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88220051are they serious? what game is this?[View]
88220024Lord of the Rings: Just rewatched it for the first time in 13 years. We will never see such magic fi…[View]
88208940How do you watch your kinos?[View]
88214410Is Wonder Woman the 'Iron Man' of the DCEU?[View]
88219200Blade Runner FIRST IMPRESSIONS: MASTERPIECE: @ErikDavis >BLADE RUNNER 2049 is sci-fi masterpiece;…[View]
88219777Ridley Scott did nothing wrong.[View]
88219740ITT: Kino in which plebs will never understand.[View]
88218467Is this worth watching?[View]
88219879BUT, I'M NOT YOUR DAD.[View]
88217967How can we fix /tv/?[View]
882198383x3 film thread: Post yours and rate others[View]
88215306First picture of Annihilation: >In the science fiction film Annihilation, Natalie Portman plays a…[View]
88219767Just watched this: Did I like it?[View]
88218485>Ewan your friends are dead! Who was Ewan?[View]
88216077In preparation for the new season, I'm thinking about whatching the last two, that I missed (Mi…[View]
88219673>dream a dream[View]
88218363Hey there. Robert's, uh, sick today.[View]
88219531Top 10 saddest anime fuckups[View]
88219329I dont care what peopel say: this serie was fucking kino[View]
88206925How does this make you feel?[View]
88219290this movie is boring as fuk for some reason I like characters so much less than in the tv show cinem…[View]
88217164Is there a more R*ddit show? It's literally just a Dee spin off but you all lap that trash up.[View]
88200476The great debate.[View]
88215978What will be his downfall?[View]
88218702Rome is supposed to be good? I'm assuming this woman doesn't last throughout the show, the…[View]
88218211>Villain points gun at protagonist ready to shoot at them >Shoots himself instead…[View]
88210648New Blade Runner short kino just came out. crunchyroll com/blade-runner-black-out-2022 By the jappo …[View]
88215468>Watch a show >Main character sucks >Side character is easily the best with the best plot …[View]
88216472From this day forward, other people will refer to you as dark...[View]
88218923There are people on /tv/ that think the earth is flat[View]
88217864>The Neverending Story >2h 10m why haven't these jews been sued yet?…[View]
88214732>'classically trained actor' >loud british man gesticulating at the camera…[View]
88214392>pro-per-ty ta-xes. >File 'em, fax 'em, pay 'em to the jew.…[View]
88218754Any movies like Baby Driver but its just with the girlfriend and the guardian? i.e. No crime world s…[View]
88218296>gives you an unenthusiastic handjob[View]
88218290Daphne: what the FUCK was her problem?[View]
88217299Does /tv/ like Star Trek Enterprise? Seasons 1 and 2 aren't awful but they definitely drag at t…[View]
88217741What are some TV shows you would like to see have movies and what I mean by movies is not reboots wi…[View]
88218575Is Star Wars dying? I stumbled upon this video of some autist screeching for half and hour about how…[View]
88218537ITT: Jar Jar Clones[View]
88216055>'a triumph!'[View]
88215997i don't get it, what did he mean by this and why are people outraged?[View]
88217942What's your favorite film from the 1960s?[View]
88216395What gods do you pray to?[View]
88217847Stephen Kings Geralds Game: Gerald's Game Looks like FootKino is back on the menu boys Carla Gu…[View]
88216443>implying she isn't the hottest on the show[View]
88218345Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists: Recently Freeform ordered a pilot of a Pretty Little Liars …[View]
88217692Is he, dare I say it... /ourguy/?[View]
88218335comic i made yesterday would you watch a cartoon series based on it?[View]
88213536Middle Earth: The Fellowship (2020): Meet the cast.[View]
88217057Reddit and Memey BTFO!!!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ymC0_pRU2Q4[View]
88217723Who killed him: Was it eowyn or merry?[View]
88217102PewDiePie destroys Rick and Morty fans: How will they ever recover? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
88214687'Oh yeah, that happened.'[View]
88218079>tfw it's no longer easy money[View]
88217122/tv/ on suicide watch: >2049 >not liking the new blade runner 2049…[View]
88216519is bart evil[View]
88216502>When the third season is actually the best one[View]
88217674What happened to Dakota Fanning? Why did her sister all of a sudden get all the roles?[View]
88210148Are yo finally ready for the dawn of vidya kino?[View]
8821675952 days till justice league[View]
88215266is this the ultimate pleb filter?[View]
88216926>Started off as a stupid jock >Ends up the most likable guy in the show…[View]
88217489that's a lot of fish[View]
88202599Best TV Milf: Thread[View]
88216638*removes bee from you hat*[View]
88216491JEEPERS CREEPERS 3 HYPE THREAD: Who is ready for creeper kino tonight?[View]
88217503>Anon! Come over and sit with us, we're scared! What do?[View]
88216116I will tell you how he lived[View]
88217588>Everything's true. Moot is a faggot. Oz is over the rainbow. And /tv/ is where the shitpost…[View]
88217571ITT: We post wholesomekino[View]
88217564Maury Povich is 78 years old[View]
88193803a-anyone have a webm?[View]
88208375> rubs up against you[View]
88213635>HEY HALPERT![View]
88217246Does anybody really think this show deserved five Emmys for best for Outstanding Comedy Series, whil…[View]
88214917>uh Dad I ah... I think we better leave?[View]
88217297*pulls out magic iguana* *blocks you're force powers*[View]
88209092>Contact Starfleet command, send an encoded message. Tell them we have engaged... the Klingons Fu…[View]
88215058ITT: kinos drumpf will never understand[View]
88217127Star Trek Doctors' Orders: “I’m having to rely on…stimulants…to stay awake.”[View]
88215952What do you guys think of this movie? Is it any good?[View]
88214568TVs of /tv/: Fuck Tuesdays Edition[View]
88215307>Bull SHIT, Mr 'Han Man'[View]
88216860You're about to watch a kino when this girl and her spic boyfriend sit behind you, wat do?[View]
88216982Question:: Who's Sarah Kaiacomsen?[View]
88212684I hear you're a racist now /tv/[View]
88216091>Critics are saying that the new Blade Runner rivals Avatar visually How much is WB paying for th…[View]
88213990The.Beguiled.2017.1080p.WEB-DL.DD5.1.H264-FGT: >The.Beguiled.2017.1080p.WEB-DL.DD5.1.H264-FGT …[View]
88208570What went wrong?[View]
88214322Why does this actor not get paid enough? >Only worth 2 fucking million dollary doos De fuck? she …[View]
88212898The Brave: Anyone else watch The Brave? The pilot episode was pretty solid. I appreciate that someon…[View]
88216732~*i know this pretty rave girl*~[View]
88216588Post a great film and a great album from this decade: >Only God Forgives (2013) >Grimes - Art …[View]
88203647Just seen the first episode, and i thought it was actually exciting. Good points: - The Klingons loo…[View]
88216612Would it ever be possible to fight and win against 12 people like Oh Dae-su does in the famous hallw…[View]
88207896Why didn’t they ever reveal what F.R.I.E.N.D.S stood for?[View]
88215353Was it kino?[View]
88206004>not funny >dumbed down for the masses/normies >only good thing was the ending and maybe t…[View]
88207988Is this the most intelligent man on TV right now?[View]
88216483Opinions pls: What do you think about this fan mexican trailer ? Just found it in youtube :p https:/…[View]
88216154Admit it, you got hard.[View]
88215850Thoughts on Alien, with Sigourney Weaver?[View]
88215018>YOU CAN'T GO THERE. IT'S NO MAN'S LAND. NO MAN CAN GO THERE. >I'm not a m…[View]
88215607Stupid /tv/! Be more funny![View]
88215535Why was the blue lightsaber so small?[View]
88214720Post a single memorable background alien from The Force Awakens. Just one.[View]
88210712The Media Homicide Of Harry Jay Knowles.: There’s unrest in the Alamo Drafthouse. First with Devin F…[View]
88213556WAYY DOWNNNNN[View]
88215487is this the greatest movie ever made? why is rated so low? too edgy?[View]
88210279Is he sexist?[View]
88215992>DUDE BETA MALE SEXIST LMAO what did she mean by this?[View]
88216082Ed Harrington: Have any of you heard of an Ed Harrington?[View]
88215144RUN MY KINGDOM NED[View]
88206995/got/ - The Eternal General: Previously: >>88195732 The Friendship Edition[View]
88211189What was on the note?[View]
88214998How bad was Harry at his job?: In the navy, it's basically impossible to remain an ensign throu…[View]
88215871What TV show should I start watching? What are some good ones? ( not obligatory from Netflix )[View]
88213214What did /tv/ thought of this?[View]
88215803..what comes next ?[View]
88207233The one show that resembles Star Trek more than present day Star Trek is made by Seth MacFarlane. Th…[View]
88215773waifu of the year[View]
88213046ITT:: Boring ''''Classics''''[View]
88211555why did it bombed?: it was an enjoyable film[View]
88215730YOURE SHISHTER[View]
88215519/tlk/ The Last Kingdom General: How will /got/ fags ever recover Edition[View]
88215709Who was in the wrong here?[View]
88215645CAPESHIT BTFO: >Blade Runner considered one of the best films of the year http://collider.com/bla…[View]
88203667>tfw he's finally completely lost it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-JmNKGfFj7w…[View]
88214657Petition to change the name of reality television to 'jewish media': I think its only fair…[View]
88212358Jean Renoir: Do you like his work?[View]
88214182(Carol's daughter, Kate is NOT autistic...)[View]
88215562ITT: best comedy show made in your country[View]
88214350>making voice over for video game trailers How long till he makes tv infomercials?…[View]
88215267>Be Tywin >Hate your son for being a dwarf and killIng your wife at child birth >Dwarf Son …[View]
88214906Benson Arizona...[View]
88209763have you ever been desperately and tragically obsessed with an actress to the point where you dream …[View]
88215441>glen is no longer canon Fuck this series and fuck Don Machini.[View]
88213369But muh grain peer![View]
88214277Gotham: I thoughtthis was only about kid Bruce Wayne and young versions of Batman's villains. I…[View]
88210429What's the smartest show to ever air?[View]
882143252017 box office: Back in January we had a thread of the 2017 upcoming movies and a lot of people mad…[View]
88213162Thoughts on this movie?[View]
88215203What are some Chernobyl/nuclear war/apocalypse/radiation documentary kinae?[View]
88214839I just saw IT. This new Pennywise has to be the scariest movie monster I've seen in years. Lite…[View]
88215078Shut Up Wesley![View]
88207801What does /tv/ think about Vkings?[View]
88215050So let me get this straight: All I have to do is pretend to like Star Wars and you'll be my bes…[View]
88215049>film class >anon what's your favorite movies? >say Arnold movies and family guy…[View]
88201077sup nigga, you wanna talk sum shit?[View]
88203342Spider-Man.Homecoming.2017.1080p.WEB-DL.DD5.1.H264-FGT: >Spider-Man.Homecoming.2017.1080p.WEB-DL.…[View]
88212188>The reboot has no soul[View]
88207544This guy is directing Metal Gear Solid.[View]
88214593What are some films about being different[View]
88214361Why the fuck does Rick have his gun in season 7 if Negan took all their guns? Is it me or is the sho…[View]
88214031creeper hype thread: >trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HpzzrqJi6ko >movie clip #1: http…[View]
88213588What the FUCK was his problem[View]
88214764OH FUCK[View]
88214655Is James Cameron the Steve Jobs of kino?[View]
88208398‘Star Trek: Discovery’ cast take a knee in solidarity with NFL players’: Thoughts?[View]
88213087Chandler > Joey > Monika > Phoebe > a bag filled with shit, AIDS, rotten teeth and ass h…[View]
88208789Literally the Best Part of ST:Discovery: I want to watch porn on her monitors while reaming her.…[View]
88214180AAAHHHHH, the frenccccssh champaaagne[View]
88214646You are standing in paradise right now Frank... simply take a look around. Do you see anything besid…[View]
88214613BITCHES LEAVE[View]
88214598Post your recently watched movies and rate others.[View]
88209525Jennifer Lawrence is the only person born in the 90's to be awarded an academy award for acting…[View]
88213492honestly what was the point of this scene?[View]
88206501Hello 4chan (or /tv whatever you guys prefer to be called) haven't 'lurked' enough to…[View]
88214385I just watched this and I spent the entire movie repeating the words 'This is reddit, this is memes,…[View]
88212162Highlander: What are your thoughts on this franchise?[View]
88210120Why Ep7 and Rogue one had such generic soundtrack (like a marvel movie)?: Is there an explanation? …[View]
88212196What went right?[View]
88211497What are some flicks about unstoppable forces?[View]
88211135From the dusty Mason...[View]
88214148>Run, boy! >(chewing): Run for your life[View]
88209861itt only truly patrician, creme de la creme, high quality tv shows. Nothing less.[View]
88213748What's the best decade for kino and why is it the 2010s? >Black Swan >Moonrise Kingdom …[View]
88212689What are some good French kinos?[View]
88212925What are some shitty films with incredible soundtracks?[View]
88197988Why did she talk with a Chinese accent? It was really distracting.[View]
88213847just watched this movie. did I like it?[View]
88212594How come art student tumblr landwhales love X-Files and Twin Peaks so much, /tv/?[View]
88212079>RUFF RUFF I'll make you normie /tv/[View]
88190210Webm Thread[View]
88211688>nab the williams' score but fail to get the accompanying director BRAVO ROWLING…[View]
88213670Movies women will never understand[View]
88213641American Eagle Films Corp: I just saw Sleepaway Camp, and at the opening of the film the American Ea…[View]
88211776What Would You Do in this situation? As a stormtrooper.[View]
88210023Help me /tv/: I just watched this film and I'm afraid I might be a brainlet because I fail to s…[View]
88211533How do you age this badly? I know he's 60 something but he looks like he's 90 something[View]
88213000Orson Welles: >I hate Woody Allen physically, I dislike that kind of man. Oh, yes. I can hardly b…[View]
88194699Why did this movie make so much money? Not even the audience i watched it with was scared, the only …[View]
88213483allo blazers[View]
88210252Jim Carry 'is gone': Will he be okay? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ICPGhxjW3fw[View]
88213444Uh, guys?[View]
88213206>They have repossessed the properties and the second liens. We have hedged the bonds but cannot h…[View]
88213387Please, post movies like 'The Hangover'... All I know: Hot Tub Time Machine Without a Paddle A Few L…[View]
88201980THE EXPANSE: Is this the best sci-fi show on television? I think it might be. In fact, I think it mi…[View]
88206979what does /tv/ think of Cate Blanchett?[View]
88210184IT'S UP[View]
88213125what was his fucking problem?[View]
88213202I need good movies to watch. Anything is good as long as it isn't porn. Help me out for good ka…[View]
88213195>and your OTHER fantasy?[View]
88213102The Prisoner: >Who are you? >The new Number Two. >Who is Number One? >You are Number Six…[View]
88212713Is there any animated movie or series more kino than Bojan Horsemack? https://youtu.be/x9svc-EdJgU[View]
88198456Why was he so lazy?[View]
88210694Does Guatemala even manufacture cars?[View]
88212580what do you think are those leds for?[View]
88207566So not only did the First Order (space North Korea) build Star Killer base which is a zillion times …[View]
88212213ITT: Characters that just couldn't let go.[View]
88212950>ywn live in the timeline where jester lives jus kell me like[View]
88211861>Klingons looks like space Orcs instead of niggers now. Klingons are now my favorite Star Trek ra…[View]
88209019ITT: B-Movie Kino[View]
88212573I just saw IT. This new Pennywise has to be the scariest movie monster I've seen in years. Lite…[View]
88212746>Every time that guy comes here he's got some kind of fucking attitude problem!…[View]
88212060Reminder that STD is garbage.[View]
88204219new mean tweets, bitches! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t2oVUxTV4WA[View]
88212688How does he get away with it lads?[View]
88206214>someone tells character a phone number and they remember it easily without having to write it do…[View]
88209575What was this movie about, can someone explain?[View]
88198390So is rick meant to be Mexican or what? His last name is Sanchez but his race is never mentioned onc…[View]
88212317What do you think of About a Boy?[View]
88201790The first movie >Jack is portrayed as a bit strange, but a smart and capable guy who regularly co…[View]
88212351>turn on the tv >all these virtue-signalling faggots are finally accepting Stannis as king I k…[View]
88212344Post more movies where the good guys win[View]
88212299Tranny Runner[View]
88212268This is battery acid, you slime![View]
88210683Are you prepared? December 6.[View]
88212212what the FUCK was his problem?[View]
88209163So, what did /tv/ think of blood drive?[View]
88207815My theater was full of chicks and smelly looking men.[View]
88208635Are new actors too pussy?: None of them would ever think of doing pic related and be as based as the…[View]
88207839where were you in 1999?[View]
88211797>it's almost that time of year What will you be watching on Halloween?…[View]
88211088What would hank being up to in today's modern world[View]
88209480ITT: post an image, get a movie recommendation.[View]
88203108Did /tv/ watch Cult of Chucky yet?[View]
88211293k i n o dating: Any good stories on your experiences of going to the movies with that special person…[View]
88204853Peter. Peter the Freshman[View]
88209867Inspiring movies that will change your life.[View]
88203514The.Beguiled.2017.1080p.WEB-DL.DD5.1.H264-FGT: >The.Beguiled.2017.1080p.WEB-DL.DD5.1.H264-FGT …[View]
88208466battle of los angeles 2011 film: I really feel like this movie would have been better if it were abo…[View]
88210893Go shawty it's your birthday.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ntxS1bBg5o0[View]
88210804Why did he let his daughter cuck him so much? did he molest Jane?[View]
88211321>puts on hat >ominous music plays[View]
88206066How do you go from this...[View]
88210114THE DEUCE: anyone watching? thoughts so far?[View]
88200667>I believe that we’re a field of energy dancing for itself and … I don’t care >There is no me …[View]
88202805What is the best Japanese film of all time and why is it Tokyo Drifter?[View]
88210939Has this leaked? If so, anyone got a link?[View]
88187939What did yours turn into?[View]
88208469Pooh's Adventures in WTFVille General Thread 1: So the last couple of NC Threads are not gettin…[View]
88207338D'aww Man With Everything Want HUG!: >waaahhh I'm very handsome and have a large penis …[View]
88211233>the absolute state of capeshit[View]
88206987>They've taken our inventory and frozen our accounts. We have barred the gates, but cannot h…[View]
88209499Fellas what were the best films of the decade so far?[View]
88209986The.Beguiled.2017.720p.WEB-DL.XviD.AC3-FGT The.Beguiled.2017.720p.WEB-DL.XviD.AC3-FGT The.Beguiled…[View]
88210027Is this Kino?[View]
88205339Reminder this is the objectively BEST theatrical Batman film.[View]
88199518Amazing that the only thing a random improv comedy group got wrong about the rise and fall of Sam Hy…[View]
88202701What are your thoughts on comedian/podcast host Joe Rogan?[View]
88209124Name a manlier movie moment. Pro-tip : GIVE ME YOUR POWER https://youtu.be/7DYPSkOy6q0[View]
88210352Why haven't they made a kino of this lito?[View]
88209844Name of this movie?: So I like this YouTube channel, but I don't know what's the name of t…[View]
88210617WE FLY HIGH[View]
88209572What does /tv/ think of this kino?[View]
88210597Sequels that never lived up to the original: I'll start...[View]
88207997Have we ever seen that much desperation to stay relevant ? Sextape when ?[View]
88210326This is how it's done, Jonah: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GrsJDy8VjZk[View]
88209941What does /tv/ think of Broken Flowers?[View]
88203764Any films that I can make past the first five minutes without me wanting to kill myself due to how b…[View]
88205460Supernatural: I stopped watching this shit after season 8, but I know they still shit out the occasi…[View]
88210355Subtitles: Post movies you can't watch without them.[View]
88209645what They live was about? i really having hard time to not believe it was about jews [View]
88209932>closeted redpilled >makes shitty movies for jewish companies only so they let him make his ki…[View]
88209081For those of you that didn't catch her on Jimmy Fallon last night (9/25/17), Madonna definitely…[View]
88192284What's the best film noir movie?[View]
88205633What does /tv/ think of this movie?[View]
88209008Have you guys ever met a baneposter irl? >Be me >Working on doors as a bouncer in a club in …[View]
88210012Death Note 2017: What went wrong?[View]
88204870on a scale of 1 to autism, how much autism was it?[View]
88208272This really makes me think[View]
88210083andy kaufman: what was he really?[View]
88210201I just saw IT. This new Pennywise has to be the scariest movie monster I've seen in years. Lite…[View]
88210071>SHUT YOUR FUCKING MOUTH How would you react?[View]
88207931>you'll die of radiation poisoning if you stay out there longer than 20 minutes >stays ou…[View]
88209432>Oh, it was always my thesis theory. It was one or two people who were relevant were... I can…[View]
88202307The Lion King is the best thing Disney ever produced: >Kino soundtrack written by both Hans Zimme…[View]
88209062is this getting any better? I watched 3 episodes (it was hard, cause it's bad) and i wanna watc…[View]
88209703/ourdoctor/: >A young surgeon with autism and Savant syndrome is recruited into the pediatric sur…[View]
88206490UNDERWORLD TV Show Announced; Len Wiseman Returning To Franchise: >The series will be a pretty bi…[View]
88203298>five minutes into the film >the Russian girl's accent keeps slipping back to sounding Br…[View]
88209991Why do people pretend that Superman 3 is a bad movie? I just watched it for the first time and I was…[View]
88207740>Gotta light?[View]
88208365>filming 4 Avatar films at the same time >over $1 billion dollar budget Do enough people still…[View]
88202545/who/ dr who general: Deja Who Edition Last Time >>88193784[View]
88209656Was it autism?[View]
88208408https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_-agl0pOQfs what is the /tv/ equivalent of this kino?[View]
88208975That's a cute outfit. Did your husband get it for you?[View]
88208599'it interprets pineal gland dmt joe rogan simulactual..klig...'[View]
88209209What did /tv/ think of this film? I believe it is a masterpiece on par with There will be blood[View]
88205880In the Mouth of Madness: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HWV5EsOVlpo How is this movie? Wikipedia sa…[View]
88208647What the fuck is his problem?[View]
88205255So he was the bad guy? Were the robbers also bad guys? I don't get it[View]
88208395you'll never have this many talented writers in one room ever again. how does that make you fee…[View]
88208651you like popcorn /tv/?[View]
88208276what were the wachowski bros thinking?[View]
88205735>expect generic cop drama series >get weird horror cosmic kino How come /tv/ never talks about…[View]
88195352Boob'ya: >everyone hates Summer now what happened?[View]
88206052Why do Japanese movies pale in comparison to anime?: The only Japanese movie I really really have lo…[View]
88208142Clearly just a senior prank that involved several people. >someone who was spray painting >som…[View]
88208929Forgotten Masterpieces[View]
88208859What is this?[View]
88206942Are the rumours true?[View]
88202679Is Star Trek a psyop?[View]
88204859You just KNOW[View]
88208580What did he mean by this?[View]
88208682I am in the mood for some action. I've never seen any John Woo movie and thought it is a good t…[View]
88206905Marvel BTFO[View]
88206017Why does 4chan have to be so mean to me?[View]
88208432The ABCs of Beth: It COULD have been a good episode but the Reddit joke, the beta male sexist racist…[View]
88206122Power Rangers: >yen set controls for outer space[View]
88208495Cast the inevitable remake.[View]
88195903>Character is a scientist >Well versed in all fields of science instead of just being hyperfoc…[View]
88194380>can't get a reservation at Dorsia to save his life >Paul Allen can with ease >has a …[View]
88191948xavier renegade angel: what is your favorite line from this absolutely kino show?[View]
88208372https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N2o1A77fC4E >years have passed >no one made a funniest shit in…[View]
88207600what does /tv/ think about Breaking Away?[View]
88208303Do Americans really do this?[View]
88208300>Am I evil? >Worse. You're smart. What did they mean by this?…[View]
88207864torrent when?[View]
88206227So.. who drew the dicks?[View]
88205094Films that made you audibly laugh multiple time through the film: I'll start with pic related G…[View]
88203955Who wore it best?[View]
88200782G-guys- I think i'm in love with a cartoon character S-she's so indipendent, strong and be…[View]
88206419kino https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d5qXFKzJXLs[View]
88207983Movie characters that are you: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lpAMi2lwjo0[View]
88206782>The force is BREATHTAKING isn't it? Why do people say this film had a good script?…[View]
88202631PSA: If you are not white and your primary source of entertainment is Hollywood then you are mentall…[View]
88207760He did indeed fake his death but then died of AIDS a couple of years later.[View]
88195102I didn't hate it.[View]
88207861When the fuck did this happen?[View]
88207781ITT: Just Pleb things: I'll start: Not being able to enjoy a movie after knowing the ending…[View]
88207762ALRIGHT AMERICUNTS, WE GET IT: You stop with the retarded self-wankery now.[View]
88207251Was it disasterkino?[View]
88203324>Zombies don't want to infect the dying, they only want to infect healthy people - who then …[View]
88205521Buy our fluffy cute goys, Goyim!: Literally Jar Jar tier[View]
88207490Any dancing baby Groot fans here?[View]
88205539How many movies did you watch in 2017? Me? 235[View]
88203567Why was she so poorly written compared to everyone else on the show?[View]
88206629is it possible to fall in love with a cartoon character?[View]
88206625IT'S OUT!: https://youtu.be/VWofkziPFrs[View]
88205183Being patrician means knowing that Terminator 1 is better than Terminator 2[View]
88206713the premise was cool,but the movie was shit out of focus.it didn't develop a cohesive story it …[View]
88207291how come the smarter you are the more you prefer stupid crass entertainment things? only pseudo sma…[View]
88205376They made it to Earth... r... right guys?[View]
88190642Why are there no average/loser female protagonists? In tons of film and tv shows, the protagonist is…[View]
88205139STD is actually a good chick drama show.[View]
88202632Why didn't they just send someone up to set up comms, and have the other guys stay behind with …[View]
88195732/GoT/ General: Kissed by Fire Edition Previous Thread: >>88191773 Reminder to read the books o…[View]
88206126Did you guys hear they're getting married?[View]
88203027I don't get it. He was Satan the whole time? Why would the devil concern himself with some smal…[View]
88203889Ok my opinion on Star Trek Discovery so far: It started out as total cringe, the chinese captain was…[View]
88192293/trek/: Racist Irishmen edition[View]
88194646ITT : Jumpscares that got you[View]
88203247SO who the fuck voices Kiara in the most recent Rick and Morty episode (S3E09)? I've been looki…[View]
88205888'Transparent'... now Amazon is attempting to mainstream tranny porn. Why? What is Hollywood doing?[View]
88201456>'If I want the birds to drop dead from the trees, then the birds will drop dead from the trees. …[View]
88206686Are any parts of Last Jedi being filmed at Skywalker Ranch[View]
88206681How soon til he kills himself?[View]
88206301What's the smallest acceptable file size for a 2 hour, 1080p, x264 movie?[View]
88202021Just finished Fargo Season 3. Overall, thought it was the weakest of the three but so far has left m…[View]
88205540If you want to watch another countries' Netflix, how do you do it? I've tried both VPN and…[View]
88204169X files is back >unwatchable shit Star trek is back >unwatchable shit what went wrong? We are …[View]
88205361>Read about Korgoth of Barbaria >People go on and on about how 'it's a shame it was never…[View]
88205194I just saw IT. This new Pennywise has to be the scariest movie monster I've seen in years. Lite…[View]
88204423He's gonna make it right? We're all gonna make it right? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d…[View]
88206036Corrie star Liz Dawn dead at 77: Goodnight, sweet Princess.[View]
88205761What do you think of this dog rapist's top 100 films?[View]
88204974*demands $1000*[View]
88206131>tfw in the /tv/ memes section of youtube https://youtube.com/watch?v=d9994nv8BcU…[View]
88204753Will Star Trek: Diversity make it season 2?[View]
88204252History movies?: What are some hidden gems ?[View]
88203910>Great in Star Trek >Great in Stargate what are other examples of John De Lancie's greatn…[View]
88191207>you're a beta male sexist woah...so this is the power...of female writers..…[View]
88187599so what does TV think about tila tequila?[View]
88203646New Mst3k: I like it[View]
88202561Have you seen it yet?[View]
88188557who was the chaddest character in cinema history?[View]
88199688Is there a sci fi film as under rated as this?[View]
88205389Why did Rust mow Marty's lawn?[View]
88205739Oh look, Ross is doing his 'watching TV' bit again.[View]
88204634I've never seen a Wes Anderson movie and I feel like I'm missing out, yet I always find so…[View]
88205613How well has this movie held up? My nephew still watches it every other day. I think the ratings are…[View]
88205692/tv/ told me this would be bad but it's sublime.[View]
88204506Who was wrong?[View]
88202918Production for Avatar 2, 3, 4 and 5 started yesterday. Who /hype/?[View]
88203723Jimmy is the homunculi intellectual that Nietzsche depicts in Zarathrustra. A big headed malcontent,…[View]
88190378good doctor: korean version was better[View]
88205437What gods do you pray to?[View]
88205411I started a thread on /wsr/ but after 24h I got no reply so I'm looking for a couple horror mo…[View]
88205502Why did this series have such perfect side characters?[View]
88200586Finn Wolfhard Foul-Mouthed on Stranger Things set After IT: >Jumping from the film back to the Ne…[View]
88203777Did anyone watch the Tim and Eric 10 Year Anniversary special? Was it just really fucking shit, or w…[View]
88196029Soooooo....how was it?[View]
88188071Actors and actresses that have never been in a good movie[View]
88200596tfw i cant tell whats bait and whats not[View]
88205309Did you guys watch Jaden Smith's new show on Netflix?[View]
88201388the mummy: just saw the mummy, it was pretty good and it was comfy capeshit. tom cruise was such a c…[View]
88196361Are you looking forward to season 11 of The X-Files?[View]
88205040DeadPool (2016) (1080p) Live Twitch Stream (Starts in 5mins): www twitch tv/aaustinsellerss[View]
88202665Does /tv/ like Star Trek Enterprise? Seasons 1 and 2 aren't awful but they definitely drag at t…[View]
88200285Do people really not understand this movie? I thought as far as Lynch stuff goes that it was a reall…[View]
88195041It don't matter None of this matters[View]
88205125>Porn? What's... oh. Pornography?[View]
88205025STAHP BREATHIN[View]
88204858Our man Tony did nothing wrong.[View]
88203815The Great Debate[View]
88203706Thoughts on the Orville?[View]
88200975> You'll die of radiation poisoning in 20 minutes! > I only need 19 minutes.…[View]
88204100GIAUS FRIGGEN BALTAR: Sneeds feed and seed, wubba lubba lub, NOOTKA, Honor is all, Bend the knee, NO…[View]
88204163Who here #madatmort?[View]
88202338Don''t read any further unless you want to be spoiled Rey and Luke dive under the water to…[View]
88192071He's gonna take you back to the past......[View]
88204462Why can't they make movies like this anymore? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FaIbELk8Tzg Do yo…[View]
88203813Was he /ourguy/?: Was he /tv/?[View]
88203447This was great[View]
88204588Post kino PSAs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tN2gpRcFKAQ[View]
88204707>Arbitrage! Arbitrage, investors of Theoden LLC! Stocks shall be shorted! Yield curves shall be p…[View]
88204705Watched 1st episode of the new Star Trek series, hope this guy gets more screen time.[View]
88204669ITT: Confederacy kino[View]
88204586how many strong women of color will watch this?[View]
88204538>My time with anon had come to an end. During our time together, I had learned about his general …[View]
88203995True Detective s1>shield>sopranos >>>> everything else[View]
88204493Manhunt: Unabomber: Even though everything is laid out at the start, watching the show unravel and c…[View]
88204483'Tell me why, I love you like I do?'[View]
88204220Your Name: Why did I tear up[View]
88204175How do you keep from crying during the season finale?[View]
88201988I'm watching the original French rips of Inspector Gadget and in every episode he has a funky m…[View]
88203751Say what you want /tv/, but the first season was really good[View]
88204008*fades to black*: why on earth did they choose to do this even once, let alone like five times?…[View]
88203679CARTOONS DON'T BELONG HERE: why does /co/ even exist when cartoons are freely allowed to be dis…[View]
