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65165902Identity Theft: I know and have seen people buying and selling IDs on the dark web. I’ve been worki…[View]
65165611How do chinese manufacturers manage to clone ics? I mean reverse engineering is one thing, but how d…[View]
65160809I have a MX518 that I love, but is pretty worn out after like a decade of use. Replacement skates f…[View]
65166581#whatever{ color: white !important;} >!important; >mfw …[View]
65166832What happened to /g/'s Netrunner browser? I need it NOW.[View]
65165579whats the ublock filter string to get rid of this?[View]
65166778Is Windows 10 security on par with Ubuntu's? Also, some gramps from /g/ dropped this in /biz/ w…[View]
65166718Did you install Ubuntu yet? The operating system ran by UK authorities through a proxy company calle…[View]
65166575does anyone know how to fix my compiler[View]
65158625What your committing 'policy'? How much do have to change your project to make it worthy of a commit…[View]
65153448Rust: Give me one good reason I shouldn't start using it[View]
65162842Does /g/ put the laptop in the fridge after long time use?: >cpu temperature is low >fan coole…[View]
65166593>buy new Android Phone that came with 8.0 Oreo >finish setting it up and leave unlocked >go…[View]
65166545What's the cheapest way to improve a shitty 4G reception ?[View]
65166602Hello fellow /g/-men. Basically I've been hired to be out of a building and count how many peop…[View]
65164413>he actually disregards software because of politics >He uses shit autismware for /g/ points …[View]
65166537Cell Processor: Was it a daring attempt at innovation or a complete trash fire waste of time? I reme…[View]
65166365UPNP SUCKS: >trying to stream movies from kodi (debian) to kodi (fire stick) >doesn't fuc…[View]
65166484How does one go about created a really nice network diagram? Best software?[View]
65165843Algorithms: I want to make it into the big companies and make the big bucks, and people tell me I ne…[View]
65165677Im looking for something like a potentiometer BUT it has to move back into a position over time. The…[View]
65162012I just bought this thing What should i do with it?[View]
65165194Aspect Ratio Discussion: Why is true Godmode 16:10 almost extinct?[View]
65166341pic related: any fans?: what do you have to say?[View]
65164489Grep: I want to search the pattern 'ab.*c' but the .* must be a fixed number of characters. How to g…[View]
65165459How fast is your Star Wars game /g/? Could you beat this guy?[View]
65166046Chrom* on Android: Chrome's background on Android will now make you blind! Enjoy (;[View]
65165642So since K&R is obsolete what's the best book on C that also mentions the new modern featur…[View]
65151921Why are Macs so damn comfy? Comfort levels are literally unreachable by anything else.[View]
65165884>mfw programming is merely acquired knowledge >mfw any dumb nigger that knows the alphabet can…[View]
65164229djikstra is idiot! who names themselves dj anything: If goto is so harmful how come nobody has ever …[View]
65166070NVIDIA: Will they announce new cards ? Or at GTC maybe ?[View]
65156543sup /g/ I just bought a 500gb External harddrive from Goodwill for $5. Is there any use for it? It…[View]
65165986ITT: we post comfy /g/ videos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tc4ROCJYbm0[View]
65163195First Rig vs Current Rig: Unfortunately I don't have a picture saved of my actual first rig so …[View]
65159576Does the T470 get the /g/ tick of approval? https://www3.lenovo.com/au/en/laptops/thinkpad/thinkpad-…[View]
65141435ITT: must read non-programming books for programmers[View]
65157003Microsoft Thread: Let's debate, Which version of windows is the best?[View]
65165729Not sure if I can ask here. I bought Xiaomi Mibook air 12.5 last year. It's great and all. The …[View]
65164681>use GNU/linux guys >i'm badass and cybuhpunk cuz i'm supporting this trivial cause …[View]
65165649so ive been thinking. I'm kinda getting sick with the technology. I have an apple MacBook and a…[View]
65159865/smt/ - Software Minimalism Thread: In /smt/, we discuss software minimalism. >What is software m…[View]
65162703bash is secretly i3[View]
65163109Dear javascript gods of /g/; Im trying to make a menu system where user should be able to jump to di…[View]
65165169okay bros you need to help me hack my grandmothers computer. dont worry the bitch deserves it. i kno…[View]
65160981Is devuan good? is there a better friendly alternative to non-systemd distro?[View]
65155082Can someone give me a quick rundown on why Australia's Internet access is so bad?[View]
65162914>When you're so afraid of death you kill yourself[View]
65162512CNY $68 (USD $8) SAS PCIE card Is this too good to be true I just want to add more SATA ports to my …[View]
65162700>install Linux >waste a whole hour hunting around for audio codecs and drivers in the kernel …[View]
65164976I have an empty mini PCIe (I think) slot on this Thinkpad X1 Carbon i7-4600u motherboard. I *hear* i…[View]
65164206iPhone: hola /g/ringos. have an iPhone 4s running 6.1.3. super fast, but fuckin limited in features.…[View]
65147057Which one?: I fucking hate Whatsapp, it's just cancerous. Telegram seems a lot better.[View]
65163687Anti virus anti malware software: What security measures does /g/ use to protect the shitposting PC…[View]
65164516Fucking Android is becoming another shit closed OS. You can't do a thing on it. You can't …[View]
65137861Is there anything more obnoxious than decorating your laptop with stickers?[View]
65161434PHP btfo Node.js: https://thinkmobiles.com/blog/php-vs-nodejs/ In every performance test, PHP destro…[View]
65165226>yfw prebuilts are cheaper because of cryptofags[View]
65165104Ω All are welcome here; the world is fucked and we are all in this together. ◙ Cypherpunk Manifesto …[View]
65144600FUCK this piece of shit OS and DE. 'KDE Neon is stable, KDE Neon is great'. WRONG. BUG-FILLED, AND T…[View]
65160290Drinks while Computing: What is /g/'s choice of drink while browsing the Internet? I like a goo…[View]
65141998/spg/ - Smartphone General: If requesting purchasing advice, please provide your country and what ca…[View]
65165078>CSE class (Java programming) >just got my grade back >1.2 gpa >mfw…[View]
65164678Are you for or against creating humanlike robots for social aspects? Creating better robots for manu…[View]
65164425>245 + 1773 >printers are still shit and overpriced How come?…[View]
65153188>mpv fags dont even bother to release a simple GUI for their secret club niche player…[View]
65164538>IOS gets the job done I wouldn't use Android if you paid me[View]
65163227How will AI and quantum computers change the world?[View]
65164825Poorfag student here, need suggestions for a laptop. Old one has just about kicked the bucket and I…[View]
65151303/mpv/ - the /g/reatest media player: Wiki: https://github.com/mpv-player/mpv/wiki Manual: Stable: ht…[View]
65161569Jitsi: https://meet.jit.si It seems like nobody talks about this.[View]
65152367Am I the only one noticing how Dell Precisions are cheap as fuck for what you get on eBay? Are Preci…[View]
65164618What are your thoughts on this? https://puri.sm/shop/librem-5/ I hate the name - it reminds me of PR…[View]
65164494Copy paper: Paper is technology. What paper do you use to print your lewd images?[View]
65164467Okay, so I'm a neet but have a chance at a web developer job. I need to submit a couple of samp…[View]
65157428So, these guys at retrogame.club are apparently in works of an optimized PS2 bios for the Raspberry …[View]
65163316Which non-Play Store APK sites are safe to download from?[View]
65164393Why would a programmer who loves programming use a closed sourcr, proprietary and freedom denying te…[View]
65153289Post your favorite or most used cli commands: >which[View]
65159873PS4 emulator: Didn't people say that it would be very easy as the processor and the video card …[View]
65164231Coc Thread - Post your Coc's, rate other CoC's: Post and rate Coc's from projects you…[View]
65164079adblock youtube/firefox: I need a reliable adblock for youtube/firefox. I'm a retard and I need…[View]
65141052Masturbation and Programming: Does anyone else masturbate furiously when trying to learn programming…[View]
65163314What would you consider the minimum thickness for a phone case to protect it from a knee height drop…[View]
65159022okay it's about time i stop fucking around with meme languages and learn something i'll ac…[View]
65152249Can we all agree that C++ is the ultimate swiss army knife of programming languages?[View]
65163015Linux archiving: MAKE ME A HOMEWORK[View]
65163968>questions asked on interview are made to hire even a braindead What's the catch?…[View]
65163578Why didn't they just make the octet range in ipv6 from 1-512 instead of 1-256. 4 billion possib…[View]
65160218infosec: good burner phones and burner phone protips?[View]
65163629Sup /g/, Recently I've started learning After Effects and I'm quite getting the hang o…[View]
65155948https://pastebin.com/h4aRup9i Pls rate my code. Is legible enough? Is shit? How do I improve it?[View]
65163773free encryptin tips: psot your little tuto about encryption data[View]
65160409Crt monitors: Are CRT monitors still ok to use in current year[View]
65159675Is there any way to get past sites with anti ad block on Android? Without root preferably.[View]
65162271>Cuck myself by installing windows 10 >Use DWS to get rid of updates and the most annoying shi…[View]
65163302Linux is an OS and the kernel is called 'The Linux kernel'. GNU is only a part (a big one, but still…[View]
65149642Since crypto is in a huge down trend mining wont be profitable soon meaning the market is going to b…[View]
65162609How much space do you have /g/? I have 5 4tb WD portables enroute to use while traveling while the …[View]
65162792>linux + base for server usage >developed by professionals actually really good >graphical …[View]
65160608what's the best mobile 4chan viewer?[View]
65098152/cyb/ + /sec/ Cyberpunk and Cybersecurity General: Ω All are welcome here; the world is fucked and w…[View]
65161994How to get a job as a programmer: Hey guys, I'm a poorfag and I am hungry for work that pays we…[View]
65158735Why are iPhone users so fucking stupid? They can make the next iPhone not take phone calls and reta…[View]
65158383>still no ryzen laptops[View]
65158295oneechan themes/4chan custom css?: I'd but my own, but it's just the tomorrow theme with a…[View]
65162803Need help at the terminal lads: I'm following the Computer Programming with GNU Smalltalk book.…[View]
65149431Ubuntu has decided it wants to get to know you a little bit better.: >Ubuntu has decided it wants…[View]
65162954God I fucking hate the GTK file select/save dialog, why does this shit still exists holy shit why ha…[View]
65162315Torrent General: Why does qBittorent run so much worse performance wise then uTorrent? Everywhere I …[View]
