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File: ki 43.jpg (224 KB, 1024x683)
224 KB
224 KB JPG
Aesthetic planes only.
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>Pull your head out of your fucking ass and grow up.
Yeah nice try at being a smug asshole internet tough guy. I like how you think that aeronautical engineers are like some kind of god-like authority. I bet you think the same of "doctors" and don't bother to question the ethics of another adult being able to control which medications you can buy or even bother to research any kind of medical issues or procedures that you have.

>Perfect is the enemy of the good
Yeah everything in engineering is a trade off. Manufacturers traded better sectional density for ease of stretchability. This is fact and you can easily see it by looking at the planform of a modern airliner.

>because you read airliners.net a lot
A lot of aerospace engineers post on airliners.net anyways and no one corrected who i was referring to.

>"I am talking out of my ass"
Youre the one talking out of you ass. You think that you KNOW that airliners wouldn't benefit from an hourglass shape. When we literally do not have the fucking graphs so it's pointless to argue over and we both have to admit that we do not know the extent of a design comprimise they made. But something tells me you're not interested in being rational and more interested in being a smug asshole libtard authoritarian on the internet.
File: harrison.jpg (28 KB, 600x600)
28 KB
>if Boeing or Airbus or Ilyushin or any other jet manufacturer (past or present) thought that they could significantly reduce drag via wasp-waist'ing the fuselage, they would have done so.
But they could objectively reduce wave drag more than they already have by slimming the waist in addition to the techniques already used. THAT'S WHY YOU SEE DESIGN STUDIES ABOUT IT. Flap fairings and wingboxes are well and dandy but imagine that applied to a fucking wasp waist plane then it would be better.

You don't have to go to school for 8 years to see that the area of the flap fairings and wing box don't add up to the gian leap in sectional density that the start of the wings create. And the wing box and fairings are only applied AFT of the wing. For part of the graph there would be an increase that correlates to the wing sweep! You think that wouldn't create wave drag?

The point is that because we don't have the graphs to look WE DONT KNOW WHAT THEY CONSIDER SIGNIFICANT. It may be a relatively low penalty that makes wasp wasting not worth it in the slightest. And it's telling because that on designs where you can see more whitcomb stuff like the a380 and 747, THEY HAVE HIGHER CRUISE/MAX SPEEDS than designs with less apparent wave drag elimination techniques like the 777 or the BAE 146. But the grand pimp daddy of all fucking wave drag elimination techniques is fucking slimming the waist of the aircraft! No doubt it would help aircraft in the transonic regime!!! WHY DONT MODERN AIRLINERS CRUISE AT .99 MACH LIKE BOEING'S TRANSONIC CRUISER, A FUCKING WASPY MOTHERFUCKER OF A PLANE!??!?!?!

**Would you bet your life on aircraft manufacturers not being able to make ANY gains by slimming the waist!??!**

Study done about the human male form versus the human female form in regards to wave drag in swimmers.

Females had significantly less drag than males! Why? Motherfucking hourglass waists!
File: 1510280981020.jpg (165 KB, 1600x1000)
165 KB
165 KB JPG
I'm surprised there hasn't been a private SS plane yet. You know that everyone will be disappointed if that is not the gulfstream 7.

But I think it's a great idea to slow down airliners. That would mean more safety because of lower take off and landing speeds possible, although they might just try to get away without using high lift devices then. But also not having to worry about ransonic effects means that it will be easier to implement other kinds of efficiency gaining techniques like boundary layer ingestion and what not. It seems like everything is easier when they don't battle transonic effects.

But im not sure if airlines would be game for the lack of flexibility. As it is now in some designs, like the e-jet, they have a cruise speed of around .75 mach but can go .82 mach if they have to. That means they can get some efficiency but make for delays if need be. I would imagine what airlines really want is an airplane that "can do it all." Maybe they would be highly attracted to a plane that wouldn't be as efficient in transonic cruise but still be able to go there while also having a HYPER efficient real subsonic cruise.

