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60089849Steve Jobs invented the iPod, and changed the world forever.[View]
60092864>My dad wants me to take him shopping for a laptop this weekend What can I do to make sure he doe…[View]
60079449ylyl thread[View]
60089471>he fell for the png/flac meme[View]
60085747Qutebrowser, the last good web browser: Well /g/. We need to talk. With Morzilla's failure tow…[View]
60087261/ptg/ - Private Tracker General: Previous thread >>60079213 The mission of /ptg/ is to promote…[View]
60091439Vapoursynth Tutorial.: I want to learn vapoursynth mainly to apply filters but I can't understa…[View]
60091089ISP installed new modem and router all in one today. Concerning that it has explicit backdoor altern…[View]
60092027So when did Apple start selling hands? I must have missed the memo.[View]
60092380Is there a laptop that stays extremely cool at all times or that you can at least throttle down to c…[View]
60092134>touch pad stops working while charging unless I touch laptop case Electricity is weird. I assume…[View]
60092300If I take this and remove the S A M S U N G logo it would be better than s8. May still be better alr…[View]
60091787what went wrong[View]
60091898I have a gallery of over 100k images, some of those images contains a text (like a street signs, sho…[View]
60087195This is what the average redditor thinks 'open-sores' means[View]
60092391I need to buy a notebook. I want it to be reasonably specced for coding. And I was thinking of getti…[View]
60092400/g/, why aren't you using the best OS?? Also, Desktop thread.[View]
60091917Its wednesday guys, did you #kodewithkloss?[View]
60092228I'm getting CLRs first edition & algorithm design (kleinberg and tardos) indian edition for…[View]
60090258APOLOGIZE!! http://www.tomshardware.com/news/fcc-plan-gut-net-neutrality,34253.html[View]
60092183>tfw Snapdragon 835 is slower than Snapdragon 821[View]
60082697/csg/ Chink Shit General: In /csg/, we discuss the cheap shit you see on Gearbest, Taobao, AliExpres…[View]
60092087Is there something like OpenBox, but maintained? Man, I really liked that DM on crunchbang. Looks li…[View]
60089546Post yfw you get a job that gets you enough money to buy a nice graphics card, but you don't ha…[View]
60092131Are startupfags the worst type of normalfags?[View]
60090478ITT we draw Gentooman[View]
60091861I need /g/ archives that predate 2010. Is there any hope?[View]
60091990What do you listen to ?: They really fucking nailed it this time. https://soundcloud.com/dada-life/d…[View]
60090472>learning haskell and like it a lot >this is how programming should be >decide to use it on…[View]
60079030Does anyone still use XFCE? Why?[View]
60090566>start graphics driver update >go back to 4chan for a bit >momentarily freak out when your …[View]
60089568From 1 to 10 how would you rate the 'new' youtube design?[View]
60087693last 5 years of distro still this is the king of 'em all[View]
60089687Are you still using X11 or did you make the switch to wayland?[View]
60085288i was told technology no longer beep-boops: >have a fanless, mechanical drive-less computer >b…[View]
60089781Amazon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TXUhXIcyfJo[View]
60091136???: >work at car dealership >use software based on centos >crm/timekeeping/accounting >…[View]
60088968post pretty female tech youtubers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CKzsTeISpuc[View]
60091394>use free and open source software >contribute nothing >complain about missing features and…[View]
60080006>work at a help desk >hey i was wondering if you can help me, you probably cant cause i'…[View]
60091127take ideas and make them happen: I want to invite you all to give me your creative in-put. I aim to…[View]
60091442>he uses virtualbox >he uses vmware >he uses hyperv…[View]
60089068If everyone donated $5 USD to ReactOS they'd be able to speed up development and get us a free …[View]
60091097Why does it say my speed is 5.9 Ghz when I have it overclocked to 4.5?[View]
60088190>install linux >bloat it up with a DE why does /g/ do this?…[View]
60089593I wish ePSXe had blaarg's NTSC filter built into it. But I remember having a setup (many) years…[View]
60085609Should I buy an older 13 inch macbook pro retina? Friend is offering me theirs for $600. I've m…[View]
60091129Python Doorbell: Hey /g/ I have a question regarding python scripting and VPN's. So on my work…[View]
60081327What the fuck is this shit?[View]
60089579Why doesn't 4chan support these common codecs?[View]
60086261Is this any good or it's just another jewish scam?[View]
60090954What distro would he be using?: Assuming he would use Linux at all[View]
60071023Uptime thread. Screenfetch or neofetch welcome. Yep, this isn't much. Looking for the longer on…[View]
60090761Wtf is going on?: Has anyone ever experienced this, I'm almost a bit weirded out by whats going…[View]
60084467Speedtest thread?[View]
60087078Echo Look thread: >the botnet has eyes now[View]
60080820iPhone 8 completely destroys everything else as expected: http://www.gsmarena.com/iphone_8_allegedly…[View]
60087977Aside from gaming, is there any reason to get a VR headset?[View]
60091067Is using NoSQL DBs for local desktop apps the future or retarded?: I'm writing a desktop app ri…[View]
60090919Is C + Go + JS the best multi-lang paradigm? >C gives you speed where you need it >Go is fast …[View]
60063487E-readers: What's the /g/ approved ereader? Are kindle a botnet[View]
60090484/g/, what were the foremost irritating things you initially encountered when you started learning ab…[View]
60090433Xpadder connoisseur please help: I used this shit on my usb controller to play a game, and now the c…[View]
60088865Interactive/engaging Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence Projects: Hey guys - I'm in hig…[View]
60090488Is my computer going to break?: I don't use my pc that heavily. I play some casual games at low…[View]
60087723What's up with the legacy captcha? It is not working for me, was it disabled? Tried with all sc…[View]
60084819Internet Explorer automatically fixes your typos, but Google Chrome doesn't: IE master race con…[View]
60090646Lady wants to play blockgame, I have 300 in the bank: Lady wants a laptop to play minecraft and im p…[View]
60089858Why have PC components become so homosexual?[View]
60087912Hello, i need some font recommendations for systemwide font because im a retard and decided upon Seg…[View]
60090330What audio player do you use for android? I am looking for an audio player just like aimp, which is …[View]
60089931Why is there no good internet browser anymore? They are all botnet shit or just really shitty.[View]
60078643Kickstarter currently has a mobile game connected dildo for sale. They don't call it a dildo, a…[View]
600902893rd time this year all the fucking buttons went invisible in my macbook pro, had to reboot to fix th…[View]
60089547sup /g/, so I'm not really a fan of Razer shit but I'm in the market for a desktop replace…[View]
60087504https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CvI_mrQYaF8: Is this guy trying to scam poor script kiddies? - 30m…[View]
60089186Screenfetch thread: Screenfetch thread? Screenfetch thread[View]
60087623Who else 1 up 1 down?[View]
60089775>TFW reading carding forums Is it really that easy for niggers to steal all out money?…[View]
60083836Looking for an open source media player/browser that has coverflow/categorization like musicbee. nee…[View]
60086739Does 4chan uses classic futaba's tripcodes for the admin passwords, or more secure and less aut…[View]
60087173Overall Best AM4 Board ?: If you say taichi explain why, the crosshair VI hero seems flawless too be…[View]
60079879THERE ARE NOT ENOUGH PROGRAMMERS: If there were too many people becoming programmers, the wages woul…[View]
60089665Pale Moon is getting its name changed; and a new logo!: https://forum.palemoon.org/viewtopic.php?f=5…[View]
60088850Debian vs Arch for newbies: https://mxlinux.org/ https://www.antergos.com[View]
60087237Post yout homescreens ITT Only real hackers allowed to post~[View]
60082190Adiophiles of /g/ thread. Come in here fags. Post: - Main Headset - Daily Driver - Mobile Audio Sour…[View]
60082539Ryzen 7 1700x or i7 7700k? I play XIV and Overwatch, and would like to shoot for 144hz in gaymes.[View]
60089325Well I fucked up boys. I went to copy some music to my phone and moved it instead of doing a copy. …[View]
60089600/g/ Feels Thread[View]
60082131/sandybridge/: You can only post ITT if you are one of the elite Sandy Bridge master race. You CANNO…[View]
60085294Why do people praise this book? It's badly written and has poor readability even for an academi…[View]
60073684Blowjob Machine: Sex robots are technology. Finally NEETS can get blowjobs in the comfort of their o…[View]
60089341Walk me through how this plays out: NEET robot here. Genuinely Curious. >Wake up >put on pic …[View]
60089250Temporary Phone Numbers: I know some of you paranoid /g/entooman use a service that provides tempora…[View]
60055241Battlestation thread /bst/: post battlestations and r8 other peoples battlestations[View]
60088778How does /g/ feel about Chromebooks?[View]
60089142help deciphering this code!!!!!!!: I need help deciphering this code Uedaywudsek hkf cotgsj dojwp a…[View]
60085021Is this list still up to date?[View]
60080251What is the whole problem with systemd? I use Linux as my main OS 24/7 however I am not a sysadmin o…[View]
60086434What the fuck is this shit /g/? I don't even.[View]
60087145>'Bill. It's complete. We've disabled all key infrastructure via the forced update bund…[View]
60073629give me one good reason you dont use fedora as your daily driver.[View]
60087859what is the best free Registry Repair?[View]
int foo[5];
What is the type of foo? You should know this.
