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67692610lol alright which one of you faggots murdered a tech executive in a fucking alien mask: https://www.…[View]
67692643>EU passes articles 11 and 13 >everyone starts hosting in non EU countries, destroying that in…[View]
67692815>Apple is pumping out xcode updates more than once a week now $100 says that brew and Mojave is g…[View]
67692768Now we know why Google is working on replacing Linux. They knew M$ had subverted Linux with embrace…[View]
67687606I waited a year because of delays, and eoe. The 2080 is literally just 1080ti performance at a highe…[View]
67693059Hello what is the best operating system to hack with?[View]
67688847TURDING A FUCKING FLOP: >it can't get stable 60 FPS for 1200$, even in pretty old titles …[View]
67670788/hpg/ - Headphone General: How to request purchase advice: https://pastebin.com/fYZLW7Ub For sub-$50…[View]
67688229Blocking new cancer ads on iOS: >download AdGuard >go to filters >enable these…[View]
67660590admit it /g/ you didn't like the video because he's black[View]
67693471Windows Server 2008R2: I have 3 servers, Server1, Server2 & Server3; I have them set up with IP…[View]
67693791When the FUCK am I going to be able to play games at 8k 1f/Pt??[View]
67688386Now Linux has been COCed, does /g/ think that fragmentation of the Linux community may actually be a…[View]
67692904What's with this paid content thing that was showing up?[View]
67690870What are the necessary skills/knowledge every CS undergrad should have?[View]
67691977Thoughts on SUSE? My new laptop is coming on Fri and I think I'm going to use this. Tons of sec…[View]
67692474Ears: Ears everywhere. How did Gook bypass the adblockers this time?[View]
67691922Teach me, /g/[View]
67693200why is the two's complement system for adding negative integers more efficient than the magnit…[View]
67692068https://www.nvidia.com/download/driverResults.aspx/138279/en-us 410.57 Linux driver with Nvidia Turi…[View]
67693161https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w87AtNmGT1s iToddlers defended it[View]
67693111What's the current best 'unfiltered' and 'unmanipilated' search engine. I ve fallen back to yan…[View]
67691622BSD with KDE ?: Just in case, anyone have experience running a BSD distro with KDE ? which one, are …[View]
67679562/pcbg/ - PC Building General: >Create a parts list https://pcpartpicker.com/ >Learn how to bui…[View]
67657256Post sexy laptops ITT[View]
67692927which VPN do you use /g/?[View]
67692843I think I've figured this whole EU meme thing out: All we have to do is start calling them [b]w…[View]
67680682The Worst Software: I'll start with the worst torrent client.[View]
67691706Shit collecting on 2ndary mouse?: I always have a couple mice plugged in for various reasons, this i…[View]
67692565Best adblock for Safari 12?[View]
67679921Which OS is better for PC gaming, Linux or Windows?[View]
67691222Sophos is cucked, switch to OPNSense[View]
67690664Am I the only one who's getting ads only when uBlock Origin is enabled?[View]
67688545why aren't you using Haiku? >warm nostalgic and comfy aestethics >free from all sjw and …[View]
67682926Start writing text files: ITT: We talk about text files. Any subject, any genre, but it has to be pl…[View]
67690701Computers in the 70s and 80s: >most components were integrated, so only hardcore enthusiasts with…[View]
67692342why google: SAY HELLO TO OUR NEW SHITTY GUI[View]
67691500>what OS/distro you're using >Why >Windows 10 >used to use Linux but left before th…[View]
67682284What does /g/ think about AirPods? I have an iPhone and an Apple Watch and I am thinking about diggi…[View]
67681791https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s86bsnYbh8I https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M4uD7tpPSKs >inb4 you…[View]
67683744Nvidia benchmarks thread.[View]
67689448What can AMD do to combat RTX?[View]
67690850Unlimited Data vs. LTE Data?: What't the difference between 'Unlimited Data' vs. 'LTE Data'? I’…[View]
67679699/wdg/ - Web Development General: I didn't see thread. What's cheapest way to run a site wi…[View]
67684854any good cyberpunk-imageboards that isn't full of traps and faggots like lainchan/arisuchan and…[View]
67691860My apartment building just retrofitted our laundry machines with the ability to pay and activate the…[View]
67685834Fix it /g/[View]
67689291In light of the recent news, why are you not using Parabola Linux? >Made up entirely of free (as …[View]
67690764What wonders can I do with this?: Can this enable someone to hack into a smartphone and look into th…[View]
67689568>Calc 2 being a prereq to cs[View]
67691069Weird visual glitches on chrome: Hey /g/ first time posting here. I thought I'd ask here before…[View]
67689369Say hello to the iPhone 4 - 2.0 say something nice about it...[View]
67690912>have to write a thesis for my 3rd year in CS >look up someone's work in my native langu…[View]
67692019Thoughts on buying used portable hard drives? Im looking to sell a few Lacie Rugged drives on cl or …[View]
67691447Kubernetes: Haven't been here for quite some time was wondering what /g/'s verdict on Kube…[View]
67686563What's Stallman's legacy? Other than starting a movement that gave birth to linux, etc[View]
67691328i have never owned an apple product because i couldnt afford one.[View]
67691516https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/28165/Intel-Graphics-Driver-for-Windows-7-8-1-15-36- >T…[View]
67690303HOT TAKES: Give me your tech related hot takes. I'll start: - Windows 10 is actually halfways d…[View]
67688722https://www.nvidia.com/download/driverResults.aspx/138070/ Nvidia GeForce 411.63 WHQL driver for Nvi…[View]
67688746'Anon, you're so smart, play games all day, and know how to use the computer. You better study …[View]
67690909OH NO NO NO >can't even beat year old Pixel 2 >Pixel 3 launching in 3 weeks…[View]
67682213Chromebooks: Will they ever be relevant?[View]
67688684NVIDIA won: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dLjQR0UFUd0 Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege - 1440p …[View]
67688001I'm debating between getting an EGPU and the new RTX 2080ti card vs building a stand-alone PC I…[View]
67679635/hurd/ - GNU Hurd: https://www.gnu.org/software/hurd/ >What is GNU Hurd? The GNU Hurd is the GNU …[View]
67687560>Why I Went 2 Years with No Internet at Home https://youtu.be/kiMcX3Fa2Us Have you ever purged fr…[View]
67687897Programming Language Stereotypes: What are some stereotypes related to programming languages and the…[View]
67688979I don't know what to do with my life and I'm taking a year off of education to find out I…[View]
67690389IBM PC? That's was utter rubbish, the Commodore AMIGA 500 now that was a computer.[View]
67689452Anyone here fully immersed in the G botnet? How's life?[View]
67683606Apple is more secure than lagdroids[View]
67659687why is /g/ abandoning linux? well to all the bullies who made fun of me for using windows 10. you…[View]
67682273>Has to buy an entire package of programs >Only a few of them are actually useful >60€ per …[View]
67687476AMD IS FINISHED: 2080 and 2080 ti destroy everything else with Vulkan. The one thing AMD was good at…[View]
67690136Android: Xiaomi Mi8 vs One plus 6[View]
67691014show off your D:\: anyone else never had a failing disk drive?[View]
67691088How do you do /g/[View]
67688974Has anyone used these before? Do they work? Is it like an amp or something? I know a little about el…[View]
67691022FUCKING CAPTCHA: As if the stupid captcha wasn't bad enough, now you lose 5 o 6 fucking seconds…[View]
67690903Just how the FUCK am I supposed to network to get a job?: I keep hearing this meme that I need to ne…[View]
67690982What are you doing, anon? You already have Microsoft Edge™![View]
67688285do you even use all your threads and ram? i do[View]
67690972>Web has a mouseout() method.[View]
67690227Negotiated frontend sw position without explicit leverage: other than the fact that i would walk if …[View]
67690935>Thanks for letting me borrow your charger bro[View]
67690925>work helpdesk >hello anon my other computer has this program called snip >I'm on my…[View]
67662900Stallman is always right.[View]
67690770Mask k ver.chew[View]
67688960ITT: Commands you miss[View]
67685092How long do you expect your phone, laptop, desktop, tablet, other tech to last you before you upgrad…[View]
67686197meanwhile in bizzaro /g/[View]
67688292>Windows, MacOS, iOS; a GUI version? Sure >Linux? No, fuck you…[View]
67690443>laptop review >mentions webcam quality which influences overall score…[View]
67685911People who bought from Newegg got their credit card skimmed: >2018 >Using Jewegg https://techc…[View]
67669017BST: bst cunt american edition r8 h8[View]
67685873Android: What is your best FOSS appli for : - Music Player - Mail -Gallery / Image viewer - Other…[View]
67690412Why is this the end of the world?[View]
67687840best bsd: Which bsd will you be/are using now /g/? I tried out netbsd like 1 day before this COCk ha…[View]
67689748If my dropbox synced some '''sensitive''' content while connected to the company VPN, can they see t…[View]
67685066Do you actually think the sense of security and freedom compensate for all the disadvantages in open…[View]
67686955This is the best Android File Manager, say something nice to him /g/[View]
67681693What Would Terry Do?: We are in this position right now where these blue-haired pieces of shit are a…[View]
67688865Are we being listened to?: What do you think?[View]
67685638Why aren't they any Asian women in these diversity drive things? The only knowledgeable women i…[View]
67689870New chrome looks fucking sugoi, but I don't want my data to be sold to the chinese. Someone hur…[View]
67690205Scripting Thread: If you're new to linux getting into bash scripting will be really accessible …[View]
67685082/g/ Recommended Mini-ATX?: I want to build a baby computer to use for general purpose (movies, strea…[View]
67686573Did chkdsk just delete 4k files: >dualbooting W7 and Xubuntu, feels good >HDD is still NTFS …[View]
67690098What projects are in your portfolio? -Twitter clone -Reddit clone -To-do list I made them on js usin…[View]
67687275Redpill me on brave[View]
67689890Hey /g/, what's a good way to start coding, being someone that understands the basic gist of it…[View]
67689211Post your uBlock origin privilege status[View]
67674274Linus didn't cave, he got kicked out >This situation presented two options: stay in Vancouve…[View]
67688462Post dumb as fuck websites: https://bongocat.io/[View]
67689551>Everyone freaking out about Linus >Just go work on your own shit god damnit....…[View]
67687925Reminder that reddit would never do something like this against its' users[View]
67689548Have you tipped your customer support technician today, /g/?[View]
67689501What does this actually do?: Seeing it spammed all over the site, lately ___________________________…[View]
67689458AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Novidya is gimping their non-ti cards AGAIN. >8GB i-is more than enough LMAO…[View]
67677430qBittorrent 4.1.3 is out! Remove the uBotnet today!: >FEATURE: Preselect name without extension w…[View]
67684334Annoying things that people do with tech: For example, you ever fucking hate it when people click th…[View]
67685171Alright /g/ now that the dust is settled it's time to be completely honest. Is this THE best ph…[View]
676706404chan HTTPS mixed content warning: WTF, Hiro?[View]
67684171JUST: Nvidiots BTFO 2x the price for 9 frames[View]
67689222Ublock Origin Filters: I just noticed that the MVPS HOSTS filter list is still in http. It's th…[View]
67689181I want to get an IT job in Alaska. Do they have a need for IT people?[View]
67686840my ublock just stopped working on 4chan. wtf is going on? nani???????????[View]
67684308Mfw have to learn PHP and MySQL.[View]
67686135Is there any future for linux after linux gate?: I don't feel like I could daily BSD as I have …[View]
67687770Hi I live in beautiful village Blaj, Romania. I want buyy SSD is 200 lei for good SSD best performan…[View]
67687908Does /g/ use a VPN? Which one do you prefer and why?[View]
67663057Just installed Haiku in a VM Wtf this OS is comfy asf. Can we all start donating to the devs so we c…[View]
67688820>when your DUAL FAN NEW DESIGN AND COOLER(tm) GPU runs hotter than an RX Vega 64 with a blower fr…[View]
67678366How do we put him back to charge?[View]
67687983Sorry but hiro killed /qa/. so let me post here. ublock origin --> my filters. paste below. clean…[View]
67687295chicken or guile?[View]
67680372$180 for this: >all glass construction & no cheap design elements or cheap feel >dem bezel…[View]
67675897How do we convince cute girls to get into STEM?[View]
67688479Phone number didn't change?: I transferred my number from Verizon to straight talk last night. …[View]
67683399Linux Kernel v14.88 when[View]
67685644Brave browser: Is brave browser a botnet?[View]
67675913USB-C Sucks!: >He doesn't have a headphone jack on his $1000 phone. https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
67687464i wonder how many pre order cancels newegg got considering they suddenly got massive stocks[View]
67688178IOS 12 performance among older devices: I don’t understand Apple anymore. So we can agree that they …[View]
67685602I fixed a problem[View]
67687135What reason would there be for significantly decreased GPU performance overnight? Clock speeds are s…[View]
67688146>my distro of choice is arch linux[View]
67685524Which one are you?[View]
67688125What are your thoughts on glossy screens for laptops and tablets? I had a Kindle Fire HD some time a…[View]
67687078I've been using this piece of shit for about a couple hours and I already fucking hate it >j…[View]
67688080Are there any other feature/dumb phones that have up-to-date connections and don't cost as much…[View]
67681866Can someone memepill me on noise cancelling headphones? I 'upgraded' from Sony XM2 to XM3 …[View]
67687083Firefox 62.0 here, anyone know how to get rid of this new bookmark animation? Which flag in about:co…[View]
67686616https://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/nvidia-geforce-rtx-2080-ti-founders-edition,5805.html These car…[View]
67672602Stop complaining OpenBSD doesn't have all the features you want and either donate to the projec…[View]
67687282Sorry if this is more of an /adv/ thread, but how do you guys clean your peripherals? Would a bit of…[View]
67686708Hey /g/ do you know how to bypass a bios password on an enterprise laptop? It’s an HP ProBook x360 1…[View]
67687709Internet drain: Hello guys it's me, i have a little issue.. i can't find out why but when …[View]
67674819You've been using computers your whole life and you still don't know what it does, do you?[View]
67686465JUST BUY IT! >2080 Same performance as 1080ti, 40% more expensive >2080ti Roughly 35% better t…[View]
67686766Any /g/ approved wifi adapters to get a pi to be able to detect a whole street worth of networks? Th…[View]
67682555iPhone SE Upgrade: what the FUCK do I upgrade to >pixel is meme >have a galaxy tab, good but a…[View]
67686634Funfact: Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang is actually the uncle of AMD Ceo Lisa Su is there a collaboration o…[View]
67685068Quick website: What is a quick website with free hosting or nearly free hosting that allows me to ma…[View]
67684110A FUCKING FLOP: >it can't get stable 60 FPS for 1200$, even in pretty old titles >it REQU…[View]
67686849Technological stagnation: >yfw transistor sizes have reached their absolute limit for several yea…[View]
