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File: way too much info.jpg (413 KB, 990x1320)
413 KB
413 KB JPG
I think it was /pol/. it got 404'd pretty quickly
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what kind of super autism is this
That links to this http://unicornjelly.com

What the fuck
This is fucking bizarre
~just doujinshi things
It's a fucking.
Schizoid with really nice graphic design skills.

So fake it hurts.
Come on now.
I suspect it's fake because of how she looks at her hands afterwards and thinks like "wow, did I do this???"

If you had that level of telekinesis you would be knowing damn well what you did.
That was a staged event......there are a few more similar to this
this is so old

Sometimes I can't believe people actually defend this shit

Found this in the woods. Don't know if I should be scared or go and chack the cabin next to the
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no you didn't, you bought it you goddamn autist

if it was found in nature, it would still have some decomposition on it, and wouldn't be nearly as bleached as it is
File: wtfamireadinggargamel.jpg (29 KB, 384x288)
29 KB
I don't know but now I want to play some Shadowrun.
File: marshall_menace.jpg (318 KB, 1084x827)
318 KB
318 KB JPG
oh shit chummer i got your back null sweat.

File: alarm.jpg (17 KB, 300x200)
17 KB
This is it, this is the big one guys.

Jews are going up. Numbers are lining up. People are already being harassed by royals for jewing fru. There are billions of etheric beings around the world visiting 4chan (YES, THE SITE 4CHAN.ORG, ON EARTH'S YOUNG INTERNET) claiming they're anonymous, aka Satan.

Just look at these numbers

7 1 25

7 15

7125, 715, what does it mean? Go gay? Is it too soon, or just in time?


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he is poltard

take your medication and go to sleep
kys you shill gatekeeper
The vast majority of all functions being acted upon are not important enough to be spoken of. However, each action leads to another action, and at the end of the day, you will discover that you have done little to nothing in order to stop the madness. You can't either. You can't win. Just kidding, that was a lie. You will win, but not in the way you would like to.

People are reportedly tripping on various psychedelics more often than not. More people are being greeted by Obvium the dark one instead of Terynth the Gleeful. Obvium demands a certain amount of "time" before you can pass, just let him do what he needs to do. He will fall from his seat of power. Your consciousness will be regiven back to you in no time. Will you rise to the challenge instead of falling for Obvium's tactics? Remember that your consciousness is an infinity beyond everything, so it is learning about yousrelf.
What if my consciousness went dark while I was being anesthetized for surgery, and when I came to, I was never the same? I feel I am missing a large portion of myself, and am on a different "frequency" than I should be, if that makes sense. It's been 5 years and despite several tests, there is no discernible sign of brain damage. Who is Obvium? Could my consciousness have gone to the same place those tripping pilgrims went, and waited for their selves to come back to them?
Whatever it be, from the biggest to the smallest inkling of fear or doubt, do not believe it, and fear not.

Obvium is a smiling man who hides behind all of us.

He crafts your fears like a meth-addicted fry cook.

File: ufo lane.png (1.89 MB, 1881x857)
1.89 MB
1.89 MB PNG
Ufo hotspot; 37th Parallel. The fuck is going on? Is it because of the magnetic field in correspond to their tech? (you know, magnetic field around ufo to slippery-slop through the dimensions)

>Along this desolate, largely uninhabited stretch of land, mysterious things happen with eerie frequency. Strange flying objects. Thousands of mutilated cows and horses, drained of blood and missing surgically-removed reproductive organs, tongues and ears. Unexplained lights darting in the sky. Alleged underground military installations.
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good morning.
is this place dead?
36.4° here and I ain't never seen nothin
Geo-magnetic field = Earth consciousness
Some UFOs are secret man-made craft, but the true "UFO" is not alien technology so much as a manifestation of energy.

The government conducts some "mutilations" as a way to test the impact of nuclear tests as well as to covertly monitor livestock for things such as prion diseases. The other type of mutilation is basically just the consumption of bio-mass as a source of energy for superspectrum activity.

File: transfiguration.jpg (9 KB, 480x360)
9 KB
Any anons remember this? And if there's anything deeper behind it than "art performance"?
looks like david bowies death video
here's a video of him explaining why he started doing it.

Keep exposing them. We've come a long way. Remember: Whatever you think it is, it's not.
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What is Gangstalking?
Next time you make this thread, name it "Schizo general"
It's when a paranoid person takes random people making eye contact with them on the street, bumping into them, and otherwise being rude as an organized campaign by "Them" to harass and/or intimidate them. "Them" being the government, the Illuminati, and other groups of that nature.
>Also wipe back to front it will keep the shit stains out of your underware.

