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File: maxresdefault.jpg (349 KB, 1920x1080)
349 KB
349 KB JPG
Does anybody here have keygen or torrent for Paintstorm Studio for Windows?

I don't really have any spared money right now but I would like to try this program out and be actually able to save my shit. Thanks.
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There are quite a few uploads on btdb.to, though the latest release seems to be from March for Mac and January for PC. Program looks cool though.
is this good compare to like krita? heard so much cool shit about brush and all from my friend but I'm a newbie so idk.
The customizable UI seems nice too
Yes, it's a very good program, but I stopped using it because the development team doesn't fill me with much hope for the future (their site is still rudimentary, and their updates are slow as heck). I've personally moved on to clip studio paint, and I'm really happy with it, because I know it won't be dropped tomorrow.

I've used krita as well, and it kinda pales on UI and performance compared to those two, not to mention that I have a bug (on two of my computers, both with fresh installs of wangblows 10) where the cursor isn't aligned with the brush when using my tablet, and I get all sorts of problems because of that. I don't like open source projects either, for obvious reasons.

The thing is like 20 buckos, if you can't buy it, just pirate photoshop until you can pay for it with commissions or something.
Well then, it seems I really have to save up to it. Hopefully I won't be buying something that developers decide to abandon half unfinished lol.

I have the same problem with Sai. What worked for me (it's kinda annoying way to fix it but here it goes anyway) was to start program with my tablet as the only display. Then after the Sai was booted I would expand my displays and use both of them again. It doesn't happen to me in Krita but in Sai so this method may not work for you but I guess it's worth the try.
Seriously, just use PS rather than shit meme programs.

File: 1530599363711.png (3.18 MB, 1920x1289)
3.18 MB
3.18 MB PNG
God, I hope that Ruan Jia does Evangelion Fanart eventually.
his value game is just insane.. everything looks so nicely desaturated but still super crispy, with the right balance of color pop at he focal point.

I can't color pick this atm, but are his shadows (like the rocks as example) highly saturated in contrast to the lit surface?
Why do you need to colorpick when the shadows in the rocks are clearly more saturated than the lit parts?
goddamnit ruan jia please notice me, im your biggest fan ill follow you until you love me
I meant to say "how much more"

File: 4209.jpg (36 KB, 552x312)
36 KB
Is there a Dolphin in this or are my friends trolling me?
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I can kind of see it. The gap between his arm and her hips could be an eye. Her elbow a fin. His feet the tail.

It's kind of a stretch though. Probably more an excuse to pass around a 'dirty' picture and talk about it than anything else.
this is egactly what i did with my gf tonight, haha. dont be jelly ananons
can somebody redline the silhouette of the dolphin. my brain is too retarded to see any of these
It’s basically just bs.

File: improv 3.png (1.31 MB, 1364x713)
1.31 MB
1.31 MB PNG
Improvement thread
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File: 1533836526744.jpg (61 KB, 278x560)
61 KB
i love you

And here I was expecting /ic/ to find a way to shit on me for that piece
>Mirror ref? I'm assuming that involves drawing and using a mirror. Nah, I've never tried that, I imagine it would be hell.
yeah, for you it would be hell. anything that isn't flat and immobile is impossible for you to draw.
Aren't mirrors flat?

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I reckon last torso wasnt from imagination and if it was she just repeated some anatomy she seen on a photo or something.
Mucha looks nice but once again, not her skill, not her style, just copy.
Because of that its unfair to compare those pics to her first page in a sketchbook which was probably also some gesture class.

That said lady got some progress and it is obvious and yet, I did same progress studying Proko in a few months, I'd say she progresses on an average pace anyone on /ngmi/ would if they actually tried to study.
Sorry, I meant /ic/
I mean... Yeah, you are right. I subjectively liked her stuff more (but I must say, that I only skimmed over those two videos) simply because the way, she posed her stuff. While her structure and style seems to be product of copying existing stuff, it is more general about transferring the concept and thought (and to be true, it is still sketchbook of teenage girl). Boys sketchbook seemed like everything i ever seen in sketch part of tumblr. The lines, curves, structure and building of characters and props were much more.. not having the substance of idea behind it, more like, flashy piece I can post on my blog and score good points.

But I just may be a bitter faggot, so...
He sounds as if he has a very high IQ anyway, you just get people like that. Nothing to worry yourself about, hell there's 100% going to be some chinese kid who makes him look like a bucket with downs syndrome.

Just remember that there are billions of people on earth, and as long as your own art is impactful in your own community, thats all that matters.
Does first vid look familiar? Because if yes you probably already seen it.

Henlo IC
Lets all do some doodles and sketches together for shits and gigs, and update whenever we're on break time or something
here's something i doodled to start the thread
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Oh hello!
my twitter is here

Instagram is here
whichever you prefer
you got good art but if i can give some advice.
make a tumblr also and attach it to twitter.

make more artwork

expand on stuff.(webcomic,game, comic ect ect)
Oh I do have a tumblr but it's pretty barren so i didn't pay too much attention to it as much as i do with insta
But i'll try update it more and more!
File: IMG20180919192418.jpg (3.15 MB, 3120x4160)
3.15 MB
3.15 MB JPG
Let's try make it alive ish
It's still September, it's illegal to use ink.

