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File: 1510872571554.png (899 KB, 1400x1009)
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899 KB PNG
Previous thread: >>2659272

Archived Threads:

TV Subs:

Rebellion subs:

Drama CD subs:

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Madoka is so good as a dom.
Nice, I'll keep saving my gems.
A Happy Dream updated if anyone is still following that.

MamiSaya yuri wedding!!
Still a KyouSaya fan to this day.

File: DaLgDV2VMAESuq6.jpg (109 KB, 742x742)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
Doll girlfriend
Previous thread: >>2509454
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But isn't marrying the girl I like an option?
File: 70792531_p0.jpg (868 KB, 2040x2635)
868 KB
868 KB JPG
DJ marrying girls is still girls marrying girls, it's allowed
File: Dn1mGOZWsAAVJjx.jpg (319 KB, 603x2048)
319 KB
319 KB JPG
File: DnpXjL3UYAAieTn.jpg (131 KB, 1200x1200)
131 KB
131 KB JPG

The Godness of Yuri has descended from lesbian heaven and bestowed you the power of Yurization Beam.

The ability to canonicaly turn one straight fictional girl (or a couple) into a lesbian.

This thread is about the straight girls you guys would like to turn into Canon Yuri If you had the power. You can only use It once on a girl or couple, so choose wisely.

My pick would be Tifa Lockhart from FFVII. Because... Boobs.
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File: blueandyellow.jpg (59 KB, 600x755)
59 KB
Aqua x Larxene drives me nuts. I need them to interact, if I get even the slightest yuri undertones I'll be happy for eternity.
I will read this later.
File: alice_touko.png (810 KB, 1000x692)
810 KB
810 KB PNG
Lady x knight yuri doesn't get much better than this ship.
But if I only get to use the beam once, I'm going to give Touko a girlfriend.
She puts on a facade of aloof detachment, but she's had a painful and lonely life.
>Disinherited for no good reason
>Talented but always defeated by her sister's plot armor
>Has died countless times
>Her erstwhile best friend, who she had a crush on (pic related), sided against her
>Shiki is just her type, but she's straight and spoken for
>Azaka would only ever go gay for Shiki

File: DiElmP1UcAAwg-t.jpg (49 KB, 994x738)
49 KB
Ongoing: THE iDOLM@STER, Love Live!, Tokyo 7th Sisters, Schoolgirl Strikers, 8 beat Story, Idol Connect, Aozora Under Girls!, Re:Stage, Hop Step Sing!, Tokimeki Idol, Uma Musume, Ongaku Shoujo, 22/7, Onsen Musume, IDOL∞INFINITY
Upcoming: Lapis Re:LiGHTs, Ongakutai Witches
Dead/Return when: AKB0048, Project 575, Locodol, School Star Dream, Idol Incidents
For kids: Pretty Rhythm, Aikatsu!, PriPara

Previous thread: >>2563976
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File: DcXJnwEVQAAYbND @GLFES.jpg (319 KB, 800x1130)
319 KB
319 KB JPG
There is this less known yuri Idol convention called AIFES. Mostly Love Live and contain Aikatsu Pripara etc. It start in 2013/14 and more often than not, running along with GLF. The last one was Sunday 5 days ago, the next one アイFES15 will be on January
Anything good?

Magical Idol stream starts soon. It's been one year.
File: MagicalIdol10.jpg (151 KB, 1012x506)
151 KB
151 KB JPG
New Girls Announced for Lapis Re:Lights. They are from the Legendary Group Ray.

Eliza: Hanazawa Kana
Ange: Amemiya Yuuka
Yuzuriha: Sakura Ayane
Camilla: Uesaka Sumire
Chloe: Nanjou Yoshino

It's also notable that they revealed today the MC of the Main Group, Yukari Anzai, is Kana Hanazawa's Little Sister.
is there any yuri in ONGAKU SHOUJO TV?

Yuri for the one true JRPG.
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Okay, COMPLETELY beat the game now.
Frysabel/Krystalinda, yeah, totally a couple.
File: DT9WXNdWkAA-ocH.jpg (45 KB, 537x529)
45 KB
>Just got the game, 10 hours in
>Veronica and Serena are cute, let's check for art on twitter
>Got spoiled

Just kill me
With the student who is now the vice-principal, even.
DQ11's MC is so bland i wonder why they didnt give us the option to play as a girl, it wouldnt change anything. I literally feel my test. levels drop when i play as him he is so whimpy. But i heard FFXVI might have some more /u/ and the game is great anyway so not complaining too much.
I guess they thought having a fem option would change the dynamic too much between them and a few npcs, Erik and Gemma being the first to come to mind.

