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90538515>aint nobody gonna take the ring from me, only thing theyll taking is an ass whooping what did ne…[View]
90538279Is asianwashing a problem in modern films?[View]
90539022'Villains' who did nothing wrong[View]
90538874This is one of the best directed films of all time: a real 10/10 on Zack Snyder's part. You may…[View]
90536650A giant spider would have been better than Steppenwolf[View]
90539078Un-ironically one of the best scenes in the history of cinema. Just a shame it's from a very me…[View]
90539564Is this a good show about roman times?[View]
90539250>'THAT is an ORDER!'[View]
90538271>Warner Bros to introduce streaming service. DC, LEGO, and a James Potter prequel series announce…[View]
90533344Walking Dead: What is this shit? What happened to Rick? Is this now the Neegan show?[View]
90539432What's your favorite piece in her filmography?[View]
90533418Remember me?[View]
90537028Ill try spinning, thats a good trick.[View]
90538925Cersei:: What's next for /our girl/?[View]
90537068Next cinematic universe: >Power Rangers had a better RT score than Justice League >Sequel mig…[View]
90538076I had to look away from the screen most of the time because it was so intense, fucking hell![View]
90538774Why are there so many leaks coming out about Justice League? Why does the special effects crew seem …[View]
90537900Its just one giant sex metaphor, right?[View]
90539152Why is Leia's nose so big in the Last Jedi?[View]
90537724whoever recommended this to me... thanks based patrician-bro [View]
90539053>movie is set in LA[View]
90539110Hello, I'm here to ruin your franchise[View]
90534041Your favorite movie now has a soundtrack made by only Mac DeMarco: Is it better or worse?[View]
90535698Vice Principals Deleted Scenes: https://youtu.be/qvqa_pReeXM Should these have been kept in?[View]
90538942Rocky or Rambo?[View]
90535864HEAT OF THE MOMENT[View]
90538029I want the Turbo Man action figure with the arms and legs that move and the boomerang shooter and …[View]
90538958Why is Hitler still be very much a perrenial TV icon if (((they))) are pretty much in control of the…[View]
90534284Is anyone else frustrated to tears with the way they handled this garbage? This should've been …[View]
90535152When you bait the enemy into removing their best director with one of your own and he ruins the film…[View]
90535227Doctor Who Leaks: So tell me, I heard there were leaks, could you guys give me the rundown on FemDoc…[View]
90537633>Seasons 5-7 are a dumpster fire >Season 8 is surprisingly good again >Euthanize the show w…[View]
90538725RIP Della Reese Press F to pay your respects[View]
90538606>You know in America it's 'bling, bling,' but out here it's 'bling, bang.' eh bru T.I.A…[View]
90538238You are in the club and this guy walks up to your girlfriend and slaps her ass. What do you do?[View]
90538590Curb Your Enthusiasm S09E08: >Larry David was right all along[View]
90537772Super Dark Times trailer: >you'll never an Allison Bannister https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
90537940Did he love his family?[View]
90505597Press F.[View]
90537668*inhales deeply*[View]
90537459There is nothing wrong with this cast: Seriously. Cavill is the best Superman we've had onscre…[View]
90537948There was a The Shining thread last night. I’ve been rewatching the movie and the mini series to get…[View]
90514821How do we fix our franchise, lads? Marvelcucks stay out.[View]
90538300ITT: Shit movies that legitimately have only one good scene https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JbGL6bed…[View]
90537982RIP Della Reese and her pinky toe ;_;[View]
90538309What is it that Thor Ragnarok has that makes it so much better than justice league in the eyes of th…[View]
90534461What happens to Maisie's career after GOT ends?[View]
90538043>Joe 'I watch cuckold porn' Rogan What did you think of the episode /tv/ ?…[View]
90538259One of these[View]
90518265>beautiful >oozes charisma >seems to be a genuinely nice person >good actor >is co…[View]
90538052>Attention all single movie theater patrons. The no singles policy is in effect for all films exc…[View]
90536077I am going to see this today.[View]
90535888>Lmao DC is dead >haha press F >JUST >it's gonna flop isn't it Total producti…[View]
90536186Why do people insist on sexualizing this scene? Fingering is a legitimate term used for music. https…[View]
90537397Frankly /tv/ Dear, I don't give a damn[View]
90528382This show isn't actually good and people are just memeing it right?[View]
90535812Anon, give us an idea that appeals to the Chinese market and has huge potential for merchandising[View]
90535324Watchable copy of JL: >https://thepiratebay.org/torrent/19099889/Justice_League_2017_NEW_HD-TS_X2…[View]
90533050Sean Penn: What are your favourite Sean Penn kinos?[View]
90535491How to end a capeshit: Most superhero movies take a dip in the third act, but can we adress the thin…[View]
90537490So I'm kinda confused is BIlly Russo dead at the end of the Punisher or not.. ? https://www.you…[View]
90534150Can someone give me a quick rundown on what the fuck did I just watch?[View]
90536342How did they make babies?[View]
90535200Why is he so willing to throw it all away?[View]
90537688Has anyone got the edit?[View]
90531577>tfw its a Francis Academy episode[View]
90531027What are some good shows to get in the spirit of comfy 70s/80s/90s Britain/UK? Things I've seen…[View]
90537716>action scene >see some coat hangers >leave/turn off movie…[View]
90537390There's nothing worse than good ideas executed poorly.[View]
90536852Whichever side you lie on the Marvel vs DC rivalry, just admit it: Steppenwolf looked fucking COOL a…[View]
90535740good film or memes?[View]
90537429GoT Catchup: I didn't watch this season of GoT because I didn't want to watch Westeros get…[View]
90535991/curb/: what's his endgame?[View]
90536409Gremlins: So if you feed this past midnight it turns into an American?[View]
90537408What the fuck is this guys best movie?[View]
90535670Auditions: Post auditions from film and TV, both successful and preferably not so successful. For th…[View]
90534757Kevin Tsujihara is ruining Warner Bros.: How do we stop him?[View]
90530501Meet the new Batman.[View]
90530897THE LOGIC IS DOOMED: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q3hDdVmTmeU HE CANNOT BE SERIOUS! ANGRYJOE DID …[View]
90536853It's a cooking episode!! >oh no it's chemotherapy and the baby…[View]
90526722Will he replace the Rock as the last big muscled old school action hero?[View]
90536687>Villains are white >They're portrayed as pure evil without any redeeming qualities or ju…[View]
90536776enjoy a tour of 'Harry Potter the Exhibition': enjoy a tour of 'Harry Potter the Exhibition' https:/…[View]
90506893wtf i love minecraft now https://youtu.be/u1r2HdqvwqE[View]
90537012Look, man I've got certain information alright? Certain things have come to light, and uh, ya k…[View]
90535538Who was right?[View]
90531939Was it kino?[View]
90531430Good Night Sweet Bard: Sources say that Spoony may not live through the night. Let us all come toget…[View]
90532588I think we can all agree she is a terrible actress, right?[View]
90536258>ITT films that bridge the autism-chad gap while scaring away stacy's and normies.…[View]
90536380What are the best comedy movies?: I'd prefer something that hits you with a lot of jokes instea…[View]
90535733How can they recover: DCEU is dead right? BvS and JL were supposed to be the biggest fucking blockbu…[View]
90535896Fist of the North Star: This unexpectedly had the most sad and beautiful movie ending of all time. N…[View]
90535260ITT: Your own head cannon: For instance, I like to pretend Batman Forever is a prequel to Batman V S…[View]
90530011Lena Dunham has admitted to molesting her baby sister. Why is she still allowed to work in Hollywood…[View]
90531245Unpopular opinion thread[View]
90529409Why is the only relatable character the black kid?[View]
90536260Will we ever get a good World War II movie? I fucking love Hitler and National Socialism is a god ti…[View]
90533163What will it take for audiences to take a chance on original content? >nostalgic setting >the…[View]
90535627For me? It's Colin Quinn![View]
90533431characters that are literally you[View]
90521296Ozark: Why was it so fucking good?[View]
90534903How would these boys handle a rapist in Mayberry?[View]
90535730I just watched this and a girl I like is asking my opinion on it. Did I like it?[View]
90532292Why is half this board filled with Marvel vs DC garbage and why isn't this banned and redirecte…[View]
90535829What the fuck was their problem?[View]
90529225this is the best capeshit prove me wrong[View]
90536250Heroine and Cocaine Princess[View]
90535137Mask you summon...[View]
90536176Why did the pretend that he was ok with the separation?[View]
90536124jack im ur father[View]
90534231What is it about this mediocre nolanesque slog that is responsible for such a rabid autistic followi…[View]
90535949>the most underrated WWII kino ever made[View]
90536080>I'm old enough to remember back to simpler, more innocent times, when the worst thing you…[View]
90532597>So, anon, how are your dreams of becoming a director, screenwriter, or actor coming along?…[View]
90535284more like this?: I liked how Jarhead was charcter driven, and there wasn't any big shootouts. w…[View]
90532543Did he do it?[View]
90533057He was a pedo, right?[View]
90533982yustil soh bouda fity bahg?[View]
90532659Post a better Wonder Woman. You can't[View]
90535735Memes aside, what exactly is wrong with this?: If anything, wouldn't ending net neutrality mean…[View]
90535550Is he still /OurGuy/?[View]
90535907UUUHHH... J-JIM?[View]
90535624Stop making Star Wars threads.[View]
90535212Hollywood hacking. >mkdir -p Is this worse than when they just show someone hammering the keyboar…[View]
90535828Who was in the wrong here?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LZ0QAkRGzIQ[View]
90535678If I became an actorn and took part in some kino, or flicks, would you take care of me and be nice t…[View]
90535117i dont get it[View]
90535588>try to make knock off kino capeshit like nolan >fail…[View]
90534564>dude economics is bad lmao[View]
90521640ITT: Oh yeah that exists[View]
90533269Morrissey on Kevin Spacey and Weinstien controversy Thoughts fags?[View]
90534985>lawyer calls bombshell witness during trial >prosecution is shocked…[View]
90533612Do you agree?[View]
90535321Animorphs cinematic universe when?[View]
90534217Lord of the Rings: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=POdknqszMDY This shit makes me well up every time…[View]
90535232>it's a 'Truman tries to remember if he ever accidentally showed his face when he used to oc…[View]
90535220Justice League already lower in box office in India: Well, there goes the DC pajeets[View]
90535060Is using your phone while in the movie theater while ads are running OK? I just saw shit go down wit…[View]
90533810What are episodes where they completely disagree?[View]
90530388True Detective Season 3: >Season three will tell the story of a macabre crime in the heart of the…[View]
90533863ITT: Eternally entertaining films Those movies you can watch time after time until you die.[View]
90534290What was his problem?[View]
90535043Tony should've fucked her, come on.[View]
90533208Should Steve be the protagonist of the next Blade Runner?[View]
90535022I heard they are looking for a new Batman?[View]
90534694Villains who did nothing wrong[View]
90532495SUPPORT ZACK SNYDER YOU CUNTS: https://www.change.org/p/warner-bros-zack-snyder-s-director-s-and-tom…[View]
90534837It's not 'Al' anymore.[View]
90531386guys, I don't think Sophia Lillis is doing okay[View]
90534740cast it thread[View]
90528797ITT: soyboy cinema[View]
90533034Why has this movie remained so popular ?[View]
90534723Did he deserve it?[View]
90534604ABSOLUTELY SPECTACULAR: I'm watching it now after being taped live 49 minutes in and the jews i…[View]
90534671Know any web kino?[View]
90520134Why do we take him seriously as a critic?[View]
90525607Is he right?[View]
90531016how did they get away with making a children's movie starring such an immaculately hot and sexu…[View]
90530097>Dude imagine... >Like, dude get this... >there's like... >dude... >food... …[View]
90534464BluRay when? I'm going to hard edit the movie so hard. >Make him the real boy >A REAL HUM…[View]
90518847>what gave you the right to take eight ripe cunts out of the world is he /ourguy/?…[View]
90534439>Listen to me. I'm a fucking banana tree, Ray. Every day my business grows, and I absorb the…[View]
90528666Are there any actresses who could rightfully be called this generation's Salma Hayek, /tv/?[View]
90533134Would anyone happen to have a /tv/ recommended list?[View]
90523178With Infinity War wrapping up Phase 3, what's after Thanos? Who's the Phase 4 villain? Dor…[View]
90534030Why do people say every frame of Barry Lyndon looks like a painting?: Why do they say that like it…[View]
90534253Though it take a thousand years, we will be free[View]
90534209Is Star Trek 4 dead lads? I wanted to see Hemsworth return as George Kirk. http://www.slashfilm.com…[View]
90533550https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iMzpkV5FdJg I know Jackass isn't exactly groundbreaking but I w…[View]
90530125Testing Movies: Circle (2015) and Exam (2009) are great movies that test the characters in interesti…[View]
90533984>only good actor's character is killed within 5 minutes of screen time…[View]
90531837Arthouse: What is some essential arthouse cinema?[View]
90533979'The scene was my character on her hands and knees saying, Do me, baby. Really dirty, horrible': htt…[View]
90533708*edits your kino so that Marvel drones can enjoy it*[View]
90526479What went wrong?[View]
90533502Damn, Matt Damon looks like THAT now?[View]
90530464I'm assuming a torrent is out for this. Lets talk about what is, in effect, the only movie bann…[View]
90531995Best Cruise film?[View]
90533524Scifi kino: What are some kino science fiction films? Starshit need not apply.[View]
90533730Stylistically everything about this movie offends me so why did it reduce me to a blubbering sadsack…[View]
90531952This is Zoe the blonde dork girl with the glasses from the kids show ZOOM. Is she.... dare I say it.…[View]
90527274Mass Effect: Would they work as a movie/trilogy?[View]
90531721Wait. So. The entire movie was about how the Justice League suck and Superman is overpowered. Did I …[View]
90533296What the hell did I just watch?[View]
90532987in the mouth of madness: wtf[View]
90533442You just know Nick loved twiddling the knobs on that sound mixer.[View]
90531088what was his end game?[View]
90531423Overhyped movies that ppl forgot about already: post Overhyped movies that ppl forgot about already…[View]
90532770Is the exorcist 3 actually good?[View]
90521709ITT: Overrated[View]
90532997Who /WakeUpWithFrasier/ here? Watching in 4 minutes[View]
90530405>villain is defeated by the power of friendship >It actually makes sense in the context of the…[View]
90531712What are Arnold's best movie? Mine: 1. Total Recall 2. Terminator 1 3. Terminator 2 4. Commando…[View]
90531160Christopher Nolan 4K Ultra HD Collection: All the Kino you'll ever need in one convenient box s…[View]
90531120Star Wars TLJ: The more information comes out for this movie the more a relationship between these t…[View]
90531513I want her so bad boyos. How do i deal with this pain? It hurts.[View]
90528194The circle is now complete. Just reboot it.[View]
90532971>'Did you just call moi, a jabroni?'[View]
90532416How do you cope knowing you were never this cool?[View]
90532133Are you ready for the most kino Olympic ever?[View]
90534078Hiro Approved Meta Thread: What is your favourite /tv/ meme?[View]
90532851Are there any movies with choreography as good as UI goku? kefla is my waifu say something nice abo…[View]
90530717Hello /tv/ im a salvadoran and this is my first short, it doesnt have subtitles but could someone wa…[View]
90531704>the waiter comes up to you and asks 'some sparling water for the table?' how do you respond?…[View]
90527104/tv/'s opinion on the mask?[View]
90532651/tv/ btfo'd[View]
90532748Movies with great cinematography: pic related[View]
905312961. Lars and the Real Girl 2. Drive 3. Only God Forgives 4. Bladerunner 2049 What's next in the …[View]
90531839I'M HUNGRY BRUH[View]
90532663Super Dark Times is super dark & depressing: >you will never an Allison Bannister in high sch…[View]
90530428I was just blinded by the balls on that kid What did he mean by this?[View]
90515472/who/ - Doctor Who General: Flatline edition Thoughts on the episode? 34 days: >>90507648…[View]
90531790/SOLO/ thread Who else psyched to see SOLO?[View]
90532169>Films about being a father are almost exclusively kino You know I’m right…[View]
90532566Just marathoned this. Was he a soyboy? He certainly wasn't a big guy.[View]
90531812ITT: Television kino[View]
90520828>implying that the classroom skit wasnt their best skit[View]
90531889Don't be nervous, Jingle ere, at yer service[View]
90529162Bombstrap Movie Happening: Ruse and Charls have been discussing a Bombstrap feature. You heard it he…[View]
90532393Is 'Crank: High voltage' kino?[View]
90532462The series starts off great, first two episodes being truly awesome, then turns to complete shit in …[View]
90531438Watching movies at your computer: Who does it, does anyone actually do it? How do you do it? I hear …[View]
90531932Does anybody legit feel bad for the guy? He spent years making his trilogy then his daughter died an…[View]
90532370>It's a Frank sits around and talks instead of killing people episode >It's a detect…[View]
90530871>zero threads in several days now Why does nobody care to discuss MCU movies? Surely there had to…[View]
90531082What are some pitbull kinos?[View]
90527249>rewatching Raimi Spiderman >this pops up Was this actually in the original release?…[View]
90531251>flick/cartoon/anime is about a crew of superheroes >the strongest one ends up sacrificing the…[View]
90530517I'm ready for homokino[View]
90531098Riverdale: I am currently on E3 of S1 and /tv/ does it get better? Please don't tell me the res…[View]
90530935What did Sheldon mean by this?[View]
90496933How big can your ass get during one season? Jesus, fuck.[View]
90530397is this the best tv show of 2017?[View]
90531698>'piracy hurts Hollywood!' Oh no, mister Shekelstein can't buy his 4th yacht yet?…[View]
90531118>Novitiate >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8kKexutLfE0 >Our protagonist is Cathleen (Marga…[View]
90530158Choose your new Batman.[View]
90528695ITT: post your top 10 favorite shows when you were a kid and we judge your worth as a human being mi…[View]
90531086>yfw this guy never disappears[View]
90530868Has there been a more discussed scene in 2017?[View]
90528699Helsreach movies when?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1D4jr-0_COg[View]
90523916ITT best movies of the 2010s I'll start[View]
90531433Is this, dare I say it, the most kino chase ever filmed? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b6_27GxZzlc…[View]
90530753>his cinema doesn't have reclining seats[View]
90531399Alpha: Griffith, Flaherty, Stroheim, Eisenstein, Hawks Soylent: Rohmer, Kubrick, Weerasethakul, Mali…[View]
90531389This show was pure kino and had one of, if not the greatest series finales of all time. I truly, tru…[View]
90527006Just got done marathoning this kino. Did I like it?[View]
90531135What did they mean by this?[View]
90531176>Season 1: New, interesting perspectives on existing villains, kept grounded by a story about the…[View]
90531055way down below the ocean[View]
90526439Im sick of VLC what is better to watch stuff in[View]
90528936More like Enter the Jizz am i right? literally and figuratively holy shit that was visual wank…[View]
90522419>Sony with the X-Men franchise >Universal with the X-Men franchise Please no http://www.slashf…[View]
90529463Runaways is up, is this /ourshow/?[View]
90511886RIP Charlie Rose: The ride never ends.[View]
90530738This was fucking kino[View]
90528221Pitch your movie concept to these dogs: If they like it, they'll film it.[View]
90528819Why don't we talk about this kino ever?[View]
90530023Kirk Douglas: What's next for his career?[View]
90529972Ahhhh, sweet liquor eases the pain.[View]
90527313Hey tv, give me some more /essentialleathercore/. So far I've watched >the matrix trilogy …[View]
90525051Did Americans really speak like this back then?[View]
90530720'Here are your Cinema Jjinppangs filled with Anko, sir.'[View]
90529086So this guy's gonna be blacklisted, right? Nobody's ever going to want to hire him for a m…[View]
90528120what's the best distant sequel?[View]
90529019how do you spell the noises they make?[View]
90527345What is the perfect film, and why is it Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind?[View]
90528284Why did it flop so hard? I think that it is a pretty good movie.[View]
90530190music: They forgot about one of the key parts. These days they use immemorable incoherent loud batch…[View]
90530555This makes no sense: Why is Clark Kent walking around the city in JL when he had a burial and everyo…[View]
90529839Isn't it crazy that /tv/ was so ready to hate this movie before it came out but now it's l…[View]
90530328what movies make you not miserable?[View]
90530533Designated Survivor: What the fuck is this show and does anyone actually watch it?[View]
90495483Yesterday my mom started watching Twin Peaks, did she like it? Her comments after watching the pilot…[View]
90507636Why do you guys hate him? I know his comedy's not on the same level of sophistication as Sam Hy…[View]
90528562You never know WHAT is going to[View]
90523373How come he don't want me man?[View]
90530432Hoo hoo, Ellen, I love the way you dance.[View]
90528392/DCEU fans support group/: This is the official DCEU fans support group thread. It's a safe spa…[View]
90528752Hi, I'm Troy McClure. You might remember me from such self-help videos as 'Smoke Yourself Thin'…[View]
90530380What is the worst thing you can think of that Hollywood would try and adapt into a movie?[View]
90530247When with we get a New Barb Wire?[View]
90528789Zoe Saldana: Is she /ourgirl/ lads?[View]
90530161He did nothing wrong.[View]
90507006>Watch TWD expecting some Negan kino >Get an hour of Negan and Gabriel becoming bros >Rick …[View]
90529177What does /tv/ think of Edge of Tomorrow?[View]
90530106The Smash Success Walgreens Movie: How do we stop it?[View]
90528919Le fils de Joseph AKA Son of Joseph: Is it kino? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M5CaSnsSoi0…[View]
90529069MCU Fantastic Four: In the not too distance future. Disney gets the rights back for F4. Lets cast th…[View]
90514426/trek/: Old thread reached image limit edition[View]
90529101What the fuck was his problem?[View]
90529994Unexplained movie phenomena. I'll begin: >Speeding truck hurtling towards child/ victim, wha…[View]
90527206This movie sucked. Should I have watched the directors cut?[View]
90529773Waifu: Claim your minor character in a tv show waifu here.[View]
90526363How come nobody has tried to take him down?[View]
90529825The eagles were an arse pull: .[View]
90524488Alright faggots: How do we clean this board from all the pseudointellectual slobbering reddit scum t…[View]
90523901>right side of history >woke af culturally relevent celebs >catchy tune >girl power >…[View]
90527770What if Disney didn't release a trailer for Avengers 3 and we all just wen't to the theatr…[View]
90525383>every episode has action >several extended fight sequences throughout where Frank kills tons …[View]
90528623South Park Season 21: Hey /tv/, a humble /lit/izen here. What is the consensus on the latest season…[View]
90528896Shin Godzilla: Why did they feel the need to put so many on-screen labels in this movie? I know Anno…[View]
90529520Has anyone watched the directors cut of the beginning of TDKR? It's pure kino https://www.youtu…[View]
90529362ITT: Change one word of a movie title to the word boy. In the Mood for Boy[View]
90525662thoughts on writer/director Riley Stearns? his films are worthy of respect to be frank.[View]
90525596There is a chance Louie could sell 'I love you daddy' on his website. Would you buy it?[View]
90527535>open the door >asks to be let in >wat do…[View]
90529368about to watch dog soldiers. what am i in for.[View]
90529288i-is he g-gonna make it lads?[View]
90525144bar none the best film i've see this decade i know that hyperbolic af with examples such as dri…[View]
90522194ITT: Kino posters for kino films. I'll start.[View]
90527286>open bedroom door >pic related What do you do?…[View]
90518685Why did our nerd hobbies and interests need validation from normalfags who ridiculed us for years be…[View]
90526746Reminder that people who wanted to see Hal or John in the DCEU are idiots and fools. The ranking, fr…[View]
90529064I need more Christmas crime spree kino like pic related. >inb4 Home Alone…[View]
90528682Will it be shit or will it be kino? The leaks make it sound retarded.[View]
90528420Who are some famous Hollywood movie stars currently alive right now who have never done cocaine?[View]
90528328>MUH BIBLE[View]
90526187Trailer Park Obesity: Why did everyone in this show get so fat? Corey is the size of old Julian and …[View]
90526401literally nothing happens in this movie[View]
90524828Mark Hamill thinks Luke Skywalker is gay: Do you agree with him?[View]
90528676What /tv/ things do you wish for?: > They cancel Craig being in the next Bond, I felt Spectre end…[View]
90523347>American Psycho >But the actor is British ?…[View]
90528049Can you be nostalgic for a time period of film/TV you weren't alive to experience?[View]
90523182Hey /tv/ I need a movie recommendation to give to a girl that shows I'm witty and intelligent b…[View]
90528638What did Lucas mean by this?[View]
90528523What the Fuck was this? Why didn’t Issac just tell the Soldiers about the shooter as they were putti…[View]
90523818Did you think this was surprisingly kino like i did? this is the only capeshit I have liked in the n…[View]
90527580>my man I have literally seen glittery ships ...go on[View]
90528408>Sam Roberts was working with WWE this morning >Anthony Cumia filled in for him >We had one…[View]
90527228Why didn’t this movie produce more memes? It seems like a meme goldmine.[View]
90528404I just saw Jigsaw. wtf it's a great film with a great story! Epic plot twists[View]
90528412Candle: A Supernatural Event: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p0GtqYw1mD4 Watch the whole thing and …[View]
90528342What would you have done were you and your husband, wife, spouse, partner, whatever been in their sh…[View]
90525703Alien Covenant?: What went wrong?[View]
90511521The verdict is in. The critics are LOVIN the new trailer for #Rampage. Get your pissing pants ready…[View]
90518688Stop, invincible son![View]
905279933x3 film: 3x3 film[View]
90527503Best capepoop of 2017: What is it, lads and why is it Logan?[View]
90527543Chrisley Knows Best: What genre of television show does this fit into?[View]
90519569ITT: Enormous dangling plot threads in famous films: What did King Aragorn do about all of the orcs?…[View]
90520427>I'm a simple man, Ray. A simple man who repudiates perfidiousness…[View]
90526672What is up with all the BR2049 threads?: Imagine being butthurt about someone not liking your favori…[View]
90527942Travelers: Where the fuck is it? I need my Marcykino.[View]
90523319This is absolutely brilliant, lads. If you haven't watched any episodes yet I highly recommend …[View]
90508691Ben Shapiro: >I have a simple but reliable rule of thumb for Rotten Tomatoes critics' aggreg…[View]
90524344*blocks your puberty*[View]
90513764Up in the club edition: Hey faggots get in here, Its a Soprano thread.[View]
90527520Bardem in any good films in his original Spanish? Dude's a great actor but I cannot understand …[View]
90524781Give me your honest opinion on this man. Does he even care about the quality of the movies he's…[View]
90527833pursuit of hapiness: was this a good movie?[View]
90526379Can we talk about how awful this movie was? I just watched it. I wasn't even a huge fan of the …[View]
90526027Holy shit this is actually decent. It's obviously on a budget but the action and stunts are top…[View]
90527791Good night, /tv/.[View]
90527787Why wasn't there a single news article about his death?[View]
90527659So how come he's still memeing like nothing happened, meanwhile every other career is ruined?[View]
90527603I wonder (((who))) could be behind this raping of a Dr Seuss classic?[View]
90526083Does Enter the Void represent the overall quality of Gaspar Noe's filmography? Because if it do…[View]
90520699It's over fellas: The new Blade Runner sucks, our guy said so https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=t-u…[View]
90525653>post a BR2049 thread >it instantly gets shit up by rabid fans afraid of criticism Is there a …[View]
90525235Is he the Mike Judge of the millennial generation?[View]
90519979>criticise the movie >dozens of 16 year old nu-/tv/ reddit implants call me a le roastie brain…[View]
90527440Quit contributing to rapists and pedophiles!: (((They))) have zero respect for you, and zero respect…[View]
90525073Justice League International Poster Takes DC/Marvel Rivalry to Extremes: https://www.cbr.com/interna…[View]
90525303>Dressed like a fag. I dig it. Very problematic for 2017.[View]
90525392How is it so damn beautiful? I feel like with every movie I watch I'm just trying to recreate t…[View]
90523046Ich werde king of lunch ball![View]
90527296So I assume if you mashed together BDH...[View]
90525699Just saw this. AMA[View]
90527405No stopping me this time, Smee... This is it... Don't make a move, Smee... Not a step... My fin…[View]
90527008/sqt/ Stupid Questions Thread[View]
90519484AYO LEMME AX U SUMTHIN /TV/: What'd y'all think of the punisher season 1?[View]
90526680Name's Bond.. James Bond.[View]
90525212>zombie missing half of his face approaches main character >'hey buddy, you ok?'…[View]
90525337who /dingdongdaddy/ here[View]
90526895Why is this show so beloved by nu-males? I love it but the fans are all massive faggots even though …[View]
90526743>Luke: I'm not afraid. >Yoda: 'Good... Hugh Willbee... High Willbee.' Who is Hugh Willbee…[View]
90519042Will we ever get a decade as high test and high quality as the 70s ever again?[View]
90523763whatd this nigga mean lol[View]
90526655Imagine being Michael in this scene and having to be all like DAMN JAMIE LEE CURTIS you're actu…[View]
90526508Why isn't this guy a major character in the new Star Wars trilogy? His design is amazing.[View]
90524165ITT: shit that needs a Blu-ray release desperately[View]
90524663Is this, dare i say it, the best scene in cinema in the last 10 years? https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
90525873This show was pretty interesting in the first few episodes but went to shit later, does it get bette…[View]
90523403Where did the 'cinematic universe' meme thing come from? Everyone here acts like it's everywher…[View]
90525977If your food is bad, you get a refund. Should you get a refund for a bad movie?[View]
90520443The only movies to have a 100% score and more ratings are Man on Wire (157 reviews) and Toy Story 2 …[View]
90524540Hey /tv/.[View]
90526594are music videos considered television?[View]
90526525>ITT lookalikes[View]
90509774Which of the three Emmas is the best actress?[View]
90526305Loving Vincent: Why aren't we talking about this actual kino[View]
90526056>'<technical jargon>' >'IN ENGLISH, DOC!'…[View]
90524579>dude lets write in a character who would be the perfect king and perfect answer to the later Nig…[View]
90521200Between 1970 and 1980, the Overlook clearly had other caretakers apart from (Grady) and Torrance. Wh…[View]
90526207Why is korean cinema so kino?[View]
90524275She's right, you know. This industry will never be safe for women unless we give them equal rep…[View]
90525447So, now that the dust has settled, can we all agree that Denis Villeneuve is the only mainstream / n…[View]
90526036Why hasnt anyone made a movie of this? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brendan Also share stories t…[View]
90525996Is this worth watching?[View]
90519140People fear what they don't understand.[View]
90517606Spaghetti Westerns General: https://youtu.be/I91GEjoIHS0 How come Italians were able to make better …[View]
90525641>new Curb Your Enthusiasm season >literally no threads about it FUCK YOU I LITERALLY FOUND OUT…[View]
90523927Why do actors tend to be short? Is it because like one really famous actor was short and so all the …[View]
90525856Can we please talk about Episode 1-09? Lt. Stamets has just become Q [View]
90525825>Americans don't know about pretendingtobeamericankino[View]
90524372PULLO! FORMATION![View]
90523500How did Steppenwolf know about Krypton?[View]
90525778>$93 million >and gyno LMAO DKEKS[View]
90523984Why wasn't he natty? And why the need to be this fit just for a movie?[View]
90520743>Heading out the door to see Blade Runner 2049 the last time it'll be shown in my city. >…[View]
90524455Help me remember movie from when i was a kid: About a decade ago I watched a horror movie, shocked m…[View]
90522942Who should play him in the inevitable reboot? It would have to be someone relatively young given it…[View]
90520281Why don't critics Criticise Marvel?: >critics criticise DC and call Steppnwolff as a villain…[View]
90525598So what is the best movie of the year in your opinion?[View]
90523822Why are the aesthetics in his films so in your face?: It's just so forced[View]
90524245'Looks like an attractive Jewish boy': I LITERALLY lathered myself in popcorn butter and ran out of …[View]
90525139How do you think he's feeling today?[View]
90508242CRISIS ON EARTH-X Trailer: How can the DCEU even compete? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6T-jPN-VCo…[View]
90525476Will it be radiokino?[View]
90523919I am woman hear me roar, in numbers too big to ignore![View]
90523837Literally you tv characters: I'm literally the giant from game of thrones >big like giant we…[View]
90525193this is /tv/'s fault... where /tv/ goes, the kids go... and /tv/ has gone to SHIT. Don't g…[View]
90520969The Wailing is the best movie of this decade. You have 1 second to prove me wrong.[View]
90525042Inevitable movie adaptation when???[View]
90523206JOI: Post your face when you found out that JOI is an acronym.[View]
90524231How could they fuck up this badly?[View]
90525052What went right /tv/?[View]
90517791Who was in the wrong here?[View]
90521957Films you hate but everyone loves!: No hate here, post the movies you hate but it seems everyone els…[View]
90524108>80s/90s action/fighting movie starts >separate ways by journey starts…[View]
90524867Billy Lynn's Halftime Walk: Did anyone catch this movie in 120 fps? If so how was it?[View]
90521115believe me, if I started murdering people, there'd be none of you left[View]
90524233Best JG Wentworth commercial[View]
90524288Tee chuta hhat yudd![View]
90524792Ben Affleck Suicide Watch 2017: Will he make it to the new year?[View]
90524506Who should play Batman?[View]
90495827/stg/ - Stranger Things General: Don't Forget, Madanon Is Here Forever Edition Previously: >…[View]
90524555How many of you still have analog TV stations operating in your area? I dusted off my old CRT and fo…[View]
90524646Best films about older male/younger female relationships?[View]
90522234>Musicians who attempt acting at least achieve 2-3 decent roles >All actors who attempt music …[View]
90524396The Thing: Movie illiterate anon here. Why has there been such an upswing in the popularity of John …[View]
90524319>uhhhhh hatchet?!?!?!??[View]
90520605How many TV shows feature 4chan?[View]
90524388>Universal had the behind-the-scenes-footage from Man On the Moon hidden because they didn't…[View]
90509941*steals your wife and kids*[View]
90524378Does a step really count?[View]
90523158Underrated Horror Classics: Halloween 3[View]
90523288/lbg/- Letterboxd General: Watchlist sins edition[View]
90524168Hi Pete[View]
90523398I seriously hope you kept all your old ticket stubs[View]
90524149Just got back from an advance screening of The Disaster Artist. It's fucking hilarious yet does…[View]
90510543Post scenes with people being crushed, squashed, and flattened.[View]
90523546You guys, I'm starting to think he might not swing back from this...[View]
90524084What a weird guy, Ace[View]
90521460I'm about to watch drive, what should I expect?[View]
90522558What next for Angourie Rices career? Seriously, the poor girl turns in a kino performance in 'T…[View]
90523932Back in the early 2000s, most of us were innocent and happy and had black friends but ever since the…[View]
90523440cody: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xOM2jgzBBhs[View]
90523351aged like freakin milk[View]
90517494>it's bizarre for men to prefer young girls, girls in their prime, over worn out hags https:…[View]
90521097just found out my girlfriend of 5 years has been cheating on me anyway, post movies where the main c…[View]
90523626For me? It's Colin Quinn![View]
90519143AURORA BOREALIS?[View]
90523230I need South Korean Kino, but not those few that always pop up: As in: Man From Nowhere I Saw the De…[View]
90523392What's next for Nicolas Winding Refn?[View]
90518247TWD - Jesus Is A Savior: You will not be able to find a hole in this theory, and you cannot prove me…[View]
90498242RILEY STEARN'S FAULTS: So I just saw his first feature film and it's pretty good. What did…[View]
90520667It's there a more jewy show than the Rugrats?[View]
90521042what’s your opinion of the dark knight rises batman movie? no bane memes please this is a serious th…[View]
90523102Finally I caught up on S2 of Preacher. Has there ever been more of an /ourguy/ character than this?[View]
90522888Which scenes in the trailer are Luke, and which are Luuke and Luuuke? Will the film use visual cues …[View]
90520166Unused Screenplays: hey /tv/, does anyone else here read old, unused screenplays? I just wanted to c…[View]
90522504Why was he so mean to Eleven? Is this an example of toxic masculinity?[View]
90516678>defends friend accused of (unproven) rape >publicly draws attention to the fact that sometime…[View]
90516672>'I just don’t think it was a good fit,' says Snyder of bringing in Gustin’s version of The Flash…[View]
90521454The Equalizer vs John Wick Who wins and why?[View]
90520895Hello yes what are your thought on stranger things?[View]
90517432LITTLE WHITE TITS >boo! >get outta town BIG KHAZAR MILKERS >The crowd starts screaming inco…[View]
90521508She's... beautiful[View]
90521719Justice League Makes Under $94 Million in its Opening Weekend: >lower than the initial $110-120 m…[View]
90522698actual kino >the gambler >the teacher >the man who would never be what they made him to be…[View]
90523180Why do they keep making TV shows and movies? Isn't there enough watchable media that could feas…[View]
90523234who would you cast in a theatrical adaptation of Yurope?[View]
90521623Wait, so that's it? Salazar's single, ONLY reason for hating Jack is because Jack didn…[View]
90520362What was Vinny thinking during this moment?[View]
90523130i thought 4K was a meme until i played this one[View]
90522366Recent movies aside, who is the best Superhero CHARACTER of all time? And why is it Batman?[View]
90522260Uh oh, looks like you're fucked /tv/ oops[View]
90522861>The Bodyguard more like The Snooze Alarm >The Upside of Anger more like The Bedtime of Wanker…[View]
90521380Just finished this. It definitely had the Nolan stink on it with all the TWEESTS. But I was also sho…[View]
90516525Why do underages think this is better than the original? It's already been forgotten.[View]
90516385How do you call this hairstyle?[View]
90522129Aren't these two doods a little under-powered?: I haven't read the comics but it strikes m…[View]
90520894anyone else get this netflix price increase today? I still think its still worth it at this price bu…[View]
90522869So he was just on lsd for pretty much the whole show?[View]
90521926What speed do you watch your shows and movies at? I'm currently at 1.75x[View]
90521845It's Björk's birthday today. Does /tv/ like pic related? Would you go to see a Björk musi…[View]
90522672Isn't it sad when you can pinpoint the exact moment a show goes from good to garbage?[View]
90521766Rick Famuyiwa's THE FLASH: Director Rick Famuyiwa's pitch for THE FLASH that was scrapped …[View]
90522555J U S T: J U S T[View]
90521468just saw this movie and American pop HOLY FUARK were these movies amazing can any anons recommend so…[View]
90518640>AUUUUUHHEEEGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! What did he mean by this? Was it autism?…[View]
