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81949827Sunday FMG edition. For the writers, directors, caterers, producers, editors, graders, hopeless and …[View]
81954354Jumping and moves: Funny man does dance moves. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0-0hi1GnPow…[View]
81951966COULD this BE anymore OF a FRIENDS thread?[View]
81954333daily reminder that this exists https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zUq_YojTxb8[View]
81954279Blown, the, fuck, out[View]
81947820So I watched Citizen Kane for the first time yesterday. AMA. pic unrelated[View]
81954099Superior (also Bill Nye The Science guy was a complete ripoff of Beakman's World)[View]
81953280Will you be watching Kang Arthur?[View]
81953385Post lines from movies that you didn't get until way later. >No I'm bilingual there is …[View]
81951530What are some movies and shows where the nice guy actually wins? You know, the opposite of real life…[View]
81952165What was his endgame?[View]
81945941Would you watch a high budget/modern werewolf movie?[View]
81951359Why doesn't Disney make darker films anymore?[View]
81953014>Is there a plan B? >Yeah, make sure plan A works…[View]
81951183Post comfy movie sagas[View]
81945713>actors have great chemistry >well choreographed action scenes (for western standards) >sup…[View]
81952988Why is she so sweet bros?[View]
81952525When did they stopped making music videos watchable?[View]
81953032Captain America: Civil War > Deadpool > X-Men: Apocalypse > Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Jus…[View]
81952626Insider here. Bob met with Tsujihara yesterday. Are you ready DCfriends? :^)[View]
81951452https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dWpQHnzoZJ0 Why were blacks so misrepresented in the sopranos?[View]
81951120>cant finish an entire movie in a single sitting >have to watch it in 30 minute segments befor…[View]
81951852Why is he so based?: >Now Trump is in the White House, and you're beating Jimmy Fallon. What…[View]
81951216Guess what I'm watching thread. Guess what I'm watching.[View]
81952739So, is it true the Chinese invented spaghetti?[View]
81951824is revenge of the nerds an accurate portrayal of the american college system?[View]
81953346When did it all go so wrong?[View]
81951788>mfw AUSTRALIA gets Guardians 2 a week and a half ahead of the USA Enjoy your spoilers from the s…[View]
81950519why literally have no really good fantasy kinos have been released since The Great Wall???[View]
81951640Can we all universally agree that Digimon Tamers is the best season of Digimon? Especially since the…[View]
81953213Which scene was the most powerful and iconic?[View]
81953090>I thought you were dead. >So did I.[View]
81952437What if he's not really Peter and his clone, Ben?[View]
81953183what do the dogs mean[View]
81953128Is there a more testosterone filled scene in the cinema history?[View]
81952378Who was in the wrong here?[View]
81952789Ghostwatch: Welp, I'll never see pipes the same way again.[View]
81952023>I always pick out a bookshelf for every character I play. I get around three or five books to ha…[View]
81952163the action in this movie SUCKS[View]
81952178Can I help you?[View]
81952763What's their endgame?[View]
81950449Why was Victor Lazlo such a cuck? Isla was clearly fucking Rick and he was ok with it and even told …[View]
81945858BotW: Which is your favorite episode?[View]
81951590Is she /ourgal/?[View]
81952399RLM slams 4chan contrarians: 'If you're not watching Rick and Morty you're an idiot' https…[View]
81951442>But why?[View]
81925439>Be a gorgeous white woman >Kill yourself What?…[View]
81952105Was it kino? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dBF_C8BvHm4[View]
81951221This movie was terrible compared to the anime. They should've just focused on one gamble. When …[View]
81952218What's some relate-able kino for you guys mine is pic related :([View]
81952454>/tv/ calls this kino[View]
81951574Has Tom Cruise ever portrayed a character other than himself?[View]
81946586>ywn pet sacchan and feed him it hurts so much bros https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wpx_u8XwhbI…[View]
81950055You're asked to pitch a movie starring these three: What do you got?[View]
81952220What's the latest cinema skinfo?[View]
81952138This was a fun movie[View]
81951494I accidentally watched the last episode first but it's no big deal because I didn't like i…[View]
81951602I don't get it.[View]
81952114What did they mean by this?[View]
81950018So what did he do for 23 years?[View]
81947910For England, James?[View]
81949629This is Tasha Yar: Say something nice about her.[View]
81951714You Either Die a Hero, or You Live Long Enough To See Yourself Become the Villain[View]
81949677What will be our generations Bubble Boy?[View]
81950264what the fuck did i just watch[View]
81944453Kermode: What does /tv/ think of this guy? Do you usually agree or disagree with his reviews ?…[View]
81950509>tfw to intelligent for capeshit[View]
81951818ITT characters you want to get fucked in the ass by in a non-homoerotic way[View]
81950821Who are you?[View]
81951003General Twin Peaks thread: Fish in percolator edition how?[View]
81951210a girl I'm seeing is coming over later to 'watch a film' what's a good flick to…[View]
81944975is this good?[View]
81945503This is literally a Film and Television board. Why in the actual fuck is there still no support for …[View]
81951518We list every bullshit on The Leftovers: Starting with the easiest one >this ugly hag dating kevi…[View]
81950221Movies that don't have hidden political agendas: Post movies that don't have progressive p…[View]
81949502Sophie > Famke[View]
81951503what the fuck did I just watch?[View]
81951629Star Trek Beyond: Just watched this. First the good. I don't know how they do it but the Star T…[View]
81950258Masketta man[View]
81951561>expect shitty DUDE WEED LMAO guest >Turns out to be very intelligent, levelheaded and articul…[View]
81951552Bluray when?[View]
81949027Are there any movies where AI aren't portayed as evil?[View]
81951445you're a bee guy[View]
81951417will Mongo reprise his role in Shr5k?[View]
81948869What the fuck happened, guys? How did we go from Lock, Stock... and Snatch to the Sherlock movies? W…[View]
81950684>Shh, it's starting[View]
81950173hi tv. would you like to recommend movies to watch when you're super high? me and my girlfrien…[View]
81948193Why didn't they go around to the back of the building?[View]
81949306Perhaps he's wondering why you would behead a samurai after watching him commit harakiri[View]
81947661stop living in a fantasy world of second-hand, childish banalities[View]
81951095>EHHHHHHHH OOOOOOOOHHHH *compromises and jacks off into papertowels for 20 years* >HOL UP HOL …[View]
81947813Yakuza ficks: Recommend me some yakuza films. I know nothing about the genre.[View]
81950994Leave BBC kino to me[View]
81950800*record scratch*[View]
81950745Film Cliches we actually LIKE: I'll start >Protagonist is about kill the villain >'This i…[View]
81948119ITT we recommend similar movies and compile a list[View]
81948606was he a cuck, /tv/?[View]
81947684But has he ever really done anything wrong?[View]
81944814I loved it: It was everything I wanted it to be.[View]
81938618> muh fish[View]
81949722I need to find my crew and get back to my own time line With this I am now able to be free of the s…[View]
81945935Stranger Things: Thoughts?[View]
81947040What does she see in him? He's a shitty actor.[View]
81950392Why does this fucker insist on ruining superhero films? Why do they let him?[View]
81942297>Movie PORN IS BAD FOR WOMEN! >Show PORN IS EMPOWERING TO WOMEN! Which one is it Rashida?…[View]
81950639>there is no room for God here[View]
81948819This is Jenny. Say something nice about her.[View]
81950604Get out is literally one of the best movies on this decade: Best horror movie that's for sure I…[View]
81942666/who/ - Doctor Who General: /neverending/ >>81932393[View]
81949878>something given has no value 'What is a birthday present'[View]
81939369Reminder for everyone that thinks the disgusting, abusive pairing 'Reylo' will happen.[View]
81948294>things you can say about the last movie you watched, but not about your girlfriend…[View]
81949762Is Ricky and Morty the most politically relevant television series on right now?[View]
81926731>Film opens with What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong juxtaposed with scenes of horrific vio…[View]
81939809Why did Kubrick consider this his greatest film?[View]
81948898>tfw went from watching 3 films a day to 0 it's all so boring[View]
81950228ALL THE STARS ARE HERE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A848xpsDJbw[View]
81949151George: George Lucas George Miller George Romero Choose one.[View]
81945006>You were my brother, Anakin! I loved you. How would Disney handle this scene?…[View]
81941647>Lucas Wars >the bad guys are mostly robutts and creepy ayliums >Disney Wars >all the ba…[View]
81946005How do I into star trek? what's the most starter friendly for someone who hasn't even seen…[View]
8195015613 memes why: Did Tyler kill Alex? >gets prepared for a massive shootout >hangs the photos of …[View]
81949531Don't go! Cathy, don't go![View]
81945429>it's a mike waits in his car for 30 minutes episode The memes are real NOTHING HAPPENS…[View]
81950042Luke did I ever tell you about tv/? You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.[View]
81944208Modern Western KINO[View]
81949647>Dr. Pavel, I'm BEST. What did she mean by this?[View]
81945494what was the theme behind this scene?[View]
81946000DUDE BABE LMAO XD[View]
81944456Pickle Rick General /PRG/ Big Reveal Edition: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4P5OK7c9xiM what'…[View]
81946976Anyone watched this? I gave it a shot because I really liked Bill Nye's show back in the day bu…[View]
81946827the great debate: pickle rick vs baby groot[View]
81949731What's wrong with this again? For centuries actors had the same statues as whores Because that…[View]
81949210For England, James?[View]
81948239/CINEGRID/: Is there a website that makes them automatically? I don't wanna line up each frame …[View]
81948077Post films like these.[View]
81949498>We need a hero, courageous sacrificing people, setting examples for all of us. Everybody loves a…[View]
81949630Is the new season any good?[View]
81947956My eyes are getting weary...[View]
81947501Remember me?[View]
81949242Has Hollywood ever been able to top it, or is it still the peak?[View]
81949593The Void: How does a shoulder injury prevent the son from talking?[View]
81948031post your favorite posters[View]
81936014>'Nerd culture is the product of a late capitalist conspiracy, designed to infantalize the consum…[View]
81929870Bill Nye Saves the World: I got 5 minutes into this and had to turn it off. It's God awful. Not…[View]
81949354Buzzfeed sucks, not because it constantly spews out shit but because it lures in talented creators a…[View]
81949385What are some good films where the US is depicted as the villian? So far Ive got Master and Commande…[View]
81948657What are the horror archetypes, /tv/? And I'm talking about a bit more large-scale, all encompa…[View]
81948763Fixed it.[View]
81949007>The Force Awakens was everything I dreamed of. What did he mean by this?…[View]
81928305/jennaral/ Pam clearly has just given up trying[View]
81949179'That 70s Show' is objectively one of the best programmes ever made. This is a fact. Debate[View]
81946967SUICIDE SQUAD Now Ahead of BvS and CA: CW Home Media Sales: >According to reports, Suicide Squad …[View]
81948379Why are there so few good looking actresses?: Is being good looking incompatible with acting? I thin…[View]
81945312Film >2017 Amityville: The Awakening >2017 Midnight Sun >2017 Keep Watching >2017 The …[View]
81944666How does this get the green light?[View]
81948883>it's a Julia won't shut the fuck up about who's on her flightplan episode…[View]
81948873>We want the 4chan audience[View]
81947179I like mobies: recomedn kino mboies[View]
81948375OP needs movies: Hi guys, need movies for a movie night. Any suggestions appreciated both good or ba…[View]
81948791What an overrated shit show[View]
81945162How would you qualify the MCU actors?[View]
81940627>crowned king of gondor >starts singing Was he fucking autistic?…[View]
81947891she was the heart and soul of the show. it then degraded into easy jokes and characters being more r…[View]
81948524you didn't remember that this film even existed before you saw this post[View]
81948146Fallout: NV film: is it doable? if so, which director would you give the project to?[View]
81947700>we need someone who will be a conservative and also a great actor >say no more…[View]
81947597Start using green energy, /tv/[View]
81948563/pr/ general: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4P5OK7c9xiM[View]
81948540Which one is better?[View]
81945909What would Carl's favorite show be?[View]
81946285What does /tv/ think of TheFlickPick? This is how I feel. Pros >Genuine guy >Weird as fuck …[View]
81948370Ralph the movie maker: Is he /tv/ approved?[View]
81945210ITT: We quote our favourite lines from Nerd Crew >Very cool, very cool This one always cracks me …[View]
81948128Blind Item Thread: April 2017: >This B+ list mostly movie actress is probably best known for her …[View]
81946796Daily reminder that the Empire did nothing wrong in any of the Star Wars films or in most of the Exp…[View]
81948199Star Wars: Sup guys, Jimbo here! i k oe all of you have been anxiously waiting for me to give my rev…[View]
81946350FINE DAY SUNDAY[View]
81946427I finally got to see this movie. Why exactly does /tv/ hate it?[View]
81947815https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gGaxo98yHuI&feature=youtu.be&t=2m20s >burning coal is the…[View]
81936363Collateral: Opinions on this movie? I really enjoyed it desu.[View]
81947940Hey baby, I hear the blues a-callin', Tossed salad and scrambled eggs[View]
81947996>Only 4 episodes left[View]
81946317So he is jesus right?[View]
81947988Face App for Celebs: >tfw no qt 3.14 Bale waifu[View]
81943046Is this the worst impression in SNL history? >le pursed lip man[View]
81946229You all understand Zeke is technically a female right?[View]
81946459why David, why?[View]
81947175Why can't we get an American version of this? I don't understand 90% of the weeb-tier refe…[View]
81946679Why do the blankets and bedclothes in film always only consist of what is basically the case or blan…[View]
81946996What are some movies where fried chicken is eaten? Gremlins and Precious come to mind but I can…[View]
81945126Three Billboards trailer: Trailer for Martin McDonagh's (In Bruges, Seven Psychopaths) new film…[View]
81943470Aaaaaaaaaaaand it's kino[View]
81943268IN A LAND[View]
81945447What is the best thing /tv/ did: pic related[View]
81945560Brilliant satire, or tasteless schlock?[View]
81945431Podcasts: https://youtu.be/wd-Lh7E5vnw Anyone know of any casts like this?[View]
81945676>haha take off your shirt, bro[View]
81946008Who was here for the Age of Ultron fiasco leading up to the release? >Downey walking off an inter…[View]
81941347How awesome would it be if Snoke is the Devil/Lucifer?[View]
81947255george of the jungle 2 is objectively better than geroge of the jungle 1[View]
81942502What's up with the trend of comedy actresses doing nudity now?[View]
81943968wtf I like nazis now[View]
81947385Guardians of Galaxy is again on Top 100 on Pirate Bay - I get it, people want to watch first movie b…[View]
81943270How the FUCK is this movie critically acclaimed? This is the most boring movie I've ever had th…[View]
81947203>Al 'Eh' Andro has prep-aired a D light fuel mill-forest. Chilean sea base. Abbo leave! so the pl…[View]
81947228Anakin! I told you it would come to this. I was right, the SJWs are taking over.[View]
81945548>tfw the movie is good[View]
81944837Whatif you had 1 (one) pill?[View]
81947117Why did Zues keep bring up race throughout the movie?[View]
81947206WATCH IT! DAN: .[View]
81947032>credits slideshow, not rolls, before the film starts[View]
81943146Pure kinography.[View]
81942124Late-Night Shark Tank Stream: Come watch the new episode with us https://www.rabb.it/Sharkposters ht…[View]
81946877Why wasnt this the story told instead of rough one that was such a throw away fan fiction story http…[View]
81946736>there is no Avatar thread about this >there is no thread asking when our Lord and Saviour wil…[View]
81935401Can this be refuted?[View]
81937475just saw this. felt pretty lukewarm about it in general, but there were some things that stuck out t…[View]
81944983Haha! Take *that*, haters.[View]
81946429What is the Chicago Town pizza of film and television?[View]
81942740People fear what they don't understand.[View]
81940109>Promoting mental illnesses as normal >'Science' Guy…[View]
81946478>pickleboy >Brian Peck Who do you guys think he molested?…[View]
81946315Why was this right wing trash allowed on tv?[View]
81928297ITT: People who did nothing wrong.[View]
81946067>/tv/ humour[View]
81944962>he watches movies with 'perfect motion rate' or similar setting…[View]
81941992Biopic when?[View]
81945084>character steps into locomotive >blows the horn >'I've always wanted to do that'…[View]
81945417Short film: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=chzwJ4Th39I[View]
81946099Things that make you insta-drop a movie: >Female MC's[View]
81944765Will Disney ever bring back Anakin and Obi-wan?[View]
81932286A communications disruption can mean only one thing.[View]
81944433This is a serious thread btw I just finished the first season. It is okay I guess. I just don't…[View]
81945755>GOD'S, UH, *Burp* GOD'S NOT REAL MORTY, BEEBABOBBA SLIMMITYDOODAH! Anon! Quit watchin…[View]
81944102[adult swim] political chart[View]
81941700>I don't like Bill Nye[View]
81945326Remember that picture of the horse I showed you earlier? Well here it is, blown up.[View]
81944800>Jesus movie >Simon of Cyrene is portrayed as black…[View]
81945512who here /was rooting for white family/ the whole time? also, >nigger chokes out his mudshark wha…[View]
81942070Do you think 'The Last Jedi' will actually be any better than 'The Force Awakens…[View]
81945401Damn she wuz naked the whole time?[View]
81945386ITT: Harsh facts only you accept IMDB ratings are generally absolutely 100% accurate for some reason…[View]
81943720This man rolls into your star system, gun ports open, and slaps your planet on the ass. What do you …[View]
81945271what a drag: >on season 2 of Naruto >Kakashi tells Sasuke to go after Gaara >later on, duri…[View]
81945336Is The Howdy Doody Show the first television kino? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RIzB9KUCZRk[View]
81941720GREAT scenes in NOT so GREAT movies!: whatcha got?[View]
81945309When was the last time we got such high-tier TV scifi kino?[View]
81942421if the next Jurassic Park film doesn't feature feathered dinosaurs will the series official be …[View]
81945264God damn I love this show too bad god doesnt exist tho[View]
81945164*blocks your brap*[View]
81944033What the fuck was her problem?[View]
81944878I haven't been on /tv/ in a while. What did you think of the trailer for The Last Jedi?[View]
81944693How do you thing she'd respond if someone asked her how she feels about the fact we've all…[View]
81945091Was it autism?[View]
81945071>hot poooockeeeet[View]
81943228Recommend me a good kino to watch[View]
81943127Hey bub[View]
81943694HOL UP[View]
81943182>tfw sad because daddy is late for our netflix and chill sesh do you know this feel?…[View]
81940981>What I thought I'd do is, take a British loli, put her in an American film, cast her to pla…[View]
81944463What was his endgame with the porno mag?[View]
81944197What are some films that will help you to work up the courage to kill yourself??[View]
81941715is it worth watching?[View]
81944683What movies bring out your happy /tv/?[View]
81944667Tropes you hate: Riiiing, Riiiiing, Riiiing, Riiiiing, Riiiing, Riiiiing, Riiiing, Riiiiing, Riiiing…[View]
81932338Who do you think is the smartest actor?[View]
81944517>trying to watch the matrix >keep remembering the 'fart in the matrix' parody 'You think that…[View]
81943644Dead Like Me: George is cute! CUTE![View]
81943512Actual thoughts on this show?[View]
81944357Why do so many celebrities turn to Scientology?[View]
81935683Favorite MCU Character / Movie?[View]
81935815>Welcome to your tape /tv/.[View]
81942782Recommend me a good movie to watch based on my hair. Pic related, my hair[View]
81942316is it possible to 'make it' in acting if you're ugly?[View]
81943301should i watch this, /tv/?[View]
81944434How do you like that, Spidey?[View]
81937133I chose my path, you chose the path of a hero. And they found you amusing for a while, the people of…[View]
81944322Reminder that Aquaman in DCEU is just a blatant ripoff of Roman Reigns' character in WWE. DCuck…[View]
81941365>walk into basement of zoo >see this What do ye do?…[View]
81944369directors: https://www.theguardian.com/film/features/page/0,11456,1082823,00.html >top 3 Lynch, S…[View]
81944392Worst rape scene in film?[View]
81944362Speed Racer: Is this the best cartoon to live action adaptation ever made? Possibly even the best TV…[View]
81943881Saw it yesterday. It was ok, but I was kinda disappointed. The anime seemed to be better. Also - the…[View]
81944306Overrated classics: Not in the sense of 'Citizen Kane isn't #1!', but older films that only had…[View]
81932348Survivor/BB general: Whats her name edition[View]
81940899>where are you from >oh im from canada >*main character laughs* >*laugh track* why is it…[View]
81941460The greatest comedic actor of all time. Peter Sellers thread. >>pic very related…[View]
81941841Why is she so useless?[View]
81940474what are some touching movies about love? i want to feel love[View]
81943668Y-you don't get it *burp* M-Morty. We gotta viral the SHIT out of this Morty. W-we're gonn…[View]
819399692001: A Space Odyssey: Someone explain this pile of trash to me.[View]
81944009Let's go girls![View]
81943974> that time t-dawg tried to flee to the eastcoast with lori and beth[View]
81943756SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT[View]
81942184What went wrong?[View]
81924033What movies perfectly capture the essence of shitty flyover states?[View]
81933712What video game was this? AKA shit-tier cgi thread[View]
81942361So what does /tv/ think of Girlboss? I thought it was pretty good, and Melanie Lynskey a cute[View]
81943807Redpill me on Toonami[View]
81941247Are we aloud to post soundtracks in this bitch? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=udBnGhl0pOQ&inde…[View]
81940932Definition of kino[View]
81932120Cracking toast, Gromit.[View]
81943529If I give this bag decal to Jordyn as a gift, do you think she'd use them? I'd paint them …[View]
81943672It was a different time...[View]
81940659ROME: >tfw you will never fight for Gaius Ceasar of Julii in your lifetime >You will never be…[View]
81943570>'hi daddy! thanks for picking me up from school today!' ;__;[View]
81939610What are your thoughts on Debby Ryan's body of work?[View]
81936457only the best MadTV skits[View]
81942162>Arrive to new brrraappp >Bring horse to a brrraappp >Say name of brrraappp out loud >Co…[View]
81941755Reports say there is a fog coming to /tv/ tonight[View]
81943371Who would win?: Discuss[View]
81942274Are there any other movies like Speed Racer and Scott Pilgrim?[View]
81943062White women are crazy yo[View]
81942845Star Wars: Favorite Lighstaber Form?: Form 3/Soresu all the way imo[View]
81934089>and introducing[View]
81941491Will there ever be a film about how the executive branch waged an illegal war in Central America, wo…[View]
81933858why would matt damon agree to this horse shit? i'm 20 minutes in and can't tell if it…[View]
81942226Is he senile?[View]
81942486>it's a haley and jeff episode[View]
81940647>Dr. Pavel, I'm CIA What did he mean by this?[View]
81939947Get out is literally one of the best movies on this decade: Best horror movie that's for sure I…[View]
81943012>I thought you said you could fly this thing! >I can! But I never said anything about landing …[View]
81942736It's certainly a phenomenon in all walks of life[View]
81942481Why would god's most perfect creature mate with the lowliest of the human species?[View]
81923430What is the best trilogy of all time?[View]
81941818>There's no such thing as a good comic book mov--[View]
81942726/dusty/: >checking your favorite picture for dust accumulation >see this in the reflection W…[View]
81939994How can anyone take the film criticism industry seriously? Top 20 most acclaimed films of all time, …[View]
81942047Why did Elaine get so fussy about a guy having a boner on a date? Do girls in real life get upset se…[View]
81935953Will capeshit ever get a Best Picture nomination?: IMO, I think The Dark Knight was the best shot su…[View]
81942466What are some movies where dogs use computers?[View]
81939715Do people really think his performance was overrated? His acting, mannerisms, motivations, and emoti…[View]
81942329JUSTICE LEAGUE HYPE THREAD: You fill your face with popcorn you dumb fat cows. Eat the slop before t…[View]
81942509So just watched Get Out...I like how they showed the true horror of Liberal racism and not just do t…[View]
81942506There will be a major celebrity death tomorrow. Cap this.[View]
81942310Was Marty Crane a cuck?[View]
81942333>hey, are you in charge?[View]
81942313In order for life to have appeared spontaneously on earth, there first had to be hundreds of million…[View]
81942393honestly this is WAY better than the Spy Kids movies[View]
81936470What does /tv/ think about Halt and catch Fire? Also, when is season 4?[View]
81941654Are you alpha enough to do this in front of a bitch?[View]
81936029What are some of your favorite black comedies?[View]
81941105Star Wars: First Contact: I understand destroying an Imperial WMD might take precedent over these co…[View]
81928893Get Out: It was... ok? It was a decent enough horror but retelling the Stepford Wives and making it …[View]
81942306let's recommend movies that propose somehting a bit weird or interesting in some ways. i'l…[View]
81940715Sean Connery: on 'Pussy Slayers', S1, E1.[View]
81942039is it as good as community? considering dan harmon is involved in both[View]
81941329Al Powell and Carl Winslow: Is it possible to get them in the same universe, via Tommy Westphall Uni…[View]
81940648ITT: Essential 80's teen kino[View]
81923445Where are all the Fargo threads? Am I late to the party?[View]
81931971Would you rather have force choke or force lightening abilities?[View]
81941689ay yo /tv/ whats a good movie to watch: 4 me and me mates ay?[View]
81932393/who/ - Doctor Who General: Where the fuck is the thread edition[View]
81930013Edgier than Heath Ledger, Jared Leto, and Marilyn Manson combined.[View]
81941282/lbg/ - letterboxd general: no virgins allowed edition[View]
81941850*blocks your trafficking *[View]
81929837>Its a Simpsons thread Talk about everything Simpsons related[View]
81941870I'm pretty sure this movie single handedly ruined english teachers everywhere. >how do I re…[View]
81935171>Samurai Kino night Are you ready?[View]
81941846So long gay boys[View]
81940620This was a pretty happy movie if you ask me[View]
81940962What went wrong?[View]
81919931>Find a film >Go to 14:58 >Take a screenshot…[View]
81939463Why is /tv/ now trying to make out Mark Hamill to be this heartless bastard who looks down on Star W…[View]
81940707ITT : Moments you could have done without[View]
81941605Is this George's most underrated kino?[View]
81937449MST3K: Satellite's gone up to the skies Things like that drive me out of my mind I watched it f…[View]
81941367What was his end game?[View]
81940865anyone else here enjoy the film EvilToons?[View]
81936321Does Mike like anything that isn't stupid?[View]
81939737Who was in the wrong here?[View]
81936018Oh Yeah: Childhood is idolizing Ramona Flowers Adulthood is realizing Envy Adams was hotter[View]
81941396Give me some good crappy horror movies /v/. Ozone is a favorite of mine. I highly suggest it.[View]
81937001So what happened to the girl next door?[View]
81941350would john goodman be a good actor if he wasn't fat?[View]
81941076where THE FUCK is season 5 of the greatest show on the air?[View]
81941344Beast Box Office: Budget: $160,000,000 (estimated) Opening Weekend: $174,750,616 (USA) (17 March 201…[View]
81940598>supposed to be this germophobe neat freak >has eaten rolls off room service trays in hallways…[View]
81922911Can we get a Pickle Rick thread going? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4P5OK7c9xiM >I'M PICK…[View]
81925847The Beguiled - Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iBoLK5z_FHo will it be better than the 70s C…[View]
81936115Mommy-Daughter Kino when?[View]
81938473Is it PTA's best?[View]
81940939>what about those robot faggots attacking the walking carpet niggers[View]
81941104*blocks your plan*[View]
81941060>first goddamn week of winter THIS is kino[View]
81938910Are they the Kino Couple /tv/?[View]
81938289Just saw Logan at the IMAX: Best superhero movie yet. Does anyone disagree? I came into it knowing n…[View]
81937348How many people did Luke kill when he blew up the Death Star?[View]
81939723Freddie Quell is the greatest character since Travis Bickle[View]
81939905Tell me about base Rian Johnson: Does he separate politcs and agenda crap out of his movies? If not …[View]
81940427>I will fuck you. Literally. I will sneak into your bunk in the middle of the night and I'll…[View]
81940937Thoughts or theories on what happens in the film? [spoilers]>film opens with birth of David and h…[View]
81938924Why is Dawn of the Dead so comfy?[View]
81939030SAMURAI KINO[View]
81937983>It's over, America! I have the high ground![View]
81939548I think Better Call Saul > Breaking Bad What do you guys think?[View]
81940783I love him as Bond. Please come back for one more. As mediocre as Spectre was, Daniel Craig did a b…[View]
81940782This Shia LaBeouf shit is going to end up badly. He's going to end up taking out a gun and shoo…[View]
81940040Im thinking about watching this /tv/, anyone know if its any good?[View]
81938466Narcos General What did the rabbit represent?[View]
81940563*blocks your dog's path*[View]
81940630Thoughts or theories on what happens in the film? [spoilers] >film opens with birth of David and …[View]
81925464Hello John: Hello John[View]
81940575Was it rape?[View]
81936957Biggest cuck on television right now?[View]
81940567John Wayne was a fag.[View]
81938946>it aint me starts playing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D5drYkLiLI8…[View]
819244851987 - 2002 Winona or 1999 - 2014 Natalie?[View]
81935684Russian capeshit > American capeshit[View]
81940208ITT: Post actual kino[View]
81940493>VICE sends out their nerdiest looking white reporter to do a story on the Nigerian film industry…[View]
81938140What does RLM stand for anyways?[View]
81937051What does /tv/ think of this show?[View]
81939850All my life I've lived by a code and the code is simple: honor the gods, love your woman and de…[View]
81936150Why is this the best show ever?[View]
81925966‘Wheel of Time’ TV Series Lands at Sony: It's over, GoT is finished. http://variety.com/2017/t…[View]
81936700*Blocks your path*[View]
81932207I liked him in Friends and loved him as that asshole Sobel in Band of Brothers. Is that it for Schwi…[View]
81938578Somebody give me a kino to watch tonight, otherwise I'm just gonna watch The Wrestler again.[View]
81940092Anyone unironically enjoy the trilogy? Honestly I thought they were pretty entertaining. Worst thin…[View]
81927011L O S T thread https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZYfKHVdmjzQ the GOAT[View]
81938840is this laserkino?[View]
81938633Watch out guys There a new kino in town Food kino thret[View]
81935587Is there a more likable actor than based Keanu?[View]
81933143When was the last time you watched a DVD? What movie was it?[View]
81939851Looking for movie: I was looking for a movie called Moglie e Marito. It's out and in Italy but …[View]
81939821ITT: Criminally underrated kino[View]
81936253Empire: >Created the greatest technological progression the galaxy ever saw in over 1000 years …[View]
81931156I'm surprised this hasn't been adressed on the show, or maybe I missed it. So, let me get …[View]
81938168>Your suffering will be legendary, even in hell![View]
81939697Shouldn't we just give in to the British?[View]
81932670i just finished mad men and I gotta say overall the show is fantastic it definitely has a slow start…[View]
81934828The Son: Episode 4 is on now. Is anyone else watching this western kino?[View]
81934042wouldn't it have worked out between the both of them just simply alternated once in a while on …[View]
