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Have you ever gone hunting in the wild?
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I'm a european hunter and a fellow hunter I know use a dirt bike to get around in the terrain. Speak on behalf of your country, not the whole continent.
he said people
File: 1558.jpg (199 KB, 810x1440)
199 KB
199 KB JPG
My friend and I went out together for our first time hunting.
Looking for deer.
Pouring rain the whole trip.

we didn't see shit but it sure was a nice /out/ing
Did you hunt with spears?

File: aether ag 85.jpg (44 KB, 570x760)
44 KB
Just bought this bad boy.
What pack do you guys use for long trips?
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*a gregory guy. i'm one, too: >>1116083
I've got a speedlite 20 I love.

Deuter doesn't get as much attention because Osprey is the big dog American brand and this is a primarily American board.
File: 3831436-2-MULTIVIEW.jpg (23 KB, 480x360)
23 KB
How slim is the Aether AG 60 profile?

Is it worth the money?
Also, are the cinching straps good enough to make this operate like a 30/40 liter back without excess room or making the interior too misshapen to fit gear?
File: 20170928_112127.jpg (3.63 MB, 2322x4128)
3.63 MB
3.63 MB JPG
kelty master race

#196-"Saltwater best water" Edition

Previous Thread:

Thinking about picking up a new hobby? Want to get a memecaster? Haven't mastered the Palomar knot? Click here!

Talk about fishing &/or tackle.
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What? I'm in WPB
>this is what it's like to chew 5 gum
>Diawa bg
My nigga
File: IMG_3120.jpg (1.18 MB, 3264x2448)
1.18 MB
1.18 MB JPG
I have a 2500 too, I love both of them.
Is Juno still PBC? How far is it to drive from West Palm to Juno? I rarely go north of WPB unless I'm goin to Orlando or leaving the state.


File: IMG_1705.jpg (175 KB, 700x606)
175 KB
175 KB JPG
Post your /out/ related infographs.
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little to no books

go here >>1112427
>Car motor

You mean how big is the car engine? Obviously you are a retard who gets confused by simple words but why would a normal person know or care to know how big their engine is?
chevy 350 cubic inch
AMC 360 cubic inch
chevy 454
ford 351 or 460

notice how its cubic inches???
I never understood the hatchet. Is this for some sort of happening situation?
I have an old pack from the 1970s that doesn't have room on the inside

File: Smiling alone.webm (2.73 MB, 1280x720)
2.73 MB
2.73 MB WEBM
Recently I introduced myself into John Muir, after a couple readings I discovered his trail in California, then I watched Mile, Mile and A Half. In the documentary they talk how hard is to get a permit to hike it which as an Europoor it was pretty strange to find out that you actually need such thing to hike there. But even though I get it's to preserve it, how do they enforce such rule? What's stopping someone from cutting through the woods and hiking it? Has any of you burgers ever done it? Thanks.
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File: 1451417267010.png (1.49 MB, 958x773)
1.49 MB
1.49 MB PNG
that chick looks like a whore.

I think i would not return the smile, and i am pretty smiley person. Thats the look a whore makes when she wants my money.
>I don't think this is true in the longer term, especially as a function of population
here are the numbers, create a linear function of the hiking stats to find the projected 2000 hiking stats, then create a ratio with population
Hunting on public land is easy as fuck.

>Buy tag
>Drive to public land
>Start hunting

It's really that simple, every fudd does it every year.
I've day hiked it before. Start before sunrise and finish before sunset. I was in pretty great shape, but nothing special.

File: Snapchat-325563814.jpg (554 KB, 720x1280)
554 KB
554 KB JPG
Found these in my yard and my dog has been sick the past few days. Throwing up and diareah. Could anyone identify what mushroom this is, and is it toxic?
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fucking gross
>headless mushroom

That IS spooky
Pin wheel mushroom.
Knob head.
Saggy ink cap mushroom.
Twat face.
>needing a catwalk photo shoot to identify all mushrooms.
Cheese dick.

I know you guys aren't /fa/, but most of these jacket choices seem to come from /out/ brands to do /out/ things so I figured you guys would be much more useful for this. I'm trying to choose between several jackets/coats, and was hoping to get opinions on which would be best. These choices are all expensive as shit, so let's assume money is no object.

1. pic related, https://www.fortisclothing.co.uk/shop/waterproof-falklands-coat/

I've read mostly good things about the brand. They used to be called Country Covers, and were known for making a version of the windproof smock that was apparently pretty good. They don't say what materials were used for the outer coat, just call it "ripstop" and say that it's waterproof and windproof. I'm thinking it's 50/50 poly cotton with a waterproof dropliner and maybe some kind of spray-on coating, but I could be wrong. It's kind of hokey, but I like that it has a drop-down waterproof seat. It's also got a shitton of pockets which I regard as a plus. It's insulation layer is also a separate jacket itself, so you can wear the outer layer alone, the inner layer alone, or both depending on the weather.

