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/an/ - Animals & Nature

Displaying 99 expired threads from the past 3 days

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2661044*teleports behind you* Meow~ nothin purr-sonel dog[View]
2658668Aside from maybe dogs, why do we love our pets if they don't love us back? For most animals we…[View]
2660935Posting Puppy day 236[View]
2659494Do cats ever eat rat dogs? Would some obese street cat attack an unattended chihuahua or the like?[View]
2660854CAWW CAWW CAWW[View]
2660291>dogs, foxes and cats are all in the same taxonomical family holy SHIT[View]
2660632Tailless Whip Scorpion: I love all kinds of spiders and scorpions. What are y’all thoughts on them?…[View]
2662923Why do /pol/tards and all sorts of other rightwingers hate nature so much?[View]
2658991Help me. I've got 2 budgies about 3-4 months ago and they're pretty young, but today I…[View]
2659756θώθ whats this???[View]
2656459Discuss anything aquarium related here, including inhabitants, decor and issues. Search engines are …[View]
2660388owls and ravens/crows are patrician birds[View]
2660248Wanna see more of my dogs /an/?[View]
2660190My cat almost killed a motmot...: And I have a few questions...[View]
2660520Why do turtles do this?[View]
2660488Eastern Coyotes: There have been some researchers who have wanted to start calling these guys 'Coywo…[View]
2659646my dog has dandruff what do i do?[View]
2650796This is my cat Diabeto, say something nice about him.[View]
2660560Loyal animals thread: ITT: post the most loyal animals in the animal kingdom and explain the reason …[View]
2658562‘Talking’ to birds: I know there are a lot of bird threads up right now, but I want to know specific…[View]
2660447What's their end goal?[View]
2659179All memes aside, why is nature in Australia EXTRA FUCKING SCARY?: motherfucking TARANTULA HAWK WASP…[View]
2655076What dog breeds in your opinion are the most underrepresented in the media?[View]
2660439The Daily Winston[View]
2658733Love parrots!: I have a parrotlet, very funny. Love to watch this kind of video: https://www.youtube…[View]
2660173Train terrier mix to live with cockatiels.: So my gf and I just got a new dog and she's been gr…[View]
2660305What kind of fish am I eating with? Also if I order salmon and drop it in the glass will it eat it?[View]
2660175What do you do in modern times if your dog only reacts to the N word?: No command works if any other…[View]
2658580any virgin vs chad /an/ memes?[View]
2659967What was its problem?[View]
2645639it is him[View]
2660177Orangutangen/: Greatest apes edition[View]
2659424i love animals and learn a lot from them but it sickens me to think of 'owning' one and ke…[View]
2656424sey henlo 2 m birb pls[View]
2658413hey /an/, my cats 1 year birthday is tomorrow, i want to give her a treat thats not cat food, what k…[View]
2660023What the fuck did I just kill?: This almost looks like some kind of bedbug or tick but I thought tho…[View]
2659978Hey /an/ what should I feed my new pet Canadian goose?[View]
2658662Confessions/Regrets: Can we have a nice sobering /an/ confessions and regrets thread here? I can sta…[View]
2659088What's the deal with this guy? Why is he so fucking chill?[View]
2659619Bird: What kind of bird is this?[View]
2659954Is it true that people commonly confuse grasshoppers with frogs?[View]
2658097Post shit that should never have happened[View]
2657708rose breasted cockatoo: AwA[View]
2659899Why evolution make animals cute?: Evolution, shaping living beings in order for them to adapt to the…[View]
2659632Can I grow an orchid in carnivorous plants soil mix? I got a grocery store variety orchid that came …[View]
2658751Went hiking today. Help identifying this noodle? no brown recluse pls[View]
2659666If these rotund lemons were real animals what family would they belong in?[View]
2658058>tfw thinking about all the animals going extinct >tfw thinking about all the strays i can…[View]
2659698Check out my cat that is weird as all hell She wants to be pet during the day, but never wants to be…[View]
2653867What's your dream pet?[View]
2651027itt cats as prey[View]
2659496what are these little white balls?? i went to turn off the water to my house and flipped open the th…[View]
2659096Can we just have a thread about how beautiful the snow is?[View]
2659271You know what really burns my baguettes? When retarded kids at the aquarium try to fuck with the puf…[View]
2657873Up to this year, are there any major chain pet companies that don't rely on puppy mills anymore…[View]
2658817'Hop in, dude'[View]
2656250ITT we post animals asleep is bizarre positions. It'll start with my sweet Bobanders.[View]
2659411Why are Emperor scorpions so much more expensive and difficult to find now?[View]
2659452Overall best class of animals?[View]
2655966BACK AT IT AGAIN WITH YOUR SHIT AUSTRALIA: How do australians even live with shit like this[View]
2655737What are your experiences with honkos? There's one that's pretty friendly and takes bread …[View]
2659414Long live the King: >S-Spinosaurus would've as popular as T-T-T. Rex if it's fossils we…[View]
2658424Are mangosteens worth the hype? Should I spend big bucks on them? Curious burger here.[View]
2654422Look at this shark over here: He was recently identified as his own species, say something nice to h…[View]
2657264The Cardinal or the Blue Jay?: Make your decision. All decisions are final.[View]
2654393ITT: we post rare/unique mutts I dogsit and love seeing interesting crossbreeds. Looking to see ones…[View]
2659279Grass: Post images of any type of grass, whether it's bamboo or crab because they need love and…[View]
2653961Why cant dogs take care of themselves and how on earth are they considered intelligent creatures if …[View]
2653473Post pictures of your pets: This is Buttons.[View]
2656339HELP: My kitten got into my stash and I caught her eating a piece of my blunt! She didn't have …[View]
2659031Birds are awesome! Only they can fli through the ear, like we have to use machines[View]
2659130Cuckoo: Yo now realise that cuckoos are changelings.[View]
2657104Why were hares never domesticated?: Are their powers too dangerous?[View]
2657094Would you like to own a pet like this?[View]
2658941Hey guys can you tell me what fly this is[View]
2659040Hey guys! My dog was bitten by another dog last night, and got a not-so-big wound on his ear, he was…[View]
2658232My dog is 8 months old and has been acting rebellious. She doesn’t listen to commands she knows like…[View]
2645753/bun/ General ep IV the one and only Turtle bun edition: Archived: >>2603095 bun talk talk of …[View]
2658640New bun owner. I got him kibble, water hay, a smallish rabbit hutch, shavings, and a wood toy. Am I …[View]
2657751How easy are no-kill shelters to 'get into'? A stray cat showed up and she's very pretty, but p…[View]
2658327hello an, what is this?[View]
2657872Which bird is the birdest bird? And i don't mean the best one, i mean the one that looks more l…[View]
2654934When will Baryonyx, Irritator and Ichtyovenator get more love than the Spined nigger?[View]
2657510>animal is friendly to human >hah it thinks the human is [insert animal]…[View]
2650430Is the Mountain Lion the cutest big cat species?[View]
2657295Hey /an/ I'm looking for data I can't seem to find a conclusive answer for. Is Snake Skin …[View]
2658812Female cassowaries are bigger and more brightly coloured than the males. They also dont really care …[View]
2657414So, a cat showed up on my porch with a baby rabbit and it was crying so I just kind of stepped in an…[View]
2653293El águila americano...[View]
2658449Which is superior: Mutts or pure inbred dogs?[View]
2652164Why didn't we domesticate the deer?[View]
2656378what this is?[View]
2658715Gardening: Is this the right board for plants and stuff? I'm into gardening and was hoping to t…[View]
2657759birbs of prey[View]
2658705Who loves Piggu's?[View]

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