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File: image.jpg (1.04 MB, 3264x2448)
1.04 MB
1.04 MB JPG
Manlets will say the S8+ is too big and that the iphone SE is better,
Enjoy you're recycled 5S.
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you can already see from the picture that there's no way you'd be able to access the calendar being covered by your fat fucking palm without switching your grip.
S8+ user here, I'm 6'2 and need a 2x mechanic glove. I hope the note 8 or whatever the call it will be even bigger.
Don't like iPhones but personally everything beyond 5.5" and FHD is just compensation for a persons sexual inaptitude...
Wow what a handlet.
i unironaclly want the aquaos crystal, but its a hunk of junk in technological cores and other shit its outdated, and the new ones only go like 1.93- and 1.50 ghz its bull shit.

File: UrAnus.png (32 KB, 300x300)
32 KB
Hello anons,

I'm a regular dude who's interested in bitcoin transactions and whatnot, and a VPN might come in handy. However, I'm a pretty moneyless NEET who isn't that happy on buying a VPN.

Should I go for Opera's free VPN? Legit question.

Yes, I know Chromium did phone back to Google for your voice: https://archive.is/4VijY

Thing is: would you trust Opera for bitcoins?
>Thing is: would you trust Opera for bitcoins?
What's your threat model?

If that's the government, hell no.

If that's anything worse than your boss, hell no.
the opera vpn is meant to be used for combating censorship, like a countries firewall or website blocklists. or to work around a region lock.

You really shouldnt use it thinking its protecting/masking your identity or sensitive information.
I'm just using it to watch porn and as it is mostly usual porn I don't care if Chinese track it as long as my ISP can't see it.

How high can the clock speeds on consumer level processors get before desync becomes an issue? Ie: what's the maximum distance a signal has to travel inside a processor in a single clock cycle? I know that light itself in a vacuum travels about a foot in one billionth of a second (one clock cycle at 1ghz). So at 4ghz, light can travel 3 inches, and considering that electricity in a conductor doesn't travel as fast as light in a vacuum, it seems to me, being not very knowledgeable on this, that we're pretty close to desync becoming an issue on the highest clocked processors.

I'm just curious because quantum tunneling is going to be an issue in a few node shrinks, and we might not have a commercially viable alternative to silicon by the time we've reached the limits of silicon, so it seems natural to me that higher clock speeds would be how we squeeze every bit of performance out of silicon before we're done with it.
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It's not like people haven't seen this coming, I'm sure a few companies have been working on non-silicon for a while at this point, probably just waiting for the economically best time to put it on market
Or you know, we get the electronic stability and heat under control and we can keep pushing moar cores as long as efficiency keeps going up and die size keeps going down, that'll extend traditional CPU tech life for a while
Honestly if CPU tech cant start moving towards a progressive direction soon enough, I could imagine igpu monsters or special hardware encoders being the next big thing instead of performance
Kinda like how Intel advertised Kaby Lake as "LOOK AT THIS CPU RUN 4K YOUTUBE OMFGGGHHG!"
File: 1489631912311.png (171 KB, 765x624)
171 KB
171 KB PNG

So basically a bunch of ASIC chips for their own particular purpose on a die instead of a main core?
Clockspeed has bigger issues before signal clarity, degradation and synchronization come into play.
It's voltage.
Silicon doesn't respond to with kind voltages at high frequencies, that's the biggest problem.

File: me.jpg (157 KB, 700x540)
157 KB
157 KB JPG
Whats is the best way to manage anime playlists for mpv?

Is there a 3rd party program that will display .pls with thumbnails and open in mpv?
kill yourself.
Use bomi
anime is shieeeeeet

File: 971.gif (613 KB, 498x498)
613 KB
613 KB GIF
>use Linux for 11 years
>see Windows 10 gets a lot of hate on /g/
>try it because curious
>have to make a few changes but...
>every thing works, fast performance
>all my applications work

>use Emacs and Vim on Linux
>see Visual Studio gets a lot of hate on /g/
>try it because curious
>every thing works, +1000% developer productivity
>fewer bugs in my programs, bugs fixed sooner

I am thinking /g/ is full of autists whom should not be trusted.
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You do know that even without doing anything at all, it still works without issue, right? Unless Microsoft randomly breaks it on upgrade.
File: 1490981463315.jpg (17 KB, 552x291)
17 KB
>You can just uninstall all of the bestbuy geeksquad bloatware
>use Emacs and Vim in Linux
This how we know you're lying
>he thinks that software gets removed instead of just running in the background
such is life for microcucks
Meh, use what works for you. I still think that visual studio projects are inflexible pieces of shit, but you know, it's just my opinion. VS got a lot better with nuget though, before that using common third party libraries was a clusterfuck.

