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79674557Solo Begins: 1st picture of filming[View]
79673575Oscars general: >5 days remain Post your bets. 1. Directing 2. Male performance 3. Female perform…[View]
79674606Was this the 'You can be my wingman anytime' of our generation?[View]
79674274hey did I tell you? I have a time machine so no worries if you die: ill just go back to before you d…[View]
79674452Give me more desert Kino.[View]
79674536What do you think of that?: You Mr. Pajama-Wearing, Basket-Face, Slipper-Wielding, Clype-Dreep-Bachl…[View]
79674485Was he a kuk?[View]
79674471/dmg/ - Dark Matter General: Who's up for some more fun with Wendy?[View]
79673804it's your comet, doc[View]
79673612Was Dr. Katz a good father?[View]
79673037WHERES TRAILER?: Wheres the fucking trailer? BvS - trailer 1 year before release Avengers infinity s…[View]
79671202What's this expression meant to convey?[View]
79668294>writer/producer Simon Kinberg is looking to make his directorial debut with the next X-Men movie…[View]
79672781What's is this hair style called[View]
79673254Best TV show ever coming through from probably THE greatest decade. Prove me wrong.[View]
79673965>come on, draw me like one of your french girls, faggot[View]
79671472Am I the only one who would ike to kiss her neck so much? While DC is fucking shit this ittle jew is…[View]
79661765Favorite Movie Quote: What is your favorite movie quote? Mine is 'May The Force Be With You'[View]
79671885Showgirls: Watched this yesterday, what did I think about it? I expected to like it in a campy, iron…[View]
79671415ITT: irredeemable unlikable characters[View]
79674005>well hello lovely What did he mean by this?[View]
79673891>best cinematography of any film this year >its about a dog that gets reincarnated ARTHOUSE D…[View]
79670993Reminder that Michael Bay made it into The Criterion Collection[View]
79673925Blluuuu Bwwaaahhh![View]
79672330There is nothing more fun than smoking weed with friends and watching The Big Bang Theory Prove me …[View]
79670536Who would you cast in ONE PUNCH MAN : the movie ?[View]
79673224Nice head. I think I'll take it.[View]
79673664Why were there no scenes between these two? How would it have gone?[View]
79672877/axilla general/[View]
79668790WTF is this shit?[View]
79673344Recommend me some movies /tv/[View]
79671516>welcome aboard the Millenium Reddit, its the ship that got to 1,000 upvotes in less than 12 pars…[View]
79658951>You drive your truck through Twin Peaks just minding your own bussiness when suddenly these two …[View]
79671512GOTHAM Jerome Laughs!!!!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0U8PjMbaJDw&feature=youtu.be There…[View]
79673329>In 2006, he rescued a cat from two youths in Sherman Oaks, California before they could set it o…[View]
79673610AND THE LEGEND OF THE RENT WAS WAY HARDCORE!: Unironically the best song in the movie. https://www.y…[View]
79672767Can I get a quick rundown?[View]
79673557Well /tv/?[View]
79671891Full movie based around the redhead when?[View]
79652697Watch it Dougal![View]
79672085is it, dare I say, capekino? bravo snyder. thank you cape/tv/[View]
79673448Anyone here /kimstim/? >http://www.kimstim.com What are some good releases of their collection? W…[View]
79673467The Greatests of All Time?[View]
79672501Bro Adventures: Streaming ghost bros get in here! weebcrew.moe[View]
79673273Which one of these men would win in a fight?[View]
79671785Should I be embarrassed if I only understood 1/4th of the lines in the first couple episodes?[View]
79669203X-files, all ep, on hdd: Im thinking going binging on x-files. Do you think it hold up?[View]
79673422European projects: Why do so many modern European projects make me dismiss then in one glance?…[View]
79672173Why do fashion models look so different from actors now?[View]
79669219And the Oscar for Best Extra goes to...[View]
79673227did you wear your wabaki today, anon?[View]
79673065Why are there so many pop culture references in this show? At first I thought it was just bad writin…[View]
79673025You said 'number 2' ahuhuhuh.[View]
79673057la la land: it's a masterpiece will the oscars award it best picture?[View]
79673041Is boy toy the new thing?[View]
79669835Just saw this, and since the IMDB boards are dead now, I have to ask you for your opinions.[View]
79661917They got you good, /tv/. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r0IwfHdO36Y[View]
79671948Cool Actor Stories: >When Bronson was playing the claustrophobic 'tunnel king' Danny in The Great…[View]
79670687>cast Felicity Jones in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 as Felicia Hardy/Black Cat >even tease that s…[View]
79669364I just got diagnosed with autism, what are some good films about it?[View]
79672191How come all Mafia films are full of Italians?[View]
79672151Why didn't Mel show the historically accurate ending where Jesus bashes all of the romans with …[View]
79672865Didn't know there was a 2016 Macgyver until yesterday. Watched the first ep. Does the writing g…[View]
79668899Give me a hug, man[View]
79650453>you're fired! >no, i quit![View]
79670927>Movie has a black person in it >Make an entire thread on /tv/ and complain about how (((Holly…[View]
79669362>This was '''attractive''' in 2009[View]
79672117Cast these unsung heroes[View]
79671691my morning ritual: I have a morning ritual that I need to share. I call it 'the terminator'. First I…[View]
79670178You reserved your seats ahead of a time like an intelligent person, anon? You don't really want…[View]
79671306things that are obviously jokes but don't understand >I am Bender, please insert girder >…[View]
79668529Will there be a chapter 3?[View]
79672213>We got a great twist for this film...Bucky actually killed Tony's Parents >thats great..…[View]
79671394Is Gordon /ourguy/?[View]
79641303/got/ General: Violence Against Women Edition: What does /got/ think of this? Does GoT have too much…[View]
79672614Is this kino?[View]
79672605>Cate the Great will never be my gf Why even live?[View]
79669645Took you ten years to come to my house. Huh, what's the matter? You don't like my house? D…[View]
79671649Turmoil has engulfed Middle Earth. The taxation of trade routes to outlying kingdoms is in dispute. …[View]
79670473MARVEL'S THE INHUMANS Adds Iwan Rheon: >Iwan Rheon ('Game of Thrones') has joined the cast o…[View]
79671912I am lost in a world withut meaning where everything worth living for gets eroded and destroyed. Wha…[View]
79669436Has there ever been a better comedy duo?[View]
79669089whats does this facial expression convey?[View]
79669170What is the most powerful incarnation of Mel Gibson?[View]
79671003Has anyone seen this?[View]
79672409Is this the single greatest animated short of all time? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LQ7WQpR_ooo…[View]
79671601ITT: Great shows with horrible fanbases[View]
79669411Will this be kino? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fsWX7-no6MI[View]
79672252WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON???[View]
79670493ITT: Greatest Simpsons Moments inb4 chuck suck and fuck[View]
79672378Why is this movie the GOAT /tv/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9skYkQfAwus https://www.youtube.com…[View]
79642521>I have a use for you what do[View]
79672353>The virus is evolving... it looks like it has a mind of its own![View]
79672349The Curse of Meme Island - Season finally.: >Knights Templar? >Ark of the Covenant. >Pirate…[View]
79671501Best Hitchcock films: 1. North by northwest 2. Dial M for murder 3. Psycho/Strangers on a train Stil…[View]
79670848I unironically cried 3 times while watching this absolute kino today[View]
79672274>black screen >shovelling sounds >body dragging >'Love me as though there were no tomorr…[View]
79672237Times /tv/ was helpful: >Browsing random comfy thread >Get recommended to watch Rango >It…[View]
79669713Wanna feel old? Ralph Macchio is now the same age that Pat Morita was in the first ‘Karate Kid’: htt…[View]
79671052https://youtu.be/Sh8RtO0Vzuo?t=686 explain this to me.[View]
79669309Gantz:O: This was pretty great![View]
79671879Now that IMDB forums are kill, where to talk kino?: I know they were by far the worst forums on the …[View]
79672084'This fall, on NBC'.[View]
79670327What can i expect?[View]
79671961what the fuck was his deal?[View]
79667401Suh dude, heard in class the other day that you're quite the film buff. So can you fill this 32…[View]
79671934Now that the dust has settled, can we all agree that this looks pretty good for a promotional shot?[View]
79670895It wasn't that bad except for the end. I started watching it with very low expectations and got…[View]
79668299Is this movie worth a watch? Full deus vult?[View]
79667730The Dark Knight: Find a flaw(except Nolan) >Protip: You can't…[View]
79671825Has anybody else seen this masterpiece?[View]
79671460Movies you hate with a passion[View]
79665583What are the comfiest Half in the Bag episodes[View]
79671781Is Norman, dareisayit, /ourguy/?[View]
79669480Why was this cliche-fest praised?[View]
79670219>As The Mummy draws closer to its June release date, Universal has been slowly leaking details fo…[View]
79668934Non Porn movies that make you big cum: what are some good non porn movies that make you spurt out hu…[View]
79671542You have 10 seconds to name a more mediocre 90's flick than this. Pro-tip: you cannot[View]
79671189what's Newman looking at?[View]
79670597What's some other courtroom kino?[View]
79671498We're not doing the super villain shuffle![View]
79671231Just kill me: >Always wanted to create my own TV show >Every single story I've written si…[View]
79666439Do y'all like Silence?[View]
79668197What's his best film?[View]
79669978ITT legendary directors[View]
79671271Finally a movie worth seeing.[View]
79671324it's an allegory for what happens when sjws try to control minorities[View]
79671252When do they get to saigon?[View]
79669022Ay /tv/, crap memes aside, can you recommend me a show? I don't mind cheesy/trashy/conspiracy s…[View]
79668873How did this incredible moron get a job in investment banking?[View]
79670024>you are now aware Blockbuster was actually trying to create a platform for digital distribution …[View]
79670846Do you have a problem with memes?[View]
79671140Why has Hollywood pushed the female hero theme so strongly? Can you think of a time when a female ru…[View]
79667821Jonathan, just walk away.[View]
79668976>huge majority white cast wait what ?[View]
79671088Who was in the wrong here?[View]
79670852Can anybody link me to a video of Overdrawn at the Memory Bank that doesn't have mst3k?[View]
79668998What's your favorite vampire movie? Pic related.[View]
79669858Itt:shows that deserve to come back[View]
79670725Reminder that those movies CANNOT be good They are made by people who love money, not star wars[View]
79670915I'm tired of seeing Predators fight Xenomorphs. I want to see Predators fight other types of al…[View]
79668248Why do no good films come out anymore?[View]
79669018So why did Marv turn into a skeleton?[View]
79668015IT'S TERROR TIME AGAIN.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-1ELCWlRwM8[View]
79653215Expanse: Holy fuck he did it.[View]
79668287Is he, dare I say it, /ourguy/?: Leonardo DiCaprio “is selfish, lazy and downright rude,” says a sou…[View]
79655837Someone invited me to watch this with them later today, is it any good?[View]
79670565https://youtu.be/r0IwfHdO36Y Okay actually fuck you[View]
79669145TV/movies are freemason. Discuss.[View]
79670372>Jon-Erik Hexum (November 5, 1957 – October 18, 1984) was an American model and actor. He died as…[View]
79670638>It's a Elliot scene[View]
79667830'Here's your complimentary Kinosnack, sir.'[View]
79670589Fuck, Marry, Kill Riverdale Edition[View]
79643265>Showtime’s “Billions” doesn’t premiere until Feb. 19, but producers say the show’s second season…[View]
79670544The ISOs, Flynn. Give them to me.[View]
79670581Which movies would have worked better as shows?[View]
79670272>668 days until Avatar 2[View]
79668597Rank them hetero's. >I>IV>IV>II[View]
79668544Why`s the beer gone? - Captain Red Beard[View]
79662303Are you ready to apologize for slavery when it wins literally all the oscars?[View]
79670411>people actually think Jack is worse than Wizard I seriously don't understand this. Why do p…[View]
79667665When did it fall off? I say Season 10. Bonus question: Why did it fall off?[View]
79669533ITT: performances that made terrible movies good.[View]
79670323>You just started a Civil War Really?[View]
79670316What are some good films about taking care of your wife's son?[View]
79669993Who will play him in the inevitable biopic?[View]
79670013This is an absolute fucking masterpiece.[View]
79670152Does anyone have a link to a free stream of The Hurt Locker? On mobile.[View]
79667837Jesus Fucking Christ: This movie is unbearable. >if we make this film's pacing as slow as mo…[View]
79666163Silence: Watched this for the second time yesterday and I liked it even more than the first. Best mo…[View]
79670044This says 'With pulp.'[View]
79669904why do all black people think they are god?[View]
79670055What exactly was supposed to be point of this shot?[View]
79665580How hard will it flop?[View]
79664252Is this worth watching?[View]
79666518Name a worse way to die >Pro-tip: you can't[View]
79667749Dune remake: http://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/films/news/arrival-director-denis-ville…[View]
79668590Honest Trailers. Oscars 2017: Will this be happen?[View]
79669743Oh hey I remember Archie comics! So it's a dark drama now? Cool, I'll give it a sh- >DO…[View]
79669786Marvelfags BTFO[View]
79657255So your going to tell me that people don't enjoy True Detective Season 2? How is season 2 in an…[View]
79667016So, why didn't Sauron try to get these two on his team? I mean, Sauron had to personally know S…[View]
79669742Opinions on this Kino?[View]
79667560Holy shit, nobody told me this was a comedy. Excellent film, anyway[View]
79668543I didn't watch the last episode: Should I just make a clean break? This show is shit but there…[View]
79668460Did the Simpsons writers not like Tron?[View]
79657286>Elder God tier The Sopranos >God tier The Wire Mad Men The Americans >Great tier Breaking …[View]
79668025post your best ben affleck memes[View]
79669544>this was real Why the fuck do i keep watching this?[View]
79669428Now that Bill Burr became a normie, is he our last chance for a laugh?[View]
79663270>be gay bottom >still annoyed that literally every single tv show created in the last decade h…[View]
79667971>there are still places called theaters where you have to drive to, walk inside, and watch a movi…[View]
79654131John Wick: Chapter THREE: Will he marry the trap in chapter 3? Also chapter 2 was pretty dank[View]
79665621Remeber when animated films were for adults too?[View]
79668858Who would you cast in the Live Action adaptation?[View]
79663367How can you watch this? It's so bad.[View]
79665372ITT Scenes or lines in films/shows that make your arm hairs do this >pic My personall favorite is…[View]
79669207So who here is looking forward to season two?[View]
79663676The odd high numbers of 90s and 00s Hollywood women identifying as gay: At this stage can anyone say…[View]
79669176APOSTATIZE NOW[View]
79669115Why do they hate each other so much[View]
79659334Just what Chris Tucker needed. Will it be good? At least Lethal Weapon 4 good?[View]
79666990Now that the dust has settled, can we all agree that this looks pretty good for a promotional shot?[View]
79666734/trek/: I challenge you to a game of baseball, /tv/[View]
79668265what are some movies that take place underground?[View]
79665398Can we have a Fargo thread? Favorite season? Hype for 3? Best girL?[View]
79668278>Cao Cao and Cheng Dong kill their way through a village only to find out the villagers were goin…[View]
79668869Dr Zordon[View]
79668799Childhood is idolizing Tommy Adulthood is realizing that Billy Batts makes more sense Prove me wrong[View]
79667342Black Mirror is todays Twilight Zone?[View]
79668850Patriot: Anyone else hyped for this Spy Kino?[View]
79668500Best Tim Burton flix?: I'm torn between Ed Wood & Mars Attacks[View]
79667656Post comfy obscure movies: Pic related[View]
79668173How did we go from this[View]
79667554Survivor: Game Changers: Two weeks to Game Changers Cast: http://insidesurvivor.com/cast/season-34-c…[View]
79668038Would you like some cane sugar?[View]
79668252HAN SOLO MOVIE: This shit has fanfiction written all over it. It will be even worse than Rogue One a…[View]
79668644Thoughts on Loving Hidden Fences by Moonlight? I thought it was a great movie desu, Jamie Foxx defin…[View]
79667286Itt post some characters whom are literally you.[View]
79667291Does anyone watch this?[View]
79667223How do we save Star Wars from the Jews /tv/?[View]
79668311https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Is1xspBYUWs This could be any good?[View]
79668541>protagonist walks by women: >they smile at him really takes me out of the flick desu senpai t…[View]
79668428Any good motion-pictures about world war two from the Japanese perspective? Preferably action packed…[View]
79668440>Weapon Pack DLC: The Movie what other sequels do this?[View]
79668433>that ending What the fuck was that?[View]
79668425Can audiobooks disguised as books be kino?[View]
79668406MINIONS BEEDO FOR 10 HOURS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mCeEhOUSapI[View]
79664052Did anyone here ever have sex with a celebrity? What was it like?[View]
79667442So, you still don't believe me? I'm an Alien![View]
79667660What's my opinion on this?[View]
79666810Who will play him in the inevitable biopic?[View]
79667761Has anyone else noticed how all bad directors are either british or canadian?[View]
79656870>Not a single thread about the last disneykino Why ? It just came out in 1080p too. And it was a …[View]
79658770Why did it all go so wrong[View]
79665358Dont fucking spoil. Im just asking: Did they come good from start in last half? First half was prett…[View]
79664369racist white supremacist law enforcement killing innocent victims of capitalism that were forced int…[View]
79666098do you like Bewitched?[View]
79666053this kind of thread[View]
79667958Have you ever developed feelings for an actor, /tv/?[View]
79664648KONG: SKULL ISLAND Post-Credits Scene Includes...: Godzilla, King Ghidorah, Mothra and Rodan https:/…[View]
79666417>just finished watching Supernatural >Go to IMDB to read the comments >scroll down and then…[View]
79667886>Welcome aboard the Millennium Reddit[View]
79666249is this worth?[View]
79667836How did they found out that there was a third guy outside the cabin? How did they know he was the ki…[View]
79667806> I bypassed the compressor! What did she mean by this?[View]
79665419Why didn't her career take off after LOTR?[View]
79667229Your thoughts?[View]
79667528Would you watch a Reality Show about the Obamas?[View]
79667626>SOMETHING IS HERE: fuck hold me /tv/ im scared[View]
79665786The Wailing: Plot discussion >the Jap was a monk in the beginning >the cop dad sinned by killi…[View]
79667170>childhood is idolizing carmen >adulthood realizing diz makes more sense >wizardry is under…[View]
79665926One Hour Photo.[View]
79665876Anybody else feel a little... giggle When I mention my fwiend Biggus DICKUS[View]
79664160What is your opinion on The Shield?[View]
79642894Thoughts on the new King Arthur trailer? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jIM4-HLtUM0[View]
79664976What did you think of Aliens?[View]
79667501Could you kick up the, uh...4d3d3d3?[View]
79664764What should I watch, I'm not a regular smoker, I just need to unwind after work.[View]
79663073I've got people queuing up to work in this bureau de change.[View]
79665431>Emilia Clarke's hand reaching down there to Alden's crotch You just know...…[View]
79666085This mutha ain't white.[View]
79666192Thoughts of this tv show?[View]
79665839Is he just gonna settle with those quirky characters? He's getting older too. I mean, i like hi…[View]
79666274What did you think of Magic City when you first saw it? What do you think of it now?[View]
79665658Will we ever get a good Ayn Rand movie? I fucking loved Atlas Shrugged and Objectivism is god-tier i…[View]
79660057your thoughts on Warehouse 13[View]
79666285MST3K thread Essential MST3K episodes? Who's the best host? You enjoy Rifftrax?[View]
79667181mhmm the green place[View]
79666445>'Sir, we can't afford Chloe Grace Moretz.'[View]
79664745Is Eddie Redmayne the first straight actor to publicly pretend to be gay to advance his career?[View]
79667145>I think at last we understand each others' tax codes, Mr. Baggins…[View]
79667128Black Sails: What did she mean by this?[View]
79661543ITT:: Celebs that people mistake you for[View]
79666915>'My hands are a little dirty' >'So am I' Jesus Christ, really?…[View]
79667028Why is she sad?[View]
79666413>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mS3PGKUiSco So... will it be KINO or what?…[View]
79665356What did Ren mean by this?[View]
79666682ITT: Works of fiction you wish were adapted into /tv/. >Tfw no Über animated series rated R…[View]
79665825>jew makes frankenstein movie >turns it into a cuckold story…[View]
79662453>The most feared and terrible pirate captain is... gay dropped[View]
79666765>He speaks fluent Japanese What did he mean by this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=paTW3wOyIYw…[View]
79666744>'cinematic universe'[View]
79664949Ok, listen: Its a baby... BUT WAIT! The baby also act like a stereotypical boss![View]
79666553https://youtu.be/LYf0b2bihEQ: https://youtu.be/LYf0b2bihEQ How to make money on YouTube and get moni…[View]
79663211>Helicopter pilot is MIA or dead >Zombies are being let in and everywhere in the complex >H…[View]
79666259Alright This series is garbage fuck you[View]
79664980Who was in the wrong here?[View]
79666286Coolest poster, for a crap movie. Soundtrack was awesome.[View]
79665740Was it autism?[View]
79665159Cast it as directed by Mel Gibson[View]
79665623How did you go from this...[View]
79663404Come up with a movie premise that hasn't been done before[View]
79666224>Group of people celebrate a successful mission >One character interrupts everyone cheering …[View]
79659369Who ready for underwater comfy?[View]
79665899Let's discuss his tax policy in home alone 2[View]
79666078Post your final form.[View]
79665685Post English speaking movies where you had to turn on subtitles.[View]
79665979Hey Scotty![View]
79665999omelette du fromage: omelette du fromage[View]
79657787Why is supergirl the stupidest show ever made?: What went wrong?[View]
79665173What does /tv/ think of Speed Racer?[View]
79665955*BLOCKS YOUR PATH*[View]
79663146Did she really deserve the promotion? The events of VOY were all her fault.[View]
79665940What is your favorite Alex Jones documentary[View]
79664286Why the fuck was this so short? >Mighty Boosh >Tim and Eric >World Peace I love this type o…[View]
79665862What did you think of A Few Good Men? Could Lt. Kaffee handle the truth?[View]
79665056>first half: meh >second half: high art actionkinography How?…[View]
79665016>A six-inch retractable claw, like a razor, on the the middle toe. He doesn't bother to bite…[View]
79661544>tfw being a loyal soldier cheated by your leader[View]
79664543What do you think of the new Star Wars CGI? I think it looks better than practical effects[View]
79664085what was his end game?[View]
79665045>the best Disney villain is a literal Chad How does he do it, lads?[View]
79663883>Joel era Average nerd watches movies with his good buddy robots >Mike era Fratboy jock watche…[View]
79665729>W-wait....They need you.... >I-I....need you....…[View]
79665357Does he look like a bitch?[View]
79665696>I don't want to mess with no dope smoking niggers! At least Zemeckis nailed the dialogue of…[View]
79665054Jonathan, just walk away.[View]
79665534What was his fucking problem?[View]
79663931I finally got around to watching this last night and found it to be a real treat. I had previously w…[View]
79665417What's going on here?[View]
79665488ITT: Films people don't reference anymore. (Pic related) Hardmode: No 'The Anvil Maker' https:/…[View]
79665363Discuss best tv show ever[View]
79665376What about their taxes? We can breach those.[View]
79665434sup /b/![View]
79665429That feel when the prettiest actress of all time barely stars in any good movies. Hopefully Lily Ros…[View]
79662200What the fuck did I just watch?[View]
79664780>American cinema[View]
79664622>You know, one of those useless machines they used to make was called an MRI, and if we had one o…[View]
79665302You know it to be true.[View]
79663004What the fuck was his problem?[View]
79665284what did he mean by this?[View]
79658015>Bikers are so coool maaaaan they wuz modern cowboys n shieet I'm only on the second episode…[View]
79664841Is pic related the quintessential 80s movie?[View]
79665240>ITT: Britbongs post classic British gameshow intros and remember when Saturday nights used to be…[View]
79665233>Be at your computer >Hear rustling in your kitchen >Go and check out the noise >See thi…[View]
79655282What went wrong?[View]
79659340Why are Jews so funny? For a religion that have been through so much pain, they sure have a good sen…[View]
79662531whats his endgame?[View]
79665003>Look Gary! Soap! Don't drop em, you might get raped in the ass! This is a children's s…[View]
79663347What a disaster[View]
79664522>OY VEY, IT'S BOILING ACID! Is boiling acid actually worse than regular acid?…[View]
79664333My name is Maximus Decimus Meridius. Commander of the armies of the North, general of the Felix Le…[View]
79665051Suka blyat pidaras. Dasvidanya! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nZTDv_0Yo4g[View]
79661860Movies that you didn't understand: I don't know if this movie was actually a flick or too …[View]
79665027if you think it was bad you are stupid.[View]
79663375is there any good zombie movies you watched lately? forgive my plebance.[View]
79662536>Head over to the cinema showers >The black men are showering >DJ and Blacksmith are guardi…[View]
79663165Underappreciated directors: When the fuck are these two going to return to create another great film…[View]
79661129Am I the only one who thinks Baldwin's Trump is shit? The voice is not there at all. I don…[View]
79663467The Rural Juror[View]
79664778so what was their problem?[View]
79663318What are your thoughts on Cate Blanchett?[View]
79664659I have a bad feeling about this.: >Phil Lord and Christopher Miller are directors co-piloting the…[View]
79664338>Well, that's not exactly what I meant. What did he meant by this?…[View]
79663409>Peter... don't tell Harry about the holocaust... Why is the Green Goblin trying to hide inf…[View]
79664623Would you like some cane sugar?[View]
79664564Major plot hole: Despite Ritchie Valens having psychic premonitions about his own death, he still ge…[View]
79658769Was it rape? Why would George hire Biff years later to wash his cars when Biff tried to rape is wife…[View]
79664035DAMN! Immortan Joe looks like THAT?[View]
79663048any birdkinos?[View]
79664462Comparisons between the B-roll scenes from Doctor Strange and scenes from the movie: https://www.you…[View]
79663765Adaptation when?[View]
79658724What good films are there with a homosexual main character?[View]
79664382absolute capekino. bravo snyder[View]
79664376'VidyaKINO doesn't exi--'[View]
79664092ITT: Movies you aren't allowed to like Pic related I mean people act like this is Suicide Squad…[View]
79664265Good trilogy about the grimdarkest future when?[View]
79664340I always start crying at the part in Daddy Day care where Eddie Murphy finds his son on the stairs a…[View]
79664322Jackie.2016.1080p.WEB-DL.DD5.1.H264-FGT Jackie.2016.1080p.WEB-DL.DD5.1.H264-FGT Jackie.2016.1080p.WE…[View]
79664267DUDE *sips weed* TALKING WIENERS[View]
79662553What was his philosphy?[View]
79662154What's going on here?: How hot was his coffee?[View]
79663288Haneke: Is Haneke the new Kubrick? Is he the greatest director alive?[View]
79653857Leave Radiokino to me.[View]
79654734Why is no one talking about Legion? Is /tv/ just holding its breath, waiting to see what reddit thin…[View]
79664146>movie about Satan/Demons or other Abrahamic evil spirits >only verses from the Bible or ancie…[View]
79664113What do you think is the greatest film of all time?[View]
79664050>Someones criticism of a movie is that 'the time travel isn't realistic enough!'…[View]
79662987>He doesnt watch to the end of the credits to know who to give special thanks to…[View]
79663893Just watched this. What's /tv/'s opinion on it? I thought the first half was pretty bad, b…[View]
79663965name a better TV dad protip: you can't.[View]
79664017>Movie features evil Russian gangsters >mfw these don't actually exist in real life…[View]
79660592>James Cameron directs sequel to your favourite movie How is it?[View]
79662360>movie has a character[View]
79658330ITT: People who need a biopic[View]
79663373>there's no such thing as a perfect ki-[View]
79663968Which are you and what is your favorite /tv/ show?[View]
79663586>We've only got 30 minutes! >In English, Doc. >*pokes pencil through paper*…[View]
79663328...... I was watching Blade 2 last week and I want to know how Blade's plan involving Scud and …[View]
79663664fuck (you) asshole[View]
79660689JUST WALK AWAY[View]
79661551Good films you don't see being discussed here[View]
79661005Is this just another shitty fanservice movie? Tell me about Shane Black[View]
79663735what the FUCK was Raoul's problem??????????????????[View]
79662545>new Beauty and the Beast clip >suddenly black people…[View]
79649749Actual Episode 8 Spoiler: Rey kills Luke[View]
79663558Motherfucker. You are a cunt hair away from indictment and you see fit to argue with me?[View]
79663550Comparisons between the B-roll scenes from John Wick and scenes from the movie: https://www.youtube.…[View]
79662937perfect couple[View]
79661478>Return of the Mac starts playing Seriously?[View]
79662607Das Boot: Well, just got done watching this. True Kino, not overrated at all. More suspense than in …[View]
79655457ITT: Worst Covers[View]
79661392Who will play him in the inevitable film adaptation[View]
79663518Don't mind me just posting the greatest kino in history ever[View]
79660231Found this on Facebook this morning. How does t make you feel?[View]
79663293Honestly, why was he such a useless prick ?[View]
79663416What was his fucking problem?[View]
79663396Was he autistic?[View]
79659909What the fuck was his problem?[View]
79663361>I set myself up as a blacksmith as a front while I attempted to repair the damage to the time ci…[View]
79663349Why is Rolf still the greatest character ever created?[View]
79653812The oa: general[View]
79661780So I'm going to the cinema tonight alone (I have an elaborate plan to slip past the 'no si…[View]
79661850Can somebody please explain to me why in the prequel Han Solo film, Han and Lando have receding hair…[View]
79661935general shao: 'Good fighting, you two.' commander lin: 'You have earned the general's praise.' …[View]
79663197Would you like some cane sugar?[View]
79662965>7 minutes is all I can spare to play with you WAS IT RAPE?[View]
79658938I watched this yesterday and really enjoyed it. It made me laugh. The trailer doesn't do it jus…[View]
79663066hey what if we start a petition to get world peace back on the air?[View]
79662899demon goblet thread: everone loves some demon goblet https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qabg2etCWgE…[View]
79661475'It's not about you'[View]
79661569So what's the consensus of this movie? I've seen numerous threads about Kingdom of Heaven,…[View]
79663008Is this worth a watch?[View]
79661595What are some movies about people who genuinely believe Earth doesn't exist?[View]
79663033>Watching movie set in the UK >Black extra in the background FUCKING SJW FAGGOT DIRECTOR…[View]
79660091best movie soundtracks find one better pro tip: you can't https://youtu.be/GpIU-Q5tMFY[View]
79663034Every nu Marvel and nu Star Wars movie is and will be shit. Period.[View]
79662212Child ''''''''''acting'''''''''''[View]
79662977What's wrong with Hollywood?[View]
79661942THE GREAT DEBATE: One side wants you dead, one side needs you alive. Which group do you pick to prot…[View]
79662961>we want the Game of the Rings audience[View]
79662577Will Emilia Clarke save Star Wars?[View]
79662050What are some good but unknown animation films/short films?[View]
79661255Riverdale: I like it[View]
79660878Daily reminder this man is more talented than every MCU/DCEU director.[View]
79662839Major Grom short movie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RLt65JxNsW So, /tv/, what do you think? Quit…[View]
79658895I'm surprised how much I like the android character on Dark Matter[View]