Maybe not wiping my ass was the plan all along.
...unleash the stink palm!

(((They))) have begun fielding the Sandy Hook kids
The training survivors anyway
And they are good...
Damn good.
bullshit, I lived in the town right over from Newtown (Monroe Connecticut) our town fucking offered that the Sandy Hook kids could use our old middle school building (Chalk Hill)
There was always a tv van parked near the middle school after they started using it, and a police car with a small barricade on the drive way.
Never saw any fucking kids or cars or buses go into Chalk Hill.
Because they don't fucking exist.
>Because they don't fucking exist.
That's kinda the point anon
you don't fucking get it, I mean Sandy hook didn't fucking happen. There were no survivors because the kids didn't exist in the first place.
(((You))) sound very upset
Nice body count your kids racked up on the last mission.
what does sandy hoax have to do with future soldier projects.

learn to focus kids

why dont we look at the sun as moon as AI rather than inanimate objects? Its almost like the lunar "night owl" humans (islam and eastern world) follow the moon and the western world is on the side of the sun. maybe we are just pawns to the celestial powers at be.
the islamic symbol isnt the moon, there is no star in the crescent of the moon,

both are Code for the same thing though.

File: Underworld.jpg (36 KB, 218x327)
36 KB
>Publication date: 3 October 1997
What the fuck?
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You're a fucking retard. Don't post in this thread again.
>movie/book/game mentions WTC, two of the most iconic buildings of NY, in it's cover/contents
I think the Back to the Future thing is retarded, I'm showing how a pic of a bird and a tower isn't a mind blowing prediction of a plane hitting those towers years later. The twin towers were, when they were finished, the tallest building in the world and part of the Manhattan skyline, yet you spergs act like a pic of it with a bird is significant.
instead of acting like a retard pretending to be mysterious why don't you fucking say what to look for?
there are hours and hours and hours of foreknowledge of 9/11

they were planning it since at least the 1940s

>gook language will spook them good
>a video of nothing with weird music will surely make it seem strange and creepy xD

File: +u.png (32 KB, 602x435)
32 KB
So, what did they mean by this? Is Trump involved?
Supposedly Tesla & Edison were in that society, thought they hate each other...


captcha: a car
File: plus ultra.jpg (1.75 MB, 2048x1366)
1.75 MB
1.75 MB JPG
either its completely make up or its the antarctic hollowearth nazis behin the plus ultra group. i couldnt find any good evidence for its existence, but who knows?

File: image.jpg (1.67 MB, 4032x3024)
1.67 MB
1.67 MB JPG
I found this paper on my staircase.
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did morgan geyser get loose?
You killed that evil paper good! Yep you killed it real good! Look at it! Wow!!!
Are you a 14 year old who just discovered MH?
t. Babies first LARP

File: 1501723795446.jpg (155 KB, 785x789)
155 KB
155 KB JPG
So what's with the iconography and similar construction techniques found all over the world that points to a developed world wide progenitor culture?
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>,much evidence suggests otherwise.
Give me sources that aren't new-ager websites.
What is the context for those bones?
File: 1336792352525.jpg (536 KB, 1096x1080)
536 KB
536 KB JPG
File: alextrebek1.jpg (81 KB, 1280x720)
81 KB
File: 1498187466055.jpg (31 KB, 442x589)
31 KB

File: TotallyNotGuyInSuit.jpg (134 KB, 1862x1048)
134 KB
134 KB JPG
I thought you'd be all over this. They like to eat pigs and apples, apparently.

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Your going to offer tea to a 7ft tall wild primate who's territory you just violated? Wear a go pro with a gps tracker.
What does it tell you?

It tells me you're not going to like the answer.
I think the key is to communicate more on a spiritual level with them rather than physically. As well keep in mind that this is an entirely different animal than your run of the mill dick-scratching, shit-flinging monkey at the zoo, it's 7ft tall and has a much larger brain than a chimp, it's probably too smart for trail cams and isn't impressed with us trying to hide cameras like that. You'd be surprised how close real wildlife photographers with their bulky pro DSLRs and telephoto lenses can get. Hell, sometimes they don't even have to get up close and the animals just come up to them out of sheer curiosity.
Blurry pictures again :( thought Americans got guns n shit, why are you guys afraid of some tall monkey?

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