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104112158Why is this show so popular among alt-righters?[View]
104110279Wew laddie[View]
104110906>every other main character is black what a depressing future[View]
104106875Mr nobody: I had to stop after 40 min of this film. Why do I hate it so much?[View]
104111157Are there any TV or movies which can be understood just from the audio?[View]
104112291Is Rafiki kino?[View]
104098949For me? Oh definitely the Man & Me review.[View]
104096594CHANNEL ZERO season 4 (The Dream Door) - Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fnyNA5YM9UQ Though…[View]
104094498Say one thing nice about this film[View]
104106947American Gods: Is it any good? I'm in dire need of more McShane.[View]
104111825What's the movie you first saw bush? Pic related and Mischief ('85) around same time. Ole …[View]
104111660Anyone know anyone famous ?[View]
104111672He killed millions of Jewish Hollywood gold.[View]
104105713Is there one actress who just completely broke you as far as beauty standards? Where you were like '…[View]
104110650Honest thoughts on this kino? And please, no Simpsons related discussion like last time.[View]
104111602Sondheim: Why has he never made a movie? He's had some stuff be adapted later, but why didn…[View]
104105113is this the greatest piece of kino to ever exist? https://youtu.be/f_JygUgiweI[View]
104100697Knights of Ren: So did they drop this angle entirely? Will we see them in IX?[View]
104111455Who was in the wrong here?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-PjWVUWlJDo[View]
104109384tfw the guy that plays the creepy criminal that makes your skin crawl in every role he plays turns o…[View]
104102457So much wasted potential. What a waste of time this was.[View]
104109680What if Thanos had dusted captain marvel too?[View]
1041098753x3 thread, rate & hate and give recs, no need to be afraid.[View]
104111315THE NUN WAS FUCKING SHIT: Fuck me, what a disappointment. I feel like my 9yr old niece could write a…[View]
104111297What the FUCK is wrong with Jesuits?[View]
104099700Are they doing a movie together?[View]
104109817>Where have all the good men gone and where are all the gods? >Where's the streetwise Her…[View]
104106005Best character in the show[View]
104105926Looks like /western/-kino is back on the menu, boys. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/heat-vision/m…[View]
104111199Goofs in movies: they didnt build a wall behind the door in the dark night[View]
104111148shitty webm thread?[View]
104106134Is it kino?[View]
104109822And remember /tv/, God lies in ALL realms.[View]
104111031FUCKIN QUEERS!!![View]
104107902/tpg/ twin peaks general: drunk been rewatching season 3 about to do episode 8 aka THE EPISODE wish …[View]
104110917What are some movies with this aesthetic?[View]
104111001https://youtu.be/lcwmDAYt22k >shockwave and the entire decepticon force on earth >optimus tell…[View]
104109096You mean Germany for the Germans, right?[View]
104104354What are the best non-asian martial arts/kung fu movies?[View]
104110939>she listens to stereolab god, can this woman get any better?[View]
104110924Isn't this movie funny? Much better than that old black and white shit you wanted to watch[View]
104110790What was this show trying to say? Women can't get anything for themselves so it has to be given…[View]
104110838Post real life kino. https://i.4cdn.org/wsg/1537869590722.webm…[View]
104108556What's your favorite Yasujiro Ozu film, /tv/?[View]
104110619I never thought i'd say that but: I like an sylvester stalone movie.[View]
104106918You’re just a cook![View]
104109715Lets talk about movies totally deserving a reboot. Or possible long span sequel: I nominate The Nev…[View]
104109492Are there any movies set on the planet Pluto?[View]
104109064Am I Squidward, /tv/?[View]
104106250>Kino: Murder House, Cult >Good: Asylum, Freak Show >Meh: Roanoke, Hotel >Shit: Coven…[View]
104109895The Deuce: Cici is a real jerk. Will Lori be able to get away from him?[View]
104109849Okay this fucking slaps[View]
104109443>vietnam docu >segment on the anti-war protests on American soil >'gimme shelter'…[View]
104107399> post Avengers 4 spoilers[View]
104110368he's literally me[View]
104108485Kitchen Nightmares/Gordon Ramsey: Does Kitchen Nightmares ever actually help these restaurants? htt…[View]
104109725Are Trey Parker and Matt Stone retired? I haven't heard anything about them for a couple of yea…[View]
104108549why does /tv/ like this movie so much but pretends to hate it?[View]
104109727water sports: which water sports are your favorites?[View]
104109456What are your thoughts on the first female movie?[View]
104110264Should I watch Game Night or The Game?[View]
104109785Korine kino is back on the menu boys https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PiPecJE30hA[View]
104110375Would you bang Mildred Hayes?[View]
104106023what are things that make you sad https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i5VV0og-a7w[View]
104110374Behold - the greatest actress of our generation[View]
104110066Who’s the biggest loser in Hollywood ?[View]
104108952HELLA F*CKING EPIC[View]
104102752Serious question, what's so special about this? Watched it for the first time today and got lit…[View]
104109878Why hasn't there been more movies like House (1977)? The dreamy surrealism, stylized matte pain…[View]
104104180Were they gay?[View]
104110079> IMMA KEEL YEW > I dowdid > IMMA KEEL YA SUHN TEW > ...I dowdid What are some other mem…[View]
104105519Pullo, back in formation![View]
104108525How come no one talks about this movie?: People wonder where Al Pacino went between the 70s and the …[View]
104108208Wanna hang out with me on Halloween and watch horror movies anon?[View]
104109938>le subversive boomer[View]
104107156will natalie portman win her second oscar for vox lux?[View]
104107711Is there any show as kino as Mad Men?[View]
104109936Will we ever get a kino about the Jewish roman wars?[View]
104105370Is this, dare I say it, Homer is our guy?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hHs6iIjb9Dc[View]
104109675Is fire a solid or a gas?[View]
104109521Now that it's confirmed that a live-action Undertale film is in the works, cast the main charac…[View]
104080344Is he the greatest film critic of our time?[View]
104107383ITT: we cast actors: This guy should play Norman Osborne in a spider man film. I think he would be p…[View]
104102766Will it be based?[View]
104108312Were they really so bad?[View]
104109677Ann Dowd is a really good supporting actress. I thought she was great as Patti Levin but I just fini…[View]
104109342>ITT kino fight scenes[View]
104108786What are some good understated, contemporary movies about mundane life in America? What modern movie…[View]
104105765>'A hero can be anyone. Even a man doing something as simple and reassuring as putting a coat aro…[View]
104109055>2007 >Post on 4chan >Laugh at this guy for being a loser >2018 >This guy is now marr…[View]
104108775ITT: Movies that will age like a college slut[View]
104109141Imagine being Norman and getting to kiss mama Vera heaps. Lucky fuck[View]
104107123Fuller Go Easy on the Pepsi[View]
104109056>*crack* >*sssiiiiiippppppp* >Yep, Terminator 2, best movie of all time.…[View]
104079183Honestly what the fuck was his fuckin problem?[View]
104102069Who was in the wrong here?[View]
104106164Who's your movie President? The actor that you always have in your mind as fulfilling that role…[View]
104105062Period Dramas in Hollywood: Why aren't there more period dramas in Hollywood? Particularly of t…[View]
104108968>character keeps being overly-friendly even though it's obvious who he's talking to is …[View]
104108996Pleb vs Patrician.[View]
104108275What exactly was bane thinking here? What if Cia shot him? Awfully risky when he doesn't even c…[View]
104105406/ffg/ - Found Footage General: Featured film: The Magician Previously: >>104086392 What is fou…[View]
104107843This is being remade: Which will draw more attention to it at least? I know it has its fans but you …[View]
104107653There's nothing wrong with having a tree as a friend[View]
104108708you have to give it to bb and BCS. they have cool montage.[View]
104108423suddenly i like drake https://www.thehollywoodgossip.com/2018/09/drakes-friendship-with-millie-bobby…[View]
104108659I am a horror movie buff, I have seen near every horror movie made in the 70s and 80s. For some stra…[View]
104107250Dumb Women Who Get People Killed: Rewatching the 2005 King Kong since it randomly appeared on Netfli…[View]
104106923Shows with potential that got scrapped for no fucking reason[View]
104103629i don't get it[View]
104105053Should I watch this?[View]
104097074ITT: Laughably bad CGI.[View]
104096620/pol/ BTFO[View]
104108256Finally, a movie about my Irish heritage that isn’t shit https://youtu.be/bt_lnhguHpg[View]
104101535Who was in the wrong here?[View]
104108279It's a steaming pile of shit production: > tfw parents let their kids watch Disney cancer …[View]
104107391What are some more comfy, slow-burn, intelligent 'weird fiction' movies like this?[View]
104104533>director shills his film on /tv/ >2 years later still only available on certain private track…[View]
104107415just watched this: What did I think of it?[View]
104107430What books would someone like anton chigurh read /tv/?[View]
104102102I fucked Saul[View]
104105971Is Yalitza Aparicio (the lead actress of Alfonso Cuaron's Roma) going to beat Lady Gaga?[View]
104107847Who was in the wrong?[View]
104105764I just watched Gettysburg. Was Lee retarded? Why did he think slow marching into overwhelming artill…[View]
104107283Review with Myles Barlow was fucking kino. How the fuck have you not seen it?[View]
104107872ITT: Films where the hero sees himself become the villain[View]
104104639What was her deal?[View]
104078915Annoying commercials[View]
104106508Between these two, who did the better Joker? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AL0cT-Yi1SU https://www…[View]
104101609>They say it takes two to tango, Ray. Well, they also told me to break a leg, and now I can'…[View]
104106525it's my birthday today. what do i watch?[View]
104102591>only 248 days until Godzilla: King of the Monsters[View]
104106809Mel to write/direct ‘Wild Bunch’ Remake: Will it be kino?[View]
104099092Why did Shaggy initiate 3rd impact?[View]
104107423why is he always angry tv ?[View]
104107473>post_count wp -8458 posts!_made -344 threads!_created[View]
104106052how do you from F&F to some shitty reboot of magnum p.i[View]
104104114How come TV and movies don't feature strong male friendships anymore?[View]
104107361Which Sherlock Holmes screen adaptation do you consider as the best? t. I watched only Soviet and Gu…[View]
104097591>pssstt i should've won the tony award for best musical[View]
104087626What kind of idiots do you have posting here?[View]
104104501You have got to be fucking kidding me... https://www.reddit.com/r/legaladvice/comments/9ihg6s/ca_a_s…[View]
104106505???: What's going to happen?!?[View]
104106847'Villains' that did nothing wrong[View]
104106660is this the greatest scene in movie history? https://youtu.be/bIMVrX9CaVw[View]
104106873Ayo hol up[View]
104107059Has the government really been experimenting with pig-men since the 50s?[View]
104098020what movie do you think of when you see this?[View]
104106663>You're no son of mine, Elio. I'd rather you were dead than be a fucking faggot. Now ge…[View]
104106881>watching Overlord >really enjoying it >first time in a while i’ve enjoyed anything jj abra…[View]
104104620If they ever redo the Potter series in film or as a TV show, how will they manage to find a better c…[View]
104099686Chloe Grace Moretz: Could she pull off a kino female Bane?[View]
104104653thoughts on season 2 of Iron Fist /tv/? Did you like Typhoid Mary as played by Alice Eve?[View]
104089258CÉSAR vs HOLLY: Now that the dust has settled...who was in the wrong?[View]
104106492Why does he wear the mask?[View]
104106646Mouse jannie hates this[View]
104106641> when all your children are dead and you’ve been cucked by a war[View]
104106588where to cop this shirt[View]
104099607ITT: Underappreciated Childhood Kino: For me, it's The Thief and the Cobbler. Never seen it dis…[View]
104105485>Chris is friends with a NAZI![View]
104106297What's her fucking problem?[View]
104106463>Dawson freeze all motor functions >Analysis mode…[View]
104104799Is Trump trumpg?[View]
104098354MST3K Thread: Keep circulating the tapes Reminder it's not Joel vs. Mike, it's Trace vs. …[View]
104105136ITT: Surprisingly redpilled movies[View]
104106328>characters who did literally nothing right >but are kino anyway…[View]
104102407What was his fucking problem?[View]
104103438>yeah man I actually worked with him once >Who? >Spielberg, man. >Oh like in the backgro…[View]
104103422Planescape Torment: Cast it. Would it work as a movie?[View]
104105101The Anna Nicole Smith Show is the Velvet Underground of Reality Television.: Prove me wrong. >pro…[View]
104106074>Assemble the accountants at Dunharrow, as many actuaries as can be found, you have two days >…[View]
104105927>Perfect films don't e-[View]
104106084>characters in old timey movie setting are talking about new thing >mention name of famous gu…[View]
104105959How did William Wallace know what happened on the Battle of Bannockbarn when he was shown to be deca…[View]
104104549Still no trailer..: Dead on arrival?[View]
104105446>bro lets just cast an ironing board for this role LMAO What where they thinking…[View]
104105910>Better up, bitch boy What did he mean by that?[View]
104105501Who directs and who's cast in it?[View]
104104461>it's a 'Dutch has an overly-elaborate theory about a case that's totally wrong and it…[View]
104079725/lbg/: Letterboxd thread Post your profile Thread theme: emily bean. singing about me!!!!!!!!!!!!!…[View]
104103957Who possibly thinks that ghoulish looking (((Jonah Hill))) is a looksmatch for Emma Stone? (((Who))…[View]
104105810Bravo Kubrick[View]
104101789Joker thread[View]
104102054Is Game of Thrones worth watching? Or is it too feminist?[View]
104105680Is Mubi worth it?[View]
104105675Was it Baja Blast?[View]
104105645Looks like kino is BACK on the menu boys! Black ‘47 https://youtu.be/bt_lnhguHpg[View]
104079625My god, I'm in love[View]
104105574who would've thought he'd become the greatest comedic actor in hollywood[View]
104101087Did he ever lose?[View]
104105561>'Go to hell!' >'I've been there.'[View]
104105399First time poster, long time lurker, but this story deserves some light. I have a similar story that…[View]
104105513ITT: Immensely satisfying slaughters: I fucking hate ewoks[View]
104105506Avatar2: Know some people working on it in creature design and have had advance looks into the scree…[View]
104105474Kevin: The Movie: 'Perhaps the greatest disappointment in my life is my own failure to live up to my…[View]
104105291What's the most kino TV show?[View]
104102864Why is Dan being silent since his sacking?[View]
104101940My dick got so hard even though the character writing makes zero sense at this point[View]
104102532Star Wars IX MAJOR SPOILERS: THIS IS NOT FAN FICTION - This movie takes place 4 years after Last Jed…[View]
104105357Is there a new up and coming 'pack' of actors, or 'gaggle' of actresses?[View]
104104805Vampire's Kiss(1988): not only is this underrated as a Nicholas Cage film, it is one of the gre…[View]
104104772I wasn't surprised to see this. In fact, I kind of expect it. Does that mean we have enough bla…[View]
104104818How the fuck do they still do it after all these years? Are the writers fucking /ourguys/?[View]
104099512R.I.P: https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/al-matthews-dead-cigar-chomping-sgt-apone-aliens-dies-…[View]
104105217Rust = Jesus Marty = the cross Maggie = Mary Magdalene[View]
10410480288 days until Alita: Battle Angel[View]
104105239Tai Huang[View]
104100066There's this theory that TDK Joker is an Iraq war veteran/former spec ops. Nevermind the fact e…[View]
104103018this is the overweight angry white betamale who leads the anti-star wars movement[View]
104099817Simpsons Thread #2: Because the previous one hit the image limit >>104081983 Post 'em…[View]
104104362Honest question, what's so special about this? Marathoned it for the first time all day and got…[View]
104104149ITT: actors whose buffoonery you cannot sanction[View]
104101870What are movies like American Psycho so I can stop just rewatching American Psycho[View]
104097592Why won't Hollywood cast pasty pale women anymore?[View]
104086392/ffg/ - Found Footage General: Featured Film: Grave Encounters Previously: >>104047638 What is…[View]
104103405>YOU WANT ME TO LICK YOUR BALLS DADDY? what did he mean by this[View]
104100581Keegan Michael Key: When will he have his 'Get Out' type breakthrough?[View]
104104742I'm a film pleb, but I recently watched and enjoyed the Sean Connery Bond movies. It's sup…[View]
104102685You are now in charge of the Dark Universe. How do you right the ship? What movie do you make next?[View]
104101770do i need to watch the original before the newest show?[View]
104103294Though we do see this man sitting in front of Sneed's Feed and Seed, there is no concrete proof…[View]
104076390Let's see Paul Allen's card.[View]
104104577>adult character >drinks milk[View]
104103774What does the thermal vision sound like brehs?[View]
104100992Was it actually kino?[View]
104097873Will Vox Lux get Oscar nominations? It's at 91% on Rotten Tomatoes.[View]
104104572What are some good films about Wilhelm II or pre-WWI Germany in general?[View]
104104500Be Chad[View]
104104554YOU'RE NOT A BUNCH OF CUCKS ARE YOU, WOLFAGGOTS?: Seriously? In a kid's movie?[View]
104099559just started sopranos: so good. say jokes about the sopranos please[View]
104100018What is this stance trying to convey?[View]
104103276>$37 million budget >$40 million box office What went wrong?…[View]
104104058Why did Nolan feel the need to make TDKR such a bloated piece of shit? Just compare the ending to T…[View]
104102780Seriously what the FUCK was his problem?[View]
104103854Cloak & Dagger General: Capekino thread[View]
104102739>Give me Stevia...in water[View]
104102006>David Lynch: *shits in paper bag* >Person: 'What the fuck? All he did was shit in a bag?…[View]
104103487How fat do you have to be in America to be eligible for disability?[View]
104094600What exactly was he supposed to symbolize?[View]
104104164Looks like /western/-kino is back on the menu, boys. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/heat-vision/m…[View]
104102574The Walking Dead: What went wrong?[View]
104099689How did they get away with this?[View]
104091947Mommy wanting to fuck his son, haha what a silly concept, surely this wouldn't happen in real l…[View]
104104099Normal people[View]
104104028Oh! Well, I'm Pennywise, the dancing clown. 'Pennywise?'. 'Yes?', 'Meet Georgie'. 'Georgie, mee…[View]
104096953What do you call this hairstyle? Also post other unfortunate hairstyles from film and TV.[View]
104104038no can do[View]
104091181>but what does it do? >that's the beauty of it, it doesn't do anything…[View]
104103929What about the Clone attack on the Jedi?[View]
104103366Imagine the smell...[View]
104100425You are dumb if you don't watch this movie.[View]
104103664Since it's getting a US dubbed release in theaters this week I think it's approrpriate to …[View]
104103744Is it worth it to watch the last season of Babylon 5?[View]
104102908Movies with top tier soundtracks. I'll start.[View]
104100556Wha are ya lookin at, arsling?[View]
104102813Anyone want to talk about this? I watched it and not sure if I like it or not.[View]
104102036Are there any movies with far out conspiracy theories being portrayed as true?[View]
104103566Why didn't everybody love Robert?[View]
104098610Damn that was kino.[View]
104091456/bb/ Big Brother 20: HoH Part 1 winner: Tyler HoH Part 2 winner: Kaycee HoH Part 3 winner: TBD Previ…[View]
104101857Am I not turtley enough for the Turtle Club?[View]
104099930>a HERo[View]
104095461Are you going to watch the new Girl With The Dragon Tattoo film? It doesn't have Rooney and it …[View]
104103230What do you think of Dazed and Confused?[View]
104079794F: https://www.starwars.com/news/gary-kurtz-passes-away[View]
104103111*phone rings*[View]
104103331why the FUCK does nobody want to discuss this movie? the only reason it got bad reviews was because …[View]
104102944Who would win?[View]
104102984>ywn eat Scooby Doo's shit Why live[View]
104102553Remember when the SJWs were absolutely infuriated by Linklater's 'Everybody Wants Some…[View]
104102023will the Joker be film of the decade? i don't want to be disappointed lads https://www.youtube.…[View]
104103009Maniac: So I finished watching this, I really liked it. Haven't seen it acknowledged anywhere t…[View]
104102778Here's your episode IX title bro[View]
104102971SIE IST OHNE EHRE[View]
104100939Hero: This shits on any Bruce Lee or Jackie Chan movie. Jet Li might not be the GOAT in terms of ove…[View]
104102601how is she not the villain?[View]
104090933Name a cowboy movie that isn't set in a Western/desert[View]
104102546What's his endgame?[View]
104102076Could Pyongyang, North Korea turn into Blade Runner-esque grim-dark futuristic city?[View]
104096624Just watched Event Horizon. Fucking awesome. What's next?[View]
104092180fin detrollio, my arch nemesis[View]
104095087So is this the best Marvel TV show?[View]
104101523Everyone here can agree this guy is great, right?[View]
104101175Why aren't you watching the best show currently on tv? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NRkncWzi…[View]
104102469was it kino?[View]
104102674Der krieg... ist verloren...[View]
104099947What would you do if you ran into a celebrity you REALLY like?[View]
104097173Ever meet a celeb?: Which celebs have you met in public or at a con? Did you shake their hand or stu…[View]
104101452orrite err Getting real sick of that bloke from 24's kid, thinkin o' offin 'im. That…[View]
104102104*kills your girlfriend*[View]
104102324just marathoned the first 30 minutes of this. What did I think?[View]
104097330ITT: Characters that literally you (personified)[View]
104101984>Bro the new Marvel film looks like shit![View]
104089134Is wrestling kino?[View]
104101512dubs get decides what movie i watch please b kino[View]
104100119Recommend me a movie faggots[View]
104102293Gary Kurtz, Producer of 'Star Wars' and 'The Empire Strikes Back,' Dead at 78: R…[View]
104102369how did the filmmakers not notice they were using a corrupted file for the columbia logo? embarrassi…[View]
104102358Member Derrick Comedy? https://youtu.be/G2nTbqbtGug[View]
104098873Is there any performer that /tv/ universally likes?[View]
104100938>tfw you accidentally forget you are in a duel with Darth Vader[View]
104102265If I die in this world Who will know I shoot lasers[View]
104094976Predict his next project.[View]
104091287Me. It was all me, James.[View]
104102188Is this watchable? Any creative kills like the first, or 'operator' moments like the 2nd and 3rd?[View]
104102113Why didn't they just ask Lynch to direct TLJ? He was meant to make Return of the Jedi and if th…[View]
104100624Recommend me some creepy shit where the main protagonist is completely oblivious: Also post some cre…[View]
104101987who would win?[View]
104097779Riverdale is the best show in the history of television[View]
104100152WHAT was he thinking???[View]
104100523W-was I supposed to be happy he escaped?[View]
104100465ITT: Underrated tv shows that are kino.[View]
104101424Aliens Actor and Vietnam War Veteran Al Matthews Found Dead in Spain at 75: RIP. Sticky, mods?…[View]
104101715What went wrong?[View]
104101852zzZZZzzzzZzzzZzzzZzzzZZZZZzzzzzzZZZZZZ also >ADA not being able to recognize Jimmy's voice …[View]
104101056What are some movies involving milkshakes?[View]
104098101>select all boats captcha >get it wrong because i didnt click on the schooner…[View]
104098080how do you think bojack horseman will end? i can think of 3 possible ways: 1. a few times in the ser…[View]
104101783That's a 50dkp minus, Mr.Bond...[View]
104099525For Avatar 2, JC's literally CREATING a new specimen of 3D technology that will be glasses-free…[View]
104098228>I wondered if everybody thinks in their accent. >How do you know you think in your accent? …[View]
104100183Dukat dindu nuffin: He didn’t do anything wrong, he just wanted a better future for both his people …[View]
104083624Trek: Report Bashirfaggot on sight edition Old: >>104064363[View]
104090121Cast them[View]
104100853What are some shows you expected to hate but turned out to be pretty good /tv/?[View]
104100774What if Scar survived?[View]
104086372Who was in the wrong here?[View]
104101504Will he get a biopic? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2010%E2%80%932017_Toronto_serial_homicides…[View]
104097708>let me show you why you are here, my project about condensing UV rays and by corollary making tr…[View]
104100851Can someone post the evangelion x twin peaks congratulations mash up?[View]
104099307what's your favorite beverage to sip on whilst watching your kinos b?[View]
104101400Two questions: 1) What is the best black actor in the history of cinema? 2) What is the best movie w…[View]
104100734what are some movies about epic trolls?[View]
104101355me no liike popular movie[View]
104098819Name one time Larry was wrong in Curb[View]
104099091Lodge 49 Live Thread: Last Week the identity of The Captain was revealed and it is none other than T…[View]
104101282>learns of evidence that reflects poorly on his client necrophilia ...I think we're done her…[View]
104101031>So Anon...you post the same threads day after day, night after night...you like doing this? You …[View]
104101111what are your favorite film locations?[View]
104098682Jump point forming in sector nine... It's a Narn ship![View]
104099288Why was this movie even called the Secret Window? What did the window have to do with anything? It c…[View]
104101139Will we ever get space battle kino like BSG again?[View]
104098324Does anyone here have a legit home theater with projectors and shit? Watching kino on my 4K hdr proj…[View]
104101017I need some help anons. Which Squidbillies episode is it where Granny makes a Frank Herbert Dune ref…[View]
104089378Who's the best Spiderman?[View]
104100704You give me that 'juris-my-dick-tion' crap...: ...you can cram it up your ass[View]
104099524She combs her hair but once a year, risseldy rosseldy now-now-now![View]
104100814Was it NTR?[View]
104100753does nobody on this lake own a fucking lightbulb?[View]
104099229Why is Sinbad white with red hair now?[View]
104098014Maniac Mid Game Discussion: What did you guys think of episodes 3, 4, 5 and 6 previous episodes 1…[View]
104098177Disobedience: >tfw they start doing the snowballing-spit after sucking on eachother’s tongues thi…[View]
104099634name a better kids movie. I'll wait.[View]
104094756So now that the dust has finally settled, can we all agree that he did literally nothing wrong?[View]
104099845Is she our gal?[View]
104100586>I think Coolsville sucks What did he mean by this?[View]
104096793>e-celebs? back in my day we had celebrities[View]
104100310Do you subscribe to Compound Media?[View]
104097169Pure Kino[View]
104100094trophy, private school, duke, mercedes.[View]
104094985RIP CLINT EASTWOOD! https://www.bbc.com/pidgin/world-45566838[View]
104098457How do you actually become a successful TV writer?[View]
104094556>Ginger Snaps[View]
104099106lol i just realized toby maguire isn't lizzy maguire's brother. I literally always thought…[View]
104094302since these are allowed >>104091180 >>104091868 can we get a thread about documentary fi…[View]
104097927He Never Met The Master...: ...Bruce Lee was the master. Leroy wasn’t even a student.[View]
104097757A million photos of the Joker, but still no photos of Dane Dehaan from the new Billy the Kid film.[View]
104099754BBC kino: what does this room smell like?[View]
104081983Ralph, remember the time you thought the...[View]
104096147Phenomenal movie.[View]
104099791Make it Happen WB/DC...: ...Best Emma.[View]
104099162So what dose abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz mean?[View]
104098047BRAVO FUKUNAGA[View]
104097736So a moth goes into a pediatrist's office[View]
104097214Realistically, could he have actually gone pro?[View]
104097034>watch movie >get pumped and inspired >want to change life >feeling fades within the hou…[View]
104099519About finished with the first season and I honestly gotta say this is probably my favorite Cape TV s…[View]
104091838HOLY JESUS. WHAT IS THAT?[View]
104098679Any good 17-18th American century kino?: Pic related is what my college professor showed me[View]
104097672MCU Wolverine: Would Kevin Hart be a kino Wolverine?[View]
104096220will it be comedy-kino /tv/?[View]
104099404Help Anon find a movie from his childhood: I need help finding a movie from years ago /tv/. I watche…[View]
104096859was she right?[View]
104097669What happened to movies? Why is every modern movie this SJW cringe fest and soulless cash grab excep…[View]
104098461What the fuck is this from: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-tfC6lJ4xnU Hey so anybody got the sauce…[View]
104098421Slurpee good https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gevxYpJqrYM[View]
104098839>Be a successful suburban white woman >Decide you want to get gangbanged in the woods…[View]
104099180Lodge 49: Alright, I waited until crunch time. Might as well do it myself. >Something From Nothin…[View]
104092676so who did it better?[View]
104098808watch it /tv/[View]
104099161Should Rey and Kylo get together? I'm going with a big fat NO.[View]
104098928Why does RLM make fun of Collider so much?[View]
104095886Yes, he is![View]
104098778OH NO NO NO NO: WTF Spielberg. Don't ruin a potentially great movie by casting the shittiest me…[View]
104095722Opinions on new Transformer designs in Bumblebee[View]
104097639>final action scene of the movie is an underwater double strangulation[View]
104096757I liked it[View]
104095431What are some tv shows are movies that should have been titled 'Jews'[View]
104099025ITT: Characters that did nothing wrong[View]
104098926fmk culkins[View]
104096779What does he think of Star Wars now[View]
104098214In the King of the Hill episode where Peggy and Luanne push a mentally ill man into a meat grinder a…[View]
104098699What is your favorite terrible show? This show happens to be outstandingly hilarious when drinking.[View]
104098661>Trying to make autistic Predators What good will that do? Do they lack Minecraft music videos an…[View]
104097432Confirmed! Prelude to The Dark Knight: You read it here first... Take a closer look at the Joker car…[View]
104096433ITT: /tv/ in 1989[View]
104098729Disney villains who did nothing wrong. Ronno edition.[View]
104096805What did Walter Elias 'Walt' Disney mean by this?[View]
104076084>well hello beautiful[View]
104096792>detectives get wind of an underground community of furries who upload videos of themselves fucki…[View]
104096724The MCU Post-Avengers 4: Can the keep the hype alive? Confirmed Projects >Jon Watts’ SPIDER-MAN: …[View]
104095760Name a more epic movie[View]
104095294what is the most overused song in film?[View]
104097548Well-crafted, but boring as fuck. I feel like I should've really liked this film, but I just fe…[View]
104088436Summed up like that, his life seemed a rather scant and mingy thing. Ser Barristan could have record…[View]
104093008Despite being directed by soi incarnate, is it any good?[View]
104093868Take a breathe AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH[View]
104097298Is Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson /ourguy/?[View]
104096911How is A. NOT disturbing but B. More Disturbing?: A is a horror film but B is a Comic Book Movie. E…[View]
104097685It's been years since I watched this movie but some reason a huge blooper just hit me while I w…[View]
104093670Better Call Saul: one more hour[View]
104097264https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=TSpv3FyRdgw The fucking jumpscare in this scene is so unnecessary.…[View]
104095220is there a more R-word director in hollywood right now?: Official discussion of modern filmmakers/fi…[View]
104096806More like Kinos in the Hall[View]
104097085Holy fuck. How could they have messed this up so much?[View]
104095917What's next for her career?[View]
104096384Why are all the best rappers happen to be white? Answer me.[View]
104097463Spiderman my arch nemesis[View]
104097837Post your 70s kino here Deliverance (1977) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=at-gOm93fZg Three Days o…[View]
104097836MEATY OKRA[View]
104097784>I don’t like having a beard it hurts! My beard hurts![View]
104097795Does anyone know of a better than DVD copy of Wilder Napalm, whether it be from TV, on Blu-ray, or h…[View]
104094441>tfw I see some seat meat[View]
104094974https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oCcO_Y52d5g >I'm CIA What did he mean by this?…[View]
104096979Based Dan.[View]
104097611>Bond has to disguise himself as a clown to evade the police and tries to defuse a nuclear bomb i…[View]
104097228>meets Catelyn Stark one day >two days later pledges service to Catelyn and her children for t…[View]
104097569I saw an anon try to make a thread about this yesterday, but it died pretty quickly in spite of seem…[View]
104090885HE WAS A CONSUL OF ROME![View]
104097018>2000s movie trailer >dog character is introduced >who let the dogs out starts playing…[View]
104095638Ramsay Snow: Is this the character that ruined Game of Thrones? More than anyone else on the show he…[View]
104097414In my country there is problem and that problem is the jew![View]
104093602It's a Jurassic Park thread. I know this.: What the hell is Timmy doing here? He could've …[View]
104095801>Joe's Pizza is actually a real pizza place[View]
104094150Post pic get film recommendation.[View]
104096987>co worker is trying to talk to me about marvel movies again[View]
104096838Iron GIRL POWER: What did they mean by this?[View]
104092566where did it all go so wrong[View]
104097212Post some older movies that actually live up to the hype >Put off of Saving Private Ryan for the …[View]
104095302What was his fucking problem?[View]
104092618Would you want to be turned into a walrus, /tv/?[View]
104097116What are dubs: How do you check em[View]
104097040>Escape plan?[View]
104096775WHAT WENT WRONG?[View]
104090941hmmmmmm so wudya think will happen tonight on Better Call Saul?[View]
104093852guys what if the lord of the rings was a girl[View]
104096158Post movies that epitomize the era in which they were made[View]
104096085>mods deleting Raimi/Spider-Man threads for no reason What happened to this place?…[View]
104094945Rewatched this a few days ago. What are some other films with an atmosphere like this?[View]
104096332It's been a long road[View]
104096648Why didn't Europe just not get into a war?[View]
104095228post a bluepilled movie and its redpilled equivalent[View]
104096337Christmas movie thread: Since tomorrow its Christmas I need some Christmas kino to watch tonight…[View]
104095823Now that the dust has settled can we adamant it was kino?[View]
104095022Awkward Jane Levy interviews: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nPWbktzIK_8 https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
104063537ITT: The dumbest /tv/ meme you actually enjoyed: >david lunch lol…[View]
104095573ITT: movies that should be remade so their endings can be fixed (good movies hurt by bad endings)[View]
104096400telemundo: What does /tv/ think of novelas[View]
104096003ITT: Power Stances: >'Dr. Pavel, I'm McD'[View]
104096411Why do homeless people in blackface fascinate David Lynch?[View]
104086070is she OK ?[View]
104096114Worst comic movie: Is Ghost Rider the worst comic movie ever made?[View]
104096280What does /tv/ think about CBS's new racist show? https://youtu.be/MYyoI5qfhls[View]
104095586It's the start of a new work week, post kino wagie movies[View]
104096043>Andy's house: white siding >Sid's house: stucco What's the subtext here?…[View]
104095994PLEASE HELP. I need help finding a very specific zombie movie. The Apocalypse happens while the prot…[View]
104093153How would Zack Snyder have handled Thanos?[View]
104093583I just noticed the black woman[View]
104093833https://wegotthiscovered.com/movies/miramax-ceo-teases-possible-reboots-for-scream-and-hellraiser/ H…[View]
104094523TV things that would never happen in real life: >woman in her late 30s has healthy triplets…[View]
104089233oh grow up Lis![View]
104095807Underrated and based character[View]
104095870Hell's Bells, Trudy Why is Pete so adorable?[View]
104095895I will find you, and I will kill you[View]
104094708Predict his death[View]
