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Doomsday Device #247 Edition

Previous Thread: >>62970192

A thread for discussing the 'Star Trek' franchise and its various tabletop adaptations.

Possible topics include Modiphius' new rpg 'Star Trek Adventures', WizKids miniatures game 'Star Trek: Attack Wing', and Gale Force Nine's board game 'Star Trek: Ascendancy', as well as the previous rpgs produced by FASA, Last Unicorn Games and Decipher, the Starfleet Battles Universe, and the Star Trek universe in general.

Game Resources

Star Trek Adventures
-Official Modiphius Page (Rules, FAQ and Player Resources)
-PDF Collection

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After digging around a bit, it looks like this ship and the green Andromedan were all from the Orion Pirates Plus mod.
File: Orville-107-2-600x373.jpg (36 KB, 600x373)
36 KB
>Third, greater connectivity across the population makes things more volatile. Memes flaring up and causing unrest, that sort of thing.
Of course, it does mean it's more easily manipulable.

Looks like this is all the lore I get ... https://www.shapeways.com/product/U8K7FCGS4/omni-scale-juggernaut-beta-dreadnought-srz
File: 1383908053301.jpg (1.51 MB, 2560x1600)
1.51 MB
1.51 MB JPG
I'd love to see a modernized high-poly version of this. It's a great concept. Combination of generation ship and ass-kicker. They're here to explore and study, not to make friends.
Basically, it took so much energy to get the ship to our galaxy that they can't risk damage. Anything that fires at them gets blown to hell. No diplomacy. Enormously thick shields, huge weapon capacity, strong defenses. It's here to explore, not to negotiate. Later, if this galaxy is worth it, there will be diplomats and prospectors and all the unpleasantness will be smoothed over, but right now they're doing drive-by science. They don't want to pick fights, but if you start one they'll finish it with extreme prejudice and do science on the wreckage.

/tg/ has been around for almost 12 years now and in that time it seems nobody has finished a recommended list for what we're actually about. So I figured we should do that.

If you want a system put on the list give me the title and the edition, how rules light or heavy it is, and explain why it should be put up if you can; if enough people agree that something goes on the list I'll put it up. If every edition of a game is good or if it doesn't really matter what edition you play then specify that. Lets try to avoid the edition wars here, theres enough space on the chart for every version of your favorite heartbreaker.

I'll start by proposing the obvious meme suggestions, should GURPS and/or D&D go up?
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>Really? Nothing? /tg/ doesn't like a single game?

You got it, mate.
Warhammer Fantasy should definitely be there, preferably second ed although I haven't tried the new one yet.
Great, all around and easy to get to system for low level dark fantasy and a quite an iconic one in many countries and circles.

By the way I think we should probably separate the chart into genres. Fantasy systems, sci-fi systems, steampunk system etc.
DitV is absolutely worthy of inclusion. It's an OK game with an interesting premise, but essential reading for its attempt to do something really different with the system.

What would be common categories then? Fantasy, Horror, generic system, sci-fi? What if your whole gimmick of your game is that it doesn't fit the usual table?

File: Magic Schools.png (506 KB, 2244x2140)
506 KB
506 KB PNG
Archives and other resources: https://pastebin.com/vrqYhnpu
Previous thread: >>63062821 - →
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I only have one dickscord account. Should I join anyway?
i can't decide that for you anon, it's up to you
>Are we officers that are expected to fight with our soldiers in the field or those cushy ones that drink wine and stay in some nice place while everyone else is fighting?
You're a field officer. You're going to be going and coming from the field to the office a lot and be involved in your regiment's activities.
Mary McClellan


>Nation of Origin
Union of States


>Military Occupation

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Someone post Traveler please, I don't think I have the newest version

File: img_0544.jpg (128 KB, 614x461)
128 KB
128 KB JPG
I hate going into LGSs, the owners all seem like they hate you and the people are either just there to buy cards and get out or already part of cliquey established playgroups, if there's anyone there at all

my cards are literally gathering dust and I just want to find some people to play games with on the weekend
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I have the same issue, i think im just gonna either have to find friends to teach. >>63070447
>Hurr durr shower shave
Yeah youre retarded bud!
The most common complaint against magic players is their hygiene.
There's a lot of projecting going on here
play magic on able top simulator through steam.

a one time investment of 20 dollars and FNM with a free Bros. best investment I made in the hobby.
this, also constantly have to remind someone I play against that you don't cast lands. He doesn't understand how CMC works and claims that zero isn't a number.

