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File: London Traffic.jpg (125 KB, 960x600)
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But the thing is how are you handle all those excess passengers after building multiple heavy rail and a few light rail line and that they still overflow, and also to destinations that are not very convenient from those rail stations? That's where buses come into place. And since the main point is about convenience, you would want them to be spread everywhere
File: 1527766298567.jpg (333 KB, 1247x636)
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333 KB JPG
>replacing all of these bus routes with trams in the clusterfuck of the streetplan that is london.
Nuke it.
File: london destroyed.gif (950 KB, 500x200)
950 KB
950 KB GIF
I second this.

File: buff-bike.jpg (20 KB, 300x225)
20 KB
So guys, I'm gonna be using a bike for doing deliveries on, I bought this one last night on a whim but I'm regretting it now as I live a fair few miles from the city and it will probably take it out of me each day riding in on a single speed bike

Here's the one I bought:

Was planning on changing the tyres at some point obviously.

And here's what I plan on buying instead:


What is the Shimano Claris gearset like?

I've looked at Trek FX's on Gumtree and Ebay but I can't find anything decent, they all look beat up and shit.
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Street cred seems to be so important to op considering he'd rather have a flat bar version over a drop bar
lol since when are flat bars cool
Flats have a functional appeal, I roll flats because I like having a lot of shit on my bars.
Single speeds really dont.
>a lot of shit on my bars
Like.. What kind of shit do you mean?
You have like 3 sigmas and 5 different lights, a bell and a fucking horn?
Where do you put your hands if you fill your bars up with useless shit?
>Where do you put your hands
On the grips


So apparently there have been proposals for a while to dig a tunnel that connects Boston's North and South commuter rail stations, but nothing has ever left the drawing board.

This could theoretically allow continuous high speed rail access from New York City all the way to Portland, Maine. The catch though, is that the MBTA would have to 1) electrify their entire route and 2) scrap most of their fleet of diesel locomotives which would fill the tunnels with toxic fumes, though I'd imagine they'd keep some for the routes that don't pass through the link and buy some electric locomotives for the routes that do.

So this proposal suffers from the cost of enormous capital investment an uncertainty about the benefits to the existing rail infrastructure.

How would /n/ feel this should be done? I've lived in Boston my whole life and only JUST learned about this shit.
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File: index.jpg (9 KB, 300x168)
9 KB
>Boston in charge of massive infrastructure projects

Never gonna happen.


They should convert the I-93 tunnels into rail lines and put all the I-93 traffic on surface level. If you get rid of the greenway there should be just enough room.
They should turn Boston into a starvation ghetto, then demolish and bury the city and suburbs under the topsoil. They think they’re the capital of New England because they’re the fattest, most retarded kid in class. HSR starts to make sense when you use the Hancock building as a foundation for a p-town to Portland corridor

Whoa there, save that shit for Detroit.

File: 1.png (160 KB, 1920x1080)
160 KB
160 KB PNG

Does anyone else on /n/ play SimplePlanes? If yes, share your birds and rate each other's autism.

This game is /n/ incarnate. It's about time we had a SimplePlanes thread.
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File: flaps2.png (1.65 MB, 1920x1080)
1.65 MB
1.65 MB PNG
File: flaps3.png (1.37 MB, 1920x1080)
1.37 MB
1.37 MB PNG
Inside the temple again.
I can only count 9.
File: volcano 1.png (1.4 MB, 1920x1080)
1.4 MB
1.4 MB PNG


File: BMW-C1-E-Scooter-6[1].jpg (216 KB, 1280x960)
216 KB
216 KB JPG
Why didn't the car-scooter concept catch on?
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Try driving that thing through one winter.
>No airbags
>No protection from weather
Mostly Government regulations and car industry profitability.
wrong. As cager I'll not buy it, because it lacks basic features like airbag and roof.
File: 1488004735434.jpg (282 KB, 1949x1022)
282 KB
282 KB JPG
heavy and bulky
not enough advantage over a motor cycle or kei car