65162821Windows is ok. set path for your favorite applications and run them from the PowerShell plus you get…[View]
65162845Are open apps the cookies of phones: I heard that today from some random person and I think it'…[View]
65162431Is this a good way to measure decibel output from an android phone? I'm trying to figure out ho…[View]
65162756Has anyone else here every changed the dip switch on an ethernet card?[View]
65160735>every other company is copying iPhone X Is there no such thing as design patent in mobile indust…[View]
65161886oh no its back lets hope gorhill can patch it within 24 hours like last time and we dont need anothe…[View]
65155740Is it worth it /g/?[View]
65146889/tpg/ - ThinkPad General - pour one out for the poor overcharged bastards in Europe edition: Previou…[View]
65146437What the fuck does this do again?[View]
65161984Modular synthesizer thread[View]
65160053Should I get Ryzen 3 2200G for gaming without a discrete videocard?[View]
65162146Does a GNU Smalltalk installer for windows exist?: inb4 gentoo[View]
65162195Apple fucking sucks.: Apple products are fucking overpriced garbage. I got a top-spec MacBook Pro fr…[View]
65162547Does /g/ approves this Japanese piece of clock technology?[View]
65160155/hard/ - Hardware General #8: 'Nice Board' Edition >What is hardware general? Hardware general is…[View]
65161282Have one of these, what's a good lightweight laptop to pair with this so I can throw my full AT…[View]
65159164Does wifi pose health risks?: From what I've read, the consensus seems to be 'no', bu…[View]
65161787is using a phone ring when you're a guy gay?[View]
65162415>forth thred >https://www.forth.com/starting-forth/1-forth-stacks-dictionary/ >skip chapter…[View]
65162413Best reference book for JavaFX? I just prefer books; easier on the eyes.[View]
65155089Bought a used MBP (2011) for $500: >https://support.apple.com/kb/SP619?locale=en_US So how badly …[View]
65162306AI: Will AI surpass and destroy us /G/? Or just be the new Siri?[View]
65160969since google fucked me over what do you guys recommend as a good email service or any way to transfe…[View]
65155416if i already have windows 10, but i want qubes to be my main OS and use windows for gaming, how do i…[View]
65158552so how is AMD getting on with fixing those security issues?[View]
65160859hey /g/ is apple ecosystem a meme or should I just stick with Fedora on thinkpads/lineage is it actu…[View]
65163394/vape general/: The retarded spam filter thought my well formulated post was spam. After many attemp…[View]
65159161What's the name of the font on this pic?[View]
65160397Are Thinkpads worthless?: What is the appeal of a thinkpad? I have a T500 and have absolutely no clu…[View]
65152106/sqt/ Stupid Questions Thread: Post your questions here >Linux related >>>/g/linux Read …[View]
65149314I'm tired of non-unix systems like Winshit, it's pig disgusting, and I'm tired of Lin…[View]
65161733Films women will never understand[View]
65161218/g/, what's the worst thing you can do with an aerosol can? Because I'm not sure if anyone…[View]
65152365The state of KDE: What is wrong with this shit?[View]
65161701HP EliteBooks with dedicated GPU: Does anyone know if HP makes any EliteBooks with dedicated Nvidia …[View]
65161659DistroTube just shat all over RMS!: DistroTube just shat all over St. IGNUscius in this video ( http…[View]
65161582Moniters: I'm thinking of getting a 1280 by 1024 moniter but a lot of the options I'm seei…[View]
65159195Alright, find me a thinkpad in Canada for under $100 that isn't garbage[View]
65161503>Wanting to install Gentoo At the same time >Not wanting to install Gentoo…[View]
65148228/pcbg/ - PC Building General: >Assemble a part list https://pcpartpicker.com/ >Example gaming …[View]
65161232Brave Browser: Is this a meme or a real alternative to Firefox?[View]
65160684SSD performing way below expectations: I upgraded to a ssd and it underperfons. have try 'intel ssd …[View]
65159967>makes concurrency super easy all over your code: >easy to use >fast >easy concurrency …[View]
65156189/hpg/ - Headphone General: How to request purchase advice: http://pastebin.com/fYZLW7Ub For sub-$50 …[View]
65155878*randomly breaks your addon* heh, nothin personnel kid, now pay us money so we can preach about tran…[View]
65159687>java for some BS reason modify a fucking final const variable explain this BS.…[View]
65160827Are online certificate programs lie the micromaster from edX or the nanodegree from Udacity worth go…[View]
65160214Serious question: People are open with their illegal drug use on 4chan. Do they get caught? First, t…[View]
65156728>$16,000 >No better than a $300 speaker[View]
65160745Tech hurdles you had to overcome: >adhd[View]
65156462Isn't blockchain techonology a big thing? You can decentralize currency, the internet, computin…[View]
65159855Hey /g/, I've got a good bit of experience programming, but at the moment i'm rather proje…[View]
65136970>technology board >no distributed ledger technology thread Is it because you're all too d…[View]
65139637Ultrawide monitors: > masterrace 21:9 ratio So why don't you have one yet?…[View]
65151954What IDE does /g/ use?[View]
65148310What's the alternative to captchas?[View]
65148614>he bought a smartphone in 2018: >he didn't wait for the the only phone that cares about …[View]
65158451You know what /g/, you're okay.[View]
65160170Can't stop writing Fizz Buzz program.[View]
65142383Owning a mechanical keyboard is just as, if not infinitely more, retarded as being an audiophile. D…[View]
65144790>2018 >Using anything but FLAC >hard drive space is cheap >flash memory gets cheaper an…[View]
65160237If you had an idea for a great new social network app that would change the game and definitely be s…[View]
65158391What the fuck is mobile Firefox problem? It drains battery like crazy even if screen is of.[View]
65160022A level ict: Anyone here done A-level iCT? need some help ASAP[View]
65159432Ok /g/ I need a recommendation. I'm going to be going to college in the fall and I'm looki…[View]
65155436Is Chrome dead?: Juat look at this. They may as well disabled the screen entirely under the assumpti…[View]
65155984Phone charge cord resistance: Does anyone know what the fuck is happening? I a BLU phone from Amazon…[View]
65159944Will competitive programming be usefull for anything? I've been 3 semesters studying sistems en…[View]
65158795To emulate games can't we just create a virtual framework of the console then a compiler to fel…[View]
65155594What does /g/ recommend for the Android camera app section? Stock is usually very limiting[View]
65156701Alright /g/, what VPN are we using now? I've used PIA for a few years and it's been alrigh…[View]
65159077Haskell: Has making Haskell lazy (non-strict) a mistake?[View]
65140630Android Custom Rom General: Which Rom are you running on which phone? Running Carbon on my old Moto …[View]
65148680FFmpeg general - How to make good anime reaction webms edtion: What is FFmpeg? ffmpeg.org/about/html…[View]
65153407Ryzen 3 2200G: Hi /g/, can someone tell me which one of these is better and why? R3 2200G (CPU + Veg…[View]
65158642Are there any FOSS android apps that allow me access a shared folder on my windows machine? I'v…[View]
65157024/g/ need your help I'm a brainlet in pc so be easy okay? >hard drives was (cuz of the noise…[View]
65137513I'm trying vim to see what it's like but I don't understand the supposed efficiency g…[View]
65151306Orange pi: Hey, are u user of orange pi ? if yes, please post some amazing works that you did with …[View]
65158377https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/servicesagreement/upcoming.aspx >iv. Don’t publicly display or us…[View]
65156681Shill me on AMD.: Despite current RAM prices, it's time for me to upgrade my 2012 gaming system…[View]
65159447ryzen 5 2400g and MOBO technical questions: It's more worth to buy a kit with Ryzen 5 2400g tha…[View]
65159051>run traceroute >the Internet route follows a strange back-and-forth pattern throughout the co…[View]
65150127Nvidia BTFO: nvidia hardware flaw discovered. sell your cards now.[View]
65156666Any good VPN for Linux that I can use to torrent with some privacy between me and my ISP? I don…[View]
65154299Why?: What was the reason to create alternative JSON with crappy syntax? Are the normies behind this…[View]
65159070Live web controllable Stephen Hawking bot: You can control this guy's internet controllable Ste…[View]
65154919So my Void Installation just broke, I tried reinstalling the open source graphic drivers but I can…[View]
65151196how long did it take you to learn programming and linux? i want to ditch Windows forever and start c…[View]
65154075>firefox 59.0.1 fixed multiple vulnerabilities >update is nearly instant on Windows >only 5…[View]
65146746mg/ - Minimalism General: This is a general for discussing software minimalism and minimal software.…[View]
65158641uMatrix: >[Status: experimental] A new button ('puzzle' peice icon) is available in the popup pan…[View]
65148782Pajeet here. programming hard for everyone. it really sucks that we get more heavily criticized for …[View]
65154863>buy a professional grade monitor with 100% adobe rgb, 10-bit color, ebin accuracy >do your ph…[View]
65156198Now that Deezloader is dead, where do you get your flacs from /g/?[View]
65156384How do I create my own programming language?[View]
65158866DONT BUY ASRock AB350m Pro-4: http://www.tomshardware.com/answers/id-3535484/asrock-ab350m-pro-freez…[View]
65153103What's the best way to learn to program Artificial Intelligence? Is Siraj Raval a good teacher…[View]
65147472Now that crypto is dead, will we see GPU prices return to normal?[View]
65157615Please give me orders, anon-sama!: I recently tried learning programming on my own, and I want to kn…[View]
65158654Post home screen, and link wallpaper. https://www.artstation.com/aenamiart[View]
65156643Been offered a graduate position for pic related, pay is good. Redpill me /g/ Will I become unemploy…[View]
65153313/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: What are you working on, /g/? Previous thread: >>65144332…[View]
65151948Is a physical keyboard even good if the keys are that small?[View]
65153541Why are linux distros such garbage?: Specifically for desktop/laptop usage. Nothing ever just werks.…[View]
65147844/wt/ Watch Thread, Windy Swatch Edition: This thread is about the appreciation of non-shitter horolo…[View]
65155713Linux accessibility: I'm a student using windows for day-to-day activities. I'm looking to…[View]
65155911Looking to invest in AM4 platform: ..but it seems like there's no good B350/X370 mATX boards. N…[View]
65156129VPNs: Why aren't you running your own VPN server? It's fairly easy to set one up on a VPS,…[View]
65155736How much should 10k daily users generate in ad revenue. Any other people with decent traffic with ex…[View]