104094681so was he stuck in time until he became a better person or until the 6 weeks of winter are over[View]
104092835Assassination Nation: It All returns to nothing. It all comes tumbling down, tumbling down, tumbling…[View]
104091908What's the best zombie film?[View]
104094312Real Celebrity Gossip: Blind items are bullshit. What’s some REAL stories?[View]
104094252Get Out 2018: Man-jaw girls are cute and Chaddy. Rec me more man-jaw girl kino.[View]
104090689Why does he make us feel the questions if he's not gonna give us any answers?[View]
104092620Lawrence of Arabia: Just marathoned this film. What did I think of it, /tv/? Was it rape?[View]
104094753Who would you cast me as, /tv/?[View]
104093880James Lipton: >92 years old What's hjs secret?[View]
104093121Is this kino? Also what's the essential Quentin Tarantino film ranking?[View]
104087970TIL Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop sold 'bio-frequency stickers' made of the 'carbon material NASA uses…[View]
104092606How long before the SJW media pressures the Simpsons writers who wrote Homer Badman to say it wasn…[View]
104094077>Arthur Fleck is a reformed psychiatric patient, who is a down on his luck stand-up comedian/clow…[View]
104095467ehh some movies are better off without getting hype expected much more from this and while it was go…[View]
104094610Surprise! They're casting for the 3rd Joker movie! Who is your pick?[View]
104095524You wanna know how I got these emotional scars?[View]
104095508Why does every movie on this network revolve around women being abused? The only time something dif…[View]
104095464There's a new thread dead ahead![View]
104092398Think he'll kill himself after the movie does well?[View]
104089303is this 'so bad it's good' ? I'm looking for more Arnold to watch[View]
104095013>main character needs to pose as an officer of the law but has no badge or proper ID >opens hi…[View]
104094637Horror & Monsters General!: > What have you watched recently? > Share your horror wishlist…[View]
104086675I am Ciri now.[View]
104095131Will Hollywood make honest films ever again?[View]
104095050Are you mad at me, Doc?[View]
104092631/bb/ Based Buildings[View]
104094619How did they manage to make this show so much better than Breaking Bad?[View]
104095032I was half expecting the aliens to be body snatchers and all the interviews were actually from the a…[View]
104093682>that guy in the cinema who wipes his armpits with his hands and then smells his own b.o…[View]
104069968Maniac E1 and E2 Discussion Thread: What did you think of this? Really digging Emma Stone performanc…[View]
104092544How exactly did Bane kill him?[View]
104094146What are some movies that completely rip you apart /tv/?[View]
104094764Was it kino?[View]
104094892Survivor Season 37: WEDNESDAY WEDNESDAY WEDNESDAY[View]
104094880This movie is hilariously bad. How do they expect their viewers to take a movie seriously when there…[View]
104094632Who's Frank Lee and why is he his dear?[View]
104093019I'm gonna watch this tonight. Wish me luck[View]
104093712I could really go for some macaroni and cheese...[View]
104089492It's going to be shit.[View]
104094707Bucky Larson: What is the best 0% on rotten tomatoes movie.[View]
104078402Whomst would you cast to play Yennifer?[View]
104090308Thoughts on Widows (2018)?[View]
104094284do you have a favorite place to watch movies?[View]
104085246What's the greatest British film of all time?[View]
104092583>it's a Fassbinder makes 10 LGBT movies in a year episode[View]
104094508Seriously, what the fuck was her problem?[View]
104093934>be me >work up the courage to ask a grill out >have a nice time by the lake >look up …[View]
104093825kevin hart is funny you guys, cmon[View]
104092686what are some (spooky) films about jungle exploration?[View]
104092793The shallows: How the fuck does a shark spits half a Mexican ten feet into a beach? Alive,no less…[View]
104094101ITT Kino experiences with your family >abstract dream sequence >Dad was like 'tsk'…[View]
104094260Here you go, sir! Extra fresh![View]
104092483Kino Movies and Soundtracks: > It's biting. It's teething. It's biting. I'm b…[View]
1040878134K release hype thread. The release has been getting really good reviews. Comes with new commentary …[View]
104092560I miss neganposting.[View]
104092607Seinfeld: Post your favorite Seinfeld[View]
104094305deutschland 86: So who else excited for the new season? Hadn't checked it until today and it st…[View]
104092922He looks like shit.[View]
104093765BEST MOVIES OF 2018 SO FAR: GO. Action: Fallout. Horror: Memeditary. Comedy: Thoroughbreds.[View]
104094258>'Leave Lebkino to us'[View]
104093151Define: The Coen Brothers[View]
104091414Was the Kurgan, dare I say it, /ourguy/?[View]
104093902I like John Woo flicks.[View]
104093819He wasn't that good.[View]
104087370>opens with lonely woman masturbating >teaches creature from the black lagoon rudimentary sign…[View]
104090189On the long flat plains of western Texas That's the place where I trace my bloodline And it…[View]
104093794Now that we have real lawyers and doctors reviewing medical and legal tv series, is there any video …[View]
104079820Is this, dare I say it, the movie of the year?[View]
104071319FBI Agents Walsh and Frey. Open up, anon[View]
104093904Kino that made you want to buy a gun[View]
104093083sammon and deanmon: what would happen if both were possessed by demons at the same time?[View]
104087772Say something nice about Her Grace, Daenaerys Stromboli, of the House Tartarsauce, First of her Weig…[View]
104093812you know my pussy dangerous[View]
104093805Explain this shit! Why did you even save it!? Why are you using it as a response image?[View]
104093769*appears in commercials*[View]
104090632Who do you prefer? Personally, I liked Jerome much better and am disappointed that he's not THE…[View]
104093488I need your help: Which Back to the Future is better in your opinion: Part 2 or Part 3?[View]
104093676Alright mister, what do you think you're doing?[View]
104093663SNEED N E E D[View]
104093582Ayy, somebody grab him some tendies This fucking Janny is weird Tough talk from a recluse paid nothi…[View]
104092964Mel Gibson making a remake of The Wild Bunch at WB: Western Kino incoming https://deadline.com/2018/…[View]
104092918What the fuck?: >watching Drive >halfway through the movie Ryan Gosling is replaced with a bal…[View]
104090907We're the salmon sisters![View]
104090093What does /tv/ think of Get Out?[View]
104092961Is it really surprising that the most powerful woman in the world should be a figure of controversy?[View]
104076511Will they digitally de-age Scarjo in the ‘Black Widow’ solo film /tv/?[View]
104089590Look at how glorious Sound Wave is!: LOOK AT IT[View]
104093479Sequel when?[View]
104084708> epic story > unique, never been done before > gigantic battles, political intrigue, even …[View]
104091280>movie stars all /ourguys/ >its pretty shit…[View]
104092024Patton Oswalt: Is he the modern day George Carlin? What's his best known role?[View]
104086745Wait, is this movie genuinely good or do people just make fun of it?[View]
104089291How does Cersei plan on fighting two dragons, the unsullied, the dothraki, and every northern army, …[View]
104091385Just watched this, what did I think of it?[View]
104087923I don't get it[View]
104093178>non english parts have those old shitty yellow subs what the fuck[View]
104093090>Mel Gibson to write and direct a remake of the wild bunch https://variety.com/2018/film/news/mel…[View]
104087389*plays devil's advocate*[View]
104082087started off as based and redpilled, then became cringe but redpilled and at the end based but bluepi…[View]
104092899I'm IAC: FOR YOU[View]
104087783The great debate.[View]
104092913What did it go like again?[View]
104092893Was it kino?[View]
104092747ITT the worse companion in her series. Also who cautiously optimistic for the new Dr Who? At least t…[View]
104092808Are there any shows you like on network /tv/?[View]
104065056>wake up after 5 years in hypersleep >see this Wut do, /televisionandflim/?…[View]
104092831>ur fave kino >do u beleive in god[View]
104092572When will we get a film featuring an entirely CGI Bogart?[View]
104092822for eb ber[View]
104092801Hell yeah. Everyone post your most beloved farmer characters from works of television or film.[View]
104092789Why is it that Kubrick is the only one that has movies that get tons of conspiracy theories?[View]
104092320Why is he in so much surrealkino?[View]
104092755There are too many blacks in american TV shows or films, currently. I'm not racist and all, I e…[View]
104090296First episode and Luke Cage is dabbing.[View]
104089747DCUCKS BTFO by Based Grace : Eternals: >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OVOJQmWTFWA /ourgirl/ Gen…[View]
104092730The Handmaid's Tale: >Be married to a Muslim >Gets find out >Is turned into a Handmaid…[View]
104090071Why does he act in shitty movies? Did he always play in shitty movies?[View]
104092697ITT: Shows you forgot existed[View]
104092083What are some good films set in Antarctica? Apart from The Thing of course[View]
104091888When I was young, it happens to every young man, I'm sure. She was a really beautiful woman. Sh…[View]
104086743Does he have depersonalization/derealization disorder or something? he reminds me of me and I have t…[View]
104092341Now that the dust has settled, who was in the wrong here? And tell me about a time when your worlds …[View]
104090620IS it really that bad?[View]
104092079Why Fox dont hire John Mctiernan to make another Predator film?[View]
104092578Did Palance really deserve an oscar?[View]
104092339I don't get it. He was away for a long time, just got home. He was just breakin' Tommy…[View]
104091794I dont understand this , why is it funny, what are they doing exactly. why is the audience laughing.…[View]
104092564>character doesn't get random cramps and joint cracks[View]
104089865WAIT uh uh YOU'RE UNDER ARREST[View]
104092277He’s a small guy[View]
104092360Convince me this isn't: >take washed-up, but fairly recognizable actors >start with the u…[View]
104091642who will play tom brady in the inevitable biopic?[View]
104088944Is he really as funny as Joe Rogan says?[View]
104075728/Horror/ General: What are you watching?[View]
104091224What are some movies that trick into thinking that somebody wants you[View]
104090478im gonna get drunk tonight, what films or tv shows should i watch for maximum comfiness?[View]
104089148Is it underappreciated kino?[View]
104091042Now that the dust has settled: Was it a good movie?[View]
104091877ZENDAYA IS MEECHEE https://twitter.com/gabegundacker/status/1043666739274252288[View]
104090294You have 5 seconds to state your favorite Rental Review episode... Go! For me it's Mac & Me[View]
104086607But will it feature enough LGBTQ+ representation?[View]
104091968What are some underwhelming flicks?[View]
104083300Holy fuck 8 1/2 is pure Kino: What does /tv/ think? And what Fellini film should I watch next? Inb4 …[View]
104090599Holy balls, I have ignored this but as I have been on the sauce, I searched for it on KODI and now I…[View]
104087653>Princess and the Frog >first black princess >budget: 105m >BO: 267m >Tangled >A…[View]
104086870How did they get away with this. Theres more if youre interested.[View]
104084281>There are people on this board right now that don't even know that this film exists. >Th…[View]
104090766Dick status: MUH[View]
104091673Avatar TLA: Was it kino?[View]
104089927>You dumb-dumb. Give me gum-gum![View]
104078844What's /tv/'s honest opinion of Emma Dumont? I think she's fantastic on The Gifted, b…[View]
104088395Who should've replaced him?[View]
104091415How did Tommy not only survive being shot in the head but manage to hunt down Henry in witness prote…[View]
104089962Is this the greatest moment in an animated show?[View]
104087027What sane man would throw away virgin Asian loli schoolgirl pussy (skirt and everything) for some ch…[View]
104091172>And like a lot of dreams... there's a monster at the end of it.[View]
104091501>Mountain Dew Baja Blast por favor[View]
104091215I'M GONNA MAKE YOU COME TONIGHT (over to my house)[View]
104091354Was this shot ABSOLUTELY necessary to the director's vision?[View]
104091355I've... Seen things... You new gamers wouldn't believe... noobs getting lured to the wildy…[View]
104083077who is the All Might of TV?[View]
104079930I fucked Ted[View]
104090822Fahrenheit 11/9: Anyone got a link to Fahrenheit 11/9? Stream or download? Thanks[View]
104089890>some straight like you, giant stick up his ass, age what, 60? Decides he’s just gonna break bad?…[View]
104089126HAPPENING : Game of thrones prequel CASTING CALL: /tv/ and white people BTFO HAHhahhhahahahahahhahah…[View]
104089533>I love democracy[View]
104090259>a genderless burger experience[View]
104091123Well thats interesting, someone fucked up Direct TV's global access to On Demand and apparently…[View]
104083173Will it be kinography?[View]
104091071/tv/: The Movie[View]
104089593This is actually really good. Great performance as the riddler. On the hierarchy of batman villains …[View]
104091030What happens next?[View]
104076029ITT: Actors that are constantly shilled by samefag marketers on /tv/: >sophia lillis poste >mi…[View]
104090840What are some good movies coming out next year?[View]
104090014I used to think he was universally hated but looking on amazon even the happening, airbender and aft…[View]
104087266What's the /tv/erdict?[View]
104089549Can you decipher, anon?[View]
104088040/sw/: tfw no Star Wars board where we can discuss >Star Wars memes >Sorry George threads >S…[View]
104088389haha imagine computers turning people into mentally ill gay virgins[View]
104090511Will they ever make a season as good as Murder House[View]
104090905>movie opens with drone shot. Instant kino.[View]
104089647>YOU! Get down on your knees and service my pussy. NOW! your response?[View]
104090876Is this peak television? https://youtu.be/yMe7mlRv8UE[View]
104078215/bb/ Big Brother 20: >Vote Angela for AFP/AFHG HoH Part 1 winner: Tyler HoH Part 2 winner: Kaycee…[View]
104090753Have you guys seen this kino yet, /tv/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=epCg2RbyF80[View]
104084486The Predator: >Munn discovers that the Predator they caught has human DNA >They figure that th…[View]
104090310The call that saved YouTube[View]
104090402>the only movie coming to Netflix in October that’s worth watching is The Shining What did Netfl…[View]
104090302xfm: >Right, we're never doing Rockbusters again[View]
104088132The Good Place: Was anyone else surprised how good of a first season this was? Totally didn't s…[View]
104089656This gotta be one of the most diversity meme driven tv shows I've seen in a while. Literally ev…[View]
104081525I dare you to name something bad about this movie. Hint: You can't.[View]
104088594What do we know about the plot of Avengers 4?[View]
104086818how come space movies neglect to talk about the most beautiful moon in the galaxy?[View]
104089855>sex scene >man pants and rolls off woman immediately >woman gets up and wraps entire bedsp…[View]
104089170I am Jazz[View]
104090198Post some Halloween kino.[View]
104090231Who else loved it when these little fags were getting slaughtered by the boatload[View]
104090219Cage's character in Mandy is a bearded logger who smokes cigarettes and lives in a house in the…[View]
104090100>No sticky for Garry Kurtz >No sticky for Barbra haris >No sticky for Neil Simon > No …[View]
104090117Kino TV Moments: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BGitsSdHvwE[View]
104090057why is their a force agenda in every piece of entertainment today?[View]
104090052Anyone excited for the home release of Best F(r)iends tomorrow? In the meantime have some new Tommyk…[View]
104082957Why is this shit three hours long?[View]
104089852Honestly what the fuck is with this film[View]
104089668any good movies on czech or east german secret police during the communist regime[View]
104090017Name 3 (three) /tv/ approved youtube reviewers[View]
104088133what movie is this from?[View]
104089934Seriously tho. That's not even nitpicking. Why did he himself get caught JUST so he can Escape…[View]
104088969what are some movies about sea monsters?[View]
104084118>See, the sad thing about a guy like you is, in 50 years you're gonna start doin' some …[View]
104081298but she isn't ugly[View]
104086266Woah.... so this... in a woman... in her prime...[View]
104082815You guys ready for the Live Action Netflix Avatar series?[View]
104085325Finally, a female movie.[View]
104087701BIGGER Official Trailer (2018): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2oTqxKEthGE Calum Von Moger Victoria…[View]
104088446Recommendations for crime movies: Post em[View]
104089051The mic was in picture[View]
104079065Why don't movies have more rape? It's always murder[View]
104086871Is this actually good? I stopped watching mid season 2 as I couldn't stand his brother chuck, t…[View]
104076446Why did it fail?[View]
104086726#diversity2019: What about successful franchise but with nigger?[View]
104089388You ever watch Kino... ...on weeeed?[View]
104084331What is the Citizen Kane of film?[View]
104088635Why does the faggotry increase with every season?[View]
104086261What was his catch phrase again?[View]
104084873Do you sort The Simpsons under the letter T or the letter S?[View]
104088602Post one modern director who could beat James Cameron in a knife fight Ill wait[View]
104083287Anyone else love April Fool's Day? I thought I'd hate it but it ended up being one of my f…[View]
104089191> Most powerful superhero starter pack[View]
104087225Hey Louise remember that time I met Sam's Undertale[View]
104088066This is my husband Soundwave. Say something nice about him.[View]
104089072*sip* They would NEVER air this kind of content on TV nowadays...[View]
104088583*heavenly chorus*: THE[View]
104088866Why do the Avengers always drive Audi cars?: >Move or be moved...in a brand new Audi™…[View]
104088971THUG: >be american >get shot Is this film supposed to be some super complex conspiracy? I solv…[View]
104088672I'M ACTING![View]
104082080ITT: One hit wonders[View]
104088626why would anyone want to watch an entire season in one sitting[View]
104086796>it's a Dee gets respect episode[View]
104088475Was Good Girls starring Christina Hendricks and Mae Whitman any good? From the few threads that I sa…[View]
104088073It actually looks promising[View]
104086780Better Call Saul: What's gonna happen tonight? Will Nacho, Kim or Howard die tonight?…[View]
104088309Thought I was in for a light-hearted comedy. Boy, was I wrong..[View]
104087431AQUAMAN: Why Atlanteans Vomit When Out of Water: >Living underwater means lungs are filled with f…[View]
104088426Pic related if I made the movie...[View]
104088576Creative Corner: > trademark and copyright law gets abolished > every moviemaker can use use …[View]
104088574How is it?[View]
104088485THIS SUMMER: cast it bros[View]
104086986best spider girl[View]
104088403Do Americans really do this?[View]
104086828IT 2 when?: When is the next IT sequel coming out? And will the new Pennywise be as good as Tim Curr…[View]
104086020Why are the best films from the 1920s-1980s so watchable. But TV shows from the 1950s-1980s so unwat…[View]
104087603Here's your Ciri.[View]
104088253Well I'm Pennywise. . . and you're Georgie. .[View]
104088146When will he inevitably kill himself?[View]
104088259>and your other gun![View]
104079996She's a decent baker, but can anyone else not stand this cunt? She's the first actually pa…[View]
104087230>You heard that?[View]
104085912IT'S ALL FALLING APART!: https://thegossiplife.com/2018/09/24/daily-blind-item-stop-the-leaks/…[View]
104087691>Dark Matter will never get a proper ending[View]
104059986That particular thing from film or TV that spooked you as a kid.[View]
104087103Kino incoming tonight.[View]
104086181FÜR SIE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XU9UideeyPw What did he mean by this?[View]
104087301Check out my Slenderman review!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=27&v=XzO9vRLWFd4…[View]
104086979Yo dawgs, I was jest changing![View]
104087630Cast it.[View]
104087801what went wrong?[View]
104087897louis made a kino[View]
104087861I bet Earthbound would legitimately make a really cool movie if they put some thought into it...and …[View]
104087743redpill me on Kevin Federline's MCU[View]
104087776Who gives a shit about Bigfoot? MEN’S ASSES![View]
104087752Will this guy ever get his own tv show? Or is this movement of trashy YouTube not big enough?[View]
104087749>*smacks lips* >*heavy breathing* >*slobbering kisses* >*loud chewing* >*cutlery hitt…[View]
104084957Need help finding a movie. Zombie flick. Protag comes back from camping trip with girl, hole up in a…[View]
104085319WAIT?! Did Ray want to die? Wtf, the plan seemed one sided and almost suicidal for his crew and Donn…[View]
104086269Based or cringe? Redpilled or bluepilled?[View]
104086315I've seen season 3 of the expanse. I've seen wonderful miss maisel I've seen the avai…[View]
104086702What was the worst ending in tv show history? My vote goes to Penny Dreadful[View]
104087706>'We're not so different, you and I...'[View]
104085161Eskimo pussy is mighty cold[View]
104055918If you could make a mainstream Big Budget Hollowood movie abot any 2 actresses lezzing out: Who woul…[View]
104086008>'take me to a website that's super intense!' >sends them to disney with every lucrative …[View]
104087517Was this kino?[View]
104087383>steals your heart[View]
104086484>release in less than 4 months >still absolutely nothing It's gonna be DOA isn't it?…[View]
104079980If Natalie Portman could fly she'd be Natalie Airportman[View]
104086248heres your Episode IX title bro[View]
104084195This stance.... is it possible to learn this power in acting school?[View]
104085001The Predator: Big if True: -Spoilers for The Predator- So. In the new Predator movie, we learn that …[View]
104087381Air Bud is kino: This was the peak of Animal lead actor films and nothing has topped it. Time to fuc…[View]
104087321Ooh! 'Dere he is![View]
104086241Comfy Streaming Session (Casino first): Hello Traps and Gentleman welcome to the Kino Night Extravag…[View]
104086750How’s that screenplay coming along?[View]
104084096Why does he trigger SJWs so hard?[View]
104085896Mel Gibson To Co-Write & Direct ‘Wild Bunch’ Remake At Warner Bros.: western kino is back boys…[View]
104082519>biggest claim to fame is being in the only good shyamalan movie and voicing a shonen protagonist…[View]
104087073How kino is that intro? looks like vaporwave https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lxXyTrdgJKg[View]
104084609I am Jazz: Thoughts on this TV show? Favorite episode?[View]
104078365Name an old movie that couldn't be made nowadays and vice versa (new movie that couldn't b…[View]
104087019Yo what's up, JJ Abrams tried to make me into Obi-Wan Kenobi but without any of the things that…[View]
104087010dude what if monk was a zoomer instead of a boomer lmao this show is pretty comfy desu[View]
104086913Was she a 'baddie' in the Jurassic canon? I still consider Eddie Carr to be the only good …[View]
104085992is there a wikipedia but for everyday people so I can check the plot section on my page and see if I…[View]
104084915Holy Fucking Shit.[View]
104086424This was really bad. >dude jumpscares lmao! >clown looks like it has down syndrome >final…[View]
104085952Sneedposters confirmed for literal retards.[View]
104078694Write me a good Alien premise.[View]
104076137GUILTY: Sentencing begins today. Today will be the last day in our lives that Bill Cosby is a free m…[View]
104081929Big time plen here. Can someone explain to me why the fuck they decided to have this plane cash subp…[View]
104085034/BASED/: when is this coming out? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BEviuGoildE[View]
104086259Alf: Why didn't Willy just shoot Alf in the head while he was sleeping? Was Willy scared or did…[View]
104086665>CIA agent >Gets sent to Yemen despite being an analyst…[View]
104082752>*snickers* let me guess, ticket for one? >here you go sir, enjoy your movie *glances at other…[View]
104084387ITT : scenes from simpsons that messed you up as a kid[View]
104082903/tv/, i think its time to talk about the best films of all times no particular order: one hour photo…[View]
104085735Just watched this garbage. Was this a prequel, a sequel, a soft reboot? Why was her mother changed? …[View]
104086536About to watch this for the first time what I'm in for is it kino? If so can you guys recommend…[View]
104084187I would buy it for one dollar![View]
104085502This scene fucked me up as a kid. Gobby just kills three innocent people out of nowhere. Not only th…[View]
104086357what do i watch now?[View]
104086466The original trilogy is on sale in my local CEX for half nothing, and it's a fine big box set t…[View]
104084608First Spy and now this? Why does Paul Fieg get a pass, his films are top tier shite.[View]
104085285Now, turn your attention to me as I ask you this final question.[View]
104080774Hello. My name is Robert. I will be your usher for the duration of this movie. Before you enjoy the …[View]
104086346fiiiiire in the hol'[View]
104065907BUMBLEBEE: When they said a new Bumblebee movie trailer was coming out, I didn't expect it to b…[View]
104086234Ey bruh y'all got any more of them OCTAGONS?[View]
104086159>character take a swig of beer >doesn't try to hide his disgust to fit in…[View]
104083197Suits fucked for the entirety of the film, how will he defeat Thanos in A4?[View]
104083510What the fuck am I watching?[View]
104083536Decide to give something of hers a watch as she gets spammed a lot, Turns out she's only been i…[View]
104086133wut oh hai mark: Ok im watching the wire and I get why people say its good. But better than breaking…[View]
104048586Less than a year as an A list actress and she's already disappeared, what happened?[View]
104084870What are the Best..: Movies from the 80s and movies about the 80s https://youtu.be/ST86JM1RPl0?list=…[View]
104047638/ffg/ - Found Footage General: Featured Film: Killing Gunther (2017) Previously: >>104020262 W…[View]
104085296>Muh forced diversity. Ever been in a modern hospital? They’re like the united fucking nations.…[View]
104085958You guys pissed of the janny and now the legitimate zootopia thread is kill. So I'll make anoth…[View]
104085863got memed into watching this pile of shit[View]
104085827https://youtu.be/411JjRXOA6s Movies with this feel?[View]
104082232Criminally underrated kino thread: >expect boring made-for-TV tier tearjerker for boomer housewiv…[View]
104082638I love 7 samurai[View]
104064363/trek/: Spill your Spaghetti Edition[View]
104082716Perro caca, for favor...[View]
104083110Why was she so conceited?[View]
104080099>2018 >still #madatmort ISHYDDT[View]
104082274Decorated Marine Al 'Apone' Mathews dead at 75: Come here Janny COME HERE[View]
104084851Say something nice about him.[View]
104081227I really don't think there's any 'meaning' or plot that can be solved, I think it's j…[View]
104080080Did SyFy finally do something write? Also, are we stargate now? Also, this show can go on for a long…[View]
104085214Has there ever been a more relatable protagonist?[View]
104085534>451 days until Episode IX[View]
104085465Eyes Wide Shut : the hypnosis take: where did you go anon ?[View]
104085182The man who kept George Lucas in check has died: Gary Kurtz has passed away. Fuck cancer. He and Luc…[View]
104085442>mountain dew and a box of condoms[View]
104082240>In June 1986, Wahlberg and three friends chased after three African-American children while yell…[View]
104079961BUMBLEBEE EXTENDED TRAILER: APOLOGIZE Trailer: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=AKAqSqvQm0M&featur…[View]
104084105Netflix's Wanderlust - Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IAPLDP9ZFNI >In an attempt t…[View]
104085142>cynical jackass >cynical jackass >addicted to pain drugs >addicted to pain drugs >go…[View]
104085167BUM BUM BUMDUMP[View]
104082336Post em![View]
104082449The Night Comes For Us just premiered at Fantastic Fest today and it's getting absolute sick bu…[View]
104081242Rogue One: Darth Vader Scene Analysis: I was watching the Vader scene in Rogue One the other day, an…[View]
104084063I lie awake and dread the lonely nights I'm not alone https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=noLPhZvc…[View]
104082871Just finished this show. I liked it What does /tv/ think about it?[View]
104085090>we need a kino guarantee >I know just the guy…[View]
104084601Will Doctor Who have an episode featuring Elagabalus this season? I've been wondering since I k…[View]
104084448Fictional cities you would definitely live in[View]
104084989Bumblebee to feature more G1 bots: Trailer: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=lcwmDAYt22k International …[View]
104076063>26 >NEET >It's a rainy day >Literally staying at home all day today to smoke weed …[View]
104081517Nick died in 1997 Prove me wrong[View]
104084808*crunch crunch* *sluuuuurp* *'cxuse me, sorry, sorry, coming trough* *brffffffffffft* *cough* *…[View]
104084844Lawrence Kasdan: This is Lawrence Kasdan, the reason Star Wars and Indiana Jones were good, as a you…[View]
104080293Black Panther: Yes another thread but I finally saw this abysmal movie so I felt compelled. Is the …[View]
104075327comfy TITANIC thread[View]
104075020Kiersey Clemons To Star In ZORRO Reboot: >Kiersey Clemons ('Dope') is set to star in Z, director …[View]
104083379Bane: PAVERU HAKASE! SHI- AI - EI DESU! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wSRylVSfxyw[View]
104084149M Night too “dark” for Apple: >Apple has bought more than a dozen shows, favoring broadly appeali…[View]
104083671/trek/: Kino time edition[View]
104083246Wildlife | A [spoiler]Classic[/spoiler] Paul Dano Film: >https://youtu.be/OoJpVQTY_t4 In all seri…[View]
104084561MCU: Remember when The Avengers had good CGI? What happened with Marvel since Age of Ultron?[View]
104084512Angie rockstar: I AM losing MY MIND!! which show was she on before Big Brother 20!!! i know she was …[View]
104082356Simpsons characters you wish you saw more of. >inb4 you know what[View]
104082851We want the lefties but Trump supporters are okay too: The series[View]
104061815hello today is my birthday and you're all invited to to the party[View]
104084443Are you ready to see Chris' Pinus Halepensis in Outlaw King? It was supposedly divisive among t…[View]
104076366This was very good: Here in Italy they're airing it again from the first season and i've t…[View]
104081935> Brie Larson doesn't put effort into her role - and that's a good thing! So, which one…[View]
104077478No wonder Germany lost war if 100s of them couldn't take out a single disabled tank.[View]
104084206maniac cast: hi is there a full list for the maniac (netflix) cast? pic is choi min sik, but could n…[View]
104077323The first Matrix film came out nearly 20 years ago, how do you think these films holds up now? Are y…[View]
104083999And Harrenhal... I shuppose... THAT'S off the table as well?[View]
104083949Film Of The Year Here: Another Kino film by Gaser Noe. Horror film of the decade?[View]
104083917>detective gathers everyone around to explain the case and expose the killer…[View]
104082460Cast them[View]
104083801Redpilled incel core[View]
104083820What was his deal?: Look at this idiot. Premature Reaction Much? Just clapping away, clapping away, …[View]
104081991>how do we know we can trust you? >you don't…[View]
104082717Austin Powers 1 > 2 > 3[View]
104078575Where did the White Walkers get these big ass chains? Do they have forges? Warehouses with stuff fro…[View]
104083463What do you like to eat while watching kino?[View]
104079922why isn he funny anymore?[View]
104082069'where are the locks?' 'oh, we don't lock our doors in the Reich.' Why the fuck not?[View]
104083497This shit made my teary. It's so fucking beautiful and it sucks that I will never get to meet t…[View]
104080825Has this character ever been funny? (she cute tho)[View]
104082613this is the overweight angry white betamale who leads the anti-star wars movement[View]
104081083Why are there no first person movies?[View]
104079176Better Call Saul: What's going to happen tonight?[View]
104083302This raping drug scandal ain't a whole lot of fun: I had 99 victims and I fucked every one I wa…[View]
104080382The camel knows[View]
104083107Why does this movie cause so much ass pain on this board?[View]
104071335Those fucking legs hahahahahajajjaha: This can’t be real[View]
104083204Is Cary Fukunaga a fucking baneposter?[View]
104083227Whats on the horizon for John Adedayo B. Adegboyega senpai ?[View]
104082177>yes prince Zuko. To be able to create lightning, you have to be at total peace with yourself and…[View]
104082152What is your opinion on Big Hero 6?[View]
104082921>Christmas office party >there's a party area where people are drinking and the open offi…[View]
104081621Why no one talks about this? Was it bad?[View]
104082913What the hell was his problem?[View]
104082616Well /tv/ I made it, DESPITE your Sneedposting.[View]
104082819No.1 Thanos good guy: Thanos is cool and based haha, so get off the Internet grandpas, Thanos dabbed…[View]
104082694I'M ALL IN[View]
104082358How do we save him those Scientology faggots? I’m pretty sure he wants out.[View]
104082742/ng/ nascar general: Cucklin edition[View]
104082287Ron Perlman: Is Hellboy his best role?[View]
104072030oh nonono HAHAHAHAHA[View]
104070427SHUT ABOUT PLOT HOLES: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j9HivyjAKlc It's time to shut up about p…[View]
104057425Is there a worse ship design in nuwars than this?[View]
104082545>John Milius is going to die soon >his Genghis Khan and Pharaoh kino will never be realized…[View]
104082035shrek 1 and 2 are such great movies. seriously, they're so great! thoughts?[View]
104082565this is real kino https://youtu.be/XcLzF1bMng8[View]
104082463cast it /tv/[View]
104081107How can /T*/bois ever compete?[View]
104081333What are some shows similar to MDE Presents World Peace?[View]
104080833>this guy's a ghost, sir[View]
104081829Does /tv/ like Moleman?[View]
104082097>Go on Netflix >Browse for a while >Can't find anything >Remember that one thing I …[View]
104079836Times you acted like the Joqster: >mom tells me to eat my peas >fuck peas you stupid skank bit…[View]
104071840Anons that live in European NATO countries are there any war films/documentaries about Afghanistan i…[View]
104082227DUDE SEX LMAO[View]
104079044DON'T TRY IT ANAKIN[View]
104071569*inhales deeply* NÒOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO[View]
104081300so whats the overall opinion on this show? never really saw it aside from an episode or two. when do…[View]
104076106This was great. What did you guys think?[View]
104074897What's the appeal of parody films?[View]
104078781Looks like Dragonkino is back on the menu, lads![View]
104080605based Brie![View]
104081234Why didn't he just fly away with his new gf and tons of money? What a fucking jackass![View]
104081951So, Trinity killed her off camera. Fucking spic directors, the first two seasons were actually prett…[View]
104081891What would YOU do?[View]
104081846What are some kinos about incels?[View]
104080921what the fuck was his problem[View]
104080108lake mungo anybody watch this[View]
104081692>Thats my REAL Social secuirty number wtf happened to this guy? did he get his identity stolen lm…[View]
104081877Is this a good film? is this worth watching in a theatre/cinema?[View]
104081759How does anyone take this guy seriously? I could not possibly imagine being scared or intimidated by…[View]
104081497Uh, wickeywildwild Wicky wickywild Wickeywild, wicky wickywildwildwildwest[View]
104081804Well, it was surprisingly good.[View]
104081737This is a uh.. gallon of PCP[View]
104081537SIE IST OHNE EHRE[View]
104080739under the skin: who was in the wrong here?[View]
104081335Did they have to go full Star Wars prequel on this and have to have homages, winks and cameos by eve…[View]
104080539>walks angrily[View]
104076404Who would you cast in a live-action remake? I’d go with Isabela Moner as the cat, BDH as the dog and…[View]
104081192cast these heroes[View]
104081569'You' the new Incel beta cuck show.: Incel culture is now popular, but it was a cringy and anger ind…[View]
104081552Anybody see this? Is it goo?[View]
104078886>useless and scaried doctor >learns how to hunt a predator, use guns and kill in less than 24 …[View]
104079701How does /TV/ feel about Kidding?[View]
104077073>I wondered if everybody thinks in their accent. >How do you know you think in your accent? …[View]
104080776>Lynch: 'Eraserhead is my most spiritual film.' >Reporter: 'Can you elaborate on that.' >Ly…[View]
104081199Sierra Burguess: Is she considered Ugly? She has a qt face and more cushion for the pushin? Is this …[View]
