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File: 103894.jpg (83 KB, 500x638)
83 KB
My hair can only be 4 inches on the top and has to start from a 0 on the sides.

What are some good effay haircuts?

pic not related

its a skirt with a high buttoned waist and built in suspenders.
>inb4 muh dik

Dunno exactly, but googling "suspender skirt" gives me a lot of hits like your pic, so it might be a good start.
an outfit that can only be pulled off by 2D girls
or skinny 3d east asians.

though they can make anything look good. why are they so much more fashionable?

File: IMG_7555.jpg (103 KB, 736x917)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
Lookism saved my life. This stuff needs to be taught to us at a WAY younger age. Had i known what i know now then i wouldn't have let (((her))) slip away from me. I wouldn't be 24 and still be kissless yet am a literal male model. I grew up in finland and i'm in the states now because of my agency, but the people i grew up with treat me so much more different. From all of these miles away they keep up with me and ask me how my day was yet years ago when i was in their classes they wouldn't say anything.

I am a ghost. Inside i am my former self. I'm broken. I grew up thinking and knowing that no girl finds me attractive and growing up with that leave psycho damage. I can't just un think it because i'm unironically beautiful now. Even 365 days ago. At 23 i still wasn't half of what i am today. All of this is under a year of taking the lookspill. I can't visit (((her))) facebook page without being reminded how i was treated and without being reminded of how i looked.

Because of you i'll never know. Because of me i'll never know.
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>I am a ghost. Inside i am my former self. I'm broken. I grew up thinking and knowing that no girl finds me attractive and growing up with that leave psycho damage. I can't just un think it because i'm unironically beautiful now.

I really do know that feel
i want to stress that there are more important aspects to my struggles than just 'not being cute to a girl'. but that female confidence in my youth - or lack thereof - really put me in a weak spot with overall confidence.
>I can't just un think it

If you objectively know that you're attractive then why don't you just shut up, marry a qt and live your life?
You have too much free time.
Think of me as an exterior Chad with the inners being controled by a straight up wizard virgin who build the perfect Chadbot to control.
Too much free time. Yes, that is a bad thing. Do something with it and stop dwelling on beta thoughts so much.

File: Jonas.jpg (49 KB, 350x467)
49 KB
What are some /effay/ ways to spend free time? Knowing what i know now at 23 years of age i can't possibly sit down and ACTUALLY play vidya. It's just not a thing i enjoy anymore.

Par example if you have literally a whole 24 hours of a day off with every chore done, every grocery bought and every clothing item purchased within the week wtf do you do? I almost feel WORSE if i were to use my time reading a novel other than playing vidya and leveling up characters and shit like i used to. 24 hour netflix binge is what i've been doing but with increasingly more free time i have no fucking idea what to do. I wish i could enjoy vidya again because it's the god of all time killers but i'll never be in a pathetic state of mind again to actually enjoy them.
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hopefully i'm not some sort of successfull experiment of the government that they made me prefer visual stimula over the luxury of reading and flipping pages for full effect but honestly i've given up on the transition. Unless the book is
philosophical insight or outstanding literature classics (which are usually philosophy based) i won't even make an attempt at reading it.

The overall argument is that a cinephile = a bookworm. Not cinephile < bookworm which countless people tend to suggest. I'm not even a fan of movies or the acting industry but i would happily defend them in the fight of movie vs. book
Oh yeah dude totally, I get what you're putting down. No consumption of media is superior to another, more recent additions just tend to be viewed as lowbrow until something else overtakes the hype.
I think you should spend your time reading aesthetics so you can understand how patently false your views are.
eat my shorts
I mean he is kind of right. Especially if you're into aesthetic appreciation, Cinema Pur is a great medium for that

> Red buffalo check flannel shirt

Should I get one if I live in Canada? I feel like I'm obligated to get one. But I also don't want to be like everyone else...
You don't want to give in to peer pressure but also you do?

