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File: ok-k-o-lets-be-heroes.jpg (146 KB, 1000x563)
146 KB
146 KB JPG
Seriously, why are american cartoons so fucking ugly and lazy?
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la creatura...
Not that far down south, the Rednecks.
>sounds awful
Try watching them first, then you can judge them.
>also, villainous is Mexican
That's true, my mistake.
>Try watching them first, then you can judge them.
not him but anon some people here dont watch cartoon shows for children (excluding adult swim and love death)
You smell bad

File: sketch-1558842754628.jpg (230 KB, 2500x2500)
230 KB
230 KB JPG
Im trying to get better at character creation. I draw on a Samsung Tab S3, and am looking for some critiques.
I decided to add a loin cloth because im not a furry, just really fascinated with werewolves and aliens and shit.
Also, I guess it would be a good idea to say that this was all just from my mind. I usually dont use references because im lazy.
Use references then.
Yeah, I definitely need them for hands.
Not just for the hands, for the entire body, your proportions are wrong and the pose is really stiff. Look for pictures of body builders for a better understanding on how muscles work.
But I meant especially hands, I know the whole thing is fucked, haha.
But thanks I will certainly follow your advice.
Am I doing anything right? So I can work off of that.

File: 1557549265713.jpg (24 KB, 409x379)
24 KB
>tfw I would be drawing day and night if I could only put my ideas to paper
>but I can't draw and I draw less than 10 hours per week

This is slowly killing me on the inside and I can feel it
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>Wasting time procrastinating on 4chan instead of drawing anyways
Not disciplined enough, ngmi
>At least being a wagesla-
Stopped reading right there. Anon even if discipline is as important as you say, no one entertains it outside of work if said discipline is occupied with activities they abhor. You'd much rather spend your time watching tv or playing vidya after work. Compare that with NEETS who may have discipline and aren't doing something they hate. It sounds like a win-win.
>implying /beg/s have anything to envy yet
File: Cioccolata.jpg (53 KB, 750x421)
53 KB
>Retweet 50 things a day.
>Post 20 images in response to mutuals a day.
>Feel the need to participate in e-celeb or voice actor drama in some capacity.
>Unironically type like 14 year old girls despite being 20+.
We live in a society, a weaker society.

File: 41gIb68J5NL.jpg (28 KB, 316x500)
28 KB
Hey there! I think this is the right place for this. My wife and I are expecting some disposable income sometime soon. Since she's a big nerd and we just got new shelves she's wanting to look into game statues pic related.

However I can't find some of her favorite options. Is there a place where we could commission these? If so how much would they run us for? Looking for water-bottle height with a base/stand if anyone can help it's appreciated!
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Outside of Heroforge? Conventions. Expect to spend $600+ for quality figures too.
>water bottle height
Yeah, you're looking at around $800 - $1,500 on average. Plastics, sculpting, painting -- skilled labor is always expensive, my man.
Vergil from Devil May Cry specifically but there's a handful of others like Sephiroth, Lugia, and some Monster Hunter stuff.

Okay alright thanks! What kind of Conventions?

That's not a terrible idea. I think I'd find some Warhammer players to paint but the sanding I think I have the patience for.
For a sculpture artist worth their salt you are going to pay a lot. I worked under a master sculpture and minimum a couple thousand for a full figure was expected. These were only 28mm so its scales with size. I'd check some of the more obscure kit sites and see if they have it rather than commisoning a full unique sculpt. Sorry friendo. I hope you find something lovely for your girl
I'm sure they'll have Vergil at some point. Prepare for your wallet to be worthless and empty.
couple thousand for a 28mm figure? do even real companies with money pay couple thousand per 28mm? you telling me something like GW would pay a sculptor like 20+ grand just to sculpt a small line of minis? kinda doubt

File: 512x512bb.jpg (18 KB, 512x512)
18 KB
Can we have a Clip Studio thread? Post tips and tricks. Reccomened/share/request brushes etc.
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He's suggesting a method to override all colors with one single color (that red, that you can change with the correction layer).

