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File: lFzspkw.jpg (419 KB, 2009x1520)
419 KB
419 KB JPG
Has anyone here ever tried? How would you go about doing it? Would an 80+ VO2 max with no race record be enough to get you on a world tour team? Would they allow me to paint my waifu onto the disc wheel of my TT bike? That last question is obviously the most important.
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I've been pushing myself to do 2x30:00 every week and that's tough enough. A full 60:00 at threshold would really suck.
This may surprise you but a team that sends its riders into races does care about race results. It doesn't matter if you are 8W/kg if you can't win a fucking race because you're retarded.
File: 1409837155225.jpg (33 KB, 500x500)
33 KB
>becoming a professional athlete, at any sport, without having won a single medal by the time you're 18 (assuming you're not underage)
This is totally true. Athleticism alone isn't enough, it's only the lesser half of the total equation. You have to know how to *race*, too, not just 'go faster than everyone else' (that's called a Time Trial). Road racing requires tactical sense. Someone with a lower power to weight ratio can place higher than someone more powerful if they race smart.
haha where in BC?

Vancouver here

File: peak_NIMBY.png (148 KB, 714x607)
148 KB
148 KB PNG
These people are so ignorant that when faced with the fact some people actually LIKE urban living and good transportation, that they assume there's some kind of big conspiracy out to get them and their McMansions by "brainwashing" people into not using their cars.

Like, do these people not realize how awful of an experience commuting is? It's soul-sucking! By the time I get out of my car I'm hatred in the shape of a man.

But noooo! We can't have trains! What if the poors use those?

Fucking NIMBYs.
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One of the few non-morons on 4chan. You should pick a trip to separate yourself from the rabble.

Buying a home also ties you into region/area, meaning if you lose your job you will be very reluctant to move to an area where you would have a better chance of find a job because you are tied down. Studies show that home owners have a higher unemployment rate than renters for that reason. The excellent Adam Ruins Everything did a good episode on the downsides of home ownership:

>not only is he poor, he is also a homeless drifter
>proud of it
You both are idiots.

Both of what you said is true. So is the other poster.

What happens is with the introduction of charter schools there comes things called vouchers. This is because one of the reasons charter schools are legally allowed to exist is because they offer "choice." So they give students vouchers and with that voucher, they can go to 1 of several schools.

The schools they are able to go to depends on which district they are in. This means that sometimes black city kids go to white suburban schools. Like the other poster said.

However, there is also a lot of corruption here as districts are being racially drawn to segregate schools (like you two mention). And some districts only have 1 school so the voucher is meaningless.

Voucher schools go back at least to the 80s. That's the earliest I've read about them. In the 80s, they weren't segregated to the extent that they are today so many suburban whites still have a sour taste about them.

However, the 5-4 republican supreme court has legitimized racial discrimination in areas other than schools (voter districts). Which means that when those lawsuits reach the supreme court, there's a possibility that this issue does not get fixed until republicans no longer control it.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Continuin on

>charter schools usually perform worse than public schools
Charter schools perform worse in cases where they are compared to the schools they came in to supplement. They perform worse on the whole using a national average.
They rank "about the same" as public schools on a national average when no socioeconomic factors are taken into effect. This is because, like the one user pointed out, many suburbans use charter schools for their privileged kids so that changes the weight of the rating.

I also suspect that many charter schools are operating illegally but are in states where republicans just won't hold them accountable.
>One of the few non-morons on 4chan. You should pick a trip to separate yourself from the rabble.
LOL you say that and I'm laughing because you don't know who I am.

You on the other hand have given me enough information to figure out that you're a disgruntled old man in his 40's or older who comes here to spray /n/ with the imageboard equivalent of "get off my lawn!", making pretty much everyone miserable.

Oh and by the way I'm in my 50's and 99% of the time I blend in. The other 1% of the time I raise holy hell with people. 100% of the time I'm laughing because they amuse me. You on the other hand have been getting a whole mess of "GTFO" because you're being a dick just to be a dick. Since you think I'm a "non-moron" then you at least have to listen to one piece of advice from me: Knock that shit off and just fucking TRY to get along? 4chan is (sadly) one of the last bastions of actual Free Speech on the entire gods-be-damned Internets, and while the place is lousy with misanthropes, that's the price you pay sometimes for actual freedom. So stop fucking it up for everyone else by taking out your frustrations QUITE SO MUCH, okay? Dial it back a couple orders of magnitude, lose the name and the trip, and just fade in the goddamned backdrop and lurk for a while, and fucking THINK sometimes before you hit "post".

File: jimmy rive.jpg (131 KB, 748x1413)
131 KB
131 KB JPG
ITT: Post famous people and politicians riding and judge them for their choices in bicycles.
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I love riding fixed more than anything on this planet but please keep shit like that to yourself. If you cannot/do not enjoy the climb you are a pathetic baby
Imagine Trump, but stupider and less charismatic.

That's Boris Johnson in a nutshell.
literally all left wing politicians drive and right wingers bike here
t. Netherlands
Can't believe nobody posted him yet.

