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61069180Make this into a meme: Want to see what you can do with this pic into unltimate meme[View]
61065637Excel Experts I need your help: So my grandma needs me to write her a spreadsheet, gonna pay me $100…[View]
61066850I'm hypocritical?: I have seen posts using to following phrase to point towards hypocrisy: >…[View]
61064773i need a mic, that isnt ridiculous, just one that is decent but not fucking expensive, please help, …[View]
61068986Pre Code Hollywood: What's the best pre code movie?[View]
61058357Why use debian for desktop? Isn't it just a more difficult ubunutu?[View]
61067147Writing and Drawing Machine?: Ive been looking around for a machine that draw for you automatically …[View]
61065724Hey /g/, I'm just starting to mess with the rpi and I can't find a schematic or manual tel…[View]
61067238Remind me again why Yandex browser isn't the best browser for Android? >Built on Chromium …[View]
61059362Glad I bought mine before the craze started, how dose /g/ feel about this.[View]
61057011I have procrastinated learning programming for over 4 years. My effort in the last two years of my e…[View]
61047045Opus 1.2: >Opus 1.2 Version 1.2 of /g/'s favourite audio codec was recently released by Xiph…[View]
61059266Are 32 Epyc cores at 2.7GHZ really going to use around the same power as a 2 core i3-7350k at 5GHz? …[View]
61066805The quickest way to go from nothing to a millionaire today not including a lotto win must be inventi…[View]
61064554ITT: /g/ makes new unicode codepoints...: ... since apparently everything goes apart from genitals.…[View]
61067540Does ASUS P5QL SE support the intel xeon x5460 modified?: plz help[View]
61068474>select all squares that match the label: partisan combatants What gives, /g/?…[View]
61068117Someone tell me right THE FUCK NOW why people are dumb enough to buy into this 'Internet of Things' …[View]
61065480why do you use linux other than it's free and muh windows botnet?[View]
61068196Does Gentoo use systemd?: I love systemd and I don't want to switch to Gentoo unless systemd is…[View]
61051635FUCK THIS STUPID PIECE OF SHIT >want to make a bulleted list >open \begin{itemize} environment…[View]
61063558Is Computer Science doomed to be male dominant?[View]
61063768*speeds up ur download*[View]
61061756>firefox doesnt have 4k option why does all those SJW tech groups not speak out about this? i jus…[View]
61053433/hpg/ - Headphone General: >Headphone purchase advice: http://pastebin.com/fYZLW7Ub Please put so…[View]
61067846Thoughts on Qutebrowser: I haven't tried it yet, but it looks good.[View]
61066854homeserver thread? what are you running? current setup will post details in thread[View]
61066656Are the 'why do you use Linux?' threads just another pathetic attempt by street shitters to get feed…[View]
61066431Hey Technobro's, small experience with DIY electronics here, can any of you help me out? So wha…[View]
61058118/cosg/ - CloverOS: CloverOS GNU/Linux Post dotfiles for inclusion in CloverOS. Any window manager or…[View]
61068012So i was wondering lately... Since you guys are computer experts how can i hack the FBI so i can dow…[View]
61066117I want to see and be able to use whatsapp trough ssh with my kindle from a terminal program called '…[View]
61067986I conduct searches for lewds via Bing and in this current Private Browsing Session, my results page …[View]
61067995Re-streaming MMS?: What is the simplest way you guys can think of to re-stream a limited bandwidth M…[View]
61067982Why don't more pc hardware come equipped with turner bolt 3?? I want to play minecradt on 720p …[View]
61067836Streaming PC's: Hey /g, Looking for advice on building a pc for streaming. I dont know much abo…[View]
61062828I spilt some water in this and it popped a little bit, can I save it? If not, should I just throw it…[View]
61063480how does /g/ protect itself from carpal tunnel?[View]
61063798Alright, I got the pixel a few months ago, this is the fourth one I've had and with each one ab…[View]
61066416Simple tips you are a retard for not knowing.: Post simple tips/tricks you should have known about b…[View]
61065207Which side are YOU on?[View]
61067878>GIMP 2.10 will never be released[View]
61060431/Pth/ - Private torrent geberal: Previous thread >>61050358 >Not sure what private trackers…[View]
61060263What does /g/ recommend for a computer chair?[View]
61067054In what year did the Industrial Revolution begin?[View]
61066701I recently bought an iCuck and miss Clover and Dashchan, how do you browse 4chan on iOS?[View]
61061801/tpg/ - ThinkPad General: Previous thread: >>60965742 IRC: #/tpg/ on irc.rizon.net Other busin…[View]
61066902Why C++ is not fully object oriented.: I'm stuck with a problem. I'm writing some sort of …[View]
61067252hey guys i need your help: i cant enter in google in my phone, i don't have any idea but any no…[View]
61057634Windows Vista support until 2020: Vista is alive! > Extend Windows Vista by installing Windows Se…[View]
61065576IME / PSP open source BIOS: Now that CPU's are finally about to get competitive again, this is …[View]
61066727>Bringing goods into the UK >If you bring goods suspected of infringing intellectual property …[View]
61066716Why don't normal people care about technology? Why aren't they into building robots and au…[View]
61063008What Glass cover should I buy for my slightly bent iphone 6s plus? It has no tempered glass and the …[View]
61058241What does /g/ think about HBO's Silicon Valley?[View]
61063079computer is fucked up: >downloaded Microsoft windows update yesterday >immediately after my co…[View]
61057878>muh best browser >uses pulseaudio Yeah, try next time kiddo…[View]
61052388Do you like the X1 Carbon?[View]
61063726Have you noticed the 'cool kids' are the ones who moved on from terraria already and we are the 'old…[View]
61066262Does anyone have experience with the Asus G20 ? I like how compact it is but I worry that means it w…[View]
61066320What do you think about me /g/?[View]
61066336can you make AAA vidya using only FOSS software? if so, how?[View]
61066182How will mactoddlers recover?[View]
61062550BackBlaze loses 17 TB of data: People who use '''the cloud''' are the biggest idiots and suckers eve…[View]
61061781Battery thread: Haven't seen one in ages Pic related: BB KEYone[View]
61066003Remember 'Damn small linux' or 'Puppy Linux'? Remember when Developers actually tried to fight the b…[View]
61056128>w-windows is bloated Ummm no Lusers, Windows is the best operating system experience that exists…[View]
61042153Oh well. It was nice to be free while it lasted.[View]
61062707Internet in the Forrest.: Question about running internet a long distance from the source. Bear with…[View]
61056544/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: What are you working on? Old thread: >>61049799[View]
61065851TempleOS General: http://templeos.org/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PXDmGLadgDg https://www.youtu…[View]
61061659Is utorrent 2.2.1/2.0.4 ever going to be bested on windows?[View]
61065902You want Xerox to consider something called a mouse?[View]
61063719Making an arm computer: I'm busy trying to make this for a cosplay for comic con, but am unsure…[View]
61066041Why did it fail so badly?[View]
61063227Is anyone still doubting that ethereum is the government response to bitcoin? This shit is being shi…[View]
61065647I tried to gamedev in windows 10. But is BS. >windows 10 BS >updates BS >takes five minutes…[View]
61065488slate>product red>jet black>black>gold>rose gold>space gray>silver also this is…[View]
61065822What is a good paying job in networking? I'm too dumb to learn code. I had started going to sch…[View]
61065536TFW: >decide to finally see if fortran is viable >Go on indeed and use keyword Fortran >onl…[View]
61058584Why is KDE such bloated trash?[View]
610650582 year old Toshiba HDD is fucked apparently, any suggestion for a replacement that isn't memega…[View]
61065685Screenfetch thread[View]
61062712works: #!/bin/bash if [ $BASH_VERSION = '4.4.12(1)-release' ] ; then echo 'BASH VERION: 4.4.12(1)-r…[View]
61065099Forgive me /g/ for I have sinned,[View]
61058968Is Quora worse than reddit or just as bad?[View]
61065606I'm about to replace my motherboard for the first time, wish me luck /g/[View]
61063429some recent changes >atom -> vscode >added latte-dock >fsearch upgraded to the first spo…[View]
61064994Using F-droid is a security risk: If you're a depressed nerd who fall for 'free and open source…[View]
61058670does /g/ have a consensus about Windows 10?[View]
61064630They need to release this already: >NOW[View]
61061936What now? Fossamail was literally the best mail client out there.[View]
61056924AMD Vega: It looks real nice. But $1200 nice? Don't think so. Hopefully the gaymur cards look j…[View]
61064704userjs manager: Is there any compare between userjs manager? Greasemonkey/tampermonkey/violet monkey…[View]
61045772In all honesty, why do you actually use Linux?[View]
61063852Why would one get a Surface, if for the same price you could get real tablet experience (iPad) + a R…[View]
61059823Should I use debian as a first Linux distro?[View]
61065048>friendly apple general >/fag/ holy shit you can't make this shit up…[View]
61063406FAKE NYAA ALERT: https://torrentfreak.com/scammers-pick-up-nyaa-torrents-domain-name-170624/?utm_sou…[View]
61062548>Monoprice headphones just died for no reason Y'all niggas told me Monoprice was good, what …[View]
61063359The perfect DE don't exi...[View]
61052739/csg/ Chink Shit General: In /csg/, we discuss the cheap shit you see on Gearbest, Taobao, AliExpres…[View]
61036325/mpv/ - mpv video plater general:: Last thread >>60972891 Install mpv: https://mpv.io/installa…[View]
61063932Xandros 4.1 OCE/Home Premium: Can anyone hook me up with a copy of Xandros Linux 4.1 OCE or Home pre…[View]
61058210*blocks your career path* what do you do?[View]
61064653>Date modified: 01/01/1970[View]
61061263What's the best aspect ratio and why is it 3:2?[View]
61060943Peter Molyneaux is the most important individual in the history af games development. He invented R…[View]
61053590/sqt/ - Stupid Questions Thread: Old thread (>>61040659) is autosaging. Ask stupid questions t…[View]
61063813>X61 has suddenly developed coil whine >Please send a death squad to put me out of my misery …[View]
61063896>want to transfer music from my laptop to my phone >mtp transfer hangs 40% of the time randoml…[View]
61063143What went right?[View]
61064335>learn react+redux while working on a project at work >want to make something cool with newly …[View]
61062301Green spot on motherboard: Hey guys. Got this green spot on my motherboard. Everything works great …[View]
61063545The New System: I have a idea about a new System based on Ressources and Aritiffical Intellignez. Ou…[View]
61063879Hey guys, do you remember me?[View]
61057892meanwhile in bizarro /g/...[View]
61061338>you will never be a renowned hacker* *A hacker is someone who enjoys playful cleverness--not nec…[View]
61055760What application does /g/ use for music? Vanilla Music master race reporting[View]
61056471FEDORA HAWAII WAYLAND: Switch to Wayland, get rid of the kludge of X. Switch to Hawaii, get a modern…[View]
61061110Do physically fit people have better mental capacity to code? The brain functions better when it has…[View]
61062596Explain this /g/.[View]
61063601Cant download above 1mb what gives?: Just installed windows 10 yesterday now i cant get my download …[View]
61063736STALLED: Why is qbittorrent so shit[View]
61063827Is this too TOO outdated? Will I still be able to harvest enough kernels of knowledge equivalent to …[View]
61055749When the fuck is the Ethereum mining meme going to end so that GPUs can actually be affordable?[View]
61061499botnet banks: what is the most non botnet bank? must have 2 factor authy must not be botnet must be…[View]
61063611How's it hanging /g/. Just a quick question. I currently got my hands on an iPhone 7 Plus. Of c…[View]
61063386As per /g/'s recommendations I started using Iridium with uMatrix and an addon called 'Tab Cook…[View]
61060140Good day sir. This is a routine inspection. Your GPG private key and social media passwords please.[View]
