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83188935What are some theories that changed how you watch movies? Mine was that there was no Predator; Dutch…[View]
83190498BUY MY BOOK[View]
83190470Is Warner Bros seriously making a Jungle Book movie in 2018, are they fucking retarded?[View]
83190481Is this The Godfather of british gangster movies? Bob Hoskin's performance is top notch. Look f…[View]
83182766He seemed like such a nice guy before What happened?[View]
83189763What Saul mean by this?[View]
83190058>implying he was wrong[View]
83187810Things that wouldn't air today: https://youtu.be/iQommPDAqgI How did they get away with it?…[View]
83188026https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Y7kHHxylps What do you think about this? Looks breddy good[View]
83190258Thanks for suggesting the Frozen watch, /tv/. She loved it.[View]
83185543Diversity is our strength[View]
83190130>david lynch knows what he is do-[View]
83188467Newfag to /tv/ Sorry if that doesn't belong here, but I rather ask short before I post an asslo…[View]
83190040Me And The Big Guy (1999): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YYQKDqjCEBQ Thoughts about this adaptatio…[View]
83167621>being impaled through the chest killed him How? Why?[View]
83187981Law and Order: >they are practicing muslims >they go to the local mosque >no connection to …[View]
83188091* blocks your path *[View]
83169768Arrow S5 Finale: Where were you when Arrow managed to redeem itself?[View]
83189066Pick one from each of the women of the MCU: Hottest woman introduced in Phase 1 --------------------…[View]
83189643Pure Kino[View]
83188676My eyes are down here, anon.[View]
83186497>What was the one movies that influenced your life the most. Also please let us know in what spe…[View]
83188819Twin Peaks /tpg/[View]
83186738Just saw this. What did /tv/ think? I unironically cried a couple of times desu[View]
83188236She's honestly not that beautiful. Miscast.[View]
83164238Alien Covenant Novel: Apparently the Novel of Alien Covenant clears 99% of the cringe plot holes tha…[View]
83189313How dafuq did Dunston check in?[View]
83187417ITT: Characters who are literally you.[View]
83189287>theater mandatory safety checker pats me down >steals my fidget spinner and slaps my raven …[View]
83184921whats his superpower?[View]
83188308What the fuck is his problem?: >girls throw themselves at him >he can't choose between mu…[View]
83188782>American comedy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MOL3Xx7IMK8&t=67s…[View]
83164571Why is no one hyped for this?[View]
83187431BOOM! BIG REVEAL![View]
83188934Outta nowhere deaths from movies and tv. Post them. Final Destination https://youtu.be/7jt2f-Zpe80[View]
83188396What did they mean by this?[View]
83188849>the hero of the MCU is a 5'3 smack addict Literally can't make this shit up.…[View]
83186551Papaw Lynch gets a standing ovation Edition Use this to make new threads: https://pastebin.com/u92…[View]
83185263How about some Phil Collins? You like Phil?[View]
83187997*krrrrk* Dr. Pavel I'm CIA, over *krrrrk*[View]
83185836Could this BE any more of a Friends thread[View]
83188686in your opinion, what is the cleanest, best pleasure?[View]
83187675Did it have any redeeming qualities whatsoever?[View]
83188525HOLY SHIT that was scarry as fuck also who is this semen demon ? she is litterally a 10/10 younger S…[View]
83188048Can someone explain me the deal with The Long Goodbye? It was fucking BORING and a terrible Marlowe.…[View]
83184884Is this one of those few movies where 'they just don't get it' might actually be a valid excuse…[View]
83169889wheres the fucking fargo thread?[View]
83187036Heres Optimus 'Double Tap' Prime Say something nice about him.[View]
83187159Not about to see your light And if you wanna find hell with me I can show you what it's[View]
83188395>2015 movie >WELCOME TO MY HOUSE[View]
83188377I've just finished watching Kingsman and, while it's not exactly kino, I liked Colin Firth…[View]
83185723Why was 16:9 chosen instead of 16:10, which adheres to the golden ratio?[View]
83188237WTF is Spidey??: Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…[View]
83187374The lovely Nia, everybody![View]
83188155>You will never meet a TCAP decoy. Why even fucking live?[View]
83187972What comfy TV shows can I put on while lying in bed. Looking for chill shit to download. Pic unrelat…[View]
83188112Press F to pay respects[View]
83185669What went wrong?: They were supposed to make sequels with George's scripts[View]
83184279who is the best Bond villain?[View]
83180771Please explain to me:: How the hell it grew so fast? I didn't understand.[View]
83186647How do you guys find out about new and upcoming TV shows? I mostly use /tv/ and hope to catch a post…[View]
83188029A Tale of Love and Darkness: I just started this. Is it any good? Will I like it?[View]
83187304I'm one with the Force, the Force is with me: How did the Force helped Chirrut in any way since…[View]
83186072Source material aside, why was the first one so comfy? It perfectly captured a dreary, rainy, atmosp…[View]
83188008How dose doug keep on getting bigger then ever?[View]
83187885Is there any doubt that he is the /ourest/ of /our guys/?[View]
83187421Only kino tier movie original songs https://youtu.be/X7rDubMg3lA[View]
83186176Which one will fuck it up worse?[View]
83185808Your average /tv/ poster[View]
83187925>the German guy converts to Islam what did Monicelli meant by this[View]
83187838why is he so good at playing mentally deranged characters? is he autistic irl?[View]
83185550Only trilogy that starts off shit, but gets better with each film.[View]
83187797Has the velvet mafia: Completely lost touch with reality? >gay guys aren't funny to men and …[View]
83185148>net worth: 240 million dollars[View]
83173125Grand epic movie when ?: Why does one of the most grandiose man in Human history never had a grand e…[View]
83170119>So what's the plan? >You're looking at it…[View]
83176650Why does Game of Thrones have such a large, almost fanatical following? I watched the first seven ep…[View]
83185134What happened to Anthony Cumia? He used to be the quickest wit around...[View]
83186964Give me an episode to watch[View]
83179247Why don't they make good movies? I know Brazil has like two good movies but god, the lack of ta…[View]
83183480Guys what if - haha now get this, he, uhh... raped her because he's in a infinite loop right? H…[View]
83185765>have access to all films and TV shows >have a good amount of time to watch whatever >never…[View]
83187193Even Sega makes fun of MCU now.: What is Kevin Feige's endgame?[View]
83187209ITT: Directors that peaked with their first movie[View]
83186903>alpha male film student >makes a comedy short film with the bros >beta male film student …[View]
83186452So in this latest iZombie in which Liv is under the influence of a 'Jackass' stunt guy brain, the cr…[View]
83179770Is Friday the 13th literally the worst horror series ever? >1st one: Old woman in her 50's w…[View]
83186773I have a 14 hour flight next week and need some suggestions of podcasts to listen to on the flight.[View]
83186366Prometheus: Ms. Vickers to the black Captain >'10 minutes...my room.' What did she mean by this?…[View]
83186915>theatre checkpoint frisked me and found my poopsock[View]
83186854McConaissance: what went wrong?[View]
83186075Archer Dreamland: What does TV think of Archer Dreamland? Was it Kino? ACCION[View]
83184881https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WADB_dsRuRM Will it be kino[View]
83186534Chloroform in movies: >Kidnapper shows up and grabs girl >Girl starts struggling >Kidnapper…[View]
83183201Just Bing watched the first four episodes. What did I think of it?[View]
83185661just watched this and i think i enjoyed it but i'm not sure. tell me how i should feel about th…[View]
83186785Celebrity Juice Thread[View]
83175350/who/ - Doctor Who general: Extremis edition >>83149205 - last thread[View]
83186602So why did Marv turn into a skeleton?[View]
83186548Haley or Chloe?[View]
83173359Why is Japanese TV so weird?[View]
83186546Why don't characters in films or TV shows always act perfectly logically?[View]
83183792So he erased/killed all his friends and his girl to go back to a bunch of people he hadn't met …[View]
83184566Did you guys like that shitty movie Nicki Minaj was in?[View]
83184912Anybody seen the movie Jungle Fever? Is there an asian version where all the black women are droolin…[View]
83186461Movies with a white male protag and an asian girlfriend? I want something relatable[View]
83184775ITT: Characters that are literally you[View]
83186209>'This isn't what it looks like. I can explain' >is never given a chance to explain…[View]
83186083are lynchbabbys the most easily triggered people on /tv/?[View]
83186121Seinfeld: Where can I acquire this blue jacket that Jerry is wearing in 'The Parking Garage'? I wan…[View]
83184889>Least desired human beings in the world >Dog faces >Dog eating >Beta >Backwards inf…[View]
83185706>Trilogy >all 3 movies are different genres…[View]
83186152ITT:: Movies that made you yell JESUS CHRIST[View]
83185456hey so yesmovies is down or something right now, are there any other good streaming sites?[View]
83175522*blocks your path*[View]
83183193Just cut my life[View]
83185708Star Wars is 40 years old!: So lets have a star wars thread![View]
83182882/tpg/ - Twin Peaks General: Mysterious Woodsman Edition Use this to make new threads: https://paste…[View]
83184820Just: Holly cow this movie is so bad what were they thinking?[View]
83183944How can other shows even compete?[View]
83185624pirates of the caribbean 5: is it pirate kino and better than 4?[View]
83185722>poor urban crime setting >gang of thugs is multicultural >commerical of criminals/robbers …[View]
83182304Silver Sable, Black Cat Movie Finds Director; Titled SILVER & BLACK: >Silver and Black is sch…[View]
83184521Does anyone know where can i find this ? Im losing it...[View]
83185606ITT: Mediocre movies[View]
83180478Does this piece of shit get any better along the way? I followed with this series after watching TNG…[View]
83184531You know how I know you're gay?[View]
83184315So, this is getting a bluray release on June 6th.: Is it worth watching? I've heard a ton of di…[View]
83184896Odd Thomas: I thought it was pretty cool, kind of weird that it bombed so bad.[View]
83183192Cruise Control: What's his best movie, /tv/? What about his best performance?[View]
83182635Just binge watched this. What did l think of it?[View]
83185450ITT: Average movies that you always watch when they're on: I'll start.[View]
83185237>It's a Scarface reference[View]
83184597>RUMORED for Joss Whedon's upcoming 'Batgirl' due out in 2019 *hallelujah by hande…[View]
83184880Gimp in Pulp Fiction: What's his deal?[View]
83183669WHO IS DEADLIEST?: How many people here remember this show? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vd7Fe_6C…[View]
83183307What does /tv/ think of the Inbetweeners?: Is it good,is it bad? also best Inbetweeners girl?[View]
83184263So what happened to this film? Is it ever going to be released or was it just another Kickstarter ca…[View]
83185169>'nerd' protagonist >talks to girls[View]
8318521350 Shades of Yay: >Mom reads and watches 50 Shades of Grey >Tell her it's shit >'But y…[View]
83179683>Women-only Screening of Wonder Woman https://drafthouse.com/austin/show/women-only-screening-won…[View]
83183426JUST YOOOUUU[View]
83185040>Alien: A human turns out to be an untrustworthy android. >Aliens: A seemingly untrustworthy a…[View]
83183069The reason why David turned evil?: After his head got ripped off, Shaw did a bad of fixing him up. L…[View]
83180908The Man in the High Castle: Can we all agree if they dropped resistance and alt-reality shit and foc…[View]
83184149Who will play him in the inevitable biopic?[View]
83185179What happened to the real Wally?[View]
83178656ITT: underrated comedies[View]
83179151why did they train oil drillers to be astronauts and not astronauts to drill?[View]
83185088>I think I'm going to stay. Times like these, we should really be with family. >Okay! CUT…[View]
83176997Tommy Wiseau: 1. Who is he? 2. Where does he come from? 3. What is his historical background 4. What…[View]
83182344What am I in for?[View]
83181389Would you let this girl suck your dick knowing she's sucked 36 dicks before you?[View]
83183563What's your favorite movie?[View]
83166193>Anon, of course you didn't like it, you never went to parties.[View]
83183714What do y'all think of the works of Adam Curtis?[View]
83184559Name my band /tv/[View]
83183279QUIET ALL OF YOU[View]
83183635What is this look meant to convey in the film?[View]
83181130How do I quit smoking when every time I watch some tv and film kino and characters are smoking it gi…[View]
83180661You spot someone trying to smuggle outside food into the theater. Do you: >A) Alert an attendant …[View]
83184745>so you're a 4chan mod wow, that site is very popular you must make a lot of money…[View]
83179421What were they ultimately trying to achieve here?[View]
83175443Miss me yet?[View]
83178172What the FUCK is wrong with brits?[View]
83174477/got/ general: Jonerys edition previous >>83159009[View]
83176336Holy shit. It's actually pretty good.: The title kind of threw me, but it's actually not h…[View]
83171214GAME OF THRONES SEASON 7 TRAILER: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=giYeaKsXnsI Thoughts?[View]
83183300Mr. Robot: What will Tyrell's wife be doing in Season 3?[View]
83184090What does /tv/ think of the work and career of female actor Ione Skye? She was in 'Say Anything…[View]
83181898Wind River- Jeremy Renner and Elizabeth Olsen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zN9PDOoLAfg Trailer j…[View]
83183194I just realized that the white race is doomed. There is no way that tens of millions of white normie…[View]
83181862EZA > RLM: You guys have switched over to Easy Allies for your movie reviews, right? They're…[View]
83182085Bases/Hangers/HQ: What's the best base in history?[View]
83183582Any good movies about European Muslims?[View]
83183335Hello sir, what movie would you like to watch? We have the newest superhero flick![View]
83182622wtf Alien is now a weapon for feminists against men http://www.gq.com/story/alien-covenant-body-horr…[View]
83184123>Superman could easily kill Batman >That means the Superman films are better…[View]
83182660Childhood is idolising Jimmy. Adulthood is realising that Chuck makes more sense.[View]
83184052Now that the dust has finally settled, what do you think about Nolan's magnum opus The Plane Sc…[View]
83163899ITT: Movies you watched in school kino[View]
83183515Star wars: Do you think it's time to let star wars die and let it slip into obscurity? Not like…[View]
83183099>It's ok I'm a scientist bro[View]
83174013BRICK 2005, Worst kino movie?: >Unengaging story >Unlikable characters >Made by teenagers f…[View]
83182604Futuristic designs[View]
83172178Utopia: What does /tv feel about this show?[View]
83183078When did you realize this was this was kino?[View]
83180700Should actresses who regret doing nude scenes have the right to get them cut before release?[View]
83183369What are some movies where the main character receives his comeuppance?[View]
83183325Is this going to be kino?[View]
83183512Why are the only 'black' people on tv shows obviously bleached mulattos?[View]
83183072His tempo seems fine to me.[View]
83179312Star Wars: A Nu Hope[View]
83183361ITT: post kino scenes from triple-A blockbusters https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HNvzNWuzI9Y[View]
83183227>Floating mountains in the sky.[View]
83176486I miss him: Nobody in the media calls out bullshit like he did. He was fearless. More importantly h…[View]
83181659Help to find a movie/serie by a description: I only remember a scene where someone is releasing anim…[View]
83182690There has never been a more gifted young actor than Finn Wolfhard, and there is nothing you can do t…[View]
83182158now that the dust has settled, what did you think of Suicide Squad?[View]
83182925Need help: Hey guys, i really need your help, i don't usually make threads i mostly lurk, but i…[View]
83181132>5 days for house of kino Are you excited /tv/?[View]
83172002Daily Cannes thread: Good Time seems to have great review, it might be another serious contender for…[View]
83182526FREE FIRE: Anybody other than me seen this? Dare I say this was quite fun.[View]
83182883why are capeshit movies so extremely popular right now? when will it stop? who started all this?[View]
83175412how can there be a devil if there is no god?[View]
83174705>Get- >He's outside.[View]
83163059ITT kino endings[View]
83181174>pleb filter[View]
83181076Name one fanbase that is more obnoxious than Twin Peaktards Protip: You can't[View]
83181569In 2004 there was a guy in sout west middle european town called Pľťka ... very very young man. Trav…[View]
83182232What happened? he was supposed to be a huge star[View]
83179937/tpg/ - Twin Peaks General: Twilight Zone Edition Use this to make new threads: https://pastebin.co…[View]
83182562>David Lynch movie >No typical movie tropes…[View]
83182396Does /tv/ rate Roman Polanski?[View]
83178619>“Now, remember, one of the plots in the earlier films was the telepathic communication between m…[View]
83180122What the fuck was his problem?[View]
83180632>someone is cooking >flame is off, no steam rising from food…[View]
83175338What pretentious garbage this movie is. Couldn't even finish watching it, it was so boring.[View]
83176629Best Sequel in years[View]
83182490Oh hey anon... *brrrapp bRREAAPP* OH sorry I'm a little gassy toda- *brrrraaapppptttttt* oh my.…[View]
83182478Does /tv/ also have perfect trilogies where the next entry overshadows its precessor?[View]
83182381Are these some of the best documentaries being made right now. Which one was you're favorite /t…[View]
83178173So this is batman[View]
83178342Who will play him in the inevitable biopic?[View]
83178797A monk's spade would be the best weapon for dealing with zombies, imo.[View]
83180599Why does it have 0 oscars? Not even a participation one. It's been around for 10 years and has …[View]
83182371what the fuck[View]
83171137I just watched over 6 hours of an analysis of Pinocchio. what's wrong with me?[View]
83180085Fray Bentos[View]
83181144kidulthood is idolising the boys adulthood is realising Lois was right[View]
83176571This Is England Series: Did he get what he deserved at the end of 90?[View]
83159056Cleopatra Series Coming From Amazon: http://deadline.com/2017/05/cleopatra-tv-series-amazon-black-sa…[View]
83180944None of you are autistic enough to actually watch this, right?[View]
83181126What did you think of the Lemony Snicket movie?[View]
83180078>its like The Matrix >but with pencils[View]
83180061tick tick booooom time bobm[View]
83181450Have you ever ruined kino for fellow patrons?[View]
83170074/tv/ is it too soon? As in too soon to obsess about her, or the TV show she'll be on?[View]
83172234Recently watched this and genuinely can't fault it bar a pretty lame second season finale, have…[View]
83181842Movie when? This is a no-brainer right? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Disco_Demolition_Night >Whi…[View]
83181961Monty Python Thread: I was just rewatching Flying Circus and found this. It's the end credits o…[View]
83176414Bill Burr is the best stand up comedian alive, today.[View]
83171624what does /tv/ think of james dean?[View]
83180130>From the Director Jon Watts... who brought us such master peices as: Our RoboCop Remake, Cop Car…[View]
83178004>Past a certain age a man without a family can be a bad thing What did he mean by this…[View]
83179539Is there anything else similar to John Wick 2 & The Raid 2?[View]
83180155best villain ever?[View]
83175048One this movie comes out and flops, you will realize how great Avatar is, you will understand why Ja…[View]
83179592Tony is the superior character and the better man overall[View]
83181685What movies capture the spirit of a particular generation in America? In other words, what can I wat…[View]
83176596Why is this better than 99% of comedy?[View]
83174267why do people on here meme dalton so much (aside from the fact that it's contrarian)? live and …[View]
83181515This movie was a real gem.[View]
83179413Prometheus was angry because Weyland's work was shoddy. If David's head had stayed on he…[View]
83180688Why was there never a Calvin and Hobbes animated series? Dilbert got one, Far Side got one, Garfield…[View]
83168642/gabagool/ general: Give me uan thausand dollars[View]
83181461>Film at it's best isn't close to animation at it's best. The only thing film has …[View]
83176198> le aids started from monkeys and not by the pharma industry testing the lab made virus on afric…[View]
83174314'I haven't been fucked like that since grade school!' Movie quote thread![View]
83179489>this giant clusterfuck of a poster The MCU is dead. Bury it.[View]
83181359What kind of role would you like her to play?[View]
83172604am i he only one who was with him until the very end?[View]
83171922So now that the dust has settled, what did /tv/ think of Get Out?[View]
831736699 years have passed[View]
83180374le zombie dale: why won't you pretentious lynch fans admit that the return is pure shit so far?…[View]
83181022>I watched this movie and I remember enjoying it, but I remember none of the actual movie. Does t…[View]
83179984Which is better?: Pale Rider or The Outlaw Josey Wales?[View]
83178999King of the Hill: >that episode where Bobby and Joseph join a white supremacist organisation How …[View]
83180470what's the appeal of this quirky, goofy garbage?[View]
83177628>Would you like some bisgetti?[View]
83180252If Justice begins with her, why was BvS called Dawn of Justice.[View]
83178413HelllooooooOOOoooooOOoo: If you are seeing this thread you have been visited by Mr. Jackpots Goof fo…[View]
83178436Guys what if - haha now get this, he, uhh... raped her because he's in a infinite loop right? H…[View]
83170165Feminism in a nutshell: You can't make this up[View]
83180181https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bM0AN9UXdWQ thoughts on these 2 retards and their shitty opinions?…[View]
83180197What is the Hershey's S'mores Kit of cinema?[View]
83180069>It's like poetry, it rhymes. What did he mean by this?[View]
83178780Who is your favorite villain in cinema?[View]
83176989What would've happened if he swallowed both pills at once????? Only seen the first movie, did a…[View]
83178770I figured it out! >Engineers created life on earth, eventually evolve till we reach Jesus Christ …[View]
83179779pleb's choice: redlettermedia contrarian's choice: nostalgia critic slightly less pleb cho…[View]
83180000So what happened to real Wally?[View]
83179884The Man Who Fell To Earth: I'm completely in love with this thing. Where can I get similar vibe…[View]
83179917god tier amateur films thread https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2VDv0rBNJqU[View]
83175434BRAVO DISNEY[View]
83176651/tpg/ - Twin Peaks General: ARE YOU THE MAN? Edition Use this to make new threads: https://pastebin.…[View]
83179829Omar Comin' Yo[View]
83179818METALHEAD: I like the ending[View]
83179802is it good?[View]
83179585Why do they keep casting Jon Favreau in stuff? Don't they know he can't actually act and h…[View]
83177933*appears in the middle of your crime drama*[View]
83172500Just watched this I'm sorry guys, but it sucked. It was just bland throughout I miss Verbinski…[View]
83176916>Spent 200M$ in a show about blacks, 'The Get Down' by Baz Luhrmann >Cancelled after 1 season …[View]
83178195>the most likely to serve you a kebab on an orbital docking station[View]
83178897What did the media mean by this? Also which scene?[View]
83179450>Anon why do you keep joking about washing my feet? It's a bit weird haha.…[View]
83178891Help me find this movie: I can't remember the name of this movie I once saw, and I can't f…[View]
83178822What the fuck is his problem?[View]
83177127Is this true?[View]
83176824It's over Marvel won this round, DC is too late.: Wolvernine started it all, and now at the end…[View]
83176387Has there ever been a worse casting for an easier-to-cast role? Nathan Fillion should have been dra…[View]
83177373Not one fucking cleric in their party.[View]
83177065Where will I get my TV series from now on ?[View]
83179240https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=heIrj6gntQg >Be canadian knight >IT AINT ME starts playing…[View]
83171868Things you do when watching movies: THEATER MODE[View]
83178658>Normie-tier actor as protagonist >Great at driving, no reason, just a 'knack' at it…[View]
83178517That whole FBI sub-plot was stupid and didn't effect the overall plot in anyway. If they cut th…[View]
83179004Is Major cuck?[View]
83177366>the author of the Forrest Gump novel wanted John Goodman to play the role. Could you imagine For…[View]
83167720Sexiest performance in TV history: The ones that absolutely dripped sex 1 - Mary Louise Parker - Nan…[View]
83175330Why does every 'good' white woman on this show have to have a non-white boyfriend?[View]
83175347>omg why didn't they wear helmets? Hmm maybe because it's the distant future where spa…[View]
83174286So was it ever found out who made the wheat?[View]
83178577Does he have autism?[View]
83169051wtf is his problem?[View]
83175175What a shitty, boring, tryhard movie[View]
83177980What is the worst moment in movies?[View]
83177049>it's a Wimpy Kid movie where Rowley finally realizes that Greg is a very shitty friend…[View]
83178415WTF am I looking at /tv/?: >Good night sweet princess*** How did they get away with this?…[View]
83175625This was fucking boring[View]
83176771Now wait, hold up Uncle! *smackd beek* So yo be saying, the Flyers was KNGZ and shit! >Pic relate…[View]
83167386Are People really routing for this boring fucking bitch who just been handed shit her whole life to …[View]
83177337What was that season finale? Does he have brain cancer? Did Shinwell hit him in the head too hard an…[View]
83178030Superhero Movies Get Old: Is he right, /tv/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pT75YHqlD9k[View]
83177955>The BBC finally makes a new show with forced diversity or agenda >No cunt watches it…[View]
83176958I made a screencap of the /tv/ catalog to highlight the major problems it has. I was able to find ab…[View]
83176851>'Spaghetti and meatballs. Tell me about that.' Was it kino?[View]
83178106Okay wtf. Which one of you faggots took a picture of me?[View]
83176808Ive always wanted to have an actor poop in my hands. Which one is most likely to do that for me?[View]
83161120>Scene is set in New York >'Hey! I'm walkin' here!'…[View]
83177856Why didn't the machines just vacuum up all the dark clouds blocking the sunlight? Sure humans …[View]
83176865ITT: Times when critics were wrong The Halo ODST song appearance was pleasantly surprising[View]
83177767A white wallet?[View]
83176448What are the must-see chicano movies?[View]
83175725Promethean Lore: So it's pretty obvious this board is full of plebs. Those weren't Prometh…[View]
83173911Wonder Woman fan reaction: At least some opinion that isn't all positive.[View]
83173588When did you realize Senator Kelly was right all along? >b..but you can't pass the mutant re…[View]
83175704SURVIVOR post season 34 finale discussion: What did you think of the finale? Rate it: >http://w…[View]
83177107>The sopranos is the best show ever ma-[View]
83173635the 100: Can someone explain that ending to me? How did clarke magically heal from those radiation …[View]
83177531>We've had to endure much, you and I, but soon there will be order again, a new age. Aquinas…[View]
83177452What films or tv shows can push someone to commit suicide?[View]
83175856overrated movies[View]
83177425'Will' he ever bounce back?[View]
83176353Justice League Dark lost director: https://www.theverge.com/2017/5/24/15684544/justice-league-dark-d…[View]
83177293Ironfist season finale. Spoilers So danny is fighting harold. But he got shot in his ironfist!....an…[View]
83176280ITT: post the best movie of a trilogy+ Rate/hate each other taste[View]
83176165Why do people not understand that companies are businesses and they have to make some money[View]
83175493How did we go from this...[View]
83175136Sharpe: Sharpe is terribly underrated, let's have a Sharpe thread.[View]
83174789The Keepers: Who killed Sisther Cathy? One thing that struck me as weird was the killer returned he…[View]
83177171Cliches that you like: >Coming-of-age story >Characters loiter around parking lots/fields/hill…[View]
83174548>1,303 days until Avatar 2[View]
83176362Autist's Eleven: 11 autists plot a heist.[View]
83176763Could a comedy get away with scenes like this today? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=APgK-b9Nlgc htt…[View]
83152609this is possibly the worst mc in the history of television, fuck this fucking whiny faggot[View]
83174201Sense8 season 2: i'm so conflicted about this season, on one hand its liberal propaganda turned…[View]
83171896Why did Starfleet security stop wearing body armor?: And don't say weapons became deadlier or w…[View]
83172328Is this the best political show ever?[View]
83174134Breaking Bad Movie: Sup /tv/. Any of you seen the fan edited Breaking Bad 'movie'? How does it hold …[View]
83174304>they're making a movie based on some random chick's Twitter shitpost What a time to be…[View]
83167630>film class >talking about Death Proof >mention MEW is my favourite actress >people look…[View]
83172410>God like race that travelled the stars seeding the universe with life >They all live in a sh…[View]
83176342Comfy cowboy kino[View]
83149205/who/ - Doctor Who General: Wilf edition Previously: boards.4chan.org/tv/thread/83119891[View]
83176232Captain, I recommend we overload the warpcore and destroy the ship![View]
83175595what are some other shows where literally nothing happens?[View]
83174500Why did Vito not recognise Chris at the bakery?[View]
83175232 [View]
83175109Remember how mysterious and fascinating these fucking things were? Super foreign and unlike anything…[View]
83176135https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SkxL9B-hQS4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xqlaXylsMwQ[View]
83174076/tpg/ - Twin Peaks General: Album Edition Use this to make new threads: https://pastebin.com/u92hX…[View]
83171693Why did he always order it 'tea, earle grey, hot'? Does anyone drink earle grey cold? If so this has…[View]
83175436Was it rape?[View]
83170655>episode 5: no Mike whatsoever, only centered on Saul and Chuck's trial, a pretty daring nar…[View]
83174710>dont mind me, dying brother. >i could give you a pressure bandage and call >911 but i rath…[View]
83169758Give me some movies about people good at murdering people just murdering a bunch of people.[View]
83175547How does he wear this thing without feeling like a complete idiot?[View]
83172525what was going on between them on set? why didn't the actresses like each other?[View]
83165974Webm thread.: Not OC edition.[View]
83165948ITT: Mary Sues >lawyer >USMC Major at about 23 >speaks every language >emotional outburs…[View]
83175676It's a shame you'll be playing the role of the cuckold this evening[View]
83173771Where's the fucking soundtrack to this pile? It's nothing but weird humming noises. Season…[View]
83171708She's too fucking cute.[View]
83175524Ones who did nothing wrong[View]
83170386Good movies with bad endings: What are some great films that end like this?[View]
83175717>Watch it Baneposter[View]
83169287Meme tier movies.[View]
83175531What was his fucking problem?[View]
83173263>but it's fun[View]
83175278>not a military organization >still regularly BTFO of all the other hypermilitaristic empires …[View]
83175417Leave vidyakino to me. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iIMrFnl5NiA[View]
83174402Butthole eyes: Concept artist stroke?[View]
83174193Yup, time to hire some new writers...: or are tv shows supposed to smell bad?[View]
83174531Favorite Geek Movies?: I like Harry Potter :3[View]
83168882> tfw no prequel series of the punic wars > tfw you will never see Rome on the brink of destru…[View]
83175126fuck this was good[View]
83170562What will you think of next, Germany?[View]
83159512Thoughts on Alien Covenant: Pros - Xenomorphs look great - Score was fantastic - Cinematography was …[View]
83174970Wow. This shirt was wild garbage. Should've called the movie 'The Babysitter'. Came in expectin…[View]
83172911Jiro Dreams of Sushi?: More like Jiro Dreams of Pusy :)[View]
83170335HAPPENING Alien.Covenant.2017.720p.HDCAM.ENG.x264-Mr.BADASS Alien.Covenant.2017.720p.HDCAM.ENG.x264…[View]
