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is this what the average /out/ anon looks like?
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>TL:DR stop thinking watching anime makes you unique
I never said I was.

Perhaps you have me confused with the tripfag.
Tents are flammable in every country.

A faggot with dick on the brain would naturally have shitty dick breath, because they eat the poo-poo just like 44 eats the shit off Chewbacca's Dong.
File: IMG_4558.jpg (2.56 MB, 2448x3264)
2.56 MB
2.56 MB JPG
You're doing god's work anon
>Ōkawa Haruyoshi, who was seven years old and the son of the Sankebetsu village mayor at the time of the incident, grew up to become a prolific bear hunter. He swore an oath to kill ten bears for every victim of the attack. By the time he reached the age of 62, he had killed 102 bears.


File: Lean-to is evolving.jpg (48 KB, 500x375)
48 KB
Post patterns for making tents. Gonna try the Baker tent and test it out in my yard a few times before doing any real camping with it.
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I used this for the storage room in my cabin

how long do you make her stand there for?
>how long do you make her stand there for?
She stands there, until she gets it right.
File: 10 oz canvas.jpg (371 KB, 720x720)
371 KB
371 KB JPG
Thanks for posting these. I want to do a hot baker tent with a stove but I'm not sure how to waterproof canvas. Been reading about using paraffin wax and a heat gun to melt wax into the canvas (10 oz drop cloth actually). Also, using Linseed oil but I can't afford gallons of linseed oil and have nowhere to dry canvas. Anyhow, here's a bump.

File: paypay :thonking:.png (13 KB, 741x609)
13 KB
Hey /out/

There's this patch of wooded land, roughly 70 acres behind my house. I think I can pull off stealth camping in it, but there are horses, cows, foxes coyotes, a couple bears, and turkeys all in it.

Is it safe to try sleeping next to those animals, specifically the livestock?
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Emphasis on horses. The cows aren’t really to be fucked with either but I can at least say I haven’t had any scary moments with bovine except for longhorns
The turkeys are the real threat
Wear a Bigfoot costume and they will leave you alone. Except the turkey, they might attempt coitus. Just let it happen.
dont store any food in or near your tent. don't cook near it either. bears have been known to rip open tents that smell like food, occasionally while a person is inside.
he is lucky there is no swans

File: lp.png (29 KB, 751x409)
29 KB
Post em'

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Aw yeah no worries mate, slow reply cause I fucked off to work.
Shoot us a message at lordleighton@protonmail.com :) think I've got close to a dialed in kit!
>sleep in extra clothes
Yeah, I was wondering about that. Perhaps the -1C limit is the better choice, although the bivy does add a fair amount of insulation.
>Cheapo silnylon
Wise words, i'll definitely give this a go first. The gear hunger is maddening, I don't want a tarp that shreds in the wind or if you pitch it near a bush. That was a good read!
I thought of an idea - write something on each corner, then if the writing is mirrored, your groundsheet is dirty-side-up.
>sil/cuben bathtub
Ah, again it's those fucking slugs. I don't mind any of the other denizens of the forest, but if I'm going to camp under a cozy tree or by a river, or in a starry copse, that's slug central and I know one of the friendly buggers is going to make its way across my chest or face
My bad, that's a hardcore insulation material from america. I was thinking of the standard reflective windshield screens, they're pretty handy since they reflect a certain frequency of radiation, they're actually very effective - I've seen minimalist kits that only take a reflective windshield and no pad, good for beach sleeping too. Might help you push your 1/8th a little further.
That core 13 was a great read. Since I plan to go into towns and cities on the voyage, it wouldn't hurt to be a little presentable and performance puffy jackets lose out to the versatile fleece, which I can source anywhere, wash easily and sew into a more flattering look. I'll explain if you email me, but my plan is to combine a long hike with museum and gallery visits for /ic/ purposes, so I'm trying to be a little more presentation conscientious than a rugged performance hiker, to get picked up while hitchhiking into towns more frequently.
Take a gander if you have a moment, there's some immediate changes and whittling to be made but it's becoming less retarded, needlessly expensive and naive and packages are arriving.
The palante is actually pretty fucking cool and usually I hate hipster gear
The first version of the Palante had some real issues though. Too much stress on a few key points and fabric choices in some spots was questionable. I really like how that pack and the MLD Burn have started a sort of "idea wave" that resulted in lots of other pack builders to create similar packs but with their own ideas and improvements added to them. Pic related is the new Atom pack from a guy based in the UK. Looking really good imo.
>The palante is actually pretty fucking cool
It is a cool bag, just no where near cool enough to justify the effort needed to get one, not the price tag.
Atom does look cool, I'm waiting to see some decent, unbiased reviews before grabbing one. Unless I get some extra hours in at work then I might just grab one, hah. Fucking gear.
Nice one, I'll shoot you an email about your lighterpack!

