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101161766Nicolas Winding Refn: .[View]
101160373Mark Ruffalo in Collateral Discuss[View]
101157957ITT: Kino intros[View]
101161380I want to like MDE, but their fans are so fucking gay.[View]
101160234I want to get some into Mad Men, but how do you get past the fact that all the main characters are h…[View]
101162352Did you know all the top Hollywood players were Russians, and meet in secret with Putin to discuss p…[View]
101162306R.I.P. Judge Anthony Filosa: January 2, 1940 - July 4, 2018 Anthony 'Tony' Filosa, 78, of Los Angele…[View]
101160986Anyone else want to see a film directed by James Gunn that isn't guardians of the galaxy or mar…[View]
101161681... would you?[View]
101160185>character A shows up covered in blood >character B: 'are you okay?' >A: it's not my b…[View]
101161675Fuck you I liked this movie[View]
101157809why don't women understand this scene?[View]
101162124Whats next for Evie, fämälämäzoids[View]
101161473Well you know man, I can do it quietly you know, I can do it quietly[View]
101156329Scenes that terrified you as a kid[View]
101159734>Are you afraid of dying? What did it mean by this[View]
101160121The University of America Samoa? What a joke![View]
101162069>it's a truman becomes single,hates life and can't survive episode…[View]
101160059Kylo Ren is the best Star Wars character ever made, only two movies in and he is on another level th…[View]
101162008He's a real human bean Who is? [Spoiler] The boy reading this [/spoiler][View]
101151334why did the US government hate him so much?[View]
101159864>ywn live in the alternate timeline where our entertainment hadn't gotten so political, and …[View]
101161944why couldn't he just download some audiobooks on his phone[View]
101141996Little Italy: Who’s ready for some HaydenKINO? https://youtu.be/z8lDreq9le4[View]
101157401What are some unfair RT scores?[View]
101160654movies where the crazy person is right: I just watched Take Shelter and I want more. 12 monkeys fits…[View]
101161368>American show >civilian gun ownership is portrayed in a bad light >common lines include 'g…[View]
101160560>Peter, if you want me to run your little camping trip, there are two conditions: firstly, I…[View]
101153475STRANGER THINGS Season 3 Promo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QdMZgCTeFRM[View]
101136291Alita is ug-[View]
101159969It’s time to come back: Netflix is dead and soon so will every other streaming service. It’s never t…[View]
101153196What's this expression trying to convey?[View]
101155014Who is America?: What do you call this kind of show? Mockumentary? Docu-reality? Was it scripted or …[View]
101157687More like Sorry to Bore You[View]
101161035Reminder that Revenge of the Sith, Lord of the Rings, and Raimi-Man were the last honest blockbuster…[View]
101161486How does this have a 92% on rotten tomatoes? Even inverting the score would be too generous.[View]
101142608A Nightmare on Elm Street: John Saxon (Nancy's father in the movies) wrote a prequel to Nightma…[View]
101143667*Cracks Monster* Ah ZOOM, now THAT was a kid's PBS show. *sips*[View]
101155684What is 'Jewish humor'? Please check your /pol/ thoughts at the door.[View]
101158607The digits are doubles sir, but they check out.[View]
101157811Just finished watching Zulu. It was really enjoyable and probably one of the best war films I'v…[View]
101160150Where are they now?[View]
101160326Post your favorite meme actors. I like this guy, shows up always charms[View]
101160155Is he /ourguy/?[View]
101158525>retards cry about this every day >decide to give it a watch >it's actually really goo…[View]
101160141This is pretty fun[View]
101159284Who wants to die for art?[View]
101161137Looking for mysterious movies: I want more movies that have scenes like pic related. Stuff that is s…[View]
101160514A Fuck Dragon?[View]
101160661This was actually pretty good for what it was. Even if you don't like it as an adaptation, as a…[View]
101160273This was actually based on a true story[View]
101160922This feels a lot different now that I'm an adult... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hqZoK1bq2hs…[View]
101159303I've been told mixed things about all these films and don't have time to watch all 6 of th…[View]
101159350Lee Remixk[View]
101160702>netflix offers me a month free DVD service >yeah, okay, its been like five years since I did …[View]
101157143>Get me that A list trans man[View]
101160552Can i get a tv Humor thread: never seen one just for it[View]
101157452Why isn't anyone talking about Kevin Costner's cattlekino?[View]
101159374Bam Margera: Does he have a future in Hollywood?[View]
101159993You will never see The One ending for the first time again https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ws8JocOp…[View]
101159376>horror movie ends >the only surviving character gets blamed for everything that happened in t…[View]
101157187Quick /tv/, name a good movie to watch during a thunderstorm.[View]
101159623This is the worst and most disgusting show I've ever seen: First episode- diatribe about how me…[View]
101160231>naval officer of a landlocked country J U S T U S T[View]
101159200What did Kubrick mean with this blocking, having that dude right in between Hartman and Cowboy? I wo…[View]
101157603This movie is up there with the best WW2 kinos. Do not deny it.[View]
101159799Why cant Capitalists fix the system? Why do they still run a broken system?[View]
101161783Based bimbo[View]
101158914Is this good?[View]
101157363Who was in the wrong here?[View]
101159388So, we're going to see this in the MCU, right?[View]
101159883What are some unforgivable faux pas and clichés in some movies you have seen[View]
101156891The Simpsons: What was their best movie parody?[View]
101158095Why is he so smug?[View]
101155489Is this pawg perhaps the brappiest hogger that has ever been lead role in a block buster[View]
101156828Was It Kino?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6pM3_nG_VI0[View]
101159850What did Disney mean by this?: Why are some of the princesses lolis? Why do they push these young gi…[View]
101158700Buffy, I...[View]
101158524>sitcom >the apartments are only ever showed from one angle…[View]
101159285How Avengers 4 will end: After doing all this crazy shit with time, and exchanging stones. The futur…[View]
101158953Was this show red-pilled?[View]
101159506>character looking for a number on the phone book >finds it >tears off the page…[View]
101156604>Came out a year apart. >Both contain a rape scene. >Horrible Bosses 2's scene is cons…[View]
101143335So, your Mom found your feet folder, huh?[View]
101159317Stop Needing: Just stop.[View]
101158316Silicon Valley: What went wrong?[View]
101157867>villain is white[View]
101154667>stranded on island >still fat How?[View]
101155650NO MORE DEAD COPS[View]
101159422KINO incoming[View]
101151494who should play Black Canary in the upcoming Birds of Prey film /tv/?[View]
101152905ITT: movies you like for personal reasons: The Force Awakens helped me lose my virginity[View]
101156815>The Fellowship of the Ring came out 12 years ago[View]
101158464Just finished Altered Carbon. What did I think of it?[View]
101159340daily reminder[View]
101158598leak already plz[View]
101158510The Best Wonder Woman movie Review EVER!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZFTVYUOp0gI[View]
101155962what went wrong?[View]
101159156So why hasnt anyone tried to combat #metoo? Seriously, most of these allegations are trivial nonsens…[View]
101150545Google says his job pays $100k+. Why did he still live in a shitty apartment and have a shitty boat?…[View]
101157833AJ Soprano: How much do you think he gets in royalties from The Sopranos? Filmography * The Tic Code…[View]
101158127Wynonna Earp: Is anyone gonna watch the new season, or am I alone in watching shitty but entertainin…[View]
101155768Empires kill millions....And that's a good thing!: Looking for movies featuring western/imperia…[View]
101146450Spider-Man: Far From Home is gonna be even worse than Homecoming and all TASM movies.: Screenshot th…[View]
101158614Blade Runner 2049 is a terrible movie!: This movie is so fucking boring, almost nothing happens for …[View]
101159005Why Did Johnny Depp turn down the Will Scarlett part in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves?[View]
101154153>comedian actor's first serious role in film >literally just plays an autist that awkward…[View]
101158962For me? It's Colin Quinn.[View]
101152789Disney and Comedy Central played a lot of movies over and over. what one did you see the most?[View]
101152742>Hi joker[View]
101158487littytrain status: dead[View]
101158494This was a bit much...[View]
101158345Why the fuck was Steven Spielberg credited for directing Ready Player One? He had 15 days max with t…[View]
101155113>You know WE'RE LIVING IN A SOCIETY! Why did George say this?[View]
101152498/bb/ Big Brother 20: HOH: - Scottie Veto: - Scottie Nominations: - Brett / Winston App Store Winner:…[View]
101156699>Bartlet: Can I tell you what's messed up about James Bond? >Young: Nothing. >Bartlet:…[View]
101158348What other film people are addicts AND attend NA/AA meetings?[View]
101155255Impossibly beautiful actor shoots zombie flick: Adam Driver! *sighs* Bill Murray's in it, Jim J…[View]
101157893>1997 flick >Save Tonight starts playing[View]
101158238Anyone see a little shit come through here with one of our suits? Think he painted it fucking red wi…[View]
101151048Simple Jack (2008): Was it kino?[View]
101153719>If my calculations are correct, when this baby hits 88 miles per hour, you're gonna see som…[View]
101156760Are these guys unironically discussing Star Wars movies for 20 years already?[View]
101156577https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fQc_MlHFlkcf found this weird japanese sitcom in my recommended. wha…[View]
101156621who okay'd these pants?[View]
101157758They were off by 20 years[View]
101155809did he make the deal with the devil? Tom doesn't age much, does he? 56 Him at the world premier…[View]
101153768When is he going to get a job at the vcr repair shop?[View]
101157070What shows do you guys like to watch when you’re sad? I like the office[View]
101154133Why doesn't the guy on the left get talked about more? Never quoted by directors or brought up…[View]
101156840People said it wasn't as good as Narco's but I liked it, how about you?[View]
101156884>main character is tough guy bad ass >still drinks milk frog bros do you hear me…[View]
101155840What are some good Mexican movies?[View]
101156046Is Peter the worst main character in a show? Family Guy would be so much better with out random fagg…[View]
101155810Why didn't he want to talk about Judy?[View]
101156932Has anyone watched 86ed? Checked it out because it was supposedly kind of funny and Larry David…[View]
101153485What are some of the best films of the 1960's and 70's? Gimme some movies more on the unde…[View]
101155354I used to fuck guys like you in prison.[View]
101154389Which child actor aged better /tv/?[View]
101153577Dr. Pavel...[View]
101153914Star Wars was never good.: And never will be.[View]
101156366>I fucked Ted. What did she mean by this?[View]
101156534The name's Bond, Jane Bond[View]
101138497How was the Simpsons allowed to be aired after this?[View]
101156173Have any ideas for your own TV show?[View]
101156026'FAILED! GONE!'[View]
101156110what message did this try to pass?[View]
101155787It was a decent flick.[View]
101156011>blind, sound-sensitive monsters >army can't figure out to use high pitch noise to defeat…[View]
101155767The Thing discussion.: These are always the best threads on /tv/. Besides MacReady, who was /tv/…[View]
101154062What's the anal of kino?[View]
101154298Goonies: why Stef was such a cutie in the Goonies? literally best girl in that film, period.[View]
101156365Just marathoned this, it was good fun. The beatuiful cinematography contrasted nicely with the ultra…[View]
101156335So she met a plastic surgeon in the void or something?[View]
101146493MY SKIN IS COOOOOLD[View]
101150713>he's on me[View]
101140011Hey, Hershel, man, let me ask you something. Could a living breathing person, could they walk away f…[View]
101138574Why would anybody make a movie about a shitty two hit wonder?[View]
101154611tfw making a fun, creative, campy, monster mash with high production values, great sets and creature…[View]
101155931Any good films to watch that you guys would recommend watching?[View]
101152996*makes the exact same movie over and over again*[View]
101155834What movies or shows have the best soundtracks? https://youtu.be/eukcZ5J-3Hc[View]
101155730Goodfellas or Casino?[View]
101155713>three ugly weird losers that nobody likes get three qts that literally want to rape them every s…[View]
101152273Let's discuss this film without /pol/ hacking a Television & Film board.[View]
101154550was this ever explained?[View]
101153428>The sun has fallen out of orbit and is on a collision course with Earth >It will be 50 years …[View]
101155224>kidnapped or enslaved? >had to sing a song every few days and in turn was given the freedom t…[View]
101155726What are some (already finished) kino shows?[View]
101134782/trek/: Extra Gagh Edition[View]
101155964https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qAwbun0obF8 who was in the wrong here?[View]
101155928Five minutes?[View]
101152145What went wrong?: Why did Herschlag's Western fail? I read that this was one of the most buzzed…[View]
101153402For me it’s Day After Day. Will they take cues from the localized version of the original and just f…[View]
101155524Who ready for confederacy kino[View]
101154789what do you faggots think of SUPER DAVE??[View]
101155866What yall think about this movie[View]
101153589What makes a film Dishonest?: I'm a bit confused on the meaning.[View]
101154816It's gonna suck, right?[View]
101151277>Family Guy - Simpsons Crossover - Carwash Scene 'My Milkshake Brings All the Boys to the Yard'…[View]
101149232Cast the new Tommy Pickles. Also what are some storylines you're looking forward to in the rebo…[View]
101150062Sliders thread: OK, I know it was a corny show from the get go, and it became horrendous after John …[View]
101142756Leave Thanos to me[View]
101154571What the FUCK was he thinking when he made this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gfmrf5T07lQ[View]
101109758WEIRD SHARED UNIVERSES: >TRANSFORMERS and the FRIDAY THE 13th reboot are set in the same universe…[View]
101155575Have you guys seen this yet?: It’s pretty great, I always loved Robin Williams when he was alive and…[View]
101155561Top Boy: Pretty good show with a 3rd season in the works apparently. What did you think?[View]
101154599this was much better than the first deadpool. who can agree?[View]
101151234The Loan Ranger[View]
101154688Who else agrees Immortals was underrated kino[View]
101155434>Raymond, where’s the fucking beer? >It’s right here, Frank. Want me to pour it? >No, I wan…[View]
101155053>I have purchased all the water rights in Bolivia and will soon be their sole water utility. Now …[View]
101153141ITT:: Characters with Anxiety Disoder[View]
101154892Why does he wear the mask?[View]
101153784STRANGER THINGS: Thoughts on Steve's new waifu?[View]
101155269I secretly wish this shit was real[View]
101153022Quiet Place: What the fuck was her problem?[View]
101154458>Capeshit can't be kin-[View]
101153709*saves star wars again*[View]
101153387>army/police guys getting beaten up/killed by elite supersoldier/alien >'who the hell is this…[View]
101155114>Yodeling intensifies[View]
101147713Watching pic related. Name me some other Seagal or 90s action kino.[View]
101151540This guy should be the new bond. You have 20 seconds to find a more suitable choice Hard mode: no Id…[View]
101154887Are they really bringing this show back? I haven’t watched it since g4 went away[View]
101154799That fucker Deniro stole his career![View]
101154459What are some Taiwanese film that shows that Taiwan is superior to Mainland China?[View]
101149809What's /tv's obsession with this actor?[View]
101153910For me, it's Conan the Barbarian[View]
101154714Cable Alternatives: What are the most reasonable alternatives to cable television? There's all…[View]
101152888>Past the age of 25, a man without a wife and kids can be a bad thing. Well that was a weirdly s…[View]
101153583I said WATCH CLARK[View]
101154544Does anyone know of a better group streaming site than rabb.it? Before they started forcing all user…[View]
101154694Looks like comfy kino is on the menu[View]
101151550>Thor trips over himself trying to shallowly praise the strong black womyn in a downright satiric…[View]
101154124Just finished watching Pompeii 2014, found it on my old torrents list to watch. holy shit is this mo…[View]
101152686why would /tv/ lie to me?: 8/10 would watch again[View]
101147862Star Wars Prequels. Re-watching these films. I'm convinced George Lucas has some form of autism…[View]
101154539ITT: Movies where the main character suffers the entire time[View]
101152019*Ruins the life of a promising football legend and army barber*[View]
101153360Whats the /tv consensus on Bridget Regan?[View]
101149459>Popcorn would taste so good with this coke right now[View]
101154281Why did you trick me into watching this /tv/?[View]
101154446pornocracy fucking sucked don't waste your time[View]
101153119Finished Mad Men for the second time been watching it for weeks. I was wondering if theres any other…[View]
101152572Preacher: >Preacher Season 3 Episode 4 Can someone explain to me what is happening in this webm? …[View]
101146888How to save Episode IX: >Give Snoke backstory >Make him Plageus (too late to do anything else,…[View]
101154306Am I onto something?[View]
101152664Honestly other than her HP films, what are the essential Emmakinos?[View]
101152206Why was 1977-1994 the best era of movies?[View]
101149216Nolan. Genius or hack? Discuss.[View]
101154045What Is The Finest Cop Kino??: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Q-hSSks9fU[View]
101151659Song of the South: >Movie features a black man being a surrogate grandfather to a white boy. How…[View]
101152705if it was such a nice card why was “acquisitions” spelled wrong?[View]
101152713What was his fucking problem?[View]
101152417What is with hollyweird and making alot of the villains minorities?[View]
101147798Why are they so cute together?[View]
101154033Did I leave the oven on?[View]
101152280What the fuck Filoni?! How did they get away with this?![View]
101152631Jesus Christ: Vampire Hunter: Recently I’ve been doubting my own abilities as a filmmaker. I often w…[View]
101153691>not even a member of birds of prey >birds of prey cast led by HQ Why didnt they just go throu…[View]
101148688Why isn't Armie Hammer a massive star? He's a tall Chad with a cool voice and a good actor…[View]
101153740Was it kino?[View]
101153697Medium rare?: An aristocrat[View]
101152412Who should be the next Jane Bond?: Emma or Daisy?[View]
101152071So wheres the best place to watch recent movies online anymore?[View]
101151228Movies that you're embarassed to say terrified you as a kid. Pic very much related, gave me nig…[View]
101151877elia kazan: has history treated him unfairly?[View]
101147448TWD Early Seasons: What made seasons 1 and 2 so much better than the rest of the show? Pic related f…[View]
101152475Call it. Just call it. You need to call it. I can't call it for you. It wouldn't be fair.[View]
101148876Has another show dropped in quality so fucking fast? Also title should be 'How i met Barney' because…[View]
101148177>2018 >don't have cable TV cause it's boring Anyone else?…[View]
101145928>horror movie >none of the characters are likeable >they all act like retards Makes horror …[View]
101147074>ruined her marriage, career, and her reputation just to fuck a star wars character ouch…[View]
101153054Been out of the loop for a while. Best movies since 2016?[View]
101152673sharp objects: holy fuck this is boring[View]
101152997ITT: Dead memes[View]
101151746Who.... buhstank.[View]
101150223Look how big that french fry is! That thing, is like, 4 FEET TALL![View]
101152329I thought it looked good. George instantly moved up like 3 points with hair.[View]
101151483Is this show any good? I want to watch some new scifi but I suspicious that this could be pozzed lef…[View]
101153035>based on a true story >it's fucking shit…[View]
101148978What's the movie equivalent of DBZ as in, strong buff dudes fight each other and scream a lot? …[View]
101147754Is there a single television show whose first season isnt it's best season?[View]
101145709>uh T...listen, eh....I've eh...known you for...listen, Ton, with all due respect I uh...…[View]
101151490I just watched The Terror because you told me it was good and I feel like I got memed on not nice, /…[View]
101151055Who was the best character? Who was the best actress? Who was the best waifu?[View]
101151664Worst Sequel of all time: I just saw this piece of shit and I dare you to name a worst sequel.…[View]
101151102How would you defeat Samara?[View]
101152637>Penn & Teller Fool Us >Get fooled by something incredibly simple You know where this show…[View]
101152733>Oh my god! What was Gordon's problem? This pizza looked delicious.…[View]
101152728Reminder that Sheev Palpatine did absolutely nothing wrong.[View]
101149546Uh, that's cheese[View]
101152489Sundance film submission form: Sundance film submission form How do you guys think I will fare? My n…[View]
101138897How the hell have criminal charges not been brought up against the people who produced this film? It…[View]
101149714at first i was like[View]
101152309Just finished the first season and it's so fucking good. Also, Powers Boothe is creepy as shit[View]
101146087/bb/ Big Brother 20: HOH: - Scottie Veto: - Scottie Nominations: - Brett / Winston App Store Winner:…[View]
101152224what are some movies with pic related?[View]
101150824Why haven't you watched Night of The Hunter yet?: It's the greatest film of all time anon!…[View]
101152005Now that we have an 'Emoji Movie' has the time finally come for there to be a Rage Face Movie??[View]
101143356Best Jackie Chan film?[View]
101152147So I've never really been too into movies, I usually just watched whatever was popular but I…[View]
101151281why are there not more eurasian qts in cinema?[View]
101145274Is this just bong Big Bang Theory, or is it actually good?[View]
101149783' Believe me I prefer not to...I maybe synthetic but I'm not stupid.'[View]
101149750What are some other movies like this with lots of guns, gun fights, bullet time, shooting, blood squ…[View]
101150685Yeah I'm thinking he's back[View]
101131782/lbg/ - Letterboxd General: RATE. DISCUSS. WATCH. Thread theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cbqf…[View]
101149544Who will play her in the inevitable biopic?[View]
101150076Bus wankers![View]
101151704What the FUCK is the deal with airline food?[View]
101122890Supernatural thread, teen amara edition[View]
101150822>I saw ____ movie recently and it was reaalllyy... bad. >The directing and camera work was bad…[View]
101151612Absolute kino[View]
101145742Two years after the events of 'Rogue Nation', the remnants of terrorist organisation The S…[View]
101148135>Live And Get Pie >Licence To Grill >Octopudding >Diet Another Day >Casino Royale wit…[View]
101147920https://youtu.be/v5CZQpqF_74 Why is nobody talking about this?[View]
101141126Based DC.[View]
101142951It's official Eon Productions has annouced their new James Bond afte Daniel Craig[View]
101143549Have you guys ever masturbated to a movie?[View]
101149274Why do Asians hate Star Wars?: And how can make them like it?[View]
101151448Will slashers ever return?[View]
101150320This is the Citizen Kane of video games. What's the Citizen Kane of movies?[View]
101151387Honest thoughts on Family Guy, /tv/? Was it ever good?[View]
101149868You know what? I don't actually mind Mary Sues at all, as long as the character has a likable e…[View]
101151316>So..... >*raises eyebrow* >Donald Trump.....…[View]
101148079Nobody better lay a finger on my butterfinger[View]
101148062WTF?: Dora with Moner is one thing, but Paramount is getting goofy now.[View]
101151184This scene was pure kino[View]
101151080name a more kino kid's show protip: you can't[View]
101151114>watching Aquaman movie >The End is replaced by Fin clever wan...very clever…[View]
101149103Is it still watchable or the ayy lmao meme ruined it?[View]
101143296Daily Reminder that all three Apocalypse trilogy films should be in your top 5 John Carpenter.[View]
101150061>24 fps is more cine-[View]
101149605was this 2016 classic kino?[View]
101138031is this the most *tips fedora* scene in /tv/ history?[View]
101139308Is there any greater indicator of a (((female))) producer?[View]
101150904Is this peak cheese kino?[View]
101150684Is Alicia Vikander the world's most versatile actress? She can do cute or sexy. Tough or femini…[View]
101150838>It's a Chinese person doesn't declare meat products episode[View]
101150070Will you watch it? I know I will![View]
101150474*saves your sequel*[View]
101147934this is Sarah Paulson in M. Night Shyamalan's ‘Glass’ she's my new waifu[View]
101141463>'You'll need a will and a headstone, aisle 6' Did convenience stores really sell these thin…[View]
101150526>woman tells me something is good and that I should watch it >vow to never watch it…[View]
101145877i want to watch a movie about something eerie, strange and mysterious[View]
101148608Based Criterion got Shampoo: https://youtu.be/HSmkxy24iwc[View]
101149942ITT: Namkino[View]
101150638GOD DAMMIT RONNIE “You think I did it because I’m black!” I think you did it because I saw you[View]
101149665Reservoir Dogs: Why did Mr Orange keep pointing the empty gun at Blonde?[View]
101150620>On being told that Stalker should be faster and more dynamic, Tarkovsky replied: '[T]he film nee…[View]
101148954Jane Levy: top notch qt or complete retard?[View]
101149446this show is THE comfiest kino apart from the first 5 episodes of season 1 literally everything is 1…[View]
101150531Post Apocalyptic Kino[View]
101150418>ITT: things on the big screen that really grind your gears.[View]
101145638Yo I heaRD that Natalie destroyed her pretty face wit lip fillers: basically she looks like a blonde…[View]
101146995Was he murdered?[View]
101150446Remind me why /tv/ is interested in this sexist crap?[View]
101150425If a cup of black coffee and half a grapefruit for breakfast were a film, what would it be?[View]
101149409Why does Hawk call Sarah Palmer 'sir' when he visits her[View]
101145146This may be the most boring fucking movie of all time.[View]
101148851OH NO NO NO NO NO[View]
101139085Yellowstone - who else is watching this TV kino?: Best show of 2018 thus far. Come at me.[View]
101148406>'villains' who did nothing wrong[View]
101149204What I love the most about movies is that thousands and thousands are released in a year. Even if yo…[View]
101147909GIVE ME LITERALLY ONE THING TO WATCH ON NETFLIX RIGHT NOW: Holy fucking shit I just wanna watch a fu…[View]
101141658ITT: Scenes that make you imagine the smell.[View]
101148936Why did He turn in the tape /tv/?[View]
101147618Conan buys his assistant Sona a new car https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DiaDblUd-lw&t= What a ni…[View]
101146279name a better trilogy[View]
101148791Why is The Shawshank Redemption such a universally loved film?[View]
101148268Jerry was right. Anyone who enjoys commercials is a fucking retard. He should've poured cereal …[View]
101145493Give me one fucking movie where both the protagonist and the antagonist are well written, I dare you…[View]
101148980>most of a family instantly likes him >makes a cat defy his instincts and becomes his friend …[View]
101149801>You'd fuck a catchers mit What did he mean by this[View]
101136141Do you think the 2019 Godzilla movie will be better or worse than 2014? Since there are going to be …[View]
101145430Anyone else hoping this gets funny? It has a comfy borat feel but so far it's just 'hurr look h…[View]
101148722It’s /tv/ movie news!![View]
101144611what would he post?[View]
101149454are there any WWII movies where the good guys lose?[View]
101149237>in this interview for the 2017 Golden Globes, Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling are being interviewed …[View]
101149565WOLL SMOTH[View]
101148102https://youtu.be/_Euh1R5rXMs Is /tv/ hype for this? Best villain wont be fucked over this time.[View]
101149555RUGRATS IS COMING BACK: https://variety.com/2018/tv/news/rugrats-tv-relaunch-movie-1202874434/ Are y…[View]
101146774WestWorld Season 2: Just ended it. Why the fuck was everyone shitting on it here?[View]
101149378Why does Jack talk like he's from a '90s sitcom? Wtf James?[View]
101147681Better Call Saul: >diarrhea peehorn How did she make it in Hollywood with such a name?…[View]
101149294>But what am I looking for? >You'll know it when you find it…[View]
101136961>“This was maybe my answer to Tolkien, whom, as much as I admire him, I do quibble with. Lord of …[View]
101149121>hey why didn't we just use the sniper that was just showing how easily he countered mg gunn…[View]
101146592ITT: Pinpoint the exact scene in a movie where the entire project should have been scrapped.[View]
101149182>called game of thrones >there's only one throne in the show…[View]
101148709Thoughts on this?[View]
101147318When will there be another book that begs to be made into a movie/tv series as much as this one?[View]
101130466Stranger Things Season3 Teaser.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aXyju7zFwyE[View]
101148800Ugh goals[View]
101149269In your opinion... What is the most iconic movie scene of all time?[View]
101149228Thoughts on Peter Weir and his movies? I'm about to watch Picnic at Hanging Rock, hope it'…[View]
101148379Could this be any more OF a Friends thread?[View]
101149176Wheel of Time is getting nearer to being green lit, for better or for worse. Cast it.[View]
101148699>running like hell into the hospital to say goodbye to my dad one last >'Run Forrest, run!' Is…[View]
101141695Listen Brendon. There's nothing wrong with lying to your parents. Or women. Or God.[View]
101148460Can we have a serious discussion on this topic? No shitposting please. Why didn't they just tak…[View]
101142460I AM THE MACHINE![View]
101144878>kinoplex forces you to sit next to strangers[View]
101146001Will she revive the series? After the 2nd one it went downhill and surprise surprise she wasn't…[View]
101149029>*psssst* hey faggot, up here, wanna buy some weed?[View]
101149023What did Sony end up doing with this? They really didn't think this through did they?[View]
101148225>...and your other case[View]
101147928Brendan Fraser: Will /ourguy/ ever recover? What’s your favorite Brendan kino?[View]
101148582I missed this. What was the question and how did they answer, /tv/?[View]
101144847Was he tricked into thinking he was insane?[View]
101148610Call from Alien Resurrection: This was a great character, Ryder fucking nailed it.[View]
101148179Which movies will help me get a gf?[View]
101148668Who was in the wrong here?[View]
101148656When I was a child, My country, Germany was confronting defeat. I was put on chryo sleep with my cou…[View]
101147152>bad actor >capeshitter >wants A list money even though he is not popular >talks shit ab…[View]
101148598Fucking kino.[View]
101147294Better take a nap[View]
101145382>Can we come in to watch some kino with you anon? >Is it ok if we take off our wet clothes? …[View]
101148544I AM SPARTACUS![View]
101148532*Enchants black people in your path*[View]
101143874What would happen if a Stormtrooper or Space Marine ended up in the Black Lodge?[View]
101147935What's the name of this hair style?[View]
101143289Why does he trigger the illiterates /tv/ so much ?[View]
101148303Does /tv/ like The Office?[View]
101148331MFW no new capeshit until October (late December if you ignore Venom) How did we get to the point wh…[View]
101147331Donnie Darko was ahead of its time.[View]
101146169Predator film ideas: ITT we come up with ideas for Predator films that would be endlessly better tha…[View]
101148195Who's you favorite child actor? Watched Penelope the other day. Brerry gud. Ricci kinda dropped…[View]
101147823This pissed me off.[View]
101145131What was his fucking problem?[View]
101146921>what was that movie that came out like 2017 or 2018 where there's a girl with a prosthetic …[View]
101144284Back to formula?[View]
101146002What the fuck?[View]
101147980Is he well on his way?[View]
101145506NO BULLY CHLOE PLEASE:: It wasn't THAT bad[View]
101148047Fuck you, I liked it[View]
101148043What are some actually good superhero films?[View]
101146136Indiana Jones 5: Any chance the final movie will actually be any good? At this point I'm just h…[View]
101145744Miranda Cosgrove: That face when she sees what she has to do to be part of the movie[View]
101140573First Details From Margot Robbie's BIRDS OF PREY: >Black Canary, Huntress, Cassandra Cain, a…[View]
101147846>we will never see the original R rated version of this movie which included Velma and Daphne mak…[View]
101146623gorgeous woman: too bad kikes wouldn't give her roles till she dyed her blonde hair black…[View]
101147010How come John Ruth was able to recognize and capture Daisy to cash her 10k bounty but the three memb…[View]
101147938Death Eaters rise up[View]
101143898Say what you want about Rian Johnson's writing but this has to be one of the most powerful mome…[View]
101135187Is this the best 'adaptation' which has shit-all to do with the source material ever?[View]
101145165so when did you become a bitter boomer who hates new movies? for me it was jurassic park 3[View]
101147486>>Spider-Man: Far From Home is winding down >>Peter gets home >>'Aunt May? I'…[View]
101142363You know for all this talk of the Elite being occultist weirdos there sure seems to be a lack of occ…[View]
101147662Movies that were half assed[View]
101147611what movie gives the best sense of cosmic horror? where humanity is shown to being completely insign…[View]
101147003Heavy Rescue Kino Why are Canadian's such bad drivers? Highway is closed like 5 times a day Als…[View]
101147634They're going to do a movie about 1 October starring Mark Wahlberg someday, aren't they?[View]
101144852Dune Casting: Does he look like Paul Atreides to you, /tv/?[View]
101147407>Why is he risking his life for something that doesn't actually matter?…[View]
101147610Westworld: > 2.8 million years of evolution from the homo habilis to the modern homo sapiens >…[View]
101135809Is the original IT miniseries good?[View]
101147476>watching horror film in the dark with headphones >scene where the protagonist keeps hearing v…[View]
101133896ywn have a Nora gf[View]
101147519>interracial propaganda what the fuck, fucking disney always ruinning everything…[View]
101138659What would happen if the Galactic Empire fought the Imperium of Man?[View]
101147510ITT: 'I thought this was about...': >a mental patient who was so strong he had to use a straitjac…[View]
101146727>friend asks if he can borrow my Star Wars blu ray >tell him yes as long as he rewinds it…[View]
101140386What went wrong?[View]
101147375why don't they make movies like this anymore?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WFMLGEHdIjE…[View]
101147443Halloween 2018: It’s good to be back.[View]
101142933Reasons you want to see Ant-Man https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BmzJQF086NU[View]
101143554What was his tax policy?: Serious question[View]
101146864WHY NO A-TEAM SEQUEL?!?FACT!!!: I revisited the A-Team (2010) the other day and was reminded that it…[View]
101147404You brought two too many.[View]
101125989Why is CinemaSins so shitty?[View]
101145576do any good croatian films exist?[View]
101117156What went right? Everything[View]
101147248The Town That Dreaded Sundown 1977: Watched this for the first time last night. This was really a ge…[View]
101145844What do you think of the Guardians of the Galaxy's new ship?[View]
101147220Why couldn't most plebs understand the basic plot? Are there not enough jump scares?[View]
101147160Epic television crossovers: Anyone have any seriously epic TV crossovers like pic related? Looking f…[View]
101124718You can replace the cast of any movie with The Muppets, but you keep one of the human actors. What m…[View]
101140771>YFW Joey was a ghost that only Chandler saw and thats why he was never shown outside the apartme…[View]
101140551british empirekino: do you know of any comfy empirekinos like Sharpe or Zulu?[View]
10114655790 Day Fiancé: Can somebody tell me what it is about Russian girls you all like so much? I really do…[View]
101144138Name movies where two people swap genders https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sNng5dgNxyE[View]
101145871Planet destroying Space Dragon! Godzilla, Mothra, and Rhodan about to get dabbed by BASE Gydoraha[View]
101146871why is there so much cringe dialogue?[View]
101145664Does true love exist in Hollywood?[View]
101146590*blocks your path*[View]
101146293Does Brock Lesnar have the looks + talent to break into action movies like other athletes have done?[View]
101144309What's so great about Star Trek?[View]
101146782Gimme my cows back: the show[View]
101146003so when is tha' Bone movie coming up[View]
101143013What the FUCK was his problem?[View]
101144463Hahaha what an absurd concept haha. Surely this doesn't actually happen in real life right haha[View]
101146646what the fuck did I just watch?[View]
101146038I'm Ron Burgundy?[View]
101146062>me liek MCU >qwips fuhnyy[View]
101145964who's got a link?[View]
101145826The Expanse novels: After watching all three seasons of the TV show three times, my appreciation of …[View]
