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File: 023.png (221 KB, 680x680)
221 KB
221 KB PNG
Hello I have a question I'm thinking of getting a drawing Tablet. Not to stop paper stuff (Dont worry Paperfriends) but just to be more mobile with my stuff since I travel a lot lately and will be even more soon. Currently I'm about to take the Wacow pill and embrace grand Chinese engineering but first I wanted to ask yall what tablets you use and would maybe recommend. Also Money isn't a concern in reasonable quantities ( I'm not paying 10k for it) so if anything has a feasible qualitative superiority I'll rather take that but I won't pay 2 k for an iPad which is worse then some 100$ stuff.
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File: 1553128879604.png (354 KB, 600x582)
354 KB
354 KB PNG
Just don't get huion.
Why not, frogposter? I recently got a huion skamvas and I have no regrets.
If you're buying a tablet because you travel a lot, get an ipad pro or whatever it's called, you can install clip studio on it too.
if you want something entry level to draw, get a medium intuos pro
if you want to do serious work in digital get a cintiq I guess, if I had the money I'd splurge on the big one
i recently got a gt 191v2 and it's really great. definitely recommended for the price.
For travelling, get a small tablet that can fit in your bag alongside a laptop, you'll be holding it in uncomfortable sitting positions so you don't want something heavy and cumbersome

I recommend the Wacom small tablet

File: 1521719793664.png (113 KB, 1200x800)
113 KB
113 KB PNG
This might sound like a stupid question, but how do draw long, tapering things?

When doodling stupid shit like this, anything will do and overall look nice, but when drawing more serious stuff, I begin to sperg out about the slightest irregular variation in thickness or weird angle.

I've seen a lot of drawiings where artists just rush their snakes/tails/whatever and it still implies a consistent volume, so I'd like to ask /ic/ for similar experiences, resources, etc.
just draw lamo
Draw and use references
I draw long reptile tails a lot on a character and what I found that worked is
>using contrapposed curves (rhythm)
>overlap (have a coil in front of the other to create depth)
>a "twisting" motion to the tail, don't treat it like a tube, treat it like a thick ribbon
>practicing foreshortening in general
>using perspective guidelines esp. if the tail is on the ground
>general composition stuff, like you should never have the tail point outside the drawing, always use it to create a line that is useful to the viewer e.g. it pulls back and points inwards back towards the drawing, or creates a nice shape that frames part of the figure
Oh and also the most obvious, look at reference. Look at how real snakes move, also different snakes move in different ways but there's always some sort of pattern that they use to move. Same with tails, study footage of animals and watch their tails, how they move, why the tail is there. The tail could be a stiff tail for balance like a kangaroo, it could be a prehensile tail, it could be used for body language.

File: hummer.png (192 KB, 1246x658)
192 KB
192 KB PNG
Whatever it is, it certainly isn't the method gone over here: https://twitter.com/myanimewaifu/status/1013031356920500224
The grid ends up placed in the midsection of the form with no accommodation for the Z axis, so one has to manually fix that problem; which is as much of a crapshoot as freehanding it (Blocking in or otherwise).
That being said, it does feel like a step in a right direction.

While the image is of Homer Simpson, this is more for in-general characters. I do know that 3/4 and front views do not necessarily match up, but the 3/4ths view can still be rotated, as seen here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K1N-1C4cqEQ [at "and I don't know what that is" and at the lips at "because everybody has always"].

Any ideas /ic/?
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Can you clarify what you mean by Z axis?
orange lines here
You mean red right? Well you obviously need a side view for that. Not sure what exactly your issue is.
If you want to learn more about projecting orthographic views into 3D space, try Scott Robertson's book.
The problem as I see it is if you take the measurements and transform them in perspective, you get only a cross-section of the form going across the X and Y axis.
No depth is applied to the grid, so everything you draw on that grid is going to have the same problem as doing <-, just with a block head [that also has the same problem, just not cut in half].
That's why you need both the side and front view. One without the other is not enough information for construction.
You can then combine them into one a set of intersectioned grids. Same method 3D modelers use when referencing orthographic designs
Just read Scott's book and you'll have all your questions answered.

File: shinji hand.jpg (52 KB, 1280x720)
52 KB
does stopping masturbation help you become a better artist?
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Fap costs time and energy. Only do it when you have both to spare, and are already done with drawing for the day. Don't completely abstain, but don't make a habit out of it (and if you have a habit lose it), drawing is more important
well 8 of that he masturbates with his other hand
Just draw and fap
yeah man, 28 hours in a day
I started jerking off to my own fetish drawing and I feel one step closer to Nirvana (the state of being, not the band).