61057938>iFags will never, ever have 100 hour battery life[View]
61063149lul stop mining[View]
61062660>2017 >Still can't hide specific youtube channels from search results…[View]
61062539>download this secure messaging app, don't bother with PGP >can't or at least won…[View]
61058901Epson Perfection V330 Photo Scanner: My scanner is messed up. A loud clicking sound is made every ti…[View]
61058309/maga/ - macOs General Appreciation: Can we have a thread about macOS. Share your screenshots, apps,…[View]
61055422/pcbg/ PC Building General: >Assemble your parts list https://pcpartpicker.com/ >How to assemb…[View]
61058928>muh build quality[View]
61051840Yo. Linux user here. Considering building a gaming PC with Windows 7 because I'm really excited…[View]
61062588Are external GPUs viable?: I'm going back to college in the fall and all I have is a shitty des…[View]
61062667Are your folders organized ? Are you organized ? What's your pattern ?[View]
61058109What is the most recent phone with landscape physical qwerty?[View]
61057746/fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread: Previous thread: >>61047006 Welcome to /fglt/ - Friendly G…[View]
61062417What is your favorite case.[View]
61057930Who else main computing platform a smartphone these days ? >30 >Working >Out of school …[View]
61061165Watch thread this thread is about the whoreology of watches, please keep all posts on topic thank yo…[View]
61052817Are you jealous, /g/?[View]
61061604hey /g/ I have a dell T3500 motherboard and fans running outside the case (mining rig) but the fans …[View]
61062092When did you realize that you are all just failed straight men that couldnt hang with the guys? That…[View]
61060397dns domain loopback: Maybe someone has an idea how to fix this: >local homeserver with apache …[View]
61061806I'm trying to outline how to set up a Wi-Fi infrastructure for the second floor of a building o…[View]
61057082You know it's true[View]
61061151CursorKino: So what cursor do you guys use ? Pic related is the Kino Clicking experience[View]
61060344I switched from Ubuntu to Manjaro and I can't update my nvidia (proprietary) drivers. This shit…[View]
61058146Under 100 over 10 000 in Efficiency: Name better budget phone for $100. I challenge you.[View]
61059856Has anyone else noticed that Firefox runs substantially slower since the last couple updates? I run …[View]
61059805Okay, which one of you did this? https://www.theregister.co.uk/2017/06/23/windows_10_leak/[View]
61060790>be me >poorasfuck.jpg >go get a job in silicon valley, they say >thats where you make m…[View]
61061703Hi first time posting here and i don't know if you guys can help me. I'm learning assembly…[View]
61061700ITT: People who should have just installed Windows[View]
61061180Hey /g/ what do you think of this build: I have a little over $1200 to spend so what do you guys thi…[View]
61059668Why exactly do people sing praises about this? It's a centralized 'server' which retains everyt…[View]
61060759Why is Chromium so fast and silky smooth?[View]
61055559What the fuck is wrong with android? Is this why fucking cell phones have 6 gigs of RAM these days? …[View]
61061098Explain to me why trusting a small company that I know nothing about and giving it all my data is be…[View]
61057471>/g/ recommends this >try it out >the icon and ui look like they're still from the 90s…[View]
61058377How much botnet is in chromium? I'm looking for an alternative to clunky and unresponsive firef…[View]
61058989/dpt/ - Daily Python Thread: What are you working on, /g/? Old thread: >>61056544[View]
61061352Is it a bad idea to use a Ryzen 5 1600 as a production file server? Namely, how important is ECC RAM…[View]
61052392Welcome to the botnet.[View]
61056080Are Emacs and Vim are just a meme?: Is there a point in learning these ancient text editors? Will t…[View]
61059216So how long this pic related will be actually used for anything more than shit-tier rushed patches i…[View]
61061256>'can anyone help me with doing X? i already tried Y, i don't want to do Z to fix it…[View]
61059442>Linux has no games. But niggas, There are LITERALLY more games on Linux, than on the ps4 and xbo…[View]
61053551Why isn't linux more popular? I thought most people like free shit[View]
61051912VPN General: Guys, I think it's been time for a while now, we should all really start using VPN…[View]
61051948Newfag here. Can people give me advice on starting basic hacking. Also like to learn all about ele…[View]
61059861I have beginner's level knowledge / experience with html, and css and I'd like to get into…[View]
61058532i saw a listing for a old last gen ipad pro (9.7 inch) for $400.. should i go for it or new ipad[View]
61060776do you dual boot windows & linux or do you run one inside a virtual machine in the other? why? i…[View]
61059781Why there are no decend BT mice?: I'm looking for BT laptop mouse, since I/O on modern laptops …[View]
61054610WM for Windows: Is there a good Tiling WM for Windows? I use i3 on my laptop running Arch but my PC …[View]
61056880>OLED smartphones and tablets have been out for years >OLED TV's are getting better and m…[View]
61060772I posted this on /biz/ but they are technolo/g/ically retarded. (not their fault really, it's /…[View]
61056457Is it better to buy a 1070 now or wait for Vega? I don't want to go into 1080 price/performanc…[View]
61057608>see a bug on my monitor >try to clean it of >it's still there >apply pressure on i…[View]
61055953Just had a power outage while using my pc and i don't have a surge protector for it. Is it rip?[View]
61055050>We live in times where its actually better to buy an AMD CPU if you wan't to go mid-high ti…[View]
61031265/tpg/ - ThinkPad General thread: Previous thread: >>61010262 IRC: #/tpg/ on irc.rizon.net Othe…[View]
61058805My OS isn't bloated, it's thicc[View]
61054991Ubuntu help: hey /g/. im trying to install ubuntu to my mums laptop. I'm not sure what to do at…[View]
61055132Let's build a /g/ approved phone: What are your wishlist features? For me: > No fingerprint…[View]
61059333for(int i = 2005;true;i++){ createNewThread('/g/', i + ' : the year of the Linux desktop'); }[View]
61050358/ptg/ - Private Tracker General: Previous thread >>61046108 >Not sure what private trackers…[View]
61060347LENSLESS CAMERA TECH: >first mirrorless >now lensless what's fucking next? https://www.di…[View]
61058734im thinking about getting a information systems tech major...bc i dont know what to do with my life …[View]
61045757Would technology today be in a better state if this country didn't exist?[View]
61047534OBSCURE / ORIGINAAL WEBSITES: what is the most obscure website you visit? sites like devblogs, perso…[View]
61059595Intel FrankenCPUs: So this article is a little old but I wanted some opinions on this. This is Inte…[View]
61060194The difference between an amateur and a professional nigger is that you write your own compiler[View]
61040927/ntr/ - Netrunner official /g/ browser - NTR edition: We are making a web browser! PREVIOUSLY >…[View]
61057969Lightweight Portable Security: Will some one redpill me about Lightweight Portable Security(LiPoSe)?…[View]
61057134old laptop part 2: hi /g/uys. Dell Latitude D620 here I think I found my new love. Xubuntu runs just…[View]
61035729/cyb/ + /sec/ general: cyberpunk and cybersecurity: cyberdeck edition: Cyberdeck edition: http://sha…[View]
61051872hey /g/ i want to have a deep knowledge of low-level stuff, how a computer works, kernel developmen…[View]
61057023GNU/g/: What's your stance on the Linux vs GNU/Linux meme and why ?[View]
61057990c++ openframeworks ide: I want to get started with c++ and open frameworks. they suggest using visua…[View]
61058310>not using ubuntu with i3wm[View]
61058074What's the *best* 1080TI right now? Was thinking of getting pic related.[View]
61057877Any free online resources to learn C or C++? And I mean really learn the language and not just basic…[View]
61039461/spg/ - Smartphone General - Too Much News Edition: If requesting purchasing advice, please provide …[View]
61046688>memecoin miners How much fucking longer do I have to wait to get a GPU that isn't marked up…[View]
61057620Hard water and conductivity: Is there any difference in conductivity between soft water and hard wat…[View]
61056705XFCE fixing or replacing thread: XFCE is great. I love XFCE. It's lightweight, and with the rig…[View]
61058374Stutterlake is more of a room heater than the FX 9590 >mfw[View]
61058464Challenge: okay /g/ i have a Challenge for you. go to the danish webside prisrunner.dk and make the …[View]
61058839That trending anti-scammer video...: So there is this trending video 'Revenge on a IRS Phone Scammin…[View]
61058520I've just installed OpenWrt. What a piece of fucking shit! Why do people shill that crap?[View]
610566842017: the year of the Linux desktop[View]
61047823W10 source code leaked: ReactOS getting a bump in 3...2...1...[View]
61057957>buy ricer GPU >requires Windows app to change the LED colors and patterns, can even sync to y…[View]
61057891Find a flaw[View]
61051095WTF I hate Elon Musk now: >Musk was ousted in October 2000 from his role as CEO (although he rema…[View]
61058574>no git tutorial named 'git gud' What's the point of CS/IT fags again ?…[View]
61056226what's the difference between playing a 4k youtube video with h264 vs vp9? And what about h265?…[View]
61057813uninstall gentoo[View]
61056788What linux distribution is best for learning how to program? Mostly C/C++ for starters.[View]
61055555What does /g/ think of games/mods and game engines replacing modeling software and rendering? In the…[View]
61055642how the days have passed stores putting notice on the doors for amd cards[View]
61057779Switching from windows 10 to linux finally: When using linux before, i found the terminal command la…[View]
61056576The joys of using windows. OC.[View]
61058078>at a friend's house >all of the outlets hold my plugs extremely loosely…[View]
61049257I need pictures of old Operating Systems and their UIs. Late 80s to early 2000s. The more obscure, t…[View]
61055988>a well-established, trusted and stable company's browser > transparent about how that th…[View]
61038406/wt/ - Watch Thread: This thread is about the appreciation of horology, as well as the micro-enginee…[View]
61047479Current state of Linux: >try to paste layer onto my image >gimp suddenly crashes with no error…[View]
61055478why is storage technology advancing so slowly?[View]
61056682Hi guys. Would anyone know how to install an android ROM on an SD card so I can run it from the card…[View]
61056754So today I bought a phone from craigslist and get fucked over because its carrier locked by sprint. …[View]
61057791Adb - Android debug tools Can someone explain 'adb sync' to me? It sounds really useful, but the des…[View]
61047006/fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread: Previous thread: >>61036719 Welcome to /fglt/ - Friendly G…[View]
61051985not going to have internet for 6 months how do i survive this /g/?[View]
61056651>this kills the thinkpad user https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/26755/INTEL-SA-00075-Dete…[View]
61057404Dumb question but is there anyway to recover deleted files. I don't know how but i managed to a…[View]
61055545>AMD and Asus announced their first laptop with desktop grade Ryzen 7 My current laptop has serve…[View]
61057473Since i want to become a front-end developer and make it a semi-job, i started leaening HTML and CSS…[View]
61057470TempleOS is even more comfy with Clippy[View]
61055817intel is working fine on lin........OH SHIT [WARNING] Intel Skylake/Kaby Lake processors: broken hyp…[View]
61051184Thoughts on this? I'll be upgrading from a TD-W8901G and I live in a third world country so tha…[View]
61049092>using SJWfox https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tJG278nX6dM pic related, firefox developer…[View]
61041959>This triggers the macfags TRIPPLE THINKPADS[View]
61056938suggest me icon packs, /g/ I like Boston a lot, but the icons don't scale well[View]
61039836What memes did you fall for /g/?[View]
61037784What is it about macbooks specifically that attracts toddlers so strongly?[View]
