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63850734Which one is better for gaming, and why TN?[View]
63841207/hpg/ - Headphone General: How to request purchase advice: http://pastebin.com/fYZLW7Ub For sub-$50 …[View]
63848130eGPU: Thoughts?[View]
63848525Z623: Why do I have to deal with the lack of treble every time I listen to music while my mobile Hua…[View]
63851279panic: i got thermal paste in my cpu sockets, how fucked am i? i can clean it out with 91% isopropyl…[View]
63849503let's see how fast your poozen system can compile LFS vs my i5 8600K[View]
63849962Why haven't you implemented memechain on your app yet?[View]
63826614Where's the update, Floens?[View]
63835967*nix Shells Benchmarked!: I found a benchmark of popular *nix shells. Here's the resluts: https…[View]
63849558Are there any other mice in this style? The shape is perfect for me but my Xornet II broke and there…[View]
63851029Privacy thread. How do you stay anonymous online?[View]
63834583Remember when ATT blocked 4chan? https://techcrunch.com/2009/07/26/att-blocks-4chan-this-is-going-to…[View]
63851209>Buy an old laptop, >5cm thick, just in size for a mini-itx and fans and shit, cool case featu…[View]
63851182What does PERCENTRANK() do? Looks like a variant of calculating percentile ranks (example on the lef…[View]
63844497Help. I installed a new motherboard, power supply, and CPU to my tower, and I'm having issues. …[View]
63847636Why is VScode the only legitimately good product microshit has come out with in years?[View]
63851033net neutrality: im considering hoarding data as a hobby. but it seems so overwhelming. id like to g…[View]
63850936>the absolute state of collab vm http://computernewb.com/collab-vm/ get in here lads…[View]
63850225https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CnVtJ620jVU how much math and CS skills do you need to be able to ma…[View]
63849386and so begins the driver hunt ...[View]
63833266ITT your Android browser and history up to this point: >what is your Android browser? >what di…[View]
63850434https://hothardware.com/reviews/nvidia-titan-v-volta-gv100-gpu-review THANK YOU BASED NVIDIA[View]
63850557chkdsk /r: Help me bros, this chkdsk /r has been taking about 3 hours, and about an hour ago, i thou…[View]
63850528Oh man, those winter temps are starting to kick in..[View]
63845717Give me 5 reasonable arguments why Ultrabooks aren't the best laptops you can get. Protip: You …[View]
63849513Libre SBC: I'm looking for a libre SBC, but the FSF's page about it hasn't been updat…[View]
63846395>2017 >fucking up this bad https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hun002cNqaE…[View]
63849605Why people are still buying laptops in almost 2018? Most laptops today: >have shitty TN screens …[View]
63849715Cursor thread: Which cursor type is best, and why is it the block cursor?[View]
63848594So /g/, my keyboard died, but I haven't been on /g/ for a few years, what should I get? >thi…[View]
63841676Does this seem fair to you?[View]
63830551/wt/ - Watch Thread: This thread is about the appreciation of horology, as well as the micro-enginee…[View]
63850292Can you reap the benefits of dsss using 2fsk with orthogonal frequencies instead of psk? I am too s…[View]
63837885>Deca core phones >Dual or quad core desktops and laptops >4k phones >768p laptops >1…[View]
63846387>Your browser fingerprint appears to be unique among the 949,871 tested so far.…[View]
63844275t-thanks americans[View]
63833938>apple LITERALLY caught slowing down older Iphones with lagOS updates iDrones will defend this.…[View]
63849681>Work in the oil field for 3 weeks and come back home >Laptop needs a BIOS update >Windows …[View]
63827825Netneutrality: Since net neutrality is ending why don't we start our own internet? Connect home…[View]
63845211Why the fuck is latex so shitty to use? Even when using overleaf it's ridiculous[View]
63846637>go to dowbload site >javascript calls on every element >popup opens >it's an india…[View]
63844934Can we just take a second and appreciate the magnet boi? I just tripped over my cable and rather th…[View]
63839830/dpt/: /dpt/ - Daily programming thread Continuing the type system flame war from the previous threa…[View]
63843416>has to re-mount all of my drives damn linux is really a half assed os[View]
63845464For fucks sake apple sort it out. Think my next phone will be an Android >The bug happens as foll…[View]
63849901Who else is ready for the inevitable cascade American is going to cause on it's neighboring Co…[View]
63846895Windows 7: SO I got a new build w/Coffee Lake CPU but I'm not parting with w7 just yet, got aro…[View]
63848161>got literally nothing running >1gb of memory use anyway Is there something wrong?…[View]
63848060Republicans want this.[View]
63821874/mkg/ - Mechanical Keyboard General: /mkg/ - Smol Keyboards Edition >Buyer's template: http:…[View]
63847401What /g/ related products are you getting yourself for christmas?[View]
63810049/mpv/ - the /g/reatest media player: Wiki: https://github.com/mpv-player/mpv/wiki Manual: Stable: ht…[View]
63843301fresh install of firefox. What extensions should I install?[View]
63843866How to into computers?: I have very little experience with anything computer related beyond what was…[View]
63807072/bst/ -- battlestation thread: old thread is kill[View]
63840943RIP AOL Instant Messenger: after 20+ years, AIM goes offline tonight.... enjoy this historic moment …[View]
63845574http://qdms.intel.com/dm/i.aspx/AFF8D243-0AB6-4456-8612-317E0320EFA0/PCN115990-00.pdf >960GB >…[View]
63849064>tfw to stupid to see both sides of a necker cube at once[View]
63844996prove you're not a newfag[View]
63849103>have this https://ca.pcpartpicker.com/product/ykphP6/amd-cpu-fd8350frhkbox >bought this https…[View]
63844677Post your speccy and explain what you use your computer for >vidya, shitposting, porn, image/vide…[View]
63846977Do these things have adequate RNG? I don't want to wake up one day to find out the RNG componen…[View]
63846776I installed the Brave browser with Snapcraft using the 'snap' command in Ubuntu 17.10 and the shit w…[View]
63848219Redpill me on C#[View]
63846231Thanks for watching guys. Remember to hit that like button if you enjoyed the video. Make sure to su…[View]
63838237member dial-up bills?: i remember it just like it was yesterd- oh shit[View]
63848371Hey /g/, pleb here. Sorry. Quick question about password security, I have been really trying to lear…[View]
63848877We have a hackathon coming up and I'm thinking of modding my laptop to add new features. One pl…[View]
63848695Hi /g/, I need to know the class (A, B, C or D) of this IP adress for an exercise and I'm reall…[View]
63848406I have this Asus laptop, a bit old, and in the last months it started to have this gray watermark ar…[View]
63840028Is it really true that a lot of CS grads have issues with finding work when they graduate because th…[View]
63848343Does anyone want a 2 fan evga 750Ti and a stick of super generic 8g DDR3 and feel like meeting up in…[View]
63845162I thought 4chan was the home of cyber vigilantes, the fight against the status quo and the rebellion…[View]
63827867Could you use a free cup of coffee, /g/?[View]
63846753Imagine using 37% of the internet and crying about censorship when ISPs want to charge you a usage f…[View]
63845533Ive noticed that there is huge split between programmers. Ones that are ok with sharing their code n…[View]
63848308System Hang: Long story short: My computer randomly freezes completely. Both in Windows 10 and Ubu…[View]
63847896What's his name again, /g/?[View]
63847771When are the 13 inch models getting 8th gen quad cores?[View]
63842695/sng/ Sneaker Net General: >he is complaining about net neutrality >he hasn't spent the l…[View]
6384804250$ lga1151: Ey /g/ whats the best coolboi i can get for my i5-8600K for around fiddy dolla?[View]
63845131I'm buying a car charger for my new phone. The wall charger that came with the phone has 1.8 am…[View]
63848032How do I know if it's safe to turn off my computer?[View]
63848043I was architecting a software to unit test every single case of a set of events on conditions depend…[View]
63846649Are net neutralities going to fook with my torrente's[View]
63847459The merits of distrohopping: Distro-hopping and ricing get a bad rep on this board. Yes, it is borin…[View]
63846836Does anyone use one of these with a 4k display?[View]
63835187W-wait, so google knows EVERYTHING I searched and all the pages I've been on ?[View]
63847055I love Windows 8.1 and none of you fuckos can change my mind![View]
63846188>sell something on ebay >winning bid has 0 feedback and lives in ukraine…[View]
63844156Can we just ban and kill anyone posting against net neutrality? 90% of them are shills so they shoul…[View]
63839873How do I verify if my company laptop has employee monitoring software on it? Would I see it with ps …[View]
63844466tv: im gonna install kodi in a bit. How do i get to watch free tv channels?[View]
63844586Is the iMac Pro overpriced?: The starting iMac Pro is $5k. I'm going to make a comparison with …[View]
63845197>this is what mobile internet is capable in Australia >wired connections are a fucking joke co…[View]
63842557>he builds a $4000 badass custom gaming PC >he installs Linux on it…[View]
63847514speakers general: Hissbox memespeaker edition Infographic inbound Previous thread: >>63809469…[View]
63844702Admit it. You'd have preordered one if you could afford it.[View]
63844987How can we get mods to ban net neutrality threads?[View]
63844261Are there any hacks for Alexa to make her into a qt AI waifu? I want someone to talk to[View]
63847201>B-But you can disable telemetry in firefox I'm done with Mozilla, I give up. I've wast…[View]
63842092VPS: Do you have any suggestions for a VPS? I need hosting a small rest webservice with Lumen framew…[View]
63840005Do you recommend a life of Coding?: Hey /g/, Long time lurker first time poster I’m a a bit of a cro…[View]
63843139What is 12TB in usable storage? Plus OS, no raid.[View]
63845238offical /g/ computer history: post your history[View]
63835539Another Net Neutrality thread: If the net is kill, what will we use? I know that a lot of 4chan will…[View]
63847040Is this shit trustworthy?[View]
63843913Is there a 'path' or roadmap you're suppose to take when you're learning how to program?[View]
63844413I NEED HELP /G/UYS! I am going to a hackathon in about 12 hours, except there is a problem. While I …[View]
63840394Can /g/ give me a starting point for packet radio? I want to set up my own packet radio station but…[View]
63844591Browser thread: I've been using Firefox for almost 10 years, but it became shittier and crashed…[View]
63845154I'm a brainlet who essentially has the technology savviness of a Baby Boomer. What are some eas…[View]
63846679Is it true that most people build a budget tier gaming pc? Austin evans was saying it so it got to b…[View]
63845554Is it worth upgrading my CPU from i7 3770k@4.4GHz if I'm locked into intel, for GPU-heavy loads…[View]
63846185New Printer. Need Advice: Hello friends My Brother DCP-330c died (error 51 or something 'cant clean'…[View]
63846570>TFW you have a glorious high speed municipal internet connection and are thus immune from net ne…[View]
63846548Windows 10 update: How do I prevent Windows 10 from rebooting after an update? 'Active hours' doesn…[View]
63845637How many of you ex computer science students got good jobs?[View]
63846153I'm disappointed in you /g/. Instead of enjoying reddit and libcuck tears, I see so many thread…[View]
63843324Why are there so many fucking shills that pretend to be happy with the NN repeal? When they're …[View]
63836733AIMless: No AIM thread? How will you be spending AIM's last day? >inb4 'People still use AIM…[View]
63845745Is technology in general slowly hitting a plateau?[View]
63844656const women in tech: Bhumika Goyal, age 22, of India, has had more than 340 patches accepted into th…[View]
63845555>Day 1 of a freer internet How is it going so far for you guys ?[View]
63844615What's the most expensive tech related thing you've ever broken? Pic related happened last…[View]
63835344Wtf is this true?[View]
63829872*inhales* HAHAHAHAHAHAHA: Will this be the fall of wiki, bros?[View]
638366934chan embedding botnet into images: So recently a guy uploaded an image of the Alexander Mosaic on /…[View]
63845733/w?g/ - Well General: Americans will have to pay to see this edition. Well?[View]
63811178Your FIRST computer: Post your first computer. The first computer you had that was entirely yours. T…[View]
63843043There are people on this board crying crocodile tears for facebook and netflix having to rightfully …[View]
63844479How easy is it to find a technolo/g/y job in Seattle: I'm thinking of quitting my job and movin…[View]