101141036The Man Who Killed Don Quixote: When is this movie getting a global release in cinemas? Or is there …[View]
101146555Are there any decent films or documentaries about the deep web? That garbage that is coming out soon…[View]
101146386they can even read[View]
101143871>Main character dies in first 5 minutes >Get replaced by some idiot dreesing as a bat Why was …[View]
101143023Best video game movie coming through[View]
101145458Will this movie save the horror genre? It looks pretty good, tbqh[View]
101144020can't go back bob[View]
101145564Andi Mack: What does /tv/ think of Disney's first (future) gay couple?[View]
101133123Paramount/Allspark's PR movie, rough draft dump: >Film is complete reboot. >No director y…[View]
101144832On the morning of September 11, 2001, MacFarlane was scheduled to return to Los Angeles on American …[View]
101137882Relax, will ya? For crying out, what's got into you? I'm breaking your balls a little bit,…[View]
101145656>the premiere of that 70s show is closer to the 70s it is to 2018[View]
101140414I'm watching Tokyo drift for the first time and what the fuck How can you just transfer to a ja…[View]
101145567lovecraftian zombie kino[View]
101135515What kind of role would you like to see Anya get next?[View]
101144445I don't get it.[View]
101146079Darcus Howe: the devil's advocate: How does /tv/ feel about this master of sociologykino? https…[View]
101138903>You can find me in the club[View]
101145938I've watched the first season and I was about to finish the second, but I noticed that the fina…[View]
101139437/bb/ Big Brother 20: HOH: - Scottie Veto: - Scottie Nominations: - Brett / Winston App Store Winner:…[View]
101144749Are torrent sites dead? I'm looking for this recent roast and I can't find anything. Sad s…[View]
101145745Will Jurassic World ever be able to top this?[View]
101141492>/pol/ manbabies act like this is the worst movie ever made >get around to watching it >it…[View]
101142736>wah ive been a millionaire since i was 12 and never had to work a day in my life im so miserable…[View]
101125847>Trailer plays in my theater >Uptown black girl out with a roguish black boy >They get pull…[View]
101144050Just marathoned this. What did I think of it?[View]
101145522Stonerino Stream for /tv/: https://trees.network/t/H1EtlIadW /tv/ come watch and chat with some ston…[View]
101145404R.I.P Judge Anthony Filosa A good man has left us today https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n6BNE62xGqE…[View]
101144686What are some films where the villain is smaller than the hero?[View]
101143465Why doesn't the Emmys recognize Billions?[View]
101144467ITT: /TV/ bastards[View]
101118372>can build an anti-gravity spacecraft from scrap metal >can't keep from sperging out at i…[View]
101145358Movies that made you start believing in God.[View]
101140434How the fuck did this make it to number 1 at the box office?: Like I feel bad for ant man that it go…[View]
101143028Underrated? Yes.[View]
101144014Are they going to save comedy?[View]
101144730Chill thread!!!FACT!!!: Nothing insightful or profound, just chilling with fav tracks from movies/tv…[View]
101145151Mel Gibson directing supernatural horror like Exorcist, Rosemary's baby or like the original Om…[View]
101144868Why isn't there more basketball kino? It's turned into a global sport, and is simple to un…[View]
101143483Was it kino? Was it entrapment?[View]
101131441The Expanse: Finally got around to bingewatching 3rd season, since I forgot how good it gets, can we…[View]
101144645>I pissed on these hands.[View]
101144929At some point this shit has to stop.[View]
101143745I love this man's work and approach to filmmaking[View]
101143753just watched this. what did /tv/ think?[View]
101143650I need help. I've got a tv show on my 'i need to watch this' list, but can't rem…[View]
101141025Unscheduled offworld activation: Recent Sg-1 threads have inspired a rewatch. Currently on disc 3 of…[View]
101144087Beyond the Black Rainbow: Brainlet here. Can anyone please explain this movie to me?[View]
101142550wait what?[View]
101118135WORST emma nude scene soon: I was at 'The Favourite' test screening on Thursday in LA, and I can con…[View]
101143764So what are the chances that Guardians inspired Dungeons & Dragons movie is going to be good?[View]
101140964Does /tv/ like Columbo? Has he ever not solved any case? How can he be so fucking smart and figure …[View]
101144027>APRIL F-[View]
101143702Name a better Comedy Central show [you can't/spoiler][View]
101141222Why didn't the empire just built battle droids instead of using humans as soldiers? They could …[View]
101142285Watched this. Pretty cool.[View]
101139782what went wrong?[View]
101142588The best tv show out at the moment?[View]
101142869>yfw Ryan Gosling banged primed Brigite Bardot it's not fair guys, how does he do it…[View]
101144319>Somewhat interesting apocalypse movie >Cast is diverse but doesn't really touch on it mu…[View]
101143597Ya know what's botherin' me? Been trying to wrap my head around this one all day, but I st…[View]
101141854What did he do to deserve Jim's pranks?: Sure, he was an autist and sometimes annoying, but som…[View]
101144139Why wasn't Ari Gold fired for being an abusive boss?[View]
101139790Yeah /tv/, got a minute? Wanted to talk about that bonus situation.[View]
101144157are you fucking kidding me[View]
101144096Street People: >Invite all the people who couldn't function in society to your commune >S…[View]
101142410Does /tv like this face?[View]
101139818>We caught this _________ sellin' this new drug called _________. It's a mix of _______…[View]
101138363You take away the hair and he's nothing[View]
101144025What do you guys think of this show? Link for those unfamiliar with it. https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
101143360what did i think of it[View]
101143951DUDE, TIMELINES[View]
101142658Anyone see a kid with one of our suits run through here? He painted it red and now has a lightning b…[View]
101142462Is this the ultimate example of an adaptation making art from drivel?[View]
101143679How does this make you feel?[View]
101138007So any of the marvel netflix shows worth watching? Inb4 netflix shill. Yeah, fuck off.[View]
101139614In celebration of Hotel Transylvania 3's success post other anikino[View]
101140619SJW DC has begun.: With Renee Montoya in Birds of Prey it looks like the SJW push on tv has entered …[View]
101143588Imagine being this guy, fucking gross haha[View]
101137328We are now entering the SPACEBALLS General: Spaceballs General / Smoke Em if you got Em[View]
101139486>yfw she took the bogpill[View]
101143642What kino is this?[View]
101143637Rumored GODZILLA: King of the Monsters Trailer Description: First things first, I know there have be…[View]
101142152What does /tv/ think of it?[View]
101143098>DVD/Blu-ray box set of movie series >one of the movie case spines is different from the rest…[View]
101141859Who did the bookkeeping in Asgard?[View]
101143309what are some kino cameos?[View]
101142803Will Smith: hes an underrated actor, period.[View]
101142165WESTWORLD: >William, my boy! What the fuck was the last season about?…[View]
101143479name a more wtf ending than this: you can not[View]
101143336#Fiddy4Litty: Jumanji is going to be directly competing with Star Wars at the box office. While I ha…[View]
101139511file, you fools![View]
101143351This guy tells you to plau revelie with your mouth. What do you do?[View]
101142026ASIAN POST-APOCALYPSE / THE MIDNIGHT AFTER: Watched The Midnight After on Netflix and really liked i…[View]
101143172Hayden Christiansen: How do we unJUST him?[View]
101143342This should have been her first Oscar win, true or false?[View]
101143254Why the hate?[View]
101143148On a similar note..wait what???: This movie is straight unfunny garbage.[View]
101143266Another Earth: >literally what 'Another Earth' should have been, instead of some faggy ass story …[View]
101137608this is a based move[View]
101134942Did she really love him? Were her emotions real?[View]
101140307Mash thread: Thoughts on Mash? Favorite episodes?[View]
101141531fucking bitch[View]
101134129What is the greatest television comedy of the late 20th century and why is it Blackadder?[View]
101130083AQUAMAN: DC's big next flop is here.[View]
101140440>spend entire movie making super strong laser >'DUDE, THEY'RE GONNA USE IT AS A WEAPON, W…[View]
101142925You wouldn't like me when I'm hungry[View]
101142965Foreign language thriller and/or crime films: Feeling a specific desire for stuff fitting that descr…[View]
101136802How long will it take before she'll have her comeback in movies now that it's legitimately…[View]
101142334Who was in the wrong here?[View]
101139871>Agents represent the unfair and unreasonable amount of control bosses have over the worker class…[View]
101134853TITANS Info Dump: >Robin becomes butthurt because he feels Batman is taking credit for his accomp…[View]
101139828what ever happened to short round?[View]
101140215This is objectively the best Castlevania movie ever made.[View]
101141462Don't push it[View]
101141321Why have there been virtually no movies or tv shows about mass shootings since the 2010s? You'd…[View]
101141007Just saw this absolute kino. It wasn't bad like /pol/tard manbabies said at all.[View]
101139173>Knows nothing about the subject he teaches. >Spends his days singing sex songs to kids instea…[View]
101136047why is film noir so fucking boring?[View]
101142023So who has the better nude scene? Cariba still has my vote[View]
101138661>Family Guy - Simpsons Crossover - Carwash Scene 'My Milkshake Brings All the Boys to the Yard'…[View]
101142380How could everything go so wrong?[View]
101140188Why didn't she tell Tony she was raped?[View]
101142282What are some good summer movies?[View]
10114025012 Angry Men: Why the fuck was the old guy shot in these unnerving head-on close-ups? It's real…[View]
101141621His death really fucked me up as a child. Poor man tried to save his asshole friends and got the mos…[View]
101139620>we’re never going to get a full length Uncharted movie starring Nathan Fillion https://youtu.be/…[View]
101142103Sleazecore: what other shows or movies fit into this genre?[View]
101141254>The book was better[View]
101127935Rank these franchises from best to worst[View]
101139644Why is there no Aquaman thread?[View]
101140591what are your favorite comfy movies and shows?[View]
101137001Is this.....Cringekino? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xQBGmBOhQEE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
101141834In other news. The chick in The Crying Game is really a man...I mean, man, is that a good movie!'[View]
101141456Glad I could do my part.[View]
101140181I liked the first Fantastic Beasts better than the second one[View]
101141720What's the best SOME FOLKS ARE BORN movie? Like, which movie depicts MADE TO WAVE THE FLAG best…[View]
101141091So much overacting....[View]
101141166Would you let an autist operate on you?[View]
101141818When will capeshit end?[View]
101139097Actors you didnt realize were lesbian/gey[View]
101137943Neytiri and Jake are...[View]
101141408what's next for Bill's career?[View]
101141718>Nikolaj won't play Aquaman in your lifetime >ywn get an Ancient Greek/Roman-esque Atlant…[View]
101140479I saw c-beams man[View]
101141552What the fuck is wrong with critics?[View]
101140402what's the best season of south park, /tv/?[View]
101141055the 'Tales From The Crypt' movie that was filmed but never released because it was RACIST:…[View]
101141402Name 1 horror movie.[View]
101139047How exactly is the Empire wrong? Seeing what kind of Fuck Ups the New Republic is and how the Rebels…[View]
101140524You have been given the task of leading an away mission. Drawing from the best /tv/ has to offer, as…[View]
101141499you told me this was kino, all I got was anime[View]
101140209>it's a movie using outdated memes[View]
101141300What am I in for? >movie starts out with black people murdering rich white men and women…[View]
101139739Whats the most satisfying ending in cinematic history and why is it RotJ?[View]
101136583What are the best episodes that aren't Murder By the Book and Death Lends a Hand?[View]
101141338What the fuck was his problem?[View]
101139849>used to be considered one of the greatest sitcoms of all time: >now not even nbc will mention…[View]
101134958star trek: currrently watching tng for the first time. its pretty comfy but did i choose a good show…[View]
101129364ITT: create your favourite movie using only four Simpsons screencaps[View]
101141327Why are they the bad guys again?[View]
101118424What went right?[View]
101138454There is a somewhat new discord server for the discussion of arthouse and experimental cinema, pleas…[View]
101141196Why didn't the big guy just kill the vigilante?[View]
101141073Combine two things and next anon writes the plot for the movie: SPD + True Detective[View]
101140052Post your favorite French New Wave kino[View]
101140585They should've stopped at 2...[View]
101141077'He's saying the framus intersects with the ramistan approximately at the paternoster.' Why did…[View]
101140023Who will play him in the next DCEU movie?[View]
101140979Drunk films: What are some good films to watch drunk?[View]
101131184Jodie Whittaker thread[View]
101140813Adaptations that are better than their source material[View]
101140523AQUAMAN: >has a better team than the Justice League and the Avengers Who can stop him?…[View]
101140131>Defending the US version of the show Was the US Office purposefully dumbed down for moronic Ame…[View]
101140236why was Frank Zappa in Mad Max?[View]
101140178>Character takes a cold shower in the morning to start his day >Doesn't shriek like a lit…[View]
101140638Serious Question What is the thought of /tv/ on the New Ghostbusters movie? Was I the only one Who e…[View]
101139679What are some Dad Kinos? >I’ve seen Taken and Big Daddy too many times[View]
101138815Found any good deals on kino?[View]
101140206Feeling old yet?[View]
101138351Which seasons are /tv/ approved?[View]
101140615What are some movies with SUPER RIPPED WIZARDS?[View]
101140609>that guy that has to comment after every scene: >pshh >huhh? >pshhh >c'mon!…[View]
101139673where were you when le reddit black science man had a cameo in Batman v Superman?[View]
101140048>It's not incel night at the local kinoplex[View]
101140196Say it.[View]
101140405I did it I found The most retarded 'reality' show in the world also the main host is the biggest fuc…[View]
101140399Are you sexist pigs ready? The bunnyfu is a strong woman that needs no man https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
101135884So the Gimp sits in a box all day?[View]
101139099What are some lonely character people movies ?[View]
101138710HBO's SHARP OBJECTS: The sister did it.[View]
101140245>*deflates* What did he mean by this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KX6EF0zGC84…[View]
101138170This has to be one of the few movies in recent memory that /tv/ hasn't leaked everything about.…[View]
101138911>You shoot me in a DREAM, you better wake up and apologize. Is this possible?…[View]
101139270What's the best Vince Gilligan series finale and why is it the finale to original run X-Files?[View]
101140118Why doesn't Tommy get Oscar consideration for the Mission Impossible movies? He stunts are way …[View]
101139385Yuck: You ever watched some vile porn, beat off to it, bust your nut, and afterwards felt so ashamed…[View]
101140097How long (and how many spinoff movies) until the inevitable remake of the originals?[View]
101139267Movies non-white will never understand[View]
101137592Which crime tv show is your favourite or the best? and why is it the Hawaii-five-o reboot? [View]
101139700Have you ever witnessed a TV hijacking?[View]
101139794Walking home today, some fucker bumped into me and instantly started talking shit about Tyrannosauru…[View]
101137798Has anybody on /tv/ ever seen A Walk Among the Tombstones? I picked it up for 3 bucks at a pawn shop…[View]
101135521What are his best flicks?[View]
101139868When you get JUSTED by father time[View]
101134837How did nobody realize he's gay?[View]
101139748>implying you wouldn't marry Anfisa in a heartbeat[View]
101139567This was pure television kino >that ending video with all the Republicans endorsing 'Kinderguardi…[View]
101139707>Watch movie >Subtitles are backwards Anyone else suffered this watching a film or other probl…[View]
101139398You know what? He's right, The Big Lebowski sucks.[View]
101134291https://youtu.be/7hI2c3gNlfw >Obi Wan was called 'Master Kenobi' >Mace Windu was called 'Maste…[View]
101134589Why didn't they just go home?[View]
101134166The Beguiled: thoughts on this film?[View]
101136003>Popcorn would taste so good with this coke right now[View]
101139549something is happening in the next 10 years. with more and more companies making their own content l…[View]
101138556watching the shining, not really scary, mostly boring. so why do people praise stephen king so much?…[View]
101136480Kino is down the hall and to the left[View]
101139428Paulie says he wants it known, its totally on him, he takes full responsibility... but that he didn…[View]
101139023DE PLANE DE PLANE![View]
101139312>CIA Director Brennan, we found the wreckage of Agent Wilson's plane. There were puncture ma…[View]
101137983Wait, why did Harvey shoot the driver of the car? Couldn't that have backfired on him and gotte…[View]
101139387what does everyone think of this: I just finished this yesterday and its probably one of my favorite…[View]
101115140Name your favorite movie with a primarily black cast.[View]
101138723What Went Wrong?[View]
101132950Laura Prepon: Laura Prepon[View]
101139039>Neighbors budget: 18mil >Neighbors 2 budget: 35mil >Looks like a cheap direct-to-dvd seque…[View]
101139241So what will the Netflix theaters look like? Will it be similar to a really fancy coffee shop, but w…[View]
101131655/bb/ Big Brother 20: HOH: - Scottie Veto: - Scottie Nominations: - Brett / Winston App Store Winner:…[View]
101115419Is this eggman for real or was it all an act?[View]
101134844Characters that describe you/ ur family: Jack Nicholson Joker = Grandpa Heath Ledger Joker = Papa Ja…[View]
101139011madness kino: what are some kinos mainly about crazyness/madness? bonus for violent ones and based o…[View]
101137098/Lig/ - Love Island General: 4 new people coming in tonight.[View]
101135937Why is South America television so much better?[View]
101138500Has a movie ever influenced the way you act IRL?: >parents bugging me to get a job >whatever …[View]
101138843Yeah, I'm thinking he's back.[View]
101138708Jackie Chan Parenting >strict childhood abusing his son mentally and physically >no emotional …[View]
101136444Anyone else love this tv show?[View]
101138908i've been out of the loop for the past 30 days due to world cup. what did i miss? quick rundown…[View]
101138220Who was in the wrong here?: https://youtube.com/watch?v=vSAWRdvVCgc[View]
101125730COUNTDOWN TO HIS APOLOGY TO THE LIBERALS BEGINS: Sacha Baron Cohen is returning to comedy after a lo…[View]
101137811>>By which time I shall be gone, and you shall be dehd. As will Harry Potter, and The Order of…[View]
101138281What are some essential gay-kinos? I'm about to come out and I need some good movies to help ea…[View]
101131624How did Disney get away with this?[View]
101124124Swish Swish Bish: This video pisses me off so much but I keep watching it, like I’m obsessed with ha…[View]
101137894Well does it? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/newsbeat-44686074 >But as Love Island continues to keep…[View]
101133911The Predator set photo. Thought?[View]
101136017>Bonesaws gonna suck your cum then spit it out little man! Why did Rami portray a homosexual like…[View]
101138444>millions watched him masturbate[View]
101137599What Happened?: Shock and Awe >star studded cast >Oscar nominated director >multi Oscar nom…[View]
101135430ITT:Movies only you hate[View]
101138495What is the title of the movie?: i have 2 photo[View]
101130614>white people make a movie >it's about space or medieval fantasy or a buddy cop or a roma…[View]
101138417third time i fall asleep trying to watch this and i love slow burners, but what the fuck unwatchable[View]
101129596This is the new Lyra, Think they'll give her blonde hair and blue eyes?[View]
101138179What are some good movies about kidnappings, preferably with a SMASHED and SLAMMED aesthetic?[View]
101138312Piano riff intensifies[View]
101138300How did you like Babylon Berlin?[View]
101138247For those doubting the Year of the Spoony, we have yet more proof. Spoony starred in a high budget f…[View]
101135087Jason Bourne > Ethan Hunt > Jack Ryan > James Bond fight me[View]
101135774What's going on, big guy?[View]
101138085Why did Conan get JUSTed?[View]
101137956If The Shining was so good, then why was there never a The Shining 2?[View]
101129834HANGIN OUT[View]
101135267Movies you were tricked into watching[View]
101137876DeNiro at his prime, doing acting like only he can do.[View]
101136631Everyone fights, noone quits. If you don't do your job, I'll shoot you.[View]
101133719What if Gamergate wasn't just a story?: >movie trailer >WHAT IF GAMERGATE WASN'T JUS…[View]
101137063I unironically liked this. Any others in the same vein that come to mind? >abraham lincoln: vampi…[View]
101137740ERW origin story: is this what started it all bros? was this her trial plot?[View]
101136758Brainfuck: pic slightly related Does anyone know the name of the movie where the serial killer fuck…[View]
101137203If everything was just an act to break through his insanity...: How come they started off in a boat …[View]
101131517What's your dream Aubrey Plaza role?[View]
101136785What are some movies that feature sudoku?[View]
101136015>Jim will never be your boyfriend It hurts.[View]
101136526Is this worth getting for $20? Is there a better stick I should get instead? I don't mind payin…[View]
101136949>So that was X, not a great movie but also not a terrible one, all in all it was okay, not great …[View]
101137048does /tv/ like Gyllenhaal?[View]
101136045Would you watch it again?[View]
101127787UNCHARTED - Live Action Fan Film: Drake? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v5CZQpqF_74[View]
101136467is Iron Man 2008, how didn't Tony Stark die after landing on the ground from a multiple hundred…[View]
101132695>watch this for the 96th time >still funny fucking how…[View]
101134382Patrick Melrose: Is it, dare I say, Kafkaesque? What did you think about /ourshow/ /tv/bros?[View]
101137421AVENGE MEEEEE[View]
101137017The Great Debate: You're given total freedom on a 100mi project, Who would you cast as your fem…[View]
101133739What are the most entertaining, absolutely-fun-to watch, never-gets-boring movies EVER?[View]
101133984emotionally dishonest soi trash felt like I was literally watching a CGI video game[View]
101136829What was his problem?[View]
101131355>women actors don't work hard for their rol- what now, patriarchy?…[View]
101128582Was it really all that bad?[View]
101137040Who was in the wrong here?[View]
101133495>Neil Blomkamp to direct a Robocop sequel >Rated R Are you hype?…[View]
101134421What's your favorite episode?[View]
101135554I need a new Kino TV show: I used to love kino shows but now I cant seem to find one that lives up t…[View]
101135327actually worth watching or is it typical netflix garbage?[View]
101136737Remember when The Office had a black guy who went to prison working there?[View]
101136675Kino Scenes From 80s or 90s That Would Never Fly in 2018: this scene gets me right in the feels now …[View]
101135594Greatest love story ever told.[View]
101136667Kinos for this feel?[View]
101136715Worst Decade For Movies: Which generation had the worst movies Gen X (late 80s early 90s) Millienial…[View]
101136247Why are they ruining our childhood?: >Now She-Ra is feminist >Bow is black >Catra is brown …[View]
101136095>it's a Tony watches The History Channel on his kitchen TV episode…[View]
101131909>look! we weren't all nazis! it was only the SS who did all the war crimes! we even have a j…[View]
101136038One of the running subplots is the attempts by Scarlet Witch, Steve Rogers, et al to safely remove t…[View]
101134555Miranda Cosgrove: her last show Crowded wasn't that successfull Hope she comes back to TV as so…[View]
101135247Michaelpowcessah: Michaelpowcessah[View]
101131866This move opened my eyes. I’m never doing heroin again.[View]
101136438What do you guys think he did with it after he saw The Last Jedi?[View]
101136411Who was in the wrong here?[View]
101134683Why did nobody tell me about this. The first few episodes are awesome[View]
101134449did this really deserve to win an oscar?[View]
101136295What's the most updated version of this?[View]
101136312thanks for ruining it in my eyes /tv/[View]
101136226*beats Thanos*[View]
101132203He's a Gary Stu because he's never made a mistake[View]
101126444Now that the dust has settled, which on was better?[View]
101131041YOUR STAR WARS WISHLIST?: > Hold off on the Obi Wan movie for a bit longer. Do a Luke movie set a…[View]
101130207>The scene where Jiro cut off the hand of his american customer for asking where was the ketchup …[View]
101135580Shows that were ahead of their time[View]
101134766FACT: Sacha Baron Cohen was only funny in the 2000s[View]
101133496how can a kike be this based?[View]
101132594Niggerflix: >all the bad characters are white men despite being set in Chicongo and its suburbs …[View]
101135818A nigger... cook.[View]
101135160Who takes it?[View]
101135426Bruce Willis Says ‘Die Hard’ Is Not A Christmas Movie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mkNgWTq1LIU…[View]
101131249>science guy starts to explain something >woah in ENGLISH doc…[View]
101132601In one of the earliest episodes of Red Dwarf, the Cat orders a meal from the machine-the machine say…[View]
101134965>You could have taken that goy apart, now he's gonna get away with my shekels!…[View]
101132560>watch Oz >this guy shows up >turn gay anyone else?…[View]
101135015>7 seasons >160 episodes >a web mini-series >two spin-offs What's next? A flash ani…[View]
101132392>I've developed a lot more than a backbone[View]
101133233My Days Of Mercy - Mara N*ude Scene: Has anyone seen it? Is it kino? When the fuck are they going to…[View]
101135419what the fuck was her problem?[View]
101133472Is he a good actor or not? I liked him in AC and HoC. Does he have shit taste in women?[View]
101129511Why did Topanga just drop the hippie act midway through the series? Why did Eric become mentally ret…[View]
101131037>that feel when no Erin gf[View]
101134762This is hands down the best TV Kino I've ever seen, nothing compares.[View]
101135198Which movies most resemble the taste and aroma of hot dogs?[View]
101131978Do you think she ever regrets getting involved with Game of Thrones?[View]
101131884Well... I'm the joker baby![View]
101135441Is it weird to want to date a character from a movie? Pic related.[View]
101133061Times you were tv retarded: What instances were you dumb when it came to movies? >I thought that …[View]
101134216can you fuck valak?[View]
101135116Six Feet Under: should i watch it? watched and liked twin peaks, mad men, the sopranos and this seem…[View]
101135284Blessed be the fruit[View]
101134927funny movies: post funny movies that are not shaite like pictured >hahaha if we take everything s…[View]
101121795/trek/: Jeffrey Combs is based edition[View]
101128337Overrated? Yes.[View]
101129655Its your life, take a chance[View]
101135049I always had a feeling that James bond was just a distraction, so real spies can do their work in th…[View]
101134407In all seriousness though, why didn't he just increase the size of all the resources?[View]
101135008I don't get it, what did he mean by >the implication ?[View]
101132489Blade Runner sucks.[View]
101134503About to watch it for the first time. Hope it's not a cringe fest like Ready Player One[View]
101133883Is this film any good?[View]
101126406ITT boring movies[View]
101132151Up until certain scene the movie grows on you and seems like it's building into an interesting …[View]
101134682Name a better superhero than pic related. You can't. Also how comes the Japanese make better ca…[View]
101134250Pacific Rim 2: This garbage was pretty juvenile. Was the target audience supposed to be children?…[View]
101134731>Final summer in Peach Creek >DD leaving for college >Ed plans on moving to The Big City to…[View]
101133517Does /tv/ like The Office?[View]
101134657Gang Weed: The Show[View]
101134649El Chavo del Ocho: Americans will never experience this comedy kino.[View]
101133486Is it kino?[View]
101128921>tfw it's Resolution Cinematic Universe[View]
101132879Does he have another kino joint left in him?[View]
101133253I don’t get it[View]
101124489what are some films where the protagonist, not the antagonist is a mentally deranged autistic creep …[View]
101133321First Aquaman Poster[View]
101134204snyder cut announcement imminent[View]
101133159What's the best Pixar movie?: And why is it The Incredibles 1[View]
101134175https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UFycDkf8ywg Is Jason Alexander actually a good actor?[View]
101134139Trying to find a movie: Hey /tv/, I was looking to find a movie but can’t. A few years back I found …[View]
101133900Goliath Season 2: Just got done watching Goliath Season 2, Sad that the one grill got turned into pa…[View]
101125811ITT: Actors you could probably take down in a fist fight[View]
101132946What will the twist be?[View]
101128695Early 2000's night adult swim thread: >Birdgirl! >Too doo ta do ta doo!…[View]
101133652My god she is such an adorable gem.[View]
101133023embarassing movies[View]
101129942Qui-Gon, you're breaking my heart[View]
101133210>zombie in a train LMAO[View]
101126285BIG MCLARGEHUGE[View]
101133627What were his final thoughts?[View]
101129970Greys: >5 episodes in >she already gets blacked WOW…[View]
101133667Why is this slow paced 4 hour film so easy to watch compared to the most popular and critically accl…[View]
101130990When did you last get your ass kicked?: What would you do if I kicked your ass right now anon? https…[View]
101127898Is... is this the Evangelion of Star Wars?: Is... is this the Evangelion of Star Wars?[View]
101132710What have I become?[View]
101130046Fucking hell, what could’ve been. https://youtu.be/v5CZQpqF_74[View]
101131402Daisy Ridley having group sex: Why is she like that?! She should have been shooting Star Wars episod…[View]
101133336How would we replace trash here[View]
101131500What is that stance called? (talking about Herschlag)[View]
101125153>Marvel BTFO Sexy Moe Vampire for the win. We did it.[View]
101133081oh no no no[View]
101129923What's your favourite movie? Mine is Die Hard Pros; - Epic shootouts - Great acting - The bad g…[View]
101131407Re-watching Chapelle's Show and man, I can't believe I never realised what a chip black pe…[View]
101133020rip when?[View]
101130383Is this moment the peak kino in the kinography history? Why are towards-the-new-millenium films are …[View]
101130432Fuck this little smug piece of shit. Goose's blood is on his little manlet hands. If maverick …[View]
101132187What is the best movie released this year?[View]
101130327Hey has anybody seen The Thing before? I just found out about this movie and its really cool! It has…[View]
101132834i don't get it ..[View]
101131579So what did her mother eat for al those years and what did she use to wipe her ass after a shit?[View]
101132434Who was in the wrong here? The Jew, or the redneck american retard?[View]
101132676What did Hank mean when he said 'my name is Isaac Schrader' on the last season of Breaking Bad? Was …[View]
101132552Last weekend, as Hannah Gadsby’s Netflix phenomenon Nanette continued to rack up impassioned reviews…[View]
101128165Which of these kinos should I watch? Ant Man and the Wasp Sanju Hotel Transylvania 3 Skyscraper Inc…[View]
1011326306/10 movies that are fun to watch: As far as the 'found footage' style goes, it's a pretty neat…[View]
101129240This movie opened my eyes. I'm never eating at McDonald's again.[View]
101128937What the fuck is their problem?[View]
101130479>it ben a rong dey wit out u mi fren[View]
101123999its simple we kill the bateman[View]
101131959Why do the Asian women cast in Hollywood look so 'Oriental'? Instead of feeling like the White man i…[View]
101132235Horror thread[View]
101132004Do you still pay for Cable?[View]
101132207i dont get it[View]
101123809*gets your network sued*[View]
101132025What went wrong?[View]
101132232MI: fallout: >*single-handedly saves cinema* how does he keep doing it?…[View]
101132224>suave agent with a refined, high class taste in fashion, food and liquor >drinks Heineken…[View]
101129840What do you think tv will be like in 2068?[View]
101132150this show is 24 years old fucking hell ...[View]
101132161Any one else remember a movies from the 70's with a yeti like snow monster at a resort and near…[View]
101131867Leia come get yo son[View]
101129174>that ending holy fuck[View]
101130907yeah, that happened[View]
101131238TV shows ahead of their time: Profit. 1996. https://youtu.be/L0n7Jd0zZZY Lisa Zane co-stars. Worth w…[View]
101132068Black Mirror Episodes Rating Thread: first post on /tv/ so be nice. >season 1 all episodes were g…[View]
101101436How did it take him 40 years to figure out the ring and return to Frodo? What the fuck was he doing…[View]
101128137who was in the wrong here?[View]
101127506How well do you think Billie Dee will pull off a pansexual Lando?[View]
101131948seriously tho, what the fuck is this: https://g.co/kgs/sS8KYf[View]
101129831is there any kino, reality or otherwise, that deals with corporate espionage?[View]
101131351Disney Star Wars: It isn't cannon, is it?[View]
101130469ITT: Times when the villains laughed at the hero, even though he was 100% right[View]
101122742>Chinese studios have sometimes alleged that their scores were unfairly hurt by fake negative rev…[View]
101131505Anons...what do?[View]
101131887What was his endgame?[View]
101131587Well, batfags?[View]
101126403Last time you watched any movie at all? >2016[View]
101127384recommend me some foodkino /tv/ I already seen Hannibal Chef Ratatouille and I'm hungry for m…[View]
101131820Oh Reginald[View]
101131683Aquaman: Thoughts on the aesthetic?[View]
101128538Black Mirror: Holy fuck this episode was cringe >le ebil white men invent a device that makes sol…[View]
101115293Shows you've rewatched 10+ times[View]
101130876Why you'll never see a movie w/ the real John Connor: Somewhere in the Terminator universe, the…[View]
101131696>force skype[View]
101131722What's some essential xoomer core? >Reality Bites >Before Sunrise >S.F.W…[View]
101130696Favourite Arianna Grande role? For me it was that air head in that Nick show.[View]
101128638>Popcorn would taste so good with this coke right now[View]
101114058ITT 10/10 intros[View]
101127441This is the #1 movie in America.[View]
101130478Where were you when Riley won? >you take my wife from me, I take your daughter from you BASED Ril…[View]
101131622What were your favorite saturday morning cartoons as a kid?[View]
101126934*intimidates /tv/*[View]
101131591Failed Actress Thread: What's next for their careers, /tv/?[View]
101131512what is a comfortable movie for me to watch tonight?[View]
101131484>that 25 years old Boomer that think it's human[View]
101129577>Nathan Fillion as nathan Drake Okay, this is epic[View]
101121198Plo koon best jedi[View]
101127176*gets ipad*[View]
101127813best sports movie.? Pic related[View]
101130862ITT: /tv/ quotes you use in real life >Oh, that [food] was so good, I wish I was eating it right …[View]
101130124Absolute trash ending.[View]
101118432>mfw /tv/ is wrong[View]
101131186Is there any way I can seed a bunch of torrents from a playlist with great movies. I feel like I hav…[View]
101131160>Russians don't take a dump, son, without a plan. Could they not shit onboard submarines or …[View]
101129298Reminder there are aliens in Life of Brian.[View]
101131144Take the last movie you’ve seen and replace the lead with an actor of the opposite sex; does anythin…[View]
101116224/bb/ Big Brother 20: HOH: - Scottie Veto: - Scottie Nominations: - Brett / Winston App Store Winner:…[View]
101130236why arent they married omg this would be the perfect couple?![View]
101129866Be honest. Leo is Alpha Chad. He's still getting good roles. He's one of the greatest mode…[View]
101131047Let's talk about bad movies that are mesmerizing because they are bad. Pic related. Tarzan, The…[View]
101126981Why did so many people lose their minds praising this average movie?[View]
101127976First pic of the next Gozilla movie, showing its atomic breathe. Aren't you excited?[View]
101125845Moriarty: So is he fucking dead or not?[View]
101125114>killed by semantics[View]
101128825itt: characters who literally never did anything wrong[View]
101130025Is there a more boomer show?[View]
101130781you're not a real lawyer Jimmy[View]
101130687Nostalgia bait.[View]
101129433What would have happened if T-1000 sucessfully killed John Sarah and the T-800? What would he do the…[View]
101129940Why didn't you problematic assholes like my movie? I think I already know, but enlighten me[View]
101114214*saves your franchise*[View]
101130605Horror kino thread[View]
101127125>You've been putting it up your whole life. What does he mean by this?…[View]
101130728ITT: realistic depictions of women in television and film[View]
101130288Who would direct a good filthy Frank film?[View]
101128676Name one memorable thing about Deckard. I literally cant.[View]
101130652Sorry /tv/ do you know what film these images were taken from? It looks like a good fight is about t…[View]
101129197What role is this for?[View]
