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How the fuck do I get into AI? Machine learning specifically. I see all these fags in my Univ class who use tensorflow to make stuff but if I ask them how that shit actually works, they can't explain. I don't want that, I want to actually understand
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Read ben goertzel's published papers on AI.

No one here knows anything except maybe a couple people.
Because you just learn how to apply math and stats without understanding the fundamentals of why.
>t. failed the google brain interview and is now salty
What's the best way to git gud at ML and related things?
Nothing has wasted the talent of more great programmers than the study of AI.

Can I put can i put a kingston 8gb 2rx8 pc4-2133p-se1-11 into a Lenovo Y530?

I have one leftover from my old Acer but I'm not sure if it's compatibLe or will damage my new child.

I'm a neophyte to upgrades, so I'm competent enough to install but I'm not sure about specs.
File: 20181015_234656_001.jpg (3.18 MB, 5312x2988)
3.18 MB
3.18 MB JPG

Looks like you'll be okay

File: kleiner.jpg (40 KB, 800x640)
40 KB
What reasons do I have to upgrade to Windows 10 if I'm using 7?
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Probably the same reasons you allow yourself to be used by Microsoft in the first place.
enjoy wasting half your processing power of emulation overhead
If you like LTSC try this: https://ameliorated.info/
even more lightweight, even more bullshit removed from it
Wow, this sounds cool. You still get core functionality though yeah? Like if you need it for VR, manually updating stuff etc?
How come this version is hardly mentioned on here. I usually check out the win 10 ltsb threads and AME seems to have been around for quite a while judging from the youtube vid I'm listening to ( 5 Dec 2017), that's talking about that version.

>inb4 iToddlers
implying it's not the best OS for normal usage (browsing, Photoshop, video editing, work)
>inb4 autistic screeching in linux
linux posts will be discarded
>muh games
that's what the Windows 7 installation is for
nah hackintosh doesn't work very well. hackintosh is for people who want to show off that they're able to do it, not for people who need a serious reliable workstation. dual booting also sucks in any situation because you have two systems to maintain
All I've heard from Hackintosh is that it's somewhat annoying to get it installed in the first place since it needs specific BIOS settings and hardware, but once it's installed it's very reliable, with the only downside being that it might not upgrade into newer OS's reliably.
File: 1534759721103.jpg (232 KB, 1012x1279)
232 KB
232 KB JPG
doesn't apply to this post faggot

so i've been told by someone in palo alto that there's an update with the new iphones that turn the phone into a weight scale if you stand or jump on it
File: 212.jpg (196 KB, 1418x644)
196 KB
196 KB JPG
> palo alto
talking to google shills? what an idiot.

What's next? Buying the Pixel 3?
they already can actually be used as scales ever since they implemented force touch, why do you think drug dealers all use iPhones.

Why the fuck does new phones have this kind of shitty resolutions?
Because some people would rather have lower power consumption and cheaper price over a small difference in sharpness.
No one forced you to buy it

File: file.png (21 KB, 1723x274)
21 KB
hey /g/ so I code name all my directories with random words, but I memorize exactly what each directory contains
pic related
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>unironically (action) (thing)
>converting a sentence into a code
(action) a (noun) (preposition) a (noun)
it's a little bit autistic but it's ok because it helps you with strengthening your mnemonic skills. If it makes you feel better when I was younger and had to share a family computer but browsed 4chan I would hide all of my reaction images and memes and such through a web of files that started with an obscure word like cat and in that file would be a file for each letter a-z and each of those letters would have another set of files for each letter of the alphabet but I memorized the route for all the folders I wanted like a true autist.

Can i remove my SIM card and not be tracked by Verizon family locator?
reported for underage
How you know I’m not a 25 year old being tracked by my mother
because you arne't just throwing your phone in a small faraday cage

File: ii8669b9lz001.jpg (110 KB, 960x600)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
I'm a student trying to send a fake phishing email. What are some resources for building a mailing list?
fuck off pajeet
postfix now fuck off you retard

>Linux Mint
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Gay stuff, the hardcore kind that will break your everyday Windows computer.
Not idling at 75% RAM and 40% CPU usage.
Mint goes one step further in the user friendliness area by having a DE that is designed to accommodate people used to windows and by simplifying the system configuration/management programs and like mindedly developing their own alternatives of many other useful small programs.
I tried installing Kubuntu but I got some random flickers every now and then. I just go back to mint asap.
What's wrong with old packages? If someone need some update badly, he can just download it via PPA. No need to make everything (which most of them aren't even gonna be used) updated.