2. Swarzi Wapiti, https://www.swazi.co.nz/shop/mens/wapiti-coat/

I've read a lot of good reviews about this coat, and almost nothing but praise for the brand in general. Most people seem to choose their Tahr anorak, but I think it and this coat are made of the same material, which is some brand-exclusive deal. It's got side vents, which might be useful, and can be rolled up completely into the hood. Again, mostly hokey features but kind of cool. The only downside is that this coat only seems to have 3 pockets, which is S H I T. sure, the 2 on the front are pretty big, and the internal map pocket is pretty deep from what I've seen, but it's pretty mediocre compared to all the other coats.

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How's the sizing on Patagonia jackets, specifically the fleece ones?
Depends, they seem to have 2 lines. One of technical gear that fits pretty true to size (outer shells are usually a bit bigger to allow for stuff underneath and the arms are massive on their older hardshells to allow for full range of motion) . The other line is more casual and the sizing runs way large imho (this includes the synchilla)
Their regular fit synchilla fits just like the mountain hardwear toasty twill, which is kind of a more athletic fit. This is in contrast to the better sweater which has a more generous cut. I wear a medium synchilla but a small better sweater.

Thanks, guess I'll take the better sweater in small then.
If you wanna go for the STALKER look any OD field jacket will do

File: hike-the-jmt.jpg (412 KB, 1155x1200)
412 KB
412 KB JPG
No better trail in north america
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The permits are a pain in the ass though
>Why can't I go where all the sheeple go and still be away from the sheeple?
I think you can at least go a few hours without seeing anyone.
Hiked the middle 2 thirds of this last year, fucking gorgeous. Favorite place on earth
I'm new to this meme.
please explain and post actual photos of it.
is it as dangerous as El Camino del Rey?

Could you make a dependable income for salvaging copper wire from peoples old appliances? Im currently out of work right now. I understand its a slow process, but if you put as much of your free time into making funds itd maximize your money right? Would it be worth it?
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
No clue if OP is even here, but the answer is no.

Seriously, copper isn't even at a high price right now and most of the people who scrap copper just cut off cords from broken appliances and while that gets you a cent or two, a lot of cords aren't even that much copper anymore and you waste your time doing so.
This, dude. Sucking dick is a much more cost-effective way you buy your crack.
if you can get lots of them. and I mean lots of them
if you are picking stuff up off the curb you can normally expect between 0 and $30 a week

hours of driving picking up crap sorting and organizing the different metals. then wait until you have a full load to take in.
makes like $3 an hour and there is a high risk of flat tire at the scrap yard cut hands cut shoes dirty nasty old junk and holes in your pants
me again
just making sure you understand the amount of hard work for very little money.
it is a very dirty job

File: 20170926_133517.jpg (2.34 MB, 3264x1836)
2.34 MB
2.34 MB JPG
Post your rigs
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I traded my wrangler in for a 17 Silverado Z71 and fucking love it. I want a Jeep I can bash on but money
same here. want an old xj 4x4 to fuck around with but I already got a truck.
Come to CT and buy my shitbox
Wooden bumper included
How much?
2k? Im not really willing to part yet. Its my daily

Heading out to Joshua Tree this November for a three day weekend solo trip. Anyone who's well versed with the area know any hidden treasures away from the crowds that aren't found on everyone else's "Top 10 Things to do" list of Joshua tree. Difficulty isn't a problem. Rocking climbing gear isn't an option. Thanks
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tfw OP is gonna get kiled by that thing
Not the originl Joshua tree green text but relevant: http://www.otherhand.org/home-page/search-and-rescue/searching-for-bill-ewasko/
File: IMG_2779.jpg (1.19 MB, 1923x3158)
1.19 MB
1.19 MB JPG
I'm this poster, just found the original
File: IMG_2780.jpg (20 KB, 183x275)
20 KB
>mfw opie is kill
Play a U2 record while you're there.

What is the best water bottle for going /out/?

Thinking about getting this 38 oz stainless steel nalgene
74 replies and 20 images omitted. Click here to view.
I was given several of those by the Camelbak rep at work. Both started leaking within a month of just kicking around my truck.
(I am same guy as >>1119430 )
After making that post on Saturday, I impulse bought the stainless steel nalgene off amazon and, to my surprise, it came the very next day-- Sunday morning.

Had a few days to use it instead of my old orange Nalgene, and already a big fan.

* Really solid material. It's well made, not worried about a drop resulting in a dent or anything. Every other metal waterbottle I've ever had ends up very dented in just a few days, not going to be the case here.
* Water tastes like water again. Hard to describe it because water is so tasteless, but it's definitely got a different taste than my old nalgene and it tastes more like water out of a glass than before.

* The strap for the cap loosens up pretty easily. I worry that it'll fall off in time. Not a big deal.
* It's heavier than my old bottle. No big deal.

I'd buy it again.
way easier to clean

Get the sister company version, 321 strong on amazon. Over half the price and essentially the very same thing. I got the 40oz version for 16 bucks.

