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File: IMG_20180223_150744.jpg (255 KB, 1536x2048)
255 KB
255 KB JPG
I dress better than all of you peasants

Turtle neck 120€
Chain 2750€
Pants 350€
Shoes 650€
iPhone X 1300€
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Il a pas honte ?
Also, tweet deleted.
fucking hell
You look like an absolute pellet
File: 1518896958035.png (433 KB, 360x408)
433 KB
433 KB PNG
and just like that OP was torn a new asshole.

File: WBD.png (13 KB, 800x909)
13 KB
World Book Day is approaching and I get the chance, as a teacher, to go to work dressed up, so...

Who is the most /fa/ recognisable literary character?
Hunter S or Camus
Ignatius J Reilly
Holden Caulfield might be a good choice
authors are not literary characters, dummy
Werther of Sorrows of Young Werther by Goethe.

Bonus: it will help you start discussions about banning books, moral panics, and general foolishness.

File: 1470349352623.gif (671 KB, 273x322)
671 KB
671 KB GIF
When did all these gross /pol/tards take over this board? At least before there was somewhat good fashion discussion.
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I'm leftypol, cunt. Marxists have been making Stirner eat shit since 1846
You've obviously never read Stirner. Fuck off concern larper.
Literally this. If you're treating /fa/ as anything but a comedy board, I feel bad for you.
He's right though. To say Marx didn't like Stirner's work is something of an understatement.
I thought Engles liked Stirner and Marx didn't ?

File: loafer.jpg (61 KB, 1200x630)
61 KB
Any thoughts on effay loafers? I dress business casual for work and just picked up these cole haans
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I always think of animal cruelty when I see horsebit loafers. Imagine someone shove a steel bar in your mouth 24/7. Then again some of the degenerates here might actually enjoy that...
File: IMG_3514.jpg (32 KB, 400x489)
32 KB
Just get basic penny loafers. No detail.
there goes nofap 2018
File: image.jpg (35 KB, 300x300)
35 KB
I have these

Frye Aiden penny loafers in "grey"

They're the shit. They fit pretty small though

I wear them with a nice grey merino Norse sweater and black sateen AG pants and they look phenomenal
Wear a pair like those most of the time, just make sure your pants have little to no break OP.

File: hairbun.jpg (39 KB, 318x470)
39 KB
Why do normies like hairbuns so much?
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has /fa/ always been like this? lately i've started finding this board less and less relevant
Guess it's just preference then. I like having my hair loose. It's less stylistic but it looks 'natural' to me.
I don't hate hairbuns and I use them for practical work but I don't like the look and I don't understand the appeal that much other than its usefulness. I hate to put people into one box, but a lot of people I met who like to put their hair into buns tend to be, for a lack of a better word, snobbish
t. Pseudo-Intellectual

Pro-tip: If you have to address yourself as an intellectual or tell people what is and what is not, chances are you yourself are not an intellectual.
pretty much. you are just getting older and less tolerant of this
File: 1518440476727.jpg (230 KB, 821x1121)
230 KB
230 KB JPG

File: M-fleece-casual.jpg (511 KB, 960x960)
511 KB
511 KB JPG
can anyone id this model?
One of the early Flextrek models, hard to ID it from that angle. This should help.


are unibrow’s /fa/? i personally think they look very cute on the right guys
absolutely not

File: fa.jpg (79 KB, 1108x538)
79 KB
What the hell are these, and why do I like them so much?
It looks like the illegitimate child of a Chuck Taylor and an Adidas matchcourt high. I like it too.

Post all your runwalk shit
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File: 1519408188994.jpg (54 KB, 564x846)
54 KB

thoughts on purple label?
purple label sweats i swear to god i'm rich

File: asb.png (299 KB, 650x650)
299 KB
299 KB PNG
Most /fa/ cig? For me it's American Spirit blacks :)
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Lucky Strike softpack is where it's at. It's what the GIs smoked in WWII
couldn't agree more
>>13177319 fedora
File: vape.jpg (30 KB, 500x500)
30 KB
you're a fedora
where do you live to get your hands on lucky strikes?

File: 1bFIXQx.jpg (73 KB, 960x748)
73 KB
being too into fashion is not fashionable

go back to jail ted

What does /fa/ think of snuff?
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Live in Sweden so here we can buy snuff,snus etc, snuff is amazing in small dosage, clear your nose and just feel on top. Also fun to give random people how never try it and end up panicing or freaking out due to the nose burn.

But would recomend snus as it taste good (Gothenberg Rapè taste like a forrest smells but my favorite is General RX white) and also linked to 0 deaths and also lower chanses of some blood wessel and hearth disease making it a "healthy" choice
>autistic man's cocaine
Scruff's snuff & puff lol
File: 1519512662522-630289922.jpg (3.91 MB, 4160x3120)
3.91 MB
3.91 MB JPG
Mah maaan, its what i prefere when no nick and jhonnys americana is around

File: IMG_20180224_195640.jpg (914 KB, 1920x2560)
914 KB
914 KB JPG
/fa/ggots, should this strapping young retard shave before going out tonight?
if it's older than 3 days - shave
are you going out with your mates or to chat up chicks? Yes.

File: 1512695993090[1].jpg (78 KB, 650x960)
78 KB
Fashion is mostly an autistic passtime for hyperconsumerist trust fund kids

Pic related is an archetypal good, sensible fit: Simple, color-coordinated casual wear with a slight edge. It shows people you care enough not to be a slob, yet aren't obsessed and willing to drop small fortunes on pieces of cloth with a trendy label

You don't need to browse 10 fashion websites/imageboards on a daily basis to achieve this. You don't need full Rick to achieve this.
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>parroting this stupid rule.
not saying this fit is anything special but the black brown thing is stupid as a dogma
File: comfy.jpg (218 KB, 800x1161)
218 KB
218 KB JPG
the guy in your pic is a famous model and he wears a lot of fairly expensive stuff
>You don't need to browse 10 fashion websites/imageboards on a daily basis to achieve this. You don't need full Rick to achieve this.
nobody says you have to dedicate your life to fashion, or you have to only wear flashy designer if you're into fashion
you can still maintain an interest in fashion without all that crap
What if i cop from Op shops exclusively?
It's fun though, it's a hobby
As long as you're enjoying yourself :)

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