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File: bonny-blue0.jpg (17 KB, 1000x750)
17 KB
Anything occult, spooky, or otherwise supernatural to do with the civil war? Conspiracies? Ghosts haunting civil war battlefields? Innawoods encounters 1860s edition? The only things I've heard of much interest are
>The civil war was preplanned as a facade for mass slaughter by extra dimensional beings
>Native americans using spoopy magic during the war
>Most slave owners were normal people but a small enclave of them were demon worshipers using the suffering of slaves to feed their masters
Please no politics if it doesn't have to do with actual spooks. That includes "Hehe damn sisterfucking rednecks"
what about Abraham Lincoln vampire hunter?
I heard that the ghosts of confederate soldiers rode around on horseback
File: battle-of-shiloh_5.jpg (37 KB, 420x280)
37 KB


File: i am become death.jpg (106 KB, 894x894)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
Jesus of Nazareth was the anti-Christ
Charles Manson was the real Jesus
Ask me anything
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Didn't mean to be rude, but generally curious
I'm interesting, as I tried to prove in the OP
I truly believe that too
this was cute, but you will generally fare better by not feeling the need to apologize, specially when anonymous
Jesus was a thief and probably spent time in jail.

See: Aladdin
I like you
yeah. No normal girl is gonna like that shit

>be me asleep
>laying on stomach
>suddenly wake up with my arm up in air twisted like a pretzel
>not even a second after my arm quickly untangles and goes back straight forward under the covers
>just turn over and sleep opposite side
Could this have been a weird muscle spasm happening I woke up to or am I dealing with serious shit. This has never happened
You were going to astral project
My body was not ready, it happened and left my arm and shoulder sore for over two days

File: brain.png (329 KB, 455x278)
329 KB
329 KB PNG
Are psionics a thing?
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Protip: you don't need to actually build a psionics device, even a printed diagram will have the same effect
Yeah, but I don't like the term. Just call it 'magic'.
I've met all kinds.
Same anon. When I was a kid, I thought I could go super saiyan and do kamehamehas.
>Are psionics a thing?
I can't tell. My radio is plotting a world takeover in cahoots with the dishwasher. I don't dare move too much but I'll get back to you.

File: Bengali Chinnamasta.jpg (193 KB, 641x792)
193 KB
193 KB JPG
How does /x/ feel about Chinnamasta?
went a little crazy with that machete, didn't ya?
File: 1363916230.jpg (255 KB, 562x680)
255 KB
255 KB JPG
That's my bae

Reminiscent of

File: leptirica.jpg (61 KB, 674x509)
61 KB
Let's discuss vampires. Everything you know related to supernatural vampirism, the kind that involves blood-drinking and immortality, be it the ancient undead of folklore or the modern, humanized idea of vampires.

How does a human become a vampire? What do real vampires look like and what kind of abilities do they possess? And most importantly, why do /x/ muggles flirt with the ideas of ghosts/demons/gods/angels/divination being real but refuse to accept that vampires exist?

Questions upon questions...

Some material to read:

>Interview with (alleged) 439 year old vampire Elizabeth from the research book 'Vampires Are' by Stephen Kaplan

Dr. Kaplan was the founder of the Vampire Research Center, located on Long Island, for the scientific study of all phenomena related to vampirism.

>Over 400 collected cases of traditional undead vampires
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I will return to my conversation with the ragamuffin now. Much better manners. This is not the first time that an uncouth brute like you was overtaken by jealousy in my presence, I am very comfortable with it.
Forgot to add I am also comfortable being fisted. Anyone wanna work this real vampire like a puppet? Come on. Fist me in my vampooper.
A vampire with green hair.....
hint millions of children disappear every year and their corpses are without blood
Is David Paulides really a vampyr trying to pin it all on Sasquatch?

