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File: 2921.jpg (85 KB, 960x768)
85 KB
Ok fellow enterprise nerds, I've had a nice working Cisco 2921 for almost a year now. What's something cool I should do with it? I have it configured as my home router right now for Spectrum. Basically just running NAT and I have the Spectrum modem in bridge mode. I was thinking of getting AT&T fiber as they just pulled it in my neighborhood a few months ago so I can get gig fiber. I have a fiber GBIC for it, but I'm not sure if I can plug the fiber right into the router and configure it to work with it or if I still have to use AT&T provided router with it. What you all think?
Pic related, mine is set up same way at the moment, so plenty of room for expansion.

Hey /g/,
I'm looking for some statistics in 2010 about home users who use cellular, as their main source, vs typical wifi/ethernet users
Can anyone help? Thanks
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Ok thanks for your brainlet input reddit
Why is the mirror not of smiles?
I wish I had a gf like that.
God damn her foot looks weird.
She's bending her toes. Looks fine to me

File: Ibm_pc_5150.jpg (168 KB, 1280x1189)
168 KB
168 KB JPG
What's the oldest computer you use on a daily basis?
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Sleep tight, comfy Sun.
File: proxy.duckduckgo.com.jpg (217 KB, 1600x1008)
217 KB
217 KB JPG
2007 HP 2510p.

it's my backup laptop for when my x220 is broken (eg now).
My personal PC was built using an i5 Intel haswell. Little mini itx board. 16 GB ram, a couple 250 GB Samsung SSDs. An Nvidia 960 on board. If I played games more, I'd upgrade to at least an x70 card. Haven't had any issues. I just bought a Windows prefab PC for business so I might migrate my Win 10 pro version to the business PC and put Linux back on to my personal machine.
The desktop I put together in January 2017.

Is Apple conducting false advertising /g/?

This is from video encoding by Linus on the macbook pro, Apple claims that the CPU can turbo past 4.5 GHz but its going below its base clock here.

Isn't this false advertising?
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why do people pay $4k+ laptop that runs like a netbook from 10 years ago?
File: totally the same.png (433 KB, 1540x1482)
433 KB
433 KB PNG
yep I can't fathom why.
Imagine being this stupid
Nobody's talking about turbo frequencies, sperg
>3 grand for a 800mhz CPU, a broken keyboard and no ports

let's show phoneposters what real phones look like

buying advice:

where to buy:
File: cix100and670.jpg (26 KB, 466x299)
26 KB
only if you include KSUs/PBXs
File: Fn-ts54tdr_24a__0.jpg (48 KB, 488x385)
48 KB
and this is what real phones look like

make this general telephony/telecommunications general or something
File: 1475689945693.jpg (807 KB, 1920x1080)
807 KB
807 KB JPG
comfy autism

File: j6Wm6.jpg (786 KB, 2250x3000)
786 KB
786 KB JPG

>10 years from now
>powerwalls are 1/10 the price (600$)

Would you buy some?
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Just get a Tesla Model S + charger. The car batteries keep you're lights on when the power goes out.
File: 1339550542744.jpg (118 KB, 894x801)
118 KB
118 KB JPG
/pol/tards like to think successful buisnessman based Elon will go broke any day now, while remaining oblivious to the fact their orange idol who played a successful buisnessman on TV has already gone broke 5 times.
Keep up with the times libtard; /pol/ loves Elon now after he almost calling out jews in the media and outting a briton pedo
basing energy needs on rare earth is just as short sighted as basing it on oil.
File: (((Drumpf))).jpg (28 KB, 620x465)
28 KB
Good news.

Why haven’t you created your own language yet? What are you waiting for?
A stroke, so that I can begin rambling in tongues
what qualifies as "your own language" to you?

if you mean you write your own compiler for it, then that's tough. so that's why

if you mean something where you build one programming language on top of another, like e.g. python is implemented in C, then everybody has done that to some degree.

at one point i had some scripts in python and shell that i used for generating code, and they needed to pipe stuff to one another and do i/o and stuff. then i wrapped some aliases around them... so then i was able to write scripts with just my custom aliases for shell/python scripts. so it was sort of its own language. (not that i would ever do this again... at one point i decided to get rid of the shell scripts and turn it into all python)
Because there are already plenty out there that work fine and have an abundance of libraries.
if you haven't made your own compiler you are a literal nigger

t. terry a davis

File: hiinana.png (89 KB, 183x239)
89 KB
What's the best DB for access by PHP? MariaDB? Something else SQL? Mongo perhaps?
MySQL or MariaDB are the traditional DBMSs for PHP. You can go with Postgres if you're a hipster. NoSQL is flavor of the month trash and that's about all there is to say about that.
File: avatarh.png (957 KB, 835x784)
957 KB
957 KB PNG

mongo and couch should die.

cassandra is good though, but that's for massive datasets, so it's a different league

File: 1483317558793.png (122 KB, 1328x764)
122 KB
122 KB PNG
My project got forked for the first time
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I mean my peers don't even have a github account. My account has CNN's and RNN. Those are the best I can do currently. Following your logic my github would be empty. And I can always delete my repos. I don't know what you're so mad about

Your fizzbuzz prints fizzbuzz on 0.

File: 1517871699743.png (8 KB, 250x202)
8 KB
>people wearing razer headphones outside

File: images.png (3 KB, 271x186)
3 KB
Fucking love the shit out of Project Fi. Fucking love my Mac and iPad. Want an iPhone SO bad, but I can't use it on Project Fi. Is there any carrier like Project Fi that will work with iPhone?
ting probably but you're limited to one network. also they overcharge if you actually use your phone. There have been some people able to hack it together and it work.

If you keep your android you could get a data only sim for your iphone then use hangouts for calling and texting.

File: boomer.jpg (24 KB, 480x360)
24 KB
>that 48yo boomer that still talks about his uni experience all day
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We've lost him guys.
File: terry.jpg (69 KB, 350x350)
69 KB
is he still alive
Impressive how one man is able to make his own OS. I wish that his mental state would get better, sad to see him like that
This is now a /TOSG/ post TOS or Terry related things
In the developed world we start in september.

File: Software_Chromium.png (57 KB, 533x537)
57 KB
If this browser's so great, why can't I watch livestreams on it?
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Because you should be using chrome
File: 1528325796179s.jpg (3 KB, 125x122)
3 KB
Firefox you homo
yes massah google
Based massahposter.
dumb frogthumbnailsavingposter

File: specs.png (41 KB, 660x525)
41 KB
What do I upgrade first /g/?
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Yeah, then I'd upgrade ram, storage and that CPU, maybe look into some of the tech that's meant to help with streaming like a video output card and a second, cheaper computer to handle rendering and streaming, that's end game though, right now your ram looks like your main bottleneck
That's totally the wrong way to use an SSD though. Anyone who thinks SSD is just about boot time hasn't use one for a week.
8GB or 16GB? Is it worth spending that little bit extra for double the ram?

I use 8gb for gaming and it runs fine just about, but if you have the money and find a good deal on a 16gb combo then go for it, games, browsers and OS are using more and more resources and if you go for 16gb you won't need to upgrade it for a long time
Considering the ram prices and the rest of your system, no.
If you need storage then get your storage first.
SSD will improve your overall experience massively, which you'll never understand from using your friend's PC for 5 minutes.
A cheap 1080p IPS monitor will bring your screen up to speed with everyone else.
8gb ram is good enough for normal use.
Graphics card is obvious: increase FPS.

File: photo.jpg (74 KB, 900x900)
74 KB
Do you appreciate carykh for making programming concepts more accessible?

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