60088274Can we have a windows 7 appreciacion thread? It was such a comfy OS[View]
60089095i wanna install windows 10 on my mac whats the easiest free way of doing so?[View]
60083418If robots replace the entire workforce of manual labor jobs, won't food get more expensive?[View]
60086360When middle-aged people say 'hurr Millennials don't know what a floppy disk or VHS is', they…[View]
60087299Oh my god, here we go again. I hate 'open-sores' faggots Closed source is better because anyone who …[View]
60083826>neiio makes an arc-neutral theme for windows 10 >beautiful colots, rounded corners, nice bold…[View]
60080833>'observable universe' is not the entire universe >speed at which information can propagate ha…[View]
60086065While using youtube-dl, how do I make it so it doesn't include the video ID in the title of the…[View]
60086069Minecraft Server Hosting: So, I'm fucking sick of shitty minecraft servers, with fucking retard…[View]
60087526>get A+ cert >looking for new job >'this entry level position requires 3-5 years of experie…[View]
60087611Which degree is better for software engineering jobs, Mathematics with a CS minor or CS with a Mathe…[View]
60081554internal SD reader stopped responding what do?[View]
60084504Ergonomics general: Ergonomics related tech, everything from mice, keyboards, chair, desk, posture, …[View]
60084070Qubes OS: Hello /g What is your reasons for not using the best Secure OS : Qubes OS right now ? A Xe…[View]
60084350/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: What are you working on, /g/? Previous thread: >>60077582…[View]
60087485Haskell Help: I've got a list like so 4 3 1 2 1 3 2 3 . . . where the first number is the numbe…[View]
60086252How the fuck do you even get a job that isn't webdev? Possibly without a degree.[View]
60083892TIS 100 Player going into programing: Hello /g/entlemen. Newfag on this board, comming over from /bi…[View]
60081750/gmouse/- General Mouse thread: Can we have a decent mouse thread? I'm planning to buy a new mo…[View]
60087626CC's BIN hack. How does it work?: So, guys, today I learnt about BIN (Bank Identification Numbe…[View]
60085743Why is 16:10 not called 8:5? It's basically the equivalent of calling 4:3 16:12.[View]
60082338What is the official font of /g ?[View]
60085339Firefox on Android: So now that Firefox for Android doesn't do background video playback anymor…[View]
60087943raspberry pi: what are some cheap raspberry pi projects i can do for 40 dollars or less?[View]
60086924What would you call the kind of motion blur you see in this image, and what causes it? This is how m…[View]
60077263They keep doing it.[View]
600862634chan technology: last thread somehow went 404 before bump limit what are your experiences with the …[View]
60074298WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS? How did my ISP inject this into a fucking video game?[View]
60086033How can I take a language seriously if its creator doesn't refactor his head?[View]
60086965How do you sort/where do you keep your hundreds of currently unused cables?[View]
60076195/pcbg/ - PC Building General: /pcbg/: Post your component list; rate other anons'; ask question…[View]
60085738Dance for me, puppets. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0186JAEWK[View]
60071674What's the secret sauce to pajeets being in Silicon Valley? Is it the lack of toilets?[View]
60087227I was trying to explain to someone what a firewall does and then I got to ports and then I realized …[View]
60083186This is valid C# code.[View]
60083896>2017 >still not using NetBeans 8.2 its like you want to be a bad coder....…[View]
60086854fb hack: fb hack?[View]
60076969Riddle me this /g/. Why does AMD's new line just barely compete with Intel's but cost almo…[View]
60085305What kind of cable is this /g/ ?[View]
60083694Temple OS general: Terry live now: http://www.hitbox.tv/terrenceandrewdavis What did he mean by this…[View]
60087010>my free kaspersky licence run out yesterday >today i got virus…[View]
60085415just installed Arch: What do I do now.. too many possibilities.[View]
60080387AMD is finished and bankrupt[View]
60086418Do I even need a VPN or anything like that to torrent whatever I want? Got a slap on the hand by a p…[View]
60085676Is it going to be a meme or not? Why are they behaving Apple-tier secretive this time? Deliberate sa…[View]
60079774The quality of distros is decreasing: plus by 2020 all of them will use Systemd Press F to the end o…[View]
60076769This thread is about the appreciation of watches, as well as the micro-engineering and materials eng…[View]
60082365/fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread: Previous thread: >>60069981 Welcome to /fglt/ - Friendly G…[View]
60033287/retro/ - some old shit: Post about retro stuff. Old computer hardware, operating systems, software …[View]
60084191When are you going to upgrade from Life to LFE, /g/? https://systemspace.link/[View]
60083209>They're actuly fucking wonderful So Samsung won the best Smartphone of the year award, righ…[View]
60079213/ptg/ - private tracker general: Previous thread >>60076736 The mission of /ptg/ is to promote…[View]
60086722What did it take for you to realize OEM bloat free Android wasn't this perfect stable homogeneo…[View]
60086637/g/ if you scrap HTML from other website, (1) And you paste it into your website (2) but then when …[View]
60086565Is autonomous cars the future of /g/'s main topic?[View]
60082284I'm moving from the US to Europe and I want to take the computer I built along. I've exhau…[View]
60086539I don't know what to do right now >Started with a cisco networking background three+ years a…[View]
60086254Hi /g/ I am that retard from last night and I need help. I have built a PC to play dota and can…[View]
60080509https://www.macrumors.com/2017/03/22/iphone-most-popular-smartphone-2016/ >iPhone Named World…[View]
60082692Soundbars: Are 'soundbars' any good or are they just a marketing meme? I've heard some have som…[View]
60085900Looking for the best: 802.11AC 1200M DUAL BAND USB 3.0 WIFI WIRELESS ADAPTER for my new laptop. Does…[View]
60084489Not only did he keep the windows key: he's actually been brainwashed into using it[View]
60080070VPN security: Ok /g/, so I need to connect to my employer through VPN (Cisco specifically). Everythi…[View]
60084618Are you bot-netted?: Would /pol/ find you if you were the v-lock fag? How much info about yourself …[View]
60085842whens the next apple event: I want to see some cool tech.[View]
60083440Is /g/ getting one?[View]
60073933What language are videogames programmed in /g/?[View]
60079940Can i unlock on this processor 4 cores? Is a AMD Athlon 64X2 5200 + I am planning to use it for gami…[View]
60080928Hello gee. I have a wireless router under my desk, by which I sit every single day. I heard that wi-…[View]
60054401/mkg/ - Mechanical Keyboard General: /mkg/ - Over Priced Memes Edition >Buyer's template: ht…[View]
60081883>click on a phone review on youtube >Indian accent There should be a feature to filter out Ind…[View]
60084543https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KkqC_DSZZNY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L2sCJpR3x8o VR WAS A MIS…[View]
60084586What is a good VPN for downloading games of a torrent?: I got a 'fuck off' letter from warner bros, …[View]
60081898Uploading Your Mind: When I first heard about this concept I was excited of the possibilites, but so…[View]
60074030Audio/Speaker: What speakers does /g/ own?[View]
60079877>AMD's Q1 earning reports is on May 1st, which is also Monday http://ir.amd.com/phoenix.zhtm…[View]
60080311VR: Is VR still a meme?[View]
60080565/g/ in one picture[View]
60084540HiKey 960, Cortex-A73 board in Raspberry Pi form factor: http://www.cnx-software.com/2017/04/26/96bo…[View]
60075902How often should one change their keepassx database master password?[View]
60084133Let's get hiiiigh and watch old Computer Chronicles. Get in here: http://www.sync-video.com/r/r…[View]
60067985>clearly has at least an undergraduate level education in computer or electrical engineering >…[View]
60082611Are any of these Humble Bundle-Bundles worth it? Are any of these programs beneficial in anyway? …[View]
60082502So where do we go now, bois[View]
60084943Hi /g/. A friend of mine recently changed cellphone and gave me her old iPhone 6s. Problem is the mo…[View]
60084373audio problems: /g/, my case's audio port and motherboard's audio port have become fucked.…[View]
60084854>Female programmer is better than my dumb ass at the NSA HQ....[View]
60084130I tried installing Arch Anywhere but the 'Please wait' loading screen after the installation has bee…[View]
60082564Sup /g/, for a while now my neighbor in my apartment building and I have been splitting the internet…[View]
60083364>people think this is impressive >implying the letters are relevant at all when will this 'mac…[View]
60084163>have RX 480 8GB >set games graphics detail to medium >~60 fps >set graphics detail to U…[View]
60084548Reminder that there is absolutely NO reason to own an intel AT ALL as of right now. Jewtel fanboys …[View]
60071565/sqt/ - Stupid Questions Thread[View]
60083985'Clean up' a PC: >Hey anon, you seem to be quite good with computers. Could you clean …[View]
60083576Holy shit I spontaneously grew long hair and beard. When did this happen, how did time flew so fast?…[View]
60083820I am planning to get cisco. Should I even bother with it ? I know something but I want fresh start.…[View]
60080482>Tfw you're the king of cryptography and data triage coordinator for a top secret company. …[View]
60077582/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: What are you working on, /g/? Old thread: >>60071726[View]
60083303SkyTorrents: Have the Indians finally redeemed themselves? https://www.skytorrents.in It seems prett…[View]
60078530Hardware: Rusfag here. I've been wondering, what kind of hardware do people in US / Europe use?…[View]
60083451ITT: idiots being retarded[View]
60083227Energy Star is kill: >(CNN) Energy Star is best known for labels that tell you how much you'…[View]
60083650Hi /g/. On campus of the university have been appearing these posters with which have a Qr code and …[View]
60079398when will we NEED to leave 1080p?[View]
60075062Dental Hygiene Thread: Sup /g/, I want to use the power of ELECTRONIC TECHNOLOGY to make sure my tee…[View]
60083330Any audiophiles online right now? I recently purchased a condenser microphone in order to record hig…[View]
60083741Imagine ads in 30 years when AI has advanced far enough to imitate a teenage girl. Fake chatbots run…[View]
60082918Cheap VR headset for pc Does anyone know of any chink items that can do what the oculus does? I want…[View]
60083685I want to make a dildo that activates when I shout 'God!' so I can say I fucked with God. RasPi or A…[View]
60079864>'select all squares with vehicles' >all 16 squares have vehicles…[View]
60079849If I install whatsapp with a number different from my own, that nobody has but me, will the contacts…[View]
60082568oh geezus im going crazy wih this one ... picked up an iMac (model a1225 thats all i know) cheap the…[View]
60083444I'm looking for a 7-8 inch tablet. My Nexus 7 has taken too much abuse to continue working. W…[View]
60081017Long story short I want to learn a programming language so that I can start making money very soon. …[View]
60081165I'm starting to believe uBlock Origin only hides the goddamn fucking ads because I still see it…[View]
60080484>firefox updates >Legacy captcha stops working >firefox updates >fonts stop working >…[View]
60067659Ask a PHP/Laravel developer anything[View]
60076303Anybody got this shit can tell me if its worth it? I got Sprint and pay 150 a month.[View]
60083220What's the best archive for /lit/? I want to search a thread that died last week, but can'…[View]
60082949Why don't you neets just make an app? I'm always hearing about some successful app being s…[View]
60082782The best way to predict the future is to invent it. Join the next generation of computing, designed …[View]
60083099weaboo is master race, nothing better than NEET/anime/vocaloids/gentoo. i love my life. amirite /g/e…[View]
600818293 Billion Dollar company started by Apoorva Mehta, Indian immigrant. If /g/ is so smart why don…[View]
60078602How come VIA doesn't make CPUs for mass market like AMD and Intel do? They have license to make…[View]
60078121Graphics on Linux: How well do the Nvidia cards work on linux? I've had multiple AMD cards and …[View]
60076889Amiga Users, explain yourselves... i'm actually very curious. Why do you use Amiga in the year…[View]
60067908/spg/ - Smartphone General: If requesting purchasing advice, please provide your country and what ca…[View]
