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78464698Anonymous>'Having been raised with the self esteem movement so popular in schools, I used to expect my nee…34[View]
78465992AnonymousITT: They're next10[View]
78461834AnonymousWill Ferrell: Whats the general consensus on Will Ferrell? did he singlehandedly save SNL in the 90s…15[View]
78467873AnonymousJohnny boy. Word is … you're on your way down. Fresh meat. Finger lickin' good.1[View]
78467906Anonymous>2014/2015 movie >'Watch me whip whip watch me nay nay' starts playing…0[View]
78467884Anonymouspost your 2016 reviews. let's separate the plebs and patricians >God Tier Embrace of the Ser…0[View]
78465999AnonymousThe Lobster: I thought this was going to be fresh kino but after the first hour it became unbearable…7[View]
78458838AnonymousWhat do you think of Clint's kino? Do you think he gets the praise and respect he deserves?29[View]
78467748Anonymous>rapist >date rapist What did they mean by this?…0[View]
78462700AnonymousWhy didn't they move the DHD from the arctic to SGC? At the end of season 1 they were complaini…17[View]
78466560AnonymousName a more iconic duo.: I'll wait.8[View]
78467667AnonymousIs this kino?2[View]
78467715Anonymous>This Star Wars actress has dumped her boyfriend and replaced him with a doppelganger of her gay …1[View]
78463827Anonymouswhat the fuck was their problem also why is this movie so underrated66[View]
78467695AnonymousWas this the most redpilled episode ever? Would it be allowed today?2[View]
78467690AnonymousScorsese's Silence: This triggers the atheist fedora neckbeard autist0[View]
78466241AnonymousIs this some american thing to put these numbers before credits? I saw suicide hotline number while …3[View]
78467472AnonymousHow did Tauntauns evolve on Hoth if they can't even handle one night out in the open there?9[View]
78465232AnonymousWill Smith And Tom Hanks In Talks For Tim Burton's DUMBO: >Will Smith and Tom Hanks are in a…25[View]
78466618AnonymousWhy do people think Godfather 3 is bad? I just watched it and was one of the best movies i've s…14[View]
78465255Anonymous>I can see the future but I won't do anything to change it because I want to embrace the exp…17[View]
78467488Anonymous'Hi, anon. Wanna watch some kino?' wat do?1[View]
78466676AnonymousLemme go all Southside with you: So it ends there? Wow, I feel bad for people who saw this in theate…3[View]
78466249Anonymous>Literally Fat Black women pretending to be Attractive Gay White Men: The Show…8[View]
78465924AnonymousWhat's some essential Corey Kino?5[View]
78467272AnonymousFavorite episode? Also TG thread1[View]
78465285AnonymousWhat, was Kevin Spacey busy or something? Do we like it? I kinda do.15[View]
78467441AnonymousITT: Best Muslim characters on TV2[View]
78466145AnonymousSo why did Marv turn into a skeleton?2[View]
78461225AnonymousWHERE ARE THE TEASERS? WHERE ARE THE LEAKS? WHERE IS THE TRAILER? This thing is coming out this year…70[View]
78465444AnonymousWhat's the most hype you've ever witnessed in a movie theater? >Watching Attack of the …12[View]
78461582Anonymous>Tfw we'll never get a great mystery kino like Lost ever again48[View]
78466240AnonymousITT: cool film posters.5[View]
78467070AnonymousWhat are some movies about paranoid delusions?1[View]
78467246Anonymous/ourgirl/ is gonna be live on facebook this wednesday guys, what are some of the hard hitting questi…0[View]
78467079AnonymousWhat's the best way to go about making a documentary about an event that didn't take place…5[View]
78466427AnonymousOne of these threads? Didn't see one in a long time: Who do you look like? http://www.pictriev.…5[View]
78466748AnonymousWhat screeners did you poorfags find today?6[View]
78467144AnonymousMoments where we fell in love with characters. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U01hsTwtc-c0[View]
78464363AnonymousEffective jump/non-jump scares in movies.: ITT: Post your favourite and most effective scares in mov…26[View]
78467002AnonymousIs this kino? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lykiNYpq5AI2[View]
78461111AnonymousWhat were they thinking? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZRFrY8NFfAQ68[View]
78465916AnonymousRedpill me: Who exactly leaks movies and tv shows before the release date? Is it done by the directo…12[View]
78467000Anonymouswhat are some tv shows similar to uk kitchen nightmares? i just want to watch some regular people sp…1[View]
78466769Anonymous>'Hey Bart, your epidermis is showing' >'See, 'epidermis' means your hair, so techni…2[View]
78467017AnonymousLooking for quality documentaries on the deep sea.1[View]
78466787AnonymousRemember Deadwood? What did you think of it?5[View]
78466169AnonymousWhat did he mean by this? Additionally, I had a hard time parsing the illness and all of the wordpla…1[View]
78466046AnonymousI think it's funny How long will it survive?4[View]
78466440AnonymousAnyone seen yet?7[View]
78466067AnonymousITT: Kino neo-/tv/ will never understand.4[View]
78466727AnonymousSh- show me the blueprints show me the BLUEPRINTS show me the blue prints showmetheblueprints show m…2[View]
78466081AnonymousBOR GULLET10[View]
78462080AnonymousShould I watch Sinbad stuff? if so what?17[View]
78464035AnonymousIs this ever gonna come out?11[View]
78466743AnonymousWas Catwoman really directed by a Cat?0[View]
78466698Anonymous>The plot of a whole season is based on the characters reactions to a 45 second video tape explai…1[View]
78464724AnonymousWhat did /tv/ think of this movie?18[View]
78466175Anonymouswait how the fuck is Bronson supposed to be that kid, he looks way older than Henry Fonda, how fucki…4[View]
78459521AnonymousRiverdale: >Archie's Riverdale is about murder, incest and teen angst. what went wrong?…17[View]
78464942AnonymousAussie Kino7[View]
78463471AnonymousMovies your looking forward to in 2012 + 7 - 241[View]
78466455AnonymousThis movie is unironically, though perhaps accidentally, absolute kino.2[View]
78466284AnonymousYou just know2[View]
78465389AnonymousNeil Breen thread: Does anyone know where I can download Pass-Thru, Double Down and I Am Here... Now…5[View]
78466304Anonymous>'Every gift involves a... Sacrifice.' FOR FUCK'S SAKE TARKOVSKY1[View]
78466478AnonymousWas she right about zoning?0[View]
78460133AnonymousITT: Euro Kino17[View]
78464749Anonymoushttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8W0mvOsCiiQ >Sir, a helmet fucks up my psychic abilities >I th…8[View]
78466053AnonymousHey im looking for a movie intro. Like Dreamworks or New Line Cinema. But its just a text and a colo…2[View]
78464894AnonymousDo you like the Star Wars show? I sure do! My favorite Star Wars actor is the Stick Shaking Man. At …2[View]
78453196Anonymous>Commands naval infantry >is a General rather than an Admiral BRAVO LUCAS…90[View]
78466176AnonymousAre there even recent movies that isnt infested with with liberal feelsy bullshit with empowerment? …1[View]
78465773AnonymousWhat was his fucking problem?4[View]
78465379Anonymous>bad guy is a white man in a suit3[View]
78462746AnonymousTHE ROCK: >The Fate of the Furious (2017) >Baywatch (2017) >Jumanji (2017) >Rampage (201…37[View]
78466120AnonymousWhat are some Silent Hill-esque movies?3[View]
78465229Anonymous>His twin sister is coming for the holidays .....and it ain't pretty. Is this a fucking joke…12[View]
78465544Anonymous>Ben Affleck Tired of Batman Questions; Promises ‘Something Special’ What did he mean by this?…6[View]
78461539AnonymousWhat did they mean by this?31[View]
78463930Anonymous>Season 1, 2, 3, and 4 >Radical Islamic terrorists are radically terrifying soulless blood-thi…8[View]
78465561AnonymousITT: Shitty genre movies you love and watch to relax and just have a laugh3[View]
78452411AnonymousI'm sorry George109[View]
78461958Anonymous>The 2010 Deepwater Horizon explosion >The 2013 Boston marathon bombings What recent tragedies…46[View]
78465964AnonymousWas it Autism?1[View]
78465976AnonymousWhat is this movie? Watched it yesterday and I still don't know what it is1[View]
78465908AnonymousWhat are some movies that tackle the theme of God's unavailability to man?1[View]
78465248Anonymous>quite my tempo1[View]
78465418AnonymousI know it's generic but I'm enjoying this thus far. I take it season 2 has been greenlit?3[View]
78464526AnonymousHave you viewed this Josh Brolin kino? It's on Netflix. Any good?1[View]
78465320AnonymousLet's all take the time to remember TK-421. He wasn't at his post.5[View]
78463708AnonymousWhy is she holding her neck up like that? He's not even putting any pressure on it.8[View]
78462568AnonymousWhy doesn't Bluto just eat spinach?65[View]
78465849AnonymousI dont know much about kinema. Recommend me pictures, films or even flicks based on some of my favor…0[View]
78463824Anonymous>person texts in movies >It's text speak Why do directors/writers do this…8[View]
78465772AnonymousSo, which one is the memest? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WniCDigF6xo0[View]
78455115AnonymousUK Comedy recommendations: Hey /tv/ I'm from the US but I'm really fond of English comedy.…71[View]
78464866Anonymousis there any show/movie that went make me get bored after 10 minutes?3[View]
78465569Anonymoushttps://twitter.com/hashtag/SherlockReacts?src=hash You cringe, you lose. Autistic Sherlock fan edit…0[View]
78464947AnonymousTrevor Moore: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0-Lvv1f5Qu4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=exnaY0l4Xs…5[View]
78464844AnonymousNo movie has ever portrayed a grenade accurately. Prove me wrong8[View]
78464776AnonymousWatch it, Henry.1[View]
78464719AnonymousAnyone else think he could be a Sith Lord with this look?8[View]
78462880AnonymousITT: Underappreciated actresses: Pic related: Niecy Nash7[View]
78459997AnonymousTV/Movies Drinking Games: So, I'm having a few drinks tonight and thought I would have some fun…15[View]
78465424AnonymousIs this pretty much the default gay network?0[View]
78464962Anonymousok who the fuck shot that paki's wife if Eurus was hiding in that room with her eyes closed all…3[View]
78462484AnonymousChoose one and only one.30[View]
78464946AnonymousWhat is your favorite musical?8[View]
78465330AnonymousThis is our guy: and you know0[View]
78464080AnonymousRate my entertainment system12[View]
78459017Anonymouswhat did it mean by this?37[View]
78462712AnonymousIs this fucking LGBT propaganda: the show? Im currently at episode 2 and there has been more than en…21[View]
78465195AnonymousLuke, did I ever tell you about Edge? He was a male Anomid Imperial Assassin who operated during the…0[View]
78446252AnonymousWhy do you hate it /tv/?194[View]
78464513AnonymousThe Artist: What did /tv/ think of pic related? Personally I riked it a lot, especially Dujardin…5[View]
78465003AnonymousWhy are rom-coms so underappreciated nowadays? Is it because they are about simple and harmless love…3[View]
78464438AnonymousI am giving you three digits.1[View]
78464943AnonymousWould you rather be a great actor or director?3[View]
78464416AnonymousHumour rankings 1) Dark 2) Silly 3) Clever 4) Slapstick 5) British 6) Reddit 9001) Edgy 9002) …1[View]
78464549AnonymousIt wasn't until I saw this scene that I realized how fucking stupid optimism is. Normies are fu…1[View]
78463666Anonymous>finish watching film >read its trivia page on IMDb what other habits enhance your kino-consum…16[View]
78464572Anonymous>jude law emerges from under a pile of sleeping babies >its a dream >he showers, gets dress…3[View]
78457969Anonymous>pause movie at 22 minutes mark >screencap it >others guess what it is I'll start…242[View]
78455913AnonymousThe fuck was his problem?87[View]
78461406AnonymousMovies that bore the shit out of you pic related makes me zzz13[View]
78464689AnonymousWhat WILL go wrong?3[View]
78463097AnonymousWas it autism?16[View]
78464501AnonymousHello you goddamn heathens. Anyone got recommendations for some christian kino? Pretty much the only…4[View]
78462918AnonymousWhy is he so fucking based? I have social anxiety and he really inspires me to be as weird as I want…22[View]
78464736AnonymousITT:: The ultimate 'oh yeah, that guy' actors2[View]
78463977AnonymousIs it ok to show this movie to your somewhat edgy 16 years old brother? I saw it around that age and…19[View]
78462092AnonymousBest and Worst thread: Post an actor/actress pic and anons will post that actor's top 3 best an…21[View]
78463700AnonymousDid he just walk around the high schools in his area until he found one he liked or what was the dea…9[View]
78463777Anonymous>Across the dusty mason11[View]
78463580AnonymousOuija 2016: What was the best part of the movie?6[View]
78464563AnonymousHey: Post major bed head0[View]
78464558AnonymousWho is the best animated movie director? Brad Bird? Hayao Miyazaki? Henry Selick? Sylvain Chavanel?0[View]
78464538AnonymousTrainspotting: With T2 coming out I have some questions for /tv/ What do you think the sequel is goi…0[View]
78464525AnonymousWhat's the name of that show where some fat slob cries about ducks, rattles cutlery and yells a…0[View]
78462288AnonymousITT: Shit you hate: >Based on a true story38[View]
78447325AnonymousSilence: So Scorsese has finally lost all talent right?68[View]
78457793AnonymousIs Alan Resnick a genius or overrated hack?56[View]
78463818AnonymousJUST: J U S T U S T35[View]
78464410AnonymousAnyone want to make a radio play based on this script?: https://cdn-2110.httpid.com/wp-content/uploa…0[View]
78463047Anonymouswho is the best jewish actress?17[View]
78464341AnonymousRemember that time when Hatsune Miku was on Letterman?0[View]
78463695AnonymousWas Gaston the real hero?: I've watched Beauty and the Beast recently and I've come to the…9[View]
78462899AnonymousIs it kino? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HVXJeTeqDhE3[View]
78464243AnonymousWill you tell me the story about the fort?0[View]
78463120WOLFSHIEM !!tuOwy1ct2dy>INTO GREAT SILENCE Is this any good?1[View]
78463765AnonymousYou want me to hack the planet?5[View]
78463706AnonymousThis movie: >top tier cars >angelina jolie in her peak (only better one is her in tomb raider)…4[View]
78464179Anonymous>Make a documentary about Carrie Fisher & Debbie Reynolds in 2016 >Both die at the end of …0[View]
78462460AnonymousLARRY STOP POINTING THAT FUCKING GUN AT MY DAD!!!!!!!!!!12[View]
78460731AnonymousWould you?11[View]
78463897Anonymous>be trapped in Nazi POW camp >'don't fucking escape again or else we'll kill you' …3[View]
78463923AnonymousJust what the fuck was his problem? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0auwpvAU2YA5[View]
78463869Anonymoushttp://screenrant.com/james-bond-25-tom-hardy-christopher-nolan/ >they work for the mercenary, th…4[View]
78460319AnonymousThe first seasons of this show were K I N O I N O44[View]
78463976Anonymouswtf I love humans now! >post other kino human tier movies0[View]
78463469AnonymousNow that the dust has settled, what did you think of it? Let's discuss this film. How did it im…8[View]
78462809AnonymousWhat's your favorite 90's kino? hard mode: no pulp fiction[/spoilers]6[View]
78461192Anonymous>a g u a33[View]
78463616AnonymousSuper Nintendo Charmers, I'm Ralph5[View]
78463662AnonymousLook mom IM ACTING5[View]
78463813Anonymous>two years of waiting0[View]
78461891AnonymousDescribe the personality of each of these characters5[View]
78459743Anonymoushow do you go from THIS....14[View]
78463769AnonymousIf Peewee gets rebooted this should be the new actor.0[View]
78462515Anonymous2000-2009 sci fi essentials: >Drama Eternal Sunshine of A Spotless Mind Children of Men AI Moon …12[View]
78463697Anonymous>listening to gervais xfm and playing wow vanilla literally maximum comf achieved…3[View]
78463354AnonymousITT: DISHONEST FILMMAKING9[View]
78463171AnonymousSin City: A Dame to Kill For I'm seeing worse scoring for reviews for this movie than the prequ…1[View]
78463703AnonymousHoly Rollers: What message were the White Air Force One's meant to convey?0[View]
78462656AnonymousThe Aristocrats: How many people who were interviewed in The Aristocrats (2005) have died? The major…5[View]
78463690AnonymousWow it's like I'm really watching a Nolan flick.0[View]
78447849AnonymousBudget: 20Million Gross: 9.3M What went wrong? I honestly laughed quite a bit and it was like gettin…81[View]
78463192AnonymousGermans where good g-11[View]
78463454AnonymousWhat is top tier popkino that I can munch while marathoning Breaking Bad for the first time?2[View]
78463647AnonymousAre these the best romantic films of all time?0[View]
78457702Anonymous>Supes breaks Zodds neck >303 posts / 53 files / 185 ips / 1st page along with 40 results of '…40[View]
78463613AnonymousIn the scene where dude takes a rug from big lebowskis' house, he meets Bunny, see passed out n…0[View]
78452391AnonymousAnyway, how's your sex life?81[View]
78461770AnonymousWhen will it get good?18[View]
78463222Anonymous>Although I Write Screenplays, I Don’t Think I’m a Good Writer. What did he mean by this?…2[View]
78461257Anonymousdoes anyone actually like Vin Diesel? He's one of the worst action stars of all time.32[View]
78456952AnonymousSTRANGE TEAR INDUCING SCENES: This thread is for scenes that might come off obscure for making peopl…25[View]
78461725Anonymous>Finish season 6 >Thought it all went to shit afterwards >Up to season 8 now >Still cons…9[View]
78461030AnonymousRecommend me some GOAT stageplay kino similar to how Glengarry was done9[View]
78463180Anonymous>zombie film >character refers to the zombies as 'things'…9[View]
78463320AnonymousHow did mad max end up in 19th century London?3[View]
78460765AnonymousWhat was his fucking problem?8[View]
78460794AnonymousHelp me find this film: - It opens on a beach - The protagonist is a young man - He becomes obsess…8[View]
78463473AnonymousWell, guess that's a way to ruin an entire show.0[View]
78463236AnonymousWhat are some movies that have fallen out of Popular Culture?5[View]
78461204AnonymousWhat in the flying fuck did I just watch?9[View]
78461751AnonymousStop being *incomprehensible mumbling*2[View]
78458770AnonymousIs Bulk technically the main character of Power Rangers? He has more character development and is in…14[View]
78446055AnonymousThe next James Bond317[View]
78452983AnonymousLA MEEEER61[View]
78461763AnonymousHow do you feel about this wall?46[View]
78462485Anonymous>Do not try and bend the spoon. That's impossible. Instead... only try to realize the truth.…5[View]
78460650AnonymousDo people actually thing this is a 'political thriller' or is that just a joke?60[View]
78462299AnonymousMarvel has clearly fucked DC hard. This occurred when they assembled superheroes all on one big team…12[View]
78462713AnonymousExplosion, I've come to bargain.8[View]
78463172AnonymousWhat's the most uncomfortable, non-gore, scene you've seen? My vote goes to Happiness mast…1[View]
78459752AnonymousITT: Rewrite the prequels (and/or The Force Awakens) without changing any of the main cast eg. Jake …12[View]
78459045AnonymousWhat the fuck was their problem?25[View]
78462471AnonymousWhat genre of film do you feel that needs a revolution or renaissance right now? I'd say teena…3[View]
78457455AnonymousWhat are your feelings about the Resident Evil movie franchise?57[View]
78461285Anonymous>Simpsons season 1 isn't incredible *sniff* Wrong! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H_r3E8V6U…1[View]
78442064Anonymous'I think the biggest crisis facing this country is the breakdown of the American family.' -Topanga L…153[View]
78462202AnonymousI literally cried when I realised that Ryan Gosling will only fuck Emma Stone for a few months. So s…1[View]
78459622Anonymous>Darth Vader >Dark Father23[View]
78458794AnonymousThe only well-written character in GoT.47[View]
78461524AnonymousWho was in the wrong here?18[View]
78461031AnonymousWhy did he have to die bros? I'm a bit upset. He literally did nothing wrong.20[View]
78462748AnonymousWhat went wrong?5[View]
78460374AnonymousITT: underrated comedies18[View]
78461444AnonymousTintin: Was it kino?27[View]
78458973AnonymousHow many films (movies included) have you seen? Asswipe 0-200 Embryo 200-1000 Babby 1000-1500 Chilli…53[View]
78462760AnonymousGetting Milked: >That feel when out in public with Mommy Alia and you badly need milked so she pu…2[View]
78461186AnonymousAre the characters really meant to believe this is an attractive woman? Because I do5[View]
78462414AnonymousI think this movie ruined Orlando's career even though he played the character perfectly. It ca…4[View]
78461058AnonymousSo, what seems to be the problem? Why is /tv against this movie?45[View]
78461951Anonymous>that scene were she shitted in a bin7[View]
78461112AnonymousIs this a kino worth watching /tv/ >8.5/10 IMDB >100% Rotten tomatoes >Created by Bryan Cra…5[View]
78457683AnonymousCast her in something besides the Atlantic19[View]
78462595AnonymousNashville: kino?1[View]
78461927The man in the high castleOpinion about this cancer?7[View]
78457913Anonymoushttp://iknowwhatyoudownload.com/en/peer/ post results25[View]
78462476AnonymousITT: Rewatchable movies0[View]
78461617AnonymousGod why was she was perfect? Literally everything about her looks, personality, mannerisms was just.…4[View]
78462343AnonymousGreatest sports film of all time: You are literally a faggot if you disagree. https://www.youtube.c…0[View]
78460475AnonymousSo what was the literary message behind this women being right the whole time ?6[View]
78462266AnonymousITT: Directors who deserve all the praise0[View]
78460410AnonymousNot one day goes by without me thinking of how much i hate Malick and his plebeian fans. Shoot some …2[View]
78456104AnonymousHoly Fucking Shit. I know I'm late to the party but i just saw this and Holy Fucking Shit why d…19[View]
78461530AnonymousHas anyone actually watched this film? Made it all the way through? Hell, I can't even find a t…1[View]
78460903AnonymousWho's the Arthur Rimbaud of film?9[View]
78457391AnonymousWhat was his endgame?10[View]
78459845AnonymousWhat does /tv/ thinks about this independent cinema?8[View]
78461242Anonymous> Watching Captain America: Civil War > Batman appears How did this happen???…8[View]
78461505AnonymousRob Schneider: I may be the only one here, but as shitty as Adam Sandler movies were, I actually app…18[View]
78461338AnonymousITT: Directors who do NOT deserve the hate8[View]
78461519AnonymousMy favorite movie is Drive.15[View]
78448556AnonymousArrival: Ayyylmao239[View]
78461511AnonymousWasn't the episode 8 teaster supposed to drop on sunday?7[View]
78461656AnonymousWill he get arrested live in New York this Saturday night?1[View]
78461945AnonymousCurrently watching this kino Why are jews so awwks?0[View]
78453556Anonymous>Fences Black struggle is shown, but mostly a character study. No fuck whitey moments, character…36[View]
78457944AnonymousThis is hilarious39[View]
78457197AnonymousDoes it deserve the acclaim it has?41[View]
78457070Anonymous>be me >watch the passion of the Christ >look it up on wikipedia after finished watching …24[View]
78459757AnonymousSeeing how the new season is going to premiere soon, should I watch the second one? I really enjoyed…14[View]
78461640AnonymousWhat the fuck was his problem?0[View]
78460299Anonymous>Are you hungry?5[View]
78459762AnonymousChildhood is jerking it to Michelle. Adulthood is realizing Jal made more sense.1[View]
78461416Anonymoushttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cas-B-CGnLk Which Vader is best Vader?1[View]
78461124AnonymousI feel sick this is disgusting.9[View]
78461234AnonymousI am mad as shit but not sure what at exactly, help me out /tv/.7[View]
78460532AnonymousITT: Theme songs that had no right to be as good as they were https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lgf0pZ…3[View]
78451855AnonymousWhy is this anorexic fuck being allowed in Season Two? It's not that I care about her, it'…147[View]
78461221AnonymousWhy haven't you watched the greatest ISIS propaganda ever made?0[View]
78459148Anonymous>Things were simpler then. >*WWHHHHUUUUUUURRRRR > NNNNUUURRRRRRR > NUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRR…2[View]
78460774Anonymous>pseudo intellectuals don't ex-9[View]
78460284AnonymousWhat do you think?2[View]
78461151AnonymousI'm looking for films to watch, kindly post your film collection. Here's mine, it's s…0[View]
78461039AnonymousBBC investigating if Sherlock series finale deliberately leaked by Russian state TV: The BBC has lau…4[View]
78461081AnonymousWas it gold?0[View]
78460848AnonymousFrancofonia: >Aleksandr Sokurov's bravura 'one-shot' voyage through the splendour …2[View]
78461066Anonymous>MTV will be renamed to Blackbox TV for BLM propaganda0[View]
78460708AnonymousDid you like Russian voice for Sherlock? Felt kinda fitting3[View]
78454342AnonymousITT: Guess the celebrity56[View]
78458811Anonymousthe trailer isnt that bad what the fuck !5[View]
78460154AnonymousIs this comfy?5[View]
78459869Anonymousexecute order 997[View]
78460674AnonymousStop downloading movies4[View]
78460635AnonymousSHERCOCK: This is what happens when you don't pay your TV license fee1[View]
78460346Anonymouswhere can I find earlier episodes of cops https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GQeKLospZI81[View]
78457865AnonymousWhat are some essential /balding/ kinos?13[View]
78460652AnonymousVikings: Bjorn cucking his lesbian mom was kinda unexpected0[View]
78459083AnonymousITT: your honest opinion on this movie?32[View]
78456855AnonymousFuller House: Have you watched season 2?14[View]
78460188AnonymousSeason 04 when?4[View]
78459909AnonymousWhy was this praised? It's hardly insightful, completely improvised, there's no payoff to …8[View]
78460506AnonymousOccupied: Why did they make such a handsome character like Hans Martin Djuvpik married to the black …0[View]
78460492AnonymousHey I've got an interview on 18th for Film & Television at the University of the Arts Londo…0[View]
78451770AnonymousWebm thread: havent seen on of these in a while66[View]
78459306Anonymous>MY DOGS ARE HUNGRY >I'm like a dog chasing cars. >We'll see how loyal a hungry …16[View]
78458546AnonymousHow would Rogue One have gone if the entire cast was done away with and it was just Kyle Katarn goin…2[View]
78460185Anonymous>write the story of a fascist authoritarian pig engaged in a pointless useless war oppressing pot…4[View]
78459998Anonymousyes? no? maybe?5[View]
78460022AnonymousWhy the fuck has it been two months and they haven't done the final episode with m'lady! R…1[View]
78455514Anonymousit's good.24[View]
78459984AnonymousI can't remember the last time a movie made me cry this hard. thank god the theater was dark5[View]
78459438AnonymousWhat does /tv/ think of Rotten Tomatoes?25[View]
78460031AnonymousPRODUCTION GENERAL: Favorite Cliché Angles edition Mine: looking over woman's shoulder at guy w…0[View]
78446972AnonymousDoes Canada have any other good shows?54[View]
78458113AnonymousWhy did Data need a chip to experience emotions? Why didn't he just get drunk again?3[View]
78457489AnonymousITT: Movies that don't hold back24[View]
78454608Anonymous>Flush toilet in America >Somehow changes the temperature in the shower Can somebody explain w…27[View]
78457907Anonymous>oh look, its another movie about le evil white man committing genocide on a blue nigger race for…6[View]
78455491AnonymousThis is a picture of a 60 year old maureen mccormick Let that sink in for a while...11[View]
78456743AnonymousThe Resurrection actually fucking happened.18[View]
78459620AnonymousIs the plane scene the greatest piece of art ever created by humanity?1[View]
78455964AnonymousIt ain't bad but not that good either nigga. It's just alright. Though i didn't get i…14[View]
78459085Anonymous>from the producers of12[View]
78458299AnonymousStop using technology.2[View]
78458947Anonymousshows that were ahead of their time?1[View]
78455238AnonymousWhat are some good movies about cops of the future?23[View]
78459106Anonymous>Can you sing master hobbit?1[View]
78458937AnonymousCarmen Sandiego: >2017 >still no Carmen Sandiego movie/TV series told from Carmen's persp…5[View]
78455941Anonymousunderated horror: Post spooky flicks5[View]
78456244Anonymousit's a fun show6[View]
78454905Anonymous>movie ends with a sequel hook >sequel doesn't get made…22[View]
78457188Anonymouswhat was his endgame?2[View]
78455470AnonymousAnyone hyped? /residentevil/ discussion22[View]
78455850AnonymousWhat Alien movie had the best Alien?10[View]
78459215AnonymousEmma goes to the party > People singing on a highway > Emma and bean dance in the night >…3[View]
78452332AnonymousI wish: For 1 billion American dollars worth of raw gold, raw gold that has yet to be found and will…78[View]
78459208AnonymousSo yeah, watching tv and movies are all cool. but how literate is /tv/? Have any of you guys enjoyed…2[View]
78454619AnonymousWhat do I think of it?19[View]
78456963Anonymous>ghost show >investigator gets 3 scratches…2[View]
78452281AnonymousSherlock: What went wrong?342[View]
78458513AnonymousWhat are some 19th century London kino?14[View]
78442225Anonymous/got/ general: >>78429252316[View]
78458431Anonymousjust watched hd korean rip of this why is this shit so awkward and stale? like every scene is so te…8[View]
78457827Anonymouswhat the fuck was his problem?19[View]
78456276AnonymousName something your mom wont let you do37[View]
78458278Anonymous>group of supposedly highly trained soldiers >act like a bunch of morons i thought john carpe…10[View]
78456703Anonymous>perfect series don't exis-15[View]
78458107AnonymousIt's better than what you think it is: I really enjoyed the first two seasons of this show! The…1[View]
78458443AnonymousWhat does /tv/ think of shameless?1[View]
78458714AnonymousC-I-T-Y you can see why!1[View]
78458275AnonymousFave Broad City ep? I like the one where their house is being fumigated.15[View]
78458570AnonymousThis is my board, I have to defend it2[View]
78456442Anonymous>'Chris Evans lost 200 pounds for the role of Steve Rogers a.k.a. Captain America.' Is this the c…5[View]
78455743AnonymousDr. Watson, I'm Moriarty.2[View]
78457423Anonymoussnekfu is bestfu westworld thread16[View]
78457571Anonymousskinhead since 83' dude12[View]
78455972AnonymousLook who I met9[View]
78451736AnonymousASoUE general: Dear Readers, I'm sorry to inform you that this post contains a very frightful d…321[View]
78458477Anonymous>watch the original Fly 1958 movie >the ending turns to be even creepier than the 80s one hol…0[View]
78458143AnonymousRvB Red vs. Blue: Since this could be /co/, /v/, or /tv/, I'll go with the board with no mods t…1[View]
78457079Anonymousit's like sense8 but not written by stoned sex perverts5[View]
78458368AnonymousDid this movie trigger /tv/?0[View]
78456175AnonymousHow many episodes of Quinn being addicted to opium are there gonna be? 3? 4? We are off to a great s…2[View]
78458160Anonymous>Be a fan of a writer >Find out they're an enormous piece of shit through their Twitter…4[View]
78455607AnonymousI am not deluded enough to think this is a kino board, but TCM ran a bunch of Mabel Normand shorts t…4[View]
78457202AnonymousLack of abs: Would be better with abs12[View]
78453458AnonymousSTAR TREK: DIVERSITY.. I mean DISCOVERY: >First Officer is a Lt.Commander >Klingon captain …43[View]
78457348AnonymousWhat is your favorite Tom Hardy performance? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o8dzTzhvvgA SHALOM inb4…11[View]
78453207AnonymousHow about a Mad Men thread, lads? Best girl edition35[View]
78457982Anonymous>Now, I'm about to do to you what Limp Bizkit did to music in the late 90s. What did he mean…2[View]
78457606AnonymousCan you guys recommend some good music documentaries for me?8[View]
78457051Anonymoushas anyone seen this? or know where I can find it to stream?3[View]
78451948AnonymousWhy doesn't /tv/ ever discuss good tv shows?35[View]
78457716AnonymousWhat are some cozy shows to watch? Like that raining bar scene in Blade Runner. Just mentally comfor…3[View]
78457376Anonymous> watching movies in the pixelated medium of 'dvd screeners' There is surge of screener material …4[View]
78453274AnonymousI saw a leaked trailer for The Dark Tower movie.40[View]
78457759AnonymousHow did (((they))) let this one slip? Are (((they))) the reason its bombing and getting a limited re…0[View]
78447842AnonymousIs this any good?34[View]
78457578AnonymousThis is a stupid twist1[View]
78444940Anonymous>pause movie at 40 minutes mark >screencap it >others guess what it is I'll start…337[View]
78453006AnonymousNow that the dust has settled, who was the best violet? and why is it Malina?40[View]
78455994Anonymousremember when Denis Villeneuve made patrician films instead of garbage?4[View]
78454304AnonymousSeriously? Is there a legitimate reason for it? If it wasn't one of their family members I prob…19[View]
78451840AnonymousThe Fly 1986 - Not As Good As You Remember?: Considered one of the few times a remake is better than…39[View]
78456304AnonymousThoughts? Personally I'm liking it. I was afraid it wouldn't be funny because Kaitlin Olso…3[View]
78457316Anonymous>Every gift involves a Sacrifice FOR FUCK'S SAKE TARKOVSKY1[View]
78455578AnonymousName me kino with no women in it. Or very few women.7[View]
78454354AnonymousWould you wait for her, /tv/?9[View]
78457002AnonymousDoes anyone know where I can find a full scale hoagie man picture? Also Tim and Eric general0[View]
78456886AnonymousRaw movie 2016: So I have tried, and failed to find a working stream for the movie Raw, about cannib…2[View]
78456647Anonymous>1 oscar only for making up lies on laptops and softwares HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH…8[View]
78456836Anonymous>this kinosethetique masterwork is being trashed by critics while the painfully dull Spotlight wo…0[View]
78455083Anonymous... Hrrrmm9[View]
78451563AnonymousJust rewatched TDK for the first time in years (excellent movie, a lot better than I remember it bei…41[View]
78456512Anonymous> OFFICAL AND INARGUABLE KINO TIER LIST 1. Italy, France, Japan, Russia 2. US, UK, Germany, Denma…1[View]
78451026AnonymousRate the Jokers Q>Joe>Murr>>>Sal20[View]
78452356AnonymousI can't fucking wait15[View]
78456457AnonymousWhats a good light fun movie to watch after watching something dark >pic sorta related…0[View]
78456352AnonymousWhat do you call those?1[View]
78456184Anonymousholy shit this movie is depressing. there is no happy ending. it's almost prophetic in how it d…1[View]
78456138AnonymousAny kino about the positive side of pedosexuality? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mOArMwhJz-81[View]
78456342AnonymousGive me a character study of Peter Parkers pajeet pizza parlor proprietor >GOOO!…1[View]
78454712Anonymous>OY VEY, IT'S BOILING ACID! Is boiling acid actually worse than regular acid?…2[View]
78453663AnonymousRight, listen up. I need 2 risotto, 2 lamb, 3 scallop and 4 wellington, got it? don't fuck it u…19[View]
78455785AnonymousWhere is he from again?3[View]
78419955Anonymous/who/ - Doctor Who General: BRIGGS edition Exterminated: >>78394325313[View]
78430797Anonymous>is acknowledged as a sentient and free-willed individual >literally regarded as a person …302[View]
78441215AnonymousIs this outfit really practical?134[View]
78456136AnonymousWhat are some 19th London kino?1[View]
78454301Anonymoushas anyone here actually seen Passengers? why did it flop so hard? is it really that bad?10[View]
78454648Anonymous>The incompetence of the American military >Blind Japanese samurai and a Japanese otaku 2chan …6[View]
78451971Anonymousthe last kingdom: thoughts on this show? i'm a few episodes in and it seems pretty good13[View]
78455903AnonymousIs it true that Hiroshima has laid off several moderators, and that's why moderation is even sh…2[View]
78455860AnonymousDo you keep your movies, flicks, kino, cinéma, TV, film in separate folders?1[View]
78455859Anonymouswhy is this just a worse version of the movie with a less charismatic cast?2[View]
78454617AnonymousAre these two gay lovers or what's their deal?2[View]
78455772AnonymousArrival had ambition but lacked soul. Moonlight was a pretty looking bore. Nocturnal Animals was edg…0[View]
78449982AnonymousWhat's the plot for the Punisher series?36[View]
78455402AnonymousWhich is the worst show at the moment?3[View]
78446719AnonymousWhat is a absolute worst, irredeemable, pile of garbage film you've ever seen /tv/? Pic relate…55[View]
78455657AnonymousWill this be part of Sicario 2?0[View]
78455483AnonymousAnyone know a Sopranos live stream?1[View]
78455640AnonymousThere are people right now on /tv/ that have not seen Band of Brothers. https://www.youtube.com/watc…0[View]
78454074AnonymousName a better movie monster. Protip: you can't11[View]
78455536AnonymousWhat was your favorite movie 10 years ago?5[View]
78450516AnonymousWas season 1 of this show any good? I've never read the comics and nobody talks about it.27[View]
78452156AnonymousITT: Shows conceived as liberal propaganda that backfired: I'll start47[View]
78455463AnonymousIn exchange for your kindness, I'll be splittin' me buried treasure with ya... once I find…3[View]
78455313AnonymousWhat does /tv/ think of the Monty Python movies?2[View]
78453113AnonymousWhat is Ben thinking at the moment?37[View]
78455341Anonymous>Do you have any idea who you're stealing from? Youzanderfrendzaded! Who was this mysterious…3[View]
78453117AnonymousDoes anyone use criticker.com? I started using it yesterday, rated some films and it seemed ineresti…2[View]
78455342Anonymous>7 Feb 20130[View]
78455269AnonymousLiterally edge-lord kino0[View]
78453581Anonymous>movie ends >spill soda all over the ground >roll popcorn bucket down the aisle so it spill…18[View]
78434611AnonymousWhen was the last time you went out on a movie date with a girl?209[View]
78455210Anonymous/TV/, I have a pitch, hear me out. When the cure for cancer is revealed, it'll be expensive, r…0[View]
78455091AMA about Jennifer Jason LeighConsensus on this capeshit?4[View]
78453738AnonymousWHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED?10[View]
78454647AnonymousRLM guys DESTROY airplane scene: >Why would the CIA let masked men on their plane without checkin…7[View]
78454123AnonymousAnybody watch homeland tonight? It was aight, feel bad for quinn...as usual.2[View]
78455134AnonymousHaven't seen Hacksaw Ridge yet. I assumed Mel only hired flavor of the week twink Garfield to a…1[View]
78451701Anonymouswtf i love interracial marriage now14[View]
78455034AnonymousWas she right about zoning?1[View]
78454852AnonymousWhat the fuck was his problem?2[View]
78451635Anonymouswhat the fuck did i just watch?17[View]
78455023AnonymousStop watching films with a combined rating lower than 9.0 on IMDb and 90% critic/user score on Rotte…0[View]
78452560AnonymousTell me of your homeworld, Usul.11[View]
78453147Anonymous'For a guy like you to just break bad-' GOD DAMN IT4[View]
78454978Anonymouswhat are some movies where the main character has stopped smoking cigarettes cold turkey for two wee…0[View]
78454936AnonymousWhat is shotgun shine?1[View]
78448055Anonymous>INSTEAD OF DONALD TRUMP... HE'S DARTH TRUMP LMAO The height of American comedy…353[View]
78454322Anonymous>movie is about muh children, muh feelings >i have no children, no family so i cant relate…1[View]
78451035AnonymousI have a challenge for you TV. I was watching The revenant, and I noticed that, in many movies, the …80[View]
78454400Anonymous>You've lost, white man What did he mean by this?8[View]
78453539Anonymoushttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MsXzcpYcVKA >those comments I'm laughing so hard I'm cr…18[View]
78453943AnonymousWas Armond White somewhat right?5[View]
78454829AnonymousAny horror/thriller film like this?0[View]
78452014AnonymousName ONE movie/TV character more optimistic than Sheev: Protip: you can't7[View]
78449696AnonymousWhat are some good sci-fi movies from the past decade?55[View]
78450493AnonymousThings from the prequels you wish there was more of. I'll start with pic related.28[View]
78454298Anonymous>Old man does anything slightly strenuous >'I'm getting too old for this.'…2[View]
78454642AnonymousWho was in the wrong here?: Fat Joey was a good guy. Was I meant to cheer?2[View]
78451927AnonymousThis was the only good scene in the entire movie.19[View]
78454218AnonymousIs every King of the Hill episode basically >Strawman comes onto the show >Hank is a good boy,…4[View]
78453322Netflix Anon !OEHK/PTPgYASoUE Schedule: Season 2: Austere Academy, Ersatz Elevator, Vile Village Season 3: Hostile Hospital,…7[View]
78449703AnonymousDid they mean to make a movie that exposes female privilege so blatantly?: >doomsday scenario …95[View]
78453321AnonymousSo LadiesMan217, that is your Ebay username right?3[View]
78448856AnonymousWhat movies does /tv/ actually like? I'm convinced you like none.127[View]