File: 1531444570583.png (171 KB, 374x347)
171 KB
171 KB PNG
Is it a prerequisite to be fucked in the head/drug addicted/alcoholic to be truly great at art?

I know it's not the drugs or the booze that make you great, but for those who find it hard to live they seem to act as a way to kill the pain temporarily so you can focus your skill and attention in a way you never could sober. From my own experience I feel so much more driven and creative when I'm drinking as I draw.
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No. In fact, many great artists were completely sober dudes that were disciplined and dedicated to their work. Think Michael Angelo.

You can cherry pick some artists with problems, but for every Van Gogh, there are plenty more artists who's lives were fairly tame and yet created beautiful works of art. The idea of the tortured artist is just perpetuated by dramatic people who tend to voice out their problems much more than others.
Simple answer: no

stop looking for your hugbox. just accept that you have a shitty problem.
Note that gogh died only selling one painting, so even though I idolize the man for his work it’s not just skill that makes someone a success. It takes marketing and networking with art dealers. The best advice I got was to go out and find people who want my art, don’t just wait to be discovered.
>prerequisite to be fucked in the head/drug addicted/alcoholic to be truly great at art?
my experience: no.
there's nothing that beats a functioning mind. if anything, a good diet, sport inbetween and coffee can enhance your productivity. and rituals, but that's a very personal and subjective thing. if i can't get in the mood to work on something, i will start with cleaning up the studio space or rearrange stuff. music helps to get in the right mood.

in moderate amounts makes me work better and longer. i usually enjoy working at night in the studio or start to work at noon and then into the night.

one beer or a glass of whiskey is good to lower my inhibition to start shit or make changes to a painting that has flaws and i don't know what to do about it. i have less blockage to just overpaint areas, when i had a drink.

>excessive alcohol
never worked for me. the next day, it's a total mess usually


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File: tumblr_olqm3r.jpg (96 KB, 417x750)
96 KB
Post things that inspire U
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File: paintings4-116-resize.jpg (66 KB, 455x600)
66 KB
>u instead of you
>tumblr filename
>muh aesthetics uwu
how to spot a basic bitch on the internet
you know licking asshole trucker is hot right

File: shrek saves.png (1012 KB, 3676x2304)
1012 KB
1012 KB PNG
Post all of your godless, depraved ms paint masterpieces, show me your shitstained opus
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File: spongebob.png (142 KB, 1600x1200)
142 KB
142 KB PNG
File: sanik.png (84 KB, 1716x778)
84 KB
File: Pop-Up-Duck.png (9 KB, 672x387)
9 KB
File: wat.png (256 KB, 1000x1000)
256 KB
256 KB PNG

File: s-l640.jpg (30 KB, 640x640)
30 KB
What are some lesser known/alternative artist markers you have used, anons?
So far I've used Tiger, Sostrene Grene, Sharpies, Promarkers, and a ton of nameless danish markers that copy the look of ohuhu markers.

Small tip: stop using wish, switch to aliexpress. Cheaper art tools, same quality.
File: alien.jpg (2.8 MB, 1000x1414)
2.8 MB
2.8 MB JPG
I've used Promarkers and Copic markers. Kinda don't see a point of using them beyond sketch phase. If you leave them unblended they look cheep, and if you blend you could as well use digital airbrush and get the same result.
Pic related my piece from 2015. I kinda thought it looked good back then o_o
It looks fine, anon. But I get what you mean, I see the flaws in some of the coloring and shapes that unbalances the piece.
File: SKMBT_C45015091417180.jpg (1.04 MB, 3307x2338)
1.04 MB
1.04 MB JPG
I had this "copying photos I took is great art" phase in my late teens. Pic rel is another one in Promarkers. I was actually wondering if there's some legit good art made in that technique? Google search returns hyperrealistic portraits and bad anime.

Problem with markers is that they, like airbrush, have had their mainstream applications replaced by digital techniques, leaving them a niche tool.

Markers used to be common for concept art and architectural rendering, and Airbrush used to be king in commercial and advertising art.

Now that's all done with computers, leaving markers for hobbyist/decorators and airbrush for painting on cars/surfboards.

What is better for beginners, oil or acrylic?
40 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
>only women and children use acrylic.
u forgot to mention retards.
Stay angry, loser. Make another thread all about you, that's all you seem to be good for.

No reason? It's called "fed up with your narcissistic attention whore ass" after watching you shit up this forum and others with your mental disorder.

Goddamn that's beautiful
Yea using mediums to thin the paint. You also paint in layers and build them up.
Its funny because this way of painting is actually how old masters used to paint. The benefit with acrylics is they dry quickly so you can do the layers thing but quickly.

