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File: Telegram-App.jpg (17 KB, 600x384)
17 KB
Telegram is a botnet now.
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while we are talking about telegram i made a /g/ chat
So when on ur pc u can ignore your phone
Just take the Surespot pill
So how exactly is Russian gov going to get keys?
Are you serious?

2 + 2 = 4, er, 4.1, no, 4.3... Nvidia's Titan V GPUs spit out 'wrong answers' in scientific simulations


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>Titan V is advertised as a computation card.
Would you believe a porche salesman if he told you that 911's are great for construction sites, or offshore seismic data collection?
>They even dropped the GeForce name from the card.
But they didn't add ecc, or proper support.
To me it seems that the researcher was trying to save money by cutting corners to save money without knowing the consequences.
if this is a reproducable issue, would it be viable for extra entropy in random number generation?
is that a female penn in the background???
Why no details on the test case?

If this is done on the tensor cores, it makes sense. They use mixed precision. That's an expected result and there is no flaw.
If these are normal ops on the fp32 or fp64 cores, that is a massive bug that they should have to recall on if they can't fix it in drivers without impacting performance.
>titan /v/

File: cee-ess-gee.png (490 KB, 900x677)
490 KB
490 KB PNG
In /csg/, we discuss the cheap shit you see on Gearbest, Taobao, AliExpress, Banggood, eBay and similar sites.

>IRC channel
#/csg/ on rizon

>Discord link

>Chink Shit Randomiser

>Chink Shit Wiki

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Yes you should.
Unfortunately, such sale just don't happen over here in Sentral Yurop.
The cheaper-end LEDs usually have quite low light output (like yours - it's ~36รท40W incandescent equivalent) which is not enough for my one-fixture-per-room setup ยฏ\_(ใƒ„)_/ยฏ
Should i get a car stereo from aliexpress? Will they work?

also thinking of getting speakers for my car... From aliexpress as well.
Should I replace my Chink ssd with a legit one?

I believe it have borked itself during Windows updates.
No, this shit is already dirt cheap on Amazon, the weight of shipping stereo equipment makes it not worth it.

The best place to look is the autowreckers. They always have stacks of head units, amps and subwoofers for cheap

File: 1521438184585.jpg (101 KB, 612x589)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
Say having access to the internet enable you to do certain things that you feel are benefitial to your mental health, does that mean the internet itself is good for you? Should one try to spend more time on it? Or is the person going to have nice thoughts regardless of the internet?
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Similar thread with inverted questions, the last one was asking if internet was bad for us
Internet is fine. It's 4chan that has proven to be bad for my mental health. I wasn't into traps, monstergirls, or lolis (2D) before 4chan.
I think my life would be a lot better if I never found this website
been here for 10 years and i'm still not into degen shit. you're weak
That's YOUR fault. Don't blame the greatest invention since the alphabet in terms of sharing information on your own inability to use said invention to better yourself. You could be spending this time teaching yourself how to program, an insanely valuable skill which you can teach yourself for free and carry with you throughout your life - it's something that you only need an internet connection to practice and get better at. Shit, you could have zero money and live in a fuckin' garbage can, and still be able to go down to your local library and save all of your work to github, and have access to it anywhere. You don't even need a house. You could be hitch hiking or hopping trains or whatever, and go see the whole goddamn world if you want to, for free, all the while teaching yourself the one skill that isn't going to be replaced by robots one day. But no, you live with your mom and you jack off to porn all day, because you've been atomized, alienated, and robbed of your agency.

Guess why?
BECAUSE SOCIETY WANTS YOU THAT WAY, because in some way or another, just by existing, you're making money for a bunch of Jews who want to keep you that way.

Learn how a fuckin' computer works, goddammit, and while you're at it, read Plato's Republic, Marcus Aurelius' Meditations, every Stoic philosopher you can get your hands on. Learn about the history of your genetic lineage, your people and their nations. Get inspired. Stop sitting around and shitposting on imageboards and jacking off to porn, you idiot. Your brain is just as good as any other average brain, they all do the same damn thing, so use it.

File: watchthread.jpg (255 KB, 1550x732)
255 KB
255 KB JPG
This thread is about the appreciation of horology, as well as The Urban Gentry and the micro-engineering and materials engineering that are required to make a fine watch, clock, or other timepiece.

