[View]
85226596What are some great films primarily set on a train?[View]
85227609wait, he was cooing maisie? did they fuck? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZCxYgEennHU[View]
85225946Thoughts on this truly underrated kino?[View]
85227095>Now this is where we keep all of our meat. You got fifteen rib roasts thirty ten pound bags of h…[View]
85225764https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jeKBL9yOdjc What happened to this? There was all this hype and memei…[View]
85227421Well they did it the madman did it, take a good anime and turn it into an emo bullshit garbage with …[View]
85225761Post scenes with good writing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q6GW03WsFgU[View]
85224756Why are americans always portrayed as retards in british movies? It's just rude[View]
85226185What the fuck was his problem?[View]
85227375Who's ready for some boy and his wolf kino? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uIxnTi4GmCo[View]
85227257>You will never KINO and chill with William Shatner[View]
85222778Game time: Post an actor and anons have to tell you what their best film is[View]
85227334>we're closer to the year Blade Runner 2049 is set in than we are to the year the original B…[View]
85215206Why did he wear the mask?[View]
85226837Robert De Negro has decided to further destroy his career and wants to star in a capeshit movie and …[View]
85227099What is some AMV kino? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R86cZ46UUI8[View]
85227184Will Bryan Cranston win an Oscar for this?[View]
85220676you prepared for templar кiиogяåpчæ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v0geQYc_Y3E[View]
85225480What does /tv/ think of this shit flick?[View]
85223872Simpson's episodes you forgot about[View]
85226672Best season of Sopranos?[View]
85226600>tfw you realize king of the hill is a beavis and butthead spinoff[View]
85224394is back to the future the holy grail of films that never got a remake/reboot/sequel? I can't th…[View]
85224094Rank 'em, lads. 1. Hot Fuzz 2. Shaun of the Dead 3. The World's End[View]
85226670Name 1 (one) good conservative comedian: Dennis Miller[View]
85192120It looks pretty decent from the trailer, but I find it strange that Franco and co chose not to use T…[View]
85226825*record scratches* *freeze frame* Yup, that's me. You're probably wondering how I ended up…[View]
85226752Our Father, who art in heaven: hallowed be thy Name, thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth…[View]
85223065Is this WestKINO?: Well, is it? I want some Wild West KINO to watch.[View]
85226426Funniest tv shows of all time: What are /tv/'s picks for the funniest ever TV shows. Pic highly…[View]
85225048who was in the wrong here?[View]
85224815His right you know https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IUkfx8fByGI[View]
85226076>tfw I just got a new sub ohm kit with high wattage which lets me rip some sick as fuck huge clou…[View]
85220337So why does Batman have a mech?[View]
85226448What's their best film and why is it pic related?[View]
85222672>tfw no strictly platonic friendship in high school Wasted years...[View]
85226380How would Alien: Covenant have been different if /tv/'s inferences about Prometheus, based on t…[View]
85226354What are you watching now /tv/? About to put The Last Samurai on here.[View]
85213908/bb/ Big Brother 19: HOH: Panda Veto: Jason Nominations: Jessica, Dominique Temptation:TBD Curse:TB…[View]
85226064What are some movies where it turns out it was a prequel the entire time?[View]
85223467>closeted gay >whacko cultist >manlet Why does /tv/ like this guy?…[View]
85219946ITT: Kidkinos[View]
85223641What the FUCK was his problem?[View]
85217570Name a better /sp/ movie Hardmode: No Rocky[View]
85223004Sequels that ruined the original[View]
85225847What's /tv/s consensus on Amy Schumer? Talent comedian, or just another pretty face?[View]
85223465Star Trek: Hey guys I'm gonna watch Deep Space Nine in one sitting(no sleep). I always thought …[View]
85225022>Stand-up comedian starts talking about their girlfriend.[View]
85225876So what was her true endgame?[View]
85222024>watching Groundhog Day (1993) >think 'That groundhog is probably dead by now' >look it up …[View]
85223708>2017 >Not being hyped for The Emoji Movie in theatres July 28th…[View]
85222799>Dennis, Mac and Charlie are old buds >Mac and Dee are married >Charlie and The Waitress ar…[View]
85222862Creepy mindfuck movies thread Begotten is so fucking uncomfortable to watch[View]
85213200They fucking did it. Marvel pulled it off. They managed to make a 2017 film look worse than a 2004 o…[View]
85224001I liked it.[View]
85222546To Infinity..: And Beyond[View]
85220736Why doesn't he ever block?[View]
85223138Why did a woman become the creator of the visual representation of the Nazis? It seems like she…[View]
85225556Was it Kino or just edgy tryhard?[View]
85203294/spider-man 4/ general: #BringBackRaimi Get this trending my niggas, time to pull normies into this…[View]
85219673Movies recommendations: I enjoy movies about self-destruction. Pic related[View]
85224293My bro is moving to Australia for a year. Recomend me one last movie that we can whatch together and…[View]
85225362What's your honest opinion about Chewbacca in Han Solo movie?[View]
85221317>ctrl+alt+delete I'm in[View]
85218501SILENCE.......I KILL YOU[View]
85225253What are they looking at?[View]
85221406Is Seinfeld kino?[View]
85223650>EUUUURRGHHHHHH What did Raimi mean by this?[View]
85224870>british comedy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v5gl9ep1zP8[View]
85215349Did they die happy?[View]
85225177ITT: Times you acted like the Transporter >mother asks me to take her grocery shopping >ask he…[View]
85221513/got/ general: muh immersion edition previous >>85217699[View]
85225023Favourite movie deaths? doesn't matter the genre, doesn't matter the tone, just wanna kno…[View]
85223944does anyone here watch the mighty boosh?[View]
85210776Was this better than Black Mirror?[View]
85224878ITT: Cartoon Kino[View]
85224549How do I set up Jay with a suitable bride? I don't like the idea that he may die single and chi…[View]
85222944/nakedattraction/: starts in 10 minutes. hope theres some qts this time[View]
85224605lol were they actually trying to set up a sequel with this shit?[View]
85224407Family Guy Stewie Quits His Job: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2s8yQXrSnCQ[View]
85224583What shows should I watch that are currently running? What shows do you like? Anything Is fine, just…[View]
85224573How the fuck did he get away with this?[View]
85224500Why does /tv/ suck this guy's dick so much when Ebert is clearly the better critic?[View]
85218493/who/ - Doctor Who General: I should like a hat like that edition Back on the rack >>85213968…[View]
85224571Best scene in the hobbit trilogy?: https://youtu.be/tpNgf5a34as[View]
85224399Salacious Crumb[View]
85224515>The Wall is a colossal fortification which stretches for 100 leagues (300 miles) along the north…[View]
85224514Thoughts on Song to Song?[View]
85224439So if Jesse was held captive, he probably didn't eat that much, how did he gain so much weight?…[View]
85219077Just saw this. Why did the critics hate it again? It had a great cast, amazing visuals, fast pacing,…[View]
85222286THIS IS KATANA: she got my back Jesus Snyder, pander any harder to the Chinese audience?[View]
85222846Screenwriting: How do I learn?[View]
85219812anybody around who wants to talk about babylon 5? how powerful was the earth alliance really, compar…[View]
85222685What did /tv/ think of The Andromeda Strain?[View]
85219376Only God Forgives: Is it really that bad? I absolutely adore Drive, and I love the visual design of …[View]
85223830What was her end game?[View]
85222395Star Trek: Hey Guys I'm thinking of watching Star Trek Deep Space Nine in a single sitting. You…[View]
85221551Make Batman laugh: You've been given the impossible task of making Batman laugh. However you ge…[View]
85223985Capeshit Capeshit Capeshit: It's on every channel. What should we watch? Oh, hey, look. It…[View]
85223950Plot Holes: Why would Joe, a powerful & wanted mob boss, go back to the meetup spot after knowin…[View]
85223766what ever happened to him?[View]
85223818Why didn't Jack find another piece of debris to lay on?[View]
85221434Why does the 5th season get so much hate? During every rewatch I like it more. Yeah the newspaper st…[View]
85223847ENOUGH IS ENOUGH[View]
85223604How can one man be so based?[View]
85221751the best tv of the 90's was comedic, the best tv of the 00's was dramatic discuss[View]
85221816Kino about signers who kill themselves: I know about the joy division one but any others?[View]
85214956Do good movies not exist or are people just real shit critics?[View]
85223485Family Guy season 1 > Simpsons Season 1 Just binged both, this is objectively true.[View]
85221581Couldn't she at least have lost some weight, she was really chubby[View]
85221019What are /tv/'s thoughts on the acting career of Chester Bennington? Apparently he had cameos i…[View]
85196833Stargate Origins: Goold?[View]
85219759This movie is awesome are you're a faggot if you disagree.[View]
85218180that female stormtrooper is fucking TALL[View]
85219922why did madmen go to utter shit after season 3? that ending was a disgrace and a FU to the audience.…[View]
85220725Just posting the best stand up comedian of all time.[View]
85222992If you found out that you could control a giant monster in a limited area, what would you do?[View]
85221343So Doctor Who will become a woman. How does that make you feel?[View]
85198554was it autism? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V5H2AWFLwQk&feature=youtu.be[View]
85223089Will it be good? It's based on F. Scott Fitzgerald's unfinished final novel.[View]
85218838What does /tv/ think of The Butterfly Effect?[View]
8521569362% and falling. Is this the end for besson?[View]
85223104COMIC CON GENERAL THURSDAY: This is not meant to replace all discussion but just to be a place where…[View]
85223072blood drive[View]
85221027Best season? Best episode(s)?[View]
85217698Recommendations on a new series: Im looking for a new series to binge. Seriously, if there is any s…[View]
85222864Cara Eating Hot Wings KINO: The most heart-felt performance of her career. Seriously it's hilar…[View]
85222735I thought this movie was cheeky and pretentious. What was the point of the frame story about a futur…[View]
85222067Is there a similar show to 'Clever! Die Show die Wissen Schafft' (a pun, because 'Wissenschaft'=scie…[View]
85222454Is this close to reality?[View]
85221648>get lead writing position on tv show >cast tons of hunky guys >cast yourself as the lead a…[View]
85222517>watch True Romance >enters James Gandolfini >that vouce and accent completely different fr…[View]
85219896JIGSAW TRAILER IS OUT: looks pretty good https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vPP6aIw1vgY[View]
85221628alien thread: David a cute! CUTE![View]
85221545What does /tv/ think of Miriam Stein?[View]
85219814Thoughts on Angourie Rice? She was good in the nice guys[View]
85220939How do you feel about the trend of Hollywood actresses adopting this hairstyle? Pic related- Cara ha…[View]
85222200Would movies be better if sequels didn't exist and all stories had to be confined to a single n…[View]
85222215>IT'S OVER ANAKIN, I'M HIGH ON THE GROUND How did George get away with this in a kids m…[View]
85220246ITT: 10/10 casting[View]
85222210>Want to watch Dunkirk >Don't have any friends >Local Kinohouse has a no singles polic…[View]
85220437The Wachowski Faggots: Is sense8 indicative of their future projects? are they going to self insert …[View]
85192106ITT: Actors who you resemble.[View]
85222080BRING ME MAH LEGS[View]
85213368OH SHIT! Theres now a Xenomorph in your living room and all your windows and home entrances are lock…[View]
