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shit tier mirror selfie, got back from uni, what's f/a/ wearing today?
fuck off you gay faggy cunt
There's already a WAYWT, check the catalogue you lazy cunt
File: lol.jpg (95 KB, 1157x772)
95 KB
fuck off gay cunt

File: IMG_0167.jpg (246 KB, 1242x1213)
246 KB
246 KB JPG
If /fa/ had to pick from one item from Today's Supreme drop, what would it be?
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don't wear those skiing. there is a reason ski pants cost $200. if you've ever gotten a wet ass and had to sit on chairlifts all day in -15C you'll know that you don't fuck around with shitty pants. fuck around with a jacket, helmet, toque, hat, goggles, sunglasses, whatever, but anybody who has spent serious time on a mountain knows pants, boots and gloves are vital to not having a shitty day. Further, they have elastic cuffs which leads me to believe that they weren't design for skiing as you want bootleg pants to fit over your boots.

if you wanna wear them around town on a rainy/snowy day that's fine, they'll probbaly be great for that, but please don't take them skiing.
I don’t like supreme but I’m pretty sure most of it is made in Canada.

Not sure about collaborations
one of the sweaters right above "week 9", the rest looks incredibly cringy
File: 1492482723036.gif (948 KB, 200x200)
948 KB
948 KB GIF
Nothing, Supreme screams rich teenager. The designs are cool but the old logo is burned out and now they are going to burn out the playboy bunny logo next, sort of like how they are making North Face a meme brand now.
> don't wear those skiing
this is /fa/, do you really think any of us would actually go outside, let alone do physical activity like skiing?

i wouldn't cop anything from this, supreme is awful and everything in that photo looks disgusting

File: IMG_1011.jpg (831 KB, 2576x1932)
831 KB
831 KB JPG
Am I Fa?
What the fuck are doing with your life? Stand up straight.
And no.
Yes, would definitely smash
It’s fucking Cammy
What hair product is he using?
I use American crew pomade

File: rutr75x.jpg (168 KB, 1534x1829)
168 KB
168 KB JPG
Jesus bags are expensive.
I was going to get one for my girlfriend but damn, fuck that noise
you can get a nice looking 50$ one, you better know her taste tho
Just get a fake, this type of female fashion doesn't matter at all, and if your girlfriend wants a "designer" bag she's probably a basic cunt anyway
get her a nice used one. tradesy or like vestaire. she will be just as hyped and you will spend a quarter of list price.
Bad advice if your gf knows how to spot fakes. But>>12846232 is right, just know what her tastes are and buy accordingly. A gift is a gift, she’ll treasure it if it’s not a completely cheapass piece of shit.
pls don't buy her a purse, purses are something that you really need to choose out yourself and getting one as a gift kind of sucks

t. gril

File: IMG_20171019_192632.jpg (2.8 MB, 3024x4032)
2.8 MB
2.8 MB JPG
He /fa/ what do you think about this look?
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File: 15084372598491473918150.jpg (2.66 MB, 3024x4032)
2.66 MB
2.66 MB JPG
I'm not sure if I understood you, but the shoes don't have laces, it's kind of rubber covered with material. Jacket fits me well, maybe not perfect.
And someone suggested to get chinos instead of jeans.
Maybe I could slip by unnoticed by changing the pants to sth darker and changing the belt to match the atrocities that are my shoes.
shoes are too pointy
darker jeans

jeans and blazers/sports jackets should never be mixed, that shirt makes you look like a middle-aged dad, and your jeans don't fit at all
also pls never wear those shoes again, save up and get a pair of really nice boots that (look in the footwear thread for inspo)

pointy shoes make you look either amish or female imo

Would you say that the blunt bob is the most popular hairstyle of 2017?
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Not being weird, but I'd love to wash my face and gargle with her urine.
File: 1488248192529.jpg (89 KB, 667x900)
89 KB
Literally 10/10
Oh look its an incel
I'd nut on all of them IDGT

File: jungle boots.jpg (17 KB, 355x253)
17 KB
How can I incorporate these into outfits?
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File: Goose.jpg (28 KB, 711x600)
28 KB
A moose.