63842945Problem with .ts files: Does /g/ have any experience working with .ts (video) files in a Windows 8.1…[View]
63842667After deleting Ubuntu partition I am getting this in boot screen how can I close it and get to my wi…[View]
63828222Expensive RJ45 connectors, meme or real? I'm going to restore my basement for my son, and I am …[View]
63842061> CPU: Intel Core i7-8700K Coffee Lake 6-Core 3.7 GHz > GPU: EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti FTW3 …[View]
63843719Reminder to charge your phone before you sleep /g/[View]
63844409C O R E S: I need all the cores. Every single core. The budget is 5K, already have the peripherals …[View]
63817314Why do I need to enable JavaScript for EVERYTHING I can't even order a fucking pizzs without su…[View]
63835861I guess this means that we no longer have freedom on the Internet. How much more should I expect to …[View]
63843850>Captcha: Select all cars >*clicks all stop signs >try again Select all cars >*clicks al…[View]
63841938Danbooru hidden tags: A nice lad is trying bypass Danbooru's hidden tags so that everyone can g…[View]
63843942Need help deciding what to upgrade in my PC: These are my cpu specs, I have a EVGA GTX 970 2GB graph…[View]
63842639LG H860N Root: Does anyone here know of a root for this model, I've been trying to root it for …[View]
63842854Cheapest android phone: Can someone recommend the cheapest Android phone that isn't complete ga…[View]
638433384chan doesn't like Tor?: I'm surprised, actually. After installing Tails OS, I went ahead …[View]
63843526>Supports net neutrality >use sorosfox[View]
63844411Xiaomi entering the U.S. market in 2018: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-12-15/china-s-…[View]
63843595Android phone server: So I've got a couple of android phones with malfunctioning screens lying …[View]
63825798/sqt/ - stupid questions thread: for those too lazy to google things[View]
63842906Please test my first version of my backdoor! Connect with telnet >tuxchen.ddns.net on port 2000…[View]
63842962How would one, if one were so inclined, cheaply make a portable wifi jamming device using a raspberr…[View]
63829272Base model is 5K: I T S H E R E[View]
63843670Using deep learning to filter out low-quality posts: I'm not talking about vulgar posts or repe…[View]
63828369/aocg/ - Advent of Code 2017 General #16: Previous thread: >>63813832 http://adventofcode.com/…[View]
63842761I could use some help fags. Jumping ship to PC from apple/playstation my whole life. I've been …[View]
63841098Visual Land PRESTIGE Elite 13Q: What you guys think? Wow! i liked the video play. Ivenmoticed it se…[View]
63842844alright nerds let's talk backup for a sec my regular backup needs are taken care of. but i play…[View]
63835619who here hyped for ryzen mobile >1920 x 1080 IPS >4 cores 8 threads >Vega 8 >M.2 SSD PCI…[View]
63842826iMac Pro vs Threadripper PC: Which one /g/? Why?[View]
63842598So this anti NN is a major part of trump's new government right? Doesn't this mean that it…[View]
63843001Am I the only one annoyed by the lack of symmetry in some phones?[View]
63843008>2017 >Not using Steam Linux as your preferred platform of entertainment…[View]
63842821>doing my stupid IT job >stupid user brings up NN vote today about how trump basically just br…[View]
63833071okay, let's get to the crux of the matter. will it be harder to get porn now?[View]
63842934From a personal information security standpoint, which is better? Pixel 2 or OP5t? I'm waffling…[View]
63842790>Go to cleanup used laptop I got reak cheao at a store >43.1GB of error reporting How could t…[View]
63842972what will you do the day when the technologicaly singularity happens /g/ ?? me >encrypt my DNA an…[View]
63842030Hi I am a brainlet: Whats a good way to practice algorithms and data structures without actually wri…[View]
63840053I just moved to Sillicon Valley with a friend. How should I go about getting a tech job here if I d…[View]
63842940>poos on reddit and uses their memes to taunt them Is there a better timeline?…[View]
63838381why aren't 16:9 32/43/+ inch monitors a thing for gamers? who want the tv experience, but no in…[View]
63828148Why doesn't zuckerberg make crypto currency?[View]
63842530Hey guys, i am need some real help on an HTML assignment. I'm making a table that will contain …[View]
63841710How many of you /g/ents don't know a single programming language, haven't install gentoo…[View]
63829003Unices: For those who have experience with Unices that aren't GNU/Linux or BSD, what is your op…[View]
63842344Start torrenting?: Should I get on downloading every book and file I'd ever need before NN is f…[View]
63842204Is a computer science major all it's cracked up to be? For reference, I'm a sophomore in c…[View]
63826562>Firefox is trash >Palemoon is trash >Firefox ESR will be trash next year >Chromium is t…[View]
63837796The Chan iPhone app: Anyone using it? Pretty comfy and minimalist. Just needs pol flags and better t…[View]
63839462Emacs/Hurd when?[View]
63842554>be on the advisory council for [ISP company] >just got back from drinking with the boys after…[View]
63835933>the battle for /g/: reddit vs /pol/ who wins?[View]
63842229post >yfw corporations start silencing right-wing communities and websites for criticizing them i…[View]
63841716>buy replacement mac charger at apple for $80 >have to buy the cable separately…[View]
63842305While chatting to some babes on AIM this guy sends you an IM, what does it say[View]
63839291>install KDE >worse experience than GNOME and Windows HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN…[View]
63841840Where'es the drunk thread?: I know anon drinks while programming, so where is the drunk thread?…[View]
63836975Best OS for a student: Hey /g/ just wondering in your opinions what is the best OS for a student?…[View]
63842094Where the fuck did all of these ISP skills come from?[View]
63841308Yet another net neutrality thread: do you faggots even understand net neutrality? or just riding ple…[View]
63834976What kind of technology do you get to work with for your job? Any interesting stuff?[View]
63840670Fuck your freedom, it was always a lie. A farce, an illusion enjoyed by only the dimmest of brainlet…[View]
63841032What type of fan would fit this motherboard: Bear with me I'm fucking retarded but I need a new…[View]
63836417Where can you download the Windows 98 version of MS Paint?[View]
63838727How do i organize my images??[View]
63836744>/pol/ack that doesn't understand NN here will somebody explain to me why it's assumed …[View]
63838079the only way to stop the killing of net neutrality is to make our own net[View]
63837778KWin custom blur effect: Where are you, anon from a week ago? Did you make any progress with your cu…[View]
63841093>>63840688 Want me to blow your mind? haven't heard anybody bring this up until I thought…[View]
63835826/hpg/ - Headphone General: How to request purchase advice: http://pastebin.com/fYZLW7Ub For sub-$50 …[View]
63836447Im looking for that link that was circulating about a week ago about 7 eyes/14 eyes and what vpn ser…[View]
63816433/tpg/ - Thinkpad General: Old Thread: >>63788456 If you're looking for purchase advice, R…[View]
63839252Who won the browser war /g/? Been using Waterfox for years now but its honestly shit so looking to s…[View]
63824952/guts/: Where are the /guts/?[View]
63836922Ripple have risen 90% in the last 24 hours, gaining the 3rd highest market cap of all crypto. It…[View]
63839220So what’s this guy’s problem?[View]
63834647What should we do /g/? http://computernewb.com/collab-vm/[View]
63833846Be honest, this is the best version of Windows, right?[View]
63840572Hey people, this is the first time I post here and I have some troubles with my pic related pen tabl…[View]
63840332>Sitting on a meeting >Explain to boss and other people what they are telling me to do may no…[View]
63837693When will 4chan support the flif image format? http://flif.info/[View]
63819686/csg/ Chink Shit General: In /csg/, we discuss the cheap shit you see on Gearbest, Taobao, AliExpres…[View]
63835874pro/g/ramming challenge thread: Pro/g/ramming Challenge thread. Use your language of choice. I'…[View]
63838836>Vegas 14 Edit for 20 dollaroos >official license Should I do it?? https://www.humblebundle.co…[View]
63838261What's your job? What exactly do you do? Do you enjoy it? Does it pay well? Let's hear som…[View]
63838971ret: Reverse engineering thread? The one we had a few days ago was pretty neat. Avast just open sour…[View]
63840352Hello /g/. I have a question but I am total n00b so forgive me if I am asking something retarded. I …[View]
63838595Microsoft is silently forcing Windows Update policy changes: I figured you Linux boys at /g/ would l…[View]
63840480End of /g/:: I haven't been on /g/ for a year. Same old Shitposting everywhere. No change. /g/ …[View]
63840590UI Space Efficiency: What the fuck went wrong? >GNOME 3 is Apple wannabe tablet trash >Windows…[View]
63840079I've tried pretty much every major distro except for Slackware, how does it compare? Advantages…[View]
63836809Facebook ads suddenly know I have asthma I have never texted or emailed anything about an inhaler or…[View]
63833693will this bottleneck? i downgraded the solid-state ssd[View]
63840300Whats the difference between playing games in a well lit room vs a dark room is one better for your …[View]
63838963>be me >spend nearly 2h working on a project in solidworks >PC suddenly turns itself off …[View]
63840200Question!!!!: I am very uneducated when it comes to upgrading hardware within a machine and I wanted…[View]
63840348Which x299 board is the least housefire prone? I was thinking of going balls out on an overpiced asu…[View]
63839956>Comcast didn't have access to acquire other companies to start a monopoly during Bush and O…[View]
63834544Just bought a Surface.: Did I do good, /g/?[View]
63838494code: Hey I found this image in the files of that doki doki game, doesn't any of you know what …[View]
63826330> social networks were a mistake > making the internet overly accessible was a mistake > sm…[View]
63832988Net Neutrality: IT'S ACTUALLY HABBENING[View]
63837547Getting around the system: If everything on the internet is unique, is it possible to make an ISP th…[View]
63813038Are these things still a meme?[View]
63837725this kills the redditor[View]
63833896>only good KDE release is the latest release because it's so freaking buggy >no good dist…[View]
63835716Much like the DJ/Producer of yesteryear, programming, aka 'making apps' has become the latest must-h…[View]
63839441lets have a weeb PC thread: >pic related What fucking right do these weeb PC's have to look …[View]
63839705How to revert Windows 10 USB to normal storage USB?: I turned my USB into a Windows 10 installation …[View]
63827546>used to use wired headphones like everyone >after a while they would inevitably break >st…[View]
63836572>This month UK Internet providers will start their long-awaited piracy alerts campaign. With help…[View]
63837009$800 Laptop value: What is the highest value laptop I can buy for $800?[View]
63839454I need some advice, but do having better tools (software) actually matters for an artist? like bette…[View]
63838532What is wrong with Google's speed test? (or is it the only one that's right?)[View]
63838661>le you don't need more than 8GB may may[View]
63809592What phone do you use? I have the KEYone BLACKED Edition through AT&T[View]
63830710Linux mint: Well what people of /g/ think about this distro?[View]
63819813*rolls over your headphone cables*[View]
63833903>Its Over: why are people saying this? literally nothing happened[View]
63835103any alternatives to sage?[View]
63835840Welp, that's it folks. Intel just got demolished.[View]
63838715Isn't it kinda fucked how your banks just give your details to random call centres just for som…[View]
63838035I studied programming for the past three years but now I'm unmotivated. I'm almost giving …[View]
63837122Are TLC SSDs still fukking unreliable as they once were? I'm thinking of getting one to store f…[View]
63837258Can someone explain to me how this language reduces my chances of you perverts stealing my butthole …[View]
63830309/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: prev: >>63820455 What are you working on, /g/?[View]
63826822Does your motherboard have godlike ultimate enthusiast power?[View]
63834473What is the best Winamp version?[View]
63837821What exactly are the benefits of a rooted android phone in 2017, besides the obvious one device leve…[View]
63837381The wiki is dead and so is my mouse Whats a good replacment for my zowie FK1? No autistic gaymur shi…[View]
63837950Bash vs zsh vs fish vs ksh?[View]
63824188Why? Why is it so shit? Why is it that there are hundreds of well made and useful Linux distribution…[View]