101130657What are some Western movies with large non-Western fanbases?[View]
101130601What do you do in this situation: You are working alone in a store and he walks in and does this, wh…[View]
101129728What's your drink of choice when watching TV & movies?: Pic related obv.[View]
101130278The Handmaiden was beautiful. Finally gave it a watch. How do you all enjoy it?[View]
101126557Marvel Cucks BTFO[View]
101125937Is Cameron Esposito a lesbian? She never seems to want to talk about her sexuality, so it's alw…[View]
101129737What's you favourite film with Arnold?[View]
101128971Anyone else re-watching/watching the Mission Impossible films before Fallout? Just watched the first…[View]
101130313What the fuck was that ending?[View]
101118981Okay, this is epic.: https://www.vanityfair.com/hollywood/2017/04/avatar-sequels-james-cameron-relea…[View]
101129871I drink your... MILKSHAKE[View]
101128268Cast him.[View]
101128605Movies for summer: Post summer movies[View]
101127611What is the best Winona kino? To me it's Little Women.[View]
101128480Now that the dust has settled what went wrong for Sicario 2?[View]
101130066kubrick: This is why they killed him, right? >Frederic Raphael, who authored the Eyes Wide Shut s…[View]
101129979Kathleen Kennedy is hot: BTW Me in the left[View]
101126552Seth Rogan - Preacher: I'm dealing with and existential crisis here lads. I don't like Set…[View]
101125877KALEL NO[View]
101128757Was TV less degenerate in the 60s?[View]
101129807Hayao Miyazaki: Is he a good filmmaker?[View]
101129270ITT: Actors your mom likes.[View]
101126752Was this the last animated Kino?[View]
101129833>kicks your ass and fucks your girl[View]
101129823Post characters which remind you of people posting here.[View]
101127404Where's the diversity, goy?![View]
101129349What does /tv/ think of Agents of Shield?[View]
101127146Bumblebee Movie spoilers: Barricade is back! Transformers is saved![View]
101129556berro gaga :-DDDDDD[View]
101109246Batman's no kill rule is retarded[View]
101129263>Indiana Jones 5 >Frozen 2 >Another Sony Spiderman >MCU should stop on a high note after…[View]
101129643>'Society is breeding a new kind of criminal, it's also breeding a new kind of cop. Meet COB…[View]
101127691ROBOCOP: Is the second one any good?[View]
101129543This came out on bluray, where are the memes?[View]
101128076was it capekino?[View]
101129478>he watches genre films[View]
101129024Melvin Doo?[View]
101126830Wait, how did he have a falling out with Hammond over cloning his daughter in 2009 when Hammond died…[View]
101125368Akira was premiered today 30 years ago Same something nice about her[View]
101124456Do you think any of the songs on here would make a good film?? Who would direct[View]
101126560WESTWORLD: Season 3 when?[View]
101121742Is it better than Seinfeld?[View]
101127463How is Mark Wahlberg a celebrity? Does Hollywood not know he's not Jewish? He brings nothing to…[View]
101125901Is she the biggest cunt in the whole series or what? She knew that the girl was forced to marry that…[View]
101129023Thoughts on the new Sabrina?[View]
101127509>3 132 days since Avatar 1[View]
101128951This is dumb. Why can't you kill people[View]
101107312Is it really realistic how this continent fits perfectly in a rectangle? It's as if GRRM just f…[View]
101123255Why did he introduce him to the burial ground in the first place if he knew how evil it was?[View]
101129111Just saw this movie yesterday and I have only one question. How big do you think the average load of…[View]
101129215ITT: We each post an image and anons suggest a flick that is similar: be on the look out for dubs...…[View]
101124546>already best girl in S1 and S2 >aged beautifully in S3 THANK YOU LYNCH…[View]
101126439Harvey street kids on Netflix /tv/?[View]
101120553>disney buys star wars from lucas >disney announces they're making new star wars movies …[View]
101129134Convince me why he isn't just a hack a Kubrick wannabe without the talent[View]
101128989>main character kills the villain >he becomes just like him…[View]
101128867>it's literally Big: capeshit edition OH NO NO NO[View]
101127948She could sonic my screwdriver.[View]
101105138What's next for her ?: Emma was at Wimbledon today in a rare public appearance. Just got me thi…[View]
101128119ITT: Times when the villains laughed at the hero, even though he was 100% right[View]
101128082Can he come back?[View]
101128943Why don't established actors use their influence to get their spouses roles?: I'd be mad a…[View]
101128398>watch this shit hoping to see an explanation on how the avengers will travel back in time on the…[View]
101128887This is the second best movie in the Alien series.[View]
101128384>british secret agent >need license to kill…[View]
101128810It wasn't meant to be a documentary guys...[View]
101126390ready player one: What does /tv/ think about this movie? It feels like everything is forced as fuck…[View]
101126948Shitty casting thread, post the insufferables[View]
101127814>Men in Black(1997) >Men in Black II(2002) >Men in Black 3(2012) >MIB(2019)…[View]
101128603>watching a movie/tv show set in the 80's >characters talk about blade runner or the thin…[View]
101128712>tickle fight was it rape?[View]
101128305BLADE RUNNER : 2049: WHAT RUINED IT?[View]
101127792Why did Ridley Scott lose the plot, so to speak?[View]
101127777pffffffffft https://www.imdb.com/list/ls053181649/videoplayer/vi2597436185[View]
101128684>character meant to be unattractive is played by a hot actor[View]
101128671/deadwood/ - Deadwood General: Richardson Did Nothing Wrong Edition >What's your favourite e…[View]
101128654Literally the only reason to watch this is for the Mavis swimsuit scenes. It follows the same exact …[View]
101125053/ss/?: How about those /ss/ movies, /tv/? Anything good?[View]
101124738ITT: /tv/ in 1915[View]
101124562Why would Jimmy shoot underwater ??[View]
101127782>someone is watching Patriots' Day in the other room >pass by the TV while doing somethin…[View]
101126332Why are women such insufferable cunts with no sense of context? Bitch gets offended by someting that…[View]
101127333Why was he so smug?[View]
101124188How to appreciate patrician movies ?: Hello, I have watched arround a thousand movies and I get tire…[View]
101128171Litty Is Over. Consider this mercy: The Rock meme is finally over[View]
101127861How Rebels should've ended.[View]
101128093Do you prefer the quirky, comfy Louis of the Weird Weekends or the serious, journalistic type of Lou…[View]
101128062Best films of 2017?[View]
101127675>they were dead the whole time lmao fuckin seriously?[View]
101128041Don't worry, he won't get far on foot: The cartoons in this movie were amusing, a bit chil…[View]
101125903The BBC licence fee is a waste of mone-[View]
101127946What did he mean by this?[View]
101119304Why was he so miserable?[View]
101127498>A byss >A liens >T erminator >T rue lies >A vatar >T itanic >A lita why does t…[View]
101121941How much Coleman Trebor merchandise do you guys own?[View]
101106222did Ghost do anything wrong /tv/?[View]
101121145Who is America?: THE ABSOLUTE FUCKING MADMAN https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QkXeMoBPSDk It's a…[View]
101127791Who will end up making it? KJ Apa seems to be the oy one with a lot of projects lined up[View]
101127784Why is she like that?![View]
101126342>barely any Emmy nominations >Game of Thrones in every category again JUST…[View]
101127722>W A G E C U C K ‘ D I mean look at his face, that’s 1st stage JUST https://youtu.be/aXyju7zFwyE…[View]
101125275*Engrishes your path*[View]
101127646Are there any movies about characters with foot fetishes?[View]
101127376Shazam: The reason he drinks so much because he is sponsored by a drink company. Basically the boos…[View]
101127154This is the pinnacle of television.[View]
101127606>It is a rule that you must keep all phones off in the theater >Do you have your iphones ready…[View]
101126536what are some kinos with this aesthetic?[View]
101124761>put off watching this due to all the hate it was getting >finally get around to watching this…[View]
101126815/lbg/ letterboxd general QOTD: what are some movies that unnerve you?[View]
101127246What did Susan see in George?[View]
101126724What are some incelkinae?[View]
101127383Movies about a guy who loses his gf, his friends and everyones respect. Hitting rock bottom[View]
101113916007 Bond General Discussion Thread: Any thoughts on the franchise or news regarding the upcoming mov…[View]
101126268>You expect me to pay 20 dollars for popcorn? You must be out of your god damn mind!…[View]
101123383Why doesn't /tv/ ever talk about Let The Right One In? It's flawless atmospherekino.[View]
101125680What kind of sex do loving, wholesome couples have? I can't imagine Carl pulling on Ellie'…[View]
101125810What's your favorite season? Probably season 4 for me.[View]
101125722Why are people calling this live action? Every pixel will be computer generated.[View]
101123256>Movie is named Akira >Akira shows up for like 3 seconds The fuck?…[View]
101127078Cast the Primarch's[View]
101126688How do I become like him but hot gf?[View]
101127071what are some movies about a failure in human form?[View]
101125559Nobody better lay a finger on Amy's butterfinger[View]
101122131Has Isabelle Fuhrman done anything worth watching since Orphan and her small role in The Hunger Game…[View]
101120183How do we save her?[View]
101126586What, was it barking?[View]
101125230>if you kill him, you're just like him[View]
101124049What was the last film that made you cry?[View]
101125743Entourage sequel?: What would the plot of a new Entourage movie be?[View]
101124910Is any tv person more instant kino than Jon Taffer?[View]
101126635>wanna let it out >WANNA LET IT OUT https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YV5IheNfK54…[View]
101124543What did he mean by this?[View]
101124852Yeah, I'm thinking he's back.[View]
101124434He's unironically the best comedic actor since Will Ferrell. Perfect timing and can play the st…[View]
101126605/blocks your path[View]
101126210>main character is a loser >still has a girlfriend…[View]
101126548>had to audition to date Tom Cruise J U S T[View]
101125196https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=en-lWUxhcuw what was the crazy guy talking about?[View]
101126539What went wrong?[View]
101125150Why doesn't someone make a historical drama about Watson, Crick, and Franklin? If you tell it a…[View]
101116978Why don't musicians also act?[View]
101123468She was cuter with the snout[View]
101117842Toy Story 4 should deal with kids not buying toys anymore.[View]
101123816>DC fans complain about Marvel being goofy and say that DC is better because they do grimdark shi…[View]
101123823What the hell was the point of that Live-action part towards the end? Felt so out of place desu[View]
101124654Leave the mouse to us[View]
101122765Why won't Hollywood hire Lake Bell?[View]
101125569How the fuck is Kirk Douglas still alive?[View]
101124590Would you actually eat at his restaurant?[View]
101126001Name a more insufferable TV family: You can't.[View]
101124559Ghosted: This show is really good. I rarely watch comedy shows, almost never American ones, but this…[View]
101125077>Only 2% of people watching Jurassic Park understood this scene[View]
101122121Movies or Scenes that women will never understand[View]
101125507Who remembers Cavemen?[View]
101121994Half way through, and The Punisher is pretty fucking kino desu[View]
101121684Why aren't they keeping Jared Leto's joker in the next Joker movie?[View]
101125167There are some who call me... ... ... ...Tim?[View]
101125909Hike those pants up. Ya gotta do it[View]
101122868>car chase >no matter what the pursuing car is, it's always faster…[View]
101123965Tomb Raider: What went wrong? I get that they went for nuLara, but they even cocked that up.[View]
101125784I liked it[View]
101122893>*slaps your mother’s ass, grabs her pussy, puts two fingers down her throat, proceeds to unbuckl…[View]
101124607Is This Kino?: I especially like the scene where Adam Sandler's character considers raping a wo…[View]
101125450Why are actors paid so much? Joaquim Pheenix would get a billion dollards when this man would do it …[View]
101125625name a hotter man thats been on television (you cant he is perfection)[View]
101125526Why does everyone jerk off over this guy like he's the second coming or something He was just …[View]
101125056Sicario 2: Just got back from it (went alone because I'm a sicario), the movie kicks the fuck o…[View]
101120846why dont big guy directors direct comedies anymore?[View]
101124477>he has made for you, a painting[View]
101121645Why is this Show so much better than vikings?[View]
101125195What did I think of this episode? Was it kino?[View]
101125177That Nuvie stuff would be acceptable if they offered free Wi-Fi. As it is, it's pretty shitty.[View]
101125174Hmm yes, moving intestines. Wonder how that would feel. Probably about as bad as your mates holding …[View]
101124630In preparation for the upcoming action kino, can we have a Mission Impossible thread?[View]
101120346Grace Randolph is unironically the most influental film critic this decade. Her recent report on Dis…[View]
101121181>6 and half minutes until dfrumhpff >start looking for something else Why is all standup so sh…[View]
101122112Why did they exclude Beta Ray Bill from The Avengers?[View]
101123464Which was better?[View]
101124966GODS I WAS STRONG[View]
101123807Do you wanna know how I got these scars?[View]
101119663Holy trinity of hacks[View]
101124922JUST LEAVE[View]
101122080>zoomer humor hella f*ckin epic, I was laughing my ass off the whole time…[View]
101120058The old gray mare, she ain't what she used to be, ain't what she used to be, ain't wh…[View]
101123280Stupid little prick named Rick who thought he knew shit but didn't know shit.[View]
101122435What's his endgame?[View]
101122547Crown Season 3 all this picture does is remind me Foy has left, and with season 2 being shit why sho…[View]
101120990Beatrix never killed Bill. Bill merely pretended to be dead, they were both playing a part (as fores…[View]
101124733Post clay-kinos: Here's a favorite of mine[View]
101123700This is THE pusy[View]
101122683Is International Assassin still one of the most kino episodes of all time?[View]
101122573Is this /tv/ or /r/television?[View]
101120894Why is this woman famous? She's pretty but not actress pretty. Nose busted like Owen Wilson…[View]
101124223Thread Watcher: Post em[View]
101124589That feel you get when you master a movie[View]
101124580>had to audition to date Tom Cruise and got rejected J U S T U S T[View]
101124428>character walks in on another character doing something silly >aaaaaawwwkwaaaarrd…[View]
101124423New Chucky movie when? Also, talk about upcoming horror.[View]
101124422>'First my shoes, then my stockings, then my blouse, my slip, and finally my panties' >'I laid…[View]
101113944Is this the most inconsistent show ever made? I’ve never seen anything that constantly shift from “p…[View]
101123560WE WUZ[View]
101123712Is the 12 hour 2013 Norm Mcdonald with Jeff Martin and Superdave commentary of the US Masters the mo…[View]
101119989ITT: Actually Great Female Characters: Anne Bonny was Top Tier in Black Sails. She had strengths, fa…[View]
101117134remember when Rose from Titanic essentially told people a special memory in her life. travelling, ha…[View]
101120505Shows where only the first season was good: post 'em[View]
101100559>Welcome... to Dinosaur Zoo![View]
101124112Did anyone else grow up watching this back in the day?[View]
101119992Thoughts on this movie?[View]
101123196Who is the most consistent director ever?: quality wise[View]
101123985>watch movie >google *actress name* feet[View]
101118471Legion: Thoughts on this show?[View]
101115276Glad to see our Golden God is coming back. What are you expecting for season 13?[View]
101121890Childhood is when you idolize John Cleese. Adulthood is when you realize Michael Palin is the best P…[View]
101123650Any good films about married couples?[View]
101118539Recommend me some Aussie kino anons. I have to write a review for my film class by Friday and I have…[View]
101121935why won't these two just fuck already holy shit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DiaDblUd-lw…[View]
101108958What won't JJ do?: But seriously, Disney is just beating a dead horse at this point and from a …[View]
101122592I'm thinking he's back.[View]
101123155Who would play them, /tv/?[View]
101120201WHO IS AMERICA? bread: Show of the year edition[View]
101122193What are some movies with older female protagonists? I am tired of these teenagers like Rey beating …[View]
101123382>TFW the Obi-Wan movie will be about him in a desert and wont be a Romantic Action Tale between h…[View]
101122102What really happened to Val Kilmer? What did they do to him?[View]
101121996The Great Debate[View]
101123252is anybody else excited for this[View]
101120895Do you jerk off?[View]
101121737So Amazons new LOTR series, how much will they ruin it?[View]
101122481Wow this was fucking shit[View]
101121864We all know they are the best, who is #1 of the 2?[View]
101119381I legitimately want to sue Coke for emotional damage caused by watching this commercial[View]
101122975You know /tv/, Quasimodo predicted all of this.[View]
101120730>dirty fingernails What did she mean by this?[View]
101119842God dammit I had no fucking clue[View]
101122841Id say disney worship was at its strongest 5 years ago with the release of frozen, has it subsided, …[View]
101121732What does /tv/ think of this show?[View]
101120819I don't understand. Why is this episode considered especially bad by zombie Simpsons standards?[View]
101121037>walking down street >pretend to be the MC of the last kino you watched >only nod to peopl…[View]
101119009Last Jedi stream for free: Hi, I haven't seen The Last Jedi since opening weekend. I would like…[View]
101122595>Zombie movie >The zombies don't eat people. They just bite you a few times to infect you…[View]
101122570Sharp Objects: Ki or No?[View]
101122501>looks at the camera[View]
101122543Soundtrack: What movie has the best soundtrack? My vote goes to Akira https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
101122536>when you realize the show you liked as a kid is actually pure unadulterated timeless kinography …[View]
101121633WTF was his problem?[View]
101121911>>/a/175677717 >try to have a civil grown-up discussion about one of my favourite hobbies (…[View]
101122494Why do people like this film? It's a wes anderson film only super cringey.[View]
101120207What is your favourite cult classic?[View]
101122450This is the movie equivalent to edging yourself for 2 and a half hours only to have your parents wal…[View]
101121526>tfw /fitlit/ is real[View]
101116076Family Guy is better than The Simpsons.[View]
101113799UNDESERVED DEATHS: Post characters who deserved better.[View]
101090691Webm Thread: Post what you have[View]
101121210Primer: Is the theory behind this actually possible?[View]
101121548Do you prefer it when the antagonist did literally nothing wrong? What are some examples of this[View]
101121105Blade Runner: 2049: Do we hate it?[View]
101121606>Once Upon A Time In The West...NOW THAT’S A FILM FOR REAL MEN AND REAL MEN ONLY! *chugchugchug*…[View]
101122013I don't want to swim the ocean I don't want to fight the tide[View]
101118663I'll start: Pirates of the Carribean[View]
101120142>deh! Boom. Throws her off her balance.[View]
101121886How did he make her give him her pubes?: Did anyone else get I turned on by this scene?[View]
101121661>flipping through channels >catch a south park episode >it's one of the recent seasons…[View]
101119947FIRE FIRE FIRE FIRE[View]
101120205I finally got around to watching this and man, what a disappointment. This movie was an absolute mes…[View]
101119632This movie wasn't that good.: Why was it so well received?[View]
101121702Am I crazy, or was this movie implying that under different circumstances these two would have been …[View]
101121660For me? It's John McTiernan.[View]
101121356The fourth kind: Were the footage used in this film actually real?[View]
101121610Yomomma so mean she killed Laura Palmer.[View]
101120702ITT: Sequels that should have never been made[View]
101117670Is he really the only capeshitter that deserved an Oscar?[View]
101121569Why was Sonny cheating on his qt wife with this absolute hambeast?[View]
101121545There's always movies about how the cold is slowly killing everyone and low temperature is the …[View]
101121202Meanwhile in Entourage’s /tv/: Any way we can UNJUST Johnny Drama’s career?[View]
101121312Analysing Nazi movies: I don't come a lot on /tv/, and from what I can see it's more of a …[View]
101116827I'm compiling a list of /tv/'s favorite movies, hopefully to last me the next 365 days So,…[View]
101119859Have there ever been any big Vietnamese actors?: The women are pretty.[View]
101119418American Movie: This documentary is fucking great.[View]
101121360>amazon studios[View]
101102080>Netflix plans to release 700 new shows and movies by the end of 2018 Literally fucking how and w…[View]
101121378BUMP FOR SHAYMAN: https://www.instagram.com/_shayman_/?hl=en[View]
101113845ITT: Actors you wished you look like[View]
101111099>tfw when your castmates make fun of your reloading fists[View]
101120027What is some good math-kino?[View]
101119193>Nerd culture is the product of a late capitalist conspiracy, designed to infantalize the consume…[View]
101119840How does she get hotter every year? I swear she must come from a planet where thermodynamic processe…[View]
101114274Cheers Thread: Harry episodes were the best[View]
101114584>Makes Earth references to aliens And that what makes him not funny[View]
101116480I can't remember the last time a movie was so bad it actually made me angry[View]
101118836How to break into the industry as a poor nobody?: I'm a nobody from an abusive family and my li…[View]
101117697Is Stuart Little the most based character in fiction? >instantly liked by adoptive parents >m…[View]
101104940/trek/: Data Edition[View]
101118891ITT: Post movies that you watched a lot as a kid and were surprised to find out that no one else saw…[View]
101120872Cite an occasion of an excellent actor that for one reason or another has really only gotten a shot …[View]
101120272Why were they hunting replicants if they will die soon anyway?[View]
101119904Anyone else love this cult classic?[View]
101120082The ending of Malcolm X is 10/10 kino. Holy fuck.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T0TFu8kV9o8…[View]
101120837>indie film >its about 'depression'…[View]
101110693View Askewniverse: Thoughts on Kevin Smith's cinematic universe /tv/?[View]
101114130Aquakino is coming[View]
101118839Your fav /tv/ couples: Being a shut in for the last year I live vicariouly through tv couples whose …[View]
101120533When I say Bo you say Selecta...Bo![View]
101118500Duncan Jones Reveals That He'll Direct A 2000 AD Movie, And ROGUE TROOPER Is A Very Safe Bet: …[View]
101120727What would a comedy version of the expendables be like? which actors would you need?[View]
101114375Now that the anal fissures have healed, was it kino?[View]
101099744Im trying the drinks of Mad Men and I can honestly say this is one of the better whiskeys ive had in…[View]
101120738What are some films/tv shows where the Protagonist becomes the Antagonist?[View]
101118393How will all the dany fans and 'muh dragons' crowd react when they find out that dany has been the p…[View]
101119420name a worse tv line up[View]
101116605>Alright class, let's go around the room and introduce ourselves to the class. State your na…[View]
101120556>watching television >commercial break comes on >write down the names of all the exciting …[View]
101118224Inez Curro: What's next for this promising young actresses career?[View]
101118476Who will play him in his inevitable biopic?: Will it features a scene with Ron 'pee on my hand' Pear…[View]
101116150What are your favorite exploitation movies /tv/?[View]
101118325Why didn't Wolverine just go back in time to save the other xmen from Xavier?[View]
101120088>supernatural horror movie >ghost has a simple motive and can be appeased…[View]
101119393That was.....fun. Reminded me of Carpenters horror films but without the personality.[View]
101120256Why doesn't Paula Patton get more work? I loved her in Mission Impossible 4. She could do both …[View]
101120178Is this show still good? I stopped a little bit after the angel guy with the trenchcoat was introduc…[View]
101117175who was in the wrong here?[View]
101120345Lloyd is the ultimate kino: Prove me wrong.[View]
101119090DRINK-OFF TO SAVE THE WORLD: who wins?[View]
101120170Music is my life[View]
101120176Last Action Hero: >I’ll be back![View]
101110758MOSURA, YA MOSURA If you haven't watched the 1961 Mothra movie, you have no idea what true kaij…[View]
101117298Yo, what happened to this shit, I completely forgot about this show, didnt it release during the sum…[View]
101120061What do think of this?: I think it may be a little Republican biased based on the complaints raised …[View]
101117950How do we get lies and gross exaggerations deleted from IMDB's 'Trivia' pages? pic related Also…[View]
101119490Why did he stand so close?[View]
101118749Why is this coming out: Why would Mary pick such an awful role for a will smith movie that's on…[View]
10112002690s teen kino only Can't Hardly Wait trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=67dfnrTJlUE[View]
101115938>pulls out second flute >it ain't me starts playing…[View]
101118954Are you hoping for scientology kino with MI:6?[View]
101118566Is it litty?[View]
101119369>tfw no Kubrick's Napoleon[View]
101119951>Get off my plane![View]
101116969Times you were the driver[View]
101119769The Great Debate: The best old Disney, vs the best modern Disney[View]
101119847Al-Urduni is based[View]
101119723I had a good time[View]
101119717*arrives at your shore*[View]
101117480Was River Phoenix /ourguy/?[View]
101119641Well, that was great. I thought you fags said she couldn't act?[View]
101119636If they ever make an Eisenhower biopic, who should they cast? I say DiCaprio. Tom Hanks would be per…[View]
101115147WHATs the best episode of this cock sucking motherfucking show?[View]
101118755Neill Blomkamp To Direct New ‘RoboCop’ For MGM: be afraid. be very afraid https://deadline.com/2018/…[View]
101117996why rose met jack in the afterlife and not her husband?[View]
101118683>see the first purge >mfw pay to be racially profiled...again…[View]
101118309Riddle me this wh*te boy Whats BIG, BLACK and always got your girl's back?[View]
101112151>'In the criminal justice system, sexually-based offenses are considered especially heinous.' Are…[View]
101114159What Went Wrong?[View]
101117654About the She-Ra Reboot: >bicycle shorts >perfectly flat 2D chest >sex hair Why does /tv/ h…[View]
101107325>YOU WANT DO IT RAW?[View]
101112689What was his best performance?[View]
101115205The Belko Experiment: This was pure battle royale kino. I thought it captured a lot of the magic of …[View]
101117621Is this peak solo MCU?[View]
101117984What went wrong?[View]
101117939Princess Shireen: Do you think Stannis would have bethroted Shireen to Jon had she lived?[View]
101110639What's next for /our girl/ Jane Levy?[View]
101113212I don't get it. Did the machine work? Did Borden even have a twin, or did we just want to belie…[View]
101118590Why does he make movies he's never made anything good lol[View]
101118169Cast this computer game.[View]
101116697An hour and a half of my life, wasted for nothing. I guess I deserve it.[View]
101117747Comfiest shows /tv/ misses.[View]
101088198Why didnt they just move to the waterfall?[View]
101118731And the card attached would say...: Thank you for being /tv/[View]
101116047does this really happen in the film industry?[View]
101116100Doctor who? Doctor mummy![View]
101118673/InMemorium/: Rest in peace, CIA. Pay your respects to this dead meme in this thread. >Thread the…[View]
101118765>Avengers: Infinity War is the best movie of the y--[View]
101117277One of the most underrated film makes of all time?[View]
101114747The Affair: Anyone still following? Lots of unexpectedly great nudity last night[View]
101118051What was the best episode of Home Movies /tv/?[View]
101117006what was going on in his mind in this exact moment?[View]
101118246The fosters - end: After 3 years of watching this emotional shit fest it’s sadly over . Watching th…[View]
101117315Why did they fuck after this? there was literally zero sexual tension before this and why did Russel…[View]
101117737What were some instances, asides from episode 1 in Ed Edd n Eddy where double d was called or referr…[View]
101118071What does /tv/ think of fallen kingdom?[View]
101114840What the fuck went wrong?[View]
101118457cast her[View]
101114705what are some of the most disturbing/shocking movies you've seen?[View]
101117971Show me your monster energy photoshops[View]
101103971>just cuts to black Walked out of the theater right then[View]
101116301This dude isn't funny.[View]
101113234Unscripted KINO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rWbVcpOhZ5M[View]
101116958Who is the Biggie Smalls of /tv/?[View]
101115653Who else is watching Sharp Objects for Sophia?[View]
101117402Is it possible to make a good Power Rangers movie, or is the IP too shit?[View]
101118056heads, shoulders not the toes, not the toes- >FIRE[View]
101116366ITT: Oscarbait[View]
101116738Remakes: Well that was underwhelming. At least it has Selma Blair.[View]
101114942Absolutely based[View]
101116748 ITT: movies you secretly like [View]
101117660*Greenscreens an empty airport*[View]
101116734https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lioBZR67SLM Ah Kimberly, the Pink Ranger, the hot girl with a heart …[View]
101117886Best film trailers for shitty movies?[View]
101115467will we ever get this kind of unequivocal kino again?[View]
101117495what went so horribly, horribly wrong?[View]
101115453Do you want to live forever[View]
101117760We've got to lay some pipe brother[View]
101117410ITT: Times when the villains laughed at the hero, even though he was 100% right[View]
101117721How would you fix it /tv/: >ep IX begins 12 years after the last jedi >flashback open of kilo …[View]
101113684Is Doctor Who as overrated as people say it is? I've only seen one episode like 10 years ago an…[View]
101116579>Everyone wanted to the chance to work with an icon like Brando, who was relying on the earpiece …[View]
101108845Name a better performance.[View]
101112871Are you contrarians really pretending that this isnt kino?[View]
101116577How /tv/ doin?[View]
101117455>that boomer who finds a missing kid, who got kidnapped by an ayy lmao[View]
101115000Which is superior? I know you fags watch this shit don't deny it[View]
101112945>sunday night WHY ARE YOU HERE?[View]
101116660Who was in the wrong here?[View]
101115403It was better than Days[View]
101117314>Well my name is Entry Level Gabriel[View]
101117307/filmmakinggeneral/: Anybody here an aspiring filmmaker? What are some things you guys are currently…[View]
101117268I wish I had more Gian Maria Volanté movies on hand.[View]
101114366Why was he fat for a entire season?[View]
101108033FACT or FICTION: >Did you think our story about the 30 year old neet spending 10 hours a day post…[View]
101112581What's the most 'just turn your brain off' movie off all time?[View]
101115727What is best in life?[View]
101115099What makes Hollywood women so beautiful, /tv/?[View]
101116193Male Romance films: Specifically Male Romance films: >500 days of Summer >Her Films with notab…[View]
101115047Is this the best movie of the year?[View]
101115489Wow, Disney actually managed to produce something wholesome. Color me shocked.[View]
101116981Iformerly chuck's[View]
101112816This legitimately would've made the Sequel Trilogy good.[View]
101116964Should I read this?[View]
101116779Are you looking forward to The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina?[View]
101113732The Dark Knight Rises premiered in New York City six years ago on July 16, 2012. What are your thoug…[View]
101115820itt: kino tv endings https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PwWl3Rsb1KE[View]
101114424Woah... Thoughts?[View]
101116686Is this just the bong Big Bang Theory, or is it actually good?[View]
101116648>Scenes where you were unable to suspend your disbelief It started here in Green Hornet where thi…[View]
101116562Time to eat my ass, holy father[View]
101114127I've just got news from my ring of spies that >she has been kidnapped, the kidnapper has bee…[View]
101109391Book her career renaissance, /tv/.[View]
101114501>first day of film class >Professor asks us to introduce ourselves >Put on the spot, star…[View]
101107757TALES FROM THE CRYPT: favourite episode /tv/?[View]
101116406Shark week is still another week away: what are some shark kinos?[View]
101115835ITT: Your favourite character of all time! lol I just love his whiskers! xD[View]
101112702Occasional reminder that Jean Reno's greatest role to date is live-action Doraemon, not Léon th…[View]
101113961I can't believe it took me 7 fucking years to finally watch this. Now I don't know what to…[View]
101111876The Wheel of Time: Holy crap... according to Variety, 'The Wheel of Time' is becoming a TV show.…[View]
101112631/bb/ Big Brother 20: HOH: - Scottie Veto: - Scottie Nominations: - Brett / Winston App Store Winner:…[View]
101110432What was his fucking problem?[View]
101115437I just finished this movie, it was breddy gud. Are there any more movies like this?[View]
101115897Miss me yet?[View]
101114311The Romans? Where are they now?[View]
101113408What the fuck happened to Irene?[View]
101110656What are you guys watching tonight? For me it's the American Psycho[View]
101113898This is unironically the purest of kinos[View]
101114466what are some good shows and films to watch with your buddies on a couch?[View]
101115763Some Lost Media Stuff: I one time stayed up watching tv as a kid on nicktoons or nickelodeon, it was…[View]
101113307What movie should me and my boyfriend watch together? We like westerns, comedy, action, anime and hi…[View]
101115233wtf Jay lied to me this was shit[View]
101105476honestly is youtube a good way to get a break in hollywood nowadays?[View]
101115622Which serial killers do you want to see in season 2?[View]
101115156Upcoming Tarantino Movie: Who would play this guy?[View]
101114021now, MY STRAW REACHES acrooOOOooosss the room and starts to drink your milkshake[View]
101113896Just finished season 4, why am i an idiot for enjoying it and what made it shit?[View]
101113674So I have finished watching The Office on Netflix and now I need something to fill that void. Give m…[View]
101115349cast it[View]
101115393>Are you gonna teach me that old school, hard-charging, beat up any nigger who moves Rodney King …[View]
101114063Did I like it?[View]
101111495Remember me /tv/?[View]
101114094Better Caul Saul: Better Call Saul or Breaking Bad?[View]
101108210Just how big of a cultural event was the O.J Simpson trial[View]
101115311>It's like, how much more black could this be? and the answer is none. None more black.…[View]
101114508ITT: Movies you feel self conscious about telling people you saw in theaters more than once[View]
101115226>captioning jesus christ[View]
101115093Strange Angel: Anyone else watching this?[View]
101113598i just watched this. whats my opinion of it?[View]
101112593Is it worth a watch?[View]
101114075>character impaled by kitana >bleeds from nose >heh nothin personell kid…[View]
101111742Was Charlotte a NEET?[View]
101113334Forget Hell - this is the scariest thing in Event Horizon.[View]
101115045¿A Dios? No hay Dios.[View]
101114522Best of the best: The greatest directors of all-time and why are they Micheal Bay and Zack Synder?…[View]
101113559Waco Miniseries: How in the hell did they get a minieries that shows the ATF as being wrong made?…[View]
101114760Does scientific accuracy affect your enjoyment of a TV show or movie, /tv/?[View]
101087260Who is America: this is quite good https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QkXeMoBPSDk[View]
101113852Look at me, I’m the Sicario now.[View]
101113755I gotta say, I'm really surprised they did an entire TV series without showing the titular char…[View]
101112351What's your favourite plot hole?[View]
101110740How do they see?[View]
101113958Onii-Chan 20 General: Is he a fucking poser, /tv/? Also, thoughts on the eviction picks tonight?…[View]
101112872Directors: BEST: Incendies WORST: Arrival FAVORITE: Sicario OVERRATED: Blade Runner 2049 UNDERRATED:…[View]
101106331Sharp Objects ep 2: >Amma topless tonight edition Who else hooked on that small town vibe? Finall…[View]
101114118Why hasn't there been a SINGLE good Lovecraftian movie yet?[View]
101114733Belko: What was this movie's deal? It wanted to be a slasher, a serious drama, and a black come…[View]
101113018What the FUCK was her problem?[View]
101101798Stabler Will Return For The LAW & ORDER: SVU Series Finale Whenever It Happens: How should it go…[View]
101113891I don't know why but for the longest time I thought this movie was just some kind of weird drea…[View]
101114630Now that the dust has settled, can we all agree you definitely rubbed one out in the theater?[View]
101114626Rurouni KenshiN: Is there a version with subtitles? Also thoughts on this movie? Friend recommended…[View]
101114144Loser Kino: I want to watch movies that star loser/forever alone arch types. Any good ones?[View]
101108371Preacher Pregame Thread: Are you guys ready to watch a vampire fight a pedo for the entertainment of…[View]
101111606What do you think of him as a director? I've only seen him as an actor back in the Braveheart a…[View]
