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Hello, /N/. I question pop up in my head a while back and for the life of me, I can't find an appropriate answer. In a post-apocalyptic world, how would private transportation, or Public transportation re-emerge into a city-state society? Also, how would urban planning be like?
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That's just a motorized tachanka.
Shit is out of a action movie
The only semi-plausible thing you posted is the return of horsecar lines in the city streets.
I mean, I guess
I think that hydropower would unironically be a vital part of reconstruction efforts because it doesn't require the same elaborate supply chain as fossil fuels.

I'm exaggerating a bit for shits and giggles, but the fundamentals (society rebuilds using renewable energy resources that are already in place and haven't been destroyed, like dams) seem reasonable to me.

If there's a collapse of global supply chains, but the underlying technical knowhow doesn't change, you'll see some really weird shit.

File: akjsdl.jpg (165 KB, 1600x1083)
165 KB
165 KB JPG
I'll start: here's the ilyushin il-86
>1950s engines
>released 1976
>banned from the EU in 2002 for being too fkn noisy
File: CrazyRussians.jpg (86 KB, 1140x784)
86 KB
those are low-bypass turbofans, dingbat.

File: O38d6Y7.jpg (32 KB, 500x415)
32 KB
Argue the superiority of Boeing aircraft without mentioning AF447. Go.
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The Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey is the best military transport plane ever built.

The Boeing B-52 Stratofortress is one of the best bombers ever built.

The Boeing KC-46 Pegasus is the best tanker plane ever made.
Or avoid all that and mechanically link them
There is no way to mechanically link the side sticks though, they were never designed for that, and even if Airbus were to do that in a future aircraft, it would introduce serious complications in Airbus philosophy and flight deck design.

Plus, this is one of the most core aspects to multi-pilot flying. Positive transfer of controls are a really core element of flying. If you have that lost, even in a mechanically linked system, you're going to have chaos in the flight deck.
Why all airliner manufacturers don't use KISS philosophy?
>There is no way to mechanically link the side sticks though
Yeah, totally impossible, the tech just isn't there

Yurocucks won't admit their overly complicated meme philosophy is inherently subpar to conventional yokes

Which airport has the best internal transport system?
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Terminal 5 is like that at Heathrow.
That airport has a landside/airside format. It's not the only airport set up that way. The airports in Tampa and Orlando Florida are also set up that way.

It's great in that there is minimal walking required since all of the parking structures and airside concourses are connected to the main terminal by people movers, but the trade off is that you have to go back through security if you have a connecting flight in a different concourse. It's also a pain for less important things. In the Tampa Airport, several great local restaurants have a half-size version in the concourses, and you can't get to them unless you have a boarding pass to a departing airplane in the same concourse.

BTW, If you happen to wind up in Concourse E in Tampa, do the Columbia Cafe, and get the half-and-half with a meatloaf Cuban sandwich and 1905 salad.
File: D'OH!.jpg (75 KB, 270x270)
75 KB
Satellite format, I meant.
This is why I hate concourses that don't have secure connections to each other, at least at big airports. I want the option to go to lounges and restaurants in other parts of the airport without having to come back through security.

My home airport (SFO) is in the long process of connecting all of the concourses in the airport to each other with secure connectors. T2 and T1C already have this, as do T3 and International G. T1B has secure connectors under construction to T1C/T2 and to International A. T2/T3 and International A to G connectors are in planning. Even without the A to G connector, which will come last, you will be able to get between every concourse securely (albeit not as quickly without the A to G connector).

To be fair though, you can enter any security checkpoint with a current day boarding pass, regardless of airline. So technically you can get everywhere already, but not easily or very practically. CLEAR and TSA Precheck make i all much less of a pain in the ass though.

File: unnamed.png (33 KB, 512x250)
33 KB
It's km/h, not kph.
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No, it does. RI (Units retarded) caused many problems for NASA after all.
>units used by probes that didn't go to Mars

File: 1520719503810.jpg (52 KB, 1200x800)
52 KB
Hello /n/, /fit/ told me you would be more suited to answering my question:
I am planning on purchasing one of these for my bicycle so I can keep getting cardio inside during the winter. Does anyone have any experience with these things?

