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66036597/mpv/ vs /madvr/[View]
66054471Privacy tricks for IG and FB: Now that the IG API is getting pwnd I feel the need to share a way to …[View]
66057664Text editor or IDE: Why are text editors better than IDEs? Am I just too much of a brainlet to under…[View]
66047423/hpg/ - Headphone General: How to request purchase advice: https://pastebin.com/fYZLW7Ub For sub-$50…[View]
66055407How does a c++ fag learn javascript? Where do I start?[View]
66059828Is it true you have to have your own website to be a real tech professional? I'm too autistic t…[View]
66044483It's just basically a Linux distribution on steroids. So why all the hate?[View]
660587644chan CSS has been going haywire during the last few minutes on chrome and chrome derivatives. Is hi…[View]
66057914>be me >notebook dies >browse /g/ seeking recommended laptops >decide to give memepad a…[View]
66059947Greasemonkey just asked for permission to read and write files and to access browser history: Has Gr…[View]
66058649Is pic related a meme? Are there and better alternatives?[View]
66053280Best hardware to run Qubes with minimum hassle? 4.0 pref but for a 100% updated fully working 3.2 it…[View]
66059830some type of youtube font rendering bug in firefox nightly when I mouse over the video. I'll ke…[View]
66057421Install systemd[View]
66058902my stepmom is askin for a good antiviru and vpn, i asked what for what computer? she said chromebook…[View]
66059701>God I wish my OS only half worked and any changes required program specific settings syntax in o…[View]
66056760StartMail: How is it? Anyone tried it?[View]
66057883Is it a bad idea to get a 6GB 1060 right now? Should I wait for the 1160 or an AMD card? Maybe save …[View]
66036072The Microsoft Store on Windows 10 only lets you make three settings changes per year: AHAHAHAHAHAHAH…[View]
66059537I'm creating a VPN via AWS and forgot what VPN i used last time. Something like Alga? I forget.…[View]
66059016>be me >install xubuntu after ages >wants home folder to get encrypted >installs new upd…[View]
66040925notification area thread[View]
66046734MicroLED when?: Fuck the OLED meme. MicroLED should be the standard for smaller screens by 2019 and …[View]
66042287How fast is your Internet?[View]
66059229How do I use EU's new law about data to get rid of my old Twitter account which I haven't …[View]
66053963Light weight linux distro: I was wondering about any really light weight linux distro, like one whic…[View]
66059026going off to college in the fall and i’m looking for a new laptop. anything good for less than $700 …[View]
66040511>livestream >Hey Luke, whats your opinion on foo? >Oh, its just a meme. >repeat He real…[View]
66057682>boot into windows >CMD quickly opens and closes >15 svchost.exe processes in task manager …[View]
66056950Chromium and Ungoogled Chroimum Questions: 1. Do plugins and add-ons for Chrome work/install fine in…[View]
66057653which are some recommended linux distros for old ass computers such as this one?[View]
66048932>if (!pointer) >if (pointer == NULL) >if (NULL == pointer) Which is better?…[View]
66058775does anyone else get absolutely fucking furious when the tech illiterates in their family ask for yo…[View]
66055809Information Security Degree vs. Certifications: >Heavily considering getting a four year degree i…[View]
66058728THE MEANS OF TECHNOLOGICAL PRODUCTION: Why are Open Source projects dominated by capitalist companie…[View]
66054716Pornhub: Is it worth having a Pornhub account? I'm tired of having my porn on Chrome bookmarks,…[View]
66055291I reached a tipping point when it comes to tolerating phone spam a few months ago, and I want to be …[View]
66054345Go to work People below you keep asking for help and more and more.guidance from you regarding certa…[View]
66057600>being monitored and protected >monitored >protected What did Microsoft mean by this…[View]
66058156Hey guys, your favorite nerd Mike Meyers here![View]
66057909Uber self driving car in Arizona struck and kill woman crossing the street at night wearing dark clo…[View]
66054662Stop writing tech docs to convince yourself you're smart. Start writing them so humans can read…[View]
66056453How do i become tech savvy even though I'm low iq and bad at math[View]
66023599Cypherpunk Manifesto >>https://www.activism.net/cypherpunk/manifesto.html ◘ Cyberpunk Manifest…[View]
66057213Whats in demand /b/?: I'm planning on taking one of these courses but have no idea which one wi…[View]
66058427so /g/, have any of you pirated cable? post your experiences here considering doing it for my elderl…[View]
66057339>People that physically touch and poke your screen when they’re showing you something I literally…[View]
66057554>Persona 5 uses 26 threads when being emulated When were you when Moar Cores finally paid off?…[View]
66057685Android Tablets: What happened?[View]
66057654What should I do with second computer?: >built new computer this year >have old system sitting…[View]
66044068Does anybody here have experience with the HP Elitebook 2540p and its fucked up BIOS? I am trying to…[View]
66038872/csg/ Chink Shit General: In /csg/, we discuss the cheap shit you see on Gearbest, Taobao, AliExpres…[View]
66057006/battery-improvement-thread/: so if i install the pure linux kernel and then install vim+i3+gaps+pol…[View]
66057959>find something on github I can look through or deploy that could potentially fit my use case …[View]
66052823Anyone else just buy gaming gear and turn the cringe RGB leds off for nighttime gaming?[View]
66056610clean os thread: thoughts on elementary os? too much bloat? is it clean internally? should i kms? an…[View]
66042216Gentoo: Gentoo[View]
66056641>2018 >og Razer Blackwidow is still the best keyboard on the market.…[View]
66055024Hey /g/, a while ago someone made a thread about image viewers on Windows. Somebody made a compariso…[View]
66057599Do black people really use slackware?[View]
66051686In Russian browsers, there are no plug-ins, there are put-ins. *dabs*[View]
66017570Post your music player[View]
66027892Are you renewing Amazon Prime after the price increase?[View]
66055428Wtf: Why is my Windows laptop connected to 4chan?[View]
66057098Netbooks: Got one? Post it! Using a laptop in 2018 should be fucking criminal at this point. Why wou…[View]
66056804Every 10 in 10 years I roll a Ganoo/Shittux distro: sheit just came back from 1993![View]
66053220aima afraid o' google m8s, i really do. i entrust the digital me to 'em, if they would pro…[View]
66056583Question about cracking secure tripcodes. If you wanted to make a secure tripcode, how long would it…[View]
66052700>first computer you ever used >second computer your uncle let you use if you promised not to b…[View]
66049216I don't want to dox myself, but I work for a company and I take care of interviews most of the …[View]
66056481Fuzzing / Vuln Discovery: Anyone on /g/ know anything about fuzzing? I have pretty good handle on ex…[View]
66051681Best IRC client? HexChat keeps freezing up on me.[View]
66055782I'd just like to point out how funny it is that a couple of literal pajeets and uneducated chin…[View]
66031887<wdg/> - Web Development General: Prev thread: >>66009573 >Free beginner resources to…[View]
66054577/g/, why is default gnome shell so bad?[View]
66039125/ptg/ - Private Tracker Circlejerk: What are private trackers? Google it. How do I get in? Google it…[View]
66050933C or C++ for CE: This may be a stupid question, but is it more preferable to learn C or C++ for Comp…[View]
66047169Why is Emacs so unpopular?[View]
66054855Got a new phone and my trusty old quickpic 4.5.2 displays text purple, because of Oreo. Which is the…[View]
66055984Why is a billionaire tech CEO having a hissy fit on Twitter?[View]
66055669hi: lol i can say anything i want here and you would never know who i am[View]
66053841What's a good laptop for installing linux?: I'm thinking of getting a brand new laptop to …[View]
66053244This is it. Cheering for a sub-5.8'' screen and this'll be perfect. Lenovo Z5: >95…[View]
66047042When is Microsoft gonna get serious about their Surface line up? >MacBook tier pricing >come…[View]
66050655Is Quantum Computing a meme? Algorithms for even elementary operations are impossibly complex to eve…[View]
66055865Senior phones: What's the best smartphone to get for seniors ? Parents are 65+ and finally want…[View]
66056140Does anyone know how to card emulate ? Any suggested app that I can use[View]
66054197>Downloading torrent with many peers >Speed is fast af >almost finished >STALLED >loo…[View]
66054117What can i do as an admin on school computers? Can i make changes on other accounts or what? Or is i…[View]
66045230/g/ job survey: >profession >salary >background/education/certs >age >country/region …[View]
66040731>download some torrent torrent >thumbs.db…[View]
66055802>opens Furryfox TM >computer fan got LOUD AS HELL >check temperatures >CPU is 60-92 C W…[View]
66055052/g/ you told me LibreOffice was a good alternative to MSOffice. This graph was on page 10 when I ins…[View]
66047834Why are we mad about this again? They helped meme /ourguy/ into the white house. Libtards stay mad[View]
66040944KDE brainstorm thread: What should KDE add or change to convince you to switch? For me, it's cl…[View]
66052552>Anyone who wants privacy in their communications is either a paedophile or a terrorist Why does …[View]
66055018what do all those numbers before the filename mean?[View]
66054421What's your typing speed /g?: https://10fastfingers.com/typing-test/english[View]
66052857>45 days battery life[View]
66047034Why still no mass produced Linux phone?[View]
66052730Russian Meddling: How does one detect russian state meddling ?[View]
66044764Why is cock.li so good?[View]
66044087What's the shittiest brand/subrand of tech you've ever seen?[View]
66050416starting to like windows: 2 goddamn years to fix the sockets on wsl but at least it´s done[View]
66042191/pcbg/ - PC Building General: >Assemble a part list https://pcpartpicker.com/ >Example gaming …[View]
66054391>update w10 >open spotify and put on headphones >didn't relize speakers were set at 10…[View]
66054128Is this thing any good? I've been using a flipphone for the past few years, and ive been lookin…[View]