85221167Is it good?[View]
85211066IMDb: what is /tv/ 's stance on IMDb? do you check its rating before watching a movie? If so, d…[View]
85221911Which old-era Bond film is the best?[View]
85221076This week in Bizarro Simpsons...[View]
85221360Which scenes from television and movies give you brap blisters?[View]
85221676>MUAAAAAH the French comic hasalwaysbeencelebratedforitsexcellence…[View]
85216904What happened to him /tv/?[View]
85215308There was something so special about this show. It was funny, charming, quirky, wacky, even a little…[View]
85207483HBO orders modern day Civil War drama from 'Game of Thrones' showrunners David Benioff and…[View]
85221568We need more giant insect movies like Them![View]
85221472Did Poe want to fuck the black guy?: Just watched TFA for the first time. Got to this part. uhm do t…[View]
85210102Kingsman: The Golden Circle. Trailer 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0fvqnGmr9S8 Kino's back…[View]
85221319What did retard Nolan mean by this? Probably the worst war movie I've ever seen, the whole thi…[View]
85221072>'Ensign, take off your clothes.' What do?[View]
85217699/got/ general: mhysa edition previous >>85214253[View]
85214189Dr. Zauis did nothing wrong[View]
85220870>character browses reddit[View]
85211263ITT: characters you identify with[View]
85217342>Why do you keep calling me BILL Yeah, why did Hank keep calling Lenore Bill?…[View]
85217564It isn't funny.[View]
85215969>mfw a guy with an uncut penis tries to flirt with me: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ArpRKXml5I…[View]
85221033He's one of the Saints now. Rip in Peace Robbie.[View]
85220994i wanna watch a kim ki duk movie[View]
85217319Thoughts on Django?[View]
85204850Did it bother anyone else they never really establish the Bat Signal in Batman v Superman? It's…[View]
85221070I hate this scum, he is dirt. I now see this dirt is reviewing one of the few good things of the sup…[View]
85220518They took her...[View]
85221015Justin Hammer is gay- All Hail The King: Clip from the short film All Hail The King https://www.you…[View]
85208296X-MEN: rate em /tv/ 1. days of future past 2. wolverine origins 3. logan 4. first class 5. xmen 2 6.…[View]
85220979https://twitter.com/cbsnews/status/888087817380823040 What are some movies where the character doesn…[View]
85219092HEY MOON[View]
85219986Post youtube kino https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MmAJq7BBN0A[View]
85220237What is this expression trying to convey?[View]
85220384Did he kill Hannah Baker?[View]
85217514The Office Baneposting deleted scene: Is James Spader /ourguy/? https://youtu.be/tGLSMYks4Xg[View]
85220689>listens to a song insulting people as faggot traitor niggers without a problem >goes ballisti…[View]
85220657Wouldst thou like to live deliciously?[View]
85220074why does everyone hate this? it wasn't that bad[View]
85218538>20th Century Fox logo is changed to 30th Century Fox because it takes place in the future…[View]
85218073Which one of you faggots was this?[View]
85218339Oy vey. Is there a more talented actress? Answer: no.[View]
85219760ITT movies you still want to see. Pic related.[View]
85220343post childhood /tv/ crushes[View]
85217874The original movie was about the tragedy of the single human and the humanity as a whole, to see you…[View]
85218130Was it kino?[View]
85217743jurassic park: >not grounded >the rails are bridged by wires so no difference in electrical po…[View]
85220127How do you go from this...[View]
85219381Who was at fault here?[View]
85220102What does /tv/ think of Atlanta?[View]
85220091Which artists would you like to see in a edgy Hollywood Movie?[View]
85219623https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LBw-Pjybm4k dislike this[View]
85219062why doesn't Sauron try harder to get the ring from Frodo?: The Black Riders start off looking f…[View]
85219937>post-apocalypse setting >character opens a fridge door and gags…[View]
85219628Now that the Juice is loose will he return to acting? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SRiHjZydZH4…[View]
85211569Post yfw watching this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ST8SxGshUhM[View]
85218505MOTY 2017[View]
85217404x is a poor man's y thread: I'll start. Sam Hyde is a poor man's Chris Morris.[View]
85212173What went wrong?: Why does everything in media have to be about race and politics now? Remember when…[View]
85219801Anyone still kind of in disbelief that Fox released this as a tentpole summer movie? They treated it…[View]
85195901Is this accurate?[View]
85219719Valerian and the city of a thousand memes: It's 4 points away from being rotten. Will it make i…[View]
85216619ITT: Simpsons jokes that you do get[View]
85215719Relative to the original, which is the worst movie sequel?[View]
85217480Breaking Bad sucks: I started watching Breaking Bad when it first came out, and at the time I though…[View]
85219011>I have seen a security hologram of him... ~killing younglings~[View]
85217293alright, alright, alright[View]
85219480GAME OF THRONES QUESTION: So for those of you who follow game of thrones. is this accurate for how t…[View]
85209856Does /tv/ care about a jersey shore reunion season?[View]
85217246Cafe Society: This film convinced me Digital film can look good. Shame only the true genius' of…[View]
85219333How often do you watch new movies? I try to keep a schedule of one per day but it's difficult t…[View]
85218872So TV. Who's Michael bay going to use for his sound tracks now[View]
85216614what the fuck was its problem?[View]
85214619Why does /tv/ hate it?[View]
85219288ITT: Movies where you wish the monster killed the MCs[View]
85212461According to the BBC, some of the Normans who invaded Britain in 1066 were black.[View]
85219213Watched this film last night it was fucked up but brilliant.[View]
85216823Spider-man Homecoming 2: sequel: MCU reshooting this scene: >Norman Osborne and Spidey fighting i…[View]
85219073You now remember that Alex Jones has been in two Richard Linklater films. https://youtube.com/watch?…[View]
85217789Why didn't Sauron have his orc slaves constantly on guard at the doorway to Mount Doom? Or just…[View]
85219096>At the movies >Friend whispers a joke in your ear…[View]
85219090Will they add another chapter now?[View]
85194809Star Trek: Bajoran Riker edition[View]
85218809First of all, i'm not a fucking /pol/tard and i don't sperg about MUH SJW or WE xD shit on…[View]
85218549What kind of eyes do you like to see on your Asian actresses?[View]
85218530ITT: Quasi-Cinema[View]
85218837>I'm going to crash that bomber with no survivors Did we really need a tdkr callback, Nolan?…[View]
85216570What was the point of the fedora?: He never hid anything in it so it's not like it had any prac…[View]
85210209https://youtu.be/AByf89Xp0W4 Lmao[View]
85208553/tpg/ - Twin Peaks General: 'Friendly jumping spirit' Edition https://pastebin.com/Ag6evX8s Meanwhil…[View]
85213968/who/ - Doctor Who General: DIAMOND GLITTER AGE EDITION previous turd: >>85209495[View]
85209666This is the cast of a Hollywood Blockbuster in 2017.[View]
85215341>original concepts and stories but horribly executed visuals, dialogue, and acting vs >well pu…[View]
85214080Nolan defends Film and fires shots at David Fincher: >Did you have to go to the mat for analog fi…[View]
85218300I was an only child, he was an only dog[View]
85213864Can somebody explain to me the homofobia in this flick? Everybody knows real spartans fucked the but…[View]
85217563name an extra that was more excited for his role than him pro tip: you can't[View]
85216213Any Idris Elba fans here? I always get really excited whenever he's in a film.[View]
85217771>Hey Q, call that guy a filthy kike[View]
85217709>Setsuko never woke up ;_; [View]
85203075BBC in trouble for 'huge gender pay chasm': >BBC director general https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
85218093wouldn't it have been better if cap threw the shield at him and he replied: >'did you just t…[View]
85218171>Game of Thrones >original ideas pick one…[View]
85218163so j u liek battle for ape planet??[View]
85217528City of a Thousand Plebs: What happened? It was supposed to be the next Fifth Element, right?[View]
85216766Is the movie blob's Dunkirk review accurate /tv/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cFOLlqyPCKA…[View]
85215694why doesn't the Night King bring in ALL living organisms into his fold? why is he biased toward…[View]
85216872IMAX CUT WHEN IMAX title: http://youtube.com/watch?v=XCEeiFaopws Regular title: http://youtube.com/w…[View]
85210245How many movies did you watch in 2017? Me? 146.[View]
85199520>watching a movie when suddenly... 'OMG it's Willem Dafoe!' >movie is instantly improved …[View]
85217108ITT: love TV events that you remember[View]
85215863is tv still upset[View]
85217544Do you use white or yellow subtitles? it's time to separate the men from the children[View]
85212901Interstellar: Was it good?[View]
85216473worst season of the show[View]
85207666Why is this episode considered a classic? There is barely any joke and that bit with lisa singing is…[View]
85216543post kino biopics[View]
85211697>that time when simpsons endorsed child beatings[View]
85217697It's time to forgive Christopher Nolan.[View]
85214253/got/ The One True King edition[View]
85208480Would you watch this? It has 92% positive ratings on Netflix.[View]
85211231What does /tv/ think of Emmy Rossum?[View]
85217506Is Sheev the greatest movie villain ever?[View]
85214217>killing unarmed bad guys isn't the Jedi wa-[View]
85214591Why did they make Escobar so likeable? I know they showed all the bad shit he did but in general, th…[View]
85217423Mongolia, horses and buddhism: Help me shoot my dream documentary, simply by watching my 3mns video.…[View]
85217413What are your predictions for this mess?: How awful will it be?[View]
85211192>That's MY NAME on the GODDAMN wall! Suits thread[View]
85210790What are some good fucking movies that I can watch on this piece of shit platform? I can't find…[View]
85207809What was the thing he started but never finished?[View]
85212472This was released: 5 (five) years ago. Now that the dust has settled, did I like it?[View]
85214741>I'm a sack trader What did he mean by this?[View]
85217235>Between the time when the oceans drank Atlantis and the rise of the sons of Aryas, there was an …[View]
85212402Kylo Ren is modelled after a Platypus: How embarrassing. It's a cute animal that doesn' t …[View]
85217123Who was in the wrong here?[View]
85215168Movie when?[View]
85211587Event Horizon: Liberatis me.[View]
85215681give me some good and rowdy kino /tv/[View]
85181640The X-Files: I was a very young child back when this show was airing, and by the time I was old enou…[View]
85213253The fact that so many people still name Stanley Kubrick as the greatest or most significant or most …[View]
85216108http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/amp/heat-vision/shazam-is-next-dc-movie-shoot-102 > The project …[View]
85214465baby driver opening scene: Was it autism? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6XMuUVw7TOM[View]
85215654>almost zero black people >ZERO, i repeat ZERO female soldiers will nolan finally crash and bu…[View]
85215961What is the best book on the art of filmmaking?[View]
85212704new kingsman trailer: Personally I don't mind some Reddit-kino here and there to whet the appet…[View]
85215676is Tom Cruise a big guy?[View]
85212691What does /tv/ think of this?[View]
85216505>people complained about his movies having too much expositions >make a movie where every char…[View]
85216097>yfw the movie gets to the trailer scene >and it isn't shit…[View]
85215982>kills his cousin over a fat joke really, T?[View]
85209726Does /tv/ mostly agree this was the best South Park episode?[View]
85215894ITT your longest binge: I spent the last week watching tv shows from the moment I woke up til the mo…[View]
