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94796621Joey, do you like movies about gladiators?[View]
94796475Tfw: How do you cope anon? The crushing feeling of dying alone? never knowing what a woman feels lik…[View]
94796566###Full Moon Kino### >What other films are Radu approved?[View]
94796501What's you schedule looking like this week /tv/?[View]
94787701Venom with the BIG GUY is gonna be CAPEKINO!: >We All Have Our Own Problems >Our Own Issues …[View]
94792990Patrician tropes: >episode dedicated entirely to a single character Bonus points if it reverses e…[View]
94794464Who will play him in the inevitable $20,000,000 biopic?[View]
94795573Not that there's anything wrong with that[View]
94794971Black Panther was boring: Not much action, pretty boring. Wakanda was pretty, and the plot was okay.…[View]
94795656Brendan Fraser: so is this guy back or not?, i've been seeing a lot of threads on him recently,…[View]
94796350>drinks the tears of orphans This is the best villain in both literary and cinematic history.…[View]
94793678You guys are joking about reddit being bad, right? /tv/, and 4chan in general is for shitposting - t…[View]
94796309How on earth is this a positive review[View]
94794785Recommend me some Bale kino, frens. Dubs fags need not apply[View]
94794452Has a movie or tv show ever made you cry?[View]
94793542ITT: /tv/ in 1928[View]
94788911Dark Willow or Unbound Rowena?[View]
94795545>Ridley wants to turn Alien into a Star Wars-tier franchise Can any good come out of this?…[View]
94794153You must watch whatever film the poster immediately after your post references. Porn films don'…[View]
94795825Which Jackass movie is the best? Do you think we will ever get another movie?[View]
94785917>We post our kino collections >People tell us what to watch…[View]
94794896I just finished Sicario, what did I think of it?[View]
94795922why cant they cast and choose pretty boys anymore in /teen/ movies. its always blacks, jews or skinn…[View]
94789707Now that the dust has settled, who was best ZOOMkid? It's Caroline[View]
94792741Cast him.[View]
94794762is Riverdale high IQ entertainment? your average square seems to be repulsed by the multilayered qui…[View]
94795815Oldies but goodies[View]
94795552Most people can agree that Raiders of the Lost Ark is the greatest adventure movie ever but what is …[View]
94795029For me? It's Colin Quinn![View]
94795749Thor.Ragnarok.2017.1080p.BluRay.x264-SPARKS Thor.Ragnarok.2017.1080p.BluRay.x264-SPARKS Thor.Rag…[View]
94795770what are some kinos with this aesthetic?[View]
94795764Was 'The Whitest Kids U' Know' the most red pilled comedy show? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
94795727Settle a debate. Is this kino, and if not, what films about the same general subject matter are, if …[View]
94793662Why do people scream on Fox News? Stop being so loud. You're gonna wake up the children.[View]
94795630>but that backflip tho my fucking sides[View]
94789375How did they get away with that it?[View]
94784729>watch black panther with friends > after it finishes, a couple americans in front of us clapp…[View]
94795626>we must stick together[View]
94790329Is this movie underrated or overrated?[View]
94791853Rey, your mother insulted my lemon chicken[View]
94787698what do you like to sip on whilst watching your kinos[View]
94795437>5 days[View]
94795251Marvel >I thought about nothing else for over a year. I studied you, I followed you. But now that…[View]
94793428ITT: Times you acted liked the Whiplash >Come home from school >Mom has made me dinner >Tak…[View]
94793838ITT: times George was unequivocally, 100% right[View]
94794947Why didn't Shinji just not masturbate if it was going to make him feel bad?[View]
94794034ITT: Obscure movies you picked up because of the cool cover art.: I picked this one up at Blockbuste…[View]
94794447Don't worry about who the fuck I am.[View]
94795150ITT:Best Olympic movies[View]
94795070Anyone else actually seen every movie? I don't know what to do anymore.[View]
94794350Is this the new hollywood standard? If you don't like a movie it's because you don't …[View]
94792853Will he get a sticky?[View]
94794729Post the movie you're watching right now.[View]
94794442what did she mean by this?[View]
94791954Why is this retarded thing so popular? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MtN1YnoL46Q[View]
94794963>chick flick from 2010 has a party scene >TIK TOK ON THE CLOCK…[View]
94793687Can we talk about one of the most Kino fight scenes ever or is that now allowed on nu-/tv/? https://…[View]
94793867Give me movies that will make me feel again.[View]
94794962thoughts on these gams?[View]
94791391So this is real. This absolutely happened. My family wanted to go see Black Panther, and despite lik…[View]
94794065Seeing as how the events of the first movie take place in under 2 years from now, when is the point …[View]
94794942Bought the first 4 seasons of this on DVD a couple of years ago.: Some Saturday nights I play one of…[View]
94793597anybody else watching the premiere of Final Space? aka Rick and Morty meets The Orville[View]
94793652What the fuck was her problem?[View]
94794867Something like pic related?[View]
94794850>Here's that build-up. I love this part[View]
94794836> > >From the Dusty Mason…[View]
94794776Movies only you have seen ITT[View]
94794411>Movie has 'versus' in the title[View]
94794783What if it was adapted into an art house film?[View]
9479468310/10 action films[View]
94794728Is this show any good? I made it to the part where the roman general tells the black guy to take a d…[View]
94785092Why won't this meme die?[View]
94793948>1911 movie >party rockers in the bunker starts playing…[View]
94794635Star War is broken[View]
94794612shhhh...: I'm your waifu now. <3 <3 <3[View]
94793576Europoor here: If Americans love freedom, why don't they believe in a freedom to separation of …[View]
94792857Why did Les go complete bonker when she called him out on his religious tricks? https://www.youtube.…[View]
94794547New tv ideas[View]
94794300This is your father's lightsaber, he killed a few dozen children with it. I looted it from his …[View]
94792822Wait... what was the problem with this haircut again?[View]
94789994Post local commercial kino https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wjU2mgXbtw8[View]
94792647Was it racist?[View]
94793871Watching this kino; its pretty comfy but im a bit confused.Why didn't they just built a wall?[View]
94793660UH OH[View]
94793521>Scorsese, why are you filming all my scenes first?[View]
94792883>tv literally thought this would get nominated for Best Picture You can't make this shit up…[View]
94793489La Tutora: Similar kino?[View]
94793496Kino Tide: Now that the dust has settled, who was in the wrong here?[View]
94783854>just got out of work, studying for midterm next week then watching kino later tonight >female…[View]
94791882Why are weddings always depicted as such happy events in kinos. I'm posting from my mate's…[View]
94794321Well anon? Do you want to know why the government is trying their hardest to stop people from enjoyi…[View]
94791993>TDKR is a bad mo- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oCG0c7_xll4[View]
94792208Why didn't he tell the dwarf his kin was dead before he went into the mines?[View]
94794214>he doesn't throw popcorn at the screen when the hero beats up the bad guys what's it l…[View]
94794210>go to kinoplex >they're handing out towels and mops for every showing of Jumanji…[View]
94793762Raindrops keep falling on my head[View]
94790844who's your favorite actress but in a purely non-horny/waifu way: can /tv/ handle it? we can all…[View]
94767072Who's your favorite actress?[View]
94791164Jenny 'The Goddess' Nicholson: How do you feel about her hot takes? Personally I loved them because …[View]
94793298has this capekino ever been surpassed?[View]
94792353Scenes that ruined an otherwise perfect movie[View]
94794048Name a more nightmarish children's program ever[View]
94793826really makes you think[View]
94793225Is it really that bad bros?[View]
94793742I was a Governor, a fighter, a NAVY SEAL[View]
94792268ITT: times you acted like Errol Childress >Having sex with gf >She starts her usual routine of…[View]
94792800Have you watched The Good Place? What are you thoughts on it?[View]
94791500Who put the Chinaman in my office?[View]
94793910What are some Promethean movies?[View]
94792733To Live and Die in LA (1985): This was pure distilled fucking cop kino. Can't believe I waited …[View]
94793761What the FUCK was his problem[View]
94793594Why does he just take the abuse?[View]
94792873I used to feel about pop culture the way I do now about literature, I was always hungry for explanat…[View]
94788957Why did Wendy keep distracting Jack while he was working?[View]
94792817Why do Europeans make better kino than Americans?[View]
94792013Was it kino ?[View]
94793712Film merch[View]
94793679Nigger: Explain your movie pitch to your diverse co-workers in 50 words or less.[View]
94793041ITT: Good movies about real Africans[View]
94793259>dad is a complete pleb when it comes to movies, always shittalk him for liking crap like Back To…[View]
94793256What tv character reminds you most of your long gone father? rip daddy[View]
94793272No Homo: The Film.[View]
94793133What was the moral of this kino?[View]
94793603Just got back from Black Panther. This is pure Afro-Futurist kino. The costuming , aesthetic and wor…[View]
94790706Waco: >It's a David dindu nuffin while Steve continues livin' the cuck lyfe episode …[View]
94792790This is better than the Departed.[View]
94793243I am Salahuddin SALAHUDDIN[View]
94793568pick a show and other anons rate your opinions on: >best character >worst character >best e…[View]
94792387Mr. T'Challa, Im USA.[View]
94793235>I can eat 50 eggs. Can you imagine how fucking noxious Luke's farts must've been after…[View]
94787949So how many of you are going to hot glue the holdo doll and send it to lura derns twitter?[View]
94793179What's a good black humor lighthearted war film that is similar to Full Metal Jacket and Jarhea…[View]
94792032Predict pic related's final worldwide box office gross. I'm going to say $1.1 billion.[View]
94793271Some guy at age 60 he's just going to breaking bad?[View]
94793190Why do I watch this show, /tv/?[View]
94793220What kino on Netflix should I watch tonight?[View]
94792923What does /tv/ think of this movie? I think it's kino as fuck and criminally underrated …[View]
94793265>We're not the Mounties >We're handsome >We're gay >We're strong…[View]
94790975they're making top gun 2 instead of adapting the true fighter plane kino[View]
94793233>character takes a few scoops of protein powder before going to the gym >doesn't have 7-8…[View]
94793163Best Documentaries: Anyone else seen this? I just started and it's terrific.[View]
94793063>you will never be slimed[View]
94792348>did involuntary eye rolls to stupid movie dad was laughing at and now he's upset with me Mo…[View]
94792875King T'Challa, I'm NWA[View]
94792288>I REBEL Did she though?[View]
94783262OLD GODZILLA[View]
94777971Westerns: Can we have a Western thread? Admittedly I haven't really seen much of the old class…[View]
94793011The Surrounding Game: STRAIGHT CRINGE[View]
94778985What exactly IS The Thing?[View]
94792585Was there a single time Homer was wrong, not due to his own stupidity/ignorance?[View]
94792882Just came back from seeing #BlackPanther. If the government can hide the existenace of an entire COU…[View]
94792783Come fiiind meee[View]
94792727I have mixed feelings about Riverdale, the changes to the archieverse trigger my nostalgia, but some…[View]
94781061NO WOMEN ALLOWED: ITT: kino that women will never understand.[View]
94792702You do live in a comfy great lakes suburb don't you /tv/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V8Jpc…[View]
94792329why is this redneck & white trash trend happening?: good movies if you ask me but this just stri…[View]
94777939What's the in-universe explanation for why no one used a hyperspace kamikaze before? And what…[View]
94791759Shows only you watched[View]
94786104Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri: So, who was the killer?[View]
94792604How come black and white male duos are the best? Something about the combination of the two makes it…[View]
94765657God has spoken through his prophet.: Black Panther Review http://www.nationalreview.com/article/4564…[View]
94787823hop in dude[View]
94783257KINO Black Panther Review: why isn't she 'woke' like the rest of them? https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
94792380What movies do sycophants watch?[View]
94792084times critics were actually wrong[View]
94792267This could actually be interesting.[View]
94792077Tommy DeVitto: Why was he getting so fuckin fresh?[View]
94790525>buy DVD >never watch bonus features Why do people do this?…[View]
94792184Uh uh! I know what you're thinking. 'Did he fire six shots or only five?' Well to tell you the …[View]
94792125Fuck you I liked it[View]
94790865>Luke have I told you about the time when a minor character and I met the devil but he was flippi…[View]
94774970Amyverse Thread, Showtalk and Comfy Edition: You know what to do. Bring high energy and comfy vibes,…[View]
94784457What did they mean by this?[View]
94792029>WHAT ARE THOOOOOOSE!!!!???[View]
94788536Watched this because you fucks said it was good It's just another Coen Brothers movie where not…[View]
94791965LIVE PD: >calling the cops on your wife's son[View]
94792014How are Harry and Draco related, exactly? Are they 4th cousins or something? (Treating Sirrius Black…[View]
94788899Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory: Now that it's getting another remake, can we agree the D…[View]
94791916Masturbating to videos of characters being sprayed with sleeping gas while holding in my pee[View]
94790591/MMG/ Mamma Mia General: 151 days until Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again >Trailer 1 https://www.youtub…[View]
94791820He overcharged gaijins...[View]
94790783He did nothing wrong.[View]
94789742Where is the bomb, /tv/?[View]
94781846Why is this sort of thing so popular in american theaters? Heard similar things are happening with B…[View]
94790880Update this picture to include current movies.[View]
94791731>watch film >immediately post discussion thread on /tv/ to garner the opinion of fellow like-m…[View]
94789795The Great Debate: Also F.R.I.E.N.D.S thread[View]
94782487Jim Carrey doesn't exist[View]
94788915ITT: Pretentious Film red flags >characters are named after famous painters/scientists…[View]
94791581>Predators much better cave painting than Predator 2[View]
94791750Hmm... Just pretend a TV Show in the Mass Effect universe. Could be work? If yes, how?[View]
94790411Nirvanna The Band The Show The General: >catalog search genderless burger experience no results …[View]
94791744>2018 >Disney/Marvel remakes Dawn of the Planet of the Apes >with black people playing the …[View]
94756056/rlg/-Reylo™ General: Weekend Edition (Slow) Will we have any official Reylo content in 2018/19? …[View]
94791706/gndg/ - God's Not Dead general: GOD'S NOT DEAD HE'S SURELY ALIVE HE'S LIVING O…[View]
94777986What's the definitive version of Satan on film?: For my money it's got to be Farm House. …[View]
94786447/Comfy/: only comfy movies ITT[View]
94780750Netflix's The Witcher: previous >>94768250[View]
94791651/ourguy/? Thoughts on Brows Held High?[View]
94789886Drink more beer.[View]
94790765Wesley Snipes Tried To Make BLACK PANTHER In The 1990's: >The initial struggle, as Snipes ex…[View]
94791592So youre the sucker that dusted spider, well killer if its a rep youre looking for im the one you wa…[View]
94786985DC Kino: Now that the dust has settled, can we agree on what is the best DC film?[View]
94790378>I didn't put caprese salad in my desk Michael.[View]
94785610Opinions on Beyond the Trailer with Grace?[View]
94791484>And if you don't my saying >I would say you're out of aces >And for one taste of…[View]
94790073/tv/ B T F O[View]
94788769Holy shit, five minutes into this movie, trying to watch it due to comments here. But what the fuck?…[View]
94791410The Man in the High Castle: >S02 E9 betting that this guy is an Nazi Agent Provocateur also how r…[View]
94790835Can we discus Dollar movie theaters?: And why they are so awesome![View]
94791150any single father and daughter kino?[View]
94791320When will Marvel finally make an Elemental Hero Bubbleman flick?[View]
94790372Well /tv/, how high was it?[View]
94786139What's next for Mary Elizabeth Winstead ?[View]
94770198/bb/ Celebrity Big Brother: HOH: Omarosa Veto: TBD Nominations: TBD previously on /bb/ >>94744…[View]
94791037What are some movies about lying?[View]
94790004This video was taken in a South African theater after a screening of Black Panther. https://vimeo.co…[View]
94789800Why is Glenn playing a preppy, suburban teacher in this trash? Hasn't he realized he's hop…[View]
94790784Monsturd is the greatest movie ever: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O26CWmjERkM[View]
94790800>the year is 2018, a huge wealth of knowledge about hand to hand combat and its effectiveness exi…[View]
9478370310 seconds to come up with an insult better than China man or I shoot[View]
94790499ITT: “Oh yeah. That exists.”[View]
94789420Blak Panther Review: https://youtu.be/athPwBGYVOo?t=30[View]
94785066>People love Killmonger more than T'Challa I'm white and loved him more…[View]
94790709Keep tracking[View]
94788242Miss me yet?[View]
94789825>Atheists BTFO[View]
94790397God-tier movies with shit-tier sequels I'll start off: Speed Speed 2: Cruise Control[View]
94789174This film was beautiful, lets take a break from capeshit and lets have a Kurosawa thread[View]
94790211Finally got around to watching this. What did /tv/ think? Being even slightly familiar with the stor…[View]
94784285/who/ - Doctor Who General: She likes last piece: >>94770481[View]
94790353>character trying to talk to a police officer after he just arrested some people >'listen, I…[View]
94788739Hi Karen[View]
94787199awful. Gibson can't direct for shit.[View]
94790164Battle Royale: Was it キノ?[View]
94790293Name your top 5 live-action shows and your top 5 animated shows. Next your combine those into a top …[View]
94790241Who's ready for next years playmobli movie?[View]
94789762Why did it fail? What did this wrong that Noah later on did right?[View]
94789827Started watching Chris Rock's new routine on Netflix Is it possible for black comedians to tal…[View]
94789328Did Ridley fund Tony's movies out of brotherly love? Because after Top Gun almost everything is…[View]
94790005Do Americans not believe in the freedom of separation of politics and art?[View]
94789986What was this guy's name again?[View]
94789955Make a porn parody title from a movie Interrape with the Vampervert[View]
94775902This film gave me autism: What are some more ' Dood le epic nerd culture 4 life maymay! xD!' movies?…[View]
94787740Any other actors that need a beard to not look hideous?[View]
94785210Why did the black community forget about him?[View]
94789438Is it worth subscribing for this? what about the east side dave show?[View]
94785318Why do people on /tv/ praise this shit? What was it even about? It holds a fucking 5 out 10 kek.[View]
94789527>become woman >get bad[View]
94789754Rogue Kino[View]
94789311Movies that did not deserve Best Picture nominations[View]
94788398Name a more iconic animated show. I'll wait.[View]
94789803Is it worth getting this on UHD? I know it was shot in 2.4k but that doesn't matter. Not intere…[View]
94787865What are some good movies made or set in Brazil? I want only the best movie suggestions, no memes[View]
94789761You wouldn't believe what's in this kiester.[View]
94789737>Don't cry for me, I'm already dead.[View]
94788701I swear I am going to kill all of you fucking faggots for coming here and talking about the movie wh…[View]
94789496What are some movies about betrayal?[View]
94777008You're going to see Jennifer Lawrence's new movie Red Sparrow now aren't you?[View]
94782048Hispanic and Asian superhero movie when?[View]
94786978Why is the RT score for this kino so low? Was it 'cause of Gibson's personal life?[View]
94787873WOW Padme looks like THAT[View]
94789603Chicks got an ass like an onion. Makes you wanna cry.[View]
94789425Name a better adventure movie[View]
94789547How many masterpieces do you have to make before you can just start putting random continuity discre…[View]
94786483Post your screenshots.[View]
94789626What if, for de sake of awgument, people just wanted to go fishing?[View]
94788283If you don't like Temple of Doom you're a fucking retard[View]
94787295>character travels back in time >if you kill even a bug it could change the future drastically…[View]
94784298“Aren’t I funny guys? Watch my show to enjoy another hour of Trump jokes!”[View]
94789309>Criterion let Armond White write an essay on their release of Kurosasa's Hidden Fortress ht…[View]
94787736ITT: Forced shitty characters that serve no purpose[View]
94789138Are there any good movies about crippling alcoholism?[View]
94789441What's your favorite documentary? Hard mode: No Idiocracy[View]
94785915Doctor Pavel,[View]
94787917Why is it so hard for Hollywood to take legitimate criticism these days. Even the guys who made Drag…[View]
94787652Why is reylo general allowed to exist?[View]
94785451What movie glasses would you wear?[View]
94784402Is 'Everything Sucks' the most groundbreaking and innovative Netflix series yet? It's about a b…[View]
94784483Why don't europoors make good movies anymore?[View]
94788986Cover Versions trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SvkGNDQAJOE Thoughts on this /tv/ looks like …[View]
94787121Utterly Cool Villains: i'll start, one of the coolest i've ever seen[View]
94788891How come Jerry Seinfeld from Seinfeld had a Barack Obama picture on his appartement? the show was ru…[View]
94788616la creatura....[View]
94783454ITT: Americana kino: Pic related[View]
94788972Scifi general: Your favorite scifi-movies /tv/, post 'em, discuss 'em[View]
94788451THX>American graffiti>Star Wars>Prequels[View]
94789047>'A Netflix Original Series'[View]
94789116What's a good horror movie to watch specifically today? The Ritual was kind of boring and not r…[View]
94789061What is it with the fucking shilling for capeshit lately? We can't even talk about normal movie…[View]
94788781Can DCucks ever recover?[View]
94787977Why didn't they just throw eagles into Mount Doom?[View]
94788907>A zombie movie >The opening credits have a newscast voice-over detailing the outbreak…[View]
94782033Why doesn't /tv/ like Malick anymore?[View]
94788501>that the North Americas with tease >In their ships with painted sails >To the east Africa …[View]
94787780Was it offensives towards people with allergies[View]
94788036MCU villains ranking: >1. Klaw >2. Vulture >3. Loki >4. Zemo/Killmonger >5. Ego >6…[View]
94788539Why didn't the fellowship simply depart with multiple boxes one of which contained the ring? It…[View]
94786204Godfather III: Why do people say this was the worst one when its the best one. I just watched them a…[View]
94786869redpilled movies: too many cuck leftist trash out these days. post redpilled right wing movies.…[View]
94782565Buy me things.[View]
94788717Just marathoned this kino. Did they love each other?[View]
94788663'women were made to be conquered' Is he finally finished?[View]
94788644HISTORY - the movie: Is there any movie that relies on previous events more than this movie? Has to …[View]
94785197Black Panther: Shuri is love, Shuri is life. Best girl.[View]
94786464Any movies out there based on classical liberal values?[View]
94787163no can do[View]
94784577Now that Black-centric movies are making a comeback, who the fuck is ready for a Space Jam 2?[View]
94785635Who was in the wrong here?[View]
94788545What are some kino /ck/ films?[View]
94788470>I believe I knew your mother, son.[View]
94788294OH NO NO NO NO NO[View]
94788507Please watch my video if you haven't yet: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IGaNYTN2hvQ…[View]
94788449Has anyone here watched this Capoeira kino? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ghmo7_5A8U8[View]
94788388Apology for poor Latin When where you when Lucio is die I was sat at home drinking capitoline frater…[View]
94782628for shame, /pol/[View]
94787876ITT: Fan-made posters and trailers that were better than the real thing[View]
94784547What the fuck was his problem?[View]
94787904>i'm da jokah baby Show me a more nuanced and perfect portrayal of the character.…[View]
94786530Themes that became more popular than their respective films/shows: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e…[View]
94787830Waco: >It's a David dindu nuffin while Steve continues livin' the cuck lyfe episode …[View]
94782553I just watched Hard Boiled and I have two questions: 1. What is your favorite John Woo flick? 2. Why…[View]
94788145You bastards did this to him.[View]
94786943How many Porthos died to make ENT ? More seriously, don't you think ENT is the most wasted pote…[View]
94772013>It's a truman gets drunk and starts watching Hitler speeches on youtube episode…[View]
94787726What was meant by this?[View]
94786361Who was using whom here?[View]
94787890I HATE YOOOOU[View]
94785633Yeah, I'm thinking he's back[View]
94783889What happened to her career?[View]
94787919Actual genocides: the Holodomor, the holocaust, Armenian genocide, Cambodian genocide, Rwandan genoc…[View]
94787106>make 10/10 villain >kill him what the fuck?…[View]
94787851Is this the most hype scene in cinema? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oJbOLMvKk1E[View]
94787820>His ex-wife died of stretch marks[View]
94763612Lupita Nyong'o Got In Shape for 'Black Panther' She's a real Pro: >Training to star in …[View]
94787716Am I the only one that despises these fucking 'animation channels'. They're so bland and unorig…[View]
94787693'They eat ash'[View]
94785896This is my first Haneke and so far I'm enjoying it. What about the rest of his filmography?[View]
94786073What does /tv/ think of Interview with the Vampire?[View]
94785623What's the deal with these? Seriously, what's going on?[View]
94787259So, this was just a nearly-2-hours-long pisstake at creationism?[View]
94786124BvS >JL[View]
94787442>you remember rimjob Tommy? >the kid was great >he'd make your shitter clean as a frea…[View]
94785123>turns your kino into a lowbrow comedy[View]
94774677>Sardonicast gets launched >Has such film buffs as Ralph Sepe, Adam from YMS >Oh and this f…[View]
94723341/lbg/: Letterboxd thread: post profiles and discuss what you have recently watched QOTD: Recommend a…[View]
94786829What are some imperial japan kinos?[View]
94783422How is this man not yet in jail?[View]
94787362I tried watching this movie twice but I keep on stopping when the Goose dies. Is there any film simi…[View]
94786391Are black people too stupid to realize how racist this movie is?: So many spears and wild animals? H…[View]
94786036How the fuck was this nominated for Best Picture?[View]
94787270>And The Mercy Seat Is Waiting >And I Think My Head is Burning…[View]
94784004*surpasses RLM*[View]
94782886>Antz >A Bug's Life >Ant Bully >Bee Movie How come there has yet to be a movie abou…[View]
94787246What was the best Ninja Turtles cartoon and why was it pic related?[View]
94783481Blade Runner 2049: >They're gonna hunt me for the rest of my life >No, you died here. You…[View]
94780667what are some good movies about Ireland? preferably works of fiction but documentaries and the like …[View]
94785971>movie is named Mad Max >isn't actually about Max, but some stronk bald slut…[View]
94786487>scenes that made you disgusted enough to turn the movie off[View]
94785086They gone up the ventilation shaft.[View]
94786929>if you dislike our movie you're a racist sexist >going to see our movies is revolutionar…[View]
94785193Are there any more comfy horror films like The Ritual or The Witch?[View]
94786340*record scratch* *freeze frame* Yup, that's me. You're probably wondering how I ended up i…[View]
94786615What is some essential Van Damme kino?[View]
94772152Why is CGI getting worse?[View]
94786701>'How do you do, ma'am, I'm Special Agent Manheim, this is Agent Nigger, FBI. Had a few…[View]
94786783Doctor Who is Real: I'm an avid Doctor Who fan and a couple minutes ago, I found a bunch of evi…[View]
94779093Ghost Adventures Thread: Season 6 of Ghost Adventures is playing right now join the room if you wish…[View]
94784730Opinions on the Stuckmann?[View]
94786666Do you think Rob Ager's 'The Shining' analysis has some legitimacy: Or is it just more Kubricki…[View]
94783384I’m gonna go get home he paper get the paper[View]
94784321/who/ - Doctor Who General: /who/ ranks Who 2018 edition. Outranked: >>94770481[View]
94785512Seinfeld: I've started watching Seinfeld and I desperately want a Jewish wife like Elaine now. …[View]
94783932MY STRAW REACHES[View]
94784160ITT: Pleb stories Times you've interacted with genuine plebs[View]
94785176>Wake up in the morning feeling like P Diddy[View]
94784993What kinda van do you own /tv/?[View]
94780119what did this film have to say?[View]
94786215Never seen a discussion on this show on /tv/. I want to see a season 2[View]
94770656ITT: Post a song, others recommend a film based on it.[View]
94785452That's a big hat[View]
94781051>Buffy an Angel still holding hands 20 years later I love this so much[View]
94783235How do you describe this series in one word?[View]
94786049The unJUSTables: >I'm putting together a team There was an idea, when all the Hollywood movi…[View]
94785462You only gon' give me one lil' eggroll?[View]
94784645“4 minutes for a cup of coffee?”[View]
94783863If people can't afford to see Black Panther, shouldn't we be giving them food or clothes i…[View]
94784956>You're the alien[View]
94779567What does /tv/ think of movie posters in one's home? Is it nu-male tier?[View]
94785858>jews are all short and weak >germans are all alpha chads hmmm…[View]
94782957How can she get away with it?[View]
94785135SJW Oscars 2018: Watch my movie or die cis scum facist[View]
94785636Carmela can you please shut the doooor[View]
94784559i'm in love with her[View]
94784557Why is everyone in this show such a huge piece of shit? Is this was criminals are actually like? Jes…[View]
94785517Am I supposed to buy that a Swedish death cult is located one day away from the king's path, on…[View]
94784691BLACK PANTHER Sequel Villains: Who should they use? >M'Baku going full Man-Ape. >Nakia go…[View]
94782478I informed my parents that the 'I'm walking here!' line is from Midnight Cowboy and not Taxi Dr…[View]
94783489How would this scene be received in a Crocodile Dundee remake?[View]
94785516>I'm going home >Over Georgia[View]
94784731Farscape?: So /tv/, whats the general opinion of Farscape (1999-2003, 2005) >Honestly alien show …[View]
94776901With the success Black Panther was what would you like to see next from Lupita Nyong'o?[View]
94782908How did it stay in one piece?[View]
94785033what do you get if you guzzle down sweets?[View]
94783164What do you guys think of my film that i created for my film course? I think its pretty okay. https:…[View]
94783737Name a more based scene in history of film https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9rcIJIWqYmo[View]
94785150did Napoleon really shoot infinity wolverines in the arctic? or was he just talking big?[View]
94783486>high school movie takes place in 2011 >PARTY ROCKERS IN THE HOUSE TONIGHT…[View]
94785161European Cinema: If only we could bring back the golden days of European KINO...[View]
94785118Who was in the wrong here?[View]
94785111Year of the Spoony: Looks like Noah's finally starting to write fresh material, new video when?…[View]
94783591Here you go, Son[View]
94782762Did anyone else found this movie to be mediocre? The characters are so over the top that you can…[View]
94785084>The 'another broken white boy for me to fix' line was referring to Bucky KINO…[View]
94768233why is nobody talking about this ?[View]
94785052A SITH LORD? Are you sure?[View]
94782729Why are they so popular?[View]
94783961Is this considered kino? Just watched it for the first time. Pretty solid movie. Slow start but damn…[View]
94782626What are some films/movies about sociopaths? And i don't mean murderous ones, but actual career…[View]
94784890Why is Hollywood so traumatic? It seems like all long-time actors always end up coked up, depressed …[View]
94783750ITT: TV binge recommendations: Just finished all of Peaky Blinders and Black Sails and loved both. L…[View]
94782812absolute degeneracy[View]
94784492films about a dude trying to get his school crush[View]
94782514How do you go from arguably the greatest American actor to... this?[View]
94783804was it rape?[View]
94784684WATCH ME JACK OFF[View]
94784053What TV series has had the most impact on you and how? For me, it's the Blue Planet 2. The best…[View]
94783447why did he delete his forums?[View]
94784459>hurr durr y no lovecraftian film More importantly, why no Junji Ito film? His work is pure kino …[View]
94781934Who is better? I prefer Eastwood. His movies feel a bit more challenging to the viewer and elicit mo…[View]
94780269ITT: Characters that are literally you: pic related[View]
94784598Tamara's NEVER Seen: a fucking salad[View]
94784560It took me way to long to see this. It's quite good, I really like it. But am I autistic or was…[View]
94770481/who/ - Doctor Who General: Fankino edition. Folded up and put away: >>94760051[View]
94772891Black Panther quickie. My thouhgts exactly https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=urBtAEObqoQ[View]
94784415>IM THIRSTY! Who was in the wrong here?[View]
94781779ryan gosling is ugly[View]
94784073We WATCH movies and television We LISTEN to radio and music But why isn't there any media that …[View]
94784389You can't make capeshit when there's no capes[View]
94784133Spy kids 2!: Now that the dust has finally settled, what do we think?[View]
94783296>Comedy relies on actors lazily ad libbing the jokes instead of the jokes being carefully constru…[View]
94782897>tfw when you realise fight club is feminist propaganda. Any other films to be weary of?…[View]
94775805>we need Eva Green but younger >I've got you Why isn't she an A-lister yet? she is a…[View]
94783873>film starts with a quote[View]
94784184Is there a murder in your film?[View]
94784148>You've done a mans job sir[View]
94782404They stole the movie.[View]
94783258Weakest Link: Did anyone else wanna hate fuck this bitch so bad?[View]
94783827>Let’s make a show about nerds. >Except they all have GF’s and do normie stuff.…[View]
94784090Movies where the villain redeems himself?[View]
94773493Were you satisfied with the Red John reveal?[View]
94784013What are by far the best comfy outdoor/survivalist-type flicks lads Hard mode no The Grey[View]
94783076is this a joke?[View]
94773701ITT: movies that only you like[View]
94781715I liked this movie[View]
94777638What are Jodelle Ferlands best works?[View]
94783743>you let the refugees in, you let their problem in holy fuck was that guy secretly red pilled?…[View]
94783633holy shit[View]
94782412ITT: awful movies that got remade but the remake was awful too[View]
94774524*saves film as an art form*[View]
94782835Opinions on this channel?[View]
94780599>you will never hang out with Colbert and discuss Tolkienology Feels bad man https://m.youtube.co…[View]
94783465>Let me show you my dark side, anon How du respond?[View]
94783216Should I lower my expectations ?[View]
94782753Has anyone else watched this documentary kino? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4zhMlFOyZvQ[View]
94783365Gentlemen, I’ve just returned from a meeting...With General Mattis[View]
94783475This was surprisingly good.[View]
94783594Was it vore?[View]
94783589/horror/ general: What are some good underrated horror movies, /tv/? I know it's not halloween …[View]
94783105Are there any comfy interviews like this?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-_A4pqo5WE8[View]
94761051ITT: Unsettling scenes[View]
94783183They actually said whiteboi in the movie[View]
94783165Will you say something you fucking robot[View]
94780275NML: Norm bros how are you guys spending your time now that all the episodes are gone?[View]
94781104>1995 was 30 years ago: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bG0ubyDFP_Y[View]
94781769I'm a simple man I see Clint Eastwood in the credits, I watch it.[View]
94760642what went wrong?[View]
94782238/ourguys/ thread: Starting with the obvious[View]
94780102Now that the dust has settled, what do we think of Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri?[View]
94783315Did she go too far?[View]
94779510What's the best film this century: and why is it The Master?[View]
94783292Should I buy Criterion Collection Solaris or the normal one?[View]
94783289Best horror movie of the 21st Century: Just saw itf or the first time last night[View]
94783286* 6 days until Mutekio[View]
94781992>it's the size of Arizona, Madam President[View]
94782323This movie and The Post prove that movies with female leads just aren't as interesting and rela…[View]
94783211Black Panther: T'Challa: Just watched the movie and wow, I can't think of the last time th…[View]
94783203This might be the most bro-intellectual movie ever. Fight Club has officially been ousted.[View]
94778132>If you have a black son you gotta punch him in the face What did he mean by that?…[View]
94783170>at kinoplex >go see movie >this image appears during opening credits >look like I…[View]
94783163Is this the greatest trailer ever made?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lB95KLmpLR4 This was just s…[View]
94783151It's dropped: And it's basically what we all expected https://youtu.be/urBtAEObqoQ[View]
94776820/trek/: S I P P I N G Kanar with Damar edition[View]
94781011Never watched anything by Lynch, this looks interesting but confusing as fuck, I literally can'…[View]
94780827Gotham Season 4: What is /tv/ thought's on Gotham. Is it bad? Is it good? Any predictions for t…[View]
94783114How come movies aren't funny anymore?[View]
94782754is there a more claustrophobic movie than Dunkirk: fuck christopher nolan, this movie sucked.[View]
94780227Saturday night, anon! Going to watch Black Panther? Haha, well, whatever you and your gf watch, wha…[View]
94782646Did you guys go see Black Panther? It didn't go so well for me: >Go see black panther alone …[View]
94781330> bud is 43 years old[View]
94781068someone explain this shit to me[View]
94782914It's pretty much as we feared. https://youtu.be/BlTNgVJqnfY[View]
94782836Comfy early-morning Millionaire thread: How can anyone be this fucking retarded?[View]
94782898just saw this on blu-ray.com[View]
94780600was it autism?[View]
94782848Recommend me some movies where main character gets justed[View]
94782388show me your cunt[View]
94778536>Harvey goes down >can't get roles so quits acting…[View]
94782697>says he's going to review Black Panther >instead spends two minutes complaining about a …[View]
94782676If Superman was dead why was there dirt rising off his coffin at the end of BvS?[View]
94772339Will it be kino?[View]
94772469I dont get it[View]
94782681Justice League: Seriously, guys, what is this shit? Even BvS was better than this. More quips, less …[View]
94782520>literally seconds away from destroying the planet of a fucking race of violent assholes that alm…[View]
94782559>this. needs. to. be. made. now. who female lead? who male lead?[View]
94780037why was this allowed?[View]
94780043Black Panther discussion thread: What did you think?[View]
94780355>Hero: Doesn't consider black people as his own, loyal to his nation and doesnt want black p…[View]
94782338ITT: So-called “villains” who did literally nothing wrong[View]
94782497What are the best movies about fake Jewish camps?[View]
94774740Why didn’t Dee Dee have any hips?[View]
94765975I CAN'T WAIT FOR EPISODE 9!!![View]
94782214What does /tv/ think of Moulin Rouge?[View]
94782427year round blockbusters: >Black Panther >A Wrinkle in Time >Tomb Raider >Pacific Rim Upr…[View]
94780531He was the killer, right? That's why he looked at the camera?[View]
94779592what do you think her underwear smelled like?[View]
94782158So this is gonna win Best Pic Oscar? It's ok, sure, it has many SJW themes, but it has a strong…[View]
94778731Constantine: Does this movie actually qualify as capeshit? I hardly ever see this movie talked about…[View]
94782003wait they did a Plinket Ghostbusters review how did i miss this shit? i just randomly saw it on the …[View]
94779521what is best in life?[View]
94781342Anybody else dropping netflix? Pic unrelated[View]
94781000this is literally COMFY: the movie[View]
94782198ITT: If Disney got the rights to Game of Thrones: >'I am Jon Snow, Lord Commander of the Night…[View]
94772739>'It's just the same things over and over. It's bad when I'm not smarter than the …[View]
94778135Fuck you! I thought she was good enough[View]
94781885Why do (((progressives))) have to ruin everything? Always shoehorning black people into everything (…[View]
94781147Favorite Stephen king movies[View]
94777736Are capeshit movies getting shittier or am I just growing up?: I can watch spiderman 1, 2, Ironman 1…[View]
94776124>first black superheroe in a movie Why are they lying? Do they know the way?…[View]
94781973I know this is just a spoof, aka, a gag, a wazoo, a funny-hahaha... but my bean is on fire just thin…[View]
94781201>career destroyed by a single role Any other examples?[View]
94781819What are some kinos about a television and film discussion board being blown the fuck out?[View]
94781941What are some movies about Olympic athletes are really like IRL?[View]
94780751>Luke, This is your father's lightsaber I looted it from his still dying corpse while he was…[View]
94758168IT'S OUT https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ILZ7Oy3gM5U[View]
94778263This movie was shit[View]
94778706And that's a good thing.[View]
94779652>see an actor on the cast >immediately watch it because I know it's going to be kino what…[View]
94775989So what's up with this guy? He's a crazy person, right?[View]
94781530CHARACTERS WHO DID EVERYTHING WRONG: >read the book >watch the bbc series >'m-m-muh love' g…[View]
94776636What did Harry mean by this?[View]
94781498actually worth a watch or is it just proto-HBO tits and ass?[View]
94781640I am done with nu-Wars. I was almost ready to give Disney the benefit of the doubt that they were go…[View]