79662597>On January 22, 2016, Sony Pictures announced that a reboot is in development with Lisa Henson as…[View]
79661809*blacks your path*[View]
79658723I'm comin to get you anon![View]
79662609What are the best cape movies? Animated ones too.[View]
79661836This is a solid 8/10, it should be discussed more[View]
79662590What other movies can give me the same feel as 13 Assassins or 7 Samurai?[View]
79662403How long until they're exposed?[View]
79658622I have had sex with women who work for me on this show.[View]
79662474KONG GENERAL: They didn't even try did they? Here's more footage: https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
79661938Marvel cinematic universe characters you want to see get their own movie: Pic related[View]
79662013I'm watching black mirror and there's a clear decline in quality at season 3 > BLACKED …[View]
79662302Was it rape?[View]
79660351What the FUCK was this chicks problem?[View]
79662114I LOVE YOU[View]
79657709RIP in Piss[View]
79661110Is this good?[View]
79662285Now that the dust has settled, what does /tv/ think of The Dark Knight Rises' opening plane sce…[View]
79661120Pearls Before Swine (1999): anyone know where I can watch Pearls Before Swine by Richard Wolstencrof…[View]
79661125So why was Michael Gira in Mulholland Drive?[View]
79662162HAHAHAHAHA!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nT1VQkTTT7M[View]
79660026Mr Robot: So I just marathoned through the second season and im not sure if I liked it Can you guys …[View]
79662191Hit me up with some low budget Kino.[View]
79655692The Alien Covenant crew How many of them will they even bother giving a personality /tv/?[View]
79662147Best of /tv/ thread?: Best of /tv/ thread. I need a good laugh[View]
79646889>steel drums start playing My penis...It's getting harder![View]
79649814Most Red Pilled Characters?: Is Rorschach the most red pilled character?[View]
79661102>Watching a film at a friend's house >There are black bars on the top and bottom of her T…[View]
79660953movies with alpha leads: post movies that will be banned in the future due to alphaness[View]
79659696ITT: your favorite movie quotes >I'll return - Arnold Braunschweiger…[View]
79661276Is there any hope this will be /kingkino/?[View]
79659663Comfy Kinos: 1. Brink 2. My date with the presidents daughter 3. Commando 4. Happy Gilmore 5. Mys…[View]
79659181CIS > Empire > Old Republic > Rebels Grievous was best character in ep3 https://www.youtube…[View]
79660419Characters that are literally you: >driven >hates seeing other people succeed >hates most p…[View]
79661670>mfw movie MCUcks[View]
79654126Saw this yesterday. My body wasn't ready for the finale. Are there any other spaghetti western …[View]
79658697>88 miles per hour! >88[View]
79660118RUSSIAN CAPEKINO HAS ARRIVED https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RLt65JxNsWI[View]
79658108How good is this compared with the first one. I really like Trainspotting, but i don't know if …[View]
79639301Who was in the wrong here?[View]
79659355Am I the only one who thought Season 4 was overrated?[View]
79660955*BLOCKS YOUR PATH*[View]
79660668Have we already forgotten her, /tv/?[View]
79658283What went wrong?[View]
79654318Manchester By The Sea > Moonlight > La La Land > Hell or High Water > Lion > Arrival …[View]
79659806When will nam kino return?[View]
79653147>'Leslie Jones can read and write' What did he mean by this?[View]
79661539>you know what she did, you cunting daughter? What did he mean by this?…[View]
7966150724 legacy: >I am fixing your NAND chip[View]
79660444has there ever been a show more wrongfully cancelled?[View]
79660211Is Ravenclaw the DULLEST house in the history of Hogwarts?[View]
79658230Who is the best screenwriter in Hollywood at the moment?: Pic related my pick[View]
79659693dude libertarianism the show.[View]
79659729What the fuck was his problem seriously?[View]
79659825So Rick is going to suffer absolutely no negative consequences from being stabbed multiple times by …[View]
79661239>movie is set in a future >they still use forks…[View]
79660229*tsss ts tsss ts tsss ts tsss*[View]
79651631The People vs OJ Simpson: Are these two the biggest retards in the history of all mankind?[View]
79658963ITT: Villains who did nothing wrong: >frames a guy who died 200 years ago for aiding an act of wa…[View]
79660789Whats Calkoolus?[View]
79660694What do you do, /tv/?[View]
79656669GOAT: >One Flew Over the Cuck's Nest >Chinatown >As Good as It Gets >The Shining Ha…[View]
79658586>I love God because it's so painful to love human beings. What did he mean by this…[View]
79660503some folks say nigger don´t steal[View]
79656101What was your favorite movie of last year?[View]
79660988Why Kevin Ball From 'Shameless' is the ideal man: ATTENTION ALL SHAMELESS LOVERS: If you are looking…[View]
79657846Did it really need to be that edgy?[View]
79656850Disappointing shit: Damn, that's one disappointing piece of shit movie. 'Let China is evil' le …[View]
79660583Itt: Product placement kino https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sFk9owIqCiU[View]
79657765Time tested[View]
79660290>nature documentary >narrator is a human I'm sick of this forced diversity bullshit…[View]
79637976>Itt: Normie comedies that are actually good[View]
79660525I cant pinpoint exactly why.. but... why do I like him so much, /tv/? What is it about philip seymou…[View]
79649390BUT WHY[View]
79635036The Walking Dead has shit cinemato-[View]
79659030Celebrity deaths you're dreading. Pic related[View]
79659317Any more movies like this and Wolf of Wall St? Basically young guys trying to make it rich.[View]
79660568What are some good films about squids? Is there an essential squidkino?[View]
79660433Have you guys watched Man in the High Castle? Who is your favorite character? Pic related[View]
79655958Does she have any chance of winning on Sunday?[View]
79653314Why can't Hollywood produce a decent medieval movie? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EqbePJOLd…[View]
79659731Remember when Spot de evolved into an iguana?[View]
79651457What is his problem?[View]
79659993>ITT well written female characters in mainstream movies[View]
79651372If this is a Real depiction of millennials women the west is fulled with unaware narcissist[View]
79659628What's your favorite schlock kino? From the recent ones, Hansel and Gretel was quite amusing.[View]
79654367Watch it Voilello[View]
79659941>Iraq war flick >'INCOMING INCOMING INCOMING' starts playing…[View]
79658182Was he the perfect cast?[View]
79659888What are his best films?[View]
79659519What the hell did I just watch?[View]
79656636Jack Gyllenhaal is a passive aggressive creep and Amy Adams fells in love with him again after readi…[View]
79652009Who would you cast for the role of Lenin?[View]
79659937Thorkino is coming[View]
79659980COW ON THE LOOSE IN NYC: Renegade cow escapes from slaughterhouse and ran wild live on national TV t…[View]
79657819/tv/ rewrites a classic Simpsons episode with modern twists. >Bart takes a picture of Homer twirk…[View]
79659805I wanna get back into watching movies and tv shows tonight, which do I watch? > the deer hunter …[View]
79658666Who the funk at the Hogwarts thought it's a good idea to send hundreds of letters and only afte…[View]
79645108Why aren't there any good educational kids' shows anymore?[View]
79658882Pirate kino is upon-ah us as again-ah[View]
79656906>Go to the theatre >have a completely normal and enjoyable experience…[View]
79659667Are these really kino?[View]
79658915KINO I N O >http://m.imdb.com/title/tt4721124/[View]
79657730Aelita: Marathoned this last night. Anyone else seen it?[View]
79658383The Walking Dead - Daryl and Shiva: The Walking Dead - S07E10 https://youtu.be/8A6TJUlg6u0[View]
79658350What were his motives[View]
79657922Das Boot: Going to watch this kino now, what am I in for /tv/`?[View]
79659178Wtf was his problem,really,WTF was his problem? He had ASPD? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZRG1tWQ…[View]
79657046>Americans can't into QI because of copyright laws How are you going to make this seem like …[View]
79659508Wanna get back into watching movies and shows for my holiday off, what do I watch? > the deer hun…[View]
79659494/tv/, wouldst thou like to live deliciously?[View]
79659487WTF was this guy's problem? Was he russian or was he dragon?[View]
79657522>Despite being in love with a Ukrainian boy from the same village, Polish girl named Zosia is for…[View]
79657852What did she mean by this?[View]
79658976Mr. French Tickler[View]
79656577Where do you see Ben Affleck's career 4 years from now? 10 years from now?[View]
79658339The Walking Dead made to look like the intro of Friends: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s6uNYCXd3VE…[View]
79659156Alien: Covenant cast shot: I dunno what it is about this cast, but I like it a lot better than the P…[View]
79658842>tfw my cinephile friend gave me a list of movies I should definitely watch >3000+ movies…[View]
79659277I just got the the bit in I Love You Philip Morris where they have both just got out of prison and a…[View]
79655753Serial General: 'and then there's the Nisha call...' Well /tv/, did he do it? I assume you have…[View]
79658208who is your favorite /tv/ character and what would he have to say about 4chan?[View]
79657877>What do you wanna do, hire an IP lawyer? No, I wanna hire the Sopranos to beat the shit out of h…[View]
79658653ITT: Post your watchlists and other anons tell you what to watch. >pic related is me trying to wr…[View]
79653141*blocks your path*[View]
79659246>It's another have to get up and take a piss yet again episode Why are we cursed with this a…[View]
79659188Commissioner Gordon, I'm Special Forces[View]
79656404ITT: Oscar bait[View]
79655192>Tfw too smart for what passes as thought provoking movies A bit late to the party, but what are…[View]
79657146Zoey 101: This show was great. Let's talk about it.[View]
79658190>character is out of bullets >throws gun to distract attacker…[View]
79659038this is the most underrated south park episode: prove me wrong[View]
79658412What do you guys think about art film?[View]
79658065Movies men will never understand[View]
79658964The whole enchilada. You ready?: >Eddy Bravo confirmed Buzz Aldrin's instagram is proof of i…[View]
79650141Thoughts on John Carpenter? Best/worst/underrated film?[View]
79658816>Several shitty Coon and friends sequels Why no wrastling sequel?[View]
79650133is this going to be kino?[View]
79657676My girl loves to party all the time[View]
79654640How does the Duel on Mustafar rate compared to other SW battles? Even though the lights aver combat …[View]
79658013Can anyone tell me where I can watch this for free starting with season 1. I don't mind sites t…[View]
79657520ITT: subtlety in film[View]
79658292Would you like some cane sugar?[View]
79657384Why are Michael Bay movies so hated by critics when they give the thumbs up to objectively inferior …[View]
79658446Have you had sex before?[View]
79658477>Took his code name for illegal shit from the bible >doesn't quote scripture in illicit c…[View]
79658464Interesting Movie Trivia: Did you know... >In High School Tom Hanks used to pretend to be retarde…[View]
79657818Can we get a operator Kino thread?[View]
79658098Leave Horror-Kino to me![View]
79658373/horse apples/ general[View]
79653776ITT: Foreign actors who should've/could've made it big in Hollywood but didn't[View]
79658232What did /tv/ think? Horrorkino?[View]
79657584Can someone explain this scene to me? Why fuck was the bodyguards willing to kill her to avoid her k…[View]
79650522Calling it now: This won't happen until the final episode[View]
79658153Who was in the wrong here?[View]
79657973Is this kino? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y5fwvYICZvY[View]
79658186Characterization > Plot > World Building/Establishing >>>(Power Gap)>>> Cine…[View]
79655105Hello, I'm from the IMDB-boards. I'm here to discuss movies. Where can I find the search f…[View]
79657716What movies supplement the feeling of the love of your life getting married to another guy?[View]
79658043why don't tv shows put an emphasis on lemotifs/ high quality original music any more? the last …[View]
79658107who /chubbuck/ here?: who /chubbuck/ here?[View]
79657990>watch a kino at the theater >feel genuine conection with the characters and deep affection fo…[View]
79656051>5/10 base rating >+1 foreign >-1 Jews >+1 less than 3000 ratings on IMDb >+1 92% cri…[View]
79655153Toivon tuolla puolen (The Other Side of Hope): Writ what you think of this film. And does anyone hav…[View]
79657892/tv/, why do you watch television shows? The extra runtime in no way makes them even close to being …[View]
79657871Can we still respectfully bury this series or is it too late? It's sort of bloated from rotting…[View]
79653131Why wasn't it enough for him to humiliate Eli? Why did he have to murder him?[View]
7965306310/10 posters[View]
79657742WHO ARE YOU? mhmmm[View]
79657667One hundred and sixty minutes long.[View]
79656845Why hasn't Ray Liotta been in anything good besides Goodfellas?[View]
79657608Does Sony want their movies to fail at the box office and to get everyone pissed at them? Because th…[View]
79657483How do we save the DCEU?[View]
79639104wtf i love curly hair now[View]
79651462What are some kinos to watch when you're feeling incredibly sad and thinking heavily on the fut…[View]
79657443I want to share this with Tv/ its something i found one day a very long time ago and thought it was …[View]
79655832To play us out?[View]
79657318>marathon five minutes of a kino >pause and browse /tv/ for half an hour…[View]
79656196>Watch this because it was in Roger Eberts list of Great Movies >Don't notice that it…[View]
79657144>tfw you lack the Y chromosome to understand that movie[View]
79656572I can admit the promos for this show look awesome but i have yet to see a positive thread about this…[View]
79657250https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UOPYiG_FOe4: WE WERE SLAVES N SHIT[View]
79648236Can we talk about this film? I was pleasantly surprised at just how good it was considering it starr…[View]
79652385What is the appeal of drive in cinema?[View]
79657185It's Flóki[View]
79656615Got a big enough joint there, Rick?[View]
79654837Scary Spot's 'Best Horror Movie' Award: 2016: http://scaryspot15.blogspot.pt/2017/02/scary-spot…[View]
79655170>Like, what the fuck, Brutus? What was that for? I thought this was supposed to be historically a…[View]
79652279has ben stiller got any irons in the fire? what was the last thing he did that wasn't related t…[View]
79656871This show is getting worse every episode[View]
79646411>in film school >introductory class >lecturer is going around asking random people their fa…[View]
79653044Hershlag kino: Are you ready to watch the latest kino from our favorite jewess? >Jackie.2016.1080…[View]
79656879What'd you guys think? >good length >interesting format >relevant+important content …[View]
79652510RIP: >they deleted everything THE SADISTS[View]
79656623What exactly was this guy's problem?[View]
79656351Recommend me movies like the first half of this. Movies where the protagonist is a lonely adult stru…[View]
79654470Theatrical is better than extended[View]
79655755Post movies people shit on but you actually like watching them: Pic related[View]
79656745Tell me about Kylo. Why does he wear the mask?[View]
79656302Emma Watson so desperate: that she has to copy Daisy Ridley's movie hair and dressing style at …[View]
79656821Is it, dare I say it, /christkino/?[View]
79655846where are the american indian tv kinos at? why is there 100 shows about vikings and medieval stuff b…[View]
79655130Who will they replace him with in the next Star Trek movie?[View]
79656544The fucking imdb drones are already infesting this board. They cry about 'spam' all the time someone…[View]
79656609I hear the audience laughing, Dave[View]
79643550Starship Troopers: Was this really supposed to be anti-fascist satire? Because it seemed like the Fe…[View]
79656518Split: Has Shyamalamadingong redeemed himself with this or is he just trying to suck our dicks and g…[View]
79655375Is this movie any good? The 40th anniversary is coming up and a theater near me is going to be playi…[View]
79654066What are the best documentaries you've seen this year /tv/?[View]
79655559Is this a real course in the USA?[View]
79656223>we want the Louie audience[View]
79656117ITT: Bad guys who literally did nothing wrong: Characters, while considered bad, actually did nothin…[View]
79650381Why isn't /tv/ more interested in good content?: There is not much real discussion of cinema I …[View]
79656181/Seagal/: >17th century monk in his past life >Was a CIA operative and did 'special favor…[View]
79654893>it's a some hot dude falls for Lena Dunham's character episode…[View]
79656053Are these really kino?[View]
79656075>it's a pretend the Irish Mob is still relevant so we can cast white actors in gangster role…[View]
79653431>character is suddenly punched in the head >cuts to black, commercial break…[View]
79656066are there any alien species from the prequel trilogy in the new star wars films. If the prequels ar…[View]
79652693>people with average intelligence are by definition, not smart >popular movies have to appeal …[View]
79655965>character plays tennis >montage of them missing every ball or getting hit…[View]
79655216This makes absolutely no fucking sense. I'm boycotting these retarded ass theaters.[View]
79653825Would you pay $19.99 (plus tip) to watch a grimdark version of Home Alone where the baddies are slow…[View]
79654057Come in, Mayday I'm losing your transmission![View]
796556612016 movies you'll rewatch in 2017[View]
79622032Oooohhh...Meh woh ket u bek...stiso bada fiddy bak?[View]
79644209Wow now thats what I call a big guy[View]
79648772ITT: Meme actors[View]
79655709Why live in a garbage dump?[View]
79654917How long until the kilmer is kill?[View]
79654258Can I get some recs from the IMDb lads? /tv/ has been memeing me into watching shit lately, like: …[View]
79654969Thoughts on this film?[View]
79654855Why did she mostly stay home instead of joining in the adventures?[View]
79654260>'Are you threatening me, Master Jedi?' What should Mace have said?[View]
79655541Mad Dog: Is there an actor who could beat Mad Dog?[View]
79651400Terminator 2 3D: Just saw this. Tell me why this won't be the best reason to enter a cinema in …[View]
79655496wait, so what happened to Tonino Pettola? did they fucking kill him?[View]
79651866Timeless: >Lucy's mother being Rittenhouse Didn't really feel like much of a reveal to …[View]
79654035Why did they scrap local tv branding in the UK? There's hardly anything local anymore apart fro…[View]
79654654Thoughts on this? Should I watch it?[View]
79652535This is a really good movie.[View]
79652912>hey member Spielberg >hey member that thing from your childhood >hey these much better 80…[View]
79654650>It's not pretty being me, >just try it and you'll see, >it's harder than yo…[View]
79653799Nothing personal, kid...[View]
79654818> not watching with subtitles on a superimposed position, beautifully embossed into the picture w…[View]
79655167>You can have any drink you like aslong as its corona, America's favorite beer, Enjoy the sm…[View]
79655156What does /tv/ think about the work of Wes Anderson? Which is your favourite film of his? >pic re…[View]
79654913What would happen if he kept crossing the timezone for 24 hours?[View]
79655112This movie is fucking inspiring.[View]
79651162Hey /tv/, gf just broke up with me..you guys have any suggestions on things to watch and forget abou…[View]
79648356Just watched the Pilot of this show and the acting is fucking terrible.: Possibly the worst acting i…[View]
79654320>have thousands of tv shows, vidya, books, flicks, movies, films and kinos on my backlog >have…[View]
79654146GO FOR IT[View]
79651517Who /My 600 Pound Life/ here?[View]
79653993Is Dwight going to get the other half of his face ironed over Daryl getting away or will Negan under…[View]
79654871When the heck did this happen. How did I miss this? It seems cheesy though. Is it worth the 7 dollar…[View]
79654704>leave Aguirre to me[View]
79654749Have you ever stopped watching a movie because of the cast, /tv/? >Pic unrelated…[View]
79654700Hey Now, why did that faggot Dr. Phil steal my look?[View]
79652655What is some good film to trip out to /tv/ while your high? I can never find anything good. Wish mor…[View]
79653731James Bond vs Michael Westen: >better spy >better character >would win in a hand to hand co…[View]
79654219did he pay an income tax upon acquiring his considerable assets?[View]
79652251If you disagree you are pleb[View]
79654579whats the best way to watch a movie and why is it vlc with the psp go skin?[View]
79652113ITT: Times you acted like James Delaney: >Hanging out with my sister in my room >'I have a use…[View]
79653583>Ragnarok Includes ‘Funniest’ Version of Thor in MCU GET READY FOR QUIPS http://screenrant.com/th…[View]
79646914What happened to this?[View]
79650026Does anyone else here miss early-to-mid 2000s Nickelodeon? Early Spongebob and Fairly Oddparents, Ro…[View]
79654528First episode of the new season was brilliant.[View]
79654374> She unironically lived in the middle of the Forest in a house practically build of plain glass …[View]
79653422How does this tribute to one of the greatest modern show characters make you feel? https://www.youtu…[View]
79654415Why does /tv/ meme Ville that hard? This was a solid film that was also well directed, especially th…[View]
79645123Describe him in one word.[View]
79640727It's been a long road: I just ended a torturous run with Voyager a while back...and I am diving…[View]
79654269he has an odd sense of entitlement.[View]
79654285How would you cast a 10 episode HBO series on Fiore Furlano?[View]
79654055There is no such thing as a perfect cas....t[View]
79650179What does /tv/ think of Fantasia? I thought it was boring, wanky bullshit.[View]
79654238'Hey, they're playing the elephant song.' 'I love that song. Reminds me of __dubs__.'[View]
79649079RIP, 2001-2017: How will we recover?[View]
79654039What are the worst movies of the year? Arrival La La Land The Neon Demon Nocturnal Animals Swiss Arm…[View]
79654014I have over 100 unmatched movies, all of which are either acclaimed, regarded as classics or just su…[View]
79652579>Kevin, with Long Haired Nigga as perpetrator, beat up Chiron, nothing happens to them, seen afte…[View]
79652753Is this movie good?[View]
79653195Finally got around to watching this. Finally know why people say Tarantino has a BBC fetish. I mean …[View]
79652776>I'm disabled[View]
79649985how we feel about this? Dr. Dre gangsta rapper actor is now ex-military lead on 24. in Feb, I guess …[View]
79651620How did powerline know how to do the perfect cast?[View]
79653420 [View]
79617163/lbg/- Letterboxd General: RIP Richard Schickel Edition The mission of /lbg/ is to promote the highe…[View]
79649794Will the early 2000s ever be surpassed?[View]
79653840who was in the wrong here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HubZInAs0-A[View]
79653801>smoke dmt once[View]
79653594Cast her.[View]
79653751is he the only actor in hollywood that can call himself part of seal team 6?[View]
79653155Outsiders: What's your opinion? Shit's getting good[View]
79653624>chase scene >film is sped up >one way or another im gonna getcha getcha getcha getcha…[View]
79653651Mumbling: What are your thoughts on 'naturalistic' vs 'stagey' acting? Bringing …[View]
79650866did the boys meet world?[View]
79651658I have no idea what was going on in this, all I know is that it was terrible. Like someone wanted to…[View]
79650845How is this possible? Is it weird case of everyone pretending to like something?[View]
79653402Are curved TVs a meme?[View]
79653349Magnum P.I. appreciation thread: Alright Magnum, who did you steal the car from?[View]
79653365Doctor Erso, I'm ISB.[View]
79653224>Ain't nobody a badass with a double dose of rock salt dug deep in her tits.…[View]
79653222>Are you scared? >You should be[View]
79653209Sophie.and.the.Rising.Sun.2016.720p.WEB-DL.800MB.MkvCage Sophie.and.the.Rising.Sun.2016.720p.WEB-DL.…[View]
79647717Come up with a name for this painting.[View]
79652688Was he the good guy?[View]
79652886Killed over a fucking window.[View]
79651021>protagonist working out/getting guns ready >push it to the limit starts playing…[View]
79651144>I'd like a tasting. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wnw08iNb51U…[View]
79652448*grabs you by the collar* What the FUCK /tv/? Did you seriously meme me into watching Arrival (2016)…[View]
79653098So they became lesbians and adopted a venezuelian kid or what? Is Nails their caged cuckold now?[View]
79652795>i know what time it is[View]
79652680>male character >played by a woman[View]
79653074>you want him to think big >give him something big to think about https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
79653009Were were you when Deds Tar is kil?[View]
79650884>1st part is the best part that's how you spot a pleb[View]
79652268I love the science fiction genre, heck I love all the genre's. Religiously watched Star Trek wh…[View]
79652027ITT: Characters who have the same name as you[View]
79650307Hi, I'm Michael Haneke. I am just a chick who directs subversive and thought-provoking cinemas …[View]
79652813Do you think Gandalf BANGED Galadriel? lol...[View]
79652775Do you guys think it has a chance for Best Picture and/or Best Actor at the Oscars? I really liked i…[View]
79651693Is cel animation dying out?[View]
79651792Is anyone other than me still watching Homeland? It's not even close to as good as it used to b…[View]
79629796ITT: Actors/actresses that need to come out of the closet[View]
79642462What's the scariest movie that wasn't intended to be horror?[View]
79651683>it's a Truman slows down his favorite songs by 100% on Audacity while crying in a dark room…[View]
79644870Canadian kino[View]
79635177APOLOGIZE: https://mobile.twitter.com/joshgad/status/833704347427028992 >Hhhnnnngg muh dick…[View]
79652377Was he right or wrong?[View]
79651727>gallop towards city >bring horse to a halt >scream name of city at the top of your lungs …[View]
79649856>protagonist uses power tools as an weapon[View]
79650623Would you like some cane sugar?[View]
79652032>it's a 'Tziporah calls all of the men 'chauvinist antisemites' for no reason' episode how l…[View]
79652470Will there be season 3?[View]
796520077 minutes of screen time[View]
79651611>stoics will never know how good this feels[View]
79651234>most people will tell you GoT looks like 1 long film. >most will tell you it has fantastic '…[View]
79652412DRACULA, YES!: >Nick Wechsler and Scanbox’s Joni Sighvatsson have joined forces to produce “Dracu…[View]
79652410RHETORICAAAAAAAAAAAAAAL hhh-OKAY truly excellent scene[View]
79651441So, all memes aside, we can all agree that he's more /ourguy/ than any other guy, right? Like i…[View]
79651844Did this movie affect you as a believer?[View]
79645978are we supposed to feel sorry for this character? >is a complete cunt >is annoying >isn…[View]
79646146Thor is bigger than Superman: Let that sink in... Also Hemmi can take on both Cavil and Momoa[View]
79652077https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQNXyJ0GOr8ZmcojGYiVbZA: What does /tv/ think of Marvel's vers…[View]
79651746ITT: Movie posters that don't suit the tone of the movie: What the fuck were they thinking with…[View]
79647560Daily Reminder: TFA>Prequels[View]
79650854Who is the best Weekend Update host?[View]
79640512Best mother/daughters in Hollywood[View]
79651165>Men are run ragged by female sexuality all their lives. From the beginning of his life to the en…[View]
79651718>It's my turn to milk the cornmother at the Kino silos this labor-phase. I rue the day I vio…[View]
79651691What The Fuck Happened to it?!?!?[View]
79649617Are these two gay lovers or what's their deal?[View]
79650204>I didn't go to TV school, I went to /tv/[View]
79650862Which one is the better show?: imo the oa[View]
79647673ITT: kino /tv/ is too young to remember https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9BuSUH4vt_I[View]
79651269>You want him to think big? Give him something big to think about.[View]
79651484why did they stop?[View]
79651341what drugs will mkae me a normie[View]
79651241Separated at birth. Joss Whedon Steve McFadden (Phil Mitchell from Eastenders)[View]
79649629>Niggerfingers! What did Raimi mean by this? Is it because Doc Ock stole that money and Aunt May?…[View]
79650718>mfw in 300 Leonidas calls the Athenians 'boylovers' when in fact pederasty was far more common i…[View]
79651301Are these really kino?[View]
79650922Pirates of the Caribbean 5: Will it be good?[View]
79651299if the scifi/mad scientist stuff was cut out this could've been great. nice eye candy. 10/10 th…[View]
79647840>unfunny, immature 60 year old man child >every episode is the same with him just talking to t…[View]
79649615What's the best entry film in JK Rolling's wizardingwald and why is it Fantastic Breasts a…[View]
79648470*explodes into confetti*[View]
79650791so how that screenplay goin, /tv/?[View]
79646069>81 years old >still writing and directing films What's his endgame?…[View]
79648756Jamie pull up the photo of that 13 year old. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oJhHwspZGcg#t=216s[View]
79648708Trash sequel >destroys the seductive nature of an unknown enemy in the first film. >turns xeno…[View]
79644112Is the world ready for such CapeKino?[View]
79647253Magical Girl: What the FUCK did I just watch!?[View]
79649704What are some movies about being a late-bloomer in life and spending all your young adulthood just d…[View]
79650642>Don't blame yourself.[View]
79644518>time is a flat circle what did he mean by this?[View]
79633429Why don't I see more of her on screen?[View]
79650436Hom many shows are you following?: 27: Ash vs Evil Dead Better Call Saul Black Sails Bosch Dark M…[View]
79650470What are some red-pilled movies/TV shows?[View]
79650260I have a use for you[View]
79649648Is it kino?[View]
79649088>it's another television drama about some autistic genius who solves crime/diagnoses disease…[View]
79649865ITT: '''villains''' who literally did nothing wrong He just wanted his dead girlfriend back[View]
79647531the 100: this show is SUCH dogshit, every part of me wants to hate it but i very much enjoy this sho…[View]
79648477THIS IS FUCKING EMBARRASSING I ACTUALLY PITY THESE FUCKS https://twitter.com/warnerjp/status/8338558…[View]
79649269is he right?[View]
79646175Predator cast photo: *smacks lips* HOL' UP SO YOU BE SAYIN' WE FINNA BE SUM KINDA SUICIDE …[View]
79649969ITT: moments when you dropped a sh because it just got too ridiculous: >frank becomes a LITERAL c…[View]
79650178Is Cody Banks /ourguy/?[View]
79635700what the fuck is gordon's problem?[View]
79641047I need a good movie thats fairly obscure and gives you weird feels NOW right FUCKING NOW DO IT jew u…[View]
79650107>Hey it looks like someone we know[View]
79647438Just saw Split and it was fucking awesome, Shyamalan kino at its finest. >yfw /tv/ wanted to tric…[View]
79649157What will be this year's Meme Horror Film of the Year 2014: The Babadook 2015: It Follows 2016:…[View]
79650072>ITT: /tv/ like it's 2004[View]
79650012How do you go from this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zgAcOaqGUYo to this https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
79650033>57 mins into the episode >title screen of the show appears…[View]
79638516The woman is a fucking chameleon.[View]
79648842i dont get it[View]
79649526>WHY YOU COTTON PICKIN' LITTLE NIGGER! How did they get away with this?…[View]
79647075mfw someone says they think Sunny has lost 'it'. Post-season 9 Sunny Thread[View]
79649926Anybody remember which Louis theroux doc he gets kicked out of the scientology office after confront…[View]
79649753Dead Men Tell No Tales: Why does he look like an animated CGI character? Also, has anyone else reali…[View]
79649432After rewatching DS9, I'm convinced this guy should have died after the station was retaken ins…[View]
79648585Which version did you watch?[View]
79649768Today's main theme is...[View]
79646532Ghost in the Shell: Is this going to be good? https://youtu.be/tRkb1X9ovI4[View]
79648567>Budget: 175 millions dollars >edited by some trailer making company >and it fucking shows …[View]
79649535>HAPPY BIRTHDAY CU-CK-IE What did he mean by this?[View]
79643491Wonder Woman had its first test screening: The first test screening for DC’s Wonder Woman happened o…[View]
79649571why the fuck were there so many miranda class ships? werent the all like 100 years old at this point…[View]
79649117What are some good films about cold, calculated assassinations? I've already seen Ogro.[View]
79647029Do you have a wife?[View]