File: OER7000-1.jpg (3.73 MB, 3111x2333)
3.73 MB
3.73 MB JPG
Japanese railroad geek posts Japanese railroad photos.
Also,I will answer questions about Japan's railway.
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Sorry, I have not been to Shikoku yet.
However, I can say that the Shikoku Shinkansen has not yet planned for construction yet.
And in Shikoku, diesel cars that resemble Shinkansen 0 series are running.
Odawara station is a nice place to take pictures of JR trains
How about those vanity 762mm lines?
And os there any board gauge lines in Japan?
why old Keio and Tōkyu trains exist on almost every small electric railways?
At that age if they can get +1yen the scrap value they don't mind handing down rolling stock to these small railroads.
Good thing really.

>"hey come on our group ride. we start at 6am, go for 60 miles then all go out to eat"
i go. they are all going 10mph despite being kitted out on carbon bikes. being drenched in sweat does not cause any hesitation as they pile into a shitty chain restaurant (chili's) and drip sweat all over 3 tables, a booth and 13 chairs. they all order beers and stuff themselves to the brim with wings and other garbage tier food.
Not sure how any of them got home honestly.

so i wait for the advanced group ride
>6 riders total
>17mph is better
>they're huge assholes on the road running red lights, cutting off cars, taking the lane when there's a huge bike lane to ride in, throw gel tubes, co2 cartridges and other shit into the middle of the street
holy fuck, i almost snapped at them

>"hey there's a duathalon next weekend, wanna join? it's only $100"
no i dont wanna do your shitty duathalaon at 12 mph on the bike then pull every muscle in my legs trying to run for the first time in years. is pecifically cycle so i dont have to run and get hurt/sore.

i walk into store to buy a new bike
i know exactly what i want, just want to test ride first

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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People that expect shit for free are charity cases.
You are absolutely wrong in this assumption. Shimano has garbage tier pricing control that dates back to the 90s. These sites are just buying parts in the Asia-Pacific market and selling in the us market. Bike shops in north america are all on a pretty similar pricing structure with shimano. Even the biggest ones are only paying about 10% less than the mom and pops.

Most quality brands have adoped responsible price controls. Shimano has been getting big heat and have hinted at trying to fix their system.
Buying asain pacific markets if you are lucky. The grey market is real. Sram and shimano both have issued sercice bulletin warnings about counterfit parts and parts that got canned in quality control that somehow made it to market
Shit is stupid.
I have bought 2 schwalbe durano tyres for less online via crc than I could get them via our wholesaler.
Pricing is fucked up or what?
I like my LBS, the owner is good with banter and they've helped show me how to fix stuff on my bike a few times so I don't need to come in next time after I bought the tools, saved myself some decent money that way.

>"Hey, given my weight is there a class I could race in?"
>"Yes. Cars."

File: Transrapid-emsland.jpg (232 KB, 1152x768)
232 KB
232 KB JPG
Could /n/ explain the differences between Inductrack, Transrapid and the SCMaglev system?

Which one do you prefer?
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Problem with SCMaglev is the strong magnetic field from the vehicle's superconducting maglev requires shielding to protect passengers.
Inductrack can also achieve levitation at lower speeds than SCMaglev since it uses the Halbach array arrangement, which also directs and limits magnetic field to below the vehicle. This localizing effect eliminates the shielding requirement iirc.
If you use EMS you would have to pay attention to passenger load as well, as overweight would mean the vehicle would be unable to levitate, sitting dead on the track. In EDS this would simply necessitates higher speed to achieve levitation, and the track would be well-protected by the use of wheel contact designed from the beginning.
This has happened before in the conventional speed vehicle-primary LIM EMS Linimo system near Nagoya during the World Expo. Another thing to watch out for EMS from its experience is high wind speed (which would negatively affects the stability) can shutdown such systems.
Be aware there are several versions of Inductrack.
Are you also the one who made the thread >>1194000 and as such trying to use the board to complete your homework?
If I had a paper on something I'd do the research myself instead of asking 4chan.

I'm a government major, I just really like trains.

If a high-speed rail network ever happened, would the Rust Belt be the prime place to build it?