78453880AnonymousAre there any other good movies like this that is controversial and isn't scared to explore cer…14[View]
78454338AnonymousLove transcends time yet again5[View]
78453375AnonymousThe top pic looks better. Snyder uses too many Instagram filters.10[View]
78454462AnonymousITT: We predict trends of 2017 >Donald Trump will be edited out of any future rebroadcasts of any…0[View]
78451231Anonymouswatched this film tonight, what should be my thoughts on it?29[View]
78453989Retr0 !V./2zSevV6HDTV standard format since 2012: Daily reminder that there we're on 2017 and there are people w…3[View]
78454209AnonymousITT: Godtier movie titles1[View]
78454244Anonymous>'Did you just call me... BLOB!?' No. He called you bub. Are Americans really this stupid?…1[View]
78444457AnonymousWhere is your god now /tv/?49[View]
78451117AnonymousBulking Up for The Dark Knight Rises' Bane Damaged Tom Hardy's Body: Hardy told The Daily …33[View]
78454053AnonymousBest war movies/tv shows: Post your favourites1[View]
78454222AnonymousWho was more /our guy/? Also Space Ghost airing on Adult Swim again discussion.1[View]
78453597AnonymousIf you cried at any point during this film you are not allowed to call yourself a man.13[View]
78452962AnonymousCan a movie with good cinematography still be a bad movie? Or, if X is good then the movie will be g…8[View]
78454183Anonymous>see movie expecting a heart warming experience that opens me to the beauty of life >walk away…2[View]
78454138Anonymousthis is some great filmmaking0[View]
78453917AnonymousDo you watch a sad movie when you're happy? Do you watch a happy movie when your sad?4[View]
78450849Anonymous~16 days until the second installation of the greatest Sci-Fi show in recent history. Who's exc…76[View]
78453991AnonymousWas it kino?2[View]
78450391AnonymousARE YOU CAPTAIN LINCOLN F. STERN?14[View]
78449158Anonymous>Maybe I'm one of those people that has always wanted to do it but it's like a pipe dre…23[View]
78450922AnonymousWhat's the craziest thing you've ever done in a kinoplex?12[View]
78451616AnonymousHELP US https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AfDpg9dlnMk21[View]
78453776AnonymousAny videos of cool celebrities talking about getting over heartbreak?0[View]
78453292Anonymous>'What happens now?' >'The Arrival' Fuck everyone, all of you. You all enable this utter horse…8[View]
78453186AnonymousWhata 'bout the droid attack on the muthafukin Wookies?7[View]
78453607AnonymousAvatar makes no sense: Why was he and the army the villains? He literally told Jake just to ask the …1[View]
78453665AnonymousWhat happened to this actor?: He's my favorite African American0[View]
78431473Anonymous/lbg/ - letterboxd general: Well, anons? It's Quality, Not Quantity Edition. PREVIOUS THREAD: …322[View]
78447498AnonymousBobs Burgers? Doomed to Futurama and King of the Hill treatment?: I'm getting sick of Fox'…69[View]
78452965AnonymousExplain how this movie wasn't well received. I'm willing to say it was Ben Stiller's …10[View]
78450232Anonymousall of the movies he stars in have been really really shitty, the only decent one seems to be guardi…45[View]
78444627AnonymousWhy are retarded America critics incapable of writing anything about this show without mentioning Tr…133[View]
78449794AnonymousAnyone else catch David Benioff as the water park attendant on the most recent episode of Always Sun…8[View]
78445430AnonymousHAHAHAHAHA SHERLOCK FANS BTFO: >'Of course it's f*****g good to challenge your audience…335[View]
78451884Anonymouswhat are the must watch Méliès films besides a Trip to the Moon?3[View]
78452731Anonymous>We did it darth! This truly is the Revenge of the Sith! How can anyone like this film…10[View]
78451718AnonymousWas he chad?3[View]
78453091AnonymousI know this is ridiculous but I am going to post a home made film made by one person (my sister) abo…6[View]
78453395AnonymousFAHCKIN' TERRORIST FAHCKIN' SHITS! This wasn't bad at all0[View]
78452290AnonymousHow do you go from this....6[View]
78453359AnonymousITTT: Homo kino0[View]
78450699AnonymousIs he, dare I say it, /ourguy/? dubs will confirm 24[View]
78453270AnonymousWhat does /tv/ think of 'The Italian Job'?3[View]
78453078AnonymousIs her career about to take off? She was really good in the night manager.3[View]
78448096Anonymous>go here http://iknowwhatyoudownload.com/en/peer/ >try and find the most pleb/kino television …78[View]
78451817AnonymousAside from lord of the rings, what are some other movies about humans vs orcs?2[View]
78449103AnonymousOctavia Spencer Buys Out Hidden Figures Screening on MLK Weekend for Low-income Families: >Octavi…42[View]
78447523Anonymous>watching the latest Captain America with my gf tonight >that Black Panter dude shows up >s…24[View]
78452340AnonymousWhat are some good movies I can buy on Blu-Ray for my grandparents to watch? They're getting up…6[View]
78449268AnonymousIs this kino?13[View]
78450867AnonymousThis is the girl.8[View]
78452523AnonymousHow can humans even compete? BIG7[View]
78451003AnonymousWho is the most entry-level director?: It's so Tarantino7[View]
78446760AnonymousIs this movie a litmus test?97[View]
78451619AnonymousDubs decide which episode I watch7[View]
78452252AnonymousHas anyone here watched the Moaning of Life with Karl Pilkington? I've been watching through it…2[View]
78450172AnonymousITT: Pseudo-Cinema16[View]
78451723AnonymousAnyone else here excited for May when they get their very own turboman??? https://www.kickstarter.co…3[View]
78450491AnonymousNocturnal Animals Opinions: How do you feel about this movie? I feel like it may be 2deep4me... Grea…25[View]
78447575Anonymous>/tv/ thinks this was bad damn...32[View]
78452901AnonymousWhat's her name again?0[View]
78451669AnonymousReminder that Abby wasn't evil and the remake is superior to the original.2[View]
78452781Anonymouswhat some good kino i can watch on netflix?0[View]
78452202AnonymousHEY BIG BIRD! >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TdcHzquaMh88[View]
78418461AnonymousCan we agree that Jim carey was a better count olaf than Meme-Faggot Harris?311[View]
78452078AnonymousI'm writing a screenplay about a dude.... a dude they call the godfucker. I want it to be narra…3[View]
78452673AnonymousI very much enjoyed the first two episodes of season 4, the 2nd more than the 1st and the ending was…2[View]
78452389AnonymousWho did it better?3[View]
78451362AnonymousChildhood is being infatuated with Sophia Loren. Adulthood is realizing Grace Kelly is superior.46[View]
78452554AnonymousWhy doesn't Negan call him Hatchetman?3[View]
78452581AnonymousThis was kino0[View]
78452381AnonymousWhy doesn't /tv/ talk about this cuck kino?2[View]
78451165AnonymousWhat did they mean by this?9[View]
78452036AnonymousITT: Come up with plots for the upcoming 9th season >Larry gets a chance of a lifetime to play at…2[View]
78449593Anonymous29.5 years old: >6'4, 225lbs >buff & aesthetic >married to qt pie >5pl8 deadlif…26[View]
78451769Anonymous*Indistinguishable Grunting*3[View]
78452363AnonymousHansen Vs. Calories1[View]
78452286Anonymous>It's a NE Patriots episode1[View]
78452209AnonymousIs this the best acting ever filmed? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hakQFZh8QpA4[View]
78451215AnonymousJoe Rogan Thread: Its a Bryan Callen is the most obnoxious fuck in the room episode https://www.yout…10[View]
78452201AnonymousAnalysis. Are you a big guy?1[View]
78451710AnonymousIf he made a film, what would it be about?5[View]
78452336AnonymousJUST: She is often seen With her black buck so mean She was the worst damn woman I ever had seen S…0[View]
78448765Anonymous>1. Connery >2. Dalton >3. Lazenby >4. Brosnan >5. Moore >6. If you disagree then …27[View]
78452005Anonymous>When you're watching a good TV show then the inevitable female drama comes on for the femal…6[View]
78451908AnonymousIs this honest filmmaking?4[View]
78452109AnonymousJust gonna leave this here...2[View]
78448486AnonymousWhat do you think about The Golden Compass movie /tv/?59[View]
78451209Anonymous... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oJn00vnX6iY2[View]
78447683Anonymous>not jewish Wait wat?28[View]
78450291Anonymous>go to pick up client for promotional dinner and chill >knock >she comes to the door in thi…4[View]
78448899AnonymousThis was only praised because it is the new baby's first asian movie, right? If it was american…15[View]
78451668AnonymousShould I watch the Boondocks?8[View]
78450430AnonymousThere are children on /tv/ who haven't even seen Sunset Boulevard.19[View]
78448747Anonymous>please come back 6 hours later with a lukewarm trailerpark jug of dirty water esse…10[View]
78450427AnonymousI frequent /mu/ and /tv/ the most and want answers from both boards. What are the most essential mus…19[View]
78449309AnonymousWho /Josie/ here?48[View]
78451355AnonymousWhat was his problem?9[View]
78449862AnonymousVomit in TV: Has anyone else noticed a trend of TV programs showing people vomiting? Used to, people…10[View]
78446830Anonymous>Hollywood is the world’s best money-laundering machine. It takes in huge amounts of money from t…9[View]
78448751Anonymous>Have fun at the library Peter and oh like I tell you every morning, please never date a black wo…22[View]
78451731AnonymousWhat would happen if two strangers broke into the same house at the same time? Would they have to fi…0[View]
78433420AnonymousWhat went oh so right?322[View]
78449987Anonymous>movies takes place in africa >'BELNYAAAAA NYYOOOO MAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA'…22[View]
78446929AnonymousWhat the fuck. I was expecting a mindless, awesome action. It's not even that. It's a dive…19[View]
78449061AnonymousPeter Jackson announces he's shooting a series of movies based on stories contained within the …24[View]
78436597AnonymousASoUE: Well I am pleasantly surprised. I didn't think I would like this more than the movie. Wh…324[View]
78451092AnonymousITT people who are literally worse than Donald Trump3[View]
78451477AnonymousKino colonialists will never understand: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8aT3Ii3hWM01[View]
78451403AnonymousWhat film is this?: I remember watching this on Netlix a long ass time ago, but I cannot remember th…2[View]
78451307Anonymous>smoke weed >turn gay I'm didn't think hollywood was capable of dropping red pills…2[View]
78450862AnonymousWhat if he is the one to direct Suicide Squad?14[View]
78451118AnonymousITT nostalgia movies6[View]
78450081AnonymousIt was the best, prove me wrong. Spoiler Alert: you can't 6[View]
78451291Anonymoushave you thought about my cock today?0[View]
78450457AnonymousWhat the FUCK went wrong6[View]
78447532Anonymous>Christine killed herself rather than give this guy a chance She wanted to have a baby and get ma…69[View]
78430148AnonymousIndependence Day: Revengeance: tfw you try to invade Earth and you fuck up so badly that you kicksta…205[View]
78450526Anonymoushttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KH4am8wHgaA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YsIwUWEfimc https://www.…3[View]
78444380AnonymousObjective modern tv drama rankings: I have seen over fifteen thousand television shows and have stud…49[View]
78451243AnonymousSeriously though, what the FUCK was this guy's problem?1[View]
78449592AnonymousHow do you feel about the Goofy Movie reboot?6[View]
78449648AnonymousWas it autism?5[View]
78451233Anonymous>The Bye Bye Man Maybe Hollywood SHOULD stick to reboots.0[View]
78451226AnonymousI AM FENWICK0[View]
78451185AnonymousThis wasn't so bad.0[View]
78446849Anonymousthis wasn't that bad10[View]
78450007AnonymousITT: Superficial/Dephtless movies Seriously, when will you accept this movie as what it is?2[View]
78450708Anonymouswow this sucked ass, made it 10 minutes in after she goes in for the audition then DROPPED2[View]
78448279AnonymousDAYUM SILKIE LOOK LIKE THAT?28[View]
78450429Anonymousevery black person should see this movie3[View]
78451023AnonymousIf he had Obamacare, would this move play out differently?0[View]
78450052AnonymousWhat's the buzz on 'Live By Night?': Was Affleck at Argo level or should we worry about 'The Ba…6[View]
78449938AnonymousWho comes out alive in a battle between these meme characters?5[View]
78449351AnonymousIs lightsaber flight kino?16[View]
78438149AnonymousSo we all agree Search Party was the best new show of 2016, right?57[View]
78450062AnonymousFACT: The movie would be better if Jack killed his wife and both the kid and Jack died frozen in the…14[View]
78445610AnonymousSo how much bullshit is in this?111[View]
78450827AnonymousA Cure for Madness: Lets get away from the memes for a minute to discuss an upcoming film for once. …2[View]
78450653Anonymous>director missed the point of the source material10[View]
78450120Anonymous>Characters who are you >I am watching this show, and Dr. Cox is pretty much who I am around t…2[View]
78443122AnonymousTwin Peaks General43[View]
78450731AnonymousWhat did we learn today?0[View]
78445300Anonymous>I WILL NOT GIVE THAT ORDER!!! Such a glorious scene. Is there any other SEALKINO as good as this…29[View]
78447009AnonymousWho wore it better?69[View]
78434807AnonymousDid the bugs really send the meteor or was it a false flag?102[View]
78449242AnonymousCould you get away with this today?10[View]
78445952Anonymousthoughts on this film?41[View]
78450624Lucasstarwars: i was watching starwar and wonder should it sound like this *restored audio???* https://ww…1[View]
78449555AnonymousThis sucked why do people hype it up14[View]
78442953Anonymous>i-it won't even make $700 million. fucking SJW's!!32[View]
78450600AnonymousHeard my kid brother mention some pol-tier crime statistics to our dad yesterday. Before he goes ful…0[View]
78450224AnonymousHow do you go from THIS....5[View]
78450593Anonymous>vice >vigilantes luring pedophiles >reborn TCP how long before these retards are shot in t…0[View]
78447294AnonymousJust started the Borg story arc in Voyager That means Seven of Nine is being introduced soon MUH DIC…27[View]
78450479AnonymousJust saw this, liked it a lot. Made me sad though. What does /tv/ think?0[View]
78449732AnonymousWho was in the wrong here?6[View]
78446392AnonymousWhy don't they release cool indie films on VHS?15[View]
78448349AnonymousITT: overrated reviewers13[View]
78449354AnonymousITT: 2>4>1=3>524[View]
78450233AnonymousPretty good.0[View]
78447741AnonymousITT: we post three shitty descriptions for tv/movies and anons(anonymous users) try to guess what it…7[View]
78449942Anonymous>7.4 rating on IMDb >only 33% on rotten tomatoes Why are critics trying to stop vidya-kino? No…2[View]
78449701Anonymous>I go to the movies for many reasons. Here is one of them. I want to see wondrous sights not avai…3[View]
78445107AnonymousAsk a guy who works at a cinema anything.30[View]
78447339Anonymouswho hype?20[View]
78449129AnonymousThis is a high priority communique from the Department of Temporal Investigations. I'm here to …5[View]
78450099AnonymousIs this nickino?0[View]
78450097Anonymous>you are a black guy >for you what did he mean by this?…0[View]
78449878AnonymousPure kino3[View]
78449174AnonymousJason Mamoa looks retarded!: DC really let us down again people! Aquaman should look like pic relate…4[View]
78450065Anonymousso does reddit hate this movie or something?0[View]
78449444Anonymous>people still believe Batman doesnt kill Joker in a comic called 'The Killing Joke' tha…14[View]
78449822AnonymousWhen will the capeshit bubble burst? A few years ago I thought it would be 2020 but now I'm not…2[View]
78449989Anonymous>the lesbian queen is a merciless tyrant I don't know why you're all saying this is SJW…0[View]
78449961AnonymousWhat the fuck0[View]
78449943AnonymousSo did he really take the statue?0[View]
78449070AnonymousI don't get it1[View]
78449865Anonymous>Watching movie with a friend. >Sad scene comes on. >My eye begins to itch really bad. >…1[View]
78449839AnonymousHow is it that the house in silence of the lambs had a well in the basement? I get that a well is a …1[View]
78448252AnonymousWhat was his fucking problem?3[View]
78436040AnonymousThe Neon Demon: It was good.289[View]
78448022AnonymousWhat went so right?10[View]
78447923Anonymous>gf is making me take her to the kinotorium to see this on opening night literally end my fucking…2[View]
78449557AnonymousHoly fuck, after watching this video I had the craziest thought.: Wouldn't Obama be a great rep…7[View]
78448447AnonymousWas it kid-who-likes-dragons-kino?18[View]
78444428AnonymousWhat was your opinion of Nightcrawler?76[View]
78447591AnonymousThis is the only film that has made me cry, why?13[View]
78448366AnonymousWhat was her fucking problem?2[View]
78444527Anonymous>I am Iron Man. Stopped watching there35[View]
78449130AnonymousWhat sort of beast was the main character of the movie Ratatouille? Was he an alien race or some sor…3[View]
78447919AnonymousScenes from old films that still look awesome or good. Flight of the intruder; bombing of Hanoi scen…10[View]
78445672AnonymousWere they better than the movie versions?41[View]
78429657Broshev Callook !!SkE8bSjFjo8Simulator for /tv/ theater In Development: Hello anons I'm an amateur sound designer whose code…111[View]
78449563AnonymousDid you know this was silk spectre II? >brain exploeds1[View]
78435064AnonymousWhat is the next for Alison Brie (American ACTRESS and producer)?109[View]
78446369Anonymous>Arrival.2016.DVDScr.XVID.AC3.HQ.Hive-CM8 >Arrival.2016.DVDScr.XVID.AC3.HQ.Hive-CM8 >Arriva…21[View]
78449520Anonymousso what sitcom had the comfiest house/apartment? I'm gonna go with Frasier. Although that may b…0[View]
78449153AnonymousWhy is it so easy for actors to get any woman they want1[View]
78449361Anonymous>SW fans didnt bat an eye as their hero was struck down by a non-Sith and not even a Sith Lord…4[View]
78446995AnonymousThis movie was actually pretty kino4[View]
78436133AnonymousWhat exactly was his fucking problem?224[View]
78449380AnonymousRed Letter Media: I ACTIVATE MIKE! GOGOGOGOGO0[View]
78444570AnonymousIf you could see the future you wouldn't want to change anything and just accept your fate What…41[View]
78444815AnonymousNo other film can even come close to showcasing the degeneracy of drug use. Prove me wrong. Protip: …41[View]
78448173AnonymousDirector's First Movies...What are some of your favorites?: 1) Dog Soldiers by Neil Marshall 2)…9[View]
78449045AnonymousThe Prisoner of Azcaband > The Half Blood Prince > Goblet of Fire > Dealthy Hallows Part 1 …2[View]
78449199Anonymouswas it Kino?0[View]
78446017AnonymousWhat's next for Steven Seagal, /tv/?9[View]
78447270Anonymous>General Whitesupremacy >Captain Patriarchy >Sargent Islamophobia Wow! I can't wait fo…15[View]
78438905AnonymousV > III > IV=VI > RO > II > VII > I155[View]
78449020Anonymous>she any good? >shes the best there is.0[View]
78448155AnonymousHorror hidden gems: Give me horror hidden gems! Dario Argento's Suspiria5[View]
78447905AnonymousHow does it feel when you think that this movie - Sing - made more money domestically than Doctor St…10[View]
78448815AnonymousTYP America Edition: Been waiting for this series for a while to come to the U.S. How'd you all…0[View]
78448688Anonymous>there will be somebody here who hated this fun wholesome show3[View]
78446831AnonymousDid they just pick the ugliest woman they could find?14[View]
78447347Sherlock CGIIt's 2017 how the fuck is this ok8[View]
78448691AnonymousWhat were some of the best tweets from the AVGN Ghostbusters backlash? Some of the shit he got was a…0[View]
78448077AnonymousYou have to admit, Episode VII was dishonest.13[View]
78447797AnonymousWhat are your favorite 80's L.A. movies? Early 90's also acceptable if it's got that …2[View]
78448489Anonymous>Asteroid in collision course for earth flick: >prez: the american people have a right to know…0[View]
78441466Anonymous>let's replace Colin Farrell with Johnny Depp lol Can they at least replace Johnny Depp with…42[View]
78448003AnonymousGood movies made in the 21st century?5[View]
78437584AnonymousWho's the best?118[View]
78448432Anonymous>Watching Captain America: Civil War >Batman shows up HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?…1[View]
78448388Anonymous>'Y...you don't want to watch my telenovela, anon?'0[View]
78448240Anonymous>mid-January 2017 >still no trailer for the final season of pure tv kino…5[View]
78432739AnonymousUnpopular opinions thread: New Hope is better than Empire. Ford Coppola's Twixt is a good movie…106[View]
78447951AnonymousWhat are some good modern expirimental/outsider films?3[View]
78447217Anonymous>based as fuck in The Clone Wars >literally not a single line of dialogue and literally no act…13[View]
78447672AnonymousWhy did they have to put Rob Schneider as the comic relief in this movie? Judge Hershey should have …2[View]
78448242AnonymousRed Letter Media: Is Nerd Crew their magnum opus? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sExTt4j69zI…0[View]
78448237Anonymous>aurora checks every resuscitation option available to her in the autodoc to save jim >the com…0[View]
78446291Anonymous>TV and pol convinced it would bomb >Already earned double it's budget at the box office …8[View]
78447333AnonymousWhat was the joke?10[View]
78442264AnonymousWhy do people say this movie isn't great?29[View]
78448123AnonymousWhat's your favoriote lovecraftian comedy. I like Evil Dead 2.0[View]
78445678AnonymousWHAT THE FUCK DID I JUST WATCH?20[View]
78447912AnonymousArrival explained. This is all you need to know to understand it.1[View]
78447904AnonymousAm I suppose to feel bad for the Queen? Or fucking hate her? Both?1[View]
78446294Anonymouspeople exist that find this show clever or entertaining18[View]
78445053AnonymousWhat are some good science fantasy action kino? I liked Kingsglaive6[View]
78442406Anonymous*blocks your path*29[View]
78442770AnonymousDo you guys ever go to the movies with your Mom?: What's it like?23[View]
78447695Anonymousname a better Twin Peaks character you can't0[View]
78447509AnonymousHow do Marvelkeks deal with the fact that the king of /tv/ thinks their movies are complete commerci…1[View]
78447515AnonymousRecommend me the best movie (in your opinion) that I can stream on Netflix right now5[View]
78444489AnonymousEric Rohmer - Tales of the Four Seasons: Patrician order of preference: 1. Summer 2. Springtime 3. W…13[View]
78447236AnonymousWhy was he such an asshole?3[View]
78445499Anonymoushow accurate is this show?10[View]
78442747AnonymousBest character of 2016: You know it to be true.23[View]
78447171AnonymousCan anything fill the void after pic rel? What do you think about BoJack Horseman?1[View]
78447223AnonymousHave you thought about my cock today?0[View]
78445439AnonymousHey, you. Yeah, you. What's your favorite film of 2016? The one that really blew you away. The …18[View]
78446809AnonymousLooking back, apart from the whiny kid, this was a pretty good movie.9[View]
78442835AnonymousNo... that's Optimus Prime.37[View]
78447044Anonymous>'terrible movie' >trashes the theater Is he /our guy/?…0[View]
78446627AnonymousFUCK ANDRE!: He said Mosnter Trucks was the worst film of 2017 ,when it is clearly the best!2[View]
78446985AnonymousShould they get rid of Family Guy and put their classics in the 9-11 hours? Home Movies, Harvey Bird…1[View]
78447020AnonymousIs this the best Lovecraftian major release?0[View]
78445427AnonymousTop Gear/Grand Tour: RIP7[View]
78446910AnonymousWhat went wrong?0[View]
78444480AnonymousFilms that women will never understand https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b1btxq1xcUs5[View]
78446815Anonymous>'And that's the hardest part. Today everything is different; there's no action... have…0[View]
78445228AnonymousHomeland: Homeland season 6 finally begins tonight. 9pm EST I believe, if anyone knows a stream plea…12[View]
78446282AnonymousLincoln thread: Just marathoned the episode where McConaughey is relaxing in the back seat talking t…4[View]
78446767AnonymousITT: we post overrated actors/actresses, movies and/or shows like this piece of shit right here. Pic…0[View]
78446639AnonymousITT: Video games that are made of the right stuff to be adapted into a true kino form.4[View]
78446687AnonymousITT: Unrealistic movies0[View]
78445517AnonymousSherlock: This show died after season 23[View]
78446637AnonymousWere there any plot holes in this?0[View]
78446612AnonymousAnyone ever seen this glorious piece of shit?: 80's indy VHS kino. SOMEONE out there must have …1[View]
78446507AnonymousWhy is a cop dressed like a thug?1[View]
78446391Anonymous>He drinks a regular Coca Cola while watching a movie Name me something better than a Coke Zero w…1[View]
78446503Anonymous7/10 imho Maybe if they had delved a bit deeper into the time travel aspect it would have been bette…2[View]
78446199AnonymousThis movie is hurting my brain. Would it help if I was on some kind of psychedelic drug?3[View]
78445929Anonymous>Archie's Riverdale is about murder, incest and teen angst. what went wrong?…7[View]
78446382AnonymousDo you eat it out of the bag or put it in a bowl?3[View]
78446202Anonymous>mfw plebs refuse to accept that this movie is pure kino litterally one of the best action movie …2[View]
78446384AnonymousAwesome movie.1[View]
78446406Anonymous>holy shit I hate the war on terror now Wow this was much better than I thought it would be even …0[View]
78445753Anonymous>'Finally... after all these years... I have become the v v itch!' The Olde English in this movie…1[View]
78445168AnonymousRecently watched this. I enjoyed the theme and thought the monsters were good, but the story fell a …7[View]
78446269Anonymous>here's your popcorn miss. sorry about that rude black employee, he has been terminated…0[View]
78446215AnonymousHis is the new mill house!: Love him0[View]
78443206AnonymousWhat am I in for /tv/?22[View]
78442227AnonymousWhat the fuck happened?26[View]
78446073Anonymous>'The Danish Girl' >Not singular >Not Danish >Not a girl…0[View]
78443514AnonymousItt: Movies/tv shows that would be better with American directors/writers8[View]
78446026Anonymoushttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=noLg0JHOqzg Is he the greatest performance artist of the internet ag…0[View]
78438157AnonymousIn the name of the Galactic Senate of the Republic. You are under arrest Chancellor71[View]
78436534AnonymousLets be honest here. There was probably a lot of potion/spell aided rape going on at Hogwarts.96[View]
78445669AnonymousHow do you guys find new movies? Do you just browse /tv/ and find stuff that you want to watch that …6[View]
78445210AnonymousDoes he legit have autism? He always looks weird as fuck17[View]
78443455Anonymous/theroux general: We seem to be overdue for another comfy Louis thread. What subject matters should …11[View]
78445876AnonymousWhy don't we ever talk how great these films are0[View]
78445588AnonymousHas a worse movie ever been made? Dare I say no. Bees are trained to recognize royalty. Are they re…3[View]
78445800AnonymousIs this a kino music video? Are music videos more kino than movies and tv these days? https://www.yo…0[View]
78445322AnonymousHE CAN'T KEEP GETTING AWAY WITH IT!4[View]
78445785AnonymousWhat are some classic flicks im missing in my new collection? lopst all my shit in a HD crash and ha…0[View]
78443893Anonymous>You are on this mofuckin council but we do not grant you the title of mofuckin Master what the f…11[View]
78445639Anonymous>it's too bad she won't live! but then again who does? what did he mean by this?…2[View]
78445688AnonymousWhen is the tour?1[View]
78445712Anonymous>Protection for gangs, clubs and nations >Causing grief in human relations >It's a tur…0[View]
78442823AnonymousWhy'd he wear four layers of clothing? Did people do that in the 80's?19[View]
78445577Anonymous>Moonlight, Fences, and Hidden Figures screeners have all dropped Time for some black-kino…6[View]
78445604AnonymousWhat the fuck was his problem?4[View]
78445682AnonymousOld psa: Looking for old psa that featured the tobacco man. Any ideas? https://youtu.be/2XOgplMvt6A…0[View]
78443454Anonymous>tfw webm threads are now forbidden2[View]
78440278AnonymousAdult Swim's classic block launches tonight at 8 PM: The pool bumpers are back. 'Dust Devil D-C…47[View]
78444009AnonymousAre there any plotholes in your favorite show?5[View]
78445619Anonymous>on a dangerous mission on a hostile planet >unpredictable weather and a million things that c…0[View]
78445584AnonymousIt was me Sherlock, it was me all along. Wow, did not see THAT twist coming.1[View]
78443338AnonymousCan't digest a genius female villain /tv/? Someone's who is smarter than Mycroft. Does tha…12[View]
78445136AnonymousThe Man in The High Castle: Just finished season 1, it was meh, does it get better? Will still keep …8[View]
78440754Anonymous>tfw a pleb tells me that his favorite animated television show isn't King of the Hill…43[View]
78444025AnonymousWas this really considered attractive in the 90s?7[View]
78440970AnonymousSTOP! He who would cross the Bridge of Death must answer me these questions three, Ere the other sid…45[View]
78441966AnonymousNot those fucking ducks again13[View]
78444490AnonymousITT: Essential monster-kino >pic related1[View]
78445454AnonymousQuality Disney animation. Avengers, Disney XD Discuss0[View]
78440333AnonymousIs the director's cut worth watching?25[View]
78445190AnonymousThis had no memorable songs. Missed opportunities for songs. And pushed born in le wrong generation …5[View]
78444329AnonymousWere his hands hot?12[View]
78444346Anonymous>no Young Pope thread but why? easily one of the greatest shows of the year and looks extremely p…6[View]
78445024Anonymous**white people**7[View]
78443976Anonymous>watching movie with sister at her place >its cold so we cuddle under a blanket on the couch …9[View]
78442234AnonymousBILLIONS IS KILL!: BURN THE FUCK DOWN! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ow6VVQO2Q-o5[View]
78445351AnonymousWhat was his endgame?0[View]
78445341AnonymousPost Your Coolest Movie Poster: This Seven Samurai poster Was 50$ back in 2014 now its 12$ on amazon…2[View]
78443324Anonymous>When manlets snap15[View]
78443684AnonymousCan we have a period and costume Drama thread going? Post your favorites, discuss, get recs and etc …4[View]
78445206AnonymousI miss him1[View]
78445277Anonymous'What. The hell. Is going on?' >The Death Star's construction is going as inspected. 'Oh rea…0[View]
78445186Anonymousmerry christmas /tv/1[View]
78439603AnonymousITT: Post Your Top Ten Motion Pictures: Easy Mode: Movies, Films, Flicks, and Kinos allowed. Hard Mo…11[View]
78443492Anonymousthis just fucked me up The first half, with the faith of the Japanese hidden Christians was probably…7[View]
78431013AnonymousThe Twilight Zone: Did you like it? What was the best episode and why?53[View]
78444221AnonymousI walked out of the theater.22[View]
78445035Anonymous>old ass wise character strokes beard while deep in thought1[View]
78444944AnonymousWhat did he mean by this?3[View]
78435939Anonymous>there are people browsing /tv/ right now that have never seen all the Sharpe movies wew…38[View]
78444865Anonymous>Hope i honestly walked out of the fucking theater after this7[View]
78445021AnonymousStreaming The Raid 2 filthycasuals .tv1[View]
78445058AnonymousI love the Pitch Perfect films They are guilty pleasures so what's wrong with that?0[View]
78441225Anonymous'Bobby, black people are all crack-heads and debutantes.' How did Mike Judge get away with this one?19[View]
78444197AnonymousI just watched Sully and I am Fucking PISSED at what the NTSB tried to do to him after he heroically…3[View]
78444325Anonymousis this kino? post kino tv shows1[View]
78442470AnonymousCat in the Hat is kino https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JLFn_wD2B8I[Open] >dat cinematography >…16[View]
78444348AnonymousHow did they fuck up green lantern so badly? Remember how great it looked? https://www.youtube.com/…5[View]
78443115AnonynousShould Madcucks and Dick unite? http://pastebin.com/nW7Aehh4 http://www.strawpoll.me/121193429[View]
78444867AnonymousIs this accurate?0[View]
78444483AnonymousITT: Liberal propaganda shows that backfired3[View]
78444832AnonymousOscar-winning 'Exorcist' author, William Peter Blatty, dies aged 89 Goodnight, sweet princ…0[View]
78444162Anonymousholy shit its kino8[View]
78440472AnonymousHow old are you? Sam Raimi was 21 when he made Evil Dead.47[View]
78444703Anonymous>'Hop in, we're going to the local kinomatorium'1[View]
78444293AnonymousDoes /tv/ love this movie? it's god tier5[View]
78441964Anonymouswas it real?16[View]
78444726Anonymous>he is.... the dark knight I got up and left the theatre right then and there…2[View]
78444715AnonymousWe need more movies like this0[View]
78444446AnonymousCaptain, have I ever discussed my detailed files on Lieutenant Darien Wallace? Lieutenant Darien Wal…5[View]
78433727AnonymousLet's have a Kurt Russell thread. Post your favourite Kurt movies and roles. Do you consider hi…90[View]
78440054AnonymousLowlife Kinos: Looking for kinos that describe lowlife lifestyles. Loners, losers and rejects of all…47[View]
78442026AnonymousMARVEL CASTING LEAKS: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 >Laura Haddock is returning as Meredith Quil…15[View]
78444129Anonymous>>78444444 sextuplets decide which actor or actress 2017 will claim first5[View]
78443131Anonymous>Quit playing games with my heart What did they mean by this?2[View]
78444528AnonynousIs there any proof he actually said this? I couldn't find anything. http://www.slashfilm.com/st…0[View]
78444450AnonymousIs there an Incredibles sequel coming soon? What's taking so long?0[View]
78442220AnonymousDoes anyone actually think this is better?9[View]
78441384AnonymousAnybody else watch this? Only just realized big guy is in it and am now intrigued as to whether its …7[View]
78443890AnonymousHas there ever been a greater Hollywood acting couple then Bogart and Bacall?2[View]
78444186AnonymousWhat are some good detective movies?2[View]
78444169Anonymous>Benny, bring me anyone.4[View]
78442097AnonymousIs this the most cliched movie about American 'us versus them' heroism in recent memory?14[View]
78444248Anonymous>Luke, did I ever tell you about Sand People? They enslaved, tortured and brutally raped your gra…1[View]
78444291AnonymousIn the end...: Who should he have sold it to?0[View]
78444256AnonymousIs nu-Apes kino?0[View]
78441599AnonymousHow did a show with only 3 guys + 1 girl outperform a show with 3 guys + 3 girls?27[View]
78428954AnonymousIs it kino?: I watch Taboo (starring Tom Hardy) last night on FX channel. Looks promising. What do y…120[View]
78443683Anonymousi rewatched it 2 times this past holiday wtf is wrong with me and why is this movie so damn comfy9[View]
78442488Anonymous>We're not that different, you and I3[View]
78441980Anonymous/cwp/: What do you think of him? Will his work ever be appreciated by the masses, or continue to be …2[View]
78442502Anonymous>tfw you kill younglings just right4[View]
78442576AnonymousThoughts on this movie? I personally liked it.13[View]
78439947AnonymousVikings discussion: I just fell into the 'Vikings' meme, and let me tell you: It's so poorly po…23[View]
78443519AnonymousWhat went wrong?1[View]
78443506Anonymous>get me discount Bruce Willis >gotcha pham…14[View]
78442687AnonymousWhat the fuck was his problem?10[View]
78443779AnonymousI thought you guys said this ending was supposed to be ambiguous?0[View]
78442893AnonymousI haven't watched a movie in months. I'm in a rut of having seen everything that I want to…1[View]
78443353AnonymousIs it weird to watch romantic tear jerker films if you're single?1[View]
78441380Anonymous>Character needs to steal/use someones car >The keys are in the visor I see this meme everywh…9[View]
78442402Anonymous>giving this up for crooked teeth and bald10[View]
78443463AnonymousPeople fear what they don't understand.2[View]
78428694Anonymous>those aren't mountains....they're waves162[View]
78437784AnonymousWho is the Best and Worst Critic of Kino: >Enraged Englasias >Lindsay SJW Ellis >Douge …22[View]
78443513AnonymousOpinions on The Slurb?0[View]
78443156AnonymousYou now remember sexy pregnant hilljack Amy Adams. You're welcome. Protip: hnnnnnng. Also high …1[View]
78437446AnonymousWhy did Sherlock have to turn into this368[View]
78441092AnonymousIs it true that african americans don't know who Steve McQueen is ?22[View]
78441498AnonymousHow's he gonna die?13[View]
78443217AnonymousWhere do you watch your Kino /tv/?2[View]
78443186AnonymousSeries no one know although they are amazing: Has anyone seen the amazing series Xanadu? Pic related…3[View]
78440312AnonymousThis is doctor pavel. Say something nice.7[View]
78421880AnonymousSeriously though, opinions?174[View]
78443018AnonymousThe Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2: This was one of the most dumbest cringe-worthy shits I…4[View]
78443233Anonymoushow come he looks so happy now?0[View]
78440958AnonymousHonestly.. how did Lucas get away with this?17[View]
78442908AnonymousITT: We post small watchlists and others tell us what to watch first Mine >Moonlight >Patriot…3[View]
78440717AnonymousWhat did they mean by this?23[View]
78439048AnonymousWhich was the more emotional moment?26[View]
78438672AnonymousFirst words that come to mind.48[View]
78442918AnonymousWhat is your honest, meme-free opinion of The Lobster?6[View]
78441921AnonymousStop attacking the wookies.8[View]
78443077AnonymousWhat are the best southern gothic movies?0[View]
78443003AnonymousWhen will Marvel adapt the storyline where Green Goblin cucks Spider-Man?1[View]
78441446AnonymousWho let these two losers become jedi? Were they so desperate to swell their ranks they'd let in…20[View]
78441509Anonymous>hidden figures and numale wars still in top spots /tv/ absolutely destroyed…12[View]
78442520Anonymous>you think believing is easy? WDHMBT5[View]
78442921AnonymousFriendly Reminder to abandon Academia and obtaining a Film degree in favour of Self-education.0[View]
78437187AnonymousWhat the hell is this?! How did this even get past production353[View]
78442800AnonymousWho was your favourite Terrace House housemate? I think Arman Bitaraf was a perfect boy.0[View]
78440530AnonymousWhat was his problem?6[View]
78442682AnonymousHE WAS A CONSOLE OF ROME2[View]
78434977AnonymousWhat are some good Crusader/Medieval Age movies? I was just listening to the Kingdom of Heaven soun…13[View]
78442714AnonymousHey Jamie could you put up that footage from the Browne and Brandon fight...there we go okay good, f…0[View]
78442251AnonymousITT: when normies got tricked into watching kino13[View]
78441131Ant Burchio (star)YAAAAAAAAAAAAAS QUEEEN S L A A A A Y35[View]
78442659Anonymousis this kino?0[View]
78441218AnonymousITT: based directors >Pic related6[View]
78441883AnonymousNever actually watched Shameless, but can somebody explain this to me? Why would somebody's rea…6[View]
78441567Anonymous>british ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''humour''''''''''''''''''''…16[View]
78442395AnonymousFantastic.Beasts.and.Where.to.Find.Them.2016.1080p.KORSUB.HDRip.x264.AAC2.0-STUTTERSHIT: Fantastic.B…1[View]
78442305Anonymous>If I wanted to see two negros fight I'd throw a dollar bill out my window…3[View]
78442413AnonymousPaul F. Tompkins: Why?0[View]
78442001AnonymousWhat did you think of the mew season opener? i thought it was pretty poor desu, i can see why this i…4[View]
78436251AnonymousWhat movies are you looking forward to in 2017?59[View]
78442348AnonymousIs this, dare I say, true kino0[View]
78442315AnonymousMister Skywalker, there's too many of them. What're we gonna do?1[View]
78442293Anonymous>TL;DR Ice Cube is a nigger and chimps out at work1[View]
78442286AnonymousDid they know?1[View]
78442284Anonymous>I was sheriff of this county when I was twenty-five years old. Hard to believe. My grandfather w…0[View]
78441635Anonymouswhat tv series make your wee-wee tingle? pic semi related7[View]
78442029AnonymousWho is this actor?6[View]
78440273AnonymousDamn...ah...really makes you think.23[View]
78434681Anonymous>PENIS INSPECTION! why did the Orcs do this?31[View]
78442209AnonymousYour bro wagers $20 you can't have carnal knowledge of a lady on the premises. What do?0[View]
78441297AnonymousI will spam him until you ironically like him1[View]
78442155AnonymousDo you live by the way of nature or the way of grace?0[View]
78442123AnonymousHow do you feel about the new Netflix series 'STR8 to GAY'?0[View]
78438901AnonymousHow did Bane know where Bruce's precious armoury was?13[View]
78440153AnonymousFACT: TV stopped being comfy when it switched to 16:911[View]
78437765AnonymousNow that the dust has settled, was Galaxy Quest any good?31[View]
