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579584Is maya that bad for simulations? I was randomly searching what people created using biofrost nparti…[View]
575288Videogame character[View]
583607Octane vs Redshift? I have a gtx 1080 and using mantra and arnold is slowly pissing me off even with…[View]
584205so i got myself a macbook pro since its recommended by the uni, however i also would love to get mys…[View]
576536obsolete 3D software: Anyone know any old CG programs (1990s) that aren't too complicated to in…[View]
583805Realistically speaking is this the best 3D software overall from the box (so without a billion of pl…[View]
582467>tfw the Recent Cinema 4D versions have motion tracking projection mapping and scene recreation f…[View]
582151Before I get into another failure of a tutorial on Substance Designer, does anybody know of a good t…[View]
583647Redguy Test Zbrush: So I'm not a 3D guy, this is my second try of 'something'. I know it sucks,…[View]
584073Thoughts on LuxRender? I saw some decent speed benchmarks on it and some renders of nice quality but…[View]
583955>tfw your 3 year student trial of maya expires tomorrow[View]
583716Are there any decent tutorials or does anyone have any good advice on how to get good physics and co…[View]
583739Would you browse /ani/ - animation? Just a board for talking about all forms of animation/animating.…[View]
583928Noob here.: Suggestions on software please. Started with c4d. Moved to 3ds because from what I read …[View]
582497Maya + Python: Hey 3, Do any of you do technical art jobs in the entertainment/ad industries? I…[View]
5738543DS Belongs in a Mueseum: >Interview for 3D animation job >Studio is switching to 3DS 2018 for…[View]

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