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61983856Mirroring folders: What is the /g/ recommended program to mirror folders? Pic related won't fin…[View]
61985495Macs have good perf-[View]
61984097My laptop can't find 5ghz networks[View]
61986755buying used server hardware?: any sites simlar to http://ktgee.net/ or http://www.dankpads.com for u…[View]
61985877rage story thread: times you witnessed technology gore >normie friend dreams of being a youtuber …[View]
61985552I just spent $2000 on Apple products in the past week. How did I do?[View]
61985878Just got one of these as a hand me down. Never had a tablet before. >What are some essential thin…[View]
61982949macOS is UNIX, deal with it, fa/g/gots: https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/1489/is-mac-os-x-un…[View]
61986257>tab width:8[View]
61981160Procrastination: Give me your tech procrastination lockdown ideas. How would you stop yourself from …[View]
61983457Let's see how competent /g/ is: Answer any of these: >Do you work as a software engineer(any…[View]
61985376I have 60GB of music on my computer and I want to transfer them to my phone. What's the quickes…[View]
61972658/fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread: Previous thread: >>61953973 Welcome to /fglt/ - Friendly G…[View]
61986143Why aren't you using Raspberry Pi to connect to the powerful PC in your workplace via VNC to sa…[View]
61986087Lum is perfection[View]
61985752Sup /g/ Are there ANY laptops capable of playing recent games that aren't a massive ripoff? …[View]
61982168Does /g/ donate to open source projects?[View]
61982391Xfinity recently sent me another modem+router device right before I set up my own modem and router. …[View]
61984991repurpose android phones: I have a couple of high end android phones from 2014 or so, that I'm …[View]
61985465/g/ proposals: I propose a new device more important than any computer or smartphone. It is a device…[View]
61983883How long do you plan to store your digital data for? Will you ever one day just delete it all?[View]
61984990Recovering HDDs[View]
61971934If you have a normal laptop and its GPU is broken and you connect your laptop HDMI cable to the. Do …[View]
61984078You must run your own personal booru: Boorus are obviously the superior method of storing naked anim…[View]
61981749Tinder GPS Fake: Is there currently a working method to fake the gps location on android tinder? sto…[View]
61985062Is this a joke? they cost more than the MSRP of the 1080ti series[View]
61982508Guts Thread[View]
61982296Is there a reliable way to completely block smart phone users from my web site?[View]
61979555Is this book a meme or actually worth reading?[View]
61982877GTK devs waste effort in supporting nigger hieroglyphs: Oh look, gtk isn't dead --the devs were…[View]
61976973When did this become so shit?[View]
61984815Red Star OS 4.0?: Apparently there's a fourth version of North Korea's Red Star OS running…[View]
61980708So, we are in the year 2017 of jesus christ, after all the 5-15 bucks unlimited google drive account…[View]
61985402Opera 12.15 Source Code Discussion: Source Code: https://bitbucket.org/prestocore-fan/presto (Mirror…[View]
61983765Programming Discord Server: >inb4 discord isnt free reeeeee Hey I am starting a server for progr…[View]
61984056Help /g/: I bought a new HP Pavilion laptop the other day. It seems that when I try and watch videos…[View]
61983993If Richard Stallman were to pilot a gundam, what would be pilot?[View]
61985285What are some good paid Android applications? Name some of your favorites. So far mines is Poweramp…[View]
61985293>respecting copyright/intelectual '''property'''[View]
61984144Did the broken calling problem get fixed on Moto G5+ on Verizon?: For a couple of months I couldn…[View]
61986981/csg/ Chink Shit General: In /csg/, we discuss the cheap shit you see on Gearbest, Taobao, AliExpres…[View]
61983116What are the most popular programming languages in Japan?[View]
61984540What's the risks when it comes to mixing ram? I've got 2x4gb sticks in my computer right n…[View]
61968001/csg/ Chink Shit General: In /csg/, we discuss the cheap shit you see on Gearbest, Taobao, AliExpres…[View]
61982908http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=Intel-AVX2-FMA-Math-Glibc-2.27 >Intel Adds…[View]
61983942>intel will have no response to ryzen for at least another 4 years[View]
61985039This tablet (Zenpad 3S 8') got announced some months ago but it was mentioned that it was 'coming fo…[View]
61984679Is RDR stable on PC nowaday ?: My pc : -R9 270x - 8gb of ram - Intel i5[View]
61977425>I heard you niggas wanted faster browser, don't worry we will disable all your extensions a…[View]
61984049Enabling debug mode on broken android: Hi guys So my screen is completely broken and I need to enabl…[View]
61984275Two wireless networks: Do any of you have two wireless access points working successfully in one pla…[View]
61982816Linux noob begging for help thread. I want the pretty graphs from the xfce4 hwmonitor plugin. Anyone…[View]
61980634/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: What are you working on, /g/? Previous Thread: >>61972090…[View]
61980681Need a no logs VPN: Hey anons, So basically, I creep out on a lot of women online. Recently, I'…[View]
61978248we got meme'd[View]
61984586Fantastic talk, but he's an autist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PwSyjz1off4 He did everythi…[View]
61983913SICP: Hi /g/, I'm an oldfag and haven't been around for a few years. I remember this used …[View]
61984556Best infosec certs?: Hey /g. I've been going to a trade school and studying Computer Security f…[View]
61981682Which one lads?: http://www.strawpoll.me/13740504[View]
61983459>my smartphone has the same resolution as my 27' expensive as fuck Dell monitor…[View]
61982125I am installing Solus. Asm me anything.[View]
61984312https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IAut2VGpDvo IT'S NOT FAIR[View]
61977870Who will win?: while [[ $time -le 1503122400 ]]; do head -c 100 /dev/urandom | openssl dgst -sha512 …[View]
61975478So To is planning on altering the source code of their new clients to be able to track users and sit…[View]
61975371State of home Wi-Fi routers, 2017: It seems like the progress is stalling. Very few new models of ho…[View]
61976648I successfully set up a virtual machine...what are some dank things i can do with it. i ran windows…[View]
61982763Personally, I go to GitHub and look at some open source project to see how dev writes program in the…[View]
61979408Just finished my software engineer internship at pic related Where do I go from here? This is was dr…[View]
61978893How quickly do silicon chips degrade?: Some cryptonigger in my town is selling his old mining rig an…[View]
61984023PHP vs Busybox: I've yet to find something I can't do with PHP that Busybox can. What is t…[View]
61977507Is this a good upgrade over a Phenom 4x 965, HD7790 MSI, a crap generic power source and a old as fu…[View]
61983044what does /g/ think is the biggest meme OS and im not talking linux in general please no gentoo[View]
61973269Press F to pay respects[View]
61978673Any delta.chat users here? Some cool info on this project: So delta.chat uses autocrypt in order to …[View]
61980581Reminder that 2^10 B = KiB 10^3 B = KB[View]
61983754Hello /g/, I am in the need for a new router and modem. My current one is an Xfinity shitter. Can so…[View]
61981877>installer takes control of the mouse[View]
61981052Yes goyi.. anon, use the debotneting script you found on internet on ou.. the windows product licens…[View]
619678398gb of ram is en....[View]
61982203What are you thoughts on Facebook messenger, /g/? >inb4 botnet It's genuinely a very comfor…[View]
61983604netbook thread bitches: netbooks have pretty shit specs but you can get one for like $50 on ebay in …[View]
61980342Ever finish a really long program, and just sit there for a lengthy period of time just looking at i…[View]
61981696is this shit any good for learning to code?[View]
61977191The perfect laptop doesn't exi...[View]
61981669android YouTube apps: Sup /g/, need help finding an Android YouTube player that: 1. Can sign in with…[View]
61982773Does anyone know how to filter out and block kike ip addresses on tixati? I feel sick to the core su…[View]
61981690Android thread/Post em[View]
61983335I'm so sick of this shit why can't MS do anything right?[View]
61983180if tor is anonymous then how come hidden services can be shut down when their real ips are supposed …[View]
61982519Why does this picture make my screen flicker?[View]
61980713Why did emoticons and smileys become emojis?[View]
61982651What's the best text editor?: Decided to ditch this failing piece of garbage after it started d…[View]
61981488Speeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed: Why do flyover's choose to have such shitty slow internet? …[View]
61981807Give enough time, can you illustrate absolutely anything with computing?[View]
61982641https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16822235281&ignorebbr=1 Is this worth getti…[View]
619497008GB is sufficient RAM for any desktop user on /g/. 16+ is a waste: >he thinks he needs 32GB or 16…[View]
61980024Hiro-Approved Meta Thread: Are we still doing these? Just wanted to thank the Anonymous Mod that mov…[View]
61982283What's the best non apple macbook air-like laptop?[View]
61979565Is ABP still usable?: Been using it for years but thinking of making the switch to uBlock Origin si…[View]
61982169why: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8vTI_xrEduc&t=9s[View]
61981785buy my phone[View]
61981826Why is it that a company like apple can be as anti consumer and anti 'diversity' as they want, but S…[View]
61980115If I have a 64 bit processor, is there any advantage to using a 32bit is at all? In any way?[View]
61981855We're all mindless consumers, always chasing the latest AMD or Intel release. Why do you do it,…[View]
61977645>He doesnt work as a RTOS developer for Keil ARM mbed earning 100k / year whats your excuse loser…[View]
61979321What is the best way to convert a smartphone into a laptop? Pic related. It's https://www.senti…[View]
61974884>2017, anno Domini >not using Pale Fox[View]
61978672ITT: ideas of apps/services that you can't program or be bothered to program yourself Mine woul…[View]
61982096>he doesn't know how to make a thread without an image[View]
61980157I need help /g/. I got this External Hard drive not to long ago but now its corrupted when i was doi…[View]
61981437>land of the free >the authorities can lock you down until you let them search your computer a…[View]
61979379Can I make money using this?[View]
61979173Why does windows have to be reinstalled: Like, regulary? What does it bloat? Or can it be even preve…[View]
61977921Samsung S8 dex, how is it? Even though I dont generally like Samsung's software, I can live wit…[View]
61981800Anyone use the Disconnect extension?: ublock origin already blocks everything so is this needed or a…[View]
61980655Annoyances: ITT: Things that KILL the /g/entooman[View]
61980109Which VPN would /g recommend?[View]
61977624Don't do a startup out of college they said: > you're age 26 > you're working a…[View]
61974228ITT: TECH YOU'D KILL FOR[View]
61980297>clipping shit to your monitor Triggered.[View]
61980714How does Google know what I want to search next. I was checking the stock prices of some companies '…[View]
61973350A package has arrived in my mail.[View]
61981530https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=evaBde4MKDQ AYYMD IS FINISHED & BANKRUPT AYYMDPOORFAGS CONFIRMED…[View]
61972850What's the oldest program (not including games) you regularly use? For me, it's Adobo Phot…[View]
61977660name a better looking phone than the iphone se[View]
61978123Does tech confort you when you're alone?[View]
61976206Windows 10 Privacy Applications: What is the best application a person can use to make Windows 10 as…[View]
61975566Sticker Thread: I salute those who like stickers in their laptops.[View]
6198008715.2 TB write over the course of 5 years is good?[View]
61977651Which is the best membrane/scissor-switch keyboard?[View]
61980891Is this water cooler compatible with the Threadripper TR4 bracket?: 'Cooler Master Seidon 240V …[View]