63833423This thread is dedicated to discussion of technology while rest of /g/ is overwhelmed by US binning …[View]
63837159Neutral Apocalypse: The Sky is Falling on Ur Tubes: >According to the media, the end of net neutr…[View]
63837721Will my computer die soon? https://youtu.be/wy-mNN-9oic[View]
63836956Do you think we will see an end to the keyboard + mouse in our lifetime?[View]
63819138/ptg/ - Private Tracker General: https://vocaroo.com/i/s1BbktYiSR7I edition. Previous thread >…[View]
63837456San Francisco: What are these things?: What are these things, in san francisco? Obviously ads hang …[View]
63809469speakers general?: I always see headphones but never speakers picked up a couple of speakers from a …[View]
63837203>try to use Xresources >can't even configure font after several days should i just end it…[View]
63836277So, I made a program that calculates the starting and the ending point of the longest subsequence of…[View]
63835591I'm going to do it, lads[View]
63836494making a website for newbies: I really want to make a website but I don't want to use a builder…[View]
63836063https://www.wired.com/story/future-of-artificial-intelligence-2018/ How long it until literally all …[View]
63837619Linux Game Compatibility: Why are so few video games compatible with Linux? The Playstation 3 syste…[View]
63836786Schillsaver V12 - Less Shit Edition: It's been a while coming, but I finally found the time to …[View]
63834307>mfw all the normy fags will have to pay extra for stuff and i will pay min price and use my aws …[View]
638302434K Screen Phones: Are 4K screen phones the biggest meme of the industry?[View]
63837049PCB Corrosion?: What is this shit on my card and is it fucked? Card powers on and fans spin but no p…[View]
63830598show me some evidence that pic related is spying on me[View]
63821359more like this masterpiece? I need some l33t h4x0r /g/ kino[View]
63836269whats the consensus on external storage?[View]
63837102Neither /sqt/, nor /spg/ are a big help (no help at all, to be precise). So. I need a tablet with a …[View]
63836793Just put a 64 gb sd card in my s7 and Im having trouble figuring out how to transfer my music into t…[View]
63833930Why is the new firefox so slow? It is driving me crazy. Have 4 tabs open and takes 10 seconds to loa…[View]
63823921Is the U2715H still one of the best 27' all round monitors out there? I know the newer model (U2717D…[View]
63831605Justed by uni: I have found out that from the second year we will be using Java. Why are we being fo…[View]
63835115>but loonix clearly works >but you're too illiterate to use loonix >It works fine on m…[View]
63830475Win10 doesn't care about its own rules: Fucking had the windows update service on 'Disabled' so…[View]
63831062>want to post something >Your ip was banned on the 4th July of 2013 >want to post something…[View]
63831094Fuck ISPs: Since net neutrality is going in the shitter cause congressmen don't care, whats the…[View]
63835532>ISP makes spergs pay more for porn >ISP makes norms pay more for youtube and netflix >I ge…[View]
63832357Apple computers aren’t powerfu...[View]
63831843Slow Mouse Cursor Movement with 1080 Ti: My mouse was smooth as fuck with my 290x's in crossfir…[View]
63835058Euclideon: What do you guys think about this technology? Is it real? Anyone who worked with their 3D…[View]
63835755Decent ISPs: So....yeah what do? How hard is it to start an ISP? Could someone start-up a new small …[View]
63835942Will be 2018 the year of the Win10?[View]
63834854>brainlets everywhere have been so fucking brainwashed by youtubers they actually think that webs…[View]
63835658>Thanks for allowing me to develop healthy ideas about sex by not adding pornography to our inter…[View]
63835753ITT: we analyse countries as if they were distros[View]
63830250>send an ebay buyer ram sticks >upon arrival buyer sends me pictures of broken ram sticks and …[View]
63806373/hpg/ - Headphone General: How to request purchase advice: http://pastebin.com/fYZLW7Ub For sub-$50 …[View]
63835767Post YFW today there is one less regulation in our lives.[View]
63835909Help..: Request for information. Looking for a program to rip audio from a video file and spatialize…[View]
63832401HTMLNeutrality: (1/3) Net Neutrality is a big concern that a lot of anons have been talking about la…[View]
63829433Freecucks btfo[View]
63835210Hmm, I wonder what this relatively simple chinese-made IR remote app needs all these permissions[View]
63835450the internet was a mistake you fucks treat it like its essential to living[View]
63832532REEEE CAN'T GET MY SPRING MVC APPLICATION TO RUN ON TOMCAT?!!?!? Wtf public ViewResolver viewRe…[View]
63829824Why has no one tried to cash in on the alcohol industry by implementing technology into it?[View]
63833757What are some of the /g/ approved android apps?[View]
63817630/g/ memes you're glad you fell for: For me, it's the e-ink reader. I originally got it to …[View]
63827878Why do people buy all-in-one computers (not just pic related)? Are they actually useful if you don…[View]
63834444If I want a job, and I'm a senior in CS, which one of the following should I do? Internship whe…[View]
63831190made a 'sensors' out of my cathode-ray monitor, &...[View]
63834299reminder that none of these guys are your friends and are better off just not using the web all of t…[View]
63834699How will this affect those who want privacy and safety? Is it just another step towards control and …[View]
63833605>> isYesterday() { return true; } > a friend who I haven't talked to in a month or so …[View]
63833413my boss just sent me these so i can do the publicity and create the templates for the new plans. he…[View]
63830277Hey /g/, name my company's next product release. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfjFP…[View]
63829049>anti net neutrality people falling for muh Obama era policy meme and saying how it has only exis…[View]
63833618What's a comfy lightweight browser I can run in the background whilst I do other more CPU inten…[View]
63833460So, everything goes back to normal like how it was in 2015, i don't really see the big deal, ca…[View]
63826026Asian thinkpad user.: >be in uni library. >see Vietnamese exchange student using a Lenovo thin…[View]
63829535The greater-than sign is used to denote quotations in the e-mail and newsgroup formats, and this has…[View]
63827705Time Maschine: Whasup /g/entoomen let's discuss the intricacies of building a time machine. Do …[View]
63827732>Work Experience: /g/ - 2002-2017[View]
63832948>compiling clang >one hour compiling >compiling uses all memory and computer freezes >re…[View]
63826360/hsg/ - Home Server General: Previous Thread: >>63772700 >What is /hsg/ In /Home Server Gen…[View]
63833866>tfw the consumer won't subsidize gay useless internet startups anymore >tfw hipster prog…[View]
63824991What’s the best year MacBook?[View]
63826511would someone fix my python? So close to being done but I have no idea what's wrong here. https…[View]
63833677Best VPN?: What are the good VPNs out there?[View]
63821123/pcbg/ - PC Building General: RAM cooling edition >Delid your CPU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
63826936>grandmpa installed Gentoo without reading the handbook[View]
63833056>Saves the internet for America I bet you feel very silly for making fun of them now don't y…[View]
63829311Is there any point in learning coding in 2017 when we're at most 5 years away from AI that can …[View]
63832932Our computers now are hundreds of times more powerful than this motherfucker and we STILL don't…[View]
63832857What the fuck did Youtube mean by this?[View]
63833280The 2 women brought up a good point. Russia meddled in net neutrality, just as they meddled in the e…[View]
63827863AACS 2 keys leaked: >72 AACS keys for 58 UHD bluray films got leaked We can now decrypt those mov…[View]
63829139S-stay with me![View]
63833276Someone needs to mock up a ISP leaked documents: The future as Comcast see's the internet. Make…[View]
63829463What's next for firefox?[View]
63825404Install TempleOS !!!: Lern the HolyC !!! old: >>63811806[View]
63827877Intel 2018 CPU Roadmap Leaked, No New Mainstream Processors Until 2019: >It is another 'skylake r…[View]
63829288Linux+ Exam: So I feel I'm on the brink of being able to get this after passive studying of the…[View]
63829052I want to start learning Tomcat but Eclipse doesn't support Tomcat 8. I wanted to install Tomca…[View]
63829041>youtube: Youtube is owned by Google Google is ownbed by Alphabet >charges 45% of all ad reven…[View]
63833032look at this net[View]
63828795>14 year old programming prodigy who would win in a coding battle him vs kode with klossy?…[View]
63830119A spacer with an edge!: What a unique invention. It's like a Lego, made of metal![View]
63830885>you mistype the catcha or the catcha has malfunctioned >your computer has been temporarelly b…[View]
63832724>why do you torrent just stream >you're buying another 4TB hdd? just delete shit >wtf …[View]
63825369Should I buy the GPD Pocket? And if I do, any cheap(below 350$) places to order it?[View]
63829808FCC Vote on Net Neutrality: Stream: https://www.fcc.gov/general/live https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
63829649'S9 World’s Most Efficient Miner' Who is there with Antminer? How is your production of Bitcoin? In …[View]
63828433Headphones is kill. Those super thin wires in the cable simply can't handle the strees! Why is …[View]
63830193Post them homescreens[View]
63829159ITT your favorite tech channels[View]
63818435Windows 10 LTSB the decent way: Friendly guide for people that want to jump to W10 before 2020 and k…[View]
63810799>browse /g/ >they easily make over 100k only with community college CS degree while writing re…[View]
63828689>Paras Jha >(a.k.a. Anna Senpai) Daily reminder that all /g/ weebs are actually pajeets in dis…[View]
63831196>not disabling CSS nice botnet it's turing complete, therefore it's the same as executi…[View]
63827948What are some good alternatives for someone wanting to switch away from l'chaimmail?[View]
63825170Why the fuck is Mozilla silently installing extensions on my machine?[View]
63828737Face swap neural network has been released. Deepfakes, thanks god: https://pastebin.com/hYaLNg1T Fac…[View]
63817886*unblocks your blocked ads* what are you gonna do autistic fucks? he's getting richer and riche…[View]
63826959how can i tell if a website is running a bitcoin miner when i visit? is that even a thing?[View]
63823611>Ok Google, remote start my Hyundai and set the climate to full heat. Do we care that the governm…[View]
63806424/fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread: Old thread: >>63788621 /fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux thread …[View]
63830190>Open new windows in a new tab instead >Control+J >Downloads open in a new window Explain t…[View]
63828913Saw this on reddit, thought I'd share[View]
63815787JUST: https://twitter.com/bkrunner/status/940795579491381249[View]
63829531Redmi 5: Where from can I buy this phone. I live in Europe[View]
63824901Vim vs. Emacs? Whats the difference?[View]
63828107Looking to get my first smart watch and can't decide between the Gear S3 Classic and the LG Wat…[View]
63829720https://savecodeshare.eu/ https://act1.openmedia.org/savethelink http://eur-lex.europa.eu/legal-cont…[View]
63818661Hi Recommend me a distro Requirements: -easy to install -not simple and sugarcoated for me to not le…[View]
63826169Why isn't there a currency that's based on RAM prices and not shitting cryptography.[View]
63828589Can someone fucking teach me how to use the filter system in 4chan x I'm literally retarded hel…[View]
63828015Software to manage computer addiction: The computer is sucking most of my time at home while I want …[View]
63828922>All pajeets are bad for the interne-[View]
63824574The Internets Final Hours: RIP Net-Neutrality *Plays The Final Countdown In Background*[View]
63825855I'm currently a Uni student pursuing a major in Computers. But I'm fucking stupid and curr…[View]
63829495What do they mean by this?[View]
63829240Programming and hacking skills: Sup /g/ ! medical intern here, going for 21 days end of year holiday…[View]
63820455/dpt/ Daily Programming Thread: Previous thread >>63813243 What are you working on /g/?[View]
63823142Is Ryzen pronounced rise-n or risen? Is Epyc pronounce ep-ike or epic?[View]
63827221Convince me to quit my degree in teaching+English+history and pursue a career in IT instead.[View]
63824555Let's keep it honest...: Who here still uses dial-up? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iHW1ho8L7…[View]
63829413Some senpai can teach me hacking? I could be your waifu.[View]
63821705You can't do everything on C++, dynamic my ass.: People told me lies that everything is possibl…[View]