83160331joe is getting more and more blue pilled by the day even with massive doses of redpills administered…[View]
83170904how did they get away with this[View]
83169152So obviously, we all know Alien 3 was not that great, and that the movie underwent a bajillion re-wr…[View]
83174743>It's my favorite movie of all time >Every time I watch it, I discover something new…[View]
83174824Compare: >2001 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BhjDnrw34QA 20 >2014 https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
83166075Why did he cast his daughter in Suicide Squad?[View]
83171377Troma's Legacy: When I think of B-Movies one of the first things that comes to mind is Troma En…[View]
83174156Does /tv/ like Angie Tribeca?[View]
83173250Someone explain the wheat[View]
83174598>and your OTHER gun: >pulls out one from his ankle, wrist, thigh, back…[View]
83174271Wow... so this is the future of the human race National Geographic inspiring as always[View]
83159009/got/ general: The Mountain will shred his Queen's enemies edition. Previous >>83148670 L…[View]
83174418Some of my own Twin Peaks 3 theory. Be glad if you can contribute more. this woman said, 'what are y…[View]
83173224Last week to apologize before it's too late[View]
83173416We see a sheep standing inside the pen here. The ground over there is at the same elevation, there i…[View]
83164566Zombie Movies: What are some of the best zombie movies?[View]
83174316Political/controversial Documentaries. L.A. Burning video of the Rodney King beatings. https://www.y…[View]
83174125/th/: Real patricians don't watch flicks, movies, films or kino. They attend plays.[View]
83173261wasn't even a good sketch desu[View]
83174036is this soapkino? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZWqVsom41cY&feature=youtu.be#t=64m20s[View]
83171527/tpg/ - Twin Peaks General: Smile Edition Use this to make new threads: https://pastebin.com/u92hX…[View]
83172381what is the coolest kino you know of?[View]
83137675/lbg/- Letterboxd General: Premature Burial edition. Previous thread: >>83129170 >Not sure …[View]
83165266Why is she so hated, /tv/ ??? I think she's pretty cute, but have some bad jokes, but this is i…[View]
83172519What /tv/ thinks of Spike Lee?[View]
83171366>When the book is better than the movie[View]
83173754Since Asuna's father came back from Agartha [spoilers] Mana was her sister [/spoilers] right?[View]
83169823>film has two directors[View]
83173557Now that the dust has finally settled, is adam sandler considered patrician-tier again?[View]
83166925Is this mommykino?[View]
83171961why is anthony danials such a fucken pretencious faggit[View]
83171475Do people here unironically enjoy capeshit or is it just a meme?[View]
83173539What's /tv/s tgoughts in the show 'Animals'?[View]
83171396How would you feel about a more R-rated Star Wars movie set in the time of the old republic?[View]
83173534https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GA2tpPl-9GQ was it kino?[View]
83173430Two episodes left[View]
83171510views on the new bill nye show? Crazy how much the guys views have changed. I find the show horrible…[View]
83173111I'm starting a film studio, with which I will make all my kinos. What's a good name for it…[View]
83173383Will anyone tell me why the first 2 Harry Potter movies were longer than all the others?[View]
83164625ITT: Simpsons jokes you still don't get[View]
83173173>Ctrl+f pic related: 8 results Can we ban this faggot word, please and thank you?…[View]
83173106>5 minutes into frozen and chill he gives you this look[View]
83169890Have you ever watched a movie, that others called too stupid or ridiculous, and found yourself think…[View]
83171587This is for censor bro who was in the Trier friendzone thread. >>83168470 Censor Bro is letti…[View]
83173162>take the red pill >can no longer enjoy Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt…[View]
83172824>Atahuallpa was absolute monarch of the largest and most advanced state in the New World, while P…[View]
83166535Just saw Wonder Woman at a special screening. It has a lot of issues with pacing, development and ch…[View]
83171104Should mob kino make a comeback?: >Goodfellas >Godfather trilogy >The Sopranos >Casino …[View]
83172556>So much for the seashells! what did he mean by this?[View]
83171767seriously it just doesn't look star wars anymore does it?[View]
83172627Why arent ugly people represented as the horrible people they are anymore?[View]
83171608never watched this movie but how could Batman possible fight Super man? couldnt super just push him …[View]
83166939How do we save /tv/?[View]
83172404When the FUCK did /tv/ decide to turn on James Cameron?[View]
83172487Why do I hate him so much?[View]
83168089Unbreakable Kimmy Shcmidt: Is it just me or does Ellie Kemper look really dumpy this season. Like he…[View]
83171701>wheezing laugh >slow claps three times[View]
83170971>It's a Janet is a cockblocking bitch episode[View]
83169137Guys what if - haha now get this, he, uhh... raped her because he's in a infinite loop right? H…[View]
83168198lmao: what went so wrong what a hack[View]
83172280>Being stabbed in the stomach is fatal >This somehow isn't Capeshit, not even once…[View]
83171009How is this allowed?[View]
83170941What the fuck am I watching?[View]
83170284How does terrible shit like this even get made[View]
83169654>Watch it Baneposter[View]
83172354More than you can afford, PAL Ferrari[View]
83172325Why Whedon doesn't figure as new co-director of Justice League after Snyder's departure? W…[View]
83153740This is the best sci-fi film of the millennium. Discuss.[View]
83171764What powered DS9? They often talked about the 'stations power grid', but they never showed what gene…[View]
83171549ITT: Characters that are overpowered[View]
83171772Any more high-quality stuff like this? Not necessarily about animals, just top quality entertainment…[View]
83167493so, will it be Spider-man 3 or The Return of the King?[View]
83170376It's difficult for me to find a lot of movies enjoyable because plot conveniences and nitpick a…[View]
83168945The Place Beyond the Pines: Movie came out 3-4 years ago, but anyone else like the overall tone/them…[View]
83168768Holy shit White people thoroughly BTFO once again[View]
83171982Would the films be better if Rowling hadn't vetoed the idea of Spielberg directing the series?[View]
83171341Does Nikki really love Ray? Sometimes it seems like she does and sometimes it's like she is jus…[View]
83167956where are all the great portuguese movies[View]
83167813Was he in the wrong?[View]
83158236>a movie costs 50-200 millions $ >a movie tocket costs 8-12 $ How the hell is it a good busine…[View]
83171740why is he yelling in this scene?[View]
83168166Any such movies that come to mind?[View]
83156783What are some films where the main character slowly but surely continues to die inside until nothing…[View]
83167594Star Trek general: comfy night /trek/ Last thread: >>>83116219 Discovery trailer: https://w…[View]
83145123are we ever getting an 'Evil Dead 2' with Jane Levy?[View]
83169770Alexandra Breckenridge: Never Forget[View]
83170388> gritty and realistic[View]
83164184Nuke Kino: What are /tv/'s favorite nukekinos? My go to is Testament.[View]
83168817>AEUHHH???? What did he mean by this?[View]
83170230How good is this show? It's my favorite show, nothing even compares.[View]
83170548Why not just re cast him as this actor and save money? The cgi Tarkin didn't even look good.[View]
83171362Is he,dare i say it, /ourguy/?[View]
83170078Is this the only good genre show on tv?[View]
83168662/tpg/ - Twin Peaks General: Fuck off with all that autistic OP shit edition[View]
83170159>Ciera went out first >Tony went out second >Malcolm went out fourth >JT went out fifth …[View]
83170924So what was the point of this?[View]
83168801>Go to see Alien Covenant >Ad for Baywatch comes on >Everytime they show a good looking act…[View]
83166476I just watched Raw and it was fun! The main actress was a qt. A couple scenes made me squeamish, but…[View]
83170439Does /tv/ love Dick?[View]
83170797converse allstars, vintage 2004[View]
83166712Guy LeDouche here[View]
83161835what's going on, tommy?[View]
83168551ITT: Subtle Simpsons jokes >Wiggum: Did you have the same backwards talking dream with the flamin…[View]
83169072in the last couple of days I forced myself to finish the last season when did this show become so ba…[View]
83166119Can someone please explain why the black goo was so important, and if they are engineers that create…[View]
83169917ITT: Edgekino[View]
83170817Here my movie: https://vimeo.com/218908974 I made a collage movie about the cola wars plz give feedb…[View]
83168464Big & Little TLC: Thoughts on this kinography? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pvr13iSBVsk…[View]
83170684>*It ain't me plays* >Not by Creedence Clearwater >Doesn't even mention the Vietn…[View]
83169466TADDY MASON LLC: would you?[View]
83169655>I'm Yondu Udonta Y'all!: I didn't know Raimi remixed Merry Poppins.[View]
83170694BULLSHIT ARTIST![View]
83169859what is the best movie to watch in the garden on a hot summer day as your 10/10 gf rides your hot di…[View]
83142638WebM thread: Epileptic seizure edition Last thread: >>83116278[View]
83169552what are some other movies that feature underground societies that presumably exist in the real worl…[View]
83164978What's /tv/'s consensus on him?[View]
83165392You were my brother Anakin! I loved you...[View]
83169340>character breaks into car >keys are under the sun visor…[View]
83165446So did the father make the virus or something? He was talking to his analyst friend and they said th…[View]
83159852*glass shatters*[View]
83168756why the fuck did it flop? it's no worse than the average capeshit and has well shot action sequ…[View]
83169592Why was he at Superman's funeral if he didn't know Clark Kent was Superman?[View]
83168860What the hell, did the kikes take down all the videos on go movies ? Fuck you I can't pay 2 Ame…[View]
83167222fuck you /tv/, just fuck you. Buster's Mal Heart fucked me in the ass and left me for dead with…[View]
83168800Brockmire: Anyone else watch this?? Even though I quit watching The Simpsons over a dozen years ago,…[View]
83152895WHAT japanimation cartoon would make a good live action Hollywood blockbuster staring a white woman …[View]
83169850THE WORLD IS A VAMPIRE: >you will never throw stinkbombs at gook ships with your socialist friend…[View]
83165989Why did the chestburster in Covenant pop out fully formed instead of being a snake thing like in the…[View]
83168201You're not Tony Stark, you know.[View]
83169723What's the verdict?[View]
83169681It is quite clear that Asuna's father was an Agarthan (or at least went there), so [spoilers] M…[View]
83168449>Luke did I ever tell you about Jedi Master Yoda[View]
83169170>mfw an SP tries to say that Battlefield Earth is a bad movie near me[View]
83167127spin-off proposals: I've got two for pic related show: >The Sophisticated Gangsta of Philly,…[View]
83169519Why did they mean by that?: First scene of Force Awakens is a Star Destroyer's shadow slowly ap…[View]
83169445Aaaaaand action Orson![View]
83166791wat do[View]
83169337stop a movie at 36:36 and see if others can guess it ill start with a classic[View]
83165064>Tony Stark is literally the second-largest person on the poster for a Spider-Man movie, even lar…[View]
83168935>school disco scene >Cha Cha Slide starts playing…[View]
83169281>shills don't exsi-[View]
83162460Anybody know any variations of the 'Imagine being Arnold in this scene' pasta?[View]
83169186How do you become a Lucasfilm story group member?: 'It's a blood oath'[View]
83164916Wait, so people really do talk like this?[View]
83168186WEBM Thread: Action edition.[View]
83168626What was the target demographic?[View]
83168779Why did Leia send a perfect stranger to Luke who was missing for decades instead of going herself, h…[View]
83165334Big threads have small beginnings.[View]
83168781>the last shot is a character looking into the camera[View]
83149953Make way for Netflix' new Castlevaniakino https://twitter.com/NetflixLAT/status/867485387953848…[View]
83163002Lars von Trier getting friendzoned: what are some movies about betas getting rejected?[View]
83168948I have no idea why I keep giving this show a chance, that was one shitty season[View]
83153658Why did Veronica gain weight each episode?[View]
83166767Somewhere out there a normie is getting rekt RIGHT NOW.[View]
83165137Well everyone agrees that Heath's Joker is better than Nicholson's, but who played better …[View]
83168788MINDHORN: Maybe I'm drunk, but this was a fucking ride.[View]
83165714ITT: best film in each series[View]
83167833Forgive me is this is a tard level question, I recently started rewatching Star Trek: Enterprise bec…[View]
83165228What is /tv/'s consenus on Emma Roberts[View]
83159318>It's a Yugi pulls JUST the right card at JUST the right moment episode…[View]
83168511Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JhvJhK_J9Gw Why is no o…[View]
83168647Can somebody please post the ms paint cartoon of scully getting fucked by an alien and her saying th…[View]
83168472>i hate yogurt, even with strawberries[View]
83165029Times When the Bad Guy Was Right: >There is no good and evil, there is only power, and those too …[View]
83164965Any of you ever seen this? I just watched it and thought it was fantastic. Reminded me a lot of In t…[View]
83168566with the sudden boom of wrestlers becoming movie stars, who do you think is next to become Brando-ti…[View]
83159606This is how you do horror[View]
83168461Oscar bait[View]
83167771He's obviously an actor and not their kid.[View]
83167268Is DW Griffith the greatest director?[View]
83166521>Lucas comes back to Star Wars and it's shit >Spielberg comes back to Indiana Jones and i…[View]
83168357>Female character talking to her friend about fighting with her spouse >'I wish he would just …[View]
83168321who else is excited[View]
83168419Can anyone even compete with him?[View]
83165801Lads... I'm so sad. I want a gf, I want to travel, I want to nake movies, I want to gain weight…[View]
83166771>pg movie >character starts saying 'son of a b-' >*car horn*…[View]
83167162What do you want to be Made into?[View]
83168275Why didn't he fuck her?[View]
83168190Episode VIII: Can this be real!!!????? Maul in VIII!!!!?????[View]
83165747A movie about your country/state is being made! Whats it about most likely?[View]
83167590black ppl dont read[View]
83165115This will be far superior to TBBT. Everyone will be referring to it as 'the new Frasier' by the end …[View]
83166765>movie set in USA >characters not speaking English…[View]
83160955>I'M MARY POPPINS, YALL >**earthshaking laughter and applause**…[View]
83167798Hey! Hi. So where you at? You know what muther****er? I'm gonna file bond jumping on you, you 9…[View]
83158295did you guys already talk about this? should I watch it?[View]
83167003That was the one fucking terrible ending[View]
83161699Pretty underwhelming, especially compared to Ghost Protocol, which had an easy to follow plot and we…[View]
83166308'this is where the fun begins.' what did he mean by this?[View]
83167765Are you a doctor?[View]
83156514Is this one of the most kino Disney flicks?[View]
83154922Hood Kino: Lemme get some Hood kino senpai No music related movies welcome, so no 8mile or Compton …[View]
83165515/tpg/ - Twin Peaks General: Home edition. Use this to make new threads: https://pastebin.com/u92hX…[View]
83167557I didnt even notice that until now[View]
83165650What are some highly quotable movies[View]
83164243>using gay couples for a colonisation mission[View]
83167614Why was /tv/ so ready to forgive and praise Hayden but not Jake Lloyd?[View]
83164781Netflix & Hulu Suggestion Thread: Good Evening Internet Folk I recently switched from cable to N…[View]
83167528>ANN >FER >NEE…[View]
83166583Leave capekino to me.[View]
83166926sup ese, we here to take your car holmes.[View]
83166660Characters that you resonate with[View]
83167442What are your favorite movies about racist musicians?[View]
83167435Pee-Wee's Big Adventure vs Drive[View]
83167315What did she mean by this?[View]
83158451Overrated trash or kino?[View]
83163504Remember me?[View]
83167171OOOOoooOOOooooOOO Where's my sticky /tv/? Why didn't you care about me???[View]
83163387Fargo: so uh[View]
83154791John Cena: he's trying to make his break in Hollywood What's a good vehicle for him to sta…[View]
83166227itt we post the worst characters in their respective series[View]
83165721This is my favorite movie of all time.[View]
83165049Never forget. I expect you all to memorize this monologue. https://youtu.be/9hVshxO8th4[View]
83163264>Four naan, Jeremy? Four? That's insane.[View]
83166782KAREN THAT'S ALL THE MONEY THAT WE HAD KAREN!!!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=voDqfVthTpA KA…[View]
83164617> le aids started from minkeys and not by the pharma industry testing the lab made virus on afric…[View]
83166153>poor urban setting with crime >the gang of thugs are multicultural >commerical with a grou…[View]
83166580is space ghost kino?[View]
83165149is he, dare i say, /ourguy/[View]
83165703Is this the greatest team up since /lit/ and /tv/?[View]
83166505this film is so deep, it really portray's adam sandler's true talent as an actor when he s…[View]
83160872Why did his career never take off?[View]
83165487Would you watch this? https://youtu.be/A1MUGWBwVnY[View]
83165127The Dixon Ticonderoga is the World's Best Pencil. China won't ever take that from us. Also…[View]
83166198>Jimmy Kimmel Live >does not air live[View]
83164565ITT:We pretend the movies beyond Aliens didn't exist and write our own. What would you do diffe…[View]
83163762BOYS MMM[View]
83159858ITT: What we learned from Master of None Season 2: >italian women are filthy whores…[View]
83165400What does /tv/ think of Scott Adkins[View]
83166133How is it that the protagonists of the Disney trilogy are so BORING? The villains are the only thing…[View]
83166118How did Mr Vargas manage to snatch up a babe like Mrs Vargas???[View]
83166015'Sir, here's your complimentary KinoSashimi.'[View]
83165412Nathan For You is great, but John Safran's Race Relations is better than Nathan For You.[View]
83164439Why does Hey Arnold get praise for subjecting kids to 'real' topics that they shouldn't have to…[View]
83162857>mfw gotta wait a day for the HD stream to come out after it airs. fucking fuck-fuck-fuck-fuck. I…[View]
83155731Does /tv/ like the Friday the 13th series? Which one is your favorite? Nowadays are they even worth …[View]
83165947More like, It's Always Funny In Philadelphia, amiright?[View]
83163961/adg/ - Ann Druyan general: Why did this person insert herself and her opinions into the newest vers…[View]
83163423Some of the new Star Wars Last Jedi stills look like classical paintings.[View]
83164878>i'm putting you undercover. don't get too attached to this case…[View]
83163060Pepe was just shown on an Adult Swim show called Neonjoe.[View]
83164381>Deadpole capeshit cost 50 mln $$$ >considered low-budget WTF…[View]
83163140/tpg/ - Twin Peaks General: Use this to make new threads: https://pastebin.com/u92hX6rX WARNING: I…[View]
83162218How can Daniels even compete?[View]
83161244This felt like Rogue One. Other than a few artistic shots, there was too much fan-service shit.[View]
83164668When would you say you felt the new Twin Peaks felt like it was getting worse? For me, episode 3.[View]
83165596Wow bob, wow[View]
83165562Books that aren't unfilmable but will never get a series/movie anyway[View]
83165544>'Is the Dark Side stronger?' >'No.' >loses to Palpatine who singlehandedly outmaneuvers th…[View]
83162033Can we all promise we will see this movie before actually talking about it on /tv/? Just this fuckin…[View]
83165013Hellooooooooo fellow /tv/, I like many of you am enjoying the new season of Twin Peaks. The symboli…[View]
83162673DUDE WEED LMAO the movie[View]
83163838>literally the only reviewer brave enough to admit it GotG2 was garbage Is he /ourguy/?…[View]
83162730ITT: Underrated directors. Faults was incredible.[View]
83163553Is this frat kino?[View]
83154906What did David shoot into the sky that scared the xenomorph? Why didn't anyone ask him how to s…[View]
83163682Hey, /tv/! How do you get rid of teen steam?[View]
83162969This fucking guy singlehandedly ruined The Office[View]
83165186the worst: one of the worst movies i have ever seen and the worst of the franchise. Alien - 5/5 clas…[View]
83159408Survivor Finale Thread: there will be spoilers in this thread, you are warned.[View]
83160250https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k4Pd527GN48 Has any film accurately captured the horrors of war?…[View]
83159575ITT: movie suggestions: Watched Coherence the other day after reading about it here. GREAT movie, th…[View]
83162646Why haven't you seen the capekino version yet?[View]
83162896What would you like to see next for Ashley Boettcher, career-wise?[View]
83156221>Wonder Woman being called magnificent >Best cape film in years >Gal Gadot is supposedly p…[View]
83164687Fargo: Meemo is a lawyer edition What did you all think of tonight's episode?[View]
83164194What do you think of her body of work?[View]
83163324Stu?! I didn't know you were coming over[View]
83161691I expected this to be about 'muh white racist people', but I was quite surprised about the turn out …[View]
83157939Yeah but what is the black goo?[View]
83164460>audience laughs[View]
83134080Better call Saul: >watch mike working >nothing happens why is BCS so boring?…[View]
83163392Anyone else remember this movie? Its like it fell into an abyss. Its honestly top tier but got bad r…[View]
83163971Zack Snyders daughter killed herself Press F to pay respects[View]
83158808whats /tv/'s opinion on Adventureland? i like jesse eisenberg, but it seems like he plays the s…[View]
83164525A man of faith: Is he the actual, literal, end-all WORST spaceship captain that ever captained a spa…[View]
83162221How likely do you think it is that in ten years time, the Prequel phenomenon will occur for the Tran…[View]
83164462From the producers who SAW Shrek.[View]
83150403well, la di da...[View]
83163433recommend me some films whose setting is the Fin de siècle. pic related.[View]
83163534Times you acted like the driver?: >I would die for my wife's brown son…[View]
83164326Anyone here worked on any movie/tv sets or met any famous actors? I've always been interested i…[View]
83163209Come on /tv/, how fucking kino was this?[View]
83164009Wow, drumpf btfo https://youtu.be/6DBi41reeF0[View]
83153345Film Noir: Noir thread bitches Love this genre desu. Just watched The Maltese Falcon. Not the best…[View]
83164174based Rami - why is he so based?[View]
83161559Am I the only one that thinks the majority of his roles could've been done better by Christian …[View]
83159336Wonder 'Feminist' Woman: >Prove me wrong /tv/ Last time I checked I'm always right!!…[View]
83157581Estimate his IQ[View]
83164005Are American tabloid talk shows kino? https://youtu.be/5jJxBoj-8O0[View]
83163928Is Sony beyond saving at this point?[View]
83163906>extra glances at camera[View]
83156788You guys ever wonder why there aren't that many stewie/peter episodes?[View]
83160445Star Wars: The New Trilogy Needs a Fett: So, the new Star Wars movies are coming out and there has b…[View]
83142130wtf I hate men now[View]
83156101Who ready for some it ain't me kino? >Legendary documentary maker Ken Burns's new 18-ho…[View]
83161404JOSS WHEDON DIRECTING JUSTICE LEAGUE: Seriously though, how do you guys feel about this? As in just …[View]
83163609is this film worth watching?[View]
83163143Really makes you think.[View]
83161670Are we excited for Iron Man 4?[View]
83163014https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Star_Wars#Box_office_performance Star Wars is not a geeky franchise. P…[View]
83163488B-but Steve...[View]
83159113What happened to her?[View]
83163452>in the style of[View]
83151471I couldn’t watch the last episode of Better Call Saul because it was so BORING. Every time I tuned i…[View]
83161698Why aren't you watching the most kino show on youtube? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kvNbsi4a…[View]
83163345I really enjoyed Covenant /s[View]
83162803What's going on here?[View]
83162809>Sci-Fi movie >'Welcome to the next step in human evolution'…[View]
83160500RIP in peace: Gone before his time[View]
83160783/tpg/ - Twin Peaks General: Formica Table Edition Use this to make new threads: https://pastebin.c…[View]
83163056Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can't Lose[View]
83163026who is the best character and why is it schmidt?[View]
83162981Who was in the wrong here?[View]
83160968Childhood Movies: >>ITT We post about childhood movies you think still hold up It does honestl…[View]
83161739https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LJ6qZryi1KY This season took it in the ass far more than it deserved…[View]
83162840Is /tv/ hyped?[View]
83162328>can we get brad Pitt for our star wars movie >no he's busy >then quick get me his Mex…[View]
83161743>guilt pleasure when you're going through tough times and you need to pop in one of your fav…[View]
83159447Why does he keep going? It can't be for the money.[View]
83160950Memri TV thread?[View]
83161393>That man is the REAL Seymour Skinner[View]
83158611what are the most underrated episodes of seinfeld in your opinion? best episodes overall?[View]
83160457Even after all the /tv/ hate: I still love this character. I guess she really was too deep and compl…[View]
83160095What'd the blind man say as he passed the fish market? 'Mornin, ladies.'[View]
83131752Post a more kino music video than this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h_D3VFfhvs4 you can't…[View]
83162556I'm just coming for my files, Marty[View]
83161502VHS > streaming > BD > HD DVD > Betamax > CED This is an objective ranking.[View]
83162528Recommendations: Criteria: >Nothing older than 1980 >No RomCom >No B movies >Nothing G R…[View]
83159055So wait is this actually an Iron-Man movie?[View]
83162482What about the droid attack on the Wookies?[View]
83161795>tfw M. Night Shyamalan creates a better film and a more compelling cinematic universe with $9 mi…[View]
83162427>Film >Film II >Film III (Prequel)…[View]
83162129So, did you rape her Kobe?[View]
83161859What do you think about The Truman Show?[View]
83162303The worst movies ever made.: The worst movies ever made.[View]
83159929who will play as Terry Davis in his inevitable biopic?[View]
83162136Movies that ended your childhood: Basically movies that you feel marked the end of you being a 'kid'…[View]
83154614Is Creed the best Office character?[View]
83151520THIS WORLD OF OURS[View]
83158833What does /tv/ think of Kate Winslet?[View]
83157201Why don't normies like this show?[View]
83162176A FUCKING TREE[View]
83151313>TRO-LO-LOOOL >Epic >Le funny underwear xD Wow why is millennial humor so garbage?…[View]
83144668ITT : Shit that will never be explained: In the Ed, Edd, Eddy movie the Kankers locked themselves, w…[View]
83157600Name a more irritating cunt[View]
83151812Best twin peaks girl?[View]
83150397MOVIE IDEA THREAD: Let's hear 'em, /tv/[View]
83160614Does anyone remember an older movie, maybe 40s or 50s, with a man in a hospital or an infirmary or s…[View]
83160802What movie is this?: I'm looking for a movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger in which he yells at a …[View]
83145228Belarusian Psycho: Hello, /tv/. I have directed a feature film called 'Belarusian Psycho' which tell…[View]
83160839Any Night Flighters here?[View]
83157381Can we admit this is the most kino moment in Breaking Bad and the series peaked here? Everything aft…[View]
83160030First Post on 4chan: ITT: Discussion about the great cinematic masterpiece that defined the 21st cen…[View]
83159682MILITARY DOG MOVIE: Hollywood has done it again. Another movie about military dogs. When will this t…[View]
83161246Did he die?[View]
83161468>when you get out a suitcase[View]
83159238I am giving up watching movies and tv and want to watch one more film that will inspire me to better…[View]
83161352Canon ?[View]
83155723itt movies with an insane premise.[View]
83161286what's the film equivalent of round here by the counting crows? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
83157784Jennifer Connelly's teen legs and feet: The Movie[View]
83153716any asia-kino?[View]
83161085Alright, for $400.... Name something that's big, black, long, hard, thick, dripping from the ti…[View]
83161141>I mean, you know, a Miami railroader? A track jacker back slapper? A freight rodeo? No? Really? …[View]
83160777Tell me boys who else hyped for season 2 of lethal weapon?[View]
83157129>reminder Gene Roddenberry made a softcore porn movie in the 70s and forced his star trek stars i…[View]
83158465Is it me or this movie would be way better without the sex scenes? Or at least keeping them to a few…[View]
83139758Fargo: New episode tonight. What are you hoping for?[View]
83158853We now return to[View]
83158217what's yer 'hing, /tv/?[View]
83158615I'm a little surprised there isn't a movie out there about Lance Bass's story (from N…[View]
83160475But... do you think... that Glenn, and Shasta, were... F-U-C-K-I-N-G-ing?[View]
83160443Gordon Ramsay MasterClass: Livestream of Gordon's Masterclass on YouTube Live: https://www.yout…[View]
83156593/tpg/ - Twin Peaks General: We are not gonna talk about Judy edition Use this to make new threads: …[View]
83160360is Crowder the biggest cuck ever? >against legal weed >cant argue >cries when joe shows him…[View]
83160265What do you all think of Bo Burnham?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GmeVJjiBLTU[View]
83154980Is it ever appropriate for a comedian to apologize for a joke?: There's two schools of thought …[View]
83159992Will it ever get old?: https://www.google.com/amp/www.cbr.com/wonder-womans-uk-premiere-canceled-aft…[View]
83156127Samurai Jack is the best western cartoon ever made: I can feel it. It's warm. It's not hap…[View]
83149364*reads the synopsis of a Lynch movie once*[View]
83160033anyone have that Incredibles Omar Mateen webm when he's seeing the list of terminated people: c…[View]
83159884>Avon gets arrested because of Stringer >Stringer gets killed because of Avon holy shit, it…[View]
83159834What did the magic conch shell mean by this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-RBejo92ylM[View]
83159827What was his fucking problem? https://youtu.be/M6HxD6sZ-I0[View]
83159819Guys Stefán Stefánsson is sick again And yes, this is /tv/ because he's an actor.[View]
83146585So it's out. What did /tv/ think? I'm a little disappointed but I still liked it. I can se…[View]
83134493Suffering Chart: /tv/ Edition vol. 2: alright guys, continuing from >>83124190 >'Simple con…[View]
83157805Is there any surrealism in this?[View]
83158618let's talk about that special kind of kid movie[View]
83159357>oooooOOOooooo What exactly did he mean by this?[View]
83155962Stand-up: I'm new to comedy but would like to get interested in some standup comedians. What ar…[View]
83143803ITT: God tier original soundtracks[View]
83154372Logan Thread: What does /tv/ think of Logan? Was it kino? Will it be streaming on Eggkara in about 3…[View]
83156470Survivor Finale: Survivor Finale: Russell the GOAT edition[View]
83159172So, these two are totally gay, right?[View]
83159129The hell are you spooks up to?[View]
83157665>people thought this would be good[View]
83158766It's a Mike bleaches a black woman episode[View]
83158677JUST and unJUST: Go[View]
83157745Just got out of the fan screening ask me anything[View]
83159068>popcorn mines are haunted because the cinema exorcist is on vacation[View]
83148670/got/ general: Mel needs to sleep with Dany to save the world, it is known edition. Previous >…[View]
83158863Assassin Kino: I'm on a bit of an assassin kick right now. What are some movies featuring assas…[View]
83158544*blocks your path*[View]
83154913>Cyborg final form >Also the Flash time traveler edition…[View]
83157904>when you google an actress and find out she's jewish[View]
83157156Mammario: What's next for her career after the smash 2017 summer box office hit Baywatch?…[View]
83158517NAME SOMETHING your wife takes pleasure in![View]
83157347Where can I watch the films of Alexander Dewdney?[View]
83158631Video killed the radio star: Video killed the radio star In my mind and in my car, we can't rew…[View]
83155606What are some good American movies?[View]
83155375what went wrong?[View]
83158596>Are you going to arrest me? >If I have to. Do I have to?…[View]
