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File: petit french 9.jpg (929 KB, 2328x3056)
929 KB
929 KB JPG
could i make a graphic novel (300 pages) in a year, or is that unrealistic? also webcomic thread
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>Technically you're beholden to no one. You really can just fuck off to the other comic.
True. Though I've already abandoned 2 comics from my teenage years, and I don't want to turn abandoning comics into a habit. Plus I don't want to be a disappointment to my readers, at the very least I want to find a good ending point, even if I decide to end the comic earlier than I originally planned.

>if you know about /hyw/ can you bring up that the thread culture makes it impossible to be honest?
Man I've been visiting /hyw/ for four years and it's the result of a lot of the more talented older regulars leaving, and taking quality work and good advice with them. It's a bit of a circle jerk now, and the sparse pieces of advice and crit in the threads are the blind leading the blind for the most part. There's a lot of people there who either don't want to learn, or won't bother putting in the effort to improve, even though they say they want to get better. It's a frustrating environment to be in, honestly.
it sucks honestly.
Is regularly posting your comic on /hyw/ a good idea? It seems like it would do more harm than good.
It's not harmful, but you won't get much out of it. I used to do it and would only get 1-2 clicks for each update I posted, if any. I already get ~1k views on each new update on the day it's posted, so I decided it wasn't worth it for me.
You'd be better off posting updates to Twitter or Reddit.
You might want to find your way into the KAW Discord, post your comic a few times and ask for an invite. I left because I'm a recluse but it's not bad, most people have a comic and post regularly and the autists are banned. You don't get much critique unless you ask for it in the crit channel but if you want to get in touch with other webcomic artists on 4ch and advertise your comic it's the place to go.

File: shortcuts.png (503 KB, 1200x463)
503 KB
503 KB PNG
mine is basically the same as the pic but with brush size as q and w
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unironically had a friend that did that with the pedals only
I have the following mapped to various combinations of ctrl, z, x, and alt. Have them in muscle memory so not sure of specific combos.
>Pick up color
>Brush size slider
>Flip view of canvas
>Toggle whether brush is an eraser or not
Shortcuts on different buttons that I use less often
>Fill layer/selection
>Clear layer/selection
File: grip.png (721 KB, 763x808)
721 KB
721 KB PNG
lol. i don't use any of the 16 express keys in my tablet.

joys are a good option, but wireless shit is always a pain.

I use this one.

but there are various models of one-hand joys.
originally designed to play horse-race games while taking notes.
but obviously to work to play RPG while eating or fap.
File: footswitch-6.jpg (32 KB, 640x400)
32 KB
hey that's actually a good idea. when i draw by feet move around a lot. It's time I should put them to good use.
I just looked up the battery life of a joycon and turns out it's 20 hours. So yeah, I'm a dumbass.

File: Trad-Thread.jpg (651 KB, 800x1000)
651 KB
651 KB JPG
Post traditional art that YOU'VE DONE! For critique of course. Please don't dump paintings you found online. We get it, you like the Pre-Raphaelites. How sophisticated of you.
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File: 22.jpg (194 KB, 1000x1333)
194 KB
194 KB JPG
Okay, this anon >>4008857 here again, here's what I'm drawing at the moment. It's better than the previous two portraits I did, but I still think I lay too much pastel and it ends up being an unblendable mess. I could switch to a more expensive paper that would be able to handle this, but then I'd never learn a valuable lesson of thinking before doing, one of the reasons I decided to try traditional art. Also, I could try a different rendering style, with less blending and layering in general, but I wanted to learn the style of William Schneider.
That's really nice
>endations of artists to look up
Judy Chicago. You're similar.
if you are going for those geometrical shapes around the painting you should put a little more effort into making sure they are straight.
Use a ruler or masking tape
>faggot moderation by Russian nigger shills
are you related to the templeOS guy?

File: 3453445.png (274 KB, 399x384)
274 KB
274 KB PNG
Why is Akira Toriyama's early work so superior to his more recent stuff?
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>that nose
Toriyama knew
yamamuro the anime director behind late z and super took a bad turn too. it's like a curse.
His video game art was so good at catching the feel of the scenes in the game.
I remember playing these levels just by looking at these little snapshots.
Anyone else good at getting across that sort of feeling in their art?