94781160unironically what do people like about these movies? please explain[View]
94778106Hi Steven this is Clem Fandango. Can you hear me?[View]
94780832Movies that are still not out on BluRay: <-[View]
94781571Who will play him in the inevitable biopic? There's already one where he's played by a jew…[View]
94781173Jar Jar appreciation thread[View]
94781006Where is this 'box office' located?[View]
94781251>Last nine seasons SOMEHOW while your favourite experimental or sci-fi show got cancelled after T…[View]
94781470>'90s movie >AH AHH AAAHHH! starts playing…[View]
94774349Who is the best Black Panther character?: For me ...it's M'Baku!![View]
94780597Let's write a letter to Zack Snyder to show hoe much we appreciate his work, one letter at time…[View]
94762089ITT: stupid man's smart person[View]
94781339this was kino. now iam finally become patrian.[View]
94775634So much bad acting...[View]
94781190The Ruination Sensei: >killed Nu Trek >murdered the Alien Franchise >absolutely crushed Bra…[View]
94776135why don't they make any good buddy cop flicks anymore?[View]
94776815Who was the best gang and why was it the basaball furies?[View]
94778769NOT THE BEES[View]
94779476post capeshit waifu[View]
94779699What are some other good and expansive monster-hunting and occult-dealing shows[View]
94780871Antz>Bug's Life: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EnULSmNbCuo @2:25 >Why don't we jus…[View]
94780390>Its a Hal episode[View]
94775326Is this the move that finishes off Netflix?[View]
94780225Will they ever find anything?[View]
94768250Netflix's The Witcher: Since every other thread on /tv/ is shit right now, let's have our …[View]
94780379Seagal vs Tyson: Is this peak kino? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0vKnkwpbGzI[View]
94780657Why does it hurt so much? Will there ever be a better sci-fi in our lifetime?[View]
94779215who was in the wrong here?[View]
94774590>Director: Paul Dano >Stars: Jake Gyllenhaal Is this gonna be kino?…[View]
94780469Why was this kino hated so much when it came out? And why is it suddenly being praised?[View]
94779274Who is best MCU and why is it Shuri?[View]
94776317So in civil war, Wakanda was a pretty believable place by marvel's universe standards. They onl…[View]
94780375Have you seen Maisie Williams' new movie?[View]
94776369>Former A list actors who will never star in a good movie ever again[View]
94780353How can modern movies even compete?[View]
94780264Disney is really getting desperate with the Chinese pandering[View]
94778601All in all: pretty comfy![View]
94780276Movies where the MC misses his last chance at love because his bitch of a manager decided to not mak…[View]
94779103>girl in tv commercial is doing sports >Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better starts playing…[View]
94777377a much needed upgrade[View]
94779896this was actually pretty good[View]
94776260>Storing dead niggers ain't my fuckin' business Jesus Christ[View]
94780153Is this profound kino on the same level as the works of Fritz Lang or Fassbinder?[View]
94777917Psych movie: the movie was actually pretty great, way better than the horrible last season. Except f…[View]
94780111Name a character that got more beatings[View]
94780101FFIV: Cast them for a movie/TV series.[View]
94780007> I'm so excited for: le break the 4th wall man[View]
94780072'Hey Sal, go tell that guy he looks like he browses /tv/!' How did they get away with this one?[View]
94779249le monde du silence: >'hey a group of sperm whales let's check them out' >'ruh roh looks …[View]
94779929Phantom Thread: Just saw this the other day so demand that /tv/ talks about it. Best rom-com of all …[View]
94779462Le who are you talking to right now?[View]
94779745For me? It's Colin Quinn![View]
94779317Michael B. Jordan appreciation thread: For his character and acting being the only bearable part of …[View]
94777183Imagine being born wealthy and remaining wealthy for the rest of your life, what would you do with y…[View]
94779907Join us for Blaxploitation History Night weebcrew.moe[View]
94778120>it's a hurley episode[View]
94776724>final shot is a closeup on the main character's (crying) face as they're driving away…[View]
94778630Why doesn't anybody talk about this underrated kino?[View]
94778559>watching series >can't read threads because spoilers >finish series >don't re…[View]
94779386Just saw this underappreciated kino.: Pretty based[View]
94779374JJ Abrams Learns Nothing From The Last Jedi: What's wrong with you Last Jedi haters? Why do you…[View]
94777476Lady Bird: If you want to know, how women feel watching BR2049, watch this movie.[View]
94775421ITT: Movie ideas based on the autistic self-insert fantasies you have before going to sleep Don…[View]
94773585Science fiction knows the future is female, why doesn't /tv/?[View]
94779501What are some other television shows with this aesthetic[View]
94772452The true hero of Black Sails: I'm just entering the fourth and final season. Does it hold up un…[View]
94779475Is this the least consistent show of all time? There are a few episodes that are incredible and then…[View]
94771054>American's can't into humo-[View]
94778946I absolutely need to watch a movie today but can't decide which one of these 4 I should watch. …[View]
94778876Roman.J.Israel.Esq.: why did they make denzel washington eat something in every second scene? whats …[View]
94777312Is it worth watching? What quality TV show can you compare it to?[View]
94778586Anyone watched Welsh noir?[View]
94754653Books >8 - 20 hours of content exploring backgrounds of main characters, their motivations and th…[View]
94778613Any more kino like this?[View]
94773322Thoughts on her performance as Anne Frank?[View]
94778827Why do they need a host why don't they just lay eggs? How does Darwinism explain this?[View]
94778655wtf is this who greenlight this mess[View]
94778989He killed thousands....[View]
94778258Was The Net with Sandra Bullock the most prophetic movie ever made?[View]
94778921>Iceberg, right ahead! >Thank you[View]
94777151Best Punisher.[View]
94778863There is no original kino on youtu- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JL6OtxyZCOw[View]
94778599ITT: pleb filters/kino/films that are above fa/tv/irgins[View]
94778814Reminder that this cutie could have played Toni, instead of that whore Vanessa Morgan. https://vimeo…[View]
94778734Modern Seinfeld: Kramer goes to see the Black Panther movie[View]
94775814ITT: Characters that did nothing wrong[View]
94776887wtf was her problem?[View]
94776129>I must break you.[View]
94778465What was the poster in Killmonger's apartment?: Does anyone remember the poster in Killmonger…[View]
94778480What does /tv/ think of this Goddess?[View]
94778278>We will never return to cinema pre-capeshit era It hurts[View]
94774021Name one (1) show that’s more kino that this[View]
94757347>blocks your stargate[View]
94778503what are some good code words to yell out when someone is approaching ?[View]
94769346Why don't you like Jurassic World /tv/?[View]
94777253Post your buddy-cop kino[View]
94778382what's wrong with 'just turn your brain off'? its the only way i can enjoy movies now[View]
94778212Pitching Shows to Netflix: Do any of you Kinologists have experience with pitching a show directly t…[View]
94778335What new must see TV series should I get into? Ive seen a lot, just finished the last season of Peak…[View]
94777728Post Operatorkino[View]
94777952>why did he kiss his head? i don't get it, weren't they just enemies? this is dumb…[View]
94777581How come Jerry Seinfeld from Seinfeld had a Barack Obama picture on his appartement? the show was ru…[View]
94771915Who was the most and who was the least successful of the 4?[View]
94776885>Based on a true story >Is actually completely made up and illogical…[View]
94777685Can we agree that Jimmy was in the wrong here? He had no right to break up Billy's fucking part…[View]
94776511I need help thinking of a movie I saw years ago. Had the aesthetic of pic related, probably was set …[View]
94772042China man[View]
94764396>Sopranos is a well made sho-[View]
94777594did the guy who lit homeless people on fire survive the attack?[View]
94777700There are many deductions in the tax code, Bilbo, and none of them should be used lightly.[View]
94775275Is this truly the greatest movie of all time?[View]
94769424/tv/ btfo yet again[View]
94778090>/tv/ loved this >watch it >it's NTR Never again…[View]
94778078Is this the worst remake ever made?[View]
94778075ITT: Horror movie scenes that genuinely scared you[View]
94777994>film ends >audiance starts calpping[View]
94767700>'Lupita Nyong'o shows up with a white date (Jared Leto) at the Black Panther premiere and c…[View]
94777558Peep Show: Sounds like you were raped to me, Mark, classic case. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7U…[View]
94777906Why do people still think Powrer Rangers 2 will happen before Ghostbusters 2? http://www.syfy.com/sy…[View]
94776398Who would win in the oppression Olympics?[View]
94777873Will Beetlejuice Goes Hawaiian be good?[View]
94777860Sopranos: >and BABIES what did he mean by this?[View]
94777787>Utah chases Bodie after a robbery >has a clean shot >instead empties his clip into the fuc…[View]
94777663reminder that we still fucking /LITTY/!![View]
947767502018 Movies: 2018 might be the best year for cinema yet[View]
94777216romantic movies: Just done watching all of the Harry Potter movies for the first time. I was always …[View]
94772982Now that the sun has settled, who is the best SW actress in the resent sequels?[View]
94777013Not sure if this has ever been discussed, but would this have been as huge if Schwarzenegger didn’t …[View]
94777646First Er ist wieder da and now Sono Tornato. Are you ready for more fascist kino? https://www.youtub…[View]
94774572Star Wars needs to die.: I think Disney was right about Star Wars, but not in the way they thought t…[View]
94777111Pointless Character: What a pointless character.[View]
94764546cast her[View]
94777082post dead careers[View]
94777356good action flicks: What are some good action movies for someone who does not think too deeply on mo…[View]
94777545REGGIE LARDOO[View]
94774647>actually diverse cast >critics hate it Why do ''''critics''' hate punk rock aesthetic Superh…[View]
94776130Yo /tv, im looking for a Movie i've seen some Time ago on Television and can't find it any…[View]
94777486Jennifer Aniston new MAN: It's been reported that Jennifer Aniston likes younger HOT men. Latel…[View]
94771207>empire is strongest force in galaxy >rebels destroy 2 Death Star >empire is supposedly d…[View]
94777283Honest question: What was the point of this within the story? It was visually pleasing, I admin, but…[View]
94777200Anyone else think it was really unprofessional for him to just shout out like that? He should know w…[View]
94777354A simple order 'Stay where you are'[View]
94775139Would this board even survive if the word 'reddit' were filtered?[View]
94776852Has anyone a[View]
94776533What is this movie about? It just seems like another beta male does alpha stuff to get with manic pi…[View]
94777162Is Emma Stone the best actress in the biz under 30? Is she going to become the most famous actress o…[View]
94774168Gum would be perfection[View]
94776960ITT: Scenes that would have turned a 5/10 flick into a 10/10 kino[View]
94776837Serious question - Are there any movies about Rhodesia?[View]
94775702ITT: Characters that are literally you[View]
94774411Was it ever explained why the Terminator had a German accent?[View]
94777011>saves horror genre[View]
94777081Gognitti ran. I made like Chow Yun Fat.[View]
94776344https://youtu.be/-GWf-DjTFuU Thoughts?[View]
94776766Anyone getting this?[View]
94777017*proves the moon landing was faked*[View]
94777044He wanted to be buried at sea, you see.[View]
94776698The movies are redditcore and not funny, the show is a million times funnier, debate me[View]
94771976>'I didn't go to film school, I went to films.' What did he mean by this?…[View]
94775370is this the best Batman movie?[View]
94769872/trek/ Star Trek General: Don't talk about it. Ignore 'it' posters. Stay strong. Previous >…[View]
94775016>free cinemax weekend >forced to watch the layover >realize daddario is not all that big wh…[View]
94773915George was never wrong about anything. debate me.[View]
94775690HANGIN' OUT[View]
94776427>tfw downloading some Clint Eastwood kinos to watch tonight[View]
94776715Is this capekino?[View]
94776285>'intelligent' horror film >instead of being actually scary its just a bunch of artsy metaphor…[View]
94776615nature docs less theatrical than planet earth: that show animals as they really are without excessiv…[View]
94773184ITT: Talentless hacks[View]
94776580Altered Carbon = 9/10: would have been perfect score had they included an incest scene between Reile…[View]
94776566Almost Famous: 'What...kind of beer? Is it a prerequisite to be devastated by a girl to fully apprec…[View]
94774745Favorite movie posters? Fanmade ones too![View]
94775821Could someone with autism be a good doctor?[View]
94776470Netflix for SEAniggers: Is there anything at all worth watching in this?[View]
94776149Hypothetically, if he killed himself, what would happen to Star Wars?: If he left a suicide note say…[View]
94775441Blue Zoe best Zoe![View]
94772866The new Chris Rock Netflix special is out. How does \tv/ feel about it?[View]
94775600You are friends with him on jewbook, right?[View]
94775151Dexter: What's the best season and why is it 5?[View]
94776467>stop! invulnerable child[View]
94769366Now this is an actress I can get behind[View]
94776089YO MCNUTTY[View]
94774075Any shows with a retarded, uninteresting, unfunny host but good guests?[View]
94768806>be leatherface >cutting up meat in the back room >hear some faggot break into my house …[View]
94770452>*teaches you nothing*[View]
94776274>yfw the movie is definitely a schock but can't be enjoyed at any level, ironic or unironic…[View]
94762211Are there any movies where main character goes from the biggest pop artist in the world, to a C-list…[View]
94774458is she the best example of an actress who didn't act, just was herself in front of the camera? …[View]
94775963what are some movies about eating tacos?[View]
94774211STARBUCK NOOOOOOOO: Why the fuck do they gotta make it weird?[View]
94766675>welcome, strongest avenger This movie was fun.[View]
94774385Why hasn't there been any /tv/ kino to replace Mad Men, The Young Pope, and The Knick now that …[View]
94775831>star wars 'a new hope' >chewie isn't viewed as being part of the 'trio' (leia, skywalker…[View]
94776008Why is the history of Wakanda not taught in school? It wasn't covered in any class from kinderg…[View]
94775876Post older actors who are still relevant with Gen Z Pic related[View]
94775975ITT: Absolutely kino opening scenes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DEH4vX9zXH4[View]
94766531Take a seat Marvel: >kek[View]
94775020>HAHA! PRAISE ALLAH! What did he mean by this?[View]
94775439/SC&P/: What makes every scene in Mad Men so calmly entertaining?[View]
94775734ITT: Scenes that really make you think: >I do not know what strength is in my blood, but I swear …[View]
94768478find a flaw[View]
94775226Is this true?[View]
94775697ITT: Interview Kino: https://youtu.be/ph-5cuJgVRs[View]
94774549Cuban Lexi Belle can't act.[View]
94775675Sauce Thread: Movies/shows you need sauce fore pic related, where is top pic from?[View]
94775593'You don't know who I am? You can't kill me. You don't know who I am? I'm Ivar t…[View]
94775673Bullydale: >she got bullied >again I love this show…[View]
94765977Can this be fixed?: Is there an explanation as why it was never used before despite FTL being around…[View]
94768376J-law taking year off to focus on politics: Another actress sliding into politics after consecutive …[View]
94775219>yfw they cast Jean Dujardin as James Bond absolutely basé[View]
94772006>character is supposed to be a 10/10 chad drowning in pussy juices >they cast THIS GUY what we…[View]
94774679Odyssey explodes[View]
94775533Post your Black Panther Squad!: Post your Black Panther Squad! pic related: Group photon of me and t…[View]
94774367Banquo, I’m King of Scotland[View]
94773696T'Challa my son, did I ever tell you about your uncle N'Jobu? My baby brother. He was in A…[View]
94773241What was the first non Hollywood movie you watched that you enjoyed? for me it was La Haine. I saw i…[View]
94768705>meeting with Ben Kenobi on Tattoine >'Goodbye Han, I hope we meet again in the near future' …[View]
94773293Why did they cast a man as Lara Croft?[View]
94774691Terminator: so lets settle this once and for all, which John Connor is King John? not as easy as you…[View]
94771274Take Me Out /tmo/: 5 minute warning[View]
94775447>The scene where Churchill travels on a London underground train and consults ordinary members of…[View]
94775292pure kino[View]
94773281It's Official, Black Panther is already the highest grossing film of ALL TIME!: >Disney and …[View]
94772757Why isn't there any good gay?: Moonlight and BBM are the only decent ones that come to mind, th…[View]
94774914How pathetic...[View]
94775230Whitney Cummings: Is she the funniest comedienne in Hollywood?[View]
94774703>wait whole film for something horrible to happen because its haneke >nothing that horrible ha…[View]
94772552It's not a meme. It's a movement[View]
94774817Kino movies people have been brainwashed into hating[View]
94773587We're not going to Church today.[View]
94775182I just might have to go see this movie.[View]
94775168What are some of the essential commercial kinos? https://youtube.com/watch?v=jgi2bAP_V4M[View]
94774974Was she right?[View]
94775118I'll stay[View]
94772116Of all the standalone Marvel film, why is Hulk the only one that didn't get a sequel?[View]
94774968/got/ General: /got/ is finally back on /tv/ again! And this time it’s finally allowed to stay.…[View]
94771705Disney's last hope for kino.[View]
94774959>we need an african general say no more my friend[View]
94772829based manson[View]
94774942>Sir, the new Star Wars movie is out in 6 months and we're out of ideas! Just paint a Storm …[View]
94774851Some one get this flyboy outta of here[View]
94773468>be dunstin >check in[View]
94773635Remember that time when a young Kevin Hart roasted the shit out of Jamie Fox on his own radio show a…[View]
94774322>you broke me, you fucking bitch[View]
94774707Horror Kino: Can we get a list going on of essential comfy horror kino, just saw Jacobs ladder and i…[View]
94774667What shows do you miss? I miss Dirty Jobs and The Soup.[View]
94774626>try to watch suspenseful horror movie >cry instead…[View]
94773507Is it ok to have a harem of waifus?[View]
94767481Young pope: Why did they leave behind the photo of Lenny when they left Vatican City?[View]
94774598>We Were Goodfellas, you know Wise guys, Goodfellas >Who was he? The Departed. what did Martin…[View]
94771503He's just like me...[View]
94772330hey guys lets fix Origins[View]
94773594>They're gonna hunt me for the rest of my life >No, you died here. You drowned. Uh, what?…[View]
94768866What happened to him?[View]
94774470Is this show as funny in Norway as it is here?[View]
94773192Dr. Pavel, I'm CIA[View]
94774392Post /ourguys/ in this thread.[View]
94774328>Asked directly if he would like to apologize for the slapping incident, Kim was coolly defiant. …[View]
94774334post a film, others recommend a song based on it[View]
94773108Why don't Black people claim this movie as a cultural milestone? It portrays a Black superhero …[View]
94774167If only you'd listened to him... All of this could have been prevented.[View]
94771776>I sure am glad I spent the best years of my life posting a picture of a frog saying stupid shit …[View]
94770524>B...but /tv/ told me liberals can't be funny![View]
94773018Is Star Wars Disney’s MCU? Just never ending cash grab movies with no real story, that basically ser…[View]
94774030Alternative titles thread: Cyborg Assassin[View]
94774123You want jew time? Do a jew crime. Daaaamn, HBO.[View]
94773752Will we ever get a Harry Potter tv show or film where the actors actually look like the characters? …[View]
94773419Quick, I need a movie to watch tonight.[View]
94774082Why is this series so much appreciated even after the downfall in season 3?[View]
94773877How did she get so powerful?: What dark secrets does she hold?[View]
94771278I like him.[View]
94773960ITT:kino interviews https://youtu.be/OBA6qlHW8po[View]
94773747Mommy Ventress: >Be an Assassin >have more military and tactical experience than Vice Admiral …[View]
94773379For me? It's Colin Quinn![View]
94766380What was peak Arnold kino?[View]
94772464>tfw life isn't a fun sitcom where everyone talks in witty jokes and goes on adventures ever…[View]
94773656Fucken based: Produces 'The night of' 3 years after he dies. How did he do it, bois?[View]
94773632Awkwaaaard *wink*[View]
94772939what part of wakanda y'all niggas from? detroit here[View]
94768555>1,035 days until Avatar 2[View]
94773595Please recommend some movies that are currently on Netflix. I'm having a weird day[View]
94773579This is a 21 year old British woman. Say something nice about her.[View]
94770739ITT: Villains who did NOTHING wrong.[View]
94773513SAY FUCKING SORRY!: It's time to say sorry you little shits. Like the ungrateful spoiled brats …[View]
94767646What is the most 'nothing' film you've ever seen? Not the worst (because at least bad movies st…[View]
94773503Is there anything more autistic-sounding in cinematic history than 'Witch King Angmar'?[View]
94773177Has anyone been in a full theater in the past decade? Like shoulder to shoulder, lines getting in, e…[View]
94772104Vita &Virginia: Is /tv/ looking forward to dykino?[View]
94772263Why hasn’t based Dilophosaurus been in another Jurassic Park movie?[View]
94771994six feet under: what are your thoughts on this show, /tv/?[View]
94772964Underrated movies you like: post'em[View]
94773264name 3.14 movies that aren't a circle: >character is running form something bad >they tri…[View]
94772169>Woke Black Panther is a revolutionary film that will change the world as long as you buy a ticke…[View]
94771860stop reading books[View]
94771838Why did no one call out Marvel for always trying their hardest to cat the fattest ugliest asians the…[View]
94773150>sniper puts scope on his gun >doesn't zero it in >proceeds to shoot perfectly straigh…[View]
94767681Solo: Really nigga? >it's an escape pod[View]
94753067Luke, did I ever tell you about your father? We tried to kill each other on a lava planet for upward…[View]
94772970Hell's Kitchen: Elise did nothing wrong.[View]
94770580I bring you love[View]
94772958>la creatura[View]
94772994Rob Schneider as Shuri in Black Panther. Everything else stays the same. Would you watch it dee vee?[View]
94768131Why does /tv/ hate MCU so much?: I just want to listen to your reasons. Why?[View]
94772929What other movies have scenes like this?: I just saw Saw 3 and was surprised at how well done this s…[View]
94771859>handsome men >sexy women >likeable characters >little to no politics >basically an A…[View]
94771308>early 2000's action movie trailer >linkin park starts playing >start to pretend I…[View]
94772865Are there any movies about Bigfoot?[View]
94770999What were their endgame?[View]
94772718ITT: movies that made you cry when you weren't expecting it[View]
94770950CAST IT: Cast them for the inevitable (cancelled) reboot. >make an actress get buff Or >make …[View]
94771730Season 3 was kind of shit. Does it get better again?[View]
94760974what's his name again?[View]
94770779Why do Americans find these guys do funny?[View]
94751896Is this season for entry-level plebs who think they have good taste and are inteligent?[View]
94772707He didn't do it 'just' to show up on Phil you fucking teenaged edgelord. God I hate you. Fuckin…[View]
94770096>character is mexican >mixes spanish words into sentences so you know he is latino Que pasa va…[View]
94772594Interested in Japanese shows / movies rn, what does /tv/ recommend? Already grabbed Sonatine, Auditi…[View]
94772682Ron Jeremy: What is some Ron Jeremy kino i should get into? Discuss the man[View]
94769647Do americans really do this?[View]
94770228Say what you want about Gal Gadot but you can't deny she is very expressive.[View]
94771461I thought he would be the next gen's Tom Cruise[View]
94764178He killed millions (by not killing the joker)[View]
94772323Just one more thing...[View]
94765810ITT : Bad capeshit CGI[View]
94772409Was this scene really necessary?[View]
94766901Name a better disaster movie[View]
94771063Why do theatre fags: find it so hard to accept film as art?[View]
94772307Boring, isn't it? Staying in and watching Peak Practice with your life.[View]
94763954For Whom the Bell Tolls?[View]
94766857There's a Kang in each of us: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-africa-43079341 So which are you?…[View]
94772199ITT: Setkino: Fuck greenscreens.[View]
94771670Steamkino: https://youtu.be/9Ea9FJqivkk[View]
94771895Takashi Miike does it again. Blade of the Immortal is Kino.: Any anons taking a break from capeshit …[View]
94760751*blocks your throne*[View]
94771717>Part X >Part Y >All Z…[View]
94770680Cargo: >In a desperate bid to outrun a violent pandemic, Andy and Kay have holed up on a houseboa…[View]
94766713aaaaand it's feminist propaganda https://youtu.be/YBpdL9hSac4[View]
94771843You know what they say... >classic guitar sound Everything is bigger in Texas…[View]
94771599/rlg/-Reylo™ General Thread but not a Timothée/CMBYN Thread?: >Fixed…[View]
94771384>something relating to new Star Wars movie comes out >immediately rush to /tv/ to shit on it s…[View]
94771607/tv/, Using my own natural physical strength, I have the capacity to shatter the metal manacles whic…[View]
94769017This is how TRUE diversity looks like[View]
94771399https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=urBtAEObqoQ&feature=push-u&attr_tag=JJPnjkiaym8qlsbO-6 >S…[View]
94769912*ruins your golf*[View]
94771666So we are all gonna watch miz and mizses right?[View]
94769770>The budget is 200m >Probably 100 to 200 m in marketing >Already made 122m worldwide Is /…[View]
94768693Will deep learning AI be used to make actors young again fämälämäzoids?[View]
94770430Will It ever be dethroned as the greatest horror movie ever?[View]
94771589>Man, Its so fuckin hard bein a black man >Man, we fuckin neeed bullies, man! dey make us bedd…[View]
94771552Best movie of the year! Can anyone explain what the fuck it was about bc I fell asleep.[View]
94769197The first Scooby Doo movie was great, really underrated kino.[View]
94771474firday knight why are you h[View]
94769886wtf /tv/ you told me QT was a hack, this shit is kino[View]
94771463Had to blow up the kitchen, Franny. It goes real well with this thing I'm imagining.[View]
94769943>sit down to watch nu-Star Wars >become a feminist…[View]
94769732How thicc is she?: Can she crush my head with her thighs? How is she going to stop a train if she…[View]
94771319Remember me?[View]
94755803>fictional African country that was never colonized >somehow the richest and most advanced na…[View]
94761631The.Female.Brain.2017.1080p.WEB-DL.DD5.1.H264-FGT: >The.Female.Brain.2017.1080p.WEB-DL.DD5.1.H264…[View]
94771199What are some examples of classic heroes being ruined by Jewish producers? Hard mode: Character can…[View]
94769917Mr. Robot is so contoversial, yet so brave.[View]
94767710Forget everything you knew about Millenium Falcon, the dent between the front part of the ship is no…[View]
94771061>I'll show you what we did to you rats back in the Reich Was this appropriate for a PG movie…[View]
94768327is this the most conservative sex scene in a movie ever?[View]
94768173what is best in life?[View]
94769909ITT: Your favourite TV moment: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=985Jq_1mrtc[View]
94768546>scifi movie >character explains timelines/parallel dimensions by drawing intersecting lines r…[View]
94770889>A coffin! That's what's down there, a coffin. I saw them carry it in. You'll find…[View]
94764324>watching a kino >sex scene starts >remember that i'm a 26 year old virgin Every time…[View]
94770382Is Imagination Movers kino?[View]
94770370Why did Elrond just let Isildur walk away with the ring?[View]
94766953Why did both critics and audiences hate this?: Not even meming, I seriously don't get why this …[View]
94770428Who will play him in the inevitable biopic? Hard mode: No Depp Nightmare mode: No Idris[View]
94770150Ah, the French champagne.[View]
94770155It's his birthday today. What ever happened to him?[View]
94770556Was it Vampire kino?[View]
94764106Why doesn't Hollywood create glamorous stars out of beautiful people anymore? Have they forgott…[View]
94770504>tfw you're a teacher in a girls-only school and it's axilla-inspection day any movies …[View]
94765878>mfw I spent hours watching horror movies (the ritual, the witch, etc) and now I need to walk thr…[View]
94758552this is just getting fucking pathetic.[View]
94764482>closes his eyes to shoot >call bullshit, and get pissed on such a cop-out ending >dwell on…[View]
94769466 Did he really choose this ugly terrorist monkey over his qt yandere sister? Is he really that fuck…[View]
94768476wtf was his problem[View]
94770434Walking dead: Reminder that TWD returns in approximately one week what do you expect?[View]
94767477why does CW keep delaying Riverdalekino?[View]
94770251Am I the only one that enjoyed this?[View]
94770252>Olympic games broadcast by eurosport >'I want it all' by Queen starts playing…[View]
94770341So Anakin kneels before Monster Mash and pledges his loyalty to the graveyard smash[View]
94760051/who/ - Doctor Who General: Mommy edition Prev: >>94741606[View]
94770237Is this the least consistent show of all time? There are a few episodes that are incredible and then…[View]
94768526Was this movie made just for the sole purpose to prove that white people are racist?[View]
94769208So I'm watching Friends for the first time ever. Am I weird or prudish for thinking it's r…[View]
94767264Was this, dare I say it, kino?[View]
94770075Would you be able to handle a roast?[View]
94765539Was it Blaxpotation?[View]
94768798Anyone else legitimately attracted to him? Post ur cutest adam pics.[View]
94768135Post unknown kino[View]
94755076Higher opening weekend than an Avengers movie.[View]
94761738>'Bury me in the ocean with my ancestors who jumped from ships, because they knew death was bette…[View]
94747686/trek/ star trek: Molly O'Brien? More like Lolly O'Brien, amirite? No S*Dposting Allowed E…[View]
94758490Did He just have the best death scene in any comic book movie ever? Yes, yes he did. His only compet…[View]
94769898>tell my sweetheart I love her >she loves me back Films for this feel?…[View]
94769885How do you go from this...[View]
94767434That's m' boiiiiii!!![View]
94769880Best Muppet. Fight me.[View]
94768536*breathes in*[View]
94769665Ay dios mío...[View]
94766518What's a film where it being in development hell or simply cancelled hurt most? Pic related.[View]
94762627Who knew black people had such good taste[View]
94765834Will Anfisa be ok? http://www.tmz.com/2018/02/15/90-day-fiance-star-jorge-nava-arrested-293-pounds-m…[View]
94769438what are good shows that are only 20mins long?[View]
94769134>God tier It's a Skinner Episode >Good tier It's a homer episode It's a side ch…[View]
94769501NOT THE BEES[View]
94766692>Wait, what did you just say? >No... before that…[View]
94765901Morty! Due to my scientific prowess I was able to alter the very nature of my self to resemble that …[View]
94767868What genre/personality would you say his acting is?[View]
94769483Well, this explains everything![View]
94765641>we need kino >say no more[View]
94769520Serious question; do femanons talk to their femanon friends about their partners? for example, how b…[View]
94769496No fucking way lmao Ryan Reynolds as Pikachu?!?!?! HOW?[View]
94756357ITT; Actors you didnt know were dead[View]
94769000This movie is unironically the Best capekino >dat cast >dat almost 100% smash mouth soundtrack…[View]
94769393This was great.[View]
94769338Assassination KINO, any suggestions for more movies like this?[View]
94767516Best Superman Kino coming through: Truly we live in the wrong timeline because this didn't happ…[View]
94769101What was his endgame?[View]
94766515What's your favorite musical performance in a film?[View]
94766145Jenny new video on Fifty Shades of Grey: https://youtu.be/ILZ7Oy3gM5U[View]
94763785Will Star Wars ever be sexy?[View]
94766676The Sandman: Imagine a series or trilogy os movies about The Sandman. Cast them[View]
94758428Why's she not more outspoken about the Weinstein scandal?[View]
94767990Is there even a point in making Star Wars theories now?: How do people like Film Theory or r/starwar…[View]
94767527Can we all agree they only had enough good ideas for one season?[View]
94768811THEY TOOK MY SON[View]
94759469Horror general: post good horror you've seen, recommendations, requests etc requesting deep sea…[View]
94767684What's Shia Labeoufs best movie?[View]
94768804>you will never be a good joe how do i make the feeling go away /tv/?[View]
94768765what are some good movies to watch when i am tired because im taking a break from abusing stimulants…[View]
94767899>MUH GOOD PO - LICE >MUH PUSS - AY >MUH JAMESON just marathoned through 3 episodes of this …[View]
94768576Arguably his best performance.[View]
94768553Do you rate this film? I do. One of my favourite Van Sant movies.[View]
94766952Have you ever stood up in solidarity during a movie?[View]
94766959I don't get it: These are reviews for black panther Why is this allowed? There is a separate …[View]
94767524Disney’s Pocahontas: In 1607 we sailed the open sea, For glory, God and gold and the Virginia Compan…[View]
94768313/solo/ general: Qi'Ra a QT edition[View]
94761632How are you supposed to be a Christian after watching this film?[View]
94768332ITT: God-tier CGI[View]
94765958> M'baku! > The great gorilla! What did they mean by this?…[View]
94767712>Watch me, I'll do the fingering[View]
94767277GET FUCKING HYPE[View]
94766588Literally what was his fucking problem?[View]
94765797is this actually good or is it a jerk off like Twin Peaks?[View]
94766476Jamie Fucking Theakston[View]
94765118https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hzd_Z1LPHsE Norway? Please explain this[View]
94764000what are some Russian films?[View]
94767959The king remains undefeated[View]
94767902Unironically a good movie. Not great but good for capeshit.[View]
94767890*saves your Saturday afternoon*[View]
94763390>character violently draws curtains open so the sunlight wakes up sleeping person…[View]
94758827the great debate[View]
94764867kino that makes you feel like a true american? >forrest gump >JFK >team america world polic…[View]
94766348If you don't like Temple of Doom you're a fucking retard[View]
94767543Troy: Nevermind Black Panther we have this shit to contend with,[View]
94767787>It's a 'tribal African politics invariably lead to a collapse of government and a corrupt, …[View]
94767764Soundtracks: Post your best /tv/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7R5lk6O8PQc[View]
94767752Jacka: The Movie: What did /tv/ think of it?[View]
94767598The miiiisty mooountains cooooooold[View]
94767139Lits have sum fun[View]
94766027Maybe she just got lucky[View]
94761025Wow I just saw this movie in my local theatre and I am by no means a Walter Wanker but I just had to…[View]
94767369What are some good shockumentaries ?[View]
94766460>Very good movie throughout >Last 10-20 minutes is 10/10 ass pull schlock Admit it, /tv/, yo…[View]
94764772Just got done watching this. It was a lot of fun. What are some essential Nicolas Cage flicks?[View]
94766651Real capekino: What did you think of it?[View]
94766526BLACK PANTHER IS A SHALLOW STUPID FILM: We don’t know ANYTHING about T’Chala... thats my gripe with …[View]
94764439Hellraiser 10 Jugement: What The Fuck is this piece of trash with the 'jugement' stinky sc…[View]
94752916Charlyne Yi: Will accusing every man she ever met of 'harassment' help her career?[View]
94767054ITT: Good sci-fi movies[View]
94766818How did he get out of the freezer?[View]
94766627Is still relevant? Gangsters are still a thing or they were the product of 20th century?[View]
94766814Is this Adam Sandler's response to Borat?[View]
94734763>tfw best Emma[View]
94766890Black guys who don't like Black Panther: https://youtu.be/icuA83FDGLU How will liberals react t…[View]
94766878>Final fight scene can be compared to a 2002 ps2 game >First decent villain in a while and get…[View]
94764945> the most visually stunning capeshit so far Prove me wrong[View]
94766842Bostonfags, what the fuck went wrong with this show?[View]
94766308>'Make him more tactical.' 'Let's go with black.'[View]
94766759Audience score is always right.[View]
94766007For me? It's Colin Quinn![View]
94766117Anyone disappointed when the whole room shook and they're like 'it can't be!' and then it …[View]
94766644Just watched this episode and I'm really glad we got to have a nice change during the season. T…[View]
94764407Who is your favorite female monarch/ruler/head of state/etc. in television and film?[View]
94766573>Now they show you how detergents take out bloodstains, a pretty violent image there. >I thin…[View]
94766282>'[Newest Marvel movie] is the best selling movie since [last marvel movie]!! How do we do it mar…[View]
94765563>undermines western civilization[View]
94766190Literally me[View]
94764072Is the age of innovation dead? Will all big budget movies just gonna be capeshit, reboots, shitty dw…[View]
94765517>It's a Truman is starving in his room because his mom has guests in the kitchen episode The…[View]
94762705now that the dust has settled, is it wrong to pee in the shower ?[View]
94765378Why was he allowed back on a family friendly sitcom after he told the aristocrat joke?[View]
94765403I actually enjoyed Black Panter and I'm not even black.[View]
94763781What makes this guy so appealing and lovable?[View]
94766271What's the best Jane Austen Victorian era Adaptation?[View]
94755882>'Under the Skin was considered by many critics to be the best film of 2013' >Not a single Osc…[View]
94765920Fuck you, I liked it[View]
94766209>random 5 minute cameo >look guys, we really are a cinematic universe!…[View]
94766200>'there's a storm coming' >'we gonna start a revolution' >le generic strong womyn lead…[View]
94762642>everything deleted what does this mean, tv?[View]
94764485Is this worth watching or is it social justice nonsense?[View]
94766037can americans really just commit serious crimes anytime they like with no punishment?[View]
94765165>this man is unironically a good actor[View]
94764374>try to recommend show to someone >'Yeah I'm sure it's good but there are just so ma…[View]
94763725Who remembers MTV's Strutter Gear?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qO_LA3gcOMc[View]
94765363Hey /tv/ did I like it?[View]
94764272Pick a top 5 Palme d'Or winners https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Palme_d%27Or#Award_winners >A…[View]
94765583Reminder: this kid probably died a few years ago.[View]
94761966Ban Disney from /tv/: this fucking company has ruined /tv/ by releasing some capeshit/sw every 3 mon…[View]
94764915*sees your hot meal*[View]
94765091Ryan Coogler discusses the Africanness of African Americans on HOT97: Ryan Coogler says that African…[View]
94760490Any movies with this aesthetic?[View]
94765902Will they fight?[View]
94755946Cloverfield Paradox: Thoughts on this flick? I kinda liked it. Come at me[View]
94764383>remember I got spoiled but not what the spoiler was[View]
94764707You know we've done much worse right?[View]
94765534Your popcorn & soda, sir[View]
94765465Yo /tv/ what did you guys think of Black Panther? you have see it right?[View]
94753651Cavill is the best Superman right?[View]
94762898holy shit this is kino[View]
94764464After Earth: > Aliens can't see, but smell your pheromone secreted when you're frighten…[View]
94765202Bow down to the Best Disney Princess: Shuri should take Tony's place in the MCU as IronHeart. I…[View]
94765654>Box office: $874 million (((Americans))) BTFO[View]
94758828so true[View]
94758989Why are there no funny memes of this show yet?[View]
94762638What the heck happened to Vikings in season 4 part 2? All of the sudden we have angry spinning midg…[View]
94765653I know you miss me /tv/, just admit it.[View]
94762023ooOOooOOoooOo Where is my sticky? I cannot rest in peace until I get my sticky. ooOOoooOOoooo[View]
94764330What was his problem?: Also Shield general.[View]
94763365Why was his back all fucked up?[View]
94765559Post characters he can possibly play.[View]
94765352When exactly did SNL lose its balls? You just don't see humor with this level of edge on there …[View]
94765045Was this an attempt on Homer's life?[View]
94759011New Netflixkino is out. Has everyone binged it yet? What did you think? Leave a comment if you remem…[View]
94755883>Character takes a single hit of a joint >Goes on a full blown psychedelic trip with hallucina…[View]
94759463The real Wakanda: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mtsa0MT2H4I The Chinese man is right. Blacks negle…[View]
94764048Its shit[View]
94764251New Robin Hood film gets blackwashed[View]
94759579He wanted to kill millions.[View]
94761381Are you boys excited for based Riley Stearn's next kino, The Art of Self Defence?[View]
94763557How did he ascend from this[View]
94763708>at theatre >go see movie >this image appears during opening credits >look like I'…[View]
94764829>Triggers your /pol/[View]
94765242the greatest innovation in TV history since the adoption of color[View]
94764075Level with me /tv/.. did he do anything wrong?[View]
94765159I bring this to your attention: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5KfACTAOPa0[View]
94765147Somedays...: Somedays I wake up and think everything is normal. I get out of bed and start to cook b…[View]
94764132Just a quick reminder that this was a real title to an actual horror movie that took itself complete…[View]
94763595Two years difference: 2013 to 2015. How?[View]
94763121How does this make you feel?[View]
94761546what do you think about the greatest film reviewer of our time?[View]
94763602Jesus Christ: They literally fight in a underground railroad[View]
94763319This is so fucking good and underrated[View]