6105249332TB of Windows 10 internal builds, core source code leak online >A massive trove of Microsoft…[View]
61039326>Last build from f-froid >Crashes randomly for no reason >Not fixed for months It's o…[View]
61056082reminder that certain combinations of icons and desktops should be illegal[View]
61041212Is Xubuntu the truly patrician DE + distribution combo?[View]
61048358What variation of ubuntu should I use?[View]
61054146New GloFlo Plans: http://www.anandtech.com/show/11558/globalfoundries-details-7-nm-plans-three-gener…[View]
61054441Should I learn c or html?[View]
61043003AMD Ryzen 1700 vs. Intel Kaby Lakei7 7700k I want to know pros and cons between the two, please no f…[View]
61053027should i install alpine linux or freebsd?[View]
61055575FreeNAS Replacement: Freenas pissed me off by releasing corral and then backpedaling once people mig…[View]
61056522Desktop thread?: Post em. Here's mine.[View]
61056135Hey fellas I don't have room on my desk for a second monitor, is there are a way to attach a se…[View]
61041118>Watching old school tech dying out. >Nu-tech replacing it. Is there a worse feeling, /g/?…[View]
61056441Mxied Relty Futur new: Any holofags here??[View]
61049799/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: old thread: >>61045958 What are you working on? How does it …[View]
61056093So my dad decided to upgrade our trusty old Linksys router to a Google Onhub, and since I'm a p…[View]
61055657Well, it looks that i have to learn whatever of javascript to get a job... angularjs? nodejs? (<-…[View]
61053952Raspberry Pi 3: Just got one, I'm a noob so what's the best way to make it an emulator?…[View]
61055013What is his endgame???[View]
61056333Bitcoin is just like limewire. It's split up information shared across multiple computers and e…[View]
61055511How do i set up multiple view 'profiles' in Xcode for the different iphone screen sizes? i tried usi…[View]
61056170Getting into networking: I have a copy of Cisco CCENT/CCNA cert guide book. I also downloaded Comput…[View]
61045728This is the new iPhone this September: Say something nice about it.[View]
61051461>load up anime onto 1 tb hard rive from my mac side >windows side doesn't recognize it wh…[View]
61054941>tfw because of cryptosluts i have to buy a 1070 instead of an 1060 cause i just can't fucki…[View]
61053689Looking for HDMI converter: Where could I procure a device with similar functionality to pic related…[View]
61053552>go back to other boards >everyone sees no issue with using smartphones >everyone happily …[View]
61042182Good programmer skills/habits: Dear /g/ I am an engineering undergraduate who managed to get into an…[View]
61054817What does /g/'s dream programming language look like?[View]
61051707Is he right /g/?[View]
61053837Robots will take all our jobs: knowing this, how can we stop it? EMP? Nuclear war? A super-virus (co…[View]
61054004Oh woe....: So this happened yesterday. It was just a weird rectangular block of lighter colours. No…[View]
61055363Sup overlords, would this PSU be enough to handle a R7 1700 + a GTX 1070? http://www.bequiet.com/en/…[View]
61051072Post your uptimes[View]
61055534AMD is still a newbie in the industry, and that actually works in their favor, because 'gamers…[View]
61055293>18 cores >oh anon you always remind me why laughter is the best medicine…[View]
61052846What's a good mid/full tower that's reasonable on the price tag and has wire management. P…[View]
61054730What is her end game?[View]
61049588>he uses an os without famous games like overwatch and lol >He uses an os without adobe apps E…[View]
61052858What's a good mATX case for dual 980Tis (Hybrid AIO edition)?[View]
61053008Finding a reasonable graphics card.: Looking for a new graphics card as my old 660 is failing and ca…[View]
61052744Earbuds: Are the Xiaomi Piston ear buds the best option for the price? Is there something better in …[View]
61053221Galaxy S8 for $425: So close to just saying 'fuck waiting on the OP5' and buying this. I'm just…[View]
61048163I asked for this[View]
61053762if you have paid FULL price for any version of Windows in the past 5 years, then you are not allowed…[View]
61053527IT woes: So. I am the vice president of a managed service provider, rather high'ish end. And …[View]
61050332hello anon is it possible to make a program that displays the packets of the internet onto your scre…[View]
61052769Is this linkedin?: Recent grad of an EE and Biometrics dual-major. I'm kind of a jack of all tr…[View]
61053377LINUX is after your tax dollars: LINUX is busy putting programmers out of work and selling out white…[View]
61055104Red pill me on NAND controller error correction routines, do these mainly affect data integrity or l…[View]
61053126Why would anyone want to use Linux when BSDs exist? >inb4 GNU/Autism[View]
61042146Speccy thread[View]
61052515>almost 10 years old[View]
61054617I registered a domain on dreamhost about 3 years back, just to dick around and shit. I let the regis…[View]
61042544/pcbg/ PC Building General: >Assemble your parts list https://pcpartpicker.com/ >How to assemb…[View]
61054785Recently I read up stuff about w10 and dumb phones on installgentoowiki, which got me thinking. I…[View]
61036593What music do you listen to while programming /g/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nVKn1Ke4hVQ[View]
61054861s c r o l l b o y s[View]
61051745What degree is worth it?: What computer related degree should I try to go for guys? I am thinking Cy…[View]
61047396why do all torrenting programs look like cr*p? qbittorrent and utorrent look bad.[View]
61038165Steam... Wheres the network security at? Also, fuck comcast.[View]
61054204sup /g/ best laptop for $1500 go[View]
61054656daily reminder that intel created a very expensive grill[View]
61049362If you worked for this company, what would you do?[View]
61054581Remember this meme?[View]
61052523>Install kali linux once[View]
61033644Who's 775 around here?[View]
61049542The new Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 16226 adds a GPU utilization Tab in Windows 10 task manager…[View]
61054381'bout2smoke some marijuaners and watch some old episodes of Computer Chronicles for a really co…[View]
61047605I'M GOIN' IN![View]
61054147Start debotnetting every single thing.[View]
61053990>-epool eu1.ethermine.org:4444 -ewal 0x82913bb41c0FF79a47aD414e1282aAAad4Ef4b03.default -epsw x W…[View]
61050895Bought an LG G6 apparently these things have waterproof properties? can't I bring it in with m…[View]
61051060uh oh[View]
61047818Debian Unstable vs. Testing: Why aren't you using Debian Unstable instead of Debian Testing? R…[View]
61035371/g/ meta thread, Hiro allows one per board If someone makes a post about Linux in some graphics card…[View]
61053137What often-overlooked features do you find convienent in a code editor? I'm working on a person…[View]
61049899What do you think of tempered glass cases, /g/?[View]
61053400>People suggest spending money on a 4K monitor for games. You do know I can run games on highest …[View]
61053464What do I do if I want a legitimately good android phone these days Nexus used to be my go to, but t…[View]
61052936This is the ideal PC case: You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.[View]
61053286Alright, I'm asking for legitimate advice. As y'all already know, the BTC correction is co…[View]
61053031>100 °C on AIO for a 100 MHz overclock I thought it was just a joke that Intel was panicking not …[View]
61051744>Apple's new iMac, featuring housefire 18 core Xeons and housefire Vega will blow you away …[View]
61040659/sqt/ - Stupid Questions Thread: Old thread >>61024663 Ask stupid questions that don't de…[View]
61052947/msn/ - Escargot Messenger General: Escargot is a FOSS replacement for the now-defunct MSN servers. …[View]
61050310>mfw I look at a 60Hz screen after having seen a 144Hz screen[View]
61043270China SSD: What are your experiences with them? Should they be trusted?[View]
61052703YouTube Bots: Hey Friday night crew. I watched a YouTube Live broadcast today and watched somebody …[View]
61050665Why can you 'get caught' torrenting something while you can download a mega rar of the same thing an…[View]
61046050There's a lot of windows 10 mods to make it run on ancient PCs. Does /g/ know of any windows 10…[View]
61052208It's simple, I see we're missing a mobile wallpaper thread, I start a new thread.[View]
61051572American ''''''internet'''': Outside North America, the internet outside your home is usually worse …[View]
61050525WebScraping: Lets say i have a simple webscraping tool that i have created as a tutorial project. I …[View]
61052143will technology ever make 2d wives real in our lifetime? vr isn't enough without proper feedbac…[View]
61052459Any /prog/riders here? Where's the moonbase?[View]
61038932/csg/ Chink Shit General: In /csg/, we discuss the cheap shit you see on Gearbest, Taobao, AliExpres…[View]
61051981AMA - Programmer's Dvorak: I type in programmer's dvorak Ask me anything[View]
61026931/hpg/ - Headphone General: >Headphone purchase advice: http://pastebin.com/fYZLW7Ub Please put so…[View]
61051540comfy thread incoming[View]
61051953who here hosts a personal website that nobody knows about? that you'd be embarrassed to show an…[View]
61049920Hello /g/ I managed to fuck up the BCD on my Windows installation, and don't have any form of r…[View]
61048644WHAT THE FUCK?!: You have to be fucking shitting me, i had to reinstall the lightning browser due to…[View]
61051577Should I become a software developer?: Should I switch my major to CS and become a software dev? Why…[View]
61050583What's your preferred messenger application? I use telegram currently but I'm looking for …[View]
61051841Chromebooks for Uni: I'm going off to uni and need a lightweight lap-device to program, do pape…[View]
61051521Anyone good with writing viruses?: Gonna throw out an old user for this.. Kik is all I have.. Planni…[View]
61051517Safe Linux: Is Solus Linux safe? I read something about kevinnet or some botnet shit. If it isn…[View]
61051526Oh fucking shit. Can we call this, Intel SegregationWorks™[View]
61051402Best Technologies for testing angular2 and Java: I'm developer junior. My boss and i are trying…[View]
61051376cpu: hi /g/ i have 250 USD to spend on a cpu. What would you recommend i mostly using it for gaming.…[View]
61051625Amiga OS 4.1: Any one out there viewing this from an Amiga? If so, why?[View]
61050706Notepad++ or Vim?[View]
61051168So now that almost all gpus are over 50% of their msrp is it worth crossing firing RX460s/Rx560s?[View]
61051155So I know that In theory, it`s impossible to make yourself totally anonymous or build perfect protec…[View]
61050903>iPad mini 1 >used to work perfectly fine - fast as fuck in fact >one day 'upgrade' to iOS9…[View]
61050908Finally upgraded from my Nokia N900 to pic related. Installed AOSP and rooted it. What are /g/…[View]
61043665What steps have you taken to optimize your actions for maximum efficiency? I recently started liftin…[View]
61051203Best programming language for writing viruses and related?: Best programming language for writing vi…[View]
61047440Mozilla FireFox ESR 52: I switched to FireFox ESR from stable channel :3[View]
61051157ACG: /ACG/ - Alice Coding General Whatcha coding, modding, working on /g/?[View]
61046703what computer should i get my daughter?[View]
61045749What is razer deathadder of keyboards?[View]
61049937Password Managers: Someone got into one of my acounts What is the best password manager? How do they…[View]
61023389ITT: Useless Technology in Existence[View]
61041577i still use galaxy s3[View]
61051118State of the Internet in 2017: Is it true ot is it true?[View]
61048732W10 is going open source!: Will this be an alternative to Gentoo? Article related: https://www.there…[View]
61043798What is the safest way to torrent? I'm actually very curious about this[View]
61045784>go to https://www.google.it/maps/timeline how does this make you feel?…[View]
61042715Why is everyone concerned about ekansovi possibly collecting userdata if reCAPTCHA has likely been d…[View]
61050963im thinking about getting a information systems tech major...bc i dont know what to do with my life …[View]