61975406Thinkpad Goodness: >be me >need a new pc >tired of having a huge gayming monstrosity, rarel…[View]
61977477What distro should I install in my old machine no gentoo because shit cpu no templeos because it…[View]
61976691you got me obsessed with this little bugger. Does it have any actual practical use or is it just pur…[View]
61979744AMD BTFO: So now that Intel has the superior chipset, will you be skipping Ryzen and go directly for…[View]
61981016Stop calling everything a botnet.[View]
61977506You can buy an i7+monitor for half the price of a shit i5 from 2014[View]
61981093video streaming is technology. where do you stream your porn from? I use tubegalore.[View]
61977206For someone who is a bit for phone savvy, is this a good deal? Dog ate my phone and I need a quick r…[View]
61978817Is this a botnet?[View]
61980568So now that Tor is officially working on a way to stop 'racism' and 'hate speech' on their platform,…[View]
61980730Anyone studying at KTH here? I have a question for you...[View]
619786022bh you guys may be confused as to why I simultaneously shill various operating systems and why I at…[View]
61980466PC Gaming build: Hello Guys, I wanna bulid new gaming PC. Can you please rate this and said if it wi…[View]
61968884Exactly, what's so bad about systemd?[View]
61980628Multi Search Engine Tools: Anyone use myallsearch? Are there any alternative multi search engine to…[View]
61973462Bluetooth module for headphones. Help Please.: I want to make my own bluetooth headphones but I was …[View]
61958770Dead pixel: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! My $400 monitor I just bought 3 months ago go…[View]
61980126>Using windows10 at home >Using windows10 for fork >But using centos&ubuntu for VPS man…[View]
61980238Is Vega64 worth it if you only game 1/2 hours a day and leave it mining the rest of the time? I can …[View]
61971984>A browser using memes from 2013 >2017[View]
61977526wew https://twitter.com/tekwendell/status/898388056457326592[View]
61979663What's some cool shit I can do with my free $50 credit on digital ocean?[View]
61972090/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: What are you working on, /g/? Previous Thread: >>61963889…[View]
61968101PC Guts: Guts thread.[View]
61969587If macs are so good, why does Sagiri use a Wacom® Contiq© tablet running Microsoft℠ Windows™? Checkm…[View]
61973835What's the best programming language for a complete novice to learn? I did learn some Java in …[View]
61977545Andoid O: >Releasing in 2 days >Tmobile finally released Android 7 for v10 earlier this month …[View]
61979449>It says here in the google Database that you post on a notorious alt right image board >You h…[View]
61976868i wanna make the switch to a better browser from chrome to something like firefox or waterfox. But I…[View]
61975822>Please try again. >Please try again. >Please try again. >Please try again. >Please t…[View]
61979344Arch Linux or Void Linux: What are the advantages and disadvantages of Void over Arch?[View]
61978926How can hacking / creative coding be used for the forces of good?[View]
61972367Why do people do this?[View]
61977277Can I uninstall my stable Firefox now that I'm comfortably using Nightly? Will it break Nightly…[View]
61959868Why do iMacs get so much hate here? >You can still run Gentoo. >You can still hoard anime on …[View]
61979426Lightning Network: Hello /g/ I have some questions about the upcoming Lightning Network for Bitcoin.…[View]
61977435Will Ubuntu make Gnome great again? It sounds like Ubuntu are taking steps to make Gnome3 less shit …[View]
619680651st RX Vega Custom AIB Review - Vega is confirmed full of shit: https://www.computerbase.de/2017-08/…[View]
61978960What's a good Pale Moon extensions/themes/addons/configuration, whatever?[View]
61979150Is it legal to stream and upload local police via SDR?[View]
61974916Literally why would anyone get a non-Surface tablet?[View]
61978670Css: I made some css rules for 4chan. https://userstyles.org/styles/146189/4chan-minimal-dark-blue …[View]
61973090I found an old magnavox television and I can't find the model number on it so anybody know what…[View]
61974463this is fucking retarded I'm looking for an internship and the requirements are insane How am I…[View]
61977378I am trying to get a cheap (around $100) used tablet for textbooks. It has to have an 8' or 10' 4:3 …[View]
61977094Looking for an recipe manager app that functions like this: Can download and fill random recipes fro…[View]
61973480>apple >security pick one[View]
61978507>thousands of lines of code >doesn't do anything OOP in a nutshell…[View]
61977789Am I being memed or do millions of chinks still use IE? http://www.zdnet.com/article/south-koreans-u…[View]
61978821Why are people so stupid?[View]
61978314what is this connector called?: Can someone tell me what this connector is called, there is a cigare…[View]
61978101When are we getting a 4K HDR OLED 144 hz low input lag low response time thin matte bezeled 27 inch …[View]
61978059>Try downloading the 'Giffing' program cause I want to make anime gifs >Norton deletes th…[View]
61970153Pandora Pyra: Will this thing ever see the light of day? Should I just say fuck it and buy a chink p…[View]
61935528/wdg/ - Web Development General: >Getting started Get a good understanding of HTML, CSS and JavaS…[View]
61974499/clg/ - Krog's List Horrors: Post 'steals'.[View]
61977798>Google and a bunch of tech giants invest lots of money to spread awareness about how the interne…[View]
61967915/sqt/: Stupid Questions Thread. Use an internet search engine before posting ITT. You're not a…[View]
61974903>click on captcha squares >squares fade and a new ones appear >ad infinitum >can't …[View]
61976076Cases for smart phones suck: Why is it smart phone cases keep breaking no matter how tough? I don…[View]
61973793What in the fuck is this shit?: This... this is a joke right? https://twitter.com/torproject/status/…[View]
61970830PCIe based single board computers: Anyone ever seen them? I think they're brilliant, though I c…[View]
61967826Any recommendation on hw for running pfsense as a home router? Hard mode: without the Intel backdoor…[View]
61973508/dgg/ - De-Googling General: >'Everything is a placebo. The key to happiness is to find the place…[View]
61975382Does /g/ like my new laptop?[View]
61975886Windows Vista User, About to Smash Computer: I am in a bit of trouble here. I am trying to transfer …[View]
61976697If you type macs backwards, it spells scam. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yhrjMl3YK7U[View]
61973545When the fuck is this shit gonna go away?[View]
61974781First year compsci student here. I'm planning on becoming a Linux system administrator once I g…[View]
61976555Are Macbooks higher quality that ThinkPads? I need a new lappy. Thinking I'll go Mac for the fi…[View]
61949467/mkg/ - Mechanical Keyboard General: /mkg/ - Artisan Keycaps Edition >Buyer's template: http…[View]
61975704What's the most cost-effective way of bringing multiple devices online in a room without hardwi…[View]
61975665I Hate windows so much and I love Linux but the only hobby that I enjoy is playing CSGO and League o…[View]
61960351The absolute truth[View]
61975765What's exactly wrong with Edge?[View]
61976412What is the best version of Firefox on Windows?[View]
61975220Welcome to the new world order[View]
61977397Encryptards straw-clutchingly trying to explain this: So how much more do you fags need before you r…[View]
61976321Tor bans racism: Childporn is A-OKAY Guns, Drugs, Slavetrade,Order a Hitman etc. are fine. But RACIS…[View]
61976839What are hackers/hacking actually like?[View]
61976392Thoughts on Jonathan Blow's new programming language. @12:45 https://youtu.be/De0Am_QcZiQ[View]
61950824http://www.gamersnexus.net/news-pc/3023-aib-partners-to-gn-yes-vega-price-will-change >AIB Partne…[View]
61976298Use Firefox[View]
61976707https://sendvid.com/vfxmwfrt Why is Linux STILL fucking shit & unusable on a Desktop? This is a…[View]
61973928>no obsolete network commands that should have been replaced by iproute2 years ago >removed no…[View]
61971723>Be me >Join Cyber Security club at my local university >Everyone in there has a bulky gaym…[View]
61974381Opera 12.15 Source Code Discussion: Source Code: https://bitbucket.org/prestocore-fan/presto (Mirror…[View]
61977133What's a good replacement for android? I wanna get off this train.[View]
61977100>new email notification >its just some penny steam card being sold…[View]
61966699Have we reached the point yet where smartphone cameras are good enough for serious professional phot…[View]
61971207When did computers stop being inspiring for you?[View]
61976362It will never be the year of the Linux Desktop.: But it will always be the years of Windows and Mac.…[View]
61976996Software engineering Computer science Maths Which is best for crypto-related jobs?[View]
61976807Where does 4chan stores the filters? I thought it was in the cookies, but it's not there[View]
61976407Ever single Linux distro, freebsd, you fucking name it all freeze up at Network Configuration when I…[View]
61975353ITT we get someone to commission a fetish artist for rule 34 of Katie.[View]
61961796>install linux >uninstall it[View]
61968713What is your mobile computing device of choice?[View]
61974424is there a correct way to use SOCKS5 in C#? >inb4 POO[View]
61959685So you guys think we're living in the golden age of piracy that will eventually end or is this …[View]
61976469Can someone crop 1:25-1:29 and upload it for me as webm please? >me on the left basically I want…[View]
61976507Tech retard here: So I bought a new razer laptop after owning a Microsoft surface pro 3 for a while,…[View]
61974858my computer tower is in a pretty tight spot so it's annoying to pull out when I need to plug so…[View]
61953110Name one good reason not to nuke Korea[View]
61976293Freenet respects your freedom[View]
61968405>you'll never invent general/strong AI from your basement and become recognized worldwide…[View]
61975517Bitcoin Mining: Hello I'm an old washed up 10+ year 4 chan veteran and I know this board usuall…[View]
61974622I can't believe he's really gone.[View]
61963537Vim or Emacs?[View]
61974521Sick of seeing this shit in my logs: | 18/Aug/2017:20:59:52 -0400 | GET /apple-touch-icon-120x120-pr…[View]
61975200What are your pet peeves, /g/? I'll start: >Hey anon you're a 'coder', right …[View]
61975094Terminal Minimap: >2017, ~In the year of our Lord~ >No minimaps for Terminals exist How can th…[View]
61954265/tpg/ - ThinkPad General: IRC: #/tpg/ on irc.rizon.net Other business laptops are also welcome in /…[View]
61970894There almost seems to be thousands of open source game engines out there, which one's are actua…[View]
61974789How do I cleanse Chrome of all of Goolags tracking bullshit? I like the browser but fuck I just look…[View]
61974560Don't copy that floppy![View]
61974835>certain combinations of cp is illegal really makes you ponder keeping your collection…[View]
61969376Why haven't you switched to Cinnamon yet, /g/?[View]
61975004>Torrent just goes out >Immediately start downloading it >Internet goes kaput >'the fuck…[View]
61974047Hey it's it safe to use the dlink router firewall? I read it makes attacks easier[View]
61965200/pcbg/ - PC Bulding General: If you want help: >Assemble parts list https://pcpartpicker.com/ …[View]
61975847Hacking: Lets Make A New Anonomous.[View]
61967555Using Public Computers: What are your must have apps on your USB drive when using public computers?…[View]
61974678[loose connection intensifies][View]
61974720You hate the company, but you'd really like in one particular division[View]
61972562Airwatch: Halp /g/ Work for The Man. The Man gives me Apple I phone (6s) The Man installs Airwatch T…[View]
61974539i just bought a lenovo thinkstation from a government auction for 40$ installed lubuntu fine and eve…[View]
61975348what are your expectations from 2020?: only 2.5 yrs left.. im hoping for smartphones that dont need …[View]
61972555Plex updates Privacy Policy: Is this the beginning of the end? >Plex will continue to collect usa…[View]
61974810Videos that start your brain engines: https://youtu.be/3CyN8rYdX6g[View]
61975281When it comes down to it ebay is still the best place to buy stuff. Look at the alternatives >new…[View]
