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This past January I started learning to snowboard, and on my 3rd day I broke my arm. It's still recovering so I'm skipping this year and planning for next season.

I've had shit teacher that didn't teach me much, I watched youtube videos but putting that shit in practice wasn't easy and teacher let me go up the mountain alone and guess it was icy or something because I smashed my arm real good from simple fall.
My main problem was stopping, I start going down fast, I could only do a fast stop, turn hard and usually fall, that's how I fell and shattered my humerus, wasn't going too fast but still, could swear I had my arms against my body but maybe the angle was against me.
Anyhow yeah, I didn't get good enough for basics and that mountain didn't have much areas to learn that weren't too steep so I'd just go fast, try to turn to break but nope I'd just continue going fast to the side or crash into snow on side or trees which I avoided by falling a lot.
Next year for sure I'm getting a lot of classes but I still don't get it what I was doing wrong, I watch all these videos and it seems so simple. I'd just go on my heel edge, start turning but instead of slowing down I'd just keep going to the side or hell stop and then start going switch which I for sure didn't know how to do. The area was kinda narrow too so I didn't have ton of space to maneuver sigh, guess a lot of shit was stacked against me there...
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Bruh, I went skiing for the first time this past season. I had a blast.

I'm still on pizza and French fry status. I was getting the hang of it and I kept on pushing myself onto harder tracks. Eventually I saw these 7 year Olds on the hardest trail of the mountain and I got cocky. I went for it myself and I royally fucked up...
I left that place with a grade 2-3 tear in both of my MCL's. I honestly thought I had broken my knee the first time it happened, but I was still able to move it after I tried getting back up. I went down a couple of meters and bam, fell and popped the other one. Standing up was painfully hard, but I skied my way down, and even tried going for another trip on the lift. Unfortunately, my knees had plenty of time to swell up during the ride and I just flopped off. I made it down after some time icing in the snow. I was bed ridden for about a week, but I was back to running after that. Shit sucked.

Would do again though.
Also it was very icy, it was monday, haven't snowed for few days and weekend was packed with people, ton so I assume that made it worse. Thank god I had my helmet on, serious whiplash from 1 fall...
Things always look way more intense in person. There have been countless times that I’ve been watching a snowboarding video and telling myself I’m gunna hit a gap only to get to it in person and complain about the wind.
Hey mate

Snowboard instructor here. Sorry to hear you had such a bad experience in you first lessons. Its really all about weight distribution and how you crouch lean etc.

Best way to prepare for it is to practice balancing on your heels with toes in air and crouching up and down. Going as low as possible and as tall as possible. Thatll teach you to distribute weight and how to balance better. You can also practice "edging" by sitting on ground and pushing your snowboard out in front of you pushing your heel edge down into snow and digging a rut.

Practice practice practice. also your legs need to be like springs. not too stiff and locked in to place but not too loose and floppy.

Try more lessons. go with an instructor that is keen to teach. Look up resorts in your area that have good beginner slopes.
Depends on if its powder or groomed man.

I can understand the back foot in powder for mad steeze points.

But most professional snow sports associations teach to ride with and even stance or even heavier on lead foot in turns

Any good resources on how to raise animals 100% from your own land? No salt blocks, store bought grain, no medication, etc.

Norther hemisphere specifically.
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>Self sufficiency and independence is like the most important topic.

What do you think is going on in >>1142523 but also that is basically >>>/diy/ stuff too. Though, you are more than likely to get directed to the Homegrowmen threads from /diy/ anyway. lol
Also, feed them whatever food waste you have, they'll eat most of it. the rest goes in the compost.
OP, if you use your model you could only do ruminants, and then you'd have to just make sure you had enough forage for the time you wanted them. No over wintering (if you're not buying food or making hay). Seems like buy cheap goats or lambs in the spring and keep them until October.

The plan is to over winter a breeding pair of animals while butchering the children.

How diverse do non ruminant diets need to be? Example, squash preserve for months, potatoes too etc. Could I feed pigs just those long preserving foods over winter?
see: >>1155539

File: onlytrash.jpg (380 KB, 960x1280)
380 KB
380 KB JPG
Long story short, I have some basketball inclined individuals cutting through yards leaving trash laying around. They hop a fence behind me and I can't put barbed wire up thanks to the city.

So whats the worst kind of plant I can put in? Right now I'm thinking a combo of stinging nettle and poison ivy, but I'd also like something thorny that can grow in over time
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File: nice picture jackass.gif (1.22 MB, 612x612)
1.22 MB
1.22 MB GIF
God damn that's interesting
>The stinging persisted for two years and recurred every time I had a cold shower

Of course it's always Australia
Looks kinda like crown of thorns. Is it that or octillo?
When I was canoting a few years back a guy got stung by a simular plant and got a blister the size of a fist

Im looking to pick up my first mora for innawoods, does /out have any model recomendations. Also where to find them to avoid the Australian prices.
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Any knife that is swedish and doesn't rust should do. They are very basic and everyone here in rural Sweden has atleast 2 of them. And if they rust or anything it doesn't matter when I think about it since they are so cheap.
what u mean cheap nigga, morakniv knives aren't expensive. especially companions and robusts
File: 20150718_133008.jpg (2.68 MB, 3984x2988)
2.68 MB
2.68 MB JPG
ok guise

>Mora Bushcraft
>Mora Companion MG
>Mora Robust

which one and why
Here in Australia, the best price ive found for a Mora companion is $26. Thats expensive enough for me to avoid any rough use with it. A comparable Hultafors is $10

File: ASS.jpg (42 KB, 900x900)
42 KB
How do I keep my bite valve from freezing in cold weather?