104081299>90s comedy >BOOM SHAKA LAK starts playing…[View]
104079412Shows ruined by feminism.: Here's my incomplete list. Gotham Iron Fist Billions Mr. Robot Star …[View]
104078606Is Twin Peaks the /tv/ equivalent of ITAOTS?: and if not then what is? Please discuss with reasons a…[View]
104081211>short height >short dick >has no girlfriend Bootsy confirmed to be bottom bitch faggot…[View]
104080410Back to formula?[View]
104081163Is he /tv/ approved?[View]
104075564Whoa, these movies are better than I remember.[View]
104081047Is time the cruelest mistress?[View]
104080172it's been a long road[View]
104080005I can't go to Yemen[View]
104080381What went wrong?[View]
104080801When will /our guy/ play the Joker?[View]
104074034Infinity War did a better job subverting expectations than Last Jedi[View]
104080292Marge, could you please shut the DOOOOOOOR[View]
104079413How do sitcoms work with live audiences?: Do the same exact people be brought in every taping? Are t…[View]
104077867>The OT has Good effec-[View]
104074112So when is Marvel going to make a movie about the new Iron Man, fifteen-year-old African-American fe…[View]
104077529>/bb/ Big Brother >disney >bill burr >Found Footage >CNN >star wars >doctor who…[View]
104080770Lets goooooo: Haven’t seen a thread today wtf /tv/[View]
104080624Dan Schneider: Why hasn't anyone done anything yet about this fucking kike predator yet?[View]
104079144Name one(1[I]) character he couldn't play[View]
104080680>we shall build our enemies the best bridge ever LMAO that'll show them! Why are bongs so re…[View]
104080223what do you lads think of hunting Hitler?[View]
104080557Well Mr Bond, looks like your Hippos are going hungry tonight[View]
104069496Why is late night shows so tedious to watch?: Week after week all of those hosts make exactly the sa…[View]
104080457>In philosophy >Professor asks me about the concept of evil >Put on the spot, start panicki…[View]
104077173Spawn 1997: Just watched this for the first time in like 15 years holy shit it's bad. Name a wo…[View]
104080442Tarantino's only worthwhile input to the industry.[View]
104072410What does /tv/ think about the 2003 Masterpiece 'The Cat in the Hat?': Is this top kino? h…[View]
104079490Bladerunner 2049 is kino as fuck: The 'Tears in the Rain' speech means a lot more to me be…[View]
104079855Popular actors that will never win an Oscar[View]
104080215RIP Gary Kurtz[View]
104079166I'll be useful, sir[View]
104079438Superhero movies: Why were superhero movies in the past so goofy, light-hearted and more fun than te…[View]
104079524And the winner is...[View]
104080384OH NONONONONONO: >DCEU doesn't have a Batman or Superman >Left with Arrow and Flash LMFAO…[View]
104079576You now live in the alt-universe where Raimi's spiderman casted Tabby McGuire for Petra Parker.…[View]
104080366Der krieg... ist verloren...[View]
104080260Toxic movies[View]
104078972This is becoming a horror movie with each passing day.[View]
104080321Will they ever make a season as good as Murder House[View]
104079612I was wondering...: What's his name again?[View]
104078801Recommend me a movie where an eccentric, unconventional, but honest and principled lawyer is hired t…[View]
104072942>Now don't laugh at this next part[View]
104079721How did the Simpsons do it?[View]
104071679Was it kino? What are some other films like it?[View]
104078311Who was in the wrong here?[View]
104077797imagine being typecast for a 'scary demon witch woman who slaughters people' must be a dream job[View]
104076805Tiffany Haddish: Did she made in Hollywood? or is she one flop away from failure. she's truly f…[View]
104077396>watching Asian movie >get lost because can't differentiate the actors from one another…[View]
104065714The hour is later than you think. Sauron's forces are already moving. The Nine have left Minas …[View]
104064788What's the absolute worst episode of Seinfeld?[View]
104069353How come he only ever investigated the murders of rich people that were murdered by other rich peopl…[View]
104079950>Parker... Now I remember you. You're Dr. Connor's student. He tells me you're bri…[View]
104079293>watching various movieclips on youtube >suggested video is 'Ending of _______: EXPLAINED' …[View]
104078787>scenes women will NEVER EVER understand[View]
104077139What's next for Sarah Hyland, /tv/?[View]
104079715say it[View]
104079871This movie was so god damn scary why does no one talk about it?[View]
104079839Anyone alse having a problem watching movies/shows with really famous actors? I started watching Man…[View]
104079830Marathoning Taxi Driver. 12 minutes in, so far so good![View]
104079710Is... is this the Evangelion of Star Wars?: Is... is this the Evangelion of Star Wars?[View]
104077467HEY PAUL[View]
104079724Comb with me if you want to live[View]
104072497James Wan as a director: Is James Wan a good director? Was The Conjuring actually good? Here he is g…[View]
104074738The Man in the High Castle Season 3: Who’s ready for October 5th? Only on Prime Video![View]
104078794Was Karl sexually attracted to Homer?[View]
104079442>'Stand back white boys'[View]
104077260>Talks down to anybody he feels like and gets his drone audience to cheer him on. >Talks in a…[View]
104076352>Ayo, Fuck Da Poe-Lease and Fuck Wh*te People: The Movie: The Game. In theaters near you October …[View]
104076280Things that all of /tv/ can agree on. Be cautious, any division will disqualify it.[View]
104079143Get Out 2017: I really like those sort of man-jaw having actresses like the girl from Get Out. Are t…[View]
104077962Why didn't he take the sink and crush the nurse's head with it?[View]
104074249Webm Thread: Post what you have[View]
104078934Do Tyler Perry movies make money outside the US?[View]
104071555what a glorious day[View]
104078988Who’s going to play them in the inevitable biopic?[View]
104055584Bill Burr exposes H3H3(Ethan Klein) as a talentless hack lmao https://youtu.be/Ys2mQ_Anwug[View]
104079168*pling pling*[View]
104073340Movies zoomers just don't understand[View]
104078079Dead /tv/ meme general[View]
104076853>based and redpilled movies that teached you about life[View]
104075823It's biblical. It's deep. It's female. Deal with it.[View]
104079041>he doesn't enjoy the prequels What the fuck is wrong with you?[View]
104074156What went so wrong?[View]
104077202how the fuck are the living going to beat this? honestly have a better chance of survival hiding und…[View]
104079015I reckon I'll probably give it a blast, what harm could come from it?[View]
104077435>Has right wing guest Yeah fuck Hillary, Trump was totally the better alternative. He is right on…[View]
104077894Miranda Cosgrove: >>iCarly girl will never ride your cock in the backseat of her car…[View]
104078861>Full England, James?[View]
104075735>it's not fucking fair, they fucking came to me asking if I would helm their Batman solo fil…[View]
104078748Best Joker is Lego Joker[View]
104078641>This is How Cinematic Actor Sean Justin Penn Looks Like This Now What went wrong?…[View]
104072285It's going to bomb isn't it?: It just looks so dated, like the movie was made in 2008.…[View]
104078126ITT: People who will cross the rainbow bridge within the next 12 months >Michael Caine >Stan L…[View]
104075586Was it kino ending?[View]
104074923ITT: once great actors who have trashed their reputation by starring in a slew of garbage-tier movie…[View]
104078560Anon, Why was she so perfect? Why hasn’t she gone on to become a huge star? https://youtu.be/RCv-aVJ…[View]
104078070bref, j'vous dis qu'ça sert à rien: Are there any flicks, movies or films about impotent b…[View]
104077092Infinity War Stream?: Hey /tv/, what are your views on piracy? im usually on /fit/ or /k/ so no h8 I…[View]
104078482>thor: ragnarok[View]
104078401come and sneed your wagon[View]
104078373So let's say you replaced every Mike Myers role with Johnny Depp and every Johnny Depp role wit…[View]
104076383https://youtu.be/SJxcQt6nCC0?t=278 Ricky: How do you know you think in your accent? Tell me a typica…[View]
104058993Why the FUCK hasn't a Hollywood adaptation been announced yet?[View]
104076683>literally the only A list actor who hasn't sold himself to, or built his fame on, capeshit …[View]
104078348Wtf were they thinking?[View]
104077911Why were people dicks towards bastards in the past? specificly europe for the sake of convenience. I…[View]
104078332There are people who actually thought this hunk of shit was a good idea https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
104049662Disney changed Princess Tiana’s appearance to look more black after complaints of whitewashing.[View]
104078253Godzilla King of the Monsters: Am I the only one hyped for this movie? Should be the best schlock mo…[View]
104063648Are there any non ‘dude weed lmao’ movies about marijuana life which aren’t stereotypical?[View]
104076895Fuck Apple. Dre is influential and interesting. I'd love to see some kino on him.[View]
104078229Cape fear: He could have cucked Nick Nolte but instead we got a boring fight scene. >Cady breaks …[View]
104075503films not discussed on this board: ITT: movies you're convinced that only you've seen…[View]
104078172Why did his parents give him a black name? Did that influence him to make a hip-hop album?[View]
104071675Why didn't amateur filmmaking take off with the birth of youtube? You'd think instead of …[View]
104078023is this out yet? kino enough?[View]
104077916Name a single good TV series that aired in 2003. You can't.[View]
104077695>A cute girl giving an autist the time of day. This was more unrealistic than the science stuff.…[View]
104078065Movies that you just don't understand. So was Gladiator and Knight's Tale guy gay for each…[View]
104077870Why don’t they make comedies about bumbling wives and their exasperated husbands?[View]
104077365What ever happened to her?[View]
104077716Help me remember the name of a movie: Hi /tv/ can you help me remember the name of a movie? I believ…[View]
104076539I wanna watch a show set in New York metro area with a balding italian-american character. I'm …[View]
104044813>(ringing) >Moe's Tavern...[View]
104076705>'and if it wasnt for the press we would have dropped napalm on the darn rag head hospital as wel…[View]
104077917What went wrong? Why'd it get cancelled?[View]
104077652WONDER WOMAN 1984: Details On Pedro Pascal's Mystery Character: >As most fans assumed, Pasca…[View]
104076966>Yes goyim, like capeshit. Oh goyim, you're so smart and sophisticated for liking Marvel mov…[View]
104077749>Today is my onehundrededethenededefeleventh birthday! Was Biblo okay here? Why did he suddenly s…[View]
104072947Now that the dust has settled, was he really all that good?[View]
104077804>Thread starts with a Pepe or Wojak[View]
104077592How is this show so good?[View]
104075969The Meyerowitz Stories (2017): >Adam Sandler garnered acclaim for his performance, with many crit…[View]
104043178So Olivier never actually loved Elio and just wanted to have some of that fine Chalamet ass? How on …[View]
104077708How do black people manage to look cool no matter WHAT they choose to do with themselves while white…[View]
104072065Just watched this, it was pretty good and James Mcavoy was great in it. What did /tv/ think of it wi…[View]
104066492whats your excuse for not being a creative movie director?[View]
104077610Did /tv/ like it?[View]
104072728THEY FIGHT[View]
104054945/bb/ Big Brother 20: HoH Part 1 winner: Tyler HoH Part 2 winner: Kaycee HoH Part 3 winner: TBD Previ…[View]
104076751Anyone else watch this? Not my usual watch but I enjoyed it[View]
104077206Who was in the wrong heer? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8JDkdc246QQ[View]
104074447>2019, The Future. >Watching the Joaquin Phoenix Joker Movie. >Joker narrates the whole sto…[View]
104077168Through the dankness of futures past, The magician longs to seed One chants out between two worlds: …[View]
104074633ITT: We only talk about films we like. We've developed a reputation for hating everything and I…[View]
104077424>Look at me >I'm the Batman, now[View]
104075528Why didn't Sauron guard the entrance of Mount doom? Why didn't helms deep and Mina's …[View]
104074055Why didn't Voldemort just slit baby Harry's throat?[View]
104077167>https://www.slashfilm.com/marvel-female-superhero-series/ Are you ready for Shulkie kino?…[View]
104077318Ken Burns Vietnam: what if the VC were the good guys?[View]
104077195Why'd you run away from me the other night man?[View]
104075457I've just watched Lost in Translation and I really fucking liked it. More movies like that? (ma…[View]
104076053A Thread to Discuss the Film/TV Oeuvre of the Talented Young Actress Mackenzie Foy: Two Twilight fil…[View]
104071962Grug watch telerock lately Grug notice rockprograms show lots of white skin tribe women mating with …[View]
104075287I was elected to lead[View]
104074657Post your favorite commercial-fus[View]
104073869Chamber of Secrets > Philosopher's Stone > Deathly Hallows 2 >Deathly Hallows 1 > G…[View]
104072805Have your hippo's lost their appetite mr Bond?[View]
104076965Koo?: Koo...[View]
104072491ITT: Movies incels will never understand[View]
104076887Who would you cast as Captain Boomer?[View]
104075932was teletext kino?[View]
104076385>just in case you don't realize that I'm a terrible person because I denied the sexual …[View]
104075161We're not that close.[View]
104072904Shows and movies you would need to be paid to watch: I can't believe this is a thing.[View]
104076558Nah, it's brutal[View]
104073900Hey can anyone tell me how to get here?[View]
104073793Confess anon and all your pleb opinions will be forgiven: I watched the third season of Rick and Mo…[View]
104076111what does /tv/ think about this man: i think he's a hack and has never had an original thought …[View]
104076450BUZZIN, BUZZIN FROG[View]
104076112Gary Kurtz, the producer of Star Wars A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back passed away today.[View]
104071637Why are remakes despite all the budgets never as endearing as the original?[View]
104075294Azor Ahai?[View]
104072944The Nun: just watched this movie. what did i think of it /tv/?[View]
104075946which movie trilogy does this picture best represent?[View]
104076402what did JCVD mean by this?[View]
104067982Is it even salvageable at this point?[View]
104076358Are we getting another season of Nathan For You?[View]
104060079why was she such a cunt?[View]
104075317could he have stopped the Night King?[View]
104074676ITT/ Straight to DVD sequel that is better than the first movie[View]
104073836I just want Darlene to have a happy ending.[View]
104076225District 9 thread: >it’s doggy style with a deemon[View]
104074977Sex in a tub? That DOESNT WORK![View]
104076160Just imagine.[View]
104074020>Rapist No wonder you incels admire this character so much[View]
104073290I'm really liking this new direction the DC movies are going.[View]
104075862She did nothing wrong.[View]
104073496>only 249 days until Godzilla: King of the Monsters[View]
104074950This was a great movie and a fantastic ending to the trilogy. Why did retards hate it?[View]
104075944ITT share your viewing schedules/rituals/whatever I think it would be enlightening if we know how ex…[View]
104075816BCS: What will Mike do in tonight episode?[View]
104068757>'Anon, you're not racist are you?'[View]
104073589Would it be possible to make tomacco in real life?[View]
104071052this is the overweight angry white betamale who leads the anti-star wars movement[View]
104075649>Wakanda >Sokovia >Kamistan >Sangala >Zubrovka…[View]
104075026tell me kinos from this place, don't mention the frequently rec'd[View]
104074967>One of the greatest 'War' movies of all time >Takes place in a minor conflict in some random…[View]
104074821Will it be kino and spark the NCU or the PCU?[View]
104071049Memes aside, is this honestly THE worst movie made of the past decades?[View]
104075379Best artists thread[View]
104073965HEY O'CONNELL What exactly makes every minute of this film so perfect?[View]
104075686Essential CHI kino[View]
104075227>I’m so sick of superhero movies Jay >What did you think of Capeshit #184 Mike? >I actually…[View]
104071640HE DIDN'T DESERVE IT[View]
104075170So, how did she get the role?[View]
104075482>boombooms and twinkytwinkies, dicky boy[View]
104074176ITT: Cursed /tv/ pics[View]
104075373Why was this allowed?[View]
104074660Since you guys love BvS, what does /v/ think about Snyder's first swing at capeshit?[View]
104075350Who was in the wrong heer? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8JDkdc246QQ[View]
104074474>We really wanna ruin our show Say no more, she is already putting on make up…[View]
104073670Surely im not the only one who thought this was unwatchably bad? I was watching it with a friend and…[View]
104072879ITT: Characters who deserved their own spinoff I'll start with the most obvious[View]
104068787Disillusioned bongtards: >The Greatest Threat To Our National Security Is Terrorism nah senpai it…[View]
104075234/tv/ kino night: ok cunts jump in cytu(period)be/r/tv-movienight watching a space documentary right …[View]
104066447Did they forget they have a show called the Best of the Worst?[View]
104075064Some sad shit...thread didn't wanna live no more.[View]
104074982>go to see crouching tiger hidden dragon at the kinoplex >a hambeast keeps going on about how …[View]
104075053>watching Batman vs Superman at the movies >intense fighting scene between protag and antag …[View]
104074428movies that could never be made today: Within the first 10 minutes of the movie our hero Clint Eastw…[View]
104073454movies you forgot about thread[View]
104072607Would you, /tv/?[View]
104072946Predict the RT score.[View]
104074799What will happen after the return of the Mack?[View]
104071530>watch fox news online for those trump debates >all commercials are about obesity, food, lawsu…[View]
104074709Why does /tv/ dislike Heath Ledger joker? Is it because normies like him?[View]
104074712l love my jennnnay[View]
104069954On a scale of 1-10, how hard will netflix fuck this up?[View]
104070855Is this the most redpilled movie ever made?[View]
104074664Why is it so kino.[View]
104074590>tfw another day wasted binge watching netflix[View]
104073359Is this any good? What am I in for?[View]
104074523If not Snyder, what other dull jew will ruin Supergirl?: I mean a movie project, not the recent sham…[View]
104072400Why the FUCK hasn't Book of Mormon been made into a movie yet?[View]
104066517>X-Files >The government is working with aliens >The same govt. has a kill order against al…[View]
104073960Any similar mocumentaries?[View]
104073152/rlg/-Reylo™ General: Will we have any official reylo content in 2018? >New Forces of Destiny epi…[View]
104072941rembmer some chink film about a father trihgn to find his son, embarkign on a train journey of somet…[View]
104068159What was Tony's coma dream meant to represent? Was the house heaven or was it hell?[View]
104074064Aye Ser. And serving which king? 2.0 Sothoryos, Asshai, merlings, black oily black stone and Patchf…[View]
104064093Please let this cause slashers to come back[View]
104071991The names Bond James Bond[View]
104072602>We really wanna ruin our show Say no more, she is already putting on make up…[View]
104071973>go on italian tv to say he was raped >host asks him if he came >admits he did >hosts st…[View]
104071563Fuck you /tv/: Now we will never see a black Superman. Thanks a lot racists.[View]
104074104>villain listens to classical music[View]
104067992Do you think Rey and Ben will finally get together in Star Wars: Episode IX?[View]
104073880Why didn’t he just modify everyone’s fertility rates?[View]
104071382What was the point of this scene?[View]
104070338>Heath wins a posthumous oscar >Suicide Squad wins an oscar >pic related is gonna be DC…[View]
104069293>tfw I like DC films just to spite Marvel[View]
104072779I'm looking for Llewellyn Moss[View]
104073179What is that mysterious ticking noise[View]
104073955The Absolute State of Sony: >PG13 OH NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NONONONOOHNO…[View]
104073778>tfw you will never really be able to appreciate older movies as much because of how much they…[View]
104073362>Almost 2 hours of bullying my waifu Whew lad, this was a hard watch[View]
104072793Why didn't Das Boot - The Original Uncut Version shoot the British destroyers?[View]
104073573Jesus Christ: How did this laughable cartoony piece of shit manage to win best picture?[View]
104073355Do we have a picture of Paul McCartney?[View]
104073503Who's ready for season 2 of autism-kino?[View]
104073010BlacKKKlansman: what did they mean with the ending? what did they mean by black panters chanting …[View]
104073528good job[View]
104073475Is James Cameron seriously making four sequels to a ten-year-old movie with a boring universe, story…[View]
104071831Pan, nice and hot Season the pan Now, season the steak Olive oil, in Add some seasoning to the olive…[View]
104073436Skyman, Grug not feel good[View]
104069632>we have an opportunity to tell a Star Wars story 40 years after ROTJ >let’s not show the New …[View]
104073424I couldn't find this on youtube so I made it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BX-6K7ATyEc Did I …[View]
104070668Is /tv/ looking forward to Galveston?[View]
104067149Sell me this pen[View]
104072769Is it even possible to list all the kino this guy has made over the decades?[View]
104073014Why was Larry David in A Clockwork Orange?[View]
104072562Here we are, born to be kings: Where are they now?[View]
104071443VADER!!! MY OFFICE, NOW!!![View]
104066415Name a better actor.[View]
104071450RIP: All right sweethearts, what are you waiting for, breakfast in bed? Another glorious day in the …[View]
104061741>googled Jesus after watching the Passion of the Christ >mfw he is actually real…[View]
104070596what's next for Emma Roberts career?[View]
104072704>Wasted years[View]
104072108ITT: kino movie soundtracks[View]
104068190>you're in the middle of hot, dense jungle. Miles from anything resembling civilization. …[View]
104066650Omg they're rehashing again What the hell happened to this show? I'm about to watch this e…[View]
104072559They went full G1.[View]
104072618Based Grace[View]
104066191New South Park promo This time they poke fun at school shootings https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q…[View]
104069965You're ugly if you like this show[View]
104066290this is James Rolfe: Hes made 3 documentaries about himself, and is currently writing an autobiograp…[View]
104072336Single-gender world Trope: Which show does this trope better? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mazy1…[View]
104070825so... why did this asshole get married in sicily? he couldn't have waited for a year or so to g…[View]
104072271What if you had a movie where people cook pizzas as a hobby, and the pizzas become really popular, a…[View]
104072149What would madeline be like in 2018?[View]
104053608This is Pure YouTube kino.[View]
104068357Nice Guys was kino.[View]
104070758>less than 1 minute of screentime[View]
104072075*is well on his way to become the GOAT*[View]
104071550>2008 movie >'LESSONS TO BE LEARNED' starts playing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qvuyYj5ROm…[View]
104069495Is modern Yu-Gi-Oh Kino? I've tried watching the original series and it's really difficult[View]
104065540How Ripley got infested with alien?[View]
104071924>Watch Jack Ryan >Muslim scenes >Suddenly get a urge to spit on screen.Spit >Ruin screen…[View]
104071907So Burt Gummer, man. Burt Gummer is like the gaurdian of Perfection Valley, man, who watches over th…[View]
104070311Is Stan Against Evil any good?[View]
104070185He's still guilty for murdering Tony's parents[View]
104070748HE DID IT FOR GEORGE: You know this to be true. While you complacent douchebags just were happy to c…[View]
104071777Modern day movies and tv shows about serial killers make no damn sense. The reason so many were able…[View]
104071493is it safe to say that the Predator franchise is dead?[View]
104071776>Apology accepted, Captain Needa People seem to forget how much of a dadjoke punlord Vader was, l…[View]
104071472Why are his films pre 2001 all so comfy?[View]
104070051>Come back here and have sex with my wife[View]
104069619Any comfy movie that I can watch like this?[View]
104071649>Alexa, play jazz[View]
104069320Wassup niggas?[View]
104069934ITT: movies men will never understand.[View]
104071584She spilled my coffee[View]
104070332Post yfw /tv/ will pretend to love this trash just because black critic man fapped to it.[View]
104070569Explain to me in Power Point the pros and cons of smoothe Yoda.[View]
104066991What series of film is this?[View]
104071465ITT: Scenes that you close your eyes and pause the film/show: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kkuhGH…[View]
104071441>you guys like that tv show too? it's pretty cool[View]
104070851Could she beat Thanos?[View]
104070372FIX IT JJ[View]
104070184When the FUCK is Arnold's love child going to take over Hollywood?[View]
104071081>'Two BIG thumbs up'[View]
104071111Does Tom have real acting chops or is he a one-role actor?[View]
104071157>Bitches leave What did he mean by this?[View]
104071020At last, a WWII movie that's not focused on Jews! >ends up being a 2h pamphlet to make us sy…[View]
104070533Tommy has released The Room in its entirety to his YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
104071058friendly reminder that he handpicked kathleen kennedy[View]
104070718ITT: Shitty Movie General: 2000-2018 brain-dead action (maybe horror) movies filled with shitty acti…[View]
104069811Firebase: What happened to this movie being made?[View]
104069186*clean and jerks front desk*[View]
104070167RIP sergeant.[View]
104070685What the fuck was his problem?[View]
104070421How come she never fucked her 'daddy'? Is she a bitch?[View]
104066149Shit people say to look smart. I'll start. >It's good because it has no jumpscares…[View]
104070611What are some movies with unstoppable villains?[View]
104056686The JUSTATOR: Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah Autism BTFO[View]
104070616There was a time above... a time before. There were perfect things... diamond absolutes.: https://ww…[View]
104070280who's the slipperiest actor?[View]
104070118The name's Bond, James Bond.[View]
104070495Van Helsing Season 3: where is the torrent for the first episode of season 3?[View]
104070425Wait a minute, why did he make a noise?[View]
104070463Graboid evolved into Shrieker, Shrieker evolved into Assblaster. Will you collect them all?[View]
104070415>Andy's house: white siding >Sid's house: stucco What's the subtext here?…[View]
104069661Post some Youtube kinos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cNPd5iFfI9o[View]
104066936There were perfect things. Diamond absolutes...[View]
104070207Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls is a good movie Prove me wrong[View]
104069609These are my top 10 favorite films, as well as what I would rate them out of ten: 1. The Shawshank …[View]
104070222He just needs more time.[View]
104070212anyone seen Get Shorty? starting it now, seem aight[View]
104066563Classic Cars TV: give thoughts about the new season[View]
104069364this little dude crashes his UFO in your backyard and asks you to show him some movies that demonstr…[View]
104069843ITT: pleb filters[View]
104068501why did Nolan think the CGI especially the eyeball and mouth was a good idea?[View]
104066949/chart/: I see these on /mu/ a lot but not /tv/. Simply go to https://www.neverendingchartrendering.…[View]
104067964How big is the Star Wars galaxy? Does it have hundreds of billions of star systems like our galaxy d…[View]
104066802ITT: unpopular opinions: Pic related is complete fucking garbage. It's not funny, it's not…[View]
104067748convince me to watch dunkirk[View]
104069079ABSOLUTELY PERFECT whats the next one gonna be about tho?[View]
104065838What went so right[View]
104069544Cast the inevitable live action Undertale movie[View]
104069214Person Of Interest General: >'Mr. Reese, we have a new number! Anon A, 27, lives alone in a small…[View]
104068029/tv/, your opening statement?[View]
104069789Which movie should I watch today? Post ending in 55 or trips decides[View]
104069532Why was Uncle Moe's Family Feedbag never mentioned again after its first appearance?[View]
104061486The Tribe Has Spoken: I don't think you realize how kino Survivor is for a 'reality game show'.…[View]
104067995Why old farts love crimeshit so much?[View]
104069691Documentary thread: Do you enjoy watching documentaries, /tv/? Here is a kino 1956 french doc, noted…[View]
104069669Is it kino?[View]
104069585look who I found hiding in the alcohol aisle[View]
104069582What Went Wrong?[View]
104069579>Maria doesn't kill herself. What a piece of shit story. Doesn't have the guts of The B…[View]
104069002*meta joke* *callback*[View]
104067546Why did Kurosawa culturally appropriate so much Shakespeare?[View]
104064320TWO KEYBLADES?![View]
104061358What the fuck is going on[View]
104069227Wait, so the whole reason Frank was investigated and arrested was all because of a fucking stain gla…[View]
104068129Kino Anime ?: I despied for a long time However I stumbled upon Berserk movies, and found them great…[View]
1040678742017 I am forgottent https://youtu.be/0NAXj7y5lVU[View]
104065828Why don't they put more Asian men in Hollywood?: It appears they are the biggest threat. We wou…[View]
104067946How do we save the DC cinematic universe? Or is it beyond saving?[View]
104066567What was McNulty doing on Naboo?[View]
104066519Why didn't he get a standalone Batman movie?[View]
104069104>tfw i'm literally daniel plainview but without oil and wealth when did you take the drainag…[View]
104065111>tfw baka Shinja don't want a piece of me[View]
104066366How boisterous are the negros at your local cineplex?[View]
104069205Why didn't he just call an Uber?[View]
104066718>Well I got a joke for you. I'm gonna tear you a new asshole. In what fucking universe does …[View]
104067187Who was the better actor, Pacino or De Niro?[View]
104064646>'You're mom's vagina is rated E for everyone... a hahaha hah'…[View]
104065914>perfect films don't e-[View]
104058290>trashes liberals and SJWs >/tv/ spergs out and can't appreciate it because it also make…[View]
104066435>my favorite director is Quentin Tarantino[View]
104067410ima need some 70's kino: post 70s kino here Three Days of the Condor (1975) https://www.youtube…[View]
104068899Why did everyone assume he was a Nazi?[View]
104068603Overrated shit[View]
104068544> wanted to end piracy How was she the bad guy?[View]
104066800This is a good movie[View]
104066291Cast her. Bonus for Asian girl.[View]
104068792Rick & Morty wins an Emmy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xGh6i165_Jk >Harmon rambles like a…[View]
104064629Will he win an Oscar, /tv/?[View]
104063483Is the whole zombie apocalypse meme just thinly veiled media code for people preparing moreso to kil…[View]
104068219yay or nay[View]
104060004Will she ever get work again? Or will studios be too afraid of getting #MeToo'd by her?[View]
104068607is it certified kino?[View]
104067006ITT: Characters that are basically /tv/[View]
104068583What was the significance of this scene?[View]
104068543You can stuff your sorries in a sack, mister![View]
104068504Witcher Netflix: IT'S GONNA BE WOKE AF[View]
104060482Can we have a thread to discuss A24 and their movies? They seem like one of the few studios to consi…[View]
104067400According to IMDB, The Dark Knight Rises is the 67th best film of all time. Do you agree?[View]
104064691>wanted to end piracy How was he the bad guy?[View]
104067560First Reformed: First Reformed is the best film I've seen in the last 5 years.[View]
104068331just watched this why do people act like firefly was some GOAT show? at max it just had potential. w…[View]
104068229What do you think of Harvey Weinstein's body of work?[View]
104061561Who was this bald guy? He just appears in the middle of the film for one scene wearing the Driver…[View]
104054757Maniac General: Starring Jonah Hill and Emma Stone Discussion for all the episodes released Previou…[View]
104066840Let's have a 24 thread[View]
104066628Where is he now?[View]
104067952a, she was a hooah, b, she hit me[View]
104066907>I have a movie idea! It's a horror movie about a typical American suburb that look nice and…[View]
104067791what were they thinking?[View]
104067873Hi Does anyone know where I can get some free downloads of HD movie posters? I would really like to …[View]
104065648I've seen Breaking Bad The Office (not watching parks and rec because of that blonde bitch) Wa…[View]
104067167What does the S stand for?[View]
104061724Best TV show I've seen in ages. Binged the first 2 season this weekend[View]
104056017Was this supposed to be a documentary?[View]
104065370The outrage comedians make never stays within comedy world but it bleeds over to other venues. You c…[View]
104066903Why didn’t they stop 9/11[View]
104067618>so what did you see up there?[View]
104065393What do you think about the new Chucky design?[View]
104064055>816 days until Avatar 2[View]
104066598why did he string people up from the wallbars?[View]
104061460You will never get more Raimi kino: How does it feel?[View]
104067255This is unironically the worst movie I've ever seen. It made me want to die. Every time the wid…[View]
104066712Cast him.[View]
104066808How did she do it? How could anyone do it?[View]
104067342I fucked Howard[View]
104067313Wasn't the internet and new technology supposed to make movie making decentralized and for ever…[View]
104067384I LIKED IT[View]
104067362Fuck off? How about FUCK ON.[View]
104065362Characters that ruin shows:[View]
104064869Roll and cast the netflix live action remake Sokka = 11 Katara = 22 Aang = 33 Zuko = 44 Toph = 55 Az…[View]
104066623Sicario 2 is better than the first.[View]
104064623Norm Macdonald Has a Show: >Okay, let's go to break.[View]
104065824NPC POSTERS FELL FOR IT: To all the NPC posters out there, how does it feel to be the actual NPC? Y…[View]
104062603Why didn't he just stay down?[View]
104060677Why do they keep trying? Why do they keep insisting when others have failed multiple times already? …[View]
104066614Feuds Between Brothers: Pls rec kino that features feuds or at least disagreements between blood bro…[View]
104062912>Authority is not given to you to deny The Return Of The King, Stuart! Why did Gandalf call him S…[View]
104066963*throws booger at you* *eat this whit boi*: Black Panter is the best super hero[View]
104066911Fuck this little hothead prick. What's right is right,[View]
104066199>my co-workers are just buffoons, I guess.[View]
104065341>Well what do you call it? >A car whore how did they get away with this?…[View]
104066893b l a c k e d r a w when?[View]
104066383>movie is set after a zombie apocalypse >electricity is still running…[View]
104056996You're trapped in a barn with Black Phillip, who may or may not be Satan incarnate, for 24 hour…[View]
104063957So when are we gonna get to see this?[View]
104066736What was his fucking problem? God damn yuropoors can't handle anything other than Achmed's…[View]
104065689How do I into Ozu[View]
104066631ITT: bad cinema experiences >have to take my little sister and her friends to see The Force Awake…[View]
104066528>>Luke, did I ever tell you about Ahsoka Tano? She was your father’s exotic teenage alien appr…[View]
104066526New Seagal Kino - Attrition: >When a Thai girl with mythical powers goes missing, Axe and his old…[View]
104066479>G1 Optimus, bee, starscream and soundwave about fucking time.[View]
104066056bad and reddit[View]
104060366ITT: non NPC actors/actresses.[View]
104065438Empire of dust would make a good anime.: What do you think folks? A show about the Chinaman taking o…[View]
104066358>all hype for this movie is based on Disney princesses Its going to be awful isn't it…[View]
104065406>Perfect movies don't exis-[View]
104065795Why won't Hollywood hire Selena Gomez?[View]
10406219110/10, that final score was pure kino[View]
104062633>welcome to the show anon. first off you smell good which is surprising what do?…[View]
104065291MY DOGS ARE HUGNARY[View]
104053667OH NO NO NO NO: http://www.vulture.com/2018/09/michael-moores-fahrenheit-11-9-isnt-doing-great.html …[View]
104064798Ryan Stiles > Colin >Wayne >>>>> Drew Carrey Jeff Davis > Brad Sherwood >…[View]
104062743Inglorious Basterds: Was it kino?[View]
104063704Okay this fucking slaps[View]
104065698Are they the most profitable fair use violators in history?[View]
104065814cinegrids: post what you have. i have few requests: apocalypse now, a clockwork orange, payback, iro…[View]
104064877Heads up, you see her ass briefly getting out of the bath, and her tit from long range in the forest…[View]
