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File: 1527303027217.jpg (498 KB, 3175x2658)
498 KB
498 KB JPG
This is a thread dedicated to yuri ships between or involving [s4s] characters, including Bury Pink, Bury Ebil and Keksandra. Particular ships are Bury Pink and Bury Ebil, and Keksandra and /int/-tan, but as long as there's an [s4s] character involved, you can post it in this thread.
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How can you say you love her if you don't eat her sopa with freshly caugh macaco

Absolutely delicia
File: 1518738017299.jpg (187 KB, 935x935)
187 KB
187 KB JPG
"We're having sopa de macaco tonight!?"
File: 1504929048943.png (249 KB, 560x400)
249 KB
249 KB PNG
>tight dress on evil bury chub
File: tiddie.png (383 KB, 1009x945)
383 KB
383 KB PNG
Mega /mlp/ilk

File: DIGdZWpWAAA9FBD.jpg (212 KB, 844x1200)
212 KB
212 KB JPG
Or just post your favorite moments.
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File: q212.jpg (626 KB, 1456x1127)
626 KB
626 KB JPG
File: 28849683198_4cff92b8c7_o.jpg (960 KB, 1065x1510)
960 KB
960 KB JPG
>Nothing confirmed, but I thought I should just warn you in case it's true.
You're joking right?
She insisted on having a threesome with the guy and her mistress out of jealousity and in it the guy licks her till she cums and then the guy is fucked in the ass while lying nude on her and he ejaculates on her thighs.
The story got cancelled after due to author nbeing anti-Lezhin person but it was pretty obvious that the author only reason to introduce a lesbian was to make her converted for the shitty loser guy to be his new mistress after both would get abandoned by main femMC.
You can enjoy the "lesbian" scenes and then delete the shit from your hdd.
File: Spoiler Image (584 KB, 740x740)
584 KB
584 KB JPG
I said nothing confirmed because I didn't see people talking about it in depth, just some vague claims, so it didn't feel right to say it 100% goes that way since I didn't read it myself. Though hearing this really makes me sick. I really hate people writing lesbians only to go out of their way to make their work as het as possible. But I guess I should shut up and just enjoy the thread.
What manhwa is this from?

File: KOnGraduateYears.jpg (161 KB, 850x1062)
161 KB
161 KB JPG
As you may know a new manga has been announced and the one month countdown has begun to K-On's revival.

Presuming the new manga 6 years after the original manga ended in 2018 Yui/Mugi/Mio/Ritsu would be 24/25 now.

What do you think the Girls are doing now?

And what do you want to see in the new manga?

What do you think Kakifly has been doing in the past half a decade?
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File: 1520937345069.jpg (102 KB, 800x1130)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
The theme song for /u/'s K-On

but the manga is shit.
read the anime.

Wait a second...
File: YuiRitsuLaugh.gif (833 KB, 500x281)
833 KB
833 KB GIF
How can one human being be so goddamn wrong.
See first post ITT.
Very easily, but I must continue to live in hope, next year for sure.

Previous thread
Elsanna RPG Maker game
Art Archives

Who would you rather date, Elsa or Anna?
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Looks like aka
I agree
That's the dream.

This is going into my bucket.
File: Elsanna17.png (1.19 MB, 450x3858)
1.19 MB
1.19 MB PNG

Anilingus bread here. Post girls going for the chocolate starfish. No scat!
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File: 68653874_p0.png (1.18 MB, 1364x1429)
1.18 MB
1.18 MB PNG
Old thread >>2578348 on page 10 about to expire.

>>2608175 Onee-san who complained about the lack of Aki-Aoi art this just showed up today on pixiv.
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File: 68399643_p2.png (162 KB, 516x729)
162 KB
162 KB PNG
File: 68399643_p3.png (212 KB, 516x729)
212 KB
212 KB PNG
File: 68399643_p4.png (187 KB, 516x729)
187 KB
187 KB PNG
This is both adorable and arousing at the same time.
File: 69227891_p0.jpg (1.48 MB, 1200x1686)
1.48 MB
1.48 MB JPG
So was Nadeshiko just making Rin run to keep up with her here, or?

File: DelvtWhVMAAYlL3.jpg (257 KB, 1100x1023)
257 KB
257 KB JPG
Already the 7th in Japan. Time to prepare for the next episode.
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File: 69270340_p0.png (298 KB, 700x990)
298 KB
298 KB PNG
File: Dfs_F0nVAAANl_P.jpg (271 KB, 1100x1023)
271 KB
271 KB JPG
File: DfyNviEUYAAMMQF.jpg (241 KB, 1100x1023)
241 KB
241 KB JPG
File: Df3UMm_U8AEdsaq.jpg (245 KB, 1100x1023)
245 KB
245 KB JPG
>She's definitely one of us.
But that also means housemother is probably a lesbian in denial

File: 1513012786671.jpg (537 KB, 1434x2048)
537 KB
537 KB JPG
As we were reaching the 2 weeks that the new translator anon decided to wait to see if the old one would appear, the old thread got archived, and now that the 2 weeks have passed, here is the new thread. New, old, old, new.
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You got any print?
<- If yes is this one?
You gotta cut em, sis. You don't want them to break off inside your gf.
Unfortunately not, the site where I buy my mangas don't seem to have Murci`s bonuses... I buy at CDJapan by the way (I'm open to recommendations).