File: images (55).jpg (20 KB, 384x384)
20 KB
Share some cool myths/leyends/spooky stories from your city, i'll start:
>A mansion belonging to a dude called Reed Erickson were it's said he organized satanic rituals with human sacrifices. Apparently rituals continued to be held there until the building was demolished
>A grotto under a very tall hill by the beach where it's said a pirate hid a treasure. Accesing to that grotto is actually really dangerous. People have died trying to access it.
>A hotel where multiple murders and tragedies happened. It's said it was haunted af. Hotel was demolished a long ass time ago
>Related to a tragedy where a bus was hit by a train and everybody in that bus died. It's said the ghost of a girl who died there stays near the college she studied, waiting for a taxi to drive her home. If someone takes her and gets to the railways where she died, she dissapears.
Pic related mansion from the first story

Later, we will post something, what you waited for a long time.
There is no puzzle, be aware of this web-site, and this topic.
Patience is a virtue.

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poлл фaк))>>21472935
fucking hot girl
File: 14602004961570wck3j.jpg (127 KB, 900x900)
127 KB
127 KB JPG

What is this? I mean besides a pair of lovely breasts and a cute top.
The right breast had something written on it but it's faded/wiped off. My first thought was "OBEY" but I'm not sure on it.

Also note the Monarch butterfly near her hip.

it is coming
your magick will not save you
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Love is the law, love under will.
I bet you need to have "THE Video" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WB8XDk3sQBc
Bad larp. Saged.
oh hey bodybag

File: npc.png (8 KB, 300x168)
8 KB
try and remember your past right now try to remember your childhood. bet you cant do it bet its really fuzzy. try to remember even a few years ago. like wtf is even going on? are we all just a bunch of NPC?
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I've drank from age 14 to 24 so I can't remember last week well never mind years ago
Double Double confirmation.
I remember the past. It sounds like you’ve just been huffing too much glue.

Can we trap the soul inside an animatronic or robot IRL ?
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We don't want fucking Necrons thanks
The funny thing is, YOU ARE the soul trapped in an animatronic/robot
oh wait.....
*shoots self in the head*
The world is full of fucking retards. This post is a good example
Let me guess, you don't believe in ghosts or demons? I think /v/ is more your speed.
Theoretically yes. If the robot has similar neural path ways. Hell even it can maintain a similar EM frequency.

File: 1536257323599.jpg (107 KB, 1280x720)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
ayys confirmed
project blue beans incoming?

even iof it is a ayy false flag, can humanity survive?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
Apparently, the fake alien invasion will be a front for the 'rapture'.
File: 1230660777.jpg (39 KB, 423x364)
39 KB
they've been allowing us to for this long, I don't see why not.

Intergalactic law and everything..
>ayys confirmed
Prove it

File: Unknown-15.jpg (4 KB, 300x168)
4 KB
Would Summoning a demon just to fight them be a good idea? Would it at least surprise them? If so, tips on defeating a demon?
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no you'll be at a disadvantage actually
call the name of Jesus, it triggers them since they're still butthurt about the whole eternal salvation thing
Go for it, I blessed a birds nest to rebirth the Archangels for about a day or 2 there was some twinkle in my heart and the sun kept shining on just my eye while they were around and then suddenly all of the chicks committed suicide on the same day

I guess they didn't want to just be birds.
As for the whole summoning of a demon bit, when the cops come around to check on your recent "ascension" for drugs and being an asshole. give in and pass off the demons to someone in the looney bin they send you to just to get yourself out faster.
fuck off retard
>tips on defeating a demon?
An over-sized sword, a pistol or two, and a well-functioning arm

How impossible would it be for an American to have a sky burial?
Americans do have sky burials.
Tell me more.

Larpers and schizos have been on /x/ for awhile, claiming that the world is gonna end on a bunch of different due dates and nothing happened, so why the fuck are people believing this story of ayys who skin people?
35 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
Q just confirmed ayys
i get the feeling this image hit the bullseye
File: 1435773789072.jpg (12 KB, 255x179)
12 KB
I don't care, but why not? People wear animals. Seems only fair.
File: 1477974705972.jpg (41 KB, 340x270)
41 KB
Image search 'Ur Saahld'. Whole bunch of interesting old threads come up. The frick?

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