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File: az_fl.gif (35 KB, 600x399)
35 KB
around 10pm the city was left in darkness, even Walmart closed!

there was suppose to be a "portal" opening in the sky from the ayys

there were some live streams from fb but all of them have been taken down.

I'm trying to get the video from a friend over there.

anyone else heard about this????
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File: 1482272225706.jpg (107 KB, 540x810)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
On-site in nogales, missing electricity because had just put a fucking tombstone in the oven.

Planned outage for grid maintenance, no big deal. Not having any issues with my cell service like your friend. Maybe his carrier planned an update to their tower at the same time?
how do you like living there anon?
File: friendo.jpg (24 KB, 736x736)
24 KB
You're gonna need a gun, friendo.
Its boring as fuck, just the way i like

File: 1891uohtgi4jajpg.jpg (44 KB, 636x636)
44 KB
Is the end near?
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My god, do you really think the Great Filter is something as simple as that? Go march with your tiki torch, you dumbfuck.
still more likely than an Alien invasion or Skynet, retarded nigger lover
File: 1492417464111.png (661 KB, 800x806)
661 KB
661 KB PNG
he's right tho
the only hope of survival for a technologically and spiritually advanced humanity able to avoid the other life-threatening cosmic filters will be fortress cities which retain and make treasure of the world's knowledge databases while countries steadily become polluted bidonvilles filled with third worlders reproducing uncontrollably and regularly storming the walls of said cities.
The only question is if the totalitarian fortess city population will be able to reach the breakaway civilization state before the barriers fall because of the unrelenting assault or internal saboteurs.
>The harvest is now
All is one!
There is nothing fearful though!

File: 112.jpg (132 KB, 552x455)
132 KB
132 KB JPG
Remains of baby dragon found in Asia
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google searching this image doesn't turn other results. what the fuck
how do you explain the long whiskers/feelers on the front of the head. Sea robin doesn't have that
Ohmaigawd you are so right I didnt think of that!
It is clearly a juvenile form of a magical monster!
You forgot the freaklore plug dude
>I'll post on /x/ about how I don't believe in the paranormal

File: US_West_map.png (65 KB, 1513x983)
65 KB
Alright /x/, I'm planning a big spook expedition concentrated mostly on the western half of the United States, but really would be willing to travel anywhere in the US. Got some big places down like Skinwalker Ranch, Area 51, some national parks etc but I want to see if there's any places you guys would recommend to go to see /x/ stuff. Also interested in things like independently living cults/communes, strange stories of missing hikers, anything really.

Planning to document our trip and anything we see, and might post it here if we get anything good.
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If you make it to Montana, the old Montana state prison is pretty spoopy. It also has a car meuseum connected to it that is pretty cool and also kinda spooky. The ghost towns like bannack, garnet, etc are supposed to be haunted as well.
Oh, so is the copper king mansion in Butte. It's a hotel or bnb or something so you can stay there.
I live right by there! A person just died there maybe a year ago looking for goatman. They were hit by a train. If you come here to check it out might as well add Waverly Hills Sanatorium to your list. That's a spoopy place if there ever was one and it's not terribly expensive to get a tour. Unless you do the several hour all-night ones.
Spooky bump.
File: the-buckner-building.jpg (35 KB, 550x365)
35 KB
If you make it to Alaska, be sure to check out the Bukner building in Wittier. It was a military complex that housed like 1,000+ guys back in the sixties, but they abandoned it after the lower levels flooded during the huge earthquake in 1964. Its overlooks the harbor where peiole go fishing, and is super creepy. Pic related.

File: astro.png (670 KB, 2008x1506)
670 KB
670 KB PNG
Last night I couldn't sleep well at all. I constantly woke up every 13 minutes and never really slept in between, just barely.

I got these visions that I'm having a really hard time remembering. I do specifically remember trying to remember what they were as soon as I woke up from my 13 minute intervals but this morning I can't remember I single one, just vague details.