Who the fuck is Julius?

You can wear DARK colored slim fit jeans, black, red, blue, green... tucked jeans into boots and wearing something casual like a black t-shirt and a bomber jacket or a polo t-shirt. If that is your style go for it, if not, don't try to change the way you already dress and feel comfortable for a pair of boots.
Damn, I got the same pair bruv
Japanese designer who takes shit to 11
File: chairmoose.png (128 KB, 313x312)
128 KB
128 KB PNG
bips bedora

File: king_booker.gif (74 KB, 400x350)
74 KB
how often do you bathe
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Asians smell the worst.

I had to room with a Chinese exchange student and I had to give him "the talk" about US cultural norms like wearing deodorant and not letting his friends sleep in my bed when I'm gone.
Every other day.

When i get home i have 4 hours to do whatever needs to be done.

1 hour homework.
1 hour cook food and eat it.

2 hours left

Every other day its

1 hour workout.
1 hour bath (I have bad skin and have to use some special products to take care of it)

And the non workout days i browse interwebs and play vidya for the 2 hours instead, or do laundry.
After a while it becomes amazing but in the beginning yes it definitely will be greasy as fuck

I don't bathe because I have no bathtub. I shower almost daily though but only if I'm on my job.
>not letting his friends sleep in my bed when I'm gone.

that is fucking ridiculous. like, how mindless can that faggot be.

Boots General.
Get this thread bumping my guys
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well the prices have risen and I was wondering do they represent value for money at full retail price. havent seen the model i’m looking for on sale or on their outlet.

Does anyone know how often Tricker’s should update their outlet catalogue?
literally issued boots in the Marines

File: VA112D01I-O11@12.jpg (172 KB, 1524x2200)
172 KB
172 KB JPG
cop or not?
I prefer the black ones, but levis boots? I'm not sure about the quallity though.

Looking for suggestions on cheap black or dark brown boots. Planning on going agent k core this winter
Just cough up the money for a piar of doc martens
Eh not exactly the aesthetic im aiming for. Looking for something more rugged

Check out Bates velocitor v frame boots since they're fairly cheap and if you wanna go cheaper check out WWOODTOMLINSON men's LD Desert Boots.

I have this feeling that a lot of my clothes make me look short.

Are there any general rules on how your pants / shirts / t-shirts should fit so as to not make you look shorter?
One rule I think I read somewhere was that t-shirts should not go past your hipbone or something.
>not dressing like right to channel your inner ヤンキー

File: kj990peg_nb_14_i.jpg (62 KB, 960x546)
62 KB
hey, I personally don't like crazy colors, but if you want it for YOU, then do it!
Just don't this to impress, get it to express

Are piercings /fa/? I was thinking of maybe getting an eyebrow or lip one but idk they seem kinda impracticable. Post some piercings inspo or aesthetic people with piercings.
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I think they can be /fa/ if not overdone like op pic.
File: mission accomplished.jpg (79 KB, 450x348)
79 KB

Lip piercings just scream "i 'll suck your dick".

Will you suck my dick dude?
The only acceptable face piercing as an adult is a nose stud or maybe a ring. That's assuming you can pull it off.
stealth traps pls go

File: 56.jpg (59 KB, 612x472)
59 KB
What was "old" /fa/ like?
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File: 81y6jdi+CZL._UX575_.jpg (28 KB, 575x350)
28 KB
They're still pretty great. At least there's actually posts unlike the ones in 2015-16 where it always devolved into shitposting.

Pulsar Recordings put out some decent trance tracks back in 2012-3

Also does that anon not remember Ferry Corsten and early/objectively the best Tiesto?
Is that Milo Yabbadabbadoofus?
CurlGirl was ~23 in 2010

she's probably ugly as fuck now, white girls never make it past 25
*German girls never make it past 23

Russian women only turn into basbushkas after 40, unless they're unlucky enough to have turned out babuska-esque during puberty.

(Same with Spanish and Mexican women. They're either hotties, or junior abuelitas.)
Dutch women also age better.

The English are all fugly.

can someone tell me what shoes those are
Pixel loafers

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