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2817667I found him out in the hurricane and brought him in.[View]
2821755>That wet dog smell that is in every pet owner's home You clean your house regularly and don…[View]
2821652How can one man be so based?[View]
2820847>free an insect that got caught in a spider's web Does that make me a good person for saving…[View]
28216437 Dumbest Animals in the World That'll Make You Stare in Disbelief: https://animalsake.com/dumb…[View]
2821618ITT: Animals[View]
2817715*BOOM* *BOOM* *CRASH* 'WOOF WOOF' This is all it takes for a pitbull to break into your house and ki…[View]
2821791Rat advice?: I have a rat, pic related, who started limping today. She keeps one of her back legs in…[View]
2819433I thought this was a meme???[View]
2821444What's goin on big guy...: anybody else seeing all these news articles popping up about people …[View]
2820162My year old female platy has a severe anal prolapse, considering she won't survive, should I fe…[View]
2818013Are mini pinschers good boys or simply a meme breed?[View]
2819826Where can I get cuttlebone?: My cockatiel hen just laid an egg. I need cuttlebone to provide for her…[View]
2821736Real paleo bros pls help: How do I learn to dig fossils out of the ground? I already took a communi…[View]
2821002The hunted London serial cat killer since 2015 turned out to be a fox: https://m.france24.com/en/201…[View]
2821624I’ve been breeding mealworms and I started out with 100. I have 7 pupae now but one has some black s…[View]
2820717My dog is 15 and her muscles are decaying. Meds the vets given her wont help at all. She can still w…[View]
2819185Bad pruning/tree gore: Let these poor things be a warning to you.[View]
2819910Anatomically speaking, can dogs talk? Imagine a human mind trapped in an animal's body. Sure yo…[View]
2819836Is animal testing wrong?[View]
2821472Why do they stink?[View]
2821481The birds and the bees, you know, they must be aware that we have some kind of technology. They have…[View]
2811612Bears are the best animal. There is no debating this.[View]
2820986Why are /ratto/s absolutely the god-tier pets?[View]
2819499eagle: eagle[View]
2806928/plant/: The Plant General - Asteraceae Edition Welcome to /plant/, the happy green place on this bl…[View]
2817806which animal looks the most like your penis? for me, it's the giant softshell turtle[View]
2820944Safe acetate concentration for pond?: TL;DR looking for a source on safe acetate concentration in fr…[View]
2821003Hey /an/ Just wanted to give you guys an update on my baby squirrels. James, the boy, died. No idea …[View]
2815531What is your thoughts on zoo’s?[View]
2821359Outside walking dog just now when i happened to shine my flashlight down and see a baby copperhead a…[View]
2821309I caught an ant queen a while back and she had like 5 workers a month ago and they had a constant su…[View]
2820268Is there a bigger 'fuck you' in the animal community: >has grown alongside human populations >…[View]
2821237Do these little buggers eat anything other than ants? Worms, larvae, beetles?[View]
2820446Parrot battle royale: Hey /an/, what’s the coolest parrot and why? I’d have to say macaws. They’re m…[View]
2817977I have recently taken in a baby frog that stowed away in my car, but I don’t know what to feed him w…[View]
2820740Just rescued this guy from a plastic bag merchant. What gallon tank should i get him and the floorin…[View]
2818190Bronotheres are gay thread[View]
2820649Found this gecko in my sink: It’s 5 in the morning I was doing dishes and about to go to bed when I …[View]
2816442this is my snake: isn't she a pretty girl?[View]
2820642is my dog happy?: my dog doesnt do all the things on pic related, also she gets SO afraid when she h…[View]
2785509What would you do?: This box of cute puppies is left outside your door. WWYD?[View]
2820829I got a dog a few months ago and she won't stop chewing stuff up. She's destroyed a wicker…[View]
2820915Turtle ID: Hi all, this is my first time posing but I was hoping someone could help me identify this…[View]
2819079Breeding snakes: I'm considering breeding snakes part time or full time eventually, because I l…[View]
2816821what think you picture you think this picture you of this think?[View]
2815708How do we feel about aquariums and everything about them? We just have this stupid chain restaurant…[View]
2819681Why shouldn’t I adopt a fuck ton of puppies and teach them to be truffle dogs? Supposedly any dog ca…[View]
2820788What do you do when your cat is not come home ? there are some ritual among thailand native to do wh…[View]
2819817Who else wishes these still existed?[View]
2820603What kind of frog is this? I live in Missouri[View]
2817431Cat names: Any one got any good cat names[View]
