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File: file.png (1.25 MB, 1024x576)
1.25 MB
1.25 MB PNG
If you had to pick a single type to specialize in, which would it be?
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So far:
Flying 3
Steel 6
Poison 2
Bug 6
Ground 3
Fighting 2
Water 6
Fairy 2
Ghost 3
Electric 4
Grass 3
Normal 1
Fire 3
Ice 2

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I'd like to say Bug or Flying, as they're my two favorite Types, but in all likelihood, I'd probably just accidentally fall into some Type specialization. Like, oh hey my first Pokemon was an Oddish and now suddenly all of my Pokemon are Grass whoosp.
Firefags are so autistic
Ice probably so I could build my team around Hail. I like having gimmicky wincons. I hate the cold though so if I were a gym leader my gym would need to have kotatsus.
I love birds in general and think most flying types that aren't expressly birds are pretty interesting in their own right

I think almost everyone can agree that GameFreak is nearly completely incompetent and only stumbled upon a successful formula with Pokemon. The question is, what dev could do the most with the property if they had a chance?
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I could be crazy but it looks like that gun is part Pokeball.
Nobody, only gamefreak
3 years, not 2
Okay, faggot. Gamefreak isn't the only "game company/dev" who stumbled upon gold mine by luck. Same can be said about Square Enixand their Final Fantasy franchise.
The problem with game company or dev is that they no longer care about creating new content and improving their content when they became "big name" or well known in the industry for certain titles. Fans and gamers in general, should just stop wasting their time thinking what and what, it's pointless. The only way to show them our "I am not satisfied!" is by not buying anything. Problem with us gamers is the existence of zombie fanboys who will buy any crap that plastered with their favourite franchise name.
File: 0528 - CNk0jrg.png (470 KB, 775x719)
470 KB
470 KB PNG
>talk about Pokemon outside of the Pokemon board
>complain when it gets moved to the Pokemon board

The ponyfags are fine with all their shit getting moved to their board even if it's just on /co/, why do you fags have to be such babies about this?

File: Spoiler Image (67 KB, 960x538)
67 KB
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Wh-what do you think smoke weed everyday does?
if it gets burned, its put to sleep instead
also if anyone reads this and comes at me that this ability sucks, its fucking weedle.

File: images (11).jpg (29 KB, 488x301)
29 KB
> Provenly the best stab combination in the game
> Ugly design
> Bad concept
> Bad in meta

Are in-game fags the only guys who like this shit?
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>bad concept
>dumb wojak.jpg
>op says he dislikes the design and that the concept was bad
>anon posts that op can dislike the design but shows proof that the concept isn't bad
>you respond by saying that the concept doesn't matter if the design is bad
You either didn't read OP's post, are illiterate, claiming that OP padded the original post with unnecessary points, or are just blindly hating the design.
File: Sweet Release.gif (1.52 MB, 333x249)
1.52 MB
1.52 MB GIF
This is depressing. All GF had to do was keep it simple.
>>when you can only get it endgame
But you don't.
That looks worse.

File: op_pgg_16.png (959 KB, 920x762)
959 KB
959 KB PNG
Spooky Edition

>Official Pokémon Go Updates

>Latest APK Update


>Pokéstop & Gym Maps

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I couldn't tell you how much I regret not spoofing during the first few months of this shit. At least now you have to put in some effort. Last October, all you needed was to change some settings and install some bullshit app.
ill still play.
File: Tentaquil.png (47 KB, 672x716)
47 KB
Tentaquill when
Is this guy worth evolving?
Not that it maters since I left it in a gym. He's pretty much non existent now because no one plays this game

File: 145.png (31 KB, 621x495)
31 KB
Zapdos is a bidr
You need to be over 18 to post on 4chan

File: 1477501730651.png (230 KB, 1300x600)
230 KB
230 KB PNG
The holy trinity of two stage Lizard-like and fuggable Pokemon
They are all shit, especially Salazzle
Scrafty is probably the worst Pokemon in existence.

In no way does this ugly fuck even remotely resemble a lizard.
Scrafty is so fucking disgusting.
Penne Pasta Playdough hair looking BITCH.

File: b___.png (462 KB, 1000x800)
462 KB
462 KB PNG
What was his name?
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There, thread over
probably they either to boring missions or they rot in prison.

You’re caught Zinnia and she gives you this look. What do you do next?
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>now I have to wait for a week to access this
File: 1429069972539.png (97 KB, 248x296)
97 KB
Obviously I take off her shoes and insert one in each hole mine while forcing her to watch as I masturbate to orgasm.

Then I make her wear the sloppy shoes and tell her to go home, as I have a date with mega fug.
Squeeze her boobs.
Don't know, I am unable to draw the next scene.
fuck her brains out.

