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66769470should i get one of these: to use as a wifi porn/media/warez/data storage? (but mostly porn.) also h…[View]
66770571Million Spam Newsletter Subscription Emails: I just had the same problem as this dude https://www.di…[View]
66768738Does anyone know how to install unsigned ipsw files on a 6s+ ? My phone is stuck in restore mode and…[View]
66761030Is Ebay the worst ecommerce site?[View]
66765733Do we even need gigabit LAN for ordinary home use? Video and games don't even take advantage of…[View]
66769479the current state of lincuck script kiddies just use a real OS like windows[View]
66770494I don't usually come to this board. I just wanted to know if these are a meme. Can you even use…[View]
66770382Does anyone know a way to look up and warch a deleted youtube video that was on a separate channel?[View]
66767181What do you guys think of Cicada 3301[View]
66769848Now what[View]
66767285Should I change the channel my wifi uses?[View]
66770145How do I increase the performance of my script? Does pict related really werk?[View]
66767150What's preventing you from going rouge and writing malware?[View]
66764899whats your favorite linux distribution? mine is pic related >tcsh default shell >preferred pac…[View]
66766520Couldn't find the stupid questions general so I'm just going to ask here. Is it common for…[View]
66755424/ptg/ - Private Tracker General: Anime Strikes Back >Not sure what private trackers are all about…[View]
66769780>First day as software developer at nice company >2 hours of paperwork and the executives expl…[View]
66769483Found an apple watch.: I found an apple watch series 3. It was locked with the passcode '0001' (lol …[View]
66767617Hard Real-Time Software: Fault-tolerant, fail-safe, fail-secure - how do you do it?[View]
66770015I've been trolling some scammers, spam calling them, and doxing them, etc. You guys know anythi…[View]
66761341Android store is a fucking joke[View]
66745044The perfect keyboard doesn't exi[View]
66735440screenfetch thread: post your shiity desktops[View]
66768861Is this a good deal? I don't really want Gsync, but it seems that all monitors above 1080p and …[View]
66769656what's your opinion on nvidia buying back graphics cards from retailers with full stocks so the…[View]
66747338/fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread.: Welcome to /fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread. Users of all lev…[View]
66765577Hey /g/, what do you recommend me? A GeForce GTX1050Ti 4GB or a nintendo switch[View]
66767978Why are G-sync monitors so damn expensive? I only want a 144Hz 1080p one but they're all over $…[View]
66769530Shitstorm in Japan because of an error in Google's Play Store. If you buy something (app, music…[View]
66756217wtf i thought windows was just for games did /g/ lied to me?[View]
66746131/hsg/ - Home server general: My last one caught me sleeping edition. --> Quick Questions Quick Re…[View]
66753936Hooktube is kill: Press F to pay respects[View]
66768984Equation for monitor side lengths given aspect ratio and screen width: Super useful[View]
66767155Debian is dying. What do?[View]
66766991So I buy some new hardware. Try to install Windows 7. Get a BSOD and discover that Ryzen doesn…[View]
66766890Why the fuck does Windows 10 require the DNS Client service be running? It can't be disabled o…[View]
66768768why does bitmoji want permission to read my browsing history >why are you using bitmoji…[View]
66769263Friend doesn't believe me that a GPU can be bottle necked by the speed of motherboard.[View]
66767654Graphics Card is Killing Me: If anyone wants to help me figure this out, it'd be appreciated. B…[View]
66754231/tpg/ - ThinkPad General: Previous thread: >>66734900 (Cross-thread) If you're looking fo…[View]
66763970Is it possible to search through Mega? Through their site or otherwise. I bought a one month members…[View]
66767052>Third-party audit reveals AMD drivers are the most stable for gamers >Today, independent soft…[View]
66768880Install Libreboot[View]
66763851Is this worth getting for $20? Is there a better stick I should get instead? I don't mind payin…[View]
66763313Thoughts on the 5th gen 30gb Ipod video? For 70 dollars I can get a fully refurbished one with new b…[View]
66760564Interesting websites: Post any websites you enjoy that aren't mainstream normie shit.[View]
66768423I am trying to write a script that takes multiple .csv files and stitches them together. Does anyone…[View]
66768875I was going to go for an used thinkpad again, but I decided to take a risk and go for a new ideapad…[View]
66765375Wait what the fuck[View]
66767371What exactly does Oracle do?[View]
66768570Very Stupid questions thread: In C++, is there a case where calling a function by value is better th…[View]
66768121Don't you feel incredibly insecure running nonfree software?[View]
66765485Is it possible to game on BSD?: How does BSD gaming compare to Linux gaming? Here are the main categ…[View]
66761428>muh CommonSense™[View]
66767215>/g/ says protonmail is the best and that we should all be using it >register an account on pr…[View]
66768347ITT: Computer fuckups. I'll start. >be me >fashion an old (mid 2015 high end specs) deskt…[View]
66766507So I'm interested in learning JavaScript. I have a bit of experience in python, c++, and rust, …[View]
66766471it seems like every year amdfags say the same thing every year, yet they still look forward to see w…[View]
66767867ITT: Old Phones & Java Games: Let's see your old favorites lads I'll post a phone that…[View]
66765421Why is Jonathan Schwartz so cute?[View]
66763450/g/ nublet here. I’m worried about the repeal of net neutrality. I’m wondering if you guys are as we…[View]
66750568How come nobody gives a shit about China's Lunar Rover?[View]
66753186Women in Tech: Why aren't there more of them?[View]
66766482where did it all go wrong?[View]
66764424Here it is /g/... I just moved to a new town and living less than a mile from the library which off…[View]
66763428Determining compatbility of server hardware: I was asked by a friend to help set up a system of a pa…[View]
66766234What's the best Android browser now that Lightning is an abandoned piece of shit?[View]
66767386A-a-anon-kun What PSU should I get for my i5 8400 and RX 580 build? The fancy thermaltake calculator…[View]
66766789Hi /g/, I am in the process of purchasing a my own home and I wanted to setup the house for data and…[View]
66767277What cameras does /g/ recommend for best value for people who don't want to use a phone camera?[View]
66762711Let's have hacker news simulator thread.[View]
66763985The Gentoo Install Speedrun Challenge: Me and another /g/tard fellow came up with an idea, after wat…[View]
66765106Please advice or suggest: Cross-Posting here from /b/ Hello /g/, IT freshman here. What are the thin…[View]
66763113/VHDL/ Central: Models, Simulation, Synthesis. What are some good resources for learning and using V…[View]
66767711>Third-party audit reveals AMD drivers are the most stable for gamers >Today, independent soft…[View]
66766889eReaders: Are they worth it? Or are tablets better, or even books?[View]
66766988You have 10 seconds to explain why you aren't using Go for your next progect.[View]
66766837Can the hacker known as 4chan help me on this one please ? I'm trying to modify some chingchong…[View]
66764688VPN Recommendations: I've gone through some VPNs my friends and colleagues have recommended and…[View]
66766818Is 32 years old too late to get into the tech industry? I fell into an industry that I hate but the …[View]
66761312AMD drivers are the most stable: Nvidia drivers are bett-- https://www.guru3d.com/news-story/third-p…[View]
66767470Kobo Clara HD or Paperwhite? And why[View]
66767255Microsoft's acquisition of github: Does it bother you guys at all? I'm not a programmer, b…[View]
66766065What are some cool terminal commands?[View]
66760680prime day deals: what are you basement dwellers targeting on prime day?[View]
66763275What software generates this kind of filename?[View]
66766801https://youtu.be/A4dXZkjWTg0?t=133 Is this unfunny bucktooth soiboi right /g/uys? Are we a toxic cul…[View]
66763101>tfw I can use Ctrl + click to open in a new tab on touchpad[View]
66767313Is rpi3 still best small and cheap computer for retro games? Is there better and faster android devi…[View]
66767001How do you cool your PC during the summer?[View]
66764902How does /g/ manage working on multiple projects with different language stacks and conflicting depe…[View]
66766840upgrade from nvidia geforce 760: so im on a real low budget would technically be the Gigabyte GeForc…[View]
66762772Which power supply for gtx 1080: The card says it uses '180 max wattage' can i trust that? Am i good…[View]
66760926Virtual Reality, gimmick or real deal?: So, do you think Virtual Reality will actually stick around …[View]
66763173How many computers do you have? How many different OSs do you run? If you run more than one OS, what…[View]
66762133Apple has a surprising amount of unsold iPhone X inventory: APPLE IS FINISHED https://archive.fo/XmK…[View]
66765121What are your thoughts on Wayland? I've been trying to use it for the last couple of weeks (GNO…[View]
66759417How did Creative Labs, a billion dollar company in the 90's, lose the emerging onboard audio ma…[View]
66763674yesterday I asked here for help with identifying needed component on PSU board of my monitor. And so…[View]
66764085Recommend good hacker forums, where i can normally ask hackers to leak stuff for free[View]
66764631I have old coworkers who I used to know and just received word they keep moving on from tech job to …[View]