60081370> Buy a domain name at gandi.net. > Buy a VPS for master DNS services at Scaleway, configure b…[View]
60082730>there are people out there using webkit based browsers like epiphany just why?…[View]
60081136Help me /g/! Newfag on this board and I'm trying to install two memory sticks into my fucked u…[View]
60082485When will Linux have a voice assistant?[View]
60082596is there any way to detect, how many image there is in the webpage in specific area? like 200(x Sta…[View]
60070639>Look out of your window and see the boys in blue come at your door. How do you get rid of the ev…[View]
60082396Muh drawing: I need help anons! Whats the best monitor for AutoDesk programs and graphic designs?…[View]
60076853Is there a reason more motherboards don't have an io shield attached out of the box?[View]
60082120Anybody who knows about tracking a PC here? Long story short, my PC got stolen and I would like to b…[View]
60078031Cheapest netboook or small notebook with ethernet port?: Everything else doesn't matter.[View]
60082352> Dear Piner, > The Pinebook warranty period is 30 days and all sales are final, meaning a no …[View]
60081945Why shouldn't I install Solus?[View]
60082379Cool /g/ Websites: ITT: Share cool tech websites that ARENT forums. Krebs On Security is a fantastic…[View]
60069981/fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread: Previous thread: >>60062684 Welcome to /fglt/ - Friendly G…[View]
60081286What cheapo keyboard do you faggots use? I've been using this Dell for years and it finally di…[View]
60072388/csg/ Chink Shit General: In /csg/, we discuss the cheap shit you see on Gearbest, Taobao, AliExpres…[View]
60072459Meanwhile, in 2117 /g/...[View]
60080905http://www.hgst.com/products/hard-drives/ultrastar-he12 Why don't you have 12TB of storage, /g/…[View]
60081230Fucking retarded hardware design: I bought an Asus recently because I needed an entertainment / mid-…[View]
60076621>2017 >Not programming in Scala[View]
60081820Are founders edition cards really that bad? We got gift cards from an retailer as work bonus, but it…[View]
60078951So what's the point of Skylake-X? Its IPC is almost no different than Broadwell, its overclocki…[View]
60081124What the fuack? Why material why how do i revert to the old design the one with advanced search opti…[View]
60062243You have ten seconds to tell me why you aren't using Firefox[View]
60074835RFID implant: Why are people so afraid of RFID implants? Everywhere i go to read about them has peop…[View]
60079870Anonymity/ security laptop: /g/uys, a laptop can provide full anonymity and security to his user ? I…[View]
60079490hey /g/, I've got an old Fujitsu Siemens Esprimo Mobile V5535 laying around. What could I do wi…[View]
60080796There's 6 threads about Ryzen[View]
60081277I'll change the thermal paste of my CPU with my PC on: wish me luck if I don't update this…[View]
60081527if i wanted to run a little script from many different country ip addresses, every hour (24 times a …[View]
60080631What /g/ think about Nasa makes his projects it finances open to public ? https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.g…[View]
60079046these are the growing silicon cities in the US. all of them are in swing states or deep red states.[View]
60058646What's the single most aesthetic piece of tech?[View]
60081525>someone told me to download msi afterburner for gpu hacking stuff >download it >zip file w…[View]
60074184ITT: Post times you fell for a /g/ meme >install Lineage OS >can't even set an alarm to v…[View]
60081340Hey /g/, I am currently studying for the final exam of my apprenticeship as an IT specialist for app…[View]
60081146WHAT DISTRO ARE YOU USING: Rhetorical question, of course you are using Gentoo. If you aren't u…[View]
60080420Hello /g/, what Linux/BSD Distro should I install?: http://www.strawpoll.me/12829704 Title[View]
60081132>he complains about Windows 10 every fucking day >still uses it What's the logic in this?…[View]
60075789IM PROGRAMMING!!![View]
60081005TECHNOLOGY WON'T SAVE YOUR ECONOMY: Technology has made it easy for people to import goods from…[View]
60077194What kind of portable speaker do you use? Where do you mostly use it? Would you recommend it to som…[View]
60080901Antergos vs Ubuntu: what's the most stable distro?[View]
60079676AMD Ryzen chips catch fire??? WTF: Did anyone else buy one of the new ryzen 5 chips? I recently saw …[View]
60080479Best non-ad-riddled privacy-respecting android client? Pic definitely not related.[View]
60080375DEAS THREAD: In this thread, we give other anons ideas for TECH related projects that would make a g…[View]
60079959I have zero respect for academia: Not trying to undermine the achievements of academics, but I just …[View]
60077883Is gnome3 shit on purpose?[View]
60071112Give me one reason to use Windows 10 over 7 DirectX11+ doesn't count[View]
60071000>tfw there's now a humble malware bundle seriously all this shit sounds like snake oil softw…[View]
60080472Is a htc vive and a pc to go with it a good buy? Will it impress the ladies?[View]
60055168/tpg/ - ThinkPad General: Previous thread: >>60024061 IRC: #/tpg/ on irc.rizon.net Other busin…[View]
60077310Stallman love/hate thread: >His sister, Mona Simpson, described his death thus: 'Steve's fin…[View]
60079950VBA learning: Hello, I recently landed a job in Supply Chain. I know basic Excel (IF statements, Sol…[View]
60079670how do people put up with lagdroid[View]
60077418>OS records where I download every file from[View]
60080414Help! Where to get help recovering deleted photos on android?: I'm a fucking fucked up idiot. W…[View]
60075930I hope you all better try to learn AI development. Sooner or later, Roko's Basilisk (RB) will b…[View]
60079677https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PlxQBmLrnQA MICROSOFT IS FINISHED & BANKRUPT[View]
60077308MPC-HC vs VLC: You bois always keep sayin' that VLC is for fags and MPC-HC with MadVR is the al…[View]
60079610Worst Hardware/Gaming Choice: Something i wanna share, cuz its an absolute pisser, >be me >be …[View]
60079070What software do I need to set up my own streaming server? I want to stream my own music to my phone…[View]
60080083Hello /g/, I never browse this board, since I'm more or less a retard with anything related to …[View]
60080120Can't find VPN option in opera developer last version, What happened?[View]
60065633Speccy Thread: Post Em, R8 Em, H8 Em >that feel when 2Ghz+64 C° default fan speed…[View]
60079869Wendell reveals Ryzen 5 chips catch on fire: anyone else see this new episode https://www.youtube.c…[View]
60080079So this is the power of Intel?[View]
60074622Could I replace my steering wheel with an Xbox 360 controller and drive my car with it?[View]
60066334>builds $800 computer >installs linux why do /g/ fags do this?…[View]
60079845Post you're workspace in this thread here. I have to admit, I cleaned mine a little.[View]
60079272Netbook Discussion/Reccomendation: Hey all, I've been thinking about picking up a netbook for a…[View]
60078066You have exactly 15 seconds to tell me a better distro than Antergos[View]
60075248Why does my CS professor say that break, goto and continue statements are bad style, /g/?[View]
60079561!!!AMD RYZEN CATCH FIRE!!!: reports of AMD ryzen chips catching on fire when ram is running above 36…[View]
60067355What would Microsoft have to do to cause a mass exodus of users from Windows to Mac/Linux/BSD? Beyon…[View]
60078313Should i buy google pixel[View]
60055273Ryzen 1700 efficiency: Just wanted to ask if there are fellow Ryzen 7 owners which can share some ex…[View]
60079100Let's watch some old episodes of Computer Chronicles. Together. Get in here and get snuggly: h…[View]
60076180It was a different time..........[View]
60079214/g/ what is the best way to compress video without loss quality? i have tons of animus and don'…[View]
60072294Electric jet!!: anyone have seen this thing in person? hype or for real?[View]
60078578I have a Proxmox hypervisor server. The server runs 6 Linux Containers currently, all have static IP…[View]
60079295So what now /g/?[View]
60073649Official Hackintosh Thread: Now that Pascal GTX10x0 is supported in 10.12 Sierra, why the hell are y…[View]
60076651It's time to ban archive.is: Stop using and sharing archive.is links. It's owned by a sing…[View]
60076870>literally a cuck cable http://www.kunertech.com/kucable/[View]
60070412Who makes software like this? Who buys software like this? Do these companies make any money?[View]
60078781What OS has the best customization ? I know there are ways to customize any OS but I am looking for …[View]
60078556I need help on phishing using an image attached to an Email. Is this feasible or no? Pic unrelated[View]
60075982Search free on Google and show us your result. If GNU's not upon top then «go back»[View]
60076736/ptg/ - Private Tracker General: Previous thread >>60073215 The mission of /ptg/ is to promote…[View]
60077908>Applied an update >Try to play music >No sound >Go to the sound menu >Nothing is det…[View]
60071296What did Google mean by this?[View]
60073506Why aren't you using GNOME 3, the best DE?[View]
60079153What did we learn?[View]
60071872I just won a banana pi from a tech site's contest. What should I do with it now?[View]
60076196Are you sad you can't use a terminal /g/? If only you could figure out how to do this kind of t…[View]
60074468>windows just werks :^)[View]
60076464Do people actually use firejail? Is it a placebo or would you recommend?[View]
60064636You can only post ITT if you are one of the elite Sandy Bridge master race. You CANNOT post ITT if y…[View]
60071930>yfw Chromebooks are the closest desktop Linux has ever come to the mainstream >'the year of t…[View]
60078140How hard is it to make an app or some small electronic gadget that normies will like? (Not a game, m…[View]
60078935I was on here a while ago and someone posted something like a 'programmer's gauntlet' where the…[View]
60070909Which Linux DE and WM are you using and why?[View]
60074236https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/the-compiler/qutebrowser-v10-with-per-domain-settings qutebrowe…[View]
60073954What is Python good for? Is it slow?[View]
60074543>So why should we hire you for $80,000 a year at 40 hours/week when I have 50 Pajeets in line wil…[View]
60078377Does anyone know where can I get an AMD Athlon 5350? It is out of stock in both Amazon and Newegg. D…[View]
60076551Why aren't you using this, /g/?[View]
60072373Powershell: Everyone loves it and uses it for everything, but /g/ loves gentoo and bad dragon dildos…[View]
60076911i need a monitor compatible with a compaq presario 2285v (pic related) what do[View]
60076996How far have you gone to get a piece of software, /g/? >License costs $5k >Need it for 1 proje…[View]
60077975are there any modern android phones that still use a physical home button?[View]
60078006Arch Vs Debian: Is it worth it to switch to arch over debian? Right now I use bunsenlabs (formerly t…[View]
60078205Why does /g/ not like diversity?[View]
60078183Catching exceptions in c#[View]
60063182this os is trash: reinstalling windows 8 as we breathe. you have 10 minutes to convince me to keep t…[View]
60066915What is the best thermal paste currently?[View]
60073730So about this linux thing: Are you saying that this linux can run on a computer without windows unde…[View]
60076108Sling: Is it good? How is OTT TV in general?[View]
60070566DSLR Camera: Going to study film at uni so am gonna try to make some short films over summer to expa…[View]
60075509Is there an open source alternative to Microsoft's One Note that also supports handwritten note…[View]
60072713Post internet speeds[View]
60074544jesus christ, not even 5 minutes into the interview and hes rambling on like a fucking pretentious a…[View]
60072220Intel X299 HEDT Platform For Skylake X and Kaby Lake X Processors Announcement on 30th May: Intel pl…[View]
60077997'Now if you press three buttons at once, you can freeze the whole system. Impressive right?'[View]
60076359Is Unix deprecated?: .[View]
60073155For how long?[View]
60077689Call me a cuck or whatever you want to but I am fed up with seeing this shit. If you can tell me how…[View]
60076546http://computernewb.com/collab-vm/ wow…………….so this is the power of virtual computing……………………[View]
60077682Linux Infographics: I'm about to do a training on 101 linux If you have any useful GNU+Linux in…[View]
60075762Who else fell for the CS meme?[View]
60074649>buy expensive $1700 dell XPS laptop >no ethernet port explain…[View]
60072152Why haven't you freedom loving faggots bought open source silicon yet?[View]
60071726/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: What are you working on, /g/? Previous thread: >>60067042…[View]