83157932>Cartoon character wears the exact same outfit every single day.[View]
83156934Anyone else here a /soapbro/? Who's into soap operas on /tv/: You aren't a true kinophile …[View]
83152881Now that we know Mike is kind of a pleb due to all the recent ''Half in the Bags'…[View]
83143280How would you like to see the Simpsons end?[View]
83158101childhood is idolizing Will, adulthood is realizing that uncle Phil made more sense.[View]
83158311Good lord was that Samurai Jack finale pretty. He fucked nature & shit.[View]
83148025The last man on earth: >someones tells me this is good >start watching it knowing nothing abou…[View]
83151176Live thread.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F5oH2Asi5Y0[View]
83156277Will it be kino?[View]
83156113>Ruling is hard. This was maybe my answer to Tolkien, whom, as much as I admire him, I do quibble…[View]
83155942This is the best action film I've ever watched.[View]
83158004Should I watch The Pirates The Caribbean movies? I 've only watched no3 and remember hating it.[View]
83156048What film would you reboot/revive if you were a Hollywood Producer?: Scarface >A group of illegal…[View]
83157035yanoo wultuh, if yurso adamant aboubein the only druglorr in the whole damn southwes then yuron leeg…[View]
83157125So now that it's been confirmed, why does he do it, /tv/? What does William Shatner get out of …[View]
83157017I taught him how to play ball you know[View]
83157556Can we just get rid of all sex scenes in movies and tv? They're always too long and put a compl…[View]
83158026NEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHHEHEHEH hey Lois you just got nae nae'd![View]
83157772Why can't he jerk off?[View]
83149011Tired movie plots: >movie is set in late 1800s and the protagonists have to stop a shadowy organi…[View]
83157713What went wrong?[View]
83155213Have you not heard /tv/? It was my understanding that everyone has heard[View]
83156078Ash vs Evil Dead season 3 predictions or hopes?[View]
83157176So why did Marv turn into a skeleton?[View]
83142391ITT: we think up modern day King of the Hill episodes My idea: >Bill learns about Uber and Lyft, …[View]
83155696Intelligent shows: What are some intelligent shows for intelligent people, such as myself? Pic relat…[View]
83154777This very plane...: ...registration ZS-NVB, crashed June 29, 2013 in Botswana. Both occupants died o…[View]
83156265What do you think of this capeshit? Is it, dare I say, better than GOTG1 and 2?[View]
83155394Rome thread: https://youtu.be/VoHwSrPIlXM Show me a better scene in the history of television >pr…[View]
83156133Stupid Decisions: The Movie[View]
83151027Why does Red hate his son so much?[View]
83155502>Literally don't trust white women: the movie[View]
83157343So... gas stations in America doesn't have CCTV?[View]
83157062Post a movie you know that no one else on /tv/ has ever seen. I'll start.[View]
83157364Obscure & Disturbing Horror: Hey /tv/, i was wondering if any of you guys could rec some under t…[View]
83157313>1500 word apology due on June 1st >still haven't started How are you guys coming along? …[View]
83157230I loved it****[View]
83157306Who was the best reality tv character and why was it Michael 'The Situation' Sorrentino?[View]
83157298What are some movies where the principle gets punched in the face during a graduation ceremony? htt…[View]
83148907what did girls see in him[View]
83157237>they're fucking remaking it with leto as lestat, cast the rest >inb4 cunny dunst can be …[View]
83140513Post >Your favourite film >Your job title >Your favourite tv show >Your waifu >Your a…[View]
83155800ITT blatant white washing[View]
83156455SURVIVOR 2-hour season finale thread[View]
83157112who's watching? >murphy best boy[View]
83154580XXX Return of Xandir Cage: what went wrong?[View]
83154200Supernatural: Should I watch this show? I hear its good. but I hear a lot of tumblr sjws like it, …[View]
83153834yfw you're down with the T H I C C N E S S[View]
83148627Pirates 5 spoiler request: Anyone seen it yet? What's it about?[View]
83156831I'm pretty sure this movie has made a reference to Chris-chan. Autistic kid wearing a red-and-b…[View]
83152453Who should play him in the inevitable movie thesis?[View]
83141272Any good films about The Troubles?[View]
83154039>its another i dont know what they are talking about and wait for Mike to appear episode…[View]
83154040>sequel ends up being better than the first one what went right?[View]
83155650Why haven't they changed that dumb fucking helmet yet?[View]
83154345>can't find correct subtitles for somewhat obscure movie >delete movie…[View]
83156635Tell me something lads. I was never here when Lost was on, but I keep hearing how great /tv/ was bac…[View]
83154872>introducing trickster gods in a sci-fi series This is when TNG jumped the shark. Worse than the …[View]
83146195Why is season 2 of True Detective so boring and unimaginative compared to season 1?[View]
83155464ITT: Kino[View]
83155548>watch Lost in Translation every few months >feel incredibly depressed afterwards because you …[View]
83156303Who /Frasier/ here[View]
83151749This was the last good Adam Sandler movie[View]
83154025/tpg/ - Twin Peaks General: Use this to make new threads: https://pastebin.com/u92hX6rX WARNING: I…[View]
83145044Most disturbing films thread[View]
83155937Uncharted movie: Is this it? Will this movie finally break the shitty video game movie curse???…[View]
83151875I've been talking shit about this movie since the logo was revealed, but I actually love this p…[View]
83156131>ala peanutbuter sandwiches!: Was he a muslim?[View]
83155961Can a 10 go for a 5, /tv/?[View]
83130439ITT: The most thoroughly hateful and angry films[View]
83155544have any of you fags seen this? what'd you think?[View]
83155933So do we have to wait another seven years for new lasagnacat videos?[View]
83155925maother fuckers: fmovies is down[View]
83154620Who is the real Dark Knight?: In Christoper Nolan's acclaimed movie 'The Dark Knight Rises', ma…[View]
83146794SURVIVOR 2-hour season finale tonight: Who brought it home boys? Discuss We are rooting for Culpeppe…[View]
83155713Aaaand action, Orson![View]
83155867From what we have seen of them so far, who would win in a fight?[View]
83155793>went to the kinoplex to see Alien: Covenant >got a complementary pocket pussy with my food an…[View]
83154834>You think you're safe?[View]
83154538CASTLEVANIA NETFLIX TRAILER: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iIMrFnl5NiA holy shit guys looks like a…[View]
83152678Whats your kino food? I eat cheese toast with heapings of jalapeno and tabasco for that extra kinoma…[View]
83150823>Positive reactions from critics >Tracking to make 100m on opening weekend >Most anticipate…[View]
83155839>Godard films[View]
83152582Who else cried during this show?: Hannah is my waifu[View]
83154319ITT: Objective ratings only: Alien > Prometheus = Alien Covenant > Aliens > Alien 3 > Al…[View]
83152386KILL ME[View]
83155472Anyone else feels for him?[View]
83143312y/n? and why will it bomb?[View]
83132462So, why did David kill all of the Engineers?[View]
83155428GoT: How much social justice will be in the new season now that Trump is a thing? When the white wal…[View]
83152082Matrix: Did this guy ever get his relood? I think about this quite a lot.[View]
83154436Leave Marvel to me.[View]
83155231The hell are you spooks up to?[View]
83151880Hey, /tv/, I come from /mu/ and for some reason movies started to become more appealing to me than m…[View]
8315419380's kino[View]
83151918Why didn't she demand to see what they really looked like?: Wasn't she even slightly curio…[View]
83155233>how do we know we can trust you after what youve done?: >you've got no other choice…[View]
83153631>aliens are just white people with weird foreheads >sometimes they're just white people H…[View]
83141596They couldn't tell it was david because of the hair color So how did he dye his hair so fast?…[View]
83152048>this is what passes for a chad in 2017 How is swift dating someone so fugly?!…[View]
83154858Toy movies have always been popular (lego, transofrmers), and the emoji movie shows that Hollywood i…[View]
83154977i made a new meme for you guise i call it le shiggy donatello le shiggy donatello is a daring synthe…[View]
83155072You are Latza: citing, mysterious future – is now behind you. Lived; understood; disappointing. You …[View]
83155063Was Javert right?[View]
83154948What does /tv/ think of Stop Making Sense?[View]
83154895Why the fuck was this praised? All she does is cry[View]
83154532Are they related?[View]
83152968What dose /tv/ think of Space Cop?[View]
83151789What the FUCK was her problem?[View]
83149358N vs H: >Which one is the GOAT Pick a side and tell us why?[View]
83154796Who are the best film Critics?[View]
83153436ITT: Extremely satisfying scenes: Times when exactly what needed to happen happened[View]
83154338I don't get it.[View]
83154613Unexpected Feels in Movies/TV Shows >When Eric is trying to forget Donna and wishes they never w…[View]
83154653Ooga booga, Ridley Scott a neanderthal at writing if you ooga booga ask me. But, what kind of ooga …[View]
83154056/tpg/ - Twin Peaks General: We're not gonna talk about Judy edition Use this to make new threa…[View]
83154600>You don't know who I am, do ya? >You remember Obi-Wan? Obi-Wan Kenobi, your Jedi Master?…[View]
83146377You told me it was going to be kino and put marvel in its place, why are we being DCucked again[View]
83152722The Orville general: Seth Macfarlane's new space comedy is on its way. https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
83152692Seinfeld Plotholes: How did the Nazis not realize Jerry was Jewish?[View]
83153997ITT: 10/10 action scenes. Fights, shootouts, chases, etc. Only the best allowed https://www.youtube.…[View]
83154414You faggots are a bunch of blind followers of Lynch who won't accept that 'Twin Peaks: The Retu…[View]
83150604Why have people become so harsh towards movies in today's generation? Why has it become so diff…[View]
83149350Who I said the most overrated person in Hollywood right now?[View]
83152112I'm confused: Why did all the critics who absolutely shit on every movie for lack of character …[View]
83137522Dark Matter returns on June 9th! Say something nice about it![View]
83153080He did nothing wrong[View]
83152273Anyone else besides myself who liked Alien Covenant? I'm digging it so far, I'd like to kn…[View]
83154303dude feminism lmao[View]
83154301Iron Man 4 sure is looking good! though his new sidekick looks annoying[View]
83151565This is worse than that time I discovered a tv and film board on a anime website[View]
83154300>upbeat music plays >Narrator: '[main character] had it all. [commonly desired thing 1]; [comm…[View]
83153375Who are the Mythbusters?[View]
83151351Let's see how long we can go discussing a movie without calling someone else Reddit I'll s…[View]
83152953ITT : 10/10 characters[View]
83153343Time to go mobile[View]
83153437>protagonist's best friend betrays them >the best friend was just pretending so they coul…[View]
83147005Sport Movies: Any good movies about a team everybody laugh at but, in the end, they win everything?…[View]
83149121Are there any good shows like The wire Sopranos Brba Fargo Leftovers True detective ? Obviousl…[View]
83150342Why does /tv/ never talk about Mary Elizabeth Winstead? >Scott pilgrim >Fargo >Smashed >…[View]
83152035Alright who wants to fancast the Barbie movie? Anna Faris and Chris Pratt are the only good actors t…[View]
83153988Dirty Dancing (2017) on ABC: Who's watching for THICC Breslin? Get in here. Starts now.[View]
83149105Is he /ourguy/?[View]
83151865>When their country is invaded and their families are taken, eight unlikely high school teenagers…[View]
83151150/tpg/ - Twin Peaks General: Golden shovels are not what they seem. Use this to make new threads: htt…[View]
83153846what are some movies where the physically unimposing kid with a quit wit and heart of gold gets the …[View]
83153801subscribe plz: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdgIkPERBpInwChbupJmBVQ[View]
83151315Do these really open American doors?[View]
83153552More than you can afford, PAL Ferrari[View]
83153635Give me a list of your favourite movies/shows and i will kino the entire list for you[View]
83151022CIA is coming, uuuu[View]
83150528Okay /tv/, is she guilty?[View]
83153599Me watching a shane carruth movie[View]
83151172is this the first time a trans got into a major network show without anyone the wiser?[View]
83148704Why are modern male movie stars so ugly?[View]
83153515>'But I'm not a cop, am I?' >'I'm a butler.' Pure kino!…[View]
83152682>'hope' stopped watching right there[View]
83153490Opinion on Alien Covenant[View]
83152289he did nothing wrong[View]
83153324B R O W N R I C K S[View]
83153291Hellooooooooo fellow /tv/, I like many of you am enjoying the new season of Twin Peaks. The symboli…[View]
83153099This is truly the most kino-est kino movie in the kino movie world man. Absolute kino.[View]
83153108A man's attitude... ...a man's attitude goes some ways the way his life will be. Is that s…[View]
83153125Is Fox’s New Mutants Film Casting Its Warlock?: >the listing calls for very thin and athletic men…[View]
83153095>It's a Rıçıt episode[View]
83152769Really makes you think[View]
83152500You can shut up now.[View]
83151363FREEZE: *click* What film/kino/flick/movie SHOULD I be watching?[View]
83147900The critics are always wrong[View]
83150713Do not watch Alien Covenant: Holy fuck I've never seen worse propaganda movie in my whole life.…[View]
83151379David Lynch everyone...[View]
83150624Anyone ever wonder?: How bad Rick's feet must smell like walking miles through Georgia for mont…[View]
83124891what non-porn movies have you fapped to?[View]
83148849The hell are you spooks up to?[View]
83149791I want to get into kung fu movies Where is a good place to start? I just finished kung fu hustle but…[View]
83147306Did funny quirky rants about the Bush administration pre 2008 Now does resistance style broadcasts a…[View]
83151868is this, dare i say, /OURCODEC/?[View]
83152417>Its just Bond playing poker for 2 hours Why is this considered good again?…[View]
83152203How could these two drowned underwater?[View]
83149936Peter, why are you filming my scenes first?[View]
83151704Is he the real villain of Twin Peaks? >Coop receives teachings from Tibetan monks in his dreams w…[View]
83152365How can we prevent the media from corrupting the ignorant masses into believing that whites are evil…[View]
83145678>CarKino comes out in five weeks >Sony hasn't started advertising it yet It's easily…[View]
83151071Ironic. He could warn others of attacks, but not himself[View]
83150348Is he next?[View]
83152130What? No way.[View]
83127432Spiderman Homecoming Trailer 3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U0D3AOldjMU[View]
83150846WHAT. THE. FUCK?: http://news.sky.com/story/rihanna-and-lupita-nyongo-twitter-joke-turns-into-crime-…[View]
83151873Who are /tv/'s favourite woman directors? Pic related is the only one I've found who'…[View]
83151120Auralnauts General: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=itkl7cHcX_E Now that the dust has settled, can w…[View]
83149477Movies to watch while contemplating the coming race wars?[View]
83151636ITT: Manga-ka's who would produce kino[View]
83151454>i'm handing your case to the FBI[View]
83151843>we are VERY excited to make this announcement today[View]
83151772reel trees >hr >>non seeded[View]
83147049ITT: kino that was ahead of their time[View]
83150954>Because a galaxy far-far away is actually the Mystery Machine[View]
83139968What is his name again?[View]
83151593My motto is if you want to pass the gate you have to make the money to buy a sticker[View]
83149544What the hell happened? Why were Rocket and Gamorra's growth from the first movie throw out of …[View]
83144395I got out of federal prison on gun/drug charges earlier this year and started catching up on movies …[View]
83151453Alien: Paradise Lost: This is the third best Alien film. Prove me right[View]
83150773if everyone could suddenly be able to teleport, what would the world be like?[View]
83150593BONESAW IS READY[View]
83150727Go ahead, name a funnier movie. I'm waiting.[View]
83149828Oana Gregory - When Will This Amazing Woman Child Be Given Her Big Hollywood Break?: She's 21 a…[View]
83148467Dear Slim...[View]
83148836>when this trailer has more depth and meaning than any of the recent star wars movies disney, pls…[View]
83149684Ok, questions about the trek ships: 1. Are the starfleet ships research vessels? Cruisers? Battleshi…[View]
83148966Now that we know for sure Baywatch will be a box office bomb, what's next for her career?[View]
83150378Astroturf?! You know who's responsible for that, don't you? The Jews.[View]
83147383Why did they need british accents? they existed in a time and place when such accents would not even…[View]
83148418/tpg/ - Twin Peaks general: Use this to make new threads: https://pastebin.com/u92hX6rX WARNING: I…[View]
83150887What am I in for?[View]
83150519Does /tv/ like the Friday the 13th series? Which one is your favorite? Nowadays are they even worth …[View]
83150734Nobody can tell ya There's only one song worth singin'[View]
83149982I'm Dying Up Here: This was fantastic. What did you think, /tv/? New series produced by Jim Ca…[View]
83148707>Gal Gadot is unattractive[View]
83150648>I'm pretty sure aplex isn't a word Mikey >Of course it is i don't like that gu…[View]
83150523What is this emo bullshit: And why was the camera man drunk?[View]
83150344Who was in the wrong here?[View]
83148858>character is disappointed in something >takes of glasses and looks into camera…[View]
83149423Showtime execs not worried over low ratings for Twin Peaks: Showtime and CBS had already figured mos…[View]
83148960John Wick 2 + Popcorn: On a scale of 1 to 10 how jealous are you?[View]
83148057ITT: minimalistic movie posters[View]
83149800Sexiest performance in TV history: The ones that absolutely dripped sex 1 - Mary Louise Parker - Nan…[View]
83149263How can Daniels even compete?[View]
83150030Was the sauna fight Kino?[View]
83132243*blocks your path*[View]
83149317>main character is an actor Is there anything more lame and cringey? When will Hollywood stop suc…[View]
83149268Will the franchise finally be dead after this trash[View]
83148416>Negan scene >gf puts her hand between her legs…[View]
83139386>'Muh Nips' What did she mean by this? Was it really necessary to bring up while hunting the xeno…[View]
83149111Guys what if - haha now get this, he, uhh... raped her because he's in a infinite loop right? H…[View]
83149732>Putting your previously free content behind a paywall Dead podcast walking.…[View]
83147168Just catched Groundhog Day here on TV in my country .. and I'm wondering.. is there any more mo…[View]
83139187Durka durka Mohammad jihad[View]
83147905Childhood is when you idolize Alejandro, adulthood is when you realize Matt is the best character.[View]
83149573>After waking up and discovering that he has undergone gender reassignment surgery, an assassin s…[View]
83149405/ourguy/: Now, then, and forever.[View]
83148440Downtown Abbey discussion thread[View]
83148612Is this worth watching? I really liked the trailer and I love the cast. I haven't heard good th…[View]
83149433The americans: >finally a tense scene since episode 1 of this season >Cut to black >see you…[View]
83149431wtf normies confirmed for shit taste this movie was amazing.[View]
83147784ITT: Hood classic kino[View]
83149355Did you see what GOD just did to us, man?![View]
83144352>character in tv or movie has same name as you >people mention it for the rest of you life…[View]
83149249APOLOGIZE: https://twitter.com/rejects/status/867405966291161089 >Warner Bros. appears to be very…[View]
83147226>6 days for house of kino Are you excited /tv/?[View]
83149241/who/ - Doctor Who General Simm Master's most canon story. Previously on the Five Masters: >…[View]
83137748>I shall call him...Adam Why do they do shit like this? I get it's a comic book movie and I …[View]
83134916What are some universally panned movies that you liked?[View]
83149120Luciano Pavarotti: Was there a bigger STAR to ever appear on television? I don't think so.…[View]
83147458Is there any movie or show like this that isn't trash? Something like Lain[View]
83149056Just watched this: What did I think?[View]
83146133When did you realize that True Detective and Fargo are better shows than that pretentious Twin Peaks…[View]
83148798>>1,305 days until Avatar 2[View]
83149060>bend the knee or die no body found edition[View]
83148714/got/ general: previous thread >>83145989[View]
83148962is it kino?[View]
83148267How the fuck do I escape the vicious circle?: I was having a hard time keeping my focus while studyi…[View]
83148939>no post credit scene where sumo man comes out of a coma WHY[View]
83148579>using gay couples for a colonisation mission[View]
83147106What are some good movies[View]
83148764Why were 80's crime shows so comfy?[View]
83145049>adapt to this, nigger Do you think they might have gone a bit too far with this?…[View]
83143936Now jerk me off, David[View]
83147020What's your favorite comedy of the decade (so far)[View]
83146885>tfw pirate everything from 'secret club' private trackers >tfw im partially responsible for t…[View]
83134552can women be funny on films?[View]
83147593Come with me if you want to live.[View]
83145989/got/ general: trailer analysis edition previous threads: >>83134447 >>83141042[View]
83146312What's your favorite role of his?[View]
83146611Jesus fucking christ man[View]
83144424Whats your guy's opinion on the Hostel trilogy i was thinking of watching it today but want to …[View]
83138462So what he is rebelling against?[View]
83148311Why is an 80 year old grandpa so obsessed with edgy body horror and rape imagery?[View]
83148428>character name is Jenny >JENNY, YOU GOT ME ON MY KNEES starts playing…[View]
83137510You guys hyped for Iron Man 4 featuring that spiderguy?[View]
83148461I get this film was trying to be authentic but man those Guantanamo Bay torture scenes felt complete…[View]
83147671Any good asian kino lately?[View]
83146821*breathes in*[View]
83148371What happened to Adam? He promised to raise the babby with Hannah but was gone for the last two epis…[View]
83148346ITT: Times /tv/ tricked you into watching a terrible movie[View]
83147135>60 hours in >Lannisters are still the scheming kikes in charge >Starks are still lawfully …[View]
83139362Why did Starfleet security stop wearing body armor?: And don't say weapons became deadlier or w…[View]
83148056Why did Leia send a total stranger to find Luke instead of going herself, his own sister? Got better…[View]
83146335What's the official /tv/ consensus on this?[View]
83144070Is that even a real name?[View]
83148252'Its like what popeye said, 'I am what I am'' 'Well, I didn't marry a cartoon' What d…[View]
83146754Why did the quality of scrubs drop so fast after season 4. even season 4 was when the decline was st…[View]
83146623>My scar stings >My feet hurt >This cape keeps getting in my way but I need it to look cool…[View]
83125615>aeons again the Engineers create ultimate lifeform, Xenomorph >they treat them as a god, i.e.…[View]
83148015>'Walter White was so great in that scene-' >'NO NO, it wasn't Walter White, it was HEISE…[View]
83143900/tpg/ - twin peaks general: Best Couple Edition Use this to make new threads: https://pastebin.com/u…[View]
83147211ITT: post a word and other's post the first film that comes to mind. I'll start. Kafkaesqu…[View]
83145916what's the film equivalent of this album?[View]
83146605Phasma & Kylo Ren personally know Finn's # and can recall it even though there are thousand…[View]
83145834Can we all agree EFLA was much better than EFNY?: >Funnier >More and better action >Basketb…[View]
83146716how do you deal with the over saturated market of entertainment? how can you keep track of all the s…[View]
83147956whats going on here?[View]
83143182>hear you've been hitting the gym lately, buddy[View]
83147560>tfw twin plebs is airing at the same time as better call saul >tfw twin plebs has no chance o…[View]
83145942This film is going to be good now. They fired him and used the daughter thing as a cover up so Snyde…[View]
83147656Her parody: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fX7-0DrbNtc thought it was pretty funny[View]
83146473is there any movie starring this man which isnt kino?[View]
83145594JUST: Polanski perving up in Cannes http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-4538160/Roman-Polan…[View]
83147597Is anyone excited for Cruise Kino 2017 Also Cruise confirms Top Gun 2[View]
83145497>character posts on /tv/ >it isn't a frog…[View]
83147718Mad Men Thread: I literally just ended this show and has left me emotionally devastated. Specially t…[View]
83147094>fail hard several times in your life >for some reason life also gives you several chances to …[View]
83147697Why doesn't Jean get more praise?[View]
83147192is Jian Yang /ourguy/?[View]
83116219First look trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4dxe_ugmIVM[View]
83147452>See you soon.[View]
83133105What the fuck is this?[View]
83146791don't watch alien covenant: >repost from /pol/ Holy fuck I've never seen worse propagan…[View]
83147141why don't we have a jean ralphio spin off?[View]
83147445I never understood the logic behind this shit poster for otherwise impeccably designed movie. I kind…[View]
83119891/who/ - Doctor Who General: Jesus edition Blasphemy:>>83096144[View]
831457844k is the future, they said. 4k waifus, they said.[View]
83116278Webm Thread: Science Fiction edition Post what you have, Science Fiction welcome.[View]
83141442so did netflix just ripoff terminator with this shit?[View]
83147289Frylock,: Where are you going ?![View]
83146044Seen through a lynchian absurdist, anti-comedy lens, this is actually pretty enjoyable and entertain…[View]
83147239Was this the best Wolverine-claw-action ever put to film? Yes/No? What's your favorite?[View]
83147216Adolf Ginger: Great performance, bravo![View]
83146989I just found out that Scarlet Johansson was 17 when they shot this movie.[View]
83147097Twin Peaks S2 EXTENDED ENDING: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VMMoRyC9Eaw Where can I find the rest…[View]
83147070You'll never be a real fawkin cawp.[View]
83147080>You blow, I'll do the fingering So the opening Weyland / David scene and the flute scene ar…[View]
83144749>tfw Mew would rather risk death and fight aliens than stay with you[View]
83145728Ba DUMMTSSS[View]
83142911Characters you wish you were IRL[View]
83139071What is the greatest action film of the past 20 years, in your honest opinion?[View]
83146917Anyone else watch local news during the day while you're funposting? It's extremely comfy.[View]
83145603/hor/ general: Horror is back in the menu boys. Post upcoming kino, hidden gems. Discuss the state o…[View]
83146875Specified thread does not exist.[View]
83146866Was it kino?[View]
83140295What's the best mafia film?[View]
83146701This is a perfect example of good casting and talent spotting,maybe even the best ever. every single…[View]
83144918ME UNDERWEARS[View]
83144397woah...this was pretty deep...[View]
83140426Now that the dust has settled, can we all agree that Prometheus is sci-fi kino? >2017 >plebs S…[View]
83146685All these years ... Still no sightings. Have we seen the last of him?[View]
83143673American Gods: Some grill was talking to me about this show. Is it worth watching, or should I just …[View]
83145873Daisy Ridley is sick of Star Wars: She wants to be recognized for something else than just a stupid …[View]
83141148what is the cinematic equivalent to talking heads?[View]
83143684Fuck it /tv/. I'm going to finally write the film that's been sitting in my head for years…[View]
83145057Why didn't he put the money in a different bag the very first night?[View]
83146439Luke and Evie | Season 1 | YouTube Series (2016): Season 2 premieres tonight! Here's a marathon…[View]
83143429Listen Leonard, I hate to break it to you, but what people call love is just a chemical reaction tha…[View]
83144968If Neo has unprotected sex with Trinity while they're in the Matrix, could she get pregnant in …[View]
83139764>ywn have a qt3.14 french girl eat you during sex why even live bros[View]
83145787Why are 95% of films and TV shows either remakes of old ones or adaptations of a book/comic/'real' e…[View]
83144230>only 6.8 on imbd This is the best movie i have ever watched.[View]
83144999Wonder: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1zxrpNbjwBc Say something nice to him /tv/.[View]
83141042/got/ general: hype edition previous >>83134447[View]
83145940>just don't go busting my balls okay Billy wat do Should I teach this kid some manners?…[View]
83130566Do you trust critics, /tv/?[View]
83117036Thoughts on this operatorkino?[View]
83145716>Want to make a mass shooter movie >Mask it behind 'N-No! it's a social commentary/politi…[View]
83145877Oh wow you built a robot that's really OHHH SHOOT DID I DO THAT?[View]
83139403TRAILER IS FUCKING https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=giYeaKsXnsIUP NIGGERS[View]
83134447/got/ general: previous thread >>83113006[View]
83145579This is the ideal male actors body.You make not like it, but this is what peak performance looks lik…[View]
83144118FMG / SWG General: How do you sell a script? How do you get contacts? I've got good script read…[View]
83144476So, season finale.: What did you think /tv/ ? PS: Why does no one ever talk about this comedykino?…[View]
83145151When will the pain end?[View]
83144392Where's the best place to hide a large sum of money if you were running from Chigurh?[View]
83144574>Zero Days >http://www.imdb.com/title/tt5446858/ I was genuinely unsettled and amazed at the s…[View]
83145373THUNDER?: Who were they and why do they move like that?[View]
83142574>but no rough stuff what did the mean by this?[View]
83145322ONLY GOD KNOWS[View]
83145317DO YOU WANT LUNCH ![View]
83142013>tfw too dumb for symbolism[View]
83143254/tpg/ - Twin Peaks General: Floating edition Use this to make new threads: https://pastebin.com/u92h…[View]
83143906Why is this film so low-key despite having some of best dialogue ever written?[View]
83143609Nostalgia Kino - Roswell: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fEwW9sOdMFs did tv like this show?…[View]
83145203What are some Moldovian kinos?[View]
83144631*Buella blocks your path*[View]
83143390Littlefucker: He's going to piss us off and ruin everything next season isn't he?[View]
83143957Is she, dare I say it, /ourgirl/? 'Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is the smartest comedy produced in the …[View]
83145069What facial expression is this trying to convey?[View]
83141418You just know.[View]
83143057>Leave crying kino to me. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ngiK1gQKgK8…[View]
83141373Here's your popcorn, sir. What's that? Keep the change? You paid with debit card, sir.[View]
83144922What are some movies about futuristic McDonald's?[View]
83144903ITT: Movies only you seen.: I'll start.[View]
83144841>It was one of those days when it's a minute away from snowing and there's this electri…[View]
83124659Aang isn't ready to save anyone.[View]
83129789HERE'S FORTY SHILLINGS ON THE DRUM Discuss this fun as fuck show >Best villain >Best girl…[View]
83144864Did you know Marky-Mark is a convicted violent felon? And that he hates the Vietnamese? And Black Pe…[View]
83144610if Cheers premiered in 2017, how would they make the show more diverse?[View]
83144645Why are all the small children black? Why is Gordon black? Why is Batgirl black? Who greenlighted th…[View]
83134757>2 Critically panned movies relesaed this week >'IT WAS PART OF MY CHILDHOOD' >Gives them a…[View]
83141957Is The Grifter /kino/?[View]
83141116Thoughts on the best action film of the decade?: John Wick 2 > Mad Max: Fury Road > The Raid …[View]
83143824Which one was more kino?[View]
83144074What went wrong?[View]
83144536>tv show or movie mentions other tv show or movie[View]
83144455movies you didn't make it through[View]
83143316I work for LucasArts lights and magic. I have been hearing a rumor around the studio that Carrie Fis…[View]
83144752who /squatcobbler/ here?[View]
83144606B R A V O R I A N[View]
83142968Why does this scene in Kingdom of Heaven make me so Emotional?: Just pure Kino https://www.youtube.c…[View]
83144385How often do you go to see films at independent cinemas, compared to multiplexes?[View]
83144469Is this the best scene so far in Twin Peaks S3?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gvwySUQMzHs WHATS Y…[View]
