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>it's a reefer madness episode
>bananarama - cruel summer starts playing
this post makes me think of the monster mash. Am I the only one? I don't know why.


TTC font edition

Old thread: >>1090059
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I still don't understand what are those protests are all about.
One italian restaurant which prays on tourists doesn't like streetcars, for some reason.
Almost all the other businesses in the area don't give a shit and are cooperating, except for this asshole.
I always thought that the hockey on King St was actually a celebration of the pilot project, as in "look! we can now play hockey in the streets like we used to do as kids in the suburbs! Isn't this project great?" Seems like such a dumb way to protest. Idiots
Well too bad the media isn't cooperating. They love feeding this gino attention
is it hard to get a stop sign added to a street? I complained about some trees once & they were cut down

File: 20180220_164928.jpg (2.36 MB, 5312x2988)
2.36 MB
2.36 MB JPG
>in the event of emergency, prepare for goatse
What did Alstom mean by this?
it doesn't say that. Don't bother trying to read the blurry image. It's bullshit.
>no fun allowed
File: train_has_bath.jpg (693 KB, 2048x1536)
693 KB
693 KB JPG
1: Caution! Magnetic objects will be attracted by red cyclops ayylmao overlord

2: All hail red cyclops ayylmao overlord! There is no escape from their radiation!! Surrender!!!

Why is the mini cruiser the ultimate mean of a college student's transportation?
>maintenance is literally oil, a towel, skate tool and spare wheels+bearings
beat me /n/
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/asp/ has a general with a name so cool other threads try to copy it. Search of the eternal skaterboard general
WHat is walking
Just run, lol
I started college recently and I'm interested in learning how to skate for trnasportation, what kind of skateboard should I start with?

File: Man_riding_a_longboard.jpg (304 KB, 390x629)
304 KB
304 KB JPG
How do you learn to ride switch?
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Start out sub then earn your role as a dom through sodomy rites
What about nose manual?
Same, it's always a practrice. Also I hope you're not riding on a gay longboard.
Just do it you fuck. Go out there and fall and hurt yourself until you learn not to fall and hurt yourself.

Kids these days...
File: IMG_4622.jpg (110 KB, 640x1136)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
Get comfortable riding down really low grade hills. Also, learn how to jump off switch, just in case anything happens. I start all my downhill runs switch then go to regular, really freaks out all the other riders lmao

File: help.jpg (132 KB, 800x533)
132 KB
132 KB JPG
Hay fag would you like to save a piece of history
Locomotive 503 is about to be scraped any help would do
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How did you post twice within one minute?
The magic of being a fag and donating
Donated $250 yesterday. God speed. You guys are gonna do it.

Are they actually under the impression they can get it running again?

They'd need like $2 million USD.

File: serveimage(20).jpg (569 KB, 3360x2240)
569 KB
569 KB JPG
Thoughts on ebikes for commuting?
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>It is actualy pretty reasinable...


>Fixing e-bikes at work

The only time I hate more is prepping DOT fluid for a bleed...
Yeah it's complete shit. You aren't allowed to use bike lanes or mtb trails for instance. That is the EU/German war against all kind of electric mobility. They are kinda fanatic with this.

Custom built for private use.

Wrong. It's all according to regulations. The headlight for instance is an requirement by the German TüV.
Very futuristic indeed
Motorized so I would rather ride a motorcycle/moped instead of this.

Do Americans not know what bikes are?
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*sigh* For the last time, it's a FLAT BAR ROAD BIKE!
>750mm wide trail bars
>knobbly mtb tyres
>no mounting points anywhere for anything

Who are you to judge where he rides it?
Does it realy matter?
riding > not riding
I'm just saying, people are talking about lacking storage space for bikes, wide boat bars do no fucking favours for that. I know that because getting my mtb through the door is a pain.

File: 6f8.png (247 KB, 760x572)
247 KB
247 KB PNG
I have a 90s bike with shimano 105sc groupset. I was curious what kind of brake pads are compatible. Any newer 105 pads?

All road pads are compatible.
ty ty

File: 19810731-1-P-1.jpg (58 KB, 500x300)
58 KB
How safe is the DeHavilland Twin Otter? Are they more prone to crash then other planes, or are all the stories just fear mongering?
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It's a counter argument when someone suggested the crash of DeHavilland Twin Otter that killed a politician was a CIA assassination.
Loganair operate a Twin Otter from Glasgow to Barra.

Fun fact, Barra airport is nothing but a beach and a control tower since it's a remote Scottish island. The airport can close due to wind or due to high tides, so it's one of those weird things.

These aircraft are safe in Europe, but they're very rare to see.
Fear mongering. Used to live in the Northwest Territory, Canada and twin otters are everywhere. Rare to hear them crashing.
File: Cessna 408 SkyCourier.png (96 KB, 1800x613)
96 KB

>not posting superior version
So if you don't hear it crashing it never happened?

