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File: some fuckery.png (29 KB, 1920x680)
29 KB
Pixel art thread:

Post your pixel art in here and give constructive criticism to others.
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have you ever read the fucking sticky for this board
learn some loomis

So give me feedback you dirt cookie eater from Haiti
Everything is shit with random lights, random darks, no understanding of anatomy or form and you probably just followed some random "MAKE HENTAI SPRITES LIKE ME ^__^" tutorial like any basic ass bitch would.
Spend some time learning how to fucking draw. Pixel art requires the same fucking fundamentals in order to look good, even if your dumbass mind can't understand that on account of being, well, a dumbass.
Whoops, must've inherited some of your dumbassery and linked to the wrong post.
There you go :)
File: roots.png (9 KB, 240x137)
9 KB
how would I go about making a root texture without it look like complete garbage

File: 23434.jpg (23 KB, 600x400)
23 KB
Remember the time you went to the rotring factory, peter?
> Myehehehehe
> Hey excuse me sir, I have an inquiry.
> " Okay go right ahead".
> What is a rotring?
> " in german rotring means red ring, like the red ring which appears on the various models of pencils we manufacture".
> You mean like when you poop red and you got rashes all over ya?
> " sir I think you're thinking of ring worm and something else. "
> Hey, screw you pal!
> What a disappointing trip, this is almost as bad as the time I gave lil peep fentanyl!
> Hey lil peep, want what's in this cup?
> " sure, I'll consume about anything if it's coming from a cup. "
> Myehehehe, one down, the rest of soundcloud to go.
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File: 2958.jpg (20 KB, 600x400)
20 KB
Platinum Pro-Use II is GOAT provided you don't have sweaty pig hands. It's shorter than normal pencils but the grip is very comfy.
i like it, just wish the case was heavier. there is a company that makes a machined case for the hi tec c but thats like 160 USD.
Is it a good idea to buy cheap waterbrushes from Ebay and fill them with ink or I should buy pentel and such?
A spook!
You dick riding cocksucker. STFU

File: 1516309304227.jpg (61 KB, 817x720)
61 KB
Does Matte Painting actually involve painting or is it just a person stitching photos together or a person stitching together photos and painting it up a bit?
>Does Matte Painting actually involve painting
>stitching together photos and painting it up a bit
i think you just answered your own question
Nice sage

File: draw now.jpg (290 KB, 611x800)
290 KB
290 KB JPG
Post your current drawing here and give constructive critique to others!

Please make sure your posted image is clear, downsized to around 1000 pixels wide, rotated to the correct orientation, and that any unused space is cropped.
If you want critique on a drawing from the previous thread, you can delete it there and repost in this one.

>dA /ic/ group :

>/ic/ Resources/Reference/Downloads/Links:

>General resources :

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File: Capture.png (2.51 MB, 1253x907)
2.51 MB
2.51 MB PNG
Since we can't see both views, there isn't much other people can do. I have the same issue when I'm drawing with my android tablet. It's colors are more dull, so I have to check them on both my phone and laptop before publishing.

You could take a picture of both screens and then ask the thread which one we see. That's an option. But you should try to learn and adjust with it instead of asking every time as well.

it looks super dark on my cellphone but looks fine on my laptop.I HAVE NO IDEA
I dont know where to go with my art. If someone see something that I can do better please tell me.
Hmmm.. I don't know..... Draw more than an eye? I get it, we all had the eye phase, but cmon now

File: templkfkftgktkkg.png (33 KB, 893x465)
33 KB
If y'all were on the fence about getting CSP, now is a great time.
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Pretty sure Tsugumomo is, but with a much older version
>upgrade to ex
>hold shift on startup becauase after a year of use my lazy ass had my brushes and settings all fucked up and mismatched everywhere
>UI is now dark, oooh
>But it's also fucking lagging the shit out of my strokes which it didn't do before, I can't make a file over 2000 some odd by 2000, the DPI changes how big I can make the file, can't go up to sizes like 5000 anymore

What the fuck did I do?