90522325What's some essential non-fiction core? pic related[View]
90522005Who is your most enjoyable actor, /tv/?[View]
90519332ok neets, i need to know something, can we have a nice blackfriday post with deals on movies and shi…[View]
90519567feature length live action south park movie set 20-30 years in the future. so they're adults. a…[View]
90522121Now that the smoke has cleared, can we finally agree that was the funniest line in all of modern cin…[View]
90522522/Kinoplex/ General: Popcorn Mines Are Empty Edition: What have been your recent experiences at your …[View]
90522507Mega64: >worked directly with Kojima, Shigeru, Reggie, Gaben and tons of other big names in the g…[View]
90522502I am not gay[View]
90515662Why would Darth Vader do this to him?[View]
90517946Should I purchase this as a stocking stuffer for my 65 year old gay dad?[View]
90521274Why are we supposed to hate Bladerunner 2049 now?[View]
90522058The prequels are not terrible[View]
90522388name one thing this man did wrong[View]
90500957Why can no other studio pull off a shared universe?: Marvel LITERALLY layed out the blueprint for a …[View]
90522209Too Old To Die Young: Will Refn make TV great again?[View]
90522258Are Snyderfags worse than the Rick and Morty fandom?[View]
90522202In Eva: -JSSDAF solider who gets crushed by the landing Mass Production Evangelion -Kaworu -Toji[View]
90522187After watching his edit of Justice League, are you looking forward to his Batgirl movie more or less…[View]
90522091the good doctor: so even autistic people have to shave[View]
90522072Anyone else feel like this show seems like some kind of fairy tale?[View]
90518030>How to ruin a good movie series 101[View]
90511921Just saw this movie a couple nights ago. Was it kino? Was Mozart /ourguy/?[View]
90522076Is this how modern reviews should work like from now on?[View]
90520360Fox Announced 'Murder on the Orient Express' Sequel DEATH ON THE NILE: >On the heels of…[View]
90520842Where is the movie that taps into the current zeitgeists > fuck off with the bullshit cyberpunk …[View]
90520299Has Disney Surpassed SW:Xmas Special-Tier Yet?: People pay money and time to go see this shite. This…[View]
90519912take a seat anon[View]
90521644Cast him[View]
90518120Why does /tv/ hate him now?[View]
90520793What's you're favorite disney channel original movie /tv/?[View]
90520447Uhh why was the Devil in Star Wars?[View]
90519854>Saban produced a show of Alphy's Soda Pop club before Power Rangers Do you think Saban knew…[View]
90517520Barry Lyndon: Barry Lyndon[View]
90521187Is the age of white men in Hollywood over? Will studios stop hiring them to direct films after all t…[View]
90518325How long can you watch this?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bY8-TUD3_Zo[View]
90521099How much do movie theater tickets cost where you live?: nyc - 15 buckaroos[View]
90520230I need some reality TV shows that are addicting and you can really get into the lore and watch in th…[View]
90521531what's that german horror movie were some dude's ex-girlfriend goes crazy and starts compi…[View]
90521492Tropes: Hey, /tv/ There's a pretty common trope in tv and movie that I've noticed over the…[View]
90521277tfw: post things in movies that you wish happened to you, heres mine... Olive oil singing about Pope…[View]
90520267World Peace was actually really good idk what the fuck you guys were memeing about[View]
90518786>I did it Jesse. I finally became Breaking Bad What did Vince mean by this?…[View]
90521233There is literally nothing wrong with eating this[View]
90519583what the fuck was he thinking, /tv/[View]
90516326Dr. Punish? I'm CIA[View]
90500533This was supposed to be their Avengers.[View]
90520039>I agreeh, He's solid. A fukeen mareheen what did he mean by this?…[View]
90520993ITT: fedoracore trash Pic related[View]
90520091ITT: movies that destroyed you.[View]
90508296Webm Thread: Post what you have[View]
90519404January 19, 2018.[View]
90517846Star Wars The Last Jedi: Are we ever going to get legit leaks before this comes out? We had legit le…[View]
90507384>'how do normal people deal with this crushing loneliness?' as he cries huddled in a corner >n…[View]
90517878ITT: Characters that confuse your penis. Is Peggy hot boys?[View]
90520704>spires https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r0BpzAZXW00[View]
90483692/trek/: Directed by Jonathan Frakes Edition[View]
90519481What are some comfy horror films?[View]
90520658I sure hope The Last Jedi gives us some new jizz tunes. I was very dissapointed that JJ decided to g…[View]
90508976>its a sitcom crossover episode[View]
90520589If it bleeds, we can kill it[View]
90520615Casting choices: 'Brie Larson won't break her contract with that indie flick. Get me a replacem…[View]
90519311What are some kino's about tall girls and small girls[View]
90520504ITT: scenes women will never understand.[View]
90519900>be me >go to cinema to watch Thor >it's happening >people is laughing >me too …[View]
90519189Why is she badass? Anybody else feel empowered by her courage and strength?[View]
90520410drama tv shows would be better if they were 4-5 episodes per season over half the season of american…[View]
90518947>actuals are even lower[View]
90520364Was it Whitehouse Kino?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9niMf7ELris[View]
90519109Stop making Star Wars threads[View]
90517334Does the Devil really looks like this?[View]
90516308Is DC saved?[View]
90520316*cut your movie*[View]
90519428>You think you've won?[View]
90520085> Listen to me. I'm a fucking banana tree, Ray. Every day my business grows, and I absorb th…[View]
90519824Are we suppose to feel sorry for this deformity /tv/?[View]
90520170*purposely makes Alien Covenant shitty so he can finally make an Alien prequel without aliens and tu…[View]
90519903COULD this be any more of a friends' thread[View]
90520116WKUK thread: Who was in the wrong edition: Seriously, who was in the wrong here?[View]
90519819The Punisher - 'EAARG' EDITION: 'Hi Frank' 'EEAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRG'[View]
90519489torsk på tallinn: torsk på tallinn[View]
90519970It could have been 10/10 kino, but Whedon ruined it. Now it's only 9/10 cinema. A shame, really…[View]
90520006>films non canines will never understand[View]
90516951is this peak teen kino?[View]
90517557So /tv/, what is it you most desire?[View]
90505376Please explain to me how Rey is a Mary Sue but Luke Skywalker is not.[View]
90508072>All we did was survive >That's enough This angers and confuses the American…[View]
90519449This but unironically. Why is WB so retarded they won’t use the most popular Green Lantern, John Ste…[View]
90516987BEHOLD! Watch in amazement as I take the two biggest superheros in THE WORLD, and create a cinematic…[View]
90518586after the role of a lifetime, I've been busy[View]
90518013be honest. you just pretend to like it.[View]
90519574Why do Marvel fans hate DC and vice versa?: You're both tedious capeshit nerds so what's t…[View]
90519241>please don’t be a nonce please don’t be a nonce[View]
90516698if a fa/tv/irgin directed a movie what would it be like?[View]
90519595I'm seven episodes in and he hasn't worn the skull since the opening 3 minutes. I'm g…[View]
90519748So Greg Berlanti likes Rick and Morty huh?[View]
90517198>character is under water >hold my breath >can't hold my breath as long as the charact…[View]
90519490>Dr Cranky, I'm DK[View]
90515060Maisie Williams: I don't want to be liked for being pretty: http://metro.co.uk/2015/04/08/game-…[View]
90518990>Modern Western Movie >Cowboys aren't smoking all the time…[View]
90517842Stranger things is Strange: >kids constantly yelling 'eleven' in school >deformed half-breed m…[View]
90518051Lizzy Caplan to Join Channing Tatum in ‘Gambit’: http://variety.com/2017/film/news/lizzy-caplan-chan…[View]
90519593Formerly snath's.[View]
90519575Who dunnit better?[View]
90518376Why don't you like me, /tv/?[View]
90519462What the fuck was his problem?[View]
90517584What the FUCK was his problem?[View]
90518925was it about 9/11?[View]
90518082>he's the best doctor they have..... but he has AUTISM! Realistically, what would this be li…[View]
90518594His top 5 is solid https://youtu.be/11vMTe0pWkg[View]
90517873ITT: we recast the DCEU for the inevitable reboot: First off >The Flash…[View]
90511926Is acting a 'real' job?[View]
90510636>why would you do that? WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT? I'm standing here, answering your questions p…[View]
90519052So anyways, this guy wants a RAV4 for a corolla price so I tell him to get on outta' here[View]
90503231Justice League chill discussion thread: No shitposting, get comfy and post whatever. As Armond point…[View]
90517194>starts filming next year Will Spawn save us from Marvel and usher in an age of true cape kino Wi…[View]
90501447why was this one so kino while all others were bland?[View]
90518255>This was in a feature length film[View]
90518719You're in The Brick enjoying your tuna on rye and she walks in and slaps your ass. What do you …[View]
90516134The Thinning: >overpopulation >only smart students get to live >there are still black kids …[View]
90518724Live Action: Cast them. Would it work?[View]
90518771What are some racy, sexploitative movies from yesteryear? Stuff from the '80s to '90s pref…[View]
90517318ITT: Characters that are literally you[View]
90515556You think I look like a stalker?[View]
90518237So when are they going to stop making Star Wars movies? I thought the 9th one would be the last...bu…[View]
90516173Why was this movie so comfy: Also what the hell was her problem, she got free living.[View]
90518526Instead of paying Christian Bale a bajillion dollars to return as Batman, WB should offer the role t…[View]
90518171What did the director mean by this[View]
90518581Did you guys hear that Kylo Ren has an 8 pack?[View]
90516822I'll be useful, sir[View]
90516531does this show get better after episode 1? it was kind of a drag to get through[View]
90516031>to be the man you gotta beat the man[View]
90517123The Wire: Can someone please tell me how they managed to get so many talented actors into 1 show?…[View]
90518356>fake wheezing laughter[View]
90515252Clark we need to talk[View]
90517933What are some other extremely FUN action movies?[View]
90518079ITT: 'Villains' who did literally nothing wrong Everyone she killed deserved it. >teacher said he…[View]
90518136WTF is your problem? You spend all day criticizing everyones art, what have you contributed to the m…[View]
90518117ITT: Underrated General: Osmose Jones is fucking badass[View]
90503165Who should play Catwoman in the DCEU?[View]
90516991>miss me yet[View]
90513050About to watch this. What I'm in for?: Seen 1 old mummy movie with Christopher Lee before and i…[View]
90516475Elmo rapes boys: >Kevin Jeffrey Clash (born September 17, 1960) is an American puppeteer, directo…[View]
90517250Name everything that went wrong.[View]
90517446Is this the best drama romance?[View]
90511605Cops Called To Tyrese Gibson’s House After He Posts 'Kidnapping' Video To Facebook: >Th…[View]
90515425Top movies about unrequited love[View]
90516197Must See Documentaries: What are some must see doco's i just watched pic related. 6.5/10[View]
90507543Don't be nervous, Jingle's here, at your service![View]
90514786>wake up one morning >read newspaper >Ryan Gosling accused of sexual misconduct ny 8 women …[View]
90517527>mfw these blacks[View]
90515577was it kino?[View]
90517519You're probably wondering how I ended up in this situation[View]
90517351My wife Ryan is so cute.[View]
90517436Movies only you remember.[View]
90516862What are some Zoey Deutch kino? Just saw the Perfect music video and shes a QT would be a shame if s…[View]
90516451Battle of the Sexes: >homosex feminist propaganda >but there's Emma Stone lesbian scenes …[View]
90515653What next for Angourie Rices career? Seriously, the poor girl turns in a kino performance in 'T…[View]
90516205anybody here in juilliard? how is it?[View]
90515269Casablanca is 75 years old. Say something nice about it.[View]
90516835Is this reality-show kino?[View]
90515222If you watch anything from this shithole you are part of the problem > when you chooses to watch…[View]
90517199Has there been a single iconic, or memorable recent monster design out of Hollywood?[View]
90517074So when is Tolkien tv show coming?[View]
90515766Rock Kino: Sick of capeshit so I started looking for new (real) movies coming out in the next few ye…[View]
90516867NAKED ATTRACTION HOST IS A JEW: They just don't hide it anymore, do they?[View]
90517038Was it inbreeding?: What was wrong with Sloth?[View]
90513734>Color in sky, prussian blue >Scarlet fleece changes hue >Crimson ball sinks from view…[View]
90515309Shit you forgot existed. Bonus points for recent stuff.[View]
90515933Riley Watch: Look what you fucking did with your memes /tv/. >MARY Elizabeth Winstead’s ex husban…[View]
90515238/apg/ - American Psycho general: What was your favorite quote in the movie?[View]
90512712reminder: the Jews destroyed this Kino: >to be as accurate as possible, Mel reconstructed fucking…[View]
90514338who would you cast in a radiohead biography film ?[View]
90515639The Walking Dead: Is Daryl turning into Shane?[View]
90516909Star Wars: Why didn't they used the extended univers for the sw sequels ? https://youtu.be/Nzq9…[View]
90516255Oh wow, this board is amazing, you guys, just the absolute best.[View]
90509996Joss Whedon is the Hollywood equivalent of that kid from high school who got bad grades and said 'I…[View]
90514163Jim & Andy Netflix Doc Discussion: Turns out method actors are even bigger assholes than I imagi…[View]
90516852Why do the best villains always job the hardest?[View]
90516850What TV show or movie has character sick and violent like tuco salamanca from breaking bad?[View]
90516608Am I missing something? Why didn't they just throw the ring in the middle of the ocean?[View]
90516209What went wrong?[View]
90516675Did Shrek think he was supposed to save the dragon from Fiona? This makes no sense.[View]
90514228It's over, Ornella. I won.[View]
90512184Now that the dust has settled, what did I think of this?[View]
90516514Is there any hope for this? The genre competition for next year is looking a little stiff: Deadpool …[View]
90514479Henry Cavill on the secrets of Superman's return in 'Justice League': http://www.lati…[View]
90515830>mfw someone says that Battlefield Earth isn't the greatest accomplishment in the history of…[View]
90513815He's done playing Batman, right?[View]
90512596/fa//tv/ Thread: Post /tv/-related fashion. Thoughts on my tattoo?[View]
90514553Does anybody have any orange slices?[View]
90516120How did Pai Mei get away with saying this?[View]
90515235has there been even one funny movie this year? I've seen 40+ 2017 releases but not a single com…[View]
90516347Zack Snyder Original Cut Leaked (Justice League)[View]
90516305Whedon actually saved the movie[View]
90514935Who is the fattest actor?[View]
90514364-So, there's this old man who apparently died after being bashed in the head with a snowglobe. …[View]
90515028>soy sauce literally gives you superpowers >based on the book by the guy who runs Cracked.com …[View]
90512815>its time we formed... a league of our own[View]
90510621>I didn't go to film school, I went to the gym. What did he mean by this?…[View]
90506617Netflix US losses/additions for December: >goodbye season 1-11 of Always Sunny in Philadelphia …[View]
90516111Brittany Murphy: Stars in my eyes. If ever an actress of my generation had 'IT' FFFFFFFFFFFFFF F F F…[View]
90513190>tfw you realize it's just La Haine with white people[View]
90513961'Would you want to live in a world without Coca-Cola?'[View]
90515597Films you actually want Hollywood to reboot: Pic related. What films do you actually want to be rebo…[View]
90515868Has anyone ever tried to make a seperate audio track for the Theatrical Cut that removes the narrati…[View]
90515619You have to admit, it's up there with some of the best Godzilla films.[View]
90514330>Age 30 >Age 50[View]
90515767Marvel is dead. Bury it. Consider this mercy. China will kill the MCU[View]
90513337>should we tell someone about the naked boy emerging from the ship that just fell from the sky? …[View]
90515726Best show on TV right now?[View]
90513526Why wasn't his name Max in Breaking Bad? They missed a huge opportunity[View]
90514269Any other Albanian/balkan blood feud kino? Already seen Before the Rain[View]
90512087Was he gay?: The character Nevel on icarly.[View]
90515505>Fulfil >Your >Destiny So /tv/, what is her destiny?…[View]
90515665Hwell, I haven’t seen him in a coon’s age![View]
90513354When will self contained trilogies return?[View]
90515485How do we get MoS2 before Suicide Squad 2?[View]
90509621Got a big enough joint there Rick?[View]
90515406Supernatural tard: Be 17 years old Be super into supernatural and looking for people online to chat…[View]
90515561>Cinemarines get mowed down so fast you worry about retreating and can't focus on the kino a…[View]
90511784Barry Lyndon: Is it Kubrick-kino??[View]
90507648/who/ - Doctor Who Generale: Bonnie edition before: >>90495848[View]
90515363She molested her little sister, so how come she's still getting work?[View]
90514388Sequels that missed the point of the original? I'll start.[View]
90515043Anyone want to join my friend and I for some movies tonight on Discord? Still deciding what to watch…[View]
90512592>It Ain't Me starts playing[View]
90515457ITT: Characters who ruin every scene[View]
90515065Will there be a rape scene?[View]
90515448you're hurting me, anon[View]
90515421What did Wes Anderson know about Charlie Rose?[View]
90512532At least the new crystal fox thing looks cool.[View]
90514453Will we ever get a decade of American cinema as high test and high quality as the 70s ever again?[View]
90511555What was Luke Skywalker’s best outfit?[View]
90508607I really, really, like her new tv show.[View]
90515232ITT: Movie mysteries you still don't understand[View]
90497149Just 2 years and most of the hype is gone. How do you fuck up this hard?[View]
90514257Why is Disney pushing Reylo so much lately? What is their endgame?[View]
90514917DC Insider Leak; JUSTICE LEAGUE EXTENED CUT: >Zack is pretty much estranged from WB right now so …[View]
90511832/imaceleb/: I'm A Celeb Thread #2[View]
90487316Forgotten /tv/: ITT: Shows you forgot about.[View]
90508998>character says title of the movie >viewers step up and leave the theatre Why do they do this?…[View]
90512026who should be the next james bond?[View]
90512424Why Star Wars Fans are retarded?: They jerk with the saga and tend to think these series of movies a…[View]
90511467>NO OPTIMUS![View]
90511839Let the past die...kill it if you have to: >absolute kino writing…[View]
90508389In his memory, please post all the Rich Evans you have.[View]
90513542What do normalfags get out of liking Capeshit and Nerd Culture?[View]
90512324Did you know that he's the immortal iron fist, protector of kun lun and sworn enemy of the hand…[View]
90513703/film/: /film/ thread because 50 threads about Justice League isn't what /tv/ was made for…[View]
90514590How in the world did he pull it all off?[View]
90514556Have you seen American Pastoral, Ewan McGregor's directorial debut? Did you like it[View]
90513202Why did he go to such lengths to save his retard brother? Hell first off, why did he rob a bank with…[View]
90514194Can we get someone to turn this into Whedon saying >Heil Avengers[View]
90513099New Weinstein Company Owner: This is the predicted new owner of one of your favorite film companies.…[View]
90514503Reminder that Red Letter Media's only attempt at a real movie was a flop[View]
90514410>You two, my office, now.[View]
90512703>Jason Momoa has some words for Justice League critics: He’s not reading their negativity and, as…[View]
90510161Pleb story thread? >Have an 11 year old cousin who is big into sci-fi >Decide to show him Kubr…[View]
90513156For me? It's Colin Quinn![View]
90513232What went wrong?[View]
90514136Armie Hammer lashes out at Casey Affleck's Oscar win after sexual harassment accusations: >T…[View]
90514123Who was in the wrong here?[View]
90511441>KHALIL NO Who’s Khalil?[View]
90509216What did he do wrong?[View]
90513955And then, and then, there w-was a laser, and the man - the - and then there was a gate... I don…[View]
90502899>finally give in and spent past couple of months marathoning Miyazaki movies >none of them wer…[View]
90514045JUSTice League makes less than Guardians in it's opening weekend: *Inhales*[View]
90514036Actors and actresses who you could tell if they were gay or not just by smelling their breath ITT[View]
90512281when your dad wants to watch capeshit with you[View]
90511858I've never seen this. Is it worth watching or too outdated?[View]
90513714Batou: Who played it better?[View]
90513018What is this expression trying to convey?[View]
90513071You're taste in film is very bad, /tv/. Super hero movies are exclusively for children and brai…[View]
90513939>Military movie >They call helicopters 'birds'…[View]
90513355What's the worst movie /tv/ has seen this year? This flaming pile of dogshit was offensively ba…[View]
90513869This guy gets a big thumbs up from me for immersing himself so deeply into his roles.[View]
90513385what was his name again?[View]
90513630Mad Men: What was up with the ending I don't get it Was it intentionally centered around blueba…[View]
90512728could we imagine, just for a moment, a scenario where Rust isn't such a virgin soy boy who cums…[View]
90511172name a better actor[View]
90496807What was the moral of this story?[View]
90512119Is it already forgotten?[View]
90512757Good spy films more like tinker tailor soldier spy than James bond? >bonus points for cold war or…[View]
90511387Are there any more movies where Kate Beckinsale plays herself?[View]
90510528Why doesn't she get roles in Hollywood anymore?[View]
90513241Well anon, you gave a good interview. But before you join the team, we have one more task for you. S…[View]
90493941Justice League reaction images: Lets get a good thread going[View]
90510135>There was definitely a period where I was reluctant to do any kind of kissing scenes, sexual sce…[View]
90512092Will Hollywood ever make a film about 4chan?[View]
90513097Hi, I'm a Marvel...and I'm a DC: 10 Years Later: Some of you might remember this guy. …[View]
90512907Why Hollywood not making nice movies anymore?[View]
90513052how has this guy not been #metoo'd out of hollywood? is he that powerful?[View]
90512519why did Aquaman start smashing stuff in the bat cave? bruce wayne was like: 'can you please not do t…[View]
90511699Is it really surprising?[View]
90512395what are you doing[View]
90511624Feelkino: What was the last film you watched that gave you profound feels, /tv/?[View]
90508379why is this considered a classic again?: it's literally #LITTY The Rock flicks in the 80s and d…[View]
90510028JL vs BvS: http://www.strawpoll.me/14446162 Which one was the best?[View]
90511437Conan O'Brien in an interview: Stating that there are too many White Men in industry, 'mak…[View]
90512025Justice League: What went wrong?[View]
90511247Is Terry Crews going to be ok?[View]
90496493>1,124 days until Avatar 2[View]
90508362Negan: Is he really a bad guy? No one he has killed has been innocent, he's trying to rebuild t…[View]
90510684Predator vs Grizzly... who wins?: One Predator vs one Grizzly in an open field. Predator >7ft …[View]
90512574Now that the dust has settled...was he a real human bean? http://webm.land/media/dBDw.webm[View]
90512727LOOK AT HIS LIPS[View]
90503174can any of you fool the great Akinator with an obscure film/tv show? http://en.akinator.com/[View]
90509988ITT: Kino posters for kino films. I'll start.[View]
90511736How? I'm not even trying to meme here. Why is DC box office poison?[View]
90511517Any movie like this? And what do you nibbas think about the upcoming 'Disaster Artist'?[View]
90512605>criticise the movie >dozens of 16 year old nu-/tv/ reddit implants call me a le roastie brain…[View]
90512585I really like these three dudes. They're three television legends, as far as I'm concerned…[View]
90507016Can a Cucknisher fan (a fan of The Punisher) explain how 3 different directors couldn't make a …[View]
90500118Is Shatner /ourguy/? >shits on leftists via twitter daily >refuses to sign diversity quota pet…[View]
90512443>You know what the scariest thing is? To not know your place in this world. To not know why you…[View]
90511104>Capeshit will be dead after next year[View]
90512200Korea Kino: Has anyone seen this? I really enjoyed it Wondering what other good recent Korean films …[View]
90512333ITT: Quintessential soyboykino[View]
90512305/2017/: So what were the best movies of 2017? Wind River Good Time what else?[View]
90512301spiderman thread: so spiderman 2 still the best? SHC trash tier???[View]
90511024Is it kino?[View]
90509956Justice League promos in China show grotesque deaths of Marvel superheroes https://www.weibo.com/578…[View]
90511534Who else is excited about '/tv/ - the movie' ? AMBIANCE Out 2020. >Running time: 720 hours or 30…[View]
90512198>20 minutes into gas chamber and chill and she gives you this look What do?…[View]
90492210IT'S ME BOYS!!!! I'M BACK!!! LE RANDOM FUNNY MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO RANDOM!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHA…[View]
90511989>Stepping Wolf comes on screen >magic carpet ride begins playing…[View]
90506036*breathes in*[View]
90512013A man denied his mustache[View]
90510414One the best directors of the 21st century. You can't even argue against it.[View]
90510878>don't mind me, I'm just pirating your axilla odour.[View]
90508832It gets better every time I watch it.[View]
90508800/imaceleb/ - Toff! Edition: Day 2 - starts at 20:00 GMT[View]
90508841What's better, The NeverEnding Story or Labyrinth? Which had the better single? https://www.you…[View]
90511827>Produced a presentation for Alphy's Soda Pop Club before Power Rangers Do you think he knew…[View]
90506221Justice League almost certain to lose money: https://www.forbes.com/sites/robcain/2017/11/20/the-que…[View]
90511787when will he stop? it was funny at first but nothing he's in now is good[View]
90509560Pick which one is Better[View]
90507562What is the moral of this story?[View]
90511493what did she mean by this?[View]
90506962We have 5 minutes before the Mig guys arrive[View]
90511686What do Americans and other non-Brits think of Kevin and Perry Go Large?[View]
90510829>My name is Jeff So this is the extent of American 'comedy'[View]
90508264*bad boys bad boys starts playing*[View]
90504612Why did Michael Bay have her dress like a whore the entire movie?[View]
90509369This is Sadie. Sadie deserves better threads on 4chan. Say something nice about her / tv /.[View]
90511375'Knock' 'Knock' Burglar[View]
90510761>Chad vs Virgin rapist franchise-killer Who's the better director?…[View]
90509312comfy horror suggestions?[View]
90510914>she’s a slut[View]
90511241Rotten Tomatoes is a fair and objective syst-[View]
90507496Life 2017: Has anyone seen this fucking movie? It's the best alien movie I've seen in year…[View]
90509631Why aren't you watching rifftrax on twitch right now for free?[View]
90510620Should I watch MASTER of NONE?: From what I've seen of it, it looks pretty good. Tons of my fem…[View]
90510592This looks like a profitable career option for Maisie.[View]
90509863Google has a fake Justice League imdb score btw, there is no way you dc soyboys can win[View]
90490746Forgotten animated movies: Forgotten animated movies[View]
90506239>Set in Los Angeles in the summer of 1969, Tarantino’s upcoming movie focuses on a male TV actor …[View]
90510024Hey Griswold. Where do you think you're gonna put a tree that big?[View]
90496674>We're finally gonna get a good Punisher adaptation guys! >Worse than the Thomas Jane ver…[View]
90510890Thoughts on Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives?[View]
90511010hey /tv/ i just stumbled upon this interesting piece of news https://globalnews.ca/video/3867811/ext…[View]
90510788Which Luke is this? Luke, Bigger Luke, Luuke, or Luuuke?[View]
90510443There is a way to not trash everything, don't listen to the children screaming for a Flashpoint…[View]
90510857you know what pisses me off? these mockumentary/documentary type shows where shit is going down and …[View]
90510342X-Men Apocalypse: >Elohim the jewish god here >Don't mind me goyim >I see you have bui…[View]
90505047/tv/ BTFO[View]
90507826Recast all Return of the Jedi creatures with human actors.[View]
90509575>watching the Defenders I forgot how good Charlie Cox is[View]
90507027>'Nitro dubz you hooked it up again' Wtf did he ever do?[View]
90510525Coco predicted to open at up to $65M - will all but certainly claim top spot at the box office. Star…[View]
90510202Has anyone watched one of an opera or ballet livestream at the cinema? Was it worth it? Figured this…[View]
90510084Should Jasmine be played by a white woman?[View]
90508109how does /tv/ feel about reylo?[View]
90509394Griffith, Flaherty, Eisenstein, Murnau: Out of the biggest pioneers of film language, which do you p…[View]
90505268What did you like about Justice League?: 1) the 'Everybody Knows' montage 2) Batfleck performance 3)…[View]
90508554what is the best Wain outside of WHAS?[View]
90510263>tfw no qt autistic speechless gf why even fucking live[View]
90510264Was he a retard or not?[View]
90510089This was actually pretty cool![View]
90509790Is this possible to become an actor without connections?[View]
90506607Was there anyone in existence who didn't immediately think it stood for Big Fucking Giant?[View]
90509598>ticket girl at the kinoplex says 'Tell me how it was!' What's her endgame lads…[View]
90510012Cast them.[View]
90510013Ludicrous speed, go![View]
90509398Pure Christmas Kino[View]
90509712Is he /our jew/?[View]
90508481What kind of fighting style was that between Walther and David?[View]
90509466Did Limmy go too far this time?[View]
90510022>Shawn Bangs his girlfriend mother, well done buddy >Claude Abusive drunk father who try to r…[View]
90507398???: What did he mean by this /tv/ ?[View]
90507219Do you guys like Riverdale?[View]
90508777Is anyone surprised by this ?: 97% rating on rottentomatoes. Is it any good or just another white-gu…[View]
90508082/lbg/: Letterboxd thread: post profiles and discuss what you have recently watched QOTD: Recommend a…[View]
90509326'''Villains''' who did nothing wrong[View]
90505336What are some movies where protagonist thinks he's dead inside and stops doing things but deep …[View]
90509529Don't mind me, just being the man who saved Star Wars.[View]
90506305How has he not killed himself yet? If I knew that my career, private life and public life as a whole…[View]
90509180cast her[View]
90508361Honestly, I know I'm late to the party with this, but what surprised me the most was how funny …[View]
90509014What are some /tv/ approved Instagram to follow? Actors, directors, reviewers; for entertainment pur…[View]
90507531Hey Amy - just a couple of rando thoughts from 35,000 LAX-JFK: - A rising trend we see with Millenni…[View]
90506254>trailer has a slower, darker version of a popular song[View]
90508643Recently saw pic related. Any other Takeshi Kitano films worth seeing?[View]
90509255Post YFW you realized Frank castle will never cluck you[View]
90508894Hey /tv/, this is what Solomon from Gummo looks like now. What do you think?[View]
90509266Who is your waifu in this years The Apprentice (UK). Pic related is mine. Mature big footed and seem…[View]
90507066He's right. We never stood a chance bros.[View]
90508433Will disney ever make a classic movie with classic 2d animation, even black and white[View]
90509201CRISIS ON EARTH-X: We want the /pol/ audience[View]
90498702A fit, beautiful young white woman, with flowing gold hair has been cast as nazi in 2017. I am liter…[View]
90508679>Watch Year of The Dragon with my dad >He's really happy to see the movie because he saw …[View]
90509046What do you think of the Swedish movie 'Together'? You know, the one with that teenager boy who was …[View]
90503726>Iron Man >Captain America: The Winter Soldier >Thor Ragnarok These are the only good Marve…[View]
90508642Bruce, I moustache you a question![View]
90508901Looks like family guy has given up explaining their own brainlet-tier jokes and are now expecting vi…[View]
90507150COULD this be anymore of a Friends thread?[View]
90507683Mr. Bane?[View]
90508717>Want to watch old movies >There's no diversity. only POC are either criminals or help Wh…[View]
90507989We still have our Oscar, r-right, guys?[View]
90508569wtf. despite the billboard, it is again a girlpower movie. Mystique is the bravest hero, Jean Grey s…[View]
90503009Other movies like this?[View]
90498219Was it painful when he took the mask off?[View]
90504008William Shatner everybody[View]
90504921JUSTICE LEAGUE: Joss Whedon's additions: Admit it, /tv/. He saved the movie. >Superman'…[View]
90505781AC/DC kino : Black in Blacked: AC/DC movie confirmed[View]
90508571>Anon, Bats just looked at me funny..[View]
90497018Is this the best Tarantino movie of all times?[View]
90508050What's your favorite Christina Hendricks role, /tv/? I'll start with Kevin's mother, …[View]
90508504Leave Drivingkino to me Goosefags BTFO[View]
90505788apologize except for kate bosworth and not rachel mcadams, this was really good[View]
90504007Hulu's Future Man: This is good[View]
90507703Hug Marry Kiss[View]
90507345>Image not related I'm looking for a European film that i saw on late night tv while drunk, …[View]
90508409How does Jigsaw rank in the Saw franchise?[View]
90508282So I was rewatching Breaking Bad and I got confused at one point. Jesse admits to having put down a …[View]
90494899What did you think of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia? I'm on season 5, watched a few ep…[View]
90499952Why are there so many films today that have men with unrealistically fit bodies? Doesn't this s…[View]
90491771What is your favourite quote from the prequels?[View]
90507607Will the Halo tv series be kino? https://youtu.be/3S5I0_hjS3c[View]
90505869Is it true that she's becoming lewd?[View]
90508178>THIS IS KATANA SHE'S GOT MY BACK >Goes into the rearguard what the fuck!?…[View]
90499613>adapt the Iliad >don't include the gods Why though?…[View]
90501449Anakin Skywalker is a vastly underrated character: Anakin gets way too much hate and I want to clari…[View]
90507474Reminder This is what star wars is supposed to look like https://youtu.be/Nzq9epS2b1A https://you…[View]
90502700How long until he drops off the map?[View]
90501767What did they mean by this[View]
90507986The Last Jedi: Spoilers ahead >The Last Jedi, Episode VIII >Rey gets captured and brought befo…[View]
90507985post a hotter tv mom protip: you can't[View]
90507932ITT: Movies that made more on opening weekend than JUSTice league[View]
90506441How do we make Jay happy?[View]
90495848/who/ - Doctor Who General: New soundtrack edition. PREVIOUSLY: >>90472823[View]
90507878ITT: We post the best documentaries: I'll start off with an easy one[View]
90507857I was positive this was gonna be shit when he showed up. Actually was pretty good and got to see ala…[View]
90504793What monsters do you most want to see in the Godzilla Monsterverse?[View]
90505795Jurassic Park, 'The Park': >Lost World >entire section getting to explore the old facility …[View]
90507615Raising Dion: Any thoughts? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dW9EIxEqrJw[View]
90491829Young Sex for Sale in Japan: My respect for Japan grew after watching this. Especially for that brav…[View]
90498165Lena Doneham: >Black Female Writer For Lena Dunham's 'Girls' Quits. She Says Dunha…[View]
90507170>not understanding that the prequels literally channel ancient homeric thought of women corruptin…[View]
90507460Nothing happens: the movie[View]
90503030Which other celebrities lurk 4chan?[View]
90501772Is George Romero actually a hack?[View]
90500154Are you excited for Incredibles 2, /tv/?[View]
90506167/twd/: walking dead thread, negankino addition my rip ended a bit suddenly, was this definitely the …[View]
90501866In what creative ways would /tv/ use it?[View]
90507586What emotion was this scene supposed to convey?[View]
90504995Why do people like this movie again? I got around to watch it; it was boring as fuck and the romance…[View]
90506992>Perfect movies don't exis--[View]
90506116Why Didn't he stop it, guys?[View]
90507199snow kino[View]
90507254Movies to cope with this feel: >tfw your best friend online is in love with a guy >she's …[View]
90507154>Ned you still have that store? >For two more days, then it becomes libertarian party headquar…[View]
90507444...in time[View]
90503695Sam Hyde used me for sex[View]
90507151Hey what's going on? It's Bill Burr and iiiiiiiii'm- just checking in on ya![View]
90506762... what the fuck just happened? was this real? was i too high?[View]
90507328Is he slow?[View]
90507034Kill it. Kill it with fire.[View]
90505075Who did he piss off to warrant all this hell to rain down on him?[View]
90502621so guys 'Wheel of Time' is being made into a TV series: anyone else got high hopes for the franchise…[View]
90504162Why is reading literature considered more intellectual than viewing cinema in contemporary American …[View]
90506971Did she deserve it?[View]
90507163What did you think of this movie? I give the movie a 4/10 >It's rushed >gal gadot is a s…[View]
90505467This show has been getting absolutely glowing critical reviews, why are the viewership ratings so lo…[View]
90507041I want Frank Castle to be my dad[View]
90505382He tried to elevate capeshit and he was betrayed. So what's next for his career? I've hear…[View]
90503118BLEACHED: The Lannisters send their regards.[View]
90506232What's next for the DC cinematic universe?[View]
90505918Movies for this feel?[View]
90505530ITT: Actors that are genuinely good people[View]
90504831Limmy thread: Aye remember mare than any cunt. https://youtu.be/QOZzFXolGJc[View]
90503692Armie Hammer Calls Out Casey Affleck's Oscar Win: >Nate had the stuff in his past, which is …[View]
90506289Della Reese (1931 - 2017): https://www.nytimes.com/2017/11/20/obituaries/della-reese-singer-and-touc…[View]
90505972Literally the same movie: Both even have the same boob joke Whedon is such a fucking hack[View]
90506678You're gonna stand there, ownin' a fireworks stand, and tell me you don't have no whi…[View]
90506546>you will never make a nice girl stop crying >you will never see that cute smile why even li…[View]
90505900http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0102719/ >Frozen and Chill (2018) >The life of an ordinary shitpos…[View]
90506023Just watched this, wasn't that bad at all. Wasn't wrong either, was that why it bombed? Pe…[View]
90505480Now that 2 Broke Girls is cancelled, what is next for her career?[View]
90501689Why did both armies just charge into one another?[View]
90506007Who was in the wrong here?[View]
90506363what is this expression trying to convey?[View]
90502137Tarankino: What is Tarantino's best film and why is it Django?[View]
90505312This was well and truly kino, ahead of its time.[View]
90505551What's anon's dream movie night like?[View]
90506070What's some good, fun, overtly violent tv, /tv/?[View]
90506278I SAID STOP![View]
90503809Pitch your idea for a TV. Anything goes.[View]
90506159thoughts on this masterpiece?[View]
90503700Can y' understand please?[View]
90505149Surprisingly good and fun. Josh Hutcherson wasn't as annoying as I thought he would be.[View]
90504371>Michael Douglas has to deal with an evil woman[View]
90501676What was the point of this movie?[View]
90501586F who will play him in the inevitable biopic?[View]
90499067Should the US government nationalize DC so we can start having competently made Superman and Batman …[View]
90501745Will it change everything /tv/[View]
90505775If you have a large screen and a home cinema, how much difference is there between 30 GiB BR rips yo…[View]
90503722I have to watch this movie for uni tomorrow /tv/ is it a good film?[View]
90492221dean ruby is good demon[View]
904969882 episodes into this edgy boring 2dark4u shitfest of a story, does it get interesting at any point o…[View]
90505686ITT: Lost Films You Would Love To See: Lethargy (2002) > Directed by Josh Safdie (Good Time) and …[View]
90501868What are some party kinos beside these two?[View]
90496058What's gonna be this movie's legacy? I can see it becoming a cult classic like the origina…[View]
90500713Should they keep going or just start over?[View]
90503714what does he have that we don't have, boys?[View]
90505462>The point of the movie is that there was no point[View]
