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98872147>What a beautiful Baby girl. Now what shall I name her? > I know, I name her after my crazy bi…[View]
98873572What are some good pansexual movie/TV show characters? >pic related[View]
98872939What is Von Trier's greatest film? Which best represents his genius?[View]
98868318Cube Thread: Let’s talk Cube. Which is your favorite and why?[View]
98873422What led him from playing 2 of some of the most iconic characters in history to sniping minorities d…[View]
98873495>Would you fuck a bitch with no nose?[View]
98872750>ywn have a bro like Colossus Why was this movie so good brehs[View]
98870273Yet another example of KINO.[View]
98873445ITT: Western kino Post good western movies and series[View]
98872708It's the only marvel film I haven't watched but is it still watchable?[View]
98865579no can do[View]
98873355ITT: Amazing opening scenes[View]
98873270The writing in this movie was bad, but I admittedly really liked the fantasy setting, only because w…[View]
98872981Mark Dacascos in John Wick: >this nigga is 54 Is Keanu assembling his immortal team?…[View]
98870510Yeah, I'm thinking she's back.[View]
98869300I smoked a cigarette and browsed the news. A story about niggers, written by a nigger, talked about …[View]
98869714hop in dude[View]
98871919ON THE ROOF![View]
98871683What are some kinos about hitting rock bottom and coming back?[View]
98873229peter from dead pool 2 is actually cable( change my mind): (Spoiler Alert) when peter gets his arm m…[View]
98873095it was shit[View]
98868421Now are you going to scramble its brains or just vacuum it out[View]
988690652015 - Disney releases a bad Star Wars movie - Most people love it, apart from a vocal minority of h…[View]
98870152Any comfy kino shows about exploration or where the characters are isolated? Gimme your recs /tv/, a…[View]
98872985Was it kino?[View]
98872894So how did you like the latest season of 'Know that kid that got warned/spared by Eric and Dylan sho…[View]
98872820>tfw best emma[View]
98871838HEY GANDY[View]
98871602The last two episodes are going to be so fucking intense.[View]
98872238Did you enjoy it?[View]
98872728GO NINJA GO NINJA, GO![View]
98872636So, you ever noticed when two black guys coming into your convinient store and one go one way and on…[View]
98867469why do chads like Veronica but betas like Betty?[View]
98871939What are some high test movies?[View]
98872376Why did the ninja attack them again?[View]
98872511why are people acting like lando is the first pansexual star wars character? https://youtu.be/ppL71p…[View]
98859299>the big three[View]
98871845is this one of the finest acting performances of all time?[View]
98871166Hellboy 2019: thoughts on the upcoming hellboy movie?[View]
98868647Do you remember her? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lRR027lJ1-s[View]
98870785Kino of the year so far.[View]
98868652>favorite film >degenerate qualities you possess >pic related >have a crush on cousin…[View]
98872213>ass like a 10 year old boy! What did Bill Paxton's character from James Cameron's True…[View]
98871771I miss him brehs, will he go back making films again?[View]
98868955Brad Dourif: Give me some essential Brad Dourif films. I just finished Wise Blood and am currently w…[View]
98871944Are you going to watch my show F is for Family?[View]
98870622The Crown: every single episode has made me cry has there every been a more perfect television serie…[View]
98872185Thoroughbreds 2017 1080p WEB-DL DD5.1 H264-CMRG: Who's ready for Anya and sickfu kino? >Thor…[View]
98870729ITT: movies that no one has seen.[View]
98872073Cast the remake.[View]
98871404>Solo has driven even further home that Star Wars has been taken over by brainless SJW's who…[View]
98870239If you had to kill off one Simpson's Main Character and have it continue for the rest of the se…[View]
98870177pls show bob and vagene[View]
98872010>movie has a sex scene >the girl keeps her shirt on…[View]
98870365This show is: total shit not a single character worth a damn...unironically[View]
98871949>character logs onto a website >digital citizens tell him to not have sex before marriage…[View]
98871943So, you have never heard the Tragedy of Darth Plagueis the Wise. You screwed up. You know what you d…[View]
98868650Casablanca: ITT: Parts of classic movies that you don’t “get” Why was an American Cafe in a French c…[View]
98869088ITT: Actors who save everything they're involved in.[View]
98871839NEWFAG INCOMING: Hey /tv/ newfag here. What should I know? What is kino?[View]
98871255what are some movies everyone has watched except for you?: my list: >scarface >robocop >lor…[View]
98862828>fucks the boss What she in the wrong?[View]
98867486Not that Disney is doing much better, but is /tv/ ready to admit that The Phantom Menace and Attack …[View]
98868461Die Hard: This is better than Die Hard 2, prove me wrong.[View]
98869809If I adopt this stance in public will people ridicule me?[View]
98849691Are you ready for capekino, /tv/?: Jake Gyllenhaal will play the villain, Mysterio in the Spider-Man…[View]
98859928Why did Pete Campbell constantly cheat on Trudy? She was always loyal, never got fat, and she adored…[View]
98869650>be dunston >check in You CANNOT make this sh*t up lol…[View]
98870670Steven spielberg actually directed this.[View]
98871605If Threepio is Luke’s older (mechanical) brother, what does that make Artoo? The family pet?[View]
98870069>watching Titanic >look up on wikipedia >mfw it actually happened…[View]
98869686Movies that can't be properly discussed here because of memes: I'll start[View]
98870980She's so beautiful bros...[View]
98871124BASEDLO boycott[View]
98870043Why are the women in this so calming to look at and listen to?[View]
98871093The only thing even more unfunny than a woman is an Asian woman. What the hell were they thinking?![View]
98869458what makes him such a great villain actor?[View]
98865458cobra kai: I just finished Cobra Kai And I want Mouser to sit on my face Also what can I watch that’…[View]
98867031Who has the chance to be the biggest actress in Hollywood? And how can competitors get bigger to com…[View]
98871173Watashi wa Maeve desu JISATSU INUJINI[View]
98870680>tfw often confused Russell Crowe and Hugh Jackman with each other growing up during their peaks …[View]
98870323Need some good spy/undercover shows. Films not preferred. Small list of things I've already see…[View]
98871101>turn on the telly >time for some adult swim >childrens hospital >NTSF:SD:SUV >robot …[View]
98871035>i'm a kid. it's my job[View]
98869085Did someone say kino?: pic very related[View]
98869350What are your expectations for The Incredibles 2?[View]
98865659was this real? or.....[View]
98870348I liked this show alot I felt like I could turn my brain off and just watch mindless action[View]
98867886Is there a more detestable character in all of television?[View]
98869997>so you went and attended CalArts[View]
98870127Why is this movie so shit?[View]
98868669Why do I love this movie so much?[View]
98870618Blow that fucking piece of shit OUT OF THE SKY! A little much for a PG-13 film....[View]
98869251'I'm just here for my doujins, Marty...'[View]
98870628who is your favourite movie princess /tv/?[View]
98868870Warcraft: Admit it, you liked it[View]
98870568Most kino sound effects: *BANGS TAIKO DRUM* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ap_NkPCkl4c[View]
98870417>walks out the bathroom >toilet flushing sound effect Do people in movies not wash their hands…[View]
98864541When did you realize that this is the best Star Wars movie?[View]
98868045>Empire >Hope >Sith >ROTJ >Le Rouge One >Menace >TFA >Clones >TLJ…[View]
98866017I like smoking weed and watching bad tv shows, is this worth the watch?[View]
98870502Scenes women will NEVER understand[View]
98862082>Roy: I watched C-beams glitter in the dark >Deckard: What the fuck is a C-beam?…[View]
98868148Respond to this thread or you'll wake up and find yourself lying next to a naked Randy BoBandy[View]
98870464what’s the best Star Wars movie? and why is it The Last Jedi?[View]
98865906YO MAMA[View]
98864351SEASON 2 NOW: They better find a way to a season 2 Goddammit![View]
98870249why can he never make a serious face even if his life depended on it? there is always a subtle smile…[View]
98868604Video games based on films that are better than the film itself Very Related: https://www.youtube.co…[View]
98858325Webm Thread: Post what you have, silly props webms welcome[View]
98870295Channing Tatum Eyed For Lead Villain In WB's THE FLASH: Thoughts?[View]
98865604How did Josh Brolin do it? How come out of all people he ended up being the absolute king of the sum…[View]
98870186MENTAL GELLAR[View]
98870188Why doesn't he just make Eva like this instead?[View]
98867217ON THE ROOF![View]
98868516>VOLDEMORT IS BACK!!!! >Welp have a good summer guys XD Goblet of Fire is the worst Harry Pott…[View]
98866213japanese film: What's your favorite Japanese film lads?[View]
98868561Why didn't you like my movie?[View]
98869590>youth oriented programme >chad is the school bully Completely unrealistic.…[View]
98858094Would you ever get a massage from a man?[View]
98868961Why didn't the machines just put the humans in a real coma or something?[View]
98868306*ruins your movie*[View]
98870041Are Tim & Eric Kino?[View]
98867827>You're gonna die in another 4 years Family Guy confirmed to end at Season 20…[View]
98865540Cast them. Hard mode: No Vin Diesel as Heavy.[View]
98866865What the fuck was his problem?[View]
98868668Isolation / loneliness: What are some films about isolation and loneliness /tv/? I'm especially…[View]
98849542/tpg/- Our Anniversary: It's been One year ago today since kino graced our televisions worldwid…[View]
98867690Just saw it, it was good, but not a masterpiece.[View]
98869765hey there fellow kekistanis, i just got done watching an early showing of solo the star wars movie. …[View]
98869799Kino Comfiness[View]
98865261Your mom goes to college[View]
98861014Why did Warner try to launch a cinematic universe with Green Lantern when the Flash was the objectiv…[View]
98868020ITT: Underrated[View]
98867873Was it kino?[View]
98869159You're listening to music then 'Shadow' starts playing. You now remember a year ago watching Tw…[View]
98867411Reddit-Pool 2: Electric Boogaloo: So he was pretty much the Rainmaker right?[View]
98867497Why is this such a masterpiece?[View]
98858034Iron Man Infinity War: Does the new, nanobot Iron Man suit looks like shit to you too, compared to t…[View]
98867857>It's simple: we kill the Chad. Then maybe Veronica will see what a nice guy I am! Who? Did …[View]
98869478Is New Zealand the new top country for meme characters?[View]
98869496Cast him /tv/[View]
98869402recommend me some kino with a mean white man as the villain[View]
98869394What's the most brilliant film finale? I love the end of the original The Vanishing, because it…[View]
98869344What was his problem?[View]
98832370I can't remember the last time Supernatural shat itself so spectacularly holy shit[View]
98857144Penguin/Oxford Covers: Let's make some kino book covers for tv shows/films https://nullk.github…[View]
98869262The way of the future[View]
98867518> Yes, yes, well done Slytherin, well done... HOWEVER... Why did he phrase it like that?…[View]
98868616Get ready to say your goodbyes /tv/[View]
98868253>Man fuck dogs.[View]
98868899ayyy: If you dont get me a plate of gabagool in ten seconds imma have you sleepin wit da fishes like…[View]
98868016did anyone except for me watch this? lol[View]
98868380Most Underrated Movie Out There?: Just having a discussion with a friend on movies that are underrat…[View]
98867755ITT: food movies that looks delicious to you[View]
98865838>tfw no gwen gf[View]
98868755>British humor[View]
98859205>manlet >hairlet >brainlet >joblet >dicklet how was george *not* an incel?…[View]
98868666>Americans still watch TV in 2018 Why?[View]
98868586>used to think indie films were for fedoras >now think mainstreams films are for plebs…[View]
98868569Hey /tv/, I fucked your dad[View]
98863912Were average people aware of Darth Vader in the Star Wars universe? Luke doesn't seem to know h…[View]
98866334I don't get it. Why does everybody say that this scene is so creepy? It doesn't really do …[View]
98861812Hi Anon :3[View]
98866209Just started it Is it actually good or meme shit?[View]
98860927You guys ready for Obama kino?: http://money.cnn.com/2018/05/21/media/barack-michelle-obama-netflix-…[View]
98866672The hype manufacturers are turning on it left and right. Is Star Wars finished?[View]
98867552Underrated- Horror/Comedy[View]
98868122How the fuck did they get away with this?: >'Peter, come clog Aunt May's slutty little mouth…[View]
98866699Zoey Deutch any good? How did i miss her?[View]
98865790Youtube movie essays: Anyone else sick of this stupid meme fad? For some reason they are also always…[View]
98866793Hand or foot /tv/?[View]
98867875Need help remembering...: The name of a what i think was a direct-to-tv movie/ ??tv play?? possibly …[View]
98868226Oh no, Thundercats sucks now. Oh Wait, it was always shit. [View]
98867661You've been married too long, everyone eats ass these days.[View]
98864581What's Ray's fucking problem?[View]
98865945Why did Don fire Sal for not fucking Lee Garner Jr, but then told Joan not fuck the guy at Jaguar? S…[View]
98861118Miss USA Live Thread: Are you watching?[View]
98867416>Ask me my name >Go on ask me >*nobody asks him his name* Movie could have ended here if li…[View]
98865547>American humour[View]
98865947What's your favorite Neon-Noir film?[View]
98867358>You're loose cannon! Turn in you're sword and cross you're off the crusade…[View]
98866602What are some of the best cameo appearances in television history?[View]
98867895>Bergman considered Tarkovsky GOAT >Tarkovsky considered Bresson GOAT Can we all agree that Br…[View]
98867771For me? It's James Nortinsky and Colin The Quinn. And you?[View]
98867709Who was the better sidekick in MASH?[View]
98867232was the gay inter racial rape scene really necessary?[View]
98866145Ghost Shell: Did casting ruin this? Who would have been a better choice?[View]
98851997this was dogshit compared with the other two. discuss.[View]
98866192I started pic related recently and I can't pinpoint exactly why it's so bad. Any thoughts?[View]
98865101Does anyone else think there is potential for a live-action Animation Domination cinematic universe?…[View]
98866929itt: nostalgia trip movies[View]
98867506thoughts on steam's streaming service??[View]
98867494>Why doesn't Hollywood make more films that appeal to me? Now if you'll excuse me, I…[View]
98864397He killed 6 million...[View]
98867399Spirit: Am I the only one who is reminded of Titanic when watching Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron?…[View]
98867324Find me an intro more badass than this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TwP4vSfjygY[View]
9885523313 Reasons Why -thread[View]
98865093ITT: Edgy pseud films[View]
98866597>bad guy falls to his death[View]
98866882Is his career over now?[View]
98866722So we all agree this is still the best mcu movie right?[View]
98865943Who would actually win if they fought IRL?[View]
98860409ITT, Post the ONE character that ruined your favorite show when it couldve been the GOAT otherwise: …[View]
98866638Any big guys or hot heads want to play Quiplash XL:Kino edition? www.jackbox.tv Room code in next po…[View]
98865697Post good tropes >When the narrator is revealed to be an actual character in the movie >False …[View]
98866432who will play him in the inevitable biopic?[View]
98865293Evil Genius: Can we all just agree that the reason they never caught these guys was because the inve…[View]
98866126ITT: movies that were 2deep4u[View]
98865318Are you going to see Artemis Fowl?[View]
98865425the simpsons: favorite episode. go[View]
98866154There's some high artsy film that's mostly just city shots and people shots but I can…[View]
98856663>ctrl+f: The Expanse >0 results Lemme fix that…[View]
98866399>whitewalkers were kino wtf happened. season 2 they look great but then after that they look like…[View]
98866230What is this expression meant to convey?[View]
98866756when will movies abandon cynicism and irony?[View]
98863925Is it True?[View]
98852790What's the comfiest movie in existence ?[View]
98866475What exactly did he do wrong?[View]
98866453Why didn´t just hyperspace ram the ring into mount doom to create infinite resources?[View]
98866652remember that episode when jerry rapes newman?[View]
98866365>i sent my best guys for this[View]
98865904Why didn't he just use the ring to create infinite resources?[View]
98865420Ridley Scott: Why do directors who haven't made a movie worth watching in over 10 years still k…[View]
98864463Thoughts on Futurama?[View]
98866542Do you think it was awkward being named 'Big Pussy' throughout school? Can you imagine his teachers …[View]
98865633RIP Don Vito you're molesting angels in heaven now[View]
98863104Which would you rather see get more movie appearances?[View]
98863483Best and Worst Movies Based on Videogames ?[View]
98865326Is this supposed to be funny? Was the Simpsons ever funny?[View]
98852974Best prison films ?[View]
98865209Typical trouble making bitch... She just had to come out & throw it in Tony’s face. Knowing exac…[View]
98866324DOOON'T STO[View]
98860097This is my Batman. This is my Robin.[View]
98866277what movies should I get my /pol/ friend to watch to change his mind? pic related[View]
98859738JUST LOOK INTO IT! That's all I'm saying.[View]
98844829Are they our generation's Roger and Ebert?[View]
98864546ITT: Red flags for Television & Film >A24 >Netflix/Amazon/Hulu original >All female lea…[View]
98864617I liked this a hell of a lot more than Oldboy[View]
98865957Why is this the most true comment in 2018 so far?: >Let's look at the new racist trope in ne…[View]
98865370What are some movies about stellar comebacks?[View]
98866005>25 year old boomers telling me that new star wars sucks lol that struggle to hold onto their lon…[View]
98865621Your thoughts on this documentary[View]
98865984Anybody inows where sneed is? Im lookimg for sneed![View]
98865977>/tv/ hates this[View]
98865950He was born in '67 The year of Sgt. Pepper And are you experienced Into a suburban heaven Yeah …[View]
98865849>Thanos raises his hand >*sna- >finger slows down to a stop >music starts playing…[View]
98865863OHHHHHHHH NO NO NO[View]
98862157I tell ya, I hate Nancy Its a beautiful day...YAY[View]
98865679Martin Lawrence worst movie: Prove me wrong[View]
98864685Most interesting character in television history change my mind...[View]
98860743Always saw normies creaming themselves over John Wick but never saw the films. how are they?[View]
98863215Would you share a small peruvian with Mr. Hickey?[View]
98863270What did Tarankino mean by this?[View]
98865216>MY favorite supah hewoh iz gon save da day !![View]
98863042Your mother was a dumb whore with a fat arse, did you know that?: GO FETCH THE BREASTPLATE STRETCHER…[View]
98865124Can someone who has a little too much free time figure out what the score would be if we didn't…[View]
98863469Can one of you bastards explain how a fire could spread at a seaparks[View]
98863288Why can't they just bring it back, bros: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3j2V6JdkVBc Fuck Mike …[View]
98863791Fragile Masculinity, The Movie: Discuss[View]
98861349>uh oh yeah, to quickly explain away all the numerous plot holes in the 3rd act, it turns out I l…[View]
98864871why does Netflix keep suggesting this?[View]
98861613Opinions on this show?[View]
98864998Fio a cute! CUTE!!!![View]
98846573Gottem Never forget your place goy[View]
98862118'You see that Fio? A bunch of spics, niggers, chinks, reds, big guys, atheists, retards, and a few d…[View]
98863661Why was Noam Chomsky is Harry Potter?[View]
98864905If you was movie serial killer, who would your main victim who doesn't die be? Pic related. The…[View]
98863691P A N S E X: Do you think he can take it in the ass balls deep from Chewbacca?[View]
98861373Fuck you. I liked it.[View]
98863757SOLO: A Star Wars Story: Just saw this. Ask me anything.[View]
98864475I'm sick, /tv/. Give me things that are simple to watch but aren't complete garbage.[View]
98864775>What a pity, Mr. Bond. It appears that unlike many of the women here Waldo does not want to foun…[View]
98863789Little Nicky: What does /tv/ think of Little Nicky? Asking for a friend.[View]
98861554I never saw it in theaters and everyone spergs about their experience seeing it in Imax. Is it worth…[View]
98864225>Your snacks, sir. Enjoy the movie! Wtf is wrong with Americans?[View]
98864697Is it webkino?[View]
98862758“You know, Luke. You really are The Last Jedi.”: Anyone else hate it when movies throw in their titl…[View]
98864681how long did it take before he start using again and ended up ODing from heroine because the meth co…[View]
98862670Movie Ideas: Alright anon! Pitch us your idea![View]
98864657>not making The Joker the main villain How did DC not realize that would've saved this movi…[View]
98864074Is this movie actually scary?[View]
98863427C•A•N•C•E•L•L•E•D: Not a bad ending really.[View]
98864501Is it kino?[View]
98864444ATTENTION STAR WARS FANBASE: >Fanfiction That is all.[View]
98864468Super Soy Me: Super onions me when? Same premise as before excep the guy goes around buying onions b…[View]
98864439YOU GON GET CNNYD[View]
98864360>steve walks wearly down the street with his brim pulled way down low, ain't no sound but th…[View]
98864332She would’ve been what, 60 in 30 years? Isn’t it a bit irresponsible to have a kid at 60? I always t…[View]
98858899Ugly actresses you still would marry[View]
98860944AAAHH TONY HELP ME[View]
98860963Actors who will be forgotten once their big franchise runs its course[View]
98864232excuse me, superhero Kino coming through.[View]
98864224>mommy character shows feet[View]
98864163DID I HEAR SOMEONE SAY...[View]
98861488Is it just me or is 2018 really, really shitty for tv? Everything new is bad, and everything that wa…[View]
98864159What are some movies about walking past a cute girl at the grocery store and we both make eye contac…[View]
98860697Does it really feel like warm apple pie?[View]
98863668What is some Navy kino?[View]
98860658I can't do it. I just can't keep watching this. Less than 15 minutes in, and we're al…[View]
98862274What was Voldemort's tax policy?[View]
98864058Who will play him in the inevitable kino?[View]
98862289poopoo peepee[View]
98864008OH NOES!!! CG!!!: OMG The CG was sooooo bad!!!111!!! I could tell because I'm a fucking Special…[View]
98863015Dear White People: Holy shit this show is actually good[View]
98863940Was it kino? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=deaCTvtGfNs[View]
98862617What are /tv/'s opinions on this movie?[View]
98857259When will she finally win an Oscar?[View]
98860979What went wrong?[View]
98863763With the success of Cobra Kai, I have an idea for a Karate Kid prequels I think someone should make.…[View]
98863714Please, next time you visit the kinoplex, think of the poor wagies.[View]
98835163Red hair and a hand-me-down robe... you must be a Weasley[View]
98862933http://cartoon.adult-fanfiction.org/story.php?no=600095340 Chapter 3 is done http://cartoon.adult-…[View]
98861933was it nose kino?[View]
98863764How can a documentary be this comfy?[View]
98862053>he doesn't pirate movies[View]
9886064713 Reasons Why: Do you think the reason why Monty craved Bryce's dick so much is because his fa…[View]
98862728We found the perfect product placement.[View]
98863615Star Trek TOS: Re-watching Season 2 and I have to say that 'Jupiter's Locket' is very good, but…[View]
98862173>tfw this was great casting for Shocker >they kill him off for a black guy What an absolute wa…[View]
98856088Does he have one last martial arts movie in him?[View]
98858953The Simpsons: How's about a comfy Simpsons thread, yeah? Feels like I haven't seen one in …[View]
988623831997 LA sure was crazy, how did we ever survive?[View]
98860843What are some films like pic related that deal with loneliness?[View]
98861702>carving up Germany at Paris Peace Conference >intense arguing between Wilson and other member…[View]
98863181>that 20 year old boomer who drinks red bull at the movie theater to stay awake…[View]
98851478Reed Richards: when?[View]
98857162>“How can you not be pansexual in space?” (Donald) Glover said. “There are so many things to have…[View]
98862821Leave Thanos to me![View]
98862051ITT: Movies incels will never understand[View]
98860909How did people ever think this annoying spaz was funny?[View]
98863359Do you get dressed up to go to the cinema?[View]
98860742Into the Badlands: Thoughts on the episode last night? Sunny has the Gift.[View]
98861880I seen C-beams glitter my nigga[View]
988624779/11 kino: What are the best 9/11 films? And no, that Nic Cage fireman film was shit.[View]
98855654I suggest you sit down[View]
98862132passion of the christ 2: electric boogalo: >still leaked from sequel how far will mel go this tim…[View]
98862559Why is this the most true comment in 2018 so far?: >Let's look at the new racist trope in ne…[View]
98863155This was bad[View]
98863150>347 days until Infinity War Part II[View]
98863098Man was this fucking tedious. Name a more aimless big studio release, i dare you. What a chore.[View]
98862205OH NO NO NO HAHAHAHAHA: >LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Former U.S. President Barack Obama and his wife,…[View]
98861899So, the director has some fetish with broken arm, right?[View]
98860417Jesus they're really trying sell Tom Holland as the go to fagbait aren't they. Wouldn…[View]
98851263Why didn't they just snipe the machine gunners?[View]
98862883>This Chateau LeBlanc ’68 is supposed to be served slightly chilled! This here room temperature!…[View]
98862155Klompso Krunchybisque[View]
98862805what did harry mean by this[View]
98862813This movie disturbed me as a child btw itt movies that disturbed you as a kid[View]
98849007>characters have enetered a spooky area >compass spinning in all directions…[View]
98860342ITT: Character that are literally you[View]
98862432I found it, /tv/. I found the best, THE BEST, fucking series. I have been bingewatching this shit si…[View]
98862334Star Wars was better when it was darker and edgier: Search your feelings. You know it to be true.…[View]
98861063*Imagine for a second...that you're a brap-poster...You love asses, but not so much the meat...…[View]
98862635No fucking Merlot.[View]
98861918>walks into a bar full of black people >walks up to bar >'WHAT'S UP NIGGER' >procee…[View]
98857678https://twitter.com/NicolasWR/status/998689433372082176 DRIVEkino is back on the menu boys[View]
98861430Scenes men will never understand[View]
98862595Let the meme do the work[View]
98862315>blows your heckin' mind[View]
98862502LOST era /tv/ was best era. Prove me wrong.[View]
98862419Who is /tv/'s greatest waifu? Pic related is the only correct answer.[View]
98862433Wholesome kino movies: What are some wholesome kino movies you can watch with the family or girlfrie…[View]
98861097what went right?[View]
98862177What was his fucking problem, /tv/? Why didn't he just become an Egyptologist like his war budd…[View]
98862225ITT: films women probably wouldn't enjoy as much as men[View]
98862337people, just come and watch a movie with me all info on pastebin 913V0i2f[View]
98857856DORA THE EXPLORER Movie Synopsis: >Dora is one of the smartest girls in the world. She loves to t…[View]
98861941Whatcha finna do, /tv/, when /asp/ runs wild on you?[View]
98857242MEN IN BLACK Spin-Off Plot Details: >M (Tessa Thompson) is a young recruit for the London branch …[View]
98861859Is this shit happening post BB yet? I really could not care less about his prequal life.[View]
98861560Can you think of any protagonist who does more evil shit while still supposed to be the 'good guy'?[View]
98859648When is he going to give up and start working on capeshit? Also what character is he going to play?[View]
98862129Best Entourage Girl: She was perfect :o[View]
98859692lol the big green: lol the big green[View]
98862103I'm keeping up with my collection. Are you?[View]
98862043>gets complimented about residence he lives in >eyes immediately lit up in glee anyone else no…[View]
98857403>*Inception BRAAAP noise* >*Camera pans over stormy ocean* >*BRAAAP* >*Ominous piano mus…[View]
98861896Why didn't we ever get to see the Yellow King?[View]
98861873Who was the Jannetty?[View]
98860085>first robot goes horribly wrong >let's make another the exact same way Tony could have r…[View]
98859126Let's talk honestly about the type of person who would find Megan Fox attractive. She has good …[View]
98861619Why didn’t he just use the gauntlet to convince everyone to reproduce less and use resources more ef…[View]
98855995What did red guys represent in The Last Jedi?[View]
98861687ON THE ROOF![View]
98858107https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BssAKQC3hZg Lads shes so precious. What's gonna be her next big…[View]
98858878Like a BUHD in the skyyy...![View]
98861039'Deadpool' Gets 70mm Unrestored Theatrical Re-Release: Nolan is going to master a new unre…[View]
98855480FUCK ,/tv/....... F U C K I sit here, night after night, browsing through hulu, and Netflix, and Ama…[View]
98858669giv mummy gf[View]
98861019Was it autism?[View]
98861055Historical Movies You Want To Make: >Kamehameha (2020) >Starring, >The Rock (Dwayne Johnso…[View]
9882206340K Adaptation when?[View]
98861359Why were the Good Ol’ Boys so mad at the Blues Brothers for stealing their gig? They literally had s…[View]
98861290Glad you could make Luthor[View]
98861238just how DID raimi get away with it?[View]
98857651Is this guy the Marlon Brando of our generation?[View]
98854699Transphobia aside, does it hold up well today?[View]
98860757What would happen if you just camped out in the sky in a hot air balloon?[View]
98861315>HAH you missed! >'did I?'[View]
98861400>capeshit is here to stay[View]
98860131What is the best movie/genre to get your dick sucked to?[View]
98859307Is it worth seeing this in 70mm even with Nolan's piss filter? $20 is a lot for a NEET like mys…[View]
98858128Does /tv/ consider Shrek a generational film of the late 90's & early 2000's?[View]
98861326Capeshit: Let's have a capeshit casting thread, post: >an actor or a character and others su…[View]
98860772>character is revealed to have a hidden superpower and wins the fight with it…[View]
98860740Just watched this True story my ass There's no way that yid at the end (who was the real guy) c…[View]
98858998You have EXACTLY ten seconds to prove that you have a TV license.[View]
98855353> Second largest country in the world > Not a single movie worth mentioning…[View]
98857944What are some of the best uses of a dolly zoom?[View]
98856033how long will best west(east)bro last?[View]
98861239IM CONFUSED[View]
98850978Who would win?[View]
98858784No kino is comfier than this flick[View]
98861176Was this Peak busey[View]
98852811So, now that it's been confirmed that a new Doom movie is happening, what're the absolute …[View]
98836589Finn Wolfhard is the only good actor, not even just on Stranger Things but in general.[View]
98858216How do we make this work?[View]
98856762Just be yourself and success[View]
98853857Movies that got you laid?[View]
98859663TWO SLICES[View]
98860908Was this all it took? Could she have countered if Jonah said this?[View]
98860910What are some good sports movies?[View]
98860127ITT oh yeah that happened: game Of thrones was a mistake[View]
98858368Was she a tranny?[View]
98860857ITT: Doctor Who jokes you never got[View]
98860779what are some movies with this aesthetic?[View]
98858772>furry on jeopardy[View]
98860533Describe a movie using three 4chan boards. >/co/ >/biz/ >/fit/…[View]
98860602Flavius Josephus: Who will play him in the enivitable biopic?[View]
98857357What are some kinos about mysteries?[View]
98859125Sy Ableman: Is he the best villain since Heath Ledger's Joker?[View]
98854472Whos better than Gaspar Noé?[View]
98860211What does /tv/ think of this movie? I thought it was pretty funny[View]
98860613Yeah man, Jurassic Park was great. But what if it wasn't?[View]
98859225Robert Downey Jnr has let himself go.[View]
98858441predict the imdb score[View]
98860293You're gonna love my nuts.[View]
98859660What are some kinos that follow this general trend?[View]
98858586What do you do in this situation?[View]
98860433Why didn't they just nuke the beach?[View]
98860473ITT songs women will never understand https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G5Z7dOG9SuM[View]
98860302Based Bezos does it again[View]
98860435a /comfy/ place: kino[View]
988513043 episodes into season 2 and she already appears to be a turboslut. Does it get worse?[View]
98859349Michael Keaton To Return As The Vulture In SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING Sequel: BASED http://variety.com/2…[View]
98860116What's the best Film Riot episode?[View]
98860319Anyone got the link?[View]
98860227>I watch movies on their opening weekend[View]
98858250What do you guys think about Jodelle Ferland? What are her biggest talents & why is her career s…[View]
98854403Mowgli trailer: Grimdark Jungle Book https://youtu.be/GpxCT36DxKg[View]
98856109>Hey /tv/ ~u~[View]
98860176How would you rank them from best to worst?: please include the extendo editions.[View]
98857933ITT: Masterpieces[View]
98860156gonna watch seven psychos online anywone want to join on pastebin 913V0i2f discord and streaming sit…[View]
98860150Anyone knows name of the movie? It was lowbudget film from between 2000-2013 about Russian junkies a…[View]
98860059>Character doesn't sleep with his dog[View]
98858809How do we save him?[View]
98859452Does pic related actually happen in Wilfred?[View]
98854919Anyone else crush on this bitch when they were kids? Girls IRL that look like her?[View]
98859740Anyone else never get scared by horror movies and just watch them for comfy fun? I always enjoyed th…[View]
98851073>Alright kid, let's hear your movie idea. Well /tv/, what is it?[View]
98859939What is /tv/ favorite episode?[View]
98859086Jason Bateman appreciation thread: Try to find a picture of Jason Bateman with bad hair. Protip: you…[View]
98859175Can we finally agree that Dwayne 'The Litty' Johnson is /ourguy/ and a much better actor than Gaytis…[View]
98858936Solo is going to be heckin epic and there's nothing you bitter, fun-hating faggots can do about…[View]
98858013Who else watched the first episode of A Very English Scandal?: What did you think? I'm no exper…[View]
98858195Kino truck just arrive[View]
98858113anyone seen this movie? is it worth a watch[View]
98859776Best Martial arts movies: What are some of your favorite martial arts movies and actors? Just watche…[View]
98859688Is AIDS' youngest kid autistic? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nhz49OjLZK4[View]
98859092Why didn't you fuckers tell me this was good?[View]
98859534Is this episode peak comedy kino? It's easily the best Office episode in its entire run.[View]
98858206Greatest movie of all time general? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gxfb1L_I34g&t=514s[View]
98858025Infinity War literally ripped off The Phantom Menace for the Wakanda battle scene[View]
98859344>Get me Brad Pitt! >He's busy sir. >Then get me his cheap budget counterpart!…[View]
98858269What is the bad movie equivalent of citizen kane?[View]
98859145Can't smile without you You know I Can't Smile Without You, I Can't Smile Without Yo…[View]
98852116Maeve > Dolores[View]
98856952Shazam!: No no no no nooo ho hoooooooooohahahahhahahahahhaaaa This is the Captain Marvel for DC…[View]
98857668sup /tv/: so how the fuck is joi interacting with the rain physically is she is just a hologram? i s…[View]
98857961>In San Francisco, a sweet-faced boy of twelve told me proudly that he had seen Star Wars over a …[View]
98856894Is Juno kino?[View]
98859081ITT: We imagine movie scripts: Movie premise: the three child actors reunite and spiral into degener…[View]
98853856>where were you the day 4Chan and Reddit teamed up to take down Tumblr[View]
98853532Come up with an evil character for Owen Wilson.[View]
98858863MY PRAAAAAYER[View]
98856266Could they ever make a good Silent Hill Film Again?[View]
98854485What's your favorite Mad Men character?[View]
98853764ITT: characters you didn't realise were played by the same person[View]
98851299Miss 2009 yet?[View]
98858766>What are we supposed to do with all of these diamonds? >It's obvious.... we Climbatize h…[View]
98858658More John Wick 3 casting http://birthmoviesdeath.com/2018/05/21/john-wick-chapter-3-is-not-done-hiri…[View]
98858740ITT: really, REALLY underrated movies with no reason[View]
98833431I like to mow MY dusty mesa[View]
98856366characters that had a bad time[View]
98855852Lean on Pete [2017] by Andrew Haigh: Is this worth watching? https://youtu.be/nzlazAyylw8 >A teen…[View]
98858271This man deserves a movie and freedom. Prove me wrong.[View]
98858580was she /best girl/ in tvd?[View]
98858577Post examples of villains who modelled their lair to look like themselves. I'll start. Dr. Evil[View]
98858074Based Bezos saving 'The Expanse': Nice[View]
98857595Would you want to see her play Jill in the Resident Evil movie?[View]
98858494At least you're not a faggot Eddie[View]
98853262\W/ - Westworld[View]
98847074Why did the Hulk refuse to come out?[View]
98857277>direct this masterpiece >be only remembered for some shitty Sci-Fi fantasy for kids Being Geo…[View]
98855020CAN'T WAKE UP[View]
98858189Would Spider-man have been good if still left under Sony?[View]
98856362ITT: Consistent Crafters of Kino[View]
98857040holy shit this movie is based af why can't every superhero movie be this good and how the fuck …[View]
98856702The Great Debate[View]
98851220Nolan taking a Dunk in the water: he is, dare i say, a retard?[View]
98857348Outlander: As someone who loves Deep Space Nine and Battlestar Galactica (or anything by Ronald Moor…[View]
98852593>hey anon, how was you're weekend, have you seen that new Avengers movie?…[View]
98857988What the fuck was his fucking problem?[View]
98857713Explain this to me: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jPk5-aIjsak&t=0s[View]
98856943Cast him[View]
98857801was anyone else struck by how political this movie was?[View]
98857858Refn is back: https://twitter.com/NicolasWR/status/998689433372082176[View]
98857750City of Lies: Are any movies about the Biggie and Tupac murders worth watching? https://youtu.be/VEf…[View]
98855963This shit was good enough to have justified sequels being put into production, but it made no money.…[View]
98854771Where can I watch the new Nicholas Cage kino?[View]
98835553name a more awkward moment in tv than this[View]
98857179>Why doesn't Hollywood make more films that appeal to me? Now if you'll excuse me, I…[View]
98856887Anyone else like the look of this from the trailer? Was hoping there would be a copy out, but looks …[View]
98855677What’s the verdict: Talented young actress or just flavour of the month eye candy?[View]
98856273Thoughts on this kino?[View]
98850801Jake Gyllenhall in talks to star as Mysterio in 'Spider-Man Homecoming 2': Kino Villain in…[View]
