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Does anyone else like fast food toys? They’re so cheap and pretty fun, nice shelf fillers. Not sure why there’s so little online community around them though, I thought everything no matter how autistic would have forums and a database or something.
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More and more are shit nowadays. But there are exceptions!
The Pokemon toys for example are almost ALWAYS good.
I wouldn't mind getting the Helen McDonald's toy.
I'm certain there used to be food toy databases and a few message boards, but if they still exist, Google has de-SEO-ed them to the back page in favor of irrelevant social media garbage.
Quality has dropped and usually other countries get better versions of promos.

It was sadly the toys I got the most as a kid for better or worse.

But yeah seems like only McDonalds gets decentish toys now.

I did get a combinable legendary defender Voltron from Sonic that was OK despite being a partsformer with non existant paint apps.

File: Nam Soldier.jpg (65 KB, 643x1024)
65 KB
So, when was the last time we had an Army Men thread?

Feel free to post any type of those little plastic figures. Army men, Cowboys & Indians, Spacemen, Police Officers, Ninja Men, Knights, Pirates, or other toys of a similar nature.

I've heard they've brought back Tim Mee as a brand recently.

Most of the Chinese Dollar Store Army Men you find these days are cheapo clones of either Tim Mee or Airfix figures from the 1970's and 1980's.
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File: 20180630_173812.jpg (697 KB, 2341x1726)
697 KB
697 KB JPG
Last thread is at limit

Post the plushes you own, the ones you want, etc.!
Previous Thread
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These are cute af. I like the lizards and dinos better than the insects though. I hate mosquitos and flies fuck owning a plush of them.
The worms are adorable!
why does the tarantula have antennae, have they ever seen a spider
Oh wait, I just got an email with the voucher. Nice

You should go to Kiddyland. I prefer the Omotesando flagship over the one in Ikebukuro, even if there are more tourists, but you might as well go to both locations because the Pokemon Center and Toys R Us is there in sunshine city. TRU doesn't have many plushies, but it's worth seeing what kids in Japan are playing with. Iirc Animate had more plushies than Mandarake, but both are worth passing through. Tokyo Station's Character street have pretty unique plushies too. I regret not picking up train conductor Rilakkumas.

It's pretty easy to find arcades. All of the street level floors have UFO cranes. I don't think they're really worth playing unless you're good at it.

What is this gun from? Came across it and I just gotta know.
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the hell is your problem
boku no pico


It has design cues that look like they’re intended to resemble Optimus Prime’s gun but I don’t specifically recognize it as a 3rd party thing and the handle definitely doesn’t resemble any official Transformer’s weapon handles
File: hu2_07.jpg (107 KB, 677x700)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
That's a Rocket launcher from a Gundam Ground type special set, came with 2 of those, with handles, hover trucks and a Ground Type Gundam. Look up Gundam the Ground War set.

So im trying to build my collection again after losing most of my shit during a move. Fucking pissed. Never owned a nendoroid just had figs and figuarts. I just dropped $90 on these 2. I feel disgusted. How lobg does the feeling last?
delet this
Why are you disgusted? Are they not characters you like?
I meant disgusted as in I dropped almost $100 like nothing.
we have a general for nendos. it's not super active right now but it's really comfy most of the time

and if you're worried about the slippery slope, know that's real.
I bought my first nendo last year. Now i own 5 with 4 on preorder.

These arent coming out in the states, are they?
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File: Crocman.png (1.02 MB, 1429x1509)
1.02 MB
1.02 MB PNG
I never noticed the sneaker
I bought the crocodile man, who had the greatest amazon review I've ever read
File: dinoriders.jpg (155 KB, 700x438)
155 KB
155 KB JPG
OMG! Dinoriders flashbacks.
File: jonathan-kuo-4-low.jpg (325 KB, 1920x795)
325 KB
325 KB JPG
Bro Dino Gen is this way >>7055164
and an earring...
And a cod skull

File: you knoe2.png (1.95 MB, 1088x1721)
1.95 MB
1.95 MB PNG
Rate mine, post yours
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>Figuarts The Mask
File: U Knoe.jpg (149 KB, 678x960)
149 KB
149 KB JPG
>Mai, Morrigan, and Terry
My man.

>2 years and still no update on the Dirty Pair PlayMax
It hurts, it really does.
I see you are also a man of trashy solid tastes. A+ for being another pos who still likes bleach. I welcome you with open arms

You pick that trash over Emmeryn the literal queen of FE?
>Army building Revoltechs might be cheaper than army building the actual game figs.
>picks Emmeryn
They're both shit like Awakening/Fates.

File: boa.jpg (100 KB, 736x985)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
I bought a collection of sexy anime figures for an amazing cheap price off ebay, second-handed.

Do you clean figures you bought and if so, how?

Because I cannot get rid of the feeling that the previous owner hotglued some of them...
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I agree with you, which is why I refuse to buy used figures. I only purchase pure, brand new ones.
I want to be a filthy degenerate and collect this stuff but my wife won't let me.

To humiliate them more, I am guessing, and imagining them moan and cry.
What statue is that?
doesn't even have a wife...poor delusional anon...