- Exploding plane
- Black flag
- Crack in my backyard

I don't know what to make of this. Something strange is in the air and it's chilling me to the bone.

I also astral projected on wednesday. I haven't done it since I was 12 years old. I don't remember anything except the feeling of leaving my body.


File: Toba Eruption.jpg (76 KB, 1019x768)
76 KB
Insider Source info coming, pay attention:

I have information from a source I trust within the military. The drills coming up are related to Planet X, aka Nibiru. For those that do not know, this is a small system exists within our Solar System. It contains a Brown Dwarf Star and a planet that is known to be roughly 3 to 6 times the size of our Earth. It has been know to exist for a long time, it has been tracked regularly for a while, and we know that it is entering the part of its orbit that will bring it into our portion of the solar system. PAY ATTENTION, THIS PART IS KEY: The upcoming drills are related to the impact Planet X will have on our Sun, specifically the increased flares. The first major part of this event will be widespread power outages. All of us must, must, must have access to potable water and stored foods, along with guns to defend your property. Once the power goes out, you are on your own. The police will not save you from looters, and the first thing people will do is gather resources from wherever they can once the stores are out of food, that includes your house.

I don't want to break down everything that is going to happen once the planet gets within geomagnetic range of Earth, because no one really knows, but we could see cataclysmic geological activity, which means volcanic ranges going off, major Earthquakes, and Tsunamis. You DO NOT want to be anywhere near the coast as Planet X appears in the sky. The Elites are (100% confirmed) to be moving into cities within the mountains, think the Ozarks, New Zealand Mountain ranges, Appalachian mountains, or inner Montana along with various other places around the world. I would advise you all to look into this.

Planet X could have been the reason for the Global Flood, it could have been the reason we saw Super-Volcanic Eruptions in the past, including the Toba Eruption which brought us to the brink of extinction. You've been warned. Prepare now or parish.
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That's what you think, but when comes the time to melt effigies of our great Lord and God Khelmelathel and make great offerings of gold to him, you'll be the one who'll be sorry.
And niggers would chimp out because they live for base instinct satisfied by technology

Generators work on gasoline and Wind power is a thing. It will supply us long enough to figure something out.


Irrelelvant. Just because a scenario is likely to happen doesn't mean it is confirmed to be happening. Be careful with those fallacies.
All power =/= local power outage

Nigga have fun with non functioning generators and military that has lost its chain o command

But yeah I agree, after the initial chaos people will band together and solve shit
Aslong as you aint in a big city where food riots will become issue real quick then you should be fine aslong as you stay smart

Older Cars will probably work but dont count on your starter engine, good thing you can roll pretty much any non automatic car to a start

I hope there's a power outage, so that I can come observe your wife-spread

File: 152406927.jpg (51 KB, 373x460)
51 KB
Why is the devil depicted with a tail that ends in a triangle / spade / point / etc.? Where is that idea originated (or copied) from? I have been looking online for hours, but best I've found is just opinion and speculation.
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There's actually reference to the Jews worshipping it.

The Charging Bull has been likened to the golden calf worshiped by the Israelites during their Exodus from Egypt. During Occupy Wall Street on multiple occasions an interfaith group of religious leaders led a procession of a golden calf figure that was modeled on the bull.[37][38] A large papier-mâché piñata made by Sebastian Errazuriz for a 2014 New York design festival was intended to be reminiscent of both the golden calf and Charging Bull.[39][40] Further comparisons to the golden calf have been made by Jewish and Christian religious commentators.[41][42

What the hell are you talking about? Can't you just read the damn thread? For fuck's sake... there are no golden (or any other material) bull statues of which their tail has a pointed, spear-like, arrow-head, sagittated or spaded tail.
Because pagans, christians started a smear campaign against the pagans making animalistic qualities the signs of "evil". This is why the devil is also known as "the beast" and why horns and tails are associated with evil.
Why is the devil depicted with a tail that ends in a triangle / spade / point / etc.?
>Why is the devil depicted with a tail that ends in a triangle / spade / point / etc.?
Why is the devil depicted with a tail that ends in a triangle / spade / point / etc.?
>Why is the devil depicted with a tail that ends in a triangle / spade / point / etc.?