83144502i watched this yesterday. I enjoyed it but I don't think it's a very good movie. What do y…[View]
83121943Why did his FBI login still work after being AWOL for 25 years? Even if you just worked in retail I…[View]
83139549Cannes General: http://cannes-rurban.rhcloud.com/index.pl/2017 http://www.todaslascriticas.com.ar/ca…[View]
83143382Just saw this for the first time. What did I think of it?[View]
83138076Give me your favorite comedies. I need a good laugh.[View]
831422883x3: rec and judge[View]
83141653Movies about: Depression, alcoholism and dying alone. Let's discuss[View]
83142560High School Musical Nostalgia Thread: Anybody else who was in 6th-12th grade between 2006 and 2009? …[View]
83139960Is Daniel Craig's Bond the most popular 007 of all?[View]
83144209>if the cops pick him up he's gonna spill like the Exxon Valdez[View]
83143074Mr. DJ?[View]
83139277What happened?[View]
83143714Name a more overpowered female protagonist. Protip: you can't. Alice could beat Rey with her e…[View]
83140086Name a better trilogy[View]
83139956they're doing this on purpose now right? how many ironic film 'reviews' in a row can they possi…[View]
83140036Hey /tv/ Can I get some recs for intelligent horror movies? Ones like Don't look now, Kill list…[View]
83140584don't you let out that antidote..: popping JUSTs is all we know[View]
83142340Give me a list of your favourite movies/shows and i will kino the entire list for you[View]
83140738What is this stance called?[View]
83140067Why is Mike so chaotic?[View]
83142695which should I watch tonight?[View]
83140922What movie started this stupid landing pose trend?[View]
83132032Is Rey a good character?[View]
83142148Who do you go to the movie theatre with, anon? Do you go... dare I say it... alone?[View]
83143556OH IM SAYIN IT[View]
83142897has ridley developed some kind of wheat fetish? what the hell was with that wheat scene?[View]
83140197what is the best jurassic park film?[View]
83142204>Watching the show, however, I began to think that it was neither a useful warning about the patr…[View]
83140748How come there were no black people in this movie?[View]
83116591Fuck Aliens: So what was your reaction when Ridley Scott said he didn't consider anything beyon…[View]
83141515they fucked it up[View]
83141209Did anybody else like Prometheus?: I know one of the major gripes people have is 'oh, the crew was d…[View]
83143139>MFW Disney thinks it's over Sorry sweetie , not yet[View]
83139233Is this shit worth watching? Saoirse is my waifu so i was thinking about watching it but i'm no…[View]
83143007Does someone have the screencap(s) of the Twin Peaks midget (Michael J Anderson) praising national s…[View]
83136120Bilbo is the single most powerful person in middle earth: simply for being able to let go of the rin…[View]
83139275GOT Official Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=giYeaKsXnsI[View]
83143033absolutely the best version: Fat Vincent D'Onofrio is best Vincent D'Onofrio. ITT: fatctor…[View]
83134360>His character is literally named Bill. You cannot make this shit up. Meme magic is real. I can…[View]
83141940This here is this fag's grandmother Would you?[View]
83141275What are your thoughts on the Joe Rogan Experience?[View]
83141124Has /tv/ ever made a film that was so bad it killed someone?[View]
83135012Why did the entire theatre laugh when Kylo Ren took his mask off?[View]
83140369Betty or Veronica?[View]
83142563How do I live the kino lifestyle?[View]
83142826Remember the Millenium Falcon?[View]
83142766If I pull these reins will he die?[View]
83141507How do we save /tv/?[View]
83142582You just KNOW[View]
83140457/tpg/ - Twin Peaks General: Garmonbozia Edition Use this to make new threads: https://pastebin.com/u…[View]
83136447What's the best vampire film ever?: Pic related[View]
83142497What are /tv/'s thoughts on Trainspotting 2?[View]
83136054DRILLBIT GENERAL BABY: Discuss the fucking movie[View]
83139906Watched this after another anon posted about it last night, was surprised that it was kino. Would lo…[View]
83141174Top Gun 2 Confirmed http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1745960/[View]
83140321Why didn't they let Glorfindel join the fellowship?[View]
83138984so in the john wick universe basically every third person on the street is an assassin for hire? wew…[View]
83142200Apologize Gal Gadot's acting skills https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ubaxuN76lW0[View]
83142402Why aren't we discussing the best show on tv right now?[View]
83142331When people say he has a distinct style what do they mean? I want to drink the koolaid but all his m…[View]
83141157got trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=giYeaKsXnsI it is happening[View]
83142127Who was in the wrong here? Niles and Frasier obviously[View]
83120184>'I absolutely believe in the superiority of women. All the people I work with feel the same way,…[View]
83140774>episode 1-8 /our guy/ >episode 9 and 12 /our bry/ have you taken the brypill yet, /tv/?…[View]
83142224I am not Jesus, though I have the same initials.[View]
83123985>be a kid >think that this is a movie for girls >watch it >it's pure kino…[View]
83138409>dude we'll just throw a bunch of retarded imagery on the screen and have no real explanatio…[View]
83139837Say something nice.[View]
83141570>watch a movie >something happens[View]
83136789What's next for Quentin Tarankino?[View]
83140054Name a better game show.[View]
83139026Huh I though /tv/ told me this movie was reddit?[View]
83140864what was the point of this scene?[View]
83141698Just finished watching this. Pretty good film but I hate it when characters aren't morally test…[View]
83140065There's something about this character that really Irks me. Don't know exactly what it is …[View]
83141069What's your favorite scene in Evangelion?[View]
83141555What happen to the volas????[View]
83136036This documentary fucking sucked: >le ebin wise japanese sensei Literally all he does is make shit…[View]
83141495C'est pas moi, je le jure!: Just watch this movie and i really enjoy it, did u guys have some s…[View]
83140992Who is the bigger slasher icon and why is it Micheal Myers[View]
83141456What TV shows did you grow up on?: I grew up on: - Ivan of the Yukon - Pippy long-stockings - The Cr…[View]
83134078>Hey there everyone, Bill Burr here with the monday morning podc-noNONONO…[View]
83141399So tv shows are just stealing /tv/ memes now...[View]
83141226I'm sick and tired of horror movies using shitty on the nose typical horror movie music. You ca…[View]
83140253The Red Pill: Do you think this documentary was accurate of fair?[View]
83141049>me on the left[View]
83138034I just finished 'Cheers' with my fiance: Was anyone else deeply disappointed with the ending of the …[View]
83140498tim heidecker begging for money on patreon: https://www.patreon.com/oncinema[View]
83139070FUCK, I JUST UNDERSTOOD PROMETHEUS AND COVENANT !!!: The black goo!!! We are the perfection of the b…[View]
83141040>I rate David Lynch[View]
83139811What are your favorite movies of 2010s so far?[View]
83138219Why have so many people criticized this guy's acting in the OT?: I've always thought he di…[View]
83140835Is this show worth watching for adventures in one of the coolest cars to date?[View]
83139807who will play him in the inevitable biopic?[View]
83140458>Even director Steven Spielberg wasn't safe from Attenborough's twisted vision. >'On…[View]
83134936now that the dust has settled...... can we all agree that this is a pretty disappointing follow up f…[View]
83140549how can i learn to watch films/tv shows critically? sick and tired of only being able to pick up on …[View]
83117910>man grabs woman's arm >'stop it, you're hurting me'…[View]
83136071Modern capeshit will never ever come close to this: Hello, I'm the best superhero film ever mad…[View]
83139329Can anyone think of any war films or historical dramas where Rome was the villain rather than their …[View]
83140629What the Heck was his problem?[View]
83140603>movie previews are going to start saying 'coming in 2020' soon[View]
83140544HELP ME !!!: ok so when i was a kid i saw a movie(drama) about a woman who couldn't have orgasm…[View]
83140347The new season of twin peaks has really put TV and film in perspective for me, I began pondering the…[View]
83134264>Yeah let's go with that Downsie looking asianlet for our new Star Wars character…[View]
83139739that's a big dragon[View]
83127418Worst Movies You've Ever Seen: What is the WORST movie you have EVER seen?[View]
83137721*blocks your beta Marvel-fag path*[View]
83140233https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KAoL-0tTaS4 t. haven't read the books fuck you, doug.[View]
83136716Let's post some Simpsons screencaps OC encouraged[View]
83140196Let me get this straight.... You have HOW many years experience in Baneposting?[View]
83140173Vikings/Viking Shows?: So i've binge watched Vikings and The Last Kingdom. What other movies/sh…[View]
83136425Why wasn't she in the sequel?[View]
83138155Anybody else here think Horror is the genre with the most unrealized potential?[View]
83140045Which Michael Haneke films are worth watching? Only one I've seen is Amour[View]
83138510;_; New photos of The Last Jedi. https://twitter.com/ComicFade/status/867353837618823168[View]
83139701NAME SOMETHING you would order at a movie theatre![View]
83138065The Neomorph: Just what the fuck was his problem?[View]
83140026I LOVE DA PUSSY[View]
83136563/tpg/ - Twin Peaks General: Sycamore trees Edition Use this to make new threads: https://pastebin.co…[View]
83138565Another wasted actor: Benicio Del Toro has the gravitas of a master Sith Lord. But look what Disney …[View]
83133994does it ever blow your mind how unlikeable literally EVERY single character on voyager is? except N…[View]
83139900Spiderman: Will this be the definitive Spiderman film we always wanted?[View]
83139876What are some movies touching the problem of analphabetism?[View]
83139854What's a good horror movie I can watch tonight? Seen all the classics.[View]
83139819WILL DANIEL CRAIG RETURN AS BOND? Please I want to see a sequel to Spectre Imagine a sequel where Bl…[View]
83138306*Rohan music starts playing*[View]
83139337How the fuck do we fix this board?[View]
83139832what speakers do /tv/ use to output kino?[View]
83138125Is this true war kino? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eRzie3djSsE[View]
83112978Who is the ultimate masculine character in film?[View]
83139793>Under the age of 25 >Offers sophomoric opinion on any film ever Oh no, no, no.... HHAHAHAHAHA…[View]
83139265>I'm Coyote Peterson and this is Jackass Name a more kinö nature show. https://youtu.be/LMIu…[View]
83124072>it's a Ewan carries an entire trilogy on his back episode(s) How did he do it, lads?…[View]
83139328Ils travaillent pour le mercenaire[View]
83131947Time to go Mobile[View]
83139620>you're working for me now[View]
83137771Webm Thread: Old thread hit image limit[View]
83139547Guess the movie:: 41:38[View]
83139484Would he have been proud?: From his portrayal in The Legend of Korra, to the last season of Samurai …[View]
83139508Requesting the picture of the literary requirements for understanding the Star Wars prequels, OT, an…[View]
83128828>tfw no cute office crush[View]
83138072>movie is set in the 60s >Goodman's character is accompanied by an uppity nigger who take…[View]
83137140A masterpiece, overrated piece of shit or somewhere in between? Seen it yesterday, knew that normies…[View]
83136452Wow...I'm honestly surprised. This was actually better than Alien: Covenant.[View]
83138639ITT: characters who were always cool[View]
83108786How do you feel about the new direction being taken by the modern Star Wars movies?[View]
83138084I'm so totally going to throw a BF!: >Is it comedy kino.[View]
83138561>/tv/ is literally too stupid for Lynch Who's in the wrong here?[View]
83139279Hey /tv/ what's your goto snack for watching the office after school? Mine's goldfish mmmm…[View]
83137952Guardians 2: In what consisted Groot's arc? Become less retarded?[View]
83138836Fuck the DCEU: >Snyder's gone (yes he made a mistake of cramming so much into BvS instead of…[View]
83132686Top Gun 2 Confirmed by Tom Cruise: https://twitter.com/sunriseon7/status/867139377314516992…[View]
83139178DJ in da house!!: >What did Star Wars mean by this??!!![View]
83139177>wait 27 years to change teen waifus into milfs how did he get away with this?…[View]
83139157>lel reddit >lul memes >pc mustard race Jesus Christ this is pathetic Marvel.…[View]
83139148Who will play him in the inevitable biopic?[View]
83139086It all returns to nothing.[View]
83136108*BLACK SAILS*: I'm considering starting to watch this show. Can /tv/ tell me if this is more fo…[View]
83139056When was the Golden Age of Cinema?[View]
83137133F http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/lisa-spoonauer-dead-dies_us_59258919e4b00c8df2a08f3c[View]
83138959>bell out of order please knock >bell clearly works is there any deeper meaning to this scene?…[View]
83138858ITT: characters that are literally you[View]
83131740>Those men are going to rape your wife, brutally, unless you give us what we want Would Utopia be…[View]
83136839Did we ask for this? http://www.slashfilm.com/mel-books-talks-spaceballs-2/[View]
83132893admit it would suck: those nice tits[View]
83138668It's supposed to be good.[View]
83134543I just miss her. What can I watch so I can forget about my life?[View]
83138732>you born just in time to see all those new memes for next 4 months[View]
83133331I'm making this thread because you are all retarded. >why was there wheat? Who planted it? T…[View]
83138660>mfw guys named Chris[View]
83137120Is FOX ever going to reignite this feud with some new films /tv/?[View]
83138638>Wonder Woman got Marvel suicide watch. Apologize you manlets![View]
83133741He hated Alien: Covenant: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cAQGAOPu1k0[View]
83137962Anyone else like these pieces of shit[View]
83135850You're looking a little thin my dear. When was the last time you ate?[View]
83138586One AI made a master Race and The company who made that AI couldn't crack its secrets of that r…[View]
83134346Worst season so far?: I love DC, but why do the CW shows seem so retarded compared to the Marvel Net…[View]
83130244I'm gonna make him a very good offer.[View]
83137857*blocks your path*[View]
83136493What's /tv opinion on the Warcraft film?: Just watched it and i kinda liked it.[View]
83135815ITT: Celebrities you forgot were dead[View]
83136126How did she go from that toooooo that? When will women realize plastic surgery is a meme and they ar…[View]
83137010D-do you like my show senpai?[View]
83134385>America's not a country, it's a business, founded by slavers and born in the blood of …[View]
83136146Omar Comin' Yo[View]
83136515The hell are you spooks up to?[View]
83133122ITT: We predict the review of Justice League[View]
83132676Better Call Saul: >it's 'Jimmy's collecting trash under the bridge for 1 hour' episode…[View]
83137991>John.Wick.Chapter.2.2017.HDRip.XVid_Line-NoGrp.avi.mp4 YaaaaaS!!!!!!!…[View]
83138115Admit it Alien covenant is the first decent Alien movie since the 80s Alien>Aliens>Alien:coven…[View]
83131649you think they could have found a better looking woman for this role. ugly and anorexic. on another …[View]
83138098>>83128494 No, evil is objective. >but at the very least Stanley was Blanche's antago…[View]
83136369Why the fuck did thousands of people go to see a chipmunk?: Were they autistic?[View]
83132324Am I the only one on this board who actually LIKES this movie?[View]
83129272Who was in the wrong here?[View]
83135328The Americans thread. What has actually happened this season?[View]
83136373Nap time[View]
83136446AH, GERARD DEPARDIEU FotC thread?[View]
83137789he'll be fine[View]
83137210Why is Chewbacca co-pilot of Rey?: That ship belongs to him and his old friend, there's no fuck…[View]
83133267Now that he has turned the western world upside down with his chilling, upper class indicting, nativ…[View]
83137322Without Warning (1994): This is an underrated masterpiece. The reporting of the news is believable a…[View]
83133826'At age twelve, Olson was involved in a serious bicycle accident that resulted in a fractured skull,…[View]
83135215What are some movies about mental disorders?[View]
83137626Young Yoda?[View]
83137438The Work That Goes Into Films: Why do you pirate/stream? Are you poor? That's understandable. W…[View]
83137494What's wrong, /tv/? Can't handle a strong female, Vulcxn, and colorful cast without a sing…[View]
83137573>About to watch R-rated movie >Read the IMDB'S parent's guide to my mommy to see if …[View]
83136737So what was his Japanese golfer joke?[View]
83136673So did he free Spain from bondage or not?[View]
83137062>Macready, the Thing is taking over me. Kill me! Why didn't he just say this instead of play…[View]
83117645Stephen king is a feminist cuck: THE SEWER SEX IS ABOUT A GIRL BECOMING A WOMAN BY DISCOVERING HER P…[View]
83137327And the Big Guy said no one cares who I was until they made the superior Nippon figurearts BANE FOR …[View]
83137417>Luke did I ever tell you about Jedi Master Yoda[View]
83134663You could of savedd him[View]
83127326What are some movies about steroid abuse?[View]
83137377I want a modern Tower Inferno remake[View]
83136886Movies are only for some groups?: Are men incapable of enjoying the notebook? Can women really not u…[View]
83130865RICK AND MORTY THREAD: Ok, I'll admit, i just finished watching Rick and Morty, and for the lon…[View]
83137313Ben: >wouldn't it be easier to train the Astronauts how to drill instead of teaching Driller…[View]
83137043>I'm one of the few guys that actually likes BvS, Suicide squad and Power Rangers…[View]
83129525Best movie of 2004? Why yes, yes it was.[View]
83129899SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING Official Poster: >Official pffft AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA This shit looks…[View]
83130484How do we fix /tv/?[View]
83136476MY EYES[View]
83131232Why is this allowed?[View]
83134807Really bad movies[View]
83136278Cool Bateman, but that's nothing[View]
83135267>Looks like Harrenhal's back on the menu, boys! I don't get it, how did Baelish know th…[View]
83136899What are some good /tv/-related Documentaries? pic related[View]
83132356Thoughts on Cloud Atlas, /teevee/?[View]
83136876Yep, I'll have that.[View]
83136437>you can't control who gets hit or who doesn't. >Who falls out of a chopper, or why …[View]
83123370Okay faggots, next Fargo episode airs in less than 24 hours. What are your predictions?[View]
83131122Just catched Groundhog Day here on TV in my country .. and I'm wondering.. is there any more mo…[View]
83134067Give me two-thousand dollars.[View]
83136672steak and eggs[View]
83130895The Counsellor: This is an under rated movie, its pretty good actually, apart from Penelope Cruz.…[View]
83136509Who's the KK you hate the most?[View]
83136591VHS CAM: Whats a good VHS camcorder (or something like it) I'm trying to get a gritty VHS look …[View]
83136487So there you go, that's me. 100% natural.[View]
83136438in the scene where wolwerine pulls his claw out of his knuckle why did he grip the blade? He could h…[View]
83134593>Coming of age Indie flick >'Outro' by M83 starts playing…[View]
83132522Which one had the better intro?: GoTG: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x_jRQBGKPaA GoTG Vol. 2: http…[View]
83133809/tpg/ - Twin Peaks General: Pink Lodge Edition Use this to make new threads: https://pastebin.com/u9…[View]
83135408>human beings are too complex to arise naturally >wheat is too i guess lol >so engineers ma…[View]
83132982Did she die?[View]
83135286ITT: Hollywood hags you love for some reason[View]
83132896The Greasy Strangler made me angry. It was utter shit with no redeemable qualities. It was a Napoleo…[View]
83136023How do we fix Flash?: Season 3 is over and felt underwhelming like last season. How is it that the f…[View]
83132682RAW: Holy shit this movie was trash. Most overhyped horror movie so far this year.[View]
83133475Hey you wanna toothpick?[View]
83135458Alien 3 Assembly Cut: Without all the shitty special effects, would the Assembly Cut version of Alie…[View]
83128804ITT: movies you couldn't finish because they were so boring[View]
83133595what do you think of 24 without Bauer? should they keep doing it[View]
83132933Dance off bro.[View]
83134135Legend Quest: Is this kino?[View]
83135385TOX '17[View]
83134203now that the dust has settled. what is the final consensus of this ending? I think that with better …[View]
83131932If you had the choice would you >A)Travel back to 1939 and prevent WW2,the Holocaust,Communist ge…[View]
83133869This is Matt Damon. Say something nice to him![View]
83134853/sunny/: >tfw the youngest crew member is 40 What'd you think of season 12, lads? Will Denni…[View]
83135132sir roger hoore[View]
83124755No one[View]
83135646Biopic kino[View]
83135391>character wakes up in the middle of the night thirsty >grabs bottle of orange juice from the…[View]
83135627ITT: Goat Music Documentaries[View]
83134599What does /tv/ think of the new international trailer for Spider-Man: Homecoming? https://youtu.be/G…[View]
83128065D'aww Man With Everything Want HUG!!!: >waaahhh I'm very handsome and have a large peni…[View]
83133239Wow Disney.[View]
83135317NINJAGO THREAD Lets keep it SFW this time. >inb4 muh jewish blockbuster reboot…[View]
83135169>We're not so different, you and I.[View]
83134867>having a waifu >watching movies with given actress because she's attractive >fantasiz…[View]
83135107Anyone else notice how whenever something gets rebooted/remade/revived there's a whole lot of a…[View]
83122992Was he autism? Also /13reasonswhy/ general[View]
83128306Do you guys like Stephen Colbert?[View]
83134752Why are tom hanks movies so comfy?[View]
83113006/got/ general: >>83104609[View]
83133929MitM Thread: Hey . . . . /tv/ . . . . . have you ever . . . . . seen one of . . . .[View]
83124190Suffering Chart: /tv/ Edition: Simple concept: A big grid of characters arranged by how much they su…[View]
83134679Will there be a good tax policy in the Witcher show?[View]
83134393What are some good movies that show WW2 from the german perspective?[View]
83134650WHERE IS MY AXE?[View]
83130743Actors You Hate That Others Love:: Why do people appreciate this annoying pube-bearded nig? I couldn…[View]
83130689Do you get popcorn, soda and candy at the theater /tv/?[View]
83132538What are some indian movies?[View]
83131355Cannes General: The Beguiled is getting decent reviews. https://www.theguardian.com/film/2017/may/24…[View]
83118930Can someone summarize what this is about? Is it supposed to be good? The ads are starting to pop up …[View]
83134390I just came back from the theater after watching this. I spent the entire movie repeating the words …[View]
83129170/lbg/ - letterboxd general: Supersmart edition. Previous thread: >>83103217 >Not sure what …[View]
83133821Why is the Defenders so far away?: Can't it just come out nowwww i need Daredevil https://www.y…[View]
83133998Post his best rants[View]
83133973>adult actor is younger than you >adult character is younger than you…[View]
83130586How would a scene like this go over in a Marvel movie?[View]
83133813Why Alien: Covenant Sucks: Gay male sexual practice now gets demonized in mainstream media from Step…[View]
83132772Alien: Resurrection or Alien: Covenant?[View]
83131923When will DC create a Teen Titans film to save their franchise /tv/?[View]
83133854Is season 2 always the best season? And would television be better off if all series had a limit of …[View]
83131785>Movie set in the future >People are still smoking cigarettes…[View]
83133996What even is this?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B4Cmf4BuNgg Robots building robots, orr? It look…[View]
83133930Wait a minute! You didn't learn how World War II ended[View]
83133904>i really would love to fill that boys hole honestly I can't believe those drags said that t…[View]
83133861What's next for Samuel L. Jackson after the Avengers?[View]
83133459You know it's a good movie when you see this.[View]
83122048I WAS IN THE POOL[View]
83133187Did anyone here on /tv/ watch Believe?[View]
83132870Why are the films so emotionally hard hitting? I shouldn't cry over a capeshit. Aunt May was a …[View]
83133749This faggot dude doing this faggot look every time I come to /tv/: Every fucking day. Every single f…[View]
83133401What is a movie series that you have given up all hope on?[View]
83132054>film review >'the movie had some interesting world building'…[View]
83133616http://io9.gizmodo.com/zack-snyder-leaves-justice-league-after-family-tragedy-1795446522 'He’s handi…[View]
83131731/tpg/ - Twin Peaks General: Hawk Edition Use this to make new threads: https://pastebin.com/u92hX6…[View]
83132394What did he mean by this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SbulJd2tUmc[View]
83131277After watching episode 1 & 2 of Twin Peaks s3, Lynch feels more like Murakami than Lynch at this…[View]
83132603Paul W. S. Anderson’s Resident Evil: The Final Chapter shares with The Great Wall a gifted filmmaker…[View]
83133339ITT: Movies where the first scene is the best.[View]
83130044I just wanted to say I love Shadow Coop.[View]
83115059>Sam crazy as fuck and only uploading vertical videos again >Nick MIA >Charls Livestreamin…[View]
83125974>[1] 'According to a October 1996 article in Rolling Stone Magazine, Matt LeBlanc who portrayed J…[View]
83133144Not too shabby[View]
83133091WTF: God dammit... Why the fuck did they write him off like that?![View]
83131928>THEY CALL ME, THE FIDDLER That was a bit silly wasnt it?[View]
83133158You guys don't REALLY decide what movies to watch based on the writers, actors or studio, right…[View]
83131648What the fuck was his problem?[View]
83133109What about the droid attack on the Wookies?[View]
83131807>Ahh yes, the killer was trying to show off by leaving his mark, a signature. This isn't ran…[View]
83127985Why didn't she just have her uncle arrested?[View]
83132294Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales: Just got back from this one. I mean I know nobody …[View]
83133052THINK BIG STI !![View]
83132078Am I the only one who wants to see Philip and Elizabeth tortured to death by Based Beeman?[View]
83131938Im not bored by this show but i keep waiting for something interesting to happen Anyone else like th…[View]
83132325What is the best Moore Bond movie?[View]
83130200Name a more boring Alien film /tv/.[View]
83132721what did this stance symbolise?[View]
83130935OTHERWORLDLY WHOOSHING Is this Lynch's best work?[View]
83132347Oh, hey /tv/! I didn't see you there. Dont mind me! Just the patrician Mr. Conductor passing t…[View]
83132600So, did John Doe really kill all those people, or what?[View]
83128689What's next for his line of work?[View]
83132736Poost the worst movie posters you've ever seen[View]
83131325>Someone outside knocks on the door >Character walks suspiciously towards the door holding a g…[View]
83131267That fucking shotgun scene: Most retarded Alien movie in history. Should've made a 30-60 minute…[View]
83128829Rachel is your Bachelorette boys: Place your bets[View]
83130874What did they mean by this?[View]
83125530R.I.P. ;_; http://archive.is/nk3yZ[View]
83132425>get boss to 1/3 hp >sword arm single target crits the entire party >do a swipe attack >…[View]
83132447>undercover mission in Russia >trying to track international arms dealer >staying at Crowne…[View]
83132421Death of Kino: It's just another meme mooby now.[View]
83130119What are some good Noir movies?[View]
83132350Have we already seen Judy in ep 3? After falling through space, OG Coop landed on the balcony of …[View]
83131998Dexter: You wake up on Dexter's table What did you do to deserve to be in this situation?…[View]
83128225>Runs up to bad guy who could be instantly stopped with super speed >Stops right infront of ba…[View]
83131540What scared you growing up?[View]
83130877Is Cameron ever going to make another Alien film? Avatar fucking sucks.[View]
83128724Chloe Bennet thread?[View]
83132220What the fuck was his problem?[View]
83132178>Nicolas Winding Refn film >Soundtrack has synthwave…[View]
83130537How can she redeem herself?[View]
83131226Why does no one ever talk about this? Just watched two episodes in a row. It's a fantastic show…[View]
83132060what's athe name of that kung fu movi with the savage chinesa guy that has a tripod with a rock…[View]
83126688Which one does /tv/ pick? >720p BRrip x264 - YIFY 1GB >1080p BRrip x264 - YIFY 2GB >720p D…[View]
83129699What are other movies/shows where the guy still loses the girl in the end?[View]
83131972Songs that should have been used in movies: This is 10/10 miles better than Sam Smith's bland W…[View]
83131373>directed by Christopher Nolan[View]
83130153When will he become Batman?[View]
83131059>Movie or TV is set in Miami >Transitions have beach shots with close ups of women in swimsuit…[View]
83122362Why can't Ronnie stop eating?[View]
83122682Is it really that bad?[View]
83129835Why did they randomly add Ghost Harry to the show in Season 3?[View]
83129849Hey /tv/ After the immensely disappointing last 3 thirds of this film I've been left wanting mo…[View]
83131229Why do Europeans make depraved and disgusting films?[View]
83130384https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v_SyrpYk-Ik >The last of us KEK, it's funny because it'…[View]
83129582I really loved this movie, but I can't tell why. It was over 2 hours but it didn't feel li…[View]
83130795Is he going to re-filter his movies, a new shade of black?[View]
83130142>told to rap >my name is ______ and im here to say…[View]
83130354what the fuck was his problem?[View]
83129118Twin Peaks General /tpg/: Family Edition Use this to make new threads: https://pastebin.com/u92hX6…[View]
83131416Shitposting: The tv show[View]
83129130I WANNA FUCK IT[View]
83129373The Beguiled 2017: Is this Coppolakino?[View]
83109283How about some roastie-btfo core suggestions? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kf8NklFXAd4[View]
83130563Season finale tonight: Will Bellamy fuck Echo ir continue to dream about Clarke's tits. Is /tv/…[View]
83130469What films have marijuana as the center of the plot?[View]
83131223Edwina, get me the anatomy book! NOW[View]
83130653pick one[View]
83129117If the Force is Female: what male is?[View]
83126842What's the status on a sequel?[View]
83127068ITT: trailerkino https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=whldChqCsYk[View]
83130923PEOPLE. ARE. DYING.[View]
83130967Does anyone know of an abridged version of season two, or at least an essential episodes list? My si…[View]
83127319Girls Alone (Social Experiment Documentary): What the FUCK was Chardae's problem? https://www.y…[View]
83129879Tiger Mask: Forgotten tv show[View]
83126171More than you can afford, PAL. Ferrari.[View]
83130825Gimme a hug, man.[View]
83129584>main characters name is jack or john >shows that he is an everyman, with stoic masculinity on…[View]
83111047David is genuinely one of the best villain in any movies, prove me wrong.[View]
83127061Fucking hell Ridley... you couldn't explain ANY of this in Alien: Covenant and so we have to bu…[View]
83104483Now that the dust as settled can we all agree that Demo Reel was kino[View]
83119914CGI monsters enable boring filmmaking. With practical effects the filmmaker is limited, and limitati…[View]
83130599Are you fucking kidding me?[View]
83130066>likes memes >acts in It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is she dare I say it, /our girl/?…[View]
83125452So then /tv/: What's /tv/'s opinion of this film. To be honest I couldn't watch more …[View]
83126497Who needs sleep anyway.[View]
83129515Quentin Lance: Remember this guy from 'Arrow'? >Oliver bangs your daughters >Oliver is the mai…[View]
83129214ITT: Show that make (you) think https://redd.it /6cs9xd https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QvqzOWMetkY…[View]
83129651What if it's the Frasier of The Big Bang Theory's Cheers?[View]
83129724>*fight breaks out* >'EVERYBODY WAS KUNG-FU-FIGHTING!' plays…[View]
831302785 minutes into glassbox and chill and she gives you that look.[View]
83130246>you can't control who gets hit or who doesn't. >Who falls out of a chopper, or why …[View]
83130037It's alright, it's quite alright really She's having a rest. We'll be going on s…[View]
83123186noko: I don't care if you enjoy it, but do any of you think this is actually a GOOD film?…[View]
83128967Are Americans really ok with a random guy kissing any woman he wants immediately? Seriously Phil kis…[View]