104065742ITT: Movies that were so good they didn't need a sequel[View]
104065704there were an awful lot of jewish names for a catholic school[View]
104063804My friend thinks suicide squad is the shit. I still havn't seen it because i don't want to…[View]
104063953Why hasn't he won an Oscar for directing? Is he not a good director?[View]
104065727>tfw finally met the requirements to enter my local kįnôplex which is to bring a gf and a falcon …[View]
104064970I hope she dies this season.[View]
104065184Standalone Rorschach movie anyone?[View]
104065296oh no no no no no![View]
104054632Who's ready for the Mutant Age?[View]
104065152Why didn't they just shoot her after pushing her off the cliff to make sure she was dead if the…[View]
104064402As you can see, Peter, yes. I have betrayed our people. But you don't understand. You don'…[View]
104065578I don't get it[View]
104065311a v g n t h r e a d: have you seen the 2 new angry video game nerd episodes yet?[View]
104036139/lbg/: Prev: >>103996827 Letterboxd thread Post your profile QotD: Thoughts on the Star Wars…[View]
104065538Paulie, pick up your phone and come get me. I'm in some kinda M. C. Hammer shit.[View]
104065471when do we get a cartoon miniseries about Don Rosas godtier Scrooge comics?[View]
104065392Alternate endings/what could have been thread: Am I the only one who thinks it would have been bette…[View]
104062666Anyone seen this movie? It's a real riot, it's got: >all the main characters are proud …[View]
104064605With all the memes from The Dark Knight Rises, how come this scene didn't make it? There's…[View]
104061958This is unironically a good show. Why didn't any of you faggots tell me?[View]
104062106ok this fucking slaps, damn.[View]
104065270was it kino? https://youtu.be/KAWmf3ZO_VY[View]
104062457Whose your favorite version of the joker i'll start[View]
104065254Slick: Shoes.[View]
104064051All memes aside was it a good horror movie?[View]
104065169Post commercials that couldn't be made today https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uO-E2T1hayU[View]
104065155>Dae Sue, it hurts so much. I'll endure it, but you must understand What did she mean by thi…[View]
104062573>that guy who starts off a good guy but later reveals himself to be the main villain…[View]
104062057>That's one small step for man....[View]
104062944Movies with this aesthetic[View]
104064961>aos is a bad sho-[View]
104064277Honestly, though?[View]
104059461This movie was just as bad as the prequels.[View]
104064909Post great films that combine comedy into a genre: e.g horror-comedy, comedy-thriller, scifi-comedy …[View]
104044846>28 years old >no husband or kids >only stars in low budget horror movies and shitty TV sh…[View]
104062772>only 249 days until Godzilla: King of the Monsters[View]
104064843Massa Tarantino, why's we be filmin all mah scenes fuhst?[View]
104064840>show me those guns faggot![View]
104064314Will Raimi's career ever recover from this trilogy?[View]
104064814Itt: shows about literally you[View]
104030054Sopranos thread[View]
104064785Why didn't Das Boot use the Suez Canal to backstab the brits?[View]
104063511Brenaissance: Discuss essential Brendan Fraser kino that hits directly into your soft, pink feels-zo…[View]
104064735DUDE WHAT IF MONK WAS A ZOOMER INSTEAD OF A BOOMER LMAO shitposting aside this is a comfy successor …[View]
104063209Any example of monster of the week trope, but the monster wins every week?[View]
104064706kino material on netflix?[View]
104063003This guy would be the ideal actor for Griffith in a Berserk adaptation.[View]
104044738Rocky Jumped a Park Bench: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ryGnmGKbRFo Was it kino?[View]
104056098What's your favorite cigarette to smoke while watching your kinos?[View]
104062797I'M ONLY HUMAN[View]
104064446Did you know that /tv/ actually shares a janitor and mod with /pol/? When that board is full of nigg…[View]
104055969Alice in Wonderland: Seriously some good fucking shit. What do you think?[View]
104056735what's some good fapkino for Halloween?[View]
104062507GUILTY PLEASURES: shows you secretly watch but will never tell /tv you watch them because they will …[View]
104048367Will he be remembered as the only bad attempt of potraying Joker? Or was it bad at all?[View]
104059309Nothing But Trouble: WELCOME TO SUPPER! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iS8EolrR2Ck[View]
104053115/trek/: Star Trek: Galaxy edition[View]
104064376So was he legally obligated to reveal his name to every predator or what?[View]
104059496>817 days until Avatar 2[View]
104064168i want more cool assassin movies like this but not shit[View]
104064172Where are all the good movie monsters?[View]
104064265Noah. Nowy tenzz.[View]
104062873what would it have?[View]
104061518If a new Masters of Horror type anthology series were made in 2019, what directors would they put in…[View]
104061971What was his end game?[View]
104062632new Riddler kino when?[View]
104063515Fucking. Retarded. Movie.[View]
104058905ain't this the best fight scene among 2018 movies?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6QtYUElBNYw…[View]
104062956Aussie tv isn't completely dead. This is unironically good[View]
104060557This movie kind of sucked[View]
104063968>character hits big strong enemy >enemy is visibly unfazed >”my turn” >”oh no”…[View]
104063923>'Actually, you little whore, America is the WORST COUNTRY IN THE ENTIRE FUCKING PLANET. Tie a no…[View]
104063909remember the community behind the scenes clip where they imply annie/alison just got raped in the ba…[View]
104063774>they're talking about finally revisiting the franchise and even have a web series and game …[View]
104061864I like this movie.[View]
104060287>Carpet? No, no no; its berber. That's an industry term. >Ya gotta boil it…[View]
104053493>You a photographer? >I'm a combat correspondent. >Well, you seen much combat? >I…[View]
104062362Fuck you, she deserved it.[View]
104063811tfw you will never watch The Fellowship of the Ring for the first time again[View]
104063616>I am Gandalf, Gandalf the White, but Black is mightier still Damn, Tolkien.…[View]
104062617What are your thoughts on The Passion of the Christ?[View]
104061517Actors and actresses from old Hollywood that were very hot[View]
104053460AMWF: Now that trying to push blacks and whites failed, is this the new trend on Hollywood?[View]
104059186What ever happened to YouTube poops?[View]
104061808OH MY GOD: You can talk[View]
104060370Recommend me movies like this one[View]
104062278What happened to him?: He was in several hits in the late 90s to early oughts, what changed?[View]
104058092What movie, fucksticks?[View]
104060976Is Widows actually going to be good? Or will it just be a socially acceptable feminist ploy with qui…[View]
104062657>Wipe your ass, Pam. You missed a spot. BWEEEEEEEEE BWEEEEEEEEE[View]
104062636Revenge of the Sith is an underappreciated movie.[View]
104060368I regularly find myself watching the flick The Man From UNCLE just to stare at these two beautiful h…[View]
104061529What are some movies about rising up from opression?[View]
104062165>Louis C.K. on stage, jumps around >audience starts cheering >'You know what crowd!?!' >…[View]
104061552Can someone tell me what the fuck I just watched?[View]
104062586what are some other films we're not allowed to discuss on /tv/ anymore because of a few bad app…[View]
104063284Are there any actors who are legit IRL psychopaths?[View]
104056793Orphaned Sequel Hooks: Post times when films teased a sequel, a spin-off or even an entire franchise…[View]
104063257>YOU MUST CONTACT ME why was this guy such a horn dog[View]
104062842>Go on a planet where you have superpowers so OP you are basically immortal >Plan is to 'terra…[View]
104062558>actor pronounces/intones a word incorrectly, confusing everyone and proving he doesn't unde…[View]
104062323>Sassy housewives wanna meet you HAHAHAHAHAHAH They fuckin know it. Look at the thumbnail.…[View]
104063052Anybody loves Mr. Rogers[View]
104059677>I love stand-up comedy[View]
104060490>“If you eat Chinese food, your farts come out like Chinese food. If you eat Mexican food, your f…[View]
104062611ITT: Based and Under-Appreciated Shows[View]
104061658holly hell: why is it that only white people get mixed with cults?[View]
104061624>daily reminder Aang died a NEET virgin How’s that for being a goody two shoes?…[View]
104063026Denny > Kathy[View]
104061890Reminder it's better than HEAT.[View]
104061949I don’t get it[View]
104062345too many dvds: I have hundreds of dvds and am thinking about building a high capacity media server a…[View]
104058434stupid stupid stupid[View]
104062859Post terrible movies.[View]
104062809MMG: Monsignor Martinez General: What was the best episode?[View]
104062228Who was in the wrong here?[View]
104062718what exactly is his endgame?[View]
104056041ITT: Films women hate: every girl I've ever talked about this with said it was 'boring…[View]
104062551What are our thoughts on the Mary Magdalene kino?[View]
104062623The Harry Hill Kino: Did this deserve the ratings it got? Is Blackpool really all that amazing?…[View]
104062592>star in a few hugely successful Hollywood blockbusters and become set for life financially >i…[View]
104059219watched The Leftovers and loved it, now should I watch Lost? is it as good? I know it's serious…[View]
104062488>2018 >watching a movie without pausing it several times to browse its wikipedia page shiggy d…[View]
104062151thoughts on this show?[View]
104058946was he retarded or just really epic?[View]
104060633What does you guys think of south park?[View]
104062142COMMIES BTFO: Why isn't there more anti administrative state kino?[View]
104062298I can't remember this movies title.. maybe you guys can help? All I can really remember is that…[View]
104059717What's your opinion on the works of actor Drake?[View]
104062243does she not like to smile because her face is so unattractive?[View]
104062221>I FUCKING love FX's Legion[View]
104054169Coming soon to a kinoplex near you...[View]
104060516>It's a setting is more interesting than the movie episode Can't decide what was worse.…[View]
104062004Tik Tok: How do you feel about the cringe spigot that is Tik Tok? Search 'Good Girls Bad Guys' in th…[View]
104062093>its a flashbacks episode[View]
104061324why do you watch tv and films?[View]
104062042yall been watchin Preacher?: its a fun show[View]
104058560How would you act in a room like this?[View]
104061261>Mike wants to do another episode about Star Trek[View]
104060992>Based on a true story[View]
104060535>It was /pol/ who told me about you. He's the prophet. He's the smart one. These movies…[View]
104061946KinoCampbell: Aside from Evil Dead and spinoff series, whats your favorite Bruce Campbell series or …[View]
104061820>itt kino moments that zoomers will never understand[View]
104061651pure kino[View]
104061762Was it kino[View]
104059371Can't remember this movie: I saw this movie so long ago, i can't remember his tittle (imag…[View]
104050462UP UP AND AWAY WEB[View]
104029774I know Phoenix is older than Ledger, but what if this is actually a prequel to batman begins?[View]
104058737did they fug? what's the story here?[View]
104060547wow what can i say, KINO. K I N N O[View]
104060961If they ever made a Blood Meridian film, who would be cast as the Judge?[View]
104061578documentary when?[View]
104059002Green Inferno: this was fun[View]
104061396This guy will never not look like a goober to me[View]
104061059Horrorkino thread: I’ll start[View]
104053793Why do people pretend like this show is anywhere close to the level of The Sopranos?[View]
104058220what's the name of this hairstyle?[View]
104061513fiiiiire in the hol'[View]
104055657Jared Leto's Joker/Harley flick still being made. https://www.indiewire.com/2018/09/joker-harle…[View]
104061477>post apocalyptic world with only a few survivors left >they are all white and only speak Engl…[View]
104061372Anyone watching this? What are your thoughts so far? Also, Cancer girl got PICKL'D[View]
104061027Ah yes the kinoplex... Now *THAT* was a meme.[View]
104061435What's her name again?[View]
104055866Season ranking: 3 > 2 > 1 > 4 Prove me wrong, and anyone who says they never watched Hannah…[View]
104060997I'm looking for that movie where they go inside a killer's mind to find out about a crime …[View]
104061371what did /tv/ think of it? thought it had a nice arrested development vibe plus it made me want to …[View]
104058487>Her mother was a Vietnamese refugee who fled to Oklahoma in 1975 after the Vietnam War.[5] After…[View]
104059975Is this a good movie: Is Peter Berg a good director in general?[View]
104060947>Hello detective gordon![View]
104059849Why did the hell did people sell at their pawn shop when they could've made more selling their …[View]
104053903/90df/: The couples >Tarik and Hazel Nice Black dude travels to the Philipines to meet a 25 year …[View]
104060321Why are they called the resistance when the imperial remnants are the ones actually resisting the ex…[View]
104054173ITT: post a director and other anons reply with either based or cringe[View]
104059422>decide to watch american tv online >20 minutes of commercials for 2 minutes of content how ca…[View]
104059099Warlock: The Armageddon: Anyone ever seen this? It has one of the most disgusting scenes I've e…[View]
104060331This little clown fucker needs his own spinoff movie. ASAP!. AND HE NEEDS A RED NOSE LIKE A CLOWN A …[View]
104060216ITT: Shows ONLY YOU watched[View]
104061016What in the FUCK was their problem?[View]
104059965>it's actually lighthearted, funny, and cheesy in a good way >leaves opening for a sequel…[View]
104058636Family Guy is a smarter show than Rick and Morty Family Guy is often the punching bag nowadays for b…[View]
104059530What are some moments where a good series went to shit?[View]
104059671Was it autism?[View]
104060109He did nothing wrong[View]
104060728Norms smiling somewhere after watching Tiger Woods come good. Today is a good day.[View]
104059875How did you feel about the ending?[View]
104012954Did this scene give anyone else a boner?[View]
104060711Is Rose a Sith?[View]
104060451HOW DO YOU FUCK UP THIS BAD?![View]
104060667Cast it[View]
104060656If the Not-Empire was only tracking the Not-Rebels bigship, why didn't they just load everybody…[View]
104060231'Sorry.': what the ACTUAL fuck was his problem?[View]
104052040Patton Oswalt: Is he the modern day George Carlin? What's his most iconic role?[View]
104059807What are some movies where involve scenes of a woman having sex before (or during the act) killing a…[View]
104060587the aliens in Laserblast are actually really cool looking and the special effects are well done. Loo…[View]
104060572What is your favorite time period to see in films?[View]
104059053/comfy/: Comfy Simpsons thread[View]
104060519So did he do it?[View]
104060379So what the fuck did Papillon do to this guy?[View]
104058836What do you think they sell at this store?[View]
104058970If Louis didn't jerk off in front of those women then critics would be eating this shit up.[View]
104060420Tell me James, do you still sleep with a gun under your pillow?[View]
104059390>Sassy housewives want to meet you! It's quite clear that disney knows…[View]
104058213Why did Spielberg disown Hook? It's one of his top 10 films.[View]
104055379Where the fuck is the new Alf movie?: They promised it. They owe it to us.[View]
104058248What did Superman mean by this emotion?[View]
104058930Any thoughts on his (hopefully) upcoming 'The Modern Ocean'? If were to expect what hes done in the …[View]
104058964It's Always Sunny: >great, you're a soiboi beta cuck Oh shit, is that confirmation that…[View]
104059159*falls into a coma*[View]
104060240Behold - the greatest actress of our generation[View]
104057411Yo I’m sick. And tired of seeing jack Ryan ads on every social media account I’m a part of. Fuck tha…[View]
104058730What sports movie should I watch?[View]
104059968She ruined the movie with her whiney ass acting.[View]
104059470has this performance ever been topped in all cinema? good thing the live action movie remake will ne…[View]
104059087Season 9 was gold imo[View]
104058545Finished Spiderman Trilogy for the first time as I never watched them when they first came out. IDK …[View]
104060061Is Rick & Morty good[View]
104056582The Thing (1982) Commentary: Are there any movie commentaries that are on the level of John Carpente…[View]
104053304>No Peep Show thread /tv/?[View]
104059611iT DIDN'T EVEN MAKE ANY SENSE!!![View]
104059887Meet your new John Clark. https://www.msn.com/en-us/movies/news/michael-b-jordan-to-play-tom-clancy-…[View]
104058619This is the overweight angry white beta male leader the star wars 'resistance' movement[View]
104059834I don't get this scene in that bill murray FDR flick, was the joke that it's shaped like a…[View]
104057601what the FUCK were they thinking with this character? omar was bad enough, but this guy is 1970…[View]
104040923Civil War was so fucking dumb, holy shit.[View]
104058750>gets paid millions for Twilight >as soon as his contract ends he trashes the series and imme…[View]
104057294ITT /tv/ that made you cringe[View]
104059699Chiquita banana chiquita banana Obama[View]
104056713Rank the Posters: Rank the posters.[View]
104059648>look hon, you and I both know that if we don't go up there those commie mongoloids are gonn…[View]
104056805LotR: So the two towers were Orthanc and Minas Tirith right?[View]
104058581society(1989): I never see this psychological/body horror movie mentioned but IMO it is the all time…[View]
104059331are there any kino documentaries that are redpilled on the whole flat earth deal?[View]
104056937>Jake and the Fatman reboot 2018 >Jacqueline and the non-size confined privileged CIS male…[View]
104059463who was your favorite Dark Knight villain, Riddler or Penguin?[View]
104056228So we all agree she's a stone cold fox right?[View]
104059458Is Bill Corbett ourguy?[View]
104057605J U S T U S T http://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-09-24/michelle-guthrie-leaves-as-md-of-the-abc/102976…[View]
104059105Cary Grant: >looks >height >voice >athleticism. He's the GOAT.…[View]
104055294FEAR THE WALKING DEAD GAMETHREAD: Previously: uhhhhhhh...[View]
104059363Ladies and gentlemen, the funniest sketch ever made, if you disagree you're racist: https://www…[View]
104059260*phone rings*[View]
104059248Would this be acceptable today?[View]
104045813Can we have an underrated films thread? Just anything you think people should watch, infact >Post…[View]
104059196A Discovery of Witches: Is this actually interesting or just another Twilight crap?[View]
104059189Movie Thread[View]
104056779ITT: Kino music videos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ub747pprmJ8[View]
104058722How the FUCK did Krasinski go from directing two insanely bad movies (Brief Interviews with Hideous …[View]
104058887Has /tv/ ever been more wrong?[View]
104059069>open a new tab to /tv/ >it loads to a weight loss video ad with the audio maxed Hiro what the…[View]
104056552Which was a bigger disappointment, this or Alien: Covenant?[View]
104058626ATYPICAL: is this garbage? i like the idea of those two actors being married...[View]
104057618just binge watched this in one sitting what were my thoughts on it?[View]
104058891ITT: music that would become instant kino if adapted to cinema[View]
104058812OH NO NO NO NO NO[View]
104058831Who were the best to worst Simpsons show runners?[View]
104058821Oh dont mind me, just making everything worse in every arc and being a generally insufferable cunt[View]
104049622>barrow $5,000 >repay $42,000 Profit??[View]
104058627was 2 broke girls a good show?[View]
104055616Cinematic classics you don't get why are considered classic: Its good, but not that good[View]
104056024Who was in the wrong here?[View]
104053338Why didn't Raven predicted this?[View]
104057966How to pass shit tests: I'm gettin really sick of this shit. This girl keeps on teasing me, but…[View]
104058354what do you think Ben was thinking as this picture was being taken?[View]
104057610why do disney characters look like drag queens lately?[View]
104058665haven't seen one of these types of threads in a while[View]
104058667I cannot remember the name of the film: It is a biographical film and it's about a kid who was …[View]
104055994/JerseyShore/ : Thread here!: What kind of drugs has Ronnie been taking lads?[View]
104057270>We need an military authority figure for one scene >I got you covered…[View]
104057752things are turning the corner and coming up Milhouse! any time soon /tv/[View]
104058573This is a very well made comedy movie.[View]
104057678Last Man Standing: Is it kino?[View]
104056594What happened to her career.[View]
104055896It is revealed that she is a First Order double agent. How much better did the movie get for you?[View]
104045029Were the bugs victims?[View]
104058426>early 2000s house party scene >DO YOU HAVE THE TIME, TO LISTEN TO ME WHINE…[View]
104058038/tv/: lets create a challenge. please bare with me, but i think we should do a 30 day halloween chal…[View]
104056825How would Raimi's spiderman had turned out if Tobey was a woman?[View]
104057753Wtf was his problem?[View]
104058375Here's your Ciri bro[View]
104058275Is Criterion just retarded or is Michael Bay actually an auteur?[View]
104056220Movie heroes: >interacts with 4 beautiful women who love leaving their breasts out throughout the…[View]
104053848Space is comfy What are some of your favorite space kinos?[View]
104044557How did this happen?[View]
104058183mmmamaAAHAAAaaaahhhh, thhhhuh French...... champagne...[View]
104058155ITT: Post a creepy pic, get a creepy flick[View]
104057697What a gross fucking moon cricket.[View]
104058160>we need a googly-eyed indian- >gotchu covered bruv.…[View]
104056816Is there a less kino TV genre than these custom car reality shows? >one guy always wearing a bea…[View]
104057005What are some more examples of a character being casted as perfectly as this?[View]
104057959Favorite black and white movies. Pic related[View]
104056438All right, everyone! This is a stickup! Don't anybody move![View]
104057046See this, what do?[View]
104052381>14 yo >conquered a nation >is firelord well /tv/ what have YOU accomplished in your life s…[View]
104057977this movie stinks![View]
104054499Does anyone here like this guy?[View]
104050518Frank Costanza: Seinfeld would be way better without this jew[View]
104043494>Dude... you don’t watch the office? That’s show’s fucking hilarious[View]
104057421>we never got Raimi's original plan for a black vs white spider-man movie It was a little fu…[View]
104052043Most of my movies are from Yify and i will explain. I watch my movies on my 32' Samsung to whic…[View]
104057758Was Anfisa kino? What about Jorge?[View]
104056977What is the movie equivalent?[View]
104055585how come she was so terrible in the prequels but not in anything else?[View]
104054655We already had a fucking live-action Avatar. Why no live-action Korra?[View]
104055274What are some solid movie soundtracks? The Crow comes in mind. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mm-uo…[View]
104052283What sci-fi movie should I watch?: Recently watched: Looper Resolution The Endless Splice Annihilati…[View]
104055279Prospect (2018): Thoughts? https://youtu.be/F96wbQ698Z0[View]
104057715Somebody get me some clippers. His fucking beard is weird![View]
104056641Was this as epic as it sounds?[View]
104057626Was it Gangweed?[View]
104046739What was the fucking point of giving him a red arm[View]
104054479Neon Genesis Evangelion: what the fuck was this shit[View]
104056333>Because you've never a miracle how did he know this about K?[View]
104052486>want to watch movie >dont know what movie >look up movies >too late now to start a movi…[View]
104057244What are some food kinos youve watched on TV recently. Bonus points ff they made your mouth watered …[View]
104049796Stephen King: This fucker has over 30 project in process over the next 3 years. How can this based f…[View]
104054695>I am not an emotionally empathetic kind of person and that probably doesn't come as a big s…[View]
104055456What do you think of The Big Bang Theory?[View]
104056972Did he do Star Wars better than Rian?[View]
104056653Underrated hack or overrated genius?[View]
104057001>Why are we filming my scenes first Jay[View]
104055604What did they talk about?[View]
104056690what's a good bloody sexy movie?[View]
104057308Maniac: Just finished this series and holy shit was it good. Went in thinking it was going to have t…[View]
104055054Minority Report: I watched Minority Report for the first time since 2002 and man, this movie is good…[View]
104056926Telltale signs a movie will be shit.: >reshoots there is no movie that exists that was good after…[View]
104056743helpp: I am looking for the gif of the ready player one trailer where he puts his oasis goggles on b…[View]
104054227ITT: Films Too Excellent And Pure To Be Tarnished By 'Reddit' Accusations[View]
104055450This man's Joker will surpass Ledger's Joker.[View]
104057105Hate the movie all you want but you can’t deny the soundtrack was boss https://m.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
104056544COMFY HORROR MOVIES https://cytu DOT be/r/NIGHTMAREONELMSTREET guys come on in. we streamin n shizz[View]
104057039You distracted me. I'm taking a mulignan[View]
104056607Who are some other actors who have never eaten meat?[View]
104056987Magnificent valor, but was it kino?[View]
104056027THX 1138: Haven't seen it ages. Does it hold up? I remember some of the photography, that'…[View]
104056601Will /tv/ be tuning in to NBC's new hit primetime drama 'Manifest' this Monday night …[View]
104056759Reminder that the 1978 Bakshi film is better than Hackson's trilogy https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
104055571Would This Have Been A Better DCEU?[View]
104050660I need some movies with Joaquin Phoenix in them. I've already seen U-Turn, Walk the Line, and G…[View]
104053835I'm putting together a team. The worst of the worst.[View]
104049165Star Wars Sequels: Why do people seem more cynical about the Sequels than the Prequels?[View]
104055762Did this fucking autist make this shit on AngelFire or something?[View]
104054797This is gonna happen exactly like that too. You know how all the NPCs/women out there do social medi…[View]
104056155How come Netflix has indie shit no one cares about minus Stranger Things, while Amazon Prime has ton…[View]
104053661Plinkett Review Tier List: God Tier: The Phantom Menace Top Tier: The Last Jedi Ghostbusters Revenge…[View]
104054844Wultuh hmmmm ouuaaa???[View]
104054599Latitia Wright: Is she the best young black actress right now? Did Black Panther make you realize th…[View]
104053445Autumn has arrived: Post movies to get in the mood for Halloween[View]
104055639>that episode where one twin hates his legs but likes the others arms and the other hates his arm…[View]
104048550Is this the best catwoman performance in the history of the batman stories?[View]
104056543Bodyguard: Why is nobody talking about this? What a breath of fresh air after a year of dogshit. Pre…[View]
104055761Weird clip from the 00's: Hi, dear anon. I'm all washed up trying to find one specific cli…[View]
104053756How fucking mad will /tv/ be when this dude gives up his life so Daenerys can rule as rightful queen…[View]
104056494Now that capekino has peaked with Infinity War, are we entering the era of villainkino?[View]
104056114IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII need to know now know now did she love him again?[View]
104056077Now that the sun has settled, what do we think of Bryce's body of work in the Jurassic Park ser…[View]
104056448IMDb: Does anyone have an accurate conversion from IMDb ratings into school grades, such as what sch…[View]
104056386FUCKING VIETNAM SHITS: Get ahhff my blawk u fahkkin slant eyed Gook.[View]
104048494This was actually pretty good. Engaging story, thrilling action scenes, some cool moments, decent ac…[View]
104056132What was the best segment? Who was best girl? Will he ever return? Should he? Best girl was got best…[View]
104048314>WAAAAAAH LET ME PLAY YENNEFER WAAAAAAH Has an actor ever been this desperate?…[View]
104055307' The name is Bond...'[View]
104055003>Space Jam 2 in the works >Michael B.asketball Jordan as Michael Jordan it's like poetry…[View]
104021061What things in horror movies actually scare you? >I feel like something bad is going to happen to…[View]
104055404Cloak & Dagger General: Lets talk about this capekino[View]
104055810This biopic about young Judge Kavanaugh on Netflix is pretty good.[View]
104054943>HEY EVERYBODY WERE ALL GOING TO GET LAID!: I dont get it[View]
104050683What's films do you watch with your daughter /tv/?[View]
104055885>Watched Band of Brothers for the 7th time. >Almost makes wage cuckin' it worth it. >…[View]
104053821Will it be good?[View]
104053950>Is this Cringekino? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xQBGmBOhQEE[View]
104055829Go back to sleep, Dad.[View]
104052896Deceptive movie posters: This looks like a comedy[View]
104055781>sit down to watch a movie >too busy wondering what /tv/ thinks of it >5 minutes in, I’m sc…[View]
104054162Malarky slang for bullshit isnt it? Pass revoked.[View]
104055727dean im not an idiot[View]
104055423Who the fuck thought this would be a good show ?[View]
104046544Welcome to Blockblister! How may I be of service to you?[View]
104055679soibois & hollywood kikes HATE HIM!: one (1) simple trick.. click here to find out why[View]
104055659Is there any other intro as good as this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mm-uozFJekA&list=PLwsX…[View]
104055304ITT: Kinoest TV show right now[View]
104051447This was actually pretty good. Engaging story, thrilling action scenes, some cool moments, decent ac…[View]
104055080>disney tried desperately to try and make people have the empire (even when most of Star Wars app…[View]
104055572was it kino?[View]
104055447Which movie has the best imfdb page? Whats your favorite movie gun?[View]
104044262Why didn't Das Boot shoot the British destroyers?[View]
104054605What are some movies with good product placement??[View]
104050425Azula: Was she Autistic?[View]
104051277Every single year there is a new dishonest piece of retro cinema that reddit manbabies flip out abou…[View]
104055319The stride that saved star wars.[View]
104050401Can somebody recommend me some good wholesome family movies that I can enjoy with my family? Pic rel…[View]
104048814Is crying on command very useful in an actor's repertoire?[View]
104055060Is... is this the Evangelion of Star Wars?: Is... is this the Evangelion of Star Wars?[View]
104054442How do I become obtuse?[View]
104055246This video is brought to you by SUPER MALE VITALITY[View]
104055189what the fuck was this guys problem? couldn't stand the constant patronizing and taunting of th…[View]
104054124Have you ever seen what a .44 Magnum will do to a woman's pussy?[View]
104055164Come on bud, give me your best 80s kinos.[View]
104055122You nerds are always talking shit about how seinfield or Ted from HIMYM or the friends from Friends …[View]
104054653funny movies: I honestly think that comedy is the hardest movie genre. There are very few good comed…[View]
104052657Thought s about mandy? I loved it, psychedelic scenes were on spot, great aesthetics, I want more of…[View]
104054992What is some quintessential Fire/EMS core movies?[View]
104054532>NO, THEY EXPECT ONE OF US IN THE REEK AGE BROTHER What did Bane mean by this? Is the 'Reek Age' …[View]
104039813Bumblebee Movie Teaser: Oh no no no no no no Teaser: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=aIqYK8Qajlc…[View]
104055021Kidding: Really Raimi?[View]
104038978Better Cure Insomnia: Giancarlo Esposito is a piece of shit who is ruining the character of Gustavo …[View]
104054398So how is Season 5? Heard so far it's the best so far[View]
104054934Where did Kobayashi go?[View]
104049012Just got back: no opinion on it what so ever. It was a movie. thats all I can say[View]
104054657Anyone here ever get to be an extra in a movie. I was in. Pic related. But the scene i was in got cu…[View]
104054801>started off as an ironic self aware satire targeting Trump supporters and neurotic liberal white…[View]
104054887Badlands: Was Kit actually a pedo by todays standard?[View]
104048008>'WOMEN....' Entire audience on the literal edge of their seats, waiting with bated breath to hea…[View]
104050547>about to watch The Sacrifice >see the runtime…[View]
104054868The Predator was sick.: The cringy little autistic faggot was Jewish retard filth, and there was a l…[View]
104051622ITT: Macho movie icons: Who are the most iconic macho movie icons?[View]
104054700Films that need a critical reevaluation and deserve more credit than they got.[View]
104054721>'If you shoot me I'll drop this and we all die' >*looks at the camera* What did Jack Rya…[View]
104054309Fëanor did nothing wrong[View]
104054438what are some movies that deserve to be remade?: pic related[View]
104052990What is going on at ABC?[View]
104046553/bb/ Big Brother 20: HoH Part 1 winner: Tyler HoH Part 2 winner: Kaycee HoH Part 3 winner: Doesn…[View]
104053314Matthew Vaughn's THOR (2008): Would it have been kino? >Thor (Daniel Craig) journeys to Niva…[View]
104040823ITT: We predict the joaquers laugh >OOOOOOOH HOO HOO HOO HEEEE[View]
104049905LEAKS: >Film is heavily inspired by the King of Comedy >Arthur is a reformed criminal, high in…[View]
104053401This was really good, balanced the drama/tension with actually good comedy pretty well. Anyone else …[View]
104049624ITT: Characters that are literally you: For me? It's Carl.[View]
104054452>Welcome to Jurassic World™: Fallen Kingdom[View]
104054090Do you like Neil Breen?[View]
104053410what the fuck is his problem?[View]
104054475>yfw they finally made a Superbad sequel based[View]
104053057What the fuck was Tony?[View]
104037253OUCH: Fahrenheit 11/9 is BOMBING at the box office. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/box-offi…[View]
104052811One. Bad. Day[View]
104053781What are some films that make no sense?[View]
104052832>I'm in.[View]
104053442>Watching movie at home >Character is a student in a classroom scene >Teacher calls on cha…[View]
104054270Best part of that Deadpool trash desu[View]
104048854Previously, on Battlestar Galactica...[View]
104054266Barry Lyndon: Who was in the wrong here?[View]
104053006It's not necessarily his politics I object to. It's his pretense in believing that it…[View]
104051289Was she right? Is there no such thing as a selfless good deed?[View]
104012079Maniac S1E2: Would anyone on t v like to discuss episodes 1 & 2 of Maniac? It's not too lat…[View]
104052335Air Bud is kino: This was the peak of Animal lead actor films and nothing has topped it. Time to fuc…[View]
104052260What am I in for?[View]
104052174Isaac? Who's Isaac? I thought his name was Hank wtf[View]
104053444Is this kino?[View]
104054132Les Parapluies de Cherbourg: Do anyone <40 actually seen fhis?[View]
104053654How accurate is this movie? Is it that hard to get an apartment in the US?[View]
104049497Post image. Get movie recommendation.[View]
104054060>based on a true story >ghost business starts up…[View]
104045230what was her fucking problem[View]
104048691Would you be ok with a female james bound?[View]
104053094>the gang is cornered behind tables and a bar >door is suddenly kicked open and most of the go…[View]
104051654Kino. Get ready.[View]
104053051/trek/: The Orville edition Previous thread: >>104022764[View]
104052471ITT: Post a song, other anons will presume what kind of film scene it belongs in. https://www.youtub…[View]
104048569*fulfils your wish ironically*[View]
104052785Did /tv/ like Heroes? For me it's Nikki.[View]
104053282>So, Jay, what did you think of the soup kitchen?[View]
104053753TO LIFE! TO LIFE! L'CHAIM![View]
104053737Movie sites: Looking for good sites like flenix,movies4k[View]
104051491>make one of the most compelling villains/anti heroes in your entire slew of marvel series >ma…[View]
104044850Now that the dust has settled, can we all agree this is the ONLY good thing that disney-era's s…[View]
104053297This is going to be a twistingly dark and epic character study of arguably the greatest fictional ch…[View]
104053379Imagine looking like Zac Efron only to end up looking like Matthew Perry a couple decades later.[View]
104048915I never watched a Mission Impossible movie Can I directly watch this one without any context of the …[View]
104053476TAKE IT ALL![View]
104049044>And then.... I hit the wall[View]
104053147>One of these days Alice,POW straight to the moon!: What did Jackie Gleason meme by this?[View]
104051221Does anybody remember an episode of the Adam West Batman series in which the line 'in Scotland Yard'…[View]