66762317Why aren't you blocking cookies, /g/?[View]
66762981Cheap Windows 98 Machine: You, a family member, or someone you know probably has an old Pentium 4 co…[View]
66763474Doing everything as root: 'It is better to beg for forgiveness than to ask for permission.'[View]
66758711Would 8350 bottleneck 1060 6gb?[View]
66754746/hpg/ - Headphone General: AKG master race edition. Sennshills btfo. How to request purchase advice:…[View]
66766247Custom RAM payload: Want to put together a linux based initramfs packed full enough to support a VES…[View]
66763283I have read that MS are pretty soft on non activated Windows 10 installations by only limiting custo…[View]
66766166Why are the software engineers at well ranked companies either giga-chads or post-op communists? Whe…[View]
66764479Has anybody had experience with this laptop, or the Celeron N3350 in general? My GFs mom is looking …[View]
66765705tkinter appreciation thread: In this thread we name goof things about ttk/tcl I will start Easy to l…[View]
66764695what did they mean by this[View]
66765857Hey /g/ Router/firewall distros. Whos used them? I used to use ipfire, but it doesn't support m…[View]
66765821How did Amazon fuck up so badly?[View]
66765741Is geek uninstaller good?: Does geek uninstaller do a good job uninstalling programs?[View]
66763725procrastination terminator: How would I go about finding a program I can install that will help me t…[View]
66762125cute programs[View]
66765287Well /g/? Which one?[View]
66762179RIP Hooktube: Thank you for your service. It's all so tiresome.[View]
66765261'Activate the Intel Management Engine Backdoor.'[View]
66765453where's my adruino/raspbery pi devs ? I need something to build mesh network around my campus …[View]
66750966Why are there no good Android tablets like the iPad? There are millions of shitty cheap tablets, but…[View]
66761943Exherbo Linux: https://bryanostergaard.com/blog/2018/07/16/why-i-created-the-exherbo-linux-project/ …[View]
66756989Making a program: How difficult would it be to make a program? Specifically a save editor for a vide…[View]
66765380what's the best dual monitor mount? My monitors are two different sizes. possible third monitor…[View]
66761423Is Microsoft Edge decent on the latest releases of Windows 10 or is it still absolute shit for brain…[View]
66763023i have an old computer setup: i decided i would upgrade my old hardware a bit on the cheap... I got …[View]
66764864Let's Fight: One Plus 6 or One Plus 5T? Let's Fight[View]
66764429Wait for Intel 34 bingbus cores.[View]
66765192Cloud / Dev Ops: Anyone here manage cloud infrastructures or work in 'devops'? Am a cont…[View]
66763984>we're looking for someone with experience in OOP, especially MVC[View]
66764909PC case thread: Post cases you want for your faggotstation[View]
66763513Hello. Some years ago I read an article about a group/university/organization(can't remember we…[View]
66755664>ARCH LINUX CONTAINS MALWARE: 'Linux users of all distributions have received a major warning not…[View]
66763560Why are boomers obsessed with these things? I didn't get the joke when they were introduced and…[View]
66764948Are 4k OLED TVs worth the premium price over regular 4k LEDs with HDR? I'd mostly be using the…[View]
66759924>2018.16.07 >YouTube still pauses when in background or the screen is off It's like they …[View]
66750120Which OS do you use at work?[View]
66762815>tfw getting carpel tunnel My programming career is fucking finished.[View]
66754987/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: Should have been an engineer edition Previous thread: >>6674…[View]
66764498So I can get a Huawei watch 2 4g for £183 on the prime day deals, i mainly want it for Android pay a…[View]
66737101what happened to plan 9? I know the last release by bell labs was in 2015? but did a community form …[View]
66764061So what's it good for?[View]
66764689my house was recently outfitted with solar panels that generate our current monthly electricity usag…[View]
66757697>Tor browser takes 15 seconds to open >freezes for a minute - CPU0: 100% >sluggish, often h…[View]
66764438looking for new TV under $500: I am looking for a new 4k TV 50+ inches under $500. What are your tho…[View]
66760531Why do people unironically use these things? Even the older models have subpar keyboards compared to…[View]
66764233Thinking about blowing my tax refund on pic related. I played the panel lottery with MSI before, ho…[View]
66763594So /g/, what chat service should my homies & I move to?[View]
66756886How do we solve the micro USB problem?[View]
66761617Some thoughts on self-driving cars: I don't fully buy into the self-driving car hype. I suspect…[View]
66758380>be Python 'benevolent dictator for life' >accidentally involve people who are much more compe…[View]
66759785Getting into tech for the sake of jobs: Can you be a programmer if you're not a 'math guy' or t…[View]
66762104What internet browser for a win10 tablet that has to keep long battery life? It has to have no hidde…[View]
66759377>Overly complicated bs >So many versions you can’t keep track >Have to type in a command bo…[View]
66756152should be automated by now: ITT thread: things that should be automated why they aren't designs…[View]
66763580Remember that the G in GPT doesn't stand for 'GNU', but for 'GUID'. You are running non-free so…[View]
66758007/pcbg/ - PC Building General: >Assemble a part list https://pcpartpicker.com/ >Learn how to bu…[View]
66753080/sqt/ Stupid Questions Thread: >Read >>51971506 >search >https://ddg.gg/lite >redi…[View]
66755842Facebook is dying. Where is Social Media heading?[View]
66749608I'd like to go into a software engineering role after I finish my masters degree in a year. I…[View]
66763839PHP Swoole: Thoughts on PHP Swoole ? source : https://github.com/swoole/swoole-src/ benchmark : htt…[View]
66763720Is the Essential Phone worth it at this price? Did anyone on /g/ even get it? How is it?[View]
66761243Why hasn't some chinese company cloned and started mass producing these yet?[View]
66750488Portable Retro Tech: Post /g/ related portable tech from days of yore. >Computer, audio, video, e…[View]
66761229His motherboard is Chinese His memory, monitor, router, power supply are Chinese. But he doesn’t wa…[View]
66760480Browser Alternatives: Is there is a better browser to use the net if is not the fucking spyware CPU …[View]
66762639>when your IT expert brother in law sets a 36 digit hex string as the password to his parents wif…[View]
66749902>google chrome UI will waste 30% more vertical screen space to accommodate new material design se…[View]
66762646>mom reviews your PR[View]
66763305Got any /g/ apparel?[View]
66763557Iphone X or Note 8 (or just wait to see whats next for samsung (note series)) or least likely Samsun…[View]
66762774Is Honeyminer a good tool to mine cryptocurrencies? To be honest, I'm not the most tech-savvy d…[View]
66761882Is this worth buying for a cheap AMD build?: Just fishing for some opinions.[View]
66762220Can i leave this modem outside in the cold weather as long as it won't get wet? I live in a shi…[View]
66759989Anons, should I get 2666 16 CL RAM or 15 CL? Is it just a shill or is it worth the extra money?[View]
66760214>need new HDD >read reviews >mfw Why is it so fucking difficult to choose a reliable HDD?…[View]
66763053Burner Phones + Call forwarding services: > try to get twitter account > choose Skip Phone for…[View]
66759655These CAPTCHAs are getting out of hand, I use Temporary Containers on Firefox so obviously I never b…[View]
66762928uhhh what's going on[View]
66716929Why is primitive technology so popular?[View]
66750045apt, apt-get, or aptitude?: there's like three different package managers for debian and debian…[View]
66759956Are server mobos with dual socket and cheap xeons worth it?[View]
66758423>a tablet with a keyboard attached Why? Wasn't the whole point of tablets to drop the keyboa…[View]
66762910I thought Samsung Cloud wouldn't be so terrible. Boy was I wrong. Yesterday I downloaded a bunc…[View]
66742628So is the audio tech industry one giant meme or does more money actually mean better sound?[View]
66760185What's the best laptop?[View]
66761711So I have a Samsung A500FU (A5 2015 basically) and it's generally a good phone, however, I have…[View]
66761925Just be careful okay /g/?[View]
66762536Why is the windows logo getting shredded?[View]
66762010Where were you when gentoo devs invented the gitCoin ? Does anybody here want to make the logo ?[View]
66761359So did any anons get any tech from Target today?[View]
66751181Why are hackers always portrayed as wearing fucking hoodies?[View]
66761964Sure /g/, your wifi router may be undetectable by conventional radar, but can you do that AND look l…[View]
66761505Was it kino?[View]
66756031>first day of technology class >Professor asks us to introduce ourselves >Put on the spot…[View]
66759871Best DE for 4 gigs of RAM[View]
66746964If you died right now, what's the most embarrassing thing your family would find on your smartp…[View]
66761666Hey bros, I'd like to know if it's possible to setup a conference with 4 devices from diff…[View]
66729190What are some cool terminal commands?[View]
66762157Any botnet free or at least with less botnet options for accessing facebook, for some reason a lot o…[View]
66760554This bad boy is on sale for 160€, should I go for it? Also router general /rg/, self built routers a…[View]
66759636How does /g/ name her hard diks? What does /g/ need all that storage space for?[View]
66747938/dht/ - Daily Haiku Thread: Welcome to the /dht/ - Daily Haiku Thread Earlier Thread: >>667353…[View]