63826093for PC gaymin, should I buy a gaymin headset, or a normal pair of headphones and a separate micropho…[View]
63814727Does AMD pay illiterate 13 year olds to name their products?[View]
63829532when will firefox 59 be released for android?[View]
63826300Underground OP: >the loss of net freedom is upon us >Operation underground is go. >Scramble…[View]
63826640Captcha: Isn't working.[View]
63813250/wt/ - Watch Thread: This thread is about the appreciation of horology, as well as the micro-enginee…[View]
63828435is deviantart a meme?[View]
63829026VBA in Excel: Really stupid question from someone who has no clue of VBA: How is it possible to auto…[View]
63826287Are there options to set a 'killswitch' fingerprint option in Android so we can have the n…[View]
63828242>Global variables are evil >Encapsulated data in a singleton class at global scope that needs …[View]
63829420Which one of you fucks has a decent live stream of the NN vote? The one on fcc.gov is small as shit[View]
63823942Are there any real alternatives to Calibre? Possibly text-based? You'd think there'd be a …[View]
63829364Why is install gentoo wiki site not working?[View]
63825662WebExtensions: >decide not to update to Firefox 57, thinking everything will stay the same >gr…[View]
63828933So I've been using xubuntu for a while, with really no problems. After installing a more sane l…[View]
63818297KDE vs GNOME: which one does /g/ uses and why?[View]
63828163>Pajit's face when he's finally taking revenge for all the bullying against his country…[View]
63828633>botnet is getting out of control >most normies won't stop using fb (or other botnets) an…[View]
63828655Hey /g/, what do you think of ARkit and ARcore? ARkit is out there and available do you know when A…[View]
63826295/Td6WFoAAATm1rRGAgAhARwAAAAQz1jM70I/ANpdACcSRQ4Di6rZU/FGiyAlf12YQWU0PC0aE5Py /aS6XPtbCt22Yy0SyJtTl6V…[View]
63831981Net Neutrality is good[View]
63818066iPhone 7+ or the Galaxy S8?: Which one should i get? I'm having a hard time deciding. (please n…[View]
63828674>Oh hello, Firefox user. Don't mind me. I'm just gonna secretly install this doomsday c…[View]
63823857get to my level[View]
63824435What do you think of Chromebooks?[View]
63827472Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 most color accurate smartphone display of 2017: GSMArena has tested the flagships of…[View]
63822754When is Navi coming out shit fuck?[View]
63811400/hpg/ - Headphone General: How to request purchase advice: http://pastebin.com/fYZLW7Ub For sub-$50 …[View]
63825288Blog post here but seriously need help. My cs professor is insane. He insists on this insanely comp…[View]
63828464> plays game for the first time > follows a wiki > over levels every stat > uses a build…[View]
63819730Who's ready for the revival of Microsoft's Zune?[View]
63827035best vim distro: started to learn vim. now looking for a good vim distro. I am to lazy to get all th…[View]
63826751How do I upload myself?[View]
63827579ITT: Post favourite distro and why you enjoy it.[View]
63829400Bitcoin source proof: Hi, I am wondering if any of you can help me, I am recently trying to offload …[View]
63827048Now that the dust has settled, was Vega a mistake?[View]
63800041What's your CPU, clock speed, voltage and temperatures, Anon? Don't mind me, NSA data coll…[View]
63828121Have you freed yourself from (((Der Ewige Lennart))) yet?[View]
63827317computing: Well this is what happening g/ A few months ago, an application called oovoo receives a…[View]
63825715Welcome to the botnet.[View]
63826009optimal heating: I live in a stand-alone two-story house (+ 'Liegender Stuhl'-roof, see picture) wit…[View]
63826913Need to use Windows 10 for a few things but want to stick with Windows 7 as main OS for as long as p…[View]
63818249Can't find job in Seattle: I graduated from a small university in Seattle metro with a CS degre…[View]
63826545Are Celeron NUCs fine for starting a shitty homelab?[View]
63824497Dawn of the final day.[View]
63826032what music player do you fat fucks use? Musicbee refuses to launch, foobar2k looks and feels like sh…[View]
63824686>Vegas Pro for $20 on humble bundle Ready to finally start that Youtube channel?…[View]
63827187Are 4 core processors really becoming obsolete for non-professional use (gaming, light virtualizatio…[View]
63821371How much would it cost to start an image board like 4chinz (Different boards, etc), but even more an…[View]
63826690The web just keeps getting slower and slower. Pages demand more and more resources, and the browsers…[View]
63827246What do you guys like to listen to when pushing stuff into Production? https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
63827370So i just realised that after you delete your web history there is no way of getting it back. What k…[View]
63807846Why aren't you using dwm /g/? The fastest wm ever >2x faster than i3 >dwm is only a singl…[View]
63824366How do I make videogames with only FOSS software? already tired of windows BS.[View]
63811433>devs posted that the project is dying >nightlies have stopped for 4 months now I think it…[View]
63825566/g//g/ wiki: Anyone know why the wiki is down? http://wiki.installgentoo.com/[View]
63825861Hey, /g/. Would modem uncapping circumvent an ISP's ability to throttle internet traffic for a …[View]
63822413Hey 4Chan Ajit Pai here, before we vote to kill the internet Id like to say it feels pretty fucking …[View]
63827189securing lan with insecure devices: let's imagine this scenario: in lan there is nas windows ma…[View]
63825618Did any of you faggots won in this thing? or i am wasting my time participating[View]
63824408Stop trying to rewrite your existence in Javascript.[View]
63813832/aocg/ - Advent of Code 2017 General #15: Severely crawl the firewall edition Previous thread: >…[View]
63825657What is the best way to move large 32gb file from pc to laptop?[View]
63818495FUTURE OF PHONES: Will mobile phones be replaced by ar glasses? What technologies would you like/exp…[View]
63820890>50% on discrete math final after getting 90's-100 on all else >probably like 65% on calc…[View]
63826435SDR for Hackathons: What is the smallest SDR I can find with TX capabilities? I only care about oper…[View]
63810376>your favorite operating system >your IQ I'll start >linux >47…[View]
63822002>Have a genius idea for a cryptocurrency >Can't code at all, like literally zero coding e…[View]
63823012Getting a job as a web developer?: I'm currently a first year CS major in college, and I have s…[View]
63826569Why are some apk's only for arm and some for arm and x86? I mean they are compiled into dalvik/…[View]
63823701My boys, are you guys worried about NET neutrality? They might completely shut us down.[View]
63824261Damn is this worth it?: I'm assuming I can remove the ads easily enough.[View]
63816938How do you make your XFCE look nice? bonus points: no arc theme[View]
63826396/g/ approved or normie: o I have a Surface pro 2017, as my edc tablet I use the iPad pro 10.5, V-mod…[View]
63826439Stop developing fizzbuzz program.[View]
63823797Pretend copyright infringement: So I drunkenly sent viralhog some hate mail last night claiming I re…[View]
63826208As /g/ood as it /g/ets ?: I just rode my new electric motorbike bike out to ocean and listened to so…[View]
63819600What would happen if five four three two one blast off was changed to one to three for five blast of…[View]
63805076Why aren't you using debian? >Biggest repos ever 57,290 packages https://en.wikipedia.org/wi…[View]
63822690Tramp bans (((Kaspersky))): https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-cyber-kaspersky/trump-signs-into-…[View]
63824764I'm Ajit Pai and I think I have the right to tell you what you can and can't do on the int…[View]
63824737>Ajit Pai >Pai Ajit >Paiajit >Paijit >Pajit >Pajeet Kek lmao how can Americans eve…[View]
63825649I live in the US and want to buy they Blackberry Key One Black Edition from bestbuy.ca cause its not…[View]
63811379FreeBSD: Without any memes, can someone explain why this exists? What's the point when Linux ex…[View]
63825990Which one of you faggots has the balls to play /g/ Russia Roulette? sudo -v && [ $[ $RANDOM …[View]
63824286Help, anons: This may or may not be a dumb ass question, but here's the deal: I got arrested a …[View]
63822225Why are dongles such an issue? >before smartphones we used them >two clear standards, USB C an…[View]
63825930where would i be able to stream kung pow with other anons[View]
63825470What..: This never happens, some one explain[View]
63817139/hrt/ - Hardware Removal-of-botnet Thread: FUCK THAT MANAGER FAGGOT edition Last thread >>6375…[View]
63823411Does /g/ use fitness trackers? >inb4 botnet trackers[View]
63822408Sell me on a relevant Steam Machine, /g/.[View]
63825186It feels like technology has kind of stagnated since the early 2000s. In the 1950-2000 period there …[View]
63825722Is this a good build? I want it mostly for games[View]
63821746Hi Anon. I am Zack Chattleberg owner of Facebook. Nice to meet you![View]
63821239Are ergonomic keyboards a meme?[View]
63824259am i the only one who think killing net neutrality is a good thing. it will stop me wasting time on …[View]
63823385So im decided to buy a tv, but I dont care about the 4k meme Is a dumb tv+chromecast(or whatever dev…[View]
63825446I want to get into technology but don't know where to start. To make this simple ill put any po…[View]
63825131VLC 3.0.0 RC2: Why aren't you using the superior media player? https://nightlies.videolan.org/b…[View]
63822131>tfw they sell a 1280 x 1024 17' monitor new in 2017 Dell did nothing wrong.…[View]
63820089Why do high-end CPUs come with integrated graphics in the current year of our Lord two thousand and …[View]
63818382Is Intel i9-7900 the best bang for buck CPU on the market right now?[View]
63819992GPU prices: How come cryptocurrency mining is increasing GPU prices? Shouldn’t increased demand lowe…[View]
63824907yo /g/, any ideas on how to fix a external HDD? I have a western digital mybook and it has a weird i…[View]
63809435*clicks and scratches*[View]
63823446Seagate The green signifies the algae growing on all the dead seagate drives. The swirl reminds you…[View]
63824486Is it botnet?[View]
63825178Any news?: I've been hearing news and reports on a new Loongson/Lemote laptop, with performance…[View]
63825161Windows Tablet: My 2012 HP envy is on its last legs and I don't feel like putting money into it…[View]
63820906WHY DON'T COMPUTERS WORK?: I'll try to keep this as short and concise as possible. My PC c…[View]
63824880CollabVM: Hey guys. I've been working real hard on this website of mine and it would be amazing…[View]
63813810Only one more day motherfuckers. Only one more day and net neutrality is gone forever. Are you happy…[View]
63820484Which (American) ISPs allow bridging their modems? AT&T doesn't.[View]
63824688Alphazero: What's the secret of alphago/alphazero success? Is it more of new ways to program AI…[View]
63809388Why did Google sell the most advanced robotics company in the world?[View]
63824086Unlock: You guys mocked me for using a locked phone from Telus: 'lol enjoy your bloatware anon'. I h…[View]
63819251Should i get 1060 now or wait for 1150Ti?[View]
63824525https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/the-origin-of-open-source_us_5a21bd2ee4b04dacbc9bd6fe >Artic…[View]
63822976I don't even have basic computer knowledge but I plan to make my own server ask me anything[View]
63824537You talk so much about programming, but you cant talk about hacking because you cant actually do any…[View]
63820721Which VPN is least likely gonna get throttled when Net Neutrality is kill? I want to get a paid VPN,…[View]
63824454Shitty Pixel Art Draw Thread?: Can /g/ do more than just shitpo--- i mean 'program'? Gotta…[View]
63823076Intel to use hardware to prevent the ability to downgrade ME firmware: oy vey goyim, stop trying to …[View]
63815582Guys, I fell for the KDE is bloated and slow meme. Rescued HP Stream 11 with 2gb of ram from garbag…[View]
63821022ITT: Times the botnet spooked you.: >clear all data when I close firefox automatically >have d…[View]
63824204i found him https://github.com/SudoLinux https://sudolinux.github.io https://github.com/SudoLinux/ap…[View]
63822890NOscript: Why is aesthetics more important that functionality when it comes to technology?[View]
63822028Bought this off eBay for under $20 /g/ why don't you have one? Trying to figure out how I can w…[View]
63822490What's /g/ think about MPC-BE?[View]
63806106what version of firefox do you use?[View]
63803344de-googling: firefox + duckduckgo for maximum freedom ah and is there any replacement for gmail and …[View]
63824072adults use what works: The creator of BASH and the first Free Software Foundation employee uses a Ma…[View]
63821653Are M discs still the best medium for long term storage? At least that I can actually buy.[View]