I'm thinking of getting https://www.amazon.ca/AccelaVelo-Fluid-X-Indoor-Magnetic-Trainer/dp/B011AD2FIU/ because it is within my price range.
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>any balaclava or face mask that can do that severely limit the air flow.
>he doesn't simulate high altitude training
it's like you enjoy being weak
Trainers and spin bikes aren't riding an actual bike, that's why. You should ride outside as often as possible and use these things only when absolutely necessary.
I have a magnetic trainer and like it but only have knobby mtb tires. Fuck buying a block, you grab a fucking book, or 2 or 3 or however maybe books you need for ~3" height.
I play vidya on a recumbent exercise bike, fite me.
make sure you get one of these to match the older wahoos


File: de7 (1).png (1.21 MB, 960x960)
1.21 MB
1.21 MB PNG
>Be me riding local trail
>Going fast, no helmet
>Group of fucktards spanning the width of trail
>Yell to warn them im coming
>They dont hear me or ignore me
>Don't think to break for fear of running into them and potential lawsuit
>Don't think to just swerve to a stop either
>Go to side of trail
>Ditch I didn't see
>Front wheel gets caught in ditch
>Get thrown around like a ragdoll and if it had been rocks or pavement I would've been really hurt
>Somehow only got a minor cut on my right hand
>Runs to bike to see the damage
>Frame welds are cracked

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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What bike was it my dude?
AMF Roadmaster Nimble 3 speed. Ill probably try and find another one.
Want to add to previous post, i loved that bike, i like everyone at some point, fucked up
Why not buy an actual trail bike?

Those things look nice for riding but maybe not trail blasting...
It was a local pavement trail, had no issues until the accident

File: 801.jpg (2.87 MB, 3264x2448)
2.87 MB
2.87 MB JPG
Ugly, strange and aesthetic trains threads are old news. Let's post some boring, uninspiring and forgettable trains.
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>It's an honest, trustworthy styling
It's fucking boring
>third rail
fuck southern railway (the original ones)
Same owner at the time, stagecoach group.
373s don't have the high voltage running along the roof line, since 1. british safety rules don't allow it, 2. limited height would be tricky, 3. there's no way to have an electrical connector that could safely disconnect 25kV just by pulling apart when separating the half sets.

Regarding pantograph/overhead oscillation, it's not a huge deal for something like the 373 or an ICE 1 (which also doesn't have the high voltage line on top) since they're so long, pantograph to pantograph distance with both up is about the same as two TGV sets coupled together, longer than a pair of ICE 2 facing same direction or ICE 3 sets which are also acceptable configurations.

Looking at old videos they did run both pantographs up on UK north of London, with both power cars running https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YJI9KWktI2k, I suspect the power limit was just from substation capacity, not the train.
Nothing wrong with these, they have inside bogies so you can see the wheels

File: 2.jpg (20 KB, 422x277)
20 KB
As part of a project I hope to design a bicycle with a friction drive mechanism. The system needs to be powered by pedal rather than a motor, any suggestions or ideas about how i could approach this.

The general idea behind this is for quick rear wheel removal, allowing the user to lock both wheels to the frame using a U lock
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Unless you had a multi-stage gearing system in between the cranks and the rear wheel, this would give you an unrideably low gear
That is not a friction drive.

For a friction drive (which is a horrible way to power a rear wheel) you'd have to have a roller press down on the rear tire and drive the roller via a chain.

If you want friction only, put pedals on the roller and design a bike around it.
Why not just remove the front wheel?
Those CTV hubs are technically friction drives
Use a v-belt. They are less efficient then chain drive, but are still quite efficient.