88203993What Next?: Just finished JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, at least through Stardust Crusaders. Not re…[View]
88202035>cuck >racist >beta male Is he /ourguy/?…[View]
88202479>no, I was in college. YOU were in denial.[View]
88203208would you go on an ADVENTURE with him?[View]
88203629ITT: worst female JUSTs[View]
88202465this guy was so good he made opie and anthony bearable[View]
88199815Rank them.[View]
88200446Big Man Japan started very strong with the history and battles but it royally fucked up it's en…[View]
88203548Red Dragon 2002/Manhunter 1986: Which one did it better? imo, Manhunter is better but i like Red Dra…[View]
88201186So what was his problem?[View]
88203465Apprentice: Will you be watching the new series next week /tv/? anyway apprentice thread for all pas…[View]
88195475Post five favorites and other anons give you recommendations based on your pick. Here's my list…[View]
88203261Can someone please tell me which film or programme this is from?[View]
88203397>'I may have eaten the intestines of two girls and slowly broke the spine of an old woman... but …[View]
88190342The Vietnam War: No episode 7 thread for docu kino? Lets change that.[View]
88191056what went wrong?[View]
88203046Overrated movies[View]
88203190>Hello? >Hi it's Gareth >Hiya, I'm crashing a plane at the moment, brother, with …[View]
88202986https://www.maxim.com/entertainment/highest-paid-actors-2017-8 > Top ten highest paid actors in 2…[View]
88202956Raimi Spiderman Thread?: Raimi Spiderman Thread Discuss the best Spiderman trilogy to ever exist. …[View]
88202903The Bye Bye Man (2017) (1080p) (live stream in 5 mins.): gay name but its supposed to be a scary mov…[View]
88202762ITT films that only you want to see get a sequel[View]
88197998Was he the good guy?[View]
88202227Seed or Sneed?: Could have sworn that this movie was called Sneed of Chucky... hmmmmmmmmm..... I don…[View]
88196703Name my band: .[View]
88202851How are there no threads about this absolute kino[View]
88201802>entire life consists of starring in movies and banging barely legal teenage models >'GUYS, do…[View]
88197677ITT: actors too good for capeshit It's not going to be a long list.[View]
88202661Nice shirt.[View]
88197554Got a big enough joint there Rick?[View]
88202150Why does everyone in this show have to be so old?[View]
88191869Fuck you /pol/ and /tv/ as usual you are wrong. >The new Klingons are absolutely incredible and a…[View]
88202585What year is this supposed to be in?[View]
88201233Is this the best vietnam war kino right after FMJ? Apocalypse Now was pretty much a dadcore tier sno…[View]
88198449Daily reminder that: Blade 2 > Blade > Blade trinity[View]
88175120Letterboxd: post profiles and discuss movies[View]
88202583Will we see her ever again, /tv/?[View]
88193784dr who general /who/: Last thread >>88183367[View]
88190719What's the golden age of the simpsons? Season 1-9? Seasons 2-7? Seasons 2-6?[View]
88200226Opening theme power rankings: 1. TNG 2. TOS power gap 3. VOY 4. DS9 power gap 5. ENT power gap 6. Se…[View]
88199916Puke Scenes: What was the very first vomit scene in a movie? What's the greatest in your opinio…[View]
88200873OFFICIAL FATHERS OF /TV/ POWER RANKINGS: 1. Hank Hill 2. Phillip Banks 3. Tim Allen 4. Ray Romano 5.…[View]
88200661>WWII joint >'tigers' are actually dressed-up T-34s…[View]
88202282Just finished season 1 of this show Man, they had me going there at the end of the last episode, I t…[View]
88201823I don't get it, why did they call this film 'Jurassic Park Scratch Mark Scratch Mark Scratch Ma…[View]
88200977Who was in the wrong here?[View]
88200561What's /tv/'s consensus on Boston Public?[View]
88201831How did Uncle Rico manage to get away with it for so long?[View]
88201455>muh waifu[View]
88200125What's next for her career?[View]
88201933>you will never be a made guy Why even live?[View]
88200181Ladies and gentlemen I present to you one of the most terrible Netflix series on Netflix shit histor…[View]
88197334Why are critics and audiences so divided?[View]
88197857Mother: J Law shouldn't have shown her nipples for such a retarded movie[View]
88201959I hear you're looking for candyman, bitch[View]
88201756>Hehe I'm le epic ringmaster *tips wigdora* What did Howard Stern mean by this?…[View]
88197785Dog Eat Dog: Has there EVER been a more kino introduction in film than this?[View]
88196156Jeepers Creepers 3: Remember when you said Peter Jackson's The Hobbit trilogy had some of the w…[View]
88200269This is not a total suspension of belief that a successful doctor in NYC could date nothing but mode…[View]
88192897Why doesn't Hollywood have anymore legit sex goddess actresses? Lots of fatties now[View]
88201809Would you watch a show about Bugsy Siegel and the mafia beginning of Las Vegas? asking for my friend…[View]
88201262>'Take your weapon. Strike me down with all of your hatred and your journey towards the dark side…[View]
88201779Straw dogs: What the fuck was the point of this movie?[View]
88201305So it seems many old TV shows lasted a decade. Shows(that I've watched Rosanne, married with ch…[View]
88197644OH MY GOD, WE'RE HAVING AN Arrested Development thread[View]
88196396Post cucks in television and film[View]
88193385Why do people not like these movies? I thought they were decent[View]
88201217political compass: is this accurate?[View]
88201468/pimp/kino best /hoe/ so far is maggie but movies /hoe/ is catching up, plus is dark qt fat joe pes…[View]
88182739Wait, this is actually real?[View]
88201042What's a spaceship show where the first season was the best one?[View]
88200721Why are they reviving this?[View]
88193788there is not a single reason why you should not have this[View]
88200439Did you forget, /tv/?[View]
88195275Post comfy movies to watch during the Fall.[View]
88201155mhhmmmmMMMMmmmmm....... nootka.....[View]
88201342https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PrDeCfHo9Go absolute fucking kino[View]
88200740Who was in the wrong here?[View]
88198166Explain to me why HBO's Rome ISN'T one of the best historical fiction series ever made[View]
88195020what movie has the best plot twist[View]
88197047are Richard Kelly's other films any good or is he a one hit wonder?[View]
88200236>watch 2017 beauty and the beast >beast doesn't drop gaston >lets him go alright maybe…[View]
88197743Are the rumors true?[View]
88200538best movie ending ever[View]
88198843Is he the most tsundere television character to ever exist?[View]
88199049People of Earth: This is a good show. Don't deny it. The humor is top-tier. Anyone else watchin…[View]
88200986did DePalma ever top this[View]
88200802>that scene where army dog has to detonate a bomb inside the dogschool jesus christ what the fuck…[View]
88200653Tony died at the end.[View]
88198324I just finished marathoning all 8 seasons of this. Has any other show shit the bed this fucking bad …[View]
88199431My girlfriend has only ever seen Die Another Day and all the Daniel Craig era Bond movies. I'm …[View]
88196481>Love Eraserhead and Twin Peaks: The Returh. >Find original Twin Peaks, Inland Empire, Mulholl…[View]
88185617PAY FOR HYDEWARS[View]
88199461Is Trudy Campbell the most annoying character in Mad Men? Also, Mad Men thread.[View]
88200178So much debt.... What can men do against such reckless spending?[View]
88157372/tpg/ - Twin Peaks General: Secret Diary Edition https://pastebin.com/mcKYsFib Meanwhile: >>88…[View]
88198985>/tv/ recommends a movie >it's shit what's her name /tv/?…[View]
88200393Why did this get so much hate? It had arguably the best fight scenes ever in a cape flick, the casti…[View]
88200467What did the Lord our God mean by this?[View]
88200628Great Movies ruined by one character: regardless what people would say nowadays about an actor …[View]
88197621who was in the wrong here?[View]
88198735Why dont we see this type of person on TV/ Movies[View]
88200396>Changing a child's gender at birth is a backwards barbaric practice that will not be tolera…[View]
88199851>try to talk about film or tv shows >no response and it gets deleted >anon makes a post abo…[View]
88199744Friendly Reminder: >The Cage was shit >Encounter at Farpoint was shit >The Emissary was shi…[View]
88196974>That one friend that liked this show[View]
88200456Tranny Runner[View]
88200435*steers your ship*[View]
88198491robot cop: robot cop was a good movie. it had a lot of good action. edward two hundred and nine was …[View]
88200059Why don't they make a sequel to The Thing?[View]
88198437ITT- forgotten kino: What's the best film you've seen (subjective) that has been universal…[View]
88197437So do you think Anton killed this guy or nah[View]
88200094>mfw none of my friends is intelligent enough to understand rick and morty…[View]
88199997Gird thy loins[View]
88196761Do you think there's a reality where Rick and Morty is still good?[View]
88198983Channel Zero: Is it just me or was that first episode of S2 better then all of S1 combined?[View]
88196554God himself could not sink this ship.[View]
88195892Never seen a thread about this show[View]
88198846thoughts on steven merchants body of work?[View]
88193412Reminder Ross was right and Rachel is a stuck up cunt[View]
88191616Do you have any movie posters on your walls? I have pic related.[View]
88183687What are some kinos (movies) about women kicking a man's ass?[View]
88199366Future Corn (2018): Do you have high hopes for this upcoming kino?[View]
88192288>Problems with The Orville: 1) poor humour, less funny than most actual Trek 2) Seth MacFarlane…[View]
88199482I don't remember reading this in Archie Comics[View]
88199468Me Underwears: Tragic scenes in Cinema https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fuORfSyaC5U[View]
88199452What was their fugging problem?[View]
88191575Got a Job In a Theater Last Week Today my boss told me they start the show last to get people eating…[View]
88198837Could Apollo Creed at his peak have really taken on Ivan Drago? And I mean Rocky II-tier actually ta…[View]
88199286/pol/ plz: Vulcanbowl. >Sarek arrives at the political forum of the swing planet right on time, w…[View]
88199113Bumblebee (2018) Will it be good? Director has only done Kubo and the Two Strings and the writer is …[View]
88193623For me? It's Colin quinn.[View]
88198384I never understood this episode How the fuck do you do a counter-clockwise swirl while your dick is …[View]
88198731I’m 10 mins in, and the character development and exposition are off the charts cringe. It’s such sm…[View]
88192834You know. I'm something of a flat earth scientist myself..[View]
88198802PSYCHIC JERRY![View]
88198060hey /tv/ can you suggest some films similar to falling down[View]
88197989*listens to lofi hip hop and browses facebook*[View]
88196057Immersion breaking tropes: >female protagonist[View]
88198313>Think before you strike! If you kill me you become the assassin we claimed you were! You'll…[View]
88188232it sucks.[View]
88198153>cucky Australian journalist grew up next door to Nicole Kidman and had childhood crush on her …[View]
88198361What were some kino antique roadshow moments ?[View]
88193372>A TV Show has never made me cr-[View]
88196621I'm gonna take your ads to Philadelphia: And thats the bottom line, CUS STONE COLD SAID SO!…[View]
88196619so the new season is going to be shit right?[View]
88198179Your elevator pitch: You are a fuck-up producer about to get fired. You have one last chance to prod…[View]
88197194does anyone else think that the female writers are covers for all the sex shit in the new season …[View]
88197581What is he masturbating to /tv/?[View]
88197304Post your favorite film and other people guess things about you: I'll start[View]
88197305'''villains''' who did nothing wrong[View]
88196918What are some lesser known great historical tv series like The Last Kingdom?[View]
88197733Robocop: really makes you think. how did Paul Verhoeven have such foresight?[View]
88186007>am I evil? >worse, you are smart[View]
88191423Aint it Cool News 1996-2017 https://www.avclub.com/aint-it-cool-news-contributors-step-down-in-wake-…[View]
88189789we can all agree captain chink was the best character on STD >a bit racist to give a chink captai…[View]
88197625>Nerdy character goes for a QT chick >She's never seen with any guy besides the nerd…[View]
88195315Is Sylvester Stallone considered a good actor and writer on /tv/? What is the consensus on him?[View]
88189754The Sopranos: Did Tony die in the end?[View]
88196725I just don't get why the Prince would answer the door.[View]
88196362>Spider-man Homecoming has made 874 million >just beat BvS' box office >only 20 milli…[View]
88164388Was she best girl ?[View]
88197189Okay, memes aside, what was the point of this joke? Hur hur, fuck and suck. It's not even funny…[View]
88196724Just finished this. It kind of hurts. What do I do now?[View]
88196107>talk to counselor today about what I need left to transfer to a University >Get told I need a…[View]
88195953>why would you say that? what's so funny about that? that's ridiculous. that's inc…[View]
88196200Was it rape?[View]
88194372>Daddy this tastes like Grandma What did the mean by this?[View]
88196694>80's montage >walk like an egyptian starts playing…[View]
88197118>ywn fuck young Chris O'Donnell's boypucci Why live?[View]
88194871What would Tom Cruise have said to that french reporter?[View]
88197050Thoughts on Bollywood[View]
88195550are there any good movies about the Russian Civil War?[View]
88195201Name a better choreographed fight scene in mainstream Hollywood history: the stars trained with actu…[View]
88196964What are some good romantic movies. Last one i saw was like crazy and that was nice.[View]
88196280reminder he did nothing wrong[View]
88192137fuck you I liked it[View]
88195807>local cinema's only playing It and emoji movie[View]
88193146So now that the dust has settled who was in the wrong here?[View]
88196874ITT: Movies that you hate because of the reality they present >the American judicial system…[View]
88196371'When you know nothing matters, the universe its yours. And I never met a universe that was into it.…[View]
88196798Could they get away with this today?[View]
88195765Finn Wolfhard isn't a very good actor[View]
88194756Hey /tv/, been trying to find a movie I watched a long time ago and all I can remember is a scene of…[View]
88194602American Vandal: Wow, this was fucking great. Not just a solid parody of recent true crime, but the …[View]
88196613Is it a requirement that Redpills always be hackers/programmers in their Matrix life? Were there eve…[View]
88196722Thin Man Thread?: Thin Man thread. Nick Nora and Asta[View]
88193209So what actually was wrong with his eyes?[View]
88170823Shit. I didn't think they'd actually show a 7 year old with his arm bitten off.[View]
88189939I was not expecting to feel[View]
88194450Star Trek Discovery: It was great. 100 times better than any other Star Trek premiere[View]
88196011Anyone else get a vibe from these Rob and Doug videos, that Doug hates his even moreso socially reta…[View]
88196598Give us your log lines. >A slave woman on a far off planet breaks free of her chains and goes on …[View]
88196360>Person of Interest >Westworld Turns out he was the best Nolan all along…[View]
88192791Long story short, if a movie has been leaked and is available to watch over the internet, can the pe…[View]
88188718The Big Bang Theory: Season 11 will start tonight, will you watch it?[View]
88194432who else here watched The Following?: first season was good, the following seasons were shit[View]
88187648The Mummy (1932-2017) - general: Previously >>88136071 All mummies welcome. Brendanfags, Unive…[View]
88194492Anyone else enjoy this / awaiting a second series? For those who haven’t seen, it’s like interstella…[View]
88191737Is he ok?[View]
88194583Are we about to get Jackie-kino?[View]
88195692Is there any National Anthem Kino?[View]
88192590Who will play him in the inevitable biopic, and why is this allowed? Ben Stiller's 'Escape from…[View]
88190002AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRGGHH this seems like a really nice place to build a castle, to be honest AAAAAAA…[View]
88175561why are all of her lines so sanctimonious and self righteous? and that constant bitch face, like she…[View]
88195814HEY: people who hated the new episode, watch this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=222GPr_eNis Did t…[View]
881894512 episodes in and /pol is losing their minds whats the problem with this show so far ?[View]
88195927This fucking sucked. fuck you shills[View]
88190272Is it time to admit that this was better than Disney Star Wars?[View]
88189972I got to season 2 of Eastbound and I'm not digging it. Is it worth watching?[View]
88194010SIESTA KEY: Why aren't you watching siesta key right now[View]
88195142Did he do it?[View]
88195700The great debate[View]
88183705Can we talk about how Vice Principals is pure confident autistic kino?[View]
88191773/got/ general: >>88182238 What makes a good /got/ thread? What is a good /got/ thread's s…[View]
88194759Rather than watching the ball game I have to listen to this.[View]
88192747Where is the hype? Not even among Nu-Wars fans? Not even artificial hype? Where are the Star Wars Vi…[View]
88192506Really arms my photo torpedoes[View]
88193242>get to season 4 >episode about le evil fracking >thank god thats over >next episode …[View]
88192531Ready for Cocktober?[View]
88192919Is this the most genuinely heartwarming movie of all time?[View]
88194544Find a flaw. Protip: You can't. Beverly - Amy Adams Bill - Joaquin Phoenix Richie - Casey Affle…[View]
88195537>'villain' literally LITERALLY does nothing wrong >woman ruins everything >'asking for it' …[View]
88186047Meditative Films: Can /tv/ recommend me some good slow-paced, meditative and spiritual kino for me t…[View]
88195518>power perceived... is power achieved the hell did he mean by this?[View]
88195485Wow, I knew there was a reason this movie felt so kinographical...[View]
88190392Is this the most famous animal scene in TV or Film?[View]
88195333ITT: Kinos that scratch a very specific itch For me, it's a demonic/cosmic entity entering our …[View]
88194042ITT: worst movie you ever saw without previous knowledge[View]
88191983Insidious 4: The Last Key: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4xwMetjJVsE will it be good /tv/?…[View]
88195269>cucky Australian journalist grew up next door to Nicole Kidman and had childhood crush on her …[View]
88192987This show is so fucking awkward.[View]
88195154>Post an actor >Person below responds with their best work…[View]
88194955I'll just leave this here http://www.rogerebert.com/rogers-journal/daughter-takes-liberties-wit…[View]
88193856What are some movies about school?[View]
88192579This movie is pure kino.: Why does /tv/ never talk about Terry Zwigoff kino[View]
88192475Are you ready for Colbert 2.0, /tv/?[View]
88193216Philip K Dick Electric Dreams: Just found this show. Want to know if it's on anyone's rada…[View]
88187387Opinions on Gummo?: This movie is fucking stupid and everyone who thinks it's one of the most d…[View]
88193902>What's my name? Don Caccino! I don't understand, was the joke that he was so embarrass…[View]
88194820https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ICPGhxjW3fw What did he mean by this?[View]
88193274Is anything comfier bros?[View]
88194849>he's a great actor he just keeps picking shitty movies[View]
88193761Anyone watching this? Darlene best girl[View]
88171637Is it worth it?: Sorry to make another thread about this, but I have a serious question here. I cons…[View]
88191474It isn't bad.[View]
88194654mfw no longer worst trek[View]
88190789How would y'all describe Riverdale's morals?[View]
88193395You ever been in a storm, Wally?[View]
88194606/STR/fags eternally btfo[View]
88193477What are some cases of real life imitating a movie television showe?[View]
88194346Why does the Hollywood film industry always Arabs in a negative light? Is it because Hollywood is do…[View]
88194081Real talk[View]
88193320What do you guys think of this movie? Its gritty as hell, and obviously low budget but its got such …[View]
88194395ITT the lowest point in an actors career[View]
88194447Was he autistic?[View]
88193811Will it be good?[View]
88193667What are some movies about betrayals?[View]
88194204You didn't think I would just disappear: Did you? He's coming back in S5, right?…[View]
88193432who did it better?: only god forgives or mother?[View]
88194252What are some of the best trad tv shows and movies[View]
88194227Why did he do it?[View]
88193981Please give me a comfy movie like whiplash to watch tonight. inb4 that one poster with an axe to gri…[View]
88193810HA HA HA! Not my president[View]
88187534BvS: Let's make a movie where Lex Luthor manipulates events where Batman fights Superman, but l…[View]
88193302ITT: style over substance[View]
88181521this is the pinnacle of comfycore/depressionkino. Prove me wrong[View]
88192090Movies where the guy saves the pixie dream girl?[View]
88193540Is this the most JUST moment in movie history?[View]
88191844How was this news?[View]
88183367/who/ - Doctor Who General: Trap Companion Edition In the last regeneration: >>88167091[View]
88191289>I do not aim with my hand; he who aims with his hand has forgotten the face of his father. I aim…[View]
88191380Why doesn't Hollywood ever get an Asian-American that speaks english with no ching-chong accent…[View]
88190812What did /tv/ think about Horace and Pete?[View]
88178539I want to show this to my gf (I'm 27, she's 46) but only if it's a good ending which …[View]
88191146What went wrong?[View]
88192851How is this? The reviews make it sound like this years London Has Fallen[View]
88181994It was a different time.[View]
88192454this fucking movie.[View]
88181146Shitty CGI: What has been the shittiest CGI you have seen in a film this year For me it's betw…[View]
88191988what the hell am i supposed to watch now?[View]
88193095Anyone else find Ronnie to be breathtakingly sexy? What do you suppose her kinks were?[View]
88190816Will we ever get a good Ayn Rand movie? I fucking loved Atlas Shrugged and Objectivism is god-tier i…[View]
88193218ITT: Oh yeah, that happened[View]
881905221 day, 1 showing , why just why?: i can't make it tomorrow at 7 WTF am i supposed to do?…[View]
88192600Obscure shows or movies you would recommend: Just discovered how comfy this is >bling bong https:…[View]
88177516*breathes in*[View]
88190798Underrated Sequels[View]
88193329What's my name?[View]
88193142Anyone know when new episodes are coming out?[View]
88192752This can't be happening Mike and Jay told me they destroyed David F. Sandberg's carrer bec…[View]
88193080Prince Harry and Meghan Markle: Who else can't wait for a movie about their courtship?[View]
88192264Me, Myself & I series premiere thread Anyone watching this?[View]
88191564Why did no one in town seem to care that they had 16 times or so more murders and disaparitions than…[View]
88192947Movie Camera fuckups: Anyone got more like these that somehow escaped editing? In 0:31 you can see t…[View]
88192620What would you change about this film in order to try and fix it?[View]
88192985Who was in the wrong here?[View]
88191800avatar thread: ok but can you imagine if these flop[View]
88192956>I didn't have to go easy on you. A different binding agent, a stronger mix... I want you to…[View]
88189032Is it advantageous for actors to have a 'look' rather than being classically handsome?: >Adam Dri…[View]
88192901AMC Finally Allowing F-Word In 'Walking Dead' Broadcasts: http://archive.is/At6Te[View]
88188603Why does this movie trigger so many /pol/tards?[View]
88178609Cast her[View]
88189040>2 Movies(transformers, a billion dollar franchise and the nut job, from a successful movie) that…[View]
88189214What did Star Trek mean by this?[View]
88192749Did he do it?[View]
88169536What did /tv/ think of the new Rick and Morty episode?[View]
88190452The new Star Trek is a really great show!![View]
88192629ITT: Good concept, poor execution[View]
88192585The riddle... of memes?[View]
88191382>That's Alotta Munny How did he know the clerk's name?[View]
88192580Admit that you're a closet racist and a beta male sexist.[View]
88192041Will he ever be able to recover? Will he ever love again?[View]
88185668What went wrong?[View]
88191850OOO SHES GOING TO EAT IT!: Who's ready for the best capeshit movie of 2018![View]
88183643Dunkirk- honest thoughts: this is one of the most tepid, middle of the pack, 'meh', frankly overrate…[View]
88190015Which actor understood the character better?[View]
88191421>PSSSSSSSHHHHH >aaaahhh... What show starts playing next?…[View]
88186565Americam Vandal: What did you think of this show? Thought it was pretty good how it started with shi…[View]
88192430Was this the pinnacle of vidya kino? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WU7tMKeiixQ[View]
88188962>El Mariachi budget: 7'000 dollars >Clerks budget: 25'575 dollars >AVGN movie bud…[View]
88186643You are given unlimited funds and these two actresses. What kind of movie do you make?[View]
88164458>Gondor calls for economic aid![View]
88190167is this the Batman vs Superman of 2017 ?[View]
88190573Take the piss all you want, I know this scene made all you crap your pants the first time you saw it[View]
88189165ITT: moveis where literally and I mean LITERALLY nothing happens. Pic fucking related I watched this…[View]
88192161Are Jackass stunts art?[View]
88191329Ah yes, such a classic, Saw it a week ago and I realized it had alot of deep serious undertones to i…[View]
88188493aye paye for Limmy's omemayed shoe[View]
88187612What did I think of this movie?[View]
88182404>You're as fucking crazy as she is What did he mean by this?[View]
88182630Howdy, the name's Raylan Gibbons[View]
88191823>Billy. Billy! The other day, I was going down on my girlfriend. I said to her, 'Jeez you got a b…[View]
88182035So what will his consensus be on STD?[View]
88184215/trek/: ywn drink Kanar with Damar edition[View]
88191829She actually left didnt she? The beth at the end was the clone.[View]
88191939Three Billboards - Film of the year: Calling it now, film of the year. https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
88191846When is this coming out?[View]
88183767Who do you prefer?[View]
88190500Will he ever again play a normal role?[View]
88178860well? is he right?[View]
88191830I never knew meeting your own doppelganger could be such a terrifying idea.[View]
88186513The Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki with jalapeños and banana peppers... Now, you put that with this, a…[View]
88188332>Amy Schumer isn't funn-[View]
88173754Comfy Animated Films: I'll start[View]
88191651So now that the dust has settled: What do I think of it?[View]
88190291Any other example of Asian casting for Chinese box office results ?[View]
88191566you're a loney pathetic shrimp joke small dicked cunt[View]
88191493I know it's a cartoon, but I wanna choke her with my dick so bad. Also, let's talk about c…[View]
88190037So why was it somehow ok for Angel to kill Drogyn? Why was there no consequence for this?[View]
88191447i'm being egged on to watch the new r&m season: Is it any better? i watched the first two s…[View]
88164182Is this a good jumping-on point for someone who has never watched Star Trek before?[View]
88191439Hidden Gems from the '10s: Gimme more[View]
88182238/got/ general: Waif the Faceless Woman Edition Previous thread >>88167325[View]
88187104>HOWDY NIGGAS Damn. How did The Simpsons get away with this?[View]
88191327What are some movies about MOMMY[View]
88189824What the fuck was her problem?[View]
88190016Is this any good?[View]
88191191Made in America vs -30- vs Felina vs Person to Person Which was the best series finale? Which was th…[View]
88190372itsover: Scene 1: Newsman calls out to the death of TV news. Morty and Summer both on their phones, …[View]
88191164>walk upstairs while mom is watching big bang theory >'you're just like sheldon anon'…[View]
88190205So how big a piece of shit is it going to be?[View]
88191027/drive/ - Drive General: THERE'S SOMETHING INSIDE YOU, IT'S HARD TO EXPLAIN[View]
88191029Director of Hollywood Bomb Blames Americans Rejecting ‘Science’ for Flop: Hepcats, he's right y…[View]
88188585Which television series have the best original scores? A few that come to mind: https://www.youtube.…[View]
88188324>Raimi has stated that the biggest influences on his work include Star Wars,[26] Citizen Kane,[27…[View]
88188387>'Movies' >They're literally pictures 'Moving' really fast.…[View]
88190307IT sequel officially given the green light, namefags on suicide watch: https://411mania.com/movies/n…[View]
88190811PLEASE tell me we see more of her: I want to find out what alerts go off on her monitors when she…[View]
88190142Comfy Horror Shows: Fall is here /x/ what horror shows and movies are you planning to watch leading …[View]
88189556How do I sing?[View]
88190632Gerbert General[View]
88189143ITT: underrated kino[View]
88183144Finally got around watching this show, Season 1 is awesome so far at what point does this show jump …[View]
88183910What went wrong with American Gods?[View]
88187234I dont know what my favorite scene in Cult of Chuckino was. It was either Andy keeping the severed C…[View]
88189559Why was the blue lightsaber so small?[View]
88189418Who wins?[View]
88189150SEASON 2 WHEN!?![View]
88190116What did it do before Derry?[View]
88183959>Post-apocalyptic kino. Need some suggestions...[View]
88185459Patriarch demands?[View]
88181852His Andrew Dice Clay and Ronald Reagan impressions are the greatest I've ever heard[View]
88190425>Tfw your performance is so memorable and iconic that a remake of your movie generates so much hy…[View]
88190386Are we going to stand around all day, or are we going to fight?[View]
88184559Why was it so boring?[View]
88187183pleb filters[View]
88182698You gota bee on you wife[View]
88190317Quentin Tarankino[View]
88189288>Maybe I just want people to look at me like I'm like the, the life of the party or that uh.…[View]
88190019How does he keep getting away with it?[View]
88188483https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OD0RCfcaols Opinion about this ?[View]
88185528So I just took a xan and I need /tv/'s help in finding some comfy films or tv to watch. Pic unr…[View]
88190068Is this Disney Channel kino?[View]
88189332/sg/ - Simpsons general: ITT: discuss all things Simpsons. OC is encouraged[View]
88189934SEASON 3 WHEN[View]
88189107Who was in the wrong here?[View]
88189912I fucked Ted[View]
88189887Take it easy, man.[View]
88183276Anybody wanna explain to me how this episode was supposedly so deep and meaningful? The trial with …[View]
88189763The great debate[View]
88187860Seed of Chucky: I thought this movie was called Suck of Sneedy[View]
88187046>*cocks shotgun* >'line'[View]
88185657Are we in the middle of a horror renaissance?[View]
88188706Why did the Green Goblin kill Macy Gray in the Spider-Man (2002)?[View]
88189689Look everyone, Pete came back![View]
88189670>Thanks for the beer[View]
88182893Holy fucking YUM[View]
88186703name a more iconic duo..... ill wait[View]
88189585Oh look, it's Ross doing his 'watching TV' bit.[View]
88189478Drive ending: If he really survived, why make him get stabbed at all? Was it to make it more vague? …[View]
88189393*blocks your puberty*[View]
88188169Snow Steam Iron (2017): Complete garbage, no wonder he got fired from the DCEU. shake my head.…[View]
88189404Dude i almost had you![View]
88182052>Show about honour and doing what's right >Entirely white cast >Male lead >Disrespe…[View]
88182243Watched this last night and I REALLY liked it. What are the other great anime films?[View]
88187985What will Snoke's lightsaber look like in the upcoming Star Wars kino (movie)?[View]
88189250let's start with some music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ac03kTu6Q28 https://www.youtube.com…[View]
88187956Why did he kill himself? He could have just said 'no thanks.'[View]
88189137Was this show popular during its run? I've watched it twice now and it's probably the best…[View]
88187501Any kino that you'd recommend when you're alone on your birthday? Might try pic related j…[View]
88187069I'm supposed to believe this woman is 19 years old?[View]
88185709Name a series that fucked up character pairings I'll start, pic related[View]
881883855 years from now people will be praising this film[View]
88187971Is propane actually better than charcoal?[View]
88188085How come y'all aren't talking about Transparent? True LGBT kino[View]
88189060Anti white/fat male commercial: Does this ad seem a little awkward or weird to anyone else? https://…[View]
88188914OH MY GOD[View]
88151093>mentally ill on the show >mentally ill IRL like pottery…[View]
88186886Should I watch this: Should I watch this?[View]
88180710THE NEW TWIN PEAKS??[View]
88188946This was fucking terrible even for a superhero movie.[View]
88187856You're in charge of making a DMC movie. Who do you cast?[View]
88188432What makes a movie good? Great plot or great characters?[View]
88188760is 8 gunna be good[View]
88188754>drug dealers go to the middle of the desert to exchange money and drugs…[View]
88186417When and why did the dutch angle become so fucking popular?[View]
88188430The ending was foreshadowed in Season 2. A LOT.[View]
88187909That freaking t-mobile ad: It is in literally every commercial break right now. Surely there is a wa…[View]
88186986What is /tv/ opinion on Super Deluxe?[View]
8817905053 days till justice league[View]
