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File: liamsfatbitch.jpg (410 KB, 1080x1350)
410 KB
410 KB JPG
Keep it fresh
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umm right now i guess, ever since A Girl Cried Red came out
are u implying that being ugly matters
Slick Dick Spencer dresses appropiately for a 40+ year old. Nothing wrong with it.
It is perfectly fine to feel contempt for people thta are unable to follow their ideals. However it is important to understand that this doesn't necesarily invalidate the ideals
IT wasajoke.jpg

Stop overthinking it you tone deaf retards

Piet Mondrian colors for EVERYTHING, maybe with some earth tone under layers. Don't be such a fucking retard, it's 2018.
Yeah right its 2018 and you suggest to use a colour scheme used by a guy who died in 1944. We outrunned the cubism/1960s office aesthetics 30 years ago.
But it would be better than todays aesthetics, id give you that.
>implying this is cubism

learn your art
Sure this particular pic isnt cubism but when I hear P. Mondrian I cannot but think about the ton of cubism he created in his life and I dont have to tell you that nearly everything he did later is based and/or heavily inspired by this and his early works.
But anon, I layer white black red blue green and yellow all over my wardrobe and interior design already.

File: logo-Patagonia.jpg (92 KB, 1000x750)
92 KB
Is Patagonia /fa/ approved?
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the sycnhilla snap t's are comfy and some of them have nice patterns
quality has really gone to shit in the past 5-10 years
They got the P-6 only with backprints and it looks good that way. I've got it too + the zipper and the quality is very nice.
Trailer trash brand

How do I achieve /fa/ posture?
pull ups, dead lifts
stretch hip flexors, chest and shoulders.

>that 19 year old boomer that likes art hoes
>that 21 year old edgelord who thinks calling other millenials "boomers" is funny

File: Ng29lGn.png (349 KB, 452x570)
349 KB
349 KB PNG
I found the art hoe shop.
I thought I would post it for any aspiring art hoes.
saving this

File: age.jpg (5 KB, 225x225)
5 KB
what age is the most /fa/??
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anything below 19. there's just something innocent but wild about those experiences you make when you're young and I wish I personally had used the opportunity more
>early 30s

boomers can't be effay
When I was 18-25 I never had the internet and rarely owned a television. I was either out at a concert or bar every night or making music with friends at home. It was really fun, and the only thing that could have made it more fa would be having more money. I just turned 30, so it's not like this was a long time ago or impossible to do today.

File: yuev2Jr.png (104 KB, 477x315)
104 KB
104 KB PNG
I have to admit they finaly have some nice stuff on their site.
nice try, Hila
File: vs0s824y97011.jpg (256 KB, 2233x2480)
256 KB
256 KB JPG
>80 dollars for a windbreaker I could find on Etsy in a better colourscheme and pattern from a known brand for like 20 dollars including shipping
this is so generic jesus christ

File: IMG_20180604_221941.jpg (39 KB, 230x460)
39 KB
Ok /fa/ back again with questions about my hair and what to do with it. I have been thinking about dying it I was thinking a 9 on that hair color chart thing. Also If I wear bow but as a guy does that get into trap territory. A braided bun what pushing the limits of people thinking I was a girl. Also I will not transition for the last and final time.
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Just go for it, only a few people actually care about you looking like a girl.
>I will not transition for the last and final time.

What did he mean by this?
Although tricking people is funny I just want to be a twink with long hair.
Any other ideas for what I should do?
Everybody tells me to be a tranny
If you want to dye it, go for it. But try out different ways to wear it up. A braided bun is good to keep it out of the way. But if you think thats too feminine, just wear a regular bun. Its your hair dude. Do what you want!
he gave you pretty good advice. we all wanna see it

File: 1515442139536.jpg (35 KB, 440x250)
35 KB
can you pull off masks in public to give yourself an "edgy" look without looking like you're going to shoot up the place, /fa/?
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File: 1335826817142.jpg (433 KB, 683x1024)
433 KB
433 KB JPG
Be in Venice during the Carnival.
You would not be allowed in most places with your face covered
If I had a major facial disfiguration then I would probably wear a mask.
>it's my religion, go fuck yourself, I'm not taking it off
>k then, "Boo"
>want to wear mask like pic related
Should I just kms now?
anon get off the internet

File: 1.jpg (876 KB, 2000x3000)
876 KB
876 KB JPG
Did Rick really just release velcro strap geos?
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can raf pls bring back his velcros aint nobody got time for these clown shoes
Dam u right
File: 1461343847736.jpg (23 KB, 500x500)
23 KB

w2c that guy?
rick is the dark souls of fashion

How do you guys feel about new Converse One Star „The Toxic” x Yung Lean?
Drop info:28.06.2018 22:00 CEST www.sadboysgear.com
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i love lean but i'm not big into these shoes
I fucks with it
File: burg.png (223 KB, 500x294)
223 KB
223 KB PNG
The lighting makes them look cooler than they will end up being
I might get a pair if they're not too expensive
where did you get that release date

also sage

Do you think he’s a nice guy?
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That's a big maxilla
he looks like a reptile
but that isnt true at all
he has a homo vibe desu idk
>Yes, men who receive positive attention for being goodlooking tend to be nicer because there is a positive feedback loop
How is there a positive feedback loop?

If anything people are going to be nicer to him regardless of how he acts because he's so attractive, so he could act like a douchebag and think it's okay because people are less likely to call him out on it. I don't think all attractive people are assholes, but there's definitely less incentive to be nice since people are going to treat you better either way.

File: 348s.jpg (15 KB, 348x348)
15 KB
>its another episode of dry cleaner staples shit into your clothing
why the fuck do they do this
Wash your own clothes faggot
>completely missing the artistic statement and removing it instead of wearing the new tag with confidence

didn't realize fa was brainlet central

File: _RAF0057.jpg (1.12 MB, 2000x3000)
1.12 MB
1.12 MB JPG
>spring summer collection
>coats in synthetic fabric
>big ass chunky boots
Some designers are just clueless when it comes to menswear.
This is why Australia will never be effay
have you never seen a raf show before?
it was actually pretty cold where l live today
nice page 10 bump

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