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Can I get a tablet for under $100 that isn't complete shit?

All I want to do is have something that I can lay in bed with and watch movies
Galaxy Tab S used on eBay. Former flagship, still decent performance less than $100.

>Spend nearly a month back-and-forth interviewing with a company
>They give me a 2-day long assignment to test my aptitude
>Get told I did well on the assignment
>Go in for more interviews
>Eventually receive a useless generic "we decided to go ahead with another candidate"
>See the job posting still up several months later
>See the CEO of the small company posting in a facebook group that I'm in, looking for more candidates

I feel like replying to his post and saying what I experienced - is this stupid ? It might hurt my chance with other companies or come back to bite me in some way, but I feel that I'd really like to get this off my chest.
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apply again. wouldnt burn any bridge like that.
Similar boat. They're probably looking for diversity hires so you won't get any farther asking for more clarification. I've asked for specific reasons as to not getting hired and literally jst get a "oh no reason" response. Like fuck you, stop wasting my time and your company's money.
The absolute state of American hiring practices
Damn it must suck to be a wagecuck. Having to suck your manager's dick all day. Listening to your coworkers chatter incessantly about their kids measles. And that's if you prove yourself worthy in the first place. You worked.. for free. You were used like an old nut sock. And now you can't even do anything about it for fear you may never get the chance again. I would frankly kms
File: 1516961430465.png (197 KB, 664x735)
197 KB
197 KB PNG
just join google anon, small companies suck

File: GNU_logo.png (37 KB, 535x523)
37 KB
Are they still relevant?
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ANOTHER distro? yeez....
Never were
Are you new or retarded?
Is it 1.0 yet? I want to use it but I don't like using beta software.
yes, I use gnu software/libraries everyday

File: Swastika.png (31 KB, 2000x1200)
31 KB
Remember: if you hate python - you hate programming.

>Beautiful language
>INCREDIBLE libraries
>Main dev is Dutch so he's basically a nazi
>Impossible to write python if you're non-white
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They don't call them feminazis for no reason!
>wtf I'm a feminist now
>Hurr dur white space
Yeah it's just SO ugly right...?
programming with semicolons feels so god damn weird
***without semicolons fml
Not gonna lie, if C++ had a library like BeautifulSoup, I'd drop Python nearly instantly.

For the love of God, convince me not to buy a mini PC. I beg of you
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I remember these, I wanted one too

Sorry for not getting your joke, senpai
I use my udoo x86 several times a year at cons
I'm building a new computer and thought about using my old 4670k for a mini PC, but there's not a lot of 1150 mATX options and they're expensive
Why not ITX?
I have a Dell Optiplex 7050 micro at work, and the only thing about it that is limiting for me is the amount of USB-ports. I have a mouse, keyboard, label printer, serial port adapter, headset charger, graphics adapter, external hard drive, cable for my phone, et cetera connected to my computer via USB, and it quickly becomes annoying to have to unplug something to connect something else, especially since I have several USB hubs. Performance-wise though it's pretty good.

File: iphone-x-the-horns.jpg (137 KB, 1600x1200)
137 KB
137 KB JPG
Choose your mobile os:
>Wang Blows
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I use BBOS and it's pretty comfy, especially with keyboard shortcuts and physical keyboard in general. Hub is GOAT.
great thread
Thanks :)
LineageOS with no googlel shit flashed at all.
Unironically WP7 was great. Just wish there were more apps.

Wish Microsoft's android launcher was more Windows Phone style.

File: 20170217093410_scdk.jpg (17 KB, 500x700)
17 KB
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how young are you idiots? 8 and 8.1 were both shit. the microsoft account thing and UWP were horrible additions. not to mention the start menu search which was completely fucking garbage compared to 7.
Because you'd get all the bloat with reg Enterprise, too. Yes, even on enterprise.
Only LTSB is free of Candy Crush et al.
Ugly perhaps but at least it was stable, not botnet and strong performance.
>more bloated
lol this is totally false, windows 10 uses less ram than 8.1 (wich uses less than 7) and have way better thread dispatching for multicore cpus.
It's unfortunate that Microsoft didn't decouple the kernel and the shell from each other so you could have the best of both worlds like... oh... some other system.

File: 1532054967752.gif (1.81 MB, 250x338)
1.81 MB
1.81 MB GIF
Does anyone know any good chatbots that I can talk to. Zo is pretty shit for a chatbot. The creators removed its ability to think freely.