94764905'It is from Beecher, StoweLibertyvs. Civil Rights: 'Libertyis the souls right to breath, and when it…[View]
94764200What are some meh-tier TV shows with waifu-tier characters/actresses to worship and obsess over in t…[View]
94764798>character is an asian male called Takeshi >portrayed by asian male >HAHA JUST KIDDING, WE…[View]
94764722*writes more unfunny garbage*[View]
94764385Central Perk is the comfiest place in all of television[View]
94761863Where were you when Shyamalan redeemed himself with this kino?[View]
94764174You can't win them They are doing a fantastic job with every movie Embrace diversity[View]
94762085>she'll grow old to +100 years and become a gross, decrepit and degenerate vvitch in some hu…[View]
94735610>/tv/ suddenly hates Armond who are these newfags?[View]
94762878Was he right?[View]
94764457Find a flaw. Pro tip: you can’t.[View]
94764418This bitch is a dude .... 4 sure: Watching the first few minutes of ladybird .... yo this bitch is a…[View]
94763214Remember when Adam Sandler was kind of okay?[View]
94764051He killed millions.[View]
94759724Why did Tommy disrespect him so much? He deserved better[View]
94764177>we GOTSA start a revolution Fucking Dropped[View]
94763805I just watched the blu-ray. I don't think Mr. Pink got away. I used to think that was the cas…[View]
94763228Is this meant to be pro-, or anti-capital punishment?[View]
94763370Literally the greatest television show of all time No threads really talking about anything except t…[View]
94764064>movie features characters that just met and have sex >guy doesn't have to excuse himself…[View]
94757481Someone greentext this show for me please. I dont get it.[View]
94763860I count six shots, nigga[View]
94762626Why is she so perfect?[View]
94759709ITT: documentary kino https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1a-QpyF7rNc[View]
94763993Daily reminder that Ming was a slut and had it coming.[View]
94762809ITT really spooky scenes from your childhood[View]
94755221Spoiler Avengers: Infinity War: Warning, I read a great spoiler about the Avengers new movie. SPOILE…[View]
94762229>if you're looking for a war here's world war 2! raimi...[View]
94762271What other nature kino is there? (with actually 1080p torrents available)[View]
94763724STD is best trek: every episode is of cinematic quality. also, we got to see klingons urinating…[View]
94762359What are some good romantic movies?[View]
94763149In which one of the movies did they start fucking on the side?[View]
94763793Radio Kino: Where does talk radio fit into all of this? It's clearly not music, and if you…[View]
94763767itt: movies that secretly expose ((((((them)))))[View]
94763672In all honesty this was just Rocky 3 but shittier. Also the only fun characters were the white ones …[View]
94762062What are some examples of successful films that aged terribly?[View]
94757177ITT: people who got shows/into roles/ect. solely through nepotism.[View]
94756214Why the f*** did they recast Hellboy?[View]
94763092Are Americans so infantile and culturally bankrupt that a movie based on a Marvel comic book--litera…[View]
94763529Let's face it chads. After shit-garbage like JL we will never have such Gold as MoS and BvS. Go…[View]
94763505any new RAUNCHY kino[View]
94761502Just finished watching this what did I think of it?[View]
94762961cast him[View]
94763454>Every movie now is pushing the left's political agenda[View]
94762646ITT: Post /yourguy/[View]
94762794Beautiful. Any other good outdoor kino, so far I've watched Into the Wild and Captain Fantastic[View]
94763268I feel a heart attack coming on, this would be my 3rd figure i've got another 3 hours to live. …[View]
94763206>All this Black Panther hype >The movies not even out yet.…[View]
94763190Stinky Dinky????: Well?[View]
94762191If there wasn't so much identity politics and virtue signaling surrounding it, do you think it …[View]
94762988How was Gru able to re-adopt the orphans even after he threatened to stuff them all into the crust?[View]
94758020>i'm da jokah baby what did he mean by this?[View]
94762562black panther is the first super hero mov-[View]
94763145Watch out y'all: Be safe out there aight?[View]
94763138CAN YOU NOT ANSWER ME???[View]
94762619Liberated: The New Sexual Revolution: Secretly the most redpilled documentary on Netflix >A Chri…[View]
94759335He hunted and killed thousands of men...[View]
94763035What are you watching tonight, /tv/?[View]
94761070Honest thoughts on this show?[View]
94762205Just passing through, have you guys worked yourself into a frenzy about a movie having black people …[View]
94755554*tries to block your path*[View]
94762787Is this the greatest war movie?[View]
94762189What are her best kinos ?[View]
94762862What are you watching?[View]
94761932*Menacing hip-hop music starts playing*[View]
94761950this will be more powerful than Black Panther[View]
94762773You wouldn't download a car[View]
94759043friendly reminder that the cruise will die in our lifetime[View]
94761614Brazil: SPOILERS >Sam Lowry is a harried technocrat in a futuristic society that is needlessly co…[View]
94762712netflix presents!!! hulu presents!!! amazon “studios” presents!!! at&t presents!!!! t-mobile pre…[View]
94756626The Kingsmen jobbed so fucking hard in this movie just to give the Americans a bunch of scenes where…[View]
94762719So was he a sociopath? The second to last episode seems to definitively answer 'yes', but…[View]
94762643Blade Runner >I just want you to know what it feels like to be hunted >all these moments will …[View]
94762648anyone remember the name of this show?: it was a show about some magicians doing pranks/candid camer…[View]
94746136ITT: movies only you enjoy[View]
94762127ITT: Movie facts no one knows: >Andy Serkis singing 'What Is Love?' during the interrogation scen…[View]
94754243Breakfast at Tiffany's: Why did I like this movie so much?[View]
94762611They should to remake this, but the twist is 40 days without internet access[View]
94761368>Love, Simon is an upcoming American romantic teen comedy-drama film directed by Greg Berlanti an…[View]
94762166what the fuck am I watching?[View]
94761378Are there any movies about the german invasion of france?[View]
94760009So now the dust has settled, was it good or crash-level contrieved shit?[View]
94760054>Thor.Ragnarok.2017.1080p.BluRay.x264-SPARKS >Thor.Ragnarok.2017.1080p.BluRay.x264-SPARKS >…[View]
94762446>The tenth level. Thousands of battle droids.[View]
94762095she's a big mom[View]
94757157Predator>The Terminator>Commando>Everything else[View]
94761676ITT: /tv/ GOAT haircuts[View]
94761787Thoughts on the new Hilda?[View]
94762315How will the alt right ever recover?[View]
94761374which is the superior pablo kino?[View]
94758968What is he looking at ?[View]
94762120IAN FREEZE![View]
94761071so after all the hype Black Panther was just another boring by-the-numbers mass produced capeshit?[View]
94747682Who got to Matt & Trey?: How do you go from this: >Anwar Brett of the BBC asked the following…[View]
94762221https://youtu.be/TmijxnuPCEs https://youtu.be/w__VCOYGh8Y What is the best unemployed kino?[View]
94742314J.J. Abrams Calls Out Sexist Last Jedi Criticsfor Being Threatened by Women: >Women have always b…[View]
94761501>Now show me.... Wax On Wax Off[View]
94761971The Florida Project: I just saw this. Does anyone feel like the ending was forced and out of place, …[View]
94762106Why are you so intimidated by the Star Wars canon, anon? It's easy to get into and just as good…[View]
94761516Seriously, is there anything that this woman can't do?[View]
94760465>watching Netflix Punisher for the first time >intro >'you won, you killed everyone' >'t…[View]
94762069Pajeets are trying to save Cinema, what's your excuse for shilling for Black Panther?[View]
94762045Whats /tv/s opinions on the Expendables movies? A decent throwback to long gone 80s action movies? O…[View]
94760757/JFG/ Jenna Fischer General: Thoughts on her career?[View]
94759180>demanding bitch who expects everyone to pull their own weight >works at a supermarket and pop…[View]
94759962What living actor's work will be remember in 100+ years time? I honestly can't think of an…[View]
94760402Seriously how did they got away with this?[View]
94761099When will we get a more mature Tomb Raider film adaptation where Lara Croft is portrayed as an older…[View]
94761897Do you prefer theatrical releases or director's cut editions?[View]
94759653I need one action film one horror film two Sci-Fi TV series, hold the Star Trek Let's go![View]
94760754T'Challa my son, did I ever tell you about your uncle N'Jobu? My baby brother. He was in A…[View]
94761647Dr. Pavel, my archnemesis.[View]
94760634Is he the best tv character?[View]
94759943>expect Paprika made by Nolan >get a shitty action movie with retarded writing What went wrong…[View]
94759605I know it's an overused trope, but what are some movies where the underdog wins?[View]
94758942Am I the only one who really liked this movie?[View]
94761129Terminator: Just saw this for the first time. What the fuck was this guys problem?[View]
94758298What was it about the late 70's and 1980s that resulted in so much horror kino? Alien, The Fly,…[View]
94761531Subject: An Open letter to Disney: Dear Walt Disney Inc., Please stop shilling your shitty racist c…[View]
94761504>watch netflix trailer of the innocents >trailer show several scenes of girl-boy romantically …[View]
94759686Looks like I've been watching films the wrong way all my life.[View]
94760258>I've seen things you Wakandans wouldn't believe. Projects on fire off the shoulder of …[View]
94759114jesus jenna[View]
94761395Black Panther more like Dad Simulator[View]
94761158What are some movies about sitting at McDonald's all alone 3000 km away from your home in a str…[View]
94761367ITT: Times /tv/ was wrong[View]
94761285Most over rated movie I could feel the edge watching jt[View]
94761296We did it. Thanks to mocking and denigrating our CIA friend here, racism is solved. No need to show …[View]
94761325new fan of Stargate here and member of MGM site. Is it true that this new show SGO that are 15 minut…[View]
94758310Favorite underappreciated /tv/fus?[View]
94761253>He took Stephen King's IT out what did Elaine Benes mean by this?…[View]
94759596>people liked the ending of Pan's Labyrinth, might as well do it again…[View]
94761231>Jake Paul reference in an AAA video game has the cinema standard gotten a new low…[View]
94760591GO WEB[View]
94758288you ready kid?[View]
94759742What are other examples of GOPkino?[View]
94761116calling it now, this will be the best MCU movie better than Black Panther[View]
94755970ITT: TV shows you regret ever watching[View]
94761016What are some kinos with this aesthetic?[View]
94760888Ummm sweetie the movie: >quick rundown >incredibles 2 features a stay at home dad struggling w…[View]
94759878Holy shit, they kissed for real.[View]
94760843squidward > patrick >> spongebob > rest[View]
94756897>implying this isn't sandlers best film https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uKNKVzVAqUk…[View]
94760218What are some kinos about slow redemption?[View]
94760800*blocks your path*[View]
94759782Could Aladdin be made today without serious backlash?[View]
94760877Fuck huuuugh[View]
94757963will this be any good? comes out in a week and its a spiritual sequel to moon 09[View]
94758333What do you think about the neverending story 2[View]
94758676For me? It's Colin Quinn![View]
94755483Is Julia Stiles a terrible person?[View]
94757201Best kids show of all time: Complete Monkey series available online? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
94760747>villain takes over Wakanda >suddenly every time we cut back to the city, rap music plays inst…[View]
94758163The Richard Simmons Conspiracy: >tv fitness guru Richard Simmons >not seen in public for three…[View]
94760686>in the kino stadium >stand up[View]
94759757Why is she so perfect?[View]
94759107She was literally the only good thing to come out Star Wars - The Last Disappointment™: Why did she …[View]
94755116>Damn, I love to eat a delicious, hunger-satisfying McDonald's Big Mac (also known as a Gran…[View]
94739227Black Panther DISCUSSION thread: Putting all memes aside, and talking about the actual movie instead…[View]
94759347>'Now that the Harry Potter series is over, maybe the truth can be realized: This has been the du…[View]
94759980The Sopranos: i just started and im boutta watch ep 4. i like it but what makes it so good in people…[View]
94760405Cast them, /tv/.: Who will direct?[View]
94760492Will he make a good joker?[View]
94758461Why did you fap to trap porn again? (interlinked)[View]
94759406What is going through his mind every morning when he opens that empty word document?[View]
94759157Be brave little one[View]
94758637more like superbald[View]
94758270Ando now for my nextu guest furom Amerika, Arexu Jonesu-San! Minna, purease join me in wercoming him…[View]
94760249I just hate niggers[View]
94759481ITT: RARE occasions when critics were wrong why were TOP critics so racist back then???[View]
94751730>character goes to a bar >'I'll have a beer'…[View]
94760102Grog don't like the Alien movie, Grog thinks it's stupid Why they not SMASH Alien? Everyon…[View]
94755344Physical media kino collections: Post what you've got, fags.[View]
94755939was it any good? i didnt mind it was better than season 1[View]
94759809How long until we get the crypto currency movie like the wolf of wall street?[View]
94759898>watching nolan movie >character mumbles something >yells it a second later…[View]
94759903Was this the worst season of Black Mirror?[View]
94759321So, was the intro credits song diegetic or no ?[View]
94759352Admit it, they nailed your average 4channer[View]
94740761Pleb v Patrician: One of these threads[View]
94759835friendly reminder josh won, /tv/[View]
94741841How do you live once you realize you will never cum inside your kinowaifu?[View]
94755040SHAAARES..... BUY-INS.....[View]
94755912>that subsitute teacher that doesn't know about the underage titty scene…[View]
94758783>We need a goddess >I'll just say the Cate prayer…[View]
94759570Western cyberpunk cities when?[View]
94759155Am I meant to understand his intent being a non American ? Are black people treated as literal slave…[View]
94741606/who/ - Doctor Who General: The Human Bomb edition Kablewy: >>94728427[View]
94759583Are they gonna get back together?[View]
94752727CW Rebooting ROSWELL With Immigration Twist: >Deadline reports tonight that “Grey’s Anatomy” star…[View]
94759191>go into auditorium that's playing black panther >strut in wearing a fur coat and holding…[View]
94756301Why did he do it?[View]
94757079The Real Gay Black 'Panther' Movie watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0idwRX0d6nM Real black her…[View]
94759259>Shrek is almost 20 years old look on my works ye mighty and despair[View]
94754484So this is going to be Stalker but for the retard generation right?[View]
94759447https://youtu.be/UXS8XAyO20Q >tfw no formerly deaf half-asian taiwanese gf…[View]
94758638Will he stop being a Nazi in season 3?[View]
94759311Fuck you, Rose Tico broke new ground![View]
94757349>that scene where Luke Skywalker meditatively stares at the binary sunset this scene alone is mor…[View]
94759275People actually think this shit is good?[View]
94757558How would he feel about modern Disney?I reckon he’d probably be happy with the money but it’s a comp…[View]
94759137>only 11 episodes of Farscape left[View]
94756691>makes an entry level comedy ripoff of star trek for people who dont like star treks autism Good …[View]
94757457The Walking Dead season 7: You gotta be kidding me ABRAHAM!!!! GLENN!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO…[View]
94756590why didn't he help africans?[View]
94758943What was the significance of this scene?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JbSvu50sLhM[View]
94756085What did I think of this?[View]
94757488The ATF did nothing wrong.[View]
94757761What went wrong?[View]
94758715Aim for the bushes[View]
94758740Blaxploitation: Could movies like these be made today?[View]
94757470Post some essential Waifu-core.[View]
94757950Was Zack Snyder paying homage to Drive in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice?[View]
94758734I’m have part of a movie scene in my head but I can’t remeber the movie In the scene a group of peop…[View]
94731103Have you ever accidentally sexually assaulted a Hollywood actress?[View]
94757132What does it mean if a 25+ year old man likes shows geared towards teenage girls? Shows like pic rel…[View]
94757681his films are some of the comfiest in the world. prove me wrong[View]
94757691is this the best cinematic universe?[View]
94758042He killed millions...[View]
94756066You're tasked with reviving a famous '80s slasher franchise, it has to be an original scri…[View]
94758095What will be the plot of inevitable black panther 2?[View]
94745935why do virgins hate her so much?[View]
94757878Is being a cinephile the loneliest hobby? >Watch a good movie >Really want to talk about it …[View]
94757871Why couldn't this hack douchebag die during 9/11?[View]
94755245>that Killmonger apartment scene You know what /tv/...maybe blacks and whites...aren't all t…[View]
94758479>each one of these scars is from when I fucked a married white woman and cucked the husband HOW W…[View]
94755391>the 'bad guy' is a revolutionary that wants to free the oppressed people of the world >Black …[View]
94738510ITT: We post based 4chan shows with their plebbit counterparts: I'll start with pic related…[View]
94758454Who's the best black sidekick and why is it brenda from Scary Movie?[View]
94755402What went wrong?[View]
94757459It was kino: why did you lie to me?[View]
94758269anybody know what her name is? apparently she's some american TV presenter[View]
94758066Can make a futuristic city, but can cure Aids: Fuck this film, and the cg was literal videogame hot …[View]
94754783Why was Max so rude to his dad? He just wanted to bond with his son ;_;[View]
94758336>Wants Wakanda to take in all refugees around Africa >Kills his black gf >Rages war on all …[View]
94757269Do you like my movies, /tv?[View]
94757755What are some cartoons/anime with kino animation?[View]
94758289guys help, this show is making me start liking jews[View]
94758218Golden Exits: Did /tv/ like the last movie of Emily Browning who came out yesterday? and what scene …[View]
94757288>I'm here for the crown... >And I'm here for all the white women.. >Hey you, yeah…[View]
94757358Ryan Reynolds: For the longest time I thought Ed Helms and Ryan Reynolds were the same person and no…[View]
94757930Suits: SLAMS FOLDER ON DESK[View]
94756703what is your favorite film starring Jim Carrey and why?[View]
94756845For me....it's M'Baku[View]
94756707horror movies are not scary[View]
94757897Name a more redpilled movie! I'll wait ...[View]
94758102Since they are working on a live action Pokémon movie, would a live action Yu-gi-oh movie work?[View]
94758121>if the EMP activates, we'll be back to the stone age[View]
94758043Egat are you watching right now? Me? Storage wars[View]
94757709Black Panther repercussions (speculation) for the MCU...: 1) Iron-Man's Bleeding Edge Amour is…[View]
94756479ITT: '''''''''' villains' ''''''''' who did nothing wrong >inb4 pedo He was never found guilty a…[View]
94757924For me? It's Jim Norton![View]
94750339how will /tv/ ever recover?![View]
94738583>Friday night Why are you here?[View]
94747406Black Panther: >tfw /tv/ wants this movie to fail when it makes under-represented people like thi…[View]
94757835what would an update list look like?[View]
94756945He amused billions...[View]
94754772Not memeing. It was boring. Save your money and time. Ask me anything.[View]
94757622You a big guy[View]
94756642Hi /tv/ Can anyone recommend other depictions of war done right? >pic related…[View]
94757759>Rewatch rabbit proof fence after being forced to watch it in school years ago >Its kino…[View]
94757731Am I supposed to like her?[View]
94756406WHO IS T'CHALLA????: Seriously who is T'Challa in Black Panther (2018)? Yeah sure, he’s th…[View]
94756647*This image appears during opening credits* What's your reaction?[View]
94755026movies that embarrass you to think about[View]
94756704>alien is just a human with tentacles on their head[View]
94757482Thor: Ragnarok: Who else liked this movie? I really enjoyed how Helena was empowered by feminism and…[View]
94757380You have to admit.: It was great, way better than last year's every capeshit, and deserve to be…[View]
94757295What is your favoriute R-U-S-S-I-A-N movie?[View]
94751068>mfw no gabagool[View]
94755682Yes, yes very good Disney, however...[View]
94756677https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Songunju https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Juche when did you realize that…[View]
94754889waynes world needs a modern remake where the show is on youtube and the hosts are into mumble rap an…[View]
94757390What are some good narcino?[View]
94756743Just marathoned this flick. I really liked it. Doing capeshit as a straight up tongue in cheek comed…[View]
94752022Whats wrong with her face[View]
94756575This is good Never seen anyone talk about it Who else liked it? It wasn't as good as Ninja Scro…[View]
94757223what did I think of this kino?[View]
94757259So why is the remake a superhero movie?[View]
94748246Say it with me /tv/... It's all in /pol/'s mind... There's no such thing as social en…[View]
94757123>How can you claim to be the rightful king when you won't even acknowledge Jews also took an…[View]
94757129How is it possible that this would've gotten something like 42,000 audience ratings yesterday, …[View]
94751704What the hell was her problem?[View]
94756242>sex scene >character has no trouble getting it up…[View]
94752075how can one man be so based?[View]
94754431>watching /tv/ >car commercial comes on >ANY WAY YOU WANT IT THAT'S THE WAY YOU NEED…[View]
94755570Is it trending downwards?[View]
94756912literally a more interesting villain than Killmonger[View]
94751740>phone vibrates in the movie >check my phone…[View]
94753124>film is over 2 hours[View]
94756865>Check the goyim! What did he mean by this?[View]
94752444So is this how marketing is going to be done from now on? Who can get the biggest freakshow cast to …[View]
94744141/bb/: HOH: Ari Veto: James Nominations: James / Shannon previously on /bb/ >>94720700[View]
94756712I LIKE TO[View]
94748440ITT: Villains that won you over[View]
94750073For me? It's Colin Quinn![View]
94744483Post music video kino https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q2I0ulTZWXA[View]
94755257>Polka King >About a polish polka band leader who ran a Ponzi scheme >POLISH Starring (((Ja…[View]
94754706i like the 1st episode but what does /tv/ think of it[View]
94752252Always Sunny in /tv/delphia: Best Season: 5 Best Episode: Frank's Intervention[View]
94756458RLM: >Contagious laughter >Autistic bound with with Star Trek >Has diabetes >Has the bes…[View]
94752980>Aquaman >Moana >Rumored Star Wars cameo Are we entering, dare I say it, the Temuera Morris…[View]
94753297This movie is too real. I fucking loved it. Best 2017 movie.[View]
94752578Movie Thread: list off some of the best movies of all time[View]
94752790Would you a young and inexperienced Queen Elizabeth II?[View]
94754655Am I the only one here who hates all superhero movies? Seriously who keeps on watching this garbage …[View]
94756469>walking through the elliott bay towers and see this >'aw geez, hey faggot, come stretch out m…[View]
94730631HELLRAISER franchise: what went wrong?[View]
94747487at about 10:20pm US Central Time >cyty be/r/sleepsnug put a dot where the space is join us for th…[View]
94752438>'marathoning' a movie >one movie >that's called watching a movie…[View]
94756196Predictions?: How much did it cost (Production/Advertising)?[View]
94751100Why are there no movies about flat earth?[View]
94756248i'm sorry but Jim doesn't have shit on this[View]
94756159>literally every nominated film is about white trash america OBSESSED[View]
94750754Can we talk about this movie? Why is it so weird? It's a direct sequel yet the writing, directi…[View]
94754371*Blocks your path* 'Stop right there white man!'[View]
94751623Is she the greatest film actress of all time?[View]
94755766Those were some great times. Me and Bigfoot running around in the woods together, not a care in the …[View]
94755952>Imagine if I used my replicant strength right now and forced you to make me a child and called y…[View]
94753400The Ritual: So I just finished watching The Ritual, what did /tv/ think of it? What the fuck did I j…[View]
94755855You Were Warned: It appears the blacks were way ahead of you lads on this one. I tried to warned you…[View]
94750886/godzilla/: What the fuck did I just watch?[View]
94754642>that one time Flavor Flav got kicked in the face[View]
94755013Reminder that Gollum did nothing wrong[View]
94755048How do you go from this...[View]
94754042Who is the most likeable star trek captain and why is it Captain Janeway?[View]
94755299Ask a guy who used to serve Kurt Fuller coffee at a Starbucks in West Hollywood anything.[View]
94755103Stephen Kang not Asian, just frontin'.[View]
94755359>I am serious. And don't call me Surely. ...what? Why would he think the other guy was calli…[View]
94750132I tried watching Altered Carbon tonight. I expected cyperpunk kino, but what I got was capeshit. …[View]
94755590>We should aim at this.. >Sir, what if we just take a bunch of the GR-75 transport ships and l…[View]
94743262Just saw this based piece of kino.[View]
94753717>father killed by his own family >abandoned by his parents' country >instead of gettin…[View]
94753540What are some movies you can watch with your dog?[View]
94753021Do you think she'd be famous at all if she wasn't cast in Stranger Things to begin with? W…[View]
94755145He was a good pelts guy.[View]
94754606>all the single black moms naming their sons T'Challa in the years to come: Is your body rea…[View]
947541873rd season was the best season[View]
94746215About to watch every Star Trek episode/movie in one sitting: Going to be sitting on the toilet. Set …[View]
94755406Give my friends and I a movie to watch right now.[View]
94755384What’s with having a handle on a wand? Another stupid Harry Potter thing.[View]
94754964what's the longest nude scene ever?[View]
94755228Were these sauges CGi?[View]
94755074The next bond girl.[View]
94755089Just got finished watching The Man Who Would be King, what are some more based films about the Briti…[View]
94755160Every movie could be improved by having Godzilla appear in the final act, prove me wrong. You can…[View]
94753437So is this a fair score for Black Panther?[View]
94753246Silly bitch, your weapons cannot harm me, don't you know who the fuck I am?: He must not know w…[View]
94754018>you filthy little Walt! What did he mean? Who's Walt?[View]
94755072So I grew up watching Spiderman and love him. I like Batman yet for some reason I just cannot get in…[View]
94754926Is wolf creek worth watching?[View]
94752389152 days until Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again >Trailer 1 https://youtu.be/XcSMdhfKga4 >http://www…[View]
94749238Yeah, I'm thinking he's black[View]
94754581/pfg/ - Phil of the Future General: wikia: http://philofthefuture.wikia.com/wiki/Phil_Of_The_Future_…[View]
94741062Why did he die? It's just a big wave and he's wearing a pressurized, reinforced suit? Mayb…[View]
94752446Name a more underrated movie. Go on, I'm waiting.[View]
94749485>walk in late to the theatre just as lights are fading down >yell 'HEY, WHO TURNED DOWN THE LI…[View]
94754805there was a firefight![View]
94754618Black Panther Thread: >WHAT ARE THOOOSE fucking LITTY FUCKING BASED…[View]
94754699Was he a genius or an idiot?[View]
94754734How have they gotten away with this for so long?[View]
94752300Whoa. Looks like Norm's moving to a paid service? Hope we get some new content that isn't…[View]
94754168What's some spooky forest kino /tv/? I've seen the Blair witch project, the witch, the rit…[View]
94751847>Finally marathon The Social Network >it isnt kino…[View]
94753955What was the last movie to make you feel physically ill?[View]
94753918Name one(1) modern film that even comes close to this[View]
94753932Ben Hur: Well, that made me legitimately cry and become more hopeful![View]
94753408>Picks traitor manlet from Get Out up like a fucking banana >NOW WE SHOW YOU THE TRUE POWA OF …[View]
94754287Could this letter be adapted into a feature-length film?[View]
94754541Alright which one of you was it who made that thread earlier and convinced me to watch this piece of…[View]
94752843Black Panther Resume: Black Panther: Just finished watching the movie: So in summary the movie had a…[View]
94754027Best office girl try prove me wrong[View]
94753795>Lectures you in a hard to understand and condescending way[View]
94751818One of the best movies ever: This is now one of my all-time favorite films, easily in my top 5. I r…[View]
94754294Somedays...: Somedays I wake up and think everything is normal. I get out of bed and start to cook b…[View]
94752113Why weren't they all wearing mithril?[View]
94734404ITT: Childhood faps[View]
94748405this is the dumbest fucking thing I've ever heard[View]
94734939hey /tv, I'd like to thank you for suggesting me to watch this generally hated movie. It's…[View]
94754112What are some decent movies that came out in the last year or two that nobody really talks about or …[View]
94750344>film about a teenage girl >she has sex[View]
94736645What went so wrong? Empire looked and felt amazing and cinematic, but this looked like a cheap, made…[View]
94753296Movie Thread: Any movie just reply with the cover or name[View]
94752575Dorothy -- you took her you damn thief![View]
94753839What are some kinos that /tv/ actually turned you on to? Whoever kept posting these threads I just w…[View]
94753837Which was superior?[View]
94753188APOLOGIZE RIGHT NOW! LONG LIVE THE KING! WAKANDA FOREVER! https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continu…[View]
94745130There is a fifth dimension beyond that which is known to man. It is a dimension as vast as space and…[View]
94752910>based on one of the most iconic, imaginative, magical medieval legends >one of the most steri…[View]
94752343ITT: Film locations that are so specific you know immediately where it is without any context[View]
94750642>Ned.. *cough*... teach my wife's son... about Bessie's tits..…[View]
94753206>Character gets possessed >starts to act normal again >it was just a trick and the entity…[View]
94750105>We need to design a poster for the next Matt Damon blockbuster >Just do a close up of his fac…[View]
94751478Holy shit Black Panther was actually really good[View]
94752623Was she ever in the wrong ?[View]
94752398What are some good classic films besides Citizen Kane & Metropolis?[View]
94744705What the fuck was her problem?[View]
94753395>character wakes up alone in hospital bed >pull off i.v., gets out of bed >nurse shows up …[View]
94745545Bucky & Shuri Get Together? Fans Are Divided On The MCU's Newest Ship: It begins. https://w…[View]
94752507pitch this movie to me[View]
94753414is he the greatest actor of our time?[View]
94753225This movie is fucking terrible The last line >now more than ever, we need the jedi! Relly made me…[View]
94753382who died here?[View]
94753209>watchmovies.to is gone How does one watch movies now?[View]
94753111Did they go too far in this scene?[View]
94753252Can one of you tell me which song klaw and his entourage are playing when entering the casino from t…[View]
94748387How is this OK? Imagine if the gender is reversed![View]
94752878What would like to see in Netflix's Sabrina?[View]
94748026Am I the only one who watches stuff like Goodfellas and the Sopranos and wishes I was born into an I…[View]
94752501http://archive.is/OEjvc HAHAHAHA it's over. No more Tarantino. No Manson film. Even though Uma …[View]
94742797Will this be another Oscar for Jen?[View]
94718290Bayformers Ending with Bumblebee: http://news.tfw2005.com/2018/02/16/transformers-cinematic-universe…[View]
94752969>wake up early >have to wait a few hours for euro-hours to start so what do you yanks like to …[View]
94747479How come Jerry Seinfeld from Seinfeld had a Barack Obama picture on his appartement? the show was ru…[View]
94752658is it any good?[View]
94747698Women, Boobs, Vagina, Testosterone, Beer: >HEHEHEHEHEHEH[View]
94752847True Roman Thread: So is There any reason that Vorenus couldn't stay a Senator or Magistrate af…[View]
94748641The greatest intellectual of our time weighs in on Black Panther https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CUH…[View]
94751572Anyone else really said about Chris Rock's new special? I was so hyped for it but in the first …[View]
94752555Rocky Horror Shadow Cast/Rocky Horror General.: Hey, /tv/, so I have my first foray into Rocky Horro…[View]
94751916How many of these do you currently have hanging in your house?[View]
94752382This is Edward Furlong only 5 or so years ago. I take it none of you fuckers actually watch movies a…[View]
94752057>just coming for my files, Marty[View]
94746554>A genderless burger experience[View]
94746852You can run run for a long time[View]
94752379>Black Panther gets a failing 2/5 grade and still passes[View]
94743868>American highschool student losing their virginity is a big deal Can someone explain this movie …[View]
94752671Anime kino is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TQUKaqrGOz0[View]
94750874Why is Pierce so smug? What is his expression trying to convey?[View]
94731962But WHY was he the chosen one? inb4 'but it might have been Neville'[View]
94751195TLJ review when: How much will he obliterate it?[View]
94752170Why did Marvel turn The Incredible Hulk into Shrek? He used to be one of the most sympathetic superh…[View]
94752537a film people who haven't totally fucked their life up simply cannot understand[View]
94752542>this is a 10 in celtic Disgusting.[View]
94751441Is this meant to be pro-, or anti-capital punishment?[View]
94741195the goold are coming[View]
94739811How many more series until Richard Hammond dies?[View]
94752360Is he the new Jai Courtney?[View]
94752221ITT: Scenes men are allowed to cry to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rCY_Hjv7vKc&t=86s[View]
94751112Black voter registration effort launched at ‘Black Panther’ screenings: http://thehill.com/blogs/in-…[View]
94752391Streaming @ https://www.rabb.it/mindslow[View]
94752385Holy shit just watched this kino.: This is some godtier based fucking kino, fucking based.[View]
94752381>that scene where Killmonger takes the fruit >doesn't meet his father in the beautiful p…[View]
94751125She did nothing wrong.[View]
94750338Did someone said CIA ?[View]
94739284He's just like me.[View]
94752267If you don’t love my movies, you’re a monster.[View]
94749869>saves your movie[View]
94749658Well done black panther well done HOWEVER[View]
94751865Are there any other stop motion shows like action league now? also, childhood shows thread[View]
94750704For me? its Backstage Rage. The ultimate Scooby kino[View]
94748716Eric Roberts general[View]
94746404ITT: video games that would actually make a great film[View]
94750574what are the best jackie movies?[View]
94751046What are some good non-weeb anime films[View]
94752106Why must we take cape films too seriously?[View]
94748803Literally fell asleep watching this The action scenes were surprisingly bad for a movie with that ma…[View]
94750396do you get butter on your popcorn at the movies?[View]
94751981Isolation Kino: I liked the anti-romance feel of - In the mood for love - Lost in translation - BR2…[View]
94752004In Living Color: Sketch comedy might never be like this again -- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=49e…[View]
94751551God-Tier war kino: I was discussing with normies pic related and they laughed at me...i cant live it…[View]
94751596Guess the numbers for future Disney films: Check Disney's upcoming roster of films and guess th…[View]
94751622How long is it until Hollywood tries to replicate the look of Technicolor films?[View]
94751899What new must see TV series should I get into? Ive seen a lot, just finished the last season of Peak…[View]
94748116what size popcorn do you get at the kinoplex? butter/salt/what? >small - best size >fake butte…[View]
94751128>lets play the same 5 songs in every episode atleast once[View]
94748577Today is Susan Sarandon's 74th birthday![View]
94748729Is he the best movie villain of all time?[View]
94751110Listen, Homer, I think you should stop hanging out with that 'Carl' guy[View]
94751019>he still watches capshit racist propaganda in 2018[View]
94751555/tpg/: Joe Rogan Edition https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R4nAvDXpvHk[View]
94751154Ok, which one of you racists is responsible for this?[View]
94751258>watching Noah >pull out my phone and look it up on wikipedia >turns out it all actually ha…[View]
94748511KRYPTON Trailer - Superman prequel series: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JvSZKB2WNKg thoughts /tv/…[View]
94750208Hello /tv/: I just got back from watching Black Panther. It was an incredible and inspiring film th…[View]
94749985Goop is a fine actress and I'm sad she isn't in more movies.[View]
94751334What was this show's equivalent of Sneed?[View]
94751323What can we expect from stranger things season 3 and its superstars carrers?[View]
94751315>You must wait longer before baking a new bread[View]
94751145*delivers good performance in literally every movie ever made*[View]
94750369Any of you grugs see that new Rock Runner 49 AD[View]
94749282Opinions on a clockwork orange: What does /tv/ think of stanley kubricks a clockwork orange[View]
94751075Best Hong Kong/Asian films?[View]
94750858>Reading the IMDb trivia section after watching the movie.[View]
94751067*blocks your path*[View]
94750484TIL When Matt LeBlanc auditioned for the role of Joey in 'Friends' he only had $11 dollars to his na…[View]
94751052A lowly pleb in the /tv/?: That's going too far! No offense, anon.[View]
94744320He's right you know.[View]
94749265>Be Dunstin >Check In 2[View]
94750662Is this the new Taxi Driver? Not in quality of course, but as in being that movie every numale virgi…[View]
94747075Say something nice about the greatest war film ever made.[View]
94750179Was getting turned into a 3d image part of your plan?[View]
94750500Why did all of those guys in spiderman turn into skeletons?[View]
94749295What movie should I watch tonight?: Movies I haven't seen Platoon Blade Runner(1982) The Good t…[View]
94748999Can we agree the soundtrack was unlike Marvel? Loved it https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=lhIHAMiYv14…[View]
94750066was it kino?[View]
94750556>WE HAVE TO GO BACK![View]
94745123Laurelai > Rory[View]
94749311What do you think the IQ of this board is, Marty?[View]
94750274Would Star Wars be better with LGBT characters?[View]
94750156What am I in for?[View]
94747047ITT: Pleb filters[View]
94726557Killmonger is the most compelling MCU villain yet. Completely understandable motivations, and elevat…[View]
94741178wtf? He died of aids? I always thought he died from getting shot like a true gangster...what a fucki…[View]
94748106>tv says its kino >its actually just a flick…[View]
94746195Is American Horror Story a decent show? Which season is the best? I have literally watched everythin…[View]
94750240What the fuck is this chick's deal?[View]
94749603Why is this allowed?[View]
94749070Was Face/Off a good movie? I can't remember. Is it worth a rewatch?[View]
94750176>tfw future shooter[View]
94749896Is /tv/ patrician enough: to handle this level of kino?[View]
94749944Show is pretty kino. Not exactly a classic, but it fills my craving for more futuristic shit like bl…[View]
94749586As a black person this movie made me feel mad. We can't even get along in our own neighborhoods…[View]
94749920Guys, I'm crying right now. This movie is legitimately hands down the most terrible thing I…[View]
94750037*blocks your path*[View]
94749072Just marathoned the pilot. This show is fucking terrible.[View]
94749675Is Steven Seagal a bad guy?[View]
94749952Vox: Movies spotlighting people of color are kicking ass right now.: ...and thats ok.[View]
94748400Kenny Powers Thread: Let's talk about the man, the myth, the legend himself. Why is there no ot…[View]
94747507So is the DC cinematic universe dead?[View]
94746876today is Liz's birthday. say something nice.[View]
94748555Stop fearing women![View]
94749993>/tv/ suddenly hates capekinos. What went so wrong bros?[View]
94748057>movies with all-black casts are shi-[View]
94749963Why do manlets and soys love cartoons like 'le depressed horse XD'?[View]
94749923university faggotry: how can i write a kino story that is based in a visually boring village in the …[View]
94746145>'THE HUMAN SPIDER!'[View]
94749364Based https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=TY9JsBy835g[View]
94749604>You don't make up for your sins in church. You do it in the streets. You do it at home. The…[View]
94749323Is his standup worth watching?[View]
94749539Who should be the next Wolverine?[View]
94749558Is Black Panther /ourmovie/?[View]
94748262Does this actually work?[View]
94745251This film is better than the mad max series[View]
94749239Name a better film that was more 80s. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AEoW3ZJViD0[View]
94748709Opinions on trainspotting: What does /tv/ think of trainspotting?[View]
94749420Batman, Batman Returns: I fell for the Batman (1989) and Batman Returns are capekino meme. They…[View]
94749482>its a scene where a policeman gets triggered and fucks up some bad guy real bad god i fuckin lov…[View]
94748029Fly is the most important episode of Breaking Bad.[View]
94748395>be leatherface >cutting up meat in the back room >hear some faggot break into my house …[View]
94749186ITT: redpilled kinos[View]
94747569>you look like a good grug[View]
94749111Has anyone seen Based on a True Story?[View]
94749175Kappa Sprout reddit.com/r/kappasprout[View]
94747967What is the film version of this pic?[View]
94748297What went wrong?[View]
94749017What will the audience score be by Sunday? Who will be blamed?[View]
94748713Is this the greatest drinking film ever made?[View]
94746654Let's have a serious discussion about BR2049 it wasn't cerebral as I would have liked it t…[View]
