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File: 1478226976806.jpg (238 KB, 940x850)
238 KB
238 KB JPG
Looking for more pics of beholders.Post what you got and make requests, but don't be that guy who begs for pics with no contribution.
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File: itty bitty death kiss.jpg (42 KB, 564x910)
42 KB
File: regourso - gorgon eye.jpg (1.34 MB, 1000x1000)
1.34 MB
1.34 MB JPG
File: 1327617035097.jpg (92 KB, 539x709)
92 KB
File: paranoia beholder 2.jpg (450 KB, 800x800)
450 KB
450 KB JPG
I like beholders.
File: 1501989265247.jpg (51 KB, 736x607)
51 KB
Anything other than beholders? They're not my thing.

File: 1511514784211.png (178 KB, 1035x800)
178 KB
178 KB PNG
I made a map for my althistory project of a modern catholic dominated setting.
Do you have any constructive criticisms or advices?
Are my borders ok? I have some doubts on how dividing the areas outside Europe besides the Latin Empire.
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It's unlikely that the HRE would manage to get that big, even in a catholic-dominate world.
Celtic union is a meme too. They have stopped being relevant since the union of Scotland and England. And Ireland never had much potential anyway.
Why is South America under the possession of the Church? The agreements that the Pope himself mediated divided it under spanish and portuguese rule.
The latin Empire is way to big.
Europe wasn't unified after hundreds of years of Catholocism. Why would a few hundred more help?
Ok fine, I will stop at least for now and maybe rethink the basics.
Why is it Atlantisch if it touches the Pacific?
Because this map makes no sense and OP is a retard

File: 40kNov23-Marbo1hde.jpg (71 KB, 920x950)
71 KB
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A few years ago John Carpenter sued Luc Besson because he produced 'Lockout' whose plot was basically Escape from NY.

He also had the option to sue Kojima but chose not to because he's a nice guy. That's word for word what he said.
What on earth is this and where do I get it
Same goes for me
File: VvZJeDs.jpg (79 KB, 640x611)
79 KB
Carpenter's just salty he never got to make Escape From Earth.

I unironically enjoyed Escape From Space

Let's talk freeform RP /tg/, forum RP especially. Any good stories? Is anyone currently playing in one? Do you prefer a system with rules or a free-for-all?

And if you have any recommendations I'm looking for something low commitment to join.
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I've always wanted to get a decent roleplay for F/SN, since freeform is basically the only way a grail war could work, but for some reason they always tend to die out even before people encouter each other
Only freeform roleplaying I've done is ERP. Even if one taking place in Touhou universe lasted for couple of years and ended with half a million words written, had to put more substance there than just fucking.
My best freeform experience was a few years or so ago. I was in an urban fantasy chatroom with hundreds of regulars and up to 40 people online at times. During a chat event there was a huge battle and there were dozens of people all roleplaying fights at the same time for an entire day. It was really fun
/tg/ has made some good settings though. Deathworld was fun
File: 1455212228532.jpg (1.12 MB, 883x1100)
1.12 MB
1.12 MB JPG
We had an Elderscrolls forum back in the days and when Oblivion came out someone opened up a freeform RP-forum part.
Setting was Cyrodiil and we all started around Skingrad. All the old forum veterans rolled up some good characters but since Oblivion had the Black Hand guild, we also got some young kids who wanted to roleplay out their assassins.

Ho boi, edge-lords galore.

>Five or six 13 year old boys playing assassins dropping out of thin air in Skingrad at the same time.
>I rolled up a Khajiit small-fry gangster with no talents beside his love for moon-sugar and somewhat decent alchemy skill in order to produce drugs
>I was planing on using him as a support character for an adventure group which would form sooner or later (healing, throwing explosive fire potions etc)
>when watching the first posts by all the wannabee assassins desperately tailing other players and waiting for something to happen I nearly quit because it was such a shitshow
>on second thought I decided to make good use of them.
>Most of them where probably going to quit soon anyway and they were desperate to kill anything to show the world how awesome their char is before that
>So my no good Meth-cook started to reach out to them and gather them in order to start a small scale drug-trade in Skingrad

What followed were a lot of pretty edgy moments of murder, extortion and black-mail because I have to admit my own edgy phase wasn't quite played out yet.
The other good players wrote me though and said they were quite happy I took one for the team and gathered all the teenage murderhobos around me so they weren't constantly bothered by them.

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File: KoboldAss.png (48 KB, 294x378)
48 KB
Can anyone suggest some low-count games that are available on TTS? Like games for one player, or just 2-3?

Any good communities for this game out there?