Tacticool edition.
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4000 1aer

Dont waste time and money with gimmicks like barometer and altimeter / compass
Step 1) Get a regular, cheaper tough watch
Step 2) Get a clip on for your watch compass, a $1 survival thermometer and an actually accurate barometer
Step 3) ???
I want one of these for the altitude, but then again my phone has all these features, may as well get a rugged case for it I figured and skip the watch.

Decaying prolapsed vagina
I listed it as a con since it might not be immediately obvious to somebody who hasn't used altimeters before.
I've flown while wearing it before, and as long as it's calibrated beforehand, it agrees with the plane's altimeter.

File: ayy lmao.jpg (7 KB, 183x275)
7 KB
Is drinking snowmelt safe?

I have some contractors working on my flooring and they had to move the fridge, so I got a pan and collected fresh snow, and begin to melt it in a pan over my stove. I did not boil it, however.
Is it safe to drink /out/? I have already consumed some.
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Op probably has a taste for filtered water, or some shit.
>No fridge or sink
>stove, however
Nigger, what?
You have a camp stove?
You don’t have a bathroom to fill a glass with?

To answer the question though, yes it’s safe. That’s how mountaineers get their water in the mountains, by melting snow and ice
Absolutely not, no matter what anyone says in this thread you MUST boil it before drinking it to make it properly safe.
Yeah, youre probably fine, to be safer bring it to a full boil next time if you are concerned about catching snow AIDS.

File: yeti.jpg (221 KB, 1680x657)
221 KB
221 KB JPG
Is the yeti even worth it? 200 for a small cooler seems fucking insane but I hear they are good..like really good. Issue is I feel they are more of a lifestyle cooler and not something practical.
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I have a RTIC 20 and my buddy has a Yeti 20. Both are white. We tested them each with a 10lb bag of ice inside the house next to each other. The RTIC lasted longer, it was half the price, and it has more cubic space inside. For the price of one Yeti I can get two RTIC's that will outperform. Yeti is a meme. The purpose of a cooler is to keep your things cool. It makes sense to buy the RTIC because it keeps stuff the coldest.
I don't know about rtics or pelicans or w.e but my yeti really surprises me sometimes. I recently went on a long trip and put frozen meat in my yeti expecting it to thaw slowly by the time we reach our destination. Hours later still frozen. 2 days later still frozen...fuck we had to take them and put them in a smaller cooler for them to un thaw. 5 days later and the temperature was still optimal for keeping food fresh. My cheapo cooler was hot tub temps by then.
In other words is a 300 plus dollar cooler worth it? Maybe. Do you camp ? Does your cabin have a fridge? If no they yeti is the way to go. Does it last as long as a conventional cooler? IDK my cheapo one is from the 90s but obviously the temperature drops alot because yetis and the similar brands really are for longer term stuff.
File: Bear-Wrestling-kid.jpg (57 KB, 632x395)
57 KB
Picnic camping scum on my fucking board? Oh no no no bro this is /out/. Only real men. Fuck off right now.
this is definitely a Russian thing