I have to interview a senior level front end developer tomorrow, who claims to know angular, knockout, node, backbone...the works...

I'm thinking about literally asking him to do a fizz buzz test. I just did it in javascript in the browser console myself.

What do you guys think? That's not a dick move is it?
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>simple in every turing complete language
Completely wrong. Malbolge is turing complete and it took 7 years before someone generated a valid program.
Uh, no

Why is that supposed to be a dick move?

Anyone moderately knowledgeable about programming can quickly replicate fizzbuzz. That's the whole idea. The premise of a senior developer familiar with 4 different frameworks not being able to do fizzbuzz is absurd
Ask them to write a networked FPS in assembly and see what reaction you get.
> front end
They aren't programmers. Their job is to make a site look good and consistent. They know JS, CSS, HTML, but not 'backend' libraries.
>Malbolge is turing complete
Not according to the wiki page...

File: 1493252638625.jpg (45 KB, 612x727)
45 KB
Studying astronomy in college right now, what language will be the most useful for me down the road?
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File: 1493077160473.jpg (47 KB, 558x564)
47 KB
>not understanding that momentum is ultimately related to energy, because mass is energy
nigga why you even here
Who the fuck says that photons have no mass
All particle physicists.
Photons move at the speed of light precisely because if they had mass, it would require infinite energy to accelerate them to exactly the speed of light.

So, the speed of light is better described as "the speed of a massless object" or "The speed of massless particles". It also can move at no other speed and accelerates to top speed in zero time when it is created.
*no rest mass
sage since it is good at math

i currently have a debian server and have just installed docker.

can i spin up containers and allow my friends to access their own containers? each container will have it's own public ip address, and one friend wants to run a csgo gameserver and the other wants to just run an http server.

can this be done reasonably?
pls respond
The different public IP address for each container is not doable, at least not easily.

What you can do is spin those 2 containers: HTTP server on port 80/443, and CSGO server on ports (TCP: 27014-27050, and UDP: 3478, 4379-4380, 27000-27030), so that

* when someone tries to connect to the public ip address mapped to the docker host, in a browser, it would be automatically redirected to the HTTP container, and

* when someone tries to connect to the public ip address mapped to the docker host via CSGO, it would connect to the CSGO server because it is seeking the predefined CSGO ports.

I hope this helps.
I actually have code for this. I generally use subdomains (foo.example.com, bar.example.com) via apache reverse proxy to split into different containers.

What I've written is basically a python script that prompts for a container name then dumps you into the login of that container. I've set it as the shell of an unprivileged user with no password. Anyone can ssh in as that user with no credentials, they only have to log in to the container at the end.

File: workforfree.jpg (23 KB, 344x512)
23 KB
Hey /g/ I'm drunk as fuck like BAC .67 if you know what I mean

I have an old laptop that I'm not using. I will install the OS of your choice to it, as long as it isn't windows or OSX.

If someone scores quints I'll post a picture of my cock too.
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File: 0443 - LOggytP.jpg (21 KB, 297x207)
21 KB
Any project ideas /g/?
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'infinite', if I use shift-registers
File: mosaic.jpg (16 KB, 311x376)
16 KB
If i can ever learn C (or maybe scheme?) I might edit Gnubik. the plan is this:
>user selects a genre, actor etc. for the cube
>Gnubik pulls six random posters matching said criteria from imdb
>Gnubik crops them onto the cube
>user solves the cube
It can already do pic related. I just need it to connect to the 'net
File: 1412143097471.jpg (398 KB, 1920x1080)
398 KB
398 KB JPG
File: 506145898.jpg (339 KB, 1024x683)
339 KB
339 KB JPG
Made a business thread here other day, got 0 replies. Why not make some money and solve my problems, not just tinker with shit no one cares about.

> A service that scans the whole site for broken links, external and internal, from hyperlinks to images etc. There are some on the market, but they are dogshit.

