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File: 29294d.jpg (323 KB, 900x666)
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323 KB JPG
I'm trying to build a hammock kit that will turn into a tent to keep bugs out when I'm above tree level

Does this exist?
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File: maxresdefault.jpg (202 KB, 1365x740)
202 KB
202 KB JPG
8x8 is the point a quilt is functional as a sleeping bag/hammock(doubled), 10-12 square is when you can build an encompassing tent, by pulling the midpoint of 1 side to the corner of either opposing side, and tying it off above ground to a pole, staking down all the corners

i dont often purvey the use of a hammock out of my quilts, but i do at least once test their ability to do it, as well as how to tie off in a way that preserves the integrity, which ultimately comes down to distributing tension onto the rope, and off the quilt
thanks buddy! What about the floor though? We get major slugs in my part of England and the thought of finding one in my sleeping bag is enough to pack it in entirely
im trying to use quilt to describe all types of viable sheets, but i think im going to use the word textile. the issue is the word textile is so sterile that by trying to describe many things, it ends up describing none

tarp, sheet. there are many different types of textiles that are very exclusive from each other in design, but all can be considered for similar jobs. etc etc
the picture and description is involving a tent system with a floor, though youll also want a groundcloth, unless you have a sleeping bag etc. its not watertight, but can be made to severely limit exposure

Ah, quilt was confusing
Quilt = blanket, sleeping bag, hammock insulation
Tarp = sheet, textile
I'm kind of tired, I can't read straight. Thanks for your advice buddy, I'll check >>1158682 this out in the morning!

wow that looks good
and the waterfall looks nice too
great pic
Much thanks m8s

Feel free to post tobaccos (no weed allowed), pipes, collections, pics of favorite combos for going /out/, pics of what you're doing with your pipe and any questions you might have.

Want to get into smoking pipes without spending too much cash?
Get a Missouri Meerschaum Legend corncob pipe and a pouch of either Prince Albert, Carter Hall or Half and Half tobacco, available at most drugstores.
What you'll need: pipe, tobacco, lighter or matches, pipe cleaners, and either a regular old nail or a pipe tool (combination tamper, scoop, and small pick).
All of these together should run you less than $20.

Having trouble keeping your pipe lit? Fill it with less tobacco and smoke it slower than you think you need to, lightly tamping as needed when the smoke starts thinning out.
If you're still having trouble, try filling your pipe this way:

Old thread >>1130005
Come on in and get comfy.
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What a couple of goobers.
New thread?
i´d love to show them the true pipe way, and then lead them to abandon their cigars, then i marry the big bear guy and we snuggle while i comb his beard
New thread >>1158625

Hello! I just recently bought my first mushroom spawn from Bluff City Fungi. This is my first time growing mushrooms, and I was wondering if anyone would be able to tell me how I should go about setting the spawn up?I know indirect sunlight is a must, and so is moisture, but how do I go about moisturizing a closed-bag spawn? Are there any tips or suggestions for growing these little guys cheep?

Pic is some oyster spawn I found on the internet, not my own.
see: >>1155539
Specifically: >>1155680

Other than your backpack, what other bags do you carry your essentials on(keys, wallet, cellphone) while /out/?
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File: hx-tb-fox-cddet4.jpg (89 KB, 800x800)
89 KB
I used to have a chink copy of the Maxpedition Proteus for "quick deployments" including as a toiletries bag for shitting in the middle of the forest, looking to do the same with the Polish Direct Action Foxtrot.
File: _0015771.jpg (726 KB, 1280x960)
726 KB
726 KB JPG
Billingham Pff
Domke master race
Thank you for the explanation and thank you for the compliment. I have been working out the design for quite some time now and the whole thing has gone through many changes. Positive response is quite validating.

It's fine if you have a quality belt and the wider the better so as to resist vertical warping.

This anon knows. Wide weight distribution is key with pouches on the belt.
i hope you like it!

I just checked, mine is actually made by Brady. You should check out Hardy if you ever need another - they're made in Alnwick, my local town and they're also pretty solid.

Geminids meteor shower peaks on 12/14 between 01:00 and 03:00 on the US East coast. Should look beautiful with all of the snow up we got up north here.
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>ochem formal lab report due and final exam tomorrow at 10
>haven't started or studied at all
i'll be up at 1 am tonight, but i won't be looking for meteors
Ay, thanks for the reminder.
Just planned to go and watch some around 12PM~1 AM here in Belgium.
Not the peak, but only moment when clouds aren't blocking it all.
>pic related
it's 12:30 am and the motivation of staying on the terrace is going down exponentially.
Stay oppressed, cityfag. Gonna knock over a spruce and build a fire in the snowy forest out of my back door to watch them
my house is in a village though. 30km from the city.

File: IMG_0347[1].jpg (1.69 MB, 1536x2049)
1.69 MB
1.69 MB JPG
How to become more comfortable going /out/? And by that I mean being able to deal with encountering other people on the trail. I want to go out to enjoy nature without getting dirty looks and judgment from other people like I do in the city. How do I learn to not give a fuck?

Pic related, how to avoid or deal with these people?
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Agreed, people usually only react weirdly or dickish to a standard hello if it's a crowded trail full of normies. All the more reason to avoid them.
Unfriendly douchebag that loves the outdoors here.
Fuck off, I didn't come all the way out here to exchange pleasantries with your happy go lucky ass
If you were way out there you wouldn't see people you basic bitch normie
That was true before I moved to faggot New England, cant go ten feet in the Whites without running into some smug old bitch from Mass. Why do they stay in such good shape for so long up here?
Boomercide when??