83128767Am I a brainlet for turning this off 30 minutes in?[View]
83128893>When you were still learning how to spell your name, I was being trained to conquer galaxies!…[View]
83129802WOOO WOOOOO wooo wooooo[View]
83122337So I just started watching Episode 1, what's the general consensus on this?[View]
83128826Ideas you've had for films: A man hunts down a Doctor to get revenge after being circumcised by…[View]
83129065>Is Nora gone? >We're all gone >Bye Laurie >Goodbye Kevin ;_;…[View]
83129634Can we all just agree that everybody that liked the Deadpool movie has absolutely no taste and their…[View]
83129202How can someone who obviously cares about comedy and has been doing it for over 20 years be so bad a…[View]
83129236Does anyone even like this? Pure cringeino[View]
83122502>Would you suck a cock to keep your job at McDonalds? Damn. Is this the kind of question America…[View]
83129677>Dude modern technology I mostly enjoyed the new episode but this scene went a little too far…[View]
83129605>If you're listening to this, you are the resistance[View]
83128187Godzilla says that I should learn to fight my own battles, y'know.[View]
83128322How's your career doing sir?[View]
83123783Was Batman v Superman simply too deep for modern audiences to understand?[View]
83129461What's Your Oscar Worthy Film: >Love Story/Crime Film >Shows how the Joker got broken in …[View]
83124092ITT: Things that scared the shit out of you as a kid.[View]
83128949Why haven't you watched Dirty Harry and Magnum Force yet?[View]
83127815Rey is not a teacher: What did she mean by this? https://twitter.com/ErikDavis/status/85294279664642…[View]
83129246Justice League Dark Film Loses Director Doug Liman: *sigh*[View]
83126529Will 'The Predator' be the first truly bad Predator movie?[View]
83127595i am writing a sitcom but everytime i come up with an idea for episode, i feel like it has been done…[View]
83126954>tfw writing an electoral spot for a local candidate >tfw bringing the script to his staff mem…[View]
83127218>forced to rape a pig by the government >he is also a rape victim since he couldn't say …[View]
83123845This is Zack Snyder: Filmaker,artist,geek and family man. The pioneer of the snyderkino movement. Sa…[View]
83128043>using meme magic Marvel's really this desperate?[View]
83126508Ey /tv/, remember your first blowjob?[View]
83128955I want to make sure I'm not the only one here. When David mentions his dreams, he's talkin…[View]
83125972>go away to college/university >become a degenerate bravo ducournau no wonder the western worl…[View]
83128301WHAT IS THAT SMELL!?[View]
83127952was he the real genius this entire time?[View]
83119331do you think Jane Levy will return for the 'Don't Breathe' sequel?[View]
83123025>Movie ends with Kelly taking big sasquatch dick What did Bobcat mean by this?…[View]
83128825Great Movies You watched on a Whim: Just got done watching Boondock Saints after a couple of beers, …[View]
83127687Worst movie ever?: What's the worst movie you've ever seen, /tv/?[View]
83127495>scene where a guy sexually assaults a woman >he forces her to give him oral or he makes out w…[View]
83124447ITT: prisoner of war kino[View]
83127382Why do so many people shit on McCandless? He did things most people would never have the nerve or pa…[View]
83128468>Tfw one of the best written and acted shows of the past decade ended What do we watch now girlbr…[View]
83128467What's next for his career?[View]
83126398/tpg/ - Twin Peaks General: Talking about Judy Edition Use this to make new threads: https://paste…[View]
83125660Nixon - 1995 Was it Kino?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hm3-EhMCDzU[View]
83126295Who was in the wrong here?[View]
83125703Uh, what David Lynch meant by that?[View]
83128542God Lord, Arnold was so gorgeous...[View]
83126686>it's a captcha has no verify button and no matter how many boxes do you click, you have to …[View]
83124306>It's ok to beat people up for holding different views than you Uh, moral priorities much?…[View]
83128458ITT: post your favorite Rock and Morty joke. I like this and the Szechuan sauce.[View]
83127554What was her problem? She's invited to live with her sister and her husband, but she shits on t…[View]
83117021Chad: How come media always portrays these guys as jerks/ When I was in school Chads were cool and n…[View]
83127694>vietnam movie >it ain't me doesn't start playing…[View]
83126753Have you ever considered this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7vfqkvwW2fs The last movie soundtrack…[View]
83128222Air Israel, please clear the runway.[View]
83128186>Godard movies[View]
83089992Why WOULDN'T the Federation have dedicated warships?: With a few rare exceptions, (USS Defiant,…[View]
83127250Are you ready for the edgy Air Bud reboot?[View]
83126438Wet Wet![View]
83126252Is James still cool, /tv/?[View]
83125421Rate my Beast.[View]
83126327Will we ever top this pure kino as a species?[View]
83127970Patrician Families: Post and rate family's favorite movies- Grandma- Young Frankenstein Grandpa…[View]
83127936>it's a Sal episode[View]
83122432What does /tv/ think about studio Ponoc's upcoming first film? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
83122624>he is a world-class son-of-a-bitch. >no offense.…[View]
83124700Save Star Wars: Kylo Ren goes good, mary sue goes bad and nigger dies.[View]
83127644what is his fucking problem?[View]
83124477>11th highest earning celebrity in the world.[5][View]
83118493Choose your outbreak. Zombie outbreak comes with bonus Brad Pitt.[View]
83127477Why is the end of season one so bad?: Daddy's had enough now.[View]
83125762Why can't current movies and TV shows ever get the 80s right? Most of the people who make them …[View]
83120927What's the verdict on this kino? Worth 20 dollars?[View]
83124377ITT: Celebrities who justed themselves[View]
83126518Ridley Scott's terrible mistake: My God this movie is so shit. One of the most disappointing mo…[View]
83125822Now that the dust has settled what is the official /tv/ consensus on Deadwood and which characters w…[View]
83123200Why does /tv/ hate him? I get why you would hate Bill Nye but at least Neil knows what he's tal…[View]
83126737Holy fuck this was eye opening How can americans trust liberals still?[View]
83120878cast them[View]
83118079>Jedi Master[View]
83127096PAN NICE AND HOT[View]
83127168What are some kino about Zionists?[View]
83127255Handsome cunts[View]
83122590in the scene where wolwerine pulls his claw out of his knuckle why did he grip the blade? He could h…[View]
83122542Just got back from an advance screening of this film: AMA[View]
83121575Orson Welles: What did he mean by this?[View]
83126933Whatever happened to predictability...[View]
83122248The new Alien movie.: Just out of curiosity did the trailer with the race mixing shower scene and ho…[View]
83122690Why is this everyman father role model eclipsing from the cinematic media AND can you recommend some…[View]
83126910it's physiological[View]
83124496Have people found him problematic yet in the reboot of twin peaks?[View]
83124210Rank the 201X Best Pictures: 2010 The King's Speech 2011 The Artist 2012 Argo 2013 12 Years a S…[View]
83123841So it's the general consensus around here that Mad Men is the best show of all time , right?[View]
83125618Atomic Blonde: WTF is this shit? Lesbian kino?[View]
83124766Legend Quest: Thoughts about this?[View]
83117842The Flash S3E23: This finale pushed the show towards season 4 arrow levels. discuss[View]
83124398What ethnicity was Dr. Nick supposed to be?[View]
83126391What's an energy farmer?[View]
83123866ITS YOUR FATHER edition Use this to make new threads: https://pastebin.com/u92hX6rX WARNING: If you …[View]
83122151For the last time...[View]
83124544I hate nuTrek: >watching Star Trek Beyond >woman says to Kirk 'we've accepted your applic…[View]
83123528I liked Alien: Covenant: Ask me anything.[View]
83125970Is this picture, dare I say... Kinosaurus Rex?[View]
83125655are there any good david lynch film analyses out there? i'm interested in studying the way of t…[View]
83124882My last 2 posts were dubs, if this post ends in dubs Ariana brings Sam and cat back on Showtime, if …[View]
83125930Michael Gallagher: Is this man the next big thing? He's only made a couple low budget films but…[View]
83125902milkman vs milkman[View]
83122996Do you think Magical Negro Films have gotten people killed? >I don't have to cross the stree…[View]
83123690Year Million: Who else is watching? And should humans and AI merge to form a new super being?[View]
83123043First 7 replies to this post are the stars of Quentin's next movie. Can /tv/ cast a kino?[View]
83119991007: >best to worst 1. Goldeneye 2. Quantum of Solace 3. Casino Royale 4. Tomorrow Never Dies 5. …[View]
83106267Better Call Saul: What did you make of this scene, /tv/? It was a little too dark for my taste…[View]
83123801>...toss him out of the plane What did he mean by this?[View]
83124073Why were the sequels so shit?[View]
83125070Fuck this show[View]
83125605So wait.....the Nazi's were actually the good guys? WTF![View]
83125595>you need to kiss some serious booty to get ahead in this world ...[View]
83121654Logan 2017 NOIR EDITION 720p BluRay x264-SNOW: >Logan 2017 NOIR EDITION 720p BluRay x264-SNOW …[View]
83120093Rey is a Kenobi: CONFIRMED![View]
83125521That's the thing about World War 5 Lois. It's so intense it skips over the other two[View]
83108748Guys, is Jim Carrey going to be ok?[View]
83125208Characters that brought down good shows?[View]
83115430Explain this to me...: Why are all these VHS collections thousands of dollars? Is something else at …[View]
83124714ITT: Times you met a celebrity[View]
83125231Could this *BE* a Friends thread anymore?[View]
83120931reminder: The final boss in the MCU is literally a grapefruit[View]
83125370How does /tv/ think about this K I N O >implying the shitty dialogue isn't charming…[View]
83121429Friendly reminder that Suicide Squad is the only capekino to win Academy Award.[View]
83122239Any good documentaries on Big Foot? >in b4 'b-but Sasquatch can't into REAL!' Then you have …[View]
83122455Is every King of the Hill episode basically >Strawman comes onto the show >Hank is a good boy,…[View]
83081801Why does Ripley work when all other le stronk womyen characters make me wanna puke?[View]
83124152Lost River: Was this good? Letterboxd says no (3.0), but the visuals/soundtrack look great.[View]
83123544HK/China cinema thread?[View]
83103372wtf i hate white people now seriously[View]
83123410Is it the greatest show of all time?[View]
83124762>the world was destroyed because of the bible >his sole mission was to have the bible printed …[View]
83124454In Europe there's currently a wave of women with a muslim background who get an education, beco…[View]
83120350What the fuck did Xavier say before he bit the dust?[View]
83121078Power Rangers is the ultimate children's show. Think about it. 1) The entire show is about hero…[View]
83122833What did I think of it?[View]
83122176>Joel era Average nerd watches movies with his good buddy robots >Mike era Fratboy jock watche…[View]
83124474>be me >Jedi master >word on the street is that president Oldfart is a (sith) >me and th…[View]
83124231Ben Affleck is the best Batman apart from Conroy. Suck it, cuckolds.[View]
83124430Could Mozza make it as a leading man in a film? He's already conquered the worlds of literature…[View]
83122453wtf was that ending[View]
83124142films about being a pop star the bodyguard perfect blue only two i know[View]
83122195>Helicopter pilot is MIA or dead >Zombies are being let in and everywhere in the complex >H…[View]
83123843who will play him in the inevitable biopic?[View]
83124274Time to answer the old age question: Who will play him in the inevitable Super Mario movie?[View]
83122429Hey Louis remember that time I[View]
83123177>When the book is better than the movie[View]
83124100Has there ever been a Most JUST'd actor then him besides Fraser?[View]
83123806How was this performance worthy of an Oscar and Bafta?[View]
83123947Ancalagon the Black appears in the DCEU. Superman is still dead. How fucked are the Justice League/ …[View]
83102980Wonder Woman: >Positive reactions from critics >Tracking to make 100m on opening weekend >M…[View]
83124054>Worked with Paul Thomas Anderson, David Lynch, Eddie Murphy, and Steve Martin >Now starring i…[View]
83124047BONESAW IS READY[View]
83120479What does /tv/ think of Thai cinema?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qhXmGOrgFBE[View]
83124002How was this allowed?[View]
83120871Hia mi momo Timber Heiduncky[View]
83121483Are there are any movies about Russian pancakes and cats?[View]
83121096>well now, there's a 'highly' realistic lineup >bravo.... Vince?…[View]
83123784Lol, I posted asking for advice on writing a college essay comparing/contrasting OUATIA and Taxi Dri…[View]
83123778Is your body ready?[View]
83122483Is Finn Wolfhard the Daniel Day Lewis of his generation?[View]
83118145this any good?[View]
83123704>This is not for children's eyes What did she mean by this?[View]
83122734Why don't they just run to work?[View]
83123652>Is that a gun in your pocket or are you just happy to see me? >'both'…[View]
83120470Summer Movie Forecast: This summer's looking pretty grim for blockbusters. Discuss what you…[View]
83123326soviet film general[View]
83123552Why didn't the crew of the Nostromo make spears to deal with the xenomorph?[View]
83122580For real though what does /tv/ think of pic related >no memes[View]
83122635i must be loyle to my capo[View]
83118015Baby Driver: Is this actually going to be kino? The trailers didn't excite me but it has a 100%…[View]
83120982/tpg/ - Twin Peaks General: Otherwordly Whooshing Edition Use this to make new threads: https://pa…[View]
83121361This is fucking fun[View]
83123222*Blocks your path* The set design in this movie is fucking incredible.[View]
83123068Recommend me some recent good horror movies to watch, /tv/[View]
83122431Wait Who was this turd burglar?[View]
83121618ITT: Movies only you remember[View]
83123276Would this TV show be half as acclaimed without its boring arty scenes? >Oohhh, I'm the arm!…[View]
83121050Who will play them in the inevitable biopic?[View]
83120171https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h-k-tQxJv8o&t=1s Are there still people out there who will defen…[View]
83120031what are some films that occur in modern Japan but have mainly white people as the cast? I already k…[View]
83123206>Aliens™ is now about Ridley Scott's self insert (David) and his obsession with spreading hi…[View]
83123056So why tf did the android robots switch? Weren't they both bad to begin with? Whats the deal wi…[View]
83122993Bond thread: On the subject of Sir Roger, can we all agree that this evil slut from The Spy Who Love…[View]
83121786>Despite his on-camera demeanor, Carson was extremely shy off-camera. He was known for avoiding m…[View]
83122947What's the superiour print of film and why is it 70mm?[View]
83122848>Episode is called 'The RACE' >In it, a Jew can only beat a white man in a race by cheating (t…[View]
83122676How do you sit while watching movies?[View]
83122822Is it still habbening? I know HBO is preparing for scriptwriting but haven't heard any news for…[View]
83122437King of the Hill: Lets discuss the best animated TV show ever made[View]
83118993What are the best J-horror films? I've only seen the ones everyone else has seen. Looking for t…[View]
83119873Another one bites the dust.[View]
83121858>the absolute fucking pacing and tension of this show Fucking KINO lads.…[View]
83114324Hollywood Insider Speaks Out, Claims a Global Pedophile Ring Controls Hollywood: http://www.theevent…[View]
83120868>Great animation 6 years after release >Clever writing from Edgar Wright >Spielberg's …[View]
83117649>OY VEY, IT'S BOILING ACID! Is boiling acid actually worse than regular acid?…[View]
83122472/tv/ what did I just watch?[View]
83122473Third World Kino[View]
83118587>tfw too stupid to appreciate season 3 how do I boost my IQ lads, I want to appreciate pure kino …[View]
83122499What are some flicks where people get hunted in the woods or sci-fi movies where people are trapped/…[View]
83121145Childhood is idolizing Batman Adulthood is realizing Joker made more sense[View]
83122293>Someones criticism of a movie is that 'the time travel isn't realistic enough!'…[View]
83120049How about pic related for new Bond? Acting chops are there, he has that sociopath look which works f…[View]
83122352Did Spartacus predict the future with having a german man fuck a syrian?[View]
83118403peter: hey lois what are you doing? olois: oh hey petah im just getting ready for dinner peter; im s…[View]
83122220>Companies that want to OWN the worlds water? Pffft, small potatoes. Companies that pump dangerou…[View]
83121465now that the dust has settled what did /tv/ think?[View]
83122243>2015 movie >WELCOME TO MY HOUSE[View]
83122222How do you decide what show to watch next? I just finished one, and am unsure what pickup next. Pic …[View]
83120597Theatrical Version or Director's Cut?: Hello, /tv/. I decided to watch this kino tonight but I …[View]
83121453Will Bay finally deliver true RoboKino?[View]
83121653What could have redeemed this?[View]
83101748CNN just called Tim Allen a white nationalist[View]
83121605>Some folks are bored >Maids to weigh the flags >Ooh, their read, wide, and blue…[View]
83122039Whats the better horr movie, gungerdead man, or killer bong?[View]
83120291Who are your favorite whore/prostitute characters?[View]
83121979Why isn't Alexei Mizgiryov more famous? Tambourine, Drum won many international film awards.[View]
83102171Well /tv/, are they?[View]
83120446Was the ending of The Lost World: Jurassic Park 2 pure KINO?[View]
83121706Which one of you autistic plebs made this? How is it even possible to be this much of a plebe.[View]
83121865What is your opinion on 'harmless' movies, /tv/? Are they truely harmless for kids and idiots to enj…[View]
83119664Why is this drab rehash a billion-dollar movie?[View]
83118176When did it jump the shark? How could it have been saved?[View]
83119538I don't get it.[View]
83120554ITT: Movies that only you like[View]
83118304>haha lynch btfo twin peaks is a flo-[View]
83113694>Dr. Who fanbase Name a worse fanbase! (Protip: You can't)[View]
83121629Where is he now?[View]
83120922What is Nolan's best film, and why is it pic related? >inb4 Nolan is a hack he is a bit of …[View]
83099698CUT MY LIFE INTO PIECES THIS IS MY LAST RESORT: >The heavily hyped return of “Twin Peaks” on Show…[View]
83120600Why did the quality of scrubs drop so fast after season 4. even season 4 was when the decline was st…[View]
83115900What is a failsafe date movie that is certified kino but won't scare off the most normie of gri…[View]
83113857Hypocrisy: Isn't it funny how 4chan is ok with edgy jokes, but for some reason Zack Snyder…[View]
83119232Diary of a Wimpy Kid general. Admit it, as shitty as the new actor playing Rodrick was, at least the…[View]
83121462Will DC ever recover ?[View]
83119737Not a regular on this board so idk how it's been received on here...just got back from Tuesday …[View]
83121357>Tfw the only worthwhile films nowadays are superhero movies Where did it go so right?…[View]
83120820Operatorkino: How good can a real life operator be? How skilled are they? Can they compare at all to…[View]
83119183Mac__ is the Thing[View]
83120404Fuck you i like it.[View]
83121085Is Natalie Portman the most beautiful actress of all-time?[View]
83121243Late Night Talk Show Hosts: Who is the best late night talk show host of all time and why is it Crai…[View]
83121270What went wrong?[View]
83119553Can we stop pretending this was good?[View]
83118206The Americans: Penultimate Edition Tuesday is here, which means that in about 5 minutes or so, we…[View]
83120890Actors you didn't recognize until way later: Mine is Danny Devito in One Flew Over the Cuckoo…[View]
83119994>tfw realizing Dale's been on a 25 year long salvia trip Is this the worst thing that's…[View]
83116522Why do SJW ruin everything?[View]
83120892FBF6884262E705F9C83C8B1D6127D339=5dm?php.xedni/koob/ce.sur.bil.neg//:ptth )IBOM( skaeP niwT fo yrots…[View]
83120513HEY, RIG[View]
83113123It wasn't meant to be a documentary, guys[View]
83121077JLAW DRUNK POLE DANCING: She really is just like me[View]
83118152>tfw no qt3.618 patricious gf[View]
83121040*breathes in* *breathes out* *eats*[View]
83120767I told you, we're going with the Urvaj, not the Borje. Get it through your head or get out of …[View]
83120906Is James cool?[View]
83117048This had multiple jokes about how bad her pussy smells[View]
83119813THE REAL TWIN PEAKS MURDER: https://www.washingtonpost.com/entertainment/hazels-brutal-murder-was-al…[View]
83120946*clink clank* *clonk* THE ANIMALS[View]
83119673End User Editing / Also Robocop general: Or, custom viewing methods. I didn't know what to call…[View]
83120526>Character hangs up phone without saying goodbye[View]
83120629Name something big and black you could find at a movie theatre![View]
83120263So...: Alien Covenant... it started okay... and then intelligent explorers from a distant future dec…[View]
83116913/tpg/ - Twin Peaks General: Sunny Jim Edition Use this to make new threads: https://pastebin.com/u92…[View]
83120715Magical negro variation?: Working class gay latino whose only purpose is to help rich white kids wit…[View]
83115050What's this guy's name again, /tv/?[View]
83120387>set in Luxembourg >clearly fucking Prague >shows the Charles Bridge in almost every other …[View]
83120224>1,305 days until Avatar 2[View]
83120362*blocks the conventional norms of sci-fi*[View]
83119027Lets talk about this movie, and by that I mean lets talk about Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invent…[View]
83120496Somewhere in Hollywood: *snorts coke* Ok guys I got a brilliant idea for a remake. We remake SURF NI…[View]
83098975Never forget.[View]
83118347Was Vickers a Synth?[View]
83120443Remembe that Iron Man 2 battle basically made by Genndy? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ajjLHcddTc…[View]
83120407ITT - Great movies that you've never seen on /tv/[View]
83120403Why does Mr. Wednesday seem so familiar? I haven't seen much of Ian McShane's work. Is he …[View]
83118129ITT: Sequels that were better than the original.[View]
83119011What did you just call me?[View]
83120096>Early 2000's >Amanda Show had 'Amanda Please!' site up as a news/promotional thing >I…[View]
83118733Silicon Valley: I love this show. However is the story line getting annoying? Season 4 and they…[View]
83117038>lets split up >poke mysterious bulb thing and breath in its spores >I will shoot gas canis…[View]
83120135Childhood was loving Six Shooter Adulthood was realizing Tunneler was the best puppet.[View]
83119472Since covenant came out and the whole story is now upside down, how would you handle the inevitable …[View]
83116748> Dan Bilzerian pays to be in a movie > his role gets cut > again…[View]
83120022so that's galadriel, huh?[View]
83119645 August 11, 2014[View]
83111933Godzilla 2 to use practical effects: >https://twitter.com/Mike_Dougherty/status/86705100057359155…[View]
83096144/who/ - Doctor Who General: Man up and make the fucking thread edition[View]
83117101>hey guys, we're thankful for you saving the world multiple times, but you're way too d…[View]
83119808Post your wife's son's favorite movie Pic related for me[View]
83119802Trash /tv/ shills tricked you into watching. The only good scenes were the one where her sister wax …[View]
83112847>you wake up in a dimly lit musky room >you feel extremely groggy and have no idea how you got…[View]
83119780fuckin..... oop ahl nigh brewsin da telly board.....[View]
83119776Alien: Covenant General /ACG/: I feel bad for Tennessee edition[View]
83118285Yeah, I think I'd rather go back into the Matrix.[View]
83119688>your gun and your badge[View]
83101046STAR WARS VANITY FAIR PICS: Whats the point of casting a chink in your movie if she isn't cute?…[View]
83117847What's the best Western film made post-2000?[View]
83119566Would you watch this Indiana Jones movie?[View]
83094041James Bond star Roger Moore has died aged 89.[View]
83112939Top Gun 2 confirmed this morning on Australian television by Tom Cruise thoughts?[View]
83119483Post actresses with large breasts.[View]
83105108Film Industry has gone to shit: It is me or has 90% films been shit-tier after late 2000s? Where are…[View]
83118464Could it infect silicon based life forms, or extremophile forms of life?[View]
83117447What did we think of season three, /tv/? Personally, I thought it was good and the funniest season o…[View]
83118329What does /tv/ think of this guy? Is his show facts kino?[View]
83117092Tarintino: What's his best work?[View]
83117079What the hell happened to her?[View]
83118460Facts about movies that make no sense.[View]
83113083>mfw the new season of Twin Peaks is a steaming pile of shit How could this happen?…[View]
83109073Well that was kinda shit. It's just a worse version of Mullholland Drive with characters i didn…[View]
83114367Best/Worst/Underrated/Overrated: /mu/ has these threads, might be fun to do one here. Pick a directo…[View]
83116234For me it is GoldenEye, the best James Bond movie[View]
83118805post times where /tv/ steered you wrong >saw this movie in theatres with my dad >barely remem…[View]
83108118Belarusian Psycho: Hello, /tv/. I have directed a feature film called 'Belarusian Psycho' which tell…[View]
83116256Can we all agree this was the most tedious, boring Alien film to watch in the series? Also you can…[View]
83116065>girls are throwing themselves at him but he can't choose between music and football What t…[View]
83115041Guess how many times: you will see my head floating in water...[View]
83114738Who should play the next Bond? Who would make a good villain? What could the plot be?[View]
83119128Imiona Bong, James Bong[View]
83117364Top Gun 2 confirmed: BASED CRUISE[View]
83119105>tfw on cinema is predicting world events[View]
83111028Rank them.[View]
83118792Why does this Trek entry get so much shit, when it claims some of the best episodes in the history o…[View]
83118255Lip my stockings: I don't get this scene in Lost in Translation[View]
83114019Baltimore, MD: Is the city really that bad? It's portrayed as a shithole in the Wire[View]
83117813>I wanna kill the fat faggot myself, be a fuckin' honor. Cut off his pisciatil' and fee…[View]
83118354Pick a kino movie and go to 14:45 and screenshot it. Then post the results.[View]
83118813actors who you think will die next.[View]
83116463Belle is basically a gold digger who walks around town singing about how much better she is than all…[View]
83114313>*blocks your path* >You're not allowed on this island, young MAN! What do?…[View]
83118546>Awkward scene happens in a movie >Pause the movie and pace around for a few seconds before re…[View]
83118699>person accuses their wife or husband of cheating on them >'How did you know?' >'You just t…[View]
83107707bitten by the bog[View]
83118351Dina Merrill: Why didn't she get a sticky?[View]
83118235Stay with me guys What do you think about GHOST BUSTERS 2: The Wailing Wall? -Girls go on a trip to …[View]
83103651write the simpsons series finale[View]
83112749Awful, just awful. What was Lynch thinking?[View]
83118571Is this BLEACHEDkino?[View]
83118345Sopranos General: The fall of Handsome Furio Edition: TONEEE I HEF TO PARK THE CAR ALL THE WAY OVER …[View]
83116136Post absolute fucking hacks. I'll start[View]
83118339I know the bible says judge not lest ye be judged, but this guy's a real jerk[View]
83118447Just watched this don't see why it would get this low score. Its a bit over wrought but its pre…[View]
83118319>hsss-Why are you here?[View]
83118453>T A Z E R F A C E[View]
83117629Bullshit Artist: What did I think of this film? Discokino?[View]
83117283So I was watching Batman V Superman and suddenly Batman is in the middle east with a gun in the midd…[View]
83115706/tpg/ - Twin Peaks General: Dog Leg Edition Use this to make new threads: https://pastebin.com/u92…[View]
83115818This is Oscar winning actress Jennifer Lawrence. Let's discuss her body of work.[View]
83116737ITT: Oh yeah, that exists: Pic related, directed by Clint Eastwood.[View]
83118099So apparently a restored version was released in BR for this in the UK yesterday... Any torrent link…[View]
83115685Looks like 'Centipedes? In my vagina?' Is finally getting a movie.[View]
83118231Hi i am michael j Anderson star of carnivale and the new scooby doo and ugh fucking gay ass Jew show…[View]
83117724If the Internet existed in the 90s, would Boris have become a meme?[View]
83118221Jesus Christ I fucking did it OK NIa? I took that stupid fucking mutt outside and slit its throat Wh…[View]
83102520This is the hottest documentary ever. The second episode is all about being raped by priests going i…[View]
83117759Please watch my video on how PBS is secretly brainwashing people and let me know your thoughts. Its …[View]
83114515What does it mean if a show didn't age well?[View]
83117701Hey, what's up man? I put the butter on for you already, you look like the type who'd like…[View]
83116280>only 16 months left on sentence >risks staying in prison for decades by trying to break out a…[View]
83117863for some reason i get the the feeling /tv/ thinks pic related is overrated. am i right?[View]
83117848NWR: What is his best work?[View]
83117600How come Hollywood can't make good music anymore compared to this? https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
83117734Now that the dust has settled can we talk about some 9/11 kino?[View]
83117723https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bIMVrX9CaVw Name a scene more kino than this[View]
83114325The last good Adam Sandler movie[View]
83117549T2:: As a stand alone movie trainspotting 2 fucking sucked. Seriously, it was full of cheesy nostalg…[View]
83105952Objectively the best side characters of the Jurassic Park franchise[View]
83117625Netflix just had to do it to 'em[View]
83115819Eating Raoul: Has anybody here at /tv/ seen this film before? I thought it was great. What is your o…[View]
83117458Wtf i just watched Bojack Horseman and then i googled it and Character Actress Margo Martindale is a…[View]
83117592Underrated cuties in this thread please.[View]
83115038so, which one?[View]
83115417So what's his magnum opus /tv/?[View]
83117496So the government created 'Mr. Kaplan', the thugs thought Thornhill was Kaplan, and the go…[View]
83078953The Leftovers: Spoiler: Did she kill herself, and if so, why?[View]
83117443>go to kinotechery >find my assigned seat >sit down >try to fasten my seatbelt >it…[View]
83072618Webm Thread: Logan Edition[View]
83109583IRREFUTABLE: From best to worst: 1. Season 3 2. Season 6 3. Season 5 4. Season 1 5. Season 4 6. Seas…[View]
83114658What a fucking letdown![View]
83116283Action Movies with Everyman Protagonists: I know Die Hard is everyone's go to for this but what…[View]
83113402Please tell me this guy dies at some point. >DUDE LET'S GIVE ASH A COMIC RELIEF SIDEKICK LMA…[View]
83117316Goodnight, Sweet Prince[View]
83117027/tpg/ - Twin Peaks Genera: Sunny Jim Edition Use this to make new threads: https://pastebin.com/u92h…[View]
83116192TFA: This movie had so much potential but it's been ruined by the endless stream of fanboy wank…[View]
83117249How can Marvelfags even compete?[View]
83117156ITT: Bad guys who did absolutely nothing wrong.[View]
83108923Hey there,here again by yourself on a weeknight haha well here's your popcorn the Nolan movie m…[View]
83113976From the producers who SAW Shrek.[View]
83116447ITT: Shows with a fantastic first season and a shit tier everything else[View]
83108420/jre/: No Joe Rogan thread? He's interviewing Micheal Malice , they're talking about North…[View]
83116359Is it supposed to be a metaphor for something?[View]
83115451>When the book is better than the movie[View]
83113909This is good. Seeing John Locke and Red Foreman speaking to each other is cool.[View]
83112877And people say network television is out of touch: Just look at this cool hip and very real show tha…[View]
83116915Thanks, Autumn.[View]
83112416I want to see a movie with a scene where someone masturbates in rage and shame. Are there any?[View]
83110137bill burr cancer: for those who don't know: bill burr was recently diagnosed with terminal panc…[View]
83116661Was he right about Sy's wife?[View]
83113245They drove a dump truck full of money up to my house! I'm not made of stone![View]
83115288>this fucking shitpile got picked up for season 2 Literally why I've watched 7 episodes of t…[View]