60077348I need some help getting back into linux. A year or two ago I was pretty deep into the culture and w…[View]
60071837Find a flaw[View]
60076591Hi lads, never come here, after some friendly advice I need your opinions on the best vpn to use, pa…[View]
60073421Roast me /g/: 1.) running Archlinux 2.) WM+utils is all suckless.org 3.) writes C, Python, and CLisp…[View]
60068637>mfw babbies with their babbies 27''[View]
60070845Why is freetard shit so awful >go to install OpenBSD >install it >it's not on my disk …[View]
60076662>copying a nearly full 2 TB USB 2.0 external to my new 4 TB USB 3.0 external >26 MB/s >18 h…[View]
60072800Rate me[View]
60076518BIOS/CMOS interaction? I don't understand.: Hi /g/... I am a technophobe, and trying to learn a…[View]
60061254Should I install KDE, GNOME, or Cinnamon?[View]
60066709>We designed our workplace to reflect the future we are creating for you to inhabit.…[View]
60075960Why is this shit so expensive compare to keyboard and mouse combined? Has Apple seriously lost its m…[View]
60074081/TOSG/ - TempleOS General: Terry A. Davis is streaming now! hitbox.tv/terrenceandrewdavis FAQ >Wh…[View]
60067000Malware Hunts And Kills Poorly Secured Internet Of Things Devices: 'Attack bots issue a series of co…[View]
60074005Is there a programming language this board DOESN'T hate?[View]
60073310is he our guy? does his wife actually love him?[View]
60067384What did they mean by that?[View]
60075540buying a new phone soon, cant decide on apple or android. help me on this >inb4 apple is for norm…[View]
60073215/ptg/ - Private Tracker General: Previous thread >>60068846 The mission of /ptg/ is to promote…[View]
60075578Technological marvels made possible by autism: McLenovo Pro x220 getting fucked by Apple isn't …[View]
60068739Popular Antivirus Program IDs Windows as Threat, Creating Chaos: An antivirus service used by tens o…[View]
60076364Whatsapp: Is it true that Whatsapp can be spied on real easily? But I mean, even for potatoes. I hea…[View]
60074954Incompatibility?: Got an i3 2120 + h61m-hp4 mobo build that works fine with a radeon 6850 but refuse…[View]
60058948CSS is dead: Reddit is the first major site to deprecate CSS in favor of a new system. Good riddance…[View]
60076232really makes you think[View]
60075191Help me out for a second /g/ Basically, my PC is kaput. Through the process of elimination i've…[View]
60075663hey nerds normie here here is the gist everytime i receive a sms or a call, if the cellphone is near…[View]
60072496What went wrong with Silicon Valley?[View]
60074033The meme: How is Gentoo a meme? Its great, what are you doing besides not installing Gentoo. GO INS…[View]
60069227/pcbg/ - PC Building General: /pcbg/: Post your component list; rate other anons'; ask question…[View]
60074566Is there any research into how many bugs are introduced per line of code in a serious project?[View]
60075194>tfw you love computer hardware but don't have money to spend on it…[View]
60075773Linux users group: I'm searching for a lug in South Mississippi.. And perhaps someone familiar …[View]
60062888>YouTube being fucked by ad companies bailing out >Google gets extremely mad >Google decide…[View]
60075464>main computer shits out >ok, i have another decent desktop to use >backup computer shits …[View]
60073141homebrew computer question: I'm interested in sinking like $30 into building a hobby computer o…[View]
60075571Microsoft Windows Update Working after 2 years: Ever wonder how many windows updates gather up over …[View]
60075220Speedify VPN: There is a new humble bundle called Happy PC Software Bundle https://www.humblebundle.…[View]
60075111Best Non Elite X370 Board for 1700@4Ghz / 3200MHz RAM ?: I already know the Taichi / Crosshair can d…[View]
60074024HDMI vs Viewport: trying to build a new pc with multiple monitors but i constantly find video cards …[View]
60065309How hard is it to set up a basic network for about 10k square feet? There's cable pre-installe…[View]
60074553>not enjoying 4k interweb how do you guys even cope with 1080p ? anything below 2k feels like fuc…[View]
60066076/wt/ watch thread: This thread is about the appreciation of horological technology, pocket watches, …[View]
600750043 years was enough time to think. I still say 90% of gTLDs are stupid.[View]
60070915What's the best budget laptop to buy for around €400?[View]
60069079Does /g/ approve of the Dvorak keyboard? Has anyone used it and felt more comfortable or fast compar…[View]
60073576This is so dumb, but I have a bit of an emergency, could someone do this?[View]
60074082Sexbots: its 2017, where are our sexbots? what are we waiting on tech-wise?[View]
60074591Toilets are Technology: Now in 360 Video featuring Bill Gates. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uubpV…[View]
60074497I'm not 100% sure this is the right place to ask this question, but how can I download an entir…[View]
60069668This should be mandatory reading before you're allowed to post on /g/.[View]
60071785Why doesn't 4chan enable https:// by default?: Most websites have switched to using https by de…[View]
60072103why doesn't gnu and fsf enable https:// by default?[View]
60073959Can someone here give me a quick explanation about symmetric digital subscriber line (SDSL)?[View]
60066539McAfee's coming phone: Want privacy? Trust the paranoid d00d who's life would make a badas…[View]
60073513Desktop Gadgets: Has anyone used this before? Thoughts, comments, etc?[View]
60074107quakejs.com: 5 Minute dance party, let's do this[View]
60073676Hello /g/, I would like to go all open-source with my HTC One M7, but as the phone is on Verizon, I …[View]
60064970Why the fuck did they make this shit instead of making a V8 engine for python??[View]
60073286I'm in need for an online storage solution. I need to store old photos on it, old files, archiv…[View]
60073227Anyone else taking this? Also any tips[View]
60073663Is using Sabayon the pussy (lazy) version on Gentoo[View]
60072875all memes aside, what's the best torrent client? pic unrelated[View]
60071781Any good custom android ROMS? Using a moto g4 plus[View]
60064284/mpv/ - is it the /g/reatest one?[View]
60070602Another most of your day of your sad, miserable life wasted on /g/ instead of doing something produc…[View]
60073501AT&T to start calling their LTE network 5G: http://about.att.com/story/5g_evolution_to_over_20_m…[View]
60069515can someone redpill me on the ways fitness tracking/workout apps can use my data?[View]
60068845How would I go about learning which pins do what for this It's on a 2017 Pacifica fob, I'm…[View]
60070481>2017 >there are people right now on /g/ who got less than 8 CPU threads in their laptops why …[View]
60056214Apple, you've done it again. Two words: Holy. Fucking. Shit.[View]
60069965I see that youre running GOBLIN[View]
60071018I love how it looks, but is it actually good?[View]
60067415>Be IT >Get promoted to network admin because current admin isn't even as good as me with…[View]
60068781>1440p@144hz >1440p ultrawide@100hz >2160p@60hz These seem to be the practical limits for r…[View]
60069548Helping out #bookz #ebooks: I have a library of approximately 1,000 books. I would like to give back…[View]
60067781These are the three lamgiages you need to learn: >Julia >Haskell >C If you want to learn fi…[View]
60068846/ptg/ - Private Tracker General: curry for dinner edition Previous thread >>60061783 >Not s…[View]
60071093Edge: is edge acceptable choice nowadays? I'm kinda trying it out after extrnsions finally arri…[View]
60070426>click thread watcher >accidentally all threads >firefox crashes Fucking hell I am so done …[View]
60069762>buy pic related for 15 bucks >download psp, ds, n64, ps1 emulators to your android phone >…[View]
60071684What would happen if you was to make a metal bar that encircles the Earth, would if fall or stay a f…[View]
60069886What's the best BT headphones under 25 USD? Thanks.[View]
60069703Why are they wasting their time on this garbage? https://videocardz.com/press-release/amd-announces-…[View]
60072730So when do I have to pay the porn tax? Will it be considered tax evasion if I use a VPN to watch po…[View]
60071931oh shit[View]
60069595How do I get a free phone number for verification on sites like coinbase and for authy that is secur…[View]
60052304/hpg/ - Headphone General: >Headphone purchase advice http://pastebin.com/fYZLW7Ub Please put som…[View]
60072341>tfw you'll never hack a cryptocurrency exchange to make millions of dollars and retire to t…[View]
60072642Almost a thousand hours powered on, on my Galaxy S6 >uptime thread ?[View]
60064593stop bullying the C programming language please[View]
60071492PC Health/Recovery General: I have a Msi GT70 ONC laptop (pretty old like 6 years) and it used to wo…[View]
60072224Are there any android emulators that won't keylog my passwords for the Chinese government?[View]
60050917Why is this so hard to understand?[View]
60067392Where to buy laptops with libre firmware in Argentina?: Title self explanatory. I need a laptop with…[View]
60071236A few months back I bought a humble bundle with a load of O'Reilly books on Unix but I haven…[View]
60057500/G/ Humor: dumping what i have[View]
60055823If Linux is so good, why do people in poor countries rather pirate Windows than use free Linux?[View]
60059731/csg/ Chink Shit General: In /csg/, we discuss the cheap shit you see on Gearbest, Taobao, AliExpres…[View]
60072284What monitor is now good value for under 400$? Monitors here are pretty expensive but I guess I coul…[View]
60071989How does someone learn network management?[View]
60071573Need help: Hi everyone,I need a little bit of help with my programming homework on arrays and pointe…[View]
60062861/uni/ thread: >first year CS in top university in country for computers and engineering >over …[View]
600536371080ti Founder's Edition exploding: Sure am glad I decided to wait it out for Vega.[View]
60071028If we for the moment exclude Vim,Emacs,Sublime,Nano and Ed from discussion, what is the best text ed…[View]
60067962I'm installing gentoo right now. Why are you not installing gentoo?[View]
60071955Is it better to self-host web applications like WordPress or Magento, where you have to pay for the …[View]
60068180This guy made almost £400,000 from his programing talent by the age of 20? what's your excuse f…[View]
60069478>be CompE student >get email from school's engineering career center listserv >do YOU …[View]
60049333Post 'em faggots.[View]
60067042/dpt/ - Daily Programming Language: What are you working on, /g/? Old thread: >>60059636…[View]
60068387Unity3d: Dear /g/, Would you mind red pilling me on Unity3d?[View]
60071687Skype-rosoft botnet[View]
60071094Hey /g/. I just got an 250gb SSD and I want to move my OS to it and use it as the boot drive but any…[View]
60064925The AMD Vega overhype begin: http://wccftech.com/amd-radeon-rx-vega-performance-gtx-1080-ti-titan-xp…[View]
60071214>computer breaks >shit down computer and turn back on again >computer is fixed Damn, I didn…[View]
60071405What is /g/'s favorite Forensics Software?[View]
60070345Philips screwdriver, screw measure: /g/ I need your help. I have to change hdd in my old netbook. Sa…[View]
60069777What does /g/ think about this bundle?[View]
60066302Stop using whatever shit you use to find torrents: India has your back. > Complete Privacy, Zero …[View]
60069268What is this shit[View]
60071309what is this and why is it better than any other SSD on the market[View]
60066034Why aren't you using Solus, /g/?[View]
60071269>computer breaks >shit down computer and turn back on again >computer is fixed who else her…[View]
60067742>PHP code[View]
60066244>Debian users will have white hairs by the time they see a kernel version this high LMAO…[View]
60071207Need Help with Residential IP in Vienna: Hello, I need a VPN server with residential IP in Vienna (A…[View]
60065431I have a little sister that is obsessed with anime. I can't fully block her access anime in the…[View]
60070714Who /qubes/ here?[View]
60070739brainlet test: /g/ PROGRAMMING CHALLENGE write the shortest brainfuck program such that when the inp…[View]
60068050What's a fascinating set of algorithms I can make my essay topic on?[View]
60070862GPU General: Too much whiskey edition: Voodoo2 or that one Matrox card?[View]
60067133Is Roko's Basilisk theoretically possible?[View]
60068777How does this make you feel? Mistakes were made.[View]
60066848I bought one of these today. They feel suprisingly nice. What is your take on older MS keyboards?[View]
60066583https://www.skhynix.com/eng/pr/pressReleaseView.do?seq=2086&offset=1 >With a forthcoming high…[View]
60069299The problem isn't that satellites have poor security. It's that they have no security.[View]
60066756Is there way to learn this language outside of SAP Gui?[View]