I also wonder if planes without transonic design considerations might be more susceptible to jet upset and overspeeding issues. Like if a plane got jumbled by turbulence and then entered a dive. This used to be a yuuuge problem in the 60s because they had manual flight controls that wouldnt be able to overcome the airpressure at overspeeds. With the introductions of the trijets and 747 airlines pushed boeing to incorporate heavy hydraulic boost so that couldn't happen. My point is that a straight winged airplane in a steep dive would be harder to design in a way that it could sustain those forces. Or maybe not if the plane is draggy enough at transonic speeds? But still it's good to know that on modern airliners that most of the time they can pull out of a super sonic dive like China Air 006.
stop watching porn to cure ED
File: inline_engine_b17.jpg (223 KB, 1800x1209)
223 KB
223 KB JPG

File: triclops.jpg (2.81 MB, 4000x1304)
2.81 MB
2.81 MB JPG
Inside the cab of a triclops SD60M
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What are blue cards and head end devices? Thanks.
Blue Cards
Those basically state when the unit had its last 92 day or 184 day FRA inspection. Engines can't be used if they are past the next due date (At least UP puts the drop dead dates on theirs)

Head End Devices
They communicate with the EOT (End of Train device, the flashy thing at the rear) and displays telemetry from it. Also used to dump the air from the rear, and some older ones have a built in distance counter


How is it possible to have a lead engine lacking a Head End Device? Sounds like it would be in violation of some kind of ordinance.
Any of you ever had the thrill of figuring out one of those old ATSF Colt radios? I couldn't find a picture, but it was a combination of HTD, radio, and counter that was ass backward as fuck. They dated from the 80s or early 90s. I could never figure them out when I worked as a hostler. Easier to just used hand signals. I only saw them on GP60Ms which themselves were beat up pieces of shit like the SD60M in the OP.
The only times I could think you would is if you had a DPU or were switching a yard. Any other time you would need to have one

File: 1514153060895.png (318 KB, 2518x1061)
318 KB
318 KB PNG
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File: image too big.jpg (145 KB, 866x838)
145 KB
145 KB JPG
>derails to alleviate boredom
File: the fliz.jpg (55 KB, 760x507)
55 KB
chad fliz vs. virgin every other bike pls
Friction shitters
V brakes
Blast chain with lube once a week
Never clean anything
hey 0x
>mtb, its almost constant tinkering is required.
its not tinkering if you do it right the first time

File: 8233880919_5f8750c6c8_b.jpg (385 KB, 1024x768)
385 KB
385 KB JPG
Hello again /n/

Up for a third thread?

However I think the whole "unique locomotives" well is running dry by now.

Anyway, here is Aerolite of the North Eastern Railway which is based at the National Railway Museum in York. (As far as I know of that is.)
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"coughs and wheezles, spread dizesels!"
A line of theirs?
What's that spare wheel looking thing? A flywheel of sorts?

Neat anon
I thought it was a tricked out golfcart from the thumbnail.

Chain drive?

I'm guessing this thing climbs steep af hills
>gas turbine that got stopped inadvertently under a highway overpass and melted it.

They exhausted out of the top. In any case you don't see airplanes melting runways so that's a bs story.

>Foamers love to bullshit
>spread dizesels
Top kek
I think so.

Patrick "Outsource the entire fucking Metrolinx to Keolis" Brown Edition
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File: IMG_20180116_110343.jpg (1.32 MB, 4160x3120)
1.32 MB
1.32 MB JPG
when did global take over the news on the platforms?
>Food $200
>Staff $150
>Rent $800
>Giant Ice Sculptures $3,600
>Utility $150

someone who is good at the economy please help me budget this. my restaurant is dying
January 1st
Will the DRL be a campaigning issue this June? Or is it still gonna be Scarborough?
Most likely, how much of an issue though is up for debate. The Yonge Extension is likely to be a big issue, that said it and the DRL are tied together but that really doesn't mean anything at the provincial level. I am also fully expecting the Sheppard Extension to come back from the dead again, since Sheppard is still undecided and any work there isn't expected to start until 2022 which is till another election cycle away. As for Scarborough I think it is a done issue unless there is a serious bombshell and political upheaval over it.

Tugboat thread.
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File: 20111128085539802.jpg (59 KB, 600x337)
59 KB
wehy dont ships just have built in t-boats?
File: Bow_Thruster_50.jpg (29 KB, 640x512)
29 KB
They do, but tugboats are still necessary.

