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/an/ - Animals & Nature

Displaying 125 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
2755181Post big boys. Pyr master race coming in THICC[View]
2755059How do you go from this...[View]
2755329Dog rate thread My two boxers. One year old, they are brothers Post your best friends[View]
2754977ITT Pet Names Post a pic of your pet and its name or just its name so we cna judge[View]
2754532What kind of bug is this?[View]
2754926Doggo is constantly impatient to go on a walk and won't stop crying until I take him. Right now…[View]
2755273based goofus: >>try to top it >>>>pro-tip: you can't.…[View]
2755045I think I drove my dog insane: I got a red dot laser (The type you'd get for a cat to play arou…[View]
2755022>Be me >Sitting in my house >Hear bump on the window >Go outside and see woodpecker on…[View]
2755119Question about chamomile: Can anyone tell me if these plants are german chamomile (Matricaria chamom…[View]
2754274/an/ Careers General: Figured I'd try this out since I'm currently setting out on a path t…[View]
2685152ITT Wild Birbs you've seen 3: Show me your Tits! edition: >>2653178 Old thread reached im…[View]
2754984Rate my pidbull Issa pidbull wolf mix 34% wolf 6% lion[View]
2753619I want to adopt a dog and found one in a shelter that I really liked. She was surrendered by her pre…[View]
2754634Should I get my pup spayed? I’ve never owned a female dog that wasn’t spayed and am worried about he…[View]
2752338My cat died today. And this hurts so much I just want to die as well. I'm crying most of the ti…[View]
2754390>ywn genocide all centipedes and centipede owners[View]
2754903What type of noodle is this? Danger noodle? Im in southern california.[View]
2752374ITT: Shitty fish you've owned I'll start off. >be me >get two high fined variatus, m…[View]
2754205Guys I was mowing my yard inside the fence, and when I stopped to put my earbuds back in (they fell …[View]
2754046How to play with birds: I need help learning games to play with my birds, because right now they int…[View]
2738495/plant/: The Plant General - Araceae Edition Welcome to /plant/, the happy green place on this blue …[View]
2754732Animal intelligence: I understand that animals such as birds need intelligente because of their soci…[View]
2754482Birds: What's the most aerodynamic bird?[View]
2752381Ashamed Seal: Caught. https://youtu.be/gogHgJVUuUA[View]
2753686Any rat owners here? Tell me everything, I want to get pet rattos they are the best and cutest I wan…[View]
2751951>tfw no beautiful, lizard-like tail[View]
2753007Does anyone else get slightly pissed off when they see “monster fish keepers” They always have the s…[View]
2754214Why isn't there a tortoise thread always up 24/7? No, turtles don't count, turtles are inf…[View]
2754582What color was ornithomimus....[View]
2754607Stupid noises thread Post stupid noises https://youtu.be/vXJhV_Kj4yY[View]
2754109Rate doggos thread[View]
2741586>adopting a killing machine and having my own children mauled by it to own the libs Why are Ameri…[View]
2754087Friendly reminder that birds are VERY important[View]
2753189/an/imal TV: What’s your impossible dream show? Pic related, Steve Irwin and a time machine, or him …[View]
2752605Hello, /an/. Sorry for this tl;dr tier post, but I don't know how to go about this. Recently my…[View]
2753860My indoor cat, very timid, escaped outside again. Now she's hiding beneath the house. I almost …[View]
2753463An i need some advice on what to do. There was a mother duck and her 6 baby ducklings in my pool chi…[View]
2729671/herp/ - Reptile & Amphibian General: previous thread >>2713087 Reptile classifieds for fi…[View]
2753508>brother has four very cute house rabbits >mutual friends often joke about cooking and eating …[View]
2754263Do you like my DOG an?[View]
2754293Help, I'm being invaded!: I've lived in Central Ohio for pretty much my whole life and nev…[View]
2754242The sniff: >be me 6 years old >elementary school playground, tag >see girl I like. I also l…[View]
2754200>vulnerable How can any species of small cat ever be vulnerable or worse, when they can just walt…[View]
2752976are kangals fit as pet?: The Dutch parliament failed the wolf issue (wolves returning to this countr…[View]
2751861Mystery Animal Spotted in the Woods: Hi people, I spotted an animal in the woods on friday and I hav…[View]
2754203Feeder Rats: Does anyone know a trusted website to buy frozen/thawed feeder rats for a ball python? …[View]
2750948Could anyone help me to identify these fossilized jaw: My grandad dugged up these in his farm but i …[View]
2754180What does /an/ think of staffies?[View]
2753940If I rub his tummy will he bite?[View]
2754104Hello /an/, recently bought a 'pocket pitbull' that's been a joy and a treasure. The only queer…[View]
2754084My kitten Oliver is 8 months old, and he’s eating his litter. It’s strong clump litter, but he hasn’…[View]
2753236do hedgehogs breathe really hard? like you would forcefully push the air out of your nose? I keep he…[View]
2754116Dog Food: What do you feed your pet and why?! I feed mine canidae grain free pure cause digestion is…[View]
2737960Dinosaur General: Dinosaur discussions. Also, I work in Paleo, ask me anything. Picture is Hadrosau…[View]
2753153What is this: Found this dead bug floating in my pool, does anybody know what it is? It looks like a…[View]
2747822Cavy General: I had 2 (unneutered) boys that were bonded and friendly with each other. I added 2 new…[View]
2752592how to stop cat from hunting?: first of all, not my cat. My neighbor (who I am on good terms with) h…[View]
2751341https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z5mS-KblbKg One of the pups lived! Gambia thread.[View]
2747513Fictional Animals: Animals portrayed in fiction that you either wish were real, or are just plain fa…[View]
