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File: OXHpd.jpg (13 KB, 288x192)
13 KB
Hello, it´s Dreaminterpretation time.

Give me your LAST dream, if its not, at least say it.

Write it short, no novels or big stories.
Plain,simple but vivid and with detail.

What I need from you:

>Feeling during dream
>Occured (e.g. right after i went to sleep,after i woke up, during a nap and so on)
>The dream itself

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Hello again.

>Smelling something putrid, rotten
>Occurred around 2:30 AM - 3:30 AM
I don't actually remember the dream itself, I don't know if there was a visual dream at all, but the feelings are very real. I remember smelling something utterly disgusting, revolting, rotten. A smell so strong that it jolted me awake and I woke up physically gagging as if I took a big whiff of something absolutely putrid. NOTHING around me when I woke up could have caused a smell like this, my room in waking life did not smell any different at all, and no, I didn't fart...
I physically jolted awake gagging as if a ghost was trying to facefuck me or I took a big whiff of something rotten... Gagged strongly and went back to sleep about 2 minutes afterward.
Frustrated and panicked
Occurred after I woke up at like 7 am and fell back to sleep
I was at work (I work retail). I was at the register and there was an insanely long line of people waiting to check out. My manager hopped on another register after I asked her to help me. I was frustrated with how long the line was. We have this fingerprint thing at work that lets us clock in and out, and I thought it was time for me to clock out so I did. I left the store and was walking down the street when I realized I was mistaken about clocking out at that time. I rushed back in and pushed my female coworker aside to clock back in. It took a few tries, and this was when I started feeling really panicked. As I walked back out of the back room into the store, I saw a black cat on a shelf. I went to the front and the line of people was still there, staring at me blankly without emotion. Then I woke up feeling glad it was just a dream

>Rushed and Busy
>Just Woke up from having this dream
>In an office working in a tech laboratory, a woman comes in with a milk bottle full of bright green thick liquid and tells me needs to "know the story". I place a wand of some sort connected to a computer terminal that accesses a data centre tier farm of computers into the liquid. I know already the liquid contains data and is like a hard drive where each string of data or packet is connected to another in a type of contained field via some kind of entanglement. Each string/packet knows where it's next one is and can access it across time and space. The terminal in front of me reveals an animation of a young woman running along a beach in a blue dress, behind her are the ruins of a giant city, a human city. She climbs into an abandoned car and dies here. The animation reveals she is covered in blood and holding a silver canister of gold liquid. I export the animation and place it onto a storage device, I walk upstairs and hand it to the woman who asked for it. I'm crying and the woman takes the device and also starts to break down and cry. Wake up naturally feeling incredibly sad, write this post.
ghost fart
Pretty spot on actually, didn't think much would come of it.

File: hookup.jpg (9 KB, 244x250)
9 KB
Paranormal hookup thread! Meet up with anons to do /x/-related stuff.

>/x/-related things you are interested in
>contact info

To find a listing of haunted places near you, refer to http://theshadowlands.net/places/

If anyone else is in central NJ, please drop your email or contact info of any sort and I'll contact you.
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I didn't think there actually be more spooky cunts fae sunny auld glesga on x

whats even about glasgow anyway i know of the old train station and there was a place up the glennifer braes think it was an ayslum but its been torn down apperntly.
North Texas near denton lets get weird and go look at abandoned shit
Toledo here
US, California
Santiago, Chile

File: Delawarevalleymap.png (29 KB, 300x300)
29 KB
Next week I'll be staying in the Deleware Valley for a month. Is there anything spooky/interesting in the area?
Delaware is really spooky.

Any experiences with agencies like Delta Green? Any better sites to find out this kinda stuff? Not the fake cryptozoology, but real shit.
Come on X your letting me down tonight.

What books would instruct me on different methos of meditation? What schools of thought in Occultism?

Also looking for books on Chakras and Yoga.