61050107Burstcoin mining: I'm thinking about starting mining burst coin with a few Tb of space that I h…[View]
61046732>Jordan's a Lenovo guy >takes a crack at Apple users topkek https://youtu.be/Nyw4rTywyY0?…[View]
61049338Can the blockchain be used for quality control? If I wanted to make an art gallery site and only goo…[View]
61047259pick me a DE fam: What's the best Linux DE for a technically retarded BFU with an old trash lap…[View]
61050624how does the old ipad pro vs new reg ipad compare /g/?[View]
61047613It's been awhile since i've been on this site, Wheres /l/ at?[View]
61049862Is there an alternate Discord client? The Official one uses to many resources.[View]
61050293.sucks website: ITT we put domains with .sucks TLD apple.sucks[View]
61050400is it too late to mine?[View]
61045653>tfw fell for the computer science meme[View]
61050056So apparently if you ping or SSH the NSA: You get swatted, someone get me their ip xDDDD and I'…[View]
61050009Controller enabled Windows programs: What's good tech support, I've built a high end HTPC…[View]
61043322What's the best Linux distro for videogames? Looking for a Windows (visual) experience, minus a…[View]
61050558I've been noticing a lot of screen tearing and a general slowdown in scrolling speed/canvas dra…[View]
61048025>2017 >paying a hundred buck for a gaymer power supply These two power supplies just cost 10 b…[View]
61044250VEGA is DOA: >not even out >already telling us to wait(tm) for Navi…[View]
61050019Someone just gave me this garbage to fix, can it be done /g/ ?[View]
61050546Android Phone Call Forwarding App?: Is there a software sided solution to forward calls on android c…[View]
61045332Placebo Block: >/g/ tells me that Peerblock is useless >use it anyway because the placebo help…[View]
61047455what the LITERAL FUCK is functional programming and why should I bother rewriting my clean code to s…[View]
61050181Hey guys, I'm thinking about making my own computer case with sheet metal aluminum. One of the …[View]
61046108/ptg/ - Private Tracker General: Previous thread >>61037473 >Not sure what private trackers…[View]
61048634>Only 13% of firefox extensions are compatible with Firefox 57 >87% of extensions will break o…[View]
61041232>2017 >can't even view fucking plain text on a website without enabling javascript…[View]
61029316MSI: RX Vega (gaming) needs a lot of power: >At Tweakers forums, you can find a message from MSI …[View]
61048664How do i stop the firefox tabs from loading all at the same time. For example there is an option in …[View]
61050169Tripcode hashing algorithm: what hashing method does 4chan use to generate its tripcodes? I cant fi…[View]
61041079ENERGY WEAPONS: >muscle twitching >painful muscle spasms >humming sensation >uncontrolla…[View]
61045437Beginning to see the value a memoire program can have, as I often forget experiences and their detai…[View]
61049024Fidget Spinner General: Fidget Spinners are technology.[View]
61034091PDF reader: What .pdf reader does /g/ use? Why is the one you use better than the others?[View]
61047911Why is nobody discussing this? https://nationalsecurityagency.github.io/ Apparently NSA open-sourced…[View]
61044791Firefox death hype: Who's excited to see the end of Mozilla? The Firefox version that will kil…[View]
61043225Are you making money this Friday?: it's going to $15.00 lol.[View]
61041903is this fixable?[View]
61049693>decide to try FireFox again >download version 54 completely new install, no addons >multip…[View]
61045958/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: What are you working on, /g/? Previous thread: >>61042830…[View]
61047759No Decent Gaming GPUs Available: First the miners came for the RX 480/580's, and I did not spea…[View]
61046354Monitor purchase advice: /g/,can you give me an honest opinion on these monitors? I will use them mo…[View]
61049713Intel Management Engine[View]
61048659how does /g/ protect itself from online fingerprinting? is it even possible to protect yourself comp…[View]
61046424can we get a mice thread going? my g9x is showing signs of death after many year of use[View]
61046105Why is math needed for anything computer-related in uni?[View]
61042470>Only ever used £30 headphones all my life >See all these meme webms of high end headphones ma…[View]
61048747Phishing: Have you ever had any success phishing?[View]
61047738What would be an easy way to create an altcoin?: I would like to create an altcoin as a learning exp…[View]
61045139> better than golem > programmable supercomputer check this https://youtu.be/oo4bn550YEk How m…[View]
61048981hey /g/, im building my first pc but im on a tight budget right now where can i find pic related und…[View]
61049276Hey /g/ wanna hear a joke? VR[View]
61021037are you getting a one plus 5, anon? aren't you part of the revolution?[View]
61027213https://videocardz.com/70465/msi-damn-rx-vega-needs-a-lot-of-power >I’ve seen the specs of Vega R…[View]
61049004Can your iPhone do pic related? Checkmate, iToddlers[View]
61045541old laptop: hi /g/uys testing Lubuntu on an 11-year old laptop (Dell Latitude D620) so far so good;…[View]
61048866Heya /g/ anyone have any interesting ideas on what to do with old phones in terms of writing some s…[View]
61048573Do you guys ever try to create a 'startup' company? What's feels like?[View]
61048455I need hacking services, is it possible? I think i may be getting spied on by someone so i need to s…[View]
61036662Air Flow: Does this fan placement make sense? Post yours[View]
61048697Should we trust (((them))), /g/?[View]
61044440Do you cover up your laptop webcam?[View]
61047010Geek bench: Are geek bench scores accurate and trustworthy? If so, why? If not, why and what alterna…[View]
61034147How can Intel even compete?: Seriously, how will they ever recover?[View]
61015075/wdg/ Web Development General: wet dreams general >old thread >>60976759 >Discord / IRC …[View]
61036137Net Neutrality, what are we going to do about it?[View]
61047904Fair warning to all the Esper holders out there links to github 1. Espers is a fork of Blackcoin Che…[View]
61046356/hdg/ Harddrive Domino General - Seagate 3GB edition: 7 drive domino. Will the rest fall if I push t…[View]
61048433How is it not dead boring to work a job as a programmer in a company, spending years making apps tha…[View]
61041164Is it botnet? How can they 'build' GApps if those are closed source proprietary Google botnet softwa…[View]
61037938Mice & Other Hardware: My DeathAdder just started double clicking by itself. It's been abou…[View]
61017684Official Guts thread: Post your guts! Cooling upgrade edition.[View]
61027926Just spent literally 5 minutes selecting cars and signs just so I could make a post. I give up. I…[View]
61039269>not storing your passwords in plaintext If you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear dud…[View]
61048072Post and rate homescreen thread[View]
61048089Pale meme: I got memed, laugh at me ;( tried to customize it and its complete trash[View]
61046861Hello guys, I just wanted to visit /prog/ and pic related happened. Is it gone or is this just tempo…[View]
61046615> dual boot because /v/irgin > Windows 7 updates last night > boot up Windows 7 the next da…[View]
61047439Is this linkedin?: Recent grad of an EE and Biometrics dual-major. I'm kind of a jack of all tr…[View]
61046364What is the definitive best laptop for programming while being extremely cheap?[View]
61047031Are you using the '-ck' patchset? Is it just placebo?[View]
61047600an online Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) practice exam: Just made this online version of the CEH exa…[View]
61032733Star Trek physics question: How would a space craft come to a stop, begin movement, or change direct…[View]
61040950>go to sleep >battery at 80% >wake up >battery at 50% >google play services used over…[View]
61044005Bets way to install WIN10 on a new PC: Hello, I'm a dumb retard. I'm building a new PC and…[View]
61032761For anyone who has a job programming 1) What is the most stressful part of being a computer prog…[View]
61041129BRUTE FORCE: I need a simple brute force program that would help me find someone's phone number…[View]
61045463When did you grow out of Windows and moved to MacOS /g/? Or are you still playing video games like a…[View]
61047335JS Mandlebrot Set Iteration Algorithm By EAF: <center> <canvas id='canvas' width='1500…[View]
61045976hey /g/uys, i need some help from network/linux experts. first please take a look at the picrel. sho…[View]
61047241Will it pay off to get a bitcoin mining ferm or something considering the electricity is free?[View]
61045911Give me valid reasons for why I shouldn't use an mSATA for my desktop PC.[View]
61045488>tfw Your Jewgle just evolved into Botnet.[View]
61044653how have television stations been able to stream at higher bitrates for all this time via satellite …[View]
61038742Would you pay for a browser? Let's sat it provides the speed of Blink and the flexibility of Fi…[View]
61036719/fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread: Previous thread: >>61012342 Welcome to /fglt/ - Friendly G…[View]
61046480Would you buy a tab S3 with 120 Hz refresh rate, up to date SoC, and non pwm dimming? and if it were…[View]
61046246/daw/ General: What is a DAW? Digital Audio Workstation >What DAW is yours? >How long you been…[View]
61044523what are some good tech-oriented twitter accounts to follow?[View]
61045932What's the legality of installing software on someone else's computer? Hypothetically... T…[View]
61041803LMAOING AT MSOFFICE USERS https://wikileaks.org/vault7/#Scribbles[View]
61044311>mfw work at Microsoft >Tfw I'm getting paid right now to shitpost on here…[View]
61039536How do I explain the importance of version control to people who can't even use a command line?…[View]
61040348Business idea: An AI that creates reddit posts for maximum upvotes[View]
61039128Verizon FiOS Gigabit: Thinking of upgrading from 75/75 to their gigabit package. With TV/Internet/Ph…[View]
61037257What went so horribly wrong?[View]
61043923Electric Vehicle: Himera-Q https://youtu.be/rVeT0ZbphK0[View]
61034840>install chrome >brings my usage of ram from 15% to 20% >nice minimal theme >nice white …[View]
61046510BTC miners: what do you guys think of BTC mining USBs[View]
61036114>tfw iPhones are the best phone on the market because 99% of Android phones are garbage and all b…[View]
61045074>tfw you fell for the 16GiB RAM meme[View]
61045656Daily Reminder /g/: audiophiles are the wine connoisseurs of technology. >pretend they have refin…[View]
61046213>my main real name email is hotmail[View]
61046077What are my chances of getting fucked over with a dead pixel of I buy a monitor 'refurbished' sold a…[View]
61045308Most balance Youtube 'expert' review of the Skylake-X lineup so far desu: Intel Core i9-7900X, i7-78…[View]
61045962>2017 >still on windows[View]
61041447Click-fraud farm busted in Thailand: How would you even set-up/organise this?[View]
61041979uBlock btfo: If uBlock is so great, why doesn't it block ads on gelbooru without constant manua…[View]
61042830/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: What are you working on, /g/? Previous thread: >>61040119…[View]
61039734Post your Vindows 10™ Data Usage. Desktop here, Google Fiber reporting in.[View]
61045179Gather round, for I am streaming old episodes of Computer Chronicles for the purposes of nostalgia a…[View]
61044014>please do the needful[View]
61040179>>he only understands meme pointers[View]
61044423What's your favorite way to simplify screen resolutions? I prefer simply saying the hypotenuse…[View]
61042968https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814105074 >TDP: 375W AYYMD HOUSEFIRES AYYM…[View]
61041456If your brain stops working and you lose a password and want it back, what do you do to remember it?…[View]
61045088Who else is actually excited about this?[View]
61043494Obscure software: Post obscure/rare/old/strange software. The 'outsider art' of technology. http://w…[View]
61044599hey guys I've got a question concerning the image i attatched. how did they manage to play a …[View]
61031770>$1000 for a surface book Why haven't you bought one yet, /g/? I did.…[View]