101111151So we can all agree this is going to become a cult classic right?[View]
101108758Apparently there is big DCEU news dropping tomorrow. Anyone here have any idea what it's about?[View]
101114140How do we go from this...[View]
101113629>be the MCU >bring back Howard the Duck before Blade Is the MCU racist?…[View]
101111990God damn this show sucks[View]
101114236Ay /tv/ lemme ask u sumthin why do u still watch this show when the 1st season was the only good sea…[View]
101114217wtf is this show? it can't decide what its tone is, if it even wants to be funny or take itself…[View]
101114187Damn, Forest was operator as fuck in this kino[View]
101113177Looking for a unknown movie...: I am looking the name of a movie i watched some years ago... it was …[View]
101114146>look it up >Summerisle is a real place Woah...…[View]
101112612ITT: What Were They Thinking: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WpmILPAcRQo https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
101106646Is it ever going to end? How can we stop it?[View]
101112618Making a group movie project for one of my uni classes, we're looking for topics and coming up …[View]
101114023Is There A Finer Action Film?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KEoGrbKAyKE&t=3156s[View]
101113309This feels like quantum leap 2017[View]
101106121>steals your show[View]
101112831Who is America is dumb as Shit: This isn't the Ali g show. This is just lame and not funny. He …[View]
101070969'THE PREDATOR' RESHOOTS: Shane Black's THE PREDATOR tested poorly with test-audiences and the e…[View]
101104364Why does Hollywood keep trying to make her a thing?[View]
101113520As awesome as the ending was I was always bothered by it, how did they not notice her until she save…[View]
101112450any other shows with nihilistic and intelligent main characters?[View]
101110921Now that the space dust has settled, was it Kino?[View]
101110637>finally got to seeing JW2 >there's a total 8/10 (she would have been a 9/10 if not for …[View]
101112306How are talentless, 5/10 fridges going to get roles now that sucking cock isn't an option?[View]
101111630ATHF movie: Wow, that was lame. Not even ironically good. The plot goes nowhere, not in that good wa…[View]
101113458Was Al the quintessential Boomer?[View]
101112448i never noticed that she is a literal goddess until years later[View]
101113159what is the worst character ever shoehorned into an otherwise good show or movie due to nepotism?[View]
101112764How accurate was this film? Any /k/ boys/gals here chime in?[View]
101113142You are granted the controls to a single ICBM. The missile carries a chemical weapon that will rende…[View]
101113285ITT: movies that were surprisingly faithful to their source material The Flip-O-Rama scene was kino[View]
101111597>turn on showtime >Encino Man starting >watch... >see him for what once was and what p…[View]
101112861I want to bleach her native womb[View]
101112480Fuck Luc Besson. This movie could have been good. It could have been good if it focused more on stor…[View]
101109453Django Unchained: What did you think of this movie? Also, what ever happened to the man in this pict…[View]
101112898>rapes his sister for no reason[View]
101111142I am writing a screenplay about a man overcoming his limitations, struggling towards breaking metaph…[View]
101110183ITT: Post a song, others recommend a film based on it.[View]
101112075>we have a great script, but the movie needs to be as shitty as possible >I know just the guy…[View]
101110804Is /tv/ filled with brainlets? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AvMZNv_pPsA[View]
101113078This is the greatest episode of any television series ever[View]
101111877movies that TV never talks about: Post about movies that /tv/ never talks about. Take shelter - soli…[View]
101112905who are the bogs of simpsons characters?[View]
101111888ITT Rotten Tomatoes kino[View]
101112946Is Brad Bird dare I say our guy?[View]
101112671What are some of the best Japanese movies of this decade?[View]
101112421how is it that a dozen multi billion dollar TV news agencies are routinely BTFO by some random memer…[View]
101112951Watch Clark.[View]
101111191Why do people on this board pretend she can't act?[View]
101111589Can the show continue without mr lahey? Should it? They confirmed that he wouldn't be recast ou…[View]
101112644I'M FREE[View]
101107324/tv/ dubs Usual Suspects (Final Day): source video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jwUi-9l09p0 Q;Ho…[View]
101104341/90df/: 90 day finance - Slightly updated General edition >Season Trailer: https://youtu.be/PuaBd…[View]
101112713>protagonist declares ' your probably wondering how I got here >this song starts playing https…[View]
101111396>Villeneuve isn't a hac-[View]
101112565Any movies about how a good guy gets his hopes crushed again and again by naively putting his faith …[View]
101110727>DUDE KILLING A MONSTER WILL MAKE YOU A MONSTER TOO LMAO What a complete and utter waste of time.…[View]
101103048Why didn't the Thing lick each of the guys on their hands or face and assimilate them through s…[View]
101111349Die Hard 2: why the hell did they let her take a taser on her carry on?[View]
101109588Is this what Mr. Incredible meant when he ranted about society inventing new ways to celebrate medio…[View]
101109693what the fuck was his problem?[View]
101107804You get to spend one week in Westworld, Shogunworld or The Raj for free, what do you do with it?[View]
101112120100 years: Will it be kino?[View]
101109349>thinks the second half of Chungking Express is better than the first what's your pleb filte…[View]
101106966/bb/ Big Brother 20: HOH: - Scottie Veto: - Scottie Nominations: - Brett / Winston App Store Winner:…[View]
101112433https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kHLHSlExFis where were you when MV KINO dropped?[View]
101110995Miss me yet?[View]
101112369How do do you identify when the director is specifically the problem with a given movie? Like, if th…[View]
101112268Best TV shows aired on Radio Quebec: If you aren't aware of what Radio Quebec is, it is a TV ch…[View]
101109683I'm hearing tons of hype. Will this be the first billion dollar Mission Impossible movie?[View]
101111842>'Son, Those magazine you found in the garage are from before I met your mother, it was the 70…[View]
101105084How much longer until everyone dumps these goofballs?[View]
101110861*blocks your path*[View]
101104471Now that we've had some time to digest the #metoo movement, what's next for Tarana Burke?[View]
101111028>At last, after all these years, I have become Harry Potter and the Deadly Hallows Part 2…[View]
101111826What does /tv/ think of prison break?[View]
101110530>Didn't you wonder why you were getting checks for doing absolutely nothing >I figured …[View]
101111319If the Internet existed in the 90s, do you think Karl would have his own Meme?[View]
101108352Topics that are too controversial to be filmed today.[View]
101111717Is Mac /our guy/?[View]
101108993I know /pol/ hates this film but, what happened to the guy playing the torso?[View]
101107853Hannibal: Was it kino? I think one can argue that this was Bryan's magnum opus. Will they ever …[View]
101108153so what did you think?[View]
101111905CAW CAW CAW CAW[View]
101110360After seeing this last night, it’s official. Subtract at least 30% off RT for any movies that are “w…[View]
101109124Call from Alien Resurrection: This is such a great character, Ryder fucking nailed it.[View]
101111870>chartreuse and goldenrod >cinnabar and clementine >gainsboro >turnbull and copper >o…[View]
101111869/tv/'s thoughts on this?: No need to be made? or have plan to watch it? https://www.youtube.com…[View]
101108622What says /tv/? Kino?[View]
101111210Where did it go wrong after season six?[View]
101111833J U S T[View]
101109842>japanese movie >tic >tic >tic >tic >YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO…[View]
101111467Why are Simpsons writers so smart?[View]
101110894What are some movies with this feel?[View]
101110960Dream Films: Post ideas for films you wish would become real. >Simon Pegg & Tom Cruise buddy …[View]
101111655>critics praised the film's special effects, but criticized the plot…[View]
101111530The man is a menace![View]
101109637What Went Wrong?: Blade Runner 2049[View]
101110769ITT: Times when the villains laughed at the hero, even though he was 100% right[View]
101110852I accidentally all the poker webms I saved from /tv/. I need to build up my folder again. Can we get…[View]
101111469Are there any other horror movies, or even movies in general, with the same desolate, lonely, and de…[View]
101111468Do you find this show funny?[View]
101111394Hello. If you've liked this thread, please donate an amount you feel is appropriate to manfrome…[View]
101109866Casino (1995): Why was Ace Rothstein such a cuuuck when he was married to Ginger? Whose idea was it …[View]
101108646What does /tv/ think about this?[View]
101110122Would you date/marry a Vulcan?[View]
101109265I understand Bane not wanting to open the door, but why did CIA thought it was a good idea to go out…[View]
101110587Hey /tv/...can you hear the call for the WASTED AND WOUNDED Earth Rocker thread check in bros[View]
101108493'She's real'...: 'I wanna be real for you'. https://youtu.be/Ypi_h3V6Hbw Is there a more devote…[View]
101111144so what was the right choice?[View]
101110195foreign /tv/[View]
101109407I’d like to take his face...[View]
101106958>leave Gordon Ramsay to me[View]
101108923Friends? Now there's a tv show. Nothing complex, just a show about 6 young adults trying to mak…[View]
101110973oW My fUcking diCk[View]
101110919Shit movie[View]
101110665Characters who are literally you[View]
101109016What do the ducks in Family Guy eat?[View]
101109517Inception: How did Nolan get away with it?[View]
101105239name my band /tv/[View]
101110431Birds of Prey Catwoman: I hope Keke Palmer took some acting lessons.[View]
101105485>Optimus listen to me. Our home is fucked and I know it was our doing but we have a chance to bri…[View]
101110575Didn't they have a drone right above them with a 10 mile viewing radius? How the fuck did she m…[View]
101103091What went wrong /tv/: Was Ramona worth the trouble?[View]
101110631thoughts on the best movies of all time? >inb4 muh anime >inb4 whats angst kys plebs…[View]
101108882This actually was a great show, despite some unbearable liberal virtue signalling. Boyd Crowder/Walt…[View]
101109606What's next for /ourgal Allison?[View]
101099698Episode IX: Why don't they just bring Palpatine back as a Sith entity/'ghost' for this? You cou…[View]
101110592What did you missed about Radio-Québec[View]
101110548Is Okja any good?[View]
101110394Did he do something wrong?[View]
101109538Do you think a movie that deals with the aftermath of a slasher film would be interesting? The paren…[View]
101110230I saw this video recently. It was pretty funny. The main dude in the video was bald with a scar on h…[View]
101109894>You never got me down, Ray What did he mean by this?[View]
101110422Crossing the Line: Anyone else seen this? What did you think? Was Dresnok telling the truth, or was …[View]
101110395Rank the sequels >Dead Man's Chest Absolute adventure kino. So many great scenes, pulse-poun…[View]
101109387What's the Until Dawn of /tv/?[View]
101108349Based: LOTS OF CREAM LOTS OF SUGAR[View]
101105974>Doesn't take itself seriously >Aimed at kids but still contains lewd subtext for the lul…[View]
101110334Why is there no one like Gene Kelly today?[View]
101108903what were your thoughts on /tv/: the documentary?[View]
101108209Star Wars is a 1000% destroyed Franchise: In the late 90's Lucas ruined the originals by puttin…[View]
101109948>Why is he so depressed? Just buy another one.[View]
101110184The Master is the greatest film of all time: And you can't prove otherwise without resorting to…[View]
101109547>Anon, I'm your mother!![View]
101106827Any movies about doing the right thing?[View]
101108119What was his best pitch? Hard mode: no Kodak Hersheys for me[View]
101109891ITT: Misunderstood Villains[View]
101106518What the fuck was his problem?[View]
101109981Hunt is uniquely trained and highly motivated - a specialist without equal - immune to any counterme…[View]
101109479ITT: Fun[View]
101108651The Goose: How can one man be so fucking based? Truly /ourguy/[View]
101107947Movies for these world cup final feels?[View]
101109283>'Alright, Q, you see that nigger in front of you?' >'Twist his head off.' Jeez....…[View]
101109598the new superman movie looks good[View]
101109859steve did nothing wrong[View]
101109805Recommend me some fun movies like pic related, please.[View]
101109108Starcraft: You have a $250 million budget. How would you make Starcraft kino? https://youtube.com/wa…[View]
101106980Way Of The Gun: Why didn't you faggots tell me about this one? Anything else I am missing?…[View]
101109759Just watched Incredibles 2. I don't know what you guys were complaining about, I thought the m…[View]
101109656How was this allowed?[View]
101107910Fuck time, seriously[View]
101108128Tim.... come on..... quit playin around haha........ just give me my show back[View]
101108791>Yvette Nicole Brown to Replace Chris Hardwick as Interim Talking Dead Host And I can start watch…[View]
101107167So some new rumor's started making rounds, regarding Kathleen Kennedy's fate and possible …[View]
101107646SHARP OBJECTS: Lets get it started, Who is killing the girls of Wind Gap?[View]
101109394Tremors 5: Was watching Tremors 5 and in addition to it being a bad movie what was the deal with all…[View]
101109420Does Kylo Ren even take some time out for his wife and kid these days ? Dude's working non stop…[View]
101093626What am I in for?[View]
101109182Lost Kubrick Screenplay: https://www.indiewire.com/2018/07/burning-secret-stanley-kubrick-screenplay…[View]
101108197Screw drake and josh Allison Scagliotti is Party down was HOTT https://youtu.be/KoIZWzCzWXg Party do…[View]
101108950kino stonerino stream: https://trees.network/t/H1EtlIadW Cool little stoner chat stream that plays m…[View]
101109150motherfuckin BASED[View]
101107533‘Time is running out’: Inside the treacherous rescue of boys trapped in a Thai cave: Who's gonn…[View]
101107481Sad boy hours: I need some good movies to cry to[View]
101109040What are the best romance movies for a KHV forever alone to live vicariously through?[View]
101108005GRANNY SHIFTIN[View]
101106033Why are China Chinese product placement and Chinese actors all of a sudden so prominent in our movie…[View]
101106419>”The defective Simpsons gene is only on the ‘Y’ chromosome, so only men are affected”…[View]
101108840Now hear me out here, if eliot gave ET a neck job would he cum?[View]
101108921What are some essential boomer films?[View]
101108301y'all see skyscraper?[View]
101108541Now this is what I call Kino. Anyone else watching it?[View]
101097835shark tank thread: *invests in black business* who's your favourite shark? why?[View]
101106015>I Drive >You Don't talk about Fight Club >Welcome to Jurassic Park >I'm the l…[View]
101082698TLC- I am Jazz: Does /tv/ watch his show? Apparently he is having surgery now[View]
101106113Why did people call this the next Star Wars when it came out? There's no merchandise, iconic mu…[View]
101108680How to tell someone has shit taste immediately >They like pic related[View]
101108544Was this kino?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PaEFYHtXXkQ[View]
101102400What's happening with Marvel?[View]
101108212Suspiria: why the fuck do people like this movie[View]
101098760Phoebe > Monica > Rachel[View]
101106860Say it.[View]
101101667What went wrong?[View]
101108154why does search suck so much? I have to look through all uploads by popular uploaders, like ethd, to…[View]
101104756/trek/ it's a geordi gets caught with his holodeck fap program by the woman that's in it[View]
101098578Once millennials age and rise up and take over the film and television industry, so many childhood c…[View]
101107984I see alot of fans dissapointed that Finn had an underwhelming arc in VIII, but lets be real, this c…[View]
101107417Is there a more based man on television?[View]
101108469Is Le Tenia the best villain?[View]
101106828Gandahar: anybody ever heard of this gem? watching it now. it's really fulfilling that Heavy Me…[View]
101108429What was his fucking problem?[View]
101107158https://youtu.be/8Rxgbnbgre4 Is this the greatest song in John Williams Star Wars repertoire ?[View]
101104761Superhero tier list: Official[View]
101108404I know this is the Miami Vice board, but given Don Johnson stars in it... Is Nash Bridges worth watc…[View]
101108217What does /tv/ predict for John Wick 3?[View]
101108268where is this person from? Pls help[View]
101107476>/tv/ says a show is shit >It's actually really really fucking good…[View]
101094472>watch HBO Rome >all the Romans are wh*te anglo saxons Why is whitewashing ok, but blackwashin…[View]
101105845Are there any movies that have the same feel as the Godfather scenes in Sicily ?[View]
101107722So what was in the box?[View]
101088363Does anybody else think the way the franchise is crashing and burning is actually more entertaining …[View]
101107571HE DOESN'T LIKE YOU[View]
101106644I want my MTV...[View]
101107048IMPRESSIVE, Chinese oper8or kino: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zt6c4m52v9s Subs are fucked if you…[View]
101107803>'Are... are you... threatening me?' >'Threatening you? No, I'm just (insert some bullshi…[View]
101103002ITT: remakes that are actually better than the original. Hard level: no Scarface.[View]
101100134now, MY STRAW REACHES acrooOOOooosss the room and starts to drink your milkshake[View]
101106207Would you watch it /tv/? Would you go to the local kinocenter, take money out of your wallet and sea…[View]
101105769who would you cast as the inevitable Batgirl ?[View]
101108088What are some other movies similar to 'The War Zone' 1999? Specifically movies that have an atmosph…[View]
101108051Open MS Paint Draw a scene from your favorite kino Others guess what it is[View]
101094044*fakes orgasm*[View]
101104590cast it, including director.[View]
101104700Why Are Women So Much Better At Comedy?[View]
101102341Hollywood is back brother.[View]
101105981Why was this allowed?[View]
101106320Well, /tv/?[View]
101107986>'Who needs four horsemen when one'll do just fine?' Okay first of all, what the fuck. You…[View]
101107859What were you favorite Saturday morning shows as a kid?[View]
101098976What's it gonna be, lads?: Films, tv series, documentaries... Post your best choices[View]
101107854Do you ever use alternative substances to enhance your film experience? Genuine question, mods. Are …[View]
101090416>tfw no comfy adventure shows on tv anymore RIP Librarians[View]
101107813dowwwww nowwwww dowwwww nowwwww in the end of time[View]
101107696Why did they build the park from Jurassic World on an island that had an active volcano on it. If th…[View]
101107545wheeze da juu-uice[View]
101107177>watching gone with the wind >mfw it’s a mammy scene…[View]
101105481What does /tv/ think of /tv/ legend Jimmy Saville? Please no personal life gossip etc. only discuss …[View]
101105400Anya is now the lead in the last film you watched. Is it better? >Drive >Yes…[View]
101104917>Why didn't they just not make the rings in the first place?[View]
101106672legion is pretty great[View]
101107549IT CAN'T BE BOTH, BUDDY![View]
101102616Was this a good movie?[View]
101107151Dean... We have to stop hunting and talk about Dad..[View]
101096121itt: childhood crushes[View]
101098634How would you describe this man?[View]
101106722What did I think of it?[View]
101107381BASED James Wan: Aquaman's looking good[View]
101107340dont't forget to piss before going in the theater[View]
101106062(((Propaganda))): Post every BBC/cuckold Propaganda scene from movies/TV series that you know of (th…[View]
101106689play salieri[View]
101104635its up[View]
101107089>Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn. Was this really necessary? Literally walked out of th…[View]
101105670There's actually no way this is good.[View]
101102842Seriously, what the fuck is his problem?[View]
101089542/trek/ 7:9 edition: I really enjoyed her arc and how her character developed.[View]
101107039Tsaheylu, anon[View]
101106183Cast current year 51yo Tia Carrere in a movie[View]
101106983>its not possible >no, it's necessary…[View]
101102645What is /tv/'s verdict?[View]
101106179>how's it taste?[View]
101094518>thinks he's a great sophisticated and talented actors just because he was the only one smal…[View]
101092518Season 1 >Dee: voice of reason >Dennis: slightly manipulative normie >Mac: normie >Charl…[View]
101094396GOTTA DAAAAANCE[View]
101105949ITT: Guilty Pleasures: I'll start. I'm sorry.[View]
101100526/bb/ Big Brother 20: HOH: - Scottie Veto: - Scottie Nominations: - Brett / Winston App Store Winner:…[View]
101104490As a big PKD fan, should I watch this ? Why do /tv/ never talks about it ?[View]
101106770Ryan Gosling stars in HP Lovecraft's... The Shadow over Innsmouth: Would it work?[View]
101106800Why didn't Fredo just talk to Barzini[View]
101106687opinions on this show[View]
101106619Who should play Artesia in the live adaptation?: You know they're getting around to it eventual…[View]
101102557The real reasonColin Tervorrow was kicked out of Episode IX. /tv/ is really wrong about him just lik…[View]
101104920Hello! I'm trying to hunt down a movie I liked as a kid. I remember basically nothing about it …[View]
101106045Breathless: So let me get this straight... >man falls in love with a roastie >roastie has trus…[View]
101105635>actor playing the hot character isn't hot[View]
101106484Stop reading the Bible or I’ll burn your tree down[View]
101105536The Great Debate: Mission vs Bourne. Which is the better franchise?[View]
101101643>capeshit isn't kin-[View]
101105531I just want to say something to you marvel fags. Dc has the best superhero movie of this century. An…[View]
101105926Who would win?[View]
101106186Why haven't there been any good horror movies in recent years? They are so formulaic and bland.…[View]
101106036imagine what racists thought of this movie lol[View]
101105106>'You won't make it!' >'But Will's will will'…[View]
101104279>Im immortal no man can kill me >Im a women >Oh fuck *dies*…[View]
101105332I just saw this. Did I like it? https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=106&v=EzX7sg-6Q94…[View]
101105028>'You have to do [something embarassing]' >'I'm NOT gonna do [something embarassing]' …[View]
101106231>sitcom >food is happening >'No fat, no carbs, no sugar, no flavor' >studio audience eru…[View]
101098043>this dress actually shocked people in the 90s[View]
101106227Sam Raimi Transformers: What would it be like and would it be kino?[View]
101105263What's scarier? Horror monsters that don't talk or communicate, just kill, or monsters tha…[View]
101105909Just watched my first Bergman Kino (3 hour version) what do you guys think of him? love/hate him? Al…[View]
101105799...who was in the wrong here?[View]
101105372>if you save the world we can do it in the asshole >no thanks princess i don't want shit …[View]
101103432ITT: Based celebs: Henry Cavill is /ourguy/.[View]
101105972>extra does a wilhelm scream[View]
101105903Whats next for these 2?[View]
101105338Why did no one just use a shotgun against a Jedi?[View]
101105516Any movies about the idea that each time we fall asleep our conscious SELF dies and when we wake up …[View]
101103438Okay so is gonna direct it? >inb4 Nolan[View]
101104814Kenobi is still in development, and is filming in Belfast in 2019. https://www.belfasttelegraph.co.u…[View]
101105807>General, our forces outnumber the enemy 10 to 1!![View]
101104527Why are Indians so underrepresented in medical shows?: Realistically, they should make up half the c…[View]
101105639if Disney buys star trek, will they merge it with the star wars universe? also, is data smarter than…[View]
101093942Now that it's all said and done with, was Jurassic Park III really that bad?[View]
101097333God dang this looks real! Even the raptors were designed to look more like plausible reptiles. Good…[View]
101105532>that 40 year old boomer who liked The Force Awakens[View]
101105312Why did Homer want to plant gummy bears?[View]
101105520Who’s watching WWE extreme rules 2018? Is Hogan coming out tonight? Thoughts on the main event?[View]
101103014NO CAN DO[View]
101105469Exciting news! Hardwick replaced by based black woman![View]
101105258ITT: Bastions of Kino[View]
101105270Daily reminder that an unlikable character is not the same thing as a bad character. Pic related[View]
101105245>Early 2000's American high school graduation scene > 'Its something unpredictable but in…[View]
101103759There hasn't been a single truly great film so far this year. What upcoming releases could save…[View]
101104073Critics BTFO[View]
101103381Cast Uncle Ted[View]
101105276Do Americhads really care who plays James Bong next?[View]
101102099WTF Am In For: 10 min in and somthing is off sinister even about this film somthing about it make me…[View]
101097070Why can't we have more people of color in leading roles?[View]
101103610IN VA SI ON https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oDAA2Ih4XAs[View]
101104791What the fuck people?! This wasn't bad![View]
101102534So finally just got around to seeing this. I generally liked it despite not having a solid story/plo…[View]
101105136The Affair: Anyone watching the latest season?[View]
101105126>Movie takes place 10+ years after high school >Main character is still recognized by locals i…[View]
101104962Is there a television show more Zoomer than ZOOM?[View]
101103237I attended the taping of this last night AMA[View]
101103305Why wouldn't she abort the daughter and explain the situation to her husband and save herself …[View]
101097007Any good horror movie?: i want to watch something tonight while i draw i prefer body horror to psych…[View]
101090909ITT: Posters that are better than the movie[View]
101105044Does /tv/ like classic Flash Gordon?[View]
101101779Kevin was Jesus Christ, prove me wrong.[View]
101101817Channel Awesome lives: He survived.[View]
101104990>no more capeshit until december >december capeshit likely to be hilariously terrible and quic…[View]
101104892How is that film essay coming along, /tv/?[View]
101104704>*sip* >yep, nothing beats that milky chai with my eggiweggs listening to ole ludwig van >f…[View]
101102376What was the best TGIF show?: It was Boy Meets World[View]
101100325Why didn't the people in the hotel just make up similarities so they could get out? Living with…[View]
101104566What films did you watch when you were little again recently? https://youtu.be/vOfoYZnYyMM[View]
101102301Is he going to be the main villain of the Jurassic world universe now?[View]
101104089>You can't trust Rotten Tomatoes, they gave my favorite movie Hot Rod a mediocre score…[View]
101101243>torments his autistic deskmate >constantly slacks and costs company money >makes karen mov…[View]
101104736Well /tv/, that's the job. No hard feelings.[View]
101104021What is this expression meant to convey?[View]
101104379wtf, batman literally broke his rule and killed harvey dent[View]
101104595Anya Taylor Joy: General: All about Anya and her past and upcoming movies, presently Glass 2019…[View]
101104448When did 3CP0 get a a silver leg?[View]
101103597was it kino?[View]
101103790>How it Ends Terribly![View]
101098698The Great Debate: Buster Keaton vs Tom Cruise. Who has the bigger balls? Who's the better movie…[View]
1011040347/10, definately better than all the other 'mission: save earth' movies 8/10 audiovisuals[View]
101087527Why was he even in the series? He was a worse antagonist than darth maul. He wasn't even a narr…[View]
101103858Altered Carbon: >67% RT >90% User who's right…[View]
101097516>Oh wait until reddit hears about this one! Moments where you walked out of the theater.…[View]
101104476i've been out of the loop for the past 30 days due to world cup. what did i miss? quick rundown…[View]
101101967Why didn't the Japanese ever ask for the U. S or the UN for help??????[View]
101104117Why do people jerk off over this twee shit?[View]
101103180What was her endgame?[View]
101102321Alien or Aliens?: https://www.strawpoll.me/16086248 Which was the better kino?[View]
101103928why is hollywood so threatened by beautiful asian actresses like sandra?[View]
101103159>war is lost >Skywalker dead >thousands of friends dead >lol let's party why did th…[View]
101104039>It's a Stefan Urquelle episode[View]
101100624>I'm not asking you, >I'm telling you…[View]
101100067Babylon 5: I have always been here.[View]
101100797What's some kino she's good in?[View]
101101986This. Fucking this. People hold these fucking shoes up like 'muh enlightened smart stoner comedy xd'…[View]
101103485The directors are no better than the rapid fans. They are going to keep inserting their own agendas,…[View]
101099638a'right /tv/, tell me, do you like sexy alien ladies in your movies?[View]
101095066Fine day, Sunday[View]
101103484what is your favorite season? Favorite episode?[View]
101103980Alien 3 or Alien Resurrection?: https://www.strawpoll.me/16086480[View]
101103986>Early 00s teen movie serious scene >I NEVER THOUGHT, I'D DIE ALONE…[View]
101102111Why didn't any of you faggots tell me this show was watchable?[View]
101100224When the economic bubble pops again will we get more financial crisis kino like Margin Call, Wolf of…[View]
101088859Did /tv/ like 'Disobedience' with Rachel McAdams and Rachel Weisz?[View]
101103915I DON'T THINK SO[View]
101103678by jove you're right marty lick my balls marty, it's for your life marty this time it…[View]
101103796Hoffa (1992): watching Hoffa (1992) stars Nicholson Devito Dewey Cox and Assante early scene in t…[View]
101103797>apostle: Revenge thriller set in 1905 >starring Dan Stevens >director: Gareth Evans >re…[View]
101101123What are some movies where the female lead is taller than the male lead?[View]
1011036792049: Was this an Underager's wet dream?[View]
101094090Say something nice about Netflix Yennefer /tv/.[View]
101103637Name's Bond, James Bond[View]
101094342Did Plants And Animals Also Die After Thanos’ Snap In ‘Avengers: Infinity War’?: Fans will know from…[View]
101103312Well? Is there, /tv/?[View]
101103544Would you watch?[View]
101103178Star Wars is saved! Huk War on the big screen.[View]
101097680And when everyone's super! No one will be....[View]
101102408So why did Marv turn into a skeleton?[View]
101101430Why are drive-in movie theaters so cozy? Truly the only kino way to watch a movie[View]
101102468Find a flaw You can't. Don't even try.[View]
101103452Was Elastigirl a slut?[View]
101103315just because its unique doesnt mean its good[View]
101102001Who watched it all?[View]
101101645Hard to believe he's not the slightest bit Jewish.[View]
101103399What happened to John Travola and Nicolas Cage in this scene? Why were they replaced by two other pe…[View]
101103334itt: its-not-what-it-looks-like! kino fun fact: created and produced by ant man! technically a team …[View]
101103152For me, it's Justine.[View]
101102131How is this even possible? This looks realer than the real life.[View]
101100143you guys don't purchase all your favorite kino digitally... do you?[View]
1011020034k dark knight: anyone know where i can find the dark knight trilogy in 4k? nothing on pirate bay.…[View]
101101333intelectual thread: only smart people allowed so i was recently trying to watch something and notic…[View]
101101308Why is Star Trek so gay? Imagine watching it over Star Wars, lmao.[View]
101101853Doctor Who series 11 teaser: Bradley is gonna be the best part https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iNy2k…[View]
101103063What are the best movie trilogies?[View]
101098283>'LOL I forgot I could just ask Lydia for the names. My bad!' This easily has to be the worst pie…[View]
101094782Is Dumb and Dumber the greatest comedy ever?[View]
101101922Avatar sequels: Let's talk about Blue Pocahontas for a minute /tv/ Do you honestly see the sequ…[View]
101080809Blade Runner: 2049: What Ruined It?[View]
101102169What the fuck was his problem?[View]
101102827Jason David Frank versus Austin St. John. Who you got? The first leader of the Power Rangers or the …[View]
101102038This is Rae Dawn Chong, Tommy Chong's daughter (Cheech & Chong fame). She once called Oprah…[View]
101102172JUST: >So uh, hey Gar, it's Art. >Ummm just wondering if that whole offer thing from a co…[View]
101102519Patton Oswalt: Is he the George Carlin of this era?[View]
101101931Villains you wanted to win[View]
101102318How did they sell this story to the US government? Surely lobotomizing a US Marshal would russtle so…[View]
101100031best episode? also, classic TV thread[View]
101099017>watching the fearless vampire killers by polanski >hey the main girl in this is pretty cute, …[View]
101102329Is this the greatest movie ever made?[View]
101102492i'm on the verge of tears, lads...[View]
101099402Tell me about Bean...: Why does he wear the mask?[View]
101101546Does /tv/ like The Office?[View]
101101906/lbg/: Letterboxd thread: post profiles and discuss what you have recently watched QOTD: what would…[View]
101102066>Actors whos careers were ruined by illness[View]
101101786He is about to die ane you can show him one last movie before he dies. What do you show him?[View]
101099345Batman Beyon Live Action: Are we just going to pretend this isn't going to be awful?[View]
101102058Find a flaw.[View]
101102092thoughts on this? do I NEED to watch it?[View]
101102360Why does /tv/ hate Skyfall?[View]
101099893How do you go from this..[View]
101093176WTF it's actually funny?[View]
101086597>hurr why she not just shoot padme while she's sleeping? >durr why not just shapeshift in…[View]
101102203the boo box[View]
101102281Post tv rerun kino[View]
101076919Movies with white man + black woman sex scenes?[View]
101101004/ game of frones /: Ever rape the eight Ser Barristan?[View]
101099923comedians in cars getting coffee netflix: Its the show that closest approximates an actual talk show…[View]
101095832OFFICIAL /tv/ LIST OF WEIRD 80s SCI-FI: https://pastebin.com/TjMrqXdr Compiled from anons suggestion…[View]
101102113HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA >people actually paid money to see this shit Why is capeshit so fucking cring…[View]
101101910> the dinosaurs are in the world now! Uh, welcome! To the new Jurassic world. *credits roll* what…[View]
101101734So where was the logic? >Random 50% of planet dies instantly >Someone driving could have been …[View]
101098628ITT: The exact moment when a show jumped the shark[View]
101096402Tom Cruise born to play Nathan Drake: Make This Happen[View]
101100445I can’t stop laughing at this new show: Cohen is a comedy legend Are Americans really this dumb? Fec…[View]
10109960520th Century Women: Or 'Cuck: Eternal Recurrence in a Life' Is there a more devastating image of dys…[View]
101101945Any good depictions of aspergers in film or tv characters? (That isn't a rain man)[View]
101098783Just. One. Simpsons. Thread Please Just. Give. Us. One Thread without shitty memes Why do you hate…[View]
101089850What does /tv/ think about the Resident Evil films? Didn't think the first one was that bad.[View]
101101896What’s your favorite Spielberg movie[View]
101101705Fuck you, I liked it. I thought sticcfu was going to be awful but she wasn't half bad, lack of …[View]
101094822How do we find Mike a wife before it's too late?[View]
101101765https://youtu.be/sYR_C5l0-Jk what's /our guy/s beef with Van Damme?[View]
101100058youtube Binos (B-kinos you can find on youtube): post the best ones you got lads >shitty italian …[View]
101095098>ywn be as alpha as pre-1980s John Travolta[View]
101090399Please sir I really came all this way for no reason[View]
101101613Who was in the wrong?[View]
101101602So. We can't discuss actors or actresses on here anymore? I've had 2 threads deleted for a…[View]
101101306Why did horror films stop being about icons and start being about spooky invisible ghosts?[View]
101099378The earlier drive thread made me go out and buy a copy of drive, the fuck am I in for?[View]
101101497Who was in the wrong here?[View]
101101359If you're gonna shoot shoot, don't talk: What's the best piece of advice you've …[View]
101092354Rock fatigue?[View]
101100369*cucks Adult Swim* hehe nothing personell kid[View]
101101283The Dark Night: Rises: Can anyone explain this movie to me, particlely the woman. Was she actually L…[View]
101100095>ASMR gets mentioned in TV episode[View]
101100294Smokers Allowed is the best episode of television in the last five years.[View]
101100924>it's a Buffy refuses to kill an Indian spirit of revenge that is killing innocent people be…[View]
101101225Jesuschrist what language is that? gonna need subs[View]
101094122Will it be kino?[View]
101098434Worth watching?: I love Cabarets and the whole atmosphere.[View]
101099624Is there even a single movie made so far this year that /tv/ didn’t shit on? I feel like watching so…[View]
101099463Ivan Vanko was able to build this in a factory! With a lot of supplies![View]
101100753ITT we cast the inevitable biopic[View]
101101065Do you ever go to youtube for film discussions?[View]
101100994Motherfucking Hollywood give me my motherfucking movie adaptation you pieces of shit![View]
101100521>look! we weren't all nazis! it was only the SS who did all the war crimes! we even have a j…[View]
101100152What are some films that revolve around pants?[View]
101100790Are they right?[View]
101079005ctrl-f 'stargate' 'unscheduled' - nothing, NO!: >UNSCHEDULED OFFWORLD ACTIVAT…[View]