79646011Does anyone know any good movies in the vein of movies like Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs, and Dazed …[View]
79642681American Psycho General: >Well, though I know I should have done that instead of not doing it, I…[View]
79649594Did TV and movies go to shit in late 2006?[View]
79647570>A young African American man visits his white girlfriend's family estate where he learns th…[View]
79649578>HEY LOOK >I HAVE A WOODY What did the shark mean by this?…[View]
79637917Homeland Thread: What did you think of the newest episode, lads? I thought it was pretty good, but t…[View]
79645355Why hasn't this been cancelled yet?[View]
79648381Going to watch it for the first time. When do it stop being good?[View]
79647743Hey /tv/ do you guys know any websites that arent blocked by school or work I can't seem to fin…[View]
79647244>yfw less than 13% of the oscar winners are white[View]
79648695gordon ramsay screaming at people: recently i started enjoying looking at gordon ramsay screaming at…[View]
79649081So, I'm not big into anime television shows. I've really enjoyed a few over the years, but…[View]
79649125Yellow Submarine: Just finished this, pure kino. What does /tv think?[View]
79647635Which is better; La La Land or The Human Centipede?[View]
79647047>Come play with us anon...[View]
79648065What went wrong?[View]
79628852WONDER WOMAN Spoilers: Updated with more stuff. Is the DCEU saved? >Movie begins on present day w…[View]
79646424>movie doesn't pick up until the boy gets molested in the woods And then its STILL mediocre…[View]
79646359Im looking for a film that i saw when i was a young lad. it starred like 3-4 brothers in the forest/…[View]
79649137chris hems has been married this entire time[View]
79649078>camera flies over the Kremlin >choir of russian men starts chanting…[View]
79642631Is this accurate?[View]
79649052Any good documentaries on Big Foot? >in b4 'b-but Sasquatch can't into REAL!' Then you have …[View]
79648992Should I start Game of Thrones over again? I remember I got to like somewhere around season 4, then …[View]
79649028Why did Commodus kiss Maximus in the neck during that one scene before the fight? Das kinda gay.[View]
79647331Holy shit just watched The Boy and I can confirm it is pure kino. How can a horror movie about a dol…[View]
79648775Who is the next generation of big actors going to be?[View]
79648609>I've seen things you guys wouldn't believe. Planes crashing off the shoulder of Uzbeki…[View]
79647478Jesus fucking christ[View]
79647215Flaked: Tell me why this is or isn't kino Protip: It fucking is[View]
79648727Is this show worth watching? I read it's about Imperial UK, is it good?[View]
79648260Hot. Coffee. Black.[View]
79645550Trantor: 'I have grown too strong for that. Not even milk can stop me now!'[View]
79648771what the FUCK was his problem?[View]
79648711What is the appeal of this exactly? The style is cool, sure. But what the fuck is the point in telli…[View]
79648547>What is this supposed to be? >An apple pie f-from scratch, chef. >Did you first invent the…[View]
79647691Could someone explain to me why the bullet holes were there BEFORE he shot at them? Was it oversight…[View]
79639027/mann/ Michael Mann Filmography General: So /tv/'s favorite director just released a new cut of…[View]
79646517TLW VS JP3: The great debate.[View]
79648542>give me your gun and badge >and your other gun >oh excuse me, didn't i forget about s…[View]
79647241Watched this move tonight and went to the IMDB page for it and the main characters. What the fuck. …[View]
79648536for me it's Deepika Padukone[View]
79647375Who was in the wrong here?[View]
79646059writers guild awards: did anyone watch this? woods mocking pattons shoes was a low blow https://www.…[View]
79646688Anyone who follows the Gangland series of documentaries have a favorite gang?[View]
79648248but is it against the rules[View]
79648318Would you like some cane sugar?[View]
79648313Commissioner Gordon, I'm Special Forces[View]
79648256>shows a character's death that happens at the end in the fucking trailer ayyyy…[View]
79648131why dont athletes have as much casual sex compared to actors?[View]
79648191Is this kino? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JA10XUaI3Mo[View]
79647530lets write the most aesthetic movie scene i'll start >it's snowing…[View]
79647970'Hold on... I forgot to put in the crystals'[View]
79646735>find a negative review of this film >control f humorless 'Critics' literally don't like …[View]
79643096Fight my champion.[View]
79646801whats the point of making 1.1 million an episode if THIS is what you have to nut inside[View]
79647993HOLD THE FUCKING PHONE! This shit was real and wasn't some joke?! This cant be the new cast for…[View]
79646876ITT: Plausible Zombie Simpson Episodes: >Homer decides that he should form a men's social cl…[View]
79647877ITT: movies about cucks[View]
79647006garbage movie: This is a stupid sappy film. The only reason it's praised by critics is because …[View]
79642823Whatever happened to this guy? His show was great[View]
79646793What does /tv/ think of House of Cards? Is it a good show or just mediocre junk?[View]
79647340Where does /tv/ get their subtitles from? I'm sick of opensubtitles.org's Jewery.[View]
79645931Suddenly, Sergio Leone.[View]
79643510What's your favourite show and why is it Firefly? >Firefly/Serenity general Do you think a F…[View]
79647459How many times did he rail T'Pol in his ENT simulation?[View]
79645916ITT : characters who unironically and literally did nothing wrong[View]
79646783David Benioff & D.B. Weiss: What happens to them after GoT ends? Will HBO keep them and give the…[View]
79645763What are some movies?[View]
79647490Why is pete holmes given so many chances in this business[View]
79634753Bates Motel Final Season pre: Hype levels: Increasing What do you think happens to Rihanna?[View]
79645270>THAT'S ALOTTA NUTS![View]
79647004What's your favorite stop motion kino, tv?: Mine's pic related.[View]
79642443>u mad bro?[View]
79646951is gummo the only true american kino film?[View]
79643070Is this the greatest zombie movie of all time? If not, what is? Don't say anything by Romero un…[View]
79646280WHAT ARE GOOD MOVIES TO WATCH WHILE HIGH asking for a friend[View]
79646714So uh what have you guys been watching? I'm bored out of my mind Looking for a thriller[View]
79642869>This is a brilliant scene, Mr. Dan. You're a true visionary.[View]
79647150Leaked photo of the menacing creature from Shane's Black Predator. Great design, love the subt…[View]
79645910Was he really all that big?[View]
79647289If this is the best George could do what hope do we have[View]
79647057Ghostbusters remake 2.0: Even though this will tank too, will this be the end of the franchise?…[View]
79647010Is she dying?[View]
79647243>trying to watch The Walking Dead >the main character start crying after 15 minutes of the fi…[View]
79647290Really gets the noggin joggin'...[View]
79642963Joss 'Quip' Whedon: How much of a hack is he, /tv/?[View]
79645945So, I'm not in to capeshit and certainly not capeshit TV...but my buddy works on the show and t…[View]
79644868*record scratch* *freeze frame* The name's Jack, and you're probably wondering how I ended…[View]
79644532>that seamless transition from the Last Supper flashback to the empty tomb Bravo Mel. Anyone wit…[View]
79646915Civil War: If you don't realize how pure kino this film is you're diluting yourself. No am…[View]
79647045what are some movies where the teenager girl becomes all gangsta 'n shit? besides Kickass.[View]
79641264what did you think of 'Split' /tv/?: Funnily enough Id say its Shyamalan's best dil s…[View]
79646609Recommendation thread: Hey, /tv/, help a guy out. My fiancee is gone on her bachelorette party cruis…[View]
79646862So, is this guy a new meme now or what?[View]
79646093>start watching Rome >brutus shows up in episode 1 >all of a sudden remember 'et tu brutus?…[View]
79645200What does /tv/ think of the television show Samurai Jack?[View]
79646256>Judd Apatow Denounces Trump in Epic Stand-Up Set: ‘I Feel Like I’ve Just Been Raped’ http://www.…[View]
79646016What the fuck.[View]
79645281Luke, look at this photo of me and your mother. You just KNOW we were good friends.[View]
79645505Cool beans?[View]
79636552Star Trek Thread: >it's a Kira and Sisko buddy cop episode Star Trek thread…[View]
79646675is this kino?[View]
79646586uhhh /biz/ you tell me rich folk have all their money in stocks but jp morgan says the average priva…[View]
79645805ITT sequels a little worse than the original: I'll start[View]
79645984Why does HBO upload almost the entire episodes onto YouTube? Wouldn't you think they'd jus…[View]
79645993>it's a 60 people come after the protagonist one at a time episode…[View]
79626715/who/ - Doctor Who General: best dvd box set edition last thread >>79598698[View]
79643632Kong: Skull Island: yo guys I'm getting kinda hyped for this film >Vogt-Roberts has cited a …[View]
79646171He's too young to know who I am kek!![View]
79645929>chill at the MacGregor's house after school >Mrs. MacGregor always comes through with s…[View]
79644821do you talk during films and explain things like an autist to your normie friends?[View]
79644335>Go to my local bowling alley >See neckbeard bowling alone in his bathrobes. >sees my Big …[View]
79644965>I only watch reviews of BAD movies[View]
79641584Anyone else boycotting the CW after their latest blatant attempt at showing white genocide on TV? I…[View]
79644756Movie scenes you can't stop fapping to.[View]
79645846Name me some movies where janitors actually do there job.[View]
79645689Haven't watched this in about 10 years does it hold up?[View]
79644801Game of Thrones Edit: Is there a fan edit of Game of Thrones that has only Jon Snow's, and Bran…[View]
79643840women aren't funn-[View]
79645512How would you save this franchise? Hard mode: no complete reboots.[View]
79645264Why do people give 1/10's so easily? I can't even think of any movie that bad.[View]
79646052Which movies have the most diplomatically incompetent cameos?[View]
79641310The movies that actually better than the books[View]
79645992I just saw Drive for the first time and I honestly feel like killing myself. For the first time it d…[View]
79643725Am I the only one who watched this show because of Jim and Pam? Dwight was okay too I guess.[View]
79645980How can we stop Hollywood from overusing CGI and doing more practicals? We saw how terrible it looke…[View]
79638317Is he the voice of reason among youtubers?[View]
79643811QUANTICO: is this the worst show on TV?[View]
79644309Which do you prefer?[View]
79645621>and the oscar for best director goes to... Mel Gibson, for Hacksaw Ridge How would /tv/ react?…[View]
79645744Oh shit, Corny's about to be molested, and only your favorite /tv/ related character can save h…[View]
79645820WHO SAYS I RAID?![View]
79642506THE GREAT DEBATE[View]
79644913what is the AC/DC of kino?[View]
79643845Lord of the Rings: >yfw this happened 10 years ago >yfw even today this always gets you Damn w…[View]
79644400Help me /tv/: there was a eastern movie, i was like 6 when i seen it, so i barely remember anything,…[View]
79645255Villian, Comedian, or Dramatic Thespian: Is Keaton best as a Villian, comedian, or dramatic actor. H…[View]
79643141Gordon Ramsay: Why this fucking cunt get away with this? This stuff is literally PORN, and the BBC …[View]
79645358THE GREAT DEBATE[View]
79645688What is the Tamagotchi of film, /tv/?[View]
79645685Redpill me on this show, /tv/ Is it a show about important life lessons, or does it promote shameles…[View]
79645553this is undeniably kino[View]
79644811Why did no one stop him? https://youtu.be/xxf1c3fzDOU[View]
79644265>Why Bilbo Baggin? Perhaps it is because I am afraid, and he gives me courage. Unironically wtf d…[View]
79643969*guitar riff*[View]
79643013ITT: Scenes you fap to I'll start[View]
79644287I haven't seen this since I was little. Worth revisiting?[View]
79645342Where does /tv/ stand on these two cinematic giants?[View]
79644809How the mighty have fallen.[View]
79643421Name a bigger piece of feminist propaganda. You can't[View]
79645128movies that are good to watch with normie buddies: i was thinking about showing then ex machina, gre…[View]
79643403Do women understand this character?[View]
79643735>tfw the trailer is better than the movie https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T6DJcgm3wNY…[View]
79644068Just walk away...[View]
79641464ITT: powerful movies that unironically always make you cry[View]
79644647What did he mean by this?[View]
79641062Man, that was fucking hot[View]
79643759Honey, I Blew Up the Kid (1992): ...[View]
79643486who should play Mary Jane Watson in the MCU?: pic not related[View]
79645223Mexican news spooks kino thread? https://youtu.be/DkQp7OQzUGo[View]
79644741Why didn't Jesus use the cross to surf back down golgotha and escape the Romans?[View]
79645028The phone call that saved film[View]
79644839Hey, you! Donkey! C'mere![View]
79644992>Hey let's cast a fat jew to play all American Britt Reid aka The Green Hornet Brava Jews, b…[View]
79644930Now that the meme has settled, what the fuck was up with Banes mask? It pumped anesthesiants to keep…[View]
79644189Alan Resnick is the modern David Lynch, perhaps even slightly better Only plebs disagree with me[View]
79644452>start watching nocturnal animals because of amy adams >opening shot What the fuck /tv/…[View]
79644312If the only advertising they can manage is a Rick Roll, they must be more fucked than we thought. Th…[View]
79642582Damn Eureka was a good show. Are there any other good Sci-Fi channel shows out there? I haven't…[View]
79644794Did Showtime go too far?[View]
79644747Is Nanbaka animekino?[View]
79643365>Go to kinoplex >That guy who is reading in the front row and hushes at everyone to be quiet i…[View]
79644768>this is your live action Barbie And Sony is waiting to see if the Emoji movie and the Barbie can…[View]
79644242Just got back from a screening of Wondern Woman, AMA. IT'S FUCKING K I N O pic related is Ares …[View]
79631875ITT: Characters who did literally nothing wrong[View]
79639582Is there such a thing as a manly musical?[View]
79643085What kind of movies do dogs like?[View]
79644116What is the deepest film you ever watched?[View]
79640159What is the Finnegans Wake of film?[View]
79643724>rewatching Mad Men >skipping every scene with this bitch Makes the show so much more focused …[View]
79642942Animals from movies that might be dead now.[View]
79620998Favorite Movies: Let's get a 3x3 thread going >make yours >post it >judge others…[View]
79643191best episode? worst episode? most underrated episode?[View]
79639857The Bachelor: 15 minutes[View]
79644294Whats the appeal of this show? is it spooky?[View]
79639765Which series had the best theme song and why was it Time Force? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3rzd…[View]
79644444Adaptations: >local adaptations of popular shows I'll start. >Québec has a french version…[View]
79643854*blocks your path*[View]
79644331what does /tv/ think of Russell Peters?[View]
79643765'It's not about you.' Right in the feels[View]
79643440>at the cinema >see this >wat do?…[View]
79643711Name a bigger BTFO moment in cinematic history https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ciFTP_KRy4 pro tip: …[View]
79629818baltar literally did nothing wrong[View]
79644156Jeff x Annie is for scrubs and <20 yos Annie x Abed is reality Jeff x Britta on-off for the rest …[View]
79644051It's 2017 and the complete series of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood is still not available. H…[View]
79644014Who was best girl?[View]
79642864Think about your dad. What's your dad like?[View]
79642826ITT: Shows only you watched[View]
79643485so far so good, boys[View]
79643909ITT: Good shows that /tv/ never talks about[View]
79643476>I didn't go to flick school, I went to flicks what did he mean by this?…[View]
79643793Sheev Thread? Sheev Thread https://youtu.be/WZK9p-lAXfQ[View]
79643554Wtf!?!! I love chris pine now[View]
79643753What are her best movies?[View]
79643501>You're an idiot. Play a record.[View]
79643543Don't mind me, just posting the best Star Trek character of all time...[View]
79631484How do you defeat him?[View]
79641930What the fuck was Cal's problem?[View]
79642662Has there ever been a more kíno sequence in any film? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b1btxq1xcUs…[View]
79643483What are some movies about big disappointments?[View]
79642050ITT: scenes that made you literally ejaculate in the cinema[View]
79642890I'M OK TO GO[View]
79642654do you have a problem with me?[View]
79642460Movies that normies will never appreciate[View]
79606900/trek/: It's the one where Jake says nigger, and they tackle racism ham-fistedly. Why did DS9 t…[View]
79640614Shows that are surprisingly kino. Pic related, Family Matters has a deep story woven into it's …[View]
79642992Just finished this and i seriously believe it is THE best show on tv right now. Thoughts? >inb4 m…[View]
79643333what are some other kinos like chungking express? Ive already watched everything else by wong kar wa…[View]
79637060This woman is so talented. Motherfuck a Beyonce.[View]
79642760Do you think we'll ever see the video of Jesse James sticking a shotgun barrel up her asshole?[View]
79642065Should we tell her or should she stay ignorant about all those skins threads about her?[View]
79642254I'd like to suck a fart from her butt if you know what I mean ha-ha.[View]
79640778How do we get her to do porn /tv/?[View]
79641565First Promo For M. Night Shyamalan's TALES FROM THE CRYPT Reboot: https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
79643124It's fun being weird, it's fun being weird. It's fun being weird, you should try it s…[View]
79642378A girl invited me to watch one of these movies, what should I pick and why? Lion, Neruda, La la land…[View]
79640400The Kino Pope: /tv/ told me to watch this, said 'it's Kino', and I believed them. It was pretty…[View]
79640381Say hi to the world's best actress[View]
79642639What are the most heart breaking love stories /tv/? Not cheesy about leukemia or contrived death, bu…[View]
79640561Who would cast in a Lolita remake?[View]
79643120Panic Room: what the fuck was his problem[View]
79643091What the fuck was his problem?[View]
79643036fite my champion, /tv/[View]
79641110Was it horror kino?[View]
79642778movies about fucking children / pedophilia[View]
79642824People fear what they don't understand.[View]
79642828It's official, /tv/ has ruined movies for me. I can't even go back and watch this without …[View]
79642772Is this out fit age-appropriate?[View]
79637523Metal Gear Solid Movie Script Working, Director Says, Kojima Directly Involved: >'Metal Gear Soli…[View]
79640929post a horror movie you could survive through IRL[View]
79642348Name a worse book adaptation.[View]
79642897ITT: We cast Shazam[View]
79641225What went wrong?[View]
79642715Farscape: This and Won't Get Fooled Again are the best Farscape episodes Yes, Farscape thread…[View]
796377572017 Movies: What are you looking forward to seeing most this year /tv/?[View]
79642835Is she the most despicable character in film history? Obviously some villains have done worse shit t…[View]
79642776Who else watches the BADDEST BITCH every weekday?[View]
79638964I hate capeshit, but I love manly movies. Should I watch this?[View]
79642361wtf I love the media now[View]
79642747Why are there no good movies set in the pacific theatre?[View]
79641891What does /tv/ think about SubUrbia?[View]
79642657What movies are quintessential 90's kino?[View]
79642219>'Have you not heard? The LORD is the everlasting God. He will not grow tired or weary...' ITT: …[View]
7963985824 Legacy: Ravages of Time edition stream http://nowwatchtvlive.co/watch-fox-channel-usa-fox-channel…[View]
79635658Turn your favorite movie/TV show into a porno >Indiana Bones raiders of the lost arse…[View]
79624529HA HA[View]
79642351Why does /tv/ hate talking about movies?[View]
79642562>hot day >go for a dip in the jacuzzi >this girl says to you 'pucho hands up faggot, this t…[View]
79641516The MC of the last movie you saw is now out to kill you and your only protection is Xander Cage from…[View]
79641495Anyone who thinks The Pick of Destiny was a bad movie can suck my hot demon gel.[View]
79642235Best: They Live Worst: Village of the Damned Overrated: Halloween/Escape From NY Underrated: Ghosts …[View]
79642519can't expel the mel[View]
79640135Why did IMDB delete it's message boards?[View]
79637753>this scene is there anything Cameron CANT do?[View]
79640852>me on the left[View]
79641067>taptaptaptap >It's just a movie, relax! >taptaptaptap…[View]
79639410What the actual fuck was his problem?[View]
79642013ITT: Characters who show no likeable qualities that people side with anyway[View]
79641830>watching King Arthur trailer >see this Fucking dropped.…[View]
79635171SHE'S FUCKING TERRIBLE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nT1VQkTTT7M[View]
79642022>10 seconds into watermelon & chill and she gives you this look[View]
79635382I finally saw this. I cannot believe how bad it is. In recent memory, has there been a Hollywood fil…[View]
79642184What did she mean by this?[View]
79642209>Attend a /k/ meetup innawods >it ain't me starts playing https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
79642189What are your favorite movies about western decadence? pic related is mine[View]
79641431Why did he hate Eli's guts?: Why did Daniel despise Eli? Even before the humiliating confession…[View]
79624549>bvs critically panned >Suicide Squad bombed even more >hot topic joker >Affleck is look…[View]
79641708What are some movies about how hard it is to fit in at work?[View]
79635261Middle East Kino thread: What are some good Middle Eastern Kinos you recommend? Arab,Iranian and Is…[View]
79638798I just finished watching this, what did I think of it?[View]
79641475>Lily Loveless She wasn't trying to become a pornstar when she picked that name. Now it…[View]
79641689>take gf to la la land cause its under 'romance' >breaks up with me after watching it…[View]
79637632>tfw your understanding of people has been completely shaped by movies and tv shows instead of re…[View]
79640492>Born 23 April 1977 (age 39) JUST[View]
79639272Can /tv/ tell me what I thought of this? Also are there any other movies like it?[View]
79641675>put on your scorpion jacket and go for a drive >suddenly you start hearing weird noises comin…[View]
79641833Simpsons Couch Gag: ITT: Describe (or make) your own couch gag Describe your couch gag in words (end…[View]
79641904What went so right?[View]
79641846>these girls knock on door and says 'trick or treat' >wat do…[View]
79641836>meanwhile in 2004 /tv/[View]
79627845>Showtime’s “Billions” doesn’t premiere until Feb. 19, but producers say the show’s second season…[View]
79641578Beardfat dies tonight if RLM doesn't release a new video by 11pm Milwaukee time.[View]
79639746>You're a big guy. >From your perspective. Can we all agree this is how that scene should…[View]
79641474>see mysterious character standing in the distance >truck drives by >character is gone…[View]
79641751wtf Does IMDB not have a topic section anymore?[View]
79636239>yfw you realize the pedo and blacked spam are the only thing scarring redditors away from this p…[View]
79633330It's leviosaaaaaaaaaaaa[View]
79632499New Predator movie: Man, I love seeing all these diverse casting choices![View]
79641596I just saw this and I can say it's definitely a worthy successor of a cult classic movie, it re…[View]
79638374Recast this movie[View]
79641457>so you're a 4chan mod wow, that site is very popular you must make a lot of money…[View]
79640487Jesus Christ this woman is absolutely gorgeous. I haven't seen a woman this beautiful in a long…[View]
79641533ITT: Characters that did nothing wrong[View]
79641478I Am Mentally Ill: The Movie[View]
79641215Is Gerard Way, dare I say, /ourguy/[View]
79640788I'M A CLASSIC MAN[View]
79639682Could they make this show today without massive backlash?[View]
79638843Movies about parrots. I'll start.[View]
79641333What the fuck was his problem?[View]
79639481how is he the villain? the dude did nothing wrong[View]
79639649What's here name /tv/[View]
79641210mhmm be verrrry painful now[View]
79641314Hey I'm not sure how crazy this board is about Experimental, but I've been going crazy try…[View]
79641297>Come on buddy take a hit, I can't smoke it all[View]
79637003>the episode where Jim spoofs Dwight by telling him that his cousin died in an accidental house a…[View]
79631398Who should play her in the inevitable remake?[View]
79640700Extended cut or theatrical release?[View]
79639993Reminder that Harry Kim died and was replaced by an alternate Harry Kim and nobody seemed to care ve…[View]
79640893You're welcome.[View]
79638060Why do people care so much about the Oscars?[View]
79639834ITT : we cast the most rage-inducing cast for this movie's ((Hollywood)) remake >Seth Rogan …[View]
79640854ITT: Overrated shit[View]
79637393>DUDE CAPITALISM IS EVIL LMAO I want this trope to die.[View]
79640636any films woth Godlike stealth mechanics[View]
79639222> go to cinema to see a movie on the big screen > subjected to chorus of rustling paper and cr…[View]
79639462Jackie: Discuss.[View]
79640306>Torture/interrogation scene >Character quips and makes light of the situation…[View]
79636001Why didn't they just fucking smash this cunts face in?[View]
79640713Milos biopic leaked: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=a9XYURcmtzA[View]
79640647Zyuranger or MMPR?[View]
79640404What was her endgame?[View]
79638033Already stuck doing the con circuit.[View]
79640030ever meet a celebrity anon? I just met the guy from clerks cool dude >in before stupid ryan gostl…[View]
79639245Was he a bad guy?[View]
79620707R/I/P/ IMDb: >Obama is president for 8 years >moderators tolerate all kinds of SJW bullshit …[View]
79624915All ships in Pirates of the Caribbean has special abilities.. Davy Jones can travel under water, has…[View]
79639953What the 'The Joker' really wanted with Harvey?: He only wanted to show how can a man be into madnes…[View]
79640268I had sucked dozens of cocks and let dudes fuck and cum in my asshole. Now I decided to only fuck wo…[View]
79640532ITT: Black Kino https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UcOWum8S3qA[View]
79640397ITT: we cast the perfect BatGirl for the upcoming Ridely Scott Batman movie[View]
79639674'I might return' Armin Strudelmachine in The Neutralizer[View]
79640451And the academy award for best actor goes to YOU DIDNT THINK WE'D FORGIVE YOU THAT EASILY DID …[View]
79640235ITT The weirdest TV shows to exist: >The original premise of the show was that, during a midlife …[View]
79639105Why did Dan Aykroyd make this?[View]
79638006IN THE DUSTY MESA[View]
79639982UNBREAKABLE 2 IS HAPPENING: The good news is it'll be Shyamalan's next film The bad news i…[View]
79638766Streaming Underworld: Blood Wars over on weebcrew.moe kate beckinsale is top milf[View]
79640309Behind the meme: Well he made a video on Zenzi, what do we do now? He is accelerating the speed of m…[View]
79635696What's his name again?[View]
79639060What should I watch if I got diagnosed with disorganized schizophrenia today?[View]
79639325Hold on Bill[View]
79640193BRAVO SNYDER[View]
79639672Anyone else planning on going to see this in their local theatre ou cinéma? Frankly, it looks amazin…[View]
79638982ITT:Films that plebians don't aprecciate: Fuck plebs![View]
79640121This is objectively better than any comedy on TV today.[View]
79639755You talking to me?[View]
79633044>start watching 24 for the waifus >end up falling in love with Jack WHY MUST HE BE STUCK IN A …[View]
79640050>watching sopranos >find outward around gabagool >google it >go to publix >want a sev…[View]
79640087>its a /tv/ meme shows up in a movie CUNNY BROS UNITE[View]
79639974>watching black mirror videogame episode >bitch says 'would kindly open that door' IMMERSION R…[View]
79637036ITT: 'I'm 16 and think video games are art'-core[View]
79638336>Holy shit, are you alright, man?! >I'm fine. It's not my blood.…[View]
79638685John Wick 2: >final boss gets picked up thrown around and dies in 2 seconds What did they mean by…[View]
79639356Movies you lie about having watched[View]
79625284Keanu Reeves Wants To Make A Fourth Matrix Film: http://www.avclub.com/article/keanu-reeves-wants-go…[View]
79638624BRAIN ON FIRE TRAILER: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uiyafhYKv_Q Chloe is back!![View]
79639801Hi. Do you take refugees here? Can I talk movies with you guys here?[View]
79635116thoughts on Warehouse 13[View]
79639536Is this a Closer remake? Looks depressing as fuck.[View]
79639590>So you're gonna go out there, drink your drink, say 'Goodnight, I've had a very lovely…[View]
79637453Thoughts on this movie?[View]
79639633What did you all think?[View]
79638139Soundtracks women will never understand. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7uTAIpU0sa0[View]
79639615>Coherent plot >Great action scenes apart from the slow mo >Decent but mature humor >A…[View]
79635938>ITT: movies that will inevitably be considered classics in 20 years from now on pic related…[View]
79638506>Deckard is supposed to be the best of the best when it comes to Blade Runners >spends every e…[View]
79638040You trust his opinions on music and memes but would you trust them on film?[View]
79639302reee where can I watch this? Netflix doesn't even have the DVD[View]
79639515It's a thread spoils the movie/show before you've seen it episode.[View]
79639406Any of his movies worth watching?[View]
79639290PAPER BOY: now the hypes died down a big what did you think[View]
79639202Is he the Arnold of our generation?[View]
79635215What are some shows that are just barely watchable?[View]
79633151Skull Island looks like a fucking joke[View]
79639249Deep symbolism only patricians can figure out: Blue = Good Red = Bad Red + Blue = Purple Purple = Mo…[View]
79639147Yummy. He should play Nightwing opposite Ben Affleck.[View]
79631548Walking dead has officially jumped the shark[View]
79637923I'm bored /tv/ tell me some kino[View]
79639054>Brian, ya ain't no pimp, dude.[View]
79639137High Energy Premieres: >tfw your friends had based parents and bought everyone tickets to the Pre…[View]
79638749is this scene make sense?[View]
79637927How do you feel about Casual Homosexual Encounter?[View]
79634876Your opinion on Treadwell[View]
79633917What would you have done in his situation?[View]
79639053THIS IS THE END[View]
79623463Twin Peaks: Red Herring - The Show[View]
79638971What was your thoughts on the psychological thriller Split?[View]
79636692Can anyone explain to me why these movies are popular? They're not terrible, just meh. Why do t…[View]
79637318Your opinion on Steve Irwin.[View]
79638782*forces her soles onto your face*[View]
79635841So wait why they need humanity help in 3000 years ? why they left ? why 12 and not just 1 for amy ad…[View]
79638387Mulholland Drive was terrible. Thanks for wasting my time /tv/.[View]
79638877This can't be a coincidence right?[View]
79638600Wtf was his problem?[View]
79634016What is some other good Reeves-tier /tv/?[View]
79638756Can /tv/ recommend anything similar to this? Doesn't have to be Japanese.[View]
79638713> 2011 > The villain is in the Trump Tower…[View]
79631943Is there a more powerful scene in cinema history? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0DKX-2pa-UE[View]
79636760IMDb vs Letterboxd vs RYM? Which one of those sites is better and why?[View]
79636332I can't believe they cancelled world peace![View]
79638127>mfw I forgot what a hatchet is and I'm not looking forward to Simon holding back laughter w…[View]
796337242017 bombs: Biggest bombs of 2017.[View]
79637254Most Popular Movie Actresses: These are the most popular movie actresses, guess what they all have i…[View]
79617156Shit just got real. The main character of the last movie you watched is now sent to hunt you down. T…[View]
79636376Ever taken a hard look at your hobby, /tv/? Would you like the conclusion you reach after thorough e…[View]
79637553Any good shows with non binary individuals? As a vagentleman aka male looking hairy man with vagina(…[View]
79638450So they are making a Jack Ryan tv series with Jim from the Office as Jack What[View]
79636036Were black women really the first astronauts?[View]
79638105Unbreakable 2 confirmed for happening, says Mr. Glass actor: Thoughts? http://www.gamezone.com/news/…[View]
79637439What did /tv/ think of Fargo season 2?[View]
79638474Just finished watching Quarantine the American remake of [Rec]. It really wasnt that bad. Good actin…[View]
79630695King arthur: WE WUZ NITES N SHEEIT?[View]
79637617>it's a holodeck episode[View]
79635395Happy valley: how the fuck did this get so much praise? layered characters/ character development me…[View]
