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Hello /x/, ive been recieving some weird text from some place called the GOOW association.
I've done some digging online but have come up with nothing.
Sorry bout this not being exactly Paranormal but it is weird nontheless
More pics coming up.
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nothing more at all? the website has never been registered, the number hasn't been flagged as spam and is listed as cingular wireless @ brighton MA.

either OP is making stuff up, or somebody is making stuff up and texting it to OP.
Boring pathetic arg attempt. Sad!
OP makes low-energy thread and allows the story to fall flat on it's face. Bad Guy!
more like


File: seems_legit.png (223 KB, 426x852)
223 KB
223 KB PNG
Do any of you guys live in houses you suspect to be haunted, or have in the past? I'm interested in your first hand stories. Here's a few spoopy things that have happened in my house.
>move in with bf about 2 months ago
>he knows I'm interested in the paranormal and told me some time ago about the weird shit that goes on in his house, specifically his room more than the others
>one night he wakes up around 2am
>rolls over to face away from the wall
>spoopy ass figure standing over the bed watching him

>laying in bed about to sleep
>he leans over me and starts attempting to turn the computer chair around
>"what are you doing?"
>"the chair has to face away from us"
>"because when it doesn't, something sits in it and watches us"
>the second he says that, we hear a crash from the other end of the room

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I mean if you didn't give him something in return for shutting your neighbors up he'd probably be a little pissed. I know I would be. Just apologize and give him a nice offering and you should be fine. If that doesn't work then it's probably some other entity you'll need to take care of but now you're on good terms with Orobas so maybe he'd help out. Shouldn't be too difficult to sort out.
Pac Man RP. Wakka Wakka.
Yes. I lived in a house that used to be a daycare. It was definitely haunted by something. Had mindbending night terrors for the entire time I lived there. Woke up on the floor directly under where my bed was. Like I sunk through the floor. I was a kid. But that place had some darkness around it.

File: 1490527883106.jpg (233 KB, 1024x851)
233 KB
233 KB JPG
What is the relation between Magic (esoteric) and Magic (illusion)?
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Zoroastrianism and thelema, respectively.
A magician doing illusions is there to entertain people. Most prefer not to have their tricks revealed and don't try to convince their audience that what they are doing is real. They are actors playing the role of a conjurer, wizard, mystic, or deceiver.
File: 001.jpg (48 KB, 600x467)
48 KB
Is this a joke thread or you're mentally deficient?
It's a very serious question
I've heard some magicians use real magic though

I locked my door, shoveled 5 feet in distance from my front door, my keys are gone.
I shoveled the piles of snow, I made searching for them. They are no where.
Give me my keys back dickhead.
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Nigga, that ain't Satan. That's just some Fair Folk Fuck having laugh.

Must be Satan.
I don't care about your keys faggot
>a glitch in my matrix

Ah yes, we all have our own special matrix, and it definitely literally works exactly like in the movie. And we're all special individuals.

Guys, I need all the information you can possibly muster on Fleshgaits, dogmen, skinwalkers and goat man. I plan to go on a hunt and have a decent understanding of these things we don't completely understand. Being from Michigan, the sightings are plenty. I can't help but to have an utter hatred for Fleshgaits. I need to hunt a fleshgait/skinwalker. Dogman and goat man are more of something I'd like to observe, unless I have to defend myself. Any michibros are very welcome to hunt with me provided I can gather enough info.
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Hot damn, any chance you'll be at Roberts today?
File: 1485574970605.png (712 KB, 758x600)
712 KB
712 KB PNG
nah I have a shitton of work to do. People tend to think that papers magically grade themselves but I have 5 classes tests and a 3 page essay I made them all do to grade. Lets just say only 6 people passed the test so far :( I hate my job
Where do you teach at?
File: 1485359098646.jpg (13 KB, 184x184)
13 KB
I know better than to give my workplace on a Malaysian tofu making form
I got lost in idle conversation

File: gjhtui.jpg (89 KB, 400x300)
89 KB
1, What is your current magical paradigm?

2, What was your first magical paradigm?

3, Tell us about your most successful spells / magical acts!
File: grzzhtu5.jpg (97 KB, 474x470)
97 KB
extra questions:

4, That one paradigm you wanted to get into but couldn't (for some reason): what was it? What was the problem?

5, Did a spell / magical act ever backfired? What happened?

6, How old were you when you started to practice magic? How old are you now?
I guess you can also use this article to explain some models of magic: http://www.chaosmatrix.org/library/chaos/texts/model.html

This article might help.

wow thank you for this article, definitely enlightening

File: file.png (565 KB, 890x779)
565 KB
565 KB PNG
Are there any interesting theories around Eigenface?

The imagery is haunting at least
Really neat way to do facial recog. It would be cool to see if you can do basis set comparisons for different ethnicities and geographically seperated grouos of people.
They resemble what you see when you look deeply at your reflection in the mirror for too long.

