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>tfw when ultra lewd extremely foridden unholy sinful super orgasmic lesbian fondling is implied in a Pokémon game and yet no hot gay bara action where two hunky muscular super cute tremendously sexy exotic naked males play the game of love by letting their bodys fuse in the ultimate galactic orgasm
Really activates my almonds
File: gun the gun pokemon.png (169 KB, 500x375)
169 KB
169 KB PNG
>tumblr filename
>gay shit
Get out.
That description really activates my dick.
File: clown ren.png (161 KB, 400x302)
161 KB
161 KB PNG

File: be conxed by this.png (453 KB, 1280x1174)
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453 KB PNG
Which pokemon lives the hardest life?
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File: klang.png (6 KB, 717x51)
6 KB
slugma. she can't be touched nor loved
like half of this board.
Indian Elephant
See also:

File: 1530707387433.png (227 KB, 760x750)
227 KB
227 KB PNG

Write your name, post your stats, ability and typing
Hardmode: Also try to guess how competitive would your mon be
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74 HP
40 Attack
84 Defense
65 Special Attack
105 Special Defense
140 Speed
Fighting/Ground Type
Ability: Big Pecks

I guess it depends on what it has for moves, but probably high tier PU or NU if it got stealth rock.
Tapu slowkoko

126 HP
84 Attack
130 Defense
85 Special Attack
62 Special Defense
25 Speed
Ghost/Fire Type
Ability: Blaze

75 HP
170 Attack
60 Defense
15 Special Attack
75 Special Defense
126 Speed
Bug/Fairy Type
Ability: Aerilate

Not bad, I guess. I do love bug types, and the ability as well as stats certainly do come in handy. lmfao at 15 special attack though. Probably UU at the very least.
I have noticed that a lot of numbers are being reused, though. 170 showed up 10 times so far in this thread as well as a lot of bug types. Does anyone know how these stats are generated?
75 HP
180 Attack
140 Defense
90 Special Attack
147 Special Defense
83 Speed
Fighting/Dragon Type
Ability: Primordial Sea

definetely gotta say ubers given behemoth attacks and in both defenses along with not bad typing. primordial sea sorta locks me out of OU i wanna say cause its basically drizzle on steroids but might fuck me over in Ubers

>TFW even if you personally got a Mega Evolution it would still only bring you up to the NU tier of people in life
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triage is good enough imo, priority heal pulse sounds great
You dont even mention how Hydraic makes dark pulse check to flinch thrice, or how there's a 30% chance to burn, or just general stat fuckery
>assurance now is a 150 BP attack (+stab) that breaks substitutes
>195 SpA with dragon pulse/ flash cannon/ fire blast/ earth power/ heat wave/ hyper voice/ signal beam
>but who needs sheer power when you can beg for hax with rock slide/ charge beam/ tri attack
>dragon tail can force 3 switches in a single turn, imagine that after a layer of spikes and sneaky pebbles
hell, even stupid shit like dragon rage sounds not that terrible in VGC
reminds me of this: https://wiki.p-insurgence.com/Lernean_(Ability)

File: 1531921798321.jpg (79 KB, 655x643)
79 KB
>a fully immersive 3D rpg with a whole region
>Pokemon Go connectivity
>full co op multiplayer
This game is like a dream come true. Enjoy marginalizing yourselves as consumers by bitching for no reason. Gamefreak will never cater to you again. This is lile Detective Pikachu all over again. Sigh...
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>fully immersive
You're shitposting right?
>Pokemon Go connectivity
...You're shitposting, right?
>full co op multiplayer
Yeah you're shitposting. It's not fun to 2v1 a Lv 2 Rattata
>>a fully immersive 3D rpg with a whole region
It's some of those things.
Not all of those things.
File: angery.png (529 KB, 739x624)
529 KB
529 KB PNG
>It's not fun to 2v1 a Lv 2 Rattata
That shit makes me seethe. They could have done something fucking incredible with co-op. All they would have had to do was make two separate teams for each trainer, one for singles, one for doubles.
Unironically, I would have at least considered buying LEGOPEE if that was the case. Maybe split the cost with a friend to co-op the whole thing in an afternoon.
OPs post in a nutshell
>It has a region
>It has graphics
>Have you heard of Pokemon Go? Yeah, that's right buddy
>Remember the link cable, the GTS, or battle spot? Neither do I
>Pokemon are in the game

unironically end your own life as soon as it is convenient for you to do so famalam

File: lyke.png (267 KB, 1024x768)
267 KB
267 KB PNG
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If sun: midday
If moon: midnight
This is for in-game only and not competitive right?
Why not both?
Pick the one you want to fuck.
Lycanroc isn't for lewd.

