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File: insta005dd2e8.gif (3.19 MB, 691x389)
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3.19 MB GIF
what do you mean?

File: henry-rollins-freedom.jpg (51 KB, 500x459)
51 KB
is he the smartest guy in all of human history?
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Plebs will say, patricians will also say no but truly woke people know the answer is yes
Idk but I'd eat his ass
being against something doesn't mean you're afraid of it lol
why is this thread made everyday?

File: Albini.jpg (103 KB, 300x300)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
>Jazz serves a cultural function in the music scene. It is a signifier for musical "adulthood." To embrace jazz is to don a kind of graduation cap, signifying a broadening of tastes outside "mere" rock music. This ostentatious display of "sophistication" is an insult, and I find the graduation cappers transparent and tedious. Certainly there must be interesting music one could call "jazz." There must be. I've never heard it, but I grant that it is out there somewhere.

>Jazz has a non-musical parallel: Christiania, the "free" zone in Copenhagen. In Christiania, like in jazz, there is no law. People are left to their own inventions to create and act as they see fit. In Jazz, the musicians are allowed to improvise over and beside structural elements that may themselves be extemporaneous. Sounds good, doesn't it? Freedom -- sounds good.

>The reality is much bleaker. Christiania is a squalid, trashy string of alleys with rag-and-bone men selling drugs, tie-dye and wretched food. Granted Total Freedom, and this is what they've chosen to do with it, sell hash and lentil soup? Jazz is similar. The results are so far beneath the conception that there is no English word for the dissappointment one feels when forced to confront it. Granted Total Freedom, you've chosen to play II V I and blow a goddamn trill on the saxophone? Only by willfully ignoring its failings can one pretend to appreciate it as an idiom and don the cap.
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this is the reason i hate jazz: pretentious listeners who think it is the key to the god damn universe

i also think all jazz sounds the same. unilateral is what i would describe the entire genre
>but muh syncopation
ooo wow. that shit gets old after the first time it comes around.
You'll get more more food for less money but I'd enjoy a fucking big mac and fries more than a plain jane roast beef sandwich. As if either one is a good meal. Fucking pleb
i didn't appreciate it until i picked up drums and got those sticks bouncing, then it came together
For less than the cost of a Steve Albini recording session, you can buy some decent recording equipment and record yourself, which you will enjoy much more.

File: C8i4JMr.jpg (49 KB, 640x1280)
49 KB
>when /pol/ arrives
Please tell me that pic is an ironic shitpost playing on the let's inability to meme and not a genuine meme.
I think it's somewhere in between
he's telling /pol/ to fuck off but also mocking himself
The left can mem- >>81033885

File: Vinnie_Paul_Abbott.jpg (68 KB, 1280x620)
68 KB
Also, do you think Vinnie killed himself? WHAT THE FUCK IS HAPPENING? Why don't more stupid nig nog rappers kill themselves?? Dark fucking times lads.
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a literal by-product of a lazy manager
managers are there to save suicidal artists from fucking up, night after night
>"dude drugs and war are bad, people with mental illness get treated like shit" is redpilled
Fuck off, your ebin redpilled "'""heavy metal"""" is just hamfisted liberal preaching 99.9% of the time.
its a way for mediocre rock musicians to ascend to god status. because then the band's singer becomes troubled, and every song they had before becomes a predictor of their suicide, and they're seen as "deeper". every band's frontman should kill themselves to solidify their band's status.
Black people invented punk, harsh noise and vaporwave. You heard it here first, folks.

File: 136.jpg (50 KB, 636x421)
50 KB
what the fuck was his problem?
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>>pasta contains eggs
There's such a thing as vegan pasta fren
real talk i think he is a good heart but lacks empathy, he feels righteous indignation even in the smallest of circumstances.

i fucking despise the fact that he is picked on by twitter elites for being a bit "wrong" or "problematic". he has literally only been a force for good in the world.
Too pure for this world.
Years of eating almond sandwiches has made him weird
>The future never looks kindly on the past

it definitely does sometimes. legends exist

File: 1512288585398.png (4 KB, 205x246)
4 KB
what is sume good hangover music
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This is a good rec, most relaxing post rock is ideal (see picture)
I gotchu, senpai

File: front.jpg (302 KB, 890x890)
302 KB
302 KB JPG
Listen to Swallowed edition

previous edition:
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inb4 punk isn't metal
File: donald.jpg (37 KB, 480x361)
37 KB
it's some painting or something that the band used for album cover, saw it somewhere but don't know the name of the artist.

File: 1520515263605.jpg (24 KB, 630x419)
24 KB
Gorillaz album got leaked. Anyone got a download link anywhere? Can't find one floating around for the life of me.
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Thanks brother. You saved my night.
Shift the characters on a qwerty
Not feeling good about this album.
Christ almighty this album is shit
Christ almighty this is AOTY

File: 1529168381699.jpg (193 KB, 1280x1220)
193 KB
193 KB JPG
>fall in love with musicfu
>now very motivated to improve life and learn guitar to start a band
>workout everyday and practice
>every now and then realize ill never have her

Is this a blessing or a curse /mu/?
Blessing. Now you've improved yourself and can find someone better and move on. You're more fit and can play guitar, bitches love fit dudes who can play.
Why is life so fucking shit goddamnit

File: my-bloody-valentine.png (685 KB, 800x610)
685 KB
685 KB PNG
Thoughts on the new My Bloody Valentine song?

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You speak in reddit spacing, now go back
I don't know what reddit spacing is because I don't go on reddit.

Faggot virgin.
the last half of the album is fantastic
I think its great from start to finish, desu.
Of course it sounds terrible, it's a lo-fi live recording from someone's shitty phone

File: ZachCallison2018.png (958 KB, 594x566)
958 KB
958 KB PNG
Anyone hear Zach Callison's Album yet?

Is even one song as good as Big fat Zucchini?

Anyone have it? Can't find it anywhere, I might be a little bit retarded. Thanks in advance.
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Ah, there it is. Thanks!
File: Capture.jpg (85 KB, 868x451)
85 KB
File: 80c.png (77 KB, 645x729)
77 KB
selfies belong on /soc/
File: 550.png (7 KB, 207x243)
7 KB
>selfies belong on /soc/

File: IMG_5543.jpg (116 KB, 600x600)
116 KB
116 KB JPG
If you can name a better ambient album than James Ferraro - Last American Hero I'd like to hear it.


Only virgins think it's a weak album
Go away shill. Yeezy season is over. Stop pushing his back catalog on us now.
No. This is Kanye’s Most Onions album.
this is his true masterpiece, mbdtf is shit btw, but not like anyone on here would ever recognize true genius even if their life depended on it
but the final kanye album is not out - Scorpion

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