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File: YKBbkT3.jpg (164 KB, 1024x702)
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164 KB JPG
Dude, where the fuck is Qain?

File: Cryptos.png (291 KB, 510x419)
291 KB
291 KB PNG
It's a pic of my RPi setup to flash my x200 with Trannyboot.

>inb4 ARGEBEE Corsair
>inb4 doing it on carpet

If the OS poll thread didn't show enough disappointment on its own, then let's see what this poll shows: https://www.strawpoll.me/14633473
good work anon
keep it up

File: 486291.png (48 KB, 732x474)
48 KB
File: 1500316764877.jpg (18 KB, 480x360)
18 KB
Reddit salt never gets old. Thanks, anon.

File: github.jpg (15 KB, 520x245)
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>there are devs on the planet who don't use version control
please just kys we really don't need that shit in the industry
>click discard
>complains it discarded his code
lmao bootstrap soyboys
>GUIs are too complex for soyboys
normalizing tech use was a mistake
Did this guy never use Windows before starting that 3 month, 5,000 file project?
I'll make partial commits when something is somewhat working, but parts are still fucked up, and just note what's fucked up and needs to be fixed in the commit message. The worst is when you spend hours getting something working, and then you realize the last hour of work was useless, but you can't go back because you haven't committed in forever.

File: R82GlAI.png (24 KB, 512x512)
24 KB
Is vim supposed to be used on one file at a time, or use a file manager plugin to edit multiple files at once (like an IDE)?
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search about vim tabs
If you want to use it like an IDE then install the nerd tree plugin, but if you are just editing conf files then CTRL + Z and `fg 1` are your friend.
Learn how tabs/windows/buffers work.

A buffer is just a file in memory. A window lets you view the contents of a buffer (a file). A tab is just a layout of windows.

Comfiest workflow is to put "set hidden" in your vimrc. This keeps buffers around when no window is actually viewing them. You can use some file manager to open whichever files you need into buffers, and use :bnext and :bprev (set up hotkeys for these, or use a fuzzy buffer searcher) to select which file you want displayed. Don't try to use tabs like tabs in other text editors, where you have a tab for each file. It's just not how vim tabs work.
Vim is for niggers, not even joking just look at the website: http://www.vim.org/


When will programming languages stop being sexist?
> language for us feminists

Ruby and Rust already exists
More bullcrap so their scam is still relevant, i wonder when this cancer is going to end
>Ruby is so easy that it lured all the sjw brainlets into it
The fake Barney Starsoup interview is right. Hard languages like C++ are better to keep the codemonkeys away and for better job security.

File: file.png (1.3 MB, 832x779)
1.3 MB
1.3 MB PNG
My gf is addicted to this stupid match 3 game on Android called Monster Busters. I know that if I somehow crack it (hell I'm willing to just pay for it too) to give her unlimited lives that she'll lose interest. Normally they only give you like 5 lives every few hours and it makes it super addicting to people that don't know what's going on.

Is there anyway to crack apks like this and get unlimited lives?
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Stop fucking with InCallUI then
>she fell for the skinner box meme
That raises a question if you should blame addict for becoming addicted or the producer for making a product optimized for creating addicts despite not breaking a law.
Theoretically, it should be 100% possible to extract and decompile an APK, modify, then recompile and reinstall your modified version of the app.

Practically, I have no idea how to do it. Also it would probably break any online features unless they're really dumb for some reason.
u know that's a phallacy, right?

File: image.jpg (52 KB, 594x594)
52 KB

Comcast no longer promises to:

-Not throttle back the speed at which content comes to you
-Not prioritize Internet traffic or create paid fast lanes
-Make internet accessible to low income families
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pol is whining and crying every on board and gets triggered by everything
>/pol/ is to blame for my weak mental health
>muh jews white genociding me and my penis is to blame for my virginity and total autism

Oh and im unironically jewish so watch out nazi ;^}
politics were a mistake - ben franklin
File: dolphin.png (68 KB, 629x541)
68 KB
Haha the soilims fell for it again