66040585What browser do you use on your phone?[View]
66045832Will desktop computing move beyond the start menu?[View]
66054790Are there any damage of prolonged use over time of having earphones but keeping the volume really lo…[View]
66054740Opera Neon Great browser or greatest Browser ever? The headline is 'The web browser reimagined' and …[View]
66050388Distro: Just look at this fucking shit! Wtf is this?[View]
66051917Why is embedded systems development so stagnant, slow, filled with outdated engineering techniques, …[View]
66053059The memes are true uh? He was wearing an Apple watch too[View]
66054498A normal day in my life: http://www.multiplayerpiano.com[View]
66050511Why do you still use botnet messaging services anon? XMPP is >decentralized, can host your own s…[View]
66054124Wireless devices: What dos /g/ thinks about wireless tech? Is the difference of response that big? M…[View]
66041348What are some underrated movies featuring computer security breaches, /g/?[View]
66049491Hmm, it's been a while since I've been on this board and I seem to remember there being a …[View]
66043018Working remotely as a software engineer: currently working remote and I find it unbearable since it …[View]
66047201/dpt/ —Daily Programming Thread: Previous >>66039286 What are you working on, /g/?[View]
66051310Is there a 16:10 monitor with perfect black levels and good color accuracy?[View]
66056592/ptg/ - Private Tracker General: Previous thread >>66039125 >Not sure what private trackers…[View]
66053178Razer Project Linda: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=22OcG-OAdQw What are your thoughts Anon? Will o…[View]
66049428This pop-up appears whenever I enter 四-Chan That's sort of creepy, even thought it's an an…[View]
66050068How do I efficiently block the 4chan Javascript bitcoin miner short of disabling Javascript altogeth…[View]
66053343Why are there so many techs out there that can't figure out a fucking problem on their own? I w…[View]
66053707>Budgie is reconsidering drop At and return to GTK HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA This is why GTK is the stan…[View]
66043160/ceg/ - Computer Engineering General: What are you working on anon?[View]
66051221Windows 10: Windows 10[View]
66051524Is this a man in the middle?[View]
66049457Can you do anything cool with one of these bad boys?[View]
66050967It is currently the best IM service. But why is it that the call connexion quality is shit.[View]
66051394What do you guys think of Ècole 42?: They have schools in San Fransisco and Paris https://www.42.us.…[View]
66051822How much would you charge for: >Placing a business in Google (maps + info) >Standard responsiv…[View]
66048950I find this board's lack of guts thread disturbing. /g/uts thread? /g/uts thread. r8, h8, maste…[View]
66053203https://youtu.be/TQajm-5IyuQ?t=9m16s STARTS AT 9:16 can't we just plug an Apple chip into our b…[View]
66048842When will the open office meme end?[View]
66032911Is the whole $79k a year average for programmers a meme? Somehow I have a hard time believing it wit…[View]
66053110DC++: Fuck torrents. Fuck usenet. IRC/DCC is still ok though. Who still /dc++/ in here?[View]
66051197IS IT HAPPENING???: cheap and good SSD soon? https://www.anandtech.com/show/12744/micron-launches-fi…[View]
66042915Do you take your laptop to Starbucks?[View]
66042087VIM editor: Why do so many people recommend vim? What are your opinions on this editor as an IDE? Is…[View]
66049064wats the highest quality image format[View]
66028133/mkg/ - Mechanical Keyboard General: /mkg/ - CUTE Edition! >Buyer's template: http://pastebi…[View]
66050691Things you should never update: -MIUI -Windows[View]
6603339760 is literally beyond this world Its actually amazeballs Download it now and see the difference ht…[View]
66050861Enough with the emails about privacy policy changes[View]
66050702What seedbox does /g/ use?[View]
6601916830 Million LoC Problem: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kZRE7HIO3vk Is he right about the state and …[View]
66045143best language to learn first?: I see a lot of people saying C++ but just wondering what /g/ thinks, …[View]
66046249why do brainlets on this board get so defensive when you point out dumb shit they shill? tell someo…[View]
66052177making themes for money: what should i make a theme for if I want to surely earn some money? Wordpre…[View]
66052213The madpajeets fuckin did it: Holy shit. Just installed the Win10 Update and they managed to offer a…[View]
66050625/g WILL DEFEND THIS AHHAHAHHAHA https://www.zdnet.com/article/ex-intel-security-expert-this-new-spec…[View]
66051866what are normal cpu operating temperatures during heavy emulation? my 3770K reaches around 65-70C wh…[View]
66046356how do i get a job programming in R?[View]
66049185Tiling WM Thread: Anyone else still using one of the 'minimalist' tiling WMs? Or at least other than…[View]
66026641/fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread: Welcome to /fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread. Users of all leve…[View]
66043127Was it the last good iPhone?[View]
66051946My college offered a coding course last year, they used Apple Xcode, I really enjoyed it but I don…[View]
66040627/sqt/ Stupid Questions Thread: Post your questions here Read >>51971506 >search https://ddg…[View]
66050712Stop writing FizzBuzz program.[View]
66050775>hurpdurp edge to edge screens This is 3 years old, Apple and Samsung suck.…[View]
66048267AMD poojets BTFO. AyyMD is bankrupt and finished. https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=article…[View]
66023193What is the cutest computer? What computer will get me headpats? Post cute computers.[View]
66050175What is the best non-Android or iOS phone?[View]
66050779This is foobar2000, I can organize my music like pic Now I need something like this but for PDF file…[View]
66044915How can I use all OS's at once?[View]
66050611It's my birthday: Got this cup as a bday present from my sister. r8 my cup /g/[View]
66050973need new good but cheap phone: Not something super strong or with the greatest camera. something for…[View]
66050964A human is like an onion, there are many layers that must be peeled off[View]
66050432Greetings /g/entlemen: Do any of you use epub readers? I have been downloading a lot of books recent…[View]
66047567Most Bestest Uses: USB 3 is awesome! Best uses for the bestest blue bus? >NB4= External HDD What…[View]
66050871How do you people do this everyday Software is so fucking boring, fuck the pay I'd rather be a …[View]
66040745How many bots there are no 4chan?[View]
66049685Linux Mint: I'm switching my mother from XP to Linux Mint 18. I've been a Unix sysadmin/en…[View]
66046447Blackberry: I missed the heyday of blackberrys, but the idea of a more compact/square phone with a p…[View]
66048727I have one of these. It's been sitting by itself abandoned for several years. What should I do …[View]
66046889Proprietary software is more secure than open source software because you don't have every pale…[View]
66048493>He calls his thumbdrive a usb stick[View]
66049686Botty-Bot: Im creating Facebook messenger bot with Dialogflow to deal with customer service. Anyone …[View]
66049834Everybody I know in second year college are spamming these cancer reddit-tier memes. > Guys recur…[View]
66049911Is Celestron UpClose G2 10x50 good for entry level stargazing?[View]
66049134let's see those battlestations[View]
66050010At the point when normie facebook tasks can be done by phones and compute sticks, what is the minimu…[View]
66047855All DEs suck. Why is this?[View]
66047005My boss never checks up on me or even says hi.... What does it mean?[View]
66049468>His system is still vulnerable dog /sys/devices/system/cpu/vulnerabilities/spec_store_bypass Mi…[View]
66046828Voice Assistants and the (((Botnet))): I've been interested in getting a voice assistant to dea…[View]
66038459I need a rundown on Ad-Free Spotify: /g/, what's the final solution for streaming music without…[View]
66049086wow i love windows[View]
66038354>He bought windows 10[View]
66045058Why does my fucking airconditioner need an internet connection?[View]
66039399SPOTIFY IS KILL: >Spotify Turns to Far-Left Activist Groups to Censor Music as They Clap Down on …[View]
66046798is it a meme?[View]
66049512Why can't this faggot website just keep you signed in like Gmail?: Are poo in loos really this …[View]
66049668Good database system: Hello /g/, I work as a personnel recruiter, and I have come to the conclusion …[View]
66047447bluetooth headset: lmao here's op from before windows setup time: 30 seconds loonix setup time…[View]
66023012Why aren't you use Alpine Linux anon? >non bloat repos >no systemd >blazing fast packa…[View]
66043148When will Linux be able to allow me to stare at an androids brapper? Do freetards hate fun? Or is i…[View]
66049301Speakus: Hi /g/, i'd like your help. I'm gonna buy a new set of speakers for my 3×3m room …[View]
66049759>hey anon i reviewed your code, please implement 'defensive programming'…[View]
66038488/wt/ Watch Thread, Royale edition: This thread is about the appreciation of watches, as well as the …[View]
66043691USB-C GENERAL: How well are you adapting to the USB-C era?[View]
66047558I have a sysadmin interview tomorrow and was wondering if anyone has some good questions and answers…[View]
66048882Other than Miku Miku Dance and Source Filmmaker, what programs are there for making CG films? Does /…[View]
66043670Visual Studio Code: Visual Studio Code[View]
66044080What's the point of this shit?[View]
66045720lg840g 'dumb'phone >low cost >secure >botnet-free >low-profile >sturdy >slim >t…[View]
66044377Why did Firewire not catch on? Why didn't SCSI catch on?[View]
66045818What tablets do /g/ recommend?[View]
66047755Are there any working examples of Android apps written in pure C?: I know this is completely idiotic…[View]
66047510Motor revamp project Project description: Lubricate all the old motor bearings in dorms 4211 and 45…[View]
66045271>Next, Next, Install me admin[View]
66047146you only use Arch for the neofetch logo, admit it.[View]
66048127I'm currently watching some old episodes of Computer Chronicles, if anyone would like to join m…[View]