File: 5.jpg (127 KB, 302x467)
127 KB
127 KB JPG
>The evil wizard king grows bored with his omnipotence and spends his days inventing useless spells like Power Word: Fat
What happens to the kingdom?
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>Replace Fighter
>Borrow Divine Boon
>Enhance Tracking
>Spin Undead
>Bite Evil
>Summon Invisible Jazz Servant
File: 1487074838916.jpg (14 KB, 480x473)
14 KB
Holy fuck
>Divine Mite
>Kite Evil
>Detect Detection of Detection
>Braise Dead
>Delay Living
>Acid Barrow
>Duller Spray
It gets more interesting and becomes a world superpower, if it isn't already.
It also becomes a target as other powerful forces move to try and capture the source of this newfound wellspring of new Arcane Magiks and Research.
Meant Claire Voyance ...
That's what I get for not sleeping!

File: download.jpg (36 KB, 385x500)
36 KB
Talked my friends to trying out a new system. I've been a cyberpunk kick recently since the new Bladwrunner has reignited my love of the genere. I've most played/GMed D&D (5e, 4e, AD&D 2e had no huge issues with either system just nitpicks) and a handful world of Darkness so GM tips are welcome.

Also happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Murka fags.
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The people defending cp2020 were pretty mad.
Feel free to keep not defending your position.
Have dm'd 4e, collect the other editions for the lore. Honestly, as fun as the game was, matrix management & combat were a bit of a headache. If you do go for it, look up the latest version of Chummer for 4e. Makes char building a breeze & GMing a bit less of a hassle.

I would rec looking at The Sprawl, The Veil, or 6th World over Shadowrun though.
2e and 3e are if anything even crunchier and less intuitive. With the added bonus that a lot of the futristic tech now feels dated
Well, yes, but even some 4e stuff is dated. I haven't kept up with 5e enough to care.

Part of taking in the setting is accepting that it's canonically not our world to begin with. It may look similar on the surface, but it's not the same.

File: 1428458406421.jpg (266 KB, 730x900)
266 KB
266 KB JPG
Tell me about the sorcerer kings of old in your setting, /tg/. Tell me about the terrible wonders they wrought upon the world with their ancient empires. I have recently finished reading the Black Company books and I want to hear about some more Dominator-esque sorcerers.
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File: aN7GJAnZ_700w_0.jpg (53 KB, 700x695)
53 KB
Awesome story anon
Their names are lost to history.
They ruled the first city of Men, built on the ruins of an elder and much nobler race their annihilated.
They waged war on whole world, and delved for darkest secrets.
Eventually, even the normally impartial gods got pissed off, and God of Death annihilated their empire with a wave of fire.
Except he failed.
Their capital, Dal-Ur, stood on the coast. The Lords worked three millions of slaves to death in a span of several days, summoned horrible creatures that should've never seen the light of day, which they then let loose, wrenched the very earth, but managed to have a wide channel dug between the city and the rest of their empire, so when the wave of fire came, it couldn't cross the channel.
Now, most men in the city still died from heat, but nobody cared.
And then they channeled the lingering divine fire (as the god used up too much power and wasn't heard of for centuries afterwards) to animate their incinerated empire into undeath, as a mockery.
And they may or may not have become first vampires, but accounts wary.
File: 1468137452359.png (538 KB, 650x600)
538 KB
538 KB PNG
Now this is the sort of stuff I wanted to see. Very nice, Anons.
theyre still around, or at least some of them. tend to have a large impact in elvish politics, there used to be more of them but internal conflict and ideological schism lead to infighting and is the reason the old human empire is gone (it wasnt participating, it was collateral)
more or less pic related

File: kingdomDeath1.jpg (226 KB, 568x408)
226 KB
226 KB JPG
I'm not particularly abusive with any of the components, but under lighting my board has so many scratches on it. Same with some of the cards. I thought this was supposed to be high quality?

File: image.jpg (355 KB, 887x1142)
355 KB
355 KB JPG
Need help coming up with something an artificer/"inventor" would focus on creating in a scorched ruined world devoid of gods and metal.
9 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Massive Twisted tree's that form out of mountain crags and are only broken and fall to the realm of walking man when struck and broken(read shorn/melted) off. The practitioners of shaping these impossibly strong chunks of wood (ie: metal equivalent but better cause nature shit). You'll normally see after a severe thunder storm, practitioners and a group of hired help making the perilous journey into the mountain ranges seeking these rare materials.

That could be one way of adding a lore that fill the gap, might be fun to play with. THOUGH, I can def see this as a bit of a cop out since its just replacing metal with a metal equivalent.
This, im in a 4th edition with the( Rvanka?) desert setting. The fact there was no gods made me think of making one, based on the way the "dwarfs" of the Elder Scrolls series did.