Hey does anyone out there have good videos of trains taken by drones?
Is there anything similar to this?
Requesting drone videos like this.

Highways and subways:
This guys Channel has alot like this;

File: uber lyft.jpg (201 KB, 1600x1067)
201 KB
201 KB JPG
*blocks your bike lane*
Just like bunny hop over him lmao git gud
*blocks your sidewalk while looking at his phone*
>blocks everyone's path

Hey guys. I have the option of getting a red cadent 4 by Raleigh and a blue cadent 3. Friend has both and is selling one of them for cheap. Basically both barely used. Which should I get
File: images (7).jpg (5 KB, 150x196)
5 KB

It's a matter of preference I guess

Get red for speed or blue for cooler temps
If the other one doesn't have fenders get the blue one with fenders. Fred logic(racing wannabe culture) shuns fenders because it causes more aero drag, but if it is raining or it just rained and the roads are very wet, and I am out with a bike without fenders I compensate by going slower. I also get low level mental anguish every drop of nasty roadwater I notice flicked on my legs, torso, arms, and sometimes face. So contrary to the kool aid logic in adverse wet conditions most people will compensate by going slower to get less of a roadwater bath.

For your first bike it is probably better to spend the least and just ride. And based on your experiences after riding on your next bike you can make a better decision of what you want. When I first got back into cycling I got a 2010 Trek 6000 new for $899. And I rode it both on roads and also offroad. After testing bikes at manufacturer demos I learned how inadequate it was both on road and off-rad and I knew I was all in, so I got a bunch of more bikes and that bike sits collecting dust(I should sell it).

But basically bike buying is an iterative process based on what bikes you have/ride you learn more, "the next bike I should get must accommodate wider tires, I should have gotten a mtb with only front suspension, etc."
Assuming they both fit and are in good condition, why wouldn't you get the better speced one? tektro Hydraulic discs vs promax.

File: 021705.png (802 KB, 1280x720)
802 KB
802 KB PNG
Let's post and share videos taken from bus ride in this thread.
Hong Kong, Route 290A, Tseung Kwan O (Choi Ming) → Tsuen Wan West Station
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
>* curb level
Ah I should have mentioned the characteristics of the route being that, between the initial part of the route that travel in a new town and the last part that travel in a traditional industrial/residential/commercial area, it transverse between different towns along the hillside to the North of the Kowloon area and can reflect the type of structure along the way
And that the NWFB route 15 bus posted by this poster is a bus route that climb uphill from the urban area in Central to the Peak along those mountainous roads that make it being quite a ride
Hey O/ we 've got a thread for you guys!!
Shintomei Super Liner
Highway bus, Tokyo → Shinjuku → Nagoya
Grand River Transit 200:

Grand River Transit 201:

OC Transpo 94:

OC Transpo 95:

OC Transpo 97:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1492508011190.jpg (41 KB, 641x530)
41 KB
>drive to NYC
>almost cause 3 accidents and hit 2 pedestrians once i get into Manhattan
>everyone beeping at me

this shit is not like my country roads
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NYC would only be more hectic due to poorer infrastructure. London is the literal GOAT city
>fly to NYC
>take rental car
>it's just like driving in other large cities, except much more orderly and with much more space
Don't know what problem you guys are having with NYC. If so many Americans are afraid of driving in Manhattan then many Americans must be absolutely awful drivers. Try driving in Rome or Paris some time.
I raise your london, the designated streets of New Delhi. YOU would be shitting your pants after you've been on our roads.
Rome is hard even as a pedestrian
Rome isn't even the worst city in Italy. Try Naples.

New Delhi is chaotic but so congested it's quite slow and thus not that dangerous.

File: ES2KICKSCOOTE.jpg (117 KB, 960x960)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
Electric scooter baby!
Just purchased my ninebot ES2 from Elgiganten (electronic chain store) in Sweden and will use it to park for free outside the city zone and scoot into work.
Just occasionally parking in the city for a year costs more than this so why not?
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Legally - everywhere bike can ride.
In reality - mostly sidewalks, bike lanes and super empty streets.
So ES2 and ES4 will be 'illegal without rego' to drive in Finland because chinks had written "300W output". And ES4 is 'illegal without rego' because it does more than 25 kph, right?
Ninebot ESx...

Yes indeed. Funny how that works huh? :D
Mad E-TWOW driver. One tiny rock and he's under truck.
I want this thing
Russians are already making super chooching firmware. More powah.

Anyone done a critical mass ride?

I like to ride with other people but I don't want to be mocked by crust punks when I bring my modern road bike.
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Do boots taste good or do you just like the sensation of intangible shackles?
File: 1522225958659.jpg (124 KB, 866x900)
124 KB
124 KB JPG
If you enjoy the company of other betas and s.oycucks yes
The city where I just started university has a rush hour ride every monday called "slow roll" where they take up the whole road on a major thoroughfare to fuck with cagers.
It's luls but I wanna get a group of 20 counter protestors to block the road and sidewalks in front of the main bunch and ride in granny gear calling it "slower roll"
Wtf, is "onions" filter text now? Testing here.