What I mean is you can't save your brushes into a single file like in Photoshop, which makes backing up, sharing and importing brushes a hassle. I periodically back up the CELSYS_EN folder to backup the brushes.

When you import brushes you need to either import then one by one or by dragging and dropping the individual .sut files into clip studio. It's messy.
You can change the UI color in preferences atleast
Fuckin rekt

File: 1473194835343.jpg (2.35 MB, 2481x1600)
2.35 MB
2.35 MB JPG
I want to learn to art so fucking bad.
My end goal is to get good at digital art / digital painting / digital illustration, but I understand that I really need to learn the traditional fundamentals, or I'm just going to suck and waste a lot of time in the end.

However, I already finished college a few years ago, and being that I work full time, I really only have time to learn in the evenings and on the weekends.

That being said, if I'm basically starting as a beginner art noob, would I be better off taking an evening beginner drawing course somewhere in my town? Or are there enough high-quality online and self-teaching resources out there?

What's the best option, and the most worthwhile?

File: question mark.jpg (13 KB, 347x346)
13 KB
So, I'm thinking about starting traditional art comissions since I need a quick buck and I don't have a drawing tablet.
It's gonna be some portraits made with HB, 2B and 6B pencil on a sheet of okay-ish quality paper. What would be a good price to request and what are some good way to advertise? I'm gonna limit the range to here in my city since I need to deliver the work.
File: Clipboard02.jpg (86 KB, 473x214)
86 KB

I'm bumping because I'm interested too. I'm working digitally though.
First of all, don't limit yourself to your city, thats dumb. Add an extra $7 to the total and ship that off with USPS flat rate priority mail. You'd miss out on a ton of potential customers by only servicing your city.

Secondly, the price will obviously depend on your skills, but do not undersell yourself. Charge enough to pay yourself AT LEAST minimum wage, and ideally 3 times that. So if minimum wage is $10/hr where you live charge between $10 and $30 per hour of work.

If you're decent (not a master, but certainly not awful), you should charge a minimum of $75-$150 per piece, and more if you're really good or the piece is very detailed.

Ideally I would get myself some higher quality (read: thicker) paper. This will not only make it so the drawings can withstand more damage, but it will make them "feel" more expensive, this justifying the higher price.

As for where to advertise, Etsy, Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook groups, Reddit (r/hungryartists is a good place to start, or you can hit the front page of a big subreddit with one of your pieces and people will come to you asking for commissions), Fiverr, Craigslist if you must.

Whats the name of this painting? I don't kniw if it is the whole painting or if it is a fraction of a larger one. PLEASE help
I know this painting
>Whats the name of this painting?

I don't know if this is the right board to ask this since it's about image editing instead of actual drawing, but I don't know where else to ask.

basically I'm trying to convert this image to pure black and pure white so I can use it as an input for raster laser engraving. I tried messing around with it in gimp, but I have no experience with anything but ms paint so I don't really know what I'm doing.
File: saber_.png (63 KB, 2144x2712)
63 KB
so far this is my best attempt. I think the face looks ok, but the shading on the armor got messed up. ideally the armor and gold trim would be completely white and the blue dress and markings would be black. how do I do this correctly?
/gd/ board is for you. Answering your question - try vectorization technique, then edit manually to get rid of jagged edges and other details that not needed. Incscape have it.
This image is not made of only black and white so what you want is a new image. You will lose detail and it won't look like the image anymore.
Do it in separate pieces. The face and the shirt have a totally different lightness, so you're only going to get one or the other to look right at a time. Do it so one part looks good, then do it again to make another part look good and stick them together.
File: 1519286030000.jpg (913 KB, 3397x4936)
913 KB
913 KB JPG
This is the best I could figure what you're trying to do.
I added a layer, set to saturation and fill with black. This turns the image greyscale.
Adjust levels so that both ends of the spectrum are adjacent and centered, which turns it white and black.