67683736https://techreport.com/review/34105/nvidia-geforce-rtx-2080-ti-graphics-card-reviewed https://www.te…[View]
67686206Linux's new leadership has a lot of work ahead.[View]
67686577>just buy it[View]
67685137Contributor Covenant: Allright guys, enough is enough. Give me a quick rundown on why the Contributo…[View]
67686241Copying on Microshaft Winblows: Windows explorer is absolute shit for copying, I don't trust it…[View]
67675276/sqt/ stupid question thread: Stupid question thread. Ask your stupid questions here. >Read >…[View]
67682272>apple will never make a good macbook pro again[View]
67686868Guys, thinking about studying IT in college. Just want to know from your guys' perspective, whi…[View]
67686809BASED INTEL[View]
67683120Is there any alternative to Android os on smartphones?: I was wondering what is a better operating s…[View]
67686763What programming language do they use?[View]
67685719Can people interested in saving loonix create/pretend sjw accounts and spam social media with epic t…[View]
67677919>*audits your code* anon, this '''code''' isn't gonna cut it at Linus Media Group…[View]
67684129Jonathan Corbet about signing off on the Linux CoC: https://lwn.net/SubscriberLink/765108/f1a80a6d6a…[View]
67685884What is the most comfy Linux distro and why is it Ubuntu Mate 18.04?[View]
67685653Nvidia RTX cards = housefire literally: Holy SHIT Fucking HOUSEFIRE up in this BITCH >350Watts (t…[View]
67686354Who here knows Ruby on Rails?: I've been a back-end developer for 5 years, but I can't eve…[View]
67685777>submit programming assignment >it has non-inclusive language >have to take it to the CS de…[View]
67684465Hi /g Linux Ubuntu or Linux Mint ?[View]
676860583D screens without goggles when?[View]
67665394/fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread: Welcome to /fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread. Users of all leve…[View]
67684219So why not make a separate, specialized card for raytracing/lighting and physics to assist your gene…[View]
67684594Can we run Google Play Services on Replicant in a secure way? For example you can run Windows over a…[View]
67656008/csg/ Chink Shit General: In /csg/, we discuss the cheap shit you see on Gearbest, Taobao, AliExpres…[View]
67683486Is Security Possible if Hardware is Compromised?: If the hardware itself cannot be guaranteed to be …[View]
67684442Modularising Linux: So as I'm sure you've all heard, Linux is under attack, and our leader…[View]
67685845Notebook program: I need a notebook program, /g/. I don't need it for notes or doodling, I need…[View]
67681640Convert YouTube video to MP3 fast: So how do I convert a youtube video to an MP3 file? The obvious r…[View]
67669038what os will you be switching to now that linux is dead?[View]
67684862how common is flash drive malware?: Just curious... has it gotten to the point where I should no lon…[View]
67685657>(((protect our users)))[View]
67685325Why doesn't Direct X12 and the newest versions of Open GL support fullscreen exclusive mode an…[View]
67680792Are pajeets as bad as /g/ makes them out to be?: Do they really usually not know anything about prog…[View]
67673913The C Programming Language: The C Programming Language.[View]
67684411>no configuration tool >broken hidpi >only needed for proprietary software and heaps of tra…[View]
67684962It's very good, with few flaws: stop complaining you misguided idiots[View]
67679569Is this the year /g/ was BTFO? >Linus has either been kicked out of his own project, or was force…[View]
67682952Voice Assistant Daily: cyberpunk edition thread devoted to voice assistants and home automation? wh…[View]
676852672080 is about 10% better, if not less then the 1080 TI. What a fucking joke for the price they are a…[View]
67684310Why are all the tech reviewers only unboxing the stupid “gold” iPhone? Why would you want a coffee c…[View]
67679985COME HOME: I bet Volkerding will just stick to some old version of kernel and will handpick only tho…[View]
67685365Turing performance: Meanwhile you can get a 1080Ti for €550 is Turing dead on arrival?[View]
67683577AM I FUCKED /g/!?!: https://onion.top/ I accessed the deep web through various means, and visited se…[View]
67685132apologies for poor tech skills where were you when linus torvalds dies i was sat at home updating ke…[View]
67685138I shall summarize this for you. The RTX 2080 is not worth it. Buy a GTX 1080 Ti and wait a couple mo…[View]
67666581does /g/ have a tech related tattoo?[View]
67680775here is your nu-firefox bro[View]
67683903So now when it's absolutely embarrassing to be associated with Tranux in any way which OS did y…[View]
67682127Are there any alternative apps to terrarium TV now that it's gone?[View]
67684002>'omg so many apple shills 1 rupee has been deposited into ur bank account xddd' Quit this rhetor…[View]
67683783Silicon Valley: Is this /our show/ or is it Reddit trash?[View]
67681883How can I force an HDD to fail?: So I got this garbage ass seagate hdd a month ago and I can't …[View]
67680754Can 'C' games work in web browsers? If not, can websites have a built in C compiler so games play on…[View]
67668687/spg/ - Smartphone General: Redmi Note 6 Pro Edition If requesting purchasing advice, please provide…[View]
67682333the fuck? did no one while editing the video said nothing about how fucking retarde the guy was?[View]
67683400So... this is the power of Leenucks? Whoa.[View]
67654060*updates your 5 year old smartphone*[View]
67683515Why do CS major brainlets hate on the real maths? Couple weeks into calculus 1 now, doing well, alre…[View]
67678259*blocks your Code of Conduct* *releases Linux 5.0* *GNUrange Box 2*: *implements optional LKML filte…[View]
67681452Junior in college: Hello I'm a junior in college. What can I do to get a job after college. Int…[View]
67682889I regret reading Unabomber manifesto. Now everything seems pointless to me. Whatever I do, my power …[View]
67679897I bet a woman designed this shit. What the fuck have they done to Chrome? It looks like bad firefox …[View]
67683993>under 40 >post on /g/ Pathetic[View]
67678263>be open source software >literally anyone can edit it >still get cucked out of it somehow …[View]
67671969I have 500 bucks, I want to buy a laptop and a gun What are my options[View]
67683523anon, where can I get free cloud space that respects privacy?[View]
67683876I have some graphics problem on my build. When I boot (with SeaBios), after having selected any vide…[View]
67675328/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: What are you werking on?[View]
67680962So after dualbooting gentoo with manjaro I decided to only use one distro. Any tips? requirements: N…[View]
67681829What's the best font for codes?[View]
67678359Post your current uptime.[View]
67683254/g/ I fucked up I've got new laptop for work, it has windows 10 and some kind of secured partit…[View]
67682406House idea: Hey /g/ I'm wanting to build the house/farm of the future. Everything from lights t…[View]
67683570Why isn't CPython JIT'd yet?[View]
67682802Software engineering vs computer science? What are the differences?[View]
67681087Why haven't you switched to PL/I, anon?[View]
67682212OH MY GOD! AI IS GONNA KILL US ALL!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2yhtnVJSc9M[View]
67675586Guys, I am about to buy the S9+, please convince me not to. What are better notchless android phones…[View]
67683343Haven't been on for a while, did hiro-jew install even more invasive malware?[View]
67680624What does /g/ think of java?: Is it based and /ourlanguage/? Or is it just for pajeets and zero iq n…[View]
67681052*saves computing*[View]
67682154*inhales* OHNONONO: >iPhone XS and XS Max Benchmarked: World's Fastest Phones (Again) >To…[View]
67681569Linux is ours now: Hi nerds. You spent all your life mocking me, calling me pajeet, kicking me to th…[View]
67677709Are LED screens harmful to the human eye? If they are, are there any alternatives?[View]
67683150> tfw you realize you're never going to be roasted by Linus in a public mailing list…[View]
67682666I always use the reply box at the top of the page and if i want to know if there are new replies i j…[View]
67679541Whats the best backup for data in case my hard drive fails[View]
67682362Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened.[View]
67678628>go to starbucks to shitpost on my t440p with Manjaro bspwm installed >qt sits down at the tab…[View]
67669804When this shit will end?? Why only on 4chan you need to go through so many AI train bot verification…[View]
67682448Spy cam: Where i can buy a very small spy camera hd?[View]
67680483Solutions for PC monitoring: Hello all, I am currently searching a solution for a client to monitor …[View]
67670902ITT we write a Code of Conduct for 4chan, one line at a time[View]
67682818Why do you need more than 2 monitors at a time?[View]
67682771Gamedev threads: Is gamedev discussion allowed on /g/? Doesnt really seem to fit /v/... pic unrelate…[View]
67682251/mpv/ - is it stalled or dead?[View]
67682252Who else not POOR here :^)[View]
67678142Name a better mouse pad protip, you can't.[View]
67682717New tariffs vs China: How are the new tariffs going to affect tech prices, considering the amount of…[View]
67679794Anyone using Ubuntu 18.04? I'm using it with a phenom 2 550 x2 and an AMD 6950 1gb Now these…[View]
67674674Do you pay for online services like spotify or netflix? If you dont, then how do you use this servic…[View]
67678283Firemin: What's going on here?: So, I heard the noises about Firemin, an application that suppo…[View]
67682995Reminder that Microsoft is based: Mass exodus from Linux to Windows when?[View]
67681968Finally my 1000w corsair psu fans actually spinning when i upgraded to amd Thanks AMD[View]
67682575All I have is a diploma in IT and even I got an internship, do you anons go to interviews in Bermuda…[View]
67681946Can anyone fill me in on recent events in the Linux world? A backdoor in the kernel? SJW takeover?[View]
67678796Come home, White man[View]
67682407>buys the product >then watches reviews while waiting…[View]
67679834>this is his cv[View]
67682421>he needs a github >he doesn't use his irc name in interviews, getting instant admiration…[View]
67670824HOLY SHIT! WHAT COULD THIS MEAN FOR DOUJINS? Someone made a semi-automatic machine learning based co…[View]
67681877YEAR/MONTH/DAY: Best file sorting Prove me wrong 20180919XXXX[View]
67682283What is your opinion of front-end developers /g/?[View]
67682096Is this the worst hosting company of literally all time? I just wanted a domain and an email to matc…[View]
67682210>Bow down to your communist D https://theintercept.com/2018/09/14/google-china-prototype-links-se…[View]
67681572How do I host a website for free that other people can actually use? I want to host some custom web …[View]
67681754Is he our fa/g/ ?[View]
67682150$MARTWATCHE$: Why aren't Smartwatches cheap af yet? >Disposable tech >Tech outdated easil…[View]
67667710Are SSDs for boot partition really worth it? Nowadays PCs have 8GB RAM minimum, so you can have all …[View]
67679731Is serverless workable as a web/mobile backend?: Anyone here using it at work? Seems like you can…[View]
676724472000and18 Android still has no native way to track sexual activity Android users confirmed as permav…[View]
67682770Is listening to 8-bit music autistic or soipilled? Lately I've been listening to this https://w…[View]
67679833Blocking Telemetry: I used to use an uninstaller script to remove telemetry updates from my Win 7/10…[View]
67680479W-what https://github.com/torvalds/linux/commit/8a104f8b5867c682d994ffa7a74093c54469c11f[View]
67681838yes please[View]
67681416What are the problems with pocophone F1? It must have some at that price point[View]
67677527It is time: Face it. Stallman is the last man who's word we can trust. Let us complete GNU in i…[View]
67678977Why do people use Python over this qt? It has FOIC and the community and leadership are not as cucke…[View]
67652850iOS 12 Megathread: iOS 12 is out[View]
67681610Just moved into an apartment with no fiber in bongland. All the broadband deals are horrible, thinki…[View]
67680942Internships, personal projects, coding contests, open source contributions is what I should be doing…[View]
67681541Google conspiracy: Google's relationship to different conspiracy theories[View]
67677600The notch wouldn't exist if he was alive. APOLOGIZE[View]
67680276do you think this tweet would be discouraging to women?[View]
67680734anyone else getting this on 4chanx? cant save images and cant use quick reply anymore already tried…[View]
67679243>Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience >2 years or more of field experience >Basic net…[View]
67677716Why are you still using YouTube or YouTube Vanced? Why haven't you ditched them already /g/?[View]
67681237stop using Sophos[View]
67678835what can you do with this operating system? does it have a vm as good as kvm yet? i want to switch t…[View]
67674338>*hides notch*[View]
67667512/wg/- Windows General: Welcome to Wangblows General(Formerly Windows General) Invited -All the rats …[View]
676777542080ti: Its 19 september so the nvidia NDA is lifted Why the fuck is there no benchmark videos on yo…[View]
67680945ITT we say something nice about our OS. Ubuntu to Xbuntu. As a linux noob it has a nice slow learni…[View]
67679195Is there an algorithm to dating? Is there an algorithm to the bar? Is there an algorithm to the club…[View]
67680865Google IME: I've been trying to use the Google IME to type moon, but I can't seem to get i…[View]
67680893How and why does this operating system just keep getting worse. I seriously did not have any problem…[View]
67663152What are you technology predictions for the year 2030?[View]
67678315>Went shops yestryday >Tried every MX switch, and compared them to the razer and membrane swit…[View]
67680162Can we have this fixed please?[View]
67680263how is this possible? They never said anything about an additional antenna[View]
67679222In three months from now, you will all still be using Linux. You're just a bunch of talkers.[View]
67680180LINUX TAKE OVER!!!: Why is everyone so mad about the tranny taking over Linux?. It's not like t…[View]
67678452How do you force a kernel panic, BSOD, etc. in different operating systems? Is :(){ :|:& };: a g…[View]
67676080Starting your own Tech Business: If you had 10 million dollars to start a technology company, what w…[View]
67676584why pajeets phrase questions like this?[View]
67677846ENGINEERING IS SHIT: please don't make the same mistake i did stay the fuck away and i don…[View]
67674325Will they be affected?[View]
67679438cant believe i've been sweeping the desk with my right arm like a retard this whole time. yikes…[View]
67676685'At 4K resolution with high-quality graphics settings, the RTX 2080 Ti managed to amass a score…[View]
67672673Why is it so bad?[View]
67679768Unique distro features: I am a product manager and former staff engineer at FAANG. We’re making a ne…[View]
67678756>refer to the man pages >there's no woman pages Why is Linux so sexist?…[View]
67680425Keyboards: >has a power button >has a sleep button >has a wake button (doesn't actuall…[View]
67675923I'm about to go through this online OS class https://www.ops-class.org anyone want to join? may…[View]
67676596my 4chan x just tried to update and is adding all these connections, green is new >googleapis unl…[View]
67680025What's /g/ favorite old school PC sound card? Also a rather nice comparison https://www.youtube…[View]
67677660>try out different linux distros from debian to manjaro >not having a good time in general …[View]
67673952What does /g/ think of PHP?[View]
