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File: 1508602138840.jpg (154 KB, 442x509)
154 KB
154 KB JPG
If the pilots died would you be able to land a jet liner at 40 000 ft?
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>A good landing is one you can walk away from. A great landing is one in which they can use the plane again.
Idealistically I'd make a great landing
Realistically a good one
>would you be able to land a jet liner at 40 000 ft?
Can't land in the air, dummy.
It is an if/if, I flew enough in flight simulators to guide a plane somewhere, depending on the fuel and type of aircraft. Huge 747 nah, but small planes sure. I might fuck up the landing gear, and be confused as to where the wheel brakes are.
Ya, while blind stinking drunk, blind-folded, with one hand, while getting my hydraulics blown out by the cute blonde stewardess from economy class.

File: 20180721_165703.jpg (2.04 MB, 2576x1932)
2.04 MB
2.04 MB JPG
So I blew up my cottered cranks on a track bike I just recently acquired while accelerating... didn't crash, thankfully. No damage to the frame. Managed to roll safely to a stop. Need to replace the cranks. I want to use something modern and stiff because I actually intend to do some track racing on an indoor velodrome with this bike. I'm poor af but I train hard, so I'm using a steel frame. The bottom bracket is french threaded, so both sides are right hand threaded, one has a lockring, and they're 25.4 TPI.

I've found a company that makes a 103mm square taper bb that fits any 68mm shell (english, french and swiss). It uses a design that threads into itself and just sort of stays there with friction and some locktite, I think. I don't have any experience with more modern bottom bracket standards. Is there some way I could find a similar design that uses the GXP standard so I can throw a SRAM Omnium on there? Or any other non-square taper design?
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Goddamn, OP, it's a good thing I wasn't taking a sip off my beer when I saw that pic at full resolution, I would have spit it all over my monitor.
>fucking French engineers, when will they learn?
How the hell did that thing even last as long as it did? If you've got quads at all you'd for sure shatter than fucking thing. When it was in one piece did it flex like a son-of-a-bitch when you sprinted? Seriously WTF.
I had it for less than a week and I got it in exchange for 8 hours of labor at a local bike charity. They couldn't use it because it wasn't drilled for brakes and uses tubular tires and I did some pretty heavy lifting for them. When it broke I was cornering really hard and then went into a dead sprint. I was only riding it in the street to get used to fixed gear riding. I'm so completely used to my steel frame road bike that I needed to tool around with it for a week or two before learning to ride on the velodrome.
That's the second best offer I've had after getting this track bike.
I put one of these on my commuter like a year ago.

So far so good and it did well thru the winter snow salt slush and such. Make sure to use some blue locktite.
It lasted 50 years give or take.

File: bottom-bracket-hero.jpg (49 KB, 800x499)
49 KB
So what's the consensus on threaded BBs vs press fit? Is press-fit just a giant meme to get me to buy their expensive ass tools to remove cartridge bearings?
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How slow are you lol
>How slow are you
How sad are you
Not UCI approved. Besides aren't they also mostly press fit?
Reminder that Team Sky uses threaded BBs

File: City1.png (2.77 MB, 1412x956)
2.77 MB
2.77 MB PNG
I almost barfed when I finally got into work, SUCH a close call. You were bombing down Bute St just south of Robson, doing absolutely nothing wrong. I was pointed north and turning left into the alley. I only saw you at the last moment and hit my brakes. You never would have had a chance. I'm a very defensive attentive driver but I just didn't see you, even though you were right in the middle of the road. The problem was that you were wearing head to toe grey and had a narrow bike looking from the front. It's a bit uphill there for me so you were a small blob of grey on a grey asphalt background. I had to look right at you to see you, which I only barely did in time. Very sorry. I don't even think you were aware I was about to turn there by mistake.

Advice: wear more visible colors. Be aware of when people might not see you. Go slower unless you can see someone see you and ride defensively. If I didn't see you there at the very last moment, you were a goner. And I'm a cyclist friendly road star with 20/20 vision who doesn't want even a scratch on his car. Now imagine the average driver. Just a matter of time.
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He's not draping the actual flag over himself retard
File: 2h3mpi1.png (128 KB, 150x139)
128 KB
128 KB PNG
>flag code
Guys, it's just a flag, in most first world countries you can even burn the flag and nobody can stop you
>I'm a very defensive attentive driver
>Telling me when i can and when I cannot display my patriotism.
Be very careful what you say next scum.
bruh it's against the code to wear the printed patten of the flag as clothing.

