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Is this app the equivalent of aids for your phone?

I want to pirate apps but I don't want to brick.
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Worked great on my last phone. Guess I just got Lucky®.
One of the most important apps to own if you use any rooted Android device. Outside of it's popular use of pirating games or paid apps, it can also get rid of intrusive ads that aren't neutralized by Adguard or Adaway.
doesn't work with spotify anymore senpai. If it's working for you then do not update the app
I don't update. Most patches only work for certain versions. I just patch and disable auto update. Not like I'm missing anything with the updates.

File: 85e.jpg (263 KB, 764x551)
263 KB
263 KB JPG
>int x;
>int xx;
>int y;
>int yy;
>int z;
>int zz;

Name a better naming system for integers, I bet you cant
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File: 1483445636048.jpg (233 KB, 1200x800)
233 KB
233 KB JPG
int five = 5;
>int a[100];

File: ....jpg (41 KB, 576x1024)
41 KB
Im looking for a printable Solidworks Spider models.
Im going to build a Spider Robot with Arduino.
File: large.jpg (176 KB, 960x544)
176 KB
176 KB JPG

File: Windows_ME_06.jpg (504 KB, 1024x768)
504 KB
504 KB JPG
Windows ME is the most unfairly maligned version of Windows. 99% of the people who whine about it either never used it or had shit hardware, similar to the problems people initially had with Vista. It added tons of new features, and is generally more stable than Windows 98 with appropriate hardware and drivers. (Faulty OEM drivers was probably the main problem people experienced back then) My grandma had a gateway with Windows ME and it ran flawlessly, much better than our family's fully updated Windows 95 machine. Go ahead and install Windwos ME in a VM, it's just fine.
>B-but Windows 2000/XP were better!
No fucking shit, 2000 and XP use the NT kernel, ME is DOS-based like 95 and 98. Comparing 2000 and ME is apples and oranges.
>B-but no boot into DOS mode!
This is the only legitimate criticism, but how often were people in 2000 still using DOS programs? Games would have probably started running into compatibility issues at that point due to much faster CPUs and discrete VGA GPUs aren't 100% backwards compatible with CGA and EGA games anyway.

>comparing ME to windows 95 and not Windows 98SE

ya blew it.

ME was a mutant flipper-baby of an OS. Let's never speak of it again.
>Windows ME is the most unfairly maligned
No, it's just maligned for the wrong reasons. In the end it still has Win9x lineage, which makes it utter shit no matter what. 98SE, 98 and 95 were shit too. Only passable because of games compatibility and the average user not knowing anything better.

File: USB-Type-C.jpg (25 KB, 840x428)
25 KB
What the fuck happened?

I bought into USB-C. Making it reversible, i thought they were fixing the main issue with USB plugs.

>No two cables are a alike.
>The cables rather than the devices contain electronics.
>There are a multitude of standards run over them with differing requirements, so you end up with cables bought for a single-purpose, rendering the idea of a universal plug utterly pointless.
>It's actually worse than a bunch of single-use cables, because they all look identical and fit each other despite not being compatible.

How did we regress this far? Is this a deliberate move by vendors to somehow manipulate users? Is it just incompetence or a failure of bureaucracy? Seriously /g/, what the fuck happens and is it going to get better?
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Not universal (because of usb-c)
Not serial (because it has multiple serial connections in parallel much like PCIe)
Not a Bus (because it is a fucking end to end Layer based Protocol that uses packets)
>thunderbolt 3 is 40gbps and as such requires very good quality cables
fuck off and stop trying to sell my gold-plated cables you no good lying hook-nosed bastards
This is absolute BS because the samsung cable I have and works on my Soyboy Nintendo Switch and vice versa I use my Nintendo Switch cables to charge my S8.