File: 933.jpg (81 KB, 690x960)
81 KB
I was born in the wrong time...since childhood I was always attracted to the drawings of old covers of video games, music, music and comics. I took drawing and painting classes and exhibited non-illustrative traditional works (portraits, landscapes, pop art). Now, inspired by illustrators like Boris, San Julian, Bisley, Glenn Farby, Alex Horley, I intend to make my own illustrations with traditional technique. Is it possible to live from this nowadays?I understand that it has more cons than pros (time and materials) compared to digital work, but my intention is to put together a portfolio and present it in editorials. Any experience or recommendation?
most likely you'll have to go digital, just because you can't compete if you spend 5x longer to do a painting than everyone else. but otherwise go for it, there's a sort of new nostalgia wave thing happening atm so cash in, plenty of indie devs making clones of NES games need NES style boards
If you want to go into visual development, things like animated features still use a lot of traditional art.

Book and editorial still do traditional as well.

If you want to do video games it's a nonstarter, way too slow. Unless you want to do what >>3319329 said.
the thing that inspires you doesn't necessarily need to be the thing you do literally. You can put your love of trad into digital, most artists do.

To your question, yeah you can do it but you need to be absolutely god tier.
Thanx for the tips! I got a loong road yo take.
Why? You are saying I know there's cars but I want to walk everywhere. You can get where you want to go with a car so why not use technology? You don't think traditional artists would of used new technology if they had it available to them? You are going to learn something outdated that will limit your time and future.... Why? Anything done traditionally can be done digitally, and more.

File: ewwe.png (474 KB, 777x777)
474 KB
474 KB PNG
all the time
File: sdds.png (215 KB, 741x339)
215 KB
215 KB PNG

we're all the same but different


>kiss of Judas

Do you consider using a real background cheating and/or lazy?
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File: Page07.png (1.72 MB, 1803x1300)
1.72 MB
1.72 MB PNG
Because Shadman is a pornography artist. The only thing you need to worry is not whether or not your work is good, whether or not a shit ton of people jerk off to it.
File: FB_IMG_1518486321896.jpg (128 KB, 1368x2048)
128 KB
128 KB JPG
yes is really lazy anon thats why i dont do that, do like me and practice every day and you be able to do greats thing.
can the mods ban this fag already. He's spamming this board
You say this, and yet manga backgrounds take a huge fat dump on comic backgrounds.

File: 663393[5].jpg (32 KB, 350x350)
32 KB
I've been trying to get better at inking but I have a few concerns. I got pic related since it was cheap, so I won't be surprised if this is a quality issue. It seems that when I use dip pens the paper kinda balls up on the tip. Is that normal? Is that the paper or am I holding the pen too hard or something else?

Also, what're some good places to learn proper inking techniques? Specifically books, if possible.
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I was told that paper that balls up on the nib is bad for it, this true?

So are there good Bristol sketchbooks available? preferably 9x12, I already got 11x17
Honestly I have no idea, I would just every now and then remove the small amount of balled up paper and and move on.

I somewhat recommend getting printer paper like I did, it's super smooth and my pen works pretty well with it. I'm not sure how it'll work with dip pens, though. I myself got https://www.amazon.com/HP-Printer-Premium-Choice-LaserJet/dp/B000099O2W/ - also, it's cheaper if you're just gonna grind art.
what does ball up mean, like scraping the paper or ruffling from wetness?
if you're scraping groves in the paper then get thicker paper or board
if you're ruffling the paper from wetness then get thicker paper or board
I have a hard time believing printer paper holding up to a lot of ink, but i guess with so much paper that's kinda a moot point. you sure there's no buckling or anything?
I can't seem to get paper to ball up without ink so I'll assume the latter. Thought the solution seems pretty clear if I'm reading correctly. Maybe canson has smaller Bristol I can work on.
What now?

Link pdf of video game artbooks
File: 400.jpg (127 KB, 353x400)
127 KB
127 KB JPG

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