66761048Tablet GPS: What is the general consensus of android tablets as GPS? Are they inferior? Do they hol…[View]
66760523hey /g/ im fucked.: I dont know how to survive the IT school i go to soon, do you guys have any Tip…[View]
66761851Daily Deezer Thread: >torrents >in the year 2018 What are you downloading, what software are y…[View]
66761892*unboxes your path*[View]
66749364>110 iq >You will never be relevant in tech field JUST…[View]
66740433What's the most advanced thing you've ever programmed, /g/?[View]
66759419How did the force feedback in this work?: And why hasn't anyone made a PC joystick like it sinc…[View]
66760502So what happened?[View]
66761115I heard it s possible to disable the AMD Platform Security Processor(PSP) on the latest bios version…[View]
66747672Recently received a 180GB mSATA SSD that I ordered on eBay. Unfortunately, the seller didn't sh…[View]
66761644I need internet but I live in a house that has no access to cable. What are my options? AT&T ha…[View]
66747753>buy AMD GPU because /g/ says its the best thing ever >buy a supposedly good monitor with free…[View]
66761638My GPU keeps having these voltage pikes like pic related, I used to mine and overclock on my GPU but…[View]
66756999What are some thoughts on the arm64 architecture?[View]
66761561Today, independent software quality assurance experts QA Consultants release a new report determinin…[View]
66725270/mkg/ - Mechanical Keyboard General: /mkg/ - Gayming Edition >Buyer's template: http://paste…[View]
66757732What monitor do you use, /g/? Looking to buy one and go for dual monitors, need suggestions. Pic unr…[View]
66755779I IPS worth losing for 144hz ? I play vidya but really enjoy watching videos on my pc so i don'…[View]
66761203Which solus build is best?: im not a dev, i barely know shit about tech i just wanted to try out li…[View]
66760075Offline windows using firewall rules but online virtualbox: Already asked on /sqt/ but seems like my…[View]
66761191Hiro's dildo slipped through my filters[View]
66761199Why do only chinkshit companies produce this form factor? I need sports-worthy bluetooth headphones …[View]
66760114Clean gtx 1070ti with a gas powered leaf blower? What about the wraith fan?[View]
66759080What's the cheapest specced out phone that isn't Chinese?[View]
66753663>The IBM PC will become 100 years old in your lifetime[View]
66761021Why can't I buy an Amazon Fire TV stick/box without the Alexa spying software?[View]
66757503>claims to leave computer on 24/7 >hasn't allocated everyday lightweight applications to …[View]
66757384This might be a long shot but, what would you prefer - Final Cut Pro or Adobe premier, also what’s a…[View]
66756833anyone familiar with google translate's algorithm here? theres a thread about this on /x/ but i…[View]
66740300Clover: Fucking add 420chan floens,. I refuse to discuss wresting on /asp/, literally the worst boar…[View]
66697462/mpv/ - the madshi's favourite player[View]
66753387I know that Kode with Klossy is/was a coding boot camp thing, but are there tutorials or webinars av…[View]
66759069When will Windows natively support Ryzen? For how long will we need this shit installed? Does Linux …[View]
66760670Why do people want Linux to be popular? That will only attract normalfags and everyone will start de…[View]
66759129What do you guys think about the Verge?[View]
66752181which one should I get ?[View]
66757764/g/eneral rule of electronics and pricing: >imagine the best possible product in any category of …[View]
66753599>his OS doesn't have Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn integration How can loonix even compete…[View]
66754965alright /g/, i've had some troubles with MPC-HC recently and im thinking about changing. it is …[View]
66757820What are some other examples of technology that turns women into thots?[View]
66757199Hello. Some years ago I remember I read an article about a group/university/organization(cant rememb…[View]
66759044ereader: What's the best current ereader? I was looking into the Kindle Paperwhite but I'd…[View]
66759945It's perfect.[View]
66758840>Finish all the tasks you get at work by asking people on /g/ stackoverflow or reddit…[View]
66756403Best terminal font?[View]
66756940Why arent you using the most based distro?[View]
66760210web monitoring software: There is an investigative journalist that I hired to do SEO and crisis mana…[View]
66757340Hello /g/, Sand nigger here, I'll try to keep this short before they shut it down again As man…[View]
66735386Just installed it, how fucked am I?[View]
66760112Technical challenge: How could one display footage from two cameras, with opacity, too one display, …[View]
66750717>X1 Carbon >i7 8550u, 16GB RAM, 256GB SSD, WQHD HDR screen >USD$1300 why am i so retarded, …[View]
66759489is disabling services a meme? wouldn't it make everything slower and drain battery faster since…[View]
66757451/tb/ - Thermal Butter General: Ranking the champions: Behold! The Tensan TS88! The best thermal butt…[View]
66757555Finally the crypto meme has ended and prices have gone back to normal. Pic related is Australian pri…[View]
66757014Storage: good evening, what types of storage (HDD / SSD) retains information for longer? , in additi…[View]
66759061so /g/, what is the search engine that does not owned or created by (((them)))?[View]
66755858seeing as 1440p is alot more taxing on gpus for vidya is it better just to get a two 1080p monitors …[View]
66757631Doing a fresh windows 7 reinstall. What updates should I stay away from?[View]
66742715Why doesn't your notebook have a 4tb PCIe SSDs, 32gb RAM and ultra high resolution like the App…[View]
66754956>I'm okaY WITH The iNteRNET i hAaAAAaVe >faceBook CAN LoaD WIth 5mbps JUst fInE For mEeeE…[View]
66759230GNU Image Manipulation Program[View]
66759156What's the matter? Can't handle the truth that text messaging is a 40+ years old technolog…[View]
66756992Why does this happen?[View]
66758669>2.8 megahertz WHAT WERE THEY THINKING[View]
66758577Hey /g/, my boss needs a 'remote blockchain' for his company (I think to store information and trans…[View]
66757164Youtube Age Restriction: I've found that when browsing youtube videos, sometimes certain videos…[View]
66750714What the FUCK is wrong with tech youtubers? >Is [two year old device] still worth it? >Is [6 m…[View]
66755108I need the cheapest audio interface I can get with phantom power and 2 microphone XLR inputs. Ideas?[View]
66758940Cisco NSS-4000 NAS: Anyone here who has experience with the NSS-4000? Tried google-fu, calling cisco…[View]
66758829Corporate sponsorship of FOSS: good or bad?[View]
66751095How does /g/ study coding in their boot camp?[View]
66756348Show me your D.[View]
66758600>bug fixes and improvements[View]
66753089Apple: It makes no sense to ask 'What do you think about Apple?', because Apple from different eras …[View]
66758205New Laptop + Debian: I want to use minimal WM, encrypt my storage, extend the battery life... what…[View]
66757689What do you use for FTP/SFTP?[View]
66756666Are there any stats for how much a PC's power consumption will increase the temperature in a ro…[View]
66757704Why the fuck can't I unclick this fucking bullshit?[View]
66757757>he uses little endian[View]
66755078ITT: Future proof phones Note 8 never ends[View]
66756960Does anyone know of a type of NFC capable of transfering maybe a couple of bits in water (or longer …[View]
66757863Is there a Information security / network security board? Sorry if dumb question.[View]
66757869stay inside a vm or give it a real partition?[View]
66754772Sensors and shit: Is there such things as a passive 360° sensor that can detect a specific objects p…[View]
66753742/pcbg/ - PC Building General: >Assemble a part list https://pcpartpicker.com/ >Learn how to bu…[View]
66757803IPv6: net.ipv6.conf.all.disable_ipv6 = 1 net.ipv6.conf.default.disable_ipv6 = 1 net.ipv6.conf.lo.dis…[View]
66757456Whats a good website to keep on your RSS reader /g/?[View]
66734573/wt/ Watch Thread: Orient Star edition This thread is about the appreciation of watches, as well as …[View]
66756318the flames make it go faster[View]
66757129this is official terminology now deal with it[View]
66757234Spyder alternatiaves: i need a good alternative to spyder, how can i use vim and a python console to…[View]
66756645Superfetch: Wtf is superfetch. Its doing so much work in the background but idk what it is. I read a…[View]
66756745tech and music: /g/ tard here, who also has a fondness for music sometimes i judge programs or songs…[View]
66754035How to experience the difference between 144hz and 60hz: I am pretty sure your eyes adapt to the ref…[View]
66757018https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mnXkiAKbUPg I feel retarded for not understanding pointers until I w…[View]
66736962Should programmers study Sociotechnical Systems Engineering?: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sociotec…[View]
66753624Was it a victim of old ass hardware at the time of launch?[View]
66753114how server work g?[View]
66749909What are some .vimrc essentials? Post your .vimrc[View]
66755770>ask question on SuperUser >two days later, no one has answered or even commented >get emai…[View]
66752077Technology music: Post some music that makes you think of technology. https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
66748574Prove me wrong: The Windows NT kernel is miles ahead of the Linux kernel in terms of stability, effi…[View]
66756829>It is not only the violin that shapes the violinist, we are all shaped by the tools we train our…[View]