Do to the lack of metal in the setting, iv been using dead things as raw material, and components.

So I'm sorta Artificer part timing in Necromancy.
Weapons. Bone, stone, obsidian and wood.
Armour using bone and wood too.
I like this a lot
Would it be possible?

File: 040.png (1.76 MB, 960x600)
1.76 MB
1.76 MB PNG
This is how I paladin
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Why does such an obscenely powerful being waste his time on petty criminals?
File: 1322818585964.jpg (61 KB, 444x447)
61 KB
Thats funny because THIS is how I paladin.
Stardust is how I DM

"You have wantonly murdered all innocents in your path, I give you the gift of eternal life but confine you to this stockade where the family of your victims may stab at you every day until their lineage has ended"
A limited mind such as yours could never truly comprehend what pass through his mind.

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>repl.it may be using python 2.
It says it's using 3.6.1.
>Python 3.6.1 (default, Dec 2015, 13:05:11)
>[GCC 4.8.2] on linux
You can run it on repl.it, it just doesn't automatically call main for whatever reason. When you run it just type main() into the command line and it should start
Now I'm getting errors saying on line 28 that:
>AttributeError: module 'ctypes' has no attribute 'windll'
I think that this might be because the program was designed to run on Windows, so it's looking for a windows .dll file and not finding it because:
>[GCC 4.8.2] on linux
It works once you comment out lines 28-30, though. It looks like they're just some sort of initialization for the command console that's not needed for running it on repl.it anyway.
http://www.20000-names.com/ is back up, it seems

File: no_fair.jpg (203 KB, 800x900)
203 KB
203 KB JPG
So, what's with the trolls trying to deny 3.5 is unbalanced?
I thought that was like the one thing everyone reasonable could agree on, and that the D&D community as a whole manages to work around that with the understanding that it's unbalanced, but I shit you not, I've seen a guy on this very board trying to argue otherwise, and that everyone who disagrees is some kind of idiot.
What's up with that? It's the weirdest case of doublethink I've seen in a couple weeks.
248 replies and 15 images omitted. Click here to view.
Wouldn't it be considerably easier on everyone involved if you just used E6 or limited play to a couple of tiers?

Because while I appreciate the sentiment, it all boils down to the GM doing twice the work just to play a fundamentally different game than what you started with, rather than just biting the bullet and admitting that he doesn't like 3.PF all that much by default.
>retarded thread being retarded
kill it
And in the end you have a game that is significantly less interesting than just banning core minus the Bard and using T3 classes instead. You do know that martials with baseline pounce aren't any more interesting to play and that the tiny handful of good combat maneuvers are already swappable with attacks on a 1:1 basis, right?

Besides, having to go through half the fucking spell list doesn't help your case.
>necromancing this shitty troll thread

For what purpose.
So? Nobody cares about balance.

File: 1365208794506.jpg (62 KB, 500x434)
62 KB
>Text or Voice
>Other Info

Which campaign are you thankful for /tg/?
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I'm interested in checking it out at the very least, though I'd have to learn the system since I've never played any magical girl system. I've definitely thought about playin' a magical girl TTRPG before.
Well, both the games I mentioned are free to download. Princess the hopeful is a chronicles of darkness fangame and magical burst seems to use its own system. Contact me so we can keep in touch on the off chance we can get something going at nicole.graf#1097
File: 1497766338987.jpg (368 KB, 622x750)
368 KB
368 KB JPG

Homebrew d20 / hexcrawl

-8 GMT/Pacific Time Zone / West Coast USA

Due to how the campaign is run ("sessions" with each group are briefer than normal, its mainly focused on brainstorming several actions for one turn), schedule is very flexible. Main days are monday & tuesday anytime, wednesday mornings/daytime, thursday before night, and the weekends.

>Text or Voice
Text, but open to have voice if you or your group would like that.


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: dk.jpg (137 KB, 928x1328)
137 KB
137 KB JPG
Previous thread: >>56540141
>This week's Monday Meeting Notes:
What splat allow me to shoot lasers out of my eyes? (other than mage)
>5th edition cliffnotes
>New Geist preview
338 replies and 16 images omitted. Click here to view.
Apart from adding initiative i want to change the way stuff like celerity and fortitude works in combat. I want to simplify celerity by making it a bonus die for attack throws, not an extra combat turn, like in V20
desu i just would wish genius is official.
pay moochava or something, its too good of a setting
Fuck off
Honestly agreed.
What will be of poor Phil Brucatto?

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