83115981/tv/'s best meme: What is the best meme of /tv/?[View]
83116489Mr. Sandman, bring me a dream[View]
83115527>twin peaks made a reference to dabbing Has Lynch lost his marbles?[View]
83115064South Park: >season 1-2 Absolute classic. Not the best but hard to find fault here. >season 3…[View]
83115356 [View]
83116253mfw only 2 episodes left[View]
83081585>tfw no qt film crew Neanderthal gf[View]
83116141Jonah Hill Feldstein?: More like Jonah 'CHAD' Feldstein.[View]
83114956Wow, what a disappointing movie.[View]
83115513For England, James?[View]
83116248David will be revealed as the owner of Weyland-Yutani. Honestly at this point this is only thing tha…[View]
83115901Is this the board where all the fucked up people post?[View]
83116291>tfw no comfy /tv/ Mr. Rogers General[View]
83115924*blocks your corner*[View]
83115353Thoughts on South Park?[View]
83115839>Don't kill me! Don't kill me, man! Don't kill me! Don't kill me, man! >I…[View]
83113834I'm actually surprised it hasn't been remade yet[View]
83114352>/tv/ says a movie is shit >watch it >it's actually good Every time. What do you guys …[View]
83115718So how many more presequels until we get to the Space Jockey in Alien /tv/?[View]
83116051classic doctor who lost episodes: Their is a rumer that an all time doctor who story evil of the dal…[View]
83115782Hiya /tv/![View]
83109549>American character is eating breakfast >they read the back of the box while eating with the o…[View]
83115443Spoiler free recommendations thread: >ITT: Ask about different shows and get recommendations in i…[View]
83115921what did she mean by this[View]
83112914Haven't watched this season yet. Is it any good or did it fall off?[View]
83115533Top tier movie intros: Despite the rest of the movie, Batman 1966 with adam west has one of my favor…[View]
83114668Is this movie any good? be honest[View]
83087921I Went Ahead and Ordered Some for the Table.[View]
83111981What did Genndy mean by this?[View]
83115563Hello fellow /tv/, I like many of you am enjoying the new season of Twin Peaks. The symbolism, the …[View]
83115397favorite movie go[View]
83115441>Doug Liman drops out of 'Justice League Dark' http://variety.com/2017/film/news/doug-liman-leave…[View]
831134361. Ben Linus 2. John Locke 3. Desmond Hume 4. Richard Alpert 5. Juliet Burke (Best Girl) 6. Hurley 7…[View]
83115480>Aliens™ is now about Ridley Scott's self insert (David) and his obsession with spreading hi…[View]
83115398>/tv/ recommended film[View]
83115290>Imsh a dragonsh[View]
83115408What are the best movie romances?[View]
83115310/tv/ btfo!![View]
83115166Daniel Blake Harry Brown: What's your favorite film about an old man living his last years in a…[View]
83112203>I didn't go to film school, I went to the gym What did he mean by this?…[View]
83113999IM BUFF HUEHHAHAHA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I1G7247_PHA[View]
83115250Will this film ever get the recognition it deserves?[View]
83115213what went right?[View]
83115207What is his problem?[View]
83113387/tpg/ - Twin Peaks General: Evil Coop edition Use this to make new threads: https://pastebin.com/u92…[View]
83115093Is this the most reddit movie ever made?[View]
83113911Can we talk about MDE World Peace? I'm rewatching it and it was one of the greatest shows on T…[View]
83114706what are some movie snacks you can eat but still hear the dialog?[View]
83114411This is the greatest television show of all time and it's not even close. Go ahead and come at…[View]
83113615Bill Nye the Picked Up For Two More Seasons Guy![View]
83103465was this actually good?[View]
83114133Cast them in their upcoming netflix series.[View]
83102825what movies have you walked out on, /tv/? pic related for me, got through about 40 minutes of this g…[View]
83113917'Peter, tell Harry the nigger across the street did it'[View]
83114174The hell are you spooks up to?[View]
83114340>All right, Mr. DeMille, I'm ready for my close-up seriously?? I got up and walked out right…[View]
83105284Does anybody else have any movies/television related tattoos?[View]
83111923Harry Potter thread: If Hogwarts is the only wizarding school in Britain, and there are only 4 Quidd…[View]
83114925>ywn find your Celine[View]
83112167LOGAN: Just marathoned this, what did I think of it? Will be watching the Noir version later[View]
83114809Deadliest Catch Star & Child Sex Abuse Allegations: http://radaronline.com/videos/sig-hansen-sex…[View]
83114632Nevermind the racebaiting, how can a film with a plot that bad be the highest rated film of the year[View]
83111847ITT: 10/10 A+ Casting[View]
83114547>Well, >Okay, the problem is this...[View]
83114621Following on from threads before, can we have a 10/10 movie moment thread? My contributions https://…[View]
83113021What are some films that basically encourage you to get fucked up to understand?[View]
83113019Predator 2 similar aesthetics recs: I like how the city is portrayed in this movie. Dark back alleys…[View]
83112616Zack Snyder's late daughter saying 'uh-oh' at 0.15 https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=nw08JBvYj7E…[View]
83108481What is the best WWII movie?[View]
83114355We're not doing the super villain shuffle!![View]
83113638>listen to this shit. On May 22nd a nail bomb exploded at the Manchester Arena in Manchester, Eng…[View]
83110065What's a woman?[View]
83112505We now return to...[View]
83113178What's the difference between a cinematic universe and a bunch of prequels and sequels?[View]
83114316Bane?: You feeling lucky?...you punk![View]
83113728>he took my gun apart in one deft move, Rog. How? How'd he do that? >Yeah, let's go …[View]
83113732Leave Netflix to me.[View]
83112943Where is Audrey Horne?[View]
83112793Name an object you could find in your wife's drawers![View]
83112970So, what's next for Zhir's career?[View]
83112831Dance off, Bane! You and me![View]
83114025Dammit: Watched the new alien film. Not as good as Alien of course, but it a whole ton better then …[View]
83112305Who would've had more chemistry than these two? Keep in mind they also need to be able to sing…[View]
83105496>Oh guys! I know what Ghostbusters fans want: A reboot, not only that, we make them all female, a…[View]
83111575What does /tv/ think about Gattaca? It's one of my personal favorite sci-fi movies. Just love t…[View]
83113892hey, you probably think I'm the greasy strangler[View]
83112569Is Snoke the Devil?[View]
83112321Look it at /ourguy/: >He's got so many options when it come to the ladies. He's winning…[View]
83113608did they fugg?[View]
83113602ITT: Actors/Actresses who were only in 1 feature film before quitting acting.[View]
83111599>a movie costs 50 mln-200 mln $ >a tocket costs 8-12 $ How the fuck is it a good business???…[View]
83113265I live my life a quarter mile at a time.[View]
83110159>there's a conspiracy theory about Kubrick faking the video footage of the moon landing If t…[View]
83113291REEEEEE GET OUT OF MY LODGE Edition Use this to make new threads: https://pastebin.com/u92hX6rX WARN…[View]
83113266How do you go from this...[View]
83110353>The force is female. >Don't hit on me you silly boys!…[View]
83113141ITT: Create images like this, which express movie/TV-related expressions or quotations.[View]
83113288My acquaintance is putting new movies on VHS: Then giving them to Goodwil! So if you see Star Wars R…[View]
83113275*slurps slush-ice* teehee so where are you taking me today now that daddy is out anon?[View]
83111146 It was better than Aliens [View]
83107801He did nothing wrong.[View]
83113167Name? Heheheheheheehehe[View]
83111695Twin Peaks General /tpg/: Deputy-Sheriff Hawk Edition Use this to make new threads: https://pasteb…[View]
83112723Would an anti-Communist like this movie?[View]
83112918What the fuck did I just watch[View]
83109280ITT: Times /tv/ steered you right[View]
83108947Daniels was a QT and the only redeeming element from Alien:Covenant which, by the way, was a fucking…[View]
83112879>retcon >canon >universe >lore >worldbuilding Reminder that if you use any of these t…[View]
83111548>car scene >driver fiddles with shifter >car goes faster…[View]
83108288I can't decide if I preferred Kick-Ass.[View]
83104609/got/ general: /Cast her/ edition previous >>83081866[View]
83112856Why Can you guys please keep your garbage out of our games.[View]
83112769So why did Marv turn into a skeleton?[View]
83109609Name my group /tv/[View]
83104419Dexter: What the fuck did I just watch?[View]
83112093>Every woman he meets fucks him within 5 minutes to 24 hours of meeting him. Forget the hi-tec…[View]
83111344About to watch for this first time: Is this show as good as /tv/ makes out or is it all just a meme?…[View]
83110718Terrifying films: Name some truly fucking terrifying films!!! no jump scare fests aloud…[View]
83111644Need horror movie recommendations: Hey all, I'd appreciate some good horror movies that have a …[View]
83112691Alright, for $400... Name something that's long, thick, big, hard, stiff, black, dripping from …[View]
83112546Now that the dust has settled can we talk about this kino?: My favorite star wars film[View]
83109215>Movie in cinema >Nobody fucking discussing it >Torrent/DVD comes out >Threads everywher…[View]
83107163So now they have four main characters. Only two of them were really developed in the first movie, a…[View]
83110356What did she whisper to him?[View]
83112715What are your top 3 Gibson Kinos?: 1.Apocalypto 2.Passion 3.Get the Gringo[View]
83112125Doesn't anyone watch action/horror on this board or is it just all about your next waifu/favori…[View]
83105914Leave capeshit to me[View]
83112649best coen coming through[View]
83096614FMG/SWG: For directors, auteurs, writers, cameramen, gaffers, caterers, producers, editors, colorgra…[View]
83102744Films globalists will never understand[View]
83112229>7 days for house of kino Are you excited /tv/?[View]
83110571What did she mean by this?[View]
83105797Jet Li: Where is this badass at?[View]
83112306what are movies with lots of good electronic music in them?[View]
83098300Alien.Covenant.2017.720p.HDCAM.ENG.x264-P2P: >Alien.Covenant.2017.720p.HDCAM.ENG.x264-P2P >Ali…[View]
83110217Fuck. I don't think i can bear watching more of this. First scene that terrified me since my cr…[View]
83112343Is he okay?[View]
83112325What is John Carpenter's greatest movie and why is 'They Live'?[View]
83112409My name is Buck, and I'm here to Feed and Seed[View]
83112227What are your favorite prequel memes?[View]
83110954Is it acceptable to cry at this film? I'm asking for a friend.[View]
83106132Old farts are ruining Hollywood: Can these boomers finally just go away and spare us these abominabl…[View]
83111018Movies with cold, industrial lab feeling.: I'll start.[View]
83109864>watch the last samurai with gf >'anon why does he keep trying to stand up i dont get it…[View]
83107177Baywatch: what went wrong?[View]
83111523what the fuck is going on here?? http://www.imdb.com/title/tt5813916/[View]
83110645Give me one good reason, whoooooa[View]
83111829Let's lighten the mood a little ITT: Scenes in movies that gave you pic related I'll start…[View]
83110742Can we all agree that the Assembly Cut of Alien 3 is better than Alien?[View]
83109488>'So, Donald Trump...' >audience laughs intensely…[View]
83106376>he's joined both on those adventures and in this portrait by Rose Tico (Kelly Marie Tran)—a…[View]
83111363thank mr jackpots[View]
83108253/tv/... welcome to your tape.[View]
83111692Why was this called Clone Wars if it was a single war that lasted three years?[View]
83109565They won't include 'that' scene will they? :([View]
83111664Lord of the Rings-LOTR: >We got three shitty Hobbit films instead of a Feanor Trilogy Talk about …[View]
83108438What went right?[View]
83099450ITT: your dad's favorite movie i'm embarrased about mine[View]
83109439Who Will Play Him In The Inevitable Biopic?: http://www.nme.com/news/music/morrissey-manchester-terr…[View]
83105485WE WUZ FAGGOTS[View]
83107039>Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest >Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No T…[View]
83111542will i miss a lot of the story if i didnt watch the first one?[View]
83111659Kino of the summer: >Baywatch is going to bomb because of bad reviews >Pirates is going to bom…[View]
83110441ITT: Only the movie star couples.[View]
83111618The lack of Alien discussions just helps show how CAPSHITTY of a board this place is.[View]
83101438>My eyes and ears are everywhere >Nothing you do will go unnoticed >Didn't know Jack l…[View]
83110270This was actually really bad. The only good thing in this film was the Aesthetic and maybe the musi…[View]
83111022>fidget spinners are the dumbest invention e-[View]
83111470>when Anon says he like Alien: Covenant[View]
83100604Age of Heroes: Horrible Design[View]
83110837Reboot when?: We need this in our lives!!!![View]
83111183Why didn't you protect that smile?[View]
83109597/tpg/ - Twin Peaks General: Dougie's Coffee Edition Use this to make new threads: https://pas…[View]
83102545>Hey Bill it's me >I'm sorry I flew off the chain earlier >It's just that wi…[View]
83109270Who was in the wrong here?[View]
83106241Is anyone watching this show called Great News? This Briga Heelan woman is the main character. She i…[View]
83111168Watching the Blood Simple behind the scenes special. This was the Coen brothers first film, they cou…[View]
83101254Will you see it? If not why?[View]
83110981>Vietnam movie >the bad guys are the chinks…[View]
83109036Everyone is watching Raw. Where can I watch Raw? I can't find Raw. Have you seen Raw?[View]
83107259Does the name of this show piss anybody else off?[View]
83107340Show me what you got, /tv/.[View]
83110968De Palma is the definition of visual kino: .[View]
83102287Tell me, /tv/, what is next for her career?[View]
83108859>What would you give to be in a 'Jack Tripper' situation? Me: I would sale my little brother to C…[View]
83110767What do you think of Jesse Eisenburg's performance as Lex Luthor?[View]
83107989Dark universe- Universial's (Second) attempt at competing with the mcu.: http://www.darkunivers…[View]
83109784What is this effect called?: And how do i do this in sony vegas?[View]
83098893Why don't you like me?[View]
83107994ITT: Share your cinema pet peeves: >rental lawnmower doesn't have a headphone jack…[View]
83109393>when you just want netflix and chill with your bae but the show is boring so you just start maki…[View]
83104530Is that still English? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nG-0s5BnO-0[View]
83110655Best chaser coming through.[View]
83110281What kind of haircut is this?[View]
83110401Supergirl S02E22: Did she just kill all the Daxum refugees?[View]
83110610Was this the greatest moment in television history?[View]
83102150Why is no one talking about the greatest movie of the year? As soon as I saw the opening credits for…[View]
83106850So yeah, two episodes in I FUCKING LOVE IT. It had some pacing issues at the beginning but by the ti…[View]
83110254What are some films about the best candy, Junior Mints?[View]
83102281>ITT: movies you wish you could (re)watch for the first time[View]
83110235What did they mean by this?[View]
83107598well /tv/? was this kino right? does it really matter?[View]
83109545Will he ever star in an all time great movie? Arnold has the Terminator movies. The Rock has?[View]
83109967>Aliens™ is now about Ridley Scott's self insert (David) and his obsession with spreading hi…[View]
83109916anyone know any podcasts/interviews with scientists, famous or not, talking about science fiction mo…[View]
83104765Which one is the pinnacle of capekino?[View]
83107974In The Core, what is the significance of Rat needing Hot Pockets to delete posts on the internet? He…[View]
83108246Hey /tv/, I'm not really into watching TV and movies, so I'm sorry if I'm breaking so…[View]
83105527So was there an actual babby in space at the end?[View]
83109590Find the cuck[View]
83105648What are your favorite Adam Sandler films? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8VK7TeW6XKU[View]
83109518Is he the most powerful Masketta Man?[View]
83108920Reminder that Phil did nothing wrong.[View]
83109382So..... TWO SCOOPS??! [View]
83109429>Cast skeleton as Wonder Woman >Daughter becomes skeleton M A D M A N…[View]
83100925>now here's the thing[View]
83105645>Life and death and love and birth and peace and war on the planet Earth >Is there anything th…[View]
83109344just finished the 7th season I'm done with this piece of shit NOTHING HAPPENED FUCKING NOTHING …[View]
83088018Werner Herzog: OP here. I will not be providing any further input into this thread. I want to see wh…[View]
83108277What's the significance of Howard not being able to say or think of the word woman?[View]
83102083What's your favorite Jackie Chan movie?[View]
83108675Are b/w tapes automatically become kino? We are not discussing Blacked also[View]
83087293Daily Cannes thread: Day 7 http://cannes-rurban.rhcloud.com/index.pl/2017 http://www.todaslascritica…[View]
83105775Why is she so fucking adorable?[View]
83109187Hi Bella[View]
83107412/tpg/ - Twin Peaks General: Cool Edition Use this to make new threads: https://pastebin.com/u92hX6…[View]
83108114How the fuck did this happen[View]
83109107Do most actors have a weight clause in their contracts?[View]
83105837Is there literally any scene scarier than this?[View]
83108798Wonder Woman tops Fandango survey of most anticipated summer movies: >More than 10,000 people par…[View]
83107634<---- Who would win?[View]
83104508Will Sy have a happy ending?[View]
83107724Name 1 (one) better adaptation.[View]
83108045name a better CG character[View]
83101832ITT:Only Post Holy Grails of Comedy[View]
83108862>movie opens with a quote from a famous poet[View]
83107645How did such a terrible actor play such an entertaining role?[View]
83108088How will the internet react when this guy dies?[View]
83108551Was it really that bad?[View]
83107507This movie was complete meme jizz and suffered heavily from sequelitis[View]
83107654Where is this from, and how do I get Kate to do it to me?[View]
83105045this man is paid to get things wrong[View]
83108399yummy yummy have you watched it?[View]
83105536Garey Busey becomes the protagonist of the last thing you watched Does it improve?[View]
83108054Anyone felt bad for Syd? He was just trying to get her cancer ridden mother some good weed[View]
83105768Is 13 Hours the pinnacle of Operator Kino?[View]
83108084Name an actress that has aged better than Lisa Bonet. Its ok, I'll wait.[View]
83101240Daily reminder that blade runner works best as a film if Deckard is a human[View]
83100337Arrested Development: How'd you like Season 4, anon?[View]
83098933I'm considering watching this, is it any good?[View]
83108267most anti semitic kino: is Jud Süß the zenith of shekelberg hate?[View]
83107297Do you own any memorabilia from television and film?[View]
83097172You know he's going to die one day, probably soon.[View]
83098539#STEPHEN KING #IT 2017 #SEWER GANG BANG #BEVERLY BLACKED #HOLLYWOOD PEDOES: Remember the edgy sewer …[View]
83107395What did I think of this /tv/?[View]
83107842American Assassin: https://youtube.com/watch?v=5dfcQOBJ83A Is this right wing kino?[View]
83088902This girl offers you a Latte: What do you do?[View]
83107951Press F to pay respects[View]
83103006>be at the local kinoplex >waddle towards the pre order carriage >want to book a ticket fo…[View]
83102790Name a single movie franchise where the 3rd film is the best one. I'll wait.[View]
83107765So /tv/... Now that ExtraTorrent is closed, where can I get my Better Call Saul S3E07?[View]
83107795What was this expression meant to convey?[View]
83105834This is Kylo Ren. He's Rey's love interest in Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Say something nice…[View]
83106622sup /tv/: well at least it had a character fuckin' smoking. you don't see that in movies a…[View]
83106277Your favorite Lord of the RIng moments: >So there I was, at the mercy of three monstrous lenders!…[View]
83106675You can have any beer you like >as long as it's mexican pisswater…[View]
83103772Was he a Thing?[View]
83107659ITT: movies with incredibly high rewatch value[View]
83106438Is Laurie Garvey the worst mom in TV history?[View]
83107612Monkey Tennis[View]
83106666why did they kill off the most famous television interracial couple of the decade? when glenn died, …[View]
83092338new Han Solo in his speeder[View]
83102638is it over already? 'Twin Peaks’ Premiere Delivers Only Half a Million Viewers[View]
83107178>resolve to stop watching any show that features a black guy fucking a white girl >have to giv…[View]
83106696ITT: Truly badass characters But for real though,sopranos thread[View]
83107290What do you want to see in a Wonder Woman sequel ?[View]
83105906Twilight: Now that the dust is settled, what did we think of this? it had some great shots imo.…[View]
83105522/tpg/ - Twin Peaks General: A FUCKING TREE Edition: Don't forget to put on the fucking title an…[View]
83107241You hear it you lose it: https://youtu.be/OgHgppQOfp0[View]
83106423overrated films: This film has acting in it makes me cringe. why do people like it so much?[View]
83103058What went wrong?[View]
83099243Hey puppy[View]
83098723And Harrenhal... I suppose... that's off the table as well?[View]
83105307It should have been him.[View]
83098839Apologize: No, seriously. Apologize for real this time[View]
83107061Hey Halpert[View]
83106907Daily reminder that he deserved this because he snitched on Wee-Bey.[View]
83106812Have you seen the worst film of 2017 yet?[View]
83106951Twin Peaks revival meme thread Hey /tv/ loving the new season, Wally Brando anyone? Anyways I'm…[View]
83106972Brass Eye: Is there a better comedy show than this?![View]
83106171Monster shows: Does anyone know if there'll be any new monster shows or even films that are lik…[View]
83102261What does /tv think of Anne with an 'E'?[View]
83105256was is really necessary to plaster CGI over the practical costumes in Alien Covenant?[View]
83105982I firmly believe that Bruce browsed the chan after taking joker and Harvey down in tdk >doesn…[View]
83106145'My father...was a baker...and a fiend. And one night, one night he goes of craazziier than usual, c…[View]
83104945If the First Order wants to retrieve the map to Luke Skywalker: Why are they just indiscriminately b…[View]
83099468Is this real?[View]
83104896What was the narrative purpose of this scene? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OUHHhuLUJy8[View]
83104400>I've been hard at work on our new G.I. Jew line. >You call this a bagel? >Whoa! Glad …[View]
83096034Antman and the Wasp: Lilly had costume fitting for the Wasp, tweeted this picture. What do you think…[View]
83103684ITT: Post famous people. Other people will reply, without memeing, with who they think should portra…[View]
83106043It's a Vito sucks Rommel's cock episode[View]
83100629Have you ever seen a monster in a movie that was intended to be scary or intimidating or whatever, b…[View]
83106084Why is a 90 year old grandpa so obsessed with rape imagery and fetishism?[View]
83104982What went so, so right?[View]
83105679How does one go from this...[View]
83105150Why was she such a unanimously approved female protagonist? Has there been a more popular (and actua…[View]
83105921Hey /tv what do you like to listen to while you watch movies?[View]
83105971iZombie: Do you think IT will happen tonight?[View]
83105959is he, dare i say it, /ourguy/ ?[View]
83100250ITT: Good shows that jumped the shark hard[View]
83095893Ridley Scott is now shit-tier: What in the fuck was this? Like Angry Joe said...it should have been…[View]
83105134>You don't have to do this >I know, but I want to…[View]
83102044Even though it wasnt as good as Goldeneye, its still not bad. Definitely one of the more realistic v…[View]
83103971''Not knowing is part of the fun'. Was that the motto of your community college?'[View]
83104972Guys... https://www.google.com/amp/www.foxnews.com/entertainment/2017/05/23/justice-league-director-…[View]
83105801Dr. Jacoby, I'm TPSD.[View]
83105796the post that killed the DCEU >tfw snyder gave up after reading this comment because he realized…[View]
83061935Hacks in the Bag™[View]
83103182>only two minorities in the entire show, everyone else is white >one is a native american who …[View]
83105733>it's like hacking the source code of reality[View]
83105724Lethal weapon appreciation: tell me boys why aren't you appreciating the fun as fuck roller coa…[View]
83103931Was Bergman fucking sadistic? What was he thinking making this?[View]
83103667Kurosawa's best works?[View]
83102878Will Skyfall ever be topped?[View]
83105624this is the Deacon. say something nice to cheer the little guy up[View]
83105044who will play him in the inevitable biopic?[View]
83094559Twin Peaks: Anyone else missing the comfyness of the original show? I like Lynch movies but 18 hours…[View]
83104368>“We had to destroy the myth because [the Austin Powers movies] fucked us,” Craig said. “I am a h…[View]
83104827*pulls slot*[View]
83104971I want to watch some recent popcorn flick. How is pic related? I don't ask for it to be kino, j…[View]
83104661How did Moonlight NOT win for Best Cinematography? Probably the best I've seen since City of Go…[View]
83104797Name my album, /tv/.[View]
83105463Bond.. James Bond.[View]
83101221I can't stop watching this musikino This is the third day in a row.. wtf how do I stop[View]
83105409Who are some underrated YouTubers out there? Cole Hersch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RrATyIJnN…[View]
83105327JJ Abrams was inspired by Terence Malick to make Star Wars: No Joke http://www.reuters.com/article/f…[View]
83105024The name is Geralt. Geralt of Rivia.[View]
83105228What can you expect, from filthy little heathens?: They're whole disgusting race is like a curs…[View]
83105176How did she manage to negotiate this safe passage deal?[View]
83104973>the love interest is a cheating dick sucking whore >allowed to come back from the dead droppe…[View]
83105162>That's nia's car. She just pulled into the driveway. *groans*…[View]
83104252Drive (2018): What[View]
83102334Should have called it Manchester by the C-4[View]
83103697She's going to win, isn't she?[View]
83104902>and all the americans died, the end Seriously i didnt realize john cena was in this until i down…[View]
83104870ITT : You hear it you lose: >YOURE THE MEANING IN MY LIFE, YOURE THE INSPIRATION…[View]
83101688ITT: Write the title of a movie and other anons guess what movie it is[View]
83104373>Oh my God.: Why do atheists say this?[View]
83088880Honest opinions on American Psycho?[View]
83104919this was a better prequel to Alien™ tbqh[View]
83102786American Gods: Sorry for starting a thread 2 days after the episode, but why are there so many black…[View]
83089188WHAT WENT WRONG?: >I think no one wanted to pay to see the race mixing show scene and the homosex…[View]
83097882only the finest title sequences are permitted in this thread[View]
83102979/tpg/ - Twin Peaks General: BLEACHED Edition: Don't forget to put on the fucking title and use …[View]
83091705Dear White People: People say it is funny What are the best jokes?[View]
83102112thoughts on the Magnificent Seven remake?[View]
83104832“... When it became obvious that I need to take a break, I knew there would be (((narratives))) crea…[View]
83097684>T A Z E R F A C E[View]
83104711Monster shows: When's there gonna be new shows like Monster Survival Guide, Medieval Monsters, …[View]
83103211How come no one talks about this show? Did I miss the discussions? I just watched and I am surprised…[View]
83102704Oh look, it's Twin Peaks but less pretentious and friendly towards poc and LGBTQ folk.[View]
83081866/got/ general: last >>83065732[View]
83103491Color films that are also great in black and white[View]
83101885Why did this scene happe? They were extremely happy, ltierally having music so loud they couldn…[View]
83101936Just saw this and my mind was more blown away by it than any CGIfest could ever hope to do. What…[View]
83101094>Movie set in WWI >Picture of Soviet T-28 tank from 1930's Nice going..…[View]
83091745John Wick 2: Watching this right now. Holy fuck this is kino and these gun fights are intense as FUC…[View]
83100363ITT: Movies only you remember[View]
83093145Why hasn't there been a Warhammer 40k movie yet? The lore is incredibly immersive and in-depth,…[View]
83104350How do you like your Justice League familia?[View]
83101461>Produced by Sony Pictures[View]
83104323Why is Poe Dameron being so facetious with Ren when Lor San Tekka's dead body is lying right ne…[View]
83104245Do Americans really do this?[View]
83102421Barbed wire on a baseball bat: What's the point? It's the impact of the bat that kills you…[View]
83104025>tfw you will never live in the 70's Australian outback, being drunk 24/7 and hunting kangar…[View]
83104003Three episodes in, when does it get good?[View]
83103236Instead of watering down every major blockbuster film to appeal to an international audience, why no…[View]
83087891stargate general: Look how pure carter is. stream https://cytu .be/r/Whiskey_Tango_Foxtrot from so m…[View]
83103907Why was Ethyl surprised nobody showed up to her 60th-year high school reunion when it was past all t…[View]
83103941Scenes that embody who you are: The execution, the music, and the feels were on point.[View]
83101447What are some films about CIA niggers?[View]
83102738Ill start[View]
83102393How do you feel about Cum Town?[View]
83103552Movies that are equal parts _________ & _________[View]
83102962It's like poetry[View]
83103727If you don't post in this thread Ridley Scott will not stop this madness Singles and another al…[View]
83098799Jesus Christ this summer is fucking pathetic[View]
83103517>coop is irish >coop's wife is germanic >coop's son is hispanic What did David Ly…[View]
83102985There's no hope for the DC-[View]
83103589Trek: Trek[View]
83103217/lbg/: Letterboxd thread: post profiles and discuss what you have recently watched QOTD: what's…[View]
83094632Is there anyone more talented, rich, and handsome as Seth MacFarlane?[View]
83100353What powered Voyager's holodecks? They often talked about Voyager's hologrid as an 'indepe…[View]
83102445What's going on here?[View]
83101381>movie begins with a flashforward[View]
83103172Do you have a go to cheer up comedy movie? Feeling pretty blue :/ Or maybe I'll just watch lord…[View]
83099130fictional countries: >But sir, what about the situation in Naruba? Naruba? Seriously? Why did the…[View]
83095726I'm the holiday armadillo! I'm a friend of Santas and he sent me here to wish you a Merry …[View]
83103167Is IMAX essential when attempting to view kino? Why would you settle for anything less?[View]
83100547Are you guys ready for the Dark Universe? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hCm2PX5Iz00 https://hypebe…[View]
83103133>It's a Tony wears a silly hat episode[View]
83102981What is the current equivalent of Buffy?[View]
83098788JUST: >buy the rights to an old TV show >try to reboot it to make a quick buck >series crea…[View]
83103052Who was in the wrong here? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wn-U6fVvgEQ[View]
83098710I got told to watch black mirror. It just made me mad, and want to punch some women. Why do people l…[View]
83102863seriously wtf Hollywood, can't they just make one decent summer flick which isn't capeshit…[View]
83102768>Is this how you get your kicks? By plotting the deaths of innocent people? >No...by causing t…[View]
83096017who would be the victor? thoughtful responses only.[View]
83102540Name a better director. Protip: You can't[View]
83102634It was incredibly cringy and funny. Loved it.[View]
83102648War films or tv series[View]
83102589/Now That I'm Older Thread/: What ET a symbol for the plight African American?[View]
83101969Why don't tv shows do Halloween specials anymore? They always do a cheesy Christmas one but I h…[View]
83091701I want to make love to this alien[View]
83100477/tpg/ - Twin Peaks General: Don't forget to put on the fucking title and use the pastebin below…[View]
83101829Was he right?[View]
83102385T2 Trainspotting: What do you think about this sequel? What was the message in the end? Did Mark bec…[View]
83087132Maybe its because I just finished Sopranos, but my god this show fucking sucks so far. Im two episod…[View]
83083529Bridge to Terebithia: Damn, never read the book and just saw this. Why did she HAVE to die?[View]
83099721Movies like this?[View]
83091011HOW TO FIX: >Include a opening scene of Elizabeth Shaw, still alive, writhing in pain being exper…[View]
83092874Justice League ending - picture leaked[View]