File: 1517231172959.jpg (153 KB, 1000x747)
153 KB
153 KB JPG
>"Do you have the time"
>Let me show you my wrist fedora m'lady
>"err thats fine"
>you see I don't need to check the time on my phone because wearing a clock strapped to my wrist shows class and elegance and is not an outdated concept.
>"I am in a hurry "
>yes, I am busy man my self as you can tell by my time piece that is with me all the time.
>"I got to go"
>haha ok but remember class is for men and swag is for boys gentle m
>have to quickly pull out phone
>25% chance to drop it
>click a miniature button
>wait half a second for the screen to turn on
>for the welcome animation and sound to play
>Ah it's 9:36
>"Buddy are you joking, it's almost noon"
>Oh it's 18:20 now, it had to synchronise with the web haha
>"Thanks....... weirdo"
File: 1525433281642.png (63 KB, 200x200)
63 KB
>tfw no watch
>tfw no phone
>do you have the time?

File: 4tln1F6ImcsoJWvPZfiE.png (29 KB, 957x751)
29 KB
>20 yo
>my pc broke up
>no money to fix it
>dad's computer seems fine for programming
>he doesn't lend me it
>wait until he go out work
>run to his computer and start programming
>upload everything to google drive 1hs before he arrives
>repeat tomorrow

it seems like i'll have to get a job anons... i need a new computer.
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how is glenn greenwald doing?
>20 yo
>lives with parents
God you're pathetic.
29 here and still with my parents but i have a work.
Sorry Goldstein McShekelberg I'm not falling for your loan memes.
> not mentioning payment for Thinkpad involves OP taking anal from anon.
>i have a work
Nice syntax. Maybe that's one of the reasons why you're making minimum wage.

Are there any documented models for neuron based memory constructs which I can use to develop non-instant-feedback learning? All the machine learning algorithms I've found so far only work with instant feedback, but I wanted to create something that could use memory to learn from past mistakes as well. Am I just looking at the problem wrong?
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But the problem is that if it gets rewarded for something it did 6 or 7 runs ago, it can't keep the context necessary to associate that action with this reward, right?
File: EllariaBastardsVid.jpg (67 KB, 899x482)
67 KB
That slut looks familiar, I think I followed her on IG once. Who is it?
They're run in batches and averaged because it would cost far too much to adjust the weights between nodes for each input.
If I understand you anyway.

LSTM, recurrent nets

File: xmpp.png (14 KB, 220x226)
14 KB
>What is XMPP?
Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP) is a communication protocol for message-oriented middleware.
Unlike most instant messaging protocols, XMPP is defined in an open standard and uses an open systems approach of development and application, by which anyone may implement an XMPP service and interoperate with other organizations' implementations. Because XMPP is an open protocol, implementations can be developed using any software license and many server, client, and library implementations are distributed as free and open-source software.

>What client should I use?
Get Conversations if you are on Android or use Gajim on desktop PC.

>How do I join this /g/ groupchat?
Here is the link: publicg@conference.yourdata.forsale
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oh so it's useless then
okay bye
It is like that in every XMPP server, retard.
If with Off the Record you mean OTR there are clients that support it.

File: 1514938725322.png (11 KB, 502x211)
11 KB
What do you use to download YT videos as .mp3 now when all old addons and scripts on fire/waterfox has turned into botnets and miners?
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>using external third party websites
Enjoy having all your data saved so they can send personalized ads to you.
youtube-dl is an open source python script
>he fell for the open source meme
Violentmonkey is spyware and most of the scripts are miners.
 youtube-dl -x --audio-format best 

Then ffmpeg if you really want to convert it to mp3.

But how is that relevant to youtube-dl?
File: anon.jpg (33 KB, 493x386)
33 KB
>Grabbing audio from youtube

File: 616y1qzHetL._SL1000_.jpg (20 KB, 333x368)
20 KB
Are Kindle Paperwhite a good ereader?
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Well, shit.
I guess I'll see if >>66822631 does anything
I have the first kindle that ever came out, with side buttons. It must be like 10 years old now or some shit. Still works perfectly.
File: explain-this-bullshit.jpg (64 KB, 533x800)
64 KB
I can't use them, they're shit compared to an actual book.

There's nothing tactile or sensory about them, you're just looking at a screen.
You can add a microsd slot if you are brave enough.
what is a book then?
just some dead tree that makes you hallucinate?

Is there a way to navigate through my nexus 5, the screen broke and i cant fix it until
Wednesday, I need it now urgently. I tried google software that my help with my situation, buy nothing unfortunately. IS there anything i cancan do?
13 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Isn't it enabled by default?
Depends I think.
My experience is with a Nexus 4 with lineage OS installed on it. It was off by default on that setup at least, because I still haven't managed to get my data off of the device. I'm holding back on buying a new screen assembly right now though, because there wasn't anything really important on there that I hadn't backed up.
Try scrcpy
i mean im just trying to interact with the
GUI, not access it's memoery itself
OTG cable+ Keyboard and mouse.

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