88178381Star Trek Discovery Cast Takes a Knee in Premiere Night Protest: >http://ew.com/tv/2017/09/25/sta…[View]
88185992Kingsmen 2: The Golden Circle: Has there ever been a bigger fall in quality than this movie? >Fir…[View]
88185004There. You Bella Thorne fags can stop wondering when Amityville:The Awakening will be released in th…[View]
88184938What you think anon any truth to all this. http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/amp/news/harry-knowles-s…[View]
88188264>scifi space show >bridge is deep in the ship under layers of armor >consoles don't ex…[View]
88188061This movie opened my eyes. IM NEVER EATING MCDONALDS AGAIN!![View]
88188065Could he beat Pennywise in a fight?[View]
88187999Is there a reason why tall women are often overlooked in Hollywood?[View]
88152241>I didn't have to go easy on you. A different binding agent, a stronger mix... I want you to…[View]
88180201Mad Max thread: Is The Road Warrior a truly flawless film?[View]
88186000Why won't Hollywood cast older women in leading roles?[View]
88187952>RYAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNN What did Cyril mean by this?[View]
88186182What's his best movie?[View]
88187875What the FUCK was her problem?[View]
88173318Can you pinpoint the point where GoT went down the drain?[View]
88184444Re!under Joe is the best joker[View]
88186388Bobby-trapping dead bodies goes against the Geneva Convention. Are you telling me that the United Fe…[View]
88187740>Want to watch star trek discovery >Hoping this isn't built on propaganda and is actually…[View]
88187766was he a good father?[View]
88187749Was the latest Twin Peaks inspired by gondola? Evidence: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bVrMsKlZlcQ…[View]
88186114How long until there's a space drumpf episode? There has to be at least one this season[View]
88186483Curb Your Enthusiasm would be funnier if Larry David was a black jew[View]
88186607Dracula or any other Vampire: Reasons why people dont like books about vampires or Why people wouldn…[View]
88185561Who was the best character on L O S T and why was it Juliet?[View]
88185533Will it be kino?[View]
88185402This is how you do it, Jonah: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GrsJDy8VjZk[View]
88186008This movie started out decently, almost reminded me of Uncharted. HOWEVER, this must be one of the b…[View]
88185192Fuck Discovery, this is a real Klingon![View]
88185683MOI A DIPSHIT?[View]
88187433ONE. WHOLE. ROUND.[View]
88185914why didn't you visit me cooper?[View]
88186109dark kino movies?[View]
88185888>Protagonist has autism >Saves lifes >Nobody but few ones like it >Smells like Korean t…[View]
88186412Times you were literally the driver >11:30 at night >pull into a waffle house >pretty quiet…[View]
88184888>the antagonist wins[View]
88187271Over halfway done with the show. Will this guy ever have dialogue that's not perfect?[View]
88185557How much for the little girl[View]
88184947>Alimony ends next year. How did he survive bros? I haven't seen him in kinos in a very lon…[View]
88187236The broken are the more evolved[View]
88185635>he doesn't have a James Bond dvd suitcase What are you doing with your life?…[View]
88185700Derek should've never befriended that black guy. Even though he knew the neo-nazis in the priso…[View]
88184277name a better film[View]
88187121Henry IX: Anyone here watch this? What did you think? Personally i think it's a classic britbon…[View]
88185144>I'm bad like the movie Attack of the Clones What did he mean by this?…[View]
88184495Harry Knowles Sex-Assault Allegations Prompt Staff Exodus at Ain't It Cool News: >Ain't…[View]
88186915They killed my waifu Roxy, REEEEEEE: I'm fucking pissed, she was one of the best things in the …[View]
88186864How come we always get fuckin' ambush?[View]
88186749>star trek will now always be a SJW mess[View]
88185041>Hehe I'm le epic ringmaster *tips wigdora* What did Howard Stern mean by this?…[View]
88182134Hey gang! Let's cast Neuromancer!: I'm giddy with excited about the Neuromancer movie even…[View]
88186604Just saw this kino for the first time. What did the dreams mean? What did you guys think of it?[View]
88186264homere thread[View]
88185874Movies that you didn't understand/ enjoy when you first saw them/were younger, but really enjoy…[View]
88185681>get cucked by young handsome prince. wwyd???[View]
88184003How do you feel about Bojack Redditman?[View]
88186279Tropes you enjoy: >when the protagonist dies so he can reunite with his friends in heaven…[View]
88186212There is not a single movie from before 1975 worth watching. Stars Wars and Alien kick started the m…[View]
88185584Why can't they just use the wildfire against the White Walkers?[View]
88185978Ruby RoseGOD: >Keeps putting out Kino >Somehow only worth 2 million only What the fuck? explai…[View]
88186413ITT: Movies that couldn't be made now >Mel Brooks making fun of Kevin Costner's Robin H…[View]
88184759I was afraid the show was going to be full of SJW pandering, but it wasn't. It was just bad in …[View]
88182447Kino choice m8, kino choice.[View]
88186157Who was wrong /tv/? Protip: there is a right answer[View]
88182340I will tell you how he lived: movie scenes lefties and liberals will never understand[View]
88180187Any kinos similar to this game?[View]
88185957>tfw no FARC guerilla gf[View]
88186078I WANT MY, I WANT MY, I WANT MY OLD /tv/[View]
88175525Is this the best WW2 movie that has ever been made? Also, is there a more memorable Hitler than Brun…[View]
88185968Part 3 when? https://youtu.be/5eQKNYLptWk[View]
88183117So how come she succeeded at performing the Vulcan nerve pinch when she is just a human? I thought t…[View]
88184941Name a better new fall show Pro-tip: you can't[View]
88183676Cult of Chucky: It's out and it's bad, like really bad. Spoilers for those who might not w…[View]
88183623I just saw IT. This new Pennywise has to be the scariest movie monster I've seen in years. Lite…[View]
88157101>worst episode of the entire series >written by a man How will /tv/ react?…[View]
88179699That trailer was good[View]
88185545What will historical dramas set in our era be like?[View]
88183406ITT: Hollywood mysteries: Who killed Bob Crane?[View]
88178251It did fall... right?[View]
88184410/MAG/ - Method Actors General: >During the filming of Blade Runner 2049, Ford reportedly stayed i…[View]
88185549Which movie should I watch and why: Soylent Green or The Omega Man?[View]
88183433Its time for real bobby posting[View]
88185460Is there a 'Plinkett-esque' review of the mummy yet?[View]
88182358The Great Debate[View]
88177552Why do most modern people don't watch the classics: I am 18 and I grew up on the classics, but …[View]
88184211/trek/: TNG Season 1 is kino Edition[View]
88184777ST:D is great and you all know it. You can't deny it.[View]
88185353Movies with just one good scene?: The opening credits of XMEN ORIGINS: Wolverine (2009)[View]
88183964What the fuck is up with this show? It was decently enjoyable for a while, above average but not any…[View]
88184669See kinos in theaters all alone: Thanks to /g/ it is not possible to see any kino you want in an emp…[View]
88185283pure kino[View]
88184785Are decent spoof comedy movies dead?[View]
88180599It's a fidget spinner.[View]
88185091Is he /ourguy/?[View]
88179266>puts on hat >ominous music plays What did AHS: Cult™ mean by this?…[View]
88184879>n-no one goes to the movies anymore BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…[View]
88184614What did he mean by this?[View]
88184511>has been terrible since season 5 What went wrong?[View]
88183295What's your opinion of Gilbert Gottfried?[View]
88184703Harmon vs Roiland: A collision between this two is inevitable. Who has more leverage? Who will fire …[View]
88184950What did they mean by this?[View]
88180371Post a movie, and the poster above must watch it.[View]
88184908Would it have been better if the second season of the True Detective was directed by /ourguy/ Fukuna…[View]
88180925Name the biggest problem with superhero movies.[View]
88184901>Neo Star Wars vs Neo Star Trek Which is worst?[View]
88184893>Uhm, excuse me captain...[View]
88184864ITT we post /tv/ cringe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UvSsMp9nhfY[View]
88184861Give me some teenage nostalgia kino like Riverdale, /tv/: I cant wait untill 11 october. I just rewa…[View]
88171481Are QI and WILTY the best examples of long-running panel shows which have managed to maintain their …[View]
88184026Jaqen Season 8: Will Jaqen return in season 8? I hope so cause he has unfinished business with Arya.…[View]
88184686>it aint me doesn't start playing[View]
88184655Kingsman: The Secret Service: >'That technology has caught up with the spy world.' That line just…[View]
88183907You really do need to get into the mindset of a Redditor to understand why this show is so popular. …[View]
88183742Just Watched this: Can someone explain to me why this is so highly regarded? >Gal Gadot can'…[View]
88183048>operator kino >dilute it with sequel[View]
88184468>implying you can handle the truth[View]
88182712Will she get any more acting roles?[View]
88181240Endings That Make You Think: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PPSnuKVlJ9M >Amanda falls unconsciou…[View]
88182234Any one of you have movie themed fb covers?: >inb4 fuck off normie I'm looking for something…[View]
88172009>sound in tv show or movie sounds exactly like your door-bell[View]
88182784Why is there no western cartoon with One Piece-tier world building?[View]
88184299Why are the anti rick and morty people more annoying than the anti rick and morty people[View]
88181795WTF?... I love communism now![View]
88182869Incest Wincest: GOT made me develop an interest in incest themed tv shows and movies. Do you guys k…[View]
88179352>tfw you want to discuss a show on /tv/ but you haven't finished it yet so you have to worry…[View]
88183928>you just didn't pick up on the subtle, niche and nuanced humour kk lol…[View]
88183797>Saturday night, just finished watching another gripping, unique episode of a little piece of wor…[View]
88182903>People actually believed that the BBC would air a story about a woman lying about being raped Sa…[View]
88181962I need a list of /ourguys/[View]
88183410Did this crazy Jew just make the most xenophobic movie of the year? Where's the liberal outrage…[View]
88181610What is /tv/'s opinion on this back in high school this was a must watch whenever it was on and…[View]
88175863Yes well done harry well done HOWEVER[View]
88183524Home Alone is basically Die Hard for kids.[View]
88179425/trek/: who will be the Spot and Data on STD? edition[View]
88183899Is /tv/ looking forward to Woody Allen's new movie?[View]
88183178Comfy: /comfy/kino >Post that comfy shit[View]
88179197is he right ?[View]
88183599Why hasn't there been a good version of this yet?[View]
88180337Lying in a hotel room with laptop on my belly. Recommend me a decent tv-show to watch, because it…[View]
88181712Who will play him in the inevitable biopic?[View]
88183288Is this the most testosterone filled moment in capekino history?[View]
88183243What is this haircut called?[View]
88183550Thoughts on this kino?[View]
88183621Alright?: New sitcom and that. http://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/tv/news/karl-pilkingt…[View]
88183549Will any film ever be able to top this absolute kino?[View]
88179763>if the movie is popular then it means it's shit Do you enjoy being a contrarian?…[View]
88180213Top 10 Films and Top 5 Shows: Remember to rate and give recs: Film: >Nostos: The Return >Twin …[View]
88180784Who was in the wrong here?[View]
88183399Why does Hollywood keep pushing her so much?[View]
88183396>Hi I'm Preston and this is the Sweatsuit Cocktail[View]
88180207has reddit gone too far?[View]
88178688https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S_9OSktlm6s >Maze Runner: The Death Cure official trailer Thought…[View]
88183217So this was her clone right?[View]
88183301do people really watch anime on netflix[View]
88181450DeadPool (2016) (1080p) Live Twitch Stream (Starts in 5mins): twitch tv/aaustinsellerss[View]
88183039>am I evil? >worse, you're smart When did you realize that Rick and Morty was the deepest…[View]
88181751>the worst episodes of rick and morty this season were written by women D-Did I just get redpille…[View]
88178389How will they brand this when the 'kids' are in their mid/late teens during season 4 or 5?[View]
88183149Template thread: Rate, hate whatever[View]
88178945Josh Duhamel & Tyrese Gibson In Talks For TRANSFORMERS 6: With Marky Mark gone, it's finall…[View]
88182195Hello beautiful[View]
88182039>'Jane Goodall had to go to Africa to study apes, I just had to go to dinner' BASED Who else read…[View]
88181986TARS, set motivation to 100%. Don't do anything. :-)[View]
88176346>1,180 days until Avatar 2[View]
88183046What's the best HBO movie?[View]
88181732this was boring was fuck and is in fact pretty bad good things about this are Saavik and clingon lan…[View]
88179362Best Rocky Movie: Btw Rocky thread[View]
88182776Who's a Bob burgers watcher ?[View]
88182592Why do people put themselves through this?[View]
88182351This and Family guy were the same show without being the same. How do you achive this?[View]
88182842Man, I'm so nervous. First and second grade were easy...but social studies, division? This is g…[View]
88181810Channel Chriswell: is there any other film yt channel that can compete? His video on Lars Von Trier …[View]
88182746Is this worth buying?[View]
88180364How does he shave?[View]
88182716Amelie: What do you think about pic related?[View]
88179625THE COMMUTER Official Trailer #1: Liam is at it again! >Businessman Michael Woolrich (Liam Neeson…[View]
88167091/who/ - Doctor Who General: Cheap edition. PREVIOUSLY... >>88148600[View]
88181220>Oh shit klingons >if we don't kill them first we die Nah we good but you mutiny so priso…[View]
88181970Luke did I ever tell you about laser gates? Laser gates, also known as electron walls, were designed…[View]
88175532Ed Skrein in Battle Angel Alita: Get your crab legs ready. Battle Angel Alita, based on the Japanese…[View]
88182294>ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Was this unironically Matthew McConaughey's best per…[View]
88178336>You have an ax. Just a cheap one, from Home Depot. On one bitter winter day, you use said ax to …[View]
88178377Is Rachel a bitch?[View]
88181793What emotion is this actress attempting to convey with this expression?[View]
88179884what ever happened to him?[View]
88182122ITT: The worst Star Trek captain of all time: What the fuck were they thinking? Every line she deliv…[View]
88180192Did John Denver die again?: Logan Lucky, Alien: Covenant, and Kingsmen: Golden Circle all include th…[View]
88181593Does anyone remember this show?[View]
88176927What does /tv think of The Ninth Gate? I was liking it until it turned into a parady of Satanism at …[View]
88182076is /tv/ hyped for ISIS-kino?[View]
88182161wow what a fucking hypocrite it was bad enough with blondie green fucker coming up with bullshit arg…[View]
88181105Who is the Steve Jobs of tv and movies?[View]
88182196>be me >none of your fucking business how old I am >fucking normie nigger faggots all talki…[View]
88182068>it's a Todd episode *skips*[View]
88176702Saw the first episode. A little slow, and simple - but it has good bones. Long show though, and my f…[View]
88180893>You humans are sooo interesting! What the fuck did he mean by this?[View]
88182110This movie was good and all but what repulsed me is the vulgar mouths of the kids and the subtle sex…[View]
88174146>modern horror movie >door shuts violently >woman gets dragged by her feet by invisible for…[View]
88167325/got/ general: previous >>88155457[View]
88182032screw homework screw heath and screw life: going to watch scarface for the first time why? Because I…[View]
88180559ummmm guys? Is he going to be okay? https://youtu.be/ICPGhxjW3fw[View]
88181819Sucker Punch: How can a movie be so bad yet whenever I see it playing on my on-screen channel guide …[View]
88180665Are we living in the world war cinematic universe?[View]
88170701>trick americans into watching this expecting a shitty thriller >it's a mockery of their …[View]
88176080What the fuck did they do to Klingons on this show?[View]
88181837*trembles your girlhood*[View]
88161953Do you think we'll get an extended cut on the blu-ray?[View]
88179959DeadPool (2016) (1080p) Live Twitch Stream (Starts in 5mins): ill be streaming new movies 24/7 on my…[View]
88181691I know leftovers and top of the lake. What are some other wacky tv shows?[View]
88181704>and I'm Thai-curious What did she mean by this?[View]
88181517Why do you guys hate John Boyega?: I thought he was great in Straight Outta Compton[View]
88180136Everything that happened in the last 4 movies - it was all me. Remember that when you watch them.[View]
88178684Mixed feelings, then this comes up. I'm sold.[View]
88174850>You will never save the world and stick it in her bum[View]
88180087is he the greatest black director of our time?[View]
88181376Redpill movies[View]
88180091What went wrong?[View]
88178143ITT: Childhood nightmares I used to be terrfieid of this little fucker. I went to the cinema with my…[View]
88181202>That time you got a 'click until all signs are gone' captcha? >ME JAMES…[View]
88181075Are these people mentally ill in a way?: For the past few years there's a new fad being pushed …[View]
88181157>tfw kickstarter tv cured my autism thanks cody[View]
88179351Star Trek Discovery is actually great. It could use less lense flares, but that's pretty much a…[View]
88177167What is the best piracy/seafaring adventure kino[View]
88180139>57 years old.[View]
88179887BITCHES, COME![View]
88158780>we need a gun for the main villain[View]
88180022What's the best 'Nam film ever made?[View]
88179280Is it about infidelity? >A man with two women in his life >they talk about discovering some hi…[View]
88178719What the fuck is this shit?[View]
88179079>Sometimes I like to tease my plants when I water them. I water them with ice cubes…[View]
88178341'Worse, you're smart': Fuck, I physically cringed. The nihilistic rant after didn't help.…[View]
88180898The movie is happenning: Cast them[View]
88178448I just saw The Last Jedi, AMA. I managed to take only one pic with my phone, as they were extremely …[View]
88180326The IT Leaks: Anyone got through the whole leak? Want to watch it with my friends for some box-offic…[View]
88180631what was the point of this scene? didnt advance the story at all[View]
88180792>Dude Dutch Angles LMAO! >WTF I love Dutch Angles now!…[View]
88175363What are some movies about obesity?[View]
88178699How did this go from a dick joke to modern day Oedipus Rex?[View]
88180616SELF-SABOTAGING MOVIES AND SHOWS: This is a thread about shows and movies that torpedo themselves ne…[View]
88179375I don't get the appeal of this franchise. Yes, TOS was iconic and explored great concepts and w…[View]
88179575thinking about turning this comic into a famous cartoon series would you watch?[View]
88178834>he's a genius! his mind works on a different level! >images of classical art, equations,…[View]
88179537ITT: Token blacks: Characters with zero character development, simply added because they needed a bl…[View]
88179983ITT: Comfy Actors: Post one comfier[View]
88179734>Read about Korgoth of Barbaria >People go on and on about how 'it's a shame it was never…[View]
88180367>ywn protect her from demons by fucking her[View]
88171367TV's First Trans Full-Frontal Nude Scene...: http://archive.fo/2017.09.25-151419/http://www.the…[View]
88179930>Tommy removed his sunglasses and glanced back at me. He had tears in his eyes. He smiled, nodded…[View]
88180303why didnt they use consentient terminally ill people instead of homeless kids?[View]
88179877>there are people posting on /tv/ right now who think capesh*t films are actually good…[View]
88180249A friend recommended this to me, but it just looks like more awful super hero capeshit with numale s…[View]
88180191Screenshot for the next episode with subtitles, thought?[View]
88177181Why are there not more adult-oriented animated films being made (besides the obvious reason of money…[View]
88179297recommend me a movie like scarface, with drug cartels, shootings, drugs etc[View]
88179943Halloween Pussy Trap Kill Kill! (2017): Looks like Halloween-kino is back on the menu bois >Richa…[View]
88179199>its fun, just turn your brain off[View]
88180065Dinner With Don: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ApykXbZSpg&index=1&list=PLXQ-JEOv9JjEYcx-6…[View]
88178984only smartys like me can uderstand the comblexxitys of Rick and Mordy[View]
88177531Why do you think he said The Jeremy Kyle Show was kino? Because he was telling the truth.[View]
88177708Next season when?[View]
88179393I feel this guy exists just to fill the role of 'inoffensive director that normies can name' like Sp…[View]
88177671Cinegrid thread: It's been a while since we had one of this.[View]
88179965Imagine a backstory for these two.[View]
88178548Movies that fucked up your sexual development? RotLD pt. 3 for me. Saw it when I was younger, and no…[View]
88179846I just saw IT. This new Pennywise has to be the scariest movie monster I've seen in years. Lite…[View]
88179021Childhood is idolising Kenny Adulthood is realizing Spenny made more sense[View]
88179268Queen of /tv/: Hey /tv/, /a/ here. Just wanted to let you guys know you are kawaii as fuck right now…[View]
88179484So this is what happens when you joing team dc? Sign me up![View]
88178416Who's ready for this movie? Supposed to be A LOT better than Seed of Chucky and Curse of Chucky…[View]
88179689What the fuck was his problem?[View]
88178065ITT: Movies where it feels like there’s a whole act missing.[View]
88175323what was his fucking problem?[View]
8817949310/10 documentaries: Post them[View]
88178551Going to watch Star Wars for the first time. Release order or chronological story order? Should I sk…[View]
88179432Is Fear the Walking Dead worth getting into?[View]
88176951So Whiskey was a Ted Cruz analogue, right?: Good casting imo[View]
88172935What does /tv/ think of this guy?[View]
88179390>OOOOH Who was in the wrong here?[View]
88179139BASED MOVIEBOB LOVES STAR TREK DISCOVERY: Fucking apologise right now /tv/! https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
88178032was this episode 'too much'?[View]
88173348/trek/ I'm in Starfleet now Mr. Donaghy edition[View]
88177742Why do people hate this again?: I just can't see why people don't like this show. It'…[View]
88176962You have ten seconds to explain why you haven't joined the D-VHS master race yet. https://yout…[View]
88179170What does /tv/ think of the IMDB top 250? http://www.imdb.com/chart/top[View]
88179063Rescue Dawn is a shit: I am pretty sure Wes Anderson could have made a Vietnam film with more genuin…[View]
88176686What does /tv/ think of the Eric Andre show[View]
88173903Hi /tv/, do you know some insane, fast paced and over-the-top action movies ? I saw many action mov…[View]
88179064Why dose Hollywood not make adult animated movies?[View]
88178823Consider this your final warning.[View]
88175919Is this the most intelligent man on television?[View]
88178855Is she the new Grace Kelly?[View]
88172525The Orville: So it's pretty apparent at this point that the critics had it out for this show fr…[View]
88171929>$20 for a VHS JUST[View]
88173435Show me a better Batman movie. protip: you can't .[View]
88178191TVs of /tv/: Sleepy Afternoons Edition[View]
88177775The Martian aka The Redditor: What did they mean by this?[View]
88176731ITT: times you acted like the Blade Runner 2049? (pic not related) captcha: I'm not a robot…[View]
88177381What happened to Josie?[View]
88177334Be honest with me, this is a masterpiece[View]
88177804Do you think he could still make a good movie or is he all washed up ?[View]
88178570What's your favorite documentary?[View]
88178615Just watched this kino: Another Kino animated adult movies?[View]
88175811The Vietnam War: holy shit this guy[View]
88174939Is redditlettermemeia right, is It too reliant on jumpscares?[View]
88173370say that again[View]
88178166ITT: villains who did nothing wrong[View]
88178497Harry Knowles Denies Former Alamo Drafthouse Worker’s Claims of Sexual Assault: >Ain’t It Cool Ne…[View]
88176906What's my name, /tv/?[View]
88170465Rick and Morty: >the best cartoon of the last ten years >maybe one of the best ever made in Am…[View]
88174267Movies women literally will never understand[View]
88162772>Hi I'm Jonny Knoxville, and this is Golf Course Airhorn[View]
88171819So don't American cars need to have headrests? What if someone rear ends you?[View]
881666492049: Will you go see it?[View]
88171187Are you ready for /fit/kino?[View]
88170745Manic Pixie dream girl exists solely in the fevered imaginations of sensitive writer-directors to te…[View]
88177756>Captain, did I ever tell you about my sister, Michael Burnham? She once encountered a massive Kl…[View]
88178215Was it kino?[View]
88173377*ruins your childhood*[View]
88177925What did they mean by this ?[View]
88178058'It' discussion thread.: Watch 'It' Chrissy.[View]
88177949Dormammu, I've come to quip[View]
88176946>'Am I evil?' >'wurse, ur smahrth' what did he mean by this?…[View]
88175450why is no one watching this absolute kino?[View]
88173216>We live inside a dream what the FUCK did he mean by this?[View]
88177199This is a no singles area sir.[View]
88174161>youre a really creepy dude /tv/[View]
88176593lost highway: Did I just get LYNCHED?[View]
88177905>watch a movie >look up '[movie] explained' on YouTube…[View]
88157690>'Am I evil?' >'Worse, you're smart.' Are you fucking kidding me?…[View]
88177336talk about this show[View]
88177800>we can't talk until she starts moving again[View]
88177634what are some kino game shows?[View]
88175901Movies Endings that turn a film from being boring/bad to kino![View]
88177470Why is there a nigger there? What character is it supposed to be?[View]
88177561To me this movie is the most Kino. Am I a pleb?[View]
88177291shit. just. got. real.[View]
88176244looks like retard exploitation kino is back on the menu boys https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f4BSWA7…[View]
88177680So who shot at him at the end? Also, >staying friends with all those assholes…[View]
88177643Food/exercises documentry: Any good nutrition/exercise documentry out there? I don't know shit …[View]
88176213>perfect tv couples don't exis-[View]
88165175Thoughts? Pretty high rating on imdb.[View]
88169929Where's the Nirvana/Kurt Cobain Biopic?[View]
88175427name a better black mirror episode: pro tip: you cant.[View]
88177513>Rapes your childhood self. It's pedophilia![View]
88177465I just saw IT. This new Pennywise has to be the scariest movie monster I've seen in years. Lite…[View]
88177085Why did DC shoot their selves in the foot by making this trash?: This was the beginning of the end f…[View]
88176726characters that did a lot of things wrong[View]
88177179season 8 from game of thrones is the only thing that motivates me to keep my job , i want to afford …[View]
88176780Crimson Tide: Was it subkino?[View]
88168332Discovery lovers get in here: I might be in the minority in the contrarian-filled shithole that is /…[View]
88175701I genuinely want to thank /tv/ for recommending this to me, I think it's one of the best shows …[View]
88171016This movie any good?[View]
88171737So why does /tv/ want this film to fail so much? Literally 90% of you say/want it to be shit.[View]
88174964I thought this was gonna be dog shit because I don't like Family Guy that much but I just watch…[View]
88176482Deleted scenes you wish they had kept in thread. Love the dialogue in this one: >You want door fi…[View]
88177027Can someone please explain what the hell happened in the Resident Evil movie saga? I've watched…[View]
88176928NASA - STOP TELLING PORKIES!: https://youtu.be/ffYtATv5MCI[View]
88176676'IT' 2017 Twitch Stream (starts in 5 mins): i'll be live streaming movies 24/7 stop by and enjo…[View]
88176885What are some films about being the most powerful sex?[View]
88176808OH, MR. JEFFRIES![View]
88175730Why don't you support the Klingons? All they want to do is MAGA and throw off the sneaky influe…[View]
88174507help out a fellow film student /tv/: give me some kino ideas about suicide and depression for a shor…[View]
88176890Google celebrity has beens Post yfw you see the first image.[View]
88174985>Dad 50 >Mom almost 40 >Smoked during pregnancy >Other child had cerebral palsy How do y…[View]
88173414Kathleen Kennedy appreciation thread: I don't get why you hate her. She produced most of your f…[View]
88170474ITT: people who objectively did nothing wrong[View]
88176724S I M O N K I N O why there is no thread?[View]
88176738Just got into this new season of American Horror Story™. What does /tv/ think of it so far? Some of …[View]
88176768Are you ready for the second season?[View]
88175262>The gimmick as a form that simultaneously repels and attracts us TV show gimmicks give rise to a…[View]
88166508Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End.: How did they make such a fantastic opening for an otherwis…[View]
88175221Anybody watched this? Pilot was pretty good, though i get the feeling it would work better in 40-som…[View]
88175962>Two villains talking to each-other >'Soon we shall take back what is rightfully ours!' >'Y…[View]
88176626Have you checked today, /tv/?[View]
88176624This movie opened my eyes: I will never watch movies or tv agin[View]
88174633Best show on Netflix[View]
88174773>Eggsy looks 24 at most >All the women he goes after look 50+ What the fuck?…[View]
88174856Masked Drivers: Can anyone recommend me movies about masked drivers, so far I have: All the Death Ra…[View]
88171341Jim Carrey, the Ascended: Our favorite kook has given an interview about his painting and recent run…[View]
88173636>Go Your Own Way starts playing What other cliche songs do you actually like hearing in movies?…[View]
88175358what was your favorite episode?[View]
88175163he didn't deserve it ;_;[View]
88140632Legit the worst movie I've ever seen.: Took me days to get through it. I had to keep stopping t…[View]
88175153he could've stopped 9/11[View]
88172787>Past a certain age, a man without a family, can be a bad thing is he right?…[View]
88175921Why don't y'all ever talk about Transparent? Pure LGBT kino[View]
88171458South Park S21E03 'Holiday Special: >SOUTH PARK >TITLE: HOLIDAY SPECIAL >Episode #2103 Air …[View]
88176035'Next X' Actors That Fizzled Out: >The next Gary Oldman.[View]
88175822what is the point of the rows closest to the screen?[View]
88175899Popeye (1980): This movie sucks. Which is a shame, because you can see it had potential to be someth…[View]
88174004Why are we supposed to hate him?[View]
88173828Realistically, who could play him? Faggots chimped out when a white man was cast as white MJ, so wha…[View]
88175225Bow to your sensei. BOW TO YOUR SENSEI!!! [View]
88175758why are australian so based? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GdMB9ycYt-I[View]
88174032The Scariest Thing About ‘It’ Is The Misogyny: The narrative arc of Beverly Marsh surfaces tired, an…[View]
88174791Black Mirror: what do you guys think about this show?[View]
88175214>'i'm evil!' >'worst, you're smart!'…[View]
88175590Rick and Morty: Is Rick and Morty the defining cultural item of our zeitgeist? I dare say I believe …[View]
88174160Someone release the damn torrent before i piss myself. I need to rewatch it.[View]
88158283>character gets knocked unconscious from one punch to the face[View]
88165002was she a Mary Sue /tv/?[View]
88174926Was it autism?[View]
88175245Do you ever wonder what he saw, that made him make that face? Stay tuned....[View]
88175334'Frankly, my dear, I don't give a fucking shit bitch cunt' . How did they get away with this?[View]
88173769we cun destroi dem wiv fayre an we cun destroi dem wif drugun gluss[View]
88175103We let down /our guy/ Jonah[View]
88172389Post shows where an uncouth populist candidate runs on security against a corrupt establishment and …[View]
88175325>le edgy counter culture guy[View]
88174517TRAB PU KCIP[View]
88172971Twin Peaks: >enjoyed seasons 1 and 2 and the (faneditted) movie >couldn't enjoy season 3 …[View]
88175174>mfw 90% of this board have not seen Deliverance[View]
88173730Holy fuck I'm so bored. I hope it's not some stupid shit like last time.[View]
88151691>It's a /tv/ being wrong again episode[View]
88173150ITT: We post our favourite films, most overrated films, and then rate other Anons: My favourites: Ch…[View]
88173397that's a cute outfit[View]
88171345GODDAMN IT CHLOE, GIVE ME THE 24 thread >best season >best waifu >best sidekick…[View]
88173413New movie idea: Two friends growing up together have always been close, until one day, one of the fr…[View]
88168983Were the Klingons meant to be a metaphor for Muslims, and Starfleet a metaphor for the West? 1. The …[View]
88173991Recommend similar movies to Dark City[View]
88174016what the hell was he running from?[View]
88165388Got an >>88165388 res at Dubsia tonight GREAT sea urchin ceviche[View]
88173853>oh, there's sneed now. >watching me…[View]
88174687Alpha Racist: So if Jerry is a beta racist who can't admit his own racism and Rick is guilty of…[View]
88173317Can we all agree on this?[View]
88174712Whats next for it?: This reality star had the following BLACKED >ex wife. Daughter. 3 Granddaught…[View]
88174711JUPITERS: COCK[View]
88163487Is this actually good or just proto tumblrella: the show?[View]