90505174DCAU thread: who else /cautiouslyoptimistic/ for Young Justice Season 3?[View]
90502548>It's a 'Kate McKinnon does everything because the rest of the cast is dogshit' episode…[View]
90493917Why did The Passion of the Christ make so many people angry and upset for accurately depicting the G…[View]
90502201Hey /tv/.[View]
90504882Frimmin on the frim-fram. Frimmin on the fram.[View]
90504480Anyone see the actual claims? Tambour got railed over two arguably tasteless jokes. Nothing else. Tr…[View]
90499441Who will play him in the inevitable biopic?[View]
90504987What did she mean by this?[View]
90503264Are numales solely responsible for ruining television and film?[View]
90494680Can we agree that discount Care Blanchett is one of the best things about mind hunter?[View]
90499153Chandler... I sensed it was you.[View]
90504800y'all watching S3 rite?[View]
90492674This board was, is and will be Pro-DC and Pro-Snyder. For some reason Zack Snyder, the greatest dire…[View]
90504622Shows cockblocked by a new character changing the entire tone of the show..[View]
90502973when is pic related's turn?[View]
90481835I'm currently at episode 8. Does he ever do any punishing, or will the series just keep being 2…[View]
90504251beards: just beards[View]
90504870How do we stop him?[View]
90504700Am I stupid for thinking the black screen at the start / sudden transition was meant to be the Big B…[View]
90503233is there a better romance film /tv/? the answer, i believe, is no prove me wrong[View]
90504522When did you stop watching superhero films?[View]
90503528Morrissey defends Kevin Spacey: >“You have to assume that the boy had an inkling of what might po…[View]
90504169you're in the train drinking martini with your gf when this guy comes over and kicks the shit o…[View]
90503938What does /tv/ thinks of the based 501st captain Rex?[View]
90501809Who should be Dick’s love interesting in the Nightwing movie?[View]
90502714The movie industry is supply and demand, so who are all these fucking mongoloid retards demanding al…[View]
90502284Is there any sitcom that is not completely unwatchable?[View]
90501905Just saw this all time great kino. Lads, have I reached the pinnacle? Where else do I go[View]
90496590This is Sadie. Sadie deserves better threads on 4chan. Say something nice about her /tv/[View]
90496726How did Larry have such God-tier taste in Arab women?[View]
90484150>Alright, helping you kill Mace Windu was worth it, right? You can teach me that thing that'…[View]
90503303SHUT UP!!![View]
90502680Do you think they will ever do a new series?[View]
90504124Sequel Confirmation When?[View]
90503918Sequels you don't know existed[View]
90504029Any other movies like this? My friends and I watched Ant Boy and Food Boy last night, but they were …[View]
90496619I'm not sure if this is the appropriate board but does /tv/ like Godzilla resurgence? Or kaiju …[View]
90503658THIS CHRISTMAS[View]
90500289Who's better?[View]
90503099Don't watch cult films: I got baited into watching The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Never have I …[View]
90500823A bomb on time: *Inhales*[View]
90493997ITT: Movies Critics Hated But You Unironically Enjoy[View]
90502746How can one show start from being comfy as fuck in the beginning to being depressing as shit towards…[View]
90503620Is Rick Shapiro okay?[View]
90503554Is the LA Beast kino?[View]
90502718Why doesn't he hide his power level?[View]
90500729I know you're out there. I can feel you now. I know that you're afraid... you're afra…[View]
90503480>see a movie get recommended on /tv/ >read the plot synopsis on Wikipedia >make a thread ab…[View]
90495297KELELE NIET[View]
90500943Would you?[View]
90501625Say it with me >SLLUUUUUTTT[View]
90503392X-Men Apocalypse/Holocaust: >feel like watching an action film with some cool effects and what no…[View]
90502868>ass like a 10 year old boy[View]
90503166How based are these guys?: I can't get enough of this podcast.[View]
90503334Why was he a bad guy again?[View]
90502439Anon, name a movie concept that appeals to a 15-30 demographic, that can reach the Chinese market an…[View]
90503145The Keep - Michael Kenneth Mann: Is it good?[View]
90501257/curb/: behold, the greatest side character since wandering bear![View]
90502272McMafia: What does /tv/ think of the trailer for James Bond: Russia? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
90501949was it kino?[View]
90498572>HE TOUCHED MY BREASTS!!![View]
90494234Do you have any optimism left at all for the last season or have you lost all hope? How are you hopi…[View]
90499695What are some good anti-capitalism films?[View]
90497619Empire of Dust is removed from YouTube: What did they mean by this?[View]
90501975>Colbert said cuck[View]
90497489How would Superman be explained in The Dark Knight trilogy universe? The Nolanverse always tried to …[View]
90496863Emma Roberts can't fucking act.[View]
90502161What movie is this from /tv/? Been searching a bit but cant find anything. The pic is of a webm I fo…[View]
90485977Why did Lisa have a crush on Nelson? He was a violent unintelligent spiteful bully.[View]
90493533Justice League chill discussion thread: 90% of the scenes in this trailer are not in the movie: http…[View]
90499164yare yare[View]
90497993What's /tv/'s honest opinion of Abbey Lee Kershaw?[View]
90502671Name some films soyboys like the one pictured would like[View]
90502651>that comfy feeling when rewatching AVATAR: Such a wonderful movie, Jesus Christ[View]
90498076So how do you guys feel about season 2? Or the show in general? I think season 2 started out weaker…[View]
90495784STAN LEE SEXUAL SCANDEL (MARVEL/DISNEY): Marvel insider here This will probably break in a week or s…[View]
90502507I kind of hate Batman?: At least movie Batman, that is, Nolan’s especially. The Batman we see on sc…[View]
90500379How did Shrek already know that the dragon was female? And why did he plan to rescue her?[View]
90501890>I uh, said some pretty nasty things to some Afro-Americans... Jesus fucking Christ…[View]
90500816What happened to the guy who composed the Matrix Soundtracks? They're severely underrated. http…[View]
90502396>'We need someone to play an awkward, quirky dad character' >'Sir, he already subscribed for t…[View]
90501651The Death of Superman: What a fucking wasted opportunity, you could've done wonders with this, …[View]
90502337Let's post performances that were inspired by real people but the actor wasn't actually pl…[View]
90501914>ADHD kids consider this Kino a bad show[View]
90502010what are the chances of this ever happening?[View]
90502227>a close up of a red cape flapping in the wind >two hands grab on to the bomb >the rest of…[View]
90499011*blocks your path* How do you defeat him?[View]
90501679DC needs him now more than ever. Make the call Warner bros.[View]
90501721The most depressing aspect of the Sopranos are all the empty epiphanies that Tony has, while becomin…[View]
90502013Cast it.[View]
90499263Are mainstream retards finally waking up? This year is a box office disaster. Unless new Star Wars …[View]
90486860>ITT: Thirsty characters[View]
90484408How do you take a series with aliens who operate 50s nostalgia diners, homosexual slapstick robots a…[View]
90494623Is it going to be Kino?: >“Set in Los Angeles in the summer of 1969, Tarantino’s upcoming movie, …[View]
90498942Why do actors look so plain nowadays? How do you go from pic related to wonky-eyed shitheads like R…[View]
90496097Interstellar is better than Gravity[View]
90500732What would this faggot have done if Roger never hired him? Remain a fur coat salesman for the rest o…[View]
90497738What did /tv/ think of this film?[View]
90501499Thoughts on this?[View]
90501693Will his jacket be okay?[View]
90501681ITT: Shite Endings[View]
90500284Is this short film kino? https://youtu.be/DZ0deGTrBlY[View]
90501642Was this the moment things started going wrong for the DCEU?[View]
90500149What are the most fascinating biography documentaries about people with unique personalities and/or …[View]
90498131What was his end game?[View]
90499324>Ruins The Hobbit movies >Ruins the DCEU >Creates the most boring franchise in cinematic hi…[View]
90499908How the fuck do we kill capeshit ??: how[View]
90500187Hola! Sbarro[View]
90500310>Big Bang Theory has a 11th season What the fuck?[View]
90500206notice anything?[View]
90499665Scenes that women and nu-males will absolutely never understand https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m0fF…[View]
90500494My favorite show[View]
90500883>Click verify once there are none left[View]
90500640Haven't seen the new stuff yet, is it as shit as one would expect it to be? Still can't be…[View]
90499736Does anybody have a gif of vid related from the MDE teacher skit https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=nhiGN…[View]
90499705ITT: Fuck you I liked it[View]
90501018ITT: Remarkable roles that left a big influence in the movie industry[View]
90501096>this movie was action-packed[View]
90498255Would you?[View]
90489336Jim Carey seems likes hes on that real ego death enlightened shit Is it all an act or is he really o…[View]
90500805Anyone else disappointed in Justice League? The fact that it was supposed to save the DCEU but made …[View]
90498514Why didn't he freeze Zod?[View]
90499347/FMG/ /SWG/: Filmmaking thread. Where all the losers, homeless and umemployed writers, directors, ga…[View]
90500181Anyone know any good surreal movies? Shit like pic related[View]
90494130Mark Kermode: Gal Gadot was the best thing about Justice League: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hsL…[View]
90499577Avatar: Found this in a bathroom reader published back in 2004.[View]
90500727>tfw started watching a tv show >enjoy it >want to discuss it >can't because somebo…[View]
90490593Who will get the blame?[View]
90496853Which one of the Malcom kids were you the most like when you were younger?[View]
90499932DCucks are mad Avengers made more on OW than JL will its entire run: Such a fucking bad movie.…[View]
90499568'Always buy American'. So there it is, the moment The Punisher turned to shit.[View]
90499765HBO's Confederate: Will it be kino?[View]
90496383ITT: moments when you stopped giving a shit about the Oscars. Pic related getting snubbed for a nomi…[View]
90493724Tommy Wiseau's 'The Room' is filled with redpills about women's willingness to use men: Di…[View]
90498721Who is the most overrated piece of shit director of all time?[View]
90498237>a literal hidden blade DROPPED[View]
90500488Little Women Atlanta: i just saw this show for the first time and i could not stop laughing. What wa…[View]
90500444You don't get to lock Chevron 7.[View]
90500417>underdeveloped outer systems that don't want to be overburdened by taxation to a corrupt ce…[View]
90500462/kdrama/ General: What are you watching right now? And why is this shit so addicting for moms and GF…[View]
90497843>'I respectfully refuse, sir.'[View]
90499692What have we done to him, /tv/?[View]
90500418How did they get away with this?[View]
90500103Land of The Dead is his best.[View]
90498129Why didn't you tell me the second season started over a month ago? I've been waiting for t…[View]
90500308>from the creators who saw Shrek & Shrek 2[View]
90500210What are some movies about imageboards?[View]
90495881This didn't feel like a huge event film because they didn't build up to it.[View]
90500020THE GRAND TOUR NEW SEASON DRIVER: And the 3 idiots are still looking for a new Driver but this time …[View]
90499588Why did they shoe horn race mixing into this. Also blacks were shoe horned into completely ridiculo…[View]
90500178Was it ever explained who shot Marvin in the ass?[View]
90497157Underrated 80s kino[View]
90494808AC / DC movie in the works - band kinko: https://www.thedailybeast.com/john-boyega-star-in-angus-you…[View]
90499160YouTube: Last week a YouTuber by the name ThunderF00t uploaded a video with the title “seeing electr…[View]
90499411>'My turn!' >show indefinitely postponed (cancelled) HAHAHAhAHA Even fictional Hillary can…[View]
90498388I don't get it.[View]
90499790Aye, but at wha' cost?[View]
90499903what does /tv/ think of this movie?[View]
90499821On the next episode of House Of Cards: >Claire, may I axe you a question?…[View]
90497852'Harvey Weinstein raped me' - Annabella Sciorra: Sopranos actress Annabella Sciorra has al…[View]
90497771Netflix and Marvel: What does the future behold for Netflix capeshit?[View]
90497478Name literally ONE thing he did wrong.[View]
90498001Fatwas aren't rescinded, I want my money back[View]
90499119What the fuck did i just watch?[View]
90496966Who would win the admiration of /tv/?[View]
90499412*ruins your birthday*[View]
90499570blue planet 2 is a huge disappointment: does anyone else feel like this series in general, and last …[View]
90498819>Three years ago in 2014, when Trevor Sutton was twelve years old, he was diagnosed with inoperab…[View]
90498622>how do you want your alien designs senpai?[View]
90498752its raining brahs, why is rain so patrician? the greyness of the day, the scent, the sounds, the amb…[View]
90494460suicide, when?[View]
90499275Movies you watch at speeds other than 1x: Anyone else watch movies at different speeds? Pic related.…[View]
90494667What's the biggest mistake George made?[View]
90496530ITT: Hacks The Social Network is hugely overrated.[View]
90497221https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VP9wkTEgORI post yfw oberstgruppenführer smith travels to our realit…[View]
90496686Favorite background Star Wars character?[View]
90499201>Next up, my exclusive Emma Watson defloration vid. Shot in glorious 70mm at my private penthouse…[View]
90499015what was it exactly?[View]
90491632FAKE BLUE PLANET: GUYS this got memed here... hard like it was some sort of masterpiece I am watchin…[View]
90489633A Wrinkle In Time: oh no no no non no.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UhZ56rcWwRQ[View]
90499111>'Dontushmemudderfuckergeddaud' What did he mean by this?[View]
90499109I can't wait to see this in Narcos season 4. >The pressure to capture Carrillo intensified …[View]
90495755Super Dark Times is super dark & depressing: >you'll never an Allison Bannister I want t…[View]
90499098What is the director Riley Stearns best film? My pick is Faults.[View]
90498924TARS, analyze the content of Dr Brandts rectum. >Analysis complete. Fill my nouth with it!…[View]
90498992Why is Padme smiling?[View]
90497144DC betrayal: Lord Snyder, Kevin Feige sends his regards.[View]
90498701>Do you sense it?[View]
90497437Why do people watch bad movies for 'fun'?[View]
90498675Movie production stories: Anybody here who works in movie production? Do you have any stories that y…[View]
90497109My gosh. Why won't he just put the sword down?[View]
90498355dam will...leave some for the rest of us[View]
90489596best comedy on tv. watch it now before it's added to netflix in a year and it becomes the bigge…[View]
90498552*hides your tomatometer™*[View]
90496269>tfw you barely even watch TV or movies but still come here every day What am I doing?…[View]
90492756>Replicant needs to protect itself from cold weather they didn't even bother to watch the or…[View]
90498286>hollywood still hasn't adapted his horror stories[View]
90498162>character goes to a bar >beautiful woman comes up to him and starts flirting…[View]
90492344MORE JUSTice LEAGUE LEAKS: Wtf is going on at WB?[View]
90496290*saves the DCEU*[View]
90497111M A: Emma Watson's acting is superb and on par with some of the most successful women in acting…[View]
90498056People fear what they don't understand.[View]
90497815Why did they all freak when it was just a joke? Why did Carmella tell Tony when she knew it would be…[View]
90497117ITT: current movies that don't have superheroes in them wtf[View]
90495478Is he one of the greatest living directors?[View]
90497971Has anyone seen this? Can't find a torrent or physical copy anywhere ($95 on amazon bit out of …[View]
90497319The eagles were an ass pull[View]
90496960>Oh hey remember that zany tv-show from the 80's with the whole murder mystery... Twin Peaks…[View]
90497945why is he so based bros[View]
90492813Unfair portrayal of chads?: Why is it in movies that chads are often portrayed as bullies when IRL t…[View]
90496907Cast It[View]
90495818Godfather 1 and 2 were made two years apart: How did Robert Duvall 's character lose all his …[View]
90495448TITANIC (1997) by James Cameron: What do you guys think about James Cameron's Movie Titanic fro…[View]
90496158I have no idea about box offices. When is a movie a win and when a flop?[View]
90484891What’s the best documentary about Charles Manson?[View]
90496179>a nigger ruins everything and kills everyone did this ruin cube? or was it a precise political …[View]
90497759HELP REQUEST; MOVIE NEEDED: Google is still to primitive too find this movie, or the mandela effect …[View]
90497606HELP /tv/ it's the jaguaro![View]
90486637The Disaster Artist: Just got out of a tech screening. Technically shouldn’t be saying anything but …[View]
90493718Thoughts on my photoshop skills of dying Craig's hair ultra Blonde? Looks freakin awesome imo. …[View]
90492424Do you think there will be a scene similar to this in the incredibles 2? god i hope so[View]
90493912>Force Awakens >Rogue One >Last Jedi So that's 3 films already (equivalent to the OT o…[View]
90496272Is this the Sopranos or the fucking Seinfeld?[View]
90497163>movie has amazing premise >runtime: 94 minutes…[View]
90494998>A fire at a sea parks What did she mean by this?[View]
90496193Akira Kurosawa: Now that the dust has settled, what was Kurosawa's best kino that wasn't S…[View]
90497217>DUDE, I have footage of my friends and family dying, let me just put spooky music and sound effe…[View]
90496472Did you notice this secret?[View]
90492779>instead of fantasy mankino we are being bombarded with capeshit Why can't we have fantasy m…[View]
90495584Junkie XL’s Justice League theme: Fuck Whedon and Elfman[View]
90479907Man of Murder: >In earlier drafts of the script Zod was banished to the Phantom Zone, Snyder chan…[View]
90489518what can we learn from this movie?[View]
90487047>why does /tv/ enjoy my movies so much?[View]
90496824Good niiightdingdingdingdingdingdingding...[View]
90495254*blocks your path*[View]
90496678When and why the fuck did this show start getting so far up its own ass? Why are there so many long …[View]
90494218>Jeffrey Tambor Exits ‘Transparent’ After Sexual Harassment Allegations Somebody stop this http:/…[View]
90493412I'm starving! We ain't had nothing but maggoty bread for three stinking days![View]
90493143hey /tv/, miss me yet?[View]
90493172Am I the only nigga who watches this shit? It just now dawned on me that this is a show built for wh…[View]
90490802Please recommend me a good Gyllenhaal kino to watch while I get used to him being the new Bruce Wayn…[View]
90496461What are some movies that females enjoy?[View]
90496547what is important is what I'm going to do.[View]
90496448Is this just white woman aging? Would she look that different if she wasn't on drugs?[View]
90496479Why are opinions on good acting and bad acting so wildly subjective and conflicting?[View]
90496268I could have sworn this scene was from The Simpsons when I tried to reference it. I even looked for …[View]
90495905What are /tv/'s thoughts on Marketa Lazarova?[View]
90473754Oscars Gonna Get Canceled?: >https://nypost.com/2017/11/18/lets-just-cancel-the-oscars/ >Holly…[View]
90491566If you were a director, how would you make your kino as redditless as possible?[View]
90492851>Yo bitch, I'm gonna jack off in front of you, got a problem with that? >Of course not Ch…[View]
90496151You fucking kidding Right The best out of all the super hero , comic tv shows has the lowest score '…[View]
90494146I've been watching both STD and The Orville since they've started and have really enjoyed …[View]
90493505Why no Longmire thread?[View]
90495033Jean-Pierre Melville: Is he overrated?[View]
90496162>It's another old picture frame style movie episode when this trend fucking end goddamit it …[View]
90496047What is its endgame?[View]
90484159JAFFA KREE![View]
90493676X-Men is CIA/FBI propaganda: Each film centers itself around a CIA agent trying to deal with 'mutant…[View]
90493067I've noticed that the leaks for Justice League all sound like they're coming from the spec…[View]
90486634*blocks your gf's path*[View]
90486753Is pirating a movie a function of poverty?[View]
90496108>In the year 199X[View]
90491972IMAGINE: Damn, Jaimie Lee looks like THAT???!?!?[View]
90496072okay seriously. what the fuck was his problem? why the white face?[View]
90493561Will we ever see Snyder's perfect version?[View]
90490349Who was in the wrong here?[View]
90494338*Saves your show*[View]
90484546Did he get that Iron Cross for killin' Jews?[View]
90472823/who/ - Doctor Who General: Mummy on Orient Express edition Last shit >>90454628[View]
90495112what kinos should i bring on an aeroplane trip to keep my sister occupied /tv/? ideally something lo…[View]
90495345Do you miss me yet? twitter.com/TrystinMurphy/status/834592199916580865[View]
90495293Yesterday I watched Allegiant and it's ridiculous. I can't believe they spent 110 million …[View]
90495245Kids from seven to seventeen-o...[View]
90493095WB mass suicide when?[View]
90493714What are some good tv shows featuring immortals? I've watched New Amsterdam, Forever, and some …[View]
90495105*breathes in*[View]
90494502500 essay due friday and still watching movies. What are some nice crime thriller movies by the way?[View]
90495622Why didn't K just tell Deckard that he believed he could be his father? Would have saved him so…[View]
90491519What's his problem?[View]
90494056>Sacre Bleu Where Is Me Mama?[View]
90495019What did she mean by this?[View]
90493349Is it worth watching even though it got cancelled?[View]
90493484>oh fuck, it's that fuckin' zip Furio and somebody How do you respond to this situation…[View]
90495420why spend so much money making a show with such a unlikable MC this fucker bitches about everything …[View]
90495075Kevin Feige walks out on stage: >We are the Champions starts playing Is there anything the king o…[View]
90491046What went wrong? Why did he fuck it all up?[View]
90490054/stg/ - Stranger Things General: Supersonic Steve Edition Previously: >>90448811 Why was >…[View]
90495324How come Hershlag only stars in kino?[View]
90493494Who will play him in the inevitable biopic?[View]
90492161What the fuck are casting directors smoking these days? This is supposed to be the hero?[View]
90493973good romance movies: ITT romance movie that'll make you smile/smirk/happy at the ending and why…[View]
90495191Dave Made a Maze: I didn't expect this scene to hit too close to home in the feels. Pretty good…[View]
90485499Zack gave the world a real Superman Joss Whedon killed him for the sake of quips The world is trash.…[View]
90491132BRING BATFLECK BACK: Can we please demand Affleck to return for one more DCEU movie even if it'…[View]
90492452Ruin a film by setting it in the present day. I'll start.[View]
90493733Is he overrated?[View]
90492925This was pretty good. I found myself laughing at parts, not because it was bad or funny, but because…[View]
90494182The Punisher: Did I like it?[View]
90495025What is the Cow Tools of Cinema?[View]
90489598>feel like rewatching LOTR trilogy >love the extended cut scenes >but hate the color gradin…[View]
90493389*breathes in*[View]
90493268Do you, /tv/?[View]
90485158FRINGE: so whats the post mortem /tv/? is this secretly a better kino than L O S T?[View]
90494619I started watching this for the first time What should I know and how should I proceed? Killing myse…[View]
90494756For me? It's Colin Quinn![View]
90494431*Screw your movie*[View]
90493373So apart from Henry Cavill having a moustache, what else can we expect from another Mission Impossib…[View]
90494154>people use their iphone through the whole fucking movie annyone else annoyed by this?…[View]
90487379I hurt myself today[View]
90493369What was their fucking problem?[View]
90484646Since it's now Christmas season, what's everybody's favorite Christmas movie? Pic rel…[View]
90491891ITT:: Films you're too intimidated to watch[View]
90494187Mr.Robot insider here. I'm not a writer but I am present in some of the sessions in the writing…[View]
90493727post movies/series americans will never understand[View]
90494370Top of the Lake: Absolute garbage, why was this show even made?[View]
90494309>One specific scene in the film perceived as an example of anti-Semitism was in the dialogue of C…[View]
90493633https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=149&v=Ou0T5ENBag8 WHAT WERE THEY THINKING!? WHY WOUL…[View]
90489953So we can all agree that the person who shot at him was the brother, right?[View]
90486554Why didn't she get any big roles after Malcom in the Middle? She was a great actor on the show …[View]
90492729Miss Fine![View]
90492348Why can't Justive League just look like this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ew_x_4IW7UI Shoul…[View]
90491671what did his hairline mean by this ?[View]
90493936>he watches capeshit[View]
90493510I saw this today /tv/ It was pretty depressing halp pls[View]
90493828ITT: Times /tv/ were right about a film being kino[View]
90485905Damn, what's the name of his personal trainer?[View]
90493568Who's in the wrong?[View]
90458921Everything makes sense now.[View]
90490832Wtf is growing out of her ear?[View]
90483578>movie features a pornstar in a small role >you have to pretend like you don't recognize …[View]
90489369Who are your favorite jewish actors/actresses?[View]
90493692I'm stuck /tv/, I need recommendations for some quality tier war documentaries. Just watched PB…[View]
90493680>tfw no handsome cunnybro bf[View]
90493607ITT: Movies only you've seen[View]
90493627>everyone on the team has to flirt with Wonder Woman Was Joss Whedon setting up a gangbang? He al…[View]
90492969The Georgia Dome is going boom in 30 minutes. Let's watch - http://www.gpb.org/education/dome[View]
90492138Why are so many filmmakers afraid of having scenes where fuck all happens, and then the films suffer…[View]
90492707i have the worst fucking attorneys[View]
90488007ITT: Adds that couldn't be made today https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ojqMGlqYHPg[View]
90493470who the hell thinks box art like this is good?[View]
90493439get in here faggots, streaming the new episode[View]
90493366Kino Power Rangers coming through[View]
90491960So he's pretty much box office poison now, right?[View]
90491688*ruins a franchise again*[View]
90492862>2017 movie trailer >Slow piano version of a classic theme song starts playing…[View]
90491583*saves your show*[View]
90491496Just watched this kinography. What did I think of it? >inb4 ebin reddit movie…[View]
90492899What does /tv/ think of The Good Fight?[View]
90492917curb thread: >Get under those covers you little prick, because I'm going to have sex with yo…[View]
90492822ITT: COMFY KINO[View]
90489999>horror movie >slow children's music…[View]
90491574CGI was a mistake[View]
90488557Is it complete?[View]
90472528Balance of the Force.: Read at your own risk. >Title crawl and opening will be on red font much …[View]
90491343/comfy/: ITT: Comfy.[View]
90487317There is absolutely nothing more comfy than The Orville.[View]
90492479Infinity War opening: How much will this make in its opening Weekend? My guess is $215 million…[View]
90482730JUST FUCK MY SUIT UP[View]
90489088What is the point of this character?: For the cuckquean fetish demographic?[View]
90475814Is Jay gay?[View]
90492558Eh, he seems nice enough. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zUnhfvGdmmw[View]
90487018White Famous: Is this the next Entourage?[View]
90490090I'd like to enjoy this but I'm not really sure how. I think it's very reasonably pric…[View]
90490461Will /tv/ be doing a similar analysis of Justice League?[View]
90492021'tis the season then[View]
90492333Henry has 1 movie left before quitting DC,I want my Superman[View]
90488149we all agree that this was the best film of 2015 right?[View]
90491775Pitch the sequel.[View]
90491575Guilty pleasure kinos you watch every holiday season ITT >Scrooged >Home Alone 1 >National …[View]
90492209What can stop his cancer? It is metastasing to other companies.[View]
90487986who's laughing now?[View]
90491592Bawht eye nevur leyeked colombus enyway[View]
90488299why is german cinema so degenerate?: >Mädchen, Mädchen (English: Girls, Girls), also known as Gir…[View]
90489110post forgettable hacks[View]
90491494Made you think: Who will play this large cast of characters in the inevitable Oscar-nominated biopic…[View]
90492140Hey /tv/, I am trying to find a movie that I only had the opportunity to watch part of several years…[View]
90485426>Wow, that was sexist, racist AND demeaning of my abilities all in one sentence, sir. Bravo how w…[View]
90488961REMINDER this will forever be remembered as Gene Hackman's final film[View]
90492058what are some films that would give me this feel?[View]
90490429what are the classics and essentials of the youtube poop genre?[View]
90490584>1980s film >only thing the parents have to worry about is their kid throwing a party…[View]
90491878Is the current DC Cinematic Universe fiasco worthy of a Documentary?[View]
90489576beautiful scenes: this is the most beautiful shot in the entire trilogy post your favorite shots fr…[View]
90491623Best pimp my ride episodes/cars?[View]
90490073Never seen any of it. Is it worth watching it in 2017 without nostalgia goggles?[View]
90481603/TV/ BTFO https://youtu.be/bE6rALUSooY[View]
90486347Movies you've watched because they recommended it: -Robot -Cyrus -The Greasy Strangler -Swiss A…[View]
90490999>Character orders pizza >Calls it a pie[View]
90490972Relatable movie characters[View]
90488504What are some other good movies about Christmas crime sprees? >inb4 Home Alone…[View]
90491709What are some movies that achieve Essential Cinema Kinetics?[View]
90490382I really hate this bored, guys[View]
90491199Post who you think should be the next actor to play Batman.[View]
90489678Don Hertzfeldt and existential kino: Just watched Don Hertzheldt's It's Such a Beautiful D…[View]
90471022ITT SHIT THAT FUCKED YOU UP REAL GOOD FOR A WHILE AS A KID: fuck this fucking faggot couldn't s…[View]
90490491How the fuck did Leo get away with this?[View]
90489713What are some good old 80s/90s American holiday(or set around the Christmas time) films? Eg. such as…[View]
90490249Why is he so perfect bros?[View]
90486030Sopranos & the Supernatural: You know, this is the first show to give me this eerie, creepy feel…[View]
90489808Movies that demand a bluray release[View]
90489507Pls help my Dad[View]
90489144Was it actually that bad?[View]
90488786give me some of that chinese market senpai[View]
90490668now that the Syrian civil war is winding down, who should play the lead role of Bashar al-Assad when…[View]
90484170Why is it already out of theaters /tv/?[View]
90489067Daily reminder that Michael Moore is right and Bowling for Columbine is the defining movie of the ne…[View]
90490913*makes you finger her pussy*[View]
90488500'Gentlemen, you can't fight in here! This is the War Room.'[View]
90489180Who finds this funny?[View]
90490568ITT: characters you will never truly understand unless you're a mother[View]
90489864capefags: why do people watch superhero movies? THEYRE ALWAYS FUCKING TERRIBLE ALWAYS there is no de…[View]
90483204>c beams nigga[View]
90464019Discord thread got deleted cause mods get triggered if we're not posting about justice league…[View]
90490274thats a nice movie you got there WarnerBrothers... it be a shame if someone didn't shave[View]
90489480No more stones. No more spears. No more slings. No more swords. No more weapons! No more systems! No…[View]
90489042Movies only you've watched[View]
90480613Best episode or best episode?[View]
90490481Is Thunderbird 2, the chad or the virgin?[View]
90490581LAPD Probe Into Hollywood Sex Crimes: http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/entry/hollywood-lapd-sexcrimes-in…[View]
90490576This is so creepy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vtqgyEkWahA[View]
90489837It's kind of a really nice day.[View]
90489428What are some good movies from the 30's - 70's?[View]
90488889How will Neil Breen top his magnum opus?[View]
90490389Help me find movies about Vikings, please. I have watched the TV show, it was nice, it has come to a…[View]
90490078>You won't let me direct >You won't let me edit >Tell me... does the audience nee…[View]
90489079>supes appear in your bedroom and give you this look what do?[View]
90490447Hey, /tv/. I don't mean to get in your business or anything but I heard those dykes down at /co…[View]
90490428was it rape?[View]
90489996ITT: Scenes you skipped[View]
90489971Cast it[View]
90487002Just saw this for the first time. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz[View]
90488738Why did it get cancelled?[View]
90488819WB and DC were a bit harsh on old Ben this time. Actors take little souvenirs from the set all the t…[View]
90490099Relationship shipping: Can someone explain this to me ? Im kinda intrigued by the recent 'war' in th…[View]
90487630Just saw annie hall for the first time. Why do people like woody allen so much? He’s annoying as fuc…[View]
9047384490 day Fiance: PAY THE WHOLE VILLAGE! EDITION new episode is about to start. Anyone have a stream wi…[View]
90487753What was the point of him or Max?[View]
90489791Where is Knights of Ren?[View]
90487282Is working class kino back on the menu?[View]
90476375>After Girls writer and executive producer Murray Miller was accused of sexual assault by actress…[View]
90488180What films do Nu-males watch with their wives?[View]
90489317>On the evening of September 14, 1972, Kemper picked up 15-year-old Korean dance student Aiko Koo…[View]
90489645Biopic when?[View]
90487666What's next for her career?[View]
90489133ITT - The 'good guys' of Hollywood[View]
90483851Who is supposed to be the good, who is the bad and who's the ugly?[View]
90480945Why is /tv/ pro-Reylo?[View]
90489528Why hasn't she transitioned to mainstream cinema yet?[View]
90489640any bros watch PLL?: just finished season 1 and found myself enjoying it. looking foward to uncoveri…[View]
904896112020.....i am forgotten[View]
90484886Stranger Things: Kali is Likely to Return: OH WOW HAHAHA When we last saw Kali, she was escaping the…[View]
90483646ITT: post actors when they were kids. Other anons guess who they are.[View]
90488111What is the consensus?[View]
90483287I just got back from watching Lady Bird. Honestly, it's the best film I've watched all yea…[View]
90489077https://youtube.com/watch?v=kreVZl7mZz4 >yfw Indians wildily celebrate while watching movies…[View]
90489424>characters travel back in time >time travel fucks up the timeline and character is worse off …[View]
90489472Elrond: The Ring cannot be destroyed, Gimli, son of Gloin by any craft that we here possess. The Rin…[View]
90488938Name some movies that happen entirely in one room/space.[View]
90489438Post movies posing as historically accurate where all factual evidence is completely ignored.[View]
90487472Prime Sigourney Weaver: Was she oddly attractive in a crushable way, or was she simply a pretty moth…[View]
90489421ITT: Interview kino - Nicholas Cage is high on cocaine: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xf3OgWVkzlI…[View]
90489016I keep seing people post star wars leaks and I kee p laughing and biting my tongue. My friend works …[View]
90489347Ami Tomite: fucking nailed it in this movie, my nipples were hard everytime she was on screen[View]
90485961Actor / musician equivalents: Who are some actor / musician equivalents? I think Emma Watson is the …[View]
90469147So in canon he is now >stronger than Batman >faster than flash >probably swims better than …[View]
90489210what does /tv/ think of pic related? is it pure cinema as some people claim or just some plebbit tie…[View]
90489219what are superheroes doing during war? i have this question bc of the punisher, obviously superheroe…[View]
90461464Jesus fucking Christ, aging is terrifying[View]
90488875Wake in Fright: How accurate is this film in regards to its portrayal of the Australian outback? Al…[View]
90488230StarWars Can Not Fail: I see a trend on here that is leaving me kinda doumbfounded, people comparing…[View]
90486420Do Hollywood actors really do this?[View]
90489073Blade Runner 2049: what's with all the references to Nabokov's 'Pale Fire'? copi…[View]
90488041I am famous actor Aidan Gillen, star of 'Game of Thrones' and 'The Wire' AMA: I will not answer ques…[View]
90486549Well I'm sorry to hear that...[View]
90489055>You did it, you finally did it. You're a Nightcrawler! I literally could not watch past thi…[View]
90488741Where did it all go wrong?[View]
90487592But what happens when all the superhero movies are complete?[View]
90487181What was the point of him regurgiating his quip before leavng the slave house that entrapped and lie…[View]
90480857Regular Reminder that the so called 'television and film' board can't even work out how to defe…[View]
90482207CyberPunk: What are some good Cyberpunk movies?[View]
90458369Monsterverse general: Now that the DCEU is officially dead and buried, it's time for the Monste…[View]
90486468Who will play him in the inevitable biopic?[View]
90488289Why is he so sad?[View]
90488589>https://vimeo.com/183259612 There is literally not a better sketch in the history of sketches.…[View]
90488434Has Harvey Weinstein unintentionally made the biggest contribution to American culture in the last d…[View]
90488507Did you watch Sabrina the teenage witch?[View]
90468311Is there any real snyderfag left at this point? I can understand that there is still DC movies fans …[View]
90487620>mfw Sparta was a real place[View]
90488573The only good thing that came out of JUSTice League is Batman-WW shipping[View]
90486388Should I see Lady Bird or The Florida Project?[View]
90474731Was this the most kino moment in all of capeshit aired on TV or in theaters?[View]
90487867is this kino? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m7HyyzTWWq0[View]
90487765>new season of Stranger Things starts >/tv/ becomes Reddit 2.0…[View]
90488101>I'll let you in on a little secret, Detweiller. Every adult you've ever known was a ki…[View]
90485109the eagles were an asspull[View]
90481934>Last episode was about the insanity of liberals in the internet age >This episode is about dr…[View]
90483955Hateful Eight: Is it a Christmas movie? It came out last year round Christmas, I watched it at least…[View]
90485628How did we go from this....[View]
90486484Animal crackers in my soup~[View]
90473948'Sorry, sir but you're not supposed to be behind the counter. What're you doing here'?[View]
90488334Point out all the differences from this trailer alone...: https://youtu.be/OiAmnKUaNmc Also: the pos…[View]
90486015>season one of show - amazing >season two of show - sucks shit Stranger Things, Heroes, Walkin…[View]
90485031>Winstead will be Nina Geld, a funny and provocative stand-up comedian whose career is taking off…[View]
90488200how will this affect her acting career?[View]
90459878What was the Alien thinking during this scene?[View]
90488063What if Spaceballs was a movie?[View]
90485596So, was this kino?[View]
90487862seinfeld waifus >vanessa claimed[View]
90487779You know him as that weird guy from Jeopardy, but did you also know that several women who had slept…[View]
90483289'I, Zack Snyder, will direct the next live action Dragonball movie': Post your reactions.[View]
90487380is jim carrey woke?[View]
90486376Hello Mr. Trompson[View]
90487994I didnt know midgets could use tragedies to increase their youtube revenue[View]
90487796thoughts on this?[View]
90487651*steals your girlfriend//fiancé/wife*[View]
90476359>It's a Truman tries to explore the world in a boat and almost gets killed by the staff tryi…[View]
90481542ITT: 80's movies: Post your 80's movie waifus.[View]
90487744Perhaps there is truth in sand madness.[View]
90487425Name 1(one) movie[View]
90484874What's your favorite South Park Christmas special, /tv/? F[View]
90484655What are some movies that feature bears[View]
90487689Lego Batman will have a bigger domestic gross than Justice League when all is said and done. L O FUC…[View]
90487707I spent months out of this year shilling for justice league i defendid it when whedon took over i de…[View]
90487672What do I think about Terrence Malick?[View]
90487319What did this scene mean? Also, why the fuck was it so fucking unnnerving? I’ve seen a lot of horror…[View]
90484271>tfw you were so happy when JDM was cast as Negan >tfw you expected a comic-perfect bulky Come…[View]