File: marshtomp.jpg (32 KB, 636x557)
32 KB
What do you think about this? Do you think GF will fix them for the next game?
Post more horrible 3D models.
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So? Not GF games. Crobar also had ugly teeth and its nowhere to be found in SM. Deal with it, yellowhumanfag.
Are you retards? Do you not know the worse the graphics are, the more your imagination compensates? Or maybe you just don't have imagination.
The current models are the worst of both worlds. They're too real for your mind to fill in the movement, but Gamefreak didn't compensate by adding in actual movement.
Itt nostalgia fags not knowing what they want and spearding nonsense because they miss bring 10 years old
The models are fine, it's that they mostly just stand still and don't do anything in their animations and the textures they use look really washed out. Thankfully the textures and animations are easily changed, not that GF will bother.
I love when people call other people names while being wrong. Typhlosion had no such animations, you fucking mongoloid.

File: 1508150995323.png (594 KB, 590x586)
594 KB
594 KB PNG
Has any other starter completely ruined its line like this?
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Brorracat and Incinebro actually saved the fuck out of Shitten.
Kalos starters
shit man, is double posting against the rules?
No, the tripfag is just being a faggot.
Fat piece of shit furry cat

File: 20171023_193800.png (33 KB, 366x350)
33 KB
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>sinnohfetus delusion
>this thing was B rank initially
Lmao fucking viabilityfag brainlets
If you're refering to usage he's in like low 20ties last time I bothered to check
Right after the Lele ban :)

File: T-709.jpg (225 KB, 500x600)
225 KB
225 KB JPG
Last Thread: >>33831385

New Events for this week: (All events except Spooky Sableye, Alolan Marowak, and Safari are one week only)
>Daily Pokemon #1 (Coins)
>Ho-oh (2 Hearts, PSB)
>Bellossom (PSB)
>Kingdra (300 Coins, PSB)
>Shiny Gyarados Memechu (PSB)
>Spooky Sableye (PSB)
>Alolan Marowak
>Pokemon Safari #4 (Crobat and Spooky Pikachu, Exp. Boosters)

Old Events from last week:
>Volcanion EB (500 Stages)

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Apparently is SS's to Poison, just checked. I think I'll swap it for the memes, it seems like a more useful ability than VD.

Europe - Belgium
Guy needing to burn 97k here, decided to do a full items comp run when I hit 98k. Went in with my underleveled team of M-Banette 10, Mimikyu 9, Lunala 7 and Alolawak 6. Didn't realize Alolawak was gonna get dropped due to C-1, guess he doesn't need to be leveled anyway (did this right after hitting up Victini with that same team unfortunately). Got a 219k score. Right now in NA you only need to beat 22k to break top 100 but apparently getting over ten times that only gets me rank 58; tier 1 is gonna be tough to crack later on this week and I'm guaranteed to drop. Also, I think I used up all my combo luck before trying this with a team of level 10 mons, rip me.
Used NHN on Mimikyu, got 5 psb. I'm three away from SL4, I think I'm gonna go the farm 10 a day route to reach SL5 in order to stay sane, rest of my hearts will go to grinding ghosts on Ampharos and casually working my way through Latias (what an unexpected EB, GS living up to their reputation amirite?).
Fucking shit, used NHN for the EB and got no rages until the last moment for only a puny +3 before the first boss. Luckily could do 25 with my semi-training team itemless and then it ended. But of course after it ends suddenly another rage comes my way. REEEEEEE
Thankfully I expected this kind of shit and timed the end of the NHN and my next regen heart with 1 minute of difference but it still hurts not being able to go far on the climb.

Also my Mimikyu was SL2 already, thought about only going to SL3 but since getting to 4 is not that needy in PSB requirements might as well stop there.
And since Xurkitree is coming next week I hope to get it done fast and grind coins as fast as I can before the next update, damn.

File: Cosmog.png (30 KB, 256x256)
30 KB

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I'll just wait for Pokemon Double Team
Leaked version exclusives.
File: DesertEXE.jpg (53 KB, 880x469)
53 KB
Palossand evo.
Do not post anywhere else. John Gamefreak might fire me if this spreads.
File: Axle_The_Red.jpg (255 KB, 664x1011)
255 KB
255 KB JPG
Mega Evo for Roserade

Post edits or make requests.

Previous Thread:

Gallery with some edits:
Shared folder that contains some more older edits:


To do list;
>newer imgur album (on hiatus)
202 replies and 108 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: Hilda-Touko-Pokemon-Art.png (2.29 MB, 1828x3576)
2.29 MB
2.29 MB PNG
Requesting Hilda, but with full, long jeans instead of shorts.
Let's be real
File: serena is angry.png (124 KB, 427x240)
124 KB
124 KB PNG
File: 1479929210195.png (30 KB, 250x250)
30 KB
But legwear makes legs 100% more sexier, at least it makes me feel this way.

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