79636726What did he do wrong?[View]
79637806Why did critics shit on this film? Besides some camerawork that was too cleanly shot for the documen…[View]
79638189It's SO obvious that Ghost Rider is kino, people just don't want to admit it.[View]
79637591Anyone know what film/tv show these stairs are from?[View]
79631381'I just happen to have a CHANCE CUBE here.': What the fuck is a chance cube?[View]
79638204TV shows that are gone to soon[View]
79638065>'Armageddon' >The world doesn't end and the vast majority of humanity survives…[View]
79638248>I have the Ark of the Covenant here, complete with these lost dead sea scrolls and the Holy Grai…[View]
79637825Can you recommend some shows which the main character 'stops being the main character' and became an…[View]
79638217Was it kino?[View]
79637219Mein Führer, Steiner...[View]
79638168What went wrong?[View]
79633001Reminder that this movie cost quarter of a billion to create and was wildly touted as the ideal supe…[View]
79635781find me a scene with better writing than this, you cant https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s8xpfhcwpDA…[View]
79635050WE MUSICAL NOW: HAHAHAHA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nT1VQkTTT7M[View]
79635396Movie when? What will be the story? http://www.independent.co.uk/news/science/archaeology/japan-cast…[View]
79637908Muh mythology actually made this movie bretty gud[View]
79637589>he still watches redditlettermedia >he hasn't embraced the hottest new friendship simula…[View]
79637173Never before in my life had I seen a movie where I was absolutely convinced the director was high on…[View]
79636759Why didn't they just smash his head in? Should have been pretty easy[View]
79637823>character gets kicked in the dick: >screams and rolls on the ground for 5 minutes >dog co…[View]
79637763THE GOVERNMENT[View]
79636256>easy on the Pepsi Fuller you stupid little shit why was Kevin's uncle such a dick?…[View]
79637010What do you think about this film? Is it artistic? Realistic?[View]
79636365What is the best sequel of all time?[View]
79637384Foot claws confirmed.[View]
79637546>mfw marvelfags[View]
79636255How are they going to write Jroc and Lucy out of the show for this season? N'am sayin'?…[View]
79636461There's no such thing as vidyakin- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6goa1pI_az8[View]
79630960JUST: What is next for the fat man with the dead wife?[View]
79635322ITT: childhood faps[View]
79636509nice job joe rogan, asshole ruining milo's career[View]
79632603Scenes that you felt were too much: >That scene where Jesse wants to get back at Walt >He find…[View]
79634763I'm gonna ask you one more time. Who are you?[View]
79635181Anyone here every try making their own kino? Have you tried editing movies or trailers on youtube? C…[View]
79637216Hi Stephen, can you hear me?[View]
79637205whos up for a /tv/ meetup, bois?[View]
79632954This is one of the stupidest scenes I've seen on tv Let's be honest, Breaking Bad is a pil…[View]
79631461I have never cried in a movie and crave emotional release. What kino is guaranteed to make me cry?[View]
79635653Childhood is idolising Family Guy. Adulthood is realising that Amercian Dad is, always has been, and…[View]
79635937Why is Stingy the most compelling puppet character in LazyTown?[View]
79630497Why won't she spill the beans? https://www.instagram.com/p/BQu_qmjBh-S/[View]
79636770the rip is out is it any good?[View]
79637021Better musical than 'La La Land' tbphwyfam. Why do you faggots make so many threads about Frozen and…[View]
79637133>I am the Budgetary Oversight Committee[View]
79633734How com there is no Rubyposting? surely you jest[View]
79630250Is Curb Your Enthusiasm the greatest comedy of all time?[View]
79637022Baby need scary horror films: Post genuinely scary movies, no gay shit.[View]
7963448028 Weeks Later: The one sequel a majority of /tv/ puts down to appear edgy and cool. 28 Weeks Later …[View]
79636375What's their weakness?[View]
79636316'Quiet Benes! Three's Company is on.'[View]
79634934Executive Decision (1996): >When terrorists seize control of an airliner, an intelligence analyst…[View]
79636814Remakes that could actually work: So most remakes are ass, but what are some movies that could be re…[View]
79633090search party: did /tv/ watch it? did you like it? i wasn't expecting that ending[View]
79636546Have any of you ever tried to be /thatguy/? You know the face of the show? Who was it? The Kramer Th…[View]
79636687>Directed by Tim Van Patten[View]
79635555What did Mel see?[View]
79636596Do i look dead motherfucker? Pheeew.[View]
79632653Why was Tommy such a prick to Billy Batts?[View]
79635779ITT: Movies where the antagonist wins[View]
79635084Why didn't Arctor let Donna and Baris know about the flowers?[View]
79632432Find a flaw without being a racist piece of shit and calling this Oscar bait [View]
79634550press f to pay respects[View]
79627669Has Homeland fucked itself by caving to political correctness and getting the election wrong? Rating…[View]
79635706i LITERALLY do not understand Did the priest know about the thing? basically all those sounds and ev…[View]
79634982>spin-off of one of the hottest shows of the past decade >literally no one gives a shit about …[View]
79633558Just partly saw this on TV. What did of /tv/ thought about it?[View]
79635534what did /tv/ think of the great wall?[View]
79636297So you're the famous Bruce Wayne huh?[View]
79636259>Jack 'Hit the weed? I'll make you bleed' Scalfani >Jack 'We need to wipe everybody in th…[View]
79634825Homeland: Is he supposed to be Alex Jones?[View]
79634980Fuck you. I liked it. I know Michael Bay is a shit director, but I liked it.[View]
79630607>no half in the bag in a month is Mike dying?[View]
79635683https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PygIgpmxuys is this kino?[View]
79634778NEW PREDATOR CAST: The Predator stars Boyd Holbrook, Keegan-Michael Key, Trevante Rhodes, Olivia Mun…[View]
79635594HOL UP WHAT THOU BE SAYIN' NAH *fixes reading glasses* WHAT THOU BE SAYIN' IS *reads class…[View]
79630693What am I in for?[View]
79634024I don't feel anything when cumming anymore. Film for this feel?[View]
79633789People go on and on about the PT lacking various things, and my argument isn't that their wrong…[View]
79635767Anyone seen the President? I'm looking for the President.[View]
79628825Post goth-kino[View]
79635238Well lets see /tv/[View]
79635732ITT: Times you acted like James Delaney: >Hanging out with my sister in my room >'I have a use…[View]
79633829>gallop towards city >bring horse to a halt >scream name of city at the top of your lungs …[View]
79635651Chri stfàgs! What was your reaction when your favourite character turned out to be Athiest?[View]
79635029>Past a certain age, a man without a family can be a bad thing What did Marty Hart mean by this? …[View]
79634176Raw: Anyone see this? Did it live up to the dramatic vomit inducing hype everyone spews about it?…[View]
79631630>Does it worry you- I mean you sort of joke about it now when we talk about it in the office. You…[View]
79634829Wait. He's the dark night that rises, right?[View]
79628211Who was right?[View]
79633070>Hey now.[View]
79633540Is this the GOAT true crime series?[View]
79633111will we ever see him return in our lifetimes?[View]
79633536Without the Lost goatee, I barely recognize him.[View]
79634487Obscure cartoon thread post your weirdest or most forgotten shows.[View]
79635183Black Walls S04E04: What did the bigoted, white nationalist mean by this?[View]
79632242*glass breaks'[View]
79635115Why are all the cute male actors sit so close to insanity?[View]
79635109>360 'Treehouse of Horror XVI' David Silverman Marc Wilmore November 6, 2005 GABF17 The series ha…[View]
79635075It's not an 'S'. In my world it means 'dead niggers'[View]
79634878Which documentary is his best?[View]
79634267BRAVO ZEMECKIS[View]
79629553All the critics say it's the best show on television right now, and I agree. So why isn't …[View]
79633185>Wonder Woman >Shorted to WW >Her solo movie in DCs film universe >WW1 >Set in WW1 …[View]
79633122 [View]
79634921Who is you all time favourite character, from anything? Pic related for me.[View]
79634918Adult Swim Australia shitposting: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r0IwfHdO36Y[View]
79633694You can lock us away but you'll never defeat the cobras[View]
79633489Scenes you felt were too much: >'This wop needs a nigminder that purebloods are everywhere. I wan…[View]
79631745So are you all just missing out?[View]
79634150Was it an inside job or was the Federation really that retarded?[View]
79630230Unironically one of my favorite films ever. Who's with me[View]
79622880At what point did you drop the Simpsons?[View]
79633670>Why, Mr. Anderson? Why, why? Why do you do it? Why, why get up? Why keep fighting? Do you believ…[View]
79628958Who remembers this kino?: dat fucking soundtrack dat atmosphere Too bad the 2nd half's not as g…[View]
79634092I was thinking to myself, why would someone squirt a man before finishing his interview?[View]
79633939>Season 4 ends with Will confronting the guy who scared him out of Philadelphia >He's now…[View]
79634561>weird scene >candy colored clown starts playing…[View]
79632360e-celeb general: ARE YOU READY? FOR THE YEAR. OF THE SPOON![View]
79633799>It's been ten (10) years since Orlando Bloom was last in a PotC movie >ten years sweatyt…[View]
79624791This can be good there's still hope![View]
79632015/it ain't me/ general: What is /tv/'s favourite Vietkino?[View]
79631895so: What went wrong (or right?)[View]
79628711James Cameron Praises Zack Snyder's Movies: ONE OF US, ONE OF US, ONE OF US https://twitter.com…[View]
79632489>if you get blood in your mouth or eyes you can become infected >characters faces constantly c…[View]
79631425A Cure for Wellness: What went wrong /tv/?[View]
79632192Why was she the only likable main female character on the show?[View]
79626551what does /tv/ REALLY think about WP personally i thought it was dumb[View]
79624625Hi Anon, take a break from /pol/ posting and tell me what movies you've seen lately![View]
79630787Orcs have bread rations; this means there must be orcs or other races that work as bakers. There mus…[View]
79634326Did Gondor legalize marijuana?[View]
79633621Why didn't she tell the truth?[View]
79632627>it's a Pepe goes to Hollywood episode[View]
79618159What the fuck is her God damn problem?[View]
79634038BOARDWALK EMPIRE THREAD: >Tommy Darmody[View]
79633285March 2017: Movie Madness.: What March release are you looking forward to? >March 3rd - Logan …[View]
79632845How do we save him?[View]
79631150How come he only ever investigated murders involving rich and famous people? He's a homicide de…[View]
79633973ITT: Characters who are literally you[View]
79623632[replies to the comment you made 5 minutes ago and tells you to go fuck yourself, therefore winning …[View]
79629719What am I in for?[View]
79633786>mfw Jay-Z existed in the 1920s[View]
79633894J U S T[View]
79631617What if they made a MWC reunion, /tv/? Maybe just a few episodes like Gilmore Girls, for an epilogue…[View]
79631078>Rick & Morty isnt plebbit![View]
79633314Favourite seasons? Rank'em Mine has to be 5, ranking would be 5>6>1>4>3>2 Fuck J…[View]
79627436SHANE BLACK'S 'PREDATOR': Lieutenant Quinn McKenna (Boyd Holbrook) is the leader of an elite te…[View]
79632673...... I was watching Blade 2 last week and I want to know how Blade's plan involving Scud and …[View]
79633708>The tax plan I just filed with the IRS lists me, my men, Dr. Pavel here, but only one of you! …[View]
79633666>Whoever she was, I must have scared The Living Shit out of her...[View]
79633234John Wick 2: So what was everyone's favourite scene in the movie? Am I wrong for feeling it was…[View]
79625099The best postmodern movie.[View]
79633101>this recent trend of putting a preview of the trailer before the trailer Can this stop.…[View]
79628655>Herzog on a roundtable >discussion dominated by obnoxious and pretentious sjw https://www.yo…[View]
79628176Is she autistic?[View]
79633210Does Selena shitpost on /teevee/? https://youtu.be/D5drYkLiLI8[View]
79631495this some faggot shit[View]
79630463Ranking of Bond Actors: Who were the best Bond actors? Whose tenure had the best movies?[View]
79633388What was her fucking problem?[View]
79632713Marvel BTFO: ha ha ha ha aha ha https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CCtj72BQpts[View]
79633363She was the greatest piece of ass I ever had, I HAD EM ALL OVER THE WORLD.[View]
79631755Which season should I stop at? Is season 4 the best?[View]
79633039Who was in the wrong here?[View]
79627518>watch gladiator >visit Wikipedia >it actually happened holy shit…[View]
79633008The Fifth Element: What does /tv/ think about this movie? does the universe in the movie make sense …[View]
79631882Check out this amazing poster for the new Kang Arthur movie[View]
79627824Can you smell cum?[View]
79632994Was Gex kino?[View]
79632568I am from Holland, isn't that weird?[View]
79629837>*mumbles incoherently in a thick Scottish brogue* >*responds in an incomprehensible French vo…[View]
79631400>It is a volcanic planet. You will be safe there. What did he mean by this?…[View]
79630148>is it kino It probably isn't >who was is the wrong here It's very apparent who was …[View]
79625028>le I have british accent so I'm smart guy why do americans praise british accent? what is t…[View]
79632857>Cate Blanchett will never be your wife Why even fucking live...?[View]
79628533why was he the best sherlock holmes bros?[View]
79632833What's his endgame?[View]
79632075Let's play a game, /tv/. Two will protect you. The rest will try to kill you.[View]
79631055What does tv think of dhmis?[View]
79632663>It's a jungle out there. Had to beat an old lady with a stick to get these cranberries. The…[View]
79632640NOOOO MONICA![View]
79631858Google Predicts the Oscars 2017: I would like to point that some the films that were released in 201…[View]
79631961>It's a 'Scully almost gets fucked by fake Mulder' episode.[View]
79629664https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Is1xspBYUWs: What's your thoughts /tv/?[View]
79628809Friday the 13th movies ranked worst to best - Leave your list!: 12. Jason X 11. Friday the 13th part…[View]
79632621Why is there so many shows about medieval/viking stuff but not a single one about native americans i…[View]
79629107/JUST/ END IT: >Ben Affleck's life reportedly falling apart JUST U S T >http://www.inquis…[View]
79632166MR. MONROE[View]
79631640>'It's not an O ?' >'On my world it means anus'…[View]
79631712Any films similar to Roman Polanski's Macbeth?[View]
79631708Movies where the good guys win?[View]
79631017ITT: Films that are completely carried by one character Pic related for Alonzo[View]
79632405any shows similar to this? i love the shitty documentary feel the early seasons had. a lot of mockum…[View]
79632388WE WUZ ALMOST KANGZ![View]
79632361>Funky jazz music starts playing is this the best intro ever?[View]
79621819Vidyakino is here: >Assassins.Creed.2016.1080p.HC.HDRip.X264.AC3-EVO >Assassins.Creed.2016.108…[View]
79632300ITT: movies with twists you didn't see coming it was actually the same guy but in different tim…[View]
79632255>Ron: I'm Ron by the way, Ron Weasley. >Harry: I'm Harry. Harry Potter. >Ron: So…[View]
79632265>B plot is an actual bee plot[View]
79632176>detective character >is capable of solving any problem, except for the problems in his person…[View]
79632165>Ooh! Ah, that's it. I'm going to report this to me member of Parliament. [yells out wi…[View]
79627655This loli is a damn good actress. She even delivered the chessy lines with grace and conviction. Eve…[View]
79631936Has a movie ever made you think about it for weeks upon seeing it?[View]
79615892>Horse riding warriors >Don't use bows What gives? Before gunpowder, horse archers were t…[View]
79629432>Amazing Atmosphere >Amazing Soundtrack >Great Acting >Genuinely Funny In Bruges Thread…[View]
79632100>watch a film >this starts playing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IGMabBGydC0…[View]
79617527This show's actually pretty good. Didn't expect much seeing as it's SyFy but it'…[View]
79631250Spider-Man: Homecoming: I was on the production team. But I only worked on a few scenes so I don…[View]
79631029>Well this is not mission difficult, Mr. Hunt, it's Mission Impossible WOW, seriously?…[View]
79631395What's running through his head right about now?[View]
79632006>'If I taxed you would you die?' >'It would be extremely expensive' >'You're a wealthy…[View]
79624557What was the last film to make you cry or nearly make you cry? Feel free to list them off if you wis…[View]
79630527Riverdale: Is this show age appropriate?[View]
79626904Was it rape?[View]
79631876How did Senate manage to kill 3 Jedi Masters within 3 seconds??????[View]
79630362>Telekino doesn't exi-[View]
79627374Is Inception the ultimate pleb filter?[View]
79627993>Arrive to new region >Bring horse to a halt >Say name of region outloud >Continue ridin…[View]
79629370>Are you going to see Song to Song, anon?[View]
79631456first time watching star wars. what am I in for?[View]
79629759Who are /tv/ approved youtubers?: What kind of youtube channels does /tv/ watch? >inbefore Redlet…[View]
79623656Why does she refuse to lose the weight, lads? This is getting ridiculous, it's like she's …[View]
79631543>head down to the Flick Shack, my beloved local theater >pretty sure i can pass the penis insp…[View]
79629063if becoming a sultan was aladdin's first wish and freeing the genie was his third wish, what wa…[View]
79630445I, Nigger: Can wop discuss this Kinotowelhead starring Wigger Sambo?[View]
79630035The Gift: Did he actually do it?[View]
79630956Does everyone have autism in the apocalypse now? Kings with tigers. Amazon women. Retards that can…[View]
79631102Katie Holmes: what went so terribly wrong?[View]
79630449Show intros that you always watch all the way through: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eDDPdLdiH_E…[View]
79631248HE DIDNT FLY SO GOOD[View]
79630266Agents of SHIELD going on a six week hiatus: RIP agents of shield. http://mcuexchange.com/agents-s-…[View]
79630591This movie is about the history of mankind as told from the freemason perspective: https://www.youtu…[View]
79628504How did he get to play the same character in two different movies?[View]
79630706Favorite Sex Scenes?[View]
79631080Post your favorite episodes of your favorite podcast. http://traffic.libsyn.com/mbmbam/MyBrotherMyBr…[View]
79630895Surprised to see me?[View]
79629692What did I think of this?[View]
79630872What are some good mesoamerican civ flicks? Hard mode: pre spanish conquest.[View]
79631142are we the baddies?[View]
79631130Do you think the flick will win that make up Oscar? It's more impressive than La La Land and St…[View]
79629064What does it mean?[View]
79629628Which movie was she hotter in?: You must choose one[View]
79631075Beer and Board Games thread: Just going out on a limb here, but can we have a thread on Beer and Boa…[View]
79609942BLACK SAILS: Godfuckingdammit are they bringing Thomas back So yeah the episode was pretty chill.…[View]
79630296If Affleck steps down from the role, could they promote Joe to Batman?[View]
79630436*BLACKs your son then kills him*[View]
79630979>We need someone who can turn a good story into a music video style video game of a can of Monste…[View]
79606991Frozen is the best modern era Disney movies and the girl is sexy as fuck, porn bait too[View]
79630619Currently in Turkey we take movies from US and make them TV series Current Project > The Departed…[View]
79629071>i need 2 hours >you have 5 minutes[View]
79630838John Wick 2: Best scene https://youtu.be/6EyCTHgSFME[View]
79627235>2017 >People still think blue is a primary color…[View]
79630628Why is he such a cuck?[View]
79630728/F&C/ General >best snacks >favorite movie games >post your cuddlestations…[View]
79630770Absolyte kinographies that were far too ahead of their time[View]
79630677ITT: Movies nu-/tv/ would call 'kino'[View]
79629200Tom Felton: Out of all the harry potter stars ironically Malfoy has had the most successful post-pot…[View]
79628462Just... In a room full of writers tonhave such a terribly written monologue but everyone pretends it…[View]
79630632tfw you never experienced lost when it originally aired. The endless speculation and fan breakdowns …[View]
79630604Dad's Army thread: >don't tell him, Pike[View]
79630592>Movie trailer >POWER by Kanye West starts playing…[View]
79627349how do you go from this...[View]
79630558That's a lotta loyalty for a hairy man[View]
79627575So why did people tell me True Detective was Lovecraftian when it wasn't?[View]
79629184>you're a loose cannon! but by god you get results >i'm promoting you…[View]
79629592Was he inside her?[View]
79630395>You should shut your fucking hole, ugly little cunt >You look like a fucking ballsack >Ugl…[View]
79629840Who was in the wrong here?[View]
79625067Emma Watson's career: If Beauty and the Beast flops, will it mark the end of Emma Watson's…[View]
79628882>Luke, did I tell you I'm only 40 years old? Time has not been a good friend.…[View]
79627147Is Season 28 any good?[View]
79628586>We need to stay one step ahead of the BLACKS and the HOMOSEXUALS! Anyone else hyped for this?…[View]
79627844What is your opinion on The Eric Andre Show?[View]
79630126friendly nigminder that a 1488 of Doctor Strange is fagging around the Raimi Jewniverse[View]
79629975>movie is less than 10 months away >no teasers or stills have been released >final cut is s…[View]
79623407>bugs with zero technology can hit a planet on the opposite side of the galaxy with warp capabili…[View]
79627896Wow. Now THAT'S how you do historical drama kino.[View]
79629780I find it embarassing asking for this but any subs for S04?: for E01 and E02[View]
79628871What did he mean by this?[View]
79630083>La La Land >Arrival >Hacksaw Ridge >The Edge of Seventeen >Hell or High Water >Go…[View]
79629297What do you think of when you see this?[View]
79624528Watching Star Wars for the first time: Ok, I know it's 2017 but I'm finally considering wa…[View]
79629965https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=120&v=36qLcMmmtaE Le Dan Harmon about Rick And Morty…[View]
79629733Why the fuck is a show about women and children being raped and murdered so comfy[View]
79623533>If I had a nickel for every cigarette your mom smoked, I'd be dead >You will never be a …[View]
79628910>this is a great show worth watching on /tv/[View]
79628815How does /tv/ tv? (large screen, cable, cord cut etc.): What's your tv setup? How does /tv/ act…[View]
79629803Suddenly a wizard appears behind you and offers to wipe all memory of a single movie from your mind.…[View]
79629801>Movie received high praise from IMDB[View]
79627786If you find this boring you're a pleb.[View]
79629703>i need 10 hours >you have 10 seconds[View]
79628201this was unexpectedly good[View]
79627785If anything, the new season of Homeland makes me angry. Not as angry as watching the ambassador…[View]
79629534I'm at the cinema right now watching this. We are about 15 minutes in and nothing interesting h…[View]
79620835>cuts to them having passionate sex[View]
79625201Stop being a little bitch and let me bully you.[View]
79619455HOw is a capeflick made in 2000 so much more kino than literally all the superhero crap made nowaday…[View]
79628469I genuinely think the reboot is better than the overrated original. Fight me.[View]
79629452What do you guys use as bait for your RyRytraps?[View]
79626706is mr robot man good[View]
79625744Just started watching this series. It's surprisingly well done and holds up even after all thes…[View]
79629264*blocks your path*[View]
79627763Daily Reminder: If you hated TFA, you are in the minority[View]
79627784>we want the loli audience https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bKIXd3lAFEI Why is there such a high s…[View]
79628615What was T-Mack thinking??[View]
79622247What the FUCK is his problem?[View]
79629239Why doesn't DC just make an Arkham trilogy era Scarecrow horror movie?[View]
79629344What do you guys think of this movie? I thought Carell, Gosling and Bale had some really interesting…[View]
79627138>family at the dinner table >angry teenage daughter says a bad word >'Watch your language!'…[View]
79626770Picked up some Fraser kino from the bargain bin[View]
79625649>I'm not here to save him from you >I'm here to save you from him!…[View]
79629296>watching actual dramatic kino >imagine what superhero role an actor would be perfect for…[View]
79610692Webm Thread: No Webm Thread Post what you have.[View]
79628017>if your witness is FUCKING Delaney >you should FUCKING know that >even now he is being hel…[View]
79625561What monsters do you want to see make their way into the Godzilla-Kong universe? Ghidora, Rodan, and…[View]
79629153https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=8ytvm4ZaZYM What is the greatest story ever told about the current era…[View]
79628818>Jamal: Dillon! You stupid trump voter! >Jamal and Dillon start to color in their coloring boo…[View]
79629111Why did they decide to make this five episodes longer than it needed to be? Was it a money launderin…[View]
79624771ITT: Nipkino[View]
79628621why didnt you save her, /tv/ ?[View]
79622043Sorting Hat: ITT: We sort anons in each houses based on their top 3 favorite films >The Last Samu…[View]
79628011PotC: Dead Men Tell No Tales: Maybe I missed something, but where is the hype for this movie? This i…[View]
79627901i have no work today. anyone wanna watch some moobies? http://minusten.tv/akb its hell or high wate…[View]
79627706what is the aladdin episode where they fell in sand and are about to get cooked by some sand monster…[View]
79628342MARVEL'S CLOAK & DAGGER: This triggers the /tv/. >In Marvel's CLOAK & DAGGER, T…[View]
79628864This was a solid film, anyone seen it?[View]
79620638Did you ever watch Opie & Anthony when it was on?[View]
7962860824: How does /tv/ feel about 24 being able to predict the order of USA's presidents?[View]
79628369Was this the peak of Bam's career? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W4pfZzck-GQ[View]
79628123this guy walks up to you and the squad in the club and says 'anon, smokes lets go.' what do you do?[View]
79621436so it's p. much confimred that malick is a foot fan now right? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
79628545The Dark Knight Rises - Credit theme: I really didn't know whether i should post this one here …[View]
79628507>I got a bad feeling about this...[View]
79627014If you like Nolan, you're a pleb and should feel bad.[View]
79622872>gets literally hand fed by his slavic 10/10 neighbor >decides to go for a stroll around the c…[View]
79625964The Leguizamaster: Hey /tv/, in which film or TV show do you think is John Leguizamo's best per…[View]
79628060James Cameron Names Zack Snyder As An Inspiration: >I don’t think many people would have guessed …[View]
79628313What /tv/ thinks about 'My Dinner with Andre'?[View]
79627388Anyone have the leaks for Quentin Tarantino talking about making a movie on assassinating T?[View]
79628027What's the worst cinema experience you've ever had?[View]
79627919>image from movie or tv series >random text >'''''discussion'''''…[View]
79627140James Cameron Calls Zack Snyder his inspiration: http://comicbook.com/dc/2017/02/20/james-cameron-pr…[View]
79626736The Predator cast: Main line up from The Predator. When was Sam Hyde hired to play the protagonist?…[View]
79628207Is he /ourguy/?[View]
79625627Those fuckers seriously took down the whole message board, for what fucking reason? I mean, they cou…[View]
79618199Gabagool over here[View]
79624971Are you ready for the most political awards show in history?[View]
79615576>it's an episode where John Wick flips a guy and then sits on his face for 30 seconds…[View]
79618356are they trying too hard?[View]
79619732Angelina Jolie Pitt & son premiere new Vietnam War flick: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ty34AB…[View]
79627314Did you know that this scene in Captain America: The First Avenger was unscripted, Haley Atwell was …[View]
79622675>Lindsay Lohan petitioned Disney to cast her as Ariel in the upcoming live-action remake of the a…[View]
79626543What is your opinion of Emma Stone (actress)?[View]
79626561was he autistic?[View]
79627304Gone Baby Gone: Who would /tv/ have cast instead of Casey to convincingly portray a tough guy with u…[View]
79624572I am about to marathon this show, what am I in for?[View]
79615851It's a >Star Wars nerds are so literally autistic that they go out of the way to conjugate a…[View]
79618605Earth is about to be destroyed by meteors.: You only have time to take your laptop before the pod sh…[View]
79625210ITT: How to spot a movie pleb: >He thinks Terminator 2 is better than The Terminator…[View]
79615939>AAAAAAAAAND CUT! Great job Marion. Got it on the first take. Perfect. Lets move on to the next s…[View]
79627137>Adapt to this.[View]
79627650What does /tv/ think of Judge Judy?[View]
79623375Daisy Ridley interrogated by J.J Abrams and more about The Last Jedi: https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
79627547you guys weren't joking when you said the lego batman opened with a plane hijack scene[View]
79627548Jesus she could have at least let him fuck her, to pay him back for all the help he gave her. His he…[View]
79625135What was the worst episode?: I'd probably say one of the early episodes that focus on Walt bein…[View]
79627515If you know so much, why don't you tell me why I should keep driving[View]
79627343James Cameron Names Zack Snyder As An Inspiration: /tv/ BTFO'd http://heroichollywood.com/james…[View]
79626158TOP 25 IASIP EPISODES: How accurate is this list?[View]
79623282isn't this the best SNL season since a long time? too bad they focus so much on Trump kate mck…[View]
79626659As commonly used as night club shootout scenes are, they still always manage to be the best parts of…[View]
79627239TRAILER NEW FILM: PLEASE YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS TRAILER ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1H4V5UyoFL0…[View]
79627216Where is the talk about actual movies nowadays?[View]
79625745>and your other gun[View]
79627251deleted the file after 20 mins: I'm not from NY so I don't give a fuck. In fact, fuck NY. …[View]
79623907Top 10 Best Reporter Fights on Live TV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C97PjBbJXHY[View]
79627236ITT: American Pickers stories: >be old man >live out in a poor rural community that's bee…[View]
79624994Is this the official tv show of the alt-right? >Main character a smart, centrist Republican who h…[View]
79619191this movie was fucking weird but overall it was pretty decent with some awkardly sloppy bits Overall…[View]
79627047We need a crazy Latino.... SAY NO MORE[View]
79627156What will it take to restart Aaron Paul's career? Can Tom Cruise save him?[View]
79626823Was it kino?[View]
79624057Kong i'm CIA[View]
79625922How to be as cool as these guys. Any other coolkeeno.[View]
79625672Why are his movies so comfy?: Who else /MichaelDouglas/ here?[View]
79627025>post-apocalyptic setting >fat people[View]
79621409What's his end game?[View]
79622346What are other films that really make you stroke your chin in deep thought?[View]
79622810how come we dont get funny fat guys in movies anymore?[View]
79626851More like Tony 'Beeps'.[View]
79626598What's the first thing that comes to your mind when you see this logo?[View]
79625512>watch for the first time >get to the end >40% of candidates to be the future of tomorrowla…[View]
79625708Girls: Wow, Jessa BTFO.[View]
79624139what was good about this film[View]
79626689I actually like this film, at least it's watchable. Second movie sucks though.[View]
79598698/who/ - Doctor Who General: best doctor edition last thread: >>79585694[View]
79626642Wavelength: What did Michael Snow mean by this?[View]
79609888<Be seeing you>[View]
79626535WTF Im sorry /tv/ as much as you insist i just cant. I simply cant hate this movie, it's actu…[View]
79626318Taboo: At least you can talk[View]
79623673I need help tv. There's this foreign film where this guy is newly crippled and his wife now has…[View]
79625179Which actors are overrated because of their *ahem* appearance?[View]
79623400ITT: movies /tv/ convinced you to watch pic related[View]
79626160are guys ready for narcos season 3: search for the predator?[View]
79620198>It's over, Maul! I have the high ground! Why didnt he say it here?…[View]
79626370was this spielberg's/bale's/malkovich's best? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yyf059p…[View]
79616339Dormammu, I've come to quip[View]
79626212ITT: Times /tv/ was wrong: APOLOGIZE GOY[View]
79624043>Mads and cucumberbitch >the movie is boring as fuck How?…[View]