61953318ITT: Technology that makes you proud to be an American.[View]
61973900How long are anonymous imageboards are going to last?[View]
61968312>update SJWfox >notice some of my add-ons aren't working >open about:addons >LEGACY…[View]
61948110/bst/ - Battlestations: Hacker Edition[View]
61974064>build a high end desktop >do nothing but browse /g/ and write shitty scripts in python A 5 ye…[View]
61972859>hack time >take your ThinkPad™ with you >introduce ancient egypts to computation and Looni…[View]
61974769>He bought a high-end GPU. >For gayming.[View]
61961538Linux is dead.[View]
61971646I don't wanna be kidnapped. Need VPN.: Hi, I don't want to be kidnapped, I really really r…[View]
61973475>Been shitposting lately from my phone from work >Day later coworker approach me >'Hey anon…[View]
61940808/cyb/ + /sec/: Cyberpunk and Cybersecurity General:: /Cyb/er/sec/urity general is for the discussion…[View]
61966372/spg/ - Smartphone General - Essential Reviews Edition: If requesting purchasing advice, please prov…[View]
61971523When will forth stop being the best programming language? Ha ha tricked you the answer is it won…[View]
61974597>he doesn't dual boot windows 10 and fedora on his t420 >he doesn't use windows for …[View]
61972354this is getting out of hand. it's making me listen to people saying numbers now how do we get r…[View]
61973698This is some kind of sick joke right? I actually really wanted one.[View]
61968381/hpg/ - Headphone General: >Headphone purchase advice: http://pastebin.com/fYZLW7Ub Please put so…[View]
61974446tf does mode=regist mean in the POST to sys.4chan.org/board/post[View]
61974379I bought a new PSU and for some reason, the cables to my SATA drives in the HDD cage won't let …[View]
61974337Mr. Robot keyboard: What keyboard is in the new Mr. Robot season 3 clip? https://twitter.com/whoismr…[View]
61973821If Pajeets are such bad programmers, then why can't white freetards create any 'free' software …[View]
61972469MacBook Pro 2015 or the 2017 touch bar noncesense?[View]
61973649Is Python better than C++?[View]
61944771>do IT at tech company >programmers are all condescending even though their problems are alway…[View]
61973920Offensive Security: I know there are quite a few Defensive Security Podcasts. But does anyone know o…[View]
61974053Who was in the wrong here?[View]
61970709What was that cool music player that is shared a lot around here that can sync up with your android?[View]
61872101/nrg/ - Nyaa replacement general: This thread is for the discussion of NyaaPantsu (pantsu.cat), a fr…[View]
61968097I want to learn backend web development /g/ so I can get a career in the future, is Java a good star…[View]
61973492Alan Cox general: what does /g think of linux-2.2-ac?[View]
61972410>tfw to intelligent for discrete maths looks like im not getting this degree after all…[View]
61971164How do I get my own internet so I won't have to be dependent on a provider that may or may not …[View]
61971719WWYD?: Any of you fucks wanna tell me why i shouldn't mine for gas? also general ethereum thre…[View]
61966720wtf Mozilla[View]
61972353Scriptsafe: Thoughts on this? Is it any good? Do you use it? I use chrome so can't use noscript…[View]
61973811>every time my GPU updates its drivers I lose 1gb of space >deleted the downloaded drivers …[View]
61973156How do I hack a computer /g/eeks?[View]
61973275sup /g/, why is vlc shit?[View]
61967880What are your thoughts on this /g/? https://cs.nyu.edu/trackmenot/[View]
61973344>don't listen to me or my son ever again ITT: post (real) old and weird/cool tech…[View]
61941025Are you fa/g/s ready for Coffee Lake[View]
61972651Is there a writing system designed to be maximally machine readable? Like QR codes, but which can be…[View]
61969178$500 Box can unlock any current iPhone: KEK https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IXglwbyMydM[View]
61965006Coffee Lake coming 8/21: Are you guys ready for some greatness? xDDDDD https://twitter.com/intel/sta…[View]
61973141Enough!: This is my third attempt at learning haskell. Give me a project to implement so that it fin…[View]
61972089How many UPSes does /g/ have? >How powerful are they >What are their battery capacities >W…[View]
61968770Speccy thread, probably going to buy a vr headset soon.[View]
61973133How important is the CPU on a tablet? I can't decide between 1st gen iPad pro or 2nd gen, and t…[View]
61965255Why is Gentoo so popular here?: What advantages does it have over other distributions? I'm curr…[View]
61971105/g/ humor thread[View]
61967489Gtx 1080ti or Next-Gen: I wanna make a pc build that will last me a while and i'm unsure as to …[View]
61958324What's the best 'cheap phone' there is? Does something like this even exist?[View]
61951744>chrome is a botnet >firefox is becoming a slower chrome >opera is a chinese botnet >viv…[View]
61971377Holy shit I was so stupid. I got a FX 8320 in late 2013 and I bought an aftermarket cooler called Al…[View]
61968220Things you hate with modern websites: >the website has a loading screen…[View]
61972598What separates the top 1% of programmers from the rest? Is pic related a good start to actually beco…[View]
61972189What's the best Linux distro that works out of the box, /g/? I'd go with Solus[View]
61971890>Vega 64 is slower than a 1080 not 1080ti, just the 1080[View]
61973139What App is the icon to the left of facebook messenger from? Thank you.[View]
619727512010 MBP still going strong: posted on /g/ the day i prchased my MBP. That was now over 6 years ago…[View]
61952253Post comfy cards.[View]
61968512Who's ready for that FineWine to kick in?[View]
61966087Advertisement blocking online: Which ad-blocker does /g/ use? Do you turn it off for anyone, and if …[View]
61966576https://mpc-hc.org/2017/07/16/1.7.13-released-and-farewell/ Well shit what now[View]
6196783413 inch laptop: Recomend me a 13 inch laptop which is not the xps, already tried it and sent it back…[View]
61954269/wt/ - watch thread: This thread is about the appreciation of horology, as well as the micro-enginee…[View]
61972933A SELL to the Sixt Startup Startup: Show HN: I did the define the startup from the Bitcoin and I did…[View]
61972809How to add directory to PATH correctly: so that bash will recognize it whenever I try to execute it …[View]
61963430Why aren't you using Windows Server 2012 R2 as your desktop OS, /g/? >server tier performanc…[View]
61971885Hello. I'm new to Linux and it's distros and I was wondering which distro is good for begi…[View]
61971166Is it just another jew meme?[View]
61971815>Battery time left: 1 day 21 hours >20 minutes later >Battery time left: 14 hours >5 min…[View]
61953973/fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread: Previous thread: >>61930299 Welcome to /fglt/ - Friendly G…[View]
61972099/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: What are you working on, /g/? Old thread: >>61963889[View]
61967695If my phone contract allows only 500mb of internet per month but free unlimited whatsapp usage is it…[View]
61968062What is the best free-speech supporting Gmail alternative?: I want to stop using all Google products…[View]
61971551Welcome to 1984: http://www.newsjs.com/au/film-studios-and-foxtel-win-orders-blocking-59-pirate-webs…[View]
61972370Good game Systemd/Linux[View]
61971582What the hell is this, Gab?[View]
61967141>nodejs >angularjs >backbonejs >expressjs >reactjs >eatmyshitjs…[View]
61966926Why do 1980's technology look so much better than today? Is it because of Japan?[View]
61968771Now they're just fucking with us.[View]
61969301Openwrt question: Are you using dnscrypt and dnssec on your openwrt router? If so, would you show me…[View]
61972021Don't know if anyone remembers but i posted here a few weeks back shilling my new app. Some ano…[View]
61967751Is Yandex a good alternative to Chrome and Google search?[View]
61968928Atom 1.19.2 is already out on github while Archlinux is still having 1.18.0[View]
61963889/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: What are you working on, /g/? Old thread: >>61957754[View]
61968439Who still on Debian, /g/?[View]
61967419Do you have your PC assembled in pcpartpicker? If so you should share it in this thread. r8/b8/h8/ap…[View]
61966395Opera 12.15 Source Code Discussion: Source Code: https://bitbucket.org/prestocore-fan/presto (Mirror…[View]
61970433Redditware: Post software that any self-respecting /g/entooman should avoid. I'll start.[View]
61960277Is there anything shittier than SAP?: The company I work gave some ABAP trainning for free. I was li…[View]
61971634unlocked g2: I live in LA and i decided to try to get rid of a phone bill by signing up for one of t…[View]
61967807https://www.android.com/eclipse/ IT'S HAPPENING[View]
61971268Is there any decent ways to generate a profit from a dedicated server? I've recently been given…[View]
61969324Steam Handheld: Why wont Valve release something like this? Fuck kikestarter faggots who never relea…[View]
61956375Linux is abandonware.[View]
61969404Is there any contemporary program like the Computer Chronicles that showcases modern technology adva…[View]
61969368Is open office still a thing? What's the latest greatest free alternative to Word?[View]
61968946Why is Debian such a piece of shit? I've tried running it on a virtual machine, and it's b…[View]
61969833About to go pick up my new Thinkpad x230, Core i5, 256 GB SSD, installing MacOS on it. Did I fuck up…[View]
61963462For the vast majority of consumers why shouldn't they use windows 10? >reliable >compatib…[View]
61957837What mouse do you use /g/? My mouse is about to die out and I could use a replacement. Anyone know a…[View]
61970692Filecoin DOA: >Have to pay not only for the storage of data, but have to pay to access it too …[View]
61970704Fios Router: Okay, please excuse my stupidity, but I need help. I'm so fucking clueless. I or…[View]
61967764What's the best browser for raspberry pi?[View]
61970127I have a shitty HP thin client and want to upgrade the graphics power. What's the best PCIe Low…[View]
61969955Where is the best place to buy a second hand (I.e. cheap) pic related? Ebay is all full price as is …[View]
61969146Is there any good app or desktop program to schedule WhatsApp messages to a broadcast. I checked som…[View]
61968727How the fuck is this meme still a thing?[View]
61961745Al right /g/ I have about 600 bucks to spend on comfy tech. What to buy? I already own a ThinkPad. I…[View]
61963587Is raspberry pi worth it ?[View]
61968256Fucked USB: So i have a 8 GB flash drive. It had 2 seperate veracrypt volumes. But someone managed t…[View]
61961222Hey /g/ looking for a good business class laptop that ISN'T a lenovo think pad model. I refuse …[View]
61967179I'm a long time gnu/linux user and tried w10 ltsb. As a programmer i wanted to do something tha…[View]
61965705Why is reCAPTCHA v1 no longer supported when it's infinitely better/faster than v2? The new ver…[View]
61965146Give me one genuine reason for not using Perl.[View]
61969969https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QFSXdRct-Ww THANK YOU BASED NVIDIA[View]
61967286Whats the best LGA1150 Xeon I can buy? Wanna play some vidya, but want something cheap (in canuck bu…[View]
61965420What does /g/ think about funtoo? If anyone uses it, why do you use it instead of gentoo[View]
61961569Pics that make you shed a single tear.[View]
61966074What is the ideal laptop screen size?[View]
61969617I just bought a cheap 16:9 monitor for a secondary and found it wont fit on my desk. A friend offere…[View]
61966665/W4RR/ Wait For Raven Ridge thread Let's speculate. We know that it's Zen+Vega on the same…[View]
61968668TypeScript: Why aren't you using glorious TypeScript /g/? It's much better than shitty, bu…[View]
61968420Ever-cookie: >Be me >Be copious about privacy and everything >Invent complete security proc…[View]
61963180which distro does /g/ recommend and why? I'm thinking of becoming a penguinfag because wangblow…[View]
61967013which kernel is better for gnu operating system? linux or bsd?[View]
61959662Been using palemoon since forever now i hear its bad to use? what am i pose to use damn dum?[View]
61967385I'm gonna make video-streaming website(like crunchyroll but free) that plays anime. Is there an…[View]