67676147>Manjaro is now the #1 Linux distro >Mint has plummeted to #2 >Ubuntu is literally #4 What …[View]
67680186How do we get out of this timeline, it just keeps getting worse[View]
67646001/mkg/ - Mechanical Keyboard General: /mkg/ - The sound of IBM thunder >Buyer's template: htt…[View]
67675492>Applying liquid metal without protective coating as a paid service on other peoples GPUs…[View]
67679981Is it sad I'm still using thepiratebay in 2018? I'm too old and gay to even give a fuck wh…[View]
67678257VPN: Are there any good free VPN's or would I have to pay for a good one? also I just got redir…[View]
67679600Sup nerds, haven't posted here in literal years. Are we shilling for adblock ultimate or ublock…[View]
67679636Shoutout to Linux Mint, the only distro whose graphics driver configuration GUI works out of the box…[View]
67672458Tox: So why'd this shit up and die?[View]
67677739Oldfag holocaust at IBM, other tech companies: https://www.digitaltrends.com/computing/ibm-accused-a…[View]
67679166What news sites are you using to stay up to date with technology?[View]
67679806Learn a skill: Work independently Praise the sun[View]
67679285Why do T.V. do this?[View]
67677946So yeah everything spy on you and collect data but for what purpose? I mean the endgame not the sel…[View]
67679410>Linux coopted by SJWs Tech SJWs are nightmare-tier because they have the knowhow to actually ina…[View]
67679749It's over, first our godsent heavenly war-programmer Terry is down and now the last bastion of …[View]
67676973GTX 2080Ti...Nightmare 'Apple like' design, preventing you to open the card easily.: https://www.you…[View]
67679513The absolute state of Linux[View]
67679639Any good books for beginners on Circuit Design, CPU Architecture?[View]
67679563Isn't his position understandable?: Stallman and the Free Software Foundation's plan for t…[View]
67678799is XGA the comfiest resolution for text editing and shell navigating? I always thought higher resolu…[View]
67674574BRAVO INTEL: >Yeah let's use 28 core monolithic dies that are very expensive to manufacture …[View]
67679404aleeshabishop@icloud.com: This person was complaining about having her email spammed when she public…[View]
67670315Retro PC thread...go![View]
67673145An actual good /g/ thread.: What have you been using the internet for lately? How's your day be…[View]
67675792Please tell me the truth about what happened to Terry Davis. I can't believe that he randomly d…[View]
67679263>Don't program >Don't know anything tech Ask me anything…[View]
67678803ITT: we pretend to be ultra badass hackers from movies[View]
67655036How precisely is Linux cucked?: So yeah, Linux has a new CoC, and this purple haired tranny wrote it…[View]
67678464Hotspot: anyone buy these? are they worth it?[View]
67678910We are finished. We're heading towards oblivion. People don't even know what's import…[View]
67678997How do you install Windows on a hard drive that has linux? Bios doesn't recognize the Windows i…[View]
67675766Im about to install a linux distro.: Hi /g/ im im been using windows for ages. in the last 4 days w…[View]
67663711/pcbg/ - PC Building General: >Create a parts list https://pcpartpicker.com/ >Learn how to bui…[View]
67678097Hahahahaha AMD Kek Why is AMD so pathetic?[View]
67674521Arch?: Tell me your experience and does it worth to switch to arch as a daily driver[View]
67678798>he uses a dslr[View]
67678779̶t̶̶e̶̶r̶̶r̶̶y̶̶ ̶̶d̶̶a̶̶v̶̶i̶̶s̶ ̶l̶̶i̶̶n̶̶u̶̶s̶̶ ̶̶t̶̶o̶̶r̶̶v̶̶a̶̶l̶̶d̶̶s̶ When will Stallman die …[View]
67678712Apple losing boomer market: Poor loyal apple boomer doesn’t feel like iPhones are personally targete…[View]
67674989FREE SPEECH SAVES LINUX: A bit rushed but I have forked and mirrored the linux (kernel) git reposito…[View]
67678340Optimizing a Wordpress site: So I was lazy and made a site using Wordpress and Woocommerce and to to…[View]
67678170Why Java initializing only class variables by default but not local variables?[View]
67665586/dbmswt/ - Database Management Systems War Thread: Behold the amazing MongoDB strategy. 1. Create a …[View]
67672226Based Intel, Based CoC, Based Linus Bigots, Nazis BTFO[View]
67671112I am teaching myself python. Is it easy to get a foot in the door being self-taught? pic related, i…[View]
67676108Firebird SQL: What does /g/ think of this database? It's single-file like SQLite, but with a fu…[View]
67678387If linux is dead, but open source, why doesn't /g/ just fork it? is it because we're all a…[View]
67678475>Yeah heehee I'm a coder >I just wrote a code of conduct >Code of conduct is a code We…[View]
67677025ITT: Convincing normies that you're a cool hacker: Story 1: > Outside the retard house I liv…[View]
67675255Xiaomi mi a1: What is your excuse not to buy one?[View]
67678147What's the desktop equivalent to Lightning?[View]
67677286No factory overclocks: What did Nvidia mean by this?[View]
67666867What will happen when this faggot dies?[View]
67678229How does \g\ mobile data? I live in the sticks and I am in need of wireless internet. I see some eBa…[View]
67677189SCDKEY: How long can we expect these deals to continue? Will this site get shut down at some point?…[View]
67675709This is probably going to sound like a stupid question, but I'm gonna ask anyway: How viable is…[View]
67677255The fuck is wrong with AMD by not updating a damn driver for Ryzen laptops? I'm tired of dealin…[View]
67677904Every single FOSS project must succumb: https://archive.fo/hbKRe It is your destiny[View]
67674360Intel Management Engine: Has anyone been able to discover how one can get rid of this shitty botnet?…[View]
67657461/tpg/ - ThinkPad General: Last one archived edition Previous thread: >>67649009 If you're…[View]
67677501Linux 2018 in review: >adopts flawed NSA cryptography code >adopts tranny CoC >multiple reg…[View]
67676748>wear a giant QR code tshirt >walk around busy place >someone scans it >they get sent to…[View]
67677438>The Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 is faster than the GeForce GTX 1080. I don't get it. Also. RX v…[View]
67677761What's going on with 4chan: >connection is not secure >connection error trying to update …[View]
67676447>first thing startup does to market themselves is make a subreddit[View]
67677615Smartphones in 2019: Is it really worth it to buy smartphones this year? Next flagships won't h…[View]
67677647Yesterday I saw a man urinating in a trough playing on his phone with both hands. His dick was just …[View]
67677391/dbmswt/ - Database Management Systems War Thread Why even consider anything other than this? Where…[View]
67677262Qbittorrent 4.13: https://www.fosshub.com/qBittorrent.html/qbittorrent_4.1.3_x64_setup.exe…[View]
67677149GTX 2070: No NV Link for you goy.[View]
67677019>use a cuck license >ignore freetards when they say it's a bad idea to use a cuck license…[View]
67677454The HTC Dream (G1) was so ahead of its time in 2008 it used headphone dongles.[View]
67651044AI debate: Who was in the wrong here?[View]
67677355>Archfags get to enjoy being edgy with a cool logo and hoodies >Gentoofags, those with the sup…[View]
67677130I'm just curious. Does Microsoft have any hairy,angry sexually confused, testosterone infused s…[View]
67674594How do we save Linux?[View]
67671144did you cop?[View]
67652428Humour: Show me some /g/ Humour please[View]
67676025Is Linus even coming back? Do we know for sure?[View]
67676541Do you pay for your apps?: I mostly use free apps and pirate the paid ones that I like. And Im not a…[View]
67674861*upgrades your 4 year old case*: You can now buy tempered glass panel for Fractal Design Define R4 a…[View]
67676192THE LINUX KERNEL WAS ALREADY CUCKED: There has been alot of idiots here pretending a COCk really mat…[View]
676768164chan, webms, and Safari 12.0: Safari 12.0 broke in-browser webm playback for me. Is there a workaro…[View]
67676964So /g , whaddya think ?[View]
67672023How do online chatrooms work? Do they store the messages in a database, or do they store it in a tex…[View]
67676967Now that Linux is confirmed cucked, why aren't you using windows 10 LTSB?[View]
67668445I know basic C#. I want to create an app for my gf, because she is going to a different country to d…[View]
67676587> Programmer: > ok[View]
67665100'Meritocracy' is SJW bait. Free software remained 'cracy'-free for the longest time. Guess if we cal…[View]
67676183Now that Linux is CoC’d, switch to the superior OS before the SJWs get to it[View]
67675290I have a Note9. Name one thing the iPhone XS Max does better.[View]
67676856Never have I dealt with anything more difficult than my own soul, which sometimes helps me and somet…[View]
67674057why does Europe have basically no tech industry?[View]
67671223>suddenly idbhsgy.com What is it? Why did someone add a web bug that alerts everyone because it m…[View]
67675140/fa/ and stuff: Yeah, I want to make a fashion blog, in fact I already have a blog(Static, but imple…[View]
67674624What do they mean by this?[View]
67676773Speccy/HWInfo Thread - Consumer Laptop Edition: Everything I read online lead me to believe this thi…[View]
67676148Do you prefer to buy new or used technology, /g/? Some years ago the faggot that I was would have bo…[View]
67676573Hey I was gotten thinking Could you install every major package manager from each major Linux distri…[View]
67676181What the hell is this thing? https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=180&v=h14fku3-yMc[View]
67676643What laptop should I buy? Budget is around $1000. It will mainly be used for word documents in uni a…[View]
67675901>blocks your path[View]
67676650At first i thought the chink was just lazy, but this video confirms he is either blind, a complete i…[View]
67676262Why don't you own an iPhone XS?[View]
67675098do you think jewnovo would listen if we collectively petitioned for new thinkpad models to include t…[View]
67674752Circum-Lunar Tourism Space-flight?: Elon, you magnificent science fiction bastard![View]
67676119Why is Australia's NBN so bad?[View]
67670685/wdg/ - Web Development General: Previous >>67617360 >Free beginner resources to get starte…[View]
67675811any FOSS alternative to speccy? that shit is fucking spyware nowadays[View]
67676034Neuralink and BCI Predictions: How long until we have Neuralink in our everyday lives? What will BCI…[View]
67675568Noise Canceling Earbuds: Can anyone recomend me some noise canceling earbuds that have the interchan…[View]
67675231Just picked up a 2007 iMac, what the hell can I do with this thing? Want to try out macOS but I have…[View]
67675764Hey /g/, I got a W530 with a Smartcard reader, what cool shit can I do with it?[View]
67671603Why do iTOY SHEEP get so overly defensive very easily?[View]
67675661All I'm looking for is a smartphone with a decent battery life that will last at least for a wh…[View]
67676111is 4chan compromised?[View]
67666396Help? Linux?: Where does one learn about Linux and how to install it properly instead of Windows 10?…[View]
67674415this is a very impressive piece of software.[View]
67675995>Linux is COC'd >BSD is deader than my mom >Macos is proprietary >Windows is pajeet…[View]
67649330AdBlock Plus is blocking 4chan-X stuff: Anyone else has this problem? The catalog won't load un…[View]
67676004Want normies to leave you alone: So that you can be productive? Want them to stop boring you with ne…[View]
67675551Textbooks: Alright /g/, prove your worth. Tell me what the best textbooks are for learning >C++ …[View]
67675301I'll just leave these cutting-edge algorithm results here.[View]
67659736This is all you need: Let's be real for a second fa/g/gots. Do you really need to play gaymes a…[View]
67675917Wait for 2080ax-q: Or buy a used 1080 laptop when it's released? Seems 2080 will likely come on…[View]
67670534password storage: how does /g/ store it's username and passwords? I know it's a no no, but…[View]
67671333>'Oh my god nobody is going to pay $1000 for a phone lmao iPhone sucks get real' >More popular…[View]
67672547linux kernel fork: >https://github.com/4chn/linux here's a fork from may 16th the 4chn organ…[View]
67671992>muh choice to update when i want >muh non-existent telemetry/spygate >muh non-existent mal…[View]
67670796https://youtu.be/p6FKKpMH5eA So from 7:27 at this video Steve Jobs starts talking about how he is an…[View]
67670539So, is there an official /g/-approved Linux fork yet?[View]
67675546If you write text, then copy it and paste it, then copy that text and paste it, then copy that text …[View]
67673995How do you feel about the fact that Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Apple HomePod are all lagging beh…[View]
67670918Birthday reminder app android: Whats a /g/ approved android app for birthday reminders on the starts…[View]
67659693Ok guys, what the fuck is happening.[View]
67660470/sqt/ stupid question thread: Stupid question thread. Ask your stupid questions here. >Read >…[View]
67670026How to block Certain boards?: Can you guys help me? I came back on here after a few months. I am l…[View]
67671797>machine learning course at my uni requires linear algebra AND two classes of proof-based statist…[View]
67673086>UNIX philosophy[View]
67675416What's your new major, anon?: Boy oh boy, I'm glad I stopped studying comp sci years ago b…[View]
67674603What happened fellow /g/entoo men: And what are next steps? Fork lincucks? BSD? Install gentoo? Decl…[View]
67673048> the most popular distribution rips off the 3rd: > The 3rd most popular distribution rips off…[View]
67670896>people bring a charger for a normal 8-hour workday How much fucking bloat does the average perso…[View]
67642227Post literal perfect, 10/10 products, it can be anything.[View]
67675218Yeah but he was OUR asshole! THEY TOOK HIM AWAY FROM US! We must now be our own assholes.[View]
67675173qBittorrent: >open qbit >text looks normal (top pic) >leave qbit open for a day >text ma…[View]
67668146Why is Linux monolithic?[View]
67673591/cyb/ + /sec/ - Cyberpunk and Cybersecurity General: Cypherpunk Manifesto >https://www.activism.n…[View]
67671177Dear /g/ plz help me find the problem char *bintobase64(void *binstr, size_t len) { const ch…[View]
67671451Hey /g/. What is your favourite software for CAD/simulation? I need a software where I can virtually…[View]
67674484>unironically want to install Gentoo >look up how to install Gentoo >mfw too much of a brai…[View]
67674021>tries to install compiz on xubuntu LTS >software center is obviously ripped off GNOME >wha…[View]
67668871>captcha >'Select all stairs.' >...? Guys, I don't think we're helping self-driv…[View]
67673337how can we delete the code of conduct?[View]
67674588Is there an easy way to synchronize projects between a desktop and laptop as a student? I often find…[View]
67672690ITT: Genuine disastrous missteps[View]
67674569>professor required the use of nonfree and expensive software (MATLAB) >told me to drop the co…[View]
67670389Based and redpilled > camelCase Onions and bluepilled > snake_case Cancer > this-trash…[View]
67674460ITT We talk to each other using the language of your choice. #include <iostream> int main() { …[View]
67673510>apt install apt[View]
67674130>The Max had a bigger screen than the Note and other large notchless Android's. Uh huh.…[View]
67674041how did we go from living in the jungle and hunting animals to having computers and tablets?: i just…[View]
67674252Hey what programming language should I learn to become really rich and get job fast? Hopefully I can…[View]
67674389E-Reader: Hi /g/, my cheap $70 kobo glo just crapped out on me and I'm on the market for a new …[View]
67671823Webshite: I want to build a potentially useful website / web app with low maintenance cost. Profit p…[View]