Fae, fairy, or fey; all are welcome here! Post fairy pics, lore, ideas, and why you love them.
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File: 1330316617763.jpg (340 KB, 500x666)
340 KB
340 KB JPG
File: 1474429194208.jpg (103 KB, 500x589)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
File: misty-swamps.jpg (97 KB, 992x620)
97 KB
Mostly forests but I would love to see fey deserts, jungles, tundra, swamps, and so on.
>multi color sand desert with sentient dust devils
Some of the best villains I have ever written were fey. Satyrs especially are potent forces of evil if you know how to write them well.

File: necron-2003-1.jpg (135 KB, 764x1024)
135 KB
135 KB JPG
How did the original Necron function with such a limited roster?
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Id love to see them enter the made to order line, I love the current look but damn the classics are charming
File: CammoLandRaiders.jpg (209 KB, 673x1023)
209 KB
209 KB JPG
Just proxy it with a square box of some sort really.

They did have a Land Raider model but it they were only produced such limited numbers (during Rogue Trader era) making them nigh impossible to get a hold of.
Land Raider was widely available during Rogue Trader's time, pretty much every army could use it. But the plastic kit wasn't updated for 2nd edition. The Predator kit was changed heavily to metals and plastic, the Rhino kit stayed pretty much the same with the addition of a vehicle accessories sprue iirc. But the Land Raider just didn't get revisited. I suspect cost was a big factor. GW then was not the GW of even a few years later and every single plastic kit was a big investment for them, so they focused on producing more smaller vehicles and re-works of existing hulls (since there wasn't really any land raider variants other than the original 2 lascannon one) where much cheaper to produce metal components could alter the design.

Got revisited in EPIC to start with though, seems like pretty much every vehicle got prototyped in 6mm first back then.
Everything 40k should remind you of a 2000AD comic.
40k was still a skirmish game

File: Mugen.jpg (530 KB, 1200x873)
530 KB
530 KB JPG
>pick the first anime character that comes to your mind that shares the first letter in his name with yours.

>design a whole race for a setting around the characters personality, culture, and visuals

I got Mugen. So, a very agressive folk mentality, that tends to overestimate its own abilities more than often.

Aesthetically maybe something like island/coast elves?
99 replies and 47 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: flat,1000x1000,075,f.u1.jpg (166 KB, 667x1000)
166 KB
166 KB JPG
The race is comprised of light-based humanoids who are reborn into new forms and personalities after their respective deaths. Making them technically immortal.

The morality of the previous incarnation gets passed onto the next with subtle differences being added every so often. For example, say if the previous incarnation was a noble and upright person, the following incarnations would be at their core, noble and upright, but they would express it significantly different--likewise with personalities. In addition, the race will get a sense of Deja Vu if they are in a scenario or setting they've visited in previous incarnations of themselves. As a result of this, the societies typically are very tradition-based. Although their population can neither grow nor decrease, so you would not see any empires or the like. However, many empires view them as valuable warriors for their immortality, so they are scattered all across numerous empires, never to meet one another in their lifetimes. Extremely decentralized as a result.
File: 1526754516787.jpg (471 KB, 1807x1832)
471 KB
471 KB JPG
Sounds like it would come straight from a Gundam story itself. Is it just a copypasta or did you come up with it yourself?

Marbet Fingerhat, not sure how to do it. Maybe a cool older sis character?
Additionally, they pass down their muscles and strength for each incarnation, as they are made of light. Thus, they are invaluable for military officers.

They typically are seen wearing vibrant or ornate military designed clothing as well to distinguish them from normal humans.
>never to meet one another in their lifetimes
Nah man. They tend to be drawn to one another, in small groups.
File: StroheimCyborg.png (1.03 MB, 996x500)
1.03 MB
1.03 MB PNG
Yeah I can see that given the premise of military immortal soldiers. More the merrier, I suppose for military governments. Only like really small platoons though. 5 or 6 each.

File: bjorne deck.png (963 KB, 654x920)
963 KB
963 KB PNG
What decks are you guys currently running?

I'm currently running a Bjorne/Moonbase combo deck. Essentially, when Bjorne is killed, you draw a card for each point of his
permanent power at the time. The use of the +10 boost cards for Bjorne's suicide attack on the Moonbase will, therefore, not figure into the number of Plots you draw upon Bjorne's death.

