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I think this was the first public use image I ever saw, waaaaay back when I wasn't old enough to be looking up porn.
File: SlutKorra.jpg (229 KB, 1280x1920)
229 KB
229 KB JPG
Yep. Caged with a Ghost, by Polyle. Good shit.
I really should have named that psychosomatic.
Someone suggested the name after released it.
File: 1516253898980.jpg (1.49 MB, 1500x1225)
1.49 MB
1.49 MB JPG

Why /CO/ hate so much the loudcest?
Also showme the goodis
Because their rampant incestfagging was insufferable, and I say this being an incestfag myself.
It also didnt help that /co/ is runned by faggots.

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Please tell me someone got the whole stuff and is willing to share it
File: 1544656884860.png (197 KB, 1000x1000)
197 KB
197 KB PNG
File: 1555571223178.jpg (779 KB, 3813x3813)
779 KB
779 KB JPG
File: 1548483577328.jpg (614 KB, 2679x2948)
614 KB
614 KB JPG
File: 1464080109182.jpg (232 KB, 1280x1074)
232 KB
232 KB JPG
Why does /aco/ hate pegging so much? These threads always die really fast.

Patreon: http://www.patreon.com/reiq

Deviantart: http://reiq.deviantart.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/reiqinstagram/

Tumblr: http://reiquintero.tumblr.com
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File: Sponty_Wet_Patreon.jpg (2.04 MB, 2500x3535)
2.04 MB
2.04 MB JPG
File: Sponty_Futa_Wet_Patreon.jpg (2.04 MB, 2500x3535)
2.04 MB
2.04 MB JPG
File: 1551393110070.jpg (984 KB, 950x1343)
984 KB
984 KB JPG
anybody has the good quality full version of this one?
File: 1551387575852.jpg (528 KB, 1045x850)
528 KB
528 KB JPG

Don't know what's taking so long to get a new Melkor thread but here it is. Let's have at it.
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Was that the last page?
File: 1546521790279.jpg (798 KB, 1593x2000)
798 KB
798 KB JPG
lol @ this thread. that sucks my man maybe in another lifetime.
File: 1535044607216.png (1.33 MB, 1280x879)
1.33 MB
1.33 MB PNG

File: 2b9sa2.png (680 KB, 1020x684)
680 KB
680 KB PNG
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File: 1507714874826.jpg (64 KB, 700x987)
64 KB
File: 1500098423379.png (1.09 MB, 781x1105)
1.09 MB
1.09 MB PNG
Imagine comforting Anemone while she's wracked with survivor's guilt.
Well it would have to be in private of course since she has to look like she has it altogether, since she's basically all that is holding that camp together.
File: 1506095165662.jpg (986 KB, 800x960)
986 KB
986 KB JPG

File: Pagan7.png (481 KB, 699x1185)
481 KB
481 KB PNG
No men. Futa's good too.
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Who gives a shit? It's fucking cartoon porn, if it turns you on then fap to it. All these insecure fags arguing about which fetishes are gay and not gay need to shut up and stop taking everything so seriously.
File: 1536033190093.jpg (99 KB, 800x800)
99 KB

>Elite warrior from hyper-advanced alien civilization

My, my, we certainly think highly of ourselves, don't we?
File: Shad8.gif (1.43 MB, 280x182)
1.43 MB
1.43 MB GIF
I giggle in glee when I have the chance to use a >shadman gif
File: 1536524107002.jpg (1.12 MB, 800x1200)
1.12 MB
1.12 MB JPG

File: SoraKairi_Footjob_04.png (1.71 MB, 1280x1032)
1.71 MB
1.71 MB PNG
With it being Sora's birthday, I thought I'd start a new Kingdom Hearts thread with the KH foot fetish extravaganza.
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I like this a lot actually
Cutest and most wholesome couple.
I hate xion anon
Fuck you too

File: 1549670864002.png (2.01 MB, 3000x3000)
2.01 MB
2.01 MB PNG
Dotty Delivered Edition

Post unreasonably swole muscles.
No futa.
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File: Alex_megachocolate.png (466 KB, 835x1080)
466 KB
466 KB PNG
happy easter!
File: 1530383111908.jpg (656 KB, 2380x2538)
656 KB
656 KB JPG
File: 1520684954706.jpg (1.29 MB, 1920x1080)
1.29 MB
1.29 MB JPG
Two cow anuses pressed together