104052998Hitch: what did you think of this movie back on the day? did it help you get laid?[View]
104053358is /tv/ excited for the coming season of One Punch Man?[View]
104051061What's the live action equivalent to this scene?[View]
104050498What are the best movies about native americans?[View]
104050916MDW World Peace: Any actual evidence to suggest that Tim Heidecker, Judd Apatow, and company collude…[View]
104049503Will Marisa Tomei be typecast as the hot aunt from now on?[View]
104053149Will we ever have a Scud show?[View]
104053180Solo: Jon Kasdan 52 notes about the movie https://twitter.com/JonKasdan/status/1040529501870944256…[View]
104047682Universal's Dark Universe: So the Dark Universe is just dead? Why are they trying to make Actio…[View]
104049477Shaun of the dead: Is it worth watching?[View]
104049677not much of an anime watcher but watched neon genesis because it seems to be considered must watch i…[View]
104052028>that shit ending and payoff This really was inspired by Stephen King[View]
104053043Maniac: *ruins your show*[View]
104022764/trek/ 7:9 edition[View]
104052120SEINFELD: WHAT?[View]
104049676Has anyone seen it? Is it really as bad as they say?[View]
104050831Name a more comfy tv show. Go on. Think for a second. You can't can you? With it being over 20…[View]
104052619Am I crazy for thinking this is underrated as fuck?[View]
104050614Anthology Tv shows and Movies: >What are your favorites? Standout episodes? >Are there any goo…[View]
104047273>walks on the stage[View]
104051927>Why are you crying Chad? >Cause I'm always gonna be fat, I don't want to eat no swe…[View]
104052825>be alexander Ludwig >star in The Final Girls (2015) >star in Final Girl (2015) how does h…[View]
104052504Its better than dream child. Lisa Zane is also hot in it.[View]
104051151What would you do in this situation?[View]
104052663He reached out here, why didn't we help him?[View]
104051789>Bloom, Viggo Mortensen, Ian McKellen, Elijah Wood, Dominic Monaghan, Sean Astin, Billy Boyd, and…[View]
104052466>/reylo/ general[View]
104052374>that episode where they all roll on ecstasy and fuck each other in the ass…[View]
104052051How come everything else has gotten a reboot, but classics never do? They could easily remake this w…[View]
104052342what is your favorite heory about this movie? for me the theory of the demons is just pretty lame, o…[View]
104040499What movies has /tv/ been watching lately?[View]
104048857any comedies or adventure films where the protagonists go camping (preferably to lakeside)?[View]
104051571drinkup dude[View]
104049242we don't like Goldmember, right?[View]
104052158The Pledge: Fucking hell this was trash. Sean Penn is a hack.[View]
104050853why didn't he just give everyone guns?[View]
104032914Is this the most kino moment in the history of children's television? I think it is.[View]
104052082Kenneth Branagh's Cinderella is a perfect movie. Way better than the animated version.[View]
104052049Maniac attempted spolier discussion: The show was brilliant Spoiler questions - I'm curious why…[View]
104050580have you forgotten him already?[View]
104049940What are the best sports comeback movies?: I'm serious, this isn't a bait thread. I'm…[View]
104048943What a twist mister Bond Did not expect you to pull when you should've spun[View]
104052013Killer Joe: Name an edgier film. Also, what the fuck was his problem?[View]
104052014>a genderless burger experience[View]
104047147Is this the most reddit movie of all time[View]
104050908You can't just be up in your room all day crankin' your pecker anon.[View]
104051832Christopher Lee appreciation thread: What was his best movie?[View]
104041764How accurate is this now?[View]
104051639Movies normal fags ruined[View]
104050175Based Gareth Evans breaks the Netflix curse[View]
104049631>hero loses fight to villian >???? >comes back and wins fight simply because movie needed …[View]
104051577Is it capekino ot capeshit?[View]
104051361Why the fuck was he so obsessed with having Jesse as a son? It's not like Jesse was some beacon…[View]
104050531How is your evening, /tv/?: >seaons change >rain and cold wind roll in >windows open >wa…[View]
104049615Literally what has happened this season?[View]
104050522are you going to get it /tv/? also what the fuck kind of shows are they going to have?[View]
104050907We're not that close.[View]
104041056Seriously what the fuck were they thinking?[View]
104051307Girls: Beautiful, honest and vulnerable movies about girls and their relationship with their own emo…[View]
104050502>protagonist is a beta bookworm and an actual virgin >meets girl with a fiery soul and a rough…[View]
104051159Probably Hitchcock's only good movie.[View]
104051388Ironside would have made a better Mike on BrBa and BCS cooler name too. just sayin[View]
104051323I'm a couple of episodes into season 2. I feel like I'm starting to dislike Diane.[View]
104045943Leftovers thread! What are your favorite: >Character (besides Kevin) >Episode (besides Interna…[View]
104051282What the FUCK did I just watch??[View]
104051188Noah centineo: Will he make it or will he be casted as a jock until he's too old for that role?…[View]
104051041The man that will save the DCEU[View]
104050997>American movie >Non-American family but they speak English >'mama', 'papa…[View]
104048223Is Grease On The Wrong Side Of Herstory https://youtu.be/9CLkStTkdm4?t=184[View]
104050938You talk the Bane, but do you crash the plane?[View]
104048938Scary Movie: Will non-PC kinos like this ever be made again?[View]
104049460Annette Funicello is best Disney Girl: Prove me wrong you literally can't[View]
104047843Death Kiss (2018): Are you excited /tv/ for Charles Bronson's new movie? https://www.youtube.co…[View]
104050713what are some movies?[View]
104050742Man vs Nature: Why are there so few man vs nature films these days? Films or shows where a character…[View]
104050738>this is the ______ that FUCKS you up! what is he saying?[View]
104050561Will Star Wars fans do to Episode 9 what Congress for Racial Equality did to coonskin: >Protest o…[View]
104045137Wtf, this is the most anti-Google and anti-progressive film I've seen in a while. How the hell …[View]
104049657The new Joker movie: The Killing Joke + The King of Comedy + Taxi Driver + NHK Ni Yokosoi + Infinity…[View]
104047392Canadians in Hollywood: Canadians are slowly taking over Hollywood, look at actors, screenwriters, d…[View]
104050643>Former A list stars who will never be in a good film ever again[View]
104050638Nuts in May: Candice Marie is the best waifu[View]
104042383/tv/ BTFO[View]
104050482What exactly did he mean by this?[View]
104045101What is the best in the of the dead series[View]
104050179WONDER WOMAN 1984: Details On Pedro Pascal's Mystery Character: >As most fans assumed, Pasca…[View]
104043978When will we get Batman that we deserve? Affleck in BvS was close but got ruined in Justice League.[View]
104049914/90df/: The couples >Tarik and Hazel Nice Black dude travels to the Philipines to meet a 25 year …[View]
104042826What are some movies where the guy with the nice personality gets the girl in the end?[View]
104048157Why did they make her so goddamn ugly?[View]
104049500best clint eastwood movie: what's the best clint eastwood movie for someone who has never seen …[View]
104045756I like the way the movie looks and I like the music but it's kind of a slog plot wise. Thoughts…[View]
104044894is it overrated?[View]
104048828>Six Replicants: three male, three female. Three nights ago they tried to break into Tyrell Corp…[View]
104050169What are the best nature documentaries?[View]
104045579Finale time guys: Will she make a reappearance?[View]
104049709How you doin'?[View]
104045993Scorsese: What's your pick? Goodfellas vs. Casino?[View]
104050091Killing Eve: Anyone watching this? Really enjoying it. Great blend of thriller and comedy, kooky and…[View]
104050044CLOWN KINO[View]
104049263FREEEEEEDOOOOOOM!!! 2 Why mods?[View]
104049228>Miss, Mister Bond.[View]
104049668TYBOKino: What are some good movies/tv shows that I can just turn my brain off and absorb? Pic relat…[View]
104049765So it’s a movie about asparagus?[View]
104022515>It's only bad when a woman does it Yea, I'm thinking /tv/ BTFO Based and /thread…[View]
104041670comfy /fall-core kino/: What are some your favorite comfy films to get you into your fall mood? Any…[View]
104048852So what's you looking up for, tv?: Here's mine >Hold the Dark From the guy that made Gr…[View]
104049000https://www youtube.com/watch?v=CpTN7Rce9Mc >star in kino TV series >lose weight so fatness wo…[View]
104049188>end credits scene that contradicts the ending[View]
104048791https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ihhj-Dym1tw Karl Pilkington is redpilled as fuck[View]
104049356sunday night /comfy/: im going to drink a couple beers and some jack daniels and watch some movies t…[View]
104048682>Dwarf >Literally the tallest member of the entire cast why?…[View]
104047712Is there a /tv/ approved equivalent of Netflix where you can stream old (obscure) movies? If not, th…[View]
104045595>protagonist is characterized as intelligent and rational >believes in god and makes religious…[View]
104049511PURE kino[View]
104045180best video game movie film: >still resident evil >But for sake of this thread pretend any othe…[View]
104048618im gonna watch this[View]
104043077Thoughts on her television and film?[View]
104038742What are some wuxia kinos?[View]
104049364>We never hear him laugh, for he laughs quietly to himself the whole time.…[View]
104043362What do you think happened on Monday?[View]
104047567Let's settle this contentious debate once and for all. Who is the superior Stewart?[View]
104049298The virgin Joker vs the chad Pennywise[View]
104041976Just finished watching this had a few questions Who was the Hispanic kid that hung around with the o…[View]
104045707Who was In The wrong here?[View]
104048323What is your favorite sex pervert movie?[View]
104049119Whats your favorite Brion James movie that isn't Blade Runner?[View]
104048903Will it be good?[View]
104047436Would you ever like watch a movie in Braille?[View]
104048799>'Shalom, Spiderman!'[View]
104030712>character draws a sword >*SHWING*[View]
104049084WTF? I thought this was supposed to suck. It was absolutely кинoma.[View]
104044044Will the Fantastic 4 ever get a TOLERABLE movie?: 3 movies, all 3 pure cancer. That's impressiv…[View]
104047224Rocky 2 holds up better than Rocky 1.[View]
104048894Why can't they make hand-drawn animated films anymore? I don't want to use the meme, but e…[View]
104048564was it kino?[View]
104047169Did anyone actually watch this shit?[View]
104048881Are they actually meant for each other?[View]
104048858Films that need a critical reevaluation and deserve more credit than they get.[View]
104047528is it me or does Hollywood get really boring when it comes to casting people? i mean when was the la…[View]
104048329Just watched this. Explain to me how Malick isn't in a league of his own (at least in modern ti…[View]
104044032What movie has the most ridiculous premise?[View]
104048552Anon why didn't stop me, why didn't you come to my house and stop me from watching Predato…[View]
104048730Will they ever get their shit together and deliver another sterling silver screen knock out hit for …[View]
104048693>We need a disapproving fa- >He's already on the set sir…[View]
104048556ITT: Deepest Lore: Roger Sterling is the true biological father of Walter Kovacs and Anton Chigurh a…[View]
104047136Would they ever bring back this show on television?[View]
104048523whats /tv/s go-to background noise movie/tv show[View]
104047689Jessica Paré: Why didn't her career take off after Mad Men?[View]
104046516So, was this movie anti nazi or anti semitic?[View]
104039683what happened to her?[View]
104027409Asian movies: Holy shit this movie was fucking fantastic, what are some other must watch Asian kinos…[View]
104048023Why wasn't the old gentleman waiter in Twin Peaks Season 3?[View]
104047667The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford: redpill me on the james gang /tv/[View]
104042995>free Netflix month >start watching old shows great viewing experience >try some of the net…[View]
104048424ITT: /tv/ scenes that made you lose[View]
104048376>Hard science movie >Black scientist[View]
104047526Thoughts on Con Air (1997)?[View]
104048398movies that you've fapped too[View]
104048389What are some good movies about rebellion and revolution? They don't have to be realistic. I gu…[View]
104046029>somebody please hire me![View]
104044484Avengers Endgame Spoilers: Hawkeye is relaxing at his hideout, unaware of what has happened. His fam…[View]
104048200>When a virtuous high school student is sexually assaulted, she discovers that she has an unexpec…[View]
104042292what the fuck[View]
104043466Can you hear the drums, Fernando...[View]
104043265Will we ever have a movie about helpers?[View]
104048132What's a good website and youtube channel that deals with REAL Indie films, and not the mainstr…[View]
104048125Grug not sure why cave want Chieftain Marvel to smile. No warrior ever smile. Talk cave stupid[View]
104048006A real Australian hero[View]
104047905>panos in talks with WB to direct Green Arrow movie Hype[View]
104045726ITT: Kino Sitcoms[View]
104048054>secret agent movie >'he's gone rogue, bring him in'…[View]
104033874What if it's secretly a Sequel to Scorsese's King of Comedy?: https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
104047831The King Who Lost the North[View]
104047944The Name's Bond. James Bond https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/entertainment/tv-radio/bodyguard-star…[View]
104047883Why the fuck does /tv/ never talk about this? >Anthony Hopkins >Mel Gibson >Daniel Day Lewi…[View]
104047827With all the memeI thought that you oversold the movie but damn the feels are real , the waifu , the…[View]
104047814So as much as we bitch about the current state of cinema, can I just express my undying gratitude th…[View]
104044131Best movies about Ireland: let me get em[View]
104043739Post the most obscure video you've seen.[View]
104040525Why couldn't The Rock ever surpass Arnold?[View]
104047435Come in with the milk.: Come in with the milk.[View]
104047124I am having some berenstein/stain shit going on right now. Out of nostalgia I've just watched …[View]
104046288ITT: movie you watching right now[View]
104047508>*SHHHNK Why the fuck did they use such a retarded sound effect for a horror movie…[View]
104046980CYBERPUNK: How how western cyberpunk films cant even come close.[View]
104043052Neytiri is...[View]
104045737Let's fix the X-Files. >Season 8 ends with the Lone Gunmen taking care and raising William…[View]
104046186I didn't like ready player one. Ask me anything.[View]
104046276Post a more kino music video than this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=evyKPVS_M7E[View]
104041024I miss him bros ;_;[View]
104047365The Avatar Live Action Remake: At least it's guaranteed to be better than the Shyamalan movie.…[View]
104046560So the Apple streaming service is going to suck ass. >Apple is still aiming to keep its content o…[View]
104046185> tv thinks this is ugly Hey gay boys[View]
104047163What do people think of Grabbers? I personally thought it was alright, but some reviews have blown i…[View]
104045978From a dusty mesa[View]
104036784Anyone ever worked at a movie theater? Had my first day yesterday and it fucking sucks[View]
104040249>Creed, did I ever tell you about the man who killed your father? He was a genetically engineered…[View]
1040459221/2way through this god fucking dommit why does jake gyllenhaal have to be such a fucking pussy ass …[View]
104046805Was Basie based?[View]
104020262/ffg/ - Found Footage General: Featured Film: Be My Cat: A Film for Anne Previously: >>1039681…[View]
104046984you forgot to return that VHS tape for 2 months; now the bill is at $2,000[View]
104045838Handmaiden's Tale reboot, but this time it's about virgin incels being hunted and prosecut…[View]
104046968Have you discussed cute dresses on Gala already?[View]
104046943that little faggot with the earring and the make-up[View]
104046916>'For this scene in The Dark Knight Rises, Aiden Gillen plays a CIA agent with a mid-Western acce…[View]
104046083Nostalgia Shitic: > Unironically rates two capeshits over Citizen Kane https://www.listchallenges…[View]
104040329>mfw download YIFY rips through mcdonald's internet[View]
104045713In thirty years when someone makes a DUDE 2010s series, what will be in it besides Obama and Trump?[View]
104046799Remember Sean Penn pretended to be a retard in 2001........badly. this will be one of hollywood…[View]
104046747KISS ME[View]
104046407military grade[View]
104045499Why don't they just call it a day and make a mini series based around the events of Silence of …[View]
104042249True Detective: Why could Rust only last less than a minute?[View]
104045378best crime shows?[View]
104046610Post your True Detective dream team[View]
104046427Just saw this, what did I think about it?[View]
104046483Karagarga invitation: Hey anons, how can I get a karagarga account? I'm trying to get one like …[View]
104044227>It's a 'Paulie and Chrissy get lost in the woods, but it's okay because Paulie spent 4…[View]
104044812THE FIRST KINO OF 2018[View]
104046201come one come all 'cause we're havin' a ball[View]
104043935Why did they cast this weeb? He can't even fight.[View]
104038911Avatar live action cast: Good job finding a chink who looks like this[View]
104046156Was this Uwe Boll's greatest masterpiece?[View]
104046003Please recommend some Kino about grief/loss/death. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e__1KU7lg-4[View]
104046313Movies that should be remade[View]
104045709What the fuck... This sounds lice as fuck. Is that a good movie?[View]
104044709Is he officially the goat of his generation now, surpassing Christian Bale?[View]
104037639Would you, /tv/?[View]
104045221What the fuck was his end goal? Become a wanted man hunted down worldwide and your life's work …[View]
104045662Just watched Unforgiven for the first time and holy shit. Need more kino[View]
104043197>Dawg, lemme tell you something.. I was on the set of Spider-Man 2, can you believe that Joe Roga…[View]
104045806What the fuck was his problem?[View]
104023107/bb/ Big Brother 20: HoH Part 1 winner: Tyler HoH Part 2 winner: Kaycee HoH Part 3 winner: TBD Previ…[View]
104039390Captain Marvel trailer reveal: It actually looks pretty good lads,what are her powers I'm getti…[View]
104040980Why is no one outside of /tv/ talking about how fucking trash this is?[View]
104042583Bleach live-action film: Why are Japanese actors being cast in roles meant for white people?[View]
104042025Which of his films is your favorite, Anon[View]
104045748Fine day, Sunday. In my opinion, best day of the week. Why is that /tv/?[View]
104045821So was he gay?[View]
104039284Is he the Plinkett of our generation?[View]
104045719>'AH..AH....AH..ARE THERE BOOBS ON MY HEAD!?'[View]
104035864End of an era https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wArmHSPIvlQ[View]
104045702Finally caught up and finished the final season. Why would Neal do that to Moz?[View]
104044672What the fuck was his problem?[View]
104041071alright, which of you was it?[View]
104018743>Sex scene >Characters are under the sheets >Man grunts and rolls over to let the audience …[View]
104045402just watched Paths of Glory and it was great. recommend me more emotional war kinos. please.[View]
104043683Casual reminder that these two men fucked.[View]
104044989Linda Cardellini: Thoughts on her career?[View]
104041717Was KStew miscast for the role of Snow White?[View]
104045564What is /tv/ looking forward to most when this book finally is made into a TV show?[View]
104044804>>104035285 reminder that 'the predator' rewrote the lore about predators collecting trophies …[View]
104042832Greatest kino in fiction?: >one of the best musical movies of all time >earlier fantastic adap…[View]
104045345Maniac: Just finished pic related. Good cozy watch. what did you think of it?[View]
104045248Sal, please, it's a fucking joke![View]
104042548ITT: Dark, sombre movies. No need for them to be slashers or thrillers, but that is not excluded. I…[View]
104042599WTF /tv/ Why didn't you tell me Mubi is free with a uni email?[View]
104045055Why did we stop meming him?[View]
104045225how am i supposed to go back to american reality tv?[View]
104038127>listening to Johny Cash whole day >reading Blood Meridian >play New Vegas in my free time …[View]
104045167So I caught this on television a few days ago and you guys are right, no one shuts the fuck up throu…[View]
104038279who was in the wrong here?[View]
104035733Cast him[View]
104044345He will always be remembered...[View]
104042579You could literally smell the tension in this scene[View]
104044970>5 Joker threads >1 Walk Hard thread >1 Nightcrawler thread >No Sisters Brothers thread …[View]
104044283Why does the Goose always wear stubble? He looks much better clean shaven.[View]
104044948I think (you)sville sucks![View]
104039721Show me a more quotable movie. You literally cant[View]
104044662What should I know about the new generation of greek cinema[View]
104044671What are some essential samurai kino's?[View]
104042663>This one scene has more substance than the entire MCU combined[View]
104040091>You'll get your damn rent when.......[View]
104044476Deceptive Trailers: What are some movies with highly deceptive trailers? Like one that sells it as …[View]
104043831Is seeing dead people really a sixth sense? Isn't just an extension of the sense of sight?[View]
104043985Modern cliches: >trailer for a military/spy/police thriller about a morally grey world >I…[View]
104044643Any other similar movies about exposing chinks?[View]
104044239this is the future you chose[View]
104044117Mandy: Why should i watch it[View]
104044246Cast her[View]
104043651Do you think she regrets getting involved with capeshit?[View]
104042633Word around the office is you've got a fat cock[View]
104042619I'M ONLY HUMAN[View]
104044088Thoughts on Tales from the Darkside? Also is the movie any good?[View]
104042901*#MeToo's your movie premier*[View]
104043108>high school >everyone looks 30s-40s[View]
104042882Michael Andrew Fox OC[View]
104043704Recommend some at least 6/10 horror movies. >inb4 some redd*tor suggests a horror comedy that 's…[View]
104039198How would a crossover between these two work?[View]
104037385DISHONEST CINEMATOGRAPHY: When did you realise that the cinematography in this piece of trash was so…[View]
104034315Anyone have the pic where their asses are swapped? I need it for an argument with my sister.[View]
104042770Cinema Stories: >Watching pic related before the Super Dupers 2 comes up. >The climax scene ha…[View]
104044176>the predator(2018) was gonna have it's third act set in area 52 with good guy predators fig…[View]
104044138Is working in advertisement really like this?[View]
104041594Our Gal finally made it. She'll be playing herself on this beloved animated series. Good for he…[View]
104042664>UHH CIRCLE, MESSAGE[View]
104043984Fuck, this movie was great.[View]
104043433Why the fuck is this movie so re-watchable?[View]
104038536>One ticket to Joker™, please[View]
104043847ITT: Movies that pissed you off: >the whole 'dog show' part was a fucking waste of time that led …[View]
104042415Forget who's best. Who's the worst?[View]
104043540What was his fucking problem?[View]
104040605Top Gear Specials Sunday afternoon /comfy/ stream: Get in here, relax and shitpost. We'll be wa…[View]
104043716eminder if your favorite director isn't on this list you're a fucking pleb: 1. Charles Lub…[View]
104039623is it good? but more importantly, does biel get naked?[View]
104043405ITT: flicks you expected to be capeshit[View]
104040284Crown for king[View]
104043502Seriously, what did he mean by this?[View]
104043237Jobs in Film: I just got my first job in film quality controlling Disney films. I get paid to watch …[View]
104037417An argument between these three would be priceless.[View]
104037732All released Joker on-set riot scenes: Get in here, faggots.[View]
104041945Hello /tv/. Is an Iphone SE optimal to make a 10-15 minute short film with? I want to make movies fo…[View]
104041127I loved it and nothing you might say about it can make me think otherwise.[View]
104037539>I could help out..here and there >Um, better not. You're an old man, and this is NO COUN…[View]
104043096Well, this was fucked up[View]
104041804What are some good documentaries about atmospheric beasts? 'We live at the bottom of an atmospheric …[View]
104041107Just tried Lost in Space, holy shit the absolute lack of any basic knowledge and the characters make…[View]
104043288absolutely CRAZY characthers[View]
104043140>tfw Lodge 49 is not going to get renewed[View]
104041583IS THIS TROMAS BEST?[View]
104043165Why won't Hollywood cast her anymore?[View]
104042063333,000 God's Army: I do thank my Family for treatment, along with Antonio.[View]
104041079Thoughts on King Kong (2005)?[View]
104041507Cloak & Dagger General: Best thread around bois[View]
104039727Is this the most wrong /tv/ has ever been about the plot of a movie?[View]
104026724What would you do if you had his powers?[View]
104042424Why is no one outside of /tv/ talking about how fucking trash this is?[View]
104042320Autism: Jesus FUCK! Enough already![View]
104042893What did you guys think of Sicario 2: Day of the Soldado?[View]
104036313Tusk: what the hell was that?[View]
104042436ITT: Retards.[View]
104035606What the fuck was his problem?[View]
104037286Re-cast her.[View]
104042729Which movie is worse? The Last Jedi or Gigli?[View]
104041542Who was in the wrong here?[View]
104035040why did Bill even agree to do the podcast?[View]
104042471Why do so few female directors make big blockbuster movies? 99% of them make arthouse, underground, …[View]
104040059>shits his pants when Mel calls him out to his face >waits until the next day when Mel is gone…[View]
104042617TFA starts with 'Luke had vanished'. TLJ ends with 'Luke has vanished': What's wrong with these…[View]
104038783Anyone else seen Climax here yet? What did you think? I loved it but everyone I went to see it with …[View]
104040132/tv/?: What is this tha transvestite board or sumtin? Tsss tss[View]
104041800Was it good? Was it tight?[View]
104040414>I'm something of a logical thinker myself[View]
104035285>autism is the next step of human evolution[View]
104039501https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nZJP0bN3lz0 who should do the score? make it kino[View]
104042172Why was Billy Idol in Doom?[View]
104041219>British actors >people who went to acting school and did theatre for years before moving on t…[View]
104042487It's time for your daily physical examination, anon.[View]
104040444Am I the only one who think a scanner darkly is underrated and should get more recognition, both the…[View]
104042405best marvel movie by far I actually LOVE this movie[View]
104042338what does /tv/ think about Xtro (1982)?: i cant think of a reason why anyone would invest in this mo…[View]
104040729What did he mean by this[View]
104042247How did they pull it off?: >Everyone expecting trainreck >Becomes one of the best musicals on …[View]
104042167Here's your Azor Ahai bro[View]
104033168Why are cinemassacre members so fucking fat?[View]
104039395Who else is going to the kinoplex today to see this?: What are we in for. who have seen it?[View]
104042224Blonde hair + brown eyes: Absolutely fucking YIKES[View]
104038131So we all agree she's a stone cold fox right?[View]
104018558the fuck is “offensive” about this hokey jokey halloween shit based on a lame-ass tv show???? do not…[View]
104040611House M.D. thread: Got around to rewatching the series 10 years after I saw it the first time. Holy …[View]
104039190Why is there a gun in The Sopranos logo?[View]
104033846What is some African American kino?[View]
104039646What's you go to streaming platform outside of netflix?[View]
104038493What did he want to tell him?[View]
104039740List a movie that is hailed as amazing but it's actually terrible, just that it's immune t…[View]
104041280What did Octavia mean by this?[View]
104041830Why did Aristotle put homogayfaggot propaganda in his head?[View]
104041249>Past a certain age, a man who spends 10 hours a day shitposting on a Japanese message board can …[View]
104041582Friday the 13th thread Favorite kill? Favorite movie? Best girl? Hopes for the franchise?[View]
104023120How can atheists ever recover after this movie so thoroughly destroyed their belief system?[View]
104039960ITT badass movie priests[View]
104039541Now that the dust has settled, what is the general consensus on Little Italy?[View]
104041086Best nuwars: Did zoomers and boomers hate it because there is no lampsword fight? Phathethic[View]
104039241can you guys recommend any good psychological thrillers or maybe movies where the main character is …[View]
104037637Schindler's List was originally to be directed by Martin Scorsese, how do you think it'd h…[View]
104038119Cate Blanchett appreciation thread: What's your favorite movie of hers? Mine is LotR…[View]
104039999Why is Chef Kevin such a messy bitch?[View]
104041032A Serbian Film: Was I the only one that wanted Milos to fuck Jeca?[View]
104041409Who will play her in the inevitable biopic?[View]
104040952Sell me this pen[View]
104041466Why is nobody talking about this amazing film? Now is full of DCshills shilling MOMS GONNA FREk Kek[View]
104041437>i didn't just meet you, i've known you my whole fucking life…[View]
104041296Movie Thread[View]
104040673Admit it: You're excited for Season 3 because of these two[View]
104040556Movies only you've seen ITT[View]
104041106Is it any good?: Convince me to watch it (or not).[View]
104030768Chevy Chase hitting JUST levels never thought possible: Try to watch this video without getting sad …[View]
104023662was the incel documentary kino? https://youtu.be/sJ8EAwRauoM[View]
104038966>movie genre is called western >simply because it's taking place on the so called 'wild w…[View]
104039803ITT: Characters who are you[View]
104040767Why Fox hate this franchise so much?[View]
104038862The new joker movie: The Killing Joke + The King of Comedy + Taxi Driver + NHK Ni Yokosoi + Infinity…[View]
104038308dean im not an idiot[View]
104040912What are some movies like this? Movie is 'The Outskirts' from 1998[View]
104040889>It's an Elseworlds! >Joaquin isn't too old, Joker has no canon age! >There are…[View]
104040864let's try again.[View]
104032858Mandy *SPOILERS* What do you guys think the ending of this kino is supposed to mean? I took at as Ni…[View]
104040755Who's your favorite kinographer? Mine's Joseph Gordon. (Ignore the goon, couldn't fin…[View]
104040768You commie motherfucke-[View]
104037886since rey is the most powerful jedi ever, will we see her display some new force powers? i'm th…[View]
104040148Remember when we were watching that train wreck of a show called The Walking Dead? Wew boy was that …[View]
104037920Yeah, that 'Yale thing'[View]
104040669Blade did slowmo bullet dodging before The Matrix. Fucking hell.[View]
104039339Is hearts of darkess better than appocalypse now?[View]
104040377Can anyone post grids of any of Mario Bava films please?[View]
104035521>It's a funny or romantic episode that doesn't waste time focusing on the whole 'a…[View]
104039157What's up with the low scores on both RT and IMDB? Just recently saw this and I would personall…[View]
104038968Diversity wouldn't be a problem if people watched more foreign movies with subtitles.[View]
104039550>11 days till based Vemom https://yourcountdown.to/venom[View]
104038751what did they mean by this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ALFpRJKnK2U[View]
104040236If movie franchises were placed into high school cafeteria tables, who would sit at the popular kids…[View]
104039654Why does the paparazzi still exist?[View]
104038982>illegally cross borders, invade a sovereign country, beat up and kidnap one of it's citizen…[View]
104040165>I have no idea what it is. Let me call a buddy of mine who knows more about this stuff.…[View]
104039615I can hear the mouse dragging Mel out of his mansion as we speak.[View]
104040138What jobs will require Mike to undergo a sex change operation?[View]
104036629What was I supposed to get from this movie? Being molested as a kid is a good thing?[View]
104040011Help: Looking for some speech to sample: I'm looking for a soundbite of someone saying 'Class i…[View]
104037914I like Stranger Things but why did they cast such punchable kid actors It's like they want to e…[View]
104037949I'm gonna watch Predator at the kino today and there's nothing you can do abought it[View]
104038884I hope this bombs harder than Solo and they completely abandon plans to have her replace Iron Man/sa…[View]
104039965Honest Cinematography: What are some good examples of honest cinematography? i'll start[View]
104039908Maniac: That is very fortunate for the 1 and the 9 to be close to each other.[View]
104037191Why did Esmeralda choose the Chad instead of cripples good guy Quasimodo?: Why is Disney teaching gi…[View]
104039869MAN OF SPIDERS: When are we going to dub this?[View]
104039690Forgotten Capeshit: Watched last night. Pure, unadulterated shit but Eva Mendes was smoking hot in t…[View]
104038752Why did Kristen Stewart's career stall out so hard after Twilight?[View]
104039308https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QG_tkxZZMkk did /tv/ ever recover from this?[View]
1040391292004 was the last truly kino year >Incredibles >Spiderman 2 >Mean Girls >Saw >Shaun o…[View]
104039505>it ain't me starts playing[View]
104021353What did he mean by this[View]
104035762Finally finished it, after like 5 years or whatever. So discussion thread I guess if anyone's s…[View]
104032221>created, written and directed by based Cary Fukunaga WHY DIDN'T ANYONE TELL ME THIS? HOW KI…[View]
104036529Mob Signs: Didn't you notice the signs? > CLOWN MAYOR > FASCIST WAYNE > EAT THE RICH W…[View]
104039621SPIN THE DRUM[View]
104035672WHERE IS MUH BEIBEH[View]
104039471My Opinon>Yours[View]
104039580What happened to Thora Birch? She looked like she was gonna make it back in the 90s[View]
104038253Van Helsing thread: This movie was fucking awesome. I still wish they had made that all the sequels…[View]
104037944Karl on a Podcast - NEW: Karl Pilkington on a british actor's podcast for 90 minute long chat. …[View]
104039164Your favorite movie?[View]
104038016Is this real or is it just a meme?[View]
104039386>that fag who says Nightmare Before Christmas is his favorite movie It's not even a good chr…[View]
104036838Re-cast him[View]
104032256Prequels appreciation thread[View]
104027906How did this skeletor got the WW role?[View]
104038305Was the moral of the movie supposed to be that Max will never learn his lesson and keep being only s…[View]
104039347Ayo, P-Dog, I heard yous rollin' with some science niggas these days. Too good for the hood, ho…[View]
104035743Bravo #1 or Bravo #2?[View]
104035947Will this be a hit /tv/?: https://www.cbr.com/avatar-the-last-airbender-live-action-composer-jeremy-…[View]
104039061better call kino: How is the most kino show on tv right now gonna end this season? The series finale…[View]
104037626CIRI GAGA[View]
104034916Now that the dust has settled... was it kino?[View]
104036447'Now why couldn't you put the bunny back in the box?'[View]
104034713Times /tv/ has been BTFO.[View]
104035005So... what would you say YA DO here?[View]
104037927Wait so this is all a knock on Trump?[View]
104038380Who was in the wrong here?[View]
104038403So... Why did the Droogies beat up Alex horribly even if they had already punished him by crushing t…[View]
104038719Shows that went to shit in their third season[View]
104036421What did we think of Diamond Dogs?[View]
104037451Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island turns 20 years old https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pxOxUpWE2n8&featu…[View]
104037737Was it kino?[View]
104036810Fuck's sake, Larry David. Does season 9 hold up with the rest though? Apprehensive that it…[View]
104034318>It is intended to be the first film in a series of DC-based films separate from the shared DC Ex…[View]
104038515Did he ever tell you about the goy's teeth?[View]
104033867Heard there was a fortnite movie in the works... Anybody got any insider details?[View]
104036486Is he the reason why you’re afraid to talk or look at that hot girl at work?[View]
104038438>daughter is pure black >kid with white woman looks like a mutt >yet the father is still wh…[View]
104037666Hi Galen, Jax said he's on his way. He said he wants to make things right with the Irish so he …[View]
104038367What did you think of Lauren Cohen in the walking dead?[View]
104036639Hello my baby Hello my honey Hello my ragtime gal[View]