61959612http://www.blurbusters.com/4k-120hz-with-bonus-240hz-and-480hz-modes/ 4k/120Hz monitors are out!a It…[View]
61967717Do you guys get really anxious when a package is supposed to arrive? I ordered some vacuum tubes and…[View]
61968689Slider with ticks: Is there a GTK equivalent of this? Where you don't scroll to each tick with …[View]
61968030This is the ideal smartwatch. You may not like it, but this is what peak functionality looks like.[View]
61967542Hi fellow /g/oogle users, i need some advice is there any way (no matter how hard) to access removed…[View]
61967734How productive are you?: What's your schedule like? http://www.businessinsider.com/successful-p…[View]
61956384/hpg/ - Headphone General: >Headphone purchase advice: http://pastebin.com/fYZLW7Ub Please put so…[View]
61965106AMD Official Statement - Full Damage Control about Vega Fake Launch Price: https://videocardz.com/72…[View]
61967949Ryzen 3 OCed Vs. Intel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SfTcJitmbZM[View]
61960173If my pc requires 380 watts would a 400 watt psu be fine?: If my pc requires 380 watts would a 400 w…[View]
61966819Ubuntu and cinnamon.: Well. I really love linux mint cinnamon. But well alot of people tell me to us…[View]
61967319Best laptop for everything: This board is probably for more technical things, but I was hoping you g…[View]
61967318Replika: Is /g/ aware of Replika? It's a learning AI that learns only from you(unlike cleverbot…[View]
61933118If you use firefox, why are you still using it or which fork are you using and why. Also opinion on …[View]
61966175How the fuck is Google allowed to censor anyone who isn't a hardcore leftist? I'm tired of…[View]
61967487Carmack endorsing Garbage Collection: /g/ forever BTFO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1PhArSujR_A…[View]
61965425Talos II: What does /g/ think about the Talos II? https://www.raptorcs.com/TALOSII/[View]
61960968>android fags will defend this[View]
61965558what is this?[View]
61965415How many of you fell for the second grade korean panel meme?[View]
61966459Where the fuck are the mods general: >>61966301 >>61964278 >>61963182 >>6196…[View]
61966094Redox OS: https://www.redox-os.org/ tfw a fucking rust os is more appalling than any linus/stallman …[View]
61965054how do i protect my technology from the eclipse?[View]
61963613>Failed to start light display manager on x60 can someone help me, im troubleshooting for more th…[View]
61965440People only install firefox to compatibility test their site FACT[View]
61966920how do Sony have such consistently good design and style?[View]
61962544should I get a 7700 or wait for coffee lake and spend like $130 for a new mobo that I can use coffee…[View]
61966544I accidentally deleted all my pics and videos: I've downloaded at least 3 apps that retrieved s…[View]
61959031Is G-Sync technology actually good or is it just snake oil? The price increase to have it is pretty …[View]
61950076/csg/ Chink Shit General: In /csg/, we discuss the cheap shit you see on Gearbest, Taobao, AliExpres…[View]
61966470Heard about Tails in another thread re: Anonymity and Privacy. Apparently launching that bad boy fro…[View]
61963182>over a gorrilian vega slide threads >everyone is quite as fuck about intel leaving american m…[View]
61965758Should we be concerned that this is happening even more often than before? It seems like every day m…[View]
61966741Libgen, Rutracker and IRC have failed, where do I turn to now to find a specific eBook?[View]
61966840Hey muggins. Check out these *FREE* games. Only $100 extra! SUCH A BARGAIN![View]
61961800Are we going to have to start paying for Youtube?[View]
61966698Don't mind me, I'm just using adblock.[View]
61961972tfw you've been able to play any windows game on your linux laptop since 2014 but you just have…[View]
61938589>openly insulting employees >lashing out at executives who failed to meet his improbably high…[View]
61952954/ptg/ - Private Tracker General: Preview >>61939003 → >Not sure what private trackers are a…[View]
61963995>Either deal with the shitty screen sizes of a CRT or use an LCD that will have shitty Black leve…[View]
61962039do you oppose keyboard covers and if so why?[View]
61960393High end of low end smart phones.: I got the Moto G4 Play for $150 did I just fuck up?[View]
61963655I wish this language had taken off as the de-facto standard for strongly typed pure functional progr…[View]
61944046Bought a Vega Liquid - thread #2 (last one closed): prev thread (closed) >>61933390 Thanks for…[View]
61956996>working on project for 3 months >five thousand source files >never used version control …[View]
61965423i have a computer running on android x86 i have downloaded windows 7 iso but i really need to make a…[View]
61965181Where do I get a forum bot that can create threads, post replies and try to emulate a discussion? I…[View]
61966193What's a good alternative to MS Word? I'm trying to write a resume right now using LibreOf…[View]
61948878/spg/ - Smartphone General - Yet Another Nokia 8 Edition: If requesting purchasing advice, please pr…[View]
61963647>making a desktop application in C >make a .c file, add libraries you're using in same fo…[View]
61958442Who /cybpjamal/ here?[View]
61965226iPhone reset: Hey /g/spot. I was out for a bike ride and I found an iPhone 6 on the side of the roa…[View]
61962278>Intelshit doesn't even get close What the fuck intel? how come AMD is cheaper AND better?!…[View]
61965879So I want to get this cowon , but not sure which online store to get it from. Also, checked eBay and…[View]
61963680Tomatoes on 'onions on NetBean'?[View]
61963273Steve Jobs: What did he mean by this?[View]
61965658Remember me?[View]
61964997>reinstall windows and clear all the files because im too lazy to clean up my desktop >right a…[View]
61962810Onions on NetBeans?[View]
61959722Hey /g/, its that time I take every night to thank you guys for reminding me that Im not the most wo…[View]
61952715Amd Radeon Navi will it be good?[View]
61962266Stop Distro-Hopping[View]
61965037Facebook ID: >attending a classy event >hi-tech building >sudden urge to take a shit >th…[View]
61964780ITT: Tech celebs/journalists/devs/entrepreneurs you hope suffer a career threatening and/or potentia…[View]
61952233IT/Infosec jobs/work realities: So I've been talking to my dad who's been working pretty m…[View]
61963742How does my cable management look, /g/? Spent an hour organizing them.[View]
61963419Fucking heavy laptops: Currently, I have an HP EliteBook (I couldn't find a ThinkPad). It works…[View]
61946939Would it be a stupid idea to build my own server at my house just to fuck with and learn?[View]
61963705Is there any money in developing accounting/business systems? Most are pieces of dogshit but every r…[View]
61963853Ryan Dahl: Came across Ryan's dev blog, the creator of node JS: http://tinyclouds.org/optimisti…[View]
61964919What do you use for organizing, storing, and searching scanned documents? Ideally I would like somet…[View]
61964740Aside from buying one, what's a way of testing the speed of a connection for ethernet over powe…[View]
61963589Welcome to 1984[View]
61963349So I bought a gaming headset, but my pc only has 1 audio jack. So I used a combiner, but now Discord…[View]
61964763>le noting tu fear nuting 2 hyd xD If you are this retarded, you have thirty seconds to reply wit…[View]
61962229I've been using Linux for the past 5 years. I recently installed Windows 10 on a partition for …[View]
61964670What's the best way to organize my notes in a plain text file? Is there a standard format or do…[View]
61956303/sqt/ - Stupid Questions Thread: Post your simple/small/stupid questions. Take at least 10 seconds t…[View]
61960853Can Raspberry Pi 3 be used as a 'normal' PC that's usually only used for browsing the net? The …[View]
61963045what language is easiest to do accurate inelastic 3D material dynamics with? im tired of fixed geome…[View]
61963783Confession Thread: I don't even know how most algorithms work, or even how databases work. I ju…[View]
61962449retard faggots lol: hi, non westerner here. Do you fa/g/gots actually pay for softwares like Photosh…[View]
61964281>how do I defeat the DRM an evil corporation put on this thing I bought? >dude use their softw…[View]
61955626>low stock >$100 over MSRP >Half locked behind a Ryzen / freesync bundle What happened?…[View]
61924283clang or gcc?[View]
61960655Lets talk about CloudFlare for a moment. In case you've been living under a rock, 'The Daily St…[View]
61962318Riddle me this /g/ If Sony makes such good cameras that are being used in other phones, why are thei…[View]
61944539INFOGRAPH THREAD: Fresh install on my new chinkpad. Need to fill my folder up with more graphics/how…[View]
61962530Can anyone link me up with information about designing decentralized account system? (in the registe…[View]
61957754/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: What are you working on /g/? Old thread >>61952079[View]
61963223https://devblogs.nvidia.com/parallelforall/inside-volta/ >The new Volta SM is 50% more energy eff…[View]
61961613Best sites for buying outdated but unused tech? I have gone to eBay mostly in the past, but I want t…[View]
61951711What will its GPUs be called? 11XX, 20XX, or something different?[View]
61960425where to buy hacking and cyber security documents: i am willing to buy research, cyber secutity pdfs…[View]
61951571/mpv/ - the /g/reatest media player: Install mpv: https://mpv.io/installation/ Wiki: https://github.…[View]
61953583The stallman: Stallman has arrived at FOSS4G in Boston[View]
61963092Should I use a Monoblock?: So, I am currently planning a build, and I need a good balance between ga…[View]
61943927>bin doesn't mean trash bin >it's short for binary WHY NOBODY TELL ME THIS SOONER…[View]
61963046>tfw you've become so knowledgeable in programming that you can filter out all of the retard…[View]
61956916step the fuck back[View]
61937651All AMD Radeon RX Vega 64 sins: >No live stream for the launch event >Vega is too late >‘Po…[View]
61958852Why do governments and paranoid people physically destroy out of use hard drives? Can't a bit o…[View]
61962008So you know how HDDs and SSDs can't retain data indefinitely? I'm wondering if there is so…[View]
61963132>tfw when you finally find a good programming language >tfw when it's Brainlet >tfw wh…[View]
61960070ITT post something your phone can do that you think is cool and functional. Something that you use f…[View]
61962552DAP / Portable Media Player: Someone recommend a cheap dap. Not fiio and not ipods.[View]
61956823I'll admit this piece of shit has potential, but it's UI on desktops is fucking atrocious.[View]
61961746Why is Windows Media Center so comfy?[View]
61962384Any review and/or opinion for this upcoming dev board?[View]
61957757Ryzen optimization: Do you remember when ryzen was first coming out, they did that blendr demo ? He…[View]
61961533Will this work?[View]
61961416Samsung Portable SSD T5 Review: http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/samsung-t5-portable-ssd,5163.htm…[View]
61957574/pcbg/ - PC Bulding General: If you want help: >Assemble parts list https://pcpartpicker.com/ …[View]
61960270Does anyone know theBest privacy startup for a fag like me I'm tired of using Google and botne…[View]
61942003>Note: Starting in Firefox 57, which will be released in November 2017, only add-ons built with t…[View]
61957898GOOGLE MUST BE DESTROYED: Have you started de-googling your life? What Google services have you repl…[View]
61956330Is it worth buying a SSD?[View]
61962572Intel and nvidia: Mfw people buy nvidia graphics card and a Intel core for there PC[View]
61956325This is no doubt a dumb question, but how do I become more /g/? I wanna be tech-savvy.[View]
61962213find the mistake[View]
61961156Is Walmart the biggest botnet that we never think about? Think about it, they have access to your en…[View]
61961483How to get notification when someone replies to me on 4chan?[View]
61959091AMD, Intel, future of computers: Now that AMD has caught Intel with their panties down, will finally…[View]
61953533What are the best Google product alternatives out there?[View]
61962202The Ultimate Anti-virus protection for 2017: >AMD Vega 10 GPU Marketing Image For WWDC17 Was Not …[View]