63819934>be poorfag cant afford VR >go to best buy >see PSVR demo station >probably the only one…[View]
63823888Net Neutralityfags have gone full retard[View]
63823549Best P2P file storage/sharing: What's the current best solution for decentralized, encrypted pe…[View]
63822140Which cloud solutions does /g/ use? I'm currently part of the botnet (Google Drive), but i want…[View]
63815705is edge the best browser[View]
63822452how do you guys do this mundane task of programming for hours upon hours a day? t. electrical engine…[View]
63821566are there any non apple oems that aren't shit[View]
63817588U JELLY?[View]
63819100>need internship experience >apply for internship >get rejection email >'We have moved f…[View]
63823300Anyone have any idea why my laptop is so much slower when plugged in with the AC adapter than when r…[View]
63802311ITT: Keyboard keys you have never pressed[View]
63822497is it a good idea for a beginner who has only uses Ubuntu to switch to void? note that this beginner…[View]
63822244Chrome Help: Does anyone else use chrome and is having CAPTCHA problems? anytime I try to post I hav…[View]
63823145I thought of searching for a new budget laptop since the one I've used through college has seen…[View]
63823182running low on phone space. use a lot of third party apps such as twitter and facebook. is there a w…[View]
63814167Why do all the minorities with macbooks in my class set their terminal to black/green when we are ju…[View]
63823222So, I've been watching some AMV's and trying to work out how long it would take to do all …[View]
63823457firefox memory: why does this shit use so much memory? closing out tabs doesn't reduce the memo…[View]
63823153Gonna start my own blog and I want to give a pretty unique theme to it and I'm open to ideas. I…[View]
63815614oy vey: https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5a2eac8939740[View]
63822034ITT: Good technology feels: > 2 one second outages 3 seconds apart > stereo went off and on ag…[View]
63818590What's your opinion on pic related /g/?[View]
63819322Fiio X5 software mods?: Is there anyway to make this garbage that I was duped into buying more usabl…[View]
63819244>People on 4chin worry about privacy when they have done nothing with their lives not there is no…[View]
63820152>having a galaxy S5 >kitkat becomes too outdated to keep it. >marshmallow have worse batter…[View]
63821930>Update Windows 10 to stop that annoying pop up >Now my system as a 50% chance to freeze compl…[View]
63820023Need help to set up pc tower to smart tv? Any suggestions? Been trying all day to fix this[View]
63823121Whats the best educational or extracurricular path to become a winner in the upcoming AI/automation …[View]
63811806Install TempleOS !!!: Lern the HolyC !!! old: >>63800297 >>63652889 >>63691966 …[View]
63822996Would vega Fe be better for video editing because it has 16gb vs the Rx 64 which only has 8gb[View]
63805656iMac Pro: >18 core Xeon® processor >Radeon™ Pro Vega® 64 desktop-class graphics with 16GB HBM2…[View]
63822425>He fell for the CS major meme[View]
63816002>Radeon Adrenalin Edition >Vulkan does not work at all anymore (not even the workaround by usi…[View]
63821148Gelbooru: How do I get Gelbooru to work while blocking all their cancer?[View]
63823056vlmcsd: Is vlmcsd a botnet or not?[View]
63815855Confess.: >bad things I've done edition[View]
63819725What software like pic related can /g/ recommend? I want to message and shit from my phone without h…[View]
63822588Does /g/ own any telescopes?[View]
63790099PC Case Thread: Post and discuss desktop cases. I was thinking of upgrading to a Meshify C from my T…[View]
63822827How to connect HDMI 2.0 output on GPU to displayport 1.2 input on monitor: Genuine question here. Is…[View]
63820400portable sbc thread: RasPis and others welcome too[View]
63822809Welcome to the new /g/ https://archive.rebeccablacktech.com/g/search/image/z-AKUCW9z3QIuaU6QRbRHg/ …[View]
63816103How does good net neutrality crap affect intent users outside the US? Is this any cause for concern?[View]
63821999What motherboard/cpu should I pair with a Titan Xp? i9 7900x + x299, or threadripper 1950x + x399?[View]
63822893Beige: Why are there no beige cases anymore? Someone should do a Kickstarter.[View]
63822023what are some essential add ons for kodi? and how do i get this shit to not buffer so much?[View]
63822400T H Y C C[View]
63814178What do you guys think of windows xp black edition ? Is it legit ? there are still official securit…[View]
63818129Phones With Batteries more than 5,000 mAh?: i wanna get this phone cause it has a whopping 10,000 mA…[View]
63821400The worlds best smartphone: >the >worlds >best >smartphone…[View]
63822482>ha you can’t even torrent on iShi-[View]
63820629Smartwatches: Looking to get my first smart watch and can't decide between the Gear S3 Classic …[View]
63814052What's a word for someone who doesn't want to accept new technology?[View]
63822683I gave you my time. And you asked for more. I gave you my software. And you asked for more. And when…[View]
63819099i've been tracked by the botnet basically my whole life without knowing about it until recently…[View]
63822404How do you call it when you're pretty sure there is a better way to code what you're progr…[View]
63821892Need to git gud - coding edition: OK so I need money and since I can code a bit I figure one good av…[View]
63822504I want to learn REAL SHIT this summer, recommend me books related on computer science and programmin…[View]
63814678Windows 8.1 or windows 10?: Yo everyone. So I've had so many issues with windows 10 that I…[View]
63817117>buying into the VR gimmick[View]
63820104You guys should stop forcing people on /g/ to use Linux instead of Windows, it's not ok[View]
63822054Why are there no websites to give simple comparison points on cellphones? Every single review site …[View]
63819136std::shared_ptr<Vehicles::Car> car1 = std::make_shared<Vehicles::Car>(new Vehicles::Car{…[View]
63822158I'm a writefag and I want to create a blogging site pertaining to my releases that isn't w…[View]
63822101What does /g/ think of amino?[View]
63821092/ptg/ - Public Tracker General: Previous thread >>63806196→ >Not sure what Public trackers…[View]
63813888/sqt/ :: Questions that don't deserve its own thread: I'll ask. Is there any kill switch a…[View]
63807413>tfw retarded electrician(don't even have a university degree) >most '''advanced''' progr…[View]
63807579Do you put your braces like this, or do you do it wrong?[View]
63819481how to get python script reviewed: I'm retarded, have a python assignment to do for tomorrow. I…[View]
63820217>muh linux >try to use suspend because why the fuck would I wanna turn my pc off every time I …[View]
63819663Give me some projects for Github: Hey /g/ I got like fucking 3 weeks to bloat my github with 'not to…[View]
63817950I got chinked by /g/: >every board on 4chan fucked me over >now /g/ suggested Xiaomi and despi…[View]
63817325Graphene in muh CPU fucking when? https://youtu.be/c4oW6PcOUtc[View]
63815662we usually fuck with people on a daily basis just think of the guy who wrote first: >the human ey…[View]
63820884Literal retard here. Is there any way to make urls that doesn't end in .webm loop too? I mean s…[View]
63820364Just installed a new gtx 1060 3gb. Smooth installation. No problems downloading drivers. But now the…[View]
63810343/pcbg/ - PC Building General: Ultimate Gaming Machine 1.0 Edition (1998): https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
63820269RIP_404_internet_XXX: Dec. 14 the internet dies?[View]
63820755Anybody still waiting on the Virtual Boy 2?[View]
63816655>The most widespread, best linux distros that are actually usable in professional environments ar…[View]
63817728Rust: Why do they hate Windows?[View]
63817247SEND HELP[View]
63819673I downgraded from windows 10 to windows 7 on a hp 250 g5. The problem is that the usb ports, wireles…[View]
63801427/MKG/ meechanical keeyboard geeneral: /mkg/ keeychatter eedition My 'e' keey is registeering twicee …[View]
63818571Do i really need a vent for a Retropie Raspberry pi 3? or heatsink coolers are already enough? and d…[View]
63806301Are these any good for linux?[View]
63820397Front end developer here with some knowledge of backend. How the hell do I make money online without…[View]
63822224what will you do the day when the technologicaly singularity happens /g/ ?? me >encrypt my DNA an…[View]
63803445what do you name your hard drives?[View]
63820035Guts thread: Guts thread. Post your PC guts and specs ITT[View]
63820242>A mandatory update for this app is available! > - Fixes a typo on the share menu (Thanks redd…[View]
63814763how much does Googlel know about you, anon? https://myactivity.google.com/myactivity[View]
63820201retarded ram: I have thousands of conhost.exe and powercfg.exe processes running using up all my ram…[View]
63819688Is this shit usable yet? Can you paste or edit your own code without uploading it somewhere? I mean …[View]
63820249My edgy fan isn't being detected: Since my fan isn't working neither is it being detected …[View]
63814329Oh no. no no no NO NO NOOOOOOOOOO[View]
63814207>The F.C.C. chairman, Ajit Pai, is seeking a sweeping repeal of the Barack Obama-era rules, pavin…[View]
63813243/dpt/ Daily Programming Thread: This is /dpt/, the best subreddit of /g/ In this thread: r/programmi…[View]
63818704Biggest regret of my life. I'm really mad.[View]
63815845There is a way to recover a lost Bitcoin wallet, right /g/? I lost my Bitcoin wallet from 2 years a…[View]
63818411I miss the wiki, guys.[View]
63817284Banned/Deleted Accounts and Making New Ones: When a site like POF deletes your account but still all…[View]
63818868The absolute state of Tox, everybody. The entries in the screenie are like a month old or so, but ch…[View]
63819641Advice on a new motherboard: Whats a nice, cheap alternative to the Foxconn FlamingBlade that i can …[View]
63817672IBM: Is IBM the hero we need? Will they save us from (((Intel)))?[View]
63819056How do you find people to work on projects with?[View]
63819178Do tech companies slow down hiring during the holidays? I'm finally searching for new developer…[View]
63809420Elon Musk is a Con artist and a corporate welfare que....: >PepsiCo reserves 100 Tesla Semis, lik…[View]
63817633I'm sure we can all agree here that at, at least in terms of value for money, the Sandisk® Sans…[View]
63813163Can you guys on /g/ explain to me like I'm 5 what traveling salesman problem is, and why do we …[View]
63819388madVR: This shit is getting confusing, guides aren't up to date and I'm pretty sure the gu…[View]
63819153>buy $1,000 metal phone >put it in $50 of rubber and plastic >>>trade it off in 12 mo…[View]
63818673What's a cheap and very resistant android phone? My friend has hands made out of soap and lets …[View]
63818082things you hate that are on every single fucking website for absolutely no reason whatsoever[View]
63810903Speccy Thread (Shitty laptop edition): Show me your shittiest shit /g/ I don't think Speccy is …[View]
63806196/ptg/ - Private Tracker General: Previous thread >>63790601 >Not sure what private tracker…[View]
63817409inb4 kys: Help me to install ubuntu, talk to me step by step like to the retarded person that i am. …[View]
63805735Show me your USB sticks, /g/.[View]
63803183/csg/ Chink Shit General: Ready those near empty neet wallets once again! There's rumblings of …[View]
63817990Let's delete all linux logs: >cat ~/.local/share/gvfs-metadata/home >URLs of all the pron…[View]
63809248is this final proof that open source is unsustainable? How can you expect people to update or create…[View]
63817209What does /g/ think of AdoredTV? His latest videos have been cutting down the AMD™ bias and ventures…[View]
63818551How shitty is your ISP tech support?: I just spent the day waiting for a fucking ISP to install fibe…[View]
63815857when using tiling wm: 1 tmux window or multiple terminal windows?[View]
63815769i want to start a small web hosting company (domain registration, web hosting, VPSs, cloud storage, …[View]
63818260why isn't there a remotely good open source image editor? none of what i've seen are close…[View]
63818638Display Manager datamining/discussion thread[View]
63814076New iMac Pro - Hate Thread / Discussion: Apple's new iMac Pro is launching tomorrow with a $5,0…[View]
63818592Which one would you recommend, the Mi5 or the Mi5X? I checked the differences and it seems like the …[View]
63806472/amg/ Apple & Mac General: Previous thread >>63756213 This thread is for the discussion of…[View]
63815183Why the fuck is installing and integratiing these things hard? PHP, MySql, apache. I was trying to i…[View]
63818284Link farming/Content farming: Hey /g/ what are your thoughts on link farming and content farming. SE…[View]