If I ever find one, I'll readapt and cut them, but that is for some futures.
File: Df35Zo_UEAATNmy.jpg (139 KB, 675x1200)
139 KB
139 KB JPG
Looks like volume 12's bonus chapter is about Reiko taking Kuroko up on her offer to buy her new clothes.
Let me guess. She buys an exact copy of her current outfit?

Last Thread: >>2401909
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I also remember her fangirling over PH in one of the games, but it might've been PP.
File: 20180608181229_1.jpg (331 KB, 1920x1080)
331 KB
331 KB JPG
File: lh3xg1rf7mi01.jpg (373 KB, 1979x1329)
373 KB
373 KB JPG
Noire rape Neptune are the best evah!
File: 69203814_p0.png (2.56 MB, 2350x2850)
2.56 MB
2.56 MB PNG
File: Da9L1S9UwAAjRFs.jpg (91 KB, 571x800)
91 KB
Still no Noire rape Neptune pic....why goddess...

Let's go back to the basics. Release the Smoochies!
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File: 1522200254144.png (310 KB, 585x527)
310 KB
310 KB PNG
File: 50280752_p0_master1200.jpg (403 KB, 1200x848)
403 KB
403 KB JPG

File: DKk1rFtVoAAZfMz.jpg (56 KB, 800x672)
56 KB
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File: 69247227_p1.png (1.21 MB, 1103x1627)
1.21 MB
1.21 MB PNG
File: 69247227_p2.png (1.41 MB, 1600x2336)
1.41 MB
1.41 MB PNG
File: 69247227_p3.png (1.63 MB, 1536x2144)
1.63 MB
1.63 MB PNG
File: 69247227_p4.png (507 KB, 1344x809)
507 KB
507 KB PNG
Agent 8 and Agent 3 are together now, you can't change my mind

Previous thread: >>2551237

Archived Threads:

TV Subs:

Rebellion subs:

Drama CD subs:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: Madoka x Homura (333.jpg (45 KB, 500x625)
45 KB
File: Madoka x Homura (144.jpg (23 KB, 480x503)
23 KB
File: Newtype_2014-05_Spread.jpg (1.94 MB, 6105x4087)
1.94 MB
1.94 MB JPG
This is too lewd.
This is also too lewd.
File: 20180616_233410.jpg (3.15 MB, 5312x2988)
3.15 MB
3.15 MB JPG
This is beautifully pure. Even if we never get a sequel to Rebellion, the vision Aoki Ume captures in this image gives me hope. You can just imagine this after all is said and done: they've cried it out and laid their hearts bare and reconciled, after enduring unending suffering, alone in her personal hell, Homura is just exhausted. But now, finally, she can rest easy, because Madoka is there for her, to provide reprieve from her eternal struggle.

File: download.jpg (89 KB, 595x842)
89 KB
Let's try this again, shall we?
Previous thread: >>2416801

Starting off with some Rei/Minako
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ah that was supposed to be >>2633108
File: 57437050.png (844 KB, 1100x1500)
844 KB
844 KB PNG
More HotaChibi!
File: 48181480.jpg (1.06 MB, 1502x1000)
1.06 MB
1.06 MB JPG
File: 53613007.jpg (258 KB, 1399x995)
258 KB
258 KB JPG
More Ami is required

OVA subs are out. The cutest show ever made is back.
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Yuru Yuri S3 was kinda dissapointing because it was made by a different studio (it didn't even had A-Kariiin!).
In the case of GochiUsa I'm kinda afraid that Shoubunsha and other IP holders decide that the series is so succesful by itself that it does not need more anime. It's probably the reason why it was not put in Kirara Fantasia.

It's kinda nice that they decided to wait for Risa to get better rather than recasting her like so many studios did (although I guess that an OVA is easier to put in hold than a TV series)
Personally I think YYS3 was a better job, precisely because it did not depend on a forced joke and was more focused on its characters, it was refreshing in contrast to repeating the same meme.

> It's probably the reason why it was not put in Kirara Fantasia.

> not need more anime
it can be considered that if the interest is not maintained constantly, the fans will look for something else, I almost feel that is why I want to get a new K-on manga.

>It's probably the reason why it was not put in Kirara Fantasia.
People say it's their last resort.

>It's kinda nice that they decided to wait for Risa to get better rather than recasting her like so many studios did

It's depressing, but those characters are "ornaments" at best, so a change of VA is not going to make much difference, with Rize not so easy. I hope she recovers.
Will the Gochiusa be able to have science babies? Europe must be pretty advanced in that area considering their open-mindness, right?

File: 56227647_p0.jpg (503 KB, 800x600)
503 KB
503 KB JPG
It's Bayo's 606th Birthday!

Switch port of Bayonetta 1 & 2 announced with a released date of February 16, 2018.

Bayonetta 3 announced to be in development as a Switch exclusive.

Eyes of Bayonetta 2 artbook release date is MIA.

And Cereza & Jeanne are eternally o/u/r OTP.
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File: CiyJBajUYAEvTIe.jpg (264 KB, 1024x891)
264 KB
264 KB JPG
File: ChHt28TUUAAdNf0.jpg (157 KB, 1024x859)
157 KB
157 KB JPG
File: ChiR5b6UcAEIVGV.jpg (246 KB, 1024x886)
246 KB
246 KB JPG
File: CsytTzFW8AAmpI8.jpg (165 KB, 800x1143)
165 KB
165 KB JPG
Nice to see Bayonetta back in Smash (Jeanne needs to be an Echo Fighter), but I wish we'd gotten some info on Bayo 3.

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