101099837/GOOSE/ Cinematic Universe: Okay, so basically I think I've cracked the code. The Nice Guys, On…[View]
101099759Star Wars End Game: What is the end game of this trilogy? What is the point of reducing Luke to a fu…[View]
101095926What's missing from this list /tv/? Recommend me something to watch.[View]
101100591I watched the fucking film and it basically boils down to 'things aren't always what they seem'[View]
101100723When are they going to re-make Jaws?[View]
101100689Michael Bay: Why does this Chad trigger so many white people? Is he a kino director or just a meme d…[View]
101100039Why has shitflix not produced a single good movie? Aren't they supposed to be rich enough to af…[View]
101096045>women aren't funn- http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p01n3062[View]
10109959290 Day Fiancé: Can somebody tell me what it is about Russian girls you all like so much? I really do…[View]
101098267what the hell is he thinking every morning when he styles his hair? does he think it looks god?[View]
101100479>I don't believe that you exist Who was in the wrong here?[View]
101100524ITT: Kino you didn't expect.[View]
101099854ITT:''''Writing''''': He killed millions, possibly billions... But it's all fine because he hel…[View]
101099256Hey /tv/, would you make me a sandwich ?[View]
101100414was he our guy?[View]
101097397Why isn't this scene meme'd more on /tv/? Literally sniffing the pusy and yelling MOMMY, t…[View]
101100381daddy noo![View]
101100046Rank His Films: Reservoir Dogs > Jackie Brown > Pulp Fiction > Kill Bill > Hateful Eight…[View]
101099111Comedians who they they decide whats funny: Is it just me or do other people find it annoying how ce…[View]
101097758Stand Up comedy: Does anyone watch up stand up comedy here? Have a favorite? This show doesn't …[View]
101100247how many murders did he actually commit?[View]
101100285Best businesskino since Mad Men.[View]
101095729Why did Dooku Hire Jango (who then Hired Zam) to Assassinate Padme instead of Sending Asajj Ventress…[View]
101099159Was it kino?[View]
101100234Sneaky Pete Season 2: what the fuck is wrong with this show? it makes no sense in the first season t…[View]
101099631When was the last time Disney built something new and cool? They bought a lot of their biggest asset…[View]
101091432/bb/ Big Brother 20: HOH: - Scottie Veto: - Scottie Nominations: - Brett / Winston App Store Winner:…[View]
101100204movies that almost went wrong >ryan gosling replaced huge jacked man in Drive (2011) oh my god!…[View]
101100200Post some recent (2010s) kino[View]
101099261Looks like you're gonna be posting on /tv/...FOR THE NEXT HUNDRED YEEEAAARS[View]
101094789Is this the best ending to a tv episode? https://youtu.be/fX3RXsMn5NE[View]
101094239What is your favourite Arrested Development scene /tv/?[View]
101100116best nostalgic music videos of all time? mine is money for nothing[View]
101100115ITT Remakes you watched before their original films This is a remake of Rashomon[View]
101095046>what your drinking >what your watching pic related…[View]
101100053What are some kino Bollywood moments?[View]
101096119Mulholland Drive: So I just watched Mulholland Drive, and I think I understand it all but I'm p…[View]
101098252>fuck that, I Scrub Drums For No Man Who's No Man?[View]
101100041Movies that feel like how slowed down diana ross sounds[View]
101100006Will it be good?[View]
101098385WTF is up with this SJW shit: So what is this show trying to say. It's okay to be morbidly obes…[View]
101093863Lets finally settle this, who is the best?[View]
101099760ITT: Actors you will never stop liking, no matter how many times some sperg on /tv/ posts a screenca…[View]
101096424/Lig/ - Love Island General: COUPLE EVICTION TONIGHT[View]
101097762Where can I watch infinity war?[View]
101082347Black actresses: Thandie Newton, Zoe Saldana and Tessa Thompson are everywhere[View]
101093269VIVE LA FRANCE: Post French kino in celebration of France's victory.[View]
10109938414 Cameras: Anyone watched this? I thought it was fun.[View]
101099454gatsa malenga![View]
101097823What is boomer comedy so awful?[View]
101098916Sicaro: So I just finished watching this for the first time. What the fuck is her problem? Why is sh…[View]
101099395file, you fools![View]
101098436Asian crime/thriller/mystery films?: Really in need of something fitting that description but idk wh…[View]
101098099Could a Pokemon movie work?: Preferably a live action deconstruction directed by Zack Snyder?[View]
101099331We are all Kosh![View]
101096980Any of you fags watch this? It’s pretty good[View]
101094698Why did Diane Kruger fail to become an A-list actress?[View]
101099198Gone Girl: Is she /our/ girl?[View]
101098025>be me >be watching Iron Man in theaters in 2008 >cheer when he walks away from the explosi…[View]
101094099After ignoring it for years, I decided to finally watch Prince of Darkness. Why is this considered o…[View]
101097787This was shit.[View]
101098505OH NONONONO[View]
101099042Why am I not allowed to yell and shout in movie theaters? I should be allowed to yell funny jokes to…[View]
101097521wow the simsons really do predict everythingn[View]
101098899Found the screenplay for avengers 4[View]
101094365What is some troll kino?[View]
101094285Paul Thomas Anderson is like the Tame Impala of cinema. Highly skilled from a technical perspective,…[View]
101098831ITT crossovers you'd love to see.[View]
101097428Joe Bob's Last Drive-In: So, how was it?[View]
101098819what are some good french thrillers? similar to A Prophet[View]
101098736I've seen worse movies. also her grunts made my dick hard[View]
101094273The Last Blockbuster - Video Rental Chain Makes Its Last Stand In Bend, Oregon: https://qz.com/13280…[View]
101091417Because No! Ok?[View]
101097523more like turd rock from the sun, lol[View]
101098183KIDS, KEVIN[View]
101088022Sorry to Bother You: Pretty good all around. Definitely went into a weird direction in the last half…[View]
101098623>watching kino in a theater >chad behind me won't stop kicking my chair and yelling jokes…[View]
101075350The first episode just went up on Showtime's website: https://www.showtimeanytime.com/#play/345…[View]
101097238How to Use My Jailbroken Fire TV Sticks: Here's a video I made on how to use my jailbroken fire…[View]
101097820Cruise should do more spook Kino, he was the only good part of this movie[View]
101097430Who would direct a live action akira film?[View]
101097158In TV and movies it's a common trope to offer free product for life (coffee, food, etc) after a…[View]
101098077ITT: Movies or shows where the main character increasingly fucks up https://gizmodo.com/increasingly…[View]
101097466Name a better duo[View]
101087843BBC's Les Miserables: Whats wrong with this pic TV? http://www.bbc.co.uk/complaints/[View]
101075024Do you seed your torrents?[View]
101098262Will there be a better physical storage than Blu-ray that takes over the market? Or is this the pinn…[View]
101098148Under The Skin: Was it kino, or was it just a ploy to get Scarlett Johansson naked?[View]
101096833World's Greatest Dad is a great film.[View]
101095155Vikings: Anyone here like Vikings? I'm halfway through S2, it's pretty great. I know Ragna…[View]
101091262Can somebody explain why Jupiter is on the Seinfeld logo?[View]
101096676>supernatural horror movie >ghost has a simple motive and can be appeased…[View]
101098160Is this really what rich people are like?[View]
101094825What's next for Sylvia Hoeks?[View]
101093926is he the most underrated actor of all time /tv/? do you even remember his name?[View]
101097826shows movies that feel like this[View]
101092257Witches are quite possibly the most annoying horror villains I can think of. Some old decrepit smug …[View]
101097760What are some movies you use as background noise?[View]
101096467What kind of movie is this?: A drama? A musical? A comedy? is it even good?[View]
101097745I don't know who you are anon, but you look like a top bloke. And I know this is weird to say b…[View]
101096224It had absolutely no right to be this good[View]
101089116IT'S BIGGER IT'S BADDER[View]
101097746>there are people on this earth that unironically liked Sicario 2 after seeing the first one I…[View]
101096717What does Brit Marling always play in movies/shows that are somehow 'spiritual' or 'philosophical'? …[View]
101097141>the antagonist seems to be the only one with long term thinking and trying to save mankind…[View]
101097498>revan is a stonk female , not-rey >carth is a nigger (implying he isn't already) >m…[View]
101093267Simpsons thread: Name the best episode. Episodes I really love are the ones that focus on characters…[View]
101092362To get the Soul Stone, Thanos must sacrifice a loved one. Gamora has the upper ground, believing tha…[View]
101096165Name a bigger Mary Sue.[View]
101074794'Star Trek 4' Will Have Female Villain, New Female Hero: http://comicbook.com/startrek/amp…[View]
101095630/TV/ BTFO[View]
101097299Are there any movies that deal with hypocrisy and projection in-depth? For example, I'm a 2014 …[View]
101090739Why is this film such KINO[View]
101094478Shows with no bad season.[View]
101094571Police Squad: It's really funny[View]
101097120Unironically high iq moment that could never be made today[View]
101097052I just started re-watching The Punisher and this scene broke me down. You dream about her waking you…[View]
101094701I have high hopes for it. Do you?[View]
101092474She did (100%) nothing wrong. She was right.[View]
101096387Hella fr*ckin epic[View]
101097015What went wrong?[View]
101083968Why is CinemaSins so shitty?[View]
101096985>log on to /tv/ >some snot nosed punks born in the late 90s are talking about 80s movies…[View]
101096064>movie with fat daughter >side plot is about the skinny mom trying to get her daughter to lose…[View]
101092672What’s the best movie about dogs?[View]
101094213>'You're a big guy. I've fought bigger.'[View]
101096800One of the worst but entertaining films I have ever seen.[View]
101093692ITT: Films that couldn't be made today.[View]
101092154What are his best flicks[View]
101096642>chief, you know I'm the only one who can bring this guy in[View]
101068840Why did she refuse to tell Poe her plan for seemingly no reason whatsoever?[View]
101095411lmao imagine wanting to be a martian[View]
101096592what are some bigfoot kino?[View]
101096111>That Veronica Vaughn is one hot piece of ace[View]
101091250Why is this fucking thing considered pretty?[View]
101096469>Aliens invade >'THE SACRED ACCORDS' What the fuck was his problem?…[View]
101095299>it insists upon itself Can someone pleas explain what Peter meant by this?…[View]
101091236would his story make a good motion picture?[View]
101094357>sitcom >main character’s first name is the same as the actor’s…[View]
101093887Can someone recommend me a film to put on for my 90 year old grandmother with alzheimers?[View]
101094493Hereditary: I really enjoyed this film[View]
101096182>Uh, apparently it's the mammal, right, that's got...sort of the pointiest eyes >Eye…[View]
101093444>Call 911. What did she mean by this? In South Africa the emergency number is 112.…[View]
101095520Favourite actor? (mine is Joaquin pheonix)[View]
101096054Damn, Meadow looks like THAT?[View]
101094338Who else finds Bo Burnham preachy?[View]
101084604what's her fucking problem?[View]
101096079>tfw no qt crazy alien redhead gf farscape thread[View]
101091241How did we go from this...[View]
101096015>tfw no more The Gamer's Atlas[View]
101095890what are your thoughts on Dave the Barbarian, one of the last Gen Y/Millennial shows before Phineas …[View]
101094548Netflix Sci-fi: Which of them are actually worth it ? Just marathoned the first 2 episodes of Altere…[View]
101093690Why hasn't this franchise been rebooted?[View]
101095769White Boy Rick movie: Every. Single. Time. Why are they like this?[View]
101095034he doesn't make it[View]
101095753was it kino?[View]
101095727Liz Wilson[View]
101094322Anyone else think that horror genre is basically ruined by too modern technology? Too detailed and g…[View]
101094720Why would anyone make a movie about some shitty two hit wonders?[View]
101094808Is there a better director?[View]
101091850>Watching a movie >Main character is a female or minority Instantly dropped…[View]
101094772Why is this shit so boring and why am I still watching[View]
101095183Logan is spinoff, right?[View]
101094562Just saw this movie yesterday Apparently the building in the movie is twice the size of the empire …[View]
101092051Is the American Horror Story Trump plot a parody? I legitimately cannot tell. https://www.youtube.c…[View]
101089488this movie is fucking BORING why is this touted as the best of the series when night and day are so …[View]
101094494>that 40 year old boomer who uses movie references to replace his personality…[View]
101094791why didn't the Germans just activate their kill streak?[View]
101095137ROBOT HOUSE!!![View]
101095040How did Shaniqua trick playboy nerd into believing it was his child?[View]
101091368SYMBIOTES RISE UP![View]
101094040'I toked with Barzini.' what did Moe Green mean by this?[View]
101092918Why is Austin St. John so unpopular in the Power Rangers scene? Why is JDF so much more popular than…[View]
101094860For me: It’s HDEUROPIX[View]
101092817ITT: perfect movies[View]
101089134What movies make you gay(er)?[View]
101093325Mad Men: When does it start getting good? Or is it just 7 seasons of guys cheating wifes and trying …[View]
101090886Will it ever be topped?[View]
101094042Why didn't he just accept Elliot's money?[View]
101092902what does /tv/ think of Sean Lock?[View]
101086836/tpg/ - Twin Peaks General: S3 was so good it ruined all other shows for me edition what level of re…[View]
101091855>it's a buffy complains to the Scooby Gang how she hate being a slayer and how her only ambi…[View]
101093932WTF it's actually funny?[View]
101094354Don't worry, you're gonna make a billion dollars! ;)[View]
101090713Who was the best girl and why was it Piper?[View]
101094151Can you recommend me kinos that are like this music video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=av6ovl_u4…[View]
101092047>The Last Jedi is bad[View]
101093970Will Smith was great in Django Unchained. He should do more stuff with Tarantino[View]
101094110What do we think of this kino?[View]
101093344What the *fuck* was his problem?[View]
101093620>scene where the characters are at the cinema watching a movie >none of them excuse themselves…[View]
101083242Mark is old: this man turned 40 today pay your respects[View]
101086879What went wrong?[View]
101093184>movie has 'The' at the beginning of its title[View]
101091688Looks like Sharkino is back on the menu. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EhJhgi3S0go[View]
101093998ITT Absolute kinographic films[View]
101093837Okay /tv/, which one of you wrote this? > https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/3k5qvj/star-wars-the…[View]
101093972Strange thing about the Johnsons Anybody else see this masterpiece of father son incest? Any other m…[View]
101093938Is there a being in the Marvel universe strong enough to defeat the Holiday Armadillo?[View]
101092956Biopic when?[View]
101093918Never seen this movie quoted here, is it kino ?[View]
101093834Joey did nothing wrong.[View]
101092341You get a $30M budget to film the movie of your choice but Emily Blunt has to play the lead role and…[View]
101092693What's that film were she's dressed quirky and wears green overalls?[View]
101093801why didn't this dumb nigger just jump in the ocean?[View]
101093780Thank you to everyone who suggested weird 80s movies to me last night. I put them all into a pastebi…[View]
101093743All I want is another Space movie.[View]
101092357Why was this guy against 'Roman Popery' What did he believe in?[View]
101093040They call me Black Victimhoomd. I draw my power from the injustice the black community endures every…[View]
101083523What does /tv/ think of sad horse show?[View]
101091825Why isn't there more Irish kino? They have such a fun culture and pretty locations and architec…[View]
101092736>Predator and The Predator >Final Destination and The Final Destination >The Thing and The …[View]
101093526Sometimes to create, one must first destroy[View]
101090220What would Star Wars: A New Hope have been like if Leia was treated like Rey?[View]
101092565>'Free Cities' >Slavery is legal and widely practiced What was GRRM thinking when he wrote t…[View]
101092840What are some of the worst films Kurt Russell has been in?[View]
101086644THREE more movies? With this asshole? Are they nuts?: He literally sharted explosively all over Star…[View]
101093411>I grew up with six sisters[View]
101092818what am i in for?[View]
101092515>tv commercial >black male and white female act normal >white man is acting goofy EVERY TIM…[View]
101093356ITT: VERY underrated flicks[View]
101066183What dead actor do you miss the most?[View]
101093333Was it kino?[View]
101093300are there any movies with this aesthetic?[View]
101091377Does /tv/ like Dark?[View]
101091414I watched all of the sopranos in under a fortnight. Is that a solid tv marathon time or just average…[View]
101070772Recommend me a good horror movie that is not >The Thing >REC >The Descent >Evil Dead…[View]
101087303How would you fix it, /tv/?[View]
101093144Movie about a mother getting impregnanted by her son, or a daughter impregnated by her father? And r…[View]
101090809Who was in the wrong here?[View]
101093070It's kind of weird how there are zero (0) good movies about the mafia[View]
101090843How much hair do you have on your armpits, /tv/?[View]
101092016>tfw glad they finally cut the Stannis storyline in S5 instead of stretching it out another seaso…[View]
101089513Jake is...[View]
101092700Does anyone relish the fact that these, and other, B-list celebrities will never achieve anything me…[View]
101088878At least his shirt isn’t inside out this time[View]
101092909>have pale skin >gold or silver hair >light blue eyes >are called Targaryen >Targ ARY…[View]
101088616Isn’t this like a crazy good score for a generic summer action movie? What’s up with that?[View]
101085399Ant-Man and the Wasp Flop, Captain Marvel is the next?[View]
101084453What's his magnum opus?[View]
101092863when did you first realize the emperor had no clothes? for me it was it comes at night[View]
101092884Will this become a cult favorite?: Or is it somply just a really bad movie that will die off?[View]
101092829First of all look at this magnificent man. Now look at this amazing filmography: Incendies (2010) Pr…[View]
101072822Better Bore the audience[View]
101092494How did he know to cut off his tongue[View]
101092294What am I in for?[View]
101090684Was this show actually as good as they say or is it just Gen X nostalgia speaking?[View]
101092581why doens't hudgens star in more movies?[View]
101092742Did David Chase succeed in bringing poetry to the screen?[View]
101091366>The King who cared I honestly want to cry[View]
101090870Why do people pretend digital looks good?[View]
101092620I like films about journalism. What are your recommendations? Last movie I watched and enjoyed was N…[View]
101092643>Start watching pic related off the advice of /tv/ >It's some of the comfiest sci fi I…[View]
101091287How come this movie predicted Reddit would become a thing?[View]
101091339Thor vs. Star-Lord: Who wins?[View]
101090976Movie Weapons[View]
101090151Cast it[View]
101088861Doctor Who teaser is out!: Thoughts? https://twitter.com/bbcdoctorwho/status/1018525232825556994…[View]
101092466>Watching The Vietnam War >A young soldier has been discussed for 10 minutes but still hasn…[View]
101089005>What was Aragorn's tax policy? *tips cap* Who can stop him?[View]
101092458Blade Runner 2049 grinds my gears: This movie is so fucking boring, almost nothing happens for like …[View]
101090438>That one kid that really hated 4kids for ruining his weeaboo toons[View]
101092316is american pie kino?[View]
101092425Any movies for this feel? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jVO8sUrs-Pw[View]
101087124What happend to creepy/gothic films children can also enjoy as well as adults e.g. The Addams Family…[View]
101092418How did this not win any Oscars?[View]
101090681Looks like Disney has found their sacrificial lamb. Shame it wasn't Rian. https://www.express.c…[View]
101090208ITT: Actors who look like their dads[View]
101088746Question:: Wait so with the rebels using actual bombers, how do the bombs “fall” on their target? Ar…[View]
101089659Why are Japanese titles so long and weird?: It's like if Lord of The Rings was titled 'Let…[View]
101092233Ok so this is kino[View]
101081883ITT: Recast Charlie's Angels[View]
101092289>watch sci-fi flick >no super intelligent, super strong half-human/half-cyborg character named…[View]
101086238That’s actually genius...[View]
101090997Why did Disney try to make a big deal about the animation? It looked like shit. It's like they …[View]
101091942Would you say that emphasizing scenes where the bad guys win a battle over the good guys with a rain…[View]
101085113Watch me swooce right in, /tv/[View]
101092174Wenn manche sagen: »Sie sind ein Phantast!«, dann kann ich ihm nur antworten: »Sie Idiot!« Wenn ich …[View]
101091756Is it a genuinely funny comedy, or is it just a bunch of 'white people be evil, yo' drivel, which is…[View]
101091077>Dude lets destroy the tape that featured sexy women in any capacity Why do numales hate movies …[View]
101086385Anything off the trolley, dears?[View]
101088763Yes, yes Merry and Pippin you did good, very good, getting kidnapped, fooling walking trees into att…[View]
101089271I'm making a cartoon series just for you (4u) /tv/: Well , we always discuss the importance of …[View]
101092001I'll do the fingering[View]
101090883this opening was really awkward[View]
101091984What is this movie called?[View]
101088294Hells bells, Trudy.[View]
101091638What are some good Japanese series other than Legal High?[View]
101091748Did you like her movie, /tv/?[View]
101091564*Is smug and annoying in your path*[View]
101091901Thoughts on these movies?[View]
101088679How do we solve the actress problem?[View]
101084988Soup or nut chew roll thread[View]
1010872312018.....I am forgotten.[View]
101090299Flopnificent Seven: >Worldwide gross: $162,360,636 >Budget: $90,000,000 (not including market…[View]
101091694Stranger Than Paradise: Just marathoned all 89 minutes of this kino. What did I think of it? for re…[View]
101090014So when this inevitably bombs because nobody cares about tranny actors, who will the media blame?[View]
101090900Napoleon Dynamite: Is it /comfykino/[View]
101086339Don't mind me: Just being both a legitimately scary antagonist and a credible threat to the uni…[View]
101090012What is the worst movie you've ever seen?[View]
101088075Anyway /tv/ hows your sex life?[View]
101083555>possess to powere to literally shrink and expand anything >resort to punching and kicking you…[View]
101085233>your face when you will die in Kirk Douglas's lifetime[View]
101087265What was the best thing in the Jurassic World movies?[View]
101090926>Hehe I'm le epic ringmaster *tips wigdora* What did Howard Stern mean by this?…[View]
101091047'Just wanted to remind you fellas what you're all fighting for.' https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
101091501The Secret Missing Episode of iCarly: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jtQn9RgpIIk[View]
101091461>The Masketta Man?[View]
101081726ITT: Characters that remind you of yourself[View]
101091375is it safe?[View]
101091374he's right you know[View]
101089003>literally zero infants operating automobiles in the whole movie Edgar Wright is a hack…[View]
101088289So is this just shocking for the sake of being shocking or does it have some deeper meaning that I d…[View]
101084303>your top 10 Favorite films Have others guess your age[View]
101088269Whats the worst or best thing you've done in a movie theater?[View]
101091219What the fuck was Aunt Jackie's problem?[View]
101088221>YOU AUTHORIZED BLACK COCK IN THE PUSSY Ahead of its time[View]
101091108TREAD FOR IMPORTANT QUESTIONS: Who the fuck is that blonde QT walking with Lamb?[View]
101088112Where was the McCallister’s dog?[View]
101091014I saw her... the chick in the box..[View]
101089168If I like an old classic movie, then I'm a boomer. But if I don't like an old classic movi…[View]
101089589How Uwe fucking Boll manage to make a good movie. The only thing stoping this from being really grea…[View]
101090884Why did they replace Captain Panaka with this Samoan nigga?[View]
101090677How will his act change in the inevitable divorce?[View]
101090463>Watch Sicario 2 in theaters 'Hey that's pretty good' >Decide to watch Sicario 1 >Ful…[View]
101088696Which tranny actor will replace her?[View]
101090616>Big Guys with Big Feet name a more based Hobbit clan[View]
101054860'Ant-Man And The Wasp' Plunges Record 75% For $8.4M Friday: https://www.forbes.com/sites/s…[View]
101074712/bb/ Big Brother 20: HOH: - Scottie Veto: - Scottie Nominations: - Brett / Winston App Store Winner:…[View]
101090680Who was in the wrong /tv/?: Who was worst Summer or Tom? Could you relate /tv/? Tell us the story.…[View]
101090552Didn't realise how utterly shit online ratings for TV shows were until I watched this. Every TV…[View]
101071357/lbg/ - letterboxd general: RATE. WATCH. DISCUSS. QOTD: What do you think of this expanded chart? Wh…[View]
101089131When someone warns you about something but you decide 'how bad it can be?' Jesus christ man... Well,…[View]
101086818ITT: Kino TV fight scenes[View]
101085032Thoughts on this movie?[View]
101089431Bravo, Nolan[View]
101088628The Affair Season 4: with Emily Browning[View]
101088355>DCEU is looking to cast Blue Beetle and Booster Gold buddy comedy /superhero action film >dir…[View]
101090098Okay, I get it, Stormbreaker is ridiculously powerful, I'm fine with that. But Thanos has been …[View]
101090155What was her problem?[View]
101090201>Movie takes place before 2001 in New York >No Twin Towers Are Americlaps still crying about t…[View]
101088597Anybody got a quiet place copy with english subs and not the jap ones ?[View]
101090085Vikings thread?[View]
101086639After all these years, Aykroyd has made Ghostbusters a full blown corporation, with dozens of employ…[View]
101088412ITT: Books you actually want to see as movies: Black kino, and I’m white AND my ancestors are from G…[View]
101089476Is Godzilla leaker anon still here? He never said whether Ghidorah was of extra terrestrial origin o…[View]
101089963You're chilling at the back of a truck and this guy tells you to stand up, what do you do?[View]
101083246What is the best Australian film ever made and why is it pic related?[View]
101089983ITT: movies you kind of feel bad for: Like I’m suppirse it doesn’t have a cult following or somthing…[View]
101086997> Radio silence for weeks > Wheel of the Worst instead of regular BotW, and with the canadians…[View]
101087432Remember the first thing Harvey did when he thought he could still get away with it, due to the arro…[View]
101085333Is... is this the Evangelion of Star Wars?: Is... is this the Evangelion of Star Wars?[View]
101086946is this actually shit? im two 2 out of 3 hours in and its just been closeups of Laura Derns face. l…[View]
101088605Does /tv/ like the Psycho sequels?[View]
101089544What are some woke TV shows?[View]
101089483How come no one just calls the cops on 4chan?[View]
101088566Underrated or just interesting?[View]
101089498Why didn't they courtmartial him for trying to kill himself at the beginning?[View]
101088916is pic rel overrated? planning rewatch tonight[View]
101084510What's his best sketch? And if it's a repeated one, which is the best of those?[View]
101089328ITT post a pic, get a movie recommendation[View]
101089295How the fuck does this hack keep getting shows?[View]
101087675why this show get's no love?[View]
101089023What are some of the more unusual pairings we have seen in film and television?[View]
101088991I'm your snack, holy father[View]
101088323>Do you think a man could live inside a whale?![View]
101086448ITT: We talk about washed up celebrities. I'll start.[View]
101088872Movies non incels will never understand[View]
101087175Do you think they can fix all of this?[View]
101086183Grace Randolph is unironically the most influental film critic this decade. Her recent report on Dis…[View]
101088400>tv show or movie >couple goes to bed in unwhere with the intention of copulation and/or wake …[View]
101088186What's your opinion about Forged on Fire? I think it's pretty entertaining[View]
101087818Welcome....to HerAssThicc Pawg[View]
101087445>Let's release all our big budget flicks at the same time!!! The other movies won't ste…[View]
101088676Did he deserve it?[View]
101085319Want to know how I know Star Trek is going to be a feminist stronk-womyn piece of crap?[View]
101087427Skyscraper: Who saw it? What did we think of it? I noticed that literally every white character but …[View]
101087582I love movies involving cartels or cocaine. Ever since they killed the mob, cartels are really tge o…[View]
101088430>underdog wins[View]
101088266Things that ruin your immersion: > character dies > actor is allowed to continue living and pl…[View]
101088486>film tries to make a statement[View]
101088253What are some good movies when some isolated person secretly trying to integrate to society[View]
101088197>Train >Train: The Golden Spike >Train: Off the Rails >Tr4in >Train: Chronicles >T…[View]
101088378Who was in the wrong here?[View]
101088375https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CaagSfBj2To used-up roast beef whores will never understand the poin…[View]
101088353>tells bobby boccala he's going to hear high level shit >high level shit is apparently ju…[View]
101083168Black Widow BTFO again...: The Cruise, can't Lose![View]
101083474OH NO NO NO NO NO NO NO[View]
101088218What’s the film equivalent to this?[View]
101087531>I would have followed you my brother, my captain, my CFO.[View]
101086472What is the most comfy episode of The Simpsons?[View]
101086027How to make a Black Mirror episode: Is there a specific formula at play here?[View]
101087510Will it ever get a proper ending?[View]
101087530how did he go from space jesus to suicidal hobo?[View]
101086148Most underrated mommy?[View]
101087565>'You see, uh, the reason that scene was in the film was totally off the cuff. It wasn't in …[View]
101087694Some movie about coalburners What's the name lads? Here's a couple of webm https://is3.4ch…[View]
101087956*sips* >yup...did you check out that babe from Crying Game? They don't make them like that a…[View]
101078697Contact: This was literally the most satisfying ending ever to a sci-fi film. Why did so many peopl…[View]
101064164/trek/: I MEAN COME ON! edition[View]
101086534Wtf is it's problem?[View]
101086813137 days boys. First movie I'm excited for in years.[View]
101086811Do you sympathize with Blanche?[View]
101085563classic comedy skits: 'I like curry. I do. But now that we've got the recipe is there really an…[View]
101087678Why do people shit on M Night Shamalanaman's films? They're pretty good[View]
101080154Is Ben Stiller underrated as an actor? Thoughts on Stiller in non-comic roles/films?[View]
101087451Mad Men: So I just started the first episode of season 5 and I’m wondering if it’s just me or if the…[View]
101085371*pisses on his hand*[View]
101085368Undeniably Tarantino's best: Prove me wrong.[View]
101087115Why did he suddenly become such a racist? A couple years ago he seemed to like white people just fin…[View]
101084022Why didn't the rebels just hyperspace ram it?[View]
101086969Which are his best kinos? Already saw, and loved, Only Lovers Left Alive and Paterson so far[View]
101087437You gellin?[View]
101086630What an absolute waste of fucking time[View]
101086698Advanced Snyder Studies: ITT we submit courses for the ultimate /tv/ Film School curriculum. Dubs de…[View]
101084360Why does anyone like her?[View]
101086795Does anyone know the other actresses to auditioned for the role? What made them go with Brie Larson?[View]
101087127>movie about an animated mouse >'The Squeakuel'…[View]
101083862I think this film might be the best example of 'style over substance' ever done in cinema. Which is …[View]
101084907Star Wars Laser Sculpt tier toys: ...somethings missing no ?[View]
101083262Why is he not getting any blockbuster deals? Bright was fucking amazing.[View]
101084407I've seen Life of Brian for the first time in years and I didn't remember the spaceship sc…[View]
101073290GOD TIER: The Sopranos Mad Men The Wire GREAT TIER: Rome Justified Band of Brothers The Shield The A…[View]
101087182Those were 500 dollars sunglasses, asshole.[View]
101086922HEY VICTOR[View]
101083030BTFO clipshow: >don't worry /tv/, i got this...[View]
101085628Why does nothing in this movie feel genuine? And I'm not just talking about the CGI.[View]
101086062What's your favorite scene from a Lynch film?[View]
101085593Will it be kino?[View]
101085862Seriously though what the fuck did Kubrick mean by this?[View]
101086234Hey /tv/. I need more movies to watch like: >Drive >Nightcrawler >Taxi Driver Pic related…[View]
101085216What are your thoughts on Antman and the Wasp. Would you watch a spinoff movie featuring just her?[View]
101085480What is some essential GILF kino /tv/?[View]
101080127Game of Thrones: Anyone else really like the dynamic these two had? I really feels like wasted poten…[View]
101086089>videogames cannot be ki-[View]
101086835uh - shut up, go away[View]
101083850Which actors had good guy or villain rules that you were fascinated by due to them either being more…[View]
101085341It will happen: *All the 'good guy' armies are fighting undead and White Walkers outside King's…[View]
101086299post a more reddit character[View]
101083635What is the most British movie you have seen?[View]
101083034What are his best kinos?[View]
101086468Witches are quite possibly the most annoying horror villains I can think of. Some old decrepit smug …[View]
101086533What are more films that emit the same kind of ethereal beauty and elegance that picnic at hanging r…[View]
101086480https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oQ6aHTngQEg #MeToo[View]
101080205haha shenanigans are afoot https://youtu.be/Z9LjwRRO9fk[View]
101086440wow this is good[View]
101084279>Remeber the good old times? It's been a good few years since I've seen this masterpiec…[View]
101086350>the best part of my day uhh they couldnt cast a better looking actress for this role or what?…[View]
101086252>instead of writing a few simple scripts we will create a digital copy of somebody's conscio…[View]
101082763Name one (1) actress working today that's actually talented and not just eye candy Hard mode: A…[View]
10108540440 years ago, British comedians predicted tumblr and the entire political discourse of today. https:…[View]
101085465>Kramer sees Elaine naked >haha wouldn't be funny if CHANDLER sees RACHEL NAKED?! haha …[View]
101086196'Girls and boys are different, Mikey. Boys have weewees and girls don't because they don't…[View]
101079432Clooney Scoot Accident: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ttjVt7mtVfs[View]
101085850What went wrong?[View]
101085547I endured 2 hrs of this for Keanu: it had more porno than call me by your name and has russians mumb…[View]
101086013WESTWORLD: >Westworld >Located East Pretty lame tbf…[View]
101084081ITT: Original Trilogy scenes that Rian doesn't understand[View]
101085870>well can't he just beam up >this is reality greg Greg made a fair point, the silly bitch…[View]
101085482What did Rog mean by this?[View]
101068796Crust first![View]
101086130>'DEW IT!' seriously, was such a product placement really necessary for such a big franchise?…[View]
101085936im stumped for movies to watch, so i thought id start a feels movie recommendation thread (based on …[View]
101086009You fucking HOOOWAH[View]
101065147What was the cringiest moment in the history of television and film?[View]
101083795How does he do it /tv/?[View]
101080064What am I in for?[View]
101085934What are some great (or watchable) movies that question the truth about reality? The Matrix and Dark…[View]
101082955Can we agree whe's kino? Favorite character that she's played? Mine is Gabriel in Constant…[View]
101083690What did she say?[View]
101085290You can see the sadness in his eyes. The day has come when real living breathing humans are losing …[View]
101085267>Uhh... Hatchet Why was Negan, a guy who used a named and customized baseball bat surprised at so…[View]
101083848Fuck everyone on /tv/ that compared this, or said this was better than Call Me by Your Name. Nick Ro…[View]
101085541Any more stuff like this?[View]
101084522What are some good character movies? What I mean is, movies where the focus is on the development of…[View]
101085481Can, I help you, /tv? Why don't you take a seat.[View]
101085588Sequel: When?[View]
101085468The Ring: What went so right?[View]
101083944game done changed[View]
101084029Why wouldn't you just get on a transport and command C-3P0 to hyperspace ram the ship for you i…[View]
101080044Sicario 2: Just got back from it, that movie kicked the fuck out of the first film! Takes a while to…[View]
101083469>Avengers: Infinity War >Deadpool 2 >Sicario: Day of the Soldado Somebody stop him.…[View]
101085117>comfy as fuck, relatable 90s atmosphere movies with a fun idea and prime Kirstie and Travolta an…[View]
101082999Why did the walkers in TWD change from being moderately fast and strong zombies capable of climbing …[View]
101085375Is Trash Humpers Harmony's best work?[View]
101085088what did they mean by this?[View]
101082525it was kino[View]
101085299About to watch one of the best family movies. What am I in for?[View]