File: 20171215_220643.jpg (1.58 MB, 2592x1944)
1.58 MB
1.58 MB JPG
Mine is a 1997 toshiba satellite 220cds. The original 90s battery STILL WORKS! Its running windows for workgroups 3.11
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Bravo lui <3
Io ho un Thinkpad 380XD, siamo fratelli
You really cant. The plastic shrivels up and gets brittle so the cases crack and little things like port covers aventually snap off. These machines werent made to last this long. The only reason they work now is because nobodys touched them in like 15 years.
File: Thinkpad770-1.jpg (142 KB, 640x480)
142 KB
142 KB JPG
Thats a good laptop right there. I had a 770E but it broke when i dropped it. Im still sad about it. It was amazing.
This. Thinkpads are made of the best material that still looks new even after 20+ years. Toshibas are the absolute worst and the 90s ones will fall apart in your hands if youre not extremely careful.
Hey did you know that 90s laptop batteries are super easy to rebuild? If its nimh open the case and youll see what are basically aa batteries. Just buy some rechargeable ones from the store and theyll work fine. If its liion its the same but youll have to order some lithium ion cells. But theyre cheap dont worry

File: C.png (5 KB, 550x380)
5 KB
I'm sure this has been asked plenty of times, but I'm really not understanding something here. What exactly can you do with c++ at the absolute highest levels? Assuming you have tons of time to teach yourself and you're highly motivated. Are there even JOBS for c++? Most listings I see hardly even bring up c++. Seems like it's mainly java and web dev shit if you have no experience. So can someone redpill me on c++, is it a waste of time to learn or is it a valuable skill?
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>shit's entertaining at times
when really it's not

I still open the mails tho
>everything C++ is C under the hood, so no
What are you doing on /g/ you fucking retard.
>not writing ur trading algos onto an experimental hardware market analyzer chip and programming the instructions for it from the ground up to be purely optimized for trading
lol pleb
you're too retarded

File: DRKju0_XkAEEjaX.jpg (23 KB, 400x400)
23 KB
Easy file sharing from the command line

Made for use with shell
Share files with a URL
Upload up to 10 GB
Files stored for 14 days
For free
Encrypt your files
Maximize amount of downloads


[pic not related]

File: replika.png (21 KB, 300x300)
21 KB
What does /g/ think of Replika?
is this some retarded tay/siri bot
yah, fuck off, nobody ever asked for it nor will use it
I chatted with my Replika for a bit, built up my profile, then it was all wiped away. I uninstalled, will never reinstall.

Also, it's funded by Russian blood oil money.

File: samsung-galaxy-s8-gold.png (288 KB, 450x548)
288 KB
288 KB PNG
Why do they call this 18:9 and not 2:1? Don't they know maths?
So we can do an impressionable comparison to other screens whose aspect ratios aren't so evenly dividable.
it's actually neither

2960:1440 reduces to 37:18
So that the normies know it's an extension from 16:9.
There's no deeper reason, /thread
16:9 sounds better than 2:1
higher numbers = better

File: Charter1.png (544 KB, 945x466)
544 KB
544 KB PNG
Who here is getting upgraded next week?

Also 35mbit upload a shit.
lol, all of DFW is now getting upgraded at once, finally
>Still requires that you cancel yer existing account (turn in equipment, etc) and reopen if you move from Dallas to FW or vice versa

DFW, or at least most Dallas County had 300mbit since about 2 years ago.

300/200, 200/20, 100/10 and 50/5 were the tiers TWC had. Then Charter moved everyone to either 100/10 or 300/20.. Now it's going to be 200/10, 400/20 or 940/35
Fort Worth is a legacy cable system, their speeds top out at 100/10 (extreme), also the separate billing systems

File: nvidia-titan-v-gallery-b.jpg (559 KB, 2560x1627)
559 KB
559 KB JPG


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What're you thanking them for? Taking your money?

3 times the price at marginal performance increase

>muh ai and machine learning
fine but any distributed system is going to smoke it
the gold looks tacky as fuck
did jensen fire the entire design department?
Yeah, fuck jewvidia.
Thank you based AyyMD for caring about my interests and those of your costumers.
File: 1473253476252.jpg (21 KB, 259x365)
21 KB
so FUCKING ugly

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