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File: 1501345677401.png (352 KB, 920x526)
352 KB
352 KB PNG
Hello XXX,
Your Bepsi jerseys and bib have left our Bioracer factory.

Shipping ref, XXX
Wishing good receipt and cycling fun in XXX,

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Good luck getting one ever again desu.

Not only is it closed but the production cycle (from order to the jersey arriving at your home) is like 10 weeks.

The fuckup about this order was that the minimum orders weren't fulfilled and some janitor kept locking/banning the people making the bepsi thread (which upped the prices, made the wait longer, and limited how many people got their hands on bepsi).

/n/ is now the worst place to design and get n-based jerseys, reddit is much better.
>4cc has been absorbed in to /n/ culture
>/n/ is now the worst place to design and get n-based jerseys, reddit is much better.
That hurt my soul to read
You can literally get custom jerseys from aliexpress. Make your own bepsi jersey.
File: 1514132707462.jpg (29 KB, 480x411)
29 KB

Sorry anon but its the truth. You'll get banned on here for trying to buy/create a jersey.


Sure you can but I want to see someone do it. You're going to either create the design via vectors or pay someone else to do it, you're then going to have to pay at least 120 USD for a single custom jersey order.

File: flat,800x800,070,f.jpg (47 KB, 800x800)
47 KB
>Wearing headphones distracts you from the road
>awareness of surroundings decreases

fair enough, I agree with this. Although anyone cycling with headphones is their choice.

>1 ton metal vehicles moving at 50km/h
>Insulated interior mutes road vibrations most of engine noise
>200$ stereo system on top of that able to output music loud enough to make your ears bleed
>"It's so unsafe to bike with headphones!"

Applying the same reasoning to cars, its just as, if not more dangerous to distract yourself through music in cars as while riding. The reasoning for bikes is that you are distracting yourself and are less aware of the cars, traffic rules, pedestrians, that are around you. The detriment always lies on the rider himself/herself. But for a motorist, the detriment is not only to driver, but any potential pedestrian of any sort. Whether that is via car/car, car/bike, car/pedestrian collisions. One of these is a lot more lethal than the other and that is with the car. So why is one accepted and the other not? The only way it makes sense is by reasoning that one has a multi-billion dollar industry dependent on having people be content in sitting for hours within an enclosed cage and the other doesn't.
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It is nice not hearing all the random shit people shout at me too lol. When some cunt in an SUV is looking angry and shouting some crap i like to assume they're saying


or something
I just have mini speakers on my bike to play the music so everyone can hear .

I don't know where you guys live, but even at max volume I can easily hear cages. It overrides my System :(
This, I am so far past giving a fuck i really don't care if people can hear my music
File: ear3.jpg (22 KB, 426x226)
22 KB
That would be like banning car stereo systems.

Having phones at sensible volume with matching audio helps keeping speed / motivation and focus up while also keeping situational awareness. Listening for prolonged at high volumes will damage your ears. Listening via speaker boomboxes will annoy everbody around.

The older, open ear phone type will cause less dampening of surrounding traffic, but seems to be more difficult to find these days, since everyone and their dog go for the rubber plug earwax catchers.

File: jan_heine_naches_pass.jpg (407 KB, 1000x747)
407 KB
407 KB JPG
>From: Jim Bronson

>What you fail to mention is that the electronic system has the capability to eliminate the need for mecanical cables, which would be an increase in reliability from my standpoint. If it wasn't for cable stretch, we'd never have to fiddle with our derailleurs.

>From: Jan Heine

>The problem you describe is not inherent with cables, but inherent with indexing in the shift levers. Moving the indexing to the derailleurs would solve the problem. The cables could stretch all they want, but the indexing adjustment would not change. However, indexing in the derailleur also would mean that you could use any shift lever. And Shimano invented indexed shifting specifically to make you buy a group, including their shift levers (and freewheel). Then they combined freewheel and hub into a cassette hub, so you had to buy their hub, too. Then they combined their brake and shift levers, so you had to buy their brakes, too. Then they combined their cranks and BB, so you had to buy the set as well.

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Pretty much everyone, from Shimano to Suntour to Simplex to Huret, tried indexing derailleurs from the late 70s to the early 90s. They generally sucked pretty hard, then Shimano SIS arrived with indexing shifters that Just Worked and indexing derailleurs went the way of the dodo.

See http://www.disraeligears.co.uk/Site/Derailleurs_-_indexing_insanity.html and poke around for some more info.

Yeah, indexing in slick and convenient - I would never go back to friction shifting my go-fast road bike, nor would I on my gnarly mountain bike - but sometimes it's nice to just throw together a bike with parts lying around the garage without worrying about compatibility.
So it's a non-issue and the whole OP rant is moot?
Electronic shifting, electronic bikes, soon automatic braking. Self driving bikes? Why not just get a motorcycle or hop in a cage at that point?
Because Cycling is a spectrum disorder and your jumping to extremes.
>it's nice to just throw together a bike with parts lying around the garage without worrying about compatibility.
Friction shifting is ideal for beaters, especially dt friction shifters, since they can always be unfucked enough to use. For gotta go fast type bikes, indexing is very nice to have, its just a question of $

Could airships make a comeback sometime in the 21st century in a niche, luxury travel/leisure capacity?
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>how hard would it be to make a blimp go supersonic or at least transonic?
What are you smoking and where can I get some?