85213842What does /tv/ think of Arrow?[View]
85215597>net worth: 80 million dollars[View]
85213073Looks like we're finally getting some answers in Dark Matter >Episode 310, “Built, Not Born”…[View]
85215999>we're sending you BACK TO THE FUTURE >*points at camera* why did he do this…[View]
85210132Why did the Jedis allow Sandpeople to rape and kill Anakin's mom?[View]
85213571This was pretty good. Intense, heartfelt, tragic. Definitely a companion to A Separation. It's …[View]
85211828goat show: 10/10 who else watches this masterpiece[View]
85212736Come Together...: Right Now[View]
85214470>BRUCE, IT'S ME BARBARA.[View]
85215276DJ ROOMBA![View]
85212754Redpill: >tfw Total Recall invented ''Red Pill Concept'' and not The Matrix…[View]
85215334No other film this year will come close to being as good as this[View]
85198827How did this make the final cut?[View]
85215190/podcast/ general: Not sure exactly where to post this but what podcasts do /tv/ listen to? It can b…[View]
85198718The Shape Of Water: why are there no threads about this? your thoughts on guillermos next adventure?…[View]
85203180Was Scrubs a great show?: Or has it aged as poorly as Sarah Chalke?[View]
85215359Why can't I have her[View]
85214807What does /tv/ think of Keira Knightley?[View]
85214671Welcome to the Kino Spitoon, how patrician are you?[View]
85213605So I just marathoned the first seasons, does it get better? The love scenes/arcs are slow and boring…[View]
85213649What was the point of this character?[View]
85215299what a sell out shill, anything for an oscar, hack.[View]
85209818>1,247 days until Avatar 2[View]
85214483pizza time[View]
85215028Reminder that he literally did nothing wrong.[View]
85215073Broadchurch: aka >'Let's see how may actors from Doctor Who we can fit into one show: The S…[View]
85213097>Creating alternate history show where the South won the first Civil war are they /ourguys/?…[View]
85213541One of the greatest things I have ever seen https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jinBlY9BpJ0[View]
85170573>tfw rewatching Buffy season 1 Vampires seemed a lot more monster-ish in this season, with their …[View]
85214804Game of Thrones: >yfw you realize the lack of diversity in this mediocre show is what's trig…[View]
85211025I just marathoned this. What did I think of it?[View]
85214836ITT: kino with 10/10 production design[View]
85214666Was this the best they could come up with?[View]
85200738Is Titanic the greatest movie of all time?[View]
85210972Tell me...why does he wear the mask?[View]
85211756What is the name of that amateur documentary where they follow an autist around school? I know It…[View]
85212765>It's my favourite colour, Black HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA >It's a perfect night for a moon…[View]
85207352What are your thoughts on this casting? What is going on in this industry? What's their goal?[View]
85212093One Foot in the Grave thread[View]
85215944what r some sad movies[View]
85213360Whatever happened to this dude? I thought he was supposed to be the next big thing.[View]
85214397The capeshit are coming, The capeshit are coming[View]
85208479Will there ever be a film built upon such a grand and shocking mystery as Interstellar was? The hype…[View]
85209786Hi /tv/. I'm Matt LeBlanc. AMA[View]
85213463How do you from this...[View]
85210273Is he the funniest movie villain ever created?[View]
85213795Now that the dust has settle, can we agree that pic related deserved an Oscar for best picture?[View]
85214280What did you guys think of Split? Will M Night Shyamalan save the capeshit?[View]
85212370do u like natlee potmann[View]
85210444You're the only man that's ever touched me.[View]
85206059>tfw there is, at last, a show about a suburban middle-class white straight kid who is an only so…[View]
85214109What are your favorite comfy movies/tv shows my list >hundred foot journey >age of adeline …[View]
85212585[bad to the bone starts playing][View]
85210795/got/: it's a new one edition >>85208330[View]
85214033the only thing i wanna hear from lynch on this is whether he feels it needs to be viewed more than a…[View]
85209845It's shit: >BUT DUDE LONG TAKES ARE FOR PATRICIANS You can have long quiet scenes that are b…[View]
85212956ITT: Shows nobody but you remembers, but you barely remember them[View]
85197585/bb/ Big Brother 19: HOH: Panda Veto: Jason Nominations: Jessica, Dominique Temptation:TBD Curse:TB…[View]
85213775one of bill paxtons best roles. also, centrist kino[View]
85213755So, who was in the right, /tv/? Crassus or Gracchus or Spartacus?[View]
85209857Why aren't you obeying?[View]
85213157>action scene in a film >just 100 quick cuts so you barely understand what's going on …[View]
85212248Cinema of the mind.[View]
85209495/who/ - Doctor Who General: David Whittaker (not to be confused with Jodie Whitaker) edition Ran out…[View]
85209382It's SCHILLINGER, asshole![View]
85208265Are we supposed to support the apes killing whitey?[View]
85210317What the fuck was that shit? Literally nothing but loud noises and nameless characters for 2 hours.[View]
85207877Which do you prefer in terms of acting?[View]
85204422DISNEY SUED: >Spider-Man Homeflopping >now this JUST http://movieweb.com/disney-sued-visual-ef…[View]
85211405>ScarJo gets paid as much as Evans, Hemsworth, Renner and Ruffalo combined Why is this allowed?…[View]
85207465Is it good?[View]
85213301wouldn't a good friend end his suffering?[View]
85203709Anybody seen it?[View]
85200898What are some actual high quality films or shows that can never be discussed properly here because o…[View]
85206542So, is this kino or what?[View]
85213227Why did the germans target the ships why didn't they just destroy the docking bridge?[View]
85205496He's got a good voice[View]
85211744I used to know a girl. She had a dozen guys. One of them found out about it... beat her up so bad sh…[View]
85212441Post only REAL kino[View]
85208481>dude just turn your brain off lmao[View]
85210453Name a better bromance protip: you can't[View]
85212568The magicians: Quick question, which episode of the magicians had that nightmare of being naked in a…[View]
85212711ITT: Our favorite scene's from Comic Book Movies. >'We're crashing this plane with no s…[View]
85211321Harlots: Who else watch this? It's not great TV but I still binged the fuck out of it. The cost…[View]
85212091HBO orders new show 'Confederate' from the creators of Game of Thrones: >Set in a world where the…[View]
85210662>Triple Threat is an upcoming action thriller film directed by Chad Stahelski and starring Tony J…[View]
85205365Numale Driver: How come this numale shit movie has such rave reviews? It wasn't funny, it wasn…[View]
85210659ITT: Great blu-ray covers that accurately represent a film[View]
85209332Final Shitsination: So I had a bit of time off work and I finally watched the first part of this bec…[View]
85211554Justice League Hype Thread: This is going to be the CBM of the decade right?[View]
85210030gun kino before its time fuck john wick[View]
85206209What's a typical 90s movie?[View]
85207439Armond White's best of 2017 so far: >A Quiet Passion >Paris 05:59: Théo & Hugo >St…[View]
85206830Comedy: In today's day and age, with Political correctness and sensitivity at an all time high,…[View]
85207933Why is this land never mentioned?[View]
85197239Why did so many Catholics write articles about how this show was anti-Catholic? Did they just not wa…[View]
85212016>be searched for by the blade runners >they know your face >work nude, on a stage, in an ex…[View]
85209657Leave Xkino to me[View]
85209507What is the best decade for movies? How about the worst?: What is the best decade for movies? How ab…[View]
85211688Face facts. Silent films are way better then movies today,[View]
85211731Is Game of Thrones better as a TV Series than as a book? I would say yes. GoT is easily among the to…[View]
85203468So has he reviewed Dunkirk yet?[View]
85211307You cant save the world so save the one u love > so glad they did go down the bleeding heart road…[View]
85211439Kevin Smith and Marc Bernardin on their YouTube series Fatman on Batman. Illuminati hand signal conf…[View]
85208256Wow, Steve Jobs was a total fucking faggot[View]
85204934Are these movies true?[View]
85201778Not a jerk. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=19udwGwZ3kg Who else is excited for the big return?[View]
85210926>Exactly 5 years ago, TDKR was released >Tom Hardy is on a plane wearing a mask in Dunkirk, wi…[View]
85208502Do you guys actually like Nolan's work or is he just one big meme after TDKR?[View]
85210105Post movies that are both comfy and urban.[View]
85209999Post a more reddit video than this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fq9drEYDmOU[View]
85201516it still hurts /tv/[View]
85210687ITT: Movie bloopers that turned out better than expected[View]
85210693I'm going to apologise for the shit thread in advance but I need help finding a movie. The trai…[View]
85210248>in the name of the galactic senate of the republic you are under arrest chancellor what did he m…[View]
85197351Are these the most depraved movies in history?[View]
85209855Is in a plane Puts mask on Is nolan baneposting in his movie?[View]
85210100>I want the most beautiful >I'll take the big black one JESUS CHRIST, KUBRICK! He truly w…[View]
85187517Weird still captures from Simpsons episodes thread[View]
85203886Dunkirk: I just saw it. It's not bad, don't get me wrong, but I have the feeling that this…[View]
85210559Thoughts on the black panther?[View]
85203488The Snowman: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BF2Ksrxu_QY&ab_channel=ZeroMedia FassKINO is back …[View]
85210527/tv/ in a nutshell[View]
85210509Just binge watched this whole movie. Was it autism? Why were they all so silly?[View]
85196870I want more Knights movies...: What are some great medieval/adventure movies besides Excalibur, Cona…[View]
85205940Can we get a minimalist movie poster thread going? Thinking of hanging this on my wall.[View]
85210163What did Walter mean when he said 'I am Dewan Hunocks'? Was he living a double life even before assu…[View]
85204479Why didn't they like being on Cracgy Island? It looks like a great little island with a nice bu…[View]
85210299Animal Kingdom: Can we have Animal Kingdom thread? Pope a cute![View]
85210284Space Cop is a pathetic embarrassment. You'd think while making it they would have stopped and…[View]
85208967Are you going to honor Han's memory, /tv/?[View]
85206288Post lesser known horror kino recommendations itt please. Pic related, top notch movie, doesn't…[View]
85207339Was this Scorcese's finest work?[View]
85208059Why are some TV revivals considered a direct continuation of the old seasons, while some others are …[View]
85204514>'no, but it's what i'm going to do'[View]
85208330/got/: forgotten heroes edition it's the old one >>85201439[View]
85201822>being autistic is ok Thanks for the distortion of reality, Shitflix. https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
85206810So what's the moral of the movie?[View]
85206254Has there ever been a more narcissistic and overrated actor in history?: than John Boyega, he thinks…[View]
85209127This is Ghost in the Shell. The holograms in this film are shit.[View]
85203738ABSOLUTE cinema. Any animated kino that goes this far in being good? I actually watched this in the …[View]
85198124What did The Guardian mean by this?[View]
85206180Why did he do it?[View]
85209764What was the point of this?[View]
85208926itt: 10/10 soundtracks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=94dY-QxjDiE[View]
85207456>90's >swat katz >mighty max >batman >x-men >dexter's lab >gargoyles …[View]
852089545-years ago today, the world was exposed to a cinematic masterpiece.: Let's celebrate The Dark …[View]
85205469Best Lovecraftian movie?[View]
