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What is going on with this tree?
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Eh, idk man.
OP, is that shit "oozing"?
There's a mold that destroys weakened trees.
It can devastate a piece of property.
tree period
The two stems are rotting in between and will delaminate. End their suffering.
Put it out of it's misery and burn it.
Crotch rot

File: 34950834623904.jpg (23 KB, 500x396)
23 KB
How good are shelter halves?
Can you manage well with two of them as a tent in rainy conditions?
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Lovu sounds finish or something.
everyone on youtube spells it lavvu (but they may all be idiots because youtube)
File: Poncho-tent-shelter.jpg (361 KB, 1034x776)
361 KB
361 KB JPG
while googling ponchos I came across this
saddest poncho shelter I've ever seen
>that dip in the green one that's going to funnel right onto your chest
File: ae639706.jpg (61 KB, 639x466)
61 KB
It's sami and it's spelled "lávvu", it's a light tipi style tent traditionally used by nomadic reindeer herders. It also shares etymological root with finnish "laavu" which is is a completely different semi-permanent structure used in the wilderness and it's basically a single roof-half that might or might not have walls (but it's always open on the one side at least) and it's coated with conifer branches, moss or turf.
They don't look too compact on google, friend, but ok. :)
Sigh... I guess I'll have to finally buy two of them & try them out, they're pretty cheap here.

post knives, talk about knives, rant about knives, cry about knives

khaki, green or black?
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>Half serrated delica and not Endura

What are you, a fag?
should I go for the fully serrated endura?
It does look reminiscent of a kitchen knife, but I would go /out/ with it strapped to my belt.

Good work, even if the turn-a-file-into-a-knife is a pleb-tier DIY kife-smithing meme.
I like the burnt orange, which version is that?
File: 601.jpg (27 KB, 657x527)
27 KB
it appears to be the cts-xhp pm2

File: download.jpg (94 KB, 1000x1000)
94 KB
I'm in the market for a new winter sleeping pad and sleeping bag now that the old ones my father gave me are at the end of their lifespan. Anyone have recommendations?
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Depends on how cold it is
I have an insulated Big Agnes air core ultra, they dont give it an R value but say its "rated for 15 degrees"
Its comfy, the vertical baffles do make a difference, I do wish I had gotten a wide though
I have the insulated static v lite.
Only buy this if you are taking long trips and need to count on a very light warm pad. Otherwise carry half a pound more and get a much more comfortable pad.
Also this pad squeaks so loud whenever pressure is applied. It’s light a comical little air horn.

Not to steal OP's thread, but how do sleeping pads work for overweight people?

I'm getting into camping, and I think a pad would be nicer than a twin size air mattress in regards to keeping air longer, warmer, and obviously much easier to pack / unpack.

I'm working on weight, but currently I weigh a little over 300

(also 6'3 and larger built in general, so I don't look like a dough boy)
At your weight I would probably get a foam pad, simply because I assume that inflatables will compress under your weight too much. But I'm not nearly close to that weight, so maybe someone who is knows better.
OPs pic is pretty much the best one, I got the NeoAir version and I love it. Comfy as fuck, not too hot or cold and works perfectly in the winter.

I fucking hate golf.
I guess I don’t hate the idea of golf in the PNW as much as it in the American SW. I really fucking hate golf in the American SW. You’re telling me I can’t have water rights to my property because you need to keep grass that DOES NOT feed livestock green in 110oF? Get fucked.
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Because if the inside of my home is over 68F I'm pouring sweat while doing nothing.
>Tucson is way colder than here
Care to state where "here" is or should I just call you a faggot now since Tucson is routinely considered the hottest city in America?
>puring sweat while doing nothing
>in a dry desert environment with no humidity
false flagging Floridacuck/Yuropoor spotted
>hottest city in America
That's Yuma. Yuma>Phoenix>Tucson when it comes to heat.
It generates a shitload of revenue, which is something nobody has ever claimed about you.