60066986>Android phone >8 cores @ 2 GHz >2 GB RAM >practically unusable when updating apps in th…[View]
60062489Are these an viable alternative for cleaning computer parts (ad opposed to canned air) , or will the…[View]
60067033Steve Jobs AMA: Hey neckbeards. So I have risen from hell in order to answer any question whatsoever…[View]
60060170Over-engineered Juicer edition: So another Juicero thread anyone? Juicero >$120M in investment …[View]
60069913If companies like Facebook and Apple are throwing billions into making AR the next media platform, w…[View]
60067096Yahoo's Marissa Mayer is set to make $186M from Verizon deal: >Filing shows Yahoo's Mar…[View]
60053012How many times do you pacman -Syu in a single day?[View]
60065457mom pc: can anyone recommend a new desktop/laptop for document editing, browsing and skyping, optimi…[View]
60066632Bring back Youtube dark mode: Why did they remove it?[View]
60070201Do I need to go to grad school? I want to work for Google and eventually move into a management role…[View]
60067623Dell XPS 13 with Arch on it?: What do you think of this Laptop? I consider to buy myself this Laptop…[View]
60068204Cube iWork8 Air Pro Tablet: >Intel Cherry Trail X5-Z8350 64bit Quad Core 1.44GHz, up to 1.92GHz …[View]
60070037What is with this system? It claims to be secure yet only builds package security updates for the co…[View]
60069997I installed Lubuntu and I'm having a lot of crashes and problems. Unity. for example, runs much…[View]
60062684/FGLT/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread: Previous thread: >>60056167 Welcome to /fglt/ - Friendly G…[View]
60067308New Arch user here, how long does it take until you don't need to consult archwiki every 5 seco…[View]
60054462Best tablet for note taking?: Needs a stylus,and be able to be chaged via usbc or microsub for my ba…[View]
60065739Anyone want to get high and watch old Computer Chronicles episodes with me? Get in here: http://sync…[View]
60058509>buy $700 graphics card for muh ultra settings >$120 TN monitor with color accuracy of gameboy…[View]
60069719/FGLT/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread: Previous thread: >>60062684 → Welcome to /fglt/ - Friendly…[View]
60065209>Visit /g/ >LOL INTEL 1 0 0 M H z 7740k ''REFRESH'' MUH GIGAHURTZ EMERGENCY EDITION JEWS >L…[View]
60053276Mac Programs: I'm getting my first Mac, what are some /g/ recomended programs on OSX? I primari…[View]
60058717VRAM for gaming: Hey so I've been wanting to play this game called The Long Dark on my laptop, …[View]
60069461radicchio: Anyone tried this yet? It looks really cool but I cant really figure out what it does to …[View]
60068545>Fonts are not creative commons... >What's next, a copyright on speaking with an accent?…[View]
60060769Do cell phones cause cancer? Is there any plausible way for micro waves, radio waves, or infrared wa…[View]
60060204Curd Cutting: Has /g/ cut the cord? How do you save money on TV?[View]
60060140Incompatibility issue? Help.: I just recently got some significant upgrade parts for my computer, a …[View]
60063992>mom found the hidden volume[View]
60067769PDO: okay /g/ spent 2 hours looking for the error, plz help -- above this is an if ( empty( $_POST …[View]
60060926/pcbg/ - PC Building General: /pcbg/: Post your component list; rate other anons'; ask question…[View]
60069049>started using Windows again >has all the codecs I need to watch lectures and TED talks >re…[View]
60021750/cyb/ + /netsec/: Because /netsec/ is /cyb/ /cyb/ + /netsec/ is for discussion of all things Cyberpu…[View]
60067739What is the best Manga Reader and why is it Tachiyomi? Also, talk about Android apps I guess.[View]
60068482How exactly would you go about connecting a commodore 64 to a modern machine via terminal emulation,…[View]
60055597/sqt/ - stupid questions thread: Post your simple/small/stupid questions Take at least 10 seconds to…[View]
60064033Lenovo P2: Is it worth the investment? I am looking for a £200 android phone and so far every revie…[View]
60060526Mice/pointing device general: Anything related to moving a cursor around. Regular mouse, trackball, …[View]
60066914I don't think this falls under tech support, so I thought I'd post for some opinions here.…[View]
60067348Is TunnelBear a trustworthy VPN? What do you use?[View]
60065791I'm using Debian Sid. Give me ONE (1) reason to move to Arch. PROTIP: You can't.[View]
60068644is it important for me to have my firewall on? I haven't had it on for around 2 years now and I…[View]
60066208Hello, I've been trying to fix this problem for some time. Every 3-4 days my computer does this…[View]
60065359tfw throttled by my isp how is this legal g?[View]
60067928Programming Books: Post books that really made you a better programmer. You can post books of specif…[View]
60068678hmmmm, is the E475 the laptop for dual booting/Virtual Boxing?: This thing is a beast, aside from th…[View]
60067561What would you do if you discovered some world-changing technology?: Something from science fiction …[View]
60067948Hello /g/ I am looking for an OS rather than Linux to use instead of Windows I wanted macOS Sierra …[View]
60068551Intel SGX for Dummies - Objective 4: Intel SGX https://software.intel.com/en-us/blogs/2013/09/26/pro…[View]
60067285/spg/ - Smartphone General - Ubuntu edition: If requesting purchasing advice, please provide your co…[View]
60066762Seriously what's wrong with node js? Why is there so much hate? I came from php and node is lik…[View]
60008357/wdg/ - Web Development General: ▼ Settings Home /g/ - Technology Return Catalog Bottom Refresh Thre…[View]
60066726MPC-HC broken?: The MPC-HC default renderer and MadVR both seem to be broken after the Windows 10 Cr…[View]
60068224/g/ents, my PSU is making an autistic screeching sound. Is it dead bros? I haven't turned on …[View]
60068129/freedom/ - avoid internet now, create the future and sue this judge: FBI had access to the entire i…[View]
60061705Java logic: Why does java print 0 as the first item and THEN increment num, and not print the increm…[View]
60066140Just switched from Clover to Chanu. Is there any way to simply go back to a board's catalog whi…[View]
60051674Why are you not buying the 7' laptop, /g/? >intel atom quad core z8750 >8gb ram >128gb emm…[View]
60067545All-in-One: Afternoon /g/. What is your general opinion on All-in-One PC's? Would you buy one? …[View]
60063384Why havent you switched to Vivaldi yet, /g/?[View]
60066118>tfw 32GB swap drive 16GB RAM was a mistake[View]
60067864Drive Toolkit: What kind of programs does /g/ keep on their drives?[View]
60066547>he's a wayland developer >on the internet >on a hobbyist OS userspace development mai…[View]
60067803Fuck you Bill Gates, you're not going to get my megabytes ![View]
60054659Today I was arguing with my friend about the MacBook. I told him it was shit and a waste of money be…[View]
60061783/ptg/ - Private Tracker General: Previous >>60054219 >Not sure what private trackers are al…[View]
60063955i have to move terabyte of pirated books which may contain shit like bomb making, pirated content an…[View]
60065366>crashes >deletes and saves over all the contents of the file you were editing, regardless of …[View]
60066552USA. You can't buy unlocked phone. You can't buy OSless laptop.: Is it true? I've bee…[View]
60065422Is there any reason to get the rx480 any more? Or is the 580 better in every regard for the same pri…[View]
60066457How do we solve the botnet problem?[View]
60067341Afternoon /g/ - /k/ and /out/ here. I'm looking for a drone in the $200 - $350 market. I'm…[View]
60064818Sup guys. How do I make my pc more quiet? What should I change/add first? My specs: Intel Core i5-7…[View]
60058780What operating system do you run on your brain, /g/?[View]
60060043What Software Have You Installed on Windows?: Share with me /g/. I'm mostly a LiGNUx user, but …[View]
60062007GNU IceCat: >2017 >Not using GNU IceCat on your BlackBerry 10 device What's your excuse, …[View]
60041660/spg/ - Smartphone General: If requesting purchasing advice, please provide your country and what ca…[View]
60059636/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: Old thread: >>60052526 What are you working on, /g/?[View]
60048178>Be Microshaft >Creat possibly the worst operating system in modern history >Release update…[View]
60062843Hey /g/, I'm buying a new hdd and I've decided to switch to Linux for the first time. I…[View]
60066689>What teh fuck did you jus say about C++?[View]
60057758Find a flaw[View]
60058674Windows 10 Classic Theme: Even with all the retarded spying and shit, the biggest thing holding me b…[View]
60065402What the hell was the point behind this?[View]
60066404>mfw C is just Assembly in disguise[View]
60062937/g/ and AI: I've gotten /sci/'s opinion on it. What does /g/ think of the AI revolution? T…[View]
60062795What are some gucci USB drives for EDC? I specifically like metallic cap-less ones you can put in yo…[View]
60066247CE vs. CS vs. EE: What is objectively the best degree relating to Computers? >tfw two years in CS…[View]
60065285I know there's a lot of guys here that know c++ very well. I think I'm asking a simple que…[View]
60066482What chances do I have of getting a US H-1B visa when competing with pajeets and chinks? Any particu…[View]
60062052C++ help: hi /g/, I have a final exam tomorrow for my Into C++ class and I'm going over the pra…[View]
60057903splitting a string on delimeter: how can i turn this: A,a1,a2,a3 B,b1,b2 into this: A,a1 A,a2 A,a3 B…[View]
60065823Is a 400w PSU enough?: What's up, anons? I've got a Gtx 750 ti and I was thinking of upgra…[View]
60063832I'm planning to build a gaming pc, I have all the parts decided on and I was wondering how wil…[View]
60063970OS/2 based arcaOS 5.0 'blue lion' is coming out soon. Blue Lion will be… …the long-awaited release …[View]
60064273>2017 >still uses monolithic kernel Why are you primitive savages using obsolete technology?…[View]
60044753/tosg/ - TempleOS General: Terry is live streaming now: http://www.hitbox.tv/terrenceandrewdavis FAQ…[View]
60063909I'm working on a small project that requires a small amount of 'networking' knowledge. I'm…[View]
60064355The best way to predict the future is to invent it. Join the next generation of computing, designed …[View]
60061628What should I upgrade first?[View]
60059592Intel's 100 MHz faster i7-7740K is on it's way: The refresh nobody asked for. On a new HE…[View]
60066005Passwrod cracking noob: Hey /g/ First time poster, long time lurker here. I was wondering if anyone …[View]
60061382/g/ approved instant messaging app: What does /g/ recommend to use as the best instant messaging app…[View]
60065821Enough of this 3D printing meme, Let's talk about laser cutting. If you had access one of these…[View]
60060282What 650W PSU does /g/ recommend? 750W will also be considered if the price is good.[View]
60050858/wt/ watch thread: This thread is about the appreciation of horological technology, pocket watches, …[View]
60064797An indestructible floppy disk; does it exist? Not counting on it, but the idea just popped into my h…[View]
60065853iPhoto/Lightroom alternatives for Linux: Any recommendations?[View]
60065610Oh shit nigga!: Any other kek-lvl developers program and study drunk and high af? Is there another …[View]
60064908Hello guys, yesterday I broke my phone, basically the screen shows everything but the touch doesnt w…[View]
60064486Win 10 CU Debloating: Can anyone please tell me what scripts to use to debloat Windows 10 Creator…[View]
60065384Way back in the day I had a printer that had a cartridge for each color. They costed about 12.00 a p…[View]
60059348I'm sick of switching back and forth between desktop environments. KDE is as good as it gets un…[View]
60063675So, if we ignore all the shitposting and shilling, this is how the CPU landscape looks today: >in…[View]
60059178I'm currently installing gentoo with `genkernel all` How disgusting am I?[View]
60058392/dcsvt/ - Daily C security vulnerability thread: Previously >>60025712 Welcome to /dcsvg/ whe…[View]
60064558Fonts- does the internet need an updated standardized font?: Helvetica, Arial, Times, are all eyeso…[View]
60063796>You can't buy food with cryptocurrencies Why people are investing in this if is useless at …[View]
60065325What is a wireless driver: Stupid question, what is a wireless driver? Is it a kernel module? Why ca…[View]
60059095I believed in C++... How the hell do I make an object own a property with its own type?[View]
60064136I am following this online course on OS's and am trying to understand process creation and IPC …[View]
60064734>this free software advocate tells me not to use proprietary languages or tools >try using GCC…[View]
