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File: ONECOL.jpg (39 KB, 900x900)
39 KB
Any tips for negotiating prices on used gear? I really want to purchase a tent that is just a bit out of my price range.
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Easiest way is to like this (say i need a fishing kayak but i only have 400 and they want 500) I could do 450 later, or 400 cash right now. Easiest way to learn to bargain is watch Pawn Stars.
>Easiest way to learn to bargain is watch Pawn Stars.
Dude it's early in the morning here and I'm laughing alone reading this while i take a shit. Thanks mang.
Agree to their price via email and then complain about wear and low ball them once you've met in person.
oy vey
You can barter the price difference

File: seneca_rocks.jpg (85 KB, 640x480)
85 KB
followed first multipitch over the weekend at seneca rocks. going to practice single pitch mixed routes this weekend. tips?
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also thats one gnarly looking traverse

this guy
Going to the New this weekend so of course it's gonna fuckin rain. Hopefully not too much though or else Kaymoor will be crowded.

Adam In The Rockies just released. It's about his latest trip to Canada. This dude is a major inspiration to be. His dedication to climbing is nuts. I know I'll never be as good as him but goddamn I love watching this guy climb.

File: 1515272655150.jpg (678 KB, 2600x1733)
678 KB
678 KB JPG
How do you find time for your /out/ings?
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Usually I use my weekends. Those are days employers give you to not work.
I only work 4 to 5 hours a week. But I still can't go out until the weekends because I need my mom to drive me.
This. Just pack your car and go on your days off.
I used to have a job that started either midday or evenings, so I used to get up really early and get a couple of hours snowboarding in before work.
I know a dude that has an IT job and goes surfing before work every day. His office is a few minutes walk from the beach so he just shows up to work in his wetsuit, has a shower, gets changed and goes about his day.
Make time. It's not hard. If you "don't have time" then remove unnecessary crap from your life until you do
This is good advice for just about anything in life. If it's important to you, you'll find or make the time for it. And if you can't make time for it it's not important to you.
I'm a Eurofag on neetbux.

In mind august i'm doing a solo road trip to visit glacier national park and yellowstone. I'll be spending 2 days in each park and i'm gonna try and cram as much shit in this adventure as possible. I have my glacier park plans in place but I'm hoping to get some more insight about yellowstone and possibly Grand Teton.

Where is the best place to camp for a no frills, easy to find site situation? I'd prefer dispersal camping but given the amount of wildlife in yellowstone I think it would be wise to be around a few fellow campers so I don't get pounced on so id also be down with a tenting site or an easy hike in site.

Can I basically see all of the cool shit in yellowstone in a day and focus on an awe inspiring hike in grand teton the next day? I'd like to see the prismatic lake, old faithful, the canyon and a few other quick stops. What else is there to see there? Any decent natural hot springs to bath in?

If im there mid week will the annoying tourist level still be really damn high? I fuckin hate rv tourists who feel the need to pull over and take a picture of every damn rabbit or deer they see in the ditch and id like to avoid them at all cost.
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I just did the tetons and Yellowstone and I'll be headed up to glacier in a few weeks. You can get a really cheap backcountry permit ($3 per person per night) and stay in a site close to other people if you're worried. Spots around the lakes are closer together and I believe some allow fires but I don't remember. Just get to the permit office early to claim one. You probably COULD see the greatest hits of Yellowstone in one day, but I would recommend 2 days. If you do one day. There's a spot where you can car camp, or maybe tent camp next to your car in between Yellowstone and the tetons. Find it on freecampsites.
As for the tetons, hiking there is a must. If you're in (very) good shape go do paintbrush divide, if not go do cascade canyon, but get into the mountains as much as possible.

If you're feeling nice let me know your glacier plans since I'm headed there next and haven't made a plan yet.
>Can I basically see all of the cool shit in yellowstone in a day and focus on an awe inspiring hike in grand teton the next day? I'd like to see the prismatic lake, old faithful, the canyon and a few other quick stops. What else is there to see there?

You could if you just drive through, but that's the worst thing you could do in Yellowstone. Yellowstone has a number of different "regions" which are highly different from each other, such as the lake region, the northern valleys, the rugged mountain part, and the canyon. And also Teton of course which is really just part of the same.

what you should be focused on with Yellowstone is not so much the scenes but the wildlife, it's the most accessible true wilderness in the world. Yes it can be scary especially if you're sleeping alone at night, but I wouldn't say it's dangerous if you keep your food stored away from your tent at night.