File: 1520594199010.jpg (1.09 MB, 4500x4334)
1.09 MB
1.09 MB JPG
people here think I am an electrical engineer because I fix their cable television but the only thing I do is unplug their cable box and TV and plug it again.

Is this normal in your cunt?

File: kl-feat.jpg (30 KB, 800x400)
30 KB
What are some good tools/resources you like to use for hacking? What is your favorite exploit?
A search engine
My brain
My own tools

Having a favorite exploit is like having a favorite key on your keyboard. It's ultimately irrelevant and it makes you look retarded.
Second this
>What are some good tools/resources
Google, shodan.io
>What is your favorite exploit?
What does this even mean, they're thousands of exploits https://www.exploit-db.com
Cheat engine 6.5
I level up fast on adventure quest
File: 1531318143333.gif (523 KB, 367x219)
523 KB
523 KB GIF
nmap and tree

File: Screenshot.png (510 KB, 480x800)
510 KB
510 KB PNG
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please delete this picture of me
>pixelshit background
>firefox focus
>those icons
>a blackberry priv
can you explain why you bought this?
i considered it for a while but then i realized that my love of physical keyboard would require it to be landscape not the dogshit slide out flimsy fuckall tiny cancer that the priv has
This but unironically.
>doesnt work
just press ignore lol
i almost bought one of these. went with a v20.
how can anyone post on this board and not have heard of telegram or whatsapp
>still no volte and vowifi

File: 250px-FRC_Logo.svg.png (17 KB, 250x177)
17 KB
FRC thread, I'm curious about other anons experiences (originally posted this on /sci/ but only got 4 replies)
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FRC remind me about something.
My friend was one of the representative for our country last year in FRC, and he know absolutely nothing about technology. He only know how to talk loud so the teachers think he's smart.
All he did when he get home was how he got VAC banned in csgo while playing NA server. I didn't even see him on the stream while his teammate was struggling.
I was a Lead Programmer for like 2 years, and also mentored shortly, then I had to worry about my University shit. It's nice cause my first C++ projects were on here and it prepared me for some university courses somewhat.
It's certainly babby tier compared to FRC. From what I understand, FRC is far more laid back when it comes to rules. FTC and FLL especially limit you hard on how to play games. For example, launching objects is a major penalty, but the game is designed where it would be easiest to launch objects. Sure it adds challenge, but if they keep making rules more strict and the game harder, new teams will never be able to get in. Here in Mississippi, a majority of our teams last for a year then get out because it's just too much on them. Luckily I was/am part of a veteran team of several years with a good coach running the show.
i volunteered for FTC in my region to run some computers and shit and also inspect some robots.

the organization i worked with up until recently basically ran my regions FTC competitions. It was a moderately sized regional university did all the setup, organization, and competitions for the qualifiers and our regional competition. the only reason we stopped doing all the work for the competitions was the two fold.

1. the man in charge the organizations program retired

2. funding cuts are a bitch.

after the man retired and we got funding cut we did less of the competition and i couldn't find it fun any more
File: hp.png (130 KB, 843x1066)
130 KB
130 KB PNG
I competed in First Lego League when I was a young bab
it was pretty fun even though I did not really understand what we were doing

How to request purchase advice: https://pastebin.com/fYZLW7Ub

For sub-$50 headphones and IEMs, check out the infographic in >>>/g/csg

/g/ wiki headphone FAQ: https://wiki.installgentoo.com/index.php?title=Headphones

Previous thread: >>68054695
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>rich was

Fucking autocorrect

I wouldn't go past L300 myself.
no but you dont wanna wear anything while sleeping lol. speakers also have better ambient sound.
File: nzJ37.jpg (50 KB, 500x375)
50 KB
new thread

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