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Did we ever find out what was up with the google translate shit?
It's just general machine translation errors like in the video
Dontworry about goy
>/x/: b-buh mah baranormal.. i-its true, all of it, right anon?

File: file.png (322 KB, 660x438)
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322 KB PNG
Why did people build pyramids?
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Probably a phone poster.
File: cuba_sonar_data.jpg (49 KB, 472x304)
49 KB
That's a computer model of what COULD be there.
>Pic related is that actual sonar scan
There's a reason no one is allowed to look inside
File: 1486377547804.jpg (94 KB, 1440x1440)
94 KB


>Marine geologist Manuel Iturralde called for more samples before drawing conclusions about the site, saying the results so far were very unusual. He estimated that it would have taken 50,000 years for such structures to have sunken to the depth at which they were said to be found and stated that none of the known cultures living that long ago had the ability to build such structures.

>A specialist in underwater archaeology at Florida State University added: "It would be cool if they were right, but it would be real advanced for anything we would see in the New World for that time frame. The structures are out of time and out of place.


File: descărcare (4).jpg (5 KB, 225x225)
5 KB
Is there a way i could communicate with souls from heaven?
You see my father died when i was 4 and i never got the changed to speech to him and i was wondering if there something i can do to see him again.
Or even with angels or God himself?
Im getting throw some hard times and id like to get some help from some higher powers.

File: c.jpg (243 KB, 691x800)
243 KB
243 KB JPG
Is there a trick to remember dreams?
I even bought a journal, but as soon as I wake up its gone.
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Not if you’re cleanly killing wild animals, then a swift death is a gift
Industrial farming is fucked tho
>a new dream scape
Excessive dxm and deschloroketamine abuse did that for me, especially the latter, shit was like a rollercoaster, even for well over a month after I stopped using daily
Although I wouldn’t personally recommend such abuse
Lots of natural substances... Hawaiian baby woodrose seeds, silene capensis from Africa, calea zecatachichi from Central America... All available online, just he cautious if you go this route, they are potentially psychedelic and potentially physically unsettling, e.g. nausea, vomiting etc. Always research dosages and ingestion methods before trying
Also the cheaper stuff can be fairly dirty, especially if it ships from china or a third world country
I can only say the same. No alcohol, no drugs, dream journal, meditation on dreams that you do remember, dream interpretation and a conscious life in general. I guess that's it.

File: DCS_R4002157.jpg (168 KB, 1920x1040)
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168 KB JPG
>I got away with it
not sure what to do now
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He has the movie on his computer and took a screenshot
Good eye anon
File: 6rnwun85d2gz.jpg (38 KB, 576x671)
38 KB
Its happened before
I cant see shit. this could be a burned pile of hot dogs for all i can tell
fake and gay, no legs

>tfw you realize that God is a giant insane spider
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The spider is the same as the Basilisk and they are both AI run by ADMAN or Da'edra from New Zealand

this the guy?
Been rereading that IT book, OP?
File: descarga.jpg (8 KB, 268x188)
8 KB
does your god rap?

File: Minotaur.jpg (26 KB, 960x707)
26 KB
Let's tackle creatures of myths and legends and paint them as actual organisms in a realistic light via speculative biology and evolution.
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Original spider-poster here. Both of these look great! They definitely hit the general idea of my monster. I guess thinking on it, there isn't much more to them than humanoid-mimicking spider, so they're up to fairly open interpretation.
I feel like that mimicry can't be magical or unbelievable, but along the same general lines of mimicry in nature, with broad patterns and shape replication rather than outright shapeshifting. That's where I got the vampiric inspiration, with them having to stay in shadows to take advantage of general shape to get close to the unsuspecting. Like I went on about before, the concept that human beings could still be vulnerable to what on the surface seems like such a rudimentary form of disguise would be a pretty shocking and creepy one, I feel. Like that feeling that things are completely wrong, but you don't actually put the mental power into thinking until its too late.
reminder those who were visited by succubi, were actually rape victims :(

Cute af.
No. The musculature to support powered flight through rib wings is completely unfeasible and would require reptiles to develop a keel so large their feet wouldn't even touch the ground
Ah ok, thanks.

what are some good methods tobuse when decalcifying?
breathe deep
cleanse the body of excess carbon dioxide
deep breathing will allow more oxygen into your brain
beyond that I too am looking for info
Vitamin K2 or menaquinone has been shown to decalcify arteries