65156067Are EMPs real? If they are, how mainstream are they? >An electromagnetic pulse (EMP), also someti…[View]
65155209army, drone: Irresponsible drone videos are analyzed by the army or is this a misconception? https:/…[View]
65157466News: I just lost my old bookmarks file so I'm starting all over. What are your best sources fo…[View]
65144914Waffle makers are technically technology. I am looking for a /g/ approved waffle maker. Any suggesti…[View]
65157497What's up with google: >remember an exact phrase from somewhere >search it in quotes …[View]
65150470I seriously miss the good ole days of Windows 7. Windows XP was good but did have some issues, Windo…[View]
65154900>he doesn't back up AppData[View]
65152974Why do people hate phone posters? I can't browse /g/ as much as I used to (not near a computer …[View]
65157308File Systems Non-Sense (FSNS): Ok /g/ why Linux, M$, IBM & Apple doesn't work together on a…[View]
65156891HOLYSHIT THIS IS CANCER TRIED EVERYTHING TO UNINSTALL: RIVATUNER is like cancer for your computer. T…[View]
65153698I want some kind of electonic notebook/organizer. Should I buy used Palm or there's some modern…[View]
65155002What specs are the sweet spot spec-wise for buying a monitor? I want the best bang for my buck in te…[View]
65156204Can you guys stop being freaks and just talk about normal technology? Please stop talking about stu…[View]
65151696Why is everybody on this Board bitching about something.[View]
65157152Why do people like mechanical keyboards?: I own a cheap 10 dollar keyboard, just because, what'…[View]
65156574Open sores is amateur hobbyist shit: No wonder open sores doesn't even have a decent alternativ…[View]
65152517X220 of T460? What are some pro/cons to take into consideration? Pic somewhat related.[View]
65157125Mailcow: My fucking god. I'm trying to install Mailcow on my (sub)domain, while having a Nextcl…[View]
65156306Discord: Pleb here. Every time I use dicord my mic sounds like ass. I'm new to dicord and don…[View]
65155166Mid-level software dev, losing hope: /g/-/g/-/g/uys... It's been almost a year of looking, and …[View]
65155030Admit it, Microsoft went to shit after Bill Gates left[View]
65154927Thoughts?: >I may make jokes about Microsoft at times, but at the same time, I think the Microsof…[View]
65152267Browsers and RAM!!!!!!: WTF /g/ seriously WTF! So I have a dedicated computer for internet use. 16Gi…[View]
65140861>Windows 95 UI has more features than GNOME 3 23 years later Amazing.[View]
65156025I bet you virgins don't even have a conversation going with Richard Stallman[View]
65151415What's your favorite laptop and why?[View]
65154267Are computers less interesting by themselves?: I was watching some old computer ads earlier, and one…[View]
65128114/ptg/ Private Turds General: Don't you fuckin'.... MY /ptg/S!! DON'T!! Old:>>65…[View]
65154619What is the best book to learn Python with?: Hi all, I'm not very smart and I struggle to sit f…[View]
65152466Reminder to use Chocolatey Chocolatey is a package manager for Windows If you use it it will gain po…[View]
65156031Hey /g/, I wanna talk about this absolute mad piece of shit that I'm stuck with, the shittiest …[View]
65148112/hpg/ - Headphone General: How to request purchase advice: http://pastebin.com/fYZLW7Ub For sub-$50 …[View]
65153786Why haven't you installed gentoo yet ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VjGSMUep6_4[View]
65154304Anybody else feel like VW engineers who hacked emissions tests were badasses?: The US powers that be…[View]
65154547Everyday I see people complaining that they can't escape the botnet because their friends are i…[View]
65149848>anon doesn't know how to upload webms longer than 2 minutes Computer repair shop business i…[View]
65155087A Bullshit Pale Meme: not omlt idealogically possessed and force their politics, they are still pull…[View]
65152935WEBSHITS BTFO: WASM/XAML in the browser.: Golden age of web development is coming soon. Proof of con…[View]
65152104ITT we post /g/ approved insults. I'll start. If you were a method in C, you would be fgets! (G…[View]
65139972Imagine being Mozilla in 2018[View]
65154724Fan-made ad for Windows 10, tell me what you think about it[View]
65153328What's that supposed to mean? (browser = chromium)[View]
65155398>windows 10 taskbar froze AGAIN[View]
65155252Anon how the hell you install kde without installing the entire kubuntu package in n00buntu?[View]
65130724Just bought a 4k tv. I usually only watch 1080p downloads. What are the best movies that must be wat…[View]
65154935TV add-on?: So I bought this TV recently, I thought it was a good deal but I didn't realize I c…[View]
65154466Is getting a 1080p 34-35' ultrawidescreen monitor a bad idea? I'm concerned it would be in swee…[View]
65154953How do i hide my birthday from facebook? I don't want to receive happy b-day messages.[View]
65152642What are some bullcrap linux programs that I could work on and make them better. I am not experience…[View]
65154081how can i learn this language?: As a brainlet, how/where can I learn this language? I know a bit of …[View]
65153775>Androids are phones >Hoverboards have wheels >Graphics cards are used to make pretend mone…[View]
65153276ITT: minimalistic technology[View]
65148662/pmOS/- postmarket general: > What is Postmarket OS? Postmarket OS is a 200 day old linux distrib…[View]
65135707Is this considered OK in 2018??: I swear Australia is still in the early 2000's with internet t…[View]
65152740Social Media: Hi /g/, What do you guys think of social media?[View]
65139004The absolute state of Y combinator 'start a startup' fags. HAHAHAHA.[View]
65153910Why does the USA use the archaic 120 voltage? Is it because the wiring is too old to support 220?[View]
65154663All of the other developers on my team quit because of the dev lead on Friday. wat do? A) depose the…[View]
65154271>tfw using functional programming in my code trully ahead of anything pajeets writing POO can mak…[View]
65152680Daily reminder mainstream linux distros are botnet like (or worse) than windows https://www.linuxmi…[View]
65152769i3 pop-up command menu: i3 is unusable without a pop-up menu of commands. i3 devs: hint, hint.…[View]
65151358Have you disabled your browser's cryptomining feature yet, /g/?[View]
65150051Is there an Linux distro that doesn't feel like it was put together with duct tape and wood scr…[View]
65153560Everything is now Open Source.: Hi guys, i found out that really everything is open source. For exam…[View]
65127923/wdg/ - Web Development General: Memories of 2006 edition Previous Thread: >>65104989 >Free…[View]
65153212What do you use instead of this thing? I'm sick and tired they did not include gapless playback…[View]
65153041Yo, someone should create a '.kek' domain!! Like '.com', '.org', '.gov' etc. What do you /g/uys thin…[View]
65150323If there are security flaws in the CPU, then just don't store your porn there? Put it on a usb …[View]
65153194Is checking new disks before using them still a thing or can you just look at the SMART data?[View]
65153519>fell for the kaby lake meme (7200u laptop) >kaby lake refresh comes out >'lmao bet it…[View]
65152388I need to become a computer science wiz in 3 days.[View]
65145590meme software: >hold on a sec let me just trash your HDDs with random forced checking.…[View]
65152920What's some Linux bloat /g/? Things I should remove from my new OS.[View]
65153045Sexbots is tech. Do you think alien-like sex robots will solve the uncanny valley problem?[View]
65151505>when you finally learn that functional programming is the final redpill pure functions are like …[View]
65136268What's in her hand?[View]
65144332/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: What are you working on, /g/? Previous thread: >>65139694…[View]
65152964Can't install free distros: RMS approved distros don't work on my laptop as it has no free…[View]
65148089Does /g/ approves this Japanese piece of clock technology?[View]
65143872IT'S FUCKING HAPPENING: >Windows 10 adds support for HEIF (which halves size compared to JPG…[View]
65140945IT'S HABBENING /G/ https://www.ebay.com/itm/123026501477 THEY'RE DROPPIN IN PRICE[View]
65150650Xiaomi Mi A1: I've been using it for the past couple of days, and I love it! Mine came with a s…[View]
65152243What's the best software to play HD videos with TrueHD audio?[View]
65150538Best laptop for long battery life and performance?[View]
65147520The botnet arrived to the open source community systemd, freedesktop, firefox, even linux... At leas…[View]
65151760>He has a 16:9 screen The state of you faggots.[View]
65149186>not using Void Linux with plasma desktop are you literally retarded /g/?…[View]
65150669>Be me >Long time arch linux user >i3 >Get tired of my ocd for pixel perfect i3bar and o…[View]
65152784>mixed reality viewer >connect >cortana Can microsoft fuck off with these unremovable apps …[View]
65151279Let's make fun of Javascript fans and lovers, or users in general. Drop your flaming memes, jok…[View]
65151477Let's be honest here, why do you all even use Linux when Windows can do everything and more.[View]
65152201Geek Squad caught giving over your personal data to the Feds: But then you never did trust anything …[View]
65152132Now that ETH is heading to $0, when can we expect for GPUs to flood the market ?[View]
65136739Post a perfect phone that you just want updated specs on.[View]
65150200>He's a corelet laughingwhores.jpeg[View]
65150474My brother is working in another country. He was having problems with Windows 10 at every update and…[View]
65145572Are you free /g/?[View]
65152137W.. what is l.. linux /g/?[View]
65146991post your essential android apps that don't require root. troll posts will be ignored[View]
65152425How do people program an AI? How do AIs 'learn'? Surely they do not write themselves. I'm not j…[View]
65152500Does /g/ use SSD with Linux? Is trim necessary? What exactly does it do? I am using Void, can I just…[View]
65148485/GAI/ fingerprinting: >The Great Anonymous Initiative Anonymous Unite! If we all agree on a brows…[View]
65151173>install heads from devuan >first start, no wifi drivers, because it's blob free >tor …[View]
65151188What's your opinion on Alpine OS?: Its really small with 8 mb and dont have systemd and isn…[View]
65151403Why does android have to be so FUCKING TERRIBLE AND UNSTABLE? What's the point in haveing a pho…[View]
65136461CTS is a confirmed scammer scum: http://seekingalpha.com/article/4157242-amd-cts-labs-story-failed-s…[View]
65149231Windows PowerShell is better than faggy BASH. prove me wrong. protip: you cant[View]
65152396FLSTUDIO PLUGIN: free download for NEWTONE for fl studio?[View]
65152217Anyone else majoring in CS but bored to high hell of programming?[View]
65151936>study computer science >failed few times >grow balls to start study >no specialization …[View]
65146274Book thread plz.: Da?[View]
65152228wondering if you guys know why google's captcha service is so widespread now? It seems everywhe…[View]