88169753Do you know she's just another edgy tumblr girl and she's meant to say dumb shit in the se…[View]
88172797Would you now say this is the Most Popular Cartoon on the planet? Heck, there's even a Japanese…[View]
88170132>R&M is the most intelligent cartoon to com-- Ahem[View]
88171919https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ndKTnDwBIG8: >Based Bob loves Discovery Apologise /tv/…[View]
88171204Band of Brothers: Just finished watching this masterpiece, god damn I didn't think it was possi…[View]
88168072About to marathon this kino, what will I think of it?[View]
88174203would watch this on tv: New, beginner, yet improving channel on Youtube, makes fan-made documentarie…[View]
88167618>parents watch rick and morty >mom spouts lines from the show in public >random people laug…[View]
88169854Are they seriously going to use Jones as the villain for a third movie?[View]
88172574Why did they have to make the Klingons black?[View]
88166715Country roads, take me home to the place I belong. West Virginia, mountain mamma, take me home, coun…[View]
88173007What are some good films without visuals?[View]
88173600I wanna punch every single asshole who hated this movie when it first came out I feel the same thing…[View]
88173367I just saw IT. This new Pennywise has to be the scariest movie monster I've seen in years. Lite…[View]
88169437why was Jonathan brandis sleep deprived[View]
88173935>implying mother! wasn't actually about father who was trying to hold onto his worshipers…[View]
88173880The Man In The High Castle: I know it's Hitler, but I couldn't help getting a bit teary ey…[View]
88173802>same writer director of Nightcrawler I have a feeling this will be kino even though early critic…[View]
88169991he just breakin' bols /tv/.. what's right is right. fuckin'-a.[View]
88171334Non-Trekkie casual here: Am I the only one on this board who liked the premiere? Granted, I’ve only …[View]
88170784ITT Hipster garbage[View]
88168237what does c3po have that jar jar binks doesn't? why do people prefer him? is it millenial nosta…[View]
88172565Just watched it and I have to say, I'm glad I fell for the meme. The tension was palpable throu…[View]
88171772What do you think about Bob 'Moviebob' Chipman's body of work and film criticism?[View]
88173581And shipping is always free![View]
88171473This movie opened my eyes. I'm never eating at McDonald's again.[View]
88172814Did you prefer the original animated adaptation of the Lorax or the one with Taylor Swift?[View]
88163941What are your opinions on film writer and director Mike Landis?[View]
88172910Any /lovecraftian/ men in?[View]
88168626>tfw there will never be another show like the Fresh Prince of Bel Air[View]
88171160This was fucking garbage. Do people seriously enjoy this for anything else aside from the visuals?[View]
88173136How did they get away with this?[View]
88171507REALLY! makes you think.[View]
88173289https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lP4Psj7d1ZI ITT: 2000's Classics Movies that defined one genera…[View]
88170478/trek/: Riker edition Previously: >>88165192[View]
88172764>Now you don't want to mix up all your paints cause then you'll be a mudmixer, and you …[View]
88173197What happened to this show? FOX aired a show in 1990 called BABES about 3 obese raunchy women[View]
88173069the butt is a nut BAHAHAHAHAHA[View]
88163166Can we all agree that the attempt of a sci-fi renaissance was a complete letdown? >Gravity >ne…[View]
88170028Will we ever get a video recording of the original off-broadway production?[View]
88165429What the fuck happened to her?[View]
88172917why is he such a prick?[View]
88170676Isabella Moner: What does /tv/ think about this young prospect?[View]
88165819>talks constantly about brave hippies in the US ;_; Fuck off.[View]
88154836Whose the best charc in bojack and why is it mr peanutbutter?[View]
88168212How does she manage to be so unlikeable?[View]
88170869He literally did nothing wrong. Why did he have to die?[View]
88156139ITT: genuinely sympathetic villain: I have yet to see a flaw in his motivation[View]
88172809> YEEEAHHHH > NOOOOOOO who was in the right here? And who will star in the inevitable biopic? …[View]
88172507What was this ending shot trying to convey?[View]
88167571what are your top films of 2017 so far?[View]
88172801Secret Agent Man: One of the worse espionage shows out there. It concerns an almost cartoonish spy a…[View]
88172578Where do I get a HD rip of Garth Marenghi's Darkplace?[View]
88172143Drink everytime the ghost is shown standing or walking next to a window.[View]
88169999>over 1 billion at the box office on an 80m budget We're fucked, aren't we?…[View]
88126671Dead Careers General 2[View]
88172244Westu hál. Ferðu, Théodred, Ferðu[View]
88169791So who's gonna go see it tomorrow?[View]
88172612Call number in pic related (the number still works and the business is still there) quote lines from…[View]
88172403>he doesn't rip blu rays himself but torrents someone else' compressed garbage…[View]
88172530Characters who should've walked away: I wanted de Niro's character to just fly off with hi…[View]
88172336Is Dougie Jones the best character arc of all time?[View]
88168790ST:D Jesus fuck..: ... why did they make her so unlikable again?[View]
88165708>tfw the villain is right[View]
88168540>If you put on Wizard of Oz and Dark Side of the Moon at the same time it will sync up! Why do pe…[View]
88171202Mr. Plinkett's review exposing the hackery that is The Force Awakens when?[View]
88172233>It's a 'Robert knows you caused Randalf's death and refuses to look you into your eye'…[View]
88169846>tfw you grow up to be Squidward[View]
88170196'Reports a new star in the sky' No you knock off Christmas elf you do not see a new star in the sky…[View]
88163734>blankly reads lines[View]
88169065Yes, yes well done Slytherin, well done Slytherin HOWEVER[View]
88168034Chuck started 10 years ago...[View]
88171247i don't think i could ever go back to one these. I realize how superior a wide screen televisio…[View]
88170436ST:D - They actually did it: ... they actually did it boys[View]
88169166Who was in the wrong here?[View]
88164023Best movie of this decade[View]
88170995>sentenced to 21 months for talking to underage girls Follow-up movie when?…[View]
88167983What is next for her career?[View]
88170717Pseudo Reddit intellectuals will not understand this show: Doesn't need to resort to lazy funny…[View]
88168400Six Feet Under: I thought it was kino.[View]
88171025this motherfucker was the funniest part of kingsman 2. would've been a chuckle-worthy throwaway…[View]
88171774ITT Movie lines that are SURE to get you LAID: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a1GA4qcbwjI…[View]
88161105so why wasn't he there when tommy lee jones opened the door he was standing there[View]
88168238Ben Affleck is a 'Belittling, Annoying, Out of Shape Creep' Says Justice League Crew: >A source r…[View]
88171690this guy tells you to shine his shoes, what do?[View]
88163485Biopics That Should Be Made: Who deserves a major biopic that either doesn't yet have one, only…[View]
88171597>me on the left[View]
88171568>Entire movie length sub-plot revolves around guy winning over his crush and he wins her over by …[View]
88168848Sanjuro/Yojimbo. Did you like, which did you prefer.[View]
88171252So I just bought this literal kino. Have you bought any kino lately?[View]
88168523GAMBIT Plot Details: From Josh Zetumer's first draft of the script. >Remy 'Gambit' LeBeau (C…[View]
88168910She seems quite versatile; what are some of your favorite BDH flicks?[View]
88159411Is he playing a character? Filthy frank (Joji) even called him out and said he doesn't actually…[View]
88169495Wow, nice day to you too, dick[View]
88171440Is this movie worth buying?[View]
88171308Is Jared Leto /ourguy/? http://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/films/news/blade-runner-2049…[View]
88163139>20 mins of 'self aware' jokes and commentary on society There have been some garbage e…[View]
88155290well that episode sucked ass[View]
88160854Jim Norton has fucking lost it lads.[View]
88161139>just watched episode 3 >trans trans trans >trans trans trans >trans trans trans >bla…[View]
88169878Have you ever got a /tv/ haircut?[View]
88168892Neon Demon IRL: Welp, this is pretty unsettling http://www.foxnews.com/us/2017/09/24/murdered-model-…[View]
88168804h-he dead? ;_;[View]
88163012Seasons 1-3 of Family guy were actually kinda good, despite the bad rap the show gets as a whole, be…[View]
88168590What is your all time favorite movie /tv/? If you could only watch one film for eternity.[View]
88164171Is this early 2000s kino?[View]
88170666not evil, just 2Smart: I think rick invented the portal gun so he would never lose those he loved. H…[View]
88170619I honestly don't understand the hate for this movie. I thought it was pretty decent. There are…[View]
88162707Cathy looks like that actress from IT, don't you think?[View]
88170507What was this bitches fucking problem? Also can anyone tell me how the movie ends. I could only watc…[View]
88167127Boring movies.[View]
88170560What are some good films about justice?[View]
88169568>oh mister Homer, anything for a cuckolded boob! What did Apu mean by this?…[View]
88168317He did nothing wrong. Nothing.[View]
88170503I should probably go to /requests/, but can anyone give me the name of the show that looked like 6te…[View]
88165455I can usually get past my casual Racism and Sexism and still find a way to enjoy most Trek's No…[View]
88165147I waited 10 years for a bio shock film and this is what I got REEEEEEEEEEEEEEE[View]
88166832/sneed/ - Chuck general: There, I made you a general you fucking annoying bastards. Now you don…[View]
88165192/trek/: Garak edition previously: >>88160199[View]
88170185Why didn't Claire just shoot Peter? Wouldn't he have regenerated?[View]
88170086What went wrong, /tv/?[View]
88170109Just marathoned the first two episodes what did i think of it? It's shit. Reasons why it's…[View]
88169589Do you agree with these scores?[View]
88161484>cries and collapses from pressure while his friend is getting killed in front of him >10 min …[View]
88134788ITT: actual lovecraftian movies[View]
88169590>cant act for shit >Writes shitty referential humor shows >Somehow makes a better Star Tre…[View]
88169634The Ballad Of Clarence Bodicker: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LtKNGfHAUKM[View]
88161092I watched the first three episodes of this and I have one question: Did this ever get better, or is …[View]
88168735Itt: good movies with shitty protagonists[View]
88168285Just finished watching Star Trek Discovery and it's good. It's really good. Why did you li…[View]
88166464STAN MARSH...[View]
88166659>my reaction when Rick and Morty season 3 ends this week How are we going to survive the off-seas…[View]
88169655What the fuck is 'mahtoo'?[View]
88169684A Celebration: Anyone else looking forward to Season 4?[View]
88169465Movies where a pixie fully tatted girl gets saved by a guy[View]
88165707>o-our show will totally not be about Trump >w-we're not like all the other shows >w-w…[View]
88169227What happened?[View]
88165826About to start getting into Game of Thrones. I got season 1 all set up. What am I in for? No spoiler…[View]
88166947I doubt anyone hear reads Nu Wars Star Wars books but I may as well ask: is this book about Phasma w…[View]
88167527What is that makes Loki so sympathetic to audiences and makes them like him far more than Thor?[View]
88169297do you ever cosplay as /tv/ characters? pic related: me cosplaying as the Simple Ricks owner Rick[View]
88166161What the fuck was his problem?[View]
88150088continuation of the 'Post legit 10/10 episodes. Any show.' thread idk i was just enjoying …[View]
88119433SUPERNATURAL THREAD Catching up on the show right now before season 13. Season 12 has been pretty gr…[View]
88169216Will it be kino?[View]
88169241It insists upon itself[View]
88169096Phantom Thread: New PTA film plot rumour. DDL plays a pretty misogynist fashion designer who meets a…[View]
88168585The broken are the more evolved[View]
88167189STREAMING NEW MOVIES 24/7 'ANNABELLE' 2017 starting in 5 mins.: check out my twitch below[View]
88167633>worked in a kino this summer >tried to make a thread about it but I was banned >forgot all…[View]
88167680>puts on MAGA hat out of nowhere >ominous music plays I actually have an 'ominous music' sound…[View]
88148412Married... With Children: Why do you guys never discuss this? Ten threads a day about friends, but m…[View]
88168979Decided that I can't wait another week to start watching Halloween kino. So Halloween thread. …[View]
88155802>no Monster Madness this year we're fucked, boys[View]
88163031so, Jerry...: Am I supposed to like him or hate him?[View]
88165687giv good film 2 watch[View]
88165034Is this film truly indicative of American culture in the 80's?[View]
88165036It's about time someone addressed all the refugee women.[View]
88168468>so that's that then, we finally found Stephen King's It[View]
88168146Who was in the wrong here?[View]
88148200>tfw no new Orville episode this Sunday Why even live bros?[View]
88154940How can people not understand what this films about? Are they just really stupid?[View]
88165905Thoughts so far? Next to no difference from former presenters, except Noel Fieldings awful awful for…[View]
88165017Sarek: 'You have to keep firing on Klingons until they're ready to talk': Wait, so did the Vulc…[View]
88166380what was his tax policy?[View]
88168342How's her pussy by the way?[View]
88168302So, uh, earlier today...[View]
88162481Can I go now? Are we done now? Ugh.[View]
88149450How would you make Chapter 2 work? I'll start >No one in the group has fucking amnesia…[View]
88166776Why were kids cartoons so rapey?[View]
88168206How is this not a TV show yet?[View]
88164931Is this lizard fella, dare I say, /ourguy/?[View]
88168042>Heeey Tommy, how's the sun tan?[View]
88165302>Micheal screams for Walt >jack asks for unity >sayeed tries to get a signal >cowboy man…[View]
88167869What did Reddit mean by this?[View]
88161390The time has come for true bobby posting[View]
88164154>a soundtrack so bad it ruins the entire show[View]
88164178She left, didn't she?: Now whenever we see her, it's just the clone.[View]
88165950is this the best sit com ever? the first two seasons are meh but then it becomes hilarious[View]
88163607when is this movie out anons i cant find it anywhere?[View]
88167051What does this say over the state of TV when some cuck get's an emmy?[View]
88164778Name for a more repugnant talk show host[View]
88165578Star Trek TV and fan web series compared: Listed in order of rating (an average of fan ratings on me…[View]
88166034Could a woman understand this tv kino?[View]
88167190>ywn be paid to go on cool road trips with your bros: Top Gear / Grand Tour thread?[View]
88166816what the fuck did I just watch? Oo[View]
88165435series suggestions: been watching this for the last few days suggestion for shows of characters u ge…[View]
88155457/got/ general POST THE DAMN S8 LEAKS BEFORE I PISS MYSELF edition: Prev. >>88150348[View]
88166303What's next for this Hollywood star?: >NEET pays $20,000 a month child support >will soon…[View]
88166840What is the Mouth Sounds, Mouth Silence, and Mouth Moods of television and film?[View]
88156836Can anyone imagine not having sex for 40 days?[View]
88162096Beats Civil War, Spider-Man, Guardians of the Galaxy II, and Batman vs Superman at the domestic box …[View]
88166061Should I give Mad Men a try? http://www.strawpoll.me/14006618[View]
88166220how was season 3 even greenlighted? Its so bad not even a contrarian can like it Watching it I just …[View]
88160223What's the most intellectual television show of all time, /tv/?[View]
88164960ITT: pure kino: Let's start. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=QQNBg6I29gI[View]
88164028I just saw IT. This new Pennywise has to be the scariest movie monster I've seen in years. Lite…[View]
88165974Is /tv/ familiar with the Gaynigger kino?[View]
88163799*ominious hat music*[View]
88164136Who would you cast for a live action adaption? Who should direct?[View]
88166169*Teleports behind you* *Ruins ur season* Heh, nothing personal...[View]
88165199Seriously. Fuck you all! I loved it. I don't agree with RLM, /tv/, or audiences in general. The…[View]
88166070>Main character is a woman named Michael What did they mean by this?[View]
88148600/who/ - Doctor Who General: Chibkino edition. PREVIOUSLY ON /who/... >>88124466[View]
88164770ITT: fuck you I liked it >neat setting >fun characters >cosy af, with genuinely funny gags…[View]
88165482Who was in the wrong here?[View]
88157393You know this was directed at you /tv/, right? All you 4chan, alt-right, MRA, white nationalists, Tr…[View]
88162253>People will compare STD Nu-Klingons to 'Trumpians' and not Native Americans and completely miss …[View]
88165229APOLOGIZE: I am no longer the craziest bitch in Starfleet[View]
88163699>Character opens up book exactly in the center pages to find what they're looking for…[View]
88165657TREK FANS REACT TO ST:DISCOVERY: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k-8e2uHySGk Look at the poor guy, h…[View]
88164896WHAT IS DOING DOTHRAKI MAN???????????????????????????????????? FUCKING HORSE!!!!!!!!!!!!![View]
88163956What do I think about Joe Rogan?[View]
88163754Anyone excited for avengers 3?[View]
88159085Is it worth watching Tin Star just to see more of her?[View]
88164299>they have the plant but we have the power what did she mean by this?[View]
88164983Formerly Sneed's[View]
88151170/hor/: Kicked off October horror movie fest a week early. Tonight was cabin movies. What are you wat…[View]
88165258The Orville is really good. Star Trek Discovery is really good. Rick and Morty is really good.[View]
88164115>it's another Arthur get fucked over by his '''friends''' the mob episode…[View]
88164022The Autismo Hitman: What did you think of this film?[View]
88161703Manners maketh man. Do you know what that means?[View]
88163927ENOUGH IS ENOUGH: I have had it with these most frustrating serpents on this majorly faulty plane!…[View]
88160515This guy walks up to you and smacks you on the ass and says >You stewpid rat-faced MAN-ANIMAL! Ho…[View]
88163594I want to see actual good versions of these books[View]
88162800So /tv/, if you hate Rick and Morty as much as you claim, why do you continue to watch and discuss i…[View]
88164893ITT: Shocking deaths in movies For me it's pic related; I still thing killing off Art Lean was …[View]
88158797yo this movie any good?[View]
88148873Is Adam Driver a chad?[View]
88163181What went wrong?[View]
88163322My mom always said life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get.[View]
88158913Why doesn't Hollywood learn from their mistakes? Do they really think people will gobble this o…[View]
88162913ITT films that are underrated just because they weren't made by Americans[View]
88164428So Beth left.: If she didn't could you prove it?[View]
88134068What's the worst movie you've ever seen in theaters? pic related for me[View]
88163292There isn't an episodes of Rick and Morty that I haven't grown to love after watching it a…[View]
88164254/tv/ I think we need to talk some more about Xavier.[View]
88144697>Hehe I'm le epic ringmaster *tips wigdora* What did Howard Stern mean by this?…[View]
88162205Please, step forwards. May I have the password?[View]
88163333Sanka, ya ded?[View]
88160839Imagine my horror when a night on the town turned ugly...[View]
88163890Mad Max thread: Is The Road Warrior a flawless film?[View]
88158857A Ghost Story: Final consensus on this film?[View]
88164250What are some other kino animated films?[View]
88155523>mfw a closet racist and sexiest beta male tells me he doesn't like Rick and Morty…[View]
88163338Outlander: Frank deserved better.[View]
88150583A P O L O G I S E[View]
88160102Remember when American TV shows were so afraid of criticizing the Obama administration that they res…[View]
88156078How will Blunald Dlumpf ever recover?[View]
88160655What is the GOAT sitcom?[View]
88164141gib me 70s gf[View]
88163433Who was in the wrong here? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HrHeKcZV7vA[View]
88164128What's today's mystery fluid, Ken?[View]
88161061Do you think she regrets getting involved with Twilight?[View]
88161709Was House schizoid? He had some mental illness for sure.[View]
88164062Taxi Driver: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rDgXeYlpbOE&t=79s Is this the most existential scen…[View]
88160380Why is he in EVERYTHING?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jq1an7u0-Eo cast related[View]
88164012Can someone explain this movie to me? Why did he go to club? Was the contract against the black pian…[View]
88163976>Rick and Morty is not a reddit sho-[View]
88163942I'm not gay or anything I'm just saying[View]
88162618What exactly makes YOU have patrician taste? Be specific[View]
88158550Name another real life event caught on film greater than 9/11 https://youtu.be/FWLpytK7_-M[View]
88159925>do you have a rewards card with us? >yes, here >oh you have enough for a free movie ticket…[View]
88161638I really don't like how they're building this up to be all big and epic. That's not w…[View]
88163130What does /tv/ think of this guy?[View]
88148150Anyone watch this? Trailer looked shit and Jaden's flat ass voice acting turned me off, but I l…[View]
88162962If he dies, he dies[View]
88160843Is Tarkovsky overrated? What's /tv/'s consensus on which of his films is best?[View]
88155123What would you do with the ability to stop time?[View]
88162001What does /tv/ think of film students?[View]
88162756Such a great ending scene. It just puts an exclamation mark on the entire film. Any other films with…[View]
88163605Well /tv/, are you ready to watch this hilarious comedy based on the true, real-life story of proud …[View]
88159231What are some good films set in South East Asia? Pic related.[View]
88163655>watching film/series >can't focus on what's in front of me because keep thinking ab…[View]
88159435star trek discovery[View]
88163482Once more into the fray, Quentin[View]
88163313Did anyone else watch the season 2 finale? Do you guys think this show going to be milked one season…[View]
88161039For me, it's Jenny Agutter in Logan's Run.[View]
88145479What can I do while I wait for Rick and Morty to come on?[View]
88162874What was on the note?[View]
88158134Is he autistic or is his mind on another level that normal humans can't comprehend? https://www…[View]
88163244Recommend me some good praestantissimum progressio.[View]
88161572>If you thought the food was bad, you should see the clientele Why are they suggesting the custom…[View]
88162807I wish this episode was a full length movie Do you guys have a episode you wished would be a mini mo…[View]
88162460i honestly think he's the best director from his generation[View]
88161209Has there ever been a lazier sequel?: >quite similar plot to Kingsman 1 >quirky non white male…[View]
88162223What are some old shows/film that when you view them make you personally have your stomach sink or m…[View]
88161067They all should have been hanged for mutiny.[View]
88157468Thoughts ?[View]
88159899What are your favorite movies directed by women?[View]
88160199/trek/+/std/: We will build a paywall and make Trekkies pay for it edition[View]
88159301Looking for Shakespeare Kino: Also roasties getting what they deserved.[View]
88160231What happened to the ship crew in Jurassic Park 2?[View]
88157650Is he the greatest white man to ever host a radio show?[View]
88155816Why did their careers peter out after they left SNL in the early 2000s? I always thought Cheri Oteri…[View]
88160715Time to wake up[View]
88157573ITT: Times you were Pennywise the Clown >Be me >Father is scolding me because of my school gra…[View]
88162202>front page of reddit >fake news >certified fresh >you're a closeted racist beta ma…[View]
88162167Why are we not talking about this masterpiece[View]
88161792What is the best Harry Potter film?[View]
88161256>Troubled woman comes on screen >Small, pixie cut and tats…[View]
88161859Texarkana guy: >'would you like to hear the specials?' >not if you want to keep your spleen HO…[View]
88160656What was the point of this scene other than the fact to show that sometimes other people don't …[View]
88156680Close blast doors and activate defense grid[View]
88162343This is battery acid, you slime![View]
88161464This was Netflix's best series this year. Must suck to spend untold billions of dollars on your…[View]
88159246so, what say you /tv/?: [_] clone [_] not clone[View]
88160377*says unfunny things before and after the show*[View]
88161161Why won't Hollywood cast older women in kinos (movies)?[View]
88158192best cruise film?[View]
88161987Thoughts? I think it's got too many characters.[View]
88160569Paul! Squash[View]
88141182Comfy Horror Shows: Fall is here /tv/ what horror shows and movies are you planning to watch leading…[View]
88161771>that time the Simpsons predicted the death of Brian Griffin[View]
88161285Do I look like I need fourteen year old girls dawg[View]
88161687>Bill Cosby: It's okay. Take your time. Then what happened? >Little Girl: He... he said …[View]
88161657Does star trek explore the Waring side of the federation cause this peace is the only war shit is an…[View]
88160032Is Burn Notice one of those shows where the characters are much better than most of the actors playi…[View]
88136722H-help! The popcorn mines collapsed![View]
88161445The Lord of the Taxes: >Loan me. >... what? >I cannot raise the capital, you'll have t…[View]
88160981What's your favorite meme movie?[View]
88161535Feels Thread: Post scenes that gave you feels[View]
88160886>My daughter asked me for TWENTY bucks the other day. Can you believe it? TWENTY. >We had to d…[View]
88159693?SupG/Discussion edition: This thread is for discussing Supernatural Discussing its dumb plot lines…[View]
88161328*blocks your path*[View]
88161296What are some movies or televised events featuring heroes standing while cowards sat / kneeled?[View]
88159525im 12 minutes into the first episode and already seems like this bitch is a huge mary sue is this a…[View]
88160459What did they mean by this?[View]
88154228Women: Women can direct movies[View]
88158492Who will play him in Social Network 2 : the Social USA President?[View]
88159929>*blocks your path*[View]
8815897757 years young[View]
88159799*scratches head*[View]
88160998and that pretty much sums it up how gene fucks an entire fanbase and how seth fix it[View]
88160132I thought this was gonna be dog shit because I don't like Family Guy that much but I just watch…[View]
88160917>'I may have eaten the intestines of two girls and slowly broke the spine of an old woman... but …[View]
88160654>You are not evil >You are smart[View]
88159143will it live up to the hype ?[View]
88160599Why is /tv/ obsessed with little girls? Can we talk about this?[View]
88156440Whats your favourite piece of female comedy?[View]
88158080How does it feel to live in a world where the guy who made Family Guy and Ted made a better Star Tre…[View]
88145994How long does he have left?[View]
88149063The Dark Knight question: So if superhumans did not exist in Nolan's universe, how come this gu…[View]
88158487Remake > Original[View]
88160370with all the remakes in hollywood, why has no one remade Logan's Run with 2 females as the sand…[View]
88157636This is the face of a closet racist /tv/. Just look in the mirrior and you'll see you're J…[View]
88160248>new film comes out on web-dl >dozens of threads reaching bump limit discussing it >watch t…[View]
88160224>something important or terrifying happens >the character wakes up from it, it was just a drea…[View]
88159719Why does this fat fucking hack get praised so much???[View]
88160139Why didn't you watch Revolution, /tv/? Why did you let her show get cancelled, /tv/?[View]
88158820>villain is a powerful woman who runs a drug empire worldwide and has the world by the balls >…[View]
88151516MOVIES OF 2019: >Ad Astra (January 11, 2019) Directed by James Gray. Astronaut Clifford McBride m…[View]
88152501Filth Frank show: >TFW nobody has given JoJi blank a check to produce a show based on his comedic…[View]
88158201be honest /tv/, was it Lovecraftian?[View]
88158237MY HANDS ARE DIRTY[View]
88159807/TV/ BTFO[View]
88159778>there's only one more episode of Rick and Morty left[View]
88156554>son of bi-*explosion*[View]
88157115FIELD FUUUUUUCK!!!!!![View]
88158600What do you guys think of the BBC lineup for tonight?[View]
88159524Post Steven Seagal kino plz[View]
88153041New movie idea: Two friends growing up together have always been close, until one day, one of the fr…[View]
88158730APOLOGIZE: ENT is no longer the worst star trek[View]
88144187Why did slashers die?[View]
88159070Thor: Ragnarok EVERYBODY LOSES: >Hela claims to be the goddess of death but actually turns out to…[View]
88159193>See a literal 10/10 female movie character >Feel nothing >See a QT petite looks somewhat t…[View]
88154613I'm watching the 1st season of The Wire and I just got done watching the episode where DeAngelo…[View]
88157969>am I evil? >worse, you are smart[View]
88156032which plotline did you like better?[View]
88159097Hangin, in there, /tv/?[View]
88159292Is he our guy?[View]
88147886Wake up in the morning[View]
88157043Little Nemo/Dr Seuss slumber party: Hey all, wanna have a fun time while watchin some of the best se…[View]
88144385Is it true that people who dislike Rick and Morty are unintelligent?[View]
88157661/std/ + /trek/ - Star Trek: Discovery Premiere night: Explosions means the show is good edition Prev…[View]
88157490Has anyone here been watching Vice Principals? This show is fucking amazing[View]
88158938Pure Brilliance: I GOT A DOODOO IN MY BUTT[View]
88155015>the absolute state of Anthony Cumia[View]
88158999Shows that bring you back to good times >winter break >~11 years old >in cozy den watching …[View]
88156332Who's the most insufferable tv character ever? Pick related, I have yet to see her topped in 30…[View]
88156457>30 minutes into disemboweling henchmen and chill and she gives you this look Wat do…[View]
88134864>world peace season 1 cost a million dollars to make wtf? they were 15 minute shorts. I don'…[View]
88157105Why did they fuck?. I didn't like that.[View]
88158705maximalism disguised as minimalism or minimalism disguised as maximalism, which one is the best, /tv…[View]
88158292really arms my photon torpedos[View]
88147523What actually was the point of this scene? Was it essential to show you how Johnny got the flowers?[View]
88158146Name a better actor >protip; you cant[View]
88151679Nolan Batman Quadrology: Is the Nolan quadrology still the best DC movie franchise to date? >Batm…[View]
88158084He was just chilling on his fridge when a bunch of kids illegaly tresspased his property and tried t…[View]
88157558>Villain's ultimalte goal is to create a super weapon that he can use for 'war' >We never…[View]
88157610The newest episode was trash, on par with Mad Max shit, Pickle Rick shit and Vindicator shit 4 fucki…[View]
88157109https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zV19c_w8UHU >this is rick and morty's season finale It'…[View]
88156891A Ghost Story: Was it pie-kino?[View]
88156467ITT: Best Villains: I struggle to think of an antagonist as intense and frightening as this guy. The…[View]
88155285>shit /tv/ tricked you into watching what's her name anon?[View]
88154077ehhh hehehh uhhh.. hhehhe uhhh[View]
88158126>Trump-inspired clowns are terorising America >bad guy in the intro is a guy who puts on a Tru…[View]
88157472Who was in the wrong here?[View]
88158089What the fuck? Apparently Kevin Pereira himself is an executive producer of the cancer kid's ve…[View]
88155703Movies where a guy saves a damaged girl[View]
88155604Why are universally liked shows so rare? Pic related is one of the few. I literally never met a sing…[View]
88157878>it's a '/tv/ gets triggered to hell by an actress cutting her hair short' episode Damn you…[View]
88152565What's the best episode?[View]
88157060yeah can i get some fuckin uhhhh... lebrons[View]
88156485Does this have a shot at topping Big Bang Theory?[View]
88150984Vice principals live thread. New episode starts in 20 minutes[View]
88157336>what song is this? darude sandstorm >what videogame is this? battletoads >what anime is th…[View]
88157571So what did /tv/ think of tonight's episode?[View]
88156270whats my opinion /tv/?[View]
88156014/std/ + /trek/ = Star Trek: Discovery General: Old thread: >>88153219[View]
88157522>We'll fix it in post[View]
88151871Daily reminder that Apollonia >>>> (((Diane K*keton))) Why did Michael choose worstgirl?…[View]
88154044Thoughts on Discovery's ship design?: If this turns out to be garbage, I'm just going to t…[View]
88154925such a disappointing, weak, mediocre villain[View]
88155787So THIS is where Bill Nye gets his Sex Junk backup dancers!: https://twitter.com/Savmasta/status/911…[View]
88153204Underrated movie, one of Scorsese's best.[View]
88155742Childhood is liking Terminator 2 Adulthood is realizing Terminator 1 was the superior movie all alo…[View]
88155448The Deuce: Best show on television right now[View]
88154690..: >Hey Lois, remember that one time?[View]
88157108more like commander qt[View]
88156856who else grew up watching shitty scifi movies Saturday night[View]
88147401Maze Runner: The Death Cure Trailer #1 (2018): IT'S FUCKING HERE https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