A better way to do the same thing is to just use a proper fill layer clipped to the folder. This way you can see the real color you're using in the thumbnail.
>create selection
>paint inside the selection
>actually it doesnt fucking paint inside the selection it spills outside of it like this
I know you guys aren’t tech support but can’t make a csp account for some reason. It keeps saying that an error occurred and to come back later but it’s the same thing and it won’t tell me what the error is. My username and everything is valid too. Anyone else have this issue?
Anti aliasing on selection
or you have "area scaling" on fill tool, might have anti aliasing on that too.

Looks like selection feathering as suggested above. There's also the issue that smudge with color mix does not respect edge borders sadly. This is an issue in Photoshop aswell, however.

File: thematrix01.jpg (101 KB, 1024x768)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
I think I'm in a weird path in my life. I've been drawing since I was a little kid for fun. Going through school, I did a lot of art classes, not to really pay attention and "gain the knowledge" of all that it taught me, but more because I knew it'd be an easy credit for me. That's not to say that I didn't /learn/ anything at all like I just slept through class or anything.

Basically, I've been self taught. And I've come to the conclusion in recent years that I think I've been going about it all wrong. One of my biggest flaws growing up was that I'd always start with the face. I'd do the cross/guideline thing and everything, but I would do the face and then draw the body around that. With that, if I had two or more people standing together in a drawing, one of them would be like, standing on a rock or something to make up for the height. So while I can make a passable face and get the description of a character down, I think I'm lacking perspective?

It's weird because I can see art that I or anyone else (even here) has done and I can see what's wrong with it. Like, I can see that the legs are too short, or the neck is too long. My brain can see it, but my body can't apply the fix.
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yes go grind perspective everyone needs it and once you are good it will become closer to second nature.
You've made it when a significant amount of your income is from your art
It’s easy to recognize a problem, harder to fix it. Start over from the basic fundamentals and keep studying, understanding and fixing.
So.. once you need to pay taxes for your commissions?
File: AzDrink.png (7 KB, 141x132)
7 KB
You make it when you're capable of drawing whatever you want without it being dogshit and fast enough to not take 10 hours apiece.
Popularity is a joke that values relevancy and rendering most, income is better suited for a consistent job that doesn't force extra taxes on you.

This was drawn by Murata when he was in high-school. How the fuck did he do it bros?
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>This art is nothing special, any beginner could do it
>But I won't show that I can draw like that
This isn't a multimillion dollar movie, it's an ink drawing by a teenage amateur.
When the argument is that said picture is easy to draw, but no one can actually draw it, the premise falls on its butt. It's not easy at all.
I mean, I recognize some on this board can do it with references, but said people are good and the rest of us will spend years grinding until we can do it, so again, it's not objectively easy.
The absolute state of this wretched board.
same as every manga artist, he had his senpai teach him all the secret art tricks
How do I find a Senpai willing to help?

File: 1558280905846.png (862 KB, 1280x720)
862 KB
862 KB PNG
I've had really shaky hands ever since I was little and whenever I would draw, my lines were super uneven and it was hard to make the pencil go where I wanted. Now that my arthritis has kicked in full force, my hand will oscilate a full two or three inches with every shake. I could only ever keep it still enough to draw a straight line by pressing the side of my hand into the paper or surface and moving only my fingers. Anyone else experience shaking and found any solutions for it?
4 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
I have the same physical restraint. Go digital and DL Lazy Nezumi. Never had a stabilizer work well enough until that.
It's better than nothing. But I'll never be able to truly control my lines. I'll never have that perfect dictation and connection I once had. It's just yet another computer doing things for me, like subdividing in 3D or blurring or smudging in GIMP.
i used to have really shaky hands but just realized i was too impatient and didnt know how to draw properly, after some time just learned to use the entire arm to draw rather than the wrist and hand only. try it, can your hand keep steady while the rest of your arm moves?
if you want to go traditional go with brushes. I know it might seam counter intuited and makes you think you require a lot of dexterity with them, but brushes are irl stabilizers. starting and ending the lines might be hard, but the flex in the brush will hide some of the trepidations in your hand by averaging your line

another thing I've started to do recently, and I do believe it makes the different between the academic drawing vs the impressionism is hiding or not your brush work. traditional academic drawing was all about blending your pigments until you could not see the brush work and give the impression of realism. impressionism on the other hand was all about showing your brush work