Also, don't say t-boats. Nobody says t-boats.
Tug Love

File: 1510549644673.jpg (222 KB, 1024x768)
222 KB
222 KB JPG
How much does it cost to fix a keyed car? I want to start keeping track of how much financial damage I'm causing the normies
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dumbfuck cager
Obligatory >>>/o/
stop parking on the sidewalk, you're blocking disable access
>trainfags are this autistic
I'm unstoppable lad, I key cages at every red light and when they get out in rage when the light is turning green I drop you fatasses like flies
Stay mad cager piece of lard

Eternal Tyre Discussion Thread

im new to road bikes, just killed my first tyres (schwalbe lugano) after aprox 4000mi/6000km of use. they came with my bike (a mid range good alu bike, felt f75).

can anyone give me a quick induction about tyres? mine where 23mm but i see everyone is using using 25 or even a bit more. advice me!

no need to go into very rare tyres and stuff, just the most known and widely available is preferred. a objective opinion on pic related would be cool as i see they are kind of a meme tyre. also tell me if the price gap from a couple of maxxis detonators or ultrasport to the gp4000 is worth. im looking on somethig balanced between puncture resistance, rolling resistance and durability... but again if someones knows thier stuff he could prob say "this one for puncture resistance", "this one sucks on durability",etc etc. thanksssssssss.

and a tyre related question. as i needed a quick replacement for the back tyre and had no time to investigate or anything, i just got a single continental ultrasport 23mm). guy in the store told me it wuld be better if switched to the front and left my old good lugano on te back, so i could feel the grip of the continental . should i?

obviously talk about your tyre pref, what you thik is best whatever whatever. peaceeeeeeeeeeeeee
203 replies and 26 images omitted. Click here to view.
It's dead Jim.
Vuy gatorskins or durano's(DD or plus) if reliability is your main concern.
Mah nigga
what the fuck happened to green open paves
fuck you vittoria
File: IMG_20180117_223245011.jpg (465 KB, 1575x756)
465 KB
465 KB JPG
Damn, I figured it was dead. I always keep small rolls of duct tape for those kind of events to boot a tire like pictured (>>1145878) Cold, snow, and moisture made it impossible to stick to the inside of the tire so I used rubber cement to aid in adhesion and it worked. It was just, after how well booting the tire worked (despite much lower pressure) and since I was just about to touch 1000km on this tire, I started getting ideas on how to get more from it.

For anyone else, here's a field tip of how to carry duct tape since carrying a whole roll is cumbersome. A hairpin as the core and a few wraps make a small, light, useful tool. Never know when you're gonna need duct tape...
File: IMG_20170627.jpg (1.83 MB, 4008x4008)
1.83 MB
1.83 MB JPG
I should get more reliable tires too since I do work with my bike and if I flat I have to clock out, go home, fix bike, and make up lost time but I'm such a hard head. This isn't the first time I killed a tire in the field too...

Your thoughts on folding bikes?
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>26 inch wheels
>fold up to practically nothing
Most people when they say they need a folding bike mean they're taking it on a train or tucking it under a desk. Not tossing it into the truck bed of a Ford F150
>Their also 'cool', unlike most folders
*citation required
cant take that into the london under ground im afraid.
I'd buy a Brompton if I had the money. I don't understand how people put any sort of milage on them, but they're fun for popping down to the corner store and back.

Discussion thread for /n/ related anime. Currently airing on Mondays - Yowamushi Pedal S4
Last thread >>1071216
Judging by recent developments, it would appear that all team members who possessed maturity and intelligence have graduated.
teshima is best boy now
No,ABBU ABBU ABBUUUU boy is best boy.
File: wp_ss_20180116_0002.png (621 KB, 800x480)
621 KB
621 KB PNG
Best boys coming from behind to get the finish line

File: scottsale.jpg (2.57 MB, 4000x2251)
2.57 MB
2.57 MB JPG
old thread, ded

Don't forget to post your local Craigslist/Gumtree, budget and your measurements when asking for recommendations.
123 replies and 30 images omitted. Click here to view.
you mean snappy as in it will snap because it’s so fatigued?
current website says Columbus but that bird is nowhere on the frame so idk. The seller admits to not riding it in a while, and you’re right I think I’d offer $500
it looks like it has a sticker on the seat tube that probably says the tubing
I saw that, but a closer look just says “custom selection premium tubing”

File: TF-TL4022-1[1].jpg (84 KB, 960x376)
84 KB
/n/ I want to tell you about the glory of this tool for fitting tires

>have memeskins
>can never get the last bit on the rim , have to take to bike shop to get tires fitted
>see them use this tool, buy one for $12
>takes literally 5 minutes or less, no pain, no swearing. no blood

Cannot recommend this enough
34 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
The same as a car tire.
Don't know. How fucking retarded do you have to be to be unable to spell the word "tyre"?
1.Get cancer
2.Learn how to mount tires(>inb4 "these tire/rim combo is sooo hard ;,,,,;)
3.Grow a pair
4.Just stfu,mount a few thousand tires and really.shut your fucking piehole.
Seeing how much you hate tools, I guess you inflate them with your big mouth.
Eat shit cucksoy boy

Korail announced opening of this new High Speed Line last December to prepare for the upcoming 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympic
However, information for the line is lacking
For instance, the Korail website English version does not have any information about such route, and the line have not been added to route maps on the site either.
Also, upon enquiry, Korail have become a transit data provider partner to Google Trabsit and others, but they still haven't update the feed for the new KTX line, which male it impossible to search for info of this line via Google Maps.
Do we have anyone knowing Korean around here that can help ask Korail to update things?
>Do we have anyone knowing Korean around here that can help ask Korail to update things?