104037239All aboard >tfw no Portillo bf[View]
104036367Why are American films so much better than European & Asian films? Is it because they have bette…[View]
104038232So what will they’re show be?[View]
104031032>Last movie you watched has the MC replaced by a black sassy woman How does it go?…[View]
104038150BAD DREAM[View]
104036520When you consider the actual men that Megan Fox and Rosie Huntingdon date in real life, they must ha…[View]
104037771Kino collages: Images more like these[View]
104036229AND WHERE'S THAT DWP GUY?[View]
104036027How would a Superhero cinematic universe look like during the golden age of Hollywood?[View]
104035507What do you think Mel Gibson is doing, right now?[View]
104029766What's the general consensus on this?: Ribbit[View]
104036017ITT:: JUSTproof actors[View]
104036377OH NO NO NO: Why the FUCK do critics hate sincerity?[View]
104036565what are some good operatorkinos?[View]
104037971They had the perfect blueprint for an awesome video game movie, and yet they STILL fucked up.[View]
104036227He did nothing wrong.[View]
104037810great debate[View]
104031346Who would you cast for her?[View]
104037835>'That's him. That's the guy.'[View]
104036579Could this one possibly get a decent film adaptation? Who would you pick to direct it?[View]
104036183Redditlettermedia: >'Go watch the newest Marvel flick it's funny and has great action scenes…[View]
104035746How the FUCK were people convinced that these characters were cool?[View]
104036525Why is Chef Kevin such a messy bitch?[View]
104037548I mean, the third act came out of nowhere but the movie wasn't that bad[View]
104037439Why is this movie so underrated?[View]
104036160>*crack* >'I liked The Thing (1982), but The Thing From Another World (1951)?' >*sips for t…[View]
103998410>POTTER. My office. NOW.[View]
104037004Bumblebee Trailer 2 This MONDAY: Here's a look at Blitzwing. No one cared who he was until he p…[View]
104036126I haven't seen a show this insufferable in a long time[View]
104035514So basically a woman cheats on her husband, and that's his fault?[View]
104037432sorry America[View]
104034855While i wouldn't call Ralph's movies wholly successful his use of rotoscoping actors gives…[View]
104036399>Let me tell you 80 year old gramps, if you can grab this gun, i'll give you some millitary …[View]
104030371Let's share moments that DESTROYED careers.[View]
104035892>girl is the one who actually has to work hard to earn the affection of the guy this is why this …[View]
104036864This is over, What other sci-fi can I watch?[View]
104037182Demi's been dethroned. Kneel before /tv/'s Queen[View]
104036372It really was a bad season.[View]
104037061ITT good canceled shows no one remembers[View]
104034206Who will play them in the inevitable remake?[View]
104036294This is a insane interview process[View]
104036995Are there any movies featuring a guy marrying a dwarfette?[View]
104033196Beans, beans, the magical fruit. The more you eat, the more you toot Are all Americans this easily…[View]
104035823watch what?[View]
104037021>He couldn't have been more than twenty-four or twenty-five at the time, but he was already …[View]
104001954Always Sunny ep 3: >Dee episode >Its hilarious Pleasantly surprised at how much I laffed at t…[View]
104036876Is this the single best remix of AVGN theme? Makes me nostalgic for when he first hit the scenes. Be…[View]
104034794But why'd she suck the guy's dick?![View]
104036606All jokes aside fellas, where the fuck is Paulie's reflection? Is he a vampire?[View]
104036016Skinny Pete.[View]
104036352Solaris: Made me want to marathon all of his films desu[View]
104034558The show was good but there is something that bothers me Owens arc didnt seem satisfactory to me, An…[View]
104033056> muh just a salute why was he such a cuck? he must have known how important keeping order was on…[View]
104036592I ask again, what young delinquent movies are missing from this list? I want movies that fit other d…[View]
104035141Actually good romantic comedies?[View]
104035908Kino childhood moments: > I'll let you in on a little secret, Detweiler. Every adult you…[View]
104034509What's the Electric Wizard of Television and Film /tv/? I'm in that mood.[View]
104036312What was your favorite movie of 2017, /tv/?[View]
104035457me give you kino long time.[View]
104035224>character's sister makes fun of his manboobs[View]
104032835As DC is switching up some of thier characters do you think she would make a good Harley or a petite…[View]
104034431Based Coop breaks down his iconic roles: https://youtube.com/watch?v=zK2ThAzZEhg&feature=youtu.b…[View]
104034880Could Debickis next big role be in Star Wars?[View]
104035082Fukunaga did it again. This show is Absolute Kinography.[View]
104035603What are some films that capture this feel?[View]
104031772I’M ACTING!!![View]
104035474ITT: /tv/-approved Jews[View]
104033569Just spent the last 2 weeks watching every episode of Frasier for the first time. All 264 episodes, …[View]
104035890'Kathleen called me to say how much she loved the script[View]
104032128what is your favourite movie? pic is mine[View]
104027997>yfw you watch Matrix: Reloaded and see this horrible shitfest of undergrad-tier CGI…[View]
104033225Muh Depth of Field: anyone else loving Hilda (2018) on netflix? is it, dare i say KINO!?…[View]
104035489have you ever farted in the cinema[View]
104030446Are there any Hollywood “female gaze” movies? The only example I can think of is Underworld 5 in whi…[View]
104035714Reminder that nobody showed up when RLM held a panel at a con: Go to 19:30 https://youtu.be/8mLUQpOn…[View]
104034432Did this show scare you? It scared me, the real stuff like missing persons, not the bullshit 'i did …[View]
104029076I love Viggo Mortensen as a person but I've tried so many of his movies and not a single one ha…[View]
104034060It's Disneykino but Pocahontas was a whore.[View]
104033049I started a Netflix free trial last week but all they have is: >white house dramas >teen drama…[View]
104035505Cast her[View]
104032151Which Noomi is the best Noomi?[View]
104018968Webm Thread[View]
104012703What's her superpower, bros?[View]
104035388Why is this allowed?[View]
104035034Damn: Hook is a good ass movie. Right up there with The Princess Bride, imo.[View]
104031129What a pile of stinking shit whoever recommended this to me, i'm gonna find you and kick your f…[View]
104035329Waterworld: Is it worth watching?[View]
104035315What does /tv/ think of this show: >also suggest better alternatives or shows similar to this one…[View]
104034745>only 250 days until Godzilla: King of the Monsters[View]
104035182I watched this again today after last seeing it 11 years ago in theaters and it's much better t…[View]
104031486>movie starts with a bible quote[View]
104035042>You will never blow the heat-seeking organ clear off a Shrieker from 20 yards with you shotgun i…[View]
104032592>Any updates on our suspect? >We can't find anything sir, this guy doesn't even have…[View]
104034029This is my personal most kino moment in film. What about you?[View]
104034985>'It's time to return to the people what the filthy Jewish bankers have stolen!' Raimi reall…[View]
104032350The Great Debate: The Red Shoes vs Black Swan[View]
104030749What was /tv/'s opinion of this scene from The Roommate? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pfQOnA…[View]
104030895What a fucking moronic movie concept.[View]
104034917RE2 remake weapons: So what do you think about new weapons and re imagined old ones?[View]
104034143>see this because I want to watch a movie about Russia >it's just a one big obvious metap…[View]
104032191Jesus christ what a pile of shit lol.[View]
104032763Lesbian Mountain: >/ourMilf? and /britLezo/ star in erotic lesbian thriller >married 'straight…[View]
104034788Weird family dynamics... They were joking about it all at his brother's birthday dinner.[View]
104034550What happened to standards and quality?: Why are the Academy Award nominated movies for best picture…[View]
104034727Why they completely ignore all the intresting concpets of the book like mercerism and the empathy bo…[View]
104032613>Entire series only has one good scene[View]
104034064>begin jamming signal[View]
104028680What was the purpose of the quote “Meat is back on the menu boys” in Lord of the Rings?[View]
104030133Miranda Cosgrove: >>I don't care if you look like Michael Jackson...…[View]
104033218Why was Larry David in A Clockwork Orange?[View]
104032529How did hobbits know what a Julian Calendar is?[View]
104030373Is there a more Reddit movie than this?[View]
104032413What was your favorite scene: What was your favorite scene Bram Stoker's Dracula?[View]
104033931EXCOOD BEEF![View]
104034186>Hey kid, I got balloons down here. Heh heh.[View]
104033069Curious why do comicbookfags get uppity about comicbook accuracy?: You do realize comicbooks are by …[View]
104032145Was getting caught part of her plan?[View]
104026359Who Would Win?[View]
104027761>Marvel intro reel, fades to black >chanting in Aramaic >Tony Stark in a garden sweating as…[View]
104030822https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AKQLaYEYzvU Thoughts?[View]
104034021Does anyone get cucked in movies more than this guy?[View]
104031821Anyone watching this? I can't see where this show is going. Is Mr.Pickles going to turn into a …[View]
104024372Seconds, dear?[View]
104030217Movies only you have seen[View]
104030175>british humour[View]
104033402Beth: >Am I evil? Rick >Worse. You're smart. Is this the most Reddit line in existence?…[View]
104030636Any films that deal with the struggles attractive young females go through?[View]
104033643that's how it is on this bitch of an earth: that feel when the transvestigators were right all …[View]
104029983How is it?[View]
104033285Name some films/docs about the plant we all know and love.[View]
104033288Kino experiences with your family: >abstract dream sequence starts >Dad starts 'tsk' ing…[View]
104033273>You gotta get in that ass Larry Do people like Leon or hate him? I love him.…[View]
104031949Is he still /ourguy/ ? How did he throw away everything he stood for?[View]
104031797https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TuxdjVI-5r0 this song is a bit...incesty[View]
104033127>Movie is set in the united states of america >it's about a working class family unable …[View]
104032962Anyone use this?: Is it worth it or just another bullshit (((streaming))) app?[View]
104031697what is this technique called[View]
104000249Diablo: Hope it's not as anti-Christian as Castlevania[View]
104026183What are some zombie essentials? My favorite so far is Dawn of the Dead 1978 but I feel like that…[View]
104011709Can we drop these 'mom's gonna freak' memes when we talk about Joaqer ? Literally sounds like a…[View]
104028840>celebrities who would look good with black hair[View]
104032304Behold - the greatest actress of our generation[View]
104032959This is the future you chose.[View]
104031965OH NO NO NO: I actually was looking forward to this[View]
104029181What the fuck was his problem?[View]
104031929How could a pedo produce something so comfy?[View]
104032873/TimeBandits/ general: I don't get the ending .[View]
104030422TO LIFE! TO LIFE! L'CHAIM![View]
104029914I challenge you to find anything that is consistently funnier.[View]
104032165This land is hereby forever claimed in the glorious name of His Majesty, King Georg—[View]
104032699For what reason?[View]
104032794I'M IN CHARGE HERE[View]
104032532A Thread to Discuss the Film/TV Oeuvre of the Talented Young Actress Mackenzie Foy: Twilight, Inters…[View]
104031533Does modern simpsons get as edgy as the first few years?[View]
104030144What do we think of Mel Gibson?[View]
104032337ITT: post kino actors[View]
104032255Why can't this guy act for shit? Every single movie he's just giving a blank stare trying …[View]
104032291Epic Rap Battles of History: ROBOCOP VS TERMINATOR BEGIN >Well I Wikipedia that and you Wikipedia…[View]
104031774BOND 25 THREAD: >Fukunaga in >pretty much confirmed craig gettting his 'from ' russia with lov…[View]
104031652Legit think venom is making Tom wanna quit acting This movie is honestly the dumbest looking thing …[View]
104029498I don't get what people are talking about, looks like the classic The Joker >MUH CHEMICALS T…[View]
104032190What are the best male power fantasy movies?[View]
104029607>Ed Wood >The Disaster Artist When will Neil Breen get a film made about him?…[View]
104030408Recommend me some depressing/melancholic movies for the upcoming feels in autumn.[View]
104030191Synecdoche, New York Pretentious mess or misunderstood masterpiece?[View]
104025248Janny janny get me banny[View]
104031623So how are your old favorite actress/actors enjoying their retirement?: https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
104029629Who did it best ?[View]
104031826what does this boomer ass show have against yoga? do they realize that everyone (gen z) does that no…[View]
104024426>tfw have to unplug mouse and keyboard to be able to watch a movie without pausing it…[View]
104031242For me? It's Daniella.[View]
104026285What are some of your favoruuite futurama episoders? some of mine: >Fry and The Slurm Factory …[View]
104030309How did Kylo and Rey have another skype sesssion at the end?: Snoke said he arranged the skype sessi…[View]
104031482Don't worry about who the fuck I am in the guy who's right in the middle of your shit so w…[View]
104030565Mfw James Gunn inevitably gets rehired but Roseanne doesn't.[View]
104031477>a genderless burger experience[View]
104027126Here's your Ciri, bro[View]
104008526I owe it ALL to the dragon https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Kc3JqVIIJA[View]
104031331itt: episodes that upset /tv/ 1st post is from the incel doc[View]
104030903Man, I’m gettin' so sick and tired of fuckin' with /tv/ We can't even have a Simpsons…[View]
104027927Movies where nazis are the good guys?[View]
104026481What are some movies about the corruption of the innocent? pic related[View]
104030955The Room Available Now On Youtube (unlisted): Hello Everybody, I have come to you today to talk abou…[View]
104030933Was it kino?[View]
104011431Somebody get me some clippers. His fucking beard is weird![View]
104027994Just watched Sixth Sense for the first time. Cool as fuck twist that makes you rethink the entirety …[View]
104027249When was the last time you finished watching a movie?[View]
104030521What was the day that Always Sunny died?[View]
104027080>Disney isn't run by ped- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xe3LZBDcQvE…[View]
104030626I want one.[View]
104027609Magnitsky Act: Behind the Scenes: Attention: the Magnitsky Act is back online. Quick rundown: >mo…[View]
104028940The Critic: Is this /tv/ the show?[View]
104029562How the fuck can Larson even compete[View]
104028198“My whole thing is that that I saw The Dark Knight. I feel like I’m dumb because I feel like I don’t…[View]
104030472Does anyone else remember watching this when they were a kid? I just remembered it and its a lot mor…[View]
104026215Why in the fuck did they replace based eddy norton with this spastic fuck? He talks like he has the …[View]
104028977how do you go from this-[View]
104029291>le Resistance What are they resisting? They’re the government. Nu Wars is so shit.…[View]
104030058Post your top 3 all time Chad actors.[View]
104028896What is your opinion on Toy Story 3?[View]
104023360When did you realize that film critics are leftwing shills?[View]
104030329250 days until kaijukino[View]
104027931best part of the raimi films[View]
104029154Could he have just cut his head off?[View]
104020843Rian Johnson trilogy cancelled: Probably. Since they are slowing Star Wars movies down this thing wi…[View]
104027645>'Mr. Reese, we have a new number! Anon A, 27, lives alone in a small bedsit. Online presence is …[View]
104027922he's coming for ya[View]
104027985/Dceu/ General...: > Favorite scenes/moments & aspects of the films? > Wishlist & idea…[View]
104028984Why don't tv shows cast cute girls and cover them from head to toe in alien makeup anymore?[View]
104030136>yep, i remember those c-beams... they don't make 'em like they used to that's for…[View]
104029376quinteseential western core: Once Upon a Time in the West The Good the Bad and the Ugly The Last Sam…[View]
104030164>90s movie >I'M BLUE DA BA DEE DA BA DIE starts playing…[View]
104018504Which celebrities look good gender swapped?[View]
104024284FUCKING. KINO.[View]
104030047Hold still, anon. Let's peel off that grotesque facade.[View]
104029967For me, it's Janet Leigh in Psycho[View]
104028772suck my balls: sept 26 anyone else super excited?[View]
104027795BREAKING BAD: I'm in season 2 still, please no spoilers Why is this woman so unlikable? holy sh…[View]
104028607What are some KINO where the MC loses everything?[View]
104029941was he in the know all along?[View]
104028997Post kino news segments https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BqrKFCj4mZo[View]
104029884>it ain't me starts playing[View]
104029561Oooookay ... Boiz & Gurlz of 4chan. Let’s saieee ... there is going to be a project, comedy bein…[View]
104029844>Classy tv shows and their intros Philip Marlowe, Private Eye https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_m-…[View]
104028979was it kino?[View]
104026901I hope /ourboys/ get cleared of all charges, they have a pretty decent case for self defense due to …[View]
104027337honestly though, whats the big deal with the ring. it makes you invisible and?[View]
104020216This will be the tipping point, the moment where people say that DC made a better movie than Marvel,…[View]
104028629First Reformed: First Reformed is the best film I've seen in the last 5 years.[View]
104029092Now that the dust has settled, was it kino?[View]
104024697who was in the wrong here? Ross, for not letting Phoebe believe her beliefs, or Phoebe, for being ig…[View]
104022583How do you guys smuggle in your pickles from home if the ones at the cinema are too expensive?[View]
104023524Most well cast characters in an adaptation[View]
104029206Hey frends, I have insider info about the new Joker movie, I should start by saying that YES there…[View]
104006014I don't get it[View]
104029141It's taken years for me to realise Peggy Hill is played by Kathy Najimy[View]
104024462>movie is set in New York[View]
104029252will she fuck godzilla?[View]
104028367Why do not you watch male soap opera kino?[View]
104026270FUCK BOOMERS[View]
104021134>saturday night Why are you here?[View]
104027693>“I can't go to Yemen! I'm an analyst!'[View]
104027157are you serious they had an amazing story about putting the cartels to war against each other with e…[View]
104028370How did they get away with this?[View]
104024179Are there any good movies about wanting a hot boyfriend but being unable to find one so you become b…[View]
104027655FIXED IT.[View]
10402250289 days until Alita: Battle Angel[View]
104028873>WOOOAH...HE STOLE THAT GUYS PIZZAS! I fucking love Raimis Spider-Man's.…[View]
104028794>sit down for film in the kinoplex >ALL of the adverts before the film are black people…[View]
104028732Can we talk about this?: Holy fuck this is terrifying[View]
104025114In the wake of Joaquin Phoenix's Joker reveal, lets have a discussion on his filmography. What …[View]
104027520Yeah, I think he's back[View]
104027108>tfw you walk into the cinema for a midnight premier and are the first in line…[View]
104028189What is your favorite film about Jews or Judaism?[View]
104025371Joker Leaked (Bruce Wayne - Half brother): >Arthur starts out as a comedian who does a lot of sha…[View]
104017649did omar take away the realism from the wire?[View]
104025080Explain to the folks at home what an imageboard is.[View]
104017591>'I Think We're Alone Now' has been out for a little over a week >already released on DV…[View]
104027268How comes this movie is so shit compared to the Ghibli movies? Is it really that one single person (…[View]
104028013Would change yourself into a half man half horse for 100 million dollars?[View]
104022843Why do Anglos make such kino movie villains?[View]
104028286Why didn't the British just apologise to the Germans and bring peace to Europe?[View]
104028229What's Arthur's endgame?[View]
104028354Why are movies over an hour long? Nobody can concentrate that long. Movies should be 45 mins max, wi…[View]
104026313Shiny beams and shit nigga iv'e seen it all[View]
104027802Watched this kino with my gf. She liked it. What about your gf?[View]
104028220when you are so experienced in movies you can tell if you want to watch one by the trailer alone[View]
104025791so what the fuck happened to them?[View]
104017960OH NO NO NO NO[View]
104026430Why didn't he just create more resources?[View]
104027648Is Rick and Morty really better than The Sopranos?[View]
104024400You wanna know how I got these scars?[View]
104026913What could have been...: The work of one man and not a multibillion dollar studio https://www.youtub…[View]
104024623Sicario is out: finally[View]
104027700Finally got around to watching this. Took me so long because I listened to all the haters on /tv/. T…[View]
104026458Now this is Epic.[View]
104028029Ken Burns' Vietmeme: any other good documentaries where the good guys won and gloat about it?…[View]
104020204will Squirrel Girl be any good?[View]
104027014>mfw that one pedophile has been allowed to post on here for 10+ years but one picture of CIA wil…[View]
104022330>I seen wile shit, muh nigga. Laser beams. Sparkly space shit. But now I'm finna go out dis …[View]
104027530>cute women can't be funn--[View]
104022775What's /tv/'s honest opinion of Ana de Armas? I thought she was fantastic in Knock Knock a…[View]
104026518>New music video Kino by CB. Can somebody name some of the movies they used in there. https://www…[View]
104027552ITT: Shows /pol/ won't let you like: I'll start.[View]
104027100The Fly 2: Why is better than the original? Martinfly is one of top movie monsters, is there with Al…[View]
104026251hey /tv/! How's Castle Rock?[View]
104024916Who was the Janetty?: Based Winter Soldier or Cringe Captain America?[View]
104027343/trek/: I love Bashirfag![View]
104027168Why isn't tv for kids good anymore?[View]
104026928Here's your Ciri, bro[View]
104019834ITT: kino that flew under the radar[View]
104027064Is there a more kino actress? What's next for her career?[View]
104027062Yesterday i thought it was kinda cute, now it's just retarded. Please keep your desire to fuck …[View]
104013903This is just evil[View]
104026380So after Marvel, Nu Wars and Nu Trek, Game of Thrones and other current year garbage loses it's…[View]
104026994KEK, Better than the movies: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SAgYiERRDPY[View]
104024939This scene was unusually brutal for MCU fare.[View]
104009007Katherine McNamara Joins ARROW In 'Pivotal' Role: >Shadowhunters star Katherine McNamar…[View]
104026893What on Earth happened?[View]
104026857>watching tv with mom >the show mentions suicide >mom quickly switches the channel…[View]
104024250Why exactly do we keep hiring Matt Damon? He always somehow finds himself lost in a French battlefie…[View]
104026266Is there a movie that captures the essence of having a mental illness and substance abuse issue whil…[View]
104025855Invisible Rapist Horror Kino: Terrifying movie. Remake has been in the works for years. It will be g…[View]
104026690>gamora kills alternate-reality thanos by stabbing him in the neck >later in the movie, iron m…[View]
104016072I’m watching Predator and this bitch completely fucked up her face WTF[View]
104026776Gif me a ping vashili. One ping only pleash[View]
104026213Thanos in the Philippines: Man, Netflix's Marvel shows are getting really weird[View]
104026206This was a great idea for a film: Actually laughed out loud at a movie alone for the first time in m…[View]
104023443Character sacrifices rendered meaningless because you didn't give a shit about them[View]
104024955Actors that ruin literally everything they’re in.[View]
104022670What does /tv/ think of Andy Kaufman[View]
104025663>uhhhh Vince why are we filming my scenes first?[View]
104025390he's literally me[View]
104026468Taika Waititi should direct Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3: Prove me wrong (you can't)[View]
104024862I haven't seen Empire of Dust yet. What is your opinion on it?[View]
104022151But seriously though, why didn't he just make more resources? Seems like a major plothole to me[View]
104025666Post perfect casting choices: Holy shit how is she literally this perfect?[View]
104026353>Cringe, YIKES, BLACKED, INCEL, KEK, This NPC meme is retarded This is a sopranos scenes thread, …[View]
104017171>video essay >video essay >video essay >video essay >video essay…[View]
104025223I fucked Howard[View]
104025019So, did she fuck all three of them on the boat?[View]
104026256First Reformed: Film of the year right there[View]
104026155Where the fuck is Season 2?[View]
104006402Would you renounce god for those titties?[View]
104021566For me, it's the Emmys.[View]
104025922What was behind the other doors?[View]
104021520>We need some mulatto with an afro who stars in cape shit[View]
104026184dont even know what to think of this movie >show jesse james as prick >at the end show that ro…[View]
104023230Yeah, that 'Yale thing'[View]
104024337MFW I see DC-shills on my /tv/[View]
104022544Saw seris: Rate the Saw series from best to worst[View]
104021935How is the second season?[View]
104025826ITT: Things that get even worse in retrospect[View]
104021696>only 250 days until Godzilla: King of the Monsters[View]
104023269Just started watching this. What am i in for? Kinda like the look of it so far. Has a 90s feel to it…[View]
104022982>Affleck out >Cavill out Is DCEU basically dead cremated and buried at this point? All there…[View]
104021004>'we need to design a character to be the mentor for these kid superheroes' >'what if we combi…[View]
104020434>friend likes a movie I dont like >do everything in my power to convince him its shit >he f…[View]
104025829Test: Any see Clock movie yet? Wondering how it was[View]
104023471It's been downhill for him ever since... There's no way Hardy gets the Bond gig.[View]
104025677>The beacons are lit! Gondor calls for financial aid![View]
104025763the year is 2018 you are having a boys movie night ''NOHOMO'' which do you choos…[View]
104023686you can be happy anon. you can truly be happy just like them. you just have to find it within yourse…[View]
104017420Why was this so hated? Shit was kino af. Better than the vast majority of mcu flicks. Why was Snyde…[View]
104023939Sports films: The official list of the best sports films: >Baseball drama Bull Durham >Baseba…[View]
104025012Post your top 3 all time Chad actors.[View]
104023249Did he make a deal with the devil?[View]
104015774Best Supergirl.[View]
104024428Why do so many superheroes wear capes?[View]
103996827/lbg/: Prev: >>103955909 Letterboxd thread Post your profile QotD: If you were a director, w…[View]
104021740Turn on amc lol[View]
104022896A-at least the books were good...[View]
104025450>'Shalom, Spiderman!'[View]
104025358>plays role that requires 140+ iq >heh, nothing personal, kid…[View]
104024193What does /tv/ think of this comfykino?[View]
104021529new Bumblebee promo features Optimus and Cybertron: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ryRP7-Nwtaw thou…[View]
104024675Did George Lucas just get lucky with Star Wars?: I was wondering about how Lucas can show such great…[View]
104023697Curious why do comicbookfags get uppity about comicbook accuracy?: You do realize comicbooks are by …[View]
104023031I have a stupid question: At the end of the movie when Marty returns to 1985 from 1955 the clock in …[View]
104024618Is this the only time a 'cinematic universe' has been kino?[View]
104023547the best joker[View]
104025133>may I please be excused? lmfao. do white people really do this? do they really need permission t…[View]
104023063>take intro to film studies course at uni >get a 0 on first assignment >think it's not…[View]
104021742NAME A BIGGER JUST: >The original Affleck script was the best Batman script I’ve ever read. Ben h…[View]
104024752so, did Rob gain all that fat for the Fat Mac role or was he actually gaining mass to get ripped[View]
104013234DREAM WARRIORS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=noLPhZvcBpw[View]
104020782So why did Myers decide to focus so much on Laurie and her friends in the original? I know that the …[View]
104024473Shinjuku Incident is a very good movie. Are there any more asian crime dramas like this one?[View]
104024479Name a good movie with bad directing, and a bad movie with good directing.[View]
104020559https://youtu.be/XfHVaY-GxXk What movies have this aesthetic?[View]
104021466ITT 'he's just like me'-core[View]
104022925>ywn have bitches contort and head bang to you naked around a fire That final scene was hot.…[View]
104024346How controversial was Woody Allen dating a 17 year old in Manhattan when it came out?[View]
104013868>Past a certain age a man without a university degree, a girlfriend, and stable income can be a b…[View]
104016730B-B-B-B-OOMER BREAKER[View]
104020241he did nothing wrong[View]
104023767Miranda Cosgrove: Miranda Cosgrove in new music video from Marshmello[View]
104024520Some people stand in the darkness Afraid to step into the light Some people need to help somebody Wh…[View]
104022068Red Letter Media: What do you think RLM is doing right now? Hmmm?[View]
104023965I got my 9 year old kid for a whole week next week /tv/ and I feel like she's watched everythin…[View]
104023718real life /tv/ kino thread https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KIroLgiCyP8[View]
104023612Was there ever anything on a kid's show that caught you totally off guard because of it's …[View]
104024097>Son, we live in a world that has walls, and those walls have to be guarded by men with guns. Who…[View]
104023864Movie about the AFTERMATH of a horror event?: I'm sitting here watching the 1980's The Fog…[View]
104019177TRUE STORIES: Anyone else excited for the criterion release?[View]
104023310who will play this HERO in the inevitable biopic?[View]
104023839What did he mean by this?[View]
104018936>cast a white man who can't fight Why do you guys liked this again?…[View]
104020625ITT: Worst Sequels[View]
104023654With all the brouhaha surrounding the upcoming Joker movie, let's post some clownkino.[View]
104023629Netflix's Death Note: >What's that book? >I can't tell you >Okay >Do you …[View]
104023613Sometimes I really feel like the joker, nobody understands me and I just want to...rise up you know,…[View]
104022278>There was a time long long ago when western made adult animated movies were released in theatres…[View]
104023544Is this basically Trolley Problem: The movie?[View]
104023542Is this worth continuing? 3 in, and the whole retroactive cucking melodrama is a bit much[View]
104022874Pls god more horror like this: Any kino horror in a similiar vein? Had an anon suggest this as bette…[View]
104019413Why was he so shitty?[View]
104023436Ok so basically, I'm monky[View]
104020002Who could play him in a biopic?[View]
104019816Houston, we have a problem.[View]
104022619FRIG OFF BERB[View]
104020938*does a better Venom than Tom Hardy[View]
104023279Who was in the wrong here?[View]
104022852/ng/ nascar general - denny editon[View]
104018902Do you guys like this version of Joker?[View]
104022931>Han, its not going to fit! >Oh yeah!? >It's going to be too tight!! What did she mean…[View]
104017464is Babe II:Pig in the City the most disturbing mainstream movie marketed towards children,in history…[View]
104023072Project virus: A zombie movie[View]
104023070HAS ANYBODY SEEN RICHIE???: https://youtu.be/4Zu1YIukylw[View]
104022969Was it kino?[View]
104022228Fuck you I liked it[View]
104022818medieval kino only[View]
104020615Disney to make Kingdom Hearts Movie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FMD7gkExuvg Will this be the fi…[View]
104021770its his birthday today, say something nice about him[View]
104022916>someone leaks that a girl is cheating on her boyfriend with a much older man >people turn on …[View]
104022879*turns you into a dog for disrespecting him*[View]
104019656The Meg Thoughts: I saw the Meg. Just seemed like an intro to a cuckold Asian-white race mixing porn…[View]
104020364I didnt go to film school, I went to youtube[View]
104021317What's her name again?[View]
104022549Insecure? More like In Love[View]
104021946This is the best movie ive ever seen[View]
104022458Cast this old sack of shit[View]
104010024>They have the money >They have the distribution platform >They have access to talent >T…[View]
104021728I wish this was better. Seems they just wanted to work together again cause TWBB was good but didnt …[View]
104019017Unforgiven: >You better bury Ned right! You better not cut up nor otherwise harm no whores! >O…[View]
104022541he looks exactly like tony soprano wtf?[View]
104021636>it's a 'Truman lies to his father about hanging out with friends tonight while he is really…[View]
104017704Was he gay?[View]
104022217What is the best episode of south park?[View]
104020987Cloak & Dagger General: Can we talk about this capekino?[View]
104019116We got Death Note, a third rate live anime live action western adaptation. When do we get Fullmetal?[View]
104021350Seriously, was he ever approached? Kino joker.[View]
104022197Films about loneliness and isolation: I just watched this, any recommendations?[View]
104022190So he did murder Harvey Dent?[View]
104022144Last of us : the cocaine wars thread[View]
104012667/bb/ Big Brother 20: HoH Part 1 winner: Tyler HoH Part 2 winner: TBD HoH Part 3 winner: TBD Previous…[View]
104021853Baste https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QpUqpLh0iRw[View]
104022113What was the point of this flick?[View]
104018692What the fuck did the stormtroopers do, burn them alive? makes no sense why they would be like this.[View]
104021664Why doesn't she wear a bra?[View]
104021661What are some good kinos to watch on this holy Sunday our Lord has made?[View]
104021746>character leave house >doesn't lock the door…[View]
104021384ITT: Feminist works that are actually KINO[View]
104018580Wich will be the endgame of this character?[View]
104021681>The psychotic drowns where the mystic swims. You're drowning. I'm swimming.…[View]
104020647Pure kino.[View]
104014983Cast him.[View]
104002819/trek/: Immortal Shatner edition[View]
104021720Merlin, I don't feel so good[View]
104021626>Oh yeah, Seth Rogen is my favorite actor >Dude is fucking hilarious haha…[View]
104021266How do I get just one episode of a German television program (Derrick) from the 70s? It's not o…[View]
104021201Patrick star[View]
104020969Who was in the right here? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DLSL1WSVX60[View]
104020424Weird Adaptations Of Comics Characters: >In Marc Guggenheim and Michael Green's movie pitch …[View]
104021226>leave capekino to me[View]
104018950MEN AINT SHIT[View]
104019754There’s hope for Disenchantment yet – you’ve just forgotten how The Simpsons really took off: https:…[View]
104010202What is it about this show that attracts NPCs like flies to a pile of shit? The lore isn't part…[View]
104021272claim to fame thread: my grandmothers first cousin moved to hollywood in the 70's and made a de…[View]
104021404The new Joker movie: The Killing Joke + The King of Comedy + Taxi Driver + NHK Ni Yokosoi + Infinity…[View]
104021357Movies with this Feel: NON-home chills with the boys[View]
104019526most desired movie role: What is the most sought-after acting role in movies?[View]
104019467If the Joker movie makes money would you be down for a Mr. Freeze movie? He is one of the most tragi…[View]
104019761Why is nobody talking about this amazing film? Now is full of DCshills shilling MOMS GONNA FREk Kek[View]
104021116>Watch movie about a character that has to remain silent and low-key >after you finished the m…[View]
104021052i still love star wars, despite all this. my life, ny childhood. who else with me?[View]
104020430Wanna know how i got this scar?[View]
104009086What did the goose say?[View]
104020060Wtf?: If “The Kid” wasn’t actually from another world, then why did he want to go to the woods with …[View]
104018222Why does so many people dislike this film? It's pretty much about doc and effectively completes…[View]
104020573Hey guys![View]
104020393Clown prince of cringe[View]
104013040YIKES: >Maul's mangled body was dumped on the junk planet, Lotho Minor, where he remained fo…[View]
104016832Is cinema dead? >no new IPs in years >capes will eventually lose popularity >zoomers are…[View]
104017913This movie fucking sucks. 'Become a Chad who's good at everything, selfless, and rich and only …[View]