90487601Kino??: What is Kino?? Why do you people keep saying it?[View]
90486127Why is he so based bros?[View]
90486365https://youtube.com/watch?v=whvPjWm7ZE0 Will it be kino teevee[View]
90483150What were they thinking?[View]
90487152https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ktlrs3iKrSA Harmony Korine is the weirdest director ever. Who's…[View]
90484266Holy shit. This fucking movie.[View]
90486715A modern triumph. A rare gem. Absolutely cerebral blockbuster.[View]
90485820Sum up modern cinema in one image[View]
90486181Bill Murray is next.[View]
90470691ITT: documentary kino[View]
90483980>mfw we're with The Vipers[View]
90481140Ok, so I am on the 10th 'day' of going through the same fucking day. IDK if it plays by the same rul…[View]
90470805More like Trans-absent-parent >http://variety.com/2017/tv/news/jeffrey-tambor-exits-transparent-s…[View]
90479176Why was Deckard attracted to this?: This face is by no means attractive. She was cold and autistic. …[View]
90486081>click on thread >open catalog in new tab >click on the same thread…[View]
90486687>live action show has talking animals[View]
90484787What are some movies where the good guy loses?[View]
90486895Power Rangers: How would you have rebooted it for a modern audience?[View]
90487125How do I get out of this chicken shit outfit?[View]
90487058No matter the circumstance, try to be funny.[View]
90483513Best movies in history thread I’ll Start: Ernest Scared Stupid[View]
90486485>British version >Gordon calmly sitting at a table speaking to the camera >'Well the scallo…[View]
90475860How do we stop Marvel[View]
90486466Why is it that whenever they cast a >genetically engineered ubermensch Character they go with th…[View]
90483442Trailer Park Obesity: Why did everyone in this show get so fat? Corey is the size of old Julian and …[View]
90482328ayo trex come help me swag this kid out[View]
90484372TWOOO SCOOOOPS[View]
90486717>look at him go Billy fucking knocking it out of the park.[View]
90486137Other good jungle flicks? I've seen Apocalypto Aguirre and Apocalypse now[View]
90484625recommend: I can watch one movie: Blade of the Immortal Killing of a Sacred Deer Blade Runner 2049 w…[View]
90485405Mr. Robot thred: So... time travel or alternate dimensions? What drugs is this bimbo on otherwise?…[View]
90485675Why the fuck didn't you retards tell me how good this flick was. Beside the delivery of some li…[View]
90478441Curb thread, ballbags get in here[View]
90486407hands down best Tim Burton's film: this is so fucking good[View]
90485711Is this it?[View]
90485716ITT: the best spooky girls in films/tv Im talking spooky girls, anything from undead to witches, vam…[View]
90482324>tfw you were supposed to leave[View]
90485931you say right here you want to blank her blank[View]
90484603recommend some obscure asian movies please[View]
90483765>alt right neo nazi harrassing poor muslim woman and his child Does Justice League show us what…[View]
90480483Madani sux: Did anybody else skip ahead on all her scenes while watching The Punisher?[View]
90486198this was good.[View]
90471023Anyone going to watch this? It premieres tonight[View]
90485319Is the NeverEnding Story worth watching?[View]
90484560Can you think of any famous actors that refuse to have their picture taken?[View]
90475075What's the best James Bond film?: And why is it Goldeneye?[View]
90469339What did she mean by this?[View]
90486028The Veil: Need a quick rundown on the ending: This popped up on Netflix, so decided to give it a go.…[View]
90470794Runaways: Runaways starts this week. Will it be good? Is Marvel + Riverdale a good or bad thing in /…[View]
90486004Why doesn't he like hipsters?[View]
90481587OR JUST ONE[View]
90485891When did multiculturalism propaganda first begin in film and television? https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
90485660>jush do anything?[View]
90483229what's your name?[View]
90484018Bruce, it's me! Barbara![View]
90477503Why do TV shows and movies shame working fathers that want to wind down at the bar?[View]
90483559Why dont americans understand that I dont want to look at black faces in my movies and tv shows? I…[View]
90485606Essential Snyderkino[View]
90485655>tfw go to watch capeshit >kpop starts playing…[View]
90484733ITT: Kung Fu kino[View]
90485370What do critics mean by 'gratuitous violence'? Would the impact of the rape in the story be the same…[View]
90485178Is this a show that only men can understand?[View]
90485354LOOK AT HIS LIPS[View]
90485389>It's you whose out, Gobby >Out of your FUCKING mind Fuck Raimi, kids were watching this…[View]
90459484Post your local cinema: And rate/judge each other's local kinoplex. >pic related…[View]
90479025In case you ever wanted to know how a fanbase can ruin a work, I'll tell you.: I never saw Mont…[View]
90484418When the fuck is #4 happening? And who was best sidechick? pic related[View]
90483805Landline: >character plays guitar not made until 2004 >movie takes place in 1995 what did she …[View]
90485008Attack of the Clones CG looked better than this? Why is Disney regressing CGI??[View]
90485142Quick bros, I'm looking for some kino to watch before bed that is relatively short (thinking ar…[View]
90483283dude noir lmao[View]
90482932/tv/ I'm about to lose my interenet for a week, so I'm looking to download some shows and …[View]
90485069https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xt0Fv0W-CSo How can the MCU even compete?[View]
90485043>1,124 days until Smurfs 2[View]
90481566Making a Murderer, I just finished watching this and I am seething. I know I am little behind since …[View]
90484654People fear what they don't understand.[View]
90481356overdrive: anyone see scott eastwood in overdrive? >tfw no one saw your movie anyone think scott …[View]
90480898>we need the rock but we can't afford him Say no more famm[View]
90483618What's next for her career?[View]
90484633Has there ever been a man with more jungle fever in the history of Kino?[View]
90479158Why don't you sexists like Iliza?[View]
90484111you know what hurts the most /tv/... still? not that he's gone, he had a bad disease maybe from…[View]
90481298Why? Why does Marxism have to pozz every neghole it can find? The utter bullshit of the second seaso…[View]
90484514Help regarding watching CDs: What is the best device to watch my blu ray kinos? Or this enough?…[View]
90481580Who did it best?[View]
90484434Why did the old filmmakers made dozens (and hundreds) of films in their careers but today the top on…[View]
90483253I can’t be the only one who fapped to this movie?[View]
90484043*blocks your high hotel prices*[View]
90482106Is it Kino?[View]
90482695What movie do you want them to re:View?[View]
90483489Say it with me : HETERO PATRIARCHY, YOUR WRATH UPON THIS EARTH IS OVER! https://youtu.be/7rue2ho60hk[View]
90482100wonder who?: bruh, I’ve never been as rock hard in public as I was watching her in Thor: Ragnarok I …[View]
90482621Would things have turned out different if she let her?[View]
90483100Why was she so stupid? And her partner too.[View]
90483798Is this show worth watching?[View]
90482939$300 million budget[View]
90484209ITT: Characters that are literally you >pic related >start saying Yeah? after virtually every…[View]
90483946ITT: So bad it's good movies: this one is mediocre but i like it guilty pleasure![View]
90484162ITT : Unnecessary prequels: I start with an obvious one[View]
90484124i hate this movie[View]
90482946Make it happen.: You're an aspiring film director. You get odd jobs here and there, you get opp…[View]
90482462ITT: actors/actresses and their acting roles in their physical prime[View]
90483804stop watching capeshit[View]
90482745National cinema: Do Americans have a kind of anxiety that international audience might not be able t…[View]
90482803>It's a Dan Episode[View]
90469080seeing as the other thread was a total shit fest ideally, what do you want the new metal gear solid…[View]
90480776Rebooting DC Films: Cast the DC heroes and villains and how you would make a 5 year plan for movies …[View]
90482893kino films starring musicians[View]
90475998/trek/: >Rewatch Best of Both Worlds >This amazing theme comes on Why did they stop using this…[View]
90481328I've looked for any full episodes of Cops for a year now. I've been on a ton of sites like…[View]
90483292Why does he hate microwaves?[View]
90477966>Movie takes place in New York City >EYO I'M WALKIN' ER' >BADA BING BADA BOO…[View]
90482813BLADE RUNNER 2049: So in the end... did /tv/ liked or hated this? Ima confused[View]
90481871/tv/, your weekend pass is revoked.[View]
90482806>Character has a family that loves them and cares about them[View]
90482432Are we going to be watching the purest of kino together again this year /tv/?[View]
90481749This movie is kino and you all know it.[View]
90482155It's time.: Apologize.[View]
90479132>be at class a few days ago >professor comes in and says he finally got TLJ tickets >someon…[View]
90476432Will Denis 'dishonest' Villeneuve be able to top the best dune adaption? pic related[View]
90474717What happens now?: If Affleck doesn't come back, do they continue the DCEU or reboot it? If the…[View]
90481637What somewhat obscurely known people do you think would make good biopics? >pic related https://w…[View]
90481354If WB and DC does decide to reboot with Flashpoint: I hope they do everything in their power to keep…[View]
90480342Honestly other than the generic villain and some noticeably bad cgi this movie wasn't worse tha…[View]
90482854>says he likes kino >doesn't watch mute footage of holes punched through film and leaves …[View]
90482991Why didn't any of the 'suspects' ever tell the cops about the starter pistol? I mean …[View]
90481226>'DUDE I'M CHRISTIAN LMAO' >*kills people*…[View]
90461684Favorite food parts in Movies/TV Shows?[View]
90477597>1,125 days until Avatar 2[View]
90482732https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HbqZgdo4OCs Well? Who are yours?[View]
90478166Check.... 'em?[View]
90482657We have a new number Mr.Reese[View]
90482501ITT: Advertising kino https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1VM2eLhvsSM[View]
90482577>let me drive *female refuses and takes the wheel* >does 5 flips, drives on one wheel for two…[View]
90482449For me? It's Colin Quinn![View]
90482499So what do you guys think will happen to Award Shows for next year? With all these sexual allegation…[View]
90482551>main character only visits one board and hates crossposters[View]
90481787>my eyes work the fuck? am i supposed to care, dude?[View]
90480997>character learns his wife/gf is pregnant >he's not the happiest guy in the world (and in…[View]
90482016Is working class kino back on the menu?[View]
90482371Is she bullshit?[View]
90481892CW should have made Riverdale more like Archie’s Weird Mysteries[View]
90482380>you will never rape this cheeky little fucker and intimidate him into keeping quiet…[View]
90481207What was his name, again?[View]
90478489dean listen 2 ruby[View]
90481362I'm late to the game but on the second episode. Its kind of fun, reminds me of those old star t…[View]
90482175>Criterion Collection[View]
90479631BUT WHY[View]
90482077>George Miller >Bruce Timm >Sam Raimi Could these three men could save the DCEU?…[View]
90481035Why is he always playing some dickhead?[View]
90481967Who here /livingthatyachtlife/?[View]
90476452*blocks your reshoots*[View]
90481232>The alarm goes off in the middle of the night. >What will you do? >Call the police and wai…[View]
90480390Frimmin on the frim-fram. Frimmin on the fram.[View]
90481509>I've seen fire and lasers in space and shit Was this the most overrated monologue in movie …[View]
90481577why is this much better than justice league? Every character is better and starfire best girl[View]
90474418>Early 2000s teen flick >CUZ I'M IN TOO DEEP…[View]
90481645>BladeRunner 2049 is a deep movie[View]
90481359This was pretty great honestly. I never really rated Jim Carrey all that much, but I did like Andy, …[View]
90477005Thoughts on OffTheRanch/VetRanch/DemolitionRanch/This guy?[View]
90481591Like being on Willie Nelson's bus[View]
90480684https://pagesix.com/2017/11/19/harrison-ford-turns-into-real-life-hero-at-the-scene-of-an-accident/ …[View]
90481467Leave spacekino to me[View]
90474102BANE WEAK /tv/... FOLLOW... KOBA NOW[View]
90480017>I'm about to tear up this fucking dance floor, check it out.[View]
90481416Hey Tone, look at me! I'm Fish Big Pussy. I mean not really, I'm really a rat, but you kno…[View]
90481243>its a larry says something obviously offensive episode[View]
90477537There's... Johnny!: Did anyone watch There's... Johnny? It's on Hulu. It was made fo…[View]
90480300Bluray Multiformat: I'm looking at movies on amazon. What's the difference between blu-ray…[View]
90480504>Rogue one the Lowest opening to a Star Wars movie >Star Wars keeps bombing in China >Kids…[View]
90479651What's the best way to get my pilot picked up by a network? Especially if it's a more avan…[View]
90480191Will Fascist fashion help save capeshit TV shows?: Do you think this is a good look to get people wa…[View]
90480358Why won't /tv/ acknowledge D.W. Griffith's brilliance?[View]
90477096What's some good Christiankino?[View]
90475324Man of Steel 2: Is this still getting made? I NEED to see a sequel to MoS with Cavill!![View]
90481059What are some unironic Christkino?[View]
90475207>7 episodes in My god, this is boring[View]
90480450What's /tv/'s opinion on The Wolf of Wall Street?[View]
90481037actors are fucking batshit crazy[View]
90474205THIS CHRISTMAS[View]
90478133Adam Driver: Why do people pretend he's a good actor when he actually sucks?[View]
90480561There's a containment board just for you: I don't understand the mindset of /pol/ tourists…[View]
90477790>Randomly drop obscure foreign policy trivia that reflect negatively on Republican administration…[View]
90475525The second season of last year's best new show premiers tonight. Are you hyped?[View]
90480863recast 3 characters henry cavil for brendan routh rachel mcadams for kate bosworth elon musk for ri…[View]
90480765Hi there, fellow autists. I am applying for film schools now. I live in sydney, Australia, and have …[View]
90474237So now that the proverbial dust has settled, he was a replicant, right?[View]
90480693pls halp: does anyone have this available to stream or download? inb4 did not see in theaters[View]
90480749GODS I was strong then /tv/[View]
90479914Watching every comic/superhero movie ever made: Is there a list anywhere of every superhero/comic bo…[View]
90477633So what would you do /tv/?[View]
90466765Should I watch MASTER of NONE: From what I've seen of it, it looks pretty good. Tons of my fema…[View]
90480672Hey guys, want some Charms?[View]
90479042Is Jigsaw worth watching for the guilty pleasure?[View]
90479684I have to protekt my SENPAI UH LEE.[View]
90471054>main character never had a job[View]
90480478CatMasterJumpy: Have you heard of our savior, CatMasterJumpy?[View]
90480002Merle was a better human being than Daryl has become: >Merle kills some people either for the Gov…[View]
90480282you guys are crazy, the Cgi for Superman's face doesnt even look bad[View]
90479186Is this worth a watch? I don't care for most of the formulaic movies Marvel shits out, but I th…[View]
90480225*starts your film*[View]
90474221Are you excited for my new show, AP BIO, anon?: https://streamable.com/xlx1h[View]
90478326>let's just make the entire background red so we really get that middle school gamer crowd i…[View]
90480260Quite enjoyable, light hearted heist movie, even though I think the overall story was kinda weak. Wh…[View]
90480257Someone who has never seen Doctor Who explain what is going on in this scene.[View]
90479982What's wrong with Superman having a mustache?[View]
90478320Lady Bird: >94 Metascore >100% RT rating >Even Armond White Liked it >90% Audience Score…[View]
90479736Who will play the tampa bay serial killer in the inevitable biopic?[View]
90480121Is his jacket wrecked?[View]
90480114sopranos: why was the cat staring at christophers photo?[View]
90478260>Justice League flops Do you think Andre is on Suicide Watch right now?…[View]
90479103>someone's cell phone rings in a movie or TV show >it's always the default Apple one…[View]
90478327The Good Place: Anyone else watching this? Kinda funny I like it[View]
90479223>Mr. Krabs: And remember lads, there's nothing more revolting than a nigger. >Spongebob …[View]
90477072>Spider-Man Homecoming opens to 117 million Durrrr FLOP >Thor Ragnarok opens to 122 million Du…[View]
90471902henry calvo lol[View]
90478781leave capekino to us[View]
90479771Name a more attractive female character than Jamie Sullivan from A Walk to Remember. >Protip: You…[View]
90476799Coco: This is unironically the best Pixar kino ever, i know there are lots of /pol/ faggots here but…[View]
90476139This is why I love Roseanne.[View]
90478487I just got back from seeing Thor and Justice League despite never actually seeing the prequels (Thor…[View]
90477834Favorite Suicide scene[View]
90477682Star Wars 7, 8 and 9 will make a kino fan edit eventually: I think the best version of this new tril…[View]
90479378name a capekino with a better theme song: protip: you cant https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=czTksCF6X…[View]
90479582Why is Rise of the Planet of the Apes the only interesting Apes reboot movie?[View]
90479510ITT: albums that would make good movie soundtracks[View]
90478245New Walking Dead Thread[View]
90471848Is it even possible to rate Pixar films from best to worst? Is there even a single poor Pixar movie?[View]
90479402CA LEL NAOOOOOOOH: This is the most embarrassing movie moment in 2017[View]
90473247Is Alara retarded?[View]
90479354>child starts screaming or singing[View]
90477615So Cyborg says the mother box didn't activate until Superman died, but Luthor already had this …[View]
90478676Should movie theatres have dress codes?[View]
90479125Whats next for Hollywood?[View]
90477869>Finally, I have become Blade Runner: The Final Cut Was this change really necessary, Ridley?…[View]
90474561Would you wear it?[View]
90478649Silent Films Thread.: I'm really interested in learning more about classic silent films, seems …[View]
90475795ITT Boring kino[View]
90477124Define 'Kino'[View]
90478994Post 'based paramount' ITT or tom cruise will die in his sleep tonight: >In 2017, during the film…[View]
90479028>antagonist tells the main character to kick his butt[View]
90478269Once again /tv/ spreads the cheeks to ram cock in fucking ass![View]
90478184what was your thoughts on ken burns vietnam[View]
90476801This airs on SiriusXM on Thanksgiving Day. Will it be radiokino?[View]
90470378I just watched what the fuck what the fuck did /tv/ think about it?[View]
90467837Justice League chill discussion thread: We have enough shitposting threads, lets actually try to dis…[View]
90466390So now that the dust has settled: Did Joi achieve full sentience?[View]
90475979Why do people hate Sam Roberts? I think he's good. I even listen to the show when Jim is out of…[View]
90478783What was his best movie?[View]
90478786Any other good parody movies?[View]
90458353>Watch this for the first time >Expect it to have aged horribly >It's actually amazing…[View]
90478068Where the fuck can I find this movie? I've searched everywhere but all I can find is a shitty y…[View]
90478561*gives you road head*[View]
90476125How THE FUCK did this scene contribute to the plot?[View]
90476776Just watched this movie, lads. So, was it all just in Bateman's head?[View]
90476513is there a single character from the DC/Marvel universes that could defeat Madara Uchiha?[View]
90478193toy story 3 ending: Did anyone else cringe a little during any scene with Andy?[View]
90470040Post a pic of what you're watching right now, /tv/.[View]
90478324>A Manic Pixie Dream Girl is introduced in the movie >Protrayed as straight…[View]
90478219It's better than Seinfeld.[View]
90475617Not the momma[View]
90475908>this is a $38 million Chinese movie in 2017 Seriously, why can't chinks into CG?…[View]
90474575What was the deal with the monolith?[View]
90477840Was it rape?[View]
90477998Did you get that thing I sent ya?[View]
90477980Thor Ragnarok: I saw this for the second time today and liked it better than the first time. I still…[View]
90475163What's up guys, before I watch it illegally I just wanted to know why Season 3 of Mr. Robot is …[View]
90467671Walking dead Pre-game: Another fine episode of the most finely written fiction on television This w…[View]
90448811/stg/ - Stranger Things General: Looks Like Egg's Back On The Menu Boys Edition Previously: …[View]
90475651Denis Villeneuve spills spaghetti when asked about Bladerunner box office: https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
90458915What's next for her career? Has she even been doing anything?[View]
90475425>It's a gay rodeo episode[View]
90474905why don't you tell me what your really doing here?[View]
90471253What the fuck was Sam Raimi thinking?[View]
90476473Call Me By Your Name: Is anybody else hyped for this Armiekino?[View]
90476042best films of 2017? capeshit need not apply[View]
90475790>sex scene[View]
90473701Why is he so sad?[View]
90475294Was it autism?[View]
90476903>125 lb female beats up 235 lb trained assassin[View]
90475931>Yes, yes! Well done, Slytherin! Well done, Slytherin... HOWEVER What did Dumbledore mean by this…[View]
90477399how did they get away with making a children's movie starring such an immaculately hot and sexu…[View]
90476700/tv/ help me id who this girl is from the justice League movie[View]
90477238MUH DOG[View]
90473692What's the worst Pixar movie and why is it Cars[View]
90477210Was he slow?[View]
904762801922: So, did you like it?[View]
90477147>he not only watches capeshit, but he rates it and cares about how well it does at box office wha…[View]
90477115Mr Delaney? I'm East India.[View]
90475977>implying if you were a hot actress you wouldn't let harvey wine and stein you for a movie r…[View]
90475723Daily reminder that he dies of a donut induced heart attack[View]
90476211What were they thinking?!?[View]
90477021Derek Cianfrance: Rec me films similar to the ones Derek Cianfrance makes. Blue valentine and the pl…[View]
90476990'Villains' that did nothing wrong[View]
90475992X-Files thread Post your favorite episodes[View]
90474565Why the FUCK haven't we gotten a 3rd one of these?[View]
90476360>capeshit is gonna die soon!![View]
90461013All the trolling and Disney bullshit aside, who the fuck thought this was a good way to advance the …[View]
90476808Leftovers: Would you have been able to do it?[View]
90475047They deserve so much fucking better. This isn't okay.[View]
90469543Was this the most kino series finale of all time?[View]
90473798Are Ralph Fiennes as Gustav and DDL as Daniel Plainview the GOAT of acting?[View]
90476496What did /tv/ think of it?[View]
90476091When is he going to have his revenge? He must have dirt on everyone in Hollywood[View]
90475413ITT: Shows fa/tv/irgins will NEVER understand.[View]
90476527>short head >short torso >short arms >short legs >short _________…[View]
90476458/horror/ general: Ignore FrogBlogposting (or not) And Discuss Horror Movies Edition: >hear horrib…[View]
90465540Damn...so this is the power of inclusivity in Star Wars: The Last Jedi[View]
90476622Would Weinstein take advantage of /gook/ Charlyne Yi given the chance she wanted to move up in the c…[View]
90476481What does /tv/ think of the leaked unaired pilot of Black Jesus? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=wJWDg…[View]
90474935Get in here Emma fans![View]
90475150Should I watch Heartland or The Walking Dead?[View]
90475893>it's called 'The Last Jedi' because leia is dead and Rey turns to the dark side ...Woah…[View]
90474904kylo, give me the delegates.[View]
90468048Do you drink when you watch movies or do you watch movies when you drink, /tv/? what's your fav…[View]
90476159>Detects metal dectector's detection[View]
90475586ITT: Flick kino Movies for popcorn munching retards that are actually really good. What went so righ…[View]
90473548*blocks your enjoyment of the show*[View]
90475535essential 90s Black Kino[View]
90474584Did they?[View]
90460224ITT: Characters that are literally you.[View]
90474865what are some films with this aesthetic?[View]
90475307This movie was great and there is no way any of you have seen it before. https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
90475997what's next for his career?[View]
90475861*Saves your franchise*[View]
90474951jews aren't even hiding how much they protect their own anymore[View]
90467702/trek/: Sexiest man alive Edition[View]
90473133How do you feel about Reylo being real? http://ew.com/movies/2017/11/19/star-wars-kylo-ren-vs-rey-th…[View]
90475027whats going to happen in season 2?[View]
90466756They must recast the Flash: https://youtu.be/7rue2ho60hk[View]
90475683ITT: Good Guys[View]
90475649Can we all agree that Bale as Batman was horrible? The only reason TDK has rated so well is due to H…[View]
90473211What makes a good king?: Tell me: What is a good king's single most important quality?[View]
90475594Voiceovers in Film: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_VseQe4TFsg&feature=youtu.be&t=54s Is he…[View]
90469104I don't get it[View]
90475501Thoughts on this tummy?[View]
90472755Cried like a baby at the end. So /tv/ what did you think of this kino? Was marnie a ghost? Music, bt…[View]
90472653Ash... I'm fucking dying[View]
90473562Why has The Pest vanished from Netflix? You can't even add the DVD to your netflix queue, it…[View]
90474966>Supposed to be The Punisher >Is the Affirmative Actioner instead…[View]
90474748Why doesn’t Compound Media have a late night show? I’m sure most of the subscribers are men who used…[View]
90475347>bruh man...WHAT are you doin?[View]
90474469why was this so successful[View]
90475013Is he killing his career?[View]
90475273What was your favorite year for /tv/? Mine was 2014/15 when the meme factory was at an all time high…[View]
90474145What the hell was the name of this movie?!: I have this vague memory when I was 9 about this movie, …[View]
90472604Any other 'actors' that numales like because they self-insert as him?[View]
90475068You look like a good Joe![View]
90472581What's next for her career?[View]
90473689should patty run the DCEU now?[View]
90475052*wipes cheetos dust from fingers* So... *breathes heavily as body has to lift several hundred pounds…[View]
90472313Was it soy?[View]
90475151He really was the best Dumbledore.[View]
90474478It obviously wasn't gonna make a billion but did anyone thing it would bomb this hard? $200,000…[View]
90475125there is not one bad scene in this whole movie[View]
90474373>3D TVs >Smart TVs >VR >4k TVs What will be the tv/tech meme of 2018?…[View]
90475098What's some good BRAAAP kino?[View]
90473382Just finished this kino Admit that Alexander Skarsgard did nothing wrong.[View]
90473114Look at this duuude[View]
90474701kino in its purest form[View]
90474580this is the worst movie of all time. yes, even worse than BvS bravo snyder[View]
90469358Is JUSTice League, dare I say it, the new The Dark Knight Rises?[View]
90474969What exactly makes this character appealing to women, especially young black women?[View]
90474875cast me[View]
90474783>If your drill says 'Binford'... GET OUT OF THE HOUSE, TOOLS AREN'T SUPPOSED TO TA…[View]
90474877>From the award winning LYRICISTS[View]
90462239ITT: Post your watchlist/backlog and people tell you what to watch[View]
90474867Jesus Christ Jiro... it's just fucking fish.[View]
90472891>It's a hell of a thing getting dubs. You take away all a thread's got, and all it…[View]
90471064>that's a cute outfit. Did your husband give it to you? Jesus christ how did they get away w…[View]
90473801What is some high IQ entertainment?[View]
90474787>Eats a black and white cookie >Makes him sick What did they mean by this?…[View]
90460953>my superpower is that people die when I shoot them in the face[View]
90474510They banged, right?[View]
90474140I’m glad you caught that, Alexandra. The Sacred and the Propane.[View]
90474760What's next for his career? I think he'd be great in an advertisement for soy milk[View]
90469949what did i miss yesterday?[View]
90463525Eating food in the cinema should be banned: Makes the place smell, makes loads of noise, distracts y…[View]
90465612>woman covers hear breasts with a sheet after sex[View]
90470086Danger 5: series 1 or series 2?[View]
90473477She’s cute, idg the hate[View]
90474635My lord Hagrid, look what the cat dragged in[View]
90474616>she was the greatest piece of ass I ever had, and I’ve had ‘em all over the world!…[View]
90457246What is the strongest or coolest starship in all of sci-fi?[View]
90459490how bad is this soyboy going to fuck up the metal gear movie?[View]
90471316Lord of the Rings prequel: Will it be good?[View]
90474479Why did Henry Cavill let them do this??[View]
90472677/tv/ miss me yet Pic related[View]
90474178Why are these movies so much better than most capeshit?[View]
90474422Night night lil peep[View]
90473533ten best superhero movies of all time: Here is the objective list of the top 10 superhero kinos ever…[View]
90472144>this frumpy Viet potato is Disney's best attempt to make waves at the Chinese box office Wh…[View]
90466709/swg/ /fmg/ - Screenwriting/Filmmaking general: We used to have these comfy threads on sunday evenin…[View]
90472334dey call me[View]
90470646WHERE THE FUCK IS IT[View]
90467008Why did Scrubs persist with the J.D and Elliot meme?: J.D should have stayed with Elizabeth Banks…[View]
90473916Whoa. Calm down, Martin.[View]
90474118>female character beats up 10 buffed out guys >male character: 'whoa'…[View]
90473815KA LEL NOOOOOOOOOOO: This Is The Most Embarrassing Movie Moment In 2017?[View]
90471404Is he one of the greats?[View]
90471463G O D S !: >bessie's tits >careful ned >etc…[View]
90473109>someone steals all her stuff >“I suspect Nargles are behind it.” is nargles code for niggers…[View]
90471164how would whedon handle this scene?[View]
90471845Why was Marge talking about that guy right in front of his face? Is she autistic?[View]
90473918I loved this! So much great footage![View]
90470303I just watched the finale of American Horror Story. It was absolutely fucking terrible.[View]
90469264What are these type of movies called? When something supernatural or paranormal happens but it'…[View]
90473769Hey /tv/.[View]
90470442What are some good manly movies to watch for Men's Day?[View]
90470012Master Sifo-Dyas is dead? Pardon the rudenees, Master Kenobi, but what am I supposed to do with all …[View]
90473162Has he said anything about Justice League, like at all?[View]
90472227Why don't you go fuck yourself Tommy ?[View]
90468255This is a 45 year old man[View]
90471644>Its time we formed... a league of our own[View]
90472576Did he do anything wrong?: Discuss.[View]
90473524>'Look character, we're not going to do that' >screen cuts >'I can't believe we…[View]
90472831ITT: We come up with new Simpsons plots to save the show What would happen if Homer came home, and M…[View]
90473484Was this hinting at a scrapped plotline? What happened to him?[View]
90473274please don’t be a nonce please don’t be a nonce please don’t be a nonce[View]
90473455>How much does it have on IMDB? Fucking normies, Reeeee[View]
90464243Prove me wrong, /tv/[View]
90472448Is this any good?[View]
90473325Why doesn't this guy get more roles? He's funny and has good charisma and screen presence.[View]
90473340>look anon, i got a new pet![View]
90471770>punisher turns this down wtf?[View]
90456869Any movies about fashion photography/runways/models other than Pret a Porter and The Neon Demon? …[View]
90473116mindhunter: These two have zero zero ZERO ZERO ZERO chemistry.[View]
90473265Why didn't he just lip them?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lPQ6VQzuyxU[View]
90473242noko: Anyone got a livestream link to the American music awards?[View]
90471706Is this the most brilliant maneouver in the history of fantasy warfare?[View]
90472433/tv/ lied to me: I just tried to go see Justice League at my local theater, assuming that it would b…[View]
90472520So is this still going to happen and, if so, will Snyder be back?[View]
90473180This is a nerdy professional computer expert in Hollywood.[View]
90472281I've never seen the Harry Potter movies. Are they worth a watch?[View]
90470101For me? It's Colin Quinn![View]
90470784What's he pointing at?[View]
90472984what went wrong?[View]
90470967Did he actually do anything wrong?[View]
90463548haha rember when capeshit was good?[View]
90472862WHO IS REROUTING THE SHIPMENTS mr robot thread i guess[View]
90472817Not the momma[View]
90472840Boy there sure are a ton of shitskins in that montage, starting at 8:35 https://youtu.be/xkwhKZL_26M[View]
90468356So the first three books are fun and then it shits the bed from there but what about the movies? Are…[View]
90472819*Blocks your reshoots*[View]
90470329>tfw WB should’ve just adapted the origin story of the JL tv show >tfw no Green Lantern, Marti…[View]
90472607what did he do that made him feel so guilty?[View]
90447560>living in the wild is easy lol[View]
90463907 Superman just doesn't work on the big screen.[View]
90459106This guy is honestly a great and badass actor, why do they keep wasting him on minor roles?[View]
90471988So that's it? What, we some kind of justice league?[View]
90465715Why are ticket sales for cinema declining?[View]
90466794The Big Bang Theory of the 90s[View]
90472663ITS OUT https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZTm6uRQTRjo[View]
90472419How did an animated film that wasn’t made by Disney or Pixar attract so many big names? It looks lik…[View]
90466624What the fuck was his problem? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eodp-rZVe1w[View]
90471037>Character hands other character a gun >You know how to use one of these?…[View]
90472562what's next for her career?[View]
90472552TWD new episode: Let us all pray Mr. Lean will save this show tonight[View]
90472534this should have been a tyler perry movie![View]
90472436Actors that are definitely #SOYBOYS: https://www.buzzfeed.com/carynandconnie/ezra-miller-is-a-mega-h…[View]
90468808ITT: 2/10 movies[View]
90470825This is the best children's film in 10 years[View]
90470775Is there a list with the most important episodes like in Clone Wars or should i watch every single o…[View]
90470847Meme eybrows aside, is she actually a good actress? I thought she was one of the good things of Vale…[View]
90445549Why did you guys never tell me how good this show is? Only time I've seen it discussed was whe…[View]
90470021ITT: garbage /tv/ recommended to you[View]
90471839TPB Discussion: watched all 11 seasons after everyone on /tv/ said it was worth it. at first thought…[View]
90468694What is the single funniest moment ever put to film? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dhRUe-gz690…[View]
90471595>tfn super hot alien gf who will get you rock hard and then break your dick with her inhumanely-s…[View]
90454628/who/ - Politics about Doctor Who, Generally Speaking General: Rare Colin edition Last thread is fuc…[View]
90469990Could you eat 100 quacks /tv/? Also Malcolm thread[View]
90472029He literally did nothing wrong[View]
90465768>its a Betty spends half the time crying episode[View]
90470228ITT: Shite endings[View]
90471966Can somebody make this shit just stop? Please. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jhXlnvYZZQs[View]
90470180Before TV Dads were Cucks..: >Has wise advice for wife and kids >can actually fix the kitchen …[View]
90466243are we excited for the next episode of supergirl?[View]
90471918What are some obscure movies that have grown in your mind since you first saw them? I think Brad And…[View]
90467127''''''''''Rampage'''''''''': https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=coOKvrsmQiI Another video game '''adapt…[View]
90466399Name a better roadtrip movie >protip: you might[View]
90471716You're a big pope[View]
90469158>oh fuck, it's that fuckin' zip Furio and somebody How do you respond to this situation…[View]
90470337How come I never see this movie mentioned here, it's fucking great[View]
90470889>So, we're moving forward on this soulless cash grab, we need a- >He's already #litt…[View]
90471015Would Charlyne Yi make for a good friend? Remember you can't ask her if she is interested in sl…[View]
90466699Looking for a foreign language horror film to watch. Want it to either be about ghost or some mythol…[View]
90471552Is the camera crew naked too?[View]
90470699Is this the perfect onscreen platonic relationship?[View]
90469078So is Ryan Gosling his real identity or is Ryan Reynolds his real identity?[View]
90471646conviction: someone mentioned this in a thread a couple of minutes ago. is it any good? Also is ther…[View]
90471626Why is Ray the only nice character on Vice Principals? I feel like we need a spin-off with him as th…[View]
90470669ITT: Films men will NEVER understand[View]
90471166Hot DIGGITY dawg![View]
90466880/imaceleb/: I'm A Celeb Thread #2[View]
90471304like i-it's the JAGUARO![View]
90470786'It's you who's out, Gobby. Out of the White House, out of the Senate and out of Congress.…[View]
90470050What are some 3D QGDQT films?[View]
90471237Why don't all the accused get together and form their own studio?[View]
90470995https://youtu.be/B2wRvhbJIQQ What are some movies like this?[View]
90469640ITT: Cast a SJW reboot: Cast a SJW friendly Goonies reboot.[View]
90470469>tfw you make less in your opening weekend than Man of Steel, Batman vs Superman, Suicide Squad, …[View]
90467826>it's a /tv/ gets triggered by The Punisher episode[View]
90471274Name a more useless character[View]
90467435Limmy's Show: Why is Limmy so based? https://twitter.com/DaftLimmy/status/932235894156906496…[View]
90469415Frasier Klingon episode: What do you think about the episode when a Klingon visiter breaks all his X…[View]
90471209What's your favorite version of Dickens' 'A Christmas Carol'?[View]
90471027/got/ general: one true queen edition[View]
90470054Who was in the wrong here? - trigger warning - Yes, Trump is mentioned.[View]
90470677Everybody's dead, Dave.[View]
90470507Your favorite scenes of all time: I always thought the ending scenes of the godfather we're the…[View]
90468049>The perfect movie doesn't exi-[View]
90470673will wonder woman 2 be able to cover the losses from the rest of this shit?[View]
90470443>fastest man alive >can phase through objects by vibrating >dodges bullets >gets punche…[View]
90455400It's easier to ask forgiveness than it is to get permission.: If i were the director or produce…[View]
90470914F R A S I E R[View]
90470895why didn't you go see it more[View]
90470339Can we admit that he's a pedophile?[View]
90470757>Bella, please, I just want to fuck your baby What were they thinking?[View]
90470694Bond: Will it be more Craig shit or will he finally make Bond kino?[View]
90467415>expect some 2deep4u bullshit >got anime plotline thanks I guess…[View]
90469337Post scenes that solidified a character as being the biggest piece of their respective series.[View]
90466059Was the early 2000s the best era for blockbusters? >lord of the rings trilogy >first pirates o…[View]
90470368is Cruise finally redpilled?[View]
90470539Damn, Gal Gadot looks like THAT?[View]
90468695Is there an updated /tv/'s 'they did nothing wrong' chart?[View]
90470591capekino incoming[View]
90470288how come comfy films are so rare nowadays?[View]
90470464>300 - 60% approval >Watchmen - 64% approval >Sucker Punch - 23% approval >Dawn of the D…[View]
90469663JUSTice League: >Lowest grossing DCEU film *Inhales*[View]
90470365>Pepe vs Wojak: Dawn of Justice was the worst in the series Fuck all /tv/ plebs that actually bel…[View]
90457197300 million?: >How?[View]
90470324You have 10 seconds to explain why WB shouldn't give the DCEU keys to James Wan now that Zack S…[View]
90470168you merely adopted the comfy, I was born in it.[View]
90470297>what What did he mean by this?[View]
90470292Classics from 1930-1960 Thread: What are your favorite movies made from 1930-1960? I usually like wa…[View]
90468799Sleepy Eyes of Death: has anyone here watched any of these? been thinking about checking this series…[View]
90470274HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA: >This is the last hope of the DCEU https://www.you…[View]
90462105JUSTICE LEAGUE Deleted Scenes Compilation: >Extended version of the 'History Lesson'. 10 minutes …[View]
90469946>That amount of social justice in each episode It's not even funny anymore.…[View]
90469502who is the best child actress? dakota fanning or kirsten dunst?[View]
90451555Ben... Easy on the booze[View]
90469994No lawyer, no witnesses? What sort of due process is this?[View]