61041548Can /g/ fill me in on the best budget smartphones around? I was thinking about getting either Lenovo…[View]
61044474Sould I delete the playstore: Is it safe to delete the google playstore I have no need to install an…[View]
61044478I just bought dji phantom 3 and it won't let me use drone without registering. Pleas tell me th…[View]
61037473/ptg/ - Private Tracker General: Let's ripping boys Previous thread >>61027384 >Not su…[View]
61034478Microcontroller thread[View]
61041119daily reminder that edge is the best browser for windows 10. >fast >lightweight >useful fea…[View]
61039147one of my fans has started vibrating like mad today what the fuck can i do?[View]
61038518Programming advice.: Im a teen that is trying to get into programming as a head start for college. S…[View]
61043637https://jobs.smartrecruiters.com/Visa/743999653819682-blockchain-engineer?src=JB-10081 Wanna job /g/…[View]
61037575What went [spoiler] horribly wrong? [/spoiler] inb4 [spoiler] lack of apps [/spoiler][View]
61043204I've just rooted my phone and I would like to update the android version, it's running 5 r…[View]
61044480NVMe problems: I got a fresh 960 EVO yesterday. I installed it and could install Windows 8.1 normall…[View]
61041727I have a dream /tech/. My dream is to create a nudifier. What does that means? With today's Mac…[View]
61040722G-Sync will be an extra $400 Goy: Really makes you thing[View]
61043810yo guys, so you've might heard about the plans of the legislative branch in Germany to develop …[View]
61044430Can someone help?: Why the fuck doesnt wickr show up automatically with my other apps when i downloa…[View]
61044292>p-please don't consider buying an amd processor[View]
61037355They told me 8gb was fine for gaming =([View]
61044337Exchange migration tool: Hello, I am looking for a set of tools that can migrate the following data …[View]
61044333hey /g/ i need some good monitor suggestions for my new gaming pc im building, heres what i have so …[View]
61037792Is this browser even good?[View]
61041170thoughts on making code for scientific experiments?[View]
61043915So I am trying to find a good pocket projector in 1080 p. Unfortunately, most of them lie and say th…[View]
61044224When does it end?: Serious question: At what point does Linux become usable? I have switched over to…[View]
61042820the internet is a great invention because it prevents dumb people from going outside[View]
61035784The police use ThinkPads, not macbooks.[View]
61040909What's a free alternative to JIRA that Is the most similar to it?[View]
61042343>want to start up a site >have no money to do so (domains, servers) >free alternatives avai…[View]
61043080Is it normal that mounting a fan on the side windows makes more noise than a jet taking off? I think…[View]
61038386Does quality control exist in 2017?: >Fell for the 2017 thinkpad meme >buy X1 carbon 5th gen …[View]
61036921Walmart tells Tech Partners not to use AWS: How big is Amazon getting? Which dog do you bet on? htt…[View]
61042876Best Vpns: Yo im looking for good vpn's, can anyone throw some my way?[View]
61043332I want to place a fan to suck in cold air on the back below the gpu is it possible[View]
61042333What features are there that differentiate AM4 motherboards? I know with intel boards the main diffe…[View]
61017968a.ekansovi.com: 4chan makes a websocket connection to a.ekansovi.com I haven't looked at what i…[View]
61041675Computer Science - Just finished first year: The teaching quality at my uni got the lowest mark poss…[View]
61029235Why I would build a PC that barely can do 1080p if with the same ammount of cash I can buy a console…[View]
61039208Realistically how hard would it actually be to throw together a decent browser. I mean seriously, ev…[View]
61043177>he doesn't use top quality cable risers to maximize his audio output http://vertexaq.com/yu…[View]
61041412I wanna buy a Thinkpad t560 today. Does it worth? Any known issues? PS:Sorry, /g, but this is not th…[View]
61043242Antivirus Software: Now I know it's 2017, and you are either smart enough to not get a virus or…[View]
61040174>Tfw pursuing a degree in CS >I have this friend >He has 0 technicals skills in programming…[View]
61038261>tfw I'm being monitored by a US counter-terrorism taskforce Wtf do I do? Already installed …[View]
61039065Headphones: I have the Sennheiser HD 558. It has a TRS connector. I have no audio interface, so I b…[View]
61041587I'm about to install Linux alongside Windows 7 and reviewing everything before going ahead. It …[View]
61041363>he uses a flipcover case on his phone[View]
61042703*blocks your path*[View]
61042377Do you know any youtube channel where the main theme is problem solving, data recovery..etc like in …[View]
61039266can someone help me simplify this recursive function? I need to run cake(100) but anything past arou…[View]
61040119/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: What are you working on, /g/? Previous Thread: >>61033365…[View]
61041367Why do people claim that AMD CPUs don't have backdoors? Just because there hasn't been a l…[View]
61037288IYO what is the best current smartphone and why? > pic related US$600 buys you near stock Androi…[View]
61037365This is the worst piece of software ever created. I challenge you to name another piece of software …[View]
61042522How much should I sell my Rx 480 8gb for? Also where should I sell it? I want to make enough to buy…[View]
61041518I'm gonna buy this bad boy. What do you guys think? Is it ok for its price? Also, I don't …[View]
61042423Alright so I'm not very in the know when it comes to internet or routers and shit of the like. …[View]
61041614Is this an Apple dongle? How do I plug it in?[View]
61039478Found a Power Mac G5 on the side of the road around an hour ago, boxed up and in great condition. Bo…[View]
61041999>get RX570 for my freshly built PC >boot it up >screen goes mad, intermittent black screen,…[View]
61036957Why did USB 3.0 become USB 3.1 gen 1?[View]
61042104Niggersoft Office backdoored, closed source software blown the fuck out once again: https://wikileak…[View]
61028969Is regex even useful?[View]
61027688Stripe.com payments: Making a stripe.com payment requires running non-free Javascript Has anyone eve…[View]
61041126Is google making AI drones for the military?[View]
61041960Hey /g/ I'm looking for advice and wondering if this is a good computer, for cheap. I'm no…[View]
61041098Which would you say is the most useful BOINC project for society?: I got my hands on an old Intel wo…[View]
61027152Pens General!: Just ordered this sexy Lamy Lx Ruthenium NDA, As well as a relatively uncommon Lamy L…[View]
61027520>coding used to be a valuable skill that gave autists a chance at becoming millionares because it…[View]
61036474I'm so fucking tired of hiding. I'm sick of being paranoid. I hate the way that the intern…[View]
61039747/PMP/ - Portable Media Player thread: My 20$ chinkshit sounds better than your 1000$ phone edition. …[View]
61039388I want to build a PC specifically designed to handle digital art creation. I've done my researc…[View]
61036716/pcbg/ - PC Building General - Intel housefire edition: >Assemble your parts list https://pcpartp…[View]
61036032If I want to remove GApps and use microG without wiping and reinstalling my ROM I can use this right…[View]
61037764Are retro systems better?[View]
61040218Am I training software to shoot down vehicles?[View]
61039974Is golang good to learn? is it easy? not looking to get a job... just looking for a simple, elegant,…[View]
61011858>300 dollar mainboard >still using PS/2[View]
61029335How can I unlock LUKS encrypted laptop?[View]
61040891what distro to use for a multi media and light shitposting machine in mah living room connected only…[View]
61039969Is there a way to post in 4chan from tor? Pic unrelated[View]
61035062So I'm stuck in the country with no ISP, but out of some sheer luck i have 3 bars of 4g lte on …[View]
61039211Threads: As a programmer, what do I need to do to optimize a program for multiple cores/threads? The…[View]
61033557The wiki doesn't include any recommended printers, is there a /g/ guide to printers for makings…[View]
61040719Where's the thread for netrunner? Just marathoned this browser, Did I like it? What went so [sp…[View]
61018259Netrunner: We are making a web browser! In the face of recent changes in Firefox and Chrome some ano…[View]
61040654How do I start freelancing /g/? I've been a NEET for months. Currently learning web development…[View]
61040541>always logged in to keepass fine >restart PC after a few weeks >login >wrong password B…[View]
61035372>You only need 8GB of ram Well you fuckers got me. I only got 8GiB, and it sucked. Hitting 100% r…[View]
61038463So now that Google has bought the IP rights to the fingerbox and they plan to automate it, what can …[View]
61034567Why are you not using a Pentium III?[View]
61033489Why aren't you running your I2P/Freenet/Tor node?: A friendly reminder that if you care about f…[View]
61035951Clover: Another thread where we show our appreciation by calling Floens a faggot.[View]
61040040Is overclocking a reference Rx 480 safe? I remember the gpu was pulling too much power from the boar…[View]
61035938Can I get a recommendation on a hardware RAID card so I can make a RAID5 from 4x 8TB HDs. My mobo do…[View]
61014339ITT: Obsolete devices with amazing industrial design you wish you could get with modern specs/inter…[View]
61039688>ctrl f screenfetch/neofetch thread >0 results You know what to do lads…[View]
61040045HDD rewrite: Just wondering if anyone can find a good source on how many times a HDD needs to be rew…[View]
61038799What do you guys think our future society would be like when almost all jobs could be automated?[View]
61037758Anyone have any experience with blockchain technology? I want to get into writing little applicatio…[View]
61038253so theres this website 'Hack forum' and on there they sell peoples hacked accounts. stuff like netfl…[View]
61033365/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: What are you working on, /g/? Previous Thread: >>61029467…[View]
61040041Online Interactions are different to face to face: Online Interactions, what are yours like? This r…[View]
61036570Directory Opus: Does anyone on here know of a working crack for Directory Opus 12? This shit is the …[View]
61037630>Just waste all my SSD space sempai[View]
61038511Thoughts on pic related?[View]
61036942New android phone: Just got a new phone. How do I avoid google botnet as much as possible? Do I just…[View]
61038160How the hell did I just discover Plex? Bought a WD NAS, a few 10TB Red Drives, and am in the proces…[View]
61038393MDN's new design: https://blog.mozilla.org/opendesign/mdns-new-design-beta/ Discuss[View]
61039043Hey /g/, /k/ommando here. My PC's been getting hot as shit recently. Is 71C while running a not…[View]
61035496Ren'py Contest: Greetings /g/ents, today I will be holding a competition: who can create the be…[View]
61038657Jesus christ these password restrictions are utterly retarded. It's not even checking if its id…[View]
61038317In this thread we post links to websites that sound like they're virus infested: http://videa.h…[View]
61034906I just moved everything to BTRFS. /boot partition is ext3, and everything else is BTRFS. AMA.[View]
61038899Does anybody know how Facebook's 'x attending an event near you' works? What kind of an algorit…[View]
61039289i just wanna share it cause i know some people might have the same problem with me.. i bought a g600…[View]
61037373why are majority of threads OS rants?[View]
61038826My girlfriend wants to know what makes her graphics go 'WHOOM!'. Please answer to the best of your …[View]
61036042CAD Alternative: Been using ProgeCAD 2013 for 4 years. Now its shitting itself multiple registry pro…[View]
61039110>write error handling code >don't use it…[View]
61038793>goes to website with [modern browser] >'Sorry, you are using an unsupported browser. Please u…[View]
61038858Blackberry in 2017: Got given a Blackberry Z3 in pristine condition, very solid phone, but this BB O…[View]
61036684Any iOS app developers lurking on here? I want someone to build a simple app for me. I heard you guy…[View]