File: 140.jpg (163 KB, 1600x800)
163 KB
163 KB JPG
Any other females here and if so, care to share your /out/ experiences? I feel like I'm the only femanon on this board. Even when I go /out/ it's usually either solo or with my guy friends, my girl friends never want to go hiking/camping. I don't mind though I like solo
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That was then this is now thousands of years and now it's our turn. If you cavemen would stop posting then we can work on the rampant racism and sexism against marginalized communities and /out/ivities. Intersectional /out/ism isn't the future it's the NOW. Do your part and be an ally by shutting up and going away. YOU are on the wrong side of history (;
Just shitposting to make a really boring thread more interesting after people got baited into clicking on it
File: 23681043_BG1.png (234 KB, 436x469)
234 KB
234 KB PNG

Gay and AIDS. Im gonna punch my gf and spit on a nigger 10x today instead of 5x, to make up forvthis post. Turbo-Racism and Ultra-Misogyny Mode: Activate.
youre not the only girl here you hag. I post normal shit in order to not stink up the board like this thread god i hate wahman ruin everything reeeeeeee

I just bought a rain coat made from Gore-Tex/under their brand. I bought it mainly for outdoor cycling as G-t is meant to be very breathable, my Trespass rain coat caused terrible overheating.

I haven't tried it out yet (just arrived). On visual inspection it appear to be the same quality as trashy £30 Adidas waterproof jackets etc... I purchased this jacket for £160.

Pic related.

Please share your experiences with Gore-Tex.
20 replies omitted. Click here to view.
The cheap jacket will last at least on third of expensive one.
Imagine a world where if you bought something and it worked. It never needed to be reproofed, it breathes, its lighter, its more water resistant and less expensive and overall, better for the environment. Thats outdry. Still like goretex? If you want to piss away money for nothing, I'll take it.
/out/fitter here

Reproofing is just another step when washing. Both types still need frequent washing to ensure proper function. Membranes have pores and those pores need cleaning. Dirt covers surfaces and prevents proper breathing and water repellency. Buying a shell is very much about finding a specific model that fits your body and has the features you want for the activities you have in mind. It's 70% tech and 30% preference. Until outdry reaches such a market saturation point that the products are available with such incredible variety as gtx I would never claim blanket superiority.

Saying that gtx is pissing money away and lauding outdry to such a degree is silly. Get out there in high wear environments with different kinds of shells and youll find that there are distinct quality classes and that for the most part the textiles have comparable performance within their pricepoints. There is no magic innovation and the difference in performance between mainline products will never be as substantial as you make it out to be.
Yes they are. You want something that rejects water completely, like a rubber glove, but light and flexible. This makes things like Cuben fibre great because it’s really strong, but I’ve seen plenty of hikers in france and Italy literally wearing plastic rubbish bags over their clothes, for the exact same reason

Get this through your heads: when it comes to rainy weather, breathable fabrics are a meme. You must have a literal hole to vent hot air and moisture from your body, not through mesh fabrics as they always fail over time, rarely work well, absorb water and you end up sweaty anyway, no matter what the marketing says.

Get something with pit zips as that’s a really good place to vent, or get a poncho, don’t be memed by the Gore-Jew

The only good breathable fabrics are the ones designed to block wind and a little precipitation, also known as Wind Shirts/wind jackets etc, but these wet out fairly quickly in major deluges.

Trust me anon, get pure waterproof, forget the breathability. A £1 plastic poncho from poundland will breathe better and keep you drier than a £160 meme jacket, it just won’t be quite as strong, so if you have the money go for God-tier cuben raincoats or ponchos, as cuben fibre is like a really tough and light plastic bag
>Reproofing is just another step when washing. Both types still need frequent washing to ensure proper function.
Correct. Outdry does not require reproofing, giving it a significant advantage over GoreTex. Before you buy (lower price) and maintenance (upkeep costs, not needing to reproof)

>Buying a shell is very much about finding a specific model that fits your body and has the features you want for the activities you have in mind.
I agree, there is a total lack of variety for outdry products. I will also concede GoreTex in shoes is superior to outdry in terms of breathability. For most utility in alpine uses and in the pacific northwest, outdry remains superior.

>There is no magic innovation and the difference in performance between mainline products will never be as substantial as you make it out to be.
Not magic motherfucker, science.

File: 1461739202453.jpg (81 KB, 1600x900)
81 KB
When on a medium-long hike should you push yourself until you're dead tired and HAVE to stop for a while or just take shorter breaks more often even if you feel like you could go a bit further?

Which one is better for the hike and which one is better for you long term?
8 replies omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1537521336445.png (1 MB, 1024x1024)
1 MB
>Pushing yourself is better in the long run because one day there will be niggers chasing you with machetes
Why do you think this will happen?
Also, why not just carry a gun.