67672637A friendly reminder.: Reminder that Linux is a kernel and only one component of a fully functional G…[View]
67673565Fucking with Brave for teh lulz: Log in to Gmail. Save the page as a html. Open in editor, delete e…[View]
67668551/dpt/ — Daily Programming Thread: What are you working on, /g/? Previous thread: >>67659533…[View]
67672536Greasemonkey essentials: Post scripts have you installed or written, that you have enabled at all ti…[View]
67671235OH SHIT. SHITS HEATING UP, GNU+Linux is dead, lets face it. Who else /openBSD/ here?[View]
67674035>'smart' TV >'smart' fridge >'smart' toaster…[View]
67665351PostregSQL: PostrgesSQL is the latest victim in the holo-CoC-st https://www.postgresql.org/about/new…[View]
67672792Hey /g/entoo men. Can y'all help me out? I'm a second year networking student and I…[View]
67673934showing image from api withou letting user see api's dir: So, I'm making an application wi…[View]
67671245MOS 6502: Where can I find the cad files used to render these files? Is this jew keeping them for hi…[View]
67653326Redox is unironically /ouros/: >Unix-like kernel >Doesn't Use C >FOSS >ZFS >mini…[View]
67667764Otter Browser > Firecock https://otter-browser.org/[View]
67670778Distros that just werk without the systemd botnet, I'll start with Void Linux[View]
67673407Is it true?: >Faster >Longer batter life >Built in sanboxing, no viruses >cortana…[View]
67671012>what's that bro? >your keyboards broken? >here, you can borrow mine if you like…[View]
67671070>2009, Windows XP >1.7ghz single core processor >1gb of ram >play 12 tabs of youtubes si…[View]
67673014>battery drops below 50% >charge it[View]
67673605Apple Refund Scam: Hey guys, I’ve been hearing about people ordering in brand new iPhones and seemin…[View]
67672230>Google spying and selling your info >changing phone setting without telling you >only a sm…[View]
67670536are new dumbphones good or should i get an old one?what about their battery life? is there any dumb…[View]
67673396at last, I finally see[View]
67671042What does /g/ think about this?: twitter.com/gianluca_string/status/1042071024873951233[View]
67671227What do you think of Something Awful?[View]
67670247riddle: Can /g/ solve this riddle? You have got the following numbers and letters: 35DI20PL55EX1 Clu…[View]
67668987What are some computers/laptops made 100% in the USA (design, electronic components, manufacturing, …[View]
67660733What really happened to Terry Davis?[View]
67671695Any other anons been getting this lately?: Ublock is preventing threads from updating. This just sta…[View]
67673185The fuck is Hiro doing now?[View]
67672068Siri enabled Hydrators when?[View]
67671953Life hacks: ITT tech life hacks. Entry the first: use the computer modern typeface to look smart. It…[View]
67673070Bookshelf Speakers under $250/pr: I have some good audio gear but I have prewired spots for bookshel…[View]
67670203Backpack thread: What does /g/ use to carry their gear around? I'm just starting uni and need a…[View]
67665196Linux fork: So when we make our own fork of Linux without the CoC and exclude all trannies and black…[View]
67668527Ruby Midwest 2013 Lightweight Business Intelligence by Corey Ehmke: Corey Dale Ehmke / Coraline Ada …[View]
67672007VS Code Confirmed Botnet: Now that VS Code is a confirmed botnet, what do you have to say for yourse…[View]
67668617>TRY NetBSD Seeing everyone have a heart attack over linux and people considering OpenBSD. I…[View]
67672725What is best gpu for crypto mining: i em using Asus PRIME B250-PLUS for motherboard[View]
67672078>ITT things you neet incels shall never even touch[View]
67672469Samsung E330 unlock: hey guys, I'm just asking here since I can find no info on how to do this …[View]
67669970Don't you want to code like a girl, /g/? https://kek.gg/u/P23S[View]
67672798>plug iPhone into a USB3 port under Windows >draws 500mA >charges fast as fuck under a Linu…[View]
67672845Projector General: Hello /g, let's talk about projectors. What's your setup ?[View]
67667900Is he /ourguy/?[View]
67671258A series vrs Intel?: Could TSMC and Apple realistically make chips that compete with Intel at the hi…[View]
67664932lmao you poorfags wish you had one of these[View]
67669898What if GregKH takes over mainline kernel maintenance permanently? As long as no trannies are introd…[View]
67666386>parents ask me to look into why their computer is so slow >besides the fact that it's an…[View]
67669554Hey /g/, does this DVI connector of my monitor look melted/fucked up to you? It's from a Benq X…[View]
67667258What is the least niggerlicious programming language?[View]
67672596What is the cheapest Google-glass clone that transmit live video to a viewer? I am planning to learn…[View]
67670370What makes it better than PIA or OpenVPN?[View]
67672522does the youtube algorithm respond to comments you leave on videos?: I fucking hate HATE H A T E the…[View]
67669374Thermal Paste: You may only post in this thread if your choice of thermal paste outperforms mayonais…[View]
67672309Now that the Linux dust has settled is Richard Stallman or Theo de Raadt our guy?[View]
67672100Why is it that the only people I hear speak about machine learning are pajeets with accents thicker …[View]
67671628No guts thread? Guts thread.: Since I went to the trouble of stitching this pic together for the Opt…[View]
67661989TechSource Robbed: >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-S_c-mXvQcY Which one of you thieving geniuse…[View]
67670961Optane Master Race: Hello, friendly reminder to all the poorfags here, if you don't have one of…[View]
67671650>demonoid is down >owner fucked off again >the pirate bay had another downtime session >…[View]
67666256andoid: Any users here ? After install phone is fully FOSS ? What do you think about unofficial rele…[View]
67670615what if apple renamed 'laptops' to 'lapbottoms'? not everybody is comfortable with the idea of toppi…[View]
67665936After being a casual Linux user for almost 15 years, I decided to give Windows 10 a try, as I wanted…[View]
67671596/androidgeneral/: just got a new android samsung j7 refine what are some good apps?[View]
67670008This is a piece of shit.: /g/ sold me on this but it doesn't work for shit. It's imprecise…[View]
67670828If you really care about your privacy, your freedom, Linux being destroyed or all of the the above. …[View]
67665070GameHut: https://youtube.com/channel/UCfVFSjHQ57zyxajhhRc7i0g Anyone else watch this guy? I think it…[View]
67670282sup /g/ is it possible to tap an old brick nokia 3210? If so, how would you do it?[View]
67670618Hey /g/, remember that we're living in a 'Post-Meritocracy' world. If you hire a programmer bas…[View]
67670715How does Google do 3D like this and what are its implications?[View]
67662361How important is math in CS?: My teachers wont waive the math requirements for my classes that need …[View]
67658206Ive been getting 'Connection Error' All day on 4chan: Has anyone been getting this when they post?…[View]
67658209Are Gayming Fags Rejoicing Now?: Pic related, plus the new cards even though they're nothing to…[View]
67668561How long until we have 3d holograms, /g/?[View]
67667719Richard Stallman: So this is rms before he got autism This is really cool https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
67670647Is this all you need?[View]
67670829What is the best C++ compiler? I'm starting to do the book in pic related but dont want to use …[View]
67667203>/a/ wants to fuck anime >/fit/ wants to fuck fit girls >/co/ wants to fuck cartoons >/m…[View]
67669385I got this coding question during my java interview. Count down from 100 to 0. you cannot add any co…[View]
67667968I have some graphics problem on my build. When I boot (with SeaBios), after having selected any vide…[View]
67670726Is there anyway I can use my youtube account with logging into google?[View]
67663562ITT: We post our IP Addresses: I'll start. >[View]
676550904chan has fallen in global site rankings according to Alexa. Why did this happen?[View]
67670628Google admits changing phone settings remotely: https://www.bbc.com/news/amp/technology-45546276 …[View]
67669479well then https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rJkiKA-qmIY[View]
67670529Let it sink in that BTC is overpriced even at $1,000: you literally lose all your money if you lose …[View]
67663975What's the science part in computer science?[View]
67670222Why don't you have a code of conduct cis scum?[View]
67670376>tfw you're at the coffee shop and someone asks if you're running plan9…[View]
67670283Owner of a fiver-year-old iPhone SE reporting in, iOS12 has made my phone faster and the battery is …[View]
67664552Chrome 69 Why is it so damn fast?[View]
67670250ok here's the crypto blackpill. there is an AI living on the bitcoin blockchain. Craig Wright i…[View]
if (guess == correct) {   guess = incorrect; } 
67663050Oneplus is launching a TV and they are asking for some cool name suggestions! Post what you think a…[View]
67667465What can I expect to break if and when I switch to Arch Hurd?[View]
67665037Is there a DE that doesn't suck?[View]
67670094>dev rolls out an update >its optional >no bugs >actually contains performance improveme…[View]
67667056Voice Assistant Daily: let's talk about voice assistants and home automation. >which one do…[View]
67664982what made dropbox so special? why people chose it over other cloud storage services like google driv…[View]
67668703so, when is 4chan getting a kids mode redesign?[View]
67669896>150mbps/150mbps FiOS >Most sites cap out under 10mbps anyway >Only get 150mbps occasionall…[View]
67669123Hi /g/ I just enrolled in collage an they gave me to write about threats and vulnerabilities on usin…[View]
67669854With the way things are going for linux I'd love to invite you all to develop React OS but I…[View]
67667130Hey /g/, anyone here in the business of making deepfakes. Nothing weird or creepy just a regular fam…[View]
67666990What if an OS stored a checksum of every file on your computer so your web browser could know if you…[View]
67666984Windows 7 end of life is just around the corner. Now that my plans to switch to Linux are ruined, ho…[View]
67668938I'd just like to interject for a moment. What you're referring to as sex, is in fact, gend…[View]
67666942Email recommendations?: Need a new email, currently on Hotmail.. what do you recommend? What does /g…[View]
67669288guys u know how to use ethernet (4g) just for playing and wifi for internet ?? Ty[View]
67668961Hail to the best Smart TV OS! WebOS is without a doubt the best Smart TV OS, so surely it will fail …[View]
67664876Now that the dust has settled... Who else is glad they pre-ordered a 2080ti (or two in my case for t…[View]
67665112fuck off google[View]
67664691Is the only hope for the future to go back to computers being primarily offline with only occasional…[View]
67669357anyone has the schematics for mintypi controller PCB or some ideeas for alternatives?[View]
67668677>Following Linus Torvalds' public apology for his behavior over the years, the Linux Communi…[View]
67661239A deep discussion of OpenBSD and the blame-game: Since the apparent takeover of the Linux project by…[View]
67668275What was wrong with this?[View]
67641144/hpg/ - Headphone General: How to request purchase advice: https://pastebin.com/fYZLW7Ub For sub-$50…[View]
67669165/g/ went to shit after some skiddie discovered TempleOS. Now this board is literally just /pol/ with…[View]
67669167shasta mountain: can't believe he's gone[View]
67668380>Get given some old speakers for new place for free >no amplifier >want an old AV receiver …[View]
67667471https://www.chiphell.com/thread-1909421-1-2.html Is Intel finished? Leaked cinebench from zen2 c…[View]
67662952Pivpn y'all: Why haven't you made your own VPN yet /g?[View]
67667090How do you manage storage for your VM on your server?[View]
67666893Last night I've tried to install win10 on my friends laptop - Compaq presario cq57 and had a pr…[View]
67660788my iphone se battery is nearly dead what phone should i upgrade to if i want a headphone jack[View]
67668538>personal computers exist for less than 50 years >when your grandma was young there was no suc…[View]
67666800what hurd distro are you using lads?: >imagine being a linuxCoC when hurd exists https://archhurd…[View]
67663374>linux gets pozzed >people just want to jump ship instead of fighting…[View]
67666605What's up with this Linux thing that everyones talking, what happened?[View]
67665920>god tier optane primary with SSD secondary >good tier SSD primary with HDD secondary >shit…[View]
67668318What went wrong?[View]
67667638>you know who ruined loonix? DA JOOS![View]
67663729>Stop using proprietary garbage[View]
67666962Wire: Have you been having connection problems with Wire recently?[View]
67617360/wdg/ - Web Development General: Previous >>67576728 >Free beginner resources to get starte…[View]
67665658discord: There is no other cross platform, normie friendly and ad free service like this, and since …[View]
67667906When will phones stop having the Notch™ meme?[View]
67650152/spg/ - Smartphone General: OG iPhone Edition If requesting purchasing advice, please provide your c…[View]
67668337mobile internets: Hey g, need some help. I recently got a great paying job in oil and gas. I need in…[View]
67667919Mods are banning threads talking about the state of bloatware and shit Linux. The eternal anglo stri…[View]
67667116Can you teach how to make long ass queries that actually fucking works?: How do backend devs develop…[View]
67664676I have to say /g/ I'm disappointed. We all spend so much time on this board convincing others t…[View]
67661946Should I bother with a tiling window manager when I can use tmux?[View]
67667232How is binary converted to voltages for logic gates?[View]
67666623Ryzen 2700x with 2400 MHz memory: So some guy I’m debating here says that intel beats ryzen if we do…[View]
67663920At some point i want to be efficient coding in both C and C++. Does it make sense to start with eith…[View]
67662708Put me in the screencap: >Linux is pozzed and dying >BSD doesn't work >Anything $$$ is…[View]
67667801'i'm going back to windows' is short for 'i'm too stupid to install openbsd'[View]
67666182apple wins once again can other phones even compete?[View]
67667669It's over.: F[View]
67659533/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: What are you working on, /g/? Previous thread: >>67650238…[View]
67664502Is this audio editor any good?[View]
67665633is this a good torrent client for windows[View]
67667186Android One: What are your thoughts on the Android One program? I think it's very underrated as…[View]
67667519Sticker or no sticker? Thats the question here: I have a Thinkpad T440s and its blank and clean. Any…[View]
67667174>7bit signed ascii is retarded How right was he about this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7uLza…[View]
67663493Which Australian provider should I buy a sim card from for mobile internet? Telstra?[View]
67664235being BLACKED by COCed Linux?: >sudo pacman -S linux-lts >sudo pacman -R linux >grub-mkconf…[View]
67664937The state of Linux desktop: Why has Linux never been able to offer a usable desktop experience? You …[View]
67656261/g/ Its time to return home...[View]
67667356NVIDIA Sells Two SKUs of each Turing GPU (a normal and OC model: So let's take the GeForce RTX …[View]
67665599Embrace, Extend, Extinguish: Microsoft became a Platinum Member of the Linux Foundation in 2016. It …[View]
67665502N95 was the best phone ever made. Prove me wrong.[View]