65150218Why does /g/ hate video games so much?[View]
65143174Internet Anonymity Should Be Banned: I support making internet anonymity a crime. Any site that allo…[View]
65151305Why isn't there a single flagship Linux distro It used to be Ubuntu but Ubuntu just sucks in th…[View]
65129516/bst/ - Battlestation Thread: no homo edition. old thread >>65099815[View]
65151220Hello /g/uys I have a question for you. I have a AMD A10 7800 desktop APU and there are no specific …[View]
65150989whats the difference[View]
65150236rolling release: >use a stable distro(e.g. debian/ubuntu) >rent/buy/whatever a VPS >set up …[View]
65141642/sqt/ - Stupid Questions Thread[View]
65150869https://fossbytes.com/zorin-os-12-3-linux-download-features/ Windows is dead, pay S to spit on its g…[View]
65149158plan9: is it meme? does anyone use it for daily work?[View]
65142826F-DROID / APPS: Got my hands on a free LGG3. What are some essential android apps you recommend? Als…[View]
65149876If you think you're so fucking smart why won't you go ahead and fix this already? This is …[View]
65151105Is there any way available to return to the old youtube layout? Like with cookie editing or somethin…[View]
65145678recursion useless according to /v/: So /v/ was telling me that recursion is just a useless meme with…[View]
65148586Is this the ThinkPad of ThinkPads?[View]
6515147821/3/17 9 PM +12 AMD new apu lineup for laptops dedicated cpu line for soldered motherboards[View]
65151295Is Telegram Global Search completely fucked?: Been searching for the answer everywhere, but nobody i…[View]
65150678I am planning on updating my old PC but I do not want to go all out at once but build it part by par…[View]
65143376>His shell script only works with bash[View]
65151168windows: Ive been using windows 10 for about a year now and i like it but i really miss windows 7, t…[View]
65152154>one problem with /g/ >how to fix it[View]
65149852Is this chinkpad any good?[View]
65146936>tfw the shit you programmed should not work but turns out it actually does[View]
65150935What are some must have build.prop tweaks you use?[View]
6514914593% of employed software developers are man: Ugh. This is completely unacceptable. How do we fix thi…[View]
65150534does windows 10 have a handle limit? if so can we remove it and would that hurt anything for those o…[View]
65144392thoughts on waterfox? im using seamonkey but addons compatibility is being an ass recently so I real…[View]
65142049am I an idiot for thinking their shit looks ok?[View]
65149910Old ipad: So I have an old ipad which is pretty slow at times, I would like any advices on making it…[View]
65148962Show off your data usage and hard drives /g/[View]
65144459Whats the best programming project you have done? AKA, what are you proud of?[View]
65147183How do we end the electronic voting fad?[View]
65119181Post valid logically good reasons why you pirate /g/ Face it, you're in poverty and poor as sh…[View]
65144887Just switched from chrome to firefox. Best decision I've ever made, is this what freedom feels …[View]
65135931Are modular synthesizers allowed here?[View]
65146685Why is this taking so long to port to GTK 3? it's literally the only GTK 2 app I still have ins…[View]
65149153retard here. was reading stallman's site and I read: >I skimmed documentation of Python afte…[View]
65140986P = U * I * 1,73 * cosPhi[View]
65146499Can we talk web building? What sort of skills do i need to be a professional we builder? Also whats …[View]
65149164>wronged years ago by another programmer >still angry about it >even today i wrestle with t…[View]
65147780Who is captain zak?: And why two laptops in a moving vehicle? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pLty-2…[View]
65149890>private.tracker.movie.1080p >80gb >public.tracker.movie.1080p >5gb…[View]
65139076Apple hits a new low: Their adverts are now showing iOS bugs and nobody working at Apple even notice…[View]
65148459>Turn on my windows 10 gaming rig >Discord starts >Spotify >Steam starts >Open up Chr…[View]
65146694going to install debian along with windows 10,wish me luck tips and recommendations are welcome inb4…[View]
65148086Rss apps for android; any of note? I had been using spaRSS from f-droid. But I have encountered an i…[View]
65149155terminal or git client: What do you prefer? Also what is the hands on best git client not necessaril…[View]
65149961>Windows update bricks windows >Have had enough of this shit >DownloadXubuntu.tar.gz >In…[View]
65149758Reliable HDD's: Can we talk about hard drives? Recently my laptop HDD started acting up, basica…[View]
65145399What is the ThinkPad of smartphones?[View]
6514883540Gb hard drive alias THE HAMMER: https://webmshare.com/vP3w3[View]
65147513Proprietary Software: /g/, what are some proprietary programs that are actually good? I'll sta…[View]
65143706>Gaming on Linux[View]
65144547Hello /g/ sorry but there is no computer advice thread right now so I'll just ask you directly …[View]
65149583Speccy thread Clusterfuck edition[View]
65149618Can someone help me with this simple c++ code problem? What is the output of the following program s…[View]
65148177Cheap video editing software: Hey g I'm wondering some cheap video editing software under 125 U…[View]
65146491KDE Wallet: I'm making the switch to KDE. Is there a way I don't have to get prompted for …[View]
65149167Hey tech dudes. So I got this little monitor from goodwill a while back and it's just been chil…[View]
65148337Mini PC thread anyone?[View]
65148937Hi guys, I've been thinking about getting my monitors replaced but not sure what type of monito…[View]
65148730bash is secretly tiling wm[View]
65142054>All your ram are belong to me[View]
65148129instead of posting bait and shitposting why don't you start a botnet free guide to distros, sof…[View]
65149274>bridge collapses >almost every captcha is now a bridge Is the botnet fucking with infrastruct…[View]
65130020/mkg/ - Waifu Edition >Mech enthusiast starter edition https://imgur.com/a/G6rOk >Buyer's…[View]
65148954Are Copperheado's mobile phones so securely encrypted that they can't be cracked by police…[View]
65144575GNOME and Fedora pretty comfy /g/: So I just installed Fedora Workstation on my MacBook Pro (got fru…[View]
65147814>I buy AMD hardware[View]
65144915Am I living on the edge with RAID5 for 4 drives?[View]
65148871What's wrong with systemd? Why do you all seem to hate it? I don't care about the google d…[View]
65129027Why does /g/ hate him? I think he's pretty entertaining.[View]
65133286/fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread: previous thread >>65105053 → /fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux T…[View]
65147459Should I learn Julia? Do any of these fucking languages have a use? like D or some shit[View]
65148936>wangblows sucks at serv...[View]
65148890Pu rism laptops: >security-focused laptops for everyone >among the developers there are women …[View]
65147536THEY'RE AFTER OUR HARDWARE: https://www.salon.com/2013/10/08/nsa%E2%80%99s_hardware_backdoors_m…[View]
65144384Best android browser?: What's the best android browser? I want one that doesn't spy/track …[View]
65147040DUDE You're getting a Dell How do you purpose a machine they gift you but you have no use for?[View]
65147986Would the RX 580 be a good card to get at this point in time?[View]
65145741Is there something I can do if I don't want to pay 300 dollars on a trackpoint on a keyboard? B…[View]
65141018Volta GPUs when?[View]
65148242Steam Cleaner: Anyone buy one of these? Supposedly it makes cleaning really easy[View]
65145532Is this the thinkpad of laptops?[View]
65144678Why does no one copy apples good ideas but have no problem copying there bad ones >large and accu…[View]
65117922women can't progra-[View]
65141670/hpg/ - Headphone General: How to request purchase advice: http://pastebin.com/fYZLW7Ub For sub-$50 …[View]
65148132Apple invented something happened.[View]
65145783Network+ Study Group: Lets have a COMPTIA network+ study group https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list…[View]
65142725Moto g5 plus: I thought this phone was supposed to have great battery life mine gets drained soo fas…[View]
65135419ITT: your favourite monospace fonts[View]
65147683Is there anything chromium based without botnet?[View]
65147389Why are you not taking part in the compute like it's 1989 30 day challenge /g/ https://www.yout…[View]
65142185repeaters: Hey there /g/ I'm in need of some advice or suggestions I'm a college student, …[View]
65142841What language to learn for general programming?: Sup /g/, programming newfag, want to finally learn …[View]
65146850How do we educate normies on technology so they market stops catering to their ignorance?[View]
65146996Power supply always on: I recently got a new video card and needed a PSU upgrade so my friend loaned…[View]
65147759>root phone a long time ago with kingoroot mobile >deroot phone via its apps >uninstall app…[View]
65144052>2017+1 >Still can't have an anime AI waifu on my Linux desktop What the heck bros. It…[View]
65147585/ipg/ - Interview Prep General: I'm gonna start this and hope it goes off. General thread for …[View]
65141253/wt/ Watch Thread: This thread is about the appreciation of non-shitter horology, as well as the mic…[View]
65146132Samsung Galaxy S9: Just bought the new S9. First time owning a samsung. Previously have exclusively …[View]
65145586>go to Best Buy >the shiny new 4k TVs on display >so sharp you can see the pimples on peopl…[View]
65144512If he were that good, he'd've started a business and/or applied for a couple of patents.[View]
65147457So this is how NVidia was able to make the 1070 faster than Titan: https://youtu.be/HRhm4aGNI3o[View]
65145474So I know that this sort of look is very popular, but do any of you have stuff that looks good? What…[View]
65147050is this a meme or is it the dream?[View]
65143277I used to be able to robocopy and mklink all my user folder to my HDD and away from my SSD. http://b…[View]
65119546SEC opens investigation into suspicious short selling activities of AMD shares: R.I.P. kikes[View]
65136575You have 1 minute to tell me why you haven't rooted your phone yet[View]
65146028Do they have any future? It's only a matter of time people get bored with their forced updates.…[View]
65144562how comprehensive is this: new to privacy shit[View]
65143657Text files: What does /g/ think of text files as a way of spreading information and documents? Stil…[View]
65128210/pcbg/ - PC Building General /g/ hates this thread edition: >Assemble a part list https://pcpartp…[View]
65143731/mpv/ - is haasn/madshi dead?[View]
65146565>be me >be systems technician >client has us deploy a new system for their all their gear …[View]
65145310>Progress bar says 100% complete[View]
65141333>linus just works[View]
65140816Internet Radio: Iv recently been getting into listening to obscure internet radio shows and have fou…[View]
