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File: dogecoin-300.png (53 KB, 300x300)
53 KB
Headsup for any of you cucks who also mined doge back in the day: it just reached a new high, sold my 15k for 60$.
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That's normal. You can close it now, and replace the wallet.dat with your own, then open it again.
If it works, you should be able to see your dogecoin address already (under receive), and look it up at http://dogechain.info/
Then when it's synced (I let it run overnight) you can trade it.
btc stablized, go ltc
Again, no expert, but my sources tell me LTC will probably have a BTC-like growth next year.
XRP is also doing pretty well, bought 600 for 100€ a few months ago, which is now worth €370 already, with even more strong growth possibilities.
File: 1513453110001.png (28 KB, 567x375)
28 KB
>btc stablized, go ltc

File: Emacs.png (89 KB, 825x482)
89 KB
Richard Stallman is flirting with the notion of removing the free operating systems listed by the GNU website and only providing a URL to Emacs. It is basically an operating system inside a text editor. Let us admit the fact that the free operating systems are shit. If the user wanted a non-proprietary base, Debian with the addition of Emacs installed will now be recommended.
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I hope Trump gets food poisoning and becomes bed ridden for twenty-five years. How 'bout that?
emacs is the only half decent software made by GNUniggers
>Let us admit the fact that the free operating systems are shit.

Distros like debian are 100% completely "free" and the developers even refer to linux as "gnu/linux" officially, but RMS still can't get over the fact debian hosts completely optional non-free software for the convenience of people that don't have fatal autism.
File: MAXIMUM_BRAINLET.png (40 KB, 645x729)
40 KB
But don't you still need another operating system to run emacs on top of

Stallman really is autistic about this

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Why do people get so autistically mad over this shit?
"Don't tell me" means "tell me"
"I should be so lucky" means "I shouldn't be this lucky"
"I could care less" mean "I couldn't care less"

If you are literally on the spectrum then it makes sense you can't understand ironic undertones, but if not just off yourself now
You don't ever leave your basement and go outside, do you? You need full brightness to see under the sun.
Clearly faked or something is wrong with the Note 8. My S8 looks brighter than that iPhone X.
>normies like being sunbaked with no sun lotion outside
File: maxresdefault.jpg (67 KB, 1280x720)
67 KB
>Samsung has auto brightness that can't be turned off.

File: sadkidpepe.png (59 KB, 658x662)
59 KB
I just bought a fucking AMD Ryzen 5 1600x and it's fucking terrible!
I will never ever buy AMD products,only Intel.
EVERY SINGLE TIME I BUY I LISTEN TO /G/ "Yeah yeah go for amd nigg",i get fucked,because AMD sucks nigger cock.
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Well said, the exact same thing happens in windows hate threads, and linus threads. Why do people keep complaining so much about their issues with linux and argue which distro is better?
File: 1389022013617.jpg (15 KB, 362x276)
15 KB
I still have a Phenom II 1090t in one of my secondary computers.
It still runs great.

AMD linux GPU drivers are actually fucking great.
You need to forget the fglrx days.
If it's running great then why is it your secondary computer?
Fuck off, intel from SB and onwards BTFO's your entire lineup
>If it's running great then why is it your secondary computer?
The computer is almost entirely assembled from parts retired from my main computer. I use it to contain cuck-OS, and keep it away from anything that is actually important to me. On the rare occasion I play some game on it, the phenom II and HD 6950 handle most shit fine. It won't be running modern games at 1080p ultra, but I don't really care.
It's not "great" by modern standards, but it's "good enough".
dumb frog poster

File: 45745.png (11 KB, 720x450)
11 KB
How do you manage your dotfiles /g/? In your opinion, what's the easiest/sanest way; using tools like vcsh, stow, homeshick, or just plain old VCS like git?

Post your experiences.
I just use git and have a pushing cronjob set up.
I really see no reason to use any specialized tool for now.
The operating system I use has eliminated the need of "dotfiles" by means of a central registry.
this might be the full retard way, but this is how I do it:

>have "dotfiles" folder in home folder that's setup for .git
>contains all actual dotfiles with relevant subfolder structure
>in places where the config files would go, like ~.config/i3/config, I just have a symlink
>ln -s ~/dotfiles/.config/i3/config ~/.config/i3/config

Doing it this way I can edit either the dotfiles folder file or the symlink in ~/.config, then I just git push the "dotfiles" folder

What is the superior art student setup? Surface Book or a Macbook with a Wacom tablet?
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The Mac then

A sketchpad and a pencil dude.
If you buy mac, buy used.
mac because you can be the girl too

File: noGET.png (12 KB, 691x167)
12 KB
Does nümot disable GETs on /g/? I was watching for 66666 like a hawk and it never happened
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IIRC gets are only disabled on /v/
and /vg/
I've gotten quints twice on pcbg
They're fine
I only posted twice on /b/ in my 7 years of 4chan life, and I got septs.
I only posted on /v/ once in my life and it was the 100mil get

File: curse-warding-box.png (305 KB, 849x432)
305 KB
305 KB PNG
so i have an old router i wanna connect to, it has both WiFi and Ethernet, but i took off the antenna and don't feel like getting it. SO assuming only the Ethernet works, also the case is missing and its a bare circuit board but does power on successfully, how can i connect with this in some way shape or form, in Linux?

anything to point me in the right direction so i can start dicking around properly. this is not a tech support question, just curiosity.