I got a hydro flask 24 oz version and it lost its vacuum after four months and rei refused to stand by their warranty/exchange. After a year I sweet talked one of the employees and she switched it for me.
I've had mine for 2-3 years now. No such issues.

File: hqdefault-crop-u6836.jpg (30 KB, 292x290)
30 KB
So I'm a NY resident, and like every other year I missed registry, they fill up super quick here and it's annoying because there's never enough.

I read up on the NY hunting website and it says that NY license is honored in all 50 states, and all 50 states license are honored in NY, so I got an idea. I figure I can take the PA 100% online hunters course (website says you don't need to be a PA resident to do so) and then hunt in NY with a PA license.

Will this work? Do I fall under different rules with this license? Will NY tags cost more if I have an out of state license?

>license honored out-of-state
Do you mean hunter's education certificate?

Because no state is going to honor another state's hunting license because they get no revenue from it.
Most state agency's also charge a much larger licence fee for out of staters.
For example in my native Michigan ab resident can expect to pay $20 for a deer tag, a non resident will pay $110.
feels bad, in NZ they actively encourage hunting of deer and boar. All you need a gun licence and permit from the department of conversation if you're in a state-owned park.
>Hurr Durr I only need a permit and a license I'm superior to you losers who just need a license
this was a nice thread until you decided to post

File: mccandless-580.jpg (48 KB, 580x388)
48 KB
why do we hate him again?
91 replies and 15 images omitted. Click here to view.
Fellow Alaska anon,

Where did you get those patches, if you don't mind sharing? I barely make it to the mainland but It'd be awesome to get myself some for my next /out/ing
>devolves into nazi vs communist argument

This happens in almost every thread on 4chan now. It started before-during-after the US election, but has ramped up in frequency this past 2 months.
Damn. Sounds like you were a lot more well prepared than mccandless though. God bless and Godspeed Alaskabro.
>He died following his dreams!

There are countless people that have followed their dreams and happily lived. Anybody who hero worships McCandless is depressed and wants to die.
I can only really find his want to live off the grid a little bit admirable, but it was his ignorance that caused him to die. If his death has taught anything, it's probably to not take the luxuries of civilized living for granted. And to do your damn research when going into wilderness.

File: 4_Haleakala.jpg (1.57 MB, 4122x1996)
1.57 MB
1.57 MB JPG
Winter is at the doors,
but I'm in southern europe so I don't feel like shelling out for proper winter gear to ride.

I'm thinking about something I can use day to day too
>merino wool base layer
>t-shirt + hoodie/sweater
>Sailing jacket 70-80€
>something to protect legs from wind and rain

Do you think merino is better than those syntetic thermal base layer?
I bought one for skiing and it does its job, but it's not great.
Also do you think a sailing jacket would hold the rain riding on a highway?
they're rated for 2/4 hours of pretty heavy rain and isulated with pile wich is a plus.

I'm open for suggestions.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>southern Europe
Where are you at, faggot?

>merino wool
Faggot you need a tshirt and a jacket. That's it.
I have to right late night most of the time, it gets under 0 where I live.
>it's for riding
fair enough then. and yes, layering is what you're looking for.
>pretty warm when wet for the weight
>very comfortable against skin
>holds pretty much no odor
>decent at moving moisture
<not very durable, nylon-merino blends (10-20% nylon) do adequately
<absorbs plenty of water (30% of its own weight, i think)

>warmth when wet depends on the fabric, but generally pretty warm or very warm for the weight
>can be quite comfortable against skin, depends on the fabric. nylon is usually better than the otheres
>nylon holds little odor, polyester holds quite a bit, polypropylene holds a lot IIRC
>nylon is decent at moving moisture, polyester and polypropylene do very well
>nylon is very durable, polyester quite durable
>polypropylene is pretty weak in many ways

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Stop right there! buy a heated vest. It'll cost you less than 70 euro. The batteries are rechargeable, and last about 3 hours. It is worth it.

I used to ride my motorcycle in the winter so long as the temp was above 5c. Wore a ski jacket over a heated vest, and was warm enough. Had to do a 2 hour trip at 5c at night with just that set up. I had done it before when it was 10c without the heated vest, just more layers, and I thought I was gonna die.

For pants I used shark skin soft shell pants. They are cheaper than jeans (20~ euro), and combined with merino wool base layer, your legs will actually be warm. On my 2 hour trip I used merino wool base layer, and these pants and I was fine. Used the pants in a heavy downpour while riding once (didn't check the weather) and my feet were soaked, so was my upper body, but my legs and buttocks were dry. Wow. The issue is you NEED a belt with it, as the pop button closure is cheap, and will pop open under it's own weight. I would trust these pants in a 30mph crash (crashed at 20mph in the rain once and they didn't have a scratch). Plus they're CHEAP!

>t. only transportation in winter was a motorcycle guy

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