88156677Couples that remind you of yourself and your wife or girlfriend? I'll start. We even have simil…[View]
88156941>doodoo butt where did everything go wrong[View]
88146194Just watched this for the first time. What the fuck was the point of this movie? Other than making a…[View]
88155905Cult of Chucky LEAKED: What did you think of the movie? Honestly, It was a little disappointing that…[View]
88156114Lets make it happen, i wanna see this[View]
88155702If the STD producers REALLY HAD GUTS, they would have cast an asian male as the captain. Now that wo…[View]
88153035What do I think of Ozark?[View]
88153707Legitimately the nicest person in Hollywood.[View]
88154543>he hasn't penetrated anyone yet[View]
88155988>yfw Jason Sudeikis replaces Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne what the fuck ? this guy used to have neg…[View]
88154735Instead of a Freddy vs Jason reboot would you watch a dahmer vs bundy movie?[View]
88153687Someone pay $5 and rip new hydewars, I'm poor. https://gumroad.com/l/hydewars[View]
88155284Is this the best moment in cinema of the 2010s?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ro_5c6irtTk…[View]
88156523well hello beautiful![View]
88155180Was anyone else incredibly disappointed with this movie[View]
88156082TITLE FIGHT: >Orville vs. Discovery[View]
88156036What's his problem?[View]
88156274> The radiation will unravel your DNA like noodles in 20 minutes > I'll be back in 19…[View]
88154564What is the most disturbing scene in TV history? pic related[View]
88156240Any other lovecraftian vidyas that could be turned into movies?[View]
88156060Why did I like Orville but dislike this?[View]
88156356Movies only you have seen.[View]
88154133ITT: '''villains''' who LITERALLY and unironically did/said nothing wrong[View]
88155388Did Kurtzman create Star Trek Discovery purely so his movies would look better in comparison? It…[View]
88144576why did her career crash and burn?[View]
88156213>catherine zeta jones' character Wow that was embarrassing[View]
88148128So, we're all just pretending this never happened?[View]
88145703This show supports >trannies >faggotry and gay sex >cuckoldry >interracial sex and coal …[View]
88154209RICK AND MORTY GAME THREAD #1: New episode at 11:30 est. Second-to-last episode of the season. Thoug…[View]
88147689How did they make this?: >No Animal fatalities >Best animal acting in a flim ever >a good t…[View]
88155944>Two characters, two paychecks! I'm gonna be rich![View]
88127721LETTERBOXD!!!!!!!!: POST PROFILES AND DISCUSS FILM!!!!!!!! QOTD: if you could choose any film to wat…[View]
88144285ITT: Your dream projects: I want Netflix to buy the rights of The Twilight Zone and remake it for th…[View]
88156007The Lost Skeleton of Cadavera: Where does /tv/ stand on parodies like this? I really enjoyed this. S…[View]
88155784>Because the American title was different, all scenes that mention the philosopher's stone b…[View]
88153219/std/ - Star Trek Discovery: Vulcan Kin Edition[View]
88155903What up wit it /tv/, heard you was talkin shit 'bout Marlo ya heard[View]
88152708Why does he hate the ending of Kingsman so much?[View]
88155455Cynical, ironic, postmodern shows: >The Simpsons >Always Sunny >The Fresh Prince >Seinfe…[View]
88118611/tpg/ - Twin Peaks General: Ike the Spike Posts Bail edition https://pastebin.com/mcKYsFib Meanwhile…[View]
88155032Hey guys, can we cool it with all the Sophia Lillis? She's just a young actress and doesn'…[View]
88150348/GoT/ General: Lonely Light Edition Previous Thread: >>88141003[View]
88153580what makes him so fuckable? also, Boardwalk Empire thread.[View]
88154737Whole cinema groaned[View]
88152022Has there ever been a worse fucking actress?[View]
88150488ITT: Celebrities that come off as liars Pic related: Every story out of this fat fuck[View]
88150890I KNOW I wasn't the only one who found this hilarious![View]
88148407Cringiest simpson episode/scene?[View]
88143256what happened to him?[View]
88148493What did she see in George?[View]
88155207>be me >be mad as hell >having no ability to take this anymore >mfw…[View]
88152463>So let's say we go down there and we see a bed cover and a-and and I say you know... uh thi…[View]
88141457Movies and shows that fit this chart[View]
88153314Captain, scanners are picking up large amounts of horse shit.[View]
88152352Was he waiting in the closet for hours or did he just run in their when he heard Vito coming?[View]
88139027Does this movie really deserves all the acclaim it's getting?[View]
88151672Reminder that Family Guy seasons 1-3 was actually funny and endearing. People say 'it was never good…[View]
88154714would you guys watch a batwing movie?[View]
88141732how do you go from this...[View]
88154903Bahman Mofid: >Pol Star >The Tehranian terror >He's the Tuti to your fruity >The Sl…[View]
88149456Honest question, what did Bane stand to gain from this costly and dangerous stunt? Why not just capt…[View]
88148716Dose Wonder Women actually have a chance at best picture this year?: There has been like NO good mov…[View]
88154869star.trek.discovery.s01e01.1080p.web.x264 tbs.mkv star.trek.discovery.s01e01.1080p.web.x264 tbs.mkv …[View]
88154863What ya'll niggas think of da new space trax an shiet...yall white bois finnin to learn taday w…[View]
88154794Why don't movies have intermissions anymore?[View]
88154717I quite enjoyed the Star Trek commercial for CBS's new Target TV series. I see no reason to pay…[View]
88140511OPRAH: you ready for oprahs new movie? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2iJLln-3vsU[View]
88147467>Dr. Zaius Dr Zaius >Dr. Zaius Dr. Zaius >Dr. Zaius Dr. Zaius…[View]
88153719Where do you guys get your movies? Do you stream or torrent?[View]
88154652wat did he mean by this?? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=imqiuSOYVzs[View]
88154490What's the verdict?[View]
88154455Anime Upcoming Live Action Remakes! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xtGGUfmaKKE[View]
88150403>decent budget >A list actors >great atmosphere >great set designs >still manage to f…[View]
88154544How does Jim Norton feel knowing that Chip Chipperson is funnier than any of his stand up specials?[View]
88153746> Tilts your path[View]
88153335How do I find secondhand Criterion Blu-Rays for cheap?[View]
88151950/trek/: RATE THE FIRST TWO EPISODES edition A 3/10 from me, hoping Jason Isaacs will make it slightl…[View]
88147430Why did this get so much a shit?: Weakest Miyazaki film?[View]
88150563*Blocks your path[View]
88153780Lost: Does how vincet lays down next to jack make anyone a little teary eyed? What a loyal, faithful…[View]
88148222This was nominated for best picture: HOW?[View]
88152872A Gn: *blocks your film*[View]
88154233LOOK AT YOU[View]
88151352Isle of dogs: why are we not talking about the next masterpiece from wes anderson? https://www.youtu…[View]
88124824Is she the best Europe has to offer?[View]
88150688This any good?[View]
88153896Is Kirsten Stewart racist?[View]
88147651I know pic related is from a vidya but this is just an accurate portrayal of what South Park became …[View]
88153979Was this why Frank Grimes was always pissed off?[View]
88151231I am writing pure kino. Here is a taste. https://pastebin.com/nvvaYbTe[View]
88153975Qui Gon-Jinn would never join you.[View]
88153347Geostorm is predictive programming to get the sheeple ready for the unveiling of geoengineering. In …[View]
88151810This is my suggestion for a kino about the Byzantine Empire (theres a frustrating lack of kinos abou…[View]
88142127Name a movie that liberals will never understand[View]
88153726How come i never see Hudson Hawk mentioned on here? It's fucking great. Someone else has to hav…[View]
88152329What's /tv/'s consensus on which season was best? For me, it's the #4[View]
88153709Post your Favorite Movie Scenes!: Favorite Movie Scenes Thread. I'll start. https://www.youtube…[View]
88153144why does the world hate us /tv/? https://www.avclub.com/rick-and-morty-s-worst-fans-don-t-deserve-ri…[View]
88153654>Wow. They actually took the bait? They really thought we were Klingons? Kek.…[View]
88153226Terrible movies you love?: So far the best movie I love that is terrible is the 2007 transformers mo…[View]
88151461''ugh oh god oh no now I have to watch a porn video, nooo someone help me *yawn* Why was h…[View]
88147716Why doesn't San Andreas ever get discussed on /tv/, it was a pretty good disaster movie...[View]
88153593Which celebrities do you think post/lurk on 4chan?[View]
88147335I don't get it. It's just two men in a cockpit[View]
88147354Can doing nudity early in a career (18/19) help or hinder an actress?[View]
88151201Tough Crowd: How would Tough Crowd look like in 2017? >chris hardwick hosting >no patrice and …[View]
88153291Thoughts on this kino?[View]
88153478Outlander: RIP Frank[View]
88147795ITT: characters you had a crush on as a kid Pic very related.[View]
88152342Is there any kino on Netflix?[View]
88153423Movie Trailer Kino: Never seen a thread like this. Starting with the obvious. youtube.com/watch?v=1l…[View]
88153395what the fuck was his problem?[View]
88147738Filming equipment: Some friends and I are making short movies and bullshit films for youtube. So far…[View]
88149214Formerly Sneed's.[View]
88151839Best NON-PC Space Movies: Quick! List the best non-PC space movies. No Alien bullshit. Alien Covenan…[View]
88153207'Y’all live long 'n prosper now, y’hear?': What if Elizabeth had lived, and T'Pol raised h…[View]
88145297Good movies with bad titles.[View]
88153039Is Catalinaville the greatest adult film of all time? >engaging plot that keeps you on the edge o…[View]
88146977doona is bae[View]
88152699I was just pretending to be retarded.[View]
88146148Gotham: Why does all of Jim Gorgon's girl friends turn evil, is it because he's a bad pers…[View]
88149345This worth paying money to see? Looks kind of forgettable.[View]
88152737NBC I got two words for you[View]
88150196looking for bakemono in all the wrong places: I need help identifying a movie. It's Japanese, c…[View]
88151475Why is 4chan so obsessed with this movie? Explain to me, I genuinely don't understand[View]
88152233Here we will recite The Dark Knight Rises, line by line, I'll start. >'I knew Harvey Dent, I…[View]
88141395Worst movie alien of all time?[View]
88152309Perfect couples do not exi... How can /tv/ ever compete?[View]
88148922>I am totally unappreciated in my time. You can run this whole park from this room with minimal s…[View]
88152279>Hang on a minute, lads. I've got a great idea[View]
88148304Criminally Underrated[View]
88148477trying to watch this fucking movie, but it's so goddamn gay.[View]
88147175What are some genuinely scary shows/movies that I could watch this October? I might see IT in theate…[View]
88124325How was it?[View]
88148255>Hey Obi-Wan, did I ever tell you I'm canonically 60 years old? Time has been a good friend …[View]
88151259I have a meeting at uh.. Mensroom![View]
88152009Jewish conceit: the movie Too many missteps like the horrendous sound and sophomoric attitude. JLaws…[View]
88151003>mfw no Westworld this fall.[View]
88149367/trek/: wow it's shit edition[View]
88150921Glad to see Tig Notaro getting work[View]
88151823'Major support for The Vietnam War was provided by members of The Better Angel Society.' Why would a…[View]
88143956What dose /tv/ think of Shrek the musical ?[View]
88151659What are /tv/'s opinions on DW Griffith?[View]
88140296Post legit 10/10 episodes. Any show.[View]
88150290I believe in America. America has made my fortune.[View]
88149774*Blocks your path*[View]
88151615>TFW when Anthony Na/pol/i red pills you live on television https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qbQD…[View]
88149787what are some flicks with this aesthetic?[View]
88129867Why do you guys hate Rick and Morty? It's a very funny and intelligent show.[View]
88151456So, like, did it want to eat the kids? Why were they all floating around at the end in its lair as i…[View]
88145524Blade Runner: Why did he save Deckard?[View]
88149095Do you ever just zone out to some old episodes of Howard?[View]
88150123Wait, so Americans not only have advert breaks every 5 minutes in their TV shows, but they also have…[View]
88149816Dogfucker Thread?: Dogfucker thread.[View]
88146781So we just gonna ignore this? >outgrossed every movie in DCEU >fifth biggest MCU movie…[View]
88139394>Yeah i'm pretty into movies. I'm assuming you're not really familiar with Wes And…[View]
88134626>english version >cute little fairy tale-like story >american version >THIS SUMMER >L…[View]
88149258God tier conspiracy kinos[View]
88149883Simpsons jokes you never got[View]
88150423/sg/ - Simpsons general: ITT: discuss all things Simpsons. OC is encouraged[View]
88150475>go to kino folder >open kinograph, pause it a 00:46:23 >other anons guess what movie it is…[View]
88147573Did she do the right thing in the end?[View]
88148602Teen Wolf is officially over. I know some of you fucks watched this so what did you all think? Endi…[View]
88146208>Daddy wants?[View]
88148480I need a movie to watch tonight, can somebody recommend something good? I've been into Louis Th…[View]
88149341>he doesn't watch star wars starting with Episode 1, like you're supposed to…[View]
88148687A magic lasso: so is it really about a magic lasso called the golden circle? cause if so i will igno…[View]
88149939Hannibal New Season When?: Bryan Fuller has been in talks of new season, what do you guys think?…[View]
88150396Prisoners: Just marathoned the first 30 mins, did he do it /tv/?[View]
88150110Movies And Shows That Have Changed(Mandela Effect?): Mars Attacks used to have the song The End of T…[View]
88147343>Anon, think you'll check out my new film?[View]
88148479Would you join Conan and train in the middle of the desert with some qt IDF chicks, /tv/? https://ww…[View]
88147269Paid a prostitute to watch Satantango with me. Ama.[View]
88148890/std/ - Star Trek Discovery: episode 1 live thread[View]
88142663EY RIK[View]
88147092ITT things you hope to never ever see ruined with a movie[View]
88150137'Yabba Dabba Doo' Was it autism?[View]
88147749What are some other Goose kinos?[View]
88149993Dick and Snorty: >'hahahaha picklerick amirite hahahaha I hope I can finally get some reddit puss…[View]
88141003/got/ - Game of Thrones General: >>>88134587 Sansan vs Bobby B memes. Whats worse?…[View]
88149748>movie ends on a cliffhanger[View]
88149584>character pointing a gun to his head threatening to commit suicide >police officers point gu…[View]
88145836How is this? whenever I see people discussing it it's positive, but what could it be compared t…[View]
88149447>mutiny on the first episode Who /dropped/ here?[View]
88148845Hannibal Season 3: Why was season 3 of Hannibal so terrible compared to the other seasons?[View]
88145941/trek/: Oh yeah new episode tonight I guess edition[View]
88149310Without Cunnyposting, are there any legit young actresses you see making the jump to full blown movi…[View]
88149146What did you think of Let the Right One In?[View]
88149278What would you have done, /tv/?[View]
88144468DCEU Iris West is 10x hotter than Lois Lane: Where did Clark Kent go wrong?[View]
88147498>we need a remarkably average girl >I've got just the one…[View]
88148942>So, what is it you do? >I'm a driver see autists. just be yourself and you'll get a…[View]
88148944this is my favourite friends scene post more greatest music scenes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N…[View]
88145865So Courtney did it, right?[View]
88147067It was beautiful.[View]
88135332Two asians in one Star wars movie: What is Disney trying to achieve?[View]
88147102Anyone following?[View]
88124466doctor who general /who/: >>88111438[View]
88148560*steals digital masters of your films* nothing personal, kid[View]
88138544I'm literally three minutes into this and I already feel like turning it of. Is the rest of it …[View]
88143764What r some moovies I can enjoy even if I'm not very smart (got a 73% on my IQ test)?[View]
88148073Can /tv/ suggest any similar A E S T H E T I C movie like this? Saw again yesterday after watching i…[View]
88148257>the founding president of the holocaust education center AND an actual survivor of the holocaust…[View]
88148163Holy hell season 7 was so unbelievably shit. Is the comic as retarded as this?[View]
88144348What dose /tv/ think of Big ?[View]
88145919/std/: 30 MINUTES BEFORE A NEW STAR TREK SHOW Who got the stream?[View]
88148024Post burpkino https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fAbxwJDBRi4[View]
88145711now that the dust has settled, what did we think of this?[View]
88147796Now that IT is a success. What are some other novels that deserve to be remade on the big screen, es…[View]
88147947Why was she such a cock tease? https://archiveofourown.org/works/9981200/chapters/22296047…[View]
88147563Anyone else besides me see this? It was ok. There's one funny scene with Michael Keaton biting …[View]
88144619Rick&Morty S3E9: Any predictions? Any thoughts on tonight's episode? I know that this show …[View]
88146459Neomexican postergesit here, bringing only the ultimate kino: This a 'La banda de los Panchitos' thr…[View]
88116520>mon chéri, you can't handle me[View]
88146944cast them for inevitable CW teen drama live action series[View]
88145931Tupac and Biggie Smalls Special: So FOX (ahead of USA Network's series) is airing a special rig…[View]
88134074>Rich girl who just wants someone to love her >ignore her for a fat mexican whose dad is tryin…[View]
88147659*replaces Siskel and Ebert*[View]
88134908dodge this[View]
88146789>Executive producer: Kevin feige[View]
88147146A LONG TIME AGO[View]
88144088movies that only you've seen[View]
88143605why did men desire power above all else?[View]
88147410There's nothing on Sunday nights anymore! What am I suppose to watch!?[View]
88144988Transporters confirmed to kill: https://arstechnica.com/gaming/2017/09/is-beaming-down-in-star-trek-…[View]
88144291Best actress of our generation[View]
88147345Why were early 2000s kids movies so edgy and ballsy compared to late 2000s/2010s kids movies? >Ch…[View]
88141970Are Boston neo-noir Kino?[View]
88134054It's confirmed The Orville is the Highest IQ Trek show[View]
88147250probably the stupidest characters ever[View]
88125241Things in everyday life and work that are usually handled very weirdly or poorly in film and TV. Exa…[View]
88146409Any other decent British television programs out there? This one was pretty comfy to watch. Prefera…[View]
88147239convince me that bobby hill is bill's son and not hank's[View]
88147267>Constantly chimping out. >Ugly ass tattoos. >Can't speak basic English. >Full of g…[View]
88147263What is called in a film when a black man takes a woman from another black man? How rare is this phe…[View]
88147048This nigga is mad! I know you post here Scott![View]
88136071She will claim what she has been denied.: Previous thread >>88098810 Lets go![View]
88143121>Oh n..[View]
88137255What's the oldest movie you've seen? M (1931)[View]
88144604Lmao guys what doth life hehehe[View]
88146982Is the official movie of /r9k/ or /pol/[View]
88146903Twin peaks: How did Harry Dean Stanton transport his trailer park from Deer Meadow to Twin Peaks?…[View]
88138870We helped some people, didn't we /tv/?[View]
88145332Toys that deserve, NAY demand, their own live action movie ill start with the most obvious[View]
88146897So... the machine didn't even really work in the end?[View]
88146878Anyone made money with this? I have a few t-shirt designs that look great, but im terrible at shilli…[View]
88146495Gods, I was a boar then.[View]
88144508So he finally lost his touch.[View]
88146385Will this surpass Wonder Woman?[View]
88146796Who even is Harry Knowles? He literally looks like a troll who lives under a bridge. How did he beco…[View]
88143990What the fuck was he taking ?[View]
88145772*shitty irish punk music starts playing*: >Watch The Departed >Expect it to be a crime/drama t…[View]
88146615>doesn't even warn them what he was about to do >doesn't even discuss other options …[View]
88134438ITT: /tv/ related clothing: thinking about buying pic related[View]
88145532Comfy Star Wars memories: >haven't watched the original trilogy in a while >debate on wat…[View]
88146315>and your other rifle[View]
88145522what went wrong?[View]
88144570Is Tarantino the only guy who'll have feet scenes in his movies? It's the most popular fet…[View]
88144220>I thought the movie was cool lots of action[View]
88144605>on an alien planet >two moons[View]
88144758Jokes You Don't Get: Who was Oshag Hennessy suppose to be?[View]
88142360His new movie is here. What can we expect..? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XlwrqiKEkG8[View]
88146475What is the pineapple of movies?[View]
88146456Drumpflets about to be btfo![View]
88143575How come no one noticed they were building evil looking buildings and garrisoned a hundred thousand …[View]
88146434>'We think you're azrael' Can't wait for that to be explored next season…[View]
88141390How much will this ruin the original movie?[View]
88144810this fat fuck's show went to absolute shit[View]
88146332Opinions? Thoughts? Feelings? Is it prime Hulu-kino or is it just another cash grab?[View]
88145274what happened guys?[View]
88146035Who was in the wrong here?[View]
88145770Did you like it?[View]
88146143>the state of the hollywood[View]
88145327I just got into Telenovelas and holy crap this is a gold mine. They are so terrible but, they suck y…[View]
88146188He did nothing wrong.[View]
88141965This movie is unwatchable >he showed me his willie >no proof >lets spread lucas is da rapis…[View]
88146137Anyone got an acestream/stream link for Star Trek Discovery tonight[View]
88145945Don't let your memes be dreams: http://tcmwineclub.com/orson-welles-signature-selection-merlot-…[View]
88144017You can put that in the 'fridgerator[View]
88146037>doesn't even warn them what he was about to do >doesn't even discuss other options …[View]
88145738>movie is a metaphor for something[View]
88142623With the success of Stranger Things and It, would this have been as successful if it was released to…[View]
88140366What are some movies that capture the essence of Americana?[View]
88140194>He's my friend >So was I How would DC handle this scene?…[View]
88143413What purpose does Kylo Ren's helmet serve other than obstructing his visibility? How can people…[View]
88142437Who are the best acting families?[View]
88140648'Choose the form of The Destructor![View]
88141132>45 years old h o w[View]
88143960This movie opened my eyes. I'm never eating at McDonald's again.[View]
88144470>war movie >the high ranking officer who gives the orders is an incompetent coward and all the…[View]
88136550Can /tv/ agree that both Rogue One and TFA were inferior to the prequels?[View]
88142117What are other movies where the main character has little to no bearing on the plot, and is, essenti…[View]
88141354What are the sexiest horror/torture porn movies?[View]
88143792>finish taking an emergency shit >go to wipe >see this wat do?…[View]
88130099K I N O I N O[View]
88145428If you watch the TV show Friends, then you are a literal Rebbit human being.[View]
88144700gravy: gravy[View]
88141525meal and movie pairing: let's have a thread dedicated to the pairing of film and food. ideally …[View]
88138680Dodgson...Dodgson...WE'VE GOT DODGSON HERE[View]
88144849the containment board of unlimited sneed threads?[View]
88145240Comrade Detective: Why has no one told me about this absolute KYИO show before? Season 2 when???…[View]
88144184What are some guilty television pleasures of yours? I binged thru all three seasons of this schlock …[View]
88144321How can an annoying old man pull a hot woman like this?[View]
88145192> Protagonists become the very thing they were fighting Favorite tropes?…[View]
88138822What Simpsons gags took you a while to get?[View]
88145124Kino Soundtracks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5cF4QsOI2yo[View]
88142184>Watch Orville they said >It'll be fun they said What the fuck shit is this?…[View]
88145042>Teenage drama in the early 00s >GOODBYE TO YOU, GOODBYE TO EVERYTHING I KNEW…[View]
88143127Why were early 2000s kids movies so edgy and ballsy compared to late 2000s/2010s kids movies? >Ch…[View]
88142413she wants to watch a film with you but you have to choose which one[View]
88145012Scarface comfy thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XgVRdNt3UkE[View]
88144832One of the themes of this film is that periods of suffering is what makes us who we are, and are the…[View]
88144957What the FUCK was his problem?[View]
88144922Paid a prostitute to watch Satantango with me. Ama.[View]
88144859>all capeshit is ba-[View]
88144601Was this the original friendship simulator show? >tfw not smart enough to have been on Mythbuster…[View]
88144716BOX OFFICE: 'Kingsman: The Golden Circle' Wins Weekend With $39M: >Topping the box offi…[View]
88143828Do youtube videos go into this board? https://youtu.be/0AbOw7ICjfg Been following this guy for his w…[View]
88141974Was this really necessary?[View]
88144451Should we still stand for the national anthem before movies or is that stupid in 2017?[View]
88140898s-she still /ourgirl/ /tv/... r-right?[View]
88141719Ive always been a fan of david lynch that good neighbour jeffrey After seeing all those twin peaks t…[View]
88139825Can someone explain to an American what the shit EastEnders is and why English people on other Engli…[View]
88143196even though I didnt agree with a lot of it, this was an interesting watch. Are there any other good …[View]
88144368Can anyone recommend a good movie theater near Chapman School (CA). My usual one is great moviegoing…[View]
88143785post your local kinoplex[View]
88143982Did Orville move to Thursday because it was afraid to go head to head with STD?[View]
88144296Who will star in her inevitable biopic?[View]
88136940ITT the best scenes in cinema history[View]
88144267What did the Man in the High Castle crew mean by this?[View]
88144246If there's one thing /tv/ needs it's more Sneedposters Can you imagine a board without Sne…[View]
88141212Is this vampire pedophilia?[View]
88142788Who's the best director of the 2010's[View]
88136081Your greatest Drive-In experience?: >just got accepted to medical school >go to see Edge of To…[View]
88143953*startled english accent* >oh, I say[View]
88144096How do we get Jim Carrey, Alex Jones, and a camera in the same room?[View]
88141815Alright I just marathoned the first 11 minutes of this. Does it get better? So far, no good.[View]
88143016>But you're no longer the angry brilliant young mind you once were... just itching to vent y…[View]
88140895so, /x is getting their own movie: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt6544220/ what would a /tv movie be ab…[View]
88130746TONIGHT! Star Trek BOLDLY GOES where it has already gone before, AGAIN! Are you ready to go where we…[View]
88143753SUCK OUR CAWKS?[View]
88140317*Breathes in* AHAHAHAHAHAHAH[View]
88143580Who wore it better?[View]
88118444Why is /tv/ so obsessed with her?[View]
88143703is Darci Lynne lying?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ropWor8aAM I study phonetics, and the way s…[View]
88143503What the fuck were they thinking?[View]
88143626Greatest Acting this Year: entire series had pimps lusting after this beautiful starlet and you are …[View]
88138882Name a hotter movie character. Pro tip: YOU CANT[View]
88143505>Obviously I was just kidding Haha, yeah, me.. too..[View]
88142467>During the filming of Blade Runner 2049, Ford reportedly stayed in character at all times, even …[View]
88143527only reason for useless character: >Be Sansa >Be typical fairytale princess archetype >mee…[View]
88142283>there are no good Video Game movies...[View]
88142968Snoke's identity: https://youtube.com/watch?v=qBlFjtiNQx8 >Snoke is based on Darth Nihilus …[View]
88142258ITT: books that should be tv shows[View]
88143273Why dose Freeform air these movies every single weekend?[View]
88139944W-wasn't it supposed to be cute?[View]
88142573>Yello's Oh Yeah starts playing[View]
88139220What's your honest opinion about Nicolas Winding Refn and his filmography?: I said honest…[View]
88128543>Despite word of the cancellation by syfy, fandom rose up and gave us new hope. We sought to buck…[View]
88140951Good podcasts: Im looking for some recommendations for podcast. Im about to finish Sleepycast, and i…[View]
88135044I recently watched a French interview featuring the famous American actor Jonah Hill in where he is …[View]
88143352>so much television and film >so little time…[View]
88142183>main character denies the existence of God[View]
88143234Are shills oushing these cthulu Lovecraft threads so hard because of Stranger Things S2? there has b…[View]
88143218>a movie’s box office success is indicative of its quality[View]
88142370why hasn't there been a big hollywood Cthulhu adaptation yet?[View]
88137992JUSTICE LEAGUE Test-Screenings: There's been a few test-screenings of JUSTICE LEAGUE for WB emp…[View]
88142841What is your favorite film by D.W. Griffith?[View]
88142018>What'd you tell him? >The truth[View]
88136974ITT: Video Store Memories I though this was a horror movie.[View]
88143136What are your thoughts on the new seasons of the Powerpuff Girls? I was enjoying the show, but Episo…[View]
88143123What are some films that deal with this subject matter?: >In a society that no longer understands…[View]
88143087Anything I can watch that gets close to this? Or atleast of it's kind?[View]
88137635What went so horribly horribly wrong?[View]
88138717You're excited for season 2 aren't you anon?[View]
88128987who should play him as adult richie in the sequel?[View]
88134636>The only costume designed by George What did he mean by this?[View]
88142503Where are you a fookin legend, /tv/?[View]
88142914This isn't funny.[View]
88135190Dan Harmon Suicide Countdown: http://www.duncantrussell.com/episodes/2017/9/15/dan-harmon lol what a…[View]
88141888'Anon, if I wasn't here right now and it was just you home alone with a 13-year old boy, what w…[View]
88138997Anyone else find this niggas films incredibly boring?[View]
88137651Predator: why is this so fucking good?[View]
88142784>yfw they will never be this good again[View]
88134513ITT: god-tier trailers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4u7UG6n5100[View]
88142714PAY FOR HYDE WARS[View]
88134803Who's the most based character on Americans?[View]
88141482Why did he go out and party instead of taking his daughter to dinner?[View]
88142528Pickle Rick Crashes Dormcon(?): I TURNED MYSELF INTO A NORMIE MORTY https://youtu.be/gkpJiX2HE2Q…[View]
88142458How did they get away with this?[View]
88139565What the fuck were they thinking with this?[View]
88138766can someone explain this meme to me[View]
88142292Who was in the right here?[View]
88140849Did any of you ever remember a movie that never existed? I thought I saw a commercial for a Junie B.…[View]
88136158MY SEX JUNK[View]
88139608We can all agree that this was the best film of 2016, right? Okay, maybe Silence was better, I…[View]
88138885What are some German kinos?[View]
88118954Thoughts on Ashley Graham's performance on Lip Sync Battle?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wj…[View]
88142035>Hehe I'm le epic ringmaster *tips wigdora* What did Howard Stern mean by this?…[View]
88141950I was diagnosed with HPV: Did you know?...mom? Dad?[View]
88141348Who was wrong here?[View]
88141217is she the funniest female on tv?[View]
88139789>'You're gonna get your ass kicked in high school'[View]
88140557>coworkers start talking about Rick and Morty[View]
88140282Hey 4chan, can you recommend any movies about Soviet era friends hanging out in commie blocks, smoki…[View]
88141027What do you fa/tv/irgins think of Narcos? I just started it, and it seems pretty good so far.[View]
88135999ITT: movies that only impress people with extremely limited knowledge of cinema[View]
88136822ITT, Angelic characters that were too good for this cruel, worthless world and left it too soon. Pic…[View]
88141554So... the machine didn't even actually work in the end?[View]
88140666What are some anarchy-loving villains, that you would consider your idols?[View]
88141314KINO ALERT KINO ALERT: This is not a drill. New animated movie coming out in 2 months. https://www.y…[View]
88141252The Confession Tapes: Do you think they were innocent?[View]
88140948Are there any other films that only intellectuals and people with a degree of intelligence can enjoy…[View]
88141215https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Vc2FHwMZeo Sheevcore[View]
88141213Do you ever wonder...[View]
88140620wdtmbt: >Quote from movie[View]
88140138Can I have a taste sir?[View]
88139671/tv/ opinion on this wasted potential?[View]
88140773why is this so awkward to watch?[View]
88140434>we need an autist >say no more[View]
88139842Fuck you, I liked it thread: In which we post films which are generally frowned upon but we like non…[View]
88134587/got/ - Game of Thrones General: Please please George edition https://youtu.be/ztLYtUGEEfc Last thre…[View]
88132375Were the performances kino?: Which was the best? Who should perform in s4?[View]
8814058610 years ago today, the Big Bang Theory debuted. Along with other 2007 events like Facebook overtaki…[View]
88139148Redpill me on Deadwood[View]
88140436>Baywatch >Produced by Chinese companies >Bad guy is an Indian Girl >Good politician is …[View]