In rock-paper-scissors, the gun beats the machete everytime.
>Pushing yourself is better in the long run because one day there will be niggers chasing you with machetes and you will not be able to stop.
depends on the circumstances desu. if you're hiking in some gay conditions like hot weather or altitude, then yeah rest and take a break. over-exertion at altitude or heat (or both) will fry your body. if its like 55f at 0ft elevation, then keep going, you're being a pussy
are there more of those pics, for different types of people?
sure! check this out: www.pinterest.com

have fun mom

File: th (1).jpg (15 KB, 474x474)
15 KB
Looking for a good three-season boot for my son.(5) Live on 45th parallel. Snowy winters. Wet spring. Damp Fall. Muck boot is example but what would you all buy for your kids???
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
any basic rubber boot will do
Find your local farm supply store. They always seem to have good deals on rubber footwear even steel toes ones
Nice. I'll check out those ideas. I just wasnt sure if there was a good recommended boot for a kid
This is what I have, they last and are great.

There’s a reason all Alaskans have a pair

File: image.jpg (3.62 MB, 4032x3024)
3.62 MB
3.62 MB JPG
Hey /out/, what’re you reading, and what do you take on trips if you read while out?

Just finished a book called Fire Season, now I’m reading a book called Of Men and Mountains by William O. Douglas
23 replies and 14 images omitted. Click here to view.

I love archive.org
File: download.jpg (8 KB, 181x279)
8 KB
comfy af
I’ve got a book full of Ernest Hemingway... somewhere...
File: 1534743712775.gif (1.91 MB, 512x288)
1.91 MB
1.91 MB GIF
Bushcraft 101 (for a chuckle)
98.6 and the art of keeping your ass alive by Cody Lundin
US Army Survival Manual
Illustrated Guide to Edible Wild Plants
And then whatever Discworld book I'm currently on at the stage of re-reading the series, which I do almost yearly.

I know it sounds like a lot of extra weight, but my pack is so streamlined after so many /out/ trips that I can afford the extra weight without it being too much. Sometimes the books are super helpful, like the time there was an unexpected downpour for days when a hurricane turned towards where I was camping and I couldn't build a fire big enough to cook on and didn't have a decent wind guard for my pocket stove, so I had to eat plants and bugs for the calories I needed to pack the fuck out of there. The plant book and Cody's book helped keep me fed and warm until I made the 30mi hike back to my car.

File: 1533719357987.gif (962 KB, 1000x564)
962 KB
962 KB GIF
So i took 12,340 USD cash my whole life savings and bought 43 acres of Mountain land lots o flat spots bunch of trees and a abandoned home stead with a 18th century open water well and a fresh water spring. cabin is long gone and previous owner says there is a abandoned silver mine some where on the property. great views thinking of moving out in a few years and building a cabin or reviving the homestead. any other scouts buy anything exciting?
84 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
What's the yearly tax rate on it

>do you have paperwork stating a 1690 water right year

In one of the root cellars I found an old iron chest full of documents, the original land grant from King Phillipe I consulted a land attorney and since the documents show use of water from that time period I have title to most of the water around here. He is advising that I sue all my neighbors for millions
>not wanting to enrich your own soil with toptier homemade compost and make the land your fertile bitch
dude you should consider building a NEET town
I've got a half dozen UK expats near me, all of them horsey folks. Undeveloped land with home site rights is going for around $35,000/acre.

No one buys unless they've got a couple mil to blow on the house, stable, and fences.

File: 9.jpg (324 KB, 1319x738)
324 KB
324 KB JPG
Took a swim in the storm lately, pretty scary, you can train every day, swim for hours, but storm is smth different, in 5 minutes you're exhausted. Have you tryed anything similar? Also found some great big wave training for surfers, that thing can make you feel safe in any storm.
19 replies and 10 images omitted. Click here to view.
It's super exciting and thrilling, once you're in, it feels like you're already on the other side, you realize there's absolutely nothing in between you're body and sheer force of nature, you either gonna come out, or turn into a tiny pile of clothes left on the shore.
Hippo's are known to eat carrion. They may kill you because they're territorial, but there's a good chance they will snack on you afterwards.

Those waves look very odd, like a creature running its feelers up and down the ocean.