My suggestion is to do about a 3-5 mile hike out of a trailhead and stay the night, turn around and come back the next day.
You’re kind of late to get a campsite and should have made reservations at least 6 months ago. If you can get a spot, I can recommend Madison and at Grand Teton Jackson lake. Beautiful places, enjoy.
Thanks for that tip, I'll look into some hike in spots. I've seen the majority of the wildlife that will be in yellowstone in canada but it would be surreal to so much animal action in a night out.
I was hoping there would be some large tenting only spots, i really don't need any frills or anything interesting for a campsite as ill only be sleeping there and taking off in the morning. I could also just car camp and make the most out of my time on the road i suppose.
It's incredible how active and close to the surface the volcanic activity is in that area. Figured i'd see the area before something crazy happened and destroyed it all. Same goes for Glacier park, i'd like to see those glaciers before they cease to exist.
The other guy is right. Place is super busy in summer so to even consider getting a camp site you have to book 6-12 months before.
The traffic gets really bad too because of tourists and families parking in the middle of the road to get a selfie with a deer.
Not that it matters now, a volcanic fissure opened up there the other day so good chunks of the park are closed.

File: gridtemplate.png (127 KB, 1450x1780)
127 KB
127 KB PNG
Share your favorites

File: Capture.jpg (45 KB, 390x514)
45 KB
Any close calls out there? Ever been lost for so long you had to drink your friends or starved or had to get rescued?
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Just bing "MinMin lights" It's a pretty deep rabbit hole when you get into it though.
I live in Buffalo, WY, and I commute to work through the NF 4-5 days a week. There's ALWAYS cyclefags up there holding up traffic.
Yeah, I live in a coastal town and on weekends they ride three abreast at six miles an hour and don't let anyone past then jump on the pavement if they come to traffic lights. They can fuck off.
>skelleton jelly
My brian!.. is made... of tiny... animals!
I got Acute pancreatitis once and had to hike for 4 days before I could get help. I have broken many bones in my life but holy fuck Acute pancreatitis is something else, honestly wished I would die a couple of times if it made the pain stop.
Spent a week hospitalised on drip and no food and was loaded with morphine 4 times a day to the point where I would pass out in bliss.

File: waves.jpg (100 KB, 880x622)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
How hard would it be to sail across the ocean solo?
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Guy on forum said he did pacific with $10k boat and sextant.
File: qqCQPlZ.jpg (45 KB, 500x709)
45 KB
Probably depends a lot on training and luck than the actual boat.

Pic related, the smallest boat to ever cross the Atlantic.
and a guy on a forum once told me his sword was folded over 1000 times and could cut through a tank.

could it be done with a $10k boat and sextant?
possibly by someone with far more skill than anyone in this thread will ever have and a little luck. Most 10k boats are pretty clapped out and will cost you more than the price of a new boat in repairs unless you do the vast majority of repairs yourself.
My neighbour once did a solo crossing of the Atlantic in 23 foot sailing boat. He said the most difficult part was sleeping or the lack of it rather.

File: image.jpg (1.1 MB, 2592x1936)
1.1 MB
1.1 MB JPG
Any help identifying these mushrooms/out/?
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How to get boletes before they get wormed?
find the primordia and watch them closely.
Do you just revisit spots after each rain? They give me a lot of trouble for some reason, I honestly wonder if my area is just not great for ceps because it seems like they're wormy before they even get decent sized.

don't eat
>Do you just revisit spots after each rain?
Yes, for particularly abundant patches nearby I visit often while walking the dog and check up on them especially after a good rain. One time I spent almost a month checking out a particular Boletus edulis patch and when I decided it was the right time to harvest they were all gone, cut at the base.

File: Proenneke_15.jpg (54 KB, 549x535)
54 KB
In this thread I will narrate the life of Richard Proenneke from his birth in 1916 until his death at the age of 86.

I intend to cover:

>his youth and adolescence
>his life prior to moving to Alaska
>his experience living in Twin Lakes
>his thoughts about life in the wilderness

If this thread interests you please bump to keep it alive.
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No! You do this outside of pol and Ive missed them?????
that was a comfy read
File: SC12899.jpg (240 KB, 800x803)
240 KB
240 KB JPG
Fucking based
Gods work anon, Proeneke was a real man.

The films he made are awesome.