They may have different strengths but at the bottom they all do the same basic function.
No one is trying to sell you gold plated cables, there is merit in buying decent cables, there was a small epidemic of cheap Display port cables that was otherwise fine with something like 1080p 60hz signals but struggled with higher refresh rates and high resolution even though the display port itself was more than capable.
When your hitting in excess of 20gbps of data a good cable does matter
Kek, then go find me a 40gbps rated thunderbolt 3 cable with 3 meter length

File: no_thumbnails.png (295 KB, 1600x900)
295 KB
295 KB PNG
How do I get rid of the stupid GTK filepicker on VSCode, /g/?
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lol your language sucks so much you don't even have a word for "kernel"

>it is possible to guess
If only I gave a fuck...
File: 1521602342763.png (80 KB, 490x527)
80 KB
>Linux is shown to be shit
>"heh i was almost forced to face the fact that my operating system was bad but i see here that you called it by a shorthand instead of its full name hahaha tough luck pal"
Like clockwork.
1. Spanish is not my first language (as well, as English by the way) (And neither I speak good on it)
2. It is a bad thing to translate terminology, I think. (but it you want it is núcleo).
I just can't wait to inject it, sorry.
(GTK is rubbish, by the way. I don't deny it. GIMP toolkit, that doesn't have thumbnails is just a meh)
Speaking of GTK. I've checked, you need to recompile only one file, libprintbackend-file.so. Include there KDialog, and launch KDialog instead of GTK picker. Ofcourse, make necessary links.
Yes, this hack is dirty, but it might work.

File: 0308.jpg (36 KB, 442x631)
36 KB
>List IPs connected to my thread
>Put your IP in remote desktop connection
>I can now remote control your comnputer

Is this hacking? That was TOO easy...
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>things that didn't happen
the network ip is the modem's ip, silly.
Is this thread real? Is neo /g/ really this fucking stupid?
ca n uteach me OP? note: do NOT hack me
nice IP, making a GUI in visual basic to overflow your stack then going to reroute DNS traffic to TCPdump then use nmap to target you and use J-LOIC to take you offline, prepare for your CPU to overload skid

File: Concentrations.png (1.23 MB, 2000x2000)
1.23 MB
1.23 MB PNG
Are concentrations in computer science degrees worthwhile?
I'm going into third year and and wondering if I should bother taking one?

>inb4 university is a meme
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It'll get you through HR The most important thing though is the networking aspect of university.
stay away from the niche ones that will serve no benefit, unless you're really interested in a niche that will severly limit your job search

>algorithm & complexity
no unless you're going to teach
>human computer interactions
>networks & distributed computing
>software engineering
>game design

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Just on the descriptions alone, these are the only concentrations listed worth a shit: networks, software engineering, and information security. You can get a good job with any of those.
I recommend choosing the one you're most interested in and going for it.

I didn't do a concentration and I regret it desu. I still got a job after graduating, but having a starting specialization in something helps set you apart from the crowd for recruiters, and will give you some useful context for when you start working with professional shit.
Scientific computing is a hard nope imho. That shit will be dominated by math and science nerds that use Matlab and R.

File: callisto sword fight.jpg (51 KB, 600x450)
51 KB
Stupid Questions Thread.
Ask stupid questions ITT.
Use a search engine before posting, or don't, because you're stupid.
Prev: >>65188431
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Rip anon

reset to default or i could maybe giv u my json
>t. ff viol monk
noto or

I hope you have getting those certifications right /g/?
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I['m just a lowly laptop repair technician for HP, how can I into certs?


don't do it man. Relevant associate's degree + any kind of respected vendor cert (cisco, Juniper, AWS) is where it's at. Bonus points if you have half a personality and any enthusiasm at all.
how different is Net+ from CCNA? How much more would i have to study?
I've got a few certs. Lucky for me they're all Valid for life and not the Valid for x number of years as is the trend now. Really Cisco is kinda a joke unless you really really want to fool with configuring cisco brand equipment. For everything else networking related that don't involve Cisco routers then Network+ is more than enough along with a bit of common sense. Ethernet is Ethernet, speed will go up, that's about it. It ain't like the old days where you had a mix of Token Ring, Ethernet, or a combo of the two. Long as you don't run the cable lengths over 100 meters or use the wrong grade cable to connect a segment and have 100 megabit vs 1GBps as a result, then you'll be ok. you get the point.
My associates isn't in any IT field and I don't want to deal with vendor lock in.

Is CompTIA really that looked down on?