recently I've started to achieve the same thing, and one way of doing so is trying to connect your lines as little as possible, in the idea that if you see where each line starts and ends, you have complete transparency in your brush work. what i notice from doing so was that I learned brush economy, when each line is visible and you see its impact, you start thinking more about think line, and think less "I'll cover it later with blending/ others lines". and secondly, you are transparent with yourself too. by see each line how it turns out, and never doing a line over others, means you will learn how to control your lines better, simply by the fact that you see each individual lines how it truly turned out, and not see the blend of severals lines and dont know which lines is faulty for the bad edge control

oh right, you will also become faster. maybe because you will think of each individual line as their own, and stop wondering how each line will affect the whole. or maybe because you wont try to connect the lines seamlessly. idk, but you will become faster

this is what I believe its the core of impressionism. complete transparency, by drawing / painting in such a way any viewer could back engineer your line/ brush work and blend as little as possible

wear a brace and draw with your shoulder, not wrist

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File: animal3.png (132 KB, 2056x1042)
132 KB
132 KB PNG
File: my good style.png (148 KB, 2056x1042)
148 KB
148 KB PNG
Why does she have Asukas jacket? I have a theory she was supposed to pilot the eva's too
File: my style your style.png (295 KB, 2056x1042)
295 KB
295 KB PNG
Left: Soul
Right: Soulless
You have the shape, but not the soul.

I've seen this type of coloring quite a lot lately
How the fuck do they do it?
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>You could tell them the secret and they still wouldn't get it.
Are you d/ic/cks really going to let this fucker talk to you like this? Literally just called you guys retarded
He isn't wrong
New to the site or something? You get called a retard all the time on 4chin.
Also stop samefagging, retard
It’s okay because he doesn’t get it either
File: FB_IMG_1558410582531.jpg (54 KB, 474x651)
54 KB

File: 1557095624780.gif (568 KB, 300x210)
568 KB
568 KB GIF
>Had drawing as my main hobby for like a month, coming up with a shit ton of new creative ideas to make, feeling really proud of myself
>Get into new game and completely stop drawing for a week (Lobotomy Corp)
>Drop game because it keeps crashing
>Come back to drawing
>Half my ideas are lost and the ones I remember I'm no longer so excited about
Thanks for reading my blog
So was Lobotomy Corp any good?
Yeah but play it blind and make sure your computer has good specs. I'm a computer illiterate so I use this program that basically compares the specs for me and it told me it was fine, but my fps would drop to 30 after I had obtained about 7 monsters and eventually it just started crashing.
this is why I have A4 books I scribble down ideas in either word form or scribbled drawing
I collect em basically and some times go back through, read, and something will jump out at me so I use it
I write all of my ideas down because I know how fleeting my mortal brain is, you should do the same OP.
I agree. My friend says he dont worry about writing stuff down because if it's good itll come back to you again. But that's a load of bullshit.
I thought I lost a character design and tried drawing it from memory but it felt off. I found the lost sketch and I was surprised with how much I forgot the original design.

File: fate-zero2_review.jpg (80 KB, 388x555)
80 KB
why havent you finished your piece anon?
4 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.

I'm not yet at a high enough level to do the work I imagine and so I'm learning theory and randomly lurking while feeling miserable about my current skills...
Maybe one day when I'm happy with the result at each stage.
thanks but its not mine I just felt like posting it
File: DistortionKeks.png (55 KB, 259x224)
55 KB
>Nice drawing you have there, wouldn't it be nice if you had your weekend to do it? Oh wait, here's a cryptic assignment that I will provide next to no guidance for which forces you through trial and error instead of learning something useful just so you can maintain a GPA in college so that your parents can sleep at night.
Here’s one I sketched earlier, I should finish it

I find it much easier to draw women when they’re like this. I might be sick in the head