You can pretty much do anything with acrylics, but i still find getting flesh tones and portraiture a little more difficult than oils.

that specific artist has a ton of youtube videos if you want to see his process.
I picked oils to start with myself because of the slower drying time. I wanted lots of time to putz around and mix colors without having to rush. Cost may be a factor, but if you get a decent set of basic colors instead of MORE colors you will also give yourself practice at color mixing.

I don't know why anyone brings up things like toxic materials or whatever. It's not like you're giving this stuff to children; it's adults learning, they can look up the basics of this shit on the internet. If you can't figure out how to dispose of solvents, you're probably also not capable of learning to paint.

File: painting study 1.jpg (122 KB, 1000x1000)
122 KB
122 KB JPG
How do I git gud at digital painting? Right now I'm just painting things in greyscale with a big rectangular brush like sinix said to.
Utilize layers and brushes to your advantage,there’s lots of tutorials on YouTube. I use krita because it’s free but I hear clipstudio is good to pay for. Unless you’re a student or have lots of money don’t waste you time with adobe monthly subscriptions. Learn color theory between warm/cool colors, skin tones are fun to learn once you get going. I use layers for coloring and shading, leaving the line work on top to be filled in with smooth lines after the rendering process.
Don’t forget to blend/smudge your sharp edges unless blocky is the look you’re going for.

can we have a graffiti thread? post your favorite writers. i'll post a few

pictured is staze from paris
65 replies and 42 images omitted. Click here to view.
Hit the books and paint with stock caps.
Git gud and have a Jewish lawyer to keep your virgin asshole from being rekt in prision.
Name doesnt matter style does.Now adays its impossible to have an og word but its possible to develope an original style if u work hard.
U dont go to jail for graff where im from. Just fines. If ur a repeat offender they just charge you double. Maybe jail if u get busted a lot.

essential viewing for anyone new to the game


Why is western anime so obvious? Is it the overrendered lighting and hair?(nip hair tends to be more elaborate with noticeable strands)
120 replies and 23 images omitted. Click here to view.
hes right though. youre just a jealous faggot because you cant draw like a "true jap".
not japanese
Ok then you have nips drawing lines and erasing to get the inked lines they want or using a stabilizer level fit for someone with parkinson's
Manga stems from Japanese identity and evolves naturally and fluidly as that society changes, individual by individual.
Western manga (an oxymoron) emulates that style. It has no backbone to it, so even though one can see it is like manga, it will never be manga.
In all honesty, keeping all weeabooness aside, I believe the Japanese to be among the most virtuous minds in the world. They produce extremely high quality drawings because they are more brilliant, creative and gifted than us.
Slap into the mix an insane capacity for self-sacrifice and perseverance and you have their art.
On a side note, I am sure their writing system greatly stimulates their mind and creates brutal neuron connections since the youngest age.
If you think about it, we must learn ~27 letters in an alphabet, but they memorize thousands upon thousands of kanji in their minds, the majority of them being complex drawings, and being a pictoric art in its own right.
So, when in the West a bunch of guys make anime, all of the little differences in culture show everywhere, resulting in a lackluster, unoriginal, less inspired product.
>we must learn ~27 letters in an alphabet, but they memorize thousands upon thousands of kanji in their minds, the majority of them being complex drawings, and being a pictoric art in its own right.
It is really funny seeing these ridiculous assertions repeatedly on /ic/ by people who barely understand kanji. Not only are kanji made up of very simple radicals that simply combine together into 'complex' characters and thus give massive repetitious, memetic bases to quickly and easily memorize kanji themselves-there only being around 50 radicals that make up 75% of all commonly used modern kanji-but they are learned very quickly and intuitively by repeated exposure during your formative years, children being excellent at this no matter what their native tongue is is something well understood in language learning. You are not linguistically challenging a young child to be born in Japan rather than any other country. Millions of children memorize shapes, stats, types and names of hundreds upon hundreds of Pokemon and I'm fairly certain doing so has not benefited any child artistically, ever. Also, considering the modern Latin alphabet has two almost completely different fonts, lowercase and uppercase, English speakers actually have to memorize 52 characters, not 26. 78 if you count cursive, and 100 if you count cursive uppercase and lowercase.
The real reason Japanese succeed at anything is because their culture tries to instill into people the virtue of actually giving a shit.
In America and especially its shitty schools, you are essentially taught that you're special and you just need to go find your niche in which the nebulous 'Talent' will take over and automatically bring you to greatness. Bad at something? Don't worry, you're still special, this activity just wasn't meant for you. Don't put any effort in, just hop around til you find that magic activity. In Japan you're told to get off your ass and work toward getting good at the thing you're shit at.

File: art fake.png (579 KB, 1075x555)
579 KB
579 KB PNG

How do we stop this?
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well artwallet is still new
Still has potential.
What if meme painter Jimmy is really Carrey.
Same shit product, diff quality paints.
That was my point dumbass

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