63818492So I'm trying to sell my pc either in parts or all together. How much should i ask for just the…[View]
63815620What the fuck: Who is buying this crap?[View]
63816904is this a botnet?[View]
63819957Crypto Guide: a friend at work told me about crypto currencies and told me to look here, i was wonde…[View]
63818238Danbooru + hidden tags: Does anyone remember what happened to the script that would re-enable the hi…[View]
63814336Touch Typing: I'm trying to re-train myself how to touch type as apparently I'm not using …[View]
63817541This is £359, Will this be good enough to watch YouTube videos and do generic word processing. If no…[View]
63814917Microsoft's December Patches Address 34 Security Issues: http://rec0ded88.blogspot.com/2017/12/…[View]
63815721Access to expensive technology is what makes you be able to get a foot hold and create something of …[View]
63806901>hasn't been updated in over a year Can we have a Clover hate thread?…[View]
63817169oh no[View]
63809089Do you like Nanoleaf Aurora lights? If I get them I will go all in and get thirty or whatever the li…[View]
63807167So /g/, who do you think it was that Linus had to speak to about their personal hygiene?[View]
63790043/spg/ - Smartphone General: If requesting purchasing advice, please provide your country and what ca…[View]
63809394sudo chmod -R 777 /[View]
63812538HD failed ;_;: >windows sheven freezes up >restart >Unomountable_boot_volume bsod >wellf…[View]
63815459If all I do with my monitor is watch stuff and play turn based/2D games, would a TV be better than a…[View]
63816698is radioshack a meme or something? i went to one for the first time in my life to get some electron…[View]
63814536Who here /nixos/? What's it like? The idea of having a single configuration file for your machi…[View]
63811328how do they know i regularly view their website?[View]
63816692Would the fostex t20rp be good for someone who is sensitive to highs? How is the sound stage?[View]
63816949Hi /g/ i don't post here but I saw this ad and uh thought you guys might like it. https://www.y…[View]
63812969>have a very loyal fanbase >have the mid range GPU market cornered >have the multi tasking …[View]
63810294Buying a hard drive in 2018-20/365: Based on what I've read and experienced first hand, most ha…[View]
63816718Who is going to fuck up ISP providers if they fuck up Net Neutrality?: Or we just gonna let it go.…[View]
63816315That feel when nowadays scriptkiddies are called pentester. 10's are terrible[View]
63816144i think i made i time machine: so i was working on a project while in class because i was bored, ofc…[View]
63815136Im bad at stuff. Help me get a new pc.: Need a pc, laptop just died. Looking for something that can …[View]
63816746LIVE USBs: So I was trying to use unetbootin to install ubuntu onto a usb. I had everything set up b…[View]
63813661*Dabs on all the hipster browsers*[View]
63816933ITT: We unJUST Firefox about:config extensions.pocket.enabled false extensions.screenshots.disabled …[View]
63813583>over half of /g/ uses windows 10 oh[View]
63815408>'Sign Up With Facebook/Twitter/Google!' >Connect social media account >Still have to fill …[View]
63816431>Oh don't mind me I'm just blocking Ads[View]
63813339>install google photos >dig up goodies prove how old fag you are, or are you too new?…[View]
63816884>Process finished with exit code 1[View]
63816831What if computers never worked at all and we're just imagining things[View]
63815204ensima/g/: Ok /g/tards, who did that? > talking about /g/ at school…[View]
63816300Is there any fucking fix for 4chanX yet? It is still broken on firefox when it's almost 2k18 an…[View]
63811221>best screen >best camera >looks best >best OS >most processing power >only phone …[View]
63816725>be me >live in the 3rd world country >getting ddosed by my ISP so i would buy their new m…[View]
63808718Lost but not forgotten websites.[View]
63816512Why do people on this board shill 16:10 so much? >muh extra 120 pixels of space You think 16:10 …[View]
63814044I use KeePassX, what is a good app to manage KDBX databases on android?[View]
63813456Is Logitech G100s a good choice?: I am currently rebuilding my battlestation, my current mice is abs…[View]
63815151AMD Fenghuang Raven Ridge: 28 Compute Units with 1792 SPs = BIG APU http://ranker.sisoftware.net/sho…[View]
63815813Best gadgets / purchases /g/ xmas list ideas: What purchases have improved your life the most? What…[View]
63803901What will you do when you no longer receive new drivers?[View]
63813425new 16:10 monitors: You can find recommendations on nearly any hardware but for some reason this is …[View]
63816060Whats this meme about pseudo random numbers generated on a computer not actually being random, not s…[View]
63816239Do you ever let anyone else borrow your devices?[View]
63815815>had internet issues on and off for the day >only on desktop >release/renew ip >disable …[View]
63813825I am devastated. My IPTV provider's website has been down for weeks now: premiumiptv.net For 10…[View]
63813492Hi /g/! Looking for some advice as I am a bit lost... > Sysadmin for almost 2 years. > A lot o…[View]
63815589Vega ''AIB'': >December 13th 2017 >MSI Intros Radeon RX Vega 64 Air Boost …[View]
63815531Serious question. I have an Apple iBook G4 at 1.2GHz and 1.25GB RAM. I also have an iPhone 5S, which…[View]
63815586What TV should I get?: Hi, I am looking to buy a new TV, my requirements: >up to 60' (preferably …[View]
63809595Help with a simple buffer overflow: /g/ you are my only hope. I will pay whoever figures this out $3…[View]
63814928wut de fuck is this thing meant for?[View]
63815213The state of modern day web development: pic related is how intel chooses to display their documenta…[View]
63813866The /g/ternet project: Looking for >people to help make flyers >people with experience making…[View]
63815541cannonlake=never: Remember 10nm cannonlake being out in 2018? Nope, they are releasing yet another 1…[View]
arr.length; str.length(); 
63812654Is /g/ the hippies of tech? All this talk of free this libre that is making me uncomfortable, get a …[View]
63803623I traded in my normiephone for This. What can I do with it and why is it better? Why do I have so ma…[View]
63813743>mom left comments in my .bashrc[View]
63813807How not to be a code monkey?[View]
63814380Which VR set?: So ive decided to buy a VR set this hanukkah for me- uh my family. Which one am i sup…[View]
63813618I'm thinking of getting IBM Thinkpad X60. Have any of you had it before? How was your experienc…[View]
63813870Alienware 17 r4: Meme machine or the real deal? I've always looked that alienware were a scam b…[View]
63788456Old Thread: >>63724676 If you're looking for purchase advice, READ THE BUYERS GUIDE FIRST…[View]
63812273>computer monitors wake up from sleep by themselves[View]
63792378https://torrentfreak.com/treasure-trove-of-aacs-2-0-uhd-blu-ray-keys-leak-online-171211/ *breathes i…[View]
63795830/wt/ - Watch Thread: This thread is about the appreciation of whorology, as well as the micro-engine…[View]
63812354Why are USB sticks so stupid?[View]
63814780WHat's a good E-reader?[View]
63807576ITT: the oldest files you have: What's the oldest 'date modified' you have?[View]
63814802I'm kind of a noob when it comes to devices, but I got a kindle paperwhite a while ago. And I w…[View]
63814778hello G, my current phone is the iPhone 4s, but i got a sony xperia Z3 compact that had a fault on t…[View]
63814557Help: Is it possible to connect to bluetooth on this ford radio ? Cause i can't seem to make it…[View]
63814177Supp' /g/, I need some help here: I wanna get a new laptop/tablet. I was wondering about Chuwi …[View]
63813915>It's GNU/Linux! >Linux is just a kernel!…[View]
63813288Who is this guy? What's his background?[View]
63808856why does it exist[View]
63810992Christmas /g/: Christmas is just around the corner /g/. What are you buying for yourself? Me? I…[View]
63810744>fill out captcha >purposely replace 'b's with 'd's and vice versa…[View]
63812682Precision Trackpad Support: Why the FUCK haven't google added support for precision trackpads y…[View]
63808061Is there ANYONE that actually enjoys writing in C++?[View]
63813374WHY is aesthetics more important than utility when it comes to technology?[View]
63787610GNU/Linux minimalism thread: For suggestions on programs that aren't bloat refer to https://suc…[View]
63806625I was considering getting a smartwatch pretty soon. Is Android Wear the best choice of operating sys…[View]
63813347if you can rewrite your own existence, what programming language are you going to write yourself in?[View]
63813719Ahahaha. Like pottery: Apple leads, Android niggers follow https://www.androidauthority.com/iphone-x…[View]
63808988Amazon Jobs: Hey /g/uys, I'm looking to move to Seattle and was wondering what it was like to w…[View]
63808187If you were given one thousand dollars to spend on a laptop what would you buy?[View]
63807432I have been thinking of getting a rasberry pi, can understand basic c++ so I get the jist of program…[View]
63813165I just set up my first normining rig. Who's with me? As they say on /biz/: 'to the mars'.[View]
63812052Is there any reason to learn awk anymore?: I'm starting a job as linux sysadmin, I come from a …[View]
63811181Phones With Best Batteries?: i wanna get this phone cause it has a whopping 10,000 mAh battery but e…[View]
63811787/nrg/ - Nyaa Replacement General: kilo is white and based[View]
63805094Press F to Pay Respects[View]
63806648'Lets Teach Kids to Program!': Why is there such a high social incentive to teach kids how to progra…[View]
63813287Why do some those power board surge protectors have these extra input output oles on the ends? I…[View]
63809327>wife has gaming laptop >hard drive 'dies' >replace with SSD take old drive and hold on to …[View]
63813379This is your friendly reminder /g/ that there is not a single thing morally or ethically wrong with …[View]
63813125>tfw dead pixel in my left eye[View]
63805671> brainlet > installed ubuntu > want to start using the terminal and learn more about compu…[View]
63810728Be honest, do any of you have a genuinely free as in freedom computer?[View]
63799198What is your excuse for not studying cybersecurity? Don't you want to make money?[View]
63813039Why would anyone buy a TV nowadays instead of just getting a monitor and just stream shit online via…[View]
63811707Specs aside, this thing looks 10x better design-wise than the new iMac Pro. Where were you when Micr…[View]
63812361Fedora GNU/Linux: Why aren't you using Fedora? >repos are up-to-date and stable Packages lik…[View]
63811435EPYC: Available on Newegg now. https://www.newegg.com/AMD-Processors-Servers/BrandSubCat/ID-1028-727…[View]
63812562nostalgia thread[View]
63813318Can a webpage download/read cookies of the visitor of another webpages? Specifically, in a forum, if…[View]
63807994I've been an XFCE user for the past half-decade. But I think I'm switching to Cinnamon. …[View]
63810849What do you guys think about social media? Was it a good advancement in technology or should it have…[View]
63808872Thank you based Google.[View]
63810780cmdscale in R: I was wondering if any of you could help me out with the cmdscale function in R. I ha…[View]
63804409LITERALLY WHY do some ebay sellers get models to hold the item?[View]
63806302/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: What are you working on, /g/? Previous thread: >>63799300…[View]
63807926>Go to work >Be happy >Enjoy my tech world >Come home >Depression hits >Sit at ho…[View]
63811018Are there any current laptops with a discrete GPU made by a Japanese company and/or made in Japan?[View]
63810765I've become interested in microbroadcasting recently, and i'v wanted to try streaming a tv…[View]
63806966Battle StationThread!!!: Show me your setups! This is my first pc and setup.[View]
63812391>https://www.centrecom.com.au/asus-radeon-rx-vega-64-8gb-rog-strix-gaming-graphics-card I just wa…[View]
63812657Year in Search 2017: I love these! To see and find out how much I missed out on in life. https://www…[View]
63813956bitcoins mining problems: ok /g/ I'm having an issue, I know there's a lot of scammers out…[View]
63812517MFT and Backup MFT are both fucked to the point where testdisk can't recover it. What's th…[View]
63809718What is the benefit of TempleOS over others? Is it a viable operating system?[View]
63811182Big Data: Is anyone in the field of big data? Data engineers, analysts, scientists, administrators, …[View]
63811910Samsung Biologics: How do you feel about Samsung Biologics, the vaccine, cancer, and autoimmune diso…[View]
63802051/sqt/ - Stupid Question Thread: Stupid Question Thread Old one is almost dead >>63788053 Don…[View]
63811177>get a thinkpad >install gentoo Why does /g/ say this?…[View]