Das raycis (and probably has been done already)
what is this

how come otzi the frozen cave guy from like 3300 bc had tattoos of the cross on him?
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God dammit lol
Research it then, its true they're related
im sure theyre related, in the sense that red and green are related (both are colors)
File: 1481612813614.gif (948 KB, 200x200)
948 KB
948 KB GIF
Hanna Hallysem
This ^

The cross (and its cousin the swastika) is usually a solar symbol, though it can also represent the earth. In more modern currents it usually represents things that have four quarters like the four directions, the four elements, four seasons, etc.

The Christian cross is a solar symbol by context (hint: when do we usually celebrate Christmas?)

File: 1.jpg (7 KB, 284x177)
7 KB
What do people envison the afterlife to be like? Are there any books or /lit/ about it?
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The afterlife is your dreams
Where did you get the idea those are the 2 choices?
boy, you're going to hell
This is very true, and that's why it makes perfect sense that hell isn't even actually in the Bible. Hell didn't appear in Christianity until centuries after Jesus died.


What really did go on during the Clown Scare last year? What's your opinion on the psyop theory? Did any anons ever see one? Could it have been paranormal, how much of it was just faggots hopping on board?
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Stories, not youtube. They always have the most annoying voices.
True that
They were trying to turn people into murdering psychotic "jokers". There was someone recently arrested dressed just like him with a sword

File: hbo.jpg (48 KB, 640x430)
48 KB
What are some of your favorite tv shows /x/? Pic very related.
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Eh, books were better. At least until you got sick of how formulaic they were.
Dark Matters is pretty good, but not really that /x/
File: images.jpg (10 KB, 246x204)
10 KB
As a kid I liked
Arthur C Clarke's mysterious world
Arthur C Clarke's world of strange powers
When did this air?

File: download (5).jpg (15 KB, 206x245)
15 KB
What are your thoughts on Subliminal Messages?Are they real or are just misundertandings of our mind,seeing what she wants to see?(I know this has a name,but i forgot it)
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File: nothankyou.jpg (22 KB, 200x223)
22 KB
Ever just think that most of these are the developers being childish?
Ignore what everyone else is saying, they're idiots.

Humans love sex. They crave it, it makes them happy. Humans can also very easily be subliminally influenced. Putting "sex" subliminal messages makes things more appealing.

A lot of what people do, their enjoyments and satisfactions, is sublimated sex. A lot of our minds are taken up by sex. If you can understand this, you already understand a lot about human beings.

>protip: companies spend millions if not billions of dollars on advertising and put a lot of thought, similarly, into coming up with logos; there's not going to be jokes in this stuff, it's all going to be intentional; google "motivational research"
wasted trips
File: 03m1247103.jpg (165 KB, 943x734)
165 KB
165 KB JPG
>anon with nothing to contribute detected

I want to start a skinwalker thread. Post your stories with these guys any information you can give that I can't find on Google etc. etc.
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He's joking.
>came out

Stag + faggot = staggot
File: inu-yasha1.png (644 KB, 643x700)
644 KB
644 KB PNG
I also hated MTV.

Have you changed the channel to vh1 or channel 50
Until Dawn was pretty good
File: image.jpg (387 KB, 500x750)
387 KB
387 KB JPG
The European wendigo would be the ghoul, but it's a lot less aggressive and disfigured than the Native counterpart. Their culture just had the right amount of faith and superstition to produce something that graphic.

File: 5000-pic-Bible.jpg (21 KB, 400x300)
21 KB
Hey /x/, I need to know if you guys have any advice or tips for DIY exorcisms, me and some friends are going to a site we think is haunted during the week and want to be prepared just in case.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
There's a manual for it.

You should check it first, also it doesn't works if your faith ain't solid.
we're all devout (although I have doubts about one of us), what's the name of the manual?
File: 000000231412411.jpg (54 KB, 449x598)
54 KB
read the "Ghost puncher"
Rebuke in Name of jesus
hit with bible
and squirt gun of holy water
repeating is most likely required
Salt of the Earth will be essential. You cannot exorcise whatever haunts it. But you can protect yourself.

File: IMG_0964.jpg (36 KB, 350x312)
36 KB
Post children's books that weren't meant to be scary, but still unsettled or terrified you in some way.

I'll start with Tub Boo Boo. I never even read this book, but the cover really creeped me out when I saw it in a library as a kid.
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I remember this one book we had in our house as a kid, it has those thick pages where the pictures pop up and shit.

I remember it having really creepy drawings of rabbits with human-like figures. And the eyes of the kid (the main character I guess) Always has his eyes wide open staring at you, like every fucking page.

It's also possible that it's just my imagination as a kid, because I also saw ghosts as a lil boi
"Struwwelpeter", a prime example of how messed up kids books used to be. My copy was a Christmas present to a boy in 1931 from his grandparents, which kind of spooks me.
Parts by Ted Arnold

Was supposed to be a silly book I think, but ends up having that kind of...Distorted children horror, like what you might see in a show like Rugrats? Anyways, the long short is, a young boy apparently becomes brutally aware of his mortality, when he believes his body is falling apart.
File: A Bad Case of Stipes.jpg (31 KB, 311x400)
31 KB
This book, fucking hell.

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