65121100/tpg/ - ThinkPad General: If you're looking for purchase advice, state your budget and requirem…[View]
65126447Guys, what skills are most desired on IT market?[View]
65144197Best android music player? I just got a Moto Z2 Play as a gift, i've always used poweramp but i…[View]
65138390S9 Already running a fully working AOSP build thanks to Project Treble: https://www.xda-developers.c…[View]
65137444Post your top-10 failed ssh login origins and your location 1465 France 341 India 79 Vie…[View]
65141426how i remove this this? My friend sold me his old iPhone but cannot get it off[View]
65139421>update winshit >page faults >system is bricked. Windows 10 is free only if your time is fr…[View]
65143269Where do you even find an .iso for Windows 10 Enterprise? You can only download evaluation from Micr…[View]
65144809Your typical Windows user in 2018.[View]
65144304How do you design an UI like this?: Is it doable with qt?[View]
65146366Speccy Thread?[View]
65145603>iPhone >iPhone 3G/3Gs >iPhone 4/4s >iPhone5/5s >iPhone 6/6s/plus >iPhone 7/7s/plu…[View]
65132090The /ez/ programming thread: This thread is for all of the new programmers, who can't tackle ve…[View]
65146033>SwiftKey in charge of not leaking user data[View]
65145601How the fuck do I enable the cronjob daemon to start at boot in Void? I installed dcron but I am not…[View]
65138691SAMSHITS BTFO: http://bgr.com/2018/03/16/galaxy-s9-vs-iphone-x-comparison-specs-screen-size-dammit/a…[View]
65146118Gnome and KDE: Why can't I stop using Gnome? I know KDE Plasma is the technically superior DE. …[View]
65144529Google Chrome Canary and Chromium now integrate with Windows 10's Action Center. chrome://flags…[View]
65143760/pmp/ Personal Music Player general: /pmp/ personal music player general iPod Classic edition This t…[View]
65120923Forth: >Just what it is Forth? Forth is an extremely fast, extensive and memory efficient stack b…[View]
65144671>it would be extremely powerful >youre a big server >4U…[View]
65139474Let's settle this.: In this thread we try to find the perfect secure messenger for us. The winn…[View]
65145986can i restore a partition backup to the same hard drive that the backup is on if both of them are th…[View]
65141814Windows XP: Is this the most based operating system? >no botnet >light as fuck, can literally …[View]
65145770What keyboards does /g/ use on their phones? I'm looking for a new replacement for the one that…[View]
65145906I get horrible afterimage effect after a few quick seconds when trying to read light text over a bla…[View]
65142321So why are you still using social media? Desu[View]
65135563Post your phone upgrade history. Siemens C35 -> Sony Ericsson T610-> Sony Ericsson k300i ->…[View]
65138175Does /g/ repair xeir own electronics?[View]
65142884I never tried, but is it possible to talk on your phone in your car while driving with the phone sit…[View]
65142229What went wrong?: “Most people want their computer to be like their TV set: you buy it, plug it in, …[View]
65137322Windows 10 Pro Windows 10 LTSB Windows 10 Enterprise Windows 10 Education Which one does /g/ recomm…[View]
65145455There is no better audio media player than Winamp 5.666 You cannot defy this logic.[View]
65145490Any advantage to qt web engine security wise over qt webkit?[View]
65135194Okay so are there ANY downsides to buying THIS? Intel Core i7-8700 NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080Ti 32 GB (…[View]
65134946What's so special about it ? Is it any good ?[View]
65144420Im going to buy a late 2012 MacBook Pro 13 (used) and throw an ssd and a copy of Windows 10 on it, t…[View]
65144080how fast can i destroy my processor[View]
65141473Upgrade help: I've got an i5-760 Should I wait for 8th gen?[View]
65132497Keep in mind that Unity games collect anonymous information.[View]
65144101Alright lads, I got cucked into grub bootloading. How do I make windows my primary bootloader and c…[View]
65137191Why do so many idiots buy brand new PC parts? Why not buy used parts? I can find used SSDs 250GB for…[View]
65144614In honor of old ireland today, let's talk about Shillelagh cryptography. Wikipedia doesn't…[View]
65139928privacy: how do i -or anyone else- preserve my privacy in an era where anyone with power over me is …[View]
65138562Can we have a thread about these fucking libraries and how they're destroying the web?[View]
65127096/smt/ - Software Minimalism Thread: In /smt/, we discuss software minimalism. >What is software m…[View]
65132723the ultimate battle: which one?[View]
65142249Hello /g/ I want to write some simple desktop cross-platform app I've tried electron and …[View]
65139668Is this a good laptop? Can I put Linux on it?[View]
65112337This is what the modern home computer could render in 2007. When will phone posters realize they are…[View]
65138548Is there a good keyboard that's: >NOT mechanical >wireless >compact >usable for gam…[View]
65140473Home storage: Hey /g/ I've decided to get home storage so I can store downloaded shit somewher…[View]
65143547Help with webhosting: Hi guys, I need help. Me and some other people I know are launching a portal f…[View]
65139694/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: What are you working on, /g/? Previous thread: >>65133707…[View]
65143344>hey dude Firecock is pretty safe and stable you just need a custom .js or remove every new priva…[View]
65139222I have wifi at work, but I don't want to use it because it uses your company ID as the login na…[View]
65141405Why do calendar programs suck so much ass? They're either an afterthought, tacked on to an emai…[View]
65141744Fecegook harvested 50 mil accounts with no consent or alert: http://wccftech.com/50-million-facebook…[View]
65141115Does anyone actually use or hear of ConfigServer Security & Firewall (csf)? I feel like a total …[View]
65143825anyone else getting redirected everytime they click on shit on this dumbass site? Is Hiro selling ou…[View]
65142011Is it worth to learn django in 2018?[View]
65143525What does your entertainment system look like /g/? This is mine but with a sony 1080 av reciever not…[View]
65137652>he has more than 700 packages[View]
65143816what are your favorite grease/tamper/violent monkey scripts?[View]
65143428How do I hide root access on Android without falling for the Magisk meme?[View]
65143197Black Panther Tech: How possible is the technology that was on display in Black Panther? Magnetic L…[View]
65141026New speccy thread. Go![View]
65142451I think I'm retarded: Why did I use to parrot that GUIs for software like ffmpeg were better. I…[View]
65133353Okay, so OOP failed royally with Java, I get that. But how did functional programming not also fail …[View]
65143027>2018 >still can't expand an array with an additional drive what the fuck are they even d…[View]
65133377/g/'s greatest ally.[View]
65141963>be code monkey at large company with great pay, great benefits, little pressure, better carreer …[View]
65137241/lsa/ - Linux Sucks Ass general: Linux is a /g/-meme, really Wanna know why people still use Windows…[View]
65137455Just found this old phone in my attic. How do I go about restoring it so I can use it as my daily?[View]
65143066AI waifu general: Looking for a good face for digital assistant i am prototyping in Python for the t…[View]
65142607What are some good books to learn SQL?[View]
65141792What does /g/ think about quantum computers? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pKLEiDIF0NM https://www…[View]
65137090>enterprise-grade code[View]
65142304How did Adrian Lamo (hacker who snitched on Bradley Manning) die? My guess is suffocation from sucki…[View]
65142795Subjects Of Interest Regarding COMSEC: Hello, I'm a young person who has been interested in and…[View]
65139236Riot chat client: What is your experience with Riot? Is it worth switching to it? Currently using Di…[View]
65142782>cleaning insides of the mouse after another couple years of use[View]
65138000>limit upload speed = 5 >delete torrent after completion >shut down client after completion…[View]
65141982How do I learn to program in python senpai?[View]
65137454if i visits someone's tumblr will my ISP see it as https://random-name123.tumblr.com/ or https:…[View]
65140500How bad will /fa/ggots ruin our precious space? https://www.kodewithklossy.com/[View]
65117537/csg/ Chink Shit General: In /csg/, we discuss the cheap shit you see on Gearbest, Taobao, AliExpres…[View]
65140774/hard/ - Hardware General #7: 'Embedded' Edition >What is hardware general? Hardware general is a…[View]
65142118>tfw using GNU emacs[View]
65142388graph databases: anyone experience with graphs?[View]
65142367Hey /g/, bought me this Asus G551j for 500 usd (third world country so it was cheap, they usually go…[View]
65102045'The Next Steve Jobs' charged with $700m fraud: >Elizabeth Holmes, a Stanford University dropout …[View]
65141319Why are Chinese people so into BBS nowadays?[View]
65142259*inhales deeply*[View]
65134507What Distro is best for gaming?[View]
65128181EU wants to require platforms to filter uploaded content (including code): >The EU is considering…[View]
65142114What are some /g/ approved books?[View]
65142013Does /g/ approves this Japanese piece of clock technology?[View]
65132605whats /g/'s favorite non-computer related technology?[View]
65135430friendly *bsd thread /fbt/: Welcome to the friendly *bsd thread, discuss your favorite *bsd and help…[View]
65140263I republished an android 4chan reader app, Chan Blue, I wrote a few month ago in Kotlin: A few month…[View]
65139185Why does /g/ pimp so hard for i3? What is it good for? Why would anyone go through the effort to in…[View]
65141718computer information system: redpill me in CIS. Currently im in Business Administration but im not h…[View]
65141643Old tech: Post pictures of the great era[View]
65129946/hpg/ - Headphone General: How to request purchase advice: http://pastebin.com/fYZLW7Ub For sub-$50 …[View]
65141340I'm looking for a good cellphone with a high capacity battery, a good cam, until 5 inches . Any…[View]
65139981I need cheap tablet for mainly reading e-books and manga. What do you recommend? Max I can pay for o…[View]
65134214IPTV: Is IPTV worth getting than regular cable? What's a good service.[View]
65137163Daily reminder that if you like ANSI enter key you have a small penis.You should find other things t…[View]
65136082>award winning salary >travel the country providing support and maintenance to over 9,000 clie…[View]
65141292Parts: You may use the parts from a website sold through Jesus Christ, I. I learned this frfm instal…[View]
65140670This is how I've been seeing 4chan on my phone for the last few weeks. Have been busy so didn…[View]
65139317Can someone explain this please? Is he LARPing? Or is he intentionally fucking around[View]
65140929Anyone here have experience buying a refurbished phone on eBay? It says that there are seller refurb…[View]