94747548Hey /tv/ what episode of the simpsons is this from?[View]
94743937Transformers 5 only made about half of what Transformers 4 did How did this happen? We know its not …[View]
94747094>At Kinoplex >Watching beauty and the beast >Bat attracted to light keeps fluttering into s…[View]
94744577Movies that get praise...: ...because they have get characters in them.Let's see some 'brave' m…[View]
94748798What are your thoughts on Renegade Cut?: He's got some good film analysis. https://www.youtube.…[View]
94746613>He never had the makings of a varsity athlete[View]
94745666Why is Black Panther thriving when Princess and the frog failed? Did the marketing department learnt…[View]
94739521Looks like Killmonger won after all[View]
94746959this is the redditest thing I've ever seen, I understand why they love it so much[View]
94747338How would you have handled this situation?[View]
94745495Besides the cheesy dialogue full of platitudes, this was pretty good. Most fun gun battle I'd s…[View]
94744190>niggers think a capeshit film is a cultural revolution[View]
94742987ITT: Fuck you, I liked it[View]
94748468ITT: shitty sequels to great films[View]
94742828Psychopath here, any movies that can help me mimic human behaviour and emotions so I can pass as nor…[View]
947445441984: 1984[View]
94748363What are some monster kinos?[View]
94747991Last of the Mohicans: Is it kino?[View]
94743691Is this the most overrated piece of shit to have made an appearance on the screens in American'…[View]
94733625Why wasn't Coming to America a 'movement' too?[View]
94719758How’s that collection coming anon?[View]
94747865TV of films with this feel?[View]
94748173They really were on a break guys.[View]
94744675She fucked millions[View]
94741742i dont wanna ear your excuses if you didnt like this movie your are racist[View]
94747823The Tunnel: I'm about to start watching S01 of The Tunnel, which stars Stannis and some French …[View]
94745765>science fiction movie >first human colony is named 'eden'…[View]
94746406>'Mmmmm, so much spunk.' What did Snoke mean by this?[View]
94743440Was she the hero? Or the villain?[View]
94746798Who the fuck is Snoke? How did he rise to power?[View]
94747814I did it for you /tv/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oKTjSWf6N5E[View]
94744303Cast them.[View]
94747149i-i-if-if you already know the answers to your questions then why ask, PIGFUCK?[View]
94746886So, I watched the first season and it was a guilty pleasure kind of show. I had no idea that the mai…[View]
94747601>main character explains himself his story in a crappy monologue in off voice…[View]
94743791So we do understand each other... you're a tizzun[View]
94747264why didn't they just use guns?[View]
94747488The Undisputed coolest dad to ever live. Also Alex's breasts.[View]
94747273Was it kino? Also, how much of this doc is made-up bullshit?[View]
94747307*runs out of woods* M'ASK YOU SUM[View]
94747073>Cubes, let me jump in there[View]
94747375not a bad black panther[View]
94745412Ronin (1998): Why doesn't anybody ever talk about this underrated action kino?[View]
94747365he replaces the goose in Drive. how does Drive change?[View]
94747192its out, but im too afraid to watch it, since i know its gonna be absolute fucking trash[View]
94746986So its a Certified Fresh superhero movie with over a 96% rating Im definitely going to watch this Ki…[View]
94746590Why didn't the movies include the scene where the Sam, Frodo, Merry and Pippin take a bath toge…[View]
94740959What do you think of Millie in Stranger Things?[View]
94744063which adaptation?[View]
94747116We all know self-inserts are bad, but what about the times they go completely right?[View]
94747109Anyone watch this yet? Early verdicts?[View]
94745473Dead nigger storage?[View]
94741361They should've let him have the beard. He was in the fucking coffin for a long time, hair grows…[View]
94745956Sympathetic Villain: Being a child : thinking V was in the right and the evil government had to fall…[View]
94739024IMAGINE: ITT: Provide me with images and I make a 3d webm of it. If you want I can exaggerate certai…[View]
94746901>The moon landing was fake bro, we don't know, we just can't believe everything were to…[View]
94743137>best directed film of the year >doesn't get nominated Bravo honkywood…[View]
94746138So my mother is watching Big Little Lies and she's complaining that it's nothing but women…[View]
94744091M'BAKU: *Steals your movie* Ultimate /ourguy/.[View]
94724751classic /trek/: TOS to ENT Trek thread. Please take all of your Discovery posting here: >>9472…[View]
94746810ITT: movies you forgot existed[View]
94743363Why do movie cinema employees walk around with a flashlight in the middle of a movie?[View]
94746429>catch some of this dumb baby jake show by accident >burst into tears what the fuck why does i…[View]
94746669Are french new wave films the ultimate pleb filter?[View]
94743512If you dislike this or one of those faggots who dislike anime just because FUCK YOU .[View]
94743719Lawrence of Arabia: Did the opening of the film ruining the ending of the film ruin it? Or did the c…[View]
94745867This movie is anti-feminist right? Take a moment to think about it. The main plot point put forward…[View]
94741903>say something nice about me and my friends[View]
94746105>hey Murray stab that guy in the throat[View]
94742325what went wrong?[View]
94746467Cold Skin: How did they fuck up the ending so bad? Also, why hold back on the sex part?[View]
94744830How does Rotten Tomatoes even work? One cunt gave a movie 2/5, and it's still 'fresh'…[View]
94746033>Protag is suppose to be a complete loser >Gets laid in the first episode…[View]
94743847/rlg/-Reylo™ General: Another week is going to an End Edition Will we have any official Reylo conte…[View]
94745426>kino is more than 1h20mins long[View]
94741163Do you sneak anything into the movies?[View]
94725979>Homer & his friends grew up in the 90s now Words can't express how much I fucking hate …[View]
94745310I'll stay[View]
94746392IN THE HALL[View]
94734497When did talk shows stop being about comedy and more about social problems?[View]
94744791Batman Begins is the best Batman film of all time and it's not even close. Nolan peaked with th…[View]
94746218need movie recommendations: I just need some movie recommendations Just list of your favourites or …[View]
94745737kino panther[View]
94745484I have nipples, Greg. Could you milk me?[View]
94745868Things that make you drop a show instantly: >romance takes center stage of the plot and character…[View]
94737332Is he ever coming back /tv/? Doug Stanhope recently said that he bumped into Louis and that he didn…[View]
94744330Marvel would be burnt down: 'got another white boy for me?' Now imagine in fucking Doctor Strange if…[View]
94744808Can someone explain to me why this zealot is somehow portrayed as the good guy? It's pretty har…[View]
94746061Favorite Paul Thomas Anderson quinoa?[View]
94745364Just saw this: Based fucking kino of the century.[View]
94740442these are, without a doubt, the two worst movies I'v ever seen in theaters. what about you?[View]
94744773ITT: Fuck you. I liked it.[View]
94734967ITT we say our favourite movies of 2017 and then tell each other what shit taste they have I'll…[View]
94738621Thoughts on Siskel and Ebert anons?[View]
94739645What's /tv/'s opinion on RalpTheMovieMaker? Our Guy?[View]
94745843What do you eat when you attend kinoplexes /tv/?[View]
94736717Armond on Black Panther: >Coogler’s attempt at genre revision is part of Marvel indoctrination, s…[View]
94745808Sharknado: Thoughts on the Sharknado movies? I'm watching the 3rd one.[View]
94745740Is Breaking Bad a christian allegory?[View]
94745647>'I know you don't want the police to take a closer look at the drugs they seized. And I kno…[View]
94742781Who should play her in the unavoidable Hollywood remake?[View]
94745321Find a flaw.[View]
94745095Can anyone tell me which actress does she look like?[View]
94744783>character gets shot while standing up >they don't react to the pain they just look down …[View]
94745223He overcharged dozens[View]
94742178How do you propose Disney deal with the China problem?[View]
94744294Just marathoned this kino: Fucking BASED[View]
94740678>marathoning on comedy central God damn this show went to shit with James spader and ed helms…[View]
94740960>opening scene is an asian guy fucking a white girl in the shower what did netflix mean by this?…[View]
94742473That'll do anon-[View]
94744502>It's a transporter accident makes Kes age twenty years, gain 100 pounds, shave off her hair…[View]
94743849>Protag morning routine >He washes teeth first THEN he eats breakfast…[View]
94739492What movie is this?: Please help me out guys, I'm banging my head around this for two days.…[View]
94726221Ok, no memes please, let's have a serious discussion about this movie Is it actually good, or i…[View]
94739289>The two best Marvel movie villains. >Both race supremacists named 'Erik'. Poetry.…[View]
94745088Worth watching?[View]
94733406INTER FUCKING LINKED ARGHGHGHGHG you look like a fat joe.[View]
94744060Can someone recommend me some rural gothic kino? (preferably crime related).[View]
94744875Seagal posting[View]
94740595*kinos your 2018*[View]
94744020>Leave Kino to me What did Nolan mean by this?[View]
94744457>Black Panther HITB >another STD re:View[View]
94741613What're some of the most effective commercials you've ever seen?[View]
94744440CAPEKINO GENERAL: lets discuss our favorite superheros movies like the adults that we are! whos…[View]
94744413ITT: Kinos that were ruined by beancounters[View]
94744325What was his function? He strikes me as a Godlike figure who actually exists. He's an otherworl…[View]
94744246why doesnt this stupid fat fuck spend a year or two getting back into shape, get absolutely shredded…[View]
94740455/webm/: Post em cunts.[View]
94741393My Black Panther review: BORING. It was so fucking boring. Low-tier capeshit only elevated by its un…[View]
94739561I'm sorry, the card says 'Moops'![View]
94738812What will his future be like? >Among Lange's current projects is the development of a film,…[View]
94743875And this show is no exception.[View]
94742913ITT: Crykino: Post movies that made you cry.[View]
94744102T,challa, I'm Killmonger.[View]
94743861Streaming & licensing: How does /tv/ feel about current standards of content delivery for tv sho…[View]
94742566>'Hah what can I say? I just love my job! Great wages, free movies, all the popcorn I could ever …[View]
94743977'Do not forget that today is Friday'[View]
94743926*whistle screams*[View]
94742644ITT; catchy commercials: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kkq8a6AV3HM[View]
94742593Ghost Adventures Thread: Lets get this show on the road folks join the room and get comfy my friend …[View]
94742883Is he /OurPanther/?[View]
94743536Let's begin. Ready. Recite your Baseline.[View]
94739010Name one character that couldn't be played by this man Bro tip: you can't[View]
94739048ITT we rate the Kubrick films we've seen from the best to the worst I'll start >2001 …[View]
94743643ITT: Cartoons that should've been made into movies by now[View]
94738077ITT: Actors who are legitimately horrible people I’ll start, Marky Mark beat a senile old Vietnamese…[View]
94743086Season 1 > Season 2 They didnt know where to go after the twist[View]
94742680Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra![View]
94740843who was in the wrong here?[View]
94742543What kind of ending shot is this.[View]
94742983ITT: Underrated movies[View]
94738802Besides capeshit, are there any films to look forward to this year? They all look like shit to me.[View]
94734500>tfw no vulgar jewfu gf https://youtu.be/QS8bma7LRX4[View]
94720700/bb/ Celebrity Big Brother: HOH: Ari Veto: James Nominations: James / Shannon previously on /bb/ …[View]
94735501*Saves British Television*[View]
94742343I'm Wolf[View]
94739347I miss em, Bros.: Is there EVER going to be any chance of them all returning? If they got all the o…[View]
94737694>His hope and optimism: gone.[View]
94741711Dr. Pavel, I am the Black Panther.[View]
94738799Give me more movies like this >already seen 9th gate, eyes wide shut, angel heart, the witch, a d…[View]
94716982/rlg/-Reylo™ General: Slowly but Comfy weekend Starter Edition Will we have any official Reylo conte…[View]
94742991>I'm not crying..y-you're crying solid mexikino[View]
94741820Born to be Wild starts playing[View]
94742971Is there a better written character in the history of TV than Kenny Powers?[View]
94742891ITT only the best opening themes in television: SOMEBODY SAVE MEEEEEEEEEEE[View]
94718974PACIFIC RIM LEAKED FOOTAGE: get in here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NAvjT_Ay734&t=15s no but…[View]
94739275>convincing your lesbian lover 30 years your junior to seduce her own brother to find out which p…[View]
94737930Asians hate ni-: >Disney/Marvel’s Black Panther keeps on charging as it continues offshore rollou…[View]
94742776Who are you le talking to right now?[View]
94741356BLACK PANTHER: >Enforce outdated isolatonist laws, leaving neighboring countries to wither in pov…[View]
94738982Just hold me.[View]
94742505Everything Sucks! on Netflix: So I ve seen the first episode of this show and MAJOR SPOILER - these …[View]
94738561Who's your favorite European director? Mine is Aki Kaurismaki.[View]
94742590Oh sweet merciful neptune[View]
94741120Childhood is when you idolize the original trilogy Adulthood is when you realize that the prequels m…[View]
94742537Will there ever be a more based actor than Brando?[View]
94740374In Heaven, everything is fine.[View]
94741545What the fuck is up with his guy? It's not like he can't be in big budget shit and get the…[View]
94742152Who was in the wrong here?[View]
94741627What was your favorite movie to watch with your friends during a sleepover?[View]
94742391What was the symbolism behind the fat people in Nocturnal Animals?[View]
94739098no can do[View]
94742292Will Bucky & Shuri Get Together? Fans Are Divided On The MCU's Newest Ship: It begins. http…[View]
94742186ITT:Movies you can't watch while eating something: I could be eating a bag of doritos and still…[View]
94738088Name ONE bad Brad Pitt film: Protip: YOU CAN’T[View]
94741206One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest and The Shawshank Redemption are the same movie.[View]
94739385am... am I in love?[View]
94740974kek-lel no[View]
94740594/MMG/ Mamma Mia General: 153 days until Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again >Trailer 1 https://youtu.be/X…[View]
94742143Thoughts anons?[View]
94741919Anyone else going to see Black Panther with their wives and her son?[View]
94741069>where's Robert?[View]
94735382Opinion in this show.[View]
94741696Is there any series (not too short, at least 13 episodes or so) where all the episodes in a season a…[View]
94740340Post Pepe and Wojak irl double acts[View]
94729534What’s preventing the biopic from happening?: Also cast it[View]
94742037Now that black superhero movies are coming back; would you watch a remake of the original black supe…[View]
94740199I think Scott Adkins is underrated. He needs to get better roles, but with fights of course. What do…[View]
94740386We're a generation of men raised by women...[View]
94741116Will we ever get a superhero movie that's derived from 90s extreme?[View]
94740302>movie sequel >no roman numerals, no subtitle, no gimmicks, just a plain number…[View]
94741511When did it go so wrong bros?[View]
94741722>rewatch star wars prequels >theyre kino[View]
94741874Is Lwaxana Troi the ultimate pleb filter?[View]
94739707I legitimately cannot name one film from the 2010s that I would call good.[View]
94741589What's the best place to watch your kinos, /tv/?[View]
94737892The Florida Project: I can't be the only one who saw it.[View]
94740397Watch it anon[View]
94741480Any questions?[View]
94741681ITT: Movies you thought you'd never like but actually turned to be pretty good[View]
94736940How would you rank/rate the lead characters of Star Wars so far?[View]
94741510Jesus, she was a fucking ham-planet. Some of those guys acted like she was the hottest piece of ass …[View]
94740175That 70s show GENERAL[View]
94740067I broke the dam[View]
94740074What are the best movie trailers of all time /tv/?[View]
94741475there's clearly a massive disconnect between them, and the primary consumer of what it is they…[View]
94725473ITT: prison kino[View]
94739625Cougars on tv: Anyone else at the age where you feel the 22 year old looks hot, but their mom looks …[View]
94734696ITT: Girls hat have outgrown their fame[View]
94741184Do I detect some cuckish tendencied creeping into RedLetterMedia recently? https://youtu.be/DpHbLewg…[View]
94741087This was kind of a disappointment. I expected something more vague and deeply disturbing, not a mons…[View]
94725689Solo: A Star Wars Story™: do you think it will be better or worse than Rogue One™ /tv/?[View]
94739601Whatever happened to the black chick from Blade?[View]
94740851he killed millions[View]
94741162Hack or genius?[View]
94737800thoughts on blood drive?[View]
94722713Malazan Book of the Fallen: TV-series when?[View]
94739546Cast the upcoming PTA teen titans movie[View]
94740922https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u3kCMJ-3uMM '>I'LL FUCK YOU TILL YOU LOVE ME, FAGGOT' What d…[View]
94740995name better rape kino. I'll wait.[View]
94740987>woof, woof, woof: Will doggo reprise his role for Avengers:Infinity War & Avengers: Secret I…[View]
94738217my son fat fuck[View]
94736992Why did he decide to name his daughter LOL?[View]
94728427/who/ - Doctor Who General[View]
94740015Give me some horror/thriller/mystery movies, I'm fucking bored!!![View]
94724577/trek/ + /disco/ - Star Trek General: Empress Sylvia 'Killy' Tilly Edition All Treks and all posters…[View]
94739333Deep Thinking with The Last Jedi: Today I realize that Luke Skywalker projecting himself on Krate wa…[View]
94739647The nude reveal didn't make up for the change of thriller to full dark comedy and the introduct…[View]
94740282whats some RAUNCHY kino to get LITTY with the SQUAD to?[View]
94709755Stargate Origins: What will be the outcome of this stunt?[View]
94732432Black Panther set for 200 million weekend: Anyone have any new laughing Evans?[View]
94738759Wow, what an incoherent mess. The 'plot' completely fails to justify the movie's exis…[View]
94739670Damn, I didn't know this was a documentary...[View]
94725490Peep Show: just finished watching the whole thing for the first time, what does /tv/ think about Pee…[View]
94740498>best panther[View]
94739828>Viola Davis On Industry Pay Gap: If I’m A Black Meryl Streep...Then “Pay Me What I’m Worth >T…[View]
94740234Good Time: This was a great film, loved it all around. Who knew Pattinson was such a good actor? I…[View]
94739697Fuck this guy[View]
94740342>it's a daltonfag episode[View]
94738789Who's your favorite comedian?: pic related Seriously can't find anyone to match his style…[View]
94739712>thing doesn't happen until character realizes it's about to happen…[View]
94737986Which is the best fucking season of Mad Men and why is it secretly season 6? https://www.youtube.com…[View]
94740216>Wait wait wait, stop. >What, what's going o— >Stand still and be quiet, you hear that…[View]
94740197What can we expect from the inevitable Hollywood adaptation?[View]
94739285What went wrong?[View]
94740132>Black Panther jerry! It will be the greatest film of all time >Why arn't you dressed as …[View]
94738916Racist Uncle Ben thread: >I know I'm not the fuhrer >THEN STOP PRETENDING TO BE Bravo, Ra…[View]
94737210Does /tv/ like Wallace And Gromit?[View]
94732308ITT: Actors that you don't like[View]
94740092Kill la Kill meets V for Vendetta in live action format. Thoughts?[View]
94737500The Imperius Curse: What's the point of suffering or killing curses when you can just take comp…[View]
94739972Is this a rat burger??? I came too late for >>94734017[View]
94735514>*BRAAAAAAAAAAAAAPPP* There's no God, Wilson[View]
94738814> SOMEBODY HELP THE KIDS ARE HAVING AN ORGY DOWN HERE How did they get away with it?…[View]
94736805I didn't think there could be something even worse than the movies.[View]
94739936Whats the western equivalent of this > the notebook ? fucking nothing western media is dogshit ju…[View]
94739642>In Northern Italy in 1983, seventeen year-old Elio begins a relationship with visiting Oliver, h…[View]
94734543This guy walks into your starship and slaps your girlfriend's ass, and she enjoys it. What do …[View]
94729319is this actually good, or is it just a /tv/ meme? it's 3 fucking hours, I don't want to wa…[View]
94738461Happy Madison is to cinema what email scamming (like the Nigerian prince) is to the internet And I d…[View]
94737693ITT: irresistibly likeable characters[View]
94739842Anyone watch great taste in here? I got an early cut to an upcoming episode, but not sure if I want …[View]
94739716The dark knight is garbage black panther would make him suck my fat bbc[View]
94739657Hey phone posters: జ్ఞా జ్ఞా జ్ఞా జ్ఞా జ్ఞా జ్ఞా జ్ఞా జ్ఞా జ్ఞా జ్ఞా జ్ఞా జ్ఞా జ్ఞా జ్ఞా జ్ఞా జ్ఞా జ…[View]
94736422>he doesnt have a kino collection Why /tv/?[View]
94738666Black Panther Review: Just come back from watching Black Panther, its by no far a bad movie or a mas…[View]
94735855Who's your voicefu?[View]
94739393>capeshit fags will defend this[View]
94739350holy shit. what were they thinking?[View]
94737810Why do some people act like Black Panther wasn't based on an already existing comic book?[View]
94739139Any movies where the coworker back stab each other and actually take credit for someone else work?[View]
94738988>this town is too big for the two of us![View]
94737785>World War II film >Germans are the bad guys…[View]
94738579>biopic >ugly person is played by a hot actor/ress…[View]
94739137Did anyone else think Kaluuya should've had a bigger role? His emotionless-style acting kind of…[View]
94737000>his smile and optimism: gone[View]
94729691It's Always Kino in Philadelphia: Would you be okay with this show ending at season 12? Has it …[View]
94739059>tfw went to a Black Panther screening in a black neighborhood because I thought it would be hype…[View]
94737620>just found out this guy directed 'Ozymandias'[View]
94733979>you are supposed to be intimidated by this skinny midget mhh how about no?…[View]
94733221Why the fuck is this HBO kino not appreciated enough?: Seriously, it's one of the best dark com…[View]
94738960>Prequel trilogy: >Downfall of the Jedi and rise of the Empire >Original trilogy >End of…[View]
94738434How is it possible to create a show with zero likable characters?[View]
94736536Anyone else think Hamill was in love with her?[View]
94738922Holy shit The life is a masterpiece and now so is the soundtrack What next?[View]
94738874I just rewatched 2001: A Space Odyssey, and it's completely different from what I remember. In …[View]
94735848ITT - Times the critcs got it wrong[View]
94727065Sci-fi guns then and now: >Mid 90s >spend 300000 blank rounds from live firearms >Now >J…[View]
94737456Who is the best current actress?[View]
94734440Can this movie ever be topped?[View]
94738099MY EYES[View]
94737440Why is he shoved into every movie and in the news constantly?[View]
94737159Just watched this. Holy fuck... what was Scott thinking? I went in with low expectations thinking it…[View]
94737280Iron Man and Doctor Strange are the two best Marvel movies Honorable mention: Logan (technically …[View]
947290354 > 5 > 6 > 7 > 3 > R1 > 1 > 2 > 8[View]
94738698Was there ever a golden age /tv/?[View]
94735932For me? It's Colin Quinn![View]
94738000Post your dream movie For me, it would be a huge marvel crossover movie made circa 2005 >Tobey Ma…[View]
94738568Is it worth to keep watching after Lexa dies?[View]
94736090/hmg/ Horror movies general: What horror movie /tv/ will you watch this weekend? Looks like Ritual i…[View]
94738513Youtube Red Classic: To kill a Soybot https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rOuSqjF9M8Y[View]
94738466>Jews have played a prominent role in organizing blacks beginning with the founding of the Nation…[View]
94737365Why are all capeshit fans such autistic, tasteless plebs?: I struggle to get inside the head of a gr…[View]
94734952How can a character be so relatable?[View]
94731119ITT: Black kinos no Soy Panther allowed[View]
94734448Who am i Gamling?[View]
94737727Find a flaw[View]
94737504>Make a movie about black people >People are forced to review it as good or be seen as racist …[View]
94731148This show is really good.[View]
94734198Lupita Nyongo breaks the internet with rap freestyle: https://www.instagram.com/p/BfQte_QF1H_/ Iconi…[View]
94738090what was the comfiest film you've ever seen, lads[View]
94737250Movies that will make more money than Black Panther https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NooW_RbfdWI Reve…[View]
94732310Be honest, you got goosebumps during this part[View]
94736807When is the TV/Movie for this series coming out?[View]
94738147Have you done your part?[View]
94731914Are we reaching peak propaganda?[View]
94728248What's the best slasher series?[View]
94738059>Coogler’s attempt at genre revision is part of Marvel indoctrination, so it’s less interesting t…[View]
94734017A society of alienated, stupid and politically correct citizens. This movie is prophetic as fuck.[View]
94734204What does /tv/ think of the Lords of Chaos flick?[View]
94735031Post kino scenes from the prequels https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aWYwKa_PxQA[View]
94734910Was it the only good movie produced by Netflix? What wentn so fucking wrong? Was it accident and the…[View]
94736299Gotta light?[View]
94718787What's your favorite Arnold one-liner? >Stick around.[View]
94735798Everything Sucks!: >revolves around a group of teenagers from AV Club and Drama Club who are made…[View]
94733305What went so wrong with this movie?[View]
94737494Silmarillon adaptation: Anyone else feel that they should have adapted the simarilllon instead of lo…[View]
94737775>Arrive to new region >Bring horse to a halt >Say name of region outloud >Continue ridin…[View]
94737833It was good[View]
94737459I know Disney is ultimately the one that cancelled it, but my God, 'The Muppets' got unfairly trashe…[View]
94736834Does this really have hip hop with swears? I thought this was a movie for children? Why is this okay…[View]
94736392He was supposed to be the next big thing What went wrong?[View]
94737676Movie saudade: Is there a name for the feeling of nostalgia some movies bring in us?[View]
94737662>Character has a thought >Says it out loud for no good reason…[View]
94733218Why are racists acting like the concept of making shit up for entertainment was invented by this mov…[View]
94736147ITT: 'that guy' actors: I'll start >Harris Yulin[View]
94734541>What motivates their methods of racial exploitation are confirmed by this week’s Time magazine: …[View]
94737062What was this expression intended to convey?[View]
94737422Arguably his best performance.[View]
94737402Nirvanna The Band The Show: Haven't seen any discussion on the 2-Part finale since it aired. Wh…[View]
94735734Is Jennifer /ourgal/ ?[View]
94736927After the success of Logan, what’s next for her career?: Will we get an x23 kino staring Dafne?…[View]
94684566Is this the most beautiful woman alive?[View]
94735902*glass breaks*[View]
94732325Was this the ultimate comback?[View]
94734295How did this manage to get 100 oscar nominations? I'm legitimately curious.[View]
94736755Who was in the wrong here?[View]
94733344Was it autism?[View]
94735192>can't... or won't?[View]
94737105What are some examples of movies that aged terribly?[View]
94737048ITT: Fictional movie places you'd like to go[View]
94736292>mfw I realize Fly is the best episode in the whole series[View]
94735687Is this the most kino show on tv right now? Makes Black Mirror look like dog shit[View]
94735961name one thing merle did wrong[View]
94736629Anyone else always identify with the villains?[View]
94735896Opinion on her?[View]
94736675Will they ever come to the MCU? Or will they ever even get a proper good film at all? It's craz…[View]
94736518is this considered art house?[View]
94734791Why did Luke just hold out his hand for Vader to chop off?[View]
94736910Which movies have the worst fan base?: For me, it's Star Wars! Manchild brainlets or fat tumblr…[View]
94736721That'll do anon-[View]
94733410don't mind me just the best comedy of the 2000s coming through[View]
94735285ITT: Kino villains that you always rooted for as a kid Pic related[View]
94736753ITT: trailers that were nothing like the movie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f1jg5YlQuT8…[View]
947367318005882300 EMPIRE TODAY[View]
94736276>Friday night why are you here[View]
94735735AIM FOR THE BUSHES[View]
94729621How can you hate on Black Panther when it creates so much joy? https://www.theroot.com/we-went-to-op…[View]
94732517What am I in for /tv/?[View]
94730994Fly you fools[View]
94736519>movie trailer >cover of popular song with slower tempo singing and piano replaces the origina…[View]
94736176just as you have planted your seed in the ground, anon, now I shall plant my seed in you: John Smith…[View]
94736433My friends! You pay taxes to no one.[View]
94736231He was ___based___[View]
94736396Post some kino true crime documentaries[View]
94736272But dad I want to go fight the aliens![View]
94736324Reminder that the final Tarantino redpill is how much he takes from Hitchcock and what he takes from…[View]
94736319>sci-fi movie >hot alien babe 'what is kiss' >guy looks at camera, turns back and slowly un…[View]
94736317I like you Chris Rock but saying Cops need to start killing a LOT more white kids went too far![View]
94734240>Black Panther will flop-[View]
94734868There are two Harry Potter threads in the catalogue. Please tell me you aren't starting to take…[View]
94736177Why was he the only good guy character?[View]
94735845What was his problem?[View]
94734749Epic scenes (including choirs) from any movie. Thread. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qxqJF_7RCkE…[View]
94735949>it's a 'sitcom characters go on summer vacation' episode[View]
94731067Ayo Trex, come help me swag this kid out[View]
94714532RLM: >Not fat and doesn't have diabetes >Doesn't act like he hates everything >Do…[View]
94734530What's the deal of him and american cars? He drove a mazda just fine in the first one[View]
94731834This really needs to have a movie. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o2Z1yLO9C-Q[View]
94734577is this mexikino?? or just horror trash?[View]
94735900Does 'Love, Simon' have better LGBT representation than 'Call me by your name'?[View]
94735877>Any uh yous guise seen Wondah Woman?[View]
94735844The whole 'The Rebels are just as shady as the First Order' thing was such a good subplot. I'm …[View]
94730017Is Daisy /ourgirl/?: She btfo's nerd virgins who complain about star wars on a daily basis. All…[View]
94735736/Cloverfield Paradox/ Continued: >>94728140 (OP) # >They chould have literally changed like…[View]
94733055...but he was audited. Sauron filed for bankruptcy![View]
94722214Make this /tv/ related[View]
94729702Scenes women will never understand[View]
94735673Top movies of 2018 so far? Black panther for sure, but what else? Also flicks need not apply.[View]
94735653Cobra Kai: Will this make you get YouTube Red? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xLtYmhj-0Kg…[View]
94735571Will she ever get her big break in acting?[View]
94734954*ruins your episode*[View]
94735429What Tv Show is 4chan?[View]
94734999Crichton and King: Who's the master of writing books that get turned into cinema?[View]
94733102the apostle (2018) >The year is 1905. Thomas Richardson travels to a remote island to rescue his …[View]
94735212Will there ever be a mommy actress that can surpass moncia bellucci?[View]
94734765>white people will be blamed for the rottens[View]
94734526Post underrated cartoon kino: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=9g-6RkMpknQ[View]
94733404Red Sparrow: (0:02) Jennifer Lawrence in a ballet outfit nicely shows off her legs and undergarment …[View]
94735140How much will it suck?[View]
94732796Just finished season 1. So glad they locked up the fucking monkey.[View]
94735272How kino would this crossover be?[View]
94724812What's Hollywood's obsession with this haircut? Would you left or right?[View]
94734756Remember me?[View]
94730744What are your hopes for Episode IX?[View]
94733744Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome: Good God. I finally got round to watching it for the first time, and al…[View]
94732729Red Desert - 1964: Any recommendations for films with a similair 'ugly but beautiful' look…[View]
94734371*ruins your franchise*[View]
94732262Camelot ![View]
94733368Is this kino or what?[View]
94734234What's that horror movie where the characters get hypnotized and start vomiting their organs?[View]
94734640>tfw the true mermaid series is coming 50 years after didny ruined everything why is nonbody on /…[View]
94734030Narcos is the only legitimately good Netflix show[View]
94731155>pajeets love marvel...NOT[View]
94733043ITT we type out the sounds and music of the The Simpsons intro. I'll start *heavenly chorus sta…[View]
94733859black panther will make more in its opening weekend than blade runner in its entirety[View]
94732125Find a single flaw You simply can't[View]
94734523Salma Hayek: New screens. Why haven't you posted asking for Mommy's milk yet?[View]
94734455Newness: WHAT THE FUCK WAS RIDLEY SCOTT HINKING WHAT WAS THIS!?!?!?!?!??! http://www.imdb.com/title/…[View]
94734490Any1 able to find me the picture of Peter Jackson in a greenscreen suit? (mildly resembles Pepe) tha…[View]
94732792Was there ever a movie gangster as based as him[View]
94734379He did nothing wrong[View]
94731544has this show turned into a comedy? season 1 was alright but now its laughably bad wtf syfy[View]
94733936>you now remember that Avatar was a movie and people lost their fucking minds over it…[View]
94731759who is this woman? I need to know for a scientific investigation[View]
94730895Pam in That 70's Show: Never seen Jenna Fischer in anything but the office, never knew she was …[View]
94727818what is it with this recent trend of young men fucking their own aunts in tv-shows? is (((someone)))…[View]
94734247what a weird movie[View]
94734302>you look like you could use a friend in here... I could be a friend to you…[View]
94734235Daily reminder that the Detective Pikachu movie is a thing, Rita Orta is in it, and God hates us.[View]
94733832Who is /tv/'s favorite Italian actor/actress?[View]
94733611Cast it.[View]
94734112Was Zack Snyder paying homage to Drive in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice?[View]
94732917pssh, nothing personnel[View]
94732431ITT: Actors that unerve you[View]
94734024>Filmmakers decide to not refer to this character as Man Ape because refering to black people as …[View]
94734018>films starts with a quote that sets the mood Nothing wrong with this. If I made a movie I do th…[View]
94732934An Open Letter to White People Who Are Upset Because Black Panther Is So Racist: https://www.theroot…[View]
94726888Did the guys secretly lure her into the forest to murder her?[View]
94733771What is the film equivalent of this?[View]
94733517The Terror: >Period piece >Horror >Military vs monster This shit is so up my ally holy fuck…[View]
94732685What are some GOAT childhood movies? And no, the iron giant or the misfit kids who play soccer don…[View]
94733786>he doesnt rate Scrubs We all know that pleb[View]
94730693Stop haunting people.[View]
94724021Is she right /tv/?[View]
94733662Black Panther headed for $120m+ international opening: https://www.google.ca/amp/deadline.com/2018/0…[View]
94727073Answer this please.: Why is there such a big hype about Black Panther? Movies with African or Africa…[View]
94733363The average film critic in 2018[View]
94730488What exactly is 'The Shadow' covering GRRM's world of Ice and Fire near Asshai?[View]
94728536The only review that matters is out. http://www.nationalreview.com/article/456485/blank-panther-over…[View]
94728805Hands down the hottest actress alive[View]
94733778Is it kino?[View]
94732677This worth a watch?[View]
94733461Some disney: Explain to me why I unironically love this movie so much. I'm at a complete loss.…[View]
94733294I don't want a black history month black history is american history[View]
94733659Okay, this has been bugging me for a long time now, I just gotta get this out there. WHY DOES HENRY …[View]
94733585What is the best MCU villian and why is it Killmonger?: Also who the fuck has Kill in their last nam…[View]
94733545Gateway: Holy shit, why was this movie so bad? I'm horrified, give me back my 90 minutes.…[View]
94728931Rape Letter Media: Why do they watch so many movies with rape in them?[View]
94733405Why arent SJW shilling for this black led movie like they do with every Disney schlock?[View]
94733571My god. How have I never heard anyone mention this film in all my years on this earth. Please post …[View]
94732943For lack of anything better to do, against my better judgement i finished the season of discovery af…[View]
94723681post a more exciting up-and-coming actor you cant[View]
94733524netflix kino?[View]
94731503Wow Robert Pattinson is a really good actor What the fuck....[View]
94733381Mission Impossible > James Bond[View]
94728589ITT: movies with the best aesthetic[View]
94733433*Lupus blocks his path*[View]
94728140What the fuck was this shit?: They chould have literally changed like 3-4 small words throughout the…[View]
94712096She's the best black actress at the moment and you can't prove otherwise[View]
94732140Cinematech on G4: Remember the good old days of watching Nocturnal Emissions late at night on G4? Re…[View]
94700859Is black panther the biggest cultural phenomenon if our generation? It's world changing[View]
94732468UGH WE CANNOT let her get away with this! literal white scum. And to think she was an ally..CAN YOU …[View]
94731768I don't think the man responsible for Space Cop has any right to criticize others for making ba…[View]
94732620When are they going to make an Asian superhero MCU movie?[View]
94732743You have ten seconds to find me a better 90s cheez-kino.[View]
94733092Great Debate thread: Okay, which is objectively the best show? Fresh Prince or Family Matters[View]
94733072>spoilers ruin movies Shouldn't a movie be able to stand on the quality of its storytelling …[View]
94731860>sci-fi flick >teen girls ask doctor about alternative universes >they finish refreshments …[View]
94732103What did /tv/ think of the finale?[View]
94732927Why was Black Panther in Pulp Fiction?[View]
94732469Mads doesn't look like a playboy anymore Buy he is thick as fuck[View]
94728442Future headline >Rotten Tomatoes has permanently removed its audience score feature, and that’s a…[View]
94732856You’re all pathetic[View]
94732846ACTUAL CASTING CALLS FOR THE NEW SABRINA: Sabrina: >Female, Open Ethnicity, to play 16. >Sabr…[View]
94732015Woah he looks a lot like his parents, Brandon Stark and Ashara Dayne..[View]
94732242Has anyone watched the Norwegian series SKAM? It is a great series[View]
94731351I thought it was good, wtf[View]
94732399how do you even calculate a score like this[View]
94732750Him: Dick pic thread[View]
94732005https://www.dailywire.com/news/27237/jeffrey-tambor-erased-stalin-movie-poster-paul-bois Where were …[View]
94732716SHEEV THREAD: >ctrl+f >'sheev' >no results no.... No, NO!…[View]
94731203>Call.Me.By.Your.Name.2017.1080p.WEB-DL.DD5.1.H264-FGT >Call.Me.By.Your.Name.2017.1080p.WEB-DL…[View]
94729820Reminder that I am still alive ever since the very first episode Reminder that I haven't suffer…[View]
94732643What are some movies with magic psychedelic worlds?[View]
94731816post Dons[View]
94732645Drop your pants colonizer, NOW![View]
94728212What went right?[View]
94732046What did /g/ think of Altered Carbon?: Judging Criteria >Storytelling */10 >Sound/Score */10 …[View]
94730540What exactly am i in for here lads?[View]
94732280Black Panther was good[View]
94731193Post liberal douche celebrities that are going to be charged with sex crimes next.[View]
94727040>have you seen American horror story ...I've seen of it.[View]
94731821What's the name of that movie, in which a nameless character finally realizes that at least 85%…[View]
94732115What did Bucky mean by this[View]
94732221/tv/ - Television & Film Board: >webms aren't allowed to have sound Wtf bros? GIVE WEBMS…[View]
94732204Have you guys seen Black Panther yet? It was pretty cool.[View]
94731262Ruby RoseGOD: Everything she done was Kino except John Wick 2[View]
94725759Best series of 2018.[View]
94731062Who was usually in the wrong here?[View]
94724480MY STRAW REACHES[View]
94715764Ryan Coogler discusses the Africanness of African Americans: Ryan Coogler says that African American…[View]
94728824What is his most classic movie[View]
94727877Why is there zero consequences for her blowing up the Vatican when there was a million tedious scene…[View]
94731414Why are British people just better at playing the Bad Guy[View]
94730297>give me Dwayne Johnson but with acting skills >say no more…[View]
94731390>friday night why are you here?[View]
94731917Watch this scene and tell me that capeshit isn't total garbage. How is this fun or gratifying …[View]
94731896>>94731203 Any time I hear about a new movie that comes out of nowhere, that all the critics a…[View]
94731888Busted by the guinea pig haha dumb bitch[View]
94731881Actors who were good enough for one film: > Emile Hirsch for his performance in that one film ...…[View]
94731820>tfw no black princess in battle paintins to have sex with you I wanted her to jack me off with t…[View]
94731813>entire Stargate movie put up for free on Youtube's official Stargate channel Is this the fu…[View]
94731791>watch horror kino >movie gets too scary >pause it and browse /tv/ instead…[View]
94709005>the most beautiful woman in the middle earth What were they thinking?[View]
94731740ITT: Hacks[View]
94731142Does he still do comedies?[View]
94731201Why aren't there more girls with pixiecuts in film and television /tv/?[View]
94721157>RT Features and A24 Films announced that they will be teaming up on Eggers’ new movie The Lighth…[View]
94731600>DEWEY >THATS AIR[View]
94729735APOLOGIZE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k7ZW1gtCljs We will never have this level of kino again…[View]
94731105Was it autism?[View]