File: 1541973344747.png (2.04 MB, 1100x2000)
2.04 MB
2.04 MB PNG
Post all porn of best gem
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Because we don't have one right now and I'm hoping someone can post that Link/Inkling comic that I missed and can't find.
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She needed it....
File: Pink.png (3.13 MB, 1836x2331)
3.13 MB
3.13 MB PNG
Here's a somewhat old piece I made. It's not too good, but we really need more W101 stuff, so here's my minimum contribution.

File: Elzikyuchi.png (1.34 MB, 1143x1616)
1.34 MB
1.34 MB PNG
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File: 2741424.gif (3.11 MB, 1276x1900)
3.11 MB
3.11 MB GIF
File: 178684176398.jpg (91 KB, 1200x1030)
91 KB
File: 234930.jpg (196 KB, 933x1261)
196 KB
196 KB JPG
File: 6960410.gif (1.34 MB, 640x360)
1.34 MB
1.34 MB GIF
File: 1547144279112.gif (2.7 MB, 900x846)
2.7 MB
2.7 MB GIF

File: Iwannamakethatwidow.png (862 KB, 1280x720)
862 KB
862 KB PNG
New Overwatch thread (last one reached image limit)
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File: the-taste-of-paris.png (2.19 MB, 1080x1920)
2.19 MB
2.19 MB PNG
File: D4mkJZPXoAAY1lH.jpg (812 KB, 1950x3000)
812 KB
812 KB JPG
File: D4oR2gpXsAEdvAH.jpg (107 KB, 1920x1080)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
File: D4wl2gWXkAUrJN2.jpg (165 KB, 1920x1280)
165 KB
165 KB JPG

File: 1548560425763.jpg (302 KB, 571x1080)
302 KB
302 KB JPG
Anne possible thread
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File: 1555786710340.jpg (188 KB, 791x1024)
188 KB
188 KB JPG
File: KimAnnTweebs.jpg (150 KB, 959x1200)
150 KB
150 KB JPG

File: 1496936467297.jpg (489 KB, 1417x1417)
489 KB
489 KB JPG
Shortstack general #121: Midna's Thicc Butt Edition

Post pics, stories, whatever you got that involves pocket-sized sex bombs, just be civil and don't cause trouble. Be excellent to each other.

Previous Thread >>3072615

revious thread-maker’s entire shortstack porn collection, finally updated after 2 years, in one convenient rar file.


Shorstack aggregator tumblr: (http://shortstacksapproved.tumblr.com/)

Shortstuff booru:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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A lot of talented fetish artists are like that, unfortunately. Fame goes to one's head.
I genuinely like him as a person, but all his saying that he cares about his fan base comes off as incredibly insincere when he constantly just focuses on what he wants to do. Which is fine, but be honest about it. Don't string people around acting like you care about their wants when the only thing you work on is stuff that you've openly been criticized for for years as stuff most people dont give a shit about. Or in the case of the 3D, did care, but realize you're never going to progress.
I'm not going to defend the guy, but as someone who dabbled in the amateur smut scene around here once, I kinda understand his frustration. Looking at his page, he's probably making several hundred bucks from his patreon, but I'll bet he finds serving his audience a chore. He aspires to do shit like his comic--ie content with substance that people can actually get attached to. But he feels obligated to continue making his audience happy, and fears losing them.
Nevertheless, he ought to shit or get off the pot. While I liked what I made, and still like the niche in which I produced content, it wasn't fulfilling for me. So I stopped making that sort of stuff, and started working on content that is. I don't have the following I used to, but I'm far happier now then I was then. And if really he can't be without the financial support, then he ought to suck it up and deal. I work an ordinary job, because I know I don't want to be locked in to producing smut art for a living.

Real life shortstacks are rare and delicious.
Well, I don't follow the guy myself, but I do wonder if no one likes he comic because they think it isn't very good?

I follow the Alfie comic by Incase. When he does sex scenes, they are great, but the story in between the sex scenes is also entertaining (for the most part).

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