File: Bus_interior_light_01.jpg (246 KB, 1600x1200)
246 KB
246 KB JPG
Why do some buses have blue interior lights? To reduce reflections in windscreen, or to party after workday?
Why do new modern train make some funny noises?
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>If you don't specify time of occurence for those sounds no guess can be the best.
During acceleration and braking.
File: 1527312076048.png (81 KB, 713x809)
81 KB
Nighttime on a Greyhound is maximum comfy. Once, I even slept learning on this snorlax sized lesbian and she fucking let me; said she didn't wanna bother waking me.
Some weebs were watching basketball anime a row ahead.
Will soon be changed
More like
>Brrooooooo Breeee Viiiiiiiiiiii (silence)
But I guess it depends on inverter.

Why doesn't he have any competition?
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The course does not suit Sagan's strengths.

He won his national jersey and is going for the European championship one instead.
How does this idiot Sagan have the worst tattoos imaginable? He is seems like genuine euro-trash.
Actually well above average for a slav. It's all relative you know.
If the GC was all that mattered, why do people and teams who can not dream of competing for the GC ride in it?
It doesn't, but he's still going to go for it, and I think that the mad bastard has a decent chance. That evil bastard of a climb with the 28% section has guys like Nibali trying to figure out how they're going to do it, so I feel like anyone who is a strong rider has a chance, if the skellys blow up.
Slav life.
>why do people and teams who can not dream of competing for the GC ride in it?

ad revenue, cycling is an industry and the TDF is the main event for advertising... why do they make brand new commercials for the superbowl?

File: SHANP-Gausit.jpg (194 KB, 800x800)
194 KB
194 KB JPG
Hi there I work in the bike industry and i see some pretty crazy stuff, i thought it would be cool to share on my spare time to you guys. , maybe some remember a post i did months ago, this is the 2nd round.

Check out this handlebar design.
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Where can I buy a pair of these.
File: GIPHN.jpg (138 KB, 800x450)
138 KB
138 KB JPG
continue to make you guys dream
do you have any about buying directly from taiwan or china?
File: Ytlong.jpg (759 KB, 750x922)
759 KB
759 KB JPG
check taobao for china directly, and Ruten for Taiwan. But be armed with patience and a very good translator website to find your graal.
How does one pronounce that? Gook-shit?

File: esk8 ride.jpg (444 KB, 1999x1334)
444 KB
444 KB JPG
post your death trap
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it's because the op image is not someone using an electric board to go anywhere. their usage is (extreme) sport
Which is exactly the same as mountain biking for fun.
As a skier I strongly support this statement.
Thanks for the support my dude
What exactly upsets you about this?

Prove me wrong
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The latter one, and it has been proven too, steel memer
lmao steel is not rigid. People like it because it's pliable. Dumbass.
Wouldn't titanium be the most ideal for strength to weight ratio? Steel is just cheap.
yeah but it's apparently difficult to weld properly so you pay even more than the Ti tubes for welding expertise. If you buy cheap titanium, the welds come apart, it's kind of analogous to the carbon=good but cheap carbon=death trap situation. you have to pay like double for QC. No big manufacturers even do titanium anymore, I think you have to get custom so nobody bothers, they just go carbon.
No, carbon fiber has a better specific strength.

I forget where, but I found this map posted on reddit of possible expansion/changes to the current Northeast train system.

Here: https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?ll=40.813037842067175%2C-73.94371751344602&hl=en&z=8&mid=16NJdQyX8pERrEfQTeFvzpdX1ivw

Maybe one of you anon's is behind it, but someone is and they've put alot of time into it.
What are your opinions on some of the routes purposed and some of the changes that it suggests?
It definitely looks like it's not finished. so maybe we can help the author with some ideas.
9 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
good points

btw you can reply to specific posts by clicking on the post's number or copy-pasting the number after ">>"

Also what about having a Columbus Blvd Light rail train that wraps around to the navy yard?
I took out the Columbus Boulevard LRT , I don't there will be enough ridership to justify it.
When you get around to doing Boston's Subway system, let me know, because I have some incredible ideas and plans for it.
I'm probably a few months away from adding and expanding the map.
I've downloaded the KML file. I'll touch everything up, add in my suggestions and post the link when I've finished them.
This map has serious potential, MC. If we can crowdsource a fantasy transit map of the entire US, that would be incredible.

File: barney it begins.jpg (151 KB, 500x376)
151 KB
151 KB JPG
Melbourne finally building airport rail link
airport rail link 22: electric boogaloo

looks like this one is actually going to be done though, this government seems to actually build things and they're our best chance of an improved pt system
Convince me that skybus doesn't work and maybe I'll consider that this is worth building
no one is saying skybus doesnt work, it's just not enough
What route have they chosen?
via sunshine

File: serveimage.jpg (75 KB, 940x350)
75 KB
hey /n/,
not sure this is the right board to ask, but let me try anyway:

I'm doing a private pilot's course, and the learning materails provided by the school are kinda shitty. I've found a bunch of good videos on youtube, but I'm more of a book-learning kinda person, so I'm looking to download/read online books covering the whole private pilot course (IFR would be a great bonus too).