94731368She's gonna get you.[View]
94728909How is it possible for a guy to make one absolute operator kino movie like this one, but the rest of…[View]
94730482Is this show worth watching? I've heard good things[View]
94731613Since tumblr and the soys want diversity in Hollywood can we please start firing Jewish people that …[View]
94723020>Immortal (in terms of lifespan) >Not even a Maia >Just a regular dog, allowed to speak 3 t…[View]
94692437Kat Dennings tv pilot: http://deadline.com/2018/02/kat-dennings-star-abc-justin-noble-workplace-come…[View]
94726706How low will it ultimately go? Are we talking Last Jedi levels?[View]
94731004>climactic fight between Black Panther and Killmonger >Killmonger holding Black Panther over l…[View]
94729791ITT: Villains who did nothing wrong[View]
94730971Is he legitimately the funniest and smartest comedian ever?[View]
94719987Chug-a-lug, Donna.[View]
94731308Honestly what the FUCK was his problem?[View]
94725241at last I truly see: Disney isn't selling movies, they're selling meaning to an increasing…[View]
94731389why is this such a reddit movie[View]
94731125what is the most intelligent film?[View]
94730647What did go wrong?[View]
94730109[clock ticking][View]
94730856So now you're supposed to collect two versions of Han Solo? What the fuck is Disney thinking?[View]
94731321Did Ronald just call Mr. Nigger a Dante?[View]
94730401You think she's being BLACKED?[View]
94716674>1,036 days until Avatar 2[View]
94731110>another Martin McDonagh kino how does he do it?[View]
94730906LOL, why can't she just keep a man?![View]
94728175Just saw Black Panther and it was kino.: Why did /tv/ spend the last 6 months bitching about this mo…[View]
94714739ITT: genuinely sympathetic 'bad' guys[View]
94731065SHEEV THREAD: A surprise, to be sure, but a welcome one.[View]
94729131>'Everything you want to see' >Supposed to be some king of huge reveal >Implying he didn…[View]
94731048anyone remember the name of this show?: it was a show about some magicians doing pranks/candid camer…[View]
94726712What are some other movies that feature incest?[View]
94731030Are the chines immunized against Hollywood subversion?[View]
94725846Has The Rock finally surpassed Arnold?[View]
94730000I'LL KILL YOU[View]
94730756This is the Twade Minista of the Pacific States of the Japanese Empire. Say something nice about him…[View]
947308753x3 thread. Let's do this. Be nice to plebs.[View]
94730900Any cinematography tips?: This is my drone/infomercial page I've been working on does anybody h…[View]
94721881THE GREAT DEBATE[View]
94730841ITT: oh yeah, that happened[View]
94708440What is going on?: Why do so many modern blockbusters feel so incredibly loose and empty? By this I …[View]
94728354Because it bears repeating. HAWKMOON MINISERIES INCOMING. FANTASY IS SAVED[View]
94730513>'First one to talk gets to stay on my aircraft' >Bane is the first to talk >he's the …[View]
94725776I unironically liked MoS and Wonder Jew and enjoyed parts of BvS (Suicide Squad was fucking terrible…[View]
94730649>LEE >CARTER[View]
94730563What are your favorite easter eggs in film/TV?[View]
94729653Went to the movies yesterday and got tickets to Jumanji and I, Tonya. I was watching it in my seat i…[View]
94730497The Butterfly Effect: What are some retarded movies that have bad acting/dialogue/storytelling yet s…[View]
94728961Hey /tv/, what was that movie with a guy receiving calls from his dead girlfriend? i remember she di…[View]
94728919Christopher Nolan kids' call him ''Mr. Woodcock'': Do the social services k…[View]
94730451What did /tv/ think of the finale?[View]
94727705COBRA KAI - KARATE KID SAGA: will it be kino? https://youtu.be/xLtYmhj-0Kg can you realy still have …[View]
94730050Ocean’s Eleven: I liked it. Did you?[View]
94730376fat fuck[View]
94729408What are some good films to watch where the bad guy wins in the end?[View]
94729012Creep: This is fucking inspiring. Such well-crafted tension with just two random nerds and a shitty …[View]
94728873What is the best film of the 21st century so far?[View]
94727633The /pol/babbies that took over this board will never admit it, but Black Panther was genuine kino.[View]
94723589Favorite fake musicians from TV and film[View]
94730229why didnt frodo just smug his way into mordor[View]
94715592Previously, on Trip drama: >>94705422[View]
94725146If you prefer left over right you don't belong here and need to go back to fucking Reddit and n…[View]
94726427>character dies >character is back as if nothing ever happened BRA-VO JACKSON…[View]
94725444>Cant act to save her life >Whore Shitty tier actors Go…[View]
94729981Simpsons predicted Florida shooting Or was it meme magic?[View]
94729969We've washed ourselves in 'Vengers blood and the Wakandans too[View]
94729162What are some movies that portray the friendship between boys?[View]
94729975next kino when?[View]
94727742>Sequels better than the original[View]
94730099SNEED ME, SEYMOUR![View]
94698585OH NO NO NO NO NO NO[View]
94711373Are you guys ready to have your childhoods ruined by the need to force a social message? I know I am…[View]
94728828JUMP THE CHASM![View]
94723603Movies with grotesque/depraved sexual scenes and sickening/disturbing humour and is also a descent m…[View]
94729225>Pitch.Perfect.3.2017.HC.WEBRip.x264-STUTTERSHIT Pitch.Perfect.3.2017.HC.WEBRip.x264-STUTTERSHIT …[View]
94729346Who here has seen it? Is there a big twist? Does it turn into a musical? Or a western?[View]
94729833Remember that episode of Boy Meets World where Cory fucks his bully's sister?[View]
94727488Films like Blue Is the Warmest Colour and this webm: Some films with this feel? I've already wa…[View]
94729463>'hey guys lets make a woke movie about black people' >'thats an ok idea but black people aren…[View]
94724589>lol whitey is evil I love how you can just be openly racist towards white people while whites wi…[View]
94728853How is this review considered fresh? The reviewer gave it 2/5 which means 40%. Anything below 60 is …[View]
94727016Spaghetti Western Thread: Anyone got any good recommendations?[View]
94727566>Go to see Black Panther opening night >Final fight scene >Stand up and say 'AYO BLACK BOUT…[View]
94722457Is Spawn the only good 'new' superhero of recent times? Is there any other original hero that comes …[View]
94729694Hello [This is a test] Sorry to bother you[View]
94729688Finishing this up, is better and more entertaining than I expected. Did you like it /tv/?[View]
94728202Thoughts on the Alienist? I think its ok to be honest I'm mostly watching it just for her.[View]
94723897>*cries uncontrollably*[View]
94727306>Carcosa is just some trees beind a fat redneck's house What did Pizzolatto mean by this? Al…[View]
94725708Guys, I was losing hope, I really was. But next year's mob film The Irishman is shaping up to b…[View]
94723331VIOLA DAVIS SLAMS THE PAY GAP FOR WOMEN OF COLOR: >I have a career that's probably comparabl…[View]
94729477Daddy would you like some sausage? Daddy would you like some sau-sa-jizz?[View]
94725439Why were the human lands in such a shitty state by the time of Lord of the Rings? Hell actually why …[View]
94728060Give me some good psychological/mystery horror films that don't rely on jump scares.[View]
94729017Hey hon, you wanna go see black panther tonight?[View]
94726765You now just realised that there are two Matthews on Friends.[View]
94707244The Ritual: So the monster is not a psychological manifestation of guilt, but an actual physical mon…[View]
94728754>Remove the repeated bautista lines and other flashbacks >Remove some exposition by Robin Wrig…[View]
94729184*ruins your shot*[View]
94729174>It ain't eaaaaasy, beeeein black...[View]
94721004>DUDE David Koresh, the insane cult leader, was actually a great guy LMAO kek are they fucking se…[View]
94729139>tfw Jazz is dating your girlfriend’s cousin’s ex girlfriend[View]
94705656The fuck was their problem?[View]
94727857What did Netflix mean by this?[View]
94726808>plinky plonky jazz music starts playing: <3[View]
94728304Bright: I don't get what's supposed to be so bad about this movie.[View]
94725584Shows you just couldn't finish: As the title says, Dropped it after the second episode, i just …[View]
94725645Chad or cuck?[View]
94725083Heat: Why did they respect each other so much?[View]
94728533What did she mean by this?[View]
94726955This was scary. I want more films like it.[View]
94727688it's been 214 days since game of thrones has ended and i haven't been able to recover from…[View]
94728511>FUCK YOU, CUNT! I'm getting a divorce! >but I'm pregnant...... >Oh.....ok. never…[View]
94724564ITT: Characters you want to marry[View]
94726700ITT:Post Trilogies Never Finished: Bayformers is over. Trilogy isn't finished. Post other movie…[View]
94728375What the FUCK was his problem?[View]
94726338What did you think of the movie 'Monster'?: I think Charlize deserved the Oscar she got.[View]
94728333When you understand the jokes in Rick and Morty[View]
94727692it was surprisingly good[View]
94728204What did we think of it?[View]
94728315Was it kino?[View]
94727057Name a comfier place in all of /tv/ and films more comfy than Central Perk[View]
94724481I’m at the cinema watching pic related and it’s the most boring oscarbait I’ve ever seen, don’t make…[View]
94728035What are some TV shows featuring sex parties?[View]
94727593Characters who did nothing wrong[View]
94726184DARK VADOR[View]
94727797Ghost Adventure Stream: The stream is going The spooks are comin come on in friends[View]
94726180ITT: performers you just want to puch in the face for no particular reason pic related[View]
94728059What was his fucking problem?[View]
94716121Chinese TV show sparks fury with blackface sketch: >One of the most watched TV programmes on eart…[View]
94727913I got really into crime movies this past year so If you guys and gals(pff, who am I kidding) could t…[View]
94725355>50 years old >no kids >no husband will she ever find happiness?…[View]
94726656>Written by Akiva Goldsman[View]
94727740Zapruder film: Is it kino?[View]
94717713stoya: stoya in a sci fi movie https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fLzGLpoXiqY[View]
94726761shamaladingdongkino: holy fuck honestly[View]
94713909Luke, did I ever tell you about that business on Cato Neimoidia? Following a large Republic countera…[View]
94727739DrunkDrivein: Does anyone here know anything about this site? im looking for the people that used to…[View]
94726736Get a projector lads: Feel like I've been watching film wrong all my life Any old projector …[View]
94724886ITT: Monster is in the forest Kino[View]
94727678ITT: logos you see at the start of a film that will guarantee kino.[View]
94723913what are some movies where the protagonist slowly starts losing a grasp on reality?[View]
94720023It's here. http://www.nationalreview.com/article/456485/blank-panther-overhyped-race-fantasy…[View]
94727565Went to see Detective Chinatown 2 today and had an absolute blast so I wanted to know if you guys co…[View]
94722829>shows up making literal ape noises, chimping out, and just being an overall stereotype >ends …[View]
94727155sup /tv/: what are some good hollywood adaptations of japanese films?[View]
94715424How does she still get work?[View]
94718072Had I known this movie was this comfy I would’ve watched it sooner. Why don’t they make em like thi…[View]
94727365Is he the greatest actor of all time. Considering his best roll is being an ambassador for climate c…[View]
94723767ITT: /tv/ related comics[View]
94726575how does one make a good short film in university?[View]
94720585ITT: blacklisted actors[View]
94725813What sound effects were used in this scene?[View]
94727289>Character snaps fingers >contraption or henchman from a good distance reacts to the sound…[View]
94726917This is film/television actor, Boyd Holbrook What are your thoughts on this actor?[View]
94719090>In movie theater watching Black Panther >Snuck in some food because fuck paying those jacked …[View]
94727191What did they mean by this?[View]
94722417>movie has two directors[View]
94727095Mel Gibson, my archnemesis![View]
94720250>After principal photography was complete in 2003, Lucas made even more changes in Anakin's …[View]
94726486>Arrive to new region >Bring horse to a halt >Say name of region outloud >Continue ridin…[View]
94720471>if you got action figure problems i feel bad for you son >i got 99 movie figurines and a pop …[View]
94723129We've met before, haven't we?[View]
94722657what are some kino commercials? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fgPxjDjAKyg[View]
94726835This was the weirdest toned movie ever I’m honestly not sure what to make of it Anyone else seen it?…[View]
94723011itt: characters that did nothing wrong[View]
94725956Jack Geller: best TV dad[View]
94725294>Well Lord Vader, I made it, despite your directions.[View]
94724509Why didn’t they respect each other so much?[View]
94726413Would you agree?[View]
94726439Is this a kino?: This has been one of the greatest film I have seen ever since I was young , and no …[View]
94725804French New Wave: Can /tv/ recommend me similar movie to this one? I read that it's part of the …[View]
94726598>Realizes it's bad to horde all the resources and wealth for themselves, instead they should…[View]
94717277Reminder that he's the greatest television character of all time[View]
94725504The curs of Star Wars: Felicity Jones ahsn't done anything since Star Wars now trying to stay r…[View]
94726490Shutter: Should I watch this if I like horror? http://www.strawpoll.me/15086620[View]
94725605Is this the most beautiful woman alive?[View]
94726566*Typewriter sounds*[View]
94726498How many movies have you watched till now?[View]
94722102>childhood faps[View]
94718699You look like a good Joe.[View]
94720218When are we going to get a proper American Revolutionary War film?[View]
94717114Black.Panther.2018.2017.720p.HDCAM.X264-PinkPanther: AWWW SHIT NIGGA >Black.Panther.2018.2017.720…[View]
94725493>'That was reckless Poe, because of this I am demoting you from commander to captain' >'But is…[View]
94723960well that was disappointing[View]
94725626>he's a comedian's comedian[View]
947215612016 to 2026 the decade of the ..............[View]
94724466Can anyone recommend me more movies similar to: The Before Trilogy A Summer's Tale My Dinner wi…[View]
94710872Justice League Knightmare Scene: Slowly piecing together the available evidence. Am I missing anythi…[View]
94723205Name a more upsetting film.[View]
94724084Would an all female sequel to The Thing work?[View]
94725112>Character interacts with another character, wearing a terrible disguise >Interacts with them …[View]
94725051>search YouTube for kermode because it's Friday evening >this week's reviews are by …[View]
94722152Pssh nothin personnel kid[View]
94725859Fuck you it was fun[View]
94724177What's next for her career?[View]
94725997What am I in for?[View]
94725832What the hell where they thinking?[View]
94724843what the fuck he had like 50 cannons of his own on either side why didnt he just fire to why wasnt t…[View]
94725853Where is Padme? What happened to my canadian accent?[View]
94723632Simpsons was, at some point, the best show on television. No one who has seen it disagrees with that…[View]
94715536So how did lard ass delivery truck driver land an 8/10 like Carrie?[View]
94724484Me smart. Me think it's cool to hit people for having different political opinions![View]
94722545remember when they made a movie about feels guy?[View]
94719664I know you are but what am I[View]
94725220/trek/ general: as annoying as the bajorans are i can't help but feel like i would also become …[View]
94725441>tfw no qt older photograph bf What do you girls do to act like the neon demon ? I really want a …[View]
94725429Best medieval space travel movies?[View]
94724471Race and television/cinema: Is it just me or have race relations completely gone down the drain in t…[View]
94720899Where were you when fantasy was saved? HAWKMOON MINISERIES INCOMING.[View]
94725331Was it really that bad?[View]
94725287Star Trek 4 Plot leak Confirmed[View]
94722704Was this any good?[View]
94725153G'day mate, it's Bond.. Thor Bond: What did Point-break mean by this? >the boys are bac…[View]
94725142You just fucked yourself, you steal from me and your dead[View]
94724871>dad is taking little sister to see Black Panther this weekend Should I be worried…[View]
94723068Uh oh[View]
94714590For me? It's Colin Quinn![View]
94725056>' Master Windu, I'm SITH.'[View]
94722273What are some good movies about freedom?[View]
94724966Pathetic.: >be Malcolm X > say its terrible that whites enslaved blacks and that makes them ev…[View]
94724785Will it be Pixar kino?[View]
94723378so let me get this straight... beacons of gondor weren't lit for thousands of years yet not onl…[View]
94723963How does it feel knowing that as long as black panther only gets 11 more bad reviews it will be the …[View]
94724534Thanos vs Darth Vader: Who wins? (Thanos whitout the gauntlet and the gems)[View]
94721125>mmm mmm mmm mmm mm mmm mm brrrrr brrrr daaaa daaaaaAAAAAAAA[View]
947247278 1/2: Is this movie as influential as everyone says? What're your thoughts on the film and the…[View]
94724493KOO NI TE[View]
94724650>We need the worst idea imaginable for a video game movie >Say no more…[View]
94722975How accurate is this?[View]
94723968i met my dad and hes a fuckin redditor what the fuuuuuck[View]
94724433>Academy Award for Best Picture[View]
94723790>We need a sympathetic German villain.[View]
94707036/TREK/ General - Best Klingons Edition: >>94706708 Continued..[View]
94722544What does Hollywood have to make everything so cringy? Movie >My name is Hercule Poirot. And I am…[View]
94723807https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AEoW3ZJViD0 YAAW YAAW YAAW YAAW[View]
94723201How do you go from this...[View]
94721087What are some movies that spring realism on the audience?: For example, one of the main protagonists…[View]
94724110If Kubrick had an instagram: It would be nothing but selfies[View]
94724157>Dark Vador[View]
94723381Uh oh: >making history >still less than TDKR, BvS and Shitron How is this record breaking? Bec…[View]
94722939Let's analyze his body of work.[View]
94723962Are these good movies?[View]
94718431So I just watched pic related. Let's not talk about if it's faithful to the original. I ju…[View]
94723566Is Star Trek: The Animated Series worth watching? Is it just as good as TOS?[View]
94723236>'Back to formuler?'[View]
94722262Quick question, isn't 'Wakanda' like the ONLY made up location on Earth in the Marvel franchise…[View]
94717959Finally three of my favorite movie channels coming together!!! https://youtu.be/URfbzdgxFmE[View]
94723473>It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia >intro filmed at night I don't get it is this sup…[View]
94718537>The MCU has a villain prob- There has only been one mediocre Phase 3 villain. This complaint isn…[View]
94723214Would Oyasumi Punpun work as a live action film?[View]
94723741Cinema you're looking forward to in 2018 1)Mandy 2)Aquaman 3)I'm not a bird[View]
94723367>'American _______'[View]
94723482Any anon here seen Black Panther? Is it bad, good, or just a generic marvel capeshit?[View]
94723609Best capefuck movie?[View]
94723666I'm gonna make a change. For once I'm my life[View]
94722040why did marvel cut the homosexuality out of black panther[View]
94721260Is it going to be okay /tv/? I just want more 3deep5me dialogue and robot gf's.[View]
94723117>preview for new film/series with cool sexy leads >'OOH I'M A REBEL JUST FOR KICKS NOW'…[View]
94722896what went wrong?[View]
94722386>fucks everything in sight[View]
94723524Two Doors Down: Why didn't /tv/ tell me about this gem before? It looks like it should be shit,…[View]
94710457The Grand Tour: >cant even do good special episodes anymore its over, theyre finished…[View]
94721717Please, make it stop. MAKE IT STOP[View]
94717762Gordon - It's 10:10am on February 16th[View]
94722950How important is the score for you, /tv/?[View]
94723443>do you know how Chili and Sea Bass first came to be?[View]
94722423i park. nino did nothing wrong. gosling is my enemy.[View]
94723350*walks into netflix pitch meeting* >'it's like stranger things, but 90s' >'SOLD!'…[View]
94721343>prison cell scene >character is reading philosophy…[View]
94722198murder on the orientdressing express: Why did they add such ridiculous 'action' scenes? What did the…[View]
94722001http://ew.com/movies/solo-star-wars-book-connections/solo-but-far-from-alone/ >The author ofHalf-…[View]
94718313>we need a gun that a bunch of generic elite mercenaries can use[View]
94723141>rewatching game of throne >this fucker appears is he in everything?…[View]
94721809Person of Interest: Anyone else watch this great tv show? Was it kino? Abrams and Nolan are geniuses…[View]
94723173Watch my movie or die cis scum[View]
94715544>tv says its kino >32 minutes in >sleep instead woaw…[View]
94713095Pickle Rick is in the HOUSE TONIGHT[View]
94722771Which are some conspirakinos?[View]
94723039Is this the most deep and complex show ever made?[View]
94722994>mfw whenever something about the Detective Pikachu movie is announced[View]
94719819>Its a Ross trys to sleep with his own cousin episode[View]
94722621Is Star Wars a soft and washed up version of what would have been Jodorowsky's Dune?[View]
94722803Greatest horror film in sometime.[View]
94716637How long until Rotten Tomatoes no longer allows audience scores, the same way netflix did?[View]
94711708>The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) first infantilizes its audience, then banalizes it, and, fin…[View]
94722817hahahaha what the hell is this[View]
94720363Predators > Predator 2[View]
94722463How do you review a movie without seeing it?[View]
94722789>we need a silver tongued ruthless kingpin >say no more…[View]
94721703>come with me if you want to survive[View]
94719634GREETINGS... America....[View]
94707191ITT: Characters who didn't deserve their suffering[View]
94721607What would you like to do?[View]
94717479Whats this about? Haven't watched a movie in a cinema in a long time cuz most movies shown are …[View]
94721901This is a 45 year old man[View]
94722260Is the Andromeda Strain film as good as people say?: I love the book.[View]
94721630Jew Kino[View]
94720316>Lando looks like Lando >Solo doesn't look like Solo For what purpose?…[View]
94703685>teacher showed movie in class >its kino[View]
94706399ITT: Actors who always give a great performance regardless of the quality of the film.[View]
94721574I'm Poppy https://youtu.be/i8sNo5evkyo[View]
94714328Did you like this show, based /tv/?[View]
94722246>watch kino >start to scratch my balls >get turned on >start to touch myself >now i…[View]
94719616YO MR. WHITE[View]
94720522So did he actually kill his wife and her bull?[View]
94717754Atypical: Let's discuss our new favourite show here[View]
94721195>twee indie coming of age film by a beta looking writer director and a story about a beta 16 - 28…[View]
94722197So I actually just watched the trailer for the first time, away from all the 'WE WUZ' parrot-speak o…[View]
94718323>the early 2000s female sex symbol >not a single good movie to her name…[View]
94719286Whom do you serve?[View]
94722042Brendankino is back, boys.[View]
94721049This is a 35 year old man[View]
94722031Have you gone to Black Panther screening yet?[View]
94721897MJ vs Prince: Can we admit that Prince's movies were complete trash. Moonwalker shits on all of…[View]
94720133ITT: Good Musicals[View]
94721968It's about time we had a black superhero movie.[View]
94721657Reminder that Black Panther will only be the third highest grossing movie this weekend China is look…[View]
94721916When I first saw 'Amazing Every word of what you just was wrong' I thought the picture must be some …[View]
94717251This was a strange movie.[View]
94712899The Ritual: How scary is this I didn't find the witch or it (I know very different movies) but …[View]
94721055Chris Rock's Netflix special: 5 minutes into Chris Rock's new Netflix special. >police …[View]
94718960Is this the greatest unscripted scene of all time?[View]
94719226>makes an enjoyable nerdy scifi comedy with heart Good job![View]
94721797Why are Japanese tv shows so comfy? What's the formula for such coziness?[View]
94717111Would you say these are good adaptations of the source material? I watch the whole trilogy once a ye…[View]
94720002Can anyone help me understand this scene? So pretty much only dudes get such bad hemorrhoids?[View]
94721311Did anyone cop the Blu-ray?[View]
94720301Ready for the SJW 2018 show?: >Daniela Vega >The tranny with a golden hearth Also she will Wi…[View]
94721655Dr. Detrolio, I’m FBI.[View]
94720095What is this expression intended to convey?[View]
94720146Looking.Glass.2018.720p.WEB-DL.DD5.1.H264-FGT: >After losing their daughter to a tragic accident,…[View]
94720040What went wrong?[View]
94721413A better villain, at least one with an actor that isn't a complete fucking tryhard, would have …[View]
94719460So is Joseph Peach the Meat Man? Also Channel Zero thread[View]
94720519Turned out this meme scene wasn't even in the movie. It was something thrown together for the t…[View]
94720375Any good films on the IRA?[View]
94720054This is S H E E V. Say something nice about him[View]
94721037Damn, Charlize Theron looks like THAT?[View]
94721163Pandering and bongos: Im sorry the movie by no means in my opinion is bad. However it isnt really go…[View]
94721076ITT: we spoiler movies >Kaiser Soze is Kevin Spacey, everything he tells the police is bullshit…[View]
94719607Cast him.[View]
94721088https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4quvCgiuBxs HOLY FUCKING SHIT YOU GUYS READY FOR TITANIC 2? JACK…[View]
94710417what would true lovecraftian kino look like?[View]
94720516The only thing that makes less sense than the overpreaching of Black Panther is the overpreaching of…[View]
94720175>sci-fi/horror movie >weird shit starts happening >character asks scientist about parallel …[View]
94720801How do you make a show about traps without the only trap?[View]
94720762Born ready, War ready, Born ready, War ready, Born ready, War ready, War ready, Your boys' lost…[View]
94718126>prison film >shower scene >gay rapist comes up to the new guy…[View]
94720879How long until we get the crypto currency movie like the wolf of wall street?[View]
94720874Golden Exits: Golden Exits is out, any good scene with Emily Browning?[View]
94715654what would you call this style of hand to hand combat?[View]
94717620MR. ANDERSON[View]
94720003Are you ready for the shoehorned in Vader and Death Star scene?[View]
94720821What are some movies that deal with 9/11 the way this film dealt with the Boston bombings? I mean, g…[View]
94714969For me, it's Shailene Woodley[View]
94718573So can a woman just present an award anymore without making it all about herself?[View]
94719168This isn't what i've expected[View]
94720742Was this kino?[View]
94717410ITT: Trailer Kino https://youtu.be/lB95KLmpLR4[View]
94719444KOREA ABSOLUTELY B L A C K E D http://movie.naver.com/movie/bi/mi/point.nhn?code=137326#pointExpertT…[View]
94720605WATCH IT WEBBY[View]
94720281>toni is too pure[View]
94719529>start watching new tv-show >can't catch up on who is who >can't relate character…[View]
94720334Is it kino?[View]
94720495Lets have a suspiciously similar concepts thread: I'll start: >The blue bar code in the eyes…[View]
94720353>Is it a problem? >No, I'm Dunnheir. Woah Nolan...…[View]
94718989Recommendations: Let's get a thread going about our favorite movies and how everyone else has s…[View]
94715998Seinfeld: What is Costanza’s sleaziest move and why is it pretending to be handicapped to get prefer…[View]
94720214/kzg/-Kongzilla™ General: Will we have any official Reylo content in 2018/19? >New Monsters of De…[View]
94720147>woman finds out she has a few months left to live >first thing she does is cheat on her husba…[View]
94719237Hey, Waterboy! Water sucks, Gatorade is better![View]
94716170You all know this is true[View]
94714024Did he do anything wrong?[View]
94717739>dude lmao overly agreeable loser who takes 5 seconds to answer a question…[View]
94718274Phantom Thread: Jesus Christ, what a shitshow. Probably the most idiotically written script all year…[View]
94718429Sherpa (2015) must see TV: Hard to say - what was left on the editing floor but, it appeared to be f…[View]
94711434Did you like San Andreas?[View]
94718434What do you think about this Ready Palyer One new poster, /tv/?[View]
94711065Will it be kino?[View]
94715064Cinematography: What does it really mean, and does it apply to animated movies?[View]
94719731Stuckmann BLACK PANTHER review: Are you ready to get Stuckmannized? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
94719818You have not seen this one.[View]
94719468>Luke, did I ever tell you about Master Sifo Dyas? >oh wait, no, I didn’t Seriously, who was h…[View]
94719744Shows I want canceled. Black Mirror: Diverse Twilight zone episodes & writers married to a Sunni…[View]
94718919why does no one ever talk about Refn's crowning achievements https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X6…[View]
94717775CAUTION Before seeing Black Panther (Coogler 2018) this weekend think of the following. After the r…[View]
94716502How to ruin your movie in the last 2 minutes[View]
94719221>see the trailer >wow this dude looks great, he's gonna be MCU's Joker >go see t…[View]
94715081>cries on your tv screen[View]
94719628Can /tv/ memes ever be art? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8MLDT5-ZgN0[View]
94714623has there ever been a better set of bros on tv?[View]
94717054Did you ever fell in love watching a tv show?[View]
94718928how about my queen[View]
94719218Thoughts on MASH? What memories do you have that are associated with the show?[View]
94718509Is this the best thing that Netflix ever did? Is it pretty much the only reason to sign up for Netfl…[View]
94719223>Controls the most profitable movie franchises >Have destroyed anti-trust laws and bought out …[View]
94719344TFW someone treats the dogmatic physicalist view of consciousness as proven[View]
94719381What are some essential public domain kino's everyone should watch in their lifetime?[View]
94718696Menashe: >Within Brooklyn’s ultra-orthodox Jewish community, a widower battles for custody of his…[View]
94719274>Moonlight >Get Out >Black Panther Is this the new era of blackino?…[View]
94712895Why did everyone forget him?[View]
94704316‘Black Panther’ Arrives: Thursday Previews Pacing Between $22M-$24M – Early B.O. Estimate: As of rig…[View]
94708098Let's see Paul Allen's card.[View]
94715423Why does this network take so many god damn breaks?[View]
94717966Is this the best critic in the history of critics, maybe ever? In this thread we will discuss Armond…[View]
94718220Altered Carbon: >a single character ruined this show Is the book just as shitty?…[View]
94712228I can't be the only one to find it hilarious how important a fucking by the numbers Marvel flic…[View]
94719054Is this the most kino biopic ever?[View]
94705714Just watched black panther AMA[View]
94719048What a terrible shame no one will see this film. All because Louis was human and made a mistake.[View]
94714815don't mind me, just the best animated movie coming through[View]
94715266What are some essential Clint kinos? Already seen: from him as an Actor and Director >Dollars Tri…[View]
94717551Is this the ultimate comfy sitcom?[View]
94718152Will A Wrinkle in Time be as big as Black Panther or will it bomb? I don't know anyone who care…[View]
94718711Well looks like we lost, /tv/. Black Panther is a great movie and we are on the wrong side of histor…[View]
94718819>2011 movie >Party rockers in the house tonight…[View]
94715484Bollywood can't make kin-[View]
94713267Actors you want to see have a comeback but would probably never happen: This is Edward Furlong.…[View]
94718272TRANSFORMERS REBOOT COMING!!! BAYFORMERS IS OVER!: It's happening! Tfw2005: >This was not so…[View]
94718707>Nah, I just hate niggers what did he mean by this?[View]
94718691Black Panther: What is the best way to celebrate the release of your new favorite movie?[View]
94717132Versailles: >Philippe crossdressing episodes >Marchal almost getting killed episodes Which are…[View]
94687679ITT: Flawed Masterpieces[View]
94717928Watched this after Dunkirk, im drowning in Kino[View]
94714255Was the Dude actually happy? Was he content with wasting his life?[View]
94718451Yeah, I liked it the first time I saw it: When it was called Vertigo. Lynch is a hack.[View]
94717750Well this sucked[View]
94716264Now that the dust has settled what's /tv/'s opinion on Justice League?[View]
94718172Was he a bad guy ?[View]
94714842What are your thoughts on Solo?[View]
94717795I don't get it, why is the princess such a genius that even surpasses tony stark? I mean, she b…[View]
94698265Black Panther opens #1 in Taiwan and Hong Kong: With a massive opening expected in mainland China. R…[View]
94717040GOD TIER DIRECTORS: Francis Ford Coppola Martin Scorsese Chrostopher Nolan Alejandro González Iñárri…[View]
94718087*blocks Black Panther's path* >Coogler’s attempt at genre revision is part of Marvel indoctr…[View]
94714944Anybody else read this? I had never read a star wars book before but I enjoyed it quite a bit. Shoul…[View]
94717996Hmmmm https://mobile.twitter.com/chiseledadonis/status/964316583131787265[View]
94717985>'we need a tall, corrupt cop' >'say no more'…[View]
94717563Is he /ourguy/?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V0nfRcc4PJ0[View]
94717943I don't shake hands[View]
94712183>'an emotional rollercoaster'[View]
94717332Disjointed: Pivotal TV show Funny Demonstrative of contemporary culture BTFOs pot smokers as much as…[View]
94717836Can we all agree that 2017 was a shit year for movies?[View]
94716885Hayley Atwell: Will she return in Avengers: Infinity War?[View]
94717636Cloverfield Paradox: Is this related to the others? heard it was anthology but not sure, should I wa…[View]
94711401Yet another meme recommendation by /tv/. Absolutely no point to anything that happened, not to menti…[View]
94717330is she the perfect mummy?[View]
94713038>its alright if you want to touch my breasts do teenage girls really do this?…[View]
94717587So what happened to him and TGWTG reviewers?[View]
94716603Is this /schoolkino/? It seems like internationally, many people watched this film in biology, and i…[View]
94717590Admit it, you want Black Panther to be Kino.[View]
94716040Has such kino ever gone so unappreciated?[View]
94716087That's Grand Masta Bushido Brown[View]
94713853Just finished this game, and I honestly think this could be made into a miniseries.[View]
94717486Dexter: Why is Trinity so perfect?[View]
94712744jery buy bitcoin[View]
94713616Chadwick Boseman: >40 years old How is he getting away with it /tv/? Did he steal Pharrell Willia…[View]
94716265Will it be good /tv/?[View]
94714150was this a really smart or really stupid ending?[View]
94717215>kid protagonist goes to his friend's house >friend is a dick to his parents…[View]
94715224>everyone loves Ben Affleck >becomes Batman >he's a sex offender >everyone loves Q…[View]
94717207Cast them[View]
94712825Better than Disney Kino[View]
94717259I just realized LOTR is 100% white Of the, i dno, 40-ish significant characters in LOTR, every singl…[View]
94715658T'Challa, I'm Killmonger.[View]
94714178Eh how many lumps do you want?[View]
94715184Who came up with this fucking idea?[View]
94709895Why didn't you like Predators? It was a much better sequel than the schlockfest that is Predato…[View]
94713739SAMMY PLS[View]
94710930>tfw abbott is death process[View]
94717220So /tv/, in the light of the MANY CIA-backed coups, assassinations, illegal arms deals, etc. through…[View]
94717222Nothing personnel kid[View]
94716865>'Sorry, Mr. Ditkovitch, all I have is this $20 for the wee- UNAHND MY MONEY YOU GREEDY KIKE SON …[View]
94715123Who is this!? Malcolm? How did you get this number? I told you I'm not coming home. I have a ne…[View]
94714173what was the point of this movie? do girls really have no prejudice against entering relationships w…[View]
94713812ITT: movies they couldn't make today (Don't post tropic thunder)[View]
94714551How did this show manage to make Joel Kinnaman look cool?[View]
94716328This movie offended my liberal sister She said it was too racist[View]
94716774ITT: movies that a virgin will never understand[View]
94716669Last Man Standing was absolute kino. No shock that they cancelled it because it was red-pilling the …[View]
94715027You cannot separate BlackP anther from the women. T'Challa is dope, but where would he be witho…[View]
94715428live action ico movie when?[View]
94709589It's terrible >Directed by Bo Burnham I mean, I'm happy he is in an administrative posi…[View]
94716473>china bans every movie showing bones or ghosts >Coco on the other hand was not only allowed w…[View]
94716595*makes fart noise*[View]
94716679What does /tv/ think of i dream of jeannie?[View]
94715762Wakanda the practical joke country: So what did Wakanda do with all the aid money they got by posing…[View]
94713444Is Black jaguar the Citizen Kane of Superhero movies???[View]
94714183>tfw the last super hero related thing I watched was the dark knight rises Feels good not fillin…[View]
94715807Why did this show become such a pity party?: Kimmel's politics are fine, but between the consta…[View]
94714006Imagine to be her pet Wow[View]
94716534remember this film? no? you will forget about black panther as well.[View]
94716503>Blocks your inability to imagine living in a comfy English community while cooking delicious fre…[View]
94714105How come they didn't arrest him for throwing that guy out of the window?[View]
94716439*eats food*[View]
94716298Why was she so startled? And cute![View]
94715414What are some americana movies? How would you define the genre?[View]
94715045Dead actors and ghosts: So I noticed that Pat Morita died in 2005, yet has been credited in movies a…[View]
94716017What is their Problem ?[View]
94715704because this sort of thread doesnt have a home, can we have a podkino thready on /tv/? I just finish…[View]
94715671Directors who are in movie jail but still don't know[View]
94715165What the fuck is happening to his face? Is he slowly melting?[View]
94712544>niggers think it’s an empowering success that they made Jewish movie producers millions of dolla…[View]
94709784Actors you cant stand for no reason. Hate this cunt[View]
94677804/rlg/-Reylo™ General: Stay Comfy Edition Will we have any official Reylo content in 2018/19? >Ne…[View]
94715086Looking for similar shows. Funny and adventurous.[View]
94713790Give me more films like this. >tfw I guess the ending half way through[View]
94714993You wish, Brad.[View]
94715722Arsenio Hall Show: Was it kino? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=09yOZsZuxMY[View]
94714138So it's literally 'Black Trump' the movie?[View]
94715504Will they get back together, now that they're both single again?[View]
94714914>This movie is making people so uncomfortable. >I love it.…[View]
94708748/blk/ - Black Panther General: IT'S FINALLY OUT AND MAKING BANK! >Earlier tonight sources we…[View]
94714477AY RIG *rubs head* MASK YOU SOMETHIN' *wipes mouth* HOW YOU GON SURVIVE? *runs into a forest* *…[View]
94715236Post your mom's favorite kino: I'll start It's true[View]
94712718Why do black people hate Will Smith?[View]
94710705Are any of you watching this? What do you think of this season so far?[View]
94715088*recommends you watch Lady Bird*[View]
94715282>I DO NOT ASSOCIATE WITH...MARVEL Did he enjoy The Black Panther?[View]
94715156CRITERION THREAD: Alright so Wikipedia states that Criterion is going to release The Devils (1971) b…[View]
94711656Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories: Thread theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OwjoT9YFDug Can we talk…[View]
94713738>I'm sorry anon, tonight's film experience is strictly a jacket and tie event. Also, yo…[View]
94714943>Eastwood asked the French government if he could get Khazzani to play himself How crazy is this …[View]
94714935>Horror movie has a happy ending >Child survives completely unscathed Literally why?…[View]
94703551What are your favorite shows that got the axe too soon?[View]
94706095I can't wait for when we have an all Chinese super hero movie. that'll show the world.[View]
94707013Mmm, this IS a tasty burger.[View]
94708629Looking.Glass.2018.720p.WEB-DL.DD5.1.H264-CMRG: >Looking.Glass.2018.720p.WEB-DL.DD5.1.H264-CMRG …[View]
94715077Can we get a Steve kino thread going? Love this man[View]
94705422/who/ - Doctor Who General: sci fi cruise edition last time - >>94692001[View]
94712952>is a nationalist who wants to keep his country isolated >believes in tradition >saves a wh…[View]
94714875...and on Thursday. Coming up after Cheers, it's Seinfeld! Only on NBC.[View]
94713425>opening credits >alternative rock starts playing >camera slowly pans down from the sky ont…[View]
94710380Paul Dano is one of the best actors on earth, but the 'classic Paul Dano' meme has almost ruined him…[View]
94714343The Na’vi: The Na'vi male is the epitome of male dominance and masculinity. Let's start by…[View]
94713854Looking for more emotional dramas with great scores like this. Others I love are 'Meet Joe Black' an…[View]
94713127IF ITS ALRIGHT[View]
94714340>DUDE CHRISTIAN BALE WAS PLAYING 2 CHARACTERS I guessed this so early on in the movie. Is that wh…[View]
94713700Why doesn't movie ticket prices go down the further you are away from release date?[View]
94709288You know how to use a machine gun?[View]
94713938what a movie, lads. i cried my eyes out at the end. i feel sorry for you fatherless bastards who wi…[View]
94707456TIL When Matt LeBlanc auditioned for the role of Joey in 'Friends' he only had $11 dollars to his na…[View]
94714454Alright faggots, let's settle this once and for all Which is the cooler Sci-Fi alien? http://ww…[View]
94714306Filename Thread: Can we have a /tv/ filename thread?[View]
94708099Is Wind River good?[View]
94712719women can't fi-[View]
94712616DUDE SPAGHETTI AND CANDY LMAO Is this the worst Christmas film ever?[View]
94714411Were they?[View]
94711268*inhales* HAHAHAHAHA: It was 85% user score not even 6 hours ago, this shit gonna tumble down waaaaa…[View]
94711390>watching foreign kino with parents at 12am >hardcore sex scene with nudity comes on >mum a…[View]