98855962Why isn't she in more kinos?[View]
98857136Are there any movies that can send me to fucking sleep? Failing that, movies about insomnia. I'…[View]
98856446Why isn't this show discussed in here? It's absolute politikino.[View]
98856747Replace him with Spiderman: And you would have a 10/10 movie. Make a movie with Spiderman getting hi…[View]
98853359What are your hopes for the next Infinity War film? I think half of the X-Men Universe should get wi…[View]
98848208Mowgli trailer is out: >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GpxCT36DxKg Isn't that a little deri…[View]
98850044Im cancelling Netflix: Should I get Hulu or HBO? Already have Amazon prime. I like animes and Stanle…[View]
98857196Movies for this feel?[View]
98855575ITT: Kino short films created to accompany musical works: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XfR9iY5y94…[View]
98856756New digits. What do you think?[View]
98847839When are we going to stop pretending that shitty practical effects are great: Cgi bashers are surely…[View]
98855684Have you ever stopped respecting a movie critic's opinion because their personality is so shit?[View]
98854214Romeo + Juliet 1996 is super underatted and is 100% pure kino.[View]
98849214why is she so funny lookin[View]
98856998ITT: Times you met your /tv/ heroes, pic unrelated I'll start with a fresh one: >be me, a fe…[View]
98856296> constantly on tv > responsible for millions of new recruits > no one recognizes him…[View]
98857030Like a BUHD in the sky[View]
98846993was this really that bad? I've seen some scenes and it's just average capeflick[View]
98853484what the fuck am I watching?![View]
98856938Stop trolling him :^( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OVGMhze-OVI[View]
98856909>I'm putting together a team[View]
98853454>DUDE BBC LMAO What the actual fuck?[View]
98851510>Chromatics starts playing[View]
98853580Neon Demon was hot garbage.[View]
98854670So, was it better than the movie(s)?[View]
98854437What's next for Jenna's career?[View]
98856726Hey buddy, I think you got the wrong door. The Bruce Lee clone club is two blocks down.[View]
98855768This was a good movie[View]
98854704How accurate is this image?[View]
98856457Surprising celeb couples. I'm of the opinion that the more attractive women in hollywood marry …[View]
98784717This show would be kino on par with some of the best stuff HBO has ever put out if it wasn't fo…[View]
98856174Went to see Deadpool yesterday. I usually go to movies by myself because I enjoy it. Live in Portlan…[View]
98854598Why do liberals hate him?[View]
98856523>42% want to see yikes[View]
98853691I told you I could fix this.[View]
98853445Does tony soprano look suspicious in this picture? I need a pic of him looking suspicious for a grou…[View]
98853847Star Wars peaked here. Am I the only one who unironically enjoyed that fantastic side instead of the…[View]
98844673Meanwhile coming to television https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/American_Woman_(TV_series) and https://…[View]
98855160ah, just had to make a Ramsay folder for all the absolute pizza posting you niggers have done[View]
98848608>We're not so different, you and I.[View]
98846339Who will play (You) in the eventual biopic?: Pic related. It's literally my face.[View]
98855296Are you meant to 'enjoy' watching this movie? What's the point in watching it if you're no…[View]
98851275ITT: Actor/Director combos you would/would've love(d) to have seen.[View]
98852222ITT, movies /tv/ would never get, talk about or appreciate.[View]
98856282>WAAHH THE WORLD IS ABOUT TO END BUT WE HAVE TO SAVE THE CHILDREN Why are women so fucking stupid…[View]
98853383The fuck is this complete of trash? It has nothing to do with the book. And it occurs with social me…[View]
98853117Why do people sperg out over this movie? It's OK but folk like Ebert say it's perfect...th…[View]
98851565For me? It's Trier[View]
98850422South Korean kino: Post your faves.[View]
98854164>White mans burden Lloyd, my man, white mans burden What did Kubrick mean by this?…[View]
98855900Why didn't they just dig a tunnel under the beach?[View]
98855405Post interesting screenshots of tv/movies >BLACKED predicted in 'married, with children'…[View]
98848384>women can't direct movi-[View]
98855601Vikings general: the americans strike again[View]
98855597Unsettling General: Any horror movies with unsettling, morbid, or eerily alien morphological concept…[View]
98852141Bushworld Adventures: MORDI! GET IN THA KAAH![View]
98844036MY EMPIRE OF DIRT[View]
98855811http://cartoon.adult-fanfiction.org/story.php?no=600095340 Chapter 3 is done http://cartoon.adult-…[View]
98854754Why is Scooby-Doo still around when no other cartoon from the 60s, and almost no other cartoon from …[View]
98854475The state of /capeshit/[View]
98823992/trek/: >It's a 'Picard bullies and breaks a young Bajoran cadet's spirit to test …[View]
98855540>character watches porn without masturbating is this realistic?[View]
98850255Post your favorite movie tracks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FqEujUKoi9Q[View]
98855530Left or right?[View]
98849118Any farther ted fans?[View]
98853911>ruins your movie watching experience: before cellphones i would sit and watch a movie but now i …[View]
98854310Reminder that Charles Ingram is INNOCENT.[View]
98853450Say something nice about /ourguy/[View]
98850345>Latin America tv shows. How is this allowed?[View]
98852784how did she survive all that time on her own?[View]
98855195Anyone up for the..JUICE BAR?[View]
98854944What was her endgame?[View]
98854640>tfw you don't need character development, training, or compressors…[View]
98855147>Leave Thanos to me[View]
98855006Was this all from Pando? It couldn’t be?![View]
98855196Why did he cry In this scene?[View]
98854984Why does anyone really like this?: I thought it was awful. none of the jokes were funny. i found mys…[View]
98855065>agua...y the key of Orthanc, the key of Barad-Dûr itself...y the crowns of seven kings and the r…[View]
98854594JUST https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/mario-batali-criminal-investigation-sexual-assault-nypd_us…[View]
98853317>a netflix original series[View]
98854822Was this supposed to be funny?[View]
98854681Who went to see Rick and Morty: The Movie[View]
98854716So, Foley was the Big Guy all along?[View]
98854745wow can you imagine haha[View]
98848153Ready Player One: Wow, they really mucked this up. Most everything is changed. Most of the important…[View]
98853623The Raid Stars and Tiger Hu Chen confirmed for John Wick 3: Is John Wick 3 going to give Kino a whol…[View]
98853842Hey there, my names Lando and I don't believe in male or female, and will basically put my BBC …[View]
98841685Are American high schools such a toxic and hostile environment? Nothing like this happened to me in…[View]
98854184>Iconic dinosaur in first film >never reappears in subsequent films. WTF…[View]
98853661IT'S HAPPENING!!!!![View]
98852260/tv/ essentials: So I'm pretty bored and vidya doesn't do it for me anymore. Does /tv/ has…[View]
98854374>rewatching the sopranos >episode opens up with the mercedes crazy-bitch driving up to tonys b…[View]
98852273Ginger Snaps (2000): What am I in for?[View]
98853202Why wasn't he cast as the main character of 13 Reasons Why?[View]
98849069Boromir is by far the best character in the Lord of the Rings, both the movies and the books. Fight …[View]
98853394When Amos takes the shot[View]
98854183What will Marvel do now that he is kill?[View]
98850408The Expanse Is it worth being saved from cancellation?[View]
98853203someone tell me where the No! meme comes from already I can't stand it any longer[View]
98853489Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom: World Premiere is tonight in Madrid[View]
98853898Explain me something /tv/, why didn't they used those mutant devices from the prison on apocaly…[View]
98854219What was her fucking problem?[View]
98854199Doctor Who General: new photo of Jodie edition[View]
98853059>Make a wish anon.[View]
98854128Does anyone want to discuss Sharknado 5? I just watched it and I feel there are a few key points tha…[View]
98847239Why did the old couple freak out when they saw Marty on the main highway?: Sure, he was wearing a ye…[View]
98854072DAMN Jet Li looks like this now?[View]
98851675Are they like, America's royalty?[View]
98852382Let's see Paul Allens dubs.[View]
98853994>from my point of view the younglings were evil[View]
98848803why don't they make films this beautiful anymore?[View]
98853961‘The inner city black youth would call this a piece, I call it a game changer’[View]
98852401Did they go too far?: >Alfred: You know you can’t win this. It’s suicide. >Bruce Wayne: I’m ol…[View]
98850636Billy did nothing wrong.[View]
98851720What does /tv/ think of Riverdale?[View]
98853901I am watching Fahrenheit 451: and thinking yeah you know we should burn a lot of books. Also that I …[View]
98853867>Protagonist and his friends are about to engage in mischief >HEY HO LETS GO starts playing…[View]
98851096Did you watch it in the theaters?[View]
98809326/lbg/: Letterboxd thread: post profiles and discuss what you have recently watched QOTD: what does …[View]
98853447Cable Alternative Thread #900000: Can someone give me a rundown on how this thing works? You plug it…[View]
98835794>1.8b >Deadpool didn’t stoped it We will get R.I.P. anons and there’s is nothing you can do a…[View]
98850339Watched this there the other day after it was mentioned in that South Park DLC. Fuck me, not a bad f…[View]
98847786ITT: films that are impossible to discuss on /tv/[View]
98853656乇乂ㄒ尺卂 匚尺丨丂卩ㄚ[View]
98853214Fuck this industry. Movies like this piece of trash are a diamond dozen nowadays, and that's no…[View]
98851425What are some good movies about milk trucks?[View]
98853646LET GO![View]
98853604>Its another Kramer pisses off a black guy or ruins his career episode[View]
98851536what's your idea, anon?[View]
98853546*saves kinema*[View]
98853230Will it ever be topped?[View]
98851785>WHAT!? NO! IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE 100%!![View]
98852986>Ahhh! Rian Johnson just castrated me and made me become a lonely bitter space virgin!…[View]
98853395>Ah, you’re awake... good...[View]
98842497Too Old to Die Young trailer (Cam): GET FUCKING HYPED https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4g2sZ8NxEuQ…[View]
98853239Was she ever a good actress or just beautiful?[View]
98835252What the fuck kind of ending shot is this?[View]
98852474Why do Poindexters like Marvel[View]
98852727From JUST to TRUST: I'm so glad he made it bros[View]
98852912>A Quiet Place 2018 720p HC HDRip X264 AC3-EVO >A Quiet Place 2018 720p HC HDRip X264 AC3-EVO …[View]
98850417>Give me some rope >Tie me to dream...[View]
98848651>People actually dislike this movie How? Why is this so reviled?[View]
98852606Steve Jobs: What's the best movie about him?[View]
98842298What is it about actresses wanting to get bigger and bigger?[View]
98852700>Yu fookeng Emeriken peegs! Zees beeple ah te'ible what did he mean by this?…[View]
98852825One Bladerunner 2048 tape please[View]
98847840Honest question, why this guy keep being hired?All his movies except 300 underperformed, critics alw…[View]
98851878What was her end game?[View]
98852557Anonymous 5/21/2018 4:45:07 PM Heart attack from looking at /tv/[View]
98848957Without looking it up, what are their character names?[View]
98851431Let's name movies bugman/normies like. I'll start first; >The Dark Knight trilogy (also…[View]
98852594Did they go too far?[View]
98851552underappreciated films of the 2000s Seen all the classics. Need some more gems like Buffalo Soldiers…[View]
98852310Do you think any good films have been made in heaven?[View]
98852672>Tell me of your homeworld, Anon.[View]
98847235ITT: Dead careers[View]
98851587>it's a 'character 1 suddenly bursts into a monologue on why character 2 sucks' scene >it…[View]
98850437Power Ranger thread: -Best Season -Best Leader -Best Sixth -Best Girl -Best Morph -Best villain -Wor…[View]
98852635Have Americans seen this film? It's pretty good. Too much paedophilia, though.[View]
98848835\W/ - Westworld/ Weebworld[View]
98843385ITT bad movies /tv/ memed you into watching[View]
98849480Blue Zoe best Zoe![View]
98852202>'Damn, that actress is super hot' >Google her >She's 15.…[View]
98852223I'm going to a casino on the french Riviera soon. Pick my outfit /tv/[View]
98844893Why did they pick this dude as Anakin Skywalker?: Nothing against the actor himself but he doesn…[View]
98852462>endangers herself around the suspected assassin in a secluded spot instead of doing her investig…[View]
98852226What went wrong?[View]
98851659Contrary to /tv/ popular opinion, I liked Revenge of the Sith and The Dark Knight Rises. They were f…[View]
98850967He added the jumpscare to Citizen Kane to wake up the audience: So did he acknowledge the film as on…[View]
98851301ITT: NEETs in television & film.[View]
98848674All memes aside, do you think he was a good villian to end the kino Batman Trilogy with or nah? I li…[View]
98852140>This fine shit >This fine crew[View]
98847891Westworld Discussion: Is Maeve unstoppable now? What hosts can’t she control?[View]
98843067yms << ralph < ihe[View]
98852092This was a kiddie flick with swearing and gore. No wonder Reddit nostalgiafags prefer it to T1.[View]
98851613Favorite Actors: post your favorite actors, whether it's for the memes, charisma, skill, or any…[View]
98850525ITT: Forgotten meme films[View]
98841344What the /tv/eredict on deadpool 2? Feel free to use spoilers.[View]
98844277Twitter fans talking about this two shit cast[View]
98844274BASED: The Obamas are officially /tv/ related. Who else is ready for some Obama kino?[View]
98851857ITT: 0/10 actors[View]
98850188FUCK GIMPLE: Season 2b and 3 of ftwd was absolute kino. On the same level of got. Not one bad or fil…[View]
98844341John Wick 3: https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/heat-vision/anjelica-huston-asia-kate-dillon-join-kea…[View]
98851032Solo is the FIRST Star Wars movie to break the long time tradition of having R2D2 AND C3PO in their …[View]
98848738give me some good comedies please[View]
98850874RLM: 'Stay Classy George!' Mike said that in an Half in the Bag episode. Anyone remember which episo…[View]
98848389So is this worth my time or what[View]
98848449>you will never take nighttime walks by the river in freezing February weather together before co…[View]
98847980This is fun. Vampires, werevolves, witches and dull teen drama.[View]
98851245Well done Refn, well done: HOWEVER[View]
988489306 movies of iron man and captain america and still no modok What gives? Are audiences still not read…[View]
98851013Who here loved Terminator 4 (Salvation) ? I think it was very underrated. I've never seen it ta…[View]
98843590One of the worst Disney movies ever[View]
98851493ITT Shows that aged like milk[View]
98851369How is one man so based?[View]
98850854What happened to her? Did she died? [View]
98850612Goddamnit, Alica!: Goddamnit![View]
98840903ITT: individuals who may or may not be villains.[View]
98847618>c'mon anon, show us what the boggart turns into for you[View]
98851295Who's ready for almost 300 hours of Marvel Cinematic Universe™? >https://docs.google.com/spr…[View]
98848246Mowgli trailer: https://youtu.be/YzPUQsuHvEg Will it be good? Will it be better than the live action…[View]
98847836cobra kai cameo when?[View]
98849402Kingslayer Chronicles TV: Wonder how many people are going to watch this expecting a LOTR/GOT epic a…[View]
98829513>I DO NOT CARE FOR THE GODFATHER Was Peter in the right? He's valid to his own opinion.…[View]
98851250A little while ago I saw an anon post about the Harry and Meghan movie referencing obscure memes and…[View]
98849074Edward Norton's Hulk was better, prove me wrong..[View]
98849891>I hate sneed[View]
98851092In Hollywood black men are always portrayed innoce-[View]
98850220I am survivor, we're dying breed.[View]
98848672>Stumble upon new actress >Go straight to her wikifeet page…[View]
98848870Will you say something Jimmy you FUCKING robot: Sean Lock is one of the best comedians working today…[View]
98847396Why does he wear the gauntlet?[View]
98849584What went wrong?[View]
98851041Now that the critics have totally shit on 13 Reasons Why, can we meme it out of existence?? ITT: Mem…[View]
98845958Do game shows deliberately pick retarded contestants to save money?[View]
98851028Can /tv/ recommend films in a similar style to 'The Hallow' and 'The Hollow Child'? >folktale, fa…[View]
98850956>chuck won't fuck me[View]
98848910Pope Clement VII, I'm Henry VIII[View]
98850932>spike lee joint[View]
98849762What's his best?[View]
98850316Jordan Schlansky thread[View]
98850616Will it surpass the original?[View]
98849454Peaky blinders: How good is this show? Is it worth watching or not?[View]
98850817Germany BTFO[View]
98850720why didn't Jimmy Fallon just give everyone a ride to Berlin?[View]
98849326>WONDER WOMAN PLEASE THERE ARE CHILDREN DOWN THERE! >All who threaten Israeli borders must be …[View]
98843341Hi /tv/![View]
98850234Heat: Why do people like this again? 3 hours of Pacino overacting and DeNiro looking bored just for …[View]
98844029So i Just got this for my birthday. Only ever seen the pierce brosnan ones and a couple of the dani…[View]
98850635ITT: 'Bad' movies that are actually good[View]
98850460https://www.timesofisrael.com/5-jewish-facts-about-the-new-han-solo-star-wars-movie/ wild! i never …[View]
98848135If I pull that off will you die?[View]
98844828What is your answer to the Riddle of Steel anons?[View]
98850358Anyone else watch this after it got dumped on Netflix? This was surprisingly good. Had absolutely no…[View]
98840506he didnt attend Nimoy's funeral[View]
98849604It was kino.[View]
98835830>ITT: Rare times Critics were wrong Black Panther was mediocre at best and actually pretty bad in…[View]
98850154I miss Game of Thrones. I miss the got threads/general as well.[View]
98849739was it kino?[View]
98832489ITT we post unconventional /tv/ hotties[View]
98847841Strings: Strings[View]
98847430Anyone else really want to fuck Catelyn Stark?[View]
98850086Any films with this aesthetic?: https://youtu.be/rkEYB-xsxuI?t=7m34s[View]
98840811What went so right?[View]
98850050Rate her pregnant dancing skills.[View]
98848914Is there a more tragic Hollywood story than this.[View]
98837650ITT: Simpsons quotes you use in everyday life >'Ooh, that [food] was so good. I wish I was eating…[View]
98848583You have 10 seconds to name a more /fa/ main character. Go.[View]
98849639ITT: comfy kino[View]
98849974What was your favorite moment? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3A-Z5sRwgLM Anyone that posts about p…[View]
98846923WHY TONY PICK HIS FRIEND'S SIDE DURING THE NYC WAR?: He would have got more respect from the jo…[View]
98849904Anybody have a legit stream link for the new deadpool ?[View]
98849453Kids from seven to seventeeno...[View]
98849810https://youtu.be/aBE0bt8prD8 Why aren't there more films that tackle this particular brand of a…[View]
98843212What does /tv/ think of Heather Graham's body of work?[View]
98848913Phoebe thread[View]
98849756where does /tv/ get their kino from?[View]
98849396>it's a 'walter white pees on the seat in front of him in order to avoid the cartel' episode…[View]
98849028I just got fired. What are some unemployed kino to lighten my mood?[View]
98848737You be the judge[View]
98848592What was the quickest you ever dropped a movie whilst watching it? >Thor 2 begins >'In the beg…[View]
98849529this movie was BadBladerunner[View]
98847237>Hey Thanos, did your boyfriend buy you that gaunlet? different times....…[View]
98847160How much does he charge per film?[View]
98849484I'm here to the interview.[View]
98848371life action fuckin when/?[View]
98841370ON THE ROOF![View]
98849353He can get some whenever he wants, so does that make him a... vincel?[View]
98827574> It's a Patrice comments on the #MeToo movement, triggering roasties while doing so episode…[View]
98847663how do you go from this kind of scene to justice league slop?: makes you wanna fly.[View]
98848053Was it nihilistic?[View]
98846557How does people like gus get off say you are a millionaire drug dealer that hold so much power in yo…[View]
98848971>i might not be the right one >it might not be the right time…[View]
98848079japanese commercial kino: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sZsJyCyGBSI[View]
98847170watched the 1983 scarface better than I thought: unironically epic in its style and riveting crimina…[View]
98848869The Plane. The Big Guy... All of it... It's all true[View]
98845165In your heart you know it to be true[View]
98844371>the film is of the Italian 'giallo' genre[View]
98848791did anybody see the Harry and Meghan movie? it features this scene - i don`t remember the context si…[View]
98847097Cast it[View]
98834046/tpg/ - 1 Year Anniversary Edition: Season 3 premiered 1 year ago to this day. Looking back at the s…[View]
98848011Why western films/shows aren't showing family bonding events like bathing with family members o…[View]
98848736>I don't if the toilets clogged because your spic fuck mother flushed her runny spice-induce…[View]
98840599Find a flaw[View]
98847999is he dead[View]
98848134Adam Pussy Driver: is there something with a hole this dood hasn't fucked at Cannes this year ?…[View]
98848613>Spunkmeyer lel[View]
98848622>Velvet Buzzsaw is a 2018 American horror thriller film written and directed by Dan Gilroy (night…[View]
98846238Wir werden die Stellung halten bis zum letzten Mann[View]
98847049That's a big hat[View]
98839678The Mist: This was fucking hilarious. What were they thinking?[View]
98841152\W/ - Westworld: old >>98833673[View]
98847076HE CAN'T KEEP GETTING AWAY WITH these crazy low prices![View]
98846818Batman Ninja is absolute kino[View]
98842237>director makes a long series of shitty movies >directs a sequel to a decades-old movie that o…[View]
98846599Is it the first part of the second movie, or part two of the second movie?[View]
98843511Go fuck yourself TOHO[View]
98846484Was this the most based moment in television history?[View]
98848423What are your favorite dates?[View]
98848363what the fuck: seriously. what a god aweful movie. is every single character supposed to be slow or …[View]
98829683What are some good chick flicks even guys can enjoy?[View]
98847135Films with this feeling, atmosphere, setting, etc: Films similar to Pirates of the Caribbean movies,…[View]
98832694What would you do in this situation?[View]
98847781ITT : Series which ended too soon[View]
98834643What's Tom Hiddleston's best role?[View]
98847787Video tapes[View]
98847889>Welcome to Good Burger, home of the Good Burger. Can I take your order? Was he the original Rob?…[View]
98841661Are there any films like Shadow of the Colossus that drop you in a strange, alien world with tons of…[View]
98847835Jungle Kino? https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=71&v=GpxCT36DxKg[View]
98847965Honestly what was his fucking problem? Will he fight Mr. Unbreakable in the next movie? Or will the …[View]
98842802I forget what this movie was even about[View]
98840508Where does /tv/ land on Game Night?[View]
98847953:' )[View]
98847188What kind of retard thinks he can talk to bears?[View]
98845493Jeepers Creepers 3. Is it good If I never watched the other movies?[View]
98846347>It Ain't _____ starts playing[View]
98838777Why is it that even people who hate Harry Potter think the first two movies were good?[View]
98847853ITT: Amazing characters stuck in shitty shows.[View]
98844278Attractions you would expect to find in a /tv/ theme park: >The Plane Crash (standard rollercoast…[View]
98843357Is rain man the worst movie of all time? I cant believe it won best picture or that Hoffman won best…[View]
98836204Pic related is now your highschool bully, what happens?[View]
98847479>Fear Factor syndication money >NewsRadio syndication money >Netflix money >UFC money …[View]
98846831Is wes anderson a pedo?[View]
98845983Battlebots General: Who will stop this Absolute Unit? Also, Robot Wars got cancelled 2 months ago, a…[View]
98845642Sean Connery? A mysoginist: Waatch if you don't believe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mzXkbJ…[View]
98847659Why did she go fag? How did it affect her career?[View]
98845636Anyone have the cap doing the cia pose pic?[View]
98847519Why was he such a racist? His hatred towards black people made no sense besides making Deadpool look…[View]
98845918Wait a minute this is Bilbo vs Gollum part 2.[View]
98844214>hasnt been in a movie since smurfs 2 why? 2013 was the last good year of our lives…[View]
98847394You will never see Hugh Jackman's Wolverine face off Ryan Reynold's Deadpool Feels bad man[View]
98838788>577 days until Episode IX[View]
98841377Webm Thread: post em[View]
98846752>character takes a shit >doesn’t spend the next 20 minutes trying to wipe off all the blood em…[View]
98845020Would you watch season 3 if it came out? I would in a heartbeat.[View]
98847028>Go on /tv/ >Shout '/tv/ you finna 'bout to get dabbed on.'…[View]
98847195Name a bigger hack working in Hollywood than Sorkin: I'll wait.[View]
98835873Zero upcoming films. Let's find perfect role for Emma Watson.[View]
98839984Name a TV show with more unnatural dialog. No Sorkin.[View]
98845064Great thing just happened. Two cretins were talking in the street outside my window, and I said 'fuc…[View]
98846306This worth anything? It has Eva Green so I expect tits, but that's it.[View]
98843790Will 'Breath' and 'The Tale' be good?[View]
98843893What sort of feeling does this evoke for you? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5dxnr9fV-Ts[View]
98840064Why did he quit directing in his prime?: What a waste of talent. Imagine the Kino[View]
98846922If you had to name a single movie as the best representation of a genre, what would it be? >my p…[View]
98846935WorldWarkino: 39-45 edition: Post, discuss.[View]
98843946>mfw Netflix takes Fraiser off its streaming service because 20 year old Boomers don't under…[View]
98846740Trailer tonight[View]
98846712What Challenger shall Chairman Kaga Invite Next?[View]
98846622ITT: Your first kino erection[View]
98843265So how can we make a Gwenpool movie happen since Deadpool 2 turned out to be trash?[View]
98843498What was he doing in this room?[View]
98837659Maybe try 7.[View]
98845862ITT: based live TV moments: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Frud5RFtTi0 Reminder: This was on SNL…[View]
98845446LUCAS AND JIMBO: How can anyone even compete? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nxl3IoHKQ8c…[View]
98844019I’m really surprised they cast Rosie O’donnel in Deadpool 2. CGI is getting really good if they can …[View]
98846233Did he do it?[View]
98846447>What did you like about that movie? >The aesthetics…[View]
98845342What was the best TV series: and why was it Jericho?[View]
98845582Why wouldn't anybody join the MINION SQUAD when they get free trips to Israel just for joining?…[View]
98846353Twin Peaks: What the fuck was everyone's problem?[View]
98841259The Duchess of Sussex[View]
98844554Why though?: Why did Rian Johnson make the shittest movie possible when he had 7 other movies to wor…[View]
98846366*>camera zooms in on wide-eyed person with distracted group of friends arguing in the back of the…[View]
98844292You can guess the entire plot based on what gender / race the characters are.[View]
98845893Did anyone else think that the ending of the season 2 was very cowardly by the director? Instead of …[View]
98837122ITT: kino[View]
98842424ACTORS WHO HAVEN'T DONE CAPESHIT: Now that Jake G has fallen to capeshit can we get a list of a…[View]
98846284Rimmer you're a git LMAO >It's cold outside...[View]
98842966Will TFA's domestic record ever be challenged? It made 177 million dollars more than fucking Av…[View]
98844969Legit the only likeable character in the movie[View]
98835297Jake Gyllenhaal is set to play villain Mysterio in the next 'Spider-Man' movie.[View]
98844823ITT: People who did nothing wrong[View]
98837985What's she trying to hide?[View]
98833647Let's settle this once and for all. Who had the best business card?[View]
98846096did anybody see the Harry and Meghan movie? it features this scene - i don`t remember the context s…[View]
98842913Why didn't they just drop bombs onto the beach?: Seems like bad planning to send some dooodz on…[View]
98835650What movies satisfy this criteria?[View]
98844543>it's a Jeff Winger has yet another shallow hook up and doesn't learn anything episode…[View]
98844512But what kind? Meltdown alert? Mad Dog Alert? Blimp Attack? Fire Drill?[View]
98845667>two characters meet up >talk for two minutes and leave why is this so common in movies/tv? li…[View]
98843256ITT: pleb filters and while we're at it, what are some edgy yet good filmmakers other than >…[View]
98840226This film is 'only' 10 years old but it wouldn't be made today. Where did it all go wrong?[View]
98845516will we ever get another movie with Ellen Ripley?[View]
98844634Where was Deadpool during Infinity Wars? Would he have made a difference?[View]
98844615>The only people who watch Friends don't have them! How can a show about two people chatting…[View]
98842989Why the fuck is no one talking about this gem?[View]
98843815does this work?[View]
98835498Serious question; Why did Disney buy Star Wars if their only goal was to completely fuck it and send…[View]
98845228Can we have a Black Mirror thread? I just finished the whole series 1st time, as I missed /tv/'…[View]
98844081Find a better scored show than Westworld. Protip: you can't Protip 2: CHAD composer too[View]
98837099What did you think of all the nightmare fuel from Shin Godzilla?: Seriously though, the designs for …[View]
98841611Could this still be made today?[View]
98845143This guy right here fought one of the Black Order, that was previously giving trouble to some of the…[View]
98844376This deserved to be cancelled: What were they thinking, ditching the supernatural drama for the chee…[View]
98843290So the guy who made Zombeavers is making Critters: The New Binge, and they're bringing back the…[View]
98845092Anyone else see this little gem? Plot is fucked to the baftas and back but the imagery makes me feel…[View]
98834426Saw it yesterday. What a disaster. >the self-congratulatory jokes >opening credits like in th…[View]
98844804Someday in the future when we reach the point where novody gives a fuck about anybodies sexuality an…[View]
98841091>Stop driving taxis[View]
98844338LoTgH: This anime has the potential to be a live action space opera. Why has no one made it?[View]
98843024Favourite David Lynch films[View]
98843551>name a better superhero franchise >you can't…[View]
98843592>We Germans aren't all smiles.[View]
98844516'It'll get easier.' What did he mean by this?[View]
98844330>watch documentary >Allan Watts quote in the beginning…[View]
98842982Films similar to Sin City: Any La Noire recommendations with themes of sex, filth, and violence like…[View]
98842032>tfw no mummy gf[View]
98841327his new videos are too ambitious i dont want to watch videos with an entire plot and shitty effects[View]
98838472I'm watching Dark and I noticed the trees are too far apart from each other. Is this common in …[View]
98841525>Smell-O-Vision was a system that released odor during the projection of a film so that the viewe…[View]
98844132>its a brit roleplaying as a frenchman episode[View]
98834433Is it possible for superhero movies to get better than this? If so, how?[View]
98841910yay or nay?[View]
98843738Why isn't this anywhere near as funny as the sopranos? Why isn't the music as good as in t…[View]
98839404What is your favorite documentary?[View]
98840975why the fuck did Netflix pick this up for a third season[View]
98835841>that one movie you'll always love more than any other What's her name?…[View]
98840913More Villain Kino: https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/heat-vision/jake-gyllenhaal-talks-star-spider-m…[View]
98843860I always thought this took place in the distant future or something since time behaves differently i…[View]
98843816>implying that wasn't KINO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MW8M3tr1XXo…[View]
98839296Stop eating baggels[View]
98841692Just waiting for the official trailer, but here Andy Serkis' Mowgli from Warner Bros. https://w…[View]
98842875This was just about the worst episode ever Completely unnecessary filler that did nothing to forward…[View]
98833714What went wrong?: Most of his future projects like The Modern Ocean, Uncharted: Drake's Fortune…[View]
98839048Finally got around to this overrated tripe. It's nothing more than a worse version of The Aviat…[View]
98834726Fear the Walking Dead: I’ll drop the show if they let anything happen to him.[View]
98842827So I went actually saw this movie for the first time last night. I prepared myself for the horrible …[View]
98842979You mockin’ da groomin’ standards?[View]
98842974Any other Canada anons watch YTV back when it was good?[View]
988372532049 is better than the original[View]
98843236Let's settle this - who was the best James Bond? >Moorefags need not apply…[View]
98836771>'Rey will get a Yellow Lightsaber in IX' Why do Nu-Fags believe this? Why do they ignore the Pre…[View]
98843497what flicks does he watch?[View]
98843450It still hurts, bros.[View]
98837447Why did Yoda burn the ancient jedi texts?[View]
98840244What ever happened to the storyline of principal Lewis and the school werewolf?[View]
9884004260 Minutes piece on Theranos. Highly recommended: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/the-theranos-elizabet…[View]
98835667Is he, dare I say, Kubrick of our generation?[View]
98837501>'Harry tells me you're quite the holocaust denier.' >'You know... I'm something of …[View]
98842752Cable: So he is basically the Winter Soldier with a gun?[View]
98842754I thought it was good but it didnt blow me out of the water. I like the various plays on the 'black …[View]
98843169been spending most our lives livin' in a gangsta's paradise[View]
98843163Frankie Boyle's New World Order: What the fuck happened to Frankie Boyle? I thought I was in fo…[View]
98842720Shit tier villains that you pray never get used in a movie again: Fuck green goblin enough of him…[View]
98843019Did he do anything wrong?[View]
98842985Were the interviews with Mike Singletary peak comedy? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QGxF_d9TP6c…[View]
98842924>movie features blind person who has good hearing >when you loose one sense, the others become…[View]
98842918>send girlfriend a pic of my boner and ask her if she wants to watch me cum on snapchat >she t…[View]
98839601itt: Bravo DABID: “I looked for you on the Trident,” Ned said to them. “We were not there,” Ser Gero…[View]
98839400>Dood immigration is good because the food is tasty! What the fuck happened to Clint Eastwood?…[View]
98842852>when your movies are shit but some pretentious label you as a legend[View]
98842376The great debate. Which Team would you rather have on the case?[View]
98840554I'm fucking depressed now. Fuck this movie and fuck you to the guy who recommended it.[View]
98836348This movie didn't even deserve 100 million, let alone 2.8 billion.[View]
98841065Was it kino?[View]
98842705an argument with this guy would be priceless...[View]
98835504>20 years to make >it's a mess What went wrong ?…[View]
98842425Jurassic World/Park Thread: Spain is getting their premiere today, so congrats to them! Post all thi…[View]
98842538>tfw the hero finally gets fed up with the antagonist character and gives him a long articulate s…[View]
98838319Who else excited for Kommando 1944 starring natty teen bodybuilding legend Jeff Seid?[View]
98842455>your favorite prostitute killed herself Films for this feel?[View]
98840969Brainlet here. What was the deal with Mikey being resurrected and speaking like Satan? Seems that pl…[View]
98842435>Plan one last heist before going to NZ >Use the black driver instead of Hispanic >Make it …[View]
98842416Anno: Is he the Hitchcock of this generation?[View]
98842089/MHG/-Mission Hill General: >tfw no posey gf edition[View]
98842325wow this was such a stupid fucking movie with a even more stupid plot this book makes no fucking sen…[View]
98838184Is GoT inherently racist?[View]
98838203>main character and antagonist were friends before a falling out[View]
98842030He would have been a better pick: robert donkey jr can only play the same character over and over ag…[View]
98842096FUCK YOU, Fucking Cheers Thread.: Used to watch the show as a child now starting to rewatch it, I am…[View]
98839195Would you watch a Waspgirl solomovie?[View]
98840376>the big three[View]
98840639This movie opened my eyes. I'm never eating at McDonald's again.[View]
98838722TV That Has Aged Horribly: Signfeld is probably the best example of an out of date television. It is…[View]
98838921Tobey was the best spider-man r-r-right?[View]
98837798Would you?[View]
98836635>Mr. Stark...[View]
98834372Man, I've never seen the Internet so mad about something before.[View]
98841785/13rw/ general: Make Tony-posting great again edition Come for the trash and half-baked discussions,…[View]
98829375Deadpool 2: Why is everybody talking about the quips instead of the 3rd heaven scene where Wade is f…[View]
98841758>Velvet Buzzsaw is a 2018 American horror thriller film written and directed by Dan Gilroy (night…[View]
98834638what went right?[View]
98839649What's the worst scifi film that got a theatrical release this century?[View]
98841691Taskmaster: For fuck's sake, when are women going to read?[View]
98841603Goodnight, sweet prince.[View]
98841513Imagine directing this masterpiece but then only being remembered for some shitty sci-fi fantasy mov…[View]
98840648Thoughts on this? I loved it.[View]
98829623The fact the public already Turing on Nu-Star Wars is proof people give Disney too much credit for t…[View]
98841296Would Man of Steel have been improved if Superman saved a puppy during the fight with Zod?[View]
98841144Panther of Black colour. Thread.[View]
98837938What am I in for?[View]
98839029Is this scene realistic?[View]
98833673\W/ - Westworld: Which Snek? https://www.strawpoll.me/15739494 previous >>98821912[View]
98834802Taxi Driver (2018): What would it look like if it were made today?[View]
98836720Was the Turtles movie actually good? Or is it just my nostalgia?[View]
98839694What does /tv/ think of Dukes of Hazzard? Is it racist? Should Daisy have been the main character? W…[View]
98836870This is a comment I found on youtube: >I, as a true movie enthusiast, think you have the right me…[View]
98839895just marathoned pic related, what did you think of it?[View]
98841011Getting tired of all media but now is trendy to bing movie and series all chicks are netflix whores …[View]
98837624Did /ourcritic/ like Solo?[View]
98830387Was this movie supposed to be good?[View]
98838535Why don't they make movies like this anymore? What happened?[View]
98840295Did it deserve to be cancelled?[View]
98840678Asia Argento knew about Luc Besson: https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/asia-argento-says-shes-kn…[View]
98839053Beat that you little trout sniffer[View]