File: fuck wenoah.png (231 KB, 1204x461)
231 KB
231 KB PNG
>three THOUSAND five HUNDRED dollars for a FUCKING CANOE

this shit is clearly made for bay area basedboys and basedgirls with more money than sense and no kids. even the "cheapest" model is $2500. you could get a fucking car for that much

is there a canoe brand made for normal people with a normal budget?
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not a chance mate, no way you can paddle anything faster than a mirage can go.
Those guys must be barely strolling.
asl one to race you.
But I am guessing you have never actually seen a hobie outback
Yeah that's also the price of the kayak I wanted to buy. It's insane, I honestly couln'd believe when I read it.
3.5K is the price of a scooter here.
* couldn't
>s there a canoe brand made for normal people with a normal budget?
Normal people sit in traffic w/ their cars, not go canoeing.

Make one of these instead:


File: 1526183708781.jpg (2.61 MB, 1771x2508)
2.61 MB
2.61 MB JPG
So /out/ what equipment would I need to Survive in a Post-apocalyptic world?

I don't want some neckbeard fantasy. I want something Plausible.
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Should be fine. Just remember that your religion has to be built around family values and include some way to absorb other religions when you run into them. Catholicism lets you make a god into a saint and move on, and is built around strong paternalism.
it just dawned on me man, Twinkies, they last 30 years. about 50 cent a piece. better than eating rice every meal a day.
What is the ultimate survival physique?
Fuckable stacy.
Standard survival equipment. Anything beyond that would really depends on what caused the apocalypse.

File: DSC_0004.jpg (3.36 MB, 3920x2204)
3.36 MB
3.36 MB JPG
Hi, is there somebody from the Stuttgart, DE region who want to join? I'm not totally noob but a beginner doing camping alone lately. Nothing extreme, just for fun and to amuse god ( hi Terry!).
I'm well educated white straight. Got my own gears, nothing hip.
Plan: walking to somewhere, some beers along the road, sleeping in the wild and talking about interesting stuff.
Somebody interested?
ask on the german thread

File: IMG_2721.jpg (1.22 MB, 4032x3024)
1.22 MB
1.22 MB JPG
How can i get my upper body more /out/ ready? My legs are a no problem since i hike a lot - i just have tiny noodles arms.

How many push ups
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>>>/fit/ & read their sticky
Will you be my femboy?
Mountain biking. You can work out your arms on the climbs while being /out/.
>How many push ups
50 per day; doesn't have to be all at once can be in several sets. That is the starting point in boot camp.

File: Woods.png (1.76 MB, 874x1130)
1.76 MB
1.76 MB PNG
General thread for talking about foraging, best guides, recipes, edible plant identification etc.

What's good in your woods?
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do chicken of the woods damage the tree? thinking of infecting a few nearby oaks with colonised dowels.
I've seen honey fungus do a number on some local trees before, woudn't want to kill these oaks off.
(also honey fungus is tasty as fuck, go eat some if you find it)
South central Kentucky here, our blackberry and black raspberry harvest is pretty much over...
blackberry season is really long in the UK. the first ripe ones appeared about 2 weeks ago, and they fruit until late november depending on the cold
Lucky... We have deer and bears to compete with lol
Basically any mushroom that lives on the surface of living trees are parasites. Chicken of the woods fall into this category. They aren’t good for the tree, cause it to rot, and can make it vulnerable to other infections. Honeys are much more fast acting but don’t inoculate your trees with either of you want to keep them.

File: IMG_5686.jpg (313 KB, 960x1280)
313 KB
313 KB JPG
In Florida spearing on scuba is a widely accepted hobby. Floridians almost universally love my videos.

Greeks and Italians are the biggest cryfaggots online, out of a mostly angry international community. My youtube comments are pretty entertaining.

Fuck you spearfishing is the best way to harvest.

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File: dubs.jpg (1.67 MB, 3264x1836)
1.67 MB
1.67 MB JPG
I have several styles of 357 powerheads. Yes we seal them with nail polish and make bandolirs with surgical tubing. They are the threaded or slip on. I don't use them because I'm not quick enough taking them on and off when shooting a variety of sized fish.
bowfishing does need to be banned

too many fucking times i've seen heaps of edible fish thrown on the bank by bowfishers and left to rot, that's bullshit to me
File: noms.jpg (113 KB, 720x960)
113 KB
113 KB JPG

You mean this guy? We chat sometimes and I dive once in a while with his old team members.

I see a variety of sharks almost everywhere. Most/Biggest I've seen is middlegrounds. We float the fish so they don't mess with us. Had to poke them before but nothing more.

I've completed the deep training which involves decompression stops with pure 02, but need more practice before solo spearfishing at that depth.

This is what a commercial buddy of mine does. This is what I'm trying to get at!

That's the drugs dude not the ocean

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