For fuck's sake. Are you all trolling?
No, there are no animals with spade-shaped, arrow-shaped, heart-shaped, non-haired tails. Closest match is some fish, but it's quite the stretch.

Anyone want to start an internet fight club?

Trips determines our new idol (AKA Tyler Durden)

First 10 sets of dubs determines the rules
91 replies and 19 images omitted. Click here to view.
Rule: Don;t talk to the media about internet fight club except through anonymous leaks
rule: the winner must poop on the dick of the loser and then suck it while the idol records at least a 5 minute video of the dickshit sucking and then uploads it to a website named Cornhub where we will all watch the video later in our homes and masturbate to it
Rule: Talk to the media only through anonymous leaks and/or officially approved, slickly-produced promotional youtube videos from the fight club PR dept.
Jesus Christ the Son of God

File: Anabolic_screeching.png (197 KB, 333x346)
197 KB
197 KB PNG
I once imagined having sex with the immaculate, all-loving virgin mary. Then I went to sleep and she stands there in the light, saying "Foolishness, you are destined to death". When I heard death, everything turned black, I woke up and my life took a great turn. I got severely depressed, my peers excluded me from meetings, I became a total loner and my parents wanted me to die and to kick me out.

Now I am 20, still a virgin, I am a good-looking autist with no social perspective in life. I am a full procrastinator, nevertheless I am forced to study STEM because everything else is shit. I have no friends and god hates me. Peace
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
DUUUUUUDE I prayed so many rosaries in my life, got to confession and mess and everything that I got was a temporary positive change after confession and communion. In my prime years I wanted to become something like a prophet, to be near to god's heart and grow in wisdom and knowledge to beat the injustice in this world.

I got visions and freaky dreams, I could actually see that god cared about me. He forced my parents to accept that I wanted to stay free from work on sunday (that would have been pretty hard by myself). I was ugly af in my teen years and still there were many girls who considered me as kinda cute and stuff. Everybody was listening to me as if I'd be some kind of Genius.

Every fucking bonus I got was gone after I had this particular vision. Fuck this.
I respect you, but you really should not even try that. (At least post the results then)
Can someone pls give me an alternative to this religious cancer? I need help.
Even alternatives are suggested you'd still feel drawn back to this faith. Been there, done that. I have a stupidly extensive knowledge of a variety of religions and spiritualities and no matter what, I'm always called back to the faith. At this point all I can say to god is, fine, you win. Still bearing false witness against my neighbors though because so many of my coworkers are cunts and that's just how it is.
Maybe it's fate. But why would God allow us to live without his guidance when we need him the most?

File: 1503084713844.gif (490 KB, 382x498)
490 KB
490 KB GIF
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AlVuMxt-xtU [Embed]

Anon's final form

This is being woke on next level

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this guy is woke

Top kek.
File: Screenshot_250.jpg (12 KB, 441x85)
12 KB
Who is this anon and why is he so powerful?

Just watched this and man, would HC kept her promise and we'd be having a full disclosure by now, if she were president?

Doubtful. Even if she meant it(which I doubt), the people who actually run the show would have been like "nah, we aint doing that".
I think he won the record for the most uhh's in the interview
These are the kinds of things politicians say to score points. Declassify documents, legalise weed, institute gay marriage. They rarely actually mean it.
I agree, the claim that they would be able to disclose everything without anyone trying to stop them is moot, at best, but even so is kind of reassuring to see a former chief of staff engaged in a late presidential campaing discussing those things, maybe a full disclosure in the next few years is not too far-fetched.