66756395Rate my shell script: #!/bin/sh WallpaperDir=/complete/wallpaper/directory/ WallpaperList=a/temp/fil…[View]
66742843Why does everyone hate him now? Six months ago he was the last bastion in sustainable urban developm…[View]
66756583What do these do and what are they called? Everyone does that after opening gpu Also pc parts and ac…[View]
66756696>using some random software >uses single character hotkeys…[View]
66756061is washington post the equivalent of a homeless guy standing out front of 7-11 asking for change?[View]
66753692>Company is thinking of moving away from macs towards windows. >Company has already chosen one…[View]
66755692>install debian/ubuntu with debian installer inside a vm with uefi >falls into uefi interactiv…[View]
66754304Okay fa/g/gots, pajeets from pic related have been calling me all day pretending to be from apple an…[View]
66740394Cheap DRAM are coming /g/: Crashing the SSD market was only the first step in China's master pl…[View]
66741611/spg/ - Smartphone General: Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Edition If requesting purchasing advice, please pr…[View]
66756111>his phone cannot record audio internally[View]
66752962Comfy MacOS/iOS thread: All generations welcome. Hackintosh hardware also welcome.[View]
66754862macOS is the true heir of Unix[View]
66753959I have very little programming knowledge and I want to become a blockchain developer: Where should I…[View]
66753057>accidentally click on empty dvd drive >your case has a front cover…[View]
66746472What are /g/'s thoughts on soundbars?[View]
66752495Is the washer dryer combo the ultimate evolved form of washer and dryers?[View]
66751962what comes after the world wide web?[View]
66744440Do I do the /g/ programming challenges all in Python? I'm a CE and only know C/C++, but I don…[View]
66754645what is the most minimal web browser? can any terminal browser run JS?[View]
66754756You told me this shit was good /g/, yet latest versions runs slower than my firefox 43.0 I feel chea…[View]
66734900/tpg/ - ThinkPad General: Previous thread: >>66714436 If you're looking for purchase advi…[View]
66750315Are other companies even trying?[View]
66738601Perfect Porn Site: Describe the perfect porn streaming site. I'm on the edge of building it, bu…[View]
66740297/ptg/ - Private Tracker General: Weebs! >Not sure what private trackers are all about? The missio…[View]
66753341What is it?[View]
66754146Your opinion on Stallman[View]
66752768What is the point of 24p?: All it does is give us judder[View]
66744789Why does Java have no unsigned integers? Why does Java have no operator overloading? Why does Java h…[View]
66745180Intel: Did the US government pay Intel to design the Spectre backdoors intentionally, then allowed i…[View]
66753355Why won''t you embrace her, /g/?[View]
66753245Reminder: This kills free/open software movement[View]
66754882>that timeline where Atari didn't gut their line of home computers in favor for the Jaguar …[View]
66748407/g/ doesn't know how a computer actually works: I bet that not a single person on /g/ actually …[View]
66754535Android phone is acting funny: I have an android phone and it occasionally opens chrome or closes ou…[View]
66749091All in one Macs: Terrible, terrible design idea this was. It made them very hard to take apart and s…[View]
66753588Looking to remove Gapps from phone and delete myself completely from the internet, or as much as i c…[View]
66754902Holy shit I just found the newest meme[View]
66749973i need a deezer mod that really works[View]
6675005562mb for a hello world: It seems Electron has been made a little more lightweight. Anyone have any t…[View]
66753956>using a smartphone/tablet for productivity, torrenting, watching movies, browsing the internet, …[View]
66754522i want to get some speakers for my tv but i don't wanna get ripped off/ get poor quality. what …[View]
66739247/hpg/ - Headphone General: AKG master race edition. Sennshills btfo. How to request purchase advice:…[View]
66754579Why did Nixon cut funding? This rocket never had any serious failures. the space shuttle was a disas…[View]
66751729post ur dream laptop >pic related is x210 (x201 mod with an i7 8550u mod, ddr4 32gigs, m.2, usb 3…[View]
66754449How would I get an entry level CS job? What would I need to know? is a degree required to get my foo…[View]
66748374>MUH 144 Hz isn't placebo REEEEEEEEEEEEEE Sorry, kiddos it is entirely a placebo effect. Out…[View]
66750288*blocks your path*[View]
66743159Why aren't you using Lisp yet, /g/?[View]
66753410this is the proper terminology[View]
66751948Coding boot camps: My local uni is starting them up soon for web dev,do boot camps work or are they …[View]
66751720Blockchain: With how blockchain is booming, is it smart to learn to program smart contracts? Or rath…[View]
66748378/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread Previous thread: >>66739298[View]
66753291Why are you fags using anything other than Haiku? >inb4 because gentoo[View]
66754010Dont Trust Every Things: Way We should be careful From cracked Software Protect Your Self By Buying…[View]
66749325I'm looking to self-host a private dropbox-like service to share music with some friends. Ideal…[View]
66734996Home screens: Post em One plus 3T here[View]
66750909>Running idle on Chrome os >1.9 of my 2 gb of ram is in use WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS…[View]
66744493/pcbg/ - PC Building General: >Assemble a part list https://pcpartpicker.com/ >Learn how to bu…[View]
66752682Is it /g/ approved or just another botnet?[View]
66752229Determining compatibility of server hardware from an order sheet: I was asked by a friend to help se…[View]
66753155How do you erase yourself from the internet and the deep web? How do you eradicate all traces of yo…[View]
66738551There is absolutely no reason to not be using GNU/Linux right now.[View]
66752894Is this thing worth buying? https://puri.sm/shop/librem-5/[View]
66752431insufficient space: I have 70 mb free space on my phone and I want to update an app that only takes …[View]
66753372>keep getting google security alerts sent to my recovery email on an old account >says user si…[View]
66747620Is there any good FOSS text editors that compare to Sublime text or VSCode? As in, no steep learning…[View]
66746875redpill me on fedora[View]
66752377I want upgrade my 60Hz monitor to a 144Hz monitor, but I don't have the specs to constantly kee…[View]
66752907Is Xbox One S/X a good Ultra HD Blu-ray player? Or is it over for physical media?[View]
66751850Google ‘Cobalt’ is OS-wide Google Analytics: >Google’s Fuchsia Team has decided to build analytic…[View]
66753049>here's your laptop bro[View]
66750627Why did you decide to become a programmer?: Fellow programmers of /g/, what is the primary reason yo…[View]
66749679Is 144Hz a meme? Is it even worth upgrading my 60Hz if I only have a R5 1600 and GTX 1060?[View]
66751675Are UHD in a Small form factor worth it? Im looking to upgrade my x230 , the cpu isnt enough to hand…[View]
66730391/csg/ Chink Shit General: In /csg/, we discuss the cheap shit you see on Gearbest, Taobao, AliExpres…[View]
66752784Ever have luke-warm IQ group mates before? Seniors in CS should be required to know at least one ver…[View]
66747964Did ipv6 creators were on crack or something? How the fuck should I remember this address if I need …[View]
66747656should i snagggg this: hey /g/hetto boys I can snagg an used computer to use for graphic design. I …[View]
66752866C++ is a horrible language. It's made more horrible by the fact that a lot of substandard prog…[View]
66750681I'm trying to set up i3 without desktop environment. I have to take care of: volume control, po…[View]
66741598why does this happen[View]
66748720Are you excited for quantum laser lighting /g/?[View]
66749838Any point getting into Embedded Systems ?: Just finished my CS bachelor, they offered me to continue…[View]
66741256If the processor in your main computer is not either of these three then you don't belong on /g…[View]
66752695Tfw google went back to the actual gopher and not just some shit two letters GO with a speedy trail …[View]
66746713why?: >current year >trusting dropbox, google and microsoft with your data https://www.youtube…[View]
66750614What piece of /g/ related hardware, software or other technology are you most eagerly awaiting? For …[View]
66752097Is there any sort of software that can manufacture issues on a Virtual Server? got a little VM serve…[View]
66751906>Installing Gentoo >>66729190 Currently updating the @world set This part looks like its g…[View]
66752397So, someone at my uni/trying to scam people at my uni created this fake website trying to mimic the …[View]
66751646>website requires me to change my password every 3 months >Use the same password every time ap…[View]
66752165Setup thread this is what i'm working with now any thoughts?[View]
66750027Does anyone have an experience working in China: I currently work in Poland as a software dev. Weste…[View]
66751549Are you guys seeing what I'm seeing?[View]
66751765AAAAAHHH: >have x problem >google everywhere >page 3 >find 2007 forum post >pm'd…[View]
66751727>i7-8750H, on the new mbp, razer blade, etc >6 cores >3.9ghz sustained load all 6 cores …[View]
66751911>Calling yourselves anon[View]
66748683Missile technology thread. Just got a great contract and the whole team is stoked about it.[View]
66750167Does x200 best freedom laptop?[View]
66751707>password must be between 5-16 characters >password must only contain latin letters (different…[View]
66751695I cannot wait for self aware AI i will finally be able to have an operating system as a friend (i do…[View]
