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Displaying 14 expired threads from the past 3 days

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575581Something similar to Rhino?: I finally got a 3d printer a few days ago. I have it set up and I print…[View]
575496Blender Advice: /3/, I recently started looking into 3D Modeling taking some classes on Blender Shou…[View]
574447Why is the price of 3d printing so expensive?? For high quality resin, 96 one inch diameter pieces, …[View]
575595Need your help with zbrush /3/ Its been hours and I dont find any solution for this -pic related- an…[View]
575938>Have a nice looking mesh >Becomes a fucking mess 5 min after when you have to add edge loops …[View]
575911I don't know if this is the correct place to ask this, but... I recently played the game 'The B…[View]
575062So the game House Party has been blowing up lately, anyone know what the models were made with?[View]
574788Could someone explain to me why in Maya sometimes when i am trying to create an edge loop it doesn…[View]
575657How is the situation with pirating Nuke? I heard this corporate whores legit go after everyone who t…[View]
574930Hey /3/ for the last year I've been preparing to change careers to 3D (I do video editing and s…[View]
575709I'm mostly a 2D artists, and I was looking if real companies IRL care if some 2D artist can do …[View]
575758MAX: How to edit/rescale and merge 2 different skeletons: So i did a headswap in max and imported a …[View]
575611Hello, I'm new to mudbox so bare with me. I have two questions. 1) How do I extend a bust primi…[View]
573832Hello /3/. Let's make 3D porn, starting from the basemesh. Post your results here, we'll a…[View]

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