79617119Milo on Bill Maher: Milo: 'Bears can be considered dangerous to children because they have an inhere…[View]
79626213PAN NICE AND HOT[View]
79625163James Cameron Names Zack Snyder As An Inspiration: Cameron lists Zack Snyder as a filmmaker who insp…[View]
79625498Look out anon![View]
79612625Walking dead spoiler thread, post the big happenings from tonight's episode[View]
79626005ITT: Film Poetry that you just realized exists: HOLY SHIT JAMES CAMERON IS AN ABSOLUTE GENIUS[View]
79625972Ben Affleck Quits Batman Role: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-35898450 Ah shit.…[View]
79624463>James Woods stole Patton Oswalt's shoe at the WGA Awards >He later returned it filled to…[View]
79625349>be former soldier turned insurance broker >Loves wife >Has a good job >huge house and m…[View]
79625329Why do people hate the bugs so much? They're not that bad[View]
79625823>tfw too smart to be obssesed with star wars[View]
79625871YES HE DOZAH[View]
79623591these two play lesbian wives in an R-rated romantic comedy: Do you watch it?[View]
79624781>Sir, we need a big scary nigger >Got just the man…[View]
79625458>tfw there will never be a big budget chrono trigger trilogy[View]
79624386Based is back!![View]
79622362Nice head, I think I'll take it[View]
79625626>A tall, dark stranger approaches >Face is hidden under a broad hood…[View]
79625583/sw/ - Star Wars General - Remove Huk edition: REMOVE HUK remove HUK you are worst Huk. you are the …[View]
79624902Watching this in 3 minutes, what am I in for?[View]
79622217ITT: Directors who have made famous movies but aren't that famous themselves[View]
79625482Payback Straight Up Woman Beating Edition is the final Melpill[View]
79623010>And who is this? Negan's Heir? It takes more to make a leader than a rusty american revolve…[View]
79620012Are there actually people who think this movie is bad? If yes, explain why.[View]
79625365Assassin's Creed: Are you telling me this garbage is getting two sequels?[View]
79618107Why the frak is there no Battlestar Galactica thread? I demand a Battlestar Galactica thread![View]
79625129I kind of want to see this.[View]
79625295is this the true coming of age kino? >that perfect blend of comedy and drama…[View]
79625282Let's give each other ideas on what movie to watch: List your preferences and others will sugge…[View]
79625205>be 8 year old in 1999 >Christmas morning >open up the biggest present under the tree >i…[View]
79616837Will La La Land win an Oscar for Best Picture?[View]
79625234Tell me, why does he wear the mask? Is he aware of baneposting?[View]
79622605Predict the RT score.: Here I go: 70-80%[View]
79615824why do characters from neds declassified school survival guide on the walking dead have to be so fuc…[View]
79597983Post cartoonies that are good shit but not super well-known[View]
79624586People fear what they don't understand.[View]
79625170Whenever I mention Doctor Who, somebody comes up to me and says that they hate Doctor Who, I ask the…[View]
79624742Your film reboot choice.: You were just given enough money to make a reboot of any film. What would …[View]
79621752So what happened to netflix? Did the 'dear white ppl' hurt them bad?[View]
79625049God, I fucking hate this episode: Worst/Most annoying Simpsons Episodes Thread. Lisa's just an …[View]
796250362008-2017 TV Sitcoms: >2008 The Life & Times of Tim >2009 Archer Bored to Death Party Down…[View]
79617145Is this the greatest horror movie ever made?[View]
79623542It is purpose that created us.[View]
79624097Is Robert's career finished?[View]
79624738>We got a great twist for this film...Bucky actually killed Tony's Parents >thats great..…[View]
79623811>Directed by (((Chad))) Dropped.[View]
79624797>start watching films in black and white >they immediately become kinos W-why didn't you …[View]
79622008Redpill me on Shawshank Redemption. Is it really the best movie of all time?[View]
79624598i miss him, lads. where did he go?[View]
79618045Who was in the wrong here?[View]
79624788so what's the verdict? I liked it[View]
79622207Why is Margot Robbie playing a figure skater when she has a thick, beefy figure? Also will she recre…[View]
79606973LOGAN Spoilers: From the premiere at the Berlin Film Festival. Could it be capekino? In 2029, mutant…[View]
79624624Tell me about La La Land. Does it deserve all the buzz?[View]
79624536>Be Dunston >Check in[View]
79622888>movie takes place around Boston[View]
79621884Garden State: I swear, I'm going to find every last one of you mongoloids who recommended this …[View]
79623809ITT: Characters who literally did nothing wrong.[View]
79623352Has anyone see this yet? Opinions?[View]
79624311>it's another 'my daughter getting fucked on camera' movie Why do he like it so much? It rea…[View]
79614652>Anybody seen Richie?! >Anybody know why Richie did Bobby Lupo?!…[View]
79624128This was a good movie for memes. But a terrible film for wasting moneys on IMAX like I did. It was l…[View]
7962424410 Cloverfield Lane: man this movie was some bullshit[View]
79620427>Dude you're complaining about realism? The show/movie has [fantasy/sci-fi element] in it!…[View]
79618561How come when people talk about Spider-Man 3, they never talk about the fact that Sandman KILLED UNC…[View]
79624136>I'm Raoul WHAT THE FUCK WAS HIS PROBLEM?[View]
79624123What are you watching this President's Day. I work at a bank so I'm off work. Pic related[View]
79621440Pick one.[View]
79623722>based on a true story[View]
79624008>Feature film debut at age 37 with Dawn of the Dead remake (2004) >Married Deborah Snyder in 2…[View]
79624053>I-it has worldbuilding[View]
79620456What the fuck was her problem?[View]
79623956Chinese fireball...oooooooh![View]
79623997What is this? Some kind'a Star Trek?[View]
79617813What do you think about this? The atmosphere created in this movie is next level, so fucking scary n…[View]
79623627Was he right?[View]
79622122I just started watching this. Holy shit, why is it so fucking good? Seriously, I haven't asked …[View]
79621895Now that Logan is soon upon us, what is /tv/'s thoughts on this movie? Personally I thought it …[View]
79623437>Antagonist with reasonable motives and ruthless methods does something morally reprehensible so …[View]
79623872>Batman movie >Bojack Horseman >ASOUE Why are people so jealous of based Will's succes…[View]
79619108Would you watch a movie set in the Fallout universe?[View]
79621048this is terrible. someone please tell me why people rate this shit so highly?[View]
79623812Who will play him in the inevitable biopic?[View]
79622987oh wow this last ep was fucking garbage[View]
79619777wft i hate spielberg now https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l4FeyONCtfc[View]
79620530>The book is better than the movie[View]
79615033This is kino. What is your favorite episode?[View]
79622554I want a George Washington movie in the style of 300. This painting reminds me of that flick.[View]
79622360>character is 35 y old acne neckbeard touchless virgin who browsing japanese imageboard >think…[View]
79618579>Expect low grade, dumb but fun, B-movie Arnold action movie >Get one of the smartest most thr…[View]
79615344Please, come forward. May I have the password?[View]
79619456>he fell for the blu ray Jew[View]
79609691The Walking Dead post game thread: Last thread >>79606564[View]
79620412Billions: why is no one watching this?[View]
79623033I'm honestly and sincerely cannot understand how can people watch and enjoy superhero movies. T…[View]
79623337Are these the worst movies made recently? La La Land Arrival Hail Caesar! Moonlight 10 Cloverfield L…[View]
79623284Shia LaBeouf: Whenever some weird awkward shit or cringe happens in or around Hollywood, Shia LaBeou…[View]
79623258FOR CHRIST'S SAKE[View]
79621308>we can't afford matt damon sir[View]
79620697Who's excited for the final episode ever of Timeless tonight?[View]
79622088Did anyone here watch this? Am I going to have to join an asian film club?[View]
79622837>as many takes as necessary to achieve satisfactory footage Would any actor take Kubrick's s…[View]
79619609>oh right, that existed[View]
79622903This is genuinely a fun show, I'm almost done with S1[View]
79621331Season 7 is the best season, try and prove me wrong protip: you can't[View]
79622981Fist Fight: Seriously, what the fuck are they thinking?[View]
79613264So how is this not an X-Men show again? Isnt David Xavier's son?[View]
79621578This is one of my favourite movies but no-one talks about it on here. Any fellow fans?[View]
79622805Who would win a fight?[View]
79621209>But i'm the one who found the vampire shoe so I'm the one who should go to the vampire…[View]
79622314>I'M HUNGRY what did he mean by this[View]
79622669this is kino, a master piece of a film that has been panned by critics.. /tv/ help take this cult cl…[View]
79622140Which one was your favorite, /tv/? > inb4 Cassius Chrome > inb4 castrated 2016/17 reboot where…[View]
79622177Just finished watching this. Really dont understand how it is considered cult apart from it being a …[View]
79621780MY BODY IS READY: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-39022239[View]
79619561ITT: God-Tier Acting: This sent chills up my spine. Literal chills.[View]
79613551What was the point of this character?[View]
79622294>tfw we can't talk about this movie anymore without it degenerating to dubs posting…[View]
79621864how come the neo was able to fight with one hand and just fly inside agents and kill them at the end…[View]
79620293This movie was great! Thanks for another great recommendation, /tv/![View]
79622536ITT: Times Rotten ToNuMaletoes were wrong[View]
79615884Anyone else watch My 600 Pound Life?[View]
79618587ITT: '''villains''' who literally did nothing wrong He just wanted his dead girlfriend back[View]
79622459I've watched every show and listened to every broadcast that Ianucci or Morris was involved in.…[View]
79612521Official Homeland thread Discuss the new episode as (and after) you watch it I can't be the on…[View]
79619891So what happens now?[View]
79613816Can a Cucknisher fan (a fan of The Punisher) explain how 3 different directors couldn't make a …[View]
79620894What do you think of this film? Is it realistic? Is it artistic? Social commentary?[View]
79619726Let's be honest - the ending of this film made no sense given basic human psychology, and was a…[View]
79618701Star Trek > Star Wars[View]
79619054Are you ready for some new comfy Sir David Attenborough documentation?[View]
79622004>How did you know the bad guy was going to do that? >Because that's what i would've …[View]
79615334What should I watch tonight? rate my library and post your own[View]
79618873Roz was a massive slut, every day she was sleeping with a new guy. Why couldn't she just give N…[View]
79621799simpsons filename thread[View]
79609635If he was still alive would be be considered the best comedian ever?[View]
79619129Never seen this before, should I give it a try? Do I need to be a jew to find it funny?[View]
79621509Going exotic: I have recently watched Tarkovsky's Zerkalo and Stalker and I'd like to watc…[View]
79619916Seriously, what species is this?[View]
79621652Melian's girdle is down! Commence attack![View]
79621622>tfw there will never be a good star trek show or movie ever made again…[View]
79621372how's that screenplay goin, /tv/?[View]
79621446Is she Oscar Bait?[View]
79620645ITT: chick kino[View]
79620578>films made post 1930[View]
79621465What if they made a MWC reunion, /tv/? Maybe just a few episodes like Gilmore Girls, for an epilogue…[View]
79618765Tвoй coфт – гoвнo.[View]
79620748>video is a monotone autist explaining filming techniques using the most shallow, mainstream exam…[View]
79601237Is he back?[View]
79617979can anyone lip read? what's she saying here?[View]
79618224This is one of the worst episodes of 'classic' Simpsons. Go ahead, try to deny it, because you can…[View]
79617832Youtube Critic General: Anyone else hate this cunt?[View]
79601985>this is now canon How do you feel?[View]
79619113ITT movies that lie: >theme is called 'I will wait for you' >she marries some other dude after…[View]
79619331was he autistic?[View]
79620418This scene really represents Octavius's motives well. He wants to be a father to Peter. By exte…[View]
79620077>itt: movies only you love why does nobody else love this, it's a fucking gem…[View]
79620827What ever happened to the shark tank stream? Or just the shark tank threads in general? I miss the c…[View]
79620783What is your favorite niggertagonist film?[View]
79618768Remember when those manlets invaded the WWE?[View]
79600251God tier zombie movies[View]
79610933So her nude scene was surprisingly hot, hope we get more[View]
79615550Why this movie have so many positive reviews? The only good thing about it is Hilda Swinton act[View]
79619173Riverdale: Who else is watching this? Opinions?[View]
79619693>You must be Patrick, pleasure to meet you. >You must be Matthew, I saw you in Ferris Bueller…[View]
79618832ITT: Movies that could have taken place in the characters head. The Evil Dead trilogy all took place…[View]
79610233Taxi Driver: When Travis Bickle was talking about the scum of society, was he talking about /pol/?…[View]
79619254Any other Australians on here going to watch this kino in theaters on Thursday for its 10 year anniv…[View]
79619850At this very moment on this very board there are people who doubt Cameron and his vision for the Ava…[View]
79620107>the story of two white boomercucks living out their white saviour complex…[View]
79620247*blocks your path*[View]
79619947What the fuck was her problem?[View]
79618517Bob Ross General: Bob Ross Tribute Thread Let's talk about this beautiful soul of a person. Wha…[View]
79619801Californication thread: I'm watching the Season 5 finale and CARRIE IS GONNA FUCKING DATE RAPE …[View]
79620207I'm going off the grid. No more Franchises, no more botox, no more 'Hey, oh, lets clone another…[View]
79620197*knock on door* *american audience explodes in laughter*[View]
79619753Has there ever been a movie about knights fighting each other on horses? I don't mean tournamen…[View]
79618740The Lives of Others: >tfw it wasn't as good as people hyped it up to be >tfw it was Ulric…[View]
79620080>firefly scripts that were planned to be made but didnt because the series got cancelled >'Tim…[View]
79619973Rick >meet a group of dumpster people who take people hostages and steal >wew surely these gu…[View]
79618177WTF I wish I was a white male in the 80's now.[View]
79618363You just KNOW. Don't pretend like you don't, or that Uncle Buck was some kind of saint...[View]
79619884The Tragedy Of Sheev The Autist: https://youtu.be/WZK9p-lAXfQ https://youtu.be/WZK9p-lAXfQ[View]
79614918A friend recommended this to me, but it just looks like more awful super hero capeshit with numale s…[View]
79614959Why isn't DC as good at making live action movies as they are at animated movies?[View]
79616780so is season 2 going to be about finding the real killers? [View]
79619819You're dead... We killed you![View]
79617603Have you ever laughed to a movie at the wrong time?[View]
79619364I apologize to Afro Americans[View]
79615336is there a bigger guy?[View]
79619710https://strawpoll.com/g6zwzrr help us decide wut to watch pls[View]
79617840What happened to all those trashy early-00's 'dating' shows? They suddenly lost popularity towa…[View]
79617279>*Squirts for you*[View]
79619518>'It's a bit early in the morning for kung-fu isn't it Jim?'[View]
79616709What the fuck was Aunt Jackie's problem?[View]
79614031Does anyone else here miss early mid 2000s Nick? Early Spongebob and Fairly Oddparents, Rocket Power…[View]
79609372I GOTTA JAR OF DIRT[View]
79618753TWELVE YEARS[View]
79619450'I told you, officer. I'm not 'hepped up' on 'goofballs'.'[View]
79619000Cat in the hat: Have you guys gone on this shit yet?[View]
79619019What is he trying to convey here?[View]
79613995Major plot hole: Despite Ritchie Valens having psychic premonitions about his own death, he still ge…[View]
79619018was dexter a cuck?[View]
79618902>mfw someone says the Joker shouldn't be handsome[View]
79617221sadest film music ost tread go ITT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YdHtHrTBR9Y[View]
79612185The prequels weren't really that bad. I still kind of enjoy them.[View]
79617247>I've got the DA breathing down my neck![View]
79618531How do you go from Wayne's World to making something lame as fuck like this? >The Jim Morris…[View]
79619140Well, /tv/?[View]
79619189Is this the big guys best film?[View]
79618346Why is this show so popular? All the characters are so annoying . .[View]
79619034Zack Snyder: 'Trailer is coming soon': >Prepare for Kino....[View]
79619067>Protagonist gets his ass kicked by the Antagonist early in the movie >At the end they're…[View]
79618823Converse All-Stars, vintage 2004. >That part where he tries to shill them to his own mother Kill …[View]
79618068>Here Marty take this gun with you, it will protect you from the niggers! how did everyone miss t…[View]
79614676I LIKE TO[View]
79618788CANE SUGAR LMAO XD[View]
79618649>Black people movie begins >OOOH CHILD THINGS ARE GONNA GET EASIER…[View]
79614481What was the significance to Llewlyn Moss' pointless endeavor to go back with the water? He had…[View]
79617993>Was voted the greatest comedy ever in polls conducted by British film magazine Total Film in 200…[View]
79618553I know, John[View]
79618515Wait what?[View]
79618539>Villain is a devout Roman Catholic >It ain't me in latin starts playing…[View]
79618507Ooooh, my spider-sense is tingling... If you know what I'm talking about[View]
79618505>that episode where Doug is prescribed anti-depressants to deal with his shit mean wife and crazy…[View]
79618354Where did the violins come from?[View]
79618442>Trailer doesn't have a narrator[View]
79614734>There are people here that don't remember 9/11 >There are people here that don't e…[View]
79609560Making a Murderer: Just watched this recently. How did Netflix go from this to Fuck White People? Al…[View]
79617567>Metacritic summary XX is a new horror anthology with a gender twist - all segments will be helme…[View]
79616698So let's talk about one of the deepest twists in movies and what it means: Why did Jack's …[View]
79617619It's perfect.[View]
79613199John Wick: Greatest action movie of all time, Prove me wrong faggots[View]
79614257characters who are literally you ITT[View]
79617581>the call that saved /tv/[View]
79614968>mfw when the kino hits you[View]
79616136post your most comfy movies[View]
79618064Mulholland Dr.: What's your opinion about the girl on the left?[View]
79613831>we're not so different, you and I[View]
79618070will synder get one?[View]
79618046>Horror movie starts with all the characters having a fun social life[View]
79617801Did she deserve it? Do you think he was happy with this result?[View]
79616742What are your top 5 thorax documentaries?[View]
79610783Now that the dust has finally settled, what do you think of Dr. Strangelove ?[View]
79616848Opinions on T2 Trainspotting?[View]
79614620Why did they charge head on into ginormous oliphaunts?[View]
79613888Why don't you go fuck yourself /tv/ save a little dignity?[View]
79617587Literally /tv/: the character[View]
79613378If anything, this show proves that the early 2000s didn't end until 2006[View]
79617579Is this catkino? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lKq7UqplcL8[View]
79613390The IMDB boards are gone forever. Pour a 40 out.[View]
79614328>It's okay for Doc Brown to get advanced, futuristic plastic surgery that makes him appeal t…[View]
79617650I don't have a very developed opinion on many films and TV but I watch them because I like them…[View]
79617148>Dynamic air combat sequence >Camera zooms in…[View]
79616788What do you mean my lawyer's with Michael, he's too busy[View]
79614889Season four when.[View]
79617384>it's a Steve shows off his singing talent episode[View]
79617214https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xbllxgxgQVQ this is better than anything tim & eric have ever do…[View]
79617489*FACK intertanlly*[View]
79614811Can somebody explain why Jupiter is on the Seinfeld logo?[View]
79613032just adding this to my torrent list what did i think of it[View]
79616783>So... Donald Trump... >[hysterical laughter]…[View]
79605042Let's put obligatory time paradox discussions aside, I'm sick and tired of those whenever …[View]
79613362Why doesn't /tv/ talk about Portlandia? >comfy intro >picks on hipsters, feminists, yupp…[View]
79617171tfw Odo realizes he has space AIDS Also Deep Space Nine thread [View]
79612791Am I the only one looking forward to season 2?[View]
79617130Im on season 3 of the sopranos and I got to say, tony is the most fleshed out character Ive ever see…[View]
79617081>every time watching this >feel shivers on my spine just thinking about getting a tiny tattoo …[View]
79617077What's your opinion on the show? Personally, when my gf watches it I cringe almost every 31 sec…[View]
79615331Death Proof crash scene: I've seen it dozens of times, but would still like to know exactly how…[View]
79615084What movies would have made great TV shows?[View]
79611500the magicians: claim your magician waifu. >claimed. should i feel bad for enjoying this show, /tv…[View]
79615739James Woods crashed Patton Oswalt’s opening monologue at the @WGAWest awards show and it was HILARIO…[View]
79616619finally, GOAT-tier capeshit kino this is unlike anything we've ever scene. Just marathoned firs…[View]
79613719It's official.[View]
79616845ney ney ney ney[View]
79616727>'God goy. Mein Führer will be thrilled... Just don't fall on your ass'…[View]
79604200Why do I feel like Angelina Jolie could beat the fucking shit out of Alicia Vikander?[View]
79614700Non-horror films that fucked you up: I felt like I was in a very dark place, OTHER than the cinema, …[View]
79616591Anyone else seen A Streetcar Named Desire? Can we discuss it? 1. Did Stanley Kowalski rape Blanche j…[View]
79615934So this is the thanks I get for working overtime.[View]
79594064The Worst of O.J. Simpson's Post Trial Interviews: Holy shit, go to 2:30. kek https://www.youtu…[View]
79616597what DO you plan to achieve?[View]
79616540>be a big dumb dumb dummkopf reviewer >watch the millionth popcorn movie >complain it'…[View]
79616070Reminder that Brit Marling is literally Neil Breen/Tommy Wiseau with tits.[View]
79616505>tfw eating fried food so I'll have stinky shits later[View]
79610761what is Elle Fanning's best film?: Sophia Coppola's 'Somewhere' is pretty good…[View]
79614891Was Nathan Redpilled?: >Working out to reach his physical pinnacle >Has hobbies and push his m…[View]
79616306ITT: God-Tier Acting: This sent chills up my spine. Literal chills.[View]
79596452Just finished watching this kino and want more, anyone got any recommendations?[View]
79611585What am I in for?[View]
79614383>That episode of the office when Jim pranks Dwight into oblivion by shooting him before throwing …[View]
79614441>Be me >Want to watch a movie with mom >Suggest A Cure for Wellness >The previews looked…[View]
79614370>'Posting pictures of underage girls on an internet Indo-Chinese macrame storyboarding forum. Jud…[View]
79614450What was his fucking problem?[View]
79615519ALEX JONES!!!: What did /tv think of tonight's homeland episode?[View]
79615562Was this keno?[View]
79616112>capekino doesn't exis- any other art-house, intelligent superhero movies? defenders of Dr. …[View]
79614485Moana: It was better than Frozen and Zootopia What does /tv/ think?[View]
79613967what did you think of this?[View]
79615420THis was so fucking stupid what they wanted to see if he could fight wtf fuck this deus ex machina s…[View]
79614721http://download.lardlad.com/sounds/season14/cedoh16.mp3 >I say Phantom Menace sucked more! >I …[View]
79614158Who was in the wrong here?[View]
79612370So I'm a Film Production student about to get my BA in Entertainment Media. As a part of a well…[View]
79614691ITT: Things That Blew Our Mind: Otto=Auto, because he goes fast Krusty=Crusty, as he is a foul mouth…[View]
79615584So.. I didn't quite get the 'twist' in this one.. Regardless, it seems that the film was very p…[View]
79614583I wish you well David :)[View]
79614657*shitty irish punk music starts playing*: >Watch The Departed >Expect it to be a crime/drama t…[View]
79615806Please, open it.[View]
79613197What are some movies to watch after you get out of a 4 year relationship?[View]
79614267Best actress of her generation confirmed[View]
79613927SHIT ON HIS CAR[View]
79615704It's an Everything Goes Wrong With The Ship and All 1000 Crew Members On Board May Die and Ever…[View]
79615691Does anyone else remember the movie where Sinbad played a genie?[View]
79613687>Thankssssssssssssssss Why did the snake thank Harry here?[View]
79614315What was her fucking problem?[View]
79613795ITT: Movies where the bad guys win in the end[View]
79615626it really sucks this show is going to be gone forever soon. it was my favorite[View]
79615311Pull up that Wikipedia page, Jamie.[View]
79614834>Go see this because it has a 87% on Rotten Tomatoes >It's another 'woman gets away with …[View]
79609814How many men did she fuck?[View]
79606823Film that is 10/10[View]
79615257Most Anticipated Films of 2017: What are you looking forward to, /tv/?[View]
79591743Who is your favorite actor? Who is your favorite actress?[View]
79615386Are they still making 3D movies?[View]
79613968Will there ever be another show as good as the early seasons of ER?[View]
79606907What is this autismal garbage? Literally movie is about nothing and nothing interesting happens. …[View]
79614958Why didn't the educated, smart woman realize that her being beheaded probably wouldn't do …[View]
79608614Godzilla 2 Teaser with Kong Skull Island!: http://www.scified.com/news/godzilla-2-king-the-monsters-…[View]
79613655>What's your name? >JUST-In Time-berlake Really? Jesus christ. I turned this shit off rig…[View]
79614957>internal affairs wants to see you[View]
79613552I just want to be sure that I'm not alone here. We all agree that Face Bender's performanc…[View]
79614963Why did it take so long for this show to start & wtf is the is going on who the fuck is pulling …[View]
79615198Favorite Foreign Movie?: >Hard Mode: No weeb shit >Kurosawa okay…[View]
79615112was it, dare i say, better than the original?[View]
79615107New Ryan Gossling movie coming in March? Is /tv/ gonna watch it?[View]
79614644>That redrum reference So this takes place in the same universe as the Shining?…[View]
79613262Eragon the movie: post the first thought you just had when reading the title. Sounds nostalgic doesn…[View]
79612343>going through Firefly series >get to hopstial episode >their ambulance ship that just land…[View]
79608333J U S T[View]
79614904like I said, leave it out[View]
79614813Here's to your fuck, Frank: In dreams I walk with you In dreams I talk to you In dreams you…[View]
79614777Geronimo did nothing wrong. >childhood kino thread[View]
79614057>girl on okcupid likes wes anderson *snortles* im such a depressed struggling artist trying to fi…[View]
79614581>Companies that want to OWN the worlds water? Pffft, small potatoes. Companies that pump dangerou…[View]
79612239Will a better movie ever be released in our lifetimes? Can Avatar 2-5 pull it off?[View]
79614296Leap that wall if you're so great[View]
79614444>Parents walk in[View]
79614288>He is a pimp. And pimps don't commit suicide. What did he mean by this?…[View]
79614181Do I need to have a good relationship with my family to fully appreciate this? I didn't hate it…[View]
79613743What country has the best movie theatre experience? Which has the worst?[View]
79610311ITT: no newfags allowed[View]
79614190>great movie >drama >Y IT SO HIGHLY RATED? >mediocre movie >sci-fi/crime >Y IT SO …[View]
79613577>welcome to watchmojo >today we're looking at top 10 fights in clubs >number 10: fight…[View]
79613452Walking Dead: >you took mah option away. I chose to opt out and you selfishly made me not kill ma…[View]
79614129What kind of society do the Fraggles live in?[View]
79613936True Crime stories you want to see adapted into a film: I want to see a movie on the Golden State Ki…[View]
79613261Why is DBZ more visually impressive than Dragonball Super?[View]
79614095>Gotham City and Metropolis are separated by a fucking HARBOR[View]
79610448Movies only you've seen[View]
79613802>Don't be a... TOMMY TEXTER At least I'm not a Nelson Nosepicker…[View]
79592883Star Trek: DUKAT?[View]
79613939what are some good flicks about real estate agents?[View]
79612278Remember when Mike still had hope?[View]
79612621Sky High 2: How do we make sure they bring back the original cast to be the main characters instead …[View]
79612679What a underrated movie.[View]
79613857Jidaigeki: Lets talk about samurai movies. Finally saw Seven Samurai. What's /tv/'s though…[View]
79613477>villain teams up with hero one times >part ways after teamup is over >'Haha we'll giv…[View]
79612572apart from a new linkin park song what else can we expect from the new transformers movie?[View]
79613837>'Hang on kid, there's a tack in my head.' >There's no tack in his head Animation er…[View]
79612246Did anyone else on this board watch this? I'm actually surprised it's a German film. I lik…[View]
79613681>tfw you will never see Rick Moranis in another film >tfw he quit acting to take care of his k…[View]
79613517>Looked up /tv/ top movies chart. >Number 1 is the fucking Dark Knight. >Terminator 2 is in…[View]
79613491>'hi daddy! thanks for picking me up from school today!' ;__;[View]
79612232IASIP: Anyone here grow up watching It's Always Sunny as a kid? I started watching it back when…[View]
79613316Episode VI is the best Star Wars movie. >that closure between Luke and Vader >the best fight s…[View]
79612034Out of the dozens of Three Musketeers movies is this one still the best? Best: >fights >castin…[View]
79610868why did I like this?[View]
79612293>Be 38yr old dad >Been browsing /tv/ for 10 years now >13yr old son told me he started brow…[View]
79612850D'aww Man With Everything Want HUG!!!: >waaahhh I'm very handsome and have a large peni…[View]
79612312Characters Only You Love: I'll start[View]
79612662What was his posture trying to convey?[View]
79613282>bite ze bullet, baby[View]
79612400Look at me, /tv/ What are your favorite hostage situation movies?[View]
79598901>literally ends with the main characters dancing like birds during a school shooting Not even mem…[View]
79608307PLEASE /tv/ help me find this movie I've watched it years ago and I was high af so I can't…[View]
79612557How did such a smart man let himself get cucked so badly?[View]
79607397How's that script coming, huh /tv/?[View]
79612340Why sipp when you can ______[View]
79612872Hello, My Name's NINOOOOO![View]
79608055ITT: Scenes that give you chills: That zoom shot on Simba's face gets me every time[View]
79612675Post your first film/tv crush.[View]
79598219What's the most a woman has ever done for a role?[View]
79611786is there a meat more versatile than shrimp?[View]
79612856I wish for a turkey sandwich, on rye bread, with lettuce and mustard and-and I don’t want any zombie…[View]
79610594Fuck, Marry or kill?[View]
79611504Who should play the lead role in the gruesome, mature, accurate remake of 'The Mask'? I'm think…[View]
79612661You mean Jamie Lee Curtis looks like THAT?[View]
79612738>tfw no handsome ҫunnybro to teach me how to ollie >;__;…[View]
79612551>you can subscribe to HBO through Amazon, and get all HBO shows through the Amazon Video app >…[View]
79608528Nice greenscreen AMC hahahahahahaha[View]
79605932>Awkward scene happens in a movie >Pause the video and squirm around a bit before resuming…[View]
79611029Did dale know that nancy was cheating on her taxes?[View]
79609103They keep removing all the good stuff I wanted to watch what are some interesting things on it? any …[View]
79592223Did anyone else hate this fucking show as a kid?[View]
79611301What's the deal with black people? Their skins are more brown than black, and they're not …[View]
79607642How do you go from this[View]
79611625friend told me she's ugly wat do?[View]
79612498why do they all look depressed? Is it too much to ask for characters to smile occasionally?[View]
79612476>I should have spent more time baneposting[View]
79612474Cure for Wellness: Is this kino? The ending was superb.[View]
79611235I have a few dollars, should I go watch this?: Give me the scoop on this movie. Should I watch it? I…[View]
79608344What would have happened if coach put him in 4th quarter?[View]
79609746ITT - Actors/Actresses Who Should Be In Prison[View]
79601127>she still loves Jack >even though she got married and had kids…[View]
79601618What is the most useless mutant ability someone could have?[View]
79611619Did god overgift mel gibson? its not fair that he should look good and be talented too[View]