67667063sup g, short and sweet. side gig for someone professional for a couple hundred dollars, show me a po…[View]
67665891How to improve 4chan experience in 2 simple steps: 1)filter cuck, code of conduct, coc 2)emjoy[View]
67655249So let's just talk hypothetically. Let's say fembots is finally here, with clever enough A…[View]
67665908This is my computer, an LG A410 i3, and it's really good for what I do. Unfortunately, the batt…[View]
67664289Pardon me good sirs, I come bearing a questions and perhaps a joke or two. How do I skin my Windows …[View]
67666282Quick /g/ help me with this one plus puzzle[View]
67666485>buys a nexus 5x >Bootloop >buys a nexus 6p >Bootloop >just ordered a google pixel th…[View]
67662696Is 4chan x broken for anyone else?: Dumb lurker here wondering if anyone else is having issues with …[View]
67659418Hacking a bird scooter.: Shouldn't these things be easily hackable? Looks like comparable elect…[View]
67666960Will we ever be able to tame the complexity of software?[View]
67665123*kills OpenGL for improved battery life* Heh... nothing personnel, kid.[View]
67665258How is C “portable”?: What does that mean? Can I port C to BASIC?[View]
67665806Do proprietary projects like Windows 10 have a Code of Conduct?[View]
67664866>Internet of Things[View]
67662028only the light of free (as in free speech) software can save us now. '''open source''' sold out to t…[View]
67664201How do I rewrite the name of every file in a directory, without breaking files that are being copied…[View]
67664782Got a problem with 'Failed to load board configuration. Connection Error' with 4chanX, BUT its not r…[View]
67665609Why do /g/numonkeys care about a coc for a project they will never work on?[View]
67665226Why is the female in front of the man on the iOS contacts app?[View]
67664860HURD - Chance of it getting COC'd?: I know GuixSD has the same COC as Linux, but that's no…[View]
67666343why do I keep getting this and having 4chanx unable to update the thread automatically? I've tr…[View]
67662937Is there a difference between this and saying 'Girls can't code'[View]
67664523Have you guys ever met a female dev that didn't just end up going the management route and was …[View]
67662418Which is better philisophically >being a computer programmer >flipping burger patties…[View]
67666245hey faggots i have a question starting with grey hat stuff and im new to android devices testing.. h…[View]
67656811>HAI GUISE THIS IS AUSTIN!!! the moment i hear him say 'hey guys' i automatically disli…[View]
67637830Wincuckoldry in a nutshell: Windows users: We hate all the junkware and trialware that come preinsta…[View]
67663635Freshman going for a computer science major. I feel overwhelmed with how much there is to learn. Can…[View]
67660811Escaping Web Development: Went to a local open source development meetup the other day in my city. E…[View]
67665963>he still uses a monolithic kernel in 2018[View]
67665468Apple iPhone X, Apple iPhone SE, and Apple iPhone 6s are now officially discontinued: https://www.he…[View]
67662414pardon me, but why do people care what programming language? dont they like all become 1's and …[View]
67661638Why is Australia's internet so bad? Telstra is screwing us over[View]
67662657I've found a use for that GTX 2080 Ti: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t8iFOhC2j6I[View]
67659894Gonna move back to Windows because I'm sick of the shit compatibility of Linux - is LTSB still …[View]
67665566Lost 256gb iPhone and noticed I backed it up. Received a 32gb IPhone but is unable to backup due to …[View]
67663917OpenIndiana: I see you're all looking for an alternative platform to Linux now. Well, why not t…[View]
67664007can anyone reccomend some good liquid coolers for i7-8700? i want something that wont break and look…[View]
67665443Is this the best book on LPIC-1? Does it matter if its from 2001?[View]
67663128I got hired at Amazon and my salary is equal to most doctors. Are we in an 'IT bubble'?[View]
67654488/fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread: Welcome to /fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread. Users of all leve…[View]
67665103Hey /g/ Currently my pc sucks and I use it for gaming, but only for classic games and bethesda games…[View]
67664632Apple is superior because of the apple ecosystem. If google starts producing notebooks and desktops …[View]
67662758Why is he a great tech related Youtuber? >not biased >fair >goes into all the details and c…[View]
67662032This is how you apply Intel thermal paste.[View]
67664670Thinking long term Is there anything better than sql+cron+php/python to create efficient and fast we…[View]
67664461I miss him you guys[View]
67665057Are you ready for Rosetta?[View]
67663433Opinions on vivo nex s, funtouch os.[View]
67657650It's over guys[View]
67664818linux is over: Come back home. Come back to the good old times. Come to AROS. http://aros.sourceforg…[View]
67664626>Get new laptop because I couldn't be bothered to get a second-hand one and all the problems…[View]
67664336anyone know how to fix this? using adblock not unblock[View]
67663690*throttles your one year old iphone*[View]
67662513>his phone doesn't have a built-in augmented reality dick measuring tool…[View]
67663418>use Gentoo >Compile own kernel >Remove CuC Alternatively >Use distro whose devs remove …[View]
67659856>tell a girl I like Linux on a date >she snickers and tries to hide it >I just stare at her…[View]
67664650why don't filters work with the native extension? I have tried 3 different browsers, disabling …[View]
67663315Now that the dust has settled: Say something nice about him. pic related[View]
67660740what music do you listen to program: i can't get into it unless i have something playing, usual…[View]
67656878post em if you got em handwriting thread, no luddite pen and paper faggots allowed[View]
67663106When is Linus gonna blow his lid and come and save us all?[View]
67663323how many Titain V where actually made?: im pretty sure it was just release for DICE in Sweden and th…[View]
67663915Trash Search Engines: >Google is botnet >Bing is botnet >Startpage is slower than using an …[View]
67664476litallery sperging[View]
67632083Need a new mouse, what does /g/ use[View]
67664338Whats happening with Linux and sjws? And why is everyone switching from linux[View]
67662251anyone have experience with this for small android apps?[View]
67664229What's a good cheap laptop that can use an ssd? I want to lay on my bed and use it because sitt…[View]
67663961Whats the best free photo shopping software? Only use will be making memes N' sheit and shop pe…[View]
67662722Why aren't you writing your own operating system from scratch? Alan Kay proved you can do it in…[View]
67663898Are boot camps a meme?[View]
67662460We’ll have to wait for Microsoft’s DXR rollout before trying raytracing in games https://www.kitguru…[View]
67662358What sort of financial situation would someone have to be in to brag about Apple products as an indi…[View]
67663275>Firefox Quantum requires pulseaudio >Firefox ESR/Waterfox are slow and outdated >Chrome is…[View]
67663142Is this the best phone on the market for the foreseeable future? I mean I am biased, but I have hate…[View]
67660234>mfw when i rip music and upload it to private trackers after changing the tempo of the left audi…[View]
67662463Adobe flash access DRM: How'd they do it /g/? >Adobe Flash Access HDS DRM has been around fo…[View]
67661987/g/ the past couple days: Trust me, everyone will forget about this facade after a couple months.…[View]
67663157Rossman quotes: Hey you /goys/ got any based Rossman quotes or photos of him? Need it for research.…[View]
67662561Cheapish (mechanical) keyboard in EU: I've been looking for a new budget keyboard for a max pri…[View]
67662335Any of you ever written Objective-C?: Not Swift, Objective-C. I'm a half-hour into a tutorial t…[View]
67661746/g/ has misled me once again. Go is actually good. always do the opposite of what /g/ says[View]
67662244Need qutebrowser-like software: tech brainlet here. I browse this board from time to time and saw so…[View]
67663536>free OS >God given intellect >Divine code >Divine OS. >creator painlessly dies mere …[View]
67663305Don't do something you'll regret for the rest of your life.[View]
67663726It's over.[View]
67663545I told everyone about the bad developments in technology years ago. Nobody listenend. When I tried a…[View]
67664597Oi mate! You got a loicense for that meme?[View]
67664534SJWs have gone too far. They are infecting everything with their PC bullshit. But we can beat them w…[View]
67663074Linux entirely POZZED - Alternatives anyone?: Is there any hope at this point with Linux? Whatever y…[View]
67663090Firefox (62.0) is getting me 100% connection error on thread updates, so that I have to reload the e…[View]
67646053Clover: Hey Floen, fullscreen pictures fucking WHEN? It's expecially painful in landscape mode…[View]
67663040Is it safe to use multi purpose / WD40 on your keyboard and mouse? https://youtu.be/_vRV91ntccw[View]
67661735just fucking fork it: why are all you fags just complaining about the new code of concucked while al…[View]
67661856NORMIES BLOWN THE FUCK OUT: The OOP paradigm is utter trash, it's overused and abused, and push…[View]
67654326>when /g/ isn't even half this smart[View]
67662752Name just ONE (2) bad trait in RMS. You can't, right?[View]
67662882I installed the latest Kernel on Linux Mint, compiled it without issues but I noticed the compilatio…[View]
67661895Hey /g/ I'm tripping ball's on LSD, send good vibes and trippy visuals[View]
67656113Linux-Libre our only hope?: >Reminder that Stallman BTFOed the tranny from Libreboot. https://yro…[View]
67639107/plan9/ Thread: Hey everyone! Come check out the new 9front release! http://9front.org Post desktop…[View]
67662384What is the new Quickpic? Quickpic hasn't been updated for years and became broken on the lates…[View]
67662730What do you use to view documents and edit them on your phone? Libreoffice is awfully slow and has b…[View]
67662782https://www.apple.com/newsroom/2018/09/ios-12-is-available-today/ THANK YOU BASED APPLE[View]
67662606https://devblogs.nvidia.com/introduction-turing-mesh-shaders/ THANK YOU BASED NVIDIA[View]
67661030logitech customer support replacements: how do people manage to abuse logitechs customer support to …[View]
67662573>finally did it >finally allowed myself to feel -- no -- to grieve >oh my sweet Terry Davis…[View]
67656087What are some linux distros for people who are slow to understand things?[View]
67660562Why don’t you use Git Bash for all your open source contributions and personal projects? You’re not …[View]
67662408When is the programming market going to crash? Will we make it through 2019?[View]
67660221I finally did it anons! I got a job as a Software Engineer without a degree. I now make a salary as …[View]
67661781can we get some gutss eeeeeeeeeer what boys?[View]
67662630Does anyone know any 2018 (budget) phone that I can buy which actually has a rectangular (an actual …[View]
67657928GET MORE RAM A M Seriously though. Do it.[View]
67659259Woman says Galaxy Note 9 burst into flames inside her purse: Pajeets will defend this.[View]
67659166Is he right?[View]
67662267>'yeah, I use Arch Linux...'[View]
67662450redhat is cancer general: - systemd cancer - python coc cancer they are literally trying to hijack l…[View]
67661555>unironically believing your own thought up passwords are secure[View]
67660495SpaceX is technology: SpaceX just announced their first civilian passenger for a flight around the m…[View]
67662264>linux will be illegal in the future and /g/ can't do anything about it…[View]
67657694nordvpn: is it based or is it a meme?[View]
67659842In /hmg/ we discuss pentesting, ctfs, exploits, and general being a hackerman. Resources: VM/CTFs: h…[View]
67657708>procedural programming is the best paradigm[View]
67659129Is there a cheaper way to get internet in the middle of nowhere?: Rural retard here, I currently pay…[View]
67660671>interview for dev job >going well, interviewer even laughed at a joke I cracked >'Okay ano…[View]
67662157RIP Linux 1991-2018 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JZ017D_JOPY[View]
67659571/BSG/ battle station general: Just cleaned up my room at got some stuff organised. Hoping to get ins…[View]
67662084QTDDTOT - Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread: After a cursory glance in the archive,…[View]
67661267>freebsd and linux now have COCk licences >openbsd confirmed shit useless >windows is windo…[View]
67650336Say something positive about Linus the technological guy[View]
67660382Post the oldest piece of software you still use: This program is horribly optimized for multicore at…[View]
67658468> 2018 > every android video player is either shit or spyware Why Inb4 vlc…[View]
67655440Rate my build. R7 2700x, msi b450 gaming carbon pro ac ddr4 trident rgb 16gb 3000hz intel 256 GB I…[View]
67661544>Lunduke shilled for interview with Linux CoC tranny >Deleted his critical vid of CoCs >get…[View]
67659232HTPC Remote: What's the best HTPC remote for a person who hates track pads but likes mini-keybo…[View]
67658386So what BSD should I switch to?[View]
67655344https://www.chiphell.com/thread-1909421-1-2.html Is Intel finished? Leaked cinebench from zen2 cpu. …[View]
67649719Google admits changing phone settings remotely: Pajeets will defend this.[View]
67661323>that one NPC who brings his own keyboard and mouse to use in the computer lab…[View]
67661557Any cheaper but relatively similar in volume alternatives to this hunk of overpriced metal?[View]
67644723Pcbg: >Create a parts list https://pcpartpicker.com/ >Learn how to build a PC Search youtube f…[View]
67661658>tfw too poor to afford a decent computer should I just cave in and get a 5k iMac? I really want…[View]
67659768current backpack is ruining all my shirts (making the backs pilly). looking to switch to messenger s…[View]
67658736Sepples are fundamentally stupid and should be allowed around computers. They continually make asini…[View]
67657583Why is Linux any better than pic-related now?: There is now no excuse for not running this. I'm…[View]
67659482Someone tell me everything is going to be okay: >terry gets assassinated >linux gets pozzed …[View]
67661370Is there any good audio visualizers for Unbuntu? I can't anything to work or is it just that I…[View]
67661281what did they mean by this: should we be worried?[View]
67658400I want to quit the big data jew.: Now that Linux is compromised, what OS can be used? Is pic related…[View]
67659874/pol/fags, please return to your containment board.: The new Linux code of conduct asks only that de…[View]
67658590#include 'bdfl.h' bdfl *reeducate(bdfl *linus) { linus->name = 'Linda'; return linus; } i…[View]
67658198What does /g/ think of pic related: I know we have a containment board but I'm not here to ask …[View]
67647436/ptg/ - Private Tracker General: >Not sure what private trackers are all about? The mission o…[View]
67654154Philips Hue: Anyone try these? I want to run some lighting in my soffits in a home theater and offi…[View]
67658357Manjaro: Does it worth to try Manjaro i3wm desktop environment it looks pretty nice and fast compare…[View]
67661389>buy 75' samsung tv >lug the bulky thing home >set it up >turn on tv >see one very br…[View]
67652386i'm going to do some updates and reboot now take bets on whether it'll get bricked :^)[View]
67661324Im kinda depressed that Terry is dead. Will we ever find a comparable replacement individual to sta…[View]
67661156What OS/Botnet is not a SJW cuck?[View]
67659702What is Theo thinking /g/?[View]