78442018AnonymousITT: Scenes only men understand (couldn't find a clip of the rape scene) https://www.youtube.co…0[View]
78442013AnonymousOH MY GOD THE DAILY MAIL0[View]
78441210AnonWhy was this so good /tv/?5[View]
78440820Anonymousauteur theory: yay or nay? i think auteur theory at its worst leads to the overrating of films, a ba…4[View]
78441984Anonymous>those screams jesus christ, man.0[View]
78429252Anonymous/got/ general: >>78393675 Theon edition326[View]
78441490AnonymousDon't you forget about me6[View]
78440220AnonymousRemind me again, what do I think of this movie?3[View]
78439864Anonymous/mad/men general. Bert The Legend Cooper edition: Who was Madmen's best character, and why was …12[View]
78441867Anonymous11/10 scenes only (reprised): 11/10 scenes only (reprised) (not the original OP) this thread had pot…3[View]
78436549Anonymous>tfw Americans will never EVER get Taboo >EVER…215[View]
78437041Anonymousrec me some films with gorgeous cinematography21[View]
78437746Anonymous>has never eaten a vegetable his entire life >autistic >'I can't love no bitch, every …13[View]
78433469Anonymousf ;_;48[View]
78441512Anonymous>watching movie >camera focus on chacter's hand >something happens to characters nail …2[View]
78441601Idris ElbaIdris Elba: Idris Elba4[View]
78440371Anonymous>group needs a thief >'So how good are you?' >thief already has his wallet >'Oh you…14[View]
78440384AnonymousQuick inquiry over here... Why was that webm thread deleted just now? It featured some actual cinema…17[View]
78440724AnonymousLets watch the new Independence day together. Filthycasuals .tv7[View]
78441727Anonymousis this an underrated Kid Kino????0[View]
78441307AnonymousWhat's the deal with Eraserhead? Why do people act like it's entertaining, it looks cool f…8[View]
78441103Anonymous*gets in your way*5[View]
78441639Anonymous>Watch out for that vicious bounty hunter Boba Fett, Luke. Did I ever tell you I fought his dad? …0[View]
78439654AnonymousWhy was morpheus such a cunt? If he had just been straight with keanu from the start, there would…10[View]
78441549AnonymousYOU'RE...LETTING THEM...GRAB...DR.PAVEL!2[View]
78441578AnonymousWhy did they fell from grace?0[View]
78441135AnonymousOscar when?7[View]
78439908AnonymousIn the name of the Galactic Senate of the Republic, you are under arrest, Chancellor.15[View]
78441451AnonymousReminder that he did literally nothing wrong.1[View]
78440540AnonymousWhat the fuck kind of ending shot is this?3[View]
78428206AnonymousRobot Wars: What's the best strategy for winning?118[View]
78440276AnonymousHow is Disney going to solve the Leia problem in Star Wars now that she is dead12[View]
78439302AnonymousBONESAW IS REDDITTTTTTTTT15[View]
78441483Anonymous*Crawls Menacingly Towards You*0[View]
78441138AnonymousCommercials that are literally /tv/ https://youtu.be/6ZOjXFUI9KY3[View]
78440207Anonymousa nigger...cúck3[View]
78439813AnonymousITT: characters who inspired you to get in shape.13[View]
78440972Anonymousbrad pitt: brad pitt13[View]
78440296AnonymousA Series Of Unfortunate Events Discussion: Somehow white kids with a biological aunt is this black. …8[View]
78440554AnonymousYOUR NEW EMPIRE?12[View]
78440211AnonymousWhat's wrong with reinterpreting characters' races? Did you ever see The Whiz? It's n…10[View]
78441387AnonymousIf Rockstar seriously invested in a major release R-rated CGI Grand Theft Auto movie, would it work?0[View]
78440391net neutralitySo how far do they make it through the list, before the whole DC movies is six feet under?2[View]
78435019AnonymousWhat does /tv/ think about Peter Greenaway and his work? I personally like his earlier stuff best, b…29[View]
78425348AnonymousDUDE SHE GAINED 17 POUNDS OF MUSCLE LMAO312[View]
78441188AnonymousBest tittle drops?: What are some good examples of film-makers organically working long and awkward …2[View]
78441274AnonymousWhat's next for his career?0[View]
78439748AnonymousWhy are detective period dramas so comfy?12[View]
78441212AnonymousWhat are some movies featuring mind-numbing warfare and carnage of indescribable, apocalyptic propor…1[View]
78439504AnonymousWhatever happened to RLM sluts?7[View]
78441118AnonymousWhat was his problem?0[View]
78441015Anonymous>anon why do you have all these pictures of frogs on your computer?3[View]
78433520AnonymousIs The Killjoys worth watching? I'm starved for space shows.37[View]
78439129AnonymousActress Stacey Dash, who thinks she's white, is complaining about actress Ashley Judd, who thin…6[View]
78441051AnonymousHey anon, why don't you take a seat on that stool right over there. We need to talk about what …0[View]
78439060AnonymousWhats the best Nick Sitcom? for me, it's Drake and Josh3[View]
78438833Anonymouswho the fuck thought that this was a good idea? the london season was pretty good, so was the additi…6[View]
78440624AnonymousWho was in the wrong here?1[View]
78440979AnonymousWhy do actors change their names? Especially if they come from outside of USA? Are they ashamed of t…3[View]
78437419AnonymousBOR GULLET9[View]
78440210AnonymousWhat is the most annoying show on TV?6[View]
78440061AnonymousIs he Alpha?3[View]
78429617AnonymousITT: shit movies you truly can't conceive why they are praised138[View]
78437679AnonymousWhat was his problem?5[View]
78439674AnonymousLeonardo DiCaprio Buys Malibu's Paradise Cove Property from Donald Trump's Cabinet Pick Fo…6[View]
78440883AnonymousIs this Hong Kong Kino?0[View]
78440879AnonymousWTF I hate CIA now1[View]
78440247Anonymous>It's a UNIX system episode10[View]
78439688Retardcorehttp://pagesix.com/2017/01/13/psychologist-uma-thurman-and-exs-hostility-upsets-their-daughter/ >…4[View]
78440599AnonymousHow is season two of The Man in the High Castle? I thought season 1 was just alright is the second o…4[View]
78437374AnonymousBest Trilogy of films in existence, bar none.30[View]
78440696Anonymous>'you have me' >'let her go'0[View]
78437665AnonymousWho will play them in the inevitable biopic...?9[View]
78440640Anonymoushelp me please: what is that Simpsons episode where it's afternoon and Lisa is listening the ra…0[View]
78440631Anonymous>he killed younglings1[View]
78440501AnonymousAre you threatening me master Jedi?2[View]
78439865AnonymousInto the Badlands season 2 trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nvn1laEhI_A first season was ent…4[View]
78439845AnonymousIs Arthur the comfiest kids show?1[View]
78440505AnonymousDoes anyone actuually believe that this would have been better?: Keep hating on Guy Godot, that…0[View]
78440354AnonymousDr Watson, I'm Moriarty0[View]
78438461AnonymousNigger Fucker9[View]
78439890Anonymous>Actress gets pregnant >Show has to come up with a reason for her character to go through a '…4[View]
78440117AnonymousMovies where the main character dies: Rogue One5[View]
78440168AnonymousStayed up all night binging this kino: Cranston sucked, though. Anyone else watch?2[View]
78438076Anonymous>La.La.Land.2016.DVDScr.XVID.AC3.HQ.Hive-CM8 any good?2[View]
78437155AnonymousWell there is one way... But you're not gonna like it10[View]
78439921AnonymousWhen did you first realize that Sam Hyde is the comedic messiah of our time? https://www.youtube.com…1[View]
78435683AnonymousQuick, recite the plot of AOTC from memory without looking at Wikipedia or Wookiepedia.35[View]
78431828AnonymousWhoa! A 17 yo owned Franco's arse. Now there is a YT video calling him a pedo.118[View]
78439383AnonymousWhy? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0IfqqUTW-i43[View]
78439629AnonymousBASED ROGAN BLOWS /TV/ THE FUCK OUT: >Squats 375lbs for 5 >Deadlifts 465lbs for 2 >Bench Pr…16[View]
78437594AnonymousWhy must every movie be a video game now?25[View]
78439841Anonymous>Silence.2017.DVDScr.XVID.AC3.HQ >Silence.2017.DVDScr.XVID.AC3.HQ >Silence.2017.DVDScr.XVID…3[View]
78436127AnonymousITT: underappreciated actresses: Pic related: Morgan Fairchild12[View]
78439892Anonymous47 and still super-hot confirmed for nigger DNA0[View]
78437599Anonymous>Walk in on your girlfriend holding the hand of your mutual longtime friend whose aunt is recover…12[View]
78439745Anonymous>marathoning a show >4 complete filler episodes with no relevant plot whatsoever in a row…0[View]
78438908AnonymousWho is better?13[View]
78437496AnonymousWhy didn't Lucas have the jedi 'rescue' Padme away from Darth Vader when he turned, giving Anak…9[View]
78439234AnonymousPost bluepilled shows who pretend to be redpilled or shows who were repilled in the past and became …3[View]
78439575AnonymousWhy was she dating Peter's bully?3[View]
78438883AnonymousITT: Movies that were criticized or looked over that will be renown classics in the future.4[View]
78438495AnonymousName a better film critic, you probably can't.13[View]
78439552AnonymousAnybody else find S2 to be supremely boring?2[View]
78430961Anonymous'Luke..Luke...' 'Ki-Adi?' You will go to the Kashyyk system.' 'Kashyyk system?' 'There you will lear…138[View]
78439131Anonymous>Hidden Figures #1 at the box office for 2nd straight week /poltv/ BTFO…4[View]
78422725Anonymous>Watch No Country For Old Men back when it was released. >Wow this movie is fucking badass but…226[View]
78434155AnonymousTwin Peaks: It's funny how Kyle MacLachlan actually looks better in real life then how they tho…21[View]
78439040AnonymousThe Iron Opinion Thread: >Pick a category >Pick what is the objectively best movie in that cat…2[View]
78439327AnonymousIt's feeling pretty squatchy out here.2[View]
78437158Anonymous>Watch out for that vicious bounty hunter Boba Fett, Luke. Did I ever tell you I fought his dad? …3[View]
78439331AnonymousThis movie was nothing but a Hollywood tsundere love letter to China globalist propaganda with hip A…0[View]
78438605Anonymous>''Black kino doesn't exi-''5[View]
78439199AnonymousITT: Prime boy actors2[View]
78439047Anonymous>film character is over 25 >still talks to his mom now how am I supposed to take the rest of …1[View]
78438369AnonymousWhy aren't there more neanderthals in television and film?3[View]
78437161Anonymous>On February 2, 2016, Diesel announced the ninth and tenth films would be released on April 19, 2…8[View]
78437790Anonymous>people making retarded choices: The series >Cops are outsmarted by teenagers at every turn …7[View]
78438981AnonymousThe rest of ya'll know when I durn to yah1[View]
78438977Anonymous>tfw to intelligent to believe in morality >tfw to intelligent to believe in spooks…0[View]
78437226AnonymousLa La Land Discussion: Why opare you guys so hostile toward this movie? It's obviosuly a well-t…16[View]
78434875AnonymousWho is the better actress?34[View]
78438873AnonymousFinished Dexter earlier. The finale was actually really well done IMO up until like the last 10 minu…0[View]
78434997Anonymousexcuse por english. where was you when you learned superfly was die? i was in bedroom berry dick whe…6[View]
78438759AnonymousEastern Promises 2 Is Back in Development: https://allthestuffyoucareabout.com/2017/01/15/eastern-pr…0[View]
78435608Anonymous>'don't do it kid' >'I never had a choice' >proceeds to kill a mall cop just to steal …29[View]
78435736AnonymousITT: movie tropes that you actually like: >character explains the heist plan while it's bein…13[View]
78415692AnonymousSadness: What movies or scenes always get your emotions going or bring on the tears? Everyone has on…256[View]
78436063AnonymousAfter all this time, this is the design they came up with for the Blair Witch? What a joke7[View]
78432906AnonymousStop this celebrity worship. Stop it now. It's gone too far. Our world is collapsing around us.28[View]
78438621Anonymous11/10 scenes only0[View]
78437341AnonymousAwwww here it goes1[View]
78438571Anonymouslets give them the good news0[View]
78428862AnonymousWow these are home baked?22[View]
78438543AnonymousSo dense...0[View]
78438473AnonymousIs he .. dare I say.. /ourguy/?0[View]
78438443AnonymousI Literally Can't Stop Thinking About America: The '''Comedian'''' Australians, please apologiz…0[View]
78434617Anonymoushttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EJ5dMhpZavk AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA50[View]
78433127Anonymousyou just KNOW73[View]
78438355AnonymousITT: Films that would be considered masterpieces had they come out 20 years earlier0[View]
78429478AnonymousITT: God Tier movies nobody but you ever mentions29[View]
78436219AnonymousWhy was this so shit compared to The Good The Bad and The Ugly?5[View]
78428920Anonymousholy shit can star wars fans get any more autistic29[View]
78438197Anonymouswhy did we never get a Broad City/Workaholics crossover1[View]
78438311AnonymousThis was the superior vvitch movie. Prove me wrong. Protip: You can't0[View]
78433113AnonymousWhat did Eleven mean by this? Also Stranger Things S2 thread!124[View]
78436085AnonymousShe is /ourgirl/ now13[View]
78437528AnonymousTIL: Mark Strong did NOT play the Engineer in Prometheus4[View]
78436940RepeatWho wood Wine?: This is a question that has been brought to /tv/ in the past but i'd like to kn…2[View]
78437832Anonymoussherlock live thread: lets keep this shitshow going4[View]
78437999AnonymousThe dialogs in this scene makes no scene with respects to the prequels >LUKE >No, my father di…3[View]
78436186AnonymousWhat was her problem?7[View]
78438060AnonymousAre you looking forward to the new season of Homeland?0[View]
78432760Anonymous>comes home one day to find his surrogate parents dead, their bloodied bones incinerated on the f…63[View]
78437942AnonymousBest acting performances of 2016?: Kim Min-hee - The Handmaiden/Right Now, Wrong Then Casey Affleck …2[View]
78437853AnonymousWhat the fuck did I just watch? Should I check out season 2?2[View]
78437959AnonymousLet's see Paul Allen's card!0[View]
78437693AnonymousWho will play them in the inevitable HBO TV movie about the 2016 presidential election?7[View]
78436573Anonymous>Reading the IMDb trivia section after watching the movie.9[View]
78433988AnonymousITT: movies non-Christians genuinely can't apppreciate35[View]
78437136Anonymouswhat does he do all day8[View]
78437052AnonymousT_T Can we save him, /tv/? Put aside the le edgy /pol/ shit and actually work towards something good…5[View]
78437809AnonymousEngineering an Empire: I need more of this.0[View]
78437364AnonymousWell, could you? checkem7[View]
78433626Anonymous>Extremly shit movie ends with a cliffhanger/hints a sequel66[View]
78435977AnonymousDisproved theories that you like better than what actually happened >Don is DB Cooper…11[View]
78423185AnonymousRed Dwarf: Any other smegheads in today? Drop a quote you love. >'We attack under cover of daylig…67[View]
78436702AnonymousCan we find Jay a wife? He's too cute to die alone.5[View]
78437367AnonymousWhat movies can help me get closer to Christ?2[View]
78434067AnonymousWhy did Malcolm in the Middle somehow manage to feel like an early 2000s show the whole way through,…7[View]
78436795Anonymouslets talk about this movie: So decided to watch this movie tonight, and I absolutely hated it. No.2 …8[View]
78437536AnonymousIs Bel Air nice?0[View]
78437479AnonymousWhy is no one allowed to talk about this?0[View]
78437476AnonymousHoly shit, this was way better than I thought it would be.0[View]
78437436AnonymousHow does /tv/ feel about this?0[View]
78434442AnonymousLet's have an Ethan Hawke thread, guys.21[View]
78437316AnonymousTWELVE TRILLION AT THE BOX OFFICE: What was your reaction when this film blew all expectations out o…0[View]
78437311AnonymousNow that the dust has settled, what was the best capeshit of 2014?1[View]
78437241Anonymous>not all boys were born with a penis, and not all girls were born with a vagina. http://putlocker…2[View]
78437202AnonymousHave you ever made a film /tv/? Are you making one? Share your kino1[View]
78436610AnonymousThoughts on Elephant?8[View]
78437073AnonymousWas it hotheaded?1[View]
78431014AnonymousRevamping Slasher Films: /tv/ had a great Friday the 13th thread and discussion over slashers recent…16[View]
78431238AnonymousIs he even likable?41[View]
78432117AnonymousWho are some balding actors?49[View]
78428224AnonymousThe Young Pope: >Delivers first Homily shrouded in shadow to maintain his mystique >Random per…63[View]
78434633AnonymousHey guys lets fix the galactica6[View]
78411694AnonymousWorst film critics working today?: Lou Lumenick Chris Stuckmann Mick LaSalle Mark Kermode Kyle Smith…174[View]
78435675AnonymousWhat the fuck is 'dishonest filmmaking' supposed to be?14[View]
78436201Anonymouswho /hasandwillneverwatchadisneystarwarsmovie/ here3[View]
78436961Anonymous* AY YOO* * SCUSE' ME* *mask you something?*0[View]
78436960AnonymousShapeposting is the worst1[View]
78436599AnonymousWho will play him in the inevitable biopic?4[View]
78436790AnonymousWhat can we do to save him?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ecurpcghs0c A president was meme'd…1[View]
78436506Anonymous>That smirk >Responding to the wrong concluding expression >Converses with self >Has tr…1[View]
78436927AnonymousThoughts ? Finally a movie where Marion Cottilard can act0[View]
78436149AnonymousDo the people who run premium networks like HBO, or streaming services like Netflix even care about …5[View]
78436901AnonymousDR NICK I'M RALPH0[View]
78436722AnonymousWhat in God's name was his problem?2[View]
78433532AnonymousPeople fear what they don't understand.64[View]
78436845AnonymousToday, in my film studies class, some girl didn't know who Shelley Winters was when the profess…0[View]
78426591AnonymousWill there ever be a 40K cinematic universe and what would it take to make it an actually proper fil…86[View]
78436474AnonymousITT: Cast a Buffy remake.8[View]
78436789AnonymousWhat was his problem?0[View]
78436766AnonymousDishonest Filmmaking: (Bay, Tommy Wiseau, Uwe Boll, Zack Snyder, Shyamalan, Refn, Paul W. Anderson, …0[View]
78436751Anonymous>hey mister, take off your shirt and you get a free hug what do0[View]
78431326AnonymousIs this movie any good?22[View]
78435481Anonymous>make a typo >close the thread and never look back…2[View]
78436719Anonymous>Girl I wanna make you sweat >Sweat till you can't sweat no more >And if you cry out …0[View]
78436672Anonymouswhen I see this woman, the word keeps coming to me 'vaginosis'. I've been right before. Before …0[View]
78436562AnonymousI WANT TO BREAK FREE0[View]
78436389Anonymous>He unironically uses the term 'meme' to describe movies he doesn't like…1[View]
78436541AnonymousIs this the funniest scene in television history? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tN3qn92R0SE i can…0[View]
78434248Anonymous>That Picard never had a brush with death, never came face to face with his own mortality, never …11[View]
78430166AnonymousLOST thread: Did you enjoy LOST? Did you like the direction the show took after season 3? How would …31[View]
78434964AnonymousITT: films women could never understand23[View]
78436480AnonymousCzechSlovak New Wave Does /tv/ have any particular favorites of this movement? Do you like Dusan Ha…0[View]
78429249Anonymous>This is supposed to be a 57 year old man Did he smoke 3 packs of death sticks a day…32[View]
78431605AnonymousThis is special edition. Say something nice to them.12[View]
78430952Anonymousso, anybody got a stream for the finale later?561[View]
78433710AnonymousCity of stars Are you shining just for me?6[View]
78436422Anonymoushttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RHbXLcFYmzI LEAVE ADORABLE NERVOUS SPACE WAIFU ALONNEEEEEE0[View]
78434087AnonymousMatthew Perry's House: https://www.thepinnaclelist.com/property/hopen-place-residence-9010-hope…67[View]
78435655AnonymousRight then lads, what's everyone watching tonight? I've picked out Two-Lane Blacktop on DV…1[View]
78432044AnonymousReminder that Sauron was a master of karaoke.84[View]
78435307Anonymous>critics hate it >reddit hates it >stars /our literal guys n gals/ Jakey G, Mommy Amy and B…12[View]
78433739AnonymousWhy do threads get archived so quickly on a slow board like /tv/?6[View]
78434782AnonymousHow long was he in the time loop?13[View]
78435030AnonymousWho are you calling a cootie queen?2[View]
78433316Anonymous>harry potter is so shitty! >its for babbies! >lets talk about it all the time...! Why do p…8[View]
78432384AnonymousWas this the pinnacle of 'old guys who just dont give a fuck' kino?12[View]
78431206Anonymousmanlets made a movie so they look good26[View]
78434474AnonymousAt what season did the Simpsons start to become shit?28[View]
78435650Anonymous*Crawls Menacingly Towards You*4[View]
78435091Anonymous>'David Lynch films are so patrician'8[View]
78435431AnonymousWhat are the essential Bresson films?3[View]
78432666AnonymousITT: Wisconsin24[View]
78435349AnonymousWho here likes Outrage? Watched it today and currently downloading the 2012 sequel. Apparently this …3[View]
78433946Anonymous9/11 brought Paul Bettany and Jennifer Connelly together: >On 1 January 2003, Bettany married Ame…5[View]
78435705Anonymousfirst time on /tv/, idk if this board has the capability to have discussion (i know /mu/ lost it exc…4[View]
78435981AnonymousWhat went so wrong?0[View]
78435966AnonymousWhat was his end game?0[View]
78432411AnonymousWhy are there constant pedo threads here? I don't get it, and I've been coming here for ye…14[View]
78434866Anonymouswhy is he so jealous?10[View]
78435900AnonymousInsufferable trash. The last 30 minutes had me wishing for an early death0[View]
78432919AnonymousWhat happened to perhaps the greatest movie critic of our time?30[View]
78432522AnonymousStar Wars: the meme awakens: Did god just prevent this abomination to have any kids? Honestly I hav…68[View]
78433615AnonymousDoes anyone actually enjoy living here?11[View]
78435095Anonymous>We need a grump- >We've already shot his scenes, sir.…3[View]
78435573AnonymousWhy is all the Scream Factory art better than the original poster?3[View]
78435306AnonymousThis was one of the best episodes of it's always sunny. Prove me wrong. Protip, you can't6[View]
78434856Anonymous>black church scene >amazing grace starts playing…2[View]
78433691AnonymousHey Jamie could you put up that footage from the Browne and Brandon fight...there we go okay good, f…10[View]
78435098AnonymousI never made a deal with Culture Club!5[View]
78435477AnonymousIs this kino?0[View]
78434754AnonymousWhat was his problem?7[View]
78435376Anonymousand Kevin Bacon0[View]
78433236AnonymousThis movie doesn't make any sense. Why did the previous cabin owner record himself reciting a c…13[View]
78435362AnonymousHello what film do u guys recomend to watch at night with my m8 bro? SOmething scary or comedy0[View]
78434395Anonymouswhat the fuck?5[View]
78435288Anonymous>Hitler collects films >he lives in a castle in the mountains >Hitler is the man in the hig…1[View]
78434374AnonymousIs it really a secret sequel to Unbreakable?2[View]
78434495AnonymousFriday the 13th: Which ones are the best in the franchise?10[View]
78433846AnonymousITT movies everyone else watched decades before you did.6[View]
78434331Anonymous>working at a club to afford a brand new 4K TV >these girls approach you and say: >'hey fag…1[View]
78435198AnonymousSherlock Finale General0[View]
78434945AnonymousAnyone have a link? I don't feel like waiting til it gets released in theaters.3[View]
78432148AnonymousThis show any good? Is it 24-ish?14[View]
78434996AnonymousWhat do we think of this masterpiece?3[View]
78432412Anonymousno that this isn't a tv board anymore, what shall we do with it?14[View]
78435077Anonymous>anon hellpp i saw a cockroach!0[View]
78430335AnonymousBONE SAW IS REEAADDDYYY15[View]
78433826AnonymousIs this the Kino of youtube? https://youtu.be/z_WXIGaYX9Q He fucking feeds his ants cockroaches givi…7[View]
78434381AnonymousHey anon, you ever had your shit pushed in?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UqWJbHVfPwQ7[View]
78434733Anonymous>Movie is over 2 hours: ADHD thread?5[View]
78434843AnonymousWho will play them in the inevitable biopic...?0[View]
78434102AnonymousSup /tv/ I'm looking to get into more modern foreign cinema. Some of my favorite foreign films …10[View]
78434693AnonymousPark Chan-wook: Is he a hack? what has he accomplished other than the meme vengeance trilogy?1[View]
78434628Anonymoussup /tv/: why is this movie so damn good and comfy? fuckin' george clooney man.2[View]
78433203TheMustardisBadTrisha Takanawa: Do you all remember Trisha Takanawa from Famiry Guy? Well if you talk like you are …5[View]
78434695Anonymous>characters who did nothing wrong0[View]
78434389AnonymousWhy are Q episodes so comfy bros?3[View]
78433799AnonymousWhat went so right? As someone who has read all the books back when I was younger, the Netflix rendi…7[View]
78434176AnonymousHow much injury would the traps in Home Alone cause in real life?1[View]
78433719AnonymousBilly was in the wrong: I'm sorry >I'm sorry too Now go home and get your shinebox…7[View]
78433574Anonymouswhat was his fucking problem?2[View]
78434521AnonymousI think 80s dystopia/punk settings are my all time favorite. What are some films set in a similar se…0[View]
78429796AnonymousPlay angry, histrionic black woman. Get an award. Black movies matter. I wonder how many movies of c…40[View]
78432600AnonymousDude, Quantum Mechanics lmao13[View]
78434005AnonymousWho is in the wrong here?9[View]
78429174AnonymousITT: It's 199975[View]
78434000AnonymousThis is literally Plebbit: The Show They try to tackle societal issues but they just come off as ba…4[View]
78433397Anonymousso what did you think of this movie?20[View]
78433063Anonymoushow come theres no good caveman kinos? how come theres no good ancient, like REALLY ancient, themed …18[View]
78432463AnonymousHeh, heh, heh. Captain Redlegs Terrill and five men against Josey Wales?13[View]
78434396Anonymous>its a jay impression bit goes on for way too long whatever shows hes on episode…0[View]
78434394Anonymous>all of these normies that are going to watch this show when it airs because it's HBO >no…0[View]
78433419AnonymousWas it autism?1[View]
78428684AnonymousWhat's the worst Bond movie?106[View]
78434137AnonymousLazyTown and postmodernism? Really makes you think0[View]
78434122AnonymousWhat the fuck? Why didn't you guys tell me this kind of shit happened in Fast 7? I would have s…0[View]
78433675AnonymousWhy do people pretend that this is good?5[View]
78433669AnonymousGOSSIP GIRL GENERAL: you know you love me xoxo2[View]
78431951AnonymousWhat is the definitive edition of Star Wars to watch?18[View]
78433548AnonymousWould you do Jackass shit for a paycheque?11[View]
78434027Anonymous>Fences, La La Land, Arrival, Patriots Day and Moonlight Academy screeners have all been leaked. …1[View]
78434011Anonymous>commander, tell me about your sexual organs0[View]
78431034AnonymousWhat's next for his career?10[View]
78433582AnonymousName 1 horror kino20[View]
78433323AnonymousWho was in the right here?5[View]
78433386Anonymous/tv/ HELLO3[View]
78433186AnonymousWhy did they have a flamethrower?12[View]
78432443AnonymousThe Best CGI In The History Of Kino Was From 2005: Why hasn't anything been able to top this sh…4[View]
78429425Anonymous>Here's your signature thin crust Denver Style 'za, chef!22[View]
78432786Anonymous>perfect characters doesn't exis-5[View]
78427223AnonymousTorrents: 1. Jackie - March 7 2. The Love Witch - March 14 3. Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk -…20[View]
78432444AnonymousName a better depiction of love in tv or film Protip: You can't3[View]
78433621AnonymousWhat is next for her career?1[View]
78432390AnonymousWhat film is this? - It opens on a beach - The protagonist is a young man - He becomes obsessed with…4[View]
78432501Anonymous'The next time they shine your light in the sky, don’t go to it. The Bat is dead. Bury it. Consider …32[View]
78433029AnonymousWhere is the focken torrent?3[View]
78433521AnonymousThe great debate: Which one is kino, /tv/?3[View]
78432541kunnykoreWhat other movies are as c-u-n-n-y-c-o-r-e as this kino.4[View]
78432062AnonymousNot one day goes by without me thinking of how much i hate Malick and his plebeian fans. Shoot some …9[View]
78431977Anonymouswhy is animation shit these days? everything is mass-produced CGI trash what was the last good anima…12[View]
78433637AnonymousI'm a wuss, the only horror movies I can watch are parodies. what's a good starting point …0[View]
78432897AnonymousI dont understand Why were we supposed to care about Diane and Max's relationship? Why did Max …3[View]
78433437AnonymousWhy did he do it?2[View]
78430103AnonymousHow was that greasy long hair and scraggly beard allowed? No way that got by imperial regulations. B…46[View]
78425658AnonymousCan we have a favorite movie thread? Doesn't have to be patrician, or artsy or anything, just t…55[View]
78424569AnonymousWill the Joker reprise his role in the DCEU?42[View]
78428642Anonymous>its a ima rip off interstellar in a shitty interpotation of time whilst using the soundtrack fro…58[View]
78430796Anonymousjust marathoned the first episode does this show get better?22[View]
78433310AnonymousTorrents: Where the Fuck can I find torrents for new movies like Toni Erdmann or Moonlight?3[View]
78433435AnonymousIs this fagkino? (yes it is a movie, mods) https://myanimelist.net/anime/30346/Doukyuusei_Movie2[View]
78432644Anonymoustfw no secretly prison gay shah of iran lookalike bf5[View]
78433344AnonymousBlack Sails: Who's your favourite, /tv/?0[View]
78432917AnonymousWhat are some films that portray ptsd?4[View]
78433106Anonymous>Luuuuuuuke, luuuuuuke >Did you ever see Dooku kill another person? >Neither did I >So a…4[View]
78432150Anonymoushttp://pagesix.com/2017/01/13/psychologist-uma-thurman-and-exs-hostility-upsets-their-daughter/ >…6[View]
78433184Anonymouswtf I am christian now0[View]
78432451AnonymousIs it pronounced Live By Night or Live By Night?6[View]
78431215AnonymousShould I watch this piece of kino?4[View]
78432406Anonymous>A SHIT LORD2[View]
78433099Anonymous>be depressed >rewatch The Bridge >be more depressed seeing people with guts…1[View]
78432870AnonymousCasting Bridget Regan as Wonder Woman would save DC8[View]
78432946Anonymous>assasins creed >monster trucks fucking foreigners ruining it for us…2[View]
78430174AnonymousCan anyone redpill me about Screeners: why the fuck are they in dvd quality?15[View]
78427872AnonymousPAN NICE AND HOT49[View]
78432988AnonymousItt: underated actors and there best movie1[View]
78431344AnonymousJAMES CAMERON MAKING DOCUMENTARY SERIES ABOUT EVOLUTION OF SCI-FI: AMC has announced a new sci-fi do…13[View]
78432948AnonymousWhats your favorite cry-kino /tv/ ?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3bdm4NBYxII0[View]
78432934AnonymousSherlock season finale leak, anyone?0[View]
78431143AnonymousI don't understand why people keep saying 'when George was making Star Wars everybody thought i…6[View]
78432352AnonymousHow do I get High Resolution stills? Everywhere I look it's just 720p letterbox cutouts from bl…1[View]
78429449AnonymousThe level of incompetence in the adults is just infuriating. I had to turn it off halfway through th…74[View]
78432598AnonymousWht is the IBM LinuxONE Emperor of cinema?2[View]
78432639AnonymousOTA: Who here Over-the-Air?3[View]
78431942AnonymousHow do you go from this...4[View]
78432529Anonymous>hi everyone1[View]
78432613Anonymousaright. I'm on season 4 episode 6 of TWD and i just want to say, the governor is one of the bes…3[View]
78432198AnonymousAm I the only 30-something guy who is watching this movie on the teevee to see Lindsay Lohan in her …2[View]
78432457Anonymouswho killed him5[View]
78431070AnonymousWhat happened?12[View]
78432601Anonymous>I've got my eye on you, capeshitters.2[View]
78429301AnonymousITT: actors you'll watch in anything Pic related, however bad the sci-fi/horror trash he does i…27[View]
78432312AnonymousAre there any good fan edits that turn this into 1 or 2 movies with better pacing than the shit we g…1[View]
78431595AnonymousPshalty here remind you that people Islam and Jewdism are the Damons: Praise the lord!2[View]
78421058redditcuckmemediared letter media: NEW RED LETTER MEDIA?27[View]
78431976AnonymousThat's Bobby! The fuck is this?2[View]
78432445Anonymoushttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ltAVRyeqHk >1 million views lol why did he stop making movies ag…1[View]
78431325AnonymousI like to watch these when I'm high11[View]
78430509AnonymousNew season of Homeland starts tonight. Is anyone excited? The show has become so flat and generic.8[View]
78432311Anonymous>Donald J Trump is the owner of The Trump Organization, a company that deals with estate developm…0[View]
78428717Fly guyJust watched this... post some films you just watched ITT Also Chris Pine is hot.16[View]
78431411AnonymousWhy did he try to infiltrate the morlocks lair instead of using the time machine to go back a few ho…4[View]
78427196AnonymousWhat the fuck is his problem?48[View]
78430287AnonymousWas thinking of renting this tonight on amazon. Is it worth 4 bucks??? Reviewers seem to hate it Hum…25[View]
78431139Anonymous>no, Jamal, you've been trippin' What did she mean by this?3[View]
78422233AnonymousWho is the best girl and why is it Vilde?81[View]
78429043AnonymousLiterally why did they kill off this character?21[View]
78431253AnonymousWhat are some frugal movie & TV characters?4[View]
78431916AnonymousThis is such a perfectly crafted blockbuster. Why don't they put effort into them anymore? Comp…1[View]
78424649AnonymousWhy was the LOTR trilogy so fantastic yet the Hobbit Trilogy such a disaster? How did they manage to…320[View]
78431716AnonymousITT: Great shows you discovered no thanks to /tv/3[View]
78429676AnonymousMonster Trucks STOMPS Live by Night at the Box-office: >HAHAHAHAHHAHHAHHHAHAHHAAHHAHHAHhahahahhaa…20[View]
78430652AnonymousAre the books as campy and goofy as the series? I get that although the material is dark, it's …3[View]
78428573AnonymousTHE DCEU: >WONDER WOMAN reportedly a mess >JUSTICE LEAGUE reportedly a mess >THE FLASH repo…21[View]
78430389AnonymousLuke, did I ever tell you about the time your father and I met the Gods of the Force? They all died …6[View]
78431791AnonymousHey Jamie could you put up that footage from the Browne and Brandon fight...there we go okay good, f…0[View]
78429930AnonymousI hope Jay doesn't let Mike make any more movie after how Space Cop turned out.2[View]
78430524AnonymousWhat did /tv/ REEALLY think of Dawn of Justice?1[View]
78431579AnonymousWas it autism?0[View]
78430792AnonymousThey kind of look like brother and sister. Imagine what a great life: to marry Saoirse and have Clas…1[View]
78431512AnonymousJUST HAVE A LITTLE FAITH0[View]
78413693AnonymousWell, I'm fuckin' into it.331[View]
78431457AnonymousmmMMMWWAAA HHAAA the French... Kino, has always been celebrated for it's excellence. There is a…0[View]
78428167AnonymousWhat's his endgame?4[View]
78431342AnonymousITT: Fictional jobs you wish you could do IRL. >CEO and creator of Jurassic Park…5[View]
78423290AnonymousHave you ever experienced censorship in the movies?47[View]
78428785Anonymous>TFW the Summer of Sequels becomes the Decade of Sequels http://www.villagevoice.com/film/orgy-of…23[View]
78431349AnonymousFor years I thought Brendan Fraser played Malcolm Reynolds.0[View]
78431337Anonymous>muh baby girl0[View]
78431322AnonymousPeople fear what they don't understand0[View]
78430712AnonymousBetter Than List 2017: >Aferim! > Captain America: Civil War I'm Romanian and laughed my …3[View]
78431274Anonymous2 Things: 1: The show is getting worse because they aren't doing anything new because they are …0[View]
78431242Anonymous>That'll be $65.99 plus tip and reparations Why do I even bother with the theater anymore se…0[View]
78429322AnonymousI miss Dale7[View]
78431167Anonymous'Villains' who did nothing wrong0[View]
78431074Anonymousdo you like my t shirt /tv/?1[View]
78430265AnonymousReminder that sange and the mod left up HARDCORE CHILD PORN for almost an hour while deleting other …1[View]
78431133AnonymousWill we ever have another successful show with a multicultural cast of characters ever again?0[View]
78430909Anonymousreminder that cursing in your act makes you a less comedian1[View]
78431080AnonymousShe's /ourgirl/ now0[View]
78431063AnonymousHow did his shoes get dirty in the first place?0[View]
78430876AnonymousWhat's with movies getting named after the main character lately (especially females)3[View]
78430585AnonymousWas she really dead?3[View]
78430679AnonymousIn my opinion the jedi are evil!4[View]
78428814AnonymousWtf I hate nazis now4[View]
78430485AnonymousIs this Kino? I might go and see it this week.2[View]
78421240AnonymousMoonlight.2016.DVDScr.XVID.AC3.HQ.Hive-CM8: >Moonlight.2016.DVDScr.XVID.AC3.HQ.Hive-CM8 >Moonl…80[View]
78430517AnonymousIs this true?1[View]
78430289Anonymous>DUDE SLUTTY OLD LADIES LMAO How did this show trick everyone into thinking it was wholesome? It …2[View]
78430544AnonymousWhy was he such a beta?0[View]
78430519AnonymousRoll me a 71[View]
78430505AnonymousITT: Swearing in kid's movies >This definitely rates about a 9.0 on my weird shit-o-meter…0[View]
78396880Anonymous/lbg/: Letterboxd General Films & stuff319[View]
78430501AnonymousEYYYY RICK0[View]
78430476AnonymousGive me ONE good scene from any capeshit flick. I'll be waiting.0[View]
78430409AnonymousI am glad to see the blackan was actually a good guy, and the smartest best magician all along. It u…2[View]
78430080AnonymousWhy didn't George ever clean up and put the Tosche Station scenes back into the Special Edition…6[View]
78426252Anonymous13 October 2017 What can we expect?27[View]
78421498AnonymousNo one here unironically disliked this right?114[View]
78429607AnonymousStop using technology.5[View]
78428539AnonymousThis scene really bothered me, for some reason. What did they talk about when they had the meal?28[View]
78430403AnonymousHow can American 'actors' even compete?0[View]
78430294AnonymousHow did /tv/ enjoy this self-insert material for little Jewish boys?1[View]
78430395AnonymousWhich one should I watch tonight live?0[View]
78430095AnonymousKINO I N O How did /tv/ enjoy it?6[View]
78426688AnonymousThink of a movie or TV series, then come up with a title for a porn parody of it. >The Dark Dyke …22[View]
78424271Anonymousit's gone. wiped from Netflix like it never existed. hold me /tv/ RIP PEEP SHOW66[View]
78428911AnonymousLuke, Luke wake up! Did I ever tell you about the Protato? The protato, not to be confused with a po…5[View]
78429632AnonymousITT: Smiles you couldn't protect2[View]
78425000AnonymousRey vs Star Destroyer: 'But anon, Luke and Anakin were just like Rey'375[View]
78426393Anonymous>Wake up, casually snipe some Jewish children from your balcony, because that's totally what…356[View]
78429578AnonymousTrigger films: What are some films that trigger you, that get your blood boiling?6[View]
78429968AnonymousHey Jamie could you put up that footage from the Browne and Brandon fight...there we go okay good, f…3[View]
78429756AnonymousWhat are some good movies about unrequited love?9[View]
78428723AnonymousStalker: Let's discuss this kino3[View]
78430035AnonymousMoonlight.DVDSCREEN: Its out guyse,0[View]
78429924Anonymous>Realististic OZ What were they thinking?4[View]
78430004AnonymousThis was pure k i n o0[View]
78429049Anonymousname a more likeable young villain28[View]
78429669AnonymousAmbassador, when we agreed to secretly give your planet television technology in the 1940s, we did s…2[View]
78428530AnonymousWhat went wrong?9[View]
78427729AnonymousIs this the best stand up special by a black comedian? I challenge you to name a better one16[View]
78429915AnonymousWhat did you think? It's been a while since a film made me kek like this one did. Impressive co…0[View]
78427754Anonymous>Pours in half a barrel of olive oil at the end of every dish What did he mean by this…14[View]
78429834AnonymousPROTIP: if you prefer right over left you don't belong here and should go back to rёddit.4[View]
78427339Anonymous>excellent reviews about this everywhere >decide to watch it >typical american military bul…23[View]
78428424Anonymous>movie called 'Jurassic Park' >almost all of the dinosaurs in it are from the Cretaceous perio…22[View]
78420579AnonymousSave that shit for the rookies. 20 years I've been on the streets. You know what Mega City One …122[View]
78429627Anonymous>tfw someone says King of the Hill isn't the best animated television show of all time…2[View]
78428099Anonymous>all the winterkinos get released one or two months late in europe >cat shitpost about them wi…7[View]
78426973AnonymousThis isn't a worthy successor to Whiplash, and I think Chazelle knows that. This is just his s…55[View]
78427786Anonymous/tv/ in one picture.11[View]
78428946AnonymousSherlock: English version just leaked, get it while it's hot: http://dygvideotlc.akamaized.net/…1[View]
78429598Anonymouswhat the finest Kidman-kino out there?2[View]