81937686Did I love it? Yup. Why arent horror movies like this made more than once a decade? Why is the Horro…[View]
81933779so he was lying right[View]
81930669The Sopranos: Just finished my first watch-through 5>6B>1>6A>4>2>3 Also >YWN ha…[View]
81937049>Not having any family Atomics. What are you, some king of fucking pleb?…[View]
81938996Just got done with the sopranos ask me anything[View]
81939408I fucking hate capeshit, but I would have loved to see this.[View]
81939327why do they put more girl-feet in cinema now? Is this due to /tv/?[View]
81926063Why I didn't like The Force Awakens: Im done paying hollywood to force political opinions down …[View]
81937974Why does he carry the whip?[View]
81939214Conservative Film Critics: Can anyone recommend some conservative film critics? I read Armond's…[View]
81938551'what a freak, guy looked like a talking penis.' -scaramouche. anyone watching right now?[View]
81937787Why do you bongs do this?: Why do you keep making shows and then abandoning them halfway through? I …[View]
81908526/got/ general: Laughing Ned Edition Previous >>81891359[View]
81937655Name me a more overrated podcast.[View]
81927374>great sword-fighter >talented pilot >skilled mechanic >capable of using mind tricks an…[View]
81938559how did they get this on TV[View]
81932434Just finished watching, what did I think of it?[View]
81936427>Movie PORN IS BAD FOR WOMEN! >Show PORN IS EMPOWERING TO WOMEN! Which one is it Rashida?…[View]
81936877Went to see this last night with some normie friends. Is there something I'm just not getting? …[View]
81925654ITT: Every movie is made by Marvel Studios >Dance off bro[View]
81937149So I played the board game and became curious about the series. Now watching the mini-series Why is …[View]
81937967>no supporting actor Oscar. Explain this.[View]
81937174>In 2012, Gillen played CIA agent Bill Wilson in The Dark Knight Rises,[9] his first role in a ma…[View]
81938139'Who here is the key grip'[View]
81937214Don't you even fucking look at Lori. I will hand her the sample.[View]
81938202Damn this was kino, anything else like it that I should watch[View]
81936667So I just started the original NMoES, what am I in for? Horror thread too I guess[View]
81938357Where my cunnybros at?[View]
81938322I feel so empty guys. I can't even find the will or motivation to watch movies anymore. I spend…[View]
81938218This is what a man acts like: a man on a mission, a man with responsibilities, a man out to slay ali…[View]
81918121ITT post an image, get a recommendation[View]
81937622What's his best movie?[View]
81937926Leave evilkino to us.[View]
81936439>mfw mods delete my Raimi thread[View]
81935038Recommend me some good red-pill kino along the same lines as these. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
81937699Britlads, time for bed. C'mon it's almost 4 ffs. Amerifags, have a good night. Try not to …[View]
81938004Is there a movie character like James Henry Hammond? >Hammond's Secret and Sacred Diaries re…[View]
81937984Recommend me some movies about cuckoldry[View]
81936255Cast the hollywood adaption[View]
81937642Holy fuck this movie is KINO[View]
81921788Why does it keep getting worse?[View]
81937813http://www.angelfire.com/movies/gmppictures/ > original website by Jay Bauman. redesign by Garret…[View]
81935101Two episodes in and this series already feels like it's going to be one of the best. It's…[View]
81937413post duels https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ljExTEPNFnM[View]
81936260Give me a good movie to watch tonight, /tv/[View]
81937560Shows You Have Forgotten But Are Certain Exist: Candle Cove need not apply. The one I am trying to r…[View]
81937320>answering machine message >hey you reached Name; you know what to do!…[View]
81937146>There's always a bigger fish in the sea, Ray. And I'm the fuckin' fisherman.…[View]
81937507He said, he was your first[View]
81937395Kino that was way toooo ahead of its time[View]
81933473>”I hate Bane, because he's a dirty fucking spic!” Nolan, did you ever consider that you may…[View]
81936373>So what if he used to kill kids for money, he doesn't remember and he's hot, like, wha…[View]
81936216Fuck you Netflix[View]
81937230>anime can't be kin-[View]
81937029>when the disc automatically begins playing the content upon being popped into the drive, without…[View]
81937137The ones we've lost: C. Martin Croker[View]
81936944On USA network, John wick is running but some fuck is narrating the entire damn movie as it happens.…[View]
81926949/lbg/: Letterboxd thread: hold hands and watch Michael Mann edition QOTD: what is your profile, what…[View]
81935233Is Theo Von funny? Just watched No Offense and I can't decide. Did I like it?[View]
81936153Top 5 Movies of All-Time: Can you even narrow the list down ? Hmm https://youtu.be/TlF0Ik7b55s…[View]
81935637/Fargo/: What the FUCK were they thinking?[View]
81935359I don't get it. Why exactly are the fellas so good?[View]
81935032The Last Kingdom: Anyone here watch this? Why is this Aethelflaed bullying allowed?[View]
81936760Now that the dust has settled, is this a good show or not?[View]
81936112So the name was Chuck's Cheed & Cheed before?[View]
81934080Female hijinks: Broads are hilarious. Keep running your mysogonistic mouths, but you know in your no…[View]
81936355Why aren't more movies made by female directors? Is it because of prevalent sexism in the indus…[View]
81936687If you know what I mean.[View]
81936484What's so great about a nerdy pickle?[View]
81935226Name one movie that has a intermission and entr'acte that isn't kino?: You can't…[View]
81936579Favorite Criterion Films: Fanny and Alexander Diary of a Country Priest Tie: Days of Heaven, The T…[View]
81934234what the hell is this guys problem[View]
81933750What are some essential women-will never-understand kino?[View]
81920687Should've been Asian: You can't support this and also be against black Heimdall, black Lan…[View]
81936474>I'm just like a little boy, playing with his dick when he's nervous. What did he mean …[View]
81915452Avatar Sequels slayed for the 2020's.: Are you ready for James Cameron to save cinemas again in…[View]
81920982*kicks your dog*[View]
81935913Was she really that bad as Jean Grey?[View]
81936282can you go back to nostalgia critic after finding red letter media[View]
81936222Oh Just one more Hour, babe![View]
81927485/trek/: Holy shit why did he drop the spaghetti so hard[View]
81934404Is she the greatest living actress?[View]
81935809What went right?[View]
81936136I am the Law.[View]
81935945Mario Kart 8 deluxe is amazon's #1 best seller: What went right?[View]
81935633>characters go to LA >CALIFORNIA LOVE[View]
81936016Who will play them in the inevitable biopic?[View]
81934339About to watch all the prequels in one sitting, trips decides if I kill myself afterwards[View]
81935330Spider Man 2 > Spider Man > The Amazing Spider Man > Spider Man 3 > The Amazing Spider M…[View]
81929548Alien: Covenant is going to be xenokino and if you disagree you are a pleb[View]
81934648/American Dad/ General: AmericanDad.com StanSmith.com Roger.com RickySpanish.com[View]
81934699>building Hogwarts beside a forbidden forest BRAVO[View]
81935195Thoughts on Zack 'God' Snyder?[View]
81934893>saturday evening Why are you here?[View]
81934558>Community >Rick and Morty He's literally the most Reddit person to have ever existed (be…[View]
81934175This is easily the best Lovecraftian kino[View]
81934709Uh, you don't get to have friends[View]
81933328Why aren't people talking about this?! >TFW he actually showed up to a Q&A for the DOC!…[View]
81934428So can we admit this was actually better than the entire series? I would really like to see more mo…[View]
81935424Claire Dearing: Okay was anyone as pissed off by this character in Jurassic World as I was!? First …[View]
81935160ITT: we post comfy shows[View]
81935228Come watch movies and chat with fellow internet friends :) https://www.rawbb.it/r9kCozyRabbitCast…[View]
81935672Who was in the wrong here?[View]
81926012This is your new LORD and SAVIOUR, say something nice about him. yet another Leftovers thread[View]
81933648I don't give a shit. I kind of like him.[View]
81935607/meta/: How many threads do you have hidden? >56[View]
81935524>*tap tap tap tap* >I just bypassed their mainframe firewall task manager defraggler!…[View]
81935501https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b3iL8euEvO4 what's being said here?[View]
81934457>Holocaust movie >Ode to joy starts playing…[View]
81935384Hows season 3?[View]
81934352What's the most cancerous movie fanbase?: My bets on Star Wars[View]
81926652ITT: inspiring film quotes[View]
81923874>he doesnt listen to senseis albums while driving to and from work[View]
81934382ITT: Characters who are literally you[View]
81935210Power washing the blood off the inside of a BMW in the middle of the afternoon while wearing a halte…[View]
81932997Why the FUCK was it so good?[View]
81931486>be 11 year old me >dad is an assistant grip on the set of the Logan movie >director holdin…[View]
81927628Get rid of the live audience, meme correspondents and the pompous attitude. I know about global warm…[View]
81934257New Rick and Morty episode. https://vimeo.com/213293823#at=1[View]
81934673Movies that ruined personal/creative relationships?: Bill Murray & Harold Ramis - Groundhog Day…[View]
81923297why are women obsessed with serial killers?[View]
81935039Come on now, 13 reasons why?[View]
81933249ITT: cartoon characters with dead voice actors[View]
81935217>Its a Kaya gets 'wild' and edgy episode[View]
81934902>watch a movie >enjoy it[View]
81935180ST: Discovery 1999: Bryan Fuller and Alex Kurtzman have announced that Star Trek Discovery's on…[View]
81926988Prison Break is trying to make the viewers consider the possibility that Michael Scofield was just a…[View]
81934378Full Metal Autsim: https://youtu.be/--jbhcVxhXs Enjoy lads[View]
81935130I found out about this movie thanks to a thread here. I guess I should do the same because I found …[View]
81934874keanu spills info about the third bill & ted: it will be a most excellent time dudes! http://www…[View]
81929384The mountains are calling and I must go[View]
81933212Who will play him in the inevitable biopic? And what's the name of the biopic again?[View]
81932261Is this propaganda to keep me from buying guns?[View]
81898921Favorite /tv/ commercials? Present or past https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=xgLMgVq4p_E[View]
81934672We're going to play a game It's called guess that celebrity I'll start. Pic related. …[View]
81934992>In Hong Kong, you'd be dead. What did he mean by this?[View]
81935006This was my great grandfather Ask me anything[View]
81933262What a terribly designed piece of equipment. The purpose of a cross guard on a sword is to protect t…[View]
81934536Let's see Paul Allen's card[View]
81933309Not enough 7'7'' terrorist chicken-fucker love on /tv/. Veep is far and away the best…[View]
81934782>the theme of the movie is 'family'[View]
81929880Shows only you watched[View]
81934656what's the spookiest shit you've seen on tv?: i submit the translucent people walking on t…[View]
81933494MOVIES THAT SHOULD BE REMADE BUT HAVENT: Why hasnt this been remade yet? Hollywood remakes everythin…[View]
81928726What's next for her career?[View]
81934606>ask /tv/ about any Hitler related documentaries >everyone recommends this show >it's …[View]
81934585>The film Assassin's Creed at the meeting of the Templars, a secret order dedicated to socia…[View]
81934528I got goosebumps[View]
81928590What the fuck was her problem?: she was so bright and in the end she just ends up going to jail???…[View]
81932501There have been some pretty good horror kinos in the last couple years, but I feel like something is…[View]
81928649Do you consider this kino?[View]
81933448British Drive Adaptation: so the governor is now a real human bean https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X…[View]
81934202I cant enjoy any media outside the coen brothers Any more[View]
81932482How is girlboss? Worth checking out? any qts?[View]
81925211So we had a discussion about this last night and essentially it went like this >HURR DURR he is e…[View]
81934123>Ridley: 'Hey Harrison, can you put on your custome clothes? Your nipples are showing again throu…[View]
81934102Have you ever taken so much Tussin DM that the world turned into a David Lynch film? It's prett…[View]
81928412Did you ever hear the Tragedy of Darth Bibble of Naboo? It's not a story the Jedi would tell yo…[View]
81934075'Villains' who did nothing wrong[View]
81931903What went so horribly wrong?[View]
81934021Does anyone have the rest of these?[View]
81933976Andrey Zvyagintsev: Directed The Return, Elena, and Leviathan. His newest film Loveless is in compet…[View]
81933625I'm new here. What the hell is a kino?[View]
81933534>and your tactical prosthetic arm[View]
81933649>'Truppa luppa doo, truppa luppa dee *burp* trubba lubba doo'[View]
81933847Who was in the right here?[View]
81933706Name a better Disney movie(not counting touchstone,Lucasflim,marvel,pixar or the two movies distribu…[View]
81933777>bar/club scene >loud band/music >people are having a conversation more than a foot away fr…[View]
81927795Whoa, I thought this wasn't supposed to be a documentary?[View]
81931852Is this worth my time /tv/[View]
81932847I was just watching Mozart and it got me wondering what is this hairstyle called? if it is a wig, wh…[View]
81933631Admit it you cried during this scene.[View]
81933113>he called Charlie Parker the greatest musician of the XX century God, I honestly cringed. How ca…[View]
81933589>movies start with sex scene I can't watch another movies. A good movie have to attract me a…[View]
81932926>What have you been feeding this thing? Imagine if the roles were reversed.…[View]
81933294shout out his name[View]
81932404Good movies that unexplainably bombed hard: It is really weird that some good movies bombed at the b…[View]
81933505WHO AM I??[View]
81932302Chuck Norris had a hard life.[View]
81931040What did you think of Captain Fantastic?[View]
81933362'GOLD' - is this matthew mcconaughey's there will be blood, raging bull, and no country for old…[View]
81931815http://www.pinknews.co.uk/2017/04/19/breaking-bad-star-claims-lesbians-just-need-to-find-a-good-dk/ …[View]
81933207After the role of a lifetime, I've been 'busy.'[View]
81933199Man the hulk still looks pretty fucking great. Always nice to see someone not JUSTing themselves …[View]
81933254What's his endgame?[View]
81930828The Great Debate: Pickle Rick vs. Baby Groot. Which of these two kino characters is the best?[View]
81933259http://www.angelfire.com/movies/gmppictures/ > original website by Jay Bauman. redesign by Garret…[View]
81932304Baneposting is 5 years old Will baneposting ever die and become an 'old meme'? Will /tv/ s…[View]
81933230>viggo movie >viggo shows his dick in it[View]
81931225There is a new show on television and film! Is everyone excited?[View]
81933161Real.Time.With.Bill.Maher.: 'fuck mars' -t bill is it over?[View]
81930963Why did he need orange slices?[View]
81925144Is he the next 'JUST...'?[View]
81931981>film is set in the 1980s >I used to think maybe you loved me now baby I'm sure and I jus…[View]
81933102Commercials are part of television post top tier commercials https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J6VbJnN…[View]
81932962Why is it that, video games of all things, capture the feeling of Star Wars more than the new movies…[View]
81913597>everyone in the galaxy has a cool 'space name' >your name is Luke…[View]
81933085>claiming a movie is 'too long' >claiming a movie is 'too dark' >saying you ever fell asle…[View]
81930588Is this accurate?[View]
81931043>Thing supposedly can't replicate 'non-organic material' >Somehow is able to copy full se…[View]
81930609>no one's talking about this kino Now this is real filmmaking[View]
81931840What do you guys think of Moshe Kasher ? https://youtu.be/Eb-J0hT6w3Q[View]
81932770Jesus Christ Raimi.[View]
81932064Who are some people that you don't understand how they keep finding work? Seriously, who hires …[View]
81928547Has /tv/ been enjoying this? The first episode was ok. The Playboy mother and daughter seemed nice b…[View]
81932815So this is actually going to be a thing? Really? Wow... How do we fix Hollywood guys?[View]
81929059Yeah, you guys were right. This movie was a disappointment.[View]
81932720Did The Dark Knight kill capeshit by setting the bar too high?[View]
81932743what patrician films you watched as a kid or teenager? caught this gem on television[View]
81932724Remember when Flo wasn't gross and haggard?[View]
81932719>General Kenobi you are a bold one. hahahaha Kill him[View]
81931583Is it time for him to stop trying to be a dramatic actor?[View]
81923472>Current research is discovering that individuals suffering from social isolation can employ tele…[View]
81932550Reminder that professor higgins did nothing wrong[View]
81932421Ok who's seen it and what did you think? I think it is perfection. It's almost as if the o…[View]
81932506>Eric Dubay's Youtube Channel... look into it[View]
81932376THIS IS SPARTA.[View]
81932379What's your favorite drink to drink when you're watching a kino? Mine is Campari and soda,…[View]
81931382What did he mean by this?[View]
81932333I wanna watch some movies: What are some good websites aside from (putlocker.is) to watch some movie…[View]
81932204When are we finally going to get a movie that proves white people need to be genocided?[View]
81930830how do you go from THIS[View]
81931536Sunny in Philadelphia: >first episode is about racism >second episode is about abortion is thi…[View]
81932137Whats the next step of his master plan?[View]
81932049how would you continue stargate universe?[View]
81932027Wow... that was... excessive[View]
81929282Why anime movies suck so bad? I've watched all Naruto and One Piece movies and they are all shi…[View]
81924578Women can be jedi too. Get over it.[View]
81931968>muh benefits[View]
81926970GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 2 Post-Credits Scene Descriptions: >Scene 1 Ravager commander Stakar…[View]
81931305In the 1938 film adaption of Robin Hood, starring Errol Flynn, the Guy of Gisbourne makes an unusual…[View]
81931735Woah so this is the power of....truth, great documentary.[View]
81931054When the chimes end pick up your gun. Try to shoot me /tv/. Just try.[View]
81927252Good, our first catch of the day.[View]
81928829Why was 90% of this movie obnoxious close-ups of peoples' faces?[View]
81931557What was going down at Alpha Site? Did they just spend all day screwing or what?[View]
81901699Are these things popular? Do people actually subscribe to this shit?[View]
81931345Pitch your movie idea: > First into the tank is an anon who thinks his groundbreaking script will…[View]
81927771FACT: If you prefer left over right, you are gay.[View]
81929737This is the highest rating show on US tv right now[View]
81929745What if it turns out to be all about midichlorians?[View]
81931452What went right?[View]
81929709>Listen to the tapes mang[View]
81931747ITT films that only degenerates enjoy[View]
81923454Capeshit 2018 schedule: >Infinity War >Black Panther >Ant Man and the Wasp >New Mutants …[View]
81930054Why werent the late night geniuses like Colbert, Myers and Noah able to convince people to form all …[View]
81929104Girl freaks out when watching the prequels and finding out Anakin is Darth Vader: APOLOGIZE https://…[View]
81931590>get me a gay for pay tha- >Sir, he's already here and in his undies: >get me a gay fo…[View]
81931564What are some movies and shows where nice girls win?[View]
81931498how do you watch movies? i have a futon mattress on the floor and i sit indian style. i have a 28 in…[View]
81929853Gyp Rosetti Appreciation Thread: To Meyer Lansky: >We're getting real friendly, I promised t…[View]
81930755>building Hogwarts beside a forbidden forest BRAVO[View]
81930097Your top 5 emotional movies.: Feeling particularly sad lately, give me something that will make me f…[View]
81926919What the fuck is this goddamn bullshit?[View]
81931372I love you /tv/, I ain't giving up.[View]
81931343Was he legit?[View]
81929373/tv/ meta thread: When will mods remedy this Rick and Morty spam situation? Though a couple threads …[View]
81923015So how do his claws work? Does he just have to make a fist and they come out?[View]
81922881Why did they make Sulu gay?[View]
81922810>Lindelof: DUDE THERES NO EXPLANATION ITS JUST GOD >me: woahh truly the best show of this deca…[View]
81931000>he didn't fly so good Shouldn't it be 'he didn't fly so well'? How can Nolan expe…[View]
81928662What did /tv/ think of this film?: Léon[View]
81929835When did you grow out of hating Family Guy, the best adult animated series on television?[View]
81930106Tell me about Paulie, Why does he lift his pinky?[View]
81931070First Suspect still Most Likely: In the film Pointy Beach the Nazi Chili Pepper Gang clearly only li…[View]
81931053>when some lanky kid 40 years your junior shits on your magnum opus[View]
81928176She should've been Wonder Woman[View]
81929128The Wire: So I just got done watching the first episode of The Wire and I was blown away! There is a…[View]
81930804>The Rock will never beat your boipucci like a Cherokee drum.[View]
81930748Are you going to watch?[View]
81927725Why would the machines build a robot horse? Didn't they have better ways of moving around?[View]
81927077what did he mean by this?[View]
81929485How the fuck do people watch this episode all the way through without turning off the tv? I've …[View]
81928092>They say religion is the opiate of the masses. Well I'm the fuckin' drug dealer, Ray.…[View]
81930767lark boy and shava girl: is this the worst children's movie of all time?[View]
81928132This came out in 2004. It was so aheas of its it is it's time. Another proof that the 00's…[View]
81930415Who was the best Spider-Man?[View]
81930676ITT: Movies where nearly every scene is contrived bullshit.[View]
81930579Belarusian Psycho: Hello, /tv/. I have directed a feature film called 'Belarusian Psycho' which tell…[View]
81930472ITT: Favourite feminist films[View]
81922220Doctor Who General /who/: Bill edition Last ep >>81915339[View]
81927752will it be kino?[View]
81930252How are we feeling today, chums?[View]
81927368Does anybody else find it a little emasculating to go to the coffee shop and order a SMALL coffee? F…[View]
81929286Do you believe in ghosts/spirits /tv/? Also, do mediums make good money?[View]
81930233Equalibrium: Does the movie have a legit point, or is it just something bipolar people use to justif…[View]
81927363What was the deal with the early 00s obsession with celebrity gossip culture? There were entire cred…[View]
81930136Best Plotwists in Movies: Post'em. I go with Fight Club when we realize that Brad Pitt was a gh…[View]
81928501Give me your favourite recipe[View]
81922056I barely enjoy tv shows anymore, I remembered when this first aired and the first 2 seasons felt lik…[View]
81930098I'm bored /tv/ recc me the nasties movies you know![View]
81914264ANAKIN, CHANCELLOR PALPATINE IS EVIL: Why didn't Anakin turn to the light side after this?…[View]
81929042This wasn't even scary[View]
81927455How do people suffer through musicals? The songs are never even that good.[View]
81929960We compromised, sometimes in ways that made us not sleep so well. But we did it so people could be f…[View]
81929942ITT scenes that made you rock hard[View]
81927911Pathetic Kevin Smith: >filthy fat beast desperately aware that an actual fully figured female is …[View]
81927993so which is the most powerful entity in star wars universe? or as you neckbeard virgins would say, t…[View]
81927806Where can i download Rome in good quality? Can't seem to find this shit anywhere.[View]
81928371>there are people on this planet who think that pic related was better than Logan…[View]
81923308>destroys a planet engaged in active war against the empire that has a huge portion of rebel lead…[View]
81926848>Just arrived from watch this BEST ACTION FILM EVER[View]
81929831What happened to your queer party friends?[View]
81929784James Bond slapping women: Sean Connery > Slapped that Russian woman in the face on that train in…[View]
81929731How the writers would do a musical description of a major character of guardians of the galaxy: inte…[View]
81929702>you will never take part in the greatest television viewing experience of all time If you weren…[View]
81916119Was Cara Delevingne Slimmed Down With VFX for ‘Suicide Squad’?: >A new look at the visual effects…[View]
81929634>Cancelled season 4 WHYYYYY[View]
81927037HAHA NICE! I just love how Thor was like,' we know each other, he's a friend from work!' XD LOV…[View]
81924706what was his fucking problem??[View]
81929443I need a must watch list Because i am free from work fo a month Preferably series, but movies are ni…[View]
81929076So I did the math: And I think Baneposting was planned from the very beginning. It can't be oth…[View]
81928953Why do nu males hate this show so much? Is it because of the obvious pun? It's a pretty above d…[View]
81928280Deadwood: What is this cup called and where can I get one?[View]
81929244>Dr Pavel, I'm queer. I'm gay. I'm homosexual. I'm a poof, I'm a poofter…[View]
81923541Is The President Show going to make comedy central great again?[View]
81929345https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-TlDvH1EjgE HNNNNNNNNNNNNG[View]
81928061The Chinese Fireball, ooooooooooh![View]
81927595A live action cowboy bebop is going to happen, you are in charge. Name the actors for the cast and t…[View]
81927351Whoa, could you imagine that? A 40 year old virgin?[View]
81928864So what was the final consensus on the quality of this joke? Because I don't get it and neither…[View]
81925379>this kid sneaks upon your girlfriend while you're in cinema and gropes her What do you do,…[View]
81929169Favorite Star Trek quotes: I HATE YOU -Luke sky walker[View]
81923129Where did all the chart threads go? They were surprisingly helpful on finding new films to watch. I…[View]
81928997Can we discuss this movie?[View]
81928954Really enjoying this movie so far[View]
81928883hey, Count Chocula![View]
81928713>'From the moment I met you, all those years ago, not a day has gone by when I haven't thoug…[View]
81924830/nra/ - non-reddit animation general: Only discuss non-reddit cartoons ITT[View]
81925548ITT: Movies that everyone knows, but no one has actually seen.[View]
81928799I've been on Reddit now for nearly a month to see if it is as bad as everyone on 4chan says. An…[View]
81928798Dude these 2 old CD players are at least 100 bucks each[View]
81927669And remember kids! There's no hope with dope! How high were they?[View]
81926551Well, that was pretty kino.[View]
81928665Tell ya what prisoner. Ya roll a seven, you walk tomorrah. Anything else, it's another dime.[View]
81925338King: Skull Island: Was it kino >colour scheme >that opening scene >tom hiddles intro scene…[View]
81928418A niggeeeehyr[View]
81925041Was it kino? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qrO4YZeyl0I What are some truly great music videos? And…[View]
81927028>tfw your friend puts on a yify rip[View]
81927695>there are people who think Bane is the villain Ha. Plebs. Bane is but an animal - driven entirel…[View]
81923915дpyзья World кoнeц? th͓̞͈͚͉̫i̺̝̤̟̪̩͈n̖̭͍̘̲͡g̨̖͖̲̲̙̦ͅs̖͉̗̜̯͔ ̢̞a̟͟ṟ͜e̖̮͓̩͠ ̷͖͎̩n̵̲o͢t̜͉̬͡ ͖͉͞w̶͇͉̜̥…[View]
81928328>It's a Chuck wanders around the house for 90 minutes episode[View]
81927659What would have happened if Obi-Wan faced the emperor and Yoda fought Anakin?[View]
81927762>'He needs medical attention right away, or...' >*dramatic pause* >'....or what?'…[View]
81925856A Serbian celebrity that looks like Bella Throne[View]
81926758Cop show recommendations: Just finished Southland, twas great. Any other good recs? Also Sammy was t…[View]
81926622What are some movies that deal with the crushing feeling of not getting what you want?[View]
81928170/tv/ vs. reddit: Looks like reddit has finally drawn the line in the sand. https://www.reddit.com/r/…[View]
81923394ITT: the most badass moments from Rick and Morty.[View]
81928024Lincoln Stern, you stand here accused of 12 counts of murder in the first degree, 14 counts of armed…[View]
81927859>wake up >look out window >see this wat do…[View]
81923906now that the dust has settled, was he one of us?[View]
81926549Please help me understand budget breakdown: So, according to this: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt49915…[View]
81927893Grandma Tarkin lol[View]
81926678Ummm, fuck off?[View]
81922600MST3K IS DEAD: >GoT references >Furiosa/Mad Max references >fucking white male jokes >So…[View]
81925952Fuck, this was such a good film I could watch Kurt Russell beating up southern chicks all day long[View]
81927869Who are some actors you never thought would become A list? pic related[View]
81921666>I would trade good ratings for a better president Why is he so based?[View]
81927591Modern Day Slavery: Checkmate alt right. https://youtu.be/o_CyMqQBO8w[View]
81926591Morty turns into a car: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zj1iFepz9Lw Morty turns into a car…[View]
81910101What's the best James Bond film?[View]
81927627ITT: Movies that blew their load way too early[View]
81927190we came we saw WE KICKED ITS ASS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DFM140rju4k[View]
81927581>The original ambiguous ending of the movie was changed to a 'happy ending' for the US release Wh…[View]
81927580Who is Savitar?: Savitar's identity has not yet been revealed, but I do have some candidates th…[View]
81927508Has Marky-Mark Wahlberg ever gotten the recognition he truly deserves for ending the Vietnam War?[View]
81927483>Sir/Madam, we are doing everything we can to find your children. >Do you have children, Detec…[View]
81927436Who is the Franz Schubert of television and film?[View]
81927146Psychoanalyse Samuel Hyde.[View]
81924638best twin peaks wifey[View]
81925133Not a /pol/tard and not particularly invested in politics, so don't come in here calling me an …[View]
81926117>when you look through sci-fi trash that's been released recently and find something decent …[View]
81922626Whats the best season from the Simpsons /tv?[View]
81927336>be one of the most powerful Force users in the galaxy >get defeated by household objects B R …[View]
81927329/twihard/ General: Get in here boys >Best Girl? >Best Scene? >Best Film? >tfw no comfy…[View]
81927320Why was the Bridge of the Excelsior so damn big? Thankfully they fixed it in Star Trek VI[View]
81927269I just watched The Night Manager mini series based on a book by John le Carré. What should I watch n…[View]
81927184>You have different accents? You did, didn't yer? You little fucken snake!…[View]
81926669>Jim, i called off my wedding because of you and now we're not even friends it broke my hear…[View]
81927074Pity Party General: >real life will never be better than the movies, that's why we all like …[View]
81926894>just because R&M is liked by Redditors doesn't mean it's a Reddit show! I wouldn…[View]
81922077/bgt/ Britain's Got Talent general Get in here lads Mulhern best girl[View]
81927124What did she mean by this?[View]
81924418>me, personally... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PsVJZ1xNHpA[View]
81927075So they forgave him for Han? Poor Han he was to good for the team.[View]
81926930Is MEMRI TV the best television channel?[View]
81922584What do you do in a situation like this? You play along hoping they let you go eventually, or jump o…[View]
81909595can we agree that Bobby was /ourguy/?[View]
81922475What's the Marvel word for 'copycat'?[View]
81926608>movie contains strobe light[View]
81926036Why was Cooper old in the first appearance of the red room? https://youtu.be/xw9bpuJRoyU[View]
81924887>Samurai Kino night Are you ready?[View]
81926561What the actual fuck?[View]
81923144Voila! In view a humble vaudevillian veteran, cast vicariously as both victim and villain by the vi…[View]
81924847did he fuck her?[View]
81926558serial killer movies/series Poster: killers(2014)[View]
81923299What's some good Creepy Small Town kino?[View]
81925476Absolute kino. Was Harry /our guy/?[View]
81925386Best Riverdale Girl?: >pic related Also, no episode this week?[View]
81911965BASED Tom Cruise: is there a more skilled actor in Hollywood RIGHT NOW?[View]
81925015Movies that increased yout testosterone levels[View]
81926167How did Paramount fuck up so badly?[View]
81924721Shadow of the Empire for Nintendo 64: Anyone play this on Nintendo 64? Think this story, or the main…[View]
81924966Harry Potter and the films you should watch: > Watch the first and the second film and don't…[View]