85205229https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vDCasn_qM1s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dTBP8fRJR-c https://www.…[View]
85207894>give me a kek of beer.... & these What was the something else?[View]
85207149When does it gonna end with movies? What will be the last drop? Fantasize[View]
85208936Anyone else thought that the plot of Spiderman Homecoming was: about Peter going to a big party that…[View]
85209131SHIT SHIT SHIT give tips on how to hold in pee in the cinema, usually can only hold for 30 mins at h…[View]
85194298More like War for some random base in the middle of nowhere. And what's with all the monkey clo…[View]
85209187How come Joey Diaz gets away with using so many popular songs in his podcast? All other podccast i…[View]
85208652Name a better tv series[View]
85198366https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ARX0-AylFI&t=1035s: When did she become such a painful, unfun c…[View]
85209340It's astounding time is fleeting Madness takes its toll[View]
85206118Cabin in the Woods & Ginger Snaps: Just watched two well-liked horror films. Cabin in the Woods …[View]
85208586What's the comfiest kino you've ever watched?[View]
85208080Was Step Brothers (2008) the point where John C. Reilly stole all of Will Ferrel's power? >…[View]
85208788>all me btw: the actor/director[View]
85209159TV shows / films you vividly remember but can't find so you question their existence. For me th…[View]
85209065clever tier kino: post something more high iq than this i dare you[View]
85207958Is there any greater example of 'muh genes' in film?[View]
85204308/who/ - Doctor Who General: CLARA WHO - Edition >>85196037[View]
85208986I feel like my biggest problem with this is the soundtrack is too subjectively fitting to Wright…[View]
85204229>Kinos that you underestimated because everybody mentioned them and you took too long to watch.…[View]
85207755>sci fi movie >it's a prequel >but the technology looks more advanced than the sequel…[View]
85200227Will Lindelof's Watchmen be able to reach the same heights as Snyder's magnum opus or is t…[View]
85205118What went wrong?[View]
85207500That's a cute outfit Did your husband give it to you?[View]
85208097Good >great acting from tom cruise >mummy was hot >parts of the movie was fun and lighthear…[View]
85206780This guy has a chance of being the next big thing. Loved his performance in Force Awakens (one of th…[View]
85201161Would you watch it just for the brutal murder scene?[View]
85206330pssh.... nothin personell..... warden..... edition meanwhile: >>85196532[View]
85206464Why is this allowed?[View]
85206477What are some movies with sudden plot twists that have no foreshadowing?[View]
85206721mmmmmmmmmmmMMMMMMM PISS?[View]
85208082>me in the back Jokes aside this shit traumatized me[View]
85199901>little girl disguising as an old man What the fuck is this shit? When did GoT jump the shark?…[View]
85207979Can we all agree Varga is the best villain Fargo's ever had?[View]
85194738TItcow/Breast Envy (in tv and film) thread?[View]
85199644Miss me yet?[View]
85193615What's the last good movie you saw?[View]
85207514What the fuck did he mean by this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lTe6wtU-g_8&ab_channel=Stefan…[View]
85201439got: >Looks into the flames >Is not Sand the door…[View]
85207275>There will never be another Shadow movie >Jon Hamm will never ever play Lamont Cranston…[View]
85204989>send in the SEALS >get BTFO >send in 60 yr old ex British Intelligence agent >saves the…[View]
85202798This scene gave me vertigo[View]
85207673quick rundown?[View]
85203312Your mom goes to collage[View]
85198913why can't he act?[View]
85204780So apparently the WW sequel will take place in the 80's and will reveal that Wonder Woman is an…[View]
85203153Michael J Fox was prettier than most real women these days[View]
85207399This movie wasn't made for audiences: It was literally just made for critics and Oscars judges.…[View]
85181713thoughts on Riverdale, /tv/? I quite like it. Betty's face is very expressive/[View]
85207262Well theres 2 hours I'll never get back.[View]
85207289What's /tv/'s opinion on Christopher Stuckmann and John 'The Flickster' Flickinger https:/…[View]
85203780Armie Hammer: When will it be his time /tv/? Warner Brothers obviously believe in him but do you?…[View]
85205905/tv/ meet kino[View]
85207089Let's a Dunkirk impressions thread. I just came back home from the cinema where I watched the m…[View]
85203785So bad that it's good: Give me so really beautiful obscure schlock to bust my sides[View]
85205092>There are 'people' who unironically prefer generic Hollywood NASA propaganda made by a literal j…[View]
85202791How did George get so much ass?[View]
85206869someone remembers this quote from peter where he said something like 'my children love me they get t…[View]
85207075What are some movies about losing control of your life[View]
85205029Bow Down.[View]
85206872What is this film about, /tv/?[View]
85203971Bobs Burgers: I never see this show discussed here. thoughts? do I like it /tv/?[View]
85204871What was the last GOOD show on disney channel? Inb4 all shows were shit[View]
85200777The originals are always better than the reboots. This is an objective fact.[View]
85200315What does /tv/ think of the IMDB top 250? http://www.imdb.com/chart/top[View]
85206765what do you think about him, /tv/[View]
85205721>wa wa wiwa discuss.[View]
85199793who would win in a fight[View]
85191572What does it mean?[View]
85204177group survival kino: post some more shows like this. i remember there was one set by a swamp it was …[View]
85202587So is the 5th season any good?[View]
85204820what was the moral of this movie?[View]
85203881Anyone else looking forward to the upcoming Haneke masterpiece?[View]
85203983Can you help me find a 2008-2011 3d animated kids movie? I remember it was on the news for being 'wo…[View]
85196532/tpg/ - Twin Peaks General:: 'About this long bone-pressed, ladies' Edition https://pastebin.com/Ag6…[View]
85196778Did the chinks help this turd make a profit so people will have to suffer more of this crap?[View]
85206224Will Solitary go down as the greatest reality show of all time?[View]
85206155This was pretty good[View]
85206087Post and rate the last movie you saw. It was pretty good. Especially dialogues. It aged good but on…[View]
85203894so whats the verdict, talented comedian, or just another pretty face?[View]
85204214Why is this so fucking good?[View]
85204427what did you guys thought of this movie?[View]
85188757Movies cars you would drive if they were real.[View]
85205851so didn't he.... y'know... did he?[View]
85203366Just found out my brother hates Collateral: He said it was 'boring.' How the fuck did the apple fall…[View]
85205841>that harmony >that lighting >that shot composition Good God... At last I truly see... So t…[View]
85196945How is it that this manages to succeed as an actual serious movie, despite it being a campy superher…[View]
85205707>be me >browsing /tv/ >someone posts IMDB top 250 >reluctantly, i click on it >tarant…[View]
85201253Why can't Marvel make anything this intense? https://www.youtube.com/watch?annotation_id=annota…[View]
85202243Sometimes the wind blows... And you and I..... What absolute kino[View]
85205283Reminder that two Droideka are more powerful than two Jedi.[View]
85204843ITT: Antagonists who did nothing wrong.[View]
85200916Max landis general? Max landis general. post your favorite landis pitches and remember not to speak …[View]
85205225In what world does this make any sense? Netflix has such a shit library.[View]
85205520Cinematic universe when?[View]
85201686What makes a film 'Reddit?'[View]
85204216Will there ever be another show like Mad Men?: Answer: No, there won't be.[View]
85202851Marvel Hate Thread: MCU is the most bland, unexciting, standardized, factory produced, committee app…[View]
85200865dane dehaan cast as billy the kid: /ourboy/ dane is getting some juicy roles https://deadline.com/2…[View]
85203940what's the appeal of this[View]
85195741The Wheel of Time!: Hello, /tv/, Would anyone like to respectfully and politely discuss the forthcom…[View]
85203750What the fuck was his problem? Also Generation Kill thread [View]
85204520Dieter... My feet are cold...[View]
85204935Who won (emotionally) in the end ?[View]
85204142>hes right wing >doesn't watch any southernkino…[View]
85204838I'm your prom date tonight you ugly sack of shit[View]
85196017Is this what SJWs really think will happen if conservatives get power? If they wanted to show a worl…[View]
85203349Oh look another whitey bashing tv series by jews who would of thunk it.[View]
85204624why would he say this?[View]
85203656Is this 10/10 drama really insuperable ?[View]
85196412You know, I actually didn't mind this movie. Having watched the original and thinking it was pr…[View]
85196037Doctor Who General - /who/: Reminder: fapping to the Doctor is wrong and you should feel wrong editi…[View]
85189073ITT bad/ridiculous scenes in mainstream movies. Starting off with this classic. The card has a micro…[View]
85194550>So Jay, what did you think of Dunkirk?[View]
85186014ITT movies only you've seen[View]
85202738What are some 10/10 TV shows that nobody has watched or thought about since original airing?[View]
85202754was he a pedo?[View]
85200840Memes aside, was he a good dad?[View]
85200633>change ratings to top critics ie. ones who actually matter >100% B R A V O…[View]
85199694So you all heard about Confederate: D&D are going to make it after Thrones is done. Its the Civa…[View]
85195102ITT: Simpson's jokes you don't get[View]
85203794>1950's Norman Rockwell America is called white picket fence and FUCK YOU what did he mean b…[View]
85202109Which 2017 film would you reboot in 2018?[View]
85201264>A new “Jack Ryan” series, starring John Krasinski, has landed a series greenlight at Amazon with…[View]
85203813The Tweeter One: >people actually are sad this guy doesn't make reviews anymore He doesn…[View]
85203773I want to go to Twin Peaks for the music scene.[View]
85203676E! True Hollywood Story: Favourite E! True Hollywood Stories?[View]
85203671I don't sleep; I just dream.[View]
85199990/got/ general: previous thread >>85196479[View]
85200746what the fuck were they thinking?[View]
85199628ITT: Cringeworthy Shows from Childhood: >haven't watched x-play since 2009 >know it'…[View]
85201928Dan Gheesling: Is he the best contestant of all time?[View]
85198986We Kubrick Now: >With Dunkirk, Christopher Nolan has finally hit the heights of Kubrick >But D…[View]
85200169How do you keep track: How do you keep track of all your watched movies/TV shows? pic unrelated…[View]
85200787I want to bring my parents to watch a movie this weekend. Which movie is more enjoyable? Also they d…[View]
85197048LISTEN ALL YA'LL[View]
85203273Directed by JJ Abrams Starring The Rock Dwayne Johnson, Zac Efron, Johnny Depp and an Australian/Eng…[View]
85201812>If you wanna get to him, you gotta go through me cocksuckaa. Wow, Rami really let Joey 'Coco' D…[View]
85203284Spielburg is looking for an israeli kid for his next film: The story based on a book is about a jew …[View]
85201329why did it flop?[View]
85198704Mad Men: Cheating with Peggu when Alisson Brie(perfect wafiu) at home...: talk anything madmen, near…[View]
85203124https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2AlPjEjy3E8 This looks fun.[View]
85199121>EUUUUURRRRGGHHHHHH What the fuck did he mean by this?[View]
85195364What is Natalie Portman's best role in film?[View]
85194712What is /tv/'s opinion on Sofia Vergara's body of work? If you had to pick exactly two mov…[View]
85201905Good actress or just eyecandy?[View]
85202408ITT: Oh wow it was actually pretty good[View]
85201167GOODBYE JEWS[View]
85201824How did comic book movies go from this...[View]
85200517I would literally pay $15 extra to ensure that this trailer, and other multiple jump scare horror tr…[View]