How do you actually use art books? Like for instance, if I have a Japanese ‘how to draw cute girls’ book that begins with proportions then just goes into examples and has text pointing out specific parts, how do I use that?

Do I just copy the diagrams?
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>not rolling up each individual page and then slowly, sensually shoving each rolled up page into your virgin asshole to completely internalize the contents
no one have a virgin ass in 2k19
I wish I still had a virgin ass.
I watched a video with a concept artist say that he would just open art books and attempt to replicate what was inside.
Every time the result didn't look the same, he'd try and figure out where he went wrong, why it was wrong, and go back to doing it.
Literally the same way that I study maths or languages, read the contents, understand it , take notes and do the homework.

File: the_ic_struggle.png (679 KB, 800x667)
679 KB
679 KB PNG
>Stares at the screen
>Paper and pencil on the table untouched
>Just one more thread
>Just one more F5
>8 hours pass
>Time for bed
What is You Tube? And what is the Sydney opera house app?
ic is slow as fuck what's there to browse? lol
>Haha relatable!
Back to tumblr
How do you even do this? This is a small board. Although i know its probably bait
Maybe do a study for 20 mins then take a break. After the short break, decide if you want to do another study or, draw from imagination.

How did you guys overcome the frustration of the human form?

File: gnome.png (422 KB, 402x561)
422 KB
422 KB PNG
im really lazy and i get bored a lot
music helps so help me out man
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Pandora. Southern mid 2000 hip hop stations.
>Blink 182 and sum41
Because i’m an old fart 30yr old and these are the songs of my youth
I listen to all kinds of stuff.






Any electronic Miles Davis album
luminous orange

File: PFP.png (1.92 MB, 2000x2000)
1.92 MB
1.92 MB PNG
Hey I just wanted to post some of my own work here and whatnot.
Not actively looking for critique tho, cos im just a hobby artist more than anything.
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>Today I learned that I can make a shit topic with shit art and if I just keep posting with brute force people we’ll eventually start to like me
A reddit fag huh
i hate ic mods so much its unreal
Who you? Ya probably.

File: discordavatar2019.png (645 KB, 640x594)
645 KB
645 KB PNG
Focused on artist accountability
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File: coolblowjob.jpg (57 KB, 640x628)
57 KB
>not staring directly into her eyes with an expression like pic related
Wouldn't recommend joining, shitty server with slowmo and the admin is a complete retard
Don't me mad coz II'm doing me better than you doing you. This is the best shitpost server out there. Fuck off newfag.
is this the artgerm and raiko discord ?

i'm new to this board and art in general. tell me what you think.
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It's a piece of shit anon
I concur.
that's not how shadows work
god fucking damn it OP
gave me a healthy kek
File: 1562260681511.jpg (38 KB, 433x433)
38 KB
Bruh I'm crying

Give me ONE reason as to why I shouldn't trace for profit.
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Because a computer can do it better
File: 1510935827178.gif (1.22 MB, 500x500)
1.22 MB
1.22 MB GIF
creativity bankruptcy
Sound like a pointless think to do
>implying that tracing taught anyone how to draw or animate
Tracing is a completely brainless task that teaches you very little that copying by eye wouldn't teach you, but better and with the added benefit of training your observational drawing skills at the same time.
You would be much better served by copying by eye, that way you're forced to actually think, carefully measure and analyze what you're copying instead of just having 90% of the work done for you already. Finished artwork also teaches you far less than rough artwork and sketches from an experienced artist does, since you can see the artist's thought processes at work. Unless you're studying linework or something like that, I guess.

As for animation, I mean, I'm pretty sure you're going to learn something by observing and personally handling the work of skilled animators. But to say that tracing taught them is disingenuous, animators have to have a strong imagination and ingrained knowledge of figures, forms and the manipulation thereof in space, all of which you can't really learn by tracing. Animation, more than most other forms of art, requires you to *create* (unless you're rotoscoping lel). Basically all that tracing can teach you is how to copy.