Sounds like more of a therapy thing than fashion. Just get whatever you want/makes you happy fampai, it's what counts.
I saw a rothco at walmart, but it's overpriced af,e specially for a rothco
im not gay or anything but jesus those eyes man

File: tFCK EARINGS.jpg (25 KB, 410x527)
25 KB
Anons, I could not find these earrings.I have already searched in Ali Baba, and Wish, somebody help me for the love of moot!
Can't you read malandra on the top?
I just google malandra earrings and the first result is their website.
If is not there is from a older collection.

File: hqdefault.jpg (16 KB, 480x360)
16 KB
hey europoors,

let's discuss le look maghreb in your country? what do the cultural enrichers look like in your banlieu?
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Dutch people in 2017
Brighton, UK

Coming from the us it seemed to me like the maghrebs are their version of nigs. They were always loud and annoying and trying steal my money to get in the metro.

The real French people were nothing but nice but fuck dude this pic is giving me flashbacks from having to deal with these subhumans
File: m.jpg (52 KB, 604x402)
52 KB

File: IMG_20171208_175436.jpg (2.66 MB, 2592x4608)
2.66 MB
2.66 MB JPG
yo im trying for that deus ex dug dealer twink look. i got it?
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yeah perfect
Only thing missing are the slides my dilla
Review bro? How far you've fallen.
That's a dope hat. Where'd you get it?
unreal engine dev meet up

File: 1505767973674.jpg (186 KB, 1280x989)
186 KB
186 KB JPG
Post em
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get rid of that gay painting
those chairs are fucking retarded expensive
this is how i live expect no music and carpets, nice room
>...but compact spaces feel warmer
Feels great until you live in the tropics. Do spanish internal courtyards count?

File: wpze5lahnj301.jpg (133 KB, 1500x1000)
133 KB
133 KB JPG
who coppin
Nah, sole color is gross
who the fuck cares about raised by wolves

File: 1512647149526.jpg (34 KB, 564x846)
34 KB
/soyboys/ get itt
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this is a joke right
hi cole
stop eating
probably just caus ur fat

Can straight men wear women's jewelry?

Is it weird that I just love the idea of wearing womens fine jewelry? (Not clothes)
I figure that now of all times it would be more acceptable for me to do so, but I'm curious to hear your thoughts.
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nvm, maybe they get looked at a lot.
W2c those necklaces?

It's meant to ward off bad luck.

It is when the designs are lazy and the product is cheap.
In general female jewellery and fashion in general is allowed more freedom in terms of design complexity, colors, sizes, materials used and their finishes - it's not that you can't wear it but like any other item it has to make sense in the context of what you're wearing and if it's typical male fashion it might look out of place.

Confidence is obviously important but if that was all that matters we wouldn't be discussing fashion at all - wearing stupid shit in confidence will just make you seem oblivious.
Completely agree

can u guys link me up with some cool tumblrs to follow? Need sick inspiration for films. post whatever u like. anything "aesthetic" works.

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Because 501s change every couple of years. Your best bet for jeans that fit like that is 50s or 70s Levi's on ebay or some of those jeans that Levi's makes based on old patterns. They're pretty overpriced though.
they have a size guide just look at it
Guys, where can I get these ? I literally looked everywhere. Thanks.
limited sold out colorway from a few years ago good luck trying to find them
I'm 5'10 and I weigh like 125 and I wear a large in Uniqlo.

peep inspo
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so much inspo i love him
best one itt
I personally have always liked lil peep because of the way he always seemed nice. It looked like he didn't have an angry bone in his body. That carefree sense of life added with the intense hedonism that led to his downfall is just really interesting. say what you will about his music I am just happy that he existed for a blip and think his fashion choice all around really only worked on him so if you try and emulate it at all you are going to fall on your face.
I'm absolutely gonna into emowigger-core
Yea peep seemed hella chill
I didnt like his music at all really but the fact that people were making fun of his death cause they found his music gay really upset me. He seemed like a nice dude who had the balls to be who he was and I don’t get how a bunch of people can talk shit about him and act like his death didn’t matter.

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