File: OAI9UR2.png (57 KB, 573x549)
57 KB
Is he right?
26 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1549411817971.gif (1.81 MB, 410x230)
1.81 MB
1.81 MB GIF
This post is a good example of Western /ic/ autism that people should avoid. Never follow in anybody's footsteps because if you do you lose your soul etc, read the essential /ic/ canon and learn the fundamentals (lol) before having fun and if you can't do it you're just stupid etc, never do complete works before you're able to do complete works etc. You people always seem to be the ones who end up crying in the end, chasing some dream of the artist "training" until he becomes the ultimate blank slate and can "create a style".
no artist creates in a vacuum.
It helps so much to analyze other artists' work, with the caveat that you need to know the structure first, like anatomy. I learned so much by looking at still frames from Disney movies. Any kind of practice done without criteria is bad.
The best way to practice is to make personal work, and look at other artists or study from life to find solutions to the problems you couldn't fix.
To understand how artists stylize bodies and copy what they do you need to know the anatomy. If you just copy what they do you won't really understand the reasoning, but if you know what is it that the artist is simplifying and how it relates to IRL anatomy then you can use that solution as a tool for your art.
I do this all the time. Turns out every experienced artist has a different solution for the same problem, so you pick what you like the best or what makes the most sense to you.
This is why anime faces look like shit these days, these guys just copy other artists without understanding the real life framework underneath
I wish I could draw in the sky

File: 61Cu0YJ8ATL._SX425_.jpg (15 KB, 425x237)
15 KB
I've noticed that the galaxy book 12 is going cheap on ebay and I've been wanting to get one

I know the stylus is really good as it uses Wacom's emr tech

But one thing I don't like is the amoled display, which while it looks nice, I'm afraid that its going to burn in, especially if some of my porn art that I'm working on burns in

Does anyone here have any experienc with it? I heard that there are some software level burn protection countermeasures, but I'm having trouble finding info on it because it's a relatively obscure device
6 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
awesome, did you do anything to prevent the burn ins? like screen brightness or modified gui etc

why do these smug anime girls makes me fume with anger
Is it that good? is Wacom AES really that much better than n-trig? I currently have surfacebook.
Nope. I use it maybe the equivalent of an hour a day.
The only other thing worth mentioning is I've enabled a setting to extend the long term battery life (which caps charge at 85%), which I think causes it to heat up a bit when powered on and charging. Not a big deal but it's the only niggle I've had with it (along with not having an integrated kickstand like the Surface Pro).
Big YES n-trig is shit

File: 636363563.png (8 KB, 106x117)
8 KB
what is the best way/place to make an art blog?

i do not want it to just be a photo gallery. i would like the ability to write posts on it as well, like a traditional blog.

is there anything besides tumblr that gets any sort of traffic anymore? i would like to be able to post WIPs, projects, discuss tools/supplies, etc.

could i just host an actual website?
do you know of any like that?
14 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Notifications are ok and probably even better because tumblr has a graph of activity on your post and which post was more popular making it easier for you to determine what community gobbles up your art than the other. It even timelines it by week and month and i think other shit so you know if youre growing up in likes/reblogs than down.

You can hyperlink a text to other websites, eg: twitter, paypal. You can even change the html for your blog to what layout you like.

I dont get the monetize stuff, it's a free platform like any other place like twitter, pixiv, etc. You make your work and you sell your work.

But yes you dont have to and it seems you have made a choice which is fine.
i came here to say this
i wasn't able to keep track of individuals who were consistently liking/reblogging stuff though.

>I dont get the monetize stuff, it's a free platform like any other place like twitter, pixiv, etc. You make your work and you sell your work.

its a form of passive income. once its up and going its just there as a sort of supplement to other work. i can make and sell my work too, but choosing a platform that doesnt allow that is keeping me from getting a supplemental income that requires very little work? i know blogspot is acceptable for it, but i thought blogspot was dead/no one would look there. i can do tumblr in addition to an actual blog - that's fine and i probably will, but i want something i can better control and make use of. i dont really like the reblog style of communication either. i had a better connection with followers on platforms that were more direct.

is it still used much? i never see anyone link them anymore.
>is it still used much?
not as much, but I still see some from time to time
what kind of art do you make?
having a website is pointless because people will only look at your social media

if you draw weebshit go on pixiv
if you draw cartoon porn go on newgrounds
if you draw porn in general go on twitter
if you draw furry go on furaffinity and other furry sites
if you make 3D renders for videogames go on artstation
if you draw stuff on the level of artstation but wouldn't fly on artstation go on instagram

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