104020931Do we like ip man, or do we call him nip man, because he's vaguely asian? I think he's cut…[View]
104020806How far do you think they will go with the Joker origins film? Will he unleash the beast or will it …[View]
104020639What Went Wrong?[View]
104020956Who here letterkenny?[View]
104020468Here's why the Sam Raimi trilogy sucks! >I actually like these movies >But I don't r…[View]
104019472what are some comfy movies to watch with your jewish wife[View]
104020069/tv/ sucks the joy out of movies: debate: /tv/ ruins absolutely everything by nitpicking at the dumb…[View]
104019525This was a surprisingly funny movie, though I still can't get used to how strange japanese dire…[View]
104020287Can he save DC bros? Hes always been in my top 5.[View]
104018578why is his motive so shit?[View]
104014080Why did this movie win oscars?: It sucks. Watching it now on television. Putting everyone to sleep. …[View]
104020714Why is she so fucking hot, bros?[View]
104015940What did dr strange see in the one scenario where they won?[View]
104019916was this supposed to be like Band of Brothers? it was totally inferior[View]
103994322Dead Career general[View]
104020610Just when I thought I was out...[View]
104019487How did they pull it off?: How was it actually good and not a trainreck ?[View]
104020729Congratulations /tv/[View]
104020322just saw this, what did i think of it?[View]
104018768Just saw pic related, are any other National Lampoon movies this comfy?[View]
104013177Incelkino: Will this ever be surpassed in the genre?[View]
104019789How did they get away with this?[View]
104018054How did this Irish fuck get laid so much?[View]
104020589Snyder Cut finally released: whoa it's kino https://youtu.be/A4pb42pSxTs[View]
104020572>stop, my invincible son[View]
104020539Does Penelope Cruz ever use an American or British accent? I've only seen Vicky Cristina Barcel…[View]
104020485Why didn't the eagles just fly them to a different street?[View]
104014679is he really 'black'[View]
104010339Was I supposed to read the play before watching Polanski's Macbeth? This shit is hard to follow…[View]
104020432Lars Von Trier: let's talk about Lars what are his best movies? what are his worst movies? does…[View]
104018760Suicide Squad: lel he finally admitted that they fucked up his movie[View]
104020407Can a Korean or Russian speaker tell me the name of the Soviet movie at 30 minutes in? This was on N…[View]
104018735Suicide in Disney Star Wars: This is an extremist act finding its way into a kids movie. Does anybod…[View]
104018616I'm really bad with shows, watching 'emy, following' en, (both senses of the meaning)…[View]
104020135Draw a movie poster in paint, have others guess it I'll start[View]
104020222Why didn't they just heavily invest in the property markets in Mordor, thus owning a large port…[View]
103996029When the fuck is the time skip already?[View]
104020282Patch Adams: Is this a good flick or am I blinded by nostalgia goggles? I’m looking for something co…[View]
104020267Name's Bond. James Bond[View]
104015320What /tv/ characters have the best on-screen chemistry?[View]
104015937Where's he now?[View]
104019201The Last Kingdom: So Season 3 has just been confirmed to air later this year globally on Netflix. Ar…[View]
104020112classic french kino: ITT: french kino like pic related, s'il vous plait[View]
104020049Now that the dust has settled. Was he in the right?[View]
104020041>character is going to bed >takes off his socks before getting into bed…[View]
104020083he stinks and I don't like him![View]
104020058What are some algorithmic entertainment from Pakistan? pic related[View]
104007227is there anything Sam and Dean haven't hunted yet?[View]
104019394Meet me somewhere[View]
104019969MI: Fallout: Saw this in theaters tonight, it was actually incredible. I didn't know anyone was…[View]
104017366>Ladies and gents, the next Spielberg What went so wrong?[View]
104019937What would have happened if he didnt leave malkovich's body?[View]
103985650/ffg/ - Found Footage General: Featured film: 1974: La posesión de Altair (2016) Previously: >…[View]
104016479Joss Whedon basically invented the following things: >Strong female protagonists and the 'Action …[View]
104019611Still baffles me that NASA exists in the Alien universe[View]
104018144HANGING OUT[View]
104018763The Killing Joke + The King of Comedy + Taxi Driver + NHK Ni Yokosoi + Infinity War = This movie.[View]
104019377Just watched it, dont get all the hype nor how this movie is the highest rated film on Rotten Tomato…[View]
104017788Why doesn't anyone just point out to him that the universe is really, really big and only compl…[View]
104019682What’s his problem!: Why the hostility[View]
104019663Hey Earl![View]
104018645>when he breaks the fourth wall in Goodfellas[View]
104018470What exactly did he mean by this?[View]
104019452Finished the first episode and I don't get it. Is this too deep for me?[View]
104017436How come Nolan is the only man to ever make a superhero movie that is above trash-tier?[View]
104019082Former DC President praises Zack Snyder: /ourguy/ finally getting Justice.[View]
104019553What the fuck was his problem?[View]
104019216>Lets plot a course[View]
104012592I can't believe people let there kids watch this show![View]
104011713Joker Story Leaks: >Arthur starts out as a comedian who does a lot of shady stuff on the side (se…[View]
104017962Possible hint at a new season of lost?[View]
104019441So why did Myers decide to focus so much on Laurie and her friends in the original? I know that the …[View]
104019432Please be kino, please be kino......: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8br7XzITccs[View]
104019185What if Spider-Man shot web from his butt?[View]
104018019What happened to Steven Seagal?[View]
104014209YEAH BABY[View]
104012411Reminder that Leto looks like a literal psycho while the rest look like memes[View]
104019266So I've been watching Star Trek: Enterprise. I'm a huge fan of TOS and so far I'm rea…[View]
104016830When are they making a Berserk netflix adaptation?[View]
104015994>Manages to get a gorgeous blonde to go on a date with him >Decides taking her to a porno thea…[View]
103996988This is how over 10 years of non stop Marvel shilling looks like. This is the irreversible global wa…[View]
104019147she did nothing wrong[View]
104017765Parodies that are superior to the the base film: -[View]
104012971Why is it America has so many Vietnam movies but Russia doesn't have a single Afghanistan film?[View]
104003107Lost premiered 14 years ago today, on September 22nd, 2004. Still the best show ever made and will p…[View]
104017546How do you pronounce this word?[View]
104019137>well, I got the results from your Blade Runner test here, it says you're a turtle I never u…[View]
104018324>WHY IS MY WIFE SUCH A BITCH?[View]
104019092>musical style sketch where everyone is singing[View]
104017931Is it kino?[View]
104014326Annual Dr who hate thread: I really can't fathom why this abnormality of a TV show has such a h…[View]
104014131Who should they cast in the reboot?[View]
104016025Ron Perlman: What's his best role?[View]
104019012What's your honest opinion of him as a filmmaker?[View]
104018812>this won best picture along with 5 other academy awards why?[View]
104018562Why was Hagrid allowed to teach at the only magical school in Britain without any credentials? I mea…[View]
104009785Why didn’t this work?[View]
104007306>Wasted years[View]
104017534K I N O what do we think, lads?[View]
104018778You know who has crazy big dick energy? Tig Notaro.[View]
104017253HOW TO MAKE A YMS REVIEW: >Hey guys it's me adam, i'm not 100% autistic and only slight…[View]
104015091Was this the peak of all TV?[View]
104018379He's objectively the best joker and there's nothing you can do to prove otherwise[View]
104016401What film/tv show does this describe?[View]
104018629Cuckino: What are some kinos about getting cucked?[View]
104016099>tfw no gf to cuddle and watch Jonas Mekas films with[View]
104018576>is easily the best Bond film and it's not close t. seen every Bond film and flick (most Moo…[View]
104017937https://youtu.be/cJwpHWqNbkQ Who was in the wrong?[View]
104014755THIS SUMMER[View]
104017155>MovieBob doesnt make kino......... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wD3h_bT0Mfg…[View]
104015122You take one look and you think you know me.. Dis is the man I am..[View]
104012475Am I the only one who loved this movie?[View]
104012520STILL won't be topped.[View]
104017339>You call my home >The land of snow[View]
104018247Do you prefer womanlet Jane Levy, or giantess Elizabeth Debicki?[View]
104018244What are your favorite robots, androids and cyborgs in film (or TV)?[View]
104018104Ok /tv/ I need your help, I have this incredible craving for a type of film but I don't know ho…[View]
104017883I should laugh, but I cry-y, because your Lo-Ove has passed me by-ye. YOU TOOK ME BY SURPRI-I-I-ISE[View]
104018154Kino Stalin biopic when?[View]
104017304Nathan Fielder: What is he working on these days?[View]
104014949Would you date a woman who mentions that her favourite show is Sex and the City? is it worth checkin…[View]
104013704Stranger Things: What do you expect from the new season?[View]
104017825WHICH CARTOON IS THIS SCENE FROM?: CONTEXT:: dna samples were taken from the 2 main characters and a…[View]
104017952>sleeping at night >wake up >hear this in the distance https://youtu.be/6m-rsgHEDLk what do…[View]
104016835Walter... those treadmills... tell me I didn’t buy them in vain...[View]
104014820Cast her in a live action[View]
104012691What does /tv/ think of Winona Ryder?[View]
104016961ITT: Fuck you I love it[View]
104008063Jared Leto on suicide watch?[View]
104017837Action/Adventure shows: What are your favorites? Are there any modern ones worth checking out?…[View]
104012048was salem pre-/tv/ /tv/?[View]
104017784Now that the dust has been lifted, were the matrix sequels good ?[View]
104016310>Spring Breakers: Millennial Massacre edition I don’t get much money for shilling this but that’s…[View]
104017565Any recommendations on some serial killer kino?[View]
104015362Manlets getting BTFO'd in movies, the thread.[View]
104008589I never understood why she was so old. She was his aunt not his grandma[View]
104009011What is your favorite x files episode /tv/[View]
104015975Actors you thought were related but actually aren't[View]
104011405South Park: Why is it so shit nowadays? >inb4 'hurr imblying it was good'…[View]
104015712>Stick around. What did he mean by this?[View]
104016158Why he was acting ungratefull and stupid all the time[View]
104016395I ever tell you guys 'bout the time me and Chrissie got lost in the woods?[View]
104015060JERRY IS A BIG PHONY!!!: Jerry Seinfeld's stand up was average at best and he's a shit tie…[View]
104015173Movies ruined by their third act.[View]
104016188Just finished this What did I think of it?[View]
104017405Did you know I'm utterly insane?[View]
104015349Can Bill Wilson be considered an NPC character?[View]
104015945what's next for our Ray-Ray?[View]
104017398If he were the joker, it would be AMAZING.[View]
104009114Still the best.[View]
104015330>Who the hell do you think you are? You any kind of artist? Anybody know who you are? Maybe every…[View]
104011865how are you holding there dear friend.[View]
104017301Pineapple Express Superbad This is the End Neighbours Neighbours 2 40 year old virgin Why are these …[View]
104013037Everyone here is constantly talking about The Wire and Sopranos, but I barely see Oz being brought u…[View]
104015412Can he redeem himself?[View]
104016851Cloak & Dagger General: Can we talk about this capekino?[View]
104015236Which version do you prefer most?[View]
104013695>uhhhhhhh we'll need foosball for the germans...mmhhmmm and a bar too to go along the dorms.…[View]
104010216Hollywood Faceapp thread: Post gender swaps here Previous thread: >>104002159[View]
104014752ITT: Characters that didn't deserve the suffering they had to pass[View]
104017153>but I don't even know him >yes but he....knows you…[View]
104014445 [View]
104017086This film was made insteaf of a full-blown nightmarish dieselpunk World War 1 kino.[View]
104015271Best movie? Scariest trap? Best jigsaw? >2 >Arm twister >Amanda Young…[View]
104014951I quite liked Solo. But is Emilia Clarke confirmed BOX OFFICE POISON now?[View]
104016784How does /tv/ feel about Tevye?[View]
104014633>Perfect movies don't exi..[View]
104016785>he marvin gayed his own nephew I can't believe I didn't catch this the first time.…[View]
104016758Y0u 0kay, bruh?: > Watches a Bergman film > Falls asleep for solid 40 minutes > Wakes up wi…[View]
104012386SVENGOOLIE GENERAL: SVENGOOLIE GENERAL -- http://www.svengoolie.com >What the heck is Svengoolie?…[View]
104016674Hey. I lost my license. That's why I'm on the bus, I'm delivering pizzas.[View]
104015848>movie is split into chapters with title cards Is there anything more pretentious?…[View]
104015458>It's a Truman speaks for the first time in a week and his voice is hoarse and frail from la…[View]
104016527>I can't move against Grindelwald, it has to be you. What did he mean by this?…[View]
104016376Worst Movie You've Recently Viewed: no hating a movie for faggy political reasons please. Elysi…[View]
104014439>we need a quasi-latin guy who the chicks will love and the dudes won't feel threatened by. …[View]
104016372Knock Knock[View]
104016442the mirror![View]
104016276This movie is a masterpiece.[View]
104016180Who will play her in the Seussical?[View]
104007456Henceforth you shall be known as Darth _____[View]
104016080>tfw no brainwashed cult member qt gf Why even continue existing[View]
104008208what's the documentary you'd recommend most?[View]
104013953Goddamn I miss it bros[View]
104016030Steam: What do you dicks use to stream movies and tv online? yesmovie.to has turned to shit >no i…[View]
104011188Was he based and redpilled?[View]
104012816>movie takes place in America >rent a cops have guns Is this real? Do mall security guards g…[View]
104013536When will plastic man get a movie?[View]
104015960REMINDER!: Annette Funicello Is best Disney girl![View]
104015866Post movies where the bad guys are the good guys[View]
104015781Best Chinese Fighting Movies >no pleb fillers GO![View]
104011630FRIENDS: Could this BE anymore of a Friends thread?[View]
104008703Say the Line, /tv/![View]
104015299this is without a doubt the worst film ive seen in my entire life[View]
104015758DOES HOLLYWOOD MAKE ANYTHING ORIGINAL ANYMORE why would they make a live action prequel to 101 dalma…[View]
104015750WE LIVE IN A SOCIETY[View]
104013495Was he right?[View]
104015363So, what is it about?[View]
104014783She should've just killed him, that kid was fucking annoying as shit[View]
104015337this is pure kino[View]
104014831>But what about the Clone attack on the Jedi?[View]
104008816Goodnight, sweet prince: Where were you when it was confirmed that Jon Snu and YASSS QUEEN sentenced…[View]
104015391semper fi[View]
104013259should they make a prequel movie? who would you cast[View]
104014521Bright: How did they get away with this?[View]
104014307>hahahahahaha mah nigga is this a chance for me to muthafuckin overact ahhhAA!! KING KONG MUTHA F…[View]
104011706What are this kraut’s best films?[View]
104013597Good flick[View]
104013290What did he mean by this?[View]
104013433Mad Men > The Wire > The Sopranos > Breaking Bad What should I watch next?[View]
104015080So her backup plan was the driver right?[View]
104015053ITT: shitshows that gave you hope until the second episode but you hate-watched them anyway.[View]
104007728Every single year there is a new dishonest piece of retro cinema that reddit manbabies flip out abou…[View]
104011585on your left[View]
104013939Awesome movie.[View]
104012653SEINFELD: >HEY JERRY I NEED SOME EGGS *Crows goes wild*[View]
104013958he did it... didnt he /tv/ he is a filthy wop after all[View]
104013410i've gotta suck your little morty penis[View]
104014838Run out and hook in. Let's show these people how to play footbaaooowwll[View]
104014816What the fuck does Lovely bones mean? Also she looks like a retard[View]
104012023Greatest show ever created: Thread dedicated to the greatest show ever created: breaking bad[View]
104014220> Nicolas Cage has been set to star in Prisoners of the Ghostland, a post-apocalyptic action thri…[View]
103993200https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pWsCK7RE0Xg What was the point of this scene? You're just watch…[View]
104012556Did Del Taco fall for the nothing happens meme?[View]
104014433Do you like this movie? Yes or no?[View]
104013718>Shalom, Spiderman![View]
104013960What did /tv/ think of Zoe?: I thought it was really good desu[View]
104009036Joker in action on set. http://www.tmz.com/2018/09/22/joaquin-phoenix-the-joker-in-action-filming/…[View]
104013149ITT: movies where a child gets brutally mutilated and killed onscreen. This doesn't happen eno…[View]
104012547The stride that saved the Jurassic Park franchise. Is Bryce a good actress or just made it because o…[View]
104013835Would you /tv/?[View]
104014469>I've seen ships on FIRE... in SPACE! >I've seen metal. in SPACE! Wow, truly a touch…[View]
104014152the original Star Trek is much more entertaining than that overhyped TNG shit that I slogged through…[View]
104013883I didnt go to film school, I went to youtube.[View]
104014096What the FUCK is his problem?[View]
104010814NEW Joker set footage: http://m.tmz.com/#!2018/09/22/joaquin-phoenix-the-joker-in-action-filming/…[View]
104010536Why didn’t Paulie Walnuts marry or have children?[View]
104012879Would you eat this?[View]
104014231name a better musical film[View]
103994744I SURRENDER[View]
104011691KOASD: Did anyone like this film? Gonna throw if on unless you have something more worthwhile?…[View]
104014187have you ever unironically copied a movie characters social behavior?[View]
104013431Who's your favorite British presenter?[View]
104012952>only 251 days until Godzilla: King of the Monsters[View]
104014108Donmarmer Tis I, Surgeon Odd Barter with me[View]
104012856Absolute kino[View]
104013917Where were you when the best TV Show of the decade was released?[View]
104009281>I don't think we will ever have a formal relationship, a formal contact, with any alien spe…[View]
104013426Do you still watch live tv?[View]
104013894Is kramer, dare I say it, based and redpilled?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BoLPLsQbdt0…[View]
104013800what did he mean by this?[View]
104013892Mother FUCKER the thread died before I could post this. >>104010897 >the only drama the epi…[View]
104013865The mystery revealed: >why are Zach Snyder's Batman films so dark? Why doesn't his Supe…[View]
104000387Maniac on Netflix: Previous thread: >>103966363 Starring Jonah Hill and Emma Stone What did t …[View]
104012009Why was the 1st season of Game of Thrones so much better than the rest of the show?[View]
104013824post the coolest matrix posters[View]
104012531Was it kino?[View]
104013461Where can I buy dvds online dirt cheep with free shipping?: I'm looking for a copy of goodfella…[View]
104007096What am I in for?[View]
104013122You may not like it, but this is what a strong, independent woman in her prime looks like[View]
104011476I'm a brainlet. Someone explain the significance of the split screen scene.[View]
104012661Best Punisher: Who's the best Punisher?[View]
104012116Is this good?[View]
104006736How did we go from right to left?: What happened to TV's golden age?[View]
104000147All right, you fools. You've brought it on yourselves! Everything would have come right if you…[View]
104010066Is this the saddest death scene ever recorded real or fake?[View]
104011711Whe else thought he was gonna punch her here?: I wouldn't have liked it, but it just felt like …[View]
104013396Do you know what movie/TV Show is this?: Hello guys. I want to know if you could help me. I've …[View]
104013322I can't be the only one that sees this[View]
104007670DC - Cinematic Universe: >Zatanna movie >with a cute girl Only chance for DC to revive their d…[View]
104009752I have watched 5 Steven seagal films over the past 48 hours[View]
104013123What is the film equivalent to pic related?[View]
104013112>Another Jokester reboot >Glenn will never bring us true Joker kino It hurt brehs…[View]
104013172Wow, this movie was fucking awful[View]
104005803Any good satanic kino? >inb4 The Witch[View]
104013101>it's a retarded character beats up the grizzled veteran by shear luck episode…[View]
104007333Movie Night: We will watch some boat kino with anons. Starting with The Terror at 19:30 -3 UTC Hop i…[View]
104012500I can't believe they didn't resolve this and just left him as a dog that was already middl…[View]
104013024HONKA HONKA[View]
104012318*makes your wife, your wife's daughter, your wife's girlfriend, your wife's wife, you…[View]
104008613Captain Marvel: You ready for premo capekino?[View]
104011659Do you like this movie? If you do be honest.[View]
104011348WHAT was his problem?[View]
104010073tfw no dead witch gf[View]
104010641srsly though how does James go from lean as fuck like in left to randomly chubby in right in a short…[View]
104012654Why did he take her to a porno?[View]
104000861which is worse?[View]
104009232A movie needs to happen right? Everything about the crime, the trial, and the aftermath deserves to …[View]
104012762what's missing from this chart? I'm trying to fill delinquent movies that aren't gang…[View]
104007329>look at these silly bitches[View]
104012746>You in the office, baby[View]
104012579>No one has bought this: Why? Its like a dream come true for my 12 year old self[View]
104006064Films where the main character genuinely believes they are special[View]
104010299How was this allowed, let alone legal?[View]
104012476And Harrenhal... I shuppose... thatsh off the table as well?[View]
104010183This show needs to be brought back. It should not have been cancelled.[View]
104004270So what does /tv/ think about Climax? Also, Gaspar Noé thread, I guess[View]
104012013it's her turn[View]
104012506I need help, y'all. Since America's Got Talent is over, I need a new show to watch with …[View]
104011311/tv/ btfo[View]
104009089>UK office is like strong stout beer >US office is like weak lager beer if you're virgin …[View]
104008278okay, this is epic[View]
104012455HALLO EWRYBADY: ITZ ME WUSSIAN HAKER This fucking guy's babbling annoys me.[View]
104011261Guilty Pleasures: I have a love for drag race. I know it's garbage, scripted reality tv shit, b…[View]
104012063Is this the most kino moment in the history of children's television? I think it is.[View]
104012031Change everything without changing anything: Just do it.[View]
104012262Do you think he knows /tv/?[View]
104011088How did they get away with remaking Pixels only a year after it came out?[View]
104012057fucking dropped... what kind of white mans racist bigot dream movie is this[View]
104012043we're looking for a big guy will you do it /tv/? apply soon.[View]
104012267Why does this show try to show as much gay sex as possible?[View]
104006616Ah fuck, it sucks.[View]
104005536when you see it[View]
104002655/bb/ Big Brother 20: HoH Part 1 winner: Tyler HoH Part 2 winner: TBD HoH Part 3 winner: TBD Previous…[View]
104012035Movies about identiy swaps: Is Face/Off the GOAT movie in this genre? How about all those shitty sci…[View]
104006365Did he mean those last words or was he trying to talk his ass out of the sketchy situation?[View]
104010510he'll be fine[View]
104012111Favorite episode and why?[View]
104010876>tfw she will never bring you terrible food and watch you eat in pure disgust…[View]
104009938what's your favorite childhood tv show?[View]
104005537What happened to his channel?: remember when YouTube was filled with video essays by random dickhea…[View]
104011682Looking back, the star wars prequels were actually really interesting. A lot of world building and p…[View]
104009399Such an unlikeable character.[View]
104011590How did THIS...[View]
104011372Stalker movie?: Pic unrelated I remember watching a shitty top 10 horror movies video a long ass tim…[View]
104008978Are you guys excited about the upcoming bluray release? Fucking finally.[View]
104011024I just finished season 1 of Prime Suspect. It was really comfy and I enjoyed the attention to detail…[View]
104011823What are some movies with the Scarface aesthetics?[View]
104005916What does /tv/ think about Pi?[View]
104010617Sequel Trilogy Reboot: Kylo Ren starts a War with New Republic using the Reborn Mandalorians, The Cr…[View]
104005018what are some good movies about the Wehrmacht?[View]
104011298Will you watch this movie? Yes or no?[View]
104011143Who will play him in the inevitable biopic?[View]
104002872she looked better before[View]
104008574Now that the dust has settled, who was in the wrong here??[View]
104011507Is there a more kino actress? What's next for her career?[View]
104011486He could have stopped it.[View]
104010431>Mel: Hey Davos, Stannis is dead. We need a new leader >Davos: This corpse will do Remember wh…[View]
104002300Will anything from the DCEU or MCU ever top this?[View]
104011463Does anyone have MEGA links for season 8? It's not on netflix and I don't get AMC where I …[View]
104011447sons of anarchy prequel movie the first 9 cast it: chris hemsworth as john teller tom hardy as piney…[View]
104011190so in the show did bigbird fuck a dog?[View]
104010780Who will play him in the inevitable biopic?: >Drag Queen in Athens tries to rob jewellery >get…[View]
104010985What the fuck am I watching why does the mom comment on how huge and magnificent her son's cock…[View]
104007798How did your audience react to the ending? Also can we all agree Thor is strongest and best avenger …[View]
104005935I made some lemomade! what movie shoukd I watch?: Something to enjoy the last days of warm weather p…[View]
103999599Lost Highway: Explain this film.[View]
104011271Free DJ Steves. He did nothing wrong.[View]
104011155Miss me yet?[View]
104010480I miss it...[View]
104008201Did any of you see The Last Jedi in 3D?[View]
104011205ITT: Newgrounds Kino: Post em https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oXApkyFuYPk[View]
104006817Is this the most perfectly cast adaptation of all time? I'm not talking about race, I'm ta…[View]
104003278what went wrong?[View]
104005138Hmm, select autopilot from the command prompt on my computer and take an escape pod or kill myself..…[View]
104011133Is this show family friendly??[View]
104011070How'd he get away with it?[View]
104010632Spooktober Recommendations: I plan to rewatch the Alien films from 1 to 4, also Scary Movie 1 (I kno…[View]
103994601Newest SNL cast member: Her name is Ego Nwodim. My first thought is, 'This can't be a real name…[View]
103997900Why did Roy save Deckard?[View]
104009927Ooookay boiz & Gurlz Of 4chan !!! Having Paul Verhoeven at a helm, let’s recast whole gaddamn th…[View]
104010949always sunny: So is the last good comedy on tv dead? >according to imdb none of episodes written …[View]
104008450The unholy trinity of fuckheads who ruined film critique on the Internet. Thanks to them, people now…[View]
104001175I thought m-manlets could never be successful....[View]
104010495Cheesy Blue Filter on BluRay Releases: I'm so pissed off ever since some anon on /tv/ pointed o…[View]
104009538ITT fuck you I liked it[View]
104010671This Movie is 10 years old. Lord of the rings is pushing 20 years. Hold me /tv[View]
104010711MARTAY Kundun, I liked it[View]
103999863How was this allowed in a children's cartoon?[View]
104010680Is Pina kino?[View]
104009524Did Game of Thrones become a mess?[View]
104007279What class are you going to main in the upcoming show?[View]
104009786NO ONE SAYS 'NO' TO ME![View]
104004717SHOWGIRLS (1995)!!!FACT!!!: 23 Years Ago, Showgirls Opened in Theatres September 22, 1995 !!!FACT!!!…[View]
104008183Ok, I can’t be the only one who thinks Spider-Man 3 is a pretty good movie? Sure it has its share of…[View]
104010390X-Men will be introduced to the Marvel Cinematic Universe: Disney CEO Bob Iger told The Hollywood Re…[View]
104009064Why isn't Bella a huge star like Zendaya?[View]
104010344Thoughts on the Hemsworth brothers?[View]
104000221I believe in America[View]
104009719What albums will give me the perfect evening as I smoke weed for the last time?[View]
104006295>Benicio Del Toro must have hit the musical fruit pretty hard before doing the lineup scene. When…[View]
104009103Was it kino?[View]
104008916Any good Manson-like cult kino?: I’m interested in the history behind Manson’s cult so I wanna watch…[View]
104000301Who's better?[View]
104001257HOLY SHIT! Possibly new bankposting material!! https://thegww.com/exclusive-joker-possibly-shooting-…[View]
104008656characters who are literally you[View]
104009392It's raining a fucking lot in my town. Recommend me some movies to watch while the world is end…[View]
104009231Any good kino movies about tornados?[View]
104007691>anna kendrick fucks her brother >anna kendrick gets RICED >anna kendrick has a sexy lesbia…[View]
104009613frankly Im surprised and stunned by this revelation[View]
104008154Approach me mortal, for I am the great Baron O'Beef Dip.[View]
103984621Is heightism preventing Jane Levy(5'1') from having a successful Hollywood career? Emma Stone i…[View]
104009928>>104006736 Anthony Lannister: >“Let me give you some advice, ya fanook. Never forget what …[View]
104009407what are some essential neetkino?[View]
104008731>wonder what jonah hill is doing these days >always liked his fat neurotic passive aggressive …[View]
104009574What character is this generation's McLovin?[View]
104002159Post your best face app gender fluid actors and actresses. Last thread: >>103985966[View]
104006592what are some good documentaries on supplements?[View]
104009095End this guys story without half assing it/ruining the storyline >cant[View]
104009564only engineers can understand it[View]
104009093What kino makes you go like this in anticipation?[View]
104009420>Neil, are you there? What do you see from up there? >Houston, we have a problem. >*Ryan Go…[View]
104008824So long kids! I’ll be back next summer![View]
104007632What is your favorite instance of feet in film or television? Webm related[View]
104005972Itt: shows that zoomers & basedboys will never understand[View]
104009037Movies where Chad gets his comeuppance[View]
10400926810 part movie anthology on the Waffen SS when?[View]
104008049Movies where heroes refuse to sacrifice themselves for the 'greater good'?: Doesn't m…[View]
104009211King of the Beach: Who is the King of the Beach?[View]
104008590Is it true that women literally cannot perceive images on screen during this movie and instead just …[View]
104007840Has Reddit officially ruined Robocop?[View]
104009058Why can’t Netflix top this?[View]
104008377Times when you acted like Joker: >mom comes in room asking how my homework is coming along >te…[View]
104007174Did you cry when Sunny made fun of you?[View]
104007506Is... is this the Evangelion of Star Wars?: Is... is this the Evangelion of Star Wars?[View]
104008973Oh, it’s so cute. She sometimes takes a little pack of mayonnaise, and she’ll squirt it in her mouth…[View]
104008932What did The Android mean when she said this to #5?[View]
104007445Ultimate kino sequel To disagree would make you an absolute mong.[View]
104008528when/how do i watch this piece of shit bros? and has anybody seen it? does lars finally outdo his ow…[View]
104008886why do you casuals tolerate retarded camera angled stunt doubled fight scenes[View]
104008878the /tv/ Trinity[View]
104006437Am I the only one who actually liked it? I don't think it's great horror or anything, but …[View]
104008447Is it just me or is this show not never good?[View]
104006627based Olivia Munn[View]
104006860Formerly VHS[View]
104008211Just watched apocalypto, got me wanting a good Conquistador movie. Why hasn't a good big budget…[View]
104008479I'd rather see a good Mr. Freeze than another lame Joker.[View]
104007404They actually rejected this theme for the other generic theme: for 007 Quantum of Solace. https://ww…[View]
104008580>it's another 'Jimmy fixing his hair and getting out of the car for 23 minutes' episode BRAV…[View]
104007577The Jeopardy All Star team captains are racist and sexist why did they leave all the women and minor…[View]
104008009new bitch about star wars thread?[View]
104008139Who the fuck wrote this shit?: Harry Potter would have been a much better story if Harry Potter was …[View]
103997493Is this 2018's Baby Driver?[View]
104008373Can't be mad at him.[View]
104007916Ryan and Mandi Gosling[View]
104008366only boomers will understand: What did they mean by this?[View]
104004304Is /tv/ hyped for the last season of Big Bang Theory?[View]
104006232At least it was better than Alien Covenant[View]
104006032>Vietnam doc >Nine Inch Nails starts playing…[View]
104004556ITT: Autistic things you do while watching films Whenever a character I like dies, I pretend I'…[View]
104007952Movies only you have seen[View]
104002419Steven Spielberg: What did they mean by this?[View]
104006649ITT:movies that were so bad, that their good[View]
104008022my waifu is literally the most perfect human being alive[View]
104007984Have you already watched our meme trilogy, /tv/? It's never too late.[View]
104007259Batman is a literal manchild autist[View]
104007936Any fellow bongs seen this?: Any good?[View]
104005630So, just finished this. I admit that I liked it a lot. How about you Anon?[View]
104007943The First: What the fuck was her problem? Did anyone watch this show? Thoughts?[View]
104006043Four lions: What does /tv/ think about four lions? Should I watch it?[View]
104002399Star Wars: These six minutes are more engaging then the entirety of Last Jedi. Pity the game sucks. …[View]
104005412New details on WW sequel: As most fans assumed, Pascal does indeed play a villain in the highly anti…[View]
104007032What was it’s problem?[View]
104007026>Uh, you don't get to bring CGI Yoda[View]
104000682Now that the dust is starting to settle, what was REALLY going on between these two?[View]
103993737ITT: Unfunny fuckers who never go away[View]
103993195Seasonal reminder that Gal Gadot is still a fuckin skeleton[View]
104007697https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nOYNnwDxYeU 'DOWNVOTE' You sound like a bitch, bitch Shut the fuck u…[View]
104007692>Predator is the best action movie of all time, shithead.[View]
104007639Movie studio logos/animations that really get you going[View]
104006663>Burgess Meredith breaks his glasses after a nuclear apocalypse >now about racism >aliens s…[View]
104005761Cast it[View]
104005360I am Ciri now.[View]
103996642Meet your new Chucky[View]
103995316This scene was peak DC: https://youtu.be/hr-TY2y_-pw[View]
104006449Guys, I miss Friday Night Lights. Does anyone else miss it?[View]
104005184Leave it alone.[View]
104005653>main character dies in Season 3 Episode 9 in an edgy scene that serves no logical narrative purp…[View]
104002766Fear and diversity in television: There is no (((conspiracy))) and propaganda, there is only fear. T…[View]
104006520Hey /tv/. Can you recommend me some good documentaries about space, science and technology? Somethin…[View]
104007589Movie/TV soundtrack/OST thread: Post dem soundtracks/OST in here boys. Starting with some. https://…[View]
104003904>has to be obedient to every command[View]
104007376He’s not wrong[View]
104006547FREE CHURRO: can we talk about this?[View]
104007301Daily reminder that you are excrement but you can turn yourself into gold.[View]
104007537>hero is an orphan to make the viewer instantly sympathetic towards him…[View]
104007297Pure fucking kino. They literally don't make them like this anymore.[View]
104006052Who was in the wrong here?[View]
104004183ITT: old shows that still hold up to this day[View]
104006433Why wasn't Smalls arrested for attempted murder?[View]
104005216Is it true Prince of Darkness won the Academy Award for best movie ever made?[View]
104004341Sicario 2: Is it good? or even watchable? I liked the first, and wanted to see the sequel, but the f…[View]
104007399HEY HALPERT[View]
104005483When did Arnold peak?[View]
104007349Am I a member of 'adult night'?[View]
104005807/tv/ Redpills: Talkshows were never good[View]
104002250What does /tv/ think about Scrubs?[View]
103993398what happened to this guy?[View]
104006586ITT: Movies they should NEVER remake.[View]
104006205>netflix cant make a good sh.. >emma stone is a terrible actr.. >jonah hill can only be a f…[View]
104001444>tfw no more tv kinos like Sopranos and the wire fucking hell, what went wrong?…[View]
104006046jammin on the one[View]
104001495Thoughts on Return to Oz?[View]
104003805Why did people hate her? How else is someone supposed to react to a drug dealing husband keeping sec…[View]
104004193Have you poor excuses for human beings donated to Shriners Hospitals for Children today? https://www…[View]