78429491Anonymous*rubs head*1[View]
78428982AnonymousITT fun kino facts: Fun facts: Leone and Morricone went to school together >ywn make pure kino ma…4[View]
78426851AnonymousWhy are the vast majority of American shows so bad?9[View]
78425762AnonymousYes, yes, well done, DUDE, well done DUDE. HOWEVER LOOKS LIKE HIGH GROUND'S JUST BACK ON THE ME…20[View]
78428326AnonymousGames Without Thrones3[View]
78428894AnonymousWhat will be the twist?4[View]
78428457AnonymousWhy was Michael Gira in Mulholland Drive?2[View]
78427442AnonymousWhy do mediums like TV and film even exist? >inb4 much entertainment Plebs watch movies, elites m…3[View]
78428566AnonymousSherlock will not die. There is not girl in the airplane. Euros controls the prison. Moriarty is Eur…2[View]
78428995AnonymousWill BLACK PANTHER be the genuine capekino? >Directed by Ryan Coogler from 'Creed'. >Written b…11[View]
78426637AnonymousDoes the decline in the quality of /tv/ coincide with the decline of quality in Hollywood?36[View]
78429075AnonymousHas this aged well?2[View]
78415630AnonymousOH MY GAWD WE GON BE TAKEN OFF THE AIR!197[View]
78393675Anonymous/got/ general: >>78352144310[View]
78428851AnonymousSo you're saying I'm some kind of Wonder Woman?7[View]
78428558AnonymousWhat went right?7[View]
78425560AnonymousShould I rewatch this for the third time /tv/?4[View]
78428683Anonymous>be me, 7 years old, watching Spider-Man on vhs >kissing scene comes, I don't know why bu…11[View]
78417472Anonymousunironically correct power rankings 1. Clarkson 2. May 90001. Hammond131[View]
78428777Anonymous>2017 >'Simon Sees' still hasn't been bought by any reality tv studio Why even live.…5[View]
78428545AnonymousThis scene is representing post 9/11 society7[View]
78427536AnonymousChristian Bale: Is this literally the greatest performance of all time? It's definitely up ther…9[View]
78429018Anonymous>the henchman was the big bad all along, manipulating the apparent big bad…0[View]
78422033Anonymousname a better sci-fi since The Matrix (1999): protip: you cannot124[View]
78428820Anonymous>Windu gets word that Grevious is dead. The war is now officially over. >Anakin then tells Win…6[View]
78428980AnonymousCan poo in the loo make submarine warfare kino? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xn2qOnKuOoc0[View]
78425518AnonymousHelp me find the movie's title.: I can't find this anywhere, i was like 8 when i saw the s…12[View]
78427107Anonymous>You've lost, white man What did he mean by this?12[View]
78428834Anonymous>Grand wizard dude >starts off as a good guy >Joins the big bad, but actively tries to recr…2[View]
78428881AnonymousWould she be a better rey?1[View]
78428201AnonymousAy yo a muhfuggin Sith Lord mah nigga?2[View]
78428867AnonymousReally enjoyed the tunes in this show: I don't necessarily remember there being any musical num…0[View]
78425409AnonymousWas this really considered attractive in the 70s?33[View]
78426319AnonymousWhat's bothering you Peter?14[View]
78428749AnonymousMovies that deserve a remake2[View]
78421256AnonymousI didn't like her appearance so much in R1, but I', not sure why /tv/ hates her?149[View]
78428794Anonymouswhat are some tv shows similar to uk kitchen nightmares? i just want to watch some regular people sp…0[View]
78428686Anonymousi'm one episode in and it seems promising, still, not sure about it. worth continuing?2[View]
78428495Anonymousanybody got any good short kinos? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nQKbXDz9_9s3[View]
78426347AnonymousWhat do you use 'kino', 'cinema', 'film', and 'movie' for? I…15[View]
78424089AnonymousHow can you watch the force awakens when daisy ridley makes the same face for 90% of her screentime?21[View]
78428435AnonymousITT: Movies that you had nightmares from as a kid: Scooby-doo the movie for me, didn't trust an…1[View]
78424515AnonymousJust marathoned the first episode. Did I like it?7[View]
78424991AnonymousWhy do they keep shooting themselves in the foot? Why can't they learn from their mistakes?50[View]
78427448AnonymousRemember that time...: ...Professor X was his own son?6[View]
78428036AnonymousWhy do /pol/fags like this movie so much? >Main character is a cuck who lives at his mother'…15[View]
78428272AnonymousWhy don't they make more kino like Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy ? >https://www.youtube.com/wat…8[View]
78427899AnonymousWhat went wrong /tv/ ?11[View]
78428358AnonymousWhy is it never a woman pedofile in these videos?3[View]
78425037AnonymousI like The Dark Knight, Avatar, Drive, BvS, Ghostbusters 2016 and La La Land. Give me (You)'s13[View]
78428464AnonymousLive by Night made less than Underworld did in its second weekend How do we save him?1[View]
78425402AnonymousArrival.2016.DVDScr.x264-4RRIVED Arrival.2016.DVDScr.x264-4RRIVED Arrival.2016.DVDScr.x264-4RRIVED A…18[View]
78427279Anonymous>Objectively the best Seth Macfarlen show >Gets spoken about the least Why is this the case?…10[View]
78428387AnonymousITT: God-Tier Soundtracks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xpecPKuUYnE3[View]
78426278Anonymousso is this massively overrated or what? the performances were great, I liked the way it was shot but…9[View]
78428413AnonymousWhos the best Ridley Scott, the sci-fi one or the Historical epics one? Historical epics: Gladiator…0[View]
78426997AnonymousWhat has Sam Hyde been up to since his show got cancelled?11[View]
78426526AnonymousIs Mary Poppins considered capeshit? >she can fly >magic bag >practically perfect in every …4[View]
78427251Anonymous>not killing his defective son More like Oberpussyfuhrer, amirite?4[View]
78426985AnonymousDarth Vader, I'm Jedi Order3[View]
78427951AnonymousHow do you go from this...7[View]
78426258AnonymousWas he, dare I claim, /OurGuy/ ?15[View]
78427653AnonymousHey Jamie could you put up that footage from the Browne and Brandon fight...there we go okay good, f…2[View]
78427457AnonymousWas it autism?12[View]
78428169AnonymousCan you help me find this movie?: It was about ninjas. Likely US production. Probably shot in 70s or…0[View]
78426690Anonymousis this kino?6[View]
78411019AnonymousWhy didn't Plo Koon get literally a single fight scene in any of the prequels?306[View]
78428023Anonymouslet's do the Shimmy slide!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I-e7H_oesK01[View]
78426831AnonymousBe honest, you were looking at the bean during that scene and totally forgot that Emma was even ther…6[View]
78428091AnonymousWhat happened to this show? It stayed consistently good for five seasons and then flanderised everyo…1[View]
78428084AnonymousClassic film theory thread: >yfw the train was purgatory the whole time. They were all dead and t…0[View]
78425389Anonymous14 seconds into this and they are already using Hedwig's theme40[View]
78426801AnonymousToonami: What does /tv/ think of the current Toonami lineup?4[View]
78426064AnonymousITT: We discuss Jack Howitzer Id watch the shit out of it along w/ kungfu rainbow lazer force6[View]
78425994AnonymousDo they even care about how scenes look anymore? >pic related, beautiful shot from 'The thi…9[View]
78428021Anonymous>look what you did you little nigger This movie literally couldn't be made today…0[View]
78426147AnonymousNot gonna lie, former Stonehead here. It's fucking hilarious watching Stone crash and burn, but…15[View]
78427978Anonymous>'What about that special frog school you were talking about? Can someone like ME go there?' >…0[View]
78427461Anonymousholy jessica biel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B6PpxrnttDg2[View]
78425606AnonymousWhy Floki decided to become a muslim?20[View]
78425569AnonymousWell this was even worse than I expected. How do you make such a heartless endeavor?17[View]
78422458AnonymousIt's Always Sunny: This was one of the best episodes in years.37[View]
78406522AnonymousArrival.2016.DVDScr.x264-4RRIVED: Arrival.2016.DVDScr.x264-4RRIVED >Arrival.2016.DVDScr.x264-4RRI…172[View]
78427932Anonymousme irl0[View]
78426394AnonymousCan we get a thread about the Shannara Chronicles? Wil is the best boy & Amberle is the best gir…4[View]
78427611AnonymousIs this underrated horror kino? Too bad it was marketed as a cheap Horror b movie. It has more artis…1[View]
78426338AnonymousAre Mandalorians the niggers of the galaxy?11[View]
78423859AnonymousWhat went wright?13[View]
78427135Anonymous>Prime Jolie titties >Casey Jones >Jack Palance when did you realize this was the kino…2[View]
78420743AnonymousCelebrity Nudity Rumours 2017: Which one are you most excited about? > Happy New Year! Here are s…70[View]
78427639Anonymous*leans back*0[View]
78427280AnonymousRey, have I ever told you the story of Willrow Hood? In your battle with Ben Solo he thumped his wou…2[View]
78427557AnonymousJeff Ross Roasts Cops: what does /tv/ think of it?2[View]
78427533AnonymousJust finished watching this and was pleasantly surprised does tv know of any other good films from n…0[View]
78427482AnonymousWhere is it?1[View]
78427501AnonymousPick a better actor.0[View]
78425903Anonymous>it ain't me started playing Is this unironic or ironic use of this timeless classic piece o…5[View]
78427453Anonymous<meet the Bogdanoff twins Quick rundown on them: >rothschilds bow to the Bogdanoffs >in con…0[View]
78425458Anonymous>Please Lord, help me to release this demon >braapp What did he mean by this?…11[View]
78422421AnonymousYou have 10 (ten) seconds to name a better soundtrack releassed in this decade37[View]
78425926AnonymousChildhood kino?5[View]
78425525AnonymousBlack could be anywhere28[View]
78427114Anonymoushttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q0r4jNhG9Z4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rWF0f183tSA&t=108s A…1[View]
78426313AnonymousWhich one should I watch live and which one should I DVR?5[View]
78426986AnonymousWORST MOVIE NAME EVER2[View]
78426922Anonymous>tfw too smart to watch arthouse and foreign films1[View]
78424217AnonymousWas this meant to be inspiring? Because it made me WANT to get into finance32[View]
78426243Anonymoushttp://www.imdb.com/name/nm1260407/ what is some essential Feliciakino?10[View]
78424931AnonymousWas this kino?4[View]
78423320AnonymousFantastic.Beasts.and.Where.to.Find.Them.2016.1080p.KORSUB.HDRip.x264.AAC2.0-STUTTERSHIT: Fantastic.B…59[View]
78427081AnonymousWhat are some good movies about sociopaths?0[View]
78426805AnonymousAre there any films that deals with physical deformation?7[View]
78426281Anonymous>For some reason, you sound a little TALLER on radio. (What in the hell is the world coming to?) …2[View]
78420180AnonymousWhat were they thinking?45[View]
78421593Anonymoushttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZRFrY8NFfAQ who was in the wrong here?52[View]
78425390Anonymousanyone got tips on a movie where a big fat fraud gets exposed?21[View]
78426388Anonymoushey faggots look who I just met12[View]
78426787AnonymousFloats relevant idea to the new tampon campaign > Go write more copy, Peggy…1[View]
78424862AnonymousNOW PRISONER 2460113[View]
78426709AnonymousThe phone call that saved film0[View]
78425232AnonymousSo i just watched pic related, what's /tv/'s final opinion ?46[View]
78417277AnonymousStar trek plot holes, fuck ups etc. I always notice a lot of ridiculous things every time I go back …91[View]
78426620Anonymousedgy docs: documentaries that leave you shaking from fear, post them here!0[View]
78425170AnonymousTHIS IS KATANA5[View]
78424472AnonymousI'M A SAILOR PEG AND I LOST MY LEG19[View]
78425237AnonymousBEG FOR MERCY, SCREAM MY NAME!8[View]
78426528Anonymousi mean, do you even have sperm?0[View]
78424823AnonymousWhich actresss has the bluest eyes?8[View]
78426465AnonymousPatriots Day: Was Tommy /ourguy/?1[View]
78424363AnonymousThe Neon Demon: Was this a good film? Why/why not?25[View]
78425423AnonymousWhat is the best Disney song? My vote goes to this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U3NoDEu7kpg17[View]
78425798AnonymousWhat did /tv/ think of this?: And did your opinion of Conan change? For me it was an interesting loo…2[View]
78426392AnonymousWhy aren't there many movies made about the germanics and celts before roman domination? Some o…0[View]
78426324AnonymousDraco Malfoy Should Have Been a Girl: Its undeniable, the dullest franchise could have been more exc…4[View]
78423815AnonymousWhy do people obsess so much over Star Wars? Do all these people genuinely love it that much, or is …7[View]
78426269AnonymousWhy is this the poster for Patriot's Day on IMDb lads2[View]
78426022AnonymousWas it autism?2[View]
78425011AnonymousWhy do they let racists like Steve Harvey have their own TV shows?: https://youtu.be/7gjVyM2tajA…30[View]
78425570AnonymousWhat was his fucking problem?20[View]
78426213AnonymousWho played Uncle Monty better?0[View]
78423593AnonymousLa.La.Land.2016.DVDScr.XVID.AC3.HQ.Hive-CM8 is for real? 6k leechers29[View]
78426033Chasing AmyI found Mallrats to be insufferable shit, will I enjoy Chasing Amy? ALSO; Kevin Smith thread I guess…6[View]
78423282AnonymousYou guys are fucking useless contrarians unable to honestly appreciate anything. Pic related was gre…32[View]
78426061Anonymous>protagonist dying in the movie makes you die irl2[View]
78416562Anonymous>fucked multiple guys on the first date >hasn't gone all the way with the 'nice guy' as o…65[View]
78423219AnonymousWhat is your favorite cop movie? Scifi counts too. I've only seen EOW, Robocop, Dredd, and (I r…29[View]
78426083AnonymousON WAY!!0[View]
78426057AnonymousHey Jamie could you put up that footage from the Browne and Brandon fight...there we go okay good, f…0[View]
78421934AnonymousMUH WAGE GAP Think these overpaid actress cunts will finally shut the fuck up?26[View]
78426013AnonymousRey, I've come to bargain1[View]
78423735AnonymousJesus Christ48[View]
78425975AnonymousWell he foiled his evil plans, good job spidey. But he's still out of a job, so what now? Not t…0[View]
78425967Anonymouswhat did they mean by this?0[View]
78419725AnonymousSilent Hill is the only good movie based on a video game. What did /tv/ think of Silent Hill?87[View]
78425831Anonymous>Hi, I'm Mr. Meeseeks! Look at me! Admit it. You loved this character.…3[View]
78424553AnonymousI heard this is actually pretty good.6[View]
78421556AnonymousWelp, that was a piece of shit, even worse that the firts episode of season 4.67[View]
78421055AnonymousPost your favorite shots of all time65[View]
78422309AnonymousSynder ruined watchmen.49[View]
78425768Anonymous>red hot 1000 degree hydraulic press Has YouTube gone too far?1[View]
78425705AnonymousAll movies are sexist. Only flicks alowed now1[View]
78423676AnonymousWould you watch a version of Aladdin that corrected to be more consistent with Islamic sensibilities…28[View]
78424842Anonymous'Go fuck yourself'17[View]
78425097AnonymousCurrently rewatching series 1 and 2. Seriously, what was his fucking problem?12[View]
78425546AnonymousD-did someone turn the AC off?3[View]
78424734AnonymousWhat the FUCK happened?19[View]
78425599AnonymousWhat was this cucks problem?0[View]
78425199Anonymous>http://www.cnn.com/2017/01/14/entertainment/ringling-circus-closing/ Well 2015 is off to a great…4[View]
78411892Anonymous>we are truly Netflix Lemony snickets a series of unfortunate events DROPPED…59[View]
78419630AnonymousITT: Proof critics have no idea what they're doing85[View]
78411087AnonymousWhy do you people pretend like Fight Club isn't worthy of praise. Just because it's popula…73[View]
78424604AnonymousDid Norrisposting exist when he was a meme like 11 years ago?8[View]
78424781Anonymouswhy this show is so clichè?4[View]
78424382Anonymous>Character gets launched in the air >'I belive I can fly' starts playing…4[View]
78424360Anonymous>tropical rainforest >leather jacket Is he retarded?…6[View]
78408015AnonymousInsider here. Bill Murray is hospitalized right now. He won't make it through the month, you…153[View]
78425388AnonymousITT: Faith Kino0[View]
78425122AnonymousWhy don't they make everything out of this metal?4[View]
78420391AnonymousDaily reminder that Darth Vader unironically said this https://youtu.be/r2JqKSoIaOo44[View]
78424607Anonymous/tv/ you seen warmachine?1[View]
78421440AnonymousRingling Bros Circus closing after 150 years: RIP circuskino. Why do millenials need to ruin everyth…40[View]
78424465AnonymousMaking the protagonists puppets was a mistake.16[View]
78425121AnonymousWas it autism?2[View]
78424526AnonymousWhat's their problem?21[View]
78422327Anonymoushow do i get her to be my gf18[View]
78420485AnonymousWhat would a 4chan movie be like?55[View]
78424976Anonymous>we could always do with more Hollywood movies about how great Hollywood is…0[View]
78420722AnonymousI'm going to see this only to make people mad, seriously. Generally speaking I enjoy action pac…20[View]
78424659Anonymousthis is the end battle, which is truly honest and best from PT?4[View]
78423929Anonymous>driving in a car >turn to passenger seat >see this >she asks you if you would like a si…4[View]
78422218AnonymousShare your Star Wars related hopes! Mine... Episode 8 & 9 wishlist... >> 8 doesn't ha…7[View]
78424916AnonymousAmerican '''''humor'''''1[View]
78422509AnonymousWhy do people hold his original reviews up as if they're some sort of kino? Yes, I agree there …26[View]
78424832AnonymousA nigger?6[View]
78423506Anonymouskino as phack7[View]
78424296Anonymous*breathes in and out heavily* EYYYY *readjusts stance* OOHHHH *removes cigar from mouth* AW JESUS CH…7[View]
78424062AnonymousSherlock: Does anybody know a link that works to watch the leaked S04 EP 3? No spoilers please…3[View]
78422875AnonymousSherlock: Is there a way for me to change my IP address to watch the S04E03 stream on BBC's iPl…32[View]
78424617AnonymousWhat's the legit scariest movie you've seen?0[View]
78424056AnonymousManchester by the Sea: I just saw this movie last night and I thought it was astonishingly beautiful…11[View]
78424529AnonymousIs the Jason Bourne series a good one to marathon?3[View]
78416342AnonymousSix Seasons and a Movie: Give me the hope to run out of steam26[View]
78419421AnonymousI have the high ground.: Strategically, would this matter? Does someone on a higher level of ground …60[View]
78424362Anonymous>It's a 'Nadine ruins the scene'-episode1[View]
78420698AnonymousCITV or CBBC?30[View]
78422277AnonymousI love watching movies and TV with my wife and daughter but it's becoming increasingly hard to …4[View]
78423194Anonymousare there any documentaries about the basics of film making ? something like, whats the job of a pro…1[View]
78424479AnonymousBLAM I was more saddnened by his death than Glenn's. Does that make me crazy?1[View]
78422158AnonymousGaston was a master marksman and most accomplished hunter in the region with shotguns ('nobody shoot…8[View]
78423236AnonymousWhy is this unfunny cunt on every British panel show?4[View]
78424235AnonymousTerrence Malick films aren't for everyone. They require a certain level of intelligence to unde…12[View]
78423825AnonymousI need more Gordon Ramsay in my life what do you watch of his?2[View]
78417008AnonymousYES NO MAYBE40[View]
78424027AnonymousIncest? incest?? incest????!!!!!!!!6[View]
78422931Anonymous> Sophia Loren is mentioned > Everyone pretends she's sooo beautiful for her age, and nat…6[View]
78422012Anonymous>character is called Ruby >has red hair and wears red tie it's like poetry…24[View]
78423209AnonymousAm I the only person who unironically wants to see the Emoji Movie?8[View]
78423794AnonymousWhat is /TV/'s opinion on Doctor Horrible Sing Along Blog: I just want to know8[View]
78421400AnonymousDon't reproduce, goyim. Fall in love with a computer. Be proud of being an Aspie. That's a…16[View]
78424069AnonymousWhat was your favorite episode of Mission Hill?0[View]
78407926AnonymousBUT NOTHING CAN BREACH IT325[View]
78424029AnonymousMovie theories: So we all like to speculate or shitpost about Bateman doing the killings or not, how…0[View]
78423364AnonymousWhat was the point of this scene?3[View]
78423146AnonymousITT: God tier TV shows: I'll start: >Utopia3[View]
78423869AnonymousWhat is your pressure point, anon?4[View]
78423648AnonymousWhy do I waste time on 4chan rather than watch films?4[View]
78423876Anonymousi have Netflx and HBO Nordic Literally just netflix and chill,?lethal weapon0[View]
78419900Anonymous/hp/: HP thread: its snowing editon15[View]
78423507Anonymous>I am not sure of its greatness. It was filmed in the same area of Texas used by 'No Country for …7[View]
78423231AnonymousWtf I hate white Christians who try to force their religion into foreign countries now.3[View]
78423644Anonymous>Directed by Michael Bay3[View]
78423730AnonymousBravo Lucas. Best Star Wars movie since the originals.1[View]
78411365Anonymouswhat can we learn from this movie?64[View]
78423681AnonymousThoughts on this pure kino?0[View]
78419113AnonymousTurkish TV Shows: Has anyone here watched Turkish TV shows ? I'm kinda tired of western fantasy…19[View]
78423527AnonymousStephen King's movie universe: We know Stephen King's books are connected more or less. Si…1[View]
78423424AnonymousThe fuck was his problem?3[View]
78420464Anonymouswhat is some TMNT kino?3[View]
78421759AnonymousAnyone else watch comfy cooking shows because you eat like shit IRL and the food shows make up for i…3[View]
78423152Anonymouswhat do you think of DUNE? the spice must flow nöw strëämïnġ ön: : // is (dot) gd / ssuupp2[View]
78423322Anonymoushow do i get him to be my bf5[View]
78422467AnonymousITT: Cast actors to play talk show hosts in biopics: for example this dude is pretty unknown but i t…4[View]
78423341Anonymoushelp me please: what is that Simpsons episode where it's afternoon and Lisa is listening the ra…2[View]
78421684AnonymousIs this the only way to have a non-Star Wars thread on /tv/ nowadays?10[View]
78422064AnonymousIs there a better actor alive? Everything he's done is perfection22[View]
78422851AnonymousWhat do you do when people say they don't watch TV anymore because their above it all. The sort…6[View]
78423326Anonymous>tfw to intelligent to not get betrayed by clones0[View]
78423180Anonymouswhat was his best comeback?4[View]
78422973AnonymousWhat did you guys think of the Kingdom of Heaven? Just watched it because I have lost interest in an…6[View]
78422191AnonymousWhich was better, /tv/?8[View]
78422838Anonymous>THE HUMAN GENOCIDE Not cool, Raimi4[View]
78422188Anonymous>UHH, I LIKE A LOT UH TAFFY2[View]
78422959AnonymousHow would you actress Evie-?7[View]
78423102AnonymousWho should play him in the inevitable biopic?0[View]
78421701AnonymousSo we all agree that this is the greatest movie scene of all time?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…2[View]
78421970AnonymousWhy was Michael Gira in Mulholland Drive?18[View]
78419641AnonymousWho ya got this year, /tv/? >Female Performer of the Year Anikka Albrite August Ames A.J. Applega…22[View]
78422957AnonymousJust saw Neighbors 1 and 2. How can she be so cute ?2[View]
78419197AnonymousWas Hunt For The Wilderpeople the best film of 2016? No, but it was fucking awesome and I wanna thre…17[View]
78418360AnonymousWhat happened to Eddie Murphy?32[View]
78418229AnonymousITT: Characters who did nothing wrong.19[View]
78422926AnonymousHave you already tipped your fedora, /tv/? Today is National Hat Day in Clapistan.0[View]
78420129Anonymous'Passengers' Review: Film Critics Are Lying To You: Thoughts? http://www.dailywire.com/new…16[View]
78422892Anonymous>hop in faggot, we're gonna make America great again What did she mean by this?…0[View]
78422879AnonymousBoth trilogies are supposed to be deleted from existence but you can save one of them. Which one do …0[View]
78417964AnonymousName a better Star Wars character than Rey (You can't): -She's extremely powerful -Knows t…31[View]
78421455AnonymousWhy did I just spend the past three days marathoning this? FUCK3[View]
78422853AnonymousThe Hottest girl in Horror film0[View]
78418744MichlanIs cinema really dying or is it just another meme?65[View]
78422771AnonymousHmm.... really gets the ol' neurons firing.2[View]
78422765AnonymousMatt Groening new animated series for Netflix: So it's already 2017, the year that Netflix and …0[View]
78422166AnonymousWhat the fuck is this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H51HuNX41Fg Start at 1:05 if you're an i…2[View]
78421989AnonymousLes Revenants: I'm thinking of watching Les Revenants. What should I expect ? It sounds like a…6[View]
78412027AnonymousI M J U S T A K I D31[View]
78422722AnonymousWhat are some actors who are like berries?0[View]
78419123AnonymousBetter Call Saul - Season 3 - April 1016[View]
78421530Anonymous>Jessica Jones, is an American web television series created for Netflix by Melissa Rosenberg …13[View]
78422711Anonymous>tfw too smart for tv0[View]
78421941AnonymousSatanic black magic aside, how realistic was The Sopranos?2[View]
78420459AnonymousWhy was Michael Shannon in Bad Boys 2?9[View]
78422179AnonymousAre fava beans & chianti really make a good addition while eating meat anon?7[View]
78422161AnonymousLiterally what was his boggle? 90's action movie thread.7[View]
78422661Anonymous>great neighborhood >middle upper class living standards >no gangs >school is orderly, p…0[View]
78422631AnonymousWhat happened to his voice? He's starting to sound like Larry Flynt0[View]
78420581AnonymousHappy Birthday to my January Jones!53[View]
78422178Anonymous>a g u a2[View]
78419273AnonymousRules of Attraction: [director] Roger Avary has stated his belief that most critics disliked the fil…14[View]
78421686AnonymousWhat do you think about The Fine Bros? You secretly watch their videos, right? Guilty pleasure?7[View]
78421474AnonymousEssential business movies: Wall street The Wolf of Wall Streeet what else?15[View]
78422456AnonymousWhat kind of weird version was I watching?3[View]
78418577AnonymousNice of the Princess to invite us over for a picnic, eh, Luigi?25[View]
78421468AnonymousWas it autism?7[View]
78422402AnonymousHow is this movie? Anyone see it?0[View]
78421555Anonymouswhat a fucking waste of time... fuck you for suggesting this garbage reddi/TV/ basically >le str…18[View]
78422036AnonymousWhere does the name 'Waspfu' come from?3[View]
78422284AnonymousIs this kino?0[View]
78421208Anonymoushmm That was... something.4[View]
78416867AnonymousITT: Actors that would never do capeshit54[View]
78422151AnonymousIs CONAN /tv/ approved?3[View]
78413360AnonymousWhat was his fucking problem?68[View]
78421727AnonymousIT'S ANOTHER DAY OF SUN5[View]
78415362AnonymousITT: Intros you always skip https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vRRpeGKNP5Y22[View]
78419803AnonymousBetter than Girls?14[View]
78421775AnonymousI will not sacrifice the Enterprise. We've made too many compromises already; too many retreats…4[View]
78422108Anonymous>You don't understand, De'Q'Andre, I feel this need all the time... >Tell me mo…0[View]
78422090Anonymous>film or scene takes place in Vietnam >It Ain't Me starts playing…2[View]
78421889AnonymousActors born to play certain roles: When will he bless us with the first ever vidyakino, starring as …2[View]
78416184AnonymousBetter than Inception23[View]
78417788AnonymousWhy is this great show never talked about nor its female cast?16[View]
78422168Anonymous/OUR GUY/176[View]
78419237AnonymousNothing happens : the movie14[View]
78422019AnonymousFilm scores / Soundtracks: Can we get a thread about good music in films going? These days a lot of …0[View]
78420802AnonymousWhy is everyone whispering ?3[View]
78420730AnonymousWhat are some good movies about the average Russian human?49[View]
78421997AnonymousLiterally boring.0[View]
78417975AnonymousWell /tv/? Would that improve La La Land?106[View]
78421376Anonymous*lights cigarette* AYYO *drinks 3 glasses of whiskey* HEY *cheats on betty* HEY STERLING *Lies about…7[View]
78418959AnonymousIs this show any good? I mean, it's written by a woman and got liberals, women and blacks as a …65[View]
78421662AnonymousFind a flaw.7[View]
78421891AnonymousTwin Peaks is what the Silent Hill films should have been2[View]
78419370AnonymousObama presidency: >Trump jokes Trump presidency: >Trump jokes…67[View]
78421032AnonymousJust who produces such dishonesty?8[View]
78420401Anonymous>each movie in the sequel trilogy is written and directed by a different person why?…5[View]
78419072AnonymousMovie Ideas: ASR and G Hannelius play 2 virgin naive step-sisters, who are off on a summer camp. The…26[View]
78421451AnonymousLets figure this out once and for all. http://www.strawpoll.me/121135049[View]
78420315AnonymousPrequels & Sequels: So is Hidden Figures a Prequel to GayNiggers from Outer Space?5[View]
78421089AnonymousThe best episode was The Haunted House Game.5[View]
78420227AnonymousWhy didn't RLM show tomatoe score or box office numbers in this case? They always use those as …4[View]
78417442AnonymousWhy was this cancelled again?12[View]
78418098AnonymousThis is the second best Star Wars movie after Empire Strikes Back, qualitatively and objectively. Se…23[View]
78420134AnonymousWas Aunt Kathy a Mary Sue?3[View]
78420084AnonymousActors who would make great Presidents20[View]
78418655Anonymous> 'Liberal snowflake' Hollywood stars come under fire for 'pathetic' video wh…329[View]
78416839AnonymousITT: characters who voted for Trumpistan36[View]
78421543AnonymousITT: God tier TV shows: I'll start >Utopia0[View]
78419325Anonymous>tfw we dug coal together5[View]
78418365Anonymous>Mom tells me good night >Have a terrible night LOCK ME UP…25[View]
78420946AnonymousHema Hema: sing me song while I wait: Is this kino?3[View]
78413636Anonymous>Budget $125 million >Box office $12.8 million what went wrong?…73[View]
78415591AnonymousITT : biopics you've been waiting for36[View]
78421343AnonymousHonestly, who was in the wrong here?4[View]
78412274AnonymousGojirangelion: OK, now... what the hell did I just watched?60[View]
78420556Anonymous>at home watching tv >suddenly pic related happens What do you do?…28[View]
78421346Anonymous>We went to Film School where we watched David Lynch and Jean-Luc Godard movies and couldn't…2[View]
78420357AnonymousTimes you put normies in their place: >past my bedtime, can't sleep >want tendies so bad …9[View]
78415034Anonymous(joker laugh)79[View]
78419548AnonymousJust finished this, thought it was pretty good. What did /tv/ think?4[View]
78420607Anonymous>male character gets into a serious relationship with a non-virgin Why would anyone do this? How …5[View]
78418564AnonymousRemember how not so long ago you could cast a movie with 100% white actors and nobody at all questio…10[View]
78420808AnonymousCast it21[View]
78421190Anonymous*blocks your path*0[View]
78419182AnonymousHe's back lads. Will the rest of the world hop on board Coight in 2017? He brought you the fam…10[View]
78413908AnonymousBoy, do we have problems up here! The problem of...Of evil in the world. Uh, the problem of absolute…52[View]
78412009AnonymousWhy didn't Sheev increase the Sith?: >End of Ep 3 >Most Jedi are killed off >Many year…94[View]
78420954AnonymousIs this Kebabkino?3[View]
78419623Dimension FilmsLA NOIRE (2018) Teaser Trailer #1 [Live-Action]: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ksNgCMx-SHE…5[View]
78421000Anonymous>You ready? >I was born ready0[View]
78419927Anonymousso i was checking out patriots day on IMDB and it says 'IM KINO' on mark wahlberg's belt. wtf?14[View]
78419961AnonymousHansen Vs. Calories2[View]
78419466Anonymousdoes richard gere really stick a gerbil up his ass? they said he did on snl.5[View]
78418477AnonymousOh hey, I hadn't noticed the new season had begun. > It's Always Sunny thread Five min…27[View]
78420631AnonymousWhen did you realize Rich is the superior comedian? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KolenE1GCyg6[View]
78420441AnonymousWas it kino?1[View]
78420121Anonymouswhat did he mean by this5[View]
78420689Anonymous>mfw all I have to do is post a HP screencap and the autistic anti- Harry Potter copypasta guy wi…6[View]
78420780AnonymousF: How does this scene make you feel? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e__1KU7lg-40[View]
78419795AnonymousPlanning to watch pic related tonight. What /tv/ thinks about the Bridge of the River Kwai?7[View]
78411810AnonymousIs this kino?62[View]
78420728AnonymousPitch me a director and main cast for this. main cast must be up and coming stars, no A or B-listers0[View]
78420429AnonymousWhat are some hella diverse movies?11[View]
78417623Anonymous>Daisy Ridley says Rey's PARENTS were obvious in 'The Force Awakens' >She shares most of …32[View]
78420467AnonymousWas getting caught part of your plan?0[View]
78420449AnonymousWhat's his endgame?0[View]
78420288AnonymousIs it Kino?1[View]
78420366Anonymous>real human bean starts playing0[View]
78419030AnonymousWhy does /tv/ hate this? To me I thought this was a great space movie. Only seen it once and my expe…8[View]
78420133AnonymousWELL (huh-huh) WELL WELL (huh-huh) WELL WELL WELL WELL (huh-huh) WELL WELL WELL WELL WELL (Huh-huh) …9[View]
78420278AnonymousWhat's with the sudden influx of fucking amazing tv shows? 2016 had more Triple A tv shows that…0[View]
78420271AnonymousWas he ever in any good films?1[View]
78412260AnonymousApologize right now. When you were a kid you fucking loved this scene. Lucas made this for kids. Not…57[View]
78420238AnonymousYou sit at my table0[View]
78420108AnonymousSage: Alright niggers I am looking for a movie scene where a hit-woman dressed in red forces a man t…4[View]
78419995AnonymousPost actresses taking fake cumshot/facials4[View]
78418587AnonymousDo you have any kinema itens at home?3[View]
78419781AnonymousWhats some essential snowcore?11[View]
78419964AnonymousWho played it better?4[View]
78419685AnonymousGO! THE PLOT DEMANDS I DIE!7[View]
78419960AnonymousStop responding to blacked posts in 2017.1[View]
78420067Anonymous>Remember Peter, with great power comes great responsibility.... Anyone else notice the weird Hit…0[View]
78419485AnonymousWhat would you do in this situation?11[View]
78419828Anonymous>tfw I actually enjoyed the movie1[View]
78418518Anonymous>muh city9[View]
78419146AnonymousTrey didn't deserve to get his heart broke by Abbi4[View]
78417741AnonymousITT: Fuck You, I liked it.: Post em lads.19[View]
78418282Anonymous>don't you fucking look at me, mmm Baby wants to fuck, baby wants mommy What compelled Lynch…8[View]
78419801AnonymousWas it autism?1[View]
78419712AnonymousHow much cooler would the walking dead be if mural was still alive and he wasnt a dick anymore and w…2[View]
78410906AnonymousWhat was it like growing up with Arnold in his prime?36[View]
78416912AnonymousWhat are the most god-tier snacks to eat while watching a kino?76[View]
78419121AnonymousI miss when commercials were full of attractive people. Now they just fill them with the ugliest min…13[View]
78417434AnonymousDo you agree?342[View]
78410996Anonymous>Im shutting >your butt >down…40[View]
78419594Anonymoushey quick question. any good streaming sites? primewire.ag is okay but is there anything else?0[View]
78415340ChristineHOOOOOOLY FUUUUUUUUUCK.91[View]
78416455AnonymousHe's like Chazelle. Except actually good. He makes good shit. He actually makes art.27[View]
78417560Anonymous>'say auf wiedersehn to your nazi balls' Do people actually think this is good dialogue?…22[View]
78419518AnonymousI'm hungry.1[View]
78417557Anonymous>times the acting was so good you thought you were watching a documentary…8[View]
78414970AnonymousWhy was he such a fucking asshole?21[View]
78419280Anonymous͏ ͏4[View]
78417862AnonymousITT: the absolute worst, shittest, movie you've ever seen30[View]
78417145AnonymousThis movie seems interesting but how anti-white is it?53[View]
78416992AnonymousCaptain America: Civil War was overrated imo.: - Action scenes were way too long and didn't hol…23[View]
78417036Anonymous>Hey, look who finally came out of his cave! Sit down and join us, Anon!…16[View]
78418332AnonymousSeriously though, what was his fucking problem?2[View]
78415615Anonymous>rogue one only came out three weeks ago >maybe one thread every other day about it >at lea…17[View]
78416607AnonymousWhat movies turned out way better at the box office than expected? Like the opposite of a flop58[View]
78416309AnonymousWhat were they thinking, why didn't they just use real actors? the source material is great, im…3[View]
78415922AnonymousHow is this show? Any good?41[View]
78417928AnonymousHoly shit this scene is powerful14[View]
78418945AnonymousUh, excuse me...sir?3[View]
78416937AnonymousLucasfilm confirms they will not digitally recreate Carrie Fisher in Episode 8. http://www.newshub.c…24[View]
78419095AnonymousDoes anything in hollywood capture this feel? You dont know my pain0[View]
78417315AnonymousWhat was the point of this scene? >song is terrible >lyrics dont go together well >cool pup…3[View]
78417226Anonymous>preview of the next episode >none of the events shown actually happen in the next episode…3[View]
78417332Anonymous>watch mad men >want to look cool like don and smoke >take a puff >cough and almost puke…3[View]
78418074AnonymousBohemian Rhapsody: Thoughts?? >pic related15[View]
78418716AnonymousAny tv shows about lesbians purely done for fanservice?5[View]
78409259AnonymousThis is Hurley. Say something nice about him. Secret LOST appreciation thread. Ya'll need to s…30[View]
78417456Anonymous>96th hour straight of kino >realize the room is full of shadow people >not sure if they ha…5[View]
78418095AnonymousAre they the most entertaining radio trio of all time?6[View]
78418370Anonymous>Hey, let's make OZ Realistic like capeshit movies What a fucking pretensious no fun allowed…8[View]
78412176AnonymousI have to go.79[View]
78418604AnonymousWhat does /tv/ think of Daniel Day Kino?9[View]
78418884AnonymousDid Trump ever recover from this? http://www.parhlo.com/hony-just-destroyed-trumps-dream-of-becoming…0[View]
78418876AnonymousWhat went wrong?: What happened with this show? Why did the quality drop so much?0[View]
78414285Anonymous>first attractive female on walking dead >dies…37[View]
78418406AnonymousDo you think he'll ever had a really weird looking kid? A weird looking kid he teaches to make …8[View]
78412975AnonymousThe phone call that saved film24[View]
78418813AnonymousYo why is this show mad addicting? I just keep watching episode after episode. Its been on tv for a …0[View]
78418509AnonymousAnyone here seen this little gem/garbage fire? It's a guilty pleasure of mine. Any thoughts?1[View]
78417259Anonymousdid they chose Melina Weissman because she has the same DSL as Emily Brown?22[View]
78413418AnonymousIf you were a member on the Enterprise which of the senior staff would you make your best friend? Wh…88[View]
78417565AnonymousWhy didn't this become a thing?5[View]
78416794AnonymousAnyone else watch Puppetoons as a kid? Just remembered and got super nostalgic trying to find a way …4[View]
78416710AnonymousThe Neon Demon: WTF is this arthouse-tier garbage? /tv/ said it was good, RLM said it was good, but …28[View]
78418273AnonymousOptimus, I implore you with the utmost urgency to not execute me, your prior mentor and friend,3[View]
78418497Anonymous>Structure, logic, function, control. A structure cannot stand without a foundation. Logic is the…1[View]
78418491Anonymousyou guys aint nuthin0[View]
78416783AnonymousYOU'RE LETTING THEM KILL MOTHER14[View]
78417089AnonymousWould Planescape make a good movie?10[View]
78418355AnonymousOscars: 'She's good actress cause she got an Oscar' 'This director got an Oscar, so his movies …1[View]
78418031AnonymousWhat does /tv/ think about Carrie movie (2013 version)? I think it was pretty bad and it was stupid …3[View]
78418197AnonymousITT: Best actors/actresses in their respective shows. I'll start1[View]
78416078Anonymous>it's a '/tv/ tries to talk about Tolkien but everyone posting learned all they know about h…34[View]
78416349AnonymousAnd we now return to...21[View]
78418238AnonymousNeed I Say More?: CLASSIC L A S S I C0[View]
78416417AnonymousWhat age did you start watching R rated movies?: Were you prevented by your parents from watching R …13[View]
78418155AnonymousIs there some reason this shitty board posts about star wars day and night? Why isn't it consid…4[View]
78415681AnonymousSo we all agree that this was the best episode of the season right?41[View]
78396007Anonymous>'We have somebody within our community who has gotten inside information that broke my heart thi…300[View]
78416378AnonymousBest films that take place in a mall/superstore.7[View]
78415240Anonymouswebm thread?2[View]
78411531AnonymousThe end scene with Vader was so blatantly tacked on during a reshoot because the studio heads said '…47[View]
78417207AnonymousWho was in the wrong here?4[View]
78410477AnonymousRecommend me a movie based on this painting.34[View]