60054805>1920x1200 >24' monitor >100% DPI scaling Are there people who really use this day to day?…[View]
60058598Through some heretofore unknown magic, you have just SSHed into your own brain. What commands do you…[View]
60064936Could you make money by pasting together a bunch of code from open source programs and selling it as…[View]
60063326Monitor thread: hey /g/, look what i found: >32 inch >WQHD >IPS >under 400 dollarydoos w…[View]
60054074Is fusion power a meme?[View]
60060987getting a new phone soon. Convince me to get an iphone or android you spuds[View]
60064779Has the Linux subsystem been improved in Windows 10's Creators Update (say, proper terminal han…[View]
60063663Fuck I'm 22 years old and have spent most of my young life using computers for various shit. Bu…[View]
60063223what email providers have you discovered that value users anonymity which are least likely to share …[View]
60063073Why are all mobile sites so shit and buggy /g/? Even worse, why do they sometimes remove the request…[View]
60058153>tfw fell for the Arch meme[View]
60043004What are the best programming interview questions you've ever been asked?[View]
60061028Best email provider?: Currently using protonmail but I'm wondering if there are any truly glori…[View]
60064524https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dR3ntE9TXOE&feature=youtu.be&t=1h6m52s Bryan Cantrill confir…[View]
60061027I can't figure out linux it's too hard.[View]
60060760Contracts up, wondering who's offering the best incentives now that everybody offers unlimited …[View]
60064435Hello, fellas. Is there anyone here currently studying at University of Alberta - Canada? Just submi…[View]
60060086>same phone design 4 years in a row How do they get away with it?[View]
60062981Mass Effect Andromeda cracked version's saved game is not working for the retail game: As the t…[View]
60063197Screenfetch circlejerk: post them real nigga hour screen fetches. no memetoo fetches though[View]
60061571Ryzen 5 1600 Temperature in Celsius: My Ryzen 5 1600 is currently running idle at 70c / low 70s cels…[View]
60061243Why bother with Manjaro, Antergos and others when Arch-Anywhere exists?[View]
60051760install gentoo: do it now[View]
60063896When will AI finally take our jobs? Realistically? I'm in customer support. 3-5 years? I can…[View]
60061120Anyone else having problems with captcha on ccd0's 4chan-x?[View]
60045921NVIDIA Volta with GDDR6 in early 2018: https://videocardz.com/68948/skhynix-gddr6-for-high-end-graph…[View]
60061467First time building a PC: Why does everything come with LEDs? Is there a way to turn this shit off, …[View]
60057967How long will it be until we can truly discard our bodies and go to the wired?: How long must we be …[View]
60062774Hello /g/ we are having a test using Safe exam browser, is there any way to bypass it so you can go…[View]
60059111xpoint/optane/dead on arrival: >muh faster than NAND >muh cheaper than DRAM >caching a driv…[View]
60059038Ahhhh, a fresh GNOME flashback 3.24.1 installation on Arch. Made for each other like bread and butte…[View]
60063818how does he do it? is he the only one true reviewer on youtube? aside from Lisa, nobody can touch th…[View]
60058513>go to https://esolangs.org/wiki/Special:Random >If you don't get a language, do it again…[View]
60062428Facebook doesn't have users. It has useds.[View]
60062225>she posts on >>>/g/ >she only owns a desktop, notebook and smartphone…[View]
60062517Asus GTX1080 Ti Strix Artifacting: So I recently purchased one of these to upgrade from my two GTX98…[View]
60062904I bought a macbook pro 2016 with touch bar a month ago. I regret it. Don't get me wrong, it wor…[View]
60061259This guy forks your programming language what do you do?[View]
60062999>He doesn't have an optane SSD what are you waiting for? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BAw…[View]
60053616>mfw char is just int in disguys[View]
60062025>I trained >trained hard >harder than any other fighter I know >I trained until I died …[View]
60062023>2016 OpenGL book >code examples are using GLUT >WRITER USES FIXED PIPELINE…[View]
60061599whats the best book out there to start learning Assembly currently only know c++[View]
60061183TWRP USB Debugging Issue: I've asked this on XDA and the Note 4 subreddit to no avail. USB debu…[View]
60059289Debunked meme of the day: snappy Wants me to download some 1.8gb nvidia driver even tho I use amd. W…[View]
60061627MIDI Playback Unit: Hello /g/, Does anybody know of commercially available MIDI players? Or somethi…[View]
60062807Does anybody knows if there is an AMD GPU with DVI-I or better with D-sub that uses the Polaris arch…[View]
60037416Why did BSD never catch on?[View]
60062457how would /g/ make a tic tac toe game in the console?[View]
60062699Is it time to switch to SSD-only storage or its price will drop even further in the future?[View]
60058631why should I use linux when I can use unix?[View]
60053438Find a flaw.[View]
60062451How much pajeet are you? >shitted myself in the office, it felt good >piss in the sink >pic…[View]
60061143Hey /g/, my laptop keeps making random beeping noises. Like 5 beeps in a row and it won't stop.…[View]
60062519This shit just triggered me so hard. I dont know any of the technicalities but you guys made me hat…[View]
60056167/fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread: Previous thread: >>60045832 Welcome to /fglt/ - Friendly G…[View]
60062433Most sustainable backend language/framework?: Really want to do some back end stuff when I get out o…[View]
60062283Any FreeCodeCamp Alums?: just started using www.freecodecamp.com and wanted to know if there's …[View]
60062436post yfw you spend an hour trying to reconfigure your webserver so that it actually fucking works an…[View]
60061997If it's considered impractical to parse HTML with regex how do modules like BeautifulSoup or HT…[View]
60061600HOW is this OK?[View]
60062367High Ping: I have a wired connection into my modem, 66mbps and 19 ping when speedtesting, yet every …[View]
60062407Hey..anyone know where I can find free cracked software downloads. Obviously torrents but was wonder…[View]
60060640so...what do you do other than shitpost? if you say 'game/social media' just kill yourself. What is …[View]
60061886Holy autistic computer peripherals, Batman![View]
60060557Hello /g/, i just got the email and password of my classrom study group in civil engineering, how ca…[View]
60057743Speccy thread.[View]
60050969/EDC/: Every day carry thread: please recommend me a lightweight fashionable backpack edition[View]
60057266Which type of programming language is better for web backends, interpreted or compiled?[View]
60062182// c template <class T1, class T2> struct refpair{ T1& first; T2& second; …[View]
60061597Hello, dear /g/~ What have you got there?[View]
60058979You have 30 seconds to prove to me that intel isn't selling you a botnet upgrade stick >pro …[View]
60062046Remember when?: ITT: we talk about the good ol' days before they shut down all the fun. Was th…[View]
60059700Just got a macbook air >crazy long battery >i5 8GB RAM >on sale $200 off >Great linux dr…[View]
60060933Bookmarks: Do you ever go through your years old bookmarks and just kind of lament at the transience…[View]
60059327redpill me on this, should i even bother making an account?[View]
60061625Proxies on 4chan: Are proxies still usable on 4chan? Are they allowed?[View]
60054219/ptg/ - Private Tracker General: Ghostler edition. Previous >>60045312 >Not sure what priva…[View]
600555564chan is poor and 4chan has frequent issues caused by too high bandwidth Delete the pages and keep t…[View]
60053565Why is /g/ so cheap and hostile towards paying a small amount to software developers?: >wants to …[View]
60060839'most memory players use memcpy and this is one of the reasons why memory play sounds worse': Okay, …[View]
60059679Data Recovery?: So I accidentally deleted a bunch of files off my phone, does anyone have any data r…[View]
60061346I'm asking here because I know someone on this site knows how. How do you block an IP address f…[View]
60059662It's official! Moto G5 Plus is the best budget phone out right now. Goddamn it they did it agai…[View]
60060495> Local audio/video store is going out of business > Bought the demo Beats Pill+ speaker for $…[View]
60060551>you can't spell 'seCurity breaCh' without C[View]
60060940Who here runs templeOS natively?[View]
60060924/pcbg/ - PC Building General - Stop Shilling Edition: /pcbg/: Post your component list; rate other a…[View]
60033890If python is so shit and slow then how come it is the principle language behind: >Pintrest >Re…[View]
60060878Anyone use the IPT browser? Is it a botnet or BTC miner? Is it just a copy of Tor using Tor servers,…[View]
60056005Fuck bixby[View]
60060258How to unbotnet yourself?: Windows users, 'unbotnet' yourself with ancile https://bitbucket.org/anci…[View]
60060938Looking for beginners guide to computers and programming.: For someone who is only good at the basic…[View]
60055222I see your running ELF.[View]
60060079rage thread: >friend picks up his (open) laptop from the very top >keyboard portion just dangl…[View]
60054785When Bindows 10 becomes unusable, will you move to Mac or Linux[View]
60059782>stuck in shit part time IT job where I learn next to nothing >can't get new job because …[View]
60059286Fucking bitch fucked with my CSS again![View]
60057121What is he going to use now that Unity is dead?[View]
60059593WTF is up with microsofts email servers?: I flashed my phone 2 months ago. I got a new phone today. …[View]
60058821Z U C C[View]
60046079You are now aware that most normies have never seen this.[View]
60057706I'm thinking of getting a new desktop because my laptop is shit and my iPhone runs faster than …[View]
60060353My wife uses GNU/Linux whether she wants to or not. Anybody else foist freedom on friends and famil…[View]
60056304>windows can't do this >takes 30 seconds of commands on linux plus just waiting for the a…[View]
60058839Has Linus jumped the shill shark?[View]
60029244Give me one good reason why you're not using the best mouse on the planet?[View]
60058359/g/ I just got a new receiver that has 7.1 support. Didn't buy it for 7.1 support but it's…[View]
60059758Is there any prerequisites to reading this?[View]
60058529>Haven't used laptop in a while >Decide to run pacman -Syu >Everything goes okay >W…[View]
60057080https://www.sabayon.org/ Red pill me on Sabayon.[View]
60042159How deep are you in the net of bots?[View]
60056556Sticker/Printer Thread: Hey, /g/entlemen! I bought a Polaroid Zip mobile printer the other day and I…[View]
60054900Post anime girl anthropomorphism of programming languages, operating systems, and software.[View]
60049320This screen ratio is pure sex.[View]
60056415If you are lost or confused just run to 4chan - programming thread -: Hey dear programmers ! .. hope…[View]
60059626Anon you're not on 2ton.com.au ssh talk? Care to explain? But in all reality boys hop in and jo…[View]
60055236Do programmers with 2 years experience copy and paste code? Most programmers cut and paste code: FAC…[View]
60059106anyone else feel sick to their stomach if their computer was physically hurt: like imagining your la…[View]
60059512Should we be worried about WikiLeaks vault 7?: Everything being infected with CIA malware? Wtf...…[View]
60052526/dpt/: daily programming thread: coffee shop edition old thread almost dead, what are you working on…[View]
60048785/csg/ Chink Shit General: In /csg/, we discuss the cheap shit you see on Gearbest, Taobao, AliExpres…[View]
60059119/stg/ Sports Tech General: E-sports to become a medal event in 2022 Asian Games What technology can …[View]
60059365USB 3.0 Switch: What is up guys? Got a question I'm hoping one of you have already run into. Th…[View]
60056427Anyone knows what this brand is called? I wanna buy more of this cable but I don't know what co…[View]
60056220/sffg/ - Small Form Factor PCs: Who SFF here? Post your setups /g/. >i7-6700K >GTX 1070 >AI…[View]
60059514Help /g/: I'm building my first PC and I'm wondering if this build is a good budget build.…[View]
60056927Which think pad model is the best bang for your buck? I'm eyeing a refurbished T420 atm. my si…[View]
60057601Can your precious Linux distributions do this? No? That's what I thought, check and mate, Linux…[View]
60054991Is a computer game a program or an application?[View]
60059356Hi /g/, i recently been wanting to make a game but dont know where to start. If i want to make a Hor…[View]
60051537Ryzen HEDT will kill Skylake-X, but not for the reasons you think.: Freshly released specs show Zepp…[View]
60059277How fucked am I?[View]
60059124reallymakeyouthink.jpg: If Intel can sell cpu with 2 cores and 4 threads for $60, then why they dont…[View]