79610715Patrician Horror Films for Dates: Going to chill at a girl's apartment on Thursday. I'm su…[View]
79612254Why there is no white King Kong? Don't you guys think that is very racist?[View]
79610840Jesus Christ this is so mindnumbingly boring[View]
79612092so what was the /tv/erdict?[View]
79610848Was Miles O'brien's 'Railroad Mogul in the Ancient West' Holodec program any good?[View]
79612117Was it a treason, then?[View]
79612026What do you think of the work of director Paul Feig? Why does he get angry at anyone who criticises …[View]
79606144How come there are so few movies set between 500AD and 1500AD. That's a thousand years of histo…[View]
79610676HIS NAME IS MR GLASS[View]
79611846>it's an anon imagines himself as a moderately successful comedian being interviewed on the …[View]
79611902You're gonna see my movie right?: You're gonna see my new movie, FIST FIGHT, in theaters e…[View]
79611798>I'm sorry but the feds took over your case. Nothin' I can do about it.…[View]
79611033Do you ever watch movies while high? Are there any specific types you enjoy better?[View]
79611838What are some movies where girls get cucked? https://youtu.be/JwMKRevYa_M?t=184[View]
79611805What are some of the most astounding body transformations for movie roles in the history of cinema?[View]
79611427Batman: Why does he run funny?[View]
79611826Stripes on a nigger! That's like tits on a bull! >Autistic laughing…[View]
79603984So the IMDB boards just shut down. Did some research in the past days and this seemed like the next …[View]
79611780Drink til' 4, hunting an hour later.[View]
79611482>I don't fantasize about you at all[View]
79610375TV moms and/or daughters you would spank to. Starting with the terribly underrated Erica and Beverl…[View]
79611701ITT: Actors and/or Actresses (female actors) who deserve a chance in the big leagues[View]
79611044What did they do in that wooden horse all day, /tv/?[View]
79611677>start binge watching a TV series >staying up late watching episode after episode >couple o…[View]
79611668Why did they stop? They could have gone so much deeper I thought it was gonna be biblical. I thought…[View]
79611486why are there so few successful curly headed actors? And those that are are dorks?[View]
79601081Reminder that this is the reason we will never see a high budget production of any of Wagner's …[View]
79610784>Five wn sit like this in her cabin, while fidgeting cutely and anxiously awaiting your arrival s…[View]
79607698Based Mel, never wrong[View]
79605552How was George always getting so much pussy?[View]
79609901The perfect man doesn't exi-[View]
79611542>tfw the lotion comes out in the wrong direction[View]
79611523Good gun fu movies, anyone got any? pic unrelated[View]
79609927So this kino was totally about eel vampires right? >essentially-immortal villain fixated on muh …[View]
79610915>TV show or commercial >Woman is the smart, patient, sensible one >Man is the emotional, im…[View]
79610272Gennaro Contaldo: How the fuck nobody picked this guy for memes? https://youtu.be/dsg5H2TEQXs[View]
79610361Spoilers from Kong post credit scene Ghidorah is the big bad of Godzilla King of The Monsters[View]
79611391>http://agents-of-cia.wikia.com/wiki/CIA_(Character) Which one of you did this?…[View]
79606896What is your idea for a movie?[View]
79605560So.. do we like her show or what? what's the /tv/erdict?[View]
79609792https://youtu.be/NdvO0tmNjGo The greatest scene in all cinema. No. The greatest movie of all time![View]
79604500I like the show and all, but am I the only one who laughs at any and all attempts to portray or use …[View]
79610220I am eating my dessert. How do you eat it, with your hands?[View]
79611286kino: kino[View]
79605915Afghanistan: Are there any good movies about the war in Afghanistan? Seems like Iraq gets a lot of a…[View]
79604450Explanation There Will Be Blood: I loved the film but I didn't really understand the ending so …[View]
79601157I just watched Under Siege, and its actually a pretty decent movie, if you look past the fact that S…[View]
79611234the part that killed it for you: Rogue One seemed okay and tolerable until this scene happened. You …[View]
79606574Remember when you got that pebble in your shoe but had to keep walking? Me, james. All me.[View]
79606886The 25 best Always Sunny episodes Thoughts?[View]
795976491990-2017 RIP[View]
79611190Robo Kino General.: Give me your best.[View]
79610971>We got a great twist for this film...Bucky actually killed Tony's Parents >thats great..…[View]
79611092Shrek 5 leaked picture[View]
79610569>That's not what it says in the transcripts.[View]
79611034Goldrush: More like Tony 'Beeps', amirite.[View]
79611001So I was really enjoying this movie until it turned into a caper comedy about a prehistoric monkey m…[View]
79610989Debbie's not coming back, is she?[View]
79610804Started watching season 1, why is this show so fun?[View]
79610187>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DOEEXD6n2Ck ay white boi, we wuz the original stalkers n shiet. …[View]
79609117IMDb Message Boards: ITT: We give parting words to the now-closed message boards of the Internet Mov…[View]
79610904The Last Kingdom - was it good?: Just marathoned the first season. Makes me want to give Vikings ano…[View]
79610782What did you think of this movie?[View]
79605802ITT overrated trash[View]
79610808How did we go from this....[View]
79608729Childhood is when you idolize Crow and Tom Servo. Adulthood is when you realize that Gypsy makes mor…[View]
79610803What was this blokes discrepancy?[View]
79610519Why is HBO is $5 more expensive than Netflix?[View]
79610772What is the best Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode and why is it The Body?[View]
79608814What was this guy's name again?[View]
79610701Its illegal greys.[View]
79610369who did you root for?[View]
79583875Who would you cast in a Smiths biopic?[View]
79608977Went to see this with my family today. its literally just a remake of Independence Day set in mediev…[View]
79608565Ragnar Lothbrok is the best television character.: Travis Fimmel will be known as one of the best, i…[View]
79608460Is she supposed to be a villain protagonist?[View]
79606936What was the message that Kubrick wanted pass with the end of Clockwork Orange?: >I was cured all…[View]
79609808what does /tv/ think of pic related?[View]
79610203What are some good movies that have no clear message whatsoever?[View]
79606252Post only the best CGI. capeshit need not apply[View]
79607934GHOST IN THE SHELL 1&2: I haven't seen either GITS or it's sequel in at least a decade…[View]
79609259absolute starkino[View]
79607282>they literally made muslims that invaded Spain the good guys in this film What the fuck…[View]
79608859Ahahahahahahahahahahahaha kinda fucked up. Its either Friday or Rush Hour, man.[View]
79610244I just found this image. So its pretty much Marvel Tarantino Arnold movies DC?[View]
79609405Threadly nigminder that a 1488 of Doctor Strange is fagging around the Raimi jewniverse alongside Sp…[View]
79610218anyone got a torrent for samurai rebellion because the only version with seeders is a piece of shit …[View]
79610198Who was in the wrong here?[View]
79609735>Movie begins on present day with Diana living in Paris. Apparently she split after the events of…[View]
79608091Fuck you I liked it.[View]
79609157WTF: Who else watched this? Im watching it now about halfway through with Hubbard and his fucking 's…[View]
79605680This was truly the comfiest TV show ever created. Every episode relaxes me into my seat like butter …[View]
79608458Big Little Lies: What the fuck is happening on this show? Also, best girl?[View]
79610089Who was the best fraggle?[View]
79609953It was a fucking gift Tony! Jesus[View]
79610042ITT: Movies/franchises always mix up[View]
79608128Why doesn't nobody remember this show?[View]
79606437What's her best roll?[View]
79609975How does your Commandant look, /tv/?[View]
79608312Movie Posters pt2.5: Whelp. Seems like people didn't keep the other one alive when I was away: …[View]
79608932Movies with the worst fan bases: Kicking us off is The Cringe Lebowski. The movie itself is absolut…[View]
79605200Bowling for Columbine and Fahrenheit 9/11 were documentary kino. What went wrong?[View]
79597126Final verdict: Pleb or patrician?[View]
79609885>This wop needs a nigminder that purebloods are everywhere. I want zyklons, gassings of sambo. Or…[View]
79609461How can we get Dreamworks to make more kino like Shrek or Antz?[View]
79607858Okay, Radar, state your business, in one word or less.[View]
79608350Which bloodline is the funniest? My vote goes for the Scots-Irish[View]
79607403Damn, the BBC website looks like THAT?![View]
79609816This film is the ultimate kino >poignant story about hope and friendship >classic cinematogra…[View]
79609014Pure Kino: It's only February and we already have a decisive movie of the year. You have seen i…[View]
79608261The Leftovers: From what I can tell, as of the end of season 2, there are really only 3 mysteries le…[View]
79608535ITT: God tier storytellers[View]
79607274>Sells itself as hard science fiction >Entirely relies on 'aliens are mysterious and mystical'…[View]
79587061/lbg/ - letterboxd general: Bizarro Edition ¿ʞɔɐɥ ɐ ʎllɐnʇɔɐ ɹoʇɔǝɹip ǝʇiɹnoʌɐɟ ɹnoʎ sI :┴┴OQ Previo…[View]
79607040>10 minutes in >girls asks 'What do you do?' >he answers 'I drive' fucking masterpiece…[View]
79608449Is this good or bad?[View]
79609095>go to a midnight screening at your local arthouse theater to watch your favorite black&white…[View]
79603905First look of Ares from Wonder Woman: Yay or nay? Certainly looks better than Doomsday.[View]
79609428The Knick: Is this ever coming back?[View]
79609183Always Sunny in Phyilly: I'm Eastern European and I only heard about always Sunny from /tv/. Ju…[View]
79608913The fuck is wrong with her face?[View]
79609448I'm shutting your butt down[View]
79608461Was she right? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PaoQNDIf6pY[View]
79608936>What's going on here ??[View]
79609308>In a role of a lifetime It's a 'Gary Oldman' is a midget episode.…[View]
79606932Shows your parents wouldn't let you watch because of the theme music.[View]
79606564The Walking Dead Live Game Thread #1: GET THE FUCK IN HERE BROS[View]
79609132>watching documentary >interviewer asks tough questions >have to fast forward through awkwa…[View]
79608462Why is western television so dull and soulless?[View]
79601145Did this get canceled?[View]
79609048Who could it be?[View]
79606711Who is the Andy Kaufman of the 21st century? Someone who does his sort of comedy but as a person is …[View]
79606151Neon demon: /tv/'s thoughts on it[View]
79607714So which movie had the better club/concert scene?[View]
79609001Let's make sure history never forgets the name... Enterprise.[View]
79607931Why is this so kino?[View]
79608874>/tv/ still can't come up with a proper reply[View]
79608491in the mood to watch a stand up comedy special. whats the best ones on netflix?[View]
79608947Hulu Show Recommendations: I just got Hulu and I'm looking for a good show, movie, etc; I was g…[View]
79607435ITT: Overhyped/overrated characters: >barely even speaks >can't even answer questions dir…[View]
79606383He's the only shark that still has his humanity, yet /tv/ ridicules him and makes him seem like…[View]
79598559/got/ general: Last chance to keep these alive.[View]
79607402Threadly nigminder that 1488 a version of Doctor Strange is fagging around the Raimi jewniverse alon…[View]
79606491What was his fucking problem?[View]
79597003Post your top 10's and let others guess what type of person you are. Me: pic related and I…[View]
79608536/tv/ Meta Thread: Are mods who ban Baneposters and delete Baneposts, but then leave the pedophile th…[View]
79607701zodiac: zodiac[View]
79602489Here is the official canon rankings of the Star Wars movies by Pablo Hidalgo head of Lucasfilms stor…[View]
79607444the retarded ayylmao frog look is a 10/10 in burgerland right now.[View]
79606166>In the end of the movie,Randy 'The Ram' jump of the ropes that idk the name because i'm a p…[View]
79600519Movie Posters: Just found a buncha hi-res movie posters. Thought I'd start a thread and share s…[View]
79602097>I'll gut you like a fucking fish McFly what the fuck was his problem?…[View]
79603024>HEIL HONEY I'M HOME[View]
79608178What movie did you rent the most from the video store?[View]
79608151Whats his name again?[View]
79607490Times you acted like The Dude: >Anon why dont you have a shower >Well that's just your o…[View]
79607798Welcome to the Dollhouse: How do you feel about it? I thought Dawn was a sweetie[View]
79603836Hey guys, I managed to get my hands on copies of several Oscar Nominated films that I can't see…[View]
79593598why wasnt there more pressure to bring the show back after it got canceled?[View]
79605413Fuck my life.[View]
79608110What's the worst cinema experience you've ever had?[View]
79606568If you had a heart, could you love her?[View]
79607320Who will play him in the inevitable biopic?[View]
79607036Finished the official /tv/ meme four, what's next? The Sopranos>Mad Men>The Wire>Break…[View]
79605720OFFICAL TWD PRE GAME/ SHOW THREAD: OFFICAL PREGAME/SHOW THREAD Everybodys fav OP here with demstrea…[View]
79592514Shame on the house of Ptolemy for such brutality. Shame.[View]
79607871I don't like that talk[View]
79606431>'I tried to do it in a technical way. There’s a great YouTube video that shows all the kills in …[View]
79607605A Cure For Wellness: >EELS BE SCARY: The Motion Picture.[View]
79607492Is this kino? Better or worse than Hot Rod?[View]
79607733i admit i am crossing my fingers for this guy tonight.[View]
79607074Who are the best examples of entertainers that self destructed sir own careers due to arrogance?[View]
79600901Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 4 leaks: take them with a grain of salt since nothing is set in ston…[View]
79602988Did he really deserve all the hate?[View]
79607033Is the new batsuit kino?[View]
79607622>Opening scene features a plane What did they mean by this?[View]
79606094Oscar Bait?[View]
79607564What the fuck is this? Is it kino? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=paH5T7jBxTo[View]
79607561*laugh track*[View]
79607556Is this movie animated kino?[View]
79607466>We need a guy to play a total asshole[View]
79607526>itt bible kino[View]
79607500>Ever have a 12 inch black cock shoved up your ass?[View]
79606066Do you own any /tv/ related cardboards?[View]
79607319How awkward is it for the poor BBC lady who has to transition from a scene where a young girl was ju…[View]
79606938>ITT: 'oh yeah, it got a sequel.'[View]
79606801Will she only be remembered for her role in Mad Men?[View]
79605289Late on this one, but what an effective horror film. Top tier editing, brilliant camerawork, unique …[View]
79607107Roses are red Violets are blue Master Skywalker there's too many of them What are we going to d…[View]
79607253>detective walks through crime scene >we see him walking around as the scene is reenacted in h…[View]
79607157*hmmmmmmmmmmm* *sip*[View]
79606979>tfw you realise the next jim cameron film won't be scored by james horner didn't hit m…[View]
79607146r e g i ⊗ n[View]
79607077What's his endgame? Is he just a master troll that tries to piss off every corner of the politi…[View]
79602478'Peaky Blinders' vs 'Mhhm'[View]
79606375>you will never drink a chocolate malt in your convertible with a qt 3.14 at the drive-ins in the…[View]
79605602How can I gain a greater understanding of films? I'd like to develop an eye for what makes a mo…[View]
79606986Is Kevin Spacey, dare I say, 'our' cat?[View]
79606883Pay your taxes.[View]
79606924Only Australian kino is allowed in this thread.[View]
79605358Would you watch a Dan Bilzerian biopic?[View]
79601654What is some other good Keanu-Tier besides John Wick /tv/?[View]
79606475WHY ARE THEY HERE ?[View]
79605592What would it take to hire him? I'm thinking a train ticket to somewhere relatively close to h…[View]
79605534If you say a film is bad because it's 'pretentious,' or 'tries too hard,' or 'doesn't have…[View]
79606714Where was Blair going to sit in this thing? What did it run on? Gasoline? How was it even gonna take…[View]
79606706>Uptight kid nerd gets drunk, and is confronted by an adult who doesnt suspect that he's dru…[View]
79606655Would his reckless behaviour have been reflected in the reliability of his tax returns? Did he have …[View]
79606592>dude fight club lmao This reveal made literally no sense[View]
79604465Just finished watching this for the first time. I know this will be one of my few yearly rewatchable…[View]
79603620Is it finally time for LiLo's career to recover, /tv/?[View]
79605991Why didn't they just get everyone a cat?[View]
79605775>tFotR 10/10 >tTT 9/10 >tRotK 9/10 >an unexpected journey 7/10 >desolation of Smaug 8…[View]
79606514Who would win in a fight? Wick has just had his puppy and wife killed in front of him and he's …[View]
79603867Who is the Kubrick of our generation?[View]
79602019Why are good gay characters almost nonexistent?[View]
79605288Hey Faggots, My name is CIA and I hate every single one of you. All of you are stupid hired guns who…[View]
79604084Is this show good? I want to watch it but something about the artstyle make me dont want to[View]
79600484wtf i love camels now[View]
79604930Could this film be made today?[View]
79606323>*gf breaks up with him* >I mean, probably... you're gonna get murdered. That is how litt…[View]
79606201Does anyone actually not read spoilers? When ever i see SPOILER ALERT or a CIA black ops line throug…[View]
79605568Movie Posters pt2: Looks like the prior thread hit the image cap: >>79600519 Time to start a n…[View]
79605022why is this googly eyed bitch in every movie now? she should have been Nucky's gf in boardwalk …[View]
79606028I hear you're a racist now father[View]
79606009Why didn't they just cure tuberculosis?[View]
79603519Muh fucking dick[View]
79605969Didn't mention The Cosby show: I wonder why?[View]
79603011Christine (2016): she did nothing wrong[View]
79604967Shane Black Confirms The Predator’s R Rating, Because ‘Spines Bleed’: Naturally, when Shane Black’s …[View]
79605362The Walking Dead party motherfuckers[View]
79605868>'Bartender, I'll have a Beer™ please'[View]
79605762Welcome to the Shark Tank. On this show, /tv/ anons will have 30 words or less to pitch their movie …[View]
79605846It's shocking to me that adult human beings can actually watch Marvel movies, over and over, an…[View]
79605571I enjoyed john wick 2 but man they missed an open goal at the end. If they made Winston wick's …[View]
79597636TwD new episode airs in 3 hours. Let's have a pre-game thread[View]
79605843Mall Cop 3 when?[View]
79605196>THIS BROADS GOT A HARD ON! What did Bongo mean by this?[View]
79602137>There's an episode with plot elements from a Cyrano de Bergerac play >There's an ep…[View]
79605539>'A refurbished Big Lebowski is on somewhere or everywhere. I have no intention of revisiting any…[View]
79605359Was it kino?[View]
79605007What did he get awarded the Iron Cross for?[View]
79604028*teleports behind you* The closest object to you is your only weapon. How fucked are you?[View]
79604068i ran out of classics to watch i like to watch artsy shit but once in a while i watched the movies t…[View]
79601170>joke is made in the movie >audience erupts with laughter Do Americans really do this?…[View]
79601656What did /tv/ think of Vice Principals?[View]
79604407Just finished watching Trolls. I really like these kinds of movies. Great fun, catchy music, it leav…[View]
79605361What was his fucking problem?[View]
79601242>Trailer hits its climax >Modern, edgy rendition of classic rock song starts playing…[View]
79585177Hey Billy Zane, why don't you pop my cherry, in your private plane?[View]
79604474Just saw john wick chapter 2. Could someone give me a list of goat action movies to enjoy if you wou…[View]
79602542Assuming gondor manages to destroy somehow Grond, how would that have affected the moral?[View]
79605193I look dead motherfucker?[View]
79605213Basing your answer on this trilogy, are you convinced that this capekino will ever be topped, notwit…[View]
79605197My new computer came with windows 7[View]
79605160Did Dale know that Nancy was cheating on her taxes?[View]
79604137>The walking dead almost over >GoT almost over >The Big Bang Theory almost over Is the Gold…[View]
79605117Kino of the Year 2017[View]
79605098>tfw no Darlene gf Also why do they portray the main character as some autist when he regularly g…[View]
79602973Who was the most based character in the franchise and why was it him?[View]
79601027What was meant by this?[View]
79605043>verdadero frijol humano What did they mean by this?[View]
79605037i. niglet[View]
79603321https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qN7hqb7hHNE >soon[View]
79604626*you're now hearing the song* :)[View]
79601619Jesus, blu-ray when?[View]
79603365Was Mr Burns' show kino?[View]
79600145Her (2013): Any thoughts lads? Doing an essay focusing on the screenplay and how it breaks/conforms …[View]
79603027I hate my life. Give me one reason not to become the Driver.[View]
79603450Permission to say cock[View]
79604599John Wick >>>>> Snoozefest Chapter 2[View]
79602212ITT: Long Movies That Could've Been 2 Hours Shorter[View]
79602167Computer, load up Celery Man please.[View]
79601301Gary Oldman as Winston Churchill: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt4555426/ thoughts?[View]
79604517Was this déjà vu?[View]
79598434Louis Theroux's next documentary will be about 'the Phenomenon of Donald Trump': I can't w…[View]
79604485ITT: movies that would never be mass released in [CURRENT YEAR][View]
79595753DUDE HUMANS GOTTA WORK TOGETHER LMAO Why is this film so shit?[View]
79600208Black Sails: are you happy to see her tied up?[View]
79604588Who should they cast for the inevitable movie?[View]
79577150Do the chickens have large talons?[View]
79604582Anyone else think Blake Ritson is super talented? He has a really great instristing voice along with…[View]
79602179what's his best film?[View]
79604554Name a more Reddit movie: you can't[View]
79603623Watching Star Wars for the first time: Question is... in which order do I have to watch the series?…[View]
79600309R.O.A.D.S.I.D.E. P.I.C.N.I.C.: >AMC >STALKING DEAD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3LcnXgvIF6U…[View]
79603636Ask if it's kino = 99.99% chance it isn't Ask what did they think about a kino = They lik…[View]
79603722Fuck you, I liked it.[View]
79602964ITT: Times you disagreed with the critics. I thought that the movie was at least decent and that Mil…[View]
79584285http://en.akinator.com/ Are you smart enough to outsmart Akinator?[View]
79604244>L-Larry... I need another kidney...[View]
79603213What are the best episodes?[View]
79604199watched ep1, no strong opinion. i like jonathan pryce, and i enjoy marveling at set composition like…[View]
79604197he isn't that bad[View]
79604147Lair liar pants on fire![View]
79604115What are some anime with the same setting as City Hunter / Gunsmith cats? >protags are cop >wo…[View]
79593590>killed 50+ people beacuase of his fucking dog jeez plot is just ridiculous…[View]
79603892wtf did I just watch?[View]
79604013Some say the best episode might rival the worst episode of the sopranos[View]
79603581Hello Good Thursday May 20th 2010[View]
79603879HOLLYWOOD BRAPS: https://youtu.be/G1aVsPXLpTA?t=22s Did this video confirm that Ryan Gosling is /OUR…[View]
79603144Would he tax guys relative to their size?[View]
79603677Is this kino?[View]
79603752reccomend me some good horror/thriller kino[View]
79603800>Take a wholesome comic book and make it into a trashy show for fags and women >It's a ra…[View]
79602348This was bad from beginning to end. Holy shit.[View]
79601427What if it rains?[View]
79600378Opinions on this? I enjoyed it.[View]
79603742This could've been a good movie if it wasn't for the shitty third act[View]
79603046>Look what ya did you little Jew! What did he mean by this?[View]
79600392How is this movie scary and good again? The whole thing is boring dialogue with some screams at the …[View]
79602679Schwarzenegger is Zeus in Wonder Woman: Just 4 u 4chan. Schwarzenegger will cameo as Zeus in wonder…[View]
79602558Can someone give me a rundown of the whole letterboxd thing?[View]
79599263Thoughts on Allied (2016) a film which you torrented and watched a few days ago?[View]
79601775Is there any place where I can download or see this?[View]
79602192What are some other good alt-right movies?[View]
79602283Just watched Days of Heaven: Isn't she supposed to be good looking?[View]
79603549Fucking society for making people do drugs: the movie[View]
79602066Is this the only memorable superhero movie main soundtrack? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6qcJS_e2…[View]
79600446Is there any reason at all for watching television when the internet exists?[View]
79603486is there a lot of foreign language in this movie? Assassins.Creed.2016.HC.HDRip.XViD.AC3-ETRG[View]
79603401after the role of a lifetime, i've been... busy...[View]
79603351pick one to defend you the others all try and kill you who do you choose /tv/?[View]
79600354>'None of us want to make a poor sequel to it. So had we not been presented with the most extraor…[View]
79600189People always sight season 9 as the last good one,: but this episode was season 12....[View]
79602059Who would you cast in a wwf biopic?[View]
79597919>Is Michelle Keegan available? >FUCK! Get me the other one then.…[View]
79600652How do we fix Star Wars?[View]
79603297>a piece each gentleman what did he mean by this?[View]
79601820>release date: 2018/2019[View]
79602815>School Project: make a slogan for a company that makes camera equipment >Bad at making slogan…[View]
79603248>it's got nice cinematography Just a convoluted way to say 'it's comfy', making it a us…[View]
79603142IT'S THE SMELL[View]
79602807ITT: Léon: What does /tv/ think of this film?[View]
79601861what the FUCK did I just watch[View]
79597366>'based on a true story' >basically everything is changed from the original story What are som…[View]
79603021HBO's Girls: New episode tonight, will you be watching it?[View]
79602992>p-please Mr. Delaney I've n-never been with a man before what the FUCK were they thinking!…[View]
79602841I'm thinking about making a fifth lasagna. Chicken. What do you think, Jeremy?[View]
79594755>if your witness is FUCKING Delaney >you should FUCKING know that >even now he is being hel…[View]
79601885Why were the black guys ready to murder John just because he was wearing this sign? It seems like a…[View]
79588963How do you think GOT will end?[View]
79602184>it's not even a big deal, I totally agree with you, you can have the argument, you're …[View]
79600314Why is this board so obsessed with jewish actresses?[View]
79602762Will he sail for the new world in season finale? Will season 2 happen in the US and around Nootka?[View]
79599809>tfw no Gretchen gf IT'S NOT FAIR GODDAMMIT!!!!!!!!!![View]
79595665WONDER WOMAN Test-Screening Spoilers: >Movie begins on present day with Diana living in Paris. Ap…[View]
79601518Just watched this again for the first time in forever. How is it so fucking good? Tom Cruise gets a …[View]
79602632What the fuck was his problem?[View]
79602447/eva/: Continued from >>79589673 Because the last thread went so well, can we keep the discuss…[View]
79599231No birbshit for me in 2017, I shared birb on /tv/. Also, dubs, cheggim.[View]
79602116Will this be the definitive, conclusive, kino capeshit film?[View]
79602308>Fucking woman, man. Come on, man, let's fucking do her, man. Let's do this whole fucki…[View]
79601491Opinions on 'the Amityville horror (1979)'. Its a very scary movie in my opinion, i didn't expe…[View]
79590422>Satire will never reach this height again[View]
79599273Which company's success history would you like to see adopted to film? Similar to McDonalds …[View]
79595979are rob zombie movies gud?[View]
79600596>People (read: comic nerds) actually have a problem with Joker killing Batmans parents in Batman …[View]
79602326What did she mean by this?[View]
79598811Can I get a quick rundown of this show?[View]
79601059>'Brainwashing your kids with religion is evil!' >*Brainwashes kids with liberal ideology* Wh…[View]
79596604>when Jennifer Lawrence is unavailable, so you hire someone more talented and attractive…[View]
79602267Just seen this masterpiece and I loved it. Opinions on it? Post early feminism movies here[View]
79568376ITT: Cringe-Kino Interviews https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IJWS6qyy7bw[View]
79601635What is his problem?[View]
79602207>last of his species >make him gay BRAVO NESS…[View]
79601079*jet engine intensifies*[View]
79600647>Someones criticism of a movie is that 'the time travel isn't realistic enough!'…[View]
79590111How excited are you for MArvel's Cloak and Dagger? Olivia Holt is a true 10/10 http://deadline.…[View]
79602118ITT: Why does this exist core[View]
79600960ITT: Fuck you, I liked it.: Fuck you, I liked it.[View]
79600876Pull it up Jaime[View]
79599023Give me all your Steven Seagal sword webms[View]
79601671*RING RING*[View]
79596280Why doesn't she have hair on her armpits?[View]
79589784The Expanse thread: Naomi edition[View]
79601877Which is the best? Martin[View]
79601891Try and name a more pretentious piece of garbage. Oh wait you can't. Some clips. https://www.y…[View]
79600410Huppertfags, what should i watch tonight? Elle or Things To Come?[View]
79596866GB-SS: Is this going to be Man in the High Castle levels of kino or complete PC typical BBC shit?…[View]
79600820Why didn't foxposting catch on?[View]
79600966PFT: Would you do coke with him?[View]
79601561>European performer character >'Europe next' >Racist African character >'African hate wh…[View]
79601169what is it about this place that generates such crime kino when its probably one of the safest citie…[View]
79598097ITT:Actors with funny names: Gary Oldman[View]
79600974I like how the messiness of hair signifies his ever worsening mental state[View]
79601216>/pol/ is the problem on /tv/ and not this Why is /co/ so evil?[View]
79601066*blocks your path*[View]
79599452Would you kill the tiger?[View]
79601690The tickle belt: So why did SpongeBob think it was a good idea to tickle the shit out of that guy?…[View]
79598986'True capekino doesn't exi---'[View]
79601368A Cure for Wellness: >conflicting reviews tell me /tv/, is it worth seeing?…[View]
79601319'It was all a dream' films: What are some of the best 'It was all a dream' kinos? No spoilers pleas…[View]
79595149ITT elite actors who only star in kino[View]
79601417Wow I've been overlooking this for a while. It's well better than some of the recent MCU e…[View]
79600296>show kino you love to your dad or parents >they love it as much as you do…[View]
79598452What is this[View]
79599843Lets say Im a famous film-related person and I want to do AMA na /tv/. Mods probably wouldnt give me…[View]
79599034Wonder Woman - ARES - LEAKED: DCEU has the best villians[View]
79601198Do not fuck with us.[View]
79600863Ok, /tv/, I need your help. I'm looking for a film. I've watched it around 6,7 years ago o…[View]
79600420No joke, it's her nude debut tonight. Cannot wait[View]
79598094Do you think tiny actresses have a harder time in Hollywood?[View]
79600852Find a flaw. Protip: nothing could possiblay go wrong[View]
79601089Post tv and film related animated image files.[View]
79601084*Rogan puffs in his face* AGGGH SAVE ME NOT GAY JARED[View]
79582026> ctrl+f 'mhmm' 0 results ?????[View]
79595901Charles Bronson: Been watching a ton of movies from the world's manliest screen presence. Tell …[View]
79601044Why did spy kids have so many philosophical quotes?: 'Time flies when your playing video games' 'Fam…[View]
79601039Do memes ruin your enjoyment of films?[View]
79600964>watching Sopranos for the first time >mfw Omar Little appears as a hood nigger that plays che…[View]
79600993ITT a director's best film[View]
79600984What was her fucking problem?[View]
79600939Is tv real? i.e. is every episode of a show something that really happened?[View]
79600723>Would you suck a cock to keep your job at McDonalds? Damn. Is this the kind of question America…[View]
79600192*tropical music plays*[View]
79600899What is the single funniest joke in The Simpsons? Hard mode: no Feed & Seed[View]
79600793Are you going to watch Dear White People?[View]
79595708ywn fly halfway across the country to befriend two snarky internet Hollywood blockbuster critics in …[View]
79600690Bu' steel's heavia than feathas...[View]
79600814I've only seen CWO, FMJ, and Strangelove. Anything else in his catalog worth watching? Watching…[View]
79600865What are some kino romance movies?[View]
79600855>Tru- >HAHAHAHAHAHAHA >-mp >audience ascends into another dimension mp…[View]