I have a website I have to use for work education. Portions of the content have coding in them that block copying to the clipboard after "x" amount of times for 24 hours. It doesnt carry over to other browsers, so I know it isn't IP or login based. I mainly just need some way to bypass this to be able to get notes saved. I have already tried turning off javascript and trying to inject my own that worked on previous courses.
If the text you are trying to copy is being displayed on the page just right click and view source then copy the text from there

File: fuck.jpg (172 KB, 1500x1500)
172 KB
172 KB JPG
What's /g/'s monitor recommendations?
>Aspect Ratio
>Whatever else is important
46 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
16:9 is an abomination. 16:10, 3:2, or 4:3 are the only way to go.
Those don't exist at reasonable prices and resolutions

And until they do I'll continue purchasing 16:9
File: damn.png (544 KB, 1482x794)
544 KB
544 KB PNG
>not owning a 32:9 aspect ratio monitor
>fucking caveman
It's literally just a 65" 4k panel cut in half horizontally.
Yeah I want 21:9. I have a 29 in ultrawide now. I'm actually ok with the 2560x1080 in this size and just want a higher refresh rate and g sync. But there's not much of those out there, everything is 34 inches. But at that size I don't feel like 1080 is going to look that great anymore. But with my gtx 1080 and an 8700k will I be able to get higher refresh rates anyway at 3440?

File: 1521731437647.jpg (36 KB, 1200x800)
36 KB
What is their endgame?
24 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
sory more testing please ignore again
This, and the shareholders generally want to either wan the company to A) Make more money to make their shares more valuable B) Have the company produce goods and services that make the world and their communities a better place or C) Both of the above options
>mfw I haven't seen an ad since 2007
I still wonder what kind of moron see and click on ads in 2018...
fuck you nigga suck uh dick free boosie fuck nigga
File: gettyimages-463935777.jpg (202 KB, 1000x600)
202 KB
202 KB JPG
you smokin crack nigga? You okay nigga? You look like you need some milk n uh hot dog with mustard. Just how I like it, it always makes me happy

File: hqdefault.jpg (20 KB, 480x360)
20 KB
A few weeks ago I was drunk and spilled some whiskey on my laptop. Thankfully i awoke immediately and managed to turn it off and unplug the battery right away. I took it to the sink and drained what i could and left it to dry.

After at least two weeks I decided to fire it up to see if it still worked. It booted up fine and is running smoothly except for the keyboard. Most keys are fine but:

3 and 8 on the number pad always types 83
L is F11 (fullscreen)
K is .K
Backspace is backspace + Enter
And a few other random things

I know zilch about laptops. Can this be fixed (cheaply)?
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
just replace the keyboard, depending on the model it will be $30 - $100 USD, most laptop keyboards can be replaced following youtube tutorials.

Good luck and don't be an idiot next time you drink.
OP, its obvious you're new here, so let me explain.
This is not a place where you can post your willy nilly questions like some fucking reddit help forum.
Either go there, or post in the appropriate /sqt/
Alcohol BTFO
>I was drunk and spilled whiskey on my keyboard
>leaving out the fact that you past out while holding a glass of whiskey
Anon you should stop drinking
except it does

File: IMG_20180322_131438.jpg (260 KB, 1080x1316)
260 KB
260 KB JPG
Mozilla suddenly realises Facebook are a bit shady with user data

Mozilla, which makes the popular Firefox web browser, has become the first major organisation to stop advertising on Facebook amid the controversy over the Cambridge Analytica files.

Denelle Dixon, Mozilla’s chief business and legal officer, said it had investigated Facebook’s data controls.

“We found that its current default settings leave access open to a lot of data,” she said, “particularly with respect to settings for third party apps."

9 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
telemetry isn't pii
approach issues properly

also schizophrenia and multiple personality disorders are different things
i suggest remedial education
Phht. Who cares what words the fancy doctor people want to use. Simple fact of the matter is, Mozilla are hypocrites.
File: 1513890367943.jpg (17 KB, 291x339)
17 KB
>mozilla concerned with OTHER corporations invading user privacy and data mining
The fucking irony is almost palpable.

And everyone already knew Facebook data-mined their users. Who are these idiots at Mozilla trying to fool?

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