65137487Post screenshots![View]
65127787What are essential Linux commands? I know sudo and pwd.[View]
65132043/wt/ Watch Thread, No Shitters Allowed Edition: This thread is about the appreciation of non-shitter…[View]
65140806What would the Web be like if it was redesigned from the ground up today?[View]
65139069Help me /g/! This is my external drive, Samsung Story 1.5TB and it's working clonky since a few…[View]
65132279/sqt/ - Stupid Questions Thread[View]
65133069Election Hacking: Did the Russians actually do it /g/?[View]
65140866Are these coding languages enough to land me a job?: Hey, guys, so here's what's going on.…[View]
65137613>he doesn't writes his documents with LaTeX[View]
65140089What is /g/'s opinion on the current state of the TV industry? Are they all botnet? Is there an…[View]
65135426I had a package shipped to my house 3 months ago, for an old tenant who has not lived here for many …[View]
65140514Speaker problem.: My speakers just started acting up the other day for no reason or so I thought. I…[View]
65139472Just a reminder that if you use anything but RHEL or SuSE derivatives for your Linux system you…[View]
65138111What is the perfect phone, /g/? >~5.2' screen size >fingerprint reader on back >camera on p…[View]
65137778Is Google working on a new recaptcha? This one is fucking horrid[View]
65138329>his laptop weights more than 1.5kg/3 pounds[View]
65140588so im currently having a bit of an issue. My pc doesn't turn off without a force shutdown (this…[View]
65139139Im off to study Computer Science with AI at University in September Any general advice from anyone w…[View]
65137356Smart #199: My server smart program gave me this update: smart #199 - Advisory/degraded for one of m…[View]
65138436New Banner: OK so guys someone posted this banner on /x/ and asked if it contained a virus. Saving i…[View]
65140037T mobile Revvle Plus: Does any anons have this phone? it's literally the worst phone I've …[View]
65133601Coding Interview.: Can someone give me some coding interview questions? I wanna see how fucked I…[View]
65138189>buy open headphones >can hear my music in another room that's 15m away >can hear peop…[View]
65136386New PC: >be me >Want new pc >pay for K series Intel ™ >Hardware bug that renders my cpu …[View]
65139916stacy: > be me > retail wage slave at copy centre > female enters store > howcanihelpyou…[View]
65137828Just ended my web developer job. Can't take PHP and JavaScript anymore so I'm trying to p…[View]
65136111Push me to finally switch to GNU/Loonix: Hey /g/ soo i have been considering switching to Loonix on…[View]
65137780>absolute state microsoft software Explain to me how visual studio isn't the biggest pile of…[View]
65137500>2018 >nerds haven't made monster girls real yet…[View]
65139116Android Custom ROM LTE signal: Need some professional /g/ advice here. I've noticed that every …[View]
65140006What is this green symbol under Status in the task manager? it looks like a leaf but I couldn'…[View]
65138845>test new computer build outside of the computer case >dead silent >put it into computer ca…[View]
65108068Name a better programming language: You just can't. The functional programming community alone …[View]
65139788'Apple moves to store iCloud keys in China, raising human rights fears': Why is Apple doing this? ht…[View]
65120091/spg/ - Smartphone General: Resources: >Reviews, specs, comparisons http://www.gsmarena.com http:…[View]
65139837Do any neets here use pcsforpeople? For those that don't know about it, its an unlimited wirele…[View]
65139787For how long will different versions of Android be supported (= receive security updates)? I think g…[View]
65135384Has anyone here ever used TempleOS and if so, is it worth checking out in a virtual machine? The sto…[View]
65133707/dpt/ daily programming thread - Julia edition: /dpt/ Julia edition. Last thread: >>65127187 …[View]
65138291Linus BTFO at Auction: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cDZfh5IjGv8 Another e celeb got his youtube b…[View]
65132325Hey /g/. I'm currently in a web development camp that's 6 month long. Half way through my …[View]
65127609Dell XPS is the new Thinkpad.[View]
65137292Openbox hasn't been updated in 2 years so I'd probably use i3wm (or a similar program) ins…[View]
65135258*installs your gentoo* heh, nothing personnel kid[View]
65136650ACPI: Is it true? Does MS fuck with ACPI for Linux?[View]
65136455ITT: git drama Stumbled upon this today and it opened my eyes that some developer is just plain idio…[View]
65139114Anyone else studying Go around here?: The title says it all[View]
65138786>install gentoo >literally takes 2 days to emerge a web browser wtf is this garbage?…[View]
65135866I had an app idea: can someone make an open source antivirus that only pops up a notification at boo…[View]
65135475Fellas, what's really the matter with Windows? How can you all sit here and say Linux is so mu…[View]
65136223Ubuntu is the comfiest desktop environment: Bros, like many people here I fell for all your shitty m…[View]
65138430If you had to decide between keyword-based block syntax or indentation based one, which would you de…[View]
65134369How did chinese manage to make such beautiful disto?[View]
65133969on: the computer[View]
65138840Digital Health: What does /g/ think of the booming Digital Health field? Is it a viable career path?…[View]
65137996>h265 was introduced nearly half a decade ago >still not used name a bigger meme codec…[View]
65137385Hello /g/, you are the only trustworthy people on the internet and would never lie to me. So I ask …[View]
65138389Why is nothing happened in the GPU industry? Feels like we've been stuck at the same performanc…[View]
65138406>Either you sell your gaming brand to nvdia or you GTFO Where were you the day Nvidia decided to …[View]
65132242sup vir/g/ins, i reccently decided to make debian 9 'stretch' my single OS in my computer. So i am i…[View]
65138251Anyone know where I can get a spare cable like this one? I would prefer it with a hub, but I don…[View]
65138186BB speeds and transparent proxy: I tested my broadband speeds while connected to a Squid proxy in pf…[View]
65136389Could a sata controller card cause data corruption problems? Here's the series of events >Pu…[View]
65137880FLLOOEEEEEEEENS: whats the point in adding filters when its fucking useless I don't want to see…[View]
65093585/hard/ - Hardware General #6: 'I want to believe' Edition >What is hardware general? Hardware gen…[View]
65127810Daily reminder.[View]
65136645Why are you so worried about spying in Windows 10? What is the worst that could happen?[View]
65137694Mathmaseus Technology Group: Please confirm in I, anonymous. I will supply further concern around my…[View]
65136724What are the prerequisites for this book? Am I required to be familiar with Scheme specifically in o…[View]
65135160>tfw using cheat engine to hack stats in a game[View]
65136683Why are Windows 10 apps so buggy on PC? Like, resizing them causes problems, the UI doesn't upd…[View]
65110761apple shit: 'you don't pay for the performance, you pay for the experience' >$5000 for under…[View]
65130636>there's still Windows 95 code in Windows 10 winfags will defend this https://www.youtube.co…[View]
65137622Anyone here with an extensive knowledge of LCD repair? The display in my laptop turned white after I…[View]
65135083/pmp/ Personal Music Player general: /pmp/ personal music player general iPod Classic edition This t…[View]
65132901I miss 14.04 adware. Now they are including google and microsoft botnet on Ubuntu Really a shame sin…[View]
65136005Can you guys identify if this is an elaborate prank or not[View]
65129995why is windows 10 so fucking ugly?[View]
65137183My boss is getting fed up with Microsoft's licensing fees for Windows Server. He wants to buy R…[View]
65136372Chair General: Lets kick this off again List your: >Chair >How much it cost >How long you…[View]
65136669GSOC: https://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/Google_Summer_of_Code/2018/Ideas/Standalone_Gentoo_Chromebook Is …[View]
65137302 rape(A, Target, Start) -> Val = rape(A, Start), Target ! Val. rape([], Val) -> Val; rap…[View]
65137348/g/ is this acceptable for the i7 8700 non k?[View]
65135460souce code: wouldn't it be easier if I could view other people code? to read? to learn? where? …[View]
65135123Hi. I just got a new laptop and it's my first laptop with a SSD and a HD. It's nothing spe…[View]
65136009>I/O Error >I/O Error >I/O Error >I/O Error >stalled…[View]
65126970For mobile is actually pretty fucking good.[View]
65136049Are you running the GNOME operating system yet?: Post your favourite things about GNOME OS, or other…[View]
65135371how does one deal with this piece of shit[View]
65136371Is there any point to switching to Windows 10?: I just don’t see why anyone would want to switch to …[View]
65131830Do you have a smart TV, /g/? Is it connected to the internet? Also Pi-hole thread I guess.[View]
65134692Man I love this fucking board. Shitposting to no end pretending that we use Windows. That's eno…[View]
65136332Should i get the Acer Certified XF270HU or......[View]
65137508Soylent is technology. What does /g/ have against soylent?[View]
65134581I want to go back to XP[View]
65133173Are Google Pixelbook, Microsoft Surface and Apple Macbook the logical conclusion to computing?[View]
65134213Meanwhile in 2021[View]
65136484Tech malfunction - human catapult edition: >the absolute state of post soviet ski resorts 1: http…[View]
65135052>Poor people skills >Excellent dev/engineer skills >Get job >People keep coming around y…[View]
65135452If I watch the max performance of games, what OS to use?[View]
65109637Home screen thread.[View]
65136718Voicemail Only?: Sorry about this, I just can't find something that fits this: I'm lookin…[View]
65129829Does asymetrical RAM hurt performance? My laptop has 12GB RAM (4GB soldered, 8GB stick) and it feels…[View]
65136473Hi guys I've found an iPhone 8, and would like to return it. What options do I have? It's …[View]
65135144Does /g/ approves this Japanese piece of clock technology?[View]
65136419starting a programming competition rn: wish me luck guys >inb4 underage fag…[View]
65136269should I bother learning this or is it just a meme?[View]
65136436Have a few ideas for apps, since i have no idea how to code an app i just wanted your opinion on it,…[View]
65131745How does /g/ prefer their font rendering? Hinited? Unhinted? Only slightly hinited? Greyscale AA, or…[View]
65134930I have a total of 512gb of storage on my phone Wtf can I download to attempt to put a dent in it[View]
65125739Happy Birthday, Doctor Stallman Set us free, Stallman, set us free-ee-ee Happy Birthday, Doctor Stal…[View]
65135398Could you bit bang the parallel port for RS-232 serial? Even if at low speeds. I know serial commun…[View]
65118192What are you doing to help women in tech?[View]