79599288Why is Drive so fucking good?[View]
79600106Let's write WW's e-mail to Batman one word at a time: DEAR[View]
79599849So why did Marv turn into a skeleton?[View]
79598087where can see this in colorized version?[View]
79598468What are the essential elements of a good space show?[View]
79598572What went right?[View]
79586842It's better on the second viewing[View]
79600564ITT: Critics who's word you wait for before you go see a movie. I cannot see anything anymore u…[View]
79600525Who was In the right here?[View]
79599343Who was in the wrong here?[View]
79600286what the fuck is bodie wearing? what did he mean by wearing that thing on his head?[View]
79600252Name a movie where he didn't say 'Oh Wow'[View]
79588972Anime kino[View]
79592196>american monster design why is anyone else tired of these big bald strong mindless beasts?…[View]
79589673Evangelion: Who is the best angel and why is it obviously Ramiel?[View]
79598462COMPÁS COMPÁS[View]
79599744Best sitcom 'who dunnits?'.[View]
79599712Thoughts on slag mo-- I mean... Emily Blunt? https://youtu.be/ve68mGiR_cU https://youtu.be/ve68mGiR_…[View]
79599315what did he mean by this?[View]
79598564Is John Wick unironically the most badass character ever made in the history of cinema? >inb4 som…[View]
79595395Will we ever get extended cut?[View]
79600070This is the MASH of today's generation[View]
79585503Any more movies about 'Criminal fucks with the wrong guy'? It should involve a criminal unknowingly …[View]
79599837did anyone see this indie kino? Was he sleeping with his daughter? Did the other guy fugg Dakota?[View]
79600107is any of this company's scripted content funny? the podcasts are hilarious but everything else…[View]
79598877What's his favorite movies?[View]
79592663>Gostling's part was cool as fuck >rest of the movie was ok This movie had so much potent…[View]
79596172Post some heavily stylised movies, things like really unique editing or music. >Drive >Scott P…[View]
79598099What's he up to these days?[View]
79596094What is next for her career?[View]
79599790Get out.[View]
79579398ITT: Perfect casting[View]
79598086SPOOPY FILMS: Holy shit, /tv/, I'm fucking dying of boredom over here. FUCKING DYING! My face a…[View]
79599956Does anyone like this movie a shit ton? I know its not the most special film out there, but ever sin…[View]
79570539Bigger Fatter Liar- Only two months until release: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l0WPB-uvNYA >I…[View]
79599830>He turned down the role of Dr. Barry Rumack (finally played by Leslie Nielsen) in the disaster s…[View]
79599592>Wouldst thou like to live deliciously?[View]
79599779SNL is shit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eh8Fet_YMEk Guys, this shit was painfully unfunny. How …[View]
79597683>Says he got you covered. >Shoots you in the head in cold blood. What did he mean by this?…[View]
79599228What is it about a well made heist movie where a really well made entry into the genre is so notable…[View]
79599784Nighty Night: I just got around to starting this gem from a decade ago. Ended up marathoning both se…[View]
79598771Anyone else the the directors cut of Rouge One?[View]
79597923>pay to see movie in theatre >3 years pass >turns up on tv >feel like a dumbass for payi…[View]
79598741This party's over.[View]
79599420What are the greatest food scenes in film history? My vote is for the Old 96er from The Great Outdoo…[View]
79598458>it was all a dream haha Really jesus christ[View]
79599436Why didnt he just leave lmao? Also Why would an up and coming wall street account manager settle for…[View]
79599603Ifunny back at it with the Cat in the Hat memes[View]
79599229>diane dressed as alice hnnng god i love diane so much, she was one of my first crushes. but she …[View]
79598840Human beings are a disease, a cancer of this planet.[View]
79591685Thoughts on Life of Pi? It's easily the most visually beautiful film I've ever seen. The …[View]
79599358Justice League trailer 'SOON': Are you ready for Zack 'Kino God' Snyder to shut up all those cl…[View]
79599052>I guess all that time we really were a The Lord of The Rings - The Fellowship of the Ring Who wr…[View]
79598789is kodi a meme? i got a firestick and sideloaded kodi and added exodus but it seems like garbage. ev…[View]
79597813What about their taxes? We can breach those.[View]
79596875So whats the consensus on Jeanne Dielman 23, Quai du Commerce 1080 Bruxelles?[View]
79599173Fist Fight: Are you going to watch?[View]
79599215Has /tv/ ever gotten a video message from a film or television star?[View]
79595878Kino: >Although 227 minutes long, this film has no women in speaking roles. It is reportedly the …[View]
79598349Wait a minute... Did he assraped him?[View]
79599002How would you have ended it, pre-Split?[View]
79598764Wtf I hate old people now[View]
79599066So what did /tv/ think?[View]
79597457Goodfellas made the mobster life seem absolutely miserable, while The Sopranos was straight up /comf…[View]
79594425What the fuck happened to him?[View]
79598441>he watches movie trailers at YouTube quality >he doesn't download movie trailers…[View]
79598936Is this absolute gunkino?[View]
79597766Thoughts on Saturday Night Live?[View]
79598841ITT: obscure ship designs[View]
79595724He didn't do it, right?[View]
79597963Let's settle this: What happened to Valery?[View]
79597368This will probably become one of my favorite movies of all time. Highly recommend it.[View]
79598772ITT: Favorite Keanu Reeves film: Name your favorite Keanu Reeves film /tv/. >picture very much mi…[View]
79593229Carmen Ibanez, worst pilot ever: Let's talk about Carmen, and why she's the worst fucking …[View]
79581005Why is this so good? There are people doing way crazier stunts on the internet today that don't…[View]
79598710The 37th Golden Raspberry Awards: Who should 'win?' >https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/37th_Golden_Ra…[View]
79585694/who/ - Doctor Who General: Tenth Doctor is best Doctor edition Ded: >>79553253[View]
79598632you know what your problem is /tv/? you go about in pity for yourself.[View]
79593158Going to be honest lads, this show is pretty fucking boring....and shit...[View]
79594176Try and name a more pretentious piece of garbage. Oh wait you can't.[View]
79598621>do you bleed like people do >because i'm going to make you to bleed bravo nolan…[View]
79598478Here this sound and see pic related https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NySRXCAOKFM wat do?[View]
79594203>Literally white people: the movie https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V9t4SKWryWM Why does T-Mak kee…[View]
79597409Box Office FAIL: The Great Wall >Budget: 150 mil >Opening Weekend: 21 mil. Why did it fail /tv…[View]
79596739Can we talk about Kevin Smith and his shirt? Hes a big guy but he cant think it really hides the fat…[View]
79593434What the fuck was his problem?[View]
79598442christian bale is the best actor alive: prove me wrong[View]
79598436LOTR: Kino-Flick-Film Debate me[View]
79598419What channel on television do a majority of your favorite shows come from /tv/?[View]
79597395Dr.Mengele, Iam NSDAP.[View]
79598413was there any man in any other bigger case on national television more innocent than Orenthal James …[View]
79596319The Room: Will it ever be topped?[View]
79596661The current most popular TV-related public torrents: Are any of these worth a watch? I feel like the…[View]
79597389will it be kino?[View]
79597878To be considered a punk in 80s UK you had to have seen these movies: A Clockwork Orange (1971) Quadr…[View]
79597982W-w-we r-rrready C-ccolonel[View]
79596727Well fuck you, I liked it.[View]
79596425Is this the ONLY cartoon show that's based on African-Americans? The Cleveland show pales in co…[View]
79598063https://youtube.com/watch?v=lYNhQaQmjCA What the fuck is this guy's problem?[View]
79597645ITT: underrated kino[View]
79595413Where were you when Keith Badger died?[View]
79598002Noooo Monica![View]
79596203Has the RedLetterMedia crew ever stated the actual reason why Best of the Worst usually has five peo…[View]
79597939Is this kino?[View]
79597434I dont get it... Why did they make Mr. Garrison Trump? Wouldn't have make more sense if it was …[View]
79597720PROTIP: if you prefer left over right you don't belong here and should go back to rёddit.[View]
79597914What did they mean by this?[View]
79597695>'Make me.'[View]
79598035What did Steve Harvey's Family Feud mean by this?[View]
79597961sports/hockino: ill start[View]
79596335What is the absolute embodiment of 'DUDE WEED LMAO'? Getting the obvious out of the way[View]
79594067The name's Bond. James Bond.[View]
79588082ITT: Simpsons characters and their respective boards: >/co/[View]
79597015Power Rangers: >Its a 'character stops what they're doing to smile at the camera' intro…[View]
79595612I don't get it. What's the appeal of this movie? I'm 20 minutes in and it's bori…[View]
79595235I just got really high, I'm not really a pothead though. What should I watch?[View]
79597712>The directors are trying to go through the 'edgy reboot' direction >they changed the cast and…[View]
79592284When does this show git gud? They just killed off the limey fuck, but they're gonna pin the hea…[View]
79593940Legion ep.2: So.... 45 minutes and pretty much the only thing we actually learnt was that his sister…[View]
79596001This would be a better movie than Blood Meridian. Would be much easier to direct too. I wish I see t…[View]
79594729The Walking Dead: Are you ready for a new episode where literally nothing happens?[View]
79597244How do you r8 this movie?[View]
79595366Guess the Movie from a Bad Description: so there's a guy walking down an alleyway at some point…[View]
79596045House hunters Anyone have a link to that latest Morgantown West Virginia episode with that realtor …[View]
79597518any shows similar to this? i love the shitty documentary feel the early seasons had. a lot of mockum…[View]
79596246People fear what they don't understand.[View]
79589521<I'll be seeing you>[View]
79595415ITT: GOAT T.V. theme songs: SOMEBODY SAAAAAAVE ME!!!![View]
79597455>something >or someone[View]
79595089Yo homie? That my briefcase? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=fLi0OX_Ttt8[View]
79597430>sick as fuck >goes spy on her boyfriend WOMEN!…[View]
79597268films that /pol/ convinced you was bad, but when you watched it, it was good[View]
79580471WEBM: Late night WEBM thread.[View]
79590946Remember when the Simpson visited the only democracy in the middle east, including it's eternal…[View]
79597078What does tv think of this?[View]
79595483Why is this movie so terrible?[View]
79593265>the fucking LEGO movies are the best mech movies in years How the fuck does this happen? Exo-For…[View]
79596475ITT: Faceword Posters: >inb4 What were they trying to keep out?[View]
79597172why is this the best in the trilogy?[View]
79596865/cringekino/: ITT: Post movies with realistic awkward/cringy interactions that make you pause the fi…[View]
79596547*cutting motion* YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND[View]
79596876*blocks your path*[View]
79597061>2017 spring break flick >'It ain't me' starts playing…[View]
79596158Why would I want them?[View]
79596986What other tv shows and films are out there with the kinda 'modern country cowboy' feel? I…[View]
79596899Seen this a million times. I've never actually read the book it was based off of though. Is it …[View]
79595409>DVD/BD >unskippable logos >commercials in a product you have already paid for >have som…[View]
79596877>Forget everything you think you know[View]
79596798HELP PLS: Im looking for the move for few months now and I cant find it I watched it when I was litt…[View]
79594557caption this picture[View]
79591119What did the ending mean? How can the alien thing be dead if he went back in time again to before he…[View]
79596710Looks like TehParadox site is no more. Are there any other direct download forums out there that wer…[View]
79595973'Chancellor Palpatine, Sith Lords are our speciality.' Why did he say that?[View]
79595035IMDB is closing its boards tomorow: Where will you migrate to tomorrow when the message boards shut …[View]
79596415Navidson Record movie when? Is it even filmable?[View]
79589446Ghostbusters 2016: Now that the dust has settled, can we agree that Ghostbusters 2016 was a perfectl…[View]
79595326Interstellar: Just saw this. I am feeling a lull just as the credits rolled. As if I am pondering wh…[View]
79596499What should I think of this movie? there should have been more Rooney[View]
79596093A tip? You mean a suggestion?[View]
79596147Was it kino?[View]
79596430What are some movies about normies?[View]
79596095yfw you miss Jack so much you die of diabetes in 1996[View]
79596392>it's a Tony gets cucked by some random grocery store worker episode…[View]
79596336> r/PrequelMemes appears > suddenly no more star wars threads really makes you think…[View]
79596332Board's state: It's time to talk about the state of /tv/ and how we can improve it. Hiro h…[View]
79596103Who will play him in the inevitable and classic biopic?[View]
79592031Who is excited for the premiere tomorrow?[View]
79563062John Wick: Better than the first movie?[View]
79596224So I started watching Rome on Netflix (UK). Currently I'm on S1E5, but when I checked imdb and …[View]
79596166i understand they were making clones but how do they make the eggs?[View]
79594914what are some horror movies where Chads get BTFO?[View]
79595699is he unfucking his shit up?[View]
79595572> Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk > Walks 10 paces down some steps What did they mean by …[View]
79595844Raging Bull is the BEST sport film of ALL TIME: Prove me wrong Protip:you can't[View]
79596052I might not like him, but Zack Snyder has a fucking great fashion taste.[View]
79595173Why is there 5 minutes of filler at the start with a black screen and music in the background? The m…[View]
79596041Being a tax cheat: Trust me, it's a million times worse than being a drug dealer[View]
79595891What are some essential Chadkino?[View]
79596015Horror movie general ? What are you watching ?[View]
79592493ITT : if you would pay to see it in theaters you lose[View]
79592553Batman literally throws a kitchen sink at Superman. Holy fuck this is artistic.[View]
79593216Post the most 2014 picture you have on your device.[View]
79595787does she get KONGED?[View]
79593901/tmo/ - Take Me Out: Take Me Out: Celebrity Special starts in 15 minutes[View]
79595927>never watched big trouble in little china[View]
79580224How do you sit when watching movies?[View]
79595813what are some deep films that really make you think[View]
79594969They are not my friends.[View]
79595826Adventure Time: Princess Bubblegum is a fascist dictator and Peppermint Butler is her Evola equivale…[View]
79595815Just finished this 10 minutes ago Will I like it when I watch it?[View]
79594356would she get rated on /tv/ back in the time?[View]
79586865actors who can sing and dance as well https://youtu.be/MV6TYWuQ7rM[View]
79594432The man on the right is in charge of the future of Star Wars. How does that make you feel?[View]
79595394THE DARK TOWER: /lit/ told me this series was total shit. What the fuck /tv/ you told me it was good…[View]
79595662Malin Åkerman >statement >Malin, Åkerman >question Any other actor name that works like thi…[View]
79595651What is the best Ghibli film and why is it Only Yesterday?[View]
79593937Yesterday, I was at the screening. AMA[View]
79594792What the fuck was Edward's problem? What did the ending mean?[View]
79595414'Here's your free Kinopasta, sir.'[View]
79594340Is there anything like Letterboxd for: /tv/ shows? I hate Trakt.tv. I can't even remember when …[View]
79585693ITT: Unusual Opinions: Michael Bay is the modern Hitchcock[View]
79595481Who /watchesmoviesontheirsmartwatch/ here?[View]
79595333Um..uhhh.J-Jackie Chan? ..No..hmm. huh..Jackie Chan?..FUCK that's not right.[View]
79582613Who was the most attractive character in Tolkien's universe?[View]
79595299>Movie ends with a pause[View]
79595384>Stripes on a nigger. That's like tits on a bull![View]
79595368Happy Birthday VJ[View]
79593601>he won't become the youngest ever supporting actor winner because #oscarssoblack…[View]
79588941Which one was worse?[View]
79594726Just finished watching this. What am I in for?[View]
79595148Is this Kino?[View]
79589910ITT: dead careers[View]
79595337What does /tv/ think of To Kill a Mockingbird?[View]
79595031Name a better Bond villain.[View]
79591300Why isn't the torrent still not out?[View]
79594797TWD: Are you faggots ready for the episode today?[View]
79586542>How do I know I can trust you? >You don't.…[View]
79591984Big Love: Just started this series. Is it worth pursuing or is it just >muh headaches having 3 wi…[View]
79594783What are some good quotes from the Spider-Man Movies?: >I had to beat an old woman with a whip to…[View]
79594345That's not a star.[View]
79595154JUST YOU[View]
79593310I am going to cry with joy during this film. Marvel is going to create a timeless masterpiece.[View]
79592327Why didn't Sauron use his shape shifting power to turn into a B-52 bomber, and nuke his enemies…[View]
79593581>>That Shocker Marvel is finished.[View]
79595008>Luke did I ever tell you taxes? They're the reason we have the Empire you know. In response…[View]
79594594>episode 2 opens with an edgy sex scene with a girl just passively waiting for it to end while th…[View]
79594575what was his fucking problem???[View]
79593640Why did this movie get robbed of its masterpiece status? Just the fact that most of it was improvise…[View]
79591578What does /tv/ think of Tim Heidecker?[View]
79583499Redpill me on CGI[View]
79593749Eenie meenie miney moe I wonder where this hand will go[View]
79592929Rebecca Hall was very impressive in Christine. Why the hell has this film and her performance been c…[View]
79594094Was this the original friendship simulator show? >tfw not smart enough to have been on Mythbuster…[View]
79594244best fat tv show: Is it my 600lb life, my big fat fabulous life or too fat to transistion? and does …[View]
79594841What's the worst episode of Peep Show and why is it Kid Farm? I actually really like Season 9, …[View]
79594550you were born too soon to experience a synthetic scarjo riding your dick in its prime ( ._.) feels b…[View]
79594771what are some movies about dealing with the past[View]
79593149Gantz CGI 2 when?[View]
79593552The phone call that saved film[View]
79594749scaring the little girl?: scaring the little girl?[View]
79594719Kinky moments: Kinky moments in seemingly innocent movies/series[View]
79592311Agents of C.A.N.C.E.L.L.E.D.[View]
79580036>Would you suck a cock to keep your job at McDonalds? Damn. Is this the kind of question America…[View]
79593702>Film about the United States military presence in the Middle East immediately following 9/11. …[View]
79594627Emotional KINO: Manchester by the sea is one of the most emotional feels film i've seen in ages…[View]
79592667Was Ra's secretly a good guy?[View]
79594480>better villain than MCU could ever dream of creating >better psychological thriller than DC c…[View]
795932857 days until best girl wins an oscar[View]
79594137name ONE character more alpha than Spock. Just one[View]
79592607>We got a great twist for this film...Bucky actually killed Tony's Parents >thats great..…[View]
79594140Punish him for me, Errol!: How is attempting to murder someone with a sword equal to 'punishing some…[View]
79593371>Marvel doesn't have a single memorable villain >still manage to make the best with them …[View]
79591872I cried.[View]
79594197>You just don't get it, do you?[View]
79593459Are you... local?[View]
79594123>mfw i want watch a movie but he's not in the Netflix of my country…[View]
79594086Why do we fall in love with TV show cuties?: Now I'm in love with rachel zane even the cunt who…[View]
79591414What if WW movie turns out to be good?: Will you apologize, /tv/?[View]
79593789The next Doctor Who should be a dwarf Just why in the FUCK are people praying for him to be either a…[View]
79594013Guys, who killed Laura Palmer?[View]
79591543NEW TERRY NEW TERRY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V9t4SKWryWMhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V9t4S…[View]
79592472Best movie currently in theaters: Have to go on a movie date /tv/ what should I go see?[View]
79579537>Peter... don't tell Harry about the holocaust... Why is the Green Goblin trying to hide inf…[View]
79591600>Anakin, I'm Obi[View]
79593817>You're Next enjoyable >the guest pretty good >Blair Witch awful (though what could yo…[View]
79593424>ctrl+f >no gabagool general[View]
79593805let's prank 50 shades watching retards and make this clickbait retarded video go up in youtube …[View]
79593035Where's the capicola?[View]
79593192ITT essential /v/ core[View]
79590611What would Charlie Chaplin have thought of his granddaughter's perfomance: in Taboo?[View]
79593779What is the /tv/ view on letterkenny ?[View]
79593732ITT films that women will never be able to even remotely comprehend[View]
79588463taboo or young pope: Which one, /tv/ ?[View]
79593744does any other podcast even come close?[View]
79587291‘The Late Show with Stephen Colbert’ Ratings Surge: >‘The Late Show with Stephen Colbert’ Ratings…[View]
79590618ITT:10/10 Quotes of essential kinos: >I'm sorry Dave,i'm afraid i can't do that…[View]
79593660>mentions he's been single for a mere 6 years because his wife is dead >gets strange look…[View]
79593212What was his tax policy?[View]
79593626>'I've been pulled out of retirement for one last job.'[View]
79592169>rewatching for the third time Casey is so fucking good. I hope the sexual harassment claims don…[View]
79587909I LOVE YOU PENNY, I'VE ALWAYS LOVED YOU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sCmLg3omWVE[View]
79593518What are your thoughts on this kinographer? What's your favourite film by him?[View]
79592744Who wins?[View]
79593466>Wretched slugs...don't any of you have the guts to play for blood?!…[View]
79586628Shows to watch: Give me some shows where the protagonist is forced into a new life, for example chuc…[View]
79587161>watch movie because you're waifu is in it >her character dies…[View]
79593415What happened to Tonino Pettola?[View]
79592546What was their fucking problem?[View]
79593343>'Honey it's family hour, there must be something on.'[View]
79593195I've lately become addicted to Rotoscope and was wondering if any of you have ever done a fan p…[View]
79593302>it's a nightclub fight scene[View]
79592871Did he retire? I haven't seen him in movies lately. What was his best performance, /tv/? For me…[View]
79593024I watched the first 2 episodes and it's boring as fuck. You all said it was really good you lia…[View]
79592713Science Fiction TV: What is the best Science Fiction TV show right now? I am looking for something w…[View]
79592856In the neoliberal west, film is mostly unheroic smut and consumer shit. Are we missing out on someth…[View]
79586611Why didn't the ocean simply put the heart back into the lava monster by itself?[View]
79592323The Marlon Brando of our time.[View]
79593077What exactly was his problem?[View]
79591885logan: logan[View]
79592814Wow this was actually a really good sci-fi horror film. Why was there never a sequel made for Pandor…[View]
79592982>that office phone ringtone[View]
79588840I think we can all agree that Arnie has gotten too old to convincingly play the Terminator. Which ac…[View]
79592934can we try to have a meme free thread about this for once ? i simply need my understanding issue abo…[View]
79592065>she will never call you Sir[View]
79591593This is an incredibly well made movie, it has the distinction of being an action film that also boas…[View]
79592435My second YouTube video: https://youtu.be/Q0iBwrC1lOg Can you please watch my video and comment, sub…[View]
79591566Was it propaganda?[View]
79590565What are some movies about cops doling out real justice?[View]
79591570What's going on guyyyyssssss /TWD/ thread[View]
79592717How did Akiro go from Court Magician of the new Queen to King Conan Chronicler.[View]
79591539>ITT characters that are basicly you[View]
79588769Friendly reminder today is the last day of IMDB's message boards. Press F to pay respects.[View]
79592455what are some good movies that take place in an alternative reality.[View]
79592571>you and what army? >disarm me what did Aragorn mean by that?…[View]
79592536>Amy Adams will never have your ded babby ;_;[View]
79581747>watching a movie with a friend >friend spends the whole movie texting on his phone >'wow t…[View]
79576944one of these threads[View]
79590754What are some movies to watch on a bday?[View]
79590847Any other good horror made recently that may be too obscure to be more popular?[View]
79585516Recommend me some surreal Kino.[View]
79591767What movie you once loved, that /tv/ made you hate it?[View]
79592193why was the the leader of the bad dude squad when she got BTFO quicker than any of her underlings?[View]
79590334Post screencaps. Guess what they are if you want.[View]
79592207What is the greatest unknown tv show?[View]
79591157That shit was disturbing.[View]
79590789Spider-man Homecoming Shocker LEAKED: What do you think /tv/, is it kino or not?[View]
79592126Is Zac Snyder autisitc?: @ the wonder woman test screening[View]
79592099>have you ever had a big, black 12-inch cock up your ass? What did they mean by this?…[View]
79592001Who made the best 90s cyberpunk masterpiece, /v/, /a/ or /tv/?[View]
79588620>I need twenty years >you have nine seconds…[View]
79591438what do we think of Brett? He's like a more talented JJ Abrams[View]
79587872How could Woody Harrelson cheat on his hot wife?[View]
79592012Unexcepted Plot Twists: I'll start with one that completely messed up my childhood https://www.…[View]
79590809Movies only men can understand[View]
79592010He is a Barney fag in a nutshell: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJInYXOXM6xdUQd7fH6Hwkg…[View]
79591951Why didn't he just comply?[View]
79590863Why didn't you guys tell me R. Kelly's Trapped in the Closet was 100% refined kîño?[View]
79591465'Nobody understands cricket! You gotta know what a crumpet is to understand cricket!' what did he me…[View]
79591907>pull it up jaime[View]
79590779Young Adult Movie HATE THREAD: Is it me, or is almost every Y.A.M. released after the year 2005 are …[View]
79591675Is this collab inevitable?[View]
79582600where did he go :( have they successfully blacklisted him?[View]
79591153Actors that left a show too soon[View]
79587854What was Mufasa's tax policy?[View]
79591426Thoughts on Allied (2016) a film which you torrented and watched a few days ago?[View]
79591741This is the best casting news I've heard so far this year. Glad Donald Glover's doing real…[View]
79591242Was this really what Roman mothers were like?[View]
79591777>kids are supposed to be geniuses >still dress, act and talk like dumb niggers…[View]
79591683MMM RICK *rubs head*[View]
79591609>watch movies and tv shows >brutal rape scenes nothing >horrific, gut churning gore gut is …[View]
79591771Why are there so many films like this these days?[View]
795911327DS: what do we thing of the seven deadly sins? positive >good story >main character is redpil…[View]
79587024Director hate thread: Nolan is a mediocre director that doesn't fully utilize his potential and…[View]
79589838CURE FOR WELLNESS REVIEW BY CHRIS STUCKMANN: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vj1zY_bcwOY >takes c…[View]
79590614Is this kino ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_I-w3MHEaxs[View]
79590517Soul stone theory: My theory is that, not Heimdall, not Hela, not Mjolnir, but rather Odin and the O…[View]
79591386Does /tv/ relate to Travis Bickle?[View]
79591258Rupert Grint: So what is he doing now?[View]
79584486What are some films where girls loves other girls?[View]
79588533https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6UG2EdU1LgM What the fuck is this movie? This so FUCKING bad. >th…[View]
79591240Mickey, you can destroy the Emperor. He has foreseen this. It is your destiny! Join me, and together…[View]
79591420Obscurekino: Post films tha have no poster/plot synopsis on IMDb. Bonus points if both. Bonus points…[View]
79590540Why didnt he wait for the house to stop smoldering and go back in and get his stacks of gold coins?[View]
79588307Heathers (1988): What am I in for? I also watched Donnie Darko yesterday, I liked it. Recommend me s…[View]
79591283>>LETS GET BEN AFLACK!: Seriously why did 2T Fru-T hate Ben Aflack so much? https://youtu.be/U…[View]
79581375Is this as bad as it looks?[View]
79590773Why did it bomb?[View]
79588255tv shows or movies you can't watch because of jealousy[View]
79587204Would you ever tattoo a beloved movie star on your body?[View]
79591201>movie item called Tesseract >it's actually a polygon…[View]
79588858What is some essential 28 year old kissless virgin NEET core?[View]
79590112really makes you reflect on the nature of things... damn...[View]
79589878>'I won't kill you, but I don't have to save you.'[View]
79588524>We got a great twist for this film...Bucky actually killed Tony's Parents >thats great..…[View]
79586954thoughts ?[View]
79582688was this considered cool in the 90s?[View]
79589940Was the tranny on Always Sunny really a tranny?[View]
79590768> character walks outside > needs ride > cab immediately warps in from sub-space to pick th…[View]
79590223What did Spider-Man mean when he posted this?[View]
79590871isn't this sunday morning feels kino my /tv/bros?[View]
79590084how long until these weird looking asian men try to bang their mom?[View]
79585935What's some other essential boring-kino?[View]
79590853Just recently saw Mean Streets. I came to the conclusion that the streets weren't mean. These g…[View]
79586067Reccomend me tv shows / movies which: Recommend me tv shows / movies which >are not primarily abo…[View]
79590804Could John Wick take on these guys?[View]
79590284Recommend me movies to watch based on these movies[View]
79588933Hey guys, did you know that Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi will feature the following: Alien…[View]
79588177Hey /tv/, tell me about your experience at film school. Me? I didn't go.[View]
79590713Filth vs Trainspotting: so i finally got around to watching filth after seeing that memey fucking gi…[View]
79583521What went right?[View]
79590415Will we ever get a good Ayn Rand movie? I fucking loved Atlas Shrugged and Objectivism is god-tier i…[View]
79584992Actresses who were 10s for only one movie Hard mode: No Cameron Diaz in Mask[View]
79590559IT(IT(IT)T)T)T: movies that are blatant word-plays and rip-offs >God The Father…[View]
79587654>it's a mobster gets out of prison and causes troubles for Tony storyline…[View]
79589113Recommend me a movie to watch based on the fact that my favorite movie is drive[View]
79589221Mods can I say something? Those um threads, those threads…the ones I baited and shitposted in, I wan…[View]
79588009More like this? 'Like this' = Movies featuring Doppelgänger and possibly time loops that result in t…[View]
79590386You like Huey Lewis and the News?[View]
79590235LATE is the awa[View]
79590338can you recommend me some movies taped on an exotic location like pic related?[View]
79590276if Nolan killed coop(or left him in the black hole forever) this would've been the best movie e…[View]
79587730Is this art?[View]
79588432How would you define cinéma d'auteur, /tv/ ? Is it pleb to equate it with arthouse ?[View]
79585134post the best movie you've watched in the last month[View]
79586100A CURE FOR WELLNESS is one of the most daring (even if the choices don't always land the best) …[View]
79584668>tfw no Sibyl gf to die for in glorious combat[View]
79585315In The Loop is without question the best comedy film of the last 10 years.[View]
79587491itt: kíno nobody has seen but you[View]
79590070S-sory anon did i spill drink on you to get your attention?: Casey Affleck does'nt have to do a…[View]
79590059>me on the right[View]
79589462Musical: In musicals are the song and dance vehicle for characters and plot? Or it's the other …[View]
79589506>characters that are absolutely based[View]
79589243>you're too close to this case[View]
79589796“Alejandro’s prepared a delightful meal for us. Chile and sea bass, I believe,” that sounds fucking …[View]
79589873Post best western AMV's.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MumT4vivesQ[View]
79587314Split: Anyone watched it here? Share your thoughts[View]
79589812Whatever happened to Harry Knowles and Ain't it cool?[View]
79588170You liked this plebish movie? You should check this patrician movie: I'll start: -You liked Int…[View]
79589231Neon Demon - Nazi Swastika Wallpaper: What did Refn mean by this?[View]
79589749your thoughts? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AcYYsUpxlsI[View]