File: rambo1.jpg (40 KB, 630x315)
40 KB
There are atleast few items (not emergensy items) in your regular gearlist which you have not used in the last five trips. Why?
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Water purifier: strained and boiled after dinner
Compass: was an easy to follow trail
Bunch of food: I don’t eat much but I bring extra
Duct tape: nothing broke, no blisters
Pencil: the thrill is gone
The thrill of what? Writing?
Have you ever heard of "sounding", anon?
File: 501412-2.jpg (21 KB, 1500x750)
21 KB

File: IMG_2433.jpg (78 KB, 960x562)
78 KB
Thought I'd do a thread on winter equipment in Sweden for skiing with a supply sled.
Going on a 5 day trip with my class, digging a new bivouac every night, igloos if the snow quality is good. 19 classmates and 3 dogs.
I'm training for a longer trip in march/april when the days are long for more miles, the nights aren't -30C anymore so won't need as much extra clothing and generally makes life a little easier.

Only things not pictued is my food bag, skis, poles, the packed supply sled and harness.

>pic related my classmate a few weeks ago
13 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
>3 layers on top, 2 on legs + Parka in sled
My standard is a thin synthetic shirt, a thin merino turtleneck with a hardshell on top of that if I'm doing something active, if digging just a thin synthetic shirt and beat up softshell that I let get soaking wet, change out of it when i'm done digging and then just shake off most of the ice.

>Appropriate socks
Thin knee high merino, slightly thicker wool then a fuck huge knitted wool sock

>Those rubber boots with fur inside they sell everywhere in those countries
Touring ski boots with gaiters, my feet were warm all 5 days :)

>Tons of water. You're going to miss nice water.
Yeah, and a bottle of whiskey

>Isostar or some other additive for when you drink (boiled) snow
That would have been nice, been meaning to buy gatorade powder but keep forgetting

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: IMG_2447.jpg (1.33 MB, 4032x3024)
1.33 MB
1.33 MB JPG
Heading up to the plains to build igloos on day 2, was a cold but sunny and windless day despite the ominous cloud bank
Have you had sex yet, anon?
wow, this looks kino as fuck

File: 265256887.jpg (246 KB, 1200x799)
246 KB
246 KB JPG
If the electrical grid was taken down, by a nuke or a solar storm, how long could you survive? Many scientists say that over 80% of the population would die out with in the first year of such an event. What are your long term survival plans? How long could you stay alive?
53 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Many scientists
I'm a scientist and I disagree. Share a source on your claim.
Just think about it....the amount of elderly baby boomers, those who rely on medication, handicapped, children, thots and whores who don't know how to do shit other than take cock and post selfies, and soy boys..they would all die.
File: 1514933026094.jpg (39 KB, 703x480)
39 KB
>but societal collapse will not happen.
Not with that attitude, anon.

If all it took was total collapse of the electrical grid, then a big enough solar flare pointed at Earth will do the job. Either that or a few dozen saboteurs in various countries arrange to disable multiple substations and high voltage lines. Do it right and you can cripple the grid for months.
This. If you choose to prep, good for you.
Me? I keep a few weeks of food and built a pool instead of prepping for years to come.
If I’m wrong? At least I’ll have plenty of water!

File: 71mCX7nmirL._SY355_.jpg (25 KB, 346x355)
25 KB
what brands are the worst at making jungle boots? really want to get em, but dont want to make a mistake and buy crap that will last less than a month
4 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Fox & Rothco
Some people are saying Rothco. They are cheap, but you get what you pay for. If you want something that will last, just buy some lightly used or un issued military surplus jungle boots.
Surplus 'nam boots for $20 then you get them resoled with something comfy. The stock soles are for shit.
I got a pair of altama jungle boots for cheap a decade ago and they're still holding up.