Cities are perfectly spaced apart, land is cheap, and the locals might not be big enough assholes to protest it the way they did in Texas.
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The USA needs to be destroyed and replaced by a new government for you to see the kind of cultural shift that would make this possible.
>locals might not be big enough assholes
you never been to Cincinnati then
This is ducking amazing to me. There’s a group of activists called Texans Against High Speed Rail trying to get people to fight this project. They’ve been trying to build for over 4 years but Texans are such assholes they won’t let it happen


However I shouldn’t be surprised since this group is funded by the Kochs.
>Board of Directors
>Chairman: Ben Leman
>Take campaign cash from toll road construction company https://empowertexans.com/around-texas/ben-leman-takes-campaign-cash-from-toll-road-construction-company/
>Former CEO of Merrimac Manufacturing, Inc, a company that make parts for drilling and he sold the company to Forum Energy Technologies in 2012 http://www.rttnews.com/2018091/forum-energy-technologies-buys-merrimac-manufacturing.aspx
I did some deep digging on TAHSR.

They're a 501(c)(4) org, so they're not required to publicly report their donors (and they don't). They are, however, required to report lobbying.

According to the docs from 2015-2016, they spend $20,000 on lobbying in the Texas legislature per quarter. That's $80,000 annually. Their donors clearly have deep pockets.

Funnily enough, TAHSR got dropped by their last lobbying firm when DART (Dallas transit agency) realized they were using the same firm as them. DART made it very clear to them that they were IN FAVOR of the HSR project, and would be taking their business elsewhere if the firm continued to have TAHSR as a client.

The last bit of shadiness is pretty buried. Kyle Workman, one of the head honchos of the group, is the son of Paul Workman, a Texas legislator. Kyle intentionally tries to hide this fact so he can appear to be "one of the people." Apparrently people tend to be more suspicious of your motivations if they know your dad's a politician.

File: file.png (3.05 MB, 1444x820)
3.05 MB
3.05 MB PNG
Does your country have an efficient, comfortable public transport system?

Singapore yes
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File: you_are_wrong.png (234 KB, 500x400)
234 KB
234 KB PNG
The whole "car culture" thing is vastly overplayed, it was instilled by the media starting in the 1950's. Before WW2 owning a car in a major city was mostly for upper class or at least upper middle class people. Most people rode transit, and long-distance trains only started dying in the 1950's, also after ww2. I'm not denying the public perception of car culture, I'm just saying that it's more of an artificially forced idea than an actual, traditional thing.
However, it still works the same today. The idea that driving a car, sitting in traffic for 2, 3 hours each way and having 12-lane superhighways is "normal" is just a meme forced by the media. It's a massive waste of money, both tax money and personal expense, because it's inefficient as fuck. Yet many people buy into that bs that transit is "expensive" while ignoring the huge costs of massive car use. Why? Because the idea is force-fed to them 24/7.
Phoenix is okay

It's all good if you stay in and around the Brussels-Ghent-Antwerp triangle, with the exception of the S-train line that goes through the shit part of Brussels, but pretty shit and inefficient anywhere else. Our trains are /comfy/ though, and also pretty cheap (there's a lot of ways you can be eligible for special fare prices, and a lot of special deals on certain days or periods, you just have to know them).

In wallonia where I grew up, trains are an absolute surrealist clusterfuck: you can have expected trains not coming, or coming but not going where they're supposed to; sometimes they even go to other places instead, we call these "surprise stations". Apart from the surprise stations there are also surprise trains, that appear out of nowhere, at times where no train should come, and just happen to be going to whatever bumfuck village you were starting to consider hitchhiking to (sometimes even at night past the time where service should have ended, I kid you not). Then there's also the times where trains don't align with platforms and the last couple of doors open with no platform to dismount on (ok in all seriousness this ine is now fixed, but it was a thing when I was a child).
File: 13-buscomng-jpg.jpg (84 KB, 1000x750)
84 KB
Toronto, no.

What bike should I buy to do deliveroo and ubereats on around central/south east london? I was planning on financing a moped to do it on but it got declined unfortunately. So now I'm going to work my way up by starting on a bike. A used Trek FX?
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One at that price will be unreliable as fuck though
As a delivery boy, I tell this to prospecting delivery boys.