65136324Do you sync anything between your laptop, tablet and desktop? What do you use each for? >eg. Shit…[View]
65133821What's the best webcam to get if you look ugly? I mean like, what's the best one I can get…[View]
65135706Reminder that google just deleted ~100 million geotagged photos gathered over the past decade after …[View]
65134883anyone ever able to fix this problem with an iPhone 5s?[View]
65133108I've been working at this company for a year now I'm in my late 20s New people get hired o…[View]
65135702Does anybody else here use Windows 10 just for Cortana? I get kinda lonely sometimes and her voice …[View]
65131834eXtern OS: >Proprietary GNU/Linux distribution >Powered by NW.js and NodeJS >Minimum of 4 G…[View]
65133396Need to obtain £30 worth of btc in UK: Hi have no i.d how the fuck do I get £30 of Btc to my wallet …[View]
65127797Programming music: ITT : Post music to listen to while programming[View]
65135423COMFY PROGRAMMING Q&A THREAD: math major who can't into c++ here. my first question is how …[View]
65131757Wat do. Am dumb.: Installing arch and after I reboot i try to download xorg-apps but pic related hap…[View]
65124564Happy Birthday![View]
65120905Oh my god, what is wrong with this man?[View]
65135479measuring programming skill: how do I prove that I'm better at programming than my friend? Is t…[View]
65123097make *.py files runnable: Hey /g/ I know this is a stupid question. Is there any way to make python …[View]
65135610Fellas, do you ever glance over at your computer case and get sexually aroused? >Be me >Just o…[View]
65134154What do you use to take notes, as personal knowledge repository? Google sheit, evernote etc is doubl…[View]
65135613Are there any good browser extensions to make youtube better for those with low-speed internet? I re…[View]
65130679Tech Police![View]
65135577https://www.paypal.com/ie/webapps/mpp/ua/third-parties-list You're not using Paypal, are you?…[View]
65134196I need a CPU that is cheap but gets its power from overclocking, I had an i56400 so anything better/…[View]
651355814chan encryption??: I want an encrypted/secure connection when i go to /pol/ or /b/ because i see an…[View]
65134988post your best ascii boobs, i'm stuck on a text only browser and i'm very horny[View]
65133379their shitty software keeps using 2gb of fucking ram no matter what i do. Is there any fix/ alterna…[View]
65134257Windows users of /g/ why haven't you set yourself free from both Microsoft and Windows to final…[View]
65135255it shouldn't be so fucking hard to put two images next to each other in linux. this is why the …[View]
65135273IT continuous learning: Lets play Mythbusters In programming how true is the idea that you you will …[View]
65134100Flashplayer: hey guys, I need help. I like being on /f/ but for some reason now i can't play th…[View]
65132855>remember really old windows game >realize I'm on linux right now >'nah, using wine wi…[View]
65133416Windows 10: What's the easiest way to pirate Windows 10? Need to troubleshoot shit with my Surf…[View]
65134138why has windows had an issue with a BLINKING TASKBAR for at least TEN YEARS now? you can even force …[View]
65132172Are there any good 3rd party utilities for finding drivers? I repair a few dozen machines each week …[View]
65134521Can you suggest me some mobile browser to replace Firefox until it's battery draining issue is …[View]
65134319Open source memery: So if I wanted to add something in GNU/Linux, some feature that I know will neve…[View]
65131280What's your opinion of Boston Dynamics /g/?[View]
65134559VPN Unable to handle MAC change: Once I change the MAC address, the VPN service can not connect unle…[View]
65133720Thermal Paste and Dust: alright /g/, it’s my first time repasting my laptop, and I have some doubts.…[View]
65134190send help: bought my first ssd ever and it works just fine but after first day of using it I noticed…[View]
65133196http://www.absolutelinux.org/ Any slackware users here? is this a good intro to the slackware univer…[View]
65134814What does /g/ think of elementary OS ? Thinking about using it as my main on my X220.[View]
65134514When will GPU prices return to MSRP?[View]
65134948Was forced at work to do the whole social thing and start talking to coworkers, they just bullshit a…[View]
65131535Shitcoin mining : Let the bans begin: https://motherboard.vice.com/en_us/article/8xk4qv/bitcoin-ban-…[View]
65133281>he spends friday nights thinking about his complex projects, work and solutions on his day off.…[View]
65132684>4GB RAM on idle hahahaha what the fuck is this shit[View]
65134633Redpill me on C#[View]
65134067What does it mean to be 'proficient' with software?[View]
65134855HDD: What does /g/ think of modern HDDs? Any models/techs to avoid? Is the modern branding all marke…[View]
65134734Quick Question, If I were to have a lot of Images that are exactly the same, with one that is slight…[View]
65130111ending all legacy BIOS support by 2020: >http://www.zdnet.com/article/intel-were-ending-all-legac…[View]
65131660/backyardtech/: With all the issues surrounding FreeBSD, why are you not running BT-BSD yet? https:/…[View]
65130954just bought the s9 ok so what's the point of the edge screen? it's tripping my eyes out o…[View]
65134607Quick question. Can I reset the download path for my Google Drive? First, I am using Chrome, and I w…[View]
65127187/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: What are you working on, /g/? Previous thread: >>65117750…[View]
65133200What does /g/ think about network engineers?[View]
65130572exploit: What do you think is the best tool/way to make an exploit?[View]
65126074Where do you get your music, /g/?[View]
65116771>Salary: competitive[View]
65129980USE BOTNET OR GET FUCKED: So avoiding the botnet and all the NSA hooks is illegal now? Some hacker d…[View]
65133807Recruiting Event: There will be a recruiting event organized by Microsoft at my city and it will be …[View]
65129488>mfw today I finally realized that most women in tech are actually treated quite badly Where were…[View]
65131213I want to create a home network that can host a domain, email and a website. I want to use FOSS for …[View]
65131861Show me a KDE desktop that doesn't look like shit.[View]
65132651Should I stick to Windows 8.1?: My computer has finally bit the dust and now I’m making a new comput…[View]
65133008Florens Why the fuck can't I view a webm with an external player on Android 8?? I tried running…[View]
65133723Do you use a mainstream distro or something like void, SmartOS, Funtoo, Q4OS?[View]
65129388The GPL is not an end in itself; it is a measure to protect our freedom. In general I would rather …[View]
65130757Adrian Lamo, a computer hacker best known for passing on information that led to the arrest of Chels…[View]
65130708Speed test thread? Speed test bread. NBN fags need not apply.[View]
65131674>Rent a small seedbox >FTP speeds are slow (300KiB/s) >Request support >SysAdmin emails…[View]
65125964Anandtech talks with CTS Labs: Spoiler Alert: it's a shitshow https://www.anandtech.com/show/12…[View]
65129120>here's your laptop bro[View]
65132270hi: hiiii[View]
65130651What's the meme about 'running in' audio cables? Like powering a LED over them for extended per…[View]
65133378Any master race guys who installed the new version of Windows 10 for insider slow ring ? It's t…[View]
65122956best version of ubuntu >inb4 install gentoo[View]
65132535http://www.lg.com/us/monitors/lg-32UD59-B-4k-uhd-led-monitor is this a good 4K monitor /g/? it says …[View]
65125409>muh pajeets muh WOMYN programmers You have an hour to prove that you aren't a retarded soyb…[View]
65132988How do I get into genetic programming? Are there any good books how do i start[View]
65129794What does /g/ think of Lunduke? Do you watch his videos?[View]
65131015Which one?[View]
65131137Holy potatoes, when did network stuff get so cheap? 15 bucks for a gigabit switch is crazy![View]
65132796When you use vim do you use vertical or horizontal splits? If you use both explain your methodology …[View]
65132877ihg4r: What is the lowest paying programming job?[View]
65125316>3 MONTHS after Net Neutrality was repealed >fuckall has changed You said we would have to pay…[View]
65131151>letting this show up in an official ad https://youtu.be/-pF5bV6bFOU?t=50s >it's just a l…[View]
65132092who refuses to use an IDE here? even on Windows, even with Java, never use an IDE. >for Java on W…[View]
65132955/g/ how fucked are you in life?: >be me >23 year old poor dude from a 3rd world country >ba…[View]
65129325Mining XMR: Howdy! What do u think about minining Monero on laptop with Intel Core i5 6300-HQ, NVIDI…[View]
65125749Does anyone else already feel alienated from a lot of technology and trends taking place among young…[View]
65132437Understanding domain names: I am a small business owner and would like to buy a website domain name.…[View]
65127648OH BOY, that was fast.: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lR9GYRy9UZ4 Here we go, boyz & gurlz. A n…[View]
65132527Image loading on 4chan: Normally wouldn't try to bother /g/ with tech support but this shit has…[View]
65130749I was considering converting a word document into a pdf and putting it online, and was wondering if …[View]
65132477Servers: Buying used servers is fun /g/[View]
65130441Someone give me a suggestion for viewing 4chan on Android: Something that allows filtering displayed…[View]
65130055Is this the best smartphone camera on the market?[View]
65123634>Linux is free, if your time is worthless[View]
65124045/g/ friends who still use Windows 7, why don't you just make the switch to GNU/Linux or give in…[View]
65130593When the fuck did Youtube's search algorithms become so shit they started searching for key wor…[View]
65123608The idea of a PCI-E based CPU addon card sounds awesome. Why isn't this the future? Have the on…[View]
65130317Would you hire this applicant for a computer engineering job?[View]
65131958FLYING CARS[View]
65124975Today is the birthday of Richard Stallman. Say something nice to him, /g/[View]
65124454Offline computers in the current year: Does /g/ have any modern computers that you never access the …[View]
65132259Long story short, I set up my router to control the bandwidth on my room mates tv. He was a cheap tv…[View]
65123857What coding/programming/web language(s) can I learn within 2 - 3 weeks or within a month /g/?[View]
65128711>sold my gay men PC >sold my Windows laptop >bought a Thinkpad X200 >swapped wireless ca…[View]
65121973Why did Europe fall behind in tech companies compared to Asia and America?[View]
65128653fucking thing looks like ozzy osbourne[View]
65124952/wt/ Watch Thread: This thread is about the appreciation of horology, as well as the micro-engineeri…[View]
65131695Instagram followers: Hello , recently i was trying to figure out some methods of actaully gaining mo…[View]