Body heat keeps the water in the bladder liquid, but the bite valve builds up ice in less than an hour.

Any cold weather tips?
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Things I've done before I stopped using them in the winter is to wear it on my front and cut the tube really short, just enough to bend my neck to reach the bite valve. Blow air into the tube to displace the water after drinking, and keep it tucked in when not in use.
Be aware that boiling water will melt the seams of a Camelbak, Platypus does not have that issue.
I recommend a 1 quart large mouth nalgene bottle filled to 90% and placed upside down in an insulated Nalgene pouch. (Water expands 10% when frozen and freezes from the top down)
Always had water available since.
Try putting in a bit of good quality Vodka. I work construction and in the winter we will sometimes do that to stay warm and keep our water bottles from freezing solid.
Why the fuck didn't I think of this? Also might help keep the bioslime down.
OSHA would be proud
I take OSHA courses on the regular because I own a business that works in industry.

we are now required to treat alcoholism as a disease, a disability. We aren't allowed to work people that drink on the job, but we're also not allowed to fire them. Weird times we live in.

>Kris Kremers and Lisanne Froon were Dutch students who disappeared on April 1, 2014, while hiking in Panama. After an extensive search, portions of their bodies were found a few months later although how they died could not be determined. The circumstances and aftermath of their disappearance have resulted in much speculation about the cause of death.

After reading >>1153799 post on another thread I got curious and started searching for more info about the story since that at the time seems like it was something big and I had never heard of it before or seen it discussed here so I think it's worth to discuss it now. We can also have some talk about jungle survival if someone is interested or has significant knowledge.

Anyway, what do you think that happened to them?
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alpine hiking is trail hiking in foreign countries at "high" altitude

its essentially a slightly more involved vacation
One got injured and died, then the other one got raped and died. A jungle nigger messed with their belongings, but returned them for a money prize. The photos were taken because they used flash from the camera, they got scared by some sound, probably a harmless animal but being alone in the jungle at night is scary af. Thats all folks, a terrible way to go but remember, stay on the trail next time you go /out/!
The truth is. Once they tasted my BBC Big brown SCHLONG they realized once they left panama. they would never get such pleasure. So they committed suicide. White cucks i mean people( if you consider an ape people). just dont want to admit that
t. Someone who's never been in a real fight
In a real life or death fight all that matters is weight. People don't do kind fu or fight like superheroes, they roll around on the ground until the bigger one gets on top of the smaller one and caves their skull in
Nah, they're dutchies.

They faked their deaths and used their vast amount of wealth from undercover pornstarring to place themselves on a one way trip via Panamanian airfield into the keys of Cuba.

Or something.

File: van conversion.jpg (66 KB, 640x480)
66 KB
What is the /out opinion on van life?

I'm strongly considering buying a used cargo van (3k-4k) or maybe a medium cargo trailer (2-3k) plus a Jeep wrangler or something as a 4x4 tow vehicle. Thenspending 3-4k more on converting it into an off grid camper, with basic solar, and enough water/propane storage to stay out of the towns for a week or so at a time. I would take 6 months to go all the way around the boarder states of the U.S. with a detour to the grand canyon. Living expenses, as far as I can see, with gas, food, insurance, ect... is about $1,200 a month while on the move.

Sorry if this is a common topic, it's been a while since I've been on /out.
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>over $1000 a month
>more than your monthly salary
>still lives there

Checks out. You're retarded.
>he thinks you cant fuck easy hippie sluts
anon i have news for you, you can fuck easy hippie sluts. no matter how many normie girls rejected you.
Seriously thinking about getting a sprinter 4x4 to tour europe in whilst I work remotely.
File: file.png (65 KB, 815x309)
65 KB

Heated blanket?

How wild camp in a small country with little to no vegetation and a well-developed police state.
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Wrong. The Netherlands shares the island of St. Martin with France.
Just take a day off work. Get on the train and head to some better /out/ places. That's the beauty of Europe.
Set up camp where ever you want in the late evening. Pack up with sunrise
are there records for more recent years?