66043958Isn't using Searx without Tor as bad as using a normal browser - the cookies? They can still lo…[View]
66046429>>66021643 Weird internet issue has cropped up lately that make me struggle to load web pages …[View]
66041074>Flash drive cases STILL haven't been standardized yet This really tickles my autism. I want…[View]
66047762*blocks your company's case sales*[View]
66049055Computer hardware issue: Hey so i just put together a new pc and ran into an issue, hopefully someom…[View]
66039673>High end chipset >FireWire >lots of native usb 2.0 for compatibility along with 3.0 ports…[View]
66046835Why is this even allowed? Firefox 60 has been very disapointed to me, does anyone have performance i…[View]
66043534What is the best testing software for a Windows PC? I am having trouble with low fps and I would lik…[View]
66041648LXQt 0.13 Released!: Still no high dpi support. https://lxqt.org/release/2018/05/21/lxqt-0130/…[View]
66046693Any reccomended materials/sources for learning C?: Wanting to get into it but don't know where …[View]
66045845Is front-end dev a meme?[View]
66046901Is recursion in code a meme ? Tell me of a problem that can not be done using for-loops but using …[View]
66029150why hasnt vr taken off like smartphones did?[View]
66044253What should I study to get into IT security /g/?: I was recommended CISSP and a list of other certs …[View]
66047843*fetch thread: >ctrl f fetch >no fetch thread…[View]
66047789where b the HYPEsim?: Afternoon /g/, Do any of you remember Hypersims? The little chips you placed o…[View]
66048376Is there anyway to hook up an external hard drive to a retropi to record game footage? Also jerk off…[View]
66047478Coding: Anyone that knows how to code, and wants to make some quick cash respond.[View]
66047514Best Android IRC client?: What's the best IRC client for Android /g/? Been using Atomic but it…[View]
66045881Couldn't find a mouse thread, starting one here. I got a wireless Logitech G703 from Amazon abo…[View]
66047352is it possible to get a remote job without any degree[View]
66047642Nuance Swype keyboard: This keyboard is amazing, but is now discontinued. I just switched to an iPho…[View]
66047876what tower fans are /g/ approved?[View]
66046801>tfw fell for the trackball meme >have to clean the rollers constantly like a cuck >develop…[View]
66042660Can anyone recommend me a good ftp server program? I remember anons talking about one in a 'windows …[View]
66032353Password manager: Does /g/ use a password manager? Which one? Why? Do you host it yourself?[View]
66047672Breath of Fire Series: So finally decided to tackle the breath of fire series again which i never fi…[View]
66045928Redpill me on firefox[View]
66044610U2F: Which two factor authentication method does /g/ use? You do use two factor authentication, righ…[View]
66047030what is your favorite method to spy Android phones without having physical access[View]
66046407Anyone here work in a machine learning field? Does it really match the hype or is it blown out of pr…[View]
66047356uncle works at github, AMA he said the next version of linux will have games[View]
66037762/spg/ - Smartphone General: If requesting purchasing advice, please provide your country and what ca…[View]
66047332>try to download firefox on chrome and see this How desperate is google?…[View]
66035069/hpg/ - Headphone General: How to request purchase advice: https://pastebin.com/fYZLW7Ub For sub-$50…[View]
66047307Would you guys happen to know how I could backup a mongo database and save that backup on a ftp inst…[View]
66047167How do I get a remote job while still not getting tired by some shitty startup?[View]
66047172As bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have already shown their colours and will be valued zero in th…[View]
66039286/dpt/ — Daily Programming Thread: Previous: >>66021735 What are you working on /g/?[View]
66046555Is arch Linux hard to setup/get used to? I’m basically a Linux babby who has only used xubuntu and m…[View]
66033513/hsg/ - Home Server General: Discuss building, setting up your own homeserver and maintaining the se…[View]
66045985Is it just me or is Java a bitch and a half to work with?[View]
66017197/tpg/ - Thinkpad General - Maki Edition: Previous thread: >>65977645 → If you're looking …[View]
66046203Hey /g/, /diy/ poster here. Let me ask you guys a question: are tablet sizes standardized? If I were…[View]
66046890g who runs linux on this device? >GPD Pocket 7 Does it work well?[View]
66046495>posts a screen of non-free software[View]
66044467The next big thing: Tech has been moving at a pretty good clip the past decade or so, but it hasnt r…[View]
66045620why isn't this shit real and mainstream yet[View]
66043038Machine Learning in Engineering (Construction, Machinery, Aerodynamics): We know the laws of physica…[View]
66046426>be me >fat fuck, (almost) no friends, lurk daily on 4chan >sometimes (once in 6 months) st…[View]
66040247>try to build a computer in 2018 >all threads were made in 2011 and before >best cpu cooler…[View]
66043474B L O A T: B L O A T[View]
66046275Demoscene: Are you into demoscene, /g/?[View]
66045260>run loonix from external hard drive >unmount some other drives, pull out OS Drive >OS does…[View]
66039407Thanks applel[View]
66041713#triggered: I am hella triggered When will the misogyny among software developers end?[View]
66041546Bring back simplicity to computers[View]
660460751987... 30years ago.: happy birthday GCC![View]
660435231. how do I calibrate my monitor? my brightness/contrast/gamma are all fucked 2. my wok computer is …[View]
66045029One of the latest W10 updates put a shortcut to edge on my desktop. Just now I opened it by chance a…[View]
66027416Ryzen is a brute force monster that is very capable at simple number crunching tasks like ray tracin…[View]
66043324Are these things any good or just a bad meme and I'm better off with a classic cooling solution…[View]
66042791What distro do you use?: What linux distro do you use and why? I use fedora right now but I'm i…[View]
66044419>hop on random tech question board > type 'install gentoo' >get temp muted for unoriginal c…[View]
66038988Clover is broked: What happened? Is Clover broken for anybody else? It seems images aren't load…[View]
66045399ANCIENT TECHNOLOGY: Why have we lost so much technology over the last thousands of years? Just the l…[View]
66039769> nice, but does it scal...[View]
66034184Why did you buy the K version?[View]
66045773question: How do I become a sysadmin?[View]
66042867A while ago we had a thread talking about what the world of computing would be like were it the case…[View]
66043476A Survey: How many here own a cable/satellite TV subscription still? I'm just free writing a pa…[View]
66044819Why are you all such bad programmers?: See title. Why are there SO MANY shitty coders on /g/? Most o…[View]
66036832/g/ Humor: >Ctrl+F no humor thread Humor thread? Humor thread.[View]
66043895https://www.strawpoll.me/15749961 What do you prefer for torrenting?[View]
66039603>set image as background in Gnome >It creates a duplicate of the image >This is one of the …[View]
66045101>Composition over inheritance[View]
66044322>Return an item to store >Include a bunch of unrelated cables and a bulky adapter from an old …[View]
66044268>What's New >Bug fixes and performance improvements…[View]
66043732Signal Android is kill: Everybody who uses Signal for Android should stop using it. The reason is si…[View]
66041155Did you preorder yours yet /g/?[View]
66042056Just bought a bluetooth headset imma try to make it work in loonix lmao wish me fucking luck xD[View]
66044184no goy dont go into IT, that's for losers, learn a trade so you bust your balls and back by the…[View]
66042782How did this happen?: Okay I am 100% lost on how this happens, but its cool as fuck. My icons went a…[View]
66044107Yalp Store sends out searches in plain text: You guys told me to use this piece of shit. I did a tes…[View]
66039987Secure destruction of laptops: Hi, I have four laptops and a lot of OCD about destroying them secure…[View]
66042108Ubuntu: Ubuntu[View]
66044060Graphics Card shit: I have no idea where to ask this, so soz if wrong place bois. I'm looking t…[View]
66040541Evil Googlag: How do we escape it, /g/?[View]
66044527Why is it always UK sellers that have these actually legit OEM keys that actually work ? It's n…[View]
66044556What's your opinion on Chromebooks /G/?[View]
66044718Opus 1.3 vaporware: >May 24, 2017 >libopus 1.2-beta -> >Jun 20, 2017 >libopus 1.2 …[View]
66043886its been like this for 10 minutes is this going to work or is the torrent i used for the mac os x vm…[View]
66040523Pomfe.co is officially dead press F http://pomfe.co/[View]
66042346is there any way to increase the amount of dedicated video ram on a laptop with integrated graphics?…[View]
66042275The ABSOLUTE power of intel[View]
66040584I've been trying to become more tech savvy for a year and I still suck and can't even do t…[View]
66040827I'm using Debian: if you are not using this distro, then enjoy your botnet faggot[View]
66042391Is this okay? Why so cheap? I read that for lower end cards there is usually little difference betwe…[View]
66043216How would you make a process that is gonna run everytime? I mean, how to prevent fails? Where would …[View]
66040063Redpill me on GDPR. How do I request to have all my data deleted permanently?[View]
66042518>8th day of internship >most ive done is plug a rj45 into a switch >making +20 an hour >…[View]
66042613C vs. C++: http://www.cs.ucr.edu/~neamtiu/pubs/icse11bhattacharya.pdf Why do you still use C?…[View]
66041964Can u Nerds help a guy out. Just bought a new cpu and it's limited to one core, anyone now how …[View]
66042811win-builds or mingw?[View]
66043908>sound fucked up because of newest Windows update (mic and Headphones to quiet even at 100%, mic…[View]
66042805>https://www.voidlinux.eu/news/2018/05/serious-issues.html OH NO NO NO someone post the twitter s…[View]
66041582Can Android with a DE replace a desktop OS?[View]
66043036Am I fucked?: My USB-keyboard just randomly disconnected even though I did not move it at all, and m…[View]
66041836Is there any legitimate reason to choose a HDD over an SSD besides value?[View]
