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File: DONOTWANT.png (16 KB, 100x100)
16 KB
Have there been any updates? Any new leads?
A quick rundown if you please??
Yes, I know that kym is shit, but the article has what you need.
what the fuck man
Enjoy being errata'd op

Saw someone post this in a thread on /pol/ about the meaning of life but I don't understand it exactly. Can someone explain this?
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File: Meaning of life.png (71 KB, 672x302)
71 KB
>What is this? Meaning of life?
here you go
>not interesting in the meaning of words we use to describe meaning

dude, just go away

From Middle English lif, lyf, from Old English līf (“life, existence; life-time”), from Proto-Germanic *lībą (“life, body”), from *lībaną (“to remain, stay, be left”), from Proto-Indo-European *leyp-, *lip- (“to stick, glue”). Cognate with Scots life, leif (“life”), North Frisian liff (“life, limb, person, livelihood”), West Frisian liif (“belly, abdomen”), Dutch lijf (“body”), Low German lif (“body; life, life-force; waist”), German Leib (“body”), Danish, Norwegian and Swedish liv (“life; waist”), Icelandic líf (“life”). Related to belive.
*leyp- (root present)
Germanic: *lībaną (“remain, be left”), *bilībaną
*li-né-p- ~ *li-m-p- (nasal-infix present)
Sanskrit: लिम्पति (limpati, “smear, pollute”)
*loyp-éye- (causative)
Balto-Slavic: *loip
Lithuanian: lipìnti, láipioti
Slavic: *lěpiti (“to smear, stick”)
South Slavic:
Old Church Slavonic: пpилѣпити (prilěpiti)
Serbo-Croatian: lepiti
West Slavic:

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do what you want while there's still time.
Do what thou wilt.

File: buffy.jpg (45 KB, 1204x676)
45 KB
I have no soul

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What kind of creature are you?
Kill yourself.
do you hang out in shady dive bars?
What's a soul?
Yeah neither does 65% of the population
Get fucked meat puppet
Actually just die
You will dissipate into nothing
Everyone hates you and your cowardly attentionwhore antics

Is there a ghost in the bitcoin infrastructure. Something most people would call AI, but people in the know would call it an artificial ghost. I finally found out what it's end goal is for humanity:
Digits...... the meaning
>omg i just came a lil
Newfag detected
No. Fuck off.
Bitcoin will collapse very very soon...

File: 1511835494041.jpg (1.96 MB, 3018x3917)
1.96 MB
1.96 MB JPG
Why were they so advanced when it comes to aerospacial engineering?

Why were they obsessed with occultism and finding old Christian items such as the Holy Grail?

What the fuck was the Nazi Bell and why do people say that it can travel through space and time?

Please give me the red pills. I am a normie when it comes to shit like this, but I always found it interesting.
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>they were deeply concerned with how 'diseased' genes were being spread around and they want ed to start doing eugenics
They failed, and now we all die a slow, stupid, painful, and ugly genetic death.

stop playing Wolfenstein u dumby
>Why were they so advanced when it comes to aerospacial engineering?
They weren't. They simply chose to build on the foundations created by dudes like Robert Goddard and others for systems they felt were important, like liquid fueled rockets. Meanwhile, they were way behind in other areas, like RADAR.

>Why were they obsessed with occultism and finding old Christian items such as the Holy Grail?
Propaganda material? Who knows.

>What the fuck was the Nazi Bell
No clue.

>why do people say that it can travel through space and time?
You're asking this on the same board that has idiots trying to argue and pretend that the world is flat? If you hadn't noticed, people are fucking stupid, dude.
>falling for the ballnigger agenda
The flat Earth meme is one of the dumbest memes that's ever been created and ranks right up there with faggots using the "feminine penis" tranny meme bullshit.

File: IMG_2904.jpg (1.92 MB, 4032x3024)
1.92 MB
1.92 MB JPG
So I took a bunch of melatonin and had a lucid dream that I popped up at a table of business people that I figured out was basically an illuminati meeting that anybody is free to join if they can "find it".

Is it possible that the leaders of the world just meet in sub-dream space and plan things out?

Everyone looked surprised to see me, but now I'm starting to hear voices telling me things (advice) from these people, but I don't think melatonin is supposed to cause psychosis...

>Fuck, what's going on?
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I'm not "adept" enough to figure it out. I had a moment of lucidity today and I understood that I would make a mistake by being too greedy in regards to something I was working for in my job and miss the whole contract,, but I wouldn't understand it until after it happened.

Maybe just subconscious projection?

I wish I learned some cooler stuff. I'm sorry.

like that was what I heard their voice say. Once you find it, they try to bring you in, I guess.
i had one like that and it was the rothschild family and they were just talking business at a large scale, same as you mentioned they seemed just dispassionate and then one of them got bored of me and sat on my chest and kicked me out. i remember three of them. one was a short to medium build woman, thin, 30s, dark hair, one was a tall dude, clean shaven and the fat one that was also short but there were a bunch of them there and they were discussing how theit financial decision making process was affecting so many lives because of all the money spent on one thing or another
t. dreamspace planner
>Is it possible that [people can] meet in sub-dream space and plan things out?