Back in the day I used some meditation stuff from JoS and I must admit I did start experiencing some interesting stuff.
The law of one /Ra material series is the most comprehensive and interesting material on this and a lot of else in my opinion. They go into the details in a very "scientific" manner, although the premise is indeeed a little crazy and the usual new age channelings and stuff, but much much better than other stuff out there in my opinion.
The books are available for free in pdf on the authour's website:
Or in a searchable session by session format here, which is probably the most useful for specific searches

They definitely deal with teh chakras a lot, as well their "machrocosmic" counterparts, i.e. the densities. Also describe the different "bodies" (astral, devachanic, etheric etc) corresponding to each chakra in a session. For example after death the yellow ray (solar plexus chakra) body, the one we inhabit, goes from activation into potentiation, and upon realizing we have died we go into out indigo ray body, which is the form maker, so go through healing, review of past incarnation and forgiveness, including of the self, and programming of the next incarnation.
This material changed my view on things massively and the philosophy is so pure and positive in my opinion. The main message is that all is one, but they really go into the details, of even unpleasant or scary stuff.
Where's Waldo is a good start.
Well it depends. There's books like the Fundamentals of Yoga by Dr. Mishra which is a great book if you want to take that route, but if you like the western occult traditions then Crowley has Liber E vel Exercitiorum that instructs on pranayama, asana, and dharana. Alternatively there is Israel Regardie's One Year Manual that takes you through an entire year of meditation exercises. That's just a few that come to mind.
Thanks everyone for the replies, I'm taking notes and here hoping for even more suggestions.

File: mandala.jpg (63 KB, 416x284)
63 KB
My friend started this podcast, it touches on many things esoteric and also returns to discussions that ended around 2013. I want to give him some discussion topics, its typically things like John Dee, Thelema, etc.

He does tarrot readings also, would anyone be interested in call-in readings?


File: geomsag06_01.gif (10 KB, 270x270)
10 KB
What is a book I could check out that is comprehensive guide to the sacred geometry??

Like this type of stuff.

The Flower of life, Metatron's cube, Tree of life, symbolism of The Cross / Star Of David etc. With a lot of pictues of where the stuff appeared world wide and the history and science of everything.... Any one know a good one???
drunvalo melchizedek the ancient secret of the flower of life pdf
I've read some of it - the guy claims Thoth came to him to ask him for meditation techniques.... The book seemed ridiculous, and his writing style was kind of corny. Heard of anything more scholarly?
Robert Lawlor's book is good, especially if you're an artist and looking for ways to practice the geometry in your work.

File: grey-alien-101.jpg (829 KB, 1000x1333)
829 KB
829 KB JPG
>someone is seeing ayyys
>they're always naked
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File: 13610960785.jpg (15 KB, 512x384)
15 KB
>they aren't naked, they have grey spacesuits

That's why they all look alike.
>be me
>be having a very vivid "dream"
>taking a shower in my dimly lit bathroom very early on in the morning, 3-5 am
>trying to hurry it up because i want to go to bed already. felt like i went through something physically taxing but couldnt pinpoint what it was
>look outside my glass shower door and see a small child with a large head
>it looks half human half ayy
>the human part looks like it came from me. it had my specific tone of brown eyes, my facial features and brown curly hair that i dont have but other people in my family do have
>see her for not even a split second but then remember waking up in my bed the next morning in a perfect sleeping position on my back
>couldnt fully remember "dream" until later on that day

i have other stories if you want to remember. however since i havent went to any hypnotherapy sessions yet i only very partially remember these "dreams"
They can't probe anuses fully clothed
No. They wear stuff.
Please do go on.
This thread does look interesting.
It has this pre 2011 feeling to it.

does anyone know anything about this?
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Timmy goes to one of those weekend catholic schools
He couldn't stay at his old school because they didn't have a program for autistic children like him
>what is a call to action
also, im not saying it's good art am i?
Call to action is a meme.
Action against who exactly?
It looks as if someone's cut off his arms and legs, and he is being fed through a tube.
yeah its my fetish

File: 1499343180459.png (18 KB, 424x426)
18 KB
Did anyone else's sexual autism increase tenfold in the last couple of days? Is there some astrological explanation?
14 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
I'm on a nofap combined with being an autist and unable to talk to girls is pure torture, i try to go through my day but all my thoughts are focused on fucking...please help me bros
Just beat ya dick like damn

like what the fuck even

just fuckin whack your shit like hell come on
Buy a fleshlight or male sex toy of your choosing.
as long as you're only fapping 1-2 times a day there's literally nothing to worry about. nofap is a load of garbage
I have a normal “sex drive” but I’m a social retard so I just beat off.