File: dutch-bike.jpg (1.74 MB, 1822x2000)
1.74 MB
1.74 MB JPG
>move to netherlands
>supposed to be great cycling culture
>everyone rides heavy and slow shit bikes
>goes 7mph and takes up whole path
I fucking hate this place.
American cyclists trying to get it more popular don't know what they're asking for.
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neem voorbeeld aan >>1246856
> in NL: If the speed limit is more than 30 km/h and there's no bike path, stay the fuvk away.

you dont ride on the highway. That picture is the highway >>1242740
Apart from that you can ride everywhere
File: 1524420501434.jpg (262 KB, 1000x700)
262 KB
262 KB JPG
no. mopeds are those really loud things that smell bad and go almost 100/kmh
This is unironically something a dumb boomer would say. Filtered.

File: Nexus-Hub-1-1024x685.jpg (88 KB, 1024x685)
88 KB
Gear hube
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No need for special frame, it should come with a band clamp that goes on the chainstay where you bolt the torque arm to.
I hate those band clamps. They make it so annoying to fix flats.
>tfw nobody makes quick-release clamps for hub brake reaction arms
I have a lot of flats
File: sg3.jpg (328 KB, 2000x2000)
328 KB
328 KB JPG
*rattles quietly like a cricket*

747 Appreciation Thread
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little known fact:
if you detonate high load of explosives on board any aeroplane, it will explode and kill people on board
Prove it.
You really want to see a proof?
Please wear a GoPro when attempting

File: 1539862331724.jpg (3.84 MB, 3648x2736)
3.84 MB
3.84 MB JPG
When I occasionally use the train, I buy two tickets for myself so I don't have to sit next to anyone due to my social anixety. Here the trains normally have two seats next to each other and are quite tightly packed so the additional comfort is appreciated.

Yet by the time the train starts getting busy there's always someone who insists I move over or move my bag. I tell them I have paid for two tickets; therefore have taken these two seats and that they must stand. Women always get pissed off by this and sometimes make a scene.

Who is in the wrong here? I've paid for two tickets, so technically can take two standard seats when available. One for me, one for my bag. I never sit in disabled areas so that's not the issue.
48 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1530920874764.jpg (73 KB, 960x540)
73 KB
Anon, the trick here is to gain so much weight that you take up two seats naturally. That way, when a pregnant or elderly lady asks you to give up your seat(s), you respond that you're literally too fat to move. Problem solved!
You're just a fucking thief, by not paying your fare you are stealing from your neighbors, your town, the people you share the train with, the employees that operates the trains,.. from everyone

You disgust me, fuckin cheater
File: MemeKing.png (85 KB, 472x654)
85 KB
>hurr durr what is first class for
File: 1468187105708.jpg (46 KB, 400x400)
46 KB
Based, redpilled, and extremely autistic.
Work on your anxiety, it will save you money in the long run. Also as a tip, on trains with 3 seats in a row, if you sit on the outside seat many people will hesitate to ask to get in your row, especially if it's only the middle seat left.

File: kvg bus.jpg (1.53 MB, 3264x2448)
1.53 MB
1.53 MB JPG
*blocks a cager's path*
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File: yhcXUe4.png (123 KB, 625x626)
123 KB
123 KB PNG
reply to above
The cager fears the mega cage.
You need to leave
File: chiiiiii~.gif (1.22 MB, 400x400)
1.22 MB
1.22 MB GIF
>unblocks your chi
>Not all drivers are cagers
All it takes is two seconds of distraction to murder an innocent person with their deathcage. All cagers deserve a holocaust.
Anon, if you don't want AIDS it's best to stop taking it up the ass for five dollars in a back alley. Sorry you're both retarded and literally a faggot.
Buses are inherently flawed. Their use supports cage infrastructure and cage notions of right of way. If it isn't on two wheels or on rails, it's a mistake.

Not sure how I feel like this. I mean I'm all for letting the mentally disabled participate in sports, but shouldn't a line be drawn somewhere?
>women’s sports
So can we finally get rid of this ridiculousness of classifying by gender?
Who could possibly have forseen this???!111
We already have a thread about this
How about link the fuckin article

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