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/an/ - Animals & Nature

Displaying 93 expired threads from the past 3 days

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2510234Lets get a bad taxidermy thread goin[View]
2509705Why is this little tiny wasp just chilling on my window? It hasn't even moved since last night.[View]
2509635Help: Please help me with my work on the Bald headed uakari[View]
2510049I just burned a moth to death AMA[View]
2507545Coyote Peterson bullshitting about spiders: The last two vids this guy has done have greatly exagger…[View]
2508536Who was in the wrong here?[View]
2508765Do mosquitoes actually contribute anything to the environment? Would anything bad even happen if the…[View]
2506955squirrel breeding: hello yes, if a person wanted to selectively breed squirrels could they theoretic…[View]
2505078Orangutans > Gorillas > Bonobos > Chimps[View]
2509775It`is normal to my father kill animal while he's drunk?[View]
2504197Can animals be religious?[View]
2510036Hey /an/. Just lost my shi tzu after being euthanized for chronic breathing problems, give me some v…[View]
2509926Why are cats always so playful and energetic after taking a dump?[View]
2498463Which country has the most terrifying wildlife?[View]
2509748Most Cats dislike water,because when all the fur gets wet they start feeling heavy and less agile ri…[View]
2508378I went outside on my trip to peru , and gound a cat in the park, took a photo for you guys to see[View]
2508787are mosquitos evolving?: male mosquitos live about 10 days while female live 42-56. surely during th…[View]
2508903Shitty Owner Stories: Hey /an/ Tell me about people you know who have absolutely no fucking business…[View]
2509231Is he the Chad Bear?: http://calgaryherald.com/news/local-news/grizzly-no-122[View]
2508810I've never had a cat before, is it true that they're all assholes?: is it true?[View]
2508708My dog had babies a couple of days. But she had take this doggo to the yard and inside a whole and o…[View]
2509601>mom wants to get a dog >no mom, we definitely don't need a dog, they are more trouble th…[View]
2502659What dog breed would /an/ recommand for a first dog owner ?: I live in an shitty neighbourhood (nogu…[View]
2509560Identification: I took this picture of -what I think- it’s a black widow about to eat another insect…[View]
2509631>a street cat I saw yesterday >cat had high fever >loss of appetite >antibiotic, fever …[View]
2508836My dog is more precious than yours[View]
2507727Euthanasia: When is it acceptable to euthanize a pet? My cat is dying and it's taking fucking f…[View]
2509255Hey /an/ just caught a mouse. It wasnt moving much so it may be sick/poisoned. I gave it some cheese…[View]
2509270Found a north american house hippo in house what do[View]
2502492Anyone else a fan of Frida? Where can I buy some merch?[View]
2509455Help me identify this spider: It's been on the front porch for a couple months now. We've …[View]
2507719are moths cute?[View]
2509351Post pics of comfy critters, yours or otherwise[View]
2509222This board is run by the Dog Illuminati. It's not enough for them to accept that some people pr…[View]
2508490What kind of demon is this?[View]
2508998i killed a cat today my workplace borders a forest and there's these feral cats that I've …[View]
2508677I'm bored...[View]
2507775Greater glider, or greatest glider?[View]
2509125What species is this?: pls halp[View]
2509108People are too hateful to nutria. They complain they erode stream banks. You know what also does tha…[View]
2505374I'm sick of seeing ocean threads. What's some cool stuff that can be found in fresh water …[View]
2509103Found this visitor in my garden. How do I take care of it? I don't want to catch him , which pr…[View]
2507635Why don't you have a ferret[View]
2507495Can someone name that species? Also how long can I call off work if I choose to get bitten[View]
2509021what rase?[View]
2507353Cat shot: Pic related http://www.kentlive.news/news/kent-news/thugs-shot-cat-leaving-him-568344…[View]
2508994Bugs: Alright does anyone know what this is? There is a part if town that seems to either have ants …[View]
2508207I found a llama on my trip to cuzco[View]
2509003Shity pic quality, but any guess of what species is she? I may try to breed her in the future so I w…[View]
2508849Fat Animal Thread About Fat Animals.[View]
2508260The tragic loss of my crayfish: My Florida Crayfish 'Miss Pretzel'. She died a few months ago becaus…[View]
2503935realistically what would happen if you actually tried this?[View]
2507947What's a good way to get into animal tracking? There has to be a better method than just memori…[View]
2507816I recently learned how to taxidermy a mouse. I enjoy it and would definitely be interested in pickin…[View]
2506142What animal would become the perfect pet if it magically never pooped?[View]
2508429Help me out dudes I just got the offer of getting another dog, but my current dog is kind of a dick.…[View]
2500951Furby General: Megascops Furbidii, or the common furby, is a species of true owl originating from th…[View]
2503801I want a dog that does not have a foul smell.: I want a dog, but I also wouldn't prefer a dog t…[View]
2496963Does this board have a mascot?[View]
2508693pups trade[View]
2508130What is the best small pet? Reptile or mammals[View]
2505969Woah Those sharks are really impresive creatures[View]
2508638How do I become a CIA dog trainer?[View]
2506702>using such an over the top, forced photo for a particular dog breed: this isn't suspicious …[View]
2508551/Frog/ Amphibian General Thread & Discussion: HERPETOLOGY: What are some common amphibian specie…[View]
2507295Post Your Cluckin Cluckt Chicken Pictures: Post your cluckin clucky chicken pictures you cluckin mot…[View]
2504821Creating dog breeds and renewing old ones: What's /an/'s opinion on them? Take for example…[View]
2507680hello /an/ I want to get a cockatiel soon and I am wondering if a cage that is 30.7' L 16.5' W and 2…[View]
2508217Anyone knows what animal this is? Found in sea, and it's not a sea ray.[View]
2501905Let's settle this once and for all: what is /an/'s opinion on cats?[View]
2504159>Bobcat broke into duck pen outside an hour ago >pen is the size of my garage but had a small …[View]
2507525Hi /an/ Any idea what those white and black things are? Location: vintgar gorge in slovenia Date:oct…[View]
2504780/an/ REACTIONS[View]
2507056Do you feed your pets fruits?[View]
2507272>The American Ornithologists' Union considered Thayer's gull a subspecies of American h…[View]
2508237It's not the pebble it's the penguin[View]
2507825Pic semi-related, looked like her My dog recently past away, i don't know how she died but i do…[View]
2507009ITT: Chihuahua complexes in the animal kingdom[View]
2505873Tell me about sugar gliders. Are they good pets?[View]
2507850help id birb: found birb in storm birb is wet can't fly may be a youngling can't fend for …[View]
2508070Can someone tell me what's that thing my mailois has? It appeared in just hours and it's b…[View]
2501222let's say im doing MSc extramural studies in biology i should be in uni every 2 weeks can i sen…[View]
2508081So my dog has started having seizures. Hes two years old, and has been diagnosed with epilepsy. He d…[View]
2506947He's about to die today. I'm dying inside. RIP Klondike[View]
2507913Should the dog's owner be jailed for animal abuse?[View]
2507931Aussie Magpies are the most based birds on earth. Prove me wrong.[View]
2502043My cat just died and I can't stop crying. Any advise?[View]
2507827My cat died[View]
2507885This is my cat. What kind of cat is it? I can’t figure it out.[View]
2505893hello /an/ do you have photos of animals looking into magnified mirrors you can share?[View]
2507875American bully: If the dad is a pocket and the mom standard what size will this guy be? And what do …[View]
2507829I found a baby llama on the hotel i stayed in[View]

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