98841031Why are all the characters apart from draper and almost all the women made out to be silly and moron…[View]
98837847Saw this yesterday. What does /tv/ think about think about it? I personally found it a comfy master…[View]
98840738>'I'm up hiw arse and going to give the 'ol boy a good licking.' what kind of dialog is…[View]
98838430ITT movies that make you feel like a brainlet for liking them. I'll start[View]
98840744What if Peter lied and actually had an ability? His photo wasn't accurate either.[View]
98840731What do you think of this film?[View]
98837499Hey goobers I got friends over and we wanna watch a weird movie/doco any recommendations??[View]
98840673Hey guys, I'm making Pulp Fiction over and over again. Also Star Trek.[View]
98840432>I’m through with standing in line to clubs we’ll never get in >It’s like the bottom of the ni…[View]
98840565>I saw a dog eat its poo[View]
98839779He killed dozens....[View]
98816664>Dates half the school Are we supposed to feel sorry for her?[View]
98840358What exactly was in this room?[View]
98835246So we doing the jet skis?[View]
98838271VHS effect: How do I get my VHS tapes to achieve true vintage status? I'm talking blurry video.…[View]
98836047Friendly reminder that this vile piece of shit is the cancer killing the industry.[View]
98838868Switching places: >Will Smith now replaces Mark Wahlberg in every movie he did How is it?…[View]
98840135What did she mean by this?[View]
98823410Donnie Darko Thread my fellow 30 bloomers![View]
98836444What's her fucking problem?[View]
98839521/nightkino/: What is some kino that is mostly happening at nighttime and uses kinoworthy lightning t…[View]
98838813Whats next for Bridget Regan?[View]
98838728He makes the best fucking films[View]
98836772This is the strongest character in western film A hulking, intelligent titan...[View]
98829682She should have gotten more roles.[View]
98839911>director of Raid films Gareth Evans >staring Dan Stevens >set in 1905 >a crazy cult kid…[View]
98839878Who was in the wrong here?: https://youtu.be/TLYgTloC7lg[View]
98839862Heat: >Plan one last heist before going to NZ >Use the black driver instead of Hispanic >Ma…[View]
98835685damn. never thought it like that[View]
98839522What's your favorite cooking show?[View]
98838252I'm watching Hostiles and suddenly this happens: NOOO TIMMY NOOO[View]
98838006ITT: only based moments: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0VSRMRh8fEs[View]
98838216/AoS/ Thread: 'Fitz must suffer' edition[View]
98838166Flying Padre: Kubrick's only truly American film? Discuss. Pic unrelated.[View]
98838932Finally finished it. Really enjoyed it all around. Tony is dead right? The guy that went to the bath…[View]
98832418Are Movies made mostly for Women these days?[View]
98835340Why is she so bossy?[View]
98838038\The Expanse/: Nguyen is a raciss.[View]
98839285Just finished watching Saw 1 for the first time, since the whole franchise seems to get a lot of hat…[View]
98833235>kristen you HAVE to stop trying to hit on every girl you see[View]
98838583>dude, Jesus allegories lmao[View]
98837887What are some kinos about food? (no asian movies)[View]
98835999What would you do with the infinity gauntlet? me? id make make all women actors have perfect feet. p…[View]
98838135Did you like Tremors 6?[View]
98838892>completely obnoxious in comedy roles >absolutely stellar in dramatic roles How the fuck?…[View]
98836728It's 2018. Do you know where your quality threads are?[View]
98838218Dale Cooper committed adultery with Windom Earle’s wife[View]
98838141Why the fuck is no one talking about this gem?[View]
98836292*sends your house to the dungeons*[View]
98838772Well I'm finally convinced it sucks now[View]
98838869What are some sadkino?[View]
98837993Moments women will never understand: You know, I know about farming.[View]
98838726I taught Moses games when he wore short pants on a monument.[View]
98837011We are at home in the basement. From this photo alone recommend something you think we would enjoy. …[View]
98830588What are some actresses with proper jawlines? You guys always post those s()ygirls with recessed bet…[View]
98837849ITT: Films where the good guy wins[View]
98819617Twin Peaks - Best Girl: Audrey is by far the best girl. >Shelly is fucking gorgeous but also fuc…[View]
988383317 years Ago![View]
98837424Westworld/ The last Samurai: Did Westworld just fuse with the Last Samurai? If so where the fuck is …[View]
98831121Who is she?: >Luc Besson Accused of Rape by Unnamed Young Actress Who Has Worked With Him Twice h…[View]
98838053What are the best summer movies?[View]
98838362So hes gay like vito except he doesn't try to hide it?[View]
98837425Why is there a stigma attached to jewish female actresses?[View]
98838262“Now I know what’s going on, the fans have mistaken me for the likes of you. So, where do you think…[View]
98834576Just catched Groundhog Day here on TV in my country .. and I'm wondering.. is there any more mo…[View]
98814684GABBAGOOL, HES A FAAAAAAAAGG EDITION: Hey faggots get the fuck In here! Its a Soprano thread.[View]
98837382What did the soviet union mean by this?[View]
98838160>establishing a badass scene >'bad to the bone' starts playing kill me…[View]
98838007is this an accurate representation of everyday life in australia?[View]
98833247This is the ideal TV show. You may not like it, but this is what peak television looks like.[View]
98837940ITT: we attempt to name better film characters than Frozone's wife[View]
98830578Who's your favorite comedian and why?[View]
98818957What did she mean by this?[View]
98831408Why didn't you tell me, /tv/?[View]
98837751Post movies that have cats in them[View]
98835306westworld: >ywn have a threesome with snekfu and dragonfu why even live bros?…[View]
98836099Movie endings: Whats your favorite movie ending? Mine is Casino (1995) >Right after Ace finishes …[View]
98836196ON THE ROOF![View]
98820041I'm getting real sick of netlfix's shit[View]
98830763A rad movie: Solo is going to do the Billions Run in under 12 parsecs![View]
98837674Was he looking at Travis, or was he judging us, the audience, for reacting with glee at the prospect…[View]
98830481There's no saving her, boys. It's over. We need to let it die and move on. Solo failing, a…[View]
98837533>Plan one last heist before going to NZ >Use the black driver instead of Hispanic >Make i…[View]
98837410In your opinion, what drives cap to be the force of morality in the avengers shitcapeverse?[View]
98837588NOT AIDAN LA[View]
98834420What are some of the most fucked-up Japanese movies? >inb4 some square says Audition…[View]
98837013What does /tv/ think of JonTron?[View]
98829148What's the point of this scene? Non-meme answers pls[View]
98837190>kills everyone literally minutes before military arrives What was he thinking?…[View]
98833504Celebrity encounter stories? Pic related. Me on the right.[View]
98837404Why does Netflix keep promoting white women and black men?[View]
98837427>anime cant be kin-[View]
98834180ITT: Guest appearences you didn't expect[View]
98811028WAKE ME UP INSIDE[View]
98837417Big Mac's a Big Mac but they call it Le Big Mac.[View]
98837283>My people were the white man's nigger when yours were still painting their faces and chasin…[View]
98836965When will Nolan make his magnum opus - Battle of Britain movie?[View]
98832675Comfy Simpsons thread, lads. What's your favourite episode?[View]
9882694713 Reasons Why: >'Every girl at this school wants to get raped' Is he unironically /ourguy/?…[View]
98836964this flick had ONE MAJOR plothole: Why didn't Thanos just use the infinity gauntlet to produce …[View]
98837136what did I think about it? what did (You)?[View]
98836550This might be the finest comedy I've seen all day.[View]
98835214Thoughts? Not flawless, but played it without any expectations and I was left surprised. A proof tha…[View]
98833600What are /tv/'s thoughts on eyes wide shut? that ritual scene was creepy as fuck[View]
98834988Seeing as how every single female character is portraid as nonsensical and unbeholdent to their fail…[View]
98837006'Memes really aren't something one considers when balancing the universe, but this does put a s…[View]
98830191This is Anthony Hopkins. He is 80 years old. Say something nice about him.[View]
98828466>that one movie that almost panders to your fetish What's her name /tv/?…[View]
98836794what's your favorite /tv/ related piece of merch you own?[View]
98836864If I were God, I would have made the world just so and no different. And so I have you... I have you…[View]
98834399How do you go from this...[View]
98820816Marvel Studios' MCU Phase 4[View]
98835887>top 10 by gross >3 capeshits >3 Chinese movies that no one in the west watched >1 cheap…[View]
98819672Will /tv/, is Black Panther the most significant movie of our time?[View]
98833286I'm five minutes into the movie and it already sucks[View]
98836649what was the /tv/ one?[View]
98836520When did Poindexters take over cinema[View]
98822255Hi /tv/ :3[View]
98836212Thoughts on this TV show?[View]
98834265Anyone seen this? Found it on amazon and marathoned the first epizode, seems like a fun kung fu dram…[View]
98830550What does /tv/ think of Two and a Half Men?[View]
98836429Godzilla: https://news.avclub.com/toho-announces-plans-to-revive-its-godzilla-cinematic-u-1826181863…[View]
98835880ITT: Characters who are not only into both sexes, but also not above incest, pedophilia and zoophili…[View]
98836624FTWD: >histrionic white bitch kills the only promising character in the Fear the Boring Dead seri…[View]
98835240Could this nondescript fissure in a rock wall in Peru actually be an ancient Stargate to another gal…[View]
98830675who tf was this guy[View]
98836396Is Toy Story finished?[View]
98836392>Dude I don't speak lmao >I suddenly speak, but only Spanish >Haha I could speak Engli…[View]
98836376>mfw Mr. Healy never wore heelys [View]
98835266black panther discussion: So I finally finished watching black panther and wanted to share some note…[View]
98833402>floating dalaran OH NO NO NO NO NO[View]
98829614Why did he do it /teevee/?[View]
98835711Good movie, bad adaptation.[View]
98831244What was this expression trying to convey?[View]
98836034>Tell me about Bane, why is he bald and muscular? Why was CIA so interested in Bane's person…[View]
98831320\W/estworld General: Why didn't Maeve just telepathically command the Shogun's army to esc…[View]
98836040>I asked you to leave me alone >And you had the audacity to leave me alone This happened atl…[View]
98835974>4 movies in 2018 I-is he finally making a comeback?[View]
98835651Billions: SJW Represent: >watch Billions >tons of 'le ebil white man' scenes >eh, whatever …[View]
98833982>38 days until Ant-Man and the Wasp[View]
98833598>HISSSS What do?[View]
98835782This is Hirokazu Kore-eda. He won the Palme d'or of the Cannes Festival with his new film. Say …[View]
98832231Why does everybody like this more than 3?[View]
98835469Where are all the people?[View]
98829778Will it ever be unseated as the highest grossing movie? It's crazy to think that it made 2.8 bi…[View]
98835208Justin Long birthday card: Hey guys! Justin Long's birthday is coming up. Let's write him …[View]
98831400what is your favorite harry potter character?[View]
98835564Itt: films women will never understand https://youtu.be/jcsshJ7GfvE[View]
98826189Was this the greatest televised debate of 2018?[View]
98834578Cobra Kai: Is Kreese alive or was Johnny hallucinating? Why would Johnny lie about him being dead at…[View]
98834595what the fuck did i just watch[View]
98835370>there's a car chase[View]
98834613What did she mean by this?[View]
98835167What's his powerlevel?[View]
98834487>No nudity in season 2 >Season 2 hated by incels makes you think…[View]
98834186Lee Chang-dong's new movie 'Burning', based on Murakamis short story: Critics love it so far. A…[View]
98834871How many movies have you seen? I've seen them all. All 98.[View]
98829919What does /tv/ think of Oldboy?[View]
98833849>'I bet you think you're real hot shit now right?'[View]
98834706where are we going /tv/[View]
98830368The ass from True Detective intro was just CGI. What the fuck.[View]
98835007Is there literally 1 person excited for this motion picture? Explain yourself if so[View]
98834943ITT the worst people you have encountered at the cinema Ill go first >going to see Deadpool 2 …[View]
98828754>hitting the wall before 15[View]
98834464I miss him lads[View]
98834827>Seven-six-two millimeter... Stanley Kubrick's Full Metal Jacket. Really?…[View]
98833499APOLOGIZE!: i miss him so fucking much.[View]
98833478Pajeetworld > Shogunworld > Westworld[View]
98829764defend this.[View]
98829159Lmao I love Family Guy[View]
98833416Where's my damn trailer Panos you fat fuck[View]
98832775Ready Player One: What was his problem?[View]
98834663No Country Buffet for Anon: “I’m not sitting next to anon.” “You sit next to him.”[View]
98830959bored with comedy: nothing is funny to me anymore the last comedic things I enjoyed were old Chris M…[View]
98834525How many movies about reliving the same day multiple times are there? Im not talking about normal ti…[View]
98833796Why were Homer & Carl going to eat popcorn at work? Has anyone ever done this?[View]
98832957Will it ever be topped?[View]
98832494Name a worse casting in a cape movie.[View]
98832937Why was Buenos Aires hit first?[View]
98834539>'Hey Hans, I'm one jew your kraut fucks couldn't put down!' what the hell?…[View]
98824725So wait, the killers were a bunch of comically evil dudes who wouldn't be out of place in a ton…[View]
98834486Westworld S02E05: >Based Maeve incoming[View]
98831264it's shit.[View]
98830218Koreeda ACTUALLY wins Cannes[View]
98831382Paul Dano: What's your favorite role of his? What do you expect from Wildlife? Wildlife torrent…[View]
98832800ITT: Children's movies only you have seen[View]
98833461is senpai guy kino?[View]
98831231Is this a gen Z flick? I'm a boomer and feel kind of embarrassed when I watch it, even though I…[View]
98830295Name a more likeable actress.[View]
98831733How long until a bombshell drops about this guy? Talk about a career. Goonies, No Country for Old Me…[View]
98833347>netflix is shit >the shows are infested with politics >new season of 13 reasons why releas…[View]
98832911>parents ask me for a horror movie >I suggest them Poltergeist because they don't know a …[View]
98833993Good morning.[View]
98831490How come (((she))) isn't in more movies?[View]
98829795What's next for /ourguy/ John Boyega?[View]
98830796I'd like to hear everyone's opinion of her body of work.[View]
98833939how close are we to getting a sequel to Baywatch (2017)?[View]
98833819Answer these questions if you can: 1. Modernity, the public sphere and the media have defined each o…[View]
98833969What are some serial killer kino?[View]
98826710ITT: Movies that aren’t nearly as bad as people make them out to be[View]
98833961Was it kino?: >CHIEF: if both of the 2 of us are gonna want 2 the after life, u gots 2 hung aroun…[View]
98831102What's next in their careers?[View]
98831220Arrested Development: Did you like the remixed season 4? Are you looking forward to season 5? Which …[View]
98818473>training their child to help them spy for a country that is shittier in literally every single w…[View]
98833288Why does it always take 20 years for plebs to understand a Paul Verhoeven movie?[View]
98831655What do you say?[View]
98833739>I'm Ephraim Bin Osiris Anday Sekel em-Al! what did Johnny Rico mean by this? did he get a n…[View]
98833696Did he do anything wrong?[View]
98817376There is no webm thread, I repeat there is no webm thread![View]
98832892How are the bezerk movies compared to the show?[View]
98832195*heavy guitar riff[View]
98831095Am I the only one who wants to be smothered by her fire crotch? >actually has funny punchlines …[View]
98831918What the fuck happened?[View]
98827989Anyone looking forward to any new tv shows? I'm going to watch I Feel Bad on NBC. Here's …[View]
98833029ITT: Simpsons episode that make you cry/ give you feels[View]
98830858>Hahaha you're watching 13 Reasons Why? What a faggot! You know that's a show for child…[View]
98830136>British 'humor'[View]
98831935Turn around and see this >Hey FAGGOT, aren’t you a little too short to be a stormtrooper? What …[View]
98833165>Don't that picture look dusty?[View]
98832782Choose ONE (1) and only one.[View]
98830882Should I watch it?[View]
98808698hmmm did i hear someone say they wanted to hear my dads google history?[View]
98830805Is there anything live action that feels like Moomin?[View]
98829463Fight Club: Does this movie ever stop narrating and start movie-ing? I can only take so much 'subtle…[View]
98833144The End Times: Who is going to play them in the inevitable movie following the success of the game?…[View]
98831724Was this a fair portrayal?[View]
98833072>J. K. Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter series, is a fan of Gilliam's work. Consequen…[View]
98833097ITT: Midwest Kino[View]
98831981You ever of the tragedy of Darth Maul the legless?[View]
98833031>Iron Nick... who WAS Iron Nick? I never got this scene as a kid. why does Sheev suddenly start t…[View]
98833030/ourfemanist/? https://youtu.be/FQTornBY4Ig?t=336[View]
98832615ITT: objective truths If you care about 'plotholes' and go around searchinf for them like an autist.…[View]
98832409What does /tv/ think of Borat?[View]
98832396>Criminal A takes over Criminal B's business and kills him >'it's a hostile takeover…[View]
98805013>Hey there's a new movie about hot young Daphne and Velma solving mysteries in high school u…[View]
98829400It's the cheekiest thing I've ever seen /tv/ Her power is to literally be the maryiest stu…[View]
98831895>minor side character never talks on screen and is all around fairly boring >they are describe…[View]
98832239Happytime Murders: So they started with a concept that was gonna utilize puppetry with dark and mood…[View]
98832681Based Mr. H[View]
98832330>'NU WARS'[View]
98825817What's his Magnum opus?[View]
98831939What was the deal with all the tubes?[View]
98829857And who will fight Ashur? Choose carefully, for I long for blood.[View]
98821912\W/ - Westworld: >>98819942[View]
98832140YOU ARE NOT THE FATHER: *moonwalks off stage*[View]
98831062What's his best performance?[View]
98826445Spike Lee wins Cannes: Does this upset you?[View]
98822973This movie was nearly my favourite Tarantino movie, until I hit the ending. Kiddo confronts Bill and…[View]
98829307Am I the only one who never really cared much for Luke to begin with? As a kid I always looked up to…[View]
98832254any other show like nirvanna the band? got it rec'd on here and i liked it. anything else like …[View]
98827051they really need to stop copying pasting these books and put a modern spin to them outside of upated…[View]
98818844Webm Thread: Post what you have edition[View]
98827233What does /tv/ think of Napoleon Dynamite?[View]
98828021Is there a year for that would make you not see films?: In other words is there a year so old that y…[View]
98830234How did this get nine seasons with no one watching it?[View]
98829273I very much find this board shallow and pedantic.[View]
98828358Roll em. Who are you? 0-2 Vyv 3-4 Rick 5-6 Neil 8-9 Mike[View]
98830503Most Disturbing Movie: The remake of The Hills Have Eyes left me in a funk for a couple of days. But…[View]
98824776CAPEFILM THEME SONGS: Let's settle this. https://www.strawpoll.me/15738619 https://www.youtube.…[View]
98824572Star Wars under the Disney™ banner has become co opted by the liberals, and is the new multi-billion…[View]
98818563What age is it okey in your opinion for kid start watching a R rated movie like Deadpool ?: Seeing p…[View]
98831717Posoki AKA Directions [2017] by Stephan Komandarev: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H0YO6uhjhlk >…[View]
98826872Disney Developing Live-Action Remake Of THE BLACK CAULDRON: https://ca.movies.yahoo.com/disney-will-…[View]
98828972IW flopped and capeshit has begun its decline. What genre will replace it in terms of popularity and…[View]
98827077What are some films with this aesthetic?[View]
98821419What caused this show to become complete shit inb4 Nolan's wife[View]
98831513ITT: Continuity fails from your favourite shows This one bugged me since the moment it aired. In a S…[View]
98827463[inhales in australian][View]
98831489*jumps the shark 4 episodes in*[View]
98828563Sean is listening: What's on your mind, sport? Tell me anything. Something good. Something bad.…[View]
98829429Casino Royale is garbage. Webm related, physically impossible, and throws any suspension of disbelie…[View]
98822287JLawNude: So Red Sparrow comes out on Blu-Ray Tuesday. What I need to know is how hot are Jennifer…[View]
98828532What's next for his career?[View]
98821286About to watch this for the first time, what am I in for?[View]
98823357>it wasn't SJWPOOL, you're just being sensitive. >The quips weren't lefty orien…[View]
98818861The Red Shoes: is this kino?[View]
98825652>Ragnarrock and Black Panther are the best MCU movies[View]
98829573A compilation of six seconds of Screenwriting advice by a screenwriter https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
98823457*gives well-argumented, sophisticated criticisms about your movie*[View]
98824975So what was the point in The Thing not infecting Clark? I mean I get for the sake of the viewer it…[View]
98828064No joke, I started clapping here.[View]
98828135Underrated as fuck[View]
98830395How do you go from THIS to THIS?[View]
98828844movies that shit the bed in the last 15 minutes[View]
98830580He should've gotten more roles.[View]
98830598What are some horror movies with God-tier practical effects?[View]
98829081Deadpool 2: So my friend hates deadpool 2 and loves deadpool 1. How do i convince him that he is wro…[View]
98826932director confirmed Bryce would have stopped if Hannah said 'yes': unironically K I N O[View]
98830531ITT: Mungboy core movies[View]
98830413>*record scratch* >YOU'RE PROBABLY WONDERING HOW I GOT HERE...…[View]
98830293The enemy cannot shitpost if you disable his hand[View]
98826600>See you around, kid. *dies*[View]
98823868Holy shit this pirate show is comfy af. Why did you never tell me about this?[View]
98830362Absolutely BASED character actors: Jim Beaver is the fucking man.[View]
98828197Was this show any good? I feel like re-visiting some of the older campy shows of the early 90s[View]
98827651Do you like Hubert Loomis and the Noose?[View]
98829744Nice acting. As if a real woman would look at an oaf like ron that way haha.[View]
98828674please tell me he’s okay ;([View]
98829988DON'T GET MARRIED[View]
98830161Will there ever be a Cheetah Girls reunion?[View]
98828831>stop using smart phones[View]
98829738Thoughts on Britannia? I'm only on episode 4 and so far it looks promising.[View]
98830003>Hannah Baker, we're here to help[View]
98829200Is Joe Rogan retarded?[View]
98829198>british TV show >someone gets on a scale >BLIMMIN BLIMEY HECK. YOU WEIGH 19 STONES AND 5 P…[View]
98829437horror kino: what'd ya think of this movie? any others that you thought were great?[View]
98829941HERE WE GOOOOOOOO![View]
98828866was it really that offensive or it is that no one can take a joke no more? https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
98828925If you were Marty Mcfly, would you fuck your mom She wanted it[View]
98821849Little Lips: movies like this?? https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0077682/[View]
98821129Joe Pera Talks With You: How do you feel about the new Joe Pera kino? http://www.adultswim.com/video…[View]
98828037>Filters the onions out of your company[View]
98829216Return of the mack: Was it kino? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uB1D9wWxd2w[View]
98818649This song was an allegory for Jasmine's sexual awakening. Aladdin definitely at least fingered …[View]
98827606>mfw no king of the hill thread[View]
98828591Name a more Boomer movie than this.[View]
98828742>*frontal lobotomises your path*[View]
98828122Why doesn't Hollywood get more foreign actors and put them in nice roles? Worked really well wi…[View]
98826840What did she mean by this?[View]
98820803Could one potentially reason with Jason Vorhees? Like, if he showed up ready to kill you, could you …[View]
98829378Funnel cakes from the Tomb Raider[View]
98827955ITT: fuck you, I liked it[View]
98826668HB instead of this SJW twitter bullshit we have an accurate high school/college show? > Be Me …[View]
98829268do americans actually do this?[View]
98827223Why do film prequels generally suck? The only good ones I can think of are Temple of Doom, and maybe…[View]
98810368Could a Star Trek television series like DS9/TNG exsist today?[View]
98825890What happened to him?[View]
98823601Characters you wish would get their own Netflix Special?[View]
98824121They gave me the entire next trilogy...: Face it. I won.[View]
98825246ON THE ROOF![View]
98824780Why didn't they just take a helicopter to the control room to disable all the guns and explosiv…[View]
98823530>'Oive boypasst tha kompressah!'[View]
98828146I prefer to watch movies with motion interpolation on on my 60Hz TV Am I a bad person?[View]
98819073The Tudors Vs Wolf Hall: Which one is better?: IMO Wolf Hall makes The Tudors look like trash.…[View]
98829111Seriously 2 trump jokes in the most recent episode? They need to cancel this trash already.[View]
98828378just watched chef what do (((I))) think of it?[View]
98829036A little mermaid for our times[View]
98828952What the fuck is his problem?[View]
98828947the holy trinity of capekino: you literally cannot refute this.[View]
98826914So is Pro Wrestling supposed to be real in the Raimiverse?[View]
98819915Was it communist propaganda?[View]
98822789wtf I love Abo's now![View]
98826392When do you think we're going to see a fully-realized Batman on live action TV again?: Other th…[View]
98825913ITT films you thought were shit on first watch, but god-tier on second watch[View]
98815902Collection: Post collections Starting dump of mine[View]
98827213Why aren't people sick of these movies yet?[View]
98819074You will tell me why you like the new Star Wars.[View]
98823183Wow, it actually did flop. I thought /tv/ were meming but it really was a disaster and probably won…[View]
98828477He was the only true superhero[View]
98828402I'll give you the codes but first I want a night with the black guy.[View]
98821789Bruh, look at this dude[View]
98828460>BLRAGrgghhh this tastes bad[View]
98828437why are movies today so shit[View]
98826452Why were almost all of the women in this movie bald? It looks ugly as sin[View]
98827916Stop unfeedable son[View]
98822064First 20 minutes of Thor Ragnarok are perfect: until Hela shows up. Whether you like it or not from …[View]
98822140Holy Shit What the Fuck Happened: >decide to rewatch Iron Man after picking the Blu-ray up at a t…[View]
98827806Is this babby's first art movie? I thought it was deep when I was like 15. But then again I tho…[View]
98827313Deadpool 2: This was so much better than Infinity War.[View]
98828001*looks at you disapprovingly*[View]
98826382What are some kino about a utopian future?[View]
98827708Star Wars shit: Darth Maul is in the movie. Why the fuck is Disney so retarded?[View]
98826165Was this the greatest girlkino ever created?[View]
98827154Favorite Soprano episode: Personally mine is 'Walk like a man'[View]
98825883Simpsons News and Elegant Episode Discussions: Salutations, my dear anons! Neglecting past riff-raff…[View]
98817177Why did Kevin specify 'Cheese' when talking about Pizza, yet he didn't specify sauce?[View]
98826441ITT: We post fake/forced kino.[View]
98822676Supernatural finale: We all assume Dean will be back to normal within the first two or three episode…[View]
98827265what are some films that capture hopelessness? asking for a friend[View]
98825213What the fuck was her problem?[View]
98814757How would DC have handled this scene?[View]
98823975Well okay, damn, jesus[View]
98827286>think this is paul f. tompkins >look it up >it's not paul f. tompkins what the FUCK…[View]
98826842The Purge: What do you think about these kinos /tv/?[View]
98826387*blocks your path*[View]
98823296Robert “Down Here” Jr.: What happened to his confidence? Was it the pressure of leading such a massi…[View]
98825684How did marvel succeed with such shitty Villains?[View]
98826771What are some kinos with this aesthetic?[View]
98823403What do you think of To Catch a Predator /tv/?[View]
98825850Cast them in the same movie[View]
98826499https://youtu.be/TLYgTloC7lg who was in the wrong here?[View]
98826773>ITT: films plebeians will never understand I'll start with pic related. As good as it was, …[View]
98825838Just marathoned this. What did I think of it?[View]
98821414In Deadpool 2, I really liked the gag where DP kept calling Cable racist because he accidentally kil…[View]
98826777Another Godzilla Shared Universe Incoming: >it’s been revealed that the studio’s plans are now to…[View]
98826799>have the mouse write it what did he mean by this?[View]
98826641yAA BeeA Lewkern fer ye Jag SPerewww[View]
98826425Why is success of a movie measured in dollars? Why not number of tickets or copies sold?[View]
98822402So, what's the best episode?[View]
98809184Never give up on your dreams, /tv/, listen to the man himself.[View]
98825825THEY LOVE IT! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NeK889V5M88[View]
98825134Best Feminist Movies?[View]
98824601Were they gay?[View]
98826372this is my local REAL imax theaters first screening of Solo. They sold out within 5 minutes for TFA,…[View]
98825633>freaks out over breakfast Who was in the wrong here?[View]
98820767How many takes did Rian Johnson make Hamill do for this scene?[View]
98815178VENOM In 10 Languages: Which is best and why is it Russian Venom? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Q…[View]
98824003Billions thread[View]
98803539ITT:We post our favorite Star Wars merch[View]
98825665It appears you are caught up in the Crossfire, Mr. Bond.[View]
98826048Errinwright did nothing wrong[View]
98822429ITT:career killing movies[View]
98826038What is this article trying to convey? https://www.timesofisrael.com/5-jewish-facts-about-the-new-ha…[View]
98826299Joe Pera Talks With You Discussion: is it me or is the captain america neighbor supposed to be as ha…[View]
98824848It's okay.[View]
98826273Leave Thanos to me[View]
98825178Not quite my tempo.[View]
98826164Doctor Whomst[View]
98826100>not cuddling with a qt 3.14 and watching your favorite kino What's your excuse ?…[View]
98822369DEADPOOL 2 Wasn't Joking About Cable's Backstory: >Nathan Summers is the son of Cyclops…[View]
98824920Why isn't the quintessential TV series set in a pub English?[View]
98826082what are some lo fi movies? kind of like Dogme[View]
98824539Stranger Things finally dead?: How can a show about hasbeens in their 50s outperform good scifi show…[View]
98821914>Lightning sound happens at the same time as the flash[View]
98826054*opens mouth really big*[View]
98825629never knew stallone was in so much kino[View]
98825938Now that the poison berry infused ashes have settled, who was the better survivalist?[View]
98822573ITT: actors you're tired of seeing[View]
98816535Why didn't Deadpool just go back in time: And save the dead stuntwoman?[View]
98825772Top nature kino. David Attenborough never fucking upsets.[View]
98818115/90df/: 90 Day Fiance - WE'RE BACK EDITION! >Season Trailer: https://youtu.be/PuaBdAwbbZY[Op…[View]
98825152Did I tell you my mother's here?[View]
98825697Give me a list of your favorite movies[View]
98808929>Stoklasa’s net worth as at 2018 is estimated to be $15 million. w-what…[View]
98824501season finale tomorrow who here /hype???????[View]
98815760JJ killed himself due to stress, and now it falls in your hands to write the script for Episode IIII…[View]
98823000>I knew this would happen, I put you on the jury and you vote for the stupidest film. Unironicall…[View]
98823465Have you cut the cord? Why or why not? I still live with mommy, and we have DirecTV. But in the futu…[View]
98825304Why did Indy fall in love with a Nazi woman in the Last Crusade? What did George Lucas mean by that?[View]
98824748Everything alright?[View]
98824751Fresh. Local. Simple. Rustic.[View]
98822735umm... stark... sweetie... can you not?[View]
98824672TV on /tv/? wtf?: Whatcha watchin'? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ The Blob (1988) is on, great movie if ya dig the …[View]
98809079Best Disney girl? https://www.strawpoll.me/15521855[View]
98825445How would it go if Marvel Studios started producing DB movies?[View]
98823082>I won't kill you, but I don't have to save you from this bullet. And just like that, t…[View]
98818767Films you consider offensively bad: I'll start[View]
98810281Why didn't they just pick a beach where you need to do an attack from the west and attack at du…[View]
98822367Action Movie Comparison: >Movie is called Robocop >It's actually a rather in depth study…[View]
98816803ITT the worst character in your favorite show >pic related[View]
98823608>has starred in movies for 16 years at this point >not a single one (1) has been good How the …[View]
98823344Pretty nice twist at the end. The long-haired chick was hot as hell, wish they did more fanservice o…[View]
98824907What's next for her?[View]
98823594BIG NUTS VON TRIER: Anyone see it yet and does anyone have a screener?[View]
98824087>there will never be a better disney song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yZAY-78zhmw…[View]
98825068>Nothing would please me more than to see that greedy kike Norman Osborn out of business. Why di…[View]
98815898What was meant by this?[View]
98817119Tobey looks so shocked in this pic. What was Raimi telling her?[View]
98821664scenes were men were allowed to cry. I cried when zordon died. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UksHr…[View]
98807707Post cool minimalist movie posters[View]
98816485What was Disney trying to teach us here?[View]
98809253Remember when Game of Thrones was best tv show of all time? Someone stop feminists from ruining good…[View]
98823932Why doesn't /tv/ ever talk about this piece of xenokino? Sure the sequel is a dark mess, but t…[View]
98822415MY STRAW REACHES[View]
98824682Is it fair to regard cinema as secondary medium now that videogames completely surpassed it in terms…[View]
98822388>Has no one backing him up, yet still gets treated like he's a leader of something (which he…[View]
98824537Why didn't Thanos just sterilize everyone, and then make them all immortal?[View]
98818566Sorcerer: Have you ever heard of this movie /tv/? Is it any good?[View]
98824150If you could have any object from a movie, which one would you choose?[View]
98814874Do you think Roy could taste Jim's nut?[View]
98824202Get some rest Pam, you look tired.[View]
98821233>kino Shoot to thrill opening Iron Man 2 is underrated[View]
98818465FTWD: Fear the Walking Dead time nigs[View]
98823516Hey /tv/ I fucked your dad[View]
98821996Was it kino?[View]
98820460Is this the only good thing JJ Abrams ever made?[View]
98823504imagine thinking this garbage is anything more than turn-off-your-brain-core for stoners with couchl…[View]
98818531Was retconning Silva to be working for Spectre one of the worst executive decisions in the history o…[View]
98817245What does /tv/ think of Prometheus? Underrated?[View]
98823953ITT: Movies you couldn't finish[View]
98816221Prime Simpsons or pre cancellation Futurama, what was the better show?[View]
98816159Is it the greatest antagonist in the history of cine?[View]
98818389Season 5 hype. >batman >joker >more villains…[View]
98822764television cant get better than this[View]
98823612/sciencing/ -: How many times have scienced the shit out of something?[View]
98820740what went wrong?[View]
98810570Conan thread?: How could you ever not like Conan? I have met too many cucks in my life who hated him…[View]
98792992The Expanse: /The Expanse/ s2e4-5 > s4e5 > s3e6[View]
98823219is it kino or is it reddit?[View]
98822859what did they mean by this?[View]
98818923Reminder that Fred Madison undergoes a change whose result we don't see at the end of the film …[View]
98818125Is he gonna be OK lads?[View]
98820567why did Newman want to kill himself?[View]
98820580Aside from terrorism how do we stop them[View]
98821077Into the Badlands thread: Man are people still watching Walking Dead?[View]
98817716>lel Domino is Black Why not create a new character instead of ridiculing an established characte…[View]
98823130Dust Settling: In Progress: >so this is how liberty dies, with thunderous applause Can we just ad…[View]
98821873>Wait up man, I heard Jamal from 90th street, he watched that tape last week, and this morning he…[View]
98819551Who Zach Braff here?[View]
98822473What's the best house and why is it Slytherin? Mudbloods need not apply.[View]
98822639What are some other movies with realistic sex scenes? https://youtu.be/1FRDcwEsWo4?t=3m28s[View]
98818938Twin Peaks s3: i just started it and it doesn't even feel like Twin Peaks, at all. i don't…[View]
98823124are Camrips legal to film?[View]
98817719This movie is underrated as fuck. Makes me wonder why they replaced Norton and never do sequel.[View]
98822918ITT: boomercore[View]
98823001ITT: scenes women will never understand https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iqQ2mQV5b0w&t=91s[View]
98821064What are some films about calms before storms?[View]
98821536Curb should have ended with Season 7. It goes full circle with the Seinfeld reunion and it ties up …[View]
98813337>'Uh, there is no god Brian. Gotta rip that band-aid off right now, you'll thank me later.'…[View]
98822862Horror Thread: Please help /tv/ I need some serious spooking to make me feel.[View]
98822924Westworld: CULTURAL-[View]
98822879/ckg/: >tfw you just got cobra kai'd[View]
98816794Wouldn't you agree it's more fun than fighting with pillows, Mr. Bond?[View]
98820875ITT: movies men will never understand[View]
98822526What the hell was his problem?[View]
98812859Who will play him in the eventual vampire hunter epic?[View]
98815696Who Would Win thread[View]
98821358Has there ever been a sitcom where the husband wasn't a bumbling retard and the wife wasn'…[View]
98820084Deadpool 2 thread. What do you guys think about it? It's a shame it's probably going to m…[View]
98822405Is there a movie with more impact on popular culture than The Exorcist? https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
98822407>Plan one last heist before going to NZ >Use the black driver instead of Hispanic >Make it …[View]
98820628ONLY ONE SPITFIRE MADE IT TO DUNKIRK: Nolan you fucking hack.[View]
98820557>Hey Sal, go into that Black Panther screening and yell 'AYO, THAT NIGGA FINNA BOUTTA GET DABBED …[View]
98811555How was /tv/ when Hannibal was airing? what was the general attitude towards it?[View]
98821754What are some times that countries got absolutely BTFO by an episode of a show?[View]
98818471Did he ever end up getting to go to the Avengers:Infinity War premiere?[View]
98819457Hey guys! I made an illustrated infographic going through Michael Myers various looks and stats from…[View]
98821891General Leia was so lame, what self respecting man would be willing to die for this old hag. I'…[View]
98821888Why didn't they just hide in the fucking houses? Jesus fucking Christ[View]