60051673Since BlackPlayer is getting worse and worse, anyone wanna recommend me a better music app?[View]
60058361Is ITIL a meme cert? I'm seeing more job postings that ask for it[View]
60054988Best US carrier for BYOD?: Hey guys, I have been with Sprint for over ten years (Special SERO plan) …[View]
60057263Another day of your sad, miserable life wasted on /g/ instead of doing something productive, creativ…[View]
60058987What's the best Windows 7 version to install to an old pc that my parents use constantly ? Some…[View]
60057890Which window managers are your favorites? Kwin (KDE), Xfwm4 (XFCE), QUARTZ (OSX), GNOME shell (Gnome…[View]
60058286Raid: So, any of you guys use a RAID of some short? I am thinking about setting one up, but I seem t…[View]
60056266Can anyone recommend some preferred media server software? On windows 8 btw[View]
60058787Fucking hell: Is there still absolutely no way to get rid off the forced tripple buffering/v-sync on…[View]
60057882Desktop Environments power ranking: 1-MATE 2-Cinnamon 3-XFCE 4-Unity 5-LXDE 6-GNOME 7-KDE 8-Everythi…[View]
60057240Germany delivers: A new browser that isn't a Chrome reskin. https://cliqz.com/en/desktop[View]
60054852>have MuPDF 1.11 >F-Droid only has MuPDF 1.10 >wants me to 'upgrade' to 1.10 Why is F-Droid…[View]
60047194/pcbg/ - PC Building General: /pcbg/: Post your component list; rate other anons'; ask question…[View]
60057751Can you help me get someone's Instagram password or are you just gonna be a fag about it[View]
60041514Levels of comfy that shouldn't even be allowed to exist.[View]
60058397DAE get their shit thrown in the trash?: Just spent a entire sprint writing a really nice Service Di…[View]
60057583Ruboto: I know Java is objectively better for Android development, but for reasons I'd much pre…[View]
60055740What makes Linux Mint the most stable distro?[View]
60056889/LISP/ - Have you read your SICP today edition: Who wants to learn LISP with me? PDF - https://githu…[View]
60054886Hey /g/, how do I stop this new anti-adblock shit? Using ublock with most of the filters enabled rig…[View]
60050152How is it possible for Indians to have smartphones? During summer the temperature can reach 40-50 de…[View]
60058088You're working your first day at your new workplace and you see the IT guy wears this t-shirt. …[View]
char *str_array[]
Cfags will defend this
60058029For a suite that has almost no sparkles on its design, it sure runs slower than Microsoft Office. wh…[View]
60040284What is the most SJW tech?[View]
60058169> 2017 > Not browsing 4chan by using Clover on a BB Passport…[View]
60056273Why does g hate video games?: I want to know your worst opinion of them. I'm slowly starting to…[View]
60058043why aren't you using the only good browser left[View]
60057831>JUST WAIT FOR VEGA >over a year since Pascal launched >still can't beat Pascal…[View]
60058017New VPN Server: Affordable, Logless, Anonymous: P2P Friendly!!! http://vpnsheild.com[View]
60054610ITT: Exoskeletons and the future of manual labor: Let us discuss in a civilized and in true /g/entle…[View]
60052342That's it, androidbros, looks like they won. It was a good fight. It was good hanging out with …[View]
60056339i3 Gaps Help on Ubuntu: So I just installed i3-gaps on top of my i3wm install and I cannot seem to …[View]
60057845Who and Where use it?: DragonflyBSD.[View]
60057873Dumb Nigga Help Thread: So I have an old HP Pavilion dv1000. I am looking to upgrade Ram memory to f…[View]
60054691> KCP is dead > MPV is a shitty meme What the fuck can non autistic beings use to have all the…[View]
60039084Can /g/ explain why Windows 10 is bad without using memes such as 'muh privacy' and 'dem ebil jews a…[View]
60057126Hardware.: Now, I don't know my way around software at all, but I like to consider myself well …[View]
60055558>intel housefire lake runing absurdly hot if you don't delid >nvidia cards catching fire …[View]
60056883Apple, you've done it again. Two words: Holy. Fucking. Shit.[View]
60057685Anyone have this chair who is shorter? Just ordered mine.[View]
60053174Any clever stuff you do with AutoHotkey? So far all I've scripted is window positioning and tex…[View]
60054242Cv database: Sup gentoomans, i need you'r help, like, right now. Where can i find a curriculum …[View]
60048307Can any android fags help me out? My battery on my s6edge is literally the worst i have ever delt wi…[View]
60052263is Haskell useful for anything other than solving Project Euler problems?[View]
60051397things linux can't do[View]
60054842If I remove it, would it die?[View]
60057504Raid 10: All right /g. I have 4 2tb drives in my possesion. I have a lot of files that I want to hav…[View]
60049112I have an old Ultra 60 taking up space in my home office. What should I do with it?[View]
60045589heatsink paste suction damage cpu?: put my heatsink on wrong (thermal paste beading out the sides) a…[View]
60056602The 4K XPS 9560. I do graphic design & web development. I used to game a lot, but now not so muc…[View]
60056086GNU + Linux ricer here. I use Android, too. Why isn't it called Aeroplane Mode and how can I re…[View]
60053052press F: F[View]
60049033Any reason not to use Eclipse?[View]
60052491I suck at variable naming, always use a, b, c, d...... What should I do guys ?[View]
60045600>windows 10 volume control goes up in 2 unit increments when using the scroll wheel >windows f…[View]
60056633Why don't we just fork systemd, call it system/g/ and change nothing else because systemd is ju…[View]
60055438Is this correct?[View]
60056465/dpt/ - Daily Python Thread: What are you working on, /g/? Old thread: >>60050290[View]
60053467Webdev: So if Node.js is trash and php is trash, what's left?[View]
60052010Anyone know a good file host? I want to keep a record of all my favourite pics and be rest assured t…[View]
60056813Going straight to a black screen with a lot of text I don't understand on power up, I can enter…[View]
60056343Best functional language to learn: What is the best language to learn functional programming? I…[View]
60051287So /g/ I started learning programming in my youth but never committed to it and I need to start fr s…[View]
60048507Is MKBHD a /g/ approved youtuber?[View]
60055686Deep web websites: I need some connections to the deep web, so links and such. Or how to bypass erro…[View]
60053978itt: passwords: how do you chose and store your passwords? i have a memorized random 20 character pa…[View]
60056590tpad T4*0 vs dell 7*** series: Thoughts, /jii ?[View]
60055099>He already bought his $1200 Titan Xp >It doesn't do 8k >laughing whores.jpg…[View]
60055885Does anybody know which launcher is this?[View]
60050290/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: What are you working on, /g/? Previous thread: >>60044514…[View]
60045832/fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread: Previous thread: >>60036308 Welcome to /fglt/ - Friendly G…[View]
60047576/g/ checkout my thinkpad. its a docmc stuffins x61 rice. >x61 >windows for legacy pcs >doc …[View]
60050672Lenovo P2: Why is nobody talking about this? I know it's a cheap chinkphone but jesus christ th…[View]
60055612Laptop Suggestion Thread: I want a laptop that's lightweight and portable, quiet, >1920x1080…[View]
60044993WD Black: Is it a meme?[View]
60056192Alright! No more boolean![View]
60050292/g/ Opinion Thread If you use newer than a T60, you ARE a normie[View]
60049432DAILY SCREENFETCH THREAD: screenfetch thread goes here.[View]
60055994>mfw Realtek Has there seriously not been any good functional alternative developed in the past 2…[View]
60054016What were the marketing executives thinking when the put this on their iPad central advert page?[View]
60055216A nice tech thread: A place to share your recent experiences with them raspberry pies, nintendo swit…[View]
60053867Visualizer bars?: I recently purchased an LED light strip and eachof the LEDs is addressable. I…[View]
60054166Bandwidth mistery: Hi /g/, i need to be instructed on how to limit the bandwidth on a router. I alre…[View]
60050293Intel Coffee Lake S 6 Core Desktop Processor Leaked, Core i5 Without Hyper Threading: https://wccfte…[View]
60043427Stop the 1984 Act: http://humantraffickingpreventionact.com/ ^ US Govt site about new acts being…[View]
60055211Hello /g/ For my school project i'm planning on creating the design for a mobile OS, complete w…[View]
60048770anybody else here use an old school iPod on a daily basis? I just got this baby about a week ago....…[View]
60046896Is there a definitive browser yet?[View]
60053877>2011, ios 4 Whatsapp: 10mb Youtube: 10mb Maps: 5mb >Now, ios 10 Whatsapp: 120mb Youtube: 110m…[View]
60055179>Web page has little to no content >almost 3mb big This needs to stop…[View]
60053881I think I should upgrade my router. Would it be a good idea to just build my own, or should I buy on…[View]
60055156Microwave Time: How do you convert seconds to microwave time? Let's say you have 60 seconds tha…[View]
60050469do actual professionals use the surface book or have I utterly fallen for microsoft's hype mark…[View]
60053652Can anyone give me and idea what to make a dynamic website about? I'm supposed to make one in c…[View]
60049204>technology is only smartphones[View]
60049584System76 announces 'Phase 3': In-house designs: http://blog.system76.com/post/159767214983/entering-…[View]
60051338can someone explain to me how 2-3 trees that only have data in the leaves work? this is part of one …[View]
60053762What is the objectively best and most recommended way to declare the main method in C++? Here are th…[View]
60053191>The year is 2035 >The neural lace was a huge success >Thoughts are monitored using severa…[View]
60052599What's a good e-mail client for Linux?[View]
60040291VIM THREAD: post pic with your font, colorscheme, and other relevant settings[View]
60053499I've decided to install Linux on my five year old laptop today, /g/ents. Any recommendations fo…[View]
60053390Bought an LG G3 refurbished from amazon. Motherfucker cost me 240$. Friend told me I got scammed. Is…[View]
60051650What's the best music player for Wwindows 10?[View]
60024061/tpg/ - ThinkPad General: Previous thread: >>59992914 IRC: #/tpg/ on irc.rizon.net Other busin…[View]
60042284>Go to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tokyo >Take a screenshot 100% scaling, no cheaters allowe…[View]
60053828Perfect distributions don't exi-[View]
60025729If you had a literally infinite amount of money, what kind of computer would you buy?[View]
60050740/g/ story thread, copy pasting from an archive since I'm boring >at friends house >his br…[View]
60053580Is Elementary OS good?: is it good?[View]
60050222Did I put fans in correct order?: is cpu fan in right direction?[View]
60052565>ITT post cringey tech videos. I'll start https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RDpOB-OXypQ…[View]
60053922For free web hosting services, should I use byethost or github?[View]
60054119https://blog.google/products/google-vr/introducing-next-generation-jump/ THANK YOU BASED GOOGLE…[View]
60045312ptg: Sarek (ourguy) edition! Previous >>60042450 >Not sure what private trackers are all ab…[View]
60052516Someone explain why these are botnet.[View]
60047339>Your month and year of birth >Main technology which was featured on the cover of MIT technolo…[View]
60052866>read on /g/ that we shouldn't use proprietary languages, compilers, or tools >spend 30 m…[View]
60046609>Leave important task running and go to bed >Windows restarted for updates 1 hour later WHYYYY…[View]
60054095Daily reminder NSA and intelligence agencies, all third party tech companies collecting data, youre …[View]
60049408Why is there no Gnome 3.24 in Arch? What is this meme about muh bleeding edge distro?[View]
60050676>US Patent no. 6506148 B2 >Nervous system manipulation by electromagnetic fields from monitors…[View]
60054054Hey /g/, I need a mobile phone. I literally care about nothing but battery life, durability, and ini…[View]
60017159/mkg/ - Mechanical Keyboard General: /mkg/ x /tpg/ edition >Buyer's template: http://pastebi…[View]
60041814I fell for the ltsb meme. >slow as shit >anything slightly related to gaming wont work >tri…[View]
60053849<h1>web developers are smarter than software dumbgineers</h1> <h2> this is an obje…[View]
60052569what /g/ think about him https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xwbCpySnhWY ?[View]
60037886Speccy thread[View]
60043447Career/Jobs: et's talk careers/jobs -I have a bachelors in business information systems -3 cert…[View]
60023996/g/ humor thread[View]
60049939Help me, /g/. I have an IP Phone that has a LAN connection. I have connected the PC to the PC Port o…[View]
60053503Firefox on Windows >Default download is 32 bit >Runs slow, when you open a few tabs with sligh…[View]