Begging for (you)s addition.

Got a new 46/36 BB386 crankset and did a ghetto tubeless conversion.
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what's the angle supposed to be like?
File: datass1403548369876.png (166 KB, 297x408)
166 KB
166 KB PNG
>silca super pista

yuppie overpriced garbage

you must feel the play in the hande and appreciate the bad ergonomics and industrial overbuilt ugliness of the SKS Renn to feel the real deal average joe what you see is what you get pump.

real shit nigga, they dont make them as that anymore, litral WV of the 1970s of pumps

>mfw iron cast lowers
>mfw heavy af
>mfw this is the steel frame of pumps
The middle third of the saddle is supposed to be level with the ground for most models. A very slight tilt upwards or down isn't uncommon, but that looks like a crazy amount of downward tilt.
Thanks. Watched a youtube video after your comment. Much more comfy now.
File: joe.jpg (30 KB, 430x430)
30 KB

Just Sharing a Fun Pump Fact with you guys.

I heavily rate the Joe Blow. I got one dirt Cheap second hand. My front linkage forks have an air shock that has a small groove on the shock slider from the cable rubbing. It looses air every few rides.

I use my Joe Blow regularly to inflate my fournales air shock to ~200 psi. I never thought such a thing was possible until i was pressed in an emergency.

File: fred.jpg (72 KB, 600x402)
72 KB
>that 30 year old boomer on a brand name $500 bike

Who are the worst cycling personalities in your area? For me it is the trust fund boomers with their fancy dork disks that they think make them go faster (all it does is cut your leg in an accident)
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I fail to understand why they're even there. Like seriously just use the limiter screw
Most people who get hired for mass bike assembly don't know and/or don't care about fine tuning, it's a cheap and effective way of protecting the RD and wheel

>They dont know how to behave near cars, or more importantly, other cyclists

That's also true when they're IN cars!

I'd rather have them on bicycles. They weigh a lot less and they're better for the metro landscape. Hating bicycle adoption is like the antithesis of /n/,
I bash citi bikers all the time but it's like the 1980s martial arts movies. You talk shit all you want but at some point you make peace with the petty neighborhood criminals and team up to fight the REAL bad guys.
so many.childish threads

File: commuters_2650790b.jpg (96 KB, 620x387)
96 KB
Who are these little men in flashy and tight clothing that scoot by on these hunched-over tiny-framed human-propelled velocipides? I see more and more of them in London. They always have a sad look on their faces and they look generally miserable. How can men sink that low? Who in the right mind cycles through busy stinking, unhealthy traffic? Do they have capacity to think or are these NPCs? And there are so many them. Are these the beta males of society? Is this the 80% of men who can't get laid? I truly wonder when I ride past them on my sport motorbike and when I sit in front of them at the red lights spouting out fumes in their faces. How do they just accept it?
11 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
I commute on a bike bridge that goes over the busiest highway in my city. Looking down at the highway that has become a parking lot at 5pm while I leisurely bike over the mess brings joy to my heart every day.
all recumbent cyclists
>Why are people who live and work in a city miserable
Who'd have thunk it?
I regularly chose to use my bike over my motorcycle because exercise is good and I don't want to become too much of a fat lazy piece of shit given that my job is sitting down all day.
This isn't exactly rocket surgery
File: gdit.jpg (3 KB, 125x98)
3 KB
Not sure if this is an English thing or not. I live in the US and have ridden for as long as I can remember. Also swimming in poonannie.
>>Who in the right mind cycles through busy stinking, unhealthy traffic?

you do , except you're sitting on top of an engine, but basically have the same protection as a cyclist

this is a stupid bait thread and you will get many bugs in you face for starting it

File: flat_bicycle_tire.jpg (73 KB, 640x425)
73 KB
fixed a flat in 3minutes 18seconds today

whats your record?
12 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.

the solid tires master race laughs at your pathetic existence
File: 31mm.jpg (26 KB, 420x300)
26 KB

I took the carbs off my EX250 in under 10 minutes one time.

Unbeknownst to me at the time I had a leaky gas cap so I got a lot of practice.
>t. fatty
I need 2 minutes on my S51.
120 seconds once, but i also work at a LBS and have a bike stand to clamp the bike into.. Thats from starting in the frame, and ending with it back in the frame ready to ride.

File: tqC98dF0.jpg (79 KB, 500x295)
79 KB
Is it safer to rely on bicycles as the main form of transport in these traffic conditions than conditions where the amount of four-wheeled vehicles exceed that of the two-wheeleds?
5 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
No, walking and rail/bus are the desirable means. Bikes and cars are part of an individualistic group that requires dedicated infrastructure for private people. Yet, as we are tired of hearing, they are better than cars.
this is going to be my favorit copy-pasta.
Aren't these motorcyclist much more reckless than car drivers though?
Where is that India?

I cannot imagine dealing with that daily.
I don't think it matters much since their average speed can't be higher than 3 mi/h. I think everyone is better of walking.

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