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File: nX82WuE.jpg (88 KB, 640x415)
88 KB
Do you have any punk inspo that doesn't look like a halloween costume and could actaully be worn every day?
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ask him, he's a redditor.
his dick doesn't look as bad there as it usually does.
very based

File: IMG_20181112_031437.jpg (346 KB, 1536x2048)
346 KB
346 KB JPG
can girls be /fa/
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Where do you live where they still wear jeans? Leggings all day, everyday.
File: 1542046220504.jpg (216 KB, 817x1222)
216 KB
216 KB JPG
Those hands are quite large
yep its a tranny
Only the one on the right is effay here
Yes, but most of the time they’re “just“ either sexy or not

File: 1439606935014.jpg (223 KB, 1600x1200)
223 KB
223 KB JPG
Any of you fellow anons cop the new Nike SB Diamond dunks? They're amazing in person
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more pics of him? newfag here
File: potentialfit.jpg (146 KB, 422x563)
146 KB
146 KB JPG
yeah just type fearitself hypebeast on google images
bunch of his fit pics over the years
this is how bladee dresses in 2018
he truly was ahead of his time

How come every immigrant in europe dress like this?
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How come every chinaman in australia dress like this?
>Moroccans and other middle-eastern immigrants don't like niggers or rap
Not true by the way. Literally zero of these are negroes
How are they not blacks? They're probably from the Horn which still means they are black.
J'ai envie de les gifler
File: gucci dab.png (117 KB, 1000x666)
117 KB
117 KB PNG
Because they know how to dress well
*dabs on OP*

File: bhq0y6odrxx11.jpg (113 KB, 960x988)
113 KB
113 KB JPG
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I'm an uggo that dresses well and I do it because I want to be more invisible.
only the top 10% of males are attractive mate.
Post your face. Willing to bet you're at least three generations inbred, or at least look the part.
File: lr depp.jpg (63 KB, 810x1440)
63 KB
Uggos don't breed with Perfectos the lines must not be crossed
What is that thing on the right?

File: rN8qdkq.png (211 KB, 576x1024)
211 KB
211 KB PNG
now thats extreme

File: lol.jpg (550 KB, 1602x2048)
550 KB
550 KB JPG
I think all of you need to reassess what a "bad" look is and what a "bold" one is. Tell me, where do you draw the line?
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None of this except i kinda like yung lean and oversized sweaters
OP is an overweight uggo
Based af
Lol you’re a fucking faggot, dude
There is nothing more pathetic than out-of-shape white boys listening to hip hop.

File: Josuke_Higashikata.png (1.02 MB, 567x901)
1.02 MB
1.02 MB PNG
More like cdgh+ or haider
Both wrong this is Moschino tier

how to achieve seth everman's aesthetic (minus the 6'7 aryan ubermensch part)

File: grid preview.jpg (1.34 MB, 2000x1500)
1.34 MB
1.34 MB JPG
Old one approaching bump limit
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>grid threads have the best fashion sense on effay

at last i truly see
hard candy is very bad for your teeth, worse than any other sweet in matter of fact. Tooth decay is very un-/fa/
Muji notebooks and a uni Jetstream pen

Guidi 110 oxfords
Where are you located?

File: 14045001.jpg (447 KB, 1272x1064)
447 KB
447 KB JPG
WHY THE FUCK DO PEOPLE WEAR THESE. The toebox is bulky and hideous. The sole is bulky and hideous. The yellow on black accents are hideous. Theyre made of what appears to be plastic??... i simply dont understand what draws people to these shoes
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Basic bitches > fashion thots

At least basic bitches don't pretend to be different

oh hooo what a zinger of a comment. great post dude. being edgy is dope. 1488
Sounds like Reddit is more your speed, pal

ive been here for years. 10 maybe...
oh fuark this is me, except i hate kylie jenner
>premature wrinkles
being a vampire can't outrun bad genetics

File: FB_IMG_1542043051339.jpg (64 KB, 640x640)
64 KB
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cope, mutt
is this final form of roadman?
stop bumping your own threads. your photoshops are stupid. everyone has had a chance to see them, now go away
File: breh.png (257 KB, 423x571)
257 KB
257 KB PNG

File: ruel.jpg (192 KB, 1125x1388)
192 KB
192 KB JPG
How does one achieve prettyboy facial aesthetics mode?? (feel free to share hair advice, skincare routines, clothes, grooming tips, plastic surgery and etc)
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Side part my dude. Copy the way Jon Hamm does it with the part on the left hand side and style with a good matte pomade or wax of your choice.
How do you get your hair to arch like that on your face? Mine always just falls flat whatever I do and end up with a schoolshooter haircut.
Chewing gum develops your jaw, at least into your early 20s
Water improves your skin and general health
Salt ruins your skin (it requires water to dissolve, effectively lowering the amount of water available in your body)
It looks alright but maybe just get it trimmed so it isn't as poofy. I don't know if it's the angle but it looks a bit disproportionate to the rest of your head.
You look like a 12 year old lesbian girl, not a prettyboy

She cute
91 replies and 31 images omitted. Click here to view.
She does look like a high-tier porn whore.
Her Instagram now has a lot of fuck-me-eyes type of posts
>thinking youre masculine for being attracted to irl stick people
low test beta faggots like you will never make it
Mad and projecting online over skinny models
Lol look at this fattie

File: file.jpg (24 KB, 360x500)
24 KB
best ways to keep them from fading over time? also is redying them worth it?
File: xa9n7ptxw7w11.jpg (24 KB, 480x589)
24 KB
Wash cold and hang dry
don't wear them
I had a Levi's employee teach me a little know fact. For black Levi's the trick is to look at the leather patch, there's 2 versions, one that looks like cardboard and one that looks like leather. The ones with the cardboard looking patch will fade and bleed, while the ones with the leather looking patch stay black a lot longer and don't bleed.
File: post.png (53 KB, 1680x204)
53 KB
don't wash them often
Not OP, but thanks. I have 2 pairs of black 514s and one has the cardboard tag and one has the leather. Didn’t know the tags actually meant something.

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