61960449Windows 10: Hey /g/, windows 10 user here. Does anyone here on /g/ hate Windows 10 or Windows 8? Wha…[View]
61962071what kind of headphones does etika use[View]
61961867>take ROM from a phone with very similar specs, e.g same SoC, RAM, resolution, etc >Take kerne…[View]
61957330Hey /g/, what would be the best distro to put on a 2004 Thinkpad R51? Tried putting Debian on it but…[View]
61951840Konqi wants to know what you love most about KDE! ===== Art CC BY-SA Tyson Tan (https://creativecomm…[View]
61948420/twmg/ - Tiling Window Manager General: Low on precious screen real estate, or busy massaging your c…[View]
61953634Why didnt you buy a refurbished workstation already? >lots and lots of IO without PCIe bottleneck…[View]
61959844>install program >no support for Spanish[View]
61961086Is Tomcat superior in every way? Why, why not?[View]
61940269DIY FaceApp: Can /g/ re-implement the banned racial filters? Relevant work: Deep Identity-aware Tran…[View]
61960694What is the point in using the command line instead of a GUI program? Does it just make you people f…[View]
61955353What fonts do you use to read stuff?: What fonts do you guys uses when your read stuff on tablets on…[View]
61957989Should I sell my Thinkpad W520 and buy a Dell XPS 13 9360?[View]
61956186I discovered Linux as a young autist (12) when they were sending free Ubuntu 8.04 CD's to your …[View]
61958629Explain Blockchains to me like i'm 5: Also what are practical uses for this other than buttcoin…[View]
61942839Hai :D[View]
61956799What is the best storage service for online storage? No meme answers please and preferably no privac…[View]
61953310>talking irl with my brother about what my sister wants for her birthday >says she wants a sal…[View]
61955299What's the best one of these type of thing?[View]
61954658Any BI fags in here? Power BI vs. Pic related: I need an opinion on which visualization tool you fin…[View]
61907876Wizards assemble!: Advanced users of GNU/Linux (and I mean advanced), remember to try Source Mage GN…[View]
61950636Microsoft doesn't sp-: Microsoft doesn't spy on it's use- https://pastebin.com/eyDs9N…[View]
61950332What does /g/ think of The Coding Train? I've gone through some of his tutorials. They're …[View]
61961364hey /g/ so I'd like to know how people find premium accounts for paid streaming services. There…[View]
61958927I tried and failed. My dream was to be an indie dev, but 1 year and I only made $14,000. Can't …[View]
61960574/g/reetings I wanted to know security wise just how weak is Windows 10? I know a lot of companies ha…[View]
61960875I have these weird lines that are just like finger traces on my new phone's screen. It's a…[View]
61961109why is the galaxy tab s3 being marketed as having HDR video playback capability? wouldn't this …[View]
61960162daily reminder you arent in the developed world if you dont use chrome or ie/edge[View]
61960735Is this a good enough deal?: https://slickdeals.net/f/10470772-dell-inspiron-3650-desktop-w-keyboard…[View]
61953287What can I sell my PC for? Or is it getting too old to be worth anything?[View]
61960513Is this build enough for gaming?: I'm new into this, and i wanna know if this is good enough to…[View]
61956351Why is this disgusting app allowed to exist?[View]
61959379Setting up my own Arch Linux or downloading a ready to go OS?: Should I go through the process of bu…[View]
61960157What's a good browser for mobile that isn't complete botnet? I tried pic related but captc…[View]
61955490/g/, is startpage safe? what search engine should I use? Startpage has many ads and I don't fee…[View]
61957518I'm looking for a video player. I need one that will allow me to step through videos frame by f…[View]
61959337What is the best email service? Bonus points if gmail and outlook are not even considered.[View]
61955684Lol no reason to buy youtube red if you have an android.[View]
61944957Why is git so unintuitive? Fuck.[View]
61954621Is it a good thing or a bad thing that a computer from 7 years ago is still perfectly usable today b…[View]
61960041anyone else nut roasting: love my 12 inch RMB mmmm[View]
61959994What is /g/'s opinion on Java 8 and its new streams and lambda expressions feature?[View]
61959288Does this make me an idiot[View]
61955080Work online?: I am looking for a way to make money online. I was looking at stuff like clickworker a…[View]
61959721They're hiding something, they have to be..... this all can't be free right? No way... I t…[View]
61959434What's the worst LED color and why is it [spoiler]blue[/spoiler][View]
61950510/g/ is this worth learning? I trying to set up Vim for LaTeX but I gave up. Is this better?[View]
61958939The current state of the mactoddler.[View]
61957164new fag here how secure is TOR? I just don't want de duberment looking at me when i am browsing…[View]
61957950Nightly: How the fuck do I go back?[View]
61959180Anyone ever seen syringe like soldering iron where the interior where you put the solder is heated a…[View]
61958510Akhyou! (F-Droid anime streaming app errors): Anybody know why this app isn't working right? Al…[View]
61956885Rust is the Sega Dreamcast of programming languages[View]
61958171iOS Hacked!: http://www.techrepublic.com/article/hacker-claims-to-have-decrypted-apples-secure-encla…[View]
61942137GNOME will win the desktop war: Gnome 3.26 is being released soon, there have been numerous improvem…[View]
61956210It’s Not Just a Necklace, You’re on Camera!: The commonly shared quote is 'diamonds are a girls best…[View]
61955565Why recently I don't have to solve 4chan captchas? The last 4 posts it goes to 'green check' au…[View]
61956745This punk ass kid took nude of my 16 yo daughter giving them out to his friends, doxing and swatting…[View]
61951879Best Android Launcher, that isn't botnet or a meme. Something feature packed,free ( as in free…[View]
61953898Sup /g/, im trying to get into this whole usenet thing, after using OCH (gerfag, can't torrent)…[View]
61958579WhatsApp: I don't have a smartphone. Family & friends keep begging me to get one. >basic…[View]
61956328Save your fanboy shit: I'm building a rig, I want to play 1440p at max @60fps for the next two …[View]
61957997Are single room Computers a meme? I was considering downsizing to a SFF build like pic related but I…[View]
61955607>he doesn't use the best looking OS to ever be created pathetic[View]
61957947>blocks your path[View]
61942213/g/ was right: I have recently started to slowly adopt a number of /g/ memes, and, quite frankly, do…[View]
61957945Hooking laptop monitor to rig: I'm trying to use my laptop monitor and keyboard for gamming usi…[View]
61958176What is your Wi-Fi ping download and upload and which broadband supplies it and location? Mine is 13…[View]
61957689/g/, give your best tips to keep it anonymous for when you use tor. Anything else regarding anonymit…[View]
61954999AMD shit at tuning hardware: Why is AMD so shit at tuning cards? I was able to undervolt my card to …[View]
61954399>/g/-tard's giving other /g/-tards shit for using proprietary software >'muh freedom' …[View]
61940194>not run by mozilla >works with all firefox addons >classic UI >descended from the legen…[View]
619580482017 not using a desktop browser to use the mobile version of 4chan. What's your excuse.[View]
61952079/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: What are you working on, /g/? Old thread: >>61946541[View]
61928688/wt/ - watch thread: This thread is about the appreciation of horology, as well as the micro-enginee…[View]
61954565Looking to maybe upgrade my rig. But I'm having issues deciding exactly what I want to upgrade.…[View]
61956008what's a good replacement for a battered ~4 year old toshiba chromebook?[View]
61956492im thinking of building a file server to store all of my downloaded content, i find myself thinking …[View]
61956522Is /g/ better than reddit? http://www.strawpoll.me/13729819 http://www.strawpoll.me/13729819 http://…[View]
61957353Hi /g/ Are there any 4chan apps for the Linux terminal? - /bant/dit[View]
61955503I've been given a Dual CPU Mac Pro 4,1 (2009) for free. Is it worth firmware upgrading to 5,1 a…[View]
61956708what happens if you ship a package using priority mail but use your own box instead of a flat rate b…[View]
61952167Should I use kubuntu/ubuntu mate/xubuntu/lubuntu/or the normal ubuntu I won't use ubuntu budgie…[View]
61952057What does /g/ think of these? Are they essential? Are they even reliable?[View]
61949702Gimp or Krita?: I have a lot of experience with Photoshop, but I want to learn open source Linux alt…[View]
61955896Took me two weeks,but I've finally mastered pic mocrocontrollers. So far I've written soft…[View]
61955480Has anyone ever had this glitch with Paint.Net before? I can only get the side windows with tools, c…[View]
61956618Yesterday I pic related your sister[View]
61956065Does anyone know what happened to 4ch.on and tinyboard? What are some good tinyboard alternatives se…[View]
61955280>cmake >ninja >autotools >scons >gradel >maven >waf…[View]
61954765Let's say you found a vulnerability in 4chan. Would you report it or keep it to yourself?[View]
61944201ITT: Tech celebs/journalists/devs/entrepreneurs you hope suffer a career threatening and/or potentia…[View]
61949708/hpg/ - Headphone General: >Headphone purchase advice: http://pastebin.com/fYZLW7Ub Please put so…[View]
61955068>Organize a programming conference in central Europe. >Invite non-binary SJW to give a talk ab…[View]
61956084>He doesn't use Arch Explain this[View]
61947975Google hate thread What everyday google services have you euthonised/replaced? Youtube - ublocked on…[View]
61937050Get real, /g/. Nobody is interested in GNU/Linux because it 'respects your freedoms' or even that it…[View]
61946173Why are there no gsync 1080p IPS monitors? I don't want 1440p due to shitty resolution scaling …[View]
61953860Memes aside, what can FreeBSD not do that Debian can?[View]
61953851Straw Poll: Coffee Lake Expectations: http://www.strawpoll.me/13728399[View]
61945966/sqt/ - Stupid Questions Thread: Post your simple/small/stupid questions Take at least 10 seconds to…[View]
61955558>its a dot captcha puzzle >there's literally never any mailboxes…[View]
61955168The vega proved disappointing as an upgrade from my Fury. My 1080ti should arrive any minute now lad…[View]
61955951Opera 12.15 Source Code Discussion: Source Code: https://bitbucket.org/prestocore-fan/presto (Mirror…[View]
61941276Does /g/ use RSS/Atom feeds? What reader do you use?[View]
61955604Describe /g/ in one image[View]
61952485Why doesn't Gnome have a fucking push notification app preinstalled like KDE with KDEConnect?[View]
61952642Does it even matter which email service i use if i encrypt my emails with pgp?[View]
61952523so, im making a shitty game on telnet, take a look port 23 i recommend to use putty o…[View]
61951406ITT: Tech companies you hope soon go into major liquidation and/or Chapter 7 bankruptcy.[View]
61952081GPU prices lowering: Been watching the prices of the rx 470 480 and rx 570 and 580 and they've …[View]
61951814Trying to make the switch to Chrome but its hard guys. There's so many things that Firefox has …[View]
61952227FUCK YOU, MCAFEE: Finally uninstalled that shit software (I only installed it because my Dad wouldn…[View]
61954998wait i thought the Intel X series was way overpriced and that memeripper was better? it only costs $…[View]
61945306>By 2023, used car prices will crash as people give up their vehicles. New car sales for individu…[View]
61955137Hey mugs. Check out these 'free' games you get with a RX Vega. Only £100 extra![View]
61954446I have an intel NUC I'm setting up for my living room. any general software or rainmeter recomm…[View]
61951231Trying to go no root for my new phone. Since it's fast, and has the latest Android, I really wo…[View]
61951608Shitposting from facebook HQ: I'm here all day, ask what you want[View]
61952967Why do people use AMD when their products clearly are inferior to Intel and Nvidia?[View]
61953220VR: Are cheap VR Headsets shit? Is smartphone VR viable?[View]
61952092>the state of apple https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VxFH-VPvZGc[View]
61954334How does it make you feel? Does it make you feel like crying?[View]