83100144And suddenly I became more interested in Godzilla 2[View]
83101421PAN NICE AND HOT: Richard 'Based' Brody pans Twin Memes: >he original “Twin Peaks,” which I watch…[View]
83100503Is pic related worth a watch?[View]
83102040What a cop-out ... Why not just kill her? What kind of shit was that. I don't even understand t…[View]
83101103ridley scott was always a hac---[View]
83101243Is this movie shit? I watched it last night and I enjoyed it, but it seemed kind of shitty. I mean I…[View]
83101741Tell me about King Baldwin. Why does he wear the mask?[View]
83100519When will you realize that Snyder is a modern day Kubrick?[View]
83098802BETTER CALL SAUL Since there isn't a thread what did you think about Kim's sperging out?[View]
83099088shitty casting[View]
83096058Is the new Twin Peaks even relevant anymore in light of Riverdale, which provides a much more modern…[View]
83101631>Main character is American and doesn't take off his shoes when entering a house…[View]
83101733tv/movie hangouts you wanted to be at: For obvious reasons, i would love to sit around and shoot shi…[View]
83096698How the FUCK is this allowed?[View]
83097253Anyone else seen this? I thought it was pretty good; I really liked the creature's design.[View]
83099608THE LEFTOVERS: FINAL SEASON HBO: Ok, be honest, watching this really makes you want yo move to Austr…[View]
83097359It's still MY name on the goddamn door, Lewis![View]
83094075Did they fuck?[View]
83101577It's shit isn't it?[View]
83094247It's a crime against humanity that Alexandra Daddario will not appear in a bikini in the 2017 r…[View]
83101588>At least you can talk. Who are you?[View]
83100939Why does garbage like this get made?[View]
83089985Do you like Kimmy, /tv/? It's with the famous blowjob girl in it.[View]
83100425holy shit this show is fucking fantastic. it's more like Observe and Report than Eastbound, McB…[View]
83100091Why is he so full of SHIT?!!![View]
83099621I just marathoned this whole show, but I still don't know who the fuck Beverly Hills is. There …[View]
83094935Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales: Saw this shite last nite m8, ask me anything…[View]
83095939At which scene you realized you were watching kino? Forme is when Laura rolls the decapitated head[View]
83101242We're no strangers to love[View]
83077790how come /tv/ never talks about this show[View]
83100654Have you ever considered that we are merely sentient constructs within Keanu Reeves' matrix?[View]
83083875Raw.2016.SUBBED.1080p.WEB-DL.DD5.1.H264-FGT: >Raw.2016.SUBBED.1080p.WEB-DL.DD5.1.H264-FGT >Raw…[View]
83100170What are some movies about Chads? Pic related.[View]
83095106/Fargo/: What is his endgame?[View]
83099486>They are gangsta as fuck!! Collider on suicide watch***[View]
83100537Sense8: Hey guys just wondering if any of you have checked out sense8. Its written by J. Michael Str…[View]
83096921Watching Terminator 2 for the first time and I just got to this scene: >Miles Dyson: You're …[View]
83092920I hurt myself today[View]
83095158How low will it go?[View]
83099493how come she never got raped?[View]
83100980Is this true /tv?[View]
83096376Tatiana Maslany thread[View]
83100345Exorcist TV Show: What does /tv/ think about one of the most overlooked shows of the last 12 months?…[View]
83100693Glacius Wins!!!: Live action when?[View]
83100670>There are people on /tv/ RIGHT NOW that will try to convince us this dialogue is kino >Meanwh…[View]
83099548Who was your number one?[View]
83100607What do they have in common?[View]
83097168Just saw this last night with my buddy and have two questions. 1. Were those actual engineers that …[View]
83100606So why exactly are they giving this the NeverEnding Story treatment? Are the books not good enough?[View]
83099750>I know you are, but what am I?[View]
83099716What the fuck was this guys problem?[View]
83099610What went wrong?[View]
83100226What are your opinions about 'Lines' webserie? has contemporary art gone too far? https://www.youtub…[View]
83098750He's the biggest of them all![View]
83097747YANB Edition WARNING: If you haven't watched until S3E04, spoilers abound. FAQ: >I want …[View]
83099284That Twitter-Inspired Rihanna-Lupita Heist Movie Is Actually Happening. Rihanna and Nyong’o will sta…[View]
83095907Is he, dare I say it, /the guy/?[View]
83085178Why does the church scene from Kingsman trigger /tv/ so much? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t1WWDB…[View]
83100202When is this shit going to leak? General: Torrents have been hitting fast & furious th post few …[View]
83099832Are you fucking serious?[View]
83099352Hey /tv/ do you know of any films about the unmerciful slaughter of the enemies of Christendom?[View]
83098914Cast the remaining Universal Monster Mash roles: - The Wolfman - Dracula - Creature from the Black L…[View]
83097067Handsome cunts[View]
83097346What is Kylo's purpose in the next movie? He got beat by Rey so I don't see what the point…[View]
83089004>cult films you can't understand the cult following for it had a few chuckle moments but wha…[View]
83099811>friends want me to watch Get Out and Hidden Figures[View]
83100074ITT: movies about celebrities in power who are actually powerless[View]
83075177Is this good or SJW? I really liked Jessica jones but thought luke cage was boring. Also Liked river…[View]
83099140Is this the best movie of 2017?[View]
83098079when do they get AIDS?[View]
83096667>'The Alien™ is coming, quick suck my nipples' What did she mean by this…[View]
83097088THE REAL TWIN PEAKS MURDER: https://www.washingtonpost.com/entertainment/hazels-brutal-murder-was-al…[View]
83099626...and the Golden Globes goes to...[View]
83098786Damn this was great bros holy fuck that ending gave me feels out the ass[View]
83099419What was his fucking problem? https://youtu.be/M6HxD6sZ-I0[View]
83099391Russian gems: I saw this movie posted here, gave it a show and holy shit, incredible movie, any more…[View]
83099211What's his endgame?[View]
83099192Barns vs Elias: WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOUR DOING!?[View]
83099225Wait, wasn't she still naked from the waist down? She had plumbers and Freddy's mom in the…[View]
83096923‘District 9’ Director Neill Blomkamp to Release Experimental Short Films On Gaming Site Steam: Dead …[View]
83099393TWO WEEKS[View]
83099344Jay tells you to hand over your VHS collection. Do you comply?[View]
83098748Why did entire theater laugh when he took off his mask?[View]
83098692Just watched this, and I came to the conclusion that there is no one more impressive and based than …[View]
83099278ITT God tier shoes. Not shown: Adam Ruins Everything[View]
83098646>Some HBO Historical Drama >Some Jew side story…[View]
83098902THIS WORLD OF OURS[View]
83096704>12 people have seen it >CULT FOLLOWING[View]
83092798When will the best DC comic be made into a film?[View]
83097399>2015 movie >WELCOME TO MY HOUSE[View]
83099027What are some good 80's action movies, /tv/? Preferably self-aware and with real cool guy prota…[View]
83098173I hate this one-dimensional impulsive meathead, worst part of prison break[View]
83074675I feel like this kino is better than any other war kino. Do you agree?[View]
83093673BLAME! (Buramu): >tfw finally a cartoon as good or better than Akira And like Akira, we all fucki…[View]
83098349Is X-24 the pleb filter for Logan?[View]
83098103>shooty shooty bang bang trailer >how do you like me now starts playing…[View]
83098453Best Roger Moore kino.You can't prove me wrong.[View]
83095248What did he mean by this?[View]
83093117How did the Rock gain such prominence as a though guy while being such a fucking puny beta manlet?[View]
83095092Why do Americans like him?[View]
83097617>tfw someone talks shit about the show you're enjoying[View]
83098151>>https://www.rottentomatoes.com/top/bestofrt/?cmp=FBRT_Top100Films >Above Metropolis >…[View]
83098423stop stealing my content[View]
83095812whats your favorite rick and morty quote?[View]
83097676360 video BBC News - Future of film?: Mind blowing 360 video Use noise to drag parts of screen to s…[View]
83096781When will he appear in rick and morty?[View]
83097942Pick any Twin Peaks scene of your choice. Got it? What did they mean by this?[View]
83095963Would it make a good film franchise?[View]
83094998Why did they create us then /tv/, of all the answers I wanted to see in Covenant from Prometheus, th…[View]
83098062>i better have all my programs on there when it gets back![View]
83093823best clone[View]
83098024ITT: >We post pimp as directors Pic definitely related[View]
83095306Inhumans trailer: https://vid.me/vcbm Why the hell is Marvel making this? It looks terrible![View]
83097614WELL (huh-huh) WELL WELL (huh-huh) WELL WELL WELL (huh-huh) WELL WELL WELL WELL (huh-huh) WELL WELL …[View]
83096809You faggots are a bunch of blind followers of Stahelski who won't accept that 'John Wick: Chapt…[View]
83095032Been binging whole day should i stop at this and say this is how the series end or move on to 4[View]
83097716Adaptation when?[View]
83097661Cooper Hates Minorities Edition WARNING: If you haven't watched until S3E04, spoilers abound.…[View]
83097330ooh, and that's a bad miss[View]
83095417What are some essential Chad Core movies?[View]
83097495Border Security: No Border Security Kino Threads. >American carrying guns or ammunition >Ameri…[View]
83097101How do we save Ellen?[View]
83094816where you when rodge was kill i was listening to duran duran when daniel phone 'rodge is kill' 'no' …[View]
83097103What's this guy's name again?[View]
83097024>Nothing will stand in our way. I will finish what you started. Will Joss redeem himself?…[View]
83094813Aquaman: Is anyone hyped for this movie?[View]
83097184>When I go to see guardians of the galaxy but the alien keeps murdering people and the cute racoo…[View]
83098313What is England, to you?[View]
83096519Name a whinier theme song[View]
83094567OFFICIAL ROGER MOORE BOND FILMS POWER RANKINGS: 1. The Man with the Golden Gun 2. The Spy Who Loved …[View]
83093067>Vietnam movie >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D5drYkLiLI8 starts playing…[View]
83094885Why did she say 'ridicurous'?[View]
83094777>Watching movie with family >actor curses or nudity is shown…[View]
83096409do you think his career would have taken a different path if he was left in Solondz' Storytelli…[View]
83092129Stuckmann General: Stuck's Baywatch review https://youtu.be/erYWahOo42A what do we think?…[View]
83089087>Henry Cavill losing all his hair >Ben Affleck's life force is literally being stolen …[View]
83095120Predator: How was the DEAD scorpion visible in infra red vision?[View]
83093727why doesnt dr xavier have any powers in this film? can someone give me a quick rundown? has he gone …[View]
83093978Good night, sweet prince.[View]
83093834why are most Female characters written so perfect it comes off so boring even most movies where a wo…[View]
83096739Hey man, I put the butter on for you, you look like the type that would want that. Alright, now enjo…[View]
83093138so uh where is the torrent for the latest episode?[View]
83094703Sooo... Aragorn...[View]
83096538>I rate Tarantino[View]
83094491/tpg/ - Twin Peaks General: Please use the OP Pastebin right down there to make new threads so you d…[View]
83095884I breakdown during this scene every time. 10/10 film. Everything about Heat is interesting, and th…[View]
83095850Did they?[View]
83096508Star Trek: Why do the bridge lights dim during red alert?[View]
83096483Let's face it. The only people who don't like super hero films are uppity self righteous j…[View]
83093200The most reddit thing I've seen All week: This video is so reddit it's cringeworthy >WH…[View]
83093546>it's another 'mike does volunteer work for 47 minutes' episode Better call Saul just keeps…[View]
83095675>2 belts What kind of symbolism is this?[View]
83096466>WUBA-LUBA-HEEB-KIKE! Gentleman, activate my almonds and move them to DEFCON 4…[View]
83095491What are Scooby Snacks supposed to be?[View]
83096388The Dark Crystal: Was it autism? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Au2E6mWMbo https://www.youtube.com…[View]
83094531NO RUBBER[View]
83096276Happy End - Haneke Best film best film at cannes: Best film at Cannes and my fave film of the year. …[View]
83095778>Ariana Grande's concert is bombed >Zack Snyder's daughter suicides >Roger Moore …[View]
83096245How the fuck are these movies successful? Every one asides the first one (which wasn't even tha…[View]
83096207>It was a 'hot chocolate friendship', good for some months but not for others. EWWWWWWWW this is …[View]
83096201foodkino: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gsE5zhi3TRA Can you out-do this? Not likely, man.…[View]
83092216The cast of season 3 is such a fucking shit, the goyim and the whore are the only characters saving …[View]
83096091name some legitimately good movies that you feel were given low review scores or turned out poor box…[View]
83096022Comfy movies.[View]
83092105>when the THX logo sound hits you[View]
83095956You think he finally got to fuck her?[View]
83095923You faggots are a bunch of blind followers of Lynch who won't accept that 'Twin Peaks: The Retu…[View]
83079420Just started watching pic related, DAE absolutely hate Larry's wife? She's so negative and…[View]
83095601All women do it 1992. Just finish what's whole point. If you trust your wife to be a Sult with …[View]
83095700You've been bamboozled![View]
83089935Is this the most pretentious movie ever made? And by pretentious I mean in the true sense of the wor…[View]
83095216ITT: Best examples of on screen nudity: Eva Green in The Dreamers is number one without a doubt…[View]
83095280ITT: Movies that were prophetic to our current world[View]
83090870DC IS FINISHED Snyder such a depressing hack his daughter kills herself. Cuck Whedon jumps in to fin…[View]
83095133What's his name, /tv/?[View]
83093767Roger Moore is dead: Rip. James Bond the Third. The oldest and the first to go away. Goodbye. https:…[View]
83095247Does this show get any better? I just watched the first two episodes and it feels extremely basic.[View]
83095414ITT: Movies you wish you never knew existed[View]
83095270Survivor: How will you react to Sarah's victory tomorrow?[View]
83082398What is wrong with this show?[View]
83093695F Mods, please sticky[View]
83093224Omar Comin' Yo[View]
83091227Why did the quality of scrubs drop so fast after season 4. even season 4 was when the decline was st…[View]
83088480Why did it fail?[View]
83091345I hurt myself today[View]
83094718Where did it go wrong?[View]
83090209Better than Awesome Show?[View]
83090847Is Spurdo gino?[View]
83087088ITT: subtlety in film[View]
83094554>this got 3 seasons[View]
83094331>fast forward during the boring parts >watching slow-ass films at 1.5x speed…[View]
83094508Godfuckingdammit, prettiest Bond just died.[View]
83067103But what trap was most painful?[View]
83086751>movie is 3 hours long[View]
83094259Current Mood[View]
83092109This show is great, just finished season 2. >Flints annoying not-wife gets her head blown off mid…[View]
83090880/tpg/ - Twin Peaks General: old >>83089346 WARNING: If you haven't watched until S3E04, s…[View]
83094221RIP Roger Moore[View]
83094177ITT: Things you never see in movies anymore: Pic Related[View]
83092777How can she become a Academy Award winner like everyone thought she was going to be?[View]
83061101Alien: Covenant - Neomorph Concept Art: http://bloody-disgusting.com/news/3438444/tons-alien-covenan…[View]
83088407/lbg/ - letterboxd general: Twin Peaks edition. Previous thread: >>83002952 >Not sure what …[View]
83092237The movies would have worked, only if he hadn't connected them with the Alien franchise. If it …[View]
83093908F https://twitter.com/sirrogermoore?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Eauthor[View]
83091782 Are screen writers doing it on purpouse? They are adding some imigration/POC issues into movies whe…[View]
83093542Most UNrealistic thing you've ever seen in a movie,: What is it?[View]
83093737Daily reminder that seasons 7-9 are garbage compared to seasons 1-2. Tell me, why do you guys throw …[View]
83093976Roger Moore has carked it RIP[View]
83093836Books which need their own films: I'm surprised Hollywood execs haven't picked up on this …[View]
83093932What are some films similar to this one?[View]
83086452Joss Whedon to direct Justice League: http://deadline.com/2017/05/justice-league-joss-whedon-zack-sn…[View]
83093602Why are the alliance scenes so bad?[View]
83093909Adopt rice - pay the price.[View]
83093844Goodnight, sweet prince.[View]
83087715>They cast this guy as Commissioner Gordon. *wheezing laugh* ...You serious?…[View]
83093732/tv/'s opinion on this?: Was it kino?[View]
83086433Justice League Director Drops Out After Family Tragedy, Joss Whedon To Finish Movie: Director Zack S…[View]
83091587>you will never go back to High School[View]
83092860>Directed by Mel Gibson >Starring Mark Wahlberg as Earl Turner…[View]
83090768Marvel Autism: Can someone please explain to me why every cunt breathing seems to be lapping up ever…[View]
83093039which classic are shekel hungry media houses going to ruin next?[View]
83091450It's over, we're DChads No More: >I dreamed a dream in Kino times gone by >When hope…[View]
83093386Is Hollywood done with Chinese Cartoon movies?[View]
83093382>'Do you love Hitler or not?' >'I...don't.' >'You don't... Sieg Heil me, Peter. I…[View]
83091932Is Prometheus finally being acknowledged as kino? Has the negative reception phase that occurred wit…[View]
83093240Will hollywood continue to invest in her when she flops?[View]
83090043>leave CapeKino to moi[View]
83085811Children of Men: Discuss.[View]
83090131was this really necessary?[View]
83093081Hey, guys. Will the cinema bouncers let me in when I show them my bluray collection? I don't w…[View]
83086542John.Wick.Chapter.2.2017.1080p.WEB-DL.DD5.1.H264-FGT: >John.Wick.Chapter.2.2017.1080p.WEB-DL.DD5.…[View]
83077634What went wrong?[View]
83092765check these doubles HELOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO[View]
83092283Do people in America really think that this is sexy? Regular Chloe looks good considering that she i…[View]
83091232Why did Finn remove his armor?: Since A New Hope, it was made clear that the Stromtroopers armors ha…[View]
83089973Good actress or just eye candy?[View]
83092661post pic from 21:37 time of movie you have just watched others gonna guess what movie is this[View]
83092677Ridleys only good film since Blade Runner: >you can't control who gets hit or who doesn…[View]
83089203It wasn't meant to be a documentary, guys[View]
83066619ITT: TV shows and films you swear never got a video game, but they did.[View]
83091446Zack Snyder is an inspiration: No memes. THIS is what a man should be. >leaves his dream movie …[View]
83059780/who/ - Doctor Who General: K-9 is going to cannes edition. Last company: >>83038929[View]
83092401Occasional vaginal smell and discharge, which can be fishy smelling, is most often caused by Amy Sch…[View]
83092152Post some comfy European setting ludo[View]
83092331>main character easily hooks up a girl and has sex with her after an hour of first meeting I. jus…[View]
83090860Twin Peaks General /tpg/: Dougie Jones Edition previous >>83089346 WARNING: If you haven…[View]
83083453Does /tv/ like Sarah Silverman or is she just as bad as Amy Schumer?[View]
83080828>upbeat and lighthearted music set to imagery of violence and chaos[View]
83092161Didn't see a single thread about it , is it good?[View]
83091894WTF is up with all the lice in alien 3[View]
83091972What would you do if they break you?: I guess we'll never know[View]
83089796You faggots are a bunch of blind followers of Lynch who won't accept that 'Twin Peaks: The Retu…[View]
83088755Who's more senile?[View]
83086784>Australians can't produce ki-[View]
83071136Refn Ranked: Neon Demon>Only God Forgives>Valhalla Rising>Bronson>Drive[View]
83090369Why does no one ever talk about That's So Raven?: Last time I render anyone referencing it was …[View]
83081245Prometheus >Opening weekend: $51,050,101 Alien Covenant >Opening weekend: $36,000,000 What…[View]
83089322Leave Cape Kino to m-[View]
83081034How did this episode make any sense, anyway? Like it's a neat concept that they used stories to…[View]
83086699why aren't more studio blockbusters released in black and white, bros?[View]
83083223what is his fucking problem? no, really. what IS this guy's problem?[View]
83091162What a man.[View]
83091832Obviously it was influential on many shows (X-Files, True Detective, Wayward Pines, The Valley etc. …[View]
83091500leave capekino to me[View]
83091801>mfw even this generic space slasher was better than Alien Cuckernant At least the alien was fun …[View]
83083299Shows you wish you had never wasted your time with[View]
83091694is he. dare i say it. /ourguy/?[View]
83091704>some chink offs herself >gets mass attention on /tv/ because it belonged to Zach Snyder …[View]
83091403Whats your favourite reality show?[View]
83091055Rate my this week's watchlist /tv/.Im open to suggestions.[View]
83091025>'There's no such thing as a perfect wom-' Daisy Ridley as Ophelia in the new re-imagining o…[View]
83089264ITT: smooth characters[View]
83087143Anyone here seen the Australian television series Seven Types of Ambiguity?[View]
83089842left or right[View]
83080061James is still cool: He's always been cool..... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ljSqqL3AxI…[View]
83090639Alien Covenant was......fine: Honestly I don't get the overwhelming hate towards this movie. I …[View]
83090150>flick has a scene that revolves around a cup of coffee[View]
83091412What the fuck was his problem? Why didn't he follow the orders?[View]
83085627>smoking weed protects you from government mind control This movie is brilliant…[View]
83085526Year One Million: Your mind will be blown openload dot co/f/ahtY6iG0xQA/Year.Million.S01E01.HDTV.x26…[View]
83090446just finished watching pic related. It was ok I guess. aiden gillen aka cia guy was in this movie…[View]
83090009Who is your favourite angel?[View]
83080694Today I Will Remind Them: >hurr durr the Hollywood accounting myth is bullshit Friendly reminder …[View]
83089184wait when the fuck did this happen?[View]
83089170New rules for what is and is not 'canon': If the sequel or prequel is made 7+ years after the origin…[View]
83089925>twin peaks More like Twin Cucks am I right?[View]
83086149Obscure VHS Mixtapes: Any oldfag anons remember Cathode Fuck? Oldschool VHS mixtape, spread across a…[View]
83090741Is Blade Runner the only film where product placement added to the film positively?[View]
83088398The Salted _________ is particularly good.[View]
83089863dude it's bad on purpose lmao[View]
83090997Could I be a movies?[View]
83090973Will this be the new Oz? http://www.comingsoon.net/tv/news/850961-oliver-stone-guantanamo-series…[View]
83087155ITT: We predict problems in movies that aren't out yet: 2049 is going to have absolute shit pac…[View]
83090906was it kino?[View]
83089070Oh I get it: >Vol. 2 Like a music album.[View]
83090759What are some movies about heartless cunts that stab their best friend in the back?[View]
83076655Thoughts on this?[View]
83082436if you pick Sarah Plain-and-Tall over hottie pixie milf, I don't even.[View]
83090778When did it start going downhill? Seasons 7 and 8 especially are so fucking bad its embarrassing.[View]
83088511this depressing piece of shit with 0 decent actors is a 'classic feel good movie' in the USA, kek[View]
83090794Pro Islam Kino Thread https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OZJFvI5QKOI[View]
83090598we all seen this coming[View]
83090647who was the killer?[View]
83085186Sunshine: Is this the greatest sci-fi movie of all times /tv/? >inb4 the 3rd act ruined it all…[View]
83089778What's some good movies about father and son relationship? I've already seen Over the Top.[View]
83075879That scene was too much, even for me. Also 13RW thread.[View]
83087656Miss us yet?[View]
83090000 [View]
83089349There's no such thing as a perfect sho-[View]
83089346Twin Peaks General /tpg/: Margaret Edition previous >>83087456 WARNING: If you haven't w…[View]
83085869*cue rolling bass soundtrack* *sips* >DAMN THIS IS SOME FINE COFFEE xD *supernatural shit happens…[View]
83082578ITT: characters that are literally you[View]
83089143Family Guy is funny you reddit newfags[View]
83081613Thoughts on Better Call Saul tonight?[View]
83078730Who was the worst?[View]
83089981Capekino was never real. Just a dream from a director from Kansas.[View]
83088436Game Changers: What movies really stuck out as a /Game Changer/?[View]
83089982>Hi, I'm Russ[View]
83084983New Twin Peaks is Reddit: Anyone else get a creeping 'I AM GROOT' Reddit vibe from Dougie/Coop'…[View]
83086778Hey Vasquez, have you ever been mistaken for a man?[View]
83089157She's the Man: Discuss.[View]
83083040Who was in the wrong here?[View]
83084901what does /tv/ think of this?[View]
83088954Does /tv/ prefer Alexa Bliss or Becky Lynch?[View]
83089770I wish I had a Jared[View]
83088649>Aliens™ is now about Ridley Scott's self insert (David) and his obsession with spreading hi…[View]
83088733>https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Star_Wars:_The_Force_Awakens#Box_office >https://en.wikipedia.o…[View]
83086473What are some other movies made by a boring, completely normal writer/director who tried their harde…[View]
83083643I don't generally like capeshit, but if they make a tv show with our guy I might enjoy it. I ju…[View]
83086873>talking shit about the original's 'comfiness' That was and always will be the appeal of the…[View]
83089124Who's idea was not only to make sequel to 1980 movie in 2006, but also cast actors who look muc…[View]
83078752Why did Twin Peaks 2017 have so many product placements? >Lincoln (twice) >Jeep Wrangler Sahar…[View]
83088024Hey /tv/, is it better to be a shitty movie everyone remembers, or a mediocre one that everyone forg…[View]
83089119Hot MILF alert[View]
83088818I have never watched a TV show. Where do I start?[View]
83083232Power Rangers Movie[View]
83089189Why has no one from Hollywood tried to make a Book of Revelation epic yet? Big budget, three hours, …[View]
83088088ITT movies you can tell are going to be bad just from the title.[View]
83089183Post subtle television/film tattoos[View]
83089065TFW no black gf from Twin Peaks: Why even live?[View]
83088760Youtube Reviews: So I mentioned in passing to my grandfather about a month back that doing video rev…[View]
83080982Qui-Gon Jinn, my arch nemesis. You know you can call me Darth Maul. So say it. Lemme hear you say, '…[View]
83088297*Watches Joan of Arc once*[View]
83085138What do you want to see next for Kiernan Shipka, career-wise?[View]
83087137Unsolved movie mysteries? I still don't get how he sticks the toothpick so deep in his mouth. I…[View]
83088792la laaa la laaaa laaaaaa laaa la laaa~ NEEH NEHHHH NEEEH NEEH NEH NEH NEHN NHE!!!!!![View]
83087851How does it stack up to the original? Is it as good as the originals worst, best or what?[View]
83086803ITT: /tv/ admits there guilty pleasures: Here is a picture of widely acclaimed American director Jam…[View]
83088751Watch The aliens series for the first time and its feels like today movies tries to say to much in o…[View]
83087835lets face it /tv/, everyone has different taste for film, some people like action film, some people …[View]
83086708top kek[View]
83087456Twin Peaks General /tpg/: Shelly Edition previous >>83085281 WARNING: If you haven't wat…[View]
83088513ITT: we give movies the opposite title: Write a short synopsis on the new movie Daywalker - he survi…[View]
83079164fuck the haters: Man of Steel's production title was Autumn Frost. To say that Zack Snyder love…[View]
83087818The Dark Tapes: What did /tv/ think of this movie? I'm confused on multiple levels and see the …[View]
83086851ITT: Post a movie character that's literally you[View]
83088160The Red Shoes: Unironically the best film, movie, kino whatever the fuck you want to call it, ever m…[View]
83088149sniff sniff[View]
83087058Did Mookie do the right thing? Did anyone?[View]
83082887what's next for her career?[View]
83079149He's supposed to be intimating?[View]
83087832Who drew the first smug pepe?[View]
83081749Now that the dust has settled, what do we think about this movie?[View]
83077300My dad thinks guardians of the galaxy 2 was more enjoyable than john wick 2 and alien covenant. Thou…[View]
83085000Interstellar: Who put the wormwhole next to saturn? Is it future humans ('they') that survived the e…[View]
83087780ITT we complain about another site that nobody gives a fuck about because we're creatively bank…[View]
83086773Post actors that are probably dead by now[View]
83085709Just once I'd like to see the villain secretly wear a bullet-proof vest.[View]
83082747What is her endgame?[View]
83083994Zack Snyders only good movie is 300. His visual style is overreliant on CGI, a technology that only …[View]
83084689THE INSPIRATION FOR TWIN PEAKS: https://www.thestar.com/entertainment/television/2017/05/20/brutal-m…[View]
83086196>youtube is shilling this hard for their shitty new service no one wants FUCK OFF…[View]
83071168Where were you when Marvel stepped in to save the DC Cinematic Universe? https://www.comicbookmovie.…[View]
83086793Well, time for me to hit the hay. Goodnight, lads.[View]
83085553>Main character goes to take a shit >Wipes with his hand underneath his gooch…[View]
83083062So is this show any good? I've always avoided it because I assumed it was just a show that just…[View]
83086953IT IS HAPPENING AGAIN: Anyone else already considering rewatching the first 4 episodes? I don't…[View]
83085149Its out boys.[View]
83078419>Drew Barrymore voiced Olive in 'Olive, the Other Reindeer' in 1999. >Drew barrymore's da…[View]
83083703you can't deny that he's basically a genius https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0PlwDbSYicM…[View]
83077064>STR vs. DEX https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AWCi9Bxu1pk[View]
83080588Top-tier fan service in kino thread: >Willow having a lesbian arc…[View]
83084283I love BBC! All their shows, from Doctor Who to Half of a yellow sun to their countless excellent do…[View]
83085764Is there a movie like 'Blue is the Warmest Color' but without all those icky vaginas and penis on pe…[View]
83085281Twin Peaks General /tpg/: Cool Guy edition WARNING: If you haven't watched until S3E04, spoiler…[View]
83086042Is better than season 1 or the original show? Im assuming its better than season 2 because half of s…[View]
83085592Not gay. But for some reason I've always been curious about to see Christian Bale full frontal …[View]
83086364MR SOPRANO, IM FBI[View]
83077273>Before he goes off to war, a soldier gives his wife a bill of divorce. He says, 'Dear, this is y…[View]
83083116What is the general opinion on pic related? Also, can /tv/ advise more similar shows/movies? Feel li…[View]
83085247Where's a good site to watch TV shows online these days? I was using WatchSeries.vc but that se…[View]
83086244ALIEN COVENANT: In 100 years, the mankind will be retarded, the movie.[View]
83086215DUDE LJN LMAO[View]
83086067I want to start off by admitting that I did like the soundtrack. I used to play the cello so natural…[View]
83086059Torrenting this as we speak. What am I in for?[View]
83086183Where the hell can I watch this online? I have Showtime, but I fucked up and missed the premiere.[View]
83082346Fuck the DCEU: >Snyder's gone (yes he made a mistake of cramming so much into BvS instead of…[View]
83085618What's his name, /tv/?[View]
83084788Why does film have such better looking greens than digital?[View]
83081558Discuss you cunts: I know I'm a bit late to the party but what did everyone think of 13 Reasons…[View]
83085389Why do so many TV shows and films have bullshit hacking scenes? Do the show's creators actually…[View]
83075341The Bachelorette First Black Bachelorette Ever [Season Premiere Tonight]: GET IN HERE FUCKERS[View]
83084776A Movie That Does Not Exist: Okay you motherfuckers. You know basically everything it seems. I want …[View]
83079424We lost[View]
83085536What the fuck was his problem? I can't even rewatch this show because of this douche fag[View]
83084559Do you listen to Craig Ferguson's radio show? I feel like not enough people know about it, but …[View]
83085502Gosnell: Anyone going to see this?[View]
83085445Hiro-sanctioned meta thread: the absolute fucking state of this '''''board''''': >>83082608 …[View]
83082882>with big power comes big guys, Peter What did he mean by this?[View]
83082801What was his endgame?[View]