66745624If iam planing to buy something on dark web, is it better to buy bitcoins from traders or mine them …[View]
66744793>http://www.2chan.net/script/ Why haven't you made your own image board yet?…[View]
66745488>Onee Chan and StyleChan are gone.[View]
66751358Laptops for around 700-800€/$: Looking for a choice of workstation laptops at a cheap price point bu…[View]
66749452This happened to anyone?[View]
66747602is asic/fpga verification engineer a good field today? feeling drawn to it and have an internship in…[View]
66751177just installed the new macOS(10.13.6) and ublock origin doesn't work. which adblocker do you us…[View]
66751290ImageBoard Software: Does anyone here knows good imgborard software for testing purposes? I have ins…[View]
66747568How two companies approach design to solve a problem. Problem: How to maximize screen real-estate w…[View]
66749939New Android phone: How do I download apps without accepting google's ToS? Since Chrome is the o…[View]
66751225Cell service mappers: I have used Cellmapper, Sensorly, Open Signal what good ones are left?[View]
66746312Why are DDR4 prices still so fucking high?[View]
66746196Functor Applicative Monoid Monad MonadPlus MonadFix CoMonad Arrow Alternative Foldable Traversable I…[View]
66751064>find open source app that i need >requires laravel, php, apache, nodejs, yarn, compose >ju…[View]
66750890The 4770HQ in my 4 year old MBP benchmarks higher than the 7500U in a new X1 Carbon and the 8550U in…[View]
66744181/ag/ - Audio General: JBL Studio Monitors Edition https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=br3TR5OG5aw https:…[View]
66751075Is it stupid to buy 4 core cpus if we want to consider future games?: Even normie games like destiny…[View]
66749519mechanical keyboards have ruined me: anyone else get this? can't use a laptop keyboard without …[View]
66750594Cube shaped Micro-ATX PC cases.: Hey /g/ as in the subject I am looking to build a Micro-ATX home se…[View]
66743505dell xps 13, is it a meme or really good?: hi fellow anons, i was looking around the articles like b…[View]
66750263Is there something like github but without all the formalities? I just want a place to upload my cod…[View]
66748004how can I remove the bloat[View]
66737957/g/ BTFO'd: >what /g/ thinks encryption and passwords do >prevent police and customs from…[View]
66750092Why are g-sync monitors so expensive?[View]
66740933/sqt/ Stupid Questions Thread: >Read >>51971506 >search >https://ddg.gg/lite >redi…[View]
66749676What should i learn to program something similar to fraps (capture and measure of fps)? I know some …[View]
66750441install Manjaro Cinnamon already[View]
66736778How do the people of /g/ setup their bash prompt?[View]
66748372How to monitor connectivity and speed?: I am looking for software for W10 which could monitor my int…[View]
66749619Post your Pihole top blocked domains.[View]
66746946>yo bill, how does literally every other low battery indicator in the planet work? >usually a …[View]
66749985>use cock.li and void.cat for distributing illegal material(anime porn) in this country >tfw…[View]
66737581Nim, a pretty solid alternative to rust?: I'm pretty tired of the SJW non-sense going on at Rus…[View]
66746144Thoughts on ultrawide monitors? Are they just a gimmick? Can we come to a resolution?[View]
66748853How do you backup/archive your important files?[View]
66747973>I sure do love botching my gentoo install for the second time in a row…[View]
66750124I do not post on 4chan. I have nothing against it in principle, but I am told a lot of the posts now…[View]
66750093dark theme or light theme >dark theme[View]
66748206CTFs: What are ctfs and how do I start them?[View]
66742360What's wrong with Black Guy SSD? Is it worth less that $20? If not, what's better?[View]
66748768don't forget to add memes for your favourite gifs[View]
66740241Debian is owned by the NSA: What did he mean by this?[View]
66748223What went so wrong?[View]
66737075So they're just copying Firefox now?[View]
66744828remind me again, why am I compiling an entire modern operating system on an obsolete laptop I bought…[View]
66733893>goto is bad[View]
66747048The state of smartphones: With an increasing number of manufacturers entering the market each year a…[View]
66746129What kind of job can I get with my skillset?: Studying architecture degree because parents but I hav…[View]
66747526What is the highest possible upload speed on ground cables internet? By possible I mean either scien…[View]
66748098What is the best OS/Distro for this resolution? What DE are you using?[View]
66745895Pens Are Technology: I'm after a good pen for work. Any suggestions? I need it to write on glos…[View]
66749122As far as profession graphics (Non-Engineering) programs go, do they see an appreciable speed up fro…[View]
66746804Hi, I wanted to create my own languaging program. What do I need to have and/or to know to do this? …[View]
66748991why do images take years to load on ch4 these days? is there a way to implement some sort of cache t…[View]
66747406How is no one talking about this?: >Advocated by the FSF >Actually non shit CPU that can run g…[View]
66748124>'Mom said it's my turn on the shortwave radio'[View]
66748989whats your expierience with RMA /g/[View]
66745057times you were DEVILISH >build PC >too cheap to buy Windows >find old 10+ year old prebui…[View]
66746962Case or no case: I was using the apple silicone case for my iphone 8 and it still got a scratch on t…[View]
66738343Redpill me on Chromebooks. For an average scrub that uses it for web browsing, Netflix, and writing,…[View]
66747432Imagine being an In-Q-Tel executive and going on /g/ for research and seeing watch threads, desktop …[View]
66742457Pre-General Offline Computing: Last time on this subject, most of you already build a software archi…[View]
66716186post your soft anon[View]
66748540What does /g/ think of OnlyOffice?[View]
66748480Fordwaring any Telegram menssage: I have two accounts of telegram and y would like to recive all men…[View]
66748201keyboards with alu frame, over engineered?: Is typing with an alu frame superior or any benefits at …[View]
66747967Hey /g/ don't know much about about building a gaming PC but what would you rate this build her…[View]
66744233Recommend me some site where I can ask for help with identification of some component on PCB of powe…[View]
66740226just installed this, what am i in for?[View]
66748101Emulating x86 on POWER9: So, I remember there was an anon who had bought a Talos II machine. I was t…[View]
66746953File organizing software: What is a nice, solid, simple yet powerful piece of software that can be u…[View]
66741818yall got any of that LTSB? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3spnGnavWFg[View]
66745662I just did emerge --sync and it pulled the git repos how fucked I am[View]
66739298/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: Old thread: >>66730832 What are you working on, /g/?[View]
66747372>found billion dollar tech unicorn and see through its rise >hire my gremlin wife >gremlin…[View]
66747329Earplugs: What are some good, cheap earplugs that cancel most if not all the noise? My mother recent…[View]
66745594So what's the best 'dumb' TV there is? I'm looking for a great quality TV with no retarded…[View]
66747018What's the best way to learn these three?[View]
66747192Who thought this was a good idea? Google search used to be a whole lot better. /ghg/ - Google Hate G…[View]
66740462What does /g/ think of HP?[View]
66747174Cyber Security: So i want to step up my Cyber Security Game. I have Kapersky. I use Duck Duck Go An…[View]
66745888>he is not using the pure 64bit Gentoo profile Defend yourself /G/, why do you need the 32bit blo…[View]
66746987What are the ports between DVI's ? (and the one far to the left) It's a Thinkpad 431s dock…[View]
66743181AG352QCX Is 200hz a meme on this model?[View]
66744443repositories: /g/uys, how come distro maintainers refuse to include useful, but not open-source sof…[View]
int main(int argc, char** argv)
66747112What is this?[View]
66746432g approved Bluetooth speakers for outdoors?[View]
66747083Is there an up to date mouse image/guide? My FK1 is dying and I'm looking for something slightl…[View]
66746137Linux Kernel: >update Ubuntu to kernel 4.18rc4 >Unity scaling now set to 4.0 So, coming from 4…[View]
66743034Hey /g/ I am working in a retail tech store in canada. What are some offers or things I can take adv…[View]
66747012Any scripts to get rid of 'continue to image' on shitton of imagehost websites?[View]
66746696/hsg/ - Home server general: /hsg/ - Home server general Discuss building, setting up your own homes…[View]
66746740ITT: underrated stuff[View]
66742362Can I wear out my SSD by continuously reading from it?: Like 24/7 100meg/s[View]
66744902Is this the future?[View]
66746284Is proton mail a meme or just another jewish trick?: Would like an honest answer, hear a lot of stuf…[View]
66742854Is pirating psychologically unhealthy? I think I might appreciate, value, and enjoy software more if…[View]
66746654Is privacy a meme?: In the respect that if someone wants to find out something about you it's o…[View]
66745073>ordered a new battery from Ali >charge stuck at 50% What is that supposed to mean? Wasn'…[View]
66732160The new MacBook Pro allows up to 4 TB of storage space, 32 GB of memory and an Intel i9. Give me rea…[View]
66742451whats the best window manager and what DE should i get?[View]
66740564Chromecast: I was given a Chromecast. What do I do with it? I already have a PS4 for Netflix.…[View]
66744206I hate the way messengers look these days, they make me feel like a dumb apple user. I would very mu…[View]