90466146Was Bateman hallucinating? Where is the watermark? What was he talking about?[View]
90469690How long until even the dumb normie crowd 'who fucking LOVES Star Wars' gets tired of Disney yearly …[View]
90466046Where were you when based Brad Bird saved cinema? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZJDMWVZta3M[View]
90466234Plot details for Tarantino 1969 movie: https://thefilmstage.com/news/first-plot-details-for-quentin-…[View]
90469849Just saw this, and I have to say I'm sad I didn't see it sooner.[View]
90469832>You're being kind of a dick right now! Anyone else notice a decline in writing by the end?…[View]
90469062How long into the film do you last until you start to tear up? For me it's the kids chasing dow…[View]
90467221Wanna fight?[View]
90462957Not nostalgia fagging but everything was much better in the 90s and early 2000s. life, movies, enter…[View]
90468766Garbage. Finally got around to watching this movie. I made it about half way before I couldn't …[View]
90467790>DC has a big long cgi heavy final fight >”Ewwww cgi is so bad and overdone DC suck” >Marve…[View]
90469734Save the DCEU: Should WB/DC cancel current plans and move onto Justice League 2 with George Miller a…[View]
90468834Dude I don't exist LMAO[View]
90469601Now that he's been pretty much ostracized, will it lead to the death of the trope in recent yea…[View]
90442942>this is the mustache that ruined an entire studio[View]
90469367Name a better show, /tv/, I dare you.[View]
90469649Fuck Justice League reshoots: So I remember a /tv/ thread where some mexican or portugese website ha…[View]
90469650Agent Cooper. Remember. 430, Richard and Linda. Two birds with one stone.[View]
90457929Who is an actor/filmmaker you think is probably a psychopath or narcissist[View]
90469595The scene that launched the Marvel Cinematic Universe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZwOxM0-byvc…[View]
90450143Post yfw his eye moved.[View]
90469522What would each of doctor who’s companions be like in bed?[View]
90468586White Famous: Thoughts on this show?[View]
90447462>One wonders if the boy did not know what could happen. I do not know about you, but I’ve never b…[View]
90469413I need a good movie to watch with my old lady. Any recs, lads? The only I think I ask is that you re…[View]
90466477The Night is Short, Walk on Girl: Other kinos like this? Beside the rest of the director's work…[View]
90463213ITT: Discuss your Justice League viewing experience: >11:00 showing just got off work >Went by…[View]
90469370Movies millennials will never understand[View]
90462502/tv/: Griffith, Flaherty, Eisenstein, Stroheim reddit: Weerasethakul, Altman, Kubrick, Brakhage, Bea…[View]
90466806Don't do drugs kids[View]
90468443Is Tarantino the ugliest man?[View]
90469239>watching movie >character doesn't have to shit every 30 minutes…[View]
90459438What are some kino movie soundtracks? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=huZ-AiY4jnM[View]
90467753Who was the best Friend?[View]
90467477ITT: Garabage /tv/ memed you into watching[View]
90468387you distracted me, i'm takin a moulinyan[View]
90466256Based Marvel doing it again. Its so easy to make money if your movies are good[View]
90469086>let me tell you that again she is really good looking, but she's black. and you can see tha…[View]
90456952have you ever been told you look like a celeb?[View]
90468067>it's a Martin is unnecessarily rude to Frasier and Niles episode[View]
90460290Now that the dust has settled and the Netflix Punisher is absolute garbage, can we all agree that Th…[View]
90468649>only kills white males with a few easy ethnic exceptions What did Disney mean by this?…[View]
90468981Why was Hellboy in Star Wars?[View]
90468153how did this guy ever get hired? he's horrendous at acting[View]
90467749>Yeah, so I told them, I can't shave the mustache. You will have to CGI it away or something…[View]
90467050*breaths in* OH NO NO NO NO NO NO NO *breaths out* *breaths in* *breaths out* *breaths in* *breaths …[View]
90466668>he is literally Mr. Bean[View]
90466581what are some movies with likeable villains ?[View]
90468465Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond: It dropped[View]
90468882Sopranos & the Supernatural: You know, this is the first show to give me this eerie, creepy feel…[View]
90468864Logan Lucky: have you seen it /tv/? I watched it last night, at home. It was quite enjoyable but im …[View]
90465335If J.J. Abrams dropped out of directing this project, who would you like to see direct? I think Matt…[View]
90464536Save By The Bell reboot confirmed[View]
90468707What the fuck?[View]
90463407Now that the dust has settled, can we all agree that Man of Stell is the best capeshit movie of all …[View]
90468434Guess this movie: We guess recent movies on their weekend box office[View]
90465164who is an actor/filmmaker you suspect to be in sex cults?[View]
90463824>see a movie recommended on /tv/ >look it up on Wikipedia and read the plot synopsis Now I…[View]
90464990Is Nolan to blame?[View]
90459732Why don’t they make a movie loosely based on DBZ with DBZ style fights? Man of Steel had DBZ type of…[View]
90460009Carruthers > Bateman > Allen >>> Van Patten > Bryce[View]
90467098Just how does he do it?[View]
90466478Kramer wakes up and finds himself on a planet full of George Costanzas, what happens?[View]
90467823>It's not a retread-[View]
90466554Film studies: So, did anyone here actually study something related to media/cinema/production? Just …[View]
90466672One protects you, the other two come after you. Who do you choose?[View]
90467756Any celebs you know or met?: I went to the BRIT school with Tom Holland & I also met the Harry P…[View]
90467696>watch the bloopers >its just the actors making funny faces towards the camera…[View]
90467150Fargo thread S2 > S3 > S1 prove me wrong[View]
90467719So... where are the spoilers? Release is less than a month away. We new the plot of 7 months before …[View]
90466706I just saw this. It was alright, pretty much another Hot Fuzz style 'Everything is crap and low rent…[View]
90451670/trek/ thread: >Cassidy 'Why aren't you happy for me Benjamin, I EXPECTED you to be more ent…[View]
90467720I had a similar situation to Picard once in Catholic school.... I was sitting next to the head nun i…[View]
90464295/JPG/: Jurassic Park General[View]
90467456There's still hope[View]
90467672Is he, dare I say, /ourbigguy/?[View]
90467652So there's a poor city protected by a rich sion who wants to clean it up. And there's a ni…[View]
90466050*saves capeshit*[View]
90465223Can too much popularity ruin great obscure shows?[View]
90463762>want to recommend mindhunter to my parents >remember the dirty sex scenes thanks for nothing …[View]
90466783YFW like it or not he general consensus for Justice League is that: Is really good! Normies are lovi…[View]
90467265>I hate to use that term, but you got to know what you're sticking it in…[View]
90465970>its a Nagano misses total victory by a second episode[View]
90466206>Blamous naglamous malos What did he mean by this?[View]
90467382Peter should have won[View]
90461818RIP Snyder's Superman https://youtu.be/wArmHSPIvlQ You were too good for this world.[View]
90465235>homoerotica >tentacle porn >funny blob thing sex is this not just Family Guy: The Star Tre…[View]
90467047Jusitice League SJW crap: Besides Ben Aflecks anti white anti capitalist mind numbing droning Did th…[View]
90467263*saves 2D animation* http://www.cartoonbrew.com/feature-film/breaking-netflix-will-produce-sergio-pa…[View]
90466789Justice League: Just watched this, it was average, but Jesus Christ Steppenwolf's CGI was atroc…[View]
90466627> saw Justice League once[View]
90463918What the fuck was his problem?[View]
90467021how many movies have you watched? I've watched them all. all 97.[View]
90463365Suggest contemporary russian cinema to watch[View]
90464129/imaceleb/: The long-awaited return of Bant and Kek to the jungle with a bunch of no-name tossers fo…[View]
90465688*saves cinema* nothing personal, plebs[View]
90466736So, what are some of /tv/'s favourite teen comedies/coming-of-age movies? One of the slightly m…[View]
90465312just bought this. What am I in for?[View]
90464269Films you listen to instead of listening to the radio - Aviator - Hateful8 - Pulp Fiction[View]
90466674You're still here?: It's over. Go home.[View]
90461835Could THIS be anymore of a Friends thread?[View]
90466523what are some good monster or zombie movies? asking for a friend[View]
90466232How come nobody ever talks about the best capeshit?[View]
904665962020......i am found dead with my pants full of piss[View]
90462899What are some 2018 movies and shows you're excited for?[View]
90463427>BASEketball >Team America >Cannibal >Orgazmo >That's My Bush are these fucking …[View]
90466439TARS, analyze the content of Dr Brandts rectum. >Analysis complete. Fill my nouth with it!…[View]
90460751*steals your money*[View]
90465883Who else into Cold War kino?[View]
90460691Valar Morghullis All Men Must Die[View]
90466079Is he right, bros?[View]
90466136Kino 80's girls: Andy from The Goonies.[View]
90466205In Living Color is absolute sketch kino: In retrospect this show was superior to SNL and Mad TV.…[View]
90466089Am I the only one...: ...that thinks of that scene in Unfaithful where she's bent over begging …[View]
90466090So I'm watching the original French rips of Justice League and the Man of Steel has a funky mus…[View]
90466092Film Festival Will I enjoy it??[View]
90466031The virgin Dcuck: >Always defending even when it's an objectively shit-tier movie >Has pa…[View]
90466008Whats the biggest immersion breaker for you?: >diveristy hire >wilhelm scream…[View]
90464029Riverdale general: I really like this series[View]
90464044Coming Of Age Movies: Just saw pic related and now I want to see more coming of age films. Any sugge…[View]
90453788Just tell me does he kill a lot of people?: Does at least one person die each episode. Does he bruta…[View]
90455093You’re tasked with leading the reboot of the DC cinematic universe. What’s your line up of movies an…[View]
90465871Why are Snyder fans so pathetic?[View]
90464404Can people just simply watch a movie these days without eating a full meal and having all of the lig…[View]
90465228>is unable to act >does jackshit >*steals the show*…[View]
90465857Why has no one made oscar bait about a fat fedoraist? Is it because hed have to be a white male? Als…[View]
90462657When did you realize David Wallace was the best character in the office?[View]
90465769Any kinos with this aesthetic?[View]
90465734>don't mind me, I'm just pirating your axilla odour. This is what you sound like.…[View]
90464621what did he mein by this?[View]
90465733>its another Netflix throws gratuitous sex scenes in to every episode just because they're n…[View]
90460385You guys are making fun of Flash face in the Superman fight, but not a SINGLE PERSON said anything a…[View]
90464975dude civilization is bad[View]
90465667>Justice League 2017 HDTS NEW SOURCE FULL Clean English Audio AAC This is the best quality out th…[View]
90463959>Was ridiculed for a year upon being cast as Batman >When it released the positive press on hi…[View]
90463778ooooh watch out serious capeshit coming through: > le dark gritty capeshit with retarded plot and…[View]
90465502Room: Did this movie make you cry?[View]
90465464Would Sisko approve of his Cardie murder simulator that he paid Quark to create for him?[View]
90463990Look, I KNOW that BvS was shit, but can we all agree that the Opening Sequence was KINO? now that th…[View]
90465432MOMMY: As big of a turd as this movie was, she was the best part. It's too bad the movie decide…[View]
90461420What was the most kino cinema experince for you as a kid?[View]
90462135What are some good non-American shows that we can watch with subtitles?: Ideally of 2017 and current…[View]
90465366So what exactly is 'dishonest filmaking'?[View]
90465313>2017 >Michael Keaton is still the best on-screen Batman of all time by a country mile Why is …[View]
90455941Why can't they let Patty Jenkins direct a Justice League movie? She already proved with Wonder …[View]
90465246characters who're literally you: Barry Redmon aka Barry Lyndon. I share his detachment for life…[View]
90464753*saves your franchise*[View]
90464391>creates interesting stories >casts based actors like Kurt Russel, Vince Vaughn, Mel Gibson …[View]
90464408Why are they so smug?[View]
90461887Name our League, /tv/.[View]
90458225Daily reminder this is the man who singlehandedly destroyed Japanese culture[View]
90464327This was kino as hell.[View]
90464238Why is he so likable? I want to hate him for only appearing in normie tier flicks that make the same…[View]
90464821Rey is a Mary Sue.[View]
90465071*tosses your salad and scrambles your eggs*[View]
90461764>boyhood >follow a kid's life for 12 years... >10/10, critical acclaim and president o…[View]
90462429Watch this movie Don't look at a trailer or look up the plot Just watch it You can thank me lat…[View]
90463766You are watching one of the best shows on tv now aren’t you?[View]
90464642Get Out (2017) Is this movie >FUCK WHITEY >satire on virtue signaling liberals and the entire …[View]
90464226> decides to make it in Hollywood > succeeds There must be a legion of strippers and waitress…[View]
90460045What's some essential niggerkino?[View]
90446146True Detective just got BLACKED: https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/true-detective-carmen-e…[View]
90464905The popular tv show 'DIFFICULT PEOPLE' was cancelled after only three seaons. Do you care? I actuall…[View]
90464902DC's Greatest villain.[View]
90464864Tarantino Charles Manson movie: Who would you like see star in the movie? apparently Brad Pitt/Leo D…[View]
90464802Did anyone else cover their kids eyes when Wonder Woman exposed her armpits on screen? The film is P…[View]
90461895how do you go from this[View]
90464604Killing millions?[View]
90464762>finished watching Mindhunters >finished watching Northern Exposure Is there any other WORTHWH…[View]
90461182Scenes You Liked From Movies You Disliked: https://youtu.be/VlINHSnUx9k?t=22s[View]
90463703>paints his face black >puts a giant white skull on his chest…[View]
90460976BLUE PLANET Thread - Episode 4/7 - 'Big Blue' Starts at 20:00 BST[View]
90463471Crom laughs at your four winds![View]
90464394rec me some kino: i need some comfy kino for tonight with an edgy likeable character (connie from go…[View]
90462664What do you wear to get ready for a good kino /tv/ ?[View]
90457489>smartest of the kids >gets no girl Why does it have to be this way?/…[View]
90464393Amazing Snake Animation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CIdjOCtSMy8 >that unbelievable tension t…[View]
90464493Post BASED villains[View]
90462686Whats the best movie in theaters right now?[View]
90463274I thought Karen Page was suppose to be with one of the dudes from Daredevil?[View]
90457309What is the best trilogy of all time?[View]
90462201By poking fun and making merry, our journeys won't be half as scary![View]
90462315Was he the Andy Kaufman of our generation?[View]
90464209>letting an overwrought single mother preside over prosecution in the murder trial of the century…[View]
90463994>he's triggered over people enjoying justice league[View]
90459758Idris Elba should play Jesus: >be Heimdall >whitiest of the Nordic Gods >be played by an Af…[View]
90456894Star Wars: Rey[View]
90460387eh eh eh eh eh Molto bene[View]
90460984Is this one of the best movies ever made?[View]
90461939This man died in October and if you have to look up who he is, you don't deserve to be on this …[View]
90461183If you watch superhero flicks past the age of 10 should you be considered a real human? I think not.[View]
90463627I don't get it. >Ragnarok will kill all Asgardians! >Hela, Thor's bitch sister, will…[View]
90454815>this is still the best videogame film[View]
90463223What is her Problem?[View]
90457253>Tell me do you bleed?[View]
90462948was this just another misunderstood snyder kino?[View]
90461211>JusticeLeague.2017.1080p.HC.WEB-DL.x264.AAC.CHS >JusticeLeague.2017.1080p.HC.WEB-DL.x264.AAC.…[View]
90462031>I bypássed the cháracter developmént! What did she méan by this?[View]
90463401I don't get it, why does he make films when he could already get a bj anytime he wants?[View]
90460757This movie is shit[View]
90445649Will we ever get space kino like this again or are we left with garbage like STD, the Orville and th…[View]
90461847>It's a run through the kitchen episode.[View]
90460688A man who literally did nothing wrong except failing at his plan. Entire planet is dying: 'oh whatev…[View]
90461694I don't suppose you have a copy of Fly Fishing by J. R. Hartley?[View]
90463094What was this expression trying to convey?[View]
90462230EW Star Wars Articles: a lot of interesting things in the articles Pretty much confirms that either …[View]
90461406Now that the dust has settled, was it good?[View]
90463018*Makes Dune kino*[View]
90458459Was it Kino?[View]
90462646What am I in for? Are there lots of ass raping?[View]
90460494awrite awrite awrite: Wits yer 'hing, /tv/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=itKhvrUekDs >I t…[View]
90463028Anyone /Zatoichi/ here? Where should I start with it, which ones are the best and is the TV series w…[View]
90457681>WB Executive: How long will it take to remove Superman's mustache? >VFX Guy: We'll …[View]
90463016What are some films with ethnically diverse casts?[View]
90460810Cast him[View]
90462975RIP AVGN[View]
90462942>Still no miniseries about WW1 Why hasn't Netflix or HBO done a miniseries on that war if th…[View]
90459723How far should I watch into this series before it goes to shit?[View]
90462866Mindhunter: The show should have been about him. He completely stole the show, he was able to be end…[View]
90461044Why doesn’t Compound Media have a late night show? I’m sure most of the subscribers are men who used…[View]
90462847so what are the creatures gonna be?[View]
90460690Does anyone know of a torrent for Vikings season 2 in high quality? I just downloaded season 1 (40 …[View]
90460978Who is the most chad film director? Who is the most virgin?[View]
90462459Is Billy strange things a man or a fag?[View]
90457879So /tv/, did he actually do it?[View]
90461714Seeing him execute the wife and the kids was satisfying as fuck[View]
90460676Do women really find this guy good looking or are they just attracted to his status?[View]
90462535What are some decent movies with middle/high-school girls as protagonists? Preferably with actresses…[View]
90462469ITT: Films that take you back to childhood.[View]
90439135Tarantino's Manson film gets 100 mil budget: >http://variety.com/2017/film/news/quentin-tara…[View]
90461465You just know[View]
90458852Did he make the right call?[View]
90461365What are some flicks with badass female heroes?[View]
90462278*knocks at your door*[View]
90462099Blazing Samurai: Is this cancelled or not? It was supposed to be released in April, then in August.…[View]
90461742>what? no. tell them to figure it out, the mustache stays[View]
90461981Why does /tv/ never talk about this show? I know it was cancelled but the 3 seasons it has are prett…[View]
90459977Movies Americans will never understand[View]
90460440can someone explain how this man tricks the general audience into liking his movies? his films just …[View]
90462103What are some scenes that left a impression on you?[View]
90461343What is this expression trying to convey?[View]
90461874*directs another box office hit Kïnō*[View]
90461263Kung-Fu is best girl![View]
90461757I thought this movie was supposed to be good. It was trash. Why do so many people hype this movie?[View]
90459962Guys, his daughter killed herself. Give him a break.[View]
90461575>character travels backwards through time >there's a 'For Sale' sign outside Chuck's…[View]
90461404is this a good system?[View]
90458888What went wrong? She had such a promising career, then poof gone.[View]
90459809>fat >loser >creepster >awkward masturbator >universally reviled by women everywhere …[View]
90442440What's his best review?[View]
90459861How could he drink his milkshake, if milkshakes weren't invented back then yet?[View]
90459249Sam/Freddie>Carly/Freddie Prove me wrong[View]
90443250Is /tv/ excited for the arrival of The incredibles 2? I am[View]
90458877How could he afford such a big house while being only a pastor in a small town ?[View]
90461440Game of Thrones D&D[View]
90461430I just came back from bearhunting and marathoned this. Is it the pinnacle of soyboy kino?[View]
90460881What are the best Texan movies?[View]
90452412ACTUAL The Last Jedi Leaks: I wan an intern on set and read the screenplay. That's as much as I…[View]
90459782The absolute state of Rick Shapiro[View]
90461327In Canada, Sean has three more goals to complete on his 101 Goals list: play on a sports team, see h…[View]
90458824To the guy crying about the new episodes. They've been ripped now. >Nirvanna.the.Band.the.Sh…[View]
90461181Where were you when Paramount killed Capeshit[View]
90461248Now the dust has finally settled, do we all agree this deserved to win best picture? Sure it wasn…[View]
90461179*blocks your path*[View]
90459929Did I like it?[View]
90456761What is a movie similar to: >The Village >Bridge to Terabithia >Ronia, the Robber's Da…[View]
90460889What happened to all comfy 'rom-coms', 'coming of age' flicks etc.?: '80s & '90s was f…[View]
90460913why did she conceive a child with her son?[View]
90461096Am I an Gaylord: if I buy this Dolby Atmos soundbar? 7.1.2 in my bedsit and no more wires for my cat…[View]
90459098Remember what cinema was like before capeshit?[View]
90461065What does /tv/ think of Lost? What would you change about it?[View]
90461064'So I said to her, you gonna fight me with your karate?'[View]
90461058James Franco is Multiple man: When you thought capeshit couldn't get any worse after deadpool. …[View]
90460758dc v marvel: justice league vs the avengers pros and cons character introduction big bad post credi…[View]
90449265The average capeshit fan: I'm embarrased for them 6:55 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q3hDdVmT…[View]
90459020Was it really that bad, in hindsight?[View]
90461015What are some good movies where commies get btfo[View]
90460936>three-quarters of a blowjob[View]
90460983hey /tv/, get some sleep you look tired BWREEEEEE BWREEEEEEE[View]
90460926Dean dad's dead[View]
90460901OH NO NO NO NOO[View]
90460884beards: just beards[View]
90453278>HOW DID YOU KNOW >i didn't :^)[View]
90460723who needs a key to unlock their door from the inside? https://youtu.be/VIy-X8-pEoU?t=176[View]
90457358This is a 35 year old man[View]
90458789Plex: Has anyone tried using Plex? Looking for a easy way to cast my local files on my tv if it suck…[View]
90460655WWE Stream: Does anyone know a place I can steam the WWE Survivor series? I've never streamed a…[View]
90460671>'Remember what you told me about your Mother..and the Sand People?' >muffled UHHHHRR UHHHHHR …[View]
90457024Why aren't there more movies with rampaging rhinos?[View]
90459838Is he /ourgay/?[View]
90459822Was it kino?[View]
90460456hello darkness my old friend[View]
90460419I'm watching the original French rips of the Dark Knight Rises and in every scene Bane has a fu…[View]
90458518Is Colin Farrell a good actor?[View]
90460398When is it good time to avoid /tv/ or web in general to not spoiled about The Last Jedi? I'm th…[View]
90453826JUSTICE LEAGUE MAKES $96 Million: The DCEU is dead. Bury it. Consider it mercy. >No great heroic …[View]
90451496All that 'Justice League' has proven is that Zack Snyder has been holding Henry Cavill back from let…[View]
90458663What did /tv/ think of this? I just watched it last night and I thought it was great[View]
90460384You know, I actually enjoyed this movie, but the part where they stole the foreskin was just way ove…[View]
90457230which figure will sell the worst?[View]
90459948>Watch Blue Planet II >Lose all faith in existence of God…[View]
90460354What did the ducks actually represent? They change the meaning over and over, was it just bullshit?[View]
90460287>Fuck Whedon you ruined Synder's kino![View]
90458976What was the deal with this guy?[View]
90460077ITT: Your top 5 horror movies 1. A Tale of Two Sisters 2. IT (1990) 3. The Shining 4. Martyrs 5. The…[View]
90458759What was in the box?: Was it meant to be ambiguous, left up to the viewers imagination like the Sopr…[View]
90459864STOP: If you are reading this now and you are William Shatner, you MUST reply[View]
90455302Thoughts? is it just pretentious smut or is there real potency in the satire is he our guy?[View]
90451497Terrence Malick: Haven't seen any of his 'new' movies like Song to Song, Knight of Cup, etc. Wh…[View]
90460225This was fucking beautiful.[View]
90460205Barry Lyndon: Is this the best movie ever. Yes it is. But why?[View]
90458768Do you think facehuggers experience a long-ass orgasm while they're pumping their seed into the…[View]
90460176ITT: Shite Endings[View]
90460163Is Hollywood collapsing? >an entire franchise has more or less just failed that a huge studio has…[View]
90459870>How do I know I can trust you? >You don’t…[View]
90460132Guys, turn on the military channel...[View]
90460129Should Paul F. Tompkins be given a chance when Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show contract expires nex…[View]
90457908I BEG OF YOU! IM YOUR GUY!: >yfw '...come together right now...' >yfw no one comes together to…[View]
90449136>Loki is shit >Ultron is shit >Apocalypse is shit >Steppenwolf is shit Why is it so hard…[View]
90458801ITT: TV characters that shouldve never been killed off[View]
90457613When will this abhorrent creature be removed from the earth? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment…[View]
90451899>not even allowed picking women by the throat on screen anymore What's the point of this cuc…[View]
90457999i fucking love this show. what do you guys think? it's very well written, the shots and camera …[View]
90457983In The Matrix, what does the red dress of the simulated woman symbolize?[View]
90459366~~~OFFICIAL HOLIDAYKINO THREAD~~~: >Christmas Kino A Charlie Brown Christmas A Christmas Story Ba…[View]
90459881even if you think stranger things is shit you have to admit they did one thing right, steve[View]
90448841What were your favorite quips from Joss Whedon's 'The Justice League?' >BATMAN: Ouch I'…[View]
90457902baby driver: I just watched this. was Hamm's character really such a bad guy?[View]
90450331Orville or STD and why?[View]
90459834>what's your father's name? >Thomas Curry…[View]
90459147I made an edit of the first episode of The Punisher which cuts out all the Madani bullshit. I'l…[View]
90459821Who has seen the new Sion Sono kino?: Antiporno came out with subs a few days ago. Whom seen?[View]
90458644Give me a movie to watch tonight. Something that will intrigue me without taxing me.[View]
90459808https://youtu.be/_VseQe4TFsg?t=54s Is he right? Are voiceovers really flacid, sloppy writing?[View]
90459685What are the essential Godzilla kinos? I haven't seen most of the movies since childhood and I…[View]
90459803Can we please remove this banner? I find it very disrespectful and it makes me entirely uncomfortabl…[View]
90459802/got/ General Threads: Night's King Edition[View]
90459558hey guys so i just saw justice league so heres my thoughts on it * the cgi is really bad * the score…[View]
90459721What is it with this guy and incest? Fucking pervert?[View]
90457666Kino Confirmed[View]
90459507What does /tv/ think of Kevin Spacey?[View]
90459110Greatest Superhero film of all time coming through[View]
90459108Currently marathoning the pilot of this. When does it get good?[View]
90459550Who was more helpful?[View]
90453908Daily reminder[View]
90459574this is still probably the best mainstream horror film to come out within the past ten years. IMO Th…[View]
90453032Why are so many young actresses now getting plastic surgery?[View]
90453536>'The Perfect Girl doesnt exi-[View]
90457573Can we all agree this is undeniable cyberpunkino?[View]
90459356Will Dan ever be exposed?[View]
90459426>one of the most violent sociopaths in America >after a suicide attempt involving cutting his …[View]
90458501the /orville/ general: Don't Be a Dick Edition[View]
90450038How did you go from this...[View]
90456474anyone seen this masterpiece?[View]
90454596Will DC ever truely be kino again?[View]
90459325ALMOST done with Gotham season 2. Im still wondering why i didnt stop watching. Is it on purpose th…[View]
90458531Sam & Cat: What went so horribly wrong?[View]
90458134Character's with canon sexual fetishes: I'll start...cuckold, preferably interracial…[View]
90458970Just wait for the DLC[View]
90459245what the FUCK was this guy's problem[View]
90459218>longest Star Wars movie yet Kino or flop?[View]
90450890Set mind to purpose and post in Spartacus thread.[View]
90458882RIP to the greatest actor of all time. Mods please sticky.[View]
90455585>That's what ___________ said. Who was Jay talking about?[View]
90459048When will they stop whitewashing characters?[View]
90458863'Hell yeah, let's go see this movie because it has tons of nude scenes!'[View]
90458490can anyone help me remember the name of this movie? some spoilers about the ending at the end >mo…[View]
90458990>DO NOT..... LECTURE KOBA, CEASER. KOBA.... SEE... LIES OF APE. KOBA.... NOT FEAR..... HUMAN... A…[View]
90451527Just Color Grade My Shit Up: Are there any examples of recent genre films that do NOT use color grad…[View]
90458942What's the most racist movie of 2017?[View]
90458059New Star Wars trilogy: With the new Star Wars trilogy on the way, and it not having anything to do w…[View]
90456670What were they thinking?[View]
90454925/tpg/ - Twin Peaks General: So we can all agree that S3 was better than the original run?[View]
90452052Hi, it's me, the guy who made it cool to hate on Star Wars and ruined all discussion of Star Wa…[View]
90457044>protagonist dies at the end >his rival wich became his friend visits his grave with his girlf…[View]
90457952Is there a movie that follows the same formula as this short? I mean, that mocks chinese politics an…[View]
90458730What are some movies about notches?[View]
90454334Infinity War first 7 minutes description: So Thanos's Birth at Morag. And his race the Titans u…[View]
90457874Give me a good comfy movie to watch on this cold night[View]
90458226Why does it seem that non-American actresses are more talented than American ones?[View]
90451240Biggest Sopranos Crew Scumbag: All these guys were total slimeballs and had to be wacked shortly aft…[View]
90458686Why is she so hot, boyos?[View]
9045865490 Day Fiance Thread? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B1g5tRLS2wI Anyone else watching tonight?[View]
90450929It terrifies me that a physically fit, beautiful white woman with long flowing locks who also happen…[View]
90450679/lbg/: Letterboxd thread: post profiles and discuss what you have recently watched QOTD: have you ma…[View]
90456536Post you are favorite actor ill start AI Bundy,[View]
90457964Was this our last best Superman?[View]
90458425Are there any films about Rhodesia?: >We're both orphans, James. But where your parents had …[View]
90458244why is captcha so KINO?[View]
90458306>lotr in space[View]
90458249Daily reminder CAL did nothing wrong. His 17 year old fiance was fucking around with a poor kid. I…[View]
90457289Anybody else see this? Very uncomfortable viewing experience to say the least, but a great film non…[View]
90458333>Haitian PhD with a shitty middle man scan >Not to be political but you are the reason America…[View]
90458149>television board >expect intellectual discussions on artistic films with meaningful content a…[View]
90455415Is it kino?[View]
90455567Actors with zero futures.[View]
90458278Who are the Gallagher brothers of TV and film?[View]
90457644I'm watching the original French rips of the Dark Knight Rises and in every scene Bane has a fu…[View]
90447196>watch pic related >first hour is boring as FUCK with awkward silences throughout >all the …[View]
90455338Was it a real log?[View]
90452069so /tv/, did you... love it: I did[View]
90458037This movie is really underrated[View]
90456752>'Oh well, there's plenty more fishes in the sea for me.' What did he mean by this?…[View]
90458007Is it actually good?: I dropped it around S3, but I remember it being the comfiest show ever, with s…[View]
90457992I thought a veal parmesan sandwich was a nice gesture. The fuck, Rich?[View]
90457755Was he the greatest IRL shitposter who ever lived?[View]
90455146decent season desu, also gurka's wolf headdress was dope[View]
90453177>fucking your own daughter instead of just going out and finding some other source of underage pu…[View]
90457796slowpoke but: I'm not the only one who thought she was fingering herself at first, right?…[View]
90457731It's not Al anymore...[View]
90455627When will we actually have a Badass Nordic god Thor instead of a quipfest?[View]
90457695Why don’t we consider Soderbergh one of the best directors in Hollywood today ?[View]
90457078Name that movie: I've been trying to find a comedy/B-movie but can't remember the name. Th…[View]
90457711Say what you want but that last episode was brutal holy shit.[View]
90454978Can someone please explain to me what a 'genre' film is, and why 'genre-fans' ar…[View]
90452936Face it /tv/ the only reason why your mad Charlyne Yi accused a man of attempting rape on her is bec…[View]
90456786>Episodes of shows that couldn't be made today[View]
90456890When will audiences start to get tired of superhero movies?: Since Iron Man and the Dark Knight in 2…[View]
90457408Why Obi wan didn't want to rescue Padme? Aren't Jedis supposed to help people? I swear th…[View]
90456213>But the $450-million co-financing deal that Ratner’s film investment company, RatPac-Dune Entert…[View]
90454376>they have already announced the next Star Wars trilogy before the 2nd film in this one has even …[View]
90455143best film of the decade ?[View]
90457330What the fuck DC[View]
90457308W-what did she mean by this?[View]
90453364Bravo Zack: So this is the power of Synder's VISION[View]
90453973literally lmaoing at myself for being a retard right now. i hoped so much this series would be good,…[View]
90456261why don't you tell me what your really up to tonight?[View]
90457157>tweet that thor ragnarok is a masterpiece >like tweets calling justice league's villain …[View]
90457130Cast it[View]
90455928Thoughts on this early Peter Jackson kino?[View]
90455940Hi folks, Rian Johnson here! Did you know Disney have tasked me with creating a whole new trilogy!? …[View]
90456813>see a guy from work in public >have awkward small talk >end up going separate ways >tur…[View]
90456657>watch a movie >based on a true story >every character talks with correct pronunciation, di…[View]
90456297>el vino did flow[View]
90455249What the fuck was his problem?[View]
90457022What are you go-to winter movies? Christmas movies need not apply, it's too early in the year f…[View]
90456337X-Men with worthless powers: I think one of the reasons the X-Men movies suck is because they try an…[View]
90454188>simultaneous worldwide release[View]
90456843And remember, kids: grave desecration and body snatching is ok![View]
90456884*Clinking knife on champagne glass* Pardon me everyone, may I have your attention for a moment? I as…[View]
90456005Did anyone actually like The Cleveland Show while it was on? IDK why the fuck they decided to make i…[View]
90446047How did Monica afford such a huge apartment?[View]
90456812Post movies minorities will never understand[View]
90456290Do you REALLY miss out on anything if you watch Revenge of the Sith without watching the other two p…[View]
90454680What TV do you have? Are you going to get a new one soon? 4K HDR? I'm think about getting a Son…[View]
90456798KINO CONFIRMED[View]
90456788>tfw a sassy fat woman who sings and dances was the role John Travolta was born to play…[View]
90456116Ahh, kettle chips. The perfect side dish for...[View]
90456583*Blocks your reshoots*[View]
90456735so it was him, right?[View]
90454766ARTHOUSE MOVIES SUCK: Where were you when you realized that 'high brow' 'cerebral' art movies are ab…[View]
90455950STD: S02E01 script leaked! >they are in the mirror universe >location of a major battle >ze…[View]
90456414>The parts I like are Snyder's >The parts I dislike I blame it on Whedon just a reminder …[View]
90453855There hasn't been a good show on network television since LOST ended.[View]
90456245I'm done: >Be any Punisher enthusiast >Start the show >See her >Turn off tv, assume…[View]
90455480So I just watched Justice League.It is a solid movie On the same playing field of other capeshit mov…[View]
90456606Thoughts on series 14 of kino in chelsea?[View]
90453649For me? It's Colin Quinn![View]
90456383>tfw there is no yearly harry potter flick during christmas I truly miss this feel...…[View]
90456469This movie is so kino I felt blind for not seeing it back in the glorious year of 2009[View]
90456333I can't decide if I should go see Justice League. How much of the movie is re-shot? Does it kee…[View]
90450471webm thread: webm thread[View]
90456427If Disney gave this guy the authority to create the next THREE Star Wars installments, The Last Jedi…[View]
90453412>Harvey Weinstein personally made his way to my appartment and raped me Woah what drove Harvey to…[View]
90455757>we want the dark souls audience[View]
90450175There's 25 threads about capeshit in the catalog right now. What are your thoughts on the moder…[View]
90456174Was it autism? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=794AbtJrvVg[View]
90454028Now that the last two episodes were great, is there hope for South Park?[View]
90456320>It's something unpredictable, but in the end it's right >I hope you had the time of…[View]
90450243Nolan movies are being released in 4K at 19/12[View]
90455963>marries a bad boy because makes her gaping jew tingly >has 2 kids with him >realizes she c…[View]
90456089Any good movies about the pope and the Vatican?[View]
90455230Nocturnal Animals: Did she deserve to be stood up?[View]
90456224KAGE BUNSHIN NO JUTSU!!![View]
90455087https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mGisF2GgKHM Can we all agree that this scene has not been topped in …[View]
90437165$300 million budget: *Inhales*[View]
90456159There was Romantic Code in the NEFLIX' 'Stranger Things s02'. What do you think will …[View]
90450198Why is this flying under everyone's radar? It's pretty enjoyable and fun[View]
90455653what was it like when the LOTR first came out in theatres? Did people stand up and cheer at the end?…[View]
90452944This is Margaret Qualley. Say something nice about her.[View]
90456109>Special forces sniper joins assassination program ran by CIA >CIA is shady as fuck >Comes …[View]
90454324You're in prison and this guy blocks your path. What do?[View]
90440382Why didn't they just follow this storyline for Justice League? It would've been way more i…[View]
90451197IT BEGINS[View]
90450084>Makes eye contact with female >Cut to sex scene…[View]
90455838literally /ourguy/[View]
90455396MCU: What are /tv/'s favourite MCU scenes, unironically? Pic related from Civil War is perfect …[View]
90454723Foreign Opening Weekend Collections Thor Ragnarok - 109 mil Avengers - 185.1 mil Justice League - 18…[View]
90452106Who are some incredibly underated actors?[View]
90453995I WANNA BE[View]
90451177What is Snoke is Darth Plageuis?[View]
90427946What was the point of this scene?[View]
90454575I can't find this film anywhere, post link or something, preferably with english subtitles, and…[View]
90454341Nathan For You general: Best episode of TV all year[View]
90455469It's up! Now we'll get the only veredict that actually matters.[View]
90454280Sylvester Stallone: What's his best work? And why isn't he as big as he used to be? It…[View]
90448304Hello guys, /mu/tant here. Why don't you guys have a /tv/core chart?[View]
90455321What do u think about he? I picked it up on Japanese TV show.[View]
90453176>I'll let you in on a little secret, Detweiller. Every adult you've ever known was a ki…[View]
90454661Where is the proof?[View]
90454388>People eat shitty food all the time - making them unhealthy >Huge health crisis/obesity scare…[View]
90446491FIRST BLOOD: He did nothing wrong. The whole thing could've been avoided if it weren't for…[View]
90453393Phoebe is the best friend and the best girl. I want to kiss The Buffay![View]
90453576Arya and Sansa are about to come out and announce their engagement. Say something nice about them![View]
90452842>times you were epic in a theater >seeing this >midway through the movie a brilliant though…[View]
90455018Why are his movies so comfy, /tv/?[View]