78417711AnonymousImagine an alien race coming to Earth at the end of civilization, and the only artifact is a usb con…9[View]
78416423AnonymousIs his other movies are just stylized as Chungking Express and Fallen Angels in terms of visuals and…7[View]
78411219Anonymousis it really that horrible?32[View]
78417019AnonymousAnyone remember the episode where Michael walks out of his office and without even stopping just loo…6[View]
78417438AnonymousSherlock: was leaking this episode part of their plan?5[View]
78416664AnonymousOnly a French Canadien could make first contact so lifeless and boring. This was hamfisted. This was…12[View]
78416638AnonymousWhat's your favorite Michael Keaton performance? Also thoughts on Michael Keaton?9[View]
78414482AnonymousLuke, did I ever tell you about Bane? He was an infamous terrorist who wore a mask for some unspecif…20[View]
78416292AnonymousWhat's she up to now?4[View]
78417339AnonymousHas anyone seen The Reader? It's actually pretty good. Kate Winslet plays this German woman…2[View]
78415356AnonymousPatriot' Day General: WELCOME TO WATERTOWN, MOTHERFUCKER6[View]
78416864AnonymousYOU WERE THE CHOSEN ONE3[View]
78416142AnonymousWhat the fuck was his problem?24[View]
78417579AnonymousCelebrate the end of the world.: Wanna know how the world's going to end? https://www.youtube.c…0[View]
78416328AnonymousDo people actually exist that thought this was good?25[View]
78409957Batfleckcast the next catwoman95[View]
78417161AnonymousWas it autism?4[View]
78410999Anonymous>'Peter, it's time I told you the truth of how your father really died. Have you heard of th…26[View]
78417178Anonymousthis was the best show, movie, anything of 20163[View]
78392068AnonymousITT: Openings you never skip324[View]
78410567Anonymouswhat went wrong?27[View]
78415775AnonymousLet's settle this once and for all Did he do anything wrong?25[View]
78417208Anonymous>female lead is explaining wormholes >pulls out her tampon and shoves it through a folded pape…3[View]
78417284Anonymous>rewatching season 6 >slowly starting to realize that Christopher did nothing wrong, and Tony …0[View]
78410585AnonymousHi, welcome to Pawn Stars, what are looking to sell to us today?35[View]
78417065Anonymous>Now... you will see this shitpost ONE MORE TIME, if you do good. You will see it two more times …4[View]
78415054Anonymous>You are on this council but we do not grant you the rank of Jedi Master…56[View]
78417112AnonymousWhat the fuck was his problem? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vcpiihCQITg0[View]
78412497AnonymousWhat went wrong?18[View]
78414112Anonymous>Late night hosts worse than the Current Year Man don't exi-4[View]
78417022AnonymousThis wasn't very good.5[View]
78414095AnonymousThey chose 'sweet' and 'sassy,' but what two words would you use to describe this character?22[View]
78394325AnonymousDoctor Who General - /WHO/: Whofessions Edition I quite like Fear Hear >>78365416…242[View]
78415825AnonymousHave you ever been verbally abused at the cinema? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CcC-RPq388g&li…11[View]
78416494AnonymousIf you could only watch one movie for the rest of your life what would it be?13[View]
78416536AnonymousIs this show good?4[View]
78415740AnonymousOccupied / Okkupert: >Get in fittetryne, we're going to make Norge great again.…2[View]
78412803AnonymousWell this sucks...: https://www.yahoo.com/news/apnewsbreak-ringling-bros-circus-close-031022225.html…47[View]
78416922AnonymousWhy was he so evil?0[View]
78406922AnonymousJohn Lithgow: GOAT?: Was Lithgow a freak accident in American comedy? Why can't we find anyone …35[View]
78416775Anonymous>muh city4[View]
78414013AnonymousWhat do you like better and why The Wire or Mad Men?8[View]
78412916Anonymouswhy did the crossover never happen15[View]
78416489AnonymousWHOA: https://www.retrozap.com/padme-didnt-die-of-a-broken-heart/1[View]
78414676AnonymousWho does this man work for?: Why is he suddenly going on the road talking about how he wants to help…32[View]
78416590Anonymouswhy you do face?2[View]
78414561AnonymousRecently I was discussing cinema with an acquaintance and at a certain point in the conversation we …8[View]
78414423AnonymousHey /tv/, I am learning German and was hopeing to get some essential Deutschland kino recs that aren…19[View]
78414352AnonymousThe Vampire Diaries S8 E8: are you enjoying the road trip of the century? Can the show pull up after…8[View]
78415698Anonymous[Breathing intensifies]5[View]
78415406Anonymous>and I know what you're saying >'but Adam, getting pozzed is a bad thing!' >uhhh, well…4[View]
78416067AnonymousHyperdrive General: Best bong show? I like a few others but this is my favorite. https://www.youtube…3[View]
78402157AnonymousMARVEL CASTING LEAKS: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Laura Haddock is returning as Meredith Quill, S…137[View]
78416588AnonymousHe was right all along.0[View]
78408966AnonymousHe is immortal, born in the Highlands of Scotland four hundred years ago. He is not alone. There are…37[View]
78415039AnonymousIs this true?3[View]
78415699AnonymousWhat the fuck was his problem?8[View]
78416425AnonymousMy whole family just watched La La Land together I loved it, my older sister loved it but hated the …6[View]
78412921AnonymousITT We cast the Dune reboot.13[View]
78416469Anonymous>You will never hate the Jews so much that you transform into an Arab How do we achieve Mel'…0[View]
78416322AnonymousWhy did he go full retard?4[View]
78409495AnonymousWhy is the acting always horrible in everything he makes?29[View]
78412902Anonymousi need some help /TV/: what is the name of that movie from the 90s where Sinbad played a genie? my f…20[View]
78416306AnonymousITT: The worst Simpsons characters.0[View]
78415430AnonymousITT: Edgelord opinions: > I don't like Batman v Superman15[View]
78416290Anonymous'Hey anon, why don't you take a seat on that stool over there'0[View]
78416285Anonymous>new rubbish dialogue reaches me every other day on wadges of pink paper – and none of it makes m…0[View]
78412981Anonymouswell /tv/, I know many of you don't watch sport, but I hope you do realize you're living t…8[View]
78415213AnonymousLa La Land (2016) DVDSCR HQ Hive La La Land (2016) DVDSCR HQ Hive La La Land (2016) DVDSCR HQ Hive T…7[View]
78415857AnonymousWhat movies you gonna see this year? I'll probably just see the four MCU ones and maybe Justice…3[View]
78416149Anonymous>oh, it's warm what did he mean by that0[View]
78416148Anonymouskeira nightfu: in this movie keira had the best look and pertaining career ever0[View]
78414983AnonymousForgotten tvkino only you watched.14[View]
78407847AnonymousNow that screeners are dropping left and right and screener season is officially underway, what do y…34[View]
78415959Anonymous>Blade Runner 2049 is being directed by Denis Villeneuve Holy fuck I know I'm late but I jus…5[View]
78416069Anonymous'Oh come on let's be honest, you don't want me to come with you cos you don't wanna b…0[View]
78415100AnonymousWho is the most Reddit actor of all time?25[View]
78413129AnonymousMovie Poster Thread: What is the best movie poster of all time? I need some ideas for a poster to ha…89[View]
78415981AnonymousPiper Laurie is still alive. She was robbed of an Oscar for her portrayal as Margaret White in Carri…0[View]
78411003AnonymousHoly fuck how is this so kino?95[View]
78404670AnonymousFind a flaw82[View]
78411718Anonymous>whips it out and appoaches little Harry >says Avada... So was this guy seriously about to Kil…10[View]
78414995AnonymousWhat did you think about Ksenia Solo's new movie, Pet? She plays a sociopathic serial killer wh…7[View]
78414231AnonymousITT : /tv/ shit only you do: >hero >fighting girl villain >wonder why they dont fuck…2[View]
78409881AnonymousRemember that one time Summer Glau was an actress?26[View]
78415690AnonymousHey /tv/ I don't know who else to ask and my google-fu has failed me. I saw the end of a movie,…4[View]
78415359Anonymoushow do we restore balance in the force ?6[View]
78415705AnonymousDogpatch this is Snake Doctor, plan brown is out, we need air.0[View]
78415578AnonymousAnyone else miss Duckman?1[View]
78415478AnonymousJust marathoned this whole movie, it was great. Where the memes at? Did you like it? I found the act…6[View]
78406206Anonymous>tfw we dug coal together54[View]
78404708AnonymousForeign/Alternative movie poster: ITT: Post your awesome foreign or alternative/custom posters. I ha…125[View]
78414988AnonymousUnderrated Films that you should watch: I'll start with this4[View]
78415500AnonymousI fucking HATE this show. I hate every single character, and not in the 'mean characters who are fun…0[View]
78412735AnonymousSNL General #2: Felicity a cute273[View]
78415302Anonymousso true5[View]
78414353AnonymousJerry Lewis does not want to be alive at 90 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vHKwmnom48A2[View]
78414901Anonymousdoes anyone have a link8[View]
78414588AnonymousCan someone shine some light on what his fucking problem is?1[View]
78415175Anonymous/asoue/ - A Series of Unfortunate Events General: Just binge-watched the first season, what did I th…1[View]
78415249AnonymousSSSMMOKIN! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wVOa3xhl0bg0[View]
78412232AnonymousWhere do you torrent/download your high quality bluray rips from?10[View]
78411973Anonymouswhat's that one movie you used to watch over and over as a kid? pic related20[View]
78411093AnonymousRiffTrax > Mystery Science Theater 300022[View]
78413251Anonymous*Crawls Menacingly Towards You*8[View]
78411294AnonymousIIT: ''''''Attractive'''''' Actors26[View]
78410260Anonymousthese two play lesbian wives in an R-rated romantic comedy: do you watch it?11[View]
78414644AnonymousWhat did rust mean by this?2[View]
78407504AnonymousThey confuse Mr Rayburn for a shark and become scared. But why would they be afraid of a shark? Aren…58[View]
78414606Anonymoushow did they know?0[View]
78414488AnonymousLost Highway: >'She works for the filmmaker. The porn director.' >'Renée?'…0[View]
78414428Anonymous>tfw I was told I look like a skinny Jonah Hill What are some movies that will help me cope with …2[View]
78414443AnonymousWhy dont marvel make a film on him?0[View]
78406925Anonymous>watching new lemony snicket shit on netflix >they couldn't have selected a more jewwy pa…75[View]
78413752AnonymousWere they fags?4[View]
78414357AnonymousAlaskan Bush People: What the fuck is with their accents? Are they inbreeding?0[View]
78414237Anonymous>British '''''''''''''humour''''''''''''''''4[View]
78413736AnonymousThis has got to be the laziest portrayal of autism I have ever seen8[View]
78410201AnonymousDid you ever hear The Tragedy of Darth Plagueis the Wise?11[View]
78414150Anonymousthis is my favorite bordwalk empire he is micheal corleon8[View]
78411218AnonymousLet's have a serious discussion about Amy Schumer How the fuck did she get so popular?67[View]
78414163Anonymous'Heh let's fight kiddo.' *summons energy whip and knocks your weapon away* 'nice try' *blocks y…0[View]
78408754AnonymousWhy didn't they just sail miles out into the ocean, chain the ring to a weight and toss it over…72[View]
78412484AnonymousHow badly is DC going to fuck this up?42[View]
78412819Anonymousbest experimental films of 2016?3[View]
78412064AnonymousI don't understand the ending of La La Land, someone explain it to me4[View]
78413854AnonymousWhat's this guys fucking deal anyway?2[View]
78409408AnonymousWhat was the kid's fucking problem? Not memeing.44[View]
78413795AnonymousBill Murray?: What was the height of his career?0[View]
78407812AnonymousThe best part of the prequels: Was Ewan McGregor as Obi-Wan one of the best casting choices of all t…35[View]
78413758AnonymousDo they ever find out what is happening?0[View]
78411848AnonymousWhat makes a movie good?23[View]
78413620AnonymousIt's overkill master1[View]
78413602AnonymousDisney is dominating the entertainment industry. What will you do to stop it? Pic unrelated.2[View]
78412754AnonymousSexy aliens4[View]
78407655AnonymousTake a catch phrase or famous quote from a movie, run it through 5+ different languages on good tran…84[View]
78411491AnonymousGuardians of the Galaxy 2: >Starlord is balding Aaaaand dropped.…14[View]
78413536Anonymouspost youre comfykino0[View]
78412946AnonymousThis is undebatable13[View]
78411016AnonymousSo LadiesMan217, that is your Ebay username right?7[View]
78413432Anonymousis this seinfeild: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UwAXB_VQai41[View]
78411014Anonymous007: The 8 Classic James Bond movies ranked: 1. From Russia with Love 2. On Her Majesty’s Secret Ser…12[View]
78392341AnonymousA Series Of Unfortunate Events: Are they going to fuck or what? I can't endure all this teasing…330[View]
78409592AnonymousVikings: Is this series worth watching? How is it compared to GoT?20[View]
78412653AnonymousRyan Gosling Doesn’t Want to Watch His Dancing Videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I9fUqiav_SA…2[View]
78412652AnonynousI really liked Avatar the Last Airbender and Korra, but I thought Naruto was kind of dumb. What…24[View]
78409464AnonymousWhat was his fucking problem?24[View]
78413287AnonymousITT: /tv/ approved music https://youtu.be/eaRc_Rj7Cb80[View]
78413271AnonymousSo how many of you actually work in the industry? Do you do anything cool? Right now I work in the r…0[View]
78410778AnonymousIf you think that it is progressive to make a character black instead of making them white, you are …6[View]
78413139AnonymousIs ConAir as actionkino as it gets?2[View]
78405390Anonymous>There are anons on this board RIGHT NOW who don't think that Treasure Planet was the greate…121[View]
78411985AnonymousClassical Europe Kino >inb4 obvious >inb4 OP can't inb4…15[View]
78413157AnonymousWe recently got a movie titled 'Operation Avalanche' which is about the conspiracy theory that the m…2[View]
78412522AnonymousThis film is a solid argument against feminism desu.8[View]
78412454AnonymousWhy was this praised by Armond White?5[View]
78412095AnonymousWhat was his fucking problem?15[View]
78413029Anonymouswill this go down in history?0[View]
78412878AnonymousJust got done watching this. I was really hype and had been impatiently waiting for the screener for…3[View]
78411500AnonymousITT: Best movie villains5[View]
78411967AnonymousWould you?2[View]
78411174AnonymousAny good movies about circuses8[View]
78412689AnonymousMovies where the patriarchy wins in the end3[View]
78408218AnonymousWhat emotions is he feeling here?33[View]
78412460AnonymousWhat is some essential feelkino?6[View]
78409709Anonymous*rolls towards you*37[View]
78410050AnonymousWhat is /tv/'s brutally honest opinion of Gabriel Iglesias?18[View]
78412050AnonymousShorts: What are some good short films? Is there a chart about them?3[View]
78412535Anonymous>don't worry samuel, we'll add the whole army in post production. just yell MO FUCKA re…2[View]
78410638AnonymousSNL General: Host: Felicity Jones Musical Guest: Sturgill Simpson371[View]
78412492AnonymousIf his mother treated him differently would he have not killed everybody?1[View]
78411347AnonymousI am arguing with my friend about the glass in aliens and why it doesn't make sense on why it w…1[View]
78411220AnonymousLAUNCH THE MISSILE NOW44[View]
78410958AnonymousRemember when he was a cute kid? What the fuck happened?8[View]
78409928AnonymousHow do you pronounce his name?19[View]
78398333Anonymous>an important character is about to be shot >landscape shot >*BANG*…103[View]
78412002AnonymousChildhood is thinking you are like Napoleon. Adulthood is realising you ended up like Uncle Rico in …10[View]
78412401AnonymousWhat are some movies where the good guys win in the end?0[View]
78404397Anonymous89th Academy Awards: ITT: Nominee Predictions Best Director: >Damien Chazelle - La La Land >Me…54[View]
78411013Anonymouswho is the best actress from the 40s, 50s, or 60s?: >>>/hr/28357944[View]
78412357AnonymousPeople still use the phrase 'kino' instead of Lichtspielhaus0[View]
78403302AnonymousRemember that one time people cared about Ellen Page?65[View]
78412012AnonymousWhat happened to his career?3[View]
78410294Anonymous>Witnesses the genocide of the Jedi by the hand of the Republic >'Anakin, my allegiance is to …4[View]
78412187AnonymousHe was in the right.0[View]
78412146AnonymousMel Gibson: 'Jews...' >/tv/ boos and hisses, greedy merchant reaction images and /pol/ influenced…0[View]
78400836AnonymousLa.La.Land.2016.DVDScr.XVID.AC3.HQ.Hive-CM8 La.La.Land.2016.DVDScr.XVID.AC3.HQ.Hive-CM8 La.La.Land.2…246[View]
78393483Anonymous/trek/: >Tuvok: Captain, the Kazon ship is fleeing, I suggest we cease fire >Janeway: I don…341[View]
78411874Anonymous>Good job0[View]
78410905Anonymoushttps://www.instagram.com/p/BPQV8Hjj7yz/ Will he pull it off? Live by Night really wasn't THAT …9[View]
78411826AnonymousWhat's his endgame?1[View]
78409694Anonymous>was it autism? >was it autism >was it autis >was it auti >was it aut >was it au …19[View]
78411793AnonymousLAZER CAT1[View]
78411825Anonymousit's always sunny in philadelphia: You can't always put it's always sunny in philadel…0[View]
78409462AnonymousWhat is this stance supposed to convey?28[View]
78410935AnonymousWhat's with this board and pedo posts Has /tv/ always been like this?3[View]
78410460AnonymousThis is the flash, say something nice.7[View]
78411567AnonymousIt really is the best one. Isn't it?1[View]
78410717swaglordWhatcha watchin, /tv/?15[View]
78410242Anonymous>tfw can't decide what to watch3[View]
78410852AnonymousSeriously underrated show. really wish they made a few more seasons2[View]
78410740Anonymous>Available exclusively on Google Play before it hits the theaters! >Price: Free Why? Is it not…5[View]
78411516AnonymousWould this make for a good crossover?0[View]
78410462AnonymousI'm so conflicted about Pain and Gain. I personally thought it was enjoyable as a comedy movie …12[View]
78411305Anonymouscrouching balls: hidden ass3[View]
78411402AnonymousWhy doesn't hollywood give her more mainstream roles?0[View]
78409672AnonymousWhy has Hollywood gone into the shitter?34[View]
78410317AnonymousAny other Viewing Guides for any other shows? Maybe for TNG? Does this kind of thing even exist for …4[View]
78411362AnonymousNow that the dust has settled, what are the most underrated TV shows and movies of 2016?0[View]
78410087AnonymousWhat are some good documentaries about film? >pic somewhat related8[View]
78410241Anonymouswhat did they mean by this ?3[View]
78407494AnonymousTerrible film.31[View]
78409829AnonymousForce Awakens - Deleted Scene Chewbacca ripping off Unkar Plutt's arm: >https://www.youtube.…8[View]
78405982Anonymous>my powers have doubled since the last time we met count48[View]
78406236AnonymousWho will be the first celebrity to kick the bucket in 2017?15[View]
78406845AnonymousITT: 2016 kino films25[View]
78411223AnonymousThe man EXUDES sex.0[View]
78410286AnonymousWhich Catwoman was the best?19[View]
78411107AnonymousWas this Kino, or Absolute Kino?1[View]
78411126AnonymousWhat are some good comedies?1[View]
78410803AnonymousIs this movie good?10[View]
78410380AnonymousIs this the best score of all time?7[View]
78410746Anonymoushow come he didn't have barty crouch jr's (David tennant) voice in episode 4?6[View]
78410499AnonymousRecast her.20[View]
78406853AnonymousCharacters who are literally you: I'll start21[View]
78409696AnonymousWow. More like /Our Guys/.11[View]
78410959AnonymousHey tvfriends we have a small telegram group with people all over the world if you want to join Invi…0[View]
78410894AnonymousWhat triggered me as a child was the blowjob scene before that.1[View]
78410631Anonymousthis show started it all. the golden age of television. before heros, before lost, before sopranos, …3[View]
78408572AnonymousWhat are the best on-screen adaptations of the timeless Arthurian tale?48[View]
78408589AnonymousWhat the fuck? Is he still conscious? Is he dead? Is he an inanimate object? What's the cornfie…7[View]
78393059Anonymous3 episodes in and I love it. Surprised how well Snicket and Olafs characters are portrayed. I got us…199[View]
78407940Anonymous>Freak Show follows the story of teenager Billy Bloom who, despite attending an ultra conservativ…6[View]
78410787AnonymousToo much fuckin' talkin' around here lately, man. Niggas need to shut the fuck up, for rea…2[View]
78410739AnonymousWhat are the most ENTERTAINING and DYNAMIC fights involving Godzilla?1[View]
78410676AnonymousHow amazing it must have been to discover it on a big screen back then1[View]
78410747AnonymousWhy is he so cute, /tv/?2[View]
78409474AnonymousUnderated movies thread4[View]
78409586AnonymousChrissstoophheerrrr: Sopranos, best girl edition8[View]
78409162Anonymouswes anderson thread24[View]
78408395Anonymouscould this film be made today?6[View]
78410498Anonymous>character takes one (1) puff of marijuana >goes on a wacky LSD trip…2[View]
78407121AnonymousSo is the only reason people hate this because of the Ewoks? I mean it was pretty much the perfect f…13[View]
78409810AnonymousYou're in the cinema and this guy slaps your girlfriend's ass and waits calmly for your re…13[View]
78408226Anonymoushaving my girlfriend over. what should i watch?26[View]
78410622AnonymousHi I'm Johnny Arcade and this is Video Kino https://youtu.be/yO3E6pXC9l80[View]
78407080AnonymousLet's talk about the Resident Evil movies. Been watching them in order to build up to Final Cha…7[View]
78409845Anonymous>character enters a restaurant >doesn't scan the tables to make sure no one he knows is t…10[View]
78409862AnonymousBegun the clone wars has.4[View]
78408621AnonymousThe phone call that saved film7[View]
78409133AnonymousNO BLAXPLOITATION THREAD??? GO GO GO14[View]
78409367AnonymousAll memes aside what's the appeal of The Big Bang Theory? I've tried to get into it a few …5[View]
78409591Anonymousstargate sg1: Why didn't they move the DHD from the arctic to SGC? At the end of season 1 they …3[View]
78410510Anonymoussay hello to the youngest oscar winner for best director0[View]
78405217AnonymousBrit nostalgia #4 - Cat Deeley Edition: So anyway, back to Bernard's watch105[View]
78410430Anonymouswas 2016 kino?1[View]
78407685Anonymousdid his scientology ''''''''''documentary'''''''''' kill his career?19[View]
78407948AnonymousThis might be your show but this is my episode4[View]
78408391AnonymousITT: Anti-Kino of 2016: Now that the dust has settled, what were the worst films of 2016? No memes …48[View]
78397036AnonymousHey, guys Do you know that the last episode of Sherlock is already available in Russian?118[View]
78408706AnonymousWhat the fuck was happening in this? I'm so confused.5[View]
78402826Anonymouscan someone explain roger ebert to me? is his opinion worth anything, and when did his opinion no lo…97[View]
78408943AnonymousFavourite soundtracks: Post some of your favourite soundtracks One of my recents: https://www.youtub…2[View]
78410165AnonymousWhat happened with this dudes acting career?3[View]
78404826AnonymousGive me a good scifi film to watch that I haven't already seen, pic unrelated. Best answer gets…22[View]
78404041Anonymouswhat's your favourite FRIDAY film lads?57[View]
78400375Anonymous>wow a movie with Winona and Slater! >7.3 on imdb?! this gonn be gud! it's shit, wtf?…52[View]
78408881AnonymousHey guys this Morgoth fellow doesn't sound that bad! Why don't we just hear him out?7[View]
78410124AnonymousWill James Gray make adventure movies white again?0[View]
78408303AnonymousMost Romantic Movie Endings: ill start7[View]
78408848Anonymous2 hours until peep show is pulled from Netflix RIP8[View]
78407211AnonymousAdmit it, she's funny.14[View]
78408657AnonymousWhy is everyone black?16[View]
78409918Anonymouswhy do people like these horrible movies?1[View]
78387561AnonymousWhat the fuck were they thinking?161[View]
78409971Anonymous>ywn be don draper Why even live?0[View]
78408626AnonymousITT: Movies where dirty, smelly hippies get what's coming to them. >pic related >Dirty Ha…1[View]
78409278AnonymousWhen I say that Chris Pratt is a good actor and people get triggered. Chris Pratt is a good actor.17[View]
78409946AnonymousMovie: Attention people of /tv/. I am in need of some help. I was wondering if anyone could recall t…0[View]
78408235AnonymousDebrief me, please.4[View]
78409825AnonymousYou are, without a doubt, the worst board I have ever heard of.4[View]
78401247AnonymousWho is the best dad?110[View]
78409681Anonymousauteurs only2[View]
78408820AnonymousExcuse me, nobody's acknowledged me since we landed on this planet2[View]
78407287AnonymousTwin Peaks: Why did he do it?27[View]
78396234AnonymousMeanwhile, on bizzaro /tv/...106[View]
78409720AnonymousWTF? I love Jews now0[View]
78409691AnonymousThe Zero Theorem: Why did it get so many bad reviews? Acting is top notch, artistic direction is per…0[View]
78409517AnonymousThere haven't been Jedi in these parts for a long time.2[View]
78409558AnonymousDid they...1[View]
78409575AnonymousWhat was his fucking problem?0[View]
78396653AnonymousAnyone on /tv/ ever meet a famous person? Tell us your stories247[View]
78408010AnonymousWhy didn't he just resurrect his sugardaddy?13[View]
78409374AnonymousANYone got a good place to see rogue one: or am i asking the wrong place1[View]
78406374AnonymousWhy is this unfunny cunt on every British panel show?9[View]
78404277AnonymousStart consuming unregulated drugs.68[View]
78408811Anonymous>high school movie >SAY IT AIN'T SO2[View]
78409428Anonymous>these are my nipple guns and I'm gonna getcha wot?0[View]
78408065AnonymousDr Pavel, I'm CIA3[View]
78405243AnonymousWhat are some good movies about the fashion industry? Have already seen Neon Demon.27[View]
78407918AnonymousMy powers have dubs since the last time we met, Count.5[View]
78409224AnonymousAlright, which one of you put this on imdb0[View]
78405165AnonymousThis was the best new show of last year.24[View]
78409175AnonymousDEER HE IS1[View]
78408184AnonymousJustice League looks promising to me.9[View]
78405967AnonymousBlade runner sucks dick. Shot in the wrong aspect ratio, bad dialogues, overacting, even the colour …25[View]
78408421AnonymousI'm not your fuckin pumpkin!: What did she mean by that?1[View]
78409087Anonymous>ywn snuggle with anne5[View]
78408409AnonymousRick Steves here! Back with more of the best of Europe!9[View]
78408302AnonymousWhy does he hate the blacks?4[View]
78408961Anonymous>Now... you will see this shitpost ONE MORE TIME, if you do good. You will see it two more times …6[View]
78407968AnonymousWhen will they reboot Lord of the Rings to be a story about a badass Muslim Latinx chica that defeat…26[View]
78407785Anonymous> feed crocodile guy > it ain't me literally starts playing What the fuck this movie was …2[View]
78408479AnonymousHoly Rollers: Who's seen this kino?2[View]
78396872AnonymousPost your favorite Jedi from the prequel trilogy, here's mine340[View]
78408002AnonymousHello movie exec here. Write out the craziest movie idea you'd like to see turned into a movie.…13[View]
78407684AnonymousWas pic related the very prototypical beginning of Internet Humor as we know it? >le 'random' hum…6[View]
78402161AnonymousDispute me on this60[View]
78408772AnonymousI just saw on IMDB that Stefan Karl voiced an unnamed frost giant in the 2011 Thor movie. Could anyb…0[View]
78408139AnonymousDUDE FILM REFERENCES LMAO6[View]
78407409AnonymousKino: Post some3[View]
78403737AnonymousVikings S4b: >be showrunner at history channel >thinking about how to have iron age scandinavi…15[View]
78399183Anonymous>somewhere is one of coppola's worst films besides bling ring >about ray is dropped days …128[View]
78408584AnonymousFind every flaw /tv/2[View]
78408582Anonymous>So you came back to die with your city! >No, I came back to stop Jews. How did Nolan ever get…4[View]
78407139Anonymous>2 powerful magic users fight each other >the characters each unleash a beam of magic which co…9[View]
78408631Anonymousmmm... *snorts* aha! haha!3[View]
78408400AnonymousCan anyone explain what film school is?9[View]
78408614AnonymousMadhouse (1974): The ending lost me. So I'm assuming the final moments were all happening in He…0[View]
78407905AnonymousMovies you man cried in: Own up. This one takes the cake for me, closely followed by Green Mile.…2[View]
78400124Anonymous>Films only you like97[View]
78408055AnonymousI think I'm getting the black lung pop1[View]
78408497AnonymousBe honest, have you ever done this in a theater?0[View]
78407250AnonymousWas it kino?12[View]
78403935AnonymousSherlock will survive. Mycroft will survive. Watson will survive. Molly Hooper will survive. Redbear…19[View]
78408381AnonymousSay it with me: MADAM PRESIDENT1[View]
78406238AnonymousJesus Christ how did this last so long?25[View]
78408388Anonymous>protagonist dying in the movie makes you die irl0[View]
78408201AnonymousChilds was the thing.1[View]
78408176AnonymousDidn't you learn anything from Love Day?!0[View]
78406183AnonymousKitano Takeshi appreciation thread: Post thoughts, anecdotes, favorite scenes, etc. Starting with t…16[View]
78403329Anonymous>he is calling the jews out what the fuck31[View]
78408127Anonymous>literally just running at each other and shooting bravo lucas0[View]
78408095AnonymousRoku: Are people really stupid enough to pay for 480p camrips with shitty audio?0[View]
78406352AnonymousMoana 2 plot: >Moana and Maui travel to South America (Peru coast) to steal Potato crops from the…6[View]
78405700AnonymousHey /tv/, what's this guy's name again?15[View]
78397446Anonymous/Taboo/ Live thread: Get in here if you're watching Taboo live at 9:15 on BBC One.74[View]
78408016Anonymous>A NIGGER What did Kubrick mean by this?0[View]
78406728AnonymousFreeleech on KG! Give me movies to download, anything from obscure to acclaimed! Lets go!16[View]
78407266AnonymousNon-Horror Thrillers: What are some good non-horror thrillers, /tv/? Something like Silence of The L…5[View]
78407936AnonymousWhy is greving unhinged Winona such a QTPi?0[View]
78406193AnonymousHow tall is Jay?4[View]
78407097AnonymousHan mah booki7[View]
78406416AnonymousWho is the best talk show host and why is it Jimmy Fallon?8[View]
78407896AnonymousITT: The first R rated movie you saw in theaters. I can't look at Somalians getting mowed down …0[View]
78404334AnonymousPumpkinhead: >There are people on /tv/ right now that still haven't seen this horrorkino…5[View]
78407892AnonymousA Serbian Film Stream: Streaming a serbian film on <<<0[View]
78396480Anonymousdoes /tv/ like voice actors?47[View]
78404535AnonymousWas JD's friendship with Turk realistic?47[View]
78406635AnonymousIs Jack Kelly The Nightman?3[View]
78405805AnonymousSilmarillion HBO series when?17[View]
78407676Anonymous>best movie of 20163[View]
78407242AnonymousHave you thought about my cock today?1[View]
78407731Anonymousname a good movie for me to watch tonight0[View]
78406629AnonymousWhere do they find people when they need extras who are ugly? Do they trick them into something or d…3[View]
78407496AnonymousWhy don't they make movies like this anymore?: The Burbs, Tremors, BeetleJuice, etc. Why don…5[View]
78398436Anonymous>Wolf Cola episode >Dennis Reynolds is crazy joke again >Episode about racial issues >De…28[View]
78407650AnonymousWhy was Ray Charles in Batman 1989?0[View]
78406736AnonymousNew Dunkirk Trailer!!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uaTJjGxhk102[View]
78390393AnonymousITT good movies with bad endings135[View]
78392438AnonymousWhy does Hollywood keeps pretending that if two actors of the same sex kiss, they're not gay? S…131[View]
78407609AnonymousGames Without Thrones0[View]
78407568Anonymous>action hero gets beaten to a bloody pulp before finally beating the main bad guy using cheap tac…2[View]
78407392AnonymousNew season when? This is taking forever.2[View]
78406974AnonymousWhat was Ulrich Seidl trying to tell us with this film?5[View]
78406956Anonymouswhat's next for her career?7[View]
78406950AnonymousMovies with white heroes and black villains.5[View]
78405226AnonymousDaily reminder Barnes did literally nothing wrong8[View]
78407349AnonymousRepublic Commando movie when?1[View]
78404847AnonymousName a hotter milf. Go ahead, I'll wait.16[View]
78405770AnonymousI WANT MY KIDNEY BACK30[View]
78406910AnonymousThis board is mine1[View]
78406827AnonymousWhy Snyder didn't learn anything from this kino even it was just a decade apart from BvS? The f…3[View]
78407230AnonymousSo, guys, have you watched 'Kingdom of Heaven 2: Kikes and Romans'?0[View]
78407070AnonymousI need as many reaction images involving Earl Sinclair as possible. Please /tv/ it is important.5[View]
78405594AnonymousSneaky Pete: >This show is literally Justified S7 >No one on /tv/ has watched it Get it togeth…6[View]
78389813AnonymousHermione in 1st grade: Does completely perfect Petrificus Totalus Hermione in 5th grade: 'Harry, you…121[View]
78406938Anonymouswhat was the point of TCAP if the predators are still at it and never went to jail? https://www.yout…3[View]
78403618Anonymous>close-up of character opening fridge/cabinet door5[View]
78402765AnonymousLuke, did I ever tell you about Bigger Luke? Bigger Luke, commonly abbreviated to BL, or more uncomm…25[View]
78407034AnonymousIs this movie actually awesome, or do I just love it cause I watched it as a child in the 80s?1[View]
78407015AnonymousWhen will memes of this show die out?: Its normie trash2[View]
78407003AnonymousYo what the fuck was up with the ending? Did she die? also was she fucking the teacher? Also more mo…1[View]
78404965AnonymousStop invading my homeworld.19[View]
78406177AnonymousYes. Yes I do. You were the best part of the series. Why did they have to kill you off so quick. Fuc…7[View]
78403430Anonymous>a blind guy is the chief engineer on a spaceship what?40[View]
78406833AnonymousI've been replaying Bloodlines and Deus Ex and now I have those themes of neo-noir, night-time …1[View]
78406091Anonymous>it's 'a good guy teams up with a bad guy to take down an even bigger bad guy' episode…18[View]
78406776AnonymousWho else finally thinks this show is funny?: I'm so glad they finally got some diversity to the…3[View]
78400064AnonymousWhere did these 'EAT' messages come from? Who kept doing this to her?21[View]
78406425AnonymousWhat did they mean by this?8[View]
78404945AnonymousI know you guys are eager to learn more about the plot of Star Wars VIII but I will now drop some in…3[View]
78406185AnonymousWhat are the logistics of filming videos like these? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_n3zzrCF2YQ Did…4[View]
78406670AnonymousITT - fuck you I liked it2[View]
78406732AnonymousDid I ever tell you about the time I made the Kessel run in under 12 Parsecs?0[View]
78406630AnonymousWhat was his fucking problem?1[View]
78405699JohnnyRottenWizard Of Oz Help: I recently saw some scenes from a alternative version of the wizard of oz. It was…9[View]
78406661AnonymousWho is the Jannetty?1[View]
78406192Anonymousdead careers general4[View]
78382496AnonymousThey bang right?210[View]
78406514AnonymousArrival.2016.DVDScr.x264-4RRIVED Awww yeaaah1[View]
78404361AnonymousNow that the dust has settled, can we all agree that he didn't do anything wrong?26[View]
78404619Anonymouswhat's his endgame?4[View]
78406603AnonymousWould you sniff?0[View]
78406186AnonymousWhere were you when AVGN blew the FUCK out of prequel haters?3[View]
78400051AnonymousDid Anakin ultimately fulfill the prophecy? He did go a long way toward bringing balance to the forc…21[View]
78405379AnonymousWHAT THE HELL IS THIS15[View]
78405275AnonymousWho jelly here? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S09K280KmUo5[View]
78406408AnonymousWhat a stupid twist1[View]
78402966AnonymousMad About You > Seinfeld19[View]
78405904AnonymousDan 'The Hymen Collider' Schneider's birthday is today. What do, /tv/?1[View]
78405757AnonymousWhat the fuck was her problem?1[View]
78406434AnonymousI wrote our film out0[View]
78404821Anonymous/v/ kino >>>>>>>> /co/ capeshit flicks2[View]
78406359AnonymousIs Rens a cuck?0[View]
78399472Anonymous>CGI from 1993 is still the best we have ever seen How?70[View]
78405108AnonymousBONE SAW IS REAADDYYY4[View]
78405878AnonymousGOAT Castings that never happened: Post yours12[View]
78405724AnonymousEnjoy and praising/ defending this shill dull piece of crap has got to be one of the saddest moments…2[View]
78403779AnonymousWho would cast in a Lolita remake?17[View]
78404220Anonymous>get me discount Ryan Gosling8[View]
78405398AnonymousAre we going to talk about this? Can we talk about this?19[View]
78401180AnonymousIt's now mid January and the only Academy screener that has leaked was Fences. Is it safe to sa…24[View]
78405984Anonymoushttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iOUAswTlNdY NEW MUMMY TRAILER IS OUT BOYS0[View]
78403109AnonymousWhy didn't Carrie leave Doug for Holly?15[View]
78404812AnonymousI think both Marvel and DC fans can come together, and admit that this is a piece of shit12[View]
78405463AnonymousLA LA LAND: I'm still recovering from that emotionally brutal ending. Saw it with my gf which m…3[View]
78405478AnonymousWhy was she such a cunt?5[View]
78405706AnonymousWere they gay?2[View]
78401051AnonymousThis is a 10/10 in Westeros75[View]
78403871AnonymousLET'S GET DOWN TO BUSINESS24[View]
78405759AnonymousWhats your most anticipated movie of 20170[View]
78402140AnonymousWe post only 10/10 cult films32[View]
78402138AnonymousITT: future Oscar winners38[View]
78405483AnonymousIs german comedy kino? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x1NO5DwrQz41[View]
78404133AnonymousEi seu bunda mole!8[View]
78405244Anonymous>We need a Native American in this show! >I know just the actor, sir!…3[View]
78405598AnonymousIs Cindy a virgin?0[View]
78402972AnonymousWorth a watch?20[View]
78405523Anonymous>'Good - for you, doc' What did he mean by this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PH-PAaHnnMg…0[View]
78404325AnonymousITT great premise, horrible execution >pic related >awesome day of reckoning premise >inste…1[View]
78405391Anonymoussup guys, can you help an anon in emergency? i forgot a title of movie, all i remember from it, was …1[View]
78405329AnonymousSo is this show patrician or what's the deal here?7[View]
78404336AnonymousI'm sorry >I'm sorry too Now go home and get your fucking shinebox Well..it's sett…9[View]
78390829AnonymousComedy thread: Let's have a comedy thread! What's you faggots favourite comedies? And what…81[View]
78404882AnonymousI enjoy musical films5[View]
78397455AnonymousTwin Peaks thread go44[View]
78403880AnonymousWould you pay an underage heroin addict to beat the shit out of you just so she could get her next f…1[View]
78405348AnonymousThoughts? I personally enjoyed it.0[View]
78404728Anonymous>Fox News joke >Donald Trump joke >Republican joke >white people joke >'Coming up ton…27[View]
78405235AnonymousITT take one word from a movie/show title and replace it with a synonym. >True Investigator >T…2[View]
78405158AnonymousHow many times have you watched Patriots Day?0[View]
78383472AnonymousAnyone here watch Dark Matter, I was looking for more information on series three when I found this …92[View]
78405104Anonymous>You will see this shit thread ONE MORE TIME, if you do good. You will see it two more times if y…0[View]
78405100AnonymousI was thinking about getting rid of my virginity0[View]
78403916AnonymousWhat is the best review?6[View]
78404955AnonymousName a comfier TV show Protip: You can't1[View]
78404771AnonymousBikes part of the family2[View]
78403765AnonymousNew Rogan special: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=deNLpgTMYjA&t=5sg4[View]
78399262AnonymousWhat are some Kristen Stewart kinos?45[View]
78401276AnonymousMr. Robot: What went wrong?12[View]
78401318AnonymousWhat dose?/TV/ Think of You Tube poops?25[View]
78402600Anonymous>chad won fuck this show18[View]
78403027AnonymousITT: Board game kino5[View]
78393765AnonymousNot a single actor or actress in this film is good-looking74[View]
78398696AnonymousThe Young Pope: So is this show suppose to be good? Because I'm two episodes in and I'm re…95[View]
78403481AnonymousITT: Best Portrayal of Characters10[View]
78402020AnonymousI'm looking for more shows like pic related: fun, lighthearted and with a strong romantic subpl…12[View]
78404678AnonymousI think we can all agree on this one.2[View]
78398761AnonymousBoth trilogies are supposed to be deleted from existence but you can save one of them. Which one do …80[View]
78404030Anonymous'How long have you been a pig'.12[View]
78404454Anonymous>to create a show you just need to write a good series bible and go to studio I didnt know that. …1[View]
78398140AnonymousStar Wars Episode VII - Deleted Scene Chewbacca ripping off Unkar Plutt's arm (2017) https://ww…44[View]