File: y.png (10 KB, 1532x726)
10 KB
Can we get some spoopy greentexts? preferably new ones. i've read all the old skinwalker ones
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Do you have the rest of that?
>obvious photoshopped dogger that looks like a normal german shepherd opposed to the "old lady" looking like a norse man straight from a ps2 game.
i somehow heard this from a video on youtube by Mr.Creepypasta
be me 22 working with friend marking a cutting down trees
he gets a call on his cell and becomes extremely agitated and irate
starts yelling and screaming ask what's up
he says nothing and goes back to work
about 45 mins later his cousin shows up he tells me to take a break
i grab a drink and sit down to smoke a bowl.
him and his cousin come back with some dude with a bag over his head
hands and mouth are duct taped
friend is very pissed his cousin is holding the guy while he is beating the shit out of him.
takes the bag of his face beats him unconscious with a piece of wood.
friend says fuck this dude
throws his body into the wood chipper
turns out this guy raped his 14 year old sister
only went back to those woods one time swear I could hear him screaming.

File: eye.jpg (114 KB, 1024x768)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
hey /x/, lurker fag here. wondering if any of you know much about hypnosis, particularly on the self. ive been investigating it a while and have come up empty handed. how do i get this shit to work?
12 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I know quite a lot...

SELF hypnosis takes quite a bit of practice. You'll read a lot of techniques... But you know what I just realized while typing this? I've got my own method.

Well it's not really mine I suppose it's just... I memorized the Elman Induction, which is a standard hypnotic induction meant for the normal hypnotist - client setting, and I just... Guide myself through it. Only thing I can't really do is the arm lift test.

Look up the Elman induction, should be easy to find quick writeups on it.

thanks anons, ill try that out next
Can confirm this guy is legit.
Well he best not be using my color induction is all I'm saying

nah Joe go ahead and use it. I modified it from something I learn online

this shit introduced me really well to what's going on. BTW never bought their products, but the free stuff is super solid. From this base any good book will start to make sense.

File: 1491676209886.jpg (39 KB, 564x907)
39 KB
How do I summon fairy /x/?

I tried standing in a mushroom circle at dusk. Nothing happened.
56 replies and 17 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: cloud of faeries2.jpg (77 KB, 312x445)
77 KB
you need an island and some other land
do it on the main phase
Take a fat shit in the woods. Chop down some trees. Put up crosses everywhere. Then you'll get your fairy.
Craigslist m4m section
Gnomes party gnomes you killed a cat in a forest to deal with party gnomers then you got naked in a storm did that make the gnomes leave
I ain't kill shit but I stopped seeing the gnomes.

Government gassed me out of my house so I never got to see if they left or not.

File: IMG_0558.jpg (3.73 MB, 4032x3024)
3.73 MB
3.73 MB JPG
Hello /x/, I live in a house down a street in weeton with preese
its a small, nice sized house

But with some dark history
in the English Civil War, a notable man named Cromwell stayed in the Eagle and Child, my village is in between Preston and Blackpool, the 300 dead during the Battle of Preston haunt Weeton, Preston and Blackpool

I feel my house has a demon as the fields behind my house have had rituals before

I randomly get cuts and bleed, similar to the sally house, there are sounds and vibrations from the attic, there's a crawl space downstairs that leads nowhere, but because its under the stairs I feel like there used to be a basement in the house, later I may try an EVP session in my room, I also get shadow people every now and again
25 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
You're pretty lame to waste your time like this.
how do we know hes the op?
> a notable man
> Cromwell
Are you sure he's not OLIVER Cromwell?
I bet he was
And I bet all the crap was because Cromwell was a really malevolent guy
(Look him up)
>Holy Michael, the Archangel, defend us in >battle. Be our safeguard against the >wickedness and snares of the devil. May God >rebuke him, we humbly pray; and do you, O >Prince of the heavenly host, by the power of >God cast into hell Satan and all the evil spirits >who wander through the world seeking the >ruin of souls.

Contact a worthy catholic priest.

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