61946363Solus 3: What do you think about the new Solus release, /g/?[View]
61953117CMS: Anyone on /g/ has any experience with building a CMS? Pic related.[View]
61952102would you /g/uys ever use a worldwide chatroom? I used to love IRC back in the day but it's bee…[View]
61950091Reminder that 16:9 is outdated and that 4K and 144hz are memes. Join the 21:9 master race and never …[View]
61954595What does this error message mean? Keep getting it while trying to access a link provided by my scho…[View]
61954092>you're just holding it wrong #JustAppleThings https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2017/j…[View]
61951847Is there a better program with an Android app out there? Any foss alternatives?[View]
61951885>compile latest kernel >reboot >newer kernel already available…[View]
61953486Is there a life on Debian Stable?: Hi, Debian anon. Tell me, how do you live with packages that are …[View]
61952697Fucking hell. I can't wear in-ear headphones, they're all just painful and don't sta…[View]
61952051Raspberry Pi & Steam: /g/ Can a Raspberry Pi be used as a streaming device for Steam? I have a …[View]
61953601flv malware: Is it safe to run flv files as much as any other video container like mkv? When I see f…[View]
61953257Free ddns: Anyone know of a free ddns that doesn't require managing through updates such as noi…[View]
61953726My fucking IPCAM is recording videos to .264 format that is supposed to be raw video only, no audio.…[View]
61949807Good software to spy on a slave: Sup /g/, I'm a bdsm Master and I'm looking for a good app…[View]
61936085git mining niggers i hope you all die[View]
61953615Hello, /g/. Let's image that I have access to the source code for all the components of Windows…[View]
61950779why haven't we figured this basic shit out yet?: whether I'm watching YouTube, or streamin…[View]
61953530Hey guys, I need your honest, brutal advice here. I'm interested in the field of law enforceme…[View]
61951342writing technology: What are some cool technology for pens, pencils, crayons, chalk, notebooks, bind…[View]
61950834/umpcg/ Ultra-mobile PC General: Laptops that can fit into your pocket™. >Released in 2016/2017 -…[View]
61951380/refurb/: What are /g/'s opinions on refurbished laptops? Is it worth buying a workstation seve…[View]
61951177Hey /g/ what's this?[View]
61953431How come Windows sucks on laptops but works pretty great on desktops?[View]
61950392Just a quick reminder that we’ve won, gcc has lost.[View]
61946565Mr. Nobot: So I've recently started watching Mr. Robot and while it's kind of good because…[View]
61930299/fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread: Hey Faggots, My name is rms, and this is /fglt/ - Friendly GNU/L…[View]
61945380Cloudflare is kill: ISIS good, kill non-muslims, free speech: https://blog.cloudflare.com/cloudflare…[View]
61944641/pcbg/ - PC Bulding General: If you want help: >Assemble parts list https://pcpartpicker.com/ …[View]
61949279WTF AMD[View]
61948172>intel BTFO Ryzen GOAT 5 minutes later >fucking jewtel, the CPU market desperately needs compe…[View]
61952768How to root S6edge, andorid nougat 7.0 SM925F? Thanks[View]
61918593RX Vega real MSRP is $599 and $699 respectively: >the 499 was a 'launch price' http://wccftech.co…[View]
61949031Could Weaponizing Net Neutrality really stop the Content Provider mass purge? How would we even do t…[View]
61953052Anybody else excited for Inte's Coffee Lake? xDDDD[View]
61946497wats the highest quality image format[View]
61951870How do I play youtube videos on MPV[View]
61948091Why don't you use superior ChromeOS?[View]
61943171>There are manbabys on /g/ right now that use their cryptography processing units to play 3D game…[View]
61950943/g/ in 2018. Still no router security nor security general. And no, that cyberpunk thread doesn…[View]
61952626Mining zCash on Nicehash with my old R9 280x 3GB. A month or 2 ago, I could get 3,5$ per day. Howeve…[View]
61951902What is the best brute force software for hacking online accounts /g/?[View]
61952332>SHEEEEIIIIIIIIT Whas up facebook baby, you no trust me no mo?[View]
61951679EFI and MBR are both literally pajeet tier FUCKUPS Libreboot is only available to like richard stall…[View]
61952822Give me one good reason why I shouldn't continue to use Office 97[View]
61942223>you finally land a job offer after 274 consecutive rejection letters >OH SHIT >bright eyes…[View]
61952757Send your PC nudes: Send your PC nudes[View]
61951914Am I doing it right?[View]
61952334where do me findz secure email provider (dark or clearnet) that's free and does not require fuc…[View]
61946533first post with linux: hello 7G7 this is mz first post with linux on 4chan[View]
61952154That's a notebook[View]
61951422Hello /g/ can you recommend me a Linux distro for my gtx1080ti 7700k 32gb ram pc? My aim is to use s…[View]
61944855So old CPU architectures are better for games: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gLgBKswROGc&featu…[View]
61946541/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: What are you working on, /g/? Old thread: >>61939273[View]
61939003/ptg/ - Private Tracker General: Preview >>61924172 >Not sure what private trackers are all…[View]
61943550Why does Firefox waste so much space?: I have to f11 just to make youtube videos larger than 640x360…[View]
61948697Nightly: How can I change the icon back to this?[View]
61950376Show off your drives /g/[View]
61951956Do videos have metadata in them like images? (exif data) how do i find out? how do i remove?[View]
61949138Recruitment Challenge for Foreign Intel Gov.: Hey Guys, Do you guys know Python, Digital Image Proce…[View]
61943897>got my IT certification >about to apply for a job milking cows because it's been 4 month…[View]
61951878How to use Instant apps in Android?[View]
61947734phone computer?: Why in the living fuck hasn't anyone designed a laptop that you just snap you…[View]
61951796After testing multiple clients ended up with thunderbird and noticed that it has irc integrated in i…[View]
61951788Why are no S835 phones using Quick Charge 4 or 4+ despite supporting them? Does it have a flaw they …[View]
61949679Is gab ai worth investing in?: You can buy share's of gab ai for starting at 200 dollar's …[View]
61951066Podcast: What podcasts does /g/ listen to? I would like to start listening to podast but I don'…[View]
61951288>using Vim is hard excuse me?[View]
61948500Does anyone here have any experience with the Kardex Logitools web administration tool for Kardex Re…[View]
61951324TV specs: What specs should I look into a TV? I don't care about smart/video playback features…[View]
61943180how many of you actually pay for your internet?[View]
61948980Hi. How does XHR SOP interact with HTTP 302? That is, if I do an XHR on a local URL which returns a …[View]
61947822I'm very new to programming (studying enginiggering) and I was wondering if there's a way …[View]
61945074What are some good resources on search engine algorithms, indexing, and infrastructure?[View]
61937938How do these big, free to use software companies like Discord and Dropbox manage to make so much mon…[View]
61949658How to find and delete Veracrypt containers?: Encrypted some stuff a few months ago for a gag, but n…[View]
61947061Can we have a discussion on download managers for Windows? Bonus for those that can download videos …[View]
61951017Why is Loonix so popular with autists who have a ton of time on their hands? Do they not realize lit…[View]
61949923newb wanting to learn programming language/ code: hey /g/ well im looking at starting to learn so…[View]
61944526>OLED still isn't viable for monitors[View]
61946820Digital hoarders; how do you organize your files? How do you search them for what you need?[View]
61950677ITT: We compare drive speeds: >dl the benchmark from crystalmark Not sure if this is a good score…[View]
61949780Can anybody suggest me a good link to learn linked list from scratch ?: Please refer me some links w…[View]
61949395Text Editor: I recently switched from Windows 7 to Fedora and I'm looking for a decent text edi…[View]
61943011When will GPU prices drop?[View]
61929753/tpg/ - ThinkPad General: >New to /tpg/ or looking for purchasing advice? (hint: use the advice r…[View]
61944087Looking for in ear headphones recommendations. I alright have some good headphones at home, but they…[View]
61946186Okay, I have a new computer, installed (pirate) Windows 10. After several updates and all that prob…[View]
61949569Does anyone here have any experience with the Mini PCI-E to PCI-E x1 adapters for wireless cards? If…[View]
61950748Chinese hackers again?: So, I have a new Dell laptop and when I did a restart, I noticed that this C…[View]
61947570ITT: your fav Koding Kombos: Vim + make + GCC[View]
61948928Pok3r with Brown or HHKBP2?: I'm buying a new board and I'm torn between these two.[View]
61944859Can you see what Im doing right now /g/?[View]
61940795What is the best music player and why is it banshee?[View]
61932214I've tried Vim and Sublime and I dislike both. I'm looking for an editor that looks decent…[View]
61948271Have smart phones made the <pre> tag and pre-formatted text files obsolete?[View]
61945094why do japanese software developers include free anime with their apps? i dont get it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯[View]
61935468What's the best offline, cross platform password manager?[View]
61946808I am trying to buy a US thinkpad and import into Europe (ireland). My plan to avoid paying import du…[View]
61950422What is iBroadcast's business model? >Unlimited storage >Flac-support >No adds How do …[View]
61949888What is on the last page of Google search results?[View]
61949952>stuck at certain part while programming >look up tutorials on youtube >video title…[View]
61938712Why do programmers exaggerate how hard programming is, i only know entry level python (which i learn…[View]
619486521. My rig is more expensive and more powerful than your rig. 2. My rig has more cool lights than you…[View]
61949774five finger discount: Could I take the lock off this thing by changing the serial #[View]
61949116I've got a mid 2010, 15' core i5 macbook pro, is there a use for this thing, other than a fucki…[View]
61947508I've noticed Mister Metokur has uploaded videos related to recent /g/ threads in the past. Is h…[View]
61949930what date is this? 03-10-2017 i'm an american for me it would be march 10th 2017 but its not …[View]
61947804https://www.kaspersky.com/blog/2ch-webcam-hack/11961/ How long til this trend starts to become a thi…[View]
61948245I bought some cheap PC speakers which are bit too bassy. Could I put in a capacitor to cut down the …[View]
61945983I’m looking to buy an e-reader, and I’m not sure if I’m being meme’d with 3G and other shit What doe…[View]
61943827tfw rolling release: >run pacman -Syu > how do you guys remind yourselves to update your syste…[View]
61949741F L O E N S L O E N S[View]
61942381What's the deal with Pale Moon?: Some people say it's god tier while others claim it'…[View]
61939054/csg/ Chink Shit General: In /csg/, we discuss the cheap shit you see on Gearbest, Taobao, AliExpres…[View]
61946576At work today we had a feminist group come in to talk about 'sexual harassment in the workplace…[View]
61941240Should I get my old man one of those amazon echoes or dots for his birthday? I'm not trying to …[View]
61943239YouTube Downloader: What's a good way to download videos from sites that don't have specif…[View]
61934688/hpg/ - Headphone General: >Headphone purchase advice: http://pastebin.com/fYZLW7Ub Please put so…[View]
61940736The current state of /g/ >frogposting >awooposting >vidya >discord >no one mentions D…[View]
61948483>memory prices have been increasing constantly since 2011 What is going on…[View]
61948642Batch Loop Help: Sup /g/, I have an old Windows machine I need to automate something on, bash and po…[View]
61945081If a laptop can install gentoo on single charge it has the superior performance/battery balance. Pro…[View]
61948186I'm often afraid to tell others that I ask questions on Stack Overflow. A good programmer shoul…[View]
61949305>Use zar to extract nudes from smartphone sd card Who else here absolute devilish…[View]