85195742If you flip the Human Centipede 3 Poster upside down it looks like a dinosaur[View]
85200752How come her film career never took off?[View]
85197727Do You Read Sutter Cane?[View]
85202819Just finished this. Did I like it? It's considered a classic. Did that influence my opinion?[View]
85202223Late 2000s (around 2007) were a dark time for cartoons, CN had its CN-real phase, and the networks l…[View]
85202805>The criterion collection was taken off of Hulu WHAT THE FUCK!? WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN?…[View]
85202443which is the definitive version of Scenes From a Marriage?[View]
85201353Best non-Disney, non-anime, animated movies What's your top 5? 1. Last Unicorn 2. Fire and Ice …[View]
85202655Is he a good actor or just eye candy?[View]
85202337>make the first 3 new Star Wars movies soft reboots of the original trilogy Was it a corporate d…[View]
85167697You! Post your favourite film of the 1960s! Do it now![View]
85202033Jean-Luc Godard: 3 December 1930 Still kicking around in 2017 Greatest living filmmaker or what?…[View]
85199560so what's the deal with: 'found footage science-fiction psychological horror films' ? is this a…[View]
85201649Is this movie any Good? Sounds like some open borders bullshit[View]
85200653Movie suggestions like the secret window? really enjoyed the setting[View]
85201707Essential CapeKino: Have I missed any?[View]
85194508>leaves boy band >releases classic rock album to the mainstream >stars in kino what did he …[View]
85201325Reminder that if you prefer right over left you need to go back to r*ddit.[View]
85201631I'm half way through and taking a break. While it's very technically impressive, I'm …[View]
85202189is it concerning modern animation can pull off gripping scenes better then live action?[View]
85197020Was it objectively good, or was it just nostalgia?[View]
85201354ITT: MOVIES WITH SALLY HAWKINS AS THE MAIN CHARACTER: Shes so fucking cute holy shit[View]
85196183'Invasion of the Body Snatchers' Getting Remake…Again: http://deadline.com/2017/07/invasio…[View]
85202007Thoughts on the new True Detective?[View]
85198794What's this expression trying to convey?[View]
85200330Refn's only great film: Hardy's only great performance[View]
85201291If I pull that off will you die?[View]
85201721What are some films about serious comedy?[View]
85201494What's next for his career?[View]
85201628>Tfw my local kinotheque replaced the poo scissors with new ones.[View]
85199588https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c9PF-9MIkiM Honestly it wasn't that bad[View]
85198452Guys, have I gotten too emotionally invested into Breaking Bad?: alright this is going to sound ridi…[View]
85199553That's not fair: He just wanted to read his fucking books ;_;[View]
85191908why is this show so popular again?[View]
85201419ITT characters you want to see die in horrible ways.[View]
85198213/tv/ feet in ads?[View]
85199978Death Note: Why does the live action L act like he's retarded? Anime L was eccentric but not su…[View]
85192211Leave Thanos to me.[View]
85201358*interrupts you*[View]
85193796Rick and Morty is kino: This show is a masterpiece. Disagree? All criticisms people make on this boa…[View]
85200702PINKMAN A SHIT: Jesse is a complete and irredeemable fucking twat of a piece of shit piss sponge tha…[View]
85192539Did you like Turbo Kid?[View]
85201123Those are women, my darling. Look well. Vomit, if you wish.[View]
85198785>*threatens you with fire*[View]
85198627IN A WORLD[View]
85199891DUDE SNOWMAN LMAO: What the fuck happened to Michael Fassbender's career? Where did he go wrong…[View]
85199165Hello /tv/, I'm Louis from the BBC, how are you doing today?[View]
85200801Do you review movies?: If so, where and why? pic unrelated but good movie[View]
85195730ITT: Films you did a 180 on after 2nd viewing: I'll start. Watched it first time at a film fest…[View]
85196436What are some movies about doggos who think they're human?[View]
85200112Why he didn't shoot?[View]
85200732ITT: Things only old Britbongs recognize[View]
85200009meet and greet: all these singles restricted memes why don't yall join with some kinda movie cl…[View]
85200687this movie was kino as fuck. post more like it.[View]
85198510You lied to me /tv/ wtf is this movie[View]
85200627What went wrong?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SOse2Ep7i9o[View]
85200084Who was in the right here?[View]
85188316Did she buy the wrong one on purpose?[View]
85199630>Night of the dead: the remake is better >Dawn of the dead: the original cut is boring as hell…[View]
85200356Why isn't Phil Hartman on any of The Simpsons DVD commentaries: he's a funny guy and he…[View]
85199963I wanted him to win so bad. He was a bro and his dug was adorable.[View]
85197277I''m unirionically confused why people think Tom Cruise is gay. Seriously he doesn't …[View]
85199315What exactly was meant by this scene?[View]
85200311We were always known as mediocre writers but here we are on Game of Thrones Me and my friends at the…[View]
85200272>”It was literally a virus created by human scientists and tested on the apes against their will.…[View]
85197476What do you guys think of Amos Kollek? He's this Israeli director thaf I haven't heard a l…[View]
85196512Triumph The Insult Comic Dog: Is he, dare I say it? /ourdog/? What's the general consensus on t…[View]
85198496BRAVO NOLAN R A V O[View]
85198587Why does he wear the mask?[View]
85193614>Written by Benioff and Weiss, who also will showrun, Confederate chronicles events leading to th…[View]
85199942good to see even normies are realizing that tobey is the best Spider-Man[View]
85199500Friday the 13th Thread: I've only watched the first 5 movies as well as jason X and freddy vs. …[View]
85195144Any movies like the Sunset Limited /general films for existential crisis/early-mid 20s angst? Thanks[View]
85199918They can run, but we can fly![View]
85194768Sopranos analysis: An anon in an earlier thread said that the Sorpanos is the purest exemplification…[View]
85198728Favorite edgy movies?: Well?[View]
85196479/got/ - Game of Thrones General: Previous thread: >>85192779 >remember that '/got/' should …[View]
85198609About to marathon man of steel with my roomate. What am In for?[View]
85195919pure kino[View]
85195929Think about your dad... what's your dad like?[View]
85191894ITT: Shoes only you watched[View]
85192362Buddy and Darling spinoff fucking when?[View]
85198328ITT we post songs and get movie recommendations based on the song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l4…[View]
85199510God Tier Themes from TV & Film.: post em https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pXrjMaVoTy0[View]
85193129/tv/ confessions: Batman v Superman is unironically my favorite movie. I've seen both versions …[View]
85192784The great debate[View]
85197854If I watch all of their filmographies will I become a patrician? Am I missing anyone?[View]
85198033Projectors: Does anyone on /tv/ have a projector in their living room or bedroom? How do you like it…[View]
85197202Cucks of /tv/: Can we have a cucks of /tv/ appreciation thread? Let us give thanks to these brave 'm…[View]
85199159How exactly do you watch TV? Which services do you pay for?[View]
85198329Did anyone lose a buttplug with a rubber band around it? Because I found the rubber band.[View]
85197546Racists BTFO: Are you guys excited for /ourguys/ new show? https://www.reuters.com/article/us-televi…[View]
85196739D&D ordered by HBO to create a new show about the American Civil War http://ew.com/tv/2017/07/19…[View]
85199037I HATE DUST[View]
85196758Better Call Saul: doesn't refer to a telephone call. Saul is his secret persona inside him kind…[View]
85198391Name a more kino shot in all of cinema[View]
85198974>But we can't turn back now[View]
85196199Could this movie have been made today? Also, Abel was right all along[View]
85193545>in this moment, I truly have become Life.[View]
85196952Did Bubba's family show any gratitude to Forrest for making them filthy rich without doing anyt…[View]
85197784Itt movies that are absolutely Reddit[View]
85198760HOLY FUCK[View]
85193674>The Force Awakens released almost two years ago What the hell? Where did the time go?…[View]
85191670If this movie was about creationism, then what the fuck were new ones about?[View]
85197940who me?[View]
85198043who was in the wrong here?[View]
85196754>PAN NICE AND HOT[View]
85195444Is this show kino?[View]
85198642What was Bert eating during the episode when the American Airline plane fell over Jamaica Bay? It lo…[View]
85197081Can they be stopped?[View]
85194912Probably won't be too long before Hollywood makes a movie over Trump, let's start casting …[View]
85196349What do you think about him, /tv/.[View]
85196723Babylon 5 General - /b5g/: Brakiri day of the dead edition. Crusade also welcome.[View]
85198269But I said I was sorry!: Noooo Goddess! P-lease don't kill me![View]
85192138/tpg/ - Twin Peaks General:: EATING PUSSY IN THE BLACK LODGE Edition https://pastebin.com/Ag6evX8s M…[View]
85173099To Catch a Predator: Someone's managed to find the fedora guy's police footage, get in her…[View]
85197358Do you think watching nuWars for him is like watching your child get raped by a bunch of smelly old …[View]
85190012does talent go unappreciated without beauty alongside it[View]
85193114Hello, /tv/ I need your help finding a movie. I saw it years ago as a child. It was about the normal…[View]
85198313If you don'T love Krteček, you are a terrible human being[View]
85196843>Taking public speaking class >Old woman gets assigned random topic of 'what do you watch or l…[View]
85198136What are some stylish films that revolve around sex as a subject matter? Think what 50 shades was tr…[View]
85198204why is the humor in this show so surface level the only thing it did better than the Simpsons' …[View]
85195478ITT scenes that gave you literal chills[View]
85197250>'I just like to watch you guys' >'I'm in love with Lisa' Was Denny a cuck?…[View]
85192080FUCK QUENTIN TARANTINO: >Just because his movies are unique doesn't mean they're good …[View]
85195375Why did he sell methamphetamine when he owned fast food restaurants from New Mexico to Nevada?[View]
85196608My brother lent me his account. Is there anything worth watching on here?[View]
85196847he killed millions[View]
85196411Is it worth watching films you'll never truly understand?[View]
85190238/bb/ Big Brother 19: HOH: Panda Veto: Jason Nominations: Jessica, Dominique Temptation:TBD Curse:TB…[View]
85196513Ready for Star Wars to be fucked up beyond all recognition?[View]
85188469>This is okay for young girls to see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cP7WEGuVwig…[View]
85197381Curb Your Enthusiasm: So.... what do we think. Is it /tv/ approved? Are you excited for the new seri…[View]
85193261Snowfall Thread: Wednesday is here once more and in about 10 minutes, give or take is a new episode …[View]
85196585ITT: God-tier sound design moments: WOWWOWWOWWOWWOWWOWWOWWOWWOWWOWWOWWOW[View]
85194317Who is this guy? I offer reward: Who is this guy? I offer reward[View]
85196068Why didn't they get their own spinoff movies?: And what good are skirts that can't cover t…[View]
85197340what is this dance called?[View]
85193876>Still no Fucking CAM RIP you suck /tv/![View]
85197196How come Joey Diaz gets away with using so many popular songs in his podcast? All other podccast i…[View]
85190693What did you think of S3? What are you looking forward to in S4?[View]
85188320Ass to ass[View]
85197027Armond White GENERAL: Anyone else find that the more you browse /tv/ the more you start agreeing wit…[View]
85196963ITT: Chick flick kino[View]
85197007Hey guys, i'm a cop. I'm trying to shut down some illegal online streaming stuff. What web…[View]
85196983TVs of /tv/: Why Are These Threads So Dead Edition.[View]