66745210Lynx browser: Does anyone use lynx as their main browser? I know that some people uses terminal/mini…[View]
66723914/fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread: Welcome to /fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread. Users of all leve…[View]
66744893Hey /gurus, Just started with working with Tensorflow recently and am wondering what is the best way…[View]
66744933redpill on social medias: it has been quite a long time since I destroyed the last bit of datas I wa…[View]
66745259botnet broadcasting my information: How do I stop Google from suggesting contacts like this? How do …[View]
66745499>almost every piece of software for linux has build options that enable features >there are on…[View]
66742299Which desktop environment should I install, fellas? (installing on a 2012 hp laptop)[View]
66745385What do you think of Techstuff?[View]
66745298How much for one of these will cost?: I'm wondering how much does one of these puppies cost and…[View]
66733023What does /g/ think of curved monitors? Are they a gimmick or the new standard? Asking because I am…[View]
66740018Who are worse, Mac fanboys, or ThinkPad fanboys?[View]
66735486How can I make $300k+ with a career in tech?: There are so many lowball companies[View]
66744536>Not enjoying industry standard software without having to run it through a shoddy API wrapper st…[View]
66744215with all the (justified) concern about data collection and monitoring in the USA, why do I never rea…[View]
66744506Would you buy it?[View]
66744465If there are Debian testing and unstable why does this even exists?[View]
66744287I prefer life without that shit-made Internet. My life was fine. I can't read the book anymore,…[View]
66744878BBEdit love thread >emulate emacs bindings is greatest feature that is never used >did unix st…[View]
66743445Are Apple products sexier than their competitors?[View]
66737625Retro/DOS Computer Thread: Post issues and retro computer general stuff. I'll start with a ques…[View]
66740108Ever feel useless as an intern?: Normally I'd post this on /adv/ but this is technically techno…[View]
66744091Are you guilty of this, /g/? I haven't been doing any active cable management (besides labels) …[View]
66734639algorithmic trading: Why aren't you writing a script to trade stocks and make passive income?…[View]
66741416Should I volunteer at a tech company[View]
66732222Had ICL surgery two days ago. Ask me anything, folks. This is a newer vision corrective technology f…[View]
66745159I've started on my ammo can pc project today /g/, what did you do?[View]
66743706An idea to think on, opinions welcome: Rather than taking a broken ass linux distro and working day …[View]
66713211Did I get memed?: Installed Ubuntu 18.04 and no longer than an hour later I get a checkerboard scree…[View]
66744882Gaming internet: After running some tests, i found my internet speed over ethernet is on average alm…[View]
66743804If you were teleported to 1980 with nothing but a thinkpad, charger, an eGPU setup, and a Kali Linu…[View]
66729184/Speccy/: Speccy thread. Windows users welcome![View]
66744451Do you really need so many bookmarks? Do you think you would be worse off if you just deleted them a…[View]
66743931>Hurrrr use Firefox and stop using Chrome >Its slow as balls wow, privacy sure has a price to …[View]
66735576/pcbg/ - PC Building General: >Assemble a part list https://pcpartpicker.com/ >Learn how to bu…[View]
66743320What’s your ideal screen size for >smartphones >tablets >laptops >pc monitors Just skip …[View]
66741427Cable Modem Problems: Two different cable modems. Same problems. Either downstream light flashes, c…[View]
66742530How would you survive in the post apocalypses?[View]
66735716best FREE video converter: i like virtualdub but formatfactory is better...any alternatives?[View]
66738109What are some good current year modern resources for learning programing? SICP seems outdated by thi…[View]
66739102Which Linux Distro is the best to use for privacy and security?[View]
66744153Sup /g/. If I wanted to buy a good, used lenovo laptop with a full keyboard including a number pad, …[View]
66743590>install new distro >Boot into xfce desktop >no internet connection utility or internet co…[View]
66741709What's your dreamed workplace? I always wanted to help out the army because my grandfather use…[View]
66743858Connection help request. I have shitty Oz ADSL2+, nothing I can do about that, but 4chan is so much …[View]
66741543If I simply clone my boot drive onto a bigger and better hard drive and boot from that will that hec…[View]
66740427boomer here, i need a new tv. i've had my samsung 46' hd tv for 10 years. when i go to best bu…[View]
66744028Privacy Implications of Windows 10 Telemetry: https://www.pcministry.com/win10_telemetry/summary_sta…[View]
66739014Small cases: What are some good small cases I can get that support micro-atx? Seems like all the one…[View]
66743404How do I disable ipv6 DHCP on this turd without installing different firmware?[View]
66743360Dumb question: Hello i am very new to coding, I am using python and sublime text. Once I write some …[View]
66729091>interview for Help Desk Technician position >'how would you embrace diversity here as an empl…[View]
66736473Good gui libs for python?: What gui libs are there for python that actually allow you to make someth…[View]
66739788>shopping for laptop >has 'book' in the name…[View]
66743389Whats better mathfags? bsc data science msc math bsc math + stats msc maching learning[View]
66741978Give it to me straight senpai, how fucked am I?[View]
66740979Please come back. I'm good now.[View]
66741991What Amazon Smile charity are you supporting, lads?: For me, it's the RSPCA.[View]
66730793Post 'em if you've got 'em[View]
66742084Lomg story short, i lost my charger for my s8. I need a charger and the closest store i could get on…[View]
66733625>loads default site for 5 seconds >redirect >loads default site catalog for 5 seconds >r…[View]
66740440I got a question for /g/ so im quiting my job and they gave me a macbook pro which they want back, h…[View]
66743321What browser does /g/ use on her desktop!? What browser does /g/ use on her mobile phone!? I use Wat…[View]
66739829Help me: I have a usb with windows 10 installer shit on it now after i installed windows 10 on my c…[View]
66741570Intel Optane 900P: Are these really worth $600?[View]
66739737My apartment complex joined the botnet: Am I fucked?[View]
66738883Pi Music Player: Android users of /g/, how can any other music player even compete? Why aren't …[View]
66739397What is the best Linux- compatible soundcard with RCA outputs? I don't need 7.1 or anything, ju…[View]
66740945Does anyone write a lot of Groovy? We got some automation software at work which allows some integr…[View]
66741546>misspell a website by one character >instantly redirects to a shock/malicious site…[View]
66742962>spends hundreds of extra dollars on a laptop with an IPS panel, matte screen and fantastic viewi…[View]
66736888Do you think they know?[View]
66737305Current, future and planned features written in Rust to go into Firefox. Anything interesting found?…[View]
66742773How strong are the fastest consumer ARM chips like SD 835 compared to Intel chips? Is SD 835 stronge…[View]
66741913Why are there so many apple fags lauding apple for charging $4k for 3tb of ssd: Save $3k by buying a…[View]
66742211Hey /g/uys, remember if you're doing a video tutorial to keep have a cool wallpaper and to keep…[View]
66741023Completely serious request here I just quickly slapped Xubuntu onto my laptop. What software do I ne…[View]
66742100/gamedev/: Is there any game programmers here? What language/engine/library do you use. >Mostly G…[View]
66729443Just how important was Sun?[View]
66664857/ag/&/am/: audio general & audiophile memes: Slow Burn Edition Lost cost speaker guide follo…[View]
66739068https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2tbVDV1xdQI OH NO NO NO NO[View]
66739112Moving to 32gb ram. Is there a difference between 2x16 and 4x8 I have Ryzen 7 1700, MSI B350M Mortar…[View]
66730065Why aren't you using VSC right now?[View]
66740706How hard it would be to make a systemdless Fedora fork?[View]
66734633/hsg/ - Home server general: /hsg/ - Home server general Discuss building, setting up your own homes…[View]
66735708NSA Spying: Howdy /g/, How do you protect your Linux boxes against massive NSA spying?![View]
66740767Wtf this thing just randomly popped up on my screen did I catch a virus?[View]
66738906Do you keep one email account for everything or one email account per service?[View]
66736192Automata theory implementation: I want to implement a programming language based on Automata theory …[View]
66735965Daily 1180 thread[View]
66728798Female programmers: Are females finally admitting that programming is a man's job?[View]
66739410Hello /g/ I am an outside but here to humbly ask a question. /lit/ thought you guys could help me I…[View]
66740264So let me get this straight. There are esentially 3 strains of Unix: SysV, BSD, GNU and Linux, and t…[View]
66731809Aluminum Zirconium Tetrachlorohydrex gly 18% (anhydrous): Why must I obtain and use this substance e…[View]
66740877Just be careful okay /g/?[View]
66737638These are Intel's GPU, SOC, CPU and IoT architects. There's not one white guy. And there y…[View]
66736844Why people can't trust respectful software companies? We have many laws and practiques that exi…[View]
66733309If you call these anything other than a USB, prove to me you're not retarded.[View]
66739986Dishwasher is tech to: Fixed my 2008 era Maytag after the dispenser latch broke. (Been a good one, b…[View]