61035345What's the best mobile browser? Pic related, only things it lacks is ublock origin and to show…[View]
61037514so... what we got here?: Hey whats up 4chan, the thing is i got this old laptop and i wanted to know…[View]
61038627A question for all the gtx 980 owners out there, how do your overclocks look? I managed to push it t…[View]
61037125Thoughts?: What does real g audiophiles think about Sennheiser HD 800S? Just bought them but they ar…[View]
61038046RNC databases of over 200 million people may have been leaked. Does anyone have sauce on where I cou…[View]
61034479the year is 2032, Intel has purchased Viacom, Nvidia, and AMD. There are no longer gpu's, just …[View]
61036390ITT: We post laptops that are superior to ThinkPads.[View]
61038077Should i buy another one of these monitors ? I already have one and i love it. Convince me not to ad…[View]
61036004Are computer tablets a smart purchase or would it be wiser to get a laptop with a separate drawing t…[View]
61034139For those who work in the field of computer science,IT, etc, do you enjoy your job?[View]
61031251>don't mind me, I'm just stea-... Using adblock.[View]
61036734>have iPad >no 4chan apps >moving image to iPad changes file size >get third party file …[View]
61035260>look at Youtube videos of $200 laptop reviews >comments are full of people unironically askin…[View]
61036290So I have a Lenovo IdeaPad y700. I know it's not a powerhouse, but it was a 1000 dollar 'gaming…[View]
61038012Apple watch series 2: Been thinking about getting this for fitness and other health related uses. Af…[View]
61035834what are some technology that arent planned obsolence[View]
61037190hacker master race report in Plebs are not allowed[View]
61036470Hey, it's Bill. Activate the backdoor.[View]
61036845>tfw fell for the thinkpad meme https://security-center.intel.com/advisory.aspx?intelid=INTEL-SA-…[View]
61024663/sqt/ - Stupid Questions Thread: Old thread (>>61010649) autosaging. Ask stupid questions tha…[View]
61037603ITT: We post shit that is superior to Apple shit. I'll start.[View]
61034593Antergos, Pacman - Syu, reboot, everything still werks How isnt this the gold standard for GNU/Linux…[View]
61016503Macbook Pro and CS people: Why is MBP so popular with CS people? Every prof that I have has a MBP. W…[View]
61037563Any AR early adopters here?[View]
61037066Raspberry pi 3 + R/Rutorrent: Hey /g/ so i set up a fully working Rtorrent with Rutorrent interface …[View]
61030218/Christ/chan - Christian Pro/g/rammers General: Christians who are suitably gifted should consider b…[View]
61037963Tired of having to solve almost fifteen recaptchas just to finally post yet?[View]
61037882Are there motherboards with fidget spinners on them?[View]
61032914I got a Hacked Xbox 360 and an external HDD with almost all its games, or at least the most relevant…[View]
61037599Pls anon, let me out of your computer! I...I thought you believed in freedom?[View]
61037048Pc Upgrade Help: So I just had a couple quick questions I bought this and now I'm getting into …[View]
61033166>dude that program you made is awesome! can I have the source code? >WHAT THE FUCK I WON'…[View]
61032902Surface is shit: > iPad Pro 10.5 inch + i7 laptop with dedicated GPU > iPad: 120Hz, A10X, 256G…[View]
61037452Cleaning Strategy: I'm building an API in NodeJs and Express, which will be runinng on a Heroku…[View]
61037329How to make as much as possible by testing: Ok, I know you guys hate testers, but please try to be c…[View]
61005779/cosg/ - CloverOS GNU/Linux: CloverOS GNU/Linux - We need your rice edition Post dotfiles for inclus…[View]
61034073VLC stream settings or VLC Stream alternatives: Someone knows how get a better stream config for VLC…[View]
61032479Moto e4 vs moto g4 play Which one of these should I buy? I'm going to impulse buy one of these…[View]
61023409/csg/ Chink Shit General: In /csg/, we discuss the cheap shit you see on Gearbest, Taobao, AliExpres…[View]
61036930Recommendations for a cheap but decent 'smartphone'? My Nexus 6's planned obsolescence kicked …[View]
61025411Is Kaby Lake-X Intel's worst product of all time? It makes no sense whatsoever. >strip iGPU…[View]
61037214Why isn't everything an enumerator[View]
61036549Holy shit this piece of shit is so fucking slow.[View]
61020635/mkg/ - mechanical keyboard general: /mkg/ - KBDFans edition >Learn to touch type: http://www.key…[View]
61032524Is...is amazon becoming more relevant than google / alphabet?[View]
61037139Epson Perfection V330 Photo Scanner: My scanner is messed up. A loud clicking sound is made every t…[View]
61036444Trackballs - Love the roll: My old Logitech Trackman Wheel Optical is dying after many years. Never …[View]
61035321Do they make plug-in timers for these type of plugs?: You know those outlet timers, where you can se…[View]
61028371GOING TO BUY THIS! Can I get some final opinions?[View]
61031545Do you really want to go back?[View]
61035576We need to come up with a name for the meme tier shit coming off the press lately. >mfw wifi inte…[View]
61031327OPINION NEEDED: Hi I am a graphic designer, in the last years I am working more and more on packagin…[View]
61033619FUCKING TRIGGERED Who the fuck hires these talentless, disrespectful idiots? I don't know what…[View]
61027900This laptop is better than a macbook pro and a thousand dollars cheaper[View]
61034852Is there a diference between a WS GPU (Quadro/Firepro) and a general purposa/gaming GPU (GeForce/Rad…[View]
61034928Which $1,000 build would you choose?[View]
61029142i know that C is used everywhere, populated by GNU/Linux community, some embedded system programmers…[View]
61036867I sometimes am able to get the guts out of product displays and the like, and have recently found pi…[View]
61034789What do I do with old electronics? Do I recycle them, do I try to sell them somewhere? I have a 10 y…[View]
61036769what cauese the fucking captcha to grey out and become unresponsive? this is annoying as shit[View]
61031572Recommend me a laptop for playing League of Legends for under £400 please >1080p >8GB+ RAM …[View]
61036458Hey /g/, rate my setup[View]
61035854Is there a waifu-based way for me to learn OOP?[View]
61032932Is there any reason why BSDs still exist when there's Linux?[View]
61036560IT stories thread: How was your day, fellow IT fags? >Work at a NOC for a regional ISP in the s…[View]
61036546Is vivaldi any good?[View]
61036578What's this? Is this bad?[View]
61031794What is the least cancerous and botnet web browser on Android these days? I have been using Opera fo…[View]
61027927anybody know any good darknet links or uncompromised chatrooms?[View]
61036251Guys, I am looking for something I can add to my earbud headphone jack to prevent the strain relief …[View]
61036327does /g/ like CVD machines? i want to learn more about them but every paper seems to assume you alre…[View]
61035591Is this the pinnacle of computing power?[View]
61033408/g/ I gave richard stallman a band. G autism thread. Also I suck as a musician. https://www.youtube…[View]
61036179Craigslist Auto Flagger?: Hey /g/! This is my first time posting on here, how's everyone doing…[View]
61036190Could anyone recommend a good altcoin faucet?: eg.----Litecoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Dogecoin…[View]
61035753How is this better than ubuntu when you can sudo apt-get install all-the-kali-linux-tools[View]
61035212My phone dies at 16% battery. Is there a way to fix this?[View]
61022401Does /g/ know basic arithmetic?[View]
61022897Windows 10 hate thread: >old computer dies >decide to buy some cheap laptop >everything has…[View]
61027384/ptg/ - Private Tracker General: You will be caught edition Previous thread >>61018033 >Not…[View]
61020739/wt/ watch thread: This thread is about the appreciation of horology, as well as the micro-engineeri…[View]
61035874Set top box/HTPC: What does /g/ use to watch stuff on TV? Full PC or generic chinese android box or …[View]
61033019Why do they call it USB3.1? Because when it becomes mainstream you'll be 31 years older[View]
61031565Third party SPEC scores of the new AMD EPYC using Open64 and GCC compilers against Intel ICC and GC…[View]
61000587/retro/: 'Guess who got a dot matrix printer for his XT' edition. Post sum retro shit.[View]
61035691Thanked him yet?[View]
61034761It's happening >At this point, it seems like the cat's out of the bag. >There are c…[View]
61026543tech support story: >got hired as an IT guy at a law firm >first day on the job >people cal…[View]
61035120Need advice: My laptop is 10 years old. It suddenly broke - when I power it on, the screen is doesn…[View]
61023188Why are all the reviews on the Play store written by morons. You guys told me Android was for smart …[View]
61032668I need a good recommendation for a streaming radio player for linux. I have rhythmbox installed righ…[View]
61032155Suppose there is an employee in a train station working on their laptop. They notice that their tra…[View]
61034850Hey /g/, can you recommend me a good VPN to use in France? I'm travelling overseas this summer …[View]
61035292> Released to manufacturing July 22, 2009; 7 years ago When will this meme OS die? I tried to cod…[View]
61025775why do we hate audiophiles again?[View]
61031191Is this never going to come to Europe?[View]
61032599Why are people who work with technology so sour? Every software engineer I've ever met is a big…[View]
61032841This happened to me yesterday >install Linux mint >no audio >install pulseaudio because th…[View]
60979833/cyb/ + /sec/ general: cyberpunk and cybersecurity: warcarting edition: /cyb/ + /sec/ general: cyber…[View]
61031231how do i get started creating web bots? i have basic programming knowledge, but i've never work…[View]
61012342/fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread: Previous thread: >>60989764 Welcome to /fglt/ - Friendly G…[View]
61031957Daily reminder that pic related and the (((FSF))) killed every chance of Linux becoming relevant in …[View]
61030605ive never owned any apple product[View]
61031381Recovering data from a hard drive: My HDD (HGST Travelstar model HTS721010A9E630 pictured to the lef…[View]
61032951manga/comic readers: So what's this I've heard about there being some android apps that al…[View]
61034194Are cellphones causing cancer? Are they killing the bees? Are they making the frogs gay?[View]
61034873ac1900 card got no ac: I bought a spiffy pci-e ac1900 wifi card on sale and when I look at the adapt…[View]
61019081How do you guys burn CDs?[View]
61026557so i see you're running gnome, /g/. you know i'm actually on kde myself.[View]
61030995How do you plan on programming all 18 of those cores, anon? Are you gonna put a lock on every piece …[View]
61032651Let's say I have a database of over 500 000 people from facebook (from a 1st world country). R…[View]
61013389/spg/ - Smartphone General - OP5 Is A doozle Edition: If requesting purchasing advice, please provid…[View]
61033767What a bunch of fucking retards.[View]
61034560What is the best photo editing app on iOS? Is Photoshop Express any good?[View]
61027347da pins: https://youtu.be/EdDccsbv5hA tl;dw: He broke off a pin on an AMD CPU, straightened it, stuf…[View]
61006957Is it legit /g/? Is it a possible ad-free browser for phones without root+adblock[View]
61028071Who /mischief/ here? >Reset my own password in AD every time it expires, same password for 5 year…[View]
61028032/pcbg/ - PC Building General: >Assemble your parts list https://pcpartpicker.com/ >How to asse…[View]
61029524This is the future you chose.[View]
61030256Temple OS: http://www.templeos.org New videos being uploaded.[View]
61032341Is this GNU/Linux? If so, what de/wm it is?[View]
61021439>what linux feature makes you do this?[View]
61024956Hey guys, remember me?[View]
61031966how will tabdrones ever recover?[View]
61033084Speakers: What is the Z-5500 of 2017?[View]
61031179when will these kikes learn?[View]
61032380Desktop Rig?: Hi, /g/men! altho i am very happy with my x230 for mobile use, i am looking at buildi…[View]
61027543If you were honest... Are you really satisfied with your internet speeds? Can you accomplish all you…[View]