90455010Why do stud always get married early? For example, thor(idk when he get married. but i think early..…[View]
90451627THX 1138 Director cut: >That scene when he bought an useless thing only to throw it away This sce…[View]
90454509I'M UPSET![View]
90454548What did /tv/ think?[View]
90454719Puppet Kino: Post a better puppet kino. You can't.[View]
90452716Has Scorsese ever topped Raging Bull?[View]
90453333What do you think about 'the Expanse'?[View]
90448288ITT: We are in an alternate universe where the original Star Wars did not get any sequels and it…[View]
90454762Predict how will this 'universe' go.[View]
90445754Where would you put this among Quentin's kinography?[View]
90453195>dutch angle[View]
90439355/who/ - Doctor Who General: Davo edition Last one: >>90429579[View]
90454571The Big Short Adults in the room Liar's Poker (prequel) Trump (by Oliver stone) We need a capit…[View]
90454499ITT: Things they couldn't get away with today. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DDyybi7t634[View]
90454486i think Milly looks like Winona (or Natalie portman), especially in s01. what do u think?[View]
90454456Is this the Boss Nigger prequel?[View]
90453723Weekend Box Office: >First JUSTice League live action movie ever >300m dollar budget. >Can…[View]
90454407>Everyone's just now realizing Snyder's a hack I dare even say Joel Schumacher could…[View]
90452179Should season 11 be considered the 'Silver Age' of The Simpsons? It gave us 'a wizard did it,' one o…[View]
90442267>Odin just died >Hela shows up >must insert a funny quip >Banner fucking dies >turn …[View]
90451345Name the trilogy.[View]
90454201Why was Padme rubbing Obi Wan's thigh during this scene?[View]
90454170What's your favorite legokino?[View]
90454087so, justice league is good or bad?[View]
90451923CAPTAIN? [Spoiler]You don't, uh, get to bring tribbles[/spoiler][View]
90454244Zack Snyder is the Hillary Clinton of capewars. >chosen by internal power brokers to helm a multi…[View]
90454206>Soyboy runs /film/ discord[View]
90451799I wanna ______ that jester![View]
90453483So this is what a $300 million budget gets you these days?[View]
90454076Does tv know of any good cold war documentary? I’ve seen a few by CNN, and the BBC; but nothing “rea…[View]
90454065Anybody watch this? It was pretty good, I like that they focused on the one kids perspective for the…[View]
90452328How on earth did Kristoffa score her in the first place? So unrealistic.[View]
90453949>check into a hotel on christmas eve >only room they have left is the 'folâtrer de la nymphe s…[View]
90436572What are some kinos to watch with your sister?[View]
90453874Imagine being Arnold in that scene and having to be all like 'damn, Rachel Ticotin, you fuckin'…[View]
90445585Do watch Project Runway?[View]
90450359How did you go from this...[View]
90453019What happened to the black suit and long hair?[View]
90453288Sci-fi or fantasy?[View]
90452222Films about this feel.[View]
90452311was Chad wearing lipstick in this scene?[View]
90447996Is Punisher any good?[View]
90453714Will we get a christmas message this year? I think he forgot to do one last year :([View]
90453492>The virtuous have gone to heaven and the rest of us have been... Left Below™ how do they keep ge…[View]
90452278A question to Bill Shatner. Do you agree that Star Trek Discovery is fucking bullshit and should hav…[View]
90453528>movie has some out of the blue holocaust joke to remind the viewer that the holocaust happened E…[View]
90453427Real talk here Is considering movies as nothing but mindless entertainment actually a bad thing? I d…[View]
90452242Mädchen, Mädchen: >Mädchen, Mädchen (English: Girls, Girls), also known as Girls on Top, is a 200…[View]
90451576Simpon: There's this episode of The Simpsons where Lisa is disappointed in Homer and gives him …[View]
90453464What are some movies about religious communities? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OhpUqYP_YbU&fe…[View]
90453209Murder on the Orient Express: So, good movie, I liked it, one thing stuck out to me and it was the m…[View]
90451057What are some films where le badass independent female gets a reality check?[View]
90448278Post Movies everyone forgot about in 2017[View]
90453303>character has ptsd from Iraq or some other modern day baby shit war[View]
90452405Did you liked the winter finale?[View]
90452696Is this a true depiction of 13 yo girls?[View]
90453247What did the ducks symbolize?[View]
90452801not bad, another Bella kino on n'flix[View]
90452672read the comments. Enjoy /tv/ >https://bmovies.to/film/tut.5kr39/q8mm7n…[View]
90453261>tfw you will never play the Dane[View]
90442762>Always thought anime was fucking gay >Just watched pic related for the first time Holy shit /…[View]
90451277Japanese Capeshit: What is /tv/'a opinion on japanese produced capeshit? I thought this movie w…[View]
90448440>5 writers >diversity lead Bag it and tag it, boys. www.slashfilm.com/new-terminator-sequel-de…[View]
90427610the /orville/ general: Was it Kino or Koincidence?[View]
90450226>NO TURKEY?[View]
90453151name a more middlebrow scene, you fucking cant https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gTDhgR3p12w[View]
90452841What are some good comedy TV series worth watching in 2017?[View]
90453037is this show really that bad or is it just the fans that make it insufferable?[View]
90452748I is the Spirit of Jazz, maybe i'll make you famous, you wanna be famous?[View]
90452931Say what you will about this movie, I think we can all agree that they cast the perfect woman to pla…[View]
90452925APOLOGIZE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EQM1Aoc5OeM[View]
90450728Hero or villain?[View]
90450717Future Man: Why aren't you faggots watching the next good time travel show?[View]
90451370What if she hadn't died and they ran off together?[View]
90448421Is he the coolest character of all-time?[View]
90452652ALL DELETED SCENE JUSTICE LEAGUE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MMiblktdQts[View]
90446564What novels do you want to see turned into movies?[View]
90450990Are there anymore Knightkino being made? Also what are some essentials to watch other than pic relat…[View]
90451952Why is this shit rated so high?[View]
90449834/tv/ LIKE CAPE MORE THEN APE: K I N O holy shit this movie is kino overload, every single shot is a …[View]
90452529why are they doing this to Brian :([View]
90450827Just saw a guy irl with the scorpio jacket from drive.memes are real my bros[View]
90452501ITT: Movie scenes women will never understand https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rc2OvrpzjvM[View]
90452489Just going to re watch guardians of the galaxy for the third time since it came out, such a great mo…[View]
90451911'beautiful, needy, aggressive young women. It felt like I had a disease, like something from a Greek…[View]
90450968What went wrong?[View]
90445741Middle aged actresses who should get their career back on track next year[View]
90448558Daily reminder[View]
90452341we did it red dit![View]
90445597Ben Affleck Batman Thread: Can we have a thread dedicated to the greatest Batman actor ever?[View]
90449902what was his best role?[View]
90452331How can woman even compete /tv/?: I mean,look at Adams face![View]
90442743>DC's answer to the Avengers won't even break a 100 million first weekend. What went wr…[View]
90447498name anything he's written in the last 20 years since Green Mile that was adapted to film and l…[View]
90452176fubar: the age of the computer: fuckin eh they're back[View]
90452141'''ART''' MOVIES [spoiler]SUCK[/spoiler]: Where were you when you realized that 'high brow' 'cerebra…[View]
90438916Will we ever get kino like this again or are times like this gone?[View]
90450625Was this a good scene?[View]
90445802Do you bleed, /tv/?[View]
90451934DC Universe: The Ideal: This is still the single greatest 3 minutes DC has ever given the world. The…[View]
90450543Fargo S1: Can we talk about the biggest waste of talent in television. Lorne Malvo had the potential…[View]
90443827When did surreal anti-humor become mainstream?: Tim and Eric wasn't that popular back when it p…[View]
90450387Our queen[View]
90449951I haven't heard anything about top gear since this happened. Is it cancelled yet?[View]
90451140Can we talk about this man's group for a second here? How does it exist when nearly everyone wa…[View]
90450957>Tfw you got Peter Kay tickets Really activated my garlic bread, lads.[View]
90450350In this thread: Characters you often emulate in real life[View]
90451536What do they call you? Wheels?[View]
90451563Holy shit, I thought you faggots were exaggerating saying the Flash ran like a retard[View]
90450920>hot, 22yo blonde has manlet tubby orbiter >strings him along to keep him as a useful idiot …[View]
90445034Who were these fellas? :)[View]
90449613Can i have a hug!?: who was in the wrong here?[View]
90451294>u no rike my cut??! i kir u rauner brahder >don u tuch my aquarrmanuu…[View]
90449867>2017 >Capeshit running nonstop for nearly 20 years >No one has dethroned The Joker has the…[View]
90450033Hey /tv/, why didn't you like Pixels?[View]
90449547Who are some fashionable celebrities?[View]
90450574Since we all know we are getting 10+ Star Wars TV shows once Disney Netflix goes online, what do you…[View]
90443987What do you all think of Tom Cruise?[View]
90446793ITT: We guess a series by its IMdb rating chart.[View]
90450254>Marlel movies are full of quips >8 years of setups and movies exploring each character indivi…[View]
90449567What does /tv/ think of this?[View]
90451045https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IlcUdNFfh7A Is he right?[View]
90450984Whats with child stars? Seems like its a coinflip to whether they become complete whores with drug a…[View]
90444640is Riverdale the best show CW has made?[View]
90450942>/tv/'s big day out[View]
90449731wtf i love capeshit now[View]
90450917Benny Lopez: So is she the worst /tv/ mom?[View]
90450916Remember when William Shatner fucked Leela in futurama[View]
90450835>social media entrepreneur[View]
90450788Meanwhile at Lucasfilm story group: Brainstorming for new ideas[View]
90447473>yfw Oberstgruppenführer Smith takes an interdimensional Einsatzgruppe through the Stargate to li…[View]
90450052Redmeatkino: Kinos soy eaters will never understand[View]
90448683What do you expect from the Phantom Thread? The trailer just looked so generic... It looked like a …[View]
90447499Is it overrated?[View]
90449520Season 21 of South Park is literally Modern Simpsons tier bad. Did they outsource the writing to som…[View]
90450420Six fingers kino: What are some movies that have a hand with six fingers? I googled and found some a…[View]
90446349How much do these guys get paid per hour?[View]
90450459>Luke, how old you become What did he mean by this? Did he really confused some old man on a dese…[View]
90450541>I've literally been in space bro Bravo[View]
90450511What are some movies I can watch with my exotic black wife and my cute biracial daughter?[View]
90450466and action, John![View]
90449841If this had come out in 2017 it would have had a GoT level following...[View]
90447842Should they stop releasing seasons all at once so there's more discussion?[View]
90448636'm looking for a euro film that i think is like the movie horror decoys, it has a guy and a gir…[View]
90448700Computer, analyse the contents of Deanna Trois rectum. >analysis complete. Fill my mouth with it!…[View]
90450388So let me see if I get this straight DBGT isn't canon anymore, right? I don't dislike GT…[View]
90450129This is better than most Marvel flicks except for maybe Iron Man 1, The Winter Soldier, Thor Ragnaro…[View]
90448292What's is the most influential program that ever aired on US TV? Personally I'd pick The T…[View]
90450187Now that the dust has settled, which one is worse?[View]
90444540>Mean older brother defends nerdy brother against bully’s[View]
90450344Did she really have to purify herself?[View]
90450213ITT: Post underrated actors/actresses that immediately improve anything they're in. I'll s…[View]
90450083Western and Eastern animation: If this movie could be considered as the peak of animation in the eas…[View]
90450288Does anybody know where to download full HD scenes from movies? Not the whole movie, something like …[View]
90447941>Movie has a remake that surpasses it[View]
90449510A-A-A-A-M I DREAMING? NOOOoo[View]
90450250ITT: biggest Oscar snubs >tfw Pixar’s UP lost Best Picture to Muh Dirty Bombs…[View]
90448993>2 beers, please[View]
90434514Does this guy just play Wojak of varying descriptions in every movie?[View]
90450137>babies...they're the future[View]
90450167>muh mustache[View]
90450157What does /tv/ think about American Horror Story? https://youtu.be/0XaZEaWRXrU https://youtu.be/r…[View]
90449411>mfw i watched Justice League at theatres today to pay Zack Snyder for his masterpiece BvS…[View]
90448846/tv/ dubs steamed hams: Simpsons is truely /ourshow/ And we should dub steamed hams before it become…[View]
90449908/trek/-RVL edition: The Orville is the true successor not only to TNG, but also to TOS, being more f…[View]
90450132/tofu/: films alt-reich manbabies will never understand[View]
90449302Fight Club is a very intelligent movie.: I doubt that anyone on this board will be able to comprehen…[View]
90447154I fucking HATE Quentin Tarantino now: I just watched Eight Hateful Men fuck this movie. fuck Quentin…[View]
90447874Honestly what the fuck was Netflix thinking with this subplot. All of her scenes are unwatchable.[View]
90448926/r9k/ fag here. I just asked my crush out and she said yes. Now I need some movie/series ideas. Pic …[View]
90450018seagal kino: -[View]
90449969*flies your path*[View]
90449378>we're taking the series back to it's roots[View]
90449856so whats next for our emma?[View]
90449907>movie set in the future >the currency is called star-bucks…[View]
90423409Shatner: Shatner just tweeted this Find Shatner!![View]
90449726Why wasn't Mel Gibson in this film?[View]
90449401>If I take that mustache off will you die?[View]
90444031what makes him so special that they can't mass produce his super suit?[View]
90445922/tv/ is no help so I visited Ebert's site. His great movies is a strange collection, the one…[View]
90445301Americans >sit in silence watching film, even though you are surrounded by your fellow man. >…[View]
90449259Soon with this powerful weapon we will be able to destroy all sand planets in the galaxy[View]
90449011Best and Worst of BvS IYO: IMO Best: >First 5 minutes >Dream and Knightmare scenes >Batman …[View]
90449292Why do pseuds pretend to like art house garbage?[View]
90449604Who will be cast in the new ISIS movie? It's being directed by Mel Gibson apparently.[View]
90443307Can we get one show without an effeminate B-story which nobody gives a fuck about? Honestly, I felt …[View]
90449383Sci-Fi films peaked in the 90's. The quality on average is getting progressively worse, prove m…[View]
90449541Movies where the theatrical cut is better than the director's/extended cut[View]
90449504>mexicano flash with stache is okay: >aquaman looking like an isis member is okay >but stac…[View]
90449483What did he mean by this?[View]
90449480Not BAD or was it just LUCK?[View]
90446239It's out.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hsLcTO2a0Ec[View]
90449464post more like these[View]
90447903>I need you to turn in your badge >and the other one…[View]
90447015Do you know how the Americans first came into being? They were Anglos once, taken by the dark powers…[View]
90446648Movie production stories: Anybody here who works in movie production? Do you have any stories that y…[View]
90448801Which is the superior prison movie of 2017[View]
90448302>the absolute nation state of Zack Snyder o i am laffin[View]
90446889Just marathoned 4 episodes of this kino what am i in for?[View]
90449287What did they mean by this ?[View]
90448312Leak time /tv/ 9 episode season, drawing from The Last Wish's and Sword of Destiny's short…[View]
90444660Haven't watched Justice League yet. Does Flash do anything in it as awesome as this guy?[View]
90444545Mindhunter: I'm having a hard time putting my mind in the setting of the show. It comes off as …[View]
90446873Is the Fargo Season 3 worth watching? I loved the first two, the second one being maybe even better …[View]
90438005Will this movie reach 2 billion worldwide?[View]
90448014WWYD /tv/? Also this movie = kino/10[View]
90445046Why is everyone suddenly ragging on DCEU?: Remember how much we hate Marveldrones and prefer DC beca…[View]
90448410This or Fantasia?[View]
90448947Reminder to throw away your useless outdated decaying VHS collection before it becomes a fire hazard[View]
90449083What was his end game?[View]
90446354When did you realize that Tarkovsky is the only director that elevated himself to the higher standar…[View]
90449003Damn! Edward Jellico in TNG was a real dick! >I'm sure it's only a glitch in the holode…[View]
90442820What was the best Cape film of 2017? http://www.strawpoll.me/14434090[View]
90445859Brigsby bear: Do you like it tv?[View]
90447966>it's an OJ is overwhelmed by the intricacies of criminal procedure and tries to make sense …[View]
90447481>C-mon, Joss. How many times do I repeat myself? The beard stays. I don't care what you…[View]
90448916He died in the car, and it does not matter that he did.[View]
90445897>movie gets a prequel >technology is more advanced…[View]
90447609ITT: Movie franchises from which you have never seen a single movie and you never will For me, it…[View]
90448868>ywn slap the shit out of this cheeky little fucker[View]
90446242/g/ movies: Movies or TV shows like this? Doesn't have to be about technology, can be something…[View]
90442656Stranger Things General - /stg/: secretly its /fack general/ edition[View]
90448769Backlog thread. Post your backlog, people tell you what to watch and what to drop Creed Midnight Com…[View]
90446772JL LEAKED DELETED SCENES: https://vimeo.com/album/4863137 thank you reddit[View]
90448749>Well what have we here? You a good Baneposter hotshot? Sure you are. Why, you must be some kind …[View]
90439158Would /tv/ watch this movie? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V9336bhUP4U[View]
90448673>That money in the safe back there, is mine now.[View]
90447461MC MOM here to collect all the anons crispy socks!![View]
90448606saddest moment in cinema?[View]
90448643Comfy Jap tv: Can we have a comfy japanese tv shows thread? What do you like to watch /tv/?[View]
90448378Remember me?[View]
90447273American Horror Story: I don't get it what is she wearing there at the end[View]
90446890Why didn't they use Dr Disrespect from Twitch to play Freddy Mercury?[View]
90445674>character gets shot >looks at their hands covered in blood…[View]
90446157What's his best work? I'd say Red October or The Shadow[View]
90448324Behind the scenes shots[View]
90437986Feels Thread: Post feels.[View]
90446876... TAKE ME TO THE RIVER ...[View]
90445315ITT: Movies no one has seen.[View]
90448215*slow telephoto zoom intensifies*[View]
90447606Why did this bomb?[View]
90445884is /tv/ ready to admit that S01 of GG was prime kino?[View]
90438144Justice League Deleted Scenes: Featuring handsome, non-cgi Cavill[View]
90445864>4 vfx companies worked for 3 months to remove Henry Cavills facial hair from the Justice League …[View]
90447426>'You know what? FUCK YOU.'[View]
90448007Womens bodies go to shit after 16 they are in perfect form until then. Im honestly repulsed at the t…[View]
90447983>Run time 5h 25m[View]
90447158Women, evacuate the premises.[View]
90447962>NO OPTIMUS![View]
90447329Rampage: trailer http://www.imdb.com/videoplayer/vi1689892889 isn't having a giant crocodile ed…[View]
90447735What the fuck was his problem?[View]
90447841Would Millie work for an Alien reboot / as a young / cloned Ripley?[View]
90422079>no Sam Hyde thread on /tv/ I am... forgotten....[View]
90445494Confess! /tv/! Confess the truth! The lasso of Hestia compels you![View]
90445625/comfy/ movies era doesn't matter, preferably teen drama/thriller/horror stuff[View]
90447539What was the point of this scene?[View]
90445161Hmmm 86% enjoyed it... it's not like... the critics could be... biased or anything... right?![View]
90445224>nigga i told you not to go in that house >bruh you finna get yaself killed…[View]
90446692Have you ever personally written movie reviews before? If so, post some excerpts.[View]
90447496>Tfw always watch the theatrical cut of every film I watch[View]
90447505When will this series have a sudden comeback? Or would SJWs smoke it?[View]
90447338Are his movies connected in some way?[View]
90447082This is horror kino, right?[View]
90447456>the best girl also is one of the strongest characters in the game[View]
90445986Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri was pretty good. How was your audience? No one in my theate…[View]
90447434new Infinity War poster leaked[View]
90402363How the fuck is it possible that this guy is STILL the best live-action Batman?: How[View]
90435555shatner big guy: how is this real[View]
90447195What's your favorite Justice League quip? Mine is >Wonder Woman: What the... Flash, run! …[View]
90447175Was this the only case where the adaptation is better than the source material? how comes this kino …[View]
90447162>watch this because /tv/ said it was good depression-kino >it's just some black & whi…[View]
90445861So what's /tv/'s opinion on this movie?[View]
90446996Adapt to this.[View]
90422500>whoa obvious cg looks like shit like n64 lol Literally can't fucking tell. Not that I give …[View]
90446929Jim & Andy: So /tv/ when did you realize you were schizophrenic ?[View]
90445652*heavenly chorus plays*[View]
90445378>decide to try free trial of amazon prime video >few known shows/movies >99% filler shit Wh…[View]
90445893what are some racist tv shows?[View]
90445212Which superhero is he going to play /tv/? Marvel or DC.[View]
90445081Normies are breaking the conditioning. https://www.thewrap.com/zack-snyder-justice-league-warner-bro…[View]
90446912Well, do you /tv/?[View]
90446385Name a better capeshit villain.[View]
90446514>tfw I unironically enjoy Zack Snyder films I loved Watchmen, Man of Steel and BvS because they t…[View]
90446407Beratnas, these Earthers ain't gonna let us out, man. They ain't never gonna let us out. W…[View]
90444804What does this expression convey?[View]
90444644Pitch original movie ideas itt I'll start >Takes place sometime between 50000BC-100000BC an…[View]
90446420Daily >brush teeth x2 >floss x2 >cleanse x2 >moisturize x2 >sunscreen Weekly >hair…[View]
90445736https://youtu.be/0ghGWWfzq-o?t=8m39s Apologies for a shit thread, but someone please help me out her…[View]
90446628Kek, people were praising WB for not showing Superman when in reality they didn't have any scen…[View]
90446623Oh wow, this board is amazing, you guys, just the absolute best.[View]
90446449*blocks your path*[View]
90442348Why did they keep trying to portray Escobar as a sympathetic character? I mean he blew up a fucking …[View]
90446525One of the comfiest movies of all time.[View]
90446147>guitar riff starts playing >'some folks are born...'…[View]
90445532Movies to watch in Postman's world: >Civilization collapsed but American towns survived >…[View]
90446423Steppenwolf? More like, hehe, JOBBERWOLF![View]
90446444It is my belief that WB and DC are sabotaging the comic book movie or genre by making bad movies in …[View]
90445746post your top kinos of 2017 so far[View]
90445933What's the best film or TV adaptation of 'A Christmas Carol'?[View]
90444507is that the worst capeshit viallain of whole time?[View]
90444829Blade Runner: Just marathoned the Directo's Cut. What did l think of it?[View]
90446196> Anime movies are great![View]
90445303*sucks you off*[View]
90441679>leave capeshit to us[View]
90446154>I-it was bad because of an internal struggle and a sudden change in direction! >BvS was kino!…[View]
90446140>it's a John Hughes commentary https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p89gBjHB2Gs…[View]
90446078>cooking reality show >participants are little kids…[View]
90443489Just watched this for the first time How is this movie 2 and a half hours long yet feel like nothing…[View]
90445299*swings outside your window*[View]
90444934Why does this film have so much Gary Glitter on the soundtrack?[View]
90444831*duckfaces you path[View]
90443076Greetings travelers! I am Jingle! Quick of wit i'm fast and nimble, many jokes and many quips h…[View]
90423154Hi /tv/, Matt Reeves here, what would you guys like to see in the Batman solo film coming out in 201…[View]
90443752Kino movie characters[View]
90444183KE-LEL NO[View]
90445878>character has digestive problems[View]
90445782ITT: 'Villains' that did nothing wrong.[View]
90445620Which did more damage to /tv/: Bane or the word 'kino'?[View]
90445834Movies that make you feel: My name is Rico.[View]
90437936Lord of the Rings: LOTR General: Discuss favorite scenes, characters, plot points, improvements if p…[View]
90445798Those with experience, if I were to pay for a KG invite, and then use as any other member would, is …[View]
90445730JUSTICE LEAKS: DELETED SCENE: Get in here you fucks https://vimeo.com/album/4863137/video/243479382…[View]
90442234Just watched this, what did I think?[View]
90445028anyone else excited for The Disaster Artist ?[View]
90423285https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=znKxu09P_H8 This movie is gonna be shit, isn't it.[View]
90444134What was the point of this character?[View]
90441680Which movies make you the coziest/make you feel happy?[View]
90444770CAN'T HURT THE KURTZ: >Produced the most underrated Spiderman film (ASM2) where every charac…[View]
90445659Zack Snyders Son likes tweet for Directors cut[View]
90445630Remember that show/movie: >horror b-movie shortfilm >Black and White >sort of explained shi…[View]
90444937*Audience laughs uncontrollably*[View]
90445537>He watches capeshit.[View]
90445584sunday morning with /tv/ friends[View]
90445445The Belko Experiment: This was not a good movie, nor was it a good study on human behavior.[View]
90445559What if we won't get TRON 3 because it would be visually similar to TRON Legacy? TRON Legacy is…[View]
90437817B R A V O[View]
90442636The Rock Responds: >I would say the same thing, just to be polite. Let me tell you something that…[View]
90442131Why are so many critically acclaimed movies about weak, ineffectual men who behave like they're…[View]
90443180Please tell me if they make a season 2 that Muslim bitch won't be part of it?[View]
90445319Who's better?[View]
90434415What movie have you seen the most number of times in theaters? Pic related, seven[View]
90442990Was this kino?: Just finished watching Jacob's ladder and thought it was amazing. Very trippy m…[View]
90433757This was fucking zombie kino Who would've thought it'd take soulless gooks to make a liter…[View]
90444674Anon, do you really think that little Glock and protect me from Harvey Weinstein?[View]
90433210How did they fuck this up?[View]
90442400fuck this was good[View]
90444305What if it was Nolan instead of Snyder? What if he had directed & produced most of the DCEU movi…[View]
90445169>steppy smacking bats ship around in JUST ice league >Batman is suitably annoyed 'Woah he real…[View]
90441479>oh hi Mr. Shatner, all by yourself again?[View]
90445113ANY QUESTIONS?![View]
90432609tlc kind thread https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ajS4WI8qYAs&feature=youtu.be[View]
90444923Death of a President: Thoughts on this Dubya murder kino?[View]
90444895>american cinema forum >top topic : was that character gay?…[View]
90445009Anyone have any Daniela Bregoli webms or girls similar to her?[View]
90437775what the FUCK was his problem[View]
90442345The Goonies: Is Andy the GOAT when it comes to 1980's movie girls?[View]
90443017This is Ripley 7. Say something nice about her.[View]
90439413What the fuck was Raimi thinking?[View]
90442663*pulls your ear*[View]
90444354>i cant even remember how many jews ive killed at this point[View]
90433255You can remove one character from any one show's canon. Who do you remove? I choose pic related…[View]
90444553noot noot[View]
90443350/cape/ board when?[View]
90434521What the hell happened to bill?[View]
90444378>it's 'movie inferior to previous parts from same cinematic universe gets critically acclaim…[View]
90444695What are /tv/'s favourite Parodies?[View]
90442247>it's a Millennial character lives alone in a huge appartment without parent's support …[View]
90444766cinema win bane review: go to 0:49 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qBpLM2DcHgQ and raid the comment …[View]
90439365Valerian: So, recently watched this film. It was not bad at all, on the contrary, quite enjoyable. M…[View]
90435738What's some essential masculinitycore kino?[View]
90441311Was he /ourguy/?[View]
90441969>no girl will ever smile at you like this[View]
90444454Kino 2049: I don't really sad about the fact that it's not getting a sequel (since it bomb…[View]
90442464Post alphas in television[View]
90436968How do we save her? https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=ovu7QXvpIjU[View]
90441677post yfw this scene[View]
90442484Movie I do not remember, and cannot find.: WHAT MOVIE IS THIS: we are in outer space, as the human k…[View]
90443289It's not his fault.[View]
90444369>Whedon has made critically acclaimed movies >Whedon has made movies that grossed over a fucki…[View]
90439331He has a point. Why aren't Patty Jenkins or Jordan Peele being courted for Bond when their movi…[View]
90439519Michael Douglas...a great and underrated actor.: Love the guy... Here are some clips. The Game https…[View]
90444258Why doesn't Hollywood make a film about him? I find him more interesting than rehashed boring a…[View]
90444236When will animators grow out of this insufferable Seth Macfarlane visual style? If Ed Edd n Eddy’s j…[View]
90443887will DAW be the next mewins? just look at how she looks at him.[View]
90443048ITT: actors whose death will hit you like a ton of bricks[View]
90427212/trek/: What river would you name your runabout after?[View]
90440767Save Net Neutrality: Are you fellow Americans calling your representatives and telling them to fuck …[View]
90442362There's something inside you It's hard to explain They're talking about you boy But y…[View]
90441094Why are white people so obsessed with India?[View]
90439266Good night /tv/ ^..^[View]
90443641My friends whomst love capeshit are taking me to see JUSTice league over Thanksgiving what am i in f…[View]
90443161b-big guy?[View]
90427251HOW IS THIS EVEN LEGAL? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ae4xlZlsSLE[View]
90443992Would a SCP cinematic universe work? How long until they make movies about it?[View]
90443283Greetings anons, What do you choose? >The era of capeshit ends completely or >The next 30 year…[View]
90440565How does a video game manage to have a better Justice League kino than actual movies?[View]
90443116Great movie but did anyone else find it weird how it sort of played Beria as a sympathetic character…[View]
90441124>it's tracking to open less than 100m who will get the blame?[View]
90443802>we're taking the series back to it's roots[View]
90443790Why did the fuck did they kill him?[View]
90443555How to fix the DCEU with 1 Movie: >Fire Whedon >Get Snyder back >Make JL the X men last sta…[View]
90442764If only you knew how bad it really is in hollywood.[View]
90437474It's that time again.: V>IV>VI>>VII=RO>III=I>>II[View]
90437933UNPOPULAR OPINIONS: TFA was a 7/10 and Rey is a cute Lena Dunham would be hot if she lost weight The…[View]
90426079Punisher: >TV show named 'the punisher' >The punisher spends his time helping a widow out, dea…[View]
90427912Is this series worth watching?[View]
90443353HIVEMIND there is no other explanation[View]
90431156Characters that should be erased digitally[View]
90442224Rick and Morty or Bobs Burgers?[View]
90443249>that episode where Truman had 3 seperate multi-hour long edging sessions in one day and woke up …[View]
90442582Just watched this.. 7/10. There IS definitely a bias between DC and Marvel movie reviews. It felt li…[View]
90442591More World War Two movies when?: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_most_lethal_American_battle…[View]
90440550Why didnt WB let ben Affleck direct the justice league movie?[View]
90443239ITT: People who obviously wrote their own bios >With an almost unpronounceable surname and a thic…[View]
90441564was it kino?[View]
90441287I get drunk once a week on the weekend and I watch this sketch and I ball my fucking eyes out every …[View]
90439943Holy shit this was horrible. Suicide Squad was way better. No DC fanboy can defend this and if they …[View]
90438629What did he say again?[View]
90440415Explain this[View]
90439843KAL-EL NÃO[View]
90442349ITT: #litty RAUNCHY comedies that make you piss yourself laughing.[View]
90442807Why did Nucky killed the thief, who's entire reason of being is to steal things, instead of the…[View]
90442671This board was great. I swear to God. Oh, we'd make memes that would fucking take over other bo…[View]
90442534What films capture this aesthetic?[View]
90442460Examples of capeshits done right. >One man's vision. >Studio meddling kept to a minimum …[View]
90438448https://youtu.be/kreVZl7mZz4 This is what going to cinema is like in my country[View]
90420090Stranger Things General - /stg/: The absolute state of /stg/ edition[View]
90442447what the fuck was her problem?[View]
90442525Justice League: >WHAT IS BRUNCH?! What did he mean by this?[View]
90435009>every project he's headlined has consistently failed for the last decade >studios still …[View]
90434703>The Sun has fallen out of orbit and is going to crash into the Earth. Humanity has randomly chos…[View]
90442205One must go... Which one?[View]
90442119>But the $450-million co-financing deal that Ratner’s film investment company, RatPac-Dune Entert…[View]
90441791>Movies you can almost recite quote for quote[View]
90438445hehe hey tone you hear what I said? Sopranos thread[View]
90438886I’ve never seen this movie. Is it worth watching?[View]
90440232Step out of grave. U smell good. What did she mean by this.[View]
90441888My Justice League movie theater today is almost entirely empty, so I guess it’s more like the “Just …[View]
90441744Was it autism?[View]
90442186How and Why?: >Directed by Zack Snyder As a guy who prefers Marvel over DC, this is certainly not…[View]
90440757What more do you want from me?[View]
90441475are there any good fantasy movies outside of lord of the rings?[View]
90442098Supernatural General: I just want to be a hunter like you guys[View]
90441972A P O L O G I Z E https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=EQM1Aoc5OeM[View]
90439713>movie displays a drug cartel >they are white…[View]
90437796/tv/ characters that are literally you.[View]
90442014>get me michael cera and that guy who makes michael cera movies[View]
90439724eh eh eh eh eh Molto bene[View]
90441413>the beard stays[View]
9044077918 Years Later: What’s your opinion on this film[View]
90431367Reddit letter media: These shills are fucking shameless how the fuck do they sleep at night HEY GUYS…[View]
90441569Peaky Blinders: The Peaky fucking Blinders are back for season 4. Say something nice about them or d…[View]
90440053WHY is this allowed?[View]
90439706Would the 2011 green lantern have been better if it took it's self less seriously like deadpool…[View]
90439579I seriously don't get this movie lads...[View]
90439014>tfw no qt autistic gf to roast you every night and step on your balls why live?…[View]
90438006What are some movies that deal with depression realistically?[View]
90437965>mfw Mel is back and all the audiences love him despite 6 million hitpiece articles against him …[View]
90435247Here's how DCpajeets behave in a theater, u mad, whi*te boi?: Maybe if you watched your kino li…[View]
90440940Let's talk about the best DCEU movie.[View]
90440979BASED: I CLAPPED[View]
90438733'Justice League' Dominates India's Box Office With ₹8 Cr./$1.2M Friday Premiere: Marv…[View]
90439701Why do comedies age like shit?[View]
90440755COPS: Cops is filmed on location with the men and women of law enforcement. All suspects are innocen…[View]
90441284Survival Family: Where can I watch this Japanese movie? It's a really good comedy about everyth…[View]
90437571What went wrong??[View]
90441194Defend this DCucks[View]
90441220Reminder that they completely butchered a Max Payne movie. They even got Ludacris to play Jim Bravur…[View]
90441135Mmm Bane, you taste so goood[View]
90433319why is American TV obsessed with other people's problems?[View]
90426808>there are people browsing /tv/ right now who don't remember G4, the channel all about video…[View]
90440061What went soooooo fucking wrong???[View]
90440115Blade Runner? More like Bore Runner! Such a boring shitty movie[View]
90437782The batman: Is this thing capeshit's last chance at rehabilitation?[View]
90438936He's next.[View]
90440449where does this fit into the DCEU?[View]
90439487Now that the dust has settled, was it quip kino?[View]
90439184>'The boy done kirked his head...' This line singlehandedly ruined the entire movie. What the fuc…[View]
90440781did anyone else really get off to thinking this scene was about maybe cock vore? https://youtu.be/I…[View]
90440666why can't we export this nonstop capeshit posting out of /tv/? kinda like mandrama getting expo…[View]
90434507Not gonna lie, this was actually well done[View]
90440216Movie: Hey /tv I've been thinking of old movies I'd see my parents watching when I was a k…[View]
90440133What are some movies about not having studied for finals tomorrow[View]
90438755Why did Driver bother putting on the mask? Nobody would recognize him anyway. If anything, a fucking…[View]
90438161*Blocks your path*[View]
90431376>Louis C.K., has ruined hundreds, possibly thousands of people’s lives, not including his million…[View]
90440150Don't forget in 2017, this happened.[View]
90438814Spider-man Homecoming: I'm 60 minutes in and this is fucking aweful.... how can anyone think th…[View]
90440409Was Justice League simply too deep for modern audiences to understand?[View]
90440399It a good ending? I loved the show so much and I thought every subplot had an amazing ending. Especi…[View]
90432548These go to 11[View]
90439882ITT: Essential redditcore[View]
90439018They did nothing wrong.[View]
90437393HOW the fuck can one actress age so badly in just two years?[View]
90440083>Watching movie with m8s >full on nudity shows up FUCK YOU why is this shit allowed…[View]
90439036What!? Thats crazy lol[View]
90440130Was it kino?[View]
90438089Why is no one talking about the latest Sheridankino?[View]
90437823What are some good films about the search for immortality?[View]
90439538The Rotten Tomatoes problem: Ok /tv/, this board has declined greatly in recent years. It's tim…[View]
90438133dude, POOP! lmao[View]
90437416HBO Doing an Entire Charity Benefit Show for /tv/: Hosted by Jon Stewart and Olivia Munn. Why isn…[View]
90438590M I N D F U C K I N O[View]
90438388Is Irve Kleinman the next to be Weinstein'd?: Video related: https://streamable.com/f7euz…[View]
90428489>every negative review of The Punisher on Rotten Tomatoes comes from either a woman or a hipster …[View]
90431839why are french actresses vastly superior in both talent and attractiveness to american?[View]
90432774>itt awful special effects and cgi I'll start with probably the worst offender. I honestly d…[View]
90439813Movies you hate to watch with a passion. But still watch it because of that one actor you like[View]
90436481>They can't find the body of D.B. Cooper >Big Foot skeptics expect to find the body of a …[View]
90438291What should I watch? Need recommendations boys[View]
90424975Trips decides how big its second weekend drop will be[View]
90433023After reading the book I can't believe how much shit they didn't include in the movie, som…[View]
90437017ITT: movies Chad will never understand[View]
90434861Explain this[View]
90415343Incredibles 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0bP3goo13yc What the hell is his problem /tv/?…[View]
90439185>Batman is the meme king of preparation >Doesn't bring kryptonite to Superman's resu…[View]
90437629Literally a modern triumph . A rare gem. Absolutely cerebral blockbuster.[View]
90437964What was his problem? Why couldn't he just accept his situation to save the world?[View]
90434382Is anyone else glad his career is over?[View]
90438530O MY EAGLES: Were the eagles an asspull from Tolkien?[View]
90424825>willing to stay in middle earth for you despite the chance she will die in a brutal fashion >…[View]
90438917>one of the most violent sociopaths in America >after a suicide attempt involving cutting his …[View]