78404476AnonymousBored. Sherlock finale AMA. Those asking, it's only out in Russian but it's full HD.1[View]
78401099AnonymousBrit nostalgia #3 Stop, Look, Listen, PARTY!364[View]
78404479AnonymousITT: Cuck kino: Post the best cuck-core kino /tv/0[View]
78404099AnonymousDo you discern and separately rate the parts of a kind or consider it as a whole? For example pic re…1[View]
78396451AnonymousWhy did it go so wrong, I used to love this guy...: now I can't even watch his show for more th…329[View]
78401165AnonymousNever been to a theather, what are they like?30[View]
78400030AnonymousWhy is he so scary?30[View]
78404109Anonymous>It was all a dream4[View]
78400367AnonymousAre you an effective team?27[View]
78404371Anonymous>childhood is idolizing david dunn >adulthood is realizing that split takes place in the sam…0[View]
78403545AnonymousITT: films that were obviously money laundering schemes5[View]
78402449AnonymousThis is a 10/10 in WestWorld3[View]
78401383AnonymousIt's funny how, even in the 2004-2006 episodes of this show, the characters still had spiked ha…13[View]
78404136Anonymous'What. The hell. Is going on?' >The Death Star's construction is going as inspected. 'Oh rea…2[View]
78403239Anonymouswhat did you guys think of Hardcore Henry?17[View]
78403450Anonymoustfw you already knew he was going to break his glasses: Twilight Zone thread5[View]
78404012AnonymousWhy do ill-received superhero movies lead to marriage?: >Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner in Dared…0[View]
78402192AnonymousShe ruined birdman and la la land with her IM ACTING. You autists or hopeful virgins are praising he…7[View]
78402342Anonymous>POO IN A LOO'D2[View]
78395629AnonymousWhy is this movie so devisive? Is it because people can't stand a movie about Catholics withou…31[View]
78401186Anonymouspsychedelic porn: any other examples of genre? This film is amazing12[View]
78401815AnonymousShould I spend my hard earned shekels on this intentionally bad movie? I love RLM but most of their …23[View]
78403390AnonymousJust saw Disney's Hunchback of Notre Dame. How was it?9[View]
78401537Anonymous>Dale comes over and tries to steal your briefcase >you fight for it >he throws sand in yo…7[View]
78402519AnonymousSometimes i just wanna feel the way i felt before, watching movies as a kid. It was something else t…6[View]
78403357Anonymous>implying this movie isn't maximum comfy6[View]
78401995Anonymous/tv/ guide to Jim Jarmusch: KINO Stranger Than Paradise Down by Law Night on Earth Coffee and Ciga…9[View]
78402902AnonymousWhat would The Sopranos been like if Nancy Marchand never died?10[View]
78403881AnonymousWhat's your favorite Tim and Eric bit? Free real estate one always cracks me a smile >https:…0[View]
78399297AnonymousEmma Stone made a powerpoint at age 14 on how she would become an actress: http://www.dailymail.co.u…35[View]
78401472AnonymousDamn... I never thought of it like that before....18[View]
78403416AnonymousYou guys do realize that Twin Peaks is going to get a new modern intro, right?1[View]
78403820Anonymous>He continues to talk, fiddling with the microphone's wire as he thinks out loud.) (Into the…0[View]
78395698AnonymousHe's right, you know172[View]
78403774Anonymoushttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B2ZfL4vUM-0 I can't believe Westworld ripped off such an obscur…0[View]
78403691AnonymousWhat did he mean by this?0[View]
78401873AnonymousHow many times have you seen The Dark Knight?: I'd say I've seen it about 5 times in total…9[View]
78403658AnonymousMY EYES ARE GETTING WEARY2[View]
78403439Anonymousmfw power outlets aren't at eye-level2[View]
78403401AnonymousCould this movie be have been made in le current year?1[View]
78403647AnonymousComfy Ghost Adventures Thread: Anyone else enjoying some Saturday night ghostkino?0[View]
78403305Anonymouswas it kino?4[View]
78385896AnonymousLets orcpost305[View]
78401356Anonymous>I >PULLED8[View]
78401720AnonymousNo CGI Carrie Fisher in future Star Wars films11[View]
78394527AnonymousWhich Emma will be remembered as good actress in 30 years?350[View]
78403427Anonymous>stock footage of NY >New York New York starts playing…2[View]
78397350AnonymousChannel Awesome 2017: So what do you think 2017 has in store for Doug and the rest? >Will Jesus B…40[View]
78401063AnonymousFalling Down: >I'm the bad guy? How'd that happen? I did everything they told me to... …20[View]
78403384AnonymousJust watched this for the first time in years. The movie is completely different now. When I was a …1[View]
78400681AnonymousSo basically rap used to be really gay18[View]
78401362AnonymousWHOA: https://www.retrozap.com/padme-didnt-die-of-a-broken-heart/10[View]
78396570Anonymous3x3 thread: post em boys26[View]
78402329AnonymousJust watched this and understood almost none of it >characters talk about other characters who ha…3[View]
78403255Anonymous>39% on R/T literally how, its better done and directed better than any new starshit/mcu/dceu fli…1[View]
78402770Anonymous>you will never be a famous Hollywood director5[View]
78403129Anonymousking arthur legend of the: finally just watched the trailer for this. i want to be excited, but this…2[View]
78401621Anonymouswhat did he mean by this?13[View]
78401942AnonymousSigourney Weaver appreciation thread: Is there anything she can't do? She's an amazing ac…6[View]
78395198AnonymousWhat are you watching today?: so /tv/? decided it's finally time to watch this.37[View]
78402267Anonymous>they have an army! >army is 6 people, the rest is never shown…6[View]
78402996AnonymousI feel that /tv/ should make some sort of ranking of directors I have listed many directors, feel fr…0[View]
78401333AnonymousThis is live on ITV right now Brits4[View]
78402558AnonymousName one HBO show that doesn't have bm/wf interracial couples, or references to bbc. Why do the…3[View]
78402503AnonymousITT: we post kino trailers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AhUhuDW_jOw >back when hans zimmer di…1[View]
78401948AnonymousWas there marriage one big promotion for this film?3[View]
78402035AnonymousNOW PRISONER 246019[View]
78398500AnonymousDid he do it?32[View]
78402408Anonymous>it's a TOS actor cameo episode Anyone else find it pathetic when they drag up some guy from…4[View]
78402641AnonymousWhat's some essential river kino?1[View]
78402631Anonymouswhat are some of your favorite true crime shows and channel?0[View]
78398623Anonymous>film grad here11[View]
78401442Anonymous>HEY BITCH ARE YOU WORK HERE OR WHAT What did he mean by this?3[View]
78401978AnonymousMovie Recommendation: Hey /tv/, I need a movie to watch, but I'm having a hard time getting exc…11[View]
78402356Anonymous>It's a 'Larry didn't get a gift' episode.4[View]
78400547Anonymous>watch Patriots' Day >it's actually good…8[View]
78400395AnonymousIs this kino?6[View]
78402036AnonymousHow the fuck did this creative but somewhat flawed series take such a nosedive? I actually thought t…2[View]
78402334AnonymousDoes anyone feel like she was an afterthought in the script writing process? She doesn't have a…0[View]
78400851AnonymousWhat was the best scene in Patriots Day?5[View]
78400544AnonymousIn a market saturated with boring, one-dimensional, post-camp, ironic superhero stories, this is one…11[View]
78401795AnonymousWhere can I find all the episodes online? Simpsons World needs me to have a cable service and hulu o…5[View]
78401659AnonymousWhat are some essential Dunkaccinokino?4[View]
78401781AnonymousWill he survive 2017?2[View]
78402172AnonymousThis movie made me rock hard0[View]
78397381Anonymous/film/ /kino/: Wachu grabbing /kino/?28[View]
78401903AnonymousBy the time the new trilogy ends, 8 will be the only good one, so you don't have to waste money…1[View]
78401010Anonymous>ebin battle is about to begin >king or commander gives LE EVIN MOTIVATIONAL SPEECH to his sol…9[View]
78402084Anonymousi need some movie0[View]
78400633Anonymoushow was he the bad guy?9[View]
78396940AnonymousITT we pay our respects to the best show of the 10's F24[View]
78401991AnonymousYOU WERE MY BROTHER ANAKIN.. I LOVED YOU: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hN74bOubUug0[View]
78401980AnonymousWhy does movie/film mode on modern televisions lower the brightness and add a slight sepia tint to t…0[View]
78400972AnonymousThis is the greatest movie scene of all time: Fite me https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KkJZOxqB-qk…4[View]
78401952Anonymous>character takes shit >doesn't look at toilet paper after wiping…0[View]
78395870AnonymousNew Girl: Man this show got bad I remember liking the first season and caught a few newer episodes a…24[View]
78401204AnonymousWhat was your favourite part of Captain America Civil War?8[View]
78401703Anonymouswill the chinks save it?6[View]
78401805AnonymousHow do I be more like Gordon Cole?2[View]
78400934AnonymousIs it kino? http://vocaroo.com/i/s00OZRAPasKC2[View]
78397976AnonymousMods, any fucking reason why you deleted my last Taboo thread? Tell me what rule was broken.19[View]
78400855AnonymousMovies Women Will Never Understand: Starting now10[View]
78388994AnonymousHNNNNGGGGG: Any other horror movies that make you feel both scared and aroused?110[View]
78401730AnonymousI thought you guys said this ending was supposed to be ambiguous?0[View]
78401707AnonymousWho would you cast in a live-action adaptation of the '90s cartoon Mighty Max?0[View]
78401493AnonymousWhat was your best film-related experience of all time? Personally, I think I had the best day of my…2[View]
78401682AnonymousLooks like meat is back on the list of the dishes served at a meal, boys!0[View]
78401502AnonymousHow do you go from this...1[View]
78394547Anonymous>'That boy is our only hope' >'No, there is another' What did he mean by this? And before you …90[View]
78400445Anonymoushttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hvvjiE4AdUI Was this film music kino?6[View]
78391865AnonymousWill The Daily Show get cancelled any time soon?109[View]
78400965Anonymous>BOSS! We're not going to gastown? >bulletfarm?…4[View]
78388097Anonymouspost actors who have admitted to browsing /tv/173[View]
78399104Anonymous>My name is Bond. James Bond.2[View]
78400002AnonymousPls explain to me why you don't like this show without the words 'reddit' and 'meme'3[View]
78400746AnonymousReminder that this is now canon in Tolkien lore https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nUzUAbtRt-A11[View]
78396744Anonymous>post sincere opinions of yours that you always get called a contrarian for I'll start. I n…22[View]
78390113AnonymousWhy Natalie Didn't Wanna Do Romeo and Juliet (1996): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lvtWalmjqR…77[View]
78396697Anonymouswhat was this garbage?15[View]
78400936AnonymousIs there any film or show that escapes the subtle, nigh undetectable propaganda of the Jew? Even som…4[View]
78400840AnonymousJust watched this. What's /tv/ opinion on the movie? My thoughts were that they used a lot of f…5[View]
78399629AnonymousWhich New Waves are best?4[View]
78391315Anonymous>SJWs accuse La La Land of being racist and whitewashed >Film literally opens with an LA traff…120[View]
78398640AnonymousGood morning. I am Stephano, the new assistant-mod of this board.9[View]
78401096Anonymous>it's the episode0[View]
78401071Anonymous>Shane Carruth is like Malick, but better What are some opinions that instantly make you realise …1[View]
78399617AnonymousThings in movies that make you want to stop watching immediately: >One of the main characters is …14[View]
78394152Anonymous007 Thread: What's your favorite Roger Moore Bond movie? From best to worst. >The Spy Who Lo…40[View]
78400901AnonymousWill 2017 be the golden age of RLM?1[View]
78399716Anonymousalmost time for peep show to get removed from Netflix. who's watching one last time?6[View]
78400832AnonymousAnyone seen this? Wondering if its worth a watch. The cast got me the most interested. Especially Ma…1[View]
78400518AnonymousWATCH IT VOLDEMORT10[View]
78399962Anonymousvillain that did nothing wrong22[View]
78400663AnonymousWhat the fuck was his problem?1[View]
78399655AnonymousZ (1969): What do you think of this film6[View]
78396600AnonymousAmazing Atheist's top 10 characters from Film and TV: https://youtube.com/watch?v=gKQ7p-cVoe4 1…58[View]
78397605AnonymousBrit nostalgia #2 SM:TV > Live & Kicking331[View]
78397684Anonymouswill this be good? or will it be kino?7[View]
78396979AnonymousWhy isn't LazyTown on iTunes or Netflix?12[View]
78399401AnonymousFirst words that come to mind?20[View]
78399281AnonymousIs the War & Peace miniseries any good? Never read the book but always been curious about it.5[View]
78397357AnonymousRed Dragon vs Silence of the Lambs: Which do you prefer?51[View]
78398547AnonymousIs ALF '80s kino?8[View]
78400457AnonymousWho else is watching?2[View]
78398797AnonymousSimpsons reaction image thread7[View]
78397399AnonymousSaw it!: It was everything i dreamed it would be! 11/10 best film of 2017!6[View]
78400431AnonymousWhat are some fun games I could play with Mike when I abduct him and lock him in a basement with onl…1[View]
78400143AnonymousIs there any way to watch the Hobbit movies and get some enjoyment out of the whole thing?4[View]
78398369AnonymousWhy does /tv/ look down upon controversial movies nowadays? It used to be that movies that broke new…18[View]
78400542AnonymousNo, seriously, Is there a more dullest movie franchise than this one?0[View]
78398042AnonymousWhat film is this? - It opens on a beach - The protagonist is a young man - He becomes obsessed with…3[View]
78398343AnonymousDo you have a problem with me?10[View]
78395124AnonymousWhat was /tv/ like before this moment? Anyone have screencaps of pre-Bane pre-2010s /tv/?38[View]
78399945Anonymouswere the people that watched this show seriously so autistic they needed someone to tell them what c…5[View]
78399523AnonymousWhy do spaceships need to have self-destruct function?9[View]
78400285Anonymous'Oh yah, I like dat! I like dat! Dat goooood! Dat so gooood!' Why did they choose such a stereotypic…3[View]
78398414Anonymouswhat is it?5[View]
78400216AnonymousWhat was Jackson thinking?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RsXP_s98MEg At least he was smart enough…2[View]
78400308AnonymousThis movie was way better than it should have been, what went so right?0[View]
78397726Anonymouswhat went wrong?6[View]
78399882AnonymousWhy was this not in the Lorax?: Re-release with this fully animated and in the movie when? https://…1[View]
78395217Anonymous>Live by Night made less than Monster Trucks >also bombed with reviews >still has a drink…41[View]
78399052Anonymous>Luke, did I ever tell you about that lightsaber battle I had with Darth Maul about 1 year before…1[View]
78378136AnonymousITT: Dead Careers215[View]
78399506AnonymousI attended Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone Live in Concert today: the orchestra played…9[View]
78397565AnonymousWhy haven't you watched Star Wars: The Clone Wars? >better story >characters >characte…24[View]
78399924AnonymousWhat a great performance. This was one scary fuck. Are there other series with this quality of acti…3[View]
78399957AnonymousI'm just trying to be a better person. My Name is Earl.5[View]
78398961AnonymousCould this film be made in todays world?4[View]
78400040AnonymousITT: Crazy movie mashups3[View]
78398719AnonymousDoes Con Air have the best cast of any action movie? >Nic Cage >John Malkovich >Ving Rhame…5[View]
78398735AnonymousI'm about to marathon pic related. What am I in for?18[View]
78399154AnonymousThank you, my darling. And what is your 'za of the day?3[View]
78399706Anonymous>'They're not lettin us off easy. I guess when you hit the empire, the Empire Strikes Back' …0[View]
78399019Anonymous>We want the Pitbull audience10[View]
78399570AnonymousEMILIOOOOOOOOO: The mighty duck man, swear to god I was there!0[View]
78398839AnonymousSuicide: Best suicide scenes. >Pic related. Give me inspiration /tv/…7[View]
78397662AnonymousFilth: I don't get it4[View]
78399112AnonymousJason and the Argonauts: Is this the best movie ever and why weren't there sequels? Also, do re…4[View]
78399040Anonymousgf is making me watch this tonight, how bad is it?1[View]
78399323Anonymous>Don't mind me beeing the best Jonathan Kent0[View]
78397312AnonymousHe killed 16 Czechoslovakians. Guy was an interior decorator!15[View]
78399232AnonymousW-will 2017 be the year, g-guys?0[View]
78395697AnonymousTessa Thompson: Why is she so cute? Is she the best black actress?26[View]
78397336AnonymousTell me why she isn't Wonder Woman34[View]
78388139AnonymousITT we post a director's best film226[View]
78399045Anonymous>It's a Spinelli episode0[View]
78394924AnonymousOh man, did Brad fall on some hard times.31[View]
78398869Anonymous>Hello! What can I get you today?1[View]
78398335Anonymous<Meet the Bogdanoff Twins. Quick rundown on them: >rothschilds bow to the Bogdanoffs >in co…4[View]
78398861Anonymous>Yoda can move an X-Wing with the help of the force >but he can't move his own body witho…1[View]
78398815Anonymous>You took everything from me, now I'll take everything from YOU3[View]
78397284AnonymousDellow fellagates...23[View]
78398524AnonymousWHO shot first ?: Who the fuck shot wirst,Greedo or han solo? I need clarification!7[View]
78393626AnonymousIs this overrated and one of Kubrick's worst films? It is true the film would've been diff…30[View]
78396731Anonymous>movie about extraterrestrials >they are disguised as humans…11[View]
78393419AnonymousWhat are some good incest movies?44[View]
78395950AnonymousCast her.29[View]
78398695AnonymousI stopped forcing myself into loving it and admitted it's a 7, and so should you.0[View]
78396241Anonymousholy shit, he's So bad ass haha . definitely gonna go see this opening night with my frat bros17[View]
78397516AnonymousI'm an aspiring black writer/director. Would a film with a message about black on black crime b…16[View]
78396709AnonymousShit Encrusted Seats: >'You never know what's hiding underneath or what's hiding on top…22[View]
78397477AnonymousRest in Peace6[View]
78398569AnonymousNYC Kino: Modern New York City movies? Ones shot in Toronto don't count.0[View]
78394347AnonymousWho could stop them?28[View]
78396202AnonymousWhat the fuck JJ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZRFrY8NFfAQ7[View]
78397780Anonymous>Crom laughs at your four winds! Laughs from his mountain! >HHWWUAH…7[View]
78398377AnonymousWhat happened to her career?0[View]
78398088Anonymousthe dust has settled5[View]
78398355Anonymous>Its a Francis episode0[View]
78390214Anonymous/screenwriting/ - Screenwriting General: How is your screenplay coming along? >Useful Resources: …50[View]
78398039AnonymousBen Affleck On Justice League: >Justice League, you probably saw the teaser that came out of Comi…4[View]
78397861AnonymousWill they actually do it, the absolute madmen?1[View]
78387951AnonymousThis is a joke, right? Like an expensive joke made to make people angry. What the fuck, I was watchi…102[View]
78396352AnonymousNick, what's going on, big guy? You just tripped my wife.29[View]
78397786Anonymoushow do you even browse a board like this without getting shit spoiled all the fucking time?11[View]
78398145AnonymousNow that his career in French TV is long over, what's his endgame?4[View]
78391636AnonymousWho was in the wrong here?146[View]
78395145AnonymousMuslim kino: Is this movie the most accurate depiction of a Muslim in any film? The answer is yes…21[View]
78395622AnonymousITT: Movies that actually get worse with each rewatch.8[View]
78398086Anonymousrecommend me some movies about things we're capable of perceiving that transcends dimensions of…0[View]
78395877Anonymousis johnny depp changing bodies or something what happened14[View]
78397993AnonymousMade > Swingers0[View]
78397982Anonymous>'Peter, it's time I told you the truth of how your father really died. Have you heard of th…0[View]
78397713Anonymous>opening credits don't show movie title1[View]
78397448AnonymousHe can fix my flat tire any night.4[View]
78397703AnonymousHey /tv/, I'm looking for a movie I once saw. I remember from it that it was about three or fo…7[View]
78396788Anonymousdid Carrie ever sit on Doug's face?1[View]
78397416AnonymousWhich bottles are the best piss bottles9[View]
78394435Anonymousare we going to get a Franku movie in the future? that would be so epic11[View]
78396597AnonymousIf Netflix makes a show DVD-only, how do I still stream it through Netflix? There is a way to do it …4[View]
78397304Anonymous>The Globe of Peace[2] was a object of significance to the Naboo, the human inhabitants of the pl…5[View]
78397560AnonymousITT: fuck you I liked it2[View]
78394107AnonymousWorked on Justice League AMA.36[View]
78396232AnonymousHow do you go from this4[View]
78395111AnonymousWho is the Quentin Taranto of contemporary ćîñėmå?3[View]
78397115Anonymouswhat movies should I watch desu?5[View]
78380758AnonymousPsst. Hey kid. Wanna try some elk meat? It's not too gamey, I swear.204[View]
78397435Anonymous>Watch it, Chrissy! What did he mean by this?2[View]
78397330Anonymous>I have always been in love with young girls, not in an amorous way—just as beautiful objects to …1[View]
78397349AnonymousWho was in the wrong here?1[View]
78394334AnonymousWhere do I meet a girl like Liz18[View]
78384519Anonymous>quite possibly the best movie of all time yet no one on /tv/ ever talks about it why? do you peo…73[View]
78395207AnonymousWould you kill yourself if you were him?15[View]
78396000AnonymousWas he right about Asians?6[View]
78397329Anonymous>it's a 'one of the main characters is critically wounded in a gunfight and/or car crash and…1[View]
78397319AnonymousLast shit movie you watched you kinda enjoyed in a torturing yourself kinda way.0[View]
78396970Anonymous/lbg/ - letterboxd general: Rivette Edition PREVIOUS THREAD: >>78366847 QOTT: Is auteurism is …1[View]
78397243AnonymousDo you know what songs were in this movie? Metallica - For whom the bell tolls What else? Where can …0[View]
78397241Anonymous>cuts to scene of troubled youth in his room >Disturbed playing on background radio…0[View]
78397190AnonymousThe remaining Jedi will be hunted down, and defeated!1[View]
78388915AnonymousWhy was this so much better than CBBC?342[View]
78396738Anonymous'I'm eighteen, I get confused everyday...'2[View]
78396150AnonymousThis is the peak of film making. Everything before and after has been unable to capture the magic of…4[View]
78391547Anonymous>dear yoda, i wont be coming into work today as i'm not feel upto it. so i'm just gonna…68[View]
78396195AnonymousWho will play them in the inevitable biopic?5[View]
78390445AnonymousRemember when we were supposed to pretend to like her?: I guess everyone got tired of the facade?…123[View]
78397137AnonymousITT: Movies women will never understand0[View]
78397116AnonymousWhat the fuck was her problem ?0[View]
78397111AnonymousHow long until we get a torrent for this? Really anticipated this one even though its got like a 5.3…0[View]
78397078Anonymoushttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7oMcFupuL78 is he ourguy?0[View]
78389402Anonymouswhat did he mean by this32[View]
78396770Anonymousmfw 'The Founder' is literally a 2 hour long McDonald's commercial3[View]
78397054AnonymousWhy the fuck did Passengers get such bad reviews? I just lost all faith in film critics. Honestly, …0[View]
78397046Anonymouspost actors itt pre-JUST0[View]
78396860AnonymousWhy didn't the T-1000 use his knives in this scene?5[View]
78395357Anonymous>Opening credits start playing >NPH singing >'Look away, Looook awaaaay!' >Exit out of N…3[View]
78395420AnonymousWhy is Scully so dumb. I could believe her being skeptical for the first season but I'm on seas…2[View]
78396699AnonymousWhat an absolute piece of shit of a film This was so cringey to watch that i actually got a headache…1[View]
78396985AnonymousWas it campkino?0[View]
78396971AnonymousWhy did he put so many shitty mainstream Pop song in The Young Pope? It was lame. The intro at main …1[View]
78396926AnonymousCould BitTorrent be the future for filmmakers?: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/a-discussion-wit…0[View]
78396491Anonymous>romcoms can't be kino6[View]
78396680AnonymousI don't remember this shot at all. I remember them conversating in this scene but it wasn'…1[View]
78396892Anonymouswas lord of the rings hotter than potter?0[View]
78390510AnonymousWhat the fuck is her problem?39[View]
78394986AnonymousOk guys. What's the deal? Is this good? Am I turning it on right now?10[View]
78396809AnonymousSo we can all admit this is going to be the GOAT sequel? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6T2b0mp2hco…0[View]
78396431Anonymoustfw too intelligent to watch American movies5[View]
78396038AnonymousWho was the qtest and more talented actress of the past decade? Pic related9[View]
78396728AnonymousBizaardvark: >Show about funny/weird YouTubers >They're neither funny nor weird Why are D…0[View]
78382860Anonymous/vikings/: >kill off the best character >literally the next episode is about #notallmuslims #v…180[View]
78395979AnonymousOhhhh... I'm afraid the deflector shield... will be quite operational.4[View]
78396666Anonymous>when the farto hits0[View]
78395719Anonymous*toilet flushes* >audience goes wild shoes fat women! >audience roars in laughter Kelly appe…13[View]
78396280AnonymousPREVIOUSLY, ON STARGOOLD SG-11[View]
78366847Anonymous/lbg/ - letterboxd general: Filmmaking edition Only post in this thread if you are interested in tal…333[View]
78396568AnonymousWhy was this not in the Lorax?: Re-release with this fully animated and in the movie when? https://…0[View]
78396458AnonymousWhat was Danny thinking at this time?0[View]
78393308AnonymousExecute Order 6652[View]
78394763AnonymousIs John Flickinger our guy?5[View]
78395982Anonymousey rick2[View]
78393845Anonymous>cucksese >ben al-fleck Will they ever recover?…47[View]
78396351Anonymous>return of the king is better than an unexpected journey0[View]
78395097Anonymous>The protagonists trashes his own house in a fit of rage/angst6[View]
78393545Anonymous>watch this show >wonder to myself wtf is wrong with british '''''people''''''…8[View]
78395427AnonymousIs Passengers, dare I say it, underrated? I enjoyed it4[View]
78396229Anonymousis he /OURGUY/?0[View]
78396198AnonymousCraft Beer Reality TV: This looks promising. http://barelybeershow.com/0[View]
78395259AnonymousWhy did JJ cut out the best scene from The Force Awakens? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZRFrY8NFfA…11[View]
78396192Anonymous>it's a 'the least talented member on the whole entire show' gets their own show episode tha…0[View]
78395937AnonymousWhat went wrong?2[View]
78391364AnonymousWhat went wrong?32[View]
78387524AnonymousHey guys. 3rd episode of sherlock available (russian language) magnet:?xt=urn:btih:4d5cecf2bc6eebc4c…138[View]
78393623Anonymous'For you' What did he mean by this? Personally I think that he's not implying that he's ac…11[View]
78386433Anonymous>I didn't go to music school, I went to music Oh it shows Hans, it shows…45[View]
78395936Anonymous'If man cannot kill God, THE DEVIL WILL DO IT' Ow, the edge. Why are these flicks written by an angs…4[View]
78395001AnonymousLuke, did I ever tell you about Bigger Luke? Bigger Luke, commonly abbreviated to BL, or more uncomm…6[View]
78395987AnonymousITT: Movies where actors try to convince you they're serious actors0[View]
78389845AnonymousSo what happened to Hansen vs Predator?39[View]
78395831AnonymousHEY! YOU! R&M thread?1[View]
78395751Anonymous>there are people who don't think The Sopranos is the best show ever >there are people wh…4[View]
78395906Anonymous>he has a favorite character from a movie >he can't even list 3 reasons why protip, all o…1[View]
78393162AnonymousHow come Asians refuse to watch black people in movies: But are fine with whites?63[View]
78395707AnonymousThis was secretly the best film of 2016.3[View]
78395379AnonymousThis is a kissback. Whats the /tv concensus on Evangeline Lilly?4[View]
78395804AnonymousA better Suicide Squad than Suicide Squad0[View]
78395582AnonymousObi Wan,what does the scouter say about his power level?2[View]
78395548AnonymousHow do you feel about the new Netflix series 'STR8 to GAY'?5[View]
78394785AnonymousThings that make you go kys9[View]
78386576Anonymouswebm thread continued from >>78376292282[View]
78393526AnonymousIs s04 any good? I literally had to turnoff abominable bride like 10 mins in.12[View]
78395627AnonymousSneaky Pete S1: Just finished season 1. Enjoyed the hell out of it. The show starts off like one of …1[View]
78395013AnonymousMovie Accesories: So /tv/ I'm going to see Rogue One tonight and I was wondering what movie acc…8[View]
78395612AnonymousHave cunnyposters worn out their welcome?6[View]
78394412Anonymous>the family that raids together Ragnar shouldn't have pussied out, and kept thinking of new …5[View]
78395016Anonymousdo you like dogs playing poker /tv/? because i like dogs playing poker. Its incongruous. I like inco…8[View]
78394319AnonymousLets get a comfy black sails thread, last season is almost here what do you want? who are they going…3[View]
78394770AnonymousLimmy's Show: >/tv/ is just one of the fantastic boards on this side of 4chan here >there…2[View]
78390575AnonymousIN RUSSIA HAS NEW 3 EPISODE SHERLOCK: Not sad to admit, but the Russian nation was again the stronge…60[View]
78394110AnonymousWill Mike and Jay like this expensive camera I just sent them?6[View]
78394631AnonymousMOMMY Why did she suddenly disappear?5[View]
78395454AnonymousPeter Parker, brilliant but lazy.0[View]
78393176AnonymousWhy is Jakey boy such a controversial actor on this board? He's a great actor and has done some…11[View]
78393846AnonymousWhat are some good movies about cops of the future?9[View]
78395374AnonymousWhat's your favorite QT film?1[View]
78395401Anonymoushttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kN_SaHoGwYc >HONKA HONKA what did he mean by this?…0[View]
78393030AnonymousTarkin: What Went Wrong: When you compare the R1 Tarkin actor to the CGI version of the same, it is …31[View]
78395354AnonymousIs there merit in shows made for women?1[View]
78395358AnonymousIs this a Twin Peaks remake? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9XmFTADupMc0[View]
78395019AnonymousITT: Perfect movies3[View]
78393793Anonymous>tiny white ship vs BIG BLACK SHIP Really makes you think.11[View]
78390008AnonymousWhen's the last time you've been to the cinema with someone besides yourself? >early 20…106[View]
78394865AnonymousAverage movies whose soundtrack are making them significantly better8[View]
78395120AnonymousI finished watching this. What should I watch now?1[View]
78395223Anonymous>skeletor >actually looks like a skeleton really makes you think…0[View]
78393863Anonymous>Teen show/movie: >students get detention on the weekends for 8 hours wtf kinda school is this…4[View]
78395121AnonymousFIRE WITHIN ME0[View]
78394176AnonymousHuh, never noticed that before.5[View]
78388293AnonymousThis is what Wonder Woman looks like. Gal was pretty cute at times in that Meet the Joneses kino, bu…51[View]
78395038AnonymousDuh nuh-nuh neh-neh (neh-neh) Duh nuh-nuh neh-neh (neh-neh). DUH-NUH NEH-NUH!0[View]
78389732Anonymous>Movies that aren't that great but you will always watch it when it's on…58[View]
78394088AnonymousQuick! Name the actress on the left7[View]
78394796AnonymousI have to say I agree.3[View]
78394541AnonymousSo where were these droids during Episodes 4-6?6[View]
78392133Anonymous>finally manage to watch it through because of memes >no daily threads >no general well t…10[View]
78391779Anonymousgabba: gool44[View]
78392353AnonymousDON'T STOP4[View]
78394151Anonymoushey /tv/ what is good kino to help you get over a breakup when you're lonely as fuck?8[View]
78394798Anonymous/tv/ Theather general: >'And the falcon?'2[View]
78392704AnonymousCan someone please explain this movie to me?12[View]
78388437Anonymous>people say the prequels are bad https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zye8evNpH6Q Can we finally stop …124[View]
78394822AnonymousHEIL HEUSMANN0[View]
78394810Anonymous>damn the computer has a password encryption >cant you override it? >clicks 'override' >…0[View]
78394354AnonymousHmm what was going through his minds at this exact moment?14[View]
78394030AnonymousMovies only you remember. i was a huge fan of the books when i was a pre-teen nut then i saw the mov…3[View]
78394588AnonymousDo we have a stream lads ?1[View]
78391592OPRogue One/Inglorious Bastards: Did anybody else see the huge resemblance in both the beginnings of R…8[View]
78392367Anonymous>54% on rotten tomatoes Literally what the fuck?21[View]
78389983AnonymousWhy did Grady lie about Jack always being the caretaker?13[View]
78394645AnonymousAre there any, ANY films that handle time travel well?0[View]
78394196Anonymouswhy are black people so much smarter than white 'people'?2[View]
78391647AnonymousIs he funny?27[View]
78391449Anonymous>the antagonist is their teammate how is this compelling or interesting in any way?…36[View]
78393926AnonymousWhy did he do it? Why did he sell it all? Couldn't he just sell the rights for 6 movies or some…8[View]
78394080AnonymousFire and wind come from the sky, from the gods of the sky. But Crom is your god, Crom and he lives i…1[View]
78394470Thor !VfGtV6L0cABelarusian Psycho: Sup, /tv/. I have directed a feature film called 'Belarusian Psycho' which tells …1[View]
78377725AnonymousWhen did you first start browsing /tv/?331[View]
78394362AnonymousHow did Karen know where Henry was?2[View]
78365416AnonymousDoctor Who General - /WHO/: APOLOGIZE! Edition https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bRBQZdBqoOU >2005 …315[View]
78390719AnonymousComfy movies to watch while stoned: No capeshit24[View]
78393647AnonymousDON'T MAKE ME LAUGH2[View]
78394400AnonymousPatriots Day (2016): For a non-American, I found this movie really touching. Some say pic related ha…2[View]
78394415AnonymousWhat is your opinion on this man?0[View]
78392823Anonymouslet's make up drinking games: take a drink every time someone says 'man'5[View]
78387302AnonymousIs she the most overrated actress of all time?: >not a single memorable role >contributed noth…258[View]
78391797AnonymousMovie attire: So I have a movie date with a lovely gal this afternoon and I'm wondering what ki…20[View]
78394283AnonymousWhat the fuck is his problem?0[View]
78394245AnonymousWhat is your favorite movie and what religion are you part of?: catholic here fave: JURASSIC PARK s…1[View]
78394174Anonymous>Production budget: $125 Million >Friday gross: $2.6 Million Will hyper-inflated production bu…3[View]
78394076Anonymous>karagarga sidewide freelech for 3 days >no thread Guess how I know normies and plebs have tak…4[View]
78393655AnonymousWhat is her fucking problem?7[View]
78394227Anonymous>Netflix and shill >Critically acclaimed comedies >It's just a bunch of drama movies…0[View]
78387798AnonymousHas a film or TV show ever actually scared you?35[View]
78394139Anonymous>It's a Richard makes a joke that noone laughs at episode0[View]
78394096AnonymousIs this series just not filmable? This and the 2004 just are huge disappointments0[View]
78393857AnonymousPost some really crazy movie mashup ideas3[View]
78391182AnonymousChildhood is imagining being Arnold. Adulthood is realizing Jaime Lee Curtis is so fuckin' fine…14[View]
78393983Anonymous'over the hill' actresses you'd like to see more of in film2[View]
78394018AnonymousHow can others even compete?0[View]
78393991Anonymous>tension between villain and hero escalates >hero sucks up to villain so everything is relaxed…0[View]
78392389AnonymousI need some help: I'm new to /tv/, so, I wondering if you can help me. I'm not sure if my …3[View]
78393434AnonymousHas there ever been a better ending to a tv show?2[View]
78393824Anonymouswhy am i not ryan gosling and why isnt emma stone my gf0[View]
78393800Anonymous>character has a grandmother >he doesn't take a huge, stinky shit in her vagina…0[View]
78393797AnonymousOoh, sorry guys. Let me know when you're done. I'm the guy who wipes down the loads.: What…0[View]
78392994Anonymousscenes women will never understand1[View]
78389038Anonymous>entire family got buttfucked by the hobbit >At the Mountains of Madness never ever >Pacif…28[View]
78391127AnonymousFucking Emmerich, what a piece of piece. Why can't modern Hollywood even do a Die Hard rip off …8[View]
78392935AnonymousBantha poodoo!8[View]
78391165AnonymousHey guys, I'm trying to remember the name of a movie by Woody Allen. It's about a neurotic…14[View]
78393032AnonymousBen Affleck Demands More Comfortable Bat-Suit Before Filming The Batman: Bleeding Cool has long been…13[View]
78388854Anonymous>Gibson has expressed an intention to direct a movie set during the Viking Age, starring Leonardo…41[View]
78393381AnonymousWhy are straight men in soaps depicted as weak, effeminate and emasculated, whilst all the women are…8[View]
78390760AnonymousOpinions? I think it's one of the best films iv'e ever seen yet nobody i know has seen it …51[View]
78391026Anonymous>Gabriel Iglesias I'm not Fat I'm Overrated.5[View]
78393528AnonymousWhy is he so fucking patient with these people. Two assassination attempts already.1[View]
78393067AnonymousSo why did Marv turn into a skeleton?4[View]
78393618Anonymous[Breathing intensifies]0[View]
78390514AnonymousWhy does he always say 'chee chee ha ha'?13[View]
78392393Anonymous>shitposters are asleep, post about cinema After only a few weeks, Dangal is the most successful …3[View]
78352144Anonymous/got/ general: >>78301342315[View]
78391183AnonymousWhy do Ledditors pretend these 2 shows are flawless? Pisses me off. Now call me autistic.47[View]
78391736AnonymousITT Rob Schneider is a ...12[View]
78391487Anonymous> You and all of us in this room, really, belong to the most vilified segments in American societ…25[View]
78392314AnonymousWatch this kino without laughing. You can't. https://youtu.be/Gs7O1vSBFC89[View]
78390106AnonymousWhat comedy movie genuinely made you burst into laughing? Hurt-me-plenty mode: any of pic related mo…17[View]
78392676AnonymousAlien 3 Assembly Cut: Why was this film looked down on so much? The assembly cut was fantastic in ju…10[View]
78392437AnonymousIs this really necessary?5[View]
78392943Anonymousmovies that need to be rebooted with a black lead5[View]
78390053AnonymousWhat's the moral of the story?39[View]
78384664AnonymousHow do you feel about Roland being black in the Dark Tower film? Also forced diversity in media.94[View]
78390568AnonymousName a few top quality, comfy TV shows or movies that are great for watching while eating.6[View]
78392855AnonymousShows only you watched1[View]
78392370AnonymousHow many bongs till the next episode airs?1[View]
78389461Anonymousle over acting woman25[View]
78392786AnonymousWill we ever get a good Ayn Rand movie? I fucking loved Atlas Shrugged and Objectivism is god-tier i…4[View]
78390598AnonymousWhy did people work for him if he was terrible at his job?18[View]
78392708AnonymousWhen did you realize that TFA is essential potterykino7[View]
78392075AnonymousWho was in the wrong here?2[View]
78392472AnonymousRemember when it used to ting up the tube?7[View]
78390541Anonymousis he still /our guy/ after he voted for Hillary and shilled against Trump?27[View]
78389124AnonymousSo what's going on with YouTube? Why are these shitty Elsa and Spider-Man videos getting so ma…53[View]
78392906AnonymousIs this the American Beauty of quarterlife crisis movies? Found it kinda hipster.1[View]
78392961Anonymous>something something something BAGAE RROOO >SOMETHING SOMETHING NA RROOOO…1[View]
78390185AnonymousWhats next for my Katheryn Winnick after Vikings?56[View]
78391450AnonymousWhats next for my Jessica Biel?15[View]
78391847AnonymousThis board is infested with hillbillies from /pol/, yelling all the time about how they hate :nigger…70[View]
78392456Anonymous>Jamie pull up that board of autistic virgins talking about movies >we can't show this th…5[View]
78391892AnonymousDo you guys remember what happened last season on Better Call Saul? I can't remember a damn thi…8[View]
78392851AnonymousWas 'A Boy and His Dog' the inspiration for Mad Max? They have a similar aesthetic.1[View]
78389215AnonymousHow did they turn out so perfect?22[View]
78387773AnonymousWhat are they laughing at?37[View]
78392746AnonymousLuke, did I ever tell you about Bigger Luke? Bigger Luke, commonly abbreviated to BL, or more uncomm…1[View]
78392794AnonymousWas this purist example of 'Dada' ever created?0[View]
78392662AnonymousAdaptation when?1[View]
78392083AnonymousThe female characters brought this movie from a potential 10/10 to an 8/10. Lawrence Of Arabia is an…2[View]
