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/an/ - Animals & Nature

Displaying 81 expired threads from the past 3 days

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2863919*dominates your tribe*[View]
2866477I’m going to be visiting my grandmother for a week but the only place I can stay is at a friend’s ho…[View]
2866291>want a pilea >dont want to spend $20 on a tiny ass pot I've taken little sections of hou…[View]
2866124How does /an/ feel about this plant?[View]
2861546What's the most based dog species?[View]
2865964If some birds were to ever evolve to be fully aquatic like cetaceans and sirenians did, which one do…[View]
2863784Moss terrarium: Has anyone made any terrariums lately? I just did one quickly but want to make more.…[View]
2865983Can someone identify it?[View]
2865883Hello, I am cat Pay me no mind I'm just gonna cautiously step onto your belly with great force …[View]
2864762Are these fleas?: >Reposted from >>>/sci/ If they are, how can I get rid of them? I foun…[View]
2865758FUCKING HALP A found this big ass bug in my basement and idk what it is. It has a body of a roly pol…[View]
2866085Can't wait to give my dogs their daily dose of fun![View]
2865305/an/ Documentaries: >Are you hyped for the docu-series Dogs? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5pL…[View]
2865890Do wolves eat each other ? What happens when a wolf dies in the wild ? is he eaten by the pack ?[View]
2866004What is your main on Outside?[View]
2851158Why are all animal agriculture facilities and slaughterhouse footage under gag laws? https://www.kin…[View]
2846692Question: How many of /an/'s users are vegeterian, pesceterian or vegan?[View]
2864703A magpie vocalising: Please describe this sound.[View]
2862869Why do cats keep stuffing themselves into the most uncomfortable places?[View]
2865845what are the appeal of small dogs?[View]
2865532Anyone else fascinated with invasive and exotic species? I always had a fantasy to introduce some sp…[View]
2865792Found a stray dog out back that my dogs were sniffing. Thought it was hurt at first cause it wasn…[View]
2865207imagine thinking dogs need to be mutilated[View]
2864989Red pill me on Great Danes /an/.[View]
2864053Why punch budgie when you can just crush it?[View]
2862231Why do people underestimate birds so much, even reaching the point of saying that feathered dinos ar…[View]
2865539Bee keeper stream: awwww helll nawwwww. https://www.twitch.tv/dtm450[View]
2864043What is the /worst/ exotic pet? Hard mode: not big cats, not primates.[View]
2857656What is the most aesthetic cat breed and why is it pic related?[View]
2857333/aq/ - Aquarium General - Halloween Edition: Discuss anything aquarium related here, including inhab…[View]
2865223Hey /an/ need some advice with these turtles: My nephew just bought a new turtle, I don't remem…[View]
2864135Komondor: I'm about to buy sheep and live in an area with high coyote presence. Can these be ad…[View]
2820232/CKG/ Chicken Thread General: Beatiful hen edition. Post your most beautiful chimkens. Share tips, q…[View]
2865097I need a Hero: Well...My best friend received a rabit some day ago and today this happen to the rabi…[View]
2865216Hey /an/ons So i got a pack of absinth bottles, 4 different flavors, and the gimmick is that each on…[View]
2864968Is it dangerous? What especies is this?[View]
2856480Axolotl thread[View]
2864670>take saltwater dolphin >put it in freshwater What would happen? Not considering the dolphin s…[View]
2860274>Weighed only 150 pounds >TFW I could pick this thing up…[View]
2863443Poodles: Are they the most misunderstood dog breed?[View]
2864819friendly reminder to keep your hound warm when under 5°C[View]
2856351my bird is really weird. FOOL! This is no bird thread! this is a sneaky cat thread. Post weird cats…[View]
2864964What went wrong?[View]
2864753Anyone know what these are spotted neat my sink. Somone told me to ask here.[View]
2864690Does anyone know if Wal-Mart goldfish are chemically sterilized? Also, how big would they get if put…[View]
2854895Big cat thread[View]
2864543Have you seen a Trigodon before?: Well /an/?[View]
2862845Fuck wasps general: I have an angled skylight on my kitchen ceiling, a wasp got up there somehow and…[View]
2861540Favorite Arthropod Thread: What is your favorite type of arthropod?Personally, I love katydids Their…[View]
2863484Found some kittens behind my shed. Didnt know if they were abandoned or not so I put them in a conta…[View]
2863313Meridiungulate General.: Discussion about Litopterns, Notoungulates, Astrapotheres and Pyrotheres al…[View]
2864273what kinda stuff do you buy for your pets so they can be comfy, anons?[View]
2863066Hey, what do Amerifags think of Prop 12? I’m still unsure of my choice because either way, livestock…[View]
2863944What's your holy grail pet? I would give my left testicle to own a colony of aquatic caecilians…[View]
2864275The saga is over[View]
2864533Just had to drop a dog off at a Humane Society today. Feels real bad. I can't take him because …[View]
2864518Fresh OC, fire in mendocino county. Fire in Butte county, but were getting the smoke all the way ove…[View]
2864438Please post pictures of eagles.[View]
2861140Why don't nature conversationalists do anything about cats? The number one invasive species.[View]
2864243IT'S NOT FAIR BROS[View]
2862623What makes a farm animal a farm animal? Obviously all domesticated livestock (cows, pigs, chickens, …[View]
2863755Are aerials in general faster than terrestrials and navals?[View]
2861495You lucky bastards. I want a pet so bad, I am so lonely. What does it feel like to have an animal lo…[View]
2861788Identify this worm thing please: Can you guys Identify what kind of worm is this thing?[View]
2845170Horse General: Assert Dominance Edition[View]
2861154What is this?: I’m hiking in a forest in central Texas and I’ve run into three of these things so fa…[View]
2862543cool birds in the world[View]
2861709What annoying things does your pet do?[View]
2864276hey /an/, i don’t usually post here, but my cat has proven to be very sick, and i’m extremely worrie…[View]
2863834/R9K Resident here. Just got a kitten and havent done anything wrong to her, but she is petrified of…[View]
2852137What animal would you not want to run into?: For me it's sharks, I'm not scared of much bu…[View]
2864178Doggo asleep[View]
2862271I accidentally ran over a miner bird. It’s alive but looks like it can’t fly or something. What shou…[View]
2860795RIP: Just collected my cat from the cat hospital earlier. This thread is to say goodbye to your frie…[View]
2862262>have 2 cats for 10+ years >always been there for me through thick and thin, and losing the lo…[View]
2864029grass mites[View]
2863111Why do they give away baby iguanas as 'prizes' at county fairs and carnivals? I have a pet…[View]
2863853can any vets here give me the chances on a brainlet INFP electrician becoming one of you? I see no p…[View]
2863346My kitten caught its first mouse today. Didn't kill it, just batted it around and kept picking …[View]

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