To answer you're question, it ranges from impossible to just incredibly difficult and impractical, depending on how loose you're willing to play with what you consider a "blimp." Airships fundamentally have a massive internal volume, which translates directly into wave drag. Normally a supersonic airplane will fly at high altitudes in thin air to mitigate drag, but an airship relies on ambient air density for buoyancy and must be built bigger and lighter to float at higher altitudes. But if you're willing to forfeit buoyancy at altitude, and rely on aerodynamic lift for high-altitude flight, then I suppose it might be possible to hit mach 1 if you use rockets (which maintain good thrust regardless of ambient air density) and go WAAAAAY the fuck up into thin air at like 150,000.' And you can forget about having any sort of reasonable range.
File: 1508558982882.jpg (54 KB, 623x842)
54 KB
A flying luxury villa/apartment for the super-rich would be more realistic.
>Could airships make a comeback sometime in the 21st century in a niche, luxury travel/leisure capacity?
It would be extremely expensive for what it is.
File: gkupdated[1].jpg (238 KB, 500x626)
238 KB
238 KB JPG
Forgot image

Have anyone tried chink Concor supercorsa knock-offs?
File: 8690697280_f7d6f01285_b.jpg (152 KB, 1024x682)
152 KB
152 KB JPG
I prefer my knock-offs to cost more than the originals.

File: s-l1600.jpg (45 KB, 1000x1000)
45 KB
Anyone know a decent and safe /chinacarbon/ saddle? Preferably simple and non-glossy.

I'm building a minimalistic pub singlespeed.
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ment to quote >>1157696
The rails are also carbon, I wrapped mine in fiber tape to protect them from my metal seat clamp. I'd consider them solid, but I'm not a carbon expert. They have an area in the end of the rail that allows for the saddle to flex up and down a bit, and the first time this loosens, it will make a popping noise that will startle you. I looked over mine carefully and it was fine structurally.

Here's a link, you're gonna need a good chamois: https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B01336RFGO/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&th=1#customerReviews
Carbon doesn't break into sharp pieces so you'll be fine even if it does break.
I bought one of those a couple years back
broke it last september when my backpack caught & pulled it up

File: valve-types.gif (31 KB, 339x341)
31 KB
So why is the presta the go-to choice for higher end bikes and Schrader for Walmart-tier bikes?
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just Youtube, the usual
it's a blue board here after all
>in places like Sweden and the Netherlands
Make that half of Europe.
I say this as an American; Americans shit themselves when the see something new. Doesn't matter how fucking fantastic any alternative could be 'Hurr, wat dis, dis not bike tube! Dis different!' will prevent people from straying from Shrader, and companies too, in turn.

File: 1517334454987.webm (2.81 MB, 540x540)
2.81 MB
2.81 MB WEBM
how does /n/ feel about this?
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Quick, he's bashing the ANZACs. Your religion obligates you to defend them. Lest we forget!
File: emu.jpg (51 KB, 673x449)
51 KB
>Straya hasn't lost ever
I'd like to see the seppos win against the emus without nuking the farmland that the war took place on.
The Greater Anglo's degenerate brainpan leaves as its only recourse recourse its brutish yet cunning, technology, if we're going to break out the calipers.

I have no idea what haplotype could hold against the emu menace - much less its cassowary auxialiary.
If there is any hope that the Casuariidae can be defeated it lies with the noongars.

File: _c22-38-359_l_1.jpg (60 KB, 1024x820)
60 KB
So i read that clipless pedals basically put the pedals on your shoe and you wear the pedals, that was a huge technological advancement in bicycles. Why don't they take that idea further and move more of the bicycle to your body, so for instance the handlebars could be on your arms and not on the bike and you could wear the seat as pants? Am i on to something?
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File: It.jpg (13 KB, 480x360)
13 KB
>why not just stick the seat tube up your ass?
Sounds familliar...
File: kc8okgpri.jpg (28 KB, 600x372)
28 KB
Guys! I believe I've found the next cycling innovation!
I sexually Identify as a Fixie. Ever since I was a boy I dreamed of soaring across Manhattan dropping people's mail out of my courier bag. People say to me that a person being a fixie is Impossible and I'm fucking retarded but I don't care, I'm beautiful. I'm having a plastic surgeon install foot cleats, flat bars and an SLR C59 Super Flow saddle on my body. From now on I want you guys to call me "Fixie" and respect my right to overtake on the right and overtake needlessly. If you can't accept me you're a fixiephobe and need to check your bicycle privilege. Thank you for being so understanding.
File: trollz.gif (44 KB, 213x358)
44 KB
I look forward to the day when the microchip in my brain is synced to the DI2 chip on my bike so I can change gears with my mind.