And hey, the Orchestral Overhaul Mod is out. Have at it.

File: 1523741465493.jpg (106 KB, 708x900)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
Surprised there isn't a thread up already
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File: 1537043710707.jpg (109 KB, 1000x700)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
i wish there was more
I could use some fics personally, as I've not really seen any.

Previous thread: >>2658396
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Pretty much this.
>No matter how you explain the illegality of hosting a lost child without reporting to the authority
>literally no such law in japan
>get told exactly what the law is
>n-no, it's kidnapping because I say it is!!!
If the kid had a guardian, which she doesn't anymore.
As >>2714477 said. Shio's legal guardian abandoned her on the streets, so sentencing Satou for not obtaining her consent would be completely laughable.
Shio is a literal non-person. No record, no guardian, literally unknown by the state and everyone outside of a handful of people.

Radio show Q&A:https://pastebin.com/bmE8fcC8
Stephanie Mission: https://pastebin.com/ZR2D9qGG
Beautiful Woman in the Forest of Relaxation: https://pastebin.com/qw413AyL


Picture dramas:
[supai] Princess Principal Picture Drama - 01 [BD 1080p AAC][3176D9C2].mkv
[supai] Princess Principal Picture Drama - 02 [BD 1080p AAC][3D232A7B].mkv
[supai] Princess Principal Picture Drama - 03 [BD 1080p AAC][AC6BA8B2].mkv
[supai] Princess Principal Picture Drama - 04 [BD 1080p AAC][691FDF28].mkv
[supai] Princess Principal Picture Drama - 05 [BD 1080p AAC][01B9231F].mkv
[supai] Princess Principal Picture Drama - 06 [BD 1080p AAC][193D95AA].mkv

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If it wasn't for the Princess screwing up Zelda's plan then they would already be in another bloody revolution. His selfish and elitist attitude will lead to more violence and bloodshed while practically enslaving the lesser castes. He is evil.
File: 1535487842128.jpg (1.41 MB, 1920x2180)
1.41 MB
1.41 MB JPG
>I thought newfag-san was Zelda's woman and judged her wrong.
I would be happy to become Zelda's woman, if you know what I mean.
Delete this!
File: _010.jpg (19 KB, 233x234)
19 KB
Dorodad would probably pester Daisy over her crush on the lizard or if she gets serio/u/s with Beato. Every cloud has a silver lining.
File: 1503954468195.jpg (182 KB, 1280x1169)
182 KB
182 KB JPG
Can Becky pass the Voight-Kampff test?

File: CCF_0137.jpg (271 KB, 1445x2167)
271 KB
271 KB JPG
Previous thread >>2675633
Welcoming any and all translators, typesetters, proofreaders, quality checkers, etc to bring more scanlated yuri goodness to the world.

Previous translations:
Complete (but may need QC): http://pastebin.com/f0nsev2C
Incomplete (need TL help): http://pastebin.com/snFYvnVJ

/u/'s scanlations: http://dynasty-scans.com/scanlators/u_scanlations

Tips for learning Japanese: https://djtguide.neocities.org/
KanjiTomo (kanji reader tool): http://kanjitomo.net/
SFX reference guide: http://thejadednetwork.com/sfx/
Typesetting guides:

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Collision (Watamote, UchiMoko)
Kuronoe Kazura (Watamote, YuriMoko)
I Found Someone I Like (Love Live, NozoNico)
King's Game (Watamote)
>Nico breaks up with Maki and gets together with Nozomi
Ugh... I adore NozoNico but Nico breaking up with Maki leaves a poor taste in my mouth.

File: 2.jpg (1.07 MB, 1378x2024)
1.07 MB
1.07 MB JPG
Small Riddle 7 was scanlated, so let's restart the AnR thread.

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File: 1424833284555.jpg (172 KB, 700x1000)
172 KB
172 KB JPG
>still no Team Sexy wild animal fuck
File: DChj5e0UwAEf-xS.jpg (224 KB, 1240x1748)
224 KB
224 KB JPG



>W-wha- what are you trying to do all of a sudden!?

>...Shiena-chan, are you the type who hates stuff like skinship?
>That hurt

>No, that's not quite...
>It's just- I suppose I don't like surprises... or how do I put this...?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: DChj7u3UAAItZHF.jpg (255 KB, 1240x1748)
255 KB
255 KB JPG
>...Aren't you going to put up a fight?
>Like before

>I've gotten used to it by now.