81926283DUN DUN[View]
81925380let's talk about this absolute kino[View]
81925984>filthy fat beast desperately aware that an actual fully figured female is on stage with him on L…[View]
81926145>when Chad actors meet ultra Chad actor[View]
81924742>Leave Sauron to me What did he mean by this?[View]
81924997MINDBLOWING: Just realised that Flash Thompson from spiderman is playing Deathstroke in Ben Affleck …[View]
81926024So should I watch The Driver, read the book, watch La Samourai, meet Ryan Gosling, direct my own sho…[View]
81925947is he really the personification of reddit?[View]
81924685ITT: Childhood kino: Pretty impressive considering they just wanted to sell toys.[View]
81925934Have there been any other actors that are as enlightened as Steven Seagal?[View]
81925985>American Dad has surpassed The Simpsons How does this make you feel?[View]
81925983>there's just something about cars/computers/water/flying that just...RELAXES me…[View]
81922118The Hobbit was a shit trilogy but damn, this was a good character amirite?[View]
81925908Bane ?: John Murphy I'm Jaha[View]
81922603Westworld: That's our sheriff's horse you Son of a bitch![View]
81924593Scarjo-Mcconaughey love story movie when? vid-related https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zHCWvMt5VCA…[View]
81925650YOU'RE DEAD TO ME[View]
81925499What went wrong?[View]
81922134>Final fight >Villain has the hero at his mercy... picks him up and throws him across the room…[View]
81924949Hey Earl[View]
81925509John Wick 2: Is there a John Wick 2 HD stream yet? All I can find are Cams, but it's out of the…[View]
81925492The big debate. >Which one was better? >Which one makes you most nostalgic? https://www.youtub…[View]
81923772>Kitchen nightmares US 30 minutes of inaudible screeching and jumpcuts >Kitchen nightmares UK …[View]
81925356/RDG/ - Riverdale General | Ctrl+F 'Riverdale' - 0 results: Let's get a second thread going tod…[View]
81916895>Kirsten Dunst to Star in Live Adaptation of Sailor Moon https://youtu.be/C0X3CLJVMJU?t=25s WHEN …[View]
81920972What does /tv/ think of this?[View]
81914489UMM, STAR WARS FANS??[View]
81924852>one week >$770m nerds BTFO[View]
81924698>Filming in Dominican Republic was suspended during October 2005 due to raucous behavior from the…[View]
81918787Why is she so hot, vros?[View]
81917975Modern/urban fantasy: I'm pretty fucking bored at this point, so I figured, why not? Aside from…[View]
81925117What are some good pro-science (pro-facts) film and television?[View]
81924825Short Movies: What are some quality short movies?[View]
81925018>the whole titty But seriously, where did it start going wrong for him?…[View]
81924671When will we have some actual King Arthur kino /tv/? New movies looks like trash. Literally the hero…[View]
81925003Shit movies that you love.[View]
81924989/tv/: >biopic when?[View]
81924797ITT: dated movie quotes/references: >'Smoking or non-smoking?' bless those '80s people, they…[View]
81924878Trying to remember a movie where a man gets throw into a pit and cement is poured into it, killing h…[View]
81922526Well I just heard, the news today. Seems like my life, is gonna change[View]
81924919Anyone seen the new alien kino? I really want to see it just for the fact that I love alien movies, …[View]
81923676What the fuck did I just watch?[View]
81923542Who was the better spiderman?[View]
81899170What is the password?[View]
81921552>Your three and four year old comes up to you >Hey dad, know any good movies to watch?…[View]
81924678You can see any character from any series perfectly cast for a parody porno Who is it and why is it …[View]
81924739Hello, can anyone give the introduction, rising action, conflict, climax, falling action and resolut…[View]
81924691Why did the British remake of The Office do so poorly that they ended it after two seasons?: I guess…[View]
81923462Is Sam Hyde /ourguy/?[View]
81924288What the fuck was his problem?[View]
81919090What's your favorite film based on a real historical event? Pic related is mine.[View]
81919818Sexy and funny. Is there anything this woman can't do?[View]
81921332What is your favorite episode?[View]
81920906ITT: real life people you would like to see an inevitable biopic about, and who would play them.[View]
81924539Ben Wheatley (Kill List, High Rise) was offered to direct Batman vs Superman: KEK WB first choice wa…[View]
81924053Me me me[View]
81914787Could THIS be anymore of a Friends thread?[View]
81920337Ticket Stubs: ITT we post proof ticket stubs and judge each other.[View]
81923038Stranger Things season 2: What happened to Stranger Things season 2? There's been no news since…[View]
81924342Was this cartoonkino?[View]
81921564when did you find out that those two are not the same person?[View]
81924021>there will never a season 3 of Rome >there will never be a continuation of Rome focusing on t…[View]
81924093What was that movie where a corrections officer forced some sort of larva down a prisoners throat? P…[View]
81923689>character sees couples at the park: >buys a super soaker and sprays them with orange juice…[View]
81908457Ain't that the truth.[View]
81919474>jumping on the by-now passe 'Mandela Effect' meme >SPONSORED Sonic 2006 AVGN review…[View]
81918722My motto is if you want to pass the gate you've got to make money to get a sticker.[View]
81924008wtf I hate Turkey now[View]
81921100You've just remembered this movie existed.: You're welcome. I bet no one else can post suc…[View]
81923369With mustard?[View]
81920400>tfw no beautiful mathematical genius squirter gf[View]
81923889How will SJWs ever recover?[View]
81923840ITT: Movies with legendary 3rd acts[View]
81923821Why is Snyder's Metropolis so cloudy? Nolan's Gotham had brighter days[View]
81923755Why are the mods trying to protect her? Has she not come out as trans to the general public?[View]
81923691name a better pleb filter pro tip: if it didn't have a huge audience, it's not a very good…[View]
81923634>What kind of monster are you? >The Wolverine…[View]
81923607Which was the better fantasy sitcom, Wizards of Waverly Place or Sabrina the Teenage Witch? I watche…[View]
81906483/lbg/: Letterboxd thread: post profiles and discuss what you recently watched QOTD: What did you rec…[View]
81923246>that ending Did he really give up, /tv/?[View]
81923278ITT: Kino Intros: I'll start: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pLFqeXm_5X4[View]
81919598why does every board on 4chan love /tv/?[View]
81916389Suck my wrinkly old cock and no slacking[View]
81923463MEAL NICE AND HOT[View]
81923441IM STINKY WINKY[View]
81923219What did Quentin mean by this?[View]
81915070Is it kino?[View]
81919114ITT: Movies you quit watching almost instantly: Pic related I don't even know why I even bother…[View]
81920514Would you do something like this in real life?[View]
81923351>dun dun duh-duh-duh-dunn, din din din din, ne-ne, ne-ne, ne-ne starts playing…[View]
81919269>character gets given a gun >the bullets come out that end…[View]
81921828>but dicaprio and pitt dont me any favors[View]
81920539Steamed hams[View]
81923090The Leftovers Thread: >It's a Jill walks around in ugly granny panties episode…[View]
81921384Name a better comedy. Don't worry, I'll wait.[View]
81923252>Dude there are no pictures of the Earth from space. All governments are on this. They want us to…[View]
81922980Why are there no movies about the group B era of rally? Who wouldn't want to watch 90-120 minut…[View]
81916233Is his new Netflix show any good. All the reviews say it's way too political.[View]
81921817>brendan fraser didn't do a good job in lord of the ri-[View]
81923134Best movie of 2017[View]
81922675this and szechuan sauce are my favorite gags. dan harmon is so brave for putting parenthesis around …[View]
81917612Admit it, /tv/, Jedi were a mistake >b-b-but my lazer swords grow up[View]
81922438>Movie has an AI in it >The AI is evil Don't they realise that it's impossible for a…[View]
81922846Why thank ye, Jack[View]
81922830>Episode 1: Depressed guy finds out he has magic powers and is admitted to wizarding college >…[View]
81923051What happened to our culture?[View]
81922998*blocks your path*[View]
81914979Damn, this shit is good. Also, will there be more Aubrey Plaza cause she's waifu material in th…[View]
81921773The Fast and the Furious - rank them /tv/: 5 > 1 > 6 > 2 > 8 > 3 > 7 > 4[View]
81922948ITT: Rick and Morty gags which make you laugh every time. This and Szechuan sauce are hilarious![View]
81897086Flight Plan R, sir?[View]
81922906Hey tv/ I'll be starting a short 2 month course 'script to screen' starting in a few weeks and …[View]
81922902Your daily reminder that Shrek is a genuine kino.[View]
81921427>You know, Harry, with great magic talent comes great responsibility. Salazar Slytherin called it…[View]
81922855>so you're a 4chan mod wow, that site is very popular you must make a lot of money…[View]
81922825ITT: Pleb litmus tests: If someone's favorite animated television show is not King of The Hill,…[View]
81920884how did she do it? how did she stop kylo's mind probing by looking into HIS head?[View]
81921251Could Samuel Hyde have a chance at playing the next Dr. Who?[View]
81921546drink up drink up my friend drink up the obama kool-aid[View]
81922235Can we stop the so called white washing bullshit? Asians in anime are clearly Asian. And the whites …[View]
81922542An army of Jesus Christ which bears his holy cross cannot be beaten!!![View]
81922515Is this kino?[View]
81918168GODZILLA BTFO[View]
81919236What did she mean by this?[View]
81920750How you doin'?[View]
81922435post offensive borderline nazi sitcoms[View]
81917575So now that the dust has settled we can all agree that this is Andersons best film?[View]
81920934Why does Snyder make all his villains gay?[View]
81918072so.... alex jones https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ebhNRF5r4Ts[View]
81919480/tmo/ - Take Me Out: I miss Shauni[View]
81921253I don't get it[View]
81922208What 'is' normie anyway?[View]
81922132Why won't she be mine? I wish I was more attractive like Douglas. Still one can only dream.[View]
81919914The events of United Airlines has really saddened me. Give me some Plane-kino.[View]
81922009I didn't kill my wife![View]
81921411Back against the wall and odds: Who /rewatching Drive for the 18th time alone on a Friday night/ her…[View]
81921034What was the best Howard Stern bit? This for me. Two retards fighting in the ring. https://www.yout…[View]
81922053That's even weirder than seeing Michael Chiklis with hair Should you just shave it all off at t…[View]
81919926Was instromentality a mistake?[View]
81920111'...the very air you breathe is a poisonous fume.' really? The hobbits didn't have any respirat…[View]
81917767How did this shit movie with a clearly resolved conflict as an ending get 2 additional movies, 3 ent…[View]
81921954If I force myself to be social, people will know more about me. They'll know how much of a comp…[View]
81921938What are you're top 5 list?[View]
81915850Go ahead, anon, pitch your idea. You have 5 minutes.[View]
81921798Youtube music video: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRgiM0a5ndjC_A3mm11mhVA[View]
81921291What's /tv/'s go to movie(s) to watch when sick? For me it's always Lord of the Rings…[View]
81921838/jennaral/ >If Pam wants to show more cleavage, she should be able to. I encourage that. But did …[View]
81921832He was playing this 'Tomb Raider' game where he was a girl.[View]
81921675I don't like sand. It's coarse and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere.[View]
81921775Which part of the 00s had better movies and television? Early or late?[View]
81921622Western kino thread[View]
81919506>A poet... They should've sent a poet.[View]
81921731How come he don't want me, man?[View]
81921548>2 movies >0 blowjobs But why?[View]
81919768Thor isn't some whacky goofy roller coaster ride like guardians of the galaxy. It is based off …[View]
81920520>'A sweet-faced boy of twelve told me proudly that he had seen Star Wars over a hundred times? I …[View]
81914620>Could this BE anymore of a Friends thread? Well could it?[View]
81921661You fill your face with popcorn you dumb fat cows: Eat the slop before the slaughter you fucking pig…[View]
81920188Bane?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D-ELMbDaGa8[View]
81918757Recommend me some nature kinos /tv/[View]
81921562What was his plan again?[View]
81921549*record scratch* Now I know what you're thinking[View]
81921395What does /tv/ think of Gas Station TV? >yes, it's a real channel Prettt sure they have ori…[View]
81921394Is it possible to like Sam Hyde without being /pol/?[View]
81921474What are some movies about horribly failing your major's class and lab and panicking out of dro…[View]
81920804Young Adult Dystopia: This thread is to discuss your favorite movies based on the young adult dystop…[View]
81920396What actors, directors, etc. you didn't like growing up now you go wtf I love x now.?[View]
81916557Cast it[View]
81920232>You were my brother, Anakin! I loved you. How would Disney handle this scene?…[View]
81921317>tfw I'm having a son in 2 months and i'll get to watch him experience these films for …[View]
81915339/who/ - Doctor Who general: Young Chibbers edition Check out some angry tripfags: >>81911596…[View]
81921147what are some movies about misunderstood comedians? I like the King of Comedy, there is anymore?[View]
81919173What did she mean by this?[View]
81918369Has there ever been a movie that showcased women realistically?[View]
81919430Let's see CIA's card[View]
81920863Anything similar to these 2? By that I mean spooky/supernatural that's heavy on the investigati…[View]
81919586>Character goes through mountainous trials and risks life and limb to save a girl >She doesn…[View]
81917963Troma thread? Favorite movies, Least favorite movies, best deaths, memories, discuss it all here. My…[View]
81901238>rewatching LOST >Stranger in a Strange Land is the next episode…[View]
81918896Is the sequel any good?[View]
81919735Hye... Can I get a gine and tonic? About 50% gin pleas.e.... and the other 50% gin as well. Thank[View]
81920061>character pisses in the sink >doesn't spray blood all over the kitchen appliances…[View]
81919996Snyderman is a killer DC SUCKS WAAA WAA: FUCK OF MARVEAL KEKS[View]
81920704Hahahaha: >the majority of this board thinks this faggot is talented >the majority of this boa…[View]
81915266Who was in the wrong?[View]
81915523Wtf was his problem?[View]
81912194>Left is Reddit >Right is 4chan[View]
81920205I loved this: It was everything I wanted it to be.[View]
81920499So the fate of the Furious was Vin Diesal having a kid? Pretty anticlimactic.[View]
81899632Webm Thread - Friday edition: It is still Friday. Post what you have.[View]
81920131Celebrity Aging / Cosmetic Surgery Thread: How do you go from this...[View]
81918562Could this be any more OF a Friends thread?[View]
81911842After the first two episodes of Dark Matter there's going to be a segment called After Dark whe…[View]
81920078THE PROMISE: I know it's going to bomb because it's opening weekend and not a single threa…[View]
81919934Who was in the wrong here?[View]
81919074Hello. I just built my first PC and I'm interested in ripping my Blu-ray library. I've got…[View]
81920440/axilla+tummy/ general[View]
81920365Are you watching the 4th season? Thoughts?[View]
81902711>dem tits >dat ass >dick sucking lips >fabulously wealthy family that does ridiculous fa…[View]
81915300Remember kids, this is what racism does to you. He had everything figured out. A great life, friends…[View]
81918439Death note film: Why didn't they cast him as Light?[View]
81920230>i dont smoke while watching patrician films[View]
81910118The Sopranos: What was the point of the Melfi Rape sub-plot?[View]
81920276>Let's take a look over at anon's station and see what he's making...…[View]
81920141Best portrayals of God and/or Satan Peter Stormare was pretty good.[View]
81914281Any good movies about technology too advanced for humanity to handle?[View]
81913905>celebs come on /tv/ to shitpost other A-listers >celebs come on /tv/ to call themselves based…[View]
81913277d e a d l i n e s: ITT : post any movie with a deadline, something like the main character got 100 d…[View]
81920022I've been tasked to write about movie trailers. I am supposed to pick a trailer and write an 80…[View]
81917254Who the fuck talks to their child like that? I wish someone would call child services on this fucker…[View]
81918965>Now I'm cleaning up and I'm moving on, going straight and choosing life. I'm look…[View]
81914022TWIN PEAKS KINDA SUCKS: Okay, I just poured myself a damn good cup of coffee. Let's talk about …[View]
81917958This movie changed my life.[View]
81917414Actors shooting rifles: Firearm specialists > Wear earplugs when firing a gun or rifle Actors …[View]
81918337Kino trivia: Troy McClure's daughter (singer/pornstar) sang 'You Got Me Burnin'' in Techno…[View]
81919877Forget it Jake, it's /tv/-town[View]
81919959/Pod/cast General: What do you listen to, /tv/? I just finished this. It's alright, I suppose.…[View]
81916231https://youtu.be/C0X3CLJVMJU What did Mary Jane mean by this?[View]
81913160Have you seen this kino /tv/? Spoiler : It's not about cannibalism [View]
81919816Mesa Verde, I'm C.H.U.C.K[View]
81919908GIVE ME YOUR FACE[View]
81917356>by George R.R. Martin[View]
81918330God I hate these soulless chinks and their hardcoded subtitles![View]
81919701What are some movies where someone graphically wets their pants?[View]
81919776That's a big rainbow[View]
81918876bigheads: Will this be kino?[View]
81913393Did your video store growing up have any specials? Which special would you usually get?[View]
81918384Is Hollywood specifically trolling Asians?[View]
81918363Is he the wisest actor?[View]
81918557What would you say to your waifu if you ever met her, anons?[View]
81919628What did Tom Bombadil mean by this?[View]
81919447Bri/tv/ Saturday night thread Take Me Out now and Britain's Got Talent later[View]
81919562What did Mrs. Wilde do to get enough money to get her son the Junior Ranger Scout uniform as well as…[View]
81919226waaaaah this show iz bad cuz its gay xD and plebbit likes it :3333 haha fucking fags go watch REAL a…[View]
81916965Who should play her (him) in the inevitable biopig?[View]
81918812fuck you, i liked it.[View]
81919324the most interesting man in the world is creepy stay thirsty my friends[View]
81919191ITT: Rare pictures of the plane scene.[View]
81918640So I'm 30 minutes into the first episode of Iron fist and I just can't understand the bad …[View]
81918360How big would he be if his videos came out now?[View]
81919142Can videogames be kino?[View]
81919040Something seems off here[View]
81917464Hey, QUEER[View]
81917365 [View]
81915552itt: movies /tv/ pretend to dislike[View]
81918992>I got dirt on you, doggy. Did Killa Cam know??? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zPjUsu2-QMQ…[View]
81917546Tale of tales: Thoughts on this one?[View]
81914219Passengers criticism: Is this fair?[View]
81917383Best voice actor[View]
81918923Seriously... what did he mean by this? http://www.pinknews.co.uk/2017/04/19/breaking-bad-star-claim…[View]
81915438Leftists like to bitch about the Shyamladingdong's Fire Nation being entirely casted from India…[View]
81918632Best series EVER[View]
81917626post ABSOLUTE KINOs[View]
81918886for you femanons out there: whats your favorite movie?[View]
81915282Will it complete the trilogy of Apekino or suffer from the final movie curse?[View]
81916896At which season should it have ended?[View]
81918856What did he mean by this?[View]
81916366Every. Fucking. Time.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4eDxjxVl8S0 >It's another (((chosen o…[View]
81917628Is this show real? How is it possible they get 24 hours at home after being convicted? Maybe Im reta…[View]
81914129Now you remember this shit[View]
81915853What are the most memorable fims and shows of the 2010's so far?[View]
81916579Mwaaaaaah the frensh[View]
81915908To accidently click /g/ instead of /tv/[View]
81913195Is he the worst Villain ever?: I hated how whiney and ineffective Kylo Ren was. They start the movie…[View]
81918354Can we see superhuman speed and reflexes in this next movie. Normies and Plicket fags were too dumb …[View]
81917917I know it's old, but I just found out. What does /tv/ think about it ? Looks like Mary Sue, the…[View]
81917710What are your favorite silent movies /tv/?[View]
81898919ITT: Moves that could never be made today[View]
81915632Have you ever dreamed of starting an independent production company? If so, what would you do to mak…[View]
81916696>tfw hollywood will never again release a single original movie a-at least they capeshit industry…[View]
81918367kino within a kino[View]
81913940New movie: What do you guys think about this? have you seen the trailer? some people think its gonna…[View]
81917647where is he now?[View]
81917294>people prefer Scully over this[View]
81912995What went so horribly, horribly wrong?[View]
81918199What are some movies?[View]
81908193Seriously ? What fucking moron thought it was a good idea ? Christ the restart couldn't have be…[View]
81917047ITT: Dead memes you miss[View]
81918031I don't get it.[View]
81916727Did people really like her character?: I thought she was WAY too fucking frazzled with not enough de…[View]
81915042Will it ever be topped?[View]
81914640Was is autism?[View]
81917693Will this film complete the system of German Idealism?[View]
81917877ITT: Failed career threads[View]
81911199Fix your kinowatching posture.[View]
81916225The lesson of this film: people with money have way more fun.[View]
81916821It's her birthday today! say something nice about her[View]
81905901How did they get away with this?: Jewish parody by Tom Cruise[View]
81912498Is jazz REALLY dead? Does jazz listeners have autism like our goose?[View]
81914574Does anyone else feel the new Star Wars film would be better if it was set in a completely different…[View]
81912903Darmok & Jalad at Tanagra[View]
81917590huhhhh white males can you please like not watch my show you problematic shitlords thank you![View]
81916805Stan Lee's Cameo in GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 2: In the film we see him hanging out on the m…[View]
81915510Where my strongwaifus at? Don't even watch TWD anymore but that arm man.[View]
81914093Describe a film without saying the name, guess others: Literally nothing happens: the movie pic not …[View]
81912400Are you looking forward to Han Solo film?: >'No, not really' KEK https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
81906405Why is /tv/ now trying to make out Mark Hamill to be this heartless bastard who looks down on Star W…[View]
81916753>in this thread you must wait >until you roll a 5 or 8…[View]
81916333>had a gf nick-named Randy cause she was a ho and I was really into trailer park boys at that tim…[View]
81916917Doing a Rick and Morty marathon with some friends after the March for Science. Give me your top 10 e…[View]
81917261Bill Murray: Goodnight sweet prince. September 21, 1950-April 22, 2017[View]
81917039How can I watch this as a burger? My Norwegian friend says it's kino as fuck but I don't …[View]
81917305Dr. Grant, I'm DNA[View]
81917256>trailer for a drama flick >moonlight sonata starts playing…[View]
81907152Is it possible not to like Wallace and Gromit?[View]
81916790How would you make The Big Bang Theory sitcom kino with three improvements or less[View]
81908786>person commits suicide >DON'T blame everybody living on planet Earth >in Gi…[View]
81916953based hamill: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ICiNsGCwvBA[View]
81913534Brexit: The Movie in the works at Warner Bros: http://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/films…[View]
81916923The amazing fight scenes and horrible story is making me want some kung fu kino in my life. Help me …[View]
81916093Post /ourguys/misunderstood /tv/ characters[View]
81903659What is the best comedy series on TV right now?[View]
81916735This was... excessive[View]
819160713x3 thread Rate/hate/masturbate https://bighugelabs.com/mosaic.php[View]
81916592My name is… Void zula, the mic rula, the old schoola, you want a trip, I’ll bring it to ya Voidlock …[View]
81915023>crabs: Is he................. may I say it? /ourguy/?[View]
81914991Anything similar ?[View]
81909930>I know you could've been thinking it could be me and we were all thinking why wasn't i…[View]
81915437Why does Jerry like Titanic so much?[View]
81916509My motto is if you want to pass this gate you've got to give money or get those stickers. Muh s…[View]
81913966>America >First World pick one[View]
81916475xenokino incoming[View]
81914863/trek/: Dr. Bashir? I'm FCA[View]
81915583ITT ambitious scenes that fall short >one take >bunch of characters and stuntman >complex c…[View]
81914736So I just watched this, and holy shit, this was 96% on RT? Don't get me wrong though. I mean, i…[View]
81916346>there are people who actually think Twin Peaks season 3 will be good after Inland Empire…[View]
81911688You have 10 seconds to explain why I just watched a two hour McDonalds commercial.[View]
81915746>character is sitting in a philosophy class >not where are we, why are we…[View]
81915264What's his endgame?[View]
81915088good or gay?[View]
81916141Leftovers/Fargo: >is Carrie coon hot? i would crawl across a mile of glass just to hear her fart …[View]
81915856Remember when filmmakers didn't rely on hamfisted, forced 'muh gurl power' propaganda to sell t…[View]
81916025>1936 >meme hat is this historically accurate?…[View]
81900070Trailer Kino: Only the best of the best trailers. I'll start. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f…[View]
81913812>Jennifer Lawrence falls asleep using the working pod. >Chris pratt takes her out and puts her…[View]
81915365>Bane >In a plane >Wearing a mask Is Nolan trying to bait us?…[View]
81915229Oh no. Okay, need a new favorite Nick/Mouse actress. Any suggestions? Peyton?[View]
81913637Any funny audio commentaries?[View]
81914579After watching Miss Peregrine's I kept thinking about how perfect Butterfield would have been f…[View]
81915435Anyone watching this?[View]
81915859was this movie suppose to be boring pretentious bullshit or did I miss the point?[View]
81915972Angels and Demons is so much better than The DaVinci Code How does Inferno hold up against the other…[View]
81911781Which celebrities know too much?[View]
81915271Reminder: Rita, Sue and Bob Too.[View]
81915516What's your mom's favorite movie?[View]
81906081Well this was stupid[View]
81913084ITT: Crime Kino Just watched Violent Cop and Sonatine what should I watch next?[View]
81915699My YouTube: Can /tv/ give me some feedback??? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SP0irnxna2U&lc=z12…[View]
81910783'Hey, let's all hug Apu.' :3[View]
81915687The Bane rises.[View]
81903276What was the moment in a movie that turned you into a man?[View]
81890959Which episode of The Simpsons is the best? Discuss, call each other faggots, and have fun.[View]
81914475Is this accurate?[View]
81911551Why is this movie so good?[View]
81913366You like Huey Lewis and the News?[View]
81911596/who/ - Doctor Who General: wanderer isn't racist edition[View]
81915297More kinos like that?[View]
81913823What's his power level?[View]
81915185shows that women wouldn't understand[View]
81914946Why is he so popular among nerds?[View]
81913989>problem child 2 so someone who works on this show goes on this board right they even mentioned d…[View]
81914553Business Card: What do you think about my new card? The color is Bone. And the lettering is Silian R…[View]
81914408im all in[View]
81908258>be an accomplished Shakespearian theater actor >only known for prequel memes…[View]
81909489Who was in the wrong here? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ihXq_WwiWM[View]
81915015Is this podkino? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9P5PtVGtVYA[View]
81906422It's gonna take some time to realize[View]
81914826Don't go away because next on Fox Kids.[View]
81913239What are some /tv/ approved intellectuals? No pseuds please.[View]
81914772*delivers fast food 100x faster than it's delivered today* 'What do you mean my food is here. I…[View]
81914801>le floppy hair comedian[View]
81914133What's your favorite 90s movies?[View]
81912985>this simple American cartton is objectively better than every anime from the past decade How wil…[View]
81912374>be tall alpha mob boss feared by everyone >ends up marrying old dried up Stacy who had so man…[View]
81913340Fast and Furious: Post your ideas for the next FF movie, I'll start >Mr. Nobody reveals to t…[View]
81913736Did you ever eat Tasty Wheat?[View]
81912603Holy shit that was good. One of my all time favorites now. Name other movies you didn't know wh…[View]
81914160Its a everybody pretends Vin Diesel is even remotely badass movie[View]
81914510ITT: things that would actually do animekino live action[View]
81912102/tv/, its anon. /tv/anon. You're my favourite board so I think you should know I've made a…[View]
81913504Literally the only problem with CGI is that it makes directors lazy and they heap all the work on po…[View]
81914460Was deserts not the best from the entire series? >the bat[View]
81914436How well is this going to do? Also, Amerifat business at its finest http://a.co/8fqRFkn[View]
81909608>Sorry, sorry, Frodo didnt mean any disrespect... Didn't mean any disrespect, Aragorn are yo…[View]
81914282Why can't films nowadays have sincere scenes like this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rCY_Hjv…[View]
819141122 episodes in and this is cliched as fuck. picked it up for the man in black and my name is my name.…[View]
81914309If you weren't impressed by this you don't deserve to post here and you obviously haven…[View]
81912973A Force user could kill a target by moving a blood vessel in the brain just 1 mm. So why do they fig…[View]
81904927RLM slams 4chan contrarians: 'If you're not watching Rick and Morty you're an idiot' https…[View]
81911904Our nigga is back. Anyone else watch his Netflix specials? >implying I pay for Netflix Just watch…[View]
81912806>when you realise the flick you threw on is actually kino[View]
81913751Why doesn't /tv/ like JJ Abrams?: I mean, The Force Awakens is one of the most popular Star War…[View]
81913436Two questions: 1. Why did this guy not have a career after Goodfellas? Seriously he's only been…[View]
81914189Oooooh friend![View]
81910608Revenge of the nerds: Is this basically alt-right the movie?[View]
81913993What are some good Japanese comedy movies?[View]
81912630Will there be something as good? The Young Pope came close[View]
81913738What the fuck is his problem?[View]
81912490Everyday when you're walking down the street[View]
81907691>student film >ends with a character pulling out a gun >cut to black, gunshot…[View]
81913035Shouldn't we just give in to the British?[View]
81913675Still looks good: >over a decade old animation >looks better than Tarkin I have a theory as to…[View]
81913779Wanna know how I got these scahs? Well...[View]
81913573Have you ever heard of ''manifest destiny''?[View]
81913726Did he have the extra ticket? What was his end game?[View]
81913724>its a ricky shrill-laughs like a fucking banshee but have to have the volume up because karl…[View]
81907358She can't keep getting away with it[View]
81911255Amber Heard has her Car pimped: classic episode: AMAZING PERSONALITY! https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
81911959>hardboiled detective character is on the phone >he hangs up while the conversation is still g…[View]
81912329BIG bang theory is right lol[View]
81912091This is Paul Verhoeven. he is a Dutch movie director. Say something nice about him![View]
81895455Why Superman and Supergirl don't have kids to save their race?[View]
81913085I look like cable TV![View]
81913455Is this kino?[View]
81913350Why is it that in Episode 5 they are referring to Luke as 'Skywalker's son' but in Episode 6 th…[View]
81911848The absolute state of Rick and Morty fans.[View]
81912181Did anyone enjoy this? I don't think I am.[View]
81901835>there are people who will unironically defend this[View]
81905562what are some iconic /tv/ weapons[View]
81913272What did he mean by this?[View]
81912126Is Alison Brie's career over?[View]
81912298>'Come Hell or High Water(™) be at the bank' Really?[View]
81913270>'Oh fuck, I forgot to invest some skill points in the force ghost return feature. Goodbye, Obi-W…[View]
81909524Why didn't he just use a gun?[View]
81913205>Antagonist is edgy >Protagonist refers to him as 'Lord Edgy McEdgelord'…[View]
81911895I'm in the 5th ep of the 1st season of The Man in the High Castle. Through the show I felt ter…[View]
