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File: Brochure.png (42 KB, 1900x800)
42 KB
So in my spare time, I doodle aircraft drawings in mspaint. This is an imaginary 9 passenger utility autogyro with retractable gear which would fit in the same category as the Cessna Caravan and Pilatus PC-12. To me, it's a shame that autogyros always fell in the shadows of conventional airplanes and helicopters and are otherwise mostly restricted to hobbyist pilots in diminutive single or two seat designs. Hypothetically, I would market pic related as a light utility aircraft or business shuttle with extreme STOL performance (note the venturi air scoop on the rotor mast that provides cooling air for the electric pre-spin motor). The rotor can also be folded back for easy storage in a hangar. I've also been pondering a variant with floats but I'm not quite sure how that would pan out.

I figured I should share this with /n/ so that you guys could give it some decent livery (template in next post). In the meantime, we should have an autogyro appreciation thread while we're drawing.
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File: Batcopter.png (27 KB, 1900x800)
27 KB
File: General Lee.png (55 KB, 1900x800)
55 KB
them duke boys got themselves a whirlybird

You know angry SJW's had the General Lee repainted with the confederate flag removed right?

Or is this the General Lee II?
File: 911.png (18 KB, 1600x800)
18 KB
Lmao holy shit

File: UTP_Book_1.jpg (341 KB, 1000x753)
341 KB
341 KB JPG
Why are railfans so autistic? I mean look at the subject of this book. Who gives a fuck about such minor, pointless details?
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I don't get foamers that take pictures of the shitty modern diesel electric freight trains I work with.

If you have seen one sd40, sd70, c44, or c45 you have seen them all.
You're the Canadian version of me. I moved to Brisbane and took the Melbourne and Brisbane XPTs instead of an aeroplane because I like trains and didn't want to pay the airfare with my baggage.
There are a couple unique ones. You get the BCOL ones with the fucking Christmas tree of lights. You get some of the odd painted ones, but by and large, yeah, they're all the same.

You also get the odd combination of engines on a train. When you see a manifest train pull out of the yard with 4 rcl geeps online, it's kind of weird and worth a picture. It's not for me, though. I just move this shit.
Can you post your paystub please? Thanks and have a nice day!
File: 5-2018.png (115 KB, 1098x826)
115 KB
115 KB PNG
Can you post yours plox?

File: mcdonnell-douglas-logo.png (36 KB, 1000x281)
36 KB
we need them back
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nah. Mcdonnell and Douglas made the perfect team. their aircraft were GOAT.
What single mistake, for them, was the thing that killed them for good? (Other than not building the MD-11 as an ETOPS twin)

For me, it's not offering a high bypass fan on the MD-80 earlier than the mid 90s. If the MD-93 came out a decade earlier and snagged stuff like Southwest and the other early low-costs in the 1980s, there's a significant chance that MD and Boeing's fortunes could have flipped in the 90s, with MD having the cash to build both twinjet and trijet variants of the -11 side by side a la the A330/340 while Boeing's lack of significant 737 income slowed the 777's development to late 90s early 00s release when it could have been too little, too late against the thousands of MD-11s and A330/340s sold.
File: MD-11 ETOPS.jpg (87 KB, 1575x1181)
87 KB
ran ETOPS twim md-11 would have been glorious.
also im guessing dropping the F-4 hurt them a bit.
Isn't McDonnell Douglas a part of Boeing now?
dont fucking remind me

The big black building edition

Old thread: >>1143951
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reminder that unplanned cities are cancer and should be firebombed.
aside from the waterfront area that looks awful.
its all so packed together and samey.
>destroy all existing highways
>force all traffic to streets
>city is unable to function because the roads are as fast as parking lots
good job
Cages were outlawed in 2076 by Barron Trump and everyone commutes by the 'L', streetcars, or hyperloop.
Did you even look at the bloody map
It has the highways

ITT post Pan Am planes.
OP don't make a second Pan Am thread. Nobody reply to this.