61948662>imageboards vs ircs Which do you guys prefer for actually getting some tech know how?…[View]
61947029I want to seriously spend the rest of my life trying to create an good-enough Kurisu Ai to talk to. …[View]
61944779Fucking flimsy ass galaxy s8 phone screen is piece of shit. I knew I should've bought a case. T…[View]
61915498/mkg/ - Mechanical Keyboard General: /mkg/ - 75% Edition >Buyer's template: http://pastebin.…[View]
61944391/g/ any ideas to make it better >$2000 max: /g/ any ideas to make it better >$2000 max…[View]
619480972000 + 17 - not using qutebrowser: Why are you not using superior qutebrowser yet anon?[View]
61947174Are there any linux enthusiasts discord servers?[View]
61948396>setup a virtual machine with a vpn >download malware >sniff the network packets >extrac…[View]
61931918/spg/ - Smartphone General - Nokia 8 Announcement Edition: If requesting purchasing advice, please p…[View]
61948114Anyone here uses raspberry pi for home automation? I am thinking about buying it and slapping some r…[View]
61948469The Ultimate Controller?: What do you guys think? Should I buy this controller? http://kck.st/2wfgJ…[View]
61945915>installing kali linux[View]
61945936>people who use scripting language and call it 'programming' Next you're going to tell me I…[View]
61914276/mpv/ - the /g/reatest media player: Install mpv: https://mpv.io/installation/ Wiki: https://github.…[View]
61942867/spc/ - secondary PCs general: what do you do with your secondary not-so-good PC? do you use it as a…[View]
61926746July 2018: >It's totally great. >Everything is sandboxed, you included. >Nothing works…[View]
61944898Cloudflare appreciation thread: Prince said that he 'pulled the plug' on The Daily Stormer after one…[View]
61946838Which filesystem belongs to god tier?[View]
61946336Is there a good open source alternative to 95-XP era MS Paint?[View]
61943506>Linux will never have more than 5% marke-[View]
61946355Good job Mozilla!: Good news: Finally, that annoying 'profile missing' dialog box that appears every…[View]
61944628Question.: Is having Orbot with a bridge and transparent proxy enabled good enough to not be tracked…[View]
61945085Do you store your data compressed?[View]
61947600Was ransomware invented by big businesses like Microsoft to scare people away from tormenting/pirati…[View]
61942244Is Code::Blocks still good or has other stuff pretty much taken it's place?[View]
61943182>There are people on this board right now who are using a CRT[View]
61945548record multples stream at once with audacity: Hello, is it possible, and how, to record multiple str…[View]
61923583UMPCs: Now that the gpd pocket is officially bad, are there any other good options for umpcs in …[View]
61943832If i had to get a thinkpad E series, which is the best[View]
61947271Anyone ever tried virutal box by orackel? It's highly ironic to see how Steve brought on the f…[View]
61943999Hey bros, I'm a bit of a retard when it comes to networking. So I'm trying to upgrade to 1…[View]
61943492signal bars are ugly af. thank you that is all.[View]
61946452Does /g/ still use an antivirus? I just got my first windows machine in over a decade, and I haven…[View]
61946720Post your top10 most 'bloated' programs windows users. Get-Process|Select Name,@{n='~…[View]
61946126Oppa a57: Just got this for my birthday present. What do I need to know? Is it filename related?…[View]
61946344'Hi anon, this is the US embassy. We are currently processing your Visa application, but we can…[View]
61946072We need to talk about the faulty AMD X399 ROG Motherboard bracket.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
61943732Just got a Macintosh! wut should i do with it? install and ssd or somthin?[View]
61941316Simple question /g/, can someone answer this please. Why don't we have chargers for phones that…[View]
61945786Why does 16:9 video even exist when we have superior 4:3?[View]
61945732Mucusless Diet Healing System Thread: WHY IT DIDN WURK 4 STEVE JOBBY edition[View]
61946136I have this in C++, how to use thrust to parallelise this loop? pls halp ! for (size_t i = 0; i <…[View]
61945575Is it useful?[View]
61941806tell me again how AMD is still in business[View]
61944195Hey /g/ What's the best gaming laptop on the market right now for $1000 or less?[View]
61944975>the state of apple[View]
61939273/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: What are you working on, /g/? Old thread: >>61932358[View]
61946007What's up /g/ I bought this relic from a thrift shop for 25 bucks. It's a Panasonic PV-320…[View]
61945098Does win 10 have a function to make a folder password locked? I don't care if it's the shi…[View]
61946152If I want disk encryption, but also data integrity, do I have to do some stupid shit having a an enc…[View]
61946084Why on earth do I have to 'log in' to download drivers? If only Vega was half decent or the 580s wer…[View]
61936843Filecoin: How long until HDD prices explode? There will pop several services like this out in near f…[View]
61944397Data Organization: How does /g/ organize their data? Running out of storage so I put in an SDD I had…[View]
61938233Why doesn't aplel drop the big fucking bezel at the bottom of their imac?[View]
61937048What can I say? Forth is the best programming language[View]
61939158I have 2000 to build a new desktop, do you guys have any recommendations for first built pc? will d…[View]
61943087are there any isps that don't track you?: its all in the title. are there any tho? i know about…[View]
61935338/vrg/ - Virtual Reality General: A bit late but here's the regularly schedule thread. All text …[View]
61942660I want to ascend to linux but love C# for Unity. What can I do /g/ang?[View]
61939513I was 100% expecting Google to take over the world. How the fuck did Amazon suddenly become the most…[View]
61944593How can I get started on developing an app for android phones? I have a cool idea I want to make com…[View]
61943516Where would be the safest place to download Cyberlink Youcam 7?[View]
61942814Fedora is for code-obsessed jobless geeks, without personal life! Yes, it is interesting to follow t…[View]
61940248/cosg/ - CloverOS GNU/Linux: CloverOS GNU/Linux Official homepage: https://cloveros.ga Current ISO: …[View]
61933931what browser do you use on your phone?[View]
61936921What makes freetards incapable of designing good DEs? There are hundreds of different options for yo…[View]
61945313Are these headphones a meme?: https://www.bose.com/en_us/products/headphones/over_ear_headphones/qui…[View]
61943035Whats an ergonomic keyboard that doesn't have a numpad that wont cost a kidney[View]
61943932Low Level Programming Job: How comfy would a lower level focused job like writing drivers be? I just…[View]
61944248so this is the true power of linux....[View]
61947243Welcome to the year 1984[View]
61942702Wireless Adapter with GOOD Drivers: Are there any desktop wireless adapters, PCI or PCI-E, that don…[View]
61941194Stop using MacBooks.[View]
61944439http://www.digitimes.com/news/a20170817PD203.html >Nvidia overtakes MediaTek as 3rd largest IC de…[View]
61910040AMD FX Owners Club: Who here still comfy?[View]
61941783> Vega 64 + core i9[View]
61942557Support the AOMedia Video 1 (AV1) codec format: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=av1 …[View]
61944357Hey /g/ my laptop hard drive is starting to go. If I use linux to copy the entire HD over to the new…[View]
61940393/g/, why are there no laptops that are built for moderate gaming that don't look like bricks wi…[View]
61944196Why would this happen in firefox on one computer? It still does it in safe mode. Help me web dev wiz…[View]
61928310Let's have a /g/ humor thread.[View]
61943261What's the best messaging application telegram, wire or other?[View]
61943787Is it possible to teach myself how to code?: Do you know of any websites that can teach me programmi…[View]
61939324Is this the best backpack out there? Fits all my tech stuff and more[View]
61938562Ublock Origin. Anyone know how to get it to play nice with 4chan css styles?[View]
61940394Konqi is building his own computer! ===== Art CC BY-SA Tyson Tan (https://creativecommons.org/licens…[View]
61935879Why is vega hated so much?: It's great if you're using linux, since you can use the open s…[View]
61944468Opera 12.15 Source Code Discussion: Source Code: https://bitbucket.org/prestocore-fan/presto (Mirror…[View]
61923348Battlestation general[View]
61943861help me out /g/ I need a laptop but I don't have any money or time to find a bargain. the think…[View]
61944144Pictures on mobile: Sometimes pics are too blurry to read on mobile. Is there any way around this?…[View]
61939118Data Usage: What's your data usage per month?[View]
61943727Going to use Edge for a week: I'm submitting to the botnet.[View]
61944256PC building: I've always been into gaming and video games even sense i was a little kid. I curr…[View]
61943296Why haven't you purchased an Apple© Lightning Dock™ yet?[View]
61944032Which laptop: Hey, which one should I get? Budget is around 600-700, need it for studies and maybe s…[View]
61938805>GeForce 1060 is too slow >GeForce 1080 is too expensive >GeForce 1070 has an uneven digit…[View]
61943131Alright, I'm sick of all these empty memes about macOS, so I compiled the main reasons why it…[View]
61940391Hey /g/, I just got a new Dell laptop for school that runs Windows 10 because the program requires t…[View]
61941179Post in our tech chat. Webcockets and nodejs. https://kotchan.org/chat/int[View]
61917087Self-taught editing: So my GF will begin school next year and she wants to go into editing, and impu…[View]
61934714/sqt/ - stupid questions thread: Post your simple/small/stupid questions Take at least 10 seconds to…[View]
61943893>When your coworker gets fired and you now have to manage his projects[View]
61942882internet freedoms: >https://www.vpnranks.com/how-to-watch-leaked-game-of-thrones-s7-episode-6-saf…[View]
61943613Google botnet already has my contacts list. Should I give it to Microsoft too?[View]
61935357Speccy thread?[View]
61941073What's the best rubberdome/scissor-switch keyboard?[View]
61943464Hey /g/. If any of you use Firefox Nightly you will know that the Sad Panda extension (Exhentai Easy…[View]
61943515Anyone know how or where I can get a cracked version of Microsoft Office 10? Or an access code? Than…[View]
61943037SICP or this: Which one is better?[View]
61939767/tosg/: /tosg/ - TempleOS General: Terry Goes Back Outside Edition[View]
61933460Plain text thread: ITT: We talk about plain text files, and what future (if any) they have in years …[View]
61941078Post your face when Coffee Lake is actually just a rebrand of Kaby Lake and six-cores was just a mem…[View]
61941712Is this shit a honeypot: Or is it a legit decentralized network?[View]
61941914Whatever happened to side panel fans[View]
61943084What the hell is this?[View]
61937068Why does moving windows feel so fucking shit on Gnome? Why does it randomly snap to certain parts of…[View]
61937929hey /g/uys, you think q6600 with 4gb of ram could make a decent storage, ssh, and web server?[View]
61938361Text editors for humans war: hello /g/uys. As we all can see, there's always a war in here betw…[View]
61938619Notification from Arbys: On a whim I went to Arbys for the first time in like three years, did the d…[View]
61941380Is there a cheap 50-80 dollar android box I could get my mom to hook up to the TV? I'd get chro…[View]
61943078I have a project I am working on, a network audio player, something that takes the MP3s I ripped fro…[View]
61942548Why is it so buggy lately? it worked absolutely perfect before[View]
61943021>Wow anon, you know all these?![View]
61939109Why should I use Brave when I can't even use userscripts? Default 4chan is too ugly. And isn…[View]
61938161/pcbg/ - PC Bulding General: If you want help: >Assemble parts list https://pcpartpicker.com/ …[View]
61941809I want to use KDE what is THE distribution?[View]
61938392Has there ever been a more A E S T H E T I C browser?[View]
61942157Is the reason /g/ dislikes Louis Rossman so much because he is an athletic 6ft 5in self-made conserv…[View]
61942263Is there an email client for android that isn't gmail and isn't shit? The wiki recommends …[View]
61942175Info on mobile browsers: Is there any good android/ios browser that offers privacy? Or is it just an…[View]