66032134Is it possible to replace electricity with fiber optic cables?[View]
66042611They had one fucking job.: This thread died and it shouldn't have, because it is important. Con…[View]
66041749so is it a cumputer: Can an iPad Pro be used to create software to run itself? Is it possible to dow…[View]
66041246This is what peak performance looks like.[View]
66043156what is the best way to take notes in markdown and convert them to pdf? no pandoc bloat terminal onl…[View]
66043562Cyborgs: is anyone else really bummed about the fact that we, as a generation will never get to have…[View]
66042064I'm trying to get into Java since I would like a job as a developer. Any things I should look …[View]
66033168What is the best VPN to use?[View]
66043064Is getting a job with a cable company as a field technician a good way to get your foot in the door …[View]
66043359was the Firefox name a mistake?[View]
66039439Satisfying shit thread: Satisfying tech shit I'll start Sudo apt-get update && sudo apt…[View]
66040180Are there any Android Keyboards that respect muh privacy?[View]
66042918DELL OS INSTALL HELP: Hey /g/uys, I've recently been tasked with putting an SSD on a Dell Small…[View]
66041545ok google is dead to me[View]
66020441Why haven't (you) installed windows 10 ltsb yet? >Free of poojeet bugs >very little bloat…[View]
66039087this is shit is so good.. I will take back everything I said about the JVM ecosystem.[View]
66041816What do u think about this distro, anon?[View]
66043021Instagram dun goofed: What is going on with this shit ?[View]
66042826Amazon Teams Up With Law Enforcement to Deploy Dangerous New Facial Recognition Technology: >The …[View]
66041681This is the ultimate guide to be free from CIA niggers. 1. One account per one email account. 2. One…[View]
66042940https://youtu.be/vPf9xlRjau0 An indian tech reviewer without accent. My god.[View]
66042251/w2k/ Windows 2000 General: It's back edition >How can I use Win2k in 2018? Update to SP4 an…[View]
66042908Company lets me choose whichever phone i want: so /g/, what should i get? Give me legitimate reasons…[View]
66037320Why is kde so comfy? This feels even more comfier than w7[View]
66041503Why aren't you using Windows XP Embedded version, anon? >literally what windows should have …[View]
66033704So I got an iPhone 8+ A couple of months ago and now and now it’s bent. I took it to the Apple store…[View]
66041619Just wondering, what's a good bible-believing desktop PC I could build these days in the horrib…[View]
66042593How good is this smart watch: https://www.amazon.com/DZ09-Bluetooth-Smart-Watch-Touchscreen/dp/B07BV…[View]
66034704ITT >your current phone >your provider >your favorite phone you've had >one thing …[View]
66038615Connect to Omegle with the following tags /g/ - technology Have fun![View]
66039232>45GB of space required What the fuck? Is this an IDE or a video game?[View]
66033920>start using Linux Mint as my main desktop OS and main laptop OS >couple years alter, move on …[View]
66038195PSA: DAILY REMINDER TO BACKUP YOUR STUFF There are two kinds of users. Those that have lost their da…[View]
66033221>/g/ says: 'use linux' But then I can't play games- >/g/ says: 'you don't need to' B…[View]
66041592Is it still feasible to make a website exclusively without Javascript? Not even cosmetic enhancement…[View]
66032213With so many good alternatives, there is no reason to use Xfeces anymore: >out-innovated by MATE …[View]
66041367New (First) PC build: What do you think about this build? Parts are really expensive in Finland. Buy…[View]
66039302Where to learn Unity / C#: Noob looking to learn Unity Best resources?[View]
66039283Got my Signing Bonus: I worked application development at lots of jobs before and got treated like a…[View]
66033767HDR is better than sex[View]
66041645The Jews did this: shit is broken as fuck and the team seam unable to maintain the project. I guess …[View]
66039904meanwhile at the EU-Parliment http://www.europarl.europa.eu/ep-live/en/other-events/video?event=2018…[View]
66028581/pcbg/ - PC Building General: >Assemble a part list https://pcpartpicker.com/ >Learn how to bu…[View]
66041799>2018 >still using electronic devices >not living in a cave enjoy your botnet…[View]
66035176Say 5 nice things about how much you like Xfce. Then we can have a discussion.[View]
66035428does someone know python programing?[View]
66041173Just spilled some tea on the front of my computer. Case is pic related. Am i fucked? I unplugged eve…[View]
66039819Since everyone wants to be a c/java/pythonista these days what language should a newly qualified dev…[View]
66041216my 4chan x extension, using greasemonkey, on firefox - refreshes the 4chan page 3 times before becom…[View]
66034609code screenshots: screenshot of what you are working on graphql implementation in go[View]
66039771I want to remove the annoying manufacturer 3H coating (glossy, but still really really shitty) from …[View]
66039429Site building project challenge: We all know following replies on 4chan is not fun and not easy. The…[View]
66039041getting win10 for FREE: how does win10 deployment work? can I get the ISO for free from microsoft? I…[View]
66035270Is there any way for me to install CDE/Motif on a Raspberry PI without having to compile it myself?[View]
66038538Snapd redpill: Is snapd an easy way to install programs or just another botnet in disguise? Currentl…[View]
66040207LIVE EP Conference of Presidents with Mark ZUCKERBERG, founder and CEO of Facebook: https://ec.europ…[View]
66039275Can I get a data science job with just a bachelor's? What kind of stuff do they want?[View]
66037642Microsoft, Google: We've found a fourth variant of Meltdown-Spectre CPU holes: Design blunder e…[View]
66035823mac soft: Macfags, what software are you using? Im on macbook air at home and mac mini at the office…[View]
66039864Documentation Generation: Hey /g/ how are you documenting your code? If you're not using somet…[View]
66031305Kernel Side-Channel Attack using Speculative Store Bypass - CVE-2018-3639: https://access.redhat.com…[View]
66030724Arch Linux: Arch Linux[View]
66032731Why is Linux font rendering so undeniably superior, /g/? I can't boot back to into Windows anym…[View]
66032789K&R C vs C89: Is learning K&R C a good idea? Will K&R C code compile in a C89 compiler?…[View]
66041003does anyone have experience with stand mixers from china? do they work in any functional capacity?[View]
66040041Reminder that you are not part of the organization when it comes to your PC![View]
66033654Anyone here ever feel 'phantom vibrations' from your phone? I get them at work most often, it'…[View]
66033571/g/'s fav andriod music player?: What does /g/ think the andriod music player is, just moved fr…[View]
66040918Are there any more new phones that don't use iOS or Android (no forks either)?[View]
66039790I-Is JavaScript really for morons? I'm trying to learn c/c++ and Java but I can't do any m…[View]
66040255I don't usually visit /g/ but i was interested in your input. our registrar accidentally sent …[View]
66039894>he uses a distro >he gets cucked by some maintainer that inserts malware in his binary packag…[View]
66039810>the internet of things[View]
66004331How close are we to robot beloved and wives? This seems like a topic you guys would know the most ab…[View]
66032520Cable Alternatives Thread #5929: Can someone give me a rundown on how this thing works? Where does t…[View]
66032846Why are miners so cancerous? >hurr durr I’m working so hard I’m like an industrial worker or a tr…[View]
66038606Is 'real' ladder programming or not?[View]
66037812Ubuntu security: How do you protect your Ubuntu from being (remotely) hacked? If you turn on its fir…[View]
66038526How do I become a top tier game programmer?[View]
66039878>tfw using GNU +/- Linux as my main desktop OS for over three years now Why haven't you made…[View]
66038137Will technology always be in opposition of nature and environment? Asking for a friend[View]
66039942Wiki Software: Best open source wiki? Preferably: >allows editing without creating an account …[View]
66039490What's the best linux company? Red Hat, Canonical, or SUSE?[View]
66038460Best Torrent Clients: Apparently this isn't /t and was redirected here. Deciding between qbitto…[View]
66029696They had one fucking job.[View]
66032320why not?[View]
66037885QUICKLY Post best FOSS android file manager Other FOSS apps welcome[View]
66037904I'm developing a multi-player game. What's the best way to store the server password in th…[View]
66039200Audio issues in windows: How do you fix windows audio from clipping and slowing down? I've had …[View]
66033700Sexism in IT education: cybrary.it has free A+ cert classes. Too bad they're a bunch of sexist …[View]
66039840I don't understand how GDPR will affect the United States.[View]
66037220What does /g/ thinks of BBKeyOne?[View]
66035904>The University of Akron has put its foot down against a professor who planned to raise the grade…[View]
66025932Why is Windows so hard to use?[View]
66039313Why aren't you playing crypko already /g/?[View]
66039341>Be irl discussing Bitcoin efficiency with friends. >Hours later get home, be getting ads abou…[View]
66038485Linux apps compatibility: how come I can run win 98 programs on windows 10 and windows 10 programs o…[View]
66036984Anyone fuck around with Deepin? It looks really nice but I'm skeptical since it comes from Chin…[View]
66038821Hey /g/, I was wondering what are some good sources to learn a language like c. I have experience mo…[View]
66030877/sqt/ - Stupid Questions Thread: I need to ensure the same job added to a queue isn't duplicate…[View]
66036430Graphics Tablet/Digital Art: Anyone here into any digital art fields? What do you use? >Wacom …[View]
66036987Is there any use for java fx? I know a lot of it. Specifically 3d[View]
66027182>webdev is programming[View]
66038501Oh girls, they just wanna have fun...: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PIb6AZdTr-A[View]
66019385/ptg/ - Private Tracker Circlejerk: What are private trackers? Google it. How do I get in? Google it…[View]
66037930What happened to /g/'s mesh project?: All I remember was a tranny and someone named Knotts. Did…[View]
66038639How can I either a) Extract passwords from Chrome without giving authentication or b) Install a keyl…[View]