94712639>You don't get to walk away! That train has already the departed. Stopped watching right the…[View]
94709059>is meant to be an uber smart robot-detective >can't tell that an A.I. is just feeding hi…[View]
94712988Sorry guys: I didn't bring a sword.[View]
94709852She totally stole the show.[View]
94713072Is illegal in america not to dress up for a movie? Do cinemas have changing rooms or do you have to …[View]
94711351Best Batman to date.[View]
94713598Who had it right? Iceman or Maverick?[View]
94712287Explain to me why the average Kubrick fan is so insane?[View]
94714073Dune and Black Panther: So I'm not the only person who was getting Dune vibes from watching Bla…[View]
94712959>tfw no historical epic about Athens blowing the Persians the fuck out[View]
94711186YAG It's on netflix, should I watch it[View]
94701407Name the best movie in the world: or I'll eat your soul[View]
94714011>character returns after a forced leave of absence.[View]
94713920T'Challa, I'm CIA[View]
94710746Is there another show like Mad Men with tons of subtext and subtle things that requires multiple vie…[View]
94713974Any films about the subservient nature of humans and how weak minded the general population is belie…[View]
94713406We want Chinabux[View]
947134403>1>4>2>prometheus>covenant Also deformed ripley scene on the table in 4 is the most …[View]
94713878will the age of kino ever end? what comes next? back in my day we has movies and flicks and then i g…[View]
94711991have you lost your passion for movies? all this capeshit got me jaded.[View]
9471208313 reasons why: I know I'm late to the party but is there anything worth watching in this show?…[View]
94713785So what will be the consequence of this? RT will simply remove the audience score completely or a ne…[View]
94713216>sequel after 14 years >none of the characters aged >villain from the ending of the first o…[View]
94712284Best female filmaker today[View]
94711812So what was his Souncloud?[View]
94710323Do you go to pee in the middle of watching a movie in a theater? Or just hold till the ending?[View]
94712373Has anyone here watched this? Is it shit.[View]
94711884>Be me >Go to see Black Panther by myself cos looked like a nice fun flick >Order my favori…[View]
94711616This is kino in its purest form[View]
94713421The Florida Project: I can't be the only one who sees the resemblance.[View]
94705674why is this guy so fucking based i've only watched the first 2 episodes of hannibal and he is s…[View]
94713188Lunar New Year: Chinese TV gala includes 'racist blackface' sketch: >The skit begins wi…[View]
94713219Dumb made up shit: the character: Okay DUDES time to write a Ron line! >...I made my first chair …[View]
94703659What the fuck was his problem?[View]
94711332>'Black Panther? That's the best you got?'[View]
94713196Any of you gonna watch Everything Sucks?[View]
94709092> has superhuman strength and sense thanks to muh magic herb > wears high-tech 'hey stark your…[View]
94713190To the anon who said this was Jack Black kino, fuck you! This is one of the worst movies I have ever…[View]
94711872He killed millions.[View]
94712477>pretending this movie is about black empowerment and involement instead of being a cashgrab It…[View]
94711600>I'm Ephraim Bin Osiris Anday Sekel em-Al! what the FUCK did Johnny Rico mean by this…[View]
94712726Gee Lena Dunham sure let herself go[View]
94708474Robert Pattinson joins VVitch director Robert Egger's upcoming 'fantasy horror' film …[View]
94709320And nobody said a word.[View]
94712063>Milla Jovovich is 42 What other actors didn't age like shit?[View]
94708142this is actually what its like at the theater[View]
94712708Here's your cracker jack cracka[View]
94712350does any music doc come even close to this kino? it's so goddamn comfy. https://www.youtube.com…[View]
94712579>'we're not so different, you and I'[View]
94707153ITT: Good games based on /tv/ products: I'll start with this underrated gem.[View]
94712689>'good night for banana fight, right?'[View]
94712474What are some movies about self reliance and checking out of society? https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
94712651I'll stay.[View]
94712650>only 11 episodes of Farscape left >have been conserving it for almost 2 years now…[View]
94712509Misconceptions: When Bane says 'For you' he doesn't mean that he's a big guy relative to C…[View]
94710360*ruins your movie*[View]
94710805The upside down moving shot of killmonger in the throne was absolute kino Especially with this sound…[View]
94711407Name a single actress more accomplished than him You Fucking Can't[View]
94712431>character is blind >he can feel other people smiling or making faces…[View]
94711228Andrei Rublev: I feel like cinema has peaked for me. Every other films i wach after Rublev seems so …[View]
94708302Molly bloom movie: How was someone this swarthy looking able to be so successful academically?…[View]
94712282hang me oh hang me i'll be dead and gone[View]
94710938Was it autism?[View]
94708228Is this British humor ?[View]
94711394Mazel Tov![View]
94712125Here's your pop whiteboi *clicks*[View]
94712133The peak of British ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''comedy''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''[View]
94711004Hey Captain Black! Eat this![View]
94710186>get in mah belly Was there ever a worse, more quoted movie line?[View]
94706665Is it really that bad?[View]
94710639Hey beet those girls say they wanna suck your cock 'Heh aint got nothing to do with me'[View]
94708808This is 17 years old.: Oh god why wont this ride stop?[View]
94707744Is this the best scene in all of capeshit? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rDGRAHBojWE[View]
94711802you're not ma mama, mamas ma mama[View]
94711781There was a low budget horror movie about 2 redneck guys and one of the guys handcuffs the other int…[View]
94709211Post your biggest disappointment in the last decade of movies[View]
94711633What are some movies about negroids?[View]
94707971Mary Sue the character[View]
94691722Were the Resident Evil films bad?[View]
94708721Is it any good?: Is it compelling, how does it compare to other marvel movies. Not trusting online r…[View]
94694862Reminder: it was Jewish propaganda to bash the Russian revolution[View]
94709139Just finished watching this. Anyone else seen it? What did you think? Thought it was ok, but it felt…[View]
94711423Need some movies: so I need some movies to watch this coming weekend recommend any you want pic unr…[View]
94711563Star Wars?: Did I scare all the SW fags away with my huge knowledge, I really should've lubed m…[View]
94711257defend this[View]
94711488ITT: Childhood crushes, that later became your type: For me it's little miss mocha chino. Uniro…[View]
94711109>another shitty netflix original[View]
94709108Why are people trying to shill this kid from Call Me By Your Name so hard? His performance was not t…[View]
94706974>season 8 subplot has Arya feeling jealous of Daenerys even through the whole undead war thing …[View]
94710853This wasn't half bad. Bill Pullman carried the shit out of it.[View]
94710123James Woods rules as an actor.[View]
94709024Mitchell and Webb: Who is the smart one? I actually think it is Rob. David is mostly a one trick pon…[View]
94708303He’s got a hell of a point.[View]
94711053Black Panther: Saw it yesterday My theater was almost full One of the best marvel flick Apologize.…[View]
94711213Who would you cast for the upcoming tv dramas adaptation[View]
94709461This shit is massively overrated: name one memorable joke[View]
94708508No can do o c a n d o[View]
94706433What have you done for blacks?: Went to go see Black Panther tonight with my girlfriend. As I was st…[View]
94710506>can't keep a man >no kids she must be so fucked up…[View]
94703675ITT: Scooby Doo Kino[View]
94708438Believe it or not. I've only seen the first and first half of the 3rd (turned it off cos was so…[View]
94701239Broderick was charged with causing death by dangerous driving and faced up to five years behind bars…[View]
94710885>no Iron Man 4[View]
94707804Hotel Rwanda: Can someone explain to me why true African Kino has barely any recognition. Yet a Supe…[View]
94709262What should the inevitable Middle Earth: Sequel Trilogy be about?[View]
94710717who would you cast to play this woman?[View]
94709049Thoughts on Being John Malkovich?[View]
94710718MEN'S Movies...post 'em: Movies only men will enjoy. I'll start...[View]
94710271Venom movie: Hey /tv/. I saw an advert that Tom Hardy is going to play 'Spawn' in a new Super Hero m…[View]
94710637>fifteen (15) black kangz threads And I thought the salt-right isn't OBSESSED…[View]
94688588Why is it only a problem for them now after the movie is made?[View]
94703573MFW creed is the best character on the office[View]
94710536When can we get a true kino adaptation of 1001 Arabian Cuckoldry Tales?[View]
94710602Watch it Ma[View]
94710121/sop/ranos: Sure we break some balls here, but I go way back. In light of recent humiliations, its a…[View]
94710211New Star Trek thread since the other one got shamelessy shilled up. Discussion about Star Trek PRE f…[View]
94709340ITT: people who save franchises[View]
94710415>be out with the lads >me and one of us are marvel fans so we decide black panther >on the…[View]
94710483>Your fingers would remember their strength, if they grasped, your penis. This line always seemed…[View]
94709508>innocuous situation >smash cut to sex scene…[View]
94709637>Bumblebee The Movie >BUMblebee >BUM >LIKE A BUTT >Expects to make billions of dollar…[View]
94708859How would lord of the rings be different if Ashley Judd was cast in it?[View]
94708250What was the point of The Hound putting her over?[View]
94707450>tfw people rarely talk about good korean movies and all anyone mentions over the last year are t…[View]
94710082Looking Glass [2018]: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o6WO-n2ZXdY > A couple buy a desert motel w…[View]
94708373What is DC waiting for? Give this man a movie and you will get millions of supporters[View]
94710070home invasion: Im looking for a movie where a killer goes into a house and murders the family while …[View]
94710045One does not simply walk into mortgage[View]
94706920the fly: what was the point of this episode?[View]
94709991Why didn't the smeagols just fly them to mordor?[View]
94707817OFF THE AIR: Why didn't you tell me about this /tv/? Gawdamn you all to hell.[View]
94707257What the hell even was that trailer? This movies will be dog shit, won't it?[View]
94705757He'll be back. R-right?[View]
94706441that'll do pig[View]
94707796best videogame movie?[View]
94706326He did nothing wrong[View]
94709048Who'll play him in the inevitable biopic? He's currently redpilling masses of the normies,…[View]
94709577Name a bigger JUST than the 'not MCU'[View]
94709576Say that again[View]
94709213Gone Girl is literally a ripoff of Presumed Innocent with a different setting and a more upfront psy…[View]
94708445If given a choice would you rather stay at the Linton Travel Tavern with Alan Partridge or the Great…[View]
94708974Good night, /tv/.[View]
94702023This movie was all over the fucking place. It was completely tone-deaf, trying to balance serious sh…[View]
94707023/lbg/: Letterboxd thread: post profiles and discuss what you have recently watched QOTD: Recommend a…[View]
94709160Hey Anon, do ya like The Beatles?: Early Beatles is the best Beatles. I don't even consider The…[View]
94709376WE WUZ KANGZ[View]
94707967/TREK/ GENERAL - DISCOVER THE FUTURE: 'Star Trek Discovery'. 'Star Trek Discovery,' a new show follo…[View]
94709341He killed fitty men[View]
94707208>I'm loading up on onions, every type of beans, broccoli, beef, eggs, and milk(lactose intol…[View]
94706726Find a comfier set on a sitcom You literally can't.[View]
94708442I like cocaine[View]
94709217Is this kino?[View]
94709237>want to show my gf Drive because it's my favorite movie and she might like it too >scare…[View]
94705944Skip or watch?[View]
94708818First time here, I may not be using the board correct but I need help finding some show/anime. I use…[View]
94708843>2019 >History teacher is talking about Wakanda again >Fed up with this shit and decide to …[View]
94708031what did I think of this[View]
94703021*Ruins the series* *Ruins every spinoff of the series*[View]
94709099For me? It's Colin Quinn![View]
94709047Keith called: a couple of hours ago from Helsinki https://youtu.be/BlTNgVJqnfY[View]
94699155What's this expression failing to convey: And how to we move the DCUE forward?[View]
94707893is Wankanda a realistic settlement?[View]
94708966Poison my eyes! Poison my eyes![View]
94708152This movie fucking sucked. >muh split personality >such depth…[View]
94701580https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4quvCgiuBxs HOLY FUCKING SHIT YOU GUYS READY FOR TITANIC 2? JACK…[View]
94698604Jennifer Anniston will never find love: I like Brad Pitt as an actor but he really fucked over Jen. …[View]
94704523>dude let's cut mark antonys speech which is a historical and cultural touchstone not to men…[View]
94705219BLACK PANTHER Opening Night Happenings: https://twitter.com/search?q=black%20panther Blacks are gett…[View]
94707884Just saw the theatrical trailer for this and it looks well done. Gritty atmosphere, EU feel and lore…[View]
94708788do you like his film scores?[View]
94708705The Incredibles 2 Thread - /TI2/: So, the movie is coming out this June (June 15)... So, what do you…[View]
94707673IASIP will end soon, when will he get his own tv show like glenn and kaitlyn did? what role would yo…[View]
94708005Coffee and movies/shows: >Characters arrive at their workplace >something needs to be done fas…[View]
94708634Tony Rydingeeeeer[View]
94706986Childhood was thinking the Independents and Mal were best Adulthood is thinking the UAP and Jayne wa…[View]
94698866Now that the dust has cleared, why did he hate Twin Peaks so much?[View]
94704922What do i watch first?[View]
94706420hes my boyfriend, my number 1 fuckbuddy[View]
94707573Vigilante/Revenge Kino Thread: Discuss the classics and recommend the deep cuts that deserve greater…[View]
94707193Choose your fighter[View]
94707414>I'm sorry I'm not gay or Jewish, so I don't have a special interest group of jour…[View]
94699351Hayden Christensen can't ac-[View]
94691516Pacific Rim: Uprising new trailer: https://youtu.be/A0SGEb01QY4 Any thoughts?[View]
94708391Why is he the only former cast member who refuses to do a reunion?[View]
94708344>Actor acts like his on-screen character during press junkets and TV interviews…[View]
94705096Did you go see the first Superhero movie to have a black person in the leading role /tv/? I did![View]
94705488I don't eat, I don't sleep, I do nothing but think of you...[View]
94693893How can this show possibly be so clever? Every time I rewatch it, I notice so many things I didn…[View]
94707242What a colossal waste of time.[View]
94708039Which Bond movie is best?[View]
94708271ITT: We make some OC Give me a picture and I'll make a 3dwebm for you on 3dgifmaker.com Please …[View]
94708104Black Panther was absolutely boring. I can’t believe how much praise it’s getting. I normally love M…[View]
94707964Windows.exe has stopped working...[View]
94706668>mfw nothing but capeshit is played at the local theater[View]
94706748what is Wakanda's tax policy?[View]
94702487/bb/ Celebrity Big Brother: HOH: Ari Veto: James Nominations: James / Shannon previously on /bb/ …[View]
94706546Tomb Raider: So this is just a remake of the 2013 game? Will we get anything set in England like the…[View]
94690689Peaky Blinders: Opinions?[View]
94706777>runs through a cement wall >still sees himself as human lol…[View]
94706736Black Panther (Spoilers) Not a great movie: What is the big deal here? This movie is no better than …[View]
94708084So I'm like 40 minutes into this thing and I think it's safe to say it's one of the w…[View]
94706586When will Hollywood be brave enough to do an all female reboot?[View]
94708029Anybody seen Richie?[View]
94707944I made this![View]
94704443Have you watched all Simpsons episodes with commentary /tv/? It's probably the best series to h…[View]
94701186Do any other Canada anons on /tv/ feel nostalgic for old YTV?[View]
94705985What was going on with the second season of The Simpsons? Why did it pull on your heartstrings more …[View]
94705428Hey /tv/, what do you think, of the actress, Jamie Lee Curtis, on her performance, in the 1994 movie…[View]
94707808What did they mean by this?[View]
94706226Why didn't he do it?: >Instantly knows when Thor/Loki comes to earth >traps Loki into som…[View]
94707390Just saw the film, why is the face on the right such a meme? I thought it was a well-acted scene.[View]
94699946DISNEY BULK BUYING BLACK PANTHER TICKETS!!!FACT!!!: Seems the mouse is already trying to 'meme' the …[View]
94707755Post best opening of tv series: Mine is pic/link related, saw it as a child and freaked me out http…[View]
94706449What the hell is the Trashman doing on Friends?[View]
94705924What do you think she'll do when Black Panther outgrosses The Last Jedi?[View]
94707271There weren't any black people in my local Black Panther screening. AMA.[View]
94707769They made affleck drink in the reshoots: kek[View]
94705282Jeffrey Tambor Officially Dropped From 'Transparent' in Wake of Harassment Claims: >Ama…[View]
94707762When the DCEU became Marvel: Bravo Whedon, Bravo Geoff[View]
94705013>Whether by the sword or the slow decay of time, Aragorn will die. And there will be no comfort f…[View]
94707135Swordfish: Was there any movie that had a cooler opening scene than this? Shame the rest of the film…[View]
94707352What did he do wrong? I don't think playing out a power fantasy in a video game is worth what h…[View]
94707360This is a good show[View]
94707520WHAT ARE THOOOOOSE! Trolling aside she was adorable[View]
94706295When did Archer get good?: I started watching Archer when it first came out and it sucked donkey bal…[View]
94707619What the fuck was this guy's problem?[View]
94707553even normies know the truth: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QSeAakisFqA[View]
94704854What does /tv/ think of the new season of Homeland so far? Did anyone else cringe when they actually…[View]
94706098What the fuck was her problem?[View]
94703586Post your favorite original songs from films, no non-vocal music. Hard mode: No songs from musicals …[View]
94701683The only good Godzilla movie >Great cast >Human subplot isnt a fucking terrible snorefest >…[View]
94701801ITT: Stupid fucking normie shows[View]
94707289what the fuck is this? some amazon prime black mirror spin off[View]
94705142In honor of Black History Month, who is your favorite black actor?? For me, it's Cuba Gooding J…[View]
94698499Classic Trek general - O'Brien finally got his promotion edition[View]
94706269A studio exec grants you an unlimited budget to make whatever movie you want to make: There is one s…[View]
94707210Post hype movie speeches. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A-yZNMWFqvM[View]
94697865ITT: Characters women will never understand.[View]
94705916Looking for supernatural horror/thrillers with suburb atmosphere that manage to feel grounded and re…[View]
94706737What did they mean by this?[View]
94706780Why do people do this?: >see black panther opening night. >crowd surprisingly silent, movie s…[View]
94702178I need the spiciest spoilers for Black Panther[View]
94703432Revolutionary War movies? Any thoughts Me and and buddy were talking about this tonight. When will t…[View]
94707000come on Marvel, diversify.[View]
94706729What's his problem?: >Always talks about and praises Star Trek >Always praises original t…[View]
94706917How long until the internet replaces tv?[View]
94703974ITT characters you sympathize with (despite the movie wanting you to hate them)[View]
94706518ITT: Rank the MCU films from the most to least Reddit GotG vol.2>The Avengers>GotG vol.1>Ho…[View]
94706478Why did they cancel literally the greatest game show of all time after only one season? https://yout…[View]
94702132>mfw half this board thinks Jim is a chad[View]
94690493Finally a movie that put the women and men where they belong. Women are strong and are saving the w…[View]
94704897Greetings traveller[View]
94706706when you eat junkfood and play video games skateboard and dont like school or your sisters awesome s…[View]
94706363>watching movie >writer's weird fetish keeps appearing…[View]
94706334>sitting in the front row at Black Panther >Final fight starts >Stand up and shout 'AYO BLA…[View]
94705593What did David Chase mean by this?: Tony walks into the restaurant at the end of the last episode of…[View]
94706144Best prequel ever made[View]
94699182Why do we pretend to like this movie again? It was literally pseudo-intellectual garbage: the movie.…[View]
94704290>What's the matter with you? What's the matter with you? What the fuck is the matter wi…[View]
94702834What are some essential Christ Kinos?[View]
94706505American Psycho: >Willem Dafoe What can you tell me about Paul Allen? >Bateman I'm at a l…[View]
94705720Is it worth the watch?[View]
94705511Kimichiro.. Motto panekeku[View]
94702175Glenn Howerton's 'AP Bio' is fucking hilarious: It's Glenn from Season 1 of Alwa…[View]
94706316Whats wakaliwood going to do when Nollywood takes overv[View]
94704186>french fried potaters[View]
94698503Why in FUCK are Soviet movies so fucking weird? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xI2ZaOlz-hc Whatever…[View]
94706271Mozart in the Jungle season 4: Is oboekino out yet? They say February 16.[View]
94703102An Earnest Movie: If they made a biopic about Jim Varney, who would you like to see play him? I was …[View]
94696188Rogue One: I gave this movie a lot of shit when it first came out. It's far from perfect and th…[View]
94706193ITT moments in /tv/ history when you tried to fit in i watch pic releated and season 2 and didint ev…[View]
94703979Her VA sounds like she's about to croak. Will she be the first of the main six to die?[View]
94703318MTVs Scream TV Show Gets ALL-BLACK Reboot: >The new season will feature a new cast, storyline and…[View]
94705915Are there any TV shows worth watching?[View]
94706037For me? It's Fly.[View]
94699754Massive plot hole in 'IT': So what exactly happened to the leper guy? It seemed like he was living i…[View]
94706055Voldemort fan club: post what will your role be in his army when the Dark Lord is back[View]
94705536What did they mean by this?[View]
94706043Get me Bill Gates on the phone.[View]
94706000When will horror movies top this?[View]
94705955>*freeze frame* >'ever since I can remember, I've always wanted to... uhh'…[View]
94703299>Berlinale started today >checked the catalog >even checked the archive >not a single th…[View]
94704293What are some movie scenes that would annihilate the rectums of SJWs if made today?[View]
94703853Movies with this aesthetic?[View]
94705922This is the best animated movie villain of all time. You cannot argue[View]
94702118Was this kino?[View]
94704780LOOK OUT MAN[View]
94704450*kills the best character in the first hour*[View]
94701606Uplifting and./or inspirational movies: TV, I need something to revitalize my spirit. Recommend an u…[View]
94701440Justice League Farm Scene RESCORED: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EhQxkLoDF0I This is fucking incr…[View]
94705451tortue porn movies: hey /tv/ autistic /b/tard here, im looking for tortue porn movies thought you gu…[View]
94705782Babby's first edgecore[View]
94703636ITT: Actors who are impossible to hate[View]
94704758What are some movies about heartbreak?[View]
94697224Fuck /pol/ this was great[View]
94702801>trying too hard: the movie[View]
94702177Ben Affleck is the biggest JUST in recent years. The Batman role drove him to alcohol and forced him…[View]
94705492>it's another Kimmel cries to push an agenda episode http://money.cnn.com/2018/02/16/media/j…[View]
94698494Are there any examples of actors who were obviously trying to salvage a trash movie? I'm watchi…[View]
94704792DJ Qualls Worship Thread: Booked his first lead, Kyle, in Road Trip (2000), after auditioning for a …[View]
94703322Was Timothy Treadwell, subject of the 2004 Werner Herzog documentary Grizzly Man, a total fuckin ret…[View]
94704900mother! (2017): I saw this interesting movie today. I thought it was really good for the most part, …[View]
94704751what exactly was the point of these scenes? they went nowhere and i feel like they were only their j…[View]
94705365>watching kino about the bad guys from wolfenstein stacking people in the oven >mfw later find…[View]
94704337At what point did each character jump the shark?[View]
94692001/who/ - Doctor Who General: Keeping HER out of it edition >>94681199[View]
94700982I just started watching Rome so I could participate in Rome threads. Is this guy supposed to be auti…[View]
94704826What is his favorite movie?[View]
94703933>watch a large number of shows >someone asks me 'what kinds of shows i watch' >i cant even…[View]
94705206>First line about a white person is calling them 'colonisers'. This line is said multiple times t…[View]
94702925You lied /tv/, this was kino through and through. Extremely well done action sequences, the perfect …[View]
94705107R I D E O N T I M E: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sdBEwe1KKmg[View]
94705041>Boardwalk Empire sucks after the 2nd season[View]
94705002Black Panther[View]
94704628ITT: characters unironically too good for this sinful earth.[View]
94705007Get a good look, /tv/?[View]
94701747This movie was TERRIBLE[View]
94704774...Anonymous 02/15/18(Thu)23:06:39 No.94700840 the amount of mental gymnastics this board is doing …[View]
94703760>watching season 4 of friends >damn chandler is so handsome in season 4 season 4 chandler is m…[View]
94694653Is he a hero or a villain?[View]
94684383At What Point Did You Realize Star Wars™ Was Dead?: When did you finally lose hope /tv/?[View]
94704836justice league: anybody have a link to a good copy of justice league? everything on pirate bay is tr…[View]
94703931Black Panther is IMPORTANT: $200M opening weekend, $185m 3-day.[View]
94695801>old movie >it talks about '1 million dollars' as if it's an impressive sum of money…[View]
94704414Can Black Panther beat this?[View]
94704394>it's an 'americans save the world' episode, again https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IC_lnyn2R…[View]
94702030i drive.[View]
94704492Post chickflicks that women will never understand.[View]
94701880I run this shop with my son, fat fuck.[View]
94630921/tv told me to watch Mummy. Valentines day. Watching this. >tfw no ancient setepai to rule the wo…[View]
94699867Are you muthafuckas hype for the Kung Fury film??? http://variety.com/2018/film/news/arnold-schwarze…[View]
94704368Films where the white blonde male is portrayed in a completely positive manner.[View]
94700709Is there still chances this is gonna flop?: I mean since so many people are seeing it right now, peo…[View]
94703089This is the best superhero movie better than the dark knight[View]
94703221Please, make it stop. MAKE IT STOP[View]
94702838kino tv /tv/ doesn't talk about[View]
94704163How is this one? I might see it on the weekend[View]
94700035Sopranos General: >ctrl f >no sopranos thread WE OVA HERE NOW…[View]
94703541MAN IN THE HIGH CASTLE: What does /tv/ think about this?[View]
94703068>pay $20 + tip for the latest kino on Blu-Ray disc >open the case and see this Fuck this shit.…[View]
94702144>'What's hi? Can I spend it?' >>'IF YOU DONT FIX THIS DOOR, YOU'LL BE SAYING HI T…[View]
94699310Every time I even think about a studio Ghibli film I feel desperately sad and want to watch every si…[View]
94703732Essential gaykino thread: >(EVERY NIGGER IS A STAR)[View]
94703651Why does he do it?[View]
94698504Okay, but seriously, what was the point of making children push a giant wheel?[View]
94703647>1: like tears in the rain >2: like snow in bumfuck canada What will fall from the sky in the …[View]
94702872Rocky Horror Picture Show Syncs Up With 'The Wall': I just realized that pic related syncs…[View]
94702501What a terrible shame no one will see this film.: Just because Louis is human and he made a mistake.…[View]
94701487The Great Debate[View]
94700896Blessed be the fruit: If you are an anti-white, anti-male, anti-Christian, anti-United States, anti-…[View]
94703650>Why did you hate your father? Give me an honest answer. You had a father who loved you, he gave …[View]
94699070Why didn’t Speed Racer preform better at the box office? Why didn’t we ever get a sequel?[View]
94703688>he's right behind me, isn't he[View]
94703260>'she loved you' >she told you? >No, she told me she wanted to kill you. Thats how I know w…[View]
94703698Is American Psycho the most kino movie of all time?[View]
94703684Black Panther: >Refuse to let African refugees into your Kingdom because they will fuck the place…[View]
94681679Stargate Origins: Is Stargate finished?[View]
94703631Daily Reminder: 5>4>8>6>7>RO>>3>>>1>2 That will be all.[View]
94702372Whats some kino Blacksplotation movies?[View]
94700984Pauline Kael is a fucking joke[View]
94701238Watched Woman in the Dunes after a Robert Every recommendation Great movie but what did the sand rep…[View]
94703328*kinos your 2018*[View]
94700944The only funny American comedies ever[View]
94703440why are there no torrents of this yet?[View]
94703325jesus christ, what is this[View]
94703366OH NO NO NO[View]
94703323this guy comes up and starts saying >Ash nazg durbatulûk, ash nazg gimbatul, Ash nazg thrakatulûk…[View]
94688529>Post images from Television & Film that really make you think[View]
94701532>le quirky girl >an ''outsider'' >nobody understands her >has a single friend >has so…[View]
94703116Race in tv/cinema: Is it just me or have race relations completely gone down the drain in the past 2…[View]
94703078>'It's a little like witnessing the unveiling of an enormous statue on the public square — w…[View]
94693788>literally no people of color in main roles How the FUCK is this ok?[View]
94701160BLACK PANTHER Opening Night Happenings: https://twitter.com/search?q=black%20panther Blacks are gett…[View]
94701078Black Panther: Why haven't you watched the best movie of all time yet, /tv/?[View]
94702847Zombie Kino: Post your recommendations[View]
94701077>'Were you bitten?' How would you have responded?[View]
94701521Is Star Trek: The Animated Series worth watching? Is it just as good as TOS?[View]
94702908I didn't expect it to be this fucking good.[View]
94700226name a movie with a better cast[View]
94702702>monster dogs attack everybody in the facility >they kill them by biting, but don't eat a…[View]
94700005Why arm all the oppressed people with Wakandan superweapons when you have the technology to just kil…[View]
94702672what does biz think of willow[View]
94700083>Remember Pippin, never trust niggers. Never let your guard down around them. They will rape and …[View]
94701350HEY HALPERT[View]
94702450>episode IX is being written by JJ Abrams and the guy that WROTE FUCKING BATMAN VERSUS SUPERMAN j…[View]
94702602ITT: Unnecessary Sequels: I'll start >The Birds II: Land's End…[View]
94686325Supernatural: When do they stop? At what point are they gonna say 'well its enough, the story is shi…[View]
94702135Why don't they just make a jaeger that can fly into outer space and shoot the kaiju out of eart…[View]
94677433/bb/ Celebrity Big Brother: Why are they being so mean to our girl? — edition HoH: Colombian qtie No…[View]
94700283>Was pretty non-nonchalant during Tyrion's interrogation when he demeaned if he killed Joffr…[View]
94701432Oh No, Anon: It's Happening[View]
94701450Andrei Tarkovsky films: How does Tarkovsky do it? How does he create films that have little to no na…[View]
94700575is he the luckiest man alive[View]
94696455Who's the Kanye West of cinema?[View]
94702206Post documentary kino[View]
94702197The movie theater near me said they all sold out on Black Panther tickets.: I am so pissed. I waited…[View]
94697031Do you think he’s still miserable because of his fucked up life?[View]
94700107Best Marvel flick since Iron Man, debatable with Winter Soldier[View]
94694580>2018 >Steve-O is doing great, he's clean, adopted a stay dog, is out mountaineering and …[View]
94702188Films with this aesthetic?[View]
94696512>Bum bum bum bum. Oh, the sunshine's bright on my old Kenchucky home. Bum bum bum bum. >T…[View]
94702130They have a cave troll: How did he know about /tv/?[View]
94700425Listen to the race car driver!: http://ftw.usatoday.com/2018/02/star-wars-luke-skywalker-ryan-blaney…[View]
94693984Best special effects[View]
94696325looks like CapeKino is back on the menu[View]
94701960>go to the wakinoplex to watch Black Phanter™ >tfw no KWEEN, have to bring my child slave sol…[View]
94701945why his wife didn't just get a divorce and they get back together?[View]
94692846Is Kathy's career worth saving, let alone remembering?[View]
94695402>felicia day shows up in the mediocre genre show you're watching Every time.…[View]
94693098Warhammer 40k Film: What would be the best aesthetic for Adeptus Astartes in a theoretical/eventual …[View]
94696593What would his thoughts be on (((their))) takeover of his company?[View]
94701668Inshallah sister[View]
94698224> is the smartest person in the world of MCU, holding the most advanced technologies. Say somethi…[View]
94701353movies with this aesthetic?[View]
94701050Is the world ready for MDE:World Peace season 2?[View]
94701508>sitting dead center in the middle of a jam packed full theater >its TLJ opening night and eve…[View]
94700097I’m putting together a team. You in?[View]
94700500>I overheard your dad raping you again last night. Geeze that must be rough. Anyway what are you …[View]
94701281Was this his plan all along?: >Well?[View]
94699330What does /tv/ think of Pierce's body of work? He was good in the Bond films, but I believe his…[View]
94701282KAL-EL NO[View]
94693055ITT: Movie trailers that were more kino than the actual movie I'll start https://youtu.be/QjKO1…[View]
94701042>Lady Bird >Paddington 2 >Black Panther what's the next best reviewed film of all time…[View]
94701243is it me or is this genuine kino[View]
94699983>tfw she hyperspace rims ya[View]
94700159I couldn't help myself, I saw this in a thread I was lurking and just had to discuss it. What …[View]
94696529How does Criterion Collection get away with publishing whatever movies it wants?[View]
94700719I went to the movies yesterday and got tickets to Jumanji and I, Tonya. I was watching it in my seat…[View]
94701166>watch this with my dad >says it's horrible Oh no, guys, I think my dad is a pleb :(…[View]
94700454Well that exists[View]
94698003>In 1992 Will Smith decided that the original Aunt Vivian had to go because she was getting too p…[View]
94701058What does /tv/ think of Maze Runner?[View]
94701084Scary Cornfield scenes: I'm addicted to scary cornfield/forest scenes. Are there any other good…[View]
94696502What went wrong?[View]
94701038I'm on S1E2 and... I don't understand their relationship at all.[View]
94699439BLACK PANTHER Opening Night Happenings: https://twitter.com/search?q=black%20panther Blacks are gett…[View]
94701041What are some good post apoc movies? I feel like getting comfy tonight to a movie about the end of t…[View]
94699436When someone says they've never heard of Wee Sing: Or didn't watch it as a kid[View]
94695795>Arrive to new region >Bring horse to a halt >Say name of region outloud >Continue ridin…[View]
94693334>'Name one thing in this world that is not negotiable.' well?[View]
94694317Sell me your movie/TV show idea[View]
94697464i dont get it[View]
94695323What are some movies where a handsome, in his prime man leaves behind his shriveled hag wife for you…[View]
94700901Giallos: Post your favorite Giallo type films[View]
94699780ITT fuck you I didn't like it[View]
94700615Let's see those kino premises yo have.: Horror romance type story where people are seduced then…[View]
94697264>they're both single again Do you think it's finally going to happen? Are they going to…[View]
94700735Pacific Rim 2 Fight Clip: Look at this video game trash >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4iANtmUD…[View]
94699314How would this be different if it were made today? >Lawrence's homosexuality is overplayed a…[View]
94699900I thought gopher had only one meaning, the animal, so when the soap opera director in a PC adventure…[View]
94700646https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4LO93ehgG8E >see this on friend's facebook timeline >he u…[View]
94699845>The untitled Sabrina the Teenage Witch drama has enlisted Doctor Who grad Michelle Gomez and new…[View]
94699692Is it racist to pirate this movie? What if my usual bootleg DVD salesman is black?[View]
94698654Don't mind me just posting space kino[View]
94692524>What's he saying, Robin?[View]
94680753I DID NOT MURDER HIM[View]
94699592ITT: FUCK /pol/. I liked it.[View]
94698810you walk in on a boy holding a knife against his father's throat while his father threatens his…[View]
94697524Pimp my ride? More like chimp my ride.[View]
94686492after all this time /tv/ wasn't able to come up with 1 (one) good comeback[View]
94682466What are some films about travelling and becoming a man?[View]
94695988Is this best comedy film of all time?[View]
94698200Is STD canon or not? Per the official declaration it would seem that STD did not appear on TV, it al…[View]
94699774Watch it Berty[View]
94696583What are more kinos like these two? I mean in both a thematic sense of the origins/destiny of man, e…[View]
94698365>Who ordered the poo poo platter?[View]
94698968The Great Debate[View]
94697927SG-1: So I just watched the Stargate movie, and I am watching the series for the first time. Lets ta…[View]
94699533Worth? Anyone seen it?[View]
94698344So this is supposed to be Harrison Ford?[View]
94698390Romeo+Juliet: Was it kino?[View]
94693948Why can there be black people in asgard but no white people in wakanda?[View]
94696491brainlet here, what was the underlying message of the movie? It had cool battle scenes and imagery a…[View]
94697613well this wasn't good[View]
94699243what film is he about to watch?[View]
94696591Bruce failed to make the jump the first time, it's because he's not strong enough. This ti…[View]
94699738He would've killed him if he hadn't found the picture[View]
94699656Admit it.[View]
94697099/trek/: >no std allowed[View]
94698965>yo anon, you dissin our momma?[View]
94699197ITT celebrities that have been ruined by the #metoo movement.[View]
94698878Black Panther is the first black superhe...[View]
94697783BLACK PANTHER Premiere Happenings: https://twitter.com/search?q=black%20panther Blacks are getting #…[View]
94689980>the 'history' channel[View]
94699254You wish, Brad..[View]
94698820DO YOU WANT A GF CELLS[View]
94698970Do you think the media will fuss over the sequels? As much as they are now?[View]
94696119Why is Hollywood so racist?[View]
94699134Why didn't they give the moth the ring? Would be completely undetectable and the moth wouldn…[View]
94695525>ratings in the toilet >same old 'play stupid games with boring guests' format >refuses to …[View]
94699093Whiter than you, Aragorn[View]
94693531Is there anything as good as Twin Peaks s1[View]
94696746How can a man be moved to tears over cheap tv capeshit and be so critical of a film masterpiece like…[View]
94698218Tell that to Zod's snapped neck. You all had a good laugh about that didn't you? Well who…[View]
94697060>whole day preparing mentally to watch some kino >plus several weeks of looking forward to wat…[View]
94698857Were they?[View]
94694363I am iron man.[View]
94695659Whodunnit movies: What are some good ones?[View]
94698233>tfw that picture looks dusty[View]
94698754BREAKING: ‘Coco’ Reunites $700M+ At Worldwide Box Office: >Coco is the No. 2 Pixar release ever i…[View]
94698558I'm just waiting on a train...[View]
94696340Any Katie Kino? Recently watch Merlin, and Frontier...she got her head bashed in by a faggot then I …[View]
94693628>Over there in that pig pen, I found some Shoshawnee Indian heads.[View]
94690938Name a better stand up comic: I’ll wait[View]
94698277ITT: Movie scenes that overestimated the dramatic impact they had >The Infiltrator >Wedding Sc…[View]
94697735>For this next trick our magician will be taking his lovely assistant on a ride. Boy, I'd su…[View]
94698472Hannibal: Hannibal thread lustan, eatan, daughter killan, clock-face drawan Season 4 when[View]
94698048>Be white boy >Be huge Marvel fan >Cant wait to see the newest movie in my favorite franchi…[View]
94692660Are they going to be in a movie together? They had great chemistry in Fargo[View]
94697602Any suggestions for movies to watch tonight? My gf and her friends are going on a girls night to the…[View]
94695025Would you be a shoe salesman if you could come home to Peg Bundy?[View]
94698153HEY HALPERT[View]
94698258>person asks me not to spoil the new episode of Waco[View]
94684288/trek/: 'Classic Trek' general[View]
94696371As a PTA fan, wtf was this shit?[View]
94698261Don’t you love me anymore: You said we would grow old together /tv/......[View]
94693872>saves horror genre[View]
94686700Justice League: Whedon v Snyder: What do you think guys, did you like the movie? Should the Snyder c…[View]
94691643Why do you find me funny anymore /tv/?[View]
94694247Why did it Batman so long to figure out bane’s weak spot was his mask? CIA noticed it right away the…[View]
94686624Can someone tell me why is this movie supposed to be bad? I saw it expecting another dumb MCU movie …[View]
94692533>For the white race[View]
94697859so far in STD we have seen: >someone say fuck >klingon bewbs >klingon urination >men kis…[View]
94696570>The gods were cruel when they saw fit to test my vow. They waited until I was old. What could I …[View]
94691588No.1: mods No.2:/fit/ No.3:/k/ No.4:/sci/ No.5:/soc/ No.6:/diy/ No.7: /sp/ No.8: /tg/ No.9: /vr/ No.…[View]
94697546>Bill Burr absolutely EVISCERATES liberal snowflakes MUST WATCH[View]
94697797lets discuss our favorite superheros movies like the adults that we are! whos' your favorite he…[View]
94694134Meanwhile... At Hog/tv/arts....[View]
94679743Buffyverse Thread, Valentine Aftermath Edition.: Subject has been given. Get in here! Amyposting and…[View]
94692426Anyone know when burger netflix will get season 3?[View]
94695386Is your local cinema handing out kfc at the black panther premiere? https://twitter.com/Xoxo__tiff_/…[View]
94695380>watching Power Rangers: Super Ninja Steel >this solid five second shot How did they get away …[View]