> they are not produced by human tissue. MK-7 may be converted from phylloquinone (K1) in the colon by Escherichia coli bacteria.
The joe rogan Dick riders on /x/ again I see

I feel stupid for even considering this but some months ago I've noticed a pattern and now I am freaking out about it. Every time I stay focused at my computer screen specially reading something my body starts to curl up, at a slow pace of course, on itself and I start to have a very bad position and it feels like I was going to be in a fetal position of complete submissive body reaction. I also feel slightly depressed after some time. It doesn't matter what information am I reading and it happens even with uplifting information it seems to be just because of my fucking computer screen and how vulnerable I become psychological if I am paying attention reading something.
Is there some fucking bullshit that Microsoft/Google implanted recently to be shown in the computer screen for some mass mind control shit or something with subliminal messages? Because it feels like it but obviously skeptically I don't believe or want to believe. The feeling I can describe is that it feels I am getting scolded or something without any reason for it. I don't use any kind of social media at all.

File: file.png (1009 KB, 1044x596)
1009 KB
1009 KB PNG
What does /x/ know about the Anunnaki?
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AT&T is who they be, according to my sassy deductions.
Future projected to the past at the start of the time-loop when we were genetically engineered by frequency and data.
Nephilim LARPing as 'gods'.
Fallen Angels
File: 1424578123808.jpg (77 KB, 721x937)
77 KB
I've read an interview where one of them met with a human and was described as having a face of near translucent skin but with the ability to manipulate light around them they can appear more or less however they please.
They can take human form.
They can take bestial form.
They can take serpent form.
The young generation of gods
Think about it from the greek current, basically Zeus and friends

Do you think Paul is Dead ? Do you see the Beatles as a Satanic influence? Is the fake Paul a high level Free Mason spreading occult - ish messages through his music ?
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the geopolitical stage frauds tend to have rather blatant purposes

I don't follow the "to what ends" of this story.
John Lennon was a socialist who had to take psychedelics for the mind blowing revolution that beating women is bad, and the rest of the Beatles sat around jerking each other off
Its true
there are many threads to this cloth - Tavistock is a sociological think tank interested in engineering global society and the Beatles were a vehicle to do that . Alastair Crowley influenced the Beatles to such an extent that they became satanists and dedicated many songs to him and his ‘majik’ . The original Paul wasn’t into heavy drug use but Tavistock saw LSD and heroin as a means to sedating the generation that almost stopped the Vietnam War . The fake Paul is heavily into the occult side of Free Masonry and actually worships Lucifer . Sacrifices happen all the time in the world of high stakes entertainment . Hollywood loves one thing only - secrets . That’s why so many are into Crowley ( Sgt Pepper) when Charles Manson said that there are hidden meanings in the songs of Beatles he wasn’t lying , he just took too much LSD and was an over all bad guy . That didn’t stop the Beatles from admiring him . Cause they did .
the beatoffs

File: mop.jpg (190 KB, 702x1137)
190 KB
190 KB JPG
Succubus November edition

Relevant blogs:

Lesaile's Codex https://docs.google.com/file/d/0Bz-KmaKZn5rlb0pjR2k4T2o2YWc/edit?usp=sharing

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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basicly mercury retrograde is your biggest drawback in magic in general
Perhaps it isn't their true name. Lol KKC
redpill me on succies plz
you can command her to do whatever you like
assuming you are actually knowledgeable enough about necromancy ofc
hence why i still believe those "things" are a construct
File: ma6567.jpg (69 KB, 750x1182)
69 KB
>When you orgasm, try to imagine yourself ejaculating your entire soul along with your load, energy racing through your whole body and out of your penis. You'll know a succubus is feeding off of you because your orgasms will become much more intense, and eventually better than any sex with a human. My succubus gives me full-body orgasms without ejaculation that last 5-10 minutes, so intense that I can't resist rolling around on my bed in complete bliss.

I swear I've had that type of orgasm one night. It felt amazing and I was certain it was the doing of a succubus since I was masturbating to one. Never experienced it again since then, though.

You know what paranormal is!?
No matter what office you go, the people working there don't have a soul. There is zero humanity in them, no matter where you go, no matter what agency, they are all the same, soulless and anti-human.
This is odd as fuck!