78392630AnonymousWhat are the essential elements of a good space show?0[View]
78392647Anonymousywn ;_;0[View]
78387450AnonymousWhat couldn't (you) do on television ?20[View]
78388085AnonymousAPOLOGIZE!!!: Film >2017 Midnight Sun >2017 Keep Watching >2017 The Babysitter >2017 …68[View]
78390908Anonymous*bbrrrpp* WHO. DOES. *pprrp' NUMBER. TWO. 'bbrap* WORKING. FORRR. *plllrrrrrrrpppp*4[View]
78392362AnonymousWhy do people find him funny? Had an old guy who did imitation of stoners that reminded me of carlin…7[View]
78391998AnonymousAll of my Westworld theories were correct6[View]
78391521AnonymousHEARTS ON FIRE8[View]
78387890AnonymousWhy did they replace anakin (shaw) but not obi wan (ewen) etc26[View]
78389703Anonymoushttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UeK8DSmybfM >mark has become a runner http://www.nme.com/news/f…7[View]
78392207Anonymousmila kunis2[View]
78389106AnonymousTwin Peaks Season 1 Marathon: Anyone else watching right now on Showtime?9[View]
78391039AnonymousWhat are some good flicks to watch while my fiancée is at an office party6[View]
78392129Anonymous'Better [pause] pizza!' What did she mean by this?5[View]
78392215AnonymousNew webm thread Last one: >>>783865760[View]
78392182Anonymous>all dr.seuss movies are fucking garbage0[View]
78392015AnonymousHow did they get away with it?0[View]
78390544AnonymousThe Comedian: Everything he says sounds so scripted, like he doesn't actually believe what he s…14[View]
78391236AnonymousJUST thread10[View]
78391950AnonymousWhat happened to the good old days before shows went to shit?0[View]
78387470AnonymousWhy didn't the separatists just send one of these things to capture Coruscant?16[View]
78386651Anonymouscontemporary kino: Post real cinema from the 2010's and forwards.34[View]
78383856AnonymousWhat does /tv/ think of Passengers?39[View]
78388914Anonymoushow long before this fat ginger piece of shit goes completely bankrupt?12[View]
78391838AnonymousIs he, dare I say, /ourguy/?0[View]
78391752AnonymousThe good Anon is in the chan and he can't leave. Write it in your diary desu.0[View]
78389784AnonymousNow that the dust has settled, was it a party?23[View]
78388573Anonymous>I've got a great idea for this movie. Make everything piss yellow!…35[View]
78389895AnonymousI don't get it3[View]
78391478Anonymousle trolley probleme meme: the movie0[View]
78382283AnonymousP A T R I O T S D A Y51[View]
78382736AnonymousWhat are some vampire kino?116[View]
78391285AnonymousWorst shit ever.2[View]
78380580AnonymousWhat was his fucking problem?126[View]
78391272AnonymousIs this the edgyist piece of media to have ever existed?0[View]
78390369Anonymous>At approximately 9:00 p.m. on April 8, 1988, Thanh Lam, a Vietnamese adult male who resides in D…8[View]
78390002Anonymous>Man, why isn't there any good hacker-vigilante kino these day- https://www.youtube.com/watc…6[View]
78389364AnonymousWas it autism?14[View]
78391122AnonymousI know you guys hate Tim Burton but this movie was pretty good I think. I enjoyed it all the way unt…1[View]
78390028AnonymousSoundtrack Sets the Setting: Does /tv/ realize how important movie score is? In fact without good so…18[View]
78385055AnonymousThe Exorcist: >fucking her pussy with a hot curling iron and getting off >peeing herself in a …22[View]
78387147Anonymous>get me eddie redmayne, the half-asleep version >say no more…31[View]
78387674AnonymousRetardkino: What's some retardkino? I want to be inspired.63[View]
78390592Anonymouswtf I love guro now1[View]
78390681AnonymousRemember when 'people' agrued that the shitty CGI of Smaug in Hobbit 2 being covered in molten gold …3[View]
78390243AnonymousMarble Hornets: How did it get so bad after the first season?3[View]
78390913AnonymousYou carry a UB-21 Schnauzer with a Gnab silencer. That's KGB. You prefer an H&K over an A.K…1[View]
78387776AnonymousStop watching franchises with 4 or more films.14[View]
78390835Anonymous>be me >shitposting on /tv/ >some dumb romcom playing on tv as background noise >leave i…0[View]
78390468AnonymousYou want to see Sherlock? 4 season 3 series3[View]
78390721AnonymousIt's Always Sunny in Philly S12E02: Is she the new queen of /tv/? Anyone else think it was a b…4[View]
78390146Anonymoustimes Chad got BTFO16[View]
78390670AnonymousI've pissed myself, and there's nothing anybody can do about it.2[View]
78390466AnonymousGF loved it I felt entirely neutral towards it. It wasnt great, it wasnt awful, but the storyline a…1[View]
78390180AnonymousWhat did she mean by this2[View]
78390617AnonymousDo you own any cool movie merch?0[View]
78389157AnonymousIs this still happening?5[View]
78388869Anonymoushe fucked that horse, didn't he8[View]
78389770AnonymousHe's right you know.17[View]
78390096AnonymousPost directors who are literally you: I'll start: Kubrick3[View]
78390345AnonymousPost some good B budget sci fi0[View]
78388439AnonymousEwan is best11[View]
78389931Anonymouspost a picture and someone else write a synopsis for a movie using the picture6[View]
78389429AnonymousOscar bait movie idea? http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4119978/Kamiyah-Mobley-cries-says-goo…6[View]
78388684Anonymous>Literally every time those two are together they only talk about having sex or dicks 10/10 writi…5[View]
78385984AnonymousWhy didnt obi wan get serious friction burns from the thin wire rope?51[View]
78389958AnonymousITT characters who are literally you I'll start7[View]
78390036AnonymousWhat are some other solid 4/10s?1[View]
78375323Anonymous>These blast points... too accurate for Sand People. Only Imperial stormtroopers are so precise I…71[View]
78389956AnonymousWho's the best radio/podcast interviewer? I feel like they're all gimmicky. Joe Rogan alwa…1[View]
78388302Anonymoussay, was this ever myth busted?5[View]
78389884Anonymous>Anakin Skywalker did not like his peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to made on rye bread. When …2[View]
78389972Anonymous>finally she's dead they said >she won't be on the show anymore they said…0[View]
78386894AnonymousPost actors who will die this year34[View]
78389945Anonymous>get me a biopic guru >he is waiting downstairs sir…0[View]
78385877AnonymousWho here excited for Saw kino coming this October? >directed by spierg brothers (predestination, …47[View]
78362534AnonymousA Series of Unfortunate Events: so, what did you thought of the serie ?319[View]
78389359AnonymousWhat is the most pointless show ever?: Mine is pic related. I can't believe it made it through …5[View]
78387975Anonymousi leik mobies :)26[View]
78389271AnonymousCould I move to LA and become an actor? I look like River Phoenix and Billy Idol, huge muscular fram…4[View]
78389278Anonymous>Get em on board I'll call it in Was this the call that saved capekino?…5[View]
78388220AnonymousHey guys remember me? I was the director of the sci fi cult classic Matrix I'm a beautiful woma…16[View]
78389593AnonymousYou know what will always bother me? That we'll never have a live action Star Wars film set in …2[View]
78389617AnonymousHas there ever been anything more edgy than the rampage series?0[View]
78388737AnonymousWhy did people get so butthurt over this show?9[View]
78389265Anonymous> if you kill your enemy, hate will just keep existing EVERY. TIME. No wonder our society is full…1[View]
78389576AnonymousHolmes.: This third series of Sherlock in Russian. magnet:?xt=urn:btih:B91071FC252BD0113E8AA0A267EC5…0[View]
78388710AnonymousWhat was his fucking problem?4[View]
78389405Anonymouscouldn't the Romans have just stepped aside?3[View]
78388152AnonymousRoger is a modern day Bugs Bunny >always wins >costumes/crossdressing >clever antics and I…2[View]
78388856AnonymousBRAVO LUCAS2[View]
78388506Anonymous>steel drums start playing14[View]
78389277AnonymousA Sith lord?5[View]
78388676AnonymousShould I watch this? I've been living under a rock for the past years plus I never browse /tv/,…1[View]
78388274AnonymousWhy is it so perfect?14[View]
78388425AnonymousReminder that Michael Bay deserves a Best Director nomination, but the Academy won't consider h…14[View]
78388224Anonymous>Loud music cuts abruptly while changing scenes the show At least the first season had some creat…7[View]
78378829Anonymous>Jude Law >doesn't actually follow any Jewish laws…117[View]
78383366Anonymous>watching a sci-fi movie >all of a sudden...…139[View]
78388870Anonymous>'I'll have what he's/she's having'1[View]
78388783Anonymousmods do your fucking job2[View]
78389194AnonymousFact. Seasons 1-12 of The Simpsons are completely enjoyable, it is season 13 when everything goes to…2[View]
78389182AnonymousHow was it?1[View]
78389037Anonymousanyones remembers this?1[View]
78389174AnonymousCan /tv/ help me find the name of a movie?: I watched it a long time ago, don't remember the na…0[View]
78388761Anonymousname some good cajun kino3[View]
78387604Anonymous>character A says something awkward >character B feels secondhand embarrassment and looks at t…16[View]
78382651AnonymousHow would DC have handled this scene?52[View]
78388933AnonymousBest star wars memes?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MZM__vY9DIw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M…3[View]
78388903AnonymousWhy is Taylor Swift so protective over her post gym appearance?2[View]
78380647AnonymousReminder that this was /tv/'s opinion circa 2008/9.96[View]
78389056AnonymousThis shot of McGonagall look cool, but why the fuck is she in her cat form during their first lesson…3[View]
78389086Anonymous>tfw no 28 episode seasons of 50 minute episodes like Star Trek TNG anymore >tfw no more 24 ep…0[View]
78388389AnonymousThere's been a real lack of black kino lately. Post some black kino.9[View]
78383714AnonymousBruh look at this dude33[View]
78388885AnonymousMeme me up Scotty...1[View]
78388296Anonymous>George will include space taxes, gang rape, and genocide but chickens out at the Sith Witch Why?…9[View]
78384885Anonymous>start watching pic related >immediately clear it will be a 'Monster chases and kills humans w…52[View]
78388789Anonymous>*freeze frame* >*record scratch* See that guy in the middle? Yep, that's me. You're…2[View]
78380906AnonymousITT: movies white 'people' will never understand36[View]
78386704AnonymousHow fucking awesome was that movie να πούμε, TV?11[View]
78384351AnonymousWhat's his endgame?59[View]
78386860AnonymousNewt = Reddit autism Credence = 4chan autism11[View]
78384315Anonymoushttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NxyGmyEby40 why is literally no one on /tv/ ever talking about this …38[View]
78384355AnonymousITT: people who deserve bigger careers45[View]
78388741Anonymousis there anything she can't do?8[View]
78388902AnonymousThougths on the criterion Collection?0[View]
78387996Anonymous>tfw no Home Improvement3[View]
78388709Anonymousapocalypto: What does /tv/ think about this?1[View]
78388718AnonymousWhat movie had the first rape scene?4[View]
78388157Anonymous>Video Game movies Cancer, and the FNAF movie will probably be even worse.…4[View]
78387554Funk Brothers !!sEQILr75RyaHappy Anniversary, Alan Rickman6[View]
78388703AnonymousWatch those disintegrations Boba1[View]
78388691Anonymous>Girl I'm gonna make you sweat >Sweat til you can't sweat no more >And if you cry…1[View]
78388711AnonymousWhat did you think of Trainwreck? Will you see her next movie?1[View]
78388674AnonymousWhy is this the most important scene in space cinema history?0[View]
78388604AnonymousITT: Basic bitch movies2[View]
78388662AnonymousWhy was Achilles gay lover changed to be his cousin?0[View]
78388326AnonymousJust obtained a blue ray of this but I see it's 3 FUCKING HOURS is it worth it?8[View]
78387663AnonymousWhy was this not in the movie?: Re-release with this fully animated and in the movie when? https://…1[View]
78388624Anonymous>Ruling is hard. This was maybe my answer to Baum, whom, as much as I admire him, I do quibble wi…1[View]
78388649Anonymous>30 seconds into spa&chill they give you this look what's going on?…0[View]
78386918AnonymousAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!! KILL IT KILL IT KILL!!!17[View]
78388536AnonymousIs this series just not filmable? This and the 2004 just are huge disappointments2[View]
78385079AnonymousLooking forward to Season 3?17[View]
78388508AnonymousDegrassi thread? I've never met another degrassi fan before, so lets get this thread going for…1[View]
78388037AnonymousHow would you rank the arts? Film is kinda low IMO 1. painting 2. novelos 3. theatre 4. film7[View]
78388332AnonymousWhat did her muffs mean by this?1[View]
78382697AnonymousWhen will it end?: Seriously, how many more Star Wars films can Hollywood make before people are fin…47[View]
78388064Anonymous*blocks your path*6[View]
78388473AnonymousThe Shamers Daughter (2015): this looks interesting. thoughts, /tv/?0[View]
78388417Anonymous>Doomsday starts destroying the city >Flights are not canceled explain…2[View]
78388434AnonymousWe're never going to see based Beta on The Walking Dead, are we since it's going to end at…0[View]
78388372Anonymous'Why do women get periods? Because they deserve them.'1[View]
78387592AnonymousWhat ruined star wars? CGI? Bad Acting? Lefties?17[View]
78386369AnonymousWes: We can all agree that this is his best film, right?40[View]
78385954AnonymousPasolini: Who REALLY killed him?8[View]
78386295Anonymous>'I've had limited exposure to movies; I'm young and I only started watching films when…22[View]
78387883Anonymoushttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qrX_DkInTv8 Is this dwarf-kino?2[View]
78383732Anonymous>SITH LORDS ARE OUR SPEC-IAL-ITY what did Obi wan mean by this?33[View]
78387791AnonymousIs Fixer Upper the most comfy but least informative home/DIY genre type show?: Besides Joanna Gaines…2[View]
78387946Anonymouswtf /tv/ why did you tell me to watch this3[View]
78387726AnonymousOpen the pod pay doors, /tv/13[View]
78388162AnonymousDonald Trump Roast: Has anyone watched this recently?1[View]
78388098AnonymousPAN, NICE AND HOT1[View]
78387866AnonymousITT: Movies everyone forgot existed except you5[View]
78388041Anonymous>depressed & bored at work >think of a new meme that may blow tv's socks off >th…1[View]
78384114AnonymousI non ironically like this song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YYmrPn1CnzY19[View]
78387753Anonymous>'You can't scare me with this kike crap, I know my rights' How did they get away with this …5[View]
78387979AnonymousA spokesperson for the actor has since responded to Prinze’s somewhat acerbic comments. >'Kiefer …2[View]
78388057Anonymouswhat are some essential documentary kino?0[View]
78388019AnonymousWho else is hype as fuck? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FmB7XiOSjTQ0[View]
78384093AnonymousDo not adjust your monitor settings. This image is NOT photoshopped. This is from Disney's Marv…18[View]
78386656Anonymouswtf i hate white america now4[View]
78387782AnonymousWhat the fuck i hate this guy. i absolutely fucking hate him. ITT: characters you despise3[View]
78385425Anonymous>A man's attitude …a man's attitude goes some ways, the way his life will be, Is that s…11[View]
78387735AnonymousFavourite The Sopranos episode? For me it's 'A Hit is a Hit', the level of tension built betwee…3[View]
78387207AnonymousWas it autism?10[View]
78385103AnonymousWhy didn't TDKR win any oscars?13[View]
78387529Anonymous>mfw a tranny tries to get into the girl's dorm at Hogwarts1[View]
78382207Anonymous>8 episode '''seasons'''42[View]
78379861AnonymousAre you an ANGEL??63[View]
78387314AnonymousCast of Dumb & Dumber 3 revealed.15[View]
78386803Anonymous>read Roger Ebert review >he literally summarizes the movie and says whether he liked it or no…4[View]
78387369Anonymous>says 'Hollywood bullied Trump' >joins cast of My Little Pony Movie 100% /OURGIRL/…8[View]
78377486Anonymousso we all agree this movie is pleb filter. If you didn't like it, you just didn't get it55[View]
78385167Anonymous>get me that old gu- >he's already filmed the entire season, sir…28[View]
78386258AnonymousThis film made me suicidal. I'm a fucking schnook. An average nobody. I'll never live like…17[View]
78386161Anonymous>a constant disappointment to everyone around him >fails everything he tries >sits around o…18[View]
78386339AnonymousWilliam Fichtner: Is he the greatest 'that guy' actor in modern cinema?35[View]
78387196AnonymousWas he really the world's best boss?1[View]
78387628AnonymousIt's amazing all the things you don't notice on first viewing of The Shining.1[View]
78387577AnonymousAbout Ray: >Ray is a teenager who has come to the realization that he isn’t meant to be a girl an…4[View]
78385781AnonymousA serie of infortunate events: well, what is the /tv/erdict on this serie ? also general thread abou…12[View]
78386290Anonymous/Star Trek/ general: >It's Ferengi laser dick whip episode3[View]
78386766AnonymousWhy are people in Hollywood allowed to be so disgusting?11[View]
78387567Anonymousgood tier movies14[View]
78387549Anonymouslast day of peep show on us Netflix. let's have one last binge0[View]
78386967AnonymousWATCH IT, WILLIAMSON1[View]
78386550AnonymousWhy doesn't /tv/ discuss Mad Men anymore? Let's have a Mad Men thread. What's your f…5[View]
78387520AnonymousWhich one of you is kinodad?0[View]
78387515AnonymousThey used to call him little jani hot pockets..he was terrific he was the best https://www.youtube.c…0[View]
78385261AnonymousThis is Uwe, say something nice about him.15[View]
78387469Anonymous/TV/ BTFO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EI4IldLDHnw0[View]
78386790Anonymous> At the moment, I don't think colour film is anything more than a commercial gimmick. I don…1[View]
78387332AnonymousWatch it, jerk.3[View]
78386753AnonymousHow did Neal manage to score so much pussy despite looking like Simple Jack?12[View]
78387421AnonymousNow that Hollywood is going to whore out Starwars for the next 20 years are we going to subjected to…0[View]
78385800Anonymoushttp://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/oscars-new-format-be-used-nominations-announcement-964301 >…10[View]
78387368Anonymous>end credits start I fucking left the theater right then1[View]
78384458AnonymousWho is this guy? Why is he in films?25[View]
78387330Anonymousis Flip Flappers kino?0[View]
78387316AnonymousWas Rerun a communist?0[View]
78387265Anonymous>Tfw Jacob never wrestled with Angels1[View]
78387281AnonymousWhat was her endgame?0[View]
78386988AnonymousDid their show finally jump the cheeseburger?1[View]
78382922Anonymousoperator kino: whats the general consensus on Taken? is it operatorkino? also can you anons suggest …40[View]
78386785Anonymous>'We did it men! We Saving Private Ryan!' jesus christ really9[View]
78385299Anonymous>94% audience score Are all thirteen people who didnt like ROTJ here?5[View]
78382764Anonymousthis was pretty good18[View]
78385262Anonymous>'Pop quiz, hotshot. There's a bomb on a bus. Once the bus goes 50 miles an hour, the bomb i…32[View]
78387174AnonymousWhat did Gobots mean by this?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=07-Qfo_JNHY0[View]
78387170Anonymousthis was a decent disaster flick until the praying. based kurt and malkovich on fine form.0[View]
78386647AnonymousHow did he survive a Death Star laser?13[View]
78387069AnonymousWhat did /tv/ mean by this?0[View]
78386614AnonymousSecret Agent movies: Name secret-agent themed movies that are semi-believable (non of that super-bon…4[View]
78385064AnonymousWas he about to get blacked in this scene?20[View]
78386527Anonymous>both on lying on something >death of Anakin Skywalker and Padme >birth of Darth Vader, Luk…2[View]
78386903AnonymousHow would you make the OT better? I'll start. >IV Nothing >V The carbonite kills Han. Tak…0[View]
78386739AnonymousEcstatic. Elated..1[View]
78386823Anonymous>/tv/ says The Crown is shit >wins two Golden Globes and based Stannis is in it Why is /tv/ al…0[View]
78376292AnonymousWebm Thread - Saturday Edition: Old thread hit image limit.216[View]
78385454AnonymousIs this the whitest movie of all time or what?21[View]
78386634Anonymousolaf got chill3[View]
78386667Anonymousyour thoughts?2[View]
78385047AnonymousWho is this character? Why does he always just like look around?6[View]
78384502AnonymousITT: Films that make you cringe.13[View]
78386380AnonymousPENIS BREATH2[View]
78386684AnonymousUnpopular Opinions Thread: I just binged this and I thought it was bretty good :^)1[View]
78386444Anonymous>DUDE AMERICANS ARE BAD YOU SHOULD FEEL SORRY FOR TERRORISTS LMAO this show as honestly so boring…6[View]
78386330Tao Lin !!rjI85bW2Yf6Has any scene in cinema history ever topped this one?2[View]
78385611Anonymouswhy wouldnt he just open his eyes?4[View]
78386593AnonymousExpendables: >get every 80-90s action star in your movie >have Eric Roberts as your protagonis…2[View]
78384467Anonymous>music by Hans Zimmer28[View]
78386591Anonymousarrested development thread also, would you ''fuck'' lucille bluth?0[View]
78383650AnonymousWhat was even the point of this scene?50[View]
78384443AnonymousIs the comic of the killing joke better than the film? I like most of the film except the parts of t…37[View]
78386479AnonymousWhat is it? What do you smell?2[View]
78386406AnonymousWhat do you think of Django Unchained? Is it really just a revenge fantasy for black males? I read s…8[View]
78386150AnonymousHOLY SHIT2[View]
78385218Anonymousis this common in America?8[View]
78385074Anonymoushttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dr_KC3u1vp0 1:30 Was this a norm for his species? Were they common m…10[View]
78382201Anonymousstarship troopers: would you live in the starship troopers utopia?82[View]
78386266AnonymousWatch it Maz0[View]
78386179AnonymousOnce Marvel Cinematic Universe and The Big Bang Theory end and the faux nerd trend bubble bursts, wh…3[View]
78385825Anonymous>directed by Joel and Ethan Coen2[View]
78386225AnonymousWill we ever see an alternate cut of Rogue One?0[View]
78386029AnonymousITT: Red-pilled movies: Why don't they make movies like this anymore?4[View]
78384478AnonymousWhy do you hate me, /tv/?36[View]
78386031Anonymous>I have to admit that even when professional critics praised my work I was often left unsatisfied…3[View]
78386117AnonymousSo what's it gonna be, /tv/? Long sullen silence or mean comment?0[View]
78384802AnonymousWhy do girls pretend to like Harry Potter so much? Even I watched the movies when I was a little kid…2[View]
78385964Anonymous>when CGI monkeys deliver more emotion then the actors I could just watch a planet of the apes mo…5[View]
78381047Anonymous>I CANNOT GIVE THAT ORDER!!! Why not? He got his whole team killed for nothing. Fucking idiot.…55[View]
78386021AnonymousK I N O0[View]
78384204AnonymousNew Poster for John Wick Chapter 213[View]
78385953AnonymousWhat's the most slav movie?0[View]
78384850AnonymousSo I got invited to an interview for Film & Television Studies at the UAL (University of the Art…1[View]
78384477Anonymousis it kino? the biggest budget for an exploitation movie. Opinions?21[View]
78383043AnonymousWhat's the painting that Sheev has in his office?21[View]
78384938AnonymousWas it Kino?2[View]
78384081Anonymous>DUDE GAY NIGGERS LMAO #BlackLivesMatter #LoveWins #Diversity It's like this movie was tailo…17[View]
78385898AnonymousWhat was his fucking problem?0[View]
78385226AnonymousDC cucks are on suicide watch.3[View]
78385788AnonymousWhat did /tv/ think? For me, personally, it was a lot of fun1[View]
78385749Anonymous>character says one thing but does the opposite why do people do this?1[View]
78384247AnonymousAre there any good movies about pedos? Why is this demographic getting constantly ignored by moviema…11[View]
78383288AnonymousShould i watch The Sopranos to understand all of this 'Watch it,Chrissy!' meme?20[View]
78385370AnonymousLads, help me out with what I should watch tonight - pic related or Deep Blue Sea. And be honest.2[View]
78381740AnonymousHow the hell does this mediocre film get 87% on RT yet BvS only gets a 27%?78[View]
78385705AnonymousSienna Miller as Catwoman >expressed interest in playing Catwoman >played Baroness in GI Joe …1[View]
78385700AnonymousCan we have some concept posters for Reddit: The Movie? from the sounds of things, you guys always t…0[View]
78385679AnonymousIs this film worth watching?2[View]
78380860Anonymousi-is he okay?67[View]
78385678AnonymousWho should play him in the inevitable biopic?1[View]
78384396AnonymousWhy does Hollywood portray violent street gangs as white people when in reality they are always blac…29[View]
78385348AnonymousChoosing a film: How do you decided what movie to watch? I have lots of kino and classics in my watc…1[View]
78378785Anonymous>It Ain't Sheev starts playing59[View]
78383979AnonymousNow that the dust has settled, who's filling that void left by Ebert?12[View]
78385568AnonymousWho was best boy?1[View]
78384810AnonymousWhat's some essential 'what the fuck am I watching' kino?2[View]
78384679AnonymousWas it autism?7[View]
78385488AnonymousEveryone in a youtube comment continues to say watch at 1.5 speed. What are a good film to watch at …2[View]
78383581AnonymousWill this guy show up in Avengers Infinity War?15[View]
78385441AnonymousThe good Anon is in the chan and he can't leave. Write it in your diary desu.0[View]
78383973AnonymousWhy did Sheeve have his army attack his army and capture himself?9[View]
78384143Anonymous>city of nigs, are you lynching just for me why didn't /tv/ tell me that Raimi co-wrote this…3[View]
78384540AnonymousWho is the best and worst '''e-celebrity''' to be associated with this abomination? Can it be saved?…10[View]
78385344AnonymousITT: awesome movie taglines1[View]
78377024AnonymousScenes in movies that always make you cry: We all have one, that one scene in a movie that you can…341[View]
78384137Anonymous>George Lucas didn't direct Episode 6 WAIT WHAT? I could have sworn he did.…12[View]
78385268AnonymousTHE GREAT DEBATE0[View]
78380491Anonymous>Token black kid >token disabled kid >token le badass little girl Is Netflix pushing some a…37[View]
78384957AnonymousITT: People who you bet enjoy the films of Wes Anderson12[View]
78381122Anonymoussunny thread: but does it work?19[View]
78383771AnonymousAny movies you're looking forward to in 2017?15[View]
78384129AnonymousIs 2017 finally the year of capekino?26[View]
78383355Anonymouswhat the fuck was his problem?9[View]
78381721AnonymousWes Anderson: Does Wes Anderson have a thing for underage girls or something?42[View]
78383640AnonymousIt's overkill master2[View]
78381891AnonymousHow do you feel about Ant Man's appearance in Civil War? Did he have too little attention, too …10[View]
78385025AnonymousDoes anyone on here like Jimmy Fallon? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E37BSMRA7-o2[View]
78384736AnonymousWhy is Hollywood so full of manlets?2[View]
78385134Andre Cedenothe Significance of the Martha scene in Batman V Superman! Some people are Morons!: the Significance…0[View]
78383099AnonymousIs this piece of shit worth watching?9[View]
78385072AnonymousWhat are some good movies about man's best friend?0[View]
78383272AnonymousWhat is the best movie that features a president of the united states in it?18[View]
78381504AnonymousWhat did you think?22[View]
78384525AnonymousITT: Movies Europeans will never understand I'll start12[View]
78378959Anonymous>farewell speech on the tonight show, 'All I ask is one thing, and I’m asking this particularly o…62[View]
78384766AnonymousThoughts on the Dacia Sandero?3[View]
78384729AnonymousFighting game: Pick one, the rest is out to kill you >Mad Dog from The raid >Tommy from Warrio…2[View]
78384890AnonymousA hatchet?0[View]
78384581Anonymous>times protagonists still got what they deserve even though it wasn't exactly for what they …1[View]
78384307Anonymous>depressed & bored at work >think of a new meme that may blow tv's socks off >the …6[View]
78384466AnonymousThis movie sucks.3[View]
78382381AnonymousOh hey Pirates of the Caribbean 5 is coming out I'd better check out detai- >What the fuck…56[View]
78384710AnonymousWill you cry?0[View]
78380681AnonymousITT: People you should never ever criticize or disagree with or else.33[View]
78381559AnonymousThis is a REDPILL Film: >Sebastian is romantic who inspires Mia to follow her dreams >Mia beco…9[View]
78384598Anonymous>favorite actor not getting the quantity or quality of roles I'd want her to 'Art' films are…2[View]
78384162AnonymousWas he right? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HFPZqNdeRAI4[View]
78383528Anonymous>'You and the Naboo form a symbiote circle. What happens to one of you will affect the other.' Ho…12[View]
78383588AnonymousWhat the FUCK was his problem?16[View]
78383894AnonymousHas Adam Sandler ever addressed the low quality of his content publicly?1[View]
78384124AnonymousDC-CW TV Shows: Capekino is coming back. And they're synopses for the upcoming episodes. THE FL…5[View]
78379850AnonymousHow can you be this dishonest on camera?32[View]
78373480AnonymousThis is easily one of the best spoof movies ever made. Is it even possible to dislike this movie?52[View]
78382654AnonymousStill the best fight scene in cinematic history.21[View]
78383562AnonymousThis movie was lovely37[View]
78384178AnonymousWas it autism?7[View]
78384154Anonymous2017 movies you are confident will not be good: What are your choices? I'd say: XXX: Return o…1[View]
78384298Anonymous>'Maybe when I wake up it'll be january 14th'0[View]
78382883AnonymousITT: inherently likeable actors9[View]
78382760AnonymousDid her jaw getting bigger?22[View]
78382133AnonymousIs Supergirl kino?18[View]
78381301AnonymousWhy didn't they make Jurassic Park films between 2001 and 2015?6[View]
78383109Anonymous>I'm jewish. Your chinese haggling don't work on me. Only money. huh.…2[View]
78381346AnonymousCan i get recs? This is like the last movie i think i actually enjoyed16[View]
78381522AnonymousLeave Freddie Mercury kino to me6[View]
78381786AnonymousWould you make it?10[View]
78383497AnonymousWhich of Eric Roberts upcoming movies are you most hyped about?7[View]
78381493AnonymousLA LA ЗEMЛЯ: I want to go to watch this movie and the price is low (100 rubles ~$1.5) BUT VERSION WI…12[View]
78383756Anonymous>a band of nerds/losers decides to go out partying >a slo-mo shot of them walking down the str…2[View]
78383818AnonymousWas it all a dream?0[View]
78382087Anonymous>Watching movie/TV show >The IRA/PIRA are portrayed as the bad guys >Stop watching movie/sh…3[View]
78374787AnonymousThe Unbearable Whiteness of La La Land: >There lies a profound irony in liberal white folks headi…225[View]
78383726Anonymous>A man's attitude …a man's attitude goes some ways, the way his life will be, Is that s…1[View]
78381830AnonymousI will not sacrifice the Enterprise. We've made too many compromises already; too many retreats…4[View]
78382364AnonymousFury Road: I feel this is a great Mad Max movie, but..as someone who grew up with the oirginal works…15[View]
78381712Anonymoushey /tv/, anyone in Melbourne? Tomorrow the Astor Theatre is screening Lawrence of Arabia in the aft…7[View]
78379639AnonymousHenry says don't let the sauce stick26[View]
78380050Anonymouswhat are more actors that play convincing government agents?18[View]
78381900AnonymousSherlock: Daily reminder that pic related was kino and the show should have ended here2[View]
78380812AnonymousWhat did Rey mean by this8[View]
78383549AnonymousWhy are movies about ancient greece/rome so comfy?0[View]
78381614AnonymousWas it all a dream?9[View]
78383426AnonymousITT: cheap knock offs that are actually superior to the original Basically a copy of Die Hard but…1[View]
78383407AnonymousAnyone else go to sleep with tv or netflix on? What shows do you like to sleep to?2[View]
78383264Anonymousis this prank kino my nigga? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UrkxVYbdZGg3[View]
78338822AnonymousName one actress that is worthy of playing Xena in the reboot.254[View]
78383310AnonymousWhat is this stance trying to convey?1[View]
78379317AnonymousDoes anyone else think he still could be the GOAT joker? I don't get what was wrong with him? H…49[View]
78379600AnonymousHow would DC have handled this scene?10[View]
78383409AnonymousThis doc is amazing. Looking for a doc like this but for china or other countries filmed in a simila…0[View]
78383362Anonymous>wwaaa wwaaa poor 25 year old yuppie rich kid's dad owns an Egg company, ditch my despairing…0[View]
78383316Anonymouswtf was edoras doing in Skyrim?4[View]
78383313AnonymousWhat are some good civil rights activism films?0[View]
78382301Anonymous>British ''''''''''''''…6[View]
78380915AnonymousEpic Napoleon Biopic When?: This was supposed to be one of Stanley Kubrick's projects... Napole…40[View]
78382307AnonymousQuick /tv/ which one do I watch right now >The Mummy (1999) >Solomon Kane (2009) >Bloodspor…7[View]
78383251AnonymousLadies and gentlemen Workin' Moms0[View]
78381760AnonymousActors you're glad are dead.7[View]
78380700AnonymousWhat's some good war kino?4[View]
78382350AnonymousEmperor Sheev? I'm Empire.3[View]
78382287AnonymousCurrently re-watching TFA for the 16th time, AMA6[View]
78383046Anonymoushttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9RUjrhDiMaw is this Simskino?0[View]
78382305Anonymousdon't know which one to watch All the presidents men Midnight Express Red River Whatever Happe…16[View]
78382430AnonymousWhy did the original magnificent seven have to pay Kurosawa anything? both are great movies in their…2[View]
78379969AnonymousWhat do you guys think of Felicity Rabbit's new SNL promo? Think she'll be as good a host …41[View]
78378842AnonymousIs Natalie Portman aka Hershlag the only actor whose entry into the film world was through Star Wars…39[View]
78382702AnonymousFLYNN! Am I still to create the perfect system?2[View]
78381072AnonymousIs this certified Netflixkino?11[View]
78378354AnonymousSo, what the hell was her problem? 20[View]
78382110AnonymousHow would Snyder handle this scene?16[View]
78366846AnonymousTraditionalist Films: Not trying to go full /pol/ but what are some wholesome traditionalist movies,…89[View]
78381288Anonymous>character uses psychic powers >gets a nosebleed…12[View]
78382645Anonymouswhat was danny thinking at this time?0[View]
78382643AnonymousRogue One: >At the end of Rogue One >Main cast already got out of the planet, going home after…0[View]
78382560AnonymousI don't understand the ending1[View]
78382331AnonymousHow did Sheev messaging one clone activate order 66 in every clone in existence?2[View]
78381552Anonymousthat someone in the crowd...1[View]
78376840AnonymousITT: Unpopular Opinions: I unironically prefer the remake to the original.22[View]
78382413AnonymousArrested Development: Considering season 5 is going to happen with the full cast I thought we might …2[View]
78381308AnonymousWas he a cuck?3[View]
78379305Anonymouswtf was this guys problem?9[View]
78378325AnonymousHe didn't vote for Hillary did he...20[View]
78382261AnonymousBest movie run time?: Is anyone else weirdly bothered by movies with under 120 mins run time? I feel…2[View]
78381869Anonymouswhat movie is that laughing British solider from? he looks like these guys have you guys ever laug…8[View]
78382152AnonymousIs this film worth a watch? I've just never got round to watching it before and don't know…0[View]
78369282AnonymousHave you ever put a stop to someone talking or being rude in a movie theater or witnessed it happeni…107[View]
78380146AnonymousASS TO ASSSSSSS6[View]
78381860Anonymousgoodbye uncle tom: whats /tv/ opinion on goodbye uncle tom cinematography? i find all camera motion …0[View]
78381843Ant Burchio (star)>black cinema >sophisticated films that tackle real world topics >white 'cinema' >mindl…0[View]
78377921Anonymous>Dude i'm like a smart black guy who went to an ivy league but also hip and woke with my pee…23[View]
78381470AnonymousYou guys didn't tell me The Shallows is footkino4[View]
78380420AnonymousWhy are films about depression always kino?9[View]
78377843AnonymousITT: Actors you literally can't hate97[View]
78379084AnonymousChildhood is idolizing Sam. Adulthood is realizing Charls made more sense.36[View]
78380164AnonymousWhy didn't Rex tell Cody about the chip in their brains? He let him turn on Obi-Wan instead of…8[View]
78376383Anonymous>No political commentary >No pop culture references >Gets better with each season >Pre…42[View]
78381657AnonymousITT Movies that make you lol out loud0[View]
78381571AnonymousSIEG HEIL2[View]
78381343Anonymous>perfected horror movies (Dawn of the Dead) >perfected war movies (300) >perfected animated…7[View]
78376689AnonymousJust watched this movie and I gotta say it was pretty fucken good. Are there any other movies about …48[View]
78378994AnonymousIs there a more overrated show?9[View]
78379793AnonymousDebate me23[View]
78379147AnonymousITT: Movies that were only made to launder money15[View]
78378905Anonymouswho can possibly fill the youtube kino void now that casey has lost his mind?22[View]
78380890AnonymousHyped for february?5[View]
78380774AnonymousMoonrise Kingdom: Anyone remember that Wes Anderson film? What's your opinion about it?2[View]
78381413AnonymousDaily reminder that Darth Vader unironically said this https://youtu.be/r2JqKSoIaOo0[View]
78376147AnonymousWas SNL ever good?48[View]
78378400AnonymousDoes /tv/ like Huey Lewis and the News?5[View]
78378101AnonymousName an action scene better than this in The Force Awakens12[View]
78381262AnonymousThis should be fun to watch.0[View]
78379098Anonymous>best friend you've spent 10 years with risks his life to save yours >NICE JOB what the f…10[View]
78381219AnonymousIs this kino?0[View]
78381220Anonymoustfw didn't grow up with slasher movies0[View]
78379547Anonymous>HASTA LA VISTA, BROCOLLI12[View]
78378977Anonymoushttps://vid.me/fNn8 Hello36[View]
78380732AnonymousHe's like Terrance Malick. Except actually good. He makes good shit. He actually makes art.2[View]
78381120Anonymous>mods delete porn threads or meta threads about the autistic fag who thinks /tv/ is one poster an…1[View]
78380972AnonymousLOL what?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A-u71vTga9o4[View]
78378169AnonymousHow the fuck did this movie actually get created in today's politically correct world?37[View]
78381011AnonymousThat's fucking crazy man1[View]
78380522AnonymousWhat movie did Eddie Murphy play a heroin addict? Google is bein a bitch4[View]
78381028Anonymous>I'll need stock0[View]
78376849AnonymousTimes youve met Baneposters IRL: >be at work (buyer for a beer shop) >my bells beer rep stops …28[View]
78380971Anonymousdoes richard gere really stick a gerbil up his ass?2[View]
78380946AnonymousThis song is now stuck in your head3[View]
78380930AnonymousPost honest actors0[View]
78378866AnonymousIs it any good?8[View]
78380872Anonymous>IT WAS NOTHING LIKE THAT, PENIS BREATH Jesus, Raimi0[View]
78380870AnonymousDRY MY GOOGIE GOOGIE0[View]
78371589Anonymous'If it bleeds, we can kill it'.45[View]
78380743Anonymousoff the air: do you guys ever watch off the air?2[View]
78380479AnonymousWhat the fuck is his problem?2[View]
78379167AnonymousWhere did it go so wrong? Could it have been saved?5[View]
78380752Anonymous>horror movie >female protagonist is forcibly impregnated…1[View]
78379066AnonymousPeople fear what they don't understand.6[View]
78380571AnonymousWhat are some great Communist movies?8[View]
78378376AnonymousSo I just watched The Shawshank Redemption, I knew Andy escaped but everything else was completely b…9[View]
78380187AnonymousWhy did the Imperator forget to put a hearing aid into Vader's armor?: https://www.youtube.com/…1[View]
78379049Anonymouscaption this25[View]
78380433Anonymous>literally /mu/ vs /pol/: the movie8[View]
78380657Anonymousbest experimental films of 2016?0[View]
78380498AnonymousHelp me out, /tv/. I'm trying to find the name of this '60s TV show I've forgotten ab…1[View]
78375892AnonymousBill Burr on Meryl Streep: APOLIGIZE!! >oh good someone who pretends to be somebody else is telli…64[View]
78379304AnonymousWould You2[View]
78380077AnonymousYour thoughts: What makes Star Wars culturally and historically significant?5[View]
78380569Anonymousis this worth watching for Crossbones and the tiny actress?2[View]
78379759AnonymousWhat the fuck was his problem?4[View]
78378984AnonymousWas it autism?10[View]
78379475AnonymousWould this make a good movie? Or what about a cable miniseries?17[View]
78380341AnonymousGreen Elephant: What did you think of this absolute kino, /tv/?0[View]
78380342AnonymousWhat did we think of Patriots Day0[View]
78380340AnonymousBunda Mole?0[View]
78380328AnonymousIs it weird that thought three movies, there never was single mention of his father? He's not e…1[View]
78378838AnonymousHow come the rear view didn't shatter when Vincent shot Marvin?16[View]
78378673AnonymousCould this crossover actually work?1[View]