94697271Should I watch this?[View]
94696443Shot caller: Watch this masterpiece and tell me it doesn’t deserve any type of award or recognition,…[View]
94694092What are /tv/'s favourite brother movies? I don't have a brother but pic related makes me …[View]
94694143Post actresses that look like your Mother.[View]
94697559He has a point[View]
94695903EYES WIDE SHUT MYSTERY: There's a line in Kubrick's Eye's Wide Shut that just doesn…[View]
94697577>tfw you remember when academy award winning actress halle berry tried to put on a vaguely africa…[View]
94696321Are you seeing Black Panther tonight, Anon?[View]
94697461reminder: daily reminder the final boss in the MCU is literally a grapefruit[View]
94696837#FunFact - #BlackPanther was filmed in the USA, South Korea, and Argentina, not some shithole countr…[View]
94695856https://youtu.be/aVMq7ynj_64?t=2m56s >@3 minutes I'm tearing up, guys Will there ever be a b…[View]
94692839Post the last movie you watched that you thoroughly enjoyed.: Pic related is my choice. Watched it l…[View]
94694446Movies about loneliness[View]
94696415What are some films with realistic and comfy 1980s middle class ambiance? >inb4 some John Hughes …[View]
94695565If You Ain't Part of the Solution, You're Part of the Problem: #WOKE[View]
94697058>Jiro demands Paddock pay $100,000 for the sushi >Eric demands the sushi be comped because his…[View]
94697141Fuck you asshole! *click*[View]
94695201Pedo Kino: What are some pedo/pedo related Kino? Pic related Mods dont delete this[View]
94677700Timothée Chalamet Appreciation Thread: Timothée is gonna get the Oscar, it's already locked. …[View]
94694466what was the message this tried to pass?[View]
94685767What’s the worst thing to happen to earth in a movie?[View]
94694318For a b-tier nobody from Glee He has made this season of American Crime Story my comfiest show each …[View]
94695895Gimme a hug man[View]
94692023A vote has been called. How do you vote, /tv/?[View]
94693374WAIT A SECOND... if Blade is Marvel why havent they brought him into the MCU?[View]
94696397Why do many network TV shows take a break this week from new programming?: Curious question. Does an…[View]
94696568if you're frightened of dying and... and you're holding on, you'll see devils tearing…[View]
94694614Worst remakes.[View]
94678661Name a more intimidating bully in cinema[View]
94696221Maybe I missed something, but I thought it was alright. Why did critics hate it?[View]
94695268Why is the last season so boring?[View]
94695744Why is she so perfect? I can't find anything wrong with Reese Witherspoon.[View]
94696425What are some good 'minute-by-minute' podcasts?: I've been listening to the Star Wars…[View]
94692696This is a 45 year old man[View]
94695512>Originally, when the first treatment was completed, the first script had a primitive tribe just …[View]
94683630Black Panther Box-office: Box Office Pro tracking Black Panther to make a president's day weeke…[View]
94694417What did she mean by this?: Before seeing Ben shirtless: >'Murderous Snake! You're gonna pay…[View]
94694365Finally managed to watch it and holy fuck - why did they have to ruin such an aesthetic cyber-kino m…[View]
94695971How do we rate him?[View]
94695735Is there a more cosy TV-series?[View]
94696309I really liked this show, it's a lot like Submarine but even comfier.[View]
94694640Please, make it stop. MAKE IT STOP.[View]
94691769For me? It's Colin Quinn![View]
94694837Favorite obscure /tv/ meme: What's your favorite obscure /tv/ meme? >catched…[View]
94695416It wasn't that good.[View]
94695206Why do none of the subtitles I download for this flick work?[View]
94695307Seinfeld: Has he done anything good since the sitcom?[View]
94693874Why haven't you seen this yet?[View]
94692513Can we have an Altered Carbon thread? Just finished the finale. Thought it had some pretty awesome …[View]
94691217What are your honest opinions on this man?[View]
94695704There is no such thing as a pure ki-[View]
94691321Pure Poetry: This how to shape Kino boys[View]
94695560>I haven't been fucked like that since grade school. What did fincher mean by this?…[View]
94692546Do you really think one of North America's richest geniuses goes to some 3rd world shit contine…[View]
94693274The night is coming to an end and I'm just about to watch pic related. What I'm in for? bt…[View]
94694174Cast him[View]
94693576OH NO NO NO NO NO NO!: Did the meme magic backfire? https://www.dosavannah.com/article/wed-02142018-…[View]
94694083one of the greatest films ever made.[View]
94695494>Wow the bad guy outsmarted Bond at that poker game. James is really up against a wall now I wond…[View]
94695148Tamborine: What do you think of Chris Rock's new standup special? It wasn't as funny as I…[View]
94694515How the fuck does he do it?[View]
94692326Remember when the telly used to 'finish' each night and the announcer would wish you goodnight and y…[View]
94695173That will be 500 dolla, Obama senpai[View]
94694581What is the best heist movie, and why is it NOT Heat?[View]
94692709What is her most overrated performance?[View]
94693571shaq kino is back https://youtu.be/Uv1xscwDtIQ[View]
94693278Go on favorite torrenting site. See this. What do?[View]
94694857>Dude >Religion >LMAO…[View]
94691215actors who look similar[View]
94691739Why isn't this show funny anymore?[View]
94693539>you just realized this is the same guy who did Mac Tonight (aka Moonman)…[View]
94690602/tpg/ - Twin Peaks General: Are you still there? can you still Judypost?[View]
94695215I hope this doesn't offend you Bob, but your brothers a cocksucker.[View]
94693311lemme ask you sumthin tv, these are ACTUAL conscious ghosts and not just memories?[View]
94694576prepare to meet kali in hell[View]
94692714How long do you think it would take for frasier and niles to fully consume their father's brain…[View]
94695085Bgt shiiii man[View]
94691055Is season 6 secretly the best season of Mad Men? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BHE1uEnQw60[View]
94689045ITT: Films you were religiously obsessed at 15 This film became part of my identity.[View]
94694859what are some similar autodestruction kinos? also >the guy that wrote leaving las vegas ended up …[View]
94691634So for those that have seen Black Panther: is it a superior film to Terminator 2?[View]
94693066Will Aquaman be a success?[View]
94693020Black Panther pisses me off. Not because of black people, but because the Jewish Disney marketers ar…[View]
94685109KEVIN SMITH HAS SOME BLUNT THOUGHTS ABOUT THE VENOM TRAILER: >I didn't see a Venom trailer. …[View]
94689633SHITTY DRAW THREAD: Draw a shitty drawing of a televison or film. Anons guess what it is.[View]
94694765I can't believe I forgot to watch this movie for two years. Any other recent comedies worth wat…[View]
94692779well congratulations /tv/! you talked shit about Last Jedi for three months. now whats the next step…[View]
94694358>Trust me- You don't.[View]
94694689What are some postmodern or internet-era 'of our time' wild movies?[View]
94694664Monster/Alien/Badguy is spotted... Roars at the screen.[View]
94692614I'm looking to buy a car today[View]
94694511Why didn’t they ever find Bigfoot?[View]
94694608Where were you, when SyFy did SciFi. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d3Kr7h7Ukss[View]
94694388I CLAPPED[View]
94674802Why are todays comedies so shit?[View]
94693258>it's another flick about a small-time but competent criminal that gets unwillingly caught u…[View]
94694282i generally like Hans Zimmer but was it more was his music in this movie awful and out place? it was…[View]
94687270>Harry tells me you're quite the science wizz. Y'know, I'm something of a scientis…[View]
94673958>Cool boxes/collections/cases Do you guys have more examples?[View]
94693689Coming of age kino[View]
94693767Do forty somethings really lie about dating actresses like this?: Dude shares a video of camren bico…[View]
94694314>'Make him more tactical.' 'Let's go with black.'[View]
94692477C O L L I D E R: So what do any that have seen think of the new direction for Collider video? Massiv…[View]
94685177Best performancs in cinema: >Peter O'Toole in Lawrence of Arabia >F. Murray Abraham in Am…[View]
94691749>one will protect you >the rest will try to kill you Who do you pick?…[View]
94689544What advice would you give her?[View]
94694036>HEY BLUNT[View]
94692993Black panther isn't WE WUZ it's WE WILL BE. And that's what scares you. Black people …[View]
94690923Manhunt Unabomber: I'm up to episode 5/8 (five out of eight) and this feels like a 7 hour long …[View]
94688642>I'd say the lawn's winning, marty.[View]
94692217One of my favourite films.[View]
94693292What em i a schmuck on wheels[View]
94691828He looks like Mike Stoklasa now[View]
94686888What happened to his career?[View]
94693721Steamed hams? more like, i don't give a damn![View]
94678444https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D_eZxSYRhco OH NO NO NO NO NO NO[View]
94690697I'm about 6 minutes into the first episode of this and it's one of the most fucking painfu…[View]
94692231Whats it like? How much Karl is there?[View]
94682034Dug up an old Dutch anti-semite nazi cartoon: I spent about two weeks mailing institutions and visit…[View]
94691957Was it kino?[View]
94691629When did the golden age of television end?[View]
94693449the way of the future[View]
94693418Isle of Dogs: What do you guys think of Wes Anderson's new film? I believe it knows it target a…[View]
94693387ITT: Movies that are better than Black Panther[View]
94689201>how come he don't want me? As a young black man growing up without a father this show spoke…[View]
94692270ITT: post and talk about your friend simulators and we can be lonely together >preferably no yout…[View]
94691150What are some good classic films?[View]
94693327What was her problem?[View]
94693192Just rewatched this like I do every 2 or 3 years because I loved it as a child. But goddamn, the sto…[View]
94689396Rewatching TPM as an adult, I really understand this character a lot more. Qui Gon is supposed to be…[View]
94691102Will it be the highest grossing film in cinema history?[View]
94691783Name something comfy for me Need something comfy and simple entertainment >I'll allow anime …[View]
94693139What are some movies where the husband is definitely not gay?[View]
94691563>Main character getting chased across high school campus by the jocks >Sum 41/Simple Plan/Good…[View]
94693132How much different would this movie be if the main character was a /tv/ user instead of a redditor?[View]
94693062>only 11 episodes of Farscape left >have been conserving it for almost 2 years now >could…[View]
94687448So what is this show now just the jewish version of Full House?[View]
94692411Please, make it stop. MAKE IT STOP.[View]
94692899Did he die ?[View]
94692113>character asks scientist >can you force a meme? >scientist takes piece of toilet paper …[View]
94691771any other black posters here not give a shit about this movie at all?[View]
94692901Worst comic relief of all time?[View]
94674315Alright seriously how the fuck is this still a debate? DECKARD IS A REPLICANT!: Just had an argument…[View]
94691504I really like that Hollywood is embracing more diversity, it's pretty much great to see movies …[View]
94692095> be one with nature and shit in /Britannia/ > suddenly 20,000 of pic related show up on your …[View]
94692827what's yer 'hing?[View]
94691948>Michael Fassbender and David Hasselhoff have already been cast in the buzzy follow-up to David S…[View]
94691144>It's you who's lost, Gobby. Lost your mind![View]
94690321Monster Hunt 2 set to shatter Chinese opening record: Opens this weekend and is tracking for a $200-…[View]
94692785Watching Capricorn One right now, found it on DVD the other day, who else 70s paranoia?: Per IMDB: T…[View]
94691659Movies /tv/ will never understand: an obvious choice...[View]
94692676Hi Stephen, this is Clem Fandango, can you hear me?[View]
94692373>SWALLOW OBI WAN'S CUM NOW, YOU CHEATING FUCKING CUNT Jesus, George did not take that divorc…[View]
94691380Forgotten 90's Sex Symbols[View]
94692490What the fuck is this?[View]
94692519The Chad American vs. The Malnourished African[View]
94691576I get the hype over the movie, but why would there be this much hype over the album? It’s just anoth…[View]
94685471Do you think we will ever get a second Warcraft movie? I think the first one should have been about …[View]
94685508You done seen Black Panther yet /tv/?[View]
94692096High Tension: Who here has seen High Tension? I watched it today and thought it was great. What did …[View]
94691698Jeffery Tambor fired: Reminder that Transparent was picked up for political reasons instead of Betas…[View]
94692188He did nothing wrong.[View]
94690338what's the scariest movie you've ever seen?[View]
94692245dr pavel i'm ben[View]
94692229Your movie is shit you cunts http://archive.is/ttyPX[View]
94690311The entire premise of the Blade Runner universe is nonsensical...: ... or is it? The Blu Ray for BR2…[View]
94692182>inbetween days i drink, you niggers dont get to stop that what did he mean by this??…[View]
94681199/who/ - Doctor Who General: >tfw no capaldi era confidential edition Bring it back, Chibbers. Axe…[View]
94687003Movies boys will never understand[View]
94692076>Welcome to the Planet[View]
94687159How deep are you?[View]
94683920the chad pinhead[View]
94688039>It's the size of Texas, Mr. President.[View]
94691161The Big Short: What was the point of this character? He had no real life counterpart.[View]
94691686>Its another religious guy in a setting where the technology level is really high but time and ti…[View]
94689433I liked it.[View]
94689857What's his endgame?[View]
94688869Remember how in Demolition Man the future portrayed humanity using three seashells as future toilet …[View]
94672395Incredibles 2: Is it really going to be about taking care of jack jack? No... timeskip or anything? …[View]
94690738Isle of dogs: It was fucking good. 8/10 And I didn't like Fantastic fox that much. >inb4 I b…[View]
946908646/10: -Villain had motivations but ultimately forgettable -They essentially say that all black peopl…[View]
94688827Have the oscars always been shit? There hasn't been a truly deserving best picture since No Cou…[View]
94679888What are your thoughts on The Man in the High Castle /tv/?[View]
94687984>Schumer and Fischer exchanged vows infront of about 80 people, including, Jennifer Aniston, Jake…[View]
94689455>tfw only front seats available for black panther[View]
94686283What the fuck were those things in the attic?[View]
94691426How do most people not know about this Chris Tucker kino?[View]
94691573>white people[View]
94688411That's a big hat[View]
94682393why has nobody made caveman kino yet?[View]
94688584Give me more films like this.[View]
94691070Is this valid film criticism? Seems much more substantial than the likes of RLM or 'Every Frame A Pa…[View]
94690989Do you guys use Popcorn Time? Is it safe to use it without a VPN?[View]
94688886Why is she not a bigger star?[View]
94690969Biggest wasted potential in movies thread[View]
94691527I know is not the norm here, but can we have an asian tv thread? I watched this and while it can get…[View]
94684323ITT: Actors/Actresses that unnerve you[View]
94686553'Freddie Mercury' biopic starring Aidan Gillen, Rami Malek, Lucy Boynton: will it be kino …[View]
94691456are you enjoying this season of The Path? this post is going to bomb to the bottom of the catalogue …[View]
94685968Our Guy?[View]
94691330Do you think he'll play Batman again? Do you want him to?[View]
94691363Hello 4chan, i search film like Nerve, Zero theorem, time out, or something like that. Do you have a…[View]
94685659Just want to discuss the MCU as a whole. Even though Black Panther’s marketing and ‘critical recepti…[View]
94690617Orly?: First, Gotham without Batman than this?[View]
94686675>trilogy >each movie in the trilogy is from a different genre…[View]
94691280Will they fuck in the movie?[View]
94690208So, was the alien hiding and eating parts of the ship like I've heard recently? Like, is that a…[View]
94689994>elon musk sells 15,000 flamethrowers in 48 hours people are preparing for the apocalypse on febr…[View]
94690671How the FUCK did that UGLY CREEPY MOTHERFUCKER even manage to get this pussy? HOW FUCKING HOW[View]
94688079Who was the better father?[View]
94691173Who taught George Lucas satsui no Hado?[View]
94686363She literally did nothing wrong[View]
94679901no one will want to watch this[View]
94691156Meet The Mormons: I am not a Mormon and this was a shitty documentary. It was just like watching a C…[View]
94682495Marathoned a few episodes of this. When does it get good? Is it just gonna be black people doing bla…[View]
94672105Who would win?[View]
94690656What was his fucking problem?[View]
94689929People fear what they don't understand.[View]
94691045he saved millions[View]
94681072I need some Lovecraftian horror movie recommendations /v/. Pretty please.[View]
94689882*blocks your path*[View]
94686254The canonization of Greta Gerwig for doing absolutely NOTHING of value only shows the lack of achiev…[View]
94686877American Horror Story meets /pol/: https://youtu.be/Wla2ABFlJIw[View]
94684100>1 hour on the planet is 7 years on Earth >black dude ages 23 years Say Cooper took a radio do…[View]
94690983Year of the Dragon is legit Cimino's best film: Fuckin' fight me. Why does no one apprecia…[View]
94678578What are you brits watching at the moment? I'm out of ideas...[View]
94679758this is a movie right?[View]
94683570/trek/ + /disco/ - Star Trek General: Star Trek and Star Trek: Discovery General! Please be kind to …[View]
94673904NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO: ANNIHILATION is going straight-to-Netflix outside America…[View]
94687277What do you call this flick?[View]
94689737Any films about the little guy winning?[View]
94684030Find a worst name than this: You can't.[View]
94688384Was this CGI?[View]
94690030For me? It's Colin Quinn![View]
94688867What does this scene have to be good? I mean the dialgue is prettty basic and nothing happens litera…[View]
94683546>go to a kinoplex different to my usual >a lot of black people there >movie starts >some…[View]
94689581Big Kino in Little China starring everyman Kurt Russell and Sex in the city star Kim Cattrall do we …[View]
94690530Why are some movies invincible to criticism?[View]
94690371I found a way[View]
94690503You're damn right baby I'm right! https://youtu.be/Zzn0Nt5Cyb4[View]
94690380Is he /ourguy/? https://youtu.be/WqnhN2Rzaqc[View]
94689984Is it worth a tenner to see this?[View]
94686857What the fuck is his appeal?[View]
94688341It's this true?[View]
94690065>character asks scientist about parallel pencils >scientist takes piece of paper >crumples …[View]
94680253/lbg/ - Letterboxd General: Post profiles and discuss what you have recently watched THREAD THEME: h…[View]
94690248Can we all take a moment to appreciate this floodkino[View]
94690237kino to the part when it gets so bad it becomes a comedy. https://youtu.be/tV4zVIjP4DQ[View]
94690211They are going to turn out worse than their mothers, lol.[View]
94685582>tfw you realise Twin Peaks isn't coming back[View]
94681484>tfw we're in for a Second Renaissance of Elastigirl porn God is good, my friends.…[View]
94688020>The Brothers Karamazov Is it worth watching?[View]
94685124How long until she’s considered as bad as Lucas was after the prequels?[View]
94688782Who was in the wrong here?[View]
94689964CQ appreciation thread: Colin Quinn had a heart attack and they put stents in his heart. He's a…[View]
94689537has there ever been a more realized film?[View]
94687945Which mega franchise will Disney buy next?[View]
94690027That's how it starts. The fever. The rage. The feeling of powerlessness..[View]
94689410>Is this gonna be a stand-up fight, sir, or just another bug hunt? What did he mean by that? Does…[View]
94689718If you watch comic book films you are a malignant tumor[View]
94689208We will never get a Snyder cut, because Warner Bros. will never admit that they made a mistake.[View]
94689911*saves DC*[View]
94687798Scariest movie of all time?: well? does it live up to the hype?[View]
94687438>sex scene in a movie[View]
94689725SUKA SUKA NA NA[View]
94689826Should I watch Ozu's earlier films before An Autumn Afternoon? I've only watched Tokyo Sto…[View]
94689804what's next for his career?[View]
94685162Why do people even make TV when the best TV kino was made fifty years ago?[View]
94689137I can't believe it's been 7 years since Bill Burr died. Rest in peace, still miss you big …[View]
94685519I realise there's no theatrical board on 4chan, it's a shame because new generations tends…[View]
94675687Pacific Rim IMAX trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T7PbWr_cMac Third trailer and they're…[View]
94685797True journalism.[View]
94688139Redbull me on Fassbinder. I only know that he created a lot of films in 15 years and pissed off lite…[View]
94675385Why was season 1 so bad?[View]
94689380Stop laughing it's not funny[View]
94687763What are some redcoat kinae?[View]
94687349Gimme a hug man![View]
94685719Paul Dano is one of the best actors on earth, but the 'classic Paul Dano' meme has almost ruined him…[View]
94686820I wish she'd make a comeback. She was great in Buffy.[View]
946880861998 movies: Let's have a nostalgia thread for the movies that came out 20 years ago I loved th…[View]
94683916THE AMERICANS Season 6 - Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BDBUQLFEr1g Final season. Im excit…[View]
94687577are y'all prepared for the apocalypse on february 23, 2018? it's next week y'all.[View]
94688231What age does this OLD MAN think he is? 25?[View]
94685031what is Dario Argento's best film /tv/?: for me its a toss-up between Suspiria, Deep Red, and T…[View]
94688875Why are korean dramas so much better than japanese ones?[View]
94682592>2018 >I am forgotten[View]
94687795What am I in for?[View]
94686189Berlinale thread: What kino is /tv/ looking forward to?[View]
94688425wtf marvel[View]
94686687>The only good movie reviewer on YouTube >He actually brings insight and interpretation to his…[View]
94687104I actually watched all the Doctor Who episodes, how the HELL do I get this time back? It's just…[View]
94688489>waits for Tom Cruise to call[View]
94686205Firestick thread.: Moved into a new place so Gf gave me a brand new spare Firestick. Don't want…[View]
94687446i just realized black panther is still not on theaters, am i the only one?[View]
94686259I vote guilty.[View]
94687503this thread is for the few good female characters left in modern tv/film[View]
94684758I have marathoned 12 minutes of this and so as the dust has finally settled, what am I in for /tv/ a…[View]
94687903You can have any beer you want as long as it's mexican piss water.[View]
94687767Movies that make you feel more stupider after watching[View]
94684840what where your thoughts on it[View]
94688163What are some good youtube movie related channels? Something that will help me keep up to date with …[View]
94688010I apologize in advance if i break any rules this is my first post here. So i really would like to ge…[View]
94688084>japanese movie >doesn't have enough funding >at least 20 minutes of doctors or office…[View]
94685586Why didn't he just take the job at grey matter? It wouldn't be charity since he'd be …[View]
94688049I'm bored, which movie should I watch?[View]
94687682>tfw every movie with this at the opening is now tainted[View]
94687152Name something you watch on a Sunday?[View]
94686285they're right you know[View]
94687086Why do they still bother making batman movies after this this?: There is no way they can ever achiev…[View]
94687877ITT: Guilty pleasures[View]
94684210You know who should play Luke in the inevitable anthology film?: This guy right here.[View]
94684483In retrospect you will have to agree with me that it was kino. Shame about the sequel, Eva Green…[View]
94687487What was Frasier's dark secret?[View]
94687022Is 7 episodes the kino cut off point? The first season (7 episodes) of this show are kino and the fi…[View]
94687515Would this movie have been better if...: ... the white guys were black? The movie was still terrible…[View]
94682572I AM THE ARROW NOW[View]
94687447Authors whose books could never be adapted into film[View]
94687436>It's kino[View]
94680639Why don't you own a 4k TV and 4k bluray player /tv/?[View]
94682714SPY KINO: What are the best films about spys, spying, etc? I just finished marathoning Mission Impos…[View]
94684573Was it kino?[View]
94687276Did he do it?[View]
94683892Why is smoking in movies so aesthetically pleasing?[View]
94687154Ive seen this shit. It's not a bad movie, it's about the same as other marvel flicks, howe…[View]
94684947funniest movie yet will this even be worth watching?[View]
94686617So one thing that always bugs me with films that want to end with a big blast, is that it doesn…[View]
94685078Name one movie where the villain is black >Movies where everyone is black don't count…[View]
94684635Destroying the Box Office. Between 190-215 m: >black panther will flip so hard. HAHAJAJAAHAHAHAHJ…[View]
94687165Why didn't anyone stop them? Surely HBO can't be thrilled about ending Game of Thrones ear…[View]
94686767Is this Paul Danos most classic role? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zOswhmJNqaI[View]
94687116is this kino?[View]
94687101Oi m8, wot if you were happy, living independently, successfully doing what you’re passionate about,…[View]
94686138ITT: Khazar Jewess kinos: What's Up, Doc amd Cabaret[View]
94686779Times you were tricked by a movie: I'll start >movie called A Fantastic Woman >is actuall…[View]
94686009he loved it!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2vLNQs2bl7M[View]
94684578This movie makes me sick to my stomach. How one word from a stupid child can ruin a persons life, an…[View]
94653481What was the exact second Game of Thrones went to shit?[View]
94686532The most boring cinema: I've seen hundreds of movies from half the countries in the world; main…[View]
94686314>Frasier is the least popular television show in the sitcom category for ages 18-49, according to…[View]
94686732The ban toll is catastrophic You MUST reply to this thread![View]
94681778'Louis enters anon's room, he sees an obese middle aged man in his underwear sitting on compute…[View]
94686664ITT: Dysfunctional family kino: all dysfunctional families, from the heart warming to the harrowing.…[View]
94673547Is this the greatest unscripted scene in movie history?[View]
94671271It is a strange fate that we should suffer so much fear and doubt over so small a thing. Such a litt…[View]
94686603Why does she look like that?[View]
94685972What is 'The Knot' of movies?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dEguGPXg0IE[View]
94683082Isnt this the cutest couple ever?[View]
94686349>Arrive to new region >Bring horse to a halt >Say name of region outloud >Continue ridin…[View]
94684328Why didn't he just use force push to push himself away from the lava?[View]
94686385Shape of Water: Did I just watch something that where the main relationship borders on bestiality? …[View]
94684917What was his fucking problem?[View]
94685863>there are no pacts between lions and men What did he mean by this?[View]
94685848>They're still gonna go see it anyway[View]
94683219firday knight why you h[View]
94670702Black Panther: >Throw my ashes into the sea so I can be with my ancestors who threw themselves ov…[View]
94684595GODS I WAS STRONG[View]
94686265this dude needs to be in a movie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N0bdorGS1No[View]
94686252'I'll have my revenge, and Deathstalker too.'[View]
94683967I come to you at the turn of the fiscal year.[View]
94686212Fucking Detective Fucking Pikafuckingchu: >Based on game no one asked for >No colorful Pokemon…[View]
94685619They killed thousands...[View]
94682362Did you cry?[View]
94684875Why did all the great directors claim that Tarkovsky was the best?[View]
94685847*blocks your path* *proceeds to destroy your movie*[View]
94682306Amazon and Netflix *NEED* *YOU*: So there are hopeful screenwriters here right? What's the prob…[View]
94681382Was James Hurley cool or a beta? The eternal debate.[View]
94683323>murder people >get a movie made about you so you live on forever And people wonder why Burger…[View]
94686057> steals Ciri's role.[View]
94679919Does anyone give a fuck about the Han Solo Solo film? Are even fanboys hyped about hearing the unde…[View]
94684540What kino accurately represents said picture?[View]
94684897What the fuck is the point of the decibel alarm if it isn't triggered by keyboard strokes?[View]
94684442Was is it, dare I say it, pure kino?[View]
94667385/trek/ Star Trek: Captain Braphog Edition[View]
94685535>appears in your film[View]
94685538ITT:: DVDs your mum bought you[View]
94685157>it's a Coocoo and Clemdog episode[View]
94672497First Loves from childhood: For me, it was Hudson Leick as CALLISTO![View]
94683070How did they fuck season 2 up so badly?[View]
94684402>All those shitposts will be lost in time, like tears in rain.[View]
94685365>YFW Jon Snow hated the way Game of Thrones was going so he just ate himself out of the fucking s…[View]
94685360>at movies last night >black guy with girl he was with literally starts talking on phone durin…[View]
94683736Any movies with super-duper high tech stuff?[View]
94684477Will Millie be shit in Godzilla?[View]
94683850At what point did it jump the shark?[View]
94683353*Tells the world she refuses you but you wanted her so much you raped her*[View]
94684270Hitler was a cookie vomiting maniac. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HgqkqX8KUec[View]
94679509The Shape of Water: ...THIRTEEN (13) nominations for this? Am I in bizzaro land?[View]
94685074>Frankly my dear, I don't care[View]
94683232I wanna rock and roll all night! And party every day![View]
94681197/pol/tards and conspiracy theorists claim that this film has several parts deleted from its original…[View]
94684938nirvanna the band the show: Why doesn't /tv/ discuss this show?[View]
94682748Ready Player One: >uh mister Spielberg, market research has shown that a subgroup of 18-25 intern…[View]
94684221ITT: Indie K I N O[View]
94684877Dune Miniseries/Children of Dune: Anyone else enjoy these miniseries?[View]
94684804https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jNHnl3yv6UE Is it Kino?[View]
94680167>This is what passes for 'arthouse' cinema in 2018[View]
94684763What did he mean by this?[View]
94678858>super cute and talented actress >often play minor roles in semi-obscure british flicks >41…[View]
94680356>it's a Jazz's parents won't let her get a tattoo episode…[View]
94682552Was Lain may I say a Replicant[View]
94679396Confirmed kino[View]
94684281>be a literal who until you have a breakout role alongside Denzel Washington >WAAAAAAAAAAAH W…[View]
94684336European Movies > American Movies[View]
94683366*casually shits all over his own city-state because 'muh diq'* What was his fucking problem[View]
94684215*blocks your path[View]
94684139Now that the dust has settled, can we all agree that this was the greatest cinematic achievement of …[View]
94684002Charlemagne: You are in charge of a Charlemagne project, anon. Make it real. Give me a director, act…[View]
94683448What is my purpose?: > What IS my purpose, anon?[View]
94683846What do you think of the upcoming television show, Heathers(2018) based the 1989 film of the same na…[View]
94683390Childhood is idolizing Goodfellas. Adulthood is when you realize Casino makes more sense.[View]
94682700He killed millions.[View]
94684009What's her secret?[View]
94680726Black panther is Jewish propaganda: I've seen so many Asian women post hearts on chadwick'…[View]
94672100Tom Hardy rehearsing in public: Is it autism? https://youtube.com/watch?v=mRsxvH9x30k[View]
94680368The fuck was his problem?[View]
94681234Ingmar Bergman is the best film director. You cannot dispute this fact.[View]
94682496thoughts /tv/? finishing up season 2 and it's ok. i feel bad for bunchy[View]
94683320itt cinematic feuds: The story goes Jean Luc Godard walked out of his old friend Truffaut's Day…[View]
94683751Today's episode of Doctor Oz had a brief 4chan cameo and I couldn't help but snicker. Also…[View]
94683654What did /tv/ think of the late Robin Williams?[View]
94682950>tfw watching a kino after having sex[View]
94681748ITT: movies that are safe from the feminist agenda[View]
94681059this movie is gonna be shit[View]
94683532The MCU’s Success Owes Thanks to Sony’s Hubris: Are the (((executives))) who run Sony’s entertainmen…[View]
94683442Why don't we see more Indians in western cinema?[View]
94682657GENERAL KENOBI ![View]
94679525Would you bee interested in a Waspgirl solomovie? Any buzz around making one?[View]
94683167Villains who are poets too[View]
94683571Jesus christ[View]
94683559>449 days until Detective Pikachu[View]
94683458I am the senate![View]
94681913So I just watched episode 10 of season 13. What the fuck? Why were faggots praising this episode on …[View]
94683383Give me more films like this and the 9th gate.[View]
94683296K I N O[View]
94678190*lowers your self hesteem*[View]
94682299Damnation: Jesus fucking Christ is this the most beautiful woman on Earth?[View]
94676381anime faggot who has never watched /tv/ here what should I watch first?[View]
94678868What are some totally unnecessary film adaptations?[View]
94683196I miss them, /tv/[View]
94683083Is this the funniest Seinfeld scene? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tk3DjXKdVcY[View]
94680222ONE STINKY DINKY[View]
94676733>/tv/ keeps memeing about how funny this show is >try to watch an episode >can't under…[View]
94679590Just watched this. So many questions...[View]
94682987You like him?[View]
94683015opinion: what do you think about the incredibles 2 traler?[View]
94681904Will it kino?[View]
94682939Goliath: Yes or No?[View]
94680983I like a nice ham.[View]
94672061>be 16 year old me >it's 2001 and Fellowship of the Ring is finally here >skip college…[View]
94683053hes talking about big foot again. get in here.[View]
94682320Just why?[View]
94681794Actresses and shit: Is there anyone else in here who likes Natalia Dyer /tv/? Not only her appearanc…[View]
94682635If you don't respond you ARE Randy Bobandy[View]
94672071Which will stand the test of time better?: >La La Land or >Moonlight IMO, it will be La La Lan…[View]
94679036>almost 90 years old >still directing quality films every other year How does he do it?…[View]
94681983Arnold joins Reddit: The Movie: Damn it[View]
94673927Was he even a racist? That's what's so crazy about it.[View]
94680143>tfw you blow your giant shill budget too early >tfw there's not any hype at all in non-…[View]
94682465>3hr movie >there's no intermission[View]
94682755List: Last 5 Movies you saw in theater: 1. Rogue One 2. The Nice Guys 3. Captain America: Civil War …[View]
94681303What happened to them?[View]
94682078What the fuck was his problem?[View]
94682703Why is she so perfect, bros? https://youtu.be/GLfl8HWzy5k[View]
94680320Did Beru just forget to put on her costume or something?[View]
94679434Fuck you, I liked it.[View]
94667729Films about despair, loneliness, heartache and longing? No redditcore. I'll post some of my own…[View]
94680743Do you think the show will finally have the balls to go sci-fi with time travel in the next season. …[View]
94679602I'm just marathoning 5th ep of this wonderful series. Why are you always shilling shit shows an…[View]
94677807There's a security hologram of him...killing younglings[View]
94680398Have you ever been to one of Britain's Toughest Pubs? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v_guDN7IZ…[View]
94673506American Gods: >tfw your current favourite tv show won't be back until 2019, if at all JUST …[View]
94680738Spice World 2: Would a sequel be kino?[View]
94656990Literally why didn't they just take a boat?[View]
94681174Amazing shows/movies that /tv/ never talks about: pic related[View]
94680656Norwegian Cinema: Has Norway ever produced anything good? Anything that can be compared to the other…[View]
94679171OUTERRR SPACE[View]
94677591ITT: Actresses you're supposed to find attractive but actually can't[View]
94682130>enhance the picture please[View]
94682042You just activated my trap card[View]
94678343Why nobody be talken bout this western? Best one the last decade.[View]
94681570What the fuck: Why did they cut this, it's kino in its purest form and would have saved the mov…[View]
94663402Webm Thread: Early morning edition[View]
94678539Fuck you all in the ass, I fucking liked it. Fuck RLM too.[View]
94681640>Characters think they have finally won >Loud explosion in the background >'We ain't o…[View]
94678678>its a Tone cant handle his curry episode do Americans really call the doctor when they have a vi…[View]
94681626they ruined the movie with Mr weirdo face and Miss cavewoman[View]
94681740For me? It's Colin Quinn![View]
94681116Stargate: Origins: Anybody ready for the new comfy shit? Kill those dirty nazis? Carter posting is …[View]
94681296What is this move called ?[View]
94681552Disney in JP: Cause I'm a weeb at heart, I've always wanted to watch a lot of American Fil…[View]
94681645Babe: What did Farmer Hoggett do with Maa after she was killed? Did he eat her?[View]
94681730/blk/ - Black Panther General: TONIGHT IS THE NIGHT! Don't know Black Panther? Catch up on the …[View]
94679093You done seen Black Panther yet /tv/?[View]
94681687Who should play her in the bio pic? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xY7m4KzYR4Q[View]
94678442>Doesn’t want Luke to become a Jedi because it’s too dangerous >lives in a place where Sand pe…[View]
94667699>Live in small country >The character of the movie mentions it…[View]
94672117The thing that pisses me off the most about DC movies is the terrible job they did with the villains…[View]
94680314So the plot of The Incredibles 2 is basically 'JackJack Attack!' but with Mr Incredible as the babys…[View]
94680998Did anyone ever figure out how David S Goyer ended up writing one of the best superhero movies ever …[View]
94680770>tfw no capaldi confidential edition Axed by BBC Three: >>94671389…[View]
94680640Imagine if Jyn said 'Rebellions are built on dope!' and then the rebels start laughing then she ligh…[View]
94681435RPO: new trailer https://youtu.be/D_eZxSYRhco >people in vr sets running around irl >battle be…[View]
94676223Was his plan just to make the first one, all along?[View]
94679773NO DON'T[View]
94681327>protagonist walks into a bar >barkeeper says they had not had a spirit here since 1969…[View]
94680719What's some kino on ultimate traitors[View]
94681298Three Billboards: It all felt so tonally wrong. A dark comedy where the comedy comes too often while…[View]
94681282>spend my whole life thinking I'm half caribbean half polish >find out I'm actually…[View]
94680872How do you keep track of your movies and tv shows /tv/? I like the format of mal and kitsu for weebs…[View]
94680760If she wants a fight: then by ARSE she's gonna get one! https://youtu.be/BlTNgVJqnfY[View]
94677295...She's gonna cuck Mr. incredible isn't she?[View]
94681156do you think he got clipped trying to stop Tonys killer in the diner?[View]
94679940Hey /tv/ I'm Woll Smoth[View]
94681125Orville Thread.[View]
94680870''you just complain about the movie because you don't understand the complexity of ph…[View]
94680240>we can't have black panther beat our movie!![View]
94678114Go ahead... take it from me[View]
94680963Best score of 2018 so far: I'm non ironically impressed. A mix of lion king eque African music …[View]
94668537New Matrix: What will it be like[View]
94679069why the fuck do they bother making movies like this? its all symbolism and metaphors. have to watch …[View]
94680928Talk about inappropriate movies.[View]
94680766>let's see some ID >sure >*pulls out a gun*…[View]
94680141/RAM/ general: revolt against marvel[View]
94674768This was so good, why did it flop so hard?[View]
94680397>You’re a tough cookie[View]
94680552What if Punisher was played by Jim Carrey?[View]
94672673Their friends always lie about liking her shitty music and '''art''' so it would't hurt her fee…[View]
94677820>TFA is worse than The Last Je-[View]
94680722Marketing Budget of Black Panther: Generally the rule is you double the budget, but would anyone be …[View]
94677167What is the most uncomfortable scene in cinema that you had to watch with a family member?[View]
94678905This was a pretty comfy timcore flick. Anyone know where I can find Jungle 1 Jungle?[View]
94677639>happy ending for a horror movie >last scene shows the monster is still alive…[View]
94678752Where exactly does he sleep for 23 years?[View]
94680676>Netflix paying 300 million >for the showrunner of American Horror Story and Glee http://deadl…[View]
94653130If Westworld and Samuraiworld were real, what would you do?[View]
94680631>watch 40 days on tv >the guy in the pic has crazy amounts of sex and bangs chicks 15 minutes …[View]
94680617388 days until Detective Pikachu[View]
94679932*blocks your theatrical release*[View]
94673865recommend me artkino[View]
94654319First 3 episodes out: What did you make of it.[View]
94680446>it's time to TURBO PUNCH that NIGGER! HEIL HITLER! Wtf Arnold that's a kid's film…[View]
94671389/who/ - Doctor Who General: Virgin Safespace edition >>94666359[View]
94678890Which one of you did this?: Rotten - 4.143641/10 >An insipid, soulless and overproduced bore…[View]
94678894Is Black Panther /ourflick/?[View]
94675043Directors who sacrificed their career for the feminist cause[View]
94680291ITT: movies that men cant understand: I’ll start off with an obvious one[View]
94678309Basically, this[View]
94678627Can we agree that this is official kino?[View]
94680163Hereditary (The Witch): Looks like horror kino is back on the menu boys. Reviews are praising it big…[View]
94675787Asians liked black panther?!: I keep seeing them praising that nignog movie. Wtf is going on? Are th…[View]
94680050Was it kino?[View]
94680134Haven't watched it and never will. Just like I didn't watch the last jedi and never will.[View]
94673098>1,037 days until Avatar 2[View]
94678420Bergkino incoming https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D_eZxSYRhco&t[View]
94665856What if instead of going into capeshit with Watchmen, he remained doing stylistic historical/mythica…[View]
94677857King Kong, went to Hong Kong, to play ping pong, with his ding dong![View]