81913141>It's true. All of it. The flight plan. A big guy. They're real. What did he mean by th…[View]
81911488>murderous sociopath >has moral lines he'll never cross…[View]
81911443>bill maher starred in a anti-feminist sexploitation movie https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wAmuZs…[View]
81912362What the fuck happened to her?[View]
81910849>its a Hal episode[View]
81909131ITT: celebrities than secretly hate Muslims[View]
81912871Horror: https://youtu.be/IR8mhXfXtEg[View]
81909918Post-Infinity War MCU Will Be Very Different: >“We’ve been lucky that [contract expirations] have…[View]
81910256Is this the greatest twist of television? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UDYMUd4X_aA[View]
81908831So we all agree that this is better than breaking bad, right?[View]
81911627Is he the best talk show host?[View]
81908925Girlboss: What is wrong with me? I unironically like this.[View]
81909152pickle rick general: Can we get a Pickle Rick thread going? >Boom! Big reveal, I'm a pickle.…[View]
81909929Why does community college get such shit on tv show? They are good schools and provide needed educat…[View]
81912116Would you adopt Lolita?[View]
81912482>it's an Odo episode[View]
81912469is this movie real ? who is zed actually ? and why his face look like that ?[View]
81911214Do you think the fat comments got too him? It looks like he's entering a new phase which I like…[View]
81912411Hanz Zimmer on tour: Who's going to come out of their basement to go see him live? He's on…[View]
81912392Baby Driver: Edgar Wright is making an /o/ + /mu/ movie with a stupid name https://youtu.be/D9YZw_X5…[View]
81911056What's the verdict?[View]
81912341Post your reaction to the last movie you watched >Death Wish 2[View]
81912367How can Season 4 top this? Black Mirror thread I guess.[View]
81907064ITT: Show that found redemption >what started as a reddit infected show, full of useless nudity, …[View]
81910401>hiding under my doona because the movie (the conjuring) is too scary come the fuck at me lads…[View]
81911550>two characters have sex >a man slams a woman against the wall…[View]
81912293With mustard?[View]
81904880Why isn't this as popular as Breaking Bad?[View]
81912033Does she have a career outside of the Jurassic World movies?[View]
81912027Cute. CUUUUUTE[View]
81912200she did nothing wrong.[View]
81911948Is it kino? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8sFjZ1Y9Vl0[View]
81906134ITT: Best Rick and Morty Jokes. Pic related, Rick being obsessed with Szechuan and Tiny Rick come to…[View]
81911593/The100/: Does /tv/ still watch The 100? What do you think of season 4? Who is your favourite charac…[View]
81911049Are you aroused when you see this picture?[View]
81910870what the FUCK was his problem?[View]
81910359>man who lost faith eventually regains it Why is it never the other way around?…[View]
81905683Empire accomplishments >ended the Republic's corrupt system and began it new >destroyed c…[View]
81909053>mfw /tv/ plebs don't know fantomas[View]
81909787Silent films that are still easy watches: I don't necessarily mean the all time best (although …[View]
81898274This screams memes. https://youtu.be/OdAVwckh_EE Discuss Absolute KINO[View]
81906459For me, it's Harrison Ford...: ...post the worst superstar actor.[View]
81911773Anakin, you're breaking my balls![View]
81909855What's your opinion on this? Is it Reddit?[View]
81906249IT'S A JOKE[View]
81910784Forget it, Jake. It's /tv/.[View]
81911450what should a sequel be?[View]
81911482What kind of role would you like her to play?[View]
81909605What's next for her carrer?[View]
81908810You guys hate Rick and Morty but you like Jerry, right?[View]
81903171ITT: movies with only one good scene. Pic very related.[View]
81911195Which one was more iconic?[View]
81906574>fuck me Ray Bradbury What did she mean by this ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e1IxOS4VzKM…[View]
81911413>start watching a movie >turns out it's actually a UV…[View]
81908964>RnM normalizes cuckoldry >RnM normalizes atheism >RnM normalizes disgusting burping in the…[View]
81908963Anyone seen this yet? How is it? Big Sandler fan here.[View]
81910979This movie is SHIT and he has a better score on RT than Die hard 3[View]
81906561/who/ - Doctor Who General: KINO edtion Gonna be GOAT and you know it[View]
81911317ITT: movies that could be made today[View]
81911281Incredibly slow and plodding, Nothing happens until they reach the room, unnecessary long shots of f…[View]
81910561well damn, this looks comfy[View]
81904479Hello: Dexter Morgan[View]
81911170it's a peaceful life[View]
81910184What would happen if Captain America had used the full force of his grip strength in this scene?[View]
81909911Manchester by the sea: I saw this yesterday, what the fuck was so good about it? The part where the …[View]
81910191Let´s post all WW1 movies. Bonus points for foreign ones.[View]
81911047Would you enjoy Star Wars more if Kylo Ren was a woman?[View]
81910060>BUT YOU GOT OUT A SUITCASE! What did she mean by this?[View]
81905641Movie Recommendation Thread: Just recommend movies. Generally something older or more abstract a lot…[View]
81910806> - Ewan, here George, you are fucking based actor, but CAN YOU STOP LAUGHING IN THE DEAD KIDS SC…[View]
81909697Is Witchfinder General (1968) any worth watching? If not what were some other good films of similar…[View]
81909635what did he hear?[View]
81909122>tfw someone says that Justice League is going to suck[View]
81910266Did this make you think?[View]
81910509How does he do it /tv/?[View]
81909850>Mister Doctor[View]
81910564Morning movie idea thread!: So it'd be Jurassic Park but run by a competent person like me but …[View]
81901533How did a bunch of friends in their mid-20's to early-30's afford to live in such trendy, …[View]
81898379/trek/: What is the best 'crew must deal with contagious disease before its too late' episode? Best …[View]
81908825Rick and Morty... Surprise?!: So I've started rewatching Rick and Morty. I legitimately like it…[View]
81910381What are your favourite Star Wars episodes I to III funny pictures? Post them. Myself I'm parti…[View]
81910343Is this /tv/s greatest achievement? Was it kino? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UWpMWQy8SNw[View]
81908508Did anyone else liked it?[View]
81902879>20 years later >western media still hasn't topped it what went wrong?…[View]
81906790Which musicians would make great directors?: Orson Welles suggested that cinema is a medium which at…[View]
81907478Finally, /tv/, what do you make of the fact that sainsburys are bringing in square tins?[View]
81902811This movie was pretty fucked up. How much of that disgustingly gory shit was CGI, and how much was p…[View]
81906294Who are some 'dumb' characters who outsmarted everyone in the end?[View]
81905555Where should I sit?[View]
81909780'Someday I'll make a man out of you.': What did she mean by this?[View]
81910006Oh my god, are you aware of Garfield?[View]
81906340With mustard?[View]
81903358Has there ever been a mainstream movie that showed a human anus ?[View]
81909898Enough RnM shilling, recommend to me some essential heist kino. Surely you fucking Reddit crossposte…[View]
81907166https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cbqv1kbsNUY I actually liked Spectre until Bond finally got captured…[View]
81908678How can you like this garbage movie?[View]
81909772Darpa Chief?![View]
81906162Supergirl discussion? I can't get over how beautiful she is but lets talk this season's st…[View]
81907424>1. Jonze >2. Gondry >9001. Cunningham what went wrong?…[View]
81904030Movies with god tier soundtrack[View]
81906920>Several transmissions were *beamed* to this ship by Rebel spies. >beamed to this ship >bea…[View]
81909220>character takes a shit >does not even wipe his ass…[View]
81909580your choice for comedy these days is between: >seth rogen ,james franco movie >tina fey, amy p…[View]
81905849Reminder that Roz was best girl[View]
81908421She's got spunk but she's not a very good actress. I can never tell what her character is …[View]
81909514I just took over the family, Morty![View]
81906137What was his end game?[View]
81909438Now that we know Barbara 'Babs' Palvin won't make it in Hollywood because she is a whore+got BL…[View]
81906220>Log off. That cookies shit makes me nervous.[View]
81908056That's not Kylie: is that abella anderson?[View]
81906022He destroyed his world and was too stupid to fix it, so he just left it to rot. How can you defend t…[View]
81909301Yes it does so[View]
81897459>all terrain armored transport[View]
81908795>dude fuck victorian white people lmao wow... deep...[View]
81907847What the FUCK is his problem?[View]
81909221Why are the majority of movies from the past decade so obviously designed for a <90 IQ audience? …[View]
81910848>WE'LL GO LIVE Why are conservative TV hosts so decisive and alpha?…[View]
81907561MEAL NICE AND HOT[View]
81909098Half-Blood Prince > Prisoner of Azkaban Debate me.[View]
81907484You know why this was so good? No extended universe. An extended universe is totally cool if it…[View]
81909125ITT youtubers you wanna see naked[View]
81909073>trailer features slowed down dadrock cover[View]
81908879Why does America ruin everything?: >watch his British/international programs >he's nothin…[View]
81906621What was this expression supposed to convey?[View]
81905596Daredevil: Why is this insufferable bitch so prevalent in season 2? She brings down every scene she…[View]
81903485is this supposed to be funny[View]
81906694New film series with Enterprise-F when?[View]
81907707did you rike shinkai's film? I was not expecting to like this movie as much as I did.[View]
81908186I gotta say: this was pretty funny https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WTWdP5DMdsM[View]
81905015Dat early 2000's school shooter aesthetic[View]
81901691>forcing myself to watch this its so bad[View]
81908560What's some other retard kino?[View]
81903945>trailer features 'i feel good' what movie is this?[View]
81905595D E H What in christ's name did he mean by this?[View]
81905524Hold me /tv/.[View]
81906414Short film thread? https://youtu.be/eOULQZ0qRUQ[View]
81906387What if Scorpina became a power ranger?[View]
81908304Weird old CGI show: Hey guys, foreigner here. Do any of you ever got to watch Adult Swim in Mehico b…[View]
81906230Kinky Dora[View]
81894847Why did Mike like TFA but dislike Rogue One?[View]
81907256Is Rick & Morty a 90s show made in 2013?: It feels like one in the cynicism level.[View]
81907013Post yfw mew ass[View]
81905985He killed millions.[View]
81906615Why did he have to die? Like what was the fucking purpose of going back to ABQ in the first place?[View]
81907172Is he going to be main character in all 5 pictures? What do you expect from next pictures?[View]
81902813Narcos: Was Limon a good boy or bad boy?[View]
81908331Seen the latest Eritrean drama yet? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ruvqjepIPew[View]
81908330What are some resourceful characters?[View]
81877021What was the Westchester incident?[View]
81903123What did Ridley mean by this?[View]
81884238Anyone know what her birth name is?[View]
81901296>They say religion is the opiate of the masses. Well I'm the fuckin' drug dealer, Ray.…[View]
81906655Will minority pandering in film ever end or is this the future we chose?[View]
81906144I remember it being super comfy. Did it age well?[View]
81906613DOES HE SLEEP?[View]
81905077Simpsons season 1-2: What is it with senpais saying seasons 7-8 are better than seasons 1-2? 1-2 had…[View]
81908079Have you guys seen this video ? Some dude rearranges Passengers and makes it pretty good. https://ww…[View]
81908021Let's see Paul Allan's card[View]
81902599How much do you miss it, /tv/? I for one, am feeling orphan[View]
81906100is this a good place to ask for a good hd streaming site to watch GOT?[View]
81900531ITT: Movie facts no one knows hardly knows about: Pic related was intended to be the sequel to Star …[View]
81907864>horror movie >character runs through a door >doesn't close it behind them…[View]
81907762This is fucking awesome! /tv/ you were wrong about it being shit.[View]
81891359/got/ general: >>81883679 King Renly edition[View]
81907726>Bill doesn't do ride along tours anymore What went wrong?[View]
81906716John Wick: Anyone up for some theory crafting on the next John Wick movie or am I going to have to g…[View]
81900707What was the message of this film?[View]
81907257So, are you excited of this monday? Maybe /tv/ and /sci/ will stay comfy on the marathon[View]
81905485fuck you Rick[View]
81907246Post replacements.[View]
81897839>that episode where Julia started her own YouTube channel[View]
81906740I don't get the 'debate'. The first scene we see with the spiny thingy, it falls over, so its n…[View]
81907080How can we make /tv/ schwifty again?[View]
81900299What was the point of this interview?[View]
81902555BIG JIM SLADE![View]
81906484Jim and Pam are bad people Dwight is what people should be like. This show is social engineering.[View]
81890915People who DIDN'T like The Force Awakens, why didn't you like it?: The most common complai…[View]
81906334Who Wants To Larp?: I'm bored. Lets write a story /tv/ 10:07 am White House Lawn Day - A young …[View]
81906580Can someone recommend me some good jump scare horror kino?[View]
81906048Stalker: So, /tv/? A Remastered version of Stalker releases in July. Will you watch it? https://www.…[View]
81906406Terence Malick - Voyage of Time: do we need to start a petition to get this release on Blu-Ray or wh…[View]
81904132>Terry Gilliam is making Don Quixote >Again. >FOR REAL THIS TIME >The Man Who Killed Don…[View]
81906562so I just powerwatched the first 10μsec of this what did I think of it? 10V/10A thanks YIFY[View]
81905617Are you ready for the Duke Nukem movie?[View]
81905459So can we all agree that its overrated?[View]
81895489/who/ Doctor Who General: Bernice Summerfield Edition Last Thread: >>81880101[View]
81866211HOT GIRLS WANTED 2: ELECTRIC BOOGALOO: I guess we can discuss it here, it's coming out within a…[View]
81895757ITT: thoughts on Mama June's current form.[View]
81906172ITT: Underrated Actors[View]
81905102South Park is better than Simpsons: Gather round /tv/ it is time to put down the nostalgia Kool Aid …[View]
81903611What happened to this guy actor?[View]
81902419Why didn't superman just throw the spear at doomsday?[View]
81880651DINO DNA[View]
81896747Why doesn't Hollywood get laser guns right?[View]
81905827/bane/: The last anon who posted this was retarded. It's fixed now I have a theory that seeyaiy…[View]
81905893Kurosawa movies in color: I was watching Yojimbo the other day and now I wonder, why didn't the…[View]
81905391ITT: Shows/movies people pretend to like to seem patrician[View]
81898764What were they thinking?[View]
81905314>The night your father died... I cleaned his wound. The blade that pierced his body came from his…[View]
81904495What are some (((propoganda))) films being produced today? This one is all about the dangers of righ…[View]
81902616Nobody's wilder than the Wildboyz[View]
81903521ITT film and tv characters that would've voted for Trump >pic related…[View]
81900761What are we looking forward to for these movies? Will fox finally get there shit together for a cin…[View]
81876616Hero that killed million innocent people[View]
81905091>It's a Participant gets to his pod and all the other inmates suspect he's a cop episod…[View]
81905612This was way more fucked up than I was anticipating. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=06D79f-5QA4…[View]
81897322Sugar. Give me....sugar. In wahter.[View]
81903135>You unlock this post with the key of imagination. >Beyond it is another dimension: a dimensio…[View]
81904764Any of you faggots seen this? It seems like it could be slightly interesting or completely retarded.[View]
81901795Just marathoned this, what did I think?[View]
81895234FUCK YOU I LIKED IT THREAD:: I'll start[View]
81905041>we need somebody to play a no-nonsense general[View]
81905446>watching mum with movie >sex scene comes on…[View]
81902962>I only know one truth >it's time for Star Wars to end Duhhhhhhhh what did he mean by thi…[View]
81902174>we need an israeli jew actor to play a stereotypical Arab /Latino tough guy role >I got ya c…[View]
81903924the fucking arrogance[View]
81902989ITT: the current state of/tv/ - Television & Film[View]
81905291Cop show recommendations: Just finished watching Southland and need another really good cop show to …[View]
81904214im bored /tv/, rec me something to watch the hunt and the shawshank redemption are good movies[View]
81902453ITT rate the standard american adult cartoons from best to worst (feel free to add any) >king of …[View]
81876791A communications disruption can mean only one thing[View]
81903756I've never watched The Driver (1978) so being that that's based off of la samorai...but if…[View]
81903416Stranger Things Hair Guy: Why do people jerk off Steve as having 'great character development? All h…[View]
81899764Actual movie discussion: Why does /tv/ refuse to actually engage in a real discussion? Why bash othe…[View]
81890892Nice night for a walk[View]
81902369Why doesn't Hollywood cast her in major roles? Is it because she's catholic and not Jewish…[View]
81902742>Rick & Morty >Get Out which one triggers /tv/ the most?…[View]
81902165What's next for their careers?[View]
81903547What are the best shows to watch with your SO? Hubby and I love watching this every week[View]
81904959>hey bro you need a pencil for 4th period? what did he mean by this?[View]
81904819She just has a rash on her pussy.[View]
81904268MRS. LANDINGHAM!!![View]
81902537Thought boys? I liked it a lot.[View]
81904779What are some movies that deal with the nietzschean concept of eternal recurrence?[View]
81904806>I haven't seen anything suck this much since I Heart Huckabees! Did he have ANY right to sa…[View]
81903457Conan the pussy destroyer: you just KNOW[View]
81904590I thought McConaughey stopped doing shit movies.[View]
81904638tfw you realize youll never go on magical adventures at hogwarts with ron and hermione[View]
81904678Who was in the wrong here?[View]
81888651Twin Peaks: only a month is left. Who is rewatching the show before it returns?[View]
81903550Is it just a coincidence that a lot of child actors become manlets or do they turn out manlets becau…[View]
81904534ITT: Sequels literally no one was asking for[View]
81902508I come across an interesting if not infamous website, seemingly as old as the internet itself yet ne…[View]
81893892Why did Pam cheat on Jim with Daryl?[View]
81902003Why doesn't Hollywood give her more lead roles in movies? Is Hollywood blacklisting her because…[View]
81904219LET'S GO GIRLS[View]
81887255>This was a '5/10' in 1985[View]
81872977Pickle Rick general: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4P5OK7c9xiM What's his endgame?…[View]
81904082>'hi daddy! thanks for picking me up from school today!' ;__;[View]
81903895What actually happened?[View]
81903713me: hey you know pulp fiction? sister: yeah I've seen some clips, I hate that movie ITT: times …[View]
81903627Time for her to start getting bigger roles.: Shes got a lot of guts and such an charming attitude.…[View]
81903375This movie is fucking RACIST towards white people Just kidding, get out and go watch it.[View]
81902348DUDE THE 90s[View]
81894246Anyone else love this movie Any other good time travel movies[View]
81901256Official Star Wars Movie Power Rankings thread: >1 6 >2 3 >3 1 >4 4 >5 5 >2 2…[View]
81903637>just ehh .. that's weird[View]
81903150Here's your popcorn big guy, don't worry, no charge for you.[View]
81902862Why was he eating at a cheap diner on thanksgiving alone?[View]
81901914>yfw Tommy will be invited to the Oscars[View]
81894948sam hyde banned on twitter what went wrong?[View]
81902993Say something nice about her.[View]
81903097>'I am taking these people to Coruscant.' >Coruscant? ohh ahh that does not compute.' Who the …[View]
81903408What are some good Chinese movies?[View]
81903393Why did this character pull back from Operation Citadel just when it was about to breakthrough?[View]
81903329STUTTERING STANLEY! What did he mean by this?[View]
81898720Anyone else's girlfriend have pleb taste in TV and film?[View]
81896003Actors that really committed to their role.: go![View]
81900470What does tv think about Michael Mann? What's your favorite or least favorite of his movies? I …[View]
81903051Any good shows about a guy in a relationship with two (or more) girlfriends?[View]
81901666Cast it[View]
81902205legitimate question, not a banepost meme. were these guys part of bane's team or were they with…[View]
81901973In honor of the late Dick 'Daddy-O' Contino (1930-2017), please hike up your pants and make sure you…[View]
81897069So, did you guys like it?[View]
81900539What the fuck did I just watch?[View]
81901673Hey /tv/- Suck my peckah![View]
81902818Chris has, as he would say, 'Stuckmannized' me twice in the past. I used to be a really bi…[View]
81902800What if they had fucked?[View]
81902786I cried, even though i knew it was coming from the beginning.[View]
81882945Who was in the wrong here...? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u2Jn0ZihMgw[View]
81891965FUCK IT[View]
81901936FOR YOU.[View]
81902654Will they remake soylent green?[View]
81900670What's at the end of the rainbow?[View]
81901403The assassin wears these glasses.[View]
81902665Kino scenes: Post your favorite movie scene. Picture or clips works. Thank you. >inb4 Zod neck sn…[View]
81902529What is essential /feminist/ kino?[View]
81902468The Fate of the Furious: Did she deserve to die in front of her and Vin's child? Also Statham …[View]
81900176Is 2017 going to be the year of Kino? >Thor:Ragnorok >Spiderman:Homecoming >Justice league …[View]
81902457What is the Franz Schubert's Winterreise of television and film? https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
81900319memorable lines from OT >May the force be with you >I find your lack of faith disturbing >Y…[View]
81901081Who here /bossgirl/ ? I guess it's based on a novel about some slutty girl starting an ebay bui…[View]
81901739Driveanonabadeeba: Can iPhone cameras film kino?[View]
81900649Who should get the next Spinoff after Saul is done?[View]
81900836What went wrong?[View]
81902321Why did he hate National Socialism? Why was he a naval officer of a landlocked country?[View]
81896952ITT: Film Adaptations stuck in development hell[View]
81902177What was the last thing that went through his head?[View]
81901384Did he do anything wrong?[View]
81900873Rogue One: >Best female lead >Great supporting cast >Based villain >Great Darth Vader ca…[View]
81899775Walter White Father, Husband & Teacher My dad is amazing. It's funny, but I didn't kno…[View]
81901161Why did Kubrick hate this movie so much?[View]
81901808Let's talk about the most based character in GOT: >ef/fa/y dressing style >absolutely rav…[View]
81901933So what did the scholars of /tv/ think of this movie? I know i'm a bit late to the party. I tho…[View]
81900050>it's a brah gets real episode https://youtu.be/h_FOuyzQ9mg[View]
81901913>sitting down peeing at the kinoporium bathing house >fat guy in the chamberpot next to me is …[View]
81901649ITT true horrorkino.[View]
81900956Making your way in the world today takes everything you got...[View]
81901510Was he a real human bean and a real hero? Discuss[View]
81899220>Yes yes just lick my wallpaper that has been licked by hundreds of other people before you…[View]
81900930Sexy and funny, it's a triple combo.[View]
81897306have you ever been raped?[View]
81901717Criminal Minds: >Watching TV >Criminal Minds comes on >seems like another police drama …[View]
81900894What do you guys think of the new Stephen kings IT movie? what do you think of pennywise[View]
81900445Is Finn Wolfhard the Laurence Olivier of his generation?[View]
81895023>Friday night on /tv/ Why are you here?[View]
81899987what are /tv/'s thoughts on pic related[View]
81900125South Park thread: Who lives in the east 'neath willow tree?[View]
81901217yes yes.. well done well done! HOWEVER[View]
81899396they work for the mercenary, the masketta man...[View]
81898822>Coming soon[View]
81901366I see people throw around the term Fan Service when talking about movies like Rogue One/The Force Aw…[View]
81879627Film 3x3 thread: rate and critique, then post your own https://bighugelabs.com/mosaic.php[View]
81901281Do you find her attractive in a post apocalyptic sort of way?[View]
81899512This was pretty good. Why does it have such terrible reviews?[View]
81900515>dude.. ___________[View]
81901469Who was the worse character and why?[View]
81892903Why are tall actresses discriminated against?[View]
81900456>modern star wars[View]
81900245What went wrong?[View]
81900259>on the TELEVISION show 20/20 tonight talking about chopping his dick off >still talks like a …[View]
81900430Huh! Bad boys! What'cha want? What'cha want? What'cha gonna do![View]
81901023>yfw this movie has beavis and butthead prank call at the end of the movie…[View]
81896743>MMA cant be ki-[View]
81893445ITT : Impossible to cast characters[View]
81894001>Anime cant be ki-[View]
81899528what is your opinion on this kino[View]
81892088webm: Last one hit image limit. >>81875618 ITT: only the best memes of the 80's, 90'…[View]
81899552This was so good and enjoyable, seriously, and thinking it's a simple movie but it's so we…[View]
81891585OG Fast & Furious: Seriously what happened to Leon? I thought this crew was FAMILIA[View]
81898064What was the point of this film? >get addicted to drugs >fuck up >everything is okay now…[View]
81901007Alright, don't really know the rules to this thread, but if any of you lurking anons want to wa…[View]
81900924So now that the dust has settled. Who was in the wrong here?[View]
81900632Whaaaat's the DEAL with reaction image threads?[View]
81895317>character punches someone >*WO-PISHH*[View]
81899274HEY VERN: HEY VERN[View]
81900205ITT: based YouTube channels: Who /jedicouncil/ here?[View]
81900728Did you feel that Jerry's dad deserved a more dignified send-off?[View]
81900087Hood kino: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i4zGXe4f4rY The cinematography is excellent and it is a r…[View]
81895154What the fuck was his problem?[View]
81900680'Oh yeah, that happened'[View]
81900393Anyone else remember this film as a kid? You never saw it from the beginning. It was always about 10…[View]
81900549>mfw every new episode turns /tv/ into r/atheism for a week[View]
81900598>There's no such thing as faggot k- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tB7YyV6CSQ4…[View]
81900387Who was in the wrong in this scene?[View]
81900210ITT: movies only you like[View]
81895397i just fell for the 4K meme[View]
81900548>it's a Sanjeev does his shitty Werner Herzog impression episode[View]
81900518Has anyone been watching this? Thoughts? I had to turn it off during the second episode when the poo…[View]
81900467My name is… Zoid zula, the mic rula, the old schoola, you want a trip, I’ll bring it to ya Zoidlock …[View]
81896843>tfw no Haley gf I've watched so much American Dad and I've become attracted to her…[View]
81894914Amy Schumer Snatched: Let me hear you say BOX OFFICE POISON https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PsBWnst8…[View]
81900330Momma sure liked getting me into them schools.[View]
81899714>go in expecting a kino >turns out to be a movie…[View]
81896525Official Kubrick ranking: 1. EWS 2. 2001 3. Barry London 4. Clockwork Orange 5. FMJ 6. Shining…[View]
81899259ITT: Good movie posters[View]
81899642What should be his next gig?[View]
81900085Which pop culture trend made you realize that you were no longer Hollywood's primary target dem…[View]
81895329Is Margaret Qualley the epitome of flatkino?[View]
81897731>it's a love letter to cinema[View]
81900096>tfw your wife's son doesn't let you watch the television shows that you like or he scr…[View]
81896305Why was this movie so good? Literally my favourite movie.[View]
81878036/lbg/: Letterboxd general Discuss recent watches and other film things P.S.: Oh, look, it's a n…[View]
81899453>watch a movie >end up enjoying it[View]
81893539How come whenever people talk about great stand up comedians Dennis Leary's name never seems to…[View]
81899893Hot Girls Wanted Docu: Would you ever say 'I love you' to a pornstar? The docu makes me feel for the…[View]
81899820ITT: tropes you like: >guy is being tortured by having his head forced underwater >camera cuts…[View]
81891655> you now remember that scene thread[View]
81899291>the punk goth chick has a crush on the main protagonist aka the nerd who has a crush on the chee…[View]
81897769That literal one guy that laughed at his internet machine joke.[View]
81897582At first, when I saw it, I thought it was fanmade, and I said 'that looks like crap!' And then when …[View]
81899753Read my lips; no new taxes.[View]
81898461People have been asking me if I'm back and I haven't had an answer.[View]
81899705Is this animekino?[View]
81899602>'Hey. Point that thing someplace else.'[View]
81893016How long until the faux nerd bubble bursts, more importantly what will replace it?[View]
81897982Let's talk about black actors: why are they so much better than white male actors?[View]
81899650>its a 'Sean Connery cucks Trebek' episode[View]
81898037he's a fucking white male[View]
81899452>Indie Film >$ 80 million budget[View]
81898292Why can't I hate him?[View]
81898878Name a more undeserving Best Actress winner than these two.[View]
81899439Name a comfier kino it can't be done[View]
81898778Why did Tucker dig the hole?[View]
81883877>tfw no netflix to watch it on[View]
81897725Fargo Season 3: Just got around to watching it. If this episode was any indication I think we'r…[View]
81898924NEW PORTLANDIA!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X1oHp-VvhDE You have to admit, Carrie and Fred coul…[View]
81898299>on the phone >character hangs up >without saying bye Do Americans actually do this or is i…[View]
81899126Goodnight faggots: Time for me to snuggle into bed, play with my balls, and fall asleep watching Gat…[View]
81898599Do you 'get' Kubrick?[View]
81898902Is this 4/20 kino?[View]
81896972Is this underrated kino?[View]
81899367/tv/-core fine arts/culture/educational programming: Including, but not limited to: >current cont…[View]
81899200Why didn't he air mail that shit straight to Mount Doom?[View]
81895961HOBBS & SHAW Spin-Off In Development With Johnson, Statham And Theron: VIN DIESEL BTFO! http://d…[View]
81898232Split: >be me >watching split >oh shit the pedo uncle >oh shit the beast >the girls r…[View]
81898725What is some essential goth kino?[View]
81894542The town really wasn't all that lazy. I've seen lazier towns.[View]
81898183Seth McFarline? More like Sex McFucklin.[View]
81897852I'm excited for the 'It' remake.[View]
81898760why didn't they just give the ring to the Elves when they sailed away from middle-earth forever…[View]
81899026A haunted boat ride sounds fun.[View]
81898810How do you 'get' Snyder?[View]
81893015Which is the better space comedy kino? Personally in a Galaxy Quest kinda guy[View]
81897160>Just you and me buddy, going on adventures together. Just you and me. Rick and Morty. Stopped wa…[View]
81898923Cast it[View]
81898922Alien Covenant: Thoughts on the soundtrack so far? The Covenant : https://clyp.it/kbwywad5 Alien Cov…[View]
81897739To the anon that recommended I watch this in the other thread, holy shit thanks. To the other anon s…[View]
81898876So why do you guys care so much about eachother and whatnot? You either call eachother stupid or you…[View]
81895608>currently 100% on RT Is this /o/ Kino?[View]
81898269>Wayne's World released in 92 >Mission Impossible not released until 96 What did they mea…[View]
81897810>Describes a movie using the word 'schlock'[View]
81898666Was it wrong for him to brainwash his children?[View]
81898744Post Movies Where the Good Guys have a civil war[View]
81897255What the fuck was his problem? This joke was wiggity wiggity wiggity whack[View]
81898098And remember NEETs: Chad always wins[View]
81898629>Rick gets annoyed by Jehovas witnesses banging on the door everyday while hes trying to work …[View]
81897604Admit it. You liked his shit.[View]
81894723What's the most sincere movie?[View]
81898053why choose the least funny body part of mencia?[View]
81894779World Peace was cancelled because Trump won. It was nothing more than an outlet for the 'alt-right' …[View]
81892724>Is that you John wayne? Is this me? Can someone explain?[View]
81897943What animal does she remind you of?[View]
81898026>My guest is a fucking retard, don't you agree?[View]
81897635Which part of the 2000s had better movies and television? Early 2000s or late 2000s?[View]