>Required viewing for new people:

>Used watch guide:
https://pastebin.com/4cP1Tpri (embed)

>Strap guide:
http://pastebin.com/SwRysprE (embed)

>Watch essentials 102:
http://pastebin.com/VBAu4Rwi (embed)

>Previous thread:

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>But that's wrong
ok then post model of the inferior movement in the invicta vs the seiko

oh wait, you cant!
I think you underestimate how shit the SKX movement is. The case is arguable the best you can buy in that price range but the movement is trash.
>tfw when no lithe nubile horological teen gf
why even live
You are not really that pretty

But try this

File: 1445975383791.jpg (17 KB, 385x387)
17 KB
>be network admin
>team originally had 40 people
>32 of us were laid off
>us remaining 8 are now expected to perform the work of 40 people
>my ticket queue is at 57 tickets
what do
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If this thread is still here, i'll update it.
It won't be unfortunately. Maybe post it in /wdg/
OP, this is why I quit years ago and just started my own business flipping shit and then trading crypto currency. It's really not that hard to do this, although the pay sucks but I have way more free time on my hands. I do miss the dicking around at the office part but now I can learn waht the fuck is happening around the world and trade on it. Just move to a cheaper city and you can easily live off less than $1000 a month.
This, the way it's setup in the US, you're losing money if you don't move jobs every 2 years in your early/mid career. Pay boosts from changing jobs outpace raises in our current market. Everyone likes to cry and say "yay capitalism" sarcastically, but they forget there's another side to the coin. Exploit the system for your benefit, fuck your employer as hard as they fuck you. It's doable if you're worth hiring.
File: Chad.jpg (154 KB, 684x923)
154 KB
154 KB JPG
Are you all retarded?
Less workers means you have more wiggle-room to up your pay.

Know you worth dip-shits.

File: ESP8266OLED.jpg (153 KB, 1000x1000)
153 KB
153 KB JPG
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it have the screen
128x64 OLED screen
These things are awesome for what they are designed for, didn't see one with a screen so far, but that's pretty cool if they are easily available

File: Capture.png (36 KB, 822x391)
36 KB
How do I fix this?
I installed the latest microcode, and made sure all things are enabled.
On Windows 7.
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Spectre/ Meltdown patch.
It says its present but not enabled.
The registry settings also say its enabled, so wtf is going on.
You are using the WMWare cpu microcoe driver, right?

That shit is loaded very late in Windows (in User Services moment),

Windows cannot activate mitigations here.

You need update microcode by BIOS flashing
Is there a tool to update a bios?
Kinda like the Intel Management Engine flashing tool?

Got an MSI Z77-GD65 from 2013, no new bios.
Lurking won't get me a bios flashing tool.

File: maxresdefault.jpg (88 KB, 1280x720)
88 KB
hi /g/ is there an android app capable of insta terminating call on all private numbers that actually works?

Seems my xperia does not have the function baked in to her android 7.x.

Have tested a couple of apps from the "play" store, one which would, on the caller side, make the phone ring, stop, then ring again, ending with an out of coverage message; or another app
which would pick up the call, leave 3 seconds of dead air then terminate.

I mean, in the year of our lord, 2018, can there not be an application, that, the instant "unknown" or "private" registers, autohangs up the call, in the millisecond range?

I would love to know her name..
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
image and grammar gives it away
Pretty sure he called you a pajeet because of your poor grasp of English
How about you pay your debts Pedro
Umm.. block all non contact incoming calls?? Its in settings
I wish any of them worked. I was having problems with my landlord at some point an suddenly I was being called twice a day by an unknown number. They wouldn't leave a message and if I picked up it would be silence followed by them hanging up. This eventually went on for 2 months.

I called my provider to look into it and their conclusion was that it was a computer calling numbers to connect through to some call center and for 'reasons' they couldn't block it. You can sign up for some 'no add-calls' service but once you've done something with a company then there's a loop. I had to threaten my provider before they gave me a new number.

Last year same shit happened but after 3 weeks I suddenly got some woman on who was from some service desk where I got my driving lessons. After I told her to piss off the calls never came back.

Most phones do not have the setting to block. You can set their calls to silence I believe.

File: moto-z3.jpg (98 KB, 800x1022)
98 KB
So what's the scoop on Moto's 2018 lineup?

The G5 was released by this time last year and yet there was no announcement at MWC or elsewhere.

