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File: 12598627_f520.jpg (21 KB, 520x347)
21 KB
what is the best animal charity that isn't involved with israel /an/?

I don't think there are any animal charities that consider Jews animals yet so I don't think the second part of your sentence was necessary.
Nice b8 m8

File: IMG_1338.jpg (155 KB, 722x1280)
155 KB
155 KB JPG
my pit brutus
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Thats not a pitbull
File: 20171030_042250.jpg (1.66 MB, 3264x1840)
1.66 MB
1.66 MB JPG
Copper, my dogger. The sweetest and most submissive dog you'd ever meet.
File: 20171109_174208.jpg (1.55 MB, 3264x1840)
1.55 MB
1.55 MB JPG
Here he is sleeping with my kitter.
That is NOT a brutus. This >>2550481 is a brutus
Ahh, I see. I am /a n/ewfag so forgive me. Brutus is very cute, as is OP's dog, unlike a proper pitbull.

File: wolf-3.jpg (137 KB, 1920x1075)
137 KB
137 KB JPG
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What dog breed is this? I want one!
Nice dog, I guess.
Canis lupus.
Disgusting savages deserve to be hunted down.
t. longboy

Post animals doing some cool things.

That's all.

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>mfw those crushing videos
Legitimately believe these people should be searched for and executed. 90% of all serial killers were at some point animal abusers.
Men paying for it to be filmed produced and consumed were a mistake
I don't think you could pay me to get that close to.

MAYBE if old Steve was there with me.


File: 131305048820.jpg (33 KB, 680x510)
33 KB
>take a walk in the great out doors
>golden retriever doggo comes up to me with ball in its mouth.
>recalled by its owner.
>he's a nice guy and says hello.
>terrier puppet comes up to me and starts sniffing me
>recalled by its owner.
>we laugh it off
>another doggo comes charging at me only to sniff me.
>recalled by owner

/an/ am I some sort of dog god?¿?
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File: 1495695163280.jpg (102 KB, 975x1423)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
Here fren
File: 1285594225018.jpg (26 KB, 330x356)
26 KB
File: 1280630700572.jpg (25 KB, 174x167)
25 KB

File: eastern_quoll.png (290 KB, 789x423)
290 KB
290 KB PNG
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I've got a fairly healthy population of eastern quolls on my property, there was about 12-15 or so when I first moved in and now there's probably at a guestimate around 30-40 or so.
Basically went all final solution on the cats, wild dogs and foxes a few years ago, helped out the neighbours get rid of any ferals as well and its been good ever since
Then why is it still a problem if you guys are actually culling them? Either you guys are using literal sticks and stones or you aren't actually doing anything about it.
toxoplasmosis, it's a pretty big meme
But he likes to go outside
Don't drop red pills where they aren't wanted.

This is a human hugbox, humans dideverything so doing anything else bad means they dindunuffin

File: hot juicy succ.png (2.55 MB, 1428x1106)
2.55 MB
2.55 MB PNG
post your favorite succ
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File: oybay expensive.png (1.04 MB, 800x2320)
1.04 MB
1.04 MB PNG
Those are called mirror balls?
Look rad
File: handpuppet.jpg (46 KB, 472x720)
46 KB
Handpuppets are real (Predatory Tunicate)
File: Superba_0080-L.jpg (118 KB, 450x600)
118 KB
118 KB JPG
the first one is not an ocean snail
What a retard. Takes a nice picture of his snail and purposely blocks the entire thing with his shitty logo. What's even the point of the pic then?

File: IMG_20171210_180303.jpg (397 KB, 900x1600)
397 KB
397 KB JPG
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File: IMG_20171114_172741.jpg (486 KB, 2160x3840)
486 KB
486 KB JPG
She was 40 lbs at 4 months old
File: IMG_20161031_145123.jpg (2.49 MB, 3120x4160)
2.49 MB
2.49 MB JPG
File: IMG_4347.jpg (1016 KB, 1512x2016)
1016 KB
1016 KB JPG
Both look a lot like my gsd rott mix
If I had a picture of a dog we found, do you guys think you could identify the mix?

File: IMG_20171014_122830511.jpg (320 KB, 2080x1560)
320 KB
320 KB JPG
I'm dumping some bonsai pictures I've taken over the past couple months. We'll start with the Milwaukee Bonsai Society's annual show for this year.
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File: IMG_20171107_162703.jpg (901 KB, 2610x3635)
901 KB
901 KB JPG
Bonsai always fascinated me, but I found the idea too intimidating. Early this year someone pointed out that peppers are great for noobs, since they grow large enough to look like a bonsai in 1 season, and they are super tough plants, so I started with that. This is one of the results so far.
File: IMG_20171204_140622.jpg (2.09 MB, 2610x4640)
2.09 MB
2.09 MB JPG
2 weeks ago I visited my parents, and my dad had just dug up a dead stump, and with it 2 taxus plants. I considered this a sign, and took em home, if they survive I got me some nice pre-bonsai(?) to practice on.
File: IMG_20171207_135936.jpg (1.91 MB, 2610x4640)
1.91 MB
1.91 MB JPG
My mom also pointed out some pine seedlings that were growing in their garden, she promised me she'll try to keep them safe for me, until they are a bit larger.
And when ordering some basics like wire & cutters, I couldn't resist this one, only was €20 and one of my favorite type of trees (Larch).