81890572Do you own a Drive jacket?[View]
81897675Movies where the supposed bad guy ends up actually being the good guy?[View]
81897986What does it mean?[View]
81897944What was the point of this scene?[View]
81897897Godzilla: So I can see that the godzilla franchise dose not have much of a storyline today we'r…[View]
81897844What did /tv/ think of this show? Is there anyone more evil than Grant?[View]
81893810Is there a /tv/-approved recommended kino list?[View]
81897813Well /tv/ who and why?[View]
81897346We need to discuss this movie.[View]
81892180S2: i dont know what keeps me going[View]
81897636ITT: Tears every time[View]
81897232Who are some celebrities that have smoked themselves retarded?[View]
81895227Well this was fucking boring. What was I supposed to get out of it? I like Malle, but this was the m…[View]
81897628Is Robocop about autism?[View]
81896051Stat him, /tv/[View]
81897196Citizen Kane: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fmbY2nXnPvo[View]
81896938are the shrek films worth watching?[View]
81890602What caused a generation of boys to have her as their first waifu?[View]
81896126The Wire: So I just got done watching the first episode of The Wire and I was blown away! There is a…[View]
81897131HYPE trailer moments that didnt make it to the movie: also for bvs they took out the line: >it…[View]
81893111what are some plots that havent been done, that youd like to see?: as for me: a direct exposing of (…[View]
81895995>movie has dog >the dog dies[View]
81897386Was it fair to call him a cuckold?[View]
81897314Hey /tv/- SUCK MY PECKAH[View]
81896924How could they all be #1?[View]
81894637Hello, hello, I need you to lose 50lb in the next 2 minutes[View]
81895083I'm still fucking mad. He deserved better than that.[View]
81872684the last kingdom: why aren't you talking about the trvest medieval kino on /tv/ right now? what…[View]
81896042*stands awkwardly in your path a little, mumbling something about Hairspray before shuffling off to …[View]
81896963Mr. Robot: Can we talk about how much season 2 improved on everything from season 1?[View]
81896810>Someone thought this was a good idea to put in a Major Motion Picture[View]
81896828Favorite Black Mirror episode?[View]
81897154So where can we find X-Files season 10 now? They have a new one coming![View]
81894841Who is going to replace Hugh Jackman as Wolverine?[View]
81896711I'M CRAZY![View]
81895156https://youtu.be/OdXlQ3WUFZk Hamill doesn't give a fuck anymore does he? Spinoff of Hamill and …[View]
81897082Category: Tasteless. How accurate is this[View]
81897027>yeah JOE ROGAN >whatcha doin JOE ROGAN >wher am i JOE ROGAN >wats dat smell JOE ROGAN …[View]
81896021Name a better modern sitcom (You can't) This triggers the nu-male ;^) [View]
81896644K I N O I N O[View]
81891944>its a female character gets introduced and ruins the entire season episode…[View]
81896937English, Danish and Russians (bad guys) vs Latinos and Mullatos (good guys) What did they mean by t…[View]
81896830'I've spent the last three years just copying Empire': wtfff i hate rian johnson now[View]
81896416Miley Cyrus has a cameo in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2: so is this the end of the MCU?[View]
81896303This guy walks up to you and says 'lets play a game' What do you do?[View]
81893660*queefs uncontrollably*[View]
81892949ITT Shows they can never make in this day and age[View]
81895166what a pretentious pile of fuckin crap[View]
81893405Which one has the most obnoxious fanbase?[View]
81895436ORDERS SIR?[View]
81885792What's the /tv/erdict?[View]
81895264The Furious and the Fast: You're in charge of the new F&F movie, how would you do the film?…[View]
81896614GET OUT: Jordan Peele Kino. I can't wait until I get a chance to work with the man[View]
81894311LITERALLY the best teaser ever: https://youtu.be/3WzHXI5HizQ[View]
81896272Where do you think we are?[View]
81895403Start celebrating easter. Now.[View]
81895854ITT write a script or give out ideas for a movie pertaining to this image[View]
81894558This tiny Jyn Erso went to the Star Wars Celebration and handed out copies of the Death Star plans t…[View]
81896410Can anyone tell me the title of this movie?[View]
81896261https://twitter.com/runwithskizzers/status/855401900417667074 Chris Pratt, how DARE you?!??!!?!?!??!…[View]
81895965I have never seen this before. What should I think of it?[View]
81885318Generic Woman with Plot Armor Sends an Email also Gooks for some reason what a shitty flick.[View]
81887320Holy fuck this was so good. Definitely deserved best picture more than moonlight.[View]
818958218/10 Perfect movie![View]
81896212A nutcase or a brilliant actor? What are your thoughts on this man?[View]
81896027Ladies and gentlemen... I've traveled over half our site to be here tonight. I couldn't ge…[View]
81888946I love everybody's part except mine: 'I love everybody's part except mine' Hamill says reg…[View]
81896262is this kino?[View]
81895327Why was the Devil in Star Wars?[View]
81886999Why did he leave evidence in the car?[View]
81896096Oh great it's another 'it was all in their head the whole time' episode[View]
81895587>ITT Guilty pleasure movies[View]
81896035Amy Schumer Dead, 35: RIP Amy Schumer[View]
81893902First one's free. It's an emotional moment. I get it!: Was there a villain like Negan befo…[View]
81888684How come this guy got all the pussy on board and not Picard?[View]
81893973How would he have depicted the Internet age?[View]
81895812How accurate was this movie to real life? Besides middle aged hags not shaving their pubes, that sce…[View]
81892794Can we speak about how hella progressive and non-stereotypical this show was? >Gay Male Parents r…[View]
81895833>aaaAAAAAAOOOOOoooOOOOooooo YEAH YEAH YEAH[View]
81895832>YWN find a grill like Wednesday.[View]
81894272Which side of history are you on?[View]
81895876>*stares directly at camera* >Oskar, this is an absolute good... this is Schindler's List…[View]
81895866>Cloak and Dagger[View]
81872096What are your favorite moments of Jim being humiliated?[View]
81895559ITT: Only 10/10 comedies[View]
81889444I picked up a fruitcake. He's in my car trunk.[View]
81893473>movies starts with a sex scene[View]
81890778>Warner Bros.' female-centric thriller Unforgettable, starring Katherine Heigl, is projected…[View]
81895085I hate the jews!: Post classic Sheldon quotes[View]
81894793What went so horribly wrong?[View]
81892386Introducing the next Dr. Who http://screenrant.com/13th-doctor-who-season-11-black-female-michaela-c…[View]
81893172I surely cannot have seen every single GOOD horror film out there. Please surprise me /tv/, I'm…[View]
81894885FUCK these stupid fucking mods for deleting our cats vs. dogs thread. We were having a good time. No…[View]
81895532Movies about Jewish '''''doctors''''' who peddle drugs to their patients to keep them sick so they c…[View]
81894686True detectives season 2>1[View]
81890200>you have men on men relations >same sex marriage Ughh... What are some more memorable movie …[View]
81895303Was this Marvel's peak?[View]
81894804>character only shits once a week[View]
81880101/who/ Doctor Who General: Master Edition Last Thread: >>81874645[View]
81895221Will season 3 feature any minority characters? I find the lack of diversity in the original series h…[View]
81894843Dead Nigger Storage?[View]
81895041Is there nothing like it?[View]
81884504>that's right, a girl wants to play football![View]
81877564What do you think of youtube movie critic Chris Stuckmann's new tattoo? For myself, personally,…[View]
81895065Would it have worked without the racial angle? If every character was black/white/whatever[View]
81895138Just watched this. Is it Keno?[View]
81895104>WUBALUBADUBDUB I FUCKING *BURP* LOVE SCIENCE, P-PENNY Why did they change his catchphrase so lat…[View]
81894928/sp/ is in need of help. We are over run by janitors. /tv/ S.O.S. /tv/[View]
81894713>Lip beats Frank >Ian beats Lip >Ian can't beat Frank Why does this show have fucked u…[View]
81894995Eeny Meeny Miney[View]
81894622This movie was pretty good. I kept hearing people shit on it like it was the worst thing ever. It…[View]
81894981only real kino niggas allowed to post itt[View]
81894812What was his name again?[View]
81881807Are we watching Season 3 or not /tv/? Noah Hawley who did Legion is directing. With Ewan McGregor, M…[View]
81893540Remember when The Amazing Spider Man 2 teased the Sinister Six for the upcoming Sony SpiderMan Cinem…[View]
81892061Characters you hated at first[View]
81893383What does /tv/ think of this show? Normie-tier garbage, or sitcom kino?[View]
81894733>Not showing/explaining X is actually superior because you can fill the blank with your imaginati…[View]
81894270Is this kino?[View]
81892928Remove your clothes[View]
81884539GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 2 Post-Credits Scene Revealed: One of them, anyway. Stakar Ogord (Sylve…[View]
81863918What's the saddest film or tv show episode you've ever seen?[View]
81894554It says here you're still fat[View]
81894040I can't tell lads Is this movie good or bad?[View]
81887893Daily reminder that he was not convicted. Entrapment doesn't stand in a court of law.[View]
81894445is this kino? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b40QdTRaqFk[View]
81893917Should a movie be made about women on Facebook?[View]
81892905When is she back in the show?[View]
81894422What movies would you show to your class if you where a film school professor?[View]
81891719What are some other true sci-fi kinos that are not reddit tier like star wars?[View]
81892811DESTROY IT[View]
81866863What do you think of the new Spidey?[View]
81894401Blacklist General: What the fuck is even happening? Why was the last episode just called 'Requiem?' …[View]
81894371ITT good forgotten films[View]
81894325'GAAAAH NEEEGAAAH' Will the sequel deliver?[View]
81882053The.Outcasts.2017.1080p.WEBRip.AAC2.0.x264-FGT: >The.Outcasts.2017.1080p.WEBRip.AAC2.0.x264-FGT …[View]
81894282Nomini Patri: doctors rippin police off and blaming patients, police say 'sell drugs or suicide.' (p…[View]
81894015Is this the best Actors on Actors video yet? Michael Shannon and Adam Driver were a really good matc…[View]
81894214One more moth until the rebirth of television[View]
81894257What are some examples of good main characters that are black? (good as in quality, not good as in …[View]
81893744Who was in the wrong here?[View]
81894124Fear the ginger: Fear him.[View]
81894169>However, Armond White of Out magazine was critical of the movie, commenting that it 'zips past i…[View]
81893391Look what I just found in the bargain bin What am I in for? What will my opinion be of it?[View]
81890651Pork Rind?[View]
81889561What's this movie about /tv/?[View]
81892946I>II>Creed>III>Balboa>IV>V objectively correct[View]
81893942>kubrick made the shining as a confession for his work on the moon landing >dropped hints abou…[View]
81894061>Crisis negotiator is trying to talk a man down from shooting hostage >He puts down his gun pu…[View]
81894000heh, nothing personnel, L[View]
81889957Is this still good or was it just a Reddit fad?[View]
81890774>Actors doing practical stunts Will this scene ever be topped? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K0…[View]
81893753>trying to watch kino at night >fucking bags crawl on my screen…[View]
81889679'Loser, you're a loser. Are you feeling sorry for yourself, you big baby?Baby want a bottle?, a…[View]
81892313wew lad: >every actor from the breakfast club aged like shit[View]
81893798What are her kinos? What should I watch?[View]
81893687Why haven't you rewatched Moesha?[View]
81884219Better Call Mike: Can they just cut out the Saul storyline? Mike's arc is much more interesting…[View]
81883639What went wrong?[View]
81885952Does a piece of art or artist actively aspiring to be great or meaningful immediately invalidate any…[View]
81890262Neon Demon: Just watched this and thought it was wanky ol' shite, what about you /tv/?[View]
81893069Movies you liked at first but upon another viewing, now dislike? (and vice versa): I got a copy of T…[View]
81885884What is the 'Finnegans Wake' by James Joyce of film?[View]
81890103Why are black people allowed to culturally appropriate but no one else is?: Honest question I see it…[View]
81889503was it kino or a hack's dream: light me anons[View]
81887688>Dude we have powers! >Overly used special effects >Seems like another boring movie where 7…[View]
81893194HI there: FACE HERE![View]
81892728Can I get a reeee-wind?[View]
81893350>leather scrunches[View]
81893339The mind wanders through /tv/ like a half dead gazelle looking for sanctuary in a forest of traps. *…[View]
81893316>watches the star wars special edition once[View]
81893253What movie should i watch tonight boys? Pic unrelated[View]
81893245Should I?[View]
81889407>watching a movie >guy gets mad and punches a whole into the wall like it is made of cardboard…[View]
81888292>So who talks first? You talk first? I talk first? What was this moment about…[View]
81891041What did /tv/ think of this mid 90s kino?[View]
81888776https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Klc41nMZDM4 Yankee traders were the first group I thought of when I sa…[View]
81891461When's she coming back?[View]
81886751Working on notes for my OT Plinkett reviews. Any comments?[View]
81890982Anyone else hate having to go through these things at the movies? Jesus christ it's just a movi…[View]
81891920I LIKE TO[View]
81893092>yfw your son shares his 'zza[View]
81890201Daily reminder that only plebs and people who enjoy Michael Bay movies hated this film[View]
81886279who should be cast in a remake of 'Attack of the 50 Foot Woman' /tv/?[View]
81886592who is right?: >/tv/ constantly rants about how TFA sucks and is borderline equal or worse than t…[View]
81892902>wanted to open Cobra Kai dojos and promote the noble sport of karate, helping lots of kids to de…[View]
81887870I just watched this... it was absolute shite.[View]
81892895What's your favourite pleb filter to watch with potential partners/friends?: Mine is pic relate…[View]
81892916Ensign Crusher U.S.S Enterprise[View]
81892885what can be predicted from the new star wars poster? is luke the new villian in this movie? does he…[View]
81892883I come across an interesting if not infamous website, seemingly as old as the internet itself yet ne…[View]
81892735GET OUT OF HERE /tv/[View]
81892706Boppin down southie to grab a grindah and blammo...wicked fucked explosion blows everybody's sh…[View]
81892670>villain walks in on his daughter being gang raped by black people[View]
81889593Should I keep making memes?[View]
81891509>the purse girl that Jim Halpert used to date for a few episodes ended up communicating with alie…[View]
81888517What do you guys think of this film?[View]
81890808What the fuck was her problem?[View]
81892366>character calls someone desperately >'this is (insert name here), leave a message'…[View]
81892456thoughts on this slice of kino?[View]
81891280>Watch a movie >It's about a Yorkshire lass >She lives in a shed >Her nan's a…[View]
81875618Webm Thread: Post what you have[View]
81892042Who was in the wrong here?[View]
81891932Straight-up classic. Easily a 9/10, maybe even a 10. I think it's the best film of James Gray…[View]
81891219ITT: movies that make you want to kys yourself[View]
81891953So basically this guy was just cucking everyone. He cucked a girl to death, in fact.[View]
8189238725 Million: >implying[View]
81891590Can you meme, master hobbit?[View]
81888717What was this about, exactly?[View]
81892276*blocks your path*[View]
81891338Git going boy: Only a nig could write this shit....[View]
81889324>get me Danny DeVito! >he's busy sir >then get me the other guy >he's already …[View]
81892147Oh wow, they've got everything on DS9. There's a Milliways and a Tom Servo's Used Rob…[View]
81889311My friends! You bow to no one.[View]
81891495Morty turns into a car: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zj1iFepz9Lw[View]
81888813Veep Season 6: Is she supposed to represent Hillary Clinton this season?[View]
81891922What was his fucking problem?[View]
81867899The Expanse: Why isn't the best sci-fi in over a decade still so unknown at the end of it'…[View]
81890861Harry Potter Patrician Ranking: 1 = 2 > 3 > 4 > 6 > 5 > 7 > 8 First two were the b…[View]
81891971Electroma aka Daft Punk movie: Thoughts on this?[View]
81891705Was getting murdered on the Death Star part of his plan, also who was watching his pad while he was …[View]
81890009Deep End (1970): /tv/'s wet dream the movie[View]
81891775I don't like sand[View]
81891800>just don't go busting my balls, billy.[View]
81891782What would his role have been in the Breaking Bad universe?[View]
81891780was he autistic?[View]
81891680What's The Story Fishbone: Did /tv/ watch this show?[View]
81890786Star Wars Fans: What makes people this obsessive and brand-loyal? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rg…[View]
81890941He will go full Elliot next season, right? He has nothing left.[View]
81891451I've got these series on my HDD and I don't know where to start >Fargo >OA >Lefto…[View]
81890114Celebrities who have inspired you.[View]
81890429Aladdin > Lion King[View]
81891244Is Karl just an autistic lolcow like Chris chan? Think about it. The only difference is Karl was tro…[View]
81888467They made it to the island, r-right?;_;[View]
81884365I want one[View]
81891364The fuck did i just watch? Why wouldn't he just get a paternity test in the end and immediately…[View]
81888796*throws feces at the audience*[View]
81890139God isn't real, Marty[View]
81891308Luck of the Irish: Bering Sea Gold: Just watched this gold kino, literally the comfiest show I'…[View]
81891078What's next for his career?[View]
81885567I need me a big guy[View]
81890581When will he grace us with some real good action kino?[View]
81889334Whats next for the best action chick on /tv[View]
81891174/hor/ general: ITT: We discuss hidden horror gems, upcoming movies, and news. Is the genre saved wi…[View]
81889734Any hopes for this?[View]
81878924>The truth is still out there: The X-Files revived again for 10-part series…[View]
81883679/got/ general: >>81864018 Comfy Varys edition[View]
81890882Let's get down to business![View]
81888015VIKINGS: thing is, this got me by surprise, I just started it cause I was boring during vacations an…[View]
81889831This is so cringey[View]
81884659The Leftovers: Is everyone glad that the best show on television is back?[View]
81890813you are what you watch.[View]
81887904>go on youtube >watch a video that is television & film related >there is always a wat…[View]
81890562How does this webm make you feel, /tv/?[View]
81889758If wonder woman could chop doomsday arm off why not cut his head?[View]
81890549How do I learn to walk like Grunting English Man?[View]
81890713ITT:Shit got serious moments[View]
81890698confirmed that the garlic doesn't actually liquefy in the pan also fav babish episodes?[View]
81889948>Collectively, humans have watched Adam Sandler on Netflix for longer than civilization has exist…[View]
81890629What emotion does this expression convey?[View]
81890502>Celebrate and dance so free starts playing[View]
81885432Battle Droid Thread[View]
81886244https://youtu.be/XSaaa_OBkzw Can we stop with this 'the prequels were always hated' meme?[View]
81887486>Its a Joey episode[View]
81890348/rlm/: > for me it's half in the bag seriously tho why do they make any of that other shit i…[View]
81889807This is a real poster for a real movie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F4Afusxc2SM[View]
81888635How many egg rolls can I eat before reaching 800 calories a day?[View]
81888376why dont they just let her drop it? they can walk on the seafloor[View]
81888252>tv show has a sex scene in the first episode D R O P P E D[View]
81888050FRENCH FRIES[View]
81889929Tolkien viewing order: If you were going to show the Hobbit and LOTR trilogies to someone who is unf…[View]
81889108who was in the wrong here?[View]
81888366just for the record, tortoises and turtles are not the same thing[View]
81889717>Its a Dr Cox has a mental breakdown episode[View]
81888227>christmas movie >they open their presents on the morning of 26th Do Americans seriously do th…[View]
81885855Pitch a movie in 3 words: Saving stormtrooper Ryan[View]
81888286Who was in the wrong here?[View]
81888637/tv/ 4chan cup: Why is our logo so shit?[View]
81890064Shut the fuck up, you fucking monkey /tv/[View]
81889914What's the worst movie you saw more then (10) times?[View]
81888882What the fuck is Ward's problem?[View]
8188932213 Reasons Why: So....this was pretty decent, honestly. >Good acting >Good character relations…[View]
81889112Any movies where the chick goes 'I'm pregnant,' and then the guy just kills himself right on th…[View]
81888588Is he the George Lucas of television?[View]
81889861ITT : bad movies that were fun[View]
81889441ITT: Villains who were right[View]
81889573>lmao I'm not gay but I'll tell you what, if it's a nice dick... >talks about s…[View]
81889329Miley joins the marvel family: DKeks BTFO[View]
81888307What do you think of the films of Bela Tate? Are they Kino?[View]
81876415What's your favourite extended AD joke /tv/? >I'm so proud of my son. In fact, this is …[View]
81889660Why thank ye, Jack[View]
81886638he liked her, she liked him. why did he ruin everything?[View]
81887297>I worked at the Nazi Reich. About your Jewish girlfriend, do what you need to with her then gas …[View]
81881599It's A Fucking Chakra Tree!!: Bravo Kishi![View]
81885900What's his name again?[View]
81889376Is this atheismkino?[View]
81888693What does /tv/ think of this movie?[View]
81887625really activates the almonds[View]
81879495.: Newfag test[View]
81889385Why doesn't Marvel make more of this kind of thing?[View]
81888103>Get ready for your childhood to be ruined because we have announced our brand new 'Original…[View]
81886000Was it the right movie at the wrong time?[View]
81889274Shit movies with GOAT scores. Lady in the Water has one of the comfiest scores I've ever heard.[View]
81884677Do you like Dune and what is your opinion on the movie?[View]
81888862Nice night for a walk[View]
81887925>early 00s zombie/vampire flick >marilyn manson or slipknot track plays over the credits…[View]
81888170Who was Vik Tohri and why was his capture so important?[View]
81889142Nice house, but there's no bathroom in it![View]
81887110What am i in for?[View]
81881809Now that the dust has settled, what does /tv/ think of The Dark Knight Rises' opening plane sce…[View]
81885627Today is James McAvoy's birthday Say something nice to him[View]
81888957You there. How much do you know about the Gear wars?[View]
81886501>I told her I can't have no more sex, and from now on she could talk to my ass what did he m…[View]
81888867>*Blocks your path*[View]
81886828Sandcastle: What did we think?[View]
81872118What's the funniest Rick and Morty sight gag? I'd go with pic related or Rick in the paral…[View]
81888872Why do you hate talented critics/film makers /tv/: Can you not appreciate true kino when you see it,…[View]
81888575kino scenes in capeshit don't exi-[View]
81882942>Universal Revs ‘Fate Of The Furious’ Spinoff For Dwayne Johnson, Jason Statham thoughts? http://…[View]
81888185How do you get into ''Mad Men'' if you know shit about the 70's?[View]
81888563Which card was the best?[View]
81883671what? what?[View]
81887669What's next for her career? Can we expect an oscar anytime soon?[View]
81883943What was his endgame?[View]
81888599With mustard?[View]
81887748they literally made a movie about the girl from twilight texting[View]
81887894What if Disney are actually bullying other studios into making bad cinematic universe wannabes that …[View]
81886150is there a more likeable/charismatic guy in hollywood right now? >also do you have more respect f…[View]
81886876The Wire: So I just got done watching the first episode of The Wire and I was blown away! There is a…[View]
81886042ITT: vaguely spoil or poorly explain the ending of a show, others try to guess what it is I will sta…[View]
81888175Is it too much to ask for some okay dialogue S5 Samurai Jack?: We're all on the same page that …[View]
81888145What is his endgame?[View]
81887883>Its a Hal episode[View]
81884078I don't think I've seen a franchise crumble faster than this: Actually makes the prequels …[View]
81887031Why do appreciated TV actors in big shows never make it to become serious film actors?[View]
81887968a tv show staring taylor swift as a sassy singing southern milf inevitable, i wish i had a time mach…[View]
81887967>Peter...don't let more refugees in[View]
81887929>You've given them everything. >not everything, not yet.…[View]
81886315I just watched this film, what did I think about it?[View]
81887139How do I regain the attention span to watch shows and movies? It only happens like once in a blue mo…[View]
81886332>'Looky looky sandy hooky' Jesus Christ Spielberg![View]
81887613Daily Gal Gadot thread[View]
81887735Best films about Facsim?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FXq5439wnA4&feature=youtu.be…[View]
81882941What did the shitposters mean by this?[View]
81887598Is there a bigger meme role than The Joker? Why do people treat it like some Shakespearean undertaki…[View]
81887567nicudy: Nick and judy ready to have babies[View]
81870652If i watch almost every 'GOOD ' scifi Tvshows will i get anything out of Star trek ? want to watch i…[View]
81879505>when the Hans Zimmer score hits you too hard[View]
81881017If I wasn't born in the 80s or early 90s, not female or homosexual how do I learn to truly appr…[View]
81885112What the fuck? This dude's job was dream compared to some peoples'.[View]
81884458Im chad. I look like pic related. what movies would you recommend?[View]
81887293>Free yourself from superstition, >heaven is locked for the sinful musician. >From above an…[View]
81887275This looks so bad.[View]
81882601>man drinks coffee on air >crowd cheers and claps uproariously Why are americans like this?…[View]
81887149Comfiest TV series ever: Dazed and Confused the TV series[View]
81884760>W-w-watch it c-chrissy! lmao no wonder tony had no respect for him[View]
81886201Kangkino: What's some essential KANGKINO?[View]
81886764this guy; who is he[View]
81884944Is Arsenal Fan TV kino?[View]
81887028WATCH IT DR. NOW[View]
81886263>taking a film theory course >inspiringdirector.jpg >wear my Drive scorpion jacket to class…[View]
81886982>'Lucas can say that Sheev became Emperor and reigned for a thousand years, and he was wise and p…[View]
81883964Did you like it? Did you prefer the Stallone movie?[View]
81885784>Be amateur actor or actress >Be of a different race that isn't white >Get an audition…[View]
81886874>villain shows up >he has some stupid quirky habit like eating lollipops >offers one to the…[View]
81862151>That's a cute outfit, did your husband give it to you Honestly this is a little problematic…[View]
81877731ITT: Video Games that you were surprised never turned into a movie.[View]
81886168Can he bend further than this?[View]
81886610Let's have a 3x3 thread[View]
81883676SO bran stark and tommen go on a camping vacation and become close 'friends' (keeping in mind both t…[View]
81885743I just watched this. What did I think of it?[View]
81886682Hey Marvel fans, let me take you on a ride...: ...to film school. SYKE Can't touch me, i'm…[View]
81886428Hot Chicken Tell me whatchu Missin' Kiss another man while I'm working in the Kitchen[View]
81886117what did he mean by this? https://youtu.be/-QStujaQFT8[View]
81883849To Live and Die in L.A.: What did I think of it /tv/? reddit Rick and Morty what the fuck was his pr…[View]
81886308What's /tv/'a consensus on ralphthemoviemaker?[View]
81877870What went wrong?[View]
81886471>The 90's will never be surpassed Why even live?[View]
81886432Admit it, you love this show[View]
81886431>cause the players gonna play, play, play, play, play >and the Drapers gonna drape, drape, dra…[View]
81886349lotr: was Aragorn a virgin until he married? and if so why wasnt he the more powerful wizard than ga…[View]
81885919FUCK YOU DISNEY >tfw tron 3 will never get made because disney has both marvel and star wars…[View]
81886285Non-anglos, what did they change Tom Marvolo Riddle's name to for it to make sense in this scen…[View]
81886034Is this the epitome of humor?[View]
81886179>minutelong montage of Ermentraut searching something BRAVE BRAVO VINCE…[View]
81885898Is it kino?[View]
81884563>We burned down the forest WTF? Is this standard special op tactic when dealing with third world …[View]
81884558hes back[View]
81886075Most KINO actors: Unironically, Keanu films end up being the most kino... prove me wrong or post you…[View]
81883586>Mr. Gallo maintains the right to refuse sale of his sperm to those of extremely dark complexions…[View]
81886191>say something positive about a film >'You're a shill!' Get a grip you paranoid turkeys…[View]
81883173are attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion and C-beams glittering in the dark near the Tannh…[View]
81884536Documentaries about Terrorism: So /tv/ seen any good documentaries about Terrorism? Got any tips abo…[View]
81885969Irrefutable 90s patrician ranking of the Harry Potter films: 1 = 2 > 3 > 4 > 6 > 5 > …[View]
81886129https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VT1J65KHX8E https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v-TDI6Cf_MA https://www.…[View]
81885394>what would you like anon? A beer for me. Is Addy the most memorable tiny role of all time? Every…[View]
81885849Why didn't he just go to a parallel universe where they sold SZECHUAN? R&M plot holes threa…[View]
81885877Is this the power of Youtube kino?[View]
81885753There are hundreds of shows about police and doctors. Why so few about fire fighters?[View]
81885960Is this movie kino?[View]
81883995When is based Hawkman getting his own movie?[View]
81885716alright, alright, alright[View]
81876216Check out my movie idea, its basically the opposite of 'they live' >starts out with neo-nazi prot…[View]
81885487Who thinks the two 'white death' movies coming out will be shit?[View]
81884974Prequels vs Sequels: Well? Which one do you prefer? The late 90's and early 2000's George …[View]
81885770Good night sweet prince. Cuba Gooding Jr found dead on L.A http://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-art…[View]
81885229Ride my wrinkly old cock and no slacking[View]
81883609ITT: kino cape villains: I'll start.[View]
81885797First Law series fucking when ?[View]
81885176Fargo season 3 premiere: Was this episode pretentious? It seemed like it tried too hard at being sty…[View]
81885079gimme that hot chocolate baby[View]
81884014>Almost 10 years of MCU >Plenty of Batman and other superheroes movie before that >8 Fast a…[View]
81884562When's the third season start?[View]
81885069Rank the works of kinomaster JP Melville 1. Le Cercle Rouge 2. Le Samourai 3. L'Armee des Ombre…[View]
81885459The Wire: So I just got done watching the first episode of The Wire and I was blown away! There is a…[View]
81885316what make a great game great?[View]
81879287Morty turns into a car: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zj1iFepz9Lw[View]
81885414>marathon Seinfeld >find Kramer's animated movements and overacting increasingly irritati…[View]
81883451Will they have a proper comeback in the new season?[View]
81883178Top 10: Post your top ten favourite films[View]
81874387Get.Out.2017.1080p.HC.WEBRip.x264.AAC2.0-STUTTERSHIT: >Get.Out.2017.1080p.HC.WEBRip.x264.AAC2.0-S…[View]
81885537Is anyone watching 'I'll have what Phil is having'? This is the absolute comfiest travel show.[View]
81884293Absolute kino[View]
81879494Why did Picard and the Federation kept treating Q 'nice' after he led the Borg to them, leading to t…[View]
81884814>I wonder who I will be? What did she mean by this?[View]
81883208ITT: Most terrifying scenes https://youtu.be/XOW1rhZCTmg[View]
81882332what does gypsy keep dropping off is it a briefcase why is she putting it in the theater[View]
81884170I am the playground[View]
81884847Was it improv or scripted?[View]
81884709Just got back from seeing Get Out. It was alright. Why does it have a 99% RT rating though? Also wha…[View]
81883674Why does the Driver attach his watch to his steering wheel? Is this something widely practiced by au…[View]
81883892Ive literally never seen a scary horror film, anyone have some suggestions? Last time I asked this …[View]
81880309How did George Miller go from the original Mad Max's incredibly reactionary, even fascistic pol…[View]
81883163Prove you're not a pleb: List me some KINO not in this list /tv/[View]
81884749what are some movies about an oppressive corporate dystopia[View]
81884821am i retarded?[View]