88130411Post your top 5 films, not necessarily in order. I'll start: 1. Come and See 2. Tokyo Story 3.…[View]
88140122Rate movies you've seen recently: >Master and Commander 9.5/10 >Paths of Glory 8.5/10 …[View]
88139398someone told me that Luke Skywalker is not Anakin's son due to dates not matching up. I couldn…[View]
88130763Why is no one talking about this new show. First episode was great. New one tonight.[View]
88137258Movies you watched in school: I've seen this goddamn movie more times than I ever wanted to, pr…[View]
88139224what are some movies virgins shouldn't watch? I watched this a few days back and I think I migh…[View]
88122417/trek/: Orion Edition[View]
88139402Is this movie kino?[View]
88140076What is the best way to set your tv settings to enjoy a film properly?[View]
88140053Name a more comfy show: you can't[View]
88138600Why is this allowed?[View]
88140309All right. Let's finally settle this shit.[View]
88138741You're in the club and this guy calls you 24601 and tells you to 'retrieve the flag' What do yo…[View]
88139523Redpill me on Person of Interest, could it be the Linus-Dantes kino I hope for?[View]
88134099What's the most patrician way of watching tv shows/movies?[View]
88138240Was he a good actor, looks like his later work was only popular with the European crowd, and not so …[View]
88137112Why didn't she kill the uggo? Why did she start acting differently afterward? And what the hell…[View]
88139014>1st feels properly magical and new, a real british film >2nd feels the same >3rd, great, …[View]
88139957ITT: /tv/ makes a new Reality Show, and all posts ending in 5 add to the rules and mechanics, beside…[View]
88139248Have you seen Killing Gunther, /tv/? Allison Tolman is really good in it. https://youtu.be/kx6MTv7…[View]
88136967Fucking Hack[View]
88139390ST: DISCOVERY INTRO: https://youtu.be/s77l5ti2ATk I have faith Discovery will not disappoint us base…[View]
88139852Redpill me on Rectify[View]
88139129Etsubatsu: Post autismkino[View]
88138892Just finished this show, what did i think about it /tv/[View]
88139717It's not Al anymore, it's dunk![View]
88139713The Shield Thread: Why is it so underrated?[View]
88139689>1,181 days until Avatar 2[View]
88139685Is Penguins of Madagascar kino?[View]
88137948genius or staged?[View]
88139589Show me your true face anon[View]
88139342Now that the dust has settled, what did I think of this? Also, why did they cast a boy to play Andi?[View]
88139533anyone got vrv?: is vrv worth it? 10 bucks for some very specific movies and series. Most of the mov…[View]
88138599Ask someone who has watched Blade Runner 2049 in an advance screening anything[View]
88139451Is she going to do a video for Orville or STD?[View]
88139364How about some YouTube kino, lads? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0mfLvaSWdyo[View]
88134880Is there a show more up its own ass? Also the human dude is one of the most unlikable characters in…[View]
88131447Jesus, these digits are super.[View]
88136228I just saw IT. This new Pennywise has to be the scariest movie monster I've seen in years. Lite…[View]
88110852>watching movie with family >sex scene starts…[View]
88139164Pretty good.What do you think?[View]
88137565What is some essential Spanish kino?[View]
88139117The Godfather 3 was under the first two movies but the ending is one of the most intense and saddest…[View]
88138686>couple is flirting and kissing each other over and over again while saying they love each other …[View]
88139065Mad Dogs: Which version do you think is the best version of Mad Dogs, UK or US? Me personally I pref…[View]
88137789ITT: we post director's most underrated movies[View]
88138402Who was Spider-man's est on-screen opponent?[View]
88138861>but at least it's self aware! Anyone else getting tired of everything being self-aware as i…[View]
88138601ITT: Badly draw a scene from a movie and other people guess what movie it's from[View]
88137612Why did he never seem to do any work?[View]
8813887154 days till justice league[View]
88134137what was his name again?[View]
88138710What is that? Too small for a troll.[View]
88134862What was his tax policy?[View]
88132250/trek/ Kino opening is back to menu boys Edition: https://youtu.be/U9E2olGqUlU[View]
88138702Holy shit. These two are surprisingly good together. Their discussion is way deeper and they are obv…[View]
88138757ITT: Great movies you never want to watch again: Post em[View]
88134529What is the GOAT stand-up special?[View]
88136534Aidan Gillen: Why does he still get hired? Aidan can't act for shit[View]
88138733What will they need to do this right?[View]
88138126is it true the only movies and tv shows considered masterpieces are the ones that evoke discussion f…[View]
88125043/tv/ webm thread[View]
88133428Hey /tv/, normfag here. Do you guys like pic related show? I'm not sure what the 4chan consensu…[View]
88135800ITT: movies with stupid premises[View]
88138630Hostiles: Has anyone seen Hostiles yet? What did you think of it?[View]
88134868>We need someone to play a jew I know just the guy[View]
88138568>Want to watch Better Call Saul and don't want to specifically buy it or watch on AMC, betwe…[View]
88137118anon how you pirate your movies?[View]
881363873x3 thread: Post them, rate them & hate them. Here's the website where you can create a 3x3…[View]
88136257>Character saying phrases like 'Holy spit' and 'Up spit creek without a paddle' >Ozzy calling …[View]
88137560Isle of Dogs: You ready for more Wes Anderson kino? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dt__kig8PVU…[View]
8813551314:58 kino: Screenshot the last film you watched at 14:58 and the other people try to guess which mo…[View]
88136882Is he the best panel show guest?[View]
88135996>Watch first Hobbit film >An hour in >They're STILL in the Shire Why are they taking s…[View]
88137539This is so sad[View]
88136478>Kiersey Clemons recently described her Justice League scenes as “f*cking sick”, but fans may nev…[View]
88137417I'M BACK!: And I got a feeling I will become a meme this year![View]
88138227that one movie you still haven't got round to watching[View]
88136129Don't try to stop me this time, /tv/. Don't you dare try to stop me.[View]
88136179My name is ___________ and you can go fuck yourself.[View]
88137402Why did people have a problem with this line? A communications disruption during an illegal siege ca…[View]
88138080ITT we post surprisingly profitable films: See this film? This film right here? With 7% RT and near …[View]
88138114TONIGHT ON FOX[View]
88137598What did he do?[View]
88137553Any good spy movies to watch?[View]
88137684what are some sersha kinos?[View]
88137786Rewatching Movies / TV: Is this a problem for anyone else? I find it hard to pickup new things and t…[View]
88131225Was it kino?[View]
88137563*Blocks your path*[View]
88135428>rape movie >gay paedo movie >slave exploitation movie Is /tv/ ready for their 2017 Oscar® …[View]
88137428So do It get to see Jennifer Lawrence getting abused if I go to see this?[View]
88124276The Orville: >Guys sex change LMAO First two episodes were great and and funny but they just coul…[View]
88132574Which one is the better actress?[View]
88137724Ah, a man of taste I see[View]
88137732>Even director Darren Aronofsky wasnt safe from the twisted vision of the guy who yells 'ASS TO A…[View]
88127075Are you looking forward to the new season of Vikings?[View]
88116063'Whaddya mean I'm too old to play a teenage love interest in a movie? I don't look a day o…[View]
88134818Love that memory[View]
88137581Who will play him in the inevitable biopic?[View]
88137352Jokes that went waaaaaayyy over your head[View]
88136613Did /tv/ have an opinion on his? Just watched it.[View]
88136292>From a young age, Akerman and her mother were exceptionally close, and she encouraged her daught…[View]
88137471why is the average MDE fan a self-hating mexican/minority?[View]
88137358If you laughed at this you are a cretin who doesn't understand even the most basic cinematograp…[View]
88137397How is it you can tell what is an what isn't made by BBC without credits? >Why does all BBC …[View]
88136097Post a more cunty female...: Are we supposed to feel compassion for her at the end? She knew the chi…[View]
88134783>Not one thread about one of the best currently airing shows Anyone streaming this live tonight? …[View]
88135512who's looking forward to watching this tonight?[View]
88137214Was it ever explained whether the keymaker had a key to her heart, or not?[View]
88127706>My goal as a film critic is to remain as objective as possible. What does this mean? Well it mea…[View]
88135293*flashes a badge, not giving the person time to see it* >I'm FBI[View]
88122187What the fuck is this shit[View]
88136761who is your favorite comic? me? it's vic henley[View]
88135555Do you watch movies high /tv/?[View]
88136820Why did slashers die?[View]
88135543Finally got around to watching this, it was campy and drab until the goose appeared, the film contin…[View]
88134874Is there a better love story than pic related?[View]
88136423Politically driven tv shows: It's very obvious within minutes of the first ep. that this is ins…[View]
88137022This movie still holds up as pretty pretty damn good. Why did they have to ruin it with sequels.[View]
88137061Can we bring back big comfy couch shit posting![View]
88128658https://youtube.com/watch?v=ICPGhxjW3fw >he hasn't taken the Carreypill Life is fucking mean…[View]
88134760>Writes her main female character with a spiteful, jealous, and petty side character instead of t…[View]
88136772This hurts to watch: Why did you make me watch this? It's like seeing what could have been if I…[View]
88136639What is the film equivalent of reading Green Eggs and Ham backwards so it becomes a story of a man w…[View]
88136736>it's a Columbo thread[View]
88135491Country roooaaads Take me hoooome To the place I belooooong..[View]
88135532Why does this movie trigger so many /pol/yards?[View]
88136708And shipping is always free![View]
88132252Who's the best Peep Show girl /tv/? apart from pic related obviously[View]
88136695The plate, HAND IT OVER[View]
88135575Skeet's Mcspankies formerly Jimmy's[View]
88123463What are some Gemma kinos?[View]
88136119/ourgirl/ Grace is livestreaming herself watching Wonder Woman. get in and chat with us https://www.…[View]
88136295What went wrong?[View]
88130254ITT: bullets you dodged >people payed to see this shit[View]
88136504What are some movies about first impressions?[View]
88133094People who haven't watched Trailer Park Boys haven't actually lived[View]
88122061JJ and Spielberg teaming up again...: What should we expect?[View]
88136400Why are so many bed wetting, basement dwelling anime fans so triggered that Netflix made a better ad…[View]
88134443>lol lets put the two least favorite people to make a 30 min episode about a shitty movie nobody …[View]
88127300What's his problem?[View]
88135994Do any of you guys freelance? How is it?[View]
88136308Guess this movie.[View]
88114030What do yo think of super models getting roles in big budget movies?[View]
88136267ENTERTAIN US[View]
88136156This is Australian actress Alycia Debham-Carey, she has appeared in the hit AMC series Fear the Walk…[View]
88135476ITT: dream casting choices: Pic related as Tom Bombadil[View]
88135520>Horror movie review >'Your imagination is scarier then anything they could show you'…[View]
88131658Taxi Driver or Raging Bull?[View]
88135972Should I sell penny stocks?: Let me sell some penny stocks to you guys.[View]
88123909You want a good girl, but what you need is a fish pusy[View]
88132527ITT: Movies where every actor involved regrets taking part in it[View]
88136000Will Colin Firth win the Oscar for his performance in the heartbreaking Mr. Pickles sequence?[View]
88134485I AM NOT CRYING.[View]
88133419What do you think of Fassbender as Magneto and the X-men movies in general?[View]
88133222>ywn feel this much excitement for anything in your life What's the point?…[View]
88135051>movie has shaky cam[View]
88135854Tell me a story about a movie you watched which intersected with an historical event or an event of …[View]
88134662Is neo-noir the best genre?[View]
88134812I just realized... HE IS THE KING OF WHITE WALKERS WOOOW!!!!!![View]
88135360A Roseanne reboot?: I just caught wind of this and didn't see a thread in the catalog so I want…[View]
88133796>That shield doesn't belong to you. You don't deserve it. My father made that shield. H…[View]
88135413What's your favorite samurai film?[View]
88131104Hey Faggots, My name is John, and I hate every single one of you. All of you are fat, retarded, no-l…[View]
88134731Stargate: Human replicators killed both SG-1 and Atlantis[View]
88135394why /tv/ so obsessed with this kid from stranger things ?[View]
88134480>tfw hate America but spend all day watching American movies and television…[View]
88135263why didnt maximus just shake his hand?[View]
88135269>canadian >''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''comedy'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' https://www…[View]
88135320Great, now I want to fuck her.[View]
88124356Why does he wear the glove?[View]
88135308New Card: Whaddya think?[View]
88135049Put the bloody nootka in the bag, NOW![View]
88133525Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams: Are you going to watch episode 2 tonight, /tv/?[View]
88134369Who's your hillbillyfu?[View]
88121852He's unironically not wrong[View]
88132460ITT:shows/movies only you have watched[View]
88129537What is /tv/'s informed opinion on Goon: Last of the Enforcers (2017) and its young protagonist…[View]
88129317Horror Movies for Halloween: Halloween is coming up my dudes. What are some good non autistic horror…[View]
88135080I literally cannot stop crying Fuck whoever recommended this movie to me. Worse than Grave of the Fi…[View]
88135076how come y'all aren't talking about this great show? Jeffrey Tambor is amazing as Maura/Mo…[View]
88120154Post a picture and others post recommended films.[View]
88129227Was he a big guy for her?[View]
88134107Was he a Nexus himself, or just an autistic robophile?[View]
88134900we'll never get more spy kino ;_; JUST[View]
88134536Why don't you stupid mongs talk about good movies?[View]
88134777What is next for her career?[View]
88134036This is Kevin Spacey as John Paul Getty in the new Ridley Scott film All the Money in the World. Wha…[View]
88133333Kagari likes Television![View]
88131074Hey Anons Is this pic accurate?[View]
88133412Big Bang Theory Appreciation Thread: Everyone's favourite TV show is getting a spin off called …[View]
88129330>movie is set in New York >characters randomly yell out BADDA BING…[View]
88134721Is he secretly /ourguy/?[View]
88134754who else: is releasing the beast and cleansing their souls?[View]
88129886I dare you to find me a more kino sequence in cinema[View]
88129428This is the most obnoxious movie I've ever seen.[View]
88133080Was it autism?[View]
88134140Is Rocky IV the greatest propaganda film of all time? >inb4 Potemkin[View]
88134043Is the Colonial Fleet space-Capitalist or space-Communist?[View]
88134510american horror story cult: LITERALLY /ourguy/[View]
88134454You didn't forget about me, did you /tv/?[View]
88132508October is right around the corner, and after years and years of being disappointed with modern horr…[View]
88129985Has her acting career peaked yet?[View]
88134566Chairs? You have CHAIRS in your house?[View]
88133235This guy will win an Oscar before his 18th birthday.[View]
88126072/got/ general: >>88111951 Was it rape?[View]
88134272Who is /tv/'s favorite Asian actor/tress?[View]
88130134what film series does this represent?[View]
88126509>185 million budget >R rated >denis kinoneuve, roger deakins >ryan gosling in his most a…[View]
88134101what the fuck happened to jim carrey https://youtu.be/ICPGhxjW3fw[View]
88132093ITT : Most iconic pose[View]
88125178Prequel Love Thread: There is no greater trilogy and the Star Wars prequels. They are the apex of fi…[View]
88128642Brimstone: So I watched this yesterday, some anon said that it was awful but I liked it. Also why co…[View]
88126060Was he in the wrong to sacrifice people that pledged his life to him?[View]
88134216>watch a good show >starts up with the anti-white male rhetoric halfway through yeesh…[View]
88131435What the fuck was this convoluted mess I just watched?[View]
88128281Why isn't this lauded more? It exposes the death of free speech[View]
88132558Is, dare I say, /ourguy/ back?[View]
88132922So, you admit you grabbed her can. What do you have to say in your defense?[View]
88132258ITT: post music albums and the poster below adapts the album name into a Simpsons gag[View]
88133988>*pulls out glock*.[View]
88130723ITT, Fictional Food or Drinks That Look Delicious: Ive always wanted to try Blue Milk. What is your …[View]
88132893so which was /our/ /guy/?[View]
88126662Proper lubrication and good joints will come to you, but only if you say 'Thank you, Bigweld!' in th…[View]
88133687THE SNOWmAN: r u guys ready for dah snowman film?[View]
88132192>Hello Halberstram, nice tie[View]
88131668Joker origins movie when?[View]
88132563What's his name again?[View]
88133423ITT: Actors everyone forgot about after winning the Oscar[View]
88091913The long-gestating “Wheel of Time” TV series adaptation is moving forward with Sony Pictures Televis…[View]
88133831Lets have a comfy sci-fi movies thread. Post comfy sci fi no matter how old, new, good or bad.[View]
88129344>bring a girl home from a bar >fuck yeah, gonna get laid >dick all hard >we arrive at my…[View]
88129838Why are there so many movies set in ancient Egypt and Greece: But almost no movies set in ancient Me…[View]
88121924Alright lets settle this..: >No interruptions >No team ups >No Romans >No woman Who woul…[View]
88133638ITT: Actors who instantly make a film better[View]
88131430Why did people used to think that blackface was funny? I've noticed racial stereotypes appear i…[View]
88133435>is that a gram? what did he mean by this[View]
88133654CALM THE FUCK DOWN[View]
88124615Who is the best supporting character and why is it Skinner? This is for recurring only, not guest ch…[View]
88126388'Gal Gadot is pur......'[View]
88128944why is this guy famous again?[View]
88127246What went wrong?[View]
88130040What's his catchphrase again?[View]
88133045>Female party member needed to be rescue I seriously hope you didn't pay and support this fl…[View]
88132125/sop/: so, now that the dust has settled, what was his problem? he didn't like uncle ben's…[View]
88132852What are some good 30 minutes or less shows? I need something to watch in the morning before going t…[View]
88130628So A Ghost Story (2017) is just a more hipster remake of Visions (2015)?[View]
88133008Kingsman 2 was bloody brilliant: >conveys the importance of a strong father figure >shows the …[View]
88132583Just finished this and I wish I had stopped watching earlier. They went full retard in season 3. I a…[View]
88110175Plain lo in the morning. Lola in slacks. Lois Lane. Mmm. Come see the view. Um... Mmm-mmm. Now the s…[View]
88132647How could, what is arguably the greatest horror movie ever, get trashed so bad by critics when it wa…[View]
88132962Did Bev do womanly things with her dad? Was he her first kiss? She said it wasn't bad. Or was i…[View]
88132957If you wear a turtle neck and a backpack, it's like a midget trying to bring you down. All fuck…[View]
88125967Where did it go wrong?[View]
88131047ITT: Pleb filters[View]
88132630What did /tv/ think of this kino?[View]
88130939>Theater has kiss cam[View]
88132813Why was Doug Benson in Blade Runner?[View]
88131037tv shows and or movies where enemies become best friends?[View]
88131207What is Jonah Hill doing these days?[View]
88132772Alright. Sick of it.[View]
88132748>YOU'RE TAKING A CHANCE >YOU'RE RISKING IT ALL This thread is devoted to discussing …[View]
88130329These are the two best movies of the year so far. Say something nice about them.[View]
88129790I don't get it, why does it get so much praise?[View]
88132631Could this BE anymore of a PIVOT [View]
88127120What did I think of this movie /tv/?[View]
8813229454 days till justice league[View]
88132507The Deuce: Emily Meade has some great tittays. Also, The Deuce thread.[View]
88125550What the FUCK was his problem?[View]
88132347[screams in brummie][View]
88130588This had the best story I saw this year and its doco[View]
88130955What are some good shows about skeletons?[View]
88127418How would you make a school trailer?: I-i totally didn't make a bad decision and volunteer for …[View]
88132236will he be nominated for oscars, /tv/?[View]
88132162>You wouldn't hit a guy with glasses would you?[View]
88131269>'let the lard of the black land come farth!' why did Argagorn suddenly become a potato nigger? H…[View]
88132120Admit it /tv/, you would[View]
88132103(slobbering over cigar) oh hey...how the fuck are ya (wipes drool from mouth) lemme... (coughs) lemm…[View]
88131935How deep does this go? https://youtu.be/llNR8gqiyr0[View]
88132044Why do recent DC movies fail on every level?[View]
88131386american middle class in movies: are there any movies which shows the american middle class people. …[View]
88131150No cable but looking to watch Star Trek Discovery tonight. Any body gonna be streaming it? (Canada b…[View]
88131875Who's your favorite actor/actress from the 20th century?[View]
88130468>/tv/ praises Event Horizon as a classic >expect some somber space kino >it's a cheesy…[View]
88128410what's his best movie?[View]
88131820>If you're watching this, I'm dead[View]
88131808Need help finding an old cringy/campy horror film. Can't remember much of it but it's some…[View]
88126372What the fuck is his problem?[View]
88131737>45 seconds of logos >also comcast…[View]
88130020i use memes to deal with crippling depression and anxiety *turns on lo fi chill study beats and logs…[View]
88125324Best Buy or Worst Guy?[View]
88131201Wait why did he want to assassinate him is he just a race traitor?[View]
88130152what's your favorite kind of regeneration?[View]
88129274Are you hyped for the new Peter Rabbit movie? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Pa_Weidt08[View]
88131390Double Natalya or double Xenia?[View]
88127801October is almost here, can we get a comfy horror thread going? 80's and recent ones most welco…[View]
88124637What happened to her? She starred in one of the most critically respected comedies, now she's m…[View]
88131091After the rest of a lifetime I've been busy.[View]
88131257Just watched it and I liked it a lot. Not because of the superb acting or the satisfying slowburn, b…[View]
88128407Is he /our guy/ ?[View]
88131326Port Protection: Anyone here watch pic related? Of all the Alaskan shows I've seen I like this …[View]
88131039Did this film awaken anything in you?[View]
88129293Who will play him in his inevitable biopic[View]
88130922Why isn't pic related in a horror Movie[View]
88125972What are the quintessential TV kinae?[View]
88126842Can we have a Harry Potter thread? I always find myself re-watching them (atleast the first ones) in…[View]
88124235gonna watch the first season what am i in for[View]
88129232what made this movie so comfy?[View]
88130859I wanna know, Ray. I wanna the exact story of what you did to them. I wanna know what they said. I w…[View]
88127943/sys/ Say You're Sorry General: Apologize.[View]
88130833What's some kino about breast envy[View]
88130523Why do they mention Wawa so much? Is it a Philly thing? I've never been there, I've also n…[View]
88129222>found footage >'whats the camera for?' >'I'm making a documentary'! >proceeds to f…[View]
88126863YOU. WOULD. MAKE. A. GOOD. DALEK.: What do you even say to that?[View]
88128190Are Jews in general like this or is it Americans in general?[View]
88126360Gods of Egypt: It was a really entertaining adventure flick Why did everyone hate it?[View]
88130211>tfw half my friends can be described by this image[View]
88127620/sg/ - Simpsons general: ITT: discuss all things Simpsons. OC is encouraged[View]
88130177How would a scene like this fly today?https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n0MKJNWZS6c[View]
88130586>tfw no Lilly gf Why is she so cute bros?[View]
88120871Star Trek: I've never watched Star Trek and I'd like to start. What series should I start …[View]
88129102Massive Leak: Intro to Episode 8. Regarding the lightsaber Rey handed to Luke at the conclusion of E…[View]
88130430>2 years[View]
88127786Is Francine a good wife?[View]
88130022>you are.... only human.[View]
88130170Does she have a future in the film industry lads?[View]
88130092How can /tv/ fix the Oscars?[View]
88128781This looks like fucking garbage lol I can't believe everyone is saying Oldman is a frontrunner …[View]
88129871What zombie movie am I thinking of?: I can't find shit on google. It's a comedy. It starts…[View]
88129990Kingsman: The Golden Circle: what did you think of the movie /tv/?[View]
88128278Has anyone watched this show? I've heard its pretty good.[View]
8812934654 days until justice league[View]
88129927Do you think Donald Trump would like it?[View]
88129678>Licking lollipops cannot be base-[View]
88128217>paying 46,000 yen you worked for to pay for your wife's lover ransom jesus what a fucking c…[View]
88110675Are we hyped for Aquaman?[View]
88128834>No! They expect one of us in the wreckage brother Why didn't Bane sacrifice himself?…[View]
88118836ITT: Times you acted like Pennywise >be me >elementary school >end of year is coming up an…[View]
88128939We're gonna need a team. >00 The Chameleon >11 A Fast Talker >22 Someone good with cir…[View]
88115847Season 2 when?[View]
88129319Does /tv/ watch Ink Master? never see any threads about it.[View]
88129144Why the fuck is season 3 so shit? What the fuck happened?[View]
88128036Have any of you fags seen any of the movies released this week >Stronger >Brad's Status …[View]
88128749What ad/commercial campaign has the deepest lore? And why is it the trix rabbit commercials[View]
88129074>It's a Frasier dresses up as a clown and gives Martin a heart attack episode…[View]
88128790you're a nice guy, you're a nice guy HOWEVER[View]
88118764Who approved this ending shot?[View]
88129152Remember when NYC firefighters, police and medics were quiping with the terrorists and got shawarma …[View]
88129132New Re:View https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aw0z9kK7ssQ[View]
88128428>How many of your friends are dead because of alcoholism? What, precisely, did Sam 'the forgotten…[View]
88121335What was his endgame?[View]
88129082I would have ended up ruining teds life if i was walt Probably fuck his daughters then get them addi…[View]
88128918For Your Eyes Only was the last good Bond theme song.[View]
88128848>'Howard, it's Bateman. Yes, Patrick Bateman. The rumors are true: >'I AM the American Ps…[View]
88128592What's your favorite lovecraftian movie?[View]
88126061Whats next in the career of the beautiful and talented young actress Juno Temple? Will she ever win …[View]
88128814What did your ass think of the best movie of 2016?[View]
88128478Leatherface: What a piece of shit. Thoughts on this movie?[View]
88128844the ting goes skrrrrrrrra pa pa ka ka ka skeedy ki pa pa and a poom poom prrrrrrrrr boom SKIYA dru b…[View]
88124656>he doesn't know how to use the three sea shells[View]
88127982>appearance is completely random >his purpose is to maintain order Is he an allegory for God?…[View]
88127966The Wire: This is America, man[View]
88124914>post-victory closing scene >WEEEEEEE ARE THE CHAMPIONS…[View]
88123667BvS comfy thread: Here we go boys[View]
88128173>it’s a fun movie[View]
88128340Was it entrapment?[View]
88127328Who is the greatest American filmmaker in your opinion?[View]
88122882Does /tv/ like WWE?[View]
88117308What's the best episode(s)?[View]
88128274mhmmmmm good day[View]
88128237Dude circles lmao https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aw0z9kK7ssQ[View]
88125050Why did they have this scene? Hitlers didn't die like that[View]
88127121In and between cooking cycles, you're supposed to baste us![View]
88125908Gigi is growing in popularity. Will she ever catch-up Taylor?[View]
88126330Why aren't there movies on ancient hawaii? I know nothing about them, but it'd be cool to …[View]
88125493Post newer American kino Has to have: >hollywood level production quality >at the same time, h…[View]
88128103SHE TAKE MY MONEH[View]
88125440Kiernan Shipka will be 18 yo in two months. What would you like to see next for her?[View]
88118708This episode was dark as fuck. Quite possibly the darkest, most depressing episode of any TV show of…[View]
88109678What the FUCK was her problem?[View]
88127951Were any of you able to catch this early 10's classic before it disappeared into obscurity?[View]
88127248Numales Come At Night: Is this this the personification of numale culture in horror movie format? …[View]
88127825Does anybody else feel embarrassed they liked this at the time?: Rewatching it is so cringey[View]
88126965Nathan for You: Thoughts on Corey's new gf?[View]
88123048new Brick & Mortor today: Do you think they'll finally get it over with and just FUCK alrea…[View]
88124488Finn Wolfhard Net Worth: He is a rich kid[View]
88127870Rate mr.Freeman: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCICHplk4dl0WV4Z8mWL2u5w youtube anti-bullshitt stu…[View]
88126296>tfw you realize that The Room is a twisted and distorted autobiography of Tommy Wiseau reliving …[View]
88127787What went wrong?[View]
88126519Why do you think people love to glorify the mafia in films & TV? Same case with Narcos. They are…[View]
88119881Which is the best 90's sitcom?[View]
88125560What are some shows that I need to binge watch for 122 hours to be caught up with the plot?[View]
88127664To say that I'm a big lynch fan would be a ginormous understatement. You see, I'm a ginorm…[View]
88126297>favourite film is The Elephant Man (Lynch, 1980) >hates other people >hates other cultures…[View]
88127552It was hell down there Howard![View]
88126945>fuck you bitch[View]
88127521wasps in a car when?[View]
88124255I got an 8:30 reservation at Dorsia[View]
88126922this is from a subway commercial, and I was wondering if anyone knew where it was from or where I co…[View]
88114226Actors its impossible to hate[View]
88126813Both of them were The Thing.[View]
88125229Chutzpah: Yiddish word derives from the Hebrew word ḥutspâ meaning unmitigated effrontery or impuden…[View]
88125549>Dat ending Was it dare I say kino?[View]
88125420>I'm not one of them. I'm here to destroy them. You see, I've cleaned up a lot of …[View]
88126798Wait, didn't ranch actually come first? Why did he shoot her?[View]
88125741ITT: Television or films that deserve a good video game based on them[View]
88124362Big Ben: >*Blocks your path*[View]
88127177>*blocks your path*[View]
88124884What went wrong?[View]
88125824don't tell me, don't tell me, let me guess mmm...Valentino Couture?[View]
88123158ITT: mista/k/es that piss you off in movies >world war 2 kino >''''German'''' heavy tanks are …[View]
88125345>Pickle rick is dead, BANE is back on the menu boys[View]
88124739Today I watched Terminator and Face/Off. Two movies that I hadn't seen in many years and that a…[View]
88126309SAM HYDE: >Wastes over $7,000 >Takes him years to make depressing nihilist videos >Wastes h…[View]
88126717Computer, initiate Star Trek thread[View]
88125089Fine day Sunday! Best day of the week in my opinion.[View]
88126381Are you ready for Jewish kino?[View]
88124731I'm not sure if this is Pro or Anti[View]
88123218new card, waddya think?[View]
88126652why does woody alien still have a fucking career[View]
88125895What are /tv/'s opinions on DW Griffith?[View]
88118425I don't get it: I don't get it... What was the deal with the unicorn? Was it meant to imp…[View]
88125335Real Madrid won't make out of it's champions league group. You read it here first.[View]
88124009Sopranos Thread: >Eating at diner >Don't Stop Believin' comes on >MFW…[View]
88126465How do you feel about Craig's last time as Bond being directed by Villeneuve? He's Craig…[View]
88121353>never stands up to House, always does as he's told, feeds information to Vogler to save his…[View]
88119309https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kbPibD5aaC0 APOLOGIZE[View]
88122799Best villain ever?[View]
88126057>kmasdnf2yt qtq[er gqprug qj;aoqrhwtqh 15[t8 135h qng]qrgwy 15yuq[rganry3qu vrnhgtgoergadf oi3 qr…[View]
88126253Is this the pinnacle of fecies kino?[View]
88126283Kelly used to be so cute[View]
88123183Name a more Alpha filmmaker.[View]
88125271>works as a programmer >computer isn't even on…[View]
88124798Was he slow?[View]
88111224An Argentine played an Egyptian princess: WTF? /pol/ and niggers BTFO[View]
88111951/got/ general how will the show finally end: Previos >>88099610 >Final episode >bitters…[View]
88125481Batman? More like Fatman![View]
88122726What are some movies about dumb niggers for dumb niggers?[View]
88121851This is objectively bad. Why can't I stop watching?[View]
88125393>1,179 days until avatar 2[View]
88122890>Join the dark side Luke, don't make me FORCE you Who wrote this shit?…[View]
88125617any idea why my burnt dvds have a 200ms or so pause? its pretty regular too like every minute.the so…[View]
88123152You just know.[View]
88115544How much do you sympathize with Larry David when watching Curb?[View]
88124895>Obviously I was just kidding Haha, yeah, me.. too..[View]
88125463>antagonist pulls trigger >*click*[View]
88123268You guys tricked me into watching 5 minutes of this shit and I'm pretty mad.[View]