90438789Is Rick Shaprio gonna make it?[View]
90432632What are some movies where men beat up women?[View]
90434643Why is The Prisoner of Azkaban often regarded as the best HP film?[View]
90432052why arent there more shows like this?[View]
90432258Justice League is going to flo -[View]
904376542018........i am forgotten[View]
90437174ANTIPORNO: what the fuck happened?[View]
90432088Will they stop at nothing? https://pastebin.com/5wiS3djW https://www.villagevoice.com/2017/11/17/why…[View]
90428175Why is Spider-Man so popular? What's so special about him?: Who do you think is more popular, B…[View]
90433630'Bout to finish season 3. Rank those damn season yo[View]
90438611At this point...Should they just kill Will? This kid seems like a magnet for whatever reason for the…[View]
90433500Live PD anyone else watch this. I thought I saw a thread up earlier. It's kino by the way.[View]
90438457Why does he hold his head in it for so long? Why didn't he get out of the fire sooner?[View]
90438483Why is Garak the best character in Star Trek?: >Bashir: But the point [of 'The Boy Who Cried Wolf…[View]
90432577I lost one of my friends tonight due to an argument and I feel bad. What movies will make me feel be…[View]
90437141>yeah? well...fuck you![View]
90418574What is the most powerful weapon or tool in sci-fi /tv/? Anime included[View]
90433403Suggest some kinos to watch[View]
90437011I am losing hope.: TFA was okay, but what I'm looking for in a SW film is a grand original adve…[View]
90438106Justice League Reaction: meh, it was decent, it was comfy at least it needed more >LE QUIP I DONT…[View]
90437239SNL General 2: Because apparently we need a second thread[View]
90427268women can't fi-[View]
90436701What is the gaykino of /tv/?[View]
90429579/who/ - Doctor Who General: jodie looks like she plays with lego edition deconstructed and returned …[View]
90437980I WASN'T READY FOR THESE FEELS..... Holy shit that was a roller coaster of emotion.[View]
90436868i saw some stuff lol[View]
90437859Hi'ya /tv/![View]
90427929Harvey Weinstein Had a Secret List of Nearly 100 Names to Silence Sexual Harassment Claims: >The …[View]
90437849Scenes that should’ve become memes: >not being choked by a dead cat during phone sex…[View]
90410060*steps out of car[View]
90437815Scenes/movies women can never understandhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bq0SETWIO8U[View]
90437795why do the simpsons hate war heroes so much?[View]
90431568Going to do a massive War Film marathon /tv/ this is what i have so far reccomend me some other war …[View]
90436350how can anyone be so perfect?[View]
90437739I'm bored and want to laugh any good comedy films come out recently?[View]
90436478>Warner Bros./DC’s superhero ensemble is falling well short of $100M with an industry estimate of…[View]
90434597Disney's new Star Wars movies are not canon. >b-but they bought the rights! Doesn't mat…[View]
90436949>22 years living in a dusty dungheap on arid desert planet with minimal water and no bathing or g…[View]
90435434Cringe Thread https://youtu.be/I_JoIo3Rcpg[View]
90433220I NEED SOME SLEEP[View]
90434007Battlefront 2 Storyline: Battlefront 2 Confirmed Iden Versio is Rey's mother and Del Meeko is h…[View]
90433173>Stanley is the real Jim Carrey >The Mask is the zanny Jim Carrey we all know The Mask is deep…[View]
90437509why didn't anakin just purchase the high ground?[View]
90437041Now that the dust has settles, is this movie confirmed #LITTY?[View]
90435516What director could pull of an adaptation of Blood Meridian?[View]
90435580ITT: characters that just piss you off.[View]
90437330Would he make a great joker?[View]
90433935What did Maisie and Sophie mean by this? What did Sophie mean by that emoji? Is she trolling?[View]
90431057What was the moral of the film?[View]
90428900I liked it: I know it wasn’t perfect in fact I know it was far from perfect, but I loved it. Seeing …[View]
90436030Find a flaw[View]
90436364Your still here?: It's over. Go home.[View]
90436433Which is the superior one?[View]
90437276justice friends was short and quick: and they made superman make everyone look irrelevant and anticl…[View]
90434535Now that the dust has settled, who had the best breasts and why was it Lisa Kudrow?[View]
90437140post THAT moment in show which made you wipe the shit from you hard drive[View]
90434567ITT: Scenes that would never be done today[View]
90437039I bet John Mulaney's next special will have a bit on the time Ben Affleck groped his wife'…[View]
90435332this is going to clean up literally every award at the oscars right? daniel day lewis in his ''''''f…[View]
90436988Jeff Megall: [Discussing a futuristic sci-fi movie in his office] Brad Pitt Catherine Zeta-Jones the…[View]
90436539Spongebobba: I'ma let you finish but.. Springboob Squirepants had the best cartoon of all time.…[View]
90436874Can you fly Bobby?[View]
90435941OH NO NO NO NO NO[View]
90436427>Criticizes Kung Fury >Makes something worse than Kung Fury What did Hack Fraud Media mean by …[View]
90427812what can we learn from this movie?[View]
90434925Was Andy /ourguy/?[View]
90435652but why?[View]
90436032I FUCKING CALLED IT!![View]
90436421It's my birthday today, /tv/. What should I watch/experience/do?[View]
90432807Sophia Lillis: What's next for her career?[View]
90434316Holy shit. What the fuck?[View]
90436610when are we going to see this patrician Superman storyline adapted for the big screen?[View]
90434733>MFW i find out how good ASMR is. Honestly can't wait to fall asleep tonight to the sound o…[View]
90435604Does anyone watch this? It's genuine sports kino.[View]
90436142Hey /tv/ putting together a list of must see movies for my buds, what do you all recommend?[View]
90435680netflix hulu etc: ayyy yo cuh what's worth watching on netflix these days?[View]
90433647Was this CGI?[View]
90427203What was your favorite Costanza moment? Mine is pic related. Also post Costanza's.[View]
90436031Modern Classics: What are some modern films you believe will be viewed as classics in the near futur…[View]
90432333SNL General: Saturday Night Live S43, E08 Host Chance the Rapper; Eminem performs.[View]
90424360Any sci fi movies/tv shows that are about the far future or super advanced civilizations?[View]
90434646how is meek mill fucking ariana grande[View]
90433930>Saturday night Why are you here?[View]
90431812>no frasier thread what is a boy to do[View]
90435494Last Jedi Nissan Commercial: why did they cast an american rey and mexican rey? https://www.ispot.tv…[View]
90435306Remember when GoT threads were good?[View]
90434824what are some movies about doing stuff really fast?[View]
90435864post sad moments from any movie[View]
90434665I'm busy, what?!?![View]
90435528The phone call that ended George Takei's career[View]
90435686How come with this world famous ad campaign, Kramer, is then never referred to as the 'smoking man' …[View]
90434791>ywn slap the shit out of this smarmy little fucker[View]
90430346>*fast forwards past her scenes*[View]
90435475I know you're here Shatner, thanks for the letter and autograph you sent me :)[View]
90435459All art is propaganda.[View]
90433720has anybody seen this? it looks cool but i cant find a link anywhere and im not sure how hopeless to…[View]
90430644Emilia: All it takes is one asshole customer to ruin my day, apparently. Help out a wageslave. Post …[View]
90430461The absolute state of WB/DC producers! LEL: I wonder how any good films come out with these morons i…[View]
90434974What's the most overrated movie of the year 2017 so far?[View]
90435225he was a cop, and good at his job. but he committed the ultimate sin and testified against other cop…[View]
90435114comfy thread: I love cheesy humor, especially Brit style.[View]
90434143Greetings humans![View]
90434438u mad whiteboi?[View]
90434652Why hasn't there been a series adapting these two as main characters?[View]
90434167Films /tv/ will never have a serious discussion about[View]
90431286Blade of the immortal: Nobody is posting about it, it's pretty damn good[View]
90433392Why did he wrap his hand in a towel?[View]
90428946Chicken Hawk, 90's doc of NAMBLA members: Thoughts on this documentary?[View]
90429728What's some good dogkino? My gf and I just broke up and she's keeping the dog. I'm de…[View]
90434952Anyone got a link to his new movie? I really wanna watch it.[View]
90433662Let's dedicate a thread to Star Fleet's greatest captain. >tfw no Star Trek Phase 2…[View]
90433778Why didn't you save him?[View]
90431973Why didn't they just lead with this?[View]
90434707>we're taking the series back to it's roots[View]
90433859how did they get away with making a children's movie starring such an immaculately hot and sexu…[View]
90433908san junipero is trash[View]
90419949What about Classic TV?: TJ Hooker Start Trek Barbary Coast? Just thought I'd add some dissent t…[View]
90434624>Spider-Man, Thor, and the Guardians of the Galaxy might BTFO the JUSTICE LEAGUE both critically …[View]
90429916Is there a more Reddit flick in existence?[View]
90429967STAR WARS VIII LEAK: Fuck Disney, The Knights of Ren are the last jedi. They are the young jedi trai…[View]
90432879What is some Oriental Kino?: Shit with Samurais and Gunfun is what I'm looking for[View]
90431691>Captain America literally broke Iron Man's 'heart'. So this is the power of capekino.…[View]
90434251Pottersville: So, is this the newest holiday classic?[View]
90434439mindhunter was shit not even pic related's god tier performance could save this what was the po…[View]
90434359Will we ever be rid of her? I fucking hate what she's done to Star Wars.[View]
90430779Trailer Park Obesity: Why did everyone in this show get so fat? Corey is the size of old Julian and …[View]
90433682what is the perfect cola to watch kino with?[View]
90434361Was this shot CG enhanced?[View]
90432473>Looks like somebody we know[View]
90427143any movies for extremely depressed people. I just want to escape.[View]
90432288Finding Dory: Why was this so mediocre?[View]
90434154HAHA it's November, dark and cold as shit! So let's talk about awesome gothic movies to wa…[View]
90430884>Watching OG Star Trek for the first time since childhood and you notice something your 10 year o…[View]
90434110>sketchy neighborhood >hip hop music starts playing…[View]
90433852These two chuckle fucks[View]
90434064How is the Lex Luther scene? Is it online?[View]
90433988What's with the sacred cow status of Peter Jackson's LotR adaptations? They suck for the s…[View]
90434035>go to super market >ranch dressing just sitting on shelves >nervously pick it up >the c…[View]
90427710Jon Stewart's Night of Too Many Stars Anyone on /tv/ watching this? Its going live for free on …[View]
90433895So why did Alex turn into a vampire?[View]
90433354About to bingewatch this kino, what am i in for?[View]
90424612Fantasy Joe Rogan Guests:: It can be anyone in history, anyone who is dead, or anyone currently aliv…[View]
90433968*hug time!*[View]
90433793*lies to you*[View]
90429770What's your favorite David Cronenberg film? Mine's Dead Ringers.[View]
90433281have we discussed how justice league literally opens with a cell phone video taken in portrait ratio…[View]
90433663Why don't we get more fun horror movies like this one? I want a sequel damnit.[View]
90419668What went wrong? No seriously, there was like 80% of a good movie in there but it somehow shit the b…[View]
90433458ITT, Characters that males will NEVER understand. Pic very much related[View]
90433171Can we admit that this is in the top ten movies of all time?[View]
90431598Does anyone remember how fuckin kino Power Rangers RPM was[View]
90430658>holiday special is canon[View]
90430480What is the main message of this movie?[View]
90430209Did BR2049 have a good cast?[View]
90420351Half in the Bag: Justice League: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w1s5ElKmQm4[View]
90432942https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=2KLLkj84GAo This is cinema Not capes, car chases, explosions[View]
90432100How long until he commits suicide?[View]
90433489'Seven, Seven, Seven!'[View]
90432613past a certain age, a man without a family can be a ba-[View]
90426401What's essential soykino?[View]
90433258what spot did he miss?[View]
90433259Is anyone at all hype for this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LiK2fhOY0nE[View]
90432954Rob Reiner: Will he be outed next?[View]
90427932Kaijukino general: >leave capeshit to us[View]
90433192Not me. Not never. Ain't happening.[View]
90411740*ruins your show*[View]
90432952Night of Too Many stars is a fundraiser for autism. But it's on a pay channel. Please explain …[View]
90420034So they just threw this entire foreshadowing into the fucking trash to make a movie with generic plo…[View]
90429345>Godzilla >Kong: Skull Island >Rampage >All distributed by Warner Bros. What the fuck?…[View]
90432957Why was the devil in justice League?[View]
90432985Essential card game/casino movies?[View]
90432289Are people actually able to sit through an entire movie, which is like 2 whole hours, or are they ju…[View]
90430423What's his line again?[View]
90432741HOLD ON![View]
90430274Worship gal[View]
90432776who /basedpede/ here?[View]
90415019Just watched this and feel a bit existentially frightened desu[View]
90420447Should I give it a go. This looks like it might become less of a girl show[View]
90431361so is he /ourguy/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QHm0OMdpB5c[View]
90432095was it really this bad, /tv/?[View]
90429348I, Robot: Is this the best Will Smith movie?[View]
90432496How much did his Jeep cost?[View]
90432490how many oscars will it win? best picture, best actress, anything else?[View]
90432458What the hell was his problem? Did he have Tourettes syndrome or something?[View]
90431457ITT: Post movies that made you cry more than once in one sitting: 3 for this one.[View]
90430122Is this worse than the infamous Dexter aged facial recognition in terms of fake computer analysis?[View]
90432261What did you guys think of this? Took a cute girl to see it and she ghosted me afterwards. I thought…[View]
90432112What are some essential books about film making? Pic related is my submission, its hilarious and inf…[View]
90431160what would Freud say about this scene?[View]
90429945Batman v Superman Extended Cut: So how good is the ultimate cut of this film? Is it really kino? Is …[View]
90430655I thought you guys were memeing about this movie: I watched it with my mom and she said she didn…[View]
90431028LOTR Thread: Get in here bros. Let's get comfy. Thread Theme: https://youtu.be/Pyy_FIYE7EE…[View]
90432035DC safe thread: DCBros, I'm so sorry for the absolute shitshow DC has given you. In this thread…[View]
90430907>Be American >Could not give one shit for Marvel movies all that much >All movies in genera…[View]
90430664JUST U S T[View]
90418712ITT: actors whose death will hit you like a train[View]
90416806ENTRY-LEVEL ARTHOUSE: How good is this chart? How many have you seen? As far as I can tell, the 'en…[View]
90431636>Literally every advertisement for Star Wars now is Empire vs Rebels. So I guess Disney is buryin…[View]
90427521Chavo/Chavez thread. What was your favorite episode? also, cast the murrican remake.[View]
90430748can anyone give me some movies similar to the mummy (1999) and wild wild west? Just fun action adven…[View]
90431752>No they already hooked up on set. Look, MEW is my celebrity crush... I’m a big fan. I’m as infor…[View]
90430936why havent you watched this more than 3 times?[View]
90431589Who was in the wrong here?[View]
90429901Every Year Since 1985: > tfw you've been on a tv episode, in a tv movie or as tv series regu…[View]
90431556Visitor Q: What did Takashi Miike meant by this?[View]
90431523One Of Us: has anyone seen it? are the jews really this bad? are there anymore movies/documentaries …[View]
90431505>it's a Dale tells Hank the earth is flat episode[View]
90430738>clubbing with friend's[View]
90426225Best Cruise film?[View]
90428930What went so horribly wrong? Will she ever act again like that?[View]
90431297Oops! Steppenwolf took the motherbox when we weren't looking![View]
90426213Future Man: What's the verdict?[View]
90424731What is his best movie /tv/?[View]
90430709Why has Jenny Slate not signed up for Capeshit?: cast her![View]
90430135any PLL bros?: watched season 1 with the gf > inb4 REEE NORMIE I didn't hate it, but there w…[View]
90425497Any opinions on the Justice League[View]
90431142What is the Restaurant Brands International of cinema?[View]
90431078Now that the dust has settled, we can agree that it was OK, right? it was only 90 minutes long when …[View]
90429242What did you think of series 3 and 4 of Skins?[View]
90430997Is Doug currently working on any more feature films?[View]
90429523Wash day tomorrow. Nothing clean, right?[View]
90426779Can someone explain this movie? What's the deal with how he slowly lost his mind? And there are…[View]
90420386William Shatner confirmed /tv/tard: He's probably making a poorly edited Bane-post as we speak.…[View]
90429027>I made this movie nineteen years ago and irritated everyone on set for months with my arrogance …[View]
90425508>Suicide Squad overseas friday (without China): $65M >Justice League overseas friday (w/ China…[View]
90426284It really wasn't that bad. Pacing was a bit weird at times, but I enjoyed the movie. It was obv…[View]
90430699Was it autism?[View]
90424671JUSTICE LEAGUE LEAKED FOOTAGE FROM ZACK SNYDER CUT: quick download it before WB get me...i'M ru…[View]
90430608YAAAAAAAAS SLAY![View]
90426447>The only solution to DCCU[View]
90430519Leave the capeshit to me, Warner Bros.[View]
90425365What the fuck is this shit?[View]
90426362>'My name is Gladiator...' Fucking really?[View]
90430287What's the Evangelion of Television & Film?[View]
90430056DCucks, do you really think Snyder is a good director?[View]
90430376Loose Women[View]
90419307Movies men will never be able to understand. For me, it’s Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me! And you?[View]
90429987nigga u late[View]
90430280it's up[View]
90430267Shot Caller vs Brawl in CB 99: which is the superior not as plain as you mightve thought prison movi…[View]
90427315>OMG it's a giant ape! Lets fly in circles within arms reach!![View]
90429999Was it autism?[View]
90429088Name my band /tv/.[View]
90428268LOOK AT HIS LIPS![View]
90429679ITT: films that enabled you to overcome your depression. Starting out with an obvious choice for man…[View]
90424590Logan Lucky: This was good. Downloaded and Watched the blu ray rip last night . Watch it tonight guy…[View]
90427347Modern Epics: Why don't we have any good modern epics? Is it one of the following? - too much C…[View]
90430028Is this the best sci-fi kino ever made?[View]
90429285>I love science fiction[View]
90429809Does /tv/ still like CKY/Jackass?[View]
90426332>You see, Norm. Atheists are stupid because a God has to exist in order for you to believe in Him…[View]
90421350But why?[View]
90428059is water cooled RAM recommended for streaming movies?[View]
90427563>that anon who called you a nigger? >that anon who you called a faggot? >that bane poster? …[View]
90429663Justice League is kino: What was your favorite scene, my Indian brothers?[View]
90429774Justice League being shit has me nostalgic for the old cartoon. It had some great episodes.[View]
90417594Post more oper8tor kino[View]
90428457DC: Dawn of JUST: How is this possible? Someone explain please.[View]
90429641Can I get some interesting documentaries to watch on YouTube?[View]
90427284Is there such thing as oversaturation of an actor?[View]
90424982Something's brewing at D'n'D..[View]
90426957---OFFICIAL HOLIDAY KINO THREAD---: >Christmas Kino A Charlie Brown Christmas A Christmas Story B…[View]
90429050Rachel >>>>>>>>> Phoebe >>>>>>>>>>>>…[View]
90428467JL: It's over guys, we'll probably never get to see an extended cut. JL deleted scenes are…[View]
90404444Scenes women will never understand[View]
90429474>he is literally Mr. Bean[View]
90429104who was in the wrong here?[View]
90429182>Perfect the Estus Flask system in Dark Souls 1 >Take is away and introduce Moon Grass in Demo…[View]
90427721>its a 'braindead mod only lurks the front page deleting things he disagrees with such as a nude …[View]
90427326>Wake up at 3:00 a.m. >See the Boss Baby standing at your Doorway >What do?…[View]
90427559Who actually is Tony Clifton?[View]
90428701Why was he left behind? Bane obviously called out CIA's bluff[View]
90429205outstanding film that will make you believe in humanity again[View]
90428678Why do they keep giving this guy roles? Do they not...ya know...know about his eye?[View]
90420016anyone else think it's kind of gross that they're nazifing supergirl?[View]
90425537is it possible to make a movie about the battle of thermopylae without making it war propaganda? har…[View]
90425183killing of a sacred deer: is this a good movie? i'm going to watch it by myself tonight at some…[View]
90407058/who/ - Doctor Who General: Kill the Moon edition Thoughts on the episode? Reminder that in 24 hou…[View]
90428754what did he told him again[View]
90428568so it was him, right?[View]
90420495REDDIT LEAKER GOING TO POST DELETED JL FOOTAGE: He's the guy that leaked Infinity War picture…[View]
90424822Movies that desperately need a remake. I don't even care if its PG-13, make it about Teslas and…[View]
90428740>Amy Pascal (Jewish*) (molested Rooney Mara and Kristen Stewart) >Harvey Weinstein (Jewish*) …[View]
90428481>Yfw Snyder will still direct MoS 2/3 and Justice League 2/3 plus he will be the co producer of m…[View]
90427576>Man of Steel was great![View]
90428499Why are there so few big robot films? I can only think of transformers and pacific rim.[View]
90428030>Hop in. Why didn't the keymaster just steal another bike?[View]
90428569Babe the Chad Sheeppig: The movie Babe is a study in different types of Chads, the plot centering ar…[View]
90427852>minding my own business >this popped back into my mind >cried a bit Why does /tv/ hate thi…[View]
90410343Could THIS be anymore of a Friends thread?[View]
90425670what did /tv/ think about this show? have never seen a thread about it[View]
90422869Are you looking for next chapters in the Dark Universe, fellow Anons? I for one am incredibly excite…[View]
90428240>Marvel is better >No, DC is better Actually, /tv/, you're wrong. Christopher Nolan is be…[View]
90425532What a fucking meme of a gimmick. Only mongoloid brain dead immigrants buy tickets for this shit.[View]
90425817>Hey, /tv/. You look lonely.[View]
90428142I wish Jerry Springer did more. I want to see him in movies or something.[View]
90421491Stop looking for the truth, Mulder.[View]
90418854300: Hamilton of the Alt-Right: >The Persian side, on the other hand, looks like a lot more fun; …[View]
90428013recommend me some Roger Corman kino[View]
90427621Now that the dust has settled, can we agree that this will have the worst impact on the direction of…[View]
90427137Snake Eyes: Snake Eyes[View]
90422919What with the death of her boyfriend and a musical icon within a day of each other, is there anyone …[View]
90421374Is this the end of my friend simulator?[View]
90423602What was the point of the heart ring?[View]
90427653Why didn't you pay to see the future of Africa: I'm a African time traveler from 2178, I…[View]
90427771Is the capeshit plague ever going to end?[View]
90427211/trek/: Bill Riker is canon Edition[View]
90425156Best I can do is 25 bucks[View]
90425134/tv/ thoughts?[View]
90427051are you, /tv/?[View]
90420404Dear Diary, Today Emma Stone was the Best Emma. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/features/act…[View]
90425814>main character's balls are so sore after edging for 6 hours that he can't walk down th…[View]
90423636Explain this[View]
90427366what are some good movies about sociopaths ?[View]
90427265Where are you /Shatner/[View]
90426715Was it really that bad?[View]
90427368>tfw they don't make movies like this anymore, unless it's directly related to politics…[View]
90427345What went wrong?[View]
90425064Why did they delete their forums?[View]
90424199Hood Kino Watch Party: Its Saturday night, what are you doing here? > Collecting welfare > dr…[View]
90425604Dont mind me, just being the best Bond[View]
90407193/trek/: Delicious edition[View]
90420156>help, aliens are attacking!1 >worry not, we will deploy a chubby womyn with a pistol, some fa…[View]
90426608>you're in the club and this guy ring dingers your gf wat do?[View]
90424357>and your OTHER gun[View]
90426436>Fox makes a movie about Deadpool >Smash hit, people love it >WB doesn't counter with…[View]
90426780>Its a Bam is a pussy episode[View]
90426606the time sponsored by accurist is 4 18 50 seconds[View]
90426704Memoirs of the king /tv/: >After Marvel has cheapened our pop dreams, Snyder enriches them. From …[View]
90425261What's the best MPDG movie?[View]
90426657For me, it's Christian Slater![View]
90424970>that episode where jonathan raids charlotte's house for noods of angelica…[View]
90426399/kino/ when?: Seriously, when? I'm not even that angry against capeshit and TV Shows, but I rea…[View]
90425633ITT: Douchey characters with subtle, but amazing character growth Jim Halpert really takes the cake…[View]
90426576'ello, poppet.[View]
90424474Why did the Prequel trilogy waste two movies with mostly irrelevant bullshit when they literally cou…[View]
90424206So, I'm rewatching Westworld for the fuck of it and I just realized is the first scene actually…[View]
90421373>When Jennifer Aniston auditioned for the role she only had 11 dollars to her name. When the cast…[View]
90424998*puts Quips in your script*[View]
90426301Pretty good.[View]
90425932you just know she's dreaming about being punished by his cock[View]
90424530I riked it arot[View]
90424253>It's over it's finally over. >After 36 hours the kids gave up.…[View]
90425237I'm lonely and looking for tv shows with great romance subplots. pic related: tv show with grea…[View]
90425383Why is he always yelling like a retard from the Waterboy?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dSSIdhQWm…[View]
90424995wonder woman thread[View]
90424195Was she actually autistic?[View]
90423857What did you think of 6 Days? I thought it was rather unfocused but still watchable[View]
90426082Brigsby bear: Did you like it /tv/?[View]
90426060>please put down that plate of capicola in the vicinity of myself and my friends as we would like…[View]
90423623Is God's Not Dead the greatest Christian kino of all time?[View]
90425582Let us be thankful we have commerce. Buy more. Buy more now. Buy. And be happy.[View]
90413977Avatar the last airbender thread continued from >>90396853[View]
90425199Which owner was the worst?[View]
90423696He William you magnificent bastard, tell us what you think about Star Trek:STD and The Orville.[View]
90425669This is gonna be a thing: Get to big reveal in winter soldier. Bucky goes to Museum revealing that h…[View]
90425527Hi there, Mr. Shatner. I heard that you also shitpost here on /tv/ and I think that is pretty cool. …[View]
90423320Hack or misunderstood genius?[View]
90425257ITT: God tier /tv/ related tattoos Ill start with mine[View]
90423529Why would you shoot a man after throwing him out of a plane?[View]
90397794the /orville/ general: licki palicki movement edition previous >>90382851[View]
90425603Are you sick of superhero movies nowadays having reddit humor?: the type of humor that makes you cri…[View]
90422679Prove me she was really necessary[View]
90424154Horror Movie Tip Request: So i wanna watch an eerie / TrueCreepy film tonight, that gives real goose…[View]
90425490what did he mean by this?[View]
90425219Name my band /tv/[View]
90424674Australia (2008): Was it kino?[View]
90421486Lets have a good old IMDB thread http://graphtv.kevinformatics.com/[View]
90422286Are there any film or TV scenes where someone has their gf pick up other women?[View]
90423177Choosing to make a Suicide Squad movie instead of a Doom Patrol movie was the biggest mistake the DC…[View]
90424113Keep doubting.[View]
90424700Literally what did he do that was wrong? He aborted one of his children because it was defective. Li…[View]
90425201Justice League wasn't diverse enough, this is why it failed. Batman should be a POC.[View]
90425175>We pretend its 2010 What is the best film of 2010?[View]
90412540I don't think I've ever looked forward to a RLM review as much as I am looking forward to …[View]
90423648>'You know, Antony, with great power comes great responsibility. The greeks called it 'Dikaion Ph…[View]
90419908Is it possible to reboot the DCEU without rebooting Wonder Woman?[View]
90414093>35th birthday >sister gifts me first season of mad men >'hey why don't we watch a few…[View]
90424921Would you have handed your cousin over to the NY mafia to avoid a war?[View]
90425006I went and saw The Big Bang Theory movie with my wife yesterday and thought it was really funny. Giv…[View]
90424976Justice League Memes: Can we show off our best JL memes? OC encouraged.[View]
90424277>Luke, how old you become What did he mean by this? Did he really confused some old man on a dese…[View]
90418403Who did it best?[View]
90424964what are some foods in movies you have to try? for me, it's sea urchin ceviche[View]
90422627HOW DOES IT FEEL[View]
90421093Anyone else excited for stage 2 of the Pepe & Wojak cinematic universe?[View]
90421906MALCOLM IN THE MIDDLE: >Its a Hal episode[View]
90424669Is this kino?[View]
90424886Norm rape accusations when? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YTPxJH7UNWw[View]
90419759>ywn see Luke teach a new generation of Jedi with compassion and the lessons he learned for himse…[View]
90424625What movie is this from[View]
90424766>go to local kinoplex to see A Bad Moms Christmas >pass penis inspection with flying colors …[View]
90424538Give me a quick rundown on Christoper Tolkien[View]
90423672Best blackadder series? (Hint it’s 1).[View]
90424774>Modern kino most people havnt watched[View]
90424477*steals your lemon*[View]
90424734BvS emphasizes art, not shallow commercialist fluff like Wonder Woman and Marvel It exhibits stronge…[View]
90424451Which is the most likely Tolkien character that Amazon is going to make black? I think it's pic…[View]
90422114Do people actually prefer this to The Simpsons?[View]
90399451>its a he wants to be Joe Rogan episode[View]
90424396Woah... a sandspeeder... So... this is the power of nu-Star Wars creative directors.[View]
90424528find a flaw[View]
90420945HE DEFECATED through a SUNROOTH!!![View]
90419212ITT: We salute.[View]
90423674>'Jimmy, was a soldier.' >'He fought, he lost.' What did he mean by this?…[View]
90424534Why did WB keep forcing their own shitty superhero universe when they could have done a shared unive…[View]
90424511Am I the only one who clapped at this scene?[View]
90418692WB here. It is complete panic mode over here. A total disaster.[View]
90420409say hi to will[View]
90424311THE TWO HWHAAT?[View]
90411266Is Silent Hill the only example of a good video game movie? Even if it does get some things wrong fr…[View]
90422059Pose: How would you describe this pose? Bonus points for describing the clothing.[View]
90422321How do we stop him?[View]
90422925I have never ordered food for delivery before until today /tv/ I'm panicking right now What sho…[View]
90424201Post your favorite Shatner-core[View]
90424176/tpg/ - cult edition[View]
90422331what are some films that would give me this feel?[View]
90424086candyman candyman candyman candyman candyman[View]
90424146It's been a pleasure talking to you.[View]
90424084>people who laugh at sitcoms[View]
90422075Lena Dunham: Why wouldn't she take the woman's side?[View]
90423967It still hurts, bros[View]
90418540Why do we hate this movie again?[View]
90421187he who posts on 4chan has forgotten the face of his father.[View]
90422205Warner Brothers Headquarters: What's happening here?[View]
90422612movies that trigger /pol/ fags[View]
90420132what are some movies where man confronts nature?[View]
90423899So what does he smell like?[View]
90423883why were all the main Sopranos antagonists undercover homos? pic related[View]
90423825Kirk or Picard?[View]
90423802>watch good movie in cinema >credits begin to roll >want to sit for a moment and appreciate…[View]
90423822Why did he smell bad before?[View]
90423341Why did Colbert attack and pressure Ben affleck so hard in this talkshow? https://youtube.com/watch…[View]
90422365What was the peak of his career?[View]
9042333610 more days until Björn in Arabia. GET HYPE: Also finally we will see that there were in fact musli…[View]
90423690Isn't there a height requirement to be a special agent?[View]
90423643ITT: Hacks[View]
90414471What exactly was wrong with him?[View]
90422764Faults: Has everyone seen this Riley Kino? It was actually better than I expected. The twist became …[View]
90421817Is there anything she can't do?[View]
90417001wtf i hate capitalism now[View]
90421203Name a better trilogy.[View]
90420621Does anybody know how they were able to get such a massive budget for an original gritty sci-fi movi…[View]
90423415>creams your path[View]
90423019Why didnt they just tattoo IM A REPLICANT to every replicant's forehead?[View]
90423340Guess show ratings, post show ratings graphtv.kevinformatics.com Starting with an easy one[View]
90423304End of Watch: what'd you think of this movie, /tv/? >https://youtu.be/7Q0EPpgCoDs…[View]
90421957A Beautiful Day: It wasn't that bad.[View]
90422862Michael Clayton is probably the most well-written film I've ever seen.[View]
90421403Is Ben going to make it?[View]
90421489>I want more Batman Batman Batman[View]
90421021Future Man: Is it any good?[View]
90423108Movies where the bad guy is in the right[View]
90422750eh eh eh eh eh Molto bene[View]
90423072This mongrel it's really an aryan? Serious question[View]
90422701Would you attempt to hookup or have sex with actor Charlyne Yi if you had the chance?[View]
90421480who was really in the wrong here?[View]
90420467You guys ARE going to go see it...right?[View]
90420480Just marathoned this. It was great. Any more war kinos come out in the last couple of years?[View]
90421798opinion of Zendaya?[View]
90417452dean we need to talk[View]
90420282Biggie was 24 when he killed... Tupac 25....[View]
90421987Prepare for a shared Black Mirror universe, says creator Charlie Brooker: http://www.gamesradar.com/…[View]
90422924Post smaller budget films you love[View]
90422287KINO or not? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fHTNryzalPM[View]
90422830>yfw the shat is actually fucking here is this the day we beat reddit?[View]
90422721clearly Seth is spoofing Next Generation, amirite?[View]
90421684>M'ask you somethin Why did he have so many questions? Completely ruined the immersion for m…[View]
90420652Is it good?[View]
90422677ITT: Movies alpha-males and Chads will NEVER understand.[View]
90422628ITT: good movies that are nearly ruined by their endings[View]
90421236ITT: Movies nu-males and betas will NEVER understand.[View]
90421133>Look up actors/voice actors from movies you grew up watching >They're all fucking dead T…[View]
90422567She packed my bags last night..... pre-flight[View]
90413891What’s his endgame?[View]
90422507There's nothing to watch. Just saw Coherence, that was good, but what else is there? It seems l…[View]
90421744It's kind of a really nice day.[View]
90422129is it really that bad?[View]
90420719Greetings travelers! I am Jingle! Quick of wit i'm fast and nimble, many jokes and many quips h…[View]
90422335Nu punisher: So im 5 episodes in and what the fuck is this? First episode got me all excited, post k…[View]
90422318ATHF comfy thread: It matters. All of this matters[View]
90420206Will they ever explain this scene?[View]
90422203Stanley Kubrick: He is video games. He is cheeto dust. He is peanuts on an airplane. He is pepperoni…[View]
90422160>wrote sicario >wrote hell or high water >wrote and directed wind river Mr.Kino…[View]
90421681Azkaban: Can we agree that this was the best Harry Kino?[View]
90421420what went wrong with Warcraft?[View]
90418547So who is right on this one? The critics or the audience?[View]
90421964>You a good Baneposter hotshot? Sure you are. Why, you must be some kind of great Baneposter to c…[View]
90415877This show is so underrated, quite frankly Im amazed that /tv/ rarely mentions it.[View]
90419640Will the Jews ever defeat him?[View]
90421927Top 10 scariest killer robots[View]
90421478Who's your favourite film critic? They don't have to be professional or full-time critics.…[View]
90421912ITT: Scenes women will NEVER understand: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0xBdp3SDZLc I almost cried …[View]
90420013>character pees standing up[View]
90419580Justice League is a LGBTQIA feminist movie. Stop bashing it!: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=7rue2ho6…[View]
90421675ITT: Hacks[View]
90421779mhmm nootka[View]
90421655Why didn't Magneto just teleport to Mordor or better yet teleport the Rings above the crater?[View]
90420137I am Apophis your god: Jaffa Kree[View]
90419749Good for nothing, bad in bed Nobody likes you and you're better off dead[View]
90421434Is she really going to be a puppet for the 3rd act?[View]
90420670is this worth watching?[View]
90421554Who's the greatest director of all time?[View]
90412680what do they talk about in that episode? what's this shrinkage stuff?[View]
90420275>'HE WAS A CONSUL OF ROME!'[View]
90421078So he was 88 yo and she is around 2.800 yo. Wait, what?[View]
90421471>William Shatner >Bill Shatner >Bill Willson…[View]
90420697'ayyo whiteboi' >*audience cheers in recognition* 'so what you be havin?' >*vigorous applause*…[View]
90421361why doesn't mike ever laugh at jay's jokes?[View]
90421344anon, what are you watching tonite?[View]
90419999They're taking the hobbits to Isengard![View]
90421272American Psycho Roleplay: What the fuck Bateman? Where did you get this shit? It's weak as hell…[View]
90421264>I would recommend The Justice League. Is he just taking the piss at this point?…[View]
90420655Minecraft the movie: You ready for this?[View]
90418971did the contestants ever win the final battle in takeshis castle? and how did the whole laser thing …[View]
90417018>hanging out with sam and the boys, drinking beer, ragging on the wife, maybe play some darts …[View]
90405095However, after posting a picture on Instagram, Eve was compelled to respond with a short - and heart…[View]
90419814Bill Burr: Louis was Punished too Hard: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X3OCWXz6UNA Here's a re…[View]
90413568Now that JUSTice League is flopping, who's ready for some more Marvel kino?[View]
90421024>Actors who you think browse 4chan[View]
904205229/11 Incredibles 2: Why are the twin towers in incredibles 2?[View]
90419883>turns your series into an anime who the fuck thought this goofy ass character was a good idea…[View]
90419549How is this going to turn out? FIVE WEEKS before release Ridley decides to reshoot all Spacey scenes…[View]
90410285Kathy Griffin yet another meltdown: After accusing Andy Cohen of being gay yesterday, Kathy Griffin …[View]
90421076>This show is still running in its 21st season What the fuck is going on…[View]
90419469I NEED 500 CASES OF RUM[View]
90419303BERLIN — It’s the spring of 1929, and this city is a fast-moving modern metropolis where artistic an…[View]
90420930virgin schrute vs chad halpert who wins?[View]
90418271 [View]
90420109Remember when this board was good and had tripfriends[View]
90419913This movie was ironic, right? De Palma didn't intend this to be a serious project, right?[View]
90420827There's blood... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j-wBNxn23fk[View]
90413361Wind River: Time to discuss the best thriller of 2017![View]
90420777Best Dixie movies that show how subhuman the Union was (and still is).[View]
90419346>DUDE, YOU HAVE NO FRIENDS OR FAMILY SO YOU GOTTA DIE LMAO What type of reasoning was that, Jigsa…[View]
90420200Anyone know where to watch season 2?[View]
90408375Did he rape those white girls?[View]
90418814>supposed to be the most beautiful elf on middle earth >hire an ugly old hag to play her…[View]
90420578God tier premises: post em[View]
90417467Pretty! Pretty![View]
90408246If I liked Suspiria, and Profondo Rosso to a lesser extent, what other movies in this same style wil…[View]
90420475What do we think of Logan Lucky? Kinda wish Daniel Craig acted more desu[View]
90414669Wtf happened to ANGRY JOE?!?!!?!?!??!: I just took a screenshot of his latest Justic League review. …[View]
90420457What was his problem?[View]
90418551How did it end up this way Was it really Whedon and Disney's fault Was it all paid shills acros…[View]
90420429ITT: Favorite Kubrick Shots[View]