File: pmnbb2cover.png (111 KB, 379x274)
111 KB
111 KB PNG
>buy pokemon black 2 on ebay
>get fucking R4i revolution with blaze black 2

Do I play it gents? What's the difference? How badly did I get scammed?
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They did you a fucking favor
Report the guy for one so nobody else gets scammed. You could get your money back and keep it too. See if you can mod the r4i to play other games too assuming you don't already have a flashcart because why the fuck not.
Secondly I personally found it to have an excruciatingly awful early game but once your options open up it gets better
Is it full of stupid meme shit like Sacred Gold?
You got a good deal, load it up with a bunch of other games
Good deal or not I won't be able to transfer pokemon onto X.

I wanted to bring my diamond team to moon.

File: 9.jpg (114 KB, 1146x1700)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
Claim your waifu.
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She can very easily finger her self any time she wants.
File: WinonaEmeraldBreak88.jpg (345 KB, 512x715)
345 KB
345 KB JPG
Underrated waifu
File: Claim.jpg (52 KB, 400x700)
52 KB
File: DVrZ6ysU8AMTa_t.jpg (60 KB, 540x812)
60 KB
I love my wife Kris!
File: 1499319661686.png (879 KB, 1000x1480)
879 KB
879 KB PNG
yes perfect

File: HNI_0083.jpg (39 KB, 288x268)
39 KB
just create a fuckin trainer yo

gym leader, regular trainer, rival, whatever
if you're really feelin' spicy you can include movesets, just be creative

File: Guardian_Signs_cover.png (1.24 MB, 941x843)
1.24 MB
1.24 MB PNG
Will we ever get a fourth game? Possibly on the switch? I dont understang how the 3ds got mystery dungeon games but no ranger games, since they consistently sold more. I loved these games, and I hope the series gets a revival, even if its the final sendoff to the 3ds
Didn't the series end because it was ruining touch screens?
I never heard that but I would believe it. These games shouldve come with screen protectors, you can see the circles carved into my original ds
It would be watered down and terrible, but I could imagine pokemon ranger working on a phone. Really, the go mechanics would make more sense for a pokemon ranger game then a regualr pokemon game

Thankfully, that shouldn't be a problem with the Switch's screen and the option to use the Joy Con's motion controls to circle things

File: Girafarig.png (30 KB, 256x256)
30 KB
How do we buff Girafarig, /vp/?
Remove tail. Give it another head and make the back half match the front.

File: 1475786392698.jpg (657 KB, 1100x1800)
657 KB
657 KB JPG
He's so cute
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Noibat is a son. Your son.
wish it evolved earlier I heard USM fixed how late it was at least
File: DTq28TBVMAExUez.jpg (126 KB, 1600x1200)
126 KB
126 KB JPG

What has GF done?
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File: 1527907966317.gif (13 KB, 356x258)
13 KB
>complaining about a cartoon becoming more cartoon
yall arent even trying
File: 1491751085822.jpg (134 KB, 496x496)
134 KB
134 KB JPG
>Baiting this hard
It clearly is a standard if gen 1 designs are the only ones that continue getting attention.
Torte era is a more ambiguous turtle than Blastoise, and Blastoise's cannons have fuck all to do with shellfish.
Both Clefairy and Florges are ambiguous Fairy monsters.
But I do agree that newer designs have a tendency to just be "pokemonified" versions of one particular real animal.

File: 1436976806655.png (869 KB, 753x706)
869 KB
869 KB PNG
>One pokemon away from completing my Living Dex (besides Zeraora)
>Have to go through all of Omega Ruby + Delta Episode to catch fucking DEOXYS
File: 1530987227495.png (84 KB, 440x440)
84 KB
First world problems...
sounds like fun to me
>Not catching one deoxys for each form.
Lazy fag.
Wouldn't he die from hunger before the tree grows enough to choke him?

File: 1521425412219[1].png (105 KB, 645x729)
105 KB
105 KB PNG
>Mom calls every pokemon a "pikachu"
Why are parents so stupid, like gosh darn
>This comes from a drawn fictionary person wearing wood as a hat and drooling
Really makes you think
Parents should be gassed
>ask my mom who her favorite is
>ask my dad who his favorite is
>uhhhhhhhhh the yellow one
You'd think he'd at least know Pikachu after 12 years
adults do not have problems with parents. you are under 18 and should not be on this board.

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