85196973>really like a movie so i decide to buy the blu-ray >the film poster is usually good, but the …[View]
85193971What a beautiful movie, i loved it, probably my favorite of the year, very underrated. Thoughts?[View]
85194818What is /tv/'s thoughts on this?[View]
85193948This was much better than I remembered. The cast is still a small blemish, but I hated them a lot mo…[View]
85196581The Strain: Thoughts on The Strain 2017?[View]
85195805>Brosnan's Best Bond performance (dark and gritty with the cheesiness being very minimal) …[View]
85196557>You gave up on life, didn't ya?[View]
85193325why do you hate him /tv/? no /pol/ answers please[View]
85194929Anyone thought Homecoming was a somewhat unfitting title?[View]
85186378>Hey kids! >It's NEW Star Wars Cunty-O's! >Made with 100% recycled food products …[View]
85195921Yes, the fire rises![View]
85195577I hate this movie with all my heart[View]
85193466Do you own/have read any scripts to a show or movie? How were they different?[View]
85196079His best role?: For me it's Wetwork Man.[View]
85177531>It's another Daenerys 'YAAAS QUEEN' episode[View]
85194878You probably thought I was gay when I gave you that cuddle. Don't worry, I'm not.[View]
85189453What's the best commercial you've ever seen on Television? https://youtu.be/HznslWujBTo[View]
85195132>the circle so, um, yeeaa... not /pol/ but... *cough*[View]
85185125/who/ - Doctor Who General: Incinerator full of missing episodes edition Lost, but not forgotten …[View]
85195923I'm just so glad they're putting more diversity in these modern classics. I mean fuck whit…[View]
85192779previous thread >>85188731 the north remembers equality edition[View]
85194782>when the dialogue is really quiet and then the sound effects come in[View]
85194096BIG GUY: What does /tv/ think of Indian cinemas? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5nnvFm2kvk8…[View]
85195032Dont disturb my friend hes DEAD tired[View]
85195606What went wrong?[View]
85195013ITT:: Characters done better in the remake than in the original.[View]
85195475Fap kino: Lets here them. Things you fapped to on tv. Annnnddd go[View]
85194940Help me /tv/: I've ran out of movies to watch. Please recommend some, preferably if they'r…[View]
85193364Hey I've seen The Machinist lately with based dubs man and really enjoyed it I'm looking f…[View]
85194513Outta my way, injun fuckin shits.[View]
85194996BPG - Black Pride General #2: Dont be scared to fuck whitey up on the streets edition (ps. they dese…[View]
85192906Was he right about Toy Story 3?[View]
85193000Variety: Lena Dunham Joins American Horror Story Season 7: >“American Horror Story” Season 7 is a…[View]
851865143x3 thread post them https://bighugelabs.com/mosaic.php[View]
85186595Wonder Woman 2 will be in the USSR Thoughts? I'm hype because I love the cold war setting in mo…[View]
85187063'I refuse to cook and clean while white men do all the fighting': I usually dont care about politica…[View]
85194804>its a fat Chandler season[View]
85182726recast them[View]
85194507I've just seen spring breqkers and I don't get it. why did he bail those girls out? I expe…[View]
85195008Last time I take any fucking recs from /tv/. Thanks for wasting my time with ''''horror-KINO''' fagg…[View]
85185423>started marching toward the Wall at the end of season 2 >wights don't need to eat, sleep…[View]
85194285Shouldn't the CIA have been able to afford a bigger plane?[View]
85193808>reddit will find a way to hate on this objective goat >imagine reddit on oscar night when bes…[View]
85192171The great debate.[View]
85191070New HBO Show: Will it be kino or propaganda? Maybe something in between.[View]
85193512https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dxWvtMOGAhw Unironically looks better than the rest of the marvel sh…[View]
85176305What do you guys think of this documentary?[View]
85194384>Captain Sparrow... my black pearl is yours what did she mean by this?[View]
85190973The last show you just watched now gets a reboot in a cyberpunk Neo Tokyo about the cast fighting fo…[View]
85188668Just saw Dunkirk, AMA[View]
85193696Is this show even worth it anymore? I just started season 3, two episodes in and I feel like I'…[View]
85190388Rewatching Wayne's World and I don't know if I really like Tia Carrere in this movie. I li…[View]
85194519what did they mean by this[View]
85193340one of these threads[View]
85187467Is his career over?[View]
85194167Who was in the wrong here?: >inb4 Oh how the times have changed!…[View]
85193523Twilight Zone Thread: What was the best episode, /tv/?[View]
85192529Looking for that movie that's basically invasion of the body snatchers, but in a small mountain…[View]
85189777What did he mean by this?[View]
85190964What do you expect from the upcoming Tomb Raider reboot?[View]
85179823Christopher Nolan criticizes Netflix's digital distribution model for movies: >“Netflix has …[View]
85188450>zombie movie >someone goes crazy and opens the doors keeping the zombies out…[View]
85190417Oscar Issac is pretty talented. https://youtu.be/7M8m4LyFSkE[View]
85194184Anyone else loves watching trashy 80s action/SciFi flicks?[View]
85193810why doesn't the Night King bring in ALL living organisms into his fold? why is he biased toward…[View]
85190662Liberals: 'SJW in movies are the way of the fut....'[View]
85191067WB registered new domains for The Batman, Aquaman, The Flash and Justice League Dark: Looks like Kin…[View]
85192676Game of Thrones Theories Thread: Because the generals suck[View]
85190578Where does the 'marvel is for kids' meme come from?[View]
85193590>You son of a bitch you cocksucker, goddamn you, mother fucker! I'll fucking kill you!…[View]
85193952It's so refreshing to see well-directed films that have god-tier costume design, sets, and acti…[View]
85193837Shall we begin?: So this is words for words the retarded spoilers we saw 6 months ago? Are the write…[View]
85192641Watched pic related and the new version in the past few days. Really enjoyed both. Which do you thin…[View]
85187251>honest working man put out of business by big government bureaucratic expansion >has to bend …[View]
85191600So this thing sucked his dick, right?[View]
85193659Oh hey, please dont mind me, im just >the director of anything considered good sci-fi in this was…[View]
85193664Nathan for you preview screening: Whose coming?[View]
85193644I love how they couldn't've hidden her tits if they tried[View]
85193552>Are you my caucasian?[View]
85191617Anyone see this? What did you think? Anne Hathaway a cute![View]
85190025>It's a Jazz gets bullied episode https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JUt-o8c48tg…[View]
85190801I think we can all agree that she's not a good actress, so what will she do once Modern Family …[View]
85177689>put a pop singer in your fantasy show as cameo >you actually HAVE HIM SING LMAO Can we get so…[View]
85176576What does /tv/ think of Mr Robot?[View]
85193368*zones out*[View]
85191839What's his best role?[View]
85193355What are some movies about the wage gap?[View]
85190722>The Walking Dead is more tasteful and has more integrity than Game of Thrones lmao t.b.h fampai…[View]
85192375Could American History X be made in today's climate?[View]
85193215ITT movies normies love[View]
85192118Is he a good actor?[View]
85193168Was this cartoon any good? I remember a huge advertising campaign on Fox for it, but then nothing.[View]
85190164HBO - 'Confederate': New HBO show 'Confederate' imagines an America where slavery never ended https:…[View]
85188689>I'M STRONG >I CAN KICK! What did he mean by this?…[View]
85190549The Lure (2015) Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (2011) Where do I go from here?[View]
85170395Star Trek General: 'You may now give birth' edition[View]
85186164So basically this show is the multiverse episode of Family Guy extended into an entire series?[View]
85175177>2017: I am... forgotten[View]
85189530What video store did you and your shitty friends loiter in?[View]
85193016>the resignation of all the liars >the corraagghhh Which side was Nolan symbolising?…[View]
85193008Let's discuss the movie -P-alace -O-n whee-L-s, or as I like to abbreviate it, POL, and how bad…[View]
85191827Kino Steelbooks: Pic related[View]
85191651How long do you think until he would get fired irl?[View]
85191655Is Nolan the king of critically-acclaimed, commercially successful kino?[View]
85190761The Shape of Water: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XFYWazblaUA >Del Taco >Shannon >Stuhlba…[View]
85160660Did he ever do anything wrong, besides trusting Shane?[View]
85189512What's next for her career?[View]
85162787What Iconic male role will women go for next?[View]
85188557This is the world you capefags are creating.[View]
85189693the only alien movie that was any good at all was the first[View]
85188731/got/ general BTFO by a nine year old edition previous thread >>85185557[View]
85190537Any good kinos with realistic depiction of ancient warfare (preferably Roman era), besides HBO'…[View]
85181384Can we get a movie going experience thread? Good, bad, anything[View]
85191900What has landis the younger been up to lately?[View]
85175909WEBM: HUMPDAY EDITION: MK II: THE HUNT FOR RARE BLUNTS >>85172677 prebiously on[View]
85189531>sci-fi tag >no spaceship[View]
85188642Is he the Shakespeare of film?[View]
85180729Classic SciFi stuff YOU'D KILL FOR to get a decent remake of: Gonna start with Raumpatrouille O…[View]
85191237Is he underrated /tv/?[View]
85181149/tpg/ - Twin Peaks General:: Twin Peaks With Hats On Edition https://pastebin.com/Ag6evX8s Meanwhile…[View]
85192026>1,248 days until Avatar 2[View]
85191656Daily reminder that Snoke is literally Goldmember[View]
85185783You dont see the kind of cinematography in a marvel movie[View]
85192010With all the capeshit films made in the past two decades, why hasn't there been a Flash Gordon …[View]
85185573BREAKING: 'Game of Thrones' (((creators))) new HBO series targets 'racist' South: >…[View]
85190508This should be technically on /wsr/ or /r/ but it's full of drawfags and porn, so I'll ask…[View]
85188889I finally watched Waynes World last night and it was actually really good. What are some similar mov…[View]
85189999kinography is back on the menu, lads[View]
85184651Can we all finally admit these two guys are our guys and there's not a damn thing you faggots c…[View]
85187978I bought this movie and the case is cracked. Is there any way to fix it? I've got some Gorilla …[View]
85191785What are some movies where the Chosen People win?[View]
85191569Drive: Are there any movies that are quite like this film? I think it's a really unique film th…[View]
85187234How can black people overcome?[View]
85191585>his name is Joe sowerbutts[View]
85179683Just saw Dunkirk: wtf, i hate germans now[View]
85191353Classics: ITT post kino. The kind that can never be recreated. I'll start: >Trailer Park Boy…[View]
85191307/comfy/ general: post comfy movies. ill start with the edge glengarry glen ross[View]
85189210> you look so much like my mother... what did he mean by this?…[View]
85188875The Snowman 2017 Based Fassbender new mystery thriller: Comfy Detective Kino is back on the menu boi…[View]
85185357Now that Dunkirk is coming up, what were your thoughts on Fury?[View]
85187835dunkirk: I just came back from seeing Dunkirk in IMAX. feel free to ask me anything about it, i…[View]
85191223Robert magical kinoplex comfy thread[View]
85190710You want the shots I'll take the staff job DOUBLE THE MONEY[View]
85190723ITT: characters that are literally you p.s. is T2 worth watching?[View]
85187833Am I hyped?[View]
85185095Are you hyped for the new Disney films? HYPE #Spider-manhomecoming was the best film the month[View]
85189605Can someone, WITHOUT being gay, pls link me to MDE: World Peace full episodes[View]
85189015What was truly the golden era of The Simpsons?[View]
85187898WHAT YEAR IS IT[View]