File: foobar.png (11 KB, 256x256)
11 KB
foobar ricing, post your setup if you use it
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how do you get the album total length?
i use simplaylist, you can then set how the group header (album) should look like, in my case its [%album artist% - ]['['%date%']' ][%album%] ['['%length% - %bitrate% kbps']']
It's called "metro theme" I think, you can find it on deviant art and yes, it's windows 10 though I didn't update and I avoid doing so for the sake of the ricing I did, thinking of going back to Windows 7 though

Then try and look for it like I just said to >>63863219
File: Untitled.png (35 KB, 443x297)
35 KB
File: Capture.png (243 KB, 1365x738)
243 KB
243 KB PNG

File: MOMKsPe_d.jpg (13 KB, 640x527)
13 KB
Why should I use Void over Antergos or Manjaro?
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Will I have to worry about things breaking all the time if I use funtoo/Clover?
Currently using Fedora, will I notice any major differences switching over?
I have no clue, I never looked at it at all.
is basically a preconfigured gentoo that uses its own binary repository. Nothing will break, and you can extremely easily get normal gentoo source packages if you want.
Thanks for the response, I'll give Clover a go tonight. The goal is to swap to Gentoo after getting used to the system.
Have fun anon, I've actually been planning to do exactly this myself but I'm comfy with my Void so I've never gotten around to it.

How to request purchase advice: http://pastebin.com/fYZLW7Ub

For sub-$50 headphones and IEMs, check out the infographic in >>>/g/csg

/g/ wiki headphone FAQ: https://wiki.installgentoo.com/index.php?title=Headphones

Headphone guide: https://canpicker.com/

Previous thread: >>63851148
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>etys, which are balanced as fuck
>I don't even own etys
Yeah, I knew it. Etys are not balanced, they are mid-centric.
File: output.png (79 KB, 2160x1170)
79 KB
Excuse me, accurate measurements coming through.
Poorly sealed measurement.
[citation needed]
Couple questions:
Are those 280s and do they sound any different with an amp? Is your amp plugged directly into your PC with no need for a DAC? And do you play your guitar on that micro terror with headphones; if so, how's it sound?

File: memescript.jpg (28 KB, 750x492)
28 KB
is there way to avoid botnetscript and just use html?
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No, stop being a fucking autismo
Amen, librobro
Just turn it off and drop whatever sites don’t work properly - alternatives exist.

Oh, and check the catalog before posting a new thread.
Theoretically, HTML5 and CSS3 are turing complete given user interaction to change state. So technically JS isn't even necessary

t. webdev code artisan

File: 2014-11-14_09-37-04.png (450 KB, 1100x250)
450 KB
450 KB PNG
When will RAM prices go down again?
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they will continue to rise until they rival the price of CPU cache

in the year 2020 we will be running RAMless machines composed of 8GB of CPU cache, and they will be the size of a room again
When Android will stop being such a RAM hog and OEMs will stop putting 8GB RAM on their lame ass smartphones.
when we gas all the phone posters

sent from my iphone 10
When the demand goes down or they can triple their manufacturing ability.
>Phones come with 8GB and last two years before being thrown out
>Laptops aren't upgradable so everyone buys 16GB in case websites continue to bloat
>Servers eat ram for breakfast and high densities allow for them to have even more in the same area
Have fun waiting, maybe by then mining will have died down too so you can buy a GPU for MSRP.
When chinks will finally start producing ram chips.

File: Nk7WJhQ.jpg (17 KB, 270x320)
17 KB
What can be done with objects than can't be done with multi dimensional arrays?
>What can be done with objects than can't be done with multi dimensional arrays

What can be done with a bulldozer that can't be done with a bunch of spoons?
Structs are objects btw, they just don't understand any messages.
OOP are in most cases nothing more C with a new syntax.
Python is written in c, jvm is written in C, C++ is C under the hood, most js interpretor are written in C and so on.
C only has structs, enums and pointers and you can do pretty much everything with it.
Your brain is the best tool, you can do wonder when you use it.

File: 1422774240237.jpg (118 KB, 406x364)
118 KB
118 KB JPG
am I going crazy or did youtube change their layout again?

feels like default videos are bigger but I don't have theater mode on
22 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
>it's a program not in browser
Oh well then you can just launch them.
The interface I'd prefer would be for you to select the video by numpad and reserve something like enter to get the next page of videos.
Also opening the description for each video on demand might be nice.
>The interface I'd prefer would be for you to select the video by numpad and reserve something like enter to get the next page of videos.
Actually, that is exactly what enter does now, and was what I was going to do, but I just wanted something different. Now that you mention it, maybe I'll go with this system anyway, it works well for my mpv script here >>63866831

And yes, description will be nice, but I'll implement the numbering system first. Also, I need to fix unicode chars; for some reason they don't show up properly, which is a problem since I use torsocks a lot.
like that
yeah i have more than 500 subscriptions so i get a lot of notigications but the page i scrapped was the suggestion page, not my subscriptions.

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