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/an/ - Animals & Nature

Displaying 80 expired threads from the past 3 days

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2576267what do we do about the Orangutan problem?[View]
2572340lift as much you want, you don't stand a chance against these muscle rabbits[View]
2573885why are the biggest boys always the goodest of good boys?[View]
2576816So I recently adopted an 8 month old female border collie, which apparently was raised on a farm whe…[View]
2576443>When you haven't cried about JP in 3.4782 seconds so you make shit up to be mad about Paleo…[View]
2571502Corgi Thread: Corgi Thread[View]
2576251I was just watching a nature documentary and holy fuck are predators bad at hunting. If I started hu…[View]
2576678Brining home two new kittens (one of them is pic related) to a cat we already have at home. Cat at h…[View]
2576588bee or wasp: I only see it at night. this is a bee, right?[View]
2568798What weirdo would date a dinosaur?[View]
2576915is any animal that is raised by its parents for a period of time capable of building some kind of ra…[View]
2576580Ever feed your cat a slice?[View]
2575169Do you troll your pet?[View]
2576427What the heck could this aninal be? I live in Wisconsin and I've seen this print every winter a…[View]
2575159what type of snake is this: neighbor died and i inherited this snake. still dont know what type it i…[View]
2576801Drunk rat thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zkfvY8uzGZ0[View]
2573685You are going to an abandoned island with reasonable soil quality and a little hut with a set of bas…[View]
2574804Can horses puke?[View]
2575390Are ticks worse now than at any point in human history or are we just more aware of them? Same goes …[View]
2574450MY DOG DOESN'T HAVE ANY NIPPLES Is he going to be ok!?[View]
2574301Are parrots good pets in or are they cunts?[View]
2576199do they know the difference between prime grade ribeye seared and cooked to a perfect 127 degrees an…[View]
2575548i live in nyc and i just saw a racoon climb up a tree. i don't live anywhere near any major par…[View]
2573447/aq/ - Aquarium General - Straw Poll Edition: Discuss anything aquarium related here, including inha…[View]
2575003rate my doggo[View]
2574241Rate my good boi[View]
2575655A dragonfly i found: Found this dragonfly in my yard, can i get its species name?[View]
2570237why are cats so overpowered?[View]
2576191Crickets: Crickets are so fucking loud, how come they aren't found by predators and eaten?…[View]
2576250Planted vivariums: Looking to build my first planted vivarium. I'd like to house a Brazilian ra…[View]
2574724Brine Shrimp Ecosphere: Hey /an/ got a small project I'm doing I'm trying to do a ecospher…[View]
2575499Rats and Bitcoin: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lI4SP04_o8M[View]
2575153New puppers: Guys, my doggo just had puppers a week ago, how long do i have to wait to teach these f…[View]
2575835What the hell is wrong with this guy? How can he be so popular??[View]
2570901What's with the trend of people calling themselves 'mom/dad' of their pet?: It's really cr…[View]
2573701Bored dog: Anyone got any new trick or something I can try and teach my dog? He's huge, so some…[View]
2572287Smashed & Slammed! Show me you little monsters: All up in yo' grill![View]
2565395>bipedal >hands >grasping fingers >possibly the most versatile predator to ever exist …[View]
2571882Opossums: I recently moved to the suburbs with my outdoor cats but little I knew that the are had th…[View]
2574220Someone in this world has an official job sticking a dildo up a doe. How does that make you feel?[View]
2573585Has a rat ever done anything to you to create this animosity you feel toward them? Rats spread disea…[View]
2574062What do you think of my big boi His name is Plato[View]
2575774What fucking fish is this: Got it from a pet store that had no fucking idea, it was in with their fe…[View]
2575668Hey. I don't usually post here but I can't get a clear answer. How do I treat 6 week old K…[View]
2575174Ocean Acidification: Hello, I´m a student who is trying to wrap my brain around Ocean Acidification.…[View]
2569106How come some birds are super smart and can talk while their brains are size of peck?[View]
2571983Australian birds caught destroying ecosystems just to get a quick bite: >Bro humanity is so bad …[View]
2573749Seagulls? To eat or not to eat?: Has anyone ever eaten a roast seagull? I'm curious as there is…[View]
2574734What the fuck is this thing I just killed in my house?[View]
2569633Post your greatest apes[View]
2572069Pyrosoma atlanticum: Kingdom: Animalia[View]
2573121/an/ approved Youtubes https://www.youtube.com/user/eldad75[View]
2573707send cats please[View]
2572776How about some Mollusks?: Here's one of my slime snakes[View]
2575305Why do dogs love to kill humans?[View]
2575344Stuff: I have a 75 gal with a strange combo including an African Dwarf frog, 1 baby musk turtle(ther…[View]
2564861Shar Pei #Gino: Shar Pei #Gino is a Mini Pei and I would like to know more about the race than the u…[View]
2574847sloth thread: outside of the huge extinct ones, i haven't seen any sloths here. so, sloth threa…[View]
2553986Cat General: When's the feline/canine race war? Join the cat conversation at #mammal http://dis…[View]
2572634my little furry friend her name is yayo[View]
2575242I met a pitbull mastiff mix the other day and he was a big boi. Really nice dog he was. His owner wa…[View]
2574952this guy always bite my thigs: i dont know why, but every time i go out this guy bites all the house…[View]
2562616good pets[View]
2563122so now that the dust has settled, who would win?[View]
2574317They are scary[View]
2573192I got this fish at the sea along with some others The others adapted well and are eating normally Bu…[View]
2574956Litoria caerulea on a Felis catus: I'm just gonna leave this image of my frog sitting on my cat…[View]
2575014Hypothetically, if some animals had civilizations, how would they differ from that of humans? How wo…[View]
2575010post blini cats from all over the world[View]
2574893Hello /an/. Does anyone here have pet kunekune pigs? I drunkenly agreed to let my wife get a piglet …[View]
2573236>Take puppy to pee and poop outside >come right back in >she still wants go outside Its rai…[View]
2573824This is literally the same species as a: >siberian husky >pitbull >poodle >german shephe…[View]
2574010How does shit like this happen? Even with selective breeding? Did a normal wolf looking dog just giv…[View]
2569348They came from nowhere so i served them milk ('~';)[View]
2567766Birds are not dinosaurs: Why are you all so retarded saying that birds are dinosaurs? No, biods are …[View]
2574114Anyone want to go out for a wa-[View]
2573196This is my doggo.[View]
2573761I was walking past a group of pigeons hanging out and I stopped for a minute because of pic related.…[View]
2570206is this true?[View]
2573823Panther-like cats > a lack of interest in the trait UHM what? http://messybeast.com/foldear-c…[View]

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