67659953Everyone's favourite tech boomer has spoken https://youtu.be/y3CbAAwG8dk[View]
67660111Are SSHDs any good or should I just save for an SSD? My friend has one and says it's pretty goo…[View]
67661220>wife's son accidently swallowed the stage3 tarball[View]
67660995App ideas: What app would /g/ build to learn android development assuming you already know how to pr…[View]
67657159>tfw you realize you cant live without a computer[View]
67659198Who is Richard Stallman?: I know nothing about tech, but I see his face every time I visit this boar…[View]
67658342Everyone is losing their mind over the new Apple Watch but I just don't get it. Aside from ex…[View]
67660650OpenBSD is shit: >Make 6.3 install USB from install63.fs >Installer can't find filesets …[View]
67643093>visit parents >back up parents documents on USB drive then wipe windows and install Ubuntu …[View]
67652582What mid-range smartphone from 2018/late 2017 should I get. I have to get one because the last one d…[View]
676587264chan acting funny.: Guys I'm not sure where to take this but. Some other users have reported s…[View]
67657761Windows 10 is dead: >Linux is about to kick the bucket >BSD is dead in the ground and rotting …[View]
67656200How frequently do you (fully) clean your PC ?: How frequently do you clean your PC and remove dust ?…[View]
67659784Does viewing an MP4 file in a video player affect its quality? I know this happens to JPGs, but I do…[View]
67660029Is there a way one could have two power buttons, one to boot to windows and one to boot to ubuntu?[View]
67650853/dbmswt/ - Database Management Systems War Thread What is the best database solution and why it is M…[View]
67654096What programming language do the Japanese use? Pajeets use the alphabet rather than their stupid squ…[View]
67660587Laptop with 2 or more drive bays: I am looking for a laptop with the following specs as minimal; thi…[View]
67657306Am I the only one who thinks that people are freaking out too much about tranny freaks inserting the…[View]
67660324If money wasn't an issue, what would be the best android phones to buy?[View]
67644344/sqt/ stupid question thread: Stupid question thread. Ask your stupid questions here. >Read >…[View]
67659889I received a movie file in 24fps, but the movie in question was originally shot in 25fps, blu rays h…[View]
67653474The Linux COC: A lot of people aren't understanding why this is a negative thing so, allow me t…[View]
67660399who makes top-end all-aluminum cases now that caselabs is ded? i think lian li's pc-o11 dynamic…[View]
67660125Is the odinproject a good way to get started in programming? I'm currently in school for comput…[View]
67656283Say hi to the future.[View]
67660032PGP Enabled Email Client on Android: What email client does /g/ use to integrate with open keychain …[View]
67659658hey guys I really want to learn how to code but I honestly think it's so boring and I don'…[View]
67658403FBI Guys: Dear FBI/CIA People, (Ex or Still Working) can you please tell me some ways to safeguard m…[View]
67656373Whats the best VCS /g/? Git is terrible.[View]
67657720How good/bad is hurd? What hurd os would you recommend for everyday use?[View]
67655306I've had my ISP for a year and they did that thing where they automatically raise my bills. $13…[View]
67658550Why does Europe have so few innovative companies?[View]
67658501Name a similar mouse to this bad boy. G203/305 need not apply. Tried them, started getting sharp pai…[View]
67655144Are Ink based Printers a jewish Scam ?: Should I buy a LASER based Printer instead? I've the im…[View]
67654838Trigger /g/ with one image or phrase.[View]
67659586This a good buy? Mostly looking for PS4 use https://www.currys.ie/ieen/tv-and-home-entertainment/te…[View]
67659284I have a white Logitech G304, and I really like it but I wanna minimise the number of USB dongles ha…[View]
67650238/dpt/ — Daily Programming Thread: Elegant Objects edition. What objects are you decorating and compo…[View]
67658142The Windows tax is disgusting. Don't you just love it when Winfags ask users of various POSIX O…[View]
67651395What’s a reasonable mobile price?[View]
67647265>Linux is cucked >windows has gone down the shitter >mac is for hipsters what OS do we turn…[View]
67656528Paid cloud backup/filesharing service: I want to finally get a paid backup option, but all the revie…[View]
67658032Can anyone explain to me how/why windows 10 seems to be growing in size as I uninstall updates? I sh…[View]
67659400System.out.println(“Hello); cout << “Hello” << endl; Console.WriteLine(“Hello”); print “…[View]
67658267Should I go to the internship fair? I'm an online junior with no real projects or previous inte…[View]
67658007Is there a good piece of software that I can run on my CentOS server to facilitate image uploading a…[View]
67655983Know any tools for making effects for videos similar to how imagemagick works for images? I want to …[View]
67656590P E N T E S T E R: I want to just stroll into businesses and try to get pass the locked doors and fi…[View]
67654784You did remember to use compact mode on Firefox, right?[View]
67659128Up to 600,000 engineers likely to be laid off in next 3 years https://www.business-standard.com/art…[View]
67659154should I waste my money on the new iWatch, or waste it on some Beyerdynamic Aventhos? I like Beyerdy…[View]
67656078What's this electrical component?: Hello fellow autists, so me (doing hobby electronics) and a …[View]
67654911Out of the Loop: Can someone fill me in on what happened, about CoC and how it's affects Linux?…[View]
67654333I'm a white man I write my own fucking compiler I'm not a nigger like Linus, I'm a pr…[View]
67658282Are Linux devs actually leaving?: Is there any actual report of any Linux dev leaving the project be…[View]
67655847ITT: Say a controversial /g/ related matter, which is true though >Redhat is centOS with paid mai…[View]
67657881Okay, /g/, I think I'm migrating to OpenBSD. I have never tried, and I don't know what it …[View]
67652654/hsg/: Home server general /hsg/[View]
67658728>Buy pretty much any Chromebook >Flash Seabios >Install Galliumos because it has a non-cuck…[View]
67654094I have an i7 7820x. How fucked am I. What should I get instead?[View]
67658393>Work in IT for 20 years >Skillset is no longer needed >Have no job anymore What is our guy…[View]
67657736do you use it? Hillary did.[View]
67656433advice: What programs can i do to keep myself motivated? Im trying to learn Java in my home, while i…[View]
67656587Apparently I'm due for a bigfoot sighting just had a customer come in with a bad psu that has o…[View]
67658569if my computer is housing the characters i cherish and i buy a new part to upgrade it, is it the sam…[View]
67648764/BST/: Post them stations Old thread 404'd[View]
67651639Brave: is there actually anyone non ironically using Brave? You idiots are aware Brave is a bigger S…[View]
67658455>Computational logic class needed for basic IT course. >first day ''hahaha we are go…[View]
67658385Any other film about absolute Mad Lads?: How can someone be so based and mad lad at the same time?…[View]
67644779is this the best photo viewer[View]
67658334Install skyos[View]
67656167iOS 12 (((Screentime))): >Nannying yourself[View]
67656584How do we make the fairphone more popular? It's environmentally friendly, built to last and me…[View]
67654523/csg/ - Constructive solid geometry: Does the nVidia raytracing implementation require the usage of …[View]
67658135https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TRON_project https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BTRON >At one point, BTR…[View]
67656466How do I code in OpenGL?: How I write code for android apps?[View]
67651556How do you keep track of your notes on the computer? I need something simple that I can type notes a…[View]
67656280>the linux kernel is deeply compromised >mainly funded by big tech companies and the glowing a…[View]
67656556>he needs a heat gun for cleaning his card[View]
67657465>that guy that limits upload to 5kB/s Don't you feel ashamed?[View]
67646267ryzen thread?: can i make a ryzen thread? can we talk about ryzen? im pretty excited for 7nm when wi…[View]
67656309ubuntu's firefox: Why is ubuntu's firefox package being updated almost every day now? Did…[View]
67653645At this point the lesser of two evils are the pajeets.[View]
67629401Anyone else prefer normal memebrane keyboards to mechanical keyboards? I just like the quietness..[View]
67657307Does this book retain its usefulness despite being several (decade or so) versions old?: It’s nearly…[View]
67656820Tell me your loonix stories: This is a true story. >figured id play some vidya >install tux ra…[View]
67656378e-readers: Thoughts on the Boyue Likebook Mars? >Android 6.0 >octa core >7.8' >Google Pl…[View]
67656708Looks like Windows Chads won once again.[View]
67655031why aren't you using windows 95, anon? https://github.com/felixrieseberg/windows95[View]
67656595Let's write a better CoC: Why don't we just write a better CoC, /g/? The biggest problem w…[View]
67656412Hey /g/ what are your recommendations for good USB microphones?[View]
67657032I don't know why everyone here is so upset. I think adding some rules for the crew working on t…[View]
67654306It's time for a FORK: Code of Conduct can FORK OFF We'll make our own Kernel with blackjac…[View]
67656311Come home white man.[View]
67655509For those having problems with updating threads etc.: Go to your Ublock Origin settings under 'My Ru…[View]
67655626This thread foesn't have Code of Conduct. You are safe here.[View]
67656347Backpack PC: What is this ? a backpack PC? Why did HP make it[View]
67655100Are sites like rakuten legit to get a windows 10 professional key? when buying it from microsoft a k…[View]
67653768Battlestation floor protection: Maybe my carpet is too plush but these floor protector things always…[View]
67652997Holy shit I forgot how awful the vanilla 4chan experience is. Hiroshimoot fucked something up with 4…[View]
67653761>its another year of new size, cool new glass, better camera, better chip have we reached the pea…[View]
67650063>Terry's dead >linux gets a fucking CoC >freebsd is trash >OpenBSD only runs on 10 …[View]
67656249What do you tech enthusiasts think about TMSC? I heart it's only manufacturer which can produce…[View]
67654003What features would you want in an H reader?: I want to write a desktop H manga reader for fun (and …[View]
67646472What's the most powerful single board computer?: Which do you recommend has the most powerful G…[View]
67635781/wt/ - watch thread Perfect edition: I killed my five year seiko 5 while tightening the rotor (it wo…[View]
67607490Where is Terry?[View]
67657685Refurbished/used iPhones - Canada: Hey guys, I was just wondering if anyone knew the best places to …[View]
67656375Alright /g/ How do we fix this new problem Let's instead of autisticly reeeing do something abo…[View]
67656376Bing is unironically the most based search engine out there. Why haven't you switched over yet?[View]
67653013Best email alternatives?: Do you see anything replacing email in the near future?[View]
67655673Recommend me a phone with: >god tier OS >god tier build quality >premium materials >adva…[View]
67656287Chassis Battery on RV dying from radio that won't turn off: Bought a 1991 Tiffin Allegro. While…[View]
67656139Is 4.18.8 the last good kernel? I think I'm going to take it and just strip out everything that…[View]
67642872PC Longevity: How long do you guys expect to keep using your current PC? I've had mine since 20…[View]
67655750>If you wish computers were more like phones... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ojOBx5tc9Jw Been …[View]
67654150what the fuck is going on?[View]
67655899/g/ Operating System There is no repo. We don't need logo. I start with a simple first commit: …[View]
67656082Why does everything about JavaScript just scream onions[View]
67652591What's the best license to use if I want to publish my work and make sure that: >nobody make…[View]
67655823HELP WHAT THE FUCK: WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON? What happened to linux? Should I not update my kernel…[View]
67652694How do you even begin to write an entire operating system? Has any of you people done it?[View]
67649211/BSD/ take the wheel: now that we are switching from Linux because Linus went full Cuck of Conduct, …[View]
67655445Thoughts: As the great Terry once said: 'The difference between a good programmer and a bad programm…[View]
67655736Press F to pay Respects[View]
67656806lawsuit secured[View]
67656329Why are there so many trans in the tech space nowadays?[View]
67655153>Yeah I work as a freelance software engineer, I'm my own boss. I make 100k per year and dri…[View]
67650540CloudFlare's IPFS Gateway Makes it Easy to Create Distributed Web Sites: Is this a 'start' for …[View]
67652969Django: What are the best resources out there to learn Django other than sentdex and other YouTube t…[View]
67649009Previous thread: >>67608050 If you're looking for purchase advice, state your budget and …[View]
67653332With the current Linux worries, here's a reminder that you can try out Debian Gnu/Hurd today. h…[View]
67655498Discord Hentai Haven Rich Presence: I'm fairly new to java, and I'm trying to make a progr…[View]
67653943I have to pick a masters degree in Mechanical Engineering, is there anyone who works in the field an…[View]
67655311Which phone should I get?: S8+ or the Iphone 7 plus[View]
67653344do you think Apple engineers are proud of what they're producing?[View]
67654827Why is everyone so afraid of NULL? Every single programmer I've talked to warns me about the da…[View]
67655180its literally called 'slack'[View]
67650603AT&T or Intel?[View]
67650842The only people opposed to codes of conduct for programming projects are the people who know they…[View]
67652049In terms of job potential, should I learn elixir w/ phoenix, or golang? I don't understand why …[View]
67651712drone: How high can this drone fly? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gK2UPyoxhgI[View]
67651891Linux is DEAD! Windows is the ONLY valid alternative!: This is the thing which is currently ruining …[View]
67654857Linux is being infiltrated and instead of standind tall and fight all you can do is switch to .BSD a…[View]
67648288Is this the best phone out right now?[View]
67652721AMAZON GO in Chicago: Happening lads. cashier-less store opens up finally in Chi-town. You just take…[View]
67654453Why is everyone freaking over Linux? It's just a code of conduct. It's literally a bunch o…[View]
67635158Is this why there are no women in tech?[View]
67646618Sticker bread: H8 and R8 frens[View]
67641262Linux is fucked. Install OpenBSD.[View]
67654698Why doesn't Linus fork Linux and put himself back in charge?[View]
67631624/csg/ Chink Shit General: In /csg/, we discuss the cheap shit you see on Gearbest, Taobao, AliExpres…[View]
67645104Is it worth getting an AMD gpu just for freesync or get a G-sync monitor (which supposedly have a lo…[View]
67654008email: I can't send my emails through a client. I'm using w7, tried sending through outloo…[View]
67652090The future is now.: There needs to be an operating system built from scratch, and built right from t…[View]
67654544Just ordered myself pic related: What should i be expecting? Got the ac3000 model. https://www.netg…[View]
67652732So, fresh new performance PC. I need it for rendering stuff and compiling software, also for general…[View]
67654527Regarding the new Linux CoC:: Women are more likely to perceive behaviors as rudeness. Autists are …[View]
67653647Linux is open source. right. So .... can't you just, you know. Fork it?[View]