I'll post the deck list and strategy below
2 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
File: inwo pulitzer prize.jpg (22 KB, 236x330)
22 KB

Pretty simple, if things are going well. ATO the Moonbase, and
keep using the Rosicrucian's action to select the critical plots:
Pulitzer Prize, Martyrs, and Privileged Attack. Hopefully, you'll have all
three of these by Turn 3, definitely by turn 4. Once these cards are in
your hand, ATO Bjorne, if you can. (If you're feeling risky, you can
attack Bjorne, with the Clone's +4, but I wouldn't gamble against
that 11 or 12). Now you're in position for The Trick:

* * * * * * * * * * BANG! * * * * * * * * * *

Link Bjorne to the Moonbase. Play Pulitzer Prize on him, following
up with Martyrs. Narrow your eyes, look evil, and attack the Moonbase with

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: inwo rosecrutians.jpg (124 KB, 476x686)
124 KB
124 KB JPG

Depending on how things went up until this point, you have two
options (feel free to let the other players know you'll be taking a
while -- 25 some odd plots in your tentacles tend to take up some

Option 1 (The Fun Way): Use your Disasters and power boosters
to start destroying groups left and right in a thrashing frenzy.
Maximize this killing spree with the remaining Privileged attack, and
Fear and Loathing.

Option 2 (The More Subtle Way): Use your Terrorist Nukes,
Swiss Bank Account, Fear & Loathing, Blitzkrieg, and Privilege to

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: image.png (59 KB, 658x662)
59 KB
Does no one else play?
Dead games are dead anon.
File: 1445709823210.gif (19 KB, 486x311)
19 KB
It's a fun and neat game AF Anon, and I appreciate the effort, but kids these days only care about those battle royales and digimons, ya know?

File: 1534950680855.png (867 KB, 804x750)
867 KB
867 KB PNG
Welcome to /osrg/. We're all about descending armor class and games older than we are.

Trove: http://pastebin.com/raw/QWyBuJxd
Tools: http://pastebin.com/raw/KKeE3etp
Blogs: http://pastebin.com/raw/ZwUBVq8L

previous thread: >>63003241

Do you "fudge" your dungeons?
I mean, say there is a puzzle with an answer you had thought of, but the players go in a completely different, but interesting, direction. Do you just adapt and sure, that's the answer, or do you stick to your planning?

What about dungeon layout? Monster weaknesses? What a certain magical item does?
How flexible are you with your dungeons? And, I guess, dragons?
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I wrote up a Race Supplement for S&W: White Box and wanted to get some feedback out of it. What are things that suck about this document? What seems to works here and what doesn’t?
That's a pretty shit opinion when 4e main art direction was done by the late, great William O'Conner.
Go to the OSR trove and compare them to other attempts to write up the same races
Lesser Keen Detection has no mechanics

Races listed usually have multiple powers when White Box races have only a few.
What are shifters?

>Go to the OSR trove and compare them to other attempts to write up the same races

I saw what they had and was inspired by it. However, I felt that there had to be some changes. The Ability Requirements from the S&W Book of Races seemed a bit redundant if they were going to be played in the White Box edition.

>Lesser Keen Detection has no mechanics

I’ll probably just write it up as: “When searching for secret doors, roll a 1d8. If the die lands on 1, a secret door is found.”

>Races listed usually have multiple powers when White Box races have only a few.

I thought that the powers would balance out with the class advancement limitations. Perhaps I put way too many racial powers.

File: download.jpg (21 KB, 195x259)
21 KB
just picked up pic related on amazom, from a couple reviews I read it seems like a solid tool for GM'ing

anyone read it/got any personal experience with it? did I fall for a meme?
How useful is it?
that's what I wanna know there guy

File: freechainaxesgeneral.jpg (464 KB, 811x542)
464 KB
464 KB JPG
Chainaxes still free Edition

Last thread : >>62990422
>Thread FAQ

>Official HH 7th Edition Errata

What to include in a HH list, how to format it, what makes each legion special (crunch), tactics, Tutorials for Heresy-era minis and more

>HH Books, Novels and Rulebooks galore
http://pastebin.com/k9uvqsub (embed)

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
46 replies and 9 images omitted. Click here to view.
Nothing, but for a long time people had to buy them, or were unsure if they had to and furious arguments were had in the horus heresy generals.
Working on another Contemptor. Needs a bit more work to be called done.

What’s everyone else working on?
File: Armor Autism Trigger.jpg (50 KB, 800x800)
50 KB
>Is armour autism still a big thing
Pic related.
File: what-the-fuck-man.jpg (71 KB, 550x425)
71 KB
just spess furries 40k armour.