79589304>Ooba >Ooba What did she mean by this?[View]
79589257Why is Syd so perfect bros?: >inb4 'she's not real'[View]
79589658This thread is mine[View]
79589641Is it heretical to ship Voiello and Sister Mary?[View]
79588931>I'm sorry, I just can't do this >You can't or you won't?…[View]
79589626HIMYM VS FRIENS EPIC RAP BATTLE: Hey there! Could you please help me make epic rap battle do how i m…[View]
79586722Louis Theroux is doing a documentary on the rise of Trump. http://www.mirror.co.uk/tv/tv-news/donald…[View]
79589570jesus christ what were they thinking[View]
79586006/ntttio/: >Moana.2016.1080p.BluRay.x264-SPARKS Now that the torrent is out, what did you think ab…[View]
79565881SO WE JIGGLING OR...[View]
79589499>it's a Ben gets accused of shitting in the tub again[View]
79589324Bond thread[View]
79589390That's what the fuck life is. One vile fucking task after another.[View]
79588736>make a show >make the boys cuter than the girl Why do they do this?…[View]
79588916could you imagine yourself as lord of the downton abbey? what would you do all day long?[View]
79587336what do you think of this movie?[View]
79586388>I wonder if THAT man has any children. I'd write him and send him links, if he was a dad.…[View]
79588179what do you think of this film?[View]
79589082ITT: pieces of dialogue that annoy you in movies >character is younger than 21 years old >ment…[View]
79584561Anyone else watch My 600 Pound Life? It is absolute Kino.[View]
79586921Now... why don't you open the FUCKING thread![View]
79589039who was in the wrong here?[View]
79586266>Socially awkward reclusive depressed character >has/had a gf, fucks attractive girls regularl…[View]
79587321what was his problemo señor?[View]
79588370> OOHHHHH! is this just a tv trope or do ''''Italians''''' actually do this irl?…[View]
79588895>the episode of the Office when Jim pulls a gag on Dwight and breaks his knees with a baseball ba…[View]
79586572Do you think Pornstars are failed actors?: Whats the differnce between pornstars and hollywood actor…[View]
79588808The Great Debate[View]
79584369Anyone else excited for the Raid 2.5? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oe0nQ0TeZjU[View]
79582763What are some movies about industrial manufacturing machines doing repetitive things?[View]
79588209Berlin movie awards - Aki Kaurismäki: Is this interview kino or cinema? https://youtu.be/d79vYwh4N1…[View]
79588711>Youtube can never be kin- https://youtu.be/sTgW6IYNJ0c?t=533[View]
79588698Has anyone seen any of the oscar nominated shorts this year? Where can I watch them?[View]
79580868WB: >So, Mel, how's the Suicide Squad script going? Mel: >Really, really great. I'v…[View]
79588067ya know whether you like DS9 or not you HAVE TO admit that 'in the pale moonlight' is the best episo…[View]
79588580FX: What went right?[View]
79587574Amazon Boards TV Crime Series From Nicolas Winding Refn: Amazon is teaming up with “Drive” director …[View]
79585526Post kinogrids[View]
79587580Explain to me again why Bane, a guy that spent his childhood in a South American prision, and later …[View]
79588404You're not still watching the propagandafest known as western cinema, are you anon?[View]
79580637Does this show get better after the first episode /tv/? So far its just a bunch of assholes flying a…[View]
79586320What use does he have for you, /tv/?[View]
79587212Interviewer - What kind of fella would you like? lol[View]
79587968/tv/ always describes something as Reddit or Redditcore. So by that logic, what pieces of media are:…[View]
79584339How come there are no Archer episodes regarding La Cosa Nostra?[View]
79585065Remind me why people like Kermode again? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mQ58syKRzak[View]
79586817HEY ALAN LOL[View]
79584494How will this film empower young girls?[View]
79587395Was it a cuck thing? Did she tell him to come up at that time just so he would see her fucking him, …[View]
79586490He's a genius, you know.[View]
79588002>it's a Lee stares at his shoes and mumbles some random shit episode…[View]
79587692Luke did I ever tell you about plastoid? >Plastoid, or plasarmor, was the material used in the ar…[View]
79587774Which of George Takei's films was his greatest masterpiece? The 2009 animated hit Scooby-Doo! a…[View]
79588044What are some movies?[View]
79583485Honest opinion /tv/?[View]
79587833Greetings movie fans! I just watched the documentary about the interesting story behind Roger Corman…[View]
79583467>taboo Why does every scene with this gormless twat annoy me so much? I really like Hardy, and th…[View]
79587828ywn have Famke Janssens legs wrapped around your chest, crushing you to death while she achieves org…[View]
79587667Is Mel Gibson still going to make his planned Maccabees movie? tfw the heroes in the movie are the …[View]
79582049D'aww Man With Everything Want HUG!!!: >waaahhh I'm very handsome and have a large peni…[View]
79586178*blocks ur path*[View]
79587443AMA: China Edition: Ask someone who spent half a year in China anything, /tv/ related of course >…[View]
79587602Is it the greatest ever?[View]
79584558Be ... very careful ... now ... it's a Black Sails thread[View]
79586161Hi, I know this is /tv/, but there seems to be a lot of Tolkien fans here, so I was wondering if any…[View]
79587494https://thelast-magazine.com/cole-sprouse-riverdale/ “When I first heard the abstract, it kind of pu…[View]
79586445The flight plan I just filed with the Agent C lists Smee, Maimen, Dr. Paveleer, Button Lee, Juan of …[View]
79587411Why was he so smaug all the time?[View]
79581461ITT We cast the new Dune movie: GO[View]
79587420>your faith in humanity after almost all the marvel films were better received than this…[View]
79584346nootka mhm[View]
79587409Can Angelaposting become as big as Jennaposting, now that Jenna has infected her?[View]
79585189Brad Neely: China, Il, Sclopio Peepio--What Went Wrong?: Literally wrote some of the funniest intern…[View]
79587347Kong end credits scene probably spoiled: http://www.scifijapan.com/articles/2017/02/19/kong-skull-is…[View]
79580587ITT:GOAT Live TV moments: >You can go fuck yourself, Milo.[View]
79586296> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KP2GMV8aKaY How can a person be so fucking wrong comparing two …[View]
79584351>you're a Rebel fighter on board an (((ambassador ship))) >something docks on board >s…[View]
79587089Wait a second. If Unbreakable and Split share the same universe, why was Shyamalan a deadbeat drug d…[View]
79587182someone stop me da from dancin: hes got a heart hing[View]
79584589ITT: characters who are literally you: i am literally mulder[View]
79586092So where did he go?[View]
79573396Hey, do you folks put any tv shows or movies in the background while you do other stuff like taxes, …[View]
79587077Tsunami Surprise reboot when?[View]
79559204/lbg/ - Letterboxd General: *to the tune of hotline bling* let he who knows kino cast the first ston…[View]
79587012Se acabo Anakin, tengo el terreno alto[View]
79574790Why did she quit acting?[View]
79586387Characters you see yourself in: Pic related[View]
79581594Shes really getting on my nerves[View]
79584774Is it wrong that I want to put my cock inside this thing?[View]
79586949Which actress has the best body of work overall, from her first role to the current year?[View]
79586947Friendly reminder for you just to know who is The King of this board[View]
79584931Opinions on this film?[View]
79585133Ok, is it just me or is this the single most upsetting moment in the history of cinema?[View]
79586424Who else is old enough to remember watching this in the mid-90s? This made paranormal shit seem legi…[View]
79586788In the deepest, darkest corner of the earth there stood a man. This single soul stood firm in his be…[View]
79586805anyone else remember this show? I remember being sorta into it back in the day[View]
79586193Who the fuck has chile with their sea bass?[View]
79586697Why is this film so underrated?[View]
79585421>when you fuck your maid who marries your son Name a more alpha character. I won't wait.…[View]
79573820Would you have done it? Would you have cucked Mozart?[View]
79586576>'What is this, my mantra?' >'It's the wifi password, we're not savages' >'You…[View]
79585866I'm going to marry Lara![View]
79584714Wait. How come this guy couldn't shoot lightning?[View]
79584076Which one of them will be the first one to become a drug addict? Which one of them will be the first…[View]
79581542Lion thread: Just watched lion. What did /tv/ think of it?[View]
79583418Name one, just one single Hollywood film that is much better than Yuru Yuri.[View]
79582133>no siege equipment at all. No ladders, towers, catapults, rams, sappers, anything. >they just…[View]
79586013do you have a PROBLEM with 'MEE'??[View]
79584669>this literal piss yellow green filter Looks like you deserved the shit bluray transfers…[View]
79583070This is so fucking kino. What did you phams think?[View]
79585013Wonder Woman - TEST SCREENING: https://twitter.com/adamhlavac/status/833208436074483712 >Adam Hla…[View]
79586043Should I watch this?[View]
79586344Opinions on this masterpiece? Just seen it and I loved it. Post early feminism films here.[View]
79584776This was so bad. No one character is likeable.[View]
79586232Breakout characters[View]
79586230Are these countless reality Bravo shows staged ?[View]
79585780>Well, congratulations, you got yourself caught. now whats the next step of your masterplan?…[View]
79586195any good horror movies or thrillers to watch on this lazy sunday afternoon??[View]
79585841How much history will we lose from movies? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0wZZRjBMIr0[View]
79585992Malcolm in the Middle thread: >tfw recently re-watched S5-7 and realized how much they suck why d…[View]
79585033What was his tax policy?[View]
79584451Write a movie premise about this[View]
79583703why is Nolan wasting time effort and money on a historical war film? he hasn't even begun to ta…[View]
79586066>You must complete level 2 in order to receive your reward[View]
79583813Do you think they regret making this now that Trump won?[View]
79585712Did we like it?[View]
79582142Oscars General: Official /tv/'s Oscars poll https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeu482qIpT…[View]
79584832ITT: directors that use the cinematic medium to it's fullest[View]
79584840How was Carmen able to walk around so easily and carefree after being brutally impaled, and watching…[View]
79585801Good guys who were unfairly made to look like bad guys[View]
79583289>male and a female character look at each other >cuts to them having passionate sex…[View]
79585668>1/10 flick >2 1/2 hours long[View]
79580133Someone call 911, because I was ROBbed[View]
79578586>dude degeneracy lmfao xD[View]
79585431What's the best pirate movie or the best movie about that time in history? I'm looking for…[View]
79585067How come they never did an episode about them giving into their sexual desires and hardcore fucking …[View]
79581520What scenes did the LotR films do better than the books?[View]
79584508ITT: Recent movies you really enjoyed that you don't see anyone talking about. My most recent w…[View]
79585359Who's watching 24 Legacy here? I need Aisha's ambitious big black booty on my face[View]
79584781>'How dare you question Israel. Have you forgotten how your country killed millions of Jews?'…[View]
79585307>Blacks playing white characters in classic film remakes I thought voting for Trump would end th…[View]
79583684Does /tv/ enjoy tragedy? If so, can you recommend some[View]
79582677Where did it all go wrong with Conan?[View]
79582911What does it mean when an actor is 'chewing the scenery'? What are some examples of this?[View]
79585179Hey /tv/, I'm not exactly a film buff but a few days ago you guys told me to watch The 400 Blow…[View]
79585147Name a best gangsta movie go ahead homies[View]
79584738Thoughts on this movie, /tv/? Just watched and it hit me in the feels pretty hard.[View]
79579606Coconut nigger who's just finished watching Moana AMA[View]
79584831What do the colors/symbols on your flag represent? What are you doing to uphold those principles?[View]
79584857Is Mel Gibson still going to make his planned Maccabees movie? tfw the heroes in the movie are the …[View]
79584785>scientific fiction >le clone tweest[View]
79582451Do you think this will cause people to lose faith in the media?[View]
79584768>Bruce, the things you told me today... I believed you. >Yes. That was the point. Man, Little …[View]
79584548what the FUCK was raimi thinking?[View]
79584618Emma Stone: I've seen Easy A, Spider-Man, Gangster Squad and La La Land, has Emma Stone ever pl…[View]
79579181Name a movie where you expected a flick, but you got a film or better instead[View]
79584680>the hoof[View]
79582682Shame. Shame on the house of Ptolemy.[View]
79584596FUCK YOU[View]
79584342Cure for Welness: Is this movie OK? Should I watch it tonight or is this pretentious garbage like Tr…[View]
79584311We need a girl to play the awkward teenager in a dysfunctional family. Say no more.[View]
79583330Laugh tracks: Yay or Nay?: Should laugh tracks be kept in the past where they belong (cough Big bang…[View]
79584463well teebee? which 1 will it be[View]
79583630>character being chased through the woods >stop and hide behind a tree/bush/whatever >chase…[View]
79584409>youtube thumbnail >baby blue background >video subject on the right >channel owner maki…[View]
79584048HE'S *gurgle* . . . BANKRUPT! His stocks took a little tumble off the market[View]
79583337>tfw it was Fox who ended up giving us legitimate capekino WB and Marvel/Disney BTFO…[View]
79565946>Joe: 'Hey dude, do you prefer cats or dogs' Crowder: 'Huh?' >Joe: 'Cats or dogs bro, pick on…[View]
79584110Was getting caught part of his plan?[View]
79584313>Movie prequel >Actor looks older[View]
79584091Was it kino?[View]
79582850How often do you quote movie lines irl?[View]
79583656What do Japs mean by this?[View]
79583738<I'll be seeing you, /tv/.>[View]
79584103Inspired after a similar thread yesterday, let's have another team battle /tv/. Who do you thi…[View]
79578254Im so SHINEY[View]
79580210Did you see this shit, /tv/? It's not even horror at all, there's nothing scary despite t…[View]
79584002Post your favorite indie movies from the 00s[View]
79582505>talk to a girl about movies >she says this in response to a movie like blade runner would you…[View]
79583979I've thought up an ending for my book. ''And he lived happily ever after, to the end of hi…[View]
79569473Starship Troopers: People seem to think that the Starship Troopers reboot being more faithful to the…[View]
79582968Wow this movie sucks.[View]
79582207Is this out fit age-appropriate?[View]
79582044>ooommm What did he mean by this?[View]
79581907I hate that stupid face.[View]
79580001CIA and Bane, when the plane fell.[View]
79583305What is the cleanest, best pleasure?[View]
79583503>2 months later >nothing but CAMs and HDTSs…[View]
79583211Take your shirt off anon, were at the beach![View]
79570494Someone tell me Game of Thrones isn't going to end with these fucks married and on the throne.[View]
79583477>'Don't do it, John...' >he does it anyway >mfw…[View]
79582057>Jim Cameron's cinematography is shi...[View]
79582735Whos gona get the last post on imdb?[View]
79573962Daily Reminder: If you hated TFA, you are in the minority: Majority of people who understand Star Wa…[View]
79582937Santa Clarita diet kinda sucks. So we're supposed to pretend it's good right? Is that how …[View]
79583669Doctor Strange: What did you think about the movie? tilda swinton did such a good job that I would n…[View]
79583593Why didn't she ask this to save her daughter?[View]
79575942>Robin is a child. >When he get the costume his first move is to rip the pants off to show off…[View]
79581032A FUCKING RAMP??[View]
79583582Always Sunny tier list: Discuss[View]
79583544Is this the anime nazi board?[View]
79577671So is capeshit finally over?[View]
79583551GOOD NEIGHBOR.[View]
79578672So are Luke and Rey the 'Last Jedi'?[View]
79580775Does anyone else remember when hagrid spoiled the fact that Harry was a horcux in the very first HP …[View]
79583423Is this the frame for frame funniest cartoon of all time?[View]
79580829How does one leave /tv/ and this site for good[View]
79576232so what's her deal? is she the next wolverine? and why is she always so angry and aggressive?[View]
79581716Warhammer 40k movie idea Horus heresy Horus - Sean Bean God Emperor of mankind - Christian Bale Pri…[View]
79553253Doctor Who General - /WHO/: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4h8NmjpiY1M[View]
79581739I am not memeing at all... I actually... kind of found this movie decent? I liked all the Al Pacino …[View]
79580163>Twenty years in Gotham, Alfred; we've seen what promises are worth. How many good guys are …[View]
79583040OK, so let's all agree that it's 19 February 1977: instead of 2017. And by that I mean eve…[View]
79581192why is famguy so celebratory toward pedofelia? I'm stoned right now, forgive typos. Its medicin…[View]
79581650Can we talk about the Malcolm In The Middle Ending? I feel like we were left on a cliffhanger, I wan…[View]
79582739>you enter inside your room >open lights >saw this on your bed What do?…[View]
79582369>it's a 'the misunderstanding only continues because the room they're in has lots of do…[View]
79582912atmospheric: Post great films with a completely unique 'feel'[View]
79582632any other lesbians on right now? did you fall for the Felicia meme?[View]
79582892Is Bible Black kino?[View]
79580303>I WANT YOU OFF THE FUCKING SET, YOU PRICK What did he mean by this?[View]
79583192*blocks your path*[View]
79578928was he a nigger? a bunch of the other characters refer to him as one[View]
79581642Internet contest time! Okay, it's actually a personal army request... I've got a film in a…[View]
79578637Mel Gibson: Why the hell is this fucking misogynistic, anti-Semitic mother fucker allowed to still m…[View]
79583104i'm not really interested in watching the films. i'm just curious about the sharknado itse…[View]
79581701Oh fack off ya racist cunt[View]
79580315Theoden: So much death. What can men do against such reckless hate? Aragorn: Ride out with me. Ride…[View]
79582982Who was in the wrong here?[View]
79582953life is shit[View]
79582865This movie holds up pretty well. Ater the disaster of 'Live by Night' I can appreciate it …[View]
79578575I'll have an abdominal surgery tomorrow. Besides pic related, which movies should I not watch r…[View]
79580400So is this supposed to represent homophobia? Every one keeps saying that Will is a queer or fag. Bar…[View]
79576913YOUR NEW EMPIRE?![View]
79579243What are your favorite Mommy movies[View]
79582738What are your thoughts on thr actress Rachel Brosnahan?[View]
79581875How is Obergruppenführer John Smith so based?[View]
79569558Most memorable events caught on live TV: Iranian Embassy Siege 1980 Based SAS https://www.youtube.co…[View]
79582602> could it be aired today?[View]
79582562Good Behavior on TNT: did anyone watch this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ac9IaEnzGJ8 I just fin…[View]
79580154What's his best film?[View]
79581459>movie about learning to appreciate inner beauty >focuses almost entirely on Goop wearing a fa…[View]
79582046Give me back my 1hr 50min[View]
79582272I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!: Who /pricey/ here?[View]
79577010Was this movie any good? Or it's another tarantino gore shitty movie?[View]
79579587Why are people pretending Deadpool is something new when Jim Carrey did in the 90's?[View]
79581841singular meta thread: Some Qs about rules here. Which of the following are 'ontopic' and allowed to …[View]
79582285kino maxima[View]
79582234The Great Wall not a hit, but has a small audience: It has made a lot of money in China, but nobody …[View]
79581631kanga Zeekyull?[View]
79579351Warren Frost dead at 91: Why no thread about this?[View]
79581977Jesus Christ, Cameron, was that really necessary?[View]
79582138> Good 2016 movies nobody talks about.[View]
79579710>OY VEY, IT'S BOILING ACID! Is boiling acid actually worse than regular acid?…[View]
79581684ITT: Your guilty pleasure - TV Edition[View]
79582108>watch this film >huge memefest >actually has bane referencing 4u and CIA Wow. I was surpri…[View]
79578634got any movies/documentaries about Punk Rock to recommend?[View]
79578802It follows: Just saw this movie . Its been a while since i have been creeped out by a horror movie…[View]
79580433The Mummy: Do you think this will be any good?[View]
79582007I liked it, but it definetly could have been shorter. Also what was ultimately going on didn't …[View]
79581820What's her fucking problem?[View]
79581487Are Cubans the Mexicans of Florida?[View]
79580724E.T. Thread: >you'll never have a lil bro like elliot[View]
79580944does anyone have the Star Trek TNG recommend watching list that also has like importance to the seri…[View]
79581598I watched Elle yesterday. Recommend me more Huppertkino.[View]
79581948>/pol/ is the problem on /tv/ and not this Why is /co/ so evil?[View]
79577762Great show, lots of wooden acting: Great actors: Tony, Chrissy, Johnny Sack, Ralphie Ok actors: Paul…[View]
79580809Why do so many people like this boring ass movie?[View]
79579908Would you watch a Nightmare on Elm Street remake with a female Freddy?[View]
79581464>anon, what's the moral difference, if any, between a citizen and a civilian?…[View]
79580997give me back my 1h and 50 min[View]
79580968How did Vader know that Luke was his son?[View]
79579911>The incompetence of the American military >Blind Japanese samurai and a Japanese otaku 2chan …[View]
79581685What are some good Karatekino?[View]
79580673What a fucking badass.[View]
79577875holy fuck I love Japanese cinema now[View]
79580782>Alternate ending is depressing and weird[View]
79579872>This won an Oscar[View]
79581605Hey /tv/ what are your favorite wacky Cat in the Hat memes. I love what you guys have been able to d…[View]
79581584Can you recommend the best zombie movies? Also, is there somewhere better to get them in HD than TPB…[View]
79581577Remember, we're going to get more Dredd. The guy who produced Dredd is doing that Netflix Castl…[View]
79581531Patrician soundtracks: Squarepusher, MBv, the Jesus and Mary Chain. ITT post the movie with your fav…[View]
79579797>Denis Leary clearly and blatantly stole material from Bill Hicks, and wasn't even funny …[View]
79580413Masters of the Air when?[View]
79581504Bravo Pizza[View]
79575214The great debate.[View]
79580196John Wick 2: Should I watch the first movie before I watch this?[View]
79581426>Watch this >It's Clickbait: The Show and nothing like Mythbusters SAD…[View]
79579514>It's that Futurama episode that pretends Beastie Boys and Beck are worth listening to…[View]
79576607underrated films: Good films that no-one watched. The Rover[View]
79569335Ok I'm one of these 'I don't likee musicals but I loved La La Land'. I think I was just to…[View]
79580115Best practical effects[View]
79580766movies to watch when high?[View]
79575551This movie was the upmost definition of Kino. If you didn't like it, you didn't understand…[View]
79581083ITT : you want you lose[View]
79580108>pulls down sun visor, keys fall down Is this the worst hollywood cliche?…[View]
79580152ITT : Villains who may have done wrong but their life sucked balls so its hard not to feel sorry for…[View]
79580578what went wrong?[View]
79577673Can we talk about how awful this show is? The worst cape TV show ever put into production.[View]
79580532>whats the time? diaper time![View]
79578625You guys fucking lied to me again: This was pretty good too. The weakest part was actually the Joke…[View]
79580789>How much was your car listed as? $13500aud >How much did you get it for? $12000aud with rwc a…[View]
79580227So what did /tv/ think?[View]
79580867*shitty irish punk music starts playing*: >Watch The Departed >Expect it to be a crime/drama t…[View]
79580863>the show literally ends with a cliffhanger B R A V O R A V O[View]
79578576Why was the devil in Star Wars?[View]
79578434Gwen Tennyson as Slave Leia: Yes or No?: Came across these on deviantart and not sure what to make o…[View]
79580643I'm the cure[View]
79577968Silence thread: Just watched this movie. This was absolutely fantastic. I loved the acting of Kichij…[View]
79579720Why is this garbage rated so high ?[View]
79580644TEAM THOR PART 2 KINO IS HERE BOYS: https://vimeo.com/204671187 GET IN HERE[View]
79580033Split: >that Unbreakable reveal Jesus I just made a fool of myself in front of the entire theater…[View]
79580117Great movie soundtracks: What's your favorite soundtrack for a movie? I love the winter cozy ha…[View]
79580356one more lord, please help me get one more[View]
79579559>Someones criticism of a movie is that 'the time travel isn't realistic enough!'…[View]
79579089What did he mean by this?[View]
79580162>the episode where it actually was lupus[View]
79580328The Killing of Satan: Tell me, why have you not watched this incredible piece of Filipino Kino? http…[View]
79573570Let's try this again. Post an image, others recommend a movie based on it.[View]
79579731DPRK has best TV: This cannot be disputed! mms://[View]
79580251Movie/series when[View]
79579616Stand-up comedy: Who is that stand-up comic you don't admit to your friends you like?[View]
79580199>Episode is called 'The RACE' >In it, a Jew can only beat a white man in a race by cheating (t…[View]
79580143In China, when reviewers give films unfair reviews: , the commies there just order them to take them…[View]
79580176So, I subscribed to HBO just to see the Milo episode of Real Time, I didn't realize all the Mil…[View]
79580157So... This is the power of a practical effects ''genius''...[View]
79576991Who was in the wrong here?: Reminder that Costanza did nothing wrong[View]
79579059noko: >invader: a person or group that invades a country, region, or other place. >Darth (in)V…[View]
79580124who /dick/ here[View]
79579526>Helicopter pilot is MIA or dead >Zombies are being let in and everywhere in the complex >H…[View]
79580050was jules a cuck?[View]
79579186Jamie pull thatbup[View]
79575694Man in the High Castle: >implying we would remove our flags reminder of the 50 states, and replac…[View]
79580934Hey 4chan. You remember the part from The Dark Knight Rises where they take Bane on an airplane? The…[View]
79579966>Main character is a dog detective >The femme fatale is a cat…[View]
79579859>Thankssssssssssssssss Why did the snake thank Harry here?[View]
79577482You guys ready for The Last Jedi?[View]
79579028Someone has been spamming /tv/ with the same /pol/ and /pol/bait threads all day. I think alot of th…[View]
79579867>214, gotta be seen!! this movie sucked[View]
79576442What are the best episodes of Tales from the Crypt?[View]
79569036You have exactly ten (10) seconds to name a better sketch comedy show.[View]
79577087Is this the patrician version of Rick and Morty?[View]
79575177Post Spongekino also what the fuck is with the captchas tonight[View]
79579042best waifu she's mine. This is the best picture I could find of her though, not a shill. Also d…[View]
79578211What would Voldemort do here?[View]
79579642You like eating pussy?[View]
79578349Can someone explain me the intro and that fucking ending?[View]
79578101Who was in the wrong here?[View]
79579329This is the worst board. Go back to /b/ you fucking faggots.[View]
79577326post /tv/ related tattoos[View]
79578866>Can you pay taxes, master hobbit?[View]
79571743What's some news channel kino?[View]
79575134What does /tv/ think of the new season of Girls? I'm gonna miss this show t b h, binge watched …[View]
79572855Galveston (2018): Is /tv/ looking forward to new Pizzakino?[View]
79578951Craig Charles: Guilty?[View]
79579084REALLY?: It really took until 2017 to get a horror movie about the greatest horror facing humanity..…[View]
79578726what a stupid movie is make normies feel 2deep4u a thing now ?[View]
79577179Why has there not been made a horror film about women?: Name one thing scarier than an angry woman. …[View]
79579133is this kino? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EnGlqc3tPts&app=desktop[View]
79577651New Star Trek Game /tv/ Post a screen shot of a random frame from any series and any episode. Other …[View]
79578056Name ONE actor who would be a better choice to be the next James Bond than James Norton.[View]
79576446What does /tv/ think about Superjail?[View]
79576661>Negan scene >Girlfriend bites lip >Negan starts talking >She starts twitching like she…[View]
79577886Just watched Days Of Heaven: Isn't she supposed to be good looking?[View]
79579016>'hi daddy! thanks for picking me up from school today!' ;__;[View]
79577508NO WALLS... NO BARRIERS...[View]
79579027https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V9t4SKWryWM anyone have thoughts?[View]
79576926>$50 dollars anon.. what do?[View]
79578804How do nobodies pitch their show ideas?[View]
79575085Why is there nothing good on here? None of the movies discussed on /tv/ are on there. All of it is s…[View]
79575723>friends don't lie[View]
79578526What is the shortest movie you have ever seen?[View]
79578811when the fuck is this thing releasing?[View]
79576090Why do people dislike Temple of Doom so much? It's not as structurally perfect as Raiders but i…[View]
79575196>ITT: Films that women will NEVER EVER be able to understand I'll start.…[View]
79575985Moot biopic when?[View]
79578385wtf i love india now[View]
79577397STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI TRAILER: HAPPENING https://youtu.be/dQw4w9WgXcQ[View]
79577513>Main character cheats on husband/wife. Every. Single. Show.[View]
79569569Would you watch a film based on pic related?[View]
79578739What is his problem?[View]
79577494What makes a movie different than a film, and what makes a FILM different than a KINO? pic related, …[View]
79578560Good movies with terrible endings[View]
79575416WOW! It's fucking nothing![View]
79573498I'm on the third episode. Does she die?[View]
79578609>starred in a popular teen tv show >many girls wanting to ride his cock >gets arrested for …[View]
79578410What are some films about dying?[View]
79562604Logan: So before the dust has settled, can we all agree this will be the best superkino since Spider…[View]
79576596Watched it for the 2nd time today. Such a cozy movie. Really noticed the motif of the primary colour…[View]
79578342Dead careers? I just thought about her in who knows how long... nothing but shit listed on IMDb[View]
79577694So, which one?[View]
79578554This is by far my second favorite Indiana Jones film: Temple of Doom being first. I remember coming …[View]
79576917I drive[View]
79577719I just watched Badlands. I'm crush.[View]
79578498Harry Potter: Harry Potter https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nKKbCLgJlC0[View]
79559714>the first seven episodes are slow but then it really takes off[View]
79577915Is it fair to say that MCU to film is what GoT is to tv ?[View]
79578085FREE SCREENINGS OF 'THE SALESMAN' @ TRAFALGAR SQUARE: >Hollywood chooses protests over parties as…[View]
79577440>anon, I ran away from home[View]
79578362>it's a self-referential frogpost[View]
79576538>Main character is a scientist >Says there's no such thing as God…[View]
79576555The Vampires were so weak in this movie they were barely a threat 1v1[View]
79577855frogs are cute[View]
79578076What's his favorite movie?[View]
79577407>don't mind me, just being another shitty overhyped /tv/ movie[View]
79578079Now that the dust has long been settled, is this the greatest 'bad' film ever made?[View]
79575656>faggots on this board care about capeshit Logan looks like trash. Muhhhh RT!. Fuck off. I swear …[View]
79576052Is Watchmen the only capeshit movie with depth?[View]
79575860I love him[View]
79575841PROPER HARD FOCKIN MEN: Alright you FOCKIN pooftas I want to know what movies or documentaries have …[View]
79577771I re-watched Arrival today for the first time since seeing it in theatres, I really enjoyed it in th…[View]
79577812Movies about having a mid life crisis?[View]
79577917It was actually pretty good.[View]
79573856So soft and supple... This movie was shit desu[View]
79577452Cars: Did Pixar go too far?[View]
79577834Was it autism ?[View]
79576800I just finished watching this. What am I in for?[View]
79575251>Why didn't the eagles simply set up an commodity-based ETF, RING, and in the likely event o…[View]
79577817What was he going to do to her?[View]
79576315IMDB is shutting down the message boards: https://www.theguardian.com/film/2017/feb/06/imdb-shuts-do…[View]
79575887>member finding nemo? >oh wow, this sea shell is jogging my noggin, even though I live underwa…[View]
79577640>Can you spell that? yeah, D-E-A-D Chelios[View]
79577653>Dr. Hugh Mann What did Nolan mean by this?[View]

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