I've been thinking about buying this Figma Elsa, but the photos that I need most, which are under her skirt, do not exist in any review, help me anons, it has a very high price but I want to buy it because Elsa is mah waifle, but I do not want to spend something that I do not like, because reselling at a decent price would be impossible and although the figure is great in many aspects, what matters most to me is to see if she has a good butt and not a censored trash with a diaper or something worse
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>I could masturbate to hentai of her but I need to spend a fortune to stare at a clothed butt

As dumb as the "but I'm being oppressed if games don't have explicit fanservice and panty shots" crowd.
Look at the going prices (Mandarake prices if he's sold out), and then either take $10 or so off that or include the cost of shipping in that.
Too bad it wasn't the mp3 player soundwave
OP, serious suggestion: commission a custom figure maker to thicc up your Elsa. It might cost you a pretty penny, but the results will be glorious.

Does anyone remember the all metal figure that was super expensive (like maybe in the thousands) but had I believe the most points of articulation?
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I have no clue what your point is or what you're arguing, because I'm just reacting to your stupid posts about
>>but to modern eyes it's not that complex
>There's no reason to assume there are any complex mechanics going on inside when a simple explanation
which you've since backed off and now claiming it doesn't matter, since you've brought up no examples except some vague remarks about some unnamed model kits

>It is about the use of metal joints.
And that was already answered way back when, as stated in my previous post.
Your answer was that there were complex inner mechanisms or
>cups inside there
That's not an answer to the question of the usage of metal. I'm going to have to assume you're either pretending to be retarded or actually retarded now. You can't claim to not know what I'm questioning when I've tried my hardest to frame it in the simplest way I can. Or maybe, you're the person behind the concept of the piece who can't bear the idea that your humble machinists would get the credit for the beauty of the product. In any case, you either lack the capability or willingness to argue on good faith. Perhaps you lack both.
File: magnetic joints.jpg (10 KB, 225x168)
10 KB
i posted a picture here >>7050256
Do you lack knowledge about even models? Because even models have cups.

I'm not going to pretend to know what materials its made up of, but based on simple knowledge of movable joints, it's easy to figure out how it works and what parts are needed.

> I'm going to have to assume you're either pretending to be retarded or actually retarded now.
> willingness to argue on good faith.
Says the guy who claims models are just as complex and was just kidding about how modern stuff is more complex. Oh, and how about that bit where you claimed there's no reason its complex despite the fact that it's made up of a hundred little bits and bobs in just a single hand? What a hoot.

there's nothing to argue. Half the shit you said is half-assed assumptions that was cleared up days ago and you're making a bunch of unbacked claims which you still don't want to clear up.

I mean, honestly, you thought that shit was just scraping around like some shitty toy you own? Hilariously.
Okay so what's the second most? Or best cost versus articulation one
I’d say the 1000 toys synth.

Breaking News
wrong forum
may be not....
Anyone ever seen a puzzle like this


File: shit show.jpg (111 KB, 1283x678)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
So did Anthony move across to be the country with his sugar daddy or something?

Now you can watch him ramble and treat his fans like shit.

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Somehow ive found myself standing next to him multiple times for exclusives at sdcc over the years, he does have a cocky attitude, and likes to brag. Can’t stand the dialogue in his reviews either. Otherwise, seems like an ok guy
>sugar daddy
i wish i was his sugar daddy
I watch him only because he's fucking hot
look good actually, shame he's a cunt though.
>he does have a cocky attitude
i mean, he is gay anon
My only complaint about him is that he sometimes brags about being scalper scum.

I found this bootleg Pikachu at a festival
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I legit want one. Can you get a picture of the tag if there is one?
Sorry, don’t have any pics of the tag
Oh, no problem. Looks neat though
is that one of those robotic barking dogs that do a flip?
It just vibrates, no flips

File: S.H.-Figuarts-Logo.jpg (125 KB, 657x604)
125 KB
125 KB JPG
>pic related
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A Darkstalkers line with all of the cast, art style based heavily on the in-game sprites, lots of articulation, and lots of option parts to recreate their various zany transforming attacks and such.
I've only played a bit of Darkstalkers (on PSP of all things) but fuck yeah I wants me a Q-Bee.
File: Q-Bee_Vampire_Savior.png (163 KB, 475x650)
163 KB
163 KB PNG
I would buy the hell out of that if they were done well. Also, imagine the 'monsters' they could do as well... Huge snakes like dragons, studded with spears and arrows of failed attempts to slay them; great silent owls; cruel and cunning weasels.
File: tenchimuyo4.jpg (127 KB, 717x641)
127 KB
127 KB JPG
Figuarts, never ever.

Who here remembers these? Fuck, I stole these little shits from my classmates back in early elementary.

We had this game where we'd set all our GoGos upright on these big stone slabs in the courtyard during recess and take turns flicking them at each other, they'd always go flying and like the trouser snek I am I'd go shuffling through the tall grass to snatch them up before the other kids could find them
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File: Crazy Bones & Cousins 03.jpg (567 KB, 1200x1841)
567 KB
567 KB JPG
And a close up of the effect I was talking about of these 'cousins'
Are these some kind of bootleg crazy bones?
What are they called? any info about them would be appreciated
File: 262.png (77 KB, 288x262)
77 KB

Thanks, I never have guessed that this was the name of those figures
I vaguely remember a commercial for them

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