File: 20171210_152543.jpg (4.28 MB, 5312x2988)
4.28 MB
4.28 MB JPG
Best thin gloves? Was looking at pic related, but would like /out/'s opinion. Going to be used for skateboarding and walking around. Also would like to be able to use them as liners for when I go snowboarding, so thinness is very important.
REI touchscreen compatable glove liners rock.
Wool won't hold up well to griptape (assuming you aren't a wrongboarder). Better going for polyester like
or something similar. Not sure if those are thin enough for you but you get the idea, although you can disregard the tactical label that's just what sportsman's guide showed me.
Good point, I didn't think of that.
I got these as a gift about two years ago. They are still going strong and work good with my cell phone. I'd probably buy again.

File: image004.jpg (53 KB, 638x647)
53 KB
We're going on a three months roadtrip in the western part of the US. We'll start in Las Vegas and go clockwise on the itinerary. The dates are 4th. of March until 1st. of June. Does you guys have any tips on must sees in this region?
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This is one of the funnier posts I’ve seen good job anon
Fuck- you're right about Tioga. That's not open now.
File: img_1079.jpg (3.32 MB, 2816x2112)
3.32 MB
3.32 MB JPG
nice dubs OP. Pro tip from a Californian, take the Pacific Coast Highway (state route 1) all the way up to the North Coast, if you can. The PCH kinda adds a few hours to your trip, so you will likely plan to stop somewhere in Mendocino for the night. Which is usually chill. Then hop on the 101 through Humboldt and Del Norte. You then have the same option along the Oregon coast. Both states (NorCal and Oregon) have very beautiful and underrated coastal zones, you will see a lot of epic redwoods and mountains. However, this drive is not for the faint of heart, there are sketchy mountains and cliffs involved. But it is way more scenic than the big flat suburbs of Sacramento and Redding that you would pass on the 5.

Walnut Canyon and Waptaki NM are way cooler than tha hole.

And if you don't se the GCNP you lose.
If you're looking for completely unique landscapes you won't see anywhere else, make Arches and White Sands a priority.

File: 046.jpg (1.6 MB, 3264x2448)
1.6 MB
1.6 MB JPG
at the top of every 14er?
Do they blow up the top of the mountain so they don't have to hike/climb anymore?
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>tfw not texan but have done exactly this
The wind must blow away the smaller pieces also.

This was from 12 to 13k feet yesterday

Loveland Pass?
Berthoud pass, its on that line of 4 large mountains just north of Mt Evans when seen from Denver
>morning rush hour traffic
If this is too crowded for you guys, I’m definitely jealous I’m in Arkansas and see more traffic

File: 6005604582_8a8962f7b3_o.jpg (323 KB, 1269x1288)
323 KB
323 KB JPG
Took off for the first time last week. Feels good man.
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File: US3149798-1.png (98 KB, 2320x3408)
98 KB
psssshhhh, ahaahahaha
Dan is that you
Damn, who know Ronald Regan was a bad ass?
Who doesnt got accidently on the treetop isnt realy a pilot.
File: latest.jpg (107 KB, 498x740)
107 KB
107 KB JPG

File: ffs.png (393 KB, 347x579)
393 KB
393 KB PNG
How am i meant to hold this zippo handwarmer?
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without a foot
It goes in the little fucking red bag that it came in which limits the amount of oxygen availible and makes it smolder instead of burning out of control. That said you can burn the shit out of yourself but w/e.
you're telling me that i need a bag to use a handwarmer? i'll just stick to gloves, what a stupid invention
What’s the name of that hand warmer and where can I get one?

literally stated in the op

File: OrcaDivingNorway4.jpg (33 KB, 413x600)
33 KB
Anyone done any diving or big animal expeditions? I've been looking at an Orca expedition in Norway that's only 5k a person for my honeymoon, and just wanted to see what other people's experiences were like or if it was worth it. I'm a little wary of spending 10 Grand and then not even seeing anything.
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>5k a person

fuck that, I was looking at doing the Silfra dive in Iceland, but they require a drysuit course. I live in tropical northern australia, no one even sells drysuits, let alone does the courses for them and doing the course in Iceland doubles the price.
How do you see something that's just out of view?
but stil...

I did that.
Isnt that expensive.
Not that special either.
So I guess I should remake this thread on /an/ because you are a bunch of pussies lol. Orcas are safe as shit, I'd be more worried about a safari than a dive. I was just asking if other people had any cool experiences with them and all I've learned is that you've watched Blackfish.

I have two named sticky and roller.
Last summer I spent a lot of time fishing. Light blue damselflies all over the river hunting for lil bugs off the top of the water that they could eat, and seeing them mate while flying.

I sort of miss seeing them but thats the art of seasons
I get these in my 15k gallon koi pond, every time I clean the filter there's about a hundred. I try not to disturb them because they eat all the baby kois in the spring and I already have to catch a fuckton to keep the population down. I have a lot of little microorganisms for them to eat along with the koi fry and they are safe from the koi inside the filter and rocks. I killed them all one year and it fucked up my whole ecosystem.
File: 1510477315834.png (205 KB, 659x525)
205 KB
205 KB PNG
How hard is it to collect, care for, and grow these to adulthood?

Caresheet or anything?
Best board: >>>/an/

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