I don't want to forget my suntan lotion
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You’ve gone to shitty tourist trap beaches then. Get away from all the stereotypical vacation spots and you’ll find nearly empty beaches.
But I live in FL... Almost all the beaches are vacation traps
File: IMG_20180221_153440531.jpg (1.44 MB, 3264x1836)
1.44 MB
1.44 MB JPG
Checking in. Comfy 18C with a not so great northern, slightly cold wind.
you Americans are fucking crazy

its to cold to go to the beach unless its at least 95f (35c)

T ausfag
File: image.jpg (53 KB, 624x351)
53 KB
>Nike it is your cousin Roman. Want to go and see some big American titties?

File: IMG_20180219_042300.png (758 KB, 1080x1090)
758 KB
758 KB PNG
I'l put u in situation, one of my frends make himself a tatoo of chinese or japanise words, but he wont say what it means... Do someone here can translete it to me?
7 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I'm Japanese, I get requests to translate people's tatoos all the time. This roughly translates to "I love black cock"
Also, Its the first character for the country Estonia in Chinese (something like Aishania, phonetic translation from Estonia). Also note that this is the traditional Chinese version of it, not the new mainland china simplified version.
Chinese have a fun way of naming the country names. For example Amertica is mei-guo, (beautiful country) but the mei character is comprised of 2 sub characters (radicals), one meaning "obese" other "sheep". Chinese are literally calling americans beautiful, fat sheeple :). Estonia in a loose translation however means something like nuns making love on a sandy beach :/

more info https://dictionary.writtenchinese.com/worddetail/ai/3557/1/2
File: images (3).jpg (14 KB, 418x352)
14 KB
Sick tatt bro.
What do you think of my new one?
File: murica.jpg (86 KB, 600x400)
86 KB
forgot pic
File: China_is _great.jpg (141 KB, 1024x768)
141 KB
141 KB JPG
This a Chinese outdoors thread now?

File: sleeping mat.jpg (282 KB, 1217x676)
282 KB
282 KB JPG
The plastic/resin around my sleeping pad's inflation valve cracked so now it can't hold air.

What can I seal this with?
7 replies omitted. Click here to view.
West Marine G Flex Epoxy. I don't know which 3 digit number would work best as I don't have your pad for testing. Press it in really good into all the cracks and "pot" the entire area well.
Just go to REI and they'll replace it for you.

Came here for a reply along these lines. Was not disappointed.
Silicon sealant.

File: DSC_0049.jpg (3.26 MB, 3840x2160)
3.26 MB
3.26 MB JPG
Heya sc/out/s,

I'm looking for suggestions from any hammock campers out there. On my last alpine hike my hammock tore pretty much in half for some reason, probably lack of care/overuse after a year of owning it. Looking for suggestions for a new one.

Since i'll be doing shopping could do with any general gear suggestions, you guys picked up anything recently you thought was really useful?
3 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Just look for the "parachute" type. I got mine for 45 BGN and for one time we were smoking too much weed and we couldn't get out of it because it was tied 5 meters on a tree. Se there were 3 of us in the hammock for a few hours high as fuck and getting hit the paranoia that the hammock will snap. That is about 240kg of weight and the producer says: "aah... don't go above 400".
I've seen many expensive as fuck hammocks snap with just 2 ppl on top of it..
Who sets up a ridgeline with their hammock? I don't, but the more I go /out/, the more I'd like to have a consistent shape each time I hang up.

anyone got any anecdotes?
Ive done it. Didn't even do research when i did it just tied some thickish rope so I could get a consistent sag. I like it, makes setting up a little faster and everything still fits in the hammocks bag. Plus convenient spot to hang a headlamp and things you want easily accessible.
I was a trendy dipshit and got one of the eno doublenest hammocks about 3 years ago, It's seen a lot of use and abuse and It still holds strong. I like it alot but if I were to buy something new I would try and find a longer hammock, for now I make sure I stuff some shit under my lower back
What’s the best setup for UL? I’ve been looking at UL tents but figured I should succumb to the hammock lifestyle

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