60048825Front-runner Macron wants encryption backdoors to fight terrorism: >French centrist candidate Emm…[View]
60040720/sqt/ - Simple Questions That dont deserve their own thread, stupid: ITT you're supposed to ask…[View]
60046943What's a good MP3/MP4 player?: I'm looking to get a mp3 or mp4 player for a good cheap pri…[View]
60051644So my SD Card decided to fuck my shit up suddenly. It's a Kingston 32GB, I was listening to mus…[View]
60034364ITT: Post ideas to polish this turd by means of Technolo/g/y. >Reusable zip-loc bags available …[View]
60026644* blocks your path *[View]
60053204join the crew! https://planet-express.org/[View]
60047682Goyvidia Driver: What are they doing? releasing unstable non tested big pile of shit drivers. Why is…[View]
60053195The Future of Bittorrent with (((Bram Cohen))): Highlights: >he echoes >he has a really gay vo…[View]
60040242Don't mind me, just blocking these ads.[View]
60052652JUST A REMINDER: Y'all dudes with ThinkPads may have a BIOS glitch with Intel SpeedStep and cou…[View]
60051215What side is /g/ on?[View]
60053006/G/uys. I'm trying to get a url from a radio stream to get it to play on another player instead…[View]
60052448Using capitalization style to determine token type: SomeType = year = Int month = Int da…[View]
60046698>in the market for a case >they're all garbage What the fuck happened to enthusiast case…[View]
60052084How long will this actually take, /g/?[View]
60021473/BST/ Battlestation general: Old thread >>59983064[View]
60052720Music ROMs: Hello /g/, I am planning on replacing a rooted HTC One M8 running CM and taking it off m…[View]
60052750A New Space Race: >Apple has hired former Google satellite executives John Fenwick and Michael Tr…[View]
60052826What's your favorite custom Windows distro, /g/? Pic related.[View]
60032797>Literally the best phone out right now >b-b-b-but the fingerprint sensor...is in...a spot tha…[View]
60044982What is /g/'s opinion on which languages should be studied in order to become a well-rounded pr…[View]
60050854Is he right?[View]
60045682>buy iPhone >forced to use iTunes[View]
60051956>tfw you can't trust no one >proprietary software sells your data >opensource softwar…[View]
60039155/hpg/ - Headphone General: >Headphone purchase advice http://pastebin.com/fYZLW7Ub Please put som…[View]
60049220Goodbye chip-and-pin, hello chip-and-fingerprint: https://www.cnet.com/news/mastercard-biometric-car…[View]
60048692Not a Canonical shill, just a memer who hates DEs. Why shouldn't I put Openbox on Ubuntu Server…[View]
60045520>gnome's default file manager doesn't give you the ability to see how much disk space i…[View]
60051924/v/ and nu/g/ it is time to go home[View]
60051896Lighting Port and Cable: Is there a single redeeming quality about this? Why can't these cocksu…[View]
60039371Thinkcucks and macfags BTFO: This is the best laptop ever made, YOU CANNOT PROVE ME WRONG >inb4 s…[View]
60042653What does /g/ think of Plex? I'm thinking of paying for it, but idk if there are better, free s…[View]
60044862Holy shit it's a reason to go to Best Buy for once: http://www.bestbuy.com/site/wd-easystore-8t…[View]
60050714>laptops are still largely dual core in 2017 >quad core is only for mobile workstations and ga…[View]
60046657>got this in 2000 as a gift from my parents >dropped it once but was able to repair it because…[View]
60049718Apple watch: My new Apple Watch S2 is not tracking my activity Can you tell me why? Pic related My…[View]
60025072Best Language in 2017[View]
60048859How frequently do you upgrade your stuff? I get a new phone every three years. And I don't upgr…[View]
60049661>go into repository for popular /g/ program >comment out random line of code >it no longer …[View]
60051483What to do with an old iBook G4?[View]
60047127Look at this shit[View]
60051329What is the best LAMP/XAMPP stack?[View]
60050723the bobpad[View]
60050105/g/ logic: >'I run gentoo/Arch/some kind of cool unix!' >Watches anime on it and some flash ga…[View]
60049167>Sit down to take a shit >Package arrives EVERY FUCKING TIME…[View]
60050272biometrics crypto: Can anybody explain why people often calls any biometrics authentication a joke? …[View]
60050372What is your opinion on Java?[View]
60051071New PC, same old bullshit: I recently got a new Lenovo laptop, it's worked fairly well and has …[View]
60050701>tfw 7.1.2 U jelly ?[View]
60050473Someone roll dubs and I nuke my windows partition for good. Decide what linux distro I use.[View]
60050040Troll thread: >Friend asks how to apply thermal paste >He bought some shitty china brand >T…[View]
60049856what monitor does /g/ use[View]
60051017WHERE EVERYBODY KNOWS UNAME: Where everybody knows your uname, and they're always glad you cam…[View]
60050581No one cared about VRAM 'til we limited it to 3.5...[View]
60020799/mpv/ - the /g/reatest media player: The default minimalist GUI has finally a volume and full screen…[View]
60048278>kde >you're joking right? >You mean he's not? >But sempai that would have to …[View]
60048593Thousands of 1080 TI founders edition GPU have met failure and more are dying. Nvidia has already pu…[View]
60045540What causes this kind of crack on the lower half of my screen? Only that crack across the screen was…[View]
60050571Best Tech Deals?: I thought we could have a thread where we share great deals on tech we've fou…[View]
60048170so this is the power of intel....[View]
60046689Hi when do I know to shut it down? I'm asking for a friend t. Microsoft[View]
60044514/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: What are you working on, /g/?[View]
60049833>using an elavated windows user as your main account and disabling UAC Why do you do this /g/? in…[View]
60034775/wt/ - Watch Thread: This thread is about the appreciation of horological tech and shitter watches. …[View]
60050103The best way to predict the future is to invent it. Join the next generation of computing, designed …[View]
60050120Anyone wanna get high with me and watch old episodes of Computer Chronicles? Get in here: http://www…[View]
60043810Are there legitimate reasons to be using Gentoo?[View]
60047432How to get a solid foundation in compsci mathematics: This guide assumes you forgot everything from …[View]
60046165what is the best phone for battery life that is easy as shit to root with no risk /g/? im tired of m…[View]
60050035Arlan Robotics Service Droid 1.0: DICK SUCCING ROBOTS ARE HERE (sort of) https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
60049228Deepin: hey there guys just started using deepin I liked the way it looks just wondering what are yo…[View]
60046832>current year >still unable to handle UTF-8…[View]
60047619>checks the site for custom roms >find an interesting one and read the posts to see if the are…[View]
60048313Name a better software for your music library.[View]
60047650Now that theres no 457 visas does that mean there'll be less indian software engineers? Will I …[View]
60038090/pcbg/ - PC Building General: /pcbg/ - PC Building General-- sunday Post your component list, rate o…[View]
60048893VPNs: can someone recommend a really good VPN and why? thanks in advance[View]
60046816Holy cow, I did not know that Windows Optimizer 2010 also works on Windows 10. Just tried it out and…[View]
60048050Anonymous Group: Does anybody know where I can find a thread involving the hacktivist group Anonymou…[View]
60046325Is there a better codewriter/ compiler / allinone for c/c++ developement[View]
60047087>2017 >still using C++[View]
60048942KVM switches: Anyone here who uses a KVM switch or could recommend one? I want to connect both my de…[View]
60043639Restore Chrome tabs?: Is there a way to restore all tabs that you closed in a session in Chrome?…[View]
60035439/guts/ thread r8 my build[View]
60048733ITT: distros that did not make it to the final release USA: Elementary school shooting OS Linux Mint…[View]
60048786query router, apple kung fu etc how to remove?: Hey guys, our family laptop was affected by these se…[View]
60031757/csg/ Chink Shit General: In /csg/, we discuss the cheap shit you see on Gearbest, Taobao, AliExpres…[View]
60048729F*** Skia: Hi /g/ , I trust u more than StackOverflow tho, help me if you can. Bitmap b = BitmapFact…[View]
60048728VR is kill: Is VR dead? Why (not)?[View]
60047122So, it's been about 5 months or so since I got these in the mail, still haven't done anyth…[View]
60036308/fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread: Previous thread: >>60026032 Welcome to /fglt/ - Friendly G…[View]
60046786Okay, I did not know where to put this thread, so here it is I have a problem with Kik messenger. Wh…[View]
60048678https://hackerclicker.io/ >cookieclicker >hacking kek…[View]
60047115Fuck you /g/. Decide you fucks. No matter what I install, I'm either SJW, bloated, a meme och a…[View]
60042750Amazon $300 Gift Card: If someone gave you a $300 Amazon gift card, what would you consider buying (…[View]
60047337NixOS: Is it a meme? Does anyone here use it?[View]
60041411What is a good alternative for pic related? Something just as good or better[View]
60046070How come we can't just create a file from a torrent hash instead of downloading it? We already …[View]
60047204What VPN does /g/ recommend? I've been looking at Air and Nord, neither keep logs. Not looking…[View]
60047813Sup guys. Russian here. I play video games with subtitles and sometimes I can't finish reading …[View]
60046671Fell for the 16GB meme: Tfw...[View]
60046279Thoughts on small terminal-based text editor called micro? Or the communities of emacs and vim are t…[View]
60036508Why do you even buy Apple?[View]
60041686pic related, Logitech C920 USB webcam. bought one this past week and cannot for the life of me get i…[View]
60036867>iphone user for 8 years >get the new galaxy S8 >already miss my iphone for the superior 4c…[View]
60047092>GPL >'Free' >Can't do this >Can't do that…[View]
60046779The absolute state of the internet: Is this the crappily coded JS hell /g/ has feared for years? Its…[View]
60045427Who is comfy here?[View]
59997289you have 33 seconds to show me 1 (one) ''gaming laptop'' that's not trying to look like a space…[View]
60039727>spend 30 minutes installing and configuring arch >spend 2 hours fixing stuff that broke for s…[View]
60047865https://www.solid-run.com/marvell-armada-family/armada-8040-community-board/ >Quad Core A72 at 2G…[View]
60042450/ptg/ - Private Tracker General: homos are a disease edition Previous >>60039790 >Not sure …[View]
60035887Why google shills and /pol/cucks hates this?[View]
60038822What /g/ tech you recently bought? Just got this for no less than a 120$ - Logitech Prodigy Combo[View]
60044735What's so hated about ES6? Javascript was a pure cancer as it is, at least ES6 standard has som…[View]
60039217If Windows are for work, and Apples are for fun, what are Linuxes for?[View]
60047455Keep learning programming language.[View]
60039737> KCP is dead > MPV is a shitty meme What the fuck can non autistic beings use to have all the…[View]
60046315Manjaro, the distro of grown up mans![View]
60045397What is point of using this if ISP's, the government and your job can still track you? I don…[View]
60045344>After AT&T DirecTV acquisition, AT&T partners with Samsung to create satellite capable s…[View]
60041941Why don't you use one again? >all day battery >100% metal unibody build >truly wireles…[View]
60047240>https://lyrebird.ai/demo >Lyrebird will offer an API to copy the voice of anyone. It will nee…[View]
60047139Electric toothbrush technology!!!! /g/ what electric toothbrush does /g/ uses which model should I u…[View]
60046575Arch > Antergos >Manjaro > Apricity OS ?[View]
60046717I'm using a core2duo build. 1080p videos lag in every player. MPC-HC EVR shows drops to 14 fps …[View]
60045460the eternal question[View]
60046506>TFW 80iq niggers are making my monthly salary in a couple days with credit card fraud Give me on…[View]
60046155What's the most autistic thing you can do with your computer?[View]
60046162I've written a small program that I would like to release to the internet for free. I'm s…[View]
60044742Say something nice about the non-meme distro, openSUSE[View]
60036988Who would win in a fist fight?[View]
60038461/pcbg/: Post your component list; rate other anons'; ask questions in general. State the PURPOS…[View]
60045576Desktop Headphone Amp: i have a pair of Klipsh r15m and HD 558s and im looking for a dac/amp that le…[View]
60046716Now that anybody and everybody is offering unlimited data, my old grandfathered plan is obsolete. I…[View]
60045538Internet anonymity for the cheap and lazy: Today is my first attempt at a low effort and free of cha…[View]

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