>Get something cheap and reliable
>Do your own maintenance, in the field and at home. You won't make enough to afford a bike mech
>Go at a moderately slow pace or you'll burn yourself out in the first or second job
Different, lazier delivery boy here. If you're out of shape, and you probably are, even a small ebike motor helps a lot with endurance and not taking an hour to bring someone their burrito (or whatever y'all order over there)



Which one should I buy?

We discover a new island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. The temperatures range from 100F (38C) in summer to 32F (0C) in winter with maximum 6 inches (15cm) snowfall per year. Most months are warm or hot.

It's mostly flat with a few patches of rolling hills.

You are in charge of designing the infrastructure, including transportation. Tell me your designs and ideas.
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What this anon said
With that much ocean around it at a lowish temperate latitude, say 38 degrees north it'll probably have quite a small temperature difference between winter and summer and should have good rainfall year round, closest analogue would be the Azores.

In the north Atlantic it might also be in the path of the gulf stream making it potentially even warmer in winter.
Also if it only drops down to zero degrees C in winter it shouldn't have much snowfall, you need temperatures well below that for anything more than some frost and slush.
walking and horse riding on dirt roads only anything else and you get decapitated in front of a statue of Ted Kaczynski
How large is it? What resources does it have?
Perhaps it's situated as north as the longitude of Ireland or further south than Saint Helena
Do not construct any roads. Some trails for people to walk across, and at most a few path for bicycles or mopeds or golf carts connecting different parts of the island together.
Airport is necessary but let's do this by reclamation. So as pier.
Or maybe just use seaplane
What biodiversity will a new island have?
deliveries can be via bikes and such
What kind of infrastructure will scientists, researchers, and the likes need for such islands? I assume not much more than those that are on Kerguelen Islands which was basically just a few helipads
I support this post

File: lance.jpg (62 KB, 600x810)
62 KB
where the fuck do you get a good jersey at. not some boring dhb shit
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thats the point when you unzip this useless bullshit and look like a total retard because because its making you hot?
I might if I was driving the same car as the pros
Training and racing require effort I do not understand this post
Rapha or gtfo
I bought Rapha and the fit was shit. $20 knockoff Rapha from Amazon was better

>ride to work
>80% humidity
sweat so bad it drenches jersey and voidsthe sweat-wicking© properties
how to deal with this?
9 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
>wat is a gym membership
At work?
Maybe you really do work at Globex.
I even have a sauna at work. Though I'm usually too lazy to set it up the previous night so that it's ready when I get to work on the morning.
I work for a small business that doesn't even have a receptionist at the front desk, the gym membership I pay for myself, about half of it (first $400 annually) gets reimbursed by my health insurance
If it's already 85f when you are leaving for work then you are probably leaving too late for commute by bicycle to be feasible while maintaining good hygiene. Ask your boss if you can start working earlier in the day or take a sponge bath in the office bathroom if you want to bike (your choice).

For reasons too petty to go into, I'm trying to build a bike under a certain amount of money to take a locally popular strava segment from a douche I know who used a faired recumbent to score the KOM.

The part I need help with is the aero bars. I want to make them both literally and visibly cheap. It will help with the reaction when he asks how I took his strava segment and I show him the bike, so buying them for cheap on craigslist will not do. They need to look ghetto as fuck. Any ideas? Could I just buy a couple steel pipes and some bolt fastener of some sort to get aero bars? If so, what sort of pipe and what sort of fastener? I have a vague idea of how this could work, but I need specifics from someone who knows what they're talking about.
24 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: Obree.jpg (24 KB, 324x276)
24 KB
Even the man himself switched over to aeros, what the hell are you on about?
He switched because the UCI made him
Superman isn't UCI legal and he switched because his earlier position was banned. Stop being retarded. And at least the original old faithful design still kind of looks like bike handlebars.

here's a youtube embed of the video featured in that article

It's a good watch but if you just want results, skip to 11:50.
File: pepeglasses.png (54 KB, 229x220)
54 KB

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