66037035I impulsely bought this thing. now what?[View]
66038607Monitoring devices: Anyone know where i can buy a device that can monitor the status of computers. I…[View]
66022008/otg/ - Old Tech General: Who old tech here? I've been using a Smith Corona PWP 6000 Plus typew…[View]
66033473How's my roleplaying 'OS' made in winforms looking /g/? Trying to go for a Windows Whistler loo…[View]
66038468/wt/ - Watch Thread: TUDOR BLACKED BAY EDITION: This thread is about the appreciation of replica wat…[View]
66025331google bans whole company over one TOS violation: https://www.reddit.com/r/tifu/comments/8kvias/tifu…[View]
66031556just installed this. what general purpose apps (aside from spotify) do you recommend?[View]
66034847tfw Digital Hoarder: >Save every file and program straight to desktop for years >If I move any…[View]
66030230>if your code has more than 3 levels of nesting you're doing something wrong is he right?…[View]
66035271No Comptia Thread? I bought the Mike Meyers book and I'm watching his shit on Lynda, it's …[View]
66032839ubuntu 18.04 with nvidia proprietary is laggy af wat do?[View]
66034818>2011+7 >/g/ STILL want to become code monkeys…[View]
66038403Globally enable your Javascript they said It can't harm your system they said[View]
66037027Can you see the pattern? nigger fajita distro is taking over.[View]
66037684Crackling sound on new PC: Sound is working fine but there is crackling sound. Headphones or speaker…[View]
66032610>'fiber optic is the future' >the cables are literally made by those fucking light up toys you…[View]
66030693/wt/ - Watch Thread: Tudor Edition: This thread is about the appreciation of watches, as well as the…[View]
66037859>Brought a computer to fix >Guy has been stuffing candy wrappers into the hard drive bay and g…[View]
66006610/hmg/ Hackerman General: In /hmg/ we discuss pentesting, ctfs, exploits, and general being a hackerm…[View]
66016441You have 10 seconds to prove you're a hacker. Go.[View]
66038231What will the visionary genius philanthropist national treasure think of next?[View]
66038132>floppy disk >it's not actually floppy Why are americans so dumb?…[View]
66038160Is Machine Learning a meme, or a useful skill. Like every fucking job lists Machine Learning expiere…[View]
66037814Ideal phone? I was thinking about getting the OnePlus6 since android phones are all cancer, but i wo…[View]
66038113XFCE - tumblerd is a huge piece of shit: I like XFCE, but its thumbnailing daemon/service/whatever c…[View]
66029956/dpt/ — Daily Programming Thread: Previous: >>66021735 What are you working on today, /g/?…[View]
66033539prepare your anuses! spectre exploits can now write to firmware https://blog.eclypsium.com/2018/05/…[View]
66015176What's a /g/ approved router solution?[View]
66029636Intel’s 8-core (Kaby/Coffee) Lake chip spotted: https://videocardz.com/newz/intels-8-core-kaby-coffe…[View]
66035723CockBox?: Hi, /g/. I'm considering using CockBox (cock.li) VPS seriously for a project, because…[View]
66033230What is the best Linux destro for an office laptop?[View]
66035678On my quest to de-google myself ive been thinking about having my own cloud synced with multiple sta…[View]
66037134I just got chosen to go to a 'Hackathon' hosted by a security contractor and the information I'…[View]
66037773Java Thread, dab on them haters edition I need to know how to get really good at object oriented pro…[View]
66034441Is it compulsory for facebook/google/windows employees to use their services?? What will happen if a…[View]
66035792best config[View]
66036341>2018 >Still no custom animated boot logos that appear immediately after pressing power button…[View]
66034198Why aren't you Erlang?[View]
66037123Discord - alternatives: Hi /g/ents, With all the discord hate and their privacy policy update. I…[View]
66028631was it murder?[View]
66036508Bitboost to launch its blockchain-based marketplace: Bitboost is looking for sellers and ambassadors…[View]
66014631/csg/ Chink Shit General: In /csg/, we discuss the cheap shit you see on Gearbest, Taobao, AliExpres…[View]
66026564Screenfecth thread[View]
66037019Discord is scaring people to be afraid to opt out of private message spying I'm from europe so …[View]
66034561Linus Torvalds, the creator and maintainer of the Linux kernel, prefers to use Fedora. He even said …[View]
66036728GDPR is coming. Are you ready?[View]
6603162124bit audio is a meme.[View]
66028208Post Lockscreens: >iphone[View]
66033882MacOS: Good for video editing, photo editing and audio editing GNU/Linux, Unix, etc: Good for web …[View]
66036911>linuxfag >thinking of dabbling into microshit again >don't really want to, but curiou…[View]
66036545What are some highly recommended Chrome 'chrome://flags/' changes or extensions?[View]
66024491Gtk3 +: What are g's thoughts on Gtk?[View]
66036567what is the thinkpad of box mods?: box mods are technology. i've outgrown my starter kit and i…[View]
66035795Post >your favorite /g/ related piece of technology that you own >your yearly average salary …[View]
66035913If you want to save money on DACs.: It's common to get extreme static noise from your motherboa…[View]
66036619>buy thinkpad t420 >install Arch >mess with it for few weeks >now collecting dust somewh…[View]
66036026Have you thanked Microsoft today, freetards? http://bgr.com/2016/11/16/microsoft-linux-foundation-20…[View]
66036172>question the Microsoft Windows operating system >/g/ is suddenly full of architects…[View]
66035931>syntactic sugar[View]
66035358>write function once >instantly use it in parallel mode across all 30+ cpu cores >instantly…[View]
66027915browser discussion: is brave /g/ approved? brainlet here.[View]
66034589I love apple[View]
66030758>2018 >not owning a chromebook[View]
66034114itt: post your browser. Is this browser, Dooble, a meme browser? How secure is it?[View]
66002589Flatshit: Which one is the better icon[View]
66036427Most mainstream AI system are powered by Pajheet & Kumars paid 1, 2 or 3 cents per micro-task to…[View]
66032998What mobile browser does /g/ use on her compact mobile computing device (smartphone)?[View]
66036354Why is a fresh install of Windows 10 Education 1803 so fucking big? 23 GB, wtf?[View]
66035756Post your HDD stats[View]
66035884Is there any point to down grading to Windows 7? I really dislike Windows 10 mainly because it is sl…[View]
66031027OpenBSD Desktop: People here constantly shill OpenBSD and say it's the only BSD you should use …[View]
66035783>google image search >literally 90% results are from this piece of shit website >oy vey reg…[View]
66031701>windows 10 users can't uninstall programs that came with the OS they bought ii'm tryin…[View]
66034560Ubuntu is dead: >update ubuntu 16.04 to 18.04 >restart >ugly as hell greeter >wtf is thi…[View]
66033493Fuck /g/, I just answer one of YouTube's 'quick feedback' polls without thinking. Am…[View]
66035680Pokemon: https://youtu.be/D9u1vX-pvLs I MUZT HAZ[View]
66033640Who is at fault here?[View]
66034792Does anyone here actually know what it takes to work at Amazon, fb, Google and other big tech compan…[View]
66034941*nix viruses: I am genuinely curious /g/ ... Is the idea that 'because less people use *nix, people …[View]
66032064Can someone explain to me why it's so important to learn C++ and/or C? It's always recomme…[View]
66035056I want to run shell scripts from the chrome omnibar. how can I do so?[View]
66035361>Post OS >Post feels pic related to using that OS Fedora 28…[View]
66035006>gnome de >a fucking foot wtf?![View]
66032307Assembly Code: What is the easiest way to tell if assembly code is hand written or compiler generate…[View]
66030123SSD thread: Newfig looking to upgrade from HDD to SSD. Is this any good or should I spend more?…[View]
66021995Movies/Series: What Movies/Series does /g/ recommend?[View]
66035045What is the best back end language for a newfag who only knows front end to learn?[View]
66032886I wanna make the transfer to Linux but I first need distro recomendations that I could mess around w…[View]
66032367Is it worth learning this language as a Java/C# replacement, or should I only do so if I'm look…[View]
66032229Switching to Linux: What can you do with Linux? I'm unironically consodering of switching over.…[View]
66032954I'm looking for a cheap keyboard that 1. has 104 keys 2. is easy to clean 3. is easy to clean c…[View]
66029517/hpg/ - Headphone General: i run out of feet edition, post some of you have them How to request purc…[View]
66032583So thinkpads aside because they're business oriented and I know you autists rave about those he…[View]
66027601Would you grandma be able to install gentoo?[View]
66034913What is it -this- time?: i don't know what http://is2.4chan.org is or does (sorry), but it nee…[View]
66033658I'm using this for a week and i'm really amazed. The browser is fast, the ui is so functi…[View]
66032435its over[View]
66034790What is this piece of shit: > slightly bumps at pic related > 'nothing personel kiddo' > di…[View]
66034404Best bang for buck monitor for your reading pleasure?[View]
66029757Welcome to your interview anon. Now tell me, what makes you qualified to work for ABC Technologies?[View]
66030035>thinkpad >carbon-fiber reinforced plastic Is it meme?…[View]
66027404What CS industry-related fields are non-brainlet? Are ML and Computer Vision the only way? I don…[View]
66030133>there be a new tech board called /linux/ or /gnu/ that way fossfags would have a place to talk a…[View]
66033818Adaptive Icons: Why don't lazy developers update their apps to support adaptive icons?[View]
66034347I just found this thing along other random stuff in a box on the street next to my door. Does anyone…[View]
66033527Chrome OS: So I am using a chromebook with chrome OS ofc. On a level of 1 to fucked, how deep am I i…[View]
66034385How do I do this shit? I want to rig a strawpoll so bad, but I don't know how, and I have yet t…[View]
66032785It's been THIRTY FIVE FUCKING YEARS and Microsoft never added a setting in control panel to cha…[View]
66033295Thinkpad story: There's a really good thinkpad vs macbook shit post that I can't seem to f…[View]
66034303cellphones: When you take off a digitizer from a phone the LCD still works, why is it only white? Do…[View]