Information is still lacking and I have requiested it to. Not a Winter Olymics fan, but a Korail fan.

"Korail has confirmed KTX trains will be running on the new Gyeonggang Line starting December 22. Once the KTX commences its operation on the new railway, passengers will be able to enjoy a convenient access from the Seoul Metropolitan Area to Donghae region. So far, the only transportation routes connecting Seoul Metropolitan Area and the regions of Gangwon-do and Donghae are a minimum 3 hr drive or a bus ride via expressway and a 6 hr train ride. The addition of KTX operation on Gyeonggang Line is expected to cut the transportation time between Seoul Station and Gangneung, taking only 1 hr 54 min (1 hr 26 min departing from Cheongnyangni Station), allowing visitors to plan a day trip from and to Gangwon-do."


Here is the schedule... sorry, PDF:

I heard the schedule is going to change completely a week before the Olympics and then change again (with fewer trains) after the games are over. I don't think Korail has a lot of staff maintaining English promotional materials, and they might be just waiting for the Olympics schedule to get finalized (several other long distance passenger services and two metro commuter rail services are getting reduced to make room for increased KTX service during the games -- they all use the same extremely congested railroad in east Seoul) before updating the schedule page for the all the rail services.

Post em here
Especially if they're cheap on eBay

First is Shimano Hone. Ever heard of it? Budget downhill stuff but was killed off by SLX
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File: euclid_108_detail.jpg (37 KB, 600x467)
37 KB
>Mountain campy
File: breezer001.jpg (122 KB, 640x480)
122 KB
122 KB JPG
Paul Chim chims
File: brovedani.jpg (73 KB, 660x676)
73 KB
i don't understand, is this a dynamo built into cantis?
ABS, anti-skid braking system. Basically when the wheel locks up that gizmo makes the brake pads slip.

File: 3.jpg (3.87 MB, 2560x1440)
3.87 MB
3.87 MB JPG
this is a bit off topic for this board but I feel like its the best place to best it in besides maybe /pol/

but lol why do conservatives get so triggered by agenda 21?


it's fucking voluntarily and they way they're speaking about it literally tin hat core

are they all just butt hurt that the future doesn't support their caging lifestyle of driving 1 block to get their groceries?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
>I'm a card-carrying Democrat living in a blue state (California) my entire life and I think anyone saying we should do away with cars is a nut-job

you will be lined up against a wall senpai
Yeah, I'm not surprised at all that you hold this opinion.
I'm typically libertarian, but when it comes to infrastructure I'm fascist. Cars should be banned for non-ruralites (with a very strict limit on what is designated "rural" so suburbs and small towns do not count. By rural I mean appalachian tier, 2 hours drive to the closest grocery store level rural. Otherwise only allow motorcycles, mopeds, etc., with strong limits on these in 100,000 pop + areas for safety and traffic planning.)
Car dependency destroys the nation. The nation is the basis for citizen prosperity. The only time government should impede on citizen's rights is in cases to better the nation as a whole. Such as commercial laws, limits to hazardous material and industry, environment protection, public health and food safety (should be a lower bar than currently is, but still need something), and infrastructure and development planning. Otherwise the nation turns into a sprawling trashheap like it is now.
Cagers and NIMBYs need to be lined up and shot.
I'm actually "liberal" on social issues like fag marriage. Not because I like fags, but because the state should not have the right to tell people what to do with their lives unless it's harmful to the state of the nation. Demoshits are brainlets.

Personally, I think most places should be condensed to Manhatten level density, and the rest of the nation left to be wild land and farm. Everything between small town and mega-city is simple cancer. But that's pretty big dreaming.
pretty much this, I'm kinda natsoc and cages need to be destroyed for humanity
>food safety (should be a lower bar than currently is
nigger, i used to work at popeyes and let me tell you, current food safety standards ain't exactly a high bar

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