File: IMG_2375.jpg (14 KB, 284x177)
14 KB
Hey /out/. I haven't gone snowboarding since I was 13. Some personal shit happened that prevented me from snowboarding after that. I don't live in an area with a lot of good places to skateboard. I'm kind of shit at skateboarding anyways, but I keep trying to get better.
I always really loved snowboarding though, but it's been so long that I'm practically a beginner again. I have no clue where to start.
If there's anybody here who is into board sports, could you help me out with some snowboard recommendations? I'm looking for something reasonably affordable, beginner level, all mountain, good flex, 160 cm+, and camber.
>inb4 check the sticky
I did. There was nothing about snowboarding, save for the history, under outdoor sports.
/boarding/ general as well, so this thread isn't a complete waste of /out/'s time.
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I'm sorry to hear that senpai. Sunshine and warmth is nice as well. Im going with a few friends before Christmas. Two days of snowboarding and drinking beers in the hot tub I can't wait
Normally I only get a week every season. I got a powder day this year :3
Yeah I usually don't get a ton of time to go either, usually once or twice a season if I'm lucky. I would go more but it's just expensive and I'm not as close as I would like to be, to the really nice mountains. Hoping it's going to snow again here soon
If and when I do go looking for a board, can I just go straight into the shop and start asking questions so the associates can find me a good fit for the boots, board, and bindings. Very little clue as to what I'm specifically looking for despite the things I listed.
I mean, the board, boots, and bindings I have now are from when I was 13 so I have no frame of reference. They don't fit me.
weird... i like skateboarding way more than snowboarding even tho i as well am kind of shit at it. i dont think i could ever get tried of it.

that being said...
a lot of shops have rental programs were you can demo boards and boots you might be interested in. way better than he mountain side rental places.

What’s your ride or dream ride, /out/? Lay it on me

Mines pic related. ‘89 Jeep wagoneer with navy blue paint and dark wooden panel
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Something like this
Dacia Duster
File: hilux.jpg (316 KB, 1197x720)
316 KB
316 KB JPG
will probably go for a hilux as well
Thot Patrol GR 2.8td as daily driver
and UAZ 469B as /out/ car

File: 106.jpg (158 KB, 1000x576)
158 KB
158 KB JPG
Basically i just harvested my first pea pod and i wanted to know if it would act like a seed if i planted it in my garden? I'm new to gardening so sorry if this sounds like im a moron lol.
it should
seems only natural
try the homegrown general thread

I identify as an outdoorsy person but most of my free time is spent browsing gear, /out/, or playing vidya

Why am I like this
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Near Bovec in Slovenia.
For me it was smoking meth. If I smoke a little meth, gangsta rap made me do it.
File: mSE7Cyz.jpg (120 KB, 1334x1284)
120 KB
120 KB JPG
Because identifying as something and being something are 2 different things.

Pic related
Eh, you just like the idea of the outdoors probably. Being a self-sufficient everyman is popular right now.

Just do something you enjoy and stop pretending.
My town pop is 3,100

God I love it so much

File: 20171212_165422.jpg (1.33 MB, 2048x1536)
1.33 MB
1.33 MB JPG
Went for a hike today, some stinky linky was littering. He mustve been having a bad day, but who can blame em? BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA
File: 1512996730233.png (18 KB, 1914x897)
18 KB

So last i went do Austria with a friend and we stayed for like 5 days in the nature near to the lake. ( Hallstatt)

This yeah i dog a doggo and she will be one yeah at this summer so i wanna take her with me next times when we go.
Does any one have any suggestions in this area where we can stay without any contact with other people . I want a lake and some place where i can catch some fish,make fire and just enjoy the time. I also like hiking and have some exp. with camping.

Im just tired of looking online and searching on some lousy websites where u cant find anything.

So guys if u know some good spots or some areas i would appreciate it a lot.

Tnx in advance .

What's the maximum amount of money you think is necessary for a decent bug-out bag? Ideally I'd like to have a firearm with me as well.
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maximum? skys the limit?

To actually get good gear that isn't trash tier? Probably 3000 or so for absolutely everything.

gun ammo mags and optic is 1000
nice fixed blade 100
bag 200
boots 150
sleeping bag 200
tent 200
multi tool 100
cooking and stove 200
food 100
first aid kit 150

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
I'd add add 500-1000 to that just in cash, you need money on the run.
You definitely don't need to spend that much!

I'd suggest 300~ for bag itself so you've got winter kit that won't get you killed, and prolly about 300-500 for gun. Maybe something like a snubnosed .38 cal for compact stopping power.
that's why you bring 2 of them
the $1 flashlights make light and work unless they get corroded or dropped and broken

File: 1440956910115.gif (473 KB, 320x240)
473 KB
473 KB GIF
How do you northern keks cope with months without enjoying the based and comfy sun warmth soaking into your body?
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my coal burning fire place keeps me pretty comfy
File: 20171125_164040.jpg (1.44 MB, 2048x1536)
1.44 MB
1.44 MB JPG
I live in superior central coastal California thats how

Stay cold and pale snowniggers
people with low test don't survive here.
Only pussies need the sun for anything. Have fun with your skin cancer, fag.

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