104005154Cast him[View]
104007078Consider this mercy wb.[View]
104006709Miranda Cosgrove: hope she comes back to TV soon[View]
104005618Hey guys. Can you recommend some films about bears?[View]
104006489big huge breaking bad and bob odenkirk fan but really? 1 season and 2 episodes and nothing is happen…[View]
104001998>2018 >no borgesian kino can it be done?[View]
104006911You know what it reminds me of? Tasty Dick. Did you ever eat Tasty Dick?[View]
104006941What is some good kino for a redpilled alt-righter like myself?[View]
104005887>new Chad lifestyle >Fit >Fa >Staring in kino >Directing kino Lads...dare I say he wo…[View]
104005240Military grade[View]
104006680DON'T STOP[View]
104004821Cast it.[View]
104006702forgotten Disney kinography[View]
103998824>You know the drill; Same game, different topic. You have 30 seconds to name a RECENT (2012 - onw…[View]
104005093Wait a minute. Did alfred have any family?[View]
104006326Is Hollywood still trying to make her a thing?[View]
104005689>movie is longer than 90 minutes[View]
104005718All right /tv/ it's time.: I'm sick of seeing everyone bitch about this girl not having an…[View]
103993512would this make a good show. my idea for it was that we just make it a western but with a fallout ae…[View]
104006527FUCK BATMAN[View]
104004955Diablo thread: Diablo is /tv/-related jannies, it's an upcoming show.[View]
104006158I wonder what's happening in Jared's thoughts lol[View]
104005253Who are the equivalent of these men to our generation? I just guess this kinda kino doesn't get…[View]
104006504under rated kinos[View]
104004488Cast him, /tv/[View]
104000217>american flag on the background WHAT DID THEY MEAN BY THAT?[View]
104004023Why does the Joker say ''do I really look like a guy with a plan'' but throughou…[View]
104006348Move over 'Toy Story': This is will definitely be a classic KINO!![View]
104004637Why's he holding a pidgeon tho?[View]
104004166Neytiri is a...[View]
104005955Give me your autism.[View]
104003024>Better Call Saul >3.5 seasons later they finally revealed you call him because he works in a …[View]
104004533Which one was worse?: Man of Steel was.[View]
104006160Has a Western move ever shilled so hard for the Chinese box office before?[View]
104005988Who was in the wrong here?[View]
103998798>OMG im so lonely and akward, why cant men notice me? When will this fucking trope die?…[View]
104005192>movie starts with a dictionary definition of the title[View]
104004795Was it TumblrKino?[View]
104004839Is Jay a better director than Mike?[View]
104005613Why does this movie cause so much ass pain on this board?[View]
104005893Reminder THESE are the best Eras of TV & Film. Prove me wrong.[View]
104001315What is your opinion on Big Hero 6?[View]
104001741On your left[View]
103997556the fuck has happened?[View]
104004726Is Wayne's World 2 the only sequel better than the first?[View]
104003846Just finished watching pic related for the first time is there any movie that is more unsatisfying?[View]
104004243>'Some guys at /co/ are sending us reasons why Steamed Hams is better than Sneedposting' >'Hah…[View]
104005790You turn around to the sound of a car honking at you and holy shit it's Nicolas Cage. Do you wa…[View]
103992175What does /tv/ think of this?[View]
104005354Why did Matt Damon's girlfriend fuck DiCaprio?[View]
104005696What's a good film about pandas?[View]
104002828I gave this movie 30 minutes to hook me. I saw it had 93% on Rotten Tomatoes so I searched up a free…[View]
104005617Friends of Eddie Coyle> all other Boston Crime flicks[View]
104003076What are some changes made in an adaptation that got retroactively made canon to the original source…[View]
103997999>Black Male Actor x Chinese Female Actor portrayed >Movie is hated in China >White Male Act…[View]
104005550It's a Eunuch System, I know this.[View]
104002926I'm bringing the team back together, for one more job. You in?[View]
104005494/Memory Lane/: Remember these?[View]
103995768Now Prisoner 24601, your time is up and your parole’s begun, you know what THAT means.[View]
103993176Star Wars Diversity: If Star Wars really wants to appeal to the Asian market, why don't they ca…[View]
104000187Cloak & Dagger General: Can we talk about this capekino?[View]
104004613Meh, it's okay.[View]
103998413>moved to a sunday timeslot >likely just before countryfile >where fucking SONGS OF PRAISE …[View]
104005118>watch intro once >skip it the rest of the time Every time. the wire and the sopranos are the …[View]
104002895Reminder if your favorite director isn't on this list you're a fucking pleb: 1. Charles Lu…[View]
103989788>Africa without colonization Wtf, I hate the western 'civilization' now…[View]
104004511Leaves from the vine Falling so slow Like fragile tiny shells Drifting in the foam Little soldier bo…[View]
104003706ITT:: Movies that could never be made today.[View]
104004830Oranges: Revenge of the Eggplant: >Directed by Mike Stoklasa https://youtu.be/d_ReqrSdrBM…[View]
104001013Alright /tv/, who the fuck was Don Telharie?[View]
104004080>5 oscars what happened?[View]
104001209Beat that, ya little trout sniffer.[View]
104002701>eh, yo quiero una número 6 an Mountain Dew Baja blast por favor what did Joel and Ethan mean by …[View]
104000165Is this the most kino hero/villain pairing of any Disney movie?: As a Sherlock Holmes fag I might be…[View]
104002673Yeah, I'm thinkin' I'm back!: Robot 2.0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=owPuQjInzO8…[View]
1040015152000s Kino - modern films cant capture the feel of this movie and others from that era. So comfy.[View]
104004510I am about to get engaged to a girl that loves me talking shit about movies but I'm still not h…[View]
104002328What did everyone think of the show 11.22.63?[View]
104003872>We should split up[View]
104002921Finally, after days of relentless marathoning I have finished this kino. So, what do you think about…[View]
104004506Anybody seen this?[View]
104004426>lasted less than a minute what did pizzaman mean by this? is he /ourguy/?…[View]
104004297Recently watched this gem. Made me a bit uncomfortable. Any thoughts boys?[View]
104004406>'For this scene in The Dark Knight Rises, Aiden Gillen plays a CIA agent with a mid-Western acce…[View]
104004442>Naw, naw, naw, Brad. You cannot say that you like Pocahontas. The genocide of my people is turne…[View]
104003637Where is the king of kino horror?[View]
104001372Memes aside, he took a character we've seen a million times and made him unique.[View]
104002512What went wrong?[View]
104002775>still going ahead with this when you have based Joaquin DERANGED[View]
104004279Atlantis: Anyone remember this movie? Underrated as hell and totally deserves a reboot.[View]
104004127Wtf why were the Indians portrayed as evil? I thought whites were bad back then[View]
104003413if humans had the ability to double jump, would cinema be much different?[View]
104003776K I N O[View]
104004157He fed (and seeded) millions.[View]
104000102There will never be a sexier starship design than this.[View]
104003745Could Rami have made this movie today[View]
104002898What message were they trying to convey here?[View]
104003551Curious why do comicbookfags get uppity about comicbook accuracy?: You do realize comicbooks are by …[View]
104002497>ywn see the alternate MCU where killmonger succeeded and Avengers 3 is black people around the w…[View]
103998751When will people stop pretending Heath Ledger was a good joker?[View]
104003828>Jon Snow is Azor Ahai >he is the sun that is rising in the west >Khal Drogo will rise agai…[View]
103998790So I just finished watching this film Donnie Darko What the fuck did I just watch? Some Schizo'…[View]
103996224Now that the dust has settled, what the FUCK did Kubrick mean by this?[View]
104002479I really enjoyed this movie Did you guys like it?[View]
104003789What are is the greatest Rocky film and why is it Rocky VI? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fv3U_bB_…[View]
104001417I can't believe I share a board with striminals.[View]
104001329GARBAGE DAY[View]
103999781Princess Diana died in a tunnel. The season ends on Diane riding into one. A red herring?[View]
104001984Is it kino?[View]
104003494You come here on day which my when could daughter she is becoming going to you she is will she doing…[View]
104002274whats next for his career?[View]
104001081Was it politicalkino?[View]
103978143Aye Ser. And serving which king?[View]
103997036Should I watch Maniac or Kidding?[View]
104001672>repeats what himself multiple times >shakes his head like a Parkinson's patient on speed…[View]
104002137>Blue and purple Keyart >Triangle as visual leitmotifs >Overly drawn-out pretentious af st…[View]
104001632Why are white men incapable of understanding a film about a white couple?[View]
104003007Are those his actual fucking teeth?[View]
104001773Theoretically speaking, how could DC even compete?[View]
104002158mfw smartest man to breathe: >design ultra realistic prosthetic masks >use them to be in the w…[View]
104002946Was Toy Story the most recent revolutionary movie?[View]
104002859Did he cheat, /tv/?[View]
104000854Without a Doubt! Most Disturbing Joker Ever!: Ledger will take 2nd place[View]
104002817>They say it can change colour to white to avoid the day of the web...it’s a defence mechanism…[View]
104002286>A retard could figure it out Damn willy wonka movie got away with a lot of shit back in the day.…[View]
104001022That's right, black could be anywhere...[View]
10400132190 days until Alita: Battle Angel[View]
104001075>season 1: nuckey smacks luciano on the head >season 5: nuckey on his knees sucking luciano…[View]
104002268>sassy housewives wanna meet you >using the Aunt from BH6 What did disney mean by this?…[View]
103999827I used to be in movies you know[View]
104002495what did Dreamworks mean by this?[View]
103999656What happened to comedians and writers like Chris Morris, who when confronted with some modern 'im s…[View]
104002369Meh, it's okay.[View]
103993193>818 days until Avatar 2[View]
104002301>be woman actor >only thing you have to do in life is be pretty >fail…[View]
104001122Choose who is the best, /tv/: ITT we will rate them in every category we can think of: > The best…[View]
104001585the guy is an actor worthy of being in the top 100 of all time. some autist makeupp aint gonna take …[View]
10400017212 monkeys: should I watch the show or the movie first?[View]
104001296Why do studios and broadcasting companies not just put older shows and flicks up on youtube for free…[View]
103996502Promehteus: Has the director of Alien and Gladiator gone insane? Is Covenant just as bad?[View]
104002183Ok, y'all gotta admit...: this was pretty powerful....damn[View]
103999080>DC Competing for ANOTHER Oscar How come marvel can't compete?[View]
104002098Is this supposed to be sad?[View]
104002067Riddle me this Britbongs, why do you insist on proving stupid ass Black Mirror correct with shows li…[View]
104001711What other movies are like this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ha_pPzGwzos&[View]
104000763Just finished watching this. What’s /tv/ opinions? I actually loke how perosnal it was compared to …[View]
104000840What’s the best death-of-the-60s-and-the-american-dream kinos? Besides pic related of course.[View]
104001582>peaking in your twenties[View]
103999350ITT: films woman will never understand[View]
104000110*knock*: What was that?[View]
104001400David Letterman: >grows a beard >suddenly everybody thinks he's a fucking genius how the …[View]
104001852Did they really need 5 Hitlers?[View]
104001119Why did he make the deal in the end? The war was still winnable at that point, or at least there was…[View]
103995702These cars are too FUCKING big: How the fuck is Batman supposed to drive around crowded city streets…[View]
104001687Kino as fuck[View]
104000939>movie opens with a quote[View]
104001620Saturday night What are you watching? I've just binged on pizza and beers. Feel absolutely terr…[View]
104001279Kinos with retarded nigger jannys: Gimme your list[View]
104001616>special 'FX'[View]
103996676Better Call Saul: I find her attractive to be quite honest familia.[View]
103999737>Long live the King...[View]
104001553what are you excited for /tv/ any shows you binge watching anything. any films you looking forward t…[View]
103997218>'Yo bro I can't wait to watch that new Marvel movie deadass'[View]
104001510Before you leave, there's something you should know: I'm Chris Hansen with Dateline NBC, a…[View]
104001171what makes a film kino[View]
104001484Why does /tv/ hate this? It's hilarious. >I have nipples Greg - can you milk me?…[View]
104000377Did you like this zombie Euro-kino anon?[View]
103995134Will this ever be topped?[View]
104000851Rest in Peace[View]
104000397Who won?[View]
104001284Get Shorty: Underrated show.[View]
104001201Colin Quinn Dennis Miller Dave Chappelle Mel Brooks Chris Kattan Louis CK Chris Rock Jon Lovit…[View]
104001117Why doesn't South Park make fun of Susan Sarandon?[View]
103976530/bb/ Big Brother 20: HoH Part 1 winner: Tyler HoH Part 2 winner: TBD HoH Part 3 winner: TBD Previous…[View]
103999213WebM Thread: Last one hit the image limit. Let's get this rolling[View]
104001129>watch commercial in 2018 >I HAD A DREAM SO BIG AND LOUD…[View]
103998508Is this niggar kino?: https://youtu.be/hLOw_SzkRQ8[View]
103997010wow this was shit[View]
104000239Do you start a movie, and get gradually drunker, or do you start drunk and hope you don't fall …[View]
103998105What's going on here?[View]
103966131Predator Movie is Garbage: Was forced to watch this (Grandparents wanted to see it on their birthday…[View]
104000503Why would you watch any movies that aren't intellectually demanding?[View]
104000315What did the director of Mandy mean by this?: >“I might actually be allergic to testosterone,” th…[View]
104000772https://youtube.com/watch?v=GcOsVzSOqoQ Who was in the wrong[View]
103986744Why does Hollywood keep pushing this pairing when it's actually not very common in real life?[View]
103999837Why didn't everyone just stay in a group? Almost everyone who died was because they ran off alo…[View]
104000479The power of the Sun... in the palm of my hand...[View]
103985966Post your best tv related faceapp creations Part deux[View]
103997949>tfw opie was actually the good guy[View]
103999989Rate my cast: Gary Oldman, Tom Hardy, Joaquin Phoenix, special guest Tommy Lee Jones. What film woul…[View]
103989343are there any western equivalents to welcome to the nhk? you know, shit about loner shut ins lol.[View]
104000652who the fuck uses a joystick for FPS games[View]
103998928What's updog?[View]
104000205>entertainment I’m so entertained[View]
104000258it was an unexpected failure or it was a boycott of (((Hollywood))) to make it look's like the …[View]
104000154ITT: Actresses who would be a better Captain Marvel. I'll start.[View]
103999570Netflix is just so brave for allowing this utterly unfuckable abomination to star in a movie. It…[View]
104000621The Terror: How do we fix 'The Terror'?[View]
103982604WebM Thread: Last one >>103955161 reached the bump limit. Let's go again.[View]
103999942This movie taught me a lot of things about love and tolerance.[View]
104000567Whatever happened to these two?[View]
103990213 [View]
103999506Nice hairline retard[View]
104000335I am a straight CIS white male, but I enjoy the oldschool aristocratic English aesthetic Is Downton…[View]
103998747Why did JK Rowling allow the white-washing of lavender brown conveniently in the movie where she dat…[View]
104000425Riddle me this Britbongs, why do you insist on proving stupid ass Black Mirror correct with shows li…[View]
104000386Seconds, dear?[View]
103997235Well /tv/ what did we learn from this?[View]
104000029Whats next for Jet Li's career?[View]
103991846>seemed like it was gonna be a great film >love the actress >interracial sex noped the hell…[View]
103999043Which one of them was the NPC?[View]
103996023Can we have a thread on women that would have made a better Wonder Woman[View]
103999104Would criminals be afraid of Batman if he were real?: Or would he just be seen as a LARPer [\spoile…[View]
104000152Lets see your disney girls[View]
103966363Maniac S1E1: Starring Jonah Hill and Emma Stone What did t v think of the first episode of Maniac?…[View]
103999856>celebrity version of gameshow >they play for charity instead of earning prizes for themselves…[View]
103991921>Directed by Todd Phillips yikes[View]
104000078ITT: Series that abandoned their fans. >was a huge hit with little boys >sequel went full slap…[View]
104000046Matrix: Just how incredibly ahead of the time was this film, given the current AI considerations.…[View]
104000061Do you have any tobacco?[View]
103982015Samantha Carter[View]
103999214What happened to Annie: ?[View]
103999825Was it kino?[View]
103996179There is no better film for a rainy day[View]
103999222My ex(and only)-gf started dating again some guy that hangs around with me and I'm all alone Mo…[View]
103995010>TV director >never made a big budget franchise movie >lost career momentum years ago afte…[View]
103997335What am I in for?[View]
103997849Was he retarded?[View]
103986580Redditlettermedia: >2015: 'Yeah go see Ant-man it's a great and original movie with lots of …[View]
103982676so who did this?[View]
103989791Since Telltale Games just went bankrupt and can't finish their final season of The Walking Dead…[View]
103999762The greatest movie of 2001[View]
103998232This show is actually pretty red-pilled. It has tits galore and even uses the word 'tranny.'[View]
103998494Raimi is a nerd autist: I listened to Raimi's commentaries on the Spider-Man trilogy. Damn, thi…[View]
103999058>character drinks two or three beers and calls it good >doesn't drink 10 more and then st…[View]
103992555ITT: literal 10/10 endings[View]
103999530sticky this ya seething simp: >he ''''''''''works'''''''''' >FOR FREE *breathes in* AHAHAHAHAH…[View]
103997741Is this good? I like Scarlett but I've heard various things about it, good and bad.[View]
103999275>that guy who repeats the funny line and laughs: fuk you[View]
103998814Who should play the protagonist on the Wolf of Wall Street remake? HARD MODE no idris elba[View]
103998336Favorite Films: Post your charts, rate, rec, etc[View]
103998122CharlsCaroll: What does tv think of him? Personally I think he’s better than hyde[View]
103998297Alexa Bliss: F[View]
103998139Post horrors and supernatural thrillers I don't really like action horror films like Cabin in t…[View]
103999409>The director shows his talent as a true visionary of the art of film in this ballad of a love le…[View]
103999400Best live action film Batman film is nothing like the comics, Best Spider-Man film barely has anythi…[View]
103997059Does the New Republic have no fleet? I don't understand why they were not doing anything after …[View]
103998248What are the best Man vs. Nature films? Should Hollywood work on more films for this genre? Are whal…[View]
103998861>thanks yify[View]
103993596What does /tv/ think of Roebrt Carlyle?[View]
103995992Favorite Scorsese film?[View]
103997613I wanna dive into pic related's filmography, so what should I start with? Is there an order I s…[View]
103999012Analysing Marlon: What the fuck was his problem lads? Fame, food, money, women, kino movies.... and …[View]
103997533'Past a certain age, a man without a family can be a bad thing': What age was he referring to?…[View]
103998955what the hell with this movie and the invasion of bystanders minorities on it? it's the most fo…[View]
103998181When was the last time you were completely enthralled by tv show or film?[View]
103997563I watched Kingsman: The Secret Service for the first time and it was incredible, give me some more a…[View]
103995695>tfw zoomers enable Hollywood to shit out awful spiderman flicks with ugly casts who here miss r…[View]
103989351/trek/ thread: Awfully nice Armory officers get rewarded with awfully nice bums Edition[View]
103997405Halloween 2018: >He killed three people woah...so...that doesnt even put him in the top 100 of th…[View]
103998963So what the fuck happened?[View]
103997228Do you guys find some tv show girls abnormally hot ? I still don't know why I see Paula Small a…[View]
103998857How did he fight all the guys in the elevator? Why did he leave their bodies with him in there?[View]
103997360Yo /ck/, what is your favorite MadTV skit?[View]
103998715Richard Says Goodbye - Upcoming Movie: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richard_Says_Goodbye >Dire…[View]
103998818I hope he does come back. If there's one guy I'll never forget, boy, it's Bob Redfor…[View]
103998797times when the critics were right[View]
103994526You don't do this while watching movies.....right /tv/?[View]
103997543Auralnauts Star Wars> Disney Star Wars[View]
103985227How dreadful was it?[View]
103998697Hey mister. Got the time?[View]
103997444'I'm CEO-bitch' - Mark Suckerberg[View]
103997706How did the Lord of the Rings turn out good while the hobbit films were shit?: Was it Peter Jackson?…[View]
103996341Sorry, ignore me, just the best film of the last decade coming through...[View]
103981965DIABLO Netflix Cartoon: Will it be any good?[View]
103994375Trap Door: CGI Reboot when?[View]
103996102Why do women have such shit taste in film anons?[View]
103998488On the second or more viewing this movie is much more bittersweet due to the twist ending.[View]
103998388PLEASE GIVE ME AN OSCAR: the actor[View]
103997276Was it kino?[View]
103997337>umm... yeah, err...my brother gave me these jeans LMAO what the fuck, what kind of a moron would…[View]
103998240>no forced politics >boundless creativity and imagination >unparalleled aesthetics >fore…[View]
103986234What a letdown of a character.[View]
103997478Karls new show is coming out in a few days. Karlkino is bestkino.[View]
103997803Test tube glub glub snail man.[View]
103997144How do film crew go about getting actors to pose for shots like this? Who is it who actually tells t…[View]
103997328What did he say to them again?[View]
103993233Why where they so fucking kino?[View]
103996367What does /tv/ think about this movie ?[View]
103995224Fictional depictions of foreigners being crowned king and sacrificed: Maybe you /tv/ autists can hel…[View]
103997963Who killed Teresa Halbach?[View]
103997732Kike messenger knocked me down[View]
103997362Who should be the next Bond?[View]
103995654why was Kubrick so good? nothing will ever top The Shining and Clockwork Orange[View]
103995903I really enjoy LoT, but I literally have to fast forward any scene with Frodo, Sam, or gollum becaus…[View]
103997892Dinner Date: >everyday at 19:45 >catch Dinner Date just in time to watch the girl/guy pick th…[View]
103997167Are there any good movies about landsknechts?[View]
103995875>Captain Marvel doesn't smile on the trai-[View]
103978019Is /tv/ excited about the Veronica Mars reboot? It'll be set 5 years after the movie.[View]
103997779Is he autistic[View]
103997778Stupid /tv/! Be more funny![View]
103997829Was Batfleck implying that interracial couples shouldn't have children? If so, brava.[View]
103996713>Mark gets married by the love of his life and hates it >Jez is just a pathetic cuck Why did …[View]
103997772For fuck's sake, you're guests. Take off your shoes.[View]
103997759He didn't deserve to go out like this...[View]
103995385Let's become Hollywood screenwriter and subvert the franchises: I'll start >Monstervers…[View]
103979170Give me some bloomer kino[View]
103995565'Me... me... me...' '#Me too.': Was Agent Smith a decade too woke for his time?[View]
103997509Doesn't he look exactly like Daniel Day Lewis now? The Guess Who song is perfect. Were hoodies …[View]
103997392So Lando was fucking the robot right?[View]
103988842Do Americans really keep an emergency vodka in the bathroom?[View]
103994643Why is Hollywood agaisnt hot black women?[View]
103988385???: what did Brianne Sidonie Desaulniers, known professionally as Brie Larson mean by this?[View]
103996802Hereditary is the only movie I think should be removed from the onions chart. I don't care what…[View]
103994341Why the FUCK do all the english language blu-rays I get have a bunch of foreign language dubs, but b…[View]
103992113Eden Lake: Is that /our kino/? Our guys won.[View]
103996859The Believer: What are /tv/'s thoughts on this movie?[View]
103994147Reminder Rey is gonna go to the jedi temple in Episode IX.[View]
103997009Redpill me on Supreme Patty[View]
103994056OH NOO-[View]
103996873>Check out an episode where Jay talks to his 'Canadian friend'. They're the same person in d…[View]
103994389I'M ONLY HUMAN[View]
103994122impractical jokers: >that time when Q exposed himself to a toddler and a baby…[View]
103995311What would you have done if you were Ethan in this situation?[View]
103996896CHiPs(1977-1983) or TJ Hooker(1982-1985)? Which is better?[View]
103995155How does /tv/ feel about The Man In The High Castle?: Just curious.... I find it completely fascinat…[View]
103996844Name a hotter actress. I'll wait... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xf7xoCPP2Y8[View]
103995506>sexually harrassed Bjork Is he our guy?[View]
103994433what are some films that subvert your expectations?[View]
103992523Seinfeld vs Friends: Lets face it, first 4 seasons of Seinfeld are at best Big Bang Theory level. Th…[View]
103996682I didn't know Wonder Woman was so big and strong![View]
103996426Thanos bongo cat playing infinity war flute: Thanos bongo cat thanos bongo cat thanos bongo cat htt…[View]
103987981Which movies actually scared you?[View]
103996610Kino caves: Post your kino caves /v/[View]
103995013>6.7 But why though? It was a great movie. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0195714/…[View]
103994685>Daddy, why you don't let me fuck my cousin? >I hate you!…[View]
103995050any good movies on rasputin?[View]
103996446What the hell happened to Animal Planet?[View]
103994350Well, hello, beautiful[View]
103996211post pleb filters[View]
103996208Was he, dare I say it, retarded?[View]
103996339CAESAR IS IN ITALY[View]
103996014Any good american fork songs portrayed in films?[View]
103995378kino with this aesthetics?[View]
10398758240y virgin but 20y virgin reporting in. So how can I lose it? Asking for a friend. I'm shy.[View]
103995801Why would anyone go through so much effort? Why couldn’t they just commit a school shooting like nor…[View]
103996203Why is Mike such a beloved character?[View]
103996095When will people finally begin understanding these masterpieces?[View]
103995402>Jeremy Davies will play the big bad in the Gotham City-set annual event. >The network has tap…[View]
103992705Something seems different about Olivia Munn[View]
103993274my bf and I enjoy going to the movies and watching films together but he's such a pleb, he only…[View]
103995465What’s the best site for film screenshots? There’s got to be an archive somewhere. And what’s the b…[View]
103995883What is she looking at on the computer here?[View]
103991442>le talking horse is more human than most of us xD But seriously, what are your opinions on BoJac…[View]
103993390WOAH le Huel![View]
103995776Good morning, /tv/. Today is evaluation day. The key word here is value. Do you have any? Not yet. B…[View]
103991597How many more years should Pete Davidson stay at SNL before focusing mostly on his film career?[View]
103995881did southpark made fun of autism yet i am just asking because i haven’t watched the show in a couple…[View]
103995928>clicks tongue[View]
103975560I’m da jokah baybee[View]
103995886>marathoning ww2 kino >'AUF DER HEIDE BLÜHT EIN KLEINES BLÜMELEIN'…[View]
103993971What did they mean by this[View]
103995404History be damned: This was the best film of 2014, no debate whatsoever.[View]
103993942IT'S LEVIO-SAAH[View]
103994712wtf i hate nips now.[View]
103991066What am I in for?[View]
103995754Why did the ladies in Transformers go continuously downhill with each new entry? Is Bay losing his t…[View]
103994959what was the point of this scene?[View]
103981873the absolute state[View]
103992516>only 251 days until Godzilla: King of the Monsters[View]
103994340What constitutes a hard, pipe hitting nigger?[View]
103995196Joker vs captain Spaulding: Who wears it better?[View]
103990287why is there an attractive young child in every Shane Black movie?[View]
103989274I’M AN ANALYST[View]
103991775The Man Who Killed Don Quixote: This is Terry's best movie in like 20 years.[View]
103995044Is this the most based black character to ever grace film?[View]
103995373>Oh they'll come Ray. Especially the nips, they love this shit.[View]
103994280Post your favorite comedian itt[View]
103995297Ah, master Qui gon jin, my arch nemesis.[View]
103989272is this scene one of the WORST choices in recent memory? its like they used a trailer as a placehold…[View]
103995251Do you think Benicio del Toro hates Rian Johnson now?: He gets cast in a Star Wars film, expecting t…[View]
103995242>This stuff’? Oh, ok. I see, you think this has nothing to do with you. You go to your closet and…[View]
103992667ITT Dumbest Copouts: >'She missed the morgue.'[View]
103991761Where's all the modern Russian kino? I don't see much come from Russian filmmakers, and it…[View]
103995106>It's an Eric pulls down Donna's Pants episode[View]
103985363Why did they have an axe on a spaceship?[View]
103973070>15 years from now So, Jay, what movies are we gonna watch today?[View]
103992642Has anyone here seen any of the movies directed by Ridley Scott's doppelganger? How are they?[View]
103994781Wtf was his problem?[View]
103994429>make fun of thanos saying a giant purple grapefruit is the end boss of the mcu for years >end…[View]
103993827i am going to keep dreaming that a show based on 40k will happen[View]
103989217This is the first woman ever[View]
103987885Silence: Holy fuck. This is Scorsese's best movie.[View]
103986830The Captain Marvel we could have had.[View]
103994320What are the most bloomer movies?[View]
103987804Is it kino?[View]
103988420How does this guy keep getting roles?[View]
103990792What's the moral lesson of TDKR?: The film shows that when Batman is absent, Gotham city turns …[View]
103994639A sturr is burr: Just saw the trailer. Looks like absolute shit. >gojirrion/10 from all of the pr…[View]
103989417Mister Banks, your opening statement.[View]
103994573What's he up to nowadays?[View]
103994252Would you have been Grayson or Kevin or DeMarcus[View]
103993321What did they mean by this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ArQe1jBTAEg[View]
103994385If Hollywood is so 'progressive', why haven't they made 'The Matrix Rebooted' as an explicit tr…[View]
103994333Ah Joe, Nia kicked me outta the house again Framed me for rape and murder of some lady Joe she kille…[View]
103993453Can south park be saved or should it just die? Past seasons was worse than the simpsons[View]
103994187what does /tv/ think about gumby?: the movies were kino desu[View]
103991745Because the most important characters of the last 30 years of The Simpsons have been Maggie and Marg…[View]
103992387Thoughts?: https://www.empireonline.com/people/margot-robbie/sofia-boutella-mary-elizabeth-winstead-…[View]
103994283*ruins ur podcast*[View]
103993953What are the most kino moments in television?[View]
103986761Why doesn't Vanessa Hudgens get good roles?[View]
103994232Ha ha ha haaaaaaaaa~[View]
103994124when was the last time your heart was broken by the stupid media, /tv/?[View]
103993799post movies that were better than all their sequels[View]
103991931She skidded 500 miles: Along the rings of Saturn.[View]
103988802>'Sure I'd leave, but they'd leave with me as they highly value their friend over some …[View]
103991352ITT: Literally perfect films in before some NPC says something along the lines of 'okay you start' I…[View]
103993724Have you tried turning it off and on again?[View]
103988217Van Helsing is a prequel to the Brendan Fraser Mummy movies: Just re-watched Van Helsing for the fir…[View]
103992261What the fuck is their problem?[View]
103993479Mauler makes a good point in his most recent video on Predator: What is the obsession with making ge…[View]
103993510So he knew, right?[View]
103982796You LITERALLY cannot name a better superhero fight scene. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7tVIVftve3…[View]
103993211Kevin Spacey murdered on his vacation to Sogai: Press F to pay respects[View]
103990622David Attenborough dead at 92: F[View]
103993149Its weekend and I'm in the mood to watch a movie, recommend me something bros I dont watch many…[View]
103991872what is the deal with these women? why are they such raging cunts? >https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
103992082Why do we even watch television and film anyway? It's all corny, derivative, cliché propaganda.[View]
103990184>new movie comes out >stars an actor from: Lost/Breaking Bad/ Game of Thrones/Walking Dead A…[View]
103992827Checkmate, atheists[View]
103991150Don't ever cum in my wife's pussy again.i like to cum in my wife's pussy[View]
103992344Commercial Kino: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Zb2VSd-tas https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=34PWhoB…[View]
103986965/tpg/ - Twin Peaks General: Did Harry ever get the joke?[View]
103991068Who will play them in the biopic?[View]
103992234You're a bad person if you like this show[View]
103990753>Within Cells Interlinked >Within Cells Interlinked >Within Cells Interlinked Finally watch…[View]
103988271>he doesn't watch with subtitles[View]
103992230Why is this so underrated?[View]
103991092What's next for Chevy Chase?[View]
103991629>Anybody seen Richie?! >Anybody know why Richie did Bobby Lupo?!…[View]
103991807Help me /tv/ I am looking for a Western scene. It's about a guy killing a kid. Their conversati…[View]
103991725Is Film school a good idea, /tv/? Have you gone? Have you ever thought about going?[View]
103984807ITT: We post the most kino of children's animation >Pic very related…[View]
103992264Recommend me more movies like pic related.[View]
103992369what countries have the best films[View]
103990920Mrs Simpson we all have nosesneeds.[View]
103991800In February 1977, actor Cliff Robertson received a 1099 form from the IRS indicating he had received…[View]
103982242>honestly it smells so bad https://youtu.be/tStS2qYQe3o?t=1m23s[View]
103990633Which film has the best sex scene(s)?[View]
103990685Emu killers aint got no show: America has its always Sunny in Philadelphia UK has Peep Show Canada …[View]
103988356I dont remember his cock being visible.[View]
103987924“The Dark Knight. “My whole thing is that that I saw The Dark Knight. I feel like I’m dumb because I…[View]
103989752movies only you remember[View]
103987262movies about cats[View]
103990989What are some movies where a white guy gets bullied by a big black girl?[View]
103990789Slashers: Slashers- The most comfy genre for autumn nights. What have you been watching? Know any un…[View]
103989945A rit dit dit dit do[View]
103990338This movie is legitimately entertaining even if the true story its based on is a myth created to sca…[View]
103989241Existential Despair Kino: pls rec some. i've already seen stuff from early 00's like colla…[View]
103991266Got bored and watched this, anyone else see it?[View]
103991073Legit contender for most beautiful woman of all time.[View]
103987251Captain Marvel: Brie Larson currently sitting behind me on a plane. Dubs decided what i do before we…[View]
103989785The Man Who Killed Don Quixote: Best Terry Gilliam in like 20 years.[View]
103990396The only thing worthing a 7.8/10 rating in that movie is Scarlett's ass.[View]
103991591Were Harmy's edits even that good? Aside from the removal of some minor SE changes, they were p…[View]
103991441im da jokah baybee[View]
103990911I Can't See Shit: The Movie[View]
103988391Coolest scenes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bIMVrX9CaVw This is a thread for only the coolest of…[View]
103987506Recommend Kino: pre-1975: Post some pre-1975 kino recs. Bonus points if it’s foriegn. I finally wat…[View]
103989430>We really are Sicario Yeah, this was not very good. Another example of 2 teens fucking up a dece…[View]
103990391>ITT: games from /tv/ that you wish were real The computer game from BiG looked fun. I always enj…[View]
103991156Here's your Roach[View]
103985960>And the pork, did the chef raise the pig himself, give it a name, feed it only gourmet food and …[View]
103990865A SIF LAWD???[View]
103989670Why is he such a cartoon character?[View]
103988690Hey Moon...[View]
103990943What is the best gun fight scene from a movie?[View]
103991095What's the best movie about loveable losers and their superstitions?[View]
103990751Looking for the (film?) origin of a sample: Hi /tv/, would you have a minute to help me ? I'm t…[View]
103991012Emotional childhood movies[View]

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