Hey /n/iggers. Going to be moving to Shibuya really soon and while I'm really looking forward to the trains, I think my biggest interest is the bike riding. What's it like? How comfortable and easy is it? Tokyo's fuckhuge, and the most I'm used to is riding around ASU, which isn't as terrible or concrete dense so I was wondering what are some good routes or areas to ride around. Not to mention bike shops. Anything Japan is good, but I figure I'll be mostly around Shinjuku, Ikebukuro and the nearby areas.
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Kys urself
Anglos with more swears
Good hispanic people?
There's a neat new train service that JR East runs to Chiba prefecture called BBBase or Boso Bicycle Base. It has good accommodations for more typical road bikes, no disassembly required. They just launched it, and it might just be a weekend or special occasion thing, I dunno. I might give it a try next time I'm over there, if I bring my bike, but honestly I'd rather ride around Kyoto prefecture or up towards Kanazawa.

File: lner4472.jpg (60 KB, 640x480)
60 KB
Steam thread anyone?
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Here’s a fast tank locomotive
The UP 4104 Big Boy is almost finished with restoration.
File: bigboyfire.jpg (781 KB, 3754x2097)
781 KB
781 KB JPG
before pic
East Java Tramway Locomotives
That's a Big Boy.

What’s your /n/ever-ever?

The one /n/ related thing you’ll never get to experience, because you were born too late, too early, or in the wrong timeline.

For me, it’s the fact I’ll never get to ride an American Supersonic Transport. I have dreams where I’m riding in a Boeing 2707 and I’m watching out the window as the wing begins to sweep back for supersonic flight back.
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A functioning NYC subway system.
File: IMG_5656.jpg (136 KB, 1200x868)
136 KB
136 KB JPG
Rekting commies in my Sabre.

Or in my Fw190D.

Or my F-82

Or imperials in my F4U-4

Rip me ill never be a real aviator
File: IMG_5609.jpg (81 KB, 900x599)
81 KB
File: snoot.jpg (16 KB, 293x261)
16 KB
>droop snoot
File: IMG_5507.jpg (136 KB, 640x427)
136 KB
136 KB JPG
The future is unity as a people, the strong nations will surive.

Deep down I always knew I was a road bike. I never felt right on the trails. My geometry just didn't sit right with me. Since the day I rolled off the factory I preferred to ride on pavement, even though the other MTBs teased me. Now, 40 years later, I am finally becoming my authentic self, thanks to the help of progressive visionaries like Jon Prolly and the diligent cycle mechanics of Tarckbike. I am a beautiful slick-tire road racing machine, and I expect to be referred to as such. DO NOT typify a bicycle without asking first. I AM NOT a dirt drop mountain bike. I am not a "drop bar conversion" That is a silly fetish and is an insult to road bikes like myself. Thank you. I am available for purchase for $50 on your local craigslist btw
Stems taller than the head tube = sex, but the seat could definitely go for being slammed to really tie it all together.

File: canyongrail6.jpg (55 KB, 1013x675)
55 KB
Canyone gravel bike just dropped. Thoughts?
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Seriously, are rodies so offended by the idea of a mtn bike that companies have to create these abominations just to get thier market share.
>It's horizontally flexy I guess.
'Vertically compliant' you dullard. l2meme
90s rigid MTB made from carbon, some unessesary complex handlebars and disc brakes.
Give it a low travel lightweight XC fork with lockout, stack some spacers under the stem, give it normal drop bars and it would be better.

special snowflaxe/10
Gender is a social construct. Sex is biological.
File: p4pb754363.jpg (100 KB, 800x600)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
exactly. and pic related was born a road bike.