Any help appreciated.

tl;dr looking for books (not videos) covering private pilot course
5 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
ooh a bundle
I'm doing my training in Bolivia. Kinda ended up here at random while travelling. I plan to enventually convalidate my license in the US though.

yep I'm loaded on my pdfs now, all set!

thanks guys!
>nice big pictures and diagrams

Coming soon in pop-up format.
To add to this, these documents are great references for concepts you learn during your schooling, they aren't necessarily a curriculum to follow. And I agree, they are great documents
This is only sorta on topic, but I'm a sim pilot with little prospect of doing the real thing any time soon (medical reasons), and I'd like to learn how to properly plan and fly IFR. Most of the learning resources I can find are meant for real pilots and are priced accordingly. Is there anything decent out there that will help me learn the basics for free or at least cheap?

File: musk.jpg (23 KB, 455x459)
23 KB
Has won bid to build high speed rail to O'Hare airport.
62 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
I was thinking the same thing. Maybe this express train can have more comfortable seats and a luggage car.
>Never implemented
Are you sure about that?
>Petitioning cities
You should just charge people a premium for allowing them to setup entrances into your system.
Read the thread they aren't building trains
This looks exactly like H-Bahn in Dortmund and Düsseldorf, Germany, except those are suspended.
SpaceX is currently the cheapest space launch service on a $/kg basis.

That's a pretty big accomplishment honestly. It'd definitely go to my head.

File: MD-80.jpg (63 KB, 1170x429)
63 KB
What does /n/ think of the penis plane?
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I am fairly sure that at this point that by the time of the beginning of the heat death of the universe comes, the MD-80 will be there to see it.
File: maxresdefault (2).jpg (151 KB, 1362x734)
151 KB
151 KB JPG
i like how airbus planes call you a retard 3 times on every landing

also md-80 best cockpit:
File: 1524083978702.png (366 KB, 584x470)
366 KB
366 KB PNG

>stuck sitting at the back of the plane 2ft away from the engines
I'm old enough to remember sitting at the back of a 727, I think that was even worse than an MD-80.
Hey I've got a question.

I've got to take an emergency flight with my girlfriend this coming week and we have two guinea pigs. I'm looking at google flights and I don't know how to do to buy tickets with those two suckers with us. I also don't know if I need any medication for them or what not. My mind if mush right now and I just had to ask.

Damn, these things are actually legit. I thought they'd ride terribly but they're pretty good, and great for cycling to work since you can throw it under your desk.
40 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
And have it hardly fold and ride like shit?
I'd thought of one of those for my time-building adventures, but the BikeFriday frames look like they're not nearly as compact as a Brompton when folded up.
My lovely foldable cost me 200 euro, it's kinda nice, the ride quality is good enough, but it has several faults. The 7spd deraileur was pretty shit, it was a tourney one, but I think that wasn't the biggest problem, all started when the sytem to attach the deraileur into the frame was extremely bad so it ended bending into the wheel, there was some friction and some piece got fucked and now I have 4spd instead of 7 (exploding knees) because i don't want to spend 20 euro on a new shit deraileur which will be fucked again in no time. The bike folds well enough, but it's pretty big to carry it around, the wheels are 20'' so it's only viable folding it to store it on the car or something else, and it doesn't have some lock for secure the folded postion so it will open at every small movement, so moving it is pretty hard.

Overall is a good bike, but not really fancy and if you want quality stuff this bike doesn't have it.I'm fine with the bike because it's pretty cheap and ghetto so I won't miss it really much if someone stole it while it's locked outside.What I really dislike is the lenght of the seat tube, I'm a long legs guy and riding a bike 10cm below my average ideal saddle height can be painful, as far I know bromptons have the option of picking seatpost with really high lenghts for big guys while the average foldable BSO probably have seatpost for 170cm guys.

I haven't ride a dahn but I have seen it and they look pretty expensive for the specs/looks. Saw a 500-600 euro one and didn't look way better than my shitter, yes, better deraileur (but still low tier) and a bit better folding system. That's why when I look a brompton I don't see it extremely overpriced because the fold system looks to be the best, the frame is nice, components are good and the deraileur is a internal hub way better than the ones in foldable bikes at the 600-700 euro range
electric scooters are for invalids and fatties (same thing)
Yeah, Brompton is more designed for commuting on trains and stuff. They fold quickly and easily, and fit anywhere fast. The folding mechanism is their #1 focus, although the bikes themselves are also great.

The higher quality Bike Fridays mostly just focus on fitting inside a suitcase so you can put them on an airplane for less than $600. They focus on road and touring bikes that you can take with you to other countries, even if it takes an hour to fully unfold.
They also make crappier cheap ones for commuting, which is probably what everyone here is badmouthing them for.

I've heard it said before that Brompton makes FOLDING bikes, while Bike Friday makes folding BIKES.

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