98821847What the fuck is wrong with her?[View]
98820242Both Fuckable: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F_OqlBGA_WI[View]
98810539What position do you take when you watch movies?[View]
98818693Just shake that ass bitch and let me see what you've got![View]
98819961You know what they call a quarter pounder with cheese in Paris[View]
98821573Did you hear, /tv/? I think we're dealing with a poltergeist.[View]
98821746>ITT: Movie Merch you would actually buy[View]
98819942\W/ - Westworld general: >>98811576 AOTY[View]
98821158What is the cinematic equivalent of Furio?[View]
98821535>yeah you gon bend over and imma stick my size 14 up yo ass do you think he enjoys this?…[View]
98821243How much is appropriate to tip the ticket ripper at your local cinema? I've heard stories they …[View]
98820057mmm nootka[View]
98813478I am no longer a virgin, thus I can shut down the Internet for everyone: And the poor people living …[View]
98821425How did he do this, and how did nobody notice?[View]
98821360Were can I buy a laser disc/betamax player cheep?[View]
98813695>download torrent of movie >it's a foreign film >MKV file >but for some reason the …[View]
98820123Why is this allowed?[View]
98818295Well hello beautiful.[View]
98817461Why female characters always ruin shows? Scenes with Matt and Frank are kino, but then there's …[View]
98819382tj miller: genius or retard ?[View]
98819803So, will he show up in Dark Phoenix?[View]
98820876That comes to 500 dorra prus tip[View]
98817591Remember when Homer became a skinhead just so he wouldn't have to carpool to work with Carl?[View]
98821131So... what is this creature: I finally watched The Last Jedi. Can someone tell me why they cast this…[View]
98821058What were they thinking?[View]
98819375>'Ooo, shieeeeeeeeeettttttt dat albanianboi just got fucked by dat bong damn nigaaaah!' What did …[View]
98802235Black Black Widow was one of the best things about Dead Pool 2.[View]
98817923Anyone have any deadpool 2 webm?[View]
98820119This show gives me a raging boner, I unironically wish that the world was more like Gilead.[View]
98817994The Sopranos vs The Wire crossover[View]
98820950Based Steve: I fucking love this guy.[View]
98820100>Howard the Duck is a bad movie Ultimate pleb filter.[View]
98818079Half In The Bag - Solo - A Star Wars Story: It's up lads! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NeK88…[View]
98820642Any movies about EXPLOSIVE DECOMPRESSION?[View]
98818939>something bad is happening >50s crooner music is playing…[View]
98815738What movies and shows do you watch with your girlfriend?[View]
9881316313 reasons why -thread Punished Clay -edition[View]
98817047Did they really make lando bisexual?[View]
98819343Alien: Aliens > Alien > Alien 3 > Prometheus > Covenant > Resurrection > AVP > …[View]
98818196Is this someone famous? I facestalk my ex and she's posted several pics with minor celebrities,…[View]
98818826kek: still laughin or should i post this on /mu/ [View]
98820483Was it kino? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EBKdrzaVmVk[View]
98817535This is Senor Abravanel. Say something nice about him![View]
98817804Is there any good christian 'epics' besides Andrei Rublev and The Mission? (not biblical epics)[View]
98804485He killed nonagintillions...[View]
98815797Holy shit, everything doesnt has to be a quip[View]
9882026013 Reasons why she was a slut >#freebryce Seriously is this the worst show ever made by netflix?…[View]
98818395How would Marvel have handled BR2049?[View]
98820154They just don't make them like they used to.: Is there any modern equivalent to Al Bundy? https…[View]
98820058>characters meet each other for the first time at a bar and only lock eyes, no words spoken >c…[View]
98815394We did it /tv/. Television is saved.[View]
98819179What the fuck. This was pure Clooneykino. Why didn't you tell me there was bona fide Clooneykin…[View]
98811576\W/ - Westworld General[View]
98802397>this was in 1997[View]
98816731wtf is that[View]
98819273I just finished watching this cringefest. Why was it so corny?[View]
98816679What the fuck did I just watch Who the fuck killed Moss? And if Anton did, what were the mexicans do…[View]
98817755Are the Russos racist? Why did they shaft Black Panther in a battle that takes place in Wakanda, eve…[View]
98819731So did he have aids at the end? Did the kid have aids?[View]
98818933Just rewatched True Detective S1. What ever happened to Ginger?[View]
98819513Hello /tv/ Can someone link me a few decent movies or shows to start watching. I'm trying to a…[View]
98819649What’s a good movie that’s less than an hour and a half long?[View]
98816739Weyland-Yutani-Fucking-Retarded: >Prometheus >Expedition ends in lost ship and crew >Covena…[View]
98818413What is BALLMASTRZ: 9009?: And why is it the best show on television?[View]
98789279What the fuck were they thinking?[View]
98817914What are some movies featuring cats?[View]
98817782ITT: kino that plebs will never appreciate[View]
98819493>I'm sorry, I'm not clear on the relationship here. Is he your ward?…[View]
98817039Your Dad's favorite movie[View]
98817704What this ugly ass nigga is like 90 years old, how is he Thanos' child?[View]
98817409low budget kino thread[View]
98808493>He's my friend >So was I How would DC handle this scene?…[View]
98817418ITT: Movies that couldn't be made now >Mel Brooks making fun of Kevin Costner's Robin H…[View]
98819323Did he die as Walter White or Heisenberg?[View]
98818769>Leave Thanos-kun to me![View]
98818216Who will play him in the inevitable biopic?[View]
98819140So where they really twins?[View]
98819038The Raid: Do you think he can beat Prime Mike Tyson? he's easily the most powerful raid fighter…[View]
98818163Was Old Coot really Morgan Black?[View]
98817636How old were you when you realized that 'The Wire' was simply just one big Jameson Whiskey advertise…[View]
98817875World of kanako: >literally 'faceless old men rape underage schoolgirls just like in my japanese …[View]
98817368>let's do this[View]
98817988Given the chance, would you watch Claver?[View]
98804499MemriTV: Post your favorite screencaps[View]
98813885>character comes up with a new power at the last minute and wins the fight…[View]
98814301Is Who Wants to be a Millionaire just a game of luck? I mean, there's 33.34% chance of being ri…[View]
98818450>the character's skin color doesn't matter >a-at l-least she's hot >they…[View]
98818038I just watched the Simpsons season finale. Somebody tell me what that meant, especially the ending. …[View]
98816855Fuck guys, I just made a realization. >Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom was shot in Hawaii >In t…[View]
98817438ok WTF did I miss?[View]
98816264What are some good movies and shows about the downfall of a civilisation?[View]
98817049The writers, they're gonna pull some dragon balls reviving whish, aren't they?[View]
98818496FEAR THE WALKING DEAD GAMETHREAD: Episode starts soon.[View]
98816514Have you ever made a film, /tv/?[View]
98812729'Infinity Stone? How much are you looking to get for it.' 'Well I read online that they were like p…[View]
98816651do you mind when characters look directly into the camera?[View]
98816660What went wrong since then?[View]
98809150What should i watch tonight?[View]
98794151Are these the most famous lesbian couple in Hollywood?[View]
98817246Is it kino, or is it just another cape shit?[View]
98815101I fucking hate Lars Von Tryhard and everything his degenerate ass stands for but this seems genuinel…[View]
98794735>practical effects are superior to CGI practical fags btfo[View]
98817935Did anyone else first year Bane's voice through a YouTube video and think it was some jokester …[View]
98817848KINO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1WpWonpXHvQ[View]
98811195So what the fuck was up with this[View]
98817820Norm MacDonald General: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oqOnbO4ROAw Post favorite jokes, videos, rar…[View]
98813738What's happening, dudes?[View]
98816991Do you think Richard Horne was incel?[View]
98815827https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jWZ3EHjUx_E >old enough for kisses what did he mean by this?…[View]
98817724Damn, #1? How can Deadpool 2 even compete?[View]
98817492How did Walt get a lottery ticket with the exact coordinates of Hank and Steve's bodies? Thats …[View]
98816335This show is fucking incredible. How much money did they throw at this thing?[View]
98794058how are all his characters so frighteningly realistic?[View]
98812311is he a genius or an idiot?[View]
98817485What was the point of this scene?[View]
98817062When did Walter White start spiraling down so badly?[View]
98817384What did I think of it?[View]
98817445/tv/'s 5 favorite movies of all time 1. The Evil Dead 2. Mad Max 3. Ghostbusters (1984) 4. Th…[View]
98816987What went wrong?[View]
98817391Would a sane, well balanced individual's mind conceive of a film like this?[View]
98817374>Capeshit show/movie >Character with super speed doesn't just to wipe out everyone within…[View]
98817259Is he dare I say it, /ourdirector/?[View]
98816139Who would you cast? What would the story be?[View]
98812107The Return: One year ago[View]
98817100>thanks buddy >how'd you know my name was buddy?…[View]
98814509>revisiting early episodes of a show >tfw the characters act different than you're used t…[View]
98814346>dabs on your spin-off[View]
98809372I really find it funny that HBO picked a black actor for a role of Guy Montag. It's kinda ironi…[View]
98803700Is he the most chad actor? >that voice >that jaw >that neck and he is 50…[View]
98817026Just marathon'd this. What was my consensus?[View]
98810890So guys, I watched the following movies in the MCU: Iron Man 3 Incredible Hulk Avengers 1 and 3 Tho…[View]
98812063Fuck you I liked it[View]
98811948We Need to Talk About Kevin: Who was in the wrong here?[View]
98814320Deep Blue Sea: What did y'all lil niggas think of this gem?[View]
98812082>THE WALRUS LOST[View]
98814385Since my father died I'm up to at least two litres of wine a day. Should I be worried? Also, ho…[View]
98816638comfy prequel and EU thread: disneyfags get out[View]
98816179>watching Eraserhead at the movies >intense fighting scene between Henry and the baby >slou…[View]
98816743music: What the hell is up with the music the last couple of seasons? Sounds like a superhero cartoo…[View]
98815922Any watchable fanedit of The Last Jedi yet?[View]
98814460Was this the peak moment of Donald Glover's career? https://youtu.be/gIF0UCFd3FM[View]
98814163Is it possible to remake it well?[View]
98816492ITT: /tv/ guilty pleasures: Usually hate anything Happy Madison, but the low brow jokes in this film…[View]
98809356Is he the Hitchcock of our time?[View]
98813933Director's cut when?[View]
98812134>Be spic >Go to watch Deadpool 2 with subtitles because i want to hear the original voices wit…[View]
98811895Since 2010, has there been any worthwhile comedies? Both films and on tv.[View]
98816245https://youtu.be/fQNZhs0QKq0 As much as I hate dwelling on past prejudice and Hollywood bullshittery…[View]
98816066TMNT (2012): I haven't watched this show since season 1. Am I missing much? I just saw this and…[View]
98815951>this was supposed to be a simple arrest[View]
98814822>let me tell you something, if I were you I would turn around, walk away and go home to my childr…[View]
98816143This movie opened my eyes. I'm never gonna be a virgin again[View]
98813312you now remember (((they))) killed mr heckles and were never held responsible for it[View]
98809008ACTORS AND THE ONE MOVIE THEY HATE THE MOST: I think it's fair to say this is Ryan Reynolds…[View]
98814267>main character steps into his empty apartment >minimalist interior design >puts on classic…[View]
98816046God I wish that was me[View]
98814428What are some good sites for streaming movies? The ones I've used haven't been working for…[View]
98815370Alright /tv/, Lets settle this: Who would win in a fight between these two fighters??[View]
98815439Who Zach Braff here?[View]
98809441How come a lot of sword and scorcery movies aren't all too good? I've watched Conan the Ba…[View]
98813861Lando x Han: Do you ship them?[View]
98815304What are some movies where the protagonist gets rejected time after time until he's romanticall…[View]
98815686How would DC have handled this scene?[View]
98814570How the fuck did this film fail at the box office?: So I just watched this. It's a really well …[View]
98813181>'This one's for you Reddit, now lets make some chimi-fucking-changas'…[View]
98809425ITT: gorekino[View]
988149033d movies: did any of you anons buy into the 3d movies meme? I'll say that the technology behi…[View]
98815390Where TF was the Attack Rhino's In Infinity War???[View]
98815669What went right?[View]
98812728How it be received if it came out today?[View]
98815565The Field: >google if Brendan Fraser villain has ever played an villain >find 'The Field' http…[View]
98814288Super Sentai thread: Which are the best Super Sentai series/teams and why is it Gosei Sentai Dairang…[View]
98814711I miss baneposting: Is baneposting dead? I havent visited /tv/ or 4chan really in the past 3-4 years…[View]
98805378Do you think they...[View]
98814082women see this scene like How 'skyler' Stella Got Her Groove Back REAL men sees this scene of what …[View]
98815067ITT: Best Titantron Intros: Oh you didn't know?[View]
98815313This and The Little Vampire are kino.[View]
98809610'Colour correction is always ba-': Kubrick's original vision looks like SHIT kek https://youtub…[View]
98809925Zendaya >Supporting roles in massive blockbuster franchises and oscar-nominated musicals alongsid…[View]
98815228Im putting together a squad who's in?[View]
98813741>Marvel attempts to rip off Ozymandias >ends up making Thanos look like a complete retard BRAV…[View]
98815065The Shape of Water: Why did people think he was a villain? He was just doing what was best for Ameri…[View]
98815020WHAT HAPPENED[View]
98815077>I like to take care of myself >looks like shit What did Patcuck Betaman meme by this?…[View]
98811712What are your honest thoughts on 'Escape from L.A.'?[View]
98814535Black Panther: I remember this animated movie doing a better job of establishing the Black Panther c…[View]
98812932What's Tom Hiddleston's best role?[View]
98814732900 dorra prus tip gaijin[View]
98814882Why do you torrent movies when you can just acestream them?[View]
98812982What are you fags watching tonight? pic related[View]
98814876Pizza Time[View]
98812359Katie Prices wants to join The DCEU: >sure, I can play Catwoman.…[View]
98810492How did he get that scar?[View]
98811929mediocre modern horror films: This stuff gives me a buzz. Anything post 2000s. Ring (2002), Paranorm…[View]
98813330Where can i watch this movie?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zujShZT8_go[View]
98814506This song was an allegory for Jasmine's sexual awakening. Aladdin definitely at least fingered …[View]
98814554American remake when?[View]
98812810MATERNAL HORROR MOVIES: I'm looking for one particular film of the single motherhood hoor genre…[View]
98812227Who is the worst character ever created and why is it pic related?[View]
98813946Did anyone here watch A Fine Step (2014)?[View]
98813794Next time, baby.[View]
98814448>oh no, logan lerman is too old to star in our shitty highschool series >we cloned him years a…[View]
98810283Reminder: Zack Snyder’s cut of Justice League is coming: On May 12th, Zack Snyder posted on Vero tha…[View]
98814383>The Absolute State of South American Television.... uhh... guys???[View]
98813579Star wars needs a reboot, and Christopher Nolan should direct the movies. Prove me wrong. protip: yo…[View]
98814378ITT: Tropes that you like >movie just ends with no resolution or closure…[View]
98814373Much must be risked in war[View]
98812377>what did google mean by this?[View]
98809024Uhhh.... what did they mean by this?[View]
98812464Any good films about photography or filming? Recently watched Nightcrawler and found it to be pretty…[View]
98812157Hahaha oh man, can you even imagine? How do they even come up with such crazy ideas? Poor guy, I won…[View]
98812617How come Japanese movies are so good?[View]
98811885What are some actual good horror movies, without fucking jump scares?[View]
98807886So, anon, what's your mutant power?[View]
98814125Why did it fail?[View]
98813551Anyone else going to watch this tonight? Looks extremely comfy[View]
98813380How come the oldest actress manages to be the cutest of the 3? Its insane.[View]
98813813Itt: unknown actors and actresses who will break out within a yea or two. Pic related will be in St…[View]
98810067Castaway kino picks: If somebody paid you to spend a year on an isolated island (food and comfortabl…[View]
98810495you arrive at the meeting and it's this guy wat do?[View]
98813826>I hate certain crystal structures of silicon dioxide[View]
98813996One of these things is not like the others[View]
98811144>character dies after being choked for 20 seconds[View]
98813535>Medicore presidents >One of them is black What did Sneed mean by this?…[View]
98812375ITT: Villains who did literally nothing wrong I'll start with the obvious[View]
98811905A dude straight up sexual harassed her and then she goes on a date with him?! Are teens really like …[View]
98809832MOVIE 2 > MOVIE > MOVIE 3[View]
98813464Would you rather share a flat with Mr. Hickey or with Tuupaq?[View]
98812946'time to go mobile': what did he mean by this? did he need to make a phone call?[View]
98812027Loved this mini-series. Thank you to the anon that recommended this. Looking forward to season 2. A…[View]
98810092>'american psycho is the greatest film of all time' >'book? what book? im sure the film is bet…[View]
98813754Me third from the left.[View]
98812905What was up with the weird time-cuts in this movie? It was very off-putting.[View]
98813669>movie doesn't have a post-credits scene[View]
98812297Holy shit, it finally clicked.[View]
98809225Twin Peaks BTS: What did David Lynch mean by this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=80eMhhWnWbk…[View]
98808171Is Sweetbitter a good show?[View]
98813594>is a spy tvshow >not bad. after a few episodes. fake news from within. >not a single phone…[View]
9881358413 Reasons Why: How big does this look to you?[View]
98803856Cannes 2018 thread: Now it's over - recap >Palme d'Or: Shoplifters by Hirokazu Kore-eda…[View]
98813023>fucks your bitch based georg[View]
98810872Write the plot and cameos for Blues Brothers 2020. Has to have Dan Akroyd.[View]
98809648>Rumored budget of 200 million >Had to cut into marketing budget to re-shoot entire movie >…[View]
98813265You ready for your big scene anon? Good. Quiet on set please, we are rolling, action in five...four.…[View]
98809869Back to shit tonight right?[View]
98812983Anybody else salute when somebody salutes in a movie or tv show? Am I just autistic?[View]
98812990Is it kino?[View]
98811203Favourite episode?[View]
98810881Is The Orphan any good? serious replies this is not a ped thread[View]
98811153This might be the most consistently great tv show on British tv since[View]
98813161>friend looks over to me after every funny joke to see if I'm laughing…[View]
98812099Who would win in a debate?[View]
98812165Why are new blockbusters impossible to remember? Every (new) Star Wars and Marvel and Transformers m…[View]
98812971She's got a GREAT ASS[View]
98811295Nilso General - /nilso/: t. Nilso[View]
98812166what are some movies that give you happy feelings /tv/?[View]
98812930MORE POISON I MEAN...TEA?[View]
98813043This show has such a Fringe feel. Too bad there is a lot of SJW shit, otherwise it would be great[View]
98813036Magnum Pi: Thoughts?[View]
98811538For me, it's Shannon Blake.[View]
98812392Early 2000's Capekino: >I grew up in the Bronx, Wesley. This is something a faggot cracker l…[View]
98812710Cast it[View]
98809413Is there any bts or outtakes somewhere on this series. I think it has the potential to be funny and …[View]
98812812Netflix kino?: What's the most kino things to watch on Netflix? I got a piracy warning from ISP…[View]
98810448why didn't she ever feed him?[View]
98812571>the girl I have a crush on is into reddit & morty how do I give her the bad news?…[View]
98806080Who /Adam Egget/ here?[View]
98811544Mr Robot: What do you guys think of the show? I'm on season 2 so no spoilers please.[View]
98812686Hello my name is Will Grello and welcome to Fortin' with Will[View]
98812733ITT: movie characters who look like you[View]
98811952Korean movies: Recommend me some Korean kino. I've seen pretty much all the entry level essenti…[View]
98812264>Hulk gets his ass handed to him effortlessly and is too much of a pussy to even fight back after…[View]
98810653What are some movies/short films with this sort of surrealist avant-garde aesthetic like the Residen…[View]
98812349Okay, what the fuck is channel 26.6 and how do I get a recieve that can watch it? Out of curiousity …[View]
98809857So, this is basically true when it comes to Rotten Tomatoes?[View]
98808567Hello posters of /tv/, we are almost halfway through 2018, what are your favourite movies you'v…[View]
98807174CABLE & DOMINO: >Kyle Chandler was original director Tim Miller’s choice for Cable, and Fox…[View]
98811858I watched pic related out of morbid curiosity and it was so hard to watch. Tyler the Creator is obvi…[View]
98808622How come there has never been a big budget Dantes Inferno adaption? I would of thought by now we wou…[View]
98809297Post indicators of kino.[View]
98810812>This is going on Facebook™! Smile ;)[View]
98810472Who was in the wrong here?[View]
98812041THE DEVILS![View]
98808351SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS FILM CONFIRMED AND SCRIPT LEAKED https://mobile.twitter.com/foldablehuman/sta…[View]
98806877Post yfw this happens[View]
98806355Why is this the most true comment in 2018 so far?: >Let's look at the new racist trope in ne…[View]
98811094Why did he turn black?[View]
98811044Stick around[View]
98811196Stop, invincible son[View]
98811815ON THE ROOF[View]
98795568Is there a more onions series in existence?[View]
98809795Post your favorite tv shows and people will guess things about you. >The Adventures of Pete and P…[View]
98810912could this be made iin to movie oor trilogy or tv show? western show i mean[View]
98799667Who lost, and why was it the moderator?[View]
98807195Why can't one of those shooters make themselves useful and target the Oscars already?: I mean s…[View]
98810660hmmmm, thoughts?[View]
98811663Jesus Christ Disney, I thought this was supposed to be for kids.[View]
98810462Greetings, Redditors. Will this pic related ever happen?[View]
98803652Avengers Infinity War breaks 1.8 billions: OH NO NO NO NO IS GONNA SURPASS SJW WARS NOOOOOO >http…[View]
98811658You now remember the 2013 MTV Movie Awards[View]
98804744Is legion too intelligent for modern audiences? is that why it's getting cancelled after season…[View]
98809642How is that dvd collection coming along?[View]
98811385Imagine using the Time Stone to dunk on this dude.[View]
98811423I have to come up with a name for the new section in a magazine in which we are going to write about…[View]
98808983>here's your 1080p.HDTS bro https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CMKWPtJc18c…[View]
98808587>Superhero parody movie has better action than 'serious' superhero movies Why can't the rest…[View]
98810316The Terror: Is the OST album out yet?[View]
98811201The only great movie to come out of this shitty year so far[View]
98811046Charmed Reboot: This is what the cast should have been.[View]
98810887Why didn't he get to bring friends?[View]
98808138who will play them in the inevitable biopic?[View]
98811055>FUCK YOU AT THE PARTY, RICHTER I get the whole 'macho homoeroticism' thing, but wasnt …[View]
98809112Crashing this wedding...[View]
98810440What is your /tv/ posting:movie ratio? For every 1 hour of movie watched I spend probably 5 hours sh…[View]
98809283https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=87fO_6N0ITA What do you think of this fan edit? It got me thinking, …[View]
98808838Projects you were excited about that never happened.[View]
98810234Thoughts on Cersei?[View]
98809332WWTBAM Best Host Poll: >POLL: Chris Tarrant or Jeremy Clarkson? https://www.strawpoll.me/15695982…[View]
98810879Did you like onions cuba?[View]
98809309why are they assholes to everyone?[View]
98805245Natalie Dormer: What happened with her career? She was supposed to be the next JLaw and now ... she…[View]
98810699>War kino[View]
98809180I just finished watching this and there's a lot of plotholes. I know there's a prequel (no…[View]
98808651>a fucking JUSTICE LEAGUE movie, featuring goddamn Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash and two …[View]
98808615What are some shows ruined by leftist PC outrage?[View]
98806826Zeo Ranger one pink![View]
98810052Why didn't they just let the Germans have the beach that day and go to it another time?[View]
98810655Can i get more of these?[View]
98809684Is every King of the Hill episode basically >Strawman comes onto the show >Hank is a good boy,…[View]
98810564James Bond Thread: What is the quinessential James Bond film, and why is it License To Kill?[View]
98810418Who watches these damn movies?[View]
98804497>Having to share your sequel with a woman IT TAKES TWO TO MAKE A THING GO RIGHT…[View]
98810109What are some movies with countryside aesthetics?[View]
98810501A house that was featured in a movie.: Anybody know what movie this house was featured in?[View]
98810428What the fuck were they thinking?[View]
98810526Soi I was reading up on legal doctrine and apparently ive discovered the most wonderful thing. I am …[View]
98788178why did harry pick the ugly chink over someone like luna ,hermione or any other chick in the school…[View]
98808826>tfw Im funny like a clown[View]
98808770>most technologically advanced country in the world >anyone can take it over by being stronger…[View]
98807909One will protect you while the rest try to kill you, who do you pick?[View]
98805017>2018 >thousands of theatres around the world >yet we don't get good prints until movi…[View]
98808901/WhatDidYouWatchToday/ general: What did you watch today or what are you watching, and how did you c…[View]
98803786Name a better western than Unforgiven. I'll wait.[View]
98810337Best zombie movie ever coming through: yes, better than the original scariest zombies portrayed in f…[View]
98788562DEADPOOL 2 FLOPPING: Saturday numbers are terrible! It's going to make LESS than the first…[View]
98807443No webm thread? Let's have one now[View]
98810261has there ever been a duo more misunderstood? https://youtu.be/MLFQxVOvan4[View]
98809415MISLEADING POSTERS: This movie was bleak as fuck. I was expecting a comedy.[View]
98807840For me it's Patrick Melrose[View]
98809270it's bretty gud[View]
98809968>Abashed the Devil stood, and felt how awful goodness is[View]
98807070>villain teams up with hero to face a bigger threat[View]
98809900I met a traveller from an antique land, Who said—“One Shop fashioned of Wood Stand in Kentucky. . . …[View]
98808218Whats next for Jessica Biel fämälämäzoids?[View]
98809630kino, why isn't this more popular?[View]
98808818ITT: movies that make you cry[View]
98808875lmoa yall seen this shti me and my bros watched this shit and i cant stop laugh in we have been sayi…[View]
98806576Whats her endgame?[View]
98809670are there any films about techno or electronic music or films that have to do with programming compu…[View]
98806819What went so right?[View]
98808407Okey 40yo boomers, weekly reminder that Sylvia Hoeks is ONLY MINE, and my lovely future wife, and in…[View]
98809530This movie opened my eyes. I'm never trusting a women with directions again.[View]
98808327Now that the dust has settled...: Which was Josh Brolin's best cape role in 2018?[View]
98809001>at local kinoplex watching emotional black hood drama >MC gets shot, is now in a wheelchair …[View]
98808132Can we talk about how kino this character was[View]
98806323BLEACHED when?[View]
98809087This was good. I read the book years ago and vaguely remember quite a bit of science meme cringey di…[View]
98809162Why is this man so fucking BASED? Is he supposed to be Donald Trump of the Seven Kingdoms in season …[View]
98808210This was very mediocre. What happened to Oliver Stone? He used to make decent movies.[View]
98809170>I'm too intelligent to lower myself to watching capeshit. I watch REAL films like The Shape…[View]
98803115and yourself?[View]
98809098ITT: product placement[View]
98808324Name a more kino death[View]
98809063After that... scene in 13 Reason Why S2, my sister and her friend now think Monty is hot.[View]
98800593First trailer for Refn's Too Old To Die Young: Last night, at a screening for Drive in a cemete…[View]
98802359Can a clever person explain this film? I couldn't catch any metaphors or imagery that meant any…[View]
98808974>yfw Luc Besson was accused of Rape OH NO NO NO NO[View]
98808893Is it a good show?: I can’t decide.[View]
98808550>film takes place in a cyberpunk setting[View]
98808874Where can i watch super giant movies in japanese?[View]
98808499I'm putting together a compilation.[View]
98806243>I bypassed the...[View]
98807368>you know we're not that different, you and me[View]
98807560Jurassic Fart: **slip sound effect**[View]
98806966Rewatching this after last watching it when it aired and it's so fucking...... boring Like, idk…[View]
98808465>'Do not tell me it can't be done!'[View]
98806648Reminder Kilgrave could just tell Thanos to go fuck himself and the universe would have been saved[View]
98804387Family Guy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xMoymmMHdG8 Is it me or has Family Guy gotten a lot more…[View]
98805931Why do you still bother watching movies? It's nothing but capeshit and 'remakes'.[View]
98808332Is this the definitive christkino list?[View]
98807855>great soundtrack >stellar casting >good story that has consequences >celebration of Eu…[View]
98805710What are some movies that can be enjoyed by a forever lonely, mid/late 20's, total loser? Alrea…[View]
98806883Two billion!: Not feeling so smart now huh?[View]
98797172Did anyone else have a huge crush on her? I used to cry myself to sleep because I knew she would nev…[View]
98808196Jurassic World/Dino thread: >GO BLUE We Pokemon now What dinosaurs does /tv/ hope will be shown i…[View]
98808190hey all so I am after documentaries on tobacco smuggling and cannabis dealing/growing (similar to vi…[View]
98806884Smegging hell! How come they didn't have the internet?[View]
98806948ITT: Horrible scenes in an otherwise good TV show/movie[View]
98807852>Where am I....? >WHO am I?![View]
98805755What a crock of shit this turned out to be[View]
98808113>that 30 year old boomer sitting on his own who doesnt throw the paper plane back when it lands n…[View]
98808109Planet of the Apes: Is this the best franchise/serie made in recent years?[View]
98804936Shin Godzilla 2 cancelled: Thanks Marvel >'The future of the series and its forwarding developmen…[View]
98808087>giant powerful spaceship flies in with a rough landing >brief moment of silence >la cucara…[View]
98807466Will this year be the worst year of mainstream Film?: >Nearly at the mid point of the year. >N…[View]
98807996ITT: characters that are literally you[View]
98804033Unpopular Opinion (for /tv/): Tony's relationship with Peter is important and it has lead to wh…[View]
98806828After Hours: Great movie. Any others like it? Also: it was all his fault.[View]
98806717how do we deal with the manlet problem?[View]
98806193/scdp/ - Mad Men general: I'm on my first watch-through of Mad Men (I'm midway through sea…[View]
98808508How do we save this place?[View]
98804298ITT: post ideas for tv shows >start with guy working for the cia in the 80's >tasked with…[View]
98802255Unironically this makes trump elected worth it.: After 12 years I got more birdman. Thank you donald…[View]
98806988Why is he so weird in this movie? In some scenes he looks like he wants to cry. Man did he not want …[View]
98803880Deadpool 2 BTFO's DC[View]
98807599Why do highschool girls want to rape stewie griffin in this episode? That's pretty fucked up.[View]
98807703Why did the south park kikes unfairly demonise and mock Saddam? Is it because he was a nationalist w…[View]
98807698>ywn travel east of middle earth with the blue wizards What's the point of living?…[View]
98803415What are some 'never trust a thot'-kinos /tv/[View]
98807530Is it normie to consider this to be greatest film of all time?[View]
98807726IF HE DIES HE DIES[View]
98804925What are some sadkino?[View]
98807740Antje Traue is the most talented and beautiful actress to ever exist. Would you agree /tv/? https://…[View]
98807712What is the biggest lie the movies told you?[View]
98806748>DAD'S GOOGLE HISTORY *Demi Lardner Sucking Dick* >It's DERBERGBERGERBERG…[View]
98807671movies like this?[View]
98807336>Dude, society is totally flawed and shit yo XD[View]
98807570I love my shoooooooow[View]
98807349What the fuck was this? This was legit putrid shit Roland is not even the lead kek Where's my f…[View]
98807522>who is still watching this show? Look no further than the comments. It's South Americans…[View]
98806266What do you think about John Milius? The documentary about him is kino.[View]
98804382What went right?[View]
98807486What are some other 2010s movie characters based on a 2000s comics character named after a 1990s son…[View]
98797856*record scratch* >YOU'RE PROBABLY WONDERING HOW I GOT HERE...[View]
98804909Did they?[View]
98807270Pick 3 to form your fireteam. The others will try and kill you. You can pick any other GK characters…[View]
98802796What are some movies where the autistic protagonist gets a qt gf?[View]
98805678Would Alexandra Daddario make a good Domino?[View]
98802540Why don't they make movies like this anymore?[View]
98805139>ewww you like the monkees? name a more hated simpson character[View]
98807341ITT: Actors you have a man-crush on[View]
98807333Is he /ourguy/?[View]
98807268>he drew billions...[View]
98801738Just seen perfect blue. I'm 20 years late. >Mehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…[View]
98806666>He gets pegged within the first 5 min Libshits love it.[View]
98797438Who ruined the /got/ threads and general? Who’s to blame?[View]
98807084Cast her[View]
98806177ITT: Post an actress (or actor if you swing that way) and what depravity you'd want to experien…[View]
98805704why can't hollywood get pic related right![View]
98807035He can't just keep getting away with it can he?[View]
98806590>decide I'm finally going to watch it >Torrent a good rip >Watch some apes standing ar…[View]
98805457SOYLO: >soilo? Scale of raw steak to soilite, where do you expect this movie to fall? >inb4 wo…[View]
98799877Man in the Moon: >browse Amazon >Watch pic related >Think it's innocent Disney style m…[View]
98806261What was this called again?[View]
98801841>pop culture references[View]
98787540what's next for Elle's career?[View]
98805639YO MOOSE[View]
98806526What is /tv/'s take on French capekino?[View]
98801894I hate this fucking retard so much Everytime he's on screen I want to kick his ass and break hi…[View]
98806075Saw Poopy Cowabunga 2 yesterday and honestly it was probably the funniest film I have seen in the pa…[View]
98806746>You were a god?! >Yes, boy. I was born a god, and so were you. >A god... A god of what wer…[View]
98806863What did you guys generally think of this part of the movie? For me I felt the music was absolutely …[View]
98804334Anthony Hopkins: What went so right?[View]
98805427Proof Film Can't Be Art: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SqpQegP8kSY[View]
98806827Once again kino comes out and 4chan ignores it because they are too poor and cheap to actually watch…[View]
98804921All three of these men are pedophiles.[View]
98806790what's the best season?[View]
98799211What the fuck is wrong with Hollywood?: https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/tom-sizemore-was-remo…[View]
98804265We all know Gordon Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares, but...: >... what's Chef Ramsey's …[View]
98805830ITT: yfw last movie you saw >Deadpool 2[View]
98806694Haneke's best.[View]
98805366Whats next for our January Jones? TLMOE just ended[View]
98805738Thoughts on this masterpiece?[View]
98801096DC cucks think anyone would want to see a Aquaman movie. It will flop harder than Wonder Woman. http…[View]
98806030What were all of the minor villains like Green Goblin, Crimson Dynamo, etc. doing during Infinity Wa…[View]
98804112If singles then his new album is shit[View]
98801656Do you like George Clooney?[View]
98803090why do i hate him.[View]
98790212Are there any movies about the wat between thigh gap women and severely obese women (women without t…[View]
98798666I'm a huge David Cage and Detroit is coming this week. Is anyone here hyped about it? Who'…[View]
98801047Is there any GOOD french new wave films?: They have all just been big memes so far[View]
98803396The Virgin legitimate son The Chad Bastard.[View]
98806389>it's a coming of age story about a girl becoming a slut What's the incel equivalence o…[View]
98804649even in zombie simpsons, kid homer episodes are pretty good[View]
98805648whats the name of the movie in which two guys does a silly dance together on the beach or in the des…[View]
98805926how can one man be so baste?[View]
98804993What happened to the G thang? why isn't she getting movie roles?[View]
98805989ITT, 'heroes' who were actually the villain all along. Pic very much related. No seriously, fuck thi…[View]
98806199>infinity war surpasses 1.8 billion What do you think she's feeling right now?…[View]
98805857I heard the new Jurass World movie got leaked Mind sharing details?[View]
98805230Name a more iconic duo[View]
98801529I remember in high school I used to watch Tarkovsky and make fun of 'plebs' who watched trash These…[View]
98806129Who all has watched this? I am terrified even tho he's been caught. I'm not convinced this…[View]
98805676tfw no ride or die free-love qt willing to poison a whole town for you[View]
98806056Do you know a place where you can find the Black List screenplays or other unmade scripts?[View]
98806042Season ranking: 3 > 2 > 1 > 4 Discuss[View]
98805903Wait.. you're kidding me? You still haven't seen this kino?[View]
98802104$11,500 a year...! for being a Scientist/Ghostbuster: How could anyone afford to live on this much b…[View]
98805742>tfw you will never drive around southern Louisiana with Rustin Cohle investigating murder cases…[View]
98795536what would it take to create TRUE Lovecraftian kino?[View]
98791731>she hasn’t commented at all on the Harvey Weinstein scandal Really makes you think.…[View]
98801122What are some films where the protagonist uses unethical means to take down a greater threat?[View]
98803068Halloween (2018) What did you guys think of the trailer? Anyone else excited/fan?[View]
98805695This was a pretty decent timecore flick. Anyone know where I can find Jungle 1 Jungle?[View]
98791111What is the IQ of Clarkson?[View]
98805680How is that vhs collection coming along?[View]
98803948Leave sci-fi kino to me.[View]
98801459What if they riff'd on a MST3K movie?[View]
98804332Whoa dude![View]