This thread is strangely comfy, like In The Air Tonight should be playing.
File: S91463820-2T.jpg (24 KB, 250x192)
24 KB
Make way for the mustiest smelling motherfucker to ever come with me into the great outdoors besides myself: the Yugoslavian Army Mess kit. Drinking from the canteen on this thing is signing your own death warrant and is about as recommended at drinking from the ponds at Chernobyl, but I do like the deep pot and bowls it comes with. For such a deeo pot, the whole package stacks together pretty small, and the silverware is nice.
Live on the coast in New Zealand and join a Surf Lifesaving Club from a young age. They teach you all sorts of skills with the intent that you can one day become a surf lifeguard if you are so inclined. This generally includes learning how to swim and handle a board in a storm. Once you learn how to go about it it can be insanely fun, though you should never go out alone. I'm not even a terribly strong swimmer by my old standards but I am confident that if was in rough surf I could get back in because you learn knowledge of lulls and sets and rips and all that.

File: 20180723_152834.jpg (1.82 MB, 4032x2268)
1.82 MB
1.82 MB JPG
What animals do not eat apples in endemic areas? I've seen foxes eating apples and I'm not quit sure what to expect now
I've seen cats eat bananas and cows eat rabbits so all bets are off.

File: rebecca-wolfe.jpg (301 KB, 640x487)
301 KB
301 KB JPG
I'd like to get into hunting with my son (8).

I never hunted growing up but have plenty of experience with weapons (10 years in the Infantry).

I live in South Carolina and Deer hunting and duck hunting are very big here. Unfortunately it seems to have always been something that has been passed down within families.

Do you have any advice on getting into this?
43 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
Oh ya, my game cam is about a hundred yards downhill from my porch, with a direct line of sight though the trees.
Rabbits and deer at night, turkey and crows during the day.
Everyone else has boar but I haven't seen any out here.
Just thought I'd share.
I've never heard of running deer with dogs as unsporting. The problem I've always heard is that you need a lot of land and a lot of people to do so. It might have a bad rep where you are from because strangers were running through other people's land, but if it is your land then with hunting dogs are a challenge and reward in of themselves.

You should read Robert Raurk's The Oldman and The Boy or Wilson Rawl's Where the Red Fern Grows, and note that dog hunting used to be well respected outside of retrievers.
>that's not her deer

What the fuck did you just say about my wife you faggot? I'm positive she hunted and killed more animals than 99% of the people on this board.
I definitely appreciate dog hunting, when done correctly. The way it's done in Britain, or the Atlantic Northeast is an excellent tradition and challenge, but that's mostly waterfowl and fox hunting though. What I'm talking about is more like the obnoxious hillbilly scumbags that treat their dogs like shit and spend half of their time starving and abusing the dogs and the other half the time feeding them raw meat laced with gun powder because "huuhhh huhh it makes 'em meaner'n a sumbitch" and let their dogs loose on deer at night after scaring then out and stunning them with a spotlight, then shooting to wound them and letting their dogs loose to track and rip the deer apart.

I also still kinda disagree with the people that use dogs to run down a wounded deer even without being hillbilly scumfucks, but they're not nearly as bad.
Do you mean run down and tear apart or just blood tracking?
If your messed up your shot, I always felt you had an obligation to track down and cleanly finish the wounded animal instead leaving the poor thing to suffer. Bleeding out miles away isn’t too bad of a way to go, but some of the infections I’ve seen have been pretty nasty. I’m not sure how people can disagree with that.

File: IMG_20180807_230804051_LL.jpg (3.5 MB, 3024x4032)
3.5 MB
3.5 MB JPG
Moving up to a place in the mountains around Herkimer County in New York -- what should I expect?
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
You can expect Craig Ryan to stalk you
Comfiness and high taxes. Depending on where exactly it could be a buttload of snow. Ugly women. Summers that are 95 degrees and 200% humidity. Winters that are -20. Shitty bars filled with ingrates. No jobs.
File: 1474860585731.png (916 KB, 717x1023)
916 KB
916 KB PNG
File: 20180916_102413.jpg (3.39 MB, 4032x3024)
3.39 MB
3.39 MB JPG
High taxes and shitty gun laws. The ADK is really comfy and the people are friendly, took this pic last weekend.
The stigma of being in the northeast, but the shitty part that doesn't have the same charm that New England has. Everyone is going to hate you when you're driving and you'll develop a holier-than-thou attitude. New York has garbage taxes, garbage gun laws, horrible property prices and over priced rentals.

Fuck New York, and fuck New Yorkers.

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