66034137boards.4chan.org/g/thread/66021643#p66021643 >>66022086 Here it is. Doesn't really tell …[View]
66021341/spg/ - Smartphone General: If requesting purchasing advice, please provide your country and what ca…[View]
66031026switching to Firefox (60.0.1 ESR 64-bit) as my main browser since it now supports unlimited processe…[View]
66033503I admit, I dont know shit about linux or how to use it at all because ive been a windows pleb all my…[View]
66028025Quick Question is a p5kpl-am overclockable[View]
66020423TFW you spend two days installing a piece of hardware not supported by Linux, on Linux, and finally …[View]
66030343new windows update fucked up my whole sound setup and it does that EVRY time it needs to update Usb…[View]
66033881>be me programs with flash 2d mugen games is orded to go school teacher and students say flash en…[View]
66033664How close are we /g/?: side note: what is with the posture + monitor tilt? Has the onions really mad…[View]
66033647Side-Channel Vulnerability Variants 3a and 4: Ho boy, here we go again. https://www.us-cert.gov/ncas…[View]
66029221Virtual Box USB guest additions: Help /g/ I'm trying to run win7 in VirtualBox, but the Usb 2.0…[View]
66031902Can an ANN predict stock prices?[View]
66031379Based Google killing its own apps to help me debot myself. Now that G-News is total shit what do you…[View]
66032778someone explain me the following on cold boot attack, im a brainlet >encrypted file system, power…[View]
66033212stupid and ignorant: sooo are there any public wifi connetions that are actually paid? how can i dis…[View]
66031296>Try looking at email on my iPhone >Doesn't load >Try open same email on my Linux lapt…[View]
66030351>tfw too stupid to come up with a good username[View]
66031373My rig is the following https://imgur.com/a/sMcf1V6 and here is my story. So i bought this pre buil…[View]
66006950Why the fuck is still separate[View]
66033268What are some of the funnest/interesting assignments you've done while learning /g/?: I've…[View]
66032721I have one week to write my diploma work from scratch before I will be expelled from the university.…[View]
66030015Now you realize that >'big titty nigger sits on my face all day all night long' Is a much strong…[View]
66031477I've been diffing the mainline kernel against the one released by Tesla and found something int…[View]
66033122How the fuck do you even walk someone through booting windows 10 in safemode when they locked themse…[View]
66031317What /g/ use for browser in android?: What do you use for android browser? I need something that wil…[View]
66031129Well exactly 24 hours after upgrading to the new LTS version of Ubuntu and its already corrupted. Al…[View]
66029436Wish me luck, any recommendations for BSD on PPC in case this fails?[View]
66032460Dear /g/ I just got a new laptop and I noticed a pressure mark on the screen. It has touchscreen and…[View]
66030800How long would it take to become a competent self-taught software developer starting from a beginner…[View]
66031820Can someone please explain to me how if key travel, switch type, and layout are all the same, chicle…[View]
66032487Who here runs linux from an external drive? Why do you do so and what OS do you run? >Because it …[View]
66031791yesterday's thread on vacuum cleaners ( >>66019475 ) went pretty well. let's keep it…[View]
66032115RETARD QUESTION, RETARD QUESTION. say I wanted to find a program that would take recorded footage an…[View]
66024153WHY WON'T YOU DIE[View]
66023743/vlg/ - Void Linux General: Void Linux General Big update edition >website https://www.voidlinux.…[View]
66031989/madvr/ - something huge is going to happen[View]
66032430Ripping DVD's: I got a dvd set that i want to copy to my HD since i don't have any dvd pla…[View]
66020838So do you think he really did that shit?[View]
66030559ITT: signs that someone is a brainlet >uses a paid password manager[View]
66013433What apps does /g/ use?[View]
66030856>tfw botnet 10 just turned itself on[View]
66030788/g/ how do i in real stream on youtube? can i ffmpeg in real life and shit? what do i need[View]
66032428Why aren't you using Forth for your personal projects right now? Are you still afraid to manipu…[View]
66032411How do I speed up reading a file line by line in bash? While read is painfully slow. I tried to load…[View]
66025488What linux distro I should install on VM, besides gentoo, arch, slackware? for long terms use and lo…[View]
66030076whats /g/'s opinion on windscribe?[View]
66029789/ceg/ - Computer Engineering General: What’s it like at your CE job? What languages do you use most …[View]
66029143Do big companies also exploit their IT dept for dumb shit?: I've noticed that many small and me…[View]
66031136>try to find something on twitter >ctrl + f >search bar doesn't come up Fucking what. …[View]
66031906Can wireless phone chargers shock you when you pick your phone up? Or wireless toothbrush chargers? …[View]
65999431JUST https://youtu.be/3qhW1sDPHYI[View]
66030683Anyone else interested in symbolic execution / program analysis? http://deniable.org/reversing/symbo…[View]
66028703Protonmail: I thought you guys said Protonmail is good? >Try to change Steam email >Waiting fo…[View]
66021424>scans your doujins >you're now on a list Is photoDNA a good thing?…[View]
66030405What went wrong?[View]
66032029Foobar: Is there any quick ways to edit the default grey borders that the file and title bar has in …[View]
66023152When are 128-bit CPUs coming out, /g/?[View]
66026196How do I hack an computer?[View]
66030627I'm pretty sure the reason of why usb cables turns yellow after a long time is because we left …[View]
66031684was I the only one that was using this with my old internet buddies? that + pgp encryption was the w…[View]
66031584Non technical people being stupid: This dingus is annoying me, post more annoying or ignorant non-te…[View]
66027107How does /g/ make money? Job? Autismbux? Or something else entirely?[View]
66026618>replace SATA SSD with NVMe SSD >150MB/s zip file extraction instead of 100MB/s wow, it's…[View]
66021752Open Office vs Libre Office: Which one is /g/ favourite and why[View]
66030497>that 25 year old boomer who says 82 year old boomers can't code why is /g/ always wrong?…[View]
66026683Homescreen thread: A minimal yet appropriate time for love[View]
66031465Hey /g/, whats the best way to root my Huawei P9 safely without losing any data thanks in advance …[View]
66025651>youtube, a for-profit company, offers a share of ad revenue to encourage content creation >yo…[View]
66028540ok boyos i need help i want to set up a voice to text and a text to speech that works in tandum in t…[View]
66029818Do you pronounce it lo-KALE or lo-CAL-eh?[View]
66030199COREL SOFTWARE FOR LINUX: Corel makes the best photo editing software and photoshop alternative for …[View]
66009573<wdg/> - Web Development General: Prev thread: >>65984155 >Free beginner resources to…[View]
66030933Last /sqt/ thread archived so I'm asking here: Mounted on a wall, which antenna position is bet…[View]
66026916Do people really get to interviews unable to do Fizzbuzz?[View]
66028274Is working in IT worth the risk ?[View]
66028820What is the /g/ approved password manager? I heard you have to pay for LastPass and I am poor[View]
66029547Are there more people like me on /g/? I'm working in helpdesk/support since 5 years making more…[View]
66030953Hey, I have a bit of a conundrum. I've never used HMAC before, and I'm confused as to how …[View]
66029134Peltier cooling: Anyone here ever try cooling their CPU/GPU with a peltier device? If so how did you…[View]
66030795What do you do with your dedicated server?[View]
66031132Lisp is trash[View]
66026325I'm a few months from a Ph.D in Physics (theory). I hate physics now though and want to get int…[View]
66025718Vim 8.1 Release: Vim 8.1 is released! >support for running a terminal inside Vim >new terminal…[View]
66031109Where can I find the 2016 Evony database[View]
66031063When is Opus 1.3 coming out? I've been waiting over six months for the day I get to re-encode m…[View]
66025793Do emails have legal validity in a court? I hosted on my server an illegal hidden service for someon…[View]
66029210Does /g/ own a phone with a notch?[View]
66028154Rate my website file:///D:/www/ivan-website/Untitled-3.html[View]
66026953Are Curved TVs just marketing?[View]
66029049Any good programming youtube channels that you guys watch ? inb4 >le youtube is gay or whatever…[View]
66030665Ed, man! !man ed: When I log into my Xenix system with my 110 baud teletype, both vi and Emacs are j…[View]
66030681>be euro >go to any board >most images or webms are or i.4cdn.org >few are on is2.4chan.…[View]
66029340Just curious: Does WubiUEFI work on older PCs with no UEFI?[View]
66024319How is Windows telemetry not absolutely BTFO by the GDPR third world goblino answers not welcome, so…[View]
66030148What're the fundamental differences between programming a computer with no OS (e.g. Super Famic…[View]
66029368Upgrade?: When to upgrade Sandy Bridge? I only play FIFA 18 and CIV VI mainly.[View]
66030656Defend THIS, shills.: https://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvekey.cgi?keyword=java[View]
66022222What's /g/'s thoughts on iOS's default wallpaper?[View]
66030430You raff: you ruse[View]
66028720Why are the audio players and media players that I find on Linux so fucking horribly disgusting to l…[View]
66022417/wt/ - Watch Thread: Tudor Edition: This thread is about the appreciation of watches, as well as the…[View]
66027410Why does mpv resize the UI text when resizing the window? This is retarded.[View]
66030203Help me choose one: I want to do a fresh install on my old laptop. What is more stable and better, w…[View]
66028347entering into circuits.: Hey guys, I just finished a basic electronics class this semester. We used …[View]
66029587Thanks for telling me about this running comfy lolipop on my samshit[View]
66030177>year of lord 2018 Why so few programs utilize search box in Preferences/Settings/Options menu li…[View]
66027764why aren't you using common lisp right now?[View]
66027913Bored at work Meetings in a few hours. Already finished my work and just waiting for.the other.proje…[View]