65131590'Women can't blah blah and actually do belong in tech' WTF is up with these nigger bots spammin…[View]
65131688Does anybody know why my motherboard show that red light, is it a problem? Its an asrock z270 e4[View]
65131691Whats the best mid ATX case i can buy(best when it comes to airflow and thermals, i dont give a fuck…[View]
65129145Can I use google photos to store stuff like anime and porn rather than personal photos or will jewgl…[View]
65129800Itt buyers regret: I bought a 1700x[View]
65131702What's the best way of working with i18n in small(ish) FOSS projects? How can I be sure as a ma…[View]
65127494the other thread died Continuing my rant about usb drives too tiny Also >people complain about th…[View]
65131604Food for thought: Is there any possibility that that bitcoin is being used by intelligence agencies …[View]
65129410My budget is in the ~120$ ballpark. What router should i buy? I need an upgrade because when i strea…[View]
65131148Do any of you run your own tech business or consulting service? I want to start one but don't k…[View]
65131220Why is Nvidia so much shit on Linux /g/? I thought it was supposed to be superior to AMD. My friend …[View]
65131448Is this a decent card to get at this time? What's a good model AMD card? I would have gone with…[View]
651187731366x768: 1366x768[View]
65127306you know what's the worst? all of the gov agencies, tax collectors and accountants use windows …[View]
65123981Is renting a modem for suckers?: I have been meaning to get my own modem for years. I have my own ro…[View]
65130818seL4: Time: Mixed Criticality: Time under control. How can other OSs possibly compete? https://ts.da…[View]
65112282Why is KDE such garbage?: You dudes shilled KDE every single fucking day for the past month and I bo…[View]
65130074Is this a meme?[View]
65107906/sqt/ - Stupid questions thread: GOOGLE/YANDEX IT FIRST YOU CUNT Thread for small/stupid questions.…[View]
65128440Which Linux distro can I install in this bad boy? win10 works great but it is draining battery even …[View]
65131184Where were you when nVidia threatened other brands into only selling nVidia products? https://www.ha…[View]
65128644You ever go on pastebin and just look at the random code posted on there?[View]
65130214I shitpost all day how i can stop this addiction captchas stop it a little too but im fucking tired …[View]
65127881KDE pimp thread: Some anon posted this screenshot on another kde thread, so how do I get mine to loo…[View]
65130121why are thinkpad users so autistic?[View]
65131173I've been looking for some sort of nice desktop voice-recording software for a while but I have…[View]
65130797As proven in this thread: >>65115029 the Linux as a ''system'' (meaning th…[View]
65127113You do record all your phone calls, right?[View]
65130706LXqt or LXDE?: i finally installed gentoo. do i use LXqt or LXDE? [spoiler] and dare i ask for your …[View]
65123875I started Xorg to test it with startx but I forgot I had no input drivers installed, if Linux is goo…[View]
65124970What are the best Firefox extensions and 4chan extensions?[View]
65130203https://videocardz.com/newz/nvidia-to-announce-rtx-technology THANK YOU BASED NVIDIA[View]
65129636How do I decide on a cofounder? Do I really need one? I was going to go with my friend but I'm …[View]
65129541If I buy a MSI motherboard and Ryzen 2200G will I be able to use windows 7 and devuan? if no I will …[View]
65126759you now remember technology thread: >ynr no (You)s >ynr no quick reply box >ynr no list of …[View]
65123192When will we invent FTL?: Conventional rockets are useless in deep space. Can anyone give an estimat…[View]
65115029https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-YdL7Hch78s Mint, Ubuntu = TrueOS, GhostBSD Arch, Gentoo, Void and D…[View]
65124748Deepin: Is this botnet?[View]
65124916http://blog.puppylinux.com/?viewDetailed=00047 Is puppy the only ubuntu based distro without systemd…[View]
65128916IP blocked from practically all .gov servers ?: Sup /g/ I was wondering if you could give me any ide…[View]
65118346>been learning to program for a couple of years with breaks >dropped it because how hard and …[View]
65126614>Building your own PC is cheaper >Compared buying individual parts with PCs on Amazon >bull…[View]
65105053/fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread: previous thread >>65073610 → /fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux T…[View]
65129183DAS IZ EBYN: http://www.techpowerup.com/242437/amd-throws-epyc-jab-at-intel-xeon-products-on-cloudfe…[View]
65129025Uni thread: Which of these does /g/ think is best and in what way: CS, SE, CE or EE? Is CS oversatur…[View]
65125702ParrotOS: What do you guys think about using ParrotOS as a daily os ? I for one, am pretty comforta…[View]
65123367it kinda sucks[View]
65127202>taskkill pcname@domain.local /im explorer.exe Who else here /develish/?…[View]
65122510/hpg/ - Headphone General: How to request purchase advice: http://pastebin.com/fYZLW7Ub For sub-$50 …[View]
65128998Testing programming skills: How do I know if I am a good coder /g/? Is there a guide or a question s…[View]
65128945These apps that claim to hack and allow you to connect into password protected wifis, do they really…[View]
65126627>amd 2700x gets 20% faster >1700 single core performance is on par with a 3770k >2700x migh…[View]
65129045Are inkjet printers the biggest scam in the world of tech?[View]
65105446/mkg/ - Mechanical Keyboard General: /mkg/ - RGBT Edition >Mech enthusiast starter edition https:…[View]
65116536From my desire if wanting to build a competitor to the OP 1. What is it that you'd like it have…[View]
65129580What's the hardest personal project you've ever developed?: >Language >Tools >Edi…[View]
65128616How does phone booster work? How would you /diy/ it?[View]
65128314>why fy or >wee fy or >wee fee or >why fee…[View]
65124313I just installed Fedora 27 server (I had a CD for it) on my personal laptop. What do I need to do to…[View]
65099815/bst/ - Battlestation Thread: Post em. R8 Em. H8 Em[View]
65128236I'm latino, basically an ignorant at anything IT related. Does it makes me able to get a job as…[View]
65128814>I multitask a lot[View]
65125237How to bamboozle normies: the post: > buy some low-cost macbook-like Chinese laptop - Xiaomi note…[View]
65127709iTunes - Apple - Ugly Software - Dying Innovation: I have tried to be an apple fan for years. I have…[View]
65128689Guys, I have my first interview for a job as web developer, I'm finishing my Computer Science d…[View]
65125189Is this what the average GNU/Linux user looks like?[View]
65129100Here's a Riddle for ya (help please): I have game data from my old PS4 on a 4GB USB drive, does…[View]
65128976>Tries to view a forum post >Need to be logged in to read said forum post >Tries to sign up…[View]
65129075Speaking at VMUG: Take a look at this factor http://blog.paulwilk.net/2018/03/vmug-insider-perspecti…[View]
65128915What is to stop me building an AI that will be like my dad?[View]
65126471Linux Firewall: Alright boys, It's finally time to address the miserable firewall situation in …[View]
65127356Intro To Hacking Materials: -I'm currently enrolled as a CompSci major -but already more intere…[View]
65124091Turnitin: Anyone have experience with this piece of shit, buggy website? It scans essays you upload …[View]
65124917New XPS 13: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XF84r02NPIo This is the laptop you all guerilla advertis…[View]
65126689Backups: Sup /g/ Let's talk backups. How do you backup your files? When do you backup your file…[View]
65115780why does /g/ hate visual studio code? >free >open source >made by professionals…[View]
65128506So I got this144hz monitor and i'm on 144hz now but the colors still look too strong/vivid, and…[View]
65122724Should I take the time to learn this or is it just a meme?[View]
65127303Systemdick: >Systemd has DIRECT links to the NSA through Red Hat >They have been actively tryi…[View]
65127971Help finding location/ have IP address: Hello, I would greatly appreciate help in narrowing down the…[View]
65108333AMD Ryzen 2700x is almost 20% faster than the 1700x: INTEL ON SUICIDE WATCH https://wccftech.com/amd…[View]
65121859Being monitored?: Hey anons, I was wondering if there's any way to see if my internet activity …[View]
65123107What got you into programming?[View]
65127276So is FP16 a meme or not?[View]
65125927Stop admiring RMS, you fools. Free software is certainly one of the best contributions to humanity, …[View]
65124341I really want to understand Linux. Are there any good sources to read?[View]
65119589INTEL: BUY OUR NEW & IMPROVED 8700K GOY!: >Future processors from Intel will contain mitigati…[View]
65128030Why you aren't using this since WSL?[View]
65125274how come people claim mpv is the best player but the hardware acceleration is a mess and there isn…[View]
65099759/ptg/ - Private Tracker General: this general is deader than this nigger edition Previously >>…[View]
65120134Is Qualcomm Quickcharge 4.0 going to be in the Galaxy S9? Samsung went full dumbass and locked off Q…[View]
65068192/pmp/ - portable music player: /pmp/ personal music player general This thread is for the discussion…[View]
65123195Bad idea?: >finds a ROG GTX1080 for a damn cheap price, but broken >Fans work >The chip wor…[View]
65127903Questions about Multiple Monitors: I currently have 2 monitors. My graphics card is a geforce gt 430…[View]
65126647https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H8yLBsRFXaA >OpenSourceIsrael >Lennart Pötering >systemd…[View]
65127314Hey g how long will it take to fill up 1 tb external hard drive with images[View]
65127612>Complain about Telemtry >use an Android & Iphone >browse 4chan, a closed source websit…[View]
65126908Why does it suck?[View]
65124905>Expand thread Is [Reply], dare I say, DED?[View]
65126923ANSI to ISO layout: I want to buy the Xiaomi laptop for uni, but the problem is, my country uses the…[View]
65127523So why did chink didn't like EXPAND DONG and decided to let [Rapelie] live?[View]
65116118>entry level >$30,000/yr >4 years university required >visible minority applications giv…[View]
65124974What are some tech with this aesthetic, the lightish grey simple cool look. I think this mouse is ve…[View]
65127067Has anyone ever managed to get RTSP stream of this platform? It's a cheap Chink ipcam that only…[View]
65126767Flash prices: https://www.anandtech.com/show/12535/power-outage-at-samsungs-fab-destroys-3-percent-o…[View]
65126430Hi /g/ what's your take on this, my current laptop is a C2D from 2009 and I mostly use my work …[View]
65126541Is there a libgen like site for video content?[View]
65120474>no incoming connections[View]
65124381Laptop repair: I have an MSI Dominator pro gt72 laptop which broke a few weeks ago while playing fuc…[View]
65127065Hey /g/ , is it safe to use a paint brush to undust a gpu ?[View]

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