98798161Man of Steel had the best fight scenes of all capeshit movies: Fight me, faggots[View]
98801751Would you watch an Addy solomovie?[View]
98805025perfectly balanced[View]
98799469My wife has just been diagnosed with depersonalisation. Any movies or series with feelgood vibes or …[View]
98797701The Last Samurai and period pieces: Do you guys love this movie too? Watching it now for the first t…[View]
98799547>muh feminism >muh racism Is this show supposed to be the greatest of all time?…[View]
98803585Samurai Kino What are some hidden gems of Japanese films, specifically feudal Japan and samurai. Bon…[View]
98804573Was he a hero, /tv/?[View]
98801009Now that the ash has settled, can someone explain why Thanos didn't just use the infinity gaunt…[View]
98805142when Thanos called Black Panther the N-word the crowd boo-ed and some black guy stood up and yelled …[View]
98802481What is /tv/'s favourite girl x girl pairing?[View]
98805131What was his fucking problem?[View]
98804837Was it Kino?[View]
98803905Best Normie Movie?: I've been watching a shit load of arthouse crap and I need a change of pace…[View]
98803064what did he mean by this? https://twitter.com/joerogan/status/99723395926720512[View]
98804688*BRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAP* >'D'oh! Sorry Maude.'[View]
98803911> Katniss it’s me, Peeta![View]
98800558Elle Fanning is a mediocre actress.[View]
98803695would you?: i unironically would[View]
98804918>Spunkmeyer lel[View]
98799546Name one(1) thing he did wrong. Hard mode: Nothing to do with his kids[View]
98803549Bootch, give me oral pleasure![View]
98804706>When telephone lines are crossed, complete strangers meet and fall in love. Thoughts on this mov…[View]
98804583How do we solve the McCarthy problem?[View]
98801718ITT: post a random Simpsons screenshot and we guess which episode it is from[View]
98802868>*Destroys your hearing for the rest of your life[View]
98796432Favorite Simpsons character?[View]
98804624>what if gollum was a hacker? ...got any more bright ideas?[View]
98804623What did he mean by this?[View]
98804586/trek/: Canadian public access late night call in show edition https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ht_T…[View]
98804296how close are we to getting SHE-HULK?[View]
98804495>art films[View]
98801457If you like any of the following >Harry Potter >Star Wars >Rick & Morty >The Walking…[View]
98800108Why didn't your acting career take off, /tv/?[View]
98804363>Sunday afternoon why are you here?[View]
98802923Scenes where women get what they deserve: this is from john wick, such a satisfying death scene…[View]
98801944new lars von trier flick: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BYF2tfdD1fA >THE TIGER AND THE LAMB BEC…[View]
98804322Why does Hollywood keep doing this?[View]
98790790/nilso/ general: Nilso[View]
98803689I knew this was gonna be bad when i heard shane black was onboard: iron man 3 was so bad. why doesnt…[View]
98799615Monsterverse: Let's talk about big monsters.[View]
98804111Where is he going?[View]
98803781What did they mean by this?: >Kasdan — I like it if they already had a relationship at one point.…[View]
98804154No Old Country Buffet for Anon: “I’m not sitting next to anon.” “You sit next to him.” based on true…[View]
98801762Obscure UK comedy kino, mark 2 >>98790837 >>98801075 Hmm... wheelchair.... ethnics... ho…[View]
98803223https://screenrant.com/toho-godzilla-cinematic-universe-shin-godzilla-2-canceled/ RIP.[View]
98799377>main character is chronically broke and has no job >lives in extravagant penthouse, only eats…[View]
98802768what are your top 3 favourite films set in jamaica?[View]
98803203Imagine if this happened in Titanic: Cal: At least Lovjoy made it off alive. Jack: Then explain this…[View]
98803933what happened to steven seagal? why he don't movie anymore?[View]
98803686What the fuck is he doing? Where is he?[View]
98791007/TV/ BTFO (?)[View]
98800911what am I in for?[View]
98803752SENTIMENTAL GARBAGE Give me some capeshit over this any day![View]
98803431So I missed everything about this film when it came out, but now after seeing it, I can see why /tv/…[View]
98802148This is shaping up to be one hell of a fight Nick[View]
98803349damn, asians are ugly.[View]
98803558It was a good movie[View]
98802007What are some movie characters like Madara Uchiha?[View]
98802338'Villains' who did nothing bad.[View]
98801388Don’t mind me, just the best comedy of the 21st century.[View]
98803454I can't figure out if this is anti or pro censorship[View]
98785194So this was shit. Why are people saying it’s good?[View]
98803197Any anon here knows any slow burn horror movies like pic related. One of the best horror/comedy film…[View]
98797606Operator kino[View]
98803593*coughs* I want you to have my 'Adventure Time' watch.[View]
98803586Was this the most iconic on screen kiss of the last decade?[View]
98802409Real Bond Rankings: OHMSS Thunderpussy Goldenballs Nigfinger Doctor Ne Fuck Your Eyes Bolfeld Octopa…[View]
98803556Would you watch a Emma Frost solomovie starring January Jones[View]
98800759>Makes movie about a pedophile hitman >Knocks up a 15 year old while filming it >ditched he…[View]
98793907Webm Thread: Post what you have[View]
98803161>le gritty reboot of beloved and somewhat campy old franchise >they somehow actually make thre…[View]
98800859So I just watched pic related for the very first time and after all the hype I was kind let down. Wh…[View]
98801620Where can I pirate movies? I wanna watch Deadpool 2[View]
98802850Gomorrah is pure kino[View]
98803304https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PCn1uAs_0VQ Post a better scene from a Spider-man movie. Protip: You…[View]
98801060*rubs head* m'ask ya sumtin[View]
98792261What did he mean with this?[View]
98801980What are some movies that you pause for a hand shandy? Pic related.[View]
98802794Would you let your (hypothetical) gf work at RLM? Would you be worried Mike or Jay might seduce her?[View]
98801146Why did this bother Louis so much?[View]
98802243Am I the only one who is super excited about the upcoming Flash movie with Ezra Miller?[View]
98796814Lily Beckinsale: Has she had any roles since she played the daughter of her real life mom Kate Becki…[View]
98803027Why do celebrities pretend to care?[View]
98795380Post the superhero you would want to come to your aid when the shit really, REALLY hit the fan for y…[View]
98803103Deadpool: who else just shirt cockin it today[View]
98801092Any other intellectuals here who enjoy exercising their brain with an episode of Countdown now and t…[View]
98803061>trying to fall asleep >suddenly think about how this movie existed…[View]
98802389really makes you think[View]
98802588lets go for a walk[View]
98800314Did David Lynch really rape his daughter?: And base Twin peaks on it?[View]
98802618The Mask: Now that the dust has settled what is the official /tv/ consensus on The Mask? https://www…[View]
98803007>Characters who did nothing wrong I'll start[View]
98796171Can someone explain the ending to me? Did he really kill all those people or was it just in his mind…[View]
98802857>rewatch childhood favorite >realize actor who played main character was younger than you are …[View]
98802395>Do you know the oldest lie in America, Senator? My Tivo crashed right before he, as i assume, wo…[View]
98802683>348 days until Infinity War Part 2[View]
98799864>get in your office >see pic related >she tells you that you're changing positions, yo…[View]
98802548why did she shoot up the youtube office? who should play her in the movie?[View]
98798338Is there anything Gillian Jacobs can’t do? https://youtube.com/watch?v=b_xXSdyTR8A[View]
98802813>tfw 24 yo watching movies with my other boomer friends in our geriatric home…[View]
98801432>a woman is shouting, ordering people around pathetic[View]
98801090What are some shows where a character sees their female friend naked[View]
98797924Brianna Hildebrand Talks Being A Part Of Marvel's First Same-Sex Couple In A Superhero Film: …[View]
98793949>there's a new star wars movie coming out next week >i haven't heard about it until …[View]
98802677Post ITT or candyman bless u with bees[View]
98802622Medieval kino[View]
98802112Useless character thread[View]
98802658Who did it best? Who would you cast in the upcoming adaptation?[View]
98795752>Fahrenheit.451.2018.1080p.AMZN.WEBRip.DDP5.1.x264-NTG Is it any good?…[View]
98801532If you could choose to look like a certain actress which and why? Mine is prime scarjo Also because…[View]
98787191I know that there are faggots on this board because y'all post traps and whatnot. So can someon…[View]
98798426>578 days until Episode IX[View]
98801043surprise mother fucker[View]
98801228What's the most boring film you've ever seen?[View]
98802444is it bad to film without any real idea of what you're filming? I always get caught up in the a…[View]
98798396Ledger didn't die and these two were in the same movie Write a scene with them together.[View]
98801798https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xMoymmMHdG8 Ha ha...?[View]
98797756She was programmed to love him. AI don't have real feelings or emotions. Everything she said an…[View]
98802159'Sergei. Who was zhat lovely gentleman at ze concession stand?' 'That was Robert he's new here.…[View]
98802315Even the butler fell for Jack.[View]
98785117ITT the moment you knew Star Wars was officially dead for good[View]
98795357Music: What are some good music films? Concert films, documentaries, etc[View]
98799769how did george get away with this[View]
98800599Don't watch deadpool 2 Every five seconds is a reference It's constantly reminding you it…[View]
98800181Great, maybe now Ryan Reynolds will go away[View]
98802044X-Men thread: >casts Boy George as Jean Grey >gets an Axolotl as Psylocke >don't use t…[View]
98801999>'do you know a good hotel or restaurant on the island?' >'is anybody eating th…[View]
98801787>I AM THE LOL[View]
98801665>immortal 300 year old vampire becomes a fat lard what did Joss Whedon mean by this?…[View]
98801977Even the butler fell for Jack.[View]
98801691ITT: post your face when you were watching tree of life and the space scenes happened[View]
98801926>marries a non-virgin what are some movies about cucks?[View]
98801574>blind >yet can see through superpowers >pretend and act like a blind man anyway even when …[View]
98799745Actor/fan interactions...: So Sebastian Stan was at a con in Philly, and while there he was insulted…[View]
98798636Big if true[View]
98793604What does /tv/ think of Kristen Schaal?[View]
98801569ITT: Sports Kino: I'll start with best football film.[View]
98801728>stop it!!! Star wars is the best! The force I'd female! This proves that the patriarchy is …[View]
98799767What are some shows that make your pee pee hard?[View]
98799992Looks like blackino is back on the menu boys[View]
98801627Why is she so perfect lads?[View]
98801586ITT: kino shows only you watch[View]
98796314try to name one actually funny Australian besides this guy[View]
98801018>Drama series >main character is an alcoholic white guy who hates himself…[View]
98801424>2009+ action scene >the action is recorded on an iPhone by a drunk bystander…[View]
98799994What are some movies you're looking forward to in 2018[View]
98788519Can a video really traumatize you ? I'm not talking about people overreacting about bad movies …[View]
98801285Is this a sequel to Taxi Driver?[View]
98799367Seriously what was up with that boat scene? Completely out of place[View]
98798917What do they call you? Wheels?[View]
98800457No Country Buffet for Anon: “I’m not sitting next to anon. You sit next to him.”[View]
98775050Westworld Thread: I'm gonna call it right now Ford had Bernard basically go in, construct a hum…[View]
98800617Imperium (2016): Thoughts on this terrorism kino? I really enjoyed it. It's also pretty interes…[View]
98800863Meanwhile, in kino Valhalla...: >What's that you say? My film The Other Side of the Wind, co…[View]
98798769Has Arnie given up on his kids with his wife and chosen Joseph as his true successor?[View]
98800989>character takes a shit after coming out the shower[View]
98797745how many times has this cuckold tried to have sex and failed, allowing himself to be cucked?[View]
98800735What are we in for?: Will we like it?[View]
98796923Alt-rightards BTFO /tv/ BTFO /pol/ BTFO[View]
98800577Luke Skywalker: >destroyed the Death Star >ended the Sith for good >died a virgin What happ…[View]
98800851Aw, no! I've gotta suck your PENIS, Morty.[View]
98800814/soa/: what are some other shows with disappointing finales?[View]
98800680>our movie is shit so lets pander the marketing to dumbass white trump supporters that miss the 8…[View]
98798730>the prequel trilogy had great special effects what did they mean by this?…[View]
98800553>If you found out your daughter's bf was a serial killer what would you do?[View]
98801107>43 years old[View]
98800560Léa Seydoux In Talks To Play Leading Role In Birds of Prey/DC Movie: A couple of weeks ago, Léa Seyd…[View]
98799174Oh hey anon, I didn't see you back there. You're here for the latest experience from the k…[View]
98800607Where is the /tv/ essentials chart?[View]
98799617Was mr. Bean an alien?[View]
98793869The girls are hot, as well as the subtle rape scenes. But why is this movie called 'Mustang'?[View]
98798392I know I'm in the minority of posters on /tv/ but I think that Game of thrones is far superior …[View]
98800413>violent tribal african spear chucker >angry black man from harlem Why Black Panther and Luke …[View]
98799120Finally, the truth rises. http://www.businessinsider.com/christopher-nolan-reveals-most-proud-of-the…[View]
98795777Actors whose death still hurt[View]
98789554What's the ideal height for an actress?[View]
98800427Now that the dust has settled, what was the best movie of 2017 and why was it You Were Never Really …[View]
98800408What were on the videos in the lockup?[View]
98798681Comfy Sunday afternoon films.[View]
98799754so this is the power of diversity[View]
98799886How do you go from this...[View]
98798951What are some other tv scenes that were this kino? https://youtu.be/OgLGrnImXC8[View]
98799502Why are all King Arthur movies bad except this one?[View]
98797094>Have to tell parents to not take kids to a rated R movie[View]
98796681Mission Impossible thread: Currently watching them all again before 6. Action kino Rank em >5 …[View]
98790837Obscure UK comedy kino. These threads are always full of the same programmes like The Thick of It, B…[View]
98797738show me a better /tv/-kino than pic related Pro-tip: you can't[View]
98798749The Kids in the Hall: thoughts on these guys?[View]
98798916Why is this the most true comment in 2018 so far?: >Let's look at the new racist trope in ne…[View]
98797593what are some movies about trying your hardest but still failing[View]
98799863what's next for her career?[View]
98790681I hope she has more physical scenes in Legends of Tomorrow[View]
98799911REC Thread: Can we get a REC thread going? I'm done with tv shows for the time being (I've…[View]
98788966Holy shit how will Snyder fags recover? MI6 director Christopher McQuarriethrowing shades at Snyder…[View]
98798787Heyy tv I started watching Ozark a few months ago and I really liked it except for one thing: In the…[View]
98799837Kubrick is overrated: Stanley Kubrick is one of the most overrated director ever. He try to bring th…[View]
98799383so she's going to side with the KGB and get killed right?[View]
98799009So can anyone tell me why does this series suck ass? Ive heard good opinions and bad ones and I need…[View]
98799739>riot scene >some guy jumps on a car, throws something at a shop window and yells something…[View]
98799660wait, is Oprah part of the aristocracy?[View]
98799564tell me about /tv/ when LOST was airing lads... I wasn't here back then...[View]
98799649any females here who can confirm that milk trucks bully chestlets?[View]
98799095>EVERY MAN IS A RAPIST! what did she mean by this?[View]
98790851So basically it's a bunch of random scenes stitched together and presented as a movie?[View]
98798696>ywn score a date with kelly kapowski[View]
98791052cooking films?[View]
98798629We live in a society[View]
98799464Zeo Ranger one pink![View]
98788169What's next for her?[View]
98799363Miranda Cosgrove[View]
98798902RITCHIEEEAAAAAAAAEAE!: name an ending sadder than this you cant[View]
98798492If there'll be Lucifer / Crowley / another stupid resurrection or something: The jewish screenw…[View]
98798664Deadpool 2 out last Friday. Basedlo: a star wars ™ out last Friday. It's Sunday now and still n…[View]
98798718What would be the response if this guy showed up in an MCU flick?[View]
98799319Are there any other movies in a similar vein to Predator? Suspenseful, action packed movies with gre…[View]
98797338Batman ninja: So this is the power of capekino and anime.[View]
98766381/trek/: Captain Janeway, I dont feel so good...[View]
98797495The mods are warner shills >>98788178 >>98792132 >>98795142 >>98796791 >…[View]
98797048>what are we gonna do? >I've got a plan…[View]
98797913What are some essential San-Francisco movies?[View]
98798170Why was Lando being so handsy with Luke? Was that hip grab even necessary?[View]
98799087how the fuck do you find joy/ entertainment in shitty hollywood escapism doesnt it get repetitive wa…[View]
98798468>dat one guy on /tv/ that keeps on making threads about Deadpool 2 listen pal, this is a 'Teen Ti…[View]
98799019>female character only wears heels[View]
98795988Why are so many top actresses and actors getting fat?[View]
98792367Let's face it /tv/ You hated AJ because he reminded you too much of yourself[View]
98793964>start to get into certain film/book series >do some research on it >find out the creator i…[View]
98798817What a man: Does a more handsome man exist? Just remember. You will NEVER be this handsome and have …[View]
98798954Finn is Lando's son confirmed >Han: You're telling me you used to be a woman? >Lando…[View]
98798858>it ain't me starts playing[View]
98798900edgy eddie's sneak and snoop shop[View]
98798680What is the most '4chan' movie you've ever seen?[View]
98797136WTF? I was expecting a cheesy disco movie but i got a broing movie instead[View]
98798178What made this so iconic?[View]
98795829At least he survived.[View]
98798049>a Brit told me that British sitcoms are better and funnier than American ones and recommended me…[View]
98798625>He was bending tiny stones at us from behind a tree... it really hurt!…[View]
98794689http://cartoon.adult-fanfiction.org/story.php?no=600095340 Chapter 3 is done http://cartoon.adult-fa…[View]
98798583Why did she cuck /ourguy/[View]
98795172Simpsons thread: This is a Simpsons thread where we discuss what could improve the series from it…[View]
98798658Now that the dust has settled, what was the best movie of 2017 and why was it You Were Never Really …[View]
98792933Damn! Zoe is really making them mad. Truly /ourgirl/.[View]
98797418So where are they going next?[View]
98797087Have you ever watched season 2 of a netflix original? Did you regret it? Have you ever watched an am…[View]
98797202one of the worst movies ive seen in a while, jim carrey needs to reconsider his life[View]
98795706Why the fuck is the CGI so bad?[View]
98797158Comfykino: I need movies for a relaxed Sunday afternoons like today pic related[View]
98797935This is the new Thundercats....: Say something nice about them[View]
98796682Basically more like this please[View]
98797789People who did literally nothing wrong.[View]
98785397>Your oneities from high school you still dream about from time to time kills herself >but you…[View]
9879232313 Reasons Why thread![View]
98797929Sequel when?[View]
98793966What was his endgame?[View]
98792839Only a few episodes in TNG and i swear shes waifu material. That scene where she bones data — even t…[View]
98794694What's the most interesting documentary you ever watched /tv/? Been watching a bunch lately. Ba…[View]
98795421Just realized that the guy from “12 Years A Slave” is not the same who plays the “Black Panther”[View]
98796149How does this awful actor keep getting roles? He sucks in everything[View]
98795915Is barry a bad guy?[View]
98797470Michelangelo Antonioni: How do I get into this guy's work? I have no problem with slow movies …[View]
98775412They always say the scene was faked but nah uh uh!, I can see it. They're actually licking thei…[View]
98795390Cap Marvel: Thoughts on Mckenna Grace saving Captain Marvel and the MCU[View]
98794745Who will play him in the inevitable biography?[View]
98797888>At last... I have finally become... the King of Comedy woah he actually said it…[View]
98791070This is an actual line in the movie. What were they thinking?[View]
98789426How come LOTR gets a pass here for it's cookie cutter characters and generic good-vs-evil plot …[View]
98797249What am I in for?[View]
98797936Is Cable going to save Logan?[View]
98797974Be honest. You'd put your dick into a fire and put it onto her arms, right?[View]
98796791So, why did cho chang did it?[View]
98795324ITT: actors and / actresses who deserve a bigger career >Michael Jai white Good looking Decent …[View]
98797804Why, AC, why?: >Setting where consciousness is downloaded, swapped, and cloned >only genderbe…[View]
98796276Was Sense8 worth it after all?[View]
98796983This is Max Headroom. He's a television character that's made to look as if he were nothin…[View]
98795992>this show is complicated because it's like, no one is entirely good or bad >these charac…[View]
98787065Will you tune in?[View]
98784305Wait, so the rumors about her are true? ... She's probably worse than Weinstein and Spacey put …[View]
98797653Name a worse TV president Protip: You can't[View]
98796855Is this shit is literally just Deadpool for kids? It's just full of a bunch of random meta-joke…[View]
98796523bad neighbors and it's sequel are the best comedies of this decade prove me wrong[View]
98797356Oh yeah, this exists.[View]
98797569Ugh, can we not?[View]
98796468Whats the guys version of Magic Mike?[View]
98797519So now that the dust has settled, was it 80s Halloweenkino?[View]
98793954how do you go from this...[View]
98796147>need a british tough guy? >say no more senpai…[View]
98797498>girlfriend invites me to the cinema to watch rampage >she squirms in her seat every time dway…[View]
98788440So yesterday (http://boards.4chan.org/tv/thread/98741899) we pretty much agreed that there's no…[View]
98793206Do you Strike First, /tv/?[View]
98797197>that 67 year old millennial who likes superheroes[View]
98797288thoughts on the Miami Vice female reboot?[View]
98794950Destiny, is all[View]
98795669Is he the best comedian in America right now?[View]
98794567Overrated as shit[View]
98795142Turn To Page 394[View]
98792278>39 days until Ant-Man and the Wasp[View]
98793250David Gandy: He's the perfect James Bond. Admit it /tv/[View]
98796961What would the offspring of these two races look like? Would the child's skin be divided into f…[View]
98796939Honest question to sw fags: Is Darth Kermit canon now?[View]
98796839What's the biggest betrayal in television history?[View]
98796604ON THE ROOF![View]
98795694Hi, anon.[View]
98794219How do I go about making a film without using actors? No animations[View]
98789842What are some movies about Transhumanism?[View]
98790216ITT: cases of celebrity kids where a DNA test would be a waste of money[View]
98796796Was he 4chan personified?[View]
98796050>*snap* >'Yep. This one's going to my cringe compilation.'…[View]
98796805>Hollywood does nothing but pander to blacks, gays, Jews, and women now What hope is there that a…[View]
98796806tylers our guy: how can the people that I liked complete 180 in just one scene. its great pointing o…[View]
98796315>gets a low reviewer score >But an audience score in the 90s What happens to /tv/ if this is t…[View]
98796312I love y-[View]
98796765is kino back on the menu boys?[View]
98783117At what point will he run out of stuff to reminisce about from the 80s and 90s?[View]
98792978Hotel Artemis: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JqfuKsoEEms[View]
98796289Deadpool 2: Uh, am I in the wrong for thinking this was better than the first movie?[View]
98794644How did the japanese horror meme even took off? Japs are scared of stupid shit like long black hair,…[View]
98795087patrician uprising when? this board needs to be purged[View]
98795192Soon we will see Elizabeth Debicki molest a girl in 'The Tale'[View]
98796590>Some stranger yells an insult at the protagonist >Protagonist yells an insult back >They b…[View]
98794315>1. The new Han Solo is a nice Jewish boy from LA >2. The old Han Solo is also (partly) Jewish…[View]
98794725Who should be the villain in a Spider-Verse movie with Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield and Tom Hollan…[View]
98785824The Office is basically normie propaganda. Jim is the archetypical normie man and Pam is the archety…[View]
98795806Why Are They Toning Down Movies: >less violence >less guns >less quality >movies are les…[View]
98793388What are some films about a Rothschild poking the future king of England in the chest as a display o…[View]
98782410Post a picture with more raw talent than this[View]
98794762>open a movie in VLC >turn on mirror mode >post results…[View]
98793828an argument with this guy would be priceless...[View]
98792929characters who did nothing wrong[View]
98785466Is this the most kino moment in the history of the wrestling?[View]
98789608Why didn't Sirius just send Dumbledore a letter warning him about Pettigrew?[View]
98796059>high tech >bio skin >9km crush depth >using probes with flashlight as sensors >stupi…[View]
98795974Vikings Thread: Don't mind me, just undermining an entire culture in every scene[View]
98791921What would you have done in his situation?[View]
98791749She just can’t let go[View]
98792217Is he really a bad actor ? Why is he not getting any roles until IX ? His castmates are packed[View]
98795729>That 33 year old boomer who seeds online but never real life[View]
98793028Why didn't the Avengers use Ant-Man's technology to shrink the Infinity Stones?[View]
98795751>which 30 year old boomer was the Zodiac[View]
98795744Was family a f-word to him?[View]
98787050what's she whispering?[View]
98792384horror visuals what imagery creeps you out, or gives you pure terror? asking becuz i'm making a…[View]
98792670>you see that window up there? >my wife is in there with a fucking white male, and not a panse…[View]
98794092Why do films cost more to make now than any time in history, but have Playstation 2-era CGI? This fi…[View]
98794647Your word is niggerfaggot.[View]
98792292Did this flick attract a horde of underage newfags to the board, or did it merely confirm that they …[View]
98795516How 'bout icing it?[View]
98792151>trying to introduce gf to the films of Godard >every time she just wants to have sex instead …[View]
98795225what was his best work?[View]
98795186What’s next for David Beckham’s movie career[View]
98791336SESAME STREET RUINED: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-eks8LG72uo[View]
98768058>Just let Lynch do all the visual effects himself, it'll be fi-[View]
98790433who was in the wrong here? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TY9JsBy835g[View]
98794623It sucks we need to wait a year or two for more Orville lads.[View]
98794252ITT: Spongebob jokes you never understood[View]
98792694This was preety good[View]
98793816Well /tv/? Which one did you prefer? Which one had the better spooks.[View]
98790150did we have a thread about Luc Besson being charged with rape yet idk how anyone is surprised, it…[View]
98794915>I fucked a girl two days ago and I don't even remember the color of her tits What the FUCK …[View]
98794890>when a successful drama actor makes his foray into capeshit and massively improves the genr-…[View]
98793058Dino Crisis vs Jurassic Park: So I have this crazy idea - dinosaurs in Jurassic Park are basically m…[View]
98794811Why did Disney hire the same actress to play Rey, Jyn and Qi'ra ? Kinda confusing isn't it…[View]
98794309Intense friendliness with nothing behind the eyes[View]
98794624he is such a great guy[View]
98793498NO TURKEY?![View]
98791571>*BOOM* An instantaneous solution to the Joker conundrum.[View]
98792765Movies for someone who is fed up with everything?[View]
98794588Early X-Files = Prime '90s Telekino: I have seasons 1-5 and the first movie on blu-ray. A lot o…[View]
98794488*dabs on you*[View]
98794542FILMHACKS: OK /tv/, here's the thing - if you want to get into cinema properly, not just like '…[View]
98793586What are some movies where a real life character got pissed off about how they were shown/they were …[View]
98793730What Went Wrong?[View]
98794446Did Fat Dom have aspergers?What made him think this could end well?[View]
98792542I haven't been to the movies in 15 years do they have sexploitation movies anymore?[View]
98793667How does it feel /tv/?[View]
98794128https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GJ1oM_EdVpQ Mike should really do more improv. Whenever he goes off …[View]
98793950>This is a hot sauce packet. She put this on a hot dog a couple years ago because she thought it …[View]
98794305is he a genius or an idiot?[View]
98792017Is Walt the most depressing character of recent tv? >lung cancer even though you don't smoke…[View]
98794247Winona Ryder has a new film comming out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4b_NecbrC0c[View]
98794090Hot damn! It's the Soggy Bottom Boys.[View]
98782669What went right?[View]
98790343>it's 'your favorite literature works of old are being ruined by completely unnecessary SJW …[View]
98791039What's next for her?[View]
98792293What happened to his career in early 2000's? Looking at his filmography, he starred in a good movies…[View]
98793957>Main character does X THE ENTRE MOVIE IS PROPAGANDA FOR X!!!!!![View]
98791608ITT: We discuss GoT S1 like it's 2011 again: Ned Stark is my favorite character, can't wai…[View]
98792394I'm Two episodes in: When does it get good?[View]
98794032Are you ready for the Borat Cinematic Universe?[View]
98793938Really nice film about right and wrong. Thomas Newman is fantastic, the best track I've ever he…[View]
98793919there are forces out there that even the boogeyman trembles before[View]
98793759>'Hey Hans, ya fuckin' kraut sack of shit..this one is for the boys in the ovens!' what did …[View]
98792975BOGGED: I thought you guys were joking, but she really is starting to look like one of the Bog twins…[View]
98792866Why can't we have serious movie discussion here? I know all of /lit/ is not like that, but at l…[View]
98786827What are your Game of Thrones season 8 expectations?[View]
98791726YASSS QUEEN: its the right thing for gotham[View]
98791871Just broke up with my girlfriend of 2 years. What film should I watch?[View]
98793479>no beard >pronounces it 'seek' (it's pronounced 'sick')…[View]
98792857What's a good movie in which queer people explicitly exist but isn't about being queer?[View]
98791075So when she's showing up in a new film? She was the hottest both in the 90s show and in X-Men E…[View]
98792689Why complain about plotholes when every single movie ever created has them? This makes plotholes the…[View]
98789641Why didnt we get to see her do the Serpents initiation dance?[View]
98788727The story structure felt like it could have easily been a movie. If they made it a movie (or two) us…[View]
98793152Is this a dad flick? I'm gen Z and feel kind of embarrassed when I watch it, even though I like…[View]
98793480What was his fucking problem?[View]
98789745What happened to Jet li?[View]
98791753Ready to be Solo'd?: How wrong will /tv/ be?[View]
98792518why was flash the type of kid who would have gotten bullied when I was at school?[View]
98789450Any Solo movie webms? I want to make fun of how bad the movie is[View]
98793271I don't enjoy/ can't watch any tv shows or movies anymore. I just put them on to waste tim…[View]
98793013Movies that could not be made today[View]
98787778>it's a 90's movie >'we need a french guy' >'say no more'…[View]
98791434>The Invention of Lying and Kumare seem to suggest that religion may not be about what it appears…[View]
98793018Miranda Cosgrove: what does she have to do to get into your movie[View]
98792833Are you excited for Solo: A Star Wars Story, the new movie by Disney in the Star Wars cinematic univ…[View]
98792982>give me 3 hours >you have one[View]
98790165films about busy city life?[View]
98789855You’re implying that a group composed entirely of female animals will―[View]
98785448I enjoyed this. Turns out Scorsese can make good movies when he's not being lazy and formulaic.…[View]
98790860Comfy as fuck shows[View]
98791647>Vietnam War film >'Just a shot Away' by Mick Jagger starts playing…[View]
98792124>Age 32 >5ft 5in Where were you when Ahsoka Fags got BTFOd because their Waifu is a fucking Wo…[View]
98792846Why didn't Wakanda intervene to stop the Rwandan genocide?[View]
98790647Childish gambino: How can you say he isn't talented? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ezbsbkqoRr…[View]
98784698Will it ever be topped as the single greatest season of a television show ever?[View]
98792779>The one problem I have is that three things cloud my judgement, and if you could print out the c…[View]
98792751>tfw you read the game and watch this episode with your friend by chance >tfw the pua scenes a…[View]
98791265Can you guys recommend good movies / tv shows with graphic hanging scenes? Especially ones involving…[View]
98791948>movies with even the slightest success get reboots or sequels >Austin Powers has 3 successfu…[View]
98777705100% true: Every decade had it's capeshit. Lotr, james bond, indiana jones, etc[View]
98792123Kino animations: Why is the animation decades ago so much better than what it is now?[View]
98789938ITT: directors who had it but lost it[View]
98786581I'm putting together a team.[View]
98792346*enters every British history textbook''[View]
98792178i miss the threads whenever new kino of him inserts itself into kinoplexes or when it hits torrentph…[View]
98787776It annoys me that there are almost no kinos about WW1. I bet the nose tribe is behind this![View]
98786319The Simpsons: A thread for discussion of the FOX television series 'The Simpsons'[View]
98788995Movies where nazis are the good guys?[View]
98791826#SoloAStarWarsStory- an awe-inspiring summer bonanza. Ron Howard's grand prism has changed the …[View]
98791438ITT: post directors who subverted your expectations[View]
98790077I'VE GOT THE POWER[View]
98791813What's the Truth?[View]
98791873Absolutely fantastic show with just the right amount of popularity[View]
98789134Can you name ONE show or movie that was released after 2010 that doesn't have stronk womyn char…[View]
98790868Who was in the wrong?[View]
98791372Was appearing in a Drake video a step forward or backward for her career?[View]
98790986>tfw also liking asparagus with butter ;_;[View]
98784786Bon Voyage, Bond.[View]
98790821Did you know that Mark 1 was CGI?: https://youtu.be/WUBXmEWudnA?t=340[View]
98791960Itt: Good loking makeup, hairstyling and costumes: Durza from Eragon[View]
98791782You think Harry fucked her?[View]
98791825My dellow fellegates![View]
98787009Fuck all these marvel threads Lets discuss REAL kino[View]
98783387ITT: Movies from the last 10 years no one remembers[View]
98789680Stop desiring bread and circuses.[View]
98791599Kino that is safe: from reddit[View]
98790014Remembering Arnold Schwarzenegger: RIP his career[View]
98791134What the fuck did I watch?: Anyone explain the ending?[View]
98791415Do Blade Runners really dress like this?[View]
98790752This (((woman))) is legitimately one of the ugliest people I have ever seen. And she's not funn…[View]
98791481can we consider this reddit kino?[View]
98791365>They are not here to rescue us >They are here to make sure no one ever finds out what happene…[View]
98791271>Movie set during Iraq War >Shoot to Kill starts playing…[View]
98790430Can /tv/ recommend any scary movies or TV shows which don't rely on jumpscares or gratuitous gr…[View]
98789672Whos ready for another Season of South Park?[View]
98790838ITT: Movies that aged like milk[View]
9878439280s comedies are so fucking great. Besides comfy nostalgia there is >no political correctness …[View]
98788534>Name a MCU movie more influential than the Godfather, Goodfellas, or The Good, The Bad, and The …[View]
98791231>One specific scene in the film perceived as an example of anti-Semitism was in the dialogue of C…[View]
98789197So, 2001 was re-released because of it's 50th anniversary. it's a remastered 70mm and appa…[View]
98783653What happened?[View]
98788935Do the uncut versions add much to the movies? Thinking of picking them up.[View]
98791127Dano: What are some classic Paul Dano flicks? Already seen Ruby Sparks and Little Miss Sunshine…[View]
98776697post your tv watching station[View]
98787994Will we ever get a good Ayn Rand movie? I fucking loved Atlas Shrugged and Objectivism is god tier i…[View]
98791036>plane's getting real low, big guy[View]
98791023>drama show >women start fighting scene[View]
98788576Watched 'when we were kings' loved it. Then watched 'Ali' fucking hated it. How did they ruin such a…[View]
98789809SNYDER CUT SNYDER CIT SNYDER CUT: Snyder Cut Snyder cut Snyder cut Snyder cut Snyder cut Snyder cut…[View]
98789336When did it go to shit?[View]
98790899Did you enjoy the last R Rated super hero film before the Mouse's control of cinema?[View]
98790847RANK THEM!!![View]
98790891Why was Skrillex in schindler's list?[View]
98790392God fucking job you assholes, you destroyed /oursoyboy/[View]
98790656In my country there is problem[View]
98782994Thoughts on this movie /tv/?[View]
98790728More scenes like this? https://youtu.be/OmCuLJjWl2M[View]
98790644did we kill this guy?[View]
98788374xjawz is right you know[View]
98790038'You can't smoke in a police station, you can't beat a suspect, you can't forcibly ma…[View]
98786924why didn't he just time travel to five minutes before his family was killed?[View]
98787442Stand alone film when?[View]
98784998Spielberg Pedo Blind Item: >Saving Private Pedo[View]
98790379What does Marcellus Wallace look like?[View]
98789648Who was in the wrong here?[View]
98786010>tfw you realize Tron Legacy was the best cinemantic experience of the last 20 years…[View]
98786756What does /tv/ think of her body of work?[View]
98787606Is Infinity War going to top Avatar as the top grossing movie of all time?[View]
98779368Is this the Luke you dreamed of?[View]
98790256They are going to spin this flopping due to homophobic bigots aren't they?: They are going to s…[View]
98781539Avengers 4: Pretty crafty, Marvel.[View]
98788501So when is this coming out? Looks dope to be completely honest.[View]
98789090Movies that are the absolute pinnacle of comfy horror kino[View]
98788368Why did critics hate it?[View]
98785898What is your favorite Luc Besson film?[View]
98789393>Padme gets upset when she learns Anakin killed the Jedi younglings >Padme doesn't give a…[View]
98789901Why didn't they get some dwarves to transport some Mount Doom lava to the ring for them and mee…[View]
98788850Deadpool 2 Spoiler: F[View]
98790259Do normies even remember dubstep and Martha scene?[View]