File: 1434386290574-3.gif (495 KB, 500x375)
495 KB
495 KB GIF
I'm very curious.

How does /TG/ feel about RP in MMORPG's? Such as WoW or other games? Do you prefer tabletop? Why?
>/v/rpgs water down the ttrpg experience
>mmos water down the /v/rpg experience

So they are shit
>How does /TG/ feel about RP in MMORPG's?
Revival had the right idea shame it fell through.
>How does /TG/ feel about RP in MMORPG's? Such as WoW or other games?
Pointless. There's no real choice and almost never even illusion of choice.
>Do you prefer tabletop?
Yes, because the choices are real, barring shit DMs.
It can work with moderators, but mostly the "le epic trolling may may" people will usually ruin the immersion. The thing that breaks it the most though is the massive scope of it all, it's easier for a smaller number of people to do it, but when it's so large that can be an issue.
I've been RPing on WoW's Moonguard and it's fun as fuck. It's a shitshow, but a fun shitshow. You can't really meet lesbian night elf demon hunter cat girls in tabletop without having to sign up to be around them for a long term and basically know them in person. In MMORPGs you can meet all kinds of interesting people and then never see them again or maybe see them again in an unexpected place. Also it enhances the gameplay itself because the cities are always more lively with people living in them. Over all it's the most fun I've had playing video games and the amount of writing practice it's gotten me is really fucking nice.

File: Pot of Greed.jpg (81 KB, 419x610)
81 KB
Let's have a Yugioh thread.

What decks you playing?

Playing physical or Online/YGOpro only?

Which decks do you hate the most right now?

What's the most busted card you've come across lately?

Is running 9 hand traps a good idea?

Is Pot of Desires's cost worth it?

Does Konami hate Yugioh players?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
10 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
>What decks you playing?
Atlantean Mermails
>Playing physical or Online/YGOpro only?
Ygopro. Cards are too expensive m8
>Which decks do you hate the most right now?
Sky strikers
>What's the most busted card you've come across lately?
Ash blossom, which is why i run 3
>Is running 9 hand traps a good idea?
Maybe? 3-6 is fine I think
>Is Pot of Desires's cost worth it?
1/4 of your deck gone to draw 2? Depends
>Does Konami hate Yugioh players?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
I have a 60 card banish/stall I've been piloting in some form since the GX era. Still decent enough.

Also dicking with Thunder Dragons since I like them.


Mostly YGO pro these days, I still have physicals and go to locals but I mostly dropped the "Professional" scene since I was bored of it.




Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
My brother had the same deck. I could never beat it.
He quit playing after I got Cosmic Fortress Gol'gar and I quit when my Aliens ddeck got stolen at school after that.
Funny, I had that deck when I was younger. My brother had another warrior deck that i could never beat.
But then i found ygopro and learned how to actually play with real cards, then he never wanted to duel me anymore since I'd always beat him

>what decks you playing?

Sekka’s BA & DinoThunder

>Playing physical or Online/YGOpro only?

Online because I have no friends and don’t want to spend money

>Which decks do you hate the most right now?

Danger! World FTK because it’s really unhealthy for the gamestate, and that’s saying something with Gouki Knightmare still around.

Altergeist in second because I don’t like dealing with backrow-heavy decks and this one is the most viable.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: holy avenger.jpg (27 KB, 540x679)
27 KB
Previous thread reached pic limit: >>63041079

Magical items edition?
315 replies and 150 images omitted. Click here to view.
and then it turns out his guildmates are girls IRL, the female healer who joins them is a girl who is madly in love with him, and the catgirl is actually his homeroom teacher (who's female)

while((You).IQ < 100){
cout << "You are an idiot" << endl;
} //Warning, causes endless loop
In what possible way? No, you're doing it to draw attention to yourself. You are every bit as bad as a tripfag.

>but variable names can't have spaces
This is not a context in which that is relevant. So no, that is not why you're using it.
Bonedrewd has been to the Sixth layer, multiple times.

File: Jester's son.png (45 KB, 1242x124)
45 KB
Post good writing/greentexts from this board.
107 replies and 63 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: Just Around the Bend.png (162 KB, 673x706)
162 KB
162 KB PNG
File: tic-tac-toe.jpg (654 KB, 3189x1555)
654 KB
654 KB JPG
File: 1363376454842.jpg (159 KB, 1007x310)
159 KB
159 KB JPG
To bad this thread is not in the archive, would love to read the rest of it.

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