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I miss these threads, we haven't had one in a while. Please post anything you have that is cute, fluffy, or sweet. Starting off with one of my old(ish) favorites.
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Girls from different series yuring each other.
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Keep the breast thread alive.
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File: Ada x Claire.jpg (373 KB, 2800x1866)
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RE thread!
Did you guys see that new REmake 2 SelfDrillingSMS animation?
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can someone repost that edit where claire scans for little girls
An edit of what?
Cause I'm big into angst and seeing girls stress about whether or not what they're doing is okay. Having them fuck is cool too though
File: 1430380015317.jpg (112 KB, 560x900)
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Post pics of dildos, be it vibrating, strap-on, or double ended!
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No anal, no life!

File: 0001.jpg (884 KB, 690x1080)
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>Pastebin (spoiler free)

>recent news

>previous thread
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My YuuAli? In 2019? It's more likely than you think.

Jokes aside, can you tell me the artist name or pixiv page?
Around 2008/2009, the artist's name was のん.
Recently, he changed it to 蘭月紫乃.

File: _eIFsT48SEk.jpg (322 KB, 1280x1695)
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File: kiss.png (809 KB, 1000x800)
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So what is everyone's favorite thing about NozoNico?

I'm still making autistic rants about Digimon, usually gay flavored but sometimes not.
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Got back to Re:Digitize after a big break. Got to the desert area for the next part of the story, only to find out I have to go on a treasure hunt in another area to get to the next story battle. After doing that battle and going to save Yuuya and clear another area, everyone meets up and talks about what to do with all the Garbage Data they have since Niko's dad asked for it. Yuuya and Akiho want to destroy it in hopes it'll kill Vitium somehow, Mirei wants to keep it and rebuild the program they make to send everyone back to the human world, and Niko wants to give it to the weird science man who tried to murder us. Since no one agreed on anything, it was decided that everyone's gonna fight in the Colosseum to choose what we do with the stuff. At first In tried being on team Don't Destroy, but Yuuya's BlackWarGreymon X annihilated me. Probably could've won that fight if I trained up, but my current Digimon is a Vikemon with like 2-3 days to live, there isn't much time for that. So I just wussed out and joined the idiots that want to destroy potentially useful stuff, fighting Niko and Mirei, who finally called her other wife to help with battle. I was beginning to think LadyDevi was less a wife and more a slave back on Mirei's farm, doing all the chores and having to sleep with Mirei as payment. Glad to know it's a wholesome poly relationship instead.

Random tangent, I fought a Rosemon in the Colosseum and she's fucking jacked. Vikemon's hits only did double digit damage while all her stuff was in the 300-450 range. Don't know how I'm suppose to beat that. Maybe it's an element thing.
Digimon>Pokémon. Fact.

Sister incest yuri is the best yuri.
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File: 1442270363782.jpg (243 KB, 800x600)
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243 KB JPG
>identical twins look completely different
>"uuuuuh neechan it's just your headcanon, it's just a stylistic metaphor used by the writer to visually represent their sibling differences while maintaining their similarities, you need 274 IQ to understand this porn game neechan"
Or maybe blue curtains mean they are fucking blue curtains. And just so you know, actually identical twins can still be drawn identical and distinguishable at the same time. Do feel free to continue looking for a 2deep4you explanation of why your porn game is super deep and meaningful though. Retard.
They look exactly the same except for hair and eye color, and I’m sorry you feel so personally attacked by simple explanations, imouto. I suggest therapy, the world isn’t actually out to get you.
B-but incest is bad, sisters!
Have sex.
..with your family members

Last Thread: >>2666773
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Four Goddesses in Love.
File: D9biUNCU0AA8HsP.jpg (167 KB, 900x1200)
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File: 1464573928927.png (297 KB, 720x437)
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File: 1451621662472.png (593 KB, 960x400)
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LIly LYric cyCLE


thread died
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You are acting, as if they want to hide that. It just happened to be that way. If they'd wanted to hide that, they'd not have that had in the art in the first place. Why hide, if you can simply not draw it to begin with?
Right, it just so happens that on the vn's main screen they are the only couple with the string hidden. And it just so happens that their events end screen cuts off right where the string should start >>2893353. And it just so happens that on the particle's website they are the only couple with it obscured so you have to know where to click to see it. And all these coincidences just happen to happen for the only couple with a really deviant relationship. Right.
>Why hide
Symbolism for a forbidden relationship being hidden in plain sight while being no less meaningful than the others? Plausible deniability to maintain the wholesome age rating for your family-friendly franchise while not compromising the intended yuri? Artist not liking them and expressing it in a passive-aggressive way? Regardless, the pattern is there. It doesn't invalidate their relationship or anything since they get a kiss and stuff, but it's still there.
This is some tinfoil hat level conspiracy theory right here.
So does anyone know if the Steam version is censored in anyway?

This thread if for posting fics and pics of the purest form of yuri.

Also remember the feed and water your sub at least twice a day.
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File: 1405099528241.jpg (873 KB, 848x1200)
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873 KB JPG

Do you like Sweaty ping pong lesbians?
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File: 1553384562558.jpg (153 KB, 1000x1200)
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153 KB JPG
No way.
Would Kuma bully Hanabi?
No, but she is going to bully someone else.
They're a pretty cute duo though. What is she saying in the pic?
The speech bubbles are Hanabi saying kuma repeatedly, the text on the left is Kumanosuke complaining that whatever Hanabi is doing is ticklish.
Kuma and Hanabi playing doubles while Hokuto watches

File: images (27).jpg (71 KB, 467x656)
71 KB
Thoughts on this piece?
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I can’t get any of these links to work. I hate being a phoneposter.
a pretty good look into how people with depression think.
It's also on nyaa and the ftp and it'll be on batoto some time in the near future.
I just read Solo Exchange Diary 2. Honestly felt line she was just flip flipping all over the place in that book, she has epiphanies and then flies back on them. Felt like 'depression filler' compared to there laser first two
Kyoko Okazaki is better.

File: junkotrolling.jpg (891 KB, 2252x3200)
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Post "canon" yuri
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File: 74990787_p0.jpg (457 KB, 849x1200)
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File: 73098188_p0.jpg (571 KB, 1200x1200)
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File: D9NJ8D8VUAAFlqY.jpg (143 KB, 1200x1200)
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