98787666TL;DR: Do i need to watch the series leading up to the End of Evangelion? Where do I start? Alright …[View]
98790238who /csfd/ here[View]
98778843What is your favorite horror subgenre and why?[View]
98789135Did Thanos remind you guys of anyone in the current American political arena?[View]
98785452Venetian Manipulation >find out what they want >convince them you are the only person that can…[View]
98790190I just want to tell you both good luck, we're all counting on you.[View]
98783493What do you think of Bo Burnham, /tv/?[View]
98782601Orc in Lord of the Rings vs orc in The Hobbit[View]
98790022>It's a hangover lasts 3 episodes episode[View]
98789749Fantastic movie villlains[View]
98789952>Did you ever hear the tragedy of Darth Ry'Ann the Subversive?[View]
98789899what should be the official kino of /tv/? In my opinion, pic related[View]
98789703*fags up your arctic kino*[View]
98788738was he our guy?[View]
98786960Was he the most hard working and stressed out character on the show? He did the same repetitive shit…[View]
98750481ITT: unconventional hotties[View]
98788103SAFE: Is this worth watching? Started with the pilot watched a few minutes before going to bed last …[View]
98789751https://youtu.be/SAkcolVxDy0?t=4m53s 'A single spark of courage can ignite the fires of hope' Did Ri…[View]
98789304Reparations Peace films: Thoughts?[View]
98788650Was it brapkino?[View]
98786314Hey /tv/ just broke up with my girlfriend because she said Deadpool 2 was a meta movie and I said re…[View]
98789434and now it begins[View]
98789273>One of the main characters in a racial minority. >Not one joke made about their race for the …[View]
98789488characters who did NOTHING WRONG[View]
98784022Why haven't you watched AMC's award winning series Hell on Wheels yet /tv/?[View]
98789464You get the ice, I'll get the ice man[View]
98788123why does cap use a shield?: Why does the all American hero use a non-american weapon? America never …[View]
98778127You have ten (10) seconds to name 1 (one) movie or film where no one dies. Protip: you can't.[View]
98789339That's a big hat[View]
98788204Who are /tv/'s favourite actresses?[View]
98788187Diversify /tv/ Thread: Lets show people that we can diversify older films without it being forced in…[View]
98789031so now that supposedly the rumors are true... what do you expect from the Dexter reboot/continuation…[View]
98785269Recommend me some documentary series like this[View]
98788909Fucking NO ONE has ever been as brutally cucked as this man. This shit was worse than NTR porn[View]
98788384mm: ...nootka.[View]
98787672Why didn't the furniture guy help Homer?[View]
98782918Hi /tv/![View]
98789003I eat pieces of shit like you for breakfast[View]
98781659why/when did Sunny turn into Reddit : the show?[View]
98786910>God I gotta ask you something. What's the meaning of life? >you'll find out when yo…[View]
98788784Should I watch Cargo?[View]
98788984Sopranos bread: Now that the Dust has settled , What happened to him[View]
98786998Why didn't Eddy and the rest of them just maintain the God damn railway line?[View]
98788064so they had no real plan? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I2O7blSSzpI[View]
98788801Freud? Who's he? Is he a passenger?[View]
98786499Unironically why do you hate this pairing ?[View]
98781311Why was this a thing?[View]
98788493Funniest Movie Misunderstandings: Lois Lane: So, how did you enjoy your first day on the job? Clark …[View]
98786302The Witch: What the hell happened to the twins? They disappeared and were never mentioned or seen ag…[View]
98786741>I’m a driver... and a flyer[View]
98785081Was she at the party?[View]
98785421>White man's bourbon, Lloyd my man. White man's bourbon.[View]
98788598Who REALLY was in the wrong here?[View]
98788221Imagine using your death to ruin innocent people's lives[View]
98788572Who is the better team? For me it's the X men because the motherfucker Wolverine kick your ass![View]
98787396Is this a dad flick? I'm gen Z and feel kind of embarrassed when I watch it, even though I like…[View]
98788402>Look Gary! Soap! Don't drop em, you might get raped in the ass! This is a children's s…[View]
98788421What are some movies about taking care of horses in Montana?[View]
98786250>Kylo Ren is obsessed with finding and hording all of Anakin Skywalker / Darth Vader's shit …[View]
98770073/lbg/: Letterboxd thread: post profiles discuss what you have recently watched QOTD: what do you thi…[View]
98784418What is your favorite film or television project from Milana Vayntrub?[View]
98788349All of his friends advice was irrelevant in the end. The best thing they ever did was literally get …[View]
98787509Hahaha, oh boy, he actually did it The absolute madman[View]
98788139The human body produces approx 1 oz of stool per pound of body weight. Calculate how big of poops e…[View]
98785325What would you wish for?[View]
98786705W I L F R E D: So... nothing was real?[View]
98786117>Movie >Movie II Why are movie titles so shit? This never happens with, let's say, books…[View]
98788176This is the pinnacle of comedy movies. It's also it's 2nd birthday today. Say something ni…[View]
98782368Onions Wars faggots on suicide watch[View]
98787925Just finished this movie. What did I think of it?[View]
98786477What would be the most sexually arousing way to transfer Jack to the Carpathia? A. Jack is tranquili…[View]
98787933I just saw this and i must say: David Robert Mitchell - Artist David Lynch - Bullshit Artist[View]
98787779Why is this the most true comment in 2018 so far? /gen/ #1: >Let's look at the new racist tr…[View]
98788005>and your other your other[View]
98784314If Darth Vader hated his life so much, why didn't he just kill himself?[View]
98787958Why didn’t they just tell the Germans to stop being mean to other countries?[View]
98784777>Dan Schneider vs Harvey Weinstein[View]
98787708Saw and the original Halloween, are the scariest horror films. Not the most disturbing, or the most …[View]
98787410Are you excited?[View]
98785473I haven't moved all day and now i'm afraid to get up in case it causes a clot to move into…[View]
98787866I don't like this movie and I have come here to find like minded individuals who agree with me.…[View]
98787262honest question: why is this show such unredeemable shit? it's reddit: the show[View]
98786300Hollow Man (2000): What would you do if you were in his position?[View]
98787825>the chad raphael >the virgin leonardo[View]
98784109This is such a bullshit twist. I can't get over how big of a hack M. Night Shyamalan is.[View]
98780014What are the best shows or movies that seamlessly blend science fiction and fantasy?[View]
98786503You like Denis Vileneueve[View]
98787277Miranda Cosgrove: ICarly, iCarly I don't care if you look like Michael Jackson As long as you g…[View]
98783215what did the note say /tv/?[View]
98787378>this town ain't big enough for the two of us[View]
98786955How did the serum end up in Daisy's hands? She told Coulson to return to the base and inject hi…[View]
98786776Ned... I[View]
98787555HEY BLUNT[View]
98785368I WILL LET YOU DOWN[View]
98781296What are some kinos about two farmers sitting on their porch?[View]
98786126(((((((((The Happytime Murders))))))))): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-eks8LG72uo Thoughts?…[View]
98784976Your thoughts on this lovely thespian?[View]
98787357>'Did you just call me... BLOB!?' No. He called you bub. Are Americans really this stupid?…[View]
98787403So much mumbling in the first ep.. does it get any better?[View]
98784205Did you know Hostel is real? Snuff parties exist and the entrant fee is usually $100k to watch $500 …[View]
98787383Why didn't Thanos just use the infinity gauntlet to cull all Boomers?: Why wasn't Thanos c…[View]
98787325Happy End: Has Haneke gone senile already?[View]
98784961Looks like Wolverine capekino is back in the menu boys! From the leaked Dark Phoenix trailer, Dacre …[View]
9878670313 reasons why part 2 bloopers: bad day to wear a transparent skirt for the child death talk.[View]
98787204What did /tv/ think about this show?[View]
98787121Beep beep /tv/[View]
98782043What are your favourite movie opening scenes?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mE34JvLqWK0…[View]
98786042Is he unJUST?[View]
98785870Hey there Rover come on over[View]
98785548#Solo: You're going to watch Solo aren't you? You're not racist right?[View]
98786521Why didn't he just swim back to shore?[View]
98781638Why did they let him live?[View]
98781603http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Cold_war >'Cold war' was an informal term used to define the inten…[View]
98786677Couldn't he have burnt all that fat and solved the issue of being obese?[View]
98786080Joe Pera Talks With You: What did you think?[View]
98784444What’s the best vampire saga and why is it Underworld?[View]
98785733>'Harry tells me you're quite the science whiz. You know, I'm something of a scientist …[View]
98785830I love criterion covers[View]
98786716Is it really about the jews?[View]
98780709ITT: Actors/actresses you have a hard time telling apart[View]
98783707so why did he seppuku if he could climb up with her[View]
98786496What do you think of dancing in movies?[View]
98786613How big of a faggot would you have to be to watch Empire Strikes Back and then think 'I bet Lando wa…[View]
98785396>Dr. Crane! I'll do no such thing.[View]
98758751>Muh dick: the character[View]
98773800HOLY SHIT[View]
98784823What's one film you would like to either make or see?: As a struggling Screenwriter/filmmaker, …[View]
98786370Asshole sopranos totally dismissed ralphie telling him that his hospitalized kid will have to learn …[View]
98783468I seen c-beams glitter my nigga[View]
98785796Will this help Benzo's career?[View]
98784080classic romance movies: given all the degeneracy we see on this site, I want to watch a classic roma…[View]
98781521Are we in a new age of gay black man kino? First this, then Lando being pansexual, I'm really e…[View]
98773450Who do you chuckleheads think was most responsible for ESB if not Lucas? It can't be Kasdan bec…[View]
98785684The Exorcist isn't that scary, c'mon.[View]
98784691Imagine if Jack lived and Jack went to jail for defending himself from Cal. Cal had friends who were…[View]
98785406This TV show started off as social commentary on technology and had relatable allegorical stories ab…[View]
98786217It's that time of the year again for that rewatch of BoB: Will there ever be a 4k version? Wher…[View]
98781780Can I get you a glass of milk to go along with those cookies?[View]
98781183whys she so cute bros :3[View]
98785793Thoughts on this comfy cooking kino?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o9J7BBLpncI[View]
98786046From everything movies and tv has taught us how do you deal with someone who robed one of your stree…[View]
98785482>comedy movie >mentions game of thrones[View]
98771785ITT: times when larry was in the wrong[View]
98774410Webm Thread: Post what you have[View]
98784726>sleepover with friends in high school >we watch horror movies >they all fall asleep and i…[View]
98785277was it kino?[View]
98785279ITT: We post gaykino. I'll start. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5vsBmsJiatQ[View]
98785818Who should play them in the inevitable remake? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MqGABYxojK8[View]
98783974*doesn't fall for the incel meme[View]
98782069ITT: Movies that are impossible to discuss on /tv/[View]
98785618*tells you you've been slicing fruits and vegetables all wrong*[View]
98784780Ghost Squad masterpiece? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jv9ZUOWbrG0[View]
98786160>Stephen Fry and Jorday Peterson on Canadian TV teaming up to argue against political correctness…[View]
98785515SIR NOFACE: We are not alone[View]
98781329SNL General: Continued from >>98776922[View]
98785017OH NO NO NO[View]
98779988In the Load of the Rings, how was Sauron so incompetent? Why did he not build a gate or a tower arou…[View]
98784325So where as DCEU and dark universe tried hard to catch up too hard to play catch up with Marvel do y…[View]
98779934>you will never see Smocaine 4[View]
98784357what happens with no Lahey?[View]
98785381muh leg: the show[View]
98779167If you were to visit as a guest, what would your first week look like?[View]
98773077dude character assassination lmao: >lets turn the god of thunder into a quipping millennial with …[View]
98783890>In English doc[View]
98781355fixed this image for yall argue and post your own[View]
98776164Fahrenheit.451.2018.1080p.AMZN.WEB-DL.DDP5.1.H.264-NTG: >Fahrenheit.451.2018.1080p.AMZN.WEB-DL.DD…[View]
98782355Just saw this on Netflix. Surprisingly delightful. I grew up reading the books in elementary school,…[View]
98783153what are some ghost kinos?[View]
98782541Does /tv/ like Japanese capekino?[View]
98784454what kind of impact has capeshit had on you?[View]
98755371an argument with this guy would be priceless...[View]
98785078How did this film fail?: All the talent behind this and it was truly awful.[View]
98762346HARRY NO![View]
98784704>looks like I picked the wrong week to quit smoking[View]
98785010What are some good movies about camaraderie?[View]
98778677Why should I live in short grass, huh? Fuck, I don't wanna mow anything anymore. This is a lawn…[View]
98784410What are some scenes that hit too close to home for you?[View]
98781939What happened to movie creativity?: We used to make so many high quality movies that I am still catc…[View]
98776805Scenes women will NEVER understand: >will you hold me?[View]
98784756why the fuck is this still a thing?[View]
98784062>Things you can say about your favorite movie, but not your girlfriend.…[View]
98778333Why is this happening[View]
98784332>a famous work of literature >a director >main cast >divergences from source material…[View]
98775608Why don’t people love it?[View]
98784490>Decide to watch a superhero film in theater >The stench of the moviegoers is almost unbearabl…[View]
98784429reddit in human form[View]
98784455>we want the next Star Wars to be litty af >say no more…[View]
98784192I love you, You love me. We're a happy family, With a great big hug and a kiss from me to you. …[View]
98783151Hey anon, I was just wondering, why arent you wearing that jacket I got you?[View]
98778584Thoughts on this movie?[View]
98783994Vanishing Point on TCM bitches![View]
98784129/90s Comedy/: What's the best Adam Sandler kino?[View]
98782421damn. this movie made me cry. whats tv consense about this work?[View]
98784157Underrated Comedies Thread This film had me cracking up this morning Need some more comedy gems to w…[View]
98782422Why weren't there any LGPT people in this movie?[View]
98782245What does /tv/ think of Netflix's newest sensation? Also, for me it's Rainey[View]
98782637>another saturday night spent watching and getting emotional over LOTR clips…[View]
98784092How did he beat up that guy at the end?[View]
98782151>Blockbusts your path[View]
98782955>so just turn around[View]
98783939>Now he's definitely the guy![View]
98784032>Black Panther I feel nice.[View]
98783261Debicki just won a major award at Cannes: http://variety.com/2018/film/news/cannes-joe-alwyn-elizabe…[View]
98779704Do you think Cap will actually get Thor's powers when he lifts Mjolnir to fight Thanos in the p…[View]
98783630>Its another Junior in the mental hospital scene.[View]
98782408Conan and Max's (and Joel's) relationship was funnier than Conan and Andy's, but Andy…[View]
98783423ITT WE APOLOGIZE TO GEORGE: Im sorry george, we didnt know how good we had it. your movies were good…[View]
98782509IMAGINE: ITT: Provide me with images and I make a 3d webm of it. If you want I can exaggerate certai…[View]
98777907What a pleasantly funny little flick.[View]
98783347>relationship just ended with me and my gf cussing each other out in every possible way and burni…[View]
98781721>Phoenix Forgotten Just started watching it. Ten fifteen minutes in. So far nothings happened. Wh…[View]
98783399What a confusing kino.[View]
98781913>Now Tayne I can get into![View]
98783390>movie makes you think[View]
98779972Anybody got current pics of Latza? Has he unJUSTed himself?[View]
98783086>Lord of the Rings isn't kin-[View]
98783231What did I think of it?[View]
98781434they really need to remake this with incels $oyboys MGTOW.s & Feminist[View]
98783107Finished Babylon Berlin, watching The Crown now. What are some other historical kinos?[View]
98777138So do you guys like artsy Cinema?[View]
98782961at what point does he break bad?[View]
98780647Is Elaine the Phoebe of Seinfeld?[View]
98769568>peep show out of sophies perspective >she's a coldhearted bitch didn't expect her t…[View]
98782914ITT: Incel characters[View]
98782891what in the f*ck is their problem?[View]
98782822Is he, dare I say it, /ourguy/?[View]
98782153how many moves does it take for a chess pro to recognize that he is playing against an amateur?[View]
98782862Vampires sweetie, werewolves[View]
98782782no way she actually believed those sound effects[View]
98782811Why did the so-called “heroes” in LOTR kill thousands of vibrant multicultural youths from the Tribe…[View]
98780867Who controls the board /tv/? Who makes memes and fresh OC? We do! We do! Who makes Reddit red with …[View]
98782000Would you cry if Jack went to jail for defending himself from Cal?[View]
98780210Say something nice about him[View]
98782752Ouch. That’s gotta hurt.[View]
98779071Gimme some cool spaceship designs, my dudes[View]
98777154What if the Simpsons were to age in real time? Would it still be kino?[View]
98782625I watched Three Men and a Baby, Look Who's Talking 1 and 2, Baby's Day Out, Boss Baby, The…[View]
98780886>eat remaining theater popcorn the next day >it tastes like the movie you saw…[View]
98782511Post yoru three favorite movies, others will judge you based off of them[View]
98781200ITT: jeopardy contestants that need thier pussy lapped up like a dog[View]
98779004>the big three[View]
98781317Did we ever figure out what this was even supposed to mean?[View]
98779623So what am I in for? Is it any good? No spoilers please. unless it answers why one of the daughters …[View]
98782265Why are Australians so un-cuckable?[View]
98782011What does /tv/ think of Werner Herzog's 'South America' trilogy?[View]
98781969I bet you're a big Lee Marvin fan, /tv/....[View]
98781124After her success in Annabelle Creation: What's next for Lulu Wilson[View]
98782229this show is pretty fucking great. shame about being cancelled with all the cliff hangers[View]
98770227>visiting family in America >they want to go to the movies >get a water and sit down in the…[View]
98781621>that 23 year old boomer who watches capeshit[View]
98777792and yet again.... that’s a good thing: >and it’s beautiful >and here’s why…[View]
98782072It's nearly 6am and I'm coming down from a night of drinking, what is some /insomnia/ core…[View]
98781992>watching an old show for the first time >young version of a waifu appears Pretty good feeling…[View]
98781892CABLE: He was based. Spin-off when?[View]
98781006>it's a attractive thin woman beating up men twice her size episode…[View]
98779441What's your favourite film /tv/?[View]
98775925Why do people hate the Canto Bight casino in The Last Jedi? I don't understand why this part is…[View]
98781771>and your other gun[View]
98781849so was it kino?[View]
98779815can the mods sticky this? thanks![View]
98776672The New Wolverine: Say Hi to the new Wolverine guys, from X Men Dark Phoenix[View]
98780110Best shots in cinema?[View]
98778930*ahem* The big twist in 9 is that Kylo and Rey made a secret baby between 8-9[View]
98780249Why did they have her around just to say this and just disappear from the season?[View]
98774108Isle of Dogs: How do you feel about this movie /tv/?[View]
98780963Modern capeshits that don't suck[View]
98781540>open movie in VLC >turn on mirror mode >post results…[View]
98778764This is Coyote Peterson, going for the bullet ant sting. (HEAVY BREATHING) Here we go![View]
98781286Why doesn't /tv/ shit on capeshit endlessly anymore? Did everyone realize its pointless to dedi…[View]
98779634>it's 3AM >wake up see this standing by your bed wat do?…[View]
98779393Anybody else notice that the funposting starts when the Aussies are awake? Not that I'm complai…[View]
98779334>tfw its no longer easy money[View]
98781414are british males really like this?[View]
98781368What went so horribly wrong? Dude was the darling of reddit , failed spectacularly, and now everythi…[View]
98778499Anyone else seen cobra kai? If so what are your thoughts on it?[View]
98776922SNL General: Saturday Night Live S43E23 (Season Finale) Host Tina Fey; Nicki Minaj performs.[View]
98774691Is there a better dance scene in the history of cinema?[View]
98779980>the karate kid >actually does kung fu wtf, how is this allowed?…[View]
98779294Are you ready for her second Oscar, /tv/?[View]
98780852ITT: Kinos /tv/ hasn't even heard of[View]
98781108why does Canada have so few kinos?[View]
98768213Vikings: I've only watched up to episode 4, but so far its been -quite- good. What episode or s…[View]
98779620>injuns killing children 30 seonds in How did this get made in modern Hollywood? Where are the sm…[View]
98780677lol losers[View]
98780840How's the new season of Humans?[View]
98774491ITT: comic panels that would be kino on the big screen[View]
98779523why didn't he help?[View]
98778236Where do we stand on Aaron Sorkin?: Personally I've noticed his shows are really white. Uncommo…[View]
98779515>And here's our son anon's room...[View]
98779560The mouse can't keep getting away with it![View]
98774616Daredevil Season 1: Here it is, everyone: The peak of the Marvel Cinematic Universe[View]
98778714tuco already touched the poison meth and walt said a pin head kill kill a man it was on his finger w…[View]
98780330Why did they remove the scars? Chucky looked badass.[View]
98779708Why was this so well received? Just the same thing over and over again with no character or story pr…[View]
98780187Does /tv/ have any holocaust documentary kino's to recommend? this really gets you in the mood:…[View]
98771617>'Spidey was never supposed to be too large' What did he mean by this?[View]
98773485what was his problem, though?[View]
98752376/// Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. ///: Why is no one talking about the best capeshit on TV?[View]
98776228I don't get it.[View]
98775731About to marathon this kino for the first time, what am I in for lads[View]
98779963What if she was the villain in Mission Impossible? Would Tom Cruise be able to fight her and win?[View]
98779946TV shows that make you root for the villain[View]
98779799Post childhood kino[View]
98779430Move recommendations: I heard about 'Dark of the Sun' on /pol/ can /tv/ recommend somethin…[View]
98777559Hey Earl? Yeah Randy? Why’d they cancel our show?[View]
98779388This is the cutest MCU girl and there is not damn thing you can do about it.[View]
98777693STAR WARS POWER RANKINGS: 1. Empire Strikes Back 2. Star Wars 3. Return of the Jedi 4. Revenge of th…[View]
98779834>upload the same trailer 3 times in 2 days What's their master plan?…[View]
98779348Damn Jay, how low does that chin go, girl![View]
98779340Who else is excited to see the newest rendention of Han Solo featuring Pan sexual Lando, TransAmGend…[View]
98778678/tv/ absolutely BTFO![View]
98776134What would /tv/ do with the power of the Infinity Stones?[View]
98778106Do you consider Deadpool typical normie capeshit or is it 4chan approved?[View]
98779323Was Jerry /ourguy/? Jokes aside, I thought this show was decent, hope the new season focuses more on…[View]
98779278'Well congratulations Mr. Bond on rolling a 4 and getting the much needed brick from your settlement…[View]
98779217Cast him.[View]
98776552Who is your favorite television writer?[View]
98776690why the fuck did they kill the best character off so soon?[View]
98777290>Ray, this guy thought he was smart making a new thread. What he didn't realize is I'm …[View]
98776637>be dunston[View]
98777556I like thot Rowan[View]
98779125If you didn't complain about Bane getting whitewashed, then you have no right to complain about…[View]
98776609He literally won.[View]
98775800Dietland on AMC: >men would rather destroy the world than let us rule it Who f*cking hyped here?…[View]
98778444What are some movies with this aesthetic?[View]
98779078Best horror kino?[View]
98777177Eureka better win[View]
98779072Is this one of the worst 'ambitious' big budget movies ever made? I rank it below SW Atack…[View]
98772547These episodes are just glorified reaction videos.[View]
98778477A classic[View]
98778804Find me a more iconic mask in cinema.[View]
98776704Pan. Nice and hot.[View]
98775347>that 26yo boomer who drives an Impala and listens to dadrock[View]
98770399What went wrong?[View]
98775191Is there a movie that you rewatch once every year?[View]
98778856>It's a Raimi guest directed episode[View]
98778195>P-p-pixar, why are we recording my lines for Toy Story 4 first? *cough* *wheeze*…[View]
98777567how did the potato people exist in the star trek and dr who universes?: can they travel to parallel …[View]
98772033Princess Mononoke: Just watched this today it was kino but felt like the ending was pretty shitty be…[View]
98778175Anything else to add?[View]
98773602Can someone explain to me why this guy triggers /tv/ so much?[View]
98764736>Go to paint >Draw a movie scene >Others try to guess…[View]
98772112Did they succeed?[View]
98778007Name a bigger creep in hollywood[View]
98778259'I should've brought my rape whistle!'[View]
98778331hey guys[View]
98776885ITT: the most kino scenes in cinema history https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S3yon2GyoiM[View]
98777741Oh man who’s gonna get these 7s[View]
98777790Age of Ultron: So why didnt Ultron just leave one bot behind and hide somewhere in japan or somethin…[View]
98778495Where were you when you realized you're a Toby Flenderson? >no passion for your job >lon…[View]
98777948Pow. Er. Full.[View]
98778365When will Yahweh make his first appearance in the MCU?[View]
98776778American Sniper is a very good movie, let me tell you wh-[View]
98778280Aside from some shitty jokes here and there, it was pretty clear that the movie was self-aware. Why …[View]
98777678How come when Deadpool dropped his cigarette into the barrels it caused an explosion, even though th…[View]
98777659Where were you when Steam games store became gay?[View]
98775397Has a copypasta about a TV show ever changed your life?: For me, it's The Wire copypasta. It to…[View]
98777935Which actors love their blow[View]
98777765American Psycho thread[View]
98777774>>98777777 SNEED[View]
98777823There can be only one...: There is nothing better than be drinking alone in the noight at your house…[View]
98772212Texas Chainsaw Masacre: Just watched film again yesterday after only seeing it once when I was a kid…[View]
98777807Do people actually understand the science gibberish he says?[View]
98777052>of of[View]
98777842>character driving through a desert >*hawk screech* as soon as he gets out of vehicle…[View]
98777904What do you think the big guy was thinking during the wedding?[View]
98776184Why are the only good things Netflix puts out animated series?[View]
98777888The sneeds are weak[View]
98776898fuck modern hollywood. Fuck mass culture, fuck by-the-pound, canned, pasteurized, dehydrated, corn s…[View]
98777821Who was in the wrong here?[View]
98777796i liked this part of toy story the best, what buzz says right after woody goes hey buzz, we are flyi…[View]
98776760What qualities would you mix together to make the most generic action protagonist possible?[View]
98777451What's a good movie to watch if you're a brainlet?[View]
98777547>Post-credits scene[View]
98776878will it be kino?[View]
98773154Got sucked into watching Westworld. On ep 3 of S1. I enjoy Michael Critchton's books, how close…[View]
98777677>It’s a Michael Shannon plays an fanatic/extremist episode[View]
98776751So, the 'original' X-Force is all dead?[View]
98777486What are some kinos about farming?[View]
98776129What? No way.[View]
98776509LOOK AT ME[View]
98774650Recycling villains? (Deadpool 2): So the school headmaster or whatever the fuck literally looks exac…[View]
98777296When will we get the loli adventures of Gamora trying to please her depressed adoptive father?[View]
98777550>make one of the highest grossing movies of all time >go out of business damn...…[View]
98776205Why is he so underrated? He is fucking amazing.[View]
98776694>a nerd is more famous than any actor born after 1980[View]
98763436These are practical effects from a 30 year old movie.[View]
98775555Let's be real here, he's not any happier about this than we are.[View]
98776011What sort of person watches this?[View]
98771519More Like Trombley?: what films feature baby killers?[View]
98776703It was fun. A bit too meta and pop-culturey compared to the first, but at least it didn't take …[View]
98772370In the Lord pf the Rings, why did the elf king Elrond Hubbard not strike Isildur down on Mount Doom …[View]
98775338When is Elephant Sitting Still getting a home release?[View]
98777277This is Frank Costanza[View]
98777235Despite all the damage control, and the bad TLJ did to the franchise, do you think Disney will try t…[View]
98776245Allure 2017: Am I the only one that genuinely liked this film ?[View]
98777240Now that the whole anti incel scare has died down/vanished What are your honest thoughts on this com…[View]
98774791WHATS YOUR NAME[View]
98771379Movies that have no stereotypes, references or pop culture to the decade it was released in.[View]
98776043What was his fucking problem?[View]
98775789what the fuck was their problem[View]
98773846Wait, why did he want to kill himself?[View]
98776982why did lieutenant malcolm reed call t'pol 'stinky' in his dream?: was he into brap posting?…[View]
98775306ITT: Shows that make you laugh till you cry.[View]
98776112No one cared who he was until he took off the mask.[View]
98776839Just about to start this show, any good?[View]
98775889What was his fucking problem?[View]
98776766So, what did you think of the tv version?[View]
98776305That 30yo BOOMER who thinks that BR 1982 is superior to BR 2049[View]
98775651Mario, I don't feel so good.[View]
98772546The simpsons[View]
98761182P A N S E X U A L[View]
98776523What the fuck was his problem?[View]
98774770>First Trek movie in 10 years >fans paying in droves to see it >excited to see the TOS crew…[View]
98776430YIFY movie: >be cs student >create a program to find movies, make conversions, and upload them…[View]
98774203I FINALLY FIGURED IT OUT: Heath Ledger was just playing a more violent version of Kramer from Seinfe…[View]
98773731Possibly the annual most important event in cinema and no even a single thread about it? This place …[View]
98776263Why didn't we get a legit origin story for Thanos? Nigga is a killer by nature, having him be t…[View]
98776258Can we still mock gypsies?[View]
98775802Didn't watch Justice League. Didn't know Bizarro was in it. Why did no one mention this?[View]
98771917Anyone else used to like SNL but not anymore? I went from Sanders progressive to Trump altright over…[View]
98776139ITT: GOAT sitcom pairings[View]
98776135This is kino[View]
98771668Thoughts on this character?[View]
98776051How will they fuck it up?[View]
98775947ITT movies that you did not know were based on a true story[View]
98775992Is Ken Burns a docukino-meister? Saw his stuff on Netflix and I like me some war kino.[View]
98730164Post your favorite film and let others judge you[View]
98775169What the fuck did evil Coop do for 25 years? >escapes black lodge >rapes comatose Audrey Horn…[View]
98774681I've been browsing 4chan since 2008. I started with /b/, then eventually moved my way up to oth…[View]
98772704Cast her[View]
98775216Name something better to watch than an aquarium.[View]
98774979Seriously, is there anything this woman can't do?[View]
98774707Why didn't they just bomb mordor?[View]
98775130>hooked up with pretty much everyone >didn't hook up with the Black guy What did Hannah m…[View]
98768654mastaaah plwwwzzz... turn vibrator offf[View]
98775300/horror/: Any other good IT'S GOT A DEATH CURSE kino?[View]
98775030ITT: Pre-Cinema Fun: HOLD ON TIGHT LADS https://youtu.be/H6o6ZlefvOo[View]
98773119why is this movie considered acclaimed?: This is probably the worst film that I have ever seen which…[View]
98774095Why do girlfriends always love this kind of show with the same kind of humor, extremely predictable …[View]
98770287How long before Adam Driver gets #meetoo-ed[View]
98772823Name one thing this man did wrong.[View]
98763023Was piracy good or bad for the movie industry?[View]
98764940This board has completely gone to shit. All of the OPs are just images that are vaguely connected to…[View]
98775107>TFW we will never get Ultimate CHAD Droids Like General Kalani ever again, and instead get LE EB…[View]
98775051That trope where a character who has a shitty old car goes >it's a classic Then the person h…[View]
98770098Hey Cobrakai bros! So...a question. Whose do we suck?[View]
98767911Oive boipussed tha compressa![View]
98765993>bootlicker and his main attack is a fucking shield They really should have retcon him out of the…[View]
98774715the FUCK was his problem?[View]
98774361>A million movies with Hitler being alive/coming back to life >No movies about the return of G…[View]
98767905There is not a single flaw.[View]
98756189Why do they insist on casting this ugly mutt in everything?[View]
98772130How was Jerry able to afford this apartment from just working as a stand up comedian?[View]
98768635Hulk literally fought this guy...but was afraid of Thanos?: How does this even make sense? This guy …[View]
98774531*brings mic closer*[View]
98774807What do I watch, /tv/?: Options are: Goodfellas (Seen once) The Godfather (Never seen) Barry Lyndon …[View]
98773724what the fuck was up with this scene did he really kill all those people?[View]
98773772Should you buy a medium or large popcorn for a 3 hour movie?[View]
98766304Can you neck-beard women hating virgins at least agree that this fight scene was pretty sweet[View]
98774887Your word is niggerfaggot.[View]
98774865its a slege-hammer[View]
98773188How will Infinity War Part II end?: Also, anyone have the greentext about Cap going back in time for…[View]
98774023But what about the other kids?[View]
98774777>tfw you finally understand the based early Simpson season shitposter[View]
98766581It was a different time.[View]
98774503>tfw dad discovers the onions meme and keeps saying Basedlo >at the dinner table he called it…[View]
98774633Who will play him in the inevitable biopic?[View]
98774559It`s almost been 20 years since this show first aired and it`s still the best.[View]
98772524why was it so entertaining to watch? I think it's the soundtrack[View]
98772420Veep: Anyone watch this? It's supposed to get the last season but I can't imagine how they…[View]
98771306>But now the rains weep o'er his hall, >with no one there to hear. >Yes now the rains …[View]
98774478Why didn't he just go naked, he's fucking invisible[View]
98769180When was the last time you saw a film that really made you say 'Hey, that's pretty good'?[View]
98772582>2 movies released >only 1 movie remaining in the trilogy >nothing has happened >we know…[View]
98774066>thread with a 20+ replies >it all me start's playing…[View]
98773137Is Who Wants to be a Millionaire just a game of luck? I mean, there's 33.34% chance of being ri…[View]
98774138>anon get ya stupid ass down theres nothin fer you to shoot at!!!![View]
98774256What are some scenes that scared you as a kid? For me, this.[View]
98771546How far did you get the first time before stopping? Be honest.[View]
98773855Best movies about her legacy?: Press F to pay respects.[View]
98767808It's finally here, they're gonna decide who made the better Aliens movie.[View]
98773844Mike or Joel? Comedy Central or Sci Fi Channel? Fuck the season 11[View]
98771555Could of he of defeated Thanos?[View]
98774054what are some movies about spiders falling on your leg while taking a shit because your parents wont…[View]
98771491God himself could not sink this ship![View]
98773355>'We're not so different, you and I...'[View]
98735401Supernatural 14: Post expectations for next season Previous >>98692164 >>98692164[View]
98748688>943 days until Avatar 2[View]
98773144Reynolds, Jackson & Hayek Back For THE HITMAN'S WIFE'S BODYGUARD: Based Reynolds keepi…[View]
98773969DOCTOR PAVEL[View]
98774050The fuck is going on with /tv/[View]
98770783Could she have beaten Thanos?[View]
98773970I'd like a little pussy[View]
98773935I'm so happy for him[View]
98773720Is this movie really about the danger of STDs?[View]
98772364MOVIE TRIVIA: >Arnold Schwarzenegger was approached to play Doctor Octopus in James Cameron'…[View]
98773865Comfy horror thread?[View]
98772681Is this any good?[View]
98759834What role would you like to see her play next?[View]
98773169>13 million views, releasing in 6 days > Ant-Man and the Wasp already has 20 million views Why…[View]
98770527donkey, I don't feel so good[View]
98773717Way to subvert my childhood Disney™[View]
98773553>pleb movies with strict moral guidelines, good and bad >pseud movies with grey morals >pat…[View]
98773264Can anything stop Marvel? This shit is ridiculous[View]
98771161*slams a folder on your desk*[View]
98772440>Its a JD cucks himself episode[View]
98773584Did anyone else keep accidentally thinking: >Jace when they saw him?[View]
98770403>that 20 year old boomer that can't buy alcohol so asks the homeless guy next to the dry cle…[View]
98773501what aesthetic is this?[View]
98773492Pffft... /tv/... The devil's dreambox[View]
98757421The absolute state of Star Wars[View]
98769701I don't get it, why do they feed these fuckers? Are they legally obligated to do so? Give them …[View]
98773455ITT Kino villains[View]
98772772Movies men will NEVER understand.[View]
98764989Thoughts, /tv/?[View]
98773425>Though not heard, the song 'Sympathy For The Devil' by The Rolling Stones is referenced three ti…[View]
98773379How did you feel when she talked bossy in red sparrow[View]
98769840>great actor >tall >deep voice >still have a full head of hair at 65 >haven't re…[View]
98773318Is he, dare I say it, /ourguy/?[View]
98773278Good Japan/Hong Kong films of this decade?: I've seen very few. Fair amount of quality stuff ha…[View]
98773218>tfw best board[View]
98772988Anyone else feel like pepe took it way too far in this? Joe just sat there as wojak was treated like…[View]
98773109>bartender a glass of this fine young lady's foot sweat please what did he mean by this?…[View]
98770048Was he, dare I say it /ourguy/?[View]
98766130So is it gonna be kino?[View]
98772318Was Austin Powers a really good agent or was Dr. Evil just very incompetent? I suppose you could ask…[View]
98772935So many scenes dragged on holy fuck, it would be a sub-90-minute movie if they cut the literal exces…[View]
98772390Could they have beaten Thanos?[View]
98773031top tier war movies thread[View]
98773012People who arent allowed to make movies anymore[View]
98773009When was the last time you watched a movie at the theater and it turned you on so much you fapped as…[View]
98771978Was deadpool 2 better than the first?[View]