63811826Is archiving obsolete formats /g/?[View]
63811701Cheap gaming computer?: Hey. Just wondering whether or not this is worth it for $500 AUD.[View]
63806896What is fundamentally wrong with macOS. I don't want your opinion on Apples hardware, I want to…[View]
63810614Why doesn't encryption software like TrueCrypt have settings to try and hash the password milli…[View]
63809738What is hands down the best cassette player? I’ve heard so much gushing about the Walkman but I’ve n…[View]
63811518AMD Adrenaline drivers, are they worth the update?: So, it's finally out. Videocardz reports in…[View]
63811990Bad sectors: Hey /g/. Any experience with bad sectors? How long will these drives last in this condi…[View]
63806609Will we ever see 16K or 32K resolution TVs?[View]
63798820/aocg/ - Advent of Code 2017 General #14: Previous thread >>63784227 Not quite travelling sale…[View]
63808025Hello /g/. I'm the new guy graduating college that you do not want to hire. I suck at programm…[View]
63810566Chrome browser in OSX: >use Chrome on my mbpr 2015 >get update to 10.13 (high sierra) >noti…[View]
63811704Android quesiton: I switched from one android to another one last week, but google Timeline is still…[View]
638035212 days[View]
63809642Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB + Lubuntu masterrace: >almost 2018 >not dual booting >not using …[View]
63810782which is less botnet for throwaway[View]
63811604Redpill me on keyboard covers. Will they ruin the keyboarding experience?[View]
63811815PS4: Is the PS4 still worth a buy for casual gaming? Personally I've been a pc user for quite a…[View]
63811128What does /g/ think of REACT. I just finished Colt Steel's Web Development Bootcamp which went …[View]
63810935wtf is this? Is it some kind of Mozilla spying thing or something? I googled these terms and nothing…[View]
63809338>using (((MEGA)))[View]
63807346the wait™ is over[View]
63811323The iPad Pro revolution is here. By far faster than the competition. Revolutionised by iOS11 and the…[View]
63799968/hpg/ - Headphone General: How to request purchase advice: http://pastebin.com/fYZLW7Ub For sub-$50 …[View]
63811480What benefits does a Herman Memer chair have over a cheapish high-back with a lumbar cushion?[View]
63802599Is Net Neutrality really as bad as Reddit makes it out to be or are they just fear mongering? I have…[View]
63808961Now that a jailbrake is around the corner, you’re going to get one, right?[View]
63806539Is XMPP dead?: I used to recommend duckgo xmpp server to my normies friends but its dead Im using te…[View]
63809111how long have you been with your mobile carrier?: I've been with Sprint 12 years. how about you…[View]
63810340An Android music player with vgmstream. Oh baby, I am in love! Sounddroid-E is the name of the app. …[View]
63807254I'll keep shilling for liquid types because I really want them to become standard. They aren…[View]
63809871I ran across a used Thinkpad from around 2014. I bought it mostly for light gaming while traveling w…[View]
63807102Is it rooting worth it?[View]
63811248Not being able to properly utilize a multi-GPU setup outside of fullscreen mode was the one reason I…[View]
63809463Are you exited for next generation of DESIGNATED Graphical Processing units from AMD?[View]
63809902what exactly is packet sniffing ? do all isp providers do this regularly ? i remember in the old day…[View]
63809241Free computer stuff: There is some old computer shit going into the garbage outside of my university…[View]
63810466!!!Candy Crush Cancer!!!: Anyone else feel their parent is playing this game and is having their sou…[View]
63810848QTDDTOT: QTDDTOT: featuring grandma tier issues. to start, why the fuck isnt my wifi working? it isn…[View]
63803090Now that the rust has settled is this the future of programming?[View]
63807077Lifted up my screen and this happend, tf[View]
63801940/gg/ - Gentoo General: /gg/ - Gentoo General https://gentoo.org Quick Install: https://wiki.gentoo.o…[View]
63809356can i use Cisco classes to eventually get a BS degree?[View]
63810157Privacy: Hi /g/ I'm still seeing targeted ads that seem to lag a day behind whatever I'm s…[View]
63810426GPU Passthrough on Linux?: For GPU Passthrough do you need a good GPU? I know you need two, but do y…[View]
63810016Home screen KLWP Only edition Let's see what you /g/entlemen got[View]
63808868According to KnowYourMeme, you guys only exaggerate the benefits of gentoo in order to trick newcome…[View]
63810288can ((we)) just create our own internet if net neutrality gets repealed[View]
63796657/pcbg/ - PC Building General: Ultimate Gaming Machine Edition. >Yoshi's Box: https://www.you…[View]
63795492IS THIS THING A MEME ?[View]
63809448I need help /g/. I'm looking for a 6-8 camera system for a farm shop that is 25 miles away from…[View]
63810217>sun goes down >monitor turns piss yellow…[View]
63810250Net Neutrality: https://pastebin.com/5921UFFQ here's a very serious userscript for all your net…[View]
63810211>you can now install screenfetch straight from Ubuntu's terminal command prompt window…[View]
63809591what's the best 500GB 2.5' SSD right now?[View]
63800443Laptop General: Alright /g/, that's it. I live in a tiny ass apartment and move around constant…[View]
63809314wondering if anyone here has insight - So.. here is something A test I ran today- I've ran …[View]
63808393Google change the game: Do you think this will create more female devs? https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
63809948New PC Build: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/FKsc3F I’m looking to build a new gaming computer, nothi…[View]
63809478still no sync? really?[View]
63809725One of my laptops recognizes my gentoo usb but another one doesn't. Any idea why that is?[View]
63809509What is the best way to archive a facebook page? Is screen grabbing and saving the page as an html t…[View]
63806125Is there still no tool to actually grab the audiofiles it's streaming?[View]
63803925Admit it, you would buy one if you could afford it[View]
63809361summer just started here so im going to vent my pc outside by drilling a hole in my wall and affixin…[View]
63808743Help with my shitty laptop: I have a Dell Studio 1555 and I can't install the drivers, the orig…[View]
63807541Has the Year of the Linux Desktop™ already passed?[View]
63809339>be me >be senior with no internships and nothing lined up for the summer >realize I'm…[View]
63806027>my computer is slow! >Time to upgrade i guess... >I'll get this processor with 91ghz …[View]
63809008I have a database application which I am hosting on a Raspberry Pi 2. I know that SD card is not go…[View]
63809278>2018 You're all a bunch of cock eating faggots.[View]
63809190Apps to make MLG montages?: So im thinking to quickly draft a small video. Can an android handle som…[View]
63809175If someone from France wanted to upload a bunch of leaked mails to a website, which is a crime, how …[View]
63808488ITT: Software from your childhood: Continued from >>63779370 Probably the first videogame I ev…[View]
63809222>I'll PM you the fix[View]
63803222HOW TO FIX WINDOWS 10: A guide for Power User folks who hate UWP/Modern apps, Cloud, Telemetry &…[View]
63808996What's the best technology for defeating the jews?[View]
63808716Which 'dead' platform do you think will stop getting support first, Blackberry 10 OS or Windows 10 M…[View]
63805824How can this be free to use? It exploded in popularity and yet they still don't seem very inter…[View]
63800820Radeon Software Adrenalin Edition 17.12.1: Radeon Software Adrenalin Edition 17.12.1 Release Notes h…[View]
63808937>using the same account across multiple websites results in being able to correlate data. This i…[View]
63806525Can I create a dynamic RSS feed for a website I don't have access to, and with no data feed to …[View]
63806706Is anyone using the Nokia Lumia 640?[View]
63807880Opinions on Microsoft Quantum? https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/quantum/development-kit https://www.y…[View]
63808233AI Can Identify 1.8 Billion People in Seconds: A Chinese tech firm has created an AI capable of scan…[View]
63803496Is this the first ever glorious AMD driver? I had so many bad ones 10 years ago, and the Adrenaline …[View]
63809040a program to recover deleted information does anyone help me?[View]
63809075>when people see you using a blackberry Feels bad man, how do we stop blackberry shaming?…[View]
63808349mummy is going to buy me a laptop, what should i tell her to get me?[View]
63808547Tech support for Pixel: Hi all, my phone goes to sleep automatically when placed on a flat horizont…[View]
63808495Does anyone still stream tv shows and stuff live? The one thing I miss about cable tv is being able …[View]
63808950Hey /g/ How can a dumb person get into machine learning? I tried watching some of Andrew Ng's l…[View]
63808931Languages: Just finished a python class. What language should I learn next[View]
63805487KDE: >try to fullscreen MPV >taskbar/panel completely shits out on other monitor and clock sho…[View]
63790962/g/ humor: /g/ humor thread? /g/ humor thread. Post ‘em.[View]
63802862The Bazaar is Bad and You Should Feel Bad: https://queue.acm.org/detail.cfm?id=2349257 You code monk…[View]
63802918Moshi Moshi~~ I need help with digital logic, I was doing exercises I found online and I got stuck o…[View]
63805591What /g/ thinks about TIS-100?[View]
63806800Cracked Games: what happens if i add a cracked dlc to an original games ? i mean, is possible? if y…[View]
63806279Why are people shilling Seasonic PSUs so much? They are almost an universal answer to any PSU proble…[View]
63807661>'Haha yeah Boss Anon. I made a whitebox solution for our DB needs. I have no backups, there are …[View]
63808487now that the iphone comes in black, is there a possibility of design in pic related returning?[View]
63808292How do I build a programming desktop computer with $1000[View]
63806340Can this baby be brought somewhere?[View]
63805647Best 17' Gaming laptop under 1600: Hey guys what are some of the best laptops for under 1600 th…[View]
63807243What the fuck is this shit ? Windows 10 LTSB shills explain this.[View]
63808376Red Hat: What are the daily uses for red hat? Is there anything interesting you could use it for?…[View]
63807435I hate systemd so fucking much. I just spent like an hour fighting with it. Who's fucking idea …[View]
63808278Here's a song for all you 'data scientists' https://youtu.be/ESCrVfQJLO8[View]
63806617>tfw you fell for the 16 GiB RAM meme[View]
63802073When did you realize you're not cut out to be a programmer?[View]
63792977>have to drop out of university because parents can no longer support me financially >was doin…[View]
63807034Is there anyway to encrypt your sms messages so I won't have to convince my friends to switch t…[View]
63799044I want the rundown on Net Neutrality. Is it going to go down? If so, will anything change? I'm …[View]
63805500OCaml instead of JavaScript: How would the world look today if Netscape had embedded OCaml into thei…[View]
63805416https://forum.beyond3d.com/posts/2014443/ >As an aside, this card is really energy efficient. In …[View]
63797340Reviving your shitty laptop?: Acer aspireOne A0751H >intel atom >now has linux mint cinnamon 1…[View]
63805727What the fuck is this program? Was this shit designed for retards?[View]
63807657>spectrum sends me a nice crisp letter on how I've been pirating shit >probably spying on…[View]
63807265IT Certifications Roadmap: What does /g/ think of this roadmap? I just got my A+ and am interested i…[View]
63807975Why is Linus so smart?[View]
63807868I need help with my Sony CRT monitor, it's great and the games look spectacular, but my problem…[View]
63806893I just ordered a MU6199 (MU6300 in the US), did I fuck up? Also /tv/ general[View]
63803391Distro Recommendation: What's a good binary Linux distribution that always has the latest softw…[View]
63807447My graphics card doesn't work. Is there something wrong with the pins?[View]
63803299Hi /g/, I'm looking to buy a Christmas present for my brother. He's a tech head and I know…[View]
63807496i want to format my computer but my license to this software can't be transferred. is there any…[View]
63806914Hey, guys, the python experts are here again? I'm trying to learn Python by myself and I'm…[View]
63807384CAD/CAM, machinists, fabricators: Guys, I know it's a stretch posting here, but I need help. …[View]
63806390Which pagers respect my freedom?[View]
63804273Is Haskell worth learning?: Please serious answers only[View]
63804710Hello you 4chan how? $ <------Top I use Clover OS, I code in Fortran, I love 4chan.......??? OK I…[View]
63803884What are your thoughts on Popcorn Time and the Butter Project? https://github.com/popcorn-official/p…[View]
63804302I'm not sure if this is the right board for this. but how do i get around facebook deleting my …[View]