81885010I am Groot XD[View]
81885004American Teen Wolf Maze Running Assassin: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bGnrnGpi8IE How do you pic…[View]
81884988This is seriously one of the greatest visuals films ever made with a brilliant cast and emotional st…[View]
81880930Wow Everyone Was Wrong: I was practically forced to see this last night because it was the last day …[View]
81883337Who are the most interesting atheist characters in television and film?[View]
81884640Why aren't Frog threads banned immediately? It's literally avatar posting. Imagine the shi…[View]
81881268This will be the best DCEU movie yet: Calling it now.[View]
81883655Ain't much better in here, kid.[View]
81884718I watched the whole first season of this yesterday. I didn't really like it.[View]
81883825Oh don't mind me, I'm just Carpenter's best work..[View]
818710126 > 4 > 5 > 1 > R1 > 7 > 2 > 3[View]
81880479Prequel? Reboot? Remake?[View]
81884349ITT: Movies that plebs pretend to like so they can sound cool Pic related.[View]
81880399Doc And Mharti: The original version of the show was pretty good. Why did they decide to change it? …[View]
81884545People fear what they don't understand.[View]
81882974How did we go from this....[View]
81879132>Net worth: $146 million Fucking HOW?[View]
81869940What's your opinion on Godard? Favorite movie from him?[View]
81882261Zardoz thread? >mfw I found out this is the same lady that voiced Kreia in kotor 2…[View]
81881525Best Bill O’Reilly freakouts and funny moments of all time: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3rbflhGI…[View]
81881572>Character hangs up without saying goodbye[View]
81884339Is it worth re-watching beyond season 2? I remember liking the Saul and older assassin characters, b…[View]
81882648is this cape kino?[View]
81884047Is 'Days of Future Past' the best X-Men version (if we remove Ellen Page and Jennifer Lawrence)?…[View]
81880802/tv/ memes you're getting sick off: >Praising the Prequels >What did he mean by this >…[View]
81884242>Character must dive with out breathing equipment >Time's running out, gasping for air, d…[View]
81884220>Movie ends with main characters running away and laughing towards the camera…[View]
81883118What are the essential elements of a good space show?[View]
81883154Is this the most underrated Arnold Kino?[View]
81866088Wheel of time TV series: Apparently Sony is producing it, http://variety.com/2017/tv/news/wheel-of-t…[View]
81884061What are some Canadian Characters in tv and film?[View]
81879211Just watched this for the first time last night, and god damn it holds up. Are the sequels worth it?…[View]
81882384>tfw they were the droids they were looking for[View]
81883884How do we fix it?[View]
81881459What will the adaptation be like?[View]
81881716What's the best romance films about love hate relationshipals?[View]
81880088Why does atheist comedian Bill Maher always claim he was 'raised Catholic' to justify his attacks ag…[View]
81877013Which film has your favorite dance scene?[View]
81883779The Rock: Is he the best Action movie star in Hollywood now or nah? https://youtu.be/RrAT9zxGmtE…[View]
81883768ITT: Autismkino https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q5AkBBQWZR4[View]
81880232What the fuck kind of ending shot is this?[View]
81877592Think of a cutaway gag for Peter.[View]
81864018/got/ general: >>81850144 Best Hand edition[View]
81880449>it's a Julia keeps referring to her drawings as 'memes' episode[View]
8188219813 raisins: WE NEED TO CALL THE POLICE WE JUST HIT A STOP SIGN. >no damage to car >old shit wo…[View]
81883410Am I the only one that is excited about this?[View]
81880979>can't or won't?[View]
81883400just let /sp/ have this board[View]
81882816What TV shows/movies manage to go over the top and not have it hurt the show/movie that much?[View]
81883145let's talk about la la land it starts kinda weak and keeps getting better and turns into kino a…[View]
81883377Practicality of a Movie Hobby: Is watching movies a stupid hobby? Its been what I'm most passio…[View]
81881028So why was he covered in smegma?[View]
81883165What does /tv/ think of Bates Motel?[View]
81880466BLACKED done right[View]
81881988happytime murders: >R ratted muppet movie that is a Roger Rabbit knockoff directed by Brian Henso…[View]
81882642did he go to far, ripping out that page?[View]
81882309Sequels that are better then the original[View]
81883194>You don't get to walk away! That train has already the departed. Walked right out of the ci…[View]
81882095FUAAARK MUH LEGS[View]
81882147>Tell that to Zod's snapped neck[View]
81883111why can't I hate him?[View]
81879374*blocks your path*[View]
81877456It's very cool Bateman, but that's nothing.[View]
81883065Was it rape?[View]
81882199>by my calculations the estimate is number number repeating of course[View]
81883008Free Fire: Y'all niggas gonna see gunkino I have Sometimes the lulls in action feel a little lo…[View]
81882379Why is there an African man at the start of Kingdom Of Heaven?[View]
81881583Tfw you don't live in universe where Zack Snyder directed and also played Man of Steel[View]
81877053JUST YOU[View]
81882956What did he mean by this?[View]
81880157Who else excited for Deus Volt kino? https://youtu.be/miu6lctKieI[View]
81882924*blocks your path*[View]
81881957starting cast away. get in here filthycasuals tv[View]
81880313What are some movies about young goth QTs?[View]
81882378Do you know where I can find that Conan O'Brien clip where he visits the Universal Studio Stote…[View]
81880746D'aww Man With Everything Want HUG!!!: >waaahhh I'm very handsome and have a large peni…[View]
81882685What the fuck happened?: >Top Hollywood young male lead actor, Shia Leboof >Grassroots edgy TV…[View]
81882530I didn't get it[View]
81882545Who thought this was a good idea?[View]
81875018Be honest. Ignoring all the alt-right pandering, this guy is a comedy genius.[View]
81882567Objective Rating: Holiday special>Caravan of Courage>The Battle for Endor> >Two >One …[View]
81882495r8 me sk8r boiz[View]
81879026Which actor/actress would you most like to go on a dewy afternoon walk with?[View]
81882238>'Charlize, put down that damn gun!' >'Charlize, please no' >'Charlize, noooo' *bang*…[View]
81881992Haven't seen the movie yet. What was the fate of the furious?[View]
81882146Christ lads she's so uptight white and MILFy. Fucking Jimmy doesnt know what he has[View]
81866064What do Americans think of Graham Norton? He's pretty much a Knight of the Round Table in the U…[View]
81880703Harry and Dale are so cute together. I hope they, you know.[View]
81874675Will it be good?[View]
81879348What ever happened to Star Wars? Somewhere along the line we lost our way.[View]
81881282>tfw your 'writing partner' goes on to make a hugely successful tv show by himself and …[View]
81879580keaton = bowers > lloyd > chaplin > marx brothers = laurel & hardy > fields = tati …[View]
81880508Could this BE anymore of a Friends thread?[View]
81881905do you guys like trigger happy /tv/ ? i think it is a pure classic. i especially love the giant phon…[View]
81881966>'Fuck off you filthy space-Jew. Into the space-oven you go.' wtf i love the prequels now…[View]
81881845I'll tell you why I can't put up with you people: because you're BASTARD people! That…[View]
81881821>my husband's son Are there any other female characters who got cucked as hard as Letty?…[View]
81881587>Science fiction >Feminism >Mind control >Character development >Deep plots What…[View]
81881401I feel bad for it[View]
81881616Which was actually the best?[View]
81881227Did season 2 garner any awards for its cinematography, editing or sound? I can't remember the l…[View]
81881334>its a Simpsons thread[View]
81880886Find a flaw.[View]
81880461Sup /tv/ Looking for something to watch tonight. Particularly, a thriller or similar where you'…[View]
81877191>You're not brave, men are brave is this dialogue really necessary? it's like they…[View]
81872106when does it become good, im 3 episodes in and its pretty meh[View]
81880624Why is David Lynch so good at horror scenes?[View]
81881493Can you guys find the full video on this clip?: https://youtu.be/Cj6YaESnDlM?t=870[View]
81881443Is being born in 90s the best time for a movie goer since, not only did you experience a fair share …[View]
81874255Once this thread hits 88 comments your gonna see some serous shit.[View]
81881427So how are they going to bring Han back in Fast 9?[View]
81874736Damn, this was great! from family/love drama to psycho thriller to scifi horror , i wasn't expe…[View]
81881336>I know how to do this play now.[View]
81881338Did he enjoy that Hand job from Daenerys?[View]
81880975/tv/, the scale says you gain seventy-five pound since you started reading this sentence.[View]
81881206shit movies /tv/ tricked you into watching[View]
81881092Out of my way fat fucking shits[View]
81878803Why do I have such a crush on him? Is it just the looks?[View]
81878715wtf I like black people now[View]
81879102Will they ever make a movie about eSports?[View]
81881085How did the fishermen get into deep space?[View]
81881023characters women will never understand[View]
81879325Congrats, /tv/, in a world of remakes and reboots, you have been picked by Hollywood to do another o…[View]
81880286Why did this make me so uncomfortable?: I literally had to look away and tell myself it wasn't …[View]
81879141Who's the guy on the left?[View]
81880862Can he pull it off?[View]
81880971' Anime's' that cross the border[View]
81878204>'how do I know I can trust you?' >'this IS plan B' >'badge and gun, on my desk now' >'y…[View]
81880398So I was talking to a Christian >Audience visibly upset ...Now hold on now. So I was talking to a…[View]
81880851How does he do it?[View]
81879246what did you think of the best zombie film in the last 5-7 years?[View]
81880299What's the best movie about AI? I've been reading stuff about it recently and want to watc…[View]
81874385Could Akira (the movie version) be made for less than $100 million USD?[View]
81880768Just finished the first season of this. A few questions: 1. Why did the maid sometimes appear hot an…[View]
81880718Could we see another season of World Peace in our lifetime?[View]
81879680What the fuck happened to her?[View]
81878180Was this fighting Kino?[View]
81880623Watch it faggots.[View]
81880660What happened to you? I fell in the toilet. How'd you fall in the toilet? I went to go pee an…[View]
81879555Does /tv/ like The Fountain? Its pure kino[View]
81879944Has Amber Heard given herself enough time after her tough breakup with Johnny Depp? I am worried Elo…[View]
81880520Who is ready for a new comedy movie starring master comedienne Amy Schumer?! https://www.youtube.com…[View]
81880543good night sweet prince of trashy 80's movies[View]
81873606>tfw switching degrees to study film Have any of you been to film school? Am i making a terrible …[View]
81880298>'His blood be on our hands and the hands of our descendants.' What did this line mean? Mel added…[View]
81879953Listen up. My new project will be a remake of Duck Soup and I have assembled the perfect cast: Melis…[View]
81880512>A HOLE IN THE WALL, WHERE THE MEN CAN SEE IT ALL! For every cringy Reddit moment in this show, t…[View]
81880126just marathoned the first 30 min of S2 so is it just about darkies now ?[View]
81880472I'm forcing myself to watch all the episodes It hurts /tv/[View]
81879391Is this kino?[View]
81880460Can we all finally agree that CITV>>>>>>>CBBC?[View]
81879810Was it rape?[View]
81878437Best detective[View]
81879269What is your favorite čínémå?[View]
81880337>we'll be good boy witches! Do the writers browse /r9k/ or something?…[View]
81877848ITT villains who literally did nothing wrong[View]
81880270'No...For Me...'[View]
81879500My name is… Void zula, the mic rula, the old schoola, you want a trip, I’ll bring it to ya Voidlock …[View]
81877792Why does Civil War look so ugly? Is it just me? Are there some laws of cinematography they're n…[View]
81871276About to watch the Harry Potter series. In what order should I watch them?[View]
81860559This is the worst superhero costume in the entire genre[View]
81879698>I didn't go to journalism school, I went to four chan dot com[View]
81879471Who will play them in the inevitable Hollywood adaptation?[View]
81877376Why isn't she in more/better movies?[View]
81879610Overrated shows: ITT: We post shows that we hear everyone obsess over, but we personally hated. I…[View]
81875953Half-Blood prince stands as the definitive kino pinnacle of this series. This is irrefutable.[View]
81879773Who was in the right here?[View]
81863347What do you think of Fargo's third season thus far? Is it off to a decent start?[View]
81879800>oh my god dad, you embarrassed me in front of my most important client! Your wacky antics are ce…[View]
81874003>great movies /tv/ forgot about[View]
81879708>Start to watch 'I am Jazz' about the transsexual teen Jazz Jennings >'It ain't She' begi…[View]
81879398Marvel btfo. Ain't no coming back from this. I'm just waiting for Justice League to massac…[View]
81879665>But this time things are gonna change >I-OH-LETS GO-I-OH-LETS GO >*Bucket of fish heads fa…[View]
81878787ITT: Movies only you've watched I bought this shit back in like 2001-2002 and it was such a pie…[View]
81879511what did it taste like?[View]
81869827hey 4 chan what do you think of this movie[View]
81879395What the fuck happened to her?[View]
81878942Original virus: Is it true that to develop vaccine for a mutated virus the scientists must use the o…[View]
81879389Ooh-wee I'm Mr. Poopybutthole ooh-wee! No, for real that's my name ooh-wee, I'm an a…[View]
81879499Is this the most autistic Star Wars villian?[View]
81879202Hella Frickin Epic: This is literally 4chan: the show[View]
81857613Why the FUCK was it so good?[View]
81879276BANE?: Married man creates fake plane hijack scare to avoid trip with GF 'Police in the southern Ind…[View]
81879354Rick and Morty jokes you never understood[View]
81878327Why do asians look like shit on screen but qts with squinty eyes dont[View]
8187674110/10 kino: >Realizes he's still following Chuck's instructions even after another betr…[View]
81879335i had enough /tv/ im recording tapes for every single anon that bullied me on this board hannah was …[View]
81877325POWER RANKINGS: 4 > 2 > 3 > 1 > 7 > 5 > 6 > 10 > 8 > 9[View]
81875550who was in the wrong here?[View]
81843747>putting glasses on girls to make them look smart[View]
81879147Split: Can we discuss this unironic masterpiece? Brilliant performance of based McAvoy. Amazing boun…[View]
81879235Is there any chance at all that this'll be good adaption?[View]
81879226>the only guy that doesnt see race is a blind man its like pottery[View]
81879126>episodes postponed an hour before they're due to air >episodes accidentally aired out of…[View]
81879194What is the comfiest Craig Bond film?: And why is it Casino Royale?[View]
81878096Ladies and gentlemen... I've traveled over half our site to be here tonight. I couldn't ge…[View]
81878837>what in the fuck[View]
81878593If you haven't read/viewed at least half of pic related, you aren't a true star wars fan[View]
81878881>watch animation movie >major character is cute >search for lewds of that character >no …[View]
81878702>Now YOU are the Last Samurai[View]
81879034So ... men are the only real monsters?[View]
81879087ITT: Funniest Rick and Morty gags[View]
81876891I'm about to open a dinosaur zoo, pitch me food you would want to eat at the restaurants[View]
81875533ITT: Times when /tv/ let you down by shitting on good films I hate you people for this one. This is …[View]
81878937JUST FUCK MY[View]
81875647*blocks your path*[View]
81870681>fucking vulcans pointy eared logic niggers is what they are[View]
81878883Luke, did I ever tell you about the man who taught his asshole to talk? His whole abdomen would move…[View]
81874645Doctor Who General - /who/ - Chantho Edition: Welcome to /who/! The Doctor Who general. Last general…[View]
81878866thoughts on veep?[View]
81877958>If you really wanna shine them on, say 'Hasta la vista, baby!' What did he mean by this?…[View]
81878764Shelly best girl[View]
81878763Remember when George Lucas produced a shitty WEWUZ flick, and pulled the race card when nobody gave …[View]
81877640When's the Blu Ray coming out and what features will be on it? Will we get the deleted scene wh…[View]
81857322who should play Egyptian characters?[View]
81870258Why do White People Pretend to like Dave Chapelle so much He's Funny but it feels like everybod…[View]
81861890Beyond Scared Straight: Favourite moments? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qEBjIc-D_0A https://www.y…[View]
81877405Movies about events that are supposed to be true but actually didn't happen.[View]
81878576You should use your real name Batman Beyond, I like that name.[View]
81878181>be american >take a sip out of sugary drink >audience claps and cheers https://youtu.be/PB…[View]
81878520what do you guys think of her body of work? what do you reckon is her best asset?[View]
81871397>at the end all the white men are dead and the black gorgeous man is gonna fuck the pregnant whit…[View]
81878101>Sketch show kino Post em https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=miZxYjqqjZM…[View]
81878408NO TURKEY?[View]
81875178you are voldemort, how do you kill this meddling kid?: if you really really can't get through t…[View]
81875176How do you sit when watching a movie?[View]
81877651comfy tv shows: Name comfy tv shows/guilty pleasures (because liking 'normie' tv shows is bad appare…[View]
81877051>muh scalps[View]
81877176A what?[View]
81877475You're his special guest What do you do?[View]
81877506Good night sweet prince Bruce will has died at the age of 62[View]
81878199>Is Raylan right here? >Also comfy justified thread…[View]
81877699Redpill me on fatkino[View]
81878142Villains you were rooting for: and had good intentions/reasons[View]
81878027Good night, sweet Prince: A spokesperson with the Los Angeles Fire Department would not confirm Good…[View]
81877897Is this accurate?[View]
81877981..B B..B ..B[View]
81874698You're in the club and this guy walks up and slaps your gf's face, then immediately leaves…[View]
81877842I LIKE TO[View]
81870504ITT: Wasted potential[View]
81877845So i just saw this season's finale of the Walking dead...aaannnd they just fucked us over again…[View]
81851711Marvel's Cloak & Dagger Official Trailer: The Cloak & Dagger trailer just dropped.. GET…[View]
81872980Who's face is this on the poster?[View]
81877825Can I get the icon in cornflower blue?[View]
81876147Come forward[View]
81876760What did he mean by this?[View]
81873970Has a station merger ever worked out as poorly as this one? TechTV and G4 were both great channels o…[View]
81877600What about the droid attack on the wookies?[View]
81855420>Upon noticing the scar on Ren's face is in a different location in The Last Jedi's tea…[View]
81877309>they are both played by Ewan McGregor mind = blown[View]
81875055Why was he such a pathetic stupid fucking idiot? Why didn't they just kill the ugly retard?[View]
81869433what did he mean by this?[View]
81876050'I mean, I've flipped through the brochure a few times.'[View]
81876294Do you think she knows that the only reason she gets roles is the fact that she is ugly and plain so…[View]
81877436You're his next guest, what will happen?[View]
81870179ITT: Anime inspired star wars prequel moments I swear George Lucas is /ourguy/ and watched a fuckton…[View]
81875334Wait so what was the moral of the story again?[View]
81876139>The Smartest Film Critic in the World[View]
81877471bokeh 2017: anyone else watch this film? thoughts? cringeworthy dialogue aside what was the purpose …[View]
81877314>Watching all of your movies and TV on a laptop/monitor/tablet. Please tell me you don't do …[View]
81875666>Dear Lord, look at that blimp! He's hanging from a balloon![View]
81875179>where are we? >not where are we, when are we!…[View]
81877316Every Time that Christopher Lloyd played Doc Brown: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mA8dwZ7ao7o…[View]
81876212Sherry Niles?[View]
81875261Goodbye Pork Pie: What is some other essential New Zealand kino?[View]
81873274What's the best crime film of all time?[View]
81874154Fuck. Yes. Marvelshits can't compete with capekino.[View]
81868799Holy shit....really made me think...[View]
81877207Utopia and The Sound of Drums were the best NuWho episodes.[View]
81876995do you think Lara Flynn Boyle was contacted to reprise her role in twin peaks? like couldn't th…[View]
81873075We don't care if you didn't like the new Star Wars trailer. Most of us DO love it. it…[View]
81877006>it's a reddit pretending people take falcons to the theatre post[View]
81876981Ghost in the Shell is a solid A!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=89yKotapLFE Based Stuckman does it…[View]
81871616>becomes king >starts singing 'somebody once told me the world was gonna roll me..' What the f…[View]
81876543Just finished this. It was absolutely fantastic.[View]
81871771Over The Simpsons' long run, Hans Moleman suffers repeated fatal injuries as a running joke. A …[View]
81867597Movie tattoos: So do you guys have A+ movie tattoos like this one?[View]
81871597>Brad /tv/ >Trombley /pol/ >Rudy /fit/ + /out/ >Captain America /k/ >Ray /b/…[View]
81873561Why it was appropriate just 30 years ago? also, thoughts in this french kino?[View]
81874766Didn't see a thread up. Anybody else ready for yet another emotional rollercoaster? I might rew…[View]
81876215is it just me or do fat niggas always be like'bottom text' n shiieet[View]
81874970Shows that /tv/ doesn't know about that are flawlessly kino[View]
81874795Was Super Hans a bit 'in the head'?[View]
81874273Has anyone else noticed that Jim Parsons and Benedict Cumberbatch have oddly similar facial structur…[View]
81876391do u prefer your tv and kino with real world products?[View]
81876007>Until they become bagooooooze I've watched this like 10 times and can't figure out wha…[View]
81874226Movies in a capitalist society: profit driven, lowest common denominator and false intellectuality, …[View]
81876347haha what a doofus[View]
81876047Explain to me why this is a pleb filter >nice intro blubbering night rider is killed >justice …[View]
81876303Now that the dust has settled can we agree that this was one of his more mediocre performances. I me…[View]
81876247Is it too late for the unJUSTing?[View]
81872546>'Nerd culture is the product of a late capitalist conspiracy, designed to infantalize the consum…[View]
81872415Name a better movie than this >you can't[View]
81875310When this came out a few weeks ago, people bombed its score so hard it was one star for everyone. Su…[View]
81875039Who was in the wrong here?[View]
81874556In the past 8 hours, I started watching MST3K. I watched the first few original episodes and a few o…[View]
81874721Rebecca Ferguson: Born 1983: 33 years of age. Kek. What age do you think she is really. So old and u…[View]
81876101*blocks your path*[View]
81875250Is this capeshit?[View]
81875562What are some frog movies?[View]
81875966Anyone seen this film before? What did you think of it?[View]
81875096>370 people Is there a character that has killed more people in cinema than Bond?…[View]
81874897>IT.2017.720.SCREENER.XviD.AC3-EVO.mkv >IT.2017.720.SCREENER.XviD.AC3-EVO.mkv >IT.2017.72…[View]
81873197>white Spiderman Why is Marvel so FUCKING racist?[View]
81875870https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_American_superhero_films Which year was the best for the genre…[View]
81857031What was the point of this character?: Just to appeal to the Chinese market? Is that all Hollywood k…[View]
81875773Without my movies... i'm nothing.[View]
81869914Were the Russo Brothers right? Was this film like Fargo, the Godfather, and Se7en?[View]
81875659Guys, I'm stuck here. What's the name of this film, with several small plots, one of the f…[View]
81872849What's his favorite movie?[View]
81875467What was her end game in this photograph ?[View]
81868058What was the point of this shot?[View]
81875630hish hish hash hash[View]
81875609Out of my WHEY, PROTEIN FUCKING SHITS[View]
81867945Is it worth watching beyond the first season?[View]
81875437We can all agree that these are actually decent, right? Sure, Robot Chicken did it better but they…[View]
81874778Which Fett went out like a punk the most? > One gets curbstomped by Mace Windu as if he was nothi…[View]
81842660>we'll be good boy witches![View]
81871273There were like 3 scenes in total which actually utilized the 1:1 aspect ratio of this film. Not jus…[View]
81875128Holy shit this was good. I can't believe it took me 16 years to watch it.[View]
81875337Post movies that were major disappointments[View]
81871129Is his downfall inevitable? He did much worse than Bill O'Reilly but nobody really likes to tal…[View]
81874120Do I need to watch the previous seasons of this show to follow this season, or does each season have…[View]
81875154remember this legendary newsman? he got fired from tv recently[View]
81875140>What was once before you - an exciting, mysterious future - is now behind you. Lived; understood…[View]
81872698ITT movies /tv/ meme'd you into watching: damn, this was boring[View]
81872123Red-pill me on the Hollywood pedo culture /tv/. Shills call it a 'tinfoil hat conspiracy' …[View]
81875116Give him some tax breaks boys![View]
81866316What are /tv/'s thoughts on James Randi?[View]
81875086do you think Lara Flynn Boyle was contacted to reprise her role in twin peaks? like couldn't th…[View]
81872802Predators better pray.[View]
81871297Are you ready for season 4?[View]
81870447bahahahahaha breaking the costume budget[View]
81874910What order to watch Kitano's films?: I'm going in blind. I know the guy's a great act…[View]
81873548Can an actress be considered a 'serious actress' if she refuses to do nude scenes? Doesn't matt…[View]
81867955/who/ Doctor Who General: The Chimes of Midnight Edition Last Thread: >>81858333[View]
81874214ITT:comfy youtube channels https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rrlr02YDr5A[View]
81874656The.Outcasts.2017.1080p.WEBRip.AAC2.0.x264-FGT: >The.Outcasts.2017.1080p.WEBRip.AAC2.0.x264-FGT …[View]
81874807Just watched pic related, found it quite comfy and gay. What are some other male homosexual kinos? A…[View]
81873717Look at what you did to him: Apologize. NOW[View]
81874748This movie was pretty bad, probably the worst Kaiju movie I ever watched start to finish. Even the A…[View]
81873949>What begins as a hopeful journey to seek a better life becomes a harrowing and primal fight for …[View]
81867318cathode ray tube: Is there a good reason to use a crt television besides guncon? Do you get a nostal…[View]
81874433What did he mean by this?[View]
81874325>you're being charged with felony eluding[View]
81873715Ficticious characters whom did nothing wrong.: He just wanted to cool off in the pool.[View]
81869853Do you own any /tv/ related clothing?[View]
81874301>pastor preaches about the devil >congregation agrees loudly…[View]
81874043>'SHE SHOULD SUE YOU!!' >'Well you should sue McDonalds because they obviously fucked you up' …[View]
81874227>Get.Out.2017.720.HC.HDRip.XviD.AC3-EVO.mkv >Get.Out.2017.720.HC.HDRip.XviD.AC3-EVO.mkv >Ge…[View]
81873763>Don't show up on a date BRUTAL[View]
8187365090% of people believe in a higher power. And every shill believes in some sort messianic figure. And…[View]
81873823>Well Gee we got through that season >Now what should we do for the next? >I know! We shoul…[View]
81871894Why do people hate him so much?[View]
81873052Daily reminder the original Miley was raped then butchered in the desert[View]
81869164>Characters begin to argue >Phone rings[View]
81870367Are you ready for the greatest love story ever told? George would be proud[View]
81868176What are the essential Hal episodes?[View]
81869721Scrambled eggs all over my face: Hey baby, I hear the blues a-callin' Tossed salad and scramble…[View]
81870603quick /tv/ pick a film out of this list for me to watch Senna Enter The Void Wings of Desire The Gua…[View]
81872557No offense but you ever had yourself checked for Tourettes? Seriously. 'Heh, Heh. Heh, Heh' maybe yo…[View]
81868360Zeke: Does anyone know what her birth name was?[View]
81873961>that drought of good torrents after the awards screener season is over…[View]
81869600> It's another episode where they fail to sell cocaine[View]
81873749Are Star Wars fans cringekino? https://youtu.be/HdBRaYjHtoQ[View]
81873072Whats next for his career?[View]
81859160The X-Files is back on FOX soon. 10 episodes long. Thoughts?[View]
81866096Oscarbait and shitflicks[View]
81871669Tell me, if the tau'ri are indeed worthy of their freedom, why are there no blockbuster Stargat…[View]
81871385Why isn't anyone talking about Adam Sandler's best film in years?[View]
81870021>see this what do?[View]
81868587Let's see Paul Allen's card...[View]
81864104The Promise: Just caught this tearjerker of a film. Being Greek, I always heard about the slaughter …[View]
81873468tell me what to watch today[View]
81873516>Anime can't be kin- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=amCYjep3KMQ#t=45…[View]
81869026greatest 4chan kino? >https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=127&v=-QStujaQFT8…[View]
81873492>Why are you all being cordial to the guy who murdered me?[View]
81868713He was pretty cool.[View]
81868028Why does every movie trailer need 70s-90s music now?[View]
81809672/lbg/ - letterboxd general: Russ Meyer edition. Previous thread: >>81771059 >Not sure what …[View]
8186938813 Reasons Why: So, is this shit?[View]
81871091>Tarantino is a good director[View]
81871712Hey Guys ! Hey Guys ! I got a cool theory ! >The whole story was actually a dream ! >The char…[View]
81873157I'm going yo desaturate my copies and make them look better. At least desaturate return of the …[View]
81871584Well, watching this was a waste of time, why does /tv like this movie? >Woah, like, just enjoy li…[View]
81865543ITT: Food from movies that makes you hungry[View]
81873221What does /tv/ think of Kate Winslet?[View]
81871462Sorry lads but LA was much more fun than New York. You're thoughts on this debate, /tv/?[View]
81871429>I'll ask the questions[View]
81873087Split: What did you think of it? Will Shyamalan's next film suck?[View]
81873062DA YELLOW KANGZ !!!!![View]
81873021>watching a film that is in no way relevant to you or current events >scene that depicts with …[View]
81871925Nice night for a walk[View]
81872519ITT: characters who were killed off too fast. Tiny Rick should have stayed around.[View]
81859175name a better episode go ahead, I'll wait[View]
81872857Anyone know the name of this movie? A black girl is bringing her bf home to meet her family. They…[View]
81871140Billy Crystal was terrible in this.[View]
81871483What are the best TV shows that have already finished all their episodes? I never used to watch TV s…[View]
81852991What went wrong?[View]
81872784MCRIB IS BACK[View]
81867386Silence was FOTY[View]
81866094Why do christfags and alt-redditors hate this show so much? Are they still under the delusion that t…[View]
81872527Was he a bully?[View]
81872573>You said it yourself, bitch >We're Marvel's® The Guardians of the Galaxy™ Fucking s…[View]
81872469Who is the strongest character in the Kenneth Anger Cinematic Universe?[View]
81872352Stop it[View]
81871720Leos Carax: I loved Holy Motors so I've been trying to get into Leos Carax's older films, …[View]
81868594>Wh-wh-who paid y-you to grab Dr. Sanchez?[View]
81867845I can't believe that Bryce prefers Van Patten's card to mine[View]
81872217just wondering, why dont you guys refer to it as 'reddit and normie' rather than 'reddit and memey?'[View]
81872201Tarrantino + Jackson VS Refn + Gosling Which is the better duo? GO![View]
81872198So was this just an ER knockoff, or did it have its own appeal? I only really remember the episode w…[View]
81871004>locks Dallas, Lambert and Kane out >picks on /ourguys/ Parker and Brett >lets Parker and L…[View]
81863948What's the best JRE episodes? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=McAGTNINJkE And is Eddie crazy?…[View]
81870187Remember that time: that Kylo Ren and Poe Dameron recorded a song about space travel, with Justin Ti…[View]
81866832>woman chooses to do porn >'uhh sweetie, women enjoy sex too you sexist pathetic loser' >wo…[View]
81871732Literally Red Heat: the movie[View]
81870745>Character is unhinged or fraught with turmoil >Stares down an inflatable flailing tube man…[View]
81869581What is the greatest made for TV movie ever made?[View]
81869723wtf is this movie gay? where are all the women? is this a boat fetish movie for homos?[View]
81871125My idea for a movie: An infamous TV personality awaits his professional and personal fate in a forei…[View]