83083462What's the real reason it was canceled?[View]
83083890Twin Peaks General /tpg/: Marlon Brando edition WARNING: If you haven't watched until S3E04, sp…[View]
83083808My name's Buck, and I'm here to Feed & Seed[View]
83082148has Lily Collins ever been in a good movie? I certainly can't think of one.[View]
83075573> mfw I make such shit movies my daughter literally kills herself[View]
83078157>Tfw you just pretend to dislike Rick and Morty to fit in[View]
83081208Here's why the ending was perfect: >With Aku broadcasting the opening, all of the characters…[View]
83084254Must say although the zombie genre has jumped the shark this was a good movie. Also think the ending…[View]
83079961What's his plan?[View]
83084113>Change opening so it seems like an indie pop song >Entire episode is about black people Well…[View]
83084659Have you ever tugged a braid or smoothed a skirt? What about sniffing?[View]
83083023Is this any good?[View]
83082466Zack Snyder Appreciation Thread: Please share your condolences and appreciation for a great director…[View]
83082895what went wrong?[View]
83082109>be midget >talk shit about only director who has hired you >turn into a tree Midgets BTFO…[View]
83084340Is David the ultimate reasoning against having super smart AI? Did his lack of and view of death mak…[View]
83079360Do americans really do this?[View]
83058610So is this show canceled or what?[View]
83081261Which movies have helped shape your world-view?[View]
83074589The Sopranos: >It's a 'Meadow has no direction in life' episode. AGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH…[View]
83083987>character sees guy groping a girl in public: >doesn't throw his coffee at them…[View]
83083966What are some films where the main character isn't seen by all parties as 'good' or without fau…[View]
83077594TARS SET EMPATHY LEVEL TO ZERO: Empathy level of this board = 0% You guys are immature and have pois…[View]
83083250what is the best movie about witches and witchcraft /tv/?[View]
83082035Prove to me that he did something wrong, because he didn't.[View]
83083263Is he a polygamist?[View]
83082812>doug fucks black trannies and cucks his wife >his wife fucks enrique the gardener and cucks d…[View]
83081365/tpg/ - Twin Peaks General: WARNING: If you haven't watched until S3E04, spoilers abound. FAQ: …[View]
83083384Well La, Di, Da..[View]
83083745Stupid /tv/ be more funny!: holy shit are the threads tonight ever dull[View]
83083799>shot of a sprouting plant[View]
83080229>Does anyone have any orange slices? Who's /ready/ for more fruit quips?…[View]
83083694its a classic pencil maneuver... it can't fail against a bony chink[View]
83083693What did they mean by this?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JPhylYXsNX8[View]
83081992Well That was good And violent Thank you deadpool for allowing violence in movies again[View]
83082111>Leave capeshit to me[View]
83080168>Directed by Ridley Scott I'm glad it fucking flopped bahahahaha[View]
83082933>When the book is better than the movie[View]
83083134Political fiction: What are some good political movies in recent years?[View]
83082869What are some movies with great costumes? Gangs of New York's are great. The fit and color look…[View]
83075040Recommend me movies where a character (or several), go through great inner transformations. Got over…[View]
83083207One will protect you. The other 15 will try to kill you. Choose wisely.[View]
83072020DC *JUST* UNIVERSE: >man of steel--SHIT >batman v superman--SHIT >suicide squad--UTTER SHIT…[View]
83082550What: Is this face supposed to convey.[View]
83080556isn't it kind of a bummer that we already know their endgame?[View]
83083155>character looks at a humanoid monsterious aliens face in a city >'quit staring at my balla!'…[View]
8308309913 Reasons Why - Season 2: predictions / discussion[View]
83082946What's the difference between kinography ('kino') and philom?[View]
83064091Here's the scenario: >1980s Antarctic Research Base >Both the T-1000 and The Thing have s…[View]
83079352Was exorcist 2:the heretic really that bad? Boorman is a good director[View]
83082847Juana: Any other Jane the Virgin fans?[View]
83082738Conan O'Brien Remotes: essential conan kino https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j8wJbxD9TG4…[View]
83080261>Aliens™ is now about Ridley Scott's self insert (David) and his obsession with spreading hi…[View]
83082125Rate these shameless Twin Peaks rip-offs from best to worst: >Northern Exposure >Top of the La…[View]
83078866>Everyone who works with him says he is the nicest most professional person around >Very calm …[View]
83081654Teenager Faggots that Need to Fuck Off: Honestly, HAHAHA posters need to die. They need to get stuck…[View]
83082560Beetlejuice: >It's a Dominic shits in Beet's pants episode…[View]
83082006Name something more comfy[View]
83082433Just Chanel Oberlin trying to kill Chanel #2[View]
83082451>Born amidst salt and smoke... is he a ham? Holy fucking shit. What the FUCK was his fucking prob…[View]
83080239Gotham: Which one is /ourguy/? Who is in the wrong?[View]
83082305How has TruTV managed to survive with only one show?[View]
83080793Is Stacey Dooley the next Louis Theroux? https://youtu.be/JL0kfG676Hw https://youtu.be/SgKMI1wV0ps h…[View]
83079221Is this kino?[View]
83079480So /tv/, are you going to watch the remake of The Beguiled? It has your favorite actress in it. And …[View]
83078103>Is this how you get your kicks? By plotting the deaths of innocent people? >No...by causing t…[View]
83081124What the FUCK was his problem?[View]
83077859ITT: Fuck You, I liked it[View]
83081480Thoughts on this kino? Pretty comfy if you ask me[View]
83079970>I rate Joss Whedon[View]
83082058What are the most kino phone calls in film?[View]
83080554Actors that ruin every scene they're in[View]
83075255http://www.slashfilm.com/zack-snyder-leaves-justice-league-joss-whedon/ >A horrible tragedy has o…[View]
83080549Why does he cry at the end?? Does he come to a realization that no one will come to mourn his death?…[View]
83080317First one to talk gets to stay in my Lodge.[View]
83081486>2015 movie >WELCOME TO MY HOUSE[View]
83080447What did critics mean by this?[View]
83075227What's the smartest thing Joe Rogan has ever said?[View]
83079346WHAT IF like in Prometheus the engineers creating humans they also created a human like species on a…[View]
83074430FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK: >4 hrs of twin peaks to watch >already have 1 hour o…[View]
83080653Hello, Is Deadwood better than Rome? Yours truly, Michael D. (Anonymous)[View]
83081753So is this the finally for Twin Peaks, or is there gonna be multiple seasons of this? I cant find an…[View]
83081830Alien vs Predator: what are the chances we ever get another AVP movie?[View]
83074046>John Wick: Chapter 2 2017 1080p WEB-DL DD 5 1 H264 - SadeceBluRay John Wick: Chapter 2 2017 1080…[View]
83072284RIVERDALE Season 2 Announcements: From the CW Upfronts. >Season 2 will have 22 episodes and cente…[View]
83080603>the character says 'he did terrible things to me in the past' >never specifies or enumerate t…[View]
83080744Goodfeelas thread. Rewatched it again recently, still the best crime drama.[View]
83081532were the CGI xenos in Alien: Covenant convincing /tv/?: Some shots looked they were from a video-gam…[View]
83079764Is there a name for that stage of a successful actors career when they're no longer handsome an…[View]
83075976Can anyone tell me why I have such a boner for Monica?[View]
83079180Just got back from seeing this. I liked it, 7/10. But did David create the Xenomorphs, or did he ju…[View]
83081389Run, you idiots![View]
83081348Is he really homeless now?[View]
83065732/got/ general: TRAILER IN 2 HOURS! previous post >>83052745[View]
83079950>tfw the hottest bitch in Metropolis starts dancing, and the place is lit…[View]
83080236/AmericanGods/: >be Laura Moon >edgy af >dies >turns into zombie because of lucky coin …[View]
83079187Who was the biggest influence on Rodrigues' The Ornithologist - Bunuel, Jarman or Arrabal?[View]
83080954YOU do better.[View]
83081273White people?[View]
83081209star pol thead: anyone else here fucking hate the rebellion and the republic[View]
83081260>its like The Matrix >but with ju jitsu[View]
83081179THIS SHIT IS TERRIBLE FUCK YOU MTV at least there are qts tho[View]
83064816Fuck you I thought it was pretty fucking good desu.[View]
83076635ITT Blatant self inserts[View]
83080733What would you change about this show? what are you favorite episodes? Any specific plot lines that …[View]
83079959David S. Pimpkins: Any Questions??[View]
83078643Who is the most beautiful actor ever? How do you compare?[View]
83079178ITT: characters whose problems were their own fault[View]
83077998Serious question. Not /pol/ either. It occured to me after the GiTS movie. Why do people get so boot…[View]
83080496>The hero is saved by the villain https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WxOp5mBY9IY…[View]
83076754Why couldn't they get another actor to play this role?[View]
83078838What's he up to these days?[View]
83080636Nora will never be your Waifu: Why live?[View]
83078716/tpg/ - Twin Peaks General: Chrysta Bell Edition WARNING: If you haven't watched until S3E04, s…[View]
83067272>we need a weapon for the shootout during a car chase >say no more…[View]
83080391Does cinematography alone make a movie a masterpiece?[View]
83080255The Gift: Wow, it was pretty damn fun.[View]
83077667ITT: Movies that would be condemned by SJW's if they were made today.[View]
83079419>This place is more guarded than Fort Knox![View]
83076516What show/film has the worst fanbase? Why do DC fans always appear better compared the marvel fans?[View]
83080273>mfw reddit locks a thread when too many people begin expressing opposing opinions to the one dee…[View]
83076831You're a big guy.[View]
83080103>Yeah, I'll have one ticket please[View]
83078567American Cinema is Dead: I don't watch many movies anymore since I don't have much free ti…[View]
83080046What did they mean by this? Also /r/ing the ms paint pic where vin diesel is short and standing on a…[View]
83077056Xenomorphs are stupid: The only reason xenomorphs are ever a credible threat is because of plot armo…[View]
83076417As an ethnic person, (poc) I'm glad marvel is doing more films centered around us What ethnic f…[View]
83076949Where can i find the new season of orange is the new black?[View]
83079849Question: Turns out im related to a bigshot Producer. How do I use this to my advantage?[View]
83079966holy shit guys, the graphics in the new MYST game are hella good[View]
83072738who was in the wrong here?[View]
83074710Zack Snyder Steps Down From 'Justice League' to Deal with Daughter's Suicide: >Dau…[View]
83079829Reminder there's still more Alien movies to come in the future and Ridley Scott has them all fu…[View]
83079729>mc meets informant in parking garage >informant is in the darkness and only his voice can be …[View]
83078892Swiss Army Man made me rethink my empty life.[View]
83079627Was it waifuism?[View]
83078542What's a good scene where a villain successfully seduces the hero?[View]
83079466I have decided that I'm going to become the youngest person to win Best Director at the Oscars.…[View]
83078922When are we filming my scenes, David?[View]
83078918>when your movies are so fucking garbage your daughter kills herself[View]
83079226What are some movies with smart and intricate plots?[View]
83077003Rihanna and Lupita Nyong'o to star in buddy movie directed by Ava DuVernay inspired by Online M…[View]
83078120*It ain't me starts playing*[View]
83078465Master of None and its flaws: This show is ok, but could be great, but it unknowingly showed why its…[View]
83077130In one of the future Alien films, I want to see the full-size Deacon roaming the lifeless landscape …[View]
83078096What the FUCK was his problem?[View]
83070169Better Call Saul Thread: Whose ready?[View]
83078405>character says: 'I think I know what happened' >the scene ends…[View]
83077541>white guy playing a Spaniard HAHAHAHAHAHAHHhahahahahahHhhahaAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…[View]
83078797Will this be the new Oz? http://www.comingsoon.net/tv/news/850961-oliver-stone-guantanamo-series…[View]
83039864>Its a 'Veronica gets Betty to do some web camming to pay for her dads legal bills' episode…[View]
83078735'It will happen in Manchester.'[View]
83057043About The Return: You faggots are a bunch of blind followers of Lynch who won't accept that 'Tw…[View]
83075166Blame! Netflix: >When nips create the best cyberpunk movie we've had since blade runner…[View]
83078466https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0s70gbdf4AY >post plot twist kino[View]
83073525>and what the fuk are you doin on tv anyway? you know i get calls from back home? they're sa…[View]
83077150What's the biggest onscreen battle in the history of film?[View]
83076876/tpg/ - Twin Peaks General: BLUER Edition WARNING: If you haven't watched until S3E04, spoilers…[View]
83077568This is depressing me. Thoughts and prayers with Snyder[View]
83078177What the fuck is on the right side in the background??[View]
83073340Why is the venue always a mess after a party or a concert in America or Europe? Why are whites such …[View]
83057896So do they just show a little story about a god and then ditch it or do they establish them for late…[View]
83078393He didn't treat the batman or superman franchises with any love or respect. Why would he treat …[View]
83078380won't somebody please think of the children?[View]
83078361Master of Poo In Loo: Who the fuck wears sneakers to Thanksgiving dinner[View]
83078208*throws a chair at you*[View]
83077964>Aliens™ is now about Ridley Scott's self insert (David) and his obsession with spreading hi…[View]
83077798Have you guys seen the Alien: Covenant prequel?[View]
83078054>directed Avengers >now taking over Justice League >heading both the Marvel Cinematic Unive…[View]
83077306Is Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid any good?[View]
83076419ITT: 2018 Best Picture Nominees[View]
83065674Omar Comin' Yo[View]
83077262Uhh, you don't get to bring well-done steak.[View]
83076672Sagman, Bennett, Robbins, Oppenheim and Taft[View]
83075644Zack Snyder: HE WILL NEVER COME BACK[View]
83073084>Free.Fire.2016.1080p.WEB-DL.DD5.1.H264-FGT >Free.Fire.2016.1080p.WEB-DL.DD5.1.H264-FGT >Fr…[View]
83077467>In the new comedy LIKED, two best friends have different problems finding girlfriends. Chad is a…[View]
83077941Review Screw: >was right about zack snyder >was right about kathleen kennedy and the current s…[View]
83076490>all those cosplay idiots who expected 'damn fine coffee' catchphrase every 2 minutes and got Coo…[View]
83069742KINO PARTY: http://lets.rabb.it/886j/83wKOsmMmD GET IN HERE We're watching No country for old m…[View]
83077837>First Spear Centurion, Lucius Vorenus[View]
83075671JUST: ZACK SNYDER STEPS DOWN JUSTICE LEAGUE BTFO http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/heat-vision/zack-s…[View]
83077785Dr. Pavel, I'm SONATA[View]
83073210Does she have a future in hollywood?[View]
83076533>take THAT, Snyder![View]
83077384Whats with the weird looking black people in tje new hobbit movies? Are they supposed to be a differ…[View]
83077449>Speaking of people who constantly complain about things they know nothing about… >Donald ''''…[View]
83074307do you think debra has a secret box with slides of cum of all the men she has slept with?[View]
83077312>tfw the villain of your upcoming tv show's grand plan is to blow himself up at a concert fo…[View]
83077490Jimmy Fallon Standup 1997: ouch. cringe. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XMxuZG_P4p8[View]
83075679Admit it: it went way over your head.[View]
83075213Alright, for $400.... Name something thats big, long, thick, hard, black, dripping at the tip, and g…[View]
83077437Is he, dare I say it, /our guy/?[View]
83076991>Wedding scene between the antagonist and the protagonist's crush >'you may now kiss the…[View]
83070308Sam Raimi & Marc Webb Pass On THE FLASH: They weren't kidding when they said WB wanted this…[View]
83077305what is some hacker kino?[View]
83074661>Dad walks in What are you watching /tv/?[View]
83076869Isn't it funny how 4chan makes edgy jokes all the time but since it's zack Snyder, it…[View]
83076973>I am your father, Pet- AIEEE[View]
83076982dude let's have someone die near the release date of one of our films because it worked for us …[View]
83076600Why would DC betray us like that?[View]
83075435Why didnt they take the escape shuttle after killing ash[View]
83074913Thoughts on Secular Talk?[View]
83074846Damn... He looks like a legit Chad now[View]
83076540Would /tv/ watch Simon Sees?[View]
83063343Enjoying your new audience Disney?[View]
83071889>'So what you're saying is, you want to suckle on my absolute god-tier nips, to help me get …[View]
83073821What did he mean by this?[View]
83072901>Iron Man's mandarian twist was great >X-men are shit because they aren't comic book…[View]
83076979Gobkekli Pepe: CALL ME GRAHAM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nk3xdMkwMsE[View]
83076795My name is Frank Gaad and I am terrible at my job.[View]
83076905> Watching 'Explosion In Europe' > Its another rerun where the muslims did it Getting kind o…[View]
83076823Everyone knows that deaths that are close to movies = big bucks Justice League confirmed to pass Ave…[View]
83076878Bloodline: Who's hyped? I'll remind you that last season ended with some crazy shit[View]
83073795How do we petition to stop this cuck from destroying any integrity DC has left? How are you people n…[View]
83074931has this joke been made yet?[View]
83058411>it's a RLM creates a hipster revisionist internet show and centers it as a vehicle for jay…[View]
8307562090s Comfy thread[View]
83076066do you think the ratings will be racist this bachelorette season?[View]
83059994Why hasn't she been in anything recently? And no, The Neon Demon isn't recent enough.[View]
83075914 [View]
83076717action kinos: Post action kinos itt. Saw the matrix again last night for the first time in maybe ten…[View]
83073835ITT: make a scene from a movie in photoshop and we guess which movie and which scene. I'll sta…[View]
83076222Why do tv shows cast ugly or weird looking guys and have characters call them 'hot' or 'gorgeous'? S…[View]
83076659Thank you Zack Snyder. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NtIl-Mo6g1w&feature=youtube_gdata_player…[View]
83073683>watch movie >look up [Movie] Explained or Analysis on youtube to increase my understanding of…[View]
83074624wtf I hate jim careys daughter now[View]
83073418TV that's actually really good: So far the only tv shows I've seen that I've really l…[View]
83075658ITT: We love female villains. We fap hard to them.[View]
83075997Ok memeing aside, can Joss really save DCEU?[View]
83075412Leave marvel nu-males to me, fellow DChads[View]
83076316Wendy, give me the bat.[View]
83076254is this the best finale of telekino?[View]
83075650R9K confirmed to have the worst taste in film...: Guy on R9K threw a tism fit because someone said D…[View]
83049043>'Childhood is when you idolize the Star Wars movies' >Adulthood is when you realize these two…[View]
83076232>fist day into Jamaica&Chill she gives you this look what do, mon?[View]
83074445/tpg/ - Twin Peaks General: Judy/Josie Edition WARNING: If you haven't watched until S3E04, s…[View]
83074701WTF was his fucking problem?[View]
83076124>I rate DC movies[View]
83064047What's important at Lucasfilm today[View]
83073163These are supposed to be teens?[View]
83075932>Tfw the biggest cuck of all time has taken over the DC universe How do we sabotage this and send…[View]
83075594>I rate David Lynch[View]
83071864hey beter[View]
83075769was he ironic?[View]
83075768What are some things from tv you saw in real life?: Today I was at a performance of a band where the…[View]
83073866>American comedy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MOL3Xx7IMK8&t=67s…[View]
83075662Ariana Grande concert convieniently held across the street from a Taco Bell: Coincidence?[View]
83074614VHS TV & Movies: How does one go about finding old VHS tapes of now lost movies or recordings of…[View]
83075182>*Lumbers up to you* >*Grunts* What do?[View]
83073950Nothing will stand in our way. I will finish...what you started.[View]
83073478Was Dennis our guy?[View]
83073533>Aliens™ is now about Ridley Scott's self insert (David) and his obsession with spreading hi…[View]
83075340You all saw this and understood its significance, right /tv/? You're not plebs , are you?…[View]
83074879What are some films that predicted the future?[View]
83073748The Keepers Netflix documentary General: Is the roman catholic church just a bunch pedos? What the f…[View]
83066641Terminator: Anyone on here old enough to remember when Terminator 2 came out in the cinemas? I'…[View]
83075151This is worse than anything DC has ever done[View]
83072252Official patrician ranking[View]
83052405Did Ridley know most of the story for the navigator ever since the first Alien, or is he making it u…[View]
83075223What did he mean by this?[View]
83075191Into the Badlands Season 2 Finale: >that cinematography >that choreography >Sunny vs Quinn …[View]
83070211What kind of tax policy did the Jedi use to build and maintain this structure, as well as paying all…[View]
83071378>8 days for house of kino Are you excited /tv/?[View]
83074899someone doesnt want this to happen.[View]
83074897Well I guess she wasn't kidding.[View]
83074218How would the world react if such a thing happened?[View]
83074817I hope we get an episode where we see the entire casino robbery, I mean, we know Shadow got caught b…[View]
83073334Trust me, killing people is for the greater good.[View]
83068968>people defend Lord of the Rings when it fails at basic filmmaking The editing and pacing after F…[View]
83074468*says something sarcastic*[View]
83074646Will this have a good payoff or was all the Gavin shit this season nullified and thrown out?[View]
83073602>You need a ride home, anon? Actually, you know what, take the car, I don't need it.…[View]
83073338The daughter killed herself for all of us. She saved us from her father and delievered us to our sav…[View]
83056416SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING Star Tom Holland set to play young Nathan Drake in upcoming UNCHARTED Movie: …[View]
83074220Anybody watch Feud on FX? It was pretty good.[View]
83074519What are some good movies about rounding up all the Muslims?[View]
83071434RIP: press F to pay respects[View]
83074457Remember me?! What? You haven't seen me in anything?[View]
83073004now that the dust has settled, is he the GOAT?[View]
83071188Wait, so if Kylo Ren's father is Han Solo then how the fuck is Darth Vader his grandfather?[View]
83061994So they are not sure Ben will still be Batman lmao >When Affleck decided not to direct THE BATMAN…[View]
83071390VHS is still the king of physical media. Why did you abandon it?[View]
83073922I'm guessing this isn't happening anymore.[View]
83071745I'm confused, what race is she supposed to be?[View]
83073586>Star Trek and Star Wars >The Avengers and The Justice League All Hail The Nerd Gods…[View]
83073107what's his endgame[View]
83072529Is this an accurate representation of this scene?[View]
83071387Why woman do shit like this to us?[View]
83072459/tpg/ - Twin Peaks General: Garmonbozia Edition WARNING: If you haven't watched until S3E04, …[View]
83072467How did nobody in the room notice him? also face/off thread[View]
83065689why would rich white people exclusively seek black hosts?[View]
83072652Beauty Standards: Which decade in Hollywood had the best beauty standards? Let's say we must ch…[View]
83069995>yfw the guy who got MDE cancelled is in the new Twin Peaks[View]
83060548Movies /tv/ tricked you into watching. Pic related is terrible and I only watched it because of lies…[View]
83073700Why is this allowed?[View]
83070160Is there anything she can't do?[View]
83073065FUCK YOU MARS[View]
83074112>character is knocked out for more than 10 minutes without permanent brain damage…[View]
83070290ITT: Movies with based black guys: >ITT: Movies with based black guys I need suggestions teeveepe…[View]
83072070Couldn't stomach getting up and missing even a second of Lynch kino. Who /MarathonPissJug/ here…[View]
83072976Now that the dust has settled, who was in the wrong here?[View]
83073842Who will play him in the inevitable biopic?[View]
83058898How do you stop him?[View]
83063892>'Just turn off your brain bro'[View]
83073278What went so terribly wrong? He was supposed to be the next Godard.[View]
83074003Hey /tv/, Where would you guys suggest watching the movie It by Stephen King. I want to know which w…[View]
83071446>That episode of the Simpsons where Homer invented Lean[View]
83073927Childhood is thinking Otis is being petty and just needs to give their relationship a chance Adultho…[View]
83054348Finn DeTrolio, my arch nemesis.[View]
83072609Comedian Nick Mullen: >collects power tools >memorizes car specs >insists on taking long-di…[View]
83068218>when you realise harry potter is a metaphor for WWII discuss.[View]
83031971The Leftovers S03 E06 'Certified' Pregame/Live/Postgame Thread: Les Lost, Les Leftovers, Les Revenan…[View]
83067146>decide to watch harry potter for the first time >because anons had been autistically sperging…[View]
83073699Guys I'm losing my mind trying to figure out what show I'm thinking of. The episode I reme…[View]
83056371Thoughts on Tim Heidecker?[View]
83072578>the final episode of Lost aired 7 years ago Was the series good or did they fuck it up went they…[View]
83071544What other movies have a punk aesthetic like pic related?[View]
83073454Synder left JL? Hahahahahahahaha[View]
83065727These three rascals stand on your door step and hiss at you. your response?[View]
83069990James is still cool: JAMES IS STILL COOL! James appreciation thread[View]
83072232>MTV made this >LOTR + Hunger Games ripoff >it's actually watchable though The fuck…[View]
83073191Am I the only one who hates when women cry in films / tv? I dont know why but it just annoys me and …[View]
83069817Is this the single greatest pleb filter television has ever seen?[View]
83069172The savior of DC[View]
83072882mfw plebs and redditors are getting btfo by lynch yet again[View]
83073042Whedon replacing Snyder: Will he save Justice League?[View]
83071362I have a game for you /tv/. Pick a historical event, subject or person, then choose the most ridicul…[View]
83070498'It was announced today that Justice League director Zack Snyder is stepping away from the remainder…[View]
83072238The James Wan Curse: >obsessed with ghosts, demons, the occult, etc. >moves into other genres …[View]
83072502>2000 bullets spray in the warehouse >character has a hole in their shirt…[View]
83070656Why is DC getting Marvel's sloppy seconds?[View]
83072073Who is the best Cooper? >Agent Cooper >Evil Cooper >Dougie Jones >Mr. Jackpot…[View]
83070871Daily Reminder:: >He looks like a worse version of 2014 RoboCop. >Justice League will score b…[View]
83072374This is a fucking mess. I couldn't last 30 minutes before turning it off. Who thought this was …[View]
83067709ITT: Movies you'd like to see made about people. Personally I'd love a Sherman movie.[View]
83070682What do you think it is?[View]
83072445>twin peaks thread >half the posts are complaining about showtime or asking how to pirate it …[View]
83072330>MARVEL-PAKIS ASSEMBLE New Wonder Woman movie is getting some positive reviews on twitter ! From …[View]
83071102>Aliens™ is now about Ridley Scott's self insert (David) and his obsession with spreading hi…[View]
83063073>put a queen on your poster >Don't include one in the film really makes me think…[View]
83064882>dude don't you get it - 'Dear White People' is making fun of ALL sides!!! It's totally…[View]
83072341>I rate capeshit[View]
83061735How can Ridley 'Senile Hack' Scott even compete?[View]
83065295So... it jumped the shark here right?[View]
83068615Is Nolan's batman possible? Like the suit, the cape, the batmobile, all that other shit. I know…[View]
83072058the death of justice league: disney killed zack synder's daughter in order to stop capekino. it…[View]
83072075This face: I can't name why but I saw this horrid face in a show my girlfriend and it makes me …[View]
83071906>I rate Quentin Tarantino[View]
83072093Pure kino.[View]
83072062he's so good in season 3[View]
83070593>People say South Park is one of the smartest shows on television >Nothing but fart, piss, puk…[View]
83071406>You may have, during the course of the day a strong impulse to act. It's perfectly normal, …[View]
83072019>fantasy movie is criticized for not being 'realistic'[View]
83071692>STR vs DEX https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AWCi9Bxu1pk[View]
83059466>there's no such thing as a perfect female protagon-[View]
83070161/tpg/ - Twin Peaks General: WOW BOB WOW Edition WARNING: If you haven't watched until S3E04, sp…[View]
83052156Kubrick: 'Art is not subjective': >I think modern art's almost total preoccupation with subj…[View]
83070204Was it bad?: I don't understand /tv/, I was really looking forward to this movie and... It was …[View]
83031776>ITT: 'How did I ever think this was funny?'[View]
83071705Am I autistic if I generally only watch comedies?[View]
83069992Would his daughter still be alive if his Superman was hope inspiring?[View]
83071608Was getting caught part of his plan?[View]
83070651What are some actors with shit home lives but are still good at what they do. Pic related.[View]
83071423Why did no one like Zeppo Marx?[View]
83071278So why did Marv turn into a skeleton?[View]
83069596Great performances and I chuckle when I think about this film, but I think I'd rather have the …[View]
83070620What're some Vietnam films that aren't trash like pic related.[View]
83069808>Leave capekino to me[View]
83071361>its a /tv/ tries talking about video games episode >>83069447[View]
83070054What went right? How was this such an improvement over S11?[View]
83062569So I was watching Jiro Dreams of Sushi the other night, and something wasn't quite sitting righ…[View]
83071247I don't really understand all the hate directed toward Amy Schumer recently, and I think people…[View]
83070531Rick and Morty: Who cares about that samurai cuck? TIME TO GET SCHWIFTY! AGAIN! HAHA WUBBA LUBBA DUB…[View]
83064157Are we on the cusp of a New Hollywood 2.0 because of these streaming companies that give interesting…[View]
83068096*inhales deeply* ALRIGHT LETS GET SOMETHING STRAIGHT HERE!! BANE IS A BIG GUY, FOr YOU! do ya unders…[View]
83070236White women lust for Asian cock: What are some television series or films where White women give int…[View]
83071078So SOME Japanese people can actually act? Which Japanese Kino would you recommend /tv/?[View]
83067248Now that the dust has settled..[View]
83070828>cinema ball pit is booked out again Is there anything worse? Can't even enjoy the movie any…[View]
83070895cinema of the uncanny: >I can smell your cock from here, look out I'll bite it! What did the…[View]
83068974Adult Swim nostalgia thread[View]
83068295Recommend a kino comedy I'm sad[View]
83070697What's some kino about drugs[View]
83066671Any relation?[View]
83070678Brick and mortar: Do you think just(in) finds it problematic that normies, Tumblr, and Reddit have a…[View]
83070667Where the fuck can we watch the new series? If it's on PSN I'll pay for it, or is it onlin…[View]
83070661he doesn't look that tall[View]
83064316>2010 teen movie >house party scene >PARTY ROCKERS IN THE HOUSE TONIGHT starts playing…[View]
83070639>david lynch knows what he is do-[View]
83069234Are season 3,episodes 3 and 4 of Twin Peaks out yet?I live in Europe.Can I watch them somewhere onli…[View]
83064785So what was the point of this movie?[View]
83060703Does /tv/ like Alexa Bliss?[View]
83070517>Aliens™ is now about Ridley Scott's self insert (David) and his obsession with spreading hi…[View]
83069562https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ioKyxGkBRro was this the strangest moment of Twin Peaks Series 3 so …[View]
83070472>big monster appears >'We''re gonna need a bigger gun.'…[View]
83069720What the fuck did I just watch[View]
83067461>sells drugs >kills a cop >manages to become a sheriffs deputy Something doesn't seem…[View]
83069664>implying i won't see it[View]
83059824DARK UNIVERSE Announced; Johnny Depp As Invisible Man, Javier Bardem As Frankenstein's Monster:…[View]
83068585>The filmmaker's daughter died by suicide in March, prompting him to take a break from work …[View]

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