66026918The ABSOLUTE fucking state of Windows 10. Microsoft is literally not letting you be in charge of you…[View]
66028756Recommend me a cheap and durable laptop that can run your average modern game on at least the lowest…[View]
66029842your technology a joke compared to this >[View]
66019347Who here misses when Gigabyte used to make chinky looking motherboards with insane VRMs on them?[View]
66028244>Use iPhone X under sun >Throttles to 1/3 of the real performance until you take it back to yo…[View]
66029897What are you reading, /g/?[View]
66026621least cucked version of Chrome browser[View]
66027284https://videocardz.com/newz/intels-8-core-kaby-coffee-lake-chip-spotted THANK YOU BASED INTEL AYYMD …[View]
66028757there is more to this.[View]
66026844Hey /g/, My dad needs a basic phone with long battery life and buttons. I decided on the Nokia 3310…[View]
66020469Hey did you guys hear that Louis Rossman dropped his ThinkPad off a ladder and it still works?[View]
66026105WiFi SSID thread: Getting the jokes out first: Hide yo kids, hide yo WiFi... Pretty Fly for a WiFi B…[View]
66026004söybleem: I saw one thread days ago about this problem with it. I found this somewhere on gayhub. I …[View]
66028115GEOFENCED TIMECARD: how do I circumvent the shitty geofencing of the website I punch in and out with…[View]
66028167Can someone explain to me why autists hoard old shitboxes, especially old apple shitboxes? It's…[View]
66025273Okay after a prolong Linux-only use I got a separate PC I only plan to use for gaming, but I realize…[View]
66024383Bluetooth Speakers: >UE Boom >Jawbone And more. Do you use them? What do you use? What’s your …[View]
66029553hey /g/, the other day you guys were discussing (what i remember as) a piece of slate you used inste…[View]
66027766POS Terminal is technology. Which brands the best? Discus.[View]
66018236/hpg/ - Headphone General: How to request purchase advice: https://pastebin.com/fYZLW7Ub For sub-$50…[View]
66027613>Cinnamon is more lightweight than MATE >LXQt is more lightweight than LXDE >Enlightenment …[View]
65993921Lubuntu finally switching to LXQt in 18.10 (RIP Xubuntu and Ubuntu): >After working on Lubuntu-Ne…[View]
66028483C: brainlet here, what is the difference between symbolic constants & global variables in C?…[View]
66025355which is the best hypervisor and why is it vmware esxi?[View]
66021719WTF is with the 1180? apparently its only as powerful as a 1080 ti or a titan X. its supposed to be …[View]
66021735/dpt/ — Daily Programming Thread: Previous: >>66014373 What are you working on today, /g/?…[View]
66028424riddle time? 1 9 7 520 0 60 72 0 60 80 2 49 8 8 1 9 7 520 0 60 72 0 …[View]
66023823https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m1jY2VLCRmY Why have you not joined the 8K master race, /g/?[View]
66027244has anybody usd xamarin? how does it compare to android studio? is it worth to learn c# and use it i…[View]
66029059Case for Z800 MoBo: I bought this motherboard a while ago https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00LSWKZC2 Anyb…[View]
66029026Been planning to convert my Peavey Vypyr VIP 3 combo amp into a head, and I don't know what typ…[View]
66023143ITT we discuss 3d printers[View]
65987288/avg/ & /ag/: audio video general & audiophile memes: Audio video thread! Let's kick t…[View]
66026019>hit post reply >doesn't auto focus the textbox…[View]
66024419What do you guys think of All in One PC's? I'm thinking of buying this piece of shit for $…[View]
66028338How do I truly embrace the Internet?[View]
66018352/sqt/ - Stupid Questions Thread: I don't understand the answer to this question: https://source…[View]
66026136Ubuntu server 18.04: So i have a shitty laptop with like 2gb of memory and i wanna use it as a machi…[View]
66025559Are loonix distro source codes actually audited or na[View]
66025252I got a raspberry pi 3 and 1TB external HDD. I want to mount it in my Windows laptop to access shit …[View]
66026659It is literally impossible to be 100% sure your PC is secure from anything, even if you take ALL def…[View]
66026238/comfy/ font for programming?[View]
66024268do you liek jpeg?[View]
66026485Humble bundle book bundle has a bunch of books on devops. Are there any in the lot that /g/ recogniz…[View]
66025251Do you put your waifu/daughteru in the background like me, /g/?[View]
66027372andorid on ipad mini: So i got this fucker ipad mini 2 the thing has gotten old so its slow as fuck …[View]
66026473ITT:: we discuss /g/'s optimal PC os, browser, hardware, etc.[View]
66027637Help a simpleton out? When trying to download something what do each of these files do when you get…[View]
65980629/TOSG/ - TempleOS General: This is a thread for discussing TempleOS, fan distros of templeOS, and th…[View]
66026457Wow..... I’m like a programmer now![View]
66025644Security Cameras: What is the /g/ approved home security camera system? I'm specifically lookin…[View]
66024607do you people actually think /g/ is relavent enough for tech companies to pay shills to come here? Y…[View]
66023101What ever happened to this guy? He dead?[View]
66018083How do I use this bitch[View]
66024052Any Antergos users?[View]
66024720Explain this please...: In the hardcore Linux communities, I see many hatred towards Ubuntu and Manj…[View]
66001993/mkg/ - Mechanical Keyboard General: /mkg/ - Gaming Edition >Buyer's template: http://pasteb…[View]
65992356Screenfetch: No screenfetch thread? Show your rices.[View]
66023953https://aomediacodec.github.io/av1-avif/ >2020 >AV1 Still Image File Format used everywhere …[View]
66024034I could've been anything else, veterinarian, car mechanic, an artist. Instead I chose to be a h…[View]
66025904>inb4 picture for ants >inb4 /g/ isnt't your tech support I just notice this transparent …[View]
66026201Hang on... Were people mad because she was giving an attitude to a nice elderly citizen or was it be…[View]
66026373thank you based gnome and flatpak devs, now it's easy to run steam games on any pure 64bit dist…[View]
66024480Do you multitask on your phone or does the small screen rape your eyes?[View]
66025670When will the big tower case meme die?[View]
66026369Nothing to hide, nothing to fear!: With that being said, please post your Card Number, Expiration Da…[View]
66026248Shit customers say to me about computers: I work in the tech department of a store in an area full o…[View]
66025311I'm considering getting a new laptop.: What's the best option: Should i follow the ThinkPa…[View]
66022949Role of laptop @ your battlestation: I've kept my combination mining/gaming computer right next…[View]
66024453>oh no Windows and Google and Facebook are SPYING on you >Yet every criminal was caught becaus…[View]
66018860Why do you still use Windows?[View]
66021033Hooktube: Is https://hooktube.com/ legit? I tried it while blocking Google and YouTube and videos we…[View]
66027000What's your internet speed?[View]
66025152/emacs/ general ma dudes, Do you use the default keybindings? I don't dislike them but I fear f…[View]
66024534>css tutorial >it has lorem ipsum gibberish as place holder text…[View]
66022267Be honest, why aren't you Dvorak right now? Responses such as: >le fedora Will be ignored an…[View]
66023772The new BMPCC 4k is announced. Aren't you excited?[View]
66026772Ragethread ILL START. >Be SCCM admin / tier 4 support >working on 1704 >they decide to giv…[View]
66026767custom smartphone case: do you have one? post a pic I wanna see[View]
66017802CS hate thread: I majored in CS but I hate every fucking job I've had so far. I lost all the pa…[View]
66023896Let's say if I create an own distro (based on Ubuntu,Arch,openSuse...) and heavily market it, w…[View]
66013104/pcbg/ - PC Building General: >Assemble a part list https://pcpartpicker.com/ >Learn how to bu…[View]
66025222Let's talk cooling: Summer is coming. What's the best way to keep your rig cool ? Especial…[View]
66022104What are your complaints about this one?[View]
66026460Why is using Emacs so hard? Why can't I just hit compile or something?[View]
66022066Is professional video editing possible on Linux? It seems to be the only weakness of Linux I see. P…[View]
66022156What kind of amp / receiver do you use? im currently thinking about buying a Yamaha R-S202BL Stereo …[View]
65989270>free and open source software enthusiast >non stop begs for money and puts his show behind a …[View]
66026157BREAKING: GOOGLE REMOVES DON'T BE EVIL: >Google’s unofficial motto has long been the simple …[View]
66021689You have a room. You want it painted blue. A Windows user would wear blue tinted glasses. A Mac user…[View]
66022341Why the fuck pajeet offer me a job, but can't read my whole resume that I was not working almos…[View]
66025538>stuck with pic related in 2018 anno domini please kill me[View]
66023809Best ways to secure/de-google rooted android?: Are there any recommended root app lists or anything …[View]
66024566Is he right anons? Are you all drug dealers?[View]
66024922Very strange server issues: I have been renting and using an OVH Debian dedicated server for almost …[View]
66024981Wait, what? These are still sold?[View]
66024989Internet nostalgia thread: Why was it so comfy to use web in the early 00's?[View]
660258149M14 Malyutka AT-3 Sagger: Alright, which one of you left a Russian AT-3 Stagger in the server room?…[View]
66024260Is there a comprehensive list of all Windows 7 SP1 updates that someone should avoid because of tele…[View]
66006855/fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread: Welcome to /fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread. Users of all leve…[View]
66025713Into the trash it goes. If you need access to old files, back it up now.[View]
66021132is vr the cure to loneliness[View]
65989262new edc thread[View]
66017878/re/ - Reverse Engineering: Tutorials: >The Legend of R4ndom >https://legend.octopuslabs.io/sa…[View]
66016514Hi /g/ents, who here is capable of re-writing script for suse to work on rhel? Its a 130 line, shell…[View]
66020931dealing with loss: how it happened is somewhat of a mystery, and its not important. but i've lo…[View]
66024915some anon has been posting a gif that is crashing peoples browser. Can anyone here exlain what it is…[View]
66005879CPU/GPU scam: >1 cent worth of aluminum >0.000001 cents worth of sand/silica >0.001 cents w…[View]