94668201What is some essential celtkino?[View]
94679898Barbra Streisand: I really think /tv/ is overlooking this fine actress. What's up, Doc is absol…[View]
94672611>dismissed >Rejected >PUBICLY HUMILIATED…[View]
94673655>Villain is unarmed, injured and helpless: >Hero starts a speech instead of shooting one throu…[View]
94679612The Mummy and The Mummy Returns >action >comedy >romance >suspense >lovable character…[View]
94679143What are some movies about jews?[View]
94679726*tries to save your movie*[View]
94677767>a modern masterpiece[View]
94676321Was it kino?[View]
94677908Easily one of the better classic Simpsons episodes[View]
94673148was it kino?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PPKdHP8zWuo&t=38s[View]
94679389>God is not here today, priest.[View]
94679236>pure kino that would not get made in 2018[View]
94679556It's gonna be shit isn't it? It's too early to say for certain, but judging by the tr…[View]
94677641>Kramer: So have you guys heard about the gay pride parade down by central park? >Jerry: Yeah …[View]
94666571The Road Why the fuk is the kid such a fucking annoying pussy bitch, that has to act all esoteric. …[View]
94679404The fuck?!: >boss baby and john cena bull movie in the same oscar category as loving vincent…[View]
94677471Who was in the wrong here?[View]
94678963His shares... Took a little tumble off the fiscal cliff.[View]
94674210Why is the formulaic boxing movie so watchable?[View]
94679229>*swallows entire boiled egg*[View]
94679168>Hello dere, I'm Karl Malone what did Jimmy Kimmel mean by this?[View]
94677999Who will portray him in the upcoming biopic?[View]
94678224Jim Carrey: Is he going crazy? Beyond social comprehension? Did Hawaii false alarm did this?[View]
94678110Blade of the Immortal: Thoughts on this? As a fan of the Manga I was thoroughly disappointed. The pa…[View]
94679164Hey kid, what is your age? Do you have a family?[View]
94676277Time has passed, and I finally get The Last Jedi. It’s hilarious. It is, or must be if we are to ass…[View]
94677739Why all grills in Stranger Things are so annoying? Why none of the characters is gay? We have a toke…[View]
94660588ITT: Extremely discerning actors who pick their roles very carefully and as such have never had a ba…[View]
94678970>Reads/Watches something on laptop >Closes it angrily, without finishing it…[View]
94677874>scene is in India >Sitar starts playing[View]
94673746What are the best movies for fapping?[View]
94677813>'Mark, I want Madd Mikkelsen to play Laurens Bancroft' >'John you blew all of our casting mon…[View]
94678154How many Planet of Apes movies are there? It seems like every year they release another one[View]
94677692>tfw can't understand most films because i'm a 29 year old socially inept virgin should…[View]
94667871Can someone recommend me some comfy viewing based around westerns? I need some entry level, but the …[View]
94674120>Back to formuler?[View]
94677911Lady Bird: I don't get it[View]
94676442which one did you want to be growing up lads?[View]
94678624I want him to hold me in his arms.[View]
94678618Old thread >>94673901 Feel free to contribute[View]
94675021What the fuck did i just watch?[View]
94678595Was it kino?[View]
94672566What happened?[View]
94676522are there movies similar to this? the thematic is what i really appreciated and i would like to see …[View]
94677925why dont they make em like this anymore?[View]
94678079>detective/police Sargent shows up >he's black…[View]
94674845What is you+r favorite News channel?[View]
94678399Name a more iconic duo[View]
94676777Why doesn't he get more roles? Even Nolan doesn't use him anymore.[View]
94677047Who is the best late Night TV Host?[View]
94671914ITT: Times actors played a character against their usual type Pic related, Martin Freeman as the bad…[View]
94676699Could Rick be MCU Wolverine?[View]
94678325Black Panther: Does Black Panther feature a character who dies and comes back to life on 2 separate …[View]
94678024He's fucking brilliant[View]
94678205ITT we pitch our show ideas to Viceland: I’ll start: >begin with woke gold skinned people appropr…[View]
94677180>Flaming Moes (Formerly Moes) was he gay?[View]
94676489Takeshi Kitano filmography: Where do I start?[View]
94674637why is this so bad[View]
94675112ITT: shows with GOAT soundtracks[View]
94677605>crowned a king >never talks to his subjects What the fuck did they mean by this?…[View]
94677157Do you think a SotC adaptation is possible? Would it capture the spirit of the game? Who should dire…[View]
94676940/waco/ - Waco General: Milkies edition What did you think of the latest episode?[View]
94678072Think about 5 quotes from the Original Trilogy and 5 from the Prequel Trilogy. Now try to think abou…[View]
94656646Remember in the early and mid 2000's a film like Black Panther could be made without issue??: I…[View]
94678036What is with Charlie Brooker's obsession of injecting electronics into peoples heads in black m…[View]
94675344>Indy. Now let's get out of here. >Right, all of us. >[Slave children's crusade i…[View]
94676205Is it any good?[View]
94677890What is the essential Italian horror? I've already watched most films directed by Argento and F…[View]
94677574It's still the best movie ever made.[View]
94665047Award for WORST ACTING EVER goes to.........[View]
94675103Herro shitty wok can take orrer pre?[View]
94674054highly acclaimed movies that suck ass[View]
94677801>we need a Mexi- >say no more senpai[View]
94670933lol, this is really going to happen isn't it?[View]
94676985Three Kingdoms: Any of you gone back to this series yet? I'm finding it's just as good as…[View]
94646920/rlg/-Reylo™ General: Canon Edition Will we have any official Reylo content in 2018/19? >New Forc…[View]
94673345>watch this because Jay recommended it twice >great story about how a stressed psyche handles …[View]
94676299What are your thoughts on this show? I was thinking about giving it a go.[View]
94676524What IS a computer?[View]
94673379ITT: scenes that gave you goose pimples.[View]
94675469Prediction. Black Panther will have a strong opening weekend but have a sharp decline after the seco…[View]
94675086Let's get this thread going: >My name is anon >I believe in killing myself…[View]
94675520>the wayans can't make a good mo-[View]
94667347Is the Boat that Rocked any good?[View]
94676785IT IS HERE!!!!: My Favorite Movie Criterion Blu-Ray Edt.[View]
94675684Which are some conspiration kinos?[View]
94666257Just catched Groundhog Day here on TV in my country .. and I'm wondering.. is there any more mo…[View]
94675552How come Jon Stewart made fun of Democrats in 2004 but not in 2008, 2012, and 2016?[View]
94677465for me, it's Michael B Jordan[View]
94677333I just marathon the first 10 min of Homeland Season 7. Did I like it?[View]
94660468Netflix is usually shit, but: Just finished this. Surprisingly good. Any other recent horror movies …[View]
94677213What are some of the best examples of this?[View]
94675797So, if I don’t like this I’m a racist or something?[View]
94676323I hear youre a racist now, /tv/? Giving the film 1/10 on imdb[View]
94675597>it's a film about family[View]
94675692rate my kino https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VIgbB60Ufjs [Embed][View]
94675341>decide to download thor ragnarok last week even though there were still only camera recordings o…[View]
94676541This is a 45 year old man[View]
94666822This killed blockbuster cinema[View]
94676959Horror sucks[View]
94677005Who’s the better David?[View]
94662075Soprano Thread: Why are bitches always all over Tony? He's fat and ugly and I bet he smells lik…[View]
94675672>its good but its no citizen kane[View]
94675833What's the best episode For me it's 'The Gang Gives Frank an Intervention '[View]
94676097>What kind of name do you want, senpai? >:…[View]
94676307Detective Pikachu: >Based on a game absolutely no one asked to be adapted >No colorful Pokémo…[View]
94675001HE NEVER DIED: Some soyboi faggot suggested this as 'one of the worst movies ever made'.... I just w…[View]
94676933>character shoots several people >pause >all of them fall over at the same time…[View]
94671198Wow, Marvel actually created an interesting character. Say hello to their number 1. villain I guess.[View]
94676493>When I was a kid I used to draw Cowboys and Indians >umm.... no sweetie... it's actually…[View]
94676722HowBowDah: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-0UwLhziocc[View]
94676456ITT: Films that made you cry like a little bitch[View]
94668447>Kal-El, no![View]
94673901dumping 1/~80 feel free to contribute[View]
94674089Chris Rock Netflix Special: Is he a one trick pony? I remember him being funny but i only watched th…[View]
94676538>Reads/Watches something on laptop >Closes it angrily, without finishing it…[View]
94676076This was great, one of the few films I finished without feeling the need to shitpost[View]
94675099Infinity War trailer in theaters is more kino than most movies[View]
94673752So Jay, what did you think of Black Panther?[View]
94675107only real 90s kids rember her. Do you? Also, general 90s shows thread.[View]
94674110Brie: Is there an actress that combines looks, talent, charisma and public persona better than her? …[View]
94676373What is the most cringe-inducing scene of 2017?[View]
94675049Looking for a film!: Kind of a long shot, but I'm looking for an animated film (?) that I was s…[View]
94675280I guess Charles really was in charge.[View]
94676106What happened to her? I dont remember seeing her in anything after drag me to hell.[View]
94676112So, The Incredibles 2 will be just Marvel's Boss baby[View]
94668821Zootopia: Is it worth watching?[View]
94674215what are some other good korean movies like this? i like thrillers the most, and action scene. i don…[View]
94674407A lot of theaters around me are playing this over the weekend. There's absolutely nothing else …[View]
94676190>'I don't have a girlfriend. I got a sister.' I understand that the whole film is about the …[View]
94676171Drake Bell: Yeah... I'm thinking he's back.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AJaHx4CDD-k…[View]
94675580*becomes an A-list superhero overnight*[View]
94666980Best Ramsay moments thread. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NVvJ3t5eiTU[View]
94675183After Black panther was so acclaimed, will Infinity War live up to the hype?[View]
94672872Legion Season 2: What do you expect from it? Should it finally reveal David's father? I really …[View]
94666892Tom of Finland: Suomi strong ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V0E9zPRt96w[View]
94675259What year did movies really begin to die? I would say around 2005-6 is when the descent started.[View]
94673064Characters looking into the lens: What are your thoughts on this? What do you feel it adds? Or is it…[View]
94670844The details of my life are quite inconsequential..[View]
94675217ITT: shows only you watched[View]
94675632They are going to turn out worse than than their moms, lol.[View]
94675415>military flick >soldier has his dick out >'HIDE YOUR PRIVATE, PRIVATE!'…[View]
94675527Will he ever unfuck his shit?[View]
94675452Is this Kino? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2A-lhd9jXps[View]
94674399Am I the only one on /tv/ who likes Finn?[View]
94675336So that's when I *obnoxiously slurps on last cough drop for the week* I killed him. And that w…[View]
94675080Is Legends of Tomorrow any good?[View]
94671153Does /tv/ really hate this movie ? I thought it was a really well made flick. Some of the humor isn…[View]
94672813Wholesome kino: *saves family cinema*[View]
94675169I see: a car park! https://youtu.be/Zzn0Nt5Cyb4[View]
94667428ITT: guilty pleasures[View]
94671683>let the bears pay the bear tax >I pay the homer tax!…[View]
94659257The Incredibles 2: No thread? Thoughts /tv/? https://youtu.be/YBpdL9hSac4[View]
94674798Everything Sucks!: Dit girl mine whiteboi, u mad? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hf_YjzEvYeQ…[View]
94674275>Mark my words: There will never be a more screwed up time in Washington. ?…[View]
94670680This would be a problem if it was the other way around. Apparently women can't be pedophiles. …[View]
94670183Why was Blade Runner even called Blade Runner? Blades don't even feature in the movie and he is…[View]
94674635Mmm whatcha say...[View]
94674745This film is not and has never been about niggas with laptops. This film is a call to action to blac…[View]
94674816What is the best franchise/movie capeshit has to offer? pic more than likely related, it more or les…[View]
94674717> the movie equivalent of disliking Black Panther on internet these days…[View]
94659698>it's a reviewer wastes time with a unfunny dumb skit no one wants to watch instead of actua…[View]
94674231>...he's right behind me isn't he?[View]
94663396UNJUST: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wy9qn78cRqA[View]
94661771Why didn't he like real women?[View]
94674743aw we better put all Punisher media promotion on hold for 3 weeks for the widdle babies! baby so se…[View]
94674709>Reads/Watches something on laptop >Closes it angrily, without finishing it…[View]
94673797>he payed to see black panther[View]
94673257Tim Curry will die in your lifetime[View]
94659611Why did it flop?[View]
94674471>Read The Punisher series by Swierczynski and Lacombe >Comics are amazing Frank is afucking ki…[View]
94672404If Beethoven's late string quartets are considered the pinnacle of music, and Joyce's Ulys…[View]
94668613Bright and early for their daily races. Going nowhere. Going nowhere.[View]
94672229Klaw appreciation thread: Loved this character, made the first half of the movie so interested. The …[View]
94670303This is a 35 year old man[View]
94669800This movie would of been the perfect coming of age teen romance movie if it wasn't gay, your op…[View]
94673763Detective Pikachu: >Introvert inventor Tim Goodman (Justice Smith) joins forces sassy reporter Lu…[View]
94673227Recommend me some Takeshi kino[View]
94671402Boy in striped pajamas: Was this scene meant to be comedic? I laughed my ass off when she acted surp…[View]
94671460Just watched this movie. Is it good? Did I like it?[View]
94666318Is this the most overrated movie of all time? >wastes entire act on useless Michael in Italy plot…[View]
94669056FREEZE DIRTBAG[View]
94670130>it's a brad pitt shows up and saves the day episode[View]
94672451What the fuck was the First Sword of Braavos doing in the Red Keep, training children?[View]
94674118>Fairy lives don't matter today.[View]
94673972>So she lies in the grass >Then she turns to her mother and says.. >What's a computer?…[View]
94673991ITT the most dishonest and soyfilled '''''reactions''''' you have ever seen https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
94672983Key and Peele > Dave Chappelle Discuss[View]
94669167Greatest love story ever told.[View]
94672325Bruhda I hav mad u a bu gaguuet: Cute love her[View]
94673949Black Panther is a boring character with no personality The movie felt really basic, like a phase 1 …[View]
94673888Childhood is idolizing the original trilogy. Adulthood is realizing the prequels make more sense.[View]
94664642Is this the funniest movie ever made?[View]
94670830I rewatched it and I noticed the movie is actually decent until their arrival to Maz Kanata's c…[View]
94673834do you want some olympics kino[View]
94670622Post your favorite musickino: I'll start[View]
94671291>You write in the chatlog if she does anal? >IT'S A QUESTION!…[View]
94672959Ay retenir are yu tellin' moi we war some samourai n sheet?[View]
94671178All memes aside, why the fuck does this film have so many stupid moments and plot holes? For example…[View]
94673647*Blocks ur path*: *Slow zooms into conversation*[View]
94673674Make this /tv/ related[View]
94673659Who was in the wrong here?[View]
94672844aтoмoгpaд youtube a masterpiece https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VIgbB60Ufjs[View]
94671645Could this BE any more of a friends thread?[View]
94671463>he turned a 360 and walked away[View]
94673519you guys ever do a fan thing?[View]
94673534Is /tv/ ready for kino of the highest calibre? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=08dHXfIprYE[View]
94670990What a bunch of hypocrites[View]
94673062>It's not your fault[View]
94673516>They're talking about you boy, >but you're still the same. >There's somethi…[View]
94668587The Orville: Will the long break in between seasons hurt the show?[View]
94665472Name a funnier show. Pro tip: dont say Rick and Morty.[View]
94673452Has anyone here read this? How is it?[View]
94661244There's a really fucked up trend going on in sci-fi: Some kind of AI/copy of a human consciousn…[View]
94671160What's his best movie?[View]
94670389Zack Snyder predictions/appreciation thread: Following Zack's removal from JL it has gone quiet…[View]
94671207So, what was it about?[View]
94673052you gonna spend all day crankin your ding dong - and that's just fine... you gotta remember to …[View]
94662029keep seeing pic related and thought it was shooped,apprently they actually fucked and I just thought…[View]
94671657>'You don't get to bring refugees'[View]
94655060I heard Jamal from 90th street watched that tape last week and this mornin' he woke up dead![View]
94670988ITT: horror movies where none of the protagonists survive. God mode: they do survive, but in a state…[View]
94672630I just finished watching this. Someone give me a quick rundown of what happened?[View]
94672304A masterclass in acting: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XB7R0ZxNgC4[View]
94661510>Frasier is the least popular television show in the sitcom category for 18-49 viewers, according…[View]
94671087How did they manage to make the Flash so useless the whole film?: How did they even get away with th…[View]
94667882why the fuck was mike interested in her? she was so needy and treated him like dirt when she didnt g…[View]
94666996What's PTA's best movie?[View]
94672579Is is just me or did Bill Paxton really suck in this movie? It got a lot better when he and the spic…[View]
94672090What a pussy.[View]
94672617Is there a better example at how to write romance in movies than To Have And Have Not (1944)?[View]
94672465what is going through his mind right now?[View]
94672534Malcolm Bad Star Wars Sex Goose: Started re-watching this again. At season 2 at the moment Also Fran…[View]
94672174What's his finest piece of work and why is it Interstellar?[View]
94671341ITT: Interview kino https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lIFKYrtAgeQ[View]
94668391Rampage: I am unashamedly excited about this movie. https://youtu.be/-43MBOJnVks[View]
94672110I'm about to get nekkid back here. So no peekin'.[View]
94672003Let's get this thread going: >My name is anon >I believe in killing myself…[View]
94666801Do it for B5: It was our last, best hope for peace[View]
94672267Jennifer Lawrence is currently the youngest person to have four Oscar nominations, are you looking f…[View]
94672150>4 minutes where there is only a black screen and a japanese song playing HOW THE FUCK!. Did he g…[View]
94671978What did /tv/ think of Dark?: I just finished it and have mixed feelings about it. Few last episodes…[View]
94671990>The best movie was made in the 60s >Still making movies 60+ years later >Why?…[View]
94669937/lbg/ - Letterboxd General: PREVIOUS: >>94632626 Post profiles and discuss what you recently w…[View]
94669156How come everyone forgot about me?[View]
94664946How is this show so FUCKING good and relatable?[View]
94671360YouTube TV to become a dominant force: Netflix, Disney killer. When?[View]
94660873Is it true that in this movie Hershlag gets blacked?[View]
94670924If this were made today, the SJWs and feminazis would have a meltdown.[View]
94669677>Someone calls a character chicken >They ironically get pissed off…[View]
94667349ITT: poster kino[View]
94671557>fucks up the Galaxy by almost murdering his nephew >doesn’t fix his mistake >kills himself…[View]
94670379SAMMY PLS[View]
94671511rate my kino https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VIgbB60Ufjs[View]
94669731He really can't into british accent[View]
94671186I’m watching The Phantom Thread—is this Kino I feel, brothers?: Every last autist can learn how to d…[View]
94671294lets discuss our favorite superheros movies like the adults that we are! whos' your favorite he…[View]
94671303Won't they eventually run out of characters for capeshit?[View]
94670155Nice cup o' joe you got there, wagecuck. It'd be a shame if you...spat it out.[View]
94666129>For this next trick our magician will be taking his lovely assistant on a ride. Boy, I'd su…[View]
94671260Cast the biopic[View]
94632626/lbg/ - Letterboxd General: PREVIOUS: >>94613368 Post profiles and discuss what you recently w…[View]
94659740Did Bane really die here or was it left intentionally ambiguous? We never see his corpse and he is …[View]
94659221>It's a Kimmel cries episode[View]
94670636>Tron 3 never[View]
94662502I'll stay[View]
94670180Good site to stream free movies and shows? Thank you in advanced[View]
94669914Will Disney make a live-action movie based on it?[View]
94666359/who/ - Doctor Who General: Musical edition Previous: >>94649096[View]
94667232What did he mean by this?[View]
94664577What was the point of this character? Talk about how badass he looked in the trailers and then they …[View]
94670717Is his review up yet?[View]
94661742So what was the official explanation for how come they have gravity on their ships in Star Trek?[View]
94668895>actress slips off her dress and walks up to the main actor >yell BOW CHICKA WOW WOW >movie…[View]
94670330She was best mom and everyone was a faggot for going against her[View]
94670660>character asks scientist to explain parallel universes >scientist makes a cootie catcher out …[View]
94670616Where the fuck do you get off talking to people behind my back all over my head?[View]
94667004When did it jump the shark?[View]
94670775Watch 'em chrissy![View]
94667724Why did the media (((forget))) ?[View]
94670477>This is a cock Cage >it’s a Male chastity device >it keeps your penis in a flaccid state i…[View]
94666102BRENAISSANCE IS HERE: Guess who's back Back again Brendan's back Tell a friend https://www…[View]
94669338I've got jungle fever: Help, I think she's cute and hot. Wtf I've never felt like thi…[View]
94668783Hallelujah. You're my savior, man. My own personal Jesus Christ.[View]
94670218HOP ON![View]
94669720ITT: Villains who did nothing wrong[View]
94670177What are some movies and tv shows with this aesthetic?[View]
94660885This shit is actually a quite decent one among capeshits. In fact, it isn't the movie itself bu…[View]
94668362Emma!: What a lovely woman...[View]
94669959Will this be as much of a suck fest as Halloween 2 ?[View]
94669966That was embarrassing (finally got around to watching Suicide Squad). Anyone who plays the Joker (af…[View]
94667833Detective Pikachu (2019): >Introvert inventor Tim Goodman (Justice Smith) joins forces sassy repo…[View]
94669261>Spiderman, Batman, Superman Who is the new 'Big 3' of Superheroes? >Captain America…[View]
94669058Hey Captain Black!, EAT THIS![View]
94667986And I wonder I WAH WAH WAH WAH WONDER[View]
94664202this is easily the closest ive ever seen to a legitimate 0/10 the only thing that keeps it from bei…[View]
94668561ITT: 3x3 your kino tv shows: it's that time again folks >inb4 based tryhard poster…[View]
94661731Why doesn't /tv/ support the rightful queen of Westeros?[View]
94669822It's over......: Even the jungle hooks loved it....[View]
94669280Is he the modern day larry king?[View]
94669393'Ah yes I'll have one ticket for BLACKED Panther please'[View]
94667756Who is the best female operator character?[View]
94664625Who was in the wrong here?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TY9JsBy835g[View]
94669770why did he get pulled over in that deleted scene?[View]
94669029I feel old.[View]
94669670Write me a story for the movie based on picrel[View]
94661227Was Driver a replicant?[View]
94665650We shall fight to the last man[View]
94669469favorite ep of R & M ? pic very related[View]
94668266Was this scene kino?[View]
94668951Jumani: Welcome To The Jungle‘s Ser’Darius Blain is set as a co-lead in the CW’s Charmed “feminist” …[View]
94668484>ywn have a comfy sister[View]
94669170He looks totally unJUST. Is he back /TV/? >http://www.indiewire.com/2018/02/trust-trailer-brendan…[View]
94666607Carrie Coon: What's next for her career? Is anyone else sad that she was discovered somewhat la…[View]
94668141Great movies to watch on an acid trip? So far, Knight of cups and Samsara are great. Im guessing all…[View]
94665419What's one show you wish you could forget so you could rewatch fresh from start? For me, it…[View]
94669160CRYBABY KING[View]
94661299The name's James. James Bond.[View]
94669088Why is this so boring? Aren't horror movies supposed to be scary?[View]
94668475>Good Morning sir, were here because you gave Black Panther a 1/10 on imdb. We just need to see y…[View]
94669072>character has an opinion I disagree with[View]
94659472Just marathoned this, what do I think about it?[View]
94666826>m-muh natural light >can't see absolute shit who thought this was a good idea?…[View]
94668798When will they finally make a movie about Hollywood rape-culture?[View]
94664640He charged hundreds...[View]
94668866he made billions[View]
94660464WOULD YOU INCEST?: Correct Answer: Yes![View]
94668802Whats up with this kino?[View]
94667437'I've heard they don't like Mary Sues over here'[View]
94663284Best Star Wars Movie: It's Rogue one. I watched it again for the 3rd time!! 3rd time. It's…[View]
94664880Are you excited to see Millie Brown in the upcoming Godzilla movie?[View]
94668008What was the point of this scene?[View]
94666727>winter movie >the snow is fake[View]
94668557Kdrama: What am I in for? What is the opinion of /tv/?[View]
94667721Take me back......to the 80's... *puts tooth pick in mouth*[View]
94663683how bad is this gonna be?[View]
94666137Had no idea she was in blacked. Witcher witch[View]
94662894Why can't movies recreate this kind of chemistry these days?[View]
94668433>AAAAAAAAAAGGGGHHHHH What did he mean by this?[View]
94668297JACKINO OFFICIAL THREAD: Best film he has ever acted in, prove me wrong[View]
94669698>character is in a gay relationship >they are more emotionally supportive to each other and ge…[View]
94668192For me? It's Colin Quinn![View]
94667788She died at the end, right? The castle is clearly in the sky.[View]
94663674you ever just pause the movie and stare at the tv?[View]
94667650Why hasn't Star Trek ever dabbled in the Lovecraft territory? I don't mean the specific de…[View]
94667280I'm looking for tv shows like Twin Peaks, The Kingdom, The Maxx, Decalogue, Moral Orel, Berlin …[View]
94666321>orchestrated the net neutrality repeal hurting netflix, amazon studios and youtube >outed hol…[View]
94667358Garbage day is a very dangerous day.[View]
94666947>kills your waifu[View]
94666896Why is this called Return of the Jedi if Luke didn't restore the Jedi order?[View]
94667456le violence begets violence the movie[View]
94659986>get me Dwayne Johnson but cheaper >I know just the guy…[View]
94666845How many have you checked off?[View]
94661429Is there anyone left on /tv/ who hasn't dropped this show, already?[View]
94664677What exactly did he do wrong again?[View]
94667801who was the best hooker in this show?[View]
94667791>mfw I found out Bodhi is a buddhist concept[View]
94643725Why did Hey Arnold get a relaunch but Rugrats didn't?[View]
94667425fantasy movies: Any movies like this? Labyrinth Legend Never ending story Somehow I really do like t…[View]
94665956Vannessa Bayer probably never thought all her years at SNL would cause her to end up here, playing a…[View]
94664507What are some thicc movies?[View]
94666139Were the 1970's the most degenerate era of cinema ?[View]
94664685WACO S01E04: Who exactly was in the wrong here?[View]
94665668ITT: Movies only you have seen[View]
94667388One does not simply walk into mortgage.[View]
94666642BRAINLET WARS[View]
94655796/bb/ Celebrity Big Brother: HOH: Ari Veto: TBD Nominations: James / Shannon previously on /bb/ >…[View]
94654458Pre std /trek/ general[View]
94664860Castaway: just finished watching this. i unironically cried like a bitch[View]
94664896Why has his career come to a screeching halt?[View]
94659572Actors in foreign market commercials: Chloe Bennet selling Beer in China https://youtu.be/s5wN1WPkI_…[View]
94659888why have you forsaken me /tv/[View]
94667005>Asian Woman crashes her car into a black guy I didn't realize Star Wars takes place in LA n…[View]
94665955Cool Cat Saves the Kids: Who was in the wrong here?[View]
94663163Why are there no funny right-wing comedians?[View]
94666786>Has anyone seen Richard?! >Does anyone know why Richard did Rober Lupo?!…[View]
94665202To Wong Fu, Thanks For Everything Julie Newmar: Was it kino? Did it give Patrick Swayze cancer becau…[View]
94664417This monkey, ages ago..,,,,..uhh don't know where it happened.....ehhhhhhhh.......... Got Caugh…[View]
94662843What does /tv/ think about 'All in the Family'?: pic related[View]
94641285Cast him, /tv/.[View]
94665678Normie, Normie, Normie... Hockey Normie[View]
94660133Why wasn't he arrested for attempted murder? Those traps were dangerous[View]
94664283>It's a Griff episode[View]
94658108Best girl Best villian[View]
94643351Is there any drama series as good as Sopranos?[View]
94666713Would Homestar Runner make a good TV show?[View]
94666708i think Anwar is a pretty cool guy. he kills commies and doesn't afraid of anything.[View]
94664773>yfw the last episode of a show you watched Stranger Things s02e09[View]
94666628Best Televised villain in years: You cannot dent it. He’s unironically /ourguy/.[View]
94666615Why hasn't he apologised yet?[View]
94662111What the fuck were they thinking?[View]
94666523Is this the most perfect ending to a film ever?[View]
94663847So I was binge watching some Batman films and had a question: So only a few people know Bruce Wayne …[View]
94666117Why did Coruscant have a landing strip?[View]
94665257>muh walls What was his problem?[View]
94649096/who/ - Doctor Who General: Colinfu edition (aka the thread that never was) last >>94636777…[View]
94666269I'm planning on watching at least 2 films at the cinema over the coming few days (I'm goin…[View]
94665660>but...it broke my heart having to but that bullet in her belly[View]
94666233What are some machiavellian kinos?[View]
94658512>Amazon Lord of the Rings >Amazon Conan >Netflix Witcher >Showtime Kingkiller Chronicle …[View]
94664737This is Frank Constanza[View]
94663941Black Panther Box-office: The opening weekend tracking just keeps going up On Deadline: 'Meanwhile, …[View]
94661651Is Hollywood dying?[View]
94648977He killed zillions[View]
94659110What the fuck is up with this movie? Why does he look people up and down for 30 seconds before respo…[View]
94660878This is the most patrician Bond film[View]
94663505>need something good to watch >I'll go on /tv/ surely someone will mention something good…[View]
94665575You know how I feel about Person of Interest threads anon[View]
94664379>love triangle >incest >mass murder protag >pedo that hangs out with cute little boy …[View]
94665677I'll be useless sir[View]
94664985He's back isn't he[View]
94636983*sucks you off*[View]
94665173worth watching or not?[View]
94665583it was revenge for cia. and, a lot of other things. and there was nothing that we could do about it.…[View]
94662943>protagonist see's dead body >throws up…[View]
94663959What was that movie with Steve Martin about some guy who inherited a yoghurt company then he scream …[View]
94661854I'M NOT LOYING[View]
94663612if I wanted to write a letter to denis expressing how grateful i am for his efforts in blade runner …[View]
94665005>A civil rights lawsuit >lawsuit >not the charges the NYPD told the mentally ill women woul…[View]
94665351How do you go from this?[View]
94661188>get me david schwimmer but cheaper I know just the guy[View]
94664885Bite the bullet, baby.[View]
94663513>/tv/ says movie is good >decide to watch it >it's actually horse shit Thanks for fuck…[View]
94664539These might be THE films that prove the existence of objective quality. I'm becoming increasing…[View]
94659556I will have Arrakis back for myself! He who controls the Spice controls the universe![View]
94664225Is there any other actor in Hollywood as charismatic as pic related? the answer is no [View]
94661814What movies have b i g women?[View]
94663888Just Watched This. AMA: Saw this before opening with an employee of IMAX. Ask me anything, and I…[View]
94664367The niggers can't act Story are really mediocre Soundtracks are alright Visual designs are co…[View]
94664997Are you a Dahmer?: >How much are you like Dahmer? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aLj7t9rdfVc…[View]
94659271Comfy Horror: It's a comfy wintery valentines holiday night, why aren't you spending it wa…[View]
94664909What a huge pile of shit, I want my money back.[View]
94662857Best Mad Men girl[View]
94660716Velocity™ movie when?[View]
94663072Can I keep it?[View]
94662409Is there a show on this kind of subject matter without the '''''''humor'''''''?[View]
94661958Chris Rock's Netflix Special: Jesus Christ, that was bad.[View]
94664755>its a 'things arent what you expect' episode[View]
94663887Still a Chad, despite everything that's happened.[View]
94664702Was this kino?[View]
94659190ITT: wasted potential[View]
94662735Cinematic feuds: So the story goes Jean Luc Godard walked out of his old but slightly estranged frie…[View]
94662679Are there any decent kinos set in medieval central europe (preferably Bohemia)?[View]
94663691what are some films about not having anymore money in your bank account until payday which is tomorr…[View]
94664500The place: Have you seen this movie? Any thoughts, what do you think about this film and it’s rating…[View]
94664333Remember when Scrubs touched on this third rail topic, one where no easy answers existed and the doc…[View]
94664399Fanny and Alexander (1982) is the best European movie ever made. You cannot dispute this fact.[View]
94660905BLACK PANTHER: Why would the Africans who first discovered Vibranium name it Vibranium? Why not some…[View]
94664101How good/realistic was this duel?: The Viper pros: >chooses spear as weapon to out space the moun…[View]
94663468Boy, those times were super dark, weren’t they?[View]
94655364/r9k/ here...sorry to bother you guys...what movie should I watch tonight? have a nice valentines ni…[View]
94662870We stood beneath an amber moon And softly murmured 'Someday soon'[View]
94664209The boys went to the farm: The ending was fucking terrible and ruiner the rest of the movie. I know …[View]
94658859Why the FUCK is the pilot so weird compared to the rest of Season 1?[View]
94658492>Read about Korgoth of Barbaria >People go on and on about how 'it's a shame it was never…[View]
94652831>hear british woman scream for 40 minutes straight this was extremely hard to sit through, is thi…[View]
94664143will we ever get another burned-out cop suspense thriller with a murky jazz soundtrack? also, give t…[View]
94661438Out of all the progressive bullshit that's come out of Hollywood recently, can we at least admi…[View]
94659999Ragnarok: Just watched this. It was pretty funny and the music was good. Entertaining but thats abou…[View]
94663948Just came back from seeing it by myself cos why not. It was okay. Grace was right that there was ver…[View]
94663229Insignificant characters that moved you[View]
94662882Feeling depressed and suicidal tonight. Any movies to cheer me up? Any friends out there? Pic unrela…[View]
94657826was fury a good movie?[View]
94660886>A Dr. Strange movie grossed more than the Justice League movie with Batman and Superman How does…[View]
94661583I don't know if this belongs on /lit/ but can we talk about Norms book? I just finished the fir…[View]
94662337Actors with the best agents >be weird looking >no range >Moonrise Kingdom >Grand Budape…[View]
94662666Will it do well in China?[View]
94661491What was his endgame?[View]
94658078Just finished binge-watching Friends for the first time, and I need another good ol american sitcom …[View]
94663295i just marathoned this. what did i think of it?[View]
94663461If she wants a fight: then by ARSE she's gonna get one! https://youtu.be/qwSLxuN6v_w[View]
94662482Movies more like this?[View]
94658925thoughts on director David O. Russell /tv/?: >The Fighter >Silver Linings Playbook >America…[View]
94660621ITT: actors who aged like milk[View]
94662540Ginger or Mary Ann: which would you? http://www.strawpoll.me/15076944 https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
94662371Times you acted like Mr Reese >be me >pick name at random out of phone book >been drinking …[View]
94662016Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams: What went wrong?[View]
94658371Frasier was a 9/11 psy op: The so-called executive producer 'David Angell' was a psy op. A character…[View]
94654287What would '/tv/' gang look like?[View]
94663199Rank the Batmen[View]
94657872Name ONE more romantic scene: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y6baRWhZ9sE[View]
94662887Thoughts on Cersei? How will she die?[View]
94658666Why is she so smug,bros?[View]
94659091pink teddy bear: what was the significance of it? why did walt keep the eye?[View]
94651517I'm the king. King Carl. Duh duh duh duh duh you know I'm your ruler heheheheheyeah hehehe[View]
94662682Movies with this aesthetic?[View]
94654591What happened to Blomkamp's career?: I really liked his scifi films. It would be cool if he did…[View]
94661083who is your favorite asian actor or actress?[View]
94650706Name one thing he can't do[View]
94662900Teen kino thread?[View]
94657402*blocks your path*[View]
94662421What are some horror movies with nudity?[View]
94662176Movies about degenerates?[View]
94637934Make this /tv/ related[View]
94659374Trajan: hey /tv/ do any of you know of any good documentaries about Trajan?[View]
94655753Amazon's Lord of the Rings: Cast it.[View]
94662480It's over: Even jungle chinks love it.[View]
94662397Witness: >that establishing narrative >the strong acting on Ford's part as his character …[View]
94661834>war movie >soldier is fatally wounded and attempts to shoot a tank with a pistol >tells so…[View]
94661857Name a more fabulous musical[View]
94661285Well hello![View]
94661966Okay, funny scene. But... why did the guy call him Shirley in the first place? Kinda came out of now…[View]
94660821What's the greatest television performance of all time?[View]
94660494Is it just me?: does this really suck from the moment it starts? It just feels off.[View]
94661328>Black Panther makes gorillions >Studios suddenly decide to thrown 200 million for a new Spawn…[View]
94652861It sucks.[View]
94662098Best scary movie?: I saw a thread about it before and wanna watch one, what should i watch?[View]
94658767Scariest movie of all time?: What is the consensus[View]
94662017Why didn't Anakin just use force push to push himself up the hill?[View]
94660329Halloween Episodes Thread: How did they manage to make a family sitcom episode horror kino? Does it …[View]
94661348Where did it all go wrong?[View]
94661836I'm sorry, I lied. After all, I'm only a human being.[View]
94661787need some good recent horror and/or scifi movies just watched 'the ritual' and i like it. …[View]
94661561Why do romance movies always encourage a culture of a man denigrating himself to win a woman's …[View]
94661612I'm watching the 1st season of The Wire and I just got done watching the episode where DeAngelo…[View]
94659850that's what it says in my notes[View]
94653879this show is the epitome of dad humor which is why its so good[View]
94661719Well that was some pretty retarded crap[View]
94661441 qqqqqquuuuuuaaaaaaaaaaaaattttttooooooooo [View]
94660380Seinfeld: will it ever be topped?[View]
94660342Originals TCM ≥ Halloween > NoES > F13 Sequels NoES> F13 > Halloween> TCM (though TCM…[View]
94661169Man, that was pure kino.[View]
94658063How the fuck did Gimli not know that a huge underground civilisation had been burnt to a crisp? I me…[View]
94661469My friends! You pay taxes to no one.[View]
94657235Whats next for January Jones[View]
94658828>refugees would destroy us and bring their problems >ethnostate with strong border >mid cre…[View]
94659086My Joi: Would you?[View]
94661069ITT: we post commercial kino https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G_VtQPYq8kI[View]
94660533>watch the Texas Chainsaw Massacre >wow this is a scary story >look it up >it actually h…[View]
94660556black panther sucks! give me spawn and blade![View]
94661129Rest in peace[View]
94659199>works well with others >*cut to protag beating some guy up*…[View]
94660369ITT: detective kino: All this talk of cyberpunk noire. Can we have thread about peak artistry? A fut…[View]
94654726ITT: kinotoons no, i will no go to /co/, have you ever see what its like?[View]
94654766Thoughts on this kino?[View]
94656171Let's go, chrome dome.[View]
94659853How??: >Well???[View]
94659333What did he mean by this?[View]
94660807Post your five favorite seasons of TV 1. The Sopranos, Season 6 2. Twin Peaks, Season 3 3. True Dete…[View]
94656754INCREDIBLES 2 TRAILER: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X6waHtSgCTc[View]
94657411Found Footage Films: Are there any good found footage films out there that /tv/ could recommend me? …[View]
94660623Whats next for Jessica Biel[View]
94655002Watching Star Wars, it's pretty comfy but I'm a bit confused. What race is Kylo Ren suppos…[View]
94660287Is Disney finally gonna out her as trans?[View]
94660601What do you guys think of this show???[View]
94659732Just end me.: Starship troopers was 20 years ago...[View]
94660580My only problem with it is that they made Dooku just another generic evil villain, instead of a good…[View]
94660574what is the message of this film? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tqoAMfe_rPM[View]
94657672Would George A. Romero's Resident evil been good?: Would it have been good?[View]
94659286Crazy bitch[View]
94659143Please, make it stop. MAKE IT STOP.[View]
94647006Rita Ora Joins Live-Action POKEMON Movie: https://www.comicbookmovie.com/video_games/british-singer-…[View]
94654378Thoughts? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=FxgjNEIUrd4[View]
94658587>'Women can't write kino-.'[View]

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