File: IMG-20190319-WA0000.jpg (127 KB, 1080x1204)
127 KB
127 KB JPG
>be me
>can never experience art school
>chooses to live vicariously through you guys instead
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The school I went to may have been a big waste of money, but due to the connections I made there, everyone in my circle of friends from there is working professionally in the animation industry. Ironically, most of them never graduated.
That's weird man. Usually the sexual aspects of life-drawing fade pretty quickly.
>Have to illustrate Alice in Wonderland
>Like 3/4 of the class is doing psychedelic acid trip pink floyd illustrations
>>10% drawing and the rest was pissing around in unreal or rendering 3d models which was completly uninteresting for me
This. >>3857461 Post moar stories about the autist pls anon.

Is the sun to the back and right? Is it in front and to the left? I don't understand.
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Stop assuming gender
File: maxresdefault (12).jpg (81 KB, 1280x720)
81 KB
Yes he
Female on the left
Male on the right
You can't see the tip in OP tho
neither can you

Can we agree art with no guide lines and purely drawn from heart with no guide is the only art made with the soul and love? (Assuming it‘s good and gives you a lukewarm temperature heart)
Pic unrelated but possible to do without guide-lines and/or layers
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File: necro.jpg (245 KB, 1200x771)
245 KB
245 KB JPG
>where the sites for this mentality?
I don't think there is a website except maybe your own.
I am not good enough to make really soulful art but I have no idea how one would go about it. I don't even know if I would like being picked up. They took pic related and they squeezed it so much that there's nothing left. I have made a few things that took a toll on me and I'm not even close, if I think that these artists gave these things up for the meat grinder that is commerce I shudder.
I wanna Ghibli palette.
You're supposed to use both sides. Draw for gesture, not worrying about proportion, guidelines, advanced perspective etc... Then once you capture the GESTURE aka the "soul" meme going around, then you apply fundies and everything else to it.
Crimson Lake
Yellow Ocher
Permanent Yellow Lemon
Permanent Yellow Deep
Permanent Yellow Orange
Permanent Green No.1
Permanent Green No.3
Cadmium Green Deep
Cobalt Green Yellow Shade
Cobalt Blue Hue
Cerulean Blue
Ultramarine Deep

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
This is what I do and I'm satisfied with the result. I make a straight sketch without construction, I put everything into gesture and idea. Then I build on top of it.

File: 1518550818225.png (389 KB, 1558x221)
389 KB
389 KB PNG
>inb4 ngmi thread
>inb4 anti-making it thread
Shut up, 'just draw'fag.
You've wasted enough time of beginners with your garbage advice. Today we're going to inform beginners of how to study properly and not mindlessly draw, which is what the 'just draw' propoganda teachers the beginners of today.

It stops today.
Post informative images and good advice.

No 'just draw'fags, 'grind mindlessly'fags, 'pyw'fags or useless platitudes allowed.
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> censoring fag

You are doubtfully a professional, almost definitely not a genuine person, and an actual asshat and pro filtered speech.

I know for a fact there are pros here and they diss people for fun cause it's anonymous. I talk on the regular with one.
You're just a coward pretending he's an adult. Now go lick your boss' asshole like a good wagie and think you're impressing anyone with your speech version of an ugly tie.
>"lazy fucks like you"

nice reaching there. You'e literally just trying to stirr shit
>then we're stuck /pol and /b idiots who don't even post their own work...
This is one of the slowest boards on 4chan. I doubt that most people in /b/ or /pol/ even know this board exists.
File: 1535059284171.jpg (6 KB, 300x100)
6 KB
Not sure if I'm in a bad mood or what, but I couldn't read this thread past this >>3847868 post.

Y'all niggers should try and write properly when giving advice, I can't take the words of an illiterate as credible or even serious.
I keep imagining everyone as depressed, low-education Twitter fujoshis.

Speak for yourself.

File: how to get laid fast.webm (2.79 MB, 1280x720)
2.79 MB
2.79 MB WEBM
Use reference, obviously
draw from the thing you understand first
you can't imagine the thing you barely know
File: 1548893606819.jpg (91 KB, 600x697)
91 KB
Perform quicksketches/gesture drawings and familiarize yourself with working from the abstract and then use basic forms to build on top of a concept. The best way to describe drawing from imagination is to become comfortable with working from an idea, for example in gesture drawing you're not focusing on anatomy in itself but rather what the figure was doing using abstract forms that suggest movement and fluidity. In this state, you are free to interpret the gesture and convey form to help further describe the idea behind the gesture.

Since you're working with something psychological it is one of the most difficult aspects in drawing hence the notorious "feel the form" phrase that gets pissed on by those who fail to put their minds into a drawing. Until you actually experiment this for yourself you will understand that drawing from imagination truly is a state of mind.
>all the ppl minding their own business in the background

File: 1553023135173.jpg (133 KB, 794x1024)
133 KB
133 KB JPG
More like this (stolen from another thread)
22 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
I agree, but I don't think think its your average grayscale workflow though, since it doesn't use color blending.
That's because your understanding of values and color are lacking. I have no problemsngetting my desired color nor value in a piece once I do it. Working in values first just helps me solidify the composition of the drawing and establishing how vibrant an area should or shouldn't be.
I don't know.
I agree that painting in grayscale helps getting a better sense of values, but adding color later sucks, you've lost all the color information that you'd have acquired if you started in color.
And then you get that dull result that you have to waste more time to give it the proper vibrancy.
>OP asks for tutorials
>you post this which has no words
every time
>Draw some blobs
>Draw the rest of the fucking lion