66741548Seems like this can be done more efficient.[View]
66741367Hey /g/uys back again to show more of the jukebox[View]
66740572Android stuff: Hey guys how do I retrieve data from an android phone with a broken screen? I'm …[View]
66740824Unlocking Smartphones: I had an unlocked LG G6 originally from tmobile. Phone died. LG sent a locked…[View]
66741439Hey /g/ I have a note 5 right now. Thinking about upgrading to something more modern, but I don…[View]
66741293Hey guys, I'm building the perfect GaM3r PC, 4xGTX Titan V Sli, 64 GB Ram, 500 Gb SSD (who the …[View]
66728003It's been over two decades and no one has come up with a better case design.[View]
66740606Functional Programming Thread: Share some useful software projects you've written in a function…[View]
66723530/spg/ - Smartphone General: Mi A2 & Mi A2 Lite Edition If requesting purchasing advice, please p…[View]
66737998What do you think of pic related?[View]
66736969>4.56% unknown Are they shitposting from Gundams or what?[View]
66739810What do I do with my old gaming PC? Selling is a massive hassle I don't understand. Can I thro…[View]
66724296does google hire retards?[View]
66738146Why is Greasemonkey so slow? Violentmonkey dev even said Firefox isn't his main browser and yet…[View]
66736907best android file manager?[View]
66739291IOT cellular connection and spying: What's keeping companies from integrating cellular connecti…[View]
66739998Should I upgrade my pc? Which parts and why.: My build: -GTX 1060 6GB OC (No upgraded needed I love …[View]
66739887I need help picking a new phone. Is that allowed here?[View]
66737228Is this worth?: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B076VFVKGR/ref=ox_sc_act_title_2?smid=ATVPDKIKX0DE…[View]
66734123>Lubuntu can be installed on a Pentium II or Celeron system with 256MB – 384MB of RAM but 512MB i…[View]
66706625/wdg/ - Web Development General: Prev thread: >>66677185 >Free beginner resources to get st…[View]
66738116Why aren't you using webtoolkit (aka Wt) /g/entlemen? > https://www.webtoolkit.eu/wt > in…[View]
66720893Can Kaspersky be trusted?: I literally don't trust Kaspersky because it's Russian. I find…[View]
66736119what was he smoking when he wrote this?[View]
66739724If c isn’t as fast as assembly code why don’t we just make a program that turns c into assembly?[View]
66722934/ptg/ - Private Tracker General: Anime! >Not sure what private trackers are all about? The missio…[View]
66707185/bst/ - battlestation thread: What's this, no battlestation thread on my /g/ ?[View]
66728854we share only foss addons[View]
66738306What casting device should I get? To stream phone etc to tv? I could get Chromecast v2 for 29€.[View]
66731876Notes/productivity: What does/g/ use for notes a productivity? Pic related is what im currently usin…[View]
66732817Why Is a modern OS like Windows 10 dying? We hardly had time to know it :([View]
66729736/sqt/ Stupid Questions Thread: >Read >>51971506 → → → → → → → → → → → >search >https:…[View]
66739648Career advice: I need some advice bro's. I'm currently enrolled in a C# .NET course at a s…[View]
66735632UI programming with only C or C++: I just want to post this so people who code in C and or C++ know …[View]
66737654Hair Cutting Tech: Which clippers are the best to buy? Share your experience here.[View]
66738833OH NO NO NO. Even fictional 'hacker' characters use VSCode now... Dare I say it is over now? Can we …[View]
66731831Is OLED the future?: Why are they so cheap now?[View]
66737090>Movies on a disc???[View]
66739130Would something like this get as strong as signal as a PCI card? I want the strongest signal, but if…[View]
66739248What phone is he using?[View]
66724703> Hello World in C > binary file is ~8 KB big > Hello World in Rust > binary file is ~54…[View]
66739449When did you realise that Antivirus is snakeoil when you have a functioning brain?[View]
66737717What high level language do I use if I want to develop cross-platform desktop applications? I'm…[View]
66734921why is everyone so hyped about a magic clock speed number? Don't they know different parts of t…[View]
66739360>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ng7mlrKRpmA&t=194s >I am running Linux on my computer, mo…[View]
66736637ITT: post shitty websites maybe don't link directly[View]
66706992desktop thread - pastel edition: neofetch and screenfetch welcome be nice to eachother[View]
66734344Can you crack it?[View]
66739083>find cool project on github >no license[View]
66738276Are there any characters that look like letters but aren't letters exactly? I want to sign up o…[View]
66733900Say something nice about Object Pascal.[View]
66738190If you don't have a github account with at least 20 projects of your own, you don't belong…[View]
66717338What power supply do you use /g/, what brand do you consider most reliable? Pic related >no RGB b…[View]
66738960When the fuck are the Nvidyajews releasing the 1180/2080. I'm not fucking buying a 2 year old g…[View]
66725541Android mobile phone browser: I've been using Brave for Android for a while, and until recently…[View]
66738793Give me some ideas /g/ I'm not paying for the internet or power bill in the house I'm rent…[View]
66738329I... I... I'M GONNA DO IT.[View]
66737780Has anybody on /g/ had the pleasure of working with this program?[View]
66737233For fucks sake! I just want a 6 inch 16:9 smartphone with a replacaple battery and non curved screen…[View]
66738746CRT retards think this is black[View]
66738597everybody wants to be a programmers nowdays: i remember being a programmer in early 2000s was more l…[View]
66736124should i switch to an ide and why?: all of my previous programming projects (mainly c) have been com…[View]
66734275Why the FUCK are faggot android OEMs copying apple with the notch when the chinks have already figur…[View]
66738291Is all proprietary software a botnet?[View]
66736006>Windows 7, now there's an operating system![View]
66734869ANC headphones don’t sound as good as their non-ANC counterparts. My question: with ANC disabled, do…[View]
66735388/dht/ - Daily Haiku Thread: Welcome to the /dht/ - Daily Haiku Thread Legacy BeOS Edition Earlier Th…[View]
66736957why has tech turn political?: Aren't they used to be libertarians?[View]
66738332is there a way to utilize smartphone HDR algorithms with regular images? For instance, if I have a r…[View]
66736966Do you still burn CD/DVD's?[View]
66730832/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: No time for love edition. Previous thread: >>66725087 What a…[View]
66731032What is the one piece of technology that has pissed you off more than anything?[View]
66738006Looking for new VPN: As we all know VPN providers do store logs, but for a shorter time, usually for…[View]
66737302Redpill me on agile and scrum plz[View]
66736148I want to consume media in the most ethical compensated way possible. However, many times when I pa…[View]
66728316Why don't you like social media, /g/?[View]
66725925/hpg/ - Headphone General: How to request purchase advice: https://pastebin.com/fYZLW7Ub For sub-$50…[View]
66730898What does /g/ use to organize it's bookmarks? Does anyone know about a decent bookmark manager?[View]
66731307I've given up vidya games /g/, can anybody tell me how bad the withdrawl is?[View]
66721624What are some tools/scripts you built for yourself in your free time?[View]
66737733A 6 gb Blu ray re-encode looks nearly identical to a 30 gb remux to me. Am I blind?[View]
66736675>dad installs the IoT lightbulbs >dad installs the IoT garage door >always knows when someo…[View]
66731679Do any other Linuces beside Arch have extensive wikis that help you with EVERYTHING?[View]
66737393What went wrong?[View]
66734331Why are games not able to take advantage of faster speeds of SSD? I have never seen a game take more…[View]
66735650Why is it so to get your foot in door when comes IT related work?: I graduated from a vocational sch…[View]
66737459Do you agree, /g/?: 'We’ve tended to forget that no computer will ever ask a new question.' Grace Mu…[View]
66736017What's the most advanced thing you've ever programmed, /g/?: For me, it's a knowledge…[View]
66737104Bunker Computer System: You are tasked with building the computer system for an underground bunker. …[View]
66736555Is Crystal worth learning?[View]
66725025>online pre-interview >print text on the screen without using the semicolon…[View]
66727105Is Opera browser a Chinese botnet and I give them all my data for and let them mine bitcoin with my …[View]
66736258Anything cool to do with QR codes/scanners? The Whole Foods near me has QR readers at the registers …[View]
66734544Smartphone VR: Having a killer display, but doing the same shit as usual... /g/ we need more love f…[View]
66735843Augmented Reality Hardware: Are there any good hardware packages for AR glasses? I'm certain th…[View]
66734531>streaming a video of game running on 4k at ultra settings and it plays at continuous 60fps witho…[View]
66730220low end android tablets: why do they keep putting shitty 1.1ghz-1.5ghz cpus in them that struggle wi…[View]
66731326it's over. Apple won with their newly revised 2018 Macbook pro. Wincels officially on suicide w…[View]
66731490Linux Mint 19: is this the best beginner distro?[View]
66735130Guess what he is doing /g/[View]
66735566Post underrated gadgets[View]
66732139Best Fanless Laptops: I'm considering getting a Dell XPS 15 laptop, but I've heard the fan…[View]
66733889What's it like working for Apple as a software engineer/embedded programmer?[View]
66736752So my new gaming pc just arrived without a disc drive how tf am I going to install windows and the d…[View]