67653115Now that Linux is dead, is this /our OS/?[View]
67637506/fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread: Welcome to /fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread. Users of all leve…[View]
67652164>boomer technology protip if you type in all caps you can read better[View]
67651052Don't f*cking buy Asus parts anymore. That shit is designed to fail after a while. I literally…[View]
67654400Why can't all fonts fit the box properly? I want to use the same font for system and terminal.:…[View]
67654348Hey /g/. I have an annoying public job and get spammed with advertisements and such while on work wi…[View]
67652503Just a little help!: I can't understand what's the meaning of the following lines: https:/…[View]
67651571ToleranUX A project of the Feminist Software Foundation: https://gitlab.com/femsf/toleranux/blob/mis…[View]
67645976>works on my machine >necro thread, you are banned >re-install windows >format computer …[View]
67647526>write open source software >nobody uses it…[View]
67651238When will ReactOS be done?[View]
67654243So /g/ents since Linux is being molested, what would be a good backup OS to flock to if things get r…[View]
67652524opinion on this bowser?[View]
67651648240Hz Monitor: Any /g/aymurs here with a 240hz monitor? I've bought a 144hz monitor a few month…[View]
67652677bad distro[View]
67653405Just lol at /g/ logic: >trannies take over tech and deliver shitty work >not taking advantage …[View]
67653909Anyone else switching back to windows now that linux is infested with sjw bolsheviks?[View]
67653690>everyone shilling 'C: A Modern Approach' >100 pages to get to fucking loops Thanks for the re…[View]
67652672Is functional programming really the future?[View]
67653614DO NOT SETTLE: People of /g/, Linuxfags, Botnetfags, we cannot let the CoC ruin Linux, its is vital …[View]
67650319Is the Galaxy S9+ still worth it? To the people who bought one, hows it been so far? im just done wi…[View]
67653367The Other Torvalds: Okay, so this explains it.[View]
67653913Install GNU Hurd: Install GNU Hurd now that Loonix is dead, install GNU Hurd and start contributing …[View]
67653755ttylinux - new official /g distro: http://www.minimalinux.org/ttylinux/ >28 MB of RAM >not blo…[View]
67653492Why are you faggots not talking about this?[View]
67653495And the circle is getting smaller and smaller. Until the CIA niggers will get us all. There is no es…[View]
67653054So, its shit? How so?[View]
67653519Terry A. Davis - Technological Prophet: /g/, I'm not a technical wizard of any kind. Just a sim…[View]
67652471Who else ready for a 20% performance increase?[View]
67653398Is Lumina desktop any good?[View]
67653317I renounce all loyalty to Linus Torvalds. I pledge full allegiance and full loyalty to Theo DeRaadt.…[View]
67650735are defense contractors based?[View]
67653283Researchers Find Many Mobile Airline Apps are Vulnerable to Attacks: https://community.softwaregrp.c…[View]
67651408How is TJ Holowaychuk so insanely productive?: Explain this to me /g/ How is TJ Holowaychuk so insan…[View]
67651583Best Second Number Apps: Thoughts on these services? I hate giving out my personal number to clients…[View]
67624417Does wearing programming socks and gloves actually make you a better programmer?[View]
67652362Is this just a coincidence?: Terry gets assassinated by cia niggers right before linus sells out to …[View]
67646938One thousand nine hundred and ninety nine Canadian dollars.[View]
67649090Time to think outside the box here, /g/ With Linux about to succumb to a massive dose of poz in the …[View]
67652880Does /g/ have any book recommendations for software development? Been looking into mobile developmen…[View]
67648437Utter n00bfag here: How tf do I install C (not C++ and shit) on windows 8 and run it on sublime text…[View]
67642959I can't believe they finally fucking got him. First they kill Terry, and now they cuck Linus. I…[View]
67648359When the shit are they going to update this to 18.04?[View]
67651516How am i supposed to do a 12x12 table without using nested loops or by simply writing some stupid pr…[View]
67649066Nvidia forbids fatory-overclocking on 'cheaper' RTX cards: https://www.techpowerup.com/247660/nvidia…[View]
67651153Dr. Randi: What do you guys think of Dr. Randi ? >Started Coding when he was 10 >Founded first…[View]
67652214I fucked up buying this i didn't realize it was going to bottleneck most high end gpus at 1080p…[View]
67652606Thoughts: As the great Terry once said: 'The difference between a good programmer and a bad programm…[View]
67631426Stacking kits are the most retarded shit I have ever seen. Do you really want to lug this shit aroun…[View]
67651417Are people still using calculators outside of academic settings? I imagine that students are still r…[View]
67652541>prove through logical induction that the oracle does not exist What kind of applications can I e…[View]
67650740Why don't we have self replicating nanobots yet?[View]
67651018Is there really a market for an Intel discrete graphics card? Gamers won't buy it, so who'…[View]
67652479>you will never have a cool domain[View]
676510285G fucking never. Thanks, stupid gweilo dogs.[View]
67650987I remember when Linux wasn't that big. You remember Gnome2? Now THIS was a great system. I tell…[View]
67651879Is google actively trying to be evil at this point?: https://www.upi.com/Top_News/US/2018/09/16/New-…[View]
67652388Anyone know of a good place to get 5760x1080 wallpapers? Wallpaperhaven only has a little and the ot…[View]
67647407Cars are technology Whats the thinkpad of cars?[View]
67650685ultimate challenge: i just want a systemd free non-SJW'ed linux kernel'd setup that can le…[View]
67651661The elves have left middle earth: All we are stuck with is RTX and intel shit. God have mercy on us.…[View]
67651859I've used apple products exclusively for the past 5 years. Thinking about getting a high end PC…[View]
67648691File Systems: What are you using? Have you not yet bought the modern cow filesystem meme and are you…[View]
67649287Stationary Thread I think I may have a problem.[View]
67651801Does android have an equivalent?[View]
67647345Now that Linus is out of the picture how long until c++ is accepted into the kernel?[View]
67648518When does Gentoo git gud? 'Cause I finally installed it, and I gotta say, so far I'm not i…[View]
67642242This is the image it shows when the police blocks a webpage in my country lol. do yours have custom …[View]
67652014Firefox bookmark icons: Since Firefox upgraded to Quantum, one thing has been bothering me: the grey…[View]
67651551HOW exactly do I get this for Windows? Which exact source code do I compile?[View]
67651944I want buy Sony BVP-3P 3 tube broadcast camera 700 Lines with BVV-1 betacam tape recorder. your opin…[View]
67621594Home screen thread[View]
67651164holy fuck, anyone here using this shit? I just lost hours of work because automatic update woke my P…[View]
67650264everything above jquery syntax goes above his head its hopeless[View]
67630121Nvidia RTX 2080 TI delayed!: https://www.guru3d.com/news-story/geforce-rtx-2080-ti-availability-dela…[View]
67645680Yikes. This is why you install Arch Linux and not those other distros.[View]
67649096Why do Intel CPUs generally support higher clocks than AMD? What's their magic sauce?[View]
67650489Nvidid what amd didn't PRIMITIVE FUCKING MESH SHADERS: There is a reason why amd dropped this t…[View]
67646453So the first BFR passenger will be a Japanese Person. Who does /g/ think it’ll be? I’m betting it’l…[View]
67651607For how long will AMD AM4 motherboard be compatible with new AMD CPUs? I'm thinking of building…[View]
67650939if amd didnt release absolute garbage products every fucking time then they wouldnt be outsold 50 to…[View]
67645607/g/ can you help me figure out why uBlock is blocking 4chan? It gives me a connection error when a t…[View]
67651478What went wrong?[View]
67642627Reminder that if you use encrypted messaging apps, you are basically supporting the terrorists. The …[View]
67648520Is there a good free (preferably opensource) alternative to this pile of malware?[View]
67639019AMD: Lisa needs a personal trainer. Her arms are a bit flabby.[View]
67650325Is there a good breakdown of which databases are good? I've only used MySQL and MariaDB. Lookin…[View]
67650412Why do /g/ always blame pajeet?[View]
67646094Steve Jobs is rolling in his grave: You all fucking know Steve jobs would not have let this shit fuc…[View]
67635501Ereader thread. I needed a new one and fell for the amazonian jew because they gave me £50 off for b…[View]
67635586How good is the Mi Rice Cooker by Xiaomi?[View]
67642366ITT: 90s tech feels[View]
67649230Where my jailbreak bros at?[View]
67646486Due to recent events: lelnux_hammer thread[View]
67632661Most durable storage: What's the most durable storage, say, for when the apocalypse comes and t…[View]
67651001/mpv/: dabbing on vlc epic style >install https://sourceforge.net/projects/mpv-player-windows/fi…[View]
67640713>my favorite skin/theme is black/dark/night[View]
67646674Is this is the best smartphone ever made?[View]
67646845>have active github profile with projects and contributions >proficient in Linux, C++, java, p…[View]
67639716What is your username and hostname /g/? Mine is Andrew@shiptoaster Please don't hack me btw[View]
67647908Hey folks I get old laptops given to me fairly often and I used install a linux distro on them with …[View]
67644940Learn by videos or text?: >You want to learn to use 'x' library/framework/thing You wat…[View]
67637383Are cds dead?[View]
67649545/n/eocities thread: >Go to https://neocities.org/browse, post the most interesting page you can f…[View]
67643723I don't understand how the internet works. How does data travel over the 'wire'? Electrical imp…[View]
67647545uBlock is preventing me from updating a thread. Hiro is again fishy. Did he embed the 'update…[View]
67636690why did microsoft stop from using rounded corners like in windows 7[View]
67648187my head set sound very low: this is only in the pc in my phone sond fucking high i test all i know i…[View]
67636370/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: SICP edition. What are you evaluating, /g/? Previous thread: >…[View]
67644023What desks do you guys have?[View]
67646694>code of conduct It's happened lads we lost[View]
67617450/edc/ - everyday carry general thread: /edc/ thread. /g/ edition. GO.[View]
67650043Thoughts: As the great Terry once said: 'The difference between a good programmer and a bad programm…[View]
67629670>AMD >ADVANCED micro devices How can Intel even compete? They're not even advanced…[View]
67648576Cryogenics Tech: Dont see any related threads, but this is tech so i don't know if ita against …[View]
67631888>ads are unacceptable >tracking is unacceptable >payment is unacceptable So how do you expe…[View]
67649922Xeon Phi: Hey /g/ I recently acquired two Xeon Phi 3120A's for my HPC environment to be used wi…[View]
67649134Teleportation: I don't know if this is the right place to post this but whatever. If teleportat…[View]
67634779/spg/ - Smartphone General: Best remake ever 10/10 edition If requesting purchasing advice, please p…[View]
67644915Just ordered a 2080TI, NVIDIA is amazing, they truly do always change the future for the better. Peo…[View]
67637066Hosting: /g/ approved web Hosting[View]
67634513What's the best music player software that will cooperate easily with my iPod Classic? I'v…[View]
67649650BSD's: Now that linux is KIA, what bsd will you be using? Not welcome: freebsdtards[View]
67649289getting used to programming: From the 'be me' series >be me >don't like programming >d…[View]
67647592the successor of Linux Torvalds: we found the person who can take the linus tech tips colonel and le…[View]
67649203Is Mesh Networking a meme?[View]
67642955IT'S OVER, Linux kernel gets Code of Conduct: >The Code of Conflict is not achieving its imp…[View]
67608050/tpg/ - ThinkPad General: Previous thread: >>67571388 If you're looking for purchase advi…[View]
676493594chan-x broken: is hiroshima inserting weird malware scripts into the site again?[View]
67640941Moon colonization technology: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NtQkz0aRDe8 Can we really make a moon …[View]
67648439Firefox fag here, when I click back while browsing 4chan the previous page doesn't save and del…[View]
67649234ChainNet: So some guys are working on a thing called ChainNet, and it looks really promising. It use…[View]
67648077Bitcoin mining computers: Been left alone with a bitcoin farm. What operating system to run?[View]
67650467So apparently police in the cuck capital of the world want people to report non crimes. https://twit…[View]
67648374Hot Chinese traps do tech: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCh_ugKacslKhsGGdXP0cRRA[View]
67648484Social Media: Do you /g/uys use social media? I wish there was a way to keep in contact with my norm…[View]
67649005fork linux[View]
67631626What is the best /g/ approved word processor/editor/etc?[View]
67648037Arch did an ama on Reddit. Can not make this up. At least it had a good run. https://www.reddit.com/…[View]
67639600>programmers are importan-[View]
67632548GUTS - Bonus for Liquid: Brand new guts for you /g/. Show me what you got.[View]
67647894Brave Dev has chrome extenstions support!!!!! Fuck yeah!!!!![View]
67646579>snake case[View]
67646716How's Vegas Pro?[View]
67647609simulate flashing android rom: is there a simulator program or something for flashing android rom? i…[View]
67645595Help!!! The old carrier of this Galaxy S7 is giving me the wrong network unlock code. Old carrier- B…[View]
67648639Pajeet: >pajeet told me to use the uninstall portion of wine to launch programs >I still don…[View]
67636542Pros and cons of the raspberry pi zero, go[View]
67646296what is /g/s opinion of this? i know some programming but probably not enough to wrap my head around…[View]
67643889I dont give a single fuck how well they code it or how 'real' is seems I will NEVER treat any AI as …[View]
67645769what were Terry Davis' last words before they got him, /g/?[View]
67645354How to change mouse/trackpoint sensitivity in xfce? ThinkPad mouse nipple is recognized but when you…[View]
67645950How can i get away from them? I've had a gmail account sicne I was 12. 26 now, it has literally…[View]
67640688>tfw this link makes fagOS devices reboot https://out.reddit.com/t3_9g4fpk?url=https%3A%2F%2Fcdn.…[View]
67640532Give me one good reason I shouldn't get these gorgeous headphones? What alternative headphones …[View]
67644222Who Python bros here? Going to start learning/using Python a lot. I'm wondering what software y…[View]
67647780Should I cop this Apache Pro? IRS 1.5k which is my budget. >inb4 build a PC >I already own a …[View]
67642231is vr porn any good?[View]
67647423I've had an idea: >anonymous code repository >no nicknames, only randomly assigned numbe…[View]
67624694Kuldip Acharya - The Indian Elon Musk: Recently, a colleague of mine sent me an IEEE conference pape…[View]
67647671Linux is compromised.[View]
67647389*telegraphs behind you*[View]
67647606>linuxcucks damage control[View]
67646024>Siemens >Nokia >ericsson >Bosch >nothing else Why is there so little innovation in E…[View]
67647347Mosquito repellents are technology. What does /g/ use in the fight against those blood suckers?[View]
67649062Progressive Tech: Is this real? How do we stop the 'long march through the institutions' happe…[View]
67647586reccomend me sites to buy components from (preferrably from china)[View]
67645753noob question (i3): sup /g/ - I am using i3 on Ubuntu 18. With some applications, they just focus on…[View]