@anon this noob is looking forward to your guide, many thanks!

@other noobs, check out Nigel Saunders on yt, I really enjoy his vids.
Geez I love them Bonsai. All Bonsai best Bonsai
File: 1507056567407.jpg (72 KB, 794x515)
72 KB
Just bumping the thread for BonsaiAnon, looking forward to it.

File: file.jpg (73 KB, 650x665)
73 KB
anyone get a pound animal? want to get a kitten from my pound anyone have any experience with pound animals and the process of getting them?
Got all of my dogs and cats from the same kill shelter. They essentially check that you don't have cruelty to animals charges and hand you the leash.
That being said, you have to be extremely careful which pets you pick up from there. Sure, some could be housebroken and trained right out the gate, but there are some downright feral animals that make it into the shelter. I generally go for older animals, because a) they're more likely to be former housepets that were simply abandoned, and b) they'll most likely be killed if they don't get adopted
With dogs, you can generally tell if they're salvageable by how they act in their cages. Cats, however, are wily as fuck; they know that if they don't get adopted, their ass is grass, so they'll make sure to cuddle up to you at all times.
Once adopted an old tabby from the shelter, I swear you could see the halo above her head. But as soon as we got to the house, she fucked my shit up good, and continued to do so for the next 4 years.
Honestly, if you want a kitten, you're better off at a pet store. Shelter pups and kittens have a higher chance of being traumatized by their experience, in my experience.
Most shelters these days have "cattery rooms", where cats are sorted by age. See pic related.

I'd avoid the ones that still have cats in tiny cages. Cat's don't really cope well in that environment and it makes it very hard to tell what kind of personality it has. It can leave a psychological impact on kittens (and puppies for that matter).

Shelters are usually pretty easy to adopt from, at least compared to no-kill rescues who can afford to be more selective about owners. My local shelter you only need to prove you're over 18 and get written consent from your landlord if you rent.

File: 1511544897298.jpg (1019 KB, 2000x1751)
1019 KB
1019 KB JPG
Comfy time
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comfy people
that's a beautiful greyhound
I love it when animals that aren't typically considered comfy or adorable act comfy and adorable
People who like ticks

File: 1513107526460.jpg (73 KB, 545x526)
73 KB
Hey /an/, did you know that you can trade in your dusty old dog for a new one?
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Its not real youre just feeling parts of lifes exterior. This could be a mirror of the only way weve ever known.
They're cute but I prefer my adult pupper
>18 months
>still a puppy
Do you own a great dane? What the fuck.
You're dog is at LEAST an adolescent, if not a full adult dog right now, the same way an 18 year old is an adult.

Anyhow, if you get a flirt pole and run at least once a day, you can wear out any dog. I worked my husky to exhaustion all fall.
there are shelters that would allow this? the two shelters I've volunteered at both keep records of everything and there's no way they would allow you to adopt an animal after giving one to them.
I hate raising one by myself.

File: 20171212_163540.jpg (2.77 MB, 4128x2322)
2.77 MB
2.77 MB JPG
Rate my dog /an/
File: 20171212_163815.jpg (2.57 MB, 4128x2322)
2.57 MB
2.57 MB JPG
Fucking sideways pictures. Sorry about that guys.
Btw she's a Fox Terrier mixed with a poodle.

File: IMG_4583.jpg (1.02 MB, 2437x2084)
1.02 MB
1.02 MB JPG
This is Daisy, say something nice about her
5 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Awe she's adorable
O almost don't realize how fat she is she's so fluffy I almost don't realize how fat she isshes so fluffy you almost dont realize how fat she is! Congrats on your cat though man.
Somebody call 911! This clown is having a stroke!
pretty kitty
Neat. Has she given you any trouble?

File: MRAPAINT91_hr.jpg (252 KB, 1300x975)
252 KB
252 KB JPG
What's your dream pet?
Ignoring things like pesky logic of course.

For new, a yellowfin tuna. They're big, they're swimmy, they're pretty , and unlike my dive buddy they don't talk about literally nothing for hours on end. Id probably just live in the tank with it and feed it nuggets and shoot up a fish market
Well shit Its a miracle I passed English class
File: 1486064215775.jpg (177 KB, 776x767)
177 KB
177 KB JPG
>shoot up a fish market
Should I be checking the news?
"another mass shooting today, a white male 5'11 committed mass murder and then a double suicide with his apparent accomplice a yellowfin tuna.
More a 10"
>illegal in most parts of the world
>can only survive in specific environments at specific altitudes

One can dream.

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