98772615>tfw we will never have a film made with pure testosterone ever again Why even live?…[View]
98772914HOW THE FUCK do you go from making films like suspiria and tenebre to disgustingly ugly films like g…[View]
98772905kino based on terrorism: what are some good movies based on actual terrorism acts? preferably in the…[View]
98772063>Finally watch Interstellar and enjoyed the ending >Look online >ACTUALLY HE DIED AND THE W…[View]
98768111Anyone else plan on seeing Solo for Mommy?[View]
98767897What is it about Shrek that produces so many memes?[View]
98771366was this any good?[View]
98772673GO HOME GAMER GURL![View]
98772602So this is what Romilly had been doing for 23 years[View]
98771477Why didn't he just make more food?[View]
98772131American Dad waifu thread: Choose your fighter[View]
987713136 episodes into the first season of this show and I’m thinking it’s comedy kino. Why does /tv/ shit …[View]
98768974Will there ever be an honest Michael Jackson biopic?[View]
98771743Muh pop culture references who no one understands: THE CHARACTER[View]
98770500What does she have to do to redeem herself?[View]
98771348Is he the best Australian actor ever?[View]
98770351>mfw it's springtime for hitler[View]
98772393What the fuck happen?[View]
98771211What do you think of it?[View]
98771841So, what ya'll think: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lpAdoEXUBcE[View]
98772254>'I wanna go on a date with Neve Campbell so I can give her a nice ladle of stew.'…[View]
98772210>i'm putting together a team![View]
98770367>best actor of his generation >effortlessly switches between arthouse and camp roles always el…[View]
98772149>she didn't fell so good[View]
98770977are you excited for her upcoming kino?[View]
98767711L O S T: Admit it, this was the best show you've ever watched or ever will watch and nothing wi…[View]
98769243>find an active quality thread on /tv/ with less than a hundred replies >reply to a post or tw…[View]
98772110Who was in the wrong here? Also Mad Men Thread[View]
98763032Who would play her in the inevitable Harry Potter prequel TV show?[View]
98771987This was intense. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=eum93mpzpE0[View]
98771602Thanos did nothing wrong and was actually a hero. The world does need a cull.[View]
98771678the disparity between the amount of avengers threads when it came out compared to deadpool 2 pretty …[View]
98765853Any good films/documentaries on the Angelic Rebellion/Lucifer's Fall? Would love to learn more…[View]
98771571Did Darth Vader actually do Luke a huge favor? Can you imagine how many times Luke fapped to the tho…[View]
98771265Top kek this was actually funny[View]
98772029Who was in the wrong here?[View]
98770705Maddux/Dick Suit Fever: So apparently Maddox the cuck got laughed out of court with regards to his l…[View]
98767302you know, this show is really fucking good.[View]
98771981Anakins autisim was adorable and it makes me happy knowing the mouse can never harm his character in…[View]
98771613He raped Yeoman Rand and fucked her up for life.[View]
98771373>You get that the fuck away from me >I'm not one of your editors alright you won't d…[View]
98771941Fuck Han Solo, where's my boy Yoda's origin story? cgi prequel yoda best yoda[View]
98770025Was heath ledger a 'jabronie mark?'[View]
98771932But why[View]
98771926Was there a stronger fusion?[View]
98771915Destination Wedding: Who here not into romcoms but thinking this looks comfy? https://www.youtube.co…[View]
98771434>That's not what you said in the chat log, anon[View]
98771070Dum da dum[View]
98771833Rom coms were dead and then BASED Keanu and Winona brought them BACK. https://youtu.be/TjXQzRWmb_I[View]
98771761>go to my local kinotorium to enjoy the latest superhero film >Bucket of crab legs and my spec…[View]
98771218>wake up in the Star Wars universe during a time period of your choice with no knowledge of reali…[View]
98765937>tfw no Yukio gf[View]
98770675>movie trailer starts >cover of popular song done in a somber acoustic/orchestral style with f…[View]
98762507ITT: characters who are literally you[View]
98767506>tfw jedi puts you in charge of your childhood love and say don't fuck her brains out >tf…[View]
98771416Let's draw movie scenes and others try to guess[View]
98770696>haven't seen godfather >haven't seen 2001 >haven't seen Pulp Fiction >tf…[View]
98771258i'm convinced that millennials ruined movies it can't be just a coincidence that the quali…[View]
98771483Could he defeat Thanos?[View]
98770792Was it autism?[View]
98766790Mark Hamill: How did he clean himself up so well? And has anyone else ever had such a natural yet me…[View]
98762771Is baneposting dead?[View]
98770998SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY is the best STAR WARS movie since the ‘80s & the most fun since the ‘77 …[View]
98767148Mr Hickey[View]
98770896>this is no country for you, old man Jesus christ really?[View]
98769759Was it kino?[View]
98771315Hey can someone post that picture of the ass comparison with Brie Larson and Tom Holland? Thanks[View]
98770295>Anons alone in his room browsing in between 4chan and porn[View]
98758547>1st movie is good, 2nd movie is kino, 3rd movie is shit Why are most trilogies like this?…[View]
98770770Cannes 2018 Winners: Compitetion >Palme d’Or: “Shoplifters,” Hirokazu Kore-eda >Grand Prix: “B…[View]
98767200BRUCE! Its me[View]
98770059The 140 point lead you have built up is very impressive Mr Bond. However my catching the Golden Snit…[View]
98770279Was this gay?[View]
98771094Check this.[View]
98771159Can someone who likes Mulholland Drive tell me why they do. I only really care for the scene where …[View]
98770688Just watched Runaway Train. Was he autistic?[View]
98771016>Reboot is better than the previous reboot[View]
98769417ITT: actually underrated films[View]
98771087Oh you were expecting a teaser for Deadpool 3: X-force, well we don't have that kind of money[View]
98766506ITT: Random shots in movies that you love: Just post images from movies you've seen that look g…[View]
98771062This is your muscle for the night.[View]
98770816Not gonna lie, this would be a great scene in the next Captain America movie[View]
98770743When will they show us the shrink way?[View]
98770483Fuck this fuckin faggot. Ryan always tried to be a capeshit actor. >Blade´s Trilogy >Deadpool …[View]
98770633>roasties and shitskins Was he our guy?[View]
98752678One ring to control other rings[View]
98765674ITT: films where roasties get their just desserts[View]
98757557Anyone else sad this kino is over?[View]
98769584I liked deadpool 2 especially the part where he shits on white people[View]
98770734Anyone else ready for the top korea kino of the year?[View]
98767570Show me your 20 favourite movies 1. Psycho (1960) 2. Platoon (1986) 3. The Thin Red Line (1998) 4…[View]
98770713>mfw cis scum[View]
98770326Deadpool 2: I have dumb question How did Peter who has no powers die in the Xforce mission? Also, be…[View]
98753006Why is the Stargate franchise dead?[View]
98767957Why does he wear the mask[View]
98770621Reddit: the movie[View]
98768753Just marathon'd this flick. What is /tv/'s consensus on it?[View]
98770045ALIEN THREAD: >tfw a fucking videogame is an entry more worthy to the Alien franchise than Alien:…[View]
98769660>We should go play trivia sometime a-anon[View]
98767250RIP http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-44184754[View]
98769510Has there ever been a worse scene on television? https://youtu.be/GQJ_70Uk4uQ[View]
98767329What is some crime kino?[View]
98770181zorg did literally nothing wrong[View]
98768002ITT virgins post scenes of how they think getting laid for the first time will feel. I'll start…[View]
98764826>slow paced to death >anticlimactic af >not one likeable character Why did people like that…[View]
98766920Can somebody explain why Jupiter is on the Seinfeld logo?[View]
98769723hey guys[View]
98768023Oh you didn't know?[View]
98770105There has to be at least one person here who knows this guy.[View]
98768249Do times really change? >The owners of a child star are like leaseholders—their property diminish…[View]
98769391cast her[View]
98768440Jesus Christ, Kubrick.[View]
98769806Is it kino?[View]
98769413Most jokes fell flat, audience I was with laughed only a handful of times and they weren’t big laugh…[View]
98768815WE RECOVER HIM![View]
98768915Veronica > Betty > Cheryl Now with that being said, will they have a career without CW?[View]
98770041I hate that Parks and Recreation doesn't get nearly as much attention as the office (U.S. versi…[View]
98767564Now that ASR is out of college, will her career blast off or will it be a wet flop?[View]
98769934holy fucking shitballs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m1trLgFJy2M these are made by indians i can …[View]
98769578So, you posted an image of Thanos dabbing[View]
98769538Was this the best bond villain? >good actor >looks scary >an actual realistic 'super power'…[View]
98770021Which one did it best? Which one is your personal favorite?[View]
98766909Why was the blue lightsaber so small?[View]
98769989Where is pulp kino? >alpha chads >submissive wholesome goddesses >gore >power metal soun…[View]
98769977*mumble mumble* KABOOM *mumble* SCREECHING TIRES *mumble mumble mumble* What the FUCK is wrong with …[View]
98769504muh show...[View]
98769955this movie is crap i liked some of the banter but overall really bland, really pointless[View]
98767155Cannes Grand Prix get[View]
98769905what is the capeshit of arthouse cinema?[View]
98769123>Shows that got canceled before they peaked[View]
98769852>always gets shot in the face[View]
98769455He did nothing wrong. Can you really blame him for what he did? In his place you'd have done th…[View]
98768009>*Glass Shatters*[View]
98768290#SoloAStarWarsStory- an awe-inspiring summer bonanza. Ron Howard's grand prism has changed the …[View]
98769752HANSEXUAL: Oh no[View]
98768356Why didn't they use this costume in Street Fighter movie?[View]
98765671The man himself has said it. Say it louder for the nostalgic manchildren in the back, Stan![View]
98768066Post kino interviews https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TNxG7JnO1oA[View]
98766965#Solo is afun! I was pleasantly surprised that it worked as well as it did given all the behind the …[View]
98769685Is he a jobber?[View]
98769258Sorry sir, incel night isn't until Wednesday. I'm going to have to ask you to leave[View]
98758504Why is this the most true comment in 2018 so far?: >Let's look at the new racist trope in ne…[View]
98761516When was the last time you were genuinely hyped for a movie and after watching you actually enjoyed …[View]
98769614ITT early morning kino.[View]
98768897Why are Marvel movies so boring and useless? Why are people still into this?[View]
98769537where do i start with this chink's filmography lmao[View]
98769460>he never watched shrek in his handheld computer console[View]
98767039Name Another Movie That Killed Cinema More Than This: >CGI as an “art form” >3D gimick >sh…[View]
98769276>trying to watch a kino on my laptop >Neighbour's two year old boomer won't stop cry…[View]
98769305What’s some good 00s high school kinos[View]
98768652ayypusy: ayypusy[View]
98769267His Watchmen series will make DC great again?[View]
98765017Groundhog Day: Thoughts on this kino? Also what would you have done ?[View]
98768820>every character is an annoying, entitled piece of shit Reason why shows like Sopranos or Wire wo…[View]
98768828>P-p-pixar, why are we recording my lines for Toy Story 4 first? *cough* *wheeze*…[View]
98769060>tfw ywn be a dinosaur and have BDH ride you with her sweaty mommy boobs AHHHHH!!!…[View]
98766904Saturday night. Why are you here...?[View]
98762816Why didn't they just bomb Germany?[View]
98767805*glass breaks*[View]
98761655>Solo isn't in damage contro-[View]
98768296Is Thor going to check on her to see if she's still alive?[View]
98755515This was actually excellent. What did you think about it?[View]
98746711Just saw Deadpool 2.: > LGBTQ forced couple scenes > Cult Appropriate > Racism > Sexis…[View]
98767295>Synopsis: Roseanne discovers that Darlene is seeing someone besides David, and that he knows abo…[View]
98767883>Kino Simpson moments[View]
98768770You may not love /tv/ anymore but I do![View]
98759402Just end it already[View]
98751418Jonah Hill just can't seem to catch a break. Poor guy[View]
98755584This was an embarrassment[View]
98762516If You Prefer Right Over Left You Belong On Reddit.[View]
98768697who's the most /fa/ characters in film and /tv/ history? for me, it's Scarlett O 'Har…[View]
98768616would you f*ck kramer's mom?[View]
98767503I guess in the end, you really have become Cirque du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant[View]
98768047This dude....[View]
98768586One question I always had with Gladiator was in the scene where Maximus returns home to find his wif…[View]
98768571ITT: Kinos[View]
98768289Suburra: Blood on Rome: 10/10 Would watch again[View]
98768508>British women... now that's savage cunny What did he mean by this?…[View]
98768425ITT: Characters with HPV Pic related[View]
98768343What does /tv/ think of the film Harakiri?[View]
98768218Do you think I'm cute anon?[View]
98768252I'm putting together a team[View]
98768275Holy shit this was terrible, how can you eff up the pacing this badly seriously[View]
98768247>so this is it, we're dealing with the Attack of the Clones[View]
98768067>dad bails to save the world >mom left with the kids >get the mom killed within 2 minutes o…[View]
98763539>Obi Wan: A Star Wars Story >Obi-Wan is trying to save the Lars family homestead from maraudin…[View]
98766812>special ops team >they’re a latino guy named Martinez…[View]
98762666WHAT COULD HAVE BEEN: Deadpool 2: >DEADPOOL director Tim Miller left due to creative differences …[View]
98767310>posts daily updates of him working on set >wednesday all of his social media accounts and the…[View]
98763846He did literally nothing wrong[View]
98760269Gooooooood evening. Who did it best? Also post both your ideal line-up and the worst possible line-u…[View]
98758543Avengers Black Widow is best Black Widow.[View]
98768088Infinite stuipidity: At what point when watching purple space monster and his magic oven mitt of ann…[View]
98768082*teases your cock*[View]
98767382What the fuck is this? Does Cartoonnetwork want all of their shows to look exactly the same?[View]
98766620>Ron, check it out. >I did some magic to me wand and now it's also a gun. >I got a rea…[View]
98768003After finishing The Leftovers (10/10), should I bother with Lost?[View]
98766771>time travel movie >'where are we?' >'not where, WHEN'…[View]
98763165what was the point of this scene?[View]
98766852How do you go from this...[View]
98766901There is No God.[View]
98767696>If your drill says 'Binford'... GET OUT OF THE HOUSE, TOOLS AREN'T SUPPOSED TO TA…[View]
98767940>ITT: your favorite movie quotes >'My name is James Bond, JAMES Bond.'…[View]
98767865Lucky, i guess.[View]
98753418Aren't you really impressed that he's 100% CGI? There's zero Uncanny Valley effect, h…[View]
98767794How do you feel about Henry Zebrowski?[View]
98766395ITT: Underrated animated films[View]
98767741>not rating Troy[View]
98766337Would KStew have made a good Domino?[View]
9872961210/10 movies released since 2010[View]
98766597Marry a 6/10 gurl or fuck Chris Hemsworth?[View]
98766764Who needs the Kwik-e-mart?[View]
98767392For all the complaints The Last Jedi got here, I want to mention how great Mark Hamill was in this. …[View]
98764780Movies like that follow this?[View]
98767499this guy...: he's jewish, isn't he?[View]
98767567Was his life under threat? Why'd he sell it dirt cheap? Surely they told him he would have been…[View]
98767297>take a break from splatfest to play salmon run >keep getting Placed with young inexperienced …[View]
98764617post movies with god tier narration[View]
98767240Has Capitalism metastasized completely out of control? Everything feels so chaotic and twisted.[View]
987661894 C C /tv/ match tonight: /tv/ is playing in 4chan c up tonight! It's a game about nothing sinc…[View]
98763483Is he, dare I say it, our guy?[View]
98763387/EXPANSE/- # 33: Best friends Edition.[View]
9876693213 Reasons Why: ALL SUMMER LONG[View]
98767298Girl Lost [2018] by Robin Bain: https://youtu.be/9zd2VC11tt4 >Girl Lost tackles the very real iss…[View]
98767454Stewart Lee's Comedy Vehicle: The only good standup on British television.[View]
98766440WHERE DO I GET MY DUBED MOVIES /tv/??[View]
98767347So #SoloAStarWarsStory is fun fan service cinema that made me smile a bunch & flap my fanboy fin…[View]
98766099Gray State: Do you guys know where I can watch Gray State by that guy Crowley who was murdered for m…[View]
98766350Classic Disney Films: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1eRO8TzStIg Why has Disney strayed from this a…[View]
98764552have you ever been to a recording of a comedy show?[View]
98766682*snap* >half of /tv/ disappears >it's all the pedo, poltards and black cock posters >l…[View]
98767165show me your underrated gems[View]
98767280>we go to syberia now >shows an arctic region >syberia is tundra but ok I guess >All Kai…[View]
98760571>that guy who keeps talking during the movie[View]
98728129/trek/: The space jews fear the samurai edition First Contact was a fine movie subedition[View]
98766418ITT: tv shows and movies that make brainlets feel smart and politically engaged[View]
98766926>i fingered a bird[View]
98765559What was the point of this pit in 300 besides for kicking this guy?[View]
98764059Pirates of the Caribbean: Balbosa: Jahk Sparrow Davy Jones: Jack Sparrah Salazar: YAGSBARRO[View]
98767031/tpg/: I brought you some coffee[View]
98767071Is he, dare I say it, /ourguy/[View]
98767006The Merchant tribe will not challenge today[View]
98766470Will the 90's ever be surpassed?[View]
98766108This was the pinnacle of both these actors careers. Prove me wrong.[View]
98755186How do you go from this...[View]
98765907As a hardcore gamer i loved this masterpiece. So many cool gaming references and inspirations. You c…[View]
98766461Who should succeed Jared Leto as the next Joker?[View]
98766266>opening music starts >merica intensifies…[View]
98766160post food kino[View]
98749189Any films about father-son bonding?[View]
98764424>good war kino >all white male cast >no SJW bullshit Tell me again, why do you guys hate No…[View]
98765651ITT: Movies that should only be watched on VHS[View]
98755919How do you think it feels to be Aidan Gillen and know that most people only like you for being Karen…[View]
98764230Just got this empty piece of shit with basically no shows or movies, got 6 months before they start …[View]
98765703Hey Coyote Peterson, ever want to get stung by a tarantula hawk wasp?[View]
98764123Hirokazu Kore-eda's Shoplifters beats out Spike Lee's BlacKkKlansman for Palme d'Or a…[View]
98762687What killed the Epic film genre?[View]
98766438P A N S E X U A L[View]
98764784Antje Traue is the most talented and beautiful actress in the world. Would you agree /tv/? https://w…[View]
98766576Luc Besson: French film director accused of rape: http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-44184754…[View]
98765271Well done, murderer, well done ... HOWEVER ... there is still just one more thing. Columbo Thread…[View]
98756290Let's talk about recent science fiction movies. Here are some of the last 5 years. Which ones d…[View]
98764309Was it good or not? The ending was shit[View]
98763338What does the future hold for /ourgirl/ Daisy?[View]
98763569Post similar movies to this[View]
98762912Best Marvel girl.[View]
98763130Sea Monsters: >best sea monster put to screen >it's a subplot Are there any good sea mo…[View]
98765458Bootch, give me oral pleasure![View]
98766045All right, cum-for-brains show me exactly where your Skivvies and running shoes go[View]
98765422it still hurts bros[View]
98766288Is there a way to unsee this movie?[View]
98757175Starship Troopers: Was this movie supposed to be satire? If it was, the director didn't do a ve…[View]
98764197Opinions on the Puppet Master saga ?[View]
98766204>tfw you follow wareheimer on instagram and it turns out he's a massive hipster foodie faggo…[View]
98764157Hmm what a nice day to look at the /tv/ catalog >Celebrity gossip >Celebrity gossip >Capesh…[View]
98763003>Rumors are flying of an enchantingly romantic onscreen brap shared by costars Bryce Dallas Howar…[View]
98764333californication: what went wrong in the last seasons?[View]
98765721ITT: shows that couldn't be made today[View]
98761778How did a show that start so bad end up so good? Do you remember those early episodes? They were phy…[View]
9875558813 Reasons Why: This is what school looks like, give your 3 reasons why you aren't watching.…[View]
98754411Lbg general: /lbg/ Who's your favorite user?[View]
98762559Spot the similarity[View]
98764485>school is getting sued because a student killed herself >feels responsible for said suicide …[View]
98765276Well done Slytherin, well done. Howerver...ONE THOUSAND MILLION POINTS TO GRYFFINDOOOOOOOOOOOR[View]
98765809P A N S E X U A L[View]
98765760How come they were never charged with war crimes for creating Ultron?[View]
98763022we're on a mission from god[View]
98765808What are some other examples of poetry in The Sopranos?[View]
98765298Best Film: what is the greatest film of all time?[View]
98761914It’s a big wedding[View]
98765011Post good mafia films set in Italy, not New York, not New Jersey BUT ITALY and also in Italian[View]
98765739Hello there[View]
98765710Who are the toughest operators on /tv/? My vote goes to Philip. Season 6 is excellent by the way.[View]
98765155>So, you're a nigg- ...an African American[View]
98762362>The first white male lead in star wars in ages >'let's protest this movie kekistanibros!…[View]
98763776Would it have worked?[View]
98760885so we gave up on this right?[View]
98765618>I hate you What did he mean by this?[View]
98764988Characters who are literally you[View]
98765584why they carryin' him?[View]
98765426*GLASS BREAKS*[View]
98763531SPIDER-MAN VS. X-MEN: The undisputed kings of early 2000's capefilm, from the simple and effect…[View]
98764739BASED Vanisher[View]
98763050>The main thing is to protect these characters make sure they are made the way you created them: …[View]
98765398/nederdraad/: uitgave des nachts[View]
98762628What do you think of Dirty Harry movies?: Just watched pic related. These movies have a comfy feel t…[View]
98764761>5’11 >called a midget in Deadpool[View]
98763559GET IT ON![View]
98764208Do Americans know their movies? If not, you missed something.[View]
98759390Is this kino?[View]
98763749>it's another 'Truman scours /b/ on the infinitesimal chance that someone has posted nu…[View]
98765086Good Thai films??: Are there very many out there? I'm just trying to explore shit from countrie…[View]
98765195what went wrong?[View]
98764330Hi anon[View]
98758895Jet Li is dying: That's him on the right. http://www.scmp.com/sport/china/article/2146873/same…[View]
98761776What's her endgame?[View]
98763956I don't get it. I mean I get the point of the film, but that ending felt completely inconsequen…[View]
98764310What, in your expert opinion, is the single greatest film of all time?[View]
98762459In all seriousness what made him fall from grace?: He used to be as big as mickey mouse now hes a jo…[View]
98762528give me a film that will scar me for life, /tv/[View]
98761946My name is Lara. Lara Croft.[View]
98757080>There will be people paying to watch Nolan's natural pissfilter version of 2OOI wew lad…[View]
98764990Did Thanos adopt because he's an incel? Will he fuck in part 2?[View]
98764971OH NO NO NO NO https://youtu.be/afaithTQSaI[View]
98764917Can Superman/Jesus defeat Scientology? or will Scientology win plotwise? https://youtu.be/XiHiW4N7-…[View]
98764795What's Count Olafs fucking problem?[View]
98752948Why don't they make movies like this anymore?[View]
98762813What's next for Ourshlag?[View]
98760090>Deadpool opening weekend: 132 million >Deadpool 2 opening weekend: 133 million What was that …[View]
98763696How long until this guy shows up in one of the MCU movies? Would they be able to get Trump to lend h…[View]
98764580I AM IN AWE OF FINCHER[View]
98763389How do you fuck up THIS bad?[View]
98763859Movies like this or Fear and Loathing? I'm not big for hippies or drugs but there's a cert…[View]
98764387maximum effort[View]
98762320GREEN LANTERN 2 Plot Details: Could it have saved the franchise, /co/? >Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds…[View]
98759757/tv/ BTFO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3eQP6JoxtKk[View]
98762999Just another day shitposting with the boys.[View]
98759731Where do you watch movies, tee vee?[View]
98763409Spotlight for Paki rape gangs when?[View]
98762997what is the citizen kane of films?[View]
98763969>Space Lion starts playing Is this peak comfy kino? Why can't anything in live-action even c…[View]
98763307Daily Reminder Teen Titans Go to the Movies >>>>> Deadpool 2[View]
98764177Pic related will be the next Avengers film. Deadpool will be plucked from Fox and then right into MC…[View]
98764152>But now that you've really pissed me off, I'm gonna finish her nice and slow. MJ and I…[View]
98764122Post some films about REAL fathers[View]
98761088Luc Besson accused of rape: >A young actress who has worked with Luc Besson on two movies has fil…[View]
98762950What are some good Latin American tv shows? Chavoposters stay out.[View]
98757253Why does this flick bring all the newfags to the yard?[View]
98763477Who is the twirl of film?[View]
98763885>leave Thanos to me[View]
98763807Massively underrated kino.[View]
98761621Russian police raid cinema showing 'Death of Stalin': https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fUaVRJhViRE …[View]
98754061Why did they stop making gangster movies?[View]
98763555Guillermo del Toro making a new horror anthology series: Just found out about this and hadn't s…[View]
98762908How many times have you guys watched infinity war? Just got back from my tenth viewing. Theatre is p…[View]
98763752>'Omg dude italian horror is soooo good!' Can Dagos like Lucio Fulci even make actual horror with…[View]
98751732Why didn't Jurassic park keep up with science?[View]
98763331Is this the most uncomfortable scene in tv history? https://youtu.be/AfMbN_MzCpw[View]
98757505Will there ever be a Biopic about The Beatles?[View]
98763642ITT: redpilled kinos[View]
98763627>Don't be a... TOMMY TEXTER At least I'm not a Nelson Nosepicker…[View]
98756142The office US: does anyone have a greentext about Fischer ruining Krasinski's life by being a m…[View]
98763465THX>American Graffiti>Star Wars >Prequels: Objective rating of his kino.[View]
98763199What if Malfoy was a girl?[View]
98761505Any other raunchy R-rated comedies I can watch with my crew? We aim to piss ourselves laughing #berl…[View]
98763324Is Instagram the future of video entertainment?[View]
98763369How would you deal with an individual like this. I'd split Peach Fuzz's mother fuckin…[View]
98763181>Well lucky me then, i'm not interested in you anyway[View]
98761444Are you going to watch Cannes Film Festival® Grand Prix winner, BlacKKKlansman?[View]
98762669>black protag >black son >villain is white >almost entirely black cast >barely a sing…[View]
98763255>kills himself by carbon monoxide poisoning in the astral plane >somehow allows him to visit t…[View]
98762021>watching old westerns with my Dad >constant parade of flawless Spanish and Italian beauties A…[View]
98762063Is art school/college worth getting into or should I just start directing/get into a film union?[View]
98763017>Judge character >'I'll allow it'[View]
98761447>new season starts with a fucking trigger warning I guess they know their mentally ill leftist au…[View]
98762941Will Chad animation ever make a comeback?[View]
98761746Boycotting Solo: The position of basedcotting basedlo is literal mainstream on youtube. SJWs agenda …[View]
98755863Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season Finale: What did you think?[View]
98762341Hottest in the MCU[View]
98762223Hey /tv/, I fucked your dad[View]
98762907Swedish public service channel is showing Psycho tonight, I haven't seen it myself yet (but hav…[View]
98761636our guy at Royal Mutt Wedding: What does Tom Hardy's face say to us? i dont believe he came the…[View]
98762161God this film was a load of crap. Everything is so rushed and from the audience perspective futile.[View]
98761944Which had the better Rex?[View]
98761601I'm about to watch pic related. What am i in for?[View]
98759341Wanna know what's behind that door?: You don't wanna know what's behind that door.…[View]
98760518Jennifer Aniston as America's first female President: Yaaass Queens Will you be watching /tv/?…[View]
98762629tricky hickey: what's next for this tiny incubus?[View]
98761858is this good or not?[View]
98761129classic gun classic movie[View]
98762386is it cape kino as in superhero cape kino or cape cod location kino or cape cod chips kino?[View]
98756712>I'm a friend of the royalty guys![View]
98762560>kinoplex food is named after movies and actors[View]
98759713Goodnight sweet prince: I miss him already[View]
98759380This fucking scene aged like milk. >no waves >doesn't look like an ocean >doesn't…[View]
98762534When superhero movies stop being judged as superhero movies? >early 2000's >the first 2 x…[View]
98762255David Leitch showed more of Deadpool's ass than Domino's ass: What Did He Mean By This?…[View]
98762500This was a good movie. John Hawkes was cool.[View]
98761196Nobody ever has a good reason for disliking this.[View]
98760637Is this worth watching?[View]
98762442ok, now this is epic[View]
98762391>DirecTVs new UI[View]
98759298how big is you're tv & film collection: 5,10,100 dvd's deep?[View]
98762224Did Mark Ruffalo really spoil A4 during some drunk twitterposting?[View]
98760117Pirates of the Caribbean XIV: Johnny Depp poses for pirate movie[View]
98762138>You want a staff job, and you want a staff job, anybody care about what I want?!…[View]
98758639Why didn't they wait till the Germans weren't looking?[View]
98755488I'm leaving Burgerland for the first time tomorrow to attend a family funeral in stinky Wales. …[View]
98761396I miss late 2000's rihanna[View]
98751053Cast them for the next reboot where they will be in the same universe and in a movie together.[View]
98758273What are some films that criticize Xi Jinping?[View]
98753927>579 days until Episode IX[View]
98761373Me and my main bitch got tickets to the cinema that will expire in 3 months. What movie can we watch…[View]
98758084Films only you have watched[View]
98758672ITT: movies that men will never understand[View]
98761898ITT: Criminally underrated movies[View]
98758206Why does Nick Cage take literally any role he can get?[View]
98761893>it's an 'Elaine gets cancer' episode[View]
98757868Cannes 2018 thread: Closing time - Awards Now! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rNyhO9n72HY https://…[View]
98760933I frickin' hate Hannah Baker's mom on 13 Reasons Why. Her face is half eyelids. It drives …[View]
98761890ITT: irredeemable jackass actors[View]
98761892Which alphabet has most Kino movie names?[View]
98760774>Hear Moviepass is going bankrupt soon >Decide to try it out while I can >Get 1 month >D…[View]
98756941They will both die in your lifetime. Whose death will hit you more?[View]
98760602Is making your movie 4:3 in this day and age an artistic decision or being a pretentious fagget?[View]
98761808>tfw still haven't watched blade runner 2049 fully because i ran out of the theater because …[View]
98742555ITT: the worst character in your favorite show >pic related[View]
98758334how can I get a girlfriend as perfect as Rose, /tv/?[View]
98728616Scenes that disturbed you as a kid[View]
98758008I am slightly anti-semetic, but at the same time I do not have very high bars when it comes to comed…[View]
98753036Millie Booby Brown is will be making between $300,000 and $350,000 per episode in the upcoming seaso…[View]
98761518Still the GOAT capeshit suit[View]
98760297why do people hate him again?[View]
98760808Reminder that the theatrical Dragon Ball movie is coming out in December. Are we excited?[View]
98755333crossed cinematic universe when?[View]
98759029>female lesbian president #imwithher[View]
98759370You may not like it, but this is what peak Star Wars looks like[View]
98750414Is she right? >all these sickfuck serial killers are into weird tranny fetish but being lgbt is p…[View]
98761214Any kinos about Bigfoot? Or other fun folk-lore?[View]
98745532Latin American television[View]
98755721More Spielberg Pedo Blind: Won't somebody stop him?[View]
98759894that's very cool bateman, but that's nothing.[View]
98759973MORDI! MORDIIIIII![View]
98759400What would you have done?[View]
98758759ITT: Simpsons episodes that get you in the feels[View]
98760154>'I take it black, like my men' What did she mean by this?[View]
98760716Kiss my feet[View]
98753709What an asshole[View]
98760849deadpool 2 is fucking garbage. couldn't stomach most of the movie. i have a question for anyone…[View]
98760507What was the most uncomfortable movie you watched with your parents?[View]
98760844Scarface 2018: Did you know it's coming out in August? I didn't so I started looking for s…[View]
98756639Should Hayley get more work in films?[View]
9875716620 weeks left and we are approaching 2b fast: When do you think the damage will be done ?[View]
98757605Is this movie any good? Big Bella fan.[View]
98760405I don't think it's nice you laffin'...[View]
98755772One of the most comfy films you will ever watch.: Does it get more comfy than this?[View]
98758911Female robot invents herself: D R O I D R I G H T S R O I D R I G H T S[View]
98754782Scarface thread[View]
98758064What the absolute fuck https://io9.gizmodo.com/you-will-never-be-the-same-after-watching-the-red-ban…[View]
98760482Can someone tell me how to feel? Reddit hates this movie. Does that mean we like it? Someone please …[View]
98757061If Seinfeld took place in 2018, George would have not been able to get a single woman and would have…[View]
98758193Do you still watch Conan? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SFphlZ_BryA[View]
98760443So, we are just going to ignore the best movie of all time?[View]
98759838I want a Jaws reboot. Not necessarily Jaws 5 or a remake of the first movie but I'd love to see…[View]
98760275*harmonica solo*[View]
98757992Do you forgive him?[View]
98760407>Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom release date in US: June 22 >Release date in rest of thr world…[View]
98754830i want to titfuck domino![View]
98759991who was more punished? clay or the school shooter tyler? also what did you think about the ending[View]
98760173What's her endgame?[View]
98760303You should have never trusted Hollywood.[View]
98760274“You are the luckiest, the cunnyest, and the most reckless man I ever knew. Bless you, laddie.”[View]
98760208>I could not relate to any character at all[View]
98756326Hack directors: Post hack directors you hate this annoying faggot is pretentious and is obviously o…[View]
98758434>Girls might have a penis and boys might have a vagina[View]
98758058>the big three[View]
98760087WTF Did this even happen in the film?[View]
98733007>Strange was completely forgettable in his own movie >Russos touch him once and he is gold …[View]
98759137Why was he the best villain so far only challenged by Thanos? /tv/ literally never gives enough reco…[View]
98741958>Darth Maul in Basedlo JUST[View]
98752838Why did Dexter kill him?[View]
98759676Ranch or Cool Ranch?[View]
98757356>Ego puts a tumour in Starlords mums brain >They put a bomb in Egos brain Is there a more kino…[View]
98759479>TFA couldn't topple it >IW won't even break $2b Why do Hollywood studios find it so…[View]
98758961>crime show with team of detectives >boss walks in with a cup of coffee…[View]
98758720Is she the next J-Law?[View]
98758148How are these movies so comfy when the Ewoks are everyone's least favorite part of ROTJ?[View]
98758842Three bags of Tostitos scoops I notice, /tv/[View]
98759345i liked it when ryan gosling did the funne scream[View]
98758558Post Meg[View]
98759572well look what the cat dragged in. hey freckles how's tha doc[View]
98759487if merry and pippin had aimbot with their stone throwing. Why didin't they throw their stones a…[View]
98754929>be black girl >watch top gun >wtf i want a cool white bf now?…[View]
98759349why does black ops 4 try so hard to make the soldiers look super badass? honestly, it looks so child…[View]
98743687Am I crazy or is this season actually good?[View]
98757298Gloria Estefan want's to join the Justice League: >Oh, for sure! I mean, I'd go to the …[View]
98740464Lol, he's green now. Ryan Gosling? More like Ryan GREENsling haha.[View]
98754420Why the fuck does /tv/ like this garbage?[View]
98759165How sad do you think Ben Affleck was while he was getting filmed quoting Charlie Sheen in Wall Stree…[View]
98757956Why did Disney hire the same actress to play 3 different characters in their new Star Wars movies? Q…[View]
98756779Cannes Thread: Currently on the Red Carpet for the awards ceremony https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r…[View]
98758314The halo jump scene from Godzilla is fucking kino it made me love the movie[View]
98745159AMC's The Terror: Now that the ice has thawed, what was /tv/'s thoughts on this absolute h…[View]
98756414>Disney decides to add lgbt equality so they make some fodder side characters gay >doesn'…[View]
98758588Why has she been black listed from Hollywood and is doing shit like this now? https://www.youtube.co…[View]
98758805What are some good movies about dystopian mega corporate totalitarianism and brainwashing?[View]
98758559was it good[View]
98758647This is the best thing on TV right now: Prove me wrong.[View]
98756305Hulk: For me this scene really defined Hulk’s character. He punches a dog in the cock and balls. Ang…[View]
98758633Who was in the wrong here?[View]
98757259how come american capeshit heroes don't really posses super powers like in my anime? They can…[View]
98756660How is this? I know nothing about it.[View]
98751538you're on the wrong side of history /tv/[View]
98756046Milla jovovich: Are these the best video game movie adaptations in history?[View]
98757413Are there any movies with this easthetic?[View]
98758233goat intros: i'll just leave this here[View]
98758220Imagine being Harry in that wedding and having to be all like 'damn, Megan Markle, you fuckin' …[View]
98758026>I have ataraxia, a condition characterized by freedom from worry or preoccupation >Proceeds t…[View]
98733200MY NAME IS[View]
98758055Terminal: Is it really that bad?[View]
98758053What the fuck did i just watch?[View]
98757827ITT prove you are badass I laughed like a maniac in sicario when he shot the kids[View]
98757822>ass like a 10 year old boy! What did James Cameron mean by this?[View]
98757221Into the Badlands: Literally the best ongoing series right now[View]
98757943ITT: movies where what was going on behind the scenes was more entertaining than the film itself[View]
98757692RENT: How do you take a Pulitzer Prize winning musical about the disenfranchised youth and the dying…[View]