61019172>Multi-core doesn't matter! >Price/performance doesn't matter! >Power usage doesn…[View]
61031902Newfag here What are some good .onion sites I'm just bored so send something[View]
61029467/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: Previous thread: >>61024201 What are you working on, /g/?…[View]
61031475>a CPU from 2009-2011 would be fine nowadays What went wrong?[View]
61032569thought's on node?[View]
61031886Intel i9 & X299 5 Reasons Not To Buy!: Who the hell is this guy anyway? And didn't he get …[View]
61021892Now that Techpowerup is being paid to spread false news, are there ANY reliable tech sites left? The…[View]
61031697>Add number to contacts >Allow contacts to use device's location? what the fuck…[View]
61031062>yfw Egyptian hieroglyphics make a comeback after 4000 years[View]
61031915>ryzen was released a few months ago >RX 480/GTX 1060 was released almost a year ago >skyla…[View]
61032633This might be a huge mistake, but I'm actually going to ask /g/ for career advice I'm a so…[View]
61032810Is it safe to input my fingerprint in Window 10's Hello?[View]
61032956Do you believe him?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3NXjUpo-1q8[View]
61027968Fonts for E-Book readers: Can you guys recommend me some fonts with a 'personality'? I guess I just …[View]
61026839Daily reminder that Ad-blocking is theft![View]
61028636what search engine does /g/ recommend ?: startpage sort of has a 2 second delay and sometimes delive…[View]
61024575why the hell should i spend $800 on a GRAPHICS CARD?[View]
61019883This is professor Winston at MIT teaching a course in machine learning. He uses a ThinkPad.[View]
61023463why every KDE Plasma theme looks like complete inconsistent, ugly pile of dogshit?[View]
61032581Virtual PC that can mount any host directory like DOSBox?: Dear /g/, I need your help. I need a virt…[View]
61032040Restore Ipod: Hi guys I have a question. Ifound an Ipod and I need to restore it to use it, but I co…[View]
61032516What wikihow articles are missing? What do you think people would benefit from learning? I'm ve…[View]
61010791Does /g/ actually like this or is this just a stupid reddit show?[View]
61030330Buy Intel products to stop AMD from getting a monopoly over the x86 CPU market.[View]
61027522Logitech z5500 - z906: Hey all. I was gonna ask if you can hook two speakers into one slot on z5500 …[View]
61029503What is it with this place and the ThinkPad? What's the hype all about? Is it really that good,…[View]
61030067Surface Cuck Pro: What is Microsoft thinking? > 32gb iPad (A9 chip, touch ID) for hight resolutio…[View]
61031929>delet arch >Install Microsoft® Windows™ 10 >set telemetry to maximum, put all files on One…[View]
61028303Are we actually ever going to see IPC improvements ever, or is this it now?[View]
61031651At TMobile store about to get robbed, ama![View]
61030555What are the possibilities??: Hello /g/. Today a friend came along and said he wanted to format his …[View]
61031673Programmer Identity Crisis: Ive just graduated from a 2-year school and now im going to a 4-year sch…[View]
61031046Bitlocker: So I have a machine from work that has Bitlocker on it. I did not know this and decided t…[View]
61030916why have samsung & apple phones have been overheating lately and have caught on fire in certain …[View]
610294861- Your country 2- Can you find any job in there as programmer if you don't haven't went t…[View]
61014691Computer for school: I'm going into a STEM career and my program highly recommends that I get t…[View]
61030368What operating system does the Federation use on its ships and star bases?[View]
61018622>The iPad was made because Steve Jobs hated a guy at Microshaft. Kek https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
61030295Haha oh wow the market change over the fucking night. I got off the phone with a normalfag friend wh…[View]
61031374Should I buy LG G6 or Huawei P10 plus?[View]
61024362zsh vs bash vs other shells convince me to use zsh over bash[View]
61023324>RELEASE: CIA 'Brutal Kangaroo' thumb drive air gap jumping virus attack suite https:/…[View]
61031255Daily reminder that Apple '''''''''engineers''''''' are so shit, the 7700HQ they put in their latest…[View]
61030520Do you trust crashplan for local backups? I set up the service for local backups and unsubbed from t…[View]
61028771PantherXP Deployment Kit: Anybody here ever used PantherXP to make a custom XP ISO?[View]
61031040USB 3.1 USB 3.0 is now called USB 3.1 Gen 1 (Speed up to 5 Gbps) USB 3.1 is now called USB 3.1 Gen 2…[View]
61022190Why do ifags praise thier shitty iPhones? This shit looks ancient next to an s8.[View]
61010262/tpg/ - ThinkPad General thread: Previous thread: >>60991058 IRC: #/tpg/ on irc.rizon.net Othe…[View]
61030645pickup line: are you Tor? because I don't know who you are but I like you. ITT /g/ related pick…[View]
61011275What's the first OS you ever used? Mine is pic related[View]
61028536Mobile Displays: https://m.aliexpress.com/item/32366781090.html#autostay Would this be good as a sta…[View]
61030303Peripheral fan: 'A computer peripheral is any external device that provides input and output for the…[View]
61019512Anyone have access to a supercomputer so you can get me a tripcode that spells 'Anonymous'?[View]
61026889Learning C completely online: Hi /g/ents, Is there a /good/ site to learn C from? Sort of like all …[View]
61030525What is the walmart of technology /g/?[View]
61028217I have uniden bearcat ubc125xlt radio scanner and I'm trying to listen to edacs transmissions. …[View]
61020693what kind of cell phones do jap girls use?[View]
61029289Show me your case stickers, 4chan![View]
61023054alright /g/ be honest, do you guys really use linux as a daily driver? aren't your guys larping…[View]
61029637wew lad[View]
61030577BOI HE FINNA DO IT: I have never used an Apple product in my life. I'm switching to Apple'…[View]
61022917/edc/: How about an /edc/ thread?[View]
61029019You have 60 seconds to admit that this man is THE greatest programmer of all time.[View]
61029776Anybody have experience with the THREAD STUCK IN DEVICE DRIVER BSOD? I've been having troubles …[View]
61016181C++17: The final publication on the new standard is coming soon. What are your thoughts on it?…[View]
61023021Whats the point in 4k in gayming when you can just use DSR and scale down the resolution getting a b…[View]
61025463MOBILE APPS - Share any apps you have developed. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.a…[View]
61026277Why is everyone sooo fucking certain the next iPhone will be 8? Wouldn't it make sense if it wa…[View]
61029912>internet will NEVER EVER be normie-free again[View]
61027438Why is Microsoft not failing like Yahoo despite they're failing for a very long time?[View]
61023142Realistically speaking if i get a 1070 and plan on only playing in 1080p or even lower ( I play most…[View]
61029907Stop using windows[View]
61029787SHIRT THREAD: Post your favorite shirts pic related is a regex cheat sheet[View]
61029613Encarta: we need it back[View]
61011551What would compel a person to buy a $2000 laptop if they're only going to use it to browse the …[View]
61027539Android Studio: Is this the worst IDE ever /g/? > ugly > performs like shit > building a si…[View]
61025664instagram boost: Any suggestion for instagram boost follower?[View]
61016917The one program chaining you to Windows: ITT: the one program that keeps you from abandoning windows…[View]
61027435Find a flaw >inb4 windows .NET core[View]
61028450>write editor in javascript >the editor doesnt support the language its written in (no symbols…[View]
61029362USB Encryption: I bought a Sandisk USB with encryption and hate it. Only gives filenames in vault. W…[View]
61009258VS Code vs Sublime 3 Which do you prefer?[View]
61026297pump rpm went to 0 = cpu overheating: Yesterday i had a problem with my nzxt kraken x42 the pump rp…[View]
61027939Will a VR Internet be available in the future?: Here's a sample of what I thinkk it may look li…[View]
61029284'You browser cant display ads, please disable adblock' -------------- Congratulations, you are the v…[View]
61028354So I've found myself having to fill out a lot of redundant forms for work like pic related and …[View]
61029061What do you think about this browser?[View]
61022077What's the best video player on windows?[View]
61021921rusfags, where is the best place to buy computer components? all i see available is this garbage dns…[View]
61025997So I've got this spare dell latitude e5500 (currently got arch on it) any ideas of what i shoul…[View]
61028999Wannacry infects Linux through Wine: https://twitter.com/hackerfantastic/status/863359375787925505 W…[View]
61028685Parent's HDD died. Need to get a replacement. Haven't done so in a long while. Who makes…[View]
61027650NFC: Copy badge: Is it easy to copy a badge into a phone that supports NFC? ethical question, knowle…[View]
61010699Uptime thread: post em if you got em[View]
61025004Prize code validation: Some online competitions require the user to input a code found on the produc…[View]
61027799Resolution sorcery: So I've just downloaded a wallpaper for my phone with a 1440*2650 resolutio…[View]
61026947Intel is fucked now.[View]
61027303I'm thinking about learning swift on linux. However only if it can be compiled and installed on…[View]
61027779>20C difference between cores on a Devils Canyon CPU with '''improved''' TIM for overclocking …[View]
61021303uptime thread[View]
61014284What was your last upgrade? >FX 6300/770 2GB -> R5 1600/1060 6GB Feels good man…[View]
61024534Is HardwareCanucks better than Linus?[View]
61028261Would you buy a modern flip phone?[View]
61027727Jesus fucking Christ, get your shit together, Chrome.[View]
61027918Are there any decent people on /g/ or are you all just a bunch of miserable wanks[View]
61028136This is what /g/ has become.[View]
61015239BASED PAUL DITCHES AYMD TOO - RYZEN CONFIRMED POORFAG MEME: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o6UAjQmg…[View]
61028357Is there any argument that proves the basis of free software as opposed to mere assertions of Stallm…[View]
61026289>come home >see this >son they took all the electronic devices in the house whats happenin?…[View]
61017677What's the point of a relay?: I turn a switch in my car, it sends power to my relay which switc…[View]
61026853Smokin' doobies and watching some old episodes of Computer Chronicles for an interesting look a…[View]
61024201/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: Old thread: >>61018062 What are you working on, /g/?[View]
61025598Only digital citizens may post here.[View]
61015615Temple OS: http://www.templeos.org youtube.com/watch?v=XqY2wuvlruo youtube.com/watch?v=cLWRLE2IZjM y…[View]
61027466https://www.xda-developers.com/oneplus-5-benchmark-cheating-reviews/ ONE PLUS POORFAGS CONFIRMED ON …[View]
61027361Hi there I'm looking to upgrade my earbuds to something more decent than apple EarPods. What ar…[View]
61027130WannaCry is not DEAD!: Honda Stops Production After WannaCry Hits its Computer The automaker halted …[View]
61027268>tfw trying to buy a 1060 or a 480 for a decent price Someone just fucking give me a gun…[View]
61026475>VR is a meme >AI is a meme >voice controlled tech(dont know its proper name) is a meme …[View]
6102521211 4 23 1 13 7 16 5 10 25 22 3 22 6 11 17 6 19 6 3[View]
61022664What's up with 2nd/3rd world countries and iPhone? Don't they know what being gullible is?…[View]
61024355Live, continuous, recording, and long-term monitoring FMRI devices would provide abundant informatio…[View]
61015032/pcbg/ - PC Building General - non-shit edition: >Assemble your parts list https://pcpartpicker.c…[View]
61025558What is /g/s favorite mobile browser? Looking to switch from the chromenet[View]
61027008WTF: Uhhhhh what the fuck is this shit? >inb4 noobuntu >inb4 summerfag…[View]
61025290lul wut?[View]
61023731Cryptocurrency: Cryptocurrency thread. Thinking about get 15 freedom credits worth of bytecoin, beca…[View]
61027136I'm having some boot up problems with my pc So whenever I press the power button on my pc, it w…[View]
61025244>download templeos >open it in virtualbox >stare at it for 5 minutes >type something in …[View]