101085201How the fuck could her mom be alive? doesn't she need to eat?[View]
101085264I don't understand this monologue >...all train compartments smell vaguely of shit. It gets…[View]
101084497Nothing happens: the show[View]
101079333>Movies that turn actors gay: Post lesbian actresses[View]
101084338Post comfy one season wonders[View]
101085092How was he as an actor?[View]
101078488Welcome... to Dino Land: chilli and sea bass[View]
101083050why didn't he just throw the spear?[View]
101085015How come /tv/ is so devoid of well written female characters?[View]
101084999Most likable characters thread: Most likable characters thread.[View]
101085006159 days until Alita: Battle Angel[View]
101084909Which of his reviews do you actually agree with? You can't tell me his Pain & Gain review i…[View]
101084466>friend wants to put on a standup special[View]
101084812Your penis please, /tv/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0zu4XlM_89s[View]
101084700Anyone Hyped for the Doom Patrol? Wonder how they're going to deal with her powers given the bu…[View]
101080235Staircase: >that scene where after coming out of prison he tells Alexa to play Everybody Knows - …[View]
101079877Doctor Who trailer hype thread (screens during world cup final)[View]
101076336>ghidorah is not from space Fucking DROPPED YOU MOTHERFUCKER JEWS. I resisted antisemitism for ye…[View]
101084746>watching bbc three documentary >M83 starts playing…[View]
101080836Sharp Objects: kino tv is back on the menu[View]
101081542Woah, now I'm excited for Chinese investment and I want a mixed race family.[View]
10108459020th November: Mark your calenders /tv/[View]
101084529I hated them[View]
101084420>When you're all tied up but you don't mind because you know you're a big guy.…[View]
101083987Who made the stupid fucking decision to give the penguins hairlines?[View]
101084147Did anyone here ever watch Cougar Town on ABC.[View]
101076855Which butler was /our guy/?[View]
101082235No shitpost on Sunday! No ruddy copypastas today![View]
101081335Is Hoffman the greatest kinosaur of all time?[View]
101081782So love leads to the Dark Side: But getting fucking pissed doesn't?[View]
101084053>read about film on wikipedia >half of the 'reception' chapter is about this guy…[View]
101084239What kind of facial expression is this, and what is it trying to convey?[View]
101084260Which actor should portray him in the inevitable biopic?[View]
101083888Which is the best of the 4 Nuwars films?: I'm gonna go for Rogue One[View]
101080005What went wrong?: Why wasn't Cranston able to capitalize on the fame and acclaim that he got fr…[View]
101084234I've got to say, it was good to see Joe Bob Briggs again. He's looking old, but he's …[View]
101084191The fake serial killer plotline could be a kino Fargo season, but feels out of place in The Wire. An…[View]
101084157Who should play him in the inevitable biopic?[View]
101073005>protagonist redefines the laws of physics[View]
101058424/tpg/-Twin Peaks General: doUGeI edition[View]
101084116Was the recent Power Rangers movie the best Western interpretation of the Toku genre?[View]
101084045/equisapiens/ - General: Sorry to bother you Mr. /tv/, but this is Cassius Green from RegalView. I…[View]
101083322Game Of Thrones: Just started Season 4. When does this get good?[View]
101074038What are the most kino deleted scenes?[View]
101083666If penis enlargement was possible there would be movies about it. Prove me wrong.[View]
101082752>post your favorite cars from movies/tv shows I’ll start with my favorite this fancy German car …[View]
101083808/tv/, come here[View]
101083943What was his destiny theme https://youtu.be/A_btA1bS53w [View]
101081135Are there any movies where the characters travel to the future only to discover the societ has regre…[View]
101083964you'd think there would be more shows about the behind the scenes of Hollywood. something that …[View]
101082980What did he buy with his first paycheck again?[View]
101083259What did he mean by this?[View]
101055948Movies similar to this >80s sci fi movie >but only kind of sci fi >overly convoluted plot …[View]
101083660what's his magnum opus?[View]
101083799 I take it you have a dog in this fight?[View]
101083300>Talmud says Jesus is boiling in a cauldron of urine >Modern Jews reference it in their kinos …[View]
101083466mademoiselle's, remove oneself[View]
101082739I even like movies when my thread gets no replies What should i watch ?[View]
101078935Who else was glad to see Chef killed off in South Park and the character ended? I never found him fu…[View]
101082984What kind of evil hooknosed moneygrabbing snakelike ''''''''people''''''''' would brutally torture a…[View]
101084445Absolute MADMAN[View]
101083155how the fuck is he driving a plane with laptops touchpad that can only do 2d movement? does nolan th…[View]
101082253What are some good movies to watch when you have WATER STUCK IN YOUR GODDMAN EAR!!!!!????[View]
101082354I've seen 500 Days of Summer, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Garden State, Inside Llewe…[View]
101082527Absolutely nothing happens the movie: >Rose and black dude plot is pointless >Pilot dude plot …[View]
101080779This movie would've been 10 times better if they cut Kirsten Dunst from it. All she does is sc…[View]
101083317>Be 33 >Go on online dating site >Only matches are with Asians and single mothers What are …[View]
101081384>Fuck, man. what else is there to say? Why don’t we ever talk about animation kino?…[View]
101080346DRIVE: Can we get a fucking drive thread going?[View]
101083117https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CrXTS10h2WI He was too good for this world.[View]
101078835Hermione just stole all of our shit[View]
101067817ITT: Actresses who have not traded sex for roles: Miss Daddario is pure.[View]
101082468Where are the mods?[View]
101079474April O'Neil[View]
101082003Xfiles jokes you never got?[View]
101081344 [View]
101082963I read that when a boss swears a lot his employees lose respect for him and are less likely to remai…[View]
101076683where does she rank among the top 10 in the MCU in terms of power levels?[View]
101081276Thoughts on Only God Forgives?[View]
101081130What's the general consensus of this movie?[View]
101082280>Hi, I'm Troy McClure. You may remember me from such voiceovers as 'You Read This In My Voic…[View]
101081299This is such a bad movie, /TV/ tricked me again[View]
101077270But seriously, is there any actress who is better than her?[View]
101082064Come up with a movie premise starring these two bodacious British babes: You know it would be badass…[View]
101082604>its simple >we kill the bateman[View]
101081035> SWEDGIN![View]
101082419Soul vs soulless?[View]
101082517Suggest movies like this please[View]
101082159TLJ why do we hate it again?: How many times did you use the word “epic” while watching The Last Jed…[View]
101082416The pirates are out to get you. Don't let them brand you with their mark! Piracy funds organise…[View]
101080893What movies do Mexicans watch?[View]
101080274>directed and written by Etan Cohen Can you even predict the jokes this shit will churn out in th…[View]
101079093A thread died for this.[View]
101082304Okay guys, /tv/ !!! Let’s turn “THIS” into 2k10s-ish “Big Chill”. How do you do it !?[View]
101080220>Welcome to an all female cast of 8 out of 10 cats does countdown >haha men are bad jokes for …[View]
101082073How has #metoo influenced filmmaking?[View]
101082238ITT: 'villains' who literally did nothing wrong.[View]
101080592Which Dragon Ball MOVIES are a must-watch?[View]
101082069COME ON, TAKE THE PEN[View]
101082072For me, it's Odette Annable.[View]
101074304This is how the perfect girl looks like[View]
101082019Press F[View]
101081215films with 1 good scene[View]
101081224wow this really happened?[View]
101081966Dance-off Thanos, me and you![View]
101077947Who was your very first tv waifu? For me it was Liz Wilson >dem lips[View]
101078818Childhood kino general: Name a more based kid-kino Fuck you, you can't. https://www.youtube.co…[View]
101081800IIT: JUST[View]
101079951>we live in a society[View]
101081635i loved this episode[View]
101081721This looks like pure kino brehs https://youtu.be/wb49-oV0F78[View]
101080820What was the joke here?[View]
101081630I miss the Baratheon rule[View]
101079136What are some movies about the protagonist being a short guy (under 6ft)?[View]
101081565I still like movies and life Can i get a suggestion[View]
101077574>there will never be another 1999 again[View]
101081466Why don't you go fuck yourself Tommy[View]
101079842cast them[View]
101081461Describe the best viewing experience for your favorite film. >stay up for 30 hours and edge for …[View]
101080259What do britcucks think about English Bob getting his ass kicked?[View]
101081212Survivor '18 appreciation thread: Desiree edition: It was her time damn it![View]
101080663Who was the best hacker and why?[View]
101075133Gore Scene Thread: >Where Da Gore At ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mtWVpYVuQ9g…[View]
101081231>Susie from Curb will never stomp on your balls and call you a loser[View]
101081385I like movies I like life What should i watch ?[View]
101078869Scooby Doo: Is this movie as bad as people say? I liked it when I was a kid[View]
10108135014 Cameras: Good movie, could've been better executed.[View]
101075382Were they right about what was wrong with the prequels? Were they right about what should be done to…[View]
101079003Who's supposed to find this funny?[View]
101055375The Thing: >It's a good re:view of a good movie episode My favorite!…[View]
101077429/got/ SHANSHA edition: What does season 8 hold for this plump little plaything?[View]
101073581How was CGI so good in the 90s that John Travolta was able to pass as Nicholas Cage and vice versa? …[View]
101071886Does Vanessa Hudgens have a future? She's fallen off since Disney, but she's still good lo…[View]
101075562>gal gadot can't ac-[View]
101079548In Guardians of the Galaxy Gamora is stated to be the last of her kind, so why then did Thanos speak…[View]
101081165'911 its the best': what did he mean by this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JnszgkE3O8g…[View]
101080976American Beauty: What are your favourites from the 90's/2000's?[View]
101081081he was our guy[View]
101076765Solo: A Fuck You, I Liked It Story: It's down to a tiny amount of theaters in my area. Saw it t…[View]
101076359what are some films that feature/revolve around shoes[View]
101079214Why have films stopped including gratuitous nude/sex scenes now? Is it the #metoo effect, and will w…[View]
101077557In Avengers: Infinity War, the characters Peter Quill and Tony Stark have a heated exchange in which…[View]
101080965I'm feeling pretty good guys, what film/s should i watch today ?[View]
101080644You anons wouldn't last one day out in the Scorch.[View]
101080938>Trailer uses a cover of a popular song[View]
101077469can anyone explain to me how Gina Carano had a successful career in Television and Film while Ronda …[View]
101080902How can one man be so based? [View]
101080837Why are you surrounding us?[View]
101077266Anyone have any clues ass to when Dragon Ball Super Volume 5 is being released on blu-rays here in A…[View]
101077084What would be a good argument explaining why coming of age movies are important?[View]
101079181How do I get a gf like her who does this to me?[View]
101079234>I don't sense anything.[View]
101071939ren and stimpy: why was this show aired on a network for children?[View]
101080608Are you looking forward to The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina?[View]
101080716Hey Sal....kill that guy![View]
101080696So we can all agree that western 'deep' movies are pure garbage and that americans should stop makin…[View]
101080580why was i never told about this show?. it was excellent[View]
101080042>blast hardcheese[View]
101080409in Glengarry glen ross Al pacino walks over to the bar with jack lemmon and sees jonathan pryce the …[View]
101080461What went wrong?: Branagh was hyped as the next Olivier in his 20s. He ended up being just a solid j…[View]
101080340We hate it Right?[View]
101078913>what the fuck[View]
101077316Stop watching capeshit.[View]
101077408What movies do girls watch?[View]
101080326Mortal Kombat: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JHIfHL5UgFs So I just first time watched film that is…[View]
101079828What are some movies about depression?[View]
101076607Now that the dust has settled what is the official /tv/ consensus on Donnie Darko?[View]
101076238What's going to happen to their franchise? It's bumming me out thinking of their future.[View]
101076575Does Sex in the City trigger /tv?[View]
101073535ITT: actors that hate acting[View]
101077683who is the most badass operator in a tv show or movie[View]
101080170>mfw I know what its like to be a bad man[View]
101079598Is this the most well made film of all time?[View]
101080035/who/ general: 'Moffat was the chosen one' edition[View]
101077569why didn't Holly tell her?: after all it was on live /tv/[View]
101079922Did you cry, /tv/?[View]
101079343It's honestly going to be sad seeing Daisy without a career post-Star Wars[View]
101067517What are some movies about having a soul crushing job and not having any success romantically?[View]
101074270Youtube turned into a softcore TV network so gradually I never even noticed.[View]
101078564The Affair: Does the writers have an Aussie fetish? Two hot Australians got naked tonight[View]
101079859Giallo movies aren't horror. They're all police mystery dramas with gore.[View]
101079627what's next for Emma Roberts career?[View]
101077710He's not that bad: >funny >doen't pretend to be a cinema connoisseur >gives hone…[View]
101079495>when he prefers DC movies over Marvel movies[View]
101077323I really, really, really wanted to like this... Then the third act happened... [View]
101079707Why didn't Brad just do capeshit? It's not like this was anything but a cash grab. At leas…[View]
101079312>tfw correctly predict the twist within 5 minutes of every episode this show is too easy…[View]
101075578Cast them /tv/[View]
101078728Miranda Cosgrove: icarly starlet. >meet her at USC >help her study >take her out to dinner …[View]
101071107Miranda Cosgrove: I bet a lot of guys enjoyed her lips while working on set[View]
101077639What do you want his next project to be ?[View]
101078507Did pop culture die in 2009?[View]
101078945Movie name search: I need help finding the title of a horror/thriller movie I saw as a kid. It was a…[View]
101079407Any other movies like this?[View]
101079615interesting finance lesson in Goodfellas >restaurant selling stolen alcohol >paid $0 for alcoh…[View]
101079255The Sopranos is a comedy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9_peSCECc4I[View]
101063075Undeserved deaths: Hard mode: No Eddie or Zara from JP[View]
101075881What're your favorite uses of classical music in film? For me it's Ride of Valkyries in Ap…[View]
101078691Conan and Sona: Do you think they ever? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DiaDblUd-lw[View]
101077304ITT: Movies you cant talk about on /poltv/ anymore[View]
101077969What's the best & easiest Kino streaming method? I use a chromecast and the terrarium app, …[View]
101076940Favorite TV Cold Opens: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ffyKY3Dj5ZE[View]
101076999>Paltrow rose to worldwide recognition for her performance in Shakespeare in Love (1998), winning…[View]
101073514HERE I STAND[View]
101066721Holy shit I now officially hate all mainstream theatre demographics and review sites. This movie was…[View]
101079188Would the Last Jedi have been at least worthwhile if Rian had stuck to his guns and had Rey and Kylo…[View]
101076581*wsssssshhhhhhh!* *exhale* *brrraaaap* ahhh! *sips* i hate gender diversity in films![View]
101076665This would make a great movie but modern PC culture would never allow it.[View]
101075182Why did br2049 use weta?[View]
101079254haven't seen on of these in ages ITT post your /tv/ Çunny Harem[View]
101066754ITT: Actresses who should star in more films. I'll start with pic related, it's a shame th…[View]
101079034>it's a retrospection episode[View]
101072958>So have you seen Rick and Morty? >Yeah...? >WUBBA LUBBA DUB DUB >*woman flips through g…[View]
101075759a cis lord?[View]
101078038>Jason Biggs and Seann William Scott each received a reported $5 million plus a percentage of the…[View]
101074727Does Bones have autism or is the actress just a bad actor?[View]
101078240>it's an American refuses to eat pork episode[View]
101076423Was it kino? Will Sandler ever reach this level again?[View]
101078889Why did Duncan Jones cast himself as Anduin in the Warcraft movie?[View]
101076770Why does he hate Republicans so much?[View]
101071932>the best moment on tv in this decade wasn't even a tv show, it was wrestling…[View]
101074705Why are critics always wrong?[View]
101076292Since when is /tv/ a spill-over of /pol/ with threads that are purely political such as this shit ri…[View]
101078660¿How is this Samuel L. Jackson film /tv/?[View]
101072513what if the riddler was black and they call him the niggler[View]
101074872>Sigourney Weaver will die in the next 20 years I don't know how I'm gonna cope brehs…[View]
101073163Who will play Murphy in RoboCop Returns? Peter Weller is 71 years old, I doubt he'll return.[View]
101076017What are some high test kinos?[View]
101075889I like the implication. That to create something to successfully wall off liberty -- while leeching …[View]
101076918god i want her to terminate me[View]
101073681Rotten Tomatoes is fucking shit. Every time I look something up in it the negative reviews from crit…[View]
101075756Who Is America Premiere: Any of the incels on here watch Sacha Baron Cohens new show on Showtime? Ho…[View]
101078266Why is he so sad /tv/?[View]
101076719The Goldbergs: Is it the only current clean sitcom?[View]
101078184the show is only as big as it is because of maise, sophie and isaac[View]
101078211Hack or Genius?[View]
101078158How come I cannot stop focusing in on this woman's eyebrows? It's like watching the ears o…[View]
101070352Why arent more people seeing this? I felt is was tense and realistic like Zero Dark Thirty which is …[View]
101074491You find yourself alone at a campground. One of the people you were camping with went north to gathe…[View]
101076127Does anyone know where to find subtitles for this that arnt in Fingrish? I tried a couple but even t…[View]
101076374What are your thoughts on Shooter?[View]
101077983Scott, look out! It's that one guy.[View]
101077642What makes this character so good, influential and iconic?[View]
101077425Are Pastor Anderson’s documentaries kino?[View]
101071329No hospital would let a drunk surgeon operate, it's not a matter of one other surgeon just igno…[View]
101068845Joe Bob Briggs The Last Drive-in thread. We're on the last movie, Pieces.[View]
101077454Why is brolin on such a run right now /tv?[View]
101070555so.. I watched this the other day, and now I think I'm gay? WTF? was that supposed to be the in…[View]
101076008>leave veterinary kino to me[View]
101077585im at a loss, he was part of that whole yale thing[View]
101074634Why do Mexicans steal people's netflix why do they do this?[View]
101077546Based Chris Pratt: Is /ourguy/ the modern day John Wayne?[View]
101059519rate this setup[View]
101076923Foot kino is coming bros, I can feel[View]
101076879this was kino can you recommend some other movies like it?[View]
101076326Whenever I rewatch it I always skip the murder scenes and you realize there are only a few good scen…[View]
101077257>based jake in capeshit why[View]
101075184>used as a selling point for movies i hate this semen slurping generation…[View]
101069172Hello /tv/! I'm sure you're aware of the upcoming Shazam movie, another installment of cap…[View]
101042064>the sarcophagus lid weighs 15 tonnes? Geez, you'd think they didn't want whoevers in t…[View]
101073133When he died the show died[View]
101077031>man they play too many trailers and commercials these days[View]
101065286Anyone watch this? I'm not even American but it's absolutely moving. inb4 /pol/ is trigger…[View]
101069864GODZILLA: KING OF THE MONSTERS Plot Leaks: Monarch locates Mothra using the Orca, a device developed…[View]
101077029Does Jay know anything other than movies and baking cookies?[View]
101070858Who was in the wrong /tv/?: can any of you relate?[View]
101073157Deadline releases new details on the 'Trump' plotline of True Detective S3: Screenwriter Nic Pizzola…[View]
101076244Is this a good movie?[View]
101075779I'm calling for a double table reservation at 8:30 pretty please. I will tip double.[View]
101074149I love this song. Old Simpsons could be really touching sometimes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
101076622I'm... an alcoholic[View]
101075088>millions of clones of a galaxy-renowned bounty hunter who could kill Jedi >thousands of said …[View]
101074572What's the last good Rom-Com you've seen? Being an incel is depressing as fuck. Please rec…[View]
101074832Woah...I never really thought about it like that[View]
101074975>tfw no vampire gf to fall in love with u >tfw no vampire gf to impregnate and make a vampire…[View]
101064941>Rape is funny! >AIDS is hilarious! >Racism always gets a laugh out of us! Fuck these guys …[View]
101074396Any new tv shows that are worth getting into? Netflix is shit at the moment, finished Black Mirror …[View]
101076543MOMMY MIA 2: MORE MiLK: is it better than the first movie?[View]
101075189The code is 10-19-86 ,That's his dead son's birthday, Don't it just break your heart?[View]
101073994Anyone else see this as the nastalgia fag pandering garbage it is?[View]
101076380Is this anyone else's favourite film?[View]
101075705Did anyone's family actually buy an A/C from Sears because of this commercial? https://www.yout…[View]
101075603Now that the dust has settled... was it kino?[View]
101074694Harold and Maude: Thought about posting this to r9k, but it involves a movie and an actual connectio…[View]
101075671Post films feminists and normal people can enjoy[View]
101076141Who should be the next Annihilator? And could they top johns?[View]
101075730Movies that are basically forgotten but that aren't that bad: It's okay.[View]
101064413what was your favorite part of jurassic world?[View]
101076240stoner kino: https://trees.network/t/H1EtlIadW Scream (1995) just started, come chat and 3,2,1 toke!…[View]
101074558I just finished marathoning this tonight, I downloaded the whole series on the third, so took me jus…[View]
101057432Are there any other cases of 4chan being portrayed in TV?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=olqheDWsQ…[View]
101076114>we will NEVER get a movie like Predator ever again.[View]
101073490*saves star wars again*[View]
101075896The greatest lines of dialogue in the history of cinema: >'You know the Nazi's had pieces of…[View]
101073202>bullies picking on young kid in movie >sister comes in and beats up bullies >'he may be a …[View]
101073852Speed Racer: Let's talk about why Speed Racer (2008) is one of the best live action adaptations…[View]
101071531Why Is LAW & ORDER: SVU So Popular: How did it outlive its sister shows and still be going stron…[View]
101075651Oh boy. Looks like it’s suicide again for me. -Moe the Bartender[View]
101074833Let us take a moment to pay respects to the death of practical effects F[View]
101068287What is the worst movie you have ever watched in a theater?[View]
101074353So we're all in agreement that Electric Dreams is better than Black Mirror right?[View]
101075666What was his fucking problem?[View]
101075627It wasn't awful but I'd rather they make a new season of sunny. I mean I guess the cast o…[View]
101068390>LOL, MCCARTHYISM AMIRITE GUYS?!! Except this film and a lot of liberal pro commie stuff that has…[View]
101075068The Revenant: Was it really just 1 long take?[View]
101075692>mfw movie doesn't cater to my r*ddit sensibilities[View]
101071687>we're talking about S N E E D in front of the F E E D A N D S E E D…[View]
101070100OH NO NO NO NO NO[View]
101075398What the hell was her problem?[View]
101066562/tv/ dubs Usual Suspects (day 2): source video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jwUi-9l09p0 Q:how do…[View]
101074438Irony Aside,: What Went Wrong?[View]
101075418Looking for films/TV series similar to pic related. Would prefer a darker and more oppressive atmosp…[View]
101071918>Watching TV >Can see my reflection on the screen >Watching myself watch TV…[View]
101073778what are some good bogpilled films?[View]
101075292Why do you guys have television and film so much?[View]
101072337Did he get any respect in the end?[View]
101072628So what the fuck did she eat for 30 years? Is the quantum world supposed to be some sort of differe…[View]
101075006Puppymonkeybaby: Puppymonkeybaby.[View]
101071875Noir Alley: Starting a little late tonight at 12:15[View]
101074798>OMG I love Letterman! He doesn't care about his guests![View]
101074778Is there any similar kinos like The Red Shoes and The Black Narcissus in terms of color? All I can t…[View]
101070654Was it really as bad as people made it out to be?[View]
101069300>Movie wants me to love zombies and hate rich people What's wrong with liberals?…[View]
101061141This was kind of shit[View]
101074452did /tv/ watch patrician films as a kid?[View]
101074747When are the other two versions of the Solo review getting leaked?[View]
101074173wanna toke with some chill people and watch some weird shit?: https://trees.network/t/H1EtlIadW If y…[View]
101074089Will this finally be the movie to solve racism in America? https://youtu.be/3MM8OkVT0hw[View]
101073732Good evening, anon. Just here by yourself again tonight? What can I get you.[View]
101074639>best part of most of the movies he is in This nigga is as underrated as his forehead is big…[View]
101073299Now that the dust has settled: Was this Kino?[View]
101073360What the fuck was her problem? Why are women so evil?[View]
101068902I like movies that have an atmosphere of seriousness, bleakness, and which portray violence in a spa…[View]
101069627Why would somebody go to the effort to make a movie about some shitty one hit wonders from 25 years …[View]
101073119>The Cold War did not end. It shattered into a thousand dangerous pieces. The West has grown weak…[View]
101073220Do you want Brad Bird to go stay in animation, or try live action again? Tomorrowland sucked, but Gh…[View]
101074554The hell are ya spooks up to?[View]
101074627Don’t mind me, I’m just pirating some DVDs[View]
101073150could someone with access to big boi trackers get me an english sub for 'Trop tôt, trop tard'[View]
101074601It's summer! How are you enjoying the season so far /tv/? Anything striking your fancy?[View]
101074586UK Puppet Kino Dead: How did we go from this: https://youtu.be/UeoMef43tjM[View]
101070188/bb/ Big Brother 20: HOH: - Scottie Veto: - Scottie Nominations: - Brett / Winston App Store Winner:…[View]
101073883What is the live action equivalent of the tumbling down sequence from end of evangelion?[View]
101072634This movie is now 10 years old: Say something nice about it[View]
101074162LETHAL WEAPON MOVIE REBOOT IS ANNOUNCED AND...: >you anon! have the full control on cast, script,…[View]
101054818Are the new Disney star wars worse than the prequels?: I recently saw the last Jedi and thought it w…[View]
101072637what the fuck: Can someone explain this bullshit post credit scene to me? Nothing makes sense. I th…[View]
101069296Episode 3 was the best star wars film ever made.[View]
101067140Yeah.....I'm thinking he's back.[View]
101074022>the most dangerous, evil, vicious creatures on earth >humans…[View]
101074163The Shining was released to mixed reviews and became a classic. In my experience onconsider this the…[View]
101060535Blue is tied up[View]
101074099So anon, did you see the best Ant-Man film yet? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BmzJQF086NU[View]
101074040Find a flaw[View]
101073122ITT: Movies that you are allowed to cry in many scenes: f-fuck bros...I love the Lethal Weapon Quadr…[View]
101074001Give me kino horror movies, no 'Paranormal Activity' / 'Saw' shit.[View]
101071659How is tom cruise so socially retarded but his movies are really good[View]
101073955>Carcosa is just some trees beind a fat redneck's house What did Pizzolatto mean by this? Al…[View]
101068345Did they fuck?[View]
101073486Name a better movie starring a wrestler.[View]
101068085>Interesting premise and terrible execution: the show[View]
101071251>watching movie with someone else >sex scene comes on…[View]
101071889will it be kino?[View]
101073117Can someone post the Interview Segment of Tarantino trying to act black infront of black people? shi…[View]
101070668What are some actually good reviews done by him?[View]
101066412SHOOT HER[View]
101073725What have we forgotten /tv/?[View]
101072141Cast'em Chris - Kurt Russell Barry - David Harbour Jill - Julia Voth Wesker - Jake Busey Re…[View]
101072779Why did they even commit crimes? Paulie said something about making $38k through illegal activity...…[View]
101073812Cooper did nothing wrong: Cooper >We should stay quiet and hide Ben >We should make a bunch of…[View]
101073603What happened to the BR2049 fags? Did they finally realise this movie was garbage?[View]
101071846Name One Upcoming Movie You are Excited To See: ...that is an entirely an original production. No re…[View]
101072862>horror movie >its set in the 80's[View]
101071463What are some movies where one of the main characters dies within the first 5 minutes of the film?[View]
101068960>Dude lets destroy the tape that featured sexy women in any capacity Why do numales hate movies …[View]
101065604What's your moms favourite movie?[View]
101073582Action stations! Action stations! Set condition one throughout the ship! DRADIS CONTACT launch the …[View]
101072670Crossing the Line: >Boomer's wife cheats on and leaves him >So he walks across a minefiel…[View]
101072890>all of their presidential biography episodes are 2-4+ hours in length kino?…[View]
101071911Why do you never hear about Actors rubbing in their success to those that wronged them in the past? …[View]
101072776Troll 2: Let's start a Troll 2 thread. What do you consider to be the best scene? Favorite Char…[View]
101072804Cho was a better choice than Ginny[View]
101072700so was this guy a pedophile or something?[View]
101070629ITT: Guilty pleasures[View]
101068474So what's the skill cap like in the Star Wars Universe? Could a high level rogue/smuggler/bount…[View]
101073138>Medical Drama >Last 5 minutes of the episode >Montage of characters set to weepy singer-so…[View]
101073101is it true? you really cant say cuckchan?[View]
101068001How do we save MTV Classic?: >As of the end of 2016, the channel was the least-watched English-la…[View]
101072071DISNEY KILLED STAR WARS!: >WHO DA MAN? YO DA MAN! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n3B3IG5na0o…[View]
101071089Don Fanucci's backstory is hilarious if you put any thought into it. So one day he just decides…[View]
101069124How did Rowling get away with this?[View]
101066066What are some other movies like Office Space about chilling out and not taking life so seriously?[View]
101072058Why do you hate Rian Johnson so much?[View]
101068563Leave Thanos to me.[View]
101071543Tonight i will introduce /tv/ to a series that a friend of a friend created. Its called Bountiful Mu…[View]
101071848What does /brit/tv/ think of Monty Halls?[View]
101072665What's the best death scene in any movie?[View]
101072558Rambo and Dutch are dropped off in different parts of the same jungle, each with the sole purpose of…[View]
101072514Lets be honest here lads, it would make a GREAT kino[View]
101071717Okay so long story short, a hoarder opened up a shop near where I live, and he's got quite the …[View]
101069809>watching movie >it has social commentary…[View]
101070921How did he know every single event that happened before he met the squad?[View]
101041273marlo stanfield is out to pop a cap in yo ass and you can choose one guy from the entire cast of the…[View]
101070226How do you think actors feel about doing gay sex scenes /tv/?[View]
101072451one post more: one post more, another day another shitposting. this never-ending board to memery. th…[View]
101070662Was this kino?[View]
101072126*slaps the jellyfish*[View]
101068629>WHY DID YOU SAY THAT NAME!? Now that the Kryptonite dust has truly settled, what did we think of…[View]
101068386Remember when American TV shows were so afraid of criticizing the Obama administration that they res…[View]
101072030lf l have all this good fortune,if everything's rollin' my way,if all these balls have bou…[View]
101060794what are some Netflix kino?[View]
101070175Who made the stupid fucking decision to give the penguins hairlines?[View]
101070930>Mr Hadley, do you trust your wife?[View]
101071028Why did Mr Burns end up leaving the painting if the wrestler made it clear he doesn't want it?[View]
101070962>it's better on subsequent viewings[View]
101072031Has there ever been a more scarier wicked looking Devil in any work of kino?[View]
101072021What are some kino christian movies besides The passions of the Christ /tv/?[View]
101069656What /tv/ related media best sums up the spirit/atmosphere of the early 2000s?[View]
101071928*murders your daughter* Heh! nothing personal bud![View]
101071774What are some movies that portray conspiracy theorists as nutcases in order to discourage people fro…[View]
101070436>we need a black guy for this >don't worry sir, i know one…[View]
101071902Are you ready?![View]
101071895Which Dominas are ready for Tinseltown?: Would you make Ceara Lynch change her name?[View]
101071849>bad closed captioning thread[View]
101070079If you could place any thres movie characters into a single movie who would you choose? For me it wo…[View]
101066383ITT: >'Every film element was fantastic, except for the plot' I'll start.…[View]
101070733'Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia' Season 13 Poster: will the show be as good without Denn…[View]
101070818Are movies playing it too safe nowadays?[View]
101071739>character dies >a voice recorder is retrieved from their stomach during the autopsy >'you…[View]
101071236Who Would Win?[View]
101070090Why?: Seriously why?! https://www.theverge.com/2018/7/14/17572198/zombieland-2-woody-harrelson-jesse…[View]
101069884Let's guess the plot of the next cohen bros flick >normal, quiet person >schemes a shady …[View]
101070367Mad Men thread: Post your: Favourite character Favourite episode Favourite marketing campaign Worst …[View]
101070628>the vietnam war[View]
101070645Mission Impossible: Is Cruise planning on passing the torch to Cavill? Can the latter even carry the…[View]
101069033What is your spec script about? Go ahead, tell us, it's not like it'll ever get picked up …[View]
101071527Well, /tv/? Is he? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=inADdxlbuC4[View]
101069427>We need someone to play a smarmy asshole intelligence official.[View]
101071256Gimme a uhhh........liter of Cola[View]
101060730What is the best episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force /tv/?[View]
101068854Webm Thread[View]
101070915What's some post apocalyptic kino?[View]
101070638Do people not like this movie? I've been seeing some people mention it in the same sentence as …[View]
101071449What's a woke documentary?[View]
101071451My gf just re-watched these. Most of them were bad, but the second part to the last movie was pretty…[View]
101071439Was he autistic?[View]
101070161>british >'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''comedy''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''…[View]
101070210What is the best type of role he can play? He gets shit on for having no good movies, how could he r…[View]
101071324LELAND SAYS[View]
101066606Why is he so relatable, bros?[View]
101066018Why are there no 90 minute Kinos any more?: Plenty were made by the old masters: Bergman, Bresson, H…[View]
101069593Did Tony hate his son?[View]
101070776Are there any movies about trying to stop being yourself because you hate who you've become?[View]
101071178>What's this... a ranger caught off his guard?[View]
101071171Reminder you will never see lewd girls in Star Wars EVER again.[View]
101063898This guy is from Hell[View]
101051069Why is interracial romance in TV and Film still such a controversial subject in 2018?[View]
101066912What went wrong?[View]
101069655What went wright?[View]
101069859does this trigger you[View]
101064348What the fuck went wrong?[View]
101064173Actors who died to soon: john cazale One of the greatest actors of all time and only in 5 movies…[View]
101070793Was it rape?[View]
101069625Malfoy did nothing wrong: How kino would HP be if it was from malfoys point of view? >inb4 dulles…[View]
101070625Was it really necessary to include this scene in The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robe…[View]
101067096> 'It's not like a park anymore, it's more of a world now...a Jurassic World. Welcome!'…[View]
101070575What the fuck was his problem?[View]
101069713Currently rewatching this, what does /tv/ think of Escape From Tomorrow? Also recommend similar film…[View]
101069690Was she telling the truth?[View]
101067610Mike Matei shows us his He-Man Action Figures: What the fuck happened to Cinemassacre? >https://w…[View]
101069882Is Henry Cavill poised to be a true movie star, the type that people say is dead (outside maybe Tom …[View]
101070473what would you have done? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qEI71lvQGYQ[View]
101070325What was her fucking problem?[View]
101070358shows that you watch in shame never wanting anyone to connect you with such a low iq appeal show[View]