2820608How to build a Chastity Device for an Orangutang?: We have this nasty monkey at the zoo that has an …[View]
2812474What is a good and original name for a german shepherd?[View]
2820193What is the best /farm dog/? I think I would prefer a dog that protects and can lead livestock rathe…[View]
2820340Bird: My favorite bird[View]
2818836Any Australians here finding large insects in the summer?: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-…[View]
2819977>calls himself the 'King of the Jungle' >lives in dry plains and seasonal grasslands and shit …[View]
2820566Should firefighters risk their health to save dumb animals?[View]
2819894dog >demands constant attention >makes you go out on walks on him >sad when you don't …[View]
2820549/RFG/ Redwing and Fieldfare General.: Discussion about our Winter Thrushes and their current colonis…[View]
2809721Was it love?[View]
2816767Ya know, we always make fun of old paleontologists for hating eachother and their ideas 99% of the t…[View]
2818974>biggest land predator in Australia[View]
2813947Toxoplasmosis in cats. What to do? Is there a cure?: My cat tested positive for toxoplasmosis. My si…[View]
2820348Was he ever found?[View]
2819119So i opens my window and she jump out... about 8-10 feet from ground. She landed close to the ground…[View]
2818965Seems my dog has a minor ear infection... what do?: pic is not my dog (google images). However, that…[View]
2817838Hello /an/, my dog recently started to show these little zones of dead hair on her back. She's …[View]
2819885I woke up with all these little bumps on my hands, are they by any chance from any insect? Mosquitos…[View]
2820160Does species diversity and purity REALLY matter? Why shouldn't we just let any animal mate with…[View]
2820146Smol Animals: Post smol animals and nature.[View]
2819957An, what can I do to make up for neglecting my pet?: This is the deal: when I was 8 years old I want…[View]
2820103How did buffalo evoluve![View]
2819845compostbros of /an/: red wigglers or black soldier fly larvae?[View]
2819258New here, what does /an/ think about Steve Irwin?[View]
2816669I give it 10 days before it gets poached.[View]
2817564Is it ethical to breed more dogs when we already have so many that they're put down to make mor…[View]
2815080Can I get an F for this mama snake? F[View]
2819143Horses are scared of everything, even plastic bags, who thought it was a good idea to ride prey anim…[View]
2815837just got this cutie. She's approximately 15 days old. Now I've had turtles and tortoises m…[View]
2819273hen vomiting, not impacted crop: One of my hens was vomiting clear fluid earlier today, and is prett…[View]
2813327How would you fend him off with your back against a wall? Me? I'd jump on his back and choke hi…[View]
2818524brown recluse bite or hay mite?: will I die? I got several of these after working in the hay loft fo…[View]
2817097why are there never any piggo threads?[View]
2818107Didn't see a Rodent General and I haven't been to /an/ in forever. I remember old 'is som…[View]
2819847I've been raising a female puppy from birth as a boy because I was told it was and didn't …[View]
2816885Will mama rabbit come back?: >Just bought a house >Old owners let grass grow way too high >…[View]
2819157Husky?: What kinda dog did I just adopt? Is she a husky mix? Full husky?[View]
2818062Why do people try so hard to fix the enviornment where endangered animals live when they can just tr…[View]
2817676Why can't some birds fly?[View]
2818891tag yourself: Well, /an/? #6 reporting. Always look awkward in pictures.[View]
2818279Are zebras white with black stripes, or black with white stripes?[View]
2819129I have a barn cat with a urinary tract infection. A vet visit is $450 dollars, a bottle of Fishmox (…[View]
2819423Vintage and bespoke :3[View]
2816881Are my danger noodles gay?[View]
2819221Pacman Frog thread, Meet Frankie Fitzgerald Franklin the First, my strawberry pineapple pacman[View]
2817003Adopt vs. Buy: Which is better, really?[View]
2818172Does anyone know of any corn snake breeders in denver?[View]
2816459Why fat animals are so cute but fat people aren't?[View]
2817996/aq/ - Aquarium General - Axolotl Edition: Actual non-reddit discord: http://discord.gg/n8aEyQn old …[View]
2816110what is this and why is it in my bed is it pede?[View]
2819092My uncle had a breakdown and is being held at a mental hospital. Taking care of his cat has been rel…[View]
2817134what factors would it take to force a insect to evolve wing walking: by wing walking i mean by wing …[View]
2819319Aviary Question.: How does one go about setting up a Aviary? My mother believes it's morally wr…[View]
2815238My Dog was Killed: Hey /an/ someone poisoned my dog today, found her unresponsive and raced her to t…[View]

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