88121970>big action scene >all the fighting syncs up to the music…[View]
88125005Morph Thread http://www.morphthing.com/morph[View]
88125214FACT: No one has ever seen Scott Bakula outside during the day: Anytime you've seen it in a mov…[View]
88124035>what are some movies about a neet protagonist who gets a job and steps food in adult life…[View]
88123708So this just happened >be me >hanging out with Aziz Ansari, Lena Waithe, Lena's girlfrie…[View]
88121921What was his fucking problem?[View]
88089313Dead Careers General[View]
88124998>me front and center[View]
88124319What's /tv/ opinion on the Jump Street movies?[View]
88121730Bridget Regan should have been Wonder Woman[View]
88119575giggle: giggle[View]
88115392what the fuck was his problem?[View]
88125062>coming of age story >Character does things you haven't ever done…[View]
88125039A FREAK[View]
88125034why the hell haven't the pet birds who escape in tv and film had their wings clipped?[View]
88122974The Orville - episode 3: baby sex change goes ahead anyway, Feminism BTFO lol[View]
88125000> but wouldnt we suffocate?[View]
88124722Fellow African American,: 1. Why can't African-American celebrities and millionaires build thei…[View]
88122871Holy shit,this guy is hilarious,I can't stop laughing[View]
88109138Reminder: Seth MacFarlane whored himself to make this Kino Show: Trek fans let's make this show…[View]
88124821post some kino tv animation[View]
88124115ITT: Subtle jokes in television you missed as a kid[View]
88124578>arm chopped off by helicopter >killed by a crashing helicopter What did they mean by this?…[View]
88123915>The first funny female comedian is a pregnant Asian Damn. Who would have thought?…[View]
88099919IT Chapter 2 Confirms The Turtle and The Kid Cast Returns: https://geektyrant.com/news/it-chapter-2-…[View]
88121070ITT: Subtle Simpsons jokes >Wiggum: Did you have the same backwards talking dream with the flamin…[View]
88123626That motherfucker's dead[View]
88124574Anyone seen this yet? im curious if its worth a watch[View]
88124610This piece of shit somehow got these voice actors, how are they stealing all this talent from hollyw…[View]
88124008Who is it you think you see?[View]
88124431What did they mean by this?[View]
88119325Reminder that Olivia Munn is considered the worst and most unfunny correspondent on the Daily Show[View]
88121653>'The world needs you! ..... I need you!'[View]
88116468Characters who did nothing wrong: >Created civilization from nothing >State of the art hydropo…[View]
88122766Kingsman 2 Poppy: N-N-NO I CAN'T BE IN LOVE WITH AN OLD HAG!![View]
88122626do you think actors will ever get replaced by robots?[View]
88124306>Kelso, what the hell, man!? You were supposed to come with me and my sister to get your thetan l…[View]
88122515So wanting to have sex with her becomes either legal or illegal depending on what's in your hea…[View]
88124289Cast them[View]
88122990What are some /tv/ things to watch after getting dumped?[View]
88124176you've heard of Elf on the Shelf, now get ready for[View]
88111119https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ICPGhxjW3fw Wtf senpai?[View]
88123191Another Seagalkino to the BR collection, guys. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iaFDGWqOvGU[View]
88111438Doctor Who General /who/: doctor who is bread. bried: >>88088202[View]
88122909Awchoo!: Sorry, I sneeded...[View]
88123235Anyone else feel that Rio Bravo isn't that great? There's nothing that standout or spectac…[View]
88123166>I ate his liver with fava beans and a nice chianti....TSTSTSTSTS What did he mean by this?…[View]
88124007To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Rick and Morty. The humor is extremely sub…[View]
88121975Hey, I don't browse this board. Wondering what /tv/'s general consensus is on some of the …[View]
88121318Post a better pairing.[View]
88123388'I am in a lonely place, no one will have sex with me'[View]
88124047Remember when the Jackass guys took over MTV for 24 hours?[View]
88123234>The National Anthem good >Fifteen Million Merits good >The Entire History of You very good…[View]
88121997>opening credits What the hell, man?[View]
88123874Nol-man: Why is he such a massive success?[View]
88122782>Past a certain wage, a single man cannot live comfortably[View]
88122021Mary and Max: Why didn't you tell me this was so good /tv/? Sny other examples of good animatio…[View]
88123064What the hell happened with Jonah Hill?? The characters he played in his earlier movies like Superba…[View]
88123630How rich was he?[View]
88117577For a TV movie. This shit is great. Can anything honestly surpass it?[View]
88123470>You did the dicks. You did the dicks, because he deserved it, for ruining your life How is this …[View]
88122785Cult.of.Chucky.2017.UNRATED.DVDRip.650MB.MkvCage.mkv: >DVDRip It's something.…[View]
88120786>Todd is asexual >Diane blogging about guns to combat rape culture >Mr PeanutButter is a po…[View]
88121603Was her son Sheridan gay or what?[View]
88119232ANON, MY OFFICE. NOW[View]
88105167How often does a remake (It is absolutely a remake) come out where it's just unanimously agreed…[View]
88121554What was this guy's problem?[View]
88123557This is what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object.[View]
88122193Who will play them in the inevitable biopic?[View]
88123503Bed time story is an allegory for the plot of the film[View]
88123496Bigheads: Is game show kino. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=jU61ductFg8[View]
88122509Did he know all along?[View]
88115299>People are very strange these days. I used to know a girl; she had a dozen guys. One of them fou…[View]
88123155STAR TREK DISCOVERY: >Tomatometer Not Available... *inhales*[View]
88123217Transformers 5: What the fuck am I watching?[View]
88120595Was it kino?[View]
88121316Trucker Kino: Post trucker kîno.[View]
88122243Were any of you able to catch this early 10's classic before it disappeared into obscurity?[View]
88110922So we all agree that this movie would've been an instant 10 if not for Furiosa's character…[View]
88123162Korean Momento.[View]
88122157Is this show worth watching? I heard it's crampacked full of jokes only adults and classic Soni…[View]
88121336eight bacon cheeseburgers slopped in fucking grease cheese and bacon[View]
88119719What are some Christian kino? Pic related[View]
88118591Good for him[View]
88122928I DON'T BELIEVE YOU[View]
88122927What a waste of time[View]
88122574tell me kid, have you ever danced with the devil by the pale moonlight?[View]
88121055does he deserve an Oscar nomination?[View]
88122723And like a lot of dreams, there's a monster at the end of it.[View]
88120590Good movies with bad titles.[View]
88120690Is Louis de Funes one of the greatest comic genius of all time? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EQzd…[View]
88119392What movies do girls like to watch?[View]
88122242So, what I got from the ending, is that Javert actually is the only one to go to hell. What the fuck…[View]
88119453>main character's backstory reveals he's been obsessed with the same girl for 9 years…[View]
88121141Was it just a joke? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jFNda6csJLg[View]
88121912Best villain ever?[View]
88116173Literal 10/10s only please.[View]
88121323Who will play him in the inevitable biopic?[View]
88119912Whats a good movie about the police ?[View]
88121984what was stranger things looking at?[View]
88118993DChad Aquaman: *blocks your heterosexuality*[View]
88122494Why didn't the Jedis test all the senators midichlorian counts to find Sidious?[View]
88119133>war movie does it's best to be as historically accurate as possible…[View]
88117616did retards write season 2?[View]
88120378i honestly think he's the best director who ever lived[View]
88117806what did he mean by this?[View]
88118690what's the best tvshow/movie to watch when drinking your life away?[View]
88122371Are you guys ready for Mex Men?[View]
88120647please please please god make this happen[View]
88122301just wow at a 5.9 on imdb fucking plebs this is kino[View]
88122270Top 10 Hentai Scenes in Cartoons[View]
88121713The Disaster Autist: Will it be kino?[View]
88103465virgin Driver vs chad Baby Driver discuss[View]
88111087>it's a transgender rights episode Wow only 3 episodes in and dropping it. Shame, I was liki…[View]
88122009I'm sick and tired of you fucking faggots calling Sam a sellout and a kike. For years, he provi…[View]
88121545Is it really that bad?[View]
88121911History of a planet (Mini-history of the entire world): This is awesome... https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
88119034Who was in the wrong?[View]
88121876>two dads >shown as intolerant and narrow minded they'll sink this show in the ground bef…[View]
88118939Horror General: I just feel like a good old fashioned horror thread before October starts so I'…[View]
88121644Its obvious that the brother did it.[View]
88100623It (2017) was overhyped: Just got home from watching IT. First I'll say that even though it was…[View]
88121789>Nature is pure and benevolent; man corrupts Is there a shittier meme in all of fiction?…[View]
88118864How do you go from this...[View]
88119032What do you think about Chloe's body of work?[View]
88121772What ad/commercial campaign has the deepest lore? And why is it the trix rabbit commercials[View]
88104028When did you realizes Doug walker was not funny?[View]
88121696You've got your 31 halloween films picked out already, right anon?[View]
88115125Why do the Riverdale writers hate Cheryl so much?[View]
88121568>Patiently awaiting vietkino episode 6[View]
88116502ITT: Talentless hacks[View]
88121448>you don't get to kill a consul[View]
88121453ITT: unexpected Netflixkino new things preferably[View]
88119808>that's it..drink up my pretty what the FUCK did homer mean by this ??…[View]
88115265why the fuck did someone make this film[View]
88114973>Hehe I'm le epic ringmaster *tips wigdora* What did Howard Stern mean by this?…[View]
88118604Im drunk and I wanna chill out and watch a movie what should I watch?[View]
88121300A Ghost Story: The best OST of the year has been crowned. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y7yXCCpcs…[View]
88119847>judging a work of art based on the political views of the people behind it…[View]
88120383This Is Us: >Its a Kate episode Who best aibling?[View]
88108357I have never seen anything Star Trek and I want to catch up. Now, from looking it up there are like …[View]
88120320woke up this morning[View]
88119799Tomb Raider trailer: Why don't video games ever translate well into movie adaptations like book…[View]
88118383pardners btfo by their own organisation (they're objectively right too)[View]
88103276ITT: Hairkino - Fem. Edition[View]
88119780ITT: Directors/Actors who'd be better off dead. pic very much related.[View]
88119195Why didn't Frodo... wait a minute, I'm Frodo.[View]
88119208Jesus Christ.. What are other shows or movies where the protagonist dies a gruesome death?[View]
88120249Who was in the wrong here? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JHOGs5x90PU[View]
88121033GET OFF THE SINK ITS NOT BRACED!!!!!!!!!!!!![View]
88120794Did we ever decide if this was fake or if it was actually Dewey from Malcolm In the Middle/one of th…[View]
88120940'G' - Gentlemen's Games[View]
88119252Name one interesting protagonist who has as much depth as Damien Karras. I'll wait.[View]
88112746Will Alison Schermerhorn be nominated for an Oscar for her role in Steven Spielberg's new histo…[View]
88120666>watch lovecraftian kino with parents >ear shattering fart noise starts playing…[View]
88120775Well this fucking sucked. And Channing Tatum was barely fucking in it. A fucking glorified cameo. Fu…[View]
88119656i know /tv/ had a hard on this movie. watched it yesterday and massively disappointed. it was the wh…[View]
88120611Which film, in your opinion, has the best ending shot of all time?[View]
88120262>character says something technical that the audience doesn't understand >comic relief re…[View]
88116961Why did Weyland-Yutani send a bunch of interstellar truck drivers to investigate the anomaly?[View]
88119968ITT we cast Maturin, the cosmic turtle[View]
88118810Imagine a secret laboratory. They are making illegal testing in the field of genetic engineering or …[View]
88110507Why do so many young actresses do the short hair look?[View]
88103647when did marlyn manson turn into the guy from arrested development?[View]
88120289Why the fuck did they cancel this? Too many plots for the braindead 'Syfy' generation?[View]
88115057Is this kino?[View]
88119704Give me some good movies to watch, /tv/. Here is what I have for you: American Honey Idiots(Idiotern…[View]
88119652*clanks teaspoon*[View]
88118594List your top 25 favorite Horror films and feel free to rate each other's list.[View]
88117588Was it kino?[View]
88117205/trek/: Pon Farr edition >post outlandish leftist headlines for STD sidebar…[View]
88117597Sup nigga. Wanna start some shit? Call me and start some shit bitch.[View]
88105797CULT OF CHUCKY: Is anyone even excited for Cult of Chucky? The fact that it's coming straight t…[View]
88116615Why is she such an asshole?[View]
88116175Role playing chat room[View]
88118203Who will play him in the inevitable biopic?[View]
88118924The Little Hours: Is it safe to discuss this movie yet, or are christfags gonna get triggered yet ag…[View]
88119918What are some movies about dumb niggers for dumb niggers?[View]
88115613F. Rest in peace Patrice.[View]
88105022I think this pic related would work as star Wars story spin off. anti hero protagonist. Unique villa…[View]
88117589>>88117433 Ah, thanks. And very accurate too. I only object to the word 'quirky' since it has …[View]
88119538Why is it so comfy?[View]
88119720Would you watch kino in Gary's home theater?[View]
88112915So what did we think?[View]
88118002This kills the sneedposter https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KqFNbCcyFkk[View]
88110728Literally what did they mean by this?[View]
88119185I didn't get the ending. Was it all a dream? No getposting pls[View]
88117980Do people unironically pay for Netflix? I know they do on reddit but why pay money for shit that you…[View]
88112874I believe this is a metaphor for Artificial Intelligence and the fact that humanity will have to fac…[View]
88115022Minute to minute, this may literally be the most purely entertaining movie I've ever seen. Not …[View]
88114377What the fuck happened with Bradley Cooper? the guy just dissapeared.[View]
88119377who was in the wrong here?[View]
88119419Was it rape?[View]
88114744>this is a kids movie holy shit[View]
88116625Post some jungle kino. >I'll start.[View]
88115173>Ally suffers from several phobias which intensify after learning that Donald Trump has won the 2…[View]
88119322ITT: tropes you love: >bad guy has to become a hero to save everyone from an even badder guy…[View]
88119282The Great Meme War from Viceland: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mt4aFSHPdQs I can't believe t…[View]
88119189Why was she such a cock tease? https://archiveofourown.org/works/9981200/chapters/22296047…[View]
88091146/tpg/ - Twin Peaks General: Audrey Horne Edition https://pastebin.com/mcKYsFib Meanwhile: >>88…[View]
88115602Is this the most profound image in cinema history?[View]
88116865This is the worst movie I've seen all year. Hearing all of the normies laughing at it beside me…[View]
88117132Ok I just saw Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, and I am so confused, I was left with more questions…[View]
88111387At what age did you grow out of David Lynch?[View]
88118955*record scratch* *freeze frame* Yep, that's me. You're probably wondering how I ended up i…[View]
88118792Which seasons of Family Guy are worth watching?[View]
88112163why the FUCK haven't you bought your Baywatch (2017) blu-ray?[View]
88115068IN A WORLD[View]
88117296I've never seen a single episode of Rick and Morty. AMA[View]
88115159http://m.news24.com/news24/SouthAfrica/News/SA-pilots-die-as-Batman-plane-crashes-20130703 >Two S…[View]
88115620american horror story cult: /ourguy/[View]
88118532So there's a whole other dimension... with torture and barbwire?[View]
88111468Where exactly was he going?[View]
88118564I dreamt about her again /tv/....[View]
88118326Who was in the wrong here?: Did he sneed or did he feed?[View]
88116055What did everyone think of mother!? I just saw it so it's pretty fresh in my mind. Ultimately, …[View]
88098810...became a living God.: Shall we continue? Previous threads: >>88007651 >>87970296 >…[View]
88118597actors that have no flaws[View]
88118263Who's the black private dick That's a sex machine to all the chicks?[View]
88089676Like a midget at a urinal, I was going to have to stay on my toes.[View]
88116129Is this kino?[View]
88118487https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dxWvtMOGAhw >It's hard for a good man to be a king.…[View]
88115968ITT shows you fucking hated as a kid but watched anyway[View]
88118395Is this kino?[View]
88118440why is this allowed?[View]
88118282It was autism, right?[View]
88117877Why are mockumentaries popular?[View]
88114881What's going on here?[View]
88116287just got done watching this was it kino?[View]
88118341/lbg/: Letterboxd thread: post profiles and discuss what you have recently watched QOTD: if you cou…[View]
88117965info on Levi Meaden: isn't kind of strange there's no info on this actor even though he…[View]
88105719He's back! Fuck what y'all been watching![View]
88114735Was he a high functioning autistic?[View]
88112459>HBO TV series >episode features an orgy[View]
88113117Was this Tarantino's greatest moment? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eL3k5NtBUaI[View]
88117932>*Serious face* Oh, so you want to meet Brad and Leo? Sure, I'll... uh...I'll be glad a…[View]
88115438Emoji Movie: >watch The Emoji Movie >the Thinking emoji wasn't in it…[View]
88117728>The best and worst aspects of Hollywood in film form >The best and second best movies of the …[View]
88116872My breath was taken away when I saw this scene in the trailer. I thought the trailer was fun and thr…[View]
88113687>we need a troubled teen with emotional problems I got just the guy![View]
88117870Why are there so few movies about Hell? Sure, Hell or Hellish imagery is used in scenes in plenty of…[View]
88115472What's the film equivalent of reading Green Eggs and Ham backwards so it becomes a story about …[View]
88116569'Soldato' A.K.A. Sicario 2: indiewire.com/2017/08/sicario-sequel-soldado-taylor-sheridan-1201863907/…[View]
88117127Honestly better then Halloween[View]
88082183Is political correctness killing comedy?: Mel Brooks, Jerry Seinfeld, Gilbert Gottfried, Dennis Mill…[View]
88117491does anyone here own any pieces of actual film reels? what movie is it? how do you take care of it? …[View]
88113575They're making a movie. >Artemis Fowl the second, a young Irish criminal mastermind, kidnap…[View]
88113287Gladiator best roman film?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yXiSp9aJYN4 https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
88114784Take your favorite movie and reboot it for the modern generation Dazed and Confused >Is now set i…[View]
88117330What's the opinion on the latest season? I think it was a step up from the previous one but was…[View]
88116745Boy, Legion was a good show. Can't wait for Season 2.[View]
88117384Say what you want about Rogue One, but this Vader scene is fucking awesome. https://m.youtube.com/wa…[View]
88113950>You know, this reminds me of that time we were in a completely unrelated situation…[View]
88114509Spartacus: Currently rewatching Spartacus, in chronological order starting with Gods of the Arena (t…[View]
88114323Why is this allowed?[View]
88114318I'm watching a Voyager episode where the Doctor is helping someone give birth. He looks under t…[View]
88116878This looks like fucking garbage lol I can't believe everyone is saying Oldman is a frontrunner …[View]
88114806What's the film equivalent of this album?[View]
88117126>being written by Danny McBride and some other chucklefucks from gems like Pineapple Express and …[View]
88117119Bob 'Devil Beater' Ross: Anyone remember that awesome livestream that was on some site a time ago? W…[View]
88111993It's over anakin! I have the high ground![View]
88113913American remake when? Replace the kids with niglets and the film becomes even more true to life.[View]
88114899Does her career have a future?[View]
88115416>makes a clear, coherent sound[View]
88116743Working my way through LOST again, and something's been on my mind. Could you have effectively…[View]
88112664/trek/: Klingon Lives Matter edition[View]
88114594What did you think about an hour of crawling on the ground while taking potshots at each other[View]
88114884Is he the greatest American filmmaker?[View]
88113506What would it have been like to be the Alien during this scene?[View]
88116522A reward is offered for a Rome thread stolen -or deleted, from the house of /tv/[View]
88115016THE SOUND OF WATER: new del toro kino!!! https://youtu.be/XFYWazblaUA[View]
88112927Would /tv/ watch a Star Wars 9 written and directed by him? Would he be better than Jar Jar Abrams?[View]
88114791so I finally got around to seeing this, and I rather enjoyed it. it didn't really do anything w…[View]
88115584is he /ourguy/?[View]
88113233JIM CARREY IS WOKE AF.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ESB00WsWOAU[View]
88110896Fuck, my chest hurts after watching this (no pun intended). What a brutal emotional ride. Did he mak…[View]
88115366Kingsman: The Golden Circle: why did they kill best girl offscreen 10 minutes into the movie?…[View]
88114563So will they make season two lovecraftian?[View]
88116223>I ruined your life because for the lulz xD What did Japan mean by this?…[View]
88115715Big Fat Liar General: >tfw you realise this is Paul Giamatti's best movie…[View]
88114075Is Samantha bee kino?[View]
88112187after the Shining and Carrie, is It the best Stephen King movie?[View]
88116075underappreciated directors: >directed the best Godzilla film and a few other exceptional Godzilla…[View]
88114666was it autism?[View]
88112048Just finished watching pic related. What did I think of it?[View]
88115835*Music stops*[View]
88115900What kind of character would you be?[View]
88115430Are they crazy or is it ghostkino?[View]
88109845This show is self aware. Don't tell me /tv/ actually took it seriously?[View]
88112787Okay /tv/, tell me: >one of your favorite films >why it was good >why it sucked >what do…[View]
88115574He did nothing wrong.[View]
88087408Letterboxd: Post profiles and discuss film News: They successfully smuggled a Costco cheesecake into…[View]
88115554Who was in the wrong here?: https://youtu.be/_8ZVl2x-euA[View]
88115552What are the best movies about conspircy theories ? basically stuff that goes full Alex Jones I reme…[View]
88115307Why does Hollywood tolerate misogynists?[View]
88115188Redpill me on Rick and Morty /tv/ Is it the thinking man's show?[View]
88114942Recommend me a movie to watch: Any genre[View]
88112688This movie was actually pretty good. What they hell was everyone so upset about when it came out?[View]
88111974Love is a song that never ends...: That is all.[View]
88109680MOVIES OF 2018: What will you be watching, /tv/? >Insidious: The Lost Key (January 5, 2018) Direc…[View]
88113488I never see movies in the cinema. I only financially support a movie if the home theatre release com…[View]
88112398Thoughts on this show?[View]
88109945/sg/ - Simpsons general: ITT: discuss all things Simpsons. OC is encouraged[View]
88114367>literally been debunked whsts hollywoods problem?[View]
88109244I am shocked Netflix actually made something great[View]
88111721Did you like it?[View]
88114600Bad boi's who literally did nothing wrong. Cypher Edition.[View]
88112554This was boring as fuck[View]
88111940You're robbing a store, who do you pick?[View]
88114473Dear kindly social worker they tell me 'get a job' like be a soda jerker which means I'd be a s…[View]
88113234Why the fuck does channel autism make so many of these videos? Who the fuck cares what some fat, ann…[View]
88112383>the big bad of the MCU is a fucking grapefruit[View]
88110032ITT: Movies you've never seen[View]
88114198Great Titles wasted on Shit films: Never seen a thread like this before, anymore to add?[View]
88113923What are some of the best movie endings?: https://youtu.be/9rZNGiXDWsE[View]
88112348>If you're a '90s kid who spent seven years watching Cory and Topanga grow up on 'Boy M…[View]
88112741wait im confused.. is she riding a skateboard? how is she moving like ? how did this movie make almo…[View]
88112151Insider Story on Bootsy Beats: James was originally planning to give the '... Beats' series to Boots…[View]
88111071Best season?[View]
88112611What was her problem? Why was she such a bitch?[View]
88111425is there anything else like this where everyone speaks shit English for the whole movie? i would hav…[View]
88107439What the heck was her problem?[View]
88111894which movie has the best squad shenanigans[View]
88113902Rooney Mara eats a pie for five minutes and thirteen seconds.[View]
88111414>Hey Dad! *Audience whistles and howls*[View]
88113602Watch IT, sir![View]
88102453why was she hiding in the bathroom ?[View]
88110982For me? It's Sam Robert.[View]
88113646Fuck, this movie is even better the second time around. There's even a Hollywood remake coming …[View]
88113565>movie about raising children >'Let's raise some hell!'…[View]
88105179Miss me /tv/? I gave you the first 5 years of Adult Swim with Home Movies, Mission Hill, Baby Blues,…[View]
88112043Movies only you like: pic related[View]
88112593real or imagined?[View]
88096768Will IT AINT ME ever start playing?[View]
88109183Why has this kind of zombie disappeared from film? Modern zombies are too fast and human-like. That…[View]
88113027First They Killed My Father: An hour of this drivel is gooks walking around with a heavy warm filter…[View]
88113093>Hadn't watched South Park in years >Decided to watch the first few episodes of the lates…[View]
88112153Will this be kino?[View]
88112353I do not have any hype for this movie[View]
88112573Reminder that Toph was the cutest and bestest childhood crush.[View]
88111678Why don't people like old fashioned movies?[View]
88111878What was their fucking problem?[View]
88110989You know what ol' Jack Burton always says at a time like this?[View]
88112935>'just watched this movie, what did i think?' >didn't actually watch it…[View]
88100824You keep hearing about how all these companies like Netlix, HBO, Amazon, etc. are looking for the ne…[View]
88113108Is this the greatest female performance of all time?[View]
88111275it's happening again[View]
88106080is this the only good film that's been released this year?[View]
88112094Why such a depressing episode for a sitcom comedy?[View]
88110361Blade runner thread. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OD0RCfcaols https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ugs…[View]
88105015Why are they so shit? Honestly Amazon and Hulu are way better[View]
88110218Why didn't George Lucas film the original design? It's a lot scarier than some Jeepers Cre…[View]
88112518>Niggers stink and I don't like 'em. WOAH, RAIMI! I mean, I had heard that he sometimes…[View]
88112351ITT: Movies that lived up to the hype.: ill start[View]
88112397>just marathoned/watched (x), what did I think of it? Absolute retards who make this thread will…[View]
88110975Movie stars who actually did grow up in poverty or lower-middle class. I'll start with pic. Fro…[View]
88112481Scenes where the music did not fit the scene at all[View]
88111064What are some places outside of Los Angeles with a robust film industry?[View]
88112682Why did 2017 have so few capekino films?[View]
88111662Is this show any good?[View]
88112692What the hell happened with Jonah Hill?? The characters he played in his earlier movies like Superba…[View]
88109682What went so terribly wrong?[View]
88107669This is the greatest action scene in film history. Say something nice about it.[View]
88112575How good is that show ?[View]
88112476>nerd protagonist ruthlessly beats the shit out of chad[View]
88108565ITT: Subtle jokes in television you missed as a kid[View]
88106960/trek/: Friendly reminder that Ducop did nothing wrong[View]
88096983Was Elaine a slut? She had more boyfriends than Jerry had girlfriends[View]
88111902What was her problem?[View]
88112318Comfy Thread: What are you watching this Saturday night /tv/? Im slightly sick and on NyQuil. Bout t…[View]
88108296Gone With The Wind (1939): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0dTsfsr6-X8 Have you watch it?…[View]
88110187I don't even know what this was supposed to be.[View]
88110409sad niBBa hours[View]
88112032What are some movies about obesity?[View]
88111242ITT: films white people will never understand[View]
88106920Don't mind me. Just posting the greatest female stand-up comedian of all time.[View]
88106280Is there anything even nearly as K I N O as a rainy Asian city at night? >inb4 some soviet film w…[View]
88110776What show has the worst fanbase and why is it Rick and Morty?[View]
88110291CAN YOU DIG IT[View]
88111788Man in the High Castle is pure kino: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HW-C8KJ5Pr8[View]
88111962>where are we >the question is not *where* are we >but *when* are we…[View]
88110455Cazzie David was born in 1994. She is a writer and actress, known for Eighty-Sixed (2017), Hannah Mo…[View]
88110369Is this movie redpilled or commie propaganda? Inb4 /pol/ this is more on topic here I personally d…[View]
88098202Morphthing thread Guess the actors[View]
88110363what are some films with aesthetic[View]
88110505What are some good movies about fat Western rejects going to Southeast Asia and fucking Asian hooker…[View]
88111110I have the opportunity to see Hook in 70mm tomorrow. I've never seen it. Should I?[View]
88108263There is no Jim Carrey: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ICPGhxjW3fw He's at it again.…[View]
88111550Why do people on letterboxd make stupid fucking lists like this? It's not funny, clever, or sma…[View]
88103591Kingsmen: Golden circle: He did nothing wrong.[View]
88110362i dont understand Pickle Ricks appeal[View]
88107608which is the best 90's action/thriller movie? is it pic related?[View]
88110148Imagine a world where actresses could change their bodies in any way possible (taller, shorter, thin…[View]
88105799What went right?[View]
88111476basically sold out already at my theater wtf?[View]
88111080Which 'world expanding' movies are actually good-quality?: The main trend in Hollywood today is to c…[View]
88110678Is this pure home renovation kino?[View]
88109592>in concession line for cooler filled with melted butter at cinéma >The guard in the watchto…[View]
88110484Holy shit I hate this bitch so much. Minor 18 year old spoilers - why the fuck was she so torn up af…[View]
88088202/who/ - Doctor Who General: hat PREVIOUSLY: >>88069918[View]
88111284>'The Texas Chain Saw Massacre' >only one person is killed with a chainsaw…[View]
88109779Where are you mount Everest? Give me some Everest[View]
88106136what’s the consensus on this?[View]
88105486okay. Did they? I don't think jon could have played it cool forever[View]
88111249>DUDE EXISTENTIALISM LMAO What did Jim mean by this?[View]
88109550I didn't understand any of these movies. How do I get to understand them?[View]
88108242What do you call this hairstyle?[View]
88110180ITT Movies you have watched more than 10 times[View]
88109207We're here for the Crites.[View]
88105742Black Mirror: Just done watching episode 3. Is it just me or is this show redpilled?[View]
88099610/got/ general: Winter is here edition https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nmMaZXAahCs Poisoned by our en…[View]
88110986What is the worst preschool TV show and why is it Oobi?: Seriously, look at them. They're just …[View]
88109519Was this a good movie?[View]
88110762what are some movies when animals just stare at humans getting maim and do nothing about it?[View]
88110674Post Underrated TIER UNO actors pic related.[View]
88098504'A man GOTTA know his limitations.' And THAT is how you do it.[View]
88110733ITT perfect films in their respective genre for teen romance comedy this will always be the GOAT[View]
88109318Let's play a game, /tv/: 4chan is going to determine the quality of any film you post. Rules: P…[View]
88110312is this available yet? it was released on sept 11th but im not some retard with a netflix acnt. jus …[View]
88110491>What gives Hugh the right? How are we supposed to know who Hugh is? Do I have to read the novel?…[View]
88110096What was his problem?[View]
88109795This is the only time Homer did something genuinely stupid.[View]
88110338What are some good films about feeling increasingly paranoid because it seems like everyone hates yo…[View]
88107857>in the future everyone will be mixed race >let's hope that happens! what did Larry mean …[View]
8809493655 days till justice league[View]
88107061How old does a movie have to be before it's too old to be good?[View]
88102920I understand why Sam wants a 5 dollar paywall. He hates ads and ad companies with a passion and thin…[View]
88107671The 'Amazing' Spider-man series sure was weird: >Peter, its very important that when you take a p…[View]
88110065Any other movies about a ghost guy and a skeleton girl?[View]