Would pay $10 a month or something in that range.

> Since I refuse to read the news because it is a waste of time and it makes you dumb, I need to get the most important points at the end of each month. Bonus would be if I was able to set categories like world politics, war(s), regions etc. I need to get only the overview at the end of each month.

Would pay $10 a month.

> ffmpeg as a service. there are some, but I'm not messing with your api. I want to upload 60gb worth of videos and get them back the way I want.

Would pay 5 dollars for 60gb worth of video.
A program that deletes 4chan.

File: AyyyyyMD.gif (2.32 MB, 480x270)
2.32 MB
2.32 MB GIF
AMD has been a joke since 2003.

Why are they even in the business?
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and that's why amd will never really be relevant in the gpu market.

What could make them stay afloat with enough sales to justify the time and monetary investment is if they mcm their gpus and can put out full lineups every 6-9 months. That way they don't piss time and money away on high end skus that never make mank back and they can focus on bang for buck designs. If they kick nvidias shit in doing this, it will be 2-3 years before nvidia can respond if they aren't already trying to mc, themselves.

on a final note, freesync is better, has less overhead, and the only reason gsync is looked at as the better option is amd let everyone use the name freesync so it got on dog shit monitors, the best free sync ones kick the best g sync's ass by not only being lower overhead, but also cheaper and the exact same panel to boot.
gtfo shill
>if it is, it's not by much
The difference between gsync and freesync, aside from cost, is that freesync only works in fullscreen applications and Gsync works in windowed mode.
>480 beats out 1060 while being cheaper
>R5 1600 beats out 7700K while being cheaper

I see no problem here, keep wasting your money.

File: amd-vega-arch-w1.jpg (163 KB, 2200x1100)
163 KB
163 KB JPG
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god damn i hated early LCD's and their overheating problems
that poor fury x

what the fuck

390x master race!
Will Ryzen 1600 be enough for Vega?
It can't see why it wouldn't.
IPC is great and core usage is always low.
File: i see it clearly.jpg (25 KB, 363x363)
25 KB
smaller vega will have gddr5 or may be gddr5x top
no way it will have only 4gb more like 8 to 12 and price from 350 to 450

big vega will be way above 400 i expect 700 to match nvidia 1080ti price for flag ship
and down to 500-600 for slightly cut down chip still with hbm

File: ......jpg (54 KB, 720x720)
54 KB
How does chromium link a file and directory together?

Anyone care to explain what this is called and where I can find more information on it?

In case you don't understand what I mean, try right clicking this webpage and save it. Chrome/Chromium will save an HTML file to wherever along with a similar named directory. If you highlight the html file and drag it into another directory, the directory it created with the html file also moves with it, even though you didn't explicitly tell it to.
i think you're talking about the file manager and not the browser. windows explorer does that automatically so google that.

File: big apple.jpg (526 KB, 2448x3264)
526 KB
526 KB JPG
i bought a memepad and it's great and all but it's too heavy to carry around everyday to uni and shit

everyone else has macbooks and they take up like no space in their bags. is there anything as thin as a new macbook but for windows and cheaper? i just need it for vs code and web browser.
16 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
You spend your money as you wish. You should go for an x220 as >>60093070 said if you want a ThinkPad, otherwise if you want a non-meme computer (not an Ultrabook, not a consumer shit) you should look at the pro series. How much exactly are you ready to spend on this?
And as impolite as this is I think you should consider a pen and a paper and a desktop computer at home
>is there anything as thin as a new macbook but for windows
You're obviously new here.
Go to >>>/wsr/ for an answer.
stupid americans.

there's no such thing as a ibs, i hope you're reborn in a country with SI units

File: tumblr_static_dota-2-4.jpg (256 KB, 1920x1080)
256 KB
256 KB JPG
guys i need help, I just built a PC and have a i5 CPU and gtx 1050 ti which should apparently give me at least a good 60fps on high settings but when I play and do cl_showfps 1 it says at the start menu that I get 4fps, then skips to 100fps and then back 4fps etc back and forth. I have plugged my monitor into my graphics card slot and not my motherboard. I don't know what else it could be, please help.
I forgot to mention that this is for dota2
nvm fixed it i just needed to download the driver ghetting 120+ fps now thanks
read the sticky faggot
You're a faggot, Harry.

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