85188727let's have a thread about overrated dogshit. i'll start.[View]
85189852/tv/ webms: like this[View]
85190579>rich white woman shoots a hoodie-wearing black man walking close behind her >'RACIST!' Maybe …[View]
85189536Post great looking screens from your favourite movies.[View]
85188368'Catfish' Helmers in Talks to Direct 'Mega Man' Movie: http://www.hollywoodrepor…[View]
85185823Can someone explain to me why this whining whore is so popular? She's CLEARLY a bad guy, yet pe…[View]
85183895Who was the better protagonist?[View]
85190602>Cowboys and INDIANS In 2017? I thought Raimi was bad...[View]
85188752Will 4chan win the Captain Marvel bingo game?[View]
85188610quarry: why is no one talking about this show? the premise is good >70s >vietnam veteran hate …[View]
85189702Beauty and the beast: The fuck is going on? Why are there people of color in XVIII century France? T…[View]
85180768>These are great days we're living, bros. We are jolly green giants, walking the Earth with …[View]
85190300M'ask ya somethin[View]
85189919The Chad Pill: Stop getting mad over stupid shit you see in news articles and in social media. Stupi…[View]
85182627/bb/ Big Brother 19: HOH: Panda Veto: Jason Nominations: Jessica, Dominique Temptation:TBD Curse:TB…[View]
85188962You gonna watch game of thrones creators new show?[View]
85185981Nathan For You: Season 4 when? What are your favorite episodes? Did Nathan popularize fidget spinner…[View]
85188192What does /tv/ think of Knight of Cups?[View]
85167475No! This can't be happening![View]
85189542>tfw need a degree in African American studies to post on /tv/ now[View]
85189808STOP BEING CHAD[View]
85189769The Endless: Where the hell is this indieshit? It was released on 21st of April according to imbd ye…[View]
85184612Justice League Hype Thread: I haven't been excited for a movie in a long time. What are your ho…[View]
85186834ITT: PSEUDO-KINO/DISHONEST CINEMA: I'll start with this raunching piece of inauthentic SHIT.…[View]
85189039Singing Trump - America's Got Talent: This guy is hilarious https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U2L…[View]
85189473>The villain's motives are more compelling than the hero's reason for stopping him…[View]
85188480What are some cringey movie scenes you cannot bear to watch? That scene in Taxi Driver where Travis …[View]
85174480Internet Insanity: Mister Metokur's next episode of internet insanity is coming out in 3 days. …[View]
85188553Was it a horrible mistake releasing this the same week as Dunkino? I really want it to be good and d…[View]
85187486Was it autism?[View]
85188806>Going to the the cinema alone[View]
85189204The Direction was good. The writing was bad.[View]
85185305Am I razy or was this actually really good? 6.6 IMDB. 45%RT. It's beautifully made, and the vi…[View]
85187154what are some underwater movies[View]
85185349>character A was a spy in character B's crew but started believing in B's cause, betray…[View]
85186702True Detective: What made season 2 so terrible? Lack of the occult/supernatural elements? Cryptic di…[View]
85188873There's only 1 Armond White. Why are these new school niggers trying to replace him?[View]
85188998Will we ever get a good Ayn Rand movie? I fucking loved Atlas Shrugged and Objectivism is god-tier i…[View]
85188970ITT: Most EPIC scenes in cinema: 'That FOOKIN nobody, is John Wick.' >https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
85188953My name is ish and I do the seats[View]
85188110>Vietnam movie >Fortunate Son starts playing…[View]
85186296ITT: concepts from movies / shows you genuinely believe should exist in real life pic related[View]
85174116Movie About Fishy Vaginas: I hope the hype matches the quality. I can't wait to see femicunts g…[View]
85185446I have this feeling literally everyone missed the biblical symbolism throughout the movie. >Moses…[View]
85188168Why did he throw his son's gay lover out of a window?[View]
85181073Carrie Fisher reveals she was forced to lose weight ahead of first Star Wars movie: Why not John Boy…[View]
85188688Why we don't see more asian actresses in leading roles?[View]
85188108Personally I think Bladerunner 2049 looks more KINO than the original. >https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
85188659Oh man, poor Joe.[View]
85188435What’s the biggest thing that you struggle with as a creator?: >The constant desire to do somethi…[View]
85187588The guy who played Conor in Sing Street was 16 and Raphina's actress was like 22. Isn't th…[View]
85188585>yfw Ridley Scott says he plans on making 6 more Alien movies[View]
85188534>We need the speed! The speed to cruise control! got to admit that was pretty clever how they wor…[View]
85185557/got/ general: Forgotten lands edition: Prev: >>85181555[View]
85188455>you'll never watch your foster mother sleep with titty out[View]
85187320>Chris and his hockey playing sons. When was Chris Canadian?[View]
85188358>https://www.twitter.com/NoahMunck/status/845125695160270849 >https://www.twitter.com/NoahMunc…[View]
85184536Is Vince Gilligan the GOAT TV show storyteller: the man has a rare understanding of storytelling tha…[View]
85188248the best xmas movie right?[View]
85187802This is probably the saddest moment to happen in a movie. Poor kids. I'm surprised the director…[View]
85187235WE ARE[View]
85185615How did he get away with this? Was it banter? This is not a pol thread mods pls don't prune, bo…[View]
85187992I don't get it[View]
85187222Is this Woody's best?[View]
85186823What does it mean?[View]
85186696MTV kino: What was the best mid 2000s MTV show and why is it NEXT?[View]
85185337ITT post honest filmmakers. Dishonest filmmakers not allowed.[View]
85187536What did he mean by this?[View]
85184118>Look at me Agent Smith, I am The Matrix now What did the Wachowski sisters mean by this?…[View]
85187682>hey anon, wanna take a quick pic for my website?[View]
85187549ITT: Times /tv/ met famous actors: I saw Paul Dano at a grocery store in New York yesterday. I told …[View]
85185072Why is this show such a sacred cow on /tv/? I watched it the other day and it's not bad but it…[View]
85186883Bore of the Planet of the Apes[View]
85187459ITT: Kino that only Redditors hate[View]
85185182I dont really know what people were expecting from this movie, its pretty meh. Did you like it /tv/ …[View]
85187124Why do whites and blacks dominate in the film industry? How come Hollywood doesn't care give a …[View]
85187470ITT: Actors you could beat up in a fight[View]
85182534Are all Netflix series trash?: Why do people like this crap? Every Netflix original series I’ve trie…[View]
85187444Didn't even know this was a thing. What should we expect?[View]
85187436Was it autism?[View]
85185085I really like this movie[View]
85183507Why did Bonesaw say his real name?[View]
85186816muh gay undertones the movie: is this movie ultra dated or is america that fucked up in the head? …[View]
85187400Ares literally did nothing wrong: These were the real villains.[View]
85187377Is this movie a shit tier meme for suburban teenagers?[View]
85185352>From Hollywoods highest paid actor >To broke How did he get so JUSTed? He's blackino!…[View]
85187337ITT: Cop Kino[View]
85184033Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom: More dangerous, you say? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j3q-KD2ot8c…[View]
85186306sequel / reboot when?[View]
85187240pause a movie in 00:06 and post a screenshot here, others try to guess[View]
85187095Mafia III: https://youtu.be/JZokdmzvDGA K E K E K[View]
85187058Who's watching Is Love Racist? on C4 Presenter is trying to figure out why people are racist, i…[View]
85171761>500th episode on Monday I'm so excited. What kind of interesting people do you hope make ap…[View]
85184349Literally can't wait![View]
85178835Favorite Foreign Film?: What's your favorite foreign film /tv/?[View]
85181712Why so few old actors these days?: How come I barely see any decent actors over 40 anymore? The abil…[View]
85186150Is John Cena kino now?[View]
85140211Black Mirror: He did nothing wrong[View]
85186133What do you guys think of it?[View]
85184557What's the most interesting film/tv-related trivia you know?[View]
85186966cinegrid thread?[View]
85179424ITT Mismarketed movies or deliberately deceiving trailers. Pic Related[View]
85183772>fish man >loves eggs >Del Taco So this HAS to be an Abe origin story right?…[View]
85186921Is this a film to see in the cinema or is it boring shit-tier I would have a better time with watchi…[View]
85181381Whats up with Kevin Smith: Can we talk about Kevin Smith and his shirt? Hes a big guy but he cant th…[View]
85186836Why is it held in high regard? Season 1 was pretty good and the second one was alright but the third…[View]
85186833The ASS 2 coming out in less than 11 months: YOU READY? WE'VE BEEN WAITING FOR EVER. WILL THE A…[View]
85184368This guy is clearly talented and understands what is 'good', so why is 90% of his filmography full o…[View]
85186409EPISODE 1 PLOT LEAKED: >episode begins in pitch darkness >you can hear young sheldon's he…[View]
85181492cast this, who would direct?[View]
85186799Dougie Jones, call for help[View]
85186605it's SHIT: >climax of the build up is bald sweaty men running down hallways shot with 'alien…[View]
85186757George Michael is my spirit animal[View]
85185492>'The list goes on...'[View]
85186025Itt: we predict how /tv/ contrarians trash this film >go to the beach >literally nothing hap…[View]
85186709Who was in the wrong here?[View]
85184473>The Curious Case of Benjamin worldwide $333,932,083 >World War Z worldwide $540,007,876 …[View]
85169334Damn good telly.[View]
85185478Rank my films anon: TDK > The Prestige > Inception > Memento > Batman Begins > Follow…[View]
85184599What does /tv/ think about this movie and Stern in general?[View]
85185910Anfisa Chehkova: Anfisa Chekhova was born on December 21, 1977 in Moscow, RSFSR, USSR as Aleksandra …[View]
85186602Why does Hollywood hates pretty Asian females?: How come this 2/10 makes it in the biggest movie fra…[View]
85184695Has a scene ever put you in a state of cathartic bliss?[View]
85186273What is the most kino Top Gear part? I nominate the V12 Vantage review. https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
85179735Wow this movie was fucking stupid[View]
85186225Hollywood wants more anime: This time its Macross/Robotech >Two long years after being announced,…[View]
85185989Was Vito gay? I don't understand why he sucked that guy's dick, and let that other dude fu…[View]
85183469>'If you dont like it dont watch it ;)'[View]
85185122I don't want any damn vegetables![View]
85183385So this is the power of DC 'comics'[View]
85178709>That ending JUST U S T Sequel of that monster BTFO the entirety of earth when?…[View]
85185091>me on the left[View]
85186203Who had the best joker performance, and why was it Jesse Eisenberg. Also I love how they did that am…[View]
85186191Survivor oreo: What the hell happened to the survivor oreo song? The fact I can't find a single…[View]
85184113What are some movies about Finland?[View]
85157255Who formed your earliest sense of humor /tv/?[View]
85180716*aborts your baby*: Is there anything more evil that a woman can do? What are some truly evil scenes…[View]
85186040Is it kino?[View]
85185950is Nelson the best character or am I just a bully?[View]
85185731Hmm . . .[View]
85179926What were they thinking?[View]
85185009>Although completely cut off, the French fought on for four days under General Molinié, thereby k…[View]
85179023why didn't just jump to an area to left or right of Obi Wan?[View]
85185718What was her problem? Not shaving?[View]
85184265What is the most white privilege movie of all time?[View]
85185058I used to know a girl. She had a dozen guys. One of them found out about it... beat her up so bad sh…[View]
85185398Bravo Sam mrKino is coming[View]