With high salaries, autopilot capabilities(preparations, liftoff, chilltime, land-time), uniforms etc. it seems as a dream job for me.

I would literally kill for ability to fly.

I know there is high entry cost, but u will literally make that in a year when u progress.
It's definetly better than wageslave at soulcrushing customer service job for $8 and hour I think.

Read that there will be shortage of pilots as more and more people are able to fly especially when middle class in 3rd world is emerging and becoming wealthy enough to travel.

p.s. Myself can't be pilot i'm in my 30s, dont have money, have hearth condition. Who should i kill to get my frustration out?
48 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.

You tell me
you know, most commercial pilots dont perform vertical takeoffs... they also dont fly planes carrying tanks, or dumbass soldiers who fail to tie the tanks down properly during said vertical takeoffs. just a thought
please never post again.
The fuck happened here ? Anyone knows?
heroin smugglers overloaded the aircraft with poppies, the fumes caused everyone at Bagram to get high and they shut down the airfield for two days

File: AV1pqkt.jpg (67 KB, 432x648)
67 KB
Any messengers here? Been a messenger for nearly half a year now in the seattle area and really love it.

discuss stories of the job and cager rage. talk about how dispatch fucked up. post your bikes, bags, or give tips for how to live off 12 cents a month

JJ dudes and other food jockeys welcome as well
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This is a more accurate depiction of the female orgasm.
Ah yes, the magical bike that switches between fixed gear and freewheel while you ride
File: 1287884945072.png (77 KB, 155x202)
77 KB
and will teleport you to SF.
Assaulted at work by customer.
Battery broke due to poor design and soldering.
Jockey wheel on chain tensioner exploded.
Chain tensioner may be non standard.

File: 1469251986226.jpg (49 KB, 960x717)
49 KB
>STILL not cycling in an /n/ jersey
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Because we're not slow like you, Fred.
nice history meme master expert :^)
File: nstuff.jpg (121 KB, 1442x952)
121 KB
121 KB JPG
657 KB

/n/ ordered custom jerseys in 2014 (black/white) and 2016 (blue/black), and there have been a few other small apparel projects that didn't get much interest (Forever Shinkansen in late 2014, Yotsuba and Bepsi in 2017). If past experience is any guide, May of 2018 is when we should expect to see discussion of the next round of jersey begin.

meant to post a different picture
File: 1390630719448[1].png (5 KB, 645x773)
5 KB
>Bepsi jersey shipped
I should've made an angry post about it here much earlier.

File: disc brake injury 32.png (564 KB, 495x854)
564 KB
564 KB PNG
This is what happens when marketing comes before common sense and a needless, dangerous technology is implemented in road cycling.

Is the UCI going to wait for the first dead cyclist to ban discs?

119 replies and 20 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Go ducks
That's a penguin.
File: dang.jpg (61 KB, 539x539)
61 KB
Yes, disc brakes are murderous knives in each & every crash.....

Your an idiot.....
>Are we talking about road bikes or bikes with caliper brakes? Does it include older road bikes?
Are you literally retarded?
>Do we live in the same place?
>shut the fuck up
Oh yes, you're retarded.

If you think 30€ brake calipers are the top 1% in regards to performance, two possibilities open up: maybe they're the best you've tried besides 80's road bikes and Sora brakes, or maybe you simply live in a third world country.

Either way, I'm laughing my ass off.

If you think 105 brakes are the top 1%, what's Ultegra?
>Your an idiot.....
Ah, the sweet taste of irony.
>If you think 105 brakes are the top 1%, what's Ultegra?
Functionally identical for all intents and purposes.

>tfw we're finally gonna be getting Wi-Fi on our trains

feels good guys
We've had (shit and slow) WiFi on our trains since 2012. Hasn't improved since, and it's since gotten use caps (200MB per sign in).

I mean, like it's terrible, but we were the first in the UK to roll out wifi on trains. London Underground was 2nd.

File: SJ Night Train.jpg (1.29 MB, 3491x2155)
1.29 MB
1.29 MB JPG
Banned: US, British, and Japanese trains

All else welcome. Looking to build a large collection of non-normie tier trains.
162 replies and 124 images omitted. Click here to view.
The line gets up to 950m in altitude or so.

I've been at Sydney Airport while it's been snowing outside (even though the temperature was +5). You just need a really strong antarctic front to come through.

Man, that place is cursed or something.
>news postimees ee/4415529/nine-people-injured-in-train-truck-collision-near-keila
File: 1113696-492501.jpg (168 KB, 1180x664)
168 KB
168 KB JPG
Indeed, two big train crashes in the same station within a decade is not what's supposed to happen in a first world country in 21st century

surprising that no one was killed unlike all other crashes posted here
Ez, Donosti.

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