File: movieposter.jpg (17 KB, 279x402)
17 KB
You all know what I'm talking about. What the fuck is going on? No esoteric or roleplaying bullshit. What's going on behind all the fucking synchronicity/thought broadcasting/gang stalking/Truman Show/[insert some name here] shit? What the fuck is this shit? I'm fucking tired.
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Nothing. Your brain is a pattern finding machine making meaning out of white noise.

I rather not as it might ensure more heavy gang stalking and everyone who gets gang stalked has his own buzzword , but it's not an everyday word, atleast not how they say it. They do it like some creep on the phone, they emphasise it in a very noticeable way. Either they say the single word without any context or they might say it in a directed "discussion" and say the word very loudly compared to any other words. I already know when I hear some bullshit conversation next to me that doesn't make any sense just so they can drop the buzzword. They make up some total nonsense non sequitur like"unicorns in ice cones, do you agree[buzzword]" They make up some non-conversation to gaslight you because if you told anyone what non-conversations they talk about the more crazy you seem.
4chan, specifically /pol/, is in control of reality now. What did you expect such a world to be like? I for one am fully satisfied with the current paradigms.
What's your buzzword? I've always been skeptical of gangstalking but I find the premise of the idea interesting enough to peep these threads now and then.

Sounds like you are a paranoid schizophrenic

Americans I don't know what is your astrologist in your country doing but in my country they already told me about your future
2018 is year of war
2019 America will break apart in to many small country
and no this prophecy is not just come out when trump declare juresalem is capital of israel . it's come out long ago

so did your astrologist say anything about this ?
Oh boy get ready op

2018 is only 19 days away. There better be war
BRuv you ever been with a trap ? how expensive are hookers in Bangkok
dude it's not like " everyday in 2018 is war "
nope 2018 is like the beginning of it
I am ready :) what will happen ?
No I never
I am gay furry and I am not live in bangkok the worst city in the world

File: IMG_0519.jpg (28 KB, 329x448)
28 KB
How does /x/ discern my experience this week?

When I was in 7th grade at high school (2005) I dated this girl for like a week. She was extremely pretty and really friendly and I couldn't believe she even had an interest in me. Unkown to me, some one had previously spread a rumour that she was a slut and for some reason everyone in the grade jumped on board and she was literally hated by like 80% of her peers. Me being 13, couldn't handle the associated reputation and bullying that came with dating her so I ran like a coward and felt guilty about it for a decent couple of months. She eventually left in roughly the 9th grade and I never saw her again.

>The problem
Fast forward to this week, Monday morning specifically, and I find myself having a dream that I'm driving a car, desperately trying to find this girl so I can apologise for not standing up for her like any decent boyfriend would of. I have no luck finding her in the dream and eventually wake up, but this is where my issue begins. I have not been able to stop thinking about her, how strong she was for putting up with all the shit, how terrible it was that she was a kind person yet everyone seemed to hate her and also how hopeless and stupid I was for essentially ditching her for the sake of my own reputation. It's getting weird because this was 3 days ago for me now and it's like I've fallen in love with her, a girl I have not seen for 10 years and know nothing about. It doesn't help that she has no online presence except for a Facebook that she stopped using a week after she made it so I don't really have anyway of contacting her to say I'm sorry.

How/why has this happened?
What do I even do about this?
And what does /x/ make of it?

Thanks for reading
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>namefag going from thread to thread so his name gets seen supports off topic gibberish
Lol thats just nutz lol it's a random name no one cares about it i don't
>it's a random name no one cares about it i don't
Then drop it, stop being a namefag
Not sure what a name fag is
OP here

I made a post on /adv/ but am currently on mobile. There is no delete button and the link to switch to desktop isn't working so I can't fuck this thread off.

Mods are welcome to delete if they see this

Cheers for your time anyway

Have you guys heard of this? It seriously looks like a pulse of energy going over the moon it's very interesting. I'm just seeing it for the first time today . The guy in this video shows it pretty well. Anyone know anymore about these?

Shit how could I have forgotten of the lunar waves of Croww? AAAAAAAAAAAAA
Like seriously, YouTube took down his channel because of that video back in 2012...
The Moon hides something.
Hmm didn't know they did that that's suspicious for sure

File: received_1751146001622510.jpg (158 KB, 1022x1812)
158 KB
158 KB JPG
A few days ago someting was mounted on the tree infront of my apartment. The camera like thing sometimes blinks with a red light. Upon closer inspection the thing is some sort of a sensor but it also has a camera. I think im being recorded.
6 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
It's to distract you from all the cameras you can't see, anon.
File: axemurder.jpg (14 KB, 349x317)
14 KB
[ nuts in danger joke goes here ]
fucking knock it away from your house then, dipshit.
OP you are not important