File: intro-1503169693.jpg (44 KB, 780x437)
44 KB
Hi guys,
Whenever I try to draw something with a dynamic pose/perspective that's new to me, it always looks really fucking weird. Using references can help but it's rarely transferable what I'm having in mind. I try to just visualize it but it never turns out the way I'm envisioning it. Any tipperinos for a perspective n00b?
Have you tried building from primitives? Like, a cylinder for an arm.
Yeah, but inconsistently- like I'll sometimes start a whole drawing with primitive pieces, and sometimes I'll draw primitive sketches of a whole. It helps but I can't always nail it quite right in both situations
Well I'm not a pro or anything, but perspective looks weird already. Forshortening and lengthening in regards to camera angle or field of view is not what we tell our brains is normal at first as we begin to study art. It's all about 8 heads and Loomis structure etc. So I suppose breaking out of those confines and looking at an arm that's twice as long or half as short can make you "think" it's not right when it is.
My advice, try exaggerating it as you practice and don't use hard angles. It may be you're feeling uncomfortable with the dynamic so keep at it. I'd like to see what you've drawn sometime.
I can recommend drawabox.com, I've worked my way up to lesson 5 and my perspective/construction skills have greatly improved.
Yeah, it's definitely something you have to train yourself on. I think something looks really weird and roll with it anyways, but when I finish it still looks really weird most of the time lol :~(. If I adjust a LOT I can get it semi-decent, but it's still a struggle. I guess it's just more practice, and that I should study some art more because it's not something I really do. I'm working on something now so I'll post it, either here or on another thread. If I sign something off with meow, you'll know it's me.

File: xm21.jpg (365 KB, 1280x1280)
365 KB
365 KB JPG
How do you record flashes of inspiration? Sometimes I have brief flashes of vivid dreamlike inspiration that fade almost immediately.
6 replies omitted. Click here to view.
This but unironically
Easy. Just be good and draw it.
I’ll usually write a description in a note on my phone if I don’t have the chance to sketch out a thumbnail
File: 1531792372919.png (448 KB, 423x613)
448 KB
448 KB PNG
the gist of it can stay in my mind for days, but the actual image is too fuzzy so I have to create an image with the gist I know using what skill I have. It's nice until correct anatomy ruins the composition of the picture, and I'm left with a non-appealing drawing that is not good especially when viewed as an icon. It sucks. It seems appealing composition is my bane in art. For every 10 flashes of inspiration I get, only 2-3 come out well. But some of those flashes of inspiration isn't actually that good anyway when put into paper, like video game idea guys who think their ideas will be good but actually not. So maybe that's also why the composition turns out badly.
I try my hardest to keep it burned into my mind until I can get my hands on a piece of paper and sketch it down.
Then I just keep the sketches stashed away and never touch them again.

File: 0firstimageicouldfind.jpg (58 KB, 500x500)
58 KB
They make improvements year by year but can never match up.
Is it the hair strands that cause this feeling?
155 replies and 49 images omitted. Click here to view.
I think It was his wife, because she was the one who drew all of the cover and images from the LN
Not him, but what gives it away?
if you people slap japanese words on it and make the anon's username jap, you lot wouldn't take it for western
Because they grow up absorbing western women and men
If they only studied anime and Asian women and men they'd be able to replicate anime

File: 1551913789164.png (664 KB, 1920x1173)
664 KB
664 KB PNG
has anyone ever just traced a shit ton of work and posted their art progress after doing that?

28 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
Best thing tracing does for you is to show you how shit you really are and how far you have to go. When you're a /beg/ and you're copying something from reference and it looks bad, it's easy to blame your rendering, your values, your linework, etc, you think that if only you could get those things right then you would have a good drawing. Then you just try tracing the outline of the ref and you see how this simple line drawing looks 10 times better and more convincing than whatever you had going on and you go, damn, I really suck at drawing. And then you're inspired to try harder.
That's about it though, it's not like you should spend any significant amount of time on tracing.
Half the kids in this thread are probably the ones who got labelled the class artist in homeroom because they traced Pokemon cards.
Post your work.
File: 1522078084445.jpg (17 KB, 245x206)
17 KB
>entertaining tracing nigger with my Art
Tracing is useless.
Studying and copying something without tracing isn’t.

File: 1.jpg (18 KB, 472x628)
18 KB
Does anyone know the author of this painting?
2 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
File: seated-figure.jpg (361 KB, 937x1280)
361 KB
361 KB JPG

What kind of faggot language calls artists "authors"?
File: jpg.jpg (263 KB, 1334x2000)
263 KB
263 KB JPG
I want to touch her bosom
LMAO who writes a painting.

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