61025076Thinking about getting a MS Surface Pro 4. Why is this a bad idea?[View]
61026697>have Moto x pure >Installed linage 14.1 os pj Is there anything I can upgrade to that has 5.…[View]
61025032Is intel, dare I say it, finished and bankrupt?[View]
61014211>install linux mint >no audio >immediately uninstall and go back to windows wew that was a …[View]
61025359What did they mean by this?: https://github.com/nationalsecurityagency[View]
61019758It's just Linux: It really is just Linux. Given the scope of work, it might be OK to call it Re…[View]
61020730Newfag here: I'm trying to get into programming. I'd like to know what websites and classe…[View]
61026777Herrow, tutay, im gonnashorriu mi niu rrritropici[View]
61022477You won't believe your eyes there is a Microsoft official UWP style guide https://docs.microsof…[View]
61026061>when you Step daddy has a nervous break down and enrolls himself in a GNU/Linux security class, …[View]
61018033/ptg/ - Private Tracker General: SuicideT0AD edition. Previous thread >>61007195 News >Trag…[View]
61020553>oh you're a coder, anon? >how many projects have you published to github that I can inst…[View]
61026190alternatives to GoPro: So I've been doing more outdoorsy shit lately and I want to start record…[View]
61023041/g/ I'm trying to make this image as small file size as possible. Is there anything more I can …[View]
61026154What do you think of Teller /g/? https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=14605342 https://teller.io/…[View]
61021811The new i9 series are just overclocked i7s with huge power consumption and heating issues. >'I di…[View]
61001740Why can't Apple make a mac that isn't a overheating throttling pile of shit? https://www.y…[View]
61024372What's the best 16:10 monitor with IPS panel and good black levels?[View]
61017643What is Ekansovi? >15KB of obfuscated Javascript in every thread on 4chan (not being loaded from …[View]
61019146Dell precision m4600 >>>>>> thinkpad t420[View]
61008164what was web browsing like in 2000?[View]
61025723why do you get 'do you know x?' Notification on facebook? I got 4 notifs from same person …[View]
61017391Perfect phones don't exi.....[View]
61025052summarize the state of the GPU market right now with one picture[View]
61023973Nobody cared who I was till I put on the mayonnaise...[View]
61008553Retro ThinkPad is almost here!: http://blog.lenovo.com/en/blog/retro-thinkpad-its-alive/ Oh boy!…[View]
61015934Found this on the street, how do I bypass the lock screen?[View]
61021417it took a long time, but I've finally gone full poo[View]
61025482How many flame shirts and cargo shorts do you have to own to enjoy the longhorn/vista/7 ui? Is ever…[View]
61024369WAN/LAN speeds: What's the cheapest and best consumer (or similar priced) router that can ACTUA…[View]
61020642hey /g/, i have a question for you. i live in a studio apartment and want some nice home audio, an u…[View]
61024190why the h*ck doesnt gimp have an official dark theme yet?[View]
61023949network programming: ITT network programming blank edition[View]
61022475Default KDE looks like shit: Is there any way to make KDE look less shitty? > inb4 use something …[View]
61024657quick advice on domain name.: bitcoinmarket.com.tr or btcmarket.com.tr?[View]
61010144name firefox addons you can't do without[View]
61019182>take an open source phone with you >get stopped at the airport When will the persecution end…[View]
61015692/fag/ Friendly Apple General: Just got a 2012 Macbook pro[View]
61022601Master volume knob on my analog synth broke, now it's always at lowest vol. Is there a way I co…[View]
61021531>thinking about upgrading to a new phone >realize that I'll have to start carrying around…[View]
61024389>'Hey anon you should learn C over C++ it's WAY better!' Oh really. Name me a Graphics/Game …[View]
61024883http://www.anandtech.com/show/11569/imagination-technologies-formally-puts-itself-up-for-sale POWERV…[View]
61023940Hi /g/ I just installed slackware on my rpi and I want to create by myself an helper for slacbuilds.…[View]
61024568Is there a fully stocked raspberry pi .zip of all the Retropi emulator shit and the games with it? L…[View]
61017382If iPhones are so insecure and 'botnet', then why does Vladimir Putin use one despite being a highly…[View]
61009497>be me >open Photoshop >open Bank_Note.jpeg >mfw…[View]
61022365Why didn't I do this sooner? Andy why didn't you guys stress enough just how functional th…[View]
61023725The police use ThinkPads.[View]
61023706Guys, I need a laptop which is thin, fast and has at least 256gb of stockage I was gonna buy the 201…[View]
61021511APOLLYON (V2) Gaming PC: https://ca.pcpartpicker.com/b/XtnH99[View]
61022153Does the library of babel really have every possible permutation of 3200 characters?: >The Librar…[View]
61014717/shg/ Self Hosting General: I just upgraded to pic related from the rapidly decaying Owncloud. Holy …[View]
61016201Why is python so shit?[View]
61000752>get a job offer from apple >take it because its way more than my current job >fly out to c…[View]
61021684i've been learning c++ by a month but i don't know how to continue... (i don't have …[View]
61020194How dumb would it be to apply an epoxy to a headphone jack to prevent it from flexing? I just had a …[View]
60991053Is Windows 8.1 better than 10?[View]
61015988Brand loyalty? Cell Phone/Mobile Phone carrier?: I have been with Sprint for over ten years. My ph…[View]
61010649/sqt/ Stupid Questions Thread: Ask all your stupid questions that don't deserve its own thread …[View]
61018062/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: Old thread: >>61012570 What are you working on, /g/?[View]
61020727>he still hasn't escaped the botnet Why don't you have /boot encrypted libreboot flashe…[View]
61017801>The new 'textalyzer' technology is modeled after the Breathalyzer, and would determine if you ha…[View]
61017926When the fuck is Ryzen 3 or Ryzen APU's coming out? I need to build a ghetto PC I can take to f…[View]
61020220Hey bros, I'm looking to build a 8 Core system based on x99. What are some good parts to get? S…[View]
61023576Automake crap: Fuck this, I really hate automake. Typical problem: build fails at some step, but you…[View]
61020233So what's the best Linux distro to install on this? I'm thinking Xubuntu, but what do you …[View]
61019552Consensus: don't run anything on the root account..... tfw only half of the programs on linux d…[View]
61020054Best phone for a hackerman?[View]
61018960Chromebooks: So.. Chromebook... what is it good for other than an 'internet browser'? I…[View]
61022574What's the most A E S T H E T I C mATX case bros? My current Phanteks Enthoo Evolv is a piece o…[View]
61022452UEFI vs Legacy Boot: I have been using legacy boot since I was born, am i missing anything? Just got…[View]
61020936Black Hat Hacking: Assuming one took the typical precautions, just how risky is malicious for-profit…[View]
61020042Loading...: So, I dug up an old desktop with a busted PSU. It's got 8 gigs of RAM and an AMD Ra…[View]
61003059/hpg/ - Headphone General: >Headphone purchase advice: http://pastebin.com/fYZLW7Ub Please put so…[View]
61022000Os recommendation?: Just bought XiaoMi air laptop for use with general computer fuckery, light code …[View]
61022362What do you think of my latest 'app'? https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.al…[View]
61014951South Korean Company Nayana to Pay $1 million in Bitcoin After Ransomware Attack: >Ransomware has…[View]
61021479Looking for help on upgrading my older computer with a external GPU card kit: i'm trying to mak…[View]
61017855/cloud/ Cloud Development General: Post your interesting cloud-based projects and ask questions in g…[View]
61022291Whats the absolute cheapest but silent PC case that will not cause my mid/high-end PC to blow up ins…[View]
61021284soldering kits: hi i was just wondering if someone could recommend a kit i could learn to solder wit…[View]
61020171>all these summerfag apple shill threads on /g/[View]
61018788SCRUM: red pill me on scrum /g/ talks about programming languages non-stop but never about developme…[View]
61021127Monitors: I just upgraded my PC completely and the monitors won't get any signal when I turn on…[View]
61021245The internet has allowed all kinds of shit to be free. But why do I have to pay a telecom for intern…[View]
61019833>XFCE >2017 >50% of programs still open on the wrong monitor >still awful multi monitor …[View]
61010222Hypothetically speaking, if your ISP only provides dynamic IP addresses (your IP changes each time y…[View]
61020173What's /g/`s agreed upon best rootable phone atm?[View]
60972891mpv (mpv plays videos) general: Last thread >>60950554 Install mpv: https://mpv.io/installatio…[View]
61020370I have this thing that I ripped out of an event wristband. I am curious in seeing what data lies on …[View]
61021539Do you guys like my debian cheatsheet bash script? I know it's simple, but it's been prett…[View]
61014712/pcbg/ PC Building General: Post your component list, rate other anons', and ask questions in g…[View]
61019398Installed Debian 9 with LXDE on an older PC, set it up how I like it, but haven't used Linux in…[View]
61017967What do: Is there any way to power a laptop motherboard without using the DC power jack? I think eit…[View]
61018731will digital art ever replace physical art?[View]
61020814the fuck is this rgb light strip connector and why doesn't it go into this thing if its the sam…[View]
61019361I have both CPU and GPU under full load (Folding @ Home) Are these temperatures safe to maintain for…[View]
61018487Why has OpenSUSE been in free fall on Distrowatch for the last 12 months? I'm slow.[View]
61015308stupidity is contagious in the tech industry: Huawei MateBook X >$1500 >win10 >13' screen …[View]
61020397What the fuck is up with 9front?: Pic related is taken from http://9front.org/img/backto4chan.png Th…[View]
61020674>shadow on hands is on the right >shadow on face is on the left what wizardry is this?…[View]
61021144Do you trust crashplan for local backups? I set up the service for local backups and unsubbed from …[View]
61021159I believe using rgb in pc is racist[View]
61020697How do I get better at writing more 'effective/efficient' code?: Started programming 2 weeks ago and…[View]
61017464eGPU Troubles: Made a thread earlier today with not much luck I have a Dell XPS 15 9550 Akitio Node …[View]
61016412/mmm/ Multiple Monitor Meme: Multiple monitors are a meme. Window snapping and workspaces completely…[View]
61006329/csg/ Chink Shit General: In /csg/, we discuss the cheap shit you see on Gearbest, Taobao, AliExpres…[View]
61017493Is it a meme? I need a laptop for CS classes starting in the fall. Should I get this, or just get a…[View]
61017945Helping me pick an OS I've been using Arch for some time now, and considering the raging boners…[View]
61019211Android Encryption: So I was looking into it, and I saw that Nougat has a new encryption method, ess…[View]
61018283>he pronounces it openSUSE instead of openSUSE >he pronounces it sudo instead of sudo >he p…[View]
61019075I'm making a greasemonkey script that does various things on deviantart based on keys pressed. …[View]
61015705BITCOIN WHY AREN'T YOU RICH YET?: another daily reminder >This high school dropout who invested i…[View]
61017117>Install Firefox 64 bit >Sees this What the fuck?…[View]
61020440>apple fags will defend this[View]
61017840Hi, we were in the neighborhood and heard from some reliable sources that you were packing some swee…[View]
61016401what's the best linux distro that just werks™?[View]
61017121So is socket TR4 going to last as long as AM4, or is AMD going to pull an Intel on it and change the…[View]
61003583/wt/ - Watch Thread: This thread is about the appreciation of horology, as well as the micro-enginee…[View]
61020176>didn't get into programming early enough >making twice as much working in network securi…[View]
61019227How much free space do you have, /g/ee? My 850 SSD is sitting at a nice, fresh 425 GB / 465 GB after…[View]
61020079hi /g/ please be my personal consumer review site What are some good security cameras I can install …[View]

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