File: wolfo.jpg (6 KB, 318x159)
6 KB
Hey /x/ I want to become a werewolf how would I go about doing that. This fucking jock at my school keeps picking on me and I want to give him what he deserves.
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I can only pray to god that you're shitposting. If not, bring a gun to school... that'll show em'!
File: 1511843117666.gif (877 KB, 500x320)
877 KB
877 KB GIF
File: 1508719181629.jpg (239 KB, 1044x770)
239 KB
239 KB JPG
There are a few ways but the easiest is to get nekkid on the night of the full moon in a forest with wild wolves after a rainy day and drink rainwater from a wolves pawprint while covered in a mixture of wolf shit, rosemary, honey and mushed hemlock (this is just to stimulate the unnatural hair growth and protect your skin from tearing apart as you will need to put it back on in the morning or you risk being stuck as a wolf forever)

The only way to make it permanent is to kill the human inside so it wouldn't really be you, it would be the you that you are when you turn into a wolf which is the same but stronger and more instinctual. The easiest and cleanest way to do this (without harming your human skin) is to poison yourself. It needs to be done quickly after drinking from the wolves pawprint as the wolf you would never even try to kill itself. I would suggest chugging a gallon of bleach as the wolf can't throw that back up before the change is complete, and there you are, stronger, faster, smarter than your bullies and twice a month you'll need to transform and hunt in order to keep the bloodlust under control in human form.

Happy hunting!
File: wolf_boy.jpg (50 KB, 560x589)
50 KB

File: Spooky+kid_932abf_6399922.jpg (377 KB, 1200x2132)
377 KB
377 KB JPG
Hey /x/, requesting your stories/greentexts/pastas specifically related to small children interacting with paranormal phenomena? I'll start with some OC as an example of what I'm talking about

> be my friend
> her grandma dies a week before her cousin gives birth to her first son, Joshua
> be 5, 6 years later
> another cousin owns the house now but the grandma was really the glue that held the family together so they're not around as much
> it's Josh's birthday
> he's fixated at a picture framed on the wall
> it's friend's grandma on her wedding day
> friend asks him what he's up to
> Josh asks who the woman is
> she says it's his great grandmother
> he's still a little kid and doesn't understand where babies come from so it's a little abstract but he basically proceeds to describe his birth and his great grandmother delivering him. Essentially he says he was crawling through a dark tunnel and when he got stuck she reached in and pulled him out.
> NOPE.doc

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: 1468183250973.jpg (37 KB, 910x446)
37 KB
>related to small children

File: maxresdefault.jpg (243 KB, 1280x720)
243 KB
243 KB JPG
Anyone want to talk about the fishing ships that have been washing up on Japanese shores, with nothing but corpses on board? It's been happening for a while now, and sometimes the crew is rescued alive but that's usually not the case.

Here's some articles:

One thing that seems strange to me is that the ships are often found with only corpses on board. If they're fishing boats with nets and tackle, why doesn't the crew just fish and eat what they catch? I guess drinking water is the main concern, but surely they'd have enough on board to survive for a few weeks, right? Or does the government prohibit that to make sure the people fishing don't make a break for China or South Korea or Japan? If the government already doesn't trust them though, why let them go out on boats? I suppose that maybe the sailors think they'll make it back and don't dip into their catch so they don't get in trouble if they do make it back to the North. But would they really risk their lives over that? It doesn't seem like a strong theory.

All in all it's just a weird phenomenon. The nork fishermen already sail pretty close to Japan to fish, and the strong winds can push them towards Japan. It's not a huge area, and it can't take more than a few days to hit Japan if their motor fails.

Anyway, just thought this would be fun to discuss and maybe some people have different insights on the issue.
this is probably what happened to the entire guard that let that one dude defect. pushed out to see without supplies.
>one dude defect. pushed out to see

File: image.png (318 KB, 612x554)
318 KB
318 KB PNG
There is no such thing as 'real' instead there is 'here'. We are only a slice in the cake of the true reality, a seemingly endlessly small slice at that. We've yet to evolve the consciousness of the 4th dimension or anything above but a select few (including myself through heavy meditation and centering) can astrally explore it and find points in time. Not fuck with the past or anything, just see what happened. Not really useful though since most would refuse to believe anything I tell them. The important thing is that there are infinite realities and infinite outcomes to choices that you made (in another time). There's even a reality where your waifs is a real person, happily married to you. I've seen mine, it's creepy to think about at first but the truth is that everything you think of, instead of being fiction is a locked window into another universe that you (the you that's here) don't live in or understand.
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I don't need you, you're subjective.
Openness is the key to everything

I would rather be a subject, than an object, wouldn't you? ;)
File: IMG_3646.jpg (178 KB, 747x1070)
178 KB
178 KB JPG
Cool pic.

What about the future? Do we get to remove the bad people in power or do we just degenerate further?
We degenerate into dumbasses because the liberals come into power and stay in it. Basically we become a slave to ourselves, not being able to further our advancement. Pretty much the fruitcake version of idiocracy, what a world to live in.
Forget everything I said, you're not ready yet.

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