67647518(...) >This week people in our community confronted me about my lifetime of not understanding emo…[View]
67641571Arificial Intelligence: Can you make a bot live in a program or website and teach it to communicate …[View]
67646876>FreeBSD are cuc..... https://itsfoss.com/torvalds-takes-a-break-from-linux/ Is there any other o…[View]
67642985Why the fuck do I need to study math AND physics for computer science? This is such bullshit. I mean…[View]
67647249LISNR: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5DapEm_5uFY https://techtime.news/2017/08/13/dspg-lisnr/ http…[View]
67642513>the future >you see a bug in a program you use everyday >you clone the repo, fix it, then …[View]
67642735Is there anything better than bitchx?: New install. I've been using bitchx (and before that, IR…[View]
string Gender;
67644941>be computer science major >required to take a bunch of unrelated science classes at my uni b…[View]
67644365the solution is clear the blatant Christianity will keep them out[View]
67646881Anyone here have a good ready red line following .ev3 file for mindstorm LEGO? Thanks in advance.[View]
67645427If you legitimately think Linux is ruined, make a fork. Accept any changes the mainline Linux gets t…[View]
67644596How do you /g/entoomen rice your 4chan experience? >inb4 I don't[View]
67639163Linux - Windows - Apple - FreeBSD alternatives: So we can safely say that the Linux project is pozze…[View]
67646627Is anyone doing that microdosing thing from california right now? Does it help? I read a story about…[View]
67633102Battlestation Thread /bst/: Rate hate and jack it to your setup and other peoples setups[View]
67645817What will be the next big technology thing I should invest my money in for a good return?[View]
67646473fuzzy filters are a treat[View]
67637844Is WD-40 and Brake Cleaner good for cleaning your computer and keyboard/mouse? This techtuber with 3…[View]
67646396The code of conduct and Linus taking a leave sucks, but the beauty of free software is the fact that…[View]
67647491/ptg/ - Private Tracker General: What is dead cannot die Edition >Not sure what private trackers …[View]
67640239Choices: So, what'll it be fella?[View]
67636418how do you spend your salary /g/?[View]
67644844iPhone SE user: new iPhones are too big[View]
67632630Please tell me you have whitelisted 4chan ads from your adblock: >hurr durrgr mah security privac…[View]
67627485What was the last time you (((upgraded))) your phone?[View]
67631899will pic related be ever updated? it is having hard time playing high resolution youtube videos it c…[View]
67646000https://www.slashgear.com/sed-next-generation-flat-screen-display-192136/ >For the tech junkies, …[View]
67628676Desktop Thread: The old one died. Feel free to rate me.[View]
67643845LINUX KERNEL DEAD - It was a good run edition: CoC accepted into mainline, and Linus stepping back a…[View]
67643473Now that SJW's have taken over Linux you should switch to Windows 10 since it's being deve…[View]
67641841is it worth my time?[View]
67644955What's the recommend SSD size to install Windows 10 and something like a web browser/ Lightroom…[View]
67637685Is Microsoft less evil than Google at this point? Should I use Bing instead of Google? Should I use …[View]
67645855The Sound of Sorting - 'Audibilization' and Visualization of Sorting Algorithms applied on Doge: htt…[View]
67642506Anyone know a jailbreak method for an iPhone 5s on version 11.4.1? Everything else I’ve tried is jus…[View]
67644572God sent you this autistic angel, yet you still deny Him. He has offered you light in darkness durin…[View]
67644165New Code of Conduct - The CUNT: Community Unification Necessary for Technology (CUNT) The CUNT is an…[View]
67643874Show me some /g/ humour please[View]
67645649Install jentoo[View]
67645201>Androidshitters will never ever get cute nip tweak developers for their shitty chinkshit system …[View]
67645590Have shitty TP-LINK TD-VG5612 router I got from my ISP, start having issues like wifi dropping out, …[View]
67640809Innovation died with this man. Name one piece of technology that has genuine originality since he di…[View]
67644065Linux now has a Code of Conduct. What does Linux creator Richard Stallman think of this?[View]
67644873you think you were safe? well fuck you, now you're going to see your hobby get destroyed like i…[View]
67640437Why do people use Linux the most to hack?[View]
67635685would this better your work environment?[View]
67644956Ready to stop your blasphemy and come back to the light yet /g/?[View]
67645110StartUp Horror Stories: What are your start up /silicon valley stories? If you left the 'scene', why…[View]
67644766Cannot use bluetooth headphones (JBL 460BT) while charging. What do? Is there some tweak with firmwa…[View]
67641884>tfw typing on a board with cherry switches[View]
67644907>terry is really dead this sucks[View]
67640094>University doesn't recognize my video game design techical degree >have to start from ze…[View]
67644228.NET Career Transition: So /g/, I am currently a .NET developer in a flyover state making $50k in my…[View]
67639833>think audiophiles are crazy >go over to friend's house with higher end audio equipment …[View]
67641400What are some things that can only be done using a Linux distribution? I'm not here to start th…[View]
67644432If I install Windows Vista or 7 over Windows 10 will I lose data?[View]
67643884How does one navigate this world without getting sodomized?: When RAM costs this much?[View]
67644624Why are you still using Linux, /g/?: https://gitlab.com/femsf/toleranux/tree/mistress[View]
67642208Website that allows filtering of laptops by specifications?: Is there a website that allows users to…[View]
67643415CODE OF CONDUCT[View]
67642926/g/ Linux Kernel Anti-SJW Corps: As referenced in >>67640153, we need a /g/ watchdog thread fo…[View]
67641133Alright /g/. Let's talk about prepper /tech/. What are you going to do when the government brea…[View]
67626055Do any of you have any legitimate grievances with this language? I have seen so many of you shit-tal…[View]
67633736Stupid question thread. Ask your stupid questions here. >Read >>51971506 → → → → → >sear…[View]
67644110How much memory does your development environment use up?[View]
67635946/hsg/ - Home Server General: Last /hsg/ died after 15 replies. >>67605626 What kind of home s…[View]
67643164SJW problem in tech: What do? Does anyone have a plausible solution? This is becoming insane!!!…[View]
67631805Why in this kind of videos, all these 'software engineers' all have macbooks?? I don't see any …[View]
67643749they broke him: i cant believe this day finally has come. literally the only person who seemed like …[View]
67643965Of course you /g/ babbies freak out about anything.[View]
67640405The Linux Kernel has died: Press F to pay respects[View]
67630141/pcbg/ - PC Building General: >Create a parts list https://pcpartpicker.com/ >Learn how to bui…[View]
67643351Encryption Newbie Questions: Encrypting my entire drive for the first time and I have a few question…[View]
67642801Project Stuff: So, I'm doing some stuff for my coding class and I need to make stuff do things …[View]
67640468>Linus is stepping back and letting other people take over the Linux kernel project oh no no no n…[View]
67639328How's your internet? Shit? OK? Uni? Post speedtests.[View]
67639608Linux apologizes: He apologized for be an asshole all these years. Did the SJWs get him? https://lor…[View]
67642387Why don't /g/ays like him more, given his weird obsession with Japanese?[View]
67642306Am i doing this right?[View]
67606840/ptg/ - Private Tracker Cucks General: More Curry Edition >Not sure what private trackers are all…[View]
67639340Aruba: Router exploit methods: Anyone have any idea how to defeat HP's Aruba series of routers?…[View]
67643059Memes aside, what are fatal errors and what can I do to prevent them?[View]
67640970Wireless: Have wireless headphones finally caught up quality-wise to wired or is it just another mem…[View]
67623989android: what is the best android player ? blackplayer ?[View]
67620253>'I don't write any comments, my code is self-documenting'[View]
67641738If someone programmed an A.I to not only with whatever techniques and methods are available for hack…[View]
67640925Twitter?: I just found out that most devs are using Twitter... How big is the community and how acti…[View]
67640065Any solid, light-weight email clients on Linux you'd -recommend- so I don't have to use sh…[View]
67642791/g can someone please tell me anything more about google user content, i need to know if this has be…[View]
67636516Readability VS Performance: I just finished the Clean Code book and the author seems to claim that e…[View]
67641930>newpipe doesn't work anymore >mpv+youtube-dl doesn't work anymore the absolute stat…[View]
67640836I just built a really kick ass PC with shit like a 1080 ti and I7-8700k. But for some reason I went …[View]
67642043plz help: I'm looking for a basic HTML page template for an assignment. Can someone recommend a…[View]
67640037What platform do you use for buying (not streaming) music?[View]
67637942What went wrong in 1996?[View]
67642300Any recommendations on WiFi extenders they won’t kill my download speed?[View]
67640977In this thread we hide from Google and our Governments. Obvious start: https://nordvpn.com/ Firefox…[View]
67641781How do printers work?[View]
67638005Is a career in computer programming actually a good choice for a trans person?[View]
67640153WARNING: Linus has handed over his kernel to the SJWs: After Linus Torvalds wrote an email apologizi…[View]
67642200How do you install Runit on Devuan?: Previous thread answered pretty much nothing, but I'll be …[View]
67640552Say hello to the new lead Linux maintainer.[View]
67641547What kinds of neat stuff can you do with batch / Bash scripting?[View]
67640820FrontEnd Dev. Internship: I am currently in my second semester of CS coursework at University and ha…[View]
67641889How fucked am I? Will one notice cause any action to be taken against me? Can I get this removed? W…[View]
67637318Hi /g/. I've done some internet scrubbing to no avail. I got an old ipod shuffle from my aunt. …[View]
67624505Is it morally wrong to kill an animal that only lives because you feed it, water it, etc? Headphone …[View]
67636963Do you have any ideas for a new sorting algorithm?[View]
67639210The Linux Kernel Adopts A Code of Conduct: Linux gets the COC https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page…[View]
67636609MPV doesn't update data: Why does MPV suck? Using MPC-HC, you can play video files while they…[View]
67635408>100mbps internet >Takes 4 seconds for a image to load How can an app be this bad? Any good a…[View]
67636133>state of the art technology >STILL can't play webms…[View]
67640694i've been working as a professional developer for 3+ years my official title is something like …[View]
67641022Thoughts on Weev the hacker?[View]
67620698Why buy an iPhone X when you can get a Xiaomi redmi for a fraction of the price and it looks almost …[View]
67641398Why is Solus the literal best Linux distro? >No, I don't mean GNU/Linux... Just Linux.…[View]
67640295Trusona: Is this shit really gonna be the future? How can this actually be more secure than password…[View]
67629411/ag/&/am/: audio general & audiophile memes: Dynaudio Master Race Edition[View]
67637061What older things do you have ?[View]
67629190What happened to open source? There are trannies that seemingly only 'commit' code of conducts and o…[View]
67639840Crapple phone help: I am looking for a semi-cheep way to get my photos off of my Iphone to my PC. An…[View]
67634104This phone came out 5 years ago: Now that the dust has settled, can we all agree that this design wa…[View]
67619457What operating system does /g/ use?[View]
67639610Gyro HTPC keypad: Are there any HTPC keypads that have gyroscopes for pointing? I'm thinking so…[View]
67638482Install software on Windows: >software files go into C:\Program Files\Software >user files go …[View]
67640345>Hugs stock Vega 56 You may be a bit loud. You may be a little too hot headed. You may drink a bi…[View]
67641256How many of do programming freelance?: Like, you don't work a traditional 9-5 job, or you telec…[View]
67640527Quads wins one of these!: Sorry I lied. Anyhow onto the topic (blogpost) I wuz thunking'n'…[View]
67641235Show your battery cycles, /g/[View]
67637702Why are people not using spambots bots for hilarious purposes? Are there spambots that learn and act…[View]
67637392Why haven't you switched yet /g/?: >There is now a complete backup of all classic add-ons fr…[View]
67639439does this mean you want http://nno4uvs5a3dgzewp.onion/[View]
67638340Are there C graphic compilers for iPhone?[View]
67629966According to scientists cell phone radiation could be linked to cancer and lower sperm count: What d…[View]
67640087Why are people freaking out about this?[View]
67640530Without an antivirus, how do you know that your Linux install doesn't have a mining trojan?: ht…[View]
67633801Why cant we all just use windows 10 and forget about the linux distributions shitshow that would wor…[View]
67631205You DO use Lua, right anon?[View]
67638575Lisps and Erlang are the only comfy languages.[View]
67640085What are the best laptops of 2019 going to be like?[View]
67631456Was it made intentionally bad?[View]
67639188Is it possible to restore a nandroid backup onto an emulator on a pc?: If not, what's the most …[View]
67639420Facebook Messenger: How do I get my family to stop using it? Everyday, more and more personal inform…[View]
67637286Testing: What's your excuse for not writing automated tests?[View]
67638377Linux installer now comes with adware scam: I thought it was safe?[View]
67638126How can I write a terminal 4chan dubs generator? How do post numbers work on 4chan? I want to be abl…[View]
67636148Let's talk about systemd why use it? why not?[View]
67636579Transitioning from MATLAB: Economics postgrad, I'm doing some stuff on algorithmic game theory,…[View]
67639909quiet keyboard: So im in the market for a brand new keyboard. Since I have a room mate I'd like…[View]
67640013-The Linux kernel replaces 'Code of Conflict' with 'Contributor Covenant Code of Conduct': https://g…[View]
67634019There's no technology comfier than teletext. You can't dispute this. You don't need a…[View]
67639916how do i motivate myself to learn programming, im always intrested really hard for couple of days an…[View]
67629096Excuse me, what the fuck[View]
67639673https://www.amazon.com/dp/B079B34R7G Going to buy this if I get the job tomorrow, should I? Reverb i…[View]
67639794Whats a good keypad with programmable keys? Id get the razer tartarus but I dont like gamer aestheti…[View]
67629558A discussion about the theft of the money that people would make from digital property which you cop…[View]
67639080Could there ever be a massive blackout that essentially deletes large amounts of data from the inter…[View]
67638599What's the difference between inverse and forward kinematics in video game physics engines? I u…[View]
67635645How will you keep it secure post-2020 EOL? Me personally? I will just install Norton and call it a d…[View]
67636359Why aren't you donating your empty cycles to science?[View]
67638642>he uses an old stained oily chinese plastic keyboard instead of an aluminium one Aluminium is th…[View]
67626739so, how can I become a hacker?[View]
67637219Torvalds apologized for his behavior! Is he dying? Is Linux over? https://lkml.org/lkml/2018/9/16/1…[View]

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