And what of the Z3 + Mods program? Cancelled or not?
23 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1516343217561.jpg (96 KB, 750x761)
96 KB
>Moto G5 is shit
>OnePlus is shit
>HTC is decent at best

why do we keep listening to /g/ for phone recommendations?
Xiaomi will be the new best, trust me
moto g1 & 2 was the best moto. anything after is shit

God, I miss my moto g and moto x. They were the best phones motorolo put out. The price performance of the G was bitchin and the ergonomics on the X , too bad about its shitty 720p screen
Moto g5 plus is the king of midrange phones its great

File: Wunga.jpg (55 KB, 750x428)
55 KB
Recent news come anongar of wunga killing gromar.
this proof wunga evil, bring curse from forest-god.
wunga threat to tribe, will demanding anongars meat, anongar no want give meat to wunga, make anongar angry! Anongar want smash evil wunga, wunga tribe defend wunga, make smash hard.

>wunga tribe will defend evil wungar, say is not threat to Anongars tribe.
anongar smart, know wunga evil, heard so from tribe.

cave painting related, is evil wunga
objectively the best thread on /g

File: i5.jpg (78 KB, 500x375)
78 KB
Motherfucker still works like a charm, but the motherboard is busted and wanted to move to micro-atx.

Is it worth getting a new motherboard for the i5? are there even any micro-atx that fit the socket?

should I just wait to see what the fuck amd does?
9 replies omitted. Click here to view.
File: 0eRAdWR[2].png (30 KB, 915x389)
30 KB
>not upgrading to ryzen + and saving 50-100 dollars on mobo/CPU costs for equal performance

t. brainlet
no micro-atx mobos for it. Yet.
buy a 30$ mobo if this one fail, but do not upgrade
Wait for next year for sure if you rally dont want to uppgrade
Is that image real life?

File: ThatSceneFromHalflife.jpg (66 KB, 1247x803)
66 KB
โ„ฆ All are welcome here; the world is fucked and we are all in this together.

โ—™ Cypherpunk Manifesto >>https://www.activism.net/cypherpunk/manifesto.html

โ—˜ Cyberpunk Manifesto >>http://project.cyberpunk.ru/idb/cyberpunk_manifesto.html

โˆ† Hacker Manifesto >>http://phrack.org/issues/7/3.html

ยฑ Guerilla Open Access Manifesto >>https://archive.org/stream/GuerillaOpenAccessManifesto/Goamjuly2008_djvu.txt

โ–“ Fables, realities, prophecies and mythology of a community:

โ–‘ What is cyberpunk >>https://pastebin.com/hHN5cBXB

โ–€ The importance of a cyberpunk mindset applied to a cybersecurity skillset.: >>[YouTube] Glenn Greenwald: Why privacy matters

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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It's so full of cp it's unusable
Wait, if there are no images, how is there cp?
The other guy is a CIAnigger, is spreading FUD against a decentralized and censorship resistant forum.
Then how about getting a tiny whoop
>dissolution of the biosphere into the technosphere
Sounds like Accelerando.

File: Amiga500_system1.jpg (2.25 MB, 2531x1965)
2.25 MB
2.25 MB JPG
Retro /g/ thread.
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You couldn't do that with a 286 PC and its green screen MDA text mode nonsense.
File: 1473020589053.png (120 KB, 785x757)
120 KB
120 KB PNG
No, but you could actually read what was on the screen rather than just jerk off to it in 30 years.
I absolutely love my Mavica. I load the images onto my 486 and dick with them.
You could if you had an EGA card. It wouldn't look quite as nice as the Amiga, but it was something.
VGA cards were available by 1988. The early ones were slow dogshit, but they always had 320x200x256 mode from day one with a linear video memory setup instead of the Amiga's planar graphics.

File: teletubs.jpg (38 KB, 615x456)
38 KB
Sooner or later, some company will be able to pull off a very cheap flexible "disposable" OLED screen.
And when this happen, the hell will begin.
Gamer cases, shirts, cereal boxes, ads, political pamphlets, religious pamphlets, posters.
Everything will be screen.
They will make RGB leds look like a joke.

Are you ready for this bright future?
4 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Sorry, there's no exit from the future.
There is....
Sounds fucking amazing.
How is this different from his current content?
No because it's not recyclable

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