90420103So when will the version of this be out where they digitally replace Kevin Spacey with another actor…[View]
90417968How would 300 be received nowadays?[View]
90420157What is your opinion on Suburbicon? Basically it's an absurdist/black comedy. But despite it…[View]
90406016Movie was so fucking based bros, holy shit Can't wait for Infinity War[View]
90419828Why are women so obsessed with sex? Why is this the most popular movie franchise among females in hi…[View]
90417805Is the Flash the highest IQ capeshit character?[View]
90417384Why doesn't Riley realize we're on HIS side?[View]
90419401How much of The Kingdom of Dreams and Madness has Anno in it?[View]
90420260Well this is kinda cool lol cool pic unrelated https://twitter.com/WilliamShatner/status/932009604…[View]
90417977Is there a hotter actress?[View]
90414578uh, why didn't they just have the makeup department give cavill a beard[View]
90420189We've met before, haven't we?[View]
90419233>Omar had enough of your shitposting and is coming to kill you what would you do?…[View]
90419160Max Rebo Band™ spinoff movie when /tv/?[View]
90419063>Forget it, Jake. It's Chinatown. Can /tv/ explain the meaning behind this quote to a non-Am…[View]
90401854Give it to me straight. Is is good?[View]
90420133Is Star Wars LGBT friendly now?: How much is it important to have gays in space?[View]
90420116>His favourite Ninja Warrior contestant wasnt Nagano[View]
90420105Now that DCEU is dead, will we finally get a true Superman and his pal Jimmy kino?[View]
90418740So the Jason Bourne franchise is pretty much dead, right?[View]
90418921what are your top 10 movies of 2017?[View]
90416729F ;_;[View]
90407487The Fate of us all Lies deep in the dark When time stands still at the iron hill LOTR/Middle-earth t…[View]
90420006Cinema Experience Stories: In this thread we review and describe our experiences with local cinemas.…[View]
90419996damn i could use some Tree Ripe™ right now...[View]
90419417Black could be anywhere[View]
90419956Who's the worst TV villain of 2017? For me, it's Alexander (Puss) from Top of the Lake[View]
90412782>Red-faced Ben Affleck appears to come out in hives after surprise grilling by Colbert on groping…[View]
90419945>tfw you hear the Hershey Kisses 'We Wish You a Merry Christmas' commercial on TV.…[View]
90419923>creampies you >kills your partner[View]
90415986KINO INCOMING[View]
90418172MarvLEL BTFO[View]
90419856Hey /tv/ where do i find free streams of shot in theaters?[View]
90415671IT BEGINS: NORMIES REALIZING 'BVS' WAS KINO: >Justice League earned those points by going out of …[View]
90415340What is next for Bridget Regan?[View]
90419864What is the best movie about Huckleberry Finn?[View]
90404594Soo uhhh... anything not shit on Netflix?[View]
90419385I think we can all agree this was wildly overrated. It's mediocre at best[View]
90415101IT'S UP: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w1s5ElKmQm4[View]
90414924ITT: terrible film-making[View]
90419783400 Blows Blows: There isn't a single emotional scene in this entire fucking film.[View]
90418057British comedy: Is this what it's come too? didn't even laugh once... https://www.youtube.…[View]
90419381>Grill: 'Hey anon, are you busy tonight? Wanna watch Netflix and chill?' >Me: 'Nah, I'm b…[View]
90416351Guys I'm confused, its 5 minutes after the screening started, where is everyone? Its a super he…[View]
90419751I'm looking for a euro film that i think is like the movie horror decoys, it has a guy and a gi…[View]
90419739Did it deserve the hate it got?[View]
90419598*Is the greatest actor of all time*[View]
90419719>watch adam ruins everything >this EXTRA THICCCCCCCCCCCC indian semen demon pops up on screen…[View]
90419695LIVE PD: COPS meets NFL RedZone. This shit is awesome. I've been watching the marathon on A…[View]
90413132Tom really is /our guy/, huh[View]
90419620Now that the dust has settled, who had the higher ground?[View]
90418377*Makes Dune kino*[View]
90419284Intros you never skip[View]
90411869Biggest bombs of 2018[View]
90419552Future Man's Detective Vincent Skarsgard: Will he ever avenge his partner?[View]
90419468Is Karen ever not crying? I don't know if it's just the way her eyes look but they're…[View]
90403714Best WW?[View]
90409323Thoughts on the Punisher?[View]
90413286>you should see what a .44 magnum could do to a woman's pussy What did he mean by this?…[View]
90419425Imagine being Heath in that scene and having to be all like 'damn, Maggie Gyllenhaal, you fuckin…[View]
90418880Why didn't he just lip them?[View]
90418768Anyone else ready to get comfy and watch some schlock tonight?[View]
90404566So did they just have someone sitting at any of those beacons all day, looking for another to light …[View]
90418401how did we go from this...[View]
90418601The Punisher: >not even a full episode in >already the best kill in a tv show I've ever s…[View]
90419190will it ever get topped ?[View]
90417985What are some good escapist 'fun' films, Films where you just leave your brain at the door.[View]
90415540What? No way![View]
90419109holy fuck, this fucking cunt literally does nothing but bitching 24/7 and cara sucks so bad it'…[View]
90418450was MacReady a thing?[View]
90418090What was his name again ?[View]
90419221I'm hesitant to watch any media with a female protagonist.[View]
90417318Opinions fellas?[View]
90419146Which movies really get the waterworks flowing? Also when was the last time you cried while watching…[View]
90419092>The fuck did I do?[View]
90418167*inhales* what did she mean by this wait till you see the... oh no no no who will play them in the i…[View]
90418599He wasn't actually being cloned.. right? What garbage writing.[View]
90419033Who did it better?[View]
90409900OK, serious questions here. Why does EVERY single Marvel DIsney movie get over 90% especially when t…[View]
90416949>'By the Force... She's more powerful than Obi-Wan, Darth Vader, Palpatine, Yoda, Yaddle, Da…[View]
90419034Lynda Carter: can we have a Lynda Carter/Wonder Woman tv show thread[View]
90401481/stg/ - Stranger Things General: The King and I Edition Previously: >>90396362[View]
90418513Is the Alien dude in the Justice League movie?[View]
90416598What are some other movies that explore the female gaze?[View]
90418263Bud & Terence Kino: Why isnt Bud & Terence Kino more appreciated in America? It is pretty bi…[View]
90418922Uncle Bob, huh? Okay...[View]
90416043Why didn't he fuck her?[View]
90414331Poor guy probably signed on because he thought WB wanted to make something like the Nolan trilogy ag…[View]
90410104Capeshit General: >kryptonite butt plug edition They strapped Supergirl to the operating table. S…[View]
90416808Why did they mean by this? >From the Deadpool 2 trailer.[View]
90418233Jesus Christ Marie, they're not rocks.[View]
90418471Please don't do it jake[View]
90414785ITT distracting extras[View]
90414534where does he get his booze from?[View]
90416984https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-buyw871JSo when did you realize youll never be this much of a man?…[View]
90418419>Are you trying to cop a feel or something, Halpert??[View]
90418442whats happened to batman[View]
90417058South Park Jokes you never understood: What did they mean?[View]
90417758Why are they all so perfect?[View]
90417020George Miller's JUSTICE LEAGUE: MORTAL: Would this have been preferable to what we got? >In …[View]
90418465RHOC: Anyone got a good streaming site for shit like Real Housewives of Cheshire.....need to get my …[View]
90415050Scenes that make you crey every time: >The only place I get hurt is out there. The world don…[View]
90408207>force GF towatch Stalker with me >'I don't get it, why didn't they make the wish?'…[View]
90417796Wait, so who was on first?[View]
90418370What are some movies where the villain gets exposed for being a hypocrite?[View]
90417692So I watched the first Matrix and I liked it. Are the other movies in the trilogy ready that unwatch…[View]
90415461Mindhunter: Ed Kemper did nothing wrong. I'm the Anon from the other thread asking if the other…[View]
90418281I'm not crying, you're crying https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aVMq7ynj_64[View]
90416515Best in show a very angry review: BEST IN SHOW A VERY ANGRY REVIEW BY LEON KENNEDY. Best in fucking …[View]
90416723Who's hyped for The Bennington Family Thanksgiving? Ron, Gail, Chris, Vito, and Jenn, along wit…[View]
90416342There are too many white people on TV How do we fix this?[View]
90416053What are some good movies for animal lovers?[View]
90417763The Young Pope: Was it popular with normies last year?[View]
90418063This was pretty interesting. Are there are other films about actors getting this deep into character…[View]
90418128For me? It's Colin Quinn![View]
90414812Dayum gurl, u need sum new lacy bra[View]
90418097horse and buggy ride[View]
90411750Is Gwyneth Paltrow the most delusional person in history?[View]
90415089New RLM: Half in the Bag Episode 135: Justice League https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w1s5ElKmQm4…[View]
90415955Has DC done irreparable harm to the DC brand with the shit showing they've had this decade? An …[View]
90415721Imperial Knights movie when? CIS > Empire (Fel dynasty) > '''''Republic''''' > Empire (Palp…[View]
90417856What's even the point of replicants if they can't produce them faster than humans are repr…[View]
90411332wonder woman thread[View]
90415051why can't I fill the void after finishing this series, /tv/?[View]
90408767Why did Megan Fox's career die?[View]
90413387Deus Vault Show: Finally a show about the crusades. It will be /pol/ approved right? https://www.yo…[View]
90417418Blade Runner 2049 General: Will we still be quoting lines from Blade Runner 2049 in 35 years' t…[View]
90413388>I watch superhero films[View]
90417650>The 90's wern't kino.......[View]
90417651Mr Rogers and Tom Hanks are pedophiles[View]
90417540>Joss Whedon moments are the best part in Justice League Snyderfags btfo…[View]
90411659So, let's for a moment pretend you are Al Franken. You have worked on tv as a writer/comedian f…[View]
90416537Beric Dondarrion: Bericbros reporting 4 duty[View]
90414567Would reality television exist if the OJ trial never happened? >hurr durr Robert Kardashian and m…[View]
90416539>Oh no! My family is forcing to watch TV with them! Such a horror! Seriously what a cunt…[View]
90416302>Hey Buddy I think you got the wrong door, the leather club is two blocks down What did he mean b…[View]
90417272>Brah! You know what a attack ship is? Dude this one time-[View]
90414790Broad City S4E8: Why is this allowed? Why can two women co-sign masturbating to teenagers while Kevi…[View]
90416067>mor peopl watch marvel so is bedder[View]
90414023the french camrip is out[View]
90417190>fly to Utah to visit family >first time in USA >go to cinema to see TDKR >bring roast b…[View]
90417125mmmm... Dannon[View]
90417105What are the real Darkplace TV shows?[View]
90415980cast them[View]
90416792Not the momma![View]
90415194why didn't memedo meme the ring on a memegal to memedor?[View]
90410040>finished watching I feel so empty..[View]
90415492/hannibal/: Would you put your hand on a man's shoulder?[View]
90399372Justice League Deleted Scenes: https://www.twitter.com/aqxa182/status/931571263721545728[View]
90416551I had a dream that Amy Schumer was lying in bed with some ginger guy who had his underwear down belo…[View]
90416195>NO OPTIMUS![View]
90416475>Muh six million. What did Luc Besson mean by this?[View]
90412230pic related is the best time travel movie do with me what you will.[View]
90409434/R/iverdale General B&V Edition[View]
90415968The state of WB: How the fuck is WB going to bounce back from Justice League massively underperformi…[View]
90402093KA-LEL STAP[View]
90416525You know, Jake, I'm something of a National Socialist myself.[View]
90416607what are some of /tv/'s favorite films for the holidays?[View]
90411921how is officer k supposed to get groceries and food, shopping etc up to his apartment without having…[View]
90416542What the fuck was his problem?[View]
90416418what's your favourite movie of all time?[View]
90415780Why is Fitzgerald /ourguy/?[View]
90416480The game's up, Scarlet. There are no more bullets left in that gun.[View]
90414211Find a flaw Protip:you cant[View]
90416240> episodic drama finally closing the formal/technical gap between tv and film > instead of bri…[View]
90413115Just watched Good Time, what did I think?[View]
90415705People fear what they don't understand.[View]
90416334This guys slaps your gf what do you do ?[View]
90413445>F Black Panther, marry Falcon, and kill Captain What did she mean by this?…[View]
90412988>mfw it wasn't even that bad what the fuck? I was hoping for meme and *inhales* but besides …[View]
90413620holy fuck, new TV series with SARAH GADON? why didn't you tell me?![View]
90415059what are some must see movies? i.e ones that people quote and reference all the time. I'm think…[View]
90413081>always /ourguy/ /tv/ will never drop Kevin[View]
90415834About to watch this. Afterwards will I like it?[View]
90414338/comfyg/ - comfy general Why no one told me about Dr Pol? this show is comfy as fuck >optimism …[View]
90415922ITT: Former A-listers currently going through the lowest point of their careers. >pic related has…[View]
90414181List 10 perfect movies: and convince eachother why they're shit All About My Mother Being John …[View]
90415936>'I'd rather kiss three African Americans than a Mexican woman' What did Elvis mean by this?…[View]
90397379William 'Baneposter' Shatner: Best timeline.[View]
90415807What theme will another LEGO movie have?[View]
90415754has your dress sense ever been influenced by a movie or TV show? that jacket is fucking glorious[View]
90415659OH NO NO NO NOOOO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AeLuQQH1OHA[View]
90412885Man of Steel is the best capeshit movie of all time. 2.Dark Knight 3.Batman Returns 4.Spiderman 2 5…[View]
90414708If you didn’t enjoy this kïnógrâfįqüè then you should literally kill yourself with a spoon.[View]
90413623*acts like a fucking child*[View]
90414356What emotion is this face trying to convey?[View]
90415769>season going well >decides to branch off to a new plotline for most of the second half, muddy…[View]
90415269>[Superman] is the freaking […] biggest superhero on the planet. He’s the father of every superhe…[View]
90415726Name a more Kino alien invader movie >All those funny scenes >Kept the capeshitey action to a …[View]
90411265What are some movies in which roasties get their just comeuppance? Keep it classy, no torture porn o…[View]
90406858Only review that matters: https://youtu.be/q3hDdVmTmeU[View]
90415543BURY IT: 'Justice League Stumbles at the Box Office with Lower than Expected Weekend'[View]
90415114ITT: You hear it you lose: BOYS MMM![View]
90415159Why did they leave so much food for only three people?[View]
90414859kino night: All right what should I watch tonight >Amadeus >Barry Lyndon >iron giant >an…[View]
90404146Holy shit[View]
90415278should i bother watching[View]
90415345For me? It's Colin Quinn![View]
90413571Please put down your weapon. You have 20 seconds to comply.[View]
90385303Name a better western than TGTBTU: pro tip: you can't[View]
90414007Kodi Covenant: So it's been a while since I checked, but apparently the covenant add-on for Kod…[View]
90415086What's /tv/'s opinion?[View]
90415191what are some movies where the people you thought were allies turned on the protagonist?[View]
90413888ITT: Funniest movie scenes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_FE7V_8CgmQ[View]
90414337Dan’s probably in there eating preteen pussy as we speak[View]
90409504Justice League: What happened?: >met with reviews of meh to it's pretty bad >still not th…[View]
90413446THIS is what Kids on YouTube watch these days[View]
90395437>What's this? It's the Sopranoooooooos thread![View]
90409910>tfw no tv-show about the punic wars[View]
90413053Remember, fuck Hollywood!: Quit buying movie tickets, DVD's, and cut your cable. Support local …[View]
90412489Making a short: Does anyone have experience trying to make a short home made 'movie'? I wrote a come…[View]
90414851FINALLY! A Lethal Weapon's movie I can take my grandchildren to.[View]
90409929'Please, I have a family' >'Why does everyone keep telling me that?' Steppenwolf was shit but tha…[View]
90410212should I watch Chinatown or The Player today?[View]
90409108oh well, back to the best superhero film of all time[View]
90413803>What is the best thing about Earth? >The Holocaust Hiring Raimi for the additional dialogue w…[View]
90413584>Abbott is death cycle[View]
90414328*Ruins your show*[View]
90414572ITT: we summon shatner[View]
90414354Justice League: >Justice League is the Age of Ultron of the DCEU. BRAVO WHEDON…[View]
90398772When will capeshit die out?: Will it be after Infinity War, people will lose interest sooner, or may…[View]
90414497I just caught up with Mr. Rboot What the fuck is going to happen to Tyrell?? Is this all part of the…[View]
90413049I know i'm late to the party on this but wow. How do you mess up King Arthur this bad? This was…[View]
90414475Everybody knows the fight was fixed[View]
90408821What are some good movie posters?[View]
90412971Whats next for her career, what did she mean by this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xdNZjxJ0ifg…[View]
90413444Just watched The Last king of Scotland and this guy was great in it. Any other Forest Whittaker film…[View]
90414156Whats next in the career of this beautiful and talented young actress?[View]
90413876>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q3hDdVmTmeU >That real Amazonian Semen Demon…[View]
90413457Denis > Scorsese > Cameron > Fincher > Tarantino > Nolan[View]
90407983>”Oh my God….She's almost as powerful as an Nvidia® TITAN Xp™ Star Wars™ Collector’s Edition…[View]
90414161Cheers: I watched the pilot and thought it was OK. Is it worth watching 11 seasons? It seems like it…[View]
90412702>Movie opens with a skinhead wearing a norse power jacket trashing a muslim shop while a woman in…[View]
90410776>You want forgiveness? >Find a religion that isn't Judaism Raimi WTF…[View]
90411845Who should we cast for a Knight Rider movie? Assuming it's a reboot or similar.[View]
90410391What if he’s next bros[View]
90414034Bong TV Kino: What a muppet![View]
90413943Kermode's Review #9 Trending: https://youtu.be/hsLcTO2a0Ec How does this effect Justice League …[View]
90410589This image needs updating[View]
90411610Computer. Initiate Star Trek thread.[View]
90411465Anyone watch these fight scenes using smooth video project (SVP)? I'm really impressed, this ye…[View]
90413793This ''''country'''' has never produced a single movie worth watching.[View]
90412330>childhood is thinking that chili and sea bass is a fucking gross combo >adulthood is realizin…[View]
90412705Is it worth watching?[View]
90411089>Never really liked South Park >Watch this >It's a legitimately great musical Well shi…[View]
90410859>Studio announce a release date: >Wonder if my life will be better by then…[View]
90413226Cyborg: >best actor in the movie >gets his origin cut down to a sentence >no football scene…[View]
90412691do you think officer K could just sit and jerk off and make her watch? would she encourage him or do…[View]
90410849What does /tv/ think of the Despicable Me franchise? I thought the first two were really good, with …[View]
90413697>SyFy thought it was a good idea to show 3 superior Justice League movies back to back to promote…[View]
90412896Just how fucked is DC right now? Even Avengers made 80mil (On a 210mil budget) day one[View]
90413638Michel Lasouris: 27. DAYS. 7 HOURS, 57 MINUTES, 39 SECONDS. UNTIL. Star Wars Episode VIII.[View]
90413271Just to know,: The Lois Lane speech over the final montage was not originally planned. The original …[View]
90407675Comic Book Villains: In the wake of all of the vitriol directed at Steppenwolf and the general perce…[View]
90410713JUSTice LEAGUE might have as low as an $80 million weekend: https://www.forbes.com/sites/scottmendel…[View]
90408258Holy Shit, it actually got lower: https://www.forbes.com/sites/scottmendelson/2017/11/18/justice-lea…[View]
90405468floor plan thread[View]
90413383How many celebrities do you think are using this board right now, making judgement calls on your shi…[View]
90413484JUSTice League: Imagine your flagship movie doing worse than Thor and friends[View]
90411104>We have 10+ more years of capeshit and Star Wars ahead of us[View]
90413353Where's the fucking torrent?[View]
90413371How all these accusations going fellas?[View]
90410209Russian whores, Cuban waifus, Conscription farming, Nabokov. Is Blade Runner 2049 a Soviet soldier t…[View]
90411119Was anyone else surprised to see him as The Flash in JLA? Did it work for you?[View]
90413023>60 65 75 >he is still leaning isnt he..? >90 115 120 >WHY IS HE STILL LEANING?!?!…[View]
90406301GET IN HERE BOYS[View]
90412991Give me Viking stuff to watch. Watched this one, caught up with History's Viking show (and can…[View]
90413062Looks like george got a little TOO curious[View]
90411065ITT: The greatest opening scenes in Film and Kino[View]
90404646Criminally Underrated and misunderstood movies.: I'll start.[View]
90412820Murder on the Orient Express: Please tell me they didn't change the ending[View]
90412855>Rating movies out of four stars[View]
90407187What did you guys think of the last episode?[View]
90405901ITT: patrician reviewers >pls no chris stuckmann[View]
90412838>ITT secret kino What are some pleb filter movies?[View]
90412143My date never showed up. What do?: I can't go back home for at least 3 hours because my mom wil…[View]
90412576what were your exact thoughts/feelings at this moment in the film?[View]
90405427Are the memes true?[View]
90409433Will he ever recover?[View]
90412698Justice League: Just watched it. I dont like capeshit to begin with, but i dont get why JL is suppos…[View]
90412637Bury it.[View]
90405477RedLetterMedia: What does /tv/ think of RedLetterMedia?[View]
90412552>Okay WB what would you like? >JUST C U T my shit up f a m >No problem…[View]
90412549Itt; shows you watch on your tv while sitting down. I watch the good doctor on my tv while sitting d…[View]
90411603I would murder my entire family just for the chance to hold her hand. Why am I so attracted to unatt…[View]
90396853Just started watching this properly. Watched it when I was younger but don't remember much What…[View]
90411766Why are romcom men always rich and successful?: And why do American films always portray gooks as we…[View]
90403232Official Hype Thread: Incredibles 2 trailer soon, boys.[View]
90400996Redpill me on Armond White[View]
90405538ITT: Good Asian Movies: Post your recs; any genre. Preferably 7/10 or above. Thanks.[View]
90412032Shut up: I'm the best.[View]
90410327>'That's right kids, I want you to fuck on my pullout couch, just cum all over that thing!' …[View]
90407665Is a Sony X900E 49-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV worth getting?[View]
90404893>when I was a kid, used to hate this scene because I thought it was just gratuitously germanophob…[View]
90412077Who was in the wrong here?[View]
90410295logan lucky is absolute kino, sad it didnt make any money[View]
90411783Everyone else a bit disappointed with this one? He made To Catch a Thief after Rear Window, which wa…[View]
90411680Somewhere in a different timeline Ben Affleck refused the Batman gig, didn't divorce jennifer g…[View]
90407241>Underhill, my name's Underhill >You draw far too much attention to yourself Mister Under…[View]
90411927About to see JUSTice League: What am I in for?[View]
90404097JUSTice League: >OH NO NO NO NO[View]
90409177Opinions? I enjoyed it more than Reddit & Memes[View]
90411551>it's an Adriana sucked Penn Jillette's dick episode[View]
90398324ITT: Movies that fucked you up: Watched Lilya 4-ever last night. I'm still floating around in n…[View]
90411650>it's a phoebe episode[View]
90411651>Arthur finds bright green parademon blood to get him to Atlantis, a sequence we know was greatly…[View]
90411501What's the best crossover episode in tv history?[View]
90411364So has this been posted? Someone wrote up all the bits that were Snyder vs Whedon. https://www.rese…[View]
90406133Who's ready for 40 minutes of Negan and Gabriel talking about their lives in a trailer? Oh and…[View]
90411316Justice League Reshoots: Every Change Whedon Made To Snyder’s Film: >There’s a big villain in Jus…[View]
90401761Supernatural WW2 + Nazi edition (11.14 The Vessel) Why did no one tell me they started doing Nazi ep…[View]
90408231Uncle Ben & Aunt May through the years.: Choose your favorite[View]
90411159last episode thread: >that stabbing scene 10/10 betrayal. Really is a big girl.…[View]
90401871Objectively the best Sci-fi show in the past decade.[View]
90404535Dark melancholy films: Would appreciate any recommendations. Thanks.[View]
90410052>make a wyvern >call it a dragon When will this meme end?…[View]
90410306How did they get away with this?: How did they get away with using the twin towers in their logo? Ar…[View]
90410950What is the message of this mini-short?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=keU74IKqltQ A) Men are capa…[View]
90405971Is this the future of movie production?: CGI animation is reaching new heights. https://www.youtube.…[View]
90407490Wheel of time /WoT/ General TV Show: Discuss[View]
90408727.: So... what the fuck was her problem again?[View]
90408677>AAAOOOOORRRRHHGGHH what did he mean by this?[View]
90410802Was this Joss Whedon's magnum opus? Was it true quip kino?[View]
90409814So which movie will be better? Justice League or The Last Jedi?[View]
90410559>You know why I’m stressed out? Cuz I’m fucking on Atkins and I haven’t eaten shit all day becaus…[View]
90410658Why haven't you scene this Wholesome Kino?[View]
90410651Sacred Famous: What doo you think about this show? It seems fake as fuck. Like the reactions of the …[View]
90408427Christopher Eccleston: Marvel lied to me: Did Thor 2 for the money: http://www.digitalspy.com/movies…[View]
90408612I just marathoned the first episode and this show sucks. Why is it so overrated?[View]
90410564What was the director trying to convey with this, why did he specifically direct the scene in this p…[View]
90410480Just saw this, is bad but far better than BvS and Suicide Squad.[View]
90406500This is actually amazing![View]
90409907ITT: movies u watched as a kid and thought it was the greatest thing ever[View]
90399703He was better than 99% Marvel's villains and you know it[View]
90410121>We need to form the Justice League to fight in Superman's place! >[Literal who alien fal…[View]
90409605Miss me yet?[View]
90410335JUSTice League: Absolutely pathetic.[View]
90410230Is celebrity culture officially dead? Pic unrelated.[View]
90410214>'greatest detective in the world' >doesn't automatically assume the killer is the black …[View]
90409476wtf was this putas problem?[View]
90405544You will never see this in nu-Wars[View]
90408600le 39% face[View]
90410058>Amazon needs to pay hundred of millions of dollars to get tv shows made, none being good at the …[View]
90409927>tfw you'll never look like prime Bruce Campbell[View]
90409701I was just rewatching Scream Queens and I noticed an odd plot hole. In the coffee shop, Emma Roberts…[View]
90408326are there any good movies/shows about ancient greece?[View]
90409167fuck off, deadpool[View]
90409793>dressed like a bat. You're out of your mind Bruce Wayne. Did he expose him to everyone?…[View]
90405279Did I just fix the Justice League?[View]
90409388How excited are you for the wedding of Barry & Iris /tv/?[View]
90409725Do you know how the Chili and Sea Bass first came into being? It was a Chilean Sea Bass once, taken …[View]
90401774This was pretty good, and the CGI held up well. It did all the video game elements they way they sho…[View]
90393561Where did they go wrong and why was it with the middle eastern cunt?[View]
90408953Why are there so few big robot movies?[View]
90407458ITT: we summon based Shatner \o/\o/\o/[View]
90407097You wanna see some magic?[View]
90408910finally decided i will watch star trek /tv/. where should i start? and what should i skip?[View]
90409572Aquaman Goes into batcave and steal some shit.: What was it? Any idea?[View]
90409560Bad poster thread: This one is my favorite.[View]
90407586For me? It's Colin Quinn![View]
90409498How do you feel about FishCenter Live?[View]
90408726Circle (2015): Just saw Circle on Netflix. I would've loved to see it if it was released in the…[View]
90407203ITT: Scenes whe're you turned the film off.[View]
90405277/tv/ has it's own opinion right?: Justice League is in my top 3 favorite movies of the year so …[View]
90409463Whether you like this or not, you have to admit it's the best film ever made.[View]
90409454Danny Elfman Breaks Silence on Justice League Involvement, Says It Was 'Very Last Minute': https://w…[View]
90409452Reviving an Elder God-class meme: Berwich Anderson[View]
90409447>new hollywood[View]
90408602Did Justice League flop because of Hollywood's dirty politics or because the movie was actually…[View]
90408725why are people such plebs?[View]
90409318Post your favortite standup jokes: Post your favorite jokes from standups https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
90407496>what does it mean to be a hero? i think that people need hope or something . blah blah blah good…[View]
90400273WE MUST COME TOGETHER RIGHT NOW: >We started a Brendan Fraser petition and got the media interest…[View]
90405535>the best WW1 kino is a capeflick How does that make you feel?[View]
90408968Vikings Thread: I just finished the 4th season. Holy shit what a show this is turning out to be. Hyp…[View]
90409103RLM JUSTice League: When the fuck does the review drop?[View]
90407991No Peaky Blinders thread? What did you think of the season premier? inb4 bane memes.[View]
90406819>THE MUST BE TAKEN What did Netflix mean by this?[View]
90407154LOOK AT THIS DOOD[View]
90407489Did they fuck up by not promoting Superman at all for this movie? A lot of dumb normies that don…[View]
90407572DIGITS: dubs is the correct explanation for this film[View]
90406853I posit that Kill Bill is Quinten Tarantino's most genuine film. A film that is made not to spr…[View]
90405563SNYDER WAS GIVEN A CHANCE TO MOVE JUSTICE LEAGUE TO 2018 AND FINISH IT https://www.hollywoodreporter…[View]
90408929How did they get away with this?: How did they get away with using the twin towers in their logo? Ar…[View]
90408374Is this worth watching? It's playing on a theater near me[View]
90406396How many Stars are too many Stars? Is there some subliminal messaging behind this?[View]
90408331why was it so good?[View]
90403665Have you ever thought about/had a discussion about a celebrity days before they die? Pic related; I …[View]
90408780/OUR GUYS/[View]
90408770Anyone watch this? It's great. Ruben Ostlund is asking the tough questions.[View]
9040865170s kino thread right now[View]
90406107>It was Whedon's fault! Based Zack Synder![View]
90408552On episode 8 and the entire series seems to be a drag with little action BUT I loving the shit out o…[View]
90405652Apologize /tv/[View]
90408133What's the deal with modern blockbusters? Why even bother with them when you already know that …[View]
90403290Is he truly /ourguy/?[View]
90405907What did /tv/ think of this I liked it. Some parts were kinda ... eh ... but for the most part, I re…[View]
90406948The Young Performer Kaylyn Slevin is Over-rated: Kaylyn Slevin - Jarel Zhang fashion show 9/10/17…[View]
90405631More like this?[View]
90408118>My ankle! I think it's broken![View]
90406721U N D E R W H E L M I N G[View]
90408223Who did it best?[View]
90407505>Frank 'Support the Troops or I'll Piss in Your Fruit Loops' Castle >Frank 'Hit a Beaner …[View]
90402472Zack Snyder Hasn't Seen Justice League: In the conversation, Snyder admits that he hasn't …[View]
90407744'I'm a 30 something woman and I just binge watched 'X' series lol xD. Am I cool yet?' I'm …[View]
90408152kekino: What's the absolute best comedy kino to watch with friends?[View]
90406293what if this was a man and a girl?[View]
9039511130 minutes in and this movie is already garbage[View]
90408055Narcos: When does it get good?[View]
90401048This guy used to be one of the biggest exciting upcoming stars in Hollywood after he ended his wrest…[View]
90407329You telling me we some kind of Fellowship of the Ring™?[View]
90407868question for all the LA anons, is andy dick really everywhere? also celebrities who are everywhere t…[View]
90407811Nightcrawler: What does /tv/ think of it?[View]
90406894Best movies from 2015+ I'll start[View]
90407607>Right, so >*Takes a hit from a bong* >James Franco, yeah? >He visits a diner owned by t…[View]
90405655is this film depicted accurately that women are unloyal whores and life after military is stressful?[View]
90406884ITT: films men will never understand[View]
90407575LSD made me forget i killed my sister and buried her in the forest[View]
90406978Lena Dunham defends 'Girls' writer accused of raping an underage actress[View]
90393332remember when this guy was a thing? what happened to this thing? he disappeared after trying to de…[View]
90406789ITT: 7/10 films[View]
90407565Jackie Chan as a Japanese.[View]
90399727>movie where woman gets raped >rapist is at fault…[View]
90404230You got a job at Lucasfilm story group: What is your star wars story about?[View]
90407461For those about to rahk...: we salooo chooo. Malcom Young is dead. Need to wath Maximum Overdrive...…[View]
90406745ITT the most Al Pacino movie[View]
90404749Justice League worse than Twilight: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hsLcTO2a0Ec[View]
90404512You are given 10 mil to produce the next Jigsaw sequel and save the franchise. What would you like t…[View]
90406050kino zombie simpsons moments https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M95__RnZQz4[View]
90400272At what precise moment did you realise Game of Thrones was a piece of normie shit for plebs?[View]
90406282*Ruins your franchise*[View]
90407082Is there video footage of this?[View]
90407115Why did it become okay for normalfags to appropriate nerd culture to use as a fashion statement and …[View]
90385640/who/ - Doctor Who General: Justice is Swift edition. PREVIOUSLY: >>90379970[View]
90406639Why does this feel like a cheap superhero show on the CW now?[View]
90405584Daily reminder. Milhouse=Nu-males Martin=Soyboys[View]
90387413/trek/-Smug Picard Edition: The Kirk-Spock-McCoy triad really wasn't enough to salvage most of …[View]
90403624Audience's reaction on Justice League vs Thor Ragnarok: Defend this, mouskeeters. https://www.y…[View]
90404447The JUSTice League: FFS, if I wanted to watch Ermac vs Sonya I'd be playing MK9[View]
90406885just catched this führerkino, what did I think?[View]
90404247JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Phantom Blood: Imagine live action with them as Jonathan and Dio.…[View]
90405677>If people who love films don't start actively shaming capeshit viewers at every chance, thi…[View]
90397440I'm going to be pissed if Rey isn't Luke's daughter.[View]
90406916Does anyone have a good German Rip from this movie?[View]
90404124Name three times he was in the wrong.[View]
90404062Post straight to dvd kino[View]
90406013Name a Better Holiday Movie (Christmas, Halloween, Groundhog Day, Etc.)[View]
90406178Has anyone seen Neverknock?[View]
90397972This is the ideal female face. You may not like it, but this is what beauty looks like.[View]
90406309>american 'humor'[View]
90402272I'm from Buenos Aires, and I say kill 'em all![View]
90398478Why the DCEU fails and will continue to do so. Very funny behind the scenes story.[View]
90406670Young Celebrities[View]
90406246>want o get into film >start by watching Blade Runner I feel like I've already experience…[View]
90406544How did we go from this...[View]
90405741>actresses can’t be kin—-[View]
90405788ITT: We write a letter to Bill, one word at a time I'll start Dear[View]
90405452Thoughts on Daddy's Home 2?[View]
90406633What do you think the reaction would be if this scene from a classic well-received superman comic wa…[View]
90406617*kills new hollywood* heh, nothin personnel kids[View]
90406432>what a great documentary there something so unsettling about nicholas[View]
90403684Memoirs of the king /tv/: >After Marvel has cheapened our pop dreams, Snyder enriches them. From …[View]
90406515GOTHIC KINO: Can we try to do this? I'll start.[View]
90406497What to Watch: ITT: you choose a movie and pitch it to me to make me interested in it.[View]
90403983>9 seasons[View]
90406480>make post about Harry Potter and saying how it's not great >all my friends start going b…[View]
90406355what are some movies where the bad guys nearly won?[View]
90405772>we need someone to play a character with autism[View]
90405795What do we think about each of the capeshit studios? (Image is old.) Disney - Excels at market resea…[View]
90405271Fuck the critics This is the best Justice League live action film ever made[View]
90406326Hey /tv/ let's do an experiment. Go ask your gf/female friend/sister/mom/closest female acquain…[View]
90406265Why are romcom men always rich and successful?: And why do American films always portray gooks as we…[View]
90405592why would she call him Kal-El?[View]
90398904The Avengers > Justice League[View]
90402671Who will play him in the inevitable biopic?[View]
90406078Why wasn't the director arrested for this racist fucking movie?[View]
90405928Documentaries: What are some good documentaries I should watch?[View]
90403675Does sex exist in the Star Wars Cinematic Universe ™?[View]
90405807Good scenes in not so good movies...[View]
90405779Pure kino.[View]
90402394Give me some action movies with a 10/10 final showdown /tv/.[View]
90405756*blocks your paths*[View]
90396481Netflix shows what REEEE looks like: There are about 22 million prior service fucks in the US. Netfl…[View]
90397215PAN NICE AND HOT[View]
90404358>it's an 'everyone agrees with each other' episode[View]
90404433We can't save the world alone: Please sign.[View]
90404105Watching the best of the trilogy this morning. I don't think I'll ever get tired of it.[View]
90402637Two episodes in.: Tell me this gets better.[View]
90405440KAHL EHL NAO: Jesus fucking christ. Everyone who worked on this film who didn't speak up needs …[View]
90405483>trailer for christmas episode of soap drama >silent night a capella plays over shots of distr…[View]
90395676>'Justice League is the latest installment in the DC Cinematic universe, directed by Zack Whedon,…[View]
90397202>SS our girl confirmed?[View]
90397488Batman 1989: Has anyone ever actually made it through this garbage? My record is 21 min It's te…[View]
90402260When will the nerd culture craze finally end?[View]
90401412Challenge: >Name a Comedy from past 10 years that was actually good.[View]
90405168Do your parents also think you're a loser?[View]
90403659Anon came here and took a lie detector test. And the results came back all the same, and they came b…[View]
90401316Rust Mowing Marty's Lawn: Now that the dust has settled, let's talk about, once and for al…[View]
90403262How do I get volume in my hair like based Steve?[View]
90399333Find a flaw.[View]
90399233How do you watch 4+ hour movies?[View]
90401738who is currently the most handsome actor in hollywood? Under 190cm / 6'3'' manlets ar…[View]
90401880Why did they change her rape from Israel to Italy?[View]
90400708So where can I see this? Not a single torrent up[View]
90404959Is this the best portrayal of god?[View]
90405003>Watch Blue Planet II >Lose all faith in existence of God…[View]
90404208I think it's impossible to determine whether or not a sequel to a film will be good by concept …[View]
90400941>Marvel can get literal semen demons to star in their movie >DC has to settle with Gal Gadot I…[View]
90403298>1,126 days until Avatar 2[View]
90404511Now that's a beer.[View]
90404886Who would win in a fight? One coked up Ralphie or a sober whore? The ring is a parking lot at night.[View]
90373417>'Oh my God... She's more powerful than Obi-Wan, Darth Vader, Palpatine, Yoda, Darth Plaguei…[View]
90404731What the fuck was his problem?[View]
90404317Are Australians the worst thing to happen to acting?[View]
90404804Where the fuck is it[View]
90402664yet again a bad recommendation from /tv/. stupid dialogue, pointless movie[View]
90403205Matthew Broderick killed 2 people[View]
90404548THIS IS MADNESS![View]
90381052Blade Runner 2049 General: >Official Blade Runner: 2049 thread Tell me what you thought of Denis…[View]
90404467What's the appeal of this movie? Literally just a series of interviews on a businessman's …[View]

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