101070439Characters you're slowly but surely turning into:: Completely and literally me[View]
101067367What are some good found footage movies or creature features?[View]
101070265> How difficult is the mission? > Impossible, fallout from the nuke will surely kill us. Good …[View]
101063911How does this happen?[View]
101070054Can someone define foreign films for me? Are they all non american films or all films not from the c…[View]
101070184Was gaining all that weight for the role worth it? >60% critic score >70% audience score…[View]
101069781what do you think of his body of work?[View]
101067936Who did it?: Spoiler: It was Majid's son [View]
101069698Hollywood's Black Main Characters Are Collapsing: https://www.billboard.com/articles/news/84654…[View]
101068462What's the worst movie you enjoyed when you were a liberal? Pic related for me. It's just …[View]
101069461If the anon that maintains the NTBTS google drive sees this could you please add s2e8? Thank you.[View]
101065176Will they do justice to Venom this time in the upcoming movie? What do you think?: Not gonna lie, th…[View]
101068577Even as an American I have to admit that Keeping Up Appearances is the greatest television show ever…[View]
101064350/bb/ Big Brother 20: HOH: - Scottie Veto: - Scottie Nominations: - Brett / Winston App Store Winner:…[View]
101069341This movie sucked: The political messages were too obvious. If Mexicans had cool mutant powers we’d …[View]
101064366>ALAN What was the meaning of this line of dialogue?[View]
101069160>If I could quit being black today, I'd be out of the game Why do black comedians keep actin…[View]
101066036>be seth macfarlane >cartoonist >south park guys are better with cutout animations >lo…[View]
101069411Reminder that Jake Gyllenhaal made this.[View]
101069530Who's your 80s waifu?[View]
101069390It doesn't get any better than this does it?[View]
101062255What's the best woody allen film?[View]
101069406How did they get away with this?[View]
101068439what do you think of this flick[View]
101065873Autographs.. I need help!: Can anyone help me figure out these autographs? My father used to work at…[View]
101069342>log on to /tv/ for the first time in a while >people are still complaining about The Last Je…[View]
101069326>*looks directly at the camera* What did Kubrick mean by this?[View]
101064729QUICK CLAIM YOUR NORM MACDONALD! I claim Little Chubby from my name is Earl.[View]
101069259ITT: Characters that are literally /tv/[View]
101069118>Nice to meet you, I'm Anakin Skywalker. I have a fetish for rich girls, i hate sand and lav…[View]
101068017What does /tv/ think of WORLD PEACE: should adult swim have given it a second season?[View]
101067939What the fuck did I just watch?[View]
101062903What does /tv/ think of Generation War?[View]
101068919ITT: Actors who look like their dads[View]
101061664>...and I will not be The Last Jedi BRAVO RIAN[View]
101069151It's time to synth up /tv/[View]
101066679I am about to watch Event Horizon. What should I expect?[View]
101064117ESSENTIAL HORROR MOVIES: Let's go boys. Scary or not, as long as it's dark and good. And e…[View]
101067606>9.8/10 It's that good? This show is worth watching? It seems to get a very bad rap here.…[View]
101066781This was actually a pretty good satire of Die Hard.[View]
101069016Have you ever preferred the novelization to the movie?[View]
101067816What's wrong, anon? Afraid to admit that you're having a schizo-autistic episode? Or maybe…[View]
101069011We shall skate to ONE song, and one song only:[View]
101069006>hand in your badge and your gun >and the other one >and the other one >and the other o…[View]
101066320Did you ever go to a 7/11 kwik e mart when they were around?[View]
101067296I HAVE A PLAN[View]
101068967I knew CIA. I was his friend. And it will be a very long time before someone... inspires us the way …[View]
101067938>In the interview they ask him what he can´t do with his mustache, and Cavill answers the followi…[View]
101068913>You're way out of touch Johnson >I know you're a family man but crashing a bus thro…[View]
101068328Should I watch this?[View]
101066725>the prequels were goo-[View]
101068847ITT: Media where Jewish liberals admit their love of black cock: Even Bill Maher admits the only thi…[View]
101068509>wait, so you 'work' for a website but you don't get paid?[View]
101067121Hey /tv/ can you guys recommend me some good anti simetic films?[View]
101067545Doo doo doo doo, doo doo, doo wah!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zivWsrKQSDU[View]
101068837maximus kekius[View]
101068373What are some movies to watch when you're boosted?[View]
101067064Korean Kino: Why didn't you enormous faggots tell me the Koreans were on this level? WHAT ELSE …[View]
101068432Reccomend me a beautiful kino: I'm looking for a visually striking film to watch, I don't …[View]
101068249Which minority do house elves represent?[View]
101068554why did he resign?[View]
101061165How was it so good over 7 seasons?[View]
101068709The gesture that killed a career[View]
10106280290 Day Fiancé: Can somebody tell me what it is about Russian girls you all like so much? I really do…[View]
101066047What did Snyder mean by this? Wouldn't it have been Kino?[View]
101068613Why didn't uncle phil give him anymore hugs? :([View]
101068186did he deserve to die?[View]
101064670You don't direct me, Khe Sanh motherfucker.[View]
101068507>tfw someone steals your bicicletta[View]
101068498Would this make for a decent slasher flick?[View]
101068466Is this the best musical?[View]
101068424*steals your heart[View]
101066021Join us and get comfy for a new episode of Ghost Adventures bro https://cytu. be/r/GhostAdventure[View]
101067465Which member of Seinfeld was the most Racist?[View]
101067098dude intelligence, wit, and construction lol[View]
101057876Come and See and The Thin Red Line are the 2 best war films ever made.[View]
101068365Will he ever direct a movie that isn't low-budget indieshit again?[View]
101061038What the fuck does the ring even do? +20 to CHA?[View]
101068280Favorite lines from True Detective S1?: >'Past the age of 29 specifically, a man without a family…[View]
101067862marathoned the first 30mins of this last night before falling asleep. about what finish it now. How …[View]
101068103This was a really cool movie and remains way cooler than either OT and sequels[View]
101068206The Last Jedi: Did the original maker of Defeminized cut make an HD version of it now that the Blu R…[View]
101068201Mad Men thread? Mad Men thread.[View]
101063206It's July 14th, /tv/. Say something nice about Con Air. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=08onmi-…[View]
101068118wes anderson 'humor', everybody[View]
101067034What movie?[View]
101068078Best parody of Forrest Gump yet[View]
101065149Did you enjoy this?[View]
101067980ITT times you acted like Lou Bloom[View]
101066191>you got the stuff? >yeah I got the stuff, you got the money?…[View]
101067994Leave cape-kino to me.[View]
101065843What are some kinos (movies) that feature smol gf's or smol protagonist?[View]
101067676Ranier Wolfcastle....a..a..Nazi?: Simpsons episode 502. Cape Feare. One of the great classics. How …[View]
101067754Was anyone else pleasantly surprised by this flick?[View]
101066143The 'Make Mexico Great Again' Sombrero was a bit heavy handed.[View]
101067814I know /pol/tv doesn't like to talk about films anymore, but there were more of them? What happ…[View]
101066325RE: Total Recall: It was all in his head.[View]
101067138What kind of dynamic will Joaquin Phoenix bring to the Society of Jokers?[View]
101067824>main character is an orphan >parents died in a car crash…[View]
101067826Why was it so good?[View]
101067037The only good thing to come out of modern Star Wars. He also did nothing wrong.[View]
101066474why are the tv shows so much better than the films?[View]
101066133What are some moments where your heart sank while watching a tv show?[View]
101065897this is the only cyberpunk movie that exists[View]
101067103What was the point of this scene?[View]
101063997>pick TV show >remove character >TV show becomes better fuck Blake…[View]
101064646Why were they dumb enough to get pregnant?[View]
101066456ITT: Highly acclaimed movies where literally nothing happens[View]
101065032>Ayo Whyte boi, lemme get uh pencil from ya senpai[View]
101066670>You see now, I'm here to tell you, this remaining silent shit ain't nothing like they …[View]
101065112>Tom has been doing MI movies for over 20 fucking years Who can stop him?…[View]
101065252What do they want? It can't just be money, can it?[View]
101064893Essential Swartzwelder: What is the best episode written by that looney recluse John Swartzwelder?…[View]
101067339That's pretty good[View]
101066251Was getting caught part of her plan?[View]
101066548Why didn't the furniture guy help Homer?[View]
101065050Now that LoL is finally dying, what arc would you like to see in a (poorly done) live action attempt…[View]
101066574Malcolm's Girlfriend: >I CAN GO BACK What the fuck was Malcolm's problem during this ep…[View]
101067104>'We're gonna have to take the boy.' Why did they want Walt so badly? Was it just so that To…[View]
101065458>Watching thriller with family >Female protagonist gets tied up >'Anon, why are you sweati…[View]
101065436Hopes/expectations for the new Pupper Master movie?[View]
101067230Wanna a toothpick?[View]
101066099AQUAMAN Plot Leak: Arthur Curry (Jason Momoa) is the son of human lighthouse keeper Tom Curry (Temue…[View]
101063964What the fuck did i just watch?[View]
101066287New seasons of Our Cartoon President tomorrow: This show is fucking hilarious “Brett” lmao https://y…[View]
101067133I like movies that have an atmosphere of seriousness, bleakness, and which portray violence in a spa…[View]
101062059Why did they get rid of the only actress of the main crew that could act?[View]
101060531wait, wtf is this[View]
101066789So Board James was a criminal on death row who was using his last years to torture the souls of his …[View]
101066727>Movie takes place before 2001 in New York >No Twin Towers Are Americlaps still crying about t…[View]
101056616Who /Ralph/ here?[View]
101066704ITT: Comfy Scenes: >Oh I like this one, one dog goes one way, the other dog goes the other way, a…[View]
101064167Has he ever played the good guy?[View]
101065724god i fucking hate muzzies[View]
101064258Finally saw this...It wasn't THAT bad.: After the category 11 cyclone that swept the internet a…[View]
101066680you got any percocet?[View]
101066667I don't get it.[View]
101066518>soul crushing job >no gf >spend all free time watching movies >only hope is to die and…[View]
101064668Family Feud: When did this show become Battle of the Races? Been watching a marathon all day and the…[View]
101066301How do you go from THIS...[View]
101066388What’s the gemelli of tv and movies?[View]
101065047*gets ipad*[View]
101066560>(Cough) Billy, Gammy's not feeling so well... I have to go now, I think Gammy might be dyin…[View]
101066559What movie should i watch tonight? I like The thing and The mist, not because theyre horror movies s…[View]
101066519oh no no no no...[View]
101065767name one (1) film this fuck has been in that wasn't terrible[View]
101066439>characters drinking from pop/beer cans >the cans don't have any weight to them…[View]
101066271ITT: GLOW: Are they... dare I say.. /ourgirls/?[View]
101065166comfy movies for this saturday night?[View]
101058227What is the best Disney song[View]
101065269Disobedience: What was the whole point of this movie?[View]
101065700what are some simpsons moments that really made you think?[View]
101066227what did you guys think of the new Leon trailer?[View]
101065691I'm out of missiles![View]
101063291could it be done? a live Simpsons movie?[View]
101066123Today is his 100th birthday. Say something nice about him.[View]
101065852>Tibetan throat singing plays[View]
101066058Daily reminder that the Metal Gear Solid movie is still happening.[View]
101062680What the hell is this movie[View]
101065952Why is this movie so highly regarded? https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0110357/ The Lion King is the 48t…[View]
101064376>haha what if we made a show right, about a black kid who gets accidentally run over by a white c…[View]
101064808Crazy in a retard kind of way[View]
101063859I'M READY[View]
101061564Oh. 'Neon Genesis Evangelion'.[View]
101061638what are some films that involve role reversal?[View]
101050244What sci-fi concepts break your immersion?[View]
101065784>It's an American review of a movie that painstakingly tells you the entire plot while using…[View]
101061903Post movies that women cannot enjoy[View]
101065774Absolute kino. Can't wait for the third. But I was expecting way more Stephen Fry. He's in…[View]
101059763007: The name's Bond. James Bond.[View]
101064420Don't turn away, let the fear wash over you[View]
101060762why did they stop making ww2 movies? why havent we gotten a good modern ww2 movie that takes place …[View]
101065631>not sneaking into the local uni to use their projectors to watch kino Pleb…[View]
101061994Why couldn't the web just be a part of his power??[View]
101062151>'Why doesn't he just pledge his allegiance to save his life? He could always just lie'…[View]
101064478I've lost my Luv folder, please help me /tv/.[View]
101065456How is it?[View]
101065448I'm a pleb looking to repent. Post images like this.[View]
101062149Quantum of Solace is really underrated for a Bond film Also: Bond thread general[View]
101065071What if disney comes out and says they've completely fucked up the new trilogy and have no way …[View]
101065260Can you anons recommend some of the more 'cerebral' giallo like pic related? Please no Argento stuff…[View]
101065204The lighting in this and the cinematography is just exquisite. >richness of color >contrast …[View]
101063392This is no MAN's land, Diana! That means no MAN can cross it![View]
101064905These are the best films ever made.[View]
101060427Alien is saved, lads![View]
101048867Why doesn't /tv/ fawn over Summer Glau anymore?[View]
101064801Maybe of Bacon (1993) why have I watched this[View]
101057662What tv shows and movies are considered basic bitch when people say it's their fav or in their …[View]
101065069Should we give him props for not resorting to high heels like RDJ?[View]
101063093Simpsons general: None of that you-know-what shit. Everyone is sick of it. Either post something rel…[View]
101065141How should the FNAF film be like?[View]
101062531Is this the most unfair ending in cinema history?: Why is Tom Hanks punished for killing John Coffey…[View]
101064969Why was it canceled? Why do we have to settle for a subpar animated movie?[View]
101064285pitch-perfect satirical kino: What say you, /tv/? NIGGA SHIT NIGGA SHIT NIGGA NIGGA NIGGA SHIT…[View]
101065095I go all over. I take people to the Bronx, Brooklyn, I take 'em to Harlem. I don't care. D…[View]
101064959Great WW2 movie or Greatest?[View]
101063782Why did Catelyn Stark slap Podrick so much, He must have been in Payne[View]
101064898John Carpenter is my favourite director.[View]
101062683This is Bill & Ted's Joan of Arc. Say something nice about her.[View]
101063566So now that the dust has settled, who killed her?[View]
101063065Just finishing up Dunkirk. I'd give it a solid 6/10.[View]
101056437Refute this.[View]
101063828What are some last man on earth kino?[View]
101061946this is unironically a shittiter movie. What the fuck is wrong with the world today if this crap is …[View]
101064718What do we think of this kino?[View]
101063808Know of any other films like John Wick?: This is one of the best action films I've ever seen, t…[View]
101064621which other movies/shows have had actual pornstars in it? hard mode: no open windows[View]
101063818The upcoming Lord of the Rings has confirmed its first season will focus on a young Aragorn Who woul…[View]
101061477>Highlander >The Goonies >Back to the Future >Terminator 2 >The Princess Bride >Wh…[View]
101060096Soundtrack kino and documentary kino[View]
101064409America's Dad[View]
101059103>'You were mentioning Citizen Kane, 2001, you forgot to add Drive.' How can anyone dislike Refn? …[View]
101063023*kills your cape franchise* Who will be the snyder of the mcu[View]
101063220mfw michael bay announces exosquad movie[View]
101056650What are his best kinos?[View]
101064324watching this atm. it's so predictable. it's just one regressive SJW talking point after t…[View]
101064250Sorry guys I didn't bring a sword[View]
101061434whats his name again?[View]
101058077/bb/ Big Brother 20 - Congratulations, Paras Edition: HOH: - Scottie Veto: - TBD Nominations: - Bret…[View]
101064145Monster and demon hunting thread: Ginger Witch edition: Talk occult, vampires, demons, monsters, wit…[View]
101064142Guilty pleasures[View]
101064053>The financial world is changing. Who now has the strength to stand against the merger of Isengar…[View]
101064083Aren't we all just air conditioners screwing each other's brains out?[View]
101062635How do I learn to appreciate this show?[View]
101046236Dominion [2018] by Chris Delforce: Stop eating meat. https://youtu.be/LpDJlEQsDoA >Dominion uses …[View]
101058398Alain Delon is sick of the world - is he right?: >PARIS • Veteran French film star Alain Delon sa…[View]
101064047Man, Star Wars is fucking based[View]
101063063>those episodes where truman drinks his hangover away Doesn't he know it will happen no matt…[View]
101062935What's the best episode?[View]
101051180Gal Gadot can't act.[View]
101057040The Gifted: The Gifted returns in about 3 months. What are we expecting in season 2?[View]
101063545https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3MM8OkVT0hw dindu nuffin the movie[View]
101060710Classic MTV Thread: https://youtube.com/watch?v=TYUR2B5eNHk[View]
101048140What movie should I watch? Pic related.[View]
101063853I know we've got a bunch of people who haven't talked to anyone in a long time. Come on in…[View]
101063803Los Angeles, California[View]
101063295>tfw visiting /r9k/ Image boards are dead, that place is literally a sex finder now. What the fuc…[View]
101059403>Decide to rewatch Eccleston/Tennant era Dr Who Oh boy this shit has not aged well…[View]
101063668Spoof Kino: Know any good ones /tv/? https://youtu.be/ItNZglBUIhk?list=PLdZL0HOGkzQ18twT4e-sGUi2ltTU…[View]
101063614*saves cinema*[View]
101063508It was great, but it did more hard than good in the big picture.[View]
101062710How Do They Do That???: How do you film a first-person pov, looking into a mirror? https://youtu.be/…[View]
101062038Just finished this and loved it. Recommend similar. Ive seen Mouth of Mad neds[View]
101037532This movie pisses me off: Why is that dude trying to look so badass not telling her about their miss…[View]
101063486What was his fucking problem? Was it anomie?[View]
101059768Why do critics love subversive movies?[View]
101049882What are your honest thoughts on the character of Lara Croft in general ? Is she a good female prota…[View]
101061238>Start watching pic related because weaboo in training >Expecting kids show about giant robots…[View]
101062288Hey I just watched The Apartment for the very first time, very good film one of Billy Wilder's …[View]
101062552>the name is shit >dip shit[View]
101055184>age 32 So much for that wall theory[View]
101063165How have Natalie Portman and Mark Hamill never met?[View]
101061789you know, maybe there's something to this scientology thing the only people that have complaine…[View]
101062929what where they thinking right here, /tv/?[View]
101062658Ed Edd n Eddy https://youtu.be/KCYW1B3kcsE[View]
101063334Your father never had the makings of a varsity athlete.[View]
101062784Grow up with this transgressive TV channel. What went wrong ?[View]
101061178You may not like it, but this is the ideal male boomer body[View]
101063126/scriptwriting/directing/youtubing/: what have you been working on lately?[View]
101061375Why was the demon autistic?[View]
101058377how's your screenplay coming along?[View]
101060248Was Eugene literally the only member in the Sorprano crew who wasn't some fat disgusting slob?[View]
101051072/trek/ Scary Kes Edition: The sweatier the better.[View]
101062035I don't get it. What was he staring at back there?[View]
101060136Is this actually good or another meme overrated film critics are afraid to criticize? Thinking of se…[View]
101061891You’re given 80 million dollars to helm your own disaster movie. What’s it about and who does it sta…[View]
101063003is it kino? was it ever kino?[View]
101061364What movies best encapsulate the feel of the 90's? Everything from the style and fashion, look …[View]
101060384Rubber Johnny is more terrifying than any horror film: https://youtu.be/eRvfxWRi6qQ[View]
101062934Actors with patrician taste in their own films.[View]
101058545Why was Doakes such a dick to Dexter?[View]
101062591Cast it[View]
101047807Scenes that men are allowed to cry at[View]
101060287What is this guys deal[View]
101062259The Vampire Diaries: I was dragged into watching this by my girlfriend but it ended up getting reall…[View]
101060849>David has slowly been abusing his powers and guess what guys, he might be the bad guy >but le…[View]
101038399What's your dream Debicki role?[View]
101050654Clint Eastwood tells Spike Lee to 'shut his face': >Clint Eastwood has hit back at dire…[View]
101060502Free streaming for movies: I'm looking for websites to stream Skyscraper from. What are a few g…[View]
101058046What did you guys think about this? Did u cry? Was it kino?[View]
101062855*produces bona fide kino*[View]
101062725Rian Johnson: What is it about his genius and dedication to the craft that triggers obese altright i…[View]
101061059Would she make a good Snow White?[View]
101062514what arnold schwarzenegger movie should I watch? Just seen commando[View]
101058186Why did the critics trash this decent movie?[View]
101058691/lbg/ - Letterboxd General: Letterboxd thread: post profiles and discuss what you have recently watc…[View]
101057969SCRUBS: How can a show be so good?[View]
101062674Sensei George Lucas wrote this line. He tried to warn everyone.[View]
101062445>So who is this guy anyway? >He doesn't officially exist, he's got no job, no colleg…[View]
101057986160 days until Alita: Battle Angel[View]
101062450Are you going to accept the mission and save blockbuster cinema by going to see the latest entry in …[View]
101058261What is the WORST movie you've ever seen in your entire life?[View]
101062499should i buy this to watch movies and films[View]
101061315What are some kinos where boomers get violently BTFO?[View]
101060485FANTASY KINO: Will we ever get better fantasy kino than Jackson's Lord of the Rings? Is it even…[View]
101062404Boyka: What does /tv/ think of this? It has great coreographies, saw it yesterday with my dad.…[View]
101062394The 'male gaze' isn't strictly sexist, it's simply a subset of the overall Weste…[View]
101061579>best character dies first why[View]
101038120Who you got?[View]
101061154Women ruining everything for everyone : the movie[View]
101033974why weren't there any American wizards in Harry Potter?[View]
101061048What should be the next Stephen King novel to be adapted into kino?[View]
101062111Batman v Superman Ultimate EDIT: Does this legit fix the bloated ass plot? batmanvsupermanedit.wordp…[View]
101061949Were we supposed to feel SORRY for these degenerate drug-smuggling hippie fucks? Especially after th…[View]
101061989>watching tv show >ad break comes on >it’s a commercial for a product featuring a woman wei…[View]
101058751>I shouldn't have brought her to watch tennis, she might get ideas…[View]
101061934Bootlegs: Google has failed me, I want to watch sicario 2 and the new purge movie where do I find th…[View]
101057470What does /tv/ think of Fiddler on the Roof?[View]
101060381Can we ever go back to 90's/00's teen kino?[View]
101047419>Sends the girl to live with space royalty >Sends the boy to live in the desert What was he th…[View]
101061659spykino coming through[View]
101061017What are some kinos about anhedonia?[View]
101061781*ironically does blow then sucks a dick*[View]
101060660So he was harrison fords son?[View]
101061725What did these dreams represent? Can we get a brainfag to come in and give us an analysis.[View]
101059841ITT: /comfy/: Woody's unironically in the right. Fuck that Commie. But honestly though >Ital…[View]
101061092How did he get away with it?[View]
101060522this was fucking cool, your're gay if you dont like this[View]
101060702>that time south park did a whole storyline shitting on family guy what the fuck was their proble…[View]
101061462>it’s ANOTHER “the bad guy totally unexpectedly ends up being one of the initial good guys” Serio…[View]
101059815what is some essential werner documentary kino[View]
101061240Shadows (1959): this was good, i recommend this.[View]
101056561ITT: We post actors who probably lurk /tv/. Henry Cavill seems like an obvious choice.[View]
101059692>Initiate Phase One >Power up the Bass Cannon…[View]
101059295Pixar is back: Honestly didn't expect this movie to be so kino when the first one was not that …[View]
101059500Jurassic World Brachiosaurus: That scene where the dino died on the dock as they were sailing away w…[View]
101054906>Spend ~18 movies establishing various characters for us to care about that will eventually fight…[View]
101061298You do not understand. But you will.[View]
101048250Actors with patrician taste in their own films.[View]
101060822So when will cinema's 60fps future finally start?: I'm sick of waiting. https://www.youtub…[View]
101060293>That's how we're gonna win. Not fighting what we hate, saving what we love. I don…[View]
101061263>Attack of the Clones >The clones come to the defense of the Jedi and aren't the aggresso…[View]
101059024I'm watching all Marvel (MCU) movies in chronological order and can't put myself up to wat…[View]
101058591Saw this yesterday, it was actually pretty good. One of the better 2018 movies I've seen this y…[View]
101056583>tfw Disney ripped off Kimba, did not give it credit, then proceeded to strong-arm cinemas and fe…[View]
101058588is he still dating that tranny?[View]
101060920>'It's just that...Everyone that gets close to me winds up dead.'[View]
101059537He looks thinner[View]
101060713DON'T SAY HIS NAME, /TV/![View]
101058904what are some modern Shakespearean kinos?[View]
101054107Would the machines uphold their end of the deal?[View]
101057859Why is Logan so overrated?[View]
101060901GoT memes: Post 'em[View]
1010598671. Not many people saw Solo in the theaters. 2. The reason for #1 is because many fans were pissed o…[View]
101060748Have you ever stopped to think about how genius this movie was? I'm sure you have. Seemingly, t…[View]
101060861Blind Date: Now that the dust has settled, who was in the wrong here? https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
101060838What is some good kino that exposes the jewish menace?[View]
101057028And you all thought the Apple commercials were bad[View]
101060595I remember a time when I was about... I was little, I don't know... 4, 5 something like that. W…[View]
101059388Imagine Billy Dee Williams as Two Face[View]
101057702What did he ever do wrong?[View]
101053972>mfw no hannibal season 4[View]
101059078What are the signs of a good film with bad directing and a bad film with good directing?[View]
101060019Is... is this the Evangelion of Star Wars?: Is... is this the Evangelion of Star Wars?[View]
101060395Do you guys like blaxploitation films? Pic related[View]
101060332OH NO NO NO: RIP Scarlett[View]
101060271CNN's Decades Series: Is it good?[View]
1010580061972 Academy Awards: Thoughts? Were they deserving winners? Best Picture: The French Connection Nomi…[View]
101059528So I ended up watching this on TV earlier today as I havent seen it in years and I noticed something…[View]
101055575But I do know one thing though Bitches es they come, they go Saturday through Sunday Monday Monday t…[View]
101058665and the Oscar for Best Actress goes to...[View]
101058921what is his best role?[View]
101059990>Save us Zack Snyder, you're our only hope[View]
101056727YOU'LL FLOAT TOO[View]
101058826Now I'm gonna have five cheese puffs, no more![View]
101058504>the movie is bad because i disagree with the director politically[View]
101053898Guy Ritchie's Sherlock is one of the best franchises of the century.[View]
101059795ITT: things that never happened in world war 2[View]
101057058What the fuck... Seriously, what the fuck?[View]
101058273The meme is dead. Bury it. Consider this mercy.[View]
101059438What episode is this shot from?: Any Star Trek experts here?[View]
101056934I just saw Nanette and oh boy, that was unfunny: The biggest problem of the show : completely 100% t…[View]
101055322What's your personal favorite survival film?[View]
101059300>putting your ketchup in the fridge I seriously hope you guys don't do this…[View]
101059491>watching kino on my phone in bed >notification pops up during the best scene…[View]
101058927jew comedians just talk about being jewish black comedians just talk about being black female comedi…[View]
101057781>how can I get away with making the most degenerate film of all time? >I know, I'll say i…[View]
101058670>it aint me starts playing >it's a shitty cover…[View]
101059289Remember when we pretended that it's a good movie[View]
101058929Wait, so Springfield citizens fucking murdered Green Day within Simpsons canon? https://www.youtube.…[View]
101055428Is this worth a watch?: Just watched an interview where William Friedkin was jerking off over it htt…[View]
101059095What's going on here?[View]
101037922what do you think about the recent trend of rap/hip hop artists moving on to star in television and …[View]
101058797>painfully average TV-tier direction, zero visual idea about how to shoot an action scene, except…[View]
101058839Wtf you guys said this.move was SJW. There's no SJW at all.[View]
101048507What really grinds your gears? >obligatory romance plots >it was just a dream >geek tech gu…[View]
101058925What did he mean by this /tv/?: >You're a kike dancing in a hurricane Mr Bond. How did they …[View]
101056261field in england: Just saw this. What did I think of it?[View]
101058885This is one ugly movie.[View]
101058442I am astonished at how funny this was.[View]
101058054Ladies and gentlemen, the best fishkino of 2017, maybe even of all time.[View]
101058681How would you handle this sitch? https://youtu.be/AfMbN_MzCpw[View]
101056200>tfw you realise satire peaked in the 90s[View]
101058078Wew I don't even know what to say Did you enjoy A mongrel un time?[View]
101058105>There's gonna be one speed... Mine[View]
101058346I need an IW download Please /tv/, I already paid to see it thrice so it's not like I'm ch…[View]
101053220>Ahsoka was 17 at the end of the clone wars >Anakin was 22 the time it’s delusional to think h…[View]
101058373>>goes to prison for 3 years because you read some freeman on the land shit on the internet ab…[View]
101054656https://screenrant.com/dune-movie-denis-villeneuve-filming-start-date/ > he spice may flow on Arr…[View]
101045586what happened it just dropped out of social media and the world[View]
101058263Why is Brazil allowed to exist?[View]
101058265should showing young girls like this be acceptable?[View]
101057703what is the film in the ad?[View]
101058411Screenshot thread. Film is the Pilgrimage.[View]
101057941Prisoners (2013): Does he? And whats the IQ of a ten year old?[View]
101054640Are there any non-pretentious psychological thrillers to be seen?[View]
101054536ITT: Over rated stuff /tv/ made you watch[View]
101053741satan kino plz[View]
101051562What went right?[View]
101056964What would Jabba's plan B be if his antagonists didn't stand on the little trapdoor in fro…[View]
101057406Why do the best tv shows have no nigger protagonists?[View]
101058197Will they hire just anybody to do marketing design?[View]
101056174they probably fucked[View]
101056598>tfw all dressed up and doin' the town[View]
101057707Does society look down upon older men being in a relationship with women half their age? Seems like …[View]
101055965What Went Wrong?: Let's expose what went Wrong in this insubstantial folllw up[View]
101058071Sharp Objects: Looks like kino is back on the menu, boys.[View]
101057193What is some essential fapkino?[View]
101058053How the fuck does this man live with himself?[View]
101057786Looks like Cruise kino is back on the menu boys.[View]
101057087The Ritual: This flick woulda been so awesome if it had Paulie and Christofaa lost in the woods inst…[View]
101057846where were you when skynet became a reality?: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Technological_singularit…[View]
101055157What trilogies do you think follow this pattern? The only one I can think of is the Vengeance Trilog…[View]
101056504I'll start: Rob Zombie is the greatest filmmaker of the last 20 years and The Lords of Salem is…[View]
101053282Is it kino?[View]
101051553What did you love/hate about the 10th Doctoe?[View]
101057027>your empire, Austria >and your other empire…[View]
101057787Thanks for shilling me this '''great''' movie service /tv/ Fuck off I want a refund[View]
101057714I know who you are and you are nothing. You think you are fucking something, but you are fucking not…[View]
101055995>Truly, for some men nothing is written unless ALLAH AKBAR, TAKBIR! jesus christ…[View]
101056680>In Vietnam, we killed women... children... heck, sometimes even babies…[View]
101057580Whats the /tv consensus on Bridget Regan?[View]
101054191Who is your favorite Jewish actress?[View]
101057142The Expanse characters that died too soon: This guy's performance was way too entertaining for …[View]
101057594Are any of the Fantastic Four movies good?[View]
101054130ITT: well-written Jewish characters[View]
101056373>watch a movie >something happens[View]
101056401Why exactly did Thanos wait for Gamora to attempt to get the stone on Knowhere? The only reason she …[View]
101049993/bb/ Big Brother 20: HOH: - Scottie Veto: - TBD Nominations: - Brett / Winston App Store Winner: Bay…[View]
101057407>you will never take nighttime walks by the river in freezing February weather together before co…[View]
101055122I just got watched the first episode of twin peaks. What the fuck did I just watch?[View]
101057621ITT: Movies that remind you of yourself.[View]
101057415Invictus: >This is the day our country went to the dogs! what did he mean by this?…[View]
101057252Will the full video of this lecture be ultra-Kino?[View]
101057575>Lol 'cumming' of age XD[View]
101056601Star Wars needs moments like this.[View]
101056799>character goes to a sauna >its a steam room with men wearing towels >naked fight ensues…[View]
101057486What did Marty Hart's daughter mean by this?[View]
101053799>My daddy is coming home on July 14th >My birthday is July 14th >I'm gonna see my dadd…[View]
101056178Just finished watching Twin Peaks season 2 episode 7, currently watching episode 8 Should i continue…[View]
101056358Best up and coming film directors?[View]
101057112>Childhood faps[View]
101050045>Solid flicks >Entertaining >Good action scenes >teaches kids good values like courage a…[View]
101057222>man falls in love with a whore >she kills him because she doesnt know how to love anymore Nic…[View]
101053649Will they shit on his origins or they'll let him stay as an alien in Godzilla 2?[View]
101056124/tv/'s opinion on this movie?[View]
101043239Reminder that Laurence Fishburne: was 38 in The Matrix[View]
101053175How can he defeat captain Marvel?[View]
101055425You have 300 millions dollars to do a fictional biopic like Barry Lyndon or Forest Gump. What'…[View]
101056425What are some good king of the hill episodes?[View]
101055960What happened to Harvey Harvey Harvey Dent and who was this new character?[View]
101042924>Character about to endure something painful >'Wait' >*chugs some hard liquor* >'Ok, go …[View]
101057214>The Revenant is shot with a single long take BASED[View]
101045616ITT: Characters with no chemistry and had forced romance Carla was such a massive killjoy with resti…[View]
101056159Itt: gif thread[View]
101056994>be wageslave >commuting to the toil on the subway >man next to me sneezes >forget to s…[View]
101057026>cylons only have 12 human models >if one of them gets found out, it gets compromised and beco…[View]
101055038Kutner/House: So was he murdered?[View]
101055610give me kino with that vibe[View]
101056347Mad Men Thread - Ms. Blankenship in Spaaaaace edition: Le'ts have a good ol' fashioned Mad…[View]
101057055What is your opinion of Aussie actress Teresa Palmer, A.K.A. KStew 2.0?[View]
101056865>the absolute fucking state of this board Whahappened?[View]
101054240what's better than this?[View]
101056973Cape-keeno or cap-pa-keeno a la cappuccino?[View]
101056963Nicholson > Leto > POWER GAP > Ledger[View]
101056760What movies properly portray how hard being a woman is in the current society?[View]
101053385What happened to his career?[View]
101052974>What's our vector, Victor? ITT quote from one movie (rather well known, it will make more s…[View]
101053527Post 90's Kino know one talks about.[View]
101055730I'm not even a feminist but this was edgy and unnecessary as fuck[View]
101056657Best Spider-man film[View]
101056652So was there a jawa hiding inside this thing or what?[View]
101054227>wears Fred Perry >favorite movie are: The Thing, Blade Runner, Escape from Le York is he , da…[View]
101055712Is it any good?[View]
101053726My energy has been shut down for 3 days straight and I'm stealing the neighbor's wi-fi. Re…[View]
101054267Who had the worst Will-They/Won't-They?[View]
101053529Christ this place went down hill fast after moot left didn't it?[View]
101056284Trailer tonight[View]