66736793How many of these have they sold since the world cup anyway?[View]
66729619Streaming video inefficiencies: >analog tv >one broadcast picked up by all receivers at no add…[View]
66736154Why is this allowed[View]
66730872Linux has games too, bruh. You won't miss Windows.[View]
66723785LINUX GET REKT[View]
66733810>call himself programmer >uses a non-english operating system…[View]
66736341WTF GOOGLE[View]
66736470>the newest shittiest build ever but hey at least its up to date[View]
66736432Is it possible to build an air cooled mini itx with a ryzen 2700x and gtx 1080ti without paying tons…[View]
66736395What can I code to get some side income?: I have been wondering if I should make either an Android a…[View]
66736213sega made a computer: >japan got lucky[View]
66734630Industrial PLC Programming: Anyone has experience in this field? I'm working currently as machi…[View]
66735179Processors and SOCs: Frankly even though I am studying about Microprocessors and Microcontrollers in…[View]
66727771Chinese Android Boxes: Thoughts on these Chinese Android boxes? Should I try finding a used laptop i…[View]
66729625AMD FX 8350 GA-78LMT-USB3 R2 and R9 280X: FX 8350 + R9 280x in GA-78LMT-USB3 R2. Recently my motherb…[View]
66733897Which handheld device should I buy for reading pirated .pdf books? Kindle? Ipad? Some shitty androi…[View]
66732900So when is based MS killing this off? There is no reason for it to exist when they have VS code.[View]
66735808>gf buys home cinema with dolby atmos and hdr >mainly watches silent era cinema and golden ag…[View]
66732090Fujitsu Laptops: Thoughts on Fujitsu Laptops? Are they any good?[View]
66732169Whatcha file transferring right now /g/?[View]
66735862I can't get a fucking MVC shit to fucking have a code first database with entity framework that…[View]
66726017Anon, give me one reason why you still haven't switched to KDE? WM script kiddies btfo[View]
66730269Richard Stallman will make a cameo appearance on next weeks episode of the Big Bang Theory. How hype…[View]
66732697What's some good FOSS firmware for a router?[View]
66735573How do you clean laptops/tablets/phones effectively? We all know what you use your used Thinkpad for…[View]
66731315>be me >my 'play' computer (as opposed to my 'work' computer) is a shitty Lenovo 120S >runn…[View]
66735427What would you do to people who buy domains purely to resell them at $3000?[View]
66732013I just got this badboy any tips to make it badass? I want to run a daw on it[View]
66732277Dumb question, but whatever. I just ordered a gaming laptop (HP Omen) yes I know >gaming on a lap…[View]
66733060Does anyone else get issues with Violentmonkey and 4chan-x on the latest Firefox? Specifically the '…[View]
66733221does technology really advance exponentially or is it just a meme?[View]
66730607What level are you on?: Well /g/?[View]
66732810Has any of you built a crystal radio? I'm thinking about building one, and I was wondering if i…[View]
66734797hex core xeon 12 ddr3 24gb vs ryzen 2600 16gb: is the first one even 64bit??? (first one is 3.04ghz)…[View]
66734358FUCKING LOL: https://www.resetera.com/threads/aliens-colonial-marines-ai-fixed-by-a-single-letter.55…[View]
66730823Thinking about getting out of the cave of MS office and switching to open office, any pros or cons f…[View]
66717843How badly is the intel 9700k (8c/16t) going to rape amd? Is it going to be a big deal?[View]
66728751>*dring dring* *dring dring* >'Allô. C’est de la part de qui?' >'Igor. It's me. Bill. …[View]
66728233Is playing above 60hz a meme or is it much better (and only opposed by jelly poorfags that can'…[View]
66733710Looking for the best Midrange 4k tv, Suggestions? Must be purchasable in europe. Picture quality …[View]
66713105Why does a 3 year old $150 phone have a far superior camera to an iPhone X? https://www.gsmarena.com…[View]
66729832>he didn't have a hot wheels computer as a kid laughing @ you 2bh[View]
66731281Fucking rofl.[View]
66734181Neural Network Training: I need a set of photos about one hotdog to train a neural network like Sili…[View]
66727163What is the best tough dumbfone with largest replacable battery and small screen? No smartphone shit…[View]
66734215What was the most significant technology to come out of WW2? Cryptography?[View]
66732212>NOT using ubuntu mate Do you hate yourself, or something?[View]
66734397I have some text in a HTML file like so. > {% section 'cart-template' %} I would like t…[View]
66733691What's your fan set up in your case /g/? How do you control them? This is mine, Corsair 740 air…[View]
66719685>tfw sitting in server room 10h/day gave me tinnitus just fucking kill me already…[View]
66733852home seedbox: Is the orange pi at around $10 on aliexpress the best choice for a small loonix server…[View]
66731744>fall for the smart TV meme >it's a pretty nice TV >don't use smart TV shit >t…[View]
66729757What does vim do that sublime text 3 can't?[View]
66733916http://archive.is/uqvSt is this going to finally kill java for good?[View]
66732636Youtube Botnet: How do I stop using the Youtube botnet, I want to make a respectable RSS feed and I…[View]
66734138i don't know if this is the sort of thing to ask here, but i figured someone might have a clue.…[View]
66712101You are now in charge of fixing Youtube. What do you do?[View]
66733427Can we finally rename this board from /g/ - Technology to /g/ - Tech-illiterate? It seems that commo…[View]
66733406I hate Amazon with a burning passion.[View]
66721741What dress code do you have in your office?[View]
66713329Librem 5 worth pre-ordering?: >5.7' 18:9 touchscreen >i.MX 8M system on module >more than …[View]
66720968So /g/ I'm gonna buy an old phone and I need your recommendations to try and see how long I can…[View]
66729629i'm ashamed to say i used to like this guy a very very long time ago, he used to be a bullshit-…[View]
66726081Just kill me now.[View]
66729387What does /g/ think of Crystal? https://crystal-lang.org/[View]
66733644is something like grep used by antivirus to catch common codes or lines that should be normally verb…[View]
66732989What's /g's portable travel computer of choice? I use dell latitude 5175 LTE for easy acc…[View]
66729411New Macbooks BTFO the competition >Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch 2,519 MB/s >Dell XPS 13 (Core…[View]
66728022So I see you're using GNOME...[View]
66732146neovim: should i use this or just use plain old vim? i am a newb >in before emacs its for a syste…[View]
66722806Tell me about that time when you realized Java was shit.[View]
66733267How long did it take you to be productive in Haskell?: I'm progressing slowly through the 1k pa…[View]
66733370>install doom on a random campus lenovo thinkcentre >literally extract some files into a folde…[View]
66733170Non-botnet ways to have surveillance cameras over the internet? I want to record locally, but also r…[View]
66714436/tpg/ - ThinkPad General: Previous thread: >>66698901 If you're looking for purchase advi…[View]
66731812got 10 t60 thinkpads for 90$ from a college surplus store all are working just a little bit rough an…[View]
66729197>reading a whitepaper >outlines some problem >the solution is a decentralized, transparent …[View]
66732581Good Programmer Practice?: Hey, Anons. I was wondering if using Ren'py would be good practice f…[View]
66732649just realized theyre called dlls because they extend off the body of a program like the extended le…[View]
66731572>nullable option type[View]
66733008sup /g/, i have an HP elitebook 2730p that has a neato digitizer/pen setup that id like to use as a…[View]
66731844don't use /g/: this entire board is a psyops mission to keep you retarded so that the next gene…[View]
66732075I am getting a degree in math + stats and I want to learn programming and computer science on the si…[View]
66722328Thunderbird: Is this still the best alternative to outlook?[View]
66729326>phone interview >Write hello world in python3 without calling any functions or importing 3rd …[View]
66732720Have some anons had problem with playonlinux? I have installed the proper wine version but POL want …[View]
66731160Does the specific Major Degree title matters when getting a job on cyber security or systems related…[View]
66727931What do you guys think about my jukebox?[View]
66732626Resources on software design?: Follow up on >>66616242, >>66699550 So I wrote a program …[View]
66730566How do I get clean SOCKS5 proxies? Anyone know a good provider?[View]
66732688bdfl, come back plz: does guido have cancer? i'm worried... if he just wants to say FU to pytho…[View]
66729410I took the free-pill: I've been using Debian for a long while now, about 3 years and I never re…[View]
66729947source code review: any ideas of where I can post my source code for others to review and critique. …[View]
66730493machine learning in forex: I am working with a friend on a machine learning algorithm for trading cu…[View]
66730589Need help getting a /g/ worthy desktop: Recently switched back to Ubuntu after trying to make-do wit…[View]
66731754no need to thank me[View]
66728426Sup /g/ Next Monday i'm starting my first formal job, in the past i've been working as a f…[View]
66732147Bought an Acer Aspire X3950 on the cheap for the purpose of emulating, watching netflix etc. Realise…[View]
66731936>he's actually enjoying his purchase with an out-of-box experience without spending numerous…[View]
66725515What are your thoughts on Plan 9, /g/?[View]
66731313I tried to quit my job a few months ago due to horrible outlook on the current project. It's a…[View]

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