2752213Dogs and Pets aren't fucking worth it bros. I loved my fucking dog so much and he died from bon…[View]
2751825Beardies: Just picked up 2 of these (male and female). I'm keeping them in a smaller aquarium w…[View]
2752642>picture of a guy holding a turtle or frog or some shit out of the water >'Ummmm?????? Put it …[View]
2752610*mauls a toddler*[View]
2753735This pug is more closely related to a gray wolf than a gray wolf is to an arctic wolf. How does this…[View]
2752911Why are we the only ones: Why is there no other species like us humans? There are plenty of species …[View]
2753217http://www.ktvu.com/news/watch-lake-tahoe-woman-scares-off-bear-by-yelling-at-it >Be Bear >Chi…[View]
2749331Cat Rate thread: post your pussies[View]
2752583How useful would a donkey be for SHTF situations? I was considering buying a donkey to use as a pack…[View]
2751075have you ever had a violent, aggressive dog? my dog just went after me again earlier today. he didn…[View]
2752985You can have any pet you want, any animal as long as it is alive today. But the catch is you have to…[View]
2748277So a while ago I spanked my dog. Since then shes been sketchy about me. Every time I walk by her, he…[View]
2751446/aq/ - Aquarium General: Discord: https://discord.gg/ak3he5u Discuss anything aquarium related here,…[View]
2753223These are my two female cats: Luna and Nina (left and right). What do you think of them?[View]
2750852Does anyone own one of these babies? If so, any stories, pictures or experiences? My dream is to own…[View]
2753486What kind of bug is this thing? Its tiny as fuck, I find it in dusty areas around my house. I'm…[View]
2753405Where can I pet a bear cub or a wolf puppy?[View]
2753423Weird 'animals' spotted. (long story): So me and a friend of mine was out for a late night walk in t…[View]
2752138Here’s a bit of backstory. I’d recently been waking up with itchy bumps and I had always assumed tha…[View]
2753367Alright /an/ this little fucker bit me and I have no clue what it is. Socal location, anyone have a …[View]
2753190ITT: Underrated little known fish: I'll start: Xyrauchen texanus, the razorback sucker. Sadly t…[View]
2753325Why doesn't my 7 year old labrador go for walks? She goes out the door about 10-20 meters and t…[View]
2753299Nani The Bug: What is this? I found it outside, I've only had that box out there for like 6 day…[View]
2750603Blini chick[View]
2749251Colossal & Giant Squids: So what exactly are these big guys doing in the abyss? Is it truly impo…[View]
2753233Idk why but cicadas are just so interesting to me. I actually saw one this morning going into work. …[View]
2753279Here is a picture. Here is the soundtrack to this picture: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=akQgogyQK…[View]
2749890Quick! You're in ancient Greece and you've gotta combine two animals into a monster for th…[View]
2746729Pollution and wildlife: I've been living in this same city for the last 15 years. Every year fo…[View]
2752950if an Elephant was attracted to Mammoths , would he be a furry?[View]
2751959This might be the last night I get with my dog and cat. Both are 14 and 16. The cat I've had th…[View]
2753015Everybody knows many animals are powerhouses, huge bulking beasts that can ravage the ordinary man. …[View]
2753055Who would win a Battle Royale between the largest specimens of: 1) Tiger 2) Brown Bear 3) Hippo 4) E…[View]
2749301I think there is something wrong with my cat. He ate one marijuana earlier.[View]
2751568Why aren't dog breeds classified as their own subspecies? I mean, a pug, a poodle, a Saint Bern…[View]
2753011What do i feed this thing? I found it at the rescue shelter. I have no clue what it's supposed …[View]
2749689Ant general: It's that time of year again, 8 more queens in temporary tubes till I can get them…[View]
2749437What did it truly look like? We know it wasn't just a bigger great white[View]
2752956CAN BIRD EAT BEAN???[View]
2752438Is it a spider?[View]
2750704How did buffalo evoluve![View]
2752548What's wrong with this doggo?[View]
2720746Snow Leopard Thread: What does /an/ think about this fluffy cat? Discuss.[View]
2752217Hi /an/, I found this little fellow lying on the street next to a highway, it was unable to fly. I b…[View]
2748205Hippo thread? Hippo thread[View]
2752274Bros, i'm getting test results back from the vet tomorrow. It's possible i'll find ou…[View]
2752790/monkeynews/ What's going on in the contemporary monkey world?[View]
2752269>come home from work with salad and grapes for chickens >they all come running when they see m…[View]
2752672>Makes you clean up their shit every day. >Rubs asshole all over your kitchen countertop, furn…[View]
2752344Does anyone else have an intense fear and/or preoccupation with Lyme Disease? I've had welts ap…[View]
2751856What the fuck do I need to do for my old cat to get used to my new cat? Its been 3 weeks now since I…[View]
2743687Heavily customised service dog vests: Is it just me, or is this a REALLY fucking stupid idea? The nu…[View]
2752578>ywn be able to fly like a bird[View]
2750929Why are dinosaurs so hot?[View]
2752501im no moth guy but this is freaking me out. I'm in mid michigan and just caught this thing. I d…[View]
2752486ITT: Asshole fish and retarded care >be 7 >Catch fish at festival near Asian store called waji…[View]
2751966Dog has cancer: I have a huge problem with my dog. I know 4chan can't do anything to treat what…[View]
2750776Never be a vet if you like yourself >t. Hue hue veterinarian[View]
2752272I beg of you.: Can someone Identify this moth for me?[View]
2752139Dog doesn't want to walk on a leash. Motherfucker is like 2 1/2 months old and he just sits and…[View]
2752256Anyone know what kind of bug that is? I'm in Tokyo.[View]

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