81870717Hollywood adaptation when?[View]
81866008Great Muppet Caper: >He wanted to fuck that pig What's the best Muppet movie and why is it T…[View]
81869377Goodnight, /tv/[View]
81870142>42 years old >No wife, No kids JUST[View]
81870375These guys are married, right? Why do they always go to Sonic together? They have been going togethe…[View]
81870808Hey guys, what do you think of my trailer? It's me in the video btw. Thoughts? https://www.yout…[View]
81870874There was this show that i watch last year it was a Shitty Scifi where a team of people and a androi…[View]
81870457welcome to denton, /tv/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aOEUpYcSwOM[View]
81865783>ITT: Actors you don't 'get'[View]
81869821Book tickets for Guardians of Galaxy 2 NOW[View]
81863798Is CSPAN's 'Washington Journal' kino? I don't mean that to be silly - every morning, for 3…[View]
81869951People who prefer Cheryl:: How can you? What you're seeing is long hair, nice clothes, and abou…[View]
81863875Laserdisc?: does /tv/ have any personal experience with laserdiscs? The only time in life that I can…[View]
81870400DVD bonus features that are better than the film itself?: For example, the Blu-ray release of the ob…[View]
81868397say the line /tv/?[View]
81870270What was her fucking problem?[View]
81870077What does /tv/ think of 'The Social Network?'[View]
81870524>24fps was literally only chosen because it's the bare minimum that filmmakers can get away …[View]
81870520I wanna fuck.[View]
81869041BANE?: IT NEVER ENDS >operation Gotham Shield >The Dark Knight Rises plot is about Bane threat…[View]
81855828This mother fucker. Was he good? How do you rank him on a scale of 1-10? Where does he stand among a…[View]
81870379Just watched this, what were my thoughts on it? Did I like it?[View]
81867190Is pimping easy?[View]
81870391My name is… Void zula, the mic rula, the old schoola, you want a trip, I’ll bring it to ya Voidlock …[View]
81868339ITT: Shows with awful theme songs[View]
81866792Pause movie at 33:33, others have to guess it: It's been a while since we've had a thread …[View]
81870085can any other scene top pic related where a kike jewess gets BTFO ? https://youtu.be/5xsaMcw69D8[View]
81869932Alien Covenant story leaked: Before I start let me just say that I don't know how reliable this…[View]
81852363/trek/: NX-01 Refit edition Which captain do you guys think will die first? Shatner is the obvious a…[View]
81865227Why did disney force this on us. I can't even stand her accent and I love qt british accents. S…[View]
81866659I'm almost done watching this and enjoying it a lot as a depressed person. I don't want to…[View]
81870003Buried: Thoughts? Personally, I found it to be a good reminder of how fucking stupid America's …[View]
81849224The Dark Tower - LEAKED TRAILER: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UYyQsSGm2po how shit will this be?…[View]
81862586Could a movie be made of Dante's Inferno?: Who would you cast in the main roles (Dante, Virgil,…[View]
81869910>A KIKE? TO MY FUCKING FACE?[View]
81869855Scenes that didn't go where you thought they would: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uGgXpGMjp3o…[View]
81869891What's that sound?: Did you hear that?[View]
81862053What's a film that evokes the same emotions and themes that this painting does?[View]
81867475What is this kind of advertising called.[View]
81868368ITT: Movies that no amount of marketing can save.[View]
81863858Post truly terrible, hilarious film and TV posters or cover art.[View]
81867873How kino was it? Did we like it? Thought it was good but nowhere near the first one. It's like …[View]
81866113What time do you go to bed?[View]
81859802What would his role have been in Lord of the Rings?[View]
81867049HI. MA. THIL. DA.[View]
81866025What is wrong with these kids?[View]
81862574what are some movies that are popular with the gay crowd? and why are those movies popular?[View]
81868312What the fuck is his problem?[View]
81866974/ourguy/ did it[View]
81862583He's becoming Harrison Ford, it's pottery. >Telling people to torrent the movie https:/…[View]
81867743Casino or Goodfellas?[View]
81867366ITT. Actors you would go gay for?: Pic related. Hes the perfect husbando. No homo. Just wish he c…[View]
81866711What was the /tv/ consensus on The Path? It was pretty good though it was a bit annoying how every c…[View]
81869021Go back to your fuckin tribe![View]
81864796Are Smart TVs a good investment?[View]
81864755Why is the main cast of this show so boring? Seriously the writing is great but it's wasted on …[View]
81864825anyone seen the candle cove show? me and my dad found it yesterday while skipping through on demand …[View]
81862055Just watched this and holy shit, it was great. I expected a shitty action flick but it was a solid …[View]
81869028wtf I love X-Files now[View]
81867451Why is child nudity in film not looked down upon?[View]
81864851What ever happened to this guy?[View]
81868076What are some movies about smuggling illicit substances across border?[View]
81859083Imagine being Vin Diesel: Imagine being the one guy The Rock makes fun of on set. That's like b…[View]
81864745ITT: shows that only you like[View]
81858137LETS FUCKING GO[View]
81868821Joe vs. The Volcano: Choose.[View]
81864580>gets crowned king >starts singing out of nowhere wtf did he have autism or something?…[View]
81868992*blocks ur escape pod door*[View]
81868299what did you think of Scarlett Johansson in The Spirit? Do you think playing a Nazi made her feel un…[View]
81865855HBO Utopia remake not dead: >Kelly's ready to put the phone down. For now, he's finishe…[View]
81868166How do we stop her?[View]
81868518Lets get this out on to a tray. Nice![View]
81866505recently got into Woody Allen and wanted to know how you all felt about him and his films. Also did …[View]
81865869What is this scene trying to convey?[View]
81868761Fargo: How is he going to be relevant to the plot this season?[View]
81866705How do you go from this...[View]
81855957name a better comedy actress?[View]
81865409franchises that have sucked since 1980. i'll start.[View]
81864925who should play Red Sonja in the upcoming R-rated tv show?: https://www.bleedingcool.com/2016/03/02/…[View]
81868437Worst movie you've seen in April?: We Bought a Zoo. It was on TV and with Kimmel's mockery…[View]
81868599Supernatural: How is season 12?[View]
81865256>Keith David will die in your lifetime[View]
81867669Charlize Theron doesn’t understand why Vin Diesel keeps raving about their kiss: >In one of the l…[View]
81862930Whats the best stand up comedy?: Personally I think its Bill Burr, Doug Stanhope and Christopher Tit…[View]
81868248Characters who did nothing wrong: Itt: Characters who literally did nothing wrong[View]
81868200Why applaud in a movie theater though? I've literally never seen this happen in my country...[View]
81866270MST3K: THE RETURN: So, now that the dust has settled, what did we think? The Time Travelers is a cla…[View]
81861897How do they do it? How do they manage to keep such a high quality consistently? A guy with a mulle…[View]
81867711How much do you want to bet these will just be XD BABY GROOT dancing and doing 'cute' things?[View]
81858333/who/ Doctor Who General: GOAT Tardis Team Edition Last Thread: >>81844302[View]
81865221Why do girls pretend to like Big Guys?[View]
81866428Fuck off with that illegal Mexican dog kicker. Jackson Galaxy is the one true pet behavior kino.[View]
81864693When are we getting a film adaptation of L.A. Noire?[View]
81865785I need some movie where the chick chases the dude and he's not interested.[View]
81864631OMG whos cuter /tv/?[View]
81867697Is this king of 21st century capeshit?[View]
81867532What are some movies about liars[View]
81867621Edge of Sanity (1989) Director: Gérard Kikoïne Writers: J.P. Félix (screenplay), Ron Raley (screenpl…[View]
81867442How do you go from this...[View]
81867555this is a 10/10 in bonglan: not even kidding she gets paid thousands to get naked in mens mags.…[View]
81866488What are his greatest rolls?[View]
81867353>If Steve Rogers never went to the army and became Captain America[View]
81866915So where can i stream a bunch of episodes of COPS? i've already streamed all of S29[View]
81867347What are some movies about failure?[View]
81864803Will it win us over?[View]
81864581what's his name again?[View]
81867181There he is[View]
81864889Why is Reddit so obsessed with this film?[View]
81867055Why didn't he wash the dirt out of his mask? Or at least asked one of his friends to do it for …[View]
81867122>Saul disregards his brothers advice and rips the painters tape off the wall >lines come out c…[View]
81864225I just got through with Season 7 of TWD. I need to ask everyone a serious question. Preferably peopl…[View]
81866168>watching Silence >Portuguese characters speak to each other in English >when some jap uses…[View]
81865349>'The only way you're seeing the inside of a space ship is if you use the identity of Jerome…[View]
818623642017-2018 PILOT SEASON: The 2017-2018 network television pilot season is upon us. What are you inter…[View]
81865175>jimmy dumbly stares at green jacket guy for several minutes >jimmy puts half his body into th…[View]
81866179What are some true horror kino?[View]
81839393This month's public bread is provided by the Capitoline Brotherhood of Millers. The Brotherhood…[View]
81865890>tfw craig in scotland was apex comfy >tfw no late night show will ever be this comfy again…[View]
81866011Where does it rank among Bale's best performances?[View]
81866669>mfw vietnam fucking shits think they can sue one of the chosen race for murdering their children…[View]
81866648New Crow and Servo are alright. Judah is dead weight.[View]
81866647No more dead cops![View]
81866290Paterson >pushes traditional gender roles >has a comfortable admiration for Eisenhower-era Ame…[View]
81866625Get outta that Jabroni outfit, Big guy[View]
81866384Can't find season 3 episode 2 anywhere. Leave PayPal I'll give whoever find me a working d…[View]
81865016What does /tv/ think of South Park? From the start to today.[View]
81866458>video games haven't surpassed mov--[View]
81858605Long time atheist here, was Jesus insane? I know what you're gonna say 'hurrr atheist doesn…[View]
81863860Chekov is bald: Why does everyone shit on Shatner for wearing a rug when Chekov's been doing it…[View]
81857169Sophia Loren: What do you think of her body of work?[View]
81863372Such a hack he's been phoning it in, taking the money to be in dishonest crap forever. Same wit…[View]
81865909it's hilarious watching you all pretend to not be hyped as fuck for xenokino[View]
81864388Comedy Trek: The /trek/ general thread included lots of interest in a dark, deadpan comedy version o…[View]
81866125>ITT: Actors you completely 'get'[View]
81864991Seriously what the fuck was his problem[View]
81864120Rick: *burps* well y-know, life is completely and utterly meaningless and love is just a biological …[View]
81866100If they got their heads out of their asses and attacked it in this form, could they have killed it c…[View]
81865090/meta/: Can everyone stop writing 'literally' in every fucking post. You literally look like bloody …[View]
81857546Kevin Feige Confirms More Legendary Stars Already Lined Up For The MCU: >While speaking to Fandan…[View]
81865282i need you to lose 50 pounds in one hour[View]
81865955What happens to razzies considering most celebs don't pick them up?[View]
81865829What's the best American film?[View]
81865737Actors you wish that would disapear forever[View]
81865858Post well crafted captivating scenes or post your favorite movie scene, then post one that's im…[View]
81864739What was his fucking problem!?[View]
81864955IS THIS WHAT YOU WANT, /tv/ !?[View]
81857348Nice night for a walk[View]
81858606Remember when Groot sacrificed himself for the team and it was an emotional moment that showed the w…[View]
81860987Paterson: This was probably the most wholesome movie I've ever seen, ridiculously comfy. Also m…[View]
81865500One Hour Photo: I watched this recently - what a Kino-sperience. What do you love about this movie?…[View]
81861775Is Barry Lyndon worth the 3-hour runtime?[View]
81864233>Just watched this, what'd you guys think of it?: The Big guy with the pregnant wife was bas…[View]
8186556916 years running and this is still my favorite movie. Why does /tv/ hate it?[View]
81864804James Cameron: Name any other person who could have made a 2.2 billion dollar movie about the Titani…[View]
81864041>stares at you[View]
81862389>tfw no one using BB reaction images anymore[View]
81865380Is the the only true capekino?[View]
81864548>Its a Julia makes a thread about comparing Rick and Morty to Reddit for the fifth time in a day …[View]
81865367>HIIIIIII-YA What did he mean by this?[View]
81864724>Uncle Phil, man, I'm so sorry, I- >SHUT YOUR GODDAMN MOUTH, WILL. (Angry sigh) I moved t…[View]
81865198>haha he shot his best friend in the head but it's cool Damn, savage.…[View]
81864986I screened this yesterday as I was banned. However it made me so ironically angry I had to post this…[View]
81864992How do you go from this...[View]
81864666And does Mr. Harry Potter have his U73 form, cash deposit, signed letter of intent and finger of a w…[View]
81865007One of these[View]
81865002Watch it Sith![View]
81862303teenage mutant ninja turtles? more teenage mutant ninja kino[View]
81864978Should I or it stinks to fucking arse?[View]
81864977Did he REALLY need orange slices? Why was he so insistent he have them at this moment?[View]
81864264>Episode VIII already sucks[View]
81864911Short films?: Know of any good short films? No not you tube crap. Actual short films made by writers…[View]
81864178Why is Hollywood so anti-Christian?[View]
81864819I can't stop thinking about this movie. I've seen it twice, and it just.... jesus christ..…[View]
81864795Up For Love 2016 DVDRip x264-RedBlade: >Up For Love 2016 DVDRip x264-RedBlade Who's ready fo…[View]
81862575SAY IT AIN'T SO[View]
81861785>director murders two vietnamese kids >'it ain't me'…[View]
81861085Name me a better Kubrick Tip you can't[View]
81864743Awesome Mix Vol. 2: http://www.blastr.com/2017-4-19/james-gunn-finally-reveals-track-list-awesome-mi…[View]
81863907What was the /tv/ consensus on The Path? It was pretty good though it was a bit annoying how every c…[View]
81864298if you disagree then fuck off back to imdb, /r/movies, tumblr or rateyourmusic[View]
81860263Is this shit leftist propaganda?: Or can I chill out with a joint and enjoy the show?[View]
81861182Are you excited for more Christkino?[View]
81864573>Eeny, meeny, miny, moe, I wonder where my glove will go[View]
81858779Belarusian Psycho: Hello, /tv/. I have directed a feature film called 'Belarusian Psycho' which tell…[View]
81864477What was his greatest twist?[View]
81848442Is this good writing?[View]
81864435 [View]
81864429Reddington's cleaning lady has had a very interesting life.[View]
81864043Batman v.Superman: Dawn of Murder is the most disappointing thing since my son's failed colonos…[View]
81863915So why did Marv turn into a skeleton?[View]
81864342*urrp* morty you gotta go see guardians of the galaxy 2 *BURP* morty its fake science morty it makes…[View]
81862043what are some movies?[View]
81862330Mark Frost, co-creator of Twin Peaks, has an unhealthy obsession with Donald Trump: https://twitter.…[View]
81863643What are some other good obscure series that not many people have seen? I need things to binge watch…[View]
81864165Interviews You Want to See on Tucker: >it's a Chris Stuckmann tries to defend anime while Tu…[View]
81863153Which movie should I watch tonight? Which ones should I throw away? Also post your movie collections[View]
81863526>b horror movie title >actually 100% a plus flick…[View]
81863052did fatkino die after Austin and Stephen?[View]
81850144/got/ general: >>81824501 The Hound edition Thread theme https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=huzyhf…[View]
81858496post some classic howard stern kino https://youtu.be/JVGgNYpqeQU[View]
81860279ITT: Your best/worst experience seeing a movie >Best: Went to see Power Rangers in 1995, and some…[View]
81863987ITT post your YT movie related channels. A part of me wants to have 100% of my channel dedicated to …[View]
81864081>my goodness you've grown[View]
81863150can't we all just get along?[View]
81861582Name a more likeable villain Protip: you might be able to but I don't think you can[View]
81863993I hope they make a short film. Tom Segura recorded the audio of one of their amorous sessions and sh…[View]
81861556Dead Like Me: Currently re-watching this after years. Anybody even remember this show?[View]
81861312Will Smith as the Genie in another Disney remake, really?[View]
81862052Futurama: I were young while watching this episode for the first time. Tfw i cried later because of …[View]
81862041Reminder that He-Man beats Star Wars, Marvel and DC hands-down. He's stronger, faster, and des…[View]
81856988Why does /tv/ hate A Clockwork Orange? It's always listed as the worst Kubrick film here.[View]
81863853> the wacky circumference > the shazzameter > the daddy-o…[View]
81860689Horror Movie General - /horror/: Discuss horror television and film What was the last horror movie y…[View]
81849561Thick of It: Will they make another series of this now that Capaldi is leaving Doctor Who?[View]
81862286ITT shows that went downhill after their opening scene[View]
81860605Do you think shes attractive? Is it the voice?[View]
81862283Few months ago I realized that I haven't seen any horror movies for a long time, so I downloade…[View]
81857737What the fuck did I just watch?[View]
81863491What did he mean by this?[View]
81863556Why are nightclub scenes so good[View]
81861975What was his FUCKING problem?[View]
81863337>Anti-hero/Rival saves hero >'You're not alowed to die, not until i kill you!'…[View]
81863409happy 420 lmao[View]
81846736Only the Sith and the Jedi deal in absolutes[View]
81863289Milo's Murphy Law Speculation: So I recently started watching Milo's Murphy Law, and a fri…[View]
81861298Why did he get so fresh with everyone?[View]
81861828Is this the most redpilled black show still running?: So I decided to give this show a chance on net…[View]
81862635what did he say?[View]
81860964What do you call this haircut?[View]
81862842Was Shran sexually attracted to Archer? Why does he follow him around the cosmos?[View]
81862432Find a flaw[View]
81861130With all the reboots and sequels happening lately, which movie would you love to see get a reboot/se…[View]
81862118Why didn't Sauron just ask nicely for the ring?[View]
81860161great director/actor combos? >hard mode: no herzog/kinski[View]
81862666thoughs?: whats her endgame?[View]
81862506Need help picking a new series: Deadwood, Fargo, or Justified, which one should I pick up?[View]
81858571why does she look like she's 29?[View]
81862566Was it animal abuse?[View]
81860736Perfect comedies don't exi-[View]
81858572Is he /ourguy/?[View]
81862296>starcrash >bad movie[View]
81860650is fishing Crab Legs kino?[View]
81856130Let's give a quick shoutout to Christina Applegate[View]
81859248I LIKE YOUR GUN[View]
81856643you're fucking kidding me, right? easily the best thread on /tv/ today was fucking deleted? jes…[View]
81845869What does /tv/ think of Sam Hyde?[View]
81862309Hey Sweeties just wanted to remind you honies that you should clean up after your selves after seein…[View]
81862255I need some top tier emotional kino that is tastefully done. If it's over the top too woe is me…[View]
81860131Original Quirky Drama Series Kino The only problem is that the series went on a bit too long without…[View]
81860416Why was this in the movie?[View]
81862036Who was in the wrong here?[View]
81862031You're not a real lawyer.[View]
81861951Why is this show written so well despite its demographic?[View]
81851305I'm three episodes into this. When does it get good?[View]
81861899>premiere held today so when do I have to leave this board to avoid spoilers?…[View]
81860745>He hates Rick and Morty because of Reddit Hahaha sweetie... >He hates Colbert because of his…[View]
81861824What are the best movies of all time?[View]
81859188Red Letter Media: What went wrong?[View]
81861782Louie Theroux running for Prime Minister!! You can't make this shit up We're winning guys!…[View]
81860593>thinks religious people are stupid >shills alternative medicine lmao…[View]
81860326leaked fast and furious 9 script!!!: wowow this thing is wild - https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5b…[View]
81861842When are we getting a film adaptation of L.A. Noire?[View]
81861579>'It's over Anakin, the ground that I'm standing on is of higher elevation!'…[View]
81859959>that one show that kills off its best character[View]
81858384OFFICIAL BEST DISNEY SONGS POWER RANKING: 1. Be Our Guest (Beauty and the Beast) 2. Hellfire (Hunchb…[View]
81861320Robocop > The Sight & Sound Top 50 greatest films of all time. Fact.[View]
81860698WTF?! i hate tony now![View]
81859208'The X-Files' Revived Again for 10 New Episodes at Fox: >Fox announced Thursday that Th…[View]
81861618>Go to movies >Trailers start playing >Right before the movie begins see this M&M short…[View]
81858752Was it autism?[View]
81860697How did Hollywood successfully accept his transition to mainstream cinema despite the taboo of his p…[View]
81861262Best movie of all time?[View]
81858913>Cameron: Quick cuts and shaky cam are powerful agents to the uninitiated... but we are initiated…[View]
81857474Whatever happened to this?[View]
81861241pillowy mounds of mashed po tay toes[View]
81860983What the fuck happened to this show? How did it turn from kino to utter shit at the start of season …[View]
81859809ITT: Shitty actors that aren't shitty people[View]
81861401Julia keeps referring to her drawings as 'memes'. Since you're autistic too, do you think you c…[View]
81847794Defend 24 frames per second beyond an 'Im used to it' argument[View]
81858877The most cuck character in the whole series amirite[View]
81859418Why isn't there a separate board for capeshit?[View]
81860843Dr. Pavel, I'm CIA.[View]
818611424chan or reddit?[View]
81859053What would you do in this situation?[View]
81861202ITT: kinos that t*rkroaches and k*rds will never understand[View]
81860950Who are the pathetic shitheads who watch this uninspired drivel?[View]
81861104>open fridge to get some butter to eat >see pic related >laughing so hard that my throat …[View]
81860086What was the best bit?[View]
81860560>*blocks your path*[View]
81860740Will Hollywood ever make a movie about the Chinese student protests in 1989? Does anyone in the indu…[View]
81859236Best Disney Princess: Ariel is childhood Bell is adulthood Meg is transcendence https://www.youtube.…[View]
81860824BLACK DINGUS[View]
81860712Who would win?[View]
81859352Have you ever tried to contact a celebrity on social media? If so, have they ever replied?[View]
81860622>[Insert movie] is the #1 movie in America! >Critics are raving!…[View]
81848490my name jeff[View]
81856508Millennial here What were blockbusters like?[View]
81860821BBBBBBBBBRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP snnnnniiiiiiffffffffffff…oh yes my dear….sssnnnnnnn…[View]
81860817Come on dawg, this is a mermaid, you GOT to hit THAT![View]
81860590>Kubrick's greatest work[View]
81860795who was in the right here[View]
81860774Who's the bigger cuck on Mad Men , Abe or Henry? Henry >Raises 3 kids who aren't even …[View]
81860752Since reality television ratings are now high on the list of qualifications to be President, who sho…[View]
81860438PAN NICE AND HOT[View]
81860737He tried to warn us, why didn't we listen? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=KWSsjhHA0IM[View]
81860509>watching hardcore porn on mute with Sigur Ros playing in the background >sneak peak of the ne…[View]
81860468https://youtu.be/pbnJFQ5pnog Why do millenials hate Norm?[View]
81860673charlie murphy died :([View]
81859522Would a Hamburger Lady film work? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mzDvpT-MjYs[View]
81860526Was a good film ever made?[View]
81858322'Red October' vs 'Patriot Games' vs 'Clear And Present Danger': How do they compare?[View]
81860551should I go downstairs and watch tv? I'll probably watch king of the hill if I do or check the …[View]
81860079Who was in the wrong here?[View]
81860432luke skywalker is the villian[View]
81860407Random question for ya /tv/. When you are watching a movie do you generally take a mental note every…[View]
81828967>at the video store >having to walk past the Jack Frost VHS…[View]
81860252aha well, hello teevee it seems we meetefd again lol[View]
81860255Who was in the wrong here?[View]
81859996Autism (not a meme): When will there be a kino that accurately depicts the struggles of living with …[View]
81855468Mark Hamill thinks Luke Skywalker is gay. Do you?[View]
81858274What does /tv/ think about his body of work?: especially his kino julia? https://vid.me/btym[View]
81859828help my clear my backlog /tv/ what should I watch first?[View]
81859501>they expect one of us in the wreckage No they fucking dont, because this was a surprise to every…[View]
81860121Who else thought that the first scary movie was legit scary?[View]
81860094>It's a 'Mah husband' episode[View]
81858302Who was in the wrong here?[View]
81859287Guys: I think it's time we got off our lazy asses and helped this man get his show back already…[View]
81859957Whoa, this is great! Why did this get mixed reviews[View]
81859683recurring digits decides what motion picture i view this evening.[View]
81859923>flashing red lights and beeping comes on computer when character is hacking >'...that's …[View]
81843984Wheel of Time to be produced by Sony: Thoughts on this /tv/? http://variety.com/2017/tv/news/wheel-o…[View]
81857229>hes an african american so you're like yeah that's a good one…[View]
81856383Is it kino[View]
81859842What is some essential /x/-LARPER kino?[View]
81858339When will they announce the Anthony Hopkins is returning to play Hannibal Lector one last time?[View]
81857154/The Son/: Best show on tv right now, prove me wrong.[View]
81859498>''Memedalf?'' >''Memebo Memeings'' >''My…[View]
81859640what doe she see /tv/?[View]
81859633Who was in the wrong here?[View]
81858051ITT shows that are too deep for /tv/[View]
81858852Hey guys, anyone got an IMDbPro hack? I want to check out some info, but I'll be darned if I…[View]
81859560HIGH-DRAMA ONLY::: >tfw kino is back. Does any other show even compare? >Peaky Blinders? Yes b…[View]
81859117What do you do?[View]
81857500Any good urban horror? Preferably set in cold wet windy dark city?[View]
81859419Why didn't scarecrow just shoot the flying monkeys?[View]
81858863Unironically one of the best TV shows i have ever seen[View]
81857515I wanna see more movies about cults. Pic related.[View]
81857496Is this the coolest X-Men version?[View]
81859324Stop shitposting for a second and answer the question...: >>81854250 Why do I get that feeling…[View]
81859317How are you liking Samurai Ashi so far /tv/?[View]
81857997why did people only start to care about this now?[View]
81859265Logan: >tfw didn't ask for these feels Didn't expect this from a capeshit movie no less…[View]
81857934Frankenhooker: Is Frankenhooker the best b-movie of the 1990s?[View]
818580972 mins in and i already hate it...[View]
81857969>Main character is a scientist >Believes in God…[View]
81858295what did they mean by this?[View]
81859061>local cinema's hosting gaymer garbage now[View]
81857760Was Tarantino trying to torture his audience?: >buy ticket to see Kill Bill 1 >get medium Spri…[View]
81848108So, I decided to give this show a watch since /tv/ won't stop posting about it and literally 3 …[View]
81847331What are the chances this movie doesn't suck like Prometheus?[View]
81858869give me those sweaty barnyard pits[View]
81858918Did you know that the guy who plays Frylock is a mentally unstable homeless person? https://www.you…[View]
81858917Have there ever been tv kino of the magnitude on nonpremium channels?[View]
81857940DO I EVEN HAVE TO SAY IT[View]
81854158Why didn't they just feed the ring to a horse then leave that hourse in the wild?[View]
81853890What's his endgame? Also: >people actually think he's the villain in there…[View]
81858012>*farts* #drive-by Is this /ourmovie/? Amazing BRRR jokes everywhere.[View]
81858771Was it kino?[View]
81858602how do you go from this..[View]
81858588>I hate shows and movies because Reddit likes them. hahaha ummm...no sweetie you are wrong. Hatin…[View]
81858654*breathes through nose*[View]
81858609Hello There: Yeah... https://youtu.be/aJjRSkQPfVg[View]
81858518Sketch Comedy Thread: Post and discuss your favorite sketches. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hmCqg…[View]
81858546holy shit i found some douche chill gold, steven seagal meeting chechnyan president. JUST. https://w…[View]
81858309Lommy. Lommers. Monsieur L'Homme. The Lomenator. Lomster. Señor Verdemanos. Lom Lom Lom Lom Loo…[View]
81856664So i just watched this, and while i think its a good movie, it could have been so much better. Why d…[View]
81857389>/tv/ - Television & Film (we're allowed a meta thread mods and janitors)…[View]
81858343'Oh Africa, Brave Africa'. It was a laugh riot.[View]
81858403>tfw no professional gf[View]
81858380My friends, tonight we unveil my most diabolical creation: Swank...ten times more addictive than mar…[View]
81840260The Leftovers: Does anything good ever happen to anyone on this show? I'm halfway through seaso…[View]
81856977Dark Matter isn't until June, so what should I start next now that The Expanse has finished up …[View]
81857073Genius or Hack?[View]
81856818whats your favorite game show?[View]
81844302Doctor Who General - /who/ - P.S Edition: Welcome to /who/! The Doctor Who general! Last General: …[View]
81845991He's already shit talking the director and the film. Specifically his role What do you think th…[View]
81856712Any other similar shows to US Office? In means of humor.[View]
81855855Shit posters thread[View]
81856563>when someone says that DCEU is trash[View]
81855917I saw Get Out for my birthday last night and I was blown away. I seriously can't stop thinking …[View]
81858125Capekino ideas you want to see.[View]
81841766Kino is back on the menu boys.[View]
81858095A: She was a Whoo-uh, B: She hit me[View]
81856680>Why do you still hold doubt in your Heart? What did you cucks think of The Wailing?…[View]
81857513what are some movies about a generation of soy guzzling abominations raised on the internet and expo…[View]
81854697>YOU MESS WITH ONE OF US, YOU MESS WITH ALL OF US Are New Yorkers really like this?…[View]
81857067Just watched this movie, and holy shit is the first half a fucking pain to get through. I almost sto…[View]
81857917Lmao epic burp[View]
81857615WTF I wanna be rich now![View]
81851915Mobie Tropes >'Austin, we have porblim'[View]
81855423los Walter Blanco: Has anyone ever seen this spic version of breaking bad? The characters name is Wa…[View]
81857718What is the Big Carl of /tv/?[View]
81857884/Jennarel/ - Jenna Fischer General: http://www.strawpoll.me/12790904 http://www.strawpoll.me/1279090…[View]
81855759Beasts of No Nation kino?: is beasts of no nation kino?[View]
81857522Listen to the tapes anon[View]
81848682What happened to her career?[View]
81856439Autism time >taking a film theory course >inspiringdirector.jpg >wear my Drive scorpion jac…[View]
81857140Karate a muerte en Torremolinos: Have someone else seen the spanish movie 'Karate a muerte en Torrem…[View]
81855335What are some habits you've picked up from watching film? I've started smoking. pic unrela…[View]
81855268Is this what i think this is[View]
81854465lust trigger[View]
81852114Was this part improv or scripted? Either way, January Jones has some wicked comedy chops![View]
81856929>it's an episode[View]
81856828>You mean uncut? Ewwww fucking ugly alien smegma traps! What did she mean by this?…[View]
81857644What's the whole banana on white with ketchup of cinema?[View]
81857662Is this stephen kingkino?[View]
81856172How will Hulu ever recover?![View]
81857452*blocks your path*[View]
81855384Cast the Morrowind movie.[View]
81855456/meta/ Images not opening: Anyone else having this issue of jpg's not opening when you click th…[View]
81857334So what is Eddie saving up for next time?[View]
81856663Symbolism: What was the intended meaning behind this?[View]
81857455>it's a 'the bad guy who has been on the run for 30 years has been hiding in plain sight the…[View]
81856598>show takes place in england >everyone speaks japanese ??…[View]
81856379Better call Sold out: OMG mike's getting close Hmmm I know that exterior Kekek the camera pan t…[View]
81857381ITT: post best YouTube competitive eaters[View]