Has anyone here ever had deja vu to the point where it's like you're watching a movie of yourself that you've seen 100 times? You know all the lines, you know what will be said next and the moment hits you like a sack of bricks. Not only because it's now here, but because you dreamed it as vivid as it is in front of you 2 years ago and the details down to the time of the clock on the wall are identical. How's that even possible.

Pic Unrelated
ive had shit tons all though my life, lately if i have one it gets to the point where ive seen an event so many times that i experiment with the possibilities of how the event can go each time i experience it, even though ti must be the first time ive lived the event, i feel as if ive experienced it multiple times without being able to clearly remember when exactly ive already experienced the event
I've actually done the same thing. Seen multiple outcomes and picked the best one. I haven't had many since I've gotten older but I've seen things that I can remember from when I was in grade school and high school about my now wife and family. I tried to not date my wife when I met her in high school but it's like our paths always crossed somehow. We even broke up for a while and it's like we were drawn right back in to each other. I saw at least one of my kids being born before it happened as well. When you see yours, do you feel all of the feelings and sensations as well or just the image? I have some with and some without I'm just trying to get a general sense of what others experience.

File: received_178918746170972.jpg (46 KB, 1080x2094)
46 KB
I have a question is it possible a ring on my ceiling has any paranormal link? It appears over several days months ago and above is my parents room and there is no leaks, spillages or anything of that nature so it's unexplained. My house is very old and known to be haunted , kettle regular turns on by itself and weird steps etc in the night , I'm sure this perfect ring is linked
yer mum's a squirter
A pipe's got a leak, faggot
no thats roof. pipes would have huge splotches. small round shit is a small leak probably caused by a nail in the roof that goes through the particle board that has rusted and the rust erodes and is porous allowing water thourgh

File: BPRD_0029.jpg (332 KB, 1000x677)
332 KB
332 KB JPG
Anyone have real life experiences with groups like Delta Green or BPRD from Hellboy? Willing to tell?
yes. no. sorry fám.
I mean my experience in searching the deep web is shallow. But I would love to learn of these groups?

File: Coverimage.jpg (45 KB, 800x414)
45 KB
You bickering fools are all misguided. The Earth is both flat AND round, or more precisely, it use to be round. Over the last century the planet has been transforming. The Cold War was nothing but a smoke screen to blind us to the changing geometry of our geography. The Earth is flat, for now. It is now inverting, shifting to the shape of a bowel. This is evident in our rising global sea levels.
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
You cannot refute me, and revert to only insults. You are the reason we will be unable to save our planet from inversion.
No you stupid fuck, sea levels are risin because the ice caps are melting
THIs is dumber than FE theory
File: 1313504952751.gif (1.57 MB, 193x135)
1.57 MB
1.57 MB GIF
Image is fake, ice wall around the planets perimeter is not visible

Do you ever get the feeling that your "twin flame" or soul mate connection was orchestrated to hurt you? Maybe even corrupt the purity of your soul? Have you ever had a narcissist/empathic relationship? Did you use to dream about your soul mate, but then seemed to end up with a cold pretender instead?
They say that its aliens or archons that do this kinda thing. Hijack your relationships. Might even use your real twin flame to torment you with. The thing is. I've never had any "close encounters" during my life. My forte is spirituality and mythology.
But a guy I grew up with, and now feel an intense but strange new connection to has a self proclaimed abductee mother. Even said it happened to her while she was pregnant with him.
My heart could not survive another level 5 shit storm. So getting more involved with him is terrifying to me rn. And at the same time, Im afraid I have pushed him away by acting so skittish.
So I felt like I should ask /x/ if there's anyone here who recognizes this "phenomena". And has any advice for someone who may or may not be dealing with...direct interference in their love life.

For those of you who have never heard of it before. Here's some links.

78 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Really? Lol. Did that make you feel better? Less lonely perhaps?
Every single person on this thread who shared a story has known love and loss. The people who haven't. I have doubts about. Especially when they seem to derive so much joy in putting others down.

I'll bet you still think your daddy left your mommy.

The poor girl!
Where is the proof behind twin flames? It doesn't make sense. Humans aren't meant to be with oe person. Men are wired to pump and dump.

That's what the science man tells you.

I who is more man says planets are built for two.

If you are greedy then she has been hiding.

To find her you must look inside! After school special!
My parents are actually still together thanks. I know it may seem odd to someone like you. But some men would never abandon their wife and children.

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