This also explains why even with a working system there is still problems like high unemployment rates and shit like this. Go to a random agency and test them on any human behavior, you will be stuned by the results.

My guess why this is, they work enviroment is disconnecting them from social interaction with humans. Start working in an office, after a month you lost your soul and turn to something evil against humanity.
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Better a job without soul than soul without a job.
>soul without a job.
this sounds better
File: 1448458631184.jpg (204 KB, 1118x946)
204 KB
204 KB JPG
>>soul without a job.
>this sounds better
Still living with mom detected
>sell your soul dumb human
go on and shill your satanic bullshit

File: 1004.jpg (26 KB, 335x263)
26 KB
let's talk about the viral sickness going around online where people with no clue define other human beings by their so-called 'mental illness' before they've checked their own.

what fucking world are we living in that a person is auto-reduced to a label picked off the wiki psychiatric tree like rotten apples and fed to people as the sum total of that person's life

ever noticed how quick the old fart dinosaur shrink profession is to smear brilliant people with these psych labels and how long this has been done for? every since they started giving them electric shock treatment for a bad mood or general disobedience toward unreasonable things.

we're tired of being labeled nuts to whatever degree by insane ignorant fools without a single creative bone in their body operating on left-brain logic and analysis when the rest of us hug the right for a more wholesome view of life.

this world we live in is a fucking disease, and the people who end up labelled this way are the ones who reacted to it accordingly.

I suggest psychiatry is a paranormal phenomenon with as much basis in reality as a floating pig.

My question is; was it conjured from darkness?
17 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.

hello, it's terrible this has become the new bully tactic, instead of calling them a weirdo, call them schizo, because wiki said so.

to sum an entire person up that way is animalistic, especially for the sake of it, and even more so when their life has many other stories to tell than whatever defines them mentally according to an online encyclopedia.

when these labels become buzz words used to insult people, or have their character erased to the point where they are remembered and referred to as 'yeah well he had bipolar and ADHD' as if these things aren't fantasy obscuring the cause, is evil.
File: thorazine-1960s.jpg (144 KB, 927x1433)
144 KB
144 KB JPG
You and paranoids like you are in a death-spiral of self-reinforcing fear. You're fed it by the media, especially rightist propaganda. I used to have compassion for people like you, but not any more: at the heart of it is simple cowardice.
Goddamn that was cringe bud
aww, what's the matter, did someone on the internet disagree with your political opinions?
I first saw a video through a older's friends mobile phone when I was about 8 years old. Sharing videos this way before the smartphone era was how you watched porn as a kid where i live. As the years passed and I got an internet connection, i started visiting the common sites sometimes alone, sometimes with friends.
I was never got into traps or tranny porn but I always had a fascination with lesbians. First it was normal videos of them having softcore lesbian sex but as the time went on i was exposed (totally seek it out) to hardcore lesbian porn including torture, piss play and scat.
As for straight porn I only watched if the girl had a really sweet baby face and petite body but I was mostly digusted by it because there was a guy in.

can anyone point a finger to or can we start a discussion on the uses for magic in regard to hunting, its that time of year for deer and other animals after all. stuff like uses for skulls aid in hunting. i dont know anything but someone should id imagine what uses magic has in regards to hunting
5 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Posting from phone now but still op. Heard chikens screaming so went to investigate so coon was to dark out for guns wouldnt be able to aim properly. So i just picked up a stick and went to town. After first hit he ran behind a tree but i waked em again then kept beating him till he stopped twitching. I had literally gotten the chickens the day befofe i was pissed
File: 20181119_083412.jpg (1.01 MB, 2560x1440)
1.01 MB
1.01 MB JPG
First kill i got was a snake wrapped it skin on my walking staff
The most important thing to remember when hunting is that while you are looking for food it is still a living creature. Because of this the best magic to use is actually attraction spells and rituals. You must be thankful for the sacrifice the animal must make and try to help the animal to reincarnate as a human so he can be closer to enlightenment. Put a drop of YOUR blood on each bullet and take the time to think about how the animal will be better off in the next life. When you butcher the body be as respectful as is possible with such a task and bury whatever you dont plan to eat with a stone marker. Pray for the soul to return as a human and thank the animal out loud after it is buried. Dont eat the heart or the brain.

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