61941829I hate the modern bloated web. I want to start a very simple site. Having made the basic layout, can…[View]
61941486Name a better browser logo. Protip: you can't.[View]
61941157Windows cucks of /g/.... Why do you still use Windows?[View]
61942424Any casemodders out there that could help me? Bought pic related and need some tips on fitting an at…[View]
61941832>install honeyview5 >works great >/g/ tells me it's a botnet and that i should be usin…[View]
61940556theoretically speaking, what could be alternative, future hi-tech ways of inhaling tobacco flavour a…[View]
61942527Install: Install[View]
61942476Where dat boy: What happened to Spatry?[View]
61938357Hit the GNU way or the highway: So I was just wondering, is it worth going full FOSStard or not, I g…[View]
61942380New Battle Station General: The last one kind of died but i was really enjoying it. What's your…[View]
61922296>oo-boon-too >oo-bun-too How do you pronounce it?…[View]
61941345Louis Rossman: I'm trying to start up my own PC side-business repairing older business class ma…[View]
61940582hdd: Seagate Barracuda 4TB or Western Digital Black 2TB?[View]
61930570/pcbg/ - PC Building General: If you want help: >Assemble parts list https://pcpartpicker.com/ …[View]
61942139how did you goys set up wifi . asking for a friend: i fell for /g/'s memes bought a precision m…[View]
61938862Go easy on me: What should I expect other than great build quality, performance, and reliability? Ar…[View]
61937202name a mid tower case with better airflow than the Corsair 500R Hint: you cant[View]
61938074> A friend once asked me to watch a video with her that she was going to display on her computer …[View]
61938118How much sleep do you get /g/?[View]
61940154Whats the dumbest tech purchase you made that you eventually came to love?[View]
61940486Daily reminder you should start using Pale Moon or Waterfox if you want the firefox experience Daily…[View]
61940823Opera 12.15 Source Code Discussion: Source Code: https://bitbucket.org/prestocore-fan/presto (Mirror…[View]
61939914Iphone 5: Hey /g/ I just got a new Iphone 5 Can I do anything cool with/to it?[View]
61939539Cloudflare drops Daily Stormer: http://gizmodo.com/cloudflare-ceo-on-terminating-service-to-neo-nazi…[View]
61929003Which is better between the two?[View]
61940815Windows Defender: Does windows defender do the trick, or should I purchase a subscription-based serv…[View]
61924559ITT old tech you want and other retro bullshit.[View]
61936197Following recent events, tech companies have started purging anything they consider 'nazi'. There…[View]
61935032Gaming and Linux: I'm looking to finally leave windows(cause muh privacy) but there just isn…[View]
61940642Why are QT applications always better than their GTK equivalents?[View]
61928051If C++ is such a mess, why doesn't someone create something similar to it and remove all of the…[View]
61940235how do I get all facebook accounts sorted by gender and age that lives in less than 5km of distance …[View]
61937466people say they can't afford a new flagship gpu every 5 years? they can't afford $0.33/day…[View]
61941156What's the best app on Android for playing chiptunes and module files?[View]
61938850We asked a hundred people to name something a C++ developer would never say to his girlfriend.[View]
61929946What email do you /g/entooman use? Looking for alternatives to this piece of shit.[View]
61941117Anyone familiar with Asus Battery health charging app?: So I got a new asus q325u and it came with a…[View]
61936028What's /g/'s opinion on Nim?: Is learning Nim worth it? I know some C/C++ and pretty exper…[View]
61939503I love AMD, I really do. But I really would not use their shit in my PC lol.[View]
61939096Operating System General: Let's talk about OS's. Personally I'm a windows user and a …[View]
61939463Does anyone have a dollar mousepad coupon? I've been looking for a working one but all I can fi…[View]
61935322What are the most practical languages in terms of a career in programming?[View]
61935678What is this button on the inside of my computer?[View]
61936518Is there a linux distro for video games?[View]
61937898Is there anything for linux that does this?[View]
61933642>Nightly now has the Firefox logo Well ok then.[View]
61940604What's your iq and if your iq is high or decent why do you post on /g/?[View]
61939621Should I submit myself to datamining cucks (discord, Facebook, google, etc etc etc.) Or Live the FOS…[View]
61940245Any info on this browser?: Hello /g/ What are your opinions on this browser called 'Armorfly'?…[View]
61940196Is it still worth learning these days or are there better alternatives?[View]
61938465Any of you got this book in digital form?: Poorfag here, cannot afford it.[View]
61933568What /g/ thinks about ReactOS? Its is good it has fatal flaws? It can replace windows in medicore ga…[View]
61936409Linux GUI builder: I want to build a simple GUI on Linux for my program. What is the easiest and lig…[View]
61939997Restoring an old portable gaming chip.: I actually don't know how old this thing is (probably n…[View]
61939181Help me. How do I solder this battery spring back into place. I've tried multiple times but can…[View]
61893065/cyb/ + /sec/: Cyberpunk and Cybersecurity General:: /Cyb/er/sec/urity general is for the discussion…[View]
61939853Does Linus Torvalds have autism?: 'I don't know, maybe I'm autistic or something.' -Linus …[View]
61939233/hpg/ Music Share Thread: No shills, no shitposting, no glomf. Just post the music you like to liste…[View]
61939689https://www.broadcom.com/company/news/product-releases/2293974 >Broadcom Announces Availability o…[View]
61938596I'm trying to find out which specific otomatone the girl in this video is using. Can anyone hel…[View]
61939620Welcome to the botnet[View]
61939335Autistic faggot cannot rust: Trying to learn rust, but when I try to compile helloworld.rs it says '…[View]
61932873Explain me the macbook hate, please. It's a good, lightweight machine, perfect for text editing…[View]
61940172Solus 3 is out: Will you install it, /g/? https://solus-project.com/2017/08/15/solus-3-released/…[View]
61939645Install Arch Linux[View]
61938398Programming fags, why don't you make some PC benchmarking software that uses framerates/consist…[View]
61936385What browser should I use: no botnet ples[View]
61934527Quickly!: Name one (1) free video editor that isn't shit.[View]
61938088This is Gennady: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kMDSltQN0MY Aka Tourist, aka the best programmer at…[View]
61938767What is windows?[View]
61936979>Open a JewTube video >Pajeet at first sight at start >No thick Indian accent…[View]
61937163TRYING TO STOP USING GOOGLE GENERAL: I'm trying to stop using Google as a search engine so I sw…[View]
61939905When buying hardware are you an early adopter, do you buy the first product line if there's a n…[View]
61934239Automation Technology taking jobs: https://twitter.com/WIRED/status/897819363935498241 https://www.w…[View]
61932358/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: What are you working on, /g/? Old thread: >>61919998[View]
61939543Are they using captch to advertise now?[View]
61939780>Trying to install LineageOS 14.1 in my Raspberry and end with and endless loop restarting. >T…[View]
61937995What's your favorite HTML editing tool anon? I'm just starting out here and already lost b…[View]
61917863What is the best distro and why is it Xubuntu?[View]
61939651Best wifi router: I have a nighthawk x6 and have had nothing but issues with it. It worked awesome f…[View]
61937463>double the price >half the performance #JustAppleThings…[View]
61938799Give me one good reason why I shouldn't multi-boot five different Linux distros on one machine.…[View]
61939193https://youtu.be/GBkGu4Wd7vg How does it feel to get btfo?[View]
61937406Bill Gates Makes Largest Donation Gift: Heroic Bill Gates is the greatest philanthropist technology …[View]
61938285Application:9WZDNCRD2G0J-Submission:1152921504626887097: What might this thing be that Windows Updat…[View]
61934657https://www.coindesk.com/amd-releases-new-software-package-cryptocurrency-mining/ Oh jesus christ. I…[View]
61886181/twmg/ - Tiling Window Manager General: Low on precious screen real estate, or busy massaging your c…[View]
61938216Is it true that people who change their smartphone background from the default one are degenerates? …[View]
61936339It's a conspiracy, faggot: /g/, if the aliens crash in your backyard and you manage to take som…[View]
61931307Kaspersky ''antivirus'': > Kaspersky Lab Has Been Working With Russian Intelligence > Emails s…[View]
61932707now that mpc hc is dead, where do we move on? https://mpc-hc.org/2017/07/16/1.7.13-released-and-fare…[View]
61936117NEW INTERNET: When sending rockets and satellites becomes cheap enough, will we have a competing in…[View]
61937253best tiling WM?: i3/sway or bspwn? which one? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ndsklAcU9Bs…[View]
61935858Assembly: Hi, Isn't C supposed to translate quite closely to machine instructions? What is this…[View]
61938942Ok /g/, weird question. I want to use my macbook and my external monitor together, effectively two m…[View]
61936514Alternative to Gmail?[View]
61930979/g/uts thread: Lets get it going[View]
61931593My AMD Radeon HD 7950 just died after 5 years of use, what is something of equal (or a bit better) p…[View]
61938300are there any form to force your phone to use the fucking SD card? my SD card is 14GB, but the stupi…[View]
61934682Where is Raven Ridge /g/? How man of you are like me, waiting on the new APUs to roll out and snatch…[View]
61931145why are these so hard to find: and no i'm not paying $15 shipping for a $3 adapter[View]
61937563What went wrong?[View]
61927710/csg/ Chink Shit General - 2nd try edition: In /csg/, we discuss the cheap shit you see on Gearbest,…[View]
61936830Bloatware?: How much of this shit can i delete? I just got a new computer and it came with an insane…[View]
61938574https://videocardz.com/blog/all-amd-radeon-rx-vega-64-sins AYYMD IS FINISHED & BANKRUPT AYYMDPOO…[View]
61936462>One thing wrong with /g/ >How do we fix it?…[View]
61932042Why is screw#1 free spinning?[View]
619376174x4 ram or 2x8 ram[View]
61930302Nokia 8: Is this launching today or what? Where is the announce livestream? Are news sources memeing…[View]
61937133Just ordered a 1k computer from amazon: Got it. Starts up no problem. After about 5 minutes of regu…[View]
61937391>Pic related cost $8000 How can a bunch of 1 and 0's be so expensive?…[View]
61938597ITT we make fun of OOPfags.[View]
61935354Anyone know how to fix this shit? >inb4 fog of war My computer is an Asus ROG GR6 with an Intel …[View]
61924172/ptg/ - Private Tracker General: Previous >>61909301 >Not sure what private trackers are al…[View]
61934662Why does the tech community seem to have inexplicable infatuation with shitty products from underdog…[View]
61935815What is /g/'s preferred code formatting style? int main(int argc, char **argv) { for(;;) …[View]
61934711Hello everyone, i have a question for u guys. I just moved into an apartment complex and i have a ro…[View]
61920706Why should I convert to Linux? I know gentoo is a stupid meme so please recommend a good distro too.[View]
61935123file server: Need to set up a fileshare with an access right and folder/share structure as an intern…[View]
61913281AI Anime Girls part 2: Previous thread: >>61898196 Create smug anime girls using neural networ…[View]
61933390Bought a Vega Liquid - I can do benchmarks if interested: I just bought a Sapphire Vega liquid which…[View]
61938199I'm working on a swap meet style site to preserve old tech & keep stuff out of landfills Fo…[View]
61936345PDF locked by password: I heard this was the place were all the leet hax0rs come so I was wondering …[View]
61938136When the hell did old hardware start selling for 5x their msrp?: Its not even like computer parts ar…[View]
61935867OwO what's this?[View]
61936890https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GBkGu4Wd7vg Our guy linus disproves the 'nvidia sabotages older card…[View]
61934627what the fuck is their problem? can't they settle for a logo?[View]

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