81857161I am so goddamn sick and tired of Rick and Morty and other Hollywood shows mocking my religious beli…[View]
81854516So he kissed a trans. What's so fucking wrong with that, Hollywood?[View]
81857077Words simply aren't enough to describe how good this movie is. One of such is a description, on…[View]
81851721who was in the wrong here?[View]
81857185Anyone copped this yet? I just love the show some much I figure it's time to invest in some col…[View]
81856085What's you favorite Conan bit? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AkSZGXmuvIo[View]
81856902The goat?[View]
81857195Is there a more perfect indicator of kino than a cover showing a scene that doesn't happen in t…[View]
81854386Is it possible to survive a fall into a Sarlacc?[View]
81854396From story, to acting, to cinematography it's 100% OVERRATED TRASH Anyone who even remotely lik…[View]
81857078are you guys watching the funniest show of 2017? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vFkgHae7NH4 https:/…[View]
81853226I love the edit they gave her last night at the tribal merge >Of course I would want to if I had …[View]
81856134Gordon Ramsay: >watch his British/international programs >he's nothing like how he is on …[View]
81856947favrit movies?: i really like xman: oranges cuz its really good and action ?[View]
81854250Why do I get that feeling in my stomach everytime I see movies/shows like this? You know the one I…[View]
81852339EXPANSE FINALE: What did you guys think? The ship deconstruction was pretty cool/[View]
81856364>**flower pot breaks** >Why are we walking like this?…[View]
81855857>please give me my job back[View]
81846960Anon, look! Julia is drawing a picture of you on fire.[View]
81855089What does he even know about hotels? He's a chef..[View]
81856794What the fuck is this ending?[View]
81854703The Wire: So I just got done watching the first episode of The Wire and I was blown away! There is a…[View]
81856502what did he mean by this?[View]
81856727le eternal /wdywtcabgohd/ general: old thead >>72887230[View]
81856578Fuck you, Nolan.[View]
81855921Could this work as a TV series or a movie?[View]
81856441Put some respeck to my name, /tv/[View]
81856556Is Star Wars doomed?[View]
81853525ITT: Essential >manly men doing manly things kino >Rome kino >Gladiator kino >women wil…[View]
81856540Who was in the wrong here?[View]
81856529Where would he fit in if he was in the Breaking Bad Universe?[View]
81853599What the fuck?: I didn't know this movie was about Jesus?[View]
81855038ITT: underrated actresses[View]
81856229No more dead cops![View]
81854071Hello and welcome to Begin Japanology[View]
81855782Hi, does anyone know where I can find the documentary (T)ERROR (2015)?: It's a great documentar…[View]
81855305ITT: Biggest career suicides in show biz[View]
81843932OH I'M SAYIN IT[View]
81856323I made a great scene with Sanna Rough! The pornstar https://youtu.be/nMEkuw7K-Ms[View]
81854282What is his name again?[View]
81853243Left-wing cinema like They Live: I really loved They Live (1988), not least for its subversive left-…[View]
81854593Reminder that George was right and if you say different you're a retard who has never drove[View]
81855870Thoughts on Poirot?[View]
81855059ITT obscure kids movies that no one remembers[View]
81853173Friendly reminder that Christopher deserved to die not because he was an unreliable junkie, or becau…[View]
81843081BREAKING NEWS Lazy, greedy writers 'union' authorizes strike http://www.vox.com/culture/2017/4/19/15…[View]
81849125Ricky Gervais: Is there a cooler Athiest Comedian? He's up there with Rick Sanchez and to an ex…[View]
81854160D R I V E GENERAL: https://youtu.be/Q-r29uafA7c[View]
81851396Young Pinheads, Work hard. Be honest. Get off the net. Go outside. Travel as much as you can. Find w…[View]
81853081Based Finn: >CDM: I love your Official Finn Wolfhard t-shirt, especially the fact that proceeds f…[View]
81851876ITT: when /tv/ goes bad https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V4akMaeZ0-k[View]
81856049Literally Red Heat: the movie[View]
81852722DAT KINO[View]
81855377Tell me about Bardock, why does he wear the mask?[View]
81855971Is this not available anywhere: Online?!!? Anybody?? xx[View]
81855980:) :): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ihOEK424HE[View]
81854557Has anyone seen this?[View]
81846252FINISH FAMOUS MOVIE QUOTES: >There's a snake in my ____ ![View]
81840380How did he make so much money selling bootleg men's clothing?[View]
81853933I was looking at Matt Leblanc's filmography and noticed he was on this show for a long time, ne…[View]
81851235Post a picture, suggest a movie.[View]
81855736What does /tv/ think of this? Also, recommend some good documentaries.[View]
81855600Why is modern cinema so boring? Who sane would prefer movie in down? 2 hours and 30 minutes and ther…[View]
81855625>8 episodes[View]
81852656I'm really sick of Mark Hamill bitching that they didn't write it they way he would'v…[View]
81855460If its all about believing it in your head and having hands doesn't matter then why do they go …[View]
81855665Just marathoned the first episode of this, did i like it? is the rest pretty good? Kind of feels lik…[View]
81855648Leftovers Theory: >the intro with the religious people in australia showed people waiting for the…[View]
81849573Unpopular opinions thread:: Pic related was actually pretty good.[View]
81851609LOST thread: Where does this rank in the list of greatest TV moments of all time? For me, top 5.…[View]
81854817How I Learned To Stop Supporting Mainstream Hollywood and Find The True New Era Of Cinema: Hello /Di…[View]
81854630How will it end?[View]
81840113my body is ready[View]
81849707>not putting charcoal in the gas grill[View]
81855198mystery science theater: new season isnt perfect, but still pretty funny. Carnival magic is my favor…[View]
81847211>not even 5 minutes in and he's already a cuck[View]
81843464ITT: Movies you regret not watching in the cinema.[View]
81844984Could THIS be any more of a Friends thread?[View]
81853305FACT: SJWs hate this scene because they think it's racist against Native Americans. FACT: /pol/…[View]
81854383Mech X-4: Something about this is oddly familiar..[View]
81854100Which of the three installments of Harold & and Kumar best represents the Marijuana-kino genre? …[View]
81855213naice naight foh a wak[View]
81851048So why didn't we have this stuff by the time the year 2001 actually rolled around?[View]
81851444Supernatural: This is unironically my favourite show since Lost. The christian mythology and folklor…[View]
81855076Is he going to replace Dennis?[View]
81854958DUDE BREASTMILK LMAO Total fucking hack[View]
81848045Jonah Hill, 33, clad his slender physique in a stylish outfit as he roamed around East Village, New …[View]
81854878Is under the skin a masterpiece, /tv/?[View]
81853466So, I just saw this movie and it was entertaining. The thing is that I couldn't find the previo…[View]
81851096it took about 3 seasons for something to happen. /tv/ will defend this and Vince. waiting for him to…[View]
81854599>Don't mind me, just pirating her anal virginity[View]
81854381What's your favourite Clive Warren movie?[View]
81854701>That's not what mine says. Mine says: 4/20 was the birthday of Austrian born, German politi…[View]
81853603pitying the plebs who can't see how good this show is desu[View]
81854661Remember me?[View]
81854506Aaron Hernandez?!: JERRY: Hellooo Newman. KRAMER: I hate AARON HERNANDEZ - hate him. NEWMAN: I despi…[View]
81849835>Mr. Shamalan, I think we have a good script here, so we really need the last act to go full reta…[View]
81854245What does /tv/ think of Josh Hadley?[View]
81854495Why was there a black man at the start of Kingdom of Heaven?[View]
81854515Something tells me the new The Last Jedi is going to be extremely painful.[View]
81854459more like miami shit[View]
81854275/expanse/ general : Kino edition: Christ lads,that was a great ending,can't wait for next seaso…[View]
81853705JAMES BOND THREAD!: > Favorite films? > Favorite Bonds? > Favorite females? > Favorite l…[View]
81854046Pleb Filter: Because this is a perfect action film, even if your political reading makes you hate it…[View]
81854230We Adam Warlock now[View]
81847985HOPE THREAD!: What /tv/ related things do you hope for? > Amazon's Oasis gets picked up for …[View]
81854186Broacdchurch: >watch too much porn >turn into supervillain WTF I'm NoFap™ now!…[View]
81853640What are some good friend simulators? Podcasts or review shows, doesn't matter.[View]
81852377What I realized about Peter Jackson's King Kong: I've been wondering, in Peter Jackson…[View]
81852744Actors/actresses who surprised you that they would do nude scenes. for some reason it caught me off …[View]
81853253>It's a character throws away a cigarette after one or two puffs episode.…[View]
81853199Is nudity in movies and series necessary? What, apart from mild titilation, is their artistic justif…[View]
81853619I'm very angry, /tv/. I went to all the trouble of creating a general for Rick and Morty for ev…[View]
81853066Do you think she was asked to return for twin peaks 2017? wtf was her problem anyways. she was a mad…[View]
81853681Luke kills Rey after she refuses to strike Kylo.[View]
81845116Was this the greatest debate kino of our era? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wvO3zJaNBjs To be hon…[View]
81853597https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i7H3DKMH1ms >lady, dismount that bull >get that nigger out of …[View]
81851376ITT: Kino openings to kino films https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=kccafOf4O6Q[View]
81852735https://youtu.be/hFF5D2o0_tw Real human being And a real hero Back against the wall and odds With th…[View]
81852959this isn't true, is it?[View]
81851000La que se avecina: Any love for this Spanish series kino?[View]
81851531What are some shows about chocolate chip cookies and candy bars?[View]
81851826What are some movies like Fire Walk With Me? I've seen it and Fire Walk With Me: The Missing P…[View]
81849712Enemy: what did you think of this?[View]
81853465>Main character is kind-hearted, would give the shirt off his back >but the main character is …[View]
81853434I heard some left wing faggots were on here talking shit about democratic capitalism: Denny Crane.…[View]
81853420Gentlemen, we're at war with Hollywood. As you may know, a writers strike will take place prett…[View]
81852900good night sweet prince[View]
81853233Can't be refuted[View]
81850059TV series similar to Prison Break?[View]
81850372Films that are utter shit but you still somehow enjoyed it. I'll start[View]
81849614>satan character (or evil incarnate) >make him a fag what did they mean by this?…[View]
81852762Can someone explain to me why this movie is shit? It is a 7/10 for me, horror kino[View]
81851306Thoughts on this?[View]
81853187Just learned that this movie franchise is based on real events. What the fuck is wrong with America?…[View]
81851516>I only know one truth.. it's time for the jedi to end.[View]
81852375Is this the only example of live action anime kino?[View]
81849404Whats /tv/'s general opinion on westworld? Just finished watching episode 10, and kinda curious…[View]
81849581What THE FUCK was her problem?[View]
81851596Why didn't Jason rape his victims? Was he gay?[View]
81853077Despite all my rage, I am still just a rat in a cage.[View]
81845645Tom Cruise's toughest stunt yet. Thoughts?[View]
81849586I just realized Fargo s3 started and it reminded me I completely forgot about s2. In your opinion w…[View]
81841087The twist is going to be that Episode 7 was intentionally a copy of ANH and that Luke is the only on…[View]
81842828The 80s was the best movie decade: Prove me wrong.[View]
81852868TETSUO: TETSUO[View]
81852850Lets talk about the most talented actresses still working.: Who is your favorite ? Mine is Jodie Fos…[View]
81852816/ram/ Rick and Morty general: Doesn't matter if you love the show or hate it. Put all your wort…[View]
81852923If you had to die in the same manner as any movie character which would it be? Pic related[View]
81852873but can we please go BEHIND the reasons behind the reasons for all 13 seasons of 13 reasons[View]
81852182>tfw can't help but browse /tv/ on second monitor while watching a film How do I fix this?…[View]
81842248>Be me, Aragorn son of Arathorn, Elessar, the Elfstone, Dúnedain, the heir of Isildur Elendil’s s…[View]
81852806I know this is a long shot, but does anyone know where I can find a TV guide listing for July 19, 20…[View]
81849583ITT shows literally only you watched[View]
81852785Best kung fu flick?[View]
81852747Don't worry you got a couple[View]
81852694Having watched 'Blissfully Yours' and it becoming one of my favorite films I watched 'Cemetery of Sp…[View]
81852595>its an Eddie Bravo thinks dinosaurs never existed and that the earth is flat episode >its an …[View]
81852629the most toothsome dish in all of gastro... nomy.[View]
81851664is arrow becoming tv kino again?[View]
81847653> let's shoot it first > let's not try to communicate with it electronically behind …[View]
81849011kick-ass was released 7 years ago[View]
81851812Is it a story of survival in the streets of Mumbai?[View]
81850395Rick and Morty: Daily reminder that Rick and Morty is one of the highest rated TV shows of all time.…[View]
81850237Do spoilers ruin stories?[View]
81848701The Wire: So I just got done watching the first episode of The Wire and I was blown away! There is a…[View]
81842188Slasher: friday the 13th is dead, a nightmare on elm street is dead, they made a new tcm movie and d…[View]
81848699Just saw this. Thought it was pretty good. There's just a few things I can't quite figure …[View]
81852294Is this kino?[View]
81852229Middle Eastern Kino thread[View]
81844291>all white cast How did they get away with it? Also God tier casting for women…[View]
81850906Hello /tv/, Chris Stuckmann here![View]
81826725/trek/ - kino edition: Last thread hit bump limit and OP was a cunt Reminder that if you don't …[View]
81852074>my feet hurt >this cartering sucks >Why are the actresses so slutty >I wish I was at ho…[View]
81852066find a flaw.[View]
81851327We're a small group of Australian film school students, looking to crowdfund our Halloween dark…[View]
81851593>(Star Wars) is a fantasy world of second-hand, childish banalities What did the two-time Academy…[View]
81846730Modern Family: just found out she has 4 golden globe nominations because of this show, which baffles…[View]
81850549What the fuck was his problem?[View]
81851402Is this Schumerkino? https://youtu.be/JMKbqdhF77Y[View]
81851820LOL, theists are really like this?[View]
81842544Which part of the 2000s was better for movies and television, the early 2000s or the late 2000s? 200…[View]
81850295Daily Gal Gadot thread[View]
81851411>it's a Rick comes through the TV and slaps the bible out of your hands episode…[View]
81851584What films would you recommend for an ugly 28 year old kissless NEET virgin?[View]
81844805Does anyone even like Vision? Everyone I've talked to either dislike him or have no feelings on…[View]
81849888Who was the best character in The Shield and why is it based Billings[View]
81851036HELIX: wtf is this show? It's like a pile of shit put into a nuclear reactor, recycled into chi…[View]
81851451apichatpong weerasethakul[View]
81851356Kubo and the Two Strings: Now the dust has settled. What is your opinion, /tv/? Animation is great, …[View]
81847052The Wire is the best show ever made and always will be, prove me wrong anons. https://www.youtube.co…[View]
81849244Ello ello ello. Wat 'ave we 'ere? Refusin' to pay your television license is a ver…[View]
81851375Is this the worst movie accident ever recorded on film? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ru6I9Cc9XnE…[View]
81851320>It's a Charlie and Dee episode[View]
81844368Eeny, meeny, miney, moe - I wonder where my glove will go?[View]
81849170/tv/, what is your guilty pleasure?: I'll start with mine: The Big Bang Theory pls don't k…[View]
81851254superhero flicks: Just rewatched this last night first time since release and was surprised how much…[View]
81848662I used to like this show back in High School, thought it was generally funny and a good watch. Revis…[View]
81851167What does a director actually do? Sit in a chair and watch other people make a film?[View]
81847772>member when movies were shot on film?[View]
81850235>'There are only two types of people I can't stand in this world' What are they /tv/?…[View]
81850487Is this film actually good or is it a meme?[View]
81850824>tfw no qt 80s gf >tfw no gf[View]
81850861Kino?: Kino?[View]
81849730naomi is a traitor edition[View]
81846762Steven Spielberg Official Power Rankings: 1. Jaws 2. Raiders of the Lost Ark 3. Schindler’s List 4. …[View]
81849861What are some other true story movies that you can't believe actually happened? The only other…[View]
81849593His comedy was the lowest brow. He was not only fat and stupid in character but in real life. Why do…[View]
81850897When will they make a movie about Based Cortez?[View]
81849495Thoughts on George?[View]
81850869>'I got a bad feeling about this'[View]
81850625Are there any films recently that have done a From Dusk till Dawn, or is it even possible now? As i…[View]
81850815Who was wrong?[View]
81850656How accurate should Hollywood be in its depiction of ethnic characters? I recall Oscar Isaac playing…[View]
81846946>it's a Joe asks the exact same questions he asked Leah Remini and acts surprised at the ans…[View]
81850730Post trailer kino ITT. https://youtu.be/xyGwMqMCta4[View]
81850061boopf is poopf!! (aplause)[View]
81849201ITT: We post Chads from movies and television... I'll start[View]
81816656Webm Thread: Post what you have[View]
81850337mondo: what do you guys think of Mondo posters?[View]
81850207ugliest couple in youtube[View]
81850553These people need their own series[View]
81850525why didnt frodo just freeze time using bernards watch and just fly aqvila to mordor and drop the rin…[View]
81849709Arrested Development: What went wrong?[View]
81847841Lopez Season 2 Episode 4: Anyone else watch this? They brought Angie and Carmen back from the first …[View]
81849754The Mummy 2017: Anyone else excited? Thank god Brendan Fraser got a big role again. It's been y…[View]
81850413>I TRUSTED YOU[View]
81850399Jon looking Lyanna's tomb in S7. The Crypts of Winterfell is going to happen isnt it?[View]
81850350Blacked: The movie Takbir[View]
81849181(YOU) (YOU) (YOU) (YOU) (YOU) cmere[View]
81849053'So that's it, huh? We're some kind of Citizen Kane now?'[View]
81845092Horror movies....: what happened?![View]
8184656610/10s becoming 8/10s because of affirmative action casting: God they're both annoying.[View]
81848106What do you call this comedy style? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mAmXK9VquzA[View]
81824501/got/ general: >>81811771 Euron edition[View]
81847670>it's a mike sits in his car and observes people for 52 minutes episode what did they mean b…[View]
81850039Find a better drama/mistery film >protip: you can't[View]
81848217Have you ever been on TV/ in a Movie?: ..Or do you know people in the business? Post proofs if you g…[View]
81835146What's your opinion on Rick and Morty?[View]
81843876What went [spoilerwrong[/spoiler]?[View]
81849970Was it kino?[View]
81847266I finally saw Stranger Thongs and holy shit, I was so scared. Did anyone else get spooked hard near …[View]
81849895Who will play him in the biopic?[View]
81849636>watch a movie and like it >go to IMDB or RT and read the most scathing reviews Who else /kin…[View]
81848324any reason to watch american housewife?[View]
81847574Is Kitano the only way for BRUTAL kino? I mean outside seagal hoverboard action[View]
81849668Is this still accurate?[View]
81848528How does one become a film buff?[View]
81849628Oh look, the mother rhino is giving birth[View]
81849459Are we in agreement that critics have no credibility?[View]
81849415Dear Mister I'm-Too-Big-To-Call-Or-Write-My-Guys, This'll be the last flight plan I ever s…[View]
81849596Looking forward to the inevitable Neomorph vs Xenomorph clashes: There can be only one.[View]
81834584ITT : Real niggas[View]
81849291Bill Willson also know as C.I.A[View]
81848852>http://www.coupdemainmagazine.com/finn-wolfhard/12527 >there’s way too much exploitation of s…[View]
81849428HANGIN OUT[View]
81848721What went wrong?[View]
81846893he old 'n stuff[View]
81849384Why is he so likeable unlike most people who call themselves 'reviewers' on the internet?[View]
81849168what is this?: hello /tv/, i'm not much of a poster here, but i figured you all could help me. …[View]
81848581Fury Road: Why do people call this some pro feminist movie when without Max they wouldve been fucked…[View]
81847691Narcos: Did he do anything wrong?[View]
81845505EDD ING TON[View]
81849107Predict the outcome of 'Fargo'-season 3: Brothers will reconcile after almost killing each other and…[View]
81848703What did he mean by this?[View]
81848606This is at least a 7/10 8/10 imo[View]
81847764ITT: 100% degeneracy free shows for kids[View]
81845465Herzog Kino: What makes Werner so based?? 10/10 soundtracks.[View]
81848657How do we stop this?[View]
81845134So which brother's side are you on?: In 'Fargo' season 3.[View]
81848451Is it the greatest cartoon?[View]
81845123When is the best time to re-watch a film? Should you wait a certain amount of time, or should it not…[View]
81848914Quick /tv/, find an uglier character than her. You literally can't. >wears glasses >has a…[View]
81846530Why would anyone, specially him, subject himself to being roasted that way? Wasn't there a roa…[View]
81848834A big man, the soyce of a tangerine.[View]
81844609Fargo: This episode was pretty good, I guess. But there's no way they'll top Season 1. It…[View]
81848061The Accountant: Well this wasn't anywhere near as awful as I was expecting. Thought the guys on…[View]
81848602>main female character supposed to be attractive >she has brown eyes…[View]
81845233>better call saul >literally better call mike…[View]
81847602ITT: What the Fuck where they thinking https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b-ryc54g0xc&t=32s[View]
81847351Post and their Top 5 Kinos: >Police Story >Drunken Master >Police Story 2 >Wheels on Mea…[View]
81829019Did you like it /tv/? I think some parts were a bit over the top, but overall it was pretty good. T…[View]
81848199FLAWLESS movies itt only[View]
81847726Do Americans really have cameras in their refrigerators?[View]
81847156ITT: Post your underrated kino[View]
81848219>Tonys a dick. >He's not a dick. >He's a dick, he's a prick and he's a …[View]
81847159Leave Capekino to us[View]
81846076420 Kino: /tv/ what are some dude weed kino's that should be watched today?[View]
81847317Curly = Shemp >>>>>>>> Joe >>>>>>>>>>>>…[View]
81842487>Will Smith is reportedly the top choice to play the Genie in Guy Ritchie's live action take…[View]
81846446Name a movie about redeeming your father[View]
81847043Cinematic universe when? >pitch a script[View]
81847355Kylo Ren yellow eyes confirmed.[View]
81848115Why does he have a job?[View]
81841284How do you sit while watching a movie?[View]
81848053Name a more perfectly developed character than Michael Corleone[View]
81847652Are we really meant to believe this guy is some uber stud who can bang any girl? C'mon hollywoo…[View]
81848196>he pictures himself getting interviewed after his latest release which was critically approved, …[View]
81848189What will you become?[View]
81843958Is this accurate?[View]
81848152Belko: HD rip (not off a fucking cam) when?[View]
81845639Movies who talk about depression in not-teenager-way? Like antichrist? Pic not related[View]
81848119What are some inspirational movies?[View]
81846874>patient wakes up in hospital bed attached to all kinds of medical devices >rips them all away…[View]
81848090Check this video Out, crazy funny: Funny As hell Video https://youtu.be/yCEt0NqOgSI[View]
81847614thoughts on this hiney?[View]
81847788>Captain America >isn't fat >doesn't shit in the mall…[View]
81847647Kino Thread Starting off with a good one capefags need not apply[View]
81847612Oh, how the mighty have fallen.[View]
81840279what's /tv/'s opinion on this plus its broadway musical counter part?[View]
81846951Best Movies of the year Thread. Pic related.[View]
81847755>Alien Covenant trailer >John Denver - 'Take Me Home, Country Road' starts playing What in the…[View]
81847501>70s road movie in the wild west >*steppenwolf magic carpet ride starts playing*…[View]
81847743I liked this scene until I realize it was ripped off from La Haine.[View]
81844513D'aww Man With Everything Want HUG!!!: >waaahhh I'm very handsome and have a large peni…[View]
81840014Spielberg and Lucas: Is there a greater friendship in film history?[View]
81840787Can we actually discuss this show like adults[View]
81847493>WHERE YOU RUSHING OR WHERE YOU DRAGGING What did he mean by this?[View]
81847632Is this a coincidence? Did they know this was going to happen?[View]
81846634Fargo: What did they mean by this ? How can a show be this comfy? Why am i this happy that MEW is in…[View]
81843554is it time for zohan to join the mcu?[View]
81847570ACTION BOY NOW[View]
81829891Does any other actor out there have a better 5 year streak than this man? >Apocalypse Now (1979)…[View]
81830963So (((Marvel))) just dropped their new BLACKED trailer... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E5hrFVQiGy…[View]
81847287What's he up to these days?[View]
81838250Admit it, you like Spider-man 3![View]
81846616'Maybe one day Dad'll come back if I keep everything the same!'[View]
81842426Better Call Saul Season 3 review thus far: episode 1: good but spent too much time showing mike sear…[View]
81842671Haneke: >Happy End is an upcoming film by Michael Haneke. It has been selected to compete for the…[View]
818449493 > 7 > 4 > 6 > 8 > 1 > 2 > 5[View]
81847310I thought there were some genuinely funny moments in this. Anyone else?[View]
81846651Why are all the Arabs talking to each other in broken English instead of Arabic?[View]
81847263i can't believe that you have committed suicide[View]
81845839WATCH IT with the n-bombs[View]
81837780Is there anymore news about the Sy Fy adaptation of Hyperion?[View]
818460774/20 Kino Thread: XD kek happy smoke weed day bros! Any recs to get torched to this day?[View]
81847098>he doesn't Netflix and chill while watching one of my highly celebrated comedies…[View]
81846255give me some essential rivalry-core i just watched this and i liked it[View]
81846302Who was in the wrong here?[View]
81846859Predict 2017 MCU RT Scores: GotG 2 - 84% Spider-Man Homecoming - 72% Thor 3 - 79% Thor is the only o…[View]
81846857WERE YOU BORN IN A PLEBFAMILY?: >Your fathers favourite movie >Your mothers favourite movie …[View]
81844446i see a lot of imposters have sprung up since I've begun this meme crusade[View]
81843127This deserves a live-action remake. Let's cast it, /tv/.[View]
81838100Rick and Morty thread: can we get a rick and morty thread that isnt just 'hehahheh reddit'[View]
81846745>The Wrong Man >Vertigo >North by Northwest >Psycho >The Birds Name a better/longer s…[View]
81845784What the fuck, this was actually kino[View]
81846618Will we ever get a good Ayn Rand movie? I fucking loved Atlas Shrugged and objectivism is god-tier i…[View]
81845606Thoughts about this?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cNvd0bB4nPM[View]
81836093Now that's a Marvel™ Universe[View]
81842965Black '''humor''': Can someone explain black 'humor' to me? Why is it so different from normal humo…[View]
81845460Overhyped. There was nothing special about this movie even by the typical low capeshit standards. An…[View]
81844919BENNY HARVEY RIP: miss ya big man[View]
81839323this is my favourite movie[View]
81835683At first I thought RedLetterMedia's The Nerd Crew was a ridiculous, over-the-top parody of 'ner…[View]
81840337Is Vader a cuck? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=95JD0Y5CDfw[View]
81846527where can i go for the truth?[View]
81846344Which was the best of the Dark Knight trilogy?[View]
81845732>fraud-u-lent http://metro.co.uk/2017/04/16/shock-report-claims-emma-stone-and-ryan-gosling-used-…[View]
81846455Why didn't he come back?[View]
81841292who is this guy[View]
81841580WTF?: Why the hell is there like 15 Rick and Morty threads? Can we talk about some true animated Kin…[View]
81844322WHAT were they THINKING?[View]
81845978what are some movies were people fuck each other and suck they're dicks[View]
81844141What is your favorite foreign film /tv/?[View]
81845378> It's another Pam eats cocaine episode[View]
81843999Not even a week after release of the trailer and already nearly nobody cares about The Last Jedi. Ho…[View]
81844270>In an interview, Bill Murray stated that he originally thought the script was written by Joel Co…[View]
81828942>yfw it's pretty good[View]
81846047Whose hype for fantasy chad kino?[View]
81846034Atheists will defend this[View]
81844690why was this adkino taken down? >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z05UA7QgL10…[View]
81845841Dat acting[View]
81845836So is this still a thing?[View]
81845363Why are premieres in America held during the afternoon?[View]
81842987ITT: Actors who would make great first contact with aliens[View]
81845602>we live in a world where there is still no tv series of the warlord chronicles I really hope the…[View]
81845601Remember when we hope and dream about his comeback? It's over /tv/[View]
81845337RDjr: Does he have any ambitions outside of milking Marvel?[View]
81835964>oh yeah, this happened[View]
81841473Tell you what, prisoner. You roll a seven, you walk tomorrow. Anything else, and it's another d…[View]
81844091>character in a dire situation has a gun pointed at the enemy, ready to fire at a seconds notice …[View]
81843358>RELEASE THE INNER NIGGER >demons start eating popeyes Whoa. How did Sandler get away with thi…[View]
81845513what went wrong?[View]
81845454Edge core[View]
81837897/who/ Doctor Who General: Heaven Sent edition. Would you spend 4.5 billion years in a prison, fighti…[View]
81843982imperium: >How come Schindlers List, American History X and all the countless Downfall Hitler par…[View]
81844334/TV/ Meta thread: we need to get our shit together lads[View]
81840820>this guy comes into your house and sniff your gf's panty Wat do?[View]
81845321>the only way to reach that room is through the ventilation shaft[View]
81845137Why come there are 15 Macbeth movies? Is it really that good?[View]
81845122Anyone remember this shithole?[View]
81845016What do you think of these men, their show, and their overall careers? Also is it true Vic Berger is…[View]
81822612ITT: Moments where actors/actresses acted completely and utterly unprofessional: https://www.youtube…[View]
81842513How come The Hobbit got three films but The Fellowship,Two Towers & Return Of The King only got …[View]
8184344413 reasons to sudoku: >be a nice virgin guy >meet a qt >subtle flirt with her for months …[View]
81844806Why don't people read magazines anymore?[View]
81842419>Budget: $40 million How did Demi's career flourish in the 90's after this when everyon…[View]
81843645ITT: things that you want to have a film adaptation of. Can be a book, video game, stage play, radio…[View]
81843861Is The Ninth Gate the best Depp kino?[View]
81830980what is JREs best episode: and why is it this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8X9pszVRucs…[View]
81839101Will this ever be surpassed?[View]
81844796TIE figher > Rouge 1 >The farce https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PN_CP4SuoTU[View]
81831623What's the best episode?[View]
81844555Seriously? You watch Rick & Morty ? Oh my.. Please allow me to express my amusement. A Ha ha haa…[View]
81839571Who is Moshe Kasher and why am I supposed to like him?[View]
81844413Is this reddit trash? Or worth the watch?[View]
81842114Nick, what's going on big guy?[View]
81843619'Viggo's busy for the next three years guys, who do we get?'[View]
81844205Has someone seen it already? If so: What did you think? Good spoilers?[View]
81838326Just watched pic related. I thought it was pretty decent, on par with Only Yesterday. What is the be…[View]
81840530https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R-7ybCze-Cg I am still immensely popular in the Republic. My friend …[View]
81836395True Detective Season 3 Green-lit!: Time to rejoice Nic Pizzalota fans, HBO has given TD a reboot. …[View]
81843517ITT movies that people missunderstood: What do you think are some movies that the general public mis…[View]
81844337/tv/: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e0J4sByunU8[View]

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