101054744UP IN THE CLUB[View]
101054581When did RLM peak?[View]
101056276>protagonist experiences an unpredictable sequence of events >it was part of the antagonists p…[View]
101053761>Kills your favourite franchise When will they end destroying everything that is good?…[View]
101050603Say it.[View]
101054987Harry Potters makes literally no sense: 1. How does this society of wizards follow the same politica…[View]
101055252>character returns to their hometown/city/planet for the first time in years >welcome home by …[View]
101054623It's Always Sunny in North Korea: What would the episode be about?[View]
101054767Just watched this movie and couldn't believe how much better it was than Snow White and the Hun…[View]
101055551Hi I'm Eric Roberts, you may remember me from such films as 'The Butcher' and 'Hansel & Gre…[View]
101055957Piloting the plane, he moves in circles. Rust has walked the road of ego death and is now preparing …[View]
101053209>nusimpsons was willing to mock the Apu doc Do you think they have the balls to mock Disney Star …[View]
101055895reminder that the X-Files ruined the Jersey Devil.[View]
101055387I don't know where to post this: There's a streamer on youtube who is basically Bob Ross r…[View]
101044454How was this overshadowed by the Office?[View]
101055209The Alamo (2004): It's Kino. Get over it. Want me to explain my working? Get in this thread....…[View]
101051470Goin' undercover's part of the gig, Ingrid.[View]
101055054>Wait a minute. 'Iron pen' - the 'iron' does not describe the ink in the pen, >it describes wh…[View]
101055795Why'd they have to make Danny McBride's character a cuck? Why did they have to have a scen…[View]
101055266Say it! The Prequels were a mistake!: >Be George Lucas >Make Star Wars trilogy that are super …[View]
101054948Would he have been happier if he did end up with Melfi?[View]
101055574I've long had the suspicion that, regardless of gender, there's just a huge gap in general…[View]
101051742Best anthros of Cinema, I'll start.[View]
1010549633x3 thread: Rate & hate, recommend. Give me your favourite lists, I want to see films that reson…[View]
101055228Is this a good movie to watch for non-fags (normal people)?[View]
101055183burori is back[View]
101055115>That Veronica Vaughn is one piece of ace[View]
101054093Who will they replace him with in the DCEU?[View]
101052151Is there any other movie besides Apollo 13, 2001 and Alien that doesn't have the stupid always-…[View]
101054314Is it as kino as /tv/ says it is?[View]
101054420>13 seasons >three white male leads >all female spinoff was not picked up how did Supernatu…[View]
101055329>Now that the dust has settled, who was in the wrong here?[View]
101053486The Hourglass Sanatorium: Anyone else seen this? Very curious what others think of it.[View]
101055300Years of prep, gone down the drain.[View]
101048699Why is Friedkin such a dick?[View]
101055119If you're raking the leaves and it gets all over your driveway, just hose it off dummy.[View]
101051823Just saw this today, and aside from all the wallowing it was pretty good.[View]
101054496Riget: When does this start to lift off? Watched the first hour and a half and nothing special about…[View]
101054986Right you are Harry[View]
101050635THE MOST TROUBLED SUPERHERO MOVIE PRODUCTIONS: Legal battles, creative differences, executive meddli…[View]
101052289Tell me about ALF The things you like: The things you hate: and overall consensus[View]
101054930>shits in your path[View]
101054712Why did they cancel this in favour of the odd crossover with MIB?[View]
101045738Dark Universe returns?[View]
101054205just marathoned the trailer, looks pretty good[View]
101054826>8 movies about transformers >zero movies about Go-Bots despite being the superior franchises…[View]
101053117Now that the dust has settled, can we all agree that this was far better than Justice League?[View]
101054548>that Boomer who waifus Winona Ryder[View]
101053281>Epic teaser comes out >Literally no one is talking about best Sabrina What the hell is wrong …[View]
101047023ITT. Kino official movie posters[View]
101054636>Malcolm Tucker >Mr Curry >Plays WHO doctor before playing Doctor WHO >he is also the be…[View]
101048642>tfw sneed posting has made Moe a meme[View]
101053745Wasn't there some kind of sci-fi western coming out? Did it already come out? Was it good?[View]
101053658And if one of them should, pat your behind, just make believe it's nothing. They earned it.[View]
101054287>jokes on him pissed on my hands. What did he meant by this?[View]
101051540> this is the movie standard stereotypical idea of an unattractive female Why is it always glasse…[View]
101041749Little Italy trailer is out, toys: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eCjkhFxNwUQ[View]
101047251Is your country obsessed with a tv show? Why do you think this happens? Guess my country.[View]
101054028Best tv/film performance so far this year?[View]
101053870watch american psycho many times and think: this is a cartoon of a large head man playing a sax its …[View]
101053602>Watching Shaun of the Dead >this line drops wtf. how was this allowed?…[View]
101050702The debts of Isengard will spread, and the banks of Buckland and Tookborough will declare bankruptcy…[View]
101053083Is Hawaii five-O good?[View]
101053608Judge Dredd... THE Judge Dredd...[View]
101050240How did this faggot became almost a cult type leader?[View]
101043596Whats the best movie with dinosaurs?[View]
101052496Give me a good reason on why I should get into Star Trek[View]
101053941Why did this movie bomb? Its like the ultimate Chad Kino.[View]
101053956whats some more fun autism core like drive[View]
101053937>We post the most underrated kino we can think of[View]
101051006*saves star wars again*[View]
101052376Hey /tv/ recommend a good movie. I like all genres except comedy and horror, because let's be h…[View]
101053893>white people can't da-[View]
101052434reminder that the X-Files ruined the Jersey Devil.[View]
101050633https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SmvuRJzads4 do 80 year old boomers really laugh at this?[View]
101053818>'S-So Anon, d-did you like Fallen Kingdom?'[View]
101051060>rapes her >she likes it Is Revenge of the Nerds problematic?…[View]
101053811What movie kills the best girl right away?[View]
101053809Was it tape?[View]
101049466Cast your Charlies Angels actresses. also who wins in an oil wrestling match between these 3?[View]
101052441You know what? I agree.[View]
101053165Now that the dust has settled was Fallen Kingdom really that bad?[View]
101050449>He drinks a regular Coca Cola while watching a movie Name me something better than a Coke Zero w…[View]
101053688Best Grindhouse films[View]
101049949Do Americans really clap and holler at the screen like toddlers when they watch television?[View]
101050154Will they ever educate themselves?[View]
101053185What did he mean by this?[View]
101052315will it be good?[View]
101053513for me it's enter the void[View]
101053480Hey, liberals... suck my dick.[View]
101051590Why isn't this aryan in more kino?: Are people intimidated by perfection again?[View]
101051820Live actor Monchhichi movie when?[View]
101046153Why didn't they just hyperspace ram it?[View]
101053138Post problematic tv shows and movies needs to be banned in modern progressive society[View]
101053143greatest actorman of all time[View]
101052616>horde of enemies show up >'We got company!'…[View]
101053094why are sketch shows so hit or miss?[View]
101051232What are some films about BDSM?[View]
101053068Sorry to Bother You: >DUDE >HORSES >LMAO Overall I thought it was pretty alright, but lost …[View]
101044347Anybody else seen Hocus Pocus?[View]
101052703>silly story >ludicrous plot >bland acting >shallow characters >laughable practical e…[View]
101052927As quick finisher, when Rocket calls his crew a bunch of morons, Thor follows it with 'I bid you far…[View]
101052877>I don't know who you are. I don't know what you want. >If you are looking for ranso…[View]
101051900You'd think they get a real dark web user to help them with the movie[View]
101050916Sherlock: Why do people like this garbage?[View]
101051988Just try and name a worse 2nd movie in a planned trilogy.[View]
10105283195 degrees in Paris[View]
101044114Warning: This propaganda film turned me into a vegetarian. Do NOT watch it if you love eating meat.…[View]
101052218Was 2049 Warner Bros.' prestige picture for 2017?[View]
101052823Would you come inside Robin Williams?[View]
101052138LA > New York[View]
101052794Daily reminder: Skyscraper is the climax to Farewell to Nostradamus stretched out to feature length …[View]
101031090Why the 'human falls in love with a monster' stories are always human female with monster male? Why …[View]
101050007Commercial hate thread: How does it go? Oh yeah I remember Screw it[View]
101047051WebM Thread[View]
101052671What's wrong with a swedish laywer?[View]
101051319Could this have worked ?[View]
101052023Is goku a good role model for kids?[View]
101051161Dear Fellas[View]
101051972How will the end of game of thrones and the burning wreck that is Solo affect her career?[View]
101048405Post unironic boomer-core TV[View]
101050554Miranda Cosgrove: I want her as my girlfriend since icarly[View]
101050806/lbg/: Letterboxd thread: post profiles and discuss what you have recently watched QOTD: what do yo…[View]
101052458What are some good belgian movies?[View]
101052451Does The Joker Masturbate?[View]
101049451>get promoted to cook at my job >make subtle breaking bad 'lets cook' puns…[View]
101052391Does she have a future in Hollywood after Kanye destroyed her musical career?[View]
101050355>I'm putting a team together.[View]
101052281Gal Gadot[View]
1010500553 2 3 4 4 2 3 AND![View]
101052302Name a more kino war[View]
101049992HOLY DIMES[View]
101051206M-more threads your grace?[View]
101052279he STARES and STARS fall down fuck this movie.[View]
101052240>Villain opens suitcase expecting sought after item >It's a bomb instead…[View]
101052112Adventure Time >Yall all gay[View]
101050238Do you have any idea who you're sneeding from?[View]
101050300>I hated them.[View]
101048482What?! No way![View]
101051593How do I get a gf like her?[View]
101047004>Entire structure of their criticism is nitpicking inconsequential details and saying whether or …[View]
101051786>be me >go to atmos cinema >atmos demo playing >30 boomer goes wow and turn his head …[View]
101043667lmao, average TWD fans[View]
101044961Did any of you ever watch Cougar Town on ABC?[View]
101050839Yes, we do carry the Autistic Fucks series >Number 23, the Vampire Board? Got it. >Number 24, …[View]
101050757ANTI ISRAEL KINO[View]
101047125Westworld: Is season 2 worth watching?[View]
101050220I hate this whore. Why couldnt she realize that Michel obviously loved her? Why was she so obsessed …[View]
101050914Rodan Leaked from Godzilla King of the Monsters[View]
101050107How is this not a meme: How is this picture of Julia Roberts not a meme???[View]
101050803Meme's aside: What the Fuck Went Wrong?[View]
101050896>Mary Queen of Scots >Speaks with a Scottish accent Dropped…[View]
101049611Recommend me a show /tv/ I was looking at 'The Magicians', is it any good?[View]
101051411WHOEVER IN THE GODZILLA THREAD YESTERDAY THAT TOLD ME TO WATCH THIS: Go fuck yourself it was garbage…[View]
101050799I'm an idiot sandwich Chef[View]
101051034is this good[View]
101050873do you think joe rogan regrets staring in this?[View]
101051356What did you think of this movie?[View]
101049461ey rick m'askusum[View]
101046934Was it good?[View]
101051211>GO TO HELL What did Dale mean by this?[View]
101044960Is it bombing?[View]
101039187i want to get into Star Trek, where do i start[View]
101050601Good movies that got bad reviews: >make funny, visually stunning movie with enjoyable characters …[View]
101051230'You cant make a War Movie starring only 4 Actor-' *It aint Sheev starts playing [View]
101051082>It's a post-Apocalypse show >Everyone murders everyone to take their shit >There is a…[View]
101046586FRIENDS: What makes Friends so comfy? Also Ross was the best Friend[View]
101051020>where did you get this information detective? Another one of your 'CI's…[View]
101050925What are some actors/actresses that have been through traumatic experiences?[View]
101050716Conan is a tough message to swallow because it ultimately says steel and flesh are not the most impo…[View]
101050680Legion? more like absolute kinography amirite?[View]
101048410that meat was fucking raw[View]
101049514what's the movie equivalent of this kino?[View]
101050637Was he misunderstood?[View]
101050599ALERT - ALERT - ALERT Jean Reno is in coma[View]
101049158how did he put up with her[View]
101048581Brad Bird: Why doesn't he direct more movies? Ghost Protocol was really good.[View]
101050559Why does teevee hate when an actor is handsome, but also hate when an actor is ugly? There's no…[View]
101038732/trek/ 7/9 edition: I really enjoyed her arc. If fact, I believe it to be one of the fiercest in the…[View]
101049800Are you looking forward to Scooby-Doo and Guess Who, where they just meet guest stars every episode?[View]
101049896What am I in for?[View]
101050051What ever happened to that spanking drama? I remember a few years ago one of those television TV net…[View]
101047825Surprisingly good horror flick. Any other comfy horror gems from the early to mid 80s?[View]
101048529Why do fatties love this character so much? They always seem to have an ursula tattoo somewhere[View]
101048031Why arent there more redheads in movies?[View]
101048876ITT: Most underrated actors[View]
101050410He did nothing right[View]
101049264What some other Scottish kinos?[View]
101040357I loved this movie till the end. The way the father decided to kill one of the family members was re…[View]
101048067So we all agree right, they were pure kino?[View]
101049375Why is she the cutest ever?[View]
101050247What's the verdict?[View]
101050098is this the best thing that happened to television in recent years[View]
101049589ITT: comfiest theater experiences >be me >go to local mall with gf >hang out there for like…[View]
101047808Whatever happened to this kino connoisseur?[View]
101034381I don't understand what was so wrong with what he said[View]
101050072>watching Todd Margaret >see a cameo by our lord and savior Timothy James Byrne…[View]
101049425Why do we hate this shit again? I mean, aside from all the general globohomo shit, my biggest compla…[View]
101048345wtf i hate white people now[View]
101049259Why is he depressed and retiring?[View]
101046123>I'm sorry Ma'am, but I reckon God doesn't dress like a faggot.…[View]
101045122What did you think of Patrick Stewart's performance in Logan?[View]
101049843So, what did you guys think? RT seem to love it.[View]
101048233I will not ask if she can beat Superman (of course she can), but here's a real question: can Ca…[View]
101048531Does this mean only white men will play white male characters, white women will play white female ch…[View]
101049866SORRY TO BOTHER YOU: i FUCKING saw this movie last night and it was great. what did you fucking norm…[View]
101049712Are you looking forward to The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina?[View]
101045814how can one woman be so perfect[View]
101038851Emma Stone: She's the greatest actress to ever exist. Change my mind.[View]
101049149>It's not what you're expecting. What did they mean by this?[View]
101046125I was watching Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, and I recognized the building in the background a…[View]
101048787White Males: Why aren't blacks and women flocking to see this really good film?[View]
101049103Wells, Trees, Rocks.... all graffitied by those conducting dark and dangerous rituals. People have c…[View]
101045367Who is the best actor?[View]
101049630What are some movies about depression?[View]
101048196Duane's new flick is getting rekt at the box office by the second sequel to fucking HOTEL TRANS…[View]
101040993Every decade you have like one movie that sets the trend for the next couple of years. Early 2000s e…[View]
101048011I really liked both blade runner movies. Is there anything like it I should watch? Please, nothing w…[View]
101042779How was Wednesday so based at such a young age?[View]
101049511>daniel night lewis[View]
101049366>I demand a purple lighsaber[View]
101048648https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LLXQcMEtoEw Who will play Guts in the inevitable movie? Henry?[View]
101047709Cast them.[View]
101042781>Your honor, the suspect didn't vaccinate her child! How can anyone be so stupid? Clearly sh…[View]
101046571>the matrix and forest gump entered the national film Registry before pulp fiction…[View]
101042302i can feel it down in my plums[View]
101048109Taylor Hill: When will she star in a film? If Abbey Lee broke through, so can she.[View]
101047963It's just good business.[View]
101049272Is Richie Durwald even a real person ?: I can’t find any information on him or atleast someone who i…[View]
101047213The OC: Comfy pool house thread.[View]
101049196ITT: animated movies kino[View]
101042765Should girls be able to play girls(male)?[View]
101045356Why was it so hated?[View]
101048596Kaiju films: The best.[View]
101049106Funniest marvel movie: Am I the only one that thinks this was the funniest Marvel movie or at least …[View]
101048812What really happens to chuck cunningham in happy days?[View]
101043504>http://ew.com/movies/2018/07/13/bumblebee-decepticon-trackers-first-look/ IT'S HAPPENING. D…[View]
101034039/bb/ Big Brother 20: HOH: - Scottie Veto: - TBD Nominations: - Brett / Winston App Store Winner: Bay…[View]
101046618NON _ _ _ _ _ THREAD: Who's he yelling at, /tv/?[View]
101049096>Watch Sicario 2 in theaters 'Hey that's pretty good' >Decide to watch Sicario 1 >Ful…[View]
101048237Do not wear that outfit again: >C’mon, you’re prettier than that…[View]
101047943Is... is this the Evangelion of Star Wars?: Is... is this the Evangelion of Star Wars?[View]
101048885>Finn is reduced to being Rose's comic relief sidekick in TLJ >Finn finally gets a scene …[View]
101047277>ancient sumerian text >sumerians didn't even have paper >or book binding Seriously...…[View]
101047955>american ''''''cinematography''''''[View]
101048733>switches on tv >starts with news channel, always from the start of a breaking news…[View]
101048961I go all over. I take people to the Bronx, Brooklyn, I take 'em to Harlem. I don't care. D…[View]
101045661God dammit Rasputin, that little stunt you pulled with my wife has got the nobility breathing down m…[View]
101045133favourite director?[View]
101048331Can we all agree Lumet is criminally underrated?[View]
101044564What is this expression trying to convey.[View]
101048254Holy shit, man.[View]
101048131oh i’m not gonna kill ya[View]
101048695darkness: Can anyone here think of a scene in a movie where somebody says 'DARKNESS' in a really dra…[View]
101047222*saves western civilization*[View]
101043466It's summer, why don't you go outside instead of staring at a screen all day long?[View]
101048111>All she had to do was wait 15 minutes for the people who wanted to help her to get someone else …[View]
101034113Are they right?[View]
101047443The Superman curse strikes again.[View]
101045776So we all know the movie is inevitable. I'm sure there's some Jew in Hollywood writing the…[View]
101043779Who's your favorite comedian? For me, it's Theo Von[View]
101047757ITT: Commercial kino. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8-IqNY88hmw[View]
101045060Should I watch this[View]
101040764Actually how did they get away with this[View]
101048392>X: That's the real question isn't it: why? The how and the who is just scenery for the…[View]
101047541For me it’s Zooey Deschanel.[View]
101047321I CHALLENGE[View]
101047228ITT: Amazing endings.[View]
101048263Could this scene be allowed today?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PKkN7o4k_gM[View]
101048239Rectify Sucks: Tried watching this (seasons 1 and 2) - thought it was needlessly edgy and tryhard, l…[View]
101043436/got/ Joffrey edition: What kind of diagnosis did Joffrey suffer from? Was he a victim of circumstan…[View]
101048108>show starts out great >tfw it turns into shit why does this always happen?…[View]
101048064What are some good belgian movies[View]
101045336get a load of THESE[View]
101045071Are all SJW as selfish and mean as Lady Bird? She didn't suffer a single consequence from any o…[View]
101047219what’s your favorite /tv/ themed food?[View]
101047464Remember Overanalyzers on Cinemassacre.com?: https://youtu.be/r9XTnXeuU2A[View]
101045197why is all the president's men considered the best newspaper film?[View]
101046242Wanna buy some meth?[View]
101045306Same thing[View]
101046309could a fortnite movie work? it would be entertaining and simple and people would definitely pay to …[View]
101045524*blocks your path*[View]
101046635How do you make an official poster look less legit than fanart?[View]
101047608What the fuck was his problem?[View]
101047756Who will play him in the inevitable biopic?[View]
101045806Is it impossible for a TV show to reach these numbers now-a-days? Even a show on a non-cable network…[View]
101047772For me? It's Colin Quinn![View]
101047656Do you agree with Amaliach, /tv/?[View]
101047510So I have already seen hereditary but I wanted to watch it with this girl I have just begun dating. …[View]
101033116Who is the best and most hateable antagonist of the last decade, and why is it Chuck?[View]
101046926>18 years of routine inspections and not once did anyone check behind the poster How the fuck is …[View]
101042016 [View]
101043105What movie/tv show is this?[View]
101045313YOU THINK YOU CAN MESS WITH ME???!!![View]
101043681CMERE YOU FUCK OFF[View]
101046802ITT Things your parents say during movies >hallucination/abstract dream sequence >Dad goes 'ts…[View]
101047273>letting murderers go free Do Americans really do this?[View]
101047187>dreaming >Rashida jones is in highschool with me >Remember that I'm 27 and shouldn…[View]
101043694>great film. terrible fanbase what are they[View]
101043945>Slippin' Jimmy with a law degree? Is like a nigger with a machine gun Woah Chuck woah…[View]
101047345What are some patrician horror films?[View]
101040686>Leia's mother dies due to lack of will to live >'LMAO such bullshit! Lucas is a hack! No…[View]
101047232The only girl qualified to play Lara Croft.[View]
101030735>the most violently leftwing movie ever made is finally getting the sequel it deserves that will …[View]
101043795Look up a finale more kino than this one. Protip: You can't.[View]
101040927Why was Sonny Corleone cheating on his qt wife with this absolute hamplanet?[View]
101043665>almost got killed by a group of Vancover-Vietnamese gang Damn those gooks really didn't wan…[View]
101047237Is this correct?[View]
101045184what are italians up to these days[View]
101041485Kylo Ren got shot in the gut like a few days ago. Where is the damage?! Nice Continuity.[View]
101047149>browsing catalog >see thread >think of a funny response to OP >see it has more than 20 …[View]
101047041...who the hell DID he hit?[View]
101044569Are there any good films about Bigfoot that are successful as a horror film? I want to watch one, bu…[View]
101046087Night of the Living Dead Remake: Is this one of the first instances of feminism altering a movie? Ba…[View]
101045853What do you think about the retcon? Is he a replicant?[View]
101047119So the Jordan Peterson Bane meme may actually come true.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_pRvutf1n1…[View]
101047073I'M EMMY NOMINATED RICK: https://www.indiewire.com/2018/07/rick-and-morty-emmy-pickle-rick-epis…[View]
101045864am i /tv/core?: hello my friends, i didnt know this board exist, i only hang around in lit, mu and f…[View]
101044516What are your thoughts on the 00s /co/? >>[View]
101043887What did Pullo mean by this?[View]
101045648Which movie to watch?: I am bored and alone for once. Need to watch a movie. Below are my choices. P…[View]
101022287/tpg/ – The Official One Worldwide TWIN PEAKS GENERAL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jz9-gpeDMO0…[View]
101045910Hello friend.[View]
101046776Here I am, once again, feeling lost but now and then I breathe it in to let it go. And you don'…[View]
101043209Star Wars The Last Jedi was a good movie and Rhian Johnson is a talented Director. You're just …[View]
101046715What Ruined It?: The overeager teen fanbase? Lack of Testosterone? Redditors? Villenueve's Arth…[View]
101044762Good movie if you're bored (no shill, it's not meant to be free, inb4 not available). http…[View]
101042137Why do people like Fraiser? He's a pompous, insufferable ass. He walks around the entire time l…[View]
101045659Ivan Ortega's The Last Jedi Edit: Anyone else seriously looking forward to this guy's edit…[View]
101032345Wheel of Time tv series? Canceled :([View]
101046480Move over 'Get Out' and 'Black Panther' true Afro-Kino is back[View]
101040888This movie was good up until they found David on the planet. Then it turned to shit. Prometheus was …[View]
101044718Soul-lessness: Tell me about the soul-lessness of Japanese.[View]
101046312what are some blackpilled movies?[View]
101039327Calm down, Hollywood. Also, cast them.[View]
101046273What am I in for?[View]
101045011Is there any better combination than Zimmer and Nolan?[View]
101046034Is this the best performance in both TV and Cinema this year?[View]
101045319fuck this nasally annoying cunt and fuck her stupid ass baby her accent hurts my ears and im austral…[View]
101043059Avengers 4: It's pretty damn certain that the plot's going to be the Avengers time traveli…[View]
101046073Will America ever again make their own original Tokusatsu or Power Ranger style show without recycli…[View]
101041805ITT: dead careers[View]
101044198Is there more annyoing bitch than this bitch? I hoped, after season 1, that her stupid plot will end…[View]
101044851Farrah Abraham[View]
101045729Is Leonidas a sōyboy?[View]
101041567What Went Wrong?[View]
101044608Neytiri is...[View]
101044872what are some scenes with women similar to this one?[View]
101033979>*stands up, walks up to ornellia without saying a word, backhands her across the face so hard sh…[View]
101045006pale nimbus, white[View]
101043306Once Upon a Time in Hollywood: this movie is starting to look promising, is it actually going to be …[View]
101045054Best movie quotes: pic related[View]
101039826Black mirror shut up and die: Anyone else feel like this episode hit them kind of hard? People on ot…[View]
101045212Imagine being Henry Cavill just for one day[View]
101045312I CHALLENGE...[View]
101044931>this was 'groundbreaking' in the 90s What are some other movies with graphics that aged like shi…[View]
101042839fucking bitch[View]
101042925Why did he do it?[View]
101031228Name one(1) thing he did wrong Hard mode: Nothing to do with his children[View]
101044086Does your favorite element have a movie or TV show focusing on it?[View]
101044434What are the movies that best describe this picture?[View]
101043557What was the point of this scene?[View]
101042106y was she so smol?[View]
101041799What's the worst thing you've ever done in a movie theater?[View]
101042866what does it mean?[View]
101044936Did I like it?[View]
101040694Well, lets do this[View]
101044911>Stannis told me, but I didn't thi-..[View]
101044043Specific Appocalypse movies?: are there any movies like 'A Quiet Place' that have really s…[View]
101044708Why is the CW network so popular? Literally every show on it is unwatchable garbage.[View]
101044594Why do the spiderman actors keep on getting worse?[View]
101044360>fifth page of street signs freezes and won’t advance >Jimi Hendrix - All Along the Watchtower…[View]
101039934>Hey anon I made you something! What do?[View]
101039401who's in the wrong here[View]
101035346Thoughts on Rooney Mara eating pie for four minutes? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KvlRbZiR-Lc…[View]
101043050Webm Thread[View]
101044511Times that /tv/ was right: /tv/ shilled for this so hard I actually watch this and it wasnt that bad…[View]
101043061Real life Mike Myers is turning into movies Mike Myers[View]
101035742Will they ever make another film with an all-male cast?[View]
101040948ITT: shows that became so shit that people forgot that earlier seasons of the show were actually pro…[View]
101043455>I could really go for a slice of Papa John's right about now.[View]
101043571RIP sweet prince: 74 years of age Peacefully at home.[View]
101044192>calls them out >suddenly joe pesci doesn't get anymore roles really noggings my coggins…[View]
101043500/lbg/ - Letterboxd General: RATE. DISCUSS. WATCH. RECOMMEND. QotD: What are some kinos about the Ro…[View]
101040192Why do Stacies go crazy about this movie?[View]
101041955Umm so just about to experience this kinography, what should i expect lads?[View]
101044291Who wore it better?[View]
101038023Gonna dern ya edition: L O S T[View]
101042840So Board James was a criminal on death row who was using his last years to torture the souls of his …[View]
101042031Hannah Gadsby: Hannah Gadsby is on her way to become the biggest and most idiocyncratic comedian in …[View]
101044110thoughts on this masterpiece?[View]
101030870What the FUCK happened?[View]
101043441Was he truly possessed by Andy Kaufman's spirit?[View]
101040946>browsing instagram and facebook on fake accounts because I dont have social media because I don…[View]
101042260Is this the ultimate comfycore show?[View]
101043868What's his endgame?[View]
101041304What would the reaction be if Ace Ventura came out today?[View]
101043800hey tevee niggas i got one question >when does the narwhal bacon??[View]
101033220Will Marvel maintain their success past Infinity War 2?[View]
101043456Who was in the wrong here?[View]
101043429Leave Bane to me: 'ate Jokers 'ate Penguins 'ate Riddlers 'ate Scarecrows Love m…[View]
101042366American Dad: Did they do a gag where he accidentally killed Bin-Laden? I dont know if its in my hea…[View]
101037598Remember: Why are there some shows ive watched an entire season and dont remember much but a select …[View]
101041123How did Cameron do it?[View]
101040334I feel a great disturbance in the force[View]
101041920This show was so good. >character related was so based Why did you never watched Deadwood anon ?…[View]
101042201Are there any movies that deal with the passage of time and the feeling of unfulfillment and dissati…[View]
101041258Who was in the wrong here?[View]
101043235>well, john wasn't egsactly the boogiman What did he mean by this?…[View]
101042470Since you're such capeshit enthusiast /tv/, tell me what's the difference between Marvel a…[View]
101042275was it kino?[View]
101042620the great debate[View]
101041602Anyone else here who thinks that Thanos was actually a good guy? He really had a good point about th…[View]
101035985I’ve seen Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, 500 Days of Summer and Blue Valentine. What else sh…[View]
101041006Stop Blaming Rian for Everything: >Here’s what I think I know. J. J. wrote Episode VII, as well a…[View]
101036042why do matt stone and trey parker hate Family Guy so much?[View]
101042313How did X-men manage to be capekino when every other superhero franchise turned into capeshit?[View]
101040803Terrorist explosion in Sicario 2: was it really nesscacary?[View]
101021151What happened?[View]
101042800Was he an allegory for Donald Trump?[View]
101035216>his tenth and final film will be a star trek reboot yikes[View]
101041548Not only was this movie shit, it didn't make any sense in relation to Infinity Wars. Give me a …[View]
101041692>ANOTHER Netflix production makes references to interracial cuckolding Why is Netflix so based br…[View]
101042523Brought to you from your friends at The Weinstein Company.[View]
101022400Post Staceys getting BTFO[View]
101042477Stand back invincible Avenger husband: *dies in the 1st movie*[View]
101039500Was it kino? How would you recast it if you were put in charge of making a remaster?[View]
101030203How realistic is this map? Would the states actually be divided up like this irl?[View]
101041638What are some kinos with this feel?[View]
101033687DUM DUM DUM DUM DUM[View]
101042345Gabagool?! Ova Here!!![View]
101041175Mein Fuhrer I CAN POST[View]
101041405>I hated them.[View]
101040416Americans will never understand red dwarf.[View]
101041893Legal High: How an western series compete?[View]
101021119Write him a one-liner[View]
101041998What are you hoping for the most from the Metal Gear Solid movie?[View]
101040359Charlie's Angels: Thoughts on Charlie's Angels 1 & 2? Which one is your favorite girl?…[View]
101022875Confess /tv/ related sins[View]
101039000Is it worth watching?[View]
101041282/KDRAMA/ Recommendations: I know /tv/ like Korean Movies, but what about Korean Dramas?[View]
101030851>Did you see the way Emil's looking at Mindy? Hoo-hoo, I think something's going on the…[View]
101041463HUGE JACKEDMAN: What? I thought Jackedman was a manlet? you lied to me /tv/[View]
101041564excelsior ps stan[View]
101041465Maybe the powerful friends will make an appearance in Season 8 to avenge the tragic loss of Jason Sl…[View]
101041620>directed by michael bay[View]
101041267What would you have done?[View]
101040653Who will play him in the inevitable biopic[View]
101040415Where can I get a t-shirt that shows my absolute disdain for Game of Thrones Also, GoT is for plebs …[View]
101039224Doctor Who on Twitch: So now that Torchwood is confirmed to air on Twitch starting tomorrow, what…[View]
101035500the only good thing in the Rock' skyscraper.: qt 3.14[View]
101041350And Another Thing...: Why are people saying Rian changed hyperspace from being a different dimension…[View]
101003042Friday the 13th thread because it's Friday the 13th >favorite overall movie >favorite kil…[View]
101034051Why was Ron Paul such a homophobe in Brüno?[View]
101041389I'm sexually attracted to Legendary's Godzilla: I watched all the old movies as a kid but …[View]
101029709ITT: We draw scenes and anons guess which movie it's from[View]
101041388James Cullen Bressack: /Tv/why are all schlock horror directors this sleazy looking? They claim to b…[View]
101041062Janny here. Just going to Page 10. Don't post anything here or I'll delete it[View]
101041150Why didn't they pay him?[View]
101041024Fuck that was depressing.[View]
101039380Depressed as Hell: Just saw this in a theater. People (gen z stoned girls and annoying hipsters) wer…[View]
101038973Survivor 38 Returnee Spoiler: That 'returnees do poorly' rumor is true but kind of irrelev…[View]
101040753Can we talk about how incredible this film is?[View]
101041252Why do cinema tickets cost so damn much nowadays? Back in 2005 it costed me like 10 bucks to watch a…[View]
101040077Why was Marge buying this?[View]
101040281what the fuck[View]
101040882Erik Hayden - CEO: someone please explain this skit to me[View]
101040906what is the PopSocket of television and film?[View]
101014696You do not understand. But you will.[View]
101040403Why do they hate each other so much?[View]
101036248>Garfield looks cartoonish >Odie looks like a real-life dog WHY?…[View]
101038302Why does this cunt keep trying to pretend that he's an average Australian? https://www.youtube.…[View]
101036836Peyton Roi List: Is she deliberately trying to get fired by Disney?[View]
101040821why are modern japanese movies so shit[View]
101039365What would you do here if you were Cyril?[View]
101040873>villain is actually the good guy[View]
101038543If there was two change I could make to The Last Jedi that would at least give the next movie someth…[View]
101036320The original is by far one of the most intelligent films I've seen. I'm afraid to watch th…[View]
101031751god damn[View]
101040863Who was in the wrong here?[View]
101040824*blocks your path*[View]
101040825How is his face still intact?[View]
101037546This movie was right. MLK was a joke. Fear of Malcom X is how change was implemented[View]
101040818How did they get away with this.[View]
101035778Why is she so God-damn unlikable? I just can't put my finger on it, but my stomach turns immedi…[View]
101039099uhhh, Seth? what the fuck?[View]
101039988You think Mike Wazowskis girlfriend ever had her snake hair go up his ass?[View]
101039978I saw a lenghty review of Vertigo yesterday on TCM, done by Claude Chabrol (famous French director).…[View]
101040725Ist that Ivana Trump?![View]
101039742Thought this was actually pretty exceptional. Very high concept with good execution. Kind of hurt to…[View]
101040204Drive 2: Sequel when?[View]
101034884If you could spend one drunken night and chill hangover morning with one actor or actress, who would…[View]
101031822Has there been a bigger unJUST than Wahlberg?[View]
101040676How do we inject Dwayne Johnson into every film like a virus?[View]
101040655Hello, I didn't see you there.[View]
101040314>two old men start fighting >classic music starts playing…[View]
101030097>Jodelle Ferland is now having to do ads on instagram Oh noes[View]
101040337ITT: actors you stopped liking because everyone started to like them[View]
101039762New Pizzakino trailer with Ben Foster and Elle Fanning: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3XFKu8UNi7I…[View]
101037947was it kino?[View]
101039112What are some good boxing movies? Raging Bull>Rocky prove me wrong[View]
101039867What was the point of his character?[View]
101038314What went wrong?[View]
101039496If you're so good /tv/, tell me how you would make a horror movie based off Jingle Bells[View]
101040121For me? Its Daisy Ridley[View]
101032245What the fuck is wrong with people? That’s like getting mad at a normal person playing the part of a…[View]

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