Just started riding daily about a month ago. How long until my taint pain goes away ;_;
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>Road biking is dangerous and pointless
Just where do you think you are?
You're on /n/ - Transportation.
Not /sp/ - how to spend your spare time instead of working out how to exercise in the course of your day.
Not /fit/ - post your chest for homos to admire
Not /o/ - cager central
You're on /n/, and road bikes are a great form of transportation. And you can't beat the heightened feeling of accomplishment and sense of exploration you can get from actually riding a bike with some bored cager toy.
When does the vagina pain go away, girls? Ouch!
Listen, OP, and the rest of you who may or may not be totally clueless about saddles and bike fit:

You need to have not only the right *size* saddle for you, but the right *shape* saddle.

Selle Italia has a fitting system based on measurements of your body. If your thighs, for instance, are larger than the average cyclist, you need a different *shape* saddle as well as the correct width for your ischial tuberosities ("sit bones"). Otherwise you might end up sitting too far forward, placing more pressure on your perineum ("taint"), making riding painful, and making your penis go numb. You could even break a saddle that way, if it's a lightweight racing saddle.

Whatever saddle a bike comes with from the factory (or whoever you bought the bike from used) may not be the right size and shape for you. Seek out someone who actually is skilled and experienced in bike fitting, they will be able to help you find the right size and shape saddle, and get it adjusted (along with the rest of the bike) so that riding is both as comfortable and efficient as it can be. For the vast majority of all of you, you will have to have this done exaclty ONCE unless you make major changes to the bike (stem, bars, pedals, etc). It's worth the expense. Just be sure you're going to someone who actually knows what the hell they're doing, not just some salesperson in a bike shop who knows the basics, more-or-less, and DGAF whether it's really right or not. Many cycling coaches (who train racers) know how to do this; seek them out, even if they don't do it themselves they'll recommend someone who does know what they're doing.
I have some ; )

File: 1415435388827.jpg (276 KB, 502x800)
276 KB
276 KB JPG
why are cyclist such horrible snobs?

Just look at this picrel strayan douchebag - when he rode for Megalized he had to do the sponsor rides with Schlek bros and he just had to virtue signal with green TLD baggies. Also plenty of numale fags are now into cycling but also into moto.

In fact, why are all racers (moto, cars, whatever) so douchy?
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They have hobbies that require high amounts of disposable income. That's why the only people on bicycles are chads/hipsters/homeless people
I don't see a problem with any of that. Wear what you like.
there really is no need to discuss this, douchy anon

>combat sport

Kick rocks nerd.

Minneapolis is the best place in the world for urban cycling. Prove me wrong. Protip: You literally cannot.
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File: C H I C A G O.jpg (271 KB, 1920x1080)
271 KB
271 KB JPG
Why is it not Minneapolis and why is it Chicago?
>air pollution.jpeg
utrecht called and said be serious, anon.
>Minneapolis is the best place in the world for urban cycling 3 months out of the year...
If by "freezing cold" you mean below freezing (32 degrees Fahrenheit), then you're a pathetic faggot. If you mean extreme cold, as in weather that is cold enough to make being outside substantially uncomfortable even in warm clothing, then that only happens in Minneapolis a few days per year. I have been riding bikes for almost my entire life (likely since before you were born), so fuck off with "hasn't been biking long enough". Cycling in Minneapolis is great in December, January, and February. Now fuck off.
*12 months out of the year

File: raleigh-cadent-3-1.jpg (143 KB, 1423x893)
143 KB
143 KB JPG
Beginner to biking and would like a bike that I can use on mainly paved trails. I have my eyes set on Raleigh's Cadent 3 & 4. They seem very similar and I was wondering if it'd be worth spending the extra $$$ on the Cadent 4. Would like some insight, please.


25 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>Apex about the same tier as Tiagra
The tiers vary from year to year. Apex is SRAM's entry level road. 11 speed vs 11 speed.
so do the cadent 4's (2017) have good or bad apex
But that says nothing about quality.

I don't see it being worse than Claris, in any case.
a vilano aluminum road bike seems sweet

Hey guys, currently living in Brazil and thinking on making a gravel/cyclocross bike for really cheap since that kind of bikes aren't popular here and the cheapest used one I can find goes for about 1000 bucks.

So, the plan is to get a Btwin Triban 100, which has 700x32 tires and a relaxed road bike geometry, and upgrade the brifters to Shimano Tourney A70 road hoods (yep, they exist).

So with that humble setup I would put some slime to the tires and rock up easily some trails around Belo Horizonte to see which components I need to upgrade as they fall apart

What could go wrong?
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Alright, maybe it's better to convert an old MTB, there's plent of Caloi here
CX bikes are more like road bikes converted for offroad than the other way around
Remember there's also the brake clearance issue, if you ride through mud those road calipers will gunk up in no time. I agree with the other anons about slapping some drop bars on a 90s rigid MTB.
>Drop bars for off road riding
If you aren't racing don't bother. If you are racing serious consider moving to a MTB discipline.
File: ritchey tom slick.jpg (36 KB, 880x586)
36 KB
>90's rigid mtb

This, put some slicks on it and drop bars if you wish so and there you go

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