98739351If you were to visit as a guest, what would your first week look like?[View]
98757353What do women want?[View]
98757026When Ashley Judd auditioned for the role of Wesley Crusher's big-titted love interest in 'Star …[View]
98756141When are we going to get more Norm?[View]
98757801DUDE 4TH WALL LMAO[View]
98757790what are the best cinema related youtube channels? No terrible '''essay''' channels. for me? this gu…[View]
98757658What are the most essential braaaaaaap-kino flicks?[View]
98757141Leave West World to me.[View]
98757516Share your experience with watching movie with a female.[View]
98757222Shrek 2 > Shrek > Shrek 3 > Shrek 4[View]
98757510>YOU CAN'T DO THIS! >It is already done.…[View]
98750570Favorite Simpsons Joke: Mine is the cider quote by le christian neighbour man If its clear and yella…[View]
98757479Sequels who by all rights should not exist: Not even necessarily bad movies, but movies that have no…[View]
98744273Fuck Lucifer. Lauren German is ho but unless she show tits, this shox can be cancelled IMHO. Cancel…[View]
98757277h-hank? it's 2018.[View]
98754668Why does Lando put his hand on Luke’s waist like that?[View]
98755636I can't watch a movie anymore without ironically thinking how problematic it is.[View]
98757390>Though not heard, the song 'Sympathy For The Devil' by The Rolling Stones is referenced three ti…[View]
98757366>movies you have seen but you can't recall one single scene or character…[View]
98755612So /tv/,: When did you realize that this was Sir Topham Hatt's origin story?[View]
98755332What are some shows you tried to watch but you just think are not any good. But i'm talking abo…[View]
98754257Why Eddy didn't start a movie career ? He got potential and he already speaks all relevant lang…[View]
98755356>tfw Stranger Things comes to film in your shitshack Dead Mall >tfw it's the liveliest it…[View]
98756665>character steals something from antag >about to make his escape >antag yells 'hey wait a s…[View]
98752742Jesus Fucking Christ: I think I'm in love...[View]
98752652Hey look it's Han Solo![View]
9875325513 Reasons Why Season 2: did they go too far with this scene?[View]
98756970WAH! New episode. Ol' Stitchy thread.[View]
98752856>eating p*sy is bad What did the sopranos mean by this?[View]
98757127>it's so good it's bad[View]
98755026I seen c-beams glitter my nigga[View]
98754823Hard to be a God: What is the water the Don keeps splashing on the denizens? Is it LSD or some sort …[View]
98754017Was going to the royal wedding part of your plan?[View]
98754736>Show about busting druglords >Everyone involved in the production was obviously doing drugs b…[View]
98756084Why is traditional TV dying?[View]
98746528They don't know how to write a story waking him and surviving, do they?[View]
98756864Your favourite Movie and TV show of the year: So far >Movie: Isle of Dogs >TV: Barry…[View]
98756721I walked out before the post credits sequence. What did I miss?[View]
98756086> How about we take every post apocalyptic cliche ever > And throw it in a series > About h…[View]
98751270What did the wrench guys represent in Take on Me?[View]
98735947Are you looking forward to Sicario: Day of the Soldado? Many people are speculating that this could …[View]
98747151>sci-fi setting >aliens >'enlightned' socialism >everyoene is under the same government …[View]
98756515okay so I might not be the smartest tool in the shed but this got me confused about Lost... if the i…[View]
98756301>'Do you know who I am?'[View]
98756608Best thing to come out of netflix since ever[View]
98756601>when there's no more gabagool[View]
98756339/tv/ the character[View]
98756296*fucks you blind*[View]
98755935What does it feel like to hold a gun? CELLS[View]
98755306Westerns: Whats some good modern westerns? I already watched Bone Tomahawk and pic related. Is Diabl…[View]
98755699/tv/, who is your favorite superhero? pic relate it is my favorite, Peter[View]
98756258Just started this show. Does it get any better? I find it really dull and it isn’t half as funny as …[View]
98756512Jesus Christ, Anderson, it's just a raw fish.[View]
98756358What’s South Park like nowadays? I haven’t even seen it in three years.[View]
98755856What did he mean by this?[View]
98754261Leave Thanos to me[View]
98756280>character hands cigar >'it's cuban'…[View]
98755358Anna Popplewell: Why didn't she get big roles after Narnia?[View]
98753093So how does the final season of Gotham end ?[View]
98753838I actually cared for the characters in the SW prequels Sure the movies were flawed but they at least…[View]
98756316>'Ooo, shieeeeeeeeeettttttt Bond yo fuk da albanianboi in da ass with dat move, daaaam muh nigga!…[View]
98755209>It was munster kino WTF why didn't you tell me about The Munsters /tv/?…[View]
98750405'Infinity Stone? How much are you looking to get for it.' 'Well I read online that they were like p…[View]
98755249What is the best musical and why is it Guys & Dolls?[View]
98755881Is this guy retarded? He wasted the entire budget during preproduction and is mad that everybody bac…[View]
98756309Too many flicks and joints, not enough films.[View]
98746556Opinions on 'This Is America: Women's Edit': I'm writing a paper on 'This Is America: Wome…[View]
98755666KINO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Qk4H7yfwPg&t=180s[View]
98755717What are some good horror westerns?[View]
98743240>6'7 (229.84cm) ... Why?[View]
98738357When are people finally going to get sick of capeshit?: Realistically, how long can the MCU last bef…[View]
98752795Why aren't you writing your screenplay /tv/?[View]
98755833Post Your Classic Who Waifus.[View]
98753397>Many critics expressed visceral revulsion over The House That Jack Built, the latest film by Dan…[View]
98742983Films with this aesthetic?[View]
98755635so how was season 8 of curb your enthusiasm?[View]
98755644When are we getting a Hollywood adaptation of this great anime?[View]
98751017ITT: really fucking good villains[View]
98751105Twin Peaks: Why were there so few James scenes in S3?[View]
98751659You are watching battlebots, right, /tv/?[View]
98755533I love this movie, is there any movies like it?[View]
98746150Cargo (2018 film on Netflix starring Martin Freeman): I just saw this. I don't understand one p…[View]
98753052>sex scene >male character asks 'is this ok?'…[View]
98752103what went wrong? this had a chance to be among HBO's most prestigious shows. why the fuck did t…[View]
98755576Post Thanos Earth: Thank you father.[View]
98755555Why is this the most true comment in 2018 so far?: >Let's look at the new racist trope in ne…[View]
98755323Newfag here, what happened with the dubs ?[View]
98754901Why is this scene so hated?[View]
98750345This is terrible.: More like, I can give you more than 13 reasons why money and time was wasted on m…[View]
98721047>10/10 actor >10/10 character >10/10 show I can't express my love for the sopranos eno…[View]
98753998TV show adaption when[View]
98755151thoughts /tv/?[View]
98755277What happened to High School kinos?[View]
98753844ITT: Life imitating art[View]
98755129P-please ignore the reviews and watch our movie!!: After the mediocre first round of reviews the hea…[View]
98750553Who else thinks this show is pure KINO? What are your thoughts on the show?[View]
9874138613 Reasons Why: Let's get this going, why aren't you watching 13 reasons why.[View]
98738355What is the American equivalent of EoE?[View]
98747056This feels like a reality show[View]
98731520SEX FACTOR INCEL CRINGEKINO 2: https://youtu.be/KMIHBZ6u9ic https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7n70spmB…[View]
98754665Where do they go with no Lucy, J-Roc or Lahey?[View]
98753141Why was it so good /tv/?[View]
98750711>500 word essay on the progression of cinematography due by October movies for this feel?…[View]
98746377If Matt and Trey just want to satirize pop culture and current events instead of telling bizarre adv…[View]
98753873t-this speed...[View]
98754322Nooooooo this was meant to bring the fandom together What about muh certified fresh?[View]
98752902Inception: >they need this chemist to make a drug >in dream you can make everything you want …[View]
98752065Is he gonna be okay?[View]
98754779*record scratch* *freeze frame* Jep, that's me, you're probably wondering h- *BEEP BEEP BE…[View]
98751185ITT: Movies that are impossible to discuss on /tv/[View]
98754705*carries the avengers* no order tall enough for him.[View]
98750567Who was in the wrong here?[View]
98754185OK Cobra Kai fans! Whose do we suck, Miguels or Robbys?[View]
98752139ITT: scariest non-horror movies: pic related[View]
98754579Did Joey have autism? Why his father wasn't good enough father figure for him? Alan Ladd was th…[View]
98754410Realize that poster is problematic af in current year, but damn, the movie was good[View]
98754461You know the Indominus is coming back, right? We only saw it dragged under by the Mosasaur. It will …[View]
98747436if you had to live in a post apocalyptic world, which one would you choose to live in?[View]
98753451what were they thinking?[View]
98748585Agenda: When will you get it!? They're intentiaonlly buying and ruining old IP to fuck with you…[View]
98754423>*snaps fingers* >Half the universe whips >The other half nae naes How that they beat him, …[View]
98751481The phantom along with The Shadow, Rocketeer, and Dick Tracy were some pretty enjoyable retro style …[View]
98752919HBO 2004 >Rome >The Sopranos >The Wire >Deadwood >Carnivale >Six Feet Under >C…[View]
98754198What Is the orange chicken equivalent to television and film?[View]
98743210What was Dumbledore's plan for Harry? You have 10 seconds to reply.[View]
98752086I know doug is basically the personification of JUST, but does anyone else admire him for having the…[View]
98754252>Main character has younger sibling that's taller than him Why the FUCK would the director b…[View]
98752651Why did Raimi mean by this?[View]
98754021Do you think that /our guy/ will also refuse to watch Ocean's 8?[View]
98750859I'm out[View]
98752361>female spy/assassin/secret agent >wears a skintight latex/PVC catsuit God-tier trope.…[View]
98750443ITT: Best child actors and actresses: No, this ain't a pedobait thread, I just want to find to …[View]
98753987Alright?: Alright?[View]
98750204The acting in this show is atrocious.[View]
98753594The supa hero he smashie and break it[View]
98749868>there is a country whos entire television stations are dedicated to a monarchys wedding What a …[View]
98751409What are some zombiekino? >inb4 28 days plebs[View]
98753505Mad Ash Vs Army of Future Evil: Way to ruin great series in it's last 3 minutes[View]
98753887> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lN17c2v2Vgk >Getting into his stride, Brando rants: “I didn’…[View]
98753869>completely butchers book's plot and misses it's point >10 minutes long scene with s…[View]
98750440A live-action Akira movie still being considered, do you want it? I just saw this https://www.youtub…[View]
98753530I'm a huge film buff dude. My favorite movies of this decade? Inception Social Network Black Sw…[View]
98750474ITT: Movies that couldn’t be made today: >2 White American men go on an adventure in Africa and k…[View]
98752769LISTEN, you fuckers, you screwheads, here is a man who would not take it anymore.: A man who stood u…[View]
98753720>cop movie >pack it up, we've been made…[View]
98752247Imagine watching a movie with hundred other people, sitting in a smelly, dirty seat next to stranger…[View]
98746549Ryan Gosling as Neil Armstrong in The First Man (2018): Seems like perfect casting. Directed by Dami…[View]
98753400good episodic reality shows?[View]
98749376ITT: Moments when a show became dead to you forever[View]
98751633>Attack of the Clones is my favorite Star Wars movie What type of person do you imagine?…[View]
98750010Did anyone ever figure out who Ewan Yafrenzaded is supposed to be? He talked like he was important b…[View]
98752780Why don't the grunge kids from Homerpalooza recognize Homer as the lead singer of Sadgasm?[View]
98751970>meatball sub, easy on mayo, no lettuce por favor[View]
98751776>end of deadpool 2 >lights go down >walk out Apparently I missed like 15 minutes of end cre…[View]
98726487What's the best mean tweet insult?[View]
98753129How does she keep getting movie roles?[View]
98746152What are some /tv/ approved capeshit. I haven't watched one in ages but I recently started coll…[View]
98752109What are some movies about obsessive and intrusive thoughts?[View]
98752425>it's a mess Well that doesn't seem worth waiting 20 years[View]
98752812ITT: Scenes that made you walk out of the cinema.[View]
98750876Cast them in the inevitable biopic[View]
9875180413 reasons why: So i'm watching this right now and is this dude the only guy with a soul and a …[View]
98752808>What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? I'll have you know I gra…[View]
98752568Bane ASMR: Holy fucking big guy https://youtu.be/-2ztcBCanOg[View]
98743915Why is Adam Driver so homophobic?[View]
98748488Can anyone watch the first season without getting a little subconscious fear with the imagery and th…[View]
98751546What are some good movies about the incel subculture?[View]
98749900ITT characters that are literally you[View]
98752606>see The Little Mermaid trailer pop up on my Youtube >didn't even know they are making it…[View]
98739621What am i in for?[View]
98750394mmmmMMMMMMmmm: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WVIrGONcCu4 Kino[View]
98748563how did we go from this...[View]
98745064If a writer or director provides an interpretation of a story element in a film they are involved in…[View]
98752505what are you watching today /tv/?[View]
98743389She needs to join the Marvel universe, but as which character?[View]
98752395Some Voqs are born made to bear the torch Ooh, they're white and not blue And when L'Rell …[View]
98752313Movies with this aesthetics?[View]
98750817Was it kino?[View]
98752324Jack Nicholson was slaying elite ass at the time and could fuck whoever he wanted (still could), but…[View]
98752041Explain this movie to me[View]
98752291hello cunts, i like watching reality shows while i eat..like you know these really bad TLC shows. Bu…[View]
98750003Soundtrack for Gaspar Noes new film. Ready for some more funky KINO fellas? https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
98748150Was he friends with Krusty?[View]
98743044This movie was 10/10 until the last 10 min, when it turned into John Wick shlock with Del Toro sneak…[View]
98751769>new capeshit comes out >actually want to discuss it >barely any discussion of it whatsoeve…[View]
98746195Is it physically possible for his life to get any worse?[View]
98751967152 days till Halloween 2[View]
98751773Is this series only popular because of the aesthethics? It's got shit story tbqh[View]
98751965>tfw watching the royal wedding without a tv license and just saw this outside my window what sho…[View]
98742292I seen c-beams glitter my nigga[View]
98741506For people that have seen deadpool 2: Can I watch it while fasting?[View]
98752045Man you just fucked up your Ferrari[View]
98744293Nat or Kat?[View]
98751784Please, will you just... Will you, please? Just... Please, will you just comfort me? Please, will yo…[View]
98751501Gommora: I'm in the middle of Season 3 and I think the series turned to the loo at the end of S…[View]
98751879Did the guy who invented film school go to film school?[View]
98751179So you actually care about these godawful products of a movie[View]
9874936820 years I've been on the streets. You know what Mega City One is, /tv/?[View]
98751871>Actor dies >Replace him with a kettle Why doesn't Disney follow David Lynch's lead …[View]
98749504Imagine if she was your lawyer boss and you were her assistant and she'd treat you like shit, c…[View]
98750434Happy Gilmore is sad...: Say something nice about him /tv/![View]
98751572>See this because it has a 96% on Rotten Tomatoes >It's another 'woman gets away with bei…[View]
98751404how will the leftovers be remembered in the television canon?[View]
98751737What is the most Oscar Bait film?[View]
98751547Has he ever made a bad score?[View]
98750085I just watched this and wow. I've never seen anything like this before. Thank you to whoever re…[View]
98751617Why is Stu so Likeable ?[View]
98750239So just as she starts getting her shit together, starts maturing, she gets cancer and dies. What did…[View]
98751346I know all capeshit is cringe, obnoxious, and retarded, but what makes Deadpool the crowning achieve…[View]
98749405*shitty irish punk music starts playing*: >Watch The Departed >Expect it to be a crime/drama t…[View]
98751483What a mind trip[View]
98746573ITT: Scenes /tv/ will never understand.[View]
98751462they expect one of us in the wreckage[View]
98741539Well Mr.Bond, do you feel afraid?[View]
98747463What's the trinity of /tv/?[View]
98750029Into the Badlands: Why is this series barely known? The post-apocalyptic fallout world is great and …[View]
98751005your thoughts /tv/? >https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/White_savior_narrative_in_film…[View]
98744513Wait, is Brendan supposed to be St. Patrick or something? >finished the illuminated manuscript (w…[View]
98735565Why did he spare her[View]
98750926>Han, Luke and Leia are now dead in Episode IX BRAVO DISNEY[View]
98750032>shoe commercial >One of these days these boots will walk all over you!…[View]
98750016>Homer, use the f-[View]
98748480What are the most underrated movies of all time in your opinions?[View]
98750308How can one director be so good?[View]
98750928What do you need in YOUR life /tv/?[View]
98751124Who is the best talk show band leader of all time, and why is it Max Weinberg?[View]
98751047thank you President Putin: since the Soviet Movies were made by money of people, the Russian Federat…[View]
98739136And that's a good thing[View]
98750866fuck i cant contain my anger watching this, is this cuck kino ? >letting people do whatever they …[View]
98750171How is the new season of The Americans? Has Stan found out yet?[View]
98743784Thoughts on this kino?[View]
98750801>Tfw I've bought every Marvel movie but won't be buying black panther Why did they have…[View]
98750761Describe your life with one movie title[View]
98750847Nobody knew to play a piano that they had to hire an outsider? What if they just played a CD or a ca…[View]
98750623Thoughts on this yanny & hardy kino? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LAmb4dVJAmU[View]
98750705ITT: Upcoming Movies and TV Shows That'll Suck[View]
98747691They make sure everyone knows the inforaptor is the first male antagonist in the series. They also m…[View]
98747617STAR WARS Episode IX: CHILDREN OF THE FORCE Sorrow! With the loss of LUKE SKYWALKER and General LEI…[View]
98747911this is better than any fighting movie (all rocky, all contemporary MMA, all van dammes). >only …[View]
98748327Why aren't there more movies with strong, white, Christian role models?[View]
98749245ROYAL WEDDING PART4 4: MOZART WAS A BLACK MAN https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N42MQJX4KoY[View]
98749788Lol, he's purple now. Ryan Gosling? More like Ryan PURPsling haha.[View]
98749061ITS OUT https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y9hlS8_tFQA[View]
98747143>be the most cool, level headed guy in the Strike Team throughout the entire series >end up ge…[View]
98750318WE'RE BACK!: http://variety.com/2018/film/news/bradley-cooper-clint-eastwood-the-mule-120278823…[View]
98750068>He only watches for the 'hidden' poltical agenda in a movie rather than watching the movie itsel…[View]
987499392018 anno domini: Is there no going back?[View]
98749941where does /tv/ watches or get its moveys?[View]
98743971CHARMED reboot: Looks colorful![View]
98749345>A nigger won't watch any thing with subtitles. Niggers HATE reading. Girls, if you have pla…[View]
98748525There hasn’t been a single good WW2 film: You can try and prove me wrong, but, in the end, you will …[View]
98749136This dude literally blew a horn and called in a bunch of rhino support. Not to mention the completel…[View]
98748393What would you do in this situation? Especially if Annie and Britta were also here?[View]
98747256Name one better actor: (1985-1990) I'll wait.[View]
98748729Has it happened to you yet?[View]
98744873>Incels are bad >Women are not responsible for putting themselves in bad situations, fuck pers…[View]
98749556>*Destroys your hearing for the rest of your life[View]
98747523>40 days until Ant-Man and the Wasp[View]
98745019DEADPOOL 2 Subliminal messaging: Notice anything? But of course theres no hidden agenda or sublimina…[View]
98738224Hello and welcome to episode 10,000 of best of the worst[View]
98749474https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gvGO9N69ZkE OH GOD I WISH THIS WAS ME[View]
98749127Boomer-core (ages 20-30)[View]
98748538WHAT'S WRONG /tv/? CHICKEN?[View]
98738572What does /tv/ think of Bosch? I think its easily one of the best watch-alone comfy kino cop dramas.…[View]
98747595>People say South Park is one of the smartest shows on television >Nothing but fart, piss, puk…[View]
98748871Was Liz supposed to be the analog for Gwen Stacy in the MCU? The elevator scene seemed to be a refer…[View]
98738833Mark Hamill Back On The Booze: Guess his sorry state in that TLJ press conference back in december m…[View]
98749167Literally what the fuck did they mean by this?[View]
98745763What are some of /tv/'s favourite animated movies?[View]
98741899Why hasn't there been any female villains in Star Wars yet? I hoped we'd one when they reb…[View]
98749119>rains of castamere starts playing[View]
98748255ROYAL WEDDING PART 3: WE WUZ ROYAL AND SHIEEET https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N42MQJX4KoY[View]
98746485has it been confirmed whether or not this song makes an appearance in the new movie?[View]
98742141how are you holding up?[View]
98745509Waifus - the show[View]
98744234>The Game, Mr. Bond.[View]
98748458What's the hottest show on TV? I want to do some very stimulating viewing. I mean the most prov…[View]
98746588Movies that hit a little too close to home.[View]
98746128Only a Normie would enjoy DEADPOOL 2[View]
98747107>youtube 'film' analysis >always 2001 or no country for old men >10 mins >nothing is sai…[View]
98748467>Tfw no Drax and Thor buddy cop movie[View]
98747904Why are they shilling hybrids so hard? Did anyone want this shit? I just want cool designs based on …[View]
98748224Tell me about tommy, why does he wear those sunglasses?[View]
98745962>Disneyshills mad because they don't have this beautiful woman in their arms Ha. Stay jealou…[View]
98748351movie when? who should play Holden?[View]
98743839>begins as Will's anchor to reality and reliable constant in his life >ends up fucking Ha…[View]
98746551Do main characters in tv shows ever get killed off strictly because that's where the writers wa…[View]
98745372Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with the Oscars?[View]
98741594Most overrated movies of all time in your opinion, up to five?[View]
98748200/filmmaking/: FILMMAKING GENERAL: WORK HORROR STORIES EDITION >work as a music composer >at ti…[View]
98743082How many guests do you think she banged...[View]
98714622Will the boycott actually work?[View]
98748010Was Don in the wrong here?[View]
98747439Royal Wedding 2: Who fucking cares boogaloo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8nbFfetIsks[View]
98747746The FIRST frame of James' Deadpool 2 review. What in the world did he do to deserve this Where …[View]
98746725heroin kino[View]
98745541180 MILLION budget[View]
98747135What's his superpower[View]
98747109What is truly this man's best and worst film, and why is it Reservoir dogs and Death proof?[View]
98747476>tfw I realize the rock and sam jackson killed themselves out of embarrassment of letting the cri…[View]
98746321Could he win?[View]
98746916Having read Sartre, what's your reading of this film?[View]
98745307Major plot hole: Despite Ritchie Valens having psychic premonitions about his own death, he still ge…[View]
98744193>kung fu scene >WOOOO FSHOO FSHOO CHOP DIIING…[View]
98745681>heist >woman crewmember ruins everything…[View]
98746370Why are they all so similar? How hard is it to make 3 families and not make the characters all the s…[View]
98743300Power of friendzone >Earlier this yearEmilia Clarkeoffered up the chance to watch'Game of Thrones…[View]
98745585What are some 90s movies that capture that grudge aesthetic and feelings of teenage disillusionment?[View]
98747069fake or real? I can't tell[View]
98746358>You can't do this! We have come so far, captain! >It's done.…[View]
98744048#ChangeTheChannel Worke-: >Doug and his brother still reviewing new movies B-b-but the Nostalgia …[View]
98745637>just finished The Wire >loved it >kind of heard about this before >dad tells me it was…[View]
98745968>characters start explaining the plan >the explanation continues while we watch the actual pla…[View]
98741861*casually surpasses all Western zombie media from the past decade plus*[View]
98746729Isn’t it a little odd that Irina shayk has never posted a photo of her husband and father of her chi…[View]
98746757>literally win with the power of friendship[View]
98746784ITT: Capeshit quips that made you laugh >You actually go outside in these things? >What would …[View]
98745580>I'm watching the royal wedding[View]
98745743Today you can watch television in the UK without a tv licence because of the royal wedding.[View]
98746650Heat: I know they had to do what was necessary to stop the police - assuming Neil got away with the …[View]
98743352>log on to /tv/ >all the threads suck[View]
98741420MY VAGINA[View]
98745654Shows everyone hated but you loved[View]
98737501What were your Last Jedi screenings like? My theater: >5 people left after the opening joke. >…[View]
98746028>old, grizzled, hardened detective/police officer/ vigilante/ soldier >suffers from heart prob…[View]
98743762>Somebody on the zombie Simpsons writing team thought these were even remotely funny…[View]
98738376The Happytime Murders: So are we going to talk about this? The era of man is OVER. PUPPET kino is BA…[View]
98739719Is Capeshit saved?[View]
98743554Why can't minorities make their own original characters to be adapted into cinema? Why do they …[View]
98744855Royal Wedding Live thread: Idris Elba spotted! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8nbFfetIsks Guests ca…[View]
98742060Opening scene is literally >*record scratch* >*freeze frame* >i've guess you're …[View]
98745636Who was this supposed to appeal to? Why did they give a boring side character his own tv show?[View]
98744835Nirvana The Movie 2018: Wow, talk about a diversity hire.[View]
98745577Cast this computer game.[View]
98742875Are you cunts ready for the royal wedding?[View]
98741144Now that the dust has settled. Was it kino?[View]
98739215So, when Marty McFly finally made it back to an altered 1985 where his family is wealthy and prosper…[View]
98740728What the FUCK Went Wrong?[View]
98745107>HE WAS A CONSUL OF ROME[View]
98744162How do we fix Capeshit genre?[View]
98742517Lando is gay now: And that's a good thin-[View]
98746019how long until a sequel to Diana (2013)?: >starring Meghan Markle >she pulls a 'Diana' & f…[View]
98745841why didnt he hit it? what a fool[View]
98744673>580 days until Episode IX[View]
98745951How many shows do you watch at any given time? How many time do you spend watching episodes on aver…[View]
98744774You guys are always talking about how Disney Star Wars is for leftists and women. At first I thought…[View]
98742548Was this Chad vs. Virgin: The Show?[View]
98744539If Marvel is the McDonalds of capeshit, and DC is Burger King, then what is the Rustler Burger of TV…[View]
98743950The most kino character reveal of all time[View]
98745327Is this scene realistic?[View]
98745814A STAR WARS STORY: Cast him.[View]
98743738What did it mean by this?: What exactly is happening in this movie?![View]
98744968ITT: We attempt to seriously discuss the merits and demerits of the Dark Knight Rises without memein…[View]
98745508Its too bad he’s gonna die in Avengers 4: He was just getting to be a cool character. Thor belongs i…[View]
98731568Will the MCU survive with those 4 are their new flasgships?[View]
98739952Is this gonna flop?[View]
98713224Comfy Found Footage General - /ffg/ - Found Footage Lovers Only: Welcome to the Comfy Found Footage …[View]
98742474/rlg/-Reylo™ General: Pure Edition Will we have any official reylo content in 2018? >New Forces o…[View]
98745751Bendis Man of Steel: So bendis is doing a non canon origin for Superman? Didn't they just do th…[View]
98743190netflixparty.com <- this link will let you watch and chat along with me https://www.netflix.com/w…[View]
98745720>'LET MY LOVE OPEN THE DOOR' stars playing[View]
98744396How come Obi One didn't know what a Kamino was when there was one on the jedi counsil?[View]
98744796>Terminator 1 >The Terminator is damaged and wears a pair of sunglasses to hide his inhumanity…[View]
98743826So Metallo was going to be the villain they all fight at the end of BvS. Its the same dude Luthor bl…[View]
98743810>we want the Marvel audience[View]
98742131Are there seriously any people like this left in America? Any real cosa nostra? Mafia? Does it still…[View]
98744989What the FUCK happened, /tv/bros?![View]
98734809Supergirl thread: Are you excited for season 4? you know which body part of hers to post…[View]
98745444the 'superhero crash' people are talking about will happen when stan lee dies. the guys like 95 godd…[View]
98745207>turn on Netflix >decide to check out the remake of Lost In Space >nice wholesome show abou…[View]
98742441Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season Finale: Did you watch?[View]
98731531>Go to Regal Cinema in the south to watch avengers >They show a preview for some movie called …[View]
98745220It's out, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nTPU8rY0ZF8[View]
98745175Does hollywood discriminate against actresses with big tits? I'm serious here. The only big tit…[View]
98744337Film Director: Hey guys, So i wanna be a film director. Any idea where to begin ?[View]
98743786The fuck happened to this board?: I remember when we were all about the Snyderkino, but the moment M…[View]
98734211KN highlights livestream: GET IN HERE LADS! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m1Tl38iL23k[View]
98743414Woah Big Betty (Bam-ba-Lam)[View]
98736818If I pull that off will you die?[View]
98744883ITT: Awkward interviews: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S3-5e0OOLKQ[View]
98742963Mrs Robinson: I think I've fallen through to another dimension where this scene doesn't ex…[View]
98744439Whats some kino to unlock the panty achievment? Is pic related worth it?[View]
98743960>saves Karate Kid franchise Can Ralph Macchio save DC as well?[View]
98744105Films & Shows That Couldn't Get Made In Today's Political Climate[View]
98742401Movies that could've been kino: I remember wanting to watch this movie because it had JCVD, Rod…[View]
98742561who was in the wrong here?[View]
98737695Friday comfy horror! cytub! Sleepsnug![View]
98742161Greatest Movie Chads All Time: 5. Paul Walker 4. Dolph Lundgren 3. Mel Gibson 2. Tom Selik 1. Christ…[View]
98740881Bootch will you give me oral pleasure?[View]
98743524Who is the most detestable character in all of cinema?[View]
98742764what are some films that make fun of normies?[View]
98738673Anyone looking forward to any new tv shows? I'm going to watch I Feel Bad on NBC. Here's …[View]
98742641So now that the disaster that was gonna be Captain Marvel has been saved, will you watch it anons?[View]
98744496Dr. Strange Plan in Avengers Infinity War Why: When Dr. Strange Calculate all The Possible Outcome o…[View]
98744473are you guys aware that this is one of the best movies of all times?[View]
98743272Out of curiosity, what other movies have the most deaths without the movie reversing it by the end? …[View]
98741608Kino of the year[View]
98744142Who'd be on the show today?[View]
98743945Do you use an IPTV service? If so, who do you use?[View]
98741175ROMP KINO IS BACK ON THE MENU BOY: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_jrhye68b3M[View]
98734216How the fuck is 'Luck' a superpower?[View]
98744281This is Michael Patrick King's first draft of the 'Sex and the City' movie. It's…[View]
98739229/tgis/ - thank gnomes its saturday: How are you celebrating this gnometastic saturday my fellow /gno…[View]
98740234>oceans 8 underperformed on its opening weekend, and that’s actually a good thing >oceans 8 m…[View]
98735176Why is this the greatest movie of the 1990s?[View]
98743013If you recognize this dog, you're following the NYC comedy scene way too closely.[View]
98743987ITT: Tropes you like: >characters start explaining the plan >the explanation continues while w…[View]
98743965Silicon Valley: Why the fuck does anyone work with richard after all this shit >turned down multi…[View]
98742314Why was he so angry at Paul ?[View]
98742694What are some films with the gastown aesthetic? Films that are set in these weird little pockets of …[View]
98741218Burning: You guys ready for new Korean kino and Murakamis story adaptation? https://youtu.be/wi6Kw7V…[View]
98741227I'm in love with her, she is literally the perfect waifu.[View]
98743451who is the coolest minor character in any movie?[View]
98734979Stop crying when I hit you[View]
98743757>And the chicken, did the chef raise it himself, give it only premium feed, and clean it's f…[View]
98739682>this is what Brad Pitt considers a 10: http://www.digitalspy.com/showbiz/graham-norton-show/news…[View]
98740662The Holy Mountain: would this movie be illegal / impossible to make today? why do people say hollywo…[View]
98743647>'Hey Harry. Wots this board about?' >'Well Stouffer. This is where nerds discuss television a…[View]
98740655Can we all agree that 'Bad To The Bone' playing during Terminator 2 is by far the worst pa…[View]
98742717Why did the yellow one think she was so hot with her buck teeth and funny looking eyes, also what pa…[View]
98742855if you don't call this kino you're just a pretentious FAGGOT. kys faggot[View]
98743590LET'S GET IT ON![View]
98737622I just finished BoB. Is the pacific any good? I heard mixed reviews. Also, what are the best movies/…[View]
98743133Why wouldn't the reality stone be enough to kill half the universe? Wouldn't that be manip…[View]
98738407Now that the dust has settled, who was in the wrong here?[View]
98732419This MUST be a fake log. Not even Arnie is THAT strong.[View]
98742788Jesus christ this movie has aged like hot mayonnaise. Almost nothing about it holds up[View]
98741959These dubs? Lucky, i guess.[View]
98740019ITT: Times you met famous actors[View]
98740133What happened to JCVD's twin brother?[View]
98743278>according to the government >we don't exist, we're ghosts >we find you…[View]
9874234113 reasons why group watch: netflixparty.com <- this link will let you watch and chat along with …[View]
98741350>western movie >guns go PEHTJEEN PWWOONG BEEEEEEIIIEEHN…[View]
98738994why was his death so iconic and memorable? his character's death sent a shockwave through out t…[View]
98743059>hey so I know I shot that automaton for looking at me funny but let me go into this spooky obser…[View]
98742449You know sometimes I miss the ol' kinoplex. It was many years ago, sometimes it's hard to …[View]
98740631Describe the last tv show you watched by comparing it's style to other works. >a time travel…[View]
98742262>FRIDAY BOX OFFICE >Deadpool solid, but below expectations >Infinity War DOA with dismal 6.…[View]
98742208whats the best old classic romance movie? preferably with music. i want to watch something timeless[View]
98734982WebM Thread: Waifu edition.: Post what you have.[View]
98742947Wtf is this shit I just saw this pop up on my netflix. Why would anyone waste their time making this…[View]
98739742>Anyway, some of her gurlfrens was over there >MAKIN POPCOR AND WATCHIN MOVIES >I was like,…[View]
98742753Infinity War passes Jurassic World!: Only 3 more to go! They should be a piece of cake, right?…[View]
98742574times you were like the nightcrawler?[View]
98742800what are some movies for when you feel like a total waste of space who should be shot dead in the st…[View]
98740713Why is this the most true comment in 2018 so far?: >Let's look at the new racist trope in ne…[View]
98742738>character does something embarrassing >pause, get up from chair and begin prancing back and f…[View]
98742185>just got a gf >she keeps bugging me to see the Avengers with her What do I do /tv/? I don’t w…[View]
98742722Petition: Stop discussing movies until BDRip comes out. Signed.[View]
98742316Did he really do anything wrong?[View]
98740026What’s the verdict on this movie? Does it prove social media was a mistake?[View]
98741425Can I get you a glass of milk to go along with those cookies?[View]
98730524Asians in Hollywood: Asian women are beautiful so why are they borderline blacklisted in Hollywood?…[View]
98741954children watch capeshit. real men watch lotr. change my brain[View]
98741820What's the film and tv equivalent of this image?[View]
98741872>Let's combine everyone's 2 favorite dinosaurs into one. PEOPLE WILL FUCKING LOVE IT TH…[View]
98741687>'I'd F Thor, marry Iron Man, and kill the Hulk' Do american girls really talk like this?…[View]
98739281This is blasphemy! This is madness![View]
98742049>decide to check this out since I liked the premise >first episodes are really cool and it bas…[View]
98739339I'm putting together a team. You in?[View]
98738457hop in dude[View]
98741325Best episodes. Preferably on Hulu[View]
98741242details general so the idea of creating gravity through centrifugal force isn't new, but cool m…[View]
98741763Too deep for you faggot: Nobody fucking cares about your hipster fucking 'deep' trash that prays on …[View]
98742190>man of steel is unironic zack snyder capekino >batman vs superman is unironic zack snyder cap…[View]
98735177The machines did nothing wrong.[View]
98736677How would you do on Survivor?[View]
98742078>movie filled with jabs aimed sjw Deadpool is /ourhero/[View]
98742021The ring is mine. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3MWxAAQoNiw[View]
98741818How do you think Marvel feels that the most capekino actor is not even on the silver screen AND belo…[View]
98741859Anon, you only tipped your waiter 10% despite the proper etiquette being that you tip them 15% at le…[View]
98732988So are his queefs also farts?: I heard he was getting the ol' choppa choppa later this year but…[View]
98740540How do you go from THIS...[View]
98737824MOVIE BATTLE: Goodfellas vs. Princess Bride Let's decide this once and for all... WHICH MOVIE I…[View]
98740610Was it kino?[View]
98741790>Do you like it? It's a protocol droid to rearrange my lonely mother's insides. I assem…[View]
98740010just coming to mow your lawn marty[View]
98741767What are some great mob movies to watch? I want to get into the genre[View]
98736495This shit fuckin blows. The ship going down better save it. Fuck I’m bored.[View]
98741523Is it me or does he look way too much like Christian XXX now???[View]
98740969What are some prisonkinos? I'll start[View]

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