66024927Piece of shit: Who asked for this? A GTX 1050 non-TI 3GB?[View]
66023849Why did you upgrade?: Half the threads on /g/ are about w10 getting JUST'd havent you learnt by…[View]
66020806Why is GIMP still as shit as it was 10 years ago? Why hasn't everyone in the Linux community pu…[View]
66022038Hi /g/ Had to install Windows (7 Ultimate) on another hdd because my shit was getting pretty old. Ju…[View]
66024199How do I into AI and NN[View]
66024137Just finished building this PC a couple hours ago. Thoughts?[View]
66023312WTF happened to gedit: I just got 18.04 LTS, Line numbers and grid pattern gone! No preferences tab …[View]
66024823cancelling the battlestation: >sitting at PC my whole life >fastforward to 3 years into my des…[View]
66016168Absolutely retard. Still want one tho.[View]
66021645>thousands of dollars for sub-par 2010 hardware that breaks way too easily >archaic os that…[View]
66024908Inspired by Poozen poster who swapped from ryzen to 8700k. I have bought myself a Coolermaster HAF X…[View]
66024286who knows the difference between quotes and single quotes in python?[View]
66024768Is it me or image loading time on 4chan is slow?[View]
66019096nani the fuck[View]
66018964Thinking about installing OpenBSD. I've installed FreeBSD before, and I had a generally positiv…[View]
66023380thoughts on this new browser?[View]
66024532Hey /g/. Anyone know how much the spectre/meltdown countermeasures affect the performance of kaby la…[View]
65995465ITT: itt we post our >OS >mobile phone(s) >wrist watch >waifu >home board >freque…[View]
66018214Best Browser?: What is the best browser? I personally use Waterfox but many addons I use are failing…[View]
66023928Recommend a good justwerks distro for my granny converting from Win10.[View]
66022133Abusive Captchas Thread: I don't even know what to say[View]
66022514I work at an Apple store AMA[View]
66023198Decades without proper file management: How is it that decades have passed and there still isn'…[View]
66023609Does Botnet10 scan your local files and upload them to the sky? If so, how do you justify being a da…[View]
66012924>fell for the Data Job meme I'm a glorified SQL monkey It hurts Who else fell for this meme…[View]
66024308What webs do you follow to be aware /g/ ?[View]
66021065Microsoft: Back in the spring, Microsoft Japan started Twitter and Line accounts for Rinna, an AI pr…[View]
66020707>windows >wiping with regular toilet paper but someone is watching you while you do it >Mac…[View]
66023786Programming help needed! I'm trying to learn some good old coding, but i'm going full reta…[View]
66023285What video software is this: How do you make these videos , how do you edit videos so you can layer …[View]
66023024Post your best vim plugins[View]
66009526Why that OS?: Why do you use the OS that you use Anon?[View]
66021225Linux Dual Boot question: What is the ideal setup for dual-booting Windows 10 and a linux distro (pr…[View]
66023454As an infosec major I'd like to gather the people working in theory, AI, and operating systems …[View]
66023825I thought the whole point of logging with a well established account (in this case Twitter) was to a…[View]
66024041bleak future?[View]
66017250Forums: does anyone else miss forums and BBSes? it seems like it's harder to find good places t…[View]
66024010CRT: What do you have lads?[View]
65988578No guts thread in catalog: Post 'em.[View]
66020462Raspberry pi: Is the Raspberry Pi a meme? I was at microcenter yesterday with my dad and he got a Pi…[View]
66014600LOL! What a piece of shit.[View]
66007005Which is the best programming language?[View]
66019475Vacuums are technology! What vacuum is best for keeping your house/apartment/whatever clean?[View]
66021938I'm fucking dumb. Why does this happens?[View]
66023669>gaming on a television Fucking consolefags constantly forget that playing AAA titles at over 100…[View]
66015001/wt/ - Watch Thread: This thread is about the appreciation of watches, as well as the micro-engineer…[View]
66018405Current state of Linux tubers: > Install distro in VM > Distro A has nicer wallpapers than d…[View]
66007486best VPNs?[View]
66021294Tape Drives: Why aren't you using LTO tapes to back up all your data?[View]
66022867What is the most minimal linux os? I don't want the gnu bloat. Should i go for alpine or some b…[View]
66013106what happened to live wallpapers? why was there never live wallpapers for the desktop?[View]
66020858Adaptive Icons: Why don't lazy devs update their apps to use adaptive icons?[View]
66016356ITT: brands that /g/ hates but you like.: I'll start. Cup memes aside I don't see the pro…[View]
66021643What the fuck is wrong with my internet.[View]
66021494Stop using Microsoft Windows.[View]
66013303I need a new office chair for my home PC, I work from home so I'm in the chair a lot. What does…[View]
66023359Lazy hacking: What lazy hacks do you use regularly? I do a Man in the Middle attack on my employer…[View]
66023280Privacy in technology Why do so many of you guys care about privacy? Sure, you can watch me jack of…[View]
66022640>javascript: everything is an object >is not an object oriented language…[View]
66018468What do you dread the most when building other people's software? CMake or autotools? Personall…[View]
66021014What does /g/ think of eye trackers? https://youtu.be/Lnt9g-SmgHQ[View]
66013817Hating on Apple is a retarded incel fad: >unironically hating on a company that popularized and r…[View]
66023095>get a text message with an address on it >don't know where it is >start typing it in …[View]
66022588brainlet here is it illegal to 'rip' or digitally extract the blu-ray movies i bought to my hard dri…[View]
66019257is there any way to disable internet on your laptop? I'm talking about password locking the wif…[View]
66021603If it’s better than Linux why does no one use it[View]
66017920What is the best m3u player for Android?[View]
66021845I bought an apple watch and it has an activation lock. Is there any way to bypass this?[View]
66017419https://discordapp.com/privacy How the fuck did they manage to make it worse?[View]
66022794Are there any software that tells me what notes are a certain chord made off and what notes do a sca…[View]
66022580what are the tech-related requirements in order to ascend to the next level?[View]
66020732Some questions: I have some stupid questions to ask: 1) i made a user.js file for firefox some time …[View]
66012919Why does Linux in 1997 look similar to Linux in 2018?[View]
66022696/g/ Is this just a fancy photograph or an actual bluetooth speaker?[View]
66012800Should AMD go back into the high-performance GPU game to truly compete with Nvidia?[View]
66022493How do I prevent my router from logging the MAC addresses of my devices? Im fucking pissed that my r…[View]
66021152>Paying more than $50 for a phone[View]
66021512A friend is a social worker at a UN building in Africa, but he has no Internet. Wondering if there a…[View]
66019937>do stuff on phone >feel watched by front camera Why don't they ship phones with a slider…[View]
66022445What does the line do?[View]
66022001why can't i call a variable to act as a number in batch in a variable operator? echo %str:~-%y%…[View]
66022316Can we get an Amp/DAC thread going?[View]
66021099How long have you been using the same distro?[View]
66019377so who here is starting to hate tech and wants to move away from it?[View]
66020754technology brainlet here, I'm using windows, should I change to linux? why? no bully pls pic un…[View]
66020276/PMP/ Personal music Player General: My Waifu Edition This thread is for the discussion portable mp3…[View]
66021321Rainmeter: Anyone still use this? I don't care about the rice but I did like having system info…[View]
66012945Font rendering thread: Usual font rendering thread. Post screenshots. Ridicule other anons. Praise o…[View]
66021659HELP: >join this guy's Facebook group (he has the highest IQ in the world at 210 IQ and is g…[View]
66020852Alright /g/ got my first job in my field at a start up ISP field tech and start in 2 weeks, what sho…[View]
66021970Why is my gaming laptop acting up?: The last couple of days I have been trying to play Rainbow Six, …[View]
66017588I have $15 to spend at Best Buy. Found a gift card. What do?[View]
66021570Post your high score[View]
66020648>TN panel[View]
66001105New major spectre vulnarability for Intel anounced!!!: >Yuriy Bulygin, the former head of Intel…[View]
66014373/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: Old thread: >>66006503 What are you working on, /g/?[View]
66021049Would you guys use the following service if it existed? Screenshots of posts from social media, thin…[View]
66021187ISP shouldn't be able to do anything above OSI layer 3.[View]
66021373If you want to have a server with encrypted disks, what is the best solution? I'm currently doi…[View]
66013928regret thread. What do you regret /g/[View]
66011269Thanks for recommending Linux: >install kubuntu >install all needed programs >there is no o…[View]
66019801I'm offended and demand an apology[View]
66020713Rate my new build: >3.0GHz 10-Core Intel Xeon W processor with Turbo Boost up to 4.5GHz >64GB …[View]
66017785senet fights back on net neutrality: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/05/16/technology/net-neutrality-se…[View]
66020232So my piece of shit uncle is shitting all over our internet by streaming Netflix in HD, and there…[View]
65990035/BST/ Battle station general: Old thread >>65971692 R8, H8 and Decor8[View]
66020935Can DWS wreck my PC?[View]
66019873>he can't use vi >he can't use awk >he can't use dc >ha ha and he calls h…[View]
66020952Is 1080p on a 27 inch screen too low? I mainly only care about video games and netflix. I can tell t…[View]
66002446>pull out smartphone >type in passcode >press power button…[View]
66018773The new BMPCC 4k is announced. Aren't you excited?[View]
66020282Kali linux: Hi g. I have one question, what is the best way to hide peyload? example: hacking andro…[View]
66020896So he get paid just for being exists?[View]
66019766When your IQ is too autistic: >listen to some musician doing a solo song on youtube >use youtu…[View]

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