88108572>'I could be a friend to you.' wat do, /tv/?[View]
88107008ITT: Interesting Movie/TV Details[View]
88109939men are stronger than wom-[View]
88107311Pitch me your idea for making this into a film.[View]
88109143Coen Bros: >comes in >flips coin >call it wat do? Coen Bros Thread…[View]
88109213Interstellar: How is it?[View]
88107746Is it good?[View]
88109186Richie Tozier was easily the best part of the movie.[View]
88107780Does anyone actually remember ANY of their names? What do you call them if you don't? >The s…[View]
88109557The phone call that saved kung-fu[View]
88107704ITT: Films That Black People Will NEVER Understand: I'll start with a classic Bergman's Pe…[View]
88106985>He's my friend >So was I How would DC handle this scene?…[View]
88108743>Every day. Every moment I can spare...I think about how I won life.' - Adam Shulman…[View]
88109791(slobbering over cigar) oh hey...how the fuck are ya (wipes drool from mouth) lemme... (coughs) lemm…[View]
88106967Recommend some manlet kino.[View]
88107935>'Hey your name is BABY? That's so weird haha! BABY? That's not a name for a guy lol. B…[View]
88106584>off work >fixing to enjoy some kino and a sandwich How are you lads going to spend your Satu…[View]
88107658>it's a bill twists his makers head around and fucks her episode[View]
88109562>They don't kill you unless you light them. And I've never lit one. It's a metapho…[View]
88106679>the orville is shit >therefore i'm shilling for ST Discovery…[View]
88109488What a hilarious attempt at Oscar bait. >I can't walk hurr durr Thank god we have another on…[View]
88107928Is he Bigger Luke?[View]
88109354TV characters that couldnt be made today[View]
88109328https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X_TMtgjQuZI i found this video and i think it deserves it own thread…[View]
88109288Leatherface (2017): My god this was fucking terrible >dude it's an origin story lmao >dud…[View]
88109282Rape: >It's a desert island episode >two characters end up liking each other Such a great…[View]
88094091>It's a /tv/ being wrong again episode[View]
88107628TV kino I just watched rome, saw the wire ,already got the sopranos what other kino is their?[View]
88105724ITT perfect movies[View]
88106279>Freddie honey? I think something just dropped into the back seat. >I'm not paying you to…[View]
88107627>Bored and alone on a Saturday. >Buy a gram of coke and pour a very large glass of whisky. …[View]
88106821What are some movies with unrealistic plots? Like I'm supposed to believe this guy could go 40 …[View]
88099074ITT: Characters who did nothing right[View]
88107316What the hell is wrong with this board's taste?: Why in hell would a grown-ass man watch stupid…[View]
88109116A MI ME GUSTA[View]
88108366YIFY here. ask me anything.[View]
88109071>Character has to hold their breath >You hold your breath too just to see if it's for a r…[View]
88109097>there are people on this board who haven't seen this kino yet[View]
88090530Imagine if they used android phones in this epis... oh, wait, android doesn't have anything lik…[View]
88105888Child actors who you think will make it through their 20s and still be working in wide release movie…[View]
88094586Why did he do it?[View]
88108910>a Faustian production of epic proportion[View]
88107267What are some kinos about Liberalism?[View]
88108830Will she breakout in the sequel?[View]
88106879Get in here for bad movie night, starting with Vampires: The Turning weebcrew.moe[View]
88107410>the 3D rerelease made over $100 million HOW O W[View]
88108792>one month left will it be kino?[View]
88108564IT: I watched the IT movie today, and the repeated phrases 'They all float down here' and 'You'…[View]
88093160This one's for you: why did noone tell his this was a horrible idea? https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
88105984THIS FALL[View]
88107040Never seen it. Spoil it for me.[View]
88107303Penis Parker? I'm bully.[View]
88108629I absolutely love movies like One Hour Photo and The Weather Man. The state of the main character, t…[View]
88099481Could THIS be anymore of a Friends thread?[View]
88105052ITT: Fuck you I liked it: You know what to do[View]
88106623Is he autistic? >Has Greedo shoot Han first because Han shooting first supposedly made him look l…[View]
88104292Holy shit that first episode was incredible, Does it keep its pace?[View]
88108523are there any movies about cats that can say 'cookie'[View]
88108189What was this sketch about anyway? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TVKEge8gx8g[View]
88102374Why are movies set in ancient Rome or Greece always casted with Nordics?[View]
88106847>the episode where eric gets arrested for molesting children[View]
88106485Best Cruise film?[View]
88104658This movie fucking sucked. Fuck whoever recommended it to me here. Sweet fuck all happens the entire…[View]
88100770Movies millennials will never understand[View]
88107207What are some good conspiracy kino?[View]
88108262ITT: Music Video Kinos that white people will never understand. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hTGJ…[View]
88099455What ad/commercial campaign has the deepest lore? And why is it the trix rabbit commercials[View]
88107470Why was he a puppet?[View]
88105173ITT: It's bad because its popular[View]
88106726Each board is allowed one (1) meta thread in which to discuss the state of the board and seek input …[View]
88105124Dallas salad[View]
88108082So me and my gf are watching television last night and TDKR was coming on Syfy for some reason. So w…[View]
88108099Why did twig boy move from Los Angeles to Arlen,TX?[View]
88105025When /tv/ meets /x/ pic and video related https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y5KBrP-pB1A&t=210s…[View]
88104401Do you own any props from movies?[View]
88107843Why is this allowed?[View]
88107930Star Wars OC: Opinions?[View]
88065216Tell that to Dead Memes General[View]
88104599What the fuck happened to make this show so good: I was literally at the end of my chair every episo…[View]
88097134Supernatural pilot: Ok /tv/ I have finally done it after all this time. On the recommendation from a…[View]
88105823What does /tv/ think of this series?[View]
88103717American Vandal: Why did he do it, lads?[View]
88107821What would his Twitter have been like?[View]
88107396Simpsons Face Thread[View]
88101620Will there ever be another good Alien movie?[View]
88106703How do I hack into a movie theater's movie software?: when Star Wars the last jedia comes out I…[View]
88104083BE HONEST...: Did you (or do you) have trouble figuring out this riddle when you first saw this scen…[View]
88105997why arent there any sexy shows like this anymore?[View]
88101922Was It Autism?[View]
88101660The Room is how /r9k/ and those sorts of people see the world Discuss[View]
88105128So I just saw 'mother!': The theater was almost empty, which spooked me. Did everyone and …[View]
88105271Is the original Robocop one of the best movies ever made?[View]
88107180Marvel's The Punisher: Triggered[View]
88107288He's autistic /tv/?: I mean, literally autistic? I'm used to talking to autistic people an…[View]
88104264I took leave of my father's decrepit farmhouse in my modest Guatemalan automobile, making reaso…[View]
88105748Why did South Park add 90s goth kids to the show in 2005?[View]
88107191what is some kino to watch on a saturday night that I can download right now[View]
88099722tell me /tv/..: .. how the fuck is this so comfy?[View]
88103049What was this used for?[View]
88107038Actresses who'll transition from child star to movie star[View]
88107030Is there a word for movies where things get progressively shitty for the entire cast, only for one r…[View]
88106314Who was the better Rooster Cogburn John Wayne or Jeff Bridges: Who had more grit[View]
8810708712 more days: Oh I can't wait for the best piece of kino of the year![View]
88107056>Scientist: 'In scientific terms, (crass layman phrase).'[View]
88106526What do yall think of this: Do ya think it would turn out well if Marvel Studios does a Fantastic Fo…[View]
88097444there's always a problem with everything and anything for these people[View]
88106181He's kind of a scumbag but he sure knows how to produce a hit sitcom[View]
88105286what are some kinos about suicide?[View]
88093897/trek/: Fucking plebs edition[View]
88106410/pg/ Propaganda General: Enough of the Rick and Morty normie shit, let's discuss current movies…[View]
88106571Did Pennywise kill him, or did he kill himself so he wouldn't have to confront Pennywise?[View]
881060714K tvs are basically the pinnacle of TVs, right? Anything better than this would be imperceptible to…[View]
88102939What was this stupid kids fucking problem?[View]
88106509A Page of Madness: Why did Letterboxd rec me this pretentious boring wankfest anyway?[View]
88082171>In this house we obey the laws of thermodynamics![View]
88104859Was he a metaphor for God?[View]
88106518Why all this threads about IT and Orville here?: c'mon /tv/ are you guys literally the cuck boa…[View]
88106505What are the grossest examples of Deus Ex Machina in film? Pic unrelated[View]
88106475Why is this movie so loved? It's fucking boring. I don't think anyone from the past couple…[View]
88105592when dose it get good?[View]
88084998WHERE IS IT?[View]
88105252What are some other kinos where the hero loses in the end?[View]
88104767Michael Myers is the greatest slasher killer in cinema. Is there anyone even close to his level?[View]
88102333What is the Dark Souls of movies?[View]
88102932/iasip/: time for an it's always sunny thread. any hope for this upcoming season? my expectatio…[View]
88102247>Who cares about visuals only the story matters![View]
88099000>Despite word of the cancellation by syfy, fandom rose up and gave us new hope. We sought to buck…[View]
88106083Remember when family guy used to have touching moments[View]
88106004Most underrated decade for movies IMO. Truly great movies are practically non-existent, but there ar…[View]
88103595ITT: actors who you were surprised to find out are jewish[View]
88105967>life is fucking meaningless just do whatever crazy shit you want lol is this guy serious?…[View]
88097871Did black people like SIsko?[View]
88097034So I saw pic related with my gf last night and she mentioned that the film scared her. I gave it som…[View]
88105061Tell me some movies.[View]
88105871Han Solo, I'm DASH[View]
88096237It's 1999 and you see The Matrix at the cinema. What's your reaction?[View]
88105878So now that this is a thing are they finally retiring the big bazinga theory?[View]
88099972Cast him in the sequel, /tv/[View]
88105565What are the most bullshit scenes put into tv / film? There was a good thread yesterday that got me …[View]
88099669Why was getting a reservation at Dorsia such a big deal?[View]
88105734Bojack Horesmen thread[View]
88104620Post your Powerfu /tv/[View]
88104967High maintenance: This show is really good and I've never seen love for it.[View]
88105733>a love letter to cinema[View]
88105663how long until cbs caves and airs the rest of the show on TV?[View]
88105019Imagine if you had the balls to live his lifestyle?[View]
88102913Unpopular opinion: Moon was a by-the numbers plain film with a surprise twist you could see coming a…[View]
88093586Fuck this faggot, he ruined that 70's show for me. That 70's thread btw I guess.[View]
88098950ITT: /ourguys/[View]
88103077>No series about Epicurous after hardships being cool and awesome. >No series about Diogenes b…[View]
88099820/Stand-Up/: Stand-Up Comedy thread Who are some of your favorite Stand-up comedians? Any specials/sh…[View]
8809981618 year old Mariah Carey, 19 year old Will Smith[View]
88102799What do you like to watch while you drive?[View]
881052641 GIRL 7 GUYS[View]
88102752>Daddy wants?[View]
88102056>*cue intro music* >'Take my land, dixie land, the south will rise again in space!' >*first…[View]
88102893ITT: 'villains' that did nothing wrong. I'll start.[View]
88105145ITT: VHS KINO![View]
88105103What are the chances the writers know where they want to take the show and how it will end or will i…[View]
88103037why is he blacklisted?[View]
88103457Is Kubrick the only one who understood the ending?[View]
88103451Beavis and Butt-head. Was it satirical people say or just stupid?[View]
88104955In the Mouth of Madness: Pretty good flick IMO. I really liked it had a very 'R.L. Stine-ian' horror…[View]
88101709I just watched I Saw the Devil Why does Korea make shit like this? How is that ending supposed to gi…[View]
88104181Music: Is this fucking movie the reason almost every reality show on tv has that stupid xylophone my…[View]
88104521'So what's the deal with black people? 10% of the population and commit 50% of the murders?': H…[View]
88102997Underrated kino[View]
88104726S A T U R D A Y NIGHT[View]
88104732Could THIS be anymore of a Frasier thread?[View]
88104677Million Yen Women: >shitty writer out of nowhere receives 5 women is his house for no apparent re…[View]
88104178what are some films where that got an unnecessary sequel because the studios thought they found the …[View]
88104702No mystery is closed to an open mind.[View]
88104699Why are all the actors in Tajikistan so shit?[View]
88103570What's the movie in thinking of Movie opens with guy closing his bank account Scams the irs Mak…[View]
88101349Just finished watching this, what is some more vigilante kino like this?[View]
88104442>wounded ally stays behind to fight off the enemy while his friends escape…[View]
88101457Are there any shows or movies with pure wholesome gay couples?[View]
88101051Movie when?[View]
88104446doona is bae[View]
88098818>Past a certain age, a man without a family, can be a bad thing was he right?…[View]
88101277For me? It's Opie Hughes.[View]
88101874Brimstone: What am I in for?[View]
88102743Diary of a Wimpy Kid 4: How did they fuck this up so badly? >the entire family is retarded >gr…[View]
88104275Hey /tv/. Have you ever seen a man that looks like this before?[View]
88101666>ywn have a mommy like this[View]
88091438/robo/ Mr. Robot: What will the twist be for Season 3?[View]
88102745ITT: Movies that hit too close to home, especially the date scene[View]
88103725Movies where everything works out fine.[View]
88102433cool scenes in otherwise bad movies:: starts at 1:30 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tGOgJXFpgxs …[View]
88101021ON MY DOCKS[View]
88089412>There's more where that came from.[View]
88103067Best Films Set in South America: Aguirre, the Wrath of God Fitzcarraldo Sorcerer The Mission Apoca…[View]
88094480ITT: Crossovers You cant believe happened[View]
88103785What the FUCK was his problem?[View]
88103656Been seeing any kinos this weekend?[View]
88088940THIS IS A THREAD FOR LOVECRAFTIAN KINO. Discuss good Lovecraftian works, bad Lovecraft films, recomm…[View]
88103004TFV: Where does it rank amongst the others? I thought it was better than the last 2. My ranking wou…[View]
88091799What's the first thing he says?[View]
88101479Was it kino?[View]
88098383IT: So I just came back from seeing IT and these guys were so wrong, I was expecting a jumpscare fes…[View]
88081359ITT: Actors that you look like People tell me i look like a taller Tom Hardy[View]
88101550>Watching pic related >'BOW BOW' starts playing…[View]
88103554>Past a certain page, a man without a story, can be a bad thing[View]
88103335Super 8 is literally a complete rip off of IT. Is there nothing this hack cant imitate?[View]
88094962Appart from all the edgyness, can we take a minute to talk about how incredible the camera work in t…[View]
88103477>be me a year ago >Torrent zettai propane X cause hear it's as good as Buckley Returns …[View]
88100837Capeshit is dead, bury it. Consider this mercy.[View]
88103407Is he autistic? >Has Greedo shoot Han first because Han shooting first supposedly made him look l…[View]
88094684You guys still watching? The new episode was fucking great. Any ideas who the assassin was? Vice pri…[View]
88103382>'Shame on the House of Ptolemy for such barbarity.'[View]
88101634ITT:times you acted as baby >be me >quiet guy >go to a party >stay in a corner and dont …[View]
88101431Spin-off when?[View]
88090637You here alone sir?[View]
88103270digital copy code exchange: Anyone got a copy of T2 or Pulp fiction laying around I could have?…[View]
88099407In this era of diversity media, they really should do a film about Paul Bunyan.[View]
88103131Is this the start of a balloonshit universe?[View]
88102897Numales Come At Night: Is this the personification of numale culture? >protagonists are a mixed r…[View]
88095559My role in The Last Jedi is twice bigger than in Force Awakens: What did he mean by this?[View]
88089471What did you think of the most recent South Park episode?[View]
88102813Cast a /tv/-themed Survivor season[View]
88102886what's the best bond theme? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8C5NLfYdZaE[View]
88101268About to watch this.: What can I expect?[View]
88099443>1978 >Superman comes out >raises the bar for blockbuster films >remembered to this day …[View]
88100863Who will take the place as ultimate predator?[View]
88102728ITT: songs that deserve a good music video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MN8TsjprIso[View]
88101827Japanese kino doesn't exi-: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4S4-qL6vsfI[View]
88099281I love Monk: I mean I watch a lot of detective dramas/comedies but this one just stands out to me…[View]
88100571Aside from the great car chases and stunts this movie isn't all that great[View]
88102340>crime show has a recognizable guest star >it's the bad guy Why do they keep doing this…[View]
88101492The first season of this series did not age well. It's clearly aping The Sopranos in a nostalgi…[View]
88102572How the fuck did this go for 7 seasons[View]
88102525>Oscar nominees still come to the UK late When will this fucking meme end? Why is Christmas fill…[View]
88102512Sent my first car to the scrapyard today. Any movie that captures this feel?[View]
88102510Was this kino?[View]
88102139You filming?[View]
88102281This is my apprentice, Darth Maul. He will find your lost ring.[View]
88099480What is her best film?[View]
88094551Did he do it?[View]
88098031R&M is better than even KOTH when it comes to subtle humour[View]
88086817SNEAKING FOOD INTO THE KINOPLEX /TV/ EDITION: What food do you sneak into the theater, /tv/?[View]
88101245What was her problem? Why is she such a bitch?[View]
88098155Knight Scoop: Hello, /tv/ - Television & Film! This image was taken from a television show calle…[View]
88101476What the fuck was his problem?[View]
88093619is she too genuinely nice to have a real acting career?[View]
88094406>About to be raped and/or murdered >Courtney Portnoy pulls out a gun >Would-be attacker shi…[View]
88101646Toilet : Ek Prem Katha (2017) Hindi - SDTV Rip - x264 - 700MB Toilet : Ek Prem Katha (2017) Hindi - …[View]
88099906what are some movies i can watch that simultaneously remind me/make me forget about my depression an…[View]
88100050Who should take over Jeopardy after Trebek?[View]
88099752Should she be the lead in the next transformers movie?[View]
88101754Looking for some good BLEACHED kino[View]
88101210Three Billboards - Film of the year: Calling it now, film of the year. https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
88098578Behavioral Sink: What's some kino about the death of society https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Z…[View]
88098480Dany was only 13 in the book. Is he a pedobear?[View]
88101432what is the Cook Out milkshake of television & film /tv/?[View]
88101562At least he typed the whole OP of the thre-[View]
88098668Is he destined to do only cartoons and commercials for the rest of his career? What went wrong?[View]
88101461Movies that redpill you about real life[View]
88101462Logic So rapper not singer but[View]
88101406I LOVE MEREDITH![View]
88099213This is stand-up comedian Hannibal Buress. Say something nice about him.[View]
88098905Was it too ahead of its time?[View]
88101335Munkey didn't deserved this.[View]
88101035Who would you cast in the inevitable reboot? Hard mode: Idris Elba isn't available[View]
88100745>its a /tv/ pretends the academy wasn't kino episode[View]
88096749>character opens suitcase full of money >doesn't check under the top bills to see if he…[View]
88101267Cast the others witches /tv/: Who should play the other characters in the inevitable live action ver…[View]
88101238What are the scariest non-horror movies? That close-up woman getting turned into ash and the sound e…[View]
88100591There ain't no bridges in New York[View]
88099938>Sneaking around gets you nowhere![View]
88089909What are your thoughts on Hydewars going behind a paywall? Is it worth it shilling out 5 sheckels ev…[View]
88100058Would it have succeded? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YcchrgJgryo[View]
88100312>geena and susan block the path to your locker What will you do?[View]
88100985What did he mean by this?[View]
88098918>Amerifats actually clap at the cinema I thought this was a joke.[View]
88100885Holy shit now this is how you do a slow burning suspense thriller/horror. Why didn't I hear abo…[View]
88100868ABC's The Mayor: Thought's on this new show The Mayor? I think it's hilarious! Social…[View]
88079721THIS IS LITERALLY THE WORST SHOW I EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE!!! > Jaden Smith can't act for shit.…[View]
88096195Watching Hateful Eight and is that fucking Tarantino himself narrating? What a colossal fag[View]
88098078Damn.: How can you say that the prequels weren't kino?[View]
88098194BLADE RUNNER 2049 Expected To Open At $40-50 Million: >Various tracking services currently have t…[View]
88099110What are some films where the bad guys win?[View]
88082219*converts you into a muslim*[View]
88097456what are some movies where the villain gets whats coming to him?[View]
88099637Was he right?[View]
88098890Maze Runner 3: Didn't bother to read the books cause I like YA trilogies to be spoonfed to me S…[View]
88100454wow dragon ball super has gotten deep[View]
88100375Babylon 5: >mfw it's a psychic-Chekov episode[View]
88099720How do you mess up on such an astronomical level?[View]
88098791Recommendations thread: ITT: Post an album and other anon's give you recommendations based on y…[View]
88100034>This was without a doubt the GOAT Episode of TV in any show ever. Debate me.…[View]
88099988Is Tom Middleditch gay? Because he sure sounds like a MiddleBITCH[View]
88100276Can someone tell me about 'shady talez?': I knew this movie in 2016 and i want know more a…[View]
88096776You have never watched Blade Runner: Explain why[View]
88099225Don't try to stop me Smee.[View]
88099295'Country roads...take me home...'[View]
88099987Sorry if this is off topic but what is the currency conversion for a copper, silver, and gold is gam…[View]
88093802ITT: good movies directed by women[View]
88092919/got/: lion king edition previous >>88078038[View]
88099674What is the deal with (((Netflix))) not going with their (main) US library and it not being global? …[View]
88098921Ahhh you've come back to die with your board.[View]
88099880>'I feel good' starts playing[View]
88099837What's this season really about?[View]
88083685ITT: Favourite closing shots.[View]
88099230>Hey jack, did you know we named the monkey?[View]
88099700Spock literally gets cucked by his future wife[View]
88097537Kingsman Golden Circle Thread: Do you think he was wrong?[View]
88087172Who will play him in the inevitable biokino?[View]
88099634https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hwBoa-NbNL8 Whatever happened to comedy genre? When was the last tim…[View]
88099620How did Disney let James Gunn get away with this?!?[View]
88088379*blocks your sword*[View]
88093638Weird movies: Tonight I'm in the mood to watch one of those obscure, dark and ominous movies th…[View]
88091329>its a murr tries to tongue kiss a baby with out anyone telling him to[View]
88099288You know what? I just watched this and this show is pretty funny. Fuck you /tv/ for spreading lies.[View]
88096834Rewatching the series and I'm a little confused. It seems like in the first season, and especia…[View]
88099258(slobbering over cigar) oh hey...how the fuck are ya (wiping drool from mouth) lemme... (readjusting…[View]
88097110let the fire rage[View]
88097784Aesthetically Pleasing TV Setups[View]
88097794Is this movie actually good? Any other similar movies like this?[View]
88094047>not using the morphizer-xe on his cock to land all the sluts at school…[View]
88096870ITT: 10/10 Fantasy villains[View]
88096246Thoughts on this so far? The sjw shit is really heavy-handed. >HERE'S SOME TACO BELL COUPONS…[View]
88090604Gaga: Five Foot Two (2017) quick rundown: >hates men, but needs men >surrounded by YAASSS quee…[View]
88096939This was fucking great. Easily a 9/10 and MOTY so far[View]
88098990 [View]
88098980>show is called Mr. Robot >not a single fucking robot in two seasons what were they thinking. …[View]
88098976>he comes to reddit board that is so pleb and retarded they now praise jlaws acting…[View]
88095220Is Shrek 2 the most underappreciated movie sequel? Probably not but it's still pretty good[View]
88097303>If you thought the food was bad, you should see the clientele Why are they suggesting the custom…[View]
88098913Adult Life Skills: What was this movie about? Did you like it?[View]
88098885Best Mommy-Kino?[View]
88097231What are some movies where the villain suffers a fate worse than death?[View]
88078432The /tv/ hatefuck of your dreams I'll go first[View]
88096598Help kinons: Please recommend some similar kino to me thank you.[View]
88080547What message was Hollywood trying to convey?[View]
88098662Give me one thousand dollars[View]
88097236Its a sal governale thread get in here[View]
88098770Just watched Baby Driver and It Comes at Night and really enjoyed both. Thought Baby Driver was quit…[View]
88098756was it kino?[View]
88094941Is Pewdiepie our guy?[View]
88092988>EXCLUSIVE: Finn Wolfhard, who is riding with the recent blockbuster horror pic It, has set his n…[View]
88096476M.F.A. - Trailer (rape-revenge movie starring Francesca Eastwood): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s…[View]
88098464So whose next on Martin Scorsese's list for this year?[View]
88096896Why are there no good movies in theatres anymore I go to look at what movies they're playing an…[View]
88098408Does /tv/ like TCM?[View]
88097972What is the best movie about a painter?[View]
88096317So, I've been watching girls, which is probably where I went wrong, but I washed to see what al…[View]
88098350Was it any good?[View]
88098558Hey Benny: Looks like you're on the wrong side of the ri-ver![View]
88093398Tomb Raider trailer: Can she really replace Angelina Jolie? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ndhidEm…[View]
88098221I watched the first season of Rick and Morty Thought it was a funny show I came back to watch new ep…[View]
88098119What would a modern Travis Bickle be like senpaitachi?[View]
88097779I want to buy a good 52' or smaller screen tv for 3 $350 or less to watch Netflix and do retra gay m…[View]
88098443Why didn't Octavian hatefuck her?[View]
88096064Are you going to watch Mommy's movie, Anon?[View]
88095123I need a movie that'll make me think about life and be a man Suggestions[View]
88098308I'm just 20 minutes into it and I'm amazed. Did you see it? Didn't you find it incred…[View]
88098009>So let me get this right... your sexual fantasy is to have sex... with 2 guys? And you decided t…[View]
88089546Let's play Russian Roulette: Singles survive Dubs get shot[View]
88095188Start paying for Hyde Wars[View]
88095608Just watched this movie and there are some questions I'll like to discuss. Did the ghost moved …[View]
88098216Aquaman: Make the way for the DChads, bois[View]
88098158what did they mean by this?[View]
88098052>its bring your AR15 to the kinoplex day >i only have a mosin nagant >get sent to the kinog…[View]
88095095Name a better movie Protip: you can't The relief I felt in the end when all the pieces were set…[View]
88097486*Blocks your heterosexuality*[View]
88097651>Tfw someone like this could actually exist.[View]
88097736>You're off the case![View]
88094201Anyone else think this movie sucked?[View]
88085048>I'm Dunn Hier[View]
88097394>I'm sorry, the old Jonah can't come to the phone right now. >Why? >Oh....'c…[View]
88097184Genre Killer Thread: What are some films/tv shows that essentially closed the book on a whole genre?…[View]
88097482Nathan Fielder: How come I find him so relatable?[View]
88094243You guys told me this was gonna be a ripoff of Rosemary's Baby. It was actually a ripoff of Bar…[View]
88097404what are some movies where the main guy is really handsome?[View]
88097117What is your favorite treat while watching kino?[View]
88097620jost da money[View]
88097763Best scene in Star Trek. Prove me wrong. https://youtu.be/fpvs5m5ImKg?t=1m33s[View]
88092341Will we get an ending where Stannis is alive?[View]
88095844Top 10 Popular Films James Fucking: Whats his fucking problem? 10. Citizen Kane 9. Titanic 8. The Si…[View]
88095135now that the dust has settled, was she a good mother?[View]
88097192Imagine being America and having to be all like 'damn, police state, you fuckin' fine, all male…[View]
88097158Wtf why is an old guy the purple ranger??? I missed this part of the power rangers twitch. What do y…[View]
88097141WHITE BOYS[View]
88095451I don't understand the ending. What happened? Did he just get sad he let the guy go[View]
88094595Say what you will about it, but this is the most original film in terms of concept and execution wit…[View]
88096524> :^) Wtf[View]
88097057>Are you alright? >Who were those men?! You just stole the declaration of Independence! >Ar…[View]
88096258>cosmic horror kino starts >ear shattering fart noise…[View]
88096608Quite literally kino in animated form.[View]
88096978Why is he so perfect?[View]
88095425Life comes at you fast[View]
88095519So Steve Spangler is Bill Nye but... better?[View]
88095486>it would be extremely painful, to, AKA, for you.[View]
88091484Choose wisely.[View]
88095406Shark Kino: What are the best shark movies, documentaries or series that you can think of? Genre doe…[View]
88096401Why is Kevin so mean?: I understand that he plays up the 'evil capitalist' character for TV, but it …[View]
88096280>make a movie about a rugged mountain man who fought and killed a bear with his bare hands >ca…[View]
88095105This was a better movie than Batman v Superman.[View]
88090456She was terrible in mother! and can't act out a scene. Come to think of it she's terrible …[View]
88093167Tfw it's literally and unironically impossible to discuss this show on /tv/ anymore[View]
88096518Fuck Lovecraft, what are your favorite Kafkaesque flicks?[View]
88096271>Visionary filmaker Darren Aronofskys favourite comedy is Rick and Morty /tv/ BTFO…[View]
88096436So who was in the wrong here? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u0Z7EPh8oLU[View]
88096410Did this movie really deserve Best Picture?: I just watched it and I enjoyed it wasn't really g…[View]
88096389Hey guys.[View]
88096293Curb: Anyone else watching the Larry David marathon on HBO? Early 2000s Curb is comfy af. Post your …[View]
88093164I girl from college I have been talking to has invited me to see It. But the problem is that I'…[View]
88091092If The Thing reached the ocean how long until all of humanity is consumed?[View]
88094865ITT: Actors that most of /tv/ like[View]
88096133Who was in the wrong here? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JgKK1d8WmJk[View]
88088916Im sexually attracted to Summer Anyone have cartoon fetish?[View]
88095755this special just further proves that larry david was the real mastermind of seinfeld[View]
88095002what the fuck was this show even about[View]
88094573I just got a new surround sound setup What are movies with good surround sound that I should watch?[View]
88093498what’s a good movie to watch with my dad?[View]
88095965ITT: film women will NEVER understand.[View]
88095649>Two thumbs way up! >A real tour de force…[View]
88091388BoJack Horseman: Can't think of any faults. Is this a 10/10 show, or am I blind?[View]
88093306Movies with great plot twists that /tv/ hasn't seen yet: It was kinda obvious from the title bu…[View]
88095811Is there such a thing as hard sci-fi that doesn't use shitty plot devices like time travel or t…[View]
88095896ITT: Casting genius[View]
88095659Let's settle this once and for all. Have Weta Digital surpassed Industrial Light & Magic as…[View]
88090912What is essential Godard?[View]
88095814Why the FUCK is this allowed???? Is the world still misogynist? It was her fucking turn!![View]
88095599Who was in the wrong here?[View]
88095769The Tales Of Super Jon: The series made by Jon Jafari in the late 2000s, a clip of the first episode…[View]
88095750DChad General: *blocks your path*[View]
88095746lets make a big thread where we post movies for people (me) to watch when they get home from this bo…[View]
88093647strictly come dancing: >cheesy fake training skits >craig being constructively mean and gettin…[View]
88092312>1,182 days until Avatar 2[View]
88094290I've fallen in love with this movie.: Nothing I can do about it.[View]
88095296ITT Underappreciated kinos I'll start[View]
88094903/tv/ is always saying 'Comfy this' and 'Comfy that.' This is an actual comfy movie.[View]
88095434What's next for his career?[View]

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