63806497Net Neutrality isn't the issue.: Monopolies and areas with only one available ISP are the real …[View]
63805548How will the repeal of Net Neutrality affect my torrenting of gay, scat porn?[View]
63804229GNU coding standards: https://www.gnu.org/prep/standards/standards.html#Writing-C I mean, what in th…[View]
63806489Your tech career?: What is your career and do you consider yourself successful? I am trying to get a…[View]
63804802absolute madness the thread: >buy some mediocre earphones >plug them into beloved Nokia legacy…[View]
63807119Do /g/ anti-NN shitposters have any education about networking, OSI model etc ? I fail to see why th…[View]
63806994Graphical Keyboard Layout Editor GNU/LINUX: >201(3+4) >Tries to add his own keyboard layout on…[View]
63788458What software do you use for the biannual Windows-cleanup, /g/?[View]
63806458Bitcoin: Hey, guys! Bitcoin is quite up there. What is your take on the future of it?[View]
63804935Meanwhile in IT...: ITT Dealing With Tech Normies >Be me >In IT class on campus 'Anon, a PC fr…[View]
63800023>but but I'm entitled to free things![View]
63802811Best YouTube alternative?[View]
63799591>Sit down to take a shit >Package arrives…[View]
63806879Next TOP #10 Cryptocurrency - XBY?: hi what do you think about xtrabytes ?[View]
63806766Could one consider closed-source programs private property belonging to the person who's develo…[View]
63806217>he doesn't have a UPS It's like you enjoy losing precious data and thousands worth of …[View]
63803219Been thinking about saving up for this primarily as a portable emulation/scurvy machine. Anybody hav…[View]
63799815>faked my way to get my bachelor in CS >copied all my friends work, can barely program myself …[View]
63803685iMac Pro: who hype?[View]
63804268Opinions: Is the internet a right?[View]
63806521This Pirate-Enabling Bastard Is Doing A Good Thing: >Kim Dotcom decides to save the world. https:…[View]
63806078People think the iMac is expensive when this abomination exists: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bnp…[View]
63806597Powerspec G314: This is a powerspec g314 its probably one of the best prebuilt deals available it co…[View]
63806333BSD And Other Things: /baot/ - *BSD And Other Things Discuss FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD, DragonFly, Fr…[View]
63804653Microsoft Excel alternative for linux?: I need a linux compatible software that i could use to make …[View]
63804344its back and better than ever boys[View]
63806552>iMac Pro >non-upgradable (can't even upgrade the RAM) Why is Apple trying to destroy eve…[View]
63802764India strengthens its net neutrality rules as America gets rid of it: https://www.techdirt.com/artic…[View]
63806479Now that x86s days are numbered how long until intel goes bankrupt?[View]
63805650Allright so I'm a bumbling fucking idiot when it comes to this stuff, but I'm kinda desper…[View]
63806010amd poojeets btfod again When will you learn? amd loses AGIAN, but next year totally gonna be amds …[View]
63801903Learning central: I hate my job, so god help me, I will get out of normie service industry and into …[View]
63788621/fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread: Old thread: >>63768092 /fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux thread …[View]
63806376Would it be worth it to fix my laptop?: The shop where I brought it for a check lost the RAM. HDD is…[View]
63779370ITT: Software from your childhood.[View]
63805831I'mm about to Re-seat my CPU and apply more thermal paste, but do I NEED alcohol to remove old …[View]
63805987linux new fag: well, i must say that im fucking stupid at start im trying to install kali linux on …[View]
63799300/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: Working on what you are? Previous >>63788573[View]
63802388Why don't we create a new cryptocurrency and chill the fuck out of it? Bitcoin is currently on…[View]
63806162Got an issue with HDMI out on my laptop Usually when id close the lid of the laptop the screen woul…[View]
63804093>still won't let you have a local file as the newtab page lol[View]
63804206class Hello { private String hello; public Hello(String hello) { this.hello = hello;…[View]
63805788have to start using pic related with regex at work on monday. Is it as bad as people say?[View]
63805706How long until everything is on the cloud, and everyone has a constant LTE connection nor mater wher…[View]
63805577Did anyone try me_cleaner? How do I uncuck myself from Intel? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iffTJ…[View]
63803514What's up /g/? Do you know any entretaining games to pass the time on the Linux console?[View]
63806060Did I do good?: I took my phone apart today, the second time already, after seeing after 2 weeks tha…[View]
63805334Windows 8.1 with Classic Shell is literally a better Windows 7. Why do people shit on it?[View]
63801355How do I get over the feeling that I have to read shitloads of boring old canon books before I read …[View]
63804634Surface Phone: Pajeet renders or legit?[View]
63802964Best case + Screen protector for Note 8 (infinity display phones): I want to get a case + screen pro…[View]
63805965android amulator ?: is someone using one , im looking for a very lightweight one ? any suggestions ,…[View]
63805882Why did my computer just fucking laugh at me? I was posting and lurking and suddenly the laugh of a …[View]
63801583/vst/ - Void Shill Thread: The Void Awaits >Learn More About Void https://www.voidlinux.eu/ >D…[View]
63805683Is there a way to get my Brave browser to stop doing this shit every fucking 10 minutes[View]
63790828What would a /g/ designed PC case look like?[View]
63803273Is Fallout style power armor plausible?: I'm really fascinated by this whole thing desu[View]
63804832ASUS ROG GT-3500 help!: Hey guys, im having issues with my ASUS GT-3500 (pic related). I've got…[View]
63805793http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-42323696 >Brits forcing American companies to censor 'extrem…[View]
63802686>greasemonkey updates >4chanX is broken FLOOOEEENNNNS…[View]
63805356Hey /g/ I was wondering whether specs are good for games such as Skyrim,Spore, Primal Carnage and g…[View]
63804854>android optimization All I've been doing is browsing the internet and chatting with friends…[View]
63802781My friends ! It's happening ! I am giving up Windows for a while[View]
63805155How hard is RHCSA (EX200)? If I've been working with CentOS on a daily basis for nearly 2 years…[View]
63804911Hey /g/: Any of you got that depressing picture that showed the gradual transition of internet traff…[View]
63804142TV discussion thread: I'm strongly considering buying a new TV since my old 1080p Samsung TV (4…[View]
63805530>be 30 >can code in java okay >degree in electronic eng >little work history, quit jobs …[View]
63804556Post-NN America: What would happen once Net Neutrality gets repealed? Will people fight ISPs and/or …[View]
63803340What would be better for watching Full HD movies on a 50 inch TV? >external drive with USB cable …[View]
63804841Haskell job: I'm from Sri Lanka and just got a Haskell job in Chennai, India. My only Haskell b…[View]
63799873Router Thread 2: Electric Bugaloo: Here we go again, chaps. I want a router for <= £200 that can …[View]
63805229Metal 3D Graphics API: Did anyone ever use S3 MeTaL back in the day? How did the graphical quality c…[View]
63803173So is Kotlin worth learning or is it just another meme lang? Is it as bad as Java?[View]
63805200would i head phones break if maybe you stopd pulling the jack, bces thats what i did, shit still bre…[View]
63796794What is good battery life for a laptop?: I usually consider 4-6 hours of battery life good enough, b…[View]
63805045https://www.apple.com/imac-pro/ >Available 12.14 THANK YOU BASED APPLE[View]
63803220Is this book worth of buying? I mean the 5th edition.[View]
63804698My iPod Classic broke and I'm looking for a simple mp3 player with a good interface and 120GB+ …[View]
63760432/bst/ - Battlestation Thread: I'm opening up a new one because the current (now old) one is ab…[View]
63801488guise, what is a keyboard shortcut?[View]
63786614Are people seriously still using C in 2017? Java is faster (JIT), garbage collected, pure OO, and ha…[View]
63804573What's a good wifi security camera? Want one so I can check on my doggos during the day Needs t…[View]
63803840Why are you still using TCP when QUIC exists?[View]
63804099>w-we can't have net neutrality because.... The gubbumment will censor us! Big scary governm…[View]
63804606we did light drawing pictures in my comm tech class, (read backwards ;))[View]
63801088Is this the future of practical, affordable hologram?: https://youtu.be/wOLgtHd1HII[View]
63802914EE Brainlet: What is the fucking polarity on this faggot capacitor?How am I supposed to find the pos…[View]
63801660best soundcard for listening to flac, mp3s and games?[View]
63793660Who allowed these crab fucks a monopoly on sound chips?[View]
63804527https://developer.nvidia.com/cuda-downloads https://docs.nvidia.com/cuda/cuda-toolkit-release-notes/…[View]
63793488Lets talk about computer mice, but specifically gaming computer mice. For all you gamers out there, …[View]
63803175Why have you not installed Linux on your computer?[View]
63802809What are your christmas wishes?: I'm looking for inspiration for tech-related/nerdy christmas g…[View]
63803181Idiot needing to do retarded shit.: Is there any possible way I can take digital video from a laptop…[View]
63797582Well, /g/ ???: >x += 1; >x++;[View]
63803830>be me >use arch linux with kde >57.5 gb remaining out of 70 >be me >use windows 10 l…[View]
63801490Technological revelation bread: >Finally got a wireless mouse for the first time >no more push…[View]
63801418>Not using Sailfish OS Explain yourself anon.[View]
63801304So, what are YOU downloading before net neutrality disappears? Don't forget, only 2 more days l…[View]
63802602What technology would I need to learn to get a job in the FBI?[View]
63786943Is /g/ scared of this man? Why? Are you prepared for the loss of net neutrality?[View]
63802706eReader Thread: An anon yesterday wanted my review of the PDF capabilities of the Aura One I just bo…[View]
63804331I was going to get the Lenovo x250 but I hear the trackpads/keys are shit when compared to the older…[View]
63798132>90's >it industry is white people >superior os/2 experience >macs are awesome mach…[View]
63804136Heya boys did libgen remove the option to torrent files? They seem to have a new website layout now[View]
63798262/dbg/ - Dual Boot General: A thread for those of us who desperately want to switch to GNU/Linux, but…[View]
63800658What's /g/'s preferred way to read long pdf files (papers, entire books, ecc.)? Reading di…[View]
63800936fuck vivaldi: fuck vivaldi my browser just hung on me, so i closed it. now when i try to restore the…[View]
63804065Can't even get rid of Bonzi Buddy. https://youtu.be/27k2QHlYp8s[View]
63797438Are these any good for linux?[View]
63802831Galaxy S7 (U.S. models): >all Galaxy S7 and S7 edge sold in the United States (w/ Qualcomm Snapdr…[View]
63800937/g/ I come to you with a simple request. Recommend me a good android music player. In return, I giv…[View]
63799864Would changing my DNS server affect my security or prevent tracking? If so, are there good DNS serve…[View]
63790601/ptg/ - Public Tracker General: Not private edition Previous thread >>63777702 → >Not sure …[View]
63803388I have a Java 3 final in a couple hours. Skipped bassicly ever class this semester. I got a d on the…[View]
63798818Linuxerino Pasterino: I'm soon going to university to study Electronic Engineering, although th…[View]
63803489What's the most efficient light source during a power outage? Like something that can be used…[View]
63803617Is this the only good thing to come from the creator update?[View]
63802172Opinions on Justin Evans?[View]
63796189Brainlet here. I've got a thinkpad and decided to fuck around with it. I decided to try install…[View]
63801676What is the best language for AI and why is it Prolog?[View]
63803504> Ecosia uses over 80% of the profits from your web searches to plant trees where they are needed…[View]
63802886Type safety beyond programming: Think about it: Modern type safety can almost verify millions of lin…[View]
63802985LOL HAHAHA LINUX SUCKS WINDOWS4EVER get pwn'd noobs xD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kHl3EVmP…[View]
63802589Why is modern software so goddamn bloated, both from a design and functionality point of view?[View]
63803315>news for nerds https://slashdot.org/story/334801[View]
63801349vpn: sup g Are you using a vpn when you pirate? or all the time? I'm in the market for a legit…[View]

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