78380002AnonymousLiterally one of the worst films of the decade.14[View]
78378460AnonymousDid anyone else watch Search Party? I couldn't believe how good this show was. I was immediatel…4[View]
78379573AnonymousWhat was the point of the war cry?4[View]
78380131Anonymous>I like this movie because NORMIES die in it. - /tv/2[View]
78379302AnonymousWe've met before haven't we?3[View]
78378716AnonymousThe Wedding singer was Adam Sandler's best movie, can dispute this?14[View]
78379999AnonymousMOMMY BTFO: Do they not know she's /ourgal/?? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H18RUB1cxfI @1:50…0[View]
78376971Anonymous>nobody noticed that a fucking sith lord was the head of the republic uh huh…25[View]
78375836Anonymousso did he just not know that his emperor could use the force and shit or what?64[View]
78379855Anonymoustwo detectives turn up, speak standard TV cop show dialogue, and disappear0[View]
78379333AnonymousLucille, give me strength Why is this fag praying to a piece of wood?3[View]
78379027AnonymousSauron origin movie when?2[View]
78379514AnonymousStop destroying my environment.7[View]
78379720AnonymousWhere's the screeners at?0[View]
78377867AnonymousWhen's the trailer?6[View]
78376856AnonymousWhat went wrong?12[View]
78377280AnonymousLets me honest here. Was this really the groundbreaking cult classic it's built up to be?10[View]
78379614AnonymousWhat are some vampire kino?0[View]
78379464Anonymous>FIX THE DOOR BRUCE1[View]
78379501Anonymouscount again.1[View]
78377704AnonymousNick Nolte is the protagonist of the last movie you watched. How was it?10[View]
78378512Anonymous>'So this is how liberty dies... with thunderous applause.' Really gets the ol' neurons firi…16[View]
78375396AnonymousI miss her so much. :-(14[View]
78379221AnonymousWhat tf did I just watch, /tv/?4[View]
78379390AnonymousWhy didn't she shoot him?0[View]
78376194AnonymousGrand Tour: What went wrong? >most of the show isn't about cars at all >tons of pointless…11[View]
78379289AnonymousMovies that almost made you cry but ultimately you held up1[View]
78379251Anonymous/ourguy/: is he, dare i say it? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HFPZqNdeRAI1[View]
78378282AnonymousBravo, Ciara!2[View]
78378308Anonymous>pleb friend comes over >suggests we watch a movie >I ask if they've ever seen BvS …11[View]
78379056AnonymousWhere did it all go wrong?5[View]
78377727AnonymousRank Star Wars Kino: 1. Empire Strikes Back 2. Revenge of the Sith 3. A New Hope 4. The Force Awaken…42[View]
78376305Anonymousso did they do it?11[View]
78369985AnonymousFilm culture in 2016 doesn't deserve this movie. There is almost no willingness to seriously e…69[View]
78370766AnonymousITT: The best entrances in film history.97[View]
78376806AnonymousSense8: The new Capheus sucks balls12[View]
78379007AnonymousThe Man in the High Castle: Will season 2 be better than the first one?2[View]
78377770Anonymous>'We've got company!'2[View]
78363099AnonymousSeries of Unfortunate Events: Its been more than a few years since i read all the books but was it i…160[View]
78377364AnonymousBravo Lucas.8[View]
78378907AnonymousStar Trek: Reminder that The Doctor is the best medical officer from any Star Trek series and is a t…1[View]
78377623AnonymousWhere can I find urban kino with dream imagery? Closest I can give to an example is this shitty mus…3[View]
78378754AnonymousI hear they're following 60-80 percent of Fukunaga's IT script. If so, yikes. https://mega…3[View]
78378712Anonymous>finish Young Pope >look up some of the scenes again on jewtube >butthurt Catholics in the …2[View]
78377411Anonymous>MC beats the shit out of the villain14[View]
78378080AnonymousWhy did Vader stop Fett from shooting Chewie?6[View]
78378867AnonymousWhat are some good kino to watch while my GF is out at an office party?0[View]
78378783AnonymousI just watched this did i like it? I feel like I'm supposed to like it1[View]
78378339AnonymousWhat did she mean by this?8[View]
78370876AnonymousPeep Show: Series 1 - 9/10 Series 2 - 10/10 Series 3 - 9/10 Series 4 - 8/10 Series 5 - 8/10 Series 6…17[View]
78378680Anonymousfucking freeloader0[View]
78361383Anonymous/sunny/: Can we all agree that this episode was pretty funny?123[View]
78366242Anonymous'Miss me, /tv/?''87[View]
78376737AnonymousWhy aren't there more disaster flicks?9[View]
78350147Anonymous>CRUNCH crunch crunch... CRUNCH crunch crunch crunch... >riiiip clackclackclack... CRUNCH crun…276[View]
78377317AnonymousDo not adjust your monitor settings. This image is NOT photoshopped. This is from Disney's Marv…25[View]
78370290AnonymousWebm Thread: Why not252[View]
78378522Anonymouswhy did he drink his grandsons pee?2[View]
78378541AnonymousThis is the Spanish book cover version for 'To Kill a Mockingbird'. I'm pretty sure t…0[View]
78376760AnonymousITT: it's 2007.26[View]
78376876Anonymous>I ever tell you the time I made the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs?…7[View]
78377775Anonymous>balding 50 year old >Decides to fund his own series >It is ok until he hamfist his own pol…6[View]
78376838AnonymousMovies for this feel? >have a female friend >every night you fantasize cuddling, kissing, and…13[View]
78376101Anonymous>'Oh... and I'm afraid the deflector shield will be quite operational when your friends arri…4[View]
78377064Anonymous*BRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAP* sniff sniff- ooh yeah, more like Lemony Sniff-It.11[View]
78376640AnonymousI actually like this guy, I mean he's not the most handsome guy around but I think he's a …18[View]
78376022AnonymousDo you yearn, /tv/?4[View]
78378316Anonymous>and the oscar goes to >roman polanski >for the peanis…0[View]
78378283Anonymous>'Jesus fuck, my fuckin' balls!'0[View]
78378280Anonymous>'Aah Rosie I love this boy!' Seriously Raimi? Pedophilia?0[View]
78374821AnonymousIs Silence (2016) dishonest?22[View]
78375512AnonymousWhy didn't Nastassja Kinski have a bigger career? She was literally perfect in Paris, Texas.8[View]
78377816AnonymousI saw this on Good Will Hunting /tv/, but I think Matt Damon got it wrong The answer is $100 but you…10[View]
78377174Anonymous28 Days later zombies are the best. (And also great soundtrack) 30 Days of Night vampires are the be…1[View]
78373121AnonymousTell me about....Ohhhio14[View]
78369493AnonymousThe Greatest Star Wars Fan Film Ever Made: Fan film, because this movie fails to actually feel like …59[View]
78377193AnonymousBen Affleck as Batman in Batman V Superman is one of the greatest cinematic experiences ever9[View]
78377109AnonymousRules dont apply Online When?1[View]
78377992AnonymousITT: Movies that are unrepentantly shit.0[View]
78371345AnonymousIs King of the Hill the greatest animated comedy of all time?32[View]
78375098AnonymousWhy did he do the flip?29[View]
78375819AnonymousWhat's If...: Moana was Maui and Maui was Moana???4[View]
78376159IMDB RAGE THREAD>search for a favourite movie >go to lowest rated comments >??? >PROFIT! >pic related…15[View]
78374784AnonymousITT: kino horror: Post kino horror, plox, for my drunken aesthete enjoyment these evening. tyvm senp…11[View]
78368288AnonymousWould you buy a friendship robot if one was available? What would you do with it?97[View]
78375128Anonymous>Paul Feig has never made anything go-22[View]
78377802AnonymousGame of Thrones is Naruto for normies. Games of Thrones is the Naruto of fantasy.0[View]
78377794AnonymousWhere can I find such a house? The town where the Boondocks live is the comfiest one ever depicted i…0[View]
78376998AnonymousWhat's /tv/ watching tonight?21[View]
78370633Anonymous>CGI actors never age (unless the filmmakers want them to) >CGI actors never become ill and un…34[View]
78374814AnonymousWhat happened to black nerds?103[View]
78377655AnonymousWhat's your favorite movie from last year?0[View]
78370670AnonymousThere is no better animated television show: None compare.19[View]
78377451Anonymousam I the face of /tv/?: just sayin5[View]
78377584AnonymousI heard William Peter Blatty is kill...0[View]
78377578AnonymousFilms on Slavery: Has there ever been a good and balanced film or documentary on the North American …0[View]
78374351AnonymousAny other example of an actress or an actor having less and less talent and skill as they grow older…27[View]
78356324AnonymousFriday the 13th Thread: It's Friday the 13th anons! >Which film(s) are you watching? >Wha…185[View]
78375271Anonymouswhat were their motivations? who was in the right? tgwtg channel autism thread https://www.youtube.c…9[View]
78376741AnonymousMiss us?13[View]
78375247AnonymousIs Rey going to Mary Sue it up afterall?15[View]
78374770AnonymousCould this ad be adapted into a feature film?7[View]
78375480AnonymousIs 'Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grade' an unfair game show?9[View]
78377426AnonymousTwo things are gonna in the next 90 seconds.0[View]
78377325Anonymous>character looks around quizzically, then looks down and slowly looks up towards the camera to si…4[View]
78377342AnonymousI just watched the first episode of Twin Peaks. Is this show as good as I've heard? Should I ke…1[View]
78377360AnonymousMovie things that really made you think: >In Swingers when sue pulls out a gun after getting into…0[View]
78374583AnonymousThis movie is not as good as you remember it being. Admit it.60[View]
78373925AnonymousIt's a Toby-inappropriately-touches-Pam episode14[View]
78374825AnonymousWas it autism?5[View]
78377255AnonymousThis was the saddest celebrity death in the past five years. She was so pervasive, on so many shows …0[View]
78377184AnonymousDid Cliff die a virgin?1[View]
78366410AnonymousWhat is the difference between left and right?128[View]
78377071Anonymous>ctrl +f >no izombie thread nigga what0[View]
78371764AnonymousDoes /tv/ like A Beautiful Mind?352[View]
78375783AnonymousWas Fletcher a bad guy or abusive?15[View]
78376972AnonymousAlone Season 3: Will my Alonefu be alright? >pic related0[View]
78376492Anonymousmovies only you've seen4[View]
78376774AnonymousWhat are the best seasons of King of the Hill?5[View]
78376906Italio pizzaLive by Night: I genuinely liked the beginning when they were in boston but after that it kind of dr…0[View]
78375663Anonymous*deletes every scene before HAL9000 shows up*4[View]
78376364AnonymousEdgar Wright's Baby Driver: Trailer coming soon, get ready fuckers5[View]
78376455AnonymousThe phone call that saved film3[View]
78375982AnonymousWhat the hell, they made a sequel to The Birds? What are some obscure sequels that no one knows abou…2[View]
78375717AnonymousTAKE COVER CHILD5[View]
78373614Anonymouswhat was the point of these guys? they are slow ,can't use magic, and their range sucks. plus a…20[View]
78374068AnonymousDo you think that it Sam and Frodo may have been homosexual, or at least Tolkien intended them to be…22[View]
78371858AnonymousCity of stars Are you shining just for me?14[View]
78374940AnonymousName a more worthless animated main character26[View]
78376445AnonymousxD memes!0[View]
78376187AnonymousNew Twin Peaks trailer released today: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BdnwXiwnDaM This actually loo…4[View]
78376166AnonymousDo you really need a vest and a headset to bait some desperate idiot on the internet into sexting yo…8[View]
78369066AnonymousWhat was the best and worst capeshit of 2016?38[View]
78376069AnonymousNetflix cant make original movies for shit5[View]
78374042Anonymouswill this be HorrorKino? or cheap shock?: https://youtu.be/udkwT3p28Sw apparently its made people fa…3[View]
78376211AnonymousWhy is this film so comfy?4[View]
78368018AnonymousHow did we go from this...63[View]
78376231AnonymousDoes Disney consider this part of the Star Wars canon? Where does this fit in the larger Star Wars u…2[View]
78374943AnonymousSo I was watching this video earlier and there was this part from Star Wars. Does anyone know which …4[View]
78371780AnonymousOn Friday night we post Chick Flick Kino37[View]
78373412AnonymousDo you remember Braveheart?3[View]
78374527AnonymousRemember that episode where Lt. Yar gets abducted by a pack of feral niggers and is taken to their n…8[View]
78376086AnonymousWhy is she so perfect?0[View]
78374939Anonymouswill this be the best meme of 2017?2[View]
78372866Anonymous>'A 'world war', Rose? Don't be ridiculous. It'll never happen. Was this some…33[View]
78376056Anonymous>This film about spirituality and faith suffers from the lack of both. Scorsese wallows in all ma…0[View]
78375556AnonymousWhat are some good modern films that encapsulate that post-WWII Americana vibe?10[View]
78374338AnonymousWhy did anyone find him funny? Were the pre-9/11 days so safe and affluent that we would find somebo…11[View]
78373390AnonymousShould Disney remake the prequels? And who would you cast?32[View]
78374818Anonymous>there's no such thing as a perfect female protagon-5[View]
78368945AnonymousKatie Couric Explores ‘Gender Revolution’ in New Nat Geo Trailer: What happened to National Geograph…330[View]
78372597Anonymouswould you?27[View]
78375206AnonymousHe did nothing wrong. He made honest children's films12[View]
78375896Anonymous>La La Land >It's actually Hollywood wtf this movie literally lied to me.…2[View]
78371316AnonymousPost kino horror movie posters, even if the movie is shit. This ones hanging above my bed, even tho…85[View]
78375785AnonymousWhat did you think of pic related? I thought it was great but ive heard most of it was fabricated to…2[View]
78372476Anonymous>If honest films are about telling it like it is and pursuing a subject no matter where it takes …11[View]
78375813AnonymousWhat's his endgame?0[View]
78374291AnonymousWill she get the Oscar?11[View]
78367345AnonymousThe age of Refugeekino is upon us.205[View]
78374114Anonymous>La La Land cannot define its mise en scene: and as such, insists upon itself. Post other indispu…6[View]
78374394AnonymousI'm catching up with this half season I just watched episode 14 and one thing escapes me. Why d…6[View]
78372800AnonymousWhat did David Lynch mean by this?13[View]
78374882AnonymousDUDE TECHNOLOGY LMAO5[View]
78374202AnonymousSeriously, what the FUCK was his problem?11[View]
78375707AnonymousA blasphemous, trump hating libcuck made this movie. Here are a couple reviews: http://www.mtv.com/n…0[View]
78372806Anonymousfuck the senate. am i rite?6[View]
78372656Anonymousis this the biggest plothole in movie history?24[View]
78375335AnonymousIs the trend of internet memes and inside jokes dominating comedy a good thing or a bad thing?8[View]
78375588AnonymousThe Vampire Diaries: >tfw poor, good hearted matt drew the shortest straw of them all…0[View]
78375347AnonymousWhat sound does this thingamajig make?5[View]
78374811Anonymouswas this the best movie of the 90's1[View]
78374911AnonymousTaboo: Why is Tom Hardy orange here? Is this a Trump reference?1[View]
78359593AnonymousWhy isn't there even a cam rip of this yet? I want to see 'le socially awkward gril' chase afte…111[View]
78373899AnonymousIs this kino?2[View]
78367685Anonymousalright, what's the spookiest story that will spook Dan 'The Man' Schneider ?38[View]
78375400AnonymousWhat the hell does the title 'Neon Demon' mean?1[View]
78374997AnonymousYOUR NEW FLIGHT PLAN?7[View]
78375367Anonymous>If my best friend hides his farts from me then what else is he hiding from me, and why does that…1[View]
78369518AnonymousOne of the most genuinely sympathetic villains in cinema history Is a fucking Pharoah from a bible c…34[View]
78375379Anonymous>tfw there aren't any Sbubby at my local cinema eatery0[View]
78374831Anonymouswas it kino? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7oSvKl5Bcss5[View]
78374760AnonymousWho was in the wrong here?5[View]
78375300AnonymousThe Grand Tour: It's good to see Jez and the lads back, but my gosh is this the worst shit ever…0[View]
78371568AnonymousWas it autism?18[View]
78374062Anonymous>A whaaaaaaat? What WAS his problem?5[View]
78370870Anonymousi'm thinking about renting this, is it any good?17[View]
78373703AnonymousMaori KINO: Movies about Maori?1[View]
78373309Anonymous>HI... ITCHIBATSU What on earth did he mean by this?4[View]
78375148AnonymousWas it autism?0[View]
78374908AnonymousA hack?2[View]
78374788AnonymousNow that Moot has been gone 2 years has enough time passed for his biopic?3[View]
78374511AnonymousSnatch: The series Why? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qiZpi99wC0w7[View]
78369481AnonymousChibs was a dick13[View]
78370708AnonymousThis was one of the highest grossing movies of the 80's.33[View]
78373927AnonymousUMMMM WHAT DID GEORGIE MEAN BY THIS???6[View]
78374250AnonymousIf you could live inside any TV show, what show would it be?10[View]
78374995AnonymousHey /tv/, I hope you're having a great night, and I hope you have a great day tomorrow too. Jus…4[View]
78374510AnonymousYou like American Psycho?6[View]
78366250AnonymousCan we have a Reno 911 thread, lads? >favorite episode >favorite character >favorite recur…76[View]
78374448Anonymous>muh royalty Why was English Bob being such a faggot?7[View]
78374797AnonymousMake it happen5[View]
78374541AnonymousCan we discuss the trailer for Grave 2017? I made a thread yesterday but night time /tv/ is shit. ht…3[View]
78370909AnonymousWhat did you honestly disagree with him about regarding the prequels?36[View]
78373385AnonymousITT: An actor/actress and his/her best performance. I'll start: >Michael Shannon. >Nelso…31[View]
78373909AnonymousCinema WINS: Anyone on /tv/ watch this guy? I enjoy his videos desu, the optimism is a nice change o…2[View]
78373281AnonymousTwin Peaks Marathon: Marathon on Showtime starting 11AM EST (almost 12 hours/bongs from now) Discuss…2[View]
78370349AnonymousBarry Lyndon: >walking into the enemy as lead balls strike you down wave by wave like bowling pin…213[View]
78367569AnonymousWhat are they laughing at?114[View]
78371137AnonymousSeriously? Captain America just throws a guy off the ship into Indian Ocean? He is a cold blooded ki…12[View]
78374771AnonymousLook at me /tv! I'm a man now just like you. cept I dont look like a faggot and talk all {un}ed…0[View]
78374595AnonymousNice night for a walk.2[View]
78374254AnonymousWhy is this movie not getting more praise?2[View]
78374569AnonymousJUST U S T0[View]
78374289Anonymousanybody else do this?2[View]
78374137AnonymousAll senior citizens should have Life Alert.5[View]
78373203AnonymousWhat am I in for /tv/?2[View]
78374517AnonymousMore like this?0[View]
78374134Anonymous>imbd fags hate it I guess I will give this a try.4[View]
78374353AnonymousPray for this man/fish....2[View]
78374456AnonymousWhat did Nolan mean by this?0[View]
78374428AnonymousCharlie Brooker: Why is this man so triggered by WM/WF relationships?0[View]
78374322AnonymousI just watched 'The Nice Guys' and was actually impressed. I thought it was going to be some violent…0[View]
78374171AnonymousLive by Night Discussion Thread: Got back from the film a while ago. Didn't see a thread posted…1[View]
78371619AnonymousWhat season should have it ended?6[View]
78372774Anonymouswhy is bateman so perfect, /tv/?2[View]
78373608AnonymousWas it vidkino?: And reamber RT is bullshit. I thought it was better than the last few games to be h…2[View]
78374110AnonymousWhy does Nucky Thompson has so much power? Isn't he a treasurer or something?1[View]
78373972Anonymous>Eenie meenie miney moe catch a redneck by his toe! What did she mean by this? Isn't she tec…3[View]
78372583AnonymousWhat do we think of Zodiac?9[View]
78373259AnonymousWhat the fuck is his problem?3[View]
78372715AnonymousHi /tv/, anyone in Melbourne? Tomorrow the Astor Theatre is screening Lawrence of Arabia in the afte…1[View]
78373851AnonymousPost your comfykino tv3[View]
78370048AnonymousHidden Figures got an A+ Cinemascore. That's the first time I've seen a movie get that Sin…19[View]
78373934AnonymousSo, later, I'm at the... the pool hall... and this girl comes up to me and she's all like …2[View]
78373860AnonymousWhat is the funniest WWE movie?1[View]
78364418AnonymousBRUH https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BdnwXiwnDaM139[View]
78373545AnonymousHave any of you ever actually tried to do the opposite? Does it really work?4[View]
78373906AnonymousPost an image, get a recommendation0[View]
78373154Anonymousare u KIDDING me22[View]
78373773AnonymousIs Matlock kino?1[View]
78365386Anonymousseason 4 f*cking when?51[View]
78373375Anonymous>Ariadne, in Greek mythology, was the daughter of Minos, King of Crete, Son of Zeus and his queen…2[View]
78371051AnonymousI don't know if you watched the new South Park season but I think Matt & Trey might have be…20[View]
78373743AnonymousLUCKY HAT??0[View]
78372419Anonymous>Its a Padme episode1[View]
78371069AnonymousAny movies that show the truth about Islam?9[View]
78373685AnonymousWas there anything Dave could have done to get out of this?0[View]
78373648Anonymous>She shuts the door when you tell her to Why live?0[View]
78372976Anonymous>eating a snack while watching a film' >can't hear anything over the sound of my che…4[View]
78362055AnonymousWhat would actually happen if Sauron got the ring back? Everyone in the films, including Gandalf, ac…323[View]
78373237AnonymousMad About You > Seinfeld2[View]
78371460AnonymousBONESAW IS READY20[View]
78364806AnonymousPAN NICE AND HOT162[View]
78367101AnonymousREMOVE THY SHIFT78[View]
78370933AnonymousITT: Movies that completely take place in one location Green room was also pretty good22[View]
78372755AnonymousHave you thought about my cock today?1[View]
78373241AnonymousDid I like it?0[View]
78371859AnonymousIs Madea kino?4[View]
78373112Anonymous>made by Disney >expects them to be kid friendly shit >most action packed movies Never judg…0[View]
78373018AnonymousAustralian Television Kino: Post Australian Television KINO Starting off with BASED Ning Nang Nong. …0[View]
78373014AnonymousAre you an effective team /tv/?0[View]
78366112AnonymousAre they still dragging this show on?23[View]
78366710AnonymousWas Tony a good father?67[View]
78372325AnonymousYou know how I know you're gay?6[View]
78372772Anonymous 2[View]
78372611AnonymousDisney deny negotiating with Carrie Fisher's estate for rights to her digital image: https://ww…1[View]
78367659Anonymous>2017 >no Zappa biopic63[View]
78370591AnonymousHow did we go from this...19[View]
78366727AnonymousGod/Jesus voice: who did the voice of Jesus/God in this film? it was really well done, tastefully ev…31[View]
78371182AnonymousWhy was he just standing there?7[View]
78371642AnonymousWestworld: What's the deal with this guy? Did they just do a rewrite and forget about him? They…1[View]
78370365Anonymouspleb bingo: let's see what you fags got25[View]
78371435AnonymousFilms liberals will never understand19[View]
78371288AnonymousWhat are some good movies about adult virgins?8[View]
78372025AnonymousWhy did he work for the mercenary?3[View]
78372376AnonymousWhy didn't they just call it 'Gangstalicious: A Homo Thug story'0[View]
78371889AnonymousAny role you wished to have when you were a kid but now you feel kind of bad for the actor/actress w…1[View]
78372312Anonymous>WHHHHOOOOOSH What did Snyder mean by this?0[View]
78372188AnonymousDid the BBC just forget about this show? Maybe it got stealth cancelled?4[View]
78370097AnonymousSeems about right to me haha. Whats yours /tv/?33[View]
78368257Anonymous>You fool! I've been trained in your Jedi arts by Count Dooku! Why did he feel the need to r…33[View]
78371878AnonymousWhat are the essential Jerry Lewis films?3[View]
78372123AnonymousThis is the worst form of media there has ever been.1[View]
78371425Anonymouswhat the fuck was his problem in escape from la?3[View]
78372114AnonymousWould this actually make for a good crossover?0[View]
78372083AnonymousHas any other movie series gone from JUST to actually decent so dramatically?0[View]
78372078AnonymousWhy isn't he playing the new mummy?0[View]
78371881AnonymousIt's a smokin' chronic and flashing up orbs episode2[View]
78371901AnonymousJUST HAVE A LITTLE FAITH1[View]
78364081AnonymousFirst words that come to mind81[View]
78370062AnonymousWhat was the defining film of the 1980s?23[View]
78370952AnonymousBest celebrity couple6[View]
78363895AnonymousBAM MAGERA. WHAT WILL HE EAT NEXT?104[View]
78371790AnonymousSPAM EM: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Xnh1mJuB6I0[View]
78370552Anonymous>watching shows made for CRTs in Full Screen on flat panels made for widescreen >watching old …2[View]
78370785Anonymouswhat did he mean by this?8[View]
78370387AnonymousHi, my name is George Lucas ask me a question.5[View]
78371718AnonymousITT: movies only you have seen0[View]
78371698Anonymouswhat was his motive here?0[View]
78370749AnonymousIs there a decent quality rip online?4[View]
78371496Anonymoushttps://youtu.be/Uexb3BKZNJI?t=199 WE DON'T WANT A BROKEN PATTY THAT'S A GUARANTEE1[View]
78370322AnonymousAt least the soundtrack was GOAT: https://youtu.be/Y29EWY-PInc2[View]
78370178Anonymous>'The trades are reporting thatRobert Downey Jr.and Pizzolatto could be pairing up for a new HBO …19[View]
78368778AnonymousDisney Kinos6[View]
78368521AnonymousHow did we go from this...35[View]
78369544Rich VosRich Vos is performing at Bananas: Rich Vos is performing at Bananas in Hasbrouck Height, NJ on Janu…16[View]
78370973AnonymousSo it's confirmed. Jerome/'Joker' in Gotham is the New 52 one who rips off his face.6[View]
78370727AnonymousBest British series: I'll start >black adder >Only fools and horses >fawlty towers …3[View]
78371486AnonymousShin Chan: What is /tv/'s view on this show? It's sort of cheesy but very comfy in my opin…2[View]
78371238AnonymousWho was in the wrong? Can we also agree that this is Biblekino?2[View]
78370142AnonymousWait, so if Disney isn't going to use a CGI version of Carrie Fisher, then what's going to…18[View]
78356458AnonymousWhat's your secret, /tv/?262[View]
78368498AnonymousWorst Batsuit on screen ever17[View]
78370037AnonymousIn your opinion who's the best joker?: Mark Motherfucking Hamill Pic very related6[View]
78366954AnonymousWhy did she think people would care about zoning?38[View]
78370594AnonymousWhen did Jay realize Mike doesn't always have his best interest at his heart?8[View]
78367526AnonymousWho here liked it?21[View]
78350154AnonymousWho is the best and worst '''e-celebrity''' to be associated with this abomination? Can it be saved?134[View]
78370317AnonymousHe was a good villain.7[View]
78371291Anonymouswhy the fuck can't i find this anywhere on blu-ray (UK) are we just not releasing kino anymore?0[View]
78371279Anonymous>come on, draw me like one of your french girls, faggot1[View]
78370914AnonymousITT: kino in their respective genres1[View]
78361832AnonymousWhy didn't Max join Furiosa and the wives at the citadel? I know in the original script he was …161[View]
78370530AnonymousHow scripted are talk shows?12[View]
78358786AnonymousCould he defeat Negan?87[View]
78367124Anonymous'Come on Zach, let's go to heaven'15[View]
78369204AnonymousShitposting attitudes aside, would you consider Neon Genesis Evangelion to be /tv/?: Or even /kino/?…14[View]
78370700AnonymousIs it possible that in the future cinemas might start showing maths lectures in IMAX?2[View]
78371055AnonymousITT: Your favorite movie that you havent seen.0[View]
78371027AnonymousITT: Comedians who really make you think.0[View]
78368540Anonymous>We can do it backwards while you watch foot fetish anime porn What did she mean by this? Really …5[View]
78366070AnonymousWhich was the best one and why was it 3?26[View]
78370242AnonymousWhy does reddit absolutely despise this film? It's a really enjoyable movie with god tier creat…12[View]
78370825AnonymousWhen will people finally get tired of capeshit?2[View]
78370527AnonymousIf you had to pick JUST ONE: Which one and why?3[View]
78366762AnonymousOFFICIAL Brit Marling Power Rankings: Another Earth > The East > Sound of My Voice > The OA…23[View]
78369674AnonymousExtended or theatrical?26[View]
78370382Anonymoushow to deal with plebs? not plebs like we kid around here, I mean hardcore fucking plebs who can…7[View]
78369850AnonymousProve you are a real villain /tv/.16[View]
78370281Anonymousopinions on this kino? biggest budget for exploitation movie1[View]
78369382Anonymous>blankly stares at the camera >audience erupts with laughter american 'humour'…9[View]
78360059AnonymousThe 100 most acclaimed films ever. Roll, and...: The last two numbers determine what you will watch.…324[View]
78370200TaternutsResident Evil: Anyone know the plot line to the new movie. I sont want to shell out $$ to watch that…1[View]
78369300AnonymousWatching Curb Your Enthusiasm for the first time, on season 6 so far What's /tv/s opinion, bett…12[View]
78369972Anonymouswho was in the wrong here? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ria37d9mInY2[View]
78369738Anonymous/tv/, what is best in life?17[View]
78370284AnonymousWhat's wrong with Hank having a hobby? Why can Peggy play boggle but Hank can't play video…5[View]
78366959AnonymousSo who really killed the Borg Queen? Picard or Janeway?26[View]
78370456Anonymous>What am I drinking, milk?0[View]
78370444AnonymousWe hate movies: Y'all niggas ever hear this?0[View]
78370429AnonymousIs it like a requirement to be like the biggest super fucking like hipster douchebag if you want to …0[View]
78370297AnonymousWith this film, things are implicit rather than explicit. This is a film that trades almost ENTIRELY…1[View]
78363642AnonymousJesus Christ PTA, what was this?: Really, what the fuck is this movie about119[View]
78370346Anonymous>credits roll with couple walking off into sunset >MMMbop begins to play…0[View]
78370344AnonymousTokyo! (2008): I don't get it.2[View]
78363796AnonymousIs there anything else like The Expanse? ie. sci fi, set in space, intrigue and shit but without hum…42[View]
78370117AnonymousWhat childhood show of yours best holds up now as an adult?1[View]
78360238Anonymous>mfw no Togruta girlfriend335[View]
78368324AnonymousThis always be a superior animated sci fi show to Rick and Morty. Prove me wrong. Pro tip: You can…18[View]
78365201Anonymous>Hey Vsauce, Micheal here! Who the fuck is Vsauce?22[View]
78364035Anonymous> He 'hated' being a child,[9][18] was bullied in elementary school[19] and had no friends until …82[View]
78361848AnonymousITT : we guess the actors: Last thread was great fun63[View]
78364304AnonymousAt what speed do you watch your movies?42[View]
78370089Anonymousleans back Anyone else model his body language? I leaned back in the doctor's office and felt l…1[View]
78369284Anonymous>'It's ok to behave in an unchristian manner to save lives and still be considered a good Ch…1[View]
78368776AnonymousThe only bad parts of this movie was the retarded spider-man introduction scene and the way too long…4[View]
78369765AnonymousCan we acknowledge that Monty Python is pretty overrated? Sure it had some good skits but fans of th…4[View]
78369134Anonymoushold up, in the move his dorsal plate that got blown off was regenerating, so would he grow a ned go…3[View]
78368097AnonymousTaboo: Thoughts?18[View]
78366962Anonymouswhy was this show so good19[View]
78370058AnonymousWhat movie: Does anyone know of a movie that I'm thinking of..? So I /believe/ this happened on…4[View]
78369800AnonymousLet's start the show.2[View]
78370080Anonymoushttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=esgLYzVAY6I >This is considered high quality liberal comedy…0[View]
78369928Anonymous>good character dies >bad character lives…3[View]
78369252Anonymous>Watch Four Brothers on Jewflix >All the chads survive but the dorky brother dies halfway thro…5[View]
78369461AnonymousYou have been weighed, you have been measured, and you have been found wanting. In what world could…6[View]
78369255AnonymousName 1 (one) movie that isn't dishonest8[View]
78369443AnonymousIf you could watch any of these in theaters again, which would you choose12[View]
78369952AnonymousHappy Friday the 13th!: What are some comfy spoopy movies to watch on Friday the 13th? hardmode: no…3[View]
78369885Anonymousthis was a pretty good movie. like john wick but more autism2[View]
78369642AnonymousSienna Miller Could Play Female Lead In Ben Affleck's 'The Batman': >She's pe…5[View]
78368351Anonymous>We don’t normally respond to fan or press speculation, but there is a rumor circulating that we …23[View]
78369404AnonymousThe phone call that saved Kashyyyk8[View]
78369200Anonymous>grow up in the biggest shithole in the galaxy >My dad buys a wife from a space Jew >We eve…4[View]
78368655Anonymousfuck you it's perfect5[View]
78366473Anonymous>no woman will ever look at you like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zvBe22FH2vg…15[View]
78369025Anonymous>trailer >character's words are pasted together to make a clearly choppy sentence…1[View]
78369730Anonymoustfw when there are people who dont like maizie1[View]
78368686AnonymousBuffalo 66: This was unexpectedly great6[View]
78368885AnonymousYou know I'm gonna be really terse with these Star Trek questions that I've answered for 2…2[View]
78369705Anonymousa bit of a men's hostel vibe. it's a bit semen-y0[View]
78369640Anonymous>I've got a bad feeling about this1[View]
78369646AnonymousReminder that /tv/ was featured in the Sopranos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PHu9D8armIA…0[View]
78369641Anonymous>character walks down the street while upbeat music plays0[View]
78369324AnonymousWhat could have been: Starting with: Inbetweeners season 49[View]
78368971OPHELP ME!!!: I am a plebeian and request charts of best films ever according to /tv/ Please...3[View]
78369602AnonymousJust wanted to thank the anon or recommended this.0[View]
78369594Anonymous'You have to go down, brah'0[View]
78369402Anonymous>main character is a girl2[View]
78369579AnonymousGame day bucket go boom!0[View]
78369268AnonymousWhy do girls pretend to like American Psycho?9[View]
78366635AnonymousScot Squad: Is this the best hidden gem on British TV?12[View]
78369476AnonymousBest thing in the show world?0[View]
78367558AnonymousWas Jesus a jedi?25[View]
78369369AnonymousWhat is the film equivalent of this masterpiece?2[View]
78324420AnonymousTwin Peaks General317[View]
78365293AnonymousTell me about Vader. Why does he wear the mask?15[View]
78366908Anonymous....de planet core17[View]
78369316Anonymousthat's us hen1[View]
78366104AnonymousIs he an honest or dishonest filmmaker?12[View]
78367755AnonymousWhy can't he make a decent movie bros?13[View]
78369233AnonymousWhat did Brit mean by that0[View]
78360393Anonymouswhy do we hate this show again?84[View]
78369223AnonymousNeed a good crime/heist movie, preferably from the 80's or 90's. I watched Thief (1981) re…0[View]
78365474Anonymous>*coughs in agony* >Please don't kill me, I don't want to die general Kenobi! Why di…19[View]
78353686AnonymousSimpson gags that make no sense, have no joke whatsoever, or it seems to be a reference to something…173[View]
78369117AnonymousWho here knows?: Finished rewatching this show on Netflix, yet. I still feel I can go back to the be…0[View]
78364832AnonymousWhy does /tv/ claim this Paddy faggot's chat show is actually good?36[View]
78365413AnonymousReminder that this board is so underage and uncultured that they don't even know who pic relate…61[View]
78369032AnonymousThat part in Amazing Spider-Man 2 where Gwen is falling to her death and Peter shoots out a web to t…0[View]
78368502AnonymousAny right-wing directors alive apart from this handsome man?9[View]
78369004AnonymousThe Lord of the Rings of rom com0[View]
78368949AnonymousGuys I'm desperate. Where can I torrent/download the 7th season of this show? Please halp0[View]
78365103AnonymousWhat are some shows that are only watchable because of one character?14[View]
78368216Anonymous>Hop in. We're going to the local kinoplex.12[View]
78368867AnonymousRemember back in season one when this show was actually GOAT? What the fuck happened?2[View]
78362402Anonymous>Got a job at a movie theater. >It's miserable. I don't even like movies that much a…25[View]
78367516AnonymousITT: Antagonists with better motives and more likeable than the main character. I'll start with…4[View]
78368162AnonymousWhy is this man so underutilized? Is it soley the hairline? Every scene he's in he steals. Some…20[View]
78368761AnonymousWhat food is good to eat while staying in and watching a movie?0[View]
78368069Anonymous>white people >dad is a strong conservative >mom is a scientist, and while politically clue…6[View]
78366516AnonymousThe.Book.of.Love.2016.1080p.WEB-DL.DD5.1.H264-FGT: >The.Book.of.Love.2016.1080p.WEB-DL.DD5.1.H264…8[View]
78367414Anonymous>actresses that should have played Belle instead of Emma Watson. You can't deny she is chan…17[View]
78368291AnonymousI seem to have lost my remote. Can anyone help me find it?7[View]
78365835Anonymous>you will be playing two midgets: woah that actually caught me off guard how did they get away w…20[View]
78366661AnonymousHow many of them would have voted for Trump?13[View]
78365215AnonymousWhat show?6[View]
78356736AnonymousWhich kinotubers does /tv/ watch?163[View]
78366617AnonymousWhat was his problem?10[View]
78366802AnonymousRemember when Disney made good movies.19[View]
78367027AnonymousWhat did I think of it?24[View]
78364794Anonymous/pedohunter/ general: how fucking based is this guy? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rJU_LvwL-Kc…24[View]
78368265AnonymousWas it: TILT?6[View]
78368489AnonymousThe one where they go to Craig's house. Craig. Craig. Craig. I want to bass tape Craig.0[View]
78368478Anonymousthe new shrek movie came out: im excited0[View]
78367672Anonymousis this kino?? just watched it it has some vibes from Pasolini's 'Salò' or Ken Russell's '…6[View]
78368465AnonymousAPOLOGIZE!!!: Film >2017 Midnight Sun >2017 Keep Watching >2017 The Babysitter >2017 …0[View]
78355998AnonymousBlack Mirror Episodes Ranked from Best to Worst: 1. Shut Up and Dance 2. Nosedive 3. The National An…147[View]
78368029AnonymousIs this Kino?5[View]
78368336Anonymousdick in the dob?0[View]
78368105AnonymousWhich one of these flicks do I go see tonight?8[View]
78367655AnonymousDVD/Bluray collection bread Some recent kinos I grabbed3[View]
78368041AnonymousITT: Straight men who only have a career because they pretend to be gay.1[View]
78367961AnonymousTHROW IT AT HIM NOT ME2[View]
78366668Anonymous/TCAP/ General: was he gay?10[View]
78368024AnonymousIs this movie what people call 'indie'? Could you guys rec some movies like this one? I mean, low bu…1[View]
78360691AnonymousWho is your favourite character?60[View]
78368043AnonymousIt was sheev.0[View]
78362388AnonymousFirst words that come to mind38[View]
78367991Anonymousis this kino?0[View]
78367634AnonymousWas it all a dream?3[View]
78367982AnonymousRate me and my bitches /tv/0[View]
78367893Anonymous>'Hey guys, so, this kid who's got the most midichlorians we have ever seen in the history o…5[View]
78365524AnonymousIs it autism? https://m.youtube.com/user/ralphthemoviemaker4[View]
78367940AnonymousIT WAS ALL A DREAM0[View]
78367049AnonymousI'm watching What's Happening!! and Raj is wearing a cologne called 'Brave Bull'. Is this …1[View]
78365149AnonymousFilm look is shit: I watched Hardcore Henry, and it would have been the greatest action movie of all…21[View]
78367728Anonymous>internet nu-nerds obsess over 80's style Spielberg influenced shit, supported JJ Abrams whe…1[View]
78367822AnonymousClean shaven >>>>>> beard. Fuck the murdo hobo look. Also wtf was up with making S…0[View]
78355804AnonymousWill this inevitable chickflop be the final nail in the DCEU coffin?321[View]
78367745AnonymousOh My God, I Love Space Battles: FUCK ME...0[View]
78366988AnonymousRank em2[View]
78360191AnonymousI feel tricked55[View]
78359379AnonymousI demand a Battlestar Galactica thread! I DEMAND A BATTLESTAR GALACTICA THREAD! I AM A CITIZEN OF TH…101[View]
78365500AnonymousOi where the fuck are you going.3[View]
78367530AnonymousLuke, did I ever tell you about Karla? I met him once. In fifty-five. Moscow Centre was in pieces. P…1[View]
78361910AnonymousAny good horror movies from 2016?: Post movies from last year that were either good horror/thriller/…12[View]
78367366Anonymousdoes it work?3[View]
78366911AnonymousDid /tv/ ever buy a gun because it was in a movie or a show?11[View]
78367125AnonymousBest movie of 2017 is out!: Why aren't you seeing3[View]
78365113AnonymousNow that the dust has settled, what went so right?8[View]
78365388AnonymousWhy was nearly every character a woman or gay?The only straight white cis males are in the empire.13[View]
78367290AnonymousFirst time poster here. What do you guys think of Brick?6[View]
78367335AnonymousWhat would have happend if he stabbed his own heart?1[View]
78364578Anonymous>Be Alec Guinness >Acclaimed British acto