Discussion thread for /n/ related anime. Currently airing on Mondays - Yowamushi Pedal S4
Last thread >>1071216
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Was actually a really good episode. Yuto a good boy
Yuto should be disqualified. But we already know what fukutomi got away with. So pushing someone Off the road seems to be ok in Japanese races
You think they'd look into Komari after he tried to finger several booty holes
File: 1464432416347.jpg (64 KB, 469x750)
64 KB
Why do I keep watching this??! Of all the shitty Chinese cartoons I've watched this is the only one I'm actually close to finishing
Every time he slips his hands under someone's shorts I feel violated. If this were an actual race someone would have knocked him out by now.

I’m planning on taking a camping trip to and from LA via Amtrak. Would I be to get away with checking this antique knife into baggage?
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i like this pasta, but actual yuppies these days would name their kids “Colton” & “Emma”
My kids will be named Isaiah, Ezekiel, Rachel, and Emily. In that order, regardless of tender.
>primitive tech
>wearing shorts
What a fucking poser.
>I’m planning on taking a camping trip to and from LA via Amtrak.
>I'm committing suicide.

When are you planning on arriving. I'll pick you up from the train station.
I shall have my way with emma, rachel, and emily for an evening. in exchange for some antibiotic pills which I have stockpiled. i will then choose which one shall be my bride, and take her with me.

you have the option to say no of course. little zeke may not survive this bout of diarrhea but it is your choice. choose wisely, anon. remember, if zeke is gone you will have only one more boy. I recommend accepting.

File: serveimage(20).jpg (569 KB, 3360x2240)
569 KB
569 KB JPG
Thoughts on ebikes for commuting?
121 replies and 21 images omitted. Click here to view.
>new thing is expensive
>so new thing is bad!
>keep using old thing
>never need new thing
>i have crt tv, it still good!
Thinking of saving up over the next two years and getting my mother an ebike so she can actually go riding.
That's very thoughtful anon.

Do I need to have a steel frame to slap on a middrive kit? I don't see any aluminum frame ebikes anywhere.
mine is aluminum. should be fine.

New thread

What does /n/ think of this bike?
259 replies and 56 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: Mach-3-Sora.jpg (122 KB, 1140x760)
122 KB
122 KB JPG
I've been eyeing the Vitus Mach 3 bikes on Wiggle for a while and today noticed that the price of the Sora model had gone down a bit so pulled the trigger and ordered one. Initially considered the Claris model but now the price difference was only 100€ and the Sora model had better wheels, tires & brakes too so thought it'd be worth the price.

My current city bike is really well equipped but also very slow (racks, fenders, dynamo lights, 2" tires, all that) so I've been looking for a fast city bke for good weather that I can put a front rack on. The Vitus has an alloy frame and a steel fork so hoping it's a good ride.
Looks fairly low milage to me at a glance.

>Dat M375 R derailleur
I need a cheap bike for short commutes in the city. Should I buy a flat bar road bike with 32mm tires:
Or a very basic road bike?

I'd go with the flat bar bike since it has so much wider tires.
so i have this piece of shit bike i got cheap and had to replace the wheels on, not cheap but still cheaper than buying an actual good bike by a huge margin

but when i have some more money I think i'll get a better bike, what i was thinking was some kind of road bike with slightly thicker wheels, mudguards and a rear basket. so a good bike but with the conveniences added onto it

Hulett Unloaders.


Why did they have to go away, /n/?
File: iso_03.jpg (593 KB, 1600x1091)
593 KB
593 KB JPG
Also, why hasn't there been more of an effort to re-assemble the dismantled Cleveland Unloaders, if only for static display?


I honestly can't think of a more awesome physical symbol of America's onetime industrial might than a row of these mechanical monsters going at a lake steamer like some sort of cable-powered kaiju or an almost lovecraftian horror. The only thing that comes close are the stripping shovels and walking draglines of the 50s, 60s, and early 70s.

They do. They've just evolved

>Not posting the TRUE Hulett 2.0


Come for the otherworlldly 20-story alien dry goods proboscis that can silently unload 3000+ tons/hour with almost unsettlingly silent efficiency, stay for the a e s t h e t i c chillwave ambient soundtrack.
The digits reward engineering amazingness. Those things were so fucking cool.

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