85185526I liked Antichrist and The Tree of Life. What are some other kinos about trees and natural themes?[View]
85182957The Wire: As awful as season 2 was, those dock people are still better than those Baltimore Sun shit…[View]
85185516>It's a Tig fucks a Tranny episode[View]
85185410IT thread: New interview from the director http://variety.com/2017/film/news/it-director-andres-m…[View]
85181088I've spent the last few weeks watching the first two seasons in preparation for this, and boy a…[View]
85183862>I uh.. I dont have a home.....Marie's been dead 8 years ;_;[View]
85180919TCM yay or nah?: What's /tv/'s thoughts on TCM? I think they have a pretty great selection…[View]
85184024Why aren't there more shows/films that deal with breast-envy[View]
85181338There has never been a black actor in Wes Anderson's films, not even one. Why?[View]
85166816http://stargate.mgm.com/ Stargate hype?[View]
85182375Has Disney completely destroyed the movie industry?[View]
85182641How did nickelodeon get away with this?[View]
85185105Where's my remake!?[View]
85185068Mad eye Turgood: U wot m8? GoT general season 7 episode 1 1% Daneriezzzzzz snoreborn = good. 1% too …[View]
85155612Honestly, why does anyone like this garbage? There are no redeeming qualities. It seems like Big Ban…[View]
85178783KINO video essays: Poast 'em boys https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x6kqVusK26c[View]
85181555/got/ general: Over a million edition: Prev: >>85178658[View]
85184894>AOTC Bugs design superweapon >ROTS Deathstar is under development >R1 Deathstar is near co…[View]
85184107How do you got to this?[View]
85184790He was literally right. He did nothing wrong.[View]
85179582Who /TEAM NEGAN/ here?[View]
85184266So do people actually believe Spiderman can beat purple ogre? What are their power levels?[View]
85174424Guillermo del Toro new Kino: Thoughts about this movie from this Mexican director? https://www.youtu…[View]
85184647ITT bad satires: Starship Troopers is supposed to make fun of meritocracy and military culture, but …[View]
85184625KILL ME[View]
85184632Has Tim Burton officially lost his mind?[View]
85184603Just marathoned Hannah and Her Sisters over the last week. Is it Woody Allen's best film or am …[View]
85184423Here comes Slipknot, the man who can climb anything[View]
85182314Anybody else watching this kino show?[View]
85184314Movies with realistic settings released in the past decade that broke top 10 box office: In reverse …[View]
85183246Why did George put in a Jamaican lizard in the Cantina scene?[View]
85183876>Batman basically dead >purr woman magically appears and clicks red button on batbicycle >B…[View]
85183332Name a better crossover.[View]
85183666ITT: Shows that existed[View]
85183278>My friends call me 'Mary Jane 'M.J.' Watson is a fictional character appearing in American comic…[View]
85177447/who/ - Doctor Who General: Timequake edition. >We are delighted to announce our first piece of c…[View]
85182157I really hope you watched the original Swedish Kino and not the American bastardization of it.[View]
85183079Well, in a way, it's a prequel to the original but could also count as a prequel to the prequel…[View]
85182959>Capekino is shi..[View]
85184085ITT: APOLOGIZE[View]
85184051How much money will China spurt for this Goddess ??[View]
85183945KITCHEN NIGHTMARES: I think Gordon Ramsay is a good example of that you don't absolutely have t…[View]
85170439So all the murders were just in his head right?[View]
85182332What do you think the aftermath was like after the revelation? Do you think due to the circumstances…[View]
85183702Will this be gay kino?[View]
85183939Is this kino?[View]
85183815WAS HE GAY?: Was Vito gay? I don't understand why he sucked that guy's dick, and let that …[View]
85182756What went wrong?[View]
85183092Is Emma Rose a good actress[View]
85183752Biopic when?[View]
85159244Does Dunkike portray how the Anglos thanked the French for protecting their retreat by bombing the F…[View]
85183136Farrier is an Alpha in Dunkirk[View]
85178214why doesn't this show get talked about more? It's exactly what Comedy Central has needed s…[View]
85180077'It's what Disney says, what do you expect?': What did he mean by this? https://youtu.be/cldUUq…[View]
85181952>There are 'people' who unironically prefer generic Hollywood NASA propaganda (AKA 2001) to maste…[View]
85183737post your all-time favorite movie scenes[View]
85180145Just came home from the cinema. Absolutely ebin. Can't remember if I've seen any other fil…[View]
85183117>get home >see this in your bedroom Wat do?…[View]
85183667What the fuck did I just watch?[View]
85183602Find a flaw.[View]
85183639>Spider-Man Homecoming: 1 billion[View]
85170684The Witch: Literal unironic 10/10 kino masterpiece. Every single element of this movie was executed …[View]
85179856Spider-man: Why don't you like Homecoming, /tv/?[View]
85174840Why does /tv/ always feel the need to hate on this show?: It's really not that bad. I like it a…[View]
85176415Donkey's redemption was the most kino side character arc of the year Prove me wrong[View]
85182339>Spider-man homecoming isn't the most accurate comic book mov- You can't refute XD…[View]
85181639Was it Kino?[View]
85182629This was the last good Disney movie[View]
85181676Why is hollywood pushing big eyebrows on us? Does every actress needs to have a pair of fuzzy caterp…[View]
85182140>even jocks like me get blue balls....every once in a blue moon... terrific writing on that serie…[View]
85182869teen shit: can anyone reccomend more teen shit like this and riverdale[View]
85165101Why BBC documentaries are much better than US documentaries?[View]
85180643ITT: all time favorite episodes of The Office: >Season 06, Episode 11, 'Murder'. There has been …[View]
85180685I win[View]
85182443>be best American cartoon of your time >network acquired by another network >get relegated …[View]
85182851Why did Dale's son look like his wife's masseuse?[View]
85179517I'm special agent Brad Bellick with the FBI.[View]
85181406directed by the certified kino tomas alfredson (let the right one in)[View]
85179751What would happen to your body in space ?[View]
85182946light game: This guy looks like a fuckin alien without any makeup movie is JFK[View]
85180446Are there any great female directors?[View]
85182364how does this underrated masterpiece get fucking 53% while Patriarchybusters 2 gets 80%??? what are …[View]
85181915Riki Takeuchi: Do you /tv/ where to watch new movie about the manliest man alive?[View]
85182697https://youtu.be/IQYLBXW7ILw?t=13 jesus christ[View]
85182415Are you username: niggerstonguemyanus4620? What's your responce?[View]
85173871ITT: Films Millennials will never understand[View]
85178936'Female Doctor' Thread: Who is this for? Were they sincerely trying to please fans? Do they think th…[View]
85178113What's his best film?[View]
85175083I liked the synth music in the newest Blade Runner trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dZOaI_Fn5…[View]
85175069>ywn be a 30yo 'successful' actor making meta buddy movies with your friends, being paid literall…[View]
85181857Why don't you review movies on YouTube, Anon?[View]
85182518>movie is longer than 100 minutes[View]
85180958lyanna mormont is the best character in GOT! prove me wrong![View]
85179614What's up next for Amy Schumer, is her career really in the toilet after that horrible movie wi…[View]
85178719Rate it lads. Which season/episode was the most kino?[View]
85181620>binge watching Hotel Hell >this qt Made the whole episode. Anyone hoping that we get a fourth…[View]
85180747What are some movies where a rich old white man is the villain?[View]
85181932I used to hate people that would trash GoT on here. This changed everything.[View]
85182285Is this worth a watch? Also was this the start to the craziness on adult swim?[View]
85182270ITT: Kino anime watching millenials will NEVER understand: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yQdxPxJW6…[View]
85181946What movie is this from? It looks interesting and I want to see it but ive only seen a 3 second clip…[View]
85159922/bb/ Big Brother 19: HOH: Panda Veto: Jason Nominations: Jessica, Dominique Temptation:TBD Curse:TB…[View]
85169340Which one is you, /tv/?[View]
85178761What should Wonder Woman 2 be about?[View]
85173799he is the most overrated pleb director, prove me wrong[View]
85181663Hey /tv/ can you recommend me more animated kino like pic related? Have some epic music to go with i…[View]
85169300Who is he, anon? I think he's a Stark, like the founder of the house.[View]
85180964Just watched this masterpiece... wow, to think Lena Dunham was only 24 when she wrote, directed and …[View]
85176863Why is this allowed? I've been avoiding talk shows my entire life, but I've been watching …[View]
85175081Guys I've figured it out MCU is copying DBZ[View]
85179236Films only Generation Z will understand[View]
85180441Day > Night(1968) > Night(1990) > Dawn > Land > Dawn(remake) > Survival > Diary[View]
85181382which episode is the best[View]
85171446did he fuckin die?[View]
85178755This exists https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OdAVwckh_EE[View]
85178658/got/ general: emo bastard edition previous >>85174746[View]
85168848What does /tv/ think of Christina Hendricks?[View]
85179703ITT: Forgotten /tv/ insignias[View]
85180969horror general: Just drop some cool horror flicks.[View]
85179328Isn't it technically Stars War? There are multiple stars, but only one war.[View]
85180709Tell me about yourself! Why do you wear that mask of irony and harsh criticism?![View]
85178656ITT: Good films accidentally made by hack directors[View]
85175246Rive rong an prospeh[View]
85181058*blocks your Bentley*[View]
85179802>it's a Sony movie DROPPED[View]
85176315/tpg/ - Twin Peaks General: Do you guys like the song I made edition? I worked really hard on it. ht…[View]
85178745What's the purpose of the opening credits in movies?[View]
85179567Remember when Joffrey tortured whores with his crossbow? Now we get Ed Sheeran promoting his new sin…[View]
85176758>tfw you finally realize the Pine Barrens episode was about Tonys failure to communicate Plebs w…[View]
85179369What tv shows or film do you have on in the background while gaymen? Stuff I've seen many times…[View]
85180665>me on the left[View]
85164059Are you guys ready for China's new 3D Kino fantasy movie?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U0bT…[View]
85169572Will this be a good movie? >Two best friends Kate (Alexandra Daddario) and Meg (Kate Upton) go on…[View]
85180675/tv/ is the shittiest board on 4chan. Why don't you make lists of great movies or recommend gre…[View]
85180704Let's discuss cinema prices. Why is so expensive in some countries and dirt cheap in some? I a…[View]
85180659what are some good original x-files episodes?/x-files thread. also i need a streaming site pls…[View]
85180565The only good bug is a dead bug![View]
85179646What is your theory on enemy? I just need to know what the spider represents[View]
85156858Toys for the Last Jedi[View]
85179527>'Don't tell Harry...about the Holocaust' What exactly did Raimi mean by this?…[View]
85175785What should the BBC do to fix the gender pay gap? This is a huge scandal in the UK right now.[View]
85177426>hacking concerns What are they trying to imply here?[View]
85179220Just saw Phantasm, fucking awesome film, how do the sequels hold up?[View]
85180433For me, it's Gannicus[View]
85176996What happened to the flick genre?[View]
85171709What is the worst episode of Black Mirror and why is it pic related?[View]
85180282Anybody here like Star Trek? Which series do you like? Which movies? I was thinking of marathoning t…[View]
85177647What's your favorite bad movie to watch? I know pic related is considered the best[View]
85179342Podcasts: What are some of your go to picks?[View]
85179207is this any good ?[View]

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