>Heh~? So, you can make that sort of voice too.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: DChj90MVoAAU-UJ.jpg (332 KB, 1240x1748)
332 KB
332 KB JPG
]Fidget fidget

>He- hey

>Uh- umm
>aren't you going to... touch me?

>Eh~!? What's this? You want to be touched!?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: 5bb38b38abcb4f3b.png (54 KB, 950x800)
54 KB

How there is no BDSM thread?
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alright think Im gonna go be ashamed of posting all this
I love Danganronpa

File: 132433724346.jpg (70 KB, 640x480)
70 KB
Miss Sakaki, do you belong to any clubs?
No I don't.
You see, I belong to the astronomy club. We do research on stars, talk about outer space and sometimes we go stargazing. Soo uh.. if you like, would you..
Would I what?
Oh sorry, if you're not interested in that sort of thing it's ok I understand. Please forget that I said anything, sorry!
Sakaki: I wish she'd invited me.

This show has to be remade /u/
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I'm >>2710240, and even I didn't think it was so bad as to turn down essentially free money.
That's just a rumor Azuma has denied.
The same can be said about what you just said
That makes no sense. Here's a summary of a blog post where Azuma denies any friction with the Azumanga staff and explains why there's no Yotsuba anime: http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2008-12-04/yotsuba&creator-kiyohiko-azuma-addresses-anime-rumors

Amusingly, his blog has been taken over by some pimple cream advertiser.
File: A shark has appeared!.png (69 KB, 496x448)
69 KB
>rebooting Azumanga Daioh
I'd be all for it if I didn't already know it would turn out horribly like any other reboot ever.

Happy birthday Nico chan~

https://pastebin .com/0RGRessK

latest translations

anon's translation of Hero's Condition just in time for Nico's birthday
>https://pastebin.com/ kpwwG4L1
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Absolutely official artwork for that album.
How anyone can deny this ship blows my mind.

Also, new Piano for Beginners up if you haven't seen yet. Crazy good.
File: thirdwheeling.jpg (114 KB, 746x960)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
I absolutely love that cover.
Regarding the previous discussion about their sexuality, I think this artist gets Nico. She absolutely loves how Maki's being bold and a little possessive with the way she's holding her, but in a romantic rather than rough way. Nico's into feeling worshipped, not dominated. She wouldn't mind indulging Maki's beastly side, but she'd maintain the psychological upper hand.
>Did Maki have to be talked into acting cutesy with Nico, or did the photographer just capture her unleashing the panther upon seeing Nico in that dress?

>Nico looks at the moon, reminiscing on her luck and the reward of her hard work - she's finally an idol, and she's having an official photoshoot for an official album release.
>Eli had been off to the side in a discussion with Nozomi, being convinced to pose in a fairly lewd way for her
>Maki, who was admiring Nico being thoughtful for once, feels a swell of love. But with the knowledge that the photographer was going to have "control" over Nico, and that hordes of fans would have a look at Nico's cute face too, Maki has a moment of possessiveness. She embraces Nico with that knowing, smug smirk leaving the older girl surprised and vulnerable. The photographer, in a moment of luck, manages to take the shot.
>Though Nico is embarrassed by her un-guardedness, she relents and let's the photo be the album cover. She herself can't get over Maki's smirk

File: CsEaBg3UsAAIm8q.png (301 KB, 600x790)
301 KB
301 KB PNG
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So, how about that hiatus?
You need a consistent broadcasting schedule before you can have a hiatus.
Reminder that the hiatus thing is purely CN's fault, and that the new season is probably completed already.
How can broadcasting cartoons be so goddamn hard? If the channel pull this stuff on a live-action show it's because they're trying to kill it, but this seems to be the standard operating procedure with animation.
I guess it's because SU is one of the few shows on CN that people give a shit about, so they try to hold it for maximum viewership during "bombs".

File: 030.jpg (2.95 MB, 5678x4090)
2.95 MB
2.95 MB JPG
Detonation's theatrical premiere got announced as Oct 19th in the last thread.
Fujima also released an artbook with plenty of lewd.

Previous thread:
187 replies and 99 images omitted. Click here to view.
Why are they lying on the bed like that?
Because Hayate is taking the picture.

to embarrass their versions of the future.

It has also been shown in that world that there are cameras that fly and talk, although Hayate is a good option as well.
File: 1533873654103.jpg (817 KB, 1935x2499)
817 KB
817 KB JPG
Thanks mods, we love you.
File: 1534702573744.png (695 KB, 1440x810)
695 KB
695 KB PNG
Today was a good day

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