I just don't think there's enough educational value in tracing to make it actually worth doing.
I though he just got in internet trouble, his book pulled from production and reputation tainted, but not actually sued.

File: 1563048630755.png (368 KB, 900x720)
368 KB
368 KB PNG
>didn't draw when I was a child
>Now I'm never gonna make it
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The reality of it is that the boost in chances of succeeding if you started earlier comes from the fact that it shows you genuinely like art and that does more for you than having a few extra years of experience from doodling shitty OCs in your notebook.
Don't peddle pseudo science bullshit
How do you carve?
anon, I feel hopeless too, check out my post here

I think we both need to find drawing fun, find art fun, at the moment. I used to feel stuck, then I had a breakthrough for a while but it was short lived... I remember that I was really enjoying myself when I had a productive period... It's honestly the most torturous thing ever when you punish yourself so hard for attempting something you love... It's heardbreaking, I'm legit tearing up for both of us right now....

But we have to find a way to enjoy it! And we can! I'm sure we can. It's possible.

It doesn't matter where you're starting from. People at all levels of ability feel this way - it's true! Some people with no fucking talent think they're top shit. I know you can laugh at them, anon. They're the worst.

If you care about this, if you want to do it, you have to take the pressure off! If you're miserable, the thing you love can't ALSO make you miserable!!! That's a fucking tragedy!!!

Maybe we both need some direction. I feel stuck by myself at the moment, but we both tear ourselves apart too easily - we're not in danger of SHAD-ISM - we're the opposite. Too critical. Let's try and find a way to have fun, yeah?

I'm going to try a drawing class IRL. I have done them before and I go to lifedrawing but I truly think being in class with a good proper teacher in person will help - the most important thing is it will feel good to be around others, not that it will teach me the most!!!

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>How do you carve?
Not as well as I'm implying. I only have 5 incomplete projects and I ruined my first knife trying to sharpen it.

Minimum equipment so far looks like a sharp knife (Try Mora 120. 20 dollars. Ridiculously good.), a pair of cutproof gloves (5 bucks on Amazon), a saw (15 dollars?) and some wood. You can use deadwood you find around but it's genuinely worth your time to just buy some. Deadwood gets very hard after it dries (you can make it soft again by putting some rubbing alcohol on it, check the dollar store) but more important than that IT FUCKING CRUMBLES. Basswood is the species most projects are done in, it's very soft and holds detail well, but I'm having some success with some birch logs laying around, a piece of hard maple, and a plank.

My process is holding the knife in my right hand, wearing a cutproof glove on my left and using my left thumb on the blade to do most of the pushing. The glove is necessary because most ways I hold the project has the knife threatening to poke me in the palm, which is bad- the knife is absolutely sharp enough to cut nerves and tendons. When it was new I kept getting shallow cuts from slightly underestimating how long the blade is.

I think the reason I can wrap my head around carving but not drawing is that it's a reductive process. You picture the horse head/bokken/Cthulhu inside the wood and then you take bits away until they're out. Any roughness or obvious knife marks don't matter- they'll disappear once you sandpaper it. Varnish makes anything beautiful. The hardest part I find is coming up with things to make that could fit in the logs I have, so I just write ideas down as I come up with them. Making sculptures is called 'carving in the round', I'd probably have just as much difficulty as with drawing if I tried carving a mural.

... Oh and if anyone picks this up you should know that rags covered in linseed oil finish spontaneously combust sometimes. Store them in a mason jar or something.

File: instagram-icon.jpg (33 KB, 626x626)
33 KB

So, it seems that Instagram is considering removing the "likes" system from their plataform because bullying or some shit; How is this going to affect Instagram artists? Do clients care about likes at all or is the number of followers still more important?
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>I actually love that idea
Fuck insecured faggots, thats because of them.
Canada already has it. To be honest it's really nice.
100% likes will be from bots
might as well remove them
I think I prefer it this way too, despite knowing that people tend to like things that already have a lot of visible likes.

File: lincuts.jpg (84 KB, 500x749)
84 KB
what tablets do you use for artwork and digital design? and what programs or apps do you use?
bump for general tablet thread.

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