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Displaying 17 expired threads from the past 3 days

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625924So I've decided to spend 80 hours a week making a cg Youtube channel. What are the chances I ma…[View]
623998Why did one succeed so spectacularly and the other fail so spectacularly?[View]
625151>utterly bored and uninspired to do 3d >don't even care about art anymore Noooo why is my…[View]
625271I don't know if anyone on here can help, but I'm having a real existential crisis here. I…[View]
623540How do I make PBR models using blender and photoshop. can't run designer and painter without my…[View]
622276Questions Thread: Old one at bump limit >>614406[View]
625699How long would it take my daughter to make this. She has zero skills (0) now. She wiill have Blender…[View]
626132What topics do I need to learn to go from pic related to AAA game graphics?[View]
625688Working on zbrush Whats better? Which is the 'useful' workflow when adding clothers for your model? …[View]
625689please help a noob: hi, i just start with blender and i have a AMD R7 370 but i can't select it…[View]
625511>get an expensive linux workstation >cycles actually renders 50% faster on identical hardware …[View]
623595Is there an untapped market for schizophrenic cg?[View]
625799Why Do Corporations/People In General Use 3ds Max: I'm not trying to stir up a shit storm I…[View]
623097Bad Quality Memes: So i was wondering if i create